Miracles do happen


Asham commander has the right until proof .

(Zeul Sudan)

Mu back in TRIPOLI 2015

‘MUSICIAN’ informs us:

“You all you live better than Muammar al-Qathafi:

he eats and sleeps a little bit and Ishqy much.”

كلكم كنتم تعيشون افضل من معمر القذافي فهو يأكل قليلا وينام قليلاً ويشقي كثيراً .

Mu in his army  tent

(He cannot survive without his camel-milk too !)Mu at home in his tent




Green Libya emblem



المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

استعدوا لمراسم التحرير ..

‎استعدوا لمراسم التحرير ..‎


المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

استعدوا لمراسم التحرير ..


Meeting with Italy’s Prime Minister on Wednesday, Russia’s President discussed cooperation, but also the issues that have popped up between the two countries as a result of decisions made by NATO, the European Union and G7.

Putin Renzi

Vladimir Putin cuts through the EU/US western main stream media bullX on the entire Libyan refugee crisis, and calls it for what it is…another NATO regime change takeover gone incredibly wrong, with refugee blowback washing up on Italy’s shores.

Vladimir Putin, while in Italy, connects Europe’s refugee crisis with NATO intervention in Libya…calls G7 a “hobby group”


This is exactly way the tools in western press demonise Putin…He speaks the truth, something that should never, ever be done…western zombie populations just might wake up from their walking dead slumber.


“It’s obvious that what is currently happening in Libya is the direct consequence of a social and economic catastrophe and endless sorties of radical groups. We are convinced that what is occurring before our eyes is the factual collapse of the Libyan state, which is the result of the foreign military intervention in 2011.”

On the ridiculous, meaningless G7 event

“It seemed to me that there was some sort of reason in it because we showed a somewhat alternative point of view. But our partners decided that they didn’t need such an alternative point of view. That’s their decision. But this isn’t an organization, it’s a hobby group. We wish them success in this format.”

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Putin and Renzi did not discuss the lifting or easing of EU sanctions against Russia. They did look at the negative impact that the sanctions had on the relationship between Russia and Italy, both in terms of trade and military cooperation. The suspension of economic ties did not greatly impact Russia’s defense capability, but led Italian companies to lose around a billion euros, Putin said.

Putin also weighed in on the Mediterranean migrant crisis, and how it was a direct consequence of the NATO intervention into Libya’s 2011 CIA-led civil war.

Putin added that Russia and the G7 have no relations as the group decided that it no longer needs Russia’s point of view on international issues.



Matteo Renzi, ITALIAN media directorate

THREAT from ITALY’s Matteo Renzi:

“We will take painful measures if the Europeans

did not help us in reducing immigration.”

An Italian doctor Ignacio Scaravli (68-year-old) back

to his country after being held hostage for six months in LIBYA.

‘Room Zintan operations’, reports:

Tunisian Slim Riahi: a thief’s funds for Libya

Now plans to buy a plush Libby hotel in southern Tunisia named Jaktaz hotel in Zarzis, in Tunisia region, for the benefit of ‘Slim Riahi’:

cheap 6 million plan to buy the name of the President of ES Zarzis club Mouldi note that land only 14 hectares on the most beautiful sea areas. It is invaluable and of planning is Tariq thermal Director Libyan Jktis company, a subsidiary of the Eco.

Hotel odessey in ZARZIS, Tunisia


More than 30 recipe for Kharijites of sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him)…
And advances wrote:

