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Western paticipants (including the EU) and the rat ‘Allaotunai (GNC) Conference’ are insisting that Libya should have no Army/Arforce of its own, under their new puppet-govenment being imposed upon LIBYA by the UNO.

Sources indicate therefore, a prospective meeting between UNO Colonialist Martin Kubler and his assistant, with the military Commander of the Libyan Armed Forces.

'dignity' bannar, Bouchmoudte, Hftar, Khalifa Hftar and the Hua 'sworn-in', in front of the 'MAJLIS al-Nuwaab', as Lt. commander in chief of the Libyan Army

‎فيديو منتشر على صفحات التواصل ويلاقي إعجاب الكثسرين , يظهر فيه الرئيس الروسي بوتين وهو يتعامل مع إحدى الأزمات الاقتصادية في البلاد بحزم ويتدخل شخصيـآ لإنهاء المشكلة .. حزم وصرامة و ( خوف ) من القيادة .. هذا مانفتقده في بلادنا الآن .. لأن ناس واجد يخافو مايتحشمووش ..‎


American muggers Ali Tarhouni more fairly mesh Hajbh speech, Bode was that the process will continue with every month bring him down 13 thousand .. necessary are held accountable, he and all members of the (so-called) ‘Committee on the Constitution’ all the millions spent on them without any benefit ..

More fairly Haiqarh this speech is the American muggers Ali Tarhouni .. Elly sitting untapped chaos in the country and Libby mastered most of the money is given to his native America .. necessary be held accountable for every penny departed him and to the (so-called) ‘Committee on the Constitution’ before Maevsa! ..

MP ‘Mohammad Osaib’ comments about the ‘Tunisia agreement’ ..

Omran Elshaibi:


The last snapshot (of the moronic) who thought he (intelligent) Ibrahim Amish one lawmakers before leaving for Italy with five-way conference and then to France
The only problem is that by the rat Parliament with a five-year ‘Conference’ means playing one five (O dangerous) to go alone (giant lake regaled Sinbad (born alone and was elected a lonely and expelled a lonely)

After all those who were with him, and their return to parliament withdrew when showing them what is going on behind the scenes.





‘Room Zintan operations’ a partagé la photo de ‘scandals Libyan embassies abroad.’

07 décembre, 11:09 ·

Libya lost their money

‘Scandals Libyan embassies abroad’

07 décembre, 11:08 ·

This climber was appointed coordinator of the relations between the Rescue “Tripoli Government” , and the ‘Tunisian government’ …

and that, what he put his feet in Tunisia, has been transferred million

in an account in his name in the ‘Commercial Bank’ (Bank in Tunis) by his group.

The government and the amount, as we reported, is of allocations give students in Tunis; and today in the hands of the thief, and wreaking havoc, and the first purchases car Land Cruiser “lioness” worth 200 thousand Tunisian dinars.

Tunisia has successfully disintegrated and dismantled a terrorist cell on the border with Libya.
Anti-terrorism squads in the province of Medenine on theTunisian border with Libya, is made up of five elements. They destroyed an al-Qaeda cell which received military training in Libya.

And ‘Sky News’ channel quoted Tunisian Interior as saying that the disactivated group was attracting young people who were transfered from Libya with a view to joining al-Qaeda; and that they were planning to target shrines and religious shrines in southern Tunisia.

SOUSSE, TUNISIA - JUNE 29: Armed guards patrol Marhaba beach during a visit by British Home Secretary Theresa May at the scene where 38 people were killed on Marhaba beach last Friday, on June 29, Sousse, Tunisia. British Prime Minister David Cameron has said it has emerged that the British death toll in the Tunisian attack will rise above 30. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

This is what was stated in the Declaration of Principles and a national agreement in the Tunisian capital:



News of the dismissal of head of Information and Culture Commission, Omar Gawairi, and appoint Khaled media star as his successor ..


more RAT NEWS:
(using a dead man in his grave for financial corruotion)

using a dead man in his grave for financial corruption

‘DEAD’ man covers a lot of territory in 3 years !!!

‘Libya-page formal logic fight them to the Brotherhood ಠ_ಠ’

Greater risk of corruption in Libya after Daash and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their militias ..

“Libyan citizen dead wandering around Europe in three years!”

