To be or NOT to be, temporary truce: Perhaps a Peace Prospective

framed Mu white sheikh


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi head of the ‘Islamic leadership’ Dawa

Today marks the anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Dawa

Association in the world (13) of water a month in 1972 ..

The beginning of the launch in 1972 ..
Ahidvha of: a global call to spread the principles of true religion around the globe
Coping with Crusader and Zionist
Hundreds of thousands Islam ..

The building of mosques and the role of memorization of the Holy Qur’an
and give Help to Muslim peoples in various aspects of life (health, education, worship, and mosque building)
Ola voice of Allah through the largest Islamic mosques and minarets around the world.
(“Knight and Men”)


Mu champion of human rights


our real field Commander, 2


The most beautiful song in the Libyan naga

Songs reviews the nagah nagah Racine afraid fire live.




Mu’ammar (in tuxedo !) and Safya, right after their wedding ceremony.

(Mr. & Mrs. al-Qathafi) 1971.


Dr. Yusuf Shakir exposed to the illness was

taken to the hospital by ambulance …….

Adeolh a speedy recovery.





Bernard Henri-Levy King Chief of MISURATA evil Levy stupidity

by “Knight and Men” :

If you still convinced that a real revolution in February. Thoarha and are the first real leadership and management. It would Bernard- Henri Levy, honorary MISURATA citizen who is entitled to chair.
All those who presided over the previous governments and parliaments have , like he does, dual or more nationalities
Levy also has French and Algerian nationality in addition to the nationality of the MISURATA Libyans, granted by him in February.

He led the crowd in February popularly field of the North Benghazi Court to mobilize elders and social leaders to the operations room to the Misurata streets.
He start the tearing-down of the green flag in the landing mass of the buildings of Benghazi signal. And raise the banner of the Senussi monarchy, considered as the official flag of the of February.

He met a group of al-Qaida and the Libyan Fighting in Benghazi and gave the green Daw create the Emirate of Derna and polishing their image in the eyes of world public opinion and the mind rebels and the freedom of students and are not terrorists.

He oversaw the transfer of arms and fighters by sea from Benghazi to Misurata in coordination with NATO warships to secure protection.
It is hw who had the most prominent role in the establishment of the Transitional Council, and was in constant meeting with Abdul Jalil, guiding him. Akhtar, one of the delegation that visited the Elysee to meet Sarkozy.

It was from his deep impact to persuade Sarkozy military intervention and thus move NATO to bomb the Libyan cities of the Libyan army.
It is the work of painstaking effort to bring the Israeli arms to Fberaarien Israelis, and the participation of pilots within NATO.

He wrote the first of February to the statement, which was followed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil.
Former French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe recognized that without Sarkozy (under Bernard levy’s leadship),
that the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA would still still exist. It recognizes that
Bernard Levy served as shadow foreign minister, creating first link
Relations between France and the Transitional Council.
Either you keep in your insistence that their was a February Revolution, then give Thairha and its maker as its leader, the real Bernard Levy chaired recognition and loyalty and recognition and the merit is his.

And if either Tatbrooa February plot ,and Tnbaraa them, and Thrkoa flag and anthem were torn to pieces, judging by these symbols of those who are traitors and agents and heretics and pawns hired by the West and the Brotherhood.

(Knight Libyan)

Bernard Levy and the Libya he helped destroy



Of the page a ……….

“Ham Jadda Arju Menkm al-Nscher”:

This decision of his home Boshman Mahmoud Warfali and Servollh twenty million to pay off the Brotherhood channels of debt for five years note that the so-called Committee political isolation Boso message to the customer Boshman Qalolh return this guy is legal and should not return to work because it is disconnected and his case before the courts and of science called Abdel Fattah al-Ilbeb, Member of the now defunct ‘Allaotunai General Conference’ was assigned to head the so-called Office of Conference


and this is contrary and public theft and when now Srfo close to 500 million and is one of twenty million was disbursed to Mahmoud Warfali have channel in Turkey, he called the leading and panorama and news Bejlso expenses and if I paid attention to the resolution says support channels
(“Knight and Men”)

top escalons of the 'muslim' BROTHERHOOD, led by Erdogen  in Turkey...see Mohammed Baio in the back (with black streak)

‘Brigadier General Hassan sweeping’ has passed away

video of ‘sweeping’, 09 SEPT 2011






Green Resistance on the threshold of Tripoli 2015

de مركز الإعلام الجماهيري



DAASH are in the tobacco factory !

