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Words to Atsdr only Sharif:

Words to Atsdr only tyrant in dignity and Shoumoukh.


‎كلمات لاتصدر إلا من طاغية في الكرامة و الشموخ‎

كلمات لاتصدر الا من شريف


كلمات لاتصدر إلا من طاغية في الكرامة و الشموخ

Rafla eye in every place and time:

Speak about you, O Commander of the logic of ignorance Atvohon speak words of hate and marvel at the insistence of millions on their love you and Anatona madmen speak about the man as if they do not see at all the great wonders he has made , and what he has done throughout the years.

Dear Speakers Aalmo that you will Jadltm Akthertm of speech and aseptic until you have become Tafhen.

You are talking about al-Qathafi and the making of the State had been living poverty and disease had been living under the feet of the colonizer dreaded was a home run rules for aircraft occupiers was suffering from settlers from Djalo from the people their slaves whipped, whipped Mapkm Dear speakers.

Are you without minds or your hatred on the man made you the right deniers are talking about al-Qathafi and Taatbjehon what he has given to the people !! Are you crazy, but enough about that…

He is still for people suffering long with him for years, but enough about that…

He attributes his dignity to the making the people sovereign, after it was described as slaves al-Ajkovakm. He returned the rights and the expulsion of the settlers al-Ajkovakm.. that Sun honor after the  whole natiopn was raped by the hands of the Italians…

or ye are You know how life was for our people during the colonial era Asalo:  the first two fathers are probably aware..

We are tired of your ignorance ! deserves Dear Speakers tired of Hraikm and your words, which Aahoi any content Sawa that nonsense issued by people who are insane,  and confined to their view only of the money if Hsalo them !

Understand and be thankful that no Ihzaw their understanding of al-Anin, So come on your vision of things more than just money !!

Dear buggers and created Frttm state and you follow the treacherous thinking you that you will Stsubho of millionaires and here you are today after Batm your honor and dignity not to Thsalo Shi.

Vdao you this speech which al-Qathafi made a lot; and a lot will not Tsttiao.

Deny your words aseptic, but told us exactly what you are, and what you make of the state and the people during these four years.

He told us about your accomplishments and your projects Aruna reconstruction, architecture, roads and bridges Aruna factories and what you brought the best of the simple, we are told, O Speakers citizen

or are we including Hua clear to the worlds declare to you of killing, looting and bombing and the sale of the dust of the state and Maasesadtha Jewish mother of You know

What is happening and whether we declare and disputing across the state and how Avsdo life and made a hell.

Do you tell you about the bounties of the state and how looted lying and al-Tdjal or you know the list goes on…

Dear Speakers Bafalkm which exhausted the state and made its people sects Mstdaan between displaced and prisoners and between rival tribes. Then what you are talking and why marvel of our love for THE LEADER al Qathafi, dear.

Speakers not need someone to speak with him and describes what he has done and lists what he did to his people and his country. In fact we tell what the man accomplished through four decades and more than Anzero around you, and Amano given,

and Azilu you blurred hatred which Tmlae your minds and hearts only then Stalmon of Hua al-Qathafi and why so many adore him.

Hozfarina Bernaar:

Minds stuffed with straw and blinded hatred Jenny ,,,

out against Muammar al-Qathafi with lying disbelief, and yet receive Levy Zionist Jewish and loyal to the alliance Crusader infidel who burns the trees, and demolish the stone and killing the soul that Allah has forbidden to kill,

but the right and even the dead.. So they made their graves land of the doctrine of Wahhabism-Zionism corrupt and above all, they grow up they commit those Alotam and describe Muammar al-Qathafi as an ‘infidel’ (!!): THE ONE who equated Hafez Koran holding bachelor, until he became in Libya million which kept the book of Allah, and won first prizes in competitions, save and purify the book of Allah in all international competitions…

and what did you do you? O WAHHABI-‘Muslims’ If this is how an infidel acts ?? I am pardoned and partial with his religion; but your ‘religion’ which authorizes all taboos and exceeds all norms and Thilwa, you that all eyes blurred in arrogance and stubbornness and shadows of Tru case of Libya in the age of ‘your’ warped Islam and by Muslimkm to go back to your minds, and let you, flowing with immorality and debauchery and works of shadows…