1-They Events teeth any more than follow them and deceived Bhbhatthm are young
2. They are fools Clam- any brains of modern Ali bin Abi Talib
3. They say the best of the wild talk of Ali bin Abi Talib.
4. they do not exceed their faith throats of modern Ali bin Abi Talib.
5. They go out of the debt comes out as the arrow from the bow (2496 m) of modern Abu Dhar.
6. that those vulnerable in the jurisprudence of the religion of God and so they came Iqran Koran not exceeding their throats from the hadeeth of Abu Sa’eed In the novel, which they see as theirs them (the year of Ibn Abi Asim talk of Ali bin Abi Talib.
In the novel counted rather they see in the novel (they claim to the book of God, not of God in anything. Year Ibn Abi Asim from Abu Zaid al-Ansari In the novel from Ibn Abbas said they believe the Court and shall deceive when in similar and knows its interpretation except God and firmly grounded in science say believe in it.
7. They strive in worship also came to talk about them that the Messenger of Allah said to his companions (not something your prayers to their prayers and fasting to their fast nor your reading something on their reading of modern Bhimn Ali bin Abi Talib In the novel Thakron your prayers to their prayers.
8. They’re evil of creation and the creation of modern Abu Dhar.
9. The Samaihm fly from Abu Sa’eed
10. They are killing the people of faith and call the people of fetishes from the hadeeth of Abu Sa’eed and see how Aguenao until Palestinian leaves home and currently under Israeli occupation and goes to kill poor Iraqis Will one my predecessor Gulf heard he went to Palestine in when we see thousands of them are going to kill Iraqis and even of their followers Sinai Bedouin who did not go to Palestine only to kill Egyptians and is on the borders of Palestine.
11. They are challenging the princes and misguided are seeing them as they did with the Prophet and Imam Ali
12. They claim to the Book of Allah and not in him something of the hadeeth of Abu Sa’eed
13. They do not see the scholars and leaders standing and so they claimed they knew of Ali and Ibn Abbas
14. They are emboldened in the worship of Afeeajabun saw them and like themselves. Abu Asim year (from Anas Ibn Malik.
15. The son of Omar sees the worst of people said to Aandalqgua states revealed in Fjaloha infidels in the door of believers and atheists killed Khawarij after the establishment of proof against them ..
16. They go out to the best band of people
17. great reward for those who kill them, said Ali bin Abi Talib if the army, which Asabonhm what they spent on the lips of the prophet to trust in the work knows (d 4765) In the novel Blessed is he who killed and killed him
18. They are shedding blood Grand -aly themselves to commit suicide and the others attacked them Balguetl- talk of Ali bin Abi Talib
19. He also said Ali bin Abi Talib say with their tongues not to exceed them this pointed to shave
20. they do gossip and abuse act of the hadeeth of Abu Sa’eed
21. Whenever they came out of them a century cut from Ibn ‘Umar
22. They come out in the display quack from Ibn ‘Umar
23-they disbelieve Muslim all the guilt and say come out of faith and disbelief enters ..hrah Tahhaawiyyah Creed (S298_ T. Ahmed Shaker
24. They are the most people in word analogy. Boredom and the bees (1/116)
25. They did not say disbelieve of their opinion and Asthaloua Pass through blood and kill children and women in conflict with them (to Wama lights Gorgeous 1/86
26. They should be fighting the Sultan alone is pleased wisely and subsidy
28. They Aaraon sanctity of the place and time they killed Ali kneeling to pray in the mosque and Kharijites age demolish mosques on worshipers.
29. They cling phenomena scripture therefore Pass through the prophets commit major and minor sins Prophet may have atoned and then come back. Kharijites dogma and ideology and philosophy (r) 54
30. walks the way they are shedding blood and without right of God to Bmstdrick governor (2/153 and complex appendages (6/236 from the words of Aisha.
31. They are the people of Hell dogs explain Sunnis believe (8/1232
32. They show the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of the denier and spend texts contained therein to a dispute imami and exit them and fight violators. Alhariahs 22 and Kharijites first teams in the history of Islam
33. They spoke the word of scholars
34. They kaafirs Bayat intimidation and leave states promise.
Kharijites first ‘teams’ in the history of Islam….
(‘Militant Arabism’)

Oh Allah, forgive them and have mercy on them and placed them roomy Jnatk Lord of the Worlds

MEMORIES of Our beloved Dr. Billah:

Our beloved Dr. Billah




Official: release 3 of 10 employees kidnapped

the Tunisian consulate in Libya.