‘Africa Gateway News’:

Media local Libyan published a story revealing the size of the rampant corruption in the treatment of the wounded Libyans abroad files in innovative ways to get the Libyan people’s money.

Details and go back to the discovery of a file to a Libyan citizen was killed in clashes Brega and buried, and ended at the end of 2011 from his wounds.


****And put the victim in a way unable to name the devil thinking about it among the wounded and infected files to obtain the victim the opportunity to travel and entertainment him after he was killed in the same time as the inability to achieve it alive.

Citizen has gone after his death for treatment in Tunisia and Jordan, and eluded his treatment in Jordan was transferred to Greece did not doctors can treat there was transferred to Belgium and stayed there a year was sent to Germany to receive treatment and decided Germans amputated limbs, was transferred to Britain to stand Indian series there and declares that the owner View did not go to Britain.

After the British police investigations and contacts confirmed that he did not go anywhere, and he did not come to Britain in absolute and concluded that he was killed three years ago, and that he did not go to Europe, originally it did not come out of Libya, but its documents roam between countries and the disposal of his money.




‘Room Zintan operations’:

Bmjhodat the people of the region, especially in clay and Tuibih, has been opened by the redemptive for coastal closed – to enable people to move between Tripoli and the Western Region

the region’s youth are to set up two gates, in order to facilitate the passage of cars from both sides, and secure password
Center …and Rishvana  al-Aalama-  and ‘Wershfana Media Center’.

RISHVANA Coastal Road re-opens




‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.
22 members of the battalion in a military LIGHTENING (BATTALION) points in Southern Region.



ZINTAN Police Academy, graduationg class, 3 ZINTAN Police Academy, graduationg class, 2 ZINTAN Police Academy, graduationg class, 1

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.

The graduation of the second batch of employees of the police in the municipality of languages ​​ceremony.

‘Zintan operations room’ a partagé la publication de

‘force supporting the security directorates of the western region and South Committee for the “200”.’

Force support

‘Directorates support the security of the western region and the southern power of the Commission’, “the 200” a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.

support the security of the western and southern region force’, seizes large amounts of foreign-made liquor.

Mountain Science University Gharba..
klah of Zintan


Allah reward the university administration.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Rahetna from God and not from slave.
Did not live up to Nrash is God like other human beings.
Come and see for yourself ..nhamd Allah discipline.




Flame of five fuel tanks station steam result of clashes of armed militias…

Electricity company demanding to intervene to stop the fighting and maintenance of the damage confirming that the electricity will be cut off at a number of cities and regions if it continued armed clashes between the three families that led to the injury of one of the tanks in the steam plant as a result ..

Fire at the steam-plant for electricity in the CITY OF FIVE

PICTURE: Fire at the steam-plant for electricity in the CITY OF FIVE.

CITY OF FIVE, steamplant for electric, fire, 4 CITY OF FIVE, steamplant for electric, fire, 3 CITY OF FIVE, steamplant for electric, fire, 2 CITY OF FIVE, steamplant for electric, fire, 1

Number of victims of the clashes in the City of Five

(GREAT LOSS to the [8]MAWAL & [3]TARHOUNI families):

17 dead so far:
1_Mfattah al-Tarhuni
2_Abrahim al-Tarhuni
3_Asm Mawal
4_Imad (Abdel) Mawal

5_Hasin Mawal
6 Hamida Mawal
7 Ibrahim Mawal
8_Halifa Mawal
9_Ali Mawal
10_Ramadan Oribi
11_Hassan Mawal
12_Nadr al-Tarhuni
13_Faraj Zlitni
14_Tarq Baccouche
15_Khaled Merhi
16_old Alm Khasrani
17_old Moses al-Rmala



‘Chief of staff of the Air Force official page’:

The air of your troops formations (Nasr- Shaheen – Sahab – Raad) has implemented several sorties in the framework of the process of the ‘Martyr Ali pricey’ sorties were as follows:

From sortie of the late Col. Ali ‘pricey’ No. 2 to the ‘pricey’ No.8 any seven sorties and targeted several locations in Benghazi, Ajdabiya and TUBER, were strikes by the Commission on follow-up, and the evaluation is excellent,

and will be operational in the city of Ajdabiya in the name of the ‘Martyr Dean pilot Abdul Majid sweeping’,

either in the city of Derna, the process today as ‘Martyr Amer Saad Abel’

and every process implemented in ‘Rihanna Middle Libyan Derna’ will be the name of the ‘hero martyr of her sons’.


