The Brotherhood Cannot Get its way in LIBYA !

Mu extremely sad



Preserver of the one and only Holy Islamic faith:

Mu and the Holy Qur'an

Save our Soldiers full of faith:

Allah, save the country’s unification,

and Allah, please Save our brave soldiers
(‘Operations room’)

Save our Soldiers full of faith

PDF 16 JUNE 2015:
PDF 16 JUNE 2015



We thank the men Libyan Red Crescent to their efforts countless corpses recovered from inside the contact areas and the exchange of detainees and other efforts that condoned by the media.
(‘Operations room’)

Mu deeply in prayer


Scandal Libyana 2015

Mass media center

18 juin 2015

Libyana scandal and Msabaktha Ramadan 2015
Libyana company in an attempt to violate the privacy of Libyans trying to get the national numbers to subscribers through competitions service …

Science does not have a law that protects data subscribers in all Libyan telecommunications companies, it does not have any warranty or death in the event of diversion of these data and trafficking.

Most of the Phalange and the granting of phantom gangs who are called ‘rebels’ that has been spent and credit cards have been leaking their data by telecom operators companies Libyana and Orbit and to ‘Libya Ilatsalat’ without the knowledge of their owners through lists leaked from telecommunications companies.

Leaking comprehensive systems of numbers with the name, address, phone number and identity card of telecom operators and spread on the internet and sold in stores communications at 100 dinars full Mnthomh.

It means information security for all Libyans when some boys who run the company on a profit basis means mostly one area, mostly belonging to the point known to all Libyans.
Libyana 2015
Libyana Competition 2015
Libyana company spying on Libyan


‘Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free’:

This is an insult for all Libyans. (GREAT SHAME):

‘February 17’ and their supporters, have the ‘curse of Allah’ !!!

(that is what has made us into this state of humiliation.)


‘Libyan father’, writes:
“Allah’s curse on the Salool ,, and NATO agents, wholesalers, their homeland and their honor to those al-Angas al-Saud and their masters al-Zioomriki.”

ليبية ابية
لعنة الله على ال سلول ،،وعملاء النيتو وبائعي وطنهم وشرفهم لهؤلاء الانجاس ال سعود واسيادهم الصهيوامريكي،




Smuggling archaeological statue from the city of Cyrene to London !
British al-Gareden:
The issuance of an ‘international arrest warrant’ for the MB terrorist right Ghaida Touati:

Ghaida Touati
(“Knight and Men”)

‘Falcon resistor’, comments:

supposed Arafa in psychiatric clinic !

slave trade in human immigration

Europe launches a military operation against human smugglers in the Mediterranean
Woe to you Qallkm commander of the Immigration millions.
(‘Militant Arabism’)


Libyan elderly man collects eat his breakfast

in the month of Ramadan from the garbage
(Allah is enough is yes, the agent SATAN !!…)



'Iftar', a group of our wounded heroes in Tunisia

‘Iftar’, a group of our wounded heroes in Tunisia.

Access all Tunisian consulate staff abducted in Libya to Tunisia.

 Tunisia closed its diplomatic mission in Tripoli headquarters and advised its citizens to leave Libya.

Do not blame Tunisia and their children on the cynicism of us in their programs of Ramadan …

Blame it brought us to this of course are our fellow citizens and luau fierce war Akhaddt us our children from all directions was the only Earner the military arm of NATO.
(‘The ousted Kadhafi’)

Mu shown over the TRIPOLI MOSQUE


SALAH BADI: HE IS STILL ALIVE !!! Official statement regarding Salah Badi’s ‘death’ is not yet published by any Fajar/Kasoora militias spokesman or by the illegal GNC in Tripoli….

On the 15th of June 2015 al-Naba TV interviewed COLONEL Salah Badi (phone interview)
Badi , one of ‘Fajr Libya’ ’s main commanders, announced a new operation under the name “Sumood” (This means ‘Resistance’.)

Here is the summary of what Salah Badi said in his interview:



The masks of many people have now fallen and their true colours have shown”
“There are plots being set inside Libya and outside”

“The battalions that were fighting at the front lines have now got together to form al-Sumood”
“The objectives of “al-Sumood”, are to confront all plots such as the Reconciliations and Truces. So the forces will relocate around the Capital.”

“It will be an active force, from 7 different brigades who will protect the Institutions in the Capital. We will prevent anyone that tries to enter the Capital. We will use extreme force on anyone who attempts to.”

