The LIBERATION is still Going Forward

the LIBERATION is still going Forward


السفير الليبي
Ambassador Walibi pro RAT Brotherhood ‘National Congress’, was expelled from Russia.
Salute to Russians!
(“The quake compassionate”)

Russia sacks Tripoli ambassador

“Not for the fierce attack on the Arab world from the West” a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos:

Brotherhood people of heresy and error for this disbelieve and lah of Arabs and ‘Muslims’ is ! ?

When we go back to fatwas atonement Brotherhood otherwise and ordered the heads of these nation beginning  Commander
‘Muammar al-Qathafi’ and the president ‘Bashar al-Assad’ and finally President ‘Abdel Fattah Sisi’, we find that we are facing a systematic goals to overthrow the symbols and leaders of the nation to free arena for the Zionist invasion of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

The fall of leaders and heads of state ,and its institutions fall, and this is dependent upon the chaos and strife and emerging star of terrorism, systematic to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims and all this necessarily is in the interests of their masters

and how they did it from prepared with the West on Libya in 2011, and were aided by NATO and America to destroy the Libyan state not just to topple the only Jamahiriya system. And prepared B-Melcaat Brotherhood terrorist criminal on the ground and still mosaicism al-Libya people horrors.

Turning to Syria also prepared with the West on the country’s Arab Muslims
And Melcaat Daash Brotherhood; and the same mechanism Vohlkua crops and cattle and destroyed the country

and went on the corruption…

and finally Egypt Bogramhm targeting and terrorizing B.Melcaat Mataraf house Holy Brotherhood DAASH to target the children of armed forces and the police (a safety valve to any country).

Is all this a coincidence !! Of course both this measure of an arbitrator NATO Zionist Brothers intimidating the West and alienate our country

and this is not surprising because they are involved in treason since their presence as an ideology out of the top of the greatest Hassan al-Banna.

I think that the vision has made clear to all of us why Kafr Brothers and above the Arabs and the Muslims, and called out for them to bloodshed and the violation of the symptoms and capabilities of this nation, to discredit her and Islam, we must understand the war against Islam, not people of the year as they claim !! ..

I swear never know in the course of the Companions and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) “Allah bless him.”

How can this attribute themselves, that they are the first generation of the Companions of Allah, and this extreme insult the Companions and Islam ..

الأخوان أهل بدعه وضلال لهذا كفروا ولاه أمر العرب والمسلمين!!

عندما نعود لفتاوي التكفير الأخوانية لولاه أمر ورؤساء هذة الأمة بداية بالرئيس والقائد
(معمر القذافى) والرئيس (بشار الأسد) وأخيرا الرئيس(عبدالفتاح السيسى) نجد أننا أمام أهداف ممنهجة للأطاحة برموز وقادة الأمة لتخلو الساحة للغزو الأخوانى الصهيونى
بسقوط الزعماء والرؤساء تسقط الدولة ومؤسساتها وهذا ما يعولون عليه لتعم الفوضى والأحتراب ويبزغ نجم الارهاب الممنهج لتشوية صورة الاسلام والمسلمين وكل هذا بالضرورة يصب فى مصالح اسيادهم وكيف لا وهم من أستعدوا بالغرب على ليبيا فى 2011 وأستعانوا بالناتو وأمريكا لهدم الدولة الليبية لا للأطاحة بالنظام فحسب. وأستعدوا بملشيات الأخوان الأجرامية الأرهابية على الأرض ولازالت تزيق الشعب الليبيى الويلات وبالأنتقال الى سوريا أستعدوا أيضا بالغرب على بلاد المسلمين العربية
وملشيات داعش الأخوانية وبنفس الآليه فأهلكوا الحرث والنسل ودمروا البلاد وعاثوا فيها الفساد وأخيرا يستهدفون مصر بأجرامهم وأرهابهم بملشيات ماتعرف ببيت المقدس الأخوانية الداعشية لتستهدف أبناء القوات المسلحة والشرطة صمام الامان لأى دولة فهل هذا كله مصادفة !! بالطبع كلا هذا تدبير محكم من
الحلف الصهيو أخوانى الذى يستقوى بالغرب ويستعدى على بلادنا وهذا ليس بغريب لانهم ضالعين فى الخيانة منذ تواجدهم كفكر خرج من رأس كبيرهم حسن البنا .
اعتقد أن الرؤيا قد وضحت لنا جميعا لماذا كفر الأخوان ولاه أمر العرب والمسلمين ودعوا للخروج عليهم لسفك الدماء وأستباحة الأعراض والمقدرات لهذة الامة للنيل منها ومن الأسلام فهم حربا على الأسلام وليسوا أهل سنه كما يدعون!!.. فوالله لم نعرف أبدا فى سير الصحابة والنبى الكريم “صلى الله عليه وسلم” هذا فكيف ينسبون أنفسهم أنهم من الرعيل الاول من الصحابة والله هذة أسائة بالغة للصحابة والأسلام..