Yesterday was the second anniversary of the auto-assasination (oiled the road and faked an accident) of  Thunderbolt SF-director-MARTYR Salah Faraj Bohlaiqah, committed by ‘Ansar al-Sharia (who are now ‘DAASH), who was having great success in cleaning ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ from Sirte (at that time):

Vi_zkry_ovah_bouhliqh ..
O my eyes to cry claimed …
Tears that are shed dissipated, …
Vqdty Bohlaiqah Salah …
Aainy cry day and night …
The Commando …
Elly Bakana young adults …
God Ghalib Hecy to the fates …
Athb winds …
Amaaha answer changer wounds …
Aainy claimed to cry ..
Tears that are shed dissipated, …
‘Libya-page formal logic fight them to the Brotherhood ಠ_ಠ’
05 décembre, 2013
On this day 06/12/2013
Hearts locked in God and we received the news of the death of

Colonel Salah Faraj Bohlaiqah, the Battalion commander of the Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs of the corner,” with the conduct of a painful (so-called) “accident” in Region Boukran.

Oh Allah, forgive him and Orahmh Lord of the Worlds


director-MARTYR Salah Bohlaiqah director-MARTYR Salah Bohlaiqah, 12-06-2013 martyred hero Salah Abdullah Bohlaiqah deceased Col. Salah Faraj Bohlaiqah


الحدث تعتمد التحليل كطريقة من أجل إلقاء الضوء على أبعاد حدث دولي برز في الأخبار. العرض : من الاثنين إلى الجمعة الساعة 14:40 بتوقيت باريس.

وقفة مع الحدث

وقفة مع الحدث

آخر تحديث : 01/12/2015

تنظيم “الدولة الإسلامية” في سرت الليبية… قريبا أولوية أوروبية قصوى؟

© فرانس 24

فيما تتكثف الضربات ضد تنظيم “الدولة الإسلامية” في سوريا والعراق، صدرت تقارير عدة عن توسع التنظيم في ليبيا، التي اعتبرتها باريس الملف الأبرز في الأشهر المقبلة. فلماذا الخشية الأوروبية؟ وما حدود التدخل الأوروبي ضد تنظيم “الدولة الاسلامية” في ليبيا؟

إعداد وسيم الأحمر

France soon to bomb Sirte

Pause with the event – of the “Islamic state” in Sirte, Libya, soon … European top priority?

The strikes intensified against the “Islamic state” in Syria and Iraq, issued several reports … | De France 24 / FRANCE 24 Arabic


Great Mosque in Prairie City

PICTURE: Great Mosque in Prairie City

Mahmoud Annagaja:

Memorial service in Prairie City for Col. Ali 'pricey'

“Yesterday we visited the Prairie city to offer condolences to the martyr, Allah willing, colleague ‘Colonel corner pricey’ is the operating room of Benghazi, accompanied by ‘Colonel Idris Material ‘

Colonel Idris 'material ' in memorial service for Col. Ali 'pricey' at Prairie City

and Colonel Mohammed al-Tahih, and a group of officers from Zintan and al-Rajaban, was greeted parents ‘Shi Musharraf’ and above Makana expect the generosity and hospitality;

and good reception from Guibl his family and tribe. I know may Allah give them all the best, and Allah have mercy on the martyrs home companions.”




‘Libya-page formal logic fight them to the Brotherhood ಠ_ಠ”:

«Shaheen» carried out the first tasks ..

Abraq Air Base commander Colonel Ali ‘pricey’ righteous

«According to the center gate», on Sunday, that «MiG-21» plane dubbed «Shaheen» carried out the first overflights after the end of al-Qaeda maintenance east of the country.

He said that the righteous engineers and technicians ‘Abraq Air Force Base’ performed maintenance work on military fighter «MiG-21», as was highlighted in blue and piloted in only a reconnaissance sorties.


Righteous and explained that in the coming hours «Shaheen» will combat tasks within warplanes to the Libyan air force.


