The ‘Struggle’ Continues

Victory candle for Mu


Mu in cockpit signaling Victory


Mu and 'Thunderbolt' green


Saif soldier w Libyan Army now 

Saif‘s old FB real website profile photo:
Saif's old FB real website profile photo





Alert and fear in the ranks of ‘militias Zuwarah’ (‘visitors’)

(who are at ‘Ras Jedir / Igdir crossing’ the border),

after the news of the LIBYAN Armed forces to enter the

area, as heard from Akrabieah.

‘Roma Libya’ militias to withdraw from the public

security gate of al-Ash towards the city of Zuwarah (‘VISITORS’).

Tribal forces controlled at the gate of al-Ash near Gate of Ras Jedir (Igdir).

From inside the meeting in fact of Mjma Mlath:
The ‘Visitors militia’ refuses to hand over the head of Igdir (RAS JEDIR). 

Tribal and Libyan Army forces slowed Zuwarah ‘VISITORS’ militia, just 48 hours to hand over the head of Igdir crossing.





LIBYAN AIR FORCE air strikes on 'Camp slip'

Image: LIBYAN AIR FORCE air strikes on ‘Camp slip’ today.










Riders from Beautiful City

Celebrations permeated the Beautiful City,

after the entry of the tribal forces to their city.”


Libyan Army and Tribal forces enter Beautiful City:

Libyan Army and Tribal forces enter Beautiful City

Some are saying that there is no truth to the news of entry of the army and forces backing him to the Beautiful City, Racdalin, and areas. We must understand  that not enter it, or in the hoop and insurance coordination and editing !!

Mellita GAS CO.:

Meeting in a compound of ‘Mellita natural gas’ includes all of the characters from the Visitors (ZUWARAH), Beautiful City, Racdalin, Ajeelat, and Ztun, plus some leaders of the militias ‘Roma Libya’.

Elephant Oil field in Zuwarah




Misurata thug

‘Daash’ terrorist organization captured the number

three elements of rats of Misurata,

who were on a reconnaissance mission. ‘Daash’ terrorist organization executed and slaughtered their MISURATA prisoners, including the three employed of the ‘166 Militia’. Among those prisoners, whom they have executed, was Muhammad Ali Chaouch.




The spread of state regulation ‘DAASH’ in some farms

sweeping area in Sirte and Astaagafat with the

distribution of leaflets and advancement.


News of the launch of the release of Siraj (called Magbari), the reporter who was abducted:

Siraj (called Magbari), the reporter who was abducted




son of Sufian bin Qmo (Ali Mohammed)

Were arrested the sons of Sufian bin Qmo (Ali and Mohammed)

affiliated with al-‘Daash’ near ‘Forest Bomsavr’.


A car bomb explosion in tuber yield falls to kill 4.

RAT ‘al-Nmroh militia’ withdraw Ahmed and Akram al-Moudi affiliated with ‘Roma Libya’ from one area of Tuber.




Over a thousand years in Yemen: A Brief sketch of The Zaidi Imamate from 897 to 1970




‘Over a thousand years in Yemen: A Brief sketch of The Zaidi Imamate from 897 to 1970’

by Sayyid-Ali Al-Zaidi

Publication Date:

18 Jan 2010

Yemen is an ancient land known for its frankincense and myrrh, the kingdom of Sheba and the temple ruins at Ma’rib. To walk in the streets of Sana’a, is to walk back in time. Not a great many things have changed in Yemen, but a great deal of change is coming to Yemen. In order to understand the current political climate in Yemen, it is important to understand its history. In order to grasp the dynamic that constitutes the modern Republic of Yemen, we must travel back a thousand years to its conversion to Islam.

In the seventh century, the prophet Muhammad sent Ali ibn Abi Talib as governor of Yemen. During his tenure as governor, the northern Hamdanid tribes of the Hashid and Bakil were converted to Islam and gradually the rest of the population followed suit. In the late ninth century, al-Hadi Yahya bin aI-Hussain bin al-Qasim ar-Rassi, a descendent of the prophet Muhammad, was invited by the local tribes to settle a dispute in the northern region of Yemen. In 897, he was proclaimed the Imam (leader) of Yemen. At this point, Yemen became an lmamate-it is a style of government whereby the Imam is the spiritual-head of

state. As IMAM of Yemen, he instituted Zaidi Shiism as the official state

persuasion of Islam.