Official page Consulate General in Tunisia
‘Brothers’ displaced and displaced people and community living in Tunisia advise them to follow up on every page in order to reach you Maitalq you.









Room Zintan operations’:

On the occasion of the establishment of a ‘brigade of Tajourah and Fashlum sons’ who fur from hell ‘Dawn Libya’ and became ‘supporters of the Army and the legitimacy of the elected’ today…
We can only say that (the drug ‘Jack O Mitigua’)
(‘Operations room’)



The withdrawal of Misurata militias military from the

Batadha Aiwieshh area near the Tripoli airport.


Explosive ordnance bag in the corner just before the city and there are no injuries.

It was closed the coastal road from hand corner because of a quarrel between the family and the family of the children of the children of donkeys Ahanih.

Voices of shooting, a little while ago, in the city CORNER.  Came out one family called Jodaem and of the Jardan prison of Hanish and Farrukh Farrukh Bnkurh. Rats have shut down the coastal road again, shooting random protesters who are against his release from prison.



Hätëm Khüwäÿlïdï, informs us:

“Libyan Army now in Sawani Bin Adam area, and achieves Antasrat; but is still locked in battle and victory comes only from Allah.

Khaled al-Sharif messages to the ‘angle’ started up, from his ‘prison’ quraters !







‘Room Zintan operations’, comments:

‘Dawn Libya’ failed since its inception because it was based on the invalid.

It fell militarily because its members Artkpo heinous abuses.

Vousikm guys and myself and support ‘the Army Forces’.

Fear God and not to seek revenge and exposure of innocents and mute bogs (especially the sons of Zintan and al-Rajaban residents of the capital Tripoli); and who conscripts who to the worst reprisals, and also the sons and Rishvanh and Tajoura and Fashlum Otrko:

You are commanded by Allah, and Tokelau to him have sworn. We will win by Bokhalaguena, not Batadna …

(‘Operations room’)

‫#‏خارج_النص‬ :

قال ‫#‏ابن_عثيمين‬ : “الأعمال الصالحة والأخلاق الفاضلة والمعاملات الطيبة تفتح قلوب الأعداء أكثر مما تفتحه السيوف”٠
شرح الشافية الكافية ١/٢٠٢



خارج_النص :
قال #ابن_عثيمين : “الأعمال الصالحة والأخلاق الفاضلة والمعاملات الطيبة تفتح قلوب الأعداء أكثر مما تفتحه السيوف”٠

Foreig nas:
‘Abn osaman’ , said: “good deeds and good morals, good transactions and open the hearts of enemies rather than open it Swords” 0
Explain adequate healing 1/202

شرح الشافية الكافية ١/٢٠٢

‘Room Zintan operations’:


“Any dissension? We want peace with those who want either of you will not want war, we meet, but we are not dead and the candlelit This was a failure in your opinion this is your problem, my educated.”


To those who claim and have been selling vicious rumors that ‘Zintan has bee Paid-off.’

غرفة عمليات الزنتان a partagé la publication de Jamal al-Kafali.

Jamal al-Kafali:

Jamal Alkafali
# Clarification
Commission crisis in Zintan respond .. we have not received any amount and is just a number on paper.

Government spokesman .. is not the amount of money and exchange but have been adopted and apologize for the error it was believed that the amounts actually delivered commissions.

Thank you from me and continues being told the truth and asked for clarification Parts of God and all the best.


لجنة الأزمة بمدينة الزنتان ترد .. لم نستلم أي مبلغ و هو مجرد رقم علي ورق.

المتحدث بإسم الحكومة .. لم يتم صرف المبالغ المالية و لكن تم أعتمادها و يعتذر عن الخطأ فقد كان يعتقد أن المبالغ سلمت فعلا للجان.

شكرا لك من تواصل معي و أوصل الحقيقة و لبي طلبنا بالتوضيح وجزاه الله كل خير.

