‘MUSICIAN’, comments:



“This country who Tqtath death, has slept in a coma and has not stirred its limbs, unless now the nation hears from utter, the name of Muammar al-Qathafi.

Tearing their covenant (which they threw away), this scene will repeat itself (even if appears five centuries from now).

You’ll be lucky, if at this moment, that this human urgency is to emerge.”

the LIBERATION is still going Forward

MUSICIAN,  says:

‘Great Jamahiriya’ channel:

“if it succeeds in transferring the popular marches into roaming the cities and villages and rural areas, we then have paved the way for media’s decisive battle…”
“You, who raise the Green flag, and green pictures  of our Muammar al-Qathafi: you hold not only a title of honor, but you honor the same.”


Let the ‘General Secretariat of the Association of Libyan youth’, youth Libya honorable, Day of Friday, exit after the Asr prayer, to sit in public squares and squares all over the country,

and calls for the brave and the Knights home from inside the Libyan cities, especially the capital Tripoli occupied, for the control of the General institutions

and to preserve by sit-ins, for the extradition from Brotherhood Mafia war criminals and bandits,

and let the people of the areas you are in, of  prisons and secret detention,, autism and brighter and solidarity with the families of the detainees, Akhuanhambvk attack on the prisons and detention centers,

and urges ‘the Secretariat’ and all the honorable Balottaghz, armed with faith and power, Haola to deter criminals, and protect their fellow protesters in the fields,

and calls for honesty honorable military, and brass, to form a force to protect the protesters,

and urged ‘the Secretariat’ (The brothers demonstrators) to raise the green banner, that is a symbol of the nation’s dignity and pride, and honor.
(“Knight and Men”)

Juma blessings for all

All the Liberals and silks to be prepared after Friday prayers for demonstrations in all cities and rural mass (GREAT JAMAHIRIYA):

every one according to his area…

Green flags and photos of our Leader.

Do not return, only go forward !

(“The quake compassionate”)

Faraj close determination and insist the military collective and practical organizer does not return to the complacency, only forward until victory. !
(“Knight and Men”)

Death and crushing and annihilation of rats and traitors and agents.
(Faris al-Baraka)

Youth Association of the five tribes of the combatant area (tribe children grew) .. al-Juhaoat and supervise .. .. ..

and al Hamed and the tribes of the children of Mr. Zayed and tribes Margnh .. .. ..

and Celine tribes and Lamamra .. and Hassanon. And the children of Sheikh Alkraglh ..

and .. and .. and Gdrh al-Chkatrh and al-Drofh .. .. ..

Abu Ras and the children and the children of Oba ..

and the children and the children of Ferjany ..

thanks .. and al-Soaeidih .. and .. and Rabaya children and youth stalls .. ..

observatory area youth and “The CITY of FIVE”,

proudly reject the unjust rule of the court and assert that they are ready to implement Gahah…

and death is in order to restore security and stability of the country and the elimination of criminal militias ..

and forward and light Revolutionary Struggle and ever constant
(“Knight and Men”)

I am sure, if there presents ‘a state of anger and uprising’ following being general in all regions of Libya,

if the aspiration of ‘armed open fronts against rats’ from all these areas , be our working initiative from them; and be Lena media voice strong enough public due, within 48 hours of Sirte to Ras Jedir (having the majority indulging in our class and the people themselves deciding they have already shown to be decided and chose) bet Aaloutn necessary to translate the situation militarily, with necessary decisiveness upon those clients (either the realization of the right Owalastchhad) or without them; either about the rats who are now trying to contain the anger of the people (Maandhm amount they open fronts in most of these areas because they are not city or village or these area of Libya.. and they are not the whole number, which somehow enables them to control all of these areas …only by foreign support). The ‘rats’ are a minority; and the overwhelming majority of us, the intifada, have translated firmly to resolve an end this Western-farce.