Ahmad al-Zway, reporting:

Ajllidayh al-Eom Ajdabiya

In the presence of dignitaries and all the ‘tribes of Ajdabiya’, and all social fittings and special forces battalion,

Muhammad Absat ordered the 21 border guards and ordered prey Mohammed Gabésian battalion officers and employees of the ‘Security Directorate of Benghazi,Tokrh, & al-Marj’, and employees of the ‘General Intelligence’, and also military intelligence and military engineering Hero Tariq Saaiti...

It was agreed on the following:

1_ Libyan army to enter peacefully to the city of Ajdabiya on 15_12_2015.
2_all the city’s residents to stay in their homes to be safe; and that the Army would not fire a single shot upon them, only to those who stand Libyan Ddhaljeic.
3_al-Jeic Libyan city will provide vital places and on each of which supports militias kidnap and assassination and threats, those will be arrested.
4_sov be targeting al-Kharegin law is not Eachd Ptaliman army and militias supported or funded by whatever capacity or his place in the harbor.
5_ali: all officers and members of the Army, to go out and join.

     (of those Joined, will not be considered a traitor),
6_sov be answered strongly, standing in front of the Army and the people of the city, to expel the militia from the streets, and make way for the Army (so as not to hurt the citizens).
7_ali: blood parents not to adhear to recklessness and the burning of homes of the militiamen.


Libyan Airforce bombed sites of DAASH in south AJDABIYA

Libyan Airforce bombed sites for the stationing of the Kharijites south of the city ..

‎كلمة قائد المجور الغربي #محمد_ذاوود_القابسي في الجلداية بخصوص التحرك العسكري للجيش الليبي في مدينة #اجدابيا يوم 2015/12/15‎


Commander of the Western word, al-Mgeor Mamed Maood al-Kabsa in Jldaah
Concerning the military action of the Libyan Army in the city of Ajdabiya on 12.15.2015

‘Libya-page formal logic fight them to the Brotherhood ಠ_ಠ’:

Mazalo Astabto and Icolo rebels, the problem is the so-called Shura Council rebels Ajdabiya Forums Mbaya to Daash .. mesh trampled .. Azhabo what transcends the things without denominations meaning Hitagar fact .. and Askto people and Aradw only really matter because the description Daash under the name of rebels Ajdabiya ..

not to mention of course to say catastrophic ..

Allah Almqji Qt Ahddo, before February events Kano how rats, either in Hawwachinam Karsen, or Mtouhan in prisons ..

Hearden and these are sweet days, Allah willing, whether you like my father and my father ..

Found dead tied in forties, was found dead with a bullet in the head, in the waterfalls, and it turned out it belonged to someone named: ROIFFE Abdulkarim key of Omsaad area ..




Public services company ‘Benghazi Manage hygiene’.

In light of the lack of salaries for more than 10 months.

Today the public services company Benghazi hygiene management of  ‘Have Built’, has completed a clean air base runway for our warplanes.

'HAVE-BUILT' airbase runway

'HAVE-BUILT' airbase runway, 6 'HAVE-BUILT' airbase runway, workers break 'HAVE-BUILT' airbase runway, 5 'HAVE-BUILT' airbase runway, 4 'HAVE-BUILT' airbase runway, 3 'HAVE-BUILT' airbase runway, 2

Others are as follows 08/12/2015
1-unit al-Kwyvih Services
2-unit automated houses of worship
3-section removal and transfer of waste.

Illustrative image reconstruction projects and companies and the cost and duration for the specified time, held by the dean of the municipality, Mr. Omar Barasi ..

The conclusion of a number of contracts with companies for the reconstruction of the Benghazi Municipal Council.

Benghazi signed a number of contracts with the representatives of the companies that applied for projects put forward by the municipal council through tenders committee attended the signing of the Sub-Dean of the municipal age Barasi and a number of Council members and representatives from government institutions ceremony.

And the signing of contracts is a step the first steps on the road to the reconstruction of Benghazi, according to statements of some of its members.

Zakaria said (a member of the municipal council of Benghazi), with dates that the contracts have been signed contracts is urgent to begin maintenance work, stressing that the city will see in the coming days to sign more contracts calling for the government to pay heed to Benghazi to solve their problems.