Zaidi Shiism differs quite markedly from the Twelver Shiism that is practiced in modern Iran,

Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Unlike the Twelver Shiites, the Zaidi Shiites are quite moderate in their views. But, they believe that only a descendent of the prophet Muhammad who fights against tyranny and injustice can be the Imam. Moreover, they do not practice the extreme mourning

rituals of Ashura that are performed by the Twelver Shiites during the Ashura festival. In terms of law, their jurisprudence is closely related to the Sunni Hanafi maddhab (school of thought). There are four major schools of thought in Sunni Islam. Since the Zaidi maddhab is similar to the Sunni maddhabs. many Sunnis have dubbed the Zaidi maddhab as the “fifth school of thought” in Islam.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottomans attempted to conquer Yemen. In the mid-16th

century, the Ottomans seized the Tihamah (the south-western coastline of the Arabian Peninsula) but were unable to conquer the highlands of Yemen. The highlands of Yemen were and still are the heartland and stronghold of the Zaidi Shiite tribes. In the mid-17th century, the Zaidi Imam al-Muayyad ousted the Ottomans and recaptured the capital Sana’a. During his lifetime, the Zaidi lmamate of Yemen extended as far north as the border regions of at-Taif in the Hijaz, and as far east as the Dhofar region in present-day Oman.

In the mid-19th century, the British occupied South Yemen, chiefly the port-city of Aden, and the Ottomans once again seized the Tihamah and the capital Sana’a. In 1911, The Zaidi Imam Yahya besieged Sana’a and forced the Ottomans to sign the Treaty of Da’an. In the Treaty, the Ottomans would retain control of the coastline but agreed to pay a sum to Imam Yahya and to recognise his moral authority over North Yemen. In November of 1918, Imam Yahya established the Mutawwakilite Kingdom of Yemen and declared independence for all territories in Yemen still under Ottoman rule.

During the early 1930’s, failed negotiations prompted Ibn Saud to invade Yemeni territory. Ibn Saud captured al-Hodeidah and Imam Yahya captured the former Yemeni territories of Jizan and Najran.

In May of 1934, Saudi Arabia and Yemen signed the Treaty of Taif, in which al-Hodeidah would be returned to Imam Yahya, and Jizan and Najran would be given to Ibn Saud.

In the 1940’s, some Zaidi Shiites were dissatisfied with Qur’anic Law, and Imam Yahya’s moral-guidance, and instead opted for a “constitutional” [ UGH !!] Zaidi lmamate with Abdullah al-Wazir as the Imam. In the 1948 failed coup, Imam Yahya was killed and his son Prince Ahmad became the Imam. Needless to say, Imam Ahmad crushed the

remaining opposition. Many of those who survived fled to Egypt, whilst those who remained in Yemen supported Imam Ahmad’s son Prince al-Badr. In 1954, Prince al-Badr visited Jamal Abd al-Nasser in Egypt and soon realised that they shared similar views on certain policies. Prince al-Badr convinced his father Imam Ahmad to sign the Jeddah Pact with Egypt and Saudi Arabia in order to balance the Baghdad Pact signed by Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. In 1958, Prince al-Badr convinced his father to join Egypt and Syria of the United Arab Republic (UAR) to form the ‘Confederation of the United Arab States’ (UAS). However, the union was not to last.

Tensions grew between Imam Ahmad and Nasser over state policies. After Syria’s departure from the UAS, Imam Ahmad publicly denounced Nasser’s socialist policies. In turn, Nasser dissolved the UAS in 1961.

In 1962, Imam Ahmad died and Prince al-Badr became the Imam. In the same year, Nasser

called for a revolution in Yemen and sent Egyptians troops to aid the republican revolutionary forces in Yemen. Imam al-Badr was able to secure the financial and military support of Saudi Arabia and Jordan for his royalist troops. After a series of initial battles, the republicans gained control of several parts of the country. Thereafter, the Egyptian forces began to centralise control and alienate the Yemeni republicans. Egyptian maltreatment and poison gas attacks against civilians caused many of the republicans and the neutral Zaidi tribes to fight alongside the royalist forces against the Egyptians. By 1967, there were 70,000 to 80,000 Egyptian troops in Yemen, and the civil war had reached a stalemate.

In the same year, the National Liberation Front (NLF) revolutionaries in South Yemen, with the support of Nasser, gained indepedence from Britain and established the socialist People’s Republic of South Yemen.