“We report back to the legislative body in Libya, the GNC, the Government and Daar Allfta.


This is a very sincere issue, it is very important that we take this announcement very seriously. The latest UN draft states that all armed groups will need to leave the cities, yet Badi here announces that there are plots being set which could refer to the UN Dialogue meaning that he will not hand over Tripoli or pull his forces out no matter what.

Shouldn’t it be necessary that the GNC make a clear statement that they have full control over these militias and show the world where they stand on this new operation? (i.e.: THAT THE ‘GNC SALVATION [so-named] ‘government /REGIME’ ARE TRUE TERRORISTS AND MAFIA)

Badi Interview:


Salah Badi (Photo: Social media):

Salah BADI interview 17 JUNE 2015
Salah Badi creates “Libya Dawn 2″ as ‘Dawn Libya’ 1 crumbles
By Libya Herald staff. Tunis, 18 June 2015:

Hardline Misurata political figure Salah Badi has set up a new, smaller successor to the ‘Dawn Libya’ military alliance which…
Thursday, 18 June, 2015
Salah Badi met l’Ouest sous pression

La création du Front de la loyauté (‘Jabhat al-Somood’)

Sat, 07/19/2014 – 11:49am

Salah Badi is from Misurata. He was in the ‘Great Jamahirya Army’ as a Lieutenant;  but, for medical reasons (psychopathic), he was forced to resign in 1992.

Tunis, 18 June 2015:

Hardline Misurata political figure Salah Badi has set up a new, smaller successor to the ‘Dawn Libya’ military alliance which has been falling apart over the past two months.

The new grouping, in effect ‘Dawn Libya’ Mark-2, has been called the Steadfastness Front and comprises some seven Misurata brigades plus almost all those in Tripoli which were part of ‘Dawn Libya’ Mark-1. These include the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade led by Haitham Tagouris, the Nawasi Brigade and the Rada forces led by Abdul Rauf Kara (carte) ‘hater’, the Mobile Forces and the Janzour ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Knights (Fursan Janzour).

The declared aims of the grouping are, according to a statement, “to protect the security of the capital” and secure its occupants from abductions and attacks. It would do so, it said, with “an iron fist” and would not be open to any compromise.

In effect, however, its immediate aims are to prevent further hemoraging of ‘Dawn Libya’, stiffen resolve among those remaining, and ensure that the coastal road from Tripoli to the Tunisian border stays under its control.

The latter is seen as crucial. The disintegration of ‘Dawn Libya’ 1 started in April with two of the largest Misratan brigades, Halboos and the 3rd Force, agreeing peace deals with their pro-MAJLIS al-NUWAAB (TOBRUK) opponents, respectively the Warshefana in the west and the Magraha in the south. There was then a growing momentum for reconciliation in the west of the country with other large Misurata brigades joining the process.

In the past week that momentum has speeded up. Almost all the towns west of Tripoli with the exception of Zuwarah have now sighed peace deals and agreed that the Libyan National Army should take over security.

Pro-Libyan N. Army forces are now reported to be in control of a number of checkpoints on the coastal road.

Although the new body’s statement says it rejects all political negotiations or military agreements not approved by the General National Congress (GNC) and that it respects the Supreme Court’s decision supposedly dissolving the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab (Council of deputies) in Tobruk, it is not known exactly what its relationship will be with the GNC or whether it will accept the most recent draft in the UN-brokered Dialogue process.

Badi himself was a member of the GNC but resigned early last year, ironically over its decision to extend its life beyond February 2014.

Badi is known to be opposed to the Dialogue process, as is his Misurata ally, Abdul-Rahman Sowahaili,

Abdul-Rahman Sowaihalli in uniform

[a member of both the GNC and the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab] whom the UN tried in vain to sanction last month on the basis that he was obstructing the peace process.

Declaring Sharia to be the source of all law in Libya in line with the constitutional amendment passed by the Tripoli Congress just over three weeks ago, the statement said that the front rejected “any diktats or commandments from outside imposed on the Libyan people which reduce our sovereignty”, or any outside attempt to force the Libyan government into decisions that did not “meet the aspirations and goals of the (rat CIA-led  17 FEBRUARY 2011) ‘revolution’”.

Legitimacy in Libya, it said, was in the “custody” of its revolutionaries.

The front furthermore said it would address organised crime and illegal immigration as well as extremism and make the Mediterranean a place of “peace and stability”.

