Nearing the End

Supreme Commander speaks

The Supreme Commander:


“One of the first explosions, and declared a state of emergency throughout the eight months of heavy bombardment by NATO, Muammar al-Qathafi announced that he was responding to the ‘Hola fighting the system’, and NOT the people and peoples (of the 44 NATO countries who attacked LIBYA). Thus, al-Qathafi does not impose its wars in emergencies upon people.

It seems that Muammar al-Qathafi is the one who protects the world from terrorism; and terrorism has hit, in his absence, all the joints countries that fought him and the ‘Great Jamahiriya’, (as well as the countries that supported and adopted the UNO ‘Resolution 1983’).

(And still playing lead {musician} continues…) “

من اول انفجار اعلنوا حالة الطوارئ وطيلة ثمانية اشهر من القصف العنيف للناتو كنأ نطلب من معمر القذافي اعلنها وكان يرد هولاء يحاربون شعب وليس نظام والشعوب لا تفرض في حروبها حالات الطوارئ .

 على ما يبدو ان معمر القذافي هو الذي كان يحمي العالم من الارهاب وبغيابه ضرب الارهاب مفاصل الدول التي تحاربه والدول التي تسانده .

{ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمرآ… { الموسيقار

13 mai 2011

The rats’ armor

‘Room Shield operations in Libya Tripoli

given to understanding of what happened in Paris.

غر٧ عمليات دك لهبها قي طرابلس
ل لهرى
هما . يعاملان! تتر
ا لحدا ث ل لتي حدث في فرنسا وداعا
لعهثسه معمر القذافي

Gore 7 KD operations given in Tripoli
For Harry
They . Working! Tatar
The end of the event in France T-bye
Aisha to Muammar al-Qathafi

How much I am free, and silks senior leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

Greetings to Dr. Aisha,

Aischa speaking for her father, Mu

Allah saved…
(“Knight and Men”)


‘Room Zintan operations’

‘Brigadier General Abdullah al-Hamidi’, has today stated:

‘Hazim thunders’, writes:

“200 abyss privilege succeeded in achieving security has taken the idea now and will be applied in several cities.”






“I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television….

 You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If no-one thought the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images….”

–Hal Becker, media “expert” and management consultant, the Futures Group, in an interview in 1981


boob-tube programing

In the 15 years since Becker’s comment, Americans have become even more “wired” into a mass media network that now includes computer and video games, as well as the Internet–an all-surrounding network whose power is so pervasive that it is almost taken for granted. As the standup comic said, “We are really a media conscious people.

I know a guy who was run over by a car in the street. He didn’t want to go to the hospital. Instead, he dragged himself over to the nearest bar, to check out whether he made it onto the evening news. When it wasn’t on, he said, `What does a guy have to do, get killed, to get on television?’|”

The following is edited from an article by L. Wolfe

Printed in The American Almanac, 05 May 1997.

With the outbreak of World War II, Tavistock operatives took effective control of the Psychological Warfare Directorate of the British Army, while its allied network in the United States embedded itself in the American psychological warfare apparatus, including the Committee on National Morale and the Strategic Bombing Survey.

By war’s end, the combined influence of Tavistock (which became the Tavistock Institute in 1947) and of the former Frankfurt School operatives, had created a cadre of “psychological shock troops,” as Rees called them, and “cultural warriors” numbering in the several thousands. Today that network numbers in the several millions around the world, and it is the single most important factor in determining the design and content of mass media product.

Mass media were capable of reaching large numbers of people with programmed or controlled messages, which is key to the creation of “controlled environments” for brainwashing purposes. As Tavistock’s researches showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control. Where possible, the messages should be offered and reinforced through “entertainments,” which could be consumed, without apparent coercion, and with the victim perceiving himself as making a choice between various options and outlets.

Adorno, and others, immediately recognized its potential as a mass-brainwashing tool. In 1944, Adorno wrote:

“Television aims at the synthesis of radio and film … but its consequences are enormous and promise to intensify the impoverishment of aesthetic matter, so drastically that by tomorrow, the thinly veiled identity of all industrial culture products can come triumphantly out in the open, derisively fulfilling the Wagnerian dream of Gesamtkunstwerk–the fusion of all arts in one work.”

