Tntosh out, It will be Mu’ammar After All !


‘Zero hour’, on FB writes:

South of the Sahara desert:

People’s Armed Forces are now moving towards Tripoli.

What extent Mesh Certified related Bahrar South ?

Victory is coming is coming

Iaahrar Iaabtal !


Free Manotm hugging the sky because I swear by Almighty God that things cattle.

How am and how Manboha

Jardan knowing that we are inside the country and knowing that we will enter Tripoli and divining

Crawling who Basir.


Bs some Liberal interference in private and we say to you Amaver Resistance.


Tkdb conducts Pena Anthmilo in you to Ankelm Tabto of you have the right to put Hedda

Bs Anicolkm that in youth Akhaddmo Champions in service and all return home.

City and Region sitting where and how the Anthrko Mnbu

Abshro Abshro and Jaisalmer home with all its components okay.

And Rishvana and Rishvana ..ksrin Khcom retrospect.

Come and Rafla and Rafla ..


nmoto Manradw suit

Ttiyaratk Aamsidi..

mzdna is the challenge.

A tribute to the noble Libyan tribes.


Allah Akbar this happy news, have not been ascertained.


News of the military forces moving towards Tripoli…


And some of the suburbs of the capital are preparing to support the Libyan Army.

Green flags, God willing, will rise above all the buildings cities Libya soon.
What are your expectations the first city in Libya will file first ?
I am my expectations in the first to comment
(“The quake compassionate“)




‘Room Zintan operations’:

Hey respected these words said before that

captures pictures with Major General Tntosh:

General Omar Tntosh captured by MISURATA

‘Room Zintan operations’, reporting:
General Omar Tntosh pledges unity
General Omar Tntosh, pillar of national and military stature sophisticated,
Pledged to maintain national unity and the pursuit of reform and conciliation between all al-Mtnzein pledged to secure areas for full and Rishvanh often say that it is making Kassar effort and succeeded in securing 80% assigned several tasks and successfully managed to experience Kmalk.
(‘Operations room’)


To meet Colonel Idriss material summary today

with media Imad Offinek:

Colonel Idriss material, spokesman for the Libyan Army:

Colonel Idress Material Cunieform is spokesman for the National Military process in the Western Region

Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami ..

fathers, sons and sisters and you Zjat martyr pride 07/11/2015



Categorize all axes fighting west of the capital to prepare fully and readiness.



Saws (leaflets) of 'Jamahiriya mass' are distributed Sunday, 12 JULY 2015 after Morocco prayers

Saws (leaflets) of ‘Jamahiriya mass’ are distributed Sunday,

12 JULY 2015 after Morocco prayers.

These days will move to liberalize the capital allocated to the major powers.
Calls for their Champions of the ‘Armed People’.
Major Corner: Khamis Muammar Gaddafi
(Allu ’32 is enhanced’)

Enhanced 32nd Brigade, led by Khamis Gaddafi, heads for Tripoli

Loud explosion shakes the capital.

Militias Abdul ‘hater’ cart today:

Attacked the militia belonging to ‘cart’, who have built a radio-station in the way of the coast….

and the offender Abdul Khaliq al-Tarhuni beat Ali (a financial observer on the radio), and named Essam, and took him to Mitigua;

and severely beaten been ‘Ordjaoh’ of the Radio. This occured in front of staff and why, according to our source reported, that the observer mentioned: He refused money exchange without the right to “steal” for invited Abdul Khaliq, who was appointed by al-Tarhuni (a cart follower over the radio) and to suppress its employees.

Mohamed Ahmed Ajaj, writes:
“This image from the front of the radio (radio Amish radio Imitalim Aaptua armed forces).”

The arrest of a thief while he robbed a lady Libyan and downloaded from her car to steal the car of tourism.

Zkry Mhamh Mtar Trabuls:

memory of the destruction of TRIPOLI AIRPORT in summer of 2014 by ‘DAWN LIBYA’:

memory of the destruction of TRIPOLI AIRPORT in summer of 2014 by 'DAWN LIBYA'

Palace Qsr Bin Ghashir, TRIPOLI
Clashes between young people from bin Ghashir Palace, and some of the Misurata militias, display random shooting on the streets, as an opportunity and terrorize the people of the region.

