Dimanche de quelques surprises / Sunday of few surprises

Mu dark glasses


Mu AU Arapke Project

European meeting w Mu and Billah


Mu Questions what was said




Mu very aware

Mu pride of LIBYA

Maj. Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi, greets Libyan tribes Mujahid squad revolutionary Resistance in all cities and villages and oases Jamahiriya,
steadfastness and struggle in order to retrieve the homeland. Forward and victory, but the patience of an hour.

اللواء الساعدي القذافي يحيي القبائل الليبية المجاهدة والتشكيلات الثورية المقاومة في جميع المدن والقرى والواحات الليبية, عن الصمود والنضال في سبيل استرجاع الوطن. الي الأمام وما النصر الا صبر ساعة.


Page loyal to Maj. Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi  

Libyan tribes Council / / / /

Very Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

To whom it may concern from elders and tribal elders Libyan men and field …

Assure all that there is no any problems or Arqlat of the resistance and the project organization and its leaders .
And Nkdb and unequivocally and not subject to any doubts what is traded , or what is broadcast by the customers and dealers crises and the current status of that there are leaders had split from the brigade helped Muammar Gaddafi supreme commander of the resistance to the Libyan or that there are several leaders and not the leadership of the resistance .
We assure all that the resistance today the most organized and powerful than ever
Resistance and leadership stand and work in an organized beginning of Sir supreme commander of the People ‘s Armed Forces Nhaita smallest rank military or volunteers , which is in full coordination with the Council of the Libyan tribes .

And , God willing, victory is coming Libyan determination of our people great

And God is Greatest over the aggressor Kid .. # Faris Abu Salim



Nhanoa Ahdnakm Dear heroes and soon meet my section Testament God it resolved and now everything is ready:

Our Major-General SAADI

Early Muammar with a flute in his hands at Press Conference in his tent:

Early Muammar with a flute in hand

18 OCTOBER 2013:
Colonel Mohamed Ag caused Azawad Army Chief of Staff (and former officer in the Libyan army) of the land the Yassin Tnagd battle in messages

Bamoawir some units exposure to attack from the base ………………………………………

victorious with God’s help:

Libyan Bnqirdan and eternal fulfillment of the Leader and his green:

Billah Mahzi Bnqirdan :

will not tolerate any a putrefactive lousy inventory wants prejudice Palmgesobin of the current green ..

so we have learned in the school of our leader, Nur trained dignity, pride and Shoumoukh

Brigadier General Khamis laughing!

Holiness & prayers


Mu, he is our Guide



Rhythm to Libyan Nzaal and accept the artistic heritage of the Libyan

26 OCTOBER 2013
The Speech of Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami in fallopian Alkhdhara,  on Al Khaimah 

Tuesday, November fifth of the Islamic New Year in most Islamic countries:


Mu forever



URGENT :: Attorney General examines an order to vacate the conference at the HOTEL RIXOS:

And move it to another place after the submission of a memorandum evacuation

Management Rksus require evacuation location of the conference and raise a case against Congress fully to vacate its location and described that members of Congress and their collections and their families were not the level of responsibility they do not respect no law nor the list and that the hotel management has dealt with an open mind and wide and in other countries was to be their place prison for what they had done irregularities inside the hotel

The administration indicate that the project is special and special funding and operation of private investment and that the hotel paid in Alzeraúb of the Libyan state full and became suffers security problems and the presence of armed .

The company says that the reputation of the hotel Batt in danger , and this reputation is not bought with money and the administration is not ready to lose in exchange for material and accumulated debt

Management made a note of the Attorney General to request the release of the conference hotel and attended to deal with each of their names rolled in periods of the conference and its sessions and ita fringe and administration attended the rental halls in any future political activities, whatever the characteristics and diversity .

And described that this experience from 2011 to now is very very bad in the history of the company name in Libya, which did not get in the history of its hotels group that turns this name to the rinks and insults wrestling and shoot in arcades.

Urgent agency Libya / session without a quorum and live on Tripoli

Pulled out of a number of members of the General National Congress of the session on Sunday due to the non – inclusion of the memo filed by the presidency of the Conference

on the agenda of the meeting, and are preparing to issue a press release in particular.
And was a member of the General National Congress by the Department of TobrukTawfiq Alshahibi” said on his Alvesbuqueh page a short while ago

that a group of members of the conference , which refused to attend the conference because of his determination to run it and run the wrong way and his inability and apparent bias .
And said, “ Alshahibi” that the President of the Conference and agreed on what we demanded its inclusion in the agenda and when we entered

we found the opposite and heated debate did not reach for something and we discovered that it would raise a quorum for the meeting no more .
He ” Tawfiq Alshahibi” It seems to me that the President of the Conference was thought to be broadcast on-air session will receive the largest popular and Asorna very weak position!
So we went out are all gathered in one of the side halls .

Tawfiq Alshahibi” a member of the National Conference of the agency:

“we have lost confidence in the office of the presidency of the Conference of deliberate deception and deceit .”

On 27 October 2013 at 05:06 pm

He said , ” Tawfiq Alshahibi” a member of the Conference on the city of Tobruk and the Alliance of National Forces in remarks addressed to the agency :

“Yes we have lost confidence in the office of the presidency to the National Conference year in meetings with him to approve the agenda items is no agreement on a specific program , and when we entered the hall is imposing views of a certain class and this is what today’s event specifically after Disclaimer Chairman of the Conference , “Nuri Abu arrows ” of the agreement on the agenda, which was agreed around since yesterday after a big effort in the presence of all the blocks and throw the ball in our court does not delay does not provide in it something citizen Libyan knows the truth , what the meaning of the transfer of today’s meeting of others incomplete quorum on the air , “

note that in the past he did not move more than 80 plenary session of the quorum .”

Edit : Mamedalhaafa .

Congress ended the longest of its meetings without decisions

10/27/2013 19:07
Libya’s future – ( and ) :

National Congress ended the year on a Sunday evening and one of the longest of its meetings which he had started in the morning , without taking any decisions , due to the withdrawal of more than ninety members of its members, an objection to some of the items on the agenda , and the mechanism of action of the Conference.
According to the spokesman of the National Conference ” Omar Humaidan “ in a statement posted on the General National Congress page of social networking site ” Facebook” ,

said that today ‘s conference session was consultative where the conference did not take any decisions due to lack of quorum for any decision had been taken .
This comes as published by the National Conference year, ” Tawfiq Alshahibi” the head of the coalition forces national conference on his location social networking “Facebook” a statement in which he said that ” the withdrawal of a number of members of the National Congress of the year was due to non-inclusion of the memorandum filed by the President of the Conference , The design of the presidency of the Conference on the conduct and management of meeting the wrong way and biased.
He said, adding that ” the President of the Conference and agreed to the inclusion of our demands on the agenda and when we entered we found the

opposite and heated debate did not reach for something and we discovered that it was to raise a quorum for the meeting no more .
It is noteworthy that 90 members of Congress had withdrawn during the morning session for the day in protest at what they described as a lack of inclusion of the presidency of the Conference agreed on issues discussed yesterday with the office of the presidency of the Conference on the agenda .

President of the National Conference General Nuri Abushmin:

“Operations room Libya rebels is a crown on my head!!”

(Young people’s media capital)

Libya : The conflict came to a clash each side is trying to expose the other party and expose him .

On October 27, 2013 at 01:55 pm Mermaid

. Precedent unmatched offered channels Libyan session of the National Conference General today Sunday, October 27, 2013 without the presence of a quorum for the members of the Conference after the withdrawal of most members of Congress ” more than 90 ” due to disagreement with the presidency on the agenda and priority points to be discussed .

Explained National Congress leader General during the meeting which was attended by less than 60 members from among more than 190 members representing the total national conference public the reasons for the withdrawal of more than 90 members and tried to put the blame on them and spoke more than one member of Congress justified in front of the Libyan people ‘s failures and excesses not be considered innumerable even occurred in the country with the implementation of the law to put the 190 member in prison. appeared clear that the conflict between the Islamists and the so-called the Independent and liberals had reached an impasse and that candidate to enter Libya in a tunnel chaos and political vacuum.

fact conflict that independents and liberals accuse affiliated with the SALAFIST movement that they are imposing their decisions strongly armed militias and

against the will of the Libyan people and cite decisions taken on behalf of the National Conference year , the most important

1 – assigning room rebels Libya to protect capital and to provide millions of money her while neglecting the army and the police and not given them the possibilities afforded to armed militias .