Tobacco factory Duraibi

Now the mechanics and guarded front gate Home!

Article loves you inside tobacco factory wonder!

But the proliferation of material mechanisms around him!
Lotion containers that come under heavy guard story!
It is there inside of groups !!

Are then replaced tobacco factory Shi more dangerous than tobacco itself* !!!
(Aaftno aa mn tnikm tnbhattna)

*: URANIUM in the hands of Psychos !!

Iṧsậḿ Ṁḃr, informs us
Tobacco factory and is being turned into a nuclear reactor,

uranium enrichment and Dr. Kime and I fled them and just sitting in Rishvana.

Hedda what is happening since the morning to the hour are now within Walker Aldoaash tobacco factory at Duraibi
GREAT Caution !!

Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed three trucks …

in the south-east of the city;

Ulki-prhoan-aba for the death of one of the drivers.


clashes at the entrances of Janzour.

Tnoah ham ..

To all citizens taken it Exercise caution and in the coastal road in al-Qervolla because Brotherhood militias of Misurata closed in the way there and it returns the citizens and knead because of the kidnapping of five members of the militia Ahalboss, 4 of Zliten, and 1 of Msallata (who were kidnapped last night in between Tajourah and Ain road Ministry).

(“Knight and Men”)

Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted sites for 

‘Roma Libya’ militias in naked city at dawn today.



Heavy fighting now axis Obossrh corner.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes are targeting the site of the weapons

belonging to militias ‘Fajr Libya’,

near the oil tanks at the International Airport inTripoli.




‘Room Zintan operations’:

'carp Zkarobh' of the city of Zintan
Ntkadim condolences to ‘carp Zkarobh’ of the city of Zintan. Which prevented him of terrorist militias in the corner of the establishment of condolences from his family in the hijacked corner.

“We ask Allah to accept the son of Libya and the son of the hero carp Zkarobh man of peace and war mercy and forgive him and home to the highest paradise”.

Hzzna one Fiqidk my uncle Ali Mabrouk

‘Room Zintan operations’

Word of the father shared ‘carp’/x Zkorobh

‎كلمة من ر ع س / المبروك ابولقاسم زقروبة‎


غرفة عمليات الزنتان

كلمة من ر ع س / المبروك ابولقاسم زقروبة

‘Room Zintan operations’:
Spokesman: Mahmoud al-Htoah:

An exchange of prisoners between Zintan and Zuwarah, or perhaps the process has ended or is currently in progress, but certainly is a move forward for the exchange of all prisoners with all the cities without exception.

There was a direct meeting without an intermediary between some representatives of Zintan and some of the military to Misurata leaders, I do not know the achievements of his meeting now, but according to Mr. Mahmoud al-Htoah remarks in his speech yesterday on Libya channel, and through some of the news that reaches from here and there, There may be a complete breakthrough to the Libyan crisis and are witnessing a radical change.

My personal opinion, the exchange of prisoners and abductees does not mean in any way to stop the fighting and not a matter of good al-Noaa, but a step in the right direction, the reins of the war or not and the continuation of military operations is a decision by specialists in the Ministry of Defence and the chief of staff and chiefs of staff (air, sea and land), led by Major General Khalifa Hftar …..

Hftar and Mu

And also do not forget the second part of the equation, a military councils support and strength, which actually owns the reins of decisiveness and form a cornerstone major commercially exploited for the Liberation of Libya.

(Zintan, Libya)

Video prisoner exchange between the Libyan Army

and the city of Zuwarah and the word some captivating prisoners

from the city of Zuwarah on the release of their children

today al-Tlathae corresponding to 12/05/2015

Libya Mouhdh_ and my uncle Shaban represent me _ _ ,,,,

tribute to the man right.