As was obvious from even the earliest clinical studies of television (some of which were conducted in the late 1940s and early 1950s by Tavistock operatives), viewers, over a relatively short period of time, entered into a trance-like state of semi-awareness, characterized by a fixed stare. The longer one watched, the more pronounced the stare. In such a condition of twilight-like semi-awareness, they were susceptible to messages both contained in the programs themselves, and through transference, in the advertising. They were being brainwashed.

Television moved from being a neighborhood oddity, to mass penetration of especially urban areas, during approximately 1947-52. As Lyndon LaRouche has observed, this coincided with a critical period in the nation’s psychological life. The dreams of millions of World War II veterans, and their high hopes of building a better world, crashed to earth in the morally corrupt leadership of the Truman administration and ensuing economic depression. These veterans retreated into family life, their jobs, their homes, their living rooms. And, in the center of those living rooms was their new television set, whose banal images provided assurance that the corrupt moral choices they had made were correct.

The earliest programming fell back on the tested models of radio, as described in the Radio Research Project: the situation comedy, or “sitcom,” the game shows, the variety shows, sports, and the “soaps.” Many were in serial form, with interlocking characters, if not stories. All were banal, deliberately designed so.
The children of these unhappy veterans, the so-called baby boomers, became the first generation to be weaned on what LaRouche calls “the one-eyed babysitter.”

Television viewing was encouraged by parents, often as a means of controlling the children, who would stare at whatever was on the screen for hours on end. The content of the first children’s programs was banal (but no more so than the television programming in general), and mentally destructive; even more destructive was the replacement of real family interaction by television viewing, as the dinner table was replaced by the “TV dinner” in front of the tube. Not surprisingly, the children fixated obsessively on the items advertised by the media, demanding that they be given such items, lest they not be like their friends.

In the mid-1970s, Eric Trist, who, until his death in 1993, headed Tavistock’s operations in the United States, and Tavistock’s main media “expert,” Fred Emery, reported on their findings of the impact of 20 years of television on American society. In Emery’s 1975 work, Futures We Are In, they reported that the content of programming was no longer as important as the sheer amount of television viewing. Average daily viewing time had risen steadily over the two decades since the introduction of the medium, such that by the mid-1970s, it ranked as a daily activity only behind sleep and work, at almost six hours a day (since then, it has risen still further, to more than seven hours, with the addition of video games, home videos, and so on); among school-age children, the time spent viewing television ranked just behind school attendance.

These findings, Tavistock indicated, strongly suggested that television was like an addictive drug. Similarly, Emery reported on neurological studies which, he claimed, showed that repeated television viewing “shuts down the central nervous system of man.”


Consolidating the Paradigm

In a 1991 anthology of the work’s of Tavistock which he edited, Trist wrote that all of the international “nodes” or centers of the institute’s brainwashing apparatus were deployed for the central purpose of consolidating the paradigm-shift to a “post-industrial world order.” Their goal, he stated, was to make the shift irreversible. In this work, and in other locations, Trist, like Alexander King, urges a mass “reeducational” campaign to break the last vestiges of national resistance, especially within the United States, to this new, one-world order.Approximately ten1 years earlier, another of Tavistock’s minions, Bertram Gross, in a paper delivered to a 1981 World Future Society conference attended by Al Gore, provided a glimpse of what this “new world order” might look like.

Gross argued that in the period ahead, the world would be offered what Tavistock likes to call a “critical choice”–a set of options, all of which appear to be bad, but, because of applied terror and pressure of events, a choice is nonetheless forced and the “less bad” option taken. Western industrial society will break down into chaos; this chaos can, he said, either lead to a fascism of the authoritarian type that the British helped install in Nazi Germany, or to a more humane and benevolent form of fascism, which Gross called a “friendly fascism.” The choice, Gross proclaimed, is to attempt to go back to the old industrial paradigm, under which there will be Nazi fascism; or, to embrace post-industrialism, where there will be a “friendly fascism.” The latter, he said, is clearly preferable, since it is merely a transition to a new “global information world order,” ……

For Gross, the choice is clear: In any case, there will be pain and suffering; but only the “friendly fascism” of the global information order, of a society wired together by cable television, satellites, and computer lines, offers hope for a ‘better’ “future.” (HAH HAH !!)