CID Benghazi demanding the victims of assassinations review it within three days ..

Demanded the unity of Documentation and Information Department of Criminal Investigation in Benghazi on Sunday with the families of the victims of terrorism, assassination or liquidation of operations or explosions at the hands of terrorist organizations to review the unit in a maximum period of three days.

The head of the Unit Documentation and Information Department of Criminal Investigation Major Ali Mohammed al-Tarhuni for «middle gate» PRESS, said:


The demand include victims of terrorism all of the officers and soldiers of the military and security institution, journalists, activists and lawyers, as well as civilians who were killed because of their support for the military and security institutions.

 al-Tarhuni called for the victims of terrorism, to gather together andbring two photographs of their dead, and forensic report and the death certificate and the record of the incident.

And Reconciliation Commission sheikhs and notables appointed area passing match on a private document in the murder and error issues ..

Channel news you move a demonstration in Benghazi in 2013 came out in front of the Tibesti Hotel to condemn the increasing number of assassinations, claim army and police .. In response to the demonstration Brotherhood and the Kharijites that came out in the court yard to bid religion .. appears in the video activist Abdullah Ghiryani .. who Kharijites later planting an explosive device under his car, and miraculously survived death and is now on a journey treatment outside the country for more than a year after the explosive device that caused the process has serious wounds and Thtka in the pelvic area and broken bones ..

‎قناة النبأ تقوم بنقل مظاهرة في بنغازي عام 2013 خرجت أمام تيبستي تنديدآ بإزدياد عدد الإغتيالات , والمطالبة بجيش وشرطة .. وردآ على مظاهرة الإخوان والخوارج التي خرجت في ساحة المحكمـة للمزايدة بالديــن .. يظهر في الفيديو الناشط عبد الله الغرياني .. الذي قام الخوارج لاحقآ بزرع عبوّة ناسفة تحت سيارته , ونجى من الموت بأعجوبة وهو الآن في رحلة علاج خارج البلاد منذ أكثر من عام بعد أن أحدثت عمليـة العبوة الناسفة له جراحآ خطيرة وتهتكا في منطقة الحوض وكسور في العظام ..‎


‘Hani al-Oraibi’ informs us:

The names of the martyrs and the injured Bazn Allah and family at  Hawari hospital, of their workers in Benghazi with the Libyan Army and their supporters in the Battle of Dignity (while they were in the axes):

Mahmoud Subaihi .. technical analysis martyr

(Near the main door of the hospital cited random shot).

Hassan ELHOUDERI .. individual safe Balcharkih hospital martyr
(Cited in one of the axes)
………………………………………….. ………………………
Wounded and injured in the names of axes
Hamouda al-Akora .. nurse wounded ..
Ashraf al-Obeidi .. nurse wounded ..
Khaled Haddad .. nurse wounded ..
Akram al-Obeidi .. nurse wounded ..
Munir Oraibi .. nurse wounded ..
Ali al-Barsha .. nurse wounded ..
Mohammed Hussein .. nurse wounded ..
Anis Fakhiri .. nurse wounded ..
Salem Awami technical analysis .. .. wounded
Jamal al-Aftmana .. wounded head of the movement department and ambulance
Mohammed the light .. .. ambulance driver wounded
Moroccan Khalid .. ambulance driver wounded ..
Mohammed Jqurm .. Balcharkih hospital security personnel wounded
Ahmed Aharabi .. Balcharkih hospital security personnel wounded.

They were the names of prisoners:
Dr. Ahmed al-Jazhoy rays ..
Abu Bakr Fetouri ..mamrd in the Department of sterilization
Mohammed al-Akora dialysis technician ..
Mohammed Ashour dialysis technician ..

In the picture

a group of employees in one of the axes Hawari with the Libyan army and supporters to them the names of the martyrs before dignity process:

Dr. Abdullah Amoirbe cited the year 2011 in the Rat’s February (so-called) ‘Revolution’ and Essam al-Dhoi Aujali cited after the assassination at the beginning of 2014
Amoirbe was Dr. General Surgery and al-Dmaki was one inspection officials and follow-up medical elements and medical assistance and administrative components hospital Hawari Benghazi hospital lock the temporary result of the clashes area Hawari from last October 2014 al-Thako health facilities in Benghazi and an ambulance Benghazi and in axes with the Libyan army and supporters to them God bless them all the effort made to help people and serve my Lord have mercy on the martyrs and heal the wounded.