PICTURE: Beauful City, Racdalin and Ztun make happy treaty with ‘Libyan Army forces’




Picture: Crazied WAHHABI-Saudi soldiers fighting their way into the Qaboo Underground beneath the Grand Mosque of Mecca, 1979
Crazied WAHHABI-Saudi soldiers fighting their way into the Qaboo Underground beneath the Grand Mosque of Mecca, 1979

An armed group raided the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque in Surman;

and the tearing down al-Abt, the Holy Qur’an and religious books !




NATO-bombing-of-Majer, Zliten, Libya 2011

NATO-bombing-of-Majer, Zliten, Libya 2011

Day 8 of the holy month of Ramadan marks the fourth anniversary of the massacre of Madjer that NATO committed against innocent people and children in the city of Zliten aggressive due to the shelling of the city
Oh God, have mercy on our martyrs and it let them roomy Jnatk
(“Knight and Men”)



Global Research E-Newsletter
[Conserver ce message en haut de votre boîte de réception]

The Ridiculous Nature of Saudi Intelligence: What the Saudi Cables Released by WikiLeaks Say and Don’t Say
By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Global Research, 23 June 2015

WikiLeaks released the first batch of the so-called “Saudi cables” on 19 June 2015. By 22 June, a total of 61,214 of the documents were released online. More than half a million of these cables are in the hands of WikiLeaks.

The documents are believed to have been hacked from the Saudi Foreign Ministry in May 2015 by a group calling itself the Yemen Cyber Army as retaliation to the House of Saud’s war against Yemen.

In the Arab World there is great interest about the documents. The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akbar has also partnered itself with WikiLeaks to release the so-called Saudi cables, as it has with previous leaks. The Saudi cables, however, do not tell the world and Wikileaks readers anything new about Saudi Arabia.



The Buying Influence of Riyadh’s Petro-Dollar

The House of Saud has characteristically tried to buy influence. It wrongly believes that loyalty can be bought. Call them subsidies, grants, bursaries, or business contracts: they are all forms of bribery.

The documents released by WikiLeaks confirm that the House of Saud has used bribery as a major foreign policy tool by financing political figures in other countries—such as the pro-Israeli warlord Samir Geagea in Lebanon—and buying off individuals and organizations to secure its interests. This bribery includes co-opting and recruiting both Arabic and non-Arabic media outlets.

Additionally, the cables confirm that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been spying on its citizens abroad, closely following Saudi university students to see if they want changes in Saudi Arabia, watching dissidents, trying its hardest to handicap Iranian interests, destabilizing Iraq, helping the dictators of Bahrain, and using Saudi-financed media to sanitize its image and deceive Arab audiences. Again, none of this tells us anything new that we did not know about the Kingdom and its decadent rulers.

The House of Saud’s Information War

The documents depict the House of Saud as waging a perpetual and systematic campaign to influence and manage the media as part of a vulgar perception management strategy.  Not only are Saudi-owned media outlets like Al Arabiya and Asharq Al-Awsat part of this, the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information has been central to this policy of “buying influence” using the revenues from Saudi Arabia’s oil sales.

The Saudi cables show that Riyadh’s rulers have used a gradient strategy. The House of Saud’s media strategy starts with co-optation through bribery by what we can call “agents of influence.” Agents of influence can include diplomats, public relations firms, and lawyers. The House of Saud has teams of lawyers, consultants, and public relations firms constantly working for it and monitoring the media and the House of Saud’s public image at all times.

It is the task of the agents of influence to find and contact the media outlets reporting negatively about the House of Saud. In some cases the agents of influence find them and in others Saudi officials in Riyadh order the agents of influence to contact the third parties. The preliminary task of the agents of influence is to “neutralize” the negative reporting about the House of Saud. This is primarily done through bribery. Riyadh has paid for massive subscriptions of Arab newspapers in countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria, and Mauritania as a means of inducing the publications to self-censor themselves or to provide positive coverage about the House of Saud.

If bribery does not work then a strategy of “containment” involving slander is applied followed by a strategy of “confrontation” that involves litigation and sabotage.  Both the containment and confrontation strategies of the House of Saud involve falsely planting stories under what is generally categorized as black propaganda. Aside from promoting the image of the House of Saud, co-opted media outlets are important for the strategies of containment and confrontation because they launch attacks on those targeted by the House of Saud. Targets have included Arab activists, Iran, Russia, Hezbollah, the newspaper Al-Akbar, and Syria.