أنا واثق لو حالة الغضب والإنتفاضه يلي عامه كافة مناطق ليبيا لو تطلع مسلحه وتفتح جبهات ضد الجرذان من هذه المناطق وتكون المبادره منهم ويكون لينا صوت إعلامي قوي الجماهيرية ترجع خلال 48 ساعه من ‫#‏سرت‬ إلى ‫#‏رأس_إجدير‬ الغالبية إمعانا وفي صفنا والشعب إذا قرر وهو بالفعل قرر وأختار وراهن عالوطن ضروري من ترجمة الموقف عسكريا ضروري من الحسم مع هؤلاء العملاء إما إحقاق الحق أوالإستشهاد دونه وإما بخصوص الجرذان الآن يحاولون إمتصاص غضب الشعب ماعندهم قدره إنهم يفتحوا جبهات في أغلب هذه المناطق لأن ليست مدينه أو قريه أو منطقه هذي ليبيا كلها وهم ليسوا بالعدد الذي يمكنهم من السيطره على كل هذه المناطق هم أقليه وأنتم الأغلبيه الساحقه ترجموا الإنتفاضه لحسم ينهي هذه المهزله

“فارس ورجال”


(“Knight and Men”)

The Green Lion


Libya is being liberated as I am writing—The people themselves are uprising against the TRIPOLI/MISURATA ganglord vermin..

and green flags are flying everywhere. Finally, something good...It will be like Egypt

–a ‘popular revolt’ against the imposed treacherous Brotherhood ‘ruling-militias’.

Throughout Libya, Beautiful people go out in massive marches against the Brotherhood Militias of the Tripoli Court, and for supporting the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’:

“We will keep tall not kneel. We kneel only to Allah Almighty.”

one of the Libyan people lived at the summit of the ‘Libyan Jamahiriya’.

Gen. Khamis Gaddafi greets all who are free and silks of Libya.
Get ready for earthquaking victory.

Oh Allah, hurry victory
(“The quake compassionate”)


“Enhanced 32nd Brigade”, led by Khamis Gaddafi, heads for Tripoli.

Enhanced 32nd Brigade, led by Khamis Gaddafi, heads for Tripoli Khamis

Zero hour’, comments on FB:

Dr. Hamza al-Thami, After greeting ,,,,
Message to Dr. Hamza Thami response to what he talked about last night:

And encourage him to JSK inside uprising. and raise their morale.
Thanked Ali and his efforts effective.

I want to be the same speech directed at a number of them who are free abroad, which largely exists in Egypt, Tunisia and Ajtmao

and Athdo under one opinion, and
Atugeo to Libya, Andmo of Independents at home in order to increase the number and strengthen morale

and on top of all officials and al-Kiedan and officers and others.

Enough is abroad, and if it does not displace Ardjao. Those who are displaced will not be liberated in our country; because it is for within ai-Colk. You Henw Adair righteousness. and salivary Ali growth.

We wish my words arrive to complement yours…
And forward.



PICTURE: Moustafa Karroubi with his rat captors, Khaled Sharif:
Moustafa Karroubi with his rat captors, Khaled Sharif

The word for free daughter of the martyr, God willing,

General Mustafa Karroubi team directly on channel 24 Libya.

The wife captive veternarian, Dr. Abou-zeid Dorda, was on ‘Libya channel 24’.

Dr. Dorda and Mu at Sirte Summit



Tripoli murderers are ready and waiting !!

Melcaat 'Roma Libya' in Bin Ghashir, Tripoli

Militia al-Samud publishes inspection gates of Qasr bin Ghashir to Thursday market mechanisms written by the police and Acharth al-Askarah.
RATS ‘Melcaat al-Samud’
are preparing themselves to open the front on the borders of Tripoli so they can Qguat al-Kabbail and murder and trap them. The RATS are fully ready to crush our Green protestors and eliminate them forever !

‘Melcaat al-Samud’ are creating a number 2 field hospitals in each of the road to the airport and area of Sbaah.


