Dans le sillage de la Seconde Guerre III, la Jamahiriya retours/ IN THE WAKE OF WW III, The JAMAHIRIYA RETURNS!


Gadhafi triuphs over NATO &USA     Muammar al-Gaddafi, 12th AU Summit, 090202-N-0506A-534 cropped.jpg



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Posted 12 January 2012 – 11:41 AM

Even NATO will not be able to control the southern desert. Rabble rats are finished. Green Libya will be reborn like Phoenix from the ashes !

Posted 10 January 2012 – 07:28 AM

Muammar was neither caught nor killed.They caught and killed a double.Muammar is alive and organising the Resistance from a safe underground location.
Muammar is alive.

He is coordinating the Green Resistance from a safe underground location.

His own press is not reporting on it because he wants to keep his underground location secure and safe, hidden away from western rats.The time will come for him, but not yet, to show up again.VIVA MUAMMAR !Posted 15 January 2012 – 08:21 AM

Only one son is captured: Saif al-Islam.And he is not really captured, he is staying with the Zinten tribe who are keeping him safe from rats’ harm.It is said that he will even marry a woman from the Zinten tribe, this will assure their loyalty to the Guide.Khamis Gaddafi is underground, organizing the Green Resistance with his father.Hannibal and two  brothers are in Algeria in exile, with their sister Aisha and mother Safia.

They are organizing the media: Aisha will take over and continue TV Rai from a new location.

Two of the Guide’s sons, Saif al-Arab and Mutassim, are dead: killed by NATO butchery.

Aisha’s husband – a colonel in the Jamahiriya Army – is dead as well: killed by NATO butchery.

  • Libye – Les manifestants à Benghazi chantent « Oui oui …oui oui … Maoummer est toujours vivant » (5 janvier 2012)

    Publié le 05/01/2012 à 21:40 – 905 visites

    Source : ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Selon Dhida Yawme 17 fibrayr Fi Libya (Contre le 17 février en Libye), des grandes manifestations dans les rues de Benghazi et les manifestants chantent « وي وي وي وي .. معمر قاعد حي» « Oui oui …oui oui … Maoummer est toujours vivant ».

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    Libya: Demonstrators in Benghazi chant “yes, yes, yes, yes … Muammar is still alive” (January 5, 2012)

    According to Dhida Yawme 17 Fibrayr Fi Libya (Against February 17 in Libya), huge demonstrations are taking place in the streets of Benghazi, with demonstrators chanting “yes, yes, yes, yes …. Muammar is still alive.”

    • ALGERIA ISP / La radio Libya FM (Pro CNT) a diffusé une chanson patriotique du guide Maoummer Kadhafi ce qui a provoqué la colère des rebelles et des pro CNT. La radio LIBYA FM s’est excusée et elle a confirmé que c’est une radio du CNT. Est ce que cette diffusion été accidentelle ou bien délibérée par un fidèle de la résistance verte ou un piratage de la fréquence de la radio ?

      :green flag: :green flag:

      Libya: Radio Libya FM (pro rabble rats) sends a patriotic song of the Guide Gaddafi (January 6, 2012)

      Radio Libya FM (pro rabble rats) sent a patriotic song of Guide Muammar Gaddafi which provoked the anger of rabble rats and their “council”. Radio Libya FM apologized and confirmed they are a radio for rabble rats. Was the playing of this song accidental or deliberated by a loyal Green Resistance Fighter ?

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Wednesday 25 January 2012

LIBYA: Final report of the Government (01/25/2012): Gaddafi is alive! … The international community must explain why neglect and makes it easier for criminals “rebels” of the NATO-CNT destruction and genocide committed in Libya

– From Bani Walid – repeated reports that Muammar Gaddafi is alive! : Gaddafi is alive and in Liberia, where he plans to return to Libya.
Abdul Jalil was forced to flee the headquarters of the puppet government when the crowd entered the building, even after the destruction of his escort.
Shortly after entering the city, a local radio station began broadcasting the speeches of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi,  who insists that he is alive and well, and is currently in Liberia, where he is coordinating the activities for his return to Libya.

Invitation to Green Charter Movement to Discuss the Green Manifesto (2012)

Posted: 2012/01/22
From: Mathaba   http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629819?rss
Green Committees have issued an invitation for supporters and members of the Green CharterMovement to approve or modify a Green Manifesto setting out basic principles of the movement
In response to demands from among the Green Charter Movement for a unifying document of purpose, discussions took place which has produced a draft “Green Manifesto 2012” by way of consensus.Committees who took part in the process are inviting those among the Green Charter Movement who did not have the opportunity until now, to join in the final stages of drafting the manifesto and participate in the discussion.The committees opted to use the Green Charter forums hosted at www.mathaba.org and those wishing to read and participate, can register at the forum if they have not done so before, or login and visit the following link:https://www.mathaba.org/topic_show.pl?tid=431Past users of the forum who may have lost their passwords, can type their username or emailaddress into the lost password box, in order to receive an email with a login link.


By Quoriana  [nl] Date 2012-01-22 22:03
a) Are you in general agreement with the need for this Green Manifesto as a document for adoption and issuance by the Green Charter Movement?Absolutely. I think it is very useful and necessary to make clear to the world as well as to ourselves who we are and what we stand for, it is our outer and inner identity. Therefore I propose that as soon as this Manifesto is final, each and everyone of us should read it at least once a week, simply because the human mind tends to forget or at least to not exactly remember anymore after a while. Some Protestant churches in Europe have the habit to read out their Creed (which actually is their Manifesto) at the beginning of each church service, which I think is very useful to simply stay alert. We should be awake and ready to face the world, including and especially the enemy, all the time, and the best way to stay prepared is to continually be aware of who we are and what we stand for.Speaking of who we are, I personally prefer the name Jamahiri Citizen above all (see 6. of the Manifesto). Other than many other names, especially names ending with -ist, is being a Citizen almost as plain as being male or female and not subject to different interpretations. No one has to protest or join any (political) organization whatsoever to become a citizen of this world. The same is the case with becoming a Jamahiri Citizen. I believe we all are a Jamahiri Citizen by nature, simply because we all have the same basic human rights as explained in the International Green Charter. The only difference is: we should become aware of those human rights, of how they are violated by governments, banking institutions and other criminal organisations and even by ourselves if we do not respect ourselves or think we don’t owe those basic human rights. (Or, even worse, if we think we can restore our violated human rights by becoming selfish, greedy and materialistic, which is what governments, companies and add campaigns encourage us to be and to do since they are well aware of the fact that there is a huge gap in at the world citizen’s life, caused by the violation of those people’s basic human rights, so “let’s tempt them to buy expensive cars, to go on expensive trips, to buy expensive jewelry, clothes and make-up, maybe it will make them feel like their human rights are restored”. This, of course, will never bring anyone closer to the truth of the Third Universal Theory (3UT) and therefore will never work).As soon as we are aware of our basic human rights and about the truth of the 3UT, I guess we can call ourselves Enlightened Jamahiri Citizens, but let’s not use that term as for now every Jamahiri Citizen should be considered to be aware of the 3UT truth. Rather put it the other way around: every world citizen who is not aware of the 3UT truth yet, can be considered to be an Unenlightened Jamahiri Citizen.If it is important to people to stick with other names, then if they are a Christian, they can become a Jamahiri Christian. If they are a Communist, they can become a Jamahiri Communist. If they are a Humanist, they can become a Jamahiri Humanist, and so on. However if they are a criminal (violator of any human right), they of course can not become a Jamahiri criminal.b) Do you feel the 10 points cover the main issues to give substance and guidance to the movement as a uniting platform of core principles?Yes I do. To clarify the Manifesto to people who are not familiar with the Green Charter Movement and the 3UT, it will be helpful to not only refer to the Glossary at the greencharter wiki, but to also insert all necessary links.c) Do you have any other overall suggestions or comments regarding the Green Manifesto?The difference between Membership (5.) and Leadership (9.) may not be immediately clear to everyone, and I am also not sure if Membership and Leadership should be separated. It also can be that I don’t totally understand the difference myself. As it is now, it can be interpreted that both Membership and Leadership can be reached by adopting the ideology, and that Leadership can be reached by being active and supportive, but thus all active and supportive Members will become Leaders and likely (hopefully) lots of Members are active and supportive.This however is not how I interpret it myself; I think that Members (people who have adopted the ideology) with natural ‘leadership skills’ automatically will evolve to Leaders, but then should become “Members with a leadership role” (which role should be clear to themselves and others, but at the same time should not have rules or restrictions) and not “Leaders” instead of “Members”. I see it like we are all part (Members) of the same body (the “Movement”), but some people are the brains (likely they will be the “Members (‘body parts’) with a leadership role”) while others for example are the hands or feet; they will act in accordance with and execute the plans, ideas etc. of the Members with a leadership role, if necessary under the guidance of those Members with a leadership role.Frankly I haven’t decided yet if the concept of “Members” and “Members with a leadership role” is ideal or if it after all is preferable to the current names (Members and Leaders) so input on this is very welcome. Leadership in any case should be something natural and not a result of any form of elections, and when someone is not able to be a Leader any longer or for a while, there should be no “vacant place”, ideally one or more Members naturally will evolve to Leaders as happens in the animal world when a “leading figure” falls away.
The draft of the Green Manifesto (2012) at the end of Stage 1, is as follows:Convinced that human rights cannot be guaranteed in a world where there exist governors and governed, masters and slaves, rich and poor;Aware that human misery cannot disappear, nor human rights be affirmed, except by building a world where the people hold the power, the wealth and the arms; a world where governments and armies will disappear, and where communities, peoples and nations will be rid of all danger of war, a world of peace, respect, consensus and co-operation;Committees of the Green Charter Movement issue forth:The Green Manifesto (2012)1. Our ideology (philosophy) is the Third Universal Theory. The Political Axis, The Economic Basis and the Social Aspect of the Third Universal Theory are explained in The Green Book.2. The final goal of the movement is the emancipation from the fetters of injustice, despotism, exploitation, and economic and political hegemony, for the purpose of establishing a society of all the people (Jamahiriya) where all are free and share equally in authority, wealth and arms. Freedom will then triumph definitively and universally.3. Based on the principles of the International Green Charter our movement was formed to link men and women around the world who wish to achieve, promote and defend the Human Rights and freedoms of this new age, the era of the masses, which were defined by the free people, gathered in people’s conferences.4. The method to achieve our rights and freedoms is by any means necessary, with each member working according to his/her circumstances and without violating this manifesto and the International Green Charter. Human rights can only be achieved by the victory of the popular masses over their oppressors and the disappearance of regimes and monopolies which annihilate freedom.5. Membership is by adoption of the International Green Charter and swearing to uphold its principles, rights, freedoms and responsibilities.6. We may be called “Green Chartists”, “Disciples of the Third Universal Theory”, “Jamahiri Citizens”, “Green Committees”, “Revolutionaries”, “Revolutionary Committees”, whatever ourdescription, our meeting place is the local “Mathaba” where we meet to formulate our daily, weekly and yearly programs.7. The movement encourages the formation ofpeople’s conferences and people’s committees, to achieve the self-governing masses society (Jamahiriya). The establishment of the power of the popular masses will consolidate their existence on earth, when the sovereignty of the people will be exercised directly through legislative people’s conferences and executive people’s committees.8. Local organisation of the movement is by way of Green Charter (R)Evolutionary Committees which set their own programs and public platforms called the Green Charter Agenda. Regional or National Green Charter Movements may also be formed in line with the Green Manifesto and together form a Green Charter International to give voice to the movement worldwide.9. Leadership in the movement is (r)evolutionary and determined by adoption of ideology and platform. Tireless activity and material support to achieve its aims and advanced positions are criteria of exemplary leadership.10. The flag (banner) of the (Universal) Jamahiriya is solid green, dimensions 1:2. The Green Charter Movements may adopt their own symbols in white upon solid green background, or green upon plain white background.

— For definitions please see http://wiki.greencharter.com/Category:Glossary

By adam [au] Date 2012-01-22 22:42
Peace and Blessings. What a wonderful and thought-provoking contribution. It is so nice to see a good consensus building. This is one of those contributions that will be effective in determining some proposals at Stage 2, and is very helpful for us all to be thinking on already.I like the idea of Jamahiri Citizen and am wondering in stage 2 if we may give an alternative proposal to the point on “descriptions”, and make that proposal to actually state Jamahiri Citizen on its own, if so, what some of those qualities are.As to membership and leadership, so maybe those can be combined, and some more thinking on the wording. I think we are in complete agreement with your added explanation of natural (r)evolutionary leadership and as discussed in the previous thread. So let’s hear some more on this from everyone, along with more on the “descriptions”, and I suggest we could add a poll.Please everyone, come back here EVERY DAY, consensus building is not a once-off, but an ongoing adaptation with discussion, compromise, but reaching something we are ALL happy with, and for this to happen, please come back at least once or twice every day to check all messages in this thread, and any new threads, and give you ongoing input, even if it is just to confirm your full agreement.


Posted on 20/01/2012 by alfatah69

Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi: a dead man in good health



Once again the forces of the empire, NATOand its leadership nefarious criminal, intelligence agencies Yankees, CIA and company, mercenary puppets of the NTC, imperial lackey, returned to announce the “death” of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi commander. Sirte presented as making the movie filmed in Qatar of taking Tripoli last August, the script seems to be the same, with brass bands, clowns, murderers shooting right and left posing for the cameras, with the death of a person look alike Gaddafi is saying or someone like him.

Knowing how these fascist act, by the time that has passed since the news was circulated only at the level of the media they control the world, the first version, without further and more effectively confirming evidence that elements the corpse is that of the Libyan leader, that makes them fall by their own lies invented the most typical style of psychological warfare.

The “portal Libya” denies al this categorically and emphatically, and speaks of the imperialist’s fallacy :

“Another lie of NATO:

  • Gaddafi was neither wounded nor captured October 20, 2011.

    The False Martyrdom of Colonel Muammar Gadhafi.
    Libyan Colonel doubtful Qatari-Hollywood western movie media false execution sine tripoli film production methodsmade on 19th of October, with NAVADA signature
  • After declaring eight times General Khamis Gaddafi‘s “death”

  • repeatedly captured Muatasim and Saif Al Islam,

  • that “Gaddafi gave” the Libyan soldiers Viagra for women violated and

  • that aviation planes had attacked the people of Benghazi

  • that their army is made up of “black mercenaries,”

Bel-Hadj never had anything to do with the criminals of the al-Qaeda (!) and the “real” intention of NATO is “to protect civilians,”(!)r2p.

That is what today  they would have us believe: That they captured, in  Sirte, the Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi!

 The credibility of NATO’s information and their henchmen does not exist. The Libyan will people resist and prevail.

The Libyan people’s struggle against the aggressors, and leadership continues with Gaddafi in front.

Do not yield an inch of ground, there will be tactical retreats, maneuver warfare, even momentary loss of land to regroup forces and fall upon the enemy. In many ways the media war is stronger than military confrontation, the most important thing is that it is developing a long war, people against aggressor powers and mercenary sepoys of Empires.


Gaddafi is important because he is the leader of his people,

but if it were so that he is dead, that would not stop the Resistance and the struggle to fully recover Libya.

BUT,  I have it clear; he’s alive,  and with his leadership, and his children who fight alongside him, are his people and all the tribes.

So we will contribute in this asymmetrical war, where empires believe they dominate and control everything , this here “guerrilla” media tells the truth of what is happening in Libya; and contributes to the solidarity with the people, the struggle for peace, against imperialist aggression and for helping to beat the imperial lie.

From the page Libyan Resistance and martyrdom, comes the latest report of the Libyan Government in Arms,  19 October 2011: Unbeatable strength to defeat the enemy and their neo-colonial mercenary servants. Just like that we got what we present “The Libyan people’s war will not let the criminal NATO and its band of fanatics and murderers rule.

 The world must be vigilant and denounce NATO and the UN as directly responsible for this slaughter , destruction and theft.

International outrage at the horror perpetrated against the Libyans has only just begun. The threat of NATO murders of entire villages and alleged crimes against humanity, taking the reins of the UN and imposing an agenda of war to plunder natural resources should be seriously considered as it may lead to a global conflagration shortly. The similarities with the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia are obvious and a black omen of things to come. The Libyans are defending heroically in order to defeat with invincible firmness,  and will eliminate the neo-colonialist enemy. They will not rest until the final victory … .. the green flag waves victorious in 80% of Libyan territory.

By: Humberto Gómez García
Libya Collaborating Talk
(www.revistacaracola.com) (humbertocaracola@gmail.com)





   El Libro Verdewriting the Green Book


According ALGERIA ISP, this release fixes an appointment to pro-Resistance green with Kadhafi on Libyan television. He really is alive!
“Inchaelah it will be true …. Inchaelah a miracle will appear shortly … “.


Libya – A statement of the Resistance refers to an appointment made with the guide soon (January 14, 2012)
Posted on 14/01/2012 at 21:10 – 892 visits
Source: ALGERIA ISP   http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201201-A8154/libye-communique-resistance-parle-rdv-avec-guide-bientot-janvier-2012.html?mid=57

Friday 18November 2011

UN Human Rights Award for Gaddafi

A particularly controversial document has now surfaced on the Internet. Even in January this year, the UN would have Colonel Gaddafi, give him his due in particular launched Jamahiriya, an award for human rights.

What is the Jamahiriya?

Dschamahiriyya (oftenJamahiriya Jamahiriyyasometimes written) is a Muammar al-Gaddafi attributed neologism, [1] only in connection with Libya it is used. These are a peculiar parallel formation todschumhuriyya / جمهورية /ǧumhūriyya /, Republic of ‘Republic’, in which an abstraction of the plural form dschamahir /جماهير / ǧamāhīr /, the masses’ is derived, rather than as usual in Arab usual from the singular , and mutatis mutandis, People’s  , People’s Democracy ‘translated, with the political system as a form of direct democracy is understood.

For Dschamahiriyya in Libya was a representative of the people through representatives, in the sense of a representative or parliamentary democracy, as a distortion of popular will. Therefore, there was neither parliament nor political parties or indeed any government in the classical sense.
The political decision-making took place after the official version in so-called basic people’s congresses, their decisions by the Commissioner ( imperative mandate ) the recited several times a year with the general people’s congress for the coordination and formulation. The reaction was carried out by the People’s Committees . Source: wikipedia

A movement launched by Gaddafi caused so much good that he should so by the UN for a human rights award will be administered. The vote should be a mere formality. But when the Western powers decided to invade Libya, oh sorry – I meant of course to support the insurgents, the document disappeared. It would also have been quite embarrassing for the Amerikans, Gaddafi would have received this award. Imagine, how ridiculous would have worked the whole propaganda by the evil dictator then.

It is also significant that the Jamahiriya was an instrument of direct democracy. An institution that is, from our self-proclaimed democracies are still miles away.

Here the 23-page document: United Nations document on Gaddafi

In short: It is reported that Gaddafi was not only a guarantee for peace in his country, but there are also components such as anti-racism and women’s rights and social aspects involved. The Gaddafi would definitely deserves this award, we see when we look at the social components of Libya in detail.

List of benefits in the supposedly cruel Libya

How to list the rebels in Libya, I’m sufficiently in the article Libya: An unbelievable atrocities committed by rebels described.

The city Misrata: 2007 and 2011
To sum up: Libya was led by an anti-racists, feminists and socialists big. These he brought to the Libyans also direct democracy, giving him for the UN Human Rights Award was one.
Then a handful of berserk warriors of God come up with the idea that they want the power. The Amerikanskis have nothing better to do than send them to the NATO bombers to help put the whole Libya to rubble and ashes.As was put to death in many civilian victims of the alleged despot who came to Western leaders and shared the spoils of war.For the Libyan people this means that the resources, mainly oil in Libya, are now no longer good for them, but the profit is divided among Western oil companies. To survive, they can now offer their labor to the foreign invaders, they may serve them, to get things they really belong anyway. Well, why the heck else where as we go? Libya is also introduced in the Saudi-type ofSharia as the law now, which means that women’s rights, it is now over and polygamy is returned.  And with many other rights are now lost.
Friends should also be put in quotes

Gaddafi can not blame only that he had engaged in recent years with greasy despots who love their people not as, as he loved his.

Peter van Dorren

Posted by 

Striking proof: Gaddafi should receive the UN Human Rights Award

South Dennis

Before the NATO air strikes on Libya and the United States prepared by the United Nations, the awarding of a prize to Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya for its achievements in the field of human rights. It sounds unbelievable, but true – the same man, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, the NATO and the United States for months as a “brutal dictator branded” should be honored for his contributions to human rights in Libya.Is not it strange that the United Nations nor the end of March, “a” brutal dictator wanted to give a human rights award? (Report of the Working Group to Libyan Arab Jamahiriya –document A/HRC/WG.6/9/L.13 )


This raises a question: Who is this “brutal dictator” of the UN Human Rights Council wanted to give sometime in late March as a price for his services to the people’s rights? On the one hand they want us to believe that he is known to a “brutal dictator is,” and the other, they decide to honor him for his services to human rights? Amazing! Equally amazing are the lies we were being served by the media, NATO and the U.S. government. Absolutely outrageous! Not surprisingly, however outrageous. But even more astonishing is the fact that a large part of the American public has become accustomed over time to swallow every word that is set before them by the “news”.

The following excerpts from the report of the General Assembly are worth to be read carefully:

“Several delegations with appreciation the determination of the country noted to ensure the human rights on the ground. Additional comments that are submitted as part of mutual dialogue, not because of time restrictions are posted on the extranet of the universal periodic survey as soon as they become available. “

In a footnote of this report is a list of the countries listed, the Colonel Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya (“rule of the masses”) the decision of the Human Rights Council of the UN General Assembly, Colonel Gaddafi human rights award this grant, praising supported. I put this list here easy. The reader can read and form their own judgments about the credibility of the alleged or actual countries concerned:

Denmark, China, Italy, Netherlands, Mauritania, Slovenia, Nicaragua, Russia,Spain, Indonesia, Sweden, Norway, Ecuador, Hungary, South Africa, the Philippines, the Maldives, Chile, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Burundi, Zambia, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Zimbabwe.

If you have devoted some attention to the news, it is noticeable that some countries on this list suddenly undergone a sweeping turnaround, and NATO and the U.S. supported in their war of aggression. Why? Why else? Money. Then it is always ultimately beyond, and no doubt this will all be revealed in the future, just like the lies that the American government dishing their citizens and the world that Iraq possess “weapons of mass destruction,” finally came to light. And these same countries were determined to honor Colonel Gaddafi for his services to the Human Rights after they had examined carefully the Libyan society. What is now “with this” brutal dictator? My older brother would have called the “old news”. (But that crap! The sensitive among you is I ask for my forgiveness flowery speech).

Vladamir PUTIN & al-Qathafi:

The JAMAHIRIYA and WORLD MATHABA envisioned by al-Qathafi:

Revolutionary Committees

A Revolutionary Committee is made up of individuals who believe in The Green Book ideology and wish to propagate it and make its solutions a reality. To this end, they join with others, and form a Revolutionary Committee. All the Revolutionary Committees make up the Revolutionary Committees Movement.

The leader of the Revolutionary Committees Movement, was Muammar Qaddafi.

The Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement, had its own (annual) meetings along with the Leader of the RevolutionMuammar Qaddafi. It formed its program for the coming year, and discussed the application of the ideology (philosophy) of the  THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY.

It was formed as a movement in (1979) led by Muammar Qaddafi who also resigned from all positions of People’s Authority such as his position as General Secretary of the General People’s Congress in 1979, although Muammar Qaddafi and others had already formed what were in essence revolutionary committees prior to the 1st September 1969, in order to overthrow the monarchy and work for people’s power.

The Libyan Revolutionary Committees met also regularly at their local Mathabas, and had their own offices of communications and liaison. The coordinator of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees, Majdub, was said to have died of AIDS.

One of the leading ideologues who did excellent work including a book “Revolutionary Organization” in a series “Book of the Green March”, Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, did much to contribute to what could have become a much greater force for people’s power in the world, however, his book was almost impossible to come by, and now no known copies exist, one of the last copies having been confiscated by the Sudanese security forces from Adam King who was abducted and tortured by the Islamist bankers of the Bashir-Turabi-Taha regime.

the book mentioned: “Revolutionary Organization” in a series “Book of the Green March” by Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, is Dr. MOUSSA IBRAHIM’s uncle who was abducted in the Siege of Sirte on 20 October 2011 and tortured by the TNC and we still do not have his status or whereabouts!

After compromises with western capitalist states were reached in order to lift the unjust sanctions against the Libyan Jamahiriya, the Revolutionary  Committees movement was increasingly mute, and many international revolutionary committees, cut off from the Leader, sought different revolutionary leaderships, such as Hugo Chavez.

One of the noble and distinguishing characteristics of the Revolutionary Committees Movement in general, including the Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement, was self-criticism. The revolutionary committees members guidelines sought to embody the “ideal new man or woman” in terms of national consciousness, religion and behaviour.

The Revolutionary Committees distinguished themselves from all other revolutionary movements in that they did not aim for power, nor to possess it as a movement. Instead the ideology (philosophy) of the Third Universal Theory dictated that revolutionary committees do not exercise power, but instead motivate the masses to exercise it themselves directly via Popular Conferences and People’s Committees.

Revolutionary Committees would also attend the Popular Conferences and may work collectively to put forward their ideas and views or proposals, but ultimately the consensus reached would be by the masses themselves, in exercising direct democracy.

As a means of distinguishing from the past, and the failures and poor examples of the Libyan revolutionary committees movement in recent years, a new name Evolutionary Committees was proposed and adopted by the International Green Charter (R)Evolutionary Committees Movement, and also was taking root in Libya during the 2011 war, as young Libyans who were unhappy with the old guard, embraced the Libyan leader and were pushing for a stronger Jamahiriya[1]


Basic Popular Conferences

The grass-roots level which forms the basis for all decision-making in a Jamahiriya

Popular Conferences

Popular Conferences are the legislative (decision-making) tools of direct democracy. First announced in The Green Book and forming the basis of political power in the Libyan Jamahiriya, the original Arabic word المؤتمرات الشعبية (al-moutammarat al-shaabiya) can be translated in English to any of the following, all of which are considered here equivalent meanings in the case of direct democracy:

  • Popular Conferences
  • People’s Conferences
  • Popular Assemblies
  • People’s Assemblies
  • Popular Congresses
  • People’s Congresses

The workings of Popular Conferences are described briefly in The Green Book which also dismisses all other methods of governing as undemocratic, as well as in other works on consensus decision making or direct participatory democracy.

In a fully-functional Jamahiriya where all decision-making (political) power belongs to the people, the structures of the legislature in people’s authority is from the grass-roots neighbourhood level upwards to the national level:

Basic Popular Conferences are the basic unit of decision-making in the legislature, to which all citizens at an above agreed age, can participate on the basis of consensus (see references in direct democracy for more on how consensus decision making works).

Municipal Popular Congresses or District Popular Congresses are comprised of all the working committees (secretariats) of the Basic Popular Conferences where the consensus takes shape at the regional level.

The General People’s Congress is where all the Basic Popular Conferences decisions which are regarding issues at a national level, are collected and take their final shape.

The executive side of power in a Jamahiriya carries out the decisions (resolutions and recommendations) of the Popular Conferences by way of People’s Committees which are nominated to implement the policies which were formed in the Popular Conferences.

[After the destruction of the Libyan Jamahiriya by an all-out war and bombing campaign of annihilation, the jamahiri concept of direct democracy became famous world wide and received millions of new adherents to the Third Universal Theory. This coincided with the rise of popular discontent in the western capitalist world, exemplified by the Occupy movement, which also embraced direct democracy.

See alsoUniversal Jamahiriya

ReferencesPeople’s Conference: Direct Democracy — (International People’s Conference Organization/ IPCO)

International People’s Conference Organization

The International People’s Conference Organization (I.P.C.O.) was founded in July 2011, in order to facilitate the creation of People’s Conferences  worldwide as well as to provide and educational repository and guidance on the Jamahiriya concept of direct democracy.

The web site is at http://www.peoplesconference.org and all those wishing to join as members can do so free of charge, via a secure registration page at https://www.peoplesconference.org/reg

Direct democracy through the establishment of “People’s Conferences”  in which all society members participate in shaping policy. The masses select their administrative leaders who then represent the direct will of the people and are answerable directly to the people.

General People’s Congress/ National Congress

The national level which gathers the legislative Basic Popular Conferences in a Jamahiriya 

People’s Committees

People’s Committees are the executive wing of power in a Jamahiriya or People’s Authority based on direct democracy.

People’s Committees carry out (execute, implement) the decisions (resolutions, recommendations, consensus) of the legislative wing of jamahiripower, the Popular Conferences.

They are constituted within their area of executive specialisation, e.g. housing, security, communications, health, education, etc., and together make up regional (area, municipal) People’s Committees, and National (General) People’s Committees.

People’s Committees replace traditional forms of dictatorial government, such as local authorities, regional authorities, and national authorities, government departments, and branches, and are the tools to implement the decisions of the people, in a transparent and open manner.

People’s Committees are monitored by the secretariats of the Popular Conferences on a day-to-day basis to ensure they carry out the decisions reached by way of direct democracy.

For example, in a Jamahiriya the Foreign Ministry could become a General People’s Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation, as was the case in the Libyan Jamahiriya. The Ministry of Health would be the General People’s Committee for Health, while the municipal and local branches would be the Municipal People’s Committee for Health and the (locality) People’s Committee for Health respectively.

The People’s Committee for Health in a given locality would carry out the policies determined in the Basic Popular Conferences in all issues that are local in scope, but also carry out the policies that took their shape in the district, for which the District People’s Committee for Health is responsible, and which comprises the People’s Committees for Health within its area, as well as the General (National) People’s Committee for Health for issues which are common to the nation and which health policies took their final shape in the General People’s Congress.

For more information in general see The Green Book and the references on consensus decision making in direct democracy.

For a fictional presentation that explains in part how a Jamahiriya may come into being, see this article: The Green Charter Example: The Universal Dream].

General People’s Committee

The General People’s Committee is the executive side of Direct Participatory Democracy in a Jamahiriya. It carries out the policies which take their final shape in the General People’s Congress and is supervised by the Secretariat of the General People’s Congress to ensure that it implements the popular consensus.

In a traditional government there may be a “cabinet” or “ministries”, in a Jamahiriya there are General People’s Committees.

The General People’s Committee comprises all the General People’s Committees which in turn may consist of all the secretariats of the People’s Committees.

‎”In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam” by MATTIAS GARDELL
This book retells the fascinating story of the Nation of Islam–its rise in nothern inner-city ghettos during the Great Depression through its decline following the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975 to its rejuvenation under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan. “An outstanding work.”–Clifton E. Marsh, author of From Black Muslims to Muslims. –Ce texte fait référence à une édition épuisée ou non
Relié: 482 pages
Editeur : Duke University Press (novembre 1996)

  Mattias Gardell är professor i religionshistoria i Uppsala. Han är bland annat författare till boken Islamofobi.

Its original Arabic النظرية العالمية الثالثة has sometimes been translated as Third International Theory or Third World Theory. The official translation is however, Third Universal Theory. It has also sometimes simply been called the Third Theory.

  • As a third alternative to capitalism and communism
  • As a third alternative to individual rule (dictatorship), and indirect rule (representative democracy)

Some of those who believe in the Third Universal Theory say it is another name for TRUTHThirUniversal Theory


the Third Universal Theory...in part described by Helen Chapin Metz


  •  379 pages
    • Relié: 379 pages
    • Editeur : Government Printing Office (avril 1989)
    • Langue : Anglais
    • ISBN-10: 0160017114
    • ISBN-13: 978-0160017117
  • Publisher: Government Printing Office; 4th edition (April 1989)
  • A Country Study: Libya

    Library of Congress Call Number DT215 .L533 1988

    • Libya
    • Foreword
    • Acknowledgements
    • Preface
    • Country Profile – Visit updated Profile (PDF)
      • Country
      • Geography
      • Society
      • Economy
      • Transportation and Communications
      • Government and Politics
      • National Security
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1 – Historical Setting (LaVerle Berry)
      • Early History
        • Tripolitania and the Phoenicians
        • Cyrenaica and the Greeks
        • Fezzan and the Garamentes
        • Libya and the Romans
      • Islam and the Arabs
        • Fatimids
        • Hilalians
        • Hafsids
        • Medieval Cyrenaica and Fezzan
      • Ottoman Regency
        • Pashas and Deys
        • Karamanlis
        • The Ottoman Revival
        • The Sanusi Order
      • Italian Colonialism
        • Italian Rule and Arab Resistance
        • The Second Italo-Sanusi War
        • The Fourth Shore
      • World War II and Independence
        • The Desert War
        • Allied Administration
        • The United Nations and Libya
      • Independent Libya
        • The September 1969 Coup
        • Qadhafi and the Revolutionary Command Council
        • The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
        • Petroleum Politics
        • Libya and Arab Unity
        • Libyan Ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa
        • Relations with the United States and Western Europe
    • Chapter 2 – The Society and Its Environment (LaVerle Berry)
      • Geography
        • Regions
        • Climate and Hydrology
      • Population
      • Ethnic Groups and Languages
        • Peoples of Libya
          • Arabs
          • Berbers
          • Tuareg
          • Black Africans
          • Other Peoples
        • Languages of Libya
      • Structure of Society
        • Evolutionary Changes in a Traditional Society
        • The Revolution and Social Change
      • The Family, the Individual, and the Sexes
        • Family and Household
        • The Traditional View of Men and Women
        • The New Society of the Revolutionary Era
      • Religious Life
        • Tenets of Islam
        • Saints and Brotherhoods
        • The Sanusis
        • Islam in Revolutionary Libya
      • Health and Welfare
        • Social Welfare
        • Medical Care
        • Housing
      • Education
        • Primary and Secondary Education
        • Higher Education
    • Chapter 3 – The Economy (R.Thomas Lenaghan)
      • Growth and Structure of the Economy
      • Role of the Government
      • Industry
        • Hydrocarbons and Mining
        • Manufacturing and Construction
        • Energy
      • Agriculture
        • Land Use and Irrigation
        • Crops and Livestock
        • Fishing and Forestry
      • Income and Wealth
      • Public Finance and Banking
        • Budget, Expenditures, and Revenues
        • Balance of Payments
        • Foreign Aid and Investment
        • Banking, Credit, and Currency
      • Foreign Trade
      • Domestic Trade and Tourism
      • Transportation and Telecommunications
        • Transportation
          • Telecommunications
    • Chapter 4 – Government and Politics (Shawky S. Zeidan)
      • Internal Politics
        • National Executive and Legislative Evolution
          • The Revolutionary Command Council (RCC)
        • The General People’s Congress
        • Subnational Government and Administration
          • The Arab Socialist Union
          • The Cultural Revolution and People’s Committees
          • The Basic People’s Congress
          • The Revolutionary Committees
        • Summary and Trends in 1987
      • Law and the Judiciary
        • Court Structure
        • Other Juridical Organs
          • The People’s Court
          • The Revolutionary Courts
        • Unions and Syndicates
      • Opposition to Qadhafi
        • Student Opposition
        • Military Opposition
        • Religious Opposition
        • Exiled Opposition
      • Political Ideology
        • Third Universal Theory
        • The Cultural Revolution
        • The Green Book
          • The Green Book, Part I
          • The Green Book, Part II
          • The Green Book, Part III
      • Foreign Relations
        • Arab Relations
        • Mediterranean Relations
        • Maghrib Relations
        • Relations with Sub-Saharan Africa
          • Sudan
          • Chad
        • Relations with Western Europe and the United States
          • France
          • Italy
          • Britain
          • United States
        • Relations with the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
        • Multilateral Relations
          • The United Nations
          • The Organization of African Unity
          • Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
          • Other Multilateral Organizations
        • Nuclear Development
    • Chapter 5 – National Security (Jean R. Tartter)
      • Origins of the Modern Armed Forces
      • The Military Leadership
      • International Military Concerns and Objectives
        • Libyan Security Concerns
        • Performance in Combat
          • Invasion of Chad
          • Encounters with the United States
      • The Armed Forces
        • Organization of the Armed Forces
          • The Army
          • The Navy
          • The Air Force
        • Conscription and the People’s Militia
        • Women in the Armed Forces
        • Other Paramilitary Forces
        • Uniforms, Ranks, and Insignia of the Armed Forces
        • Defense Costs
      • Foreign Military Assistance
        • The Quest for New Sources of Arms: 1970-
        • Military Cooperation with the Soviet Union
        • Western Restrictions on Arms Transactions
        • The Search for Nuclear Technology
      • Arms Production and Military Cooperation
      • International Terrorism and Support for Insurgent Groups
      • Public Order and Internal Security
        • The Police System
        • Incidence of Crime
        • Criminal Justice System
        • State of Internal Security

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The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Libyan Head of State Colonel Moamer Kadhafi watches a military parade 01 September 1994 in Tripoli during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of his arrival in power. Kadhafi, born in 1942, formed in 1963 the Free Officers Movement, a group of revolutionary army officers, which overthrew 01 September 1969 King Mohammed Idris of Libya and proclaimed Libya, in the name of `freedom, socialism and unity. 
The Libyan revolution of 1969

The remaking of Libyan society that Qadhafi envisioned and to which he devoted his energies after the early 1970s formally began in 1973 with a so-called cultural or popular revolution. The revolution was designed to combat bureaucratic inefficiency, lack of public interest and participation in the subnational governmental system, and problems of national political coordination. In an attempt to instill revolutionary fervor into his compatriots and to involve large numbers of them in political affairs, Qadhafi urged them to challenge traditional authority and to take over and run government organs themselves. The instrument for doing this was the “people’s committee.” Within a few months, such committees were found all across Libya. They were functionally and geographically based and eventually became responsible for local and regional administration.

People’s committees were established in such widely divergent organizations as universities, private business firms, government bureaucracies, and the broadcast media. Geographically based committees were formed at the governorate, municipal, and zone (lowest) levels. Seats on the people’s committees at the zone level were filled by direct popular election; members so elected could then be selected for service at higher levels. By mid-1973 estimates of the number of people’s committees ranged above 2,000.

23 Jul 1973, Benghazi, Libya — Muammar al-Gaddafi gives a speech to demonstrators gathered to show support for his return after he resigns as leader of the Revolutionary Command Council. The council refused to accept the resignation. — Image by © Genevieve Chauvel/Sygma/Corbis © Corbis. All Rights Reserved.


In the scope of their administrative and regulatory tasks and the method of their members’ selection, the people’s committees embodied the concept of direct democracy that Qadhafi propounded in the first volume ofThe Green Book, which appeared in 1976. The same concept lay behind proposals to create a new political structure composed of “people’s congresses.” The centerpiece of the new system was the General People’s Congress (GPC–see Glossary), a national representative body intended to replace the RCC.

The new political order took shape in March 1977 when the GPC, at Qadhafi’s behest, adopted the “Declaration of the Establishment of the People’s Authority” and proclaimed the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The term jamahiriya is difficult to translate, but American scholar Lisa Anderson has suggested “peopledom” or “state of the masses” as a reasonable approximation of Qadhafi’s concept that the people should govern themselves free of any constraints, especially those of the modern bureaucratic state. The GPC also adopted resolutions designating Qadhafi as its general secretary and creating the General Secretariat of the GPC, comprising the remaining members of the defunct RCC. It also appointed the General People’s Committee, which replaced the Council of Ministers, its members now called secretaries rather than ministers.

All legislative and executive authority was vested in the GPC. This body, however, delegated most of its important authority to its general secretary and General Secretariat and to the General People’s Committee. Qadhafi, as general secretary of the GPC, remained the primary decision maker, just as he had been when chairman of the RCC. In turn, all adults had the right and duty to participate in the deliberation of their local Basic People’s Congress (BPC), whose decisions were passed up to the GPC for consideration and implementation as national policy. The BPCs were in theory the repository of ultimate political authority and decision making, being the embodiment of what Qadhafi termed direct “people’s power.” The 1977 declaration and its accompanying resolutions amounted to a fundamental revision of the 1969 constitutional proclamation, especially with respect to the structure and organization of the government at both national and subnational levels.

Continuing to revamp Libya’s political and administrative structure, Qadhafi introduced yet another element into the body politic. Beginning in 1977, “revolutionary committees” (see Glossary) were organized and assigned the task of “absolute revolutionary supervision of people’s power”; that is, they were to guide the people’s committees, raise the general level of political consciousness and devotion to revolutionary ideals, and guard against deviation and opposition in the BPCs. Filled with politically astute zealots, the ubiquitous revolutionary committees in 1979 assumed control of BPC elections. Although they were not official government organs, the revolutionary committees became another mainstay of the domestic political scene. As with the people’s committees and other administrative innovations since the revolution, the revolutionary committees fit the pattern of imposing a new element on the existing subnational system of government rather than eliminating or consolidating already existing structures. By the late 1970s, the result was an unnecessarily complex system of overlapping jurisdictions in which cooperation and coordination among different elements were compromised by ill-defined grants of authority and responsibility.

42-2964524423 Jul 1973, Benghazi, LibyaMuammar al-Gaddafi gives a speech to demonstrators gathered to show support for his return after he resigns as leader of the Revolutionary Command Council. The council refused to accept the resignation. — Image by © Genevieve Chauvel/Sygma/Corbis © Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

The changes in Libyan leadership since 1976 culminated in March 1979, when the GPC declared that the “vesting of power in the masses” and the “separation of the state from the revolution” were complete. Qadhafi relinquished his duties as general secretary of the GPC, being known thereafter as “the leader” or “Leader of the Revolution.” He remained supreme commander of the armed forces. His replacement was Abdallah Ubaydi, who in effect had been prime minister since 1979. The RCC was formally dissolved and the government was again reorganized into people’s committees. A new General People’s Committee (cabinet) was selected, each of its “secretaries” becoming head of a specialized people’s committee; the exceptions were the “secretariats” of petroleum, foreign affairs, and heavy industry, where there were no people’s committees. A proposal was also made to establish a “people’s army” by substituting a national militia, being formed in the late 1970s, for the national army. Although the idea surfaced again in early 1982, it did not appear to be close to implementation (see Conscription and the People’s Militia , ch. 5).

Remaking of the economy was parallel with the attempt to remold political and social institutions. Until the late 1970s, Libya’s economy was mixed, with a large role for private enterprise except in the fields of oil production and distribution, banking, and insurance. But according to volume two of Qadhafi’s Green Book, which appeared in 1978, private retail trade, rent, and wages were forms of “exploitation” that should be abolished. Instead, workers’ self-management committees and profit participation partnerships were to function in public and private enterprises. A property law was passed that forbade ownership of more than one private dwelling, and Libyan workers took control of a large number of companies, turning them into state-run enterprises. Retail and wholesale trading operations were replaced by state-owned “people’s supermarkets” (see Role of the Government , ch. 3), where Libyans in theory could purchase whatever they needed at low prices. By 1981 the state had also restricted access to individual bank accounts to draw upon privately held funds for government projects.

While measures such as these undoubtedly benefited poorer Libyans, they created resentment and opposition among the newly dispossessed. The latter joined those already alienated, some of whom had begun to leave the country. By 1982 perhaps 50,000 to 100,000 Libyans had gone abroad; because many of the emigrants were among the enterprising and better educated Libyans, they represented a significant loss of managerial and technical expertise.

Some of the exiles formed active opposition groups. Although the groups were generally ineffective, Qadhafi nevertheless in early 1979 warned opposition leaders to return home immediately or face “liquidation.” A wave of assassinations of prominent Libyan exiles, mostly in Western Europe, followed. Few opponents responded to the 1979 call to “repentance” or to a similar one issued in October 1982 in which Qadhafi once again threatened liquidation of the recalcitrant, the GPC having already declared their personal property forfeit.

Internal opposition came from elements of the middle class who opposed Qadhafi’s economic reforms and from students and intellectuals who criticized his ideology. He also incurred the anger of the Islamic community for his unorthodox interpretations of the doctrine and traditions of Islam, his challenge to the authority of the religious establishment, and his contention that the ideas in The Green Book were compatible with and based upon Islam. Endowed Islamic properties (habus–see Glossary) were nationalized as part of Qadhafi’s economic reforms, and he urged “the masses” to take over mosques.

The most serious challenges came from the armed forces, especially the officers’ corps, and from the RCC. Perhaps the most important one occurred in 1975 when Minister of Planning and RCC member Major Umar Mihayshi and about thirty army officers attempted a coup after disagreements over political economic policies. The failure of the coup led to the flight of Mihayshi and part of the country’s technocratic elite. In a move that signaled a new intolerance of dissent, the regime executed twenty-two of the accused army officers in 1977, the first such punishment in more than twenty years. Further executions of dissident army officers were reported in 1979, and in August 1980 several hundred people were allegedly killed in the wake of an unsuccessful army revolt centered in Tobruk.

Data as of 1987


An editor and Middle Eastern analyst, died in Washington, DC on May 13, 2011, at the age of 83 years. Mrs. Metz was the widow of the Rev. Ronald I. Metz, and the daughter of the late Ambassador and Mrs. Selden Chapin (Mary Paul Noyes), and the sister of the late Ambassador Frederic L. Chapin, II.
She was an alumna of the Potomac School, the Madeira School, Vassar College and the American University of Beirut. As a senior analyst at the Library of Congress’ Federal Research Division, Mrs. Metz edited 16 Country Study handbooks. In addition to working for ARAMCO with her husband from 1958 to 1966, Mrs. Metz taught at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania, and was development officer and vice principal of the Brent School in Baguio, the Philippines. Mrs. Metz was a former Senior Warden of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Washington.
She is survived by three daughters and two sons-in-law, Mary Selden Evans and James F. Evans, III of Cazenovia, NY, Helen Winchester Metz of Minneapolis, MN and Grace Chapin Metz and Christopher Hunton of Rockville, MD. She was predeceased by her son-in-law, Perry D. Ketchum, of Minneapolis, MN.
A memorial service in celebration of her life will be held on October 1 at 10 a.m. at St. Margaret’s Church, 1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20009
In lieu of flowers, please make donations to St. Margaret’s Church or to the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund, P.O. Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058.
Published in The Washington Post on September 25, 2011

The importance of this new theory is shown by the creation of the Higher Council for National Guidance on 10 September 1972. The council comprised the RCC chairman; the ASU secretary general; the minister of education; the minister of information and culture; the minister of youth and social affairs; the minister of planning, the University of Libya‘s president; the administrative chairmen of religious endowments; the Muslim Call Society chairman, and the ASU secretary of thought and culture.

The Higher Council for National Guidance was created to disseminate and implement Qathafi’s Third Universal Theory (also seen as the Third International Theory, Green Charter or simply the Third Theory). The Third Universal Theory is predicated on the belief that the two dominant socio-politico-economic ideologies–capitalism and communism–had been proved invalid. According to the theory, capitalism placed the good of a few individuals ahead of that of the community as a whole; communism so emphasized the community that individual development was stifled.

(No-one) should not fall under the dominance of either of the two ideological, imperialist superpowers. In dividing the world between the two superpowers and their supposed prey, the Third Universal Theory anticipated much of what has come to be called the North-South interpretation of international relations, whereby the world is divided into natural-resource-consuming nations (the industrialized North) and the natural-resource-producing nations (the underdeveloped South).  Nations constituting what is commonly referred to as the Third World were caught between proponents of the two ideologies: the United States and the Soviet Union, both of which, according to Qathafi, were “imperialist states which seek to achieve their ambitions by extending their zones of influence.”…Guided by this viewpoint, Libya has been a strong supporter of national liberation movements against colonial regimes.

Qadhafi proclaims that the Third Universal Theory, because it is based on the Quran, predates capitalism and communism. Furthermore, it offers a sound and veriable alternative. It rejects the class exploitation of capitalism and the class warfare of communism, finding that, in practice at least, systems based on both ideologies are dominated by a small “elite”. According to the Third Universal Theory, classes were an artificial colonial import. Far from building a system that rested on some form of class relations, the theory seeks to eliminate class differences. It embodies the Islamic principle of consultation (shura), by which community or even national affairs would be conducted through mutual consultation in which the views of all citizens were exchanged. This principle was manifested in MARCH 1977 as a JAMAHIRIYA in the creation of People’s Committees  and Popular Congresses , replacing completely the former Higher Council for National Guidance.

Central to the Third Universal Theory are the concepts of religion and nationalism as embodied in purified Islam. Qadhafi believes that religion and nationalism have been the “two paramount drives that moved forward the evolutionary process. They constitute man’s history as they have formed nations, peoples, wars.” In short, Qadhafi believes that religion determines human actions and interactions.  A pre-formative  Committe was convened in AUGUST 1981; which by 02 MARCH 1986, became The JAMAHIRIYA.  (The people had full control themselves over their sovereign state.)

The Universal formidable creation of the Green Charter Committee became official in June 1988 with a new “GREEN CHARTER“. (  http://www.greencharter.com )

The atheism of the communists is another reason Qadhafi finds Communist ideology invalid. According to Qadhafi, communists cannot be trusted because they fear no ultimate judgment and thus may break their word if they consider it beneficial in any particular case. A “Muslem” society encompasses Jews, Christians, and practioners of Islam, all of whom followed God’s prophets. The differences among these religions exist not because of the prophets’ teachings but because of differences among their followers.

* Green Charter and Third Universal Theory are NOT at all the same thing. For info and definition about each, as well as other terms, please see

* There is no such things a (MAJOR) (MINOR) the People’s Conferences and People’s Committees started prior to March 1977, but at the General People’s Congress it was announced on March 2, 1977, the new system, the Jamahiriya.

* The Green Book was not published in one time, not March 1986, but in the late 70’s already. Nor was their any coinciding in creating a Green Charter Committee, and no such Green Charter even existed until June 1988. ….why that wiki is important as a reference, all interested in the truth about Jamahiriya should study it and assist in further developing it, it is maintained by one who was there throughout and was director of the World Center for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, as well as founder of the GCM, among other important positions held for many years (ADAM KING).

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FROM MATHABA: “For those of you who are looking for Mu’ammar Qaddafi to come out and address you to
deny his death, when it has clear advantages at this new phase of the struggle, shame on you. Seek your
reassurance elsewhere.”and from the Resistance:
11 NOV 2011:
Warning: No persons, entity or group of people will be allowed to film, video or record activities of the
green army. The leadership and resistance of Libyan Liberation front will not be delivering media speeches,
interviews or appearances, it’s a war and no high ranking official will be allowed to send messages without
approval from other operational cells, even colonel Gadhaffi will… not be allowed to deliver further speeches,
the army refuse to communicate with the media, we do not want media to serve as an invitation for NATO bombardment.
transcribed by Daniela Chinni / English of Cecilia Marchese
The text of Muammar al-Gathafi’s letter to his people letter aired on Al-Jamahirya TV:
Al Jamahiriya TV NEWS“  the week of 05.11.2011
written on the 28 OCTOBER 2011
NATO lost the war! LIBYA, on duty!”
Tens of thousands  at the expense of their children in sacrifice to the enemy neck
who continue to fight the noble people of Libya and wherever they are in the world, the hearts
of true patriots multiplier for the people of Libya to greet all their fire!
What did I say last you? “
An income also can not hear my voice again, if you don’t I did not say? “Until, that is sparkling,
dazzling beauty of the Great Victory Born and raised until it matches the horizon, knowing stop!
Not be seized with panic again!”
I did not say? “Leaving aside the struggle and cry, you take from
place to place,” he wanted something from you?
Listen to the conversation in the open, “theNATO colonial media, their article looking
hurafelerine: Do not be fooled,” he told her several times.
Al-Jazeera, Al Arabiya, BBC, CNN, FOX .too many, all Belial’s whistle. Their job, fake
images, news invented superstition, eyes, ears mind spray, from there, capturing the heart,
separate from the right way so the small blind and a determination to resist souls out of the
water, jell.
The enemy, on which I installed in Libya, direct, genuine democracy, forget it, revel
in the deceit of their form of democracy; richness sit down and watch the blind eyes, “came to
save us! The West, democracy, and brought gifts! Both NATO is now transformed into the
Organization of the Islamic Freedom and Independence to say“ which, supposedly Muslim
appearance, such as contractors in jet-black demon, and the darkness he invent these lies
I told them, you know.
E, is well now some of you did this? Some of the weak! Theenergies of the channels is
going wrong. Hand sitting, in front of Al-Arabiya, “was for Gaddafi,
was caught here,” blah blah, whatever.
Do not hang around with them, Then your arm, your finger, remove the green flag
will not cure a jot.
Those captured, NATO corrupters, soldiersfor hire, playing time, the nation’s wealth
outlaw thieves caught. We will catch them in those patriots, real Libyans, people of Libya.
NATO lost the war. Washington DC, London, Paris regimes, attached to their countries after
them, the UN and Human Rights Watch-governmentalorganizations, such as lost miserably.
Yesterday, “brother,” blood stool if they attacked Libya in God, robbing those who think
the future of thieves willing to lose. Tripoli genetic traitors shame the council, NATO’s Islamist
ingrates and shame the countries of NATO puppet councilsalso lost.
“As we did in Iraq, ‘first sub-structure of the bombardment of Libya, cities, hunger
and siege Libyans rented. Then a few trucks, pasta, sugar, soft cloth to go,’ is not a Muslim
neighbor lies hungry fed, the Muslim brothers and sisters came to help! ‘ saying, sub-structure
construction capers. Thus pockets big time when filling out a hand, Libya, on the other
hand will win plenty of reward, will ensure a paradise! “All of the account, but all are traitors
who called genetic the crimes they committed against, all in one day, they tried, Green
Square, Baghdad, Damascus, Istanbul, Adana, Izmir will draw penalties.
“He was murdered, lynched has had several times caught in 42 years, even I him where he dies
seen a hyena? Who witnessed the eagle is a scavenger catch up? If as they say, no did you?
Full or would you hear me now? Ninety-five percent of Tripoli, under the NATO bombing of
Yugoslavia squares coming down at the same time, Libya, flag, green flag firmly on the rise
and I, on the streets of Tripoli, Libya a combination of open-top the hell alone among the
people of El Cezire, Al-Arabiya, BBC, CNN, across from the darkness!
Let each other, “Do you see it doing Lidere as” very upsetting to write letters! Leader,
right up to him and no hyena dokunamayacagi distance of the reach of the war commanded a carrion Kargasinin
etmekte chimed in your heart
because I am Libyan Revolutionary Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi !
28 October 2011 –
AY Agency”

  a Misrata Catholic Church which  was bombed by NATO as seen by a Jamahiriya soldier of Gadhafi’s on 25 MAY 2011…

By Rodrigo Abd, AP

From Za-Afriku, 09 January 2012 – From Libyan FM Radio


 The untold story of Gaddafi – TRUTH BE TOLD.

