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there are many similarities to the North African beduoin culture with N. American Natives:


Forever faithful, and Mu loves Us all

46th ann. of al-Fateh

In Green Victory

Allah's Juma Friday



Mu's vision of a Green World MU's Green Vision

‘Zero hour’, on FB, writes:
01 septembre, 00:47 ·
On the occasion of the anniversary of the revolution of glory and immortality views ..
Dignity and Shoumoukh revolution .. revolution leadership and leadership ..
Freedom revolution and freedom from slavery ..
69 great conqueror led by leader Muammar al-Qathafi’s revolution ..
This momentous occasion I congratulate you and congratulate myself every year and you are fine ..
Aziz prayed Allah to repeat this good on the anniversary of our country has got rid of the nightmare of traitors and agents and hired mercenaries and extremists debt slave traders and money .. ask Allah to give it back to my country has been freed from colonialism and his cronies …
Each year, you are fine, my free Libya and the world ..
Each year, you are fine, my lovers fighter Muammar al-Qathafi ..

Mu delights in Victory

Room Zintan operations:
“These assets and tribes and lineages known by the intruder, it is inherent for you of them?”


Artist ‘Mohammed al-Zentani’ guides

lyric Action ‘Battalion 601’ limits.

‎الفنان محمد الزنتاني يهدي عمل غنائي للكتيبة 601 حدود‎


Russian sub, Dmitry Donskoy, in Mediterranean

Russian fleet confirms the entry of one of the largest submarines in the world in the Mediterranean.

Military Russian Navy announced Saturday, 05 September 2015, that Russia’s strategic nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy” entered the waters of the Mediterranean to participate in in military exercises.

It has moved toward the Mediterranean Sea along with the former Amadadtan-submarine ships: “Onega” and “Narayan-Mar” time.

The continued presence of former submarine “Dmitry Donskoy” in the Mediterranean Sea about three weeks, where It briefly came out of the Mediterranean on 16 July last.

The submarine was built in 1976 as one of the “941 Project Akula” and entered service in 1981. The so named “Dmitry Donskoy” was restored around 17 October 2002. The submarines of this project, are the largest submarines in the world. The “Dmitry Donskoy” is the fastest submarine in its series.

Source: “Sputnik”..





 ‘Room Zintan operations’, says: Mahmoud al-Misrati Deborah (Jones) taught a lesson and faced her and the fact Bhakaguetha.

‎محمود المصراتي يلقن ديبورا درسا و يواجهها بحقيقتها وحقيقة بلدها‎

Mohammed BAIO with Belhadj Mohammed Baio libyan-brotherhood-showing-mohammed-baio-and-abdul-rahman-sowaihalli, all srewed-up brotherhood rats Mohamed BAIO
4 septembre, 02:09 ·
The killing of the psychopathic-terrorist Mahmoud Mohamed BAIO (Be’aou), who ordered militia Omzatin or Omatin aka Bhrekhanguetl today in Khallet al-Forjan.



Prime WikiLeaks ‘TRIVIA’:
Julian Assange
Prime WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange “:

European countries effectively help to enable the creation of the state organization of the Islamic state in Libya and not fight it as it claims.
Wonder where God group “Lealola scared Sarkozy“….

-atrav And militias Libyan agreed in advance with the US and European countries on the sharing of oil in Libya
– Illegal immigration is artificially and are paving a new military intervention in Libya
al-Qathafi spoil project Israel’s accession for Turkey into the European system.
Chairman of the Organization of WikiLeaks Julian Assange:

European Union has threatened the USA to not
Standing with them … US and Britain
Assange said in a statement that al-Qathafi spoil project Israel’s accession for Turkey into the European system,

one of the ship Ankara to send aid and made Israel to get involved and aware of losing the stability of the European Union.

And that the reason for the war Libya is demanding a-Qathafiafi the European Union in exchange for oil for gold and not paper-currency.
He added that the strings kids toy al-Oivz is to take out al-Qathafi from Africa.