'Jbhh al-Samud', in honor of late criminal Salah Badi

In honor of criminal Salah Badi, there is announced the establishment of the so-called “Jbhh al-Samud”:
From ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Dawn Libya ,to withstand Front !
(Oh God, show us the wonders of its ability)
(‘Militant Arabism’)

Remember this:

DAWN LIBYA takes over TRIPOLI, August 2014

DAWN LIBYA takes over TRIPOLI, August 2014



Close the coastal road at the bridge in front of the stopper

passenger traffic by Misurata militias.

Coastal Road at the 27 Bridge, closed by Misurata Militias


Internet cut in Tripoli and move more than 250 armed militias mechanism of the ‘Roma Libya’ to Airport Road.

airport road, Tripoli




‘Room Zintan operations’, a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.

The descent of troops belonging to the ‘Western Region Operations Room’ to the axes of the corner, after an exchange of sites with the battalions of support for the Libyan Army.
Lens: Abdullah al-Vkhal
(‘Operations room’)

our troops entering Tripoli CORNER, 2 our troops entering Tripoli CORNER, 1

The release of prisoners Asabah of militias prisons in the city corner.

Praise be to God for their safety and Aqaba for the rest of the prisoners, Allah willing.






Voices clashes in the area of Tuibih.

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.
Greetings to all members of the ‘Third Battalion’

of the most disciplined battalions.
(‘Operations room’)

our Third Battalion, 2 our Third Battalion, 1




Interruption of Internet service to most parts of the Western Region
Lord released Ali are free in my holy month.


Misurata destroys internet

As promised, we came back !

(‘Operations Room’)

Libyan Army Western REGION, 1
Libyan Army Western REGION, 2



Ajeelat, 2

AJEELAT gates Atrash of our sons,

what Aboh Aslmo peacefully because they Jaivin of justice
And our forces are prepared and ready to go, and log-into the city.

We gave them a deadline to surrender,

or the liberation of the city, we would log-into, by force.

(V.al-Garib urgent)

(The withdrawal of a subsidiary of Misurata militias from the corner,

and of the Mellitah complex, and from Ajeelat.)

Colonel Faraj Barasi in the presence of Colonel Idriss material:

General Command of the sacking Barasi joy of his duties?

Faraj Barasi leading figure, and strongly pro-al-Qathafi, has become a leading threat to many people ..

Col. Faraj Barasi
‘amr rooms western region operations’ tour of the center

of Lamluda. Divorced succulent area…

Colonel Faraj Barasi in the presence of Colonel Idriss material, 2 Colonel Faraj Barasi in the presence of Colonel Idriss material. 1



‘Room Zintan operations’, a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.


Army forces from inside the city of  Ztun

Kmalk to salute our people in Ztun to take them to their children, grouped under Army orders

(‘Operations room’)


Elephant Oil field in Zuwarah

Jardan of ‘Gjr Libja’ meeting,

escape from ‘gas gate station’ in Mellita.




Colonel Murad Warfali

Colonel Murad Warfali:




Nine Libyan Prisoners From 2011 Released

17/6/2015 – Zliten militias released prisoners from outside the city, who are from the city of Tripoli, who were prisoners since the year 2011.

The names of the 2011 Prisoners who were released:

– Ali Swaidan
– Walid al-Ajabu
– Fathi al-Inkab
– Hamzh Apricat
– Arza Mawal
– Salah Bu Zaid
– Mustafa Hilmi
– ‘favor’ al-Hweij
– Amer al-Haj

prisoner captive


IMPORTANT: It DOES NOT say that these men were ‘POLITICAL PRISONERS’….They were incarcerated for petty crimes; and now have been released as the term of their imprisonment has ended.




Daash's 'Sart al-Arrhabiy' called 'Obomamed Ferjani', warns MISURATA

The leader of the organization of Daash: ‘Sart al-Arrhabiy’ called “Obomamed Ferjani” , in the word a new vocal-speech, broke into his threatening of Misurata, requiring them to hand over their weapons, before we burglarize them.