2 – abduction of the Prime Minister and accuse 2 of the members of the National Congress general affiliated with the SALAFIST movement of being behind the kidnapping

3 – exchange 900 million dinars so-called ” shield Libya ” and calls for members of Congress to investigate this matter and find out how to spend this huge sum Wayne and those who arrived in

4 – to reduce the powers of the President of the National Congress year, ” Nuri Bushmin ” and hold him accountable for abuses carried out by the . lots and lots of issues, from the province of Cyrenaica to charges of theft of oil to financial waste to bribery cases to bring down the organic members of Congress in violation of the regulations to the congestion of the street to the lawlessness in across the country to enable the armed militias of the joints of the state seems Faced with this difficult situation that has to be clash. editing. report : Mamedalhaafa .

Withdrawal of the 83 members of the General National Congress session

Because of the refusal of the presidency and members of the Muslim Brotherhood
A clause withdrawing powers of the commander-in-chief of Bushmin
And the withdrawal of assigning room Libya rebels and achieve P kidnapping Zaidane.

The 80 member called for a vote on the dismiss Abu arrows and transmit it to investigate the issue of granting 900 thousand dinars ..
Room and demanded to dissolve the rebels because it involved the kidnapping and Prime Minister Anha commissioned to bypass of Abu arrows ..
But was refused to vote on the two points of the 80 member withdrew and sat Brotherhood and orchid gang ..

URGENT: – press release shortly after ..

The fact what Ihdt with the so-called Conference on February —
Amina Mahgoub: Member of the General National Congress
Quite frankly: Pull back the day of the meeting they want to resolve room in Libya militias, Alliance bloc still strongly present in the conference

and retreat ink on paper, the whole with militias room solution for Libya, but where is the alternative.?

Press Release for 81-awaited member Onsahbu of session
National Congress because of the refusal of Bushmin Brotherhood and block
Loyalty to the Martyrs put the items demanding the withdrawal of the functions of Bushmin
And the withdrawal of assigning room Libya rebels and armor …
Shortly after the news conference will be to the Group of 94 …

URGENT: – Bushmin refuses to vote ….!!

Number is located far from the Brotherhood and Loyalty to the Martyrs bloc only 55 member
While opponents of members is 81 demanding the withdrawal of the assigned room
Libya rebels kidnapped the head of the government, and to withdraw the powers of the President
Bushmin conference that he is the supreme commander …
But the Brotherhood and Bushmin Reject because the vote and the election will be
For the benefit of 81 member majority are against the Brotherhood and Loyalty to the Martyrs bloc.

Jewish Abdulrahman Asswehly accused and Justice Minister Salah Marghany and Prime Minister Ali Zaidane as the parties

involved in the case of Naji al-Mokhtar and says that the Minister of Justice has politicized the issue.

Wi-Fi within the National Conference!!!!!!!


Saleh Jaudh object to the withdrawal of about 80 members of the members at today’s meeting and says that this is not what it was understanding Yesterday.


Libya talks
Etbi know who governs in Libya and the National Conference???


Look this video .. Explicitly names and directories a member of the National Conference ((Abubakar rounded)) authorizes the governing Libya

Now on channel Libya Liberal

تبي تعرف من يحكم في ليبيا وفي المؤتمر الوطني ؟؟؟شوف الفيديو هدا .. بصريح العبارة وبالاسماء والادله عضو المؤتمر الوطني ((ابوبكر مدور )) يصرح عن من يحكم ليبياالان علي قناة ليبيا الاحرار

THE FOLLOWING ALSO IS A GNC FABRICATION—because there is a stockpile of gas supply as mentioned prior in my reports):

Aaalak Vzaih :::

TRIPOLI (Reuters) ::’s oil minister said the Libyan “Abdul Bari Arousi” Saturday that Libya is considering the purchase of gas from Algeria

under faced interruptions in electricity due to lack of gas supplies ..!!

Mohammed Kilani: accuse members retreating from today’s meeting to seek political gain and to incite public opinion on the conference.

Mohammed Dali: accuse members retreating from today’s meeting with conspiracy and obstructing the interests of LIBYA.

Shoot the Bull



grande mosque

Grande Mosque, Tripoli

News reporter: continued number of citizens sit in the corner for the fourth consecutive day in GREEN SQUARE.

Toyota to leaden lioness without plates, rose from the kidnapping of a girl from a shadow street in Tripoli today.

Tripoli, the first night :::
Ablaze a car in the capital Tripoli Rail Road under the bridge door bin Gasheer and type of car Hyundai Sonata. Refers to the news blast

::::::: Corner

This was released today, 27 October 2013 decision to establish the Corner seaport.

News from the Corner ...
Ibn Mohammed Kilani (member of pagan Conference) Winter son was killed in the Corner, and since yesterday to hear the voice of the city’s heavy lead.
Sons tyrants right sure …

Jewish Salah Paddy says I demand to hand over Saif Gaddafi to us from Zintan
If Cano of saying that they can not secure it to Tripoli, and if they
Can not I am ready to write a written pledge that I am secure
The advent of Saif to Tripoli, it is now Ihamo sword Eachdhu in
60 thousand a day on the secure Saif prison.

(Depression forum)

Voracious daily communications Tripoli:

Bulletin communications received on day 24, 25 and 10/26/2013 : –

Friday Market police station :
(1) brought to a hospital Amotaiqh named ( Izz al – Din carp Hinhiri the born in 1996, resident market Friday near the traffic light Diab Sons intersections of life impact of a bullet in the head in front of his house by force deterrence Amotaiqh .
Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.

(2) A fire broke shop area Friday market through the services have been directed car Civil Defense as well as the achievement of the center has been put out the fire , a company of modern equipment maintenance cafes and restaurants and hotels belonging to named Emad Ahmed Hadi and resulted in fire damage to the contents of the entire company and the cause of the fire to seek electric and estimated damage physical value of twenty – five thousand dinars.

Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.

Pressures Alshall police station :

(1) brought to a hospital in Tripoli ‘s central named Walid al-Sanusi Massoud old 27 years old resident tourist injured by a bullet in the head by a certain (Marwan warming resident tourist and another unidentified nowhere on him or on his car Toyota double cockpit color white without metal plates ( the ambulance interests) and the initial actions were united circular adjusts the car and them .

(2) body was found lying on the beach in Abu Nawas unidentified and was immediately directed to achieve the center and Warda signal that that the body of Ahs unidentified Black skin wearing a suit Arab white and detects virtual body observed raised several gunshot wounds face , chest and right and left hand following burning Bakaddmyin and effects shackles hands .

Security and safety in to Abba Pussy …
‘s Body was found lying on the beach area Abo Nawas unknown to Ahs unidentified brown skin wearing a white suit Arab and detects the virtual body

was observed raised several gunshot wounds to the face and chest , right hand and left after burning Bakaddmyin and the effects of the shackles of Hand.

Atkhaddt initial actions in particular , and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

(3) brought to Tripoli Central Hospital named ( Abdullah Abu al-Qasim , a 50 – year – old resident of pressures Alshall wounded by a live bullet to the left and right foot in front of a mosque obstacle by unidentified person ( been infected ambulance and keeping hospital ) and Atkhaddt of the initial actions in particular .

Police station door bin Ghashir : –

Door bin Gasheer:
Brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called “war Musab al-Saleh” resident Sidi Khalifa intersections of life impact of a bullet in the head by unidentified persons identity ..

Brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called Musab Saleh Al Harbi resident Sidi Khalifa intersections of life impact of a bullet in the head by unidentified persons identity.

Atkhaddn initial actions in particular.

Police Station and Spring Valley : –

Bring to a hospital in Tripoli ‘s central named ( for Asrvo Amader Nigerian nationality resident of Ain ​​Zara injured by a bullet right-footed either Ain Zara Prison by a group of unidentified persons identity dressed in civilian clothes ( were ambulance patient and save the hospital ) Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

Police Dahmani angle : –

Brought to Tripoli Central Hospital named Nasser Abu Bakr Khalifa , a resident Dahmani angle wounded by a live bullet in the chest by an unidentified person was injured ambulance and save the hospital and Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

Ain Zara police station :

Bring to the Tripoli Medical Center named Akram Khalifa Rhouma , a 13 – year – old resident of Ain ​​Zara after injuring himself by Mistake by a bullet in the head by a pistol ( been infected ambulance and hospital and keeping Atkhaddt initial actions , in particular

Room reports : –

Received a tip from a citizen on telephone communications room expressed by a group unknown persons identity to enter the farm both named Bashir Saleh and called Ibrahim Majdoub and called Imran Abu sponsor and project Shooting accidentally Sidra and Vaúmin division of farms into pieces without legitimize it has been informed Center Ain Zara and the Chamber of chief of staff in particular.


Highway, and a complete absence of for security Ajhza and civil defense.