The creation of the new ‘Dawn Libya’ Mark-2 is also seen as a response to reports that a 6,000-strong force is being planned with the support and input of Misurata  which is intended to secure the capital once a government of national unity is approved by both Congress and the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab.

The Tripoli brigades that are part of the new group could probably put up a major fight against such a force. However, those in it from Misurata are said to be few in number although possibly highly motivated.



Misurata militias declare a state of maximum horn. Each militias and gangs of Misurata in the Gharghour area mobilized to respond to the killing of one of its leaders.




General Omar Tntosh, defense commander for the TRIPOLI REGION:

General Omar Tntosh, defense commander for the TRIPOLI  region



Green BMW explodes


The BMW explosion (green color), on the island of tuberculosis Qrgi.

Fire National Commercial Bank branch field before Morocco Hour.


Total collapse of the ‘Roma Libya ‘gangs in Janzour, who escaped, mostly with the progress of our ‘PDF troops’ backed by units of the Armed Forces from more than one axis.

News that signal ‘the passage of grass area south Janzour’ is now under the control of the Libyan Armed Forces.

Closure of main roads in Janzour by Brotherhood militias following the lead of our troops after four streets Bukhari which is less than 2 km from the city center.

Green plateau harsh picture of the home inventory attacked him and his gang by Akkla Giani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) tanks and 106 artillery and anti-aviation, in the plateau region, in order to capture his charge that the owner of the house was selling drugs. (He was killed.)




 Shooting on military police west gate al-Qrbolli.


A quarrel between two brothers gun yesterday in Qara Polly

ending injury and flighty mother shot caused the amputation of her arm.

to view the disgusting pics:

Suffice God and yes, the agent

Two people from Misurata militias were killed in the Damascus neighborhood, after their attack on a house belonging to someone who follows the so-called ‘National Guard of the criminal terrorist Khald Sharif’.





This TRIBAL-STANZA was written at the start (summer 2014)

of the ‘Dawn Libya’ terror in TRIPOLI , by one youth, concerning Zintan..

He predicted what is happening and has happened already.

All what you praise Allah on your victory!
Gervh al-Amilit Health San (poet)

‘Ommerr Ibrahim’, writes:
Forgotten what the poet said Army Maj. Gen. 32 tribes Hero.





Last night the fighting force of my brigade and some sheep Mahamid Rishvana of 5 cars with their weapons from militias of the corner after their escape, and leave behind the severity of war.





06/20/2011 Today we pass the fourth anniversary of the massacre of the whole al-Hamedi family.
(Oh avenged them and us
In paradise oh martyrs al-Outnbh)
[‘Militant Arabism’]



‘The lattice’

Ajeelat,'The lattice'

Log Libyan Arab tribes forces now to the new landfill lattice Suenah and most Ajeelat under control.

A state of panic and terror among militias ‘Roma Libya’
Basmavro Ajeelat

and alert to all militias left in downtown-AJEELAT
Market, after the news about the arrival of large reinforcements of stationed tribal-troops west of the ‘city lattice landfill Suenah’.



Found long-dead person in an area

belonging to the city of Sabratha.

Apparently, person was shot dead. Anyone Living t

o claim his remains? mysterious also as to who killed him …


Mohammed al-Anaas 'drowsiness', the military expert for 'Roma Libya'

Tktihy (fake/false) withdrawal of “Mohammed al-Anaas” (the military expert for ‘Roma Libya’). Then came the entry of the tribal army, ‘PDF’, and the ‘revolutionary committees’ that were protecting our Supreme Commander and Leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, within more than one city in the Western Region. But, we were ambushed by rebels ‘Dawn Libya’, who dragged some of us into the cities, in order to enter ‘Wattaya base’ through the back gate. [unsuccessfully, I add]

انسحاب تكتيحى
الخبير العسكري لغجر ليبيا ” ‫#‏محمد‬ _النعاس ” ، دخول جيش القبائل و اللجان الثورية التي كانت تحمي نظام ‫#‏القذافي‬ إلى أكثر من مدينة بالمنطقة الغربية هو كمين من قبل ثوار فجر ليبيا و هو جرهم إلى داخل المدن من أجل دخول قاعدة ‫#‏الوطية‬ من البوابة الخلفية



BANI WALID street scene


The death of ‘Waleed Mujahid Ali O’haibh Uttar’,

in a traffic accident in the valley area al-Mrdom.




MISURATA rial pan


Mn_mrusselna dakhl Masrath:

Violent clashes taking place in the Oboukran area

by the terrorist militia group ‘Roma Libya’.