Direct statement Rouge Valley Youth Green Mountain.



Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi), in his press release of the Libyan Air Force, said the Libyan Airforce carried out the raid on the farm in Ajdabiya.




6 million grant for displaced families and 10 million of the Commission on the crisis in Sirte.
Ten million of Sirte and under the control of Sirte Daash.
It means ten million to support Daash !!

Hearing voices Shooting intermittent gun, near the middle of the complex of halls and the Acadqo.


The implementation of the second of a series of NEW U.S. air strikes in the south of Ajdabiya and inside Sirte between last night and today in the morning .. and said it will not be the only one in Libya; so, as to reduce the flow of terrorism, which has become a major threat to the coasts of Europe and ‘the incursion of terrorism’.

‘Ansar al-Sharia’ (al-DAASH) denies killing of former

al-Qaeda leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar, in a raid in Libya ..

‘MUSICIAN‘ writes:


“U.S. air strikes were not targeted for terror in Libya, but were in response to the policies included in the documents of Russian intelligence, which confirmed that al ‘Daash’was a creature of the CIA.”



Because of Misurata prevent fuel from areas west

of al-Oshch until Sirte, east and south al-Jufra ..

Overstock citizens than the listed station fuel Bin Jawad areas,

leads to a quarrel on the track, of the young man killed in Bin Jawad (who was shot dead and the killer is also of Bin Jawad).

I am God, and we shall return mechanism.
(‘Militant Arabism’)




Laithi axis of clashes and escalation of dense smoke columns.

Clashes spin B.Mahora at Laithi and center of the country intermittently.

Clashes in the spin axis of Laithi intermittently.

LAITHI a mess


Clashes continue in Pisces market and the Garyounis in Benghazi

(Picture below: Frogmen at Whale Market)


Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi)  .. “Benghazi was liberated by 95%”



The death of the terrorist ‘Khaled Ghazala Bo’, of the regulation

‘Daash’ terrorists of the axis al-Leciand School obstacle.

Congestion in front of Benghazi Banks:

Congestion in front of Benghazi Banks




The death of the terrorist ‘Ibrahim ibn Saud’, aka ‘Abo amr an’,

an element of ‘Daash’ organization of terrorists.

He was killed in clashes in tuber.


Random shells fall in the seven area causing panic

and the situation of families out of their homes.

Hraish Hospital directed an urgent appeal to the people of the city to donate
All blood types.


Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

Photos illustrate secret prisons and solitary confinement

chambers found inside the headquarters of the terrorist

organization al-‘Daash’ down the so-called Islamic Court.

old Baha Mosque, taken-over by ‘DAASH’,

in which they carry out their crimes of which people

are ‘cleared of impurity dogs people of Hell’.

old Baha Mosque in DERNA

The killing of the terrorist nicknamed ‘Abuamr al-Tonce’,

an element of the ‘Daash’ organization of terrorists.

He was killed in clashes in the city of Derna.








the children of Solomon Sabha, Istgatn Bmkhnthe Mzrath

The killing of the young man, “Mustafa Sadiq al-Omla Gaddafi” at the hands of the ‘children of Solomon gangs’ near the gas station Manshaaya and burned his car shortly before.




la publication de محمد عبدالسلام.:

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, The spokesman of Ansar-Allah:
In a clear obstruction and position reckless to block the Yemeni political components flying to Geneva to hold the Yemeni political consultations under the auspices of the United Nations for nearly 24 hours path

and after that the United Nations failed to secure the path of the flight and failed to even move to change course or find alternatives,

it has been made the Omani leadership and extensive efforts to secure the route to continue its progress to the Swiss capital, Geneva.

As we thank the Omani leadership for its good call upon the United Nations to clarify the situation,

its causes and condemn such an action seeking to block its efforts to hold political consultations.