Urgent agency Libya / tankers piracy or closure of an oil line? Tripoli

Channel said the “official” in Newsflash her ​​that “Zuwarah rebels” assert two oil tankers off the first Italian and the second Greek protest

against the General National Congress ignored to their demand Bdstrh the language Tamazight.
Then returned and said channel in Newsflash too and after a few minutes that “Zuwarah rebels” deny carriers off, but they Aagaflon the oil pipeline complex Mellitah:

Libyan pirates hijack two oil tankers Italian and Greek protest against the non constitutionalization

their Tamazight language.


Mellita Oil & GAS (of ITALY):

Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas

Amazigh desert militias in control of the field “# the spark” for the company’s # Spain’s Repsol, and the spark field produces

about # 350 thousand barrels of oil per day, and is currently the backbone of the production of # Libya after lock ports and oil fields of companies in the region.

Amazigh in the desert militia blocked the production and demanded change the article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration.


Guard installations denies armed convoy went to the oases
Atmosphere of the country –

A spokesman denied guard oil installations and Walid Hassan on Sunday the existence of an armed convoy intends to go to the fields Gallo 59 and Abu child .

The good atmosphere for the country that the military convoy , which I talked about social networking sites , proved to be followed for the border guards and he is facing for his work in the border sites , pointing out that the conditions inside the quiet fields .

Hassan pointed out that guards oil installations workers branch of the secret oases and attribution of the seventh addition to the rebels declared a state of emergency region is calculated for any emergency .

The commander of the guard oil installations in the Oasis had said that they had received a tip orientation convoy consisting of 115 armed car to the fields to control the oil fields of Gallo and Abu child.

One of the so-called locusts Brigades Guard established oil
On their way to Death Valley



Sirte, Dhanha of Mato phrase in Spaha.

Message young tribe Alqmazfah / / / /

To all the tribes in Sirte …

Peace wants peace

I’ve inhabited tribe Alqmazfah Sirte since hundreds of Sunnis are one of the first tribes that inhabited the area of Sirte and component authentic fabric population in this region , which became the title of this tribe , and vice versa, and we have been through these contracts make sure people are living together and respecting norms and traditions that govern social relations among the residents of this region, and we initiate with good guys and good people to renounce any behavior that does not respect the rules of the neighborhood and mores and practices , and strongly reject any action without prejudice Balnoames and public morals , and refrain from granting social legitimacy of any behavior outrageous , for the sake of us that this city is blessed peace and social basis of the teachings of our religion , which received good neighborliness.

But these behaviors benign and ethics Dart met by some disguising themselves and ingratitude , especially after the plight of the nation , which won from Alqmazfah tribe , like other tribes, it beat the wall neighborhood rules and norms , traditions and teachings of Islam , and Zain them the devil their actions and their aground mules and Cherant them deficient minds of corrupt behavior , Fajal them that they were able to impose the logic of chaos and crime and looting of this tribe valiant history testifies to the courage of its people , and not their silence on grievances , whatever the circumstances .

Everyone knows , ,,,,

True We offered convoys of martyrs in the battle to defend the homeland are of the finest knights of this tribe , women may be unable to give birth like them .
But on the whole to realize Hakim before sapiens , sapiens before anyone else Mujahid said the tribe is able to rein in all of the same begging him or took pride in unrighteousness and deny all assets and norms , customs and traditions , we do not tolerate injustice and we do not accept Baichh humiliation and do not wear masks falsehood and fear and adulation , and do not take people in cold blood , even if it made us what made us , but we are not in a deficit of something , and one of us unable to stop ten and battlefields best witness to that , I tell you firmly believe that we all know of looting livelihoods and of assassinated insulation and kidnapping of young people and emptied them hatred and cheese and threw them on the beach and in the valleys we know a single one , but we know even falsely witnessed and fading in some of our children who are languishing in the prisons of injustice.

Do not fancy one of you that we do not know the details of the details and do not think it is safe not God , and a thousand times no , you will Nguets you and regain all our rights and respond consideration to the sanctity of our homes and we let of the same cup , but will be saa Practising for yourselves from you start and you Snntm this year you must that endured her button.

As for the people of mind , , , ,,,,
Tell them an evil mind which is silent on the injustice and becomes a demon Shut up , evil wisdom that legitimize mark and ignored injustices and evil , evil is the voice of reason , which does not rise in the face of oppression and aggression in the face of criminals and vandals , thieves and bandits

Vaql is who pays the wisdom and Mind of injustice and aggression from the people not to remain silent , and does not raise his voice only when it is received evil
Finally … Stalmn news

Youth tribe Alqmazfah Mujahid – Sirte
رسالة شباب قبيلة القذاذفة ////

إلى كل القبائل في مدينة سرت …

سلام على من يريد السلام

لقد قطنت قبيلة القذاذفة سرت منذ مئات السنيين فهي من أولى القبائل التي استوطنت منطقة سرت ومكون أصيل للنسيج السكاني بهذه المنطقة التي صارت عنوان لهذه القبيلة و العكس صحيح، ولقد كنا خلال هذه العقود احرص الناس على العيش المشترك و احترام الأعراف و التقاليد التي تنظم العلاقات الاجتماعية بين قاطني هذه المنطقة، وكنانبادر مع الأخيار و أهل الخير في نبذ اي سلوك لا يحترم قواعد الجيرة و الأعراف و التقاليد ، و نرفض بشدة أي تصرف يخل بالنواميس و الآداب العامة ، كما نمتنع عن منح الشرعية الاجتماعية لأي سلوك شائن ، حرصا منا على ان تنعم هذه المدينة بالسلم الاجتماعي و انطلاقا من تعاليم ديننا الحنيف الذي يحظ على حسن الجوار .

لكن هذه السلوكيات الحميدة و الأخلاق النبلة قوبلت من طرف البعض بالتنكر و الجحود، خاصة بعد محنة الوطن التي نالت من قبيلة القذاذفة كغيرها من القبائل ، فضربوا عرض الحائط بقواعد الجيرة و الأعراف و التقاليد و تعاليم الدين الحنيف ، و زين لهم الشيطان أفعالهم و جنحت بهم بغالهم و شرعنت لهم عقولهم القاصرة تصرفاتهم الفاسدة ، فخال لهم أنهم قادرين على فرض منطق الفوضى و الأجرام و النهب على هذه القبيلة الباسلة التي يشهد التاريخ على شجاعة أبنائها، و عدم صمتهم على الضيم مهما كانت الظروف .

ليعلم الجميع،،،،،

صحيح نحن قدمنا قوافل من الشهداء في معركة الدفاع عن الوطن هم من خيرة فرسان هذه القبيلة،قد تعجز النساء ان تلد مثلهم .
لكن على الكل ان يدرك الحكيم قبل العاقل ، و العاقل قبل غيره ان هذه القبيلة المجاهدة قادر على لجم كل من تسول له نفسه أو أخذته العزة بالإثم و تنكر لكل الأصول و الأعراف و العادات و التقاليد ، فنحن لا نسكت على الظلم و لا نرضى بعيشة الهوان و لا نلبس أقنعة الزيف و الخوف و التملق و لا نأخذ الناس غيلة ، حتى وان أصابنا ما أصابنا و لكننا لسنا في عجز من شئ، و الواحد منا قادر على إيقاف عشرة و ساحات الوغى خير شاهد على ذلك ، أقول لكم جازما أننا نعرف كل من نهب الأرزاق و من اغتال العزل و خطف الشباب و أفرغ فيهم حقده و جبنه وألقى بهم على شاطئ البحر و في الأودية نعرفهم واحد واحد ، بل نعرف حتى من شهد زورا و بهتان في بعض أبنائنا الذين يقبعون في سجون الظلم .

لا يتوهم احد منكم أننا لا نعرف تفاصيل التفاصيل و لا يظن انه في مأمن لا والله و ألف لا ، سوف نقتص منكم و نسترد كل حقوقنا و نرد الاعتبار إلى حرمات بيوتنا و نسقيكم من ذات الكأس بل سوف يكون الصاع صاعين لأنكم انتم من بدأتم و أنت من سننتم هذه السنة فعليكم ان تحملوا وزرها.