The vote broke from the electronic army ‘Libyan Fighting Group’ and the Brotherhood, either vote and the real referendum on the invalidity of the death sentences were expressed by the people in the squares and streets.




Saif, our dignity Saif at War Zintan will never harm Saif Saif-Gaddafi characterture with Zintan (elephant) SAIF is FREE

Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in conservation and safety.
Salute to all Xanthan of reason in his ‘long-time release from prison’. 

It has been  a while for Natdr and Zintan to re-locate him for security reasons.

Declaration that Zintan will never harm Saif, declared in DECEMBER 2011:
Zintan will never harm Saif

Champions epiphyseal Ezz:

Champions epiphyseal Ezz



al-ASBI'A is green

al-Asabi’a is a Libyan town located in Nafusa Mountains about 120km west of Tripoli, near green al-AZIZIA..
It has about 15 tribes, all GREEN, namely 1- Awlad saiv elnaser 2- Awlad edres 3- Albsherat 4- Awlad mousa 5-Alhawamed 6- Awlad elhaj 7-Edoa 8-Awlad embarak 9- Aljbor 10-Awlad snaan 11-Awlad faraj 12-Awlad benena 13-Awlad mehalhel 14- Alshafara 15- Meska.

al-Asabi'a is a Libyan town located in Nafusa Mountains about 120km west of Tripoli, near green al-AZIZIA



Weakness in Internet services in all the ‘Central region’:

the City of Five, Zliten, Tarhouna and Bani Walid.

(“Knight and Men”)

world internet


Liberation Tarhouna
Tarhouna means Tripoli !

This your time to marche with writings, Phots, Flags, and Aasrha propagand.

Now the field of Tripoli and Allah is Maandhm within Tripoli discreet, where their are arms and Omobeia mercenaries.

Believe me Maigdroa stand a chance in Tripoli you Hlha and most neighborhoods of Tripoli are known as “Summa Field Tripoli, and Tarhunah must be liberated.

And you from the inside Maarhbokmh, display fashion Omtahm:

“Summa Amaadash avails speak now, as it is serious; and now it is actual work time in the field. ”
(Faris al-Baraka)

Tarhouna splendor and dignity !
Tarhouna Ezz out in a massive march green banners denouncing the court militias and slogans and sing for Our Commander, and for Saif al-Islam.

Tarhouna dignity



Disturbances in the ‘City of Five’ has led to the locking of the gate similar to a year ago.

From the east gate and to Anakazh (on the western side). This was done so out of fear of the masses in rallies, denouncing the NATO agents and by virtue of their puppet-court.








‘Young Heroes of ‘Abou-Hadi’ area’, make attacks on the base GHARADABIYA (al-Karzabih) , which omitted ‘DAASH’.

PICTURE: the air-base GHARADABIYA (al-Karzabih):

in front of al-KARZABIAH (GHARADABIYA) airport airbase in SIRTE

Explosions rock around the suburb of ‘Abou-Hadi’ Select area.

The fall of the young martyr Ahmed Mohammed Gaddafi of Sirte. Steadfastness and clashes are now taking place in Abou-Hadi between protesters, and the organizing MISURATA Brotherhood militia terrorists (who were stationed there to target ‘Daash’).

Lord saves our young heroes and shame on the traitors and al-Mtkhadlin.

(“Knight and Men”)

Abou-Hadi is free today:

The influx of protesters onto the ‘Rotation Island’, carrying green banners. Abou-Hadi graduated now greeting of Independents honorable.
Abou-Hadi loves Mu’ammar !


Abin al-Waten, comments:

Daash Misrati organization in Sirte kill unarmed citizens who have no weapons, but a weapon of faith in Allah and the homeland. WPA these rats Oaathua, in the ground Massad. They are the riffraff of Misurata, and pimps ‘Mtaaanhm of Sulieman’, and the children of the corner, and Zuwarah, and lower-Zliten and Jews Msallata.