The untold story of Gaddafi – TRUTH BE TOLD.

Zimmetro – The media has successfully painted Gaddafi as a hard-core dictator, tyrant whatever you want to call him. However, the media as usual has also failed to show the kind, giving Gaddafi we never heard of. Gaddafi unlike most dictators I will refrain from naming them has managed to show his humane side, the very side we dream of seeing in other dictators who just talk and talk.

I consider Libyans lucky to a certain extent and one wonders with the new democratic rule they cry for will it improve or worsen life for them. Yes, Gaddafi has spent millions of Libya`s money on personal ventures but is the average Libyan poor? We know others who take a country and destroy it until you feel like there is no hope of restoring this country… looting some prefer to call it. Did Gaddafi loot Libya in any way?

Now let us get to the unknown facts about the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi:

1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens. 2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at 0% interest by law. 3. Home considered a human right in Libya – Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafi’s father has died while him, his wife and his mother are still living in a tent. 4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinar (US$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.

Traditional wedding in Tripoli, Libya

5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans are literate. Today the figure is 83%. 6. Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kick-start their farms – all for free. 7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government funds them to go abroad for it – not only free but they get US$2,300/mth accommodation and car allowance. 8. In Libyan, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price. 9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter. 10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – now frozen globally.

Great Man-Made River project in Libya… $27 billion

11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found. 12. A portion of Libyan oil sale is, credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens. 13. A mother who gave birth to a child receive US$5,000 14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15 15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree 16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.

Which other dictator has done much good to his people?

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Olivera Olja Ilić
Libya – A new intervention of Dr. Hamza Touhami of January 27, 2012 (January 28, 2012)
Touhami Dr. Hamza has occurred January 27, 2012, announcing the popular uprising in Benghazi. He said the real revolution began (not revolution NATO)
and that young Libyans will release Libya, young people like Moatassem, Seif, Saidi, Aisha will create the new Libya and liberate the country.

He added that the people of Bani Walid told France Presse that the Libyan leader is alive as well as in the hearts of all who live in Bani Walid.

Dr Touhami, said a student in the department of literature at Sabha, tore the flag of shame in front of everyone and has put his name on the list of those expelled in the table of the Student Union and she’s torn. He commended the heroic gesture.
He added that Bouchene (MustaphaAbdeljalil) will never live in peace in Libya. Whoever sold con honor, his country and brought the enemy in Libya.
He added that a release of CNT talking about 40 million Libyan dinars was stolen by a group of four people in the administration of the CNT.
He added that Musptapha Abdeljalil asked the Libyans to boycott Al Jazeera and Arabia!
Dr Touhami asked Tuareg women to Touergs, Tuareg children to come help the resistance to liberate the city of Sabha already.

only thing, I am sure Olivera meant Khamis, not Dr. Moutassem al-Billah (who was slain).

Saadi al-Gaddafi announced that soon will be created on the interim Government of Libya.
This was reported by the Libyan FM radio, from the voice of doctor Hamza Tomai .
This Government, quoting Dr. Hamza, will be temporarily headed by Saif al-Islam.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs will be Aisha Gaddafi.4

The Minister of Communication: Dr. Shakir

The head of the Minister for Information will be Saadi al-Gaddafi himself. 

We all know that the JAMAHIRIYA has no “head of State”…Muammar said so how many times!!!
“There is no head of State in a JAMAHIRIYA; the people rule through People’s Committees and the basic Popular Congresses.”
so why these reports?

Fabrice Beaur informs us:
LIBYA – Our brother Moussa Ibrahim is free and outside Libya.
He will take soon the leadership of a new Free Jamahiriyan Libyan Governement in exile !
With him we know that the Jamahiriyan Resistance will be in the best hands !
For Gaddafi – Jamahiriya – Direct Democracy – until the liberation of the Green Libya !
Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi
Breaking News
New government will be leaded by one of Gaddafi sons and Dr. Shaker will have good position in it .
Perhaps to show the world that the GREEN RESISTANCE is strong and SAIF is in excellent health and NOT in any manner a “prisoner”!

posted by El Gaddafi Muammar on 09 janvier 01:55
أعلن الدكتور حمزه التهامي أنه
سيعلن عن حكومه منفى خارج ليبيا تستمد شرعيتها من الشعب الليبي
خلال اليام القليله القادمه
وسيكون الأخ الساعدي هو رئيس الحكومه وسيتم أعلان أسماء الوزراء والمسؤلين عن شرعيه الشعب الليبي
ويطلب من الجميع دعمها والتأييد لها
هذا الكلام من الدكتور شخصيا من خلال مداخلته على اليبيه اف ام
والله الموفق والنصر حليفكم‬

Photos du mur
: سيتم أعلان حكومه منفى للشرعيه الليبية الله أكبر أعلن الدكتور حمزه التهامي أنه سيعلن عن حكومه منفى…

mouammar kadhafi.
(c) Copyright Thomson Reuters 2011 / Ismail Zetouny

SAADI 2   In this undated photo made available Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011, al-Saadi Gadhafi, son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, watches a military exercise by the elite military unit commanded by his brother, Khamis, in Zlitan - 90 miles (140 kilometers) southeast of Tripoli, Libya. Interpol put ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's son al-Saadi on the equivalent of its most-wanted list on Thursday, and said he was last seen in Niger. (AP Photo/Abdel Magid al-Fergany)

In this undated photo made available Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011, al-Saadi Gadhafi, son …

  daughter Aisha   



Premier Minister Mr. Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi Saif Al-Islam Kadhafi (left) runs the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Association

Dear Mr. Premier!
The international community of friends and supporters of the Libyan Resistance

and the people of Libya congratulates you personally and all members of the People’s Government

with the significant historic event – the renewal of the GSPLAJ (Libya) legitimate Government!

Participants of the international Internet group “For Gaddafi and his people” are sure that this

event marks a new era of national revival and want to express their full support for all initiatives

of the GSPLAJ Government directed towards restoration of justice and the rule of law on the

territory of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya! We as the friends of

independent Libya which you are representing on this high post of the Head of the State wish

to the Libyan people a successful struggle and total liberation from the NATO occupation forces

and mercenaries. We are confident that under your leadership the people of Libya will take

decisive victory over the enemy! Please give to Libyan people our sincere wishes of happiness,

prosperity and success in building a social state based on justice!

 Oh God, I ask you, you who to allow it the eyes, and Atkhalth misgivings, but Aacefh Describers, and Atgerh accidents, all ages, teaches Mthaqil the mountains, and pints of the sea, and the number of Qatar rain, and the number of & solution trees, and the number of Mizlm by night, and shines by day, and Atwary him sky sky, and Aared the ground, The Mount, but knows Mava and rugged, and set sail Alayalm Mava its bottom, God ask you to make good work of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi Juatmh, and the best of his days on Alqak you on everything Kadeer, God of booed the same number, and an instrument Vkdh, and baggage it Bahlkh Vahlkh, and set him trap his thigh, and Tfou fire from broke to him exist, and Acfh are enter upon his main concern and plunged into your shield the hippocampus, and esterification Bistrik Shield, Yamen suffice him everything Acfh Maahmh this world and hereafter, and his sincerity and do the investigation Aashvik Aarafiq, Faraj it all tight, and put up money to endure , you are God is the right real, Aamcherq proof, Yakoa staff, Yamen mercy everywhere, Yamen to Aakhalo him everywhere, Ahrsh eyes that Atnam and Ge Baraknk which Iram, and make sure my heart It takes YOU only and he does not die and you are with him Iargaúa, Varahmh your ability it Aaazima Please all great, Aaalama Aahalima, you seer on them and their salvation Kadeer, which you walk, Vamanan it by eliminating my kindest O most merciful and you are on everything Kadeer, O hear us, O Lord and Yes supporter, and precipitated by the beverage of your own, Bgodk and generosity and Artvaek in altitude your heaven Iaarahm merciful, you are on the Machae Kadeer, God, I Astodek Saif al-Islam Ibn Muammar and descriptive you who do not waste Your trust, Astodek his blood and his heart, mind, honor and property and every atom in his being God save Bhfezk and make angels masterpiece, God, I make you in the throats of his enemies and Aaivh You from their evil Vacfh on you, God, I Oaivh your worry and sadness and helplessness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, and the predominance of religion and the oppression of men Lord of the Worlds and peace be on Muhammad, the Seal Alnpin, and on his family and companions
اللهم اني اسالك,يامن لاتراه العيون,ولاتخالطه الظنون, ولايصفه الواصفون,ولاتغيره الحوادث والدهور,يعلم مثاقيل الجبال,ومكاييل البحار,وعدد قطر الامطار,وعدد اورق الاشجار,وعدد مايظلم عليه الليل ,ويشرق عليه النهار,ولاتوارى منه سماء سماء,ولاارض ارضآ ,ولا جبل الا يعلم مافي وعره,ولابحر الايعلم مافي قعره,اللهم اسالك ان تجعل خير عمل سيف الاسلام القذافي خواتمه,وخير ايامه يوم يلقاك انك على كل شي قدير,اللهم من عاداه فعده,ومن كاده فكده,ومن بغى عليه بهلكة فاهلكه,ومن نصب له فخآ فخذه,وطفء نار من شب اليه ناره,واكفه هم من ادخل عليه همه وادخله في درعك الحصين,واستره بسترك الواقي,يامن كفاه كل شي اكفه مااهمه بالدنيا والاخره,وصدق قوله وفعله بالتحقيق ياشفيق يارفيق,فرج عنه كل ضيق,ولاتحمله مالا يطيق,انت الهه الحق الحقيق,يامشرق البرهان,ياقوي الاركان,يامن رحمته بكل مكان,يامن لايخلو منه مكان,احرسه بعينك التى لاتنام و قِه بركنك الذي لايرام,وقد تيقن قلبي انه لااله الا انت وانه لا يهلك وانت معه يارجائي ,فارحمه بقدرتك عليه ياعظيمآ يرجي كل عظيم,ياعليمآ ياحليمآ,انت بصير عليهم وعلى خلاصه قدير,وهو عليك يسير,فامنن عليه بقضائها يا اكرم الاكرمين ويا ارحم الراحمين وانك على كل شي قدير ,اللهم استجب لنا يا نعم المولى ونعم النصير ,وعجل عليه بفرج من عندك,بجودك وكرمك,وارتفاعك في علو سمائك ياارحم الراحمين,انك على ماتشاء قدير, اللهم اني استودعك سيف الاسلام ابن معمر وصفيه يامن لا تضيع ودائعك , استودعك دمه وقلبه وعقله وعرضه وماله وكل ذرة في كيانه اللهم احفظه بحفظك واجعل الملائكة تحفه , اللهم اني اجعلك في نحور اعدائه واعيذه بك من شرورهم فاكفه بما شئت , اللهم إني أعيذه بك من الهم والحزن والعجز والكسل والبخل والجبن ومن غلبة الدين وقهر الرجال يارب العالمين وصلى الله على محمد خاتم النبين,وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين

Oh Dieu, je vous demande, toi qui pour lui permettre de les yeux, et les doutes Atkhalth, mais descripteurs Aacefh, et ​​les accidents Atgerh, tous les âges, enseigne Mthaqil les montagnes, et les pintes de la mer, et le nombre de pluie au Qatar, et le ciel ciel le nombre d’arbres solution de &, et le nombre de Mizlm par nuit, et brille par jour, et Atwary lui, et Ared du sol, Le Mont, mais il sait, Mava et robuste et s’embarqua Alayalm Mava son fond, que Dieu vous demande de faire un bon travail de Saif Juatmh al-Islam Kadhafi, et le meilleur de ses journées sur Alqak vous sur Kadeer tout, Dieu de huer le même nombre, et une Vkdh instrument, et les bagages qu’il Bahlkh Vahlkh, et ​​mis en le piéger sa cuisse, et le feu Tfou partir brisé pour lui existent, et Acfh sont entrer dans sa principale préoccupation et plongé dans votre bouclier de l’hippocampe, et estérification Bistrik Bouclier, Yamen lui suffit tout Acfh Maahmh ce monde et ci-après, et sa sincérité et de mener l’enquête Aashvik Aarafiq, Faraj tout serré, et de mettre de l’argent pour supporter , vous êtes Dieu est le droit réel, la preuve Aamcherq, Yakoa personnel, merci Yamen partout, Yamen lui Aakhalo partout, les yeux Ahrsh que Atnam et Ge Baraknk qui Iram, et assurez-vous mon coeur il vous prend seulement et il ne meurt pas et que vous êtes avec lui Iargaúa, Varahmh votre capacité qu’il Aaazima S’il vous plaît tous les grands, Aaalama Aahalima, vous voyant sur ​​eux et leur Kadeer salut, qui vous marchez, il Vamanan en éliminant gentille mes O très miséricordieux et vous êtes sur Kadeer tout, ô nous entendre, ô Seigneur et partisan Oui, et précipité par la boisson de votre propre Bgodk et de générosité et Artvaek d’altitude votre ciel Iaarahm miséricordieux, vous êtes sur la Kadeer Machae,
Dieu, je Astodek Saif al-Islam Ibn Mouammar et descriptifs vous qui ne perdez pas votre confiance, Astodek son sang et son cœur, l’esprit, l’honneur et la propriété et chaque atome de son être Bhfezk Dieu sauve et faire chef des anges, Dieu, je vous effectuez dans la gorge de ses ennemis et Aaivh Vous de leur Vacfh mal sur toi, ô Dieu, je Oaivh votre inquiétude et de tristesse et d’impuissance et la paresse, l’avarice et la lâcheté, et la prédominance de la religion et l’oppression des hommes Seigneur de l’Univers et la paix soient sur ​​Muhammad, le Alnpin Seal, et sur ​​sa famille et ses compagnons
Brigadier Major General Khamis: 

   reporters give Gadhafi a headache!

Libya – A statement from Major GeneralHarb” of the Libyan Green Army (Libyan Liberation Front of the holy Jamahiriya)

Posted on 14/01/2012 at 23:41 –


Libya - A statement from Major General "Harb" of the Libyan Army Green (January 14, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / General Staff “Harb” of the Libyan Green army, says in this video that this message is intended for tribal security units and people’s security, fighting battalions, the battalion 32, custody popular with Mujahideen and the Libyans free. He says they will release Libya.

He added that the Resistance will start operations in all regions from West to East. He asked the Libyans to join the resistance fighters and launch attacks even with stones.

It calls on fighters to Abu Slim and El Hadaba to intensify operations against the traitors who have sold Libya. He added that he must say “AllahAkbar” with our heart and not just as the rebels with their throats.

He said that the resistance will liberate Libya or they will die. He added that the Ancestors have fought the Italians until they have released Libya.

He asked mothers of the soldiers to their prayers for lions “children” as they are back in combat as Kamikazes.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is a member of  the prisoner liberation team of the Resistance that will motivate us to intensify the resistance to the Liberation of Libya.

Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Libya Live Green.

He said: “My mother, you can make ululations when I die because if I’m in Heaven it will be a ticket to victory in Libya.”

The fighters of the army will do Kamikaze operations and various military operations until the liberation of all prisoners led by the leader Saif El Islam Gaddafi.

He added that they would never allow partition Libya. They would never allow Libya to become an Emirate of Qatar or United Arab Emirates, or under the Control of a European country or a Colony of France.

It calls on all forces of the Army, the Mujahideen, Battalions, Tribes from all regions and the people of Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq,  & Syria to stand against rats,  and against mercenaries. Remain standing with the Libyans, brothers in Tunisia and Egypt, and help the Mujahideen Resistance.

To all the Mujahideen and Tribes be patient and be with this Jihad.

Allah Akbar Allah Akbar

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has spoken to the Libyans “” A great moral support given to

the proclamation of the resistance that is circulating these days, Libya 

El Coronel Muammar Gaddafi ha Hablado a los Libios ''''Un gran apoyo moral dado y la proclamación de la resistencia que está circulando en estos días, Libia: "Usted ve que los colonos hicieron la violencia y la violencia contra el país de Libia, muertos, heridos y hechos a los huérfanos los niños. Todo se hizo bajo el nombre falso de la revolución. Todos los hijos de honesta Libia, los hijos de los muyahidines y los hijos de los comandantes muyahidines, el sol brillará después de una larga noche y lo que necesita saber que la victoria está cerca, y que la liberación está cerca. Pronto se reunirá con el comandante de la Gran Jamahiriya en la televisión. "  

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has spoken to the Libyans’:

”A great moral support given to the proclamation of the resistance that is circulating these days, Libya: “You see that the colonists did violence and violence against the country of Libya dead, wounded and made children orphans. It was all done under the false name of revolution. all honest sons of Libya, the children of the mujahideen and the children of mujahideen commanders, the sun will shine after a long night and you need to know that victory is near, and that liberation is near. Soon he will meet with the commander of the Great Jamahiriya on television. “

Algeria ISP believes that it is Gaddafi and assumed that he was alive, waiting for a miracle.Of course, we know that Gaddafi is alive and that all Libyans know he’s alive. It only remains to convince other media in their lives. METAL announced the opening of the radio for 15 January, and if this day AJSA ELRA television.
Harb contained in the General Staff, who in the video said his message is addressed to international security units, security units of the tribe, the soldiers of the battalion, Battalion 32, the Libyan mujahideen and free.
He said that resistance to launch operations in all regions, from east to west. He called on Libyans to join the Resistance fighters and launch an attack, even stones. He urged fighters Hadaba The Abu Salim and intensify operations against the traitors who have sold Libya said that we should shout Allah Akbar from the heart, not from the throat to the rebels. He said the resistance to free Libya, or that they will die. He said that the ancestors of the Italians fought only to free Libya. He told the soldiers that mothers pray for their lions, because they will fight like kamikazes. Saif al-Islam is a member of the resistance will motivate us to improve the resistance of the liberation of Libya. He told his mother that he would go to heaven and that is to go for the victory of Libya. Resistance fighters will be like a kamikaze to release all prisoners, including kanji kanji Saif. He added that Libya never divide. Libya will never become the emirate of Qatar and the UAE, and a colony of France and other Western countries. He calls all the Mujahideen Army, tribes from all regions, Algerians, Tunisians, Iraqis and Syrians to stand against the mercenaries rats. Stay with the Libyans and the Libyan and help the mujahideen resistance.

English: Flag of the Khadaffi's resistance in ...Image via Wikipedia

A PRIMORDIAL and ETERNAL MEANING TO BEING A MUSLIM” : DECENCY & LOVE, of God, all his Creation and Mankind

Mirella Bianco, dans “Kadafi, Desert Mystic” [1975] écrit:
«… Il est dans le désert que l’on peut chercher l’essence de la nature d’al-Qathafi est, de la spiritualité, le mysticisme qui ont plus de poids que n’importe quel de ses aspirations, et qui influence encore son action politique. … C’est précisément cette notion de liberté — la liberté intangible de gens du désert — une liberté entièrement le sien, et pourtant pleine soumission à Dieu, et Dieu seul , — qui sous-tend tous les choix, décisions et mesures prises par al-Qathafi;. même, et peut-être essentiellement ceux de nature politique ” Mirella Bianco demanda à Abu al-Qathafi Menyr (père Mouammar) au sujet de son fils. il a répondu: “Couage et l’intelligence Son amour de la famille, sa piété.. Mirella Bianco a demandé à son instituteur à la même question, qui a répondu: “une grande intelligence, la sobriété en bordure sur l’ascétisme, de piété et de profondeur» Muhammed Khalil (mouvement civiles de co- patriote et ami): “. Ils sont son intelligence, sa rectitude morale, inébranlable dans son intégrité, sa ferveur religieuse (qui est la véritable source de sa force) Mahmoud Ayoub [en 1987]: “Qathafi ne craint personne, mais Dieu; est bon et utile à ses amis. “Il reste constant dans sa dévotion religieuse et la stricte observance. Sa première éducation coranique est restée le cadre de sa pensée et les actions à travers les étapes de sa carrière politique et idéologique. La discipline dont il a imposé au Comité central des officiers unionistes Free est indictive de son orientation religieuse et morale. Ils ont été d’observer la prière, en congrégation autant que possible, en toutes circonstances. Ils étaient strictement de s’abstenir de boire et de Gambl frivoles et toutes les autres activités …. en bref, le strict respect de l’islam avec toutes ses exigences morales constituées son code …. … Dans les yeux de ses collègues, et les jeunes hommes et les femmes de son peuple, Mouammar incarne l’esprit de leur [al-Fateh] Révolution, leurs rêves et de la vitalité, mais surtout, il est «le dépositaire de leur liberté”. “… Qathafi ce qui concerne l’islam comme une complète Civilisation, l’âme de qui est la foi en un Dieu unique …”. “… La Révolution de Septembre 01 [al-Fateh], non pas comme un événement historique, mais plutôt comme l’accomplissement d’un rêve, le fruit d’une lutte longue et ardue, et une déclaration concrète de la foi de Qathafi. ” Sulyman capitaine Mahmoud: «… Imaginez une caravane perdue dans le désert. Qathafi est exactement le genre d’homme qui pourrait l’amener à destination en toute sécurité AIA “.

Mirella Bianco, in “Kadafi, Desert Mystic” [1975] wrote:
“…It is in the desert that one may seek out the essence of al-Qathafi’s nature, of the spirituality, of the mysticism which has greater weight than any of his aspirations, and which influence even his political action. …It is precisely this concept of liberty—the intangible freedom of desert people—a freedom entirely one’s own, and yet full submission to God, and God alone,—which underlies all the choices, decisions and actions taken by al-Qathafi; even, and perhaps essentially those of a political nature.”

Mirella Bianco asked Abu Menyr al-Qathafi (Muammar’s father) about his son. He answered:

“Couage and intelligence. His love of family, His piety.

Mirella Bianco asked his school-teacher the same question, who answered:

“great intelligence, sobriety bordering on asceticism, and deep piety”

Muhammed Khalil (civilian movement co-patriot and friend):
“They are his intelligence, his moral rectitude, his unswerving integrity, his religious fervor (which is the real source of his strength).

Mahmoud Ayoub [1987]:
“Qathafi fears no one but God; is kind and helpful to his friends. “He remains constant in his religious devotion and strict observance. His early Quaranic education has remained the framework of his thought and actions throughout the stages of his ideological and political career. The discipline which he imposed on the Central Committee of the Unionist Free Officers is indictive of his religious and moral orientation. They were to observe prayers, in congregation whenever possible, under all circumstances. They were to abstain strictly from drinking and gambling and all other frivolous activities….in short, strict adherence to Islam with all its moral demands constituted his code….
…In the eyes of his colleagues, and the young men and women of his people, Muammar embodies the spirit of their [al-Fateh] Revolution, their dreams and vitality; but above all, he is ‘the trustee of their liberty’.”
“…Qathafi regards Islam as a complete civilisation, the soul of which is faith in the One God….”
“…The Revolution of 01 September [al-Fateh], not as an historical event; but rather, as the fulfillment of a dream, the fruit of a long and arduous struggle, and a concrete statement of Qathafi’s faith.”

Captain Sulyman Mahmoud:
“…Imagine a caravan lost in the desert. Qathafi is just the sort of man who could bring it safely to its destination.”


Tripoli, before the ’69 al-Fateh Revolution was the “FUN CITY” of North Africa.
In an interview in December 1972, Muammar al-Qathafi was accused by the Western interviewer, by saying that MUSLIMS have to endure auster, inhuman conditions! He replied: “I deny that there is a situation of austerity in Libya, unless you mean by austerity as the lack of places where women can be bought and sold [BROTHELS], and where there are no Taverns [sex and alcoholic BARS]. If this is what you think, then such ideas would have to be rejected by any reasonable, thinking person.”
al-Qathafi’s faith is his concern for the welfare of human beings. “Without faith, man becomes a slave of the Machine, but we Muslims are slaves to no one but God alone. We say openly that Islam is a call to progress; and that any other system, such as Communism or Liberalism, is a call to reactionism.”

The Islamic Greeting is “peace be upon you”, just as it is said in the Roman-Catholic Mass. He further argued that since the motto of Musleims is “Peace”, then they must be missionaries of Peace everywhere. Islam cannot be spread by force, but only by persuation. He concluded “We feel that the whole world is in need of Islamic faith. This is because, all other religions have become incapable of solving the spiritual problems of human kind. Islam is therefore the only religion capable of offering a final solution to humanity’s problems.”

As Muammar al-Qathafi sees it, “all those who firmly believe in God and do good, are Muslims. regarless of what specific monotheistic religion they adhere to.” He concludes “I believe that all problems would be solved within the framework of the Divine Conception, within the framework of this reality: If we all were to believe in the One God, and do good, the problem would be finished. It would then not matter to me whether you follow Muhammed, Jesus or Moses.”

Qathafi cites the Quaranic verse: “It is the religion (millah) of your Father Abraham; it is he who called you Muslims aforetime”…”Being a Muslim is therefore ancient, going back to the time of Abraham and even to the beginning of the Creation…” Yet we do not wish to turn true Christians into Islamists” (The true Chrstians are already Muslims.) “There are however, millions of people in the world, who are either without faith at all, or who adhere to ‘natural’ religions. We should seek first to, turn these millions of people to true religion: then all would be easy.”
al-Qathafi has spoken good of Christian Missionary organisations spreading the Christian faith in the world (BUT, he wished that AMERICAN money was not behind such noble endeavors as with the many American Revivalist Fundamentalist Protestant preachers.) He wished that “the Cross and the Crescent work side by side in the world.”

Colonel Gaddafi in Niger 2009 – Óró, ‘Sé do Bheatha ‘Bhaile (Welcome Home)

Posted: 2012/01/18
From: Mathaba       http://www.mathaba.net/members/silver.shtml?sh_itm=5aa8cfc72935b98dd64cb29a0b32c5bd
Photo: African Union President and Revolutionary Peacemaker Muammar Gaddafi speaks to thousands of Tuaregs and officials from Niger as they laid down their arms on 6 October, 2009.

By Maya andQuoriana

Gaddafi always dreamed of a developed, united Africa and was about to make that dream come true, which is one of the reasons why he is loved and respected by millions of people in Libya and Africa — therefore war on Libya means war on all of Africa.

As regards to Niger, Gaddafi helped to establish peace between government representatives and members of the Tuareg Movement of Niger People for Justice in 2009 during his position as chairman of the African Union. Addressing the commanders of the Tuareg movement and government officials on October 6, 2009, he said:

At this very moment, there are 1,100 fighters who have laid down their arms in Agades [Niger]. They are listening to us right now and waiting for me to order them to enter Niger in peace. I tell them: ‘Go ahead and enter Niger in peace’. It is a historical day and momentous hour as our Tuareg brothers in Niger have decided to make peace and lay down their weapons.

Colonel Gaddafi — called Asiwaju (Leader, Pioneer, Opener of Paths) and Omo Ju Omo Lo (Greatest of the Children of Africa) by the people of Niger — has helped Niger and its people in many other ways. In August 2010, Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi visited Niger and announced the creation of a $100 million investment fund for Niger as part of a strengthening of bilateral ties. Under earlier agreements, Libya is contributing 100 million Euros for the construction of a Trans-Saharan highway in the north of Niger. Gaddafi also made the local subsidiary of Libya Oil one of the major players in Niger’s fuel retailing business.

However, since the bankrupt Western countries became terrified of the idea of a developed, united Africa and thus established a NATO-backed puppet government in Libya after wounding and killing hundreds of thousands of Libyan people, Niger among many other African countries is now at risk of weakening and becoming more fragile without Gaddafi’s support, aid and diplomacy.

The video below shows Africa’s most popular leader Muammar Gaddafi arriving in Niger and being welcomed by its people.


Óró ‘Sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
Óró ‘Sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
Óró ‘Sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh!

Óró ‘Sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
Óró ‘Sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
Óró ‘Sé do bheatha ‘bhaile,
Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh!

‘Sé do bheatha a bhean ba léanmhar,
B’ é ár gcreach tú bheith i ngéibhinn,
Do dhúiche bhreá i seilibh meirleach…
Is tú díolta leis na Gallaibh!

Tá Gráinne Mhaol ag teacht thar sáile,
Óglaigh armtha léi mar gharda,
Gaeil iad féin is ní Gaill ná Spáinnigh…
Is cuirfidh siad ruaig ar Ghallaibh!

A bhuí le Rí na bhFeart go bhfeiceann,
Muna mbíonn beo ina dhiaidh ach seachtain,
Gráinne Mhaol is míle gaiscíoch…
Ag fógairt fáin ar Ghallaibh!


Óró! You are welcome home!
Óró! You are welcome home!
Óró! You are welcome home!
Now that summer is coming

Welcome Oh Colonel who was so afflicted,
It was our ruin that you were in bondage,
Our fine land in the possession of rats,
And sold to the foreigners

Colonel Gaddafi is coming over the sea,
Armed warriors along with him as guard,
They are Libyans, not French or English,
And they will rout the foreigners

May it please the God of Miracles that we may see,
Although we only live a week after it,
Colonel Gaddafi and a thousand warriors,
Routing out the rats and foreigners

The Water of Life: 

The Great Manmade River has made the African Desert bloom: 



Libyan Liberation Frontline News [13.01.2012.]

Libya location map-oil & gas 2011
 Sirte: “Revenge for the battalion of the Resistance”: on the road of the town a ambush to the rebels, consisting of a column of
trucks (6 vehicles, armed to the teeth). Members of the Resistance totally destroyed the convoy of trucks and killed 26 rebels.
Unfortunately, the battalion lost three fighters.
Misurata rebels continue their attacks on civilians. They continue their many barbaric atrocities, murder and torture.
Benghazi: in the city is continuing the protest against the NTC, lawlessness and looting. Clash between rebels and forces of
resistance. In the city were heard exploding grenades and shots.
Al – Bayda: Youth Resistance conducted sabotage operations locally, laying mines on their checkpoints on the outskirts of the city.
(1) Leader of Libyan Liberation front Hattar Gamal Longhe and many other resistance leaders and cells have asked
our people to embrace national unity, desist all imperialist pressures.
(2) Libyan Resistance Intelligence agencies have confirmed the presence of12,000 American mercenaries and cut
throat soldiers stationed in Maltaabout to be deployed in East Libya.(3) The National Traitors Council of the NATO appointed proxy government of Libya has received $20 billion
USD from stolen Libyan public funds, the hungry proxy government has shown no signs stabilizing the condition of Libyan citizens.(4) NTC continues to exert blame on Libyan Resistance Movement for the immense destruction brought to the country
under the barrel of the gun, it’sNTC rebellion that brought destruction to Libya not the resistance movement.(5) NATO chiefs will be meeting in their attempts to recolonize Libya, eyes are all over Libyan aquifer water
supplies, oil, gypsum and many other minerals produced by Libyan masses.(6) America and Israeli are camouflaging as UN on their mission to enter Libya.(7) Attacks on NATO targets, governments that serve them, NTC and their collaborators will continue till
Libya is stable, the resistance is not placing orders on which governments should serve NTC or not, but every applicable
foreign government seen as threat to the resistance in Libya will be attacked.(8) Libyan Liberation movement rejects the current state of African Union and Arab league, these
bodies have become undemocratic serving imperialist interests, they are not fit to serve masses of the continent,
war will rage inside and outside Libya till Libyans retain complete control of their own destiny and government.

We end here today. Resistance at every expense.


– Gheryan NATO mercenaries fired five mortar shells Btgah Alosabah the two of them fell in the market for Jendouba and
3 fell in the Alhawwamd

– Misrata: Libya Misrata 200 rebels are moving in a large convoy of trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition south

to attempt to control the borders within Libya.

– Tripoli: In Tripoli, at 1:11 am, several explosions rocked the area Krakeche, Elsa Elfellah the area and subsequent shots.
– A Janzour: The headquarters of the television Janzour local headquarters of the CNT have been hit by projectiles that cause great harm.
The highway connects the city of Janzour and Rachfana closed after clashes between rebels and resistance fighters green.
– Benghazi: is reported theft of antiquities from the Museum of the city of Benghazi (eighty thousand an ancient coin, gold
and sculptures) worth millions of dollars.
The Libyans can not overthrow “the government”  because the government  IS the People  (THE HOLY JAMAHIRIYA)-
which logically can not be overthrown!
There is no “Constitution made by  “man”; because the Supreme Law of the Holy JAMAHIRIYA  is The Words of God
himself! (man cannot be above God)
 Dj Osiris, of Iceland WRITES:
“…In Iceland, at the dawn of its history, was a direct democracy. The idea is that people meet, discuss and vote. Then elect
representatives who attend high-level meeting. And then it goes to a national meeting.
…Direct democracy exists in Libya since 1977, when Gadhafi renounced the authorities….

WARNING! Direct democracy in Libya!
At least, until the Western powers had not yet begun their ‘operations’….
It is clear that the acts against Gaddafi is not a majority. Pictures of its supporters than convincing. 1.7 million people
took to apoyarlo.Es silly of us to think they know best what they need these people.
In Tripoli, and most of the country the vast majority of the population supports Gaddafi, Benghazi, about the only place
where significant numbers of people against him and the Libyan. Still, this does not mean that the minority is allowed
to take over the country.
So what we have militants linked to Al Qaeda sponsored by NATO and the CIA attack police stations, and when
Gaddafi said he and his people would resist the bandits, foreign aggression and intervention efforts, ” declares
war on his people “! What nonsense! And, yes, of course, we need help and pump your capital! Whatever happens,
you can imagine, who supported the bombing of their country?
the Libyans do not want to be bombed!
All you see are not random errors. And the failures of intelligence. And there are no misunderstandings. This is
pure propaganda intended for the country and its resources.
The truth – the first casualty of war.

You’ve seen many stories of people allegedly affected by Gaddafi. But stories of hundreds of people burned alive by NATO bombs.
The Green Revolution and the Green Charter.

Green Charter proposes a new type of social order. I recommend you read it completely, but here are some quotes.
The Green Book contains a coherent theory of how to organize a fair and efficient society. If you’ve never heard of this book, I think it’s time to look into it.
“All currently existing in the world political systems are the product of a power struggle between the instruments
of government – either peaceful or armed struggle of the classes, clans, tribes, parties or individuals is not only the
winner always a weapon out of government -. An individual, a group of people, party, class loser is always the
same people, that is true democracy.

The political struggle, which resulted in victories, for example, the candidate receiving 51% of the vote, leading to
the creation of a dictatorial government weapons, dressed in a toga of a fake democracy, and that 49 % of voters are
under the authority of the instruments of government for those who did not vote, but obligated to them, and this is the dictatorship>. “
Therefore, in modern democratic systems is always a struggle, and there is always the risk that most minorities are suppressed. It’s true.

party if the Parliament consists won the election, not the people’s parliament, and parliament and the party gives the party, not people.
Executive authorities appointed by the Parliament, representing the power of the successful party, not government by the people.

The same applies to the Parliament, in which each party receives a certain number of seats. Occupied the sites deputies are
representatives of their parties, rather than representatives of the people. The authorities formed a coalition of parties
representing the power of coalition parties, not government by the people.
People in these regimes are victims of internal strife. Using people in the struggle for political power and exploiting opponents
are cheating to get their vote. Meanwhile, people like the rosary, I humbly move in long queues to cast their vote polls –
like throwing papers in the bins. This is the traditional democracy, the rule in today’s world, whether one party, two
party or multiparty system, or system, having no political parties. It is clear that parliamentary representation – fraud …

So representative democracy is better than an absolute monarchy or a fascist dictatorship, but far from ideal.Party party
purpose of education – the creation of instruments of government of the people, in other words, the government by those
outside the party by party, a party founded on despotic authoritarian principle of the subordination of the people at the
party. It is assumed that the rise to power is a means to achieve their objectives, which – as expected – according to these
people. This theory, designed to justify party dictatorship, is the basis for the justification of any dictatorship. The number
of matches does not change the substance. The party represents the views of only one person, the interests of one segment of the society, a.
It’s true.
The People’s Congresses and People’s Committees.

Direct democracy – the ideal solution, which, when incorporated in practice can not be a subject of controversy and disagreement …

People power is expressed in a single form, and the exercise of power by the people is only possible in a way – through the
establishment of People’s Congresses and committees. Without the People’s Congress is not democracy. Committees should be everywhere …

General People’s Congress is not a forum for individual members, as is done in Parliament and the People’s Congress forum,
popular committees, professional associations, unions and other organizations united by a professional base.

So naturally, we solve the problem of joint weapons and put an end to dictatorial forms of the board. The instrument of
government is the people. Once and for all solve the problem of democracy in the world.
People power can only be done through direct participation. This is possible only with direct democracy.’sInteresting.
The question that arises is: who ensures that the appropriate action to prevent rejection of the Bar Association?From
the standpoint of democracy, no group of persons entitled to oversee the company. Society itself has control over them.

The claims of any party, whether an individual or group of people who claim the right to monitor compliance with the
law – is a dictatorship, because democracy is the responsibility of all society. That is democracy, which is embodied in
the democratic life of the instrument of government, established in accordance with the nature of the organization of
society itself, if democracy is primary or popular assemblies, people’s committees conducted and, Finally, the General People’s Congress.
This principle distinguishes Libya from other states. No group of people has no right to dominate over the other! Bravo!
And what about freedom of the press? Is it unlimited? To some extent yes, and for this reason:
Man as an individual should have the freedom of expression and even as a madman to have the right to freely express their madness.
The man, as a legal person, it is also free to express themselves as such. In the first case, a man is for himself, in the second – a group
of individuals who form a legal entity.
Newspapers – a form of expression of society, not a single person or entity. Therefore, in terms of logic and democratic press can
not belong to any person or entity.
The media should not become the spokesman of the special interest groups, and contribute to the natural rights of all citizens. It is true, right?
The economics of the theories of Third World 

the final solution of the problem lies in the abolition of wages and the liberation of man from his chains, to return to the natural rules that
govern these relationships before school, different forms of government and laws created by man.

It is necessary to abolish wages in their current form. What blasphemy! Just because it is based on oppression and theft? Everyone who
contributes his share of the manufacturing process, has an equal right to the product manufactured.
Thanks, I think so too. Read on. Requirements. Human freedom is incomplete if you need more control. Responding to the needs can lead
to the enslavement of man by man, is also generated by the operating requirements. Meeting the needs – a real problem and, if the person
manages their own needs, not a fight.
reasonable, right? Housing is a basic need of the individual and the family, and therefore can not belong to anyone else. A person living in
a strange house, a profit or not, can not be free. . It is unacceptable that in a socialist society to any organ, including the company itself,
its sovereignty taken control of human needs. Nobody has the right to build a residential building, the area would exceed the needs of man
and his heirs, in order to remove excess, as it affects the needs of others.
Yes! Thank you! Everyone has the right to your home! And no one can have two at home! Because it exceeds their needs and violates the rights
of other people!
It is better not to say that. I tried one of the articles:
“We do not want much. Food and shelter over their heads, which is too much? In a country where the number of homes far exceeds
the number of citizens, people are frozen!
In countries that are proud of their technological advances allow people to starve. Although they are full of food, and not give away
the hungry. In countries where there are so many homes, people are dying of cold. This is crazy. “
Oh, and when Gaddafi and his companions came to power, Gaddafi’s parents lived in a tent. He promised that Libya will each home,
and only after that the house of his parents. Surprisingly, he managed to fulfill that promise quickly, but his father had died.

For a person as an individual, the family is more important than the state. Mankind has to do with this idea, as a person (man),
but a normal person (man) – the concept of familia.Familia – the cradle of man, the house of his father, his humanity social.
Originalmente security – that is the personality and the family, but not the State.
Personality and family is more important than the state? It is probably laughing at us … women. The woman – a man. The man –
a human being too. It is indisputable and unquestionable truth. Consequently, men and women alike, and people make a distinction
between them as human beings – is a clear and unjustifiable inequality. Human rights are for everyone – men and women, adults and children.
In Libya, women have more rights than in other Islamic countries.
I know that we can say that what is written in the book, does not necessarily exist in reality. Do not you think that between
what is proposed in this book, and is now widely accepted that a high standard of living in Libya, there is a connection? But this
book explains why the Libyans, unlike its neighbors, could function and succeed.
Gaddafi and his ideas from the beginning was perceived as a threat to the economic interests of Israel, USA, France and other states.
And once the campaign to demonize. He was depicted as a terrorist and a madman. They made ​​many attempts to remove him. Sometimes
they almost succeeded. And they tried to return to power of the oligarchs. Now it seems they are close to their goal. BUT…
The people of Libya, the overwhelming majority supported the revolution, because it gave them a portion of the country’s oil wealth,
fed and given shelter to all Libyans.
In 2003, after the U.S. invasion Iraq, the Libyans decided to somehow improve relations with the western world to avoid war.
NOT OUT OF GUILT, but rather out of the goodness of Gadhafi’s heart, al-Qathafi agreed to pay compensation to the victims of the
terrorist attacks in Lockerbie, which was one of the conditions. At the same time, the Secretary General of Libya repeatedly that
Libya does not recognize the blame for the attacks and has no connection with the attacks, and the offer is just to
“buy peace”, goodwill and show compassion for mankind.
After that there is something strange. Gaddafi began to carry around with him and sign economic contracts. The rhetoric is the
change – no longer a tyrant, but simply eccentric.
To meet them, Gaddafi was hurt more than they can imagine.  Debido to their home countries hate them, and communicate with them
– a bad public relations move.  People had the mistaken impression that he was “one of the bloodiest dictators who are supported by
the West”, instead of the wonderful and pure soul that he is. In the end, we have seen pictures in which shoulder to shoulder with the warmongers.
Let’s go to the causes of this war. They are, as always, a few. The first and most obvious – oil. Libya – Africa’s largest exporter. Can
also be related to water resources in Libya, which was enough to quench the thirst of the entire African continent. The Libyan
government has launched a project “The Man-Made River”, which was supposed to irrigate the desert of Libya, and significantly
improve the lives of Libyans. Now, these water sources are decreasing the uranium bomb. May have played a role Gaddafi plans to
introduce a gold dinar currency, which would be unable to manipulate the global banking elite. Most likely, all played a role in the
intervention in Libya. Or maybe it was necessary to end the country for so long can not fall under the control of the corporate plutocracy.
Part of the reason was the need to maintain the work and the military machine. You know how many missiles and bombs are
produced each day? They have no where to put. Of course, the arms manufacturers have to make huge profits. Most of the
beneficiaries of the war – the same people who make a formal decision on the start of the war.
Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. This operation is not to protect the civilian population. It has nothing to do with protecting
people from tyranny and democracy. Except, perhaps, the desire to create this kind of democracy that they can control.
Now we hear about the brutal slaughter of protestors in Syria.Sin But we see demonstrations in support of the great President Assad.
I do not like? Why are all these people support the kids who torture and kill their own citizens? That’s the thing! They were not killed
or tortured. Do you understand now why thousands of Libyans arrived at the residence of Gaddafi, in order not to allow NATO to
bomb? You think that they were crazy, but they certainly were not.  You must understand why we need to stop this horror?
Understanding why Cynthia McKinney and  this journalist defend Libya, who once visited there and immediately saw the
magnitude of the lie. She says: “Most people would ask: Why, what are you doing?”
Eeee …. to help you …
Remember that in all conflicts, at least two sides. The media is not objective, they claim that the other does not exist!
Everything I write here is almost ignored by the Mass Media.  They lied to say Gaddafi was speaking only as a bloodthirsty
dictator and the rebels were actually the freedom fighters! The media’s side of the war was a TOTAL LIE !
Qadhafi proposed compromises. The rebels rejected all the options, saying to them – insulting the memory of the victims.
Of course, the peaceful resolution of conflicts – on offense, we want blood!
You never hear all of the words of al- Qaddafi – only the edited version. If you want to hear the other side – not difficult!
Just look and listen to everything he says.
Imagine you put a gun in the man’s head, and he begs for mercy (al-Gaddafi, of course, is too proud for that, but you get the idea). You press the trigger, do not give a word, or at least listen to you? Or just shoot, and then you will understand?
My mother once told me that you can not judge anyone until you hear his side. This is the best advice she ever gave me.
Think about how naive to think that the media tell the truth. With that history is full of manipulation of the facts in favor of this war and the elites.
Many people say they are against the war, but when it comes to either remain silent or support it. It was actually so far as to argue that the world has
become dangerous? That is, those who oppose the war  you will find crazy? Or be accused of dragging conspiracy theory?
We do not want war! So stop! Do what you can. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid to condemn others. (It’s his fault, not yours!)
It is a mistake is to succumb to the pressure of society and betray one’s conscience. Do not hide your sympathy! Have the courage to tell people the truth.
This is an abridged version of this article. Original photo and video here:
here: http://mathaba.net/news /? x = 628 558

These are the crimes of France and genocide in Africa
Posted by SOS Resistance and Martyrdom in Libya
a conversation with Adil Naji 0:50 on Morning of 16 JANUARY 2012:
    • Since when I was small I felt connected to this great old man
      I also remember my medrasa maalim said the man who will kill anti christ will come from Libya, I was too young to bother asking why, at that age I didn’t even know about Gaddafi in Libya, my own interpretations now tells me my old Maalem meant Gaddafi.. After I read greenbook I reaffirmed my stance, we will be victorious in this battle no doubt about it

  • Adil Naji

    Il y a 4 minutes

    Adil Naji

    • I also doubt if my maalem knew anything about GreenBook then, may be he did..

  • Christella Bernardene Krebs

    il y a quelques secondes

    Christella Bernardene Krebs

    • Thank you for this Adil…seems I heard something similar many years ago—something to do with Simon of Cyrene (which is Libya) who carried the cross for Jesus. ( Something about his reward for carrying the burdon would be, that the man who will devour the anti-Christ would be his countryman–FROM LIBYA.)

Colonel Gaddafi in the Syrtes Valley

Colonel Gaddafi in the Syrtes Valley

Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya Muammar al-Gaddafi relaxes at a fortified house in the Syrtes Desert.
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Louis Farrakhan and al-Qathafi

  with al-Qathafi’s angel/amazon guards

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Libya (1987) http://lcweb2.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?frd/cstdy:@field(DOCID+ly0066)

Islam in Revolutionary Libya by Helen Chapin Metz, deceased

Under the revolutionary JAMAHIRIYA, the role of orthodox Islam in Libyan life has become progressively more important. Qadhafi is a highly devout Muslim who has repeatedly expressed a desire to exalt Islam and to restore it to its proper–i.e., central–place in the life of the people. He believes that the purity of Islam has been sullied through time, particularly by the influence of Europeans during and after the colonial period, and that its purity must be restored–by such actions as the restoration of sharia to its proper place  in the JAMAHIRIYA legal system, the banning of “immodest” practices and dress, and the symbolic purification of major urban mosques that took place in 1978.

Qadhafi also believes in the value of the Quran as a moral and political guide for the contemporary world, as is evident from his tract, The Green Book, published in the mid-1970s (see The Green Book, ch. 4). Qadhafi consideres the first part of The Green Book to be a commentary on the implications of the Quranic injunction that human affairs be managed by consultation. For him, this means direct democracy, which is given “practical meaning” through the creation of People’s Committees and Popular Congresses. Qadhafi feels that, inasmuch as The Green Book is based solely on the Quran, its provisions are universally applicable--at least among “Muslims” [who for him, are all the variants of honest believers, whether Islam, Christian or Judaic].

Soon after taking office, the Qadhafi  and his new “Revolutionary” govenment showed itself to be devoutly fundamentalist by closing bars and nightclubs, banning entertainment deemed provocative or immodest, and making use of the Muslim calendar mandatory. The intention of reestablishing sharia was announced, and Qadhafi personally assumed chairmanship of a commission to study the problems involved. In November 1973, a new legal code was issued that revised the entire Libyan judicial system to conform to the sharia, and in 1977 the General People’s Congress (GPC–see Glossary) issued a statement that all future legal codes would be based on the Quran.

Among the laws enacted by the new JAMAHIRIYA,  were a series of legal penalties prescribed during 1973  which included the punishment  for adultery being  eighty lashes, to be administered to both men and women guilty of fornication.

In the early 1970s, Islam played a major role in legitimizing Qadhafi‘s political and social reforms. By the end of the decade, however, he had begun to attack the religious establishment and several fundamental aspects of Sunni Islam. Qadhafi asserted the transcendence of the Quran as the sole guide to Islamic governance and the unimpeded ability of every Muslim to read and interpret it. He denigrated the roles of the ulama (see Glossary), imams, and Islamic jurists and questioned the authenticity of the hadith, and thereby the sunna, as a basis for Islamic law. The sharia itself, Qadhafi maintained, governed only such matters as properly fell within the sphere of religion; all other matters lay outside the purview of religious law. Finally, he called for a revision of the Muslim calendar, saying it should date from the Prophet’s death in 632, an event he felt was more momentous than the hijra ten years earlier.

These unorthodox views on the hadith, sharia, and the Islamic era aroused a good deal of unease. They seemed to originate from Qadhafi’s conviction that he possessed the transcendant ability to interpret the Quran and to adapt its message to modern life (as an IMAM). Equally, they reinforced the view that he was a reformer (Mujjadid) but not a literalist in matters of the Quran and Islamic tradition.  By espousing these views  Qadhafi clearly considered himself an authority on the Quran and Islam and was not afraid to challenge traditional religious authority. He also was not prepared to tolerate dissent. Qadhafi began to see clearly his calling and mission.

The revolutionary JAMAHIRIYA gave repeated evidence of its desire to establish Libya as a leader of the Islamic world. Moreover, Qadhafi’s efforts to create an Arab nation through political union with other Arab states were also based on a desire to create a great Islamic nation. Indeed, Qadhafi drew little distinction between the two.

The government took a leading role in supporting Islamic institutions and in worldwide proselytizing on behalf of Islam. The Jihad Fund, supported by a payroll tax, was established in 1970 to aid the Palestinians in their struggle with Israel. The Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic at the University of Benghazi was charged with training Muslim intellectual leaders for the entire Islamic world, and the Islamic Mission Society used public funds for the construction and repair of mosques and Islamic educational centers in cities as widely separated as Vienna and Bangkok. The Islamic Call Society (Ad Dawah) was organized with government support to propagate Islam abroad, particularly throughout Africa, and to provide funds to Muslims everywhere.

Qadhafi has been forthright in his belief in the perfection of Islam and his desire to propagate it. His commitment to the open propagation of Islam, among other reasons, has caused him to oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian-based fundamentalist movement that has used clandestine and sometimes subversive means to spread Islam and to eliminate Western influences. Although the brotherhood’s activities in Libya were banned in the mid-1980s, it was present in the country but maintained a low profile (see Religious Opposition , ch. 4). In 1983 a member of the brotherhood was executed in Tripoli, and in 1986 a group of brotherhood adherents was arrested after the murder of a high-ranking political official in Benghazi. Qadhafi has challenged the brotherhood to establish itself openly in non-Muslim countries and has promised its leaders that, if it does, he will support its activities.

Qadhafi has stressed the universal applicability of Islam, but he has also reaffirmed the special status assigned by the Prophet to Christians. He has, however, likened many of them to misguided Muslims who have strayed from the correct path. Qadhafi has assumed leadership of a drive to free Africa from the colonialism with which false Christianity and protestant prosylytisers have been associated.

Data as of 1987

benedict koran

Benedict receiving the Koran

On April 17, 2008, during the inter-faith meeting, Benedict happily received an ornate, silver-plated copy of part of the Koran from a Muslim.

benedict prays mecca   

Benedict XVI “Hailed for Praying Like Muslims Toward Mecca.” – 01 Dec. 2006

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – “Pope Benedict ended a sensitive, fence-mending visit to Turkey on Friday amid praise for visiting Istanbul’s famed Blue Mosque and praying there facing toward Mecca ‘like Muslims.’… ‘The Pope’s dreaded visit was concluded with a wonderful surprise,’ wrote Daily Aksam on its front page. ‘In Sultan Ahmet Mosque, he turned toward Mecca and prayed like Muslims.

  Libya Culture Religion Qadhafi Comment

Muammar Gaddafi: A true Muslim

Posted: 2012/01/13
From: Mathaba     http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629781%3Fdisqus&mid=57
The Green Book is part of the bounty of Islam (as also stated by Muammar), but it is offered to all, non-Muslims included, for it puts the PEOPLE in power.


مماتي باش

By Adam King  (Republished by Genet SandersMuammar Gaddafi is opposed to multi-party democracy, for that is not democracy.Mu’ammar, as a true Muslim, also proclaimed, that he is NEITHER “Sunni” nor “Shia” and explained why both are a deviation.At first “Shia” split over Ali not getting the Caliphate, and the rest called themselves “Sunni” to differentiate themselves from the Shia. A nonsense.A Muslim (Arabic word for “one who submits” to the laws of the Universe and its Creator), is not to be sectarian.And thus too the Third Universal Theory, along withMu’ammar himself, are ideologically and spiritually and politically and logically and morally opposed to THEOCRACY: the governing method (dictatorship) advocated by the Shia, and also many of theSunnis.Instead, the masses themselves should rule, and the first chapter of The Green Book is in part a “tafsir” (explanation) of the verse “Shura” (Consultation) in Holy Qur’an which states that “your affairs shall be among you under consultation.”The Holy Prophet MHMD too was told by Allah (Al-Lah: Arabic for The God) that “You are not at all a warder over them (the masses), you are but a “warner” (to bring the message, but not force it with any stick).On the issue of Sharia (path, law): indeed,Mu’ammar was not at all opposed to Sharia, as he was not opposed to democracy or freedom.