أما أهل العقل،،،،،،،
نقول لهم بئس العقل الذي يصمت على الظلم و يصبح شيطان اخرس ، بئس الحكمة التي تشرعن بصمتها و تجاهلها المظالم و المفاسد ، بئس صوت العقل الذي لا يرتفع في وجه البغي و العدوان في وجه المجرمين و المخربين و اللصوص و قطاع الطرق

فالعاقل هو من يدفع بحكمته و عقلة الظلم و العدوان عن الناس لا يلزم الصمت، و لا يرفع صوته إلا عندما يصله الشر
وختاما… ستعلمن نبأ

شباب قبيلة القذاذفة المجاهدة – سرت

Mu over Sirte

Mu and Senussi in Sirte

Mu timely lecture


Akaddadfh defying the world ( iron Znabil ):

Brothers and sisters Alqmazfah page goers defy the world ( iron Znabil )… We would like to draw your attention .
That what came from the words of fluid . Taathecm poet Alqmazfah the big Almnazl and free man Sharif Hamza Tohamy .
But it is a mis big bear Msalath . Poet Alqmazfah the as one Adinmah this page.
this talk bear is itself all responsibility and relationship to the page in this matter , either closely or from afar ….
If advancing  Aledmon key to this page to apologize for the statement about the poet in the right of “Dr. The Descent”
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ألاخوة وألاخوات رواد صفحة القذاذفة تتحدى العالم( زنابيل الحديد… نود ان نلفت انتباهكم. بأن ما جاء من كلمات مائعة. تتهكم فيها شاعرة القذاذفة على المناظل الكبير والرجل الحر الشريف حمزة التهامى. انما هو خطاء كبير تتحمل مسؤليته. شاعرة القذاذفة باعتبارها احد ادمنية هذه الصفحة. وهذا الكلام تتحمل هى بنفسها كل المسؤلية ولا علاقة للصفحة بهذا الامر لا من قريب ولا من بعيد…. وأذا يتقدم الادمن الرئيسى لهذه الصفحة بالاعتذار عن ما ورد بخصوص الشاعرة فى حق الدكتور الخلوق والانسان السوى والاب الفاظل المناظل حمزة التهامى طيب الله اوقاته. وحفظه بطلاً مقاوماً وحراً شريفاً…. واذا اراد اى ادمن التعبير عن رائه فليعبر كما يشاء فى صفحته الخاصة.فقط ووجهة نظره تبقى وجهة نظره هو بعيداً عن هذه الصفحة. التى تساند الشرفاء كحمزة التهامى وغيره. الذين ناظلوا وكافحوا ولازالو يكافحون…. ولكل رواد الصفحة التحية والتقدير والاحترام..



Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Youth Caucus good beginning in fundraising to create

a library of Bani Walid General

Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Youth Caucus good يشرعان in fundraising to create a library of Bani Walid General
20:16 10/26/2013 Author: Bashar

According to a member of civil society institutions and brown Walid Nasser Rabashi, on Saturday, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering Bani Walid embark on fundraising for the establishment of a public library.

He added Rabashi the “Solidarity news agency that” Faculty of Electronic Engineering in collaboration with the Youth Caucus good Sicheraan in fundraising in the city to create a library of Bani Walid.

Solidarity News Agency – Bashar Mohammed

Claims to amend Regulation 501 , and the University of the observatory denies jurisdiction
Atmosphere of the country – five –

A number of master’s campaign of faculty members and collaborators vigil in front of the headquarters of the University of the observatory this morning, as part of their claims to amend Regulation 501 of the Organization for Higher Education until appointed university is located .

He said one of the organizers of the vigil ” Fathi Belaid key ” to their demands is to amend article which stipulates the need to get a good rate graduate and above for acceptance as a faculty member in Libyan universities .

In response to the demands of the protesters said Undersecretary of Scientific Affairs at the University of the observatory ” Abed Alhmala of Saud ” The university is committed to working in accordance with the regulations in which they operate Libyan universities , and amend these regulations is the prerogative of the Ministry of Higher Education and not from the jurisdiction of the university.

Recall that has been modified a materials list last May , which requires not exceed the age of five and thirty- appointed assistant lecturer degree .



In Ahz the Revolution ..
Misratah three ports and the largest factories in Libya in Misrata
Many of them have betrayed the country under the pretext of marginalization …
Whereas Lippi simple soldier holds his rifle on his shoulders to resist NATO
When she tells him back to your house you father’s family …
We is not going to disappoint or betray the nation ….

Aalkhiana or loyalty to the homeland is not measured by money,
But measured honor and Oumadn of the men …



Libya’s international channel:

After Tawergha Local Council and Amazigh, Tabu announce boycott of the elections committee session.

The Tariqa:

Some members circumvented us on the return to the meeting after withdrawal:

Urgent agency Libya / Britain’s Times newspaper and the issue of Tawergha
Revenge militias Libyan cities are forced to leave from Libya

British newspaper The Times published in today ‘s edition of 27.10.2013 that the militias

are treating the Libyans as ” animals “

and screaming in the faces of unarmed Libyans like what he did to ” benign Mohammed ” and her brother ” Noureddine ” –

According to the newspaper , which reported that ” benign ” Tawergha residents arrested from Mlisheh of Misrata have offended

and yelling at her saying :

“you stood with Gaddafi must die like him! ! “

And benign escaped from certain death , while her brother was killed , aged 22 years as a result of torture in the prisons of the militias .
Crime they of City of Tauroghae population just is not .




Return from Libya : Death lived 5 days

Newspaper “Sunrise” Egyptian in its issue today that one of the drivers who were released in the city of Ajdabiya Libyan revealed details about their 5 days at gunpoint, said Ahmed Hassan Kashef (51 years), these days we passed with great difficulty , we felt during that death is approaching us because of their release indiscriminate fire in air tonot so scary.
He added that the kidnappers did not give them any food during a kidnapping , and they sent a driver to Libya to come to them with food , and they were living in a state of terror .
And the method of release, he said: Five days after our arrest and reached a group of elders Arabs Bmatarouh to Ajdabiya representatives from the Office of the Egyptian intelligence they Sheikh Abdul Jalil Abdul- Zein Alwani , Alhaji Kamel Abdel Sheikh Alwani , to negotiate with the militias , and has already reached an agreement for the release of all drivers and their cars in exchange for a retrial Libyan fishermen detained in Egypt , numbering 16 people , and allow their families to visit them , were released us and we got to the between the Egyptian Aljmarkin and Libya , where he was greeted by a group of Egyptian intelligence.



Armed force consists of about 25 to 30 cars .. And 23 guns on board, Aratash and a half ..

These forces belonging to the called Cyrenaica interference Army to the Budzirh and to the headquarters Bogheib …
Full alert for the rebels in the city of Benghazi .. And ready for any possibilities ….
Oh God … Save Benghazi

Benghazi now :::::::

Bnghazstan were liquidated 18 OCTOBER 2013 Colonel Ahmed Bargty Alakora.


Special Forces
Aaaaaaaaaaaajl Benghazi

An attack on the camp of Thunderbolt and clashes Bmakhalh the the Stun

between men and supporters of saudi-style Salafist-Sharia.

(Nasser Sharkasy)

Shooting a strong of stun camp now

# Aaaaaaagel now came to me on your ~ ~

Aref Oh bummer addicted Elly Saarh in peace in District One

Slain in Galaa live in peace in front of the District will Doreen name

Slain # whale just the people of the region long arms, and I appointed one

Of the people of the region ..


In the name of God the Merciful
(Tary meeting of the leaders of the Benghazi rebels)
This summarizes the meeting and the grace of God Almighty on the following:
1 / descent of power, security and military Astbratih from the revolutionaries real rebel fronts and Insurance cities rebels during the so-called “war of liberation”.
2 / coordination with the security services and the Public Prosecution Office of the Attorney General.
3 / uniforms uniform and logo united under the name of rebel operations room to Libya.
4 / deployment of the force will be inside the city and its suburbs.

The meeting ended
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Information Office operations room rebels Libya / Benghazi

Quoting the page “Hawwahina all of them to you, Sam”

Tell them say terrorists, extremists … We asked them Benghazi?? They said Benghazi without her death ..

Intent Alaghtylat .. blow .. And cutting Alroos

News of the assassination of Colonel Salah Younis Shoaib Alvesa the Hawari area.

Created convoy of about 30 cars SUV carrying anti Aviation (23) poster chief of staff Danny traction coming from the Middle entered the headquarters

shield to Libya (1) area Budzirh the center of shooting in the air.

An armed clash in front of Galaa Hospital shortly before kills killing one person and wounding another.

B medical source confirmed Galaa Hospital, Benghazi, to the person
Which feed weaknesses to the hospital this morning, still unknown
Identity, and found on the side of the road, and he seems to have
Subjected to a traffic accident to the heap during his coming to the city
Benghazi and the power to throw out of the car collision, this is what has been reached
Mechanism of information so far, and the man died.

The arrival of the body of an unidentified person Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents and grandfather paramedic as he claims on the road,

and has no any document that proves identity and of his car Osafh kind Sonata gray and did not give any information and fled ..