He said Britain holds 90 billion pounds of taking money to Libya.
And that Britain banned the Egyptian Army from helping al-Qathafi.
Regarding Turkey: akal bargained on NATO to participate in the Libya war for the common European market.
He explained that Qatar paid million to a leadership versus theft
of the Libyan army system.
The State of Emirates (UAE) condemns Libya for billion Libyan Investment.
He added that Switzerland was stolen 9 million Ioroa of Libyan bank accounts and 37 others; and helped people follow the system and split after dividing the money Atina Libyan crisis, to join the new regime in Libya and was appointed ambassador to Belgium.

He said that MUSA KUSA is the murder of the port was issued by agreement between Lebanon and the United Kingdom ..

 al-Qathafi only metal element of surprise to everyone.
He told the ceremony, that his special car, the ‘Bakaddava’ had been sold in Italy in the amount of 15.5 million euros, and a former friend of his buyer and seller, is of a coastal city near Tripoli.

With regard to Russia, he said Russia sent Andar to Chad as a secret Stqcefha aircraft if it continued Login Libyan south a Russian sphere of influence.
(reported by “Knight and Men”)



Qguatnaa units of the Libyan army because progressing and 6 km from crossing
The head of Igdir waiting for him control orders.


TOXIC STRAIN mixed unto the wheat when harvested

FOUL WHEAT COMING into LIBYA; which will cause disasterous intestinal ailments:

3 septembre, 11:42 ·

Now shipment of wheat supplied from Bulgaria damaged and very unhealthy from a non-matching pastures company, has landed in the port of Tunisia;

and now in trucks and on its way to crossing the ‘head of Ras Igdir’ to come In towards Libya…

(TOXIC STRAIN mixed into the wheat when harvested)




The arrival of the criminal bodies of three to the hospital at Misurata, after attempt of an armed robbery resulting from clashes in Tripoli.

31 août, 19:22 ·
Just to the explosion in Tripoli Bicolo ousted two to Fugro.

Clashes now Arms and Light and medium axis of Bridge 17.



Room Zintan operations

‎لحظة تحرير الطفل المخطوف من أفراد القوات المسلحة و القوات المساندة داخل الجميل ألطفل اختطفه تشكيل أجرامي من دولة مصر بمنطقة عين زارة العاصمة #طرابلس وبعد التحريات تم رصد العصابة بالقرب من #الجميل‎


The moment of liberation of the kidnapped child.

Members of the Libyan Armed forces and our support troops inside Beautiful City.

The child was abducted by the formation of a criminal gang in the Ain Zahra area of the capital Tripoli.

After investigations, Egyptians have been monitoring the gang near Beautiful City.


Some al-Kikla fleeing their town to Azalo messing with the people of Zintan houses of the population of Tripoli.

Let them alone for perhaps may think it manliness.


‘Zero hour’, on FB reports:
04 Septembre, 02:16 ·
The death of the offender, ‘Walid Alkkla’, a militia Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) terrorist leader and was among the militias that attacked Ali and Rishvana several times in the past 4 years. He broke into Fashlum camps of Tajoura, and committed the kidnapping and killing and torture of the sons of Tripoli from the tribe of Zintan, and Al-Rajaban and Rishvana and other inhabitants of the capital.
Valtzhb dogs Giftha.





The abduction of two students from the city of Zuwarah who were studying at the ‘Faculty of Medical Technology’ at the CORNER, from the headquarters of their residence in the CORNER.




‘Room Zintan operations’

Hier, à 16:42 ·

The arrival of a ‘delegation of sheikhs and young ‘children of Solomon’, to the city of Zintan, to meet the city council of elders.

Black Assassin's Sulieman


‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.

the work of a volunteer team of ‘New Vision Business Association’, led by volunteer persistent “Mohammed Knefo” and this time a large anthropomorphic “Arjun Balah” inside “dish”
Thank them for their efforts for the sake of sophistication view of the city.


‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.
Secret demining by B. al-Zintan: the destruction of munitions and explosive remnants of the war in 2011.
After assembled from inside the city al-Qoalesh, led by the struggling “Hakim Issa”

This action comes after the return of residents to the city al-Qoalesh and the return of some semblance of life gradually back to normal.

‘Room Zintan operations’, comments:


Ptcola to Azuk of Tripoli Nicolk. We’ll go through dialogue or by force and capable of Booze days
Only where they are tobacco who tricked their Paddy and Sowaihili and Misurata
And Oqahmohm a losing battle?
Now it is more like (((Bahalov))), who head in the ground.

‘200 Dama lqoh da’m al’:
Men of the ‘Committee of 200’ to support the security directorates Western Region …..

eye are guarding the sake of Allah …..

thanks and pay tribute to them and to recognize their role is important in this important period of the life of the nation.

Bihto themselves in positions of Baihe:


The arrival of a secret war sweeping Martyr Brigades, a support force of the Libyan Army brigade of military Rishvana to al-Akrbah gratitude.


Mu and the LIBYAN ARMY

‘Room Zintan operations’:

A military parade to one of the battalions of Rishvana from the ‘Western Region Operations Room’ on the eve of the day in preparation for the establishment of a huge military parade in B. al-Aziziya, in which every room battalions involved in the coming days.

01 SEPT REVIEW on the 40th ann

Nazgul Nazgul ring-wraiths



'Libyan Army Chamber of Tripoli operations', 3 'Libyan Army Chamber of Tripoli operations', 2 'Libyan Army Chamber of Tripoli operations', 1

Subsidiary ‘Libyan Army Chamber of Tripoli operations’ are doing their job to secure the road link between ‘Beautiful City-Fnaitees-Montenegro’.


arrested four smugglers, all of whom hold Egyptian nationality, for smuggling diesel.

“Naafth” on board Ship named the “Santa Cruz”, near the beaches of the city of Zuwarah.




01 septembre, 00:25 ·
Allah is the greatest celebrations began in Zliten lived Conqueror.

‘Children of Sheikh Asmar Fatouri Brown’:
31 août, 23:11 ·
In such Tonight at exactly two o’clock at night on Monday, the young Lippi at the age of 27, and with him a group of his comrades blew revolution blew all restrictions and killed slavery and burned the occupation, which was represented by King Idris al-Sanusi to land Libyan where it came from the White Revolution in which the drop has not lived up the blood of one of freedom and Shoumoukh, pride and honor and glory and raise Mkant the Libyan people in front of the West and the world.
That night the people remaining steadfast to the Covenant congratulate my warmest congratulations to the 46 mentioned in the Great Revolution and willing, one Sunday we will celebrate next year in all of Libya yards in every house and every street and every city and every field of every Happy New Year
(Green standard, and President Muammar)

في مثل هذه الليله في تمام الساعه الثانيه ليلآ يوم الإثنين قام شاب ليبي يبلغ من العمر 27عام ومعه مجموعه من رفاقه بتفجير ثورة فجرت كل القيود وقتلت الإستعباد وحرقت الإحتلال الذي كان يمثله الملك إدريس السنوسي علي الأراضي الليبيه حيث أتت هذه الثوره البيضاء التي لم ترق فيها قطرة دم واحده بالحريه والشموخ والعزه والكرامه والمجد ورفع مكانت الشعب الليبي أمام الغرب والعالم أجمع .
وفي هذه الليله أهنئ الشعب الصامد الباقي علي العهد بأحر التهاني للذكره 46عام لثورة الفاتح العظيم وبإذن الواحد الأحد سنحتفل العام القادم في جميع ساحات ليبيا في كل بيت وكل شارع وكل ميدان وكل مدينه كل عام وأنتم بخير
(الرايه خضراء والرئيس معمر )

 46 years of al-Fateh

Revolutionary Struggle Constant






The Brits idea for this NASTY VIDEO, comes from their plan to undue and discredit,   all the good that Mu’ammar al-Qathafi did for LIBYA and the World. They are blaming the ‘GREAT MANMADE River’ Project-System for this (so-called) forthcoming disaster. They have previously made videos and studies blaming the GMMR project for many ill-wills !!