Palace bin GHASHIR

Now clashes between ‘the brigade and the military Rishvana (Fourth Brigade)’ against
‘Dawn Libya’ militias terrorist axis of navel.

Very violent clashes in the far south axis Abossrh angle between the supporting forces of the Libyan Army, against the militias ‘Roma Libya’.




Mu by Zintani Tripoli supporter


‘Room Zintan operations’:
Lost in the shortening of the ‘Committee on the wounded’ and those responsible.
‘Youth Zintan’ campaigning Tburaeih to calculate the wounded and he could have on Cullen.

Sahh al-Hhda al-Zentan bad al-Avtar al-Eom

‘Room Zintan operations’:

“That hypocrisy Yael.”






The sons of Ajeelat west of the city and all the troops stationed lift the state of high alert and new entrances lattice and head Joseph suspicious movements gate Tallil.


Elephant Oil field in Zuwarah

Flee en masse to ‘Militia Thren zoarh’ from ‘Mellitah gate’ after shooting them by ‘a battalion of the martyr Ahmed al-Abkor of the strength of support for the troops stationed in the tribal area of Ajeelat.





Ibrahim called the pawl, on one Jardan, The City of Five is free to hand over ‘al-Taorga Hamza’, one from the battalion ‘Saqr Misurata’.

One car was burning in five. Jardan called Thalba.



‘Room Zintan operations’:

Strong explosion shakes the gate as the year that lies between the cities of Zliten and Five.

and initial reports indicate the fall of 20 dead and wounded.

# Aaaaaaaajl




News of the release of Sheikh true-Libyan Mufti, Mohammed Civil al-Chuirv, from the prisons
of Misurata’s  dawn den of darkness, on  Monday.

ZLITEN's  87 year-old civil Sheikh Mohammed al-Chuirv (true Libyan Mufti) civil Sheikh Mohammed al-Chuirv (true Libyan Mufti), 2

Sheikh Mohammed Civil al-Chuirv

Of Oa Rishvana al-Askary:

And Rishvana enter negotiations with the city of Misurata for the release of officers and non-commissioned officers and youth volunteer detainees in the prisons of darkness in the city of Misurata.

Where was released a couple of weeks of ‘Colonel carp’ is good hamster Legion and Rishvana fighter in front of Misurata in fighting NATO and his aides.

As it has been the release of 50 captive prisoners of the Libyan army and youth fighters within the dark prisons of Mndhu two days.

It has been launched today the release of the citizen of Racdalin, ‘Tariq Abul Qasim’.

Aboake-cahath of Misurata prisons DARK ,,,

And it will be followed by the release of all prisoners and detainees and hand over the bodies of all the martyrs of the ‘Armed People’.

(“Knight and Men”)

3 explosions heard resonate eastern city of Misurata and specifically explosions near the sealer and Tani near the Air Force Academy.



Sirte (so-named) ‘rebels’ ‘Shura Council al-Oshch’ simplifies the control of the area east of the city of Misurata.
(‘Operations room’)


Mn Mrusselna Dakhl Medinh Masrath:
The arrest of the person accused of killing a Nigerian nationality and two people are being investigated in the killings in the city Hdtt.

Access ‘Jttin Hospital of emergency’ in Misurata yesterday after recreation prayers, have been quietly al-Ator them in the area.








Marine Bulldozers carrying out al-Dechair and fighters in support of the so-called terrorist Shura Council, from the city of Misurata, are bound.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed ammunition store belonging to the elements within the organization ‘Daash’ in Laithi area;

and the injury was accurate and was completely destroyed.

LAITHI a mess

Violent clashes now revolve about area al-Sabri.

Random shells killed five people at ‘b Street Berott’:

1_ Haj “Juma Mohammed quarter” 70 year-old
2_ Haj “adores Omaharb poetic” Age 70
3_ Haj “Abu Bakr Mohammed cuneiform” 70 year-old
4_ Haj “Mustafa Salem Ogosaibat” 70 year-old
5 _ Haj “Younis Abdul Rahim Askar” 65 year-old






SEBHA airport

Violent clashes spin heavy weapons in a region between the militias ‘Taiora’ and ‘Militias Toubou and Tuareg’. 