Can we explain how much Mu has done

يتكلمون عنك ايها القائد يتكلمون بمنطق الجهل يتفوهون بكلام الحاقدين ويتعجبون من اصرار الملايين على حبهم لك وينعتونا بالمجانين يتكلمون عن الرجل وكانهم لايرون ماذا صنع وماذا فعل طوال السنين
ايها المتكلمون اعلمو بانكم جادلتم واكثرتم من الكلام العقيم حتى اصبحتم تافهين
تتكلمون عن القذافي وما صنع لدولة كانت تعيش الفقر والمرض كانت تعيش تحت اقدام المستعمر اللعين كانت ارضها قواعد لطائرات المحتلين كانت تعاني من المستوطنين من جعلو من الشعب عبيدا لهم بالسياط يجلدون مابكم ايها المتكلمين هل انتم بلا عقول ام حقدكم على الرجل جعلكم للحق منكرين تتكلمون عن القذافي وتتبجحون ماذا قدم للشعب !! هل انتم مجانين الا يكفيكم انه ازال عن الشعب معاناة دامت معه لسنين الا يكفيكم انه ارجع له كرامته وجعل من الشعب سيدا بعد ان كان يوصف بالعبيد الايكفيكم انه اعاد الحقوق وطرد المستوطنين الايكفيكم انه صان الشرف بعد ان كان مغتصب بايدي الايطاليين ام انكم لاتعلمون كيف كانت حياة الشعب ابان حقبة الاستعماريون اسالو ابائكم الاولين ربما تعلمون
تعبنا من جهلكم ايها المتكلمون تعبنا من هرائكم وكلامكم الذي لايحوي اي مضمون سوا انه هراء يصدره اناس معتوهين انحصر نظرهم في الاموال اذا حصلو عليها فهم شاكرين وان لم يحظو بها فهم من الاعنين هكذا هيا نظرتكم للامور الاموال فقط ايها التافهون ومن اجلها فرطتم بالدولة واتبعتم الخائنين ظنا منكم بانكم ستصبحو من اصحاب الملايين وها انتم اليوم بعد ان بعتم شرفكم وكرامتكم لم تحصلو على شي
فدعو عنكم هذا الكلام فالقذافي قدم الكثير والكثير لن تستطيعو انكاره بكلامكم العقيم ولكن اخبرونا انتم ما قدمتم للدولة وللشعب خلال اربع سنين اخبرونا عن انجازاتكم ومشاريعكم ارونا الاعمار والمعمار والطرق والجسور ارونا المصانع وما جلبتم من خير للمواطن البسيط اخبرونا ايها المتكلمون ام نخبركم نحن بما هوا واضحا للعالمين من قتل ونهب وتفجير وبيع لتراب الدولة ومؤاسساتها لليهود ام لاتعلمون بما يدور وهل نخبركم بالمتقاتلين والمتنازعين في ارجاء الدولة وكيف افسدو الحياة وجعلوها جحيم هل نخبركم عن خيرات الدولة وكيف نهبت بالكذب والتدجيل ام تعلمون والقائمة تطول ايها المتكلمون بافعالكم التي انهكت الدولة وجعلت اهلها شيعا مستضعين بين مهجر واسير وبين قبائل متناحرين فعن ماذا تتكلمون ولماذا تتعجبون من حبنا للزعيم
القذافي ايها المتكلمون ليس بحاجة لمن يتكلم عنه ويصف ما فعل ويسرد ما صنع لشعبه ودولته فالواقع يخبر بما صنع الرجل خلال اربع عقود ويزيد انظرو من حولكم وامعنو بالنظر وازيلو عنكم غشاوة الحقد التي تملاء عقولكم والقلوب عندها فقط ستعلمون من هوا القذافي ولماذا يعشقه الكثيرون