Calling it “GADDAFI’s worst-folly” !!!!


‘Zero hour’, reports:

Moved you Hrviaaaaa
BRITS peddled the story of a Tsunamy in the Mediterranean. We all know that Dubin Allj in the ocean, will cause a rise in the water level,  and Hedda cause of the sinking of several functions by Orobh, and from Britain (were there is a plan Orobh, for the existence of a solution).

The Brits ‘solution’ is that, the open area of ​​the dryland of ​​Sirte, is their best area; because it is close to the desert. This was a topical-plan presented to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (who refused this topical-plan). Therefore, in 2011, the British submarine entered with the ‘US WHDH al-Ghosh’ intending to launch nuclear torpedoes into the open corridor, from under Searuhedh. The torpedoes defied the rise in the water level above sea level, and thus has become our Hedda enemy, for issue goes to their followers of ‘Daash’ to control the Sirte BASIN, after coordination with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood to help ‘Daash’.

We confirm that my father was in Sirte to eliminate the booklet Abouhliqh and etc.

After Satrh-‘Daash’ will be the displacement of a large number of the population. This move of colonialism comes in ‘order to combat terrorism’, and thus the Brits will have control on Sirte, in ‘order to carry out this project’ of theirs (formerly rejected by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi), which will open a passage to the dry desert.

Great Man-made River project (system)

Room Zintan operations’ a partagé la vidéo de Lord ‘Us Now’.

Scary news but is it fact or fiction spun from God alone know …
Please watch the video:

‎حقيقة تسونامي #ليبيا #يجب عليكم المشاهدة !!!‎


حقيقة تسونامي ‫#‏ليبيا‬

‫#‏يجب‬ عليكم المشاهدة !!!

‘Word Us Now’
The fact that the tsunami Libya

You must watch !!!

Ahmed Saad
Dvinqa writer to the Almighty God Sayer

Dalal El-ghenbi
Prophet know Mdayr video ??? On the idea of ​​the percentage of logical and of course the West and infidels do not know my Lord Nothing, I mean this may actually be a plot because he photographer scientific manner, but a die and those who live in God’s hands Almighty.

Red Rum
Sky News is owned by the Zionist Mrdech known supporters of the Zionist movement Hospb ruin Islamic Ummah, O wise.

Jallal Kolan
Taking your those who disbelieved plotted to kill or Athbtok or Ikrjok and plots and plotted God and God the Best of Planners

Abdo Alsalam
Britain and France as possible reflection of the hard-channel Sirte basin water to at least the level of the Mediterranean to avoid drowning ,, for information only city of Sirte in Libya, which is less than the surface sea level

Or Elewa
Mayalm unseen, but the Lord of mankind and God and yes, the agent

HH roses
God softens slaves … and your satisfaction with your mercy, Lord …

Naji Toumi Abocaladh
Missing much of the country. Everything from my Lord Radi Bay, but the servant of calamity

Emad Elbasha
What is eluted Dharbhash after the killings, looting and infringement of privacy and gloating brother and his brother, my neighbor, my neighbor and relatives Bazhm other and to God the Atsinma lighter we killed some of them Muslims me some

Manoo Mnoo
* Lied tsunami natural right ~~ ~~ * Industrial important subject and Rah Valth greater than Gaah and years and Hanna from the people of the world to launch a Hnarafo Rah.

Muhammad Faraj
God is enough, and yes, the agent

Hassan Ali
Hallelujah …. Nassau God causes them to forget themselves … Aqthelo Libyans and salvation Haahahhahahah oh nice

Milad Mogla
Cdb is on people, O slave

Saddam Libyan
Word of logical Bs not reasonable // I heard that the people of Europe, we call on the Qt Khater Immigration / Lin just Begina Tsunlibia

ASenusi Tantush
This is all an illusion. The problem is not in Britain, not Italy. Libyan problem in ignorance and the sale of the country they have no iota of Alebattryutzm.