Access the death toll to 12 dead until now the two parties
Rival (Tabu and Touareg).

The arrival of the Tabou wounded to Sabha Medical Center after being shot by members of the Tuaregs near Sebha Airport.


The arrival of two bodies of Mjholta identity, to ’02 March Hospital’.

Massabtat shot in the head.

Today they are the victims of three people:

Two of whom died as a result of the clashes on the outskirts of the city.
One of them has been identified, a professor of Barak U., ‘Mamed Rajab Abdallah’,  al-Rguibhmadrs area, at the Faculty of Medical Technology.

Found the body of ‘Mamed Rajab Abdallah’ on the new agricultural road’, the day before Morocco, next to the landfill, bound with ropes and murdered after torture and written on the forehead of a ‘Daash’ area ‘Sergeant.’

[Suffice God and yes, the agent]

(al-Sourh Paul Taliq).


And the second is still unidentified…

And the third was found lying in the ‘new Agricultural’, and bore signs of torturing his body, named a citizen, ‘Ben Taib Ck-Azwai.

(al-Sour Paul Taliq)






Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi calling the Yemeni people for the General mobilization preparing for Great strategic steps if the aggression continued!


Arms shipment laid down by the Yemeni army and ‘People’s Committees’, sent by the Aggressors (Saudi – American) to al-Qaeda members in Lahj province.

‎مشاهد لأسلحة نوعية ضبطتها قوات الجيش واللجان الشعبية كانت قد أرسلتها قوى العدوان لعناصر القاعدة في لحج 13-07-2015‎


 al-Qaeda in Aden – See video and audio
de Sharaf

Army and ‘People’s Committees’ dealing with foreign forces base in Aden:

Abdullah Naji:

مشاهد لأسلحة نوعية ضبطتها قوات الجيش واللجان الشعبية كانت قد أرسلتها قوى العدوان لعناصر القاعدة في لحج 13-07-2015

UN-sanctioned genocide in Yemen

by  12 July 2015

Saudi princes have taken on the task of from the air to lead the destruction of yet another country in the Middle East. One of the world’s richest countries and also the world’s largest arms importer, driving the death, destruction, chaos and famine in the world’s poorest countries. After three and a half months have air armada of over 200 planes caused it to rain bombs on Yemen, this traditional country in the far south of the Arabian Peninsula. The country has an area almost as France, with a population of ca. 26 million people, much like the overall population in the Nordic countries. The official purpose of this carnage is to «restore stability» and «the legitimate government» in Yemen. But only fools believe that terror bombing creates stability and legitimate governments. The real reason is another.

Landsby nær Sana'a in Yemen setter Saudi bombing

Saudi Arabia learn now to have agreed on a «humanitarian pause» in Yemen, a macabre euphemism for «temporary interruption in the commission of war crimes.” It is unlikely that it is the princes’ own initiative. Their options are few. It is easier to start a bombing war than to end it. More likely is that it’s their sponsors, the United States, FRANCE, and Britain who whispered them something in the ear. The war is becoming uncomfortable for them, no explicit political or military objectives have been achieved, however incredible destruction, and the strengthening of al-Qaeda in Yemen. The destruction in Yemen have accelerated emergency situation and famine on a large scale at the doors. The hitherto passive world public opinion can swing.

The civilian population and civilian infrastructure targets, there is no question of mistakes, so-called «collateral damage». It has been destroyed and destroys still civilian targets and infrastructure: housing, power plants, bridges, schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities, sports arenas, food store, fuel store [1]. Over three thousand have so far been killed, mostly civilians. Many times more have been injured. The country’s health care has practically collapsed during the bombing rain and blockades. To ensure that the massacre should have a lasting effect as the country is covered with marine blockade, which has led to acute food and medicine shortages, outbreaks of epidemics and the impending humanitarian disaster for 80% of the population [ 2 ] [ 3 ]. In his eagerness to break the morale of the affected have also tackled their cultural treasures, heritage site under UNESCO . [4] Yemen is being made ​​into a country without prematurely with a population without a future.