شوزفرينا برناير
عقول محشوة تبن وأعماها حقد جيني ،،، يخرجون ضد معمر القذافي بكذبة الكفر ويستقبلون ليفي الصهيوني اليهودي ويوالون الحلف الصليبي الكافر ويحرقون الشجر ويهدمون الحجر ويقتلون النفس التي حرم الله قتلها إلا بالحق وحتى الأموات سووا قبورهم بالأرض لعقيدة وهابية صهيونية فاسدة وفوق هذا كله يكبرون وهم يرتكبون تلك الأتام ويصفون معمر القذافي بالكفر وهو الذي ساوى حافظ القرآن الكريم بحامل الليسانس حتى صار في ليبيا مليون حافظ لكتاب الله وحصدت الجوائز الأولى في مسابقات حفظ وتجويد كتاب الله في جميع المسابقات العالمية وماذا فعلتم أنتم يا مسلمين أذا كانت هذه أفعال كافر ؟؟ فأنا على دينه وكفرت بدينكم الذي أجاز كل المحرمات وتجاوز جميع الأعراف ولكم أن تشيلوا عن عيونكم غشاوة الكبر والعناد والظلال لترو حال ليبيا في عصر أسلامكم وعلى يد مسلميكم لتعودوا لعقولكم وتتركوا عنكم الفسق والفجور والظلال



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لن ينساه التاريخ‎

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حقــائق تاريخية
لن ينساه التاريخ


SAKR JEROSHI loves, respects and honors Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:


al-Ahtman to combat Jardan

‎منقول من صفحة @[524063170962224:274:الفكر الأخضر]<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
فيديو خطير و مهم ارجو من الجميع مشاركته دون تقاعص<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
#صقر_الجروشي يعترف و يقول :" الشعب الليبي يتمنى نعيم القذافي الشعب الليبي يتمنى ان يعيش يوم واحد من ايام نعيم القذافي ، القذافي لم يسرق الذهب و الأموال كانت موجودة في المصارف ومجمدة بالمليارات تصل إلى 300-400 مليار موجودة في جنوب إفريقيا و اوغاندا و سوسيرا و اوروبا موجودة القذافي لم يسرق و هذه حقيقة اقولها " ..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
ماهو قاللكم الشهيد معمر القذافي " "نتحداهم ونتحدا كامرون امتاعهم يطلعولي مليون واحد بس بإسمي،، نحط صباعي الزوز في عيونه لو يطلعلي مليون بإسمي"‎


Moved from Page Green Thought

Video serious and important I hope everyone taking part without Tqaas

Sqr_jeroha recognizes and says, “the Libyan people wish Naim al-Qathafi Libyan people wish to live one day of Naim al-Qathafi, al-Qathafi did not steal gold and money were found in banks and frozen billions of up to 300-400 billion existed in South Africa and Uganda and Susara and Europe exist al-Qathafi did not steal. This is a fact and I say

“..What Qallkm Living-Martyr Muammar al-Qathafi ” challenge them and amuse them Nthadda Cameron Atalaaola million and one left in my name ,, degenerated Sbai Alzzouz in his eyes if Atalaala million in my name. “

منقول من صفحة الفكر الأخضر
فيديو خطير و مهم ارجو من الجميع مشاركته دون تقاعص
‫#‏صقر_الجروشي‬ يعترف و يقول :” الشعب الليبي يتمنى نعيم القذافي الشعب الليبي يتمنى ان يعيش يوم واحد من ايام نعيم القذافي ، القذافي لم يسرق الذهب و الأموال كانت موجودة في المصارف ومجمدة بالمليارات تصل إلى 300-400 مليار موجودة في جنوب إفريقيا و اوغاندا و سوسيرا و اوروبا موجودة القذافي لم يسرق و هذه حقيقة اقولها ” ..
ماهو قاللكم الشهيد معمر القذافي ” “نتحداهم ونتحدا كامرون امتاعهم يطلعولي مليون واحد بس بإسمي،، نحط صباعي الزوز في عيونه لو يطلعلي مليون بإسمي”