  • He was opposed to multi-party democracy, for that is not democracy.
  • He was opposed to the freedom to rape, loot and plunder, for that is not freedom.
  • He was opposed to the “Islamist” interpretation of Sharia, for that was not Sharia, nor Justice. Libya had Sharia since 1969 or 1970 and re-affirmed in 1977, since when, the Constitution of Libya was guess what?
And before I answer it, ask yourselves:WHY is it that everyone in media keeps complaining that Libya had no constitution, and even Sayf-al-Islam and others were quoted on the need for one.Well, truth is, since 2nd March 1977, the Constitution of Libya, in line with the Third Universal Theory (see what The Green Book says about Law, and that depends on the nation and society, i.e. a Christian one would use the Bible, a Jewish one the Torah, etc)… the Constitution of Libya, was exactly: The Holy Qur’an.And thus, Libya had Sharia: Free housing, free electricity, free water, free education, free health care, free dental care (and I write this with teeth rotting in my mouth and in constant pain as I could not return to Libya to be treated and Australia does not provide this even for its own citizens)… so yes, Libya had Sharia.But, ShariaIslam, is not palaces, comfort, asMuammar said, it is struggle and strife. Hence, there was corruption, and that is outside the path, the Law, the Sharia.That is outside Islam. That is outside the Third Universal Theory (Truth).Yet, that is embraced by the ALLAHU AKBARRRRRRRRRRRRRR-shouting drugged upAl-Qaida serving Mossad-CIA devils, and they are, along with Saudi Arabia and Iran, held up as examples of “Sharia” by a hostile Zionist-controlled media.The Green Book is part of the bounty of Islam (as also stated by Mu’ammar), but it is offered to all, non-Muslims included, for it puts the PEOPLE in power.If they are Muslim, they naturally adopt Qur’an as their overall guiding law/path. And so it is in trueSharia: at the time of Prophet MHMD (Peace be Upon Him), non-Muslims such as Jews and Christians also rose to the highest ranks of authority, according to their merit.In the Jamahiriya too, even in the Libyan Jamahiriyawhere Qur’an was the Law of Society, non-Muslimshad their full rights, and that has been well documented and confirmed by the Christians of Libya, and evidenced by their places of worship and freedom to worship, even though they were a small minority.
al-Qathafi on SHARIA LAW
page 203 from “The Sun of Islam will Arise from the West”:
IN the holy JAMAHIRIYA, the wealth of the people is shared with the less  fortunate (who do not live under a Jamahiriya system) throughout the world. Within the Jamahiriya, no one needs to beg, as all of life’s necessessities are a basic human right. The riches of the country’s indigenous bounty is shared by all and not owned and held by just a few “elite” (who can greedily decide what to do with their wealth)!
In the Holy JAMAHIRIYA, polygamy is outlawed…so that there is a stable family life of one father and mother; and woman are not treated like cattle or sex objects.
Enrique Ferro writes:
“The Islamist version of sharia is theoretically based upon the Qur’an and the hadiths and their evolution throughout centuries. The thousands of hadiths have been compiled several times, but there is a problem of authenticity, as many were reported even over 100 years after Muhammad had passed away. This is something Gaddafi acknowledged clearly, hence the questioning of sharia on that basis.
Gaddafi stated very clearly that the constitution of the Jamahiriya was the Qur’an….”

Moussa Sadr infidélité du client

mathaba, (ADAM KING) Mathaba Support explains:
the misguided Sharia interpretation of reactionary scholars… i.e. virtually all scholars… [“unsuited to the modern world”], there are right and wrong interpretations. Qaddafi believes 100% in Qur’an, but not on a lot of Hadith and their elevated position within TODAY’S backwards “Ulema” (so-called learned clergy) almost all of which are so far from understanding islam’s true position and what Sharia actually is. Qaddafi used different language for different audiences. If he spoke about Islam too openly then he would lose the audiences of those who needed FIRST to know what Islam actually is, let alone Sharia. The Qur’an, even if some of its verses are not applicable in terms of laws of now as other verses need to be applied first, as you have stated, it timeless and universal: however, as the Qur’an itself makes clear, it is the intentions of people that matter, if you read it with a biased mind, and follow that which is unclear (mystical, allegorical, or only can be understood by a very few) and ignore all that which is in plain Arabic (doing good, counseling, etc etc) then those bad hearts have bad intention. The accusation he made against those rats being on drugs, was not fiction. We have plenty of witnesses, drugs are widespread, and these unemployed Arabs have been paid and conditioned and with the use of drugs too, by the French Zionists. There are millions of them. They can shout all they like about Sharia and misuse Allah’s name, but truth remains truth, even if Muammar, I and you, would be the last people on earth to acknowledge it. 
You are however correct to use the term  “Islamist”, because that is a “bidaa” (heresy, later addition) as those are (for rough equivalence) as the Zionists are to Judaism, or the Crusaders are to Christianity (of course a rough comparison). Islamists are the enemies of Islam. Muslims aim to be the practitioners of Islam, the BELIEVERS (Mu’meen) are those that matter, and, Mu’meen are not only among the followers of MHMD but also of ISA (“Jesus”) Peace be upon him, Musa (“Moses”) pbuh and all other prophets and Messengers of Allah. The actions of the (drugged up) Islamists in Libya throughout as well as in Algeria and elsewhere, is all too clear: |if that was Islam we would reject it immediately” — MQ. –AdamPS: something that makes research a LITTLE difficult for many,, is that Muammar, as myself too, often used to say things to make a point: but which were not literally intended, other than to create a reaction i.e. point out how stupid the Ulema are (in this example) as when he addressed them around the 80’s on issues of Sharia and Hadeeth. The best works to really understand his positions on islam are to be found in the book “Islam and the Third Universal Theory, the Religious Thought of Muammar (Qadhdhafi)” by Mahmoud Ayoubof Canada or published in Canada.Unfortunately, in recent years, Mu’ammar seems to have given up on trying to educate and deal with the islamists, but then who would not, it is not possible to educate those whose hearts and minds are closed, let alone if they are on drugs or worship other things such as money. It would be easier to re-invent words and leave the old words to them. Those who need to know,  know. Possibly opening up more use of education on Islam and the Third Theory would have created an even worse problem and more hostility from yet more people: Truth has a way of hurting, and creating great hostility and violent reactions from people, and most people are NOT ready for unconditional Truth. Allah says so in the Qur’an: Most of mankind know not.
(JESUS ALSO SAID: “Forgive them, as they know not what they do!”)

Let me give you just some things that Mahmoud Ayoub has come to know (by 1987) about Our leader, and has written on just a few pages [from pp. 69-73] of his book on the religious thought of Muammar al-Qathafi:”There is, in al-Qathafi’s view, no justification for anyone to stir up conflict among Muslims and Christians and to claim by this to be defending either Islam or Christianity.”al-Qathafi believes that Islam, according to this Divine Conception, is NOT the Islam which most “Muslims” today recognise and accept.[Before I continue with what is written here, I have to tell you that this is why the SUNI, Shi-ite and Sufi Muslims have termed him a heretic.]As al-Qathafi sees it,”the original Quaranic view, this pure “Islam”, LITERALLY means submission to God/God alone: which was the faith of all the prophets and their true devoted followers; therefore, the true Jews and the true Christians are also the true Muslims.”al-Qathafi himself wrote: (QUOTE)”that who ever believes in the Apostleship of our master Muhammed, WOULD HAVE ALSO BELIEVED IN ALL THE MESSENGERS WHO CAME BEFORE HIM; AS WELL AS THE SCRIPTURES which were revealed BEFORE him, Thus would the Divine Message to humankind be perfected…
“This message is for all men. It is to worship together the One and Only God. Any other belief or conception is an act of associating others in the worship of God”.(He means that it is merely LIP SERVICE and not real worship or belief.)
al-Qathafi says this”in light of these truths”…that this is a call for Christians and Jews to RETURN TO THEIR OWN SCRIPTURES and JUDGE BY THEM as it is clearly stated in the QUARAN:’Let the people of the GOSPEL judge in accordance with that which God has sent down in it. Whosoever does not judge in accordance with which God has sent down —such are unrighteous.’al-Qathafi goes on to say that those bigoted, self righteous among the Jews and Christians who edited, deleted or altered or distorted the meaning of the Holy Scriptures (meaning all the references to Muhammed in the Torah [the 4 Books of Moses] and in the Christian Gospels [MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE & JOHN] do not fully represent the complete revelations which God sent down through Moses and Jesus).Ayoub continues to remenise about what al-Qathafi spoke in February 1976 (a Libyan sponsored time of dialogue with Muslims and Christians):”IN that meeting, Qathafi again called for better understanding and cooperation among the peoples of Divine Scriptures: Jews, Christians and Muslims. (QUOTING al-Gathafi): ‘Had the Muslims known of the Quaran truly, there would have been no essential disagreements which would lead to wars among them.’al-Qathafi said’ The problem is that until today Muslims have NOT returned to the Quaran as they should, nor have the Christians and Jews returned to the true, or authentic [sahih] Torah and Gospel. It is this which has created conflicts among the people of faith.’In al-Qathafi view, only Muslims are in error; while, for the Jews and Christians, it is both them and their altered Scriptures which are in error. (In both cases, the Scriptures have been INTERPRETED wrongly and the beliefs are impure.)
Ayoub writes that al-Qathafi’s purpose in promoting dialogue among the people of faith is to promote harmony and co-operation among them. HE IS A RELIGIOUS MAN; and thus sees himself as HAVING A COMMON CAUSE WITH RELIGIOUS JEWS AND CHRISTIANS in striving against atheism and MORAL DEPRAVITY…al-QATHFI (himsef writes) QUOTE:”It is imperative that conflicts among us should cease as much as this is possible…WE MUST OVERCOME OUR PROBLEMS IN ORDER THAT WE DO NOT PROMOTE ATHEISM AMOUNG OUR PEOPLE AND PREVENT THEM FROM ABANDONING FAITH ALL-TOGETHER.”Muslims are obligated to accept the Quaran and to accept and venerate ALL the prophets of God from Adam to Muhammed.al-Qathafi says that God spoke of Muhammed’s coming in all the Holy Scriptures previous to the Quaran; and that the deletion of the verses announcing his coming or preventing the signs of his prophethood and apostleship is a serious distortion of the Holy Scriptures and man’s false interpretation of them.
He says that sectarian differences within each of those Communities, needs to come to an end; and each of those Communities must become united as One (instead of a plurality of thoughts and interpretations).
al-Qathafi is committed to the support of revolutionary movements REGARDLESS OF THE RELIGIOUS IDENTITY OF THE PEOPLES INVOLVED (as was the case of SERBIA AND IRELAND).In that “MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN DIALOGUE MEETING in TRIPOLI”, al-Qathafi observed that erroneosly some so-called “Muslims” believed that the war between Muslims and Christians, or between Muslims and Jews, is a holy war!
This he asserted was a highly MISTAKEN VIEW! He said: (QUOTE)”This is because JIHAD (or Amed Struggle) must always be between the people of faith and the REJECTORS of faith. BUT BETWEEN TWO GROUPS OF BELIEVERS there is NOTHING CALLRED JIHAD: Rather it is WARFARE [QITAL]. …The Quaran enjoins us to have dialogue with the people with the BOOK as our people, SINCE THEY WERE AND THEY ARE MUSLIMS to God.” (UNQUOTE)al-Qathafi went on to explain that the conflict with the State of Israel was not a religious conflict, but rather a POLITICAL CONFLICT with NO religious overtones. He said (QUOTE):”Any kind of religious fanactism is a crime. All that we wish is amnity and brotherhood among all the decendants of Abraham.” (UNQUOTE)Ayoub concludes the chapter:”al-Qathafi is guided by the Quaran in both his national and international relations. The Quaran, for that reason, invites the People of the Book ‘to a common agreement’ and purpose between them and the Muslims. It commends the true Christians for their tenderness and amnity towars the Muslims, and for their recognition of truth.”al-Qathafi acknowledges (with approbation)”those of the Community of Moses WHO JUDGE BY THE TRUTH and THROUGH IT DISPENSE JUSTICE”….
10MARCH 2009:
np_2007,  writes:
To: Adam (KING)
an excellently written documentation of the Leader’s Islamic roots. It was Gaddafi that sparked my curiosity of Islam.  If it wasn’t for him, I would have never read that Jesus (Isa al Masih) is written in the Quran – his virgin birth, and his return.  Gaddafi did much to bring non-Muslims into the fold, or at least, bring an old interpretation into NEW light which can be applied as an answer to modern governments’ woes.
And as you say in your closing:
“The Green Book is part of the bounty of Islam (as also stated by
Mu’ammar), but it is offered to all, non-Muslims included, for it puts
the PEOPLE in power….

Always looking out for Informative news – not the flippant variety. Serious and seeking answers.
I too, remember reading in Al Risalat Al Jihad (anyone remember that?) that the Leader was not too pleased with the authenticity of the Hadiths. [Yes, many could be ‘here-say’] This is just the reason why many Islamic clergy have frowned & refused to listen to Gaddafi. They would call it a “quirky kind of Islam”. But I disagree.

Bringing Islamic culture into the modern world took a great deal of piety and deep interpretation in being able to incorporate it loosely in the GREEN BOOK and more solidly in his other writings and discourses. Maybe some day people will wake up to what Muammar’s place in history was all about!

Let us all do some soul searching AND research.
mathaba, Mathaba Support answers:

Kadhafi did not renounce the Sunnah of the Prophet, that is Saudi propaganda. He opened a discourse about Sharia and how to apply it today, back in the 1970’s or 80’s, and the “Ulama” did not receive that discourse well. They were comfortable on their reactionary and illogical understandings, and never being questioned, because of their nice “Ulama” titles. For example, Qaddafi said, some of you are telling us that the Hadeeth are part of the Sunnah and part of the Sharia, along with the Qur’an. So, when we make the constitution of Libya, we should adopt those Hadeeth along with Qur’an. If that is so, which Hadeeth? Some of you say “Bukhari and Muslim” Hadeeth are “Sahih” (reliable). So, in this case, we should accept all of Bukhari and Muslim Hadeeth (these were the two best known Sunni scholars of long ago who tried to collect some logical basis for a Hadeeth to be true or not, more on that below), but we should throw away all other hadeeth, even if they may be correct?
The Ulama stormed out of the meeting and declared Kadhafi an Apostate. They passed Fatwas against him. Hmm. Yet, Kadhafi revived Islam to its purest form, and built a Jamahiriya, which placed all power, wealth and arms in the hands of who? Of the MUSLIMS, since almost all Libyans are Muslim. But, he did not place power in the hands of the Ulamah, who thought they are the only ones who should rule. Also that he revoked many of the laws of islam, you need to clarify that, so that it can be answered. Laws can be interpreted.Now to explain about Sunnah and Hadeeth to those who have not studied Islam. In brief: Sunnah is the Life example of Prophet Muhammad, what he did, said, how he behaved, acted. Hadeeth is the collections of his sayings, so many saying were flying around 100 years after he died, all kinds of stories. Most of them inaccurate, or false. Any story teller would say “Prophet MHMD said this or that”, and without even shaking in fear, in case, they were getting something wrong.  A few would be God-fearing and say “Prophet MHMD said …………… or SOMETHING LIKE THAT.” Because, they did not want to get it wrong. So, there were some Muslims who decided, OK, since the Qur’an there is only one and it is very clear, but the Hadeeth there are so many varieties and it is not clear which is true or false, we have to clean up and make some official collections of Hadeeth. Two of those muslims who did this one was called Bukhari another was called Muslim. And they had thier own (logical or semi-logical) criteria to decide if a hadeeth (saying of the Prophet) would (or could) be true or not. Such things as the honesty of the person who relayed it, the status of the person, and whether there was a (proven) chain of linkage from the Prophet to the one who relayed it, i.e. they both had to be alive or have met, otherwise, how could it have been relayed, and etc. And on that basis, they collected what they each considered to be RELIABLE (Sahih) Hadeeth. Hmm, yes, but there is still a problem: and this is what Kadhafi and also this scholar of Islam, says, and will be hated for stating the obvious truth:If someone did have a low status, or was a thief, or could not be proven to have met x person in the chain of those who relayed the saying, does that mean that he is a liar or that he is not 100% correct? No, it does not. And, if someone had a high status as a religious man, met the Prophet himself, and had a good memory, says that the Prophet said this, does it make it true? NO, it does not. Why you ask? Well more than one reasons, and I will give only two:One: he could have misunderstood, misheard, or misinterpreted the Prophet’s saying. I will give an example of this. Let us say, theoretically, that this good man walked into the room, just when Prophet MHMD said to a companion: “Do not place your cup on the corner of the table”, and so that good man goes away and reports a hadeeth that makes it into Bukhari’s big volume of Hadeeth “Do not place your cup on the corner of the table.” then yes, it is correct, right? Wrong. Because, the good man, did not know why the Prophet said that, was because, that other man in the room was just about to place his cup on the corner of the table that had only 3 legs, and the good man did not know that, and so the Prophet was only saying this for a particular occasion to a particular man for an unusual circumstance, since one leg of the table was broken. So, that saying, is worthless, yet, by this logic, as it may appear in Bukhari, all the “good Muslims” of today, will not put their cups on the corner of any table. Understand? I hope so, but I doubt it, as Muslims these days, are very, very defensive of such things, and all logic goes out the window.Second reason I will give is this. Please, sit down in a room, in a circle, with 5 to 10 friends. And, you make up a sentence, and whisper it to the ear of your friend sitting alongside to the right of you, but clear enough for him to hear it: “Do not go to the toilet without flushing it, and if there is any paper in it, please pull it out with your left hand, turn around three times, and drop it back into the toilet.” And that friend now has to whisper that exact same sentence to the next in the circle, and so on, until it is whispered back to you by the one sitting on your left side. And, 9 times out of 10, it comes back very different!!! So much, that the original meaning may also have changed completely. Why? All of you are not drunk. All of you are in the same room. All of you passed the message within one minute. Not separated by thousands of kilometers, many years, and with losses of memory. So, good bye Hadeeth when it comes to making Hadeeth the basis of laws that impact life and death, such as the constitution of Libya. The Qur’an is sufficient, since there is no doubt, it is protected (if you want to know how and why the Qur’an is protected and remains unchanged, i will tell you but I am hoping you know that already). Hadeeth, take which one you like, leave which one you like, do not fight over it. But do not try to use a Hadeeth to force someone to accept your argument, such as the all scholars (Ulama) with a big dot on their forehead and red beards, at least 12.5cm long, are holy and guaranteed heaven and must be heard and obeyed without question, which could be used by some of these ass hole Ulama to give themselves a status, and beat children into memorizing the Qur’an without even knowing any Arabic or at least some meaning of it, and into saying that Banks and Capitalism are Halal so long as they are run by muslims and re-name Riba (interest) as Murabaha (more riba haha)… and other such shit. For those ignorant Muslims: may Allah keep them away from us. Kadhafi is our Imam, our Leader, and the Reformer. Who knows, maybe he is not dead and is the Mahdi, and that is why they are so careful to try to kill him. But even if he were the devil, and did all these great works for nothing but vain and glory, he is absolutely logical on the issue of Hadeeth, and their questionable role in Sunnah, and moreover, Sharia. And the scholars, are very wrong, unless they agree with this logic: for Allah is The Truth (Al Haqq) and does not condone torture, abuse, dirt, rape, drugs, and rats.
People to remember the truth of Muammar al-Shi is the stories that fired him only P Jerdan 
Do you tell anyone that Muammar first visited Russia and in Moscow opened its mosque by force and authorized it was he himself came down and prayed Paljmaath
Do that tell you one directly after the revolution, Muammar is dropping off the crosses of the highest buildings and may not be said to raise the Cross in Muslim countries
Do you tell anyone that Muammar closed all bars and brothels that were everywhere in the days of King
Do you tell anyone that Muammar out five bases of the largest foreign rules
Do you tell the one that Libya’s Muammar make the first country in the Quran
Do you tell anyone that Muammar al-Hafiz Quran, such as making the university graduate and has a priority in the teaching and work
Do you tell anyone that Muammar spread Islam all over the world for Islamic Call Society, which is spent on the same rent the five towers in Tripoli are the property of the Association is to tell you the one that Muammar condition to be women of France to wear the veil when landing at the airport in Tripoli after France’s decision to criminalize the wearing hijab
Now the question now …….. Is this infidel acts?______________
Front Cover

   “DAY of People’s Power” 02 MARCH 2011~ Moammar Gaddafi:


pure Islam (~ to al-Qathafi; not the barnicaled Saudi-type of Sharia + Hadath Law)

27 janvier 16:20
Imam Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Salah al-Din ibn Ibrahim Abu Arafa, not a mandate for the Kharijites new rulers of Libya who came stronglywith  disbelief of the Cross: they are not us and weare not them; for we are innocent of them:

News about the Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence) ‬
Imam Al-Aqsa: No mandate for the new system, they are not us and we are not them
Imam Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Salah al-Din ibn Ibrahim Abu Arafa, not a mandate for the Kharijites new rulers ofLibya, who came to be strongly anti-Christian: They are not us and we are not them and we are innocent of them. (These true Muslims believe in Moses and Issa/Jesus, who they know will come in the Last Days with the Mahdi to liberate mankind and unify  the Arab world.) They respect Mohammed’s order to  deal  civilly and peacefully with  real Christians and the people’s of the Book; and not to persecute or do harm to them.

The  TNC and al-Qaeda do not honor this or the Commands of  Muhammed.

Libya is a tree in whose shade we sit, for it is we who planted it with our hands and watered it with our blood~

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Religious Opposition

In April 1973, Qadhafi launched the five-point Cultural Revolution (see Political Ideology , this ch.). Among the points was the replacement of existing laws by sharia. In a speech on April 28, he asked University of Benghazi law students to help revise the legal codes and repeatedly emphasized the principle of the primacy of Islamic law over other jurisprudence. The traditional religious establishment gave initial support to Qadhafi’s restoration of Islamic jurisprudence, but it soon started to oppose his actions, accusing him of pretensions.

First, Qadhafi challenged the traditional role of the ulama (Islamic jurists or scholars) as expert interpreters of the Quran. Because the Quran is written in Arabic, argued Qadhafi, anyone who knows Arabic can understand it. As did Martin Luther’s Protestantism, Qadhafi’s interpretation of Islam recognizes no need for intermediaries between God and humans.

Furthermore, Qadhafi in effect arrogated a new role to himself- -that of a mujtahid, a Muslim jurist who renders decisions based on the opinions of one of the four legal schools of Islam. In this case, Qadhafi sought to reinterpret the Quran in light of modern conditions and current needs. His insistence on the necessity to sweep aside virtually the entire body of Islamic commentary and learning, including the hadith (the Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and precedents based on his behavior), and to limit the legitimate sources of legislation to the Quran alone has caused misgivings throughout the Islamic world.

Moreover, Qadhafi’s interpretation of Islam was considered radical. He considered the Quran to be the only source of sharia and community. As did other Muslim reformers, Quran saw deviation from “true” Islamic teachings as the cause of the weakness of Islamic lands, including Libya. Like them, he also called for a return to the source, the Quran. But unlike most other reformers, Qadhafi excluded the hadith and the sunna (the lifestyle and deeds of the Prophet) as reliable sources of legislation. By questioning the authenticity of the hadith, Qadhafi has in effect dismissed the entire edifice of traditional fikh (Islamic jurisprudence). As one scholar, Ann Elizabeth Mayer, put it, “discrediting the hadith entails rejection of by far the greater part of Islamic law.” In essence, Qadhafi rejected taqlid (obedience to received authority, i.e., the revelation of God to the Prophet Muhammad) in favor of ijtihad (the right to interpretation).

In 1977 Qadhafi took yet another unprecedented, no less controversial step, altering the Muslim calendar. Instead of starting from the date of the Prophet’s migration to Medina, the year began with the date of the Prophet’s death. Shocked by Qadhafi’s radical reinterpretation of Islam, the ulama accused him of heresy. Characteristically, however, the Libyan leader was undaunted.

The confrontation with the ulama began in the mid-1970s, when they criticized some aspects of Qadhafi’s increasingly idiosyncratic and radical ideology. In 1977, for example, the grand mufti (chief religious judge) of Libya criticized the sequestration of private property, which resulted from the new law prohibiting the ownership of more than one house.

The clergy were upset because, in effect, The Green Book was displacing sharia as the blueprint for Libya’s political and social development. Furthermore, inasmuch as the Third Universal Theory is purportedly a relevant model for non-Muslim Third World countries, the theory’s reliance on Islamic precepts had to be diluted (see Third Universal Theory , this ch.).

Accusing the ulama of siding with the upper classes, in February 1978 Qadhafi warned them against interfering in the regime’s socialist policies. A few months later, some mosques were seized and their imams (prayer leaders) replaced by more compliant ones. To undermine further the legitimacy of the religious leaders, Qadhafi blamed the grand mufti for failing to declare a jihad (see Glossary) against the Italians during the 1930s. Qadhafi’s relentless attacks on the traditional religious establishment succeeded in eroding it hitherto lofty status, thereby removing a powerful center of opposition to regime-sponsored changes.

Apart from conflicts with the traditional religious hierarchy, Qadhafi had a longstanding conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist groups, whose membership went into exile or underground during Qadhafi’s tenure. In March 1987, it was reported that nine Muslim dissidents, members of a little-known group called Holy War, were executed for plotting to assassinate Soviet advisers. A revolutionary committee member was assassinated in Benghazi in October 1986 by the hitherto unknown Hizballah (Party of God). As a result, the revolutionary committees began to monitor more closely than before the activities of the mosques, the imams, and the fundamentalists. The country’s forty-eight Islamic institutes reportedly were closed in late 1986, apparently to stem the tide of religious, particularly fundamentalist, opposition.

Data as of 1987

THE WORD, according to al-GATHAFI:

Let me give you just some things that Mahmoud Ayoub has come to know (by 1987) about Our leader, and has written on just a few pages [from pp. 69-73] of his book on the religious thought of Muammar al-Qathafi:

“There is, in al-Qathafi’s view, no justification for anyone to stir up conflict among Muslims and Christians and to claim by this to be defending either Islam or Christianity.”

al-Qathafi believes that Islam, according to this Divine Conception, is NOT the Islam which most “Muslims” today recognise and accept.

[Before I continue with what is written here, I have to tell you that this is why the SUNI, Shi-ite and Sufi Muslims have termed him a heretic.]

As al-Qathafi sees it,

“the original Quaranic view, this pure “Islam”, LITERALLY means submission to God/God alone: which was the faith of all the prophets and their true devoted followers; therefore, the true Jews and the true Christians are also the true Muslims.”

al-Qathafi himself wrote: (QUOTE)

“that who ever believes in the Apostleship of our master Muhammed, WOULD HAVE ALSO BELIEVED IN ALL THE MESSENGERS WHO CAME BEFORE HIM; AS WELL AS THE SCRIPTURES which were revealed BEFORE him, Thus would the Divine Message to humankind be perfected…
“This message is for all men. It is to worship together the One and Only God. Any other belief or conception is an act of associating others in the worship of God”.

(He means that it is merely LIP SERVICE and not real worship or belief.)
al-Qathafi says this

“in light of these truths”

…that this is a call for Christians and Jews to RETURN TO THEIR OWN SCRIPTURES and JUDGE BY THEM as it is clearly stated in the QUARAN:

‘Let the people of the GOSPEL judge in accordance with that which God has sent down in it. Whosoever does not judge in accordance with which God has sent down —such are unrighteous.’

al-Qathafi goes on to say that those bigoted, self righteous among the Jews and Christians who edited, deleted or altered or distorted the meaning of the Holy Scriptures (meaning all the references to Muhammed in the Torah [the 4 Books of Moses] and in the Christian Gospels [MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE & JOHN] do not fully represent the complete revelations which God sent down through Moses and Jesus).

Ayoub continues to remenise about what al-Qathafi spoke in February 1976 (a Libyan sponsored time of dialogue with Muslims and Christians):

“IN that meeting, Qathafi again called for better understanding and cooperation among the peoples of Divine Scriptures: Jews, Christians and Muslims. (QUOTING al-Gathafi): ‘Had the Muslims known of the Quaran truly, there would have been no essential disagreements which would lead to wars among them.’

al-Qathafi said

‘ The problem is that until today Muslims have NOT returned to the Quaran as they should, nor have the Christians and Jews returned to the true, or authentic [sahih] Torah and Gospel. It is this which has created conflicts among the people of faith.’

In al-Qathafi view, only Muslims are in error; while, for the Jews and Christians, it is both them and their altered Scriptures which are in error. (In both cases, the Scriptures have been INTERPRETED wrongly and the beliefs are impure.)
Ayoub writes that al-Qathafi’s purpose in promoting dialogue among the people of faith is to promote harmony and co-operation among them. HE IS A RELIGIOUS MAN; and thus sees himself as HAVING A COMMON CAUSE WITH RELIGIOUS JEWS AND CHRISTIANS in striving against atheism and MORAL DEPRAVITY…

al-QATHFI (himsef writes) QUOTE:


Muslims are obligated to accept the Quaran and to accept and venerate ALL the prophets of God from Adam to Muhammed.

al-Qathafi says that God spoke of Muhammed’s coming in all the Holy Scriptures previous to the Quaran; and that the deletion of the verses announcing his coming or preventing the signs of his prophethood and apostleship is a serious distortion of the Holy Scriptures and man’s false interpretation of them.
He says that sectarian differences within each of those Communities, needs to come to an end; and each of those Communities must become united as One (instead of a plurality of thoughts and interpretations).
al-Qathafi is committed to the support of revolutionary movements REGARDLESS OF THE RELIGIOUS IDENTITY OF THE PEOPLES INVOLVED (as was the case of SERBIA AND IRELAND).

In that “MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN DIALOGUE MEETING in TRIPOLI”, al-Qathafi observed that erroneosly some so-called “Muslims” believed that the war between Muslims and Christians, or between Muslims and Jews, is a holy war!
This he asserted was a highly MISTAKEN VIEW! He said: (QUOTE)

“This is because JIHAD (or Amed Struggle) must always be between the people of faith and the REJECTORS of faith. BUT BETWEEN TWO GROUPS OF BELIEVERS there is NOTHING CALLRED JIHAD: Rather it is WARFARE [QITAL]. …The Quaran enjoins us to have dialogue with the people with the BOOK as our people, SINCE  THEY WERE AND THEY ARE MUSLIMS to God.” (UNQUOTE)

al-Qathafi went on to explain that the conflict with the State of Israel was not a religious conflict, but rather a POLITICAL CONFLICT with NO religious overtones. He said (QUOTE):

“Any kind of religious fanactism is a crime. All that we wish is amnity and brotherhood among all the decendants of Abraham.” (UNQUOTE)

Ayoub concludes the chapter:

“al-Qathafi is guided by the Quaran in both his national and international relations. The Quaran, for that reason, invites the People of the Book ‘to a common agreement’ and purpose between them and the Muslims. It commends the true Christians for their tenderness and amnity towars the Muslims, and for their recognition of truth.”

al-Qathafi  acknowledges (with approbation)

“those of the Community of Moses WHO JUDGE BY THE TRUTH and THROUGH IT DISPENSE JUSTICE”….

In the name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

By Mattias Gardell 

al-Qatafi prays with Nassar:
– Zenten: under the motto of the reconstruction of Libya at the Acacus Mountains of Libya at Zentan
NATO has bombed profusely on 13 JANUARY 2011

– Sirte: Libyan stronghold of pride and dignity: The brave people of Sirte, being in an area not exceeding the size of one square kilometer,

was submitted to the fence and attack ships, modern bombers, drones, controlled by artificial intelligence and controlled by satellites.

In this piece of earth fell with all his might, almost every state in the Western Hemisphere, with its modern military development and support of space …

v. Libya 

Poète Omar Farra féliciter le colonel

Brigadier General Khamis Qathafi: 
The U.S.A.State Department denies approving Muammar Gaddafi’s son Khamis’ internship with AECOM in the U.S. Khamis was in multiple
American cities shortly before the Libyan uprising. Above: Khamis Gadhafi in Tripoli in 2001.Filho mais novo Moammar Gadhafi de Khamis Gadhafi, à esquerda, que comanda uma das unidades mais bem treinados e equipados de os militares da Líbia, visitando um homem ferido em um hospital de Trípoli - This video image broadcast Wednesday Aug. 10, 2011 by Libyan TV purports to shows Moammar Gadhafi's youngest son Khamis Gadhafi, left - Editoria: Mundo AG - Foto: LIbyan TV/AP Photo - Jornal A Gazeta - GUERRAS E CONFLITOS - Conflito
Colonel Gaddafi (Pic: Reuters)Muammar al-Qathafi  (Pic: Reuters)

The Jamahiriya Green Resistance and MATHABA have denied rebel reports that Muammar Gaddafi’s

2nd youngest son (Khamis) was killed in a Nato air strike. His other son,  Saif-al-Arab. yes did die in

a NATO bombing on 30 April 2011, along with 3 granchildren and some family friends and children.

Muammar Gaddafi     
Tripoli, May 1: Saif al-Arab, the youngest son of Muammar Gaddafi, and three grandchildren of the Libyan
leader have been killed in a NATO air strike, Libyan government said today (May 1).”The attack
resulted in the martyrdom of brother Saif al-Arab Gaddafi (29)    and three of the
leader’s grandchildren,” official spokesperson Moussa Ibrahim told reporters in the wee hours.

“The house of Mr Saif al-Arab Gaddafi was attacked tonight with full power. The leader (Muammar Gaddafi)

with his wife was there in the house with other friends and relatives,” he said.

The spokesperson noted that the Libyan leader escaped unhurt.

“The leader himself is in good health, he wasn’t harmed.” Muammar Gaddafi’s wife was also unharmed but other people in the house were injured.

“This was a direct attempt to assassinate the leader of the country.”

According to reports, the building was extensively damaged and one unexploded bomb remains at the site. Saif al-Arab was the youngest of Gaddafi’s seven sons.

Later, in Misrata, on 20 October 2011: DR. Moutassem al-Billahal-Qathafi was executed 

after his capture in Sirte by the hands of the al-Qaeda .

Hannibal  and

Mahmoud  are exiled  in Algeria.


Sources intimately familiar with the Middle East, to Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the recording conversations between a number of Arab leaders and politicians, during their visits to Libya, where they were talking freely without expecting one of them to record their conversations the Gaddafi side.

العثور على تسجيلات للزعماء العرب قام بها القذافي سرا!

Reached recordings 
To the Syrian leadership

He was quoted “gate-Ahram” Egyptian sources said Qatar, which led the escalation Arabs in the political position against the Syrian leadership in the last ten months, has eased much of the rhetoric of political escalation against Damascus, for reasons that remained confidential, but the panel’s decision-making the country has revealed what happened in the scenes from Tripoli, Libya, Qatar via Doha, leading to Damascus, the Syrian, as I got the Syrian leadership on what can be described as a treasure of leaks, recordings and video clips, which prompted Damascus to impose conditions in recent times.

As for the way for the Syrian leadership on these recordings, precious, the sources said that Gaddafi after intensified by waves of bombing the military headquarters of his residence in the Libyan capital and the headquarters of the intelligence and the media, is to send the bag of CDs in addition to the sums of money to the opposition of the Iraqi political Mishaan Jubouri, who lives in the Syrian capital, having launched the space of a few years ago, “opinion” by their host to serve the goals of the armed resistance in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, and later Libya.

According to a source familiar with, the CDs include recordings of the leaders and officials, Arabs and foreigners who come to Libya, and meet with Libyan officials, including Gaddafi, and Aokhaddon comfort in modern criticism, and express intention of the conspiracy against the others, but these meetings was the perception of sound and image, without the knowledge of the guests ” .

العثور على تسجيلات للزعماء العرب قام بها القذافي سرا!

Start-up of a section of these recordings

The sources added that the Syrian intelligence learned of the arrival of this bag for exhibitions of Iraq in Damascus, and had negotiated with him to deliver against the settlement agreement eliminated by giving him any money sent to him the Gaddafi regime, without any objection, and granted additional funds from Syria, to give them all the archive Gaddafi sender of his intelligence, and not to deploy to the need of the Syrian leadership to, an agreement which did not have Jubouri is approved.

According to sources, the audio recording which was recently published to the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, and then another recording of the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, and when talking about the conspiracies of the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia and Jordan, he had emerged from the Syrian intelligence , after being such recordings to the process of editing to hide the sounds Libyan officials, including Gaddafi, amid threats of Syria in the scenes that the continuing political campaign against Syria would have to pay Damascus to remove more of these recordings, surely among the carriers for threats, they did not release only Sound recordings of low-impact, and it has the largest, which shake the nations and leaders and senior officials, and their possession in terms of impact than exponentially, and the effects of leaks Wikileaks.

imagebank – AFP

Leonor.18 .01 .. The clashes between different groups of rebels are happening every den.Vchera in Tripoli in the quarter Dahmani were clashes between the two groups poevikov PNS.Pogib one civilian were injured and 4 ..
Strong explosion at Bab-el-Azizii.Stolknoveniya in Ben Gashir, Tripoli.
Yesterday resistance fighters attempted to enter into Brega, but were stopped by NATO people and theirmercenaries.
The Libyans are still most of the day without electricity for many months, but, surprisingly, on the streets is light.
Yesterday a Libyan boy 5 years old had a birthday. Although usually a family has no money even for food, the dayshe got the money from each other due to granitsy.Roditeli could buy food, accompanied by an adult child went to buy podarok.Odnako they have not passed and a few meters, as one of the patrols, the rebels, threatened, forced them to return domoy.A PNSovtsev children and other aggressors live in a big way.

Déclaration d’ouverture du prochain procès de type Nuremberg pour juger les criminels nazis du 21eme siècle

Posted: 2012/01/18
From: Mathaba   http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629805?rss
Cette déclaration d’ouverture est inspirée de celle du procureur général américain Robert H. Jackson prononcée le 21 novembre 1945, au moment où commençaient les travaux du procès de Nuremberg. Instauré après la fin de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, celui-ci avait pour but de juger les dirigeants nazis. Il aura des conséquences sur l’émergence progressive d’un soit disant “droit international”.

Messieurs de la Haute Cour,

Le privilège d’ouvrir la première audience du procès des crimes contre la paix dans le monde entraîne une lourde responsabilité. Les méfaits que nous avons à condamner et à punir font preuve d’une telle vilenie et ont été si nuisibles que la civilisation ne pouvait se permettre de passer outre, parce qu’elle ne pourrait continuer à exister si jamais ils continuaient à se répéter comme cela a été le cas contre l’Irak, l’Afghanistan, la Côte d’Ivoire, la Libye, la Syrie, la Palestine et nous savons tous que des tentatives et préparatifs  ont vu le jour pour agresser une nouvelle fois l’Algérie et plus largement tout le Continent africain et au final le reste du Monde.

Cette procédure n’est pas le produit de spéculations arbitraires. Elle n’a pas, non plus, été instituée pour justifier certaines théories juridiques. Ce procès ne peux plus être qualifié d’essai pratique des nations les plus puissantes, soutenues par quinze autres, d’employer le droit des gens pour faire face à la plus grande menace de notre époque : la guerre d’agression. La raison humaine demande que la loi ne réprime pas seulement les crimes commis par des sous-ordres, mais qu’elle atteigne aussi et surtout les chefs qui disposaient du pouvoir et l’ont employé délibérément à des fins de destruction et d’asservissement.

Au banc des accusés ne figurent pas seulement ces hommes accablés et accusés autant par l’humiliation de ceux qu’ils dirigeaient que par la misère de ceux qu’ils ont attaqués et opprimés. Leur pouvoir personnel de faire le mal est à jamais écarté. A voir ces tristes personnages au banc des accusés, il est difficile de se les représenter au temps où, dirigeant la structure Nazis-sionistes, voulant soit disant établir un “Nouvel Ordre Mondial”, ils régnaient sur une grande partie du monde et en menaçaient le reste. En tant qu’individus, ils intéressent peu.

Ce qui donne à cette audience une telle importance, c’est que ces accusés représentent des influences néfastes qui, longtemps après que leurs corps seront tombés en poussière, alarmeront toujours le monde. Ils sont les symboles vivants de la haine raciale, du règne de la terreur, de l’arrogance et de la cruauté, de la volonté de puissance, ils sont les symboles d’un mondialisme et d’un militarisme sauvages, d’intrigues et de préparatifs à des guerres au cours desquelles des générations entières en Afrique et ailleurs ont été transplantées, des hommes exterminés, des foyers détruits et toute l’économie appauvrie. Notre civilisation ne peut admettre aucun compromis avec ces courants maléfiques, qui resurgiraient avec un élan nouveau, si nous n’opposions à ces hommes, en qui ces courants subsistent, toute notre force et notre puissance populaire. Ce que ces hommes représentent, nous allons vous le dévoiler avec patience et modération, nous allons vous donner des preuves irréfutables des actes inqualifiables qu’ils ont commis. Dans la description et dans la nomenclature des crimes commis, rien ne sera tu de ce qu’ont pu suggérer les besoins pathologiques de cruauté, de puissance et d’orgueil. Ces hommes ont établi dans le monde sous le principe d’un chef unique un règne de terreur international qui n’a jamais trouvé d’égal. Ils ont enlevé aux peuples du monde toute dignité et toute liberté. En échange, ils ont provoqué en eux une haine profonde et satisfaite contre les musulmans, les africains, les arabes et beaucoup d’autres. Ils ont mené contre les masses populaires des campagnes d’arrogance, de brutalité et d’exécutions en masse telle que le monde n’en avait vue depuis les temps les plus reculés.

Obama Sending US Forces to Libya

Posted: 2012/01/14
From: Mathabahttp://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629782%3Frss
On January 13, Cynthia McKinney (photo) said Obama has 12,000 US troops in Malta heading for Libya.
by Stephen LendmanThroughout 2011, Washington and rogue NATO partners committed Nuremberg level crimes. They made Libya a charnel house.Terror bombing caused massacres, mass destruction and human misery. Libya remains wracked by violence, instability, and illegitimate governance.Occupation, colonization, pillaging and exploitation intend raping Libya for profit.America’s Marines Hymn begins with the lines, “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.”If Malta positioned troops are marines, they’ll return for the first time in over 200 years.McKinney said:”The NTC (National Transitional Council) not only has to contend with a vibrant, well-financed grassroots-supported resistance, but the various militias….are also fighting each other.””I believe this ‘sociocide’ of Libyan society (like in Iraq, Afghanistan and other US war theaters) is part of a carefully crafted plan of destabilization that ultimately serves US imperial interests and those of a Zionist state and its US agents who are bent on Greater Israel’s suzerainty over huge swaths of Arabic-speaking populations.”Reports from Misrata say Apache helicopters slaughtered rebel insurgents trying to scale Brega oil platforms.”A resistance Libyan doctor-become-journalist reported yesterday that (they’re all) occupied by NATO and that warships occupy Libya’s ports.”Photos show “Italian encampments….with an announcement that French are to follow.”Moreover, “(t)housands of young (pro-Jamahiriya) Libyans languish under torture and assassination in a Misrata prison….Black Libyans are being beaten, whipped, threatened, harassed, and humiliated.””I hope the report I’m reading from 12 January 2012 is not true.”After months of Washington-led NATO atrocities, McKinney’s account likely represents a small snapshot of what millions of Libyans now face.It’s the same wherever America shows up, and they’re coming back after using air power and insurgents to reign death and destruction on defenseless men, women and children.Perhaps now they plan more of it on the ground.Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net#

Why is President Obama sending 12, 000 U.S. troops to Libya?

Posted on 14 January 2012


By Cynthia McKinney – The 4Th Media

It is with great disappointment that I receive the news from foreign media publications and Libyan sources that our President now has 12,000 U.S. troops stationed in Malta and they are about to make their descent into Libya.

For those of you who have not followed closely the situation in Libya, the resistance to the rule of the National Transitional Council is strong.  The National Transitional Council (NTC) cast of characters has about as much support on the ground as did Mahmoud Abbas before the United Nations request for Palestinian statehood or Afghanistan’s regal-looking but politically impotent Hamid Karzai or for that matter, George W Bush after eight years.

The NTC not only has to contend with a vibrant, well-financed, grassroots-supported resistance, but the various militias of the NTC are now also fighting each other.  I believe this “sociocide” of Libyan society, as we previously witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan before it, is part of a carefully crafted plan of destabilization that ultimately serves U.S. imperial interests and those of a Zionist state and its US agents who are bent on Greater Israel’s suzerainty over huge swaths of Arabic-speaking populations.  Pakistan is also on the list for neutering in Muslim and world affairs, saddled with its own unpopular civilian leadership that finds itself in the hip pocket of the United States for survival, often getting sat upon by its fiscal guarantor.

The “Arab Spring” has sprung and the indelible fingerprints of malignant foreign financed operations must be erased if the people are to have a chance to truly govern themselves.  Unfortunately, these foreign-inspired organizations are present and operating in just about every country in the world.  The threat is ever-present like sleeping cells–all that is needed is that the right word to “activate” be given.  Both Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez can write tomes on the impact of the National Endowment for Democracy in the political life of their countries.

In other words, those who create the chaos have a plan and in the midst of chaos, they usually are the ones who will win.  Those who wrote the plan of this chaos were affiliated with the Project for a New American Century–read A Clean Break if you already haven’t.  General Wesley Clark told us of the plan to invade and destroy the governments of seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.  “These people took control of the policy in the United States,” Clark continues.  He concludes, “This country was taken over by a group of people with a policy coup:  Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and . . . collaborators from the Project for a New American Century:  they wanted us to destabilize the Middle East.”  Richard Perle, Bill Kristol publicize these plans and “could hardly wait to finish Iraq so they could go into Syria,” Clark goes on.  “The root of the problem is the strategy of the United States in this region.  Why are Americans dying in this region?  That is the issue,” he finishes.

Now, from Libya, reports are that even while the Misrata rebels (NATO allies responsible for the murder of hundreds of Libyans, including Moatessem Qaddafi) attempted to scale the petroleum platforms in Brega (an important oil town in Libya), they were annihilated by the Apache helicopters of their own NATO allies.  A resistance Libyan doctor-become-journalist reported yesterday that all of the petroleum platforms are occupied by NATO and that warships occupy Libya’s ports.  Photographs show Italian encampments in the desert with an announcement that the French are to follow.

Another news outlet reports that Qataris and Emiratees are the engineers now at the oil plants, turning away desperate Libyan workers.  While long lines exist for Libyan drivers to get their gas, foreign troops ensure the black gold’s export.  Libyans lack enough food and the basics, the country has been turned upside down, and contaminated with uranium while the true number of dead and unaccounted for remains high  and unknown.  Thousands of young Libyans, supporters of the Jahamiriya, languish under torture and assassination in a Misrata prison where a humanitarian disaster is about to unfold because Misrata rebels want to kill them all and have already attacked the prison once to do so.  An urgent appeal to contact the International Red Cross was issued yesterday to help save the lives of the prisoners.  And finally, Black Libyans continue to be targeted for harassment and murder in Libya by US/NATO allies on the ground.  Teaching hate, given the images of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan released yesterday, urinating on Afghani dead bodies, is not a difficult thing to do, it would seem.  Videos are posted of Black Libyans being beaten, whipped, threatened, harassed, and humiliated.  These videos remind me of the antebellum South–reminiscent of the days of slavery and The Confederacy.  So, when I use the word “descend”  to describe U.S. anticipated actions, I mean just that:  U.S. troops are about to descend into the hell on Earth created by their President and the leaders of other countries who approved of, aided, or participated in the death of Libyan-owned society.  A report from last night indicates that one militia, fearing other militias even invited foreigners in to protect them.

I hope the report that I’m reading from 12 January 2012 is not true.  I hope our President has not sent 12,000 troops of occupation to Malta destined for Libya.  Lucy Grider-Bradley (of our DIGNITY Delegation) just yesterday reminded me of the words of a high-ranking Libyan Jahamiriya Foreign Ministry representative who just happened to be at the Tunisia/Libya border office at the same time we were waiting there.  He said, “Let the Americans come.  We want them to taste our sandwiches.  We will give them the same serving they got in Vietnam.”

Please write to our President (at www.whitehouse.gov) and ask him not to send troops of occupation (or whatever “euphemism de jour” this Administration chooses to use) to Libya.

To save the lives of the young men in prison, please e-mail the International Red Cross at any or all of the e-mail addresses given below:

in Tripoli  218213409262 / Croix rouge
218919418066 / 218925236582
والبريد اللاكتروني :  tri_tripoli@icrc.org

هذا اراقام المكتب الرئيسي للصليب الاحمرLe président de la croix rouge
في جنيفا 41227346001/ فاكس 41227332057

منظمة حقوق الانسان: Organisation de protection des droits de l’homme
في مقره لندن :  à London
David Mepham
UK Director

Eleanor Blatchley
Tel: +44 (0) 20-7713-2788

او مقره في سويسرا : En Suisse
Tel: +41-22-738-0481
fax: +41-22-738-1791

الهلال الاحمر الليبي: http://www.lrc.org.ly/contactus.html

And then, please view the most recent addition to the extremely valuable work of a young documentarian, Julien Teil, who caught Amnesty International red-handed in proselytizing the lies in the lead-up to this Libya debacle that they tried to take back.  In short, Amnesty admits that the “African mercenaries” was just a rumor from the start.  How many Black Libyans are suffering and have died because this woman and others like her safely ensconced in their seats of authority used them to proffer lies instead of protect the truth?  The video is in both French and English and can be viewed here:  http://www.laguerrehumanitaire.fr/english.

Lastly, there is one thing you can do:  refuse to vote for war.  Your vote is your most precious political asset.  When you vote for Congressional representatives who, in turn, vote for war, you allow the people who made the coup–the people that General Wesley Clark talked about–you allow them to win.  Overturn the coup by voting for peace.  Cast your vote for peace.  Ignore the pundits on the Sunday morning talk shows and vote for peace.  Turn off the crap TV and vote for peace.  Don’t even listen to your friends who think you’ve gone crazy, just vote for peace.

Cindy Piester, a documentarian who hosted the last event that I attended with my aunt in Ventura, California, just finished a film, “On the Dark Side in Al Doura – A Soldier in the Shadows” in which Dick Cheney says that the United States has to “work toward the dark side, spend time in the shadows, in the intelligence world.”  He goes on to say, “A lot of what needs to be done will have to be done quietly without any discussion, using sources and methods that are available to our intelligence agencies.”  View her extremely well-done and sad film here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiNmerP32xk and please, don’t let this gang of coup plotters take you and this country into the shadows where we don’t need or want to be.

Vote peace.

Bani Walid has been freed from NATO Mercenaries: Tripoli and Benghazi next


Green flags is flying in Bani Walid

According to new reports the resistance fighters and Jamahariya supporters managed to take full control of Bani Walid. Five NATO Mercenaries, one NATO Mercenary commander and 30 other fighters were wounded in clashes over Bani Walid.

NATO Mercenary “al-Fotmani M’Barek” confirmed the reports. Earlier Belhaj’s brother was killed in Bani Walid by resistance fighters. The puppet regime announced that Libya is in brink of a civil war.


Witnesses report seeing US drones flying over Bani Walid after the liberation of the town and the rejection of NATO’s puppet regime. Bani Walid installed its own council to govern the town and has forced all NATO Mercenaries to flee after intense clashes.

Rat-Commander Ali al-Fatamni

NATO Mercenary commander Ali al-Fatamni declared that he has lost all contacts with his men in Bani Walid, he fears that his Mercenary fighters are all dead or captured. The last radio contact from Bani Walid was from Mercenaries crying for back up and help. Mercenaries from Misratah was sent to help, but they did not enter Bani Walid, instead took post outside the town to once again implement a blockade.

Bani Walid has appointed its own council to govern the town, NATO’s puppet regime in response is preparing fighter jets to attack the town, but it isn’t clear whether they will go through the bombardment operations or not.

Libyan resistance fighters and armed Jamahariya supporters attacked NATO Mercenaries in Tripoli and Benghazi after the liberation of Bani Walid, the original Libyan Green flag has been raised over Bani Walid, giving moral boost to other Libyan towns trying to end the NATO driven oppression.

Street battles between NATO Mercenaries and resistance fighters continue in Tripoli neighborhoods, shops have been closed, and people are staying in doors knowing that the liberation has begun. NATO Mercenaries announced that they will show no Mercy to resistance fighters and have installed more checkpoints in Benghazi and Tripoli.

Heavy clashes between resistance fighters and NATO Mercenaries have also been reported in Benghazi, this comes after months of protests, and recent attack on puppet regime’s headquarters. Abdul Jalil was forced to flee from puppet regime’s headquarters when a mob entered the compound, even destroying his transport. The puppet vice president also resigned after being attacked in Benghazi University by angry students, and carried out by his body guards like a baby (caught on video).


Thanks to Ozyism  –  Reloaded by LibyanFreePress

Where are Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda? (6 articles + 6 Videos)

Where are Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda?

It is from a long time there has been no definite information about Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, uncle of the former spokesman and Information Minister for the Government of the Libyan Jamahiriya, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim.

It is from a long time there has been no definite information about Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda as well, the former UN ambassador for the Government of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

So, we republish few articles and videos about them, with the links, email address, telephone numbers and information needed to apply pressure at various institutions, in order not to leave alone these two Arab Libyan gentlemen.



Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim

The imprisonment and mistreatment of Libyan citizen Ahmad Ibrahim by NTC forces.

Intellectual Dr Ahmad Ibrahim, author of the best explanation of the concept of `revolutionary organization` in the Third Universal Theory, and former General Secretary of the Libyan General People’s Committee for Education, is being held by the Australian-US-European supported racist “National Transitional Council” rebels

Libyan citizen Ahmad Ibrahim, (56 years old, pictured above) currently held without specific charges by the NATO-sponsored rebels and quite possibly tortured, was taken from his home in Sirte during the joint NATO – rebel onslaught in August.

Dr Ahmad Ibrahim was not fighting at that time, nor at any time before, but was in his house. He is a well-known professor of philosophy, who, like many other academics, was involved with the government, but as a civilian.Ahmad Ibrahim is being refused visits and contact with his family, even with lawyers. There is a strong possibility that he is being mistreated (see here: http://ozyism.blogspot.com/2011/11/us-teaching-its-mercenaries.html).
The NTC has not levelled any charges against him, nor are there any plans to allow him a fair trial. A fair trial is not that of the victor against the loser behind closed doors, but must be independent, transparent and supervised. No-one is presumed guilty to be proved innocent. But as things stand, Ahmad Ibrahim will not be given the rights that should be his in any legal court of law. Please act to save him from torture and unlawful imprisonment.


US teaching its Mercenaries undetectable torture

احمد ابراهيموتشفيطت الثوار عليه

This video depicts a prisoner named Ahmed Ibrahim, at first glance you don’t see anything wrong with his treatment as intoxicated NATO Mercenaries sing loudly.

If you look closely at the beginning of the video you will see that Ahmed almost falls asleep. NATO Mercenaries in this video are using the torture technique of sleep deprivation which is also used in Guantanamo.

It seems US has disciplined its Mercenaries and have thought them tortured techniques which is harder to detect and prosecute. This technique can turn people insane within a week, it is much more effective than physical torture which NATO Mercenaries have been using until now.

Font: http://ozyism.blogspot.com/2011/11/us-teaching-its-mercenaries.html


VIDEO: Ahmad Ibrahim Being Tormented By His Captors.




Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda

Appeal of the Brother of Libyan Minister Abuzaid Dorda

Morris Herman interviews Mr. Adel Khalifa Dorda, brother of Libyan Minister Abuzaid Dorda who has been captured and tortured by the NATO-rebels.
Mr Adel Khalifa Dorda wrote a letter to the Secretary of the United Nations, calling on him to interfere directly to guarantee Mr. Dorda’s safety, security and freedom.

Mr Adel Khalifa Dorda tells Morris as a Minister his brother has been very popular in Libya, people supported him from border to border as well as all Libyan tribes. He is the most respected Libyan official and is well-known for being helpful, honest and always put the people’s wellbeing before his own. In the two years he held the position of Libya’s Housing and Infrastructure official, both housing and infrastructure has improved very much. Because of his popularity, the NTC rebels have tried to convince him to “defect” so that he could become the “new Libyan President.” During the nineties, Mr. Dorda was the PR of Libya to the United Nations.

Minister Abuzaid Dorda was captured on September 11 and since then has been moved from place to place as his capturers were scared they might get attacked. Since his capture he has been tortured and they have tried to kill him four times. On October 25 he has been interrogated by a group of rebels. His tortures asked him where the weapons and money are hidden but he refused to answer. They broke his left leg, fractured his hip and beat him severely which caused him internal bleeding. His life is now at risk as they very likely might try to kill him again.

Next is a letter from Adel Khalifa Dorda, brother of Minister Abuzaid Dorda, to the Secretary of the United Nations:

“Your Excellency,

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue we deem important not only because it relates to a member of our family but as a human rights that concerns a former Permanent Representative to the United Nations who contributed to solving many human rights issues and guaranteeing these rights to many in his country and the world.

The case in question concerns Mr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda, the former PR of Libya to the UN during the nineties. As you may know, Mr. Dorda has been arrested by the new Libyan Authorities for two months. He had arranged his own surrender as he was confident he had not participated in any murders or arbitrary arrests. He was only serving his country in different positions and very active in international diplomacy. He had a major role in solving many of the problems between the international community and Libya, most important of which was the Lockerbie issue. Many Permanent Representatives and UN officials who worked and dealt with him would attest to his responsible and genuine personality and efforts.

Mr. Dorda survived a murder attempt last night, October 25, 2011, at the hands of his guards in the building where he was arrested. He was thrown off the second floor leading to several broken bones and other serious injuries. Authorities were forced to drove Dorda to Maitiga hospital in Tripoli where as of now he is being held under extremely poor conditions. Dorda is not receiving the proper treatment duly and legally accorded a political prisoner, let alone that required under the terms of human rights and other international treaties.

On behalf of his family I kindly ask you to interfere directly as the Secretary of the United Nations which he has long served, or through other humanitarian organizations, to guarantee his safety, security and freedom so he can get the proper treatment.

Sincerely Yours,
Adel Khalifa Dorda

26 October 2011″

Want to help us in the campaign to save the life of Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda? Send letters, emails, phone calls to the addresses listed at Libya S.O.S. or open and spread this PDF doc.

Font: http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629305?related

Help us to save the life of Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda

Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda, senior Libyan official, former UN ambassador, is currently being held and tortured by NTC members.
His life is in grave danger.Persons like Dr Dorda are important for any future prospects of peace in Libya, so now the Abdelhakim Belhaj’s Tripoli brigade are trying to kill him.
We are urging international community, humanitarian organizations, UN and CoE to promptly demand the release and guaranties for the life of this respected man, whose human rights are grossly violated, by the ‘new democratic’ Libyan regime.
He was thrown out of a window and one of his doctors told his family that both of his legs were broken and he has been badly beaten and tortured for the past month.
“Mr.  Dorda survived a murder attempt last night, 25October, 2011, at the hands of his guards in the building where he was arrested. He was thrown off the second floor leading to several broken bones and other serious injuries. Authorities were forced to move Dorda to Maitiga hospital in Tripoli where as of now he is being held under extremely poor conditions. Dorda is not receiving the proper treatment duly and legally accorded a political prisoner, let alone that required under the terms of human rights and other international treaties.” [source]
Lizzie Phelan, an independent journalist from Britain, who was reporting from Libya during the NATO bombing, said:
“The Libyan media have tried to say that Dr Abuzaid Dorda, one of the most well respected members of Libyan politics in recent history, tried to commit suicide. Everybody knows how defiant and strong Dr Dorda is and that this is far from the truth. The reality is he was thrown out of a window and one of his doctors told his family that both of his legs were broken and he has been badly beaten and tortured for the past month. The last person to see him was a woman from Human Rights Watch called Susan a couple of weeks ago who said he was fine! (She has since left the country).  The family has had no contact him since he was detained and they have no way of reaching him at a time when it is clear that now Abdelhakim Belhaj’s Tripoli brigade are trying to kill him. A figure like Dr Dorda is important for any future prospects of peace in Libya and the chances of a backlash are heightened if he is martyred. I have received a reliable report that the “rebels” tried to assassinate respected brother Dr Abuzaid Dorda, a senior member of the Libyan government who is held in high esteem by the Libyan people. Dr Dorda will not submit to the torture that they have tried to inflict (both of his legs have been broken and worse) and give over the information they desperately want from him. He used to be an ambassador to the United Nations himself, but now we can expect the United Nations and all other instiutions of “international law” look on while a senior figure of a sovereign state is threatened with assassination by their stooges?“
Want to help us in this campaign to save the life of Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda??? Send letters, emails, phone calls to the addresses listed at Libya S.O.S. or open and spread this PDF doc.


We can applay pressure at various Institutions.

Here is a list of public Institutions you can contact and where you can complain:

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
United Nations New York
NY 10017 USA
fax: 212-963-7055

Amnesty International
+44 (0) 20 7413 5566 +44 7778 472 126

Human Rights Watch
350 Fifth Avenue
34th floor New York
NY 10118-3299 USA
Tel: +1 212 290 4700
Fax: +1 212 736 1300

51, Avenue Blanc
1202 Geneva Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 738 0481
Fax: +41 22 738 1791

2-12 Pentonville Road 2nd Floor
London N1 9HF
UK Tel: +44 20 7713 1995
Fax: +44 20 7713 1800

Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights Council of Europe
Strasbourg, FRANCE
+ 33 (0)3 88 41 34 21
+ 33 (0)3 90 21 50 53

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
19 Avenue de la paix CH 1202 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 734 60 01 Fax: +41 22 733 20 57

ICRC delegations: Libya

These are the key ICRC contacts to target:



ICRC delegation
Ibrahim Al Houni Street
Diagonally Opposite Brother’s Clinic (Al Okhowa)
Phone: (+218) 21 3409 331, +218 21 340 92 62
mobile: (+218) 91 941 80 66, +218 92 523 65 82

Head of delegation:
Mr Georges Comninos
Media contact person:
(+218) 913 066 198
Languages spoken: English/French/Arabic

ICRC Benghazi Al Andalus Street, Al Fwihat, Benghazi, LIBYA
Phone:( + 218) 92 807 7405
Head of offce: Mr. Patrick Schwaerzler

Media contact person:
Ms Dibeh FAKHR Mobile:
+218 (0) 92 330 4560 Sat: +870 772 390 124
Languages spoken: English/French/Arabic/Spanish

You can contact as well all the International Media of your area, as well as the addresses,

telephone numbers and email/addresses listed here “Libya S.O.S.” or open and spread 

“this PDF doc“.



Haraka Elmokawama

In Libya:  a statement of the Resistance (distributed in Libya).

It is for children of this great people, children of the commander, the hero Mujjahid, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi .

You’ve seen the colonizers raped and stole the land Libyan deaths, injured and orphaned children.

All this on earth after the Libyan beloved pseudo revolution that destroyed the country.
With all this, we thank God because our beloved people woke up.
The son of honest Libyans, the son of the mujahideen and the mujahideen commander’s son.
It will take one day the sun will shine after a long night and you must know that victory is near and the release is close inchaelah.
Your appointment will be with the commander soon on television the great Jamahiriya.


Libya – An assassination attempt against the accused in the case of Major-General

“Younis Abdel-Fatteh” (January 15, 2012)

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Libya – An assassination attempt against the accused in the case of Major-General “Younis Abdel-Fatteh”

Posted on 15/01/2012 at 17:55

Libya - An assassination attempt against the accused in the case of Major-General "Younis Abdel-Fatteh" (January 15, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama Libya According toTajoura, Zenten rebels forcibly returned to the house of the former chief of security and intelligence outside the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Moussa Kousa (who betrayed the Libyan leader) and his brothers.

In Benghazi, one of the accused in the assassination of Major General “Abdel-Fatteh Younis,” “Mr. Rajeb Eljazoui” the brother of counsel “Jomo Eljazoui,” one of the commanders of the rebels came out alive from an assassination attempt last night.
One  bomb under his car exploded without causing any damage to human.

Deutsch: Wappen Libyens (1977-2011) mit dem Ko...
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New song, We Swear to Saif, Moammar You Are Our Guide, Our leader!



– Dr. Hamza Touhami asks tribes to enter the green strength or become treacherous rats: Dr. Hamza has spoken and thanked all the Libyans and the Libyan resistance, even by those who write on social networks, blogs and sites that show the reality of Libya in the world. The world is beginning to awaken from this delusion.
He said the defense minister of the CNT has no authority over the rebels. At the latter meeting with representatives of the tribes of Bani Walid said that the CNT has raised the flag of Israel in Libya, do not say anything while we, we have established that green flag, which we want to stop !
Dr. Touhami asks the other tribes to reach Bani Walid to support the resistance. Dr. criticized the failure of the tribes that do nothing to resist. They are asked to no resistance, they are asked to release at least their region or he says they are the rats (the rebels).
Dr. Touhami load again, saying the rebels any vehicle that passes over a surface without any resistance to go to Bani Walid, show that the tribe has lost its honor.
He asks the strength to organize small groups of 3 to 4 people, regardless of other groups and implement all operations. Also asked to score resistance slogans on the walls of cities, to hoist the green flags and portraits of Qaddafi.
Finally, he noted that in 10 to 15 days, the TV channel resistance will be open. You voice between Libya and the free voice of Libya. He said the resistance was legally protected to keep these channels open.
– Tripoli explosions in the region of Sidi Elmsiri, and the Hadaba Siyahiya as the bombing of NATO planes.
Also in Tripoli, the fighters of the cell “Soukour Chitae” resistance Green conducted a second operation to attack the rebel camp located in the Gargour Misrata in Tripoli, killing seven rebels, unfortunately, two resistance fighters are injured The “One is in serious condition.
– Ben Jouad: violent clashes between the rebel battalion “Kabilete Elmgharba” under the direction of ‘Abu Djibril Dayle “and the rebel battalion” Chouhada Ajdabia “since early yesterday morning to 16h, causing panicked students fleeing the school and the exodus of the population outside the city. The balance is several civilians dead and wounded and killed four Egyptians and the destruction of several pickups mounted with heavy weapons. The rebels attacked the town after “Umm Kendile” completely burning the houses of civilians and then attacked the city, “Abu Saeda” by burning a restaurant.
– Misrata: Resistance fighters attacked a green check-point “Ghoti Elchael.”
Cell fighters “Soukour Chitae” green strength of a pickup truck exploded in rats “rebels”, who was next to Ain Zara prison killing three rebels Misrata.
– Solidarity with Libya in the port of Sete 30 km from Montpellier, France, home of the Libyan tuna where he hoisted the flag of shame. A group of young Marxist revolutionaries withdrew them and burned them.
Here’s their press release:
The invasion of Libya and the overthrow of his regime by NATO only benefits the capitalists.
We have to report and condemn such imperialist revolutionary Marxists.
We emphasize here the opportunism of “our beloved” capitalist Sète.
By this symbolic action, which point the finger at the lack of ethical tuna heads and reactionary tendencies.
– NATO’s alleged “responsibility to protect” was the subterfuge. Months of terrorist attacks had left Libya a charnel house.
Most developed country in Africa was devastated. Tens of thousands were killed, many wounded and left millions of its own sink or swim.
When the war is not war? It is when killing and destruction are called things right. It is also time to terrorize and traumatize entire population unattended.
– Sebbha and Tarjuna: Simultaneously comes news of fighting in the city Saharan Tarjuna Sebbha between patriots and gadafistas and rats. In Tripoli gadafista sniper has paid a mercenary. One of the commanders rat Misurata, Mohamed Abdelkader LIBID, would have been eliminated by the cell, “Sakr Elawehd” patriotic national resistance.
In the area of Samna in southern Libya a resistance fighter has explosa his belt packed with explosives causing the immediate death of many rats
In the heat of the heroic struggle and national liberation hard to forge a new generation of fighters that will be the new national leaders to replace, continuing, the Martyr Omar Mokhtar and Muammar Gaddafi Martyr
Muammar Gaddafi tells the truth to the UN 2009
Libya gives up

Freedom to the thousands of prisoners and high Gadafistas the savage violation of their

human rights

There is no agreement among different sources on the number of patriotic citizens imprisoned in the dungeons gadafistas the tyranny of NATO has been installed in Libya.
On January 4 reported that there are only 15,000 patriots Benghazi prisoners, of whom 3,500 are suffering in the prison of El-Kouifiya, 5200 in Nida Watan and the rest in other prisons.
Journalist Mustafa Kader Bouh gadafista January 8 reports the 60,000 patriots who are prisoners.
The Human Rights Organization says Sawasiya, meanwhile, that there are 8500 prisoners without charge or trial court of any kind in 60 detention centers under continuous beatings, eletrochoques and cigarette burns.
A few days ago the pro-imperialist NGO Doctors Without Borders was founded by the supporter of all imperialist wars, the Frenchman Bernard Kouchner, reported in detail that rats would give prisoners brutally tortured for emergency heal and return to the torture chambers the criminal NATO rats monitored by officers of the CIA, M16, the DGSE and Qatar. It refers specifically to 116 prisoners who suffer fractures Misrata different, burning with cigarettes, various body tissues burned for electricity and crushed limbs using the scheme of “respect for human rights” established by NATO in Libya.
We call on all organizations in the world human rights defenders, opposition to torture prisoners and defenders of progressive and revolutionary politicians to raise his voice energetically to NATO and Washington to stop this criminal revenge and the Patriots are immediately released.
The courageous Dr. Dorda, kidnapped by the rats in the Hospital
Ahmed Ibrahim, the Libyan ideologue hung by the feet every day for rats
Khaled Kaaim, Foreign Ministry spokesman Libyan government’s legitimate
Tentouche Khaled Sheikh, Mufti of Libya
Hala Al Misrati, courageous journalist Libyan TV
We demand the immediate release of all
Demand particularly freedom of the various personalities captive and tortured patriots: the head of the Popular Committees Ahmed Ibrahim subjected every day to hanging by the feet Misrata rats, Ahmed Ramadan, secretary to the Leader Gaddafi, Mohamed Abou el-Kassim Zouai Secretary General of the General People’s Congress, theoretical Libyan head of state, Khaled Kaaim, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan government, Khaled Tantouche, Mufti captured in Sirte Libya, Hala Al Masrati, TV journalist and Doctor Abu Zaid Dorda, former Libyan ambassador to the United Nations who has just been kidnapped from the hospital where he was recovering from torture.


(1) The Libyan army green has been operating in the Eastern front, gaining 11% of territory in the past one week, 1,217 rebels have been eliminated in the Eastern Front around Derna to Benghazi, mainly of radical movements international jihadists.
(2) On the western front, green rebel army pushed into the sea, the capture of two major import and exporty ports.
(3) In major military operations around Misrata on the coast of Libya, green army found the bodies of 17 migrants off the coast of Somalia Misrata, cause of death has not been established, an investigation was not conducted immediately because it was an area of intense fighting.
(4) cans of tear gas have been found by Libyan intelligence agents on board green Airways National carrier Libyan Arab in Egypt, and a similar flight from Egypt in Tripoli was found more than 1 million banned intoxicating drugs, 27 suspects were arrested for connection to the drug smuggling ring in the country, Libya has become a point of major drug trafficking since the rebels took many parts of the country. Young children with money can buy today openly mind-altering substances on the open market. It is a major problem facing the resistance of the way to counteract and stop the smuggling of drugs into the country.
(5) In another gruesome scene discovered by the military green, a missing girl from Benghazi was burned body found and put it in a stolen car, sorry for the scene of horror, the body is suspected of Salam, the family has been notified about the discovery. The girls’ bodies found in Benghazi Almajuri neighborhood Thursday morning in military operations against the rebels hide outs, units of the strength of the green strength and intelligence is not at all sure that the body found is to the kidnapped two days ago said Abdel Salam Hassan Retaj or another child, the green strength of intelligence has been assigned an ID number of the victims and the criminal code to define identity.
(6) In a blow to the insurgents hit a Libyan Misurata, Liberation Front attacked a military prison in LLF’s main port Misrata and released all 532 prisoners in the facility, the medical group Doctors Without Borders was asked to stop co-operating and helping the rebels s, the French organization is asked to stop rampant job centers rebels detained in the city of Misrata, many prisoners are being totured, ill-treatment, denied medical treatment and help, your basis for this organization to work with the rebels.
(7) The Libyan intelligence resistance has been reported, a child under 6 years of age has been found wandering in the corners of the streets of Tripoli late at night, without an established address, location.The name of the boy named Ryan, has no information as to where you live or the place of his people. If you have information about your family, please contact 0913733561 Mohammed Abu Obeid.
(8) In Sebha, a Libyan of the division of Electrical Engineering Jamal was robbed at gunpoint, the incident came very early in the morning, his truck was taken by force, witnesses said the vehicle was taken gunpoint, forced down and the rebels fired into the air to intimidate, then got into the vehicle, fired indiscriminately to disperse pedestrians. Black is a 2011 Toyota truck supplied by the public green army for the restoration of utilities and services.
(9) Green Army has received the intelligence that Al-Hassi was elected leader of Libyan intelligence, now through Libya’s Special Report on Tuesday, the NATO Council yesterday approved a Libyan intelligence council whose function is to control the movements of the resistance forces against the imperialists, it acts as counter-revolution against internal and external risks. This is a body based on national and international agency, the Board instructed Mr Salim Al-Hassi as a Chairman, Colonel Mustafah also instructed Noah, a former supreme security committee as vice president of this device canguro.Salem Al -Hassi is one of the National Salvation Front, was previously assigned to security duties in the front in a period of intense activity abroad in the years 1980 to 1990. He came from the ranks of the intelligence age, these people need to be captured, arrested and detained in army green.
(10) Tunisia appeals court said the extradition of Abdul Salam Bostaih to Libya! The risk of torture, revenge of the rebels, killing, the extradition of the judicial and political turbulence as Libya makes us question the identity of the Tunisian courts, which have done the unthinkable for the destruction of Libya, allegations of corruption , appropriation of public funds against Bostaih are political motivated, Abdul Salam Bostaih was in the business, made ​​his fortune in legal means, the application has been rejected.

stay green, Live and let live.
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Freedom House: «беспрецедентный прогресс» в Ливии
January 19th, 16:04
Ситуация улучшается С захватом Триполи беспрецедентный прогресс достигнутПрогресс в Триполи

Ливийская тележурналистка Хала Мисрати подвергается пыткам и насилию в тюрьме ПНС.Прогресс в Сирте

Libya – The City loyalist to Elasabea are Kadhafi (January 15, 2012)

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Libya – The City loyalist to Elasabea are Kadhafi

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Libya - The City loyalist to Elasabea are Kadhafi (January 15, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya at Derna, a rebel Gharyan says Elasabea are not rebels but loyal to Gaddafi.

The rebels ask Ghariyan Elasabea to hand over all weapons they are afraid of fighters Elasabea.

They accuse the fighters of Elasabea have collected a lot of heavy weapons “tanks, heavy weapons and ammunition …” and they have placed snipers on every house.

There are even fighters and Abu slim Warfala with Asabea.


 23 JAN 2012
23/jan/11It is suspected that TNC police squads caused the fire…tostop the protesting against the TNC, on-going on at the University.

JAN 18, 2012


Under the pretext of protecting the oil fields, hundreds of American soldiers are disembarking on the shores of Libya. Libyan FM reported this morning that6.000 US troops landed at Mitiga base as well. One hour after that, we were informed that most of the US troops were already setting up mobile campsand equipment around oil fields and rafineries.

by Libya S.O.S

U.S. forces were concentrated in the Malta. Today they reached the beaches ofRas Lanuf, Sirte and other oil ports under the pretext of protecting the oil fields and ports from ‘illegal exports by Libyan armed gangs’.As we all know the resistance has previously announced that they will burn Libyan oil rafineries if and when the first ‘invading oil soldier’ arrives to the Jamahiryan territory.

Libya – Hundreds of U.S. soldiers landed on the coast of Libya (January 18, 2012)

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Hundreds of U.S. soldiers landed on the coast of Libya

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Libya - Hundreds of U.S. soldiers landed on the coast of Libya (January 18, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elbadil According to the U.S. forcesconcentrated in Malta, arrived yesterday on the beachcities “Brega“, “Raes Lanouf” and “Sirte” under thepretext of protecting the fields oil and export ports. Theresistance has announced that it will burn Libya and any foreign soldier who ask his feet on the ground Jamahiriya.

As a reminder the day and the site Elkods Elarabi Elbadil have already published a few days ago that president Barack Obama gave a directive to transfer 12,000 U.S. troops from Malta to Libya. A few days ago it was reported that Barack Obama gave a directive to transfer 12 thousand U.S. troops, stationed in Malta, to Libya.
[Update: The Government of Malta hascategorically denied claims made by former US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, that “12,000 U.S. troops (are) stationed in Malta and they are about to make their descent into Libya”.]

Western troops hope to secure the export of Libyan oil to European markets at very low prices not exceeding $ 20 per barrel, this is the first result of the agreement concluded by the head of the Libyan government El-Kib with countries of NATO.
It is noted that the U.S. has bought Iraqi oil from 2003 to 2007 the price of one dollar per barrel, on the pretext ofrestoring the expense of the “liberation” of Iraq, and Atlanticist seems to follow the same method today in Libya.

He hopes the presence of Western troops on the ground will secure pumping Libyan oil to European markets at very low prices which will not exceed $ 20 per barrel. So the first results of the ‘liberated’ Libyan economy, are unfair deals signed by the NATO puppets (Council of Shame) with the new colonists.
For those of you who didn’t know, United States of America had been buying Iraqi oil between 2003 and 2007 for the price of one dollar per barrel, under the pretext of restoring the lost expenditure in the “liberation” of Iraq, and it seems that Atlanticists themselves follow the same method today in Libya.

Libyan Feb17 fools liberated themselves from oil..

Libya – Clashes in Derna-See Video (January 15, 2012)

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Libya – Clashes in Derna-See Video

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Libya - Clashes in Derna-See Video (January 15, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya, Derna to last night, a group of unknown gunmen attacked the headquarters of the NTC, the rebel battalion Boumedkour Nasser.

These armed men fired on the rebels with heavy weaponsand RPG causing the destruction of a pickup and wounded a rebel.

After an exchange of gunfire, the group withdrew quickly. The rebels are on red alert after the attack.

Olivera Olja Ilić
Libya – Qatar appoints the chairs of the Libyan Intelligence (January 28, 2012)
ALGERIA ISP / Haraka According ElmokawamaLibya, Qatar has agreed with a number of CNT Mustapha Abdeljalil the appointment of heads of intelligence services in Qatar Libyan loyalists, with the approval of the United States.
1 – Hassi Salem “in charge of security in the organization of the Front of salvation,” he an American citizen – Chairman of the Libyan intelligence.
2 – Noah Mustafa “Member of the Supreme Security, Vice President of the Military Council of Tripoli Abdelhakim Belhadj” -. Vice-Chairman of the Libyan intelligence.

Libye – Qatar nomme les présidents du renseignement Libyen (28 janvier 2012)

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Libye – Qatar nomme les présidents du renseignement Libyen  (28 janvier 2012)

ALGERIA ISP/ Selon Haraka ElmokawamaLibya, le Qatar a convenu avec le numéro 1 du CNT Mustapha Abdeljalil la nomination des chefs des services de renseignement libyens loyalistes à Qatar, avec l’approbation des Etats-Unis.

1 – Salem Hassi “en charge de la sécurité dans l’organisation du Front de salut», il a la nationalité américaine – Président du renseignement libyen.
2 – Mustafa Nouh “Membre du Comité suprême de sûreté, vice-président du Conseil militaire de Tripoli de Abdelhakim Belhadj “-. Vice-Président du




Clashes between NATO mercenaries and LibyanResistance left two people dead in south of Tripoli. The clashes broke out when NATO Mercenaries tried to arrest one civilian Jamahariya supporter, Libyan Resistance in the area was informed and soon after clashes broke out.

Picture of dead NATO Mercenary killed in fighting:

Fighting started Friday and continued till Saturday. At least 15 fighters from both sides have been injured and one civilians.

This comes as Banks started releasing real Libyan money to the public again, the real money contains the revolutionary leader Muammar Qaddafi‘s image on it.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir reviews an honour guard with Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi upon the latter’s arrival with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Khartoum on 21 December  2010 for talks with Bashir, ahead of a referendum on southern independence.

Report Libya on 29/30 January  2012.

Under Fire franco a tiradora libia- los héroes de la Walid Bani.Libyan-French shooter heroes of the Bani Walid.

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Author: Maya Orlic via international agency rictv original

Report Libya and 29 Syrian and January 30, 2012.

Autor: Editado - Mayo Orlic--https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003124802388Author: May Orlic –

** Although the situation in the center of Bani Walid calm these days, and the population continues its usual activities, the situation is very unstable. On the outskirts of the city met the rebels Misra, Tripoli and other parts of Libya, who are awaiting the green light to attack the city and its population wiped out. One of the Libyans in the Bani Walid said the city will allow the police, if controlled by the Ministry of Interior, but not rebel, not put one foot on a green Bani Walid. Green flags are prominent throughout the Bani Walid, and people are willing to defend their rights and freedom were taken away by the National Council of Transition and NATO. As you learned, Bani Walid is 300 rebels surrounded by NTC, but rats, fortunately, many refused to Bani Walid crowd for fear of a mass uprising of people. Because the green strength of organized operations in recent weeks, the rats had lost a lot of people, and therefore rebel yell, Benghazi, in part, Tripoli refused to fight against the heroes of the Bani Walid .

Under Fire franco a tiradora libia- los héroes de la Walid Bani.Libyan-French shooter heroes of the Bani Walid.

How Green Lion successful operation in Tripoli shows the situation in which most of the checkpoints was destroyed and abandoned. A source in Tripoli says the state is unstable in this city during the day due to fighting between the Resistance and rats, but also for the calculation of mutual rebels. In Benghazi was a conflict, the police opened fire demonstranate, but returned fire. The Sabha is the house of a corrupt traitors, and Tobruk and Ajdabiya regain control again, and the police are green and maintain control of those cities. In the south of Libya, Tuareg tribes of southern and others according to the Bani Walid and decided to continue with further support to the resistance. The Tuareg are listened to Dr. Hamza requirements and continue to support Sabha. Many families already living in the city along with Kdadfi tribe.
*****National Transitional Council every day losing control of the situation in the country . Oil is exported without any contract or minutes, and the free market to sell drugs in China , which is even instructions in Chinese. At the airport in Tripoli yesterday arrested two rats. Airport Director, who belongs to Zintancima, confirmed the arrest of a rat in his possession five million dollars and euros. Two hours later, police arrested another person who had a $ 730.000. Among the rats and the government of a great suspicion, and therefore, accuse the minister of defense cooperation with the Bani Walid zintanskog.

‏حريق جامعة الفاتح كلية الهندسة (دلوا دلوا).mp4

al-Fateh University is set afire by NTC Police to stop the on-going protests there against the TNC.

Libya – intervention of Dr Yusuf Shakir … they tried to hack his computer! (January 31, 2012)

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Libya - intervention of Dr Yusuf Shakir ... they tried to hack his computer! (January 31, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya, an intervention of Dr. Yusuf Shakir warning the resistance to be careful about using the Internet as people try to infiltrate Facebook and Twitter accounts of resistance.

There is a group hired by the Board of CNT Tripoli which aims to spy on the strength and drive a wedge between supporters and resistance fighters. This group is run by two people from England and Tripoli. They tried several times to hack the computer of Dr. Yusuf Shakir.
He adds that he has no connection with the radio “LIBYA FM” (RAT RADIO), he spoke only once on the radio and he was  edited and misquoted concerning  Our leader of the Green Resistance. He will no longer intervene and will be giving the reasons in the coming days.


Libya occupied: 17 thousand detainees and 46 prison gangs, however, NATO .. Shalgam client without being aware of exposing Ban Ki-moon ..
My name is Ali – Association news agency and the voice of all Arab resistance 26/01/2012
NATO is trying to customers ruling in Libya occupied conceal the number of those arrested who are subjected to torture in the detention camps are programmed not all subject to the Government of shame that has received international support, despite the shameful record on human rights.

While several sources indicate that less than 17 thousand detainees are facing the worst conditions in the prisons managed bands, especially the terrible torture that amount to lose the detainee’s ability to walk or speak for life. And more than 7, however, prison gangs are the client.

<p> Navi Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, Geneva, on the first December, 2011 - Reuters </ p>

Recognized Navi Pillay High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations on Wednesday that the detainees from the civil war in Libya, who held gangs and NATO customers are still being tortured.

Pillay told the UN Security Council, the UN is concerned it’s the thousands of prisoners who directed them to charge that they were loyal to the legitimate government of Libya in the era of the martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi and many of them from sub-Saharan Africa.

Pillay said the “lack of control of the central authorities creates an environment conducive to torture and ill-treatment … my staff received disturbing reports that this happens in places of detention visited.”

She said there is an urgent need because the subject of all detention centers in Libya for the control of the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Attorney General and to examine the status of detainees to be released or brought to a fair trial.
The client admitted NATO Libyan ambassador Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgam Council that there are more than eight thousand prisoners in Tripoli alone.
The recognition of this precedent to refute the figures provided by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, which he said that the number of detainees since 7000 that acknowledged by Shalgam in Tripoli more than this figure.
And Moon is involved in covering up the killings and torture carried out by NATO and its clients in Libya in response to U.S. orders.

He informed the Special Envoy Ian Martin of the United Nations to Libya, the Council meeting on Wednesday that the Ministry of Justice has so far received more than six battalions from the prisons of revolutionary.
The information Midayna that at least for 46 prison is not a disgrace to the Government of Libya’s territory by a relationship and it is fully waged proxy for criminal gangs.
And nine customers in the Tripoli government in collusion with the Secretary General of the United Nations and NATO Quilts hide the true number of victims of NATO civilians.
He has recorded more than 2,700 civilians were martyred as a result of NATO, but this number has been covered up.
He admitted the existence of Shalgam 4 cases of bombing civilians by NATO, but the number of flights carried out by NATO suggests that the killing of civilians has increased from 500 cases and casualties than 4 thousand.

Libya – News from Bani Walid (January 30, 2012)

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News from Bani Walid

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Libya - News from Bani Walid (January 30, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr FiLibya, after the recent events between Warfala fightersand rebels in Bani Walid and despite the removal of Defense Minister in Bani Walid. The situation is still volatile.

The rebels from all regions (from MisrataTripoli, …) are waiting on the outskirts of the city awaiting the green light to attack Bani Walid and exterminate the population.

One of the Libyans of Bani Walid says that if the police in Bani Walid is led by the Ministry of Interior, we let it worked in Bani Walid. If they are rebels, they will never stay at Bani Walid.

Pro-Gaddafi fighters launched an uprising across Libya

Fighters loyal to the late leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi launched a series of attacks in cities across Libya.
Published: Friday – 24 January 2012 | 13:08 
As reported the British news agency The Press Association , fighters loyal to  leader ColonelMuammar Gaddafi launched a series of attacks in cities across Libya.
The news comes just a day after numerous media confirmed that the town of Bani Walid again in the hands of pro-Gaddafi fighters , and the green flag waved in the city.
PA reported that the new NTC government failed to break the resistance fighters who are still loyal to Muammar Gaddafi’s ideas.
NTChas failed to unite the country after eight months of fierce warfare, the report carries extensive PA.
The rebellion broke out in cities across the country. Except in the Bani Walid, fighting erupted in the capital Tripoli and in the center of power NTC, Benghazi.
Abdel-Rahman al-Soghayar, commander of the rebel army in Tripoli, confirmed that the fighting broke out in several districts. Actions are closed, residents do not leave their homes, said the same source.
It also states that the rebellion within the Tripoli started “sleeping cells” that are still loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. “They seized the moment of rebellion in Bani Walid,” says Abdel-Rahman al-Soghayar.In Benghazi have lasted for weeks, protests against the NTC (unelected) government. Finally, the government building was attacked with bombs . It is not clear who was behind the actual protests in Benghazi. However, according to the latest information and there have been renewed armed struggle.Remember, sporadic fighting between the mutually opposing rebel groups began to emerge shortly after the withdrawal of the military mission of NATO. However, the current conflicts have quite different connotations. For the first time since the war, there is organized Resistancefrom the “green revolution” led by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.Saif Gaddafi in Western Mountains of Zentan. There are many positive reports so do not be overly concerned
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of  Muammar,.  NTC requires that he be tried in Libya, not in The Hague. However, the details are somewhat contradictory. He is known to be in the hands of the Zentan tribe but has not specified exactly where the group works; and the Zentan have an honor oath between them and the Qathafi tribe. Also Saif married a Zentan woman, and is temprary “head of State” of the Jamahiriya in Exile. Many have concluded that the NTC has no control over the detention of Saif Gaddafi. Bearing in mind the current resistance movement that is spreading across the country, the fate of detained kanji kanji Saifa becomes even more uncertain.
Remember, Saif Gaddafi was admired the most by Libyans, just behind Muammar Gaddafi.  Saif has vowed to continue fighting andhis brother, SAADI, proclaimed him leader of the “Green Revolution Resistantance (LLF)”. As such, on this day he remains a potential key figure in the possible large number of people united Libya – who are still loyal to the ideas and principles of his father.
Certainly many eyes fixed in that direction, because there is a potential possibility that the group that he was detained facing a new wave of rebellion. Many even speculate that Saif is not closed in the true sense of the word, but to specific individuals are kept from potential extradition to the NTC or the International Court in The Hague.  By the tribes of Libya, Saif was tried and exonerated.  He is a free man with them.
For video and still images was seen casually walking around and talking to her, allegedly zatočiteljima.Commander of the elite units, Khamis Gaddafi.On several occasions the mention of his death, but never confirmed.Except kanji kanji Saifa not known the fate of other key figures from the “green revolution”.  By reports, Khamis and his famous 32nd Brigade, have been winning battle after battle .
Remember, the amount of rumors and misinformation during and after the Libyan war, the 2011th was extremely high. So many times mentioned the death Gaddafijevog son Khamis, who is one of the key people in the leadership of special combat units.
Despite the large number of allegations, his death was never confirmed, as opposed to the acknowledgement of martyred brother Dr. Moutassem al-Billah al-Qathafi.According to recent media reports, including the Russian TV Russia Today, pro-Gaddafi Resistance escalated in the last 48 hours. Some analysts conclude that even in this case, NATO could re-engage in the country (see video below).
Iranian TV station has announced that NATO sent 12.000 troops into Libya as part of “peacekeeping” missions. PRESS TVhas Confirmed thisconfirmed.The last video report: “Pro-Gaddafi fighters strike attack – Libya in shambles”
Analyst for RT: “you can return to NATO?”
Source (s): The Press Association | AP | Washington Post | Reuters | RT | PRESS TV |

The news of Libya (January 14, 2012)

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Libya - The news of Libya (January 14, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama

According to Akhbar Libya, the Death of the Commander rebel from Garyan: Fadel Ben Khalifa Hoceine Hoceine, was killed by fighters Asabea.

A Elajama, a child who was going to school was killed after a shell fired by the rebels.

In Tripoli, the destruction of a deposit of arms and ammunition Zenten located on the road to Tripoli airport.


JAN 30, 2012

Report Libya 30. January 2012.



JAN 31, 2012

There is no Sirt any more


“Let me correct what you just have said in here… Sirt is not been destroyed, it is been erased human wise and construction wise. There is no Sirt any more. I am trying so hard to explain to people what has happen there, no matter how much i speak or write, i can never give % 5 from what really has happened in real life. I lived it there day by day. I wish that I have died and not lived with all sort of bad pictures and thoughts in my mind.” 
Heroic Town Sirte in October 2011.
Reflections of a survivor from Sirte. 
Name is not published for security reasons and the text is completely unedited.
“I have lost faith in life after what has been done to the people of Sirt whowere killed in masses with no mercy. I was in Sirt for 58 days, no food, no life, shooting from every corner, couldn’t count the number of the dead people and couldn’t help to put them into their graves. Bullets were falling on uslike the drops of heavy rain from every direction. This not to forget the NATO missiles and explosions that never stopped, which killed and destroyed whoever and whatever came in its way.
We were very lucky not to be killed when we left Sirt. People from Musrata and the eastern part of Libya were shouting Allah Akbar while they were killing people from Sirte like if we are non Muslim to them.
This – and worse – is what happened to countless Libyan children during the “humanitarian war”

The people of Sirt have lost everything they have spent their lives to create.

I mean, why would someone get married and create a family when someone with no mercy comes and kill all of them. It is like if s/he never got married and never had a family. It is the same to many others who have spent their life working hard to have a decent home and certain life standard but this again has gone and been lost just like they never worked.
Sirte, Libya: NATO “humanitarian intervention”

What is the different between the people of Sirt and any homeless person who never had family to live for or home to live in. Regardless to how thing will change and hope to become better but it would never make the life easier forthose who lost everything they had.

Today, there is no medicine, there is no water, there is no money, there is no schools, there are no jobs.

What faith would someone should have in life after s/he has lost all of what makes life of a person.

This is the Arabic Spring to the Libyan people. 
I am not sure what is their definition of the Arab Spring ?!!!
This Spring is equal to the crime and destruction of humanity in the Arab and Muslim world.”

NATO Rebels desecrated The Graves

Comment of S.C.

” It was named ‘Spring’ by the devils advocates,see how Egyptian army – grown fat and full on US$ is in control,same in Bahrain,Yemen and where ever it suits the imperial thugs they r2p their stooge.
The savages that US/NATO and Gulf traitors unleashed on Libya were a perfect image of these ‘Muslims’ hypocricy.
In islamic history battles against genuine foes were halted in Holy Months, but here we saw them butcher, rape and kill innocents through Ramazan, while chanting Allahuakbar, this ripped through my very soul, the climax was the sodomic orgy of mutilating brother Moammar,his Son and defence minister.
Those rabid  ‘human rights’ bodies are not counting victims now because they were just instruments of the evil coalition. Hope my words bring some solace to you, please feel and know you are not alone, our hearts beat with all who suffered this crime, the torment on them shall haunt these trators and their devilish masters forever-never will they know peace or human joy-nor in this temporal life or in their shallow grave pits.
What scares me is a repeat in Syria. How much torment can the innocent people bear, so demeaning how Syria’s neighbours apart from Lebanon and Iran are all in cahoots with the evils.
I pray for peace but we all prayed before for Iraq and Libya but all went unanswered!”

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* NATO SLAUGHTERING CHILDREN IN SIRTE – “To the Libyan people: this is your chance.” Obama said. [22. September 2011. Sirte, Libya]  –
* Massacre in  Sirte . Video shows Libyans alive, photos show them dead – DISTURBING IMAGES , WATCH THEM IF YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY SOMEONEhttp://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/disturbing-images-watch-them-if-you.html
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The Pentagon chief called the NATO intervention a “remarkable achievement” – http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/10/where-is-human-rights-watch.html


NATO Mercenaries blowing things up on the side of the streets terrorizing innocent Libyans. This is the daily activity of NATO Mercenaries, terrorizing, torturing and killing innocent people. Libyans are getting sick of it, sooner or later more active resistance will be born.

18 January 2012 Last updated at12:56 GMT
BRITS LIED, Schemed and Conquered by Brute Force and Dirty Tricks:

Inside story of the UK’s secret mission to beat Gaddafi

By Mark UrbanDiplomatic and Defence editor, Newsnight
Rebel gun trucks in Sirte, Libya, in September 2011 - photo by John Cantlie

British efforts to help topple Colonel Gaddafi were not limited to air strikes. On the ground – and on the quiet – special forces soldiers were blending in with rebel fighters. This is the previously untold account of the crucial part they played.

The British campaign to overthrow Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime had its public face – with aircraft dropping bombs, or Royal Navy ships appearing in Libyan waters, but it also had a secret aspect.

My investigations into that covert effort reveal a story of practically-minded people trying to get on with the job, while all the time facing political and legal constraints imposed from London.

In the end though, British special forces were deployed on the ground in order to help the UK’s allies – the Libyan revolutionaries often called the National Transitional Council or NTC. Those with a knowledge of the programme insist “they did a tremendous job” and contributed to the final collapse of the Gaddafi regime.

Scene in Sirte, with gun cars and two men talking in foreground - man on right with three radios Multiple radios indicate sophisticated co-ordination of forces

The UK’s policy for intervention evolved in a series of fits and starts, being changed at key points by events on the ground. The arguments about how far the UK should go were thrashed out in a series of meetings of the National Security Council at Downing Street. Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister David Cameron, its key members were:

  • Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards
  • Defence Secretary Liam Fox
  • Foreign Secretary William Hague

Mr Cameron’s chief of staff, Ed Llewellyn, was a key voice in urging action following the Libyan revolution in last February, say Whitehall insiders.

The first significant involvement of British forces inside Libya was a rescue mission mounted just a couple of weeks after the rising against Gaddafi broke out. On 3 March, Royal Air Force C130 aircraft were sent to a desert airstrip at Zilla in the south of the country to rescue expatriate oil workers. Many had been threatened by gunmen and bandits.

This airlift of 150 foreigners, including about 20 Britons, to Valletta airport in Malta went smoothly, despite one of the aircraft being hit by ground fire soon after taking off.

Accompanying the flights were about two dozen men from C Squadron of the Special Boat Service (SBS), who helped secure the landing zone. It was a short-term and discrete intervention that saved the workers from risk of abduction or murder, and caused little debate in Whitehall.

Events, though, were moving chaotically and violently onwards, with the Libyan armed forces breaking up and Benghazi emerging as the centre of opposition. The government sought to open contacts with the National Transitional Council both overtly and covertly.

It was the undercover aspect of this relationship that almost brought Britain’s wider attempt to help the revolution to grief. The Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, sought to step up communications with some of its contacts in the opposition. It was decided to send a pair of the service’s people to a town not far from Benghazi to meet one of these Libyans.

MI6, say people familiar with what happened, decided to avoid the Royal Navy frigate in Benghazi at the time, or any other obvious symbol of national power as the base for this meeting. Instead they opted to be flown from Malta into Libya at night by Chinook helicopter in order to meet local “fixers” who would help them get to the meeting.

In planning this operation, SIS chose to use a highly sensitive arm of the special forces, E Squadron, in order to look after its people. Six members of E Squadron, which is recruited from all three Tier 1 units (SAS, SBS and Special Reconnaissance Regiment) duly boarded the Chinook to “mind” the intelligence people.

They were equipped with a variety of weapons and secure communications gear. In keeping with E Squadron’s sensitive role, they were in plain clothes or black jumpsuits (accounts vary), and carried a variety of passports.

Continue reading the main story

“Start Quote

Witnesses said they were carrying weapons, ammunition, maps and passports from four different countries”

The plan unravelled almost immediately. The landing of their helicopter aroused local curiosity.

The Libyan revolution, like many others, was accompanied by a good deal of paranoia about foreign mercenaries and spies, and the British party could not have appeared more suspicious. They were detained and taken to Benghazi, the men on the ground having decided that to open fire would destroy the very bridge-building mission they were engaged in.

This debacle in Benghazi rapidly became even more embarrassing, as the Gaddafi government released an intercepted phone call in which a British diplomat pleaded with the NTC for the team’s release.

As a result of what happened with E Squadron, those who would advocate using special forces to help topple the regime were sidelined for months. It also caused great difficulties for MI6, which had plans to turn some key figures in Gaddafi’s inner circle.

Ambassador Richard Northern’s phone call was played on Libyan State TV

When, on 19 March, Colonel Gaddafi’s tanks were bombed as they entered Benghazi, the conflict entered a dramatically different phase. High profile military action was under way, and the leaders of the UK, US, and France were increasingly committed to the overthrow of the Libyan leader.

But the means that could be used would be tightly limited as a result both of the unhappy experience of Iraq, and the terms of the UN resolution that had authorised the air action.

Under UN Security Council Resolution 1973, countries were authorised to use force “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack”. The text noted that the measures used to achieve this aim excluded “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”.

The resolution authorised force but its limitations, both in avoiding any mention of support to forces fighting Col Gaddafi’s army and apparently in ruling out “boots on the ground”, defined much of British government thinking.

Yet key figures in the Downing Street discussions were convinced that air strikes alone would not achieve the result they wanted. At sessions of the National Security Council, Gen Richards and Mr Fox made the case for planning to provide training and equipment for the revolutionary forces of the NTC.

At a meeting near the end of March, we have been told, authorisation was given to take certain steps to develop the NTC’s embryonic ground forces. This involved the immediate dispatch of a small advisory team, and the longer-term development of a “train and equip” project. Ministers were advised, say those familiar with the discussion, that this second part of the plan would take at least three months to implement.

When half a dozen British officers arrived at a seaside hotel in Benghazi at the beginning of April, they were unarmed and their role was strictly limited. They had been told to help the NTC set up a nascent defence ministry, located in a commandeered factory on the outskirts of the city.

The first and most basic task of the advisory team was to get the various bands of Libyan fighters roaring around in armed pick-up trucks under some sort of central co-ordination. As reporters had discovered, most of these men had little idea of what they were doing, and soon panicked if they thought Col Gaddafi’s forces were attacking or outflanking them.

There were a number of legal issues preventing them giving more help. Some Whitehall lawyers argued that any type of presence on the ground was problematic. Legal doubts were raised about arming the NTC or targeting Col Gaddafi.

Rebel fighter using sophisticated range-finderMisrata rebel using a laser range-finder – can be used to adjust artillery fire and co-ordinate Nato air strikes

Once the air operation was put on a proper Nato footing, these issues became even more vexed, insiders say, with the alliance saying it would not accept men on the ground “directing air strikes” in a way that some newspapers, even in late spring, were speculating was already happening.

The British government’s desire to achieve the overthrow of Gaddafi while accommodating the legal sensitivities registered by various Whitehall departments led to some frustration among those who were meant to make the policy work.

“It just seemed to me an unnecessarily muddled way of going about a business that we all knew the underlying aims of,” said one. “It was almost as if we have lost the ability to define a clear objective and go for it.”

However, the accidental bombing of NTC columns by Nato aircraft in early April provided those who wanted more direct assistance with a powerful argument. British and French officers on the ground were permitted to co-ordinate more closely with the NTC for the purposes of “deconfliction” or preventing such accidental clashes from happening again.

Under the deconfliction rubric, British advisers made their way to places like Misrata, then under siege, where the RAF was focusing its air strikes. The stage was set then for months of bombing which, as it progressed, both exhausted the stocks of precision weapons available to some Nato allies and the patience of many politicians for what was going on. Insiders say that, discreetly, they were soon doing more than deconfliction, actually co-ordinating certain Nato air attacks.

Taking as his cue the March approval in principal for a training programme, Gen Richards had started a series of low profile visits to Doha, the capital of Qatar.

This gulf emirate had taken a leading role in backing the NTC, and its defence chief was by June brokering an agreement with the UK and France to provide material back-up as well as training for the NTC.

Libya map

The fall of Gaddafi told through maps

France was to prove more forward-leaning than the UK in this, and by August was providing weapons to NTC units in the Nefusa mountains of western Libya. The UK, meanwhile, had agreed to focus its efforts in the east of the country. It was as part of this new effort that British special forces returned to Libya.

Although plenty of people in Whitehall still remembered the March debacle, it was agreed to allow a limited number of British advisers to take a direct part in training and mentoring NTC units in Libya. Sources say the number of men sent from D Squadron of 22 SAS Regiment was capped at 24. They were performing their mission by late August.

While France and Qatar were ready to provide weapons directly, the UK was not. However, this made little practical difference since the SAS was operating closely with Qatar special forces who had reportedly delivered items such as Milan anti-tank missiles.

Car-mounted anti-tank missile being firedAnti-tank missile in Sirte, of the type believed to have been supplied by Qataris

There were some suggestions from Whitehall that the training itself should be conducted outside Libya in order to remain within the narrow interpretation of the UN resolution, but the SAS was apparently soon present at a base in southern Libya.

During the months that this project had taken to come to fruition, the slow grinding down of Gaddafi’s forces by air attack had continued. Soon after the foreign trainers arrived, NTC units swept into Tripoli.

Some people close to the Libyan revolution say that the Qatari chief of defence staff claimed credit for coming up with the strategy of pushing simultaneously towards the Libyan capital from different directions. Certainly, the foreign special forces on the ground played a role in co-ordinating the different columns.

The SAS had meanwhile strayed beyond its training facility, with single men or pairs accompanying the NTC commanders that they had been training back to their units. They dressed as Libyans and blended in with the units they mentored, says someone familiar with the operation.

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“Start Quote

We have become a lot better at blending in”

There had been concerns that they would be spotted by the press, but this did not happen. “We have become a lot better at blending in,” says someone familiar with the D Squadron operation. “Our people were able to stay close to the NTC commanders without being compromised.”

Instead, as the revolutionaries fought their way into Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte, they were assisted by a handful of British and other special forces. Members of the Jordanian and United Arab Emirates armies had fallen in behind the Qataris too.

When, on 20 October, Gaddafi was finally captured and then killed by NTC men, it followed Nato air strikes on a convoy of vehicles carrying leading members of the former regime as they tried to escape from Sirte early in the morning. Had British soldiers on the ground had a hand in this? Nobody will say yet.

In keeping with its long standing policies on special forces and MI6 operations, Whitehall has refrained from public statements about the nature of assistance on the ground. The Ministry of Defence reiterated that policy when asked to comment on this story.

Speaking at a public event late last year, though, Gen Richards commented that the NTC forces “were the land element, an ‘army’ was still vital”. He also noted that “integrating the Qataris, Emiratis and Jordanians into the operation was key”. He did not, however, allude to the presence of more than 20 British operators on the ground.

Last October the Chief of the Qatar Defence Staff revealed that “hundreds” of his troops has been on the ground in Libya.

British sources agree Qatar played a leading role – and accept it put more soldiers in than the UK – but question whether the number was this large. Around the more secret parts of Whitehall, the suggestion is that the number committed on the ground by all nations probably did not exceed a couple of hundred.

As for Britain’s decision finally to deploy an SAS squadron, “they made a fantastic difference”, argues one insider.

It is part of the essence of troops of this kind that they often operate in secrecy, providing their political masters with policy options that they might not wish to own up to publicly.

But given that the UK’s earlier relationship with Col Gaddafi and his intelligence services caused great embarrassment, it could be that attention will one day focus more closely on British assistance to the NTC, particularly if the Libyan revolution comes unstuck.


Decoding the special forces

  • British Army’s Special Air Service (SAS) formed in 1941 to drop troops by parachute behind enemy lines. Main role of its 400 members is to gather intelligence on the ground, but also has history of tackling perilous engagements – most famously storming the Iranian embassy in London in 1980.
  • Special Boat Service (SBS),formed in 1940, is British Navy’s equivalent, and two services have strong links. SBS specialises in operations at sea and on river networks, but sometimes operate inland.
  • Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) formed in 2005. Few details of its function or personnel have been made public, but its main purpose is to carry out covert surveillance operations, freeing SAS and SBS for combat.
  • Secret unit within the special forces

    Soldier looking through binoculars

    The existence of E Squadron is well known within the special forces community but has not hitherto been discussed publicly. It was formed five years ago to work closely with the intelligence service MI6, and is mainly involved in missions where maximum discretion is required, say Whitehall insiders.

    Its role as a small, handpicked force operating with MI6 makes it the modern-day successor to the shadowy cell sometimes referred to as the Increment.

    While the existence of teams of this kind is a gift for thriller writers looking to insert a hit team of hardened SAS men into their plotline, the reality of E Squadron’s operations has been a little more prosaic.

    Last March’s debacle, in which six member of the squadron were caught in Libya, was highly embarrassing. The reason for their presence, escorting two people from MI6, gives a clue to the facilitating role they often play in foreign intelligence operations in risky places.

    After 9/11, with major military commitments in Afghanistan and then Iraq, MI6 stepped up its intelligence-gathering in many places that had hitherto been off the radar or considered too dangerous.

    It was often backed up by UK Special Forces, but the competing demands on them to support special operations in Afghanistan and Iraq eventually led to the creation of E Squadron.

    According to special forces people, E Squadron is a composite organisation formed from selected SAS, SBS and Special Reconnaissance Regiment operators. It is not technically part of the SAS or SBS, but at the disposal of the Director of Special Forces and MI6.

    The squadron often operates in plain clothes and with the full range of national support, such as false identities, at its disposal.

    Whitehall sources suggest E Squadron was prepared to launch a rescue of a British citizen kidnapped in the Sahara in 2009, but could not obtain political clearance to do so before he was murdered by the hostage takers.