‎بالفيديو تبادل الأسرى بين الجيش الليبي ومدينة زوارة وكلمة بعض آسر الأسرى من مدينة زوارة بخصوص إطلاق سراح أبنائهم اليوم التلاثاء الموافق 12/ 5 /2015</p><br /><br />
<p>ليبيا موحدة_ وعمي شعبان _ يمثلني_،،،،تحية للرجل بحق. شفتو كيف الاسرى ايودعوا في العم شعبان والله شئ يهز النفس وكانهم كانوا في الحج معاه مش اسر'''' يارب ياحنان تنزل رحمتك على كل الليبيين ومايقرب يوم عيد الفطر الا وكل اسير في بيته . وينصر الجيش علي الخوارح و المقاتلة وكل من ساندهم في تدمير ليبيا و تمزيق نسيجها الاجتماعي ..‎

“Hevco how prisoners Ayudawa in Uncle Shaban God and the soul

and everything shakes as if they were in the pilgrimage with him Mesh families ”.

Lord Aahanan down your mercy on all Libyans and nearly day Eid al-Fitr,

but every prisoner in his own house. And it supports military Akhawarah

and combat all those who supported them in the

destruction of Libya and tearing the social fabric.

‘Room Zintan operations’:
Of science
When we say there are prisoners of exchange between Zintan and one of the cities that belong to the ‘Dawn Libya’,
It does not mean that of only the family of the city of xanthan (ZINTANI), no, but there are not Bsenthana and more of Zintan itself.

For example, today, the exchange was with Zuwarah, but there are not any Zanati imprisoned in Zuwarah; and detainees who have been launching their families, all of them from several cities and there is no any Zanati them.

Flag also:
It Is not originally a prisoner exchange, but ((exchange of prisoners of war Bmokhttefan identity)).

We thank Allah that we do not have a difference between us; and, anyone of his loyalty to Allah and the homeland and wants a strong state with its Army and its police prudence and fair jurisdiction.

(Yahya Bourkika)




‘Room Zintan operations’:

Ml khas al-Eom:
Most of the fighting in the western region is witnessing axes fully quieter especially axes Hadh al-Outih Jawah, note that there is a truce and an agreement in principle between the Army forces, and “Dawn Libya” – (Sabratha branch only) and has been through the exchange of prisoners and open the door of reconciliation by sheikhs and dignitaries to end conflict; and the fighting in the region.

Nothing tangible to this moment, but the cease-fire and efforts are still going on, despite the intransigence of some of the Wahhabi-extremists who want to bring the fight to the inside of the cities and the shedding of more blood.

In the same context, still armed militias of the city of Zuwarah Brotherhood movement of munitions to al-Ash and al-Rcharik hubs in preparation for a possible attack, and there team is trying to maintain one of the affected helicopters and al-Mtuahdh Bmtarh Zoarh al-Askara.

Armed clashes area of ‘Hunter’ continued until about an hour; but they did not use the heavy weapons and it was not a heated battle, despite the fall of four dead from our supporting-ranks from the strength of the Army and Rishvana.
(al-Mrussel Mamed)


Sheikh Shaban al-Mrhani, member of the ‘Shura Council Zintan’, and talk about reconciliation on Libya channel HD …

On the same subject, Timeout and notables of Gharyan refused all efforts benevolent even the subject of the exchange of detainees and prisoners sacked by them ..

(Mohammed Zaev)





ZLITEN, the Wahhabi destroyed al-Asmar divine mosque

the Wahhabi destroyed al-Asmar Fatouri divine mosque.




‘Room Zintan operations’:
Oh Anagd inform you (poetry)

Loya Anagd security plans and Aaanagd Mnazirkm night

Loya Anagd al-Dlaa Elly pension came
expert Loya Anagd Guenauatcm who where bending and funny Nazem Chhat veins

one hand security plans are plans taught in universities right Rabbi

the same plans Sabo Hduca people who burned oil on Hleyonnbhm and sitting at the bottom of their group Hahahahahaha…

And it is the strongest and the comments Elly Thzb including the owner of Page MISURATA Come

(colonthree Astmro vi al-Dg a Adakkon)

عندما نقول هناك تبادل اسري بين الزنتان وأحد المدن المنتمية إلي فجر ليبيا ،
ليس معناه أن الأسري من مدينة زنتان ، لا ، بل هناك من ليس بزنتاني وأكثر من الزنتان نفسها .
فمثلا اليوم ، التبادل كان مع زوارة ، ولكن ليس هناك أي زنتاني مسجون في زوارة والمحتجزين الذين تم إطلاق اسرهم كلهم من عدة مدن ولا يوجد فيهم اي زنتاني .
#للعلم ايضآ
هو اصلا ليس تبادل اسرى بل (( تبادل اسري حرب بمختطفين علي الهوية ))
نحن ولله الحمد لا يوجد عندنا فرق بيننا وبين اي شخص ولائه الله ثم الوطن ويريد دولة قوية بـ جيشها و شرطتها و قضائها العادل
يحي بورقيقة

Exit a RAT warplane since few from the military base Air college of Misurata.