The Obvious versus the Unmentioned

Again, it has to be noted that it widely known that bribery has been an important and central policy tool for the morally bankrupt Saudi princes. It also has to be emphasized that the information about the Saudi media strategy released by WikiLeaks is not a new revelation. These Saudi activities have widely been recognized.

Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia has reacted to the release of the cables by WikiLeaks by warning its citizens to refrain from reading the documents. Riyadh has emphasized that ignoring the documents is a matter of national security.  It has also declared that the documents being released by Wikileaks are doctored fabrications without even providing one example.

What is missing from the Saudi cables that WikiLeaks released heretofore are any documents about the House of Saud’s support for al-Qaeda and the other armed gangs that are wreaking havoc inside Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. This is important and noteworthy.

The Timing of the Release: Targeting Rapprochement between Moscow and Riyadh?

There are some very important questions to be asked and thought over about the Saudi cables. Are the release of the Saudi cables retaliation for Saudi aggression in Yemen or punishment for efforts by the House of Saud to exert itself independently from Washington? Why is the crisis in Syria and Saudi support for the foreign fighters ravaging Syria largely left out of the leaks? If Saudi involvement in the fighting in Syria was seriously mentioned in the cables released by WikiLeaks it could incriminate other countries, such as the US, Britain, France, and Turkey.

The release of the Saudi cables may hurt Saudi Arabia economically and weaken its media strategy, which will lead to both economic and political instability for the Kingdom as it increasingly fails to control more information about the House of Saud’s actions. Furthermore, the Saudi cables have been released on the eve of important talks and negotiations between Saudi and Russian officials that follow agreements and earlier talks between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The bilateral talks are set to consolidate a series of agreements made on cooperation and trade between the Kingdom and the Russian Federation that will help boost the besieged Russian economy that Washington is trying to crash. This is why it is important to think over the origins and motives of the Yemen Cyber Army and ask who is pulling its strings? Is a genuine Saudi adversary behind the Yemen Cyber Army or an unhappy ally that wants to prevent any rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Russia?

One of the documents that is getting increasing focus is an agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia to vote for one another to join the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Is it a mere coincidence that UN Watch decided to focus on this agreement to criticize Russia and even refers to it as a dictatorship in an article published by Hillel Neuer on June 21,2015? Conversely, UN Watch has remained silent about the multitude of similar agreements made by the US with the House of Saud and other dictatorships. What has UN Watch said about Bahrain or Gaza? Why does it oppose the Venezuelan government? In reality, the goal of UN Watch has been to use the United Nations Human Rights Council to further the interests of the US and Israel while it undermines the body for criticizing Israeli human rights violations. UN Watch even helped legitimize the war on Libya by NATO in 2011 and has pushed for a war with Syria. Now it is targeting Russia.

Although Riyadh could be manipulating Moscow for Washington, joint funds, space cooperation, nuclear agreements, investments, and arms deals all seem  to be in the works. The last time Saudi Arabia made major deals with the Kremlin nothing came out of them, either because the House of Saud was toying with the Russians or due to orders being sent from the US to Riyadh.

Putin meets Saudi Crown prince

The Ridiculous Nature of Saudi Intelligence 

Another point that is worth mentioning is the unprofessional nature of the Saudi intelligence structure. This is not new information either, but it still worth mentioning. Reading the leaked documents it becomes very clear that the Saudi intelligence structure is sloppy, unsophisticated, and badly trained. The analyses made in the Saudi intelligence reports are ridiculous and even rely on both tabloids and unverified internet research from open sources.

A case in point is the Saudi intelligence report that mentions this author. As one of the subjects inside the initial batch of Saudi cables that WikiLeaks released, I took particular interest in looking over the Saudi intelligence memorandum that I was wrongly mentioned in as “Mahdi Nazemroaya Darius.” This particular Saudi intelligence memo relies on internet research to look at the background of myself and several colleagues who have pointed out how Saudi Arabia has supported terrorism and worked with the US and Israel in a destabilization campaign in the Middle East and North Africa.

Probably based on an assumption that I am of Iranian origin based on the name Darius, the memo ambiguously and wrongly speculates that I could “be working for Iran” without giving any context to what that could mean. The description of others are also all vulgar caricatures that  simply refer to them as “anti-American” or “anti-Western.”