Unidentified bodies and the flight medic Benghazi
B medical source confirmed Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents in Benghazi , that the person who was to resuscitate him to the hospital this morning , still unidentified , efforts have failed to identify the owner of the body to the absence of any document in his pockets prove his identity .
The medical source said appears to be the corpse had been subjected to a traffic accident path heap Benghazi , and likely to be a force that collision threw him out of the car to find him someone on the side of the road .
It is noteworthy that people brought the body this morning to the hospital saying that he found on the side of the road, and during the busy energy Medical Center in an attempt ambulance man, oblivious medic everyone and disappeared soon as you receive the body of it , and all I could some captured is that he was traveling in a car type Sonata gray.



Burning Liberal Castle Charity …..

In broad daylight was burned Castle Liberal Association Bdrna against Unity Hospital, and this association known

for its charity work and field since the revolution and now.

(Media tuber)




TPU sit and Tuaregs in front of the headquarters Sabha election commission in protest at the failure to approve the principle of consensus between all the components.


The director spark oil field Hassan Saeed to  atmosphere to the country, they began to gradually stop pumping oil from the field by

order of the spark guard oil installations field as a result of the security conditions.
It is noteworthy that the spark oil field is witnessing a sit-in for the second day by some residents of the cities of the Ubari and Owaynat.

Now: the gradual suspension began pumping oil from the field Crarah one of the largest oil fields in the south, which produces 340,000 barrels per day.



Algerian army launched a major combing operation near the Libyan border

And closing ports wilderness with Libya temporarily and inventory to allow travel for humanitarian cases only

Resulted in the combing operation launched by the Algerian army forces since last Wednesday, killing two

terrorists, and retrieval of modern weapons and missiles near the border with Niger and Libya.

(Secret Alcdoh – 87)





The Yankee TAKE-OVER of LIBYA:

the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has adopted , in principle , a plan to train forces of Libyan ranging numbers between

6 thousand to 8 thousand out of the country , but blurry and complexity of the situation in Tripoli was forced Libyans not to submit a

formal request yet to activate this plan, the U.S. officials to come out and declare that it will not begin until next spring season , at the earliest .



Brotherhood crimes


Of course, Al-Jazeera is willing to pay dearly this video and erased from existence ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ
Brotherhood crimes bankrupts

طبعا قناة الجزيرة مستعدة تدفع الغالي والنفيس وتمحى الفيديو هذا من الوجود ههههههههههه
جرائم الاخوان المفلسون

Focused on the map Where more water level in any country is
Even Mieh Yeboah Aemctoha …
Agencies: signed Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, the day before yesterday, a working document for strategic management of the world’s largest

inventory of groundwater and make the best of it in the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna.



Mu is Chair-person of the African Union



Mu awaits in red room

Perchance a victory?

Mu smiles for us

One and ONLY MU Mu see you

Mu in burgundy

This is our home … Here Great Jamahiriya Feltalmoa of it well ..


National Centre for Meteorology and predictions: next Sunday, a partial eclipse of the sun.

Start working the winter time on Friday

Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Work begins tomorrow, Friday the winter time and in accordance with Article IV of the Council of Ministers resolution, which states that daylight saving time

ends on the last Friday of the month of October of each year.

And delaying the timing of one hour, to keep the number of official time work hours as it is.

Popular hair – Muammar during generation wrath



HAH! YANKEE MAMOUD JABRIL is still poking his nose where he does not belong!!!

A leading figure in the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” Ismail Alqriteley, says: –

Arrangements continue to support coalition allies to drop the conference and the drafting of a transitional phase Jibril is the leader and rely on the Supreme Court temporarily…

“Sami al-Saadi,” the leader of the LIFG “Al-Qaeda” candidate of the Commission sixty Tripoli.



Possibility of the start of the trial of the Russians detained in Libya in November

24/10/2013, 16:55

محكمة ليبية روس

Photo: © EPA

Said senior adviser at the Russian embassy in Libya, Leonid Frolov, in an interview with the agency “RIA Novosti:” The first meeting of the Civil Court the issue of Russian Alexander Hadrof and Vladimir Dolgov detainees in Libya may be held in November next year.

Frolov expressed the hope that the establishment of the first meeting in October / November. He said, adding that the case was referred to the civil court by the military court, more than a month ago.

It should be noted the arrest of Russian citizens and 3 citizens of Belarus, Ukraine and 19 by the forces of the National Transitional Council in Libya, the fall of 2011.

Breaking the sound barrier by warplanes of the General Staff.

A military source for news: find five car bombs in the capital Tripoli.

Country ambiance, Ali Nashwan:

Assistant Director of the company announced public services Bashir Aekona , the company said Thursday recovered truck type ” Puller desert ”

belonging to the Al-Andalus Office after it was stolen on Wednesday.

And said Aekona to the country ambiance that anti – crime Tripoli device able to find the truck in the OS, in addition to the arrest of the armed group that has in the process .
He added Aekona the truck that was connected to the system ” GPS ” which helped to track and find their place in particular .

It is worth mentioning that the company public services in Tripoli saw the beginning of the year 2013 for multiple thefts garbage collection vehicles .




THE RATS and BROTHERHOOD have arrested the CLEAN & GOOD of the Western Tribes!!!

In the arrest elders and Rafla in militia prisons without the right Corner, and they are: –
Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti
Sheikh Faraj Gmad
Sheikh Musa shifter
Sheikh Bashir Rezgui

O decoding families of militants arrested through injustice!


Libya international channel 

Mr. Nuri Cheroua, former Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Amazigh of Libya

escapes Thursday morning kidnapping attempt

suffered by unidentified attackers in the town of Ifrane



Abuaaúhh Mustafa Abdul-Hadi.

Humbly .. Announced through My humble I donate part of my library for the benefit of the library Bani Walid General ..

Until the completion of the project I put my library in the service of science students and university students and research

in the specialty of language, rhetoric and criticism and Islamic studies open to them, including the available sources, references and studies ..

The God of the intent behind.



Sources of news: will be announced on Thursday, Oct. 24 line-up for the Cyrenaica region composed of twenty-two ministers.

Today p channel barga tv / Libya Liberal / DC

Advertising transitional government province of Cyrenaica

Urgent agency Libya / formation of the Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica Ajdabiya

President of the ” Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica ,” Abed Rabbo Barasi office Lineup ( interim government ) as follows : –
The province is divided into four provinces and clear administrative boundaries as follows : –
Ajdabiya province province of Benghazi mountain province green province of Tobruk .
To take charge of each province to form a crisis committee to management and the division of the province to municipalities according to what you see every province .
As stated , ” Abed Rabbo Barasi ” that the formation of the Executive Office was based on competence and experience, and by 23 file ( Bag زراية )

and Vice – President of the Executive Office ( the government).

1 ) Faraj Omar Abdali Vice President of the Executive Office
2) Colonel Adam Ali customary interior
3) Dr. Abdul Hamid Saleh Alehiash Endowments
4 ) Abdul Aamalik the cabled and mineral wealth
5 ) Riad Anwar Hanib , the Economy and Trade
6) secretary gifts exiled metals industry
7 ) Habril the Rizkallah Awami planning
Mohammed المبرك Boukiqis Higher Education and Research
9 ) Mohammad Yousuf Venosh of Education
10) Fathallah Mohammed Taher Darsi public service
11 ) Farag Abdel Salam safty Shalawi of Transportation transfer
12) Abdul Hafeez Bo -Obeidi beam Agriculture
13) Fathi Salem departure Ashaba , livestock and marine
14) Mohammed Saad Hammad tribal housing
15) Nasreddin health professional
16) Abdel Nasser Suleiman Altbawi water and Bishah
17 ) Hamad Saad Saaiti , the Tourism and Antiquities
18 ) Faraj Hamad cuneiform wounded
19) Abdul Salam Ashour Katani culture
20 ) Mansour, Salem Khamis Faitouri Communications
21) Abdul Ati Mohamed Alqakhara electricity
22 ) Tawfiq Othman Oraibi Youth and Sports
23) Ibrahim Bakar Amdawi , Justice
24) Hossam believer drowsiness Social Affairs

Quoting channel Alrajaban:

Then the abduction Dr. Hussein Alrajabana and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health at the hands of individuals follow Haitham Tagouris, the then release …


From a source in the so-called political bureau tenderly said:
On Thursday opened at third .. Regional Government will be announced tenderly at a news conference in the city of Ajdabiya ..



One population of Almajora region, named Jalil Imran Wasia and his job on what appears to an officer in military intelligence

and after leaving his home and searched his car found an explosive device was ready to blow up under his car.