Who shall administer this “friendly fascist” world order? Gross explained that there now truly exists a “Golden International,” a term that he credited to the late Communist International (Comintern) leader Nikolai Bukharin. It is an enlightened international elite, based within the powerful European-centered oligarchy that controls the global multinational communications industry, as well as other critical resources and global finance. This elite must be instructed and informed by the intelligence of the Tavistock networks; they must be shown that the great masses of television-fixated mental zombies can be won easily to this brave new world, through inducements of entertainments and the endless supply of “information.” Once the masses are won over, through “education,” then the resistance within national sectors will collapse.

In 1989, under the initiative of Trist, Tavistock convened a seminar at Case Western Reserve University to discuss the means to bring about a “stateless” international fascism–a new global information world order. In 1991, Tavistock devoted its journal, Human Relations, to the publication of the papers from that conference. In several of the papers, the call went out for the deployment of the mass media on behalf of this project.

In addition, since 1981, there was now a new technology at the disposal of the brainwashers–the Internet. According to Harold Perlmutter, one of the participants at the Case Western seminar, the Internet represented a subversive means to penetrate national borders with “information” about this new world order; it also serves as a glue for a network of non-governmental organizations, all circulating propaganda for the ‘new world order’.

These NGOs are to be the superstructure upon which the new world order is to be built. Perlmutter, and other conference participants, argued that their movement cannot be beaten, because it doesn’t exist, in a formal sense. It resides in the minds of its conspirators, minds informed by Tavistock’s mass-media brainwashing machine. As television was the information drug during the last half of this millennium, so the Internet, with its glut of mostly useless chatter and “information,” with its subversive, programmed messages, is to be the new “drug” of the next millennium, Tavistock boasts.

“Americans don’t really think–they have opinions, feelings,” said the Futures Group’s Hal Becker in a 1981 interview. “Television creates opinion, then validates it. Are they brainwashed by the tube? It is really more than that. I think that people have lost their ability to relate the images of their own lives without television intervening. This really is what we mean when we say we have a wired society. We are headed for an Orwellian society, but Orwell made a mistake in 1984. Big Brother doesn’t need to watch you, as long as you watch it. And who can say that this is really so bad?”

“Allowing ourselves to be influenced by the subtle but powerful illusions presented by television,” wrote Lentz, “leads to a kind of mass madness that can have rather frightening implications for the future of the nation … We will have begun to see things that aren’t there, giving someone else the power to make up our illusions for us. The prospect is frightening, and given our cultural heritage we should know better.”

mass-media brainwashing

brainwashing by the Media

Orlando Ortega to create a document.

UNITED STATES: true causes of terrorism and chaos in the world today:

When the world does not know that things are happening around you, it is easy prey deception. Today many people are unaware of the background of all the events of our world today; such as the so-called Islamic State, terrorist attacks on the civilian population in parts of the world, and destabilization against legitimate governments mostly left.

These people know the truth, just understand that the world is under terrorist threat, they are being attacked by Arab jihadists, Muslims, Palestinians, Communists, etc. Sangruienta terrorists who launched a worldwide campaign against the September 11, 2001, cunando the twin towers were demolished allegedly by Al Qaeda; but they have this way of thinking because they have all their trust in traditional media, the tabloids at the service of imperialism and its darker intentions. These media are atrazados truth over 100 years, but that is its specific mission, the masses follow deceived and delinquent, who still think that America is the champion and avenger, full of romanticism and patriotism, the only thing just want world peace, these media lies of the media that we all know (CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.) only aim to put the bad as the good guys and the good as tyrants.