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We have all seen in the news over the past year the terrible conflict in Libya, but we are not all aware of the true story.We have heard a very one sided argument presented to us from our media.
We have heard many lies, which appear to be covering the truth from us so we cannot make a clear, fair judgment for ourselfs.This film has been created to show the people of the world another side of the story. The side from the Libyan people them selves.We have been led to believe the majority of Libyans wanted an over- throw of their govnment, but this is far from the truth.Please watch and leave comment, I believe the people should discuss this matter together with open eyes. All comments are welcome (Not SPAM)
Citoyen libyen et une autre d’immunité marocaine ascenseur diplomatique pour l’OTAN séparer la justice belge sur les cinquième et vingtième de ce mois, en cas d’urgence affaire faite par le citoyen libyen Khaled Khweldi et marocain Abdel Latif Cleih contre l’OTAN, où les élèves à partir de laquelle la question la hâte de la gouvernance et le plus proche de la date de trancher l’affaire original, qui avait déjà Rfaha contre l’OTAN avant le juge de première instance n ° 11 de la justice belge, qui avait décidé d’examiner à l’Septembre 17, 2012 se rapporte à la question dans le contenu de toutes les victimes civiles qui sont morts en raison du ciblage de l’OTAN quartiers civils au cours de sa frappe aérienne militaire contre la Libye et le début de Selon les détails de la réunion tenue récemment que le juge a annoncé sa juridiction, et avant qu’il soit considéré dans l’affaire contre l’OTAN et la Cour a rejeté la première partie de la demande des plaignants, sur l’urgence de la procédure la condamnation a été déposée initialement contre l’OTAN et de présenter une décision, et a accepté la fente II et régna de laisser tomber l’immunité diplomatique dont jouit le siège de l’OTAN juridique à Bruxelles a refusé de juger tout argument avancé par l’Etat belge lorsque vous entrez le volontaire dans le boîtier pour éviter le procès de l’OTAN et le rejet réduit ou même détruit le gouvernement avocat défenses belges au nom de l’OTAN, qui est absente pour assister à toutes les réunions du procès, et aussi intéressant est que le juge a dit, “ne devrait pas être vu dans les arguments présentés par l’Etat belge, qui est intervenue dans la procédure.” et donc ce précédent disposition met l’OTAN de lier un précédent légal et moral au niveau international. Il vaut la peine mentionner ici que Khuwaildi avait le visage d’un acte d’accusation contre l’OTAN d’avoir tué sa femme enceinte et deux enfants Khaleda et Khuwaildi et sa nièce la paix Mohammad Nouri et sa tante et un certain nombre de ses proches et ses voisins et à montrer le nombre et la marocaine Cleih la mort de sa fille délibérément contraires au mandat de la résolution du Conseil de sécurité 1973 prévoyait la protection des civils et ne pas les tuer. Il est à noter que Khalid Khuwaildi le processus d’établissement d’une association internationale des victimes de l’OTAN pour faire face à toutes les victimes et touché par des Libyens qui avaient subi à la suite d’erreurs militaires de l’OTAN sera terminée à rejoindre l’association est ouverte aussi aux citoyens de tous les pays qui avaient déjà souffert ou encore des campagnes de militaire de l’OTAN, tels que Le Pakistan et la Yougoslavie et l’Irak. et nous savons que Khuwaildi est sous une grande pression pour le dissuader de poursuivre des actions en justice contre l’OTAN et se déplacer visant à criminaliser tous les excès de l’OTAN et les erreurs de militaires et tuant des civils a noté qu’il n’avait pas été la poursuite de l’OTAN d’judiciaire internationale en raison de l’immunité diplomatique dont il jouissait. . une page “Jeunes libéraux Libye sur Facebook pour diffuser les faits, afin de la Libye de demain».
مواطن ليبي وأخر مغربي يرفعان الحصانه الدبلوماسية عن حلف الناتوفصل القضاء البلجيكى في الخامس و العشرين من الشهر الحالي فى الدعوى الإستعجاليه المقدمه من المواطن الليبي خالد الخويلدى الحميدى والمغربي عبداللطيف الشليح ضد حلف الناتو والتى طالبا من خلالها الإستعجال بإصدار الحكم و ذلك بتقريب موعد البت في الدعوى الأصلية والتى سبق وأن رفعاها ضد حلف الناتو أمام قاضي الدائرة رقم (11) من المحاكم البلجيكية والتي كان قد قرر النظر فيها في 17 سبتمبر 2012 وتتعلق القضية فى مضمونها بكل الضحايا المدنيين الذين قضوا نتيجة إستهداف الناتو للأحياء المدنيه أثناء حملته العسكرية الجوية ضد ليبياو بداية تفيد تفاصيل الجلسة التي عقدت مؤخرا إلى أن قاضي المحكمة أعلن إختصاصه و قبل أن ينظر في القضية المرفوعة ضد حلف شمال الأطلسي و رفضت المحكمة الشق الأول من طلب المدعيان والمتعلق بإستعجال إصدار الحكم بالدعوى الأصلية المقامة ضد حلف شمال الأطلسي و تقريب موعد البت فيها ، وقبلت بالشق الثاني وأصدرت حكمها بإسقاط الحصانه الدبلوماسية التي يتمتع بها حلف الناتو بمقره القانوني بالعاصمة البلجيكية بروكسلورفض قاضي المحكمة أي حجة تقدمت بها الدولة البلجيكية عند تدخلها الطوعي في القضية لمنع محاكمة الناتو و هذا الرفض يقلل لا بل يدمر دفاعات محامي الحكومة البلجيكية بإسم حلف شمال الأطلسي الذي تغيب عن الحضور في جميع جلسات المحاكمة والمثير للإهتمام أيضا هو أن القاضي قال ” أنه لا ينبغي النظر في الحجج المقدمة من طرف الدولة البلجيكية التي تدخلت في الدعوى”.وبهذا يكون هذا الحكم سابقه قضائية يضع حلف الناتو أمام مأزق قانونى وأخلاقى غير مسبوق دولياً.ومن الجدير ذكره هنا أن الخويلدي كان قد وجه إتهاماً ضد الناتو بقتل زوجته الحامل وطفليه خالدة والخويلدي وإبنة أخته سلام محمد نوري وخالته وعدد من أقاربه وجيرانه و ليبين عدة و المغربي الشليح لمقتل ابنته بشكل متعمد يتعارض مع التفويض الصادر من مجلس الأمن بالقرار 1973 المنصوص فيه على حماية المدنيين وليس قتلهم .وتجدر الاشارة إلى أن خالد الخويلدي بصدد تأسيس جمعيه دوليه لضحايا الناتو تُعنى بكل الضحايا والمتضررين الليبين ممن عانوا من جراء أخطاء الناتو العسكريةوسيكون باب العضويه للإنضمام للجمعيه مفتوحاً أيضاً أمام مواطنى كل الدول التى سبق و أن عانت أو ماتزال من حملات الناتو العسكرية مثل الباكستان و يوغسلافيا و العراق .و علمنا أن الخويلدي يتعرض لضغوط كبيره لثنيه عن مواصلة إجراءات التقاضي ضد الحلف و تحركه الهادف لتجريم كل تجاوزات الناتو وأخطاءه العسكرية وقتله للمدنيين علماً بأنه لم يسبق أن تعرض حلف الأطلسي للملاحقة القضائيه الدوليه بسبب الحصانه الدبلوماسية التي كان يتمتع بها ..عن صفحة “شباب ليبيا الأحرار علي الفيس بوك لنشر الحقائق من أجل ليبيا الغد”‬
Libyan citizen and another Moroccan lift diplomatic immunity for NATOSeparate the Belgian court on the fifth and twentieth of this month, in case emergency made by the Libyan citizen Khaled Khweldi and Moroccan Abdel Latif Cleih against NATO, which students from which the haste issue of governance and the zoom when deciding on the original case, which had already Rfaha against NATO before the judge Circle No. (11) of the Belgian courts, which had decided to consider at the September 17, 2012 relates to the issue in the content of all the civilian victims who died as a result of NATO’s targeting of civilian neighborhoods during his military air strikes against LibyaAnd early reports details of the meeting recently held that the trial judge announced his jurisdiction, and before it is considered in the case against NATO and the Court rejected the first part of the request for the plaintiffs, on the urgency of sentencing proceedings Originally filed against NATO and bringing forward a decision, and accepted the second part and ruled to drop the diplomatic immunity enjoyed by the NATO headquarters in Brussels LegalThe judge denied the Court any argument made by the Belgian State when you enter the voluntary in the case to prevent the trial of NATO and the rejection reduces or even destroys the defense lawyer, the Belgian government in the name of the North Atlantic Treaty, which is absent from attendance at all meetings of the trial and also interesting is that the judge said, “it does not should be considered in the arguments presented by the Belgian State, which intervened in the proceedings. “And thus this provision sets a legal precedent for NATO and moral dilemma of the law is unprecedented internationally.It is worth mentioning here that Khuwaildi had the face of an indictment against NATO of killing his pregnant wife and two children Khaleda and Khuwaildi and his niece peace Mohammad Nouri and his aunt and a number of his relatives and neighbors and to show the number and Moroccan Cleih the death of his daughter deliberately contrary to the mandate of the Security Council resolution 1973 which it is stated protect civilians, not kill them.It should be noted that Khalid Khuwaildi the process of establishing an international association of victims of NATO to deal with all the victims and affected by Libyans who had suffered as a result of errors NATO militaryIt will be ended to join the Association is open also to the citizens of all countries that had already suffered or still from the NATO military campaigns such as Pakistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia.And we know that Khuwaildi is under great pressure to dissuade him from pursuing legal actions against NATO and move aimed to criminalize all the excesses of NATO and the mistakes of military and killing of civilians noted that he had not previously been NATO’s pursuit of international judicial because of diplomatic immunity enjoyed by ..
ATTENTION: Nous savons que le canal ne reviendra pas à la radiodiffusion publique, et cette décision par le gouvernement français d’attention et de ne pas entrer vos données dans les sites et prétend représenter la chaîne de radiodiffusion publique et le canal sera lancé afin de soutenir le gène de résistance .. La lutte révolutionnaire continue …
Baden is an unconfirmed / /
triggering a confrontation in the region of Bazhe … Zeliten and so when you attack a number of rats in the house of a supporter of the legitimacy and led to the death of the rat / / Jamal Alnhaasa and injured rat / / Sinan Andishe …
The situation is very hot by the Alnhaasa family for revenge ….
Balzalim inspired strike oppressors and brought us out of them Aallah sure …
04 JUNE 2011 w/ Cynthis McKinney:
NOTE: THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS. IT IS A HIGHLY PROPAGANDISED REPORT by the late HELEN CHAPIN METZ for the U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT in 1987, when affiliating with Our Brother Leader meant a 10 year  Imprisonment or worse for any U.S. citizen:
Library of Congress Country Studies


The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

The remaking of Libyan society that Qadhafi envisioned and to which he devoted his energies after the early 1970s formally began in 1973 with a so-called cultural or popular revolution. The revolution was designed to combat bureaucratic inefficiency, lack of public interest and participation in the subnational governmental system, and problems of national political coordination. In an attempt to instill revolutionary fervor into his compatriots and to involve large numbers of them in political affairs, Qadhafi urged them to challenge traditional authority and to take over and run government organs themselves. The instrument for doing this was the “people’s committee.” Within a few months, such committees were found all across Libya. They were functionally and geographically based and eventually became responsible for local and regional administration.

People’s Committees were established in such widely divergent organizations as universities, private business firms, government bureaucracies, and the broadcast media. Geographically based committees were formed at the governorate, municipal, and zone (lowest) levels. Seats on the people’s committees at the zone level were filled by direct popular election; members so elected could then be selected for service at higher levels. By mid-1973 estimates of the number of people’s committees ranged above 2,000.

In the scope of their administrative and regulatory tasks and the method of their members’ selection, the people’s committees embodied the concept of direct democracy that Qadhafi propounded in the first volume of The Green Book, which appeared in 1976. The same concept lay behind proposals to create a new political structure composed of People’s Congresses.” The centerpiece of the new system was the General People’s Congress (GPC–see Glossary), a national representative body intended to replace the RCC.

The new political order took shape in March 1977 when the GPC, at Qadhafi‘s behest, adopted the “Declaration of the Establishment of the People’s Authority” and proclaimed the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The term Jamahiriya is difficult to translate, but American scholar Lisa Anderson has suggested “peopledom” or “state of the masses” as a reasonable approximation of Qadhafi‘s concept that the people should govern themselves free of any constraints, especially those of the modern bureaucratic state. The GPC also adopted resolutions designating Qadhafi as its general secretary and creating the General Secretariat of the GPC, comprising the remaining members of the defunct RCC. It also appointed the General People’s Committee, which replaced the Council of Ministers, its members now called secretaries rather than ministers.

All legislative and executive authority was vested in the GPC. This body, however, delegated most of its important authority to its general secretary and General Secretariat and to the General People’s Committee. Qadhafi, as general secretary of the GPC, remained the primary decision maker, just as he had been when chairman of the RCC. In turn, all adults had the right and duty to participate in the deliberation of their local Basic People’s Congress (BPC), whose decisions were passed up to the GPC for consideration and implementation as national policy. The BPCs were in theory the repository of ultimate political authority and decision making, being the embodiment of what Qadhafi termed direct “people’s power.” The 1977 declaration and its accompanying resolutions amounted to a fundamental revision of the 1969 constitutional proclamation, especially with respect to the structure and organization of the government at both national and subnational levels.

Continuing to revamp Libya’s political and administrative structure, Qadhafi introduced yet another element into the body politic. Beginning in 1977, “Revolutionary Committees” (see Glossary) were organized and assigned the task of “absolute revolutionary supervision of people’s power”; that is, they were to guide the People’s Committees, raise the general level of political consciousness and devotion to revolutionary ideals, and guard against deviation and opposition in the BPCs. Filled with politically astute zealots, the ubiquitous Revolutionary Committees in 1979 assumed control of BPC elections; and this is when Qadhafi himself resigned as the General Secretariat. Although they were not official government organs, the Revolutionary Committees became another mainstay of the domestic political scene. As with the People’s Committees and other administrative innovations since the al–Fetah ’69 Revolution, the Revolutionary Committees fit the pattern of imposing a new element on the existing subnational system of government rather than eliminating or consolidating already existing structures.

The changes in Libyan leadership since 1976 culminated in March 1979, when the GPC declared that the “vesting of power in the masses” and the “separation of the state from the revolution” were complete. Qadhafi relinquished his duties as general secretary of the GPC, being known thereafter as “the leader” or “Leader of the Revolution.” He remained Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. His replacement was Abdallah Ubaydi, who in effect had been “prime minister” since 1979. The RCC was formally dissolved and the government was again reorganized into People’s Committees. A new General People’s Committee (cabinet) was selected, each of its “secretaries” becoming head of a specialized People’s Committee; the exceptions were the “secretariats” of petroleum, foreign affairs, and heavy industry, where there were no people’s committees. A proposal was also made to establish a “people’s army” by substituting a national militia, being formed in the late 1970s, for the national army. Although the idea surfaced again in early 1982, it did not appear to be close to implementation (see Conscription and the People’s Militia , ch. 5).

Remaking of the economy was parallel with the attempt to remold political and social institutions. Until the late 1970s, Libya’s economy was mixed, with a large role for private enterprise except in the fields of oil production and distribution, banking, and insurance. But according to volume two of Qadhafi’s Green Book, which appeared in 1978, private retail trade, rent, and wages were forms of “exploitation” that should be abolished. Instead, workers’ self-management committees and profit participation partnerships were to function in public and private enterprises. A property law was passed that forbade ownership of more than one private dwelling, and Libyan workers took control of a large number of companies, turning them into state-run enterprises. Retail and wholesale trading operations were replaced by state-owned “people’s supermarkets” (see Role of the Government , ch. 3), where Libyans in theory could purchase whatever they needed at low prices. By 1981 the state had also restricted access to individual bank accounts to draw upon privately held funds for government projects.

Measures such as these undoubtedly benefited poorer Libyans.  Few opponents responded to the 1979 call to “repentance” or to a similar one issued in October 1982 in which Qadhafi once again threatened liquidation of the recalcitrant, the GPC having already declared their personal property forfeit.

(Internal opposition came from elements of the middle class who opposed Qadhafi‘s economic reforms and from students and intellectuals who criticized his ideology.)

He also incurred the anger of the Islamic community for his unorthodox interpretations of the doctrine and traditions of Islam, his challenge to the authority of the religious establishment, and his contention that the ideas in The Green Book were compatible with and based upon Islam. Endowed Islamic properties (habus–see Glossary) were nationalized as part of Qadhafi’s economic reforms, and he urged “the masses” to take over mosques.

(The most serious challenges came from the armed forces, especially the officers’ corps, and from the RCC. Perhaps the most important one occurred in 1975 when Minister of Planning and RCC member Major Umar Mihayshi and about thirty army officers attempted a coup after disagreements over political economic policies. The failure of the coup led to the flight of Mihayshi and part of the country’s technocratic elite….In August 1980 several hundred people were allegedly killed in the wake of an unsuccessful army revolt centered in Tobruk.)

Data as of 1987

أ. مصطفى قادربوه (الليبية اف ام) –   A. Mustafa Qdereboh (Libyan FM) –


Third of Four Installments on Libya: Israel and Libya
http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=27029Once again, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya peels away the veneer of legitimacy and deception enveloping the U.S./NATO genocide currently taking place in Libya. In his first article, Nazemroaya exposed the mechanism by which the world came to “know” of the need for a humanitarian intervention in the Libyan Arab Jamahirya and U.S./NATO admissions of targeted assassination attempts against the Leader of the 1969 Libyan Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi. In his first of these four installments since his return from Libya, Nazemraoya makes it clear that there never was any evidence given to the United Nations or the International Criminal Court to warrant or justify United Nations Resolutions 1970 and 1973 or current U.S./NATO operations inside Libya.

In his second article detailing this very sad story, Nazemroaya exposes the relationships between the major Libyan protagonists/NATO collaborators and the U.S. Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy. Incredibly, when leading Members of Congress publicly proclaimed repeatedly that they did not know who the Libyan “rebel” NATO collaborators were, select so-called rebel leaders were political intimates with stakeholders at the National Endowment for Democracy. The leaders of the National Transitional Council, contrived to appear highly influential to publics in former colonial capitals, have very little influence or support inside Libya, and can be likened to a Hamid Karzai type of morally bankrupt neo-colonial authority that presides over and gives a fig-leaf of “legitmacy” to those outsiders whose objective is the total destruction of recalcitrant citizens who demand self-determination over their own communities and country. Nazemroaya also exposes that, despite its Global War on Terror, the U.S. government actually financed Libyan terrorists and criminals wanted by INTERPOL.In this, his third of four installments, Nazemroaya removes the U.S./NATO fig leaf and what he reveals are the abhorrent, obnoxious, inhumane, and cynical machinations of the pro-Israel Lobby that is the only political force that seems to be able to command the mightiest of militaries and the strongest of leaders to act in ways that threaten the peace and tranquility of their own political parties and national security of their own governments. Indeed, by its policy to support Israel, no matter how belligerent its policies, the United States has eroded its own national interest, as warnings from U.S. military leaders continue to point out.In fact, my own personal experiences with the pro-Israel Lobby inside the United States demonstrate Israel’s intense interest in Africa. I have written about my experience with “the pledge” to support Israel that is forced on every candidate for the U.S. Congress; refusal to sign it, as I did, means not one dollar of the millions expended each election cycle in campaign contributions and can ensure the most vicious media demonization as the major descriptor of the un-cooperating candidate. The demonization of Alabama’s first Black Member of Congress since Reconstruction, Earl Hilliard, in his 2002 re-election campaign, with specific regard to his visits to Libya, immediately come to mind. Weeks later, many of the New York contributors against his re-election, reappeared in my own opponent’s campaign coffers. While I was portrayed in letters to supporters of the pro-Israel Lobby as anti-Israel, I will continue to believe that it was my very real activities in Africa that the pro-Israel Lobby found most threatening. From land reform to blood diamonds to various warnings I sent to certain African oil-producing countries to support for African self-determination and against artificial efforts to create divisions in Cote d’Ivoire, Zaire/Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Sudan, I found an incredible interest in all things African on the part of the pro-Israel Lobby.In fact, I was invited to lease my “Black” face to these very interests and get arrested in front of the Sudan Embassy to sow the very “Black versus Arab” narrative being tragically created in Libya which Nazemroaya describes so thoroughly in this current text. I note here that some Blacks inside and outside of the U.S. Congress did choose to accept this particular invitation and get arrested. My representative was present at the meeting where these activities were planned, finance was arranged, and actions put in motion. This was a purposeful manipulation of U.S. policy and more importantly, of the despicable behaviors in Sudan that led to human rights abuses and crimes against humanity. My own legislation to de-list corporations from the U.S. stock exchange that aided or abetted or engaged in any way in human rights abuses in Sudan was deemed by guardians of the pro-Israel agenda inside the Congress to be an unacceptable answer to the very real abuses taking place in that country.Additionally, while I was in prison in Israel, the point of the mostly African female prisoners on my Ramle Prison cell block was that they were adherents of “the wrong religion.” The purging of Christians inside Israel is a fact. The scribblings on the wall of my Israeli holding room in another prison complex before my release made it clear that those Christians being deported were not wanted in Israel and they felt that it was because of their religion. Israel’s recent push, despite its non-Jewish residents, to identify itself as a “Jewish state” is telling.While in Libya, I met many Africans who said that they chose to live there because of the pan-Africanism of the policies of the Libyan Jamahirya. In fact, while at an “Africans in the Diaspora Conference” there in January/February of 2011, I personally witnessed, along with a delegation of others from the United States, Muammar Qaddafi pledge $90 billion to a “United States of Africa” that would work together to build the Continent and counter the efforts to penetrate and recolonize it. Blacks in the United States who struggled for dignity, self-determination, and against U.S. oppression and imperialism during the 1960s and 1970s have a relationship with Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahirya government that goes back decades. At the 29-stops of my Libya Truth Tour, I met many U.S. citizens who reminded the audiences of the contributions of Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahirya government against British imperialism in Northern Ireland. Continental Africans attending these Tour-stops reminded audiences of Muammar Qaddafi’s support for Nelson Mandela and Africans struggling to rid the Continent of Apartheid at a time when Israel shared an alliance with that government. They also noted the Jamahirya government’s current support for many development projects throughout the Continent and for the budget of the African Union, itself. Therefore, many alarmed observers have pointed out that the U.S./NATO attack on Libya is actually an attack on all of Africa. Nazemroaya eloquently makes this point while revealing the underlying motives for the “uber-violence” that we see in Libya and that is opposed by large majorities of voters in NATO member states, if reported polling results can be trusted.  What comes to my mind is how anyone who identifies with the peace community could support such an attack on Libya, especially while the people of Libya valiantly resist NATO domination.Nazemroaya makes the essential point: “An attempt to separate the merging point of an Arab and African identity is underway.” The Voice of America has exposed the psychological aspects of its brutal intervention and hints at the mindset of the U.S./NATO Libyan pawns; several stories suggest that the “new” Libya will turn more toward its Arab identity than its African identity. And U.S./NATO successful imposition of the psychological chains of identity denial are the most longlasting of chains. While in Tunisia, I actually came face to face with the fruits of this project when a taxi driver born in Tunisia told me that he was not African! Muammar Qaddafi drove home to all Libyans that Libya, as its geography dictates, is an African country. It seems ludicrous on its face to have to reiterate such a fact except for the racism, brainwashing, and psychological underpinnings of current U.S./NATO policy and its colonial antecedents that Nazemroaya exposes.Finally, Walter H. Kansteiner has moved in and out of various positions within the foreign policy apparatus of the United States government and has been the voice for exactly the policies described by Nazemroaya. Among Kansteiner’s positions are stints as Africa Director at the State Department and National Security Council Director for African Affairs during the Presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush and Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Presidency of George W. Bush. During these stints, Mr. Kansteiner was in a position to initiate the balkanization of Africa that we now see reaching fruition on the Continent. I was forced to write aletter to President Bush in 2001 expressing my alarm at his suggestions for Democratic Republic of Congo. In my opinion, Laurent Kabila was murdered because he refused to balkanize Congo. (He personally related his last conversation with a certain U.S. representative who encouraged him to betray Congo. In his last words to me, “I will never betray Congo.”)
Cynthia McKinney, 10 October 2011.
Cynthia McKinney is a former U.S. Congresswoman who served in two different Georgia federal districts in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 to 2003 and from 2005 to 2007 as a member of the U.S. Democratic Party. She was also the U.S. Green Party presidential candidate in 2008. While in the U.S. Congress she served on the U.S. Banking and Finance Committee, the U.S. National Security Committee (later renamed the U.S. Armed Services Committee), and the U.S. Foreign Affairs Committee (later renamed the U.S. International Relations Committee). She also served on the U.S. International Relations subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights. McKinney has conducted two fact-finding missions to Libya and also recently finished a nationwide speaking tour in the United States sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition regarding the NATO bombing campaign on Libya.

America’s Conquest of Africa: The Roles of France and Israel

– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Julien Teil – 2011-10-06
Terrorists not only fight for Washington on the ground, they also act as frontmen for regime change through so-called human rights organizations that promote democracy. Introduction by Cynthia McKinney

Libya and the Big Lie: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars

– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-09-29
The war against Libya is built on fraud. The UN Security Council passed two resolutions against Libya on the basis of unproven claims that Qaddafi was killing his own people in Benghazi…

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Under the Obama Administration the United States has expanded the “long war” into Africa. Barack Hussein Obama, the so-called “Son of Africa” has actually become one of Africa’s worst enemies. Aside from his continued support of dictators in Africa, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) was unhinged under his watch. The division of Sudan was publicly endorsed by the White House before the referendum, Somalia has been further destabilized, Libya has been viciously attacked by NATO, and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) is going into full swing.

The war in Libya is just the start of a new cycle of external military adventurism inside Africa. The U.S. now wants more military bases inside Africa. France has also announced that it has the right to militarily intervene anywhere in Africa where there are French citizens and its interests are at risk. NATO is also fortifying its positions in the Red Sea and off the coast of Somalia.

As disarray and turmoil are once again uprooting Africa with external intervention, Israel sits silently in the background. Tel Aviv has actually been deeply involved in the new cycle of turmoil, which is tied to its Yinon Plan to reconfigure its strategic surrounding. This reconfiguration process is based on a well established technique of creating sectarian divisions which eventually will effectively neutralize target states or result in their dissolution.

Many of the problems afflicting the contemporary areas of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southwest Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, and Latin America are actually the result of the deliberate triggering of regional tensions by external powers. Sectarian division, ethno-linguistic tension, religious differences, and internal violence have been traditionally exploited by the United States, Britain, and France in various parts of the globe. Iraq, Sudan, Rwanda, and Yugoslavia are merely a few recent examples of this strategy of “divide and conquer” being used to bring nations to their knees.

The Upheavals of Central-Eastern Europe and the Project for a “New Middle East”

The Middle East, in some regards, is a striking parallel to the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe during the years leading up to the First World War. In the wake of the First World War, the borders of the multi-ethnic states in the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe were redrawn and reconfigured by external powers, in alliance with local opposition forces. Since the First World War until the post-Cold War period the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe have continued to experience a period of upheaval, violence and conflict that has continuously divided the region.

For years, there have been advocates calling for a “New Middle East” with redrawn boundaries in this region of the world where Europe, Southwest Asia, and North Africa meet. These advocates mostly sit in the capitals of Washington, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv. They envisage a region shaped around homogenous ethno-religious states. The formation of these states would signify the destruction of the larger existing countries of the region. The transition would be towards the formation of smaller Kuwait-like or Bahrain-like states, which could easily be managed and manipulated by the U.S., Britain, France, Israel, and their allies.

The Manipulation of the First “Arab Spring” during World War I

The plans for reconfiguring the Middle East started several years before the First World War. It was during the First World War, however, that the manifestation of these colonial designs could visibly be seen with the “Great Arab Revolt” against the Ottoman Empire.

Despite the fact that the British, French, and Italians were colonial powers which had prevented the Arabs from enjoying any freedom in countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan, these colonial powers managed to portray themselves as the friends and allies of Arab liberation.

During the “Great Arab Revolt” the British and the French actually used the Arabs as foot soldiers against the Ottomans to further their own geo-political schemes. The secret Sykes–Picot Agreement between London and Paris is a case in point. France and Britain merely managed to use and manipulate the Arabs by selling them the idea of Arab liberation from the so-called “repression” of the Ottomans.

In reality, the Ottoman Empire was a multi-ethnic empire. It gave local and cultural autonomy to all its peoples, but was manipulated into the direction of becoming a Turkish entity. Even the Armenian Genocide that would ensue in Ottoman Anatolia has to be analyzed in the same context as the contemporary targeting of Christians in Iraq as part of a sectarian scheme unleashed by external actors to divide the Ottoman Empire, Anatolia, and the citizens of the Ottoman Empire. 

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, it was London and Paris which denied freedom to the Arabs, while sowing the seeds of discord amongst the Arab peoples. Local corrupt Arab leaders were also partners in the project and many of them were all too happy to become clients of Britain and France. In the same sense, the “Arab Spring” is being manipulated today. The U.S., Britain, France, and others are now working with the help of corrupt Arab leaders and figures to restructure the Arab World and Africa.

The Yinon Plan

The Yinon Plan, which is a continuation of British stratagem in the Middle East, is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the Middle Eastern and Arab states into smaller and weaker states.

Israeli strategists viewed Iraq as their biggest strategic challenge from an Arab state. This is why Iraq was outlined as the centerpiece to the balkanization of the Middle East and the Arab World. In Iraq, on the basis of the concepts of the Yinon Plan, Israeli strategists have called for the division of Iraq into a Kurdish state and two Arab states, one for Shiite Muslims and the other for Sunni Muslims. The first step towards establishing this was a war between Iraq and Iran, which the Yinon Plan discusses.

The Atlantic, in 2008, and the U.S. military’s Armed Forces Journal, in 2006, both published widely circulated maps that closely followed the outline of the Yinon Plan. Aside from a divided Iraq, which the Biden Plan also calls for, the Yinon Plan calls for a divided Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria. The partitioning of Iran, Turkey, Somalia, and Pakistan also all fall into line with these views. The Yinon Plan also calls for dissolution in North Africa and forecasts it as starting from Egypt and then spilling over into Sudan, Libya, and the rest of the region.

Note: The following map was drawn by Holly Lindem for an article by Jeffery Goldberg. It was published in The Atlantic in January/February 2008.
Map Copyright: The Atlantic, 2008.

Note: The following map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters.
It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006, Peters is a retired colonel of the U.S. National War Academy.
Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006.

The Eradication of the Christian Communities of the Middle East

It is no coincidence that Egyptian Christians were attacked at the same time as the South Sudan Referendum and before the crisis in Libya. Nor is it a coincidence that Iraqi Christians, one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, have been forced into exile, leaving their ancestral homelands in Iraq. Coinciding  with the exodus of Iraqi Christians, which occurred under the watchful eyes of U.S. and British military forces, the neighbourhoods in Baghdad became sectarian as Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims were forced by violence and death squads to form sectarian enclaves. This is all tied to the Yinon Plan and the reconfiguration of the region as part of a broader objective.

In Iran, the Israelis have been trying in vain to get the Iranian Jewish community to leave. Iran’s Jewish population is actually the second largest in the Middle East and arguably the oldest undisturbed Jewish community in the world. Iranian Jews view themselves as Iranians who are tied to Iran as their homeland, just like Muslim and Christian Iranians, and for them the concept that they need to relocate to Israel because they are Jewish is ridiculous.

In Lebanon, Israel has been working to exacerbate sectarian tensions between the various Christian and Muslim factions as well as the Druze. Lebanon is a springboard into Syria and the division of Lebanon into several states is also seen as a means to balkanizing Syria into several smaller sectarian Arab states. The objectives of the Yinon Plan are to divide Lebanon and Syria into several states on the basis of religious and sectarian identities for Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Christians, and the Druze. There could also be objectives for a Christian exodus in Syria too.

The new head of the Maronite Catholic Syriac Church of Antioch, the largest of the autonomous Eastern Catholic Churches, has expressed his fears about a purging of Arab Christians in the Levant and Middle East. Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi and many other Christian leaders in Lebanon and Syria are afraid of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Syria. Like Iraq, mysterious groups are now attacking the Christian communities in Syria. The leaders of the Christian Eastern Orthodox Church, including the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, have also all publicly expressed their grave concerns. Aside from the Christian Arabs, these fears are also shared by the Assyrian and Armenian communities, which are mostly Christian.

Sheikh Al-Rahi was recently in Paris where he met President Nicolas Sarkozy. It is reported that the Maronite Patriarch and Sarkozy had disagreements about Syria, which prompted Sarkozy to say that the Syrian regime will collapse. Patriarch Al-Rahi’s position was that Syria should be left alone and allowed to reform. The Maronite Patriarch also told Sarkozy that Israel needed to be dealt with as a threat if France legitimately wanted Hezbollah to disarm.

Because of his position in France, Al-Rahi was instantly thanked by the Christian and Muslim religious leaders of the Syrian Arab Republic who visited him in Lebanon. Hezbollah and its political allies in Lebanon, which includes most the Christian parliamentarians in the Lebanese Parliament, also lauded the Maronite Patriarch who later went on a tour to South Lebanon.

Sheikh Al-Rahi is now being politically attacked by the Hariri-led March 14 Alliance, because of his stance on Hezbollah and his refusal to support the toppling of the Syrian regime. A conference of Christian figures is actually being planned by Hariri to oppose Patriarch Al-Rahi and the stance of the Maronite Church. Since Al-Rahi announced his position, the Tahrir Party, which is active in both Lebanon and Syria, has also started targeting him with criticism. It has also been reported that high-ranking U.S. officials have also cancelled their meetings with the Maronite Patriarch as a sign of their displeasure about his positions on Hezbollah and Syria.

The Hariri-led March 14 Alliance in Lebanon, which has always been a popular minority (even when it was a parliamentary majority), has been working hand-in-hand with the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the groups using violence and terrorism in Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood and other so-called Salafist groups from Syria have been coordinating and holding secret talks with Hariri and the Christian political parties in the March 14 Alliance. This is why Hariri and his allies have turned on Cardinal Al-Rahi. It was also Hariri and the March 14 Alliance that brought Fatah Al-Islam into Lebanon and have now helped some of its members escape to go and fight in Syria.

A Christian exodus is being planned for the Middle East by Washington, Tel Aviv, and Brussels. It is now being reported that Sheikh Al-Rahi was told in Paris by President Nicolas Sarkozy that the Christian communities of the Levant and Middle East can resettle in the European Union. This is no gracious offer. It is a slap in the face by the same powers that have deliberately created the conditions to eradicate the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East. The aim appears to be the resettling of the Christian communities outside of the region so as to delineate the Arab nations along the lines of being exclusively Muslim nations. This falls into accordance with the Yinon Plan.

Re-Dividing Africa: The Yinon Plan is very Much Alive and at Work…

In the same context as the sectarian divisions in the Middle East, the Israelis have outlined plans to reconfigure Africa. The Yinon Plan seeks to delineate Africa on the basis of three facets:

(1) ethno-linguistics;
(2) skin-colour;
(3) religion.

It seeks to draw dividing lines in Africa between a so-called “Black Africa” and a supposedly “non-Black” North Africa. This is part of a scheme to create a schism in Africa between what are assumed to be “Arabs” and so-called “Blacks.”

An attempt to separate the merging point of an Arab and African identity is underway.

This objective is why the ridiculous identity of an “African South Sudan” and an “Arab North Sudan” have been nurtured and promoted. This is also why black-skinned Libyans have been targeted in a campaign to “colour cleanse” Libya. The Arab identity in North Africa is being de-linked from its African identity. Simultaneously there is an attempt to eradicate the large populations of “black-skinned Arabs” so that there is a clear delineation between “Black Africa” and a new “non-Black” North Africa, which will be turned into a fighting ground between the remaining “non-Black” Berbers and Arabs.

In the same context, tensions are being fomented between Muslims and Christians in Africa, in such places as Sudan and Nigeria, to further create lines and fracture points. The fuelling of these divisions on the basis of skin-colour, religion, ethnicity, and language is intended to fuel disassociation and disunity in Africa. This is all part of a broader African strategy of cutting North Africa off from the rest of the African continent.

Israel and the African Continent

The Israelis have been quietly involved on the African continent for years. In Western Sahara, which is occupied by Morocco, the Israelis helped build a separation security wall like the one in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. In Sudan, Tel Aviv has armed separatist movements and insurgents. In South Africa, the Israelis supported the Apartheid regime and its occupation of Namibia. In 2009, the Israeli Foreign Ministry outlined that Africa would be the renewed focus of Tel Aviv.

Israel’s two main objectives in Africa are to impose the Yinon Plan, in league with its own interests, and to assist Washington in becoming the hegemon of Africa. In this regard, the Israelis also pushed for the creation of AFRICOM. The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), an Israeli think-tank, is one example.

Washington has outsourced intelligence work in Africa to Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is effectively involved as one of the parties in a broader war not just “inside” Africa, but “over” Africa. In this war, Tel Aviv is working alongside Washington and the E.U. against China and its allies, which includes Iran.

Tehran is working alongside Beijing in a similar manner as Tel Aviv is with Washington. Iran is helping the Chinese in Africa through Iranian connections and ties. These ties also include Tehran’s ties to private Lebanese and Syrian business interests in Africa. Thus, within the broader rivalry between Washington and Beijing, an Israeli-Iranian rivalry has also unfolded within Africa. [1] Sudan is Africa’s third largest weapons producer, as a result of Iranian support in weapons manufacturing. Meanwhile, while Iran provides military assistance to Khartoum, which includes several military cooperation agreements, Israel is involved in various actions directed against the Sudanese. [2]

Israel and Libya

Libya had been considered as “a spoiler” which undermined the interests of the former colonial powers in Africa. In this regard, Libya had taken on some hefty pan-African development plans intended to industrialize Africa and transform Africa into an integrated and assertive political entity. These initiatives conflicted with the interests of the external powers competing with one another in Africa, but it was especially unacceptable to Washington and the major E.U. countries. In this regard, Libya had to be crippled and neutralized as an entity supportive of African progress and pan-African unity.

The role of Israel and the Israeli lobby was fundamental in opening the door to NATO’s military intervention in Libya. According to Israeli sources, it was U.N. Watch that actually orchestrated the events in Geneva to remove Libya from the U.N. Human Rights Council and to ask the U.N. Security Council to intervene. [3] U.N. Watch is formally affiliated with the American Jewish Committee (AJC), which has influence in the formulation of U.S. foreign policy and is part of the Israeli lobby in the United States. The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), which helped launch the unverified claims about 6,000 people being slaughtered by Qaddafi, is also tied to the Israeli lobby in France.

Tel Aviv had been in contact simultaneously with both the Transitional Council and the Libyan government in Tripoli. Mossad agents were also in Tripoli, one of which was a former station manager. At about the same time, French members of the Israeli lobby were visiting Benghazi. In a case of irony, the Transitional Council would claim that Colonel Qaddafi was working with Israel, while it made pledges to recognize Israel to president Sarkozy’s special envoy Bernard-Henri Lévy who would then convey the message to Israeli leaders [4]. A similar pattern (to that of Israel’s links to the Transitional Council) had also developed at an earlier stage in South Sudan, which was armed by Israel.

Despite the Transitional Council’s position on Israel, its followers still tried to demonize Qaddafi by claiming he was secretly Jewish. Not only was this untrue, but it was also bigoted. These accusations were intended to be a form of character assassination that equated being a Jew as something negative.

In reality, Israel and NATO are in the same camp. Israel is a de facto member of NATO. Had Qaddafi been conniving with Israel while the Transitional Council was working with NATO, this would mean that both sides were actually being played as fools against one another.

Preparing the Chessboard for the “Clash of Civilizations”

It is at this point that all the pieces have to be put together and the dots have to be connected.

The chessboard is being staged for a “Clash of Civilizations” and all the chess pieces are being put into place.

The Arab World is in the process of being cordoned off and sharp delineation lines are being created. These lines of delineation are replacing the seamless lines of transition between different ethno-linguistic, skin-colour, and religious groups.

Under this scheme, there can no longer be a melding transition between societies and countries. This is why the Christians in the Middle East and North Africa, such as the Copts, are being targeted. This is also why black-skinned Arabs and black-skinned Berbers, as well as other North African population groups which are black-skinned, are facing genocide in North Africa.

What is being staged is the creation of an exclusively “Muslim Middle East” area (excluding Israel) that will be in turmoil over Shiite-Sunni fighting. A similar scenario is being staged for a “non-Black North Africa” area which will be characterized by a confrontation between Arabs and Berber. At the same time, under the “Clash of Civilizations” model, the Middle East and North Africa are slated to simultaneously be in conflict with the so-called “West” and “Black Africa.”

This is why both Nicolas Sarzoky, in France, and David Cameron, in Britain, made back-to-back declarations during the start of the conflict in Libya that multiculturalism is dead in their respective Western European societies. [5]

Real multiculturalism threatens the legitimacy of the NATO war agenda. It also constitutes an obstacle to the implementation of the “Clash of Civilizations” which constitutes the cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy. In this regard, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former U.S. National Security Advisor, explains why multiculturalism is a threat to Washington and its allies: “[A]s America becomes an increasingly multicultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues [e.g., war with the Arab World, China, Iran, or Russia and the former Soviet Union], except in the circumstances of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat. Such a consensus generally existed throughout World War II and even during the Cold War [and exists now because of the ‘Global War on Terror’].” [6]

Brzezinski’s next sentence is the qualifier of why populations would oppose or support wars: “[The consensus] was rooted, however, not only in deeply shared democratic values, which the public sensed were being threatened, but also in a cultural and ethnic affinity for the predominantly European victims of hostile totalitarianisms.” [7]

Risking being redundant, it has to be mentioned again that it is precisely with the intention of breaking these cultural affinities between the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region and the so-called “Western World” and sub-Saharan Africa that Christians and black-skinned peoples are being targeted.

Ethnocentrism and Ideology: Justifying Today’s “Just Wars”

In the past, the colonial powers of Western Europe would indoctrinate their people. Their objective was to acquire popular support for colonial conquest. This took the form of spreading Christianity and promoting Christian values with the support of armed merchants and colonial armies.

At the same time, racist ideologies were put forth. The people whose lands were colonized were portrayed as “sub-human,” inferior, or soulless. Finally, the “White Man’s burden” of taking on a mission of civilizing the so-called “uncivilized peoples of the world” was used. This cohesive ideological framework was used to portray colonialism as a “just cause.” The latter in turn was used to provide legitimacy to the waging of “just wars” as a means to conquering and “civilizing” foreign lands.

Today, the imperialist designs of the United States, Britain, France, and Germany have not changed. What has changed is the pretext and justification for waging their neo-colonial wars of conquest. During the colonial period, the narratives and justifications for waging war were accepted by public opinion in the colonizing countries, such as Britain and France. Today’s “just wars” and “just causes” are now being conducted under the banners of women’s rights, human rights, humanitarianism, and democracy.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Sociologist and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montréal. He specializes on the Middle East and Central Asia. He was on the ground in Libya for over two months and was also a Special Correspondent for Flashpoints, which is a program based in Berkeley, California. Nazemroaya has been releasing these articles about Libya in conjunction with aired discussions with Cynthia McKinney on Freedom Now, a show aired on KPFK, Los Angeles, California.


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* These civilizational divisions and categories are incorrect. There are no clearcutting divisions between many of these so-called and supposedly “distinct civilizations.”


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This was al-Qathafi’s house:

Posted 18 January 2012 – 10:54 AM

Libye – Libération de 39 prisonniers verts (17 janvier 2012)Publié le 17/01/2012 à 13:18 – 547 visitesSource :ALGERIA ISP / Selon Dhida Yawme 17 fibrayr Fi Libya, les combattants de la cellule « Elsakr Elawhed » ont pu libérer 39 prisonniers Libyens de la Jamahiriya. Les combattants ont attaqué les rebelles qui utilisaient la ferme du guide Gadhafi situé à « Macheroue Elhadaba Elkhadra Elzirai » comme un camp militaire. Ils ont tué 2 rebelles.:green flag: :green flag:

Libya: Liberation of 39 Green Prisoners (January 17, 2012)

According to Dhida Yawme 17 Fibrayr Fi Libya, the Resistance fighters of cell Elsakr Elawhed freed 39 Libyan Jamahirya prisoners. The Resistance Fighters attacked the rabble rats who used Guide Gadafi’s farm which is situated in Macheroue Elhadaba Elkhadra Elzirai, as a military camp. Two rabble rats were killed.

Libya – Today! Benghazi … long live the revolution!

Libya: The ruins of a nation

January 21, 2012

«Libya, before the western aggression, was an amazing and very, very beautiful country»

«a true paradise where people were enjoying their freedom and their lives in a fantastic way.»

«For those who got killed, we can’t do now anything anymore, but the ones who are still alive need help»

«and I feel so sorry for them because they seem to be forgotten more and more… media do not care about the despair of the Libyan people and they are suffering so very much… » 

(italics and photos D.Bauer)

*********************Libya,the ruins of a Nation*********************

Some are now saying that around 12.000 US soldiers are kept on stand by, stationed around Libya, others even report that a part of those troops were already deployed inside the country, into a Libyan base, that is now run by French and US forces, somewhere on the southern Libyan desert.
Main Stream Media did stop reporting about Libya, right after Gaddafi’s murder, they seemed to have agreed on an almost total blackout of Libyan events, in spite of local eyewitnesses constantly reporting daily fierce fights on the ground, as well as spotting NATO aircrafts continuing to patrol Libyan airspace and continuing to bomb some specific Libyan cities.
More and more voices are now starting to question themselves with an inconvenient question: all that western countries care about is the OIL FLOW?

Well, apparently yes, apparently Libyan oil is thicker than Libyan blood…
Everyday now more consistently, Libyan sources keep saying that the situation on the ground is deteriorating by the hour and further and further away from control . The resistance against NTC keeps gaining strength and chairman Mustafa Jalil, without any capability to reverse the course of things, keeps walking on cracking ice, in a country where people fear for their lives and the lives of their children, where the law of the jungle substituted justice and where criminal armed militias run around free, pillaging, killing, raping and terrorising. These armed militias are the main source of apprehension for Libyans and obviously all this was quite predictable (Gaddafi himself was mentioning it in several of his last speeches) and even Robert Gates (then US Defence Secretary), when he was asked about a pos Gaddafi Libya, had replied with his famous statement ‘don’t get involved’ in a very clear mention to the dangerously chaotic and too hard to handle nation, that Libya would become. The sad conclusion we need to draw here is that western think tanks have known all along what the tragic situation the pos Gaddafi era would be for Libyans and in fact never had any intention of protecting Libyan lives. It is very clear that imperialistic western nations, as long as Libyan oil continues to flow to their ports, intend to keep their eyes deliberately wide shut, regarding the desperation of the entire Libyan population. They pretend that chaos in Libya, which they entirely have created, does not concern them (unless their control over Libyan oil industry becomes threatened). According to Western statistics, Libya’s oil output is now almost on the same level as Libya had produced before (1.5 million barrels per day) and nations like France, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, etc. are thus pretending that all is well in Libya, because Libyan oil, which is ‘sweet and light’ (fit as fuel for aircraft) is all that matters.
Libya is subjected to a de facto new kind of colonialism and western occupation is a reality, with NATO forces indirectly deployed on the ground, all Libyan oil wells and ports of export under the control of foreign forces and all those who dare to fight against the occupation, being persecuted , imprisoned and killed.

“Snowed in in Seattle”: A Plea for Peace to the White House

Posted on 23 January , 2012

By Cynthia McKinney – Center for Research on Globalization

Most people know about being “Sleepless in Seattle.”  Well, I am “snowed in in Seattle!”  But even six inches of snow in Seattle don’t keep me from becoming steamed when I read the latest news reports on the activities of the U.S. war machine:

At a time when U.S.-Iran tensions are the highest I have experienced in my lifetime, Danger Room of wired.combreaks a news story on 19 January 2012 that a new United States commando special operations team is operating near Iran.  Meanwhile, a columnist in Lebanon’s “The Daily Star” newspaper writes that Syria increasingly looks like Libya.  And at the same time, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admits in a press conference that he believes that the annual number of sexual assaults in the U.S. military could number as high as 19,000.  This is from the Administration that shamefully accused the Libyan Jahamiriya military of issuing Viagra to its soldiers and using rape as a weapon.  And finally, coming hot on the heels of an Algeria-ISP report that that the Obama Administration offered to reconstitute the Libyan military, forming desert troops, special forces, and a Libyan air force,tunisiefocus.com reports reports that U.S. troops are already in Libya, in Brega, Ras Lanouf, and Sirte, in order to secure Libyan oil for western markets at a very cheap price.  Further, these reports indicate that US troops are at Mitiga Air Base east of Tripoli and that NATO helicopters and war planes fly over Libyan towns, surveilling everything including parties held by Libyans (http://www.algeria-isp.com/videos/politique-libye/201201-V1682/libye-video-voir-helicoptere-otan-janvier-2012.html) and that drones launched from a secret base in the Libyan desert surveille Libya and neighboring countries:  http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201112-A7555/libye-une-base-militaire-secrete-americaine-francaise-libye-katroune-video-voir-decembre-2011.html.

Last week, I reported on numerous reports that I had read indicating that U.S. troops were on the island of Malta waiting for the word to deploy to Libya.  If the above reports are correct, then it would appear that that word has been given.  Interestingly, the reports of U.S. troops were reported in several African, Libyan, and Russian online sites, yet there was no response from either Malta or the U.S.  In fact, the Russian site za-afriku.ru as late as 19 January 2012 wrote, “The administration of the United States still has not refuted a lot of messages in various MEDIA for the transfer of 12000 troops on Malta as a preliminary step to the further redeployment in Libya in order to control the deteriorating situation in the country.”

I am pleased to report that both Malta and the U.S. Embassy in Malta,  while neglecting the many reports out there describing U.S. and NATO activities in Libya, felt compelled to respond to my report of this information in apparently coordinated responses.  The government of Malta stated in its one line response, “The allegations are completely false.”  The U.S. Embassy in Malta followed suit.  However, I want to stress that while the responses are welcome and appreciated, given events of the recent past, it is U.S. activities in Libya that are are of utmost concern at this moment.  All U.S. troops must be brought home, yet the following video was posted today of the U.S. war machine on the roll, destination unknown:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS-PmhhxPG4.  As you watched that video, I hope you thought about the number of teachers or nurses or solar heating systems could be procured with the money wasted on this massive number of tanks, going where?

Well, right now, the U.S. admittedly has special forces in Uganda, South Sudan, 9,000 troops in Kuwait, radar, and for the first time ever, U.S. troops in Israel.  Drone bases across the African Continent are in Djibouti, Seychelles, Ethiopia, and Kenya.  On drones, Human Rights Watch says, “CIA drone strikes have become an almost daily occurrence around the world, but little is known about who is killed and under what circumstances.”  Drone strikes occur in Somalia and bases are expanding to the Arabian Peninsula.  Even worse, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an adjunct to the U.S. war machine, has affiliates all over the world–just ask Nicaragua and Venezuela about their experiences with the NED.

Nigerian military sources have confirmed for African news outlets that US troops are scheduled to be deployed to Nigeria after AFRICOM’s 2008 war game scenario that saw 20,000 U.S. troops maintaining “security” of the Niger Delta oil fields within a dissolved and anarchistic Nigeria.  That war game setting was 2013.  This is Plan Colombia.  Does the Obama Administration plan an African Continent-wide Plan Colombia?  Why such a militarization of U.S. relationships all over the world–and even here at home?  Will chaos and wars (like what is happening in Libya today) be created all over Africa and the rest of Asia?

Last week, I sent a video of Amnesty International admitting that the allegation of “African mercenaries” was a lie; at the time, it was the U.S. and NATO that had employed mercenaries–not only the Qataris, U.S. contractors, Italians, French, and British special forces, but also including the members of the National Transitional Council.  That message also included a video of an African beaten to death by these Libyan U.S./NATO allies.  That message went viral and forced a response from the authorities.  Please circulate this message widely so that maybe we can get some more responses from the Administration about its policy direction.  Contact the White House at www.whitehouse.gov, tell them to bring our young men and women home, keep the tanks home, and don’t use them.

Tell the White House that you will cast your vote for peace–to stop the drones and bring our troops home.

Finally, a sad day in journalism continues.  I just received word that the owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, apologized for saying that the Israeli government ought to consider killing Barack Obama.  This is outrageous.  I have been “deconstructed” by this very same publication, so I am doubly saddened by this kind of loose talk by someone of authority and responsibility at the Atlanta Jewish Times indicating that assassinating President Obama should be an option that remains on the table for Israel to carry out.  Enuff said.


Video: rats from Misrata  exploding the cemetery in Taourga  
Libya – The Barbarians from Misrata …Militias from Misrata not only expelling the inhabitants of Taourga, but even evicted the families in the region Tamina, between Taourga and Misrata, and they have not allowed them back in their homes.
The residents of Tamina left their homes during the NATO and rebels bombing at the time of the Libyan leader. Now they are abandoned to their fate.AlgeriaIsp
LIBYA resistance and martyrdom

Tuesday January 24, 2012

LIBYA: Final report of the Government (24/01/2012): Revenge of the Libyan and cleaning Libyan mercenaries and traitors

– Urgent ……. renewed fighting in the streets of the capital, Tripoli and lead to a large number of dead and wounded, and there are reports of impact and a large number of fighters of the revolution of February 17 are fighting alongside the green fighters loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in their fight against the enemy forces Transitional Council of Libya.They report the fall of the other areas of Bani Walid in the hands of the supporters of Gaddafi and the green flag over government buildings and there is an echo of integral rematch began dating again in all Libyan cities ….. … Report endorsed by Reuters, the British French and American Fox News Channel and the Fifth TV 5

– Tripoli: Bandidos ‘rebels’ accomplices are arrested for the destruction of Libyan “rebels” of Alzet inTripoli.   This band were stealing, dealing with weapons and providing security to drug traffickers
EnTrípoli Also, heavy gunfire and loud explosion has rocked the region of Souk Jomo.
– Total failure of Libya’s enemies: bandits peat “rebels” attacked the so-called Ministry of Education of the coup regime CNT, wreak havoc and destruction of that place ….
– Bani Walid, the whole battalion was confirmed May 28 CNT-NATO criminals were caught by the people and the tribe of Rafla, there is news about the murder of six people from the martyrs battalion and four residents, and states that people have taken control of most heavy weapons battalion (10 vehicles equipped and a set of tanks), a group of elders and tribal leaders had to mediate a resolution of the conflict, otherwise it would have been shot as traitors …

Resistance fighters have recovered a sophisticated communications equipment seized from the bandits ‘rebels’ of the battalion May 28 These devices were supplied by NATO to monitor free and fair people in Bani Walid.
Resistance Beni Walid Libya released the mercenaries ‘rebels’ of the CNT-NATO

Humanitarian aid for the Libyans allegedly found in the hands of the bandits ‘rebels’ that cause destruction and insecurity in Libya.
Munitions that have been used by attackers to Beni Wali have the seal of NATO
– Misrata: Fighters Cell Green “Thaer Sirte” battalion “Almaz” and
the battalion “Elrassifa” organized an ambush of a mob of criminals “rebels” Misrata headed to Bani Walid.
The heroes of the resistance have destroyed 14 trucks mounted with heavy weapons and killed 40 rebels, including some Arab mercenaries.
With the pain of martyrdom, the green strength lost in this operation three martyrs.
– Dr. Yusuf Shakir announces the release of Libya Started: he has been involved with the announcement of a second version to confirm that the green revolution has begun and signed in Bani Walid, Warchafana, Sabha, Libya, south of Tripoli, Benghazi and Tarhouna. He asked the tribes to merge Libya to release the grip of NATO.
– The resignation of Libyan ambassadors abroad: Information regarding the resignation of the ambassadors of Libya in the following countries: USA, Jordan, Italy, Egypt, Ukraine … and changes are underway.
– Egypt – Libya: rebels attacked the Libyan embassy in Egypt. Overpowered and abducted the security officials of the CNT.