The spokesman of the joint security room in Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi, the killing of a large air traffic controllers in built air base

The assassination of an Air Force colonel Adel Ataiwahany, air traffic controllers in large built air base was shot dead in front of his home gardens Benghazi by unknown:

Colonel Adel Ataiwahani, the unidentified dead when he came out of his home in the gardens.

The assassination of Colonel Engineer “just Ataiwahani” of the air base built officers this morning shot dead in front of his home.

Benghazi – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The city of Benghazi buried this afternoon Air Force Colonel “just Khalil Ataiwahani,” who was assassinated this morning with a barrage

of bullets in front of his home area parks while heading morning to his office Benghazi built air base-

Found on the body of a person now opposite the Tibesti Hotel.

Benghazi from 11:00 pm until 4:00 this morning

Found the body of an unidentified person thrown by the proximity of hotel
Tibesti , and the difference may run over by a car seems to be made ​​to run over
Did not even try to help him , the force ‘s special forces , shift
To a hospital evacuation and inform the competent authorities for the knowledge of the owner .

Reservation on a Hyundai Verna car leaden color and bomb , b Proximity
Clinic success , ready for explosion, and the men of the Special Forces
“Thunderbolt “ to bring in an expert to be dismantled , and was to take the necessary action .

Special Forces “Thunderbolt “ arrested two people , they
B shooting on a police station ” Ras Aobeidh ” , after a clash with them
Someone in the grip of the special forces and the other injured and languishing in a
Civil hospitals , and they are the owners of precedents .

The armed group by shooting on a police station Sabri
B heavy weapons , and support during the arrival of the special forces , to Adhu
B escape .

(Exclusive Salem al – Obeidi)

A team of explosives experts could defuse several bags containing explosive materials near Bridge (Allthamh) Benghazi

and not front of Ashour Hoael the house.

Colonel “Nasser Busninih” is vertical Squadron, with the men
Benina base with respect to the formation of a commission of inquiry if the state is unable
And not Kadhr on the investigation, after the assassination of Colonel “Adel Khalil
Ataiwahani, “one-Qaeda men in front of his home area parks
At exactly nine o’clock in the morning, and stressed, “Busninih” that
Victim subjected to a barrage of bullets by unknown and will be
Victim buried him later this afternoon.

Killed Salah Farag Bouchebh one central support personnel previously Batalaqtin, one bullet cartridges logic Alkwyfah Benghazi.

And continue the physical liquidation of the elements of the Libyan army and the police ..
Assassination of Prime Sergeants “Salah Faraj Khalil Bouchebh”

Behind reform and rehabilitation Balkwyfah in the city of Benghazi by unknown assailants shot!

# _ Gateway to Libya

Hani Al Oraibi information officer at the hospital … expose Ahmed macrophage to assault with a knife by one of the escorts

Hawari hospital patients Benghazi on Thursday 2013 10 24 Ahmed one security officials to protect the hospital from “Liberation Brigade Battalion deterrence.”

Shortly before a raid on a large arms market …….



Plane Chiefs of Staff
An emergency landing at the airport in Sirte after her shooting.

One exposure air base Alkarzabih jets specialized military ambulance shooting.

Was one of the air base Alkarzabih jets specialized military ambulance while conducting a reconnaissance tour of sky city of Sirte

to fire forcing it to land on the seashore.
The air base commander Colonel Aviator ” in favor of Mohamed Barasi ” that the aircraft was in a state poll and the assignment

and was hit in the back of her six rounds machine type – NBK T – .
And explained ” Barasi the ” reporter “and” Sirte that the crew did not hurt any damage , and person who shooting up on the plane

had been identified ..

The report was prepared for this incident to the Chiefs of Staff and air defense.

U.S. newspaper (Washington post)
I wrote today:
Assassinations targeting the military in Libya .. Behind battalions extremist groups that you want to do an Islamic emirate in the Middle Libyan



Unmanned aircraft now in the sky .. tuber



Now in Manshiyya, Sabha

An armed group tried to steal one Shops Akaddadfh in Manshiyya neighborhood saluting my shop owner

has to defend himself and made ​​me shoot and the injury of one of those injury my shot in the head until killed on the spot and show I’m dead sons and AVI.
There is no power but from God

(Free newspaper Sabha)


Back communications infidels tonight or tomorrow
Country ambiance – Ahmed Azaaeljk :

The Chairman of the Board of Directors for the phone company Libya ” Hussein Toalb , told the ” atmosphere for the country”

that the contacts will return to the infidels tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

And said , ” Toalb “ The mobile communications and the Internet were cut off since Wednesday afternoon for the infidels because

of a technical glitch in the fiber optic system , pointing to the start instant maintenance and call the company ” Huawei “ implementing the system .

And added , ” Toalb ” that there is no break in the fiber-optic cable and that the problem was in the equipment.

It is noteworthy that the fiber-optic project , which feeds the infidels opened on the fourteenth of January.

Communications in Kufra and the deterioration of their positions responsibility of …… ? ? ?

After it was linked to the communications network in Kufra cable ( fiber optic ) not a week goes by on this city but communications interrupted for hours or a full day where the Ministry of Communications of these situations where when you break contact this cable stop all contacts that have been linked to this cable either company Libyana orbit or landline phone or online.

City of Kufra in the past years and as a result put geographical distance from the coast has been linked to the station via satellite communication network and the station is now parked and we do not know why is not directly linked to the main network while being uninterrupted communications across the infidels fiber optic network

The question here ……. Where the Ministry of Communications and telecommunications company workers infidels and Almsaliyn in the local council why these OT no definitive treatment for these repeated interruptions and infidels inciting completely isolated from the world

Kufra newspaper today

Infidels …

Communications cut off from the infidels for the second day in a row

Kufra isolated from the world where the Ministry of Communications Where is the government which is being infidels

(Kufra newspaper today)




Sky News Arabia
Now | Our sources:

the Popular Front suspended its participation in the national dialogue and require announcement by the President of the Tunisian government resignation.

March against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Arabic channel Al Arabiya

Burning of the Ennahda headquarters in the Tunisian town of Kef.

Urgent international agencies (Reuters) – France 24 – Associated Press

5 killed in renewed clashes between gunmen and security agents in the state of Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia and demonstrators who burned

the headquarters of Ennahda political arm of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the city of El Kef

Arabic channel Al Arabiya
Tunisia: 5 killed in clashes between gunmen and the security forces in Sidi Bouzid.

Rached Ghannouchi decides to leave Tunisia towards the Renaissance Doha, you repeat the scenario nineties?

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2013 13:54


Tunisia Tanit Press

Afrique Intelligence newspaper said that Rachid Ghannouchi, head of Nahda movement is seriously considering giving up his position in his party and devote themselves to the Association of Muslim Scholars.



And the newspaper said, citing its own sources that Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi presented in the recent period to heavy criticism from many in his party leadership after his meeting with the President of the Tunis Appeal movement in Paris and accepted to negotiate on what they called to leave the government and engage in national dialogue.

It is reported that the rip big Nahda movement has been opposed Ghannouchi in most of its decisions even predicted observers division recently in the movement and is what made Rached Ghannouchi يستنجد beloved alias and suites Diaspora to stand in front of his opponents inside the Renaissance, but the article Afrique Intelligence today stating that Rashid Ghannouchi had better abandon once and for all partisan office and leaving Tunisia to Doha.

The Rached Ghannouchi, in the early nineties when the intensification of the crisis of the Renaissance movement with the then existing power system and after the discovery of the scheme to blow up an airliner and presidential coup against the government had fled to Algeria, leaving his supporters filling the prisons.



Kerry and Lita discussing Rome developments in Libya , Syria and Egypt

Met Wednesday morning with Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Secretary of State John Kerry, the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Emma Bonino, at the Palace ( Keiji ) center of the capital Rome to discuss and Maakech files, many international in the forefront of the latest developments on the political and security situation in Libya , Syria and Egypt . He described the statement of the Office of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers meeting ” long and friendly .” The statement said that the meeting took in search of different files from Libya through to Iran and Afghanistan. In regard to Libya eating Italian and American sides launch phase ” rehabilitative training ” by Italy with the participation of 270 units of the Italian security forces .

And on the cusp of Kerry meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tomorrow, Thursday, to discuss Kerry with the President of the Italian government and the presence of Foreign Minister Bonino , the issue of peace negotiations in the Middle East and the latest developments. The participants also discussed the Syrian crisis and the possibilities of holding a conference Geneva 2 . And as far as Egypt is staying has been made ​​to the process of the transition from military rule . And the exchange of Lita and Kerry Bonino then the Afghan file , within the framework of the expectations of the upcoming elections , which will be followed by phase and the end of the mission of the international forces , “ISAF” . They also discussed the situation in Iran and exchanged views on openness to resolve the nuclear issue .