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:







al-Boraoa Hulileh (البوراوي حليله) intends to make a statement in the field of what is known about his support for ‘Amelih al-Kramh and militias Abu Obeida’ Taatuadh liquidation …

Army on Coastal Road to Tripoli, 1

Coastal road open since the early hours of the morning and our troops are still stationed B. al-Maah and heard sporadic shooting public road from time to time.

‘Room Zintan operations’

Army forces controlled by the link of mil to 27 Bridge did not close the road.
I was a witness on on the entry and I had the orders not to display video and Dalk because Blmkan interval stationed troops
Vowejtkm in the heart of the coastal
Things are good in all axes and the defeat became clear in the act received militias.
(Ahmad Aekrot)

Libyan Army on Coastal Road to Tripoli





Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.


Fire picture in Zintan (1/2 pictures in Gharyan)

Arrested a Chadian laborer in the way of Gharyan Kano on their way to hospital burns in Tripoli after Asibo severe burns because of a fire in their place of residence in the city of Zintan.

course cause of the fire was one Diyar housing where gasoline has leaked and reached for one Diyar employment and was one of the workers pleasure in dinner Lin Facebook Page

it on fire was a disaster sense of the word where there died four Chadian nationality workers, and injuring a large group severe burns of course, after the deceased Sawa did not keep them bones only to turn the force except Allah, and ask Allah to have mercy on them

and militias ‘Dawn Libya’ in Gharyan Qdo them in the road on the basis of their being ‘mercenaries’; and Iharbo with Army T launched Haltvahh who they have and poor critical condition with Halamal Aaasir including Heca Lord released them.

Every day Itbtla inform you that the same media Dr.Shakir and Dr.Hamza Thami give you the same scenarios !!
Hada confusion my father, you are now oh the ‘Roma Libya’ ? …

We made sure that we are on the right track and thankfully




There is no power but from Allah !

Shi did not keep them from Magul and destroyers of Libya sample from one of the houses in our people and Rishvana, and tears of mothers Thasra on their homes that were harbored by the treachery of time.

Militias ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorists, passed out of here!





Violent clashes in the vicinity of the city of AJEELAT ‘Mujahid Volol’

with the remaining of the ‘Roma Libya’ terrorist militias.

Legion resistance in AJEELAT:
Zawiyehjehvl resistance in Ajeelat



Allah Save the Army and Anzareth

The control of the tribal army of the city of Surman
Currently agreement and without clashes
The people of Sabratha and Surman and Beautiful City are demanding Ajeelat militias ‘Roma Libya’ to leave the land immediately. After a meeting with leaders of the tribes to hand over security and guarantees for their cities and especially after the great progress of the brigade and Rishvana on the coastal road and the city, which has become the corner and actually surrounded ..

This coincides with a number of ‘Roma Libya’ traveling of their leaders to higher door in Turkey, in the change of the plan alternative appeared.
And we will see the withdrawal of Mzrath first battalions of those areas.

an agreement possible







Valley Rouge Direct:

al-Htoah unziv kulm ,,,
Vobdat wrote, and concluded the only words the good fruit of peace .. !!

Yes, we buried all our past bittersweet good and evil in patriotism is not the preserve of one metal dampers requires Libyan in adversity.

May Allah help you for the good of the country ..
History will not have mercy of the destroyed Libya and

tore the social fabric in order to satisfy his masters!











Essebsi receives a recommendation from Salaabi and Ghannouchi to dissolve Avagahma

# Danger
Of course reminder Tunisian President Essebi said yesterday, we deal with the devil in Libya for their interests. Today I keep getting Salaabi !!!