Eagle Eagle
Hadhth video but I do not think this scenario

Abdulrahman Zuwayt
Atsunama However, God is not an American, my Mongols, however,

Alkasir Alkasir Alkasir
Aaratkm Khalito Gaddafi Kanhda goats West Maalaboh it

M. Just patient
Trouble spirit and publisher of video

Abo Taer
I am God and to Him we return Aajpk where Atsaot dead Zee Zee neighborhood

Alhadi Salem Alganae
God, I miss you are Aajerdan

Hamza Husen
Lip and seems to think that the product Libya Maat its great prestige and role of the First World War and the second

Abu Abdo angular
did not he knew tha Allah see

Faik Nassr
Hahaaha conspiracy to love Hesham Gennesh

Qassim Haddad
Odharbha to do and Kfarha of the grace of God (and smite the most important, for example, the village was safe reassuring vocations livelihood Rgda from everywhere Vkfr affluent God Vamagaha God dress hunger and fear)

Farag Nagem
News allowed

Mohammed Zayed
The news is light and not scary

Abdarhman Mo
Like broad and deep thinking Taab it … @

Ayuob Bnderfoo
The Bideriohajh uniforms Hadi hear omitted Lanta Aaziat Tnod spirit Eachviv

Abdel Basset Warfali
Ntqohm God

Ali Mohamed
Truth should know Libyans are seeking some major countries by customers from home to conduct nuclear tests Location Unknown .. Barr or sea, and this is the whirlwind media to mislead public opinion … please do not be dragged behind him … the tsunami not only happening in the oceans … news from a reliable source and we hope to make sure of it from your sources. God save Libya

Soft soft
Hahahaha Zintan Mkhanb room

Photo de soft soft.

Milad Mogla
You Taboor fifth Hahaha

Hoosam Ajame
Hahahahha ventral pension appreciate

Abse Ageela
Large Kdba

Hsm Alalwni
Guarantor time

Målák Lìbÿå
The most important thing Altagah Matt continuous gains of the revolution and a red line



Killed 14 elements of the organization of ‘Daash’ terrorists, as a result of a car ammunition explosion in Krshenh, area south-west of the valley of sweeping.

The explosion occurred while the elements of the organization al-Arhabiybahn car repertoire of Krshenh area (by the organization) which recently came to store some of the weapons and ammunition.

Where after the news spread during the past few days about the bombing potential of the Arab coalition forces of the ‘DAASH’ sites and the headquarters of the organization in Sirte, they made a call to the organization’s base of Btakbih, to store these munitions and weapons in the area of Krshenh.

(“Knight and Men”)

‘Daash’ calls on the people of Sirte to marry off their daughters to their fighters.
(“Knight and Men”)

Great Manmade River water outage for the entire city of Sirte Mndhu time 10:00
(“Knight and Men”)


Mourn the martyrs of the Central Security in the city of Cyrene.



snap scene of CASABLANCA - al-Bayda

‘Room Zintan operations’:

There is no truth to the news circulating about the firing of any government official in the news when he was secretary, from the abduction of the President of the interim government, Abdullah bending al-Thani.

Yellow confirmation of Abraq Airport and transferred to unknown destination and was the third official snatched from them out of  CASABLANCA (where are located the temporary headquarters of the Transitory Legal Tobruk-Libyan government).

City of CASABLANCA, Libya




Benghazi has buried their Commando “Abu Bakr al-Vesa”.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

The formation of a workforce of 100 fighters from each battalion to liberate Benghazi.

Libyan Chiefs of Staff of the Libyan Army makes 100 man workforce from each battalion to liberate Benghazi

Chief of General Staff of the Libyan Army Maj. Gen. Abdul-Razek Nadzawi during a meeting with leaders of the fighting in Benghazi axes agreed to form a workforce of 100 fighters from each battalion to liberate the city.