But the only truth is what many already know: the United States was the creator of a vast conspiracy that began Sept. 11 and still continuing. Many are unaware that it was the Pentagon and the CIA who organized all this Twin Towers and there is evidence to prove it, to elllos not even their mind with their own people, they wanted the world to believe he was being attacked by people the Middle East, Muslims, so then they (the imperialists) to justify an intervention in the Middle East or all terrritorio which had oil and wealth. In truth only the imperialists do not want the Middle East or Africa, they want the whole world.

Yes, dear reader and reading, everything has been part of a great deception, we have tried to deceive us into believing that we are “under terrorist threat,” but the truth is that so far only known terrorists are the very ones who accuse others of I be; United States are the real terrorists, who do not mind killing more than 3,000 people that September 11, the March 11 in Madrid, which also imported them later accuse Iraq of having “weapons of mass destruction” which never but they found that similarly killed thousands of innocent Iraqi in those bombings and attacks that killed Saddam Hussein in an illegal and lightning trial, where only stay a looted Iraq.

US imperialism from its barbarism in Iraq never sated, because his goal was always full control of the Middle East, but this was something that stopped, and was the world’s condemnation, this thanks to the many thousands of Wikileaks and leftist journalists braved a new form of combat: Media guerriilla. The world saw the true face puzzled imperialism, massacres of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, declassified information where one could see that elllos knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and many other things. The world was not fooled and expressed their indignation and protest in the streets of their cities, another Vietnam was seen coming for them.

But just gringos formalos not rest, and finally found a way to achieve their dirty goals without anyone knowing: retook “the ghost protocol”, ie, which indirectly created groups pseudo revulucionarios whom were mercenaries from around of the world. So then the world knew the famous “Arab Spring” which were nothing more than assumptions uprisings Arab peoples against their governments; but these uprisings media like CNN and others filled with romance and revolution, did not represent quite a popular will, because they were minorities who were rebellious, these minorities were precisely those financed by imperialism. Countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and entered histrórico criítico this point.

The world began to see gradually being attacked Socialist Republic of Libya and devastated by mercenaries mostly foreigners, and even trained agents and imperialist troops on Libyan soil these rebels called themselves revolutionaries who wanted to liberate Libya but for honest Libyans were known as “Rats” Rats. Eventually these mercenary hordes were left with control of Libya as they had much imperilistas sophisticated weaponry that had given him, al-Qathafi displaced without trial, the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA system forbidden, and not only that, also disappeared from the coffers 300000 billlones a lot paìsde oil wealth, this was the only result of this illegal intervention in Libya, Misery. Today this country is immersed in poverty and tribal warfare like Iraq, ruled by a peromuy dsconocidos estimated by the Yankees and NATO.

I talk about Libya because this has been the most sordid and criminal, cheeky and diabolical from these terrorist case, the most blatant case of terrorism and looting of these new pirates, the blood of innocent civilians Gaddafi Libyans and cry out for justice.

THIS CALL ON ISLAMIC STATE: YANKEE instrument of terror.

Now we have this lllamado Islamic state, a terrorist group who initially tests have shown that has been created and financed by imperialism, from Turkya have sent weapons, also from the UAE, with the sole purpose of terrror trarer and killed the people of Syria, and then to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, which is not useful because it does not share imperialism imperialist policies. Estaados States has always demonstrated its intention to take over Syria at all costs, therefore financed mercenaries and sent to that country began to make terrorist acts and atrocities against the civilian poblacón. Born groups like Al Nusra and the Islamic State, but the biggest allies of Syria are Russia, Iran and China, which from the beginning have prevented US military intervention in Syria. But the United States thought his “ghost protocol” was going to be helpful but did not, Russia decided to put a stop to these terrorist groupings as in Libya and were taking control of Syria. Russian ofeniva was overwhelming and this was their only Islamic state run, and the Yankees hold his tongue, then putting itself now, an end to terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

This November 13, France, the land where the revolution over imprialismo born, was unfortunately hit by well-planned, simultaneous terrorist attacks. As always, innocent civilians victims died in these attacks, and the culprit was just this Islamic state, the answer to launch an offensive against terrroristas.