Note: caught my eye glasses of water to another person sitting in front of Salaabi ?? !!!
Ghannouchi is likely to be one, or the Qatari ambassador (or his aides) or or or or F.


BROTHERHOOD’s Ghannouchi of TUNISIA, shown here with his Brotherhood buddies of EVIL (including Bernardino Léon Roth) discussing Tunisia’s future

Ghannouchi and Bernardino Léon are busom buddies:
(and please also read the comments section on the above post)

Rached Ghannouchi meeting and BHL, or Islamo-Zionism in


Rachid Barnat writes on 08 NOVEMBER 2013 11:34 :

“Ghannouchi, the uneducated, did not even realize that he is adept Wahhabism which is fed served and serves colonialism:
– English used it to dismantle the Ottoman Empire and then colonize the country wrested from Ottoman
– Americans use it to keep under their control all the monarchies and their black gold manna,
– The pétromoarques enriched their petrodollars, use it to dominate and colonize “Arab” republics whose people have just finished getting rid of their dictators!
And if he is aware, this is even worse: it is a betrayal to Tunisia! “

Wahhabism SERVING Zionism!

For those who wonder why Barack Hussein Obama supports so the “Muslim Brotherhood” is the stated goal of this guild is to rebuild and return to the Islamic Ummah and the Caliphate time.
This presupposes that there will be no borders within the Arab countries, there will be no Arab NATIONS …

Watch this video of the young Benjamin Netanyahu 28 years old and already fortiche geopolitical … to affirm and confirm the state of Israel throughout the Palestinian territory since the Ummah “brothers” there is more than nationality … therefore more Palestinian nationality and any Palestinian short!

It is a pillar of the Zionist strategy of talking about ONE Arab nation or Ummah, to say that the Palestinians do not need country, flag, national identity, as they have not need to be rooted in history …

You just rehouse!

And for this Ummah will do: In 80-90 years Jordan was a potential candidate for installation on its territory.
Other desert regions will do the Bedouin nomadic landless as say the Zionists who occupied an unpopulated territory, arguing their case to the UN for the granting of a country for the Jews of Europe after the Shoah!

Moreover, in recent years Barack Hussein Obama thinks Sinai in Egypt … to squeeze the people became cumbersome for the Zionists and trying to source in the world since the creation of Israel in 1948.

Interesting and hat to the young Benjamin Netanyahu!
That is why he approached Qatar and its protected the “Muslim Brotherhood” … they work in the direction of his thesis!
And once again comes to the rescue Wahabism colonialism!

And during this time our young people Jihad Nikah or explode for nothing … still the land of Islam killing Muslims!
Congratulations to the conqueror of Wahabism pétromonarchie and too bad for the morons who adopt “Wahhabi” jihadists “and other obscurantist!

by: Karim Zmerli (PART THREE)
07 November 2013

On August 15, Rached Ghannouchi met Bernard Henri Lévy in a Parisian hotel. The leader of the sect of the Muslim Brother met the apostle of Zionism few hours before seeing Beji Caid Essebsi in another hotel. May 6, 2013, we have devoted an entire article on this a priori alliance against nature, under the title “And here is the Wahabi-Zionism in all its splendor.”Here is the result and not the end!

When a few weeks ago, Bernard Henri Lévy was questioned on Europe 1 about the truth or falsehood of this meeting, he refused to confirm or deny. And that means everything. He actually met the head of the Wahhabi sect, along with Ameur Larayedh, a member of the ANS and brother of Ali Larayedh, who still serves as prime minister and leading boat the screenwriters who want to replace. One can guess why this fraternal meeting between Wahabi and Zionism.

Of Wahhabi-Zionism, we have already spoken several times. While this term may offend Muslims as well as Jews, even though the majority of the Jews of France, as the majority of Muslims also are deeply anti-Wahhabi, the term refers to a reality that nobody can deny: the alliance between the Zionists and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. This alliance is perfectly clear in Syria and Libya. It notes the secret Qatar. It is increasingly visible in Tunisia.