Adjutant General, Chairman of the Staff of the Libyan army (NAZDAWI & HFTAR)

And the General Staff issued a decision on the formation of this force, as well as the agreement to hold regular meetings and activate the ‘operating room’ properly.

Temczulhm was from the Western Region.
Mrehtin Bakm O Black is Xanthan , now in Benghazi.




‘Room Zintan operations’

‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ announced the names of candidates for government consensus, and there is no person “Zanati”.

GREAT shame !!!

The Municipal Council did not nominate anyone from Zintan within the municipal scale !Mu by Zintani Tripoli supporter

Slap in the face to those who were repeating as the authority of war.
We defended our country and to our city and its facility and legitimacy and unity and we were in a defensive position ..olm start the war even be a tool for others O Werfalli.


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi by Zintani-Tripoli supporter.

‘Room Zintan operations’:
Hey distinguished members of our deputies Council ..
The legitimacy was not given to you by Bernardino Léon, but by the people. Why this subservience to him?





Tabou southern border Patrol

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Mr. ‘Allashi Mehdi market’ is stressed ‘unit of the corner 320
Border Guards’,

and targets  vital installations and strategic Ali
Unity subordination of the General Staff of General Abdel-Razek
Nadzawri and the interim TOBRUK government...



and added that the Group al-Tejrjt in the media, in a statement on behalf of the unit, that they do not represent or belong to the unit but the fabrication of a media desperate aim of the Nile Unity, and that their ranks are split.

Citing media: Youssef Boutros-Ghali







Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Now in Sana’a .. Next to a school.

bombings of Sana'a by Saudi Arabian coalition

Sun 06 Sept. 2015 7:50AM


A Yemeni man stands near debris following airstrikes by Saudi Arabia in the capital Sana’a on 05 September 2015. ©AFP

Saudi Arabia has intensified its airstrikes on the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, as the Riyadh military presses ahead with its brutal campaign against the neighboring country.

According to local media outlets, Saudi warplanes fired as many as five rockets on the headquarters of the Yemeni security forces in the southern part of the capital on Sunday.

Four of the rockets hit a nearby school, causing fear and confusion at the academic center. There has been no report on the possible casualties in the attack. It is, however, feared that students are hit in the airstrike.

Reports indicate that Saudi warplanes have also carried out two airstrikes on the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the capital.

The Saudi jets also bombarded the residential areas in the region of al-Nazeh, killing a number of people and injuring some others. A maternity hospital was also hit in the capital, with its staff calling on citizens to help transfer newborns and women under treatment to another place.

A Yemeni ammunition depot, located in area of Jabal Naqim in the eastern part of the capital city, the premises of Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Sana’a, and the Yemeni air base of Hafa were also targeted by Saudi fighter jets.

The Saudi warplanes also incessantly bombarded the Yemeni capital from Saturday night to Sunday, pounding the new airport in the city at least 15 times.

A fighter belonging to Yemen’s Houthi movement walks amid debris following airstrikes by Saudi Arabia in the capital Sana’a on 05 September 2015. ©AFP

According to reports on Saturday, Saudi fighter jets targeted an orphanage in the Sofan neighborhood of Sana’a, killing at least eight people and injuring four others.

The Saudi jets also launched 18 airstrikes on the northwestern Yemeni province of Sa’ada, killing a civilian and injuring five others in the district of Haydan. Saudi jets also conducted eight raids on the district of Dhahir in the province.

Saudi fighter jets also carried out three air raids on al-Mazraq area in the province of Hajjah, two strikes on Mukhadrah and Hilan district, and four others on al-Ashraf district in the province of Ma’rib.

The Ta’izz Province also came under attack by Saudi warplanes.

This photo shows Saudi bombardment of Yemen’s capital Sana’a, September 6, 2015.

In retaliation for the Saudi assaults, Yemeni army and popular committees pounded the Saudi military site of al-Radif in the southwestern Yemeni province of Jizan with missiles, killing and wounding a number of Saudi soldiers. A Saudi military vehicle was also destroyed in the attack.