All entrances to the city have been closed following the

clashes that occur near the area Oboukran.

al-Dbebh Ali and his family are out of the country,

after Swol and threats that his home will be targeted in Misurata.



There are clashes al-Mchacth area.

Oh Allah, decoding their families Laarahm al-Rahamin …may Allah free them…




Photos bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station.

bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station, 1 bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station. 3 bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station, 2

The death of Tahir al-Taorga ,a workman for

the public electricity company, after being targeted by warplanes.





Enables young people of the city of Ajdabiya have arrested many elements.

al-Daahleysal number of people have been arrested in the city of Ajdabiya, seven people from five al-Qaeda organizations, and three people from the organization of ‘Daash’.



Benghazi protests LéON and the UNO

Benghazi out shortly before the demonstration in Benghazi demand the departure of the United Nations Mission and to reject the MB draft of the dialogue and the departure of the head of mission Léon.


“The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to whom Léon wants to deliver power (in excess of anything they won in last year’s elections), were delighted.

Where the UNO is wrong, is in demanding that this particular remedy, [cooked up at great speed by the UN, not the Libyans themselves], should be forced down Libya’s throat. It is a … legalistic nightmare, starting with the proposal that Léon, a ‘humble’ envoy, will now become ‘chairman’ of an important governing institution, called ‘Libyan Dialogue-Team’.

Léon’s plan is complicated enough already, committing Libya to have two power sharing governments – one the existing recognised government in Tobruk, the other the State Council (GNC), which would be led by the Wahhabi-MB-led rebel militias of ‘Dawn Libya’, who hold CAPTIVE the capital Tripoli.

‘Libyan Dialogue-Team’, which would oversee their work and choose the prime minister, is meanwhile chosen by Léon himself. Léon wants to give the ‘delegates who went to the TALKS’, all kinds of POWERFUL POSITIONS in the ‘NEW LIBYA’, proposing to appoint them as a ‘Libyan Dialogue-Team’, a sort of Supreme Council, whose members he alone appoints, and who would help run the country.” [Included higest among them is Abdul-Hakim Belhadj, and all are members of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood; but there is not one from the Libyan Tribes, or the Tobruk Majlis al-Nuwaab !]

Bernardino Léon Gross and Belhadj, best pals

The Léon declaration, which he desires to be signed ASAP, also claims that ‘Libya was under a tyranical autocracy for 42 years’ (referring to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)...which all Libyans know to be a whopping WESTERN LIE, (as the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ was a pure direct-democracy, where the people did everything..and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi held no political position what-so-ever).

Is there any wonder why Benghazi is protesting and the LIBYAN ARMY is up-in-Arms defying the UNO ?


Mohi Kafali (of ZINTAN & JADU) comments:

Strange ordered these lunatics: Why Ingeron and conducting the country and the subjects of this dark tunnel in which everyone signed,

…but without them there who has the mind of a quarter to warn them of the consequences of what will provide him and from where they are now an exception?

What does it mean ‘money’ ? and you are not secure yourself and your home and all your home, and what concerned with power and you stalker everyone I’m sure that all of these icons.

may Tjaozhu fifty years of age and did not keep them from al-Ammerma. Make them bear this torment for Anamo the remaining age:

that long their age and was not the victim of a stray bullet before he got to his way wrote that his access? Western countries, which are Pthrikem for its purposes political, economic and ideological also mow them for this tunnel knowing, that these pawns are not accustomed to them to safety at all

and also learn to bring their various hundreds of years can only be achieved to pay these stinking sprinkling versus some loans

and Oaudbsulth an alleged Eetmknu will not have access to it because they will be the price. They will present on behalf of the West and Western countries ………

deliberately to write reached the nearest to the rolling of the continental find good of the Libyan General.