Mr. Abdaty Obeidi refuses to receive a phone call from Mustafa Abdul Jalil for the purpose of congratulations to come out of prisons al-Melcaat ..

and that was when he attended the so-called fair Ettalhi cousin Mustafa Abdul Jalil to the house Ailh fighter Abdaty al-Obeidi, in his Abraq residence area, with and lunch.

After Friday afternoonprayers, in the presence of a number (many people of whom, came to offer congratulations) by the way of Vsda loud Mr. Adel Aahaj Abdaty Khok.

“Mustafa Abdul Jalil is now with me by telephone from Turkey and wants to greet you.”

If Mounadil Full In short Mande brother betraying the homeland and the Covenant and sold the country. Sorry Mangy with those who brought the homeland and the citizen to this case that person kills the victim and walks at his funeral?

And you are who you are, my son still Maaraftk person, I call just Ettalhi of CASABLANCA city. Ibex Commons

Thank God for your safety..

And ended ‘the debate’.
(“Knight and Men”)


Image from the center of residential neighborhoods in Ajdabiya:

Killing 10 people and wounding 13 others during clashes in the city of Ajdabiya.


pro-Mu in Quiche supported by the municipality



The City of Benghazi and ‘Ohrarha municipality’ supporting ‘The Great Jamahiriya’ and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, begin distributing images of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, and Dr. Saif al-Islam al-Gadaffi, at the central plaza, in Quiche.




TOBRUK marches for the 'Great Jamahiriya', 2 TOBRUK marches for the 'Great Jamahiriya'


Tobruk was last night out in silence. Their marches are denouncing the militias Brotherhood and support the “Great Jamahiriya”.







 SUKNA, al-Jufra, 2

Demonstrations where green flags flying with bullets and still until now roam the streets of al-Suknh and slogans condemning “the (LFIG)Fighting Group” against the decision of the rat Brotherhood Tripoli Court, are and honest to their home.


CITY OF  Hun, JUFRAH downtown City Building in Hun, al-Jufra Hun, al-Jufra
the Slip:

Signed last night armed clashes in the area of ​​slip in al-Jufra,  between our young heroes and one of the militias in the city, killing two members of the militia, others who were injured, and another was taken to hospital at Hun.
Armed clashes in the ‘suburb of slip’ between demonstrators who are rejecting the provisions issued by the terrorist Brotherhood-militias against the homeland honorable men. ‘The march’ has led to the deaths of two members of the militia and injuring another.





Zagn Tmanhunt Smono crowds gathered in mass demonstrations raising Green Flags to reject unfair provisions in the homeland and the right honorable caller of legitimacy.

Noble silks Sabha today in a march denouncing the provisions of the unjust colonial court against the men heroes of our home.

A large march of green banners, adorn men in the city of Sabha.



al-Mttahreinn clashes between militias and Ulad Slaman.

Renewed clashes between clan Mafia  militias,

and ‘Qadhadhfa tribe Ulad Slaman’ in Manshiyya, Sabha.

Manshiyya clashes in the neighborhood

after the fall of Ali Kdaiv marches, as

WAHHABI rules the court.


Salute to Black Tabou.
Free Sabha prepared.
(“The quake compassionate”)

Tabou of Murzuq and Sabha

Am al-Aranb at  Qatrun

Now out in massive rallies raise the banners of glory and splendor ! 

Green Flags, to condemn the unjust rule of the court

against the honorable men home.


The bombing of a power station in the area of ‘Sister’, by armed militias.

After their departure, the free residents of ‘Sister’ go out in massive marches.




UBARI demonstrations

Marches scouring the city of Ubari now
A tribute to the Liberal honest.

The collapse of the truce between the Tuareg and Toubou and renewed clashes at dawn today.