In 1970, Saudi Arabia brought an end to the civil war by ceasing its support of the royalist forces and officially recognising the ‘Yemen Arab Republic’ (YAR). The establishment of the ìYemen Arab Republicì brought an end to the Zaidi Imamate in Yemen.

teaching the 'Holy Qu'ran' in Yemen

It says 1970, because the Yankees installed their Puppet onto Yemen with a wierd UNO agreement in 1968, making Yemen a puppet Western Regime ever since [Ali Abdullah Saleh’, was their first long-term puppet, then they installed Hadi], until the Houthi Revolution on 25 October 2014.

We know that the Houthi are direct decendants of Fatima…just as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi‘s tribe of al-Qathafa are also.

This makes them natural leaders, marabouts and IMAMI of true, pure heritage; and are thus the rightful teachers of the people...(very unlike the corrupt, illegal-WAHHABI ‘House of Saud’ [FAKE], who only think of their own power and wealth..and put down ‘the people’) !

Moreover, the Shiite Muslims in Yemen are not Jaffaris (Twelvers) like the majority of Shia Muslims in Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Persian Gulf region.

Aside from pockets of Ismaili Shiites – which can arguably be called Seveners – in the governorates of Saada, Hajja, Amran, Al-Mahwit, Sana, Ibb, and al-Jawf most the Shia Muslims in Yemen are Zaidis/Zaydis.

The Ismailis in Yemen are mostly members of the Dawoodi (Davidian) and Sulaimani (Solomonian) sects of Mustali Ismailism.

The Houthi and their allies represent a diverse cross-section of Yemeni society and the majority of Yemenites. moved away from the larger Nizari Ismailis.


 PICTURE: Muhsin al-Ainy of Yemen and Muammar al-Qathafi 1972

Over a thousand years in Yemen: A Brief sketch of The Zaidi Imamate from 897 to 1970

by Sayyid-Ali al-Zaidi

 “It’s always a pleasure to hear from viewers who are passionate about an upcomingshow. Sayyid-Ali Al-Zaidi is a graduate researcher at The School of Public and International Affairs at York University. He is also a third-generation Canadian of Yemeni descent. Though Sayyid-Ali’s expertise is on ancient and medieval Yemen, he sent Steve and I a cheat sheet of sorts on issues that help explain the situation in modern Yemen. Of course, our standard 40-minute debate format, could not do justice to the richhistory of Yemen, so I invited him to write a short piece on the history of Yemen.

Sandra Gionas Producer TVO “The Agenda with Steve Paikin”

Publication Date:

18 Jan 2010

Publication Name:

TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin


SAANA'A, Yemen in full splendour, 1





'Ansar Allah' banner

Heavy Clashes Between Houthi Rebels And Saudi Arabian Army Erupted On Saudi Soil During Houthi Assault On KSA Outposts In Saudi Arabia.


Heavy clashes erupted again in the Saudi/Yemeni border area as Houthi rebels started numerous attacks on Saudi Arabian Army outposts.

Pro Houthi sources also reported that the fight was thrown inside the territory of Saudi Arabia where military outposts where targeted and even overrun on Sadui soil.

This Video footage shows Yemeni Houthi Rebels from the ground using small arms, machine guns and rocket launchers such as RPGs in heavy clashes with Saudi troops and inside at least one Saudi checkpoint from where they continued to engage the Saudi Arabian Army.

Also a number of Saudi armored military vehicles and APCs where destroyed during the fighting.

There is not much information about the latest attacks and Saudi media didnt seemed to have reported about the firefights in the area around the Jizan region that now seems to face constant infiltration attempts in Saudi Arabia by Houthi fighters.

It is most likely that Saudi Arabia now will intensify their efforts and engagement in the Yemeni Civil War that now slopped over into their own country and territory by using ground troops inside Yemen.


The spokesperson of ‘Ansar Allah’ – Mohammad Abdul-Salam:

“Confirmation of previous position to participate in the Geneva Conference which welcomed the invitation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for political participation in Geneva dialogue without setting any preconditions, we so far haven’t received any official explanation by the The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations political presence assumes that components to the Geneva Conference.”


تأكيدا لموقفنا السابق من المشاركة في مؤتمر جنيف والذي ينص على الترحيب بأي دعوة للأمين العام للأمم المتحدة للمكونات السياسية للمشاركة في حوار جنيف بدون وضع أي شروط مسبقة فإننا وحتى الآن لم نستلم بعد أي توضيح رسمي من قبل مبعوث الأمين العام للامم المتحدة عن المكونات السياسية التي يفترض حضورها إلى مؤتمر جنيف .