We still remember repetitive visits John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, in the first nine months that followed the fall of Ben Ali and the “fake” murder of al-Qathafi. We still remember the fraternal embrace between Hammadi Jebali and John McCain, Christian and yet hyper-Zionist, like most neocons, who played a key role in the destruction of Iraq.

We also remember the June 26, 2013, when a large delegation of the “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) went to Tunis. To refresh your memory, here’s what we wrote then.

“This delegation arrived in total stealth at the airport Tunis-Carthage where in the VIP lounge, she was greeted by six government members of the troika and two representatives of the Presidency. It is in a hotel Ghammarth that the first meetings were held with executives Enahhda. The next day it was the turn of a delegation of Ettakatol. In the evening of Friday, members of AIPAC have met three other senior representatives of the opposition parties that we do not yet know the names.Certainly, AIPAC is capable of uniting all the “lifeblood” of the Nation! “

“While this Zionist organization has never been countries Tunisia, both chaired by Bourguiba than Ben Ali, his arrival in Tunis, under the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood calls some gullible especially as the leader of this sect, Rached Ghannouchi, is part of its guests first. In response to the information disseminated by MosaïqueFM, the section of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Ennahda, denied in a statement today, have every relationships or contacts with APAIC. But heck why they consider it serious to have relationships with AIPAC? As we have said, this Zionist lobby is very respectable! These members love redskins Palestine and they advocate for the birth of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital! “

We also remember the beginning of June 2013, when Rached Ghannouchi attended a seminar in Washington, alongside which a meeting between the former terrorist and AIPAC was organized. The organizer of this movement, which is not the first, is the Islamo-Zionist American, Rédouane Masmoudi. This wheeler chairs a think-tank funded by NGOs, including screens of the CIA. He says promote understanding between cultures and religions! That is to say, the consolidation of long-standing ties between the Muslim Brotherhood, masons and Zionists Brothers Brothers.

We finally remembers the ceremony organized by the Foreign Policy magazine in which Rached Ghannouchi received the distinction as “one of the greatest intellectuals of the Year 2011”, awarded by the American media. It was early December and 100 “major influential intellectuals” had received the same distinction. Among them, the war criminal Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Robert Gates, John McCain, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Muslim Brother Erdogan, the leader of the Libyan “revolution” Bernard Henri Lévy, and a panel of other “prominent Arab personalities, such as the Muslim Brother Wadah Khanfar, Mustapha Barghouthi, Mohamed ElBaradei, and the two cyber-collaborators Egyptian Wael Ghonim and Tunisian Sami Ben Gharbia.Lacked more to this conglomerate Slim Amamou and Lina Ben Mhenni.

During this visit to Washington, Rached Ghannouchi took the opportunity to visit the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where he gave a lecture on his vision of Islam “moderate.” This institution is a very influential think tank which was founded in 1985 by Martin Indyk, former research fellow at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)!

Imagine that this Thursday, November 8, Rached Ghannouchi is already in Washington, where he was invited to a conference at Harvard! According to Maghreb Confidential No. 1084, October 31, 2013, “The president of Ennahda should also be discreet rendezvous in Washington, where Ennahda has lost a lot of support since his arrival in the business.” Help my brothers Zionists!!

The meeting of 15 August between Sheikh Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood and Rabbi Zionist brothers were therefore not coincidental. It is indeed a Muslim-Zionist alliance which is the ancestor erdoganienne Turkey and Qatar-hamadien Mozza is the provider.No matter what Rached Ghannouchi think Jews, or what BHL think of Islam in general and Palestinians in particular. Did he not write, after the occupation of Libya, that sharia is a good thing for this country? No matter what think those two impostors, but they should worry about what people think lay Democrats and true humanist Jews and Muslims? Them, they know very well that the Muslim-Zionist alliance is ephemeral and only the Judeo-Christian-Islamic alliance is eternal.

