Reverse Gear, back to cleaning Western Region !

Mu w his army at nightime

Mu orator

‘Black Libyan resistance’, on FB:

“My sister channel tribes more channel focused on the simple citizen and roamed the suffering of the displaced minors abroad and then, was from the outset supportive of the mass of bone and cattle.

Ali leader Muammar al-Qathafi approached, and gave his personal opinion. In a short period, he provided material choise of the scenes, and I talked in general about the suffering of the Libyan people.”


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, when he was in Rome, signing the ‘Italian – Libyan Concordance’:

Mu in Rome when he signed the Italian Corcordance

أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة

يا أختي قناة القبائل اكثر قناة اهتمت بالمواطن البسيط وجابت علي معاناة المهجرين قصرا في الخارج وبعدين كانت منذ البداية داعمة للجماهيرية العظمي وماشية علي نهج الزعيم معمر والقذافي ومن رأي الشخصي في فترة وجيزة قدمت مادة كويس للمشاهد وحكيت بصفة عامة عن معاناة الشعب الليبي


 Allah is great above the Kid aggressor.

News joyful close, Allah willing,
To pray for the people and armed forces Vanguards.

الله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي اخبار مفرحة قريبة ان شاء الله
الدعاء لطﻻئع القوات الشعب المسلح





Brotherhood ‘Janzour Knights’ militias rally at 

b 2 Dbat 14.5 7 cars near the ‘Center of the Disabled’.

WAHABI MAFIA CRIME LORDS  named as ANTI CRIME COMMITTEE in Janzour-كتيبة-فرسان-جنزور-الصفحة-الرسمية-2/1603877509889958

These rats call themselves “the department of ‘Law’.”كتيبة-فرسان-جنزور-الصفحة-الرسمية-2/1603877509889958
كتيبة فرسان جنزور – الصفحة الرسمية 2


the fall of rockets on the city corner.

The lucky escape of a number of our detainees in the camp of the fourth

power of the so-called shield strength Pegrean the camp after the bombing

by our Libyan Airforce warplanes !

Tribal militia forces bombedRoma Libya’ in Jawadim and Tuibih.

Fire in a house next to the ‘Mosque righteous street’,

opposite the ‘pharmacy Worlds’.

fire near 'Righteous Street' mosque in Tripoli




‘Room Zintan operations’, comments and informs us:

When Cano followed and pawns in the hands of Shban and Makhlu Madaro in Hdka time and after what Thrro after the city of Tripoli said Aava be bygones Kano helpless and Derna Ubuntu million to build a state without sensitivities and Ahzbnahm partners at home ..

And then we Khrjo they are not revolutionaries in them nor after them !! And deceived themselves entering the dawn of the process, including Basma Libya and everyone knows material solution in Tripoli and Rishvana of destruction and the displacement and burning of public and private property etc ..

After that Hitanhm their beers that Atesfho deportation of the people of the city of Zintan to Tunisia !! And officials are actually on the kidnapping of identity and cut all communications from the city of Zintan and al-Rajaban! To Unlom Ali all Gharyan city because the honorable and teach them well ..

but fools ‘Just Fajr Daab’ and of his ilk, are the reason staple each case with Alan this topic City, and Scott honorable to those forces us to answer crucial in order congratulates Gharyan first city and Lehne mountain west of pawns fighter Tania ..

But after what understand? Misurata abandoned ‘Kikla’ and ‘Nook’ and soon you do not Satsubhon Tano Shi them !!

How many times then Thdeirkm! How many times our patience for acts ‘Daab’ cowardly! How many times warned Akalokm! But Radio Gharyan swim against the current you! But we wanted a ladder; but ‘Daab’ wanted war! And the response of the National Army and forces chock immediate and decisive strikes in their hideouts and thankfully ..

Bditamoha Tamoha and Balash Tolewyll and CDDB media vinegary ‘Roma Libya’ operation Tnfkm Toaaaa…
Of those who followed them are soon to be terminated...

Violent clashes between tribal forces and militias ‘Roma Libya’ at the center of Gharyan.

‘Zintan Neto ground’:

For the word of the rolling channel yapping (MISURATA CHANNEL) existence of a truce and that the battalion al-Mrdas 166 subsidiary of Misurata will insure the Coastal Road between the CORNER and Rishvana through to the mountain, is INCORRECT !

‘Dawn Libya’ are mobilizing its strength in Tajourah !!

Following the kidnapping of a number of elements
“Africa Gateway News” correspondent in the Libyan capital Tripoli, said that militias ‘Dawn Libya’ on Wednesday are to shut down the coastal road link between (Tajourah  to  Spring Valley) with the development of intensive Astaagafat sync with a large military Thacadat Tajourah east of the city.

According to a source familiar with the correspondent of “Africa Portal news” these actions came against the backdrop of the kidnapping of 13 people from militants ‘Dawn Libya’ by an unidentified group from Tajourah south of TRIPOLI city at dawn yesterday.

The MISURATA Maithhmo on their faces in Zintan growth Aahabo two Rajaban not Rishvana and ‘Dawn Libya’ was Aimol where Janzour, CORNER, and the Amazigh mesh with Misurata Wayne Krtt Mazzika truce Aauellah Joe Shane, and God Mandg only to Zmzakh.