Proxy war?

Saudi Arabia, the US and EU leaders have successfully marketed the war in Yemen as a war by «agents», a ställföreträdarkrig between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The established Western media distributes that message, methodical and repetitive. Houthi rebel official designation in the Western press is now «the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.” The story is lame to say the least, but has effectively contributed to manipulate public opinion against the war to confusion and passivity [5].

Saudi Arabia warrior not by proxy, without committing a full-scale armed aggression against another sovereign state. There is no intermediary between those who shed the bombs and those who will be fried, shredded and buried under the ruins on the ground. Nor Yemeni exile president who has fled head over from Yemen to Saudi Arabia, can qualify for the designation «agent»: To the Saudi princes would bring a war through a wing clipped «Agent» who sits in exile in their own capital city is of course absurd.

There you Skarpe Ethnic og Religiøse conflicts in Yemen, while the country of generative ions have vært part of power wastage in the Arab halvøya.

Iran qualifies neither as a belligerent by proxy in Yemen [ 6 ] [ 7 ]. Certainly, the Houthi rebels a warring party to the conflict which has some support from Iran, but that does not make them automatically to the deputies for them. To qualify as «proxy» must also be under the client’s control. There is nothing to suggest that the Houthi rebels for Iran war [8] . That Iran support these for geopolitical reasons and partly to defend a religious minority that considers herself to stand close does not make them into agents of Iran. On the contrary, there is more evidence that the Houthi rebels have acted independently and contrary to Iranian interests and express advice [9] . Iran has in the current sensitive situation with the ongoing negotiations on its nuclear program no interest to round out a situation that is already tense. Although there are occasional reports that Iran should have supplied weapons to the Houthi rebels before 2013 so that information is not confirmed.Weapons are in addition to that, least of all are missing in Yemen, and it is easy for the Houthi rebels to get them [10] . A US intelligence report on the Houthi movement in 2009 confirms the impression that the Houthi movement is not armed by Iran. [11]

Civil War

Yemen is one of the world’s oldest inhabited areas with a complex history. [12] As a red thread through this is rivalry between the peoples of the highlands in the north and the coast in the south, as well as conflicts between different tribes. The country has an important strategic position and has had to defend themselves against intrusive powers during different periods have wanted to put it under him. The Ottomans have been there several times, but was definitely leave Yemen after 1918. Before that the British and the Ottomans divided the Yemen between the North and South. North Yemen became an independent kingdom after the Ottomans left the country. The port city of Aden in South Yemen was a British colony from 1839, after a bloody takeover. Eventually, the entire South Yemen, a British protectorate. Britain had to relinquish control of South Yemen and Aden as late as 1967, after several uprisings against colonial rule. Some of those struck down with the notorious British imperial brutality. [13]

Sana'a bomb no

North and South Yemen were joined by a four-year war in 1990. The disagreements remained latent and 1994 erupted these in a brief civil war, according to old front lines. North Side won and the country was reunited, with Ali Abdullah Saleh as president, which he remained until 2011. The internal contradictions have plagued Yemen with a number of civil wars since the birth of the state.

The current conflict began as a nationwide uprising in early 2011. The protests were based on the principles of civil resistance and non-violence. Dissatisfaction with the Saleh regime’s handling of the country’s internal conflicts, corruption, poverty and democratic deficits gave birth to the revolt called the «Yemeni Revolution». The rebellion united the various parts of the population regardless of ideology, religion and region and developed into a demand for President Saleh’s resignation. After unsuccessful attempts at suppressing the uprising by force, which led to hundreds of dead and wounded became president a load also important external pillars: the United States, Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries. But they were afraid of losing control over the development and worked to Saleh’s vice president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a Western Puppet (who would take over the helm). Meanwhile, the opposition formed a national council in the hope that this would lead to free elections. The National Council consisted of a broad coalition of activists, tribal leaders, South Yemen separatists, opposition soldiers, former members of the government and representatives of the Houthi group. The Saudis and their allies managed to override the National Council, and pushed through the transfer of power to their puppet, Vice President Hadi. He was elected president in February 2012 with 99.8% of the votes in an election in which he was the sole candidate. This is the basis for the «legitimacy» to the USA / UK, Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries invokes.