KHALED SHARIF in Afghaistan 1988

‘Musician’ informs us:

Preoccupation with Khaled al-Sharif, of stealing millions from the funds of the Libyan people (which made him), does not know of the death of Mullah Omar, the spiritual leader, but until two years after his death.


Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Is Dead, Afghan Spy Agency Says:

Death raises questions about who will sèpiritually lead the Taliban movement.

Mullah Mohammad Omar, the spiritual leader of the Taliban, has been dead for two years according according to Afghanistan’s Intelligence Agency.

Updated 29 July 2015 7:42 p.m. ET

Mullah Mohammad Omar, who went from being an obscure cleric to one of the world’s most-wanted fugitives as the spiritual leader of the Taliban, is dead, said the Afghan government and two people close to the insurgent group.

News of his demise, which Afghan officials say took place in 2013, raises questions about the leadership of the group that allied with al Qaeda, fought a war with the U.S. and is now divided over whether to pursue an elusive peace deal with Afghanistan’s new government

“The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, based on credible information, confirms that Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of the Taliban, died in April 2013 in Pakistan,” the office of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday.

Abdul Hassib Sediqi, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s spy agency, the National Directorate of Security, said Mullah Omar “died suspiciously” in a Karachi hospital.

A Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said the ministry had no information on that claim. An Afghan official and two people close to the Taliban said Mullah Omar is buried in southern Afghanistan.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz tacitly confirmed Mullah Omar’s death, saying, “We do believe reports of his death to be credible.”

U.S. officials said they picked up indications that Mullah Omar was dead in recent days, after learning Taliban officials had begun discussing his death. U.S. officials said the information they received didn’t indicate when he died and under what circumstances. Until this week, U.S. officials said they had no credible evidence of his death.

Others question whether Mullah Omar is dead.

“The official channels of the Taliban have not confirmed his death,” said Sayed Mohammad Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander who fought alongside Mullah Omar against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. “Even if he is dead, that doesn’t affect the Taliban movement.”

Since the Taliban regime fell in 2001, many of the movement’s leaders—including Mullah Omar—have been based in Pakistan with the tacit backing of elements of Islamabad’s security establishment, U.S., Afghan and European intelligence agencies say.

The Pakistani government has long denied it supports the Taliban, even as it acknowledges some influence over the group.

Mullah Omar hasn’t been seen publicly since the early months of the U.S.-led invasion in 2001. The Taliban have continued to release statements in his name.

Mullah Mohammed OMAR, the Amir ul Momineen—the 'commander of the faithful

Mullah Omar was known by his followers as the Amir ul Momineen—the “commander of the faithful”—a title that would likely pass on to his successor in what would be the Taliban’s first leadership change.

Possible successors include Mullah Mansour and Mullah Omar’s son, Mohammad Yacoub, who has recently taken on a more prominent role in the movement, said the person briefed by the leadership, adding that Taliban leaders were meeting to discuss the transition of power.

Analysts with a knowledge of the Taliban’s inner workings said a third contender for the Taliban leadership now would be Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the deputy leader of the movement until Pakistan arrested him in 2010. Mullah Baradar was released by Pakistan in 2013.

The leadership crisis arose when Mullah Omar’s son and brother, who couldn’t make contact with him, challenged Mullah Mansour to explain how and when the leader died, said Rahimullah Yusufzai, a veteran Pakistani journalist and expert on the Taliban.

Mullah Omar’s latest purported missive was issued as recently as two weeks ago, saying the Taliban leader endorsed the peace process.

Nathan Hodge and Habib Khan Totakhil contributed to this article.





RUSSIA  30 JULY 2015

(BTW: is it that cold in late July, in RUSSIA ???)

in front of Libya’s embassy in Russia, with channel Russia Today.





Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Good morning, my friends ^^

Naseeruddin Amer, informs us:

Progress remains constant ..