As we know France, it has always been an ally of imperialism, but what strikes me is the similarity of these attacks to the September 11 Twin Towers; the French government was more than ready for any terrorist event but they did nothing, on the other point, these attacks happen just now that the imperialists are no strategy to seize Syria and Russia damaged his party also happens now when The Palestinian cause has become more global support and credibility. In conclusion, these terrroristas attacks are not attributed entirely to Yhijadistas forces, there is something more detraz all, I’m sure, but all I want to make clear is that the world can not continue to believe that everything that is said in traditional media must search and investigate, if the world is in chaos is yanke thanks to European imperialism, but nobody is to blame.

The countries of Latin America in the most left their also being victims by imperialism desestebilizaciones indirect, economic wars, disproof, and its greatest allies are the oligarchies, rights extremists who just want more power to get rich and that the people are poorer, that’s all, we have the best example in Venezuela, where attempts have also been hit, anarkias and the famous “guarimbas” by the right, which have claimed innocent victims. No political prisoners in Vnenezuela, there is only ambitious and irresponsible men who incite violence to seize power at all costs not respecting the will of a people that now people and government, Venezuela Hasta la victoria siempre. There is this Leopoldo Lopez, he said from prison that you can not wait until 2019 to be unseat Maduro at all costs.

In my country, Panama in the last government, under President Ricardo Martinelli and his party’s right-wing Democratic Change, real abuses were committed against the people, were murdered indigenous and trade unionists, and best, the state coffers were plundered vulgarly . At present, many employees of that government, ministers, directors, etc., are arrested for corruption, but the former president Martinelli has fled to Miami, where he apparently has the yankee protection and he argues that it is a political exile and persecuted; these are the people who defend the imperialists, people like them, corrupt and double standards. No matter if a leader is corrupt, authoritarian and repressive, after Estede according to qualify their dirty interests. True revolutionaries of the world, honest people, men and women, young students, workers, professionals, we all share one feeling: World peace, no more imperialism ….. Hasta la victoria siempre !!!



GHA-Abduction called ‘EA Qreis’,  former Libyan ambassador in Niger near the city of Tripoli RGHOUR.

Today Sunday, 11.15.2015 marks the second anniversary of the massacre Gharghour events in Tripoli in 2013, which claimed the lives of 53 people dead and 460 injured by a fire direct by armed groups on peaceful demonstrators angrily demanded the evacuation of Tripoli from all appearances armed formations.
remembrance of GHARGHOUR 11 NOV. 2013

Militia ‘Dawn Libya’ make arrests of those who put up banners and installed a memorial, at the demonstration in remembrance of the ‘massacre of Gharghour’, namely:

Khoja Ahmad and Khaled Souissi.

Remembrance of Gharghour Massacre, NOV. 2013, 2 Remembrance of Gharghour Massacre, NOV. 2013, 1

Closure of Omar al-Mukhtar Street in the CORNER:
Closure of Omar al-Mukhtar Street in the CORNER


Found the body of ‘Salah Amuallol a-Zentani’ in the landfill area of ​​Abu Salim in Tripoli.


‘Office of the Customs Authority of Tripoli’, confirms adjust unfit for drugs users.

1) Killed ‘just fishing’, the Chairman crime-fighting device, in his car, after an explosion in Tajourah.



2) Found, by the people of Tajourah area, on Sunday evening, the body of , “Ibrahim Zurayk”. He was found dead and lying in the road; and, said relatives of ‘Zurayk’, that the victim was kidnapped two weeks ago, from his home in the Saturday market area. Since the kidnappers requested an amount of a half million dinars, which was paid, following receipt of payment, they informed the family of the victims whereabouts, to Ajdugtth, as he had been already liquidated..