Chief of external relations of ‘Ansar Allah’ – Housien al-Ezzey:

We congratulate the Russian people and the Russian leadership as President and Government on the occasion of their national day. Incidentally we salute each position aligned peoples wishing to these positions, reliability, continuity and permanence of their more Progress and prosperity

Chief of external relations of 'Ansar Allah' - Housien al-Ezzey

نهنئ الشعب الروسي الصديق والقيادة الروسية رئيساً وحكومة وذلك بمناسبة اليوم الوطني لبلادهم .. وبهذه المناسبة نحيي كل مواقفهم المنحازة الى قضايا الشعوب متمنين لهذه المواقف دوام الثبات والإستمرار ، ولبلادهم من التقدم والإزدهار

Hussein al-Izzi:

Solution will only come from within and not from outside, and Yemenis among them are able to solve their problems, and I think there is willingness on the part of all the political components to resolve differences and overcome all the band factors which Masiqta way on the outside, which is in fact the source of all affliction and the source of all the problems faced by our country ..

We Kimnyen political and components can not but be brothers no matter what we disagree and whatever Tsarana as long as did not get us out our differences and our struggle for the requirements of loyalty to God and the nation and this certainly does not include and may not include those cheap items that have consented to itself that the external enemy used Kohveh to the desecration of this pure land or use it as a cover for aggression and criminal practices.

Fil d’actualité Hussein al-Izzi:


The Story of the Saudi Aviation targeting rural women and they fetch water for their children ………….

Boxing: Yemeni citizen of the United Nations and members and non-permanent Aldiman ………..

in the Security Council and to all countries and peoples of the world
To all of you: my own behalf and on behalf of all Yemeni citizen assure you Saudi Aviation continuation in criminal practices and continue to target civilians in most of the governorates of Yemen, and the clock of course, and certainly not here in the process of reviewing the census or crimes Saudi aggression against our country and our people,

it is no doubt an interview last long and long, we would draw your attention to one of the worst Saudi criminality models, and most exciting of grief, even the most challenging for the world and for the shared values ​​and norms of humanity,

that the story of this model begins with a group of women living in belonging to the province of Saada rural area, namely, (Juma Bin Fadel), this region which does not have any confrontations at all, nor Tanzn any camps or military sites, a mountainous area population is suffering a humanitarian conditions Assabh- of water scarcity and hardship and scarcity of services –

Vlatrqat no electricity and Amschwiat close, no water wells except for one particular called (certain Novn) is all the small villages scattered in those coral and valleys and mountains long distances, and to this particular does not have a dedicated car ways Kmaho known,

and thus women have Taudn that bucks that long distances on foot to fetch water from this particular (well) on their backs, and due to it being the only well women Epkrn sometimes before sunrise, and sometimes leptin part of the night about this well to book an advanced position within the queue long wait in the habit ..

On this day, the Saudi regime has decided to double the suffering of these women, and to register the crime is really the worst of that half of the crime against humanity.

Saudi Aviation has come to target this well and them, to subsequently fall nearly twenty women between the martyr and the wounded and collapsed terrifying.

Just imagine me suffering such simple people, as to Amschwiat close can ease their pain, and cars can be up to them to take them, and even when the car decided to run the risk of moving to the earliest point at them to move and rescue the injured Mahmolin it on the shoulders of their parents,

undertook plane other targeted this car entirely, and kill those who were out and number two, while two others were nearby were wounded, when an elderly person and his son decided to Azaha some stones to facilitate the crossing of pedestrians Bmaverm next two wounded,

flew a third plane to kill this old and his son with him, and in a moment of stupor families in their homes and bewilderment and shock at the terrible result of this incident Alajerma cowardly heading to a fourth plane (urgent Maran) to bomb the house of citizens to Uahm numbing grief and goes victims are the other two women and a child.

Of course, what happened is not all what he has done and is doing this system immoral and inhumane (Saudi Arabia)

What happened is one example no more, but enough to put us and puts you and puts everyone in front of one fact that, you may Jammeltm and the whole world you may flatter Saudi enough, and that this courtesy It has been and is still on the Yemeni blood account, and at the expense of values ​​and ethics.

Let me be frank with you: there is a feeling that all this courtesy and all this deafening silence about this barbaric aggression, suffocating blockade of the barbaric Saudi Arabia against thirty million man Yemeni but they return only to the fact that the Saudi regime Oil owns and Cache,

while the Yemeni people does not have a lot of money and not Perhaps we have seen situations differently for such negative attitudes, nor to anyone to say that this feeling can accommodate today and is growing at a high pace in the issuance of all Yemenis and with them all liberals of the world also, and this certainly may not be his Suh

one advantage is dropping convinced you, but this is the only feature that will today put all allegations of urbanization, and the slogans of human rights at stake which will open the door wide to all free people, particularly our people oppressed and steadfast to continue his struggles and direct new struggles

do not I think she stop until triumph again for the values ​​and ethics and all the charters of common human values ​​after Hzmtamoha and Admourtamoha footprint and Mjammeltkm to more backward and dictatorial regimes in the world.