Kharijites targeting hideouts of heavy artillery in the Gulf Street Laithi ..
Oh Allah, throw shot and insist brilliant victory Lord of the Worlds.

Libyan air force bombed shortly before Tmrkzac of the Kharijites in Laithi and Mahor Gharba ..

Hawks Libyan air over the city now ..


Air intense now and in the low to high in the sky of the city of Benghazi.

Benghazi Medical Center.

{Emergency department Medical Center ….. Full … and shows ….}

In response to the rumors and published through social networking
about the image published to a patient his bed and is been by his companions away from the Medical Center Children’s Hospital, which aroused public opinion and led to criticism of Azaalntrz Medical for not supplied ambulance is transferred so the patient went Information Office Medical Center to the emergency department to clarify the matter and verified where He told us a “Najib Sati Prime ambulance center“-
That the truth of what happened to the patient owner of the shot as follows:

He contacted us by those with the patient regarding the transfer of their patient for the purpose of conducting dialysis at Children’s Hospital.
I attended ministering to the accommodation section located by the patient to move it and take instructions from the physician to his surprised ambulance driver.

To reject the “doctor” patient Transport and go by the Children’s Hospital because his condition is stable and can not be carried out dialysis process previously imposed on it.

According to the doctor’s instructions returned the driver was transported by ambulance patient.

Ambulances at Benghazi Medical Center
But it seems that the insistence of the patient and his family left him dragged him from the medical center on foot without the consent of Tabiba.othmlh responsibility to do so.

And from another side
And “clarification” about the possibilities ambulance department Sati said that the Medical Center of the three towers and a section birth and with the closure of radiology departments, which summoned the transfer of patients to the work of X-rays outside Almrkazhoomam that the vast amount of undecided and residents Center.

The ambulance department declares that he does not currently have only two cars to transport patients to Agarahit only has about 12 ambulance Bhozat section was distributed to the themes that the armed clashes.
The reason that a great burden as a result of the sharp shortage of ambulances offset by the large number of patients and medical center necessarily led to the disruption to patients and medical staff departments Center Taby.o Ozdiadalchukoy of everyone.

Sati said the ambulance department demanded an urgent letter last month to provide ambulances, addressing the Department of Medical Center, which in turn addressed the ambulance system of government so-called “191” as the nature of his work hospitals support needs and to only n that are not answered on the claim by them.


‘Libya-page formal logic fight them to the Brotherhood ಠ_ಠ’, asks of us

# E ..
Elag for missing #
Mohammad Ali ELHOUDERI out no longer than about a week, and states that he is mentally ill, to recognize him from contact with his family, and God does not waste the reward of the best work ..

Found a citizen, “Mohammad Ali ELHOUDERI” dead due to a heart attack in the water cycle in the Benghazi Medical Center, and states that he suffered from mental illness was missing since a week after he was hospitalized for the detection of pain in the chest ..

We ask Allah to accept it bestow mercy and eternal heavens ..


‘Libya-page formal logic fight them to the Brotherhood ಠ_ಠ’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.
Photos found in a ‘mobile Daash’ at Rulrhh,
Smoke during al-Tasban Halal!






Run 66/30 / room 11kv _ Tobruk control center
The completion of the installation work of 30 KV Tobruk Tower ..alhadh ..oahn circle.
Thanks and appreciation for the band lines and maintenance of medium voltage cable networks Tobruk circle.
And executing company .wala all employees of the General Company for Electricity Tobruk.

Tobruk electric




SISI, General of Egypt

President Abdel al-Fateh al-Sisi of Egypt:

Beware .. danger coming from Libya what the world did not move.

President Abdel Fateh al-Sisi said that the denial of access to the influx of weapons and fighters belonging to terrorist groups to Libya needs to a very large effort from Egypt and the neighboring countries of Libya and the Mediterranean countries, including Greece and Cyprus.

Sisi said that we make an effort and we have a very huge burden and we need the support of all European countries in this regard, pointing out that this work requires a combination of both Egyptian and European efforts because there are more than 2000 km borders freely to Libya Mediterranean need to secure a huge effort of an international integrated and to prevent the flow of weapons and fighters and money.