– The imperialist invaders accelerate their neo-colonialist project: It’s been over a month that the U.S. is setting up its military base in WAU TO KEBIR south of Libya near Wau an Namus, almost on the border with Chat, northeast of the border with Niger. As he began to lead his troops, and materials through the military airport was already there, has kept busy with various Libyan insurgent militias that create insecurity and appearance of civil war. In this way the Libyans should be concerned about their lives and for their food instead of awaiting planes were transporting the infrastructure to Wau Kebir.

He knew that America was making a military base in southern Libya. Now to be transported from Malta to 6,000 or 7,000 troops to the base at Wau Kebir, the Libyans have begun to seriously complain CNT.
How is it possible that the U.S. would dare to settle with his troops in a sovereign country Libya without the Libyans have been informed of it?. The discontent of the Libyan people including those who supported the CNT has grown to this great aggression and can not forget that also have appropriated Al Brega and Ras Lanuf while keeping busy with the Libyans miliicas insurgents trained for this purpose.
– Explosions shake the city of Benghazi and firearms in different parts of the city and the news of the death of a person Hawari area has drive-by shooting type dark windshield Lancer green flag is hoisted over a building within the city and its suburbs, and especially Alkwyfah and Sidi Khalifa
Chaos in Libya … the revenge of the gaddafistas
Warning message for criminals “rebels” of the TNC-NATO and young people called Tripoli
After the barbarism IN LIBYAIntervention Author: Flavio Signore
Location: Caum (Plaza Tirso de Molina 8)
Friday January 27 at 19h

– Benghazi: traitor bearded Salaabi Ismail, a member of the so called Joint Security Committee, said there is a full security alert two days ago in the eastern region, in the cities of Benghazi – Bayda – Derna – Tobruk and warning (apart from other things )
– We demand freedom of the hero, Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi Dr. legitimate president of the Libyan government, which refused to colonialism and the refusal of betrayal and refused to loot the wealth of Libya and the rejection of the partition and the civil war was an example of courage and honor and comply with the Tunisian government Fjazath jail courtesy of the traitors and agents, and the type of test trials of the martyr Saddam Hussein … We are all with you, Dr. Kidd and God is above the aggressor …
freedom for the hero Badgdadi Mahmoudi

CONFLICT Libya never ceased to exist,
Supporters of former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi claim to have taken control of the city of Bani Walid, one of the last bastions of the old regime before its fall. Local media report that the National Transitional Council has sent a military contingent to the city.
As a result of the attack killed five members of the previously considered rebels and some 30 wounded. However, Libyan Interior Minister has stated that the assault is not the work of supporters of the Colonel, but it is inner-city problems.
These violent incidents occur at the same time as the new government faces one of the most serious political crisis since coming to power. On Sunday, Vice President Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, had to resign due to several events that culminated in an attack against the headquarters of the CNT in Benghazi.
Laila Tajeldine political analyst points out that this conflict is not new: Libya has never ceased to be the scene of a civil war that only just worse. In his opinion, the situation complicates the presence of NATO troops that remain in the country conducting “an invasion of the Libyan people” with the clear objective to “own entries Libyan oil.” However, the analyst sees a positive future for the Arab country, since the population is “increasingly united against the mercenaries and troops of the Atlantic Alliance.”
The CPI does not plan to judge Saif al Islam
On the other hand, has not yet clarified the future of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s son arrested in November on charges of crimes against humanity: the International Criminal Court has not taken a decision on whether he will be judged by a Libyan court or not .
Laila Tajeldine believes that the ICC does not suit them to send to Saif al-Islam because “reveal a lack of credibility that this court has judged based on lies.” Also stresses that the interim government of Libya, on the contrary, we should totally stay al-Islam in the country to be sentenced according to his will and execute it if deemed necessary. Gaddafi’s son is not a desirable figure for the CNT, as it has become “the face of the Libyan resistance” today.

Full article at: http://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/internacional/issue_35234.html

Tons of Viagra and Drug Shipment to NTC-Rats in Libya (2 Video evidence)


As Gaddafi said, the rats were on Viagra and other drugs. It is good the Zintanis found this shipment of drugs from India. It grows worse everyday for the NTC rats and NATO. They can’t even show where Gaddafi stole any Libyan money. His house was quite modest. The world knows who the real criminals are.


ORIGINAL VIDEO (January 23, 2012)


Many thanks to the brothers of 

Reloaded by LibyanFreePress

  • al-Qathafi is more than a mere IMAM, he is guided fully by God Himself. Otherwise, we would not have the GREEN BOOK. It has a great purpose in the salvation of our world, and only in this past year have some come to realise this.

  • But Satan KNOWS all things too; and that is why through the years why so many attempts were made at assassinating Muammar al-Qathafiand blaming him unjustly for so many of THEIR terrorist actions.

    Adam King hopes and believes he is the MAAHDI which is so looked forward to in the Arab world.He has watered and fertilised Africa—The Great Manmade River will be repaired and run again. The world will literally become GREEN again. Physically and socially.
    Communications are fully possible throughout Africa without the interference and excessive rental charges  and fees Western Corporations had imposed upon Africans prior.  And that means also, that no African need adhere to the blackmail or restrictions on the truth  asked of them by the “elite”  (in order-to  possess the benefits of modern communications systems).

  •  Al-Qathafi is very much indeed a Great Reformer and has earned the title MUJJADID (just as Dennis South has expressed as well).

    The Green March: The #Occupy Movement and the Third Universal Theory

    Posted: 2012/01/20
    From: Mathaba
    The mass movement of “Occupy” won’t bring about people’s power unless it is guided by the Third Universal Theory and it studies The Green Book

    by Quoriana

    “Occupy” seems to be one of the most popular words nowadays, a word that represents a movement which, in the hopes of many, will usher in a global change, a new form of governance in whichpower will belong to the people and a new era of justice in which many criminals among corporations, governments, news media, military, international organizations and others will be held accountable and brought to justice for their crimes.

    However, as very aptly pointed out earlier by a Mathaba author, the banking system and form of governance as we know it does not need to be “occupied” in order to get it changed — it needs to be gone. It is a criminal activity based on fraud, extortion and, through its effect, on worldwide mass murder. Its replacement needs to be decided by the population — not by the very people who created it in the first place and are covertly manipulating a new global structure of financial control based on a world central bank.

    Any protest, any change or revolution not founded on the list below — at the very least, the list below — has no chance of changing anything. The very pillars of the system must fall or they will block any transformation of the human condition. The system does not need to be tinkered with or even fundamentally changed (on the surface). All of it doesn’t have to be “occupied” but simply has to go, starting with the following:

    1. An end to creating money out of thin air on computer screens and charging interest on it (fractional reserve lending).
    2. An end to governments borrowing fresh-air money called ‘credit’ from private banks and the people having to pay interest on this ‘money’ that has never, does not and will never exist. Governments (and that concept must change radically) can create their own currency — interest free.
    3. An end to private banks issuing non-existent money called ‘credit’  and, thus, creating ‘money’ as a debt from the very start.
    4. An end to casinos like Wall Street and the City of London betting mercilessly on the financial and commodity markets with the lives of billions around the world.
    5. An end to all professional lobby groups that earn their living and their clients’ living from corrupting the professionally corruptible — vast numbers of world politicians and the overwhelming majority on Capitol Hill.
    6. An end to no-contract government in which mendacious politicians can promise the people they will do this and that to win their support and then do the very opposite after they have lied themselves into office (see President Obama).
    7. An end to the centralisation of power in all areas of our lives and a start to divesting power to communities to decide their own lives and, thus,  ensure there are too many points of decision- making for any cabal to centrally control.

    This, however, does not mean that we have to sit in silence and wait for all the above to go, nor does it mean that we have no choice but to participate in it. Instead, we can increasingly free ourselves from the old system, while building the new alongside. We can do so through sharing visions of what could and should be, through creating that new form of participatory democracy ourselves, and through collectively finding ways to avoid reliance on money. By working together, also on the self-provision of housing, food, health, water and other necessities of life, we will become more and more independent from the old system.

    What, instead, need to be occupied are our hearts and our minds. Our hearts and minds need to be occupied with the truth. We can gather with as many people as possible, we can protest as much and as loud and as long as we want and we can choose to camp in tents forever as a sign of reclamation – as long as there is no revolution on a personal level, all gathering, all protesting and all camping in tents will be in vain and will vanish with time.

    What is required is a new sense of awareness, resulting in a New Thinking. That thinking has to accept that what we have been brought up under capitalism to accept as “de facto”, requires casting aside false concepts, for example,  that houses have to be rented or bought, and accept and understand that housing is a basic human right for all. That New Thinking has to accept direct democracy is a basic human right for all, and that we have to learn from human history and from those ideas that were brutally attacked in an attempt to destroy them by all-out war in order to try to conceal their practical benefits forever.

    Armed with the experience of such ideas, we will become able to reach what, after all, is exactly what we are looking for: a new, free, happy society where, we the people ourselves, are in control of our rights and needs, and where we can shape our destiny. The study of that very theory that shows us how to do that, enables us to make a much greater worldwide impact by thinking globally and acting locally.

    Antiwar demonstrators have chanted the phrase “The whole world is watching” for decades now, and since the New York Police Department has barricaded and arrested citizens in one of the largest mass arrests of non-violent demonstrators in the history of the United States on October 1, 2011, the same slogan is used by the Occupy Movement protestors. True revolutions themselves, however, are not televised. They start in people’s hearts as soon as people start to be moved with compassion for each other and for the world they live in. They start in the people’s mind as soon as they become aware of the existence of fraud, mendacity, corruption and other criminal behaviour by so-called world leaders, bankers, warmongers, Zionists and other members of the “1%” — as well as of their own unjust, unhealthy or destructive behaviours.

    Authority of the People

    Televised revolutions are, in best cases, the results of this personal revolution.  A great example of the result of a personal revolution is the Libyan Al Fateh Revolution of 1969 during which Muammar Qaddafi, after having studied and being enlightened by both history and nature, together with the Free Unitary Officer movement, swept aside the monarchy of King Idris in a bloodless coup and freed Libya from foreign occupation. Televised revolutions are, in worst cases, no more than the results of people’s overall dissatisfaction with life or their will to rebel against authority in general.

    Therefore, instead of blindly following or participating in the Occupy Movement (which movement also is misinformed on more than one subject, for example, about what forces are behindthe so-called Arab Spring), we have to carry out small individual revolutions daily as described above, as a precondition to joining any public movement. The mass movement of Occupy, as much as it calls for Power to the People, won’t bring about people’s power unless it is guided by the Third Universal Theory and studies The Green Book.

Fabrice Beaur
LIBYE – A Bani Walid, 99% de la population aime toujours Mouammar”, affirme à l’AFP Boubaker, un étudiant en droit de 24 ans.
“Mouammar est dans nos cœurs. Si quelqu’un ici vous dit le contraire, il ment”,
“Une révolution? Quelle révolution? Ils représentent peut-être (le président français Nicolas) Sarkozy ou des pays européens, mais pas la Libye”
Princess Yasmina 28 janvier 16:05
عن صفحة “( اخبار ليبيا الحق )”
بني وليد (ليبيا) (ا ف ب) – استسلمت بني وليد، معقل قوات النظام الليبي السابق ، الى الثوار بعد مقاومة شرسة ويقول العديد من سكانها اليوم انهم يرضخون للتغيير لكن الزعيم السابق معمر القذافي لا يزال “في قلوبهم”.وقال الطالب في الحقوق ابو بكر (24 سنة) لفرانس برس “يجب علينا ان نتكيف” مضيفا انه “في بني وليد 99% من السكان ما زالوا يحبون معمر” القذافي.وقال ابو بكر الذي يسكن جوار مقر لواء 28 مايو ان “معمر …هو الذي اعطى ابي منزلنا، بفضله لم نكن نفتقر الى شيء وكان الامن سائدا خلافا لما هو اليوم…” ويحمل المنزل اثار معارك الاثنين وامامه سيارات محروقة تتناثر من حولها رصاصات فارغة على الارض.واضاف صلاح الدين الورفلي (19 سنة) ان “معمر في قلوبنا، اذا قال لكم احد هنا العكس فهو يكذب” مضيفا باحتقار “ثورة؟ اي ثورة؟ ربما انهم يمثلون (الرئيس الفرنسي نيكولا) ساركوزي او الدول الغربية لكنهم لا يمثلون ليبيا”.وامام سوق الخضر وسط المدينة يعرب عبد الحميد الغرياني (25 سنة) عن “غضبه” حيال الجرذان الذين يسيطرون على الامن.وقال مشيرا الى اثار كدمات زرقاء على ساقه اليسرى واثار اصفاد على معصمه الايمن “اوقفوني عند حاجز وفتشوا سيارتي وذاكرة هاتفي الجوال وعندما رأوا فيه صور معمر صادروه مني وضربوني”.( هل ستحتلون القلوب كما الارض . الحب بيد الله من احبه الله حبب فيه خلقه )‬
Princess Yasmina 28 janvier 16:05
From the page “(News Libya right)”
Bani Walid (Libya) (AFP) – surrendered Bani Walid, the stronghold of forces, the Libyan regime previous to the rebels after fierce resistance, says many of its people today, they yield to change, but the former leader Muammar Gaddafi is still “in their hearts.”A student in law Abu Bakr (24 years) to AFP: “We must adapt,” he said, adding that “in the Bani Walid 99% of the population is still like Muammar” Gaddafi.Abu Bakr, who lives in the vicinity of the headquarters of the brigade May 28 that “Muammar … is that my father gave our house, thanks to him we did not we do something, and security was dominant in contrast to what is today …” And carries home the effects of battles Monday and burned cars in front of him scattered around bullet casings on the ground.He said Salah al-Din Warfali (19 years) that “Muammar in our hearts, if anyone says to you here the contrary is a lie,” he said contemptuously, “a revolution? Any revolution? Perhaps they are the (French President Nicolas) Sarkozy or Western countries, but they do not represent Libya.”And vegetable market in front of the downtown express Ghariani Abdul Hamid (25 years) for “angry” about the rats, who control the security.He said, referring to the effects of blue bruises on his left leg and the effects of handcuffs on his wrist right “stood me at a roadblock and searched my car and my mobile phone memory and when they saw pictures of Muammar Sadrōh me and beat me.”(Is Stanlon hearts as the ground. However, the God of love God love him dear when created) ‬

A message to the Libyan people: it is through you that Africa will be united

Posted: 2012/01/27
From: Mathaba    http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629842?rss
A message to the people of Libya by Dennis South.

Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatohu!

My dear Libyan people, the majority of whom are, without doubt, the bravest people, and the most inspirational people, on Mother Earth, I have a message for you. It is a message about all of you, not just those who support the Libyan Jamahiriya(but mostly for those who support the Libyan Jamahiriya and Brother Leader).

There is a saying that you may have heard of that comes from the Scriptures: “A Prophet is without honor in his own land.” The meaning is obvious: Sometimes, people who are very great, or simplyvery good people, are not appreciated in their own land. It often happens that that Prophet isappreciated, but he is appreciated by other people from other lands.

At this very moment, you, my dear Libyan people, are being watched, very anxiously, by millions and millions and millions of human beings on this earth, all of whom are biting their nails, hoping beyond hope, that your true government, The Great Socialist Libyan Arab People’s Jamahiriya, will resume its rightful role as the true government of Libya. As the people’s government.

Many of you Libyan people may not be aware of the following fact: Millions of Americans are aware that their government, the U.S. government, iscorrupt to the core. And, at this moment, the day after the Libyan Jamahiriya took back the city of Bani Walid (January 24th, 2012), those millions of Americas, like myself, are shouting for joy at your success!!! Why?

The answer is simple: They have become very aware of the fact that their government, unfortunately, is an imperialist, dangerous, government. They are also aware that their own government has created hell for them in the U.S. Our jobs have been shipped overseas. Some 30 million U.S. citizens are unemployed, and the economic forecasters state that there is “no hope” that those people will ever be employed again. Their government is forming a police state. U.S. police departments now use drones, as was revealed by a Russia Today report, to spy on their citizens.

Millions of U.S. citizens know–very clearly–of the plight of the Libyan Jamahiriya. And on January 24th, when Bani Walid came back into the hands of the Libyan Jamahiriya government, those U.S. citizens danced for joy! They cried tears of happiness. Why?  Because they identify with you, because they are oppressed by the same entitiesthat have been oppressing you.

No one knows what the future holds. But, I make the following plea to you: If, by the Grace and Mercy of Almighty Allah, you regain control of your country from its traitors and foreign demonsyou should return to all of the policies that were implemented by Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya,especially with regard to your help of African nations.

If the U.S. and its devil allies have not dried up all of your oil wells, by the time that you re-take your land, I pray that you continue to help African nations to develop. I pray that you continue to stay out of the global economic banking system. I pray that you continue the Libyan Jamahiriya‘s plans to open up three banks in Africa for the purpose of snatching Africa away from the control of international gangsters, and for the goal of creating Africa as afree, strong and independent continent.

I will tell you something, whether you believe it or not: If you regain control of your country, there will be a toppling of corrupt African governments all over the continent of Africa. Because those Africans who love you, and who love Brother Leader, will be SO very happy that all that Brother Leader had hoped for will begin to happen rapidly: corrupt African leaders will be overthrown by their citizens; countries of Africa will begin to start talking about uniting; African countries will begin to move themselves away from the influence of the U.S. corrupt political system.

Your victory in Libya will shake the entire world, but especially African nations. Their citizens will be ecstatic. There will be dancing [appropriate dancing, of course!] in the streets!! You will be looked upon as a BIG BROTHER!! You will be honored in Africa, and the world, forever.

We need you so much! And I had hesitated to speak these words to you, because it is probably not my place to lay such a burden on you.  But, in point of fact, it was not myself who laid that burden on you. It was Allah.

Some of you might feel bitter that no African country–or very few–held out a hand to help you. But remember what Brother Leader said: The African nations are too weak.  Some African nationsdid offer to send troops. But Brother Leader rightlytold them not to come to Libya, because the march across the desert would be much too difficult for them to withstand. Brother Leader also told them to stay in their own countries, because one day the U.S. and its devil allies would be coming to their countries. So, it would be necessary for the Africans to defend themselves, as best they could.

So, do not be angry that African nations did not help you. They could not help you. They are too weak, and, unfortunately, too many of them are ruled by corrupt leaders.

My dearest Libyan brothers and sisters. I believe that there is a reason that Almighty Allah left you alone, with no support from any outside entity. I believe it was to strengthen you. I believe that, for some reason, Almighty Allah has chosen you to be the BIG BROTHER to the African people; to the African continent. I believe that it is through you that Africa will be united, which is a dream of Brother Leader, who is not dead, as you very well know.

When I heard that you had re-taken Bani Walid, butterflies shot through my stomach! I was on the verge of tears–happy tears. You are LOVED! You have no idea how much the people of the world love you; pray for you; and wish for your success.  Because, your success will mean their success.

You are not alone! You have Allah. You have Muhammad. You have Muammar. And you have Libya. And you have us! You have those millions of us in this world who are watching you–whether they are black, white, brown or red– hoping beyond hope that you will succeed in regaining control of your country! And my last words are,

Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!!!

Your brother from the U.S.,

Dennis South

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Ce Libye, messieurs .. Libye avant le procès en Février



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Ajoutée nominale  le  vingt-deux Janv. 2012

Libye Musique verte et discourse

الى كل محبي معمر القذافي الى كل محبي ليبيا...
Lamia Mohamed 31 janvier 19:32
الى كل محبي معمر القذافي الى كل محبي ليبيا تبقي واحدة واحدة ناحتاج لتكوين كتبية القران سلاح اقوي من من السلاح الناري احتاج الى كل واحد يقول لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله ويحب ليبيا سواء كان ايبي او عربي او مسلم يحيب الليبي في الله نحن مجموعة سوف نبدا غدا الاربعاء الموفق 2012/2/1 بقراة سورة الفتح وسورة البقرة للمدة 40 يوم بنية رجوع العلم الاخضر ورجوع حكم معمر (حتى لو معمر مات ليبي جايبه فيه اشخاص قدرين على حمل الراية) ووقف نزيف الدم بالله عليك بلاغ كل من تعرف ويحب ليبيا امانة لا تنسى :::::::::::::نور الحق
Lamia Mohamed 31 janvier 19:32
To all lovers of Muammar Gaddafi, to all lovers of Libya to keep one single Naanaj to configure the booksellerKoran weapon more powerful than a firearm I need each and every one says no God but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah and the likes of Libya, whether Ebi or an Arab or Muslim Hristib Libyan in God We are a groupwill we start tomorrow, Wednesday, conciliator 01/02/2012 Baqrah Al-Fath and Al-Baqarah, for the period 40 daysthe structure back green flag and the return of the rule of Muammar (even if Muammar Matt Libby Jaiba where people Kdran to carry the flag) and stop the bloodshed in God you tip everyone you know and love the LibyanSecretariat of the Do not forget the light of truth :::::::::::::
ATTENTION: One big problem, Muammar, Our brother leader, did not “rule”! The people ran the country for the Libyan Jamahiriya!
تنبيه : ثمة مشكلة كبيرة، معمر، شقيق زعيم لدينا، لم “القاعدة”! ركض الناس في البلاد عن الجماهيرية الليبية!


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  1. Libya – Libya’s News
    Posted on 14/01/2012 at 12:55

    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama In Libya, an assassination attempt against the leader of the NTC Mustapha Abdeljalil using a homemade bomb.

    In Benghazi, U.S. Special Forces have been deposited in the military base “Benin” in Benghazi to look after demonstrators against the NTC.

    In Sirte, explosions and clashes in the region Jaref and hoisted green flags everywhere in Sirte. Misrata rebels are now in the district 2 and district Dollars.

    In Tripoli, explosions and clashes in the region El Hadaba.

    ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya, several explosions early this morning heard in different parts “Souk Jomo, Ziwawi, Eldahmani, Rue de Jamahiriya Elhadaba” of the capital Tripoli.

    Clashes between rebels and resistance fighters in the region Eljmile green, Ain Zara and Zouara in Tripoli.

    On January 12, 2012, a demonstration pro Gaddafi and the Libyan pro was at the University of Tarhouna. (Oh my god it’s a pleasure to listen to “O Allah Maoummer Libya Bess”)

  2. رسالة إلى العقول النيرة من اخووكم ك5 ودكتورة القائد

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    يا أيها الذين ءامنوا إنا خلقناكم من ذكر وأنثى وجعلناكم شعوبا وقبائل لتعارفوا إن أكرمكم عند الله اتقاكم
    صدق الله العظيم
    وقال أيضا( ادفع بالتي هي أحسن فإذا الذي بينك وبينه عداوة كأنه ولي حميم)
    وقال أيضا ( واستغفروا ربكم انه كان غفارا يرسل السماء عليكم مدرارا ويمددكم بأموال وبنين ويجعل لكم جنات ويجعل لكم انهارا مالكم لا ترجون لله وقارا وقد خلقكم أطوارا ) صدق الله العظيم
    بعد السلام على رسول الله و الافتتاح بخير الكلام وهو كلام الله عزوجل أبداء
    إن في كتاب الله خير دليل وخير مخرج من الآثام و الضيق والهموم , ونحن نعيش في بلادنا بعدما كنا امنين مستريحين.. فأبدلنا الله بنعمة الأمن خوف.. وبنعمة الشبع جوع ..وبنعمة الحب كره ..وبنعمة الصدق كذب ..وبنعمة التقوى والخشوع نفاق وكذب .., يا من قولتم لا اله إلا الله محمد رسول الله , يا من جعلتم الدين هو نبراسكم واليوم انقلبتم على أعقابكم وجعلتم الله عرضة لإيمانكم ولم تتذكروا قوله تعالى في كتابه وكلام رسول الله الكريم لقد اخدتكم العزة بالإثم و العدوان ولم تتفكروا إلى ما سيحدث والى ما ستؤول له الأحداث وكيف سيصبح حالنا وحال الناس , استخففتم بكلام الله ورسوله و بدلتم الكلم عن مواضعه و خرج لكم امة الكفر يحرمون ما احل الله ويحللون ما حرم الله وانتم تعرفون بان هذه الأحداث والله لفتنة من الله عزوجل أفتنكم في دينكم ودنياكم لكي يرى من المصلح والمفسد وما الله بغافل عما تعملون , اذكروا قول رسول الله عليه الصلاة والسلام حين قال الفتنة نائمة لعن الله من أيقظها و إن أصبتم بها فردوا الأمر إلى ما قبل الفتنة وتشاورا في الأمر لان الله عزوجل قال ( وأمرهم شورى بينهم ), أناشدكم بالله الذي هو أعظم مني ومنكم أن تحكموا عقولكم قبل فوات الأوان وما جعلني اكتب هذه الرسالة والله إلا إني وقفت على أحداث خطيرة جدا و على مؤامرة تحاك في الخفاء ضد الشرفاء والقبائل الشريفة , وبالأخص قبائل الزنتان و قبائل الوسط .
    لن أقول باني مختلف معكم في المبدأ ولكن حتى وان اختلفت معكم فهناك شي سيجمعنا جميعا وعلى كلمة واحدة وهي ليبيا الأم ليبيا الوطن ليبيا الحب ليبيا الأخت و العرض والشرف وكل شي , ألان الصراع بدأ على أشده فتنبهوا جيدا.
    ما يدور في الخفاء , ألان تحاك مؤامرة ضد الزنتان لكي يتم استبعادها من الساحة وخاصة بعدما قدمت قبائل الزنتان صورة مشرفة في التعامل مع الأسرى وما تعمله الآن قبائل الزنتان في عملية المصالحة الوطنية وكيفية تعاملها مع أخانا الدكتور سيف الإسلام القذافي , لا تستمعوا إلى ما يقال عن هذه القبيلة من إشاعات أنا لست معهم في التيار واني اختلف معهم كليا.. ولكن كلمة الحق لابد أن تقال في حقهم فالكل لا يعرف ما يدور في الخفاء , يا زنتان تنبهوا جيدا إلى الذي يحاك ضدكم فالكل الآن صار يراهن عليكم ويردون أن ينبشوا في ماضيكم القديم وانتم تعرفون جيدا ما هو الماضي ومن هم أعدائكم الذين اليوم صاروا أصدقائكم هناك مؤامرة تدور في الخفاء وتغليب فريق على فريق أخر وانتم تعرفون ما المقصود من كلامي هذا جيدا.
    طالعتنا بعض المواقع والأشخاص عن حالة سيف الإسلام وعن بعض الحقائق ولكن كل ما نشر ليس له أثار من الصحة ونحن نتحمل المسؤولية الكاملة في هذا كله والغرض من هذا هو اضهار الزنتان بشكل غير لائق للجمهور كما هو الحال منهم عند دخولهم لطرابلس… و الكل يعرف ما هو الكلام الذي قيل عنهم , حقيقة للتاريخ الزنتان لم تذهب إلى بني وليد و لم تذهب إلى سرت وهم يعرفون ما معنى العهد القبلي ,وهم يعرفون جيدا بان القائد لم يهنهم ولم يهن أي قبيلة في ليبيا ولكن رجال الفتن أوهموا الشعب بغير ما قال , هناك الكثير من الحقائق أود أن أقولها ولكن سوف اطرحها في مقالة خاصة سوف اكشف فيها الكثير من الأوراق والحقائق , وفي نهاية الأمر ,أقول لكم جميعا الخطر قادم من الداخل ومن الخارج و الوقت بدأ ينفد من الكثيرين فلقد رصت الصفوف بنسبة 80% فأين انتم من هذه الصفوف ,لا تفوتوا الفرصة أمامكم ليبيا و شرفها و ترابها و أمنها , إخواني الكثيرين يحاولون ضمنا إلى صفهم ولكن نحن لن نكون في أي صف إلا في صف واحد وهو صف الحق صف ليبيا وصف من عاهدناه وفي النهاية أقول لكم قوله تعالى( يا أيها الذين ءامنوا إن جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوم بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين واعلموا أن فيكم رسول الله لو يطيعكم في كثير من الأمر لعندتم ولكن الله حبب إليكم الإيمان وزينه في قلوبكم وكره إليكم الكفر والفسوق و العصيان) صدق الله العظيم
    إخوانكم في الدرب…..

    Message to the bright minds of Akhuokm as 5 and Dr Commander

    In the name of God the Merciful
    O ye who believe! We created you from male and female and made you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God
    The great truth of God
    He also said (verily he, if the enmity between you and him like a friend and intimate)
    He also said (and ask forgiveness of your Lord is Oft-Forgiving he was heaven sent to you in abundance Password FAQ Members Benin and money and makes you gardens and bestow on you rivers, not your money you hope to God, Gaara has created you in stages), the great truth of God
    After the peace upon the Messenger of God and the opening is okay to speak the word of God Almighty I start
    The book is the best evidence and the best way out of the sins and the narrow and concerns, and we live in our country after we rested safe .. Vibdlna security fear of God’s grace .. And the grace of satiety, hunger .. and by the grace of love hate .. and by the grace of truth lie .. and by the grace of piety and reverence hypocrisy and lies .., your Coltm is no God but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of God, you who have made religion is Nbraskm Today Anglaptm on Oakabkm and you have made is subject to your faith did not remember says in his book and the words of the Messenger of Allah Karim has Akhaddtkm arrogance and aggression did not Taatvkroa to what will happen and to what will resonate his events and how they will be forgotten and if people Astkhvvtm word of God and His Messenger and Bdltm words from places like, and left you a nation disbelief forbid that which Allah has permitted and analyze what Allah has forbidden and you know that these events and God’s affliction from God Almighty Avtnkm in your religion and your world to be seen from the reformer and corrupting, and is unaware of what you do, remember the words of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him when he said, sedition dormant curse of God awakened and that you received as a they returned it to the by strife and consulted in the matter because God Almighty said (and ordered them to mutual consultation), appeal to the God who is the greatest of me and you to judge your minds before it is too late and made me write this letter and God only, I stood on the events of a very serious and the plot hatched in secret against the honorable and the tribes honest, especially Alzentan tribes and tribal center.
    I would not say that I with you in a different principle, but disagreed with you, even if there are Xi and bring us all one word, namely Libya, Libya, the mother country of Libya Libya sister love and honor and all the supply and Shi, Alan began the most intense conflict Vtenbhoa well.
    What is going on in secret, Alan hatched a conspiracy against Alzentan to be excluded from the arena, especially after it submitted tribes Alzentan an honorable in dealing with prisoners and do, now tribes Alzentan in the process of national reconciliation and how it would deal with our brother, Dr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, do not listen to what is said about This tribe of the rumors I’m not with them into the mainstream and I totally disagree with them .. But the word of truth must be told in the right, everyone does not know what is going on in secret, O xanthan woken up well to the one who plotted against you, everyone has now become bet you and respond to Anbashoa in your past, the old and you know very well what is the past and who are your enemies, who today became friends there is a conspiracy taking place in secret and to maintain the team to another team and you know what the meaning of my words this well.
    We read some of the sites and people on the state of Saif al-Islam and some of the facts, but all of the published information does not have raised health and we assume full responsibility in all of this and the purpose of this is to show my Alzentan inappropriately to the public as is the case of them at their entry to Tripoli … And everybody knows what is the word that was said about them, the fact of history Alzentan did not go to Bani Walid and did not go to Sirte and they know what is the meaning of the Covenant tribal, they know very well that the leader did not Ihnhm has not wavered any tribe in Libya, but the men of strife Ohmua people without what he said, there are a lot of facts I would like to say it but will I pose in the special article will reveal a lot of papers and facts, and in the end, I tell you all the danger is coming from within and from abroad, time is running out of many have piled rows by 80% where you are of these rows, do not miss the opportunity before you, Libya, honor and territory and security, my brothers many people are trying to imply to describe, but we will not be in any row, except in a single row, a row of the right row Libya Description of Aahidnah In the end, I tell you the verse (O who believe that there comes punk news, verify should harm people in ignorance and repent of what ye have done and know that you, Messenger of God, if Aitiekm in many of the Order of Andtm, but God is dear to you the faith and decorated it in your hearts and hate you, infidelity and immorality and disobedience) truth of God Almighty
    Your brothers in the driveway …..

    Arabes A.
    Message aux esprits brillants de l’Akhuokm que 5 et le Dr commandant Nom de Dieu, le Miséricordieux Ô vous qui croyez, je vous créés d’un mâle et femelle et vous avons constitués en peuples et en tribus pour que le regard de Dieu la vérité de Dieu Tout-Puissant et Il dit aussi (en vérité, il, si, entre qui et que vous avais une animosité devient aussi mal) Il a aussi dit (et demander le pardon de votre Seigneur, que celui qui prie ferai pleuvoir pour vous Mot de passe abondance FAQ Membres de l’argent et au Bénin, et vous fait des jardins et vous donne des rivières Malcolm n’espère pas à Dieu et Gaara vous a créés par phases successives.) vérité de Dieu Tout-Puissant , après la paix sur le Messager de Dieu et de l’ouverture correct de dire une parole de Dieu Tout-Puissant, je commence que dans un livre est la meilleure preuve et la meilleure façon de sortir des péchés et l’étroit et préoccupations, et nous vivons dans notre pays après nous nous sommes reposés en toute sécurité .. Vibdlna de sécurité peur de la grâce de Dieu .. Et la grâce de la satiété, de faim .. et par la grâce de l’amour la haine .. et par la grâce de mensonge la vérité .. et par la grâce de la piété et l’hypocrisie révérence et mensonges .., votre Coltm n’est d’autre Dieu qu’Allah, Mohamed est le Messager de Dieu, vous qui avez fait la religion est Anglaptm Aujourd’hui Nbraskm sur Oakabkm et vous avez fait est soumis à votre foi ne se souvient pas dit dans son livre et les paroles du Messager d’Allah Karim a l’arrogance Akhaddtkm et l’agression n’a pas Taatvkroa à ce qui va arriver et ce qui va résonner ses manifestations et comment ils seront oubliés et si le mot Astkhvvtm peuple de Dieu et à Son Messager et les mots Bdltm provenant d’endroits comme, et vous a laissé un interdisent l’incrédulité nation que ce qu’Allah a permis et d’analyser ce qui Allah a interdit et vous savez que ces événements et l’affliction de Dieu de Dieu Tout-Puissant Avtnkm dans votre religion et votre monde d’être vu à partir du réformateur et de corrompre, et ignore ce que vous faites, rappelez-vous les paroles du Messager de la paix d’Allah soient sur ​​lui quand il a dit, la malédiction de sédition dormantes de Dieu éveillée et que vous avez reçue en tant que ils retournés au par des conflits et consulté en la matière parce que Dieu Tout-Puissant a dit (et leur ordonna de consultation mutuelle), l’appel au Dieu qui est le plus grand de moi et à vous de juger vos esprits avant qu’il ne soit trop tard et m’a fait écrire cette lettre et Dieu seul, je me tenais sur les événements d’une très grave et le complot ourdi en secret contre l’honorable et les tribus honnête, et dans certaines tribus Alzentan et les tribus de l’Orient. Je ne dirais pas que je différent avec vous en principe, mais même si elle n’était pas d’accord avec vous, il ya Xi nous apporter tous et le seul mot, à savoir la Libye, la mère de la Libye intérieure en Libye soeur aime la Libye et la largeur, l’honneur, tout, Alan conflit a débuté sur le Vtenbhoa plus intense et . ce qui se passe dans le secret, Alan éclos un complot contre Alzentan d’être exclus de l’arène, surtout après qu’il ait fait les tribus Alzentan une honorable dans le traitement des prisonniers et faire, maintenant les tribus Alzentan dans le processus de réconciliation nationale et la façon dont il traitera de notre frère, le Dr. Saif Al-Islam Kadhafi, n’écoutez pas ce qui est dit pour cette tribu des rumeurs, je ne suis pas avec eux dans le courant dominant et je suis totalement en désaccord avec eux .. Mais la parole de vérité doit être dite dans la droite, tout le monde ne sait pas ce qui se passe dans le secret, ô xanthane réveillé bien à celui qui complotaient contre toi, tout le monde est devenu vous misez et de répondre à Anbashoa dans votre passé, l’ancien et vous savez très bien quel est le passé et qui sont vos ennemis, qui sont aujourd’hui devenus des amis il ya une conspiration se déroule dans le secret et à maintenir l’équipe à une autre équipe et vous savez quel est le sens de mes paroles bien. nous lisons certains des sites et des personnes sur l’état de Saif al-Islam et quelques-uns des faits, mais toutes les informations publiées ne pas avoir soulevé de santé et nous assumer la pleine responsabilité dans tout cela et le but est de montrer mon Alzentan inappropriée pour le public comme c’est le cas pour eux quand ils sont entrés à Tripoli … Et tout le monde sait quel est le mot qui a été dit à leur sujet, le fait de l’histoire Alzentan ne vont pas à Bani Walid et ne pas aller à Syrte et ils savent quel est le sens du Pacte tribales, ils savent très bien que le leader n’a pas Ihnhm n’a pas vacillé toute la tribu en Libye, mais les hommes de personnes Ohmua lutte sans ce dit-il, il ya beaucoup de faits, je tiens à le dire mais je pose dans l’article spécial va révéler beaucoup de documents et de faits, et à la fin, je vous le dis tout le danger vient de l’intérieur et de l’étranger, le temps est compté de nombreux se sont empilés rangées de 80% là où vous êtes de ces lignes, ne manquez pas l’occasion avant que vous, la Libye, l’honneur et le territoire et la sécurité, mon peuple nombreux frères essaient d’impliquer à décrire, mais nous ne serons pas dans n’importe quelle rangée, sauf dans une seule rangée, une ligne de la description en Libye rangée droite de Aahidnah À la fin, je vous dis le verset (O qui croient qu’il arrive nouvelles punk, de vérifier devrait nuire aux gens dans l’ignorance et se repentent de ce que vous avez fait et je sais que vous, le Messager de Dieu, si Aitiekm dans de nombreux de l’Ordre du Andtm, mais Dieu vous est chère la foi et l’a décorée dans vos cœurs et vous détestent, l’infidélité et de l’immoralité et de la désobéissance) la vérité de Dieu Tout-Puissant vos frères dans l’allée. ….

  3. Libya – The return of journalist Hanae Elchibani Strong Resistance … Green

    Posted on 14/01/2012 at 12:20
    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya finally Hanae Elchibani popular journalist has returned to the radio antenna Elfateh Libya (radio strength). She has apologized for her absence due to the invasion of Libya and the manhunt for all active members of the Libyan.

    She promised to help Green the Resistance to liberate the country from the clutches of the rebels.
    Day by day, the resistance is gaining Military and Media.

  4. According ALGERIA ISP, this release fixes an appointment to pro Resistance green with Kadhafi Libyan television. He really is alive!
    “Inchaelah it will be true …. Inchaelah a miracle will appear shortly … “.


    Libya – A statement of resistance refers to an appointment with the guide soon (January 14, 2012)
    Posted on 14/01/2012 at 21:10 – 892 visits
    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama In Libya, a statement of resistance distributed in Libya. It is for children of this great people, children of the commander, the hero Mujahid, Colonel Gaddafi Maoummer.
    You’ve seen the colonizers raped and stole the land Libyan deaths, injured and orphaned children.
    All this on earth after the Libyan beloved pseudo revolution that destroyed the country.
    With all this, we thank God because our beloved people woke up.
    The son of honest Libyans, the son of the mujahideen and the mujahideen commander’s son.
    It will take one day the sun will shine after a long night and you must know that victory is near and the release is close inchaelah.
    Your appointment will be with the commander soon on television the great Jamahiriya.



    arab league

    18 NOV 2009 Rome summit on food

    World Summit on Food Security– Rome 16-18 NOV. 2009



    smiles african union



    parents trailer


    in auto

    driving golf cart

    african union 3

    african union 3b

    yes victory

  5. a joyous leader

    Tawargha online-تاورغاء أونلاين
    It´s been confirmed the dead of the brother Moussa Ajeely Ibrahim Al Tawerghi born in 1990, where was detained in his house after the displacement of some of people from Tawergha , but he preferred to stay at home and defend it, and since that time there were no news about him until one from his Family saw his picture on the Internet ….
    Where he had been killed in detention camps in Misurata.
    We ask God’s forgiveness and mercy to him

    May Allah take revenge from the criminals gangs of Misurata, those who oppressed him!
    تاكد موت الاخ موسي اعجيلي ابراهيم وهو تاورغى من مواليد 1990 حيث تم اعتقاله فى بيته بعد نزوح بعض من اهالى من تاورغاء الا انه فضل البقاء فى البيت والدفاع عنه كغيره ممن بقى ومنذ ذلك الوقت انقطعت اخباره عن اهله الى ان شاهد احد افراد اسرته صورته على النت ….
    حيث انه قد تم قتله فى معتقلات مصراته .
    نسأل الله له المغفره وان يسكنه فسيح جناته

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيكم يا مجرمى مصراتة ياقتلة الاسرى المسلمين


    family of Martyr Fathi al-Faqih
    Bless his eternal soul!
    ثراه الأبدي

    family of Martyr
    Ahmed Mabroukثراه الأبدي
    الله يحمي عائلته

    Jamahiriya flag

    Al Zintan rebels demand the elimination of the NTC


  6. 8:57
    There are attempts to spread Shiism in Libya
    A former security official: Tripoli in crisis … And the conflict escalates between Hifter and Belhadj/al-Qaeda .. Oil and steal, and differences between the client and militias American General Hifter and the Al-Zentan (tribe)…
    Tripoli Quds Al-Arabi: The head of the operating room before Tripoli, Nasser fighter, that Tripoli is undergoing a real private owners and the political agendas and who have the view that Tripoli is the capital city of Tripoli during the political and achieve their goals and ambitions.

    Is this a real Image, or a composite done with someone’s strange imagination on site:
    al-Qathafi ?

  7. Jan 15, 2012 – 17:27
    Commandos prepare for service in Tripoli

    swiss forces to invade Libya
    It is only the third mission for special forces to guard a Swiss embassy (Keystone)
    President defends plans to free Libya hostages

    Special forces unit swings into action

    Swiss special forces unit under fire

    by Peter Siegenthaler, swissinfo.ch
    Swiss special forces are set to guard the country’s embassy in Tripoli from the middle of January.
    But details of soldier numbers and units will not be revealed for security reasons, said Adrian Sollberger, foreign ministry spokesman.

    A few days before the planned deployment, even the speakers of the security and foreign committees were not fully informed.

    Mission orders are set to be given in the next few days, Chantal Galladé, speaker of the House of Representatives security committee, told swissinfo.ch.

    The threat level in Tripoli is currently relatively low, she said, adding that Switzerland was one of few countries to guard its embassy in this way.

    Galladé said the composition of the Swiss detachment and the length of the operation would depend on the threat level: the smaller the threat, the smaller the presence of the DRA10 (Army Reconnaissance Detachment 10) special forces unit.

    The foreign ministry describes the current situation in the Libyan capital as relatively stable, although armed militias pose a danger for foreigners.

    After re-opening in October, the Swiss embassy in Tripoli has been protected by the controversial British security firm Aegis, which caused a sensation in Switzerland in 2010 when it moved its headquarters to Basel. It had been accused of taking part in acts of war.

    The security committee of the Senate had demanded Aegis’s mercenaries be replaced by Swiss soldiers.

    The government agreed to this request in December, although some politicians – above all those from the rightwing Swiss People’s Party – fundamentally reject the deployment of armed Swiss soldiers abroad, citing neutrality.

    At the end of December, the foreign ministry announced that in addition to the DRA10 it was also considering the use of a special detachment of the military police.

    The DRA10 is trained to take part in operations abroad, to protect people, troops and facilities at heightened levels of risk, and also to rescue Swiss citizens stuck in crisis zones and escort them home.

    This was the unit mentioned in connection with the springing of two Swiss hostages arrested in Tripoli in 2008 (see related story).

    Embassy protection
    The embassy in Tripoli is the only Swiss representation abroad where Swiss soldiers are responsible for security.

    All the others are sufficiently protected, according to the foreign ministry, which added that host countries are primarily responsible for security, although embassies can arrange additional security measures.

    “Almost half of Swiss representations are protected by private, mostly local, firms,” said the ministry, which didn’t give concrete reasons for the different security measures in its embassies.

    “Depending on the threat – criminality, risk of attack, prevention – the private firms take on jobs that range from complex to more simple, such as guarding a building overnight or on official holidays,” it said.

    Algiers and Tehran
    The foreign ministry confirmed that until now Swiss soldiers have only ever been deployed twice to protect Swiss representations abroad – and they’ve never needed to use their weapons.

    In 1998, the embassy in Algiers was re-opened and guarded by professional soldiers after foreigners had been attacked by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA).

    In 2006, members of DRA10 were sent to Tehran as part of a total of 30 soldiers to protect the embassy there. Parliament later admonished the government because it had not been informed of the operation in time.

    According to military law, the government can only decide on operations on its own a maximum of three weeks in advance. In addition, the presidents of the security and foreign commissions of both parliamentary chambers must be informed, and later parliament too.

    As for the Swiss embassy in Tripoli, the foreign ministry is assuming the operation will last longer. As a result, parliament will have the last word. The cabinet will submit a fromal request to parliament in the spring session.

    Sanctions lifted
    Bilateral relations between Switzerland and Libya are set to normalise after more than three years.

    The new Libyan government last Monday officially ended trade and economic sanctions against Switzerland which in turn had started lifting its embargo against Tripoli in September 2011.

    According to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Swiss business with Libya has suffered considerably over the past few years.

    In 2008 Switzerland exported goods worth SFr282.3 million ($296 million) to Libya. In 2009 Swiss exports plummeted to SFr156.2 million, falling again to SFr110 million in 2010.

    Peter Siegenthaler, swissinfo.ch
    (Adapted from German by Thomas Stephens)

  8. SirRon Kcuhc:
    Good video. Except an part where Sharia law is demonized. …. TNC maybe want to institute “Al-Qaeda or Zionist Saudi” Sharia law. And this have nothing to do with Divine Sharia Law …. Finally in Libya also before the aggression were Sharia law implemented (no polygamy, drugs, brothels, beheadings—none of which is pure Sharia but rather FALSE Hadith interpretations of the Law).
    Demonizing of Sharia Law is just a part of whole agenda against true muslims ….

    Louis Farrakhan:

    Uploaded by EbookCashStreams on 28 Aug 2011
    Libya set up by NATO=North Atlantic Terrorist Organization – Fake Libyan Rebels exposed

    Libya was set up by the international community. Told it would be treated as a fair member of the UN if it cooperated with weapons inspectors and reduced its military, it complied. Now, UN backed NATO armed rebels are trying to take over the country for international corporate interests. Hopefully, if enough people realize this and stand up, Libya will not end up being the next Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I give full permission to anyone who wishes to re-upload this video.

    *-you can also watch this video on this link:

  9. Libya – What they really want to eliminate militias Elasabea??

    Posted on 16/01/2012 at 13:52

    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya, the television channel El Ene a consultant who interviewed Libyan Pro NTC, Mohamed Toumi, which confirmed that the war is passes between the militias and Gharyan Elasabea is rather a war against the rebels Gharyan militias loyal to Kadhafi.

    He added that the NTC has a proof that there are over 13,000 weapons had been distributed to the volunteers of the City of Elasabea.

    He accused the militias of killing Elasebea rebels Gharyan during the pseudo revolution. He said between 70 to 75 senior officers of the great Libyan leader is still in the city of Elasabea.

    According ALGERIA ISP, several questions arise, what is really Elasabea of ​​these militias are loyal to Kadhafi or tribes who do not want to sell their country to the NATO / Qatar or the region contains a Elasabea raw material of envy. They are trained to demonize them to eliminate them after all. All this is weird!

  10. Libya – Gunmen attacked a bus in Ghadames
    Posted on 16/01/2012 at 14:33

    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya,

    a bus carrying passengers from Ghadames to Tripoli was intercepted by a group of more than 10 masked men. They were armed.

    They learned who was on the bus, then they removed a traveler, put him in their car and then they left.

  11. Hundreds of American Marines in Benghazi and Tripoli. 20 rats killed in Sirte.
    par Wadii Hadad, lundi 16 janvier 2012, 19:01
    A secret agreement was reached between the council of traitors of Benghazi and the United States, to send hundreds of american soldiers in Libya in order to overcome the real revolution which begins in Libya. According to credible information, a first contingent of soldiers from Malta was established in Benghazi to try to end the sit-in anti-NTC.

  12. Konstantyn Scheglikov 16 janvier 19:32
    Libyan Resistance and Western Hypocrisy

    Important and expected event have been occurred in Libya. Resistance Leaders stated about Libya Temporary Government creation. People all over the world, the world community, expected this moment. Now our task is to demand our countries Governments to withdraw recognition of occupational NTC regime because there are Libyan Nation legal representatives and to begin diplomatic relationships with real Libyan Government.

    This Government is launched on temporary basis till full Libya liberation from NATO invaders because after that People’s Committees of different levels will be reinstated and they will continue to govern Libya as it used to be prior to invasion in February 2011. Certainly all encountered mistakes will be taken into serious consideration to prevent further causes for a new intervention.

    Global media (Reuters in particular) through their agents (rats) try to spread lies through the web resources, stating that USA, France and Russian presidents are arranging a summit to discuss a situation in Libya, which they are concerned about, and to grant Saif Al-Islam to be Libya’s prime minister with an essential continuing presence of Western companies in Libya. It is clear that their target is to create informational mess and to hide news about Libyan Jamahirya Government launching; to offend Saif, Libyan Resistance and all Libyan people who will choose their leaders themselves as well. Barak Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy are criminals and military forces of their countries are taking part in robbery of Libya and civilians elimination for almost 11 months. Global propaganda continues to create an image of peacemakers for them ignoring their personal interest in destroying countries rich in mineral resources.

    One more purpose of this disinformation is to lessen Libyan struggle against occupants. Global Media attempt to conceal this struggle but it already spread all over Libya. In the East of Libya Obeydi Tribe which at first participated in the war on occupants side, liberated and hold rats-free City of Tobroock, the tribe supports anti NTC, anti occupants revolt as well. Al Zintan Tribe since November 2011 i.e. since Saif al Gaddafi arrival to city of Zintan, fights in Libyan Resistance ranks .All this means that Libyan Tribes united in their struggle against invaders.

    Global Media conceals information regarding successful Libyan Resistance operations, they plot it as terrorist attacks, for instance they mentioned French attaché with NTC whose assassination was committed by Libyan patriots whilst attack on French mercenaries like ex-French soldier killing. The whole operation was called terrorist attack and pointed out that NTC has arrested a suspect. Global media exactly follow Nazi’s propaganda, which called Russian partisans bandits. SS squads captured civilians randomly and demanded locals to surrender partisans otherwise they threatened to execute hostages. Exactly the same occurs now in Libya. NATO and PMC death squads, they created a number of death camps for torturing of the Resistance members and terrorizing Libyan population closely cooperating with inner traitors. Videos of tortures are spread through YouTube exactly like in February-March videos of black skin Libyans lynch were posted. Website administrators do not delete it-they delete only videos of NATO and Al-Quaeda crimes.

    When global media start to spread disinformation on Resistance compromises that means that each Libyan must continue to struggle because when the leaders of the countries-terrorists are claiming through media that they want peace-it is clear that they want to have some rest and regroup their forces. It is essential to continue guerrilla war against invaders with the same pace and exactly according to general strategy.

    Now as the Libyan Jamahiriya “in exile” temporary Government is created it is essential for all good minded people and organizations to grant support to it and request from their countries Governments to recognize this Government as the only legitimate representative of Libyan people and Libyan Jamahiriya.

  13. Yikes!! More American Marines have landed in Tripoli!!!

    TWITTER: Muammar Al Gaddafi @MuammarLGaddafi 24m Yes Yes congratulations American Marines have landed 2 Hours ago IN #Tripoli #Libya Confirmation came from Egyptian sources!!

  14. in hospital
    Picture showing Muammar al-Qathafi in hospital right after British grenade attack in 1996, when an Angel Amazon guard sacrificed her life by throwing herself over the grenade and Brother-leader suffered a minor shoulder injury.


  15. Fighting continues in Libya, this time in Derna
    Posted on 17 January 2012 | Leave a comment


    Fighting has been continuing in almost daily basis in Tripoli and surrounding areas, new reports from Libya suggests that fighting has spread to Benghazi and Derna, far eastern Libyan cities which have been relatively peaceful for the past months. This comes as NATO continues stealing Libyan money, and the Libyan Central Bank reported that they have reported one dime of the 20 billion USD of Libyan foreign reserves, which NATO claimed to have released.