(Karim Zmerli)



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An important statement about the ‘political council of the Ansar-Allah’:

In the name of God the Merciful

Political Council of ‘Ansar Allah’ stood in front of the continuation of the Saudi aggression al-Zioomriki and the consequent tragedies and crimes against civilians; and hit the infrastructure and the targeting of state institutions and service projects, including beatings and the destruction of power plants, water, hospitals and all the necessities of life and preventing the arrival of food, medicine and oil derivatives supply by the targeting of transportation and the destruction of bridges, markets, petrol stations and the imposition of land and sea blockade and air unjust exacerbating, the humanitarian situation continued to deteriorate with the continued shelling and missile and air strikes and the threat of aggression, committing the entire genocide in the provinces of crimes and emphasize that the aggression is still holding a lot of ships laden with oil, medicine, food and arbitrarily

despite inspected more than once and this reveals the Yemeni people and the world that aggression deliberately block all the efforts of state institutions and the private sector to provide the needs of the Yemeni people of medicine, food, oil and other essential life ingredients and even block access of humanitarian supplies to the people of Yemen.

Stressing on the immediate lifting of the siege of the unjust and unjustified on the Yemeni people, which exacerbated the suffering of the need.

We point out that we Sntaty positively with any efforts or calls or positive and serious steps would raise those suffering and to allow aid supplies and ships to move smoothly in and out of Yemen, including possible providing the requirements of the Yemeni people of food and medicine and oil derivatives and repair of power supplies and communication networks and other lines.

We also commend the efforts of the brotherly and friendly countries to stop the aggression and end the suffering of the Yemeni people and we hope that these efforts will continue in order to ensure the success of any steps in this context and as to prevent obstruction of the arrival of supplies and assistance that may be made by aggression to hinder their access to the Yemeni people.

In this context, we emphasize the need to resume the dialogue that existed under the auspices of the United Nations and from the point where they stopped as a result of brutal aggression.

As we salute the legendary steadfastness of Yemen for our people and the great sacrifices grave great Tkacvh in the face of this brutal aggression, and we send a tribute and Aazam to the children of military, security and ‘People’s Committees’ of the brave.

We also offer condolences to the families of the martyrs and ask Allah to make a speedy recovery for the wounded.

Issued by the Political Council of ‘Ansar Allah’
On Saturday, 09/05/15

 Comment on the above:

Any humanitarian truce must be real and serious so it disappear all the practices of aggression and manifestations of the siege, and all forms of delay and delay and complexity to the needs of the people,

and so it also checks crossing smooth and active for all ships and other means of transport loaded with humanitarian aid, and any material or commercial items from food, medicine and fuel, including revenue that the immediate release of withheld at sea and loaded with oil and food merchant ships.

On this basis, we welcome any truce afford these properties achieved for the benefit of our people, patient and steadfast, and we call on to ensure not to allow the transfer to a truce formality empty of content and content.

(Hussein al-Izzi) …
Head of External Relations of the Political Bureau of the ‘Ansaralla’.


Secretary-news network
Air Sauomraki enemy raids on the capital, Sanaa series
B.Gartin which targeted the home of former President Ali Saleh in unit Street al-Kamim tour of the capital Sanaa.

The news channel crew injury Yemen today in the second raid this morning injured during photographing the effects of the bombing …

Posted: 10th May 2015, 18:44

Counterstrike: Yemeni tribes took two military checkpoint in Saudi Arabia!

SAUDI ARABIA – Yemeni tribal communities are below the border conflict with soldiers of the armed forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under control two military bases LBC and Tvejlak, located on the hills above the town of El Džubeh, in the south of Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni soldiers counter-attack: Yemeni tribes took two military checkpoint in Saudi Arabia!

According to a number of Middle Eastern media, Yemeni tribal communities have carried out the attack and took control of two military bases Saudi forces near the border with Yemen and burned all existing military equipment and weapons they found there.

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