On March 26, Saudi Arabia began its aggression against Yemen – without a UN mandate – in a bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and restore power to Yemen’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

The conflict has so far left about 4,500 people dead and thousands of others wounded, the UN says. Local Yemeni sources, however, say the fatality figure is much higher.

By: يوسف حميد الدين


‪‎Important‬, please share to let the world know.

Statistics for 153 day of the ‪‎Saudi‬ ‪- ‎American‬ aggression on ‪‎Yemen‬, the martyrs, the wounded and damages:

* English language PNG:…/Result%20of%20Saudi%20aggression…

* German PNG:…/Das%20Ergebnis%20Saudischer%20am…

* English and German PDF:…/Result_of_Saudi_aggression_agnis…

* Arabic PNG:…/حصيلة%20العدوان%20لــ%20153%20يو…

* Arabic PDF:…/حصيلة_العدوان_لــ_153_يوم_من_الع…

– Yemeni German center for Human – Deutsch Jemenitisches Zentrum für.
– The legal center for rights and development.

Shared By Eng.Hassan Ali Ali.

Result of Saudi aggression agnist yemen EN.png

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A Specialized technical team of the ‪‎’Yemeni‬ Army’ and ‘People’s Committees’ successfully capture a spy drone intact in ‪‎Jizan‬ without damages, after hacking its system.

Source: al-Masirah TV:

spy drone captured over Yemen

Spy drone captured:
A video for the Saudi‬ spy drone which has been captured without damages after hacking its system by a specialized technical team of the ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘People’s Committees’, in Jizan‬.

Spy drone captured: A video for the #Saudi spy drone which has been captured without damages after hacking its system by a specialized technical team of the Yemeni army and people's committees, in #Jizan.


Spy drone captured:
A video for the Saudi‬ spy drone which has been captured without damages after hacking its system by a specialized technical team of the ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘People’s Committees’, in Jizan‬.



An Initial video from Safir-Marib military base after attacking it by a “Tochka” missile.

al-Masirah TV:

Saudi planes transported tens of killed and wounded soldiers from Safir-Marib to Saudi.

مصادر عسكرية للمسيرة: طائرات سعودية أخلت عشرات القتلى والجرحى من صافر إلى السعودية

al-Masirah TV, breaking:
Tens of foreign soldiers killed, most of them are UAE, Saudis and Bahrainis, by the Tochka missile.

Abdullah Naji

مصادر عسكرية للمسيرة: العملية العسكرية تسببت في مصرع وإصابة عشرات العسكريين الأجانب جلهم من الإماراتيين والسعوديين والبحرين

Fil d’actualité

2 Apache copters destroyed in Marib, 3 “missile launchers” and so many arms stores and different types of military vehicles.
Gulf aircrafts arrived to transport their wounded soldiers.

ضيف الله الشامي

تدمير طائرتين أباتشي وثلاث منصات للصواريخ والعديد من مخازن الأسلحة وآليات متنوعة…
ووصول طائرات خليجية لنقل الجرحی من الخليجيين..



عاجل : مصدر عسكري وزارة الدفاع يؤكد إطلاق صاروخ من نوع توشكا على تجمع لمرتزقة العدوان في مأرب


مأرب – سبأنت:

قال مصدر عسكري مسئول بوزارة الدفاع ” إن القوة الصاروخية للجيش واللجان الشعبية أطلقت صباح اليوم صاروخ من نوع توشكا على تجمع لآليات ومرتزقة قوی العدوان السعودي بمحافظة مارب”.

وأكد المصدر لوكالة الأنباء اليمنية “سبأ” أن الصاروخ أصاب هدفة بدقة عالية جداً.. لافتاً إلى ان هذه العملية أسفرت عن مصرع وجرح عدد كبير من مرتزقة العدوان السعودي وتدمير عدد من الأليات واشتعال النيران في المكان الذي تم استهدافه.