Yemeni citizen / Hussein al-Izzi
Thursday, 11/06/2015 m



الموضوع : قصة استهداف الطيران السعودي نساء ريفيات وهن يجلبن الماء لأطفالهن ………….
الإهداء : من مواطن يمني الى الأمم المتحدة والأعضاء الدئمين وغير الدائمين ……….. في مجلس الأمن والى كل دول وشعوب العالم

اليكم جميعاً : باسمي وباسم كل مواطن يمني نؤكد لكم استمرار الطيران السعودي في ممارساته الإجرامية ومواصلة إستهدافه للمدنيين في معظم المحافظات اليمنية ، وعلى مدار الساعة طبعاً ، وبكل تأكيد لسنا هنا في صدد استعراض أو إحصاء جرائم العدوان السعودي بحق بلادنا وشعبنا فذلك لاشك حديث يطول ويطول ، لكنا نلفت نظركم الى واحد من أسوأ نماذج الإجرام السعودي ، وأكثرها إثارة للحزن ، بل وأشدها تحديا للعالم وللقيم والأعراف الإنسانية المشتركة ، إن قصة هذا النموذج تبدأ مع مجموعة من النساء اللواتي يعشن في منطقة ريفية تابعة لمحافظة صعدة وهي (جمعة بن فاضل ) ، هذه المنطقة لايوجد فيها أي مواجهات على الأطلاق ، ولا تحتظن أي معسكرات أو مواقع عسكرية ، وهي منطقة جبلية يعاني سكانها ظروفا إنسانية صعبة- من ندرة المياه وشظف العيش وشح الخدمات – فلاطرقات ولا كهرباء ولامستشفيات قريبة ، ولا آبار مياه عدا معين واحد يسمى (معين نوفان ) يبعد عن القرى الصغيرة المتناثرة في تلك الشعاب والأودية والجبال بمسافات طويلة ، والى هذا المعين لايوجد طرق مخصصة للسيارات كماهو معروف ، وبالتالي فقد تعودن النساء أن يقطعن تلك المسافات الطويلة سيرا على الأقدام كي يجلبن الماء من هذا المعين (البئر) على ظهورهن ، ونظرا لكونها البئر الوحيدة فإن النساء يبكرن أحيانا قبل شروق الشمس ، وأحيانا يبتن جزءا من الليل حول هذه البئر لحجز موقع متقدم ضمن طابور الانتظار الطويل في العادة .. وفي هذا اليوم قرر النظام السعودي أن يضاعف من معاناة هؤلاء النسوة ، وأن يسجل جريمة هي حقاً أبشع من أن نصفها بجريمة ضد الإنسانية .
لقد جاء الطيران السعودي ليستهدف هذه البئر ومن عليها ، لتسقط على إثر ذلك قرابة العشرين إمرأة بين شهيدة وجريحة ومنهارة رعباً.
ولكم أن تتخيلوا معي معاناة مثل هؤلاء الناس البسطاء ، إذ لامستشفيات قريبة يمكن أن تخفف من آلامهم ، ولا سيارات يمكن أن تصل إليهم لنقلهم ، وحتى عندما قررت سيارة أن تغامر وتتحرك الى أقرب نقطة ممكنة باتجاههم لنقل وإسعاف المصابين المحمولين إليها على أكتاف أهاليهم ، انبرت طائرة أخرى لتستهدف هذه السيارة كليا ، ولتقتل من كانوا عليها وعددهم إثنين، فيما جرح اثنان آخران كانا بالقرب منها ، وعندما قرر شخص مسن وابنه أن يزيحا بعض الأحجار لتسهيل عبور المارة بمافيهم القادمين بالجرحى ، حلقت طائرة ثالثة لتقتل هذا المسن وولده معه ، وفي لحظة من ذهول الأسر في بيوتهم وحيرتهم وصدمتهم المهولة جراء هذا الحادث الاجرمي الجبان تتجه طائرة رابعة الى ( ملحة مران ) لتقصف منزلا لمواطنين لوعهم الحزن والذهول فيذهب ضحيتها هي الاخرى امرأتان وطفلة .
وبالطبع فإن ماحدث ليس كل مافعله ويفعله هذا النظام اللا أخلاقي واللا إنساني (السعودية ) فما حدث هو مثال واحد لا أكثر لكنه كافٍ لأن يضعنا ويضعكم ويضع الجميع أمام حقيقة واحدة مفادها ، أنكم قد جاملتم والعالم كله معكم قد جامل السعودية بما يكفي ، وأن هذه المجاملة قد كانت وماتزال على حساب الدم اليمني ، وعلى حساب القيم والأخلاق .
ودعوني أكون صريحا معكم : ثمة شعور بأن كل هذه المجاملة وكل هذا الصمت المطبق حيال هذا العدوان البربري ، والحصار الخانق الذي تفرضه الهمجية السعودية بحق ثلاثين مليون إنسان يمني إنما يعودان فقط لكون النظام السعودي يملك النفط والكاش ، فيما الشعب اليمني ليس لديه الكثير من المال والا ربما شهدنا مواقف مغايرة لهكذا مواقف سلبية ، ولا أخفيكم القول بإن هذا الشعور يتسع اليوم و يتنامى بوتيرة عالية في صدور كل اليمنيين ومعهم كل أحرار العالم أيضا، وهذا بكل تأكيد قد لايكون له سوة ميزة واحدة هي إسقاط أقنعتكم ، لكن هذه الميزة الوحيدة من شأنها أن تضع اليوم كل ادعاءات التمدن ، وشعارات حقوق الإنسان على المحك الأمر الذي سيفتح المجال واسعا أمام كل الشعوب الحرة وفي مقدمتها شعبنا المظلوم والصامد لمواصلة نضالاته ومباشرة نضالات جديدة لا أظنها تتوقف حتى تنتصر مجددا للقيم والأخلاق وكل المواثيق والقيم الإنسانية المشتركة بعد أن هزمتموها ودمرتموها بصمتكم ومجاملتكم لأكثر أنظمة العالم تخلفا ودكتاتورية .
المواطن اليمني / حسين العزي
الخميس 11/6/2015م