Clashes in the city of Ajdabiya near Dzisah Riani and Junction Lane
al-Forjan between two families and Subhi Fakhiri and why he is one of the family
Subhi killing Bashir Fakhiri front of his wife in the car

and clashes with heavy and light weapons.



Daash organization aimed at the “land of Blon” area

with mortar fire for a second day in a row.

DAASH was in East Benghazi


Mortar shells at the gate of backing military intelligence camp

without human damage.


The deaths of three children after the fall of random

shells at residential neighborhoods in Benghazi.

Two killed due to indiscriminate shells that fell on the region today at Benninamsae.

They are:

Faraj senile,


Khaled al-Bergta.

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.



150 Libyan tribe leaders to attend international meeting in Cairo, EGYPT

Egypt announces the 25th of this month as the date for the

launch of the tribes dialogue.

Libyan tribes to talk in Cairo

By-egyptindependent | 11 May 2015

“A meeting to coordinate the different tribes in Libya would

reinforce the credibility of an action by the Joint Arab Force in Libya,” Rickli said.

An Egyptian senior diplomatic official has said the meeting Cairo is holding in the last 10 days of May to discuss a political solution for the situation in Libya, and would be attended by 150 Libyan tribe leaders from different parts of the country.

“It is important to point out that after the Cairo meeting is a forum hosted by Justice First in the Egyptian capital that will bring together many of Libya’s tribes to achieve a new unity that will act as a force multiplier for the Egyptian-led campaign…Indeed, only by involving all social and tribal groups and only trying to build an embryonic form of unitary Libyan political consensus, [it’s] possible to think of an international mission to stabilize the country.”

The official said Cairo is inviting the United Nations to the meeting to give it an international capacity, but this does NOT mean it is sponsoring it.

Libya: after Jordan, Hftar spoke with UAE about military support

Khalifa Haftar on TV

General Khalifa Hftar, the head of Libya’s Armed forces, is in Abu Dhabi for talks on military support from the Emiratis. The UAE has been a major ally of the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab and the Casablanca/ Tobruk-based interim-government  in their struggle against ‘Dawn Libya’ in the west of the country and Ansar Al-Sharia and the Islamic State in the east, and has provided both military and humanitarian aid.

Hftar’s visit follows on the heels of that made to Jordan, where again the main subject was Jordanian help in building up Libyan military capacity.

In Abu Dhabi today, Hftar met with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs.

President of the UAE, Khalifa Bin Zayed al-Nahyan


According to the UAE new agencyWAM, talks focused on ways of ensuring stability in Libya and how the UAE could help achieve that goal.

Meanwhile, in Tobruk, members of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ say they want to question the head of the Armed Forces about military developments in the country, in the hopeful wake of last week’s  uprising in Tajourah, TRIPOLI. They also want to interview the Chief of Staff, Major-General Abdul-Razak al-Ndazawi.  He too, was today attending a meeting of Arab Cheifs-of-Staff in Cairo.

Generals Ndazawi and Hfter



(PICTURE ABOVE) Gen. Khalifa Hftar, the newly named leader of the Libyan army, met with former Great Jamahiriya Army officers on Wednesday, 14 September 2014, in Zawiyah, 25 miles east of Tripoli. (Hftar is a former ‘People’s Armed Forces al-Jamahiriya’ officer.)

Hftar launched an assault last year (MAY 2014) on radical WAHHABI groups that had taken control of much of Libya in the past three years. Increased military support for the new Libyan Army forces could provide an important edge for the Tobruk /Casablanca based ‘inerim’ government in Libya. Supporting Hftar would be the easiest route for the Arab countries. The Libya meeting is a separate initiative pushed by Egypt, which borders Libya on the east. Notably, the gathering in Egypt excludes another Gulf Cooperation Council member, Qatar, which supports the ‘Dawn Libya’ WAHHABI-terrorists in Tripoli.