Thanks to Allah and to Him alone and his generosity to worship vulnerable ..

has been cleared theneighboring Valley sites in al-Khubah, and several other cleansings ‘became suspicious’ in the area called al-Fajivh, located behind NBC’s mother site,

and did not hold the aggressors soldiers only minutes before the Champions of Yemen, until the site’s clearance and our burning of some of their mechanisms

and we seized their military equipment ..

where the existing remains, seems there is constant progress.”


نصرالدين عامر

ولا يزال التقدم مستمر ..

بفضل الله ومنه وكرمه على عباده المستضعفين .. تم تطهير مواقع وادي جارة في الخوبة ، وتم تطهير عدة ارتاب في منطقة تسمى الفخيذة وتقع خلف موقع الام بي سي ولم يصمد جنود المعتدين الا دقائق امام ابطال اليمن حتى تم تطهير الموقع واحراق بعض الاليات واغتنام العتاد العسكري الموجود فيها .. ولا يزال التقدم مستمر

When these tribal circles formed, It announces a completely new phase !
I remember from the last year, among the revolution ..
Yemen is going to rise from under the rubble .. It is the right time to end the era of Al-Saud, right ?


A tribal meeting in “Al-Tawilla” supporting the leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi to begin the strategic steps against the aggression.

These meetings are very important in Yemen in order to launch the great operations against the aggression.

View | tribal meeting in support of the long strategic options announced by Mr. 31 JULY 2015

March satellite channel – Believe floor

(our page on Facebook)



Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

More tribal meetings supporting the Next strategic steps against the aggression.

Here is one in “Amran” province:

” If our missiles finished, we will fight with our rifles!

If bullets finished, we will fight with our Jambiyas ” – they said.

View | tribal meeting in Amran governorate in support of strategic options announced by Mr. 07/31/2015

March satellite channel – Believe floor

our page on Facebook


See | the release of 100 mercenary prisoners of SAUDI Arabia,

in Shabwa province, by the ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘People’s Committees’ 31/07/2015

March satellite channel – Believe floor

our page on Facebook.

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

‘Ansar-Allah’ Releases 100 prisoners of deluded

Saudi Arabia, in Shabwa province of Yemen.


Yemeni Army forces and ‘People’s Committees’ take control of the Saudi military base “Jara Valley” in “Al-Khubah” in Jizan.‬

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:


View | raining morter upon Saudi military Alib  base, by ‘People’s Committees’ and ‘Yemeni Army’ on 01/08/2015

March satellite channelBelieve word

New scenes from the borders:
‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘People’s Committees’ launch an attack

on “Alip” Saudi military base.
Some Saudi soldiers killed, while some other run away frightened !

Watch a Saudi soldier run away in front of another Saudi vehicle !

more tribal meetings today:


View | to meet me in Amran governorate in support of strategic options announced by the leader of the revolution 01/08/2015


View | to meet me for the people of Bani Matar to declare full support and uptime.


View | to meet me for the people of Bani Hashish to declare full readiness to engage in …


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:



View | to meet me for the people of the Middle Mountain Directorate in support of strategic options

(also my home province)

View | to meet tribal province of Dhamar support strategic options announced by Mr. 01


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Another tribal Meeting carries an important message, Here in “Hudeida” province, which is bordering the red sea.

Today, they went out for a meeting supporting Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi for the strategic steps against the aggression.

View | to meet tribal province of Hudeida, to support strategic options announced by the leader of the revolution 01/08/2015

March satellite channel – Believe word


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Another tribal meeting today in “Al-Mahweet” province supporting Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi for the strategic steps against the aggression.


View | to meet tribal region of Hamedan in support of strategic options announced by the leader of the revolution 08/01/2015

March satellite channel – Believe floor

our page




( Sushis à la Marsa)
Kdaiv mortar fall on Sakra area.

La Soukra (Ville en Tunisie)
Météo : 31 °C, vent E à 21 km/h, 49 % d’humidité
Population : 129 693 (2014)

Young man of SAKRA, Tunisia


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