Gharyan militia feeling now is feeling the same population and Azizia Valley neighborhood and al-Rgiat Asabah and Elly were being bombed from militias Gharyan.

Ze Tcolo what you Aagjr who Madar Megih Shi Shi and

free ‘Fajr Just Daab’, Ihzha Biskud who giggled you Beah …..


‘Room Zintan operations’:

After the deadline, which was extended more than once, by ‘Daab Army militia’, which controls the Gharyan and entered in the end of the war against the state.

Army units bombed al-Ahmav and gatherings of these militias inside Gharyan.

al-Ahmav precisely defined, and injuries directly, and did not suffer any facilities or concentration of civilians

With the knowledge that these militias inside a shield to try to take Gharyan city population shield.

(Omar Ma’touq)


The kidnapping of the brother of a member of the

‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, Salah Suhaibi, by militias stationed from Gharyan !!
Acts of cowards.


‘Room Zintan operations’, reporting:

One of the talents of ‘Roma Libya’, which was Mtmoush impairments (janitor*)
Massoud baggage, Radio Gharyan, before Mesh says dialogue is the only al-Mnhs dialogue.

al-Ach yesterday, in his speech, showed what pullet Taiara begging in the rest of the battalions and implores in Misurata ….
and so powerfully he addressed this, that he is plaudily advocated at the United Nations (despicable)?? !!!!

Allegedly the United Nations intervened in the displacement of hundreds of thousands (Bash intervention) in the bombing “Soeregat” ??? !!!!

Otherwise Gharyan is ….. oh Ptoa al-Nivia.

*Note: Massoud was a janitor at the ‘Faculty of Science’ and became a media Pegrean; so as to not shove him in the dust (full of lying and heresy) ….

janitor rat MASSOUD of Radio Gharyan

Qaracoz means.

(Zintan Libya)





‘Knight and Men’, reporting on FB:

Allah is enough and yes, the agent SATAN !:
Courts of darkness “Misuratah” sentence to life imprisonment on three of the ‘prisoners of the Armed People’ (GREAT JAMAHIRIYA soldiers) and the court ruled injustice to life imprisonment and deprivation of civil rights on each of them:

“Abdul Hakim Ramadan Briki”
“Ali Salem Aqgejh”
“Mohammed lamp on the Falcon.

According to the verdict and convicted persons convicted on charges of possessing arms without a license, and join the security formations banned, to engage in the tasks and functions without being them official status, and provide assistance to the Libyan people took up arms to Libyans.
Lord Aivk families
“Knight and Men”
Victory morning, my free mass and skeletal silks
“Knight and Men”


PRIOR REPORT by on 30 DEC. 2013:
Misratah is preparing for Implementation of their courts, who sentenced to death in 7000 of al-Qathafi‘s supporters, who are in their prisons.

Asaad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and observers for a number of international broadcasters broadcast on shortwave and satellites, especially through radio and television Japanese body NHK Arab section in a press statement released on Sunday, 30 December 2013

are still follow every nook and cranny of said ‘The new Libyan scene’ in the Libyan scene center Libyan sources report that local authorities al-Mtemtlh in the local council, and the military council in the city of Misurata, have seen thousands of files of prisoners who are supporters Muammar al-Qathafi, were referred files to the military courts and the civil courts in Misuratah, who were classified prisoners first class, supporters of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and ‘deserve the death penalty’ and the number 7,000 prisoners, mostly security and military and civilian supporters of al-Qathafi leader. They say ‘these prisoners degree Tanih which deserve life imprisonment and number about 3,000 prisoners and prisoners of a third degree, which deserve imprisonment from 10 years to 20 years has not been determined how many.

It mentions that there are more than 11 thousand prisoners were held in the city of Misurata, according to the latest statistics from local and international human rights organizations.

He said the happiest Aboqilh denied a judicial source in the city of Misurata to ‘channel Libyan satellite in the capital’, which in a press statement, said the news amongst those sentenced were Sheikh Mohammed civil al-Chuirv 85-(NOW 87) year-old and still Sheikh Mohammed civil detention center in Misurata city jails In a related civil Sheikh classified Alchuirv prisoners of first-class awaits judgment death several charges, notably ‘the incitement against the revolution 17 February’ and because of his fatwa not to use the infidel of NATO and was showing daily through the media of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Sheikh Mohammed civil al-Chuirv was born in the city of Zliten, the village of al-Goellat, on the eighth of Ramadan in the year 1348 AH –1 930 m and he has held several positions (including GRAND MUFTI) in the era of religious Muammar al-Qathafi, including the Grand Mufti of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

And seal the ‘happiest Aboqilh’ worth mentioning saying that the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ fell by World War led by the UN Security Council in support of the ‘revolution seventeenth of February’, largely with the help of NATO.

(Asaad Ambah Aboqilh)




Members of organization DAASH make an attack on the area.  ‘Baton morning‘ was pushed back from the area, and in the occurrence of the said members of Daash, two were wounded:  two of the people of Baton.