    Muammar Gaddafi
    معمر القذافي; Mouammar Kadhafi; Muammar al-Gaddafi; Moammar Gadhafi; Muammar Kadhafi; Muammar Kaddafi; Muammar Gheddafi; Муамар Кадафи; معمر قذافی; Muammer Kaddafi; Muamar Gadafi; Moamerja Gadafija; Moamar Gaddafi; Muamar el Gadafi; Muammar Kadafi; Muammar Khadaffi; Moammar Gaddafi; Muammar el Gaddafi; Муамар Каддафи; Muammar Gadafi; Muamar Kadafi; Moammar Kadhafi; Moamer Gadafi; Moamer Kadhafi; Mouammar Khadafi; Muammar Gadaffi; Муаммар Каддафи; Muammar al Gaddafi; Muammar Khaddafi; Muammar Qaddafi; Muhammar Gheddafi; Muamar al Gadafi; Muammar Khadafi; Muamar Kadhafi; Moammar Gadaffi; Muammar Gadhafi; Moamer Gathafi; Muammar Kadaffi; Muammar al-Gadafi; Muammar al-Ghadhafi; Mouammar Kaddafi; Muamar Khadafi; Muamar Gaddafi; Muammar Gadafy; Muammar el-Qaddafi; Moamer Gaddafi; Muammar Ghadhafi; Muammar Ghaddafi; Muammar al-Qadhafi; Muammar Qadhafi; Mouammar El Kadhafi; Muammer Gaddafi; Moammar Qaddafi; Muammer Gadaffi; Moamar Gadafi; Muhammar Gaddafi; Mummar Gaddafi; Moammar al-Kadhafi; Moammar Kadafi; Mouamar Kadhafi; Moammar Gheddafi; Mouamar Khadafi; Moammar al-Qadhafi; Muammar Ghadaffi; Moamar Kadhafi; Moamer Qadhafi; Muammar al-Kadhafi; Moamer Kadaffi; Moammar Khadafi; Muammar Gaddaffi; Moeammar Kadhafi; Muammar Al Gaddafi; Muammar el-Gaddafi; Muammar al-Qathafi; Muammar Al-Qadhafi; Moammar Khadaffi; Moammar Ghadafi; Muammar al-Qaddafi; Muammar Al-Kaddafi; Mouammar Al Kadhafi; Muamar El Gadafi; Моамар Кадафи; Muammar Al-Gaddafi; Moammar Kaddafi; Mouammar El-Kadhafi; Moammar Khaddafi; Muammar al-Gathafi; Moammar Qadhafi; Moamer Gadhafi; Muammar el Gadafi; Muammar el Gadaffi; Muammar al Ghadhafi; Muammar al-Kadafi; Mouammar al-Kadhafi; Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi; Muhamar Kadafi; Mouamar Kaddafi; Moammer Gaddafi; Mouammar El Khaddafi;

    Gadhafi would be alive and ready to organize resistance in Libya .

    16/01/2012 18:01 Rictv News Agency – Algiers and Madrid

    Gaddafi says he is good and great leading a resistance movement against the Council CNT
    Reports from news agencies circulated on Monday in Libya, Serbia and Russia , reported the first appearance of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi after the news of his death, which occurred during the conflict in that country last year. According to international news agency RicTV, Gaddafi would have spoken with the Libyans in Algerian radio transmission.

    The Libyan leader, that his death was confirmed by the official media of the new government of that country, would be alive, really, and refugees in the neighboring country, where an articulated response to the acquisition by the rebel tribes had support of the forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). These same sources said that the man confused by the rebels was a distant cousin of Gaddafi called Madz Ali Al-Andalus . The double was famous in Sirte, where he lived and died, apparently similar to the then ruling. RicTV heard by the agency, his family confirmed his death on October 20 last year, same date assigned to the death of Gaddafi. Independent sources have also confirmed to reporters that the Libyan leader was far from Sirte on 20 October.

    – The announcement of great strength and moral support is circulating in these días.Se left the settler violence against Libya. Everything was done in the name of a false revolution. To all the honest sons of Libya, the children of the mujahideen (warriors) and mujahideen commanders children, the sun will shine after a long night and what you need to know for now is that victory is near. Redemption is near – the transmission signals attributed to Gaddafi.

    According to news agency, based in Spain, the message was addressed to “units of international security, tribal security units, the soldiers of the battalions, Battalion 32 and the Libyan mujahideen and free.” Also according to emissions, confirmed by the Algerian news agency ISP Algeria, the resistance should be set up operations in all regions, “from east to west.” Gaddafi has also come to Libya to join the resistance fighters and attacks, “the rock” against the insurgents. It would also have asked the fighters to distant regions to intensify operations “against the traitors who have sold to Libya.”

    In the photo, Gaddafi would be watching on television, from a point in Algeria, the scenes where they are supposed to have been killed
    Gaddafi, the report – not yet confirmed by independent sources – have named his son, Saif al-Islam, “a member of the resistance will motivate us for the liberation of Libya.” Gaddafi would have closed his remarks with the assurance that never divide Libya.

    – Libya never became an emirate of Qatar or the UAE or in a colony of France and other Western countries – underlines the statement attributed to Gaddafi.

    In addition to members of the army loyal to the regime of Gaddafi after the Libyan leader also called on “all the tribes of the regions, Algerians, Tunisians, Iraqis and Syrians to oppose the rats and their mercenaries.”

    In similar reporting, published in Algeria ISP shortly after the announcement of the death of Gaddafi, another version that was alive and well and health.

    Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has spoken to the Libyans “” A great moral support given to the proclamation of the resistance that is circulating these days, Libya “rictvagencianoticias

    Libya – A statement of resistance refers to a meeting with the guide soon!
    Posted on 14/01/2012 at 21:10 –
    Haraka Elmokawama, In Libya,

    a statement of the distributed resistance in Libya.

    It is for children of this great people, the sons of the commander, the hero Mujahid, Colonel Gaddafi Maoummer. You’ve seen the colonizers raped and robbed the land of the Libyans, dead, injured and orphaned children. All this in the land after the Libyan revolution that destroyed the pseudo beloved country. With all this, we thank God for our dear people woke up. In the honest son of Libya, the son of the mujahideen and the son of the commander of the Mujahideen. It will take one day the sun will shine after a long night and you should know that victory is close and inchaelah liberation is near. Your appointment will soon be with the Commander through television Great Jamahiriya. According ALGERIA ISP, this version fixes a date for the green strength professional television Qaddafi of Libya. It really is alive! “Inchaelah Inchaelah be true …. a miracle coming soon …”.

    by Leah Nelson on April 1, 2011
    Black Extremists Blast Obama’s Decision to Murder Qaddafi, With One Predicting Spaceships


    President Obama’s decision to intervene militarily in Libya to cripple the Jamahiriya and murder the Mujjadid/MAHDI Muammar al-Qaddafi, didn’t sit well with two American black nationalist leaders who consider Muammar al-Qathafi a friend and ally.

    “Now you may laugh, but in a few days, something is going to wipe the smile and the laugh from your face,” Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI),


    warned Thursday during a rambling press conference at the group’s headquarters in Chicago. The uprisings in the Arab world coupled with the tsunami in Japan signify that divine spaceships waiting to avenge black suffering will soon arrive, Farrakhan said. “Brother Barack’s” decision to back the Libyan opposition against Qaddafi – who in 1972 lent NOI’s leadership $3 million to buy the headquarters from which Farrakhan broadcast his speech – is only going to hasten the UFOs’ arrival.

    NOI theology has it that just before the biblical end of times, believers will be whisked away in small spaceships called “Baby Wheels” to a giant “Mother Wheel,” where they will live while other divine ships eradicate those who remain on earth with enormous bombs, explains Mattias Gardell in “In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam”.

    Farrakhan prophesied that the time is near. “All of the governments are releasing their files on UFOs. America’s holding back, [but] other nations are informing their people of the reality of what is above their heads,” he said. “Who do you think then that you’re dealing with, if you’re the best in the world but you’re thousands of years behind the technology on those wheels? I’m here to tell you, you are dealing with God. You have no weapon that can handle what is already prepared to take you out.”

    For over a month, Farrakhan, who described himself as a recognized “head of state” equal to other world leaders, has been warning Obama not to intervene against Libya’s government. Even so, in Thursday’s speech he stressed that responsibility for America’s involvement with the opposition does not rest entirely with the nation’s first black president (whom, he said, he loves like a brother).

    “Now this man Barack, he had a good heart. We all fell in love with him during the campaign. Not the same man today*. … The people that surrounded him, engulfed him,” Farrakhan told his audience. “The stupid mistake that we make is to think that the president is the supreme power. Never was. Money is the power in America. … All of you know what I’m talking about, Zionist control of the government of the United States of America,”

    *: Now Obama is possessed by the devil.

    In a much less forgiving mood was Malik Zulu Shabazz,

    leader of the New Black Panther PARTY (NBPP),

    who often aligns himself with Farrakhan.

    Ripping into the president with shocking venom on March 23, Shabazz said in a presentation posted online, “Whatever Barack Obama is doing, he represents the white man. He represents the ideology of the white man, he represents the policies of the white man, he represents the CIA set up, sabotage, lie on a African leader and bomb that man like he George Bush. He represents the white man. And his wife should leave the nigger tonight. She should walk out and his beautiful daughters should walk out on this bamboozling, buck-dancing Tom,” Shabazz raged.

    “Only thing you see in Libya is just a big case of police brutality. We see the way they [police] team up on us and run us down all the time,” he spat. “Sometimes it’s a nigger police chief that’s in the lead. This time it’s a nigger police chief in the lead named Barack Obama. But it makes no difference, the black man is on the run, named Qaddafi. We pray for his safety and that he survives.”

    ‘Black Extremists Blast Obama’s Decision to Weaken Qaddafi, With One Predicting Spaceships’

  18. Before watching and reading any of the following, I want to make the statement that I KNOW THAT MUAMMAR al-Qathafi IS ALIVE. But the stories presented by Mr. Sanchez are worthy of presentation despite this major flaw in his presumption.

    Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez informs us on 18 janvier 03:15

    Why NATO Murdered Gaddafi

    The ‘rebel’ assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO operation from A to Z

    Ghadafi Dead or Alive ?

    Libya: Apparent Execution of 53 Gaddafi Supporters


    U.S. Congressman Wants Libya Rebels Investigated on “Crimes Against Humanity.”

    The slaughter in Sirte

    Libya: Anti-Gaddafi Fighters Loot, Burn Homes In Sirte


    Crisis Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi

    26/oct/11 NATO Cheerleaders supporting NATO’s bloodshed, destruction and lawlessness without shame
    NATO cheerleaders have helped NATO justify the war of aggression since the beginning without any shame. It is like cheering for someone else’s misery and downfall, or worse, cheering for genocide. It is probably one of the worse things human beings are capable of, almost as worse as those responsible for genocide.

    These are the people that help justify the misery, help justify the murder of someone else’s father, mother, daughter, sister, brother, grandfather…

    These are the same animals that show no shame when they cheer after a bomb that hits a hospital, after every bomb that hits a University, a house, an apartment building, a peace conference… They cheer, and they cheer, they say it is good, they say bombs save civilian lives, they say torture saves civilian lives, they say mass murder saves civilian lives, they say genocide saves civilian lives, they say destruction and misery saves civilian lives.. These are the same people who say that dropping a nuclear bomb over hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children is justified, these are the same cowards who say dropping chemical bombs similar to Vietnam is justified.. These are the same Cheerleaders that support NATO’s war in Libya..

    25/oct/11 NATO Mercenary convoy struck an IED killing at least 8
    Latest reports indicate that at least 8 NATO Mercenaries have been killed in the main highway which connects Sirte with Waddan. It is yet unclear whether the convoy was travelling towards Waddan, or towards Sirte when it hit an Improvised Explosive Device, destroying at least 2 armed vehicles.
    This comes as Libyan Defense Forces declared a transition of resistance to guerrilla warfare.

    23/oct/11 NATO conducts 70 air sorties as Mercenaries claim occupation completed
    NATO Mercenaries held celebrations for occupation of Libya celebration where only hundred people attended and reported through out NATO media outlets, what they didn’t report was the 70 air sorties NATO conducted in Libya, including 12 cruise missile attacks in Sirte and Bani Walid. This is evident that the resistance continues, while NATO media outlets keep the focus on the fake celebrations, NATO genocide continues.

    23/oct/11 Thousands celebrated in Libyan Liberation day AKA Occupation Day??
    According to NATO propaganda thousands of people celebrated the liberation day, also known as occupation day. But in reality, only hundreds, rather than thousands celebrated the fake liberation day. Mercenaries tried hard to bring people out, but only a hundred die hard NATO loyalists came out with the Monarch flag.

    It was a day to mourn, because hundred cowards were celebrating the occupation of their nation, a day of rage because half of Libya in ruins, a day to weep because NATO turned Libya in to a slaughter house, half of a Tribe massacred in Sirte.

    According to latest reports, Mercenaries have been ordered to hide their weapons and join the crowds because people are refusing to celebrate in such a day of shame.

    Not even NATO propaganda could hide the fact that Libyans see this as day of rage, a day to mourn and a day to weep, one reporter was forced to tell the truth in Sirte when he said “I didn’t see a SINGLE local out on the streets celebrating the “new” Libya”.

    Gadaffi Murder. NATO WAS THERE. PROOF! 25.10.11, NATO Crimers In Libya
    Why NATO Murdered Gaddafi http://www.agorac

  19. Misrata “rebels” tried to scale the oil platform at Brega–so NATO bombed Misrata (their headquarters).
    NATO “owns” (they think) all of Libya’s oil and also threw out any Libyan personel working theron and replaced them with their own European engineers.

  20. I present this truthful snap by President Mahmoud Ahmadinjad (IRAN) because it also reflects upon the situation in Libya. This is the TRUTH:…and bless President Ahmadinejad for the courage to always speak the truth:

  21. Libyan Resistance News – January 17, 2012 – (Eng-Ita)
    Posted on 18 January 2012


    (1) Gangs from Gharyan have been found to be abusing detainees from Asabah; bodies of captives and prisoners found beating and torture as common pratice by militia from Gharyan; more than five people died in captivity after being beaten to death by NATO militias and mercenary from Gharyan.
    (2) Misrata gangs and militia have been attacking BREGAH seaport and displaced people from Tawhorgha. Earlier yesterday in West Ajdabiyah district, rebels of Ajdabiyah fought each other with the rebels of Misrata, a Misrata battalion coming from the Eastward of Ajdabiyah armed with heavy weapons came with a list of names of wanted Tawhorgha people, the list was rejected by green resistance of Ajdabiyah.
    (3) In a rebel to rebel fighting show of power and NATO strength, rebels from Ajdabiyah will be taking on Benghazi gangs in a fight to dominate Ajdabiyah Benghazi highjway to areas of divided BREGAH seaport.
    (4) LLA yesterday checked on Sultan Museum in East of Sirte, and found the museum looted of many artifacts by the guerrillas of East Libya.
    (5) A foreign military plane of unfamiliar shape has been spotted by the green army intelligence at the Mitiga military airbase, it’s believed to be carrying Israeli soldiers.



    Americans Are Coming – Gli americani stanno arrivando – (Eng-Ita)
    Posted on 18 January 2012

    Under the pretext of protecting the oil fields, hundreds of American soldiers are disembarking on the shores of Libya. Libyan FM reported this morning that 6.000 US troops landed at Mitiga base as well. One hour after that, we were informed that most of the US troops were already setting up mobile camps and equipment around oil fields and rafineries. (by Libya S.O.S)

    U.S. forces were concentrated in the Malta. Today they reached the beaches of Ras Lanuf, Sirte and other oil ports under the pretext of protecting the oil fields and ports from ‘illegal exports by Libyan armed gangs’.

    As we all know the resistance has previously announced that they will burn Libyan oil rafineries if and when the first ‘invading oil soldier’ arrives to the Jamahiryan territory.

    A few days ago it was reported that Barack Obama gave a directive to transfer 12 thousand U.S. troops, stationed in Malta, to Libya.

    He hopes the presence of Western troops on the ground will secure pumping Libyan oil to European markets at very low prices which will not exceed $ 20 per barrel.

    So the first results of the ‘liberated’ Libyan economy, are unfair deals signed by the NATO puppets (Council of Shame) with the new colonists.

    For those of you who didn’t know, United States of America had been buying Iraqi oil between 2003 and 2007 for the price of one dollar per barrel, under the pretext of restoring the lost expenditure in the “liberation” of Iraq, and it seems that Atlanticists themselves follow the same method today in Libya.

    Libyan Feb17 fools liberated themselves from oil..

    Libya currently lives in a State of perpetual war and every day fighting increases, covered most of the cities of Libya, including those regions that were relatively calm in recent months.
    It seems that the Libyans finally realized: their country destroyed and pull up in astronomical debts; in Libya there is no one family that has not lost a family member, relative, friend or neighbour.
    Of the 20 billion dollars of Libyan reserves, which, according to NATO, have been allocated PFI, Libyan citizens have not received a single cent.
    For this reason, 12 thousand American soldiers are in Malta and are preparing to return to Libya. Yesterday evening, it was reported on the arrival of the first group of mercenaries in the ports of the Ras Lanuf and Alphippa ….
    Tripoli: the city resisted. Heavy fighting continued in the green zone. A lot of explosions and near the University. Powerful explosions rattle in the area of Elhadaba. Green militants attacked several rats.
    Libya’s Liberation Front fighters carried out a military operation against the rat-Office in Tripoli. They seized important documents with armed NATO plans against Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and the rebel network, funded by the bankers. Operation killed 21 mercenary.
    NATO continues to flagrantly violate the airspace of Libya, over the city at low altitude to fly foreign helicopters.
    In addition to the airbase were unknown, likely Israeli party arrived, possibly of Jewish fighters.
    Green sniper kills French at Mitiga.

    Tadjoura: NATO/SGP attacked yesterday at the industrial research centre in Tajura, they severely beat some of the staff. The reason is the requirements of the Centre’s staff to remove from Office the Director Mohammed Mansour-al Sharif, on his full incompetence and gross financial irregularities.
    Bani Walid: on Tuesday over the city appeared NATO aircraft, flying at low altitude, this is yet another flagrant violation of international law and Libyan airspace.

    In Bani Walid, a radio is broadcasts the Libyan national songs.
    Sirt: Green cell Thayer Sirt fighters were attacked a truck fighters equipped with heavy weapons . Five militants in a van abandoned;, this is revenge for the martyrs who died recently in the town of Elasabea and Sirte in District No. 1-2.
    Shooting between Green resistance and NTC/Al-Qaeda in the city of Ziltenare, Jamal and Èlvahat.
    Fighters of the liberation front of Libya from cell. Elsakr Elawhed ” released 39 Pro-Gaddafi prisoners from the prison of the military camp ” Elhadaba Elzira Macheroue Elkhadra “. Two Green fighter were killed. They will always be in our memory!

    Turf: Battles between Green resistance and rats are continuing
    Alasabah: the inhabitants of the city had enough from insurgents and they approached the Green Army for protection. Green army not only clean the city of the rats, but also brought residents a truck with clean water and resume the elettricity. A Green commander holds meeting with officials of the Alasabaha city.
    Benghazi: Continuing demonstrations against NTC, the lack of money, basic services, clean water, food discontent of residents every day is still growing.
    NATO/Mercenary accused of murdering Abdel Fattah Younis, not survived the bursting with bomb car; it is not yet clear who was behind the attack; there is a suspicion that this was the tribe of Eunice, who promised to seek justice, if a puppet regime NATO does not take action against those accused of his murder, no action was of course PNSa. .

    Sabha: in the city, fighting with heavy weapons between rats and Green resistance fighters, of warriors from cell Warfala Soulaiman.
    NTC has a grid of electricity throughout the South of Libya. Sabha without electricity.
    The Tunisian frontier guards arrested on the Libyan-Tunisian border two cars with 40 tons of stolen copper from electric lines, intended for smuggling in Tunisia.

    By Za-afriku – Adapted and Reloaded by LibyanFreePress

  22. El Gaddafi Muammar 18 janvier 21:52
    Behind the nation, the former Republic Bank branch on 18/01/2012 the field now and shooting happened Achbak Blaslhh Bhdf the end of the pomegranate and the cause is unknown at 7.20 pm
    Clash in Omar Mukhtar Street – Tripoli

    al-Qathafi 2


    Musselini in Libya:

    An Interview with Aisha Al-Gaddafi, after the martyring on 30 April 2011
    of her daughter and her brother Saif Al-Arab (French):


    al-Qathafi 3

    al-Qathafi 4jpg
    writing the Green Book

  23. No schools , no applications, no books in Sirte,NATO destroyed all schools.
    This is how begining of school year looks in Libya thanks to NATO’s humanitarian bombing: »


  24. What We Are Witnessing In Afghanistan and Iraq We Will Soon Soon See It In Libya!!!!!!!!! REPORT: UK SOLDIERS RAPE AFGHAN KIDS
    Posted on 19/01/2012 by alfatah69
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    What We Are Witnessing In Afghanistan and Iraq We Will Soon Soon See It In Libya!!!!!!


    1:20 PM OZYISM


    UK soldiers have raped a boy and a girl in two separate occasions while recorded the heignous crimes. Similar cases of brutality and terrorism have been reported through out Afghanistan in the hands of NATO forces.
    Iraq faced similar heinous crimes under US occupation, in one case a teenage girl was raped and then her whole family was massacred by US forces to hide any evidence or witnessesses.

    *****(So please explain to me what kind of freedom and democracy is practiced in these regions by NATO and USA? Is raping, killing a whole family so there is no witness to accuse the soldier or their platoon for their heinous crime a democratic practice? It seems to me that I tend to forget that who ever enters the army now days has no moral standards they hire only criminals, rapists, blackmailers, scum of scums. If I take it literally from the films Hollywood shows they go to prisons and take all the criminals who are on death row and give them a chance to fight for their (country) and if they make it out alive then they are free to return home!!! nice!!!! Those who are on death row are: serial killers, child killers, killers. So what do you expect from an army who has no moral code anymore? How can they teach any democracy, or Freedom but the main thing how can they teach to be A HUMAN BEING FIRST OF ALL and to respect all human beings!)

  25. 29 OCT. 1996:

    This is when the Brits tried to assassinate him with a grenade and arm violent men with rifles.

    كلمة الشهيد القائد معمر القذافي في مجلس النتواب التونسي بتاريخ 29-10-1996 يفضح حلف الناتو الصليبي
    الشهيد القائد معمر القذافي يفضح مؤامرات حلف الناتو الصليبي وثوار الناتو الخونة جلبوه ليقتل ويدمر الأسلام
    فيديو نادر للشهيد القائد الزعيم معمر القذافي يكشف اسرار مؤامرات تحبك ضد العرب والمسلمين من قبل الدولة الاوربية وحلف النيتو
    الشهيد القائد معمر القذافي يفضح حلف الناتو بتاريخ 29/10/1996 في كلمة في مجلس النواب التونسي
    الشهيد القائد الزعيم معمر القذافي يفضح حلف النيتو الصليبي الكافر ويكشف خطورتة على العرب والمسلمين
    الشهيد القائد معمر القذافي يكشف فضائح حلف الناتو الصليبي من قبل 15 عام
    الشهيد القائد الزعيم معمر القذافي يكشف مؤامرات الغرب وحلف الناتو الصليبي على المسلمين في كلمة الشهيد القائد في مجلس النواب التونسي في 19-10-1996

    The word martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi in the Tunisian Alentwab on 29/10/1996 exposes NATO Crusader
    The martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi exposes conspiracies NATO Crusader NATO traitors and rebels brought him to kill and destroy Islam
    Rare video of martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi reveals secrets Thpk plots against Arabs and Muslims by the state of Europe and Nato
    The martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi exposes NATO on 29/10/1996 in a speech in the House of Representatives of Tunisia
    The martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi Nato exposes the infidel crusader reveals the threat to the Arabs and Muslims
    The martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi reveals scandals NATO Crusader by 15 years
    The martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi plots reveals the West and NATO crusaders against the Muslims in a speech martyr leader in the House of Representatives of Tunisia 10/19/1996

    and a very young al-Qathafi:

    young smile

  26. THE GREEN LIBYA__________ Libya green.

    El Gaddafi Muammar 19 janvier 21:31
    U.S. intelligence officer reveals: NATO aircraft carrying an arsenal Gaddafi to Turkish bases close to the brigade headquarters Alexandretta (the Syrian army’s free)
    U.S. intelligence officer reveals: NATO aircraft carrying an arsenal Gaddafi to Turkish bases close to the banner of Alexandretta


    The West, Syria and Libya
    by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

    …It doesn’t matter, because the TV images of screaming children swing into action in the early days of an “uprising” (what happened in London last August was a more authentic uprising than the ones in either Libya or Syria) and create the mind-image which will in turn create the mindset that will shape and control public opinion during the rest of the conflict.

    We are not speaking about journalism and information, we are speaking about propaganda, unfounded rumours and disinformation and demonization campaigns which attempt to justify the unjustifiable. The Net then backs up the biased media, filtering out any opposing stories, closing sites, blogs, hacking sites, closing Facebook accounts (how porous is that medium?) and taking You Tubes off the air, while the photo libraries are purged of damning images. That is why they are trying to control the Net. It’s called freedom of information and expression…

    At the epicentre of this is the Queen of Liars, traitors and terrorists, the human hell-hole, residence supreme of the Demon himself, Qatar. Al-Jazeera, which started out as a credible news agency, has become the whore of international journalism and is as credible as the scrawlings of a demented simpleton on the walls of a football stadium.

    What is really happening in Syria, we shall be reporting in the forthcoming days. Meanwhile let us tell the story of Libya, which you will not see on Al-Jazeera, nor indeed on the British Bullshit Corporation, its friend and bedmate.

    What NATO has unleashed in Libya is hard to describe, because there are no adjectives strong enough to put into words the horrific human rights abuses carried out by the “darlings” of the west, namely the Libyan rebels, in fact, gangs of murderers, rapists, arsonists, thieves, looters, torturers and bandits, racist pigs who have carried out ethnic cleansing, who have kidnapped and gang-raped women and girls and who have hacked people to death.

    The people of Libya are not sitting back and accepting this scourge as a Government because it is not and never will be. Southern Libya has now been declared terrorist-free and the result is that the USA, under what international mandate? – is massing troops in Malta, while it sends in waves of Marines to be shot down by snipers.
    How many more families in the USA are being told that their sons are missing in action?

    Evidence of human rights abuses by Libyan terrorists, supported by NATO:
    Judge for yourselves.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


    Green Arabia ?:


    Aboubakr Elsokary
    Derniers mots d’Omar Mukhtar demandé à l’officier: Avez-vous combattu le gouvernement italien …? Omar: Oui Est encouragé les gens à la guerre? … _ Oui Etes-vous conscient de l’Maflt mort? _ Oui t reconnaît Pmatcol? _ oui, combien d’années vous vous battez les autorités italiennes? _ il ya 20 ans, regrettez-vous Maflt? ne vous réalisez que vous abattre? _ Oui _ lui dire, juge de la Cour: je suis triste d’être sa fin est contenue Omar Mukhtar :………. _ mais la meilleure façon de conclure la vie ……….. _ le juge tente de le tenter, il est condamné à l’amnistie générale en échange de la rédaction des moudjahidin du Jihad pour arrêter les Italiens …. , donc regarder sa vie et son fameux dicton: (où l’index de chaque prière qu’il n’ya pas de dieu qu’Allah et que Muhammad est le Messager de Dieu, peut-être pas tort d’écrire le mot)
    Mucktar and the Italian occupation


    cool al-Qathafi
    Muammar al-Gadhafi

  28. Message to the traitors that remain,
    (By Petar Markovic)
    you rat, you should know:

    – that your children will be growing up in a country you tore up…
    – they will be bleeding from the wounds you opened…
    – that they will be looking for salvation in fundamentalism and emigration…
    – that your very own sins will make them blow themselves to pieces looking for divine justice…
    – that your other children will be looking for a better future in gloomy European suburbs… selling drugs and their own bodies…
    – that your own grandchildren will be laughing at you for not knowing the language they’ll be speaking…
    – that they will be ashamed of your religion and tradition in their new homeland…
    – that your city will remain demolished and deserted as long as you shall live…

    – You should know that one day when you grow old, your little grandchild will come to you…
    the youngest one, the only one that stayed to live in poverty with you…
    the one who’s the best in school, the one who likes to read, the one who knows the capitols and other rubbish…
    he’ll come to you, sit in your lap and tell you:
    – “Grandpa, talk to me about the Colonel…”

    – Que vos enfants pourront grandir dans un pays que vous déchiré …

    – Ils seront saignement de la blessure que vous avez ouvert …

    – C’est qu’ils seront à la recherche pour le salut dans l’intégrisme et l’émigration …

    – Pour que vos péchés propre leur fera se faire exploser en morceaux en quête de justice divine …

    – Que vos enfants d’autres seront à la recherche d’un avenir meilleur dans les banlieues européennes sombres … vente de drogues et leur propre corps …

    – Que votre propres petits-enfants seront riant de vous pour ne pas connaître la langue qu’ils vont parler …

    – Qu’ils aient honte de votre religion et de tradition dans leur nouvelle patrie …

    – C’est votre ville restera démolie et abandonnée aussi longtemps que vous vivrez …

    – Vous devriez savoir qu’un jour, quand tu seras vieux, votre petit-enfant petite viendra à vous …

    le plus jeune, le seul qui est resté vivre dans la pauvreté avec vous …

    celui qui est le meilleur à l’école, celui qui aime lire, celui qui connaît les chapiteaux et autres détritus …

    il va venir à vous, assis sur vos genoux et vous dire:

    – «Grand-père, de me parler du colonel …”


    vel Fuks 20 janvier 04:06
    Stolknoveniya in El Hadaba: NATO mercenaries tried to detain the civilian, but he stood up for the neighbors.
    NATO warplanes fly over the city of El Ashabı.
    The Egyptian customs officials arrested the smugglers with a large cargo of arms and weapons boepripasov. Contraband from NATO countries in Benghazi does not end with the beginning of the conflict (istochn.France 24 \ 24)
    In Gariyane died puppet TNC Mohammed Salem Elnoisari
    Last 2 days in Sebha there are no electricity. Uzhe many months in the Sabha had electricity for several hours in den.Govoryat that there is no fuel for Libyan energy government rabatyvayuschih enterprises, but all of the Libyan oil exports, without paying anything to the population ..
    Clashes in Tripoli in Salahaddin.
    Tarhunskie students sing the hymn of Libya.
    In the medical service was Jamahiriya besplatnym. A now TNC does not pay even for their own gospitalizhatsiyu boevikov.
    Liviytsy could also be treated for free in Tunisia, as had an agreement with TNC Tunisom.Boeviki broke into the Libyan embassy in Tunis, requiring treatment.
    Libyans Al-Brega and Ras lanufa: NATO people had been driven them from their habitat and they have lost raboty.
    Teper war against NATO with the support of other Libyans Сопротивления. Столкновения in this region does not stop.
    Leonorenlibia – Últimas noticias sobre el conflicto libio

    Wednesday, 18 January 2012 14:52

    Akopov Pogos interview that it was the Soviet ambassador to Libya in 1986 when the U.S. bombed Libya. (Trad.google). His account of Libya and Gaddafi is very interesting.
    When 25 years ago, the U.S. bombed Libya, the Soviet ambassador appointed a seasoned diplomat-Arabist Poghos Akopov. Today, in an interview “Fontanka” recalls his close relationship with Gaddafi and state terrorism, the United States, reveals the true causes a chain reaction of revolutions in the Arab world and argues that oil is the real reason for the NATO campaign. Anticipating the discussion, Boghos S. insisted that expressed in this interview with staff professional standpoint, but does not act as president of the Association of Russian diplomats and vice president of the Foreign Policy Association. In 1986, the U.S. bombed Libya. How does the Reagan administration accused of terrorist Ghadafi? You were, indeed, became ambassador in Tripoli, it seems that at that time? – Gaddafi was bombed in April, and we arrived a little later, but I saw with my own eyes the bombed Qaddafi’s home, killing his daughter Foster, I saw the house completely destroyed by American bombing in the French Embassy in central Tripoli. Yes, the U.S. Gaddafi accused of terrorism then and dared to bombard it. I will not cover up or justify Gaddafi, because there is no such thing but a “presumption of innocence,” because if you accuse someone of something, whether it is good – in the first place have to prove it. During five years of work in Libya, I was trying to find documentary evidence to confirm the involvement and hard data or personal information about Gaddafi in Libya to commit terrorist acts, but found nothing. Maybe someone has the data now? But then, why not publish? The Americans, pledged to publish a “black book” of the crimes of Gaddafi, where talk about their involvement in the bombing of the plane over Lockerbie and the terrorist attack in West Berlin. But there is also this book! Allegations of Lockerbie were only court decisions, and based only on a few words without any proof. But the fact that the Americans bombed Libya in 1986, is a fact. So if we talk about terrorism, then, from my point of view, namely the U.S. and were in this case, terrorists sponsored by the U.S. State .. Yes it is true that in the Libyan desert preparing Palestinian troops. I do not think Gaddafi help. And I had not hidden. But when he realized that there were units in the desert, closed quickly and drove out of Libya. How much confidence do you have with the leader of the Libyan revolution? It’s “Black Colonel” is prone to outrageous actions and is a very exotic way of life? – In reality, though, of course, it is important to understand that under these concepts. I remember the case of one of the first meeting with Gaddafi. I received a letter from Moscow, for transmission to the Libyan leader in which he requested the opportunity to meet you. I got a call: “Go to the airport at night.” Mellevaron, flying plane, and then drive through the desert. It was night. Total darkness. Tent. In the center – Gaddafi in a swivel chair. Before him a folding table. They gave me a regular chair. We slept in a Bedouin tent. The TV. A tabletop radio, a notebook, a pen. Gaddafi wrapped in a blanket of camel. I waved. He invited me to sit down. I asked him why he had a life so ascetic. He replied: “. I’m here alone, no one bothers me here I think a lot better. I am referring to God …” There’s nobody around. Gaddafi, of course, not smoking or drinking at all. During the first meeting developed a trusting relationship. Gaddafi did not accept the credentials of Ambassador, saying: “I am not the president or the head of state, I am the leader of the revolution, but not forbid me to receive ambassadors.” So he gave his credentials to Foreign Minister, rather, they have it, just like us once, is called the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs. After 3-4 days, I invite Gaddafi. 12 at night. A war with Chad. Throughout the blackout. Bring on the dark streets in a small mansion. There I saw al-Gaddafi. The first thing I said, “But I know you Nasser me (in 1956 and 1970 – President of Egypt – Com Aut …) told me”. Gaddafi was considered a follower of Nasser, who was his god. I remember in 1967, immediately after the Six Day War with Israel, Egypt, in Egypt, the government delegation arrived, headed by the USSR Podgorny (member of the Politburo in 1960 -… 1977gg Com Aut) To participate in restoration of the economy and the Egyptian army. I was like part of this commission. I stayed in Egypt to work. Then a Nasser, whom I met before, to me there was no sympathy. Therefore, Gaddafi was aware of this: “I want the Libyan ambassador who played the same role once played in Egypt.” Since then, we have developed a cordial relationship. As for Gaddafi’s bizarre behavior, which is spoken, I can only say that he would not take my credentials, I will tell another of those moments. The first meeting will give a message from Gorbachev, translated into Arabic. Gaddafi: “I do not understand, say his own words.” “Wow – I think -. It is an Arabic translation in the purest literary language How not to understand that although I understand it?” Shows that Gaddafi wanted to see if I knew Arabic. Could talk to him one by one. It was his way – one by one, he always wore to the translators. Somehow, I remember, came to the personal representative of Gorbachev in the late Vorontsov. We sat next to Gaddafi. We talked. Then suddenly out of Gaddafi asked his minister, and addressed me: “And you, Safir, go I want to talk one at a time ..” Safire – was Arab ambassador.

    By the way, the envoy. The diplomatic community, and Russian society as a whole did not understand the waiver of the Russian ambassador in Libya, said Vladimir tanks which occurred on the eve of the NATO bombing of the country. Do you know anything about the circumstances of the dismissal? As for the independent role of the ambassador of Libya and is the ambassador, in principle, the right to disagree with the opinion of his leadership?

    – Regarding the independence of the Ambassadors of Libya, by his example, I can say that Gaddafi on the first day of our relationship started asking my opinion on some issue or another, as stated in the letter Gorbachev. I remember thinking, “If I bring the message of the head of state, how I can express my opinion?” On the other hand, we intuitively understand that if the answer that I have no opinion, but it is only the opinion of Gorbachev, Gaddafi will make our relationship with what I have to transfer any securities authority, and not after. The answer is: .. “Let us agree that if I said I have nothing to add to that described in the letter of my leadership, this means that I express my opinion or I can not for some reason. If I develop a message, it means that I fully the opinion of my leadership on this issue. And finally, if I disagree, and I can tell you this, then I will give my opinion. “Gaddafi was initially confused by my words, then thought a bit,” Good! ” So there was no difficulty in personal encounters with him. Every time I requested a meeting with Qaddafi, there was not a single case that you refuse. This example illustrates the fact that Gaddafi is an affordable companion. Personally, I’ve only had one case in which Gaddafi did not agree with my point of view. In Libya, worked in a pharmaceutical plant. But Americans are in constant search for Soviet actions, Gaddafi said he had a factory for the production of chemical weapons. Accordingly, I have always followed the instructions from Moscow, so I got the permission of Gaddafi to avoid an inspection of U.S. and UN to the factory. I once went to Gaddafi. My second visit. The third time I spoke with Gaddafi said: “Why are you playing to Americans?” Another note, this time come from the Acting Foreign Minister Petrovsky in a very strict: “Ask Gaddafi, why is this line that we create problems with the Americans!” Do nothing, go back to talking to Gaddafi. Expose. He said: “Listen, and you, how about this?” Then he told me. “In this case, I personally do not agree, although I know that the ambassador had no right to have a personal standpoint First, there is still a convention banning chemical weapons, but only a convention on the use and distribution of chemical weapons. II. The great discrimination, why these controls is to be applied only against Libya, why not, for example, to check that the manufactures Israel? And finally, in third place, is why we, the Soviet Union, and especially Libya must always be under U.S. pressure? “He said he had heard the words of Gaddafi, then wrote to Moscow on Gaddafi’s opinion about the plant, and under what attributed to this view, I agree. In Moscow, I said the same with few differences. Shortly after Gaddafi addressed this issue, we stopped. With respect to Volodia Chanov … It was one of my students. Not support any deliberate error unless it was a mistake unintentionally. Ambassador – performs its functions. Another thing is that any ambassador – and that is my opinion that I have never hidden – is designed to find the positive in the host country, on the basis that they could develop good relations between countries. I do not know the reasons why the tanks removed. And I know that so far there has been no official complaint. I can only assume that, obviously, in terms of leadership, made ​​some mistakes or at least not what is expected of him, but to say that his actions have damaged the country, I can not. Maybe your actions considered out of time, may appear in a line something contrary to foreign policy concerning some actions that were carried out by the government at any given time. Not. The good news is that Chanov had a very high professionalism, he was a patriot, a man of principle, capable of defending its position and views Chanov. Before that, he was ambassador to Iraq. That is, he worked in the most difficult times and places. And it is very important. I think these ambassadors should not be punished. It happens that sometimes there is a need to demonstrate to its partners that the country’s leadership does not agree with the point of view of a special ambassador, who at the time of their activity does not meet the point of view of management. Ambassador then removed but should not be punished .. Gaddafi is said about that is unpredictable and crazy. During his meeting with Libyan leader, has noticed he has some mental disorders? – I have met over forty times with Gaddafi and I never felt I had a mental disability. Quite the contrary. I remember some maneratuvimos to convince him for war with Chad, Libya had no prospects, not to the interests of Libya and the war should end as soon as possible. Gaddafi listened calmly and addressed me: “Yes, I made ​​a mistake that got in Chad, but now I do not know how to get out of there. Help me give you all rights to negotiate with the French and the British to cease hostilities ….” They have a nut watching reacted so quickly and sensibly to our words? On the other hand, if Gaddafi himself takes the initiative at a meeting, you always know clearly in advance what you need from a particular party, and always holds a conversation . When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, al-Gaddafi, the next day I asked, alone of all the ambassadors, “Hussein, stupid Why invaded Kuwait, in this way has given Americans a golden opportunity to enter the Persian Gulf for decades to try? ” What later happened. It’s madness could have predicted that?

    And those who are called unpredictable Gaddafi, I advise you read the “Green Book” – Gaddafi speaks of a “theory of Third World”, by the way, we have this book in the Soviet Union translated and published. Yes, of course, in the “Green Paper” There are many things that few people agree: Gaddafi, for example, denied the parties and parliament, but can be unpredictable man, who developed and published the views of socio- economic and political development of society, that and put it into practice? Interestingly, the theory that he considered his next stage of development of Marxism, and the denial of political parties, said it would create a classless society. “That’s when sozdash, and then deny that the party” – I replied. Again, I am not a lawyer Gaddafi, I’m not speaking as an advocate of Libya, and only express their comments and set the basis for your opinion about this man is silent on everything from Gaddafi’s recent talk mostly good and bad. There is no reason now not to forget Gaddafi proclaimed the equality of women and men. When I first came to Libya, I saw on TV that Libyan people in a women robbed men the microphone and shouted: “We were right when our leaders speak on a par with that, so demand this and that … “These photos were for me, the example that was working for decades in an open Arab world. Today there is much talk that Gaddafi supposedly uses the Soviet Union, we owe money in various forms – that then forgave him – only out of loyalty, in return for nothing, give, and still looking to the west. Is this true? – No, of course not. Few people know today that the detachment of Soviet warships in the Mediterranean could go to any port in Libya, the Libyan warned in a few hours. Such opportunities we had in all the Mediterranean countries, including Latakia, our best friends – not the Syrians, not to mention the Egyptians and Tunisians. However, the sailor, who spends his time at sea for months, but sometimes it is very important to come ashore to rest. And economic cooperation – and prospects – with Libya during Gaddafi in power were very good. The Soviet Union in Libya built a nuclear research center “Tajura” but Gaddafi personally told me he was ready for the Soviet experts sent to Libya to build the subway and train from Tunisia to Egypt, offered cooperation and work space set of water desalination in the Mediterranean. Only time I was ambassador in Tripoli, the Soviet Union and Libya signed economic cooperation agreements in the amount of $ 23.5 million, completed the planned around $ 21 million and we paid 18 billion Gaddafi. Okay, even by the standards of today a very large sum. Yes, some 3 billion Gaddafi for information products that do not surcharge. We begin to charge interest on this debt was the sum of $ 4.5 billion, but this debt is easy. But this is important to understand that this debt Gaddafi was his opinion. He said some of the agreements we have made, the economic damage that he and evaluated in specific amounts, “I signed a contract to supply spare parts for aircraft, – he said -. And I said they were not delivered to my plane at that time were, to putrefaction, rusting. Who is going to repair the damage? Or. I sent for repair to my submarine, and told me not to return. So pay for it or the conversion go. ” So in this situation, everyone believed in his own way, and I, as ambassador, for example, went to Gaddafi and asked, “You have to pay.” But the vast majority of contracts have been paid Gaddafi.

    As soon as the West worsen relations with any country, immediately shows “previously unknown” information about countless unjust money leaders of these countries in Western banks. Do you know about Gaddafi accounts abroad?

    – The existence of these accounts, I do not know, but I know that once in power, the wealth of the Libyan state was only for development. When I realized, the economy of the past 15 years, Libya’s oil revenues, and what were the costs of his leadership during this time that are sent to the state budget, I came to the conclusion that free money Gaddafi could go into his pocket, was not an option. These estimates, of course, there was nothing fun or abstract interest, but because I needed to know clearly whether there is currently money from Libya to pay debts to the Soviet Union. I came to Gaddafi, saying: “Here are 9 billion of oil revenues, the Army will spend in the economy both in the social development both in my opinion, should stay another 500 million dollars. Come on, pay!” He says: “I do not know how to get these calculations, but I have a monthly budget deficit, money is not enough …” Cash, which happened to be right. Libya has since built 23,000 miles of beautiful roads, built a huge oil refinery, has created a large artificial river … All these projects will cost billions of dollars and was financed by the budget. This was somehow now I do not remember.

    Is there in fact, Medvedev and Putin differences from the situation in Libya, which is much discussion in recent years? What do you think that the guidelines for Russian foreign policy today in this region?

    – It’s hard to say which is the general direction of our country in relation to all third world countries, not only to Libya. Judging by the statements of our leaders, the emphasis that we are doing today is still, in cooperation with the West and the United States in the hope that will help us to advance technology and improve our economy, rather than the developing countries such as Libya, as it was in Soviet times, when there was a foreign concept for. But in the concrete situation of Libya around, I see no real differences in our guide. Yes, Mr Putin, immediately condemned the decision to enter NATO troops in Libya, and shortly after the bombing and condemned the president, who said that Russia does not share the NATO military action in Libya, because it goes against UN resolution … … a deputy Russian foreign minister Alexander Saltanov and the Ambassador of China in Moscow Li recently officially announced that an “internal civil conflict in Libya is a military solution, and only more suffering dilated all Libyans to exacerbate tensions in the region and all. ” – That is absolutely correct! Soviet doctrine of foreign policy is based on the fact that international resolve local conflicts through military means in most cases impossible, and even more intra-state conflicts. Use today, the United Nations as an instrument of war – nonsense! This contradicts the very essence, the purposes and objectives of the organization. Really do not know what ideas were introduced in the UN resolution on Libya, but the fact that under the pretext of protecting a portion of the population are put air strikes on the other side is, of course, crime. Attack – not the way to solve problems.

    So what, in his opinion, the real causes of today’s bombing of Libya by NATO forces

    – I think the main reason is happening in Libya and what is now by the Americans, is the desire U.S. to establish control over the final Libyan oil. In fact, this region of the world remains only one oil from Libya, which has not yet been fully controlled by the Americans. And it’s not a secret. However, even in 1992, when Libya had accepted the UN sanctions, which means including the withdrawal of all foreign specialists – then remove all the military experts, even, and cease all cooperation – the Americans, the initiators of these sanctions have left Libya 2500 of oil industry experts in other foreign companies – Canada, Korea. Therefore, the “oil positions,” the U.S. in Libya, who were, are and have. We can only legitimize them. By the way, when Qadhafi began to feel the change in the Soviet Union Gorbachev’s foreign policy against the Arabs, he said, “let us”, but I was trying to prove that it is unfair that our foreign policy is based on clear principles, although, of course, I felt some improvement, but the diplomat had no right to express their views. But during the Yeltsin and Kozyrev (1990 to 1996 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia -…. Com Aut) Many Arab leaders in conversations with me directly, saying: “You betrayed us!” Fortunately, in the 2000’s, in my opinion, there was a correction of our foreign policy toward the Arab world. Last year, President Medvedev met with veterans of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the meeting asked, “What do you think our foreign policy?” He said that to date, generally, to support Russia’s foreign policy because it is based on the principles of Russian foreign policy stated above.

    Why France was quick first attack on Libya?

    – As the son of Gaddafi called on Sarkozy to return the money, which the Libyans gave to his political campaign. I do not know, really you should give Sarkozy Libyan money or not, but, of course, such an assertion seriously injured, most recently saw him on television, like French President Gaddafi welcomed, embraced, and then suddenly attacked France to Libya. I must say that Gaddafi has always had a sympathetic attitude towards the French, in the first place in the West, had the Italians and the French. So in this story the main role has been the particular interests of France. French oil companies have entered firmly in Libya.
    A diplomat who has worked 16 years in Egypt, even charge d’affaires. Draws many analogies to the revolution in Egypt in 2011, with the situation in Libya. Is this true?

    – No. It is not true. Get to know Egypt and Mubarak (in 1981-2011 -. The President of Egypt, who resigned following popular unrest -… Com Aut) Remember the days when he was in Moscow, graduated from courses Military Training Academy “Shot” and worked in Egypt, the chief of Air Staff. I came to Egypt in 1959 when the population was 26 million dollars, and now living there almost 80 million, this increase was not anywhere in the world, well, except in Japan is slightly higher. It is important to understand how this happened, to answer your question. When Nasser came to power, the country was in terrible poverty. Then he took the land from the landlords and gave it to farmers, and property of foreigners in Egypt gave the national bourgeoisie. People began to live better and Nasser supported. When after the death of Nasser, Sadat came to power (in the years 1970 and 1981 -. -… Egyptian President Com Aut), Egypt’s economy has developed smoothly, and the popular discontent was brewing. Sadat came out of the situation by going to Jerusalem, and signed peace agreements with Israel, the huge costs before going to the military, turned to economics. That is, Sadat also gave something to people, which is also supported. And when Mubarak came to power, all he can, which was circulated, there was nothing to give. Grant aid of $ 2 billion that Egypt receives annually from the U.S. from the time of Sadat as compensation for the fact that Egypt broke off relations with the Soviet Union and joined the camp of the West, gradually devalued by inflation. The situation did not improve the people and the population continues to grow. The discontent was the beer. So, here is where the origin of the current socio-economic of the common complaints Mubarak Egyptian power. is, in this situation, look for traces CIA is not necessary, and for Russia, this scenario does well? – I do not think events in the U.S. Egypt has played a role, but nothing good either Russia or the Americans or the international community should not expect this development. From the political point of view, the cause of the revolution in 2011 is the activity of an Islamic fundamentalist “Muslim Brotherhood”, which has since clung to power of Nasser. But Nasser suppressed and not allowed. But when, after Nasser came to Sadat, who was a member of the “Muslim Brotherhood” began to hope that Sadat would give some power to the former “party comrades” but this did not happen. Moreover, as I said, Sadat went to Jerusalem and, according to most of the Arabs, had betrayed them. In 1981, the “Muslim Brotherhood”, assassinated Sadat. Mubarak arrived. However, the “Muslim Brotherhood” were once again out of power, so continue, and legal and illegal struggle. Thus, the outcome of events in Egypt, among other things, and activities of this organization. She takes the state of Islam, and do not know what tomorrow will be in Egypt. This problem, incidentally, is currently in Libya, where it activates “Al Qaeda”, Gaddafi, because at the time also did not allow “Muslim Brotherhood” and other fundamentalists of any authority, but as a religion – a religion, Gaddafi has created an Islamic religious organization “called” and the control. But this is now a headache for the Americans, the most affected by Islamic fundamentalism is always directed against the United States. In this sense, by the way, thank God, Russia condemned the NATO military action in Libya. To put the issue more widely. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and many other countries in the region in the flames of internal conflicts. There are still some regularity in this kind of chain reaction of revolutions and popular revolts? What is the factor that gave impetus to social explosions, head – external or internal? – I think that remains the main factor – internal, but the trigger may be an external factor. In the same Libya, for example, part of Libyan society was not satisfied with the policies of al-Gaddafi, because they make this part – which already has a strong position in society – rich, but she clung to power and the property. So in this case the reason is the division of property, whether from outside the U.S. for example, has said, and on the inside. But at the same time affirm that the opposition, but only felt the support of the U.S., rushed to overthrow Gaddafi, which is not true. When Gaddafi had strongly criticized the United States and is considered the main enemy, no one in Libya did not conform to the revolution, this was not the conditions, the vast majority of the population was at his side. Indeed, with the change of power in the country, including Gaddafi has forced to retreat under pressure from society, seeking the bourgeois form of government. This part is developed to strengthen ties with the West, spread in western Libya, information about lifestyles, and when he felt that balance of power in the country and Western support gives you the opportunity to speak against Qaddafi had, since the disturbances of zero on this scale does not start. Why is not this type of situation in Kuwait, or, for example, in Saudi Arabia? Due to the relative strength of the opposition and authorities are different, no real forces that might oppose the ruling elite. Well, in principle, to answer this, perhaps the key issue today, which can reveal a great deal and you need time and opportunity to examine the processes taking place in the countries you named, but of course , a certain pattern to all this, of course, looked through. You speak of Kuwait, who also served as ambassador to the Soviet Union. Often this country taken as an example of Russia: behold, they say, what a paradise on earth, can be created in petrodollars. They are the true legends, Kuwait, and under what conditions can a revolution in the Arab peace remains a corner? – To some extent, I agree. In 1983-1986 years, working ambassador, I had the pleasure of communicating with the Emir of Kuwait and other leaders of this state, and I can say that this is a very intelligent people with vision. It was in Kuwait for the first time in the world was created fund for future generations. When I asked why and he will, he said: “Today, oil is, and tomorrow may not be if the oil prozhrem now, what our descendants They curse us for what we have started.? All oil! “And since 30% of Kuwaiti crude oil sales driven in the background to future generations. In my day only has U.S. securities and other assets were $ 95 million for the fund! And that money to work and get benefits. In. In this country created a socio-economic infrastructure in which native Kuwaitis do not actually spend money on it, Kuwait adopted these laws, which create the country’s indigenous population of this kind of life in the near future about any dissatisfaction with the point of social and economic governance of view there can be no doubt. In Kuwaiti society as there is no difference between the rich and ordinary, which exists in other countries. Of course, the difference between an ordinary Kuwaiti sheikh and always will be, but again, this is not the difference in standard of living of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. However, the political reasons for any kind of revolution in Kuwait, as Saudi Arabia, by the way, in principle, no. Still, Kuwait – a monarchical government, and even within families that keep all power in the country Savahov, there is disagreement, which, however, are not yet fertile ground for intra-state conflicts. As for the “Muslim Brotherhood”, the Savahi able to maneuver and do not admit that someone from outside the influence on life in Kuwaiti society. Indeed, Kuwait was the first country in the Arabian Peninsula, which established diplomatic relations with the USSR … … You benefit from that occupied by the ideology, in its entirety and not try to do it? – Although he tried! Emir of Kuwait, for example, I went through the will of the Soviet Union put the state to 10 billion dollars in the State Bank. On the other hand, in pure form was my initiative. I went to the Emir and say, “Are you a huge capital, which remains in the U.S., but remember that the Shah of Iran, which were burned in the fact that all funds deposited in the United States.” Emir: “What do you suggest?” “I know that you have more spare money, put them in the public part of the Bank of the USSR.” Emir says: “Please, but pay 11% interest, as in America.” He said: “We do not pay that interest, I suggest 5%, but excluding exchange rate fluctuations and strong, and we will use these funds effectively ..” In this split. A few days later I was summoned to the palace of the Emir: “You go to Moscow to coordinate their proposal, I do not care.” It was 1985. I went to Moscow. I went to the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Shevardnadze. He said: “I do not understand these issues, but now call Nikolai Ivanovich – Ryzhkov was then president of the Council of Ministers of the USSR – it will take. ” The next day I Ryzhkov. For an hour he explained everything in detail, he said, What economy in Kuwait and so on. Ryzhkov and listens to assistant: “Everything now nadiktuet ambassador in notes issued to the Central Committee.” Dictation. Produced. Expected results. But this time he was transferred to Libya, but without me, all went out. Here is my “purely ideological” role as an ambassador! back at the end of the conversation with Gaddafi. What in your opinion, its relationship with Russia today and what is the attitude of Russia towards the Gaddafi? – I can say that by the time Gaddafi has made ​​official statements against anti-Soviet or Russian, despite the Russian-Libyan relations had a crack, when they voted for UN sanctions against Libya in 1992. After Russia was trying to resume military cooperation with Libya signed an agreement yet, but none of them subsequently did not run. Gaddafi in the early 1990, said: “I will never have relations with Yeltsin’s Russia. They voted sanctions against me So – all you do not want their planes and tanks !.!”. The paradox, but now is with the help of Soviet tanks and planes and is protected by Gaddafi. Then I answered, “. You are doing wrong, has the right to cooperate or not cooperate with us, but remember, it needs Russia and Russia needs you, and Americans need only your head.”