وأشار المصدر إلى أن عملية إطلاق الصاروخ من العمليات النوعية التي نفذها أبطال الجيش واللجان الشعبية في محافظة مأرب لتطهيرها من عناصر القاعدة ومرتزقة العدوان .. مؤكدا أن هذه العمليات ستستمر حتى القضاء على تلك العناصر ودحرها من ما تبقى لها من جيوب في محافظة مأرب.

A video from the Emirates‬:
UAE‬ ambulances transporting the dead and wounded soldiers in the streets of the Emirates.

‎لحظة وصول قتلى جنود الاحتلال الإماراتي الى مطار أبوظبي‎


لحظة وصول قتلى جنود الاحتلال الإماراتي الى مطار أبوظبي


Abdullah Naji, reporting:

The arrival of the bodies of the invaders UAE to Abu Dhabi Airport ..
Yemen invaders Cemetery

‎وصول جثث الغزاة الإماراتيين الى مطار ابو ظبي .. #اليمن مقبرة الغزاة‎




Saudi‬ Embassy in Sana’a‬,Yemen‬, after some Graphics !

Smoke billows from the site of a Saudi-led air strike on al-Dailami air base in Yemen's capital Sanaa September 6, 2015. © Khaled Abdullah

Saudi coalition jets ‘purge Yemen of scum’ in violent airstrikes

Delivering on a promise to quickly avenge their heaviest ever military loss, UAE jets have pounded Houthi positions in Yemen, hitting many civilians, in the “most violent” air raid since the Saudi-led bombardment campaign began six months ago.

The airstrikes in Yemen on Sunday were the heaviest since the Arab coalition intervened in the Yemeni conflict to reinstate power of their allied Western-puppet President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi who voluntarily resigned.

READ MORE: Saudi-led coalition suffers deadliest day in Yemen, UAE & Bahrain lose 50 troops

The heavy air raids by the United Arab Emirates jets on Houthi positions in Yemen coincided with the funeral of the 45 UAE soldiers who were killed in Houthi rocket attack on Friday. The incident, in which 10 Saudis and five Bahrainis servicemen also lost their lives, became the deadliest day for the coalition forces, and UAE’s own military history.

“Our revenge shall not take long,” Emirati media quoted Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed as warning. “We will press ahead until we purge Yemen of the scum.”

On Sunday, the coalition planes pounded Houthi positions at rebel-held military bases in Sanaa’s Nahdain and Fajj Attan hills. A neighboring presidential complex, south of Sanaa, was also outlined as a target in addition to the special forces’ headquarters. Coalition aircraft also reportedly annihilated Houthi positions in the northern neighborhoods of Sufan and Al-Nahda North, according to AFP.

However, according to witnesses, the bombardment of the capital was conducted indiscriminately, hitting a school, restaurants and embassies. The strikes wounded at least 17 people, including students taking final exams, medical officials told AP.

The latest raids in Sanaa were the “most violent” since the beginning of the Arab air campaign on March 26, a local official told AFP. On Saturday alone, at least 27 members of two families were killed by airstrikes on the capital, according to hospital officials cited by Reuters.

But the deadliest strike hit the al-Jouf province north of Sana’a, killing at least 20 people who had been attending a wake.

Elsewhere in the country the coalition targeted rebel formations in Bayhan, in the southern province of Shabwa, military sources told AFP. In Baida province, at least 27 people were killed including at least three civilians over the last two days in the town of Mukayris, military sources added.

According to United Nations (UN) figures, over 1,900 civilians have died, 7,870 people have been injured and more than 100,000 have been displaced, since the Saudi-led coalition launched its military campaign in March 2015. The UN has categorized the situation in Yemen as a level-three humanitarian emergency, since 21 million people are currently in need of assistance, 13 million of whom require food supplies.


Qatar‬ announces sending forces to ‪‎Yemen‬ with its full military equipments.

What do you thing about that, dear friends ?

الثورة اليمنية – التعبئة العامة الجهادية

قطر تعلن عن ارسالها دفعة من قواتها بكامل عتادها وعدتها الى الاراضي اليمنية

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