According to the source, a meeting at the end of the month hosted

by the Egyptian government for Libyan tribal leaders will be to coordinate operations

and guarantee safe passage for the Arab troops.

On 05 May 2015, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced that the forum for

Libyan tribes is to “unify the Libyan people.”

The ministry said in a statement that the forum aims to give Libya the

“necessary boost toward political dialogue” and endorse national reconciliation.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Badr Abdelatty stressed

in the statement “the extremely important role of Libyan tribes

and civil society” in restoring stability to Libya

and supporting the state’s “legitimate institutions.”


The May 18 meeting would follow up discussions last month by Arab League military chiefs in Cairo, which were attended by the Tobruk government’s armed forces chief of staff, Gen. Abdul Razzaq Ndazawi.

Since then, the UAE has delivered five Russian-built Mi-35 Hind helicopters. Additional Russian anti-tank and armor-piercing weapons and munitions will soon be delivered, Defense News reported.

Parallel to the military initiative, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said last week it would host a forum in late May of Libyan tribal leaders supportive of the Tobruk / Casablanca-based ‘interim’ government to “unify the Libyan people” and “to give a necessary boost toward political dialogue.”

According to the Arab League, source talks between Libya National Army chief Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hftar, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Arab leaders have resulted in arms purchases by the Libyan Army, including helicopters delivered on 26 April 2015 from the UAE.

“Five Mi-35 Hind upgraded helicopters were delivered last month ahead of more Russian equipment, which include anti-tank and armor-piercing weapons and munitions,” the source said.

Egypt to host Libyan tribes meeting this month – Foreign Ministry

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 9:59 AM

 (PHOTO ABOVE) Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel Aziz (R) and his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry (L) attend the Fourth Ministerial Meeting for the Neighbouring Countries of Libya with other Arab ministers in Cairo, 25 August  2014. REUTERS/Stringer

CAIRO, 05 May 2015 (Aswat Masriya) –

Egypt will be hosting an expanded forum for Libyan tribes later this month to “unify the Libyan people,” the Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday.

The ministry said in a statement that the forum aims to give Libya the “necessary boost toward political dialogue” and endorse national reconciliation.

The date for the forum is still being discussed with Libyan tribes and the United Nations, the statement read.

Libya’s capital Tripoli has fallen under the control of the Misurata based terrorist ‘Fajr Libya’ or ‘Dawn Libya’ Wahhabi militia of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in August 2014. Meanwhile, Egypt and the international community only recognise the ‘interim’ authorities based in the eastern Libyan cities of Tobruk and Casablanca.

The country has been caught up in unprecedented violence since May 2014, when army general Khalifa Hftar declared war on Wahhabi (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) forces within Libya, prompting nationwide militant fighting.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Badr Abdelatty stressed in the statement “the extremely important role of Libyan tribes and civil society” in restoring stability to Libya and supporting the state’s “legitimate institutions”, such as the parliament and the “legitimate” government.

Abdelatty warned that the “current situation” would intensify the challenges faced by Libya, stressing that such challenges have become a “significant regional and international concern.”

He said arms and drugs smuggling and illegal immigration are some of the aforementioned concerns.

“Egypt is always working on supporting the sovereignty of this brotherly state and the unity of its lands,” Abdelatty said in the statement. He stressed Egypt’s continuous support to Libya until “political reconciliation” is achieved.

Egypt’s air force conducted in February air strikes which it says hit militant targets, after the beheading of 20 Coptic Egyptians inside Libya at the hands of militants believed to belong to the Libyan division of the Islamic State fighters.

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Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said Tehran

accepted not hold nuclear talks under threat.

“Death to US”: Iran’s supreme leader denounces the bullying US

Posted: 23 Mar 2015 19:53 GMT

Ali KhameneiREUTERS / Morteza Nikoubazl

Amid the nuclear talks, Iran’s supreme leader called for “death to the U.S., because it is the original source of this pressure,” thus referring to Western demands.

The deadline for negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program with the West date approaches. Apparently, the supreme leader of the clerical regime in Iran, Ali Khamenei, completely distrusts the US, the main interlocutor in the negotiations. In that sense, in a recent speech to a crowd in the city of Mashhad, Khamenei called for “death to America,” which was supported by supporters of the regime, reports Euronews .