Mohi Kafali:
غريب امر هؤلاء المجانين لماذا ينجرون و يجرون البلاد و العباد لهذا النفق المظلم الذى وقع فيه الجميع بلا استثناء الا يوجد فيهم من يمتلك ربع عقل ليحذرهم من مغبة ما سيقدمون عليه و مما هم فيه الان ؟ ماذا يعنى المال و انت غير آمن على نفسك و بيتك و آل بيتك و ماذا تعنى السلطه و انت مطارد من الجميع انا على يقين ان كل هؤلاء الرموز قد تجاوزو الخمسين سنه من اعمارهم و لم يبقى لهم من العمرما يجعلهم يتحملون هذا العذاب لينعمو بما تبقى من عمرهم ان طال بهم العمر و لم يكن ضحيه لرصاصه طائشه قبل ان يصل لمراده ان كتب له الوصول؟الدول الغربيه التى تقوم بتحريكهم لاغراضها السياسيه و الاقتصاديه و الاديولوجيه ايضا تجز بهم لهذا النفق وهى تعلم ان هؤلاء البيادق لا عودت لهم لبر الامان مطلقا و تعلم ايضا ان تحقيق مصالحها المختلفه لمئات السنين لا يمكن تحقيقه الا بان تدفع بهذه الشرذمه النتنه مقابل بعض القروش ووعودبسلطه مزعومه لن يتمكنو من الوصول اليها لانهم سيكونون هم من سيقدم الثمن نيابة عن الغرب و دول الغرب ………تعمدت ان اكتب بلغه اقرب للدارجه لعلى اجد

قارى جيد من عامة الليبيين




Violent clashes in the streets of Laithi determine the Hijaz Street.

martyrdom of the hero Mohammed al-Akora 'midge' in Laithi before the ears of Morocco

 martyrdom of the hero Mohammed al-Akora ‘midge’ in Laithi, before the ears of Morocco.


The killing of five young people from Buhedama, Benghazi area and they are:

key Oraibi,

Hamid Abdali,

Ihab Ayoub,

Fakhiri Saaiti,


‘favor’ Barasi.





MAJLIS al-Nuwaab, 3

Quote from MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI on the ‘MAJLIS al-NUWAAB’:

“If people do not want war , and if the people want peace , but the war is still flashing , move the army killed the children , where is democracy ? Are people who do not want war , not the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ ?! if the deputies represent the people , not a protest against the war and support for the government , they are not; so, each office – is a scam . therefore, this proves that a deputy does not represent the people. The deputies did not act on behalf of the people , and this proves it . “


© Muammar al-Qathafi

“إذا كان الناس لا يريدون الحرب، وإذا كانت الشعوب تريد السلام، ولكن الحرب لا تزال تومض، حرك الجيش قتل الأطفال، حيث هي الديمقراطية؟ هل الناس الذين لا يريدون الحرب، لا النواب؟! إذا كان نائبا يمثلون الشعب، لا احتجاج ضد الحرب ودعم الحكومة، فهي ليست . لذلك كل مكتب – هو عملية احتيال. لذلك، ثبت أن النائب لا يمثل الشعب. لم النواب لا يتصرف نيابة عن الشعب، ويثبت ذلك “

. © معمر القذافي


The people of the city of Tobruk refuse to bury

the 11 components of the Tntam ‘Daash’ terrorists

in the tombs of their city.


Sahel exposed to indiscriminate beatings by DAASH and rocket onto a house doing vast damage damage.

Renewed clashes between al-Qaeda and Tntam ‘Daash’, in the city of Derna.

Clashes that spin in the dirt Haya between the Brotherhood and the Fighter and state regulation al-Asrailah mesh Matsouklha how some channels between parents and rule this war that is raging in Derna their base in ‘Baghdadi Bayaoa’ some parties and the parties who refused to be under his subservience.

Warlord Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has seized control

The killing of the terrorist ‘Bashar Darsa’ by unknown Ptndeim of ‘Daash’, a leader of the terrorist and charged with murder and liquidation:


 Libyan Red Crescent in Derna take away the bodies of 6 ‘Daash’ members, in the western Tuber entrance to the city of Derna.

Photos of the dead ‘DAASH’ in Fattaih area near ‘the University al-Fateh’, after shelling from VPL warplanes, of the flour factory B.Afattaih.

(Pictures Powell comments regret ugliness images)



‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’ warns of terrorist anyone who follows the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ (the B. al-Ambayah client of ‘Zionists Baghdadi’), and did not give himself up to ‘the Council’, is the target of murder.




(dirty USA – SAUDI Plot !!)

Russian intelligence reveals that the Saudi planned to bomb, using a U.S. missile, the Grand Mosque in Mecca and accuse Yemen of doing so.

Russian intelligence revealed today a Saudi scheme is aimed at to use a U.S. bombing of the Grand Mosque and its neighboring areas, with missiles and then accuse Yemen of those strikes, to protest to the world and the Islamic peoples; and in consequence to send soldiers and fighter jets against the Yemenis, under the pretext of defending the sacred ground.