Shooting the 23 sounds intermittently heard in the vicinity of Sirte.


A mortar shell fell on an area of al-Salam neighborhood near

the island of cars and the occurrence of the victims, including 6 children.







Cancel African Airlines flight that will land it was in Sebha Airport
International, at eleven o’clock in the morning,

after the bombing by RAT militias ‘Suleiman children’ ,

of the ‘Airport runway Bhaon’, last night.

The image of the dead man has been identified.

He was a citizen ‘Mustafa Ayeb’ ….

of the population of the city of Sirte, area formerly No. 2 …..

He was found slain in the city of Sabha,

after his arrest last term by ‘militias trace the children of Solomon’.




Secretary-news network:

Supreme Revolutionary Committee issued a decree on the formation of a committee to take care of the wounded and the families of the

martyrs of the Saudi American brutal aggression on Yemen.

Text of the resolution:
Resolution No. (15) on the formation of a committee take care of the wounded and the families of martyrs
Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee:

After perusal of the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen. And the constitutional declaration issued by the Supreme Revolutionary Committee. Law No. 5/1993 on the welfare of families of the martyrs and the requirements of national duty towards the wounded and the families of martyrs aggression,

Decided: Article (1) form a committee to take care of the wounded and the families of the martyrs as follows:
1. dr. Ghazi Ismail, Acting Minister of Health President
2. Mohammed Mohammed Saleh manufacturer representative of the Ministry of Health member
3. Hussein Saleh coves representative of the Interior Ministry member
4. Abdul Salam costal representative of the Ministry of Local Administration member
5. Mohammed Levantine representative of the Ministry of Finance member
6. Hammoud Muthana representative of the Ministry of Justice member
7. Hamoud al-Naqib representative of a member of the secretariat of the capital
8. dr. Qassim Mohammed Abbas, a representative of civil society organizations member.

Article (2) Rules of Procedure of the Commission on its terms of reference and determine the mechanism of action.
Article (3) This Decision from the date of issuance and shall be published in the Official Gazette.
Released at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Committee of the Republican Palace in the capital Sanaa
On 24 / Rajab / 1436 H corresponding to 05/13/2015 AD

President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee:

Mohamed Ali al-Houthi:

Mohamed Badreddin al-Houthi




Monitoring for some violations and aggression Sauomraki militias on the first day of the truce 13/05/2015 m are as follows:


Militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) bombed a tank shell army positions and people’s committees of Brega.
– Militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) tried to crawl from the orchards in the area of Sheikh Othman al-Djaolh toward the ship have been addressed.
– Air Sauomraki aggression launched two raids on the city.
– Barges aggression Sauomraki fired rockets into the top flight in conjunction with Imran intensive flight aggression.
– Continuous flight to fly in the sky of aggression and to maintain militias (al-Qaeda and Reform) using tanks and artillery in Brega beat al-Mmadarh coast of Abyan.


– Air Sauomraki aggression launched two raids on the area next to the dulling Anad base triangle.


– Air Sauomraki aggression raid targeted obstacle Lauder two hours after the truce went into effect.
– Air aggression launched five raids targeted obstacle Lauder afternoon.


Air Sauomraki aggression flying in the sky Razih Directorate.
– Reinventions military forces to Saudi aggression on the border areas.
Saudi aggression hits al-Menzalh area Bakmaev tank, and firing a machine gun on the citizens.
– Saudi forces fired four tank shells at the border area spots.


Militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) stranded on the road for one of the vessels belonging to citizens in a al-Imith was in the way of Marib and you kill him and book airline.


Tried to militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) morning crawling on army positions between Nakhla area and Asheil, and the sons of the armed forces and people’s committees stand up to them.
The militia loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) beat two shells steel tank on site four o’clock this afternoon.
Militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) hit with 4 mortar shells at an Army and People’s Committees in Jadaan sites.



The militia loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) firing live bullets in using light and medium weapons al-Gelovoz area.


– The militia loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) pounding the city with mortars, snipers Affiliates and the continuation of these militias in the process of hunting for the moment.
– Hit the militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) mortar to.

see VIDEO from last week:

Tour of Canal walk in the streets of Taiz and developments on the ground and big victories the ongoing army backed by the elves of roll back elements of satisfaction wedwaash reform in Taiz province...

‎تعز:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
جولة لقناة المسيرة بشوارع تعز والتطورات الميدانيه والانتصارات الكبيره المتواصله التي يحققها قوات الجيش مسنودا بالجان الشعبيه من دحر العناصر التكفيريه ودواعش الاصلاح بمحافظة تعز...<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
7 - 5 - 2015م‎



– The militia loyal to aggression (al-Qaeda and Reform) based in Mount patience bombed mosque Bazrah district military hospital and a school Kuwait B6 Hauser shells fell on one house belonging to Ahmed El-Borai wounding a number of them.
– Militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaida and reform) in the basin supervision and mortar fire the RPG on an army and People’s Committees sites.
– Militias loyal to aggression (al-Qaida and reform) in the Republican hot fire on citizens neighborhood mosque Shaibani since morning and even now





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