“Of course yes, death to America, because America is the original source of this pressure. They insist on putting pressure on the economy of our beloved people. What is your goal? The goal is to put people against the system, “he said.

The supreme leader denounced the bullying US in negotiations and reiterated that Tehran does not seek to develop nuclear weapons. Khamenei stressed that negotiations with the U.S. are solely for the nuclear program and do not cover other issues such as regional issues, as their interests are opposed to Tehran.


It is planned that the talks on Iran’s nuclear program continue on 30 June 2015.

“Keeping nuclear talks [with major powers] in the shadow of the threat is unacceptable to Iran. Our nation will not accept it. The military threats will not help the talks,” said Wednesday Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reports Reuters .

“How US officials dare to threaten Iran militarily? In 2007 I said that lightning strikes are no longer possible, as they will be involved,” said Iran’s supreme leader, stressing that “Iran will not leave any aggression without response. “

Khamenei reportedly made the remarks in response to the president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff US General Martin Dempsey, who earlier said that Russia’s decision to sell air defense systems S-300 to Iran would not affect the ability US to attack Tehran’s nuclear facilities.

Iran: “The US should have its military fleet in hazardous areas and not in the Persian Gulf”

“The US has been discredited by supporting those who attack women and children in Yemen and destroy their infrastructure,” Khamenei said, stressing that “they do not even allow Iranian sending medical aid to Yemen and want to impose a blockade doctor , food and energy “

On Monday an Iranian naval fleet deployed in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen, had to issue a warning to a warship and two American planes after they approached dangerously. In response, the Iranian destroyer al-Borz launched an immediate warning, after which US forces immediately changed course and drove away.

Ayatollah Khamenei accused the U.S. to create the “myth” of nuclear weapons in Iran

Posted: 20 April 2015 00:32 GMT | Last updated: April 20, 2015 3:46 GMT

Ayatollah Khamenei accused the US createReuters / Caren Firouz

Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, said US created the “myth” of nuclear weapons to show Tehran as a “source of threat.”

“They created the myth of nuclear weapons so they could say that Iran is a source of threat,” Khamenei said in a televised speech addressing several hundred military commanders of the country.

“No, the source of the threat is the US  itself,  with its uncontrolled and destabilizing interventions,” he said, quoted by Reuters .

Also read: “Death to US”: Iran’s supreme leader denounces the bullying US

Ayatollah urged the Iranian military elite to be ready to repel any attack. “We want to threaten Iran and that we have no defense capability. US is threatening in the most brazen way to launch an attack against Iran. Therefore, we must be prepared to defend in any case,” he said.

Khamenei reportedly made ​​the remarks in response to the president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff US General Martin Dempsey, who earlier said that Russia’s decision to sell air defense systems S-300 to Iran would not affect the ability US to attack Tehran’s nuclear facilities.

Read also: Pentagon: “The US bombs are ready to attack Iran”






SHOCKING IMAGES: The coalition bombed Yemen hours before the start of the truce

Posted: 12 May 2015 18:38 GMT | Last update: 13 May 2015 00:49 GMT

SHOCKING IMAGES: The coalition bombed Yemen hours before the start of the truce

REUTERS / Khaled Abdullah

The planes of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia continued their air strikes against Sanaa on Tuesday, hours before the start of a five-day humanitarian truce.Meanwhile, it is reported that the bombing of the Yemeni capital on Monday killed about 90 people.

As reported to the agency AP security officials on condition of anonymity air strikes took place during the night, at dawn and during the morning, and were directed against arms depots and other military north installations and south of Sanaa . The military airbase which is part of the international airport in the capital was also attacked.

According to officials from dawn until noon on Tuesday the coalition undertook a total of ten attacks on Sanaa.

The shelling stopped shortly before the arrival of the new special UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, on his first official visit to the country.

The envoy told reporters he plans to meet with the different parties to the conflict, including rebel hutíes, and ensure that the ceasefire holds.

“It will address the humanitarian ceasefire and the return of Yemenis to the negotiating table over,” he reported. He stressed that the only way to solve the crisis in the country is a“Yemeni dialogue.”

SHOCKING IMAGES: The coalition bombed Yemen hours before the start of the truceREUTERS / Khaled Abdullah

The ceasefire, proposed by Saudi Arabia and supported by hutíes forces, come into force Tuesday night, starting at 20:00 GMT, and is intended to allow the entry of humanitarian aid in Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Arab world.