‘Room Zintan operations’:

Salah al-Soiei Belaid, one of the sons of Zintan,

was found dead after he was kidnapped by assailants in the capital Tripoli.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

“After we have hosted the ‘Committees reconciliation and dialogue’ and had the exchange of families (of prisoners), where and why are you making kidnappings of Zintani identity and barter and liquidation for our youth of Zintan, in Tripoli ?!!! What is the guilt of these young people !!!”

(Imad Offinek)





Jacqui al-Khla aa al-Zuwarah

Names of people importers for shipment of 400 contaminated containers of rice Afassd.omahtoa. 

contaminated rice

Ali alive and dead insects and other substances harmful to health –:

1 Abubakar Tahir Oboshman- Zuwarah
2 Abu Bakr Salim Manji Abusshman – Zuwarah
3 Accessories favor of Saud -Zuwarah
4 Imran Bashir Mirghani Salem – Zuwarah

The importing company – ‘Tripoli Estrada gardens materials Foods’

‘ROMA LIBYA’ take-over Mellita Oil & Gas complex in ZUWARAH:

'ROMA LIBYA' take-over Mellita Oil & Gas complex in ZUWARAH

A total of militias and armed of the so-called ‘Roma Libya’ at Visitors, stormed the ‘Mellitah gas complex’ and the closure of the road leading up to it, by force of arms, under the pretext that they have a right to employment within the complex.

The reopening of compound of ‘Mellita Oil & Gas’ partially and the return of some staff to work after the departure of most of the militias.



Sheikh Abu Maaz Noureddine Nfie:

Sheikh Abu Maaz Noureddine Nfie, 1 Sheikh Abu Maaz Noureddine Nfie, 2

Out 40 armed machinery, within regulation ‘Daash’ of Sirte, hours before, which was led by the terrorist named ‘Abu Maaz’ ﺃﺑﻮ ﻣﻌﺎﺫ.

‘Daash’ organization publishes pictures of celebrate what they called the Paris of the blessed process in Sirte.



‘Daash’ announces patrol targeting the Libyan Army. The Libyan Army was intercepted by elements near the area of ​​Brega.






‘Room Zintan operations’:·

Moved Aaaaagel:

Chief council-deputy, Secretary of the Libyan 'MAJLIS al-Nuwaab', Aguila Saleh Issa

Chief council-deputy, Secretary of the TOBRUK Libyan ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, Aguila Saleh Issa,

was banned from his appointment with Hollande or the French PM, in PARIS !!!

Our sources ,,

Aguila  Saleh Issa  was in favor of a request from the French Embassy, to hold his appointment with French President or Prime Minister of France.

On the embassy’s response was that he was banned from the reception ‘Ka French diplomat’ on the ground

Maystqublashi in Arabic means an end even if it was served in the Foreign Modv.

Then why permit other Arab leaders, faster than flying carpet, to arrive at the Elysee Palace ?
Others decorated towers and monuments and their chests with the knowledge of Paris,

And others Dhirvo tears and wrote pendants in humanity we have not seen in Madjer and Falluja, Sana’a and others chanted their hands on their hearts and pay tribute to France, which let them keep more than memorized the names of their countries,

And others have shown paper and feelings toward France, which serial killers million times in Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Tunisia. We thought that our memories as Memory fish.

But I assure every confidence that this image reflect Me all Mavera of indifference and dewy pride and ego details and even the university to all victims of the French oppression and lying French French, hatred and even with all the western.

[Libyan Knight Mnzawmath …]

(“Knight and Men”)


Misurata Militias re-occupy al-Jufra airbase

Clashes between Misurata militias, and the Kharijites in al-Jufra.





Black Assassin's Sulieman

Clashes in area Manshiyya, by rat militias ‘Solomon boys’, against the Tabou.

Violent clashes with heavy weapons near the oil depot on Airport Road  at B.Sabha



open air schooling in Yemen


With several schools bombed by the Saudi-led coalition, Yemen‘s children seek education under the sun. Such resilience and bravery .


  • Yemeni fighters Ansarolá popular movement.

    Yemeni fighters of the ‘Ansar-Allah’ popular movement.

Yemeni forces have killed a Saudi leader of the terrorist group al-Qaeda in Marib province in central Yemen, local sources.