A barefoot Yemeni fighter repels the Saudi army and its military vehicles ..
When poor people who have dignity defending their homeland against an Army fighting just for al-Saud and just for them !


What do you know about Old Sana’a city which has been attacked yesterday by the Saudi – American aggression ?

Old city of Sana‘a called also: Sam (Shem’s) city relative to the Sam Ben [son of]  Noah the Prophet, and was the first settled and therefore it called later the origin of Semites.

It also called: Aazal City, according to history books as texts in The Torah (HEBREW BIBLE) is the name of one of the descendants of Sam Ben [son of] Noah, who rebuilt it in an era of ancient history.

In ancient Yemen times, tribes of ‘Jurhom’ were dragged to Mecca, where there was Ismail, Prophet of God (son of Abraham) and his mother; and he married into the tribe of ‘ Jurhom ‘, whom the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) told them, in supplication:

‘make the hearts of people crashing into them.’

Now, there still exists buildings in old Sana‘a, dating to a time prior to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) by more than two or three centuries.

It’s Mosque: ” al-Jamea al-Kabeer”,  has been built by Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him), by an order of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace of Allah be upon him) and his pure family.

Yemen city of Saana

In the early hours of 12 June 2015, the Old City of Sana’a, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was hit by a bombing raid. Several houses and historic buildings were destroyed, causing human casualties. Among the buildings destroyed was the magnificent complex of traditional houses in the al-Qasimi neighborhood, bordering an urban garden (Miqshama), near the Sailah water channel.

“I am profoundly distressed by the loss of human lives as well as by the damage inflicted on one of the world’s oldest jewels of Islamic urban landscape. I am shocked by the images of these magnificent many-storeyed tower-houses and serene gardens reduced to rubble. This destruction will only exacerbate the humanitarian situation and I reiterate my call to all parties to respect and protect cultural heritage in Yemen. This heritage bears the soul of the Yemeni people, it is a symbol of a millennial history of knowledge and it belongs to all humankind” declared the Director General.

Sana’a has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years and bears witness to the wealth and beauty of the Islamic civilization. By the first century AD, it emerged as a centre of the inland trade route and its houses and public buildings are an outstanding example of a traditional, Islamic human settlement. Sana’s dense rammed earth and burnt brick towers, strikingly decorated, are famous around the world and are an integral part of Yemen’s identity and pride.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Yemen, several houses within the heritage city of Sana’a have suffered damage and collapses as a consequence of shelling and explosions. On 09 June, the Ottoman era al-Owrdhi historical compound, located just outside the walls of the Old City, were severely damaged. Historic residential buildings, monuments, museums, archaeological sites and places of worship have not been spared. The historic value and memories enshrined in these sites have been irreparably damaged or destroyed.