Supporters of the National Council f ördömde this process as a conspiracy designed to take the sting out of the revolution, which also was the result. Democracy Process neutralized and the movement was fragmented. Separatist power disturbances in South Yemen was strengthened, likewise Houthi movement’s demands for increased influence. Parallel to this consolidated AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arabic Peninsula) in the central parts of the country. The foundation was laid for a new civil war. [14]

Despite the fact that the ex-president Saleh had been forced to give up power, he was far from being calculated. He had been the Yemeni «strong man» for 33 years and had a solid power base in the army. Saleh and Houthi rebels, former arch enemies, closed a devil pact.With the help of weapons and support from sections of the army could Houthi rebels quickly taking control of large parts of Yemen, and in March 2015 escape of the resigned President Hadi to Saudi Arabia. Shortly there-after attacked Yemen by Saudi Arabia.


The political situation in Yemen has always been extremely complex. Houthi movement hardly wanted to take control of Yemen. Population group they assume (Zaidi tribes) represent approximately 40% of the population, and there is little evidence that they sought a redistribution of power, and that the problems and poverty in their regions would be addressed. Houthi movement also signaled a desire for a political solution despite the military successes, not least because they were keen to keep the country together. [15]

For Saudi Arabia’s leaders were successes for the Houthi movement a red rag. They wanted to see all the antagonisms in the Middle East (and the world) as a struggle between their medieval interpretation of Islam, Wahabismen and its evils as the worst and most false representative of  Islam. The Zaidierna are an ethnic group whose religion is a pure variant of ‘Shia-Suni Islam’. The Saudis have large Shiite minorities on its own territory and significant Zaidi-minorities in provinces bordering Yemen.* Because they keep their own people in an iron grip and stops a considerable portion of the country’s oil revenues in their own pockets, they are terrified of rebellion. They argue that the intervention is also to send a message to Iran. It is more likely that they want to send a message to the minority population in their own territory, using Iran as a scapegoat. [16]

Enclosure Sana'a setter bomb no

On 26 March started Saudi Arabia’s air strikes against Yemen, «Operation Decisive Storm». To bring it a semblance of legitimacy were Saudi Arabia with the small, petrodollar-fueled principalities within the organization GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) in a «Coalition of the Willing ». Only GCC member Oman abstained from participation. Some poorer cousins ​​who possibly had been persuaded by the petro-dollars-assistance – or the threat of failure ditto, joined the coalition, blah Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan. [17] Among those who have undertaken the task of the legitimacy name dropping bombs, including banned cluster bombs [18] , over a defenseless civilian population are some of the most anti-democratic, barbaric, brutal, and corrupt regimes that can uppdrivas. Backstage assisted the US and the UK operation [ 19 ] [ 20 ] [ 21 ] with weapons, and intelligence, as well as with the diplomatic and propaganda-rate support while the rest of the western world remained perplexed.

Al-Qaeda’s Yemeni branch, AQAP, which counts as one of the most efficient Al-Qaeda organization, have control of large parts of the territory and is one of the big winners in Saudi war against Yemen as they utilize the space that has arisen as a result the bombardment against civilian populations as well as against those who have been their most dangerous opponents, Houthi rebels.

After three and a half month’s bombing is the situation of Yemen a total disaster. For the Saudi regime’s part will state increasingly crowded.There are limits to how long naked evil and aggression can be tolerated, even in the West. But how could the UN accept this egregious war crimes?

UNSCR 2216

On April 14, 2015 had the Saudi-led bombing lasted three weeks without a mandate from the UN Security Council. Thus, it constituted a clear violation of international law. The war had at that time claimed 800 dead and thousands injured, most of them civilians, including many children. The destruction of civilian infrastructure had to WHO to warn that the country’s health system was on the brink of collapse.