Surprise awaits if OBAMA is dropped

Mu on war

Plain victory was delayed .. Besmouda conquer Hsada

(The main الآدمن)

كان النصر تاخر عادي .. بصمودي نقهر حساديالآدمـن الـرئــيسـي

  ( Photo: Libya’s leader Muammar al-Qathafi adjusts his glasses during the plenary session at the Africa-South America Summit on Margarita Island 27 September, 2009. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins )
The first to raise four fingers of code are the people of Libya honorable resistance to NATO revolutions and the spring of the Antichrist.
The beginning of the revolution 17 Vaqraar 2011 lifting of the Libyan people four fingers sign of resistance.
Four fingers express:
God, Muammar and Libya ups.1 – Islam .. Testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.2 – Muammar .. The symbol builder and leader of modern Libya editor and maker of the era of the masses and mass theory and innovative power of the people.3 – Libya .. Home which Ihtdhana and the land of our ancestors who fought against all forms of colonialism in the past __ and patriotism of faith.4 – and ČÓ .. Die without these principles and defend it until the last drop of blood and as long as they apply to life in our bodies.
These are the four fingers to be broken in the Islamic world.
Intended demolition of religion home ups Command then they realized the mess.

أول من رفع رمز الأربع أصابع هم أهل ليبيا الشرفاء المقاومين لثورات الناتو وربيع الدجال.
ببداية ثورة 17 فقراير 2011 رفع الشعب الليبي أربع أصابع دلالة على المقاومة.
الأربع أصابع تعبر عن:
الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس.1- الاسلام .. نشهد أن لا اله الا الله وأن محمدا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم .2-معمر .. القائد الرمز باني و محرر ليبيا الحديثة و صانع عصر الجماهير و مبتكر النظرية الجماهيرية و سلطة الشعب.3-ليبيا .. الوطن الذي يحتضنا و ارض اجدادنا الذين حاربوا كل اشكال الاستعمار في الماضي__ و حب الوطن من الايمان .4-و بس .. نموت دون هذه المباديء و ندافع عنها حتى آخر قطرة دم و مادامت الحياة تسري في اجسادنا .
هذه هي الأربع أصابع التي يراد كسرها في العالم الإسلامي.
يراد هدم الدين الوطن القيادة وبس ثم تتحقق لهم الفوضى.



Billion and seventy million Libyan dinars losses were General Electric Company until July 2013 because of frequent robberies and attacks on stores and mechanisms company ..

Electricity Company of attacks hammer and anvil Finance | Reporters | mourasiloun,

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Libya Electricity

Fixed network is not easy.
Electricity Company of attacks hammer and the anvil of the financial
“Seventy billion million Libyan dinars losses were General Electric Company until July 2013, because of the robbery and repeated attacks on stores and mechanisms of the company.”
14/8/2013 | Tripoli

Free severe, high humidity, total darkness, isolation from the world, so he spent most of the population of western Libya their days during the month of Ramadan last, which did not pass it on to the residents of the area without being interrupted electricity two or three, with an average of 8 to 10 continuous hours per day .

Blackouts necessarily mean the Internet outage, and television, and all means of communication in the world, as well as what is happening breakdowns in durable electrical appliances, especially refrigerators and air conditioners, due to a power outage and returning more strongly, which may damage these devices.

Bashar Hkulailh residents of the capital Tripoli, says he pays electricity bills continuously and without interruption, wondering what his guilt be interrupted by the power twice or three times a day, and adds condemning “If I were in a country where the law like the rest of the world, I was able to raise the issue on the General Electricity Company , but I’ve earned because I pay for a service does not exist. “

“Reporters” I went to the General Electric Company to investigate the causes of interruption of the officials of the company, where she met Ahmad Chaibi Assistant Executive Director for Planning and Projects, who spoke about the causes and solutions ICs taken by the company to address this crisis within the text of the following dialogue:

Reporters: Do decrease in electricity production in Libya is the cause of the problem?

Ahmad Chaibi: Yes, فمحطات the power to be dispersed across regions of Libya, the largest of the corner and stations north of Benghazi and two 1400 MW capacity, then Ruwais plant under the soles of the Nafusa Mountains (western Libya) capacity of 800 MW.

The rest of the stations in each of the janzour west of Tripoli, a station rickety works, including one unit, and Soane gaseous south of Tripoli, and five scooters and five invasive east of Tripoli, and Misrata invasive, Zueitina and finally station bed southeast Libya, working the whole capacity ranging from 400 to 600 MW .

Product of electrical energy to these stations collectively reach 5600 MW, while studies have shown that the expected load on the Libyan network during the summer period of 2013 up at certain times of the day to 6650 MW, which means that the amount of the deficit in the production of between 400 to 1000 MW.

But electricity is not cut off all areas or evenly, explain it?

In technical and climatic conditions there is a surplus in the regular electric power in the eastern region of approximately 700 MW, due to the least population density and temperatures are usually 10 degrees lower percentage of the southern and western region.

The distribution of loads on the electrical grid in the summer leads to outages in some areas in the west and south, and especially in the month of Ramadan, which lengthened the peak periods with high loads to the upper limit, the fifth of the evening to seven in the morning.

The higher the temperature increased loads and I told the efficiency of generating units of electricity, and vice versa for the winter where we do not see an interruption of electricity, while the eastern region do not complain usually from power outages due to the presence of a large surplus in electric power, which is often transferred to the Western Region and South if There were no obstacles to move Kaagafal the gas lines by the citizens, for example.

Why did not the company proceed to solve this problem, which is compounded year after year?

Company experiencing financial problems primarily budget of the company for 2013 has not been approved by the National Congress of the year, but on April 22, was reduced from 4 billion dinars to 1.8 billion dinars, which necessitated re-allocations budget, and led to the postponement of a number of important projects implemented in the coder of this year, as well as banking problems such as delays in opening letters of credit for contracts to implement the projects after the adoption of budgetary allocations. Libyan dinar equivalent of $ 0.77.

What is the impact of the security situation to you?

The security aspect was the direct cause of the confusion software implementation of projects, programs and operations and maintenance, and has led to the reluctance of many foreign companies and foreign experts for direct maintenance and implementation of existing and new projects, as well as exposure headquarters and stations General Electricity Company to repeated attacks by gunmen reached the extent of abuse kidnapping and gunpoint.

As well as displays and stores equipment and mechanisms of the General Electric Company for armed robbery, and the inability of the General Directorate of Police for securing electrical those stores and mechanisms, and the spread of haphazard construction and theft of electric current until it reached a commercial and technical losses to 50%.

The total losses suffered by the General Electric Company until July 2013 billion and seventy million, which includes damage to the public network, robbery and repeated attacks on stores and mechanisms of the company.

Minister of Electricity attributed a large part of the problem to the sit-ins that lead to the closure of supply lines from the fields of fuel oil and gas production, do you agree with this?

Reduce the supply of natural gas for electric power production plants because of the protests of staff, or some of the armed groups that have certain demands imposed to resort to cutting supply lines, in turn, led to a drop in the amount of energy produced from plants.

The off-line fuel supply raw-associated gas in the compound Mellita oil by some citizens that if continued could evolve to stop the gas line, cause to stop generating units stations located within the western region, and thus drop the total electricity to the area.

Is it solutions company plans to work on them to reduce these problems?

Electricity Company placed an urgent plan to reduce as much as possible of the existing deficit, especially during peak periods for the years 2013 – 2014 and the conclusion of contracts, the first with the company (APR) to buy American energy producer with a total capacity 250 MW.

Has been access to the public network the number of units the ability of 40 MW station Alfornaj Tripoli, and two units capacity 40 MW station سمنو and work in progress on the entry of the rest of the units, and there contracted a second with the same company for the purchase of additional power with a total capacity of 200 MW and is expected to enter these units in the first week of the month of August / August 2013.

The third contract was with the company (GE) to buy U.S. mobile gas units with total power of 100 MW, due to delays in opening the letter of credit is expected to enter these units end of August / August 2013.

Are These procedures will be solved the problem of blackouts once and for all?

We emphasize that the entry of these units, it will contribute to the reduction of subtracting loads (power outage) during peak periods, but the drop will continue through the month of Ramadan due to the significant increase in demand for energy, and reduce the hours of outage depends heavily on the rationalization of the decent citizen in energy consumption.

Out of condensing efforts between the General Electricity Company and the citizens and the interim government and Useradtha different, especially the ministries of defense and interior, which are counting on them to secure and protect critical locations and strategy of the company, we hope everyone contribute to the reduction of the difficulty of the status quo, and response programs for the rationalization of energy consumption, as well as understanding that the program put loads will depend if the end of its causes.