    By Pravda.Ru

    The law case of the century: Indictment against NATO military and political leaders (UPDATED)

    NATO: Indictment for breach of international law in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The military and political leaders of NATO are hereby accused of the following crimes committed in the Libyan campaign of 2011, in which the systematic breaches of international law are underlined.

    Understanding that international law exists and that it is systematically broken by certain powers with impunity, understanding that such a situation is unacceptable and that the same set of laws should apply to all, equally, with the same sets of weights and measures employed in upholding it, I hereby accuse NATO and the below-mentioned individuals, party to its acts in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya from February to September (ongoing) 2011, of breach of international law;

    1. Accusation: NATO war crimes, crimes against humanity, breach of UN Charter, Breach of UNSC Resolutions, breach of Geneva Conventions, occasioning murder, attempted murder, actions occasioning grievous and actual bodily harm, destruction of private and public property.

    2. Accused:

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Denmark) NATO Secretary-General; Charles Bouchard (Canada), Commander of Operations; Nicolas Sarkozy, Édouard Guillaud (France); Rinaldo Veri, Commander Allied Maritime Command (Italy); David Cameron, Sir Stuart Peach (UK); Barack Obama, Carter Ham, Sam Locklear (USA); Harald Sunde (Norway), Abdullah II (Jordan); Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani (Qatar), Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan (UAE); Sverker Goranson (Sweden) and the Defence Ministers Pieter de Crem (Belgium), Anuy Angelov (Bulgaria), Gitte Lillelund Bech (Denmark); Panos Beglitis (Greece); Hans Hillen (Netherlands); Gabriel Oprea (Romania);Carme Chacón Piqueras (Spain); Ismet Yilmaz (Turkey), Liam Fox (UK), Ignazio La Russa (Italy), Gérard Longuet (France).

    William Hague (UK), Hillary Clinton (USA) Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini


    3. Law and breaches:

    3.1 Proper procedure was not followed: Under the UN Charter, any military action which comes outside a UNSC Resolution in any theatre of conflict must necessarily come from a separate Resolution in the UNSC and any military action must come after the Military Council is convened. This was not the case under UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) covering the Libyan conflict.

    Why did NATO not convene the Military Staff Committee of the UNSC? Under the UN Charter, Chapter VII, Article 46: “Plans for the application of armed force shall be made by the Security Council with the assistance of the Military Staff Committee”. Such committee was never convened.

    This is a violation of the UN Charter rendering Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) void; There is also evidence that such Resolutions were passed on the evidence from a false flag event. The supposed crimes committed by the Libyan authorities have been hotly contested and must be investigated;

    3.2 Intervention in domestic affairs of a sovereign state: UNSC Resolution 2131 (XX) of 21 December 1965, containing the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States was backed up by Resolutions 31/91 of 14 December 1976, 32/153 of 19 December 1977, 33/74 of 15 December 1978, 34/101 of 14 December 1979 and 35/159 of 12 December 1980 on non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

    3.3 Bombardment of undefended buildings and structures: Article 3 of the Statute of The Hague International Penal Court which states clearly that one criterion for indictment for war crimes is:

    “Attack or bombardment, by whatever means, against undefended cities, towns, villages, buildings or houses”.

    Another clause of the same Article 3 could also be invoked:

    “Massive destruction of cities, towns or villages or destruction not justified by military necessity”.

    The attack on Libya’s water supply network on Friday July 22 and the attack on the factory making pipes for the supply system on Saturday July 23 in al-Brega were not covered under “military necessity” in which case, under Article 3, this was an act of wanton destruction of civilian structures with military hardware. This renders NATO liable for trial by its own court, the ICC at The Hague;

    3.4 Support for outlawed organizations and individuals. Despite this admission:

    proscribed-terror-groups/proscribed-groups?view=Binary …

    There is evidence that armed groups fighting inside Libya include the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which according to the British Government: “The LIFG seeks to replace the current Libyan regime with a hard-line Islamic state. The group is also part of the wider global Islamist extremist movement, as inspired by Al Qa’ida. The group has mounted several operations inside Libya, including a 1996 attempt to assassinate Mu’ammar Qadhafi” and for which reason is on the Home Office list of proscribed terrorist groups, despite this, the UK aided and abetted the said group;

    3.5 Failure to apply international law: Under the UN Charter, Chapter VI, Article 33, member states must “seek a solution by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means of their own choice”.

    3.6 The Jamahiriya Government of Libya had the right to defend itself without being attacked: Chapter VII, Article 51 refers to the right of States to defend themselves against armed insurgency:

    “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security”;

    3.7 Mercenaries: UNSC Resolution 1973 (2011), in its Chapter on Protection of Civilians, in paragraph 4. states:

    “4. Authorizes Member States that have notified the Secretary-General, acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, and acting in cooperation with the Secretary-General, to take all necessary measures, notwithstanding paragraph 9 of resolution 1970 (2011), to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory, and requests the Member States concerned to inform the Secretary-General immediately of the measures they take pursuant to the authorization conferred by this paragraph which shall be immediately reported to the Security Council;

    There have been numerous reports of mercenaries being used by NATO and the rebels it supported; French Foreign Legion, Egyptians, Qataris, UAE forces, among others;

    3.8 Boots on the ground: UNSC Resolution 1970 (2011) Paragraph 16:

    “16. Deplores the continuing flows of mercenaries into the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and calls upon all Member States to comply strictly with their obligations under paragraph 9 of resolution 1970 (2011) to prevent the provision of armed mercenary personnel to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya;”.

    If David Cameron has admitted that UK special services have assisted the terrorists on the ground, this is against the UN mandate which allowed NATO to intervene in Libya, and is a war crime.

    A request has been sent (August 30) to the British FCO and Ministry of Defence to confirm or deny that troops have been used in the theatre of operations; no reply has been forthcoming;

    3.9 Non-enforcement of UN Resolution, and violation of international law, by transporting rebel forces to enter the theatre of operations:

    UNSC Resolution 1970 (2011):

    In the Chapter on Enforcement of the arms embargo, Paragraph 13 of the same states:

    “13. Decides that paragraph 11 of resolution 1970 (2011) shall be replaced by the following paragraph : “Calls upon all Member States, in particular States of the region, acting nationally or through regional organisations or arrangements, in order to ensure strict implementation of the arms embargo established by paragraphs 9 and 10 of resolution 1970 (2011), to inspect in their territory, including seaports and airports, and on the high seas, vessels and aircraft bound to or from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, if the State concerned has information that provides reasonable grounds to believe that the cargo contains items the supply, sale, transfer or export of which is prohibited by paragraphs 9 or 10 of Resolution 1970 (2011) as modified by this resolution, including the provision of armed mercenary personnel, calls upon all flag States of such vessels and aircraft to cooperate with such inspections and authorises Member States to use all measures commensurate to the specific circumstances to carry out such inspections”;

    In violation of this: supply of French Milan anti-tank missiles, Swedish Carl Gustav 84mm rifles, 68mm rockets and mortars and Maadi assault rifles from Egypt; this, in addition to the British, French and Italian military advisors helping the terrorists.

    3.10 Violation of Geneva Conventions: NATO and the Transitional National Council have given the people of Sirte ten days to surrender or face a full military onslaught. This is not a cease-fire. While they await their fate, they will still be subject to artillery fire and NATO bombing, and food, water and electricity have already been cut off.

    These siege tactics have been outlawed by the Geneva Conventions. In particular, Article 14 of the second Protocol to the Geneva Conventions states, “Starvation of civilians as a method of combat is prohibited. It is therefore prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless for that purpose objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population such as food-stuffs, agricultural areas for the production of food-stuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations, and supplies and irrigation works.”

    The 4th Geneva Convention prohibits all forms of attacks on civilians and the collective punishment of civilian populations, so virtually everything that the combined TNC-NATO forces are doing to the people of Sirte is strictly illegal and in fact criminal.

    4. Sample Crimes:

    21.03.2011. Tens of civilians killed on 31st of March in Gharyan city in western Libya (video).
    07.04.2011. — NATO bombers killed 15 rebels and wounded 22 on the outskirts of Brega.
    20.04.2011. TRIPOLI NATO Bombing The Libyan Arab Association For Human Rights (video).
    27.04.2011. — NATO attacked the city of Misrata, killing 12 people and wounding 5 others.
    30.04.2011. — The bombing of the Downs Syndrome School in Tripoli (video).
    30.04.2011.— NATO killed inocent civilinas: The youngest son of our great leader Saif Al arab gaddafi was only 29 years old, grandchildren of our Great Leader, Saif Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi was one year and 3 months (born on 30 January 2010) , Carthage Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi was 2 years and 9 months old (born on 2 August 2008) and Mastura Humaid (daughter of Aisha) was 4 months and half (she was born on 15 December 2010) (video).
    09.05.2011. — 600 civilians are reported dead after getting into trouble on thier boat. They send urgent SOS messages to NATO, but they were ignored (video).
    13.05.2011. The 11 imams (spiritual leaders of Islam) that were killed. The imams were killed in a NATO bombing in the city of Brega (east), which also injured about 50 people. (video)
    17.05.2011.—The NATO attack on Libya’s Anti-Corruption Agency on May 17 was extremely convenient for some Westrern politicians (video).
    12.06.2011. — The bombing of the University of Tripoli. Death toll not yet established. (link) or photo evdence.
    15.06.2011. — At least 12 people were killed and two injured when a NATO air strike hit a bus Wednesday evening in Libya’s Kikla city (video).
    19.06.2011. — 9 civilians were killed by a NATO air strike on Tripoli (video).
    19.06.2011. — Massacre of Al-Hamedi family 15 civilians, including 3 children, were killed by another NATO air strike on Sorman (link).
    19.06.2011. — Firetracs was bombed (video).
    22.06.2011. — The bombing of the Great Man made Waterway irrigation system, which supplies most Libyans with their drinking water. Water for 4,5 million INOCENT CIVILIANS IN LIBYA (video).
    22.06.2011. — Zliten – many civilians were chopped into pieces. (link)
    28.06. 2011. — NATO air strike killed 16 civilians (one whole family killed) and more than 20 injured in public market in Tawergha east of Misurata (video).
    04.07.2011. — NATO bombing civilian checkpoint in ZWARA. (video)
    15.07.2011. — At least 12 people were killed and 2 injured when a NATO. The air strike hit the bus with inocent civilians in Kikla City. (video)
    17.07.2011. — Multiple urban areas were bombed simultaneously this morning. Anywhere from 60 to 75 bombs may have been dropped mostly in the areas of Tajura and Seraj, according to eyewitness reports. (video)
    23.07.2011. — The bombing of the factory which makes the pipes for the water system, and the murder of 6 of its employees.
    24.07.2011. NATO bombing cattle and poultry project in Torghae city (video).
    24. 07.2011. Libya war: NATO Press Briefing, 15 civilians are dead in Tawergha (video).
    24.07.2011. —The bombing of the Hospital at Zliten. Resulting in the murder of a minimum, of 50 civilians many of them children.(video).
    25.07.2011. NATO bombed food storage in Zlitan.(video).
    25.07.2011. — 20 civilians were killed by NATO air strikes in Bir al Ghanam. (video)
    30.07.2011. — NATO warplanes also repeatedly bombed a Libyan television station, killing 3 and injuring 15.
    02.08.2011. — Law School In Zlitan (Zliten) (video).
    04. 08.2011. — Woman and two children (video).
    07.08.2011. — NATO bombed today the vegetable market in Tripoli (link).
    08.08.2011. — Libya: NATO MASSACRED 85 CIVILIANS: 33 CHILDREN, 32 WOMEN and 20 MEN (video)…

    The persistent on-going bombing of the civilian population in Zliten, Sirte and Tripoli, death toll not yet established. All4Peace & LibyaSOS.


    5. Further documentary evidence of the crimes.





    Drawn up by: Timothy Bancroft Hinchey


    Director and Chief Editor Portuguese Version

    Sandra Barr, Nada Pejnovic and Tatjana Dimitrijevic

    Christopher C. Black, Barrister, Canada

  30. Gadhafi in Niger:

    (But I would say that they butchered his brother Moutassem —not his Father…that was in reality, Ali al-Andalusi)
    brave Saif

    War Crime: Libye, Les Faux Mercenaires de Kadhafi (Video – Fra)
    Posted on January 20, 2012 | Leave a comment

    Loaded by DESINFORMEZ3VOUS – Reloaded by LibyanFreePress

    19 Jan 2012 – From a Libyan Brother Fighter –
    crime of loving your country
    What was the alleged crime? A serious one – supoporting, being connected to, working for, fighting for … the national government of his nation. When did the law making that a crime take effect, who signed it, and on what authority?

    Having a government job – even in the military – is not a crime, even if that government had been declared illegitimate by protesters, terrorists, rebel fighters, liars and demonizers, human rights groups, the media,Nouri al Mesmari and Ibrahim Dabbashi, then France, Qatar, and then much of the world and NATO’s collective air muscle.

    All they did was support the government, like any patriotic citizen, and had the government lose. Losing the war is not a criminal act. I suppose that’s a philosophical argument with no real legal merit – history has the winners writing the history books, just after re-writing the laws like a fortress around their intervention and victory.

    But still, having green flags in your home or car is not a crime. Not a capitol crime at least, as this video still suggests it was treated as (video filmed Abu Salim, Tripoli, app. Aug. 25). Fighting an invasion of your city by armed gangs supported by outside governments is not a crime, but the mainstream media acts as if it is.

    In the mainstream narrative, the problem is only “innocent” people being too easily accused of being loyalists, or even fighters. When the charge is accurate, we seem to have little concern. Consider how Mrs. Afaf Gaddafi’s family was killed,
    including two infants, as they tried to flee the city in September, for fear of being killed over their coincidental name. It was explained they’d been “mistaken for Gaddafi loyalists,” possibly in part because of the name. The people with the bad reasoning and unsettling body language may have been the same ones with the guns responsible at the roadblock responsible.

    Jan 19, 2012 – From a Libyan Brother Fighter

    Libyan puppet vice president attacked in Benghazi by students
    Posted on 20 January 2012

    TNC VP gets bagged

    TNC V-P pointed a gun at the students!

    An embarrassing seen of no support in Benghazi where University students started attacking the puppet vice president of the occupying regime “Abdul Hafiz Ghoga”. After students peacefully asked the traitor and puppet to “go away, go away”, he didn’t listen, soon after students surrounded the puppet and attacked him.

    Libyan puppet vice president “Abdul Hafiz Ghoga” was attacked in Benghazi and was saved by his security guards when he was carried out like a baby. Western propaganda outlets claim the imaginary uprising began in Benghazi, but this shows the opposite, the puppet regime has no support anywhere in Libya, but the regime is very popular abroad.

    The puppet regime doesn’t even have support in Benghazi, where the Western propaganda outlets claim the imaginary uprising began.

    Thanks to Ozyism – Reloaded by LibyanFreePress

    Green world

  31. More than 100 prisoners freed Libyan resistance// January 20, 2012, 17:28 [“Argumenty.ru” Alexander Grigoriev] In Libya, fighting continued between supporters of the National Transition Council and the Libyan resistance. Battles are in the cities of Garyan, Hong, Tarragon, Sabha. In addition, the resistance fighters in the past few days was released from prison more than 100 of his supporters. In particular, in Tripoli freed 39 prisoners – former members of the Army, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli. In Zlitene 13 prisoners. Those who could bear arms, joined the armed resistance, according to bloggers on Twitter.

  32. Libya’s new election law: NATO rebels consolidate political dictatorship
    Gadaffi government beneficiaries excluded from office
    By Derek Ford
    16 JANUARY 2012
    (Judge now leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Jalil, the big traitor RAT who Runs the TNC as America’s puppet)
    National Transitional Council.

    Judge Jalil, the big traitor RAT who Runs the TNT as America's puppet

    has warned against Gaddafi’ children raising an insurrection.
    A recent draft election law in Libya is causing outrage among varying sectors of Libyan society. The content of the legislation, posted online by the NATO-installed National Transition Council, focuses on the rules for the national assembly elections to be held in August.

    Under the draft law, anyone with ties to Muammar Gaddafi or the previous sovereign Libyan government will be banned from running in the elections, including those who “benefited monetarily” from the government. The big problem with that is that nearly everyone in Libya benefited monitarily from the Jamahiriya!The provision also bars from participation academics who wrote and published about Gaddafi’s “Green Book.”

    The vague legislation is based on the myth that only a small section of Libyans supported the Gadaffi government. It is worth recalling that in fact the largest demonstrations during the eight-month NATO assault on Libya were in support of the government, not the rebels. In other words, in the new “democratic” Libya, only politicians acceptable to the NATO rebels will be eligible to run for political office.

    The legislation is also problematic because it eliminates any non-violent avenues for supporters of the former sovereign government and the Green Resistance to participate in reconciliation after the devastating war. Resistance organizations have been regrouping in the southern Sahel region, which provides easy access to several neighboring countries.

    Journalist Franklin Lamb, who is currently in Libya, wrote recently, “There is clear and growing pro-Gadhafi political and military activity here and it is why NTC leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the other day warned against the Gadhafi children raising an insurrection.” (Counterpunch, Jan. 13-15)

    The Libyan Liberation Front had previously been planning on running in the August elections.

    The draft legislation also appears to continue the NTC’s attack on women’s rights in Libya. The draft law may set a quota of 10 percent on women’s representation in the national assembly. This would mean women would be limited to 20 seats out of 200, and has been strongly condemned by women’s and human rights organizations in Libya. It is possible that the language in the draft law needs to be clarified and that the intent is to reserve (but not limit) women to 10 percent of seats. However, it is telling that women in Libya have protested the language, interpreting it as a limitation.

    Under the Gaddafi government, there were no restrictions on women’s participation in social, economic or political life.

    Content may be reprinted with credit to LiberationNews.org.

  33. Hamsa Goolbar 21 janvier 13:30
    It is quite normal that states invest money abroad, and thats what Ghadaffi did. But these investments were intended to make profits for the Libyan state and probably also to create good relations to the Western countries with goal of developing Libya further – not illegal either.
    And also, the money invested belonged, not to Moammar Ghadafi personally, but to different funds owned by the Libyan state, just as the state of other countries own money. I have yet to see proof that Ghadaffi stole money for himself. I have tried to verify that claim of the Western countries, but not found anything to prove it.
    I don’t know really how Ghadafi was as a leader and how oppressed the libyan people was but I do know that during his reign Libya rose from being one of the poorest countries in the world during the 60th to being the richest i Africa, and that to some extent the libyans had a welfare system better than Americans and the Brits have today, such as free health care and free eduction all the way.
    I also know that Nato and or US has not created better living circumstances for any people anywhere where they pretend to have saved people and created democracy.

    Helmut Mars Taylor 21 janvier 14:00
    1) Where did the idea of creating a nation’s bank (as a privately owned business, usually called “Central Bank – or, as in the US “Federal Reserve”) come from?

    2) How many countries in the world operate this system?

    3) How many countries in the world do not participate?

    4) Are the various “central banks” coonected with each other – and to what extent?

    5) Who are the main beneficiaries/stockholders of these banks?

    6) Which politicians hav,in the course of the history of the creation of these “central banks, spoken out against these cantral banks?
    7) What happened to the leaders who were against the central bank system (think, amongst others, of Moammar Ghadaffi.)….

    8)Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the US allowed the (renewed) creation of the Federal Reserve ……but later admitted:-
    “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men”.
    ~ Woodrow Wilson

  34. dolphin porpoise
    green emblem
    Dr. Moutassem al-Billah Qathafi:
    Dr Mout

    Muammar Gaddafi in his own words on the Lockerbie Bombing:

    (Excerpted from:The Interview which was originally web posted to FinalCall.com on 18 Nov. 1999, by Genet Sanders Tandesse)
    interview N0V 1999

    Muammar al-Qathafi:

    It goes without saying that the Lockerbie issue is a tragedy. The relatives of the victims need consolation. But all of us should know the truth of who did that and we should know the reason behind it.
    It seems that the action was not done by a lunatic.
    According to the information on the evidence or the theory that is going now provided by them, it seems that the action was carefully planned and very well done to the extent that Third World countries cannot actually perform it because it is so highly pieced together.
    Because it is so well planned there are some theories that it cannot be done by the orders of third world countries, but it is actually the work of American intelligence …
    I mean it is pre-planned. But what is the cause?
    Is it to take revenge on the American government? Is it an action against the policy of America because it has taken an action against a people?
    Or is it because America (herself) knows that there are certain quarters or certain organs in the world that want revenge against America?
    So American intelligence may actually plan such an action so that the direction of these parties will be diverted, (and that people will think) these parties have already taken revenge against America.

    The American intelligence will do such an action so that others will accuse those certain quarters, because they have a grudge against America.
    It will be said that these quarters have actually taken this revenge against America.

    For instance, if America wants to take any action against Libya, then America will direct its intelligence to do a piece of work to the extent that it will be claimed that Libya had done it if it was able and capable to do it.
    And since Libya is not able to do such a piece of action (Lockerbie), but the American intelligence fulfilled this action and Libya is accused.
    Then the American government will find justification for any action to be taken against Libya.

    This seems to be the case as far as Lockerbie is concerned.
    In 1986 America killed Libyan women and children and destroyed houses of the Libyan people, so the families of the children wish to take revenge against America.

    And because Libyans cannot actually do it, the American intelligence does it and Libya is incriminated. America then has justification to impose sanctions against Libya. It seems that this is the scenario.

    FCN: It is said in some papers that Libya lost $20-$30 billion during these seven years of sanctions.
    If the suspects are found innocent, will Libya sue America and the western world for the money and lives they lost during these sanctions?

    Muammar al-Qathafi:

    Of course, if such a thing happens then we shall go to the Security Council of the United Nations and we shall ask for reparations and compensation because we have paid the price for an issue that we have not committed. For this reason America wants to condemn Libya and make Libya convicted one way or the other.
    And we know that America is actually working to influence the Scottish judiciary and wants to create false eyewitnesses.
    America actually pays money to create unreal witnesses.

    We even know the names of a few witnesses who are false because they are being paid by America.
    One of them is named [Jaraka (Jiaka)], he’s Libyan.
    The judges and court will be bothered by the American influence and pressures. —

  35. Gadhafi thinker

    Green Libya Poster
    Gadhafi green libya
    poster 2
    Green Libya for all
    Bombing of Libya:
    Bombing of Libya

    with son:
    with his son

    When young:
    young & handsome

    with Arafat:
    w Arafat
    resource map


    We are Al Gaddafi’s lovers
    30 Aug 1981, Tripoli, Libya — A female cadet prepares to accept her diploma from Libyan chief of state Muammar al-Qaddafi during a 1981 graduation at the women’s military academy in Tripoli. The academy opened in 1979 during Qaddafi’s push to include women in Libya’s armed forces

    Gadhafi seated
    In Russia:
    in Russia

    IPB PREMIER of Lion of the Desert fil of Muktar:
    Muctar premier with Kadhafi
    IPB première
    Après Belle et merveilleuse révolution du choix! surpris ceux qui disent que les événements malheureux de la Libye Venez la révolution, mais ce qui m’a intrigué le plus, c’est la cause de l’incendie sur cette révolution révolution du nom choisi des moudjahidines présumé nommé d’après le grand Mukhtar Omar. Je ne sais pas quelle est la relation Omar Mukhtar ce sujet, mais ce n’est pas la question. Parce que la question est beaucoup plus dur que je souhaiterais qu’il puisse So-Called Chaos qui a eu lieu en Libye, la réponse à la question. l’assassinat de Cheikh Omar Mukhtar martyrs? … Une question très difficile
    Original Text:
    مشاركة جميله ورائعه ثورة المختار !!! أستغرب لمن يقولون ان احداث ليبيا المؤسفة هيا ثورة و لكن ما يثير استغرابي اكثر هو من يطلقون على هذه الثورة المزعومة اسم ثورة المختار تيمناً بالمجاهد الكبير عمر المختار .

    Image exclusive de la ville de Syrte blessé aujourd’hui éclosent Azumi Partout Dieu Haute vous apporter ma fille … je marchais à l’accent

    BOMBING of Tripoli:
    bombing of Tripoli

    Dr Moutassem al-Billah with Children in Sirte:
    Mout & children

    Our Leader:

    with Gaddafi:
    with him
    falcon strong

    Kadhafi speaking on radio:
    speaking on radio

  36. Algeria-ISP

    Fabrice Beaur 22 janvier 09:38
    LIBYA – Our brother Moussa Ibrahim is free and outside Libya.
    He will take soon the leadership of a new Free Jamahiriyan Libyan Governement in exile !
    With him we know that the Jamahiriyan Resistance will be in the best hands !
    For Gaddafi – Jamahiriya – Direct Democracy – until the liberation of the Green Libya !
    Libye – La vidéo du docteur Moussa Ibrahim
    ALGERIA ISP / Selon Akhbar Elmokawama Libya,
    le porte parole de la Jamahiriya, le docteur Moussa Ibrahim est en vie et il est en excellente santé. Il a pu qu….

    reports that “the Libyan spokesman, Dr. Ibrahim Moussa was alive and was in excellent health. He was able to leave Libya to avoid barbarism and rats. “According to Algeria – ISP, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim will soon appear on one of television channels Green Libya! It will be a stimulus for the release of the Green Resistance in his native land of traitors, NATO and Qatar.

    On the Internet and media reports about the discovery of chemical weapons storage – it’s a lie! This disinformation to justify the entry of NATO troops in Libya.

    Today it was announced that the U.S. military has already landed in the Libyan land, and took control of the oil refinery at Ras Lanufe. Green Resistance promises to blow up the CPP in Ras Lanufe along with all the U.S. soldiers who are there. The Libyans are not going to tolerate the presence of foreign troops in their country.

    Hardened fighting in Tripoli. Supporters of the TNC is the third day unsuccessfully storm the areas Hatba-Sharqiya and Abu Salem. Also, by fighting in Tobruk and Sabha. Resists and Ben-Walid – the capital of the tribe Varfalla. In the city are demonstrating in support of the Jamahiriya, Muammar Gaddafi.



    Daniela Chinni tells us:
    Venezuela Gadhafi !
    Libya’s Leader Moammar Gadhafi, right, greets a baby, carried by her mother, at a hotel in Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela, Monday, 28 Sept. 2009. Gadhafi and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez are strengthening their relationship and finding common ground as two radical former military men who both want to challenge the “imperialism” of wealthy nations and aspire to speak for many poor nations. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano) AP


    We all do love him!
    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/260351_1933803798251_1637003296_1900934_7440838_n.jpgYes, we all do love him


    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/255186_1949988322854_1637003296_1919224_6530096_n.jpS.A. sign ing
    June 14, 1999 (South Africa, Cape Town). Signing the guestbook after Gheddafi toured the prison on Robben Island which was the home of south african president Nelson Mandela for many years.
    AFP Photo.


    To suppress the demonstrations in the city abandoned al-Qaida forces !!!!!

    V. Belousov.

    Angels retaliation

    Children Sirte.

    The night is dark. Through the cloud-chip

    Starlight entered, followed by another:

    So shake-rattle blestyashki

    Under the clumsy childish hand.

    In heaven swinging constellations,

    It floated in the clouds

    Little Angels of retaliation,

    Barefoot and myrtle wreaths.

    Overfly the city and country

    Judge our thoughts and deeds,

    And the scars

    So afraid to skinny bodies.

    People, people, as we have overlooked,

    Well we were not able to help them

    In the days when they were out of the cradle

    Angels flew in the night?

    In the days when a screaming flocks of rat

    And the rumble of bombing

    Small martyrs Sirte

    Died at the green flag?

    Well, happy new year leap

    Wait, Europe, the good news:

    To you is flowing through pipes oil-

    The blood of dead children in Libya.

    In the world of lucre and deception

    Who among us would dare to ask:

    – As you sleep, cannibal Obama

    Infanticide and Sarkozy?

    Again lying to the news,

    Truth hidden in the mist.

    Watching from heaven the angels of retribution,

    As killers walk the earth.

    Review prepared by Dmitry Glushach material Arab media.

  37. http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/usa-massive-transports-of-military-equipment/
    The Troops are in Libya now (since this article was written) for a few weeks now. The USA government’s PROPAGANDA was they found “GADHAFI’s storagehouse of Chemical Weapons” and they are there to “protect” and clean-up ! That is 100% lies. The JAMAHIRIYA had no such weaponry. Any chemicals weapons used were from NATO and RAT importation into Libya which beforehand were none. This was their excuse to invade and bypass the American Congress which would normally been required to send troops.
    What really is, they are sent to all the oil platforms to guard their “pure-crude” booty; and others to prevents insurrections seeming to be arising all over Libya by the populace themselves! Judge Jalil asked for a total of 35,000 (but some reports read 350,000) troops.
    The NSMBC article asks if I have seen anything similiar. Yes. here in Corsica, last month, as I was traveling WEST, going EAST were CARAVANS of huge ARMY transport vehicles (carrying who knows what) and army troops. [I stopped counting after the 20th vehicle.] The West has the Major Ports of L’Ile Rousse and Calvi (to which these were first shippped probably to Corsica);and the East has SOLENZARA where the French built their airbase being used to send-off bombers going to Libya. (BOMBS and equipment is what these vehicles probably contained for NATO.)



    Muammar with Sadaam:
    The following is nice; but Our Brother Leader has not been murderd!!!
    by Rishvana Zahrawi 22 janvier 17:30
    What is this mystery of the strange
    What is the secret of this???
    Almighty God said: (for Athnoa do not grieve you the upper hand if you are believers * The Amseskm ulcers has touched people like him and those days Ndolha between people and God knows those who believe and take you to the martyrs and Allah loves not the oppressors)

    Surprised a lot when you compare the situation between Iraq Libyan discovered that both peoples have in common Aajabih
    It will start in Iraq
    Iraq over the seven days of black pitch-black
    First day
    The day on which the Security Council approved the application of the embargo on Iraq and Gaar was held on August 6, 1990
    Second day
    The day that launched the United States and its allies Thalathini aggression against Iraq on January 17, 1991, which Asafaranh crimes Thqar chilling
    The third day
    Launched the first rocket in Baghdad on March 20, 2003 also led to the fall of thousands of victims and continued occupation continues killing and displacement to arrived and a half million dead and injured
    The fourth day
    The day that Baghdad fell into the hands of the U.S. occupation forces on April 9, 2003
    The fifth day
    On the martyrdom of the sons of the martyr President Saddam Hussein and his grandson, on July 23, 2003 those heroes who did not bargain did not bet even buy this life, but cheap and with them their son Dhuhbwa Legend Cub hero Mustapha Qusay Saddam Hussein
    The sixth day
    On arrest of the martyr Saddam Hussein, December 6, 2003
    The light was extinguished his arrest Levant

    The seventh day
    On the execution of the martyr Saddam Hussein on December 31, 2006, returned his martyrdom hope and love of Jihad and martyrdom just like him for the courage shown by scales turned upside down

    We come to Libya, seven days darken black the most
    The first day on the so-called revolution of February 17 this scourge that has spread like an epidemic throughout Libya green
    Second day
    Today, the dish of Council resolution to impose an air embargo on Libya and then began the NATO aggression on March 19 is proportional to Libya has killed hundreds of thousands of Libyans
    The third day
    On death of Seif al-Arab Muammar Gaddafi and three grandsons of the leader and that on April 30 20,011 piety of this young man the good that has shocked the nation by killing him they wanted to burn the heart of his father’s strength and attrition, but doomed and lost, and his death is not stable on Zadeh principles
    The fourth day
    On the fall of Tripoli in the hands of savages and rats on
    August 22 fell by 20,011 last bastion of honor and dignity of the Arab and Islamic
    The fifth day
    Is the day of the martyrdom of the leading Muammar Gaddafi Thurs August 29 20 011 Hmabatl Commando who let the world is in the prime of his youth
    The sixth day
    On the martyrdom of leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son, the martyr Billah on Oct. 20 to 20,011 of the major disaster and tragedy that Aljmt both his honor and dignity, and this memorable day, which was a school of manhood and pride so farewell Lion Billah Al Areen

    The seventh day on detention commander Saif al-Islam and that on November 19, 20 011 ask to undo his capture and return to Libya and Zhoha Rajata.
    Look at how are the days of black and dark not only on Iraq and Libya, but the Arab and Islamic nation and the world
    God suffices, and yes, the agent
    Our only hope is to ignite the fire of fierce resistance taking pustulosis Iraq, Libya, revenge Champions
    I say to greet the heroes who are still Iqaron the enemy, whether in Iraq or Libya, and seal the precious verse
    In the verse
    (From Almamin men believed what he Aahdoaallah Some of them died and were waiting for any change and they changed the * to Besdgahm Allah may reward the truthful and punish the hypocrites that they will repent or God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful) ‬

    ورشفاني زهراوي 22 janvier 17:30
    ما هذا السر لعجيب

    ما سر هذا ؟؟؟
    قال الله تعالى : (لاتهنوا ولا تحزنوا أنتم الأعلون إن كنتم مؤمنين *وإن يمسسكم قرح فقد مس القوم مثله وتلك الأيام نداولها بين الناس وليعلم الله الذين امنوا ويتخذ منكم شهداء والله لا يحب الظالمين )

    استغربت كثيرا عندما قارنت بين الوضع الليبي العراقي اكتشفت ان كلا الشعبين لهما قواسم مشتركة عجبية
    وهي سأبدا بالعراق
    مر العراق بسبعة ايام سود حالكة السواد
    اول يوم
    اليوم الذي اقر فيه مجلس الامن تطبيق الحصار الجاير على العراق وكان ذلك يوم6 اغسطس 1990
    اليوم الثاني
    اليوم الذي شنت فيه الولايات المتحدة وحلفائها عدوانها الثلاثيني على العراق يوم 17 يناير 1991مما اسفرعنه جرائم تشقعر لها الابدان
    اليوم الثالث
    الذي انطلق فيه اول صاروخ على بغداد يوم 20مارس 2003 ايضا ادي الى سقوط الالاف الضحايا وباستمرار الاحتلال تواصل القتل والتشريد الى وصل الى مليون ونصف بين قتيل وجريح
    اليوم الرابع
    اليوم الذي سقطت فيه بغداد في ايدي قوات الاحتلال الامريكي يوم 9 ابريل 2003
    اليوم الخامس
    يوم استشهاد ابناء الرئيس الشهيد صدام حسين وحفيده يوم 23يوليو 2003هؤلاء الابطال الذين لم يساوموا ولم يراهنوا حتى يشتروا الحياة الدنيا رخيصة بل ذوهبوا ومعهم ابنهم الاسطورة الشبل البطل مصطفى قصي صدام حسين
    اليوم السادس
    يوم اعتقال الشهيد صدام حسين 6ديسمبر 2003
    وباعتقاله انطفأ نور المشرق العربي

    اليوم السابع
    يوم اعدام الشهيد صدام حسين يوم 31 ديسمبر 2006 باستشهاده فقد عاد الامل وحب الجهاد والاستشهاد اسوة به لما اظهره من شجاعة قلبت الموازين راسا على عقب

    نأتي لليبيا الايام السبعة السوداء الاكثر اسودادا
    اليوم الاول يوم قامت مايسمى بثورة 17فبراير هذا البلاء الذي انتشر كالوباء في ربوع ليبيا الخضراء
    اليوم الثاني
    اليوم طبق فيه قرارمجلس الامن بفرض حصار جوي على ليبيا ومن ثم بدأ عدوان الناتو يوم 19 مارس على ليبيا االذي ذهب ضحيته مئات الالاف من الليبين
    اليوم الثالث
    يوم استشهاد سيف العرب معمر القذافي وثلاثة من احفاد القائد وذلك يوم 30 ابريل 20011هذا الشاب الورع الخير الذي فجعت به الامة وقد ارادوا بقتله حرق قلب والده وانهاك قواه ولكنهم خابوا وخسروا واستشهاده ما زاده الا ثباتا على المباديء
    اليوم الرابع
    يوم سقوط طرابلس في ايدي الهمج والجرذان يوم
    22 اغسطس 20011به سقطت اخر قلعة للشرف والكرامة العربية والاسلامية
    اليوم الخامس
    هو يوم استشهاد الرائد خميس معمر القذافي 29 اغسطس 20011هذاالبطل المغوار الذي ودع الدنيا وهو في ريعان شبابه
    اليوم السادس
    يوم استشهاد القائد معمر القذافي وابنه الشهيد المعتصم بالله يوم 20 اكتوبر 20011 هذه الكارثة الكبرى والفاجعة التي الجمت كل من له شرف وكرامة وهذا اليوم المشهود الذي كان مدرسة للرجولة والاباء ذلك بوداع اسد العرين المعتصم بالله

    اليوم السابع يوم اعتقال القائد سيف الاسلام وذلك يوم 19 نوفمبر 20011 نسأل ان يفك اسره وان يعيد لليبيا زهوها ورجاها .
    انظروا كيف هي كانت ايام سوداء ومظلمة ليس على العراق وليبيا فحسب بل على الامة العربية والاسلامية بل والعالم اجمع
    حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
    واملنا الوحيد هو اشعال نار المقاومة الشرسة الاخذ بثار العراق وليبيا وثأر الابطال
    واقول تحية للابطال الذين ما زالوا يقارعون العدو سواء في العراق او ليبيا واختم بالاية الكريمة
    في قوله تعالى
    (من المؤمين رجال صدقوا ما عاهدواالله عليه فمنهم من قضى نحبه ومنهم ينتظر وما بدلوا تبديلا * ليجزى الله الصادقين بصدقهم ويعذب المنافقين ان شاء أو يتوب عليهم إن الله غفورا رحيما )‬


    green 1
    green 2

    The Total Collapse
    World War III guaranteed

    Kissinger vows to China: Jeb Bush Will Be Next President

    XHello there Facebook friend! If you like this article, please help spread the word by sharing this post with your friends.

    A shocking report prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Prime Minister Putin on the just completed meeting between China’s Vice Premier Li Keqiang and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger states that the Chinese were told that former Florida Governor John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, brother to the former US President and son of another, will be elected as the next American leader despite his currently not even being on the ballot.

    Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with Jeb Bush [photo top left] yesterday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing where both pledged to advance cooperation between their two countries and, this report says, agreed that once Bush had taken office a ‘new era’ would begin in US-China relations.

    According to this report, Kissinger told Keqiang that the Republican Party election process to select their nominee to run against President Obama was“completely manipulated” to ensure that their 2012 Convention would be “deadlocked” thus allowing for Jeb Bush to be nominated as a “consensus candidate” and thus his parties leader.

    The path to a deadlocked convention, this report says Kissinger told the Chinese, lies in neither current Republican frontrunners Governor Mitt Romney or Congressman Ron Paul having enough delegates to ensure their nomination on the first ballot after which their supporters will be free to nominate anyone they so choose.

    In order to ensure a deadlocked convention, this report continues, Kissinger noted that Romney will obtain his delegates from what are called Primary States while Paul will receive his from those holding caucuses and “open” primaries, with neither of them receiving enough votes to secure their nominations.

    Political analysis on the US election do, indeed, note that Paul’s path to the Republican nomination lies in the caucus and open primary States which shows what is called his “secret path to victory.”

    To the most shocking aspects of this report are the comments attributed to Kissinger that claim the entire American electoral system is under the control of their National Security Agency (NSA) which controls the computers used in their elections and whose outcome is determined by their elites, not the citizens themselves.

    In a dire move bolstering Kissinger’s claim of a rigged US election was yesterdays news that the giant global election firm SCYTL, which describes itself as the ‎worldwide leader in secure electronic voting and electoral modernization, had purchased the United States most dominant election results reporting company thus insuring these people would never have true or total access as to who would actually win any of their elections.

    Even worse, this report continues, the purchase by SCYTL of the private corporate site controlled by SOE software, which operates under the name ClarityElections.Com and controls the election results in over 525 US jurisdictions, was its being financed by the global investment giant Carlyle Group that was founded by the Bush and Bin Laden families nearly 25 years ago.

    When queried by Chinese officials as to why Obama was allowed to be elected instead of Jeb Bush in the last US election, this report continues, Kissinger replied that the American public was not prepared for a continuation of the Bush-Clinton Dynasties that have, in fact, ruled the United States since the 1981 coup d’état staged against President Ronald Regan after he was nearly assassinated by the son of the then Vice President George H.W. Bush’s main business partner.

    Kissinger further stated to the Chinese, this report says, that Obama was a “safe choice” to be an “interim leader” as besides his being a member of the Bush family (Obama is former President George W. Bush’s cousin by blood) his mother, Ann Dunham/Soetoro, was a “prized” CIA asset who was dispatched from Hawaii to Indonesia in 1967, along with seven year-old Barack Obama, to infiltrate villages in Java to carry out a CIA survey of political leanings among the Javanese population and whose “handler” was George H.W. Bush who a few years later became Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Kissinger added, this report says, that by putting Obama in office they were, also, able to secure the passing of draconian new laws in the United States that otherwise wouldn’t have been allowed to pass due to the overwhelming objections of American liberals and progressives, but who now are all but silent as the last vestiges of the US Constitution are being swept away.

    Being ignored by these American liberals and progressives, however, are that the laws being passed by the Obama regime are intended to be used against them and include the power of the US President to designate anyone he so chooses as a “terrorist,” kill them without charges or trial, hold American citizens in prison, also without charges or trial, and, under a new law being pushed through the US Congress, would give the US government the power to strip Americans of their citizenship without being convicted of being “hostile” against the United States.

    Though the claims made by Kissinger to China detailing how the election process in the United States has now been completely destroyed are beyond appalling, it does not, on the other hand, come as surprising from a “war criminal” who once boasted “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

    To the American people themselves it remains to be seen if they will ever awaken to what is true…one can only hope they will, before all is lost…forever.

    18 January 2012 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

    Spanish President Openly Vows For Human Depopulation and a New World Order
    War criminal: Ex-President Bush ‘Feels Sick About Iraq’
    Iran: Obama no better than Bush
    Strained US China Relations: China s Crucial Role as America’s Creditor
    Complaint Filed Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al


    NATO bombers
    The World War on Democracy

    by John Pilger
    Lisette Talate died the other day. I remember a wiry, fiercely intelligent woman who masked her grief with a determination that was a presence. She was the embodiment of people’s resistance to the war on democracy. I first glimpsed her in a 1950s Colonial Office film about the Chagos islanders, a tiny creole nation living midway between Africa and Asia in the Indian Ocean. The camera panned across thriving villages, a church, a school, a hospital, set in a phenomenon of natural beauty and peace. Lisette remembers the producer saying to her and her teenage friends, “Keep smiling girls!”

    Sitting in her kitchen in Mauritius many years later, she said, “I didn’t have to be told to smile. I was a happy child, because my roots were deep in the islands, my paradise. My great-grandmother was born there; I made six children there. That’s why they couldn’t legally throw us out of our own homes; they had to terrify us into leaving or force us out. At first, they tried to starve us. The food ships stopped arriving [then] they spread rumours we would be bombed, then they turned on our dogs.”

    In the early 1960s, the Labour government of Harold Wilson secretly agreed to a demand from Washington that the Chagos archipelago, a British colony, be “swept” and “sanitised” of its 2,500 inhabitants so that a military base could be built on the principal island, Diego Garcia. “They knew we were inseparable from our pets,” said Lisette, “When the American soldiers arrived to build the base, they backed their big trucks against the brick shed where we prepared the coconuts; hundreds of our dogs had been rounded up and imprisoned there. Then they gassed them through tubes from the trucks’ exhausts. You could hear them crying.”

    Lisette and her family and hundreds of islanders were forced on to a rusting steamer bound for Mauritius, a distance of 2,500 miles. They were made to sleep in the hold on a cargo of fertiliser: bird shit. The weather was rough; everyone was ill; two women miscarried. Dumped on the docks at Port Louis, Lizette’s youngest children, Jollice, and Regis, died within a week of each other. “They died of sadness,” she said. “They had heard all the talk and seen the horror of what had happened to the dogs. They knew they were leaving their home forever. The doctor in Mauritius said he could not treat sadness.”

    This act of mass kidnapping was carried out in high secrecy. In one official file, under the heading, “Maintaining the fiction”, the Foreign Office legal adviser exhorts his colleagues to cover their actions by “re-classifying” the population as “floating” and to “make up the rules as we go along”. Article 7 of the statute of the International Criminal Court says the “deportation or forcible transfer of population” is a crime against humanity. That Britain had committed such a crime — in exchange for a $14million discount off an American Polaris nuclear submarine — was not on the agenda of a group of British “defence” correspondents flown to the Chagos by the Ministry of Defence when the US base was completed. “There is nothing in our files,” said a ministry official, “about inhabitants or an evacuation.”

    Today, Diego Garcia is crucial to America’s and Britain’s war on democracy. The heaviest bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan was launched from its vast airstrips, beyond which the islanders’ abandoned cemetery and church stand like archaeological ruins. The terraced garden where Lisette laughed for the camera is now a fortress housing the “bunker-busting” bombs carried by bat-shaped B-2 aircraft to targets in two continents; an attack on Iran will start here. As if to complete the emblem of rampant, criminal power, the CIA added a Guantanamo-style prison for its “rendition” victims and called it Camp Justice.

    What was done to Lisette’s paradise has an urgent and universal meaning, for it represents the violent, ruthless nature of a whole system behind its democratic façade, and the scale of our own indoctrination to its messianic assumptions, described by Harold Pinter as a “brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.” Longer and bloodier than any war since 1945, waged with demonic weapons and a gangsterism dressed as economic policy and sometimes known as globalisation, the war on democracy is unmentionable in western elite circles. As Pinter wrote, “it never happened even while it was happening”. Last July, American historian William Blum published his “updated summary of the record of US foreign policy”. Since the Second World War, the US has:

    1. Attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments, most of them democratically-elected.

    2. Attempted to suppress a populist or national movement in 20 countries.

    3. Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.

    4. Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.

    5. Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.

    In total, the United States has carried out one or more of these actions in 69 countries. In almost all cases, Britain has been a collaborator. The “enemy” changes in name – from communism to Islamism — but mostly it is the rise of democracy independent of western power or a society occupying strategically useful territory, deemed expendable, like the Chagos Islands.

    The sheer scale of suffering, let alone criminality, is little known in the west, despite the presence of the world’s most advanced communications, nominally freest journalism and most admired academy. That the most numerous victims of terrorism – western terrorism – are Muslims is unsayable, if it is known. That half a million Iraqi infants died in the 1990s as a result of the embargo imposed by Britain and America is of no interest. That extreme jihadism, which led to 9/11, was nurtured as a weapon of western policy (“Operation Cyclone”) is known to specialists but otherwise suppressed.

    While popular culture in Britain and America immerses the Second World War in an ethical bath for the victors, the holocausts arising from Anglo-American dominance of resource-rich regions are consigned to oblivion. Under the Indonesian tyrant Suharto, anointed “our man” by Thatcher, more than a million people were slaughtered. Described by the CIA as “the worst mass murder of the second half of the 20th century”, the estimate does not include a third of the population of East Timor who were starved or murdered with western connivance, British fighter-bombers and machine guns.

    These true stories are told in declassified files in the Public Record Office, yet represent an entire dimension of politics and the exercise of power excluded from public consideration. This has been achieved by a regime of un-coercive information control, from the evangelical mantra of consumer advertising to sound-bites on BBC news and now the ephemera of social media.

    It is as if writers as watchdogs are extinct, or in thrall to a sociopathic zeitgeist, convinced they are too clever to be duped. Witness the stampede of sycophants eager to deify Christopher Hitchens, a war lover who longed to be allowed to justify the crimes of rapacious power. “For almost the first time in two centuries”, wrote Terry Eagleton, “there is no eminent British poet, playwright or novelist prepared to question the foundations of the western way of life”. No Orwell warns that we do not need to live in a totalitarian society to be corrupted by totalitarianism. No Shelley speaks for the poor, no Blake proffers a vision, no Wilde reminds us that “disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue”. And grievously no Pinter rages at the war machine, as in American Football:


    Praise the Lord for all good things …

    We blew their balls into shards of dust,

    Into shards of fucking dust …

    Into shards of “F” dust go all the lives blown there by Barack Obama, the Hopey Changey of western violence. Whenever one of Obama’s drones wipes out an entire family in a faraway tribal region of Pakistan, or Somalia, or Yemen, the American controllers in front of their computer-game screens type in “Bugsplat”. Obama likes drones and has joked about them with journalists. One of his first actions as president was to order a wave of Predator drone attacks on Pakistan that killed 74 people. He has since killed thousands, mostly civilians; drones fire Hellfire missiles that suck the air out of the lungs of children and leave body parts festooned across scrubland.

    Remember the tear-stained headlines when Brand Obama was elected: “momentous, spine-tingling”: the Guardian. “The American future,” wrote Simon Schama, “is all vision, numinous, unformed, light-headed …” The San Francisco Chronicle’s columnist saw a spiritual “lightworker [who can] usher in a new way of being on the planet”. Beyond the drivel, as the great whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg had predicted, a military coup was taking place in Washington, and Obama was their man. Having seduced the anti-war movement into virtual silence, he has given America’s corrupt military officer class unprecedented powers of state and engagement. These include the prospect of wars in Africa and opportunities for provocations against China, America’s largest creditor and new “enemy” in Asia. Under Obama, the old source of official paranoia Russia, has been encircled with ballistic missiles and the Russian opposition infiltrated. Military and CIA assassination teams have been assigned to 120 countries; long planned attacks on Syria and Iran beckon a world war. Israel, the exemplar of US violence and lawlessness by proxy, has just received its annual pocket money of $3bn together with Obama’s permission to steal more Palestinian land.

    Obama’s most “historic” achievement is to bring the war on democracy home to America. On New Year’s Eve, he signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a law that grants the Pentagon the legal right to kidnap both foreigners and US citizens and indefinitely detain, interrogate and torture, or even kill them. They need only “associate” with those “belligerent” to the United States. There will be no protection of law, no trial, no legal representation. This is the first explicit legislation to abolish habeus corpus (the right to due process of law) and effectively repeal the Bill of Rights of 1789.

    On 5 January, in an extraordinary speech at the Pentagon, Obama said the military would not only be ready to “secure territory and populations” overseas but to fight in the “homeland” and provide “support to the civil authorities”. In other words, US troops will be deployed on the streets of American cities when the inevitable civil unrest takes hold.

    America is now a land of epidemic poverty and barbaric prisons: the consequence of a “market” extremism which, under Obama, has prompted the transfer of $14 trillion in public money to criminal enterprises in Wall Street. The victims are mostly young jobless, homeless, incarcerated African-Americans, betrayed by the first black president. The historic corollary of a perpetual war state, this is not fascism, not yet, but neither is it democracy in any recognisable form, regardless of the placebo politics that will consume the news until November. The presidential campaign, says the Washington Post, will “feature a clash of philosophies rooted in distinctly different views of the economy”. This is patently false. The circumscribed task of journalism on both sides of the Atlantic is to create the pretence of political choice where there is none.

    The same shadow is across Britain and much of Europe where social democracy, an article of faith two generations ago, has fallen to the central bank dictators. In David Cameron’s “big society”, the theft of 84bn pounds in jobs and services even exceeds the amount of tax “legally” avoid by piratical corporations. Blame rests not with the far right, but a cowardly liberal political culture that has allowed this to happen, which, wrote Hywel Williams in the wake of the attacks on 9/11, “can itself be a form of self righteous fanaticism”. Tony Blair is one such fanatic. In its managerial indifference to the freedoms that it claims to hold dear, bourgeois Blairite Britain has created a surveillance state with 3,000 new criminal offences and laws: more than for the whole of the previous century. The police clearly believe they have an impunity to kill. At the demand of the CIA, cases like that of Binyam Mohamed, an innocent British resident tortured and then held for five years in Guantanamo Bay, will be dealt with in secret courts in Britain “in order to protect the intelligence agencies” – the torturers.

    This invisible state allowed the Blair government to fight the Chagos islanders as they rose from their despair in exile and demanded justice in the streets of Port Louis and London. “Only when you take direct action, face to face, even break laws, are you ever noticed,” said Lisette. “And the smaller you are, the greater your example to others.” Such an eloquent answer to those who still ask, “What can I do?”

    I last saw Lisette’s tiny figure standing in driving rain alongside her comrades outside the Houses of Parliament. What struck me was the enduring courage of their resistance. It is this refusal to give up that rotten power fears, above all, knowing it is the seed beneath the snow.

    For more information on John Pilger visit his website at http://www.johnpilger.com
    RAT DEGRADATION (booze & SEX):

    رشفاني زهراوي 22 janvier 17:53
    اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)
    عاجـــــ(جنزور)ـل : القى بعض شباب جنزور الشرفاء القبض على شبكة دعارة مكونة من 5 نساء جرذات بمنزل فى منطقة أولاد حمد وبعد مداهمة المنزل ثم القبض داخلة بالجرم المشهود على عدد 16 من مرتزقة الناتو متلبسين وبعد التفتيش للمنزل عثر داخله على مصنع للخمور.‬
    Rishvana Zahrawi 22 janvier 17:53
    News of the Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
    Ivory (Janzour) for: gave some young Janzour honorable arrested on prostitution made ​​up of 5 women Germat house in the area of ​​the children of Hamad and after raiding the house and then arrested included red-handed on a number 16 of the mercenaries NATO red-handed and after the inspection of the house were found inside the factory for wines. ‬


  38. Khazin: la destruction de l’élite est inévitable
    24 août 2011 à 18:56
    La crise économique et la Libye.


    Je ne vais pas faire des commentaires sur ce non-sens lourde concernant la Libye, qui est désormais livré avec tous les écrans et des balayages de toutes les enceintes. Déjà clair qu’il ya, en fait, lancer une opération terrestre de l’OTAN, que les forces de l’OTAN contrôlée par les massacres et le génocide des civils, que dans le domaine de l’information que les images qui véhiculent le “agence de nouvelles soi-disant” est presque entièrement mis en scène et la réalité n’ont pas de relation, et ainsi de suite. En fin de compte, les internautes peuvent trouver la vérité sur les événements en Libye. Je veux rester sur une circonstance tout à fait différent.

    Événements en Libye a montré que, aujourd’hui, après l’élimination du projet global alternatif pour l’élite de la «occidental» du projet, il n’existe aucune loi, aucun honneur, aucune conscience (la conscience, toutefois, ils n’ont jamais eu une spécificité de ce projet). Plus précisément, elle ne s’applique qu’aux “leur”, qui devient de moins en moins. Et ici, se pose une questio