Deficit of Critical Thinking in the Information Age 

The type of misanalysis that is exemplified by Saudi intelligence analysts is increasingly endemic of intelligence services and the consultative firms that governments around the world, including in the United States, are increasingly relying on. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that this is actually the second time that I found myself mentioned in a document released by WikiLeaks; the first time was in 2013 when WikiLeaks released a hacked email about the possible whereabouts of Muammar al-Qathafi from the Texas-based intelligence consultation company Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor). Stratfor was also off. The Texas-based company mistakenly listed me as an employee of the Associated Press inside Libya during NATO’s bombing campaign while it was discussing the situation in the Rixos al-Nasr and making arguments based on association fallacies.

In regards to the Saudi intelligence memo, it is clear that no real efforts were made to do proper background checks outside of the internet. It makes one cynically ask if Saudi Arabia’s intelligence structure does much more than police the Kingdom’s local population and if it is the intelligence bodies of the US and other countries, including Britain and Israel, that are doing most the important intelligence work for Riyadh.

Looking over the documents released by WikiLeaks it becomes clear that they confirm what is already known about the House of Saud and that there is a serious problem of analysis in the organizational structures of Saudi Arabia. A lack of critical thinking is not a problem that money and bribery can solve either. With this type of mentality and lack of analytical thinking about the world, it is of little wonder that Riyadh got itself in a quagmire in Yemen. There, however, remain important questions about the motives for the release of the Saudi cables and about the background of the Yemeni Cyber Army.

la photo de ‎مهدي إسحاق‎.

At 2009 – 2010:

كان تأييد الله ورعايته لأنصاره وتمكينه لهم خلال الحروب الست مما يستحق التأمل والوقوف عنده ملياً وكان يشفي صدور المؤمنين ويطمئنهم ..
تشكلت لجنة قطرية للوساطة في الحرب السادسة وافق انصار الله مباشرة وذهب من جانب انصار الله مجموعة لتمثيل انصار الله رفضوا أن يتركوا السلاح الشخصي وصلوا في العاصمة صنعاء وطلب الامن القومي طرح وترك اسلحتهم فرفضوا وقالوا إما نواصل بأسلحتنا الشخصية او نرجع صعدة .. اضطروا للموافقة وذهبوا بسلاحهم للتفاوض ..
يظهر في الصورة ابو مالك يوسف الفيشي والاخ العزيز ابو معتز محمد محسن الفرح بالشعار والبندقية وإبتسامة الإنتصار … وكان معهم الاخ ضيف الله سلمان ..
فياتُرى هل سيعود ويتجدد هذا المشهد بالسلاح والشعار وإبتسامة النصر ..!

الإصلاحيين با يقولوا قد مع الحوثيين طائرات ..

émoticône sunglasses

A Qatari committee was formed to mediate in the sixth war and ‘Ansar Allah’ approved directly.

There were a group of ‘Ansar Allah’ to represent ‘Ansar Allah’ and they refused to leave the weapons. They arrived to the capital Sana’a and asked by the National Security to put up and leave their weapons but they refused and said either we continue with our personal weapons or we’ll go back to Saada ..

The government forced to agree and they went with their weapons to the negotiation.

Picture shows Abu Malik Yousef Vichy and dear brother Abu Moataz Mohammed Mohsen Al-Fareh with the flag (logo) and Venice and a smile of victory …

And they were with brother Salman Deif Allah ..

كان تأييد الله ورعايته لأنصاره وتمكينه لهم خلال الحروب الست مما يستحق التأمل والوقوف عنده ملياً وكان يشفي صدور المؤمنين ويطمئنهم ..
تشكلت لجنة قطرية للوساطة في الحرب السادسة وافق انصار الله مباشرة وذهب من جانب انصار الله مجموعة لتمثيل انصار الله رفضوا أن يتركوا السلاح الشخصي وصلوا في العاصمة صنعاء وطلب الامن القومي طرح وترك اسلحتهم فرفضوا وقالوا إما نواصل بأسلحتنا الشخصية او نرجع صعدة .. اضطروا للموافقة وذهبوا بسلاحهم للتفاوض ..
يظهر في الصورة ابو مالك يوسف الفيشي والاخ العزيز ابو معتز محمد محسن الفرح بالشعار والبندقية وإبتسامة الإنتصار … وكان معهم الاخ ضيف الله سلمان ..
فياتُرى هل سيعود ويتجدد هذا المشهد بالسلاح والشعار وإبتسامة النصر ..!

الإصلاحيين با يقولوا قد مع الحوثيين طائرات ..



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