At the same date, the UN Security Council unanimously (with the exception of Russia, which abstained) Resolution 2216 on Yemen, submitted by Jordan. [22] The resolution laid the entire responsibility for the conflict on the Houthi movement and imposed this as the only party with an arms embargo. Two leaders in this, as well as the ex-president Saleh, was coated with a travel ban and sanctions. Saudi Arabia and «coalition» ongoing bombing of Yemen was passed over in silence, and was not even mentioned in Security Council resolution.

In the debate, however, gave Britain its support for the Saudi bombing in a subordinate clause, in accordance with their role as Uncle Sam’s Trojan horse in Europe. The United States itself did not reference air raids. United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said in a comment to the resolution [23] that the «… shows that the Security Council will act against those who undermine the efforts towards reconciliation». Further, she urged «… all parties to fulfill their obligations under international humanitarian law and to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to civilians in need.” Finally, she said that there is no alternative to a political process and national dialogue.These words pronounced she altså while it was clear that her Government was fully involved in «Operation Decisive Storm» with weapons assistance, air refueling of bombers, logistics, intelligence and localization of targets and naval blockade [ 24 ] [ 25 ].

Yemeni «legitimate» representative in the Security Council, Mr. Khaled Hussein Mohamed Alyemany expressed, on behalf jemeniternas eternal gratitude to Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries for their «help» to his native country. With regard to the inferno, this bombardment has caused Yemeni civilians as were those words a strong contribution to securing the current government’s legitimacy. His words will certainly go and for always jemeniternas heart when they behold out of the heaps of ruins the Saudi saviors is making the Yemeni cities.

Resolution 2216 gave practically Saudi Arabia free to continue to violate the Yemeni civilian population, which was noticeable immediately after adoption of the resolution, as attacks were particularly intense. [26] The senseless violence continues to this day, almost three months after the resolution 2216th The United Nations has upgraded the humanitarian crisis situation in Yemen to the highest level. Over 21 million people, now need some form of humanitarian aid and over half of the population suffering from acute food shortage. The arms embargo against the Houthi movement has little effect, in that the country is flooded with weapons. But it has been used as a pretext to bring the Yemeni population hostage in yet another way: In practice, the country is coated with a naval blockade in dramatic rate reduces the flow of humanitarian aid. Ships full of food and medicine is stopped or diverted for «inspection».

The Security Council «Resolution 2216″ will go down in history as one of the organization’s low-water marks. On the one hand, invokes the UN Charter’s Article VII of the one and only one side of a complex civil war, and coat this page with an embargo. On the other hand, bypasses it in total silence one for several weeks pending the intervention of the civil war in the form of large-scale Saudi-led air attack and the massive abuses against the civilian population, this has led to. The UN has thus in practice given «carte blanche» to the continued massacre of the Yemeni civilians. Shame Resolution 2216 leads, unfortunately, the UN Security Council a further step toward irrelevance as the representative of «international community».

Surrounding world silence

Twelve years ago, weeks before the United States began bombing war against Iraq, saw the man in the Swedish cities, tens of thousands of people pour into the streets in demonstrations against the coming war. Looking at Europe as a whole, where millions of people to the streets to show their disgust with the war. For Yemen’s part is silence. Silence in the press, silence of the government and parliament, silence on the street, despite the humanitarian and geopolitical consequences could be as devastating this time. Yemen has a population that is larger than Iraq in 2003, the year when the country was attacked.

One reason for this difference is that in 2003 there were two strong leaders in Europe who clearly expressed their no to the attack on Iraq, namely Germany’s former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and France’s then president, Jacques Chirac. Their resistance and leadership was a key factor to urge the press and the public to a big NO to war. They go down in history as statesmen. [27] Unfortunately, it seems the leaders in Europe have lost both the moral compass as the ability to anticipate the consequences of their tacit consent to Saudi Arabia’s US / UK sponsored destruction of Yemen and the mass murder of its population.

To further the systematic destruction of a large country in the Middle East can get to last undisturbed is ominous. While Europe is bewildered as to how to deal with a few tens of thousands of boat people of the Mediterranean and the increased jihadism as for you a policy that certainly will create several more million refugees and thousands of additional jihadists, deluded and embittered youth who have seen their country , their lives and families is shattered by the West’s good memory.