Sisi pointed to the Egyptian presence on the land borders of Libya which needs to be secured; and Egypt to do so as much as possible, and there must be an international effort in this regard.

Sisi: “I warned of the developments of the situation in Syria and Iraq two years ago, and I warn again now, from the growing threat of terrorism in Libya, if we can not move quickly and properly.”






Aden, Yemen, DAASH ills governor and six companions

The killing of the governor of Aden, Major General Gaffar Mohamed Saad targeting his car and six of his companions. The organization of ‘Daash’ has claimed the bombing..

Stop the Bombing war against Yemen!


OPEN LETTER to MPs of the German Bundestag

To the
Members of the Left Party (departmental foreign policy,
Security policy, human rights)
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin

Subject: Sanctions against Saudi Arabia

Dear Ladys and Gentlemen,

We, the members of the political civic movement towards New (est. 2008) contact us today to you, with the request that you are running for a imposition of sanctions against Saudi Arabia.

Since March 2015, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leads – an absolutist regime of Saud family, where there is virtually no civil rights – a bombing campaign against the weaker neighboring Yemen. Numerous cities were bombed, killing more than 7,500 people and not only military targets, but also the civilian infrastructure such as hospitals or the international airport in the capital Sanaa were destroyed, so now No flights with relief goods arrive more. More than 16,000 people were injured by the bombing, including at least 505 children, according to UNICEF. The organization also calculates that 537,000 Yemeni children suffer from “severe malnutrition”, which corresponds to a tripling of the number before the crisis. The threatening malnutrition was exacerbated by damaged or blocked supply routes and restrictions on imports of food and fuels further.

A few weeks ago led by Saudi Arabia military alliance bombed a hospital of “MSF” in the northern province of Saada. Since the “Doctors Without Borders” have regularly the GPS data of the hospital that was marked as neutral health center, reported to the warring parties, it can be assumed that the bombing was intentional, especially since the hospital had specialized in the treatment of war wounds , The Saada province is considered as the home country of the Houthis and the hospital was the last in the region, which was still working. Now 200,000 people are without medical care. According to UNICEF, it was already the 39th health center, which was taken in March in Yemen during air raids.

Background for the attacks is the rise of a rebel movement called ansarullah, which is dominated by the tribe of North Yemen Houthis. The Houthis reject the fundamentalist interpretation of Islam as in Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive a car or do not leave the house without a male escort, for example, from. Furthermore ansarullah would also claims to combat social inequality in the country and close the US military bases.

With their conquest of the capital Sanaa, the Houthis have the Saudi friendly puppet President Abed Rabbo Mansur Hadi sold end of 2014 the Saudi exile. Hadi, who was elected in 2012 as the only candidate with 98% of the vote for president, had proved incapable, and is often accused of corruption. First, from his stronghold, the port city of Aden, later from Saudi Arabia, Hadi tried to establish its power again. But the majority of the Yemeni army obeyed still the 2012 after 34 years in office deposed in the wake of the “Arab Spring” long term President Ali Abdullah Saleh. This allied with surprisingly ansarullah so that the rebels are now getting a large part of the army support. The followers of Hadi came militarily quickly under pressure, so that Saudi Arabia intervened to make its regime again.

Despite the bomb terror of the Saudis has continued among whom are the al-Qaeda fighters and südjemenitische separatists (Hirak movement). But greater popular support than Hadi and his ragtag band of mercenaries, is the alliance of Ansar-Allah and the military of former President Saleh ,
Both ex-president Saleh, and the Houthis have called several months ago to peace negotiations without preconditions, but Hadi and Saudi Arabia have rejected. The Saudis intensified the attacks against Yemen instead even further and presented a multinational intervention force with the participation of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan.

Human rights activists called the dictatorship of the Saud family as one of the most brutal regimes worldwide. Prominent examples include the jail, torture exposed Blogger Raif Badawi or arrested at the age of 17 years Ali al-Nimr, who was sentenced to death for participating in demonstrations by beheading and crucifixion. A judgment which has recently confirmed the Supreme Court.

While the Western community has hastily imposed 2011 sanctions against Libya, although – as has now been found – the Libyan air force had never attacked unarmed civilians, seems Saudi Arabia when it comes to killing people, to enjoy full rein.