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 Sana’a ‘s ‘al-Saleh mosque’ in Yemen:
Sana'a 's al-Saleh mosque in Yemen

Ali Abdullah Saleh Mosque in Yemen

فيديو وتقرير؛ كل ما لا تعرفه حول صنعاء الأثرية



مشهد من صنعاء الاثرية تحت القصف

صنعاء(العالم)-13/06/2015- يستمر العدوان السعودي على اليمن باستهداف الواقع الاثرية والتاريخية في البلاد وآخرها مدينة صنعاء القديمة المصنفة ضمن التراث العالمي حيث تضم الاف المنازل التي تعود لما قبل القرن الحادي عشر اضافة الى المسجد الكبير المشيد في عهد الرسول الاكرم (صلى الله عليه وآله).

مدينة عمّرت عشرات القرون، وتروي حكايات عشرات الممالك والامبراطوريات، ووقفت بوجه جيوش على مدى عمرها، قام الطيران السعودي في غضون دقائق بقصفها وتدمير مبان فيها تعود لمئات السنين.
مدينة صنعاء القديمة اقدم مدينة في التاريخ تعرضت لغارات شنها طيران العدوان السعودي على حي القاسمي، حيث توجد الاف المنازل الاثرية، ما ادى الى تدمير دار الجلاء الذي يعود تاريخه الى ثمانمئة عام.
وقال احد الاهالي: تفاجأ كل ابناء المدينة العريقة، ومن صعدة الى المهرة وكل السياح وكل الزوار وكل عشاق وكل محبي هذه المدينة بهذه الجريمة النكرا وبهذا الاعتداء السافر، وبهذا العمل المنطر الذي تدينه كل الشرائع السماوية وكل العالمk ان تدمر مدينة صنعاء التاريخية.
ويقصد بصنعاء القديمة المدينة المسورة، والتي كان لها سبعة ابواب بقي منها باب اليمن، وهي من المدن المأهولة باستمرار منتذ القرن الخامس قبل الميلاد.
ويقصد بصنعاء القديمة المدينة المسورة والتي كان لها سبعة ابواب بقي منها باب اليمن. وهي من المدن المأهولة باستمرار من القرن الخامس قبل الميلاد. وتضم صنعاء القديمة مئة وثلاثة مساجد وستة الاف منزل وكلها بنيت قبل القرن الحادي عشر الميلادي.
وقد كانت صنعاء القديمة عاصمة مؤقتة لمملكة سبأ. ويوجد في المدينة الجامع الكبير وهو من اقدم المساجد الاسلامية حيث بني في عهد الرسول الاكرم صلى الله عليه واله وسلم.
وصنفت منظمة الامم المتحدة للتربية والعلوم والثقافة اليونيسكو المدينة ضمن التراث العالمي الى جانب ثلاثة مواقع اخرى في اليمن هي سقطرى وشبام ومدينة زبيد القديمة .
منظمة اليونسيكو استنكرت استهداف الطيران السعودي للمدينة، واعتبرت ان تدميرها سيؤدي الى مفاقمة الوضع الانساني في اليمن.
كما دعت الى احترام التراث الثقافي في البلاد، معربة عن الصدمة من مشاهد المنازل الاثرية المدمرة في المدينة التي وصفتها بواحدة من اقدم جواهر الحضارة الاسلامية.

New military operations of the Yemeni army and the ‘People’s Committees’ at the Saudi border.

Destroying bulldozers and military vehicles.


DN blinds while the Guardian has good analysis of ISIS.

Anders Romelsjö

In DN today occupied the entire first page of the title “Islamic state has gone from being a killer sect to a global power” and inside the magazine described the ISIS on the entire 6 pages by journalist Erik Ohlsson.
But nowhere in the detailed article discusses ISIS emergence in relation to the policy of the US and allies brought and. Anyone who has been decisive in the development of ISIS and for its emergence.
* This article misses the main issue. Reasonably consciously, then so much the facts demonstrate that ISIS is a baby of the policy from the United States & Co. Thereby, Erik Ohlsson not explain ISIS emergence and growth.
* I have on several occasions sent Erik Ohlsson information about the war in Syria is essentially an external intervention already planned at the Pentagon.