The plane took off from Djibouti now heading to their destination Geneva airport.

 Mohammed Abdul Salam official spokesman for 'Ansar-Allah'

في إعاقة واضحة وموقف أهوج لعرقلة مسار المكونات السياسية اليمنية المتجهة إلى جنيف لعقد المشاورات السياسية اليمنية برعاية الأمم المتحدة لما يقارب 24 ساعة وبعد أن عجزت الأمم المتحدة في تأمين مسار الرحلة الجويه وتقاعست حتى عن التحرك لتغيير مسارها أو إيجاد بدائل ، فقد بذلت القيادة العمانية جهود واسعة لتأمين مسار الرحلة لمواصلة سيرها إلى العاصمة السويسرية جنيف .
وإننا إذ نشكر القيادة العمانية على جهودها الطيبة نطالب الأمم المتحدة بتوضيح الموقف وأسبابه وإدانة مثل هذا التصرف الساعي إلى عرقلة جهودها في عقد المشاورات السياسية .
وقد أقلعت الطائرة الآن من مطار جيبوتي متوجهة إلى مقصدها جنيف .

Of the signs of victory for the day. .
After cleansing Jawf province of ‘Daash’, with satisfaction and militias loyal to the Kingdom of Satan century …

Marib province on its way to disinfect …

Where … Bhamdallah Almighty. ..

Enables the Army and ‘People’s Committees’ of the sons of cleansing ‘Nkhala camp’: the most important strongholds of al-Qaeda and militias loyal to the aggression …

And the escape of dozens of such items as throng down on elements stationed at ‘Camp Sheil’

Houthi 'People's Committtees' and Yemen Army victories

Sayed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi:

Mr. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi keeps the word of Allah this evening tonight. (It was broadcast via satellite channel march.)

Sayed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, 4 Sayed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and family Sayed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi. 3 Sayed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, 1 Abdul Malik al-Houthi, 6 Abdul Malik al-Houthi, 5 Abdul Malik al-Houthi Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, 3


عاجل كلمة مرتقبة للسيد / عبدالملك بدرالدين الحوثي، مساء اليوم الثلاثاء 16-06-2015م

Watch on Press TV:
At 7:30 PM in Sana’a, 4:30 GMT
A speech of al-Sayed Abdul Malik al-Houthi:

Secretary-news Network:

Excerpts of the main points in the speech commander march Quranic Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr Eddin al-Houthi:

– This holy month his tender represents a great power in the face of difficulties and dangers and challenges.

– Saudi American aggression, which stands with Israel, is aimed at life in all its facets.

– Yemeni people had been suffering from many problems and they are the forces of aggression from standing behind her.

– All the problems that were experienced by the Yemeni people for many years was behind countries aggression and aggression culminating but after failing to harm it.

– The most important factor in this steadfastness and fortitude this is the adoption of the people to God Almighty and the forces of oppression and rely on Maldiha of potential and support and support from the international community.

– The most important factor in this steadfastness and fortitude this is the adoption of the people to God Almighty and the forces of oppression and rely on Maldiha of potential and support and support from the international community..

– Our people will continue to rely on Allah for the faith that permeates thoughout Yemen.

– The forces of aggression was behind all the problems that plagued this country and it all culminated in this brutal and unjust and barbaric aggression.

– Also draws people steadfastness and persistence of the façade and pride,
A Yemehi does not bend in front of the people and events of the difficulties he grew up; and knows that he is subject only to Allah.

– This stand also stems from the awareness of the Yemeni people Bmazlomath.

– The sufferings of the people of Yemen is crystal clear.

– The unjust Saudi regime comes under the blessing of America and Israel for the assault on the country, declaring his tutelage on this people.

– Saudi regime has no agenda of his own. Her agenda is moving as America and Israel dictate to her.

– Saudi regime lead role in the region as a tool for others against these peoples and the whole of our people in the forefront of the Yemeni Aziz.

