Stubborn Brotherhood RATS moving in defiance of Allah



 (snap from ‘Pipeline to Paradise’ video)

The Magestic Mu'ammar al-Qathafi

Zaied Ahmed:


“Eyes are guarding the sake of Allah understanding under God and save it to clock day to day, but I keep under which the Almighty”
“Les yeux sont devenus le plagiste sur la voie de dieu dans l’ombre de compréhension et de la conservation de dieu au jour le jour de l’horloge sous non pas son ombre tout-puissant.”


The blessings of the most HOLY Qur’an on Juma Friday:

Mu billboard



the doors do not forget to give them the poor and the needy,

which God has given you all …

Happy New Year !


RAMADAN in Rishvana


Prep certification exam on the subject of ‘national treason’:



RAT Brotherhood Bernardino Léon, Mdayr convoy of dogs, and Rah whip, from Ghadames to Geneva for Ckarat to Cairo.

And Mugireny Mdayrh collection for less than dogs in pools Tunisia

and scanner Behm land and Deborah (Jones) assembled mayors with his stick broom Gammarth in Tunisia, and issued commands

and Paulo Jantelaun (the Italian Foreign Minister) ‘Gai week’ was empty Bischoff solution to the Libyan crisis…

and America is busy to protect the oil wells. And France will hunt down ‘terrorism in South Libya’. And Italy would intervene to combat maritime migration. And Malta are looking at addressing the security situation in Tripoli.

Chad is also threatening to intervene. And Ethiopia is considering the bombing of Libyan cities. Turkey will create monitor the formation of the (so-called) ‘Libyan government’. And Qatar interested in improving the situation of the (HAH HAH) ‘real revolutionaries’.
The Emirates put the hand on the economic balances. And who is watching Maastrae ???

Ok al-Phaim has launched Evtvetoa in Tobruk. And parrots who in
al-RIXOS launched Aasdoa.

Before each wrecker who Sdawa Rosanna editing and zooming in and hold your head up and all of them boarded the rebels and activists, politicians and journalists, Mtmussen images Guevara and grandsons ,chosen to launch sitting Evtrashwa.

As if it was a hallucination imposed impact. As if they were supposed to sleep Shawwa him. Like a solicitation imposed exposed the game to matter.

And Ijuk every arena and face just Icololk Nbwa Libya. And participated in brighter ‘dignity’. And Mark Nthaoroa. And Jadar Medjlk evil. Sue and ropes and Illso in Bear.

Aaphaim you Matsawo Shi. And the world who Hacpinh Amaakm Maischof you. And Libya who now is ‘Tboha under full guardianship’ !!. Tlhthoa and dignity who saw her under Kndrh Deborah (Jones). And whoever thinks about the legitimacy, it has been already been decided by the rat-brothehood’s (Bernardino) Léon. And oil and gas will be dominated by the West. Stocks and ‘looting Mafia intercontinental Hacpinhm’ (who are ofcourse, in collusion with officials and heads of parties).

Accumulated we go. And adequate legitimacy to honoring the Athuar of the main characters on Orskm. Daash player in the country and destroyed Benghazi..They think Hftar is stupid and they laugh at you; and a group of Representatives to Ahien Balaa and al-A_i_oar and travel.

And the constitution is going Beah al-Tarhuni rooms with the American-CIA to put in its provisions.

Media and walk the owners of money and Tatannaki, Mliqth and ‘cantaloupe’. Ambassadors and their text fighter and lion and Dawn Libya. And Mieh of ‘being governed’.

You _ak_inha slogans and Ayat and lied. God for any dialogue and any legitimacy and any dignity and any future Tgo. Appetizers are crazy and stupid. Your place Ghargharesh mesh Hospital
Force and power …

(Knight Libyan)
“Knight and Men”


‘MUSICIAN’ writes:

= Who can say that the bodies of Americans ‘being eaten by whales’? Who dares to say that America is the ‘Kingdom of donkeys’? No need to answer itself The questions refer to the answer is a phenomenon that we have known in the universe in the name of Muammar al-Qathafi.

= After fleeing from Sirte, front organization Daash, many knew that the steadfastness of Misurata militias in front of Brigade 32 was enhanced biggest lie, as was marketed in lies season in 2011.

= If guests take us in a hospital Ghargharesh to fight a battle with guests new prison, one will get in the end a battle between lunatics and criminals Tosiflmarkh DAASH. These are completely insane and criminal militias.

= Tell us that being aware of animals and marine life, that seals are the marine-animal most adapted to climate changes, whether they live in the sea or on the beach, or even in the snowy areas.

This explains why the stages through which the human seals which claims Mohammad Omar Baio with great respect for their names.

Mohammed Baio

= Aref Nayed wants to steal Libyan Investment Authority as well as the case Hassouna Ttunaki. This is not strange. No one dares to outlaw theft while it is the time of the rule of thieves.