Sweden would like to see itself as a «humanitarian superpower”. To these aspirations, while silent about the slaughter of Yemen’s population is at odds, especially since the butcher is a major trading partner that also has support from our close allies, Britain and the United States. An important reason for any arms-related exports to Saudi Arabia must end is that it must not be the slightest economic incentive to remain silent about the Saudi war crimes.

Sweden has no problem with criticizing Syria for the use of so-called thin-bombs on the grounds that these deaths without precision and urskiljnad, which thus constitutes a war crime. But if the high-tech «precision bombs” have killed thousands of civilians must be assumed that the victims were killed with «precision». In civilian criminal intent is important, it should also apply to international law.

Sweden considers itself deserve a place in the Security Council, and working for it. About the Swedish Official quiet silence of Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen persist then it is better to leave the chair to someone who makes a difference.


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*:Unfortunately, Roland Hedayat and the well-intentioned Swedes, have totally neglected two very important factors:

1) the very successful-popular Revolution by the ‘People’s Committees’ (with ‘Ansar-Allah’) of 21 September 2014…


2) the history of the traditional Yemeni long peaceful own self-governance (through the Zaidi IMAMI) which educationally instilled in the hearts of all Yemeni, a supreme love for Allah and the Holy Qur’an (which is NOT Shi-ite in the ‘conventional’ colonial-minded sense at all).





It seems that the army and people’s committees will move soon to liberate Hadramout’s province of al-Qaeda.
As I think, this means two points:
1- It is a Yemeni povince that should be free of al-Qaeda.
2- It is next to Najran province, which is a Yemeni province occupied by Saudi from the previous century,
Which means, I think, there are some important steps to be done in the deep of Najran, and the army and people’s committees need to secure the back of them.

Nasr Alddin Amer – A member of the media board of ‘Ansar-Allah’:

” Since there is no truce ..
We will begin the general mobilization to prepare for the strategic steps. “


بما انه لا وجود للهدنة ..
سوف نبدا في التعبئة العامة استعداداً للخيارات الإستراتيجية .

Saleh al-Samad – Head of the Political Council of ‘Ansar-Allah’:

” Also makes it imperative for the people to move diligently and responsibly along with the army, security and people’s committees to enter into more painful steps and a rebuke to this aggression after giving up the world and their silence and complicity on the Saudi regime’s crimes against the Yemeni people. “

Saleh al-Samad - Head of the Political Council of 'Ansar-Allah'

بالرغم من دعوة الأمين العام للامم المتحدة لهدنة انسانية في اواخر شهر رمضان ورغم ان هذه الدعوة لا ترقی إلی مستوی حجم العدوان والحصار الجائر وما ترتب عليه من آثار كارثية علی كل المستويات وبالرغم من ترحيب الناطق الرسمي للجيش و وكذلك ترحيب القوی السياسية بهذه الدعوة الا ان النظام السعودي تجاهل كل ذلك واستمر في عدوانه وجرائمه بما في ذلك تعزيز مرتزقته في عدن بمئات العربات والمجندين لتحقيق مكاسب ميدانية.
وهذا التحدي السافر يضع المجتمع الدولي أمام محك خطير بتحمل مسؤلياتهم لوقف هذا العدوان ورفع المعاناة عن الشعب اليمني
كما يحتم علی ابناء الشعب التحرك الجاد والمسؤل جنبا الی جنب مع الجيش والامن واللجان الشعبية للدخول في خطوات اكثر ايلاما وزجرا لهذا العدوان بعد تخلي العالم عنهم وسكوته وتواطؤه علی مايرتكبه النظام السعودي من جرائم بحق الشعب اليمني.

Today, Sunday, 12-7-2015, 25 Ramadhan 1436

:The News Intro
.The Yemeni people are going to the strategic steps
They are ready to fight even in thousand place at the same time, if necessary
.The Yemeni people will not starve

..They will come advancing to those aggressors

putting trust on Allah

.entrusting ones soul to Allah

Introduction News Free | Yemeni people are preparing strategic options 12.07.2015 : Qur’an_hetan_sinsr
March satellite channel – Believe word our page on Facebook


U.S.A. :


Washington plans to deploy drones near  and

within Libya to monitor ‘Daash’.

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