– Aggression and criminality and injustice unwarranted and no legitimacy.

– To no alternative to our people, but steadfastness and fortitude and pride.
– They have no right to interfere in our affairs, but their goal is the one and conquer people and hurt them and commit crimes against him and in ordet to prompt us to surrender.

– Even if Khana and our people surrendered and even if Their instruments are controlled by the people, they will expose him without enjoying something of its wealth and riches.

– Awareness of the plot preserves the dignity and independence of the people and their future and pay for the steadfastness.

– The alternative is to withstand loss and shame and humiliation and drowning in the mud of evil and wicked and the dominance of the forces of evil.

– Allah’s promise of victory slaves that they moved in the face of injustice and aggression.

– Yemeni people know the truth about America today more than ever.

– Our people knew that so-says ‘modern America for human rights and democracy’ is merely empty false slogans al-Mazmon.

– Yemeni people know that Israel is the real danger and holds the Palestinian cause and their nation Bklha.

– Of conspiring with the United States and Israel fancy that beneficiaries while they will not hesitate to dispense with us.

– Saudi regime bad neighbor assaulted on a proud people of the dearest and most noble peoples is the Yemeni people.

– Saudi regime killed hundreds of children and women and destroying homes and targeting all elements of life and destroy crops, and enforces birth control and that if ithat was not so corruption on earth, how is marring?

– Saudi regime aimed Forbidden U.S. bomb kills hundreds of children and women and destroying neighborhoods and reflects the tendency bear criminal class does not hold any balance of values ​​and ethics and not as much and even if a simple sense of responsibility.

– Where you watch the remains of children and women in the channels you consider a victory and he did not Ichervkm but this Rshehadkm dedicate our criminal and this,

and this increases our people Tocla crime against Allah, and rush to work and respond to aggression.

– One of the important results of the aggression, is that many feel responsibility now towards their country.

– Thousands set off as a result of this crime to the battlefields to respond to aggression, whether in the home front or to the stomata to counter any invasion of the country Atsedv.

– Whenever Ozddtm tyranny whenever rushed thousands and thousands to the battlefields, and from did not have defended in the past has become a huge rush today.

– Whenever the continued aggression whenever important incentive pay to move a lot because the battlefield dependent on Allah.

– Yemeni people moving at all levels in the face of aggression.

– This level of the steadfastness of our people surprised aggressors.

– They Irahenoan that the people will collapse and surrender.

– Sure I say this, not for the steadfastness of the people, it would have been different today.

– Crimes compelling witness testimony that they were not to hesitate to do anything and they will occupy this country were it not for the steadfastness of the people and steadfastness ..

– They want to divide the country into quotas for Israel and al-Qaeda and the United States, Saudi Arabia and now has manifested itself dramatically plot and plots.

– Of the most important duties by the aggression demonstrated that there is a serious ambitions and plots on this country want ..kanwa Their equipment from inside the implementation of those conspiracies and when failed, they intervened themselves.

– Today given me a title on the base, and they called the “resistance”, even though they do not like this name.

– It would serve Israel, which is carrying a new kind of picked up titles.

– As practiced by Saudi Arabia and the United States of crimes do not represent any force; and whenever he continued shame and a disgrace to Saudi Arabia and America.

– It is said that the Saudi regime feel embarrassed to stop the aggression and he needs what saves its face.

– Saudi regime may Ahrq water and hand and black face and black pages to be one of the pages in the history of Black regulations.

– That he wants the Saudi regime to save face aggression Vlaoagaf.

– Continue aggression demonstrates the role played by the Saudi regime in the region ..

– Saudi regime spent very huge money and parties in the region have taken money from him, shamefully.

– All attitudes towards what is going on is the price paid by Saudi Arabia; and, it is not a beneficiary, but this affects their economy.

– There is a real suffering at home.

– As well as the role played by Al-Qaeda to protect Saudi Arabia and America, and the evacuation of cities beneficiary of al-Qaida and tell us handed over cities and constructors State institutions and the potential of the army of the base;

and, there are those who stand with these demands by who sells his homeland against the Shi of money.