= If there was not naive dupes and what took place the events of ’17 February 2011, which is the paramount Valacol closed doors to chaos.

= From the confessional in the Church, to al-Asttabp in the grounds of mosques, when religion turns into a ritual, it ends his relationship with Allah Almighty.

= Behind all afraid of the truth and a lie behind all afraid of the truth of waiting for a temporary interest Atzlgaha.

Relapsed since the revolution ask about the conditions of the poor and honorable supporters of the principles of the understanding alone bear the damage this setback.

= We are not wedge O Reese Organization in Egypt or Tunisia in the remnants of the beneficiary families. We are the people who stood against their will under the pretext of ‘NATO protection’.

= All those who clung to the principles they were victorious in the end.

= Bankrupt real home is not the scarcity of funds, but the scarcity of men.

= We were defending the homeland has a code while they have declared war on the icon to fall homeland.

= Bright slept in graves who have spent their lives in order to light the way for others.

= I, personally, do not see the state of mind of the caliphate and its expansion, provided that the borders are from all sides walls of Abu Saleem prison.
{And still playing lead musician continues }…


Our peaceful future is built upon the blood of our martyred soldiers:

Our peaceful future is built upon the blood of our martyred soldiers



ONLY in the ‘ERA of the RATS’:





 On Parade today in TRIPOLI:

Nheniy RAT  Major General “Abdul Salam skins” Jadallah

The RAT Miliary w Jadallah at the mike, leading them
Those people in the heart of the tongue p … Mesh Qalolkm Nhmo Leader and his achievements Yamtalim ^^

More than the text of Misurata were cuddling Dafi to Mndomh Muammar Tcolna withstand Hedda and meet the real withstand them ???


‎نهنئى اللواء الركن " عبد السلام جلود " ^_^</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>اللي في القلب ع اللسان ... مش قالولكم نحمو القائد وانجازاته يامتعلمين  ^^</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p> اكثر من نص مصراتة كانت الحضن الدافي لمنضومة معمر تقولنا #الصمود !! وهدا الوفاء والصمود الحقيقي لهم ؟؟؟‎


غرفة عمليات الزنتان

نهنئى اللواء الركن ” عبد السلام جلود “

اللي في القلب ع اللسان … مش قالولكم نحمو القائد وانجازاته يامتعلمين ^^

اكثر من نص مصراتة كانت الحضن الدافي لمنضومة معمر تقولنا #الصمود !! وهدا الوفاء والصمود الحقيقي لهم ؟؟؟


To storm the headquarters of the local radio station

broadcast the corner and off in the corner.

CANADIAN EMBASSY in Tripoli suspended

CANADIAN EMBASSY in Tripoli suspended:
Closing the Canadian Embassy in Tripoli

Embassy of Canada to Libya

Official Page of the Embassy of Canada in Libya





Zintan Operations Room:

Zintan Operations Room

‘Room Zintan operations’:

‘Youth in Zintan border guards oil fields’, “the Libyan” did not leave the border oil fields nor their points to end the day in spite of all the grinding and fateful battles fought by the ‘Dawn Libya’ against Zintan.

Youth in Zintan border guards oil fields

(Operations room)


 ‘Rishvana today’:

(written yesterday):
It turns out, which leaves no room for Hk.spb the region’s problems of theft, and the kidnapping of a long-sons of Rishvana, caused by people from outside of Rishvana, as Tripoli and cities to Eyea, and others, without mentioning the names of the walk in.

and Rishvana by their friends and make nests in the restrooms of the kidnapping, looting and the use of sons and Rishvana victim.

For this we decided not to tolerance with each person caught in a theft; and will raid any Walker suspicious.
Tava theft this in all areas of Libya daily exposed sons and Rishvana of looting, theft

and cut their way into the CORNER, and is kidnapped for a sum of money but in the absence of the media is to show

and Rishvana by al-Hakdan as of the these.
In fact acts sons biggest hit of this corrupt clique.

and Rishvana:
For this we have decided to correct the path and clean up Rishvana fully secure all of the villages and cities and roads. Rishvana only coastal road or by Azizia, the mountain, and Allah crowns our success ..


‘Rishvana today’:

Maimut first one of us say ‘where’s the body’ ?

Not calling our names.
The first slate Ngsellna say ‘where’s the funeral ?

Not calling our names.
If the burial is said, where’s the tomb of the deceased.

Not calling our names.
There Tgrkm tribes and families and positions.
What most despicable this world and the greatest, is us are heading for.

Oh Aaqubtna best in all things and Ojrna minimum of shame

and punishment of the Hereafter …




JSK has been battling with heavy weapons. We are now

in the axis south of Beautiful City.

We are battling against ‘Roma Libya’ militias.
Riders from Beautiful City



south of AJEELAT:


‘Room Zintan operations’:

Champions supporting force of the

‘Sons of b axis al-Rajaban’ defence-fighting south of Ajeelat.