Neither it had to bear the consequences, as it stifled the tender beginnings of the Arab Spring in the bud, nor that it brutally crushed the protests in neighboring Bahrain.

The country is also a major obstacle to a peaceful solution in Syria conflict, because it equips both the radical Islamic terrorists of al-Nusra Front, an offshoot of al-Qaeda, as well as the Islamic State (IS) with weapons.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and his peace initiative for Syria was swept by the Saudis recently brusquely aside.

Even before this backdrop, prohibits any further arms trade with Saudi Arabia!

It is an irresponsibility of the first order, one of the world’s largest exporters of Islamic terrorism to sell weapons and that to allow even a license production!
For years in Afghanistan (with the support for the Taliban) and several other countries attended Saudi Arabia by an “export” its radical Islamic ideology of Wahhabism for the spread of Islamic terrorism!

Since all diplomatic efforts to end the Saudi bombing campaign against the Yemeni people and the global Saudi support for radical Islamic terrorists have failed, we call for political and economic sanctions against Saudi Arabia!

The regime in Riyadh has to adjust its terror bombing against Yemen and withdraw its troops who are already in the country. Furthermore, it must cease to pour oil on the fire of the Syrian civil war and IS and upgrade al-Nusra Front.

In future there should be no military cooperation with Saudi Arabia, as long as human rights are violated in flagrant manner and the regime of war exported to other countries.

With its oil billions the Saudi regime has created a whole range of co-profiteers in Europe and the US. The thick shops ensure that the Western politicians see all the atrocities of the regime of time or practice at best delicately worded alibi criticism of the Saudi crimes.
We encourage you to speak a clearer language here!

Peace in the Middle East and a decongestion of global Islamic terrorism, there will be only when the Saudi swamp is drained! We encourage our political elite and the deputies of the German Bundestag, therefore, to work for the imposition of sanctions against Saudi Arabia!

The oil should the FRG and the EU in the future more shopping in democratic countries such as Venezuela, rather than to fatten brutal dictatorships!

With best regards

Kay Hanisch




Six mercenaries for the SAUDI army were killed in the city Ta’iz in Yemen.

“TAIZ, Dec. 08 (Saba) – Six Colombian soldiers and their Australian commander were killed on Tuesday in Al-Amri area of Taiz province.

The ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’ repulsed an attempt of the mercenaries of the Saudi-led coalition to advance toward al-Amri area in Dhubab district and killed and wounded many of them, including six Colombian soldiers and their commander Philip Steetman, an Australian national, a military official in Taiz said.

The Colombian soldiers came to the country with the American Blackwater forces, which belong to the Saudi-led coalition forces invading Yemen, he added.
“TAIZ, 08 Dec. (Saba) –

Six Colombian soldiers and their Australian commander were killed on Tuesday in al-Amri area of Taiz province. The Yemeni Army and ‘Popular Committees’ repulsed an attempt of the mercenaries of the Saudi-led coalition to advance toward al-Amri area in Dhubab district,  and killed and wounded many of them, including six Colombian soldiers and their commander Philip Steetman, an Australian national, a military official in Taiz said.

The Colombian soldiers came to the country with the American Blackwater forces, which belong to the Saudi-led coalition forces invading Yemen, he added.



Deputy German / Alice first stop Erdogan dirty game, instead of bombing Daash ..

Image Russian weapon Balbosfor provoke Turkey

Description Turkish Foreign Minister, born Jaoh Ihsanoglu, Sunday, show the Russian warships to transit of weapons to the Bosphorus Strait as a “provocation”, and in the context of growing tension between the two countries.

TV broadcast “The T in” pictures of Russian fighter carrying a rocket launcher on his shoulder in a position at all on board the warship as it passed through the Bosporus Strait in Turkey.

Jaoh Ihsanoglu said that “the show Russian warships to weapons is a provocation.”

TV and said that “Caesar Konikov” ship of the Russian naval fleet in the Black Sea crossed the Bosphorus on Sunday morning, but other media reported that it crossed Friday.

And Relations between Russia and Turkey acute crisis after Russian fighter shot down by Ankara on its border with Syria on 24 November 2015.






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