– When you lose your humanity you lose everything.

– Does not cooperate with this country from aggression, but the loss of his humanity.

– Potential aggression that destroys all of them are owned by Yemeni and thus conspires to his fellow loser and is disappointed.

– Some of the forces that Saudi Arabia stands with aggression betting on political gain; and this is but provoke people and unwarranted and is losing ..

– Bet on the aggression of some political forces is a losing bet, and bet on the outside of Bao home and their land and their offer, is a losing bet .. meaning that the losing bet on a loser.

– They coup against the peace agreement, and the partnership which blessed him home and abroad.

– It turns out aggression in the last solution that does not only through dialogue, and that the cause of deterioration of the situation is to make the dialogue outputs locked drawers by of the country under their hands.

-: They do not want this country safe and stable; and, they do not want anything less thanto make Yemen subservient and subjected to their domination without any stability.

– They do not want for this country safe and stable; and does not want but subjected to their domination without stability.

– We say today, Let the United Nations Hyadtha, Let her deal of freedom, and leave the face of intimidation and carrots.

– You continue your aggression today, without horizon and without vision.

– Yemeni say of our people, you have to continue to move serious and responsible, relying completely upon Allah, and without complacency at all levels and military fronts, media, political,

and vulva is coming,.. as victory comes from Allah.


The complete speech:

Message Commander march Quranic Mr. Abdul-Malik

Badr Eddin al-Houthi to field men

occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. ..



Enable members of the ‘People’s Committees’ of the elimination of two of the so-called al-Qaeda Tzim Ahdhmha prominent leader named Abu Ali Almarba Zrahma twelve to three explosive devices on the road in the province of confidentiality Directorate white-city IED was dismantled this operation came after cleansing confidentiality Directorate of the elements of the so-called Al-Qaeda Daash
– Photos of improvised explosive devices and the bodies of excommunicating

New great scenes from the Yemeni-Saudi borders:
Watch the Yemeni flag inside a Saudi military base “al-Makhrooq” after breaking inside the base by the Yemeni army and ‘People’s Committees’ fighters.

Secretary-news network:

Of the signs of victory and to respond to the aggression on this day:


A specialized unit in the Army and ‘People’s Committees’ at
Palmyra , captured 4 military vehicles in the military breached in ‘Najran’ site.



– And the functioning of the fire at the site of the military reserve in ‘Jizan’, after targeting of ‘People’s Committees’ and the Yemeni Army vehicles, by A.al-Asaav Arabia rushing to the scene under heavy covering of fire.
– And army artillery and the ‘People’s Committees’ pounded a number of military sites in Saudi Arabia ‘Jizan’ with tens of missiles.
– As the Army and ‘People’s Committees’ to launch the star piercing rockets at a Saudi military sites in Ahad Al Masarihah and Abu Arish b J’izan’.



– Also enables the Army and ‘People’s Committees’ of damaging a number of Saudi military vehicles, including a bulldozer while trying to return to the site Atawailq.


– As the missile power of the Army and ‘People’s Committees’ of bombing Saudi Amish camp in ‘Dhahran Asir’ with 40 missiles.



B.Hamd-Allah and was able to reconcile the Army men and ‘People’s Committees’ of cleansing camp blocks largest and most important strongholds of ‘DAASH’ and their elements of what is called ‘B.al-Had Walt Daash’ all away …

– Blocks mountain range consisting of more than two hundred a century and a central group camp is the camp and is one of the largest and most important strongholds of ‘DAASH’ expiatory fortified …

But thanks to Allah and the victory of Jundallah, we were able to penetrate and purify attic, and now is fully under our control…

And praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds. ..