Meanwhile, the Saudi air strikes against rocket launch base near Sanaa on Monday have left 90 dead and 300 injured, reports Reuters citing the Yemeni state news agency Saba. If confirmed, the death toll in a single bombing would be among the highest since the start of the war in Yemen.

Iran: “The Saudi aggression against Yemen is an act of genocide”

Posted: 10 May 2015 21:10 GMT | Last update: 10 May 2015 21:11 GMT


Iran: REUTERS / Mohamed al-Sayaghi

The official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Marzieh Afham has condemned the Saudi air strikes against Yemen, deeming genocidal act of aggression against that country Saudi Arabia.

“Air strikes from Saudi Arabia to Yemen, and in particular the bombing of residential areas densely populated northern part of the country, is an act of genocide and are contrary to international standards” quotes the official Iranian agency IRNA .

Read also: Video: The luxurious residence of former president of Yemen, destroyed by a Saudi attack

former president of Yemen, destroyed by a Saudi attack

Posted: 10 May 2015 19:02 GMT

Arab coalition bombed the residence of former president of YemenRT

The coalition led by Saudi Arabia on Sunday bombed Yemeni president’s residence after a night of intense air strikes on rebel positions. The video shows how the luxurious mansion has been reduced to rubble.

Two bombings have reached the house of the Yemeni president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, in the center of the capital of Yemen, reports’ The Guardian ‘.

The video shows how the mansion in upscale neighborhood of the capital of Yemen and built in a palace with every luxury, has been destroyed completely.

The family of former President was not hurt but the attack caused casualties among the residents of the neighboring house.

Saleh, who resigned in February 2012 after a year of protests against his three decades in power, is accused of supporting the Houthi, who were against the puppet administration imposed upon them by the United Nations.

Bomb a TV station in Yemen live interview in full

Posted: 10 May 2015 15:33 GMT

 Saudi airstrike occurs during live interview on pro-Houthi TV station in Yemen

Studies of a TV channel Yemen was bombarded with missiles during an interview was being broadcast live. There have been no injuries in the attack.

The spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry also urged the UN to more active actions to stop the aggression against innocent and accelerate the delivery of humanitarian aid to victims of the Yemeni war. “All responsible organizations should intervene immediately and put an end to the humanitarian catastrophe under way in Yemen,” said Afham.

‘Secretary-news network’:


Saudi ugly massacre committed by US aggression in six raids on a market in ‘Zabid’, and the fall of many of the martyrs and the wounded ….

In the argument _ Abs District ..tiran enemy Sauamraki targeted two houses inhabited in Abs District as well as the government compound targeting the same Directorate ..

Dozens of martyrs and wounded as he fell in the triangle Aahm instigated by the Department of Aviation Sauomraki targeting the hospital and prison. Initial images of the massacre against civilians in Sauomrakih historic Zabid District – Hodeidah province.

Photo de ‎شبكة الأمين الاخبارية‎. Photo de ‎شبكة الأمين الاخبارية‎. Photo de ‎شبكة الأمين الاخبارية‎.



Air enemy Sauomraki re bombed mountain let several raids and hear the sound of powerful explosions …



Saudiis bombing the Mount of Sanaa

Death toll aggression Sauomraki to let the citizens of the 89 martyrs and 290 injured.

Raids Renaissance district in Sanaa this morning
10 raids targeted maintenance camp amid the neighborhood ..

al-Saud did not abide by the truce and continue their planes barbaric aggression on  Sanaa ….
Where the flight aggression Sauomraki since this morning launched several raids on residential areas Sofan district using banned bombs interlocutor violent explosions shook the capital Sanaa and the escalation of drag and thick smoke. .


Air waging aggression Sauomraki 7 raids on the city of Saada.


Air aggression came back bombardment Historic Cairo Castle and the ancient city of Taiz and the people of the city directing a distress call.

Death toll rises to aggression Sauomraki Ed Dahi neighborhood to 34 martyrs and 32 wounded.


Secretary-news network:
Yemen new moon on the Nilesat
Channel march …..
Re-broadcast of the new moon on the Nilesat. ..
On the new frequency ….
11641 – Horizontal
Coding rate of 27500 – 5/6

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