Military experts expect the Saudi enemy, especially after so many Arab and Muslim countries refusing to involve their armies for the participation of the enemy’s army, to launch a ground war against Yemen.

Stressing that the victories achieved by the Yemeni military, reveal superiority on the ground. Saudi Arabia with US support, will pay to commit such a crime against the Islamic holy sites, because the bombing of Air Alliance Saudi wantonness has proven impartiality of the values, principles and ethics, through the bombing of civilians through Talhm bombing, most of them children and women. Internationally such weaponry is prohibited.

It is reported that the ‘German Deputy Chiefs of Staff’ said, in statements to the media, that the ‘Saudi army would not stand up in front of the Yemeni Army more than forty days’ and ‘one Yemeni soldier equivalent to one hundred Saudi soldiers.’


the-hajj-in-saudi-arabia mu-and-hajj-original

‘Black Libyan resistance’:
Spread the word by what I wrote news:

*: ‘Mnicoowoowoowol’ means Memk mesh downright news briefs.

أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة

المخابرات الروسية تكشف مخطط سعودي أمريكي لقصف الحرم المكي بالصواريخ واتهام اليمن بذلك
كشفت المخابرات الروسية اليوم عن مخطط سعودي امريكي يهدف الىً قصف الحرم المكي والمناطق المجاورة له بالصواريخ واتهام اليمن بتلك الضربات كي يحتج العالم والشعوب الاسلامية وارسال جنود ومقاتلات ضد اليمنيين بحجة الدفاع عن الأرضي المقدسة.
وتوقع خبراء عسكريون قيام العدو السعودي بذلك خاصة بعد رفض الكثير من الدول العربية والإسلامية إقحام جيوشها لمشاركة جيش العدو في شن حرب برية ضد اليمن.
مؤكدين ان الانتصارات التي يحققها الجيش اليمني وتفوقه على الارض سيدفع السعودية بدعم أمريكي الى ارتكاب مثل هذه الجريمة ضد المقدسات الاسلامية لان قصف طيران تحالف العهر السعودي اثبت تجردهم من القيم والمبادئ والأخلاق من خلال قصف المدنيين الذين طلهم القصف معظمهم من الأطفال والنساء وبأسلحة محرمة دوليا.
يشار الى ان نائب الأركان الألماني قال ان في تصريحات اعلامية ان الجيش السعودي لن يصمد امام الجيش اليمني اكثر من أربعين يوم وان الجندي اليمني يعادل مائة جندي سعودي
* مناضل العروبة *

Gen. Ali tells-off the European ambassadors

Ibrahim Hadian S’abonner, reports:

Gen. Ali al-Emad of ‘Ansar-Allah’told the European ambassadors at the ‘Geneva Talks’ :

“The ‘Front interior’ is more coherent than you summise, and the people of Yemen are ready to hold out indefinitely; also, we are not obliged to bow to external pressures that harm the sovereignty of Yemen …”


نفس الشيء يحدث مع المحادثات الليبية في الوقت الحاضر . و كل من اليمن وليبيا الصمود في وجه هذا العالم النظام / الهوام الوهابية الذين يعتقدون أنهم يسيطرون على العالم وكل ما فيه.

The same thing is happening with the ‘Libyan talks’ at present. Both the Yemeni and Libyans are steadfast in the face of this aggressive ‘world system’ / Wahhabi vermin, who think they rule the world and everything in it

19 JUNE 2015 TV Coverage:

News conference after 15 minutes at 6:30 GMT, 19 JUNE 2015, in Geneva for the Yemeni delegation Ibrahim Hadian preparations are underway and a large influx of different and various media outlets to attend a press conference of the Yemeni delegation which will take place shortly after 9:30 GMT Sanaa clock

and there will speak Hamza al-Houthi and Yahya Doad and Abdul-Rahman al-Saqqaf , ,

the conference will be transferred directly on the number of TV channels …

convoy Houthi Yemen … without Ansfat

convoy Houthi Yemen ... without Ansfat

‘The path of the martyrs’: writes
“this column Houthi of Yemen … without Ansfat”
:درب الشهداء

الرتل هذا رتل حوثيين اليمن … بلا انسفاط



 New scenes from the Yemeni-Saudi borders

View | Saudi military operation to storm the decanter

and mined site by the ‘People’s Committees’ and the Yemeni Army.

‘March’ satellite channel, 20/06/2015

– Believe the word







Brotherhood‘s ‘Ahmad Mansour’, is in the grip of the German authorities.



Mu, we send love w roses

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