As reported Sunday one of the military leaders of the popular movement Yemeni Ansar-Allah he said terrorist leader has died as a result of rocket attacks carried out by Yemeni forces.

This came on the same day that major advances have been reported by the Yemeni army and Ansar-Allah in Marib province.

hgn / RHA / mrk

  • The bodies of the soldiers killed in Yemen UAE arriving at the airport of Abu Dhabi, capital.

    The bodies of the soldiers killed in Yemen UAE arriving at the airport of Abu Dhabi, capital.

United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia ally in its aggression against Yemen, hired mercenaries from the ‘US firm Blackwater’ to fight against the Yemeni army and the ‘popular movement Ansar-Allah’

“The UAE authorities have withdrawn its forces from Yemen, replacing them with Blackwater mercenaries”, said Sunday Zeifolá al-Shami, member of the ‘political council of Ansar-Allah’, in an interview with the Iranian news channel in Arabic al-Alam.

“The UAE authorities have withdrawn its forces from Yemen, replacing them with Blackwater mercenaries”, said Sunday Zeifolá al-Shami, member of the political council of ‘Ansar-Allah’.

al-Shami also said that, at the time that the UAE Army began to take heavy casualties in Yemen, the UAE authorities sent to the country these Blackwater mercenaries, dressed in their uniform.

“Yemeni forces kill Blackwater mercenaries as they did with the Saudi soldiers and their allies” in Yemen, he said.

Meanwhile, the daily al-Akhbar revealed on the same day on Sunday that the UAE hired hundreds of mercenaries from Colombia and deployed in southern Yemen.

Colombian soldiers.

He noted that the Colombian group is part of a private army hired by the Arab country the ‘US company “Blackwater”‘, which provides security services to the UAE armed forces in order to extend its influence in the city of Aden in the south Yemen.

Some 800 former members of the Colombian Army forces entered Yemen to support the offensive of the Saudi regime and its allies.

Hiring mercenaries to fight in Yemen came after that in September, the Yemeni army attack on a weapons depot in the central province of Marib, 300 Saudi soldiers, UAE and bareiníes, lost their lives.

On 26 March 2015, Saudi Arabia launched a military offensive against Yemen , without the authorization of the UN, in an attempt to eliminate from the equation ‘Ansar-Allah’, and restore power to the fugitive president Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi (who had voluntarily resigned), a close ally of Riyadh .

mkh / NII /


Mon. 16 Nov. 2015 10:28PM

This file photo shows Ansarullah fighters in the Yemeni capital Sana’a.

This file photo shows ‘Ansar-Allah’ fighters in the Yemeni capital Sana’a.

Dozens of Saudi troops have been killed in an ambush by ‘Yemen’s Ansar-Allah fighters’ at the al-Omari camp north of the Bab al-Mandeb Strait off Yemen’s coast.

According to Yemeni media reports, a senior Saudi commander was also killed in the retaliatory attack on Monday.

A large number of Saudi forces were injured and their vehicles were put on fire during the operation.

 Saudi military officials have made no comments on the reports so far.

‘Ansar-Allah fighters, backed by allied army units’, have so far killed scores of Saudi and foreign soldiers in their retaliatory attacks. Yemeni say the raids are aimed at forcing Riyadh to stop its deadly war against its southern neighbor.

Yemen has been witnessing relentless attacks by Saudi Arabia since late March. The military strikes are meant to undermine the ‘Ansar-Allah’ movement and to bring fugitive former Yemeni western-puppet President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi back to power.

The Saudi aggression has reportedly claimed the lives of more than 7,100 people and injured nearly 14,000 others. The strikes have also taken a heavy toll on the impoverished country’s facilities and infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, and factories.



Algerian Minister for Tourism:

France harvested MISURATI in Libya and Syria alike.”

Bernard Henri-Levy King Chief of MISURATA



bashing all Muslims

France addresses its embassies in the world to prevent the granting of any visa for any Arab to enter its territory with the abolition of all visas issued in advance.

 Arab rejects

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