(Operations room)

Room Zintan operations:

A tribute to this man who gave himself the hero of the country and for the safety and security stability in Libya compelling them to the Brotherhood spoilers and Kharijites renegades and traitors lurking ‘Colonel Idris Mohammed physical (Material)’ processes is the

western region of the Libyan Jbh room.

(Mahmoud Annagaja)

Khas al-On
The military dealing with all matters in national and professional and all opinions are compatible and thankfully and ‘Colonel Idris material’  says fight the battle of the nation and will not allow the owners of the narrow horizon that Aattllona for our battle

and we are driving in complete agreement, and constant in my work room,
'Colonel Idris material' and Jamal al-Kafali
and Libya is our concern first and last.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of all the Worlds.
(Jamal al-Kafali)



Norman Ben Othman, reports:

Security agencies of Misurata, arrested one woh holds a leading role in what is called the ‘Shura Council of bulls’ at Benghazi., and also those who are close to the offender

INCLUDING ‘(Hi)Sam bin Humaid’ who is on his way to Turkey, on charges of belonging to ‘Daash’.



Severe congestion and clear inside the city of Misurata.

Change out of Misurata through the back gate of the farms,

instead of the official ‘Dafniya’, west of Misurata.




The withdrawal of the remaining of the militias “Misurata” axis of Fnaitees.


Withdraw militias ‘poverty Libya Circassian and al-Krglah (Previously Qlnalkm); and soon to withdraw militias ‘Dawn Libya’, to secure the Brotherhood Rats last stronghold of Misurata.’




electric off


Electricity and communications disruption to most regions of central Libya.

lost electric and communications




‘Daash’ deploys their troops on the streets of Sirte:

Daash Do Drugs,The Zombie Militants of ISIS

DAASH troops deployed on the Streets of Sirte

‘DAASH’ in Sirte portals and search inspection is not for weapons

but for brake discs and tapes and smoke (POT).

DAASH burn cigarettes and 'hip-hop'  music DAASH burns tobacco and hip-hop

DAASH burns cigarettes


Assassination of the citizen ‘Ahmad Abdul Hamid’,

as reference, shot dead by unknown assailants.


‘Daash’ / Sudanese arrested in ice gate disguised as a woman.
He wanted to join the terrorist groups in the region of Ajdabiya.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.  Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.


Libyan airforce warplanes targeting the bulldozer at al-Sabri warf, Benghazi
Osteibakat powerful medium weapons and heavy area al-Sabri.





“Daash” organization in Libya announced the death of one of its commanders called ‘Abdullah Mahmoud Khalifa’ to limp after being hit during the bombing by our Libyan Airforce warplanes, which continued to the ‘Daash’ Oil Crescent head area site of CYRENAICA.

‘Daash’ TUBER organization publishes publications: It  states the prevention of Tarawih prayer mosques in the city during the holy month of Ramadan.




Photos momentarily entry of the terrorist

organization ‘Daash’ to an area baton:

DAASH in Baton

Libyan Daash consists of three thousand fighters from 31 countries

تقارير: داعش الليبي يتكون من ثلاثة آلاف مقاتل من 31 دولة

(Reuters) – A report by the Algerian ‘daily sunrise’ Wednesday, that Daash in Libya, based on the current success, to adopt the Iraqi scenario in its smallest details, taking advantage of the retreat of the state, in an attempt to repeat the experience in Libya and its environs after Iraq and Syria.

The newspaper said, citing identical reports, that the organization in Libya includes about three thousandgunmen descended from 31 different countries.
Occupies Tunisians and Egyptians in the ranks of the forefront of the multinational organization about equally thousand fighters, in front of Sudan and Morocco with 300 each, Algeria and Saudi Arabia, with 200 by 100 and between 80 and 100 French gunmen.

According to newspaper reports monitored the presence of Arab and Gulf nationalities, Jordan and Yemen and Africa from Niger and Mali as well as from Italy, Greece, Germany European nationalities, and Asia through the Chinese presence.




– A story of a people who love their country:

A video of the Yemeni who arrived back to their homeland from around the world.

Watch and share please.

Head of external relations for ‘Ansar Allah’ says:

“There are victoties and  happenings which will make you happy, (Allah willing soon).”



From the Yemeni / Saudi border:

View | direct targeting a military patrol and the bombing of the Yemeni Army and ‘People’s Committees’ by Saudi military sites 06.01.2015
March satellite channel – Believe word

our page on Facebook:



البث الصوتي


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Scud missiles is used for the first time since the

beginning of this aggression against Yemen.

A new strategic step

Here is a video for a Scud missile fired by Yemeni forces last night. 

Attacked the Saudi air base in “Khamis Meshit”

Salam al-Aykom, reports:

‪‎Important‬ : Yemeni army and Ansarullah fired a SCUD Missile for the first time to the Saudi air base in Khamis Meshitt.

السلام عليكم

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