I have the past few times with many different facts emphasized that the policy of the US and its brought a decisive factor for the massive emergence of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria, and for the emergence of ISIS.In addition, there are actually some evidence that military and economic support the activities of these terrorist organizations. The support seems sometimes motsägselfullt. In the words take the US away from them and carry out a particular bombing of ISIS, (seemingly half-hearted, according to several critics, and with many civilian casualties – see below). On 7 May, the blog post “US & Co. arms successful al-Qaeda & Co. – while the West turns a blind eye.” 26 The May saw an article that claimed that the IS is largely a product of the policies of the US and allies.

, a very good fact-based analysis of the issue, interviews with, among others President Obama and Senator McCain. See it! Followed by a summary of me.

This post is a slightly slimmed-down overview of an article of the British major newspaper The Guardian, in which the journalist come to similar assessment this blog (certainly without having read my blog entries, but, like signed with a clear, fact-oriented approach). When will an article in a major Swedish newspaper that is close to this well-journalism?

The article in the Guardian.

The war against terrorism campaign without end were launched 14 years ago by George Bush and taking more and more grotesque expression. Last week collapsed lawsuit in London against a Swedish man,Bherlin Gildo, accused of terrorism in Syria, since it was clear that the British intelligence had armed the rebel groups. The prosecution withdrew the case in order to avoid embarrassment. The defense claimed that the continued trial would have been an “affront to justice” when there was plenty of evidence that the British state itself gave “substantial assistance” to the armed Syrian opposition.
untitled (27)
State aidcovered not only“non-lethal assistance”(including body armor and military vehicles), but the training, logistical support and a secret supply of “weapons on a large scale”.Reports mentioned that the British intelligence service MI6 had cooperated with the CIA in arms transfers from warehouses in Libya to the Syrian rebels by Gaddafi’s case.

And terrorism emerges very clearly, and particularly in the Middle East.

During the past year, Western forces returned to Iraq, according to official data to combat ISIS. It is not especially good given the ISIS success. Some Iraqis complain that the US is passive while the Americans claim they are trying to avoid civilian casualties, claiming significant successes.

A revealing light comes from a released report by the US intelligence from August 2012, which predicts – and indeed welcomes – the possibilities of a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria and al-Qaeda controlled Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. In sharp contrast to Western allegations at the time, identifies the Defense Intelligence Agency identifies al-Qaeda in Iraq (which became ISIS) and other Salafists as the “key drivers uprising in Syria” – and stating that “Western countries, Gulf States and Turkey” supported the opposition’s efforts to take control of eastern Syria. “

To establish “a Salafistiskt principality” is precisely what the countries want to support the opposition. This is to isolate the Syrian regime, says the Pentagon report. This is to counter the Shiite-dominated governments in Iraq and Iran.

US forces bomb a group of rebels – and supports one another in Syria.

The report is heavily edited and there are ambiguities in the language. But the consequences are clear enough.During the first year of the Syrian uprising, gave the United States and its allies not only support and weapons to the opposition they knew were dominated by extreme sectarian groups. They were prepared to tolerate the creation of some form of “Islamic state” – even though this meant “grave danger” of Iraq’s unity – to weaken Syria.

It does not mean that the United States directly created ISIS, although some of its allies certainly played a role in this, which the US Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged last year. But there was no al-Qaeda in Iraq until the US and Britain invaded. And the US has really taken advantage of the presence of ISIS against other forces in the region as part of a broader effort to maintain control.
ISIS troops with flag images
The spreadsheet was modified when Isis began beheading westerners and publish atrocities online. Gulf states now support other groups in Syria, such as the al-Nusra. But this American habit to support and play with jihadi groups, which then will bite back, goes back at least to the 1980s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, which promoted the emergence of the original al-Qaeda in the CIA’s leadership.

It happened during the occupation of Iraq, when US forces led by General Petraeus supported a dirty war with sectarian death squads in order to weaken the Iraqi resistance. And it was replay 2011 in the NATO-orchestrated war in Libya, where Isis recent weeks took control of Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte.

In fact, there is a classic divide and rule policy in the Middle East by the United States & Co. US forces bombarded a set of rebels and supporting another in Syria, and perform effective joint military operations with Iran against Isis in Iraq while supporting Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen. But even if US policy seems confused as fits this strategy perfectly in Iraq and Syria.

What is clear is that ISIS and its monstrous prank will not be defeated by the same forces that brought it forward in Iraq and Syria in the first place and whose overt and covert war effort has promoted ISIS thereafter. Endless military interventions in the Middle East from the West has only brought destruction and fragmentation. There are people in the region that can cure this disease – not those who grew up virus.


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