A vehicle sits on September 1, 2011 at the Libyan border post of Tinalkoum, some 220 kilometers south of Djanet where supposedly, members of ousted strongman Moamer Kadhafi's family crossed the frontier last week. Fallen Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi has attempted to negotiate with Algerian authorities to enter the country from a border town he is staying in, the El-Watan daily reported in its on-line edition on August 31. According to the Algerian press today, all border posts with Libya are now closed. AFP PHOTO FAROUK BATICHE (Photo credit should read FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/Getty Images)
PICTURE: A vehicle sits on 01 September 2011 at the Libyan border post of Tinalkoum, some 220 kilometers south of Djanet where supposedly, members of the Great Jamahiriya and Mu’ammar al-Qathhafi‘s family crossed the frontier last week. Mu’ammer al-Qathafi has attempted to negotiate with Algerian authorities to enter the country from a border town where he is staying in, the ‘El-Watan daily’ reported in its on-line edition on  31 August 2011. According to the Algerian press today, all border posts with Libya are now closed. AFP PHOTO FAROUK BATICHE (Photo credit should read FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Two injured seriously wounded in a shooting near the Algerian town of al-Debdab of the Algerian-Libyan border by gunmen believed to be from militant groups that are active on the border of the two countries.

Map of al-Debdeb, Algeria

The situation generated by the Libyan crisis, especially over the flow of weapons, and mass migration of displaced people from the battles raging in Libya, crossing the border with Algeria. On the other hand, said an expert on security affairs of the Sahel region, ‘Dr. Ahmed angular’, told CNN in Arabic: “In view of the threats and moves persistent armed groups on the Algerian-Libyan border, it was expected that the threat of the Algerian Embassy is happening in Tripoli, followed by the closure of the borders, and this is what was done by Algeria. “

The border crossings “al-Debdab” and “Tin Kom” in front of the Algerians wishing to return to Algeria, while Algeria out of joint cross-border crossings, is available only to holders of Libyan nationality. The closure of the land border, is ” Ntmenh to making security and safety back to Libya, ” said Dr. Ahmed angilar.



Moscow institute launches anti-ISIS training for Russian imami

RIA Novosti/Said Tsarnaev

RIA Novosti/Said Tsarnaev

A Moscow institute has started a special program to help leaders of Russia’s Muslim communities to counter the ideology of Islamic State and similar extremist movements, using examples from history.

The training course was launched on the basis of the Moscow Islamic Institute in the beginning of this year and about 300 imami have already undergone it, the deputy head of the institute, Rais Izmailov, said in an interview with Izvestia daily.

Izmailov said the classes aimed to show that Islamic State (previously ISIS/ISIL) is not something new or unique, as extremist movements have existed in Islam for centuries, and just like the current IS followers their members were killing Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Izmailov also told reporters that the imami are being advised to look into the history of Islamic State and are given a set of theological arguments to counter radical recruiters.

The deputy head of the Council of Russian Muftis, Rushan Abbyasov, told Izvestia that this body was advising Muslim clerics never to refer to Islamic State the same way as its radical supporters. He suggested that they refer to the IS abbreviation as the Iblis State (Iblis is one of the devil’s names in Muslim tradition). He said that from a theological point of view, all the activities of terrorists and extremists can be seen as examples of the devil’s work.

Chief Chechen mufti condemns Islamic State as enemies of religion in Russia

Chief Chechen mufti condemns Islamic State as enemies of religion

Earlier this year, two major Russian Muslim groups – the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia and the Chechen Council for Fatwas – condemned Islamic State as enemies of the religion and called for the punishment of all its members as criminals. Top officials representing the councils emphasized that DAASH’s call for a caliphate had been made without approval of all Muslim communities in the world and therefore should be considered a mutiny that only causes strife and disagreement between Muslims.

The groups also issued fatwas in which they stated that DAASH and its followers should not be described as Islamists or Muslims, because their activities contradict the main principles of Islam.

In December, the Russian government listed Islamic State and affiliated group the Al-Nusra Front as terrorists. This meant that Russian citizens are banned from participating in these organizations or rendering any support under threat of criminal prosecution.

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