How to cooperate with you in the government to solve this problem?

The interim government has allocated to the electricity company 530 million Libyan dinars of Emergency the end of the budget last year for the conclusion of the previous contracts, which was supposed to take place during the three months to produce approximately 500 MW of electric power.

Has signed a prime minister, a decision to that in the December / December 2012, but when the company began to conclude contracts at the beginning of 2013 stopped the Audit Bureau budget resolution on the grounds that the decision issued in 2012, are not entitled by the laws in force since the former regime liquefaction budget in 2013, and thus was Stop the budget and we had to wait to be adopted by the National Conference on May 22 / May 2013.

And what about the Libyan state support for electricity?

Libyan state supports electricity through the sale of fuel for the electricity company at a subsidized price, and pay the debts of public entities due to the electricity company, and the staff of the company, and also supports the state tariff where paying citizen of AED 20 per kilowatt per hour, while the real cost is 80 dirhams, and the state pays the difference.

Citizens in other countries pay the price of electricity dozens of times that paid by the Libyan citizen, with a price of kilos per hour in some countries to 400 dirhams.

In spite of the low cost price of electricity in Libya, but the majority of citizens Libyans do not pay electricity bills, and in the spread of weapons can not Employees of collection in the company go to homes to demand payment of electricity bills as they did days of the former regime, has suffered some of the staff collection to fire in many cases of houses which made them stop the work of the collection.

MAHMUD HAMS / AFP / Getty Images


Outgoing Interior Minister / Mohamed Sheikh .. declares in the channel now is the fact that the conference, the government and a very serious facts:

Now channel Nessma ::

There will be no state or institutions, no army, no police and General Conference Imitlh the these models and these people.

It stronghold defended the legitimacy and Hua of Bistglha for no legitimate interests of illegal weapons on the ground

Prime Minister coward and naive and Aban about salary only his leadership can not even 5 of pigeons, he said.

The general conference of tribal distinction except for 23 people.

Members of the General Conference act helps you Saaa and the roads are aware of the fact that things are not they the head of corruption in the country.

Members of the General Conference are appointed members of their families and relatives and the good of them does not even have literacy.

Ethics itself does not possess neither the Prime Minister nor members Conference and يتداخلون in the affairs of each other’s ignorance.

Will remain the country into chaos unless the imposition of the opinion re Antbat the street fair strict conditions for applicants and non-knead will not change if one.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior is the minister and I am not real, and I Istamlna Zidane and conference Kmnschwh only either secretary of the Brotherhood Mohammed الخضراوي is who has everything.

Zidane, a liar, and the first person who does not want the army and police and say openly and the liar Mtrihan the Conference of Zidane and his style lies and evasions to waste the truth, including

Misrata and Mmtlleha in the conference does not want neither the army nor the police and liars, I challenge Balbana and evidence and proof, and anyone who says reverse this Vlegader Tripoli immediately that was honest.

شامخة الراس
عــــــــاجـــــــل / وزير الداخلية المستقيل

لقناة الأن وقناة نسمة ::

لن تكون هنالك دولة ولا مؤسسات ولا جيش ولا شرطة والمؤتمر العام يمتله هؤلاء النماذج وهؤلاء الاشخاص .

ومن يتشدق بالشرعية ويدافع عنها هوا من بيستغلها لمصالحه ولا توجد شرعية غير شرعية السلاح على الارض

رئيس الوزراء جبان وساذج ويبحت عن مرتب له فقط ولا يستطيع قيادة حتى 5 من طيور الحمام على حد قوله .

المؤتمر العام مؤتمر قبلي بأمتياز بأستثناء 23 شخص .

أعضاء في المؤتمر العام يتصرفون متل صياع الطرق ولا يعون حقيقة الامور وهم راس الفساد في الدولة .

أعضاء في المؤتمر العام يقومون بتعيين افراد من اسرهم واقاربهم والجيد منهم ليس لديه حتى محو الامية .

أخلاق المهنة نفسها لا يمتلكها لا رئيس الوزراء ولا اعضاء المؤتمر ويتداخلون في شئون بعضهم البعض عن جهل .

ستبقى البلاد في فوضى الا اذا فرض الشارع رأيه بأعادة انتخبات نزيهة بشروط صارمة للمتقدمين وغير دلك لن يتغير حال احد .

وكيل وزارة الداخلية هو الوزير الحقيقي ولست انا ، وانا يستعملني زيدان والمؤتمر كمنشفة فقط اما سكرتير الاخوان محمد الخضراوي هو من لديه كل شيء .

زيدان كاذب واول شخص لا يريد جيش وشرطة وأقولها علانية والمؤتمر كاذب متريحين لزيدان واسلوبه في الكذب والمراوغة لأضاعة الحقيقة بينهم

مصراتة وممتليها في المؤتمر لا تريد لا جيش ولا شرطة وكاذبين واتحداهم بالبينة والدليل والبرهان ، واي شخص يقول عكس هدا فليغادر طرابلس فورا ان كان صادقاً.

The general conference of tribal distinction except for 23 people

Members of the General Conference are appointed members of their families and relatives and the good of them does not even have literacy.
There will be no state or institutions, no army, no police and General Conference Imitlh the these models and these people.

It stronghold defended the legitimacy and Hua exploited for no legitimate interests of illegal weapons on the ground

Prime Minister coward and naive and Aban about salary only his leadership can not even 5 of pigeons, he said.

Members of the General Conference act helps you Saaa and the roads are aware of the fact that things are not they the head of corruption in the country.
Salemoly Acraeih and Darrrowoa

(Free fighter)

Sheikh declares

“The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior is the minister and I am not real, and I Istamlna Zaidane and conference Kmnschwh only either secretary

of the Brotherhood Mohammed Levi greens is who has everything.”

Hussein journalist Touch Latte:

the rat General National Congress instructs the media conference committee to develop a plan to monitor media channels ..


Made in Qatar!

Miss Reem tar .. Ghaida Touati

The main source of transfer rumors .. Spreading lies and temptations ..

And the glorification of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood !!
Miss Reem .. Toxins and tribulations broadcast .. And incite Mahmoud Jibril ..

Even when the decision was unjust .. Invasion of Bani Walid .. They incite .. It says GENERAL KHAMIS  in Bani Walid ..

And was now cheering and flatulence Brotherhood armor .. And mercenaries .. And trying to Tertzk on account
Honorable .. The Patriots!
Hey Miss Elf tar .. Leave the Libyan people in the case .. We are tired of seeing your ugly face .. And your mind الاقبح with ..!

Nqlaan / / Libya talks

ŰíĎÇÁ Touati:

Yes to change Zaidane government and find an alternative have a crisis of government, ministers and the Prime Minister of independent without any directions

Zaidane proved failing, the National Congress prescribed for him of legislation مايكفي the order to move, and every minister says the same thing

Zaidane does not give powers
Xiaodn controls in Zaidane Minister stir the coalition and Jabril.

It is just the last friend Abdul Karim is originally from Alliance

Zaidane cheek chance Hellbe and Madarh anything but Aldoh the ups

Mean change Morning Libya.

غيداء التواتي :نعم لتغيير حكومة زيدان وايجاد بديل لها حكومة ازمة من وزراء ورئيس وزراء مستقل بدون اي توجهاتزيدان اثبت فشله، المؤتمر الوطني شرع له من التشريعات مايكفي لكي يتحرك وكل وزير يقول نفس الكلامزيدان لا يعطي صلاحيات
زيادن يتحكم في الوزراء زيدان يحرك فيه التحالف وجبريلومن الاخير توة الصديق عبد الكريم هو اصلا من التحالفزيدان خدي فرصته هلبا ومدارش اي شي الا الدوة وبسيعني صباح التغيير يا ليبيا


Word now:

A document that confirms that the Brotherhood Suleiman Dogh is of Amazigh pitted Ali storming the Ot year National Congress down-e.

(Valley girl)

The minister of defense discuss with the army leaders the deteriorating security situation in Libya

The official website of the Ministry of Defense in the interim government stated that the Minister of defense Abdullah Al-thani gathered with the abe seta naval base in Tripoli with the leadership of the General Staff and military leaders of the RAT Libyan army. The site explained that the meeting dealt with several important points relating to the security situation, the army-building steps, and the preparation of plans related to the need of the beginning of training.

National Congress discusses the security situation and reviews the draft law on transitional justice

   National Congress resumed its hearing sessions after the Eid al-Fitr todiscuss a number of draft laws and the security situation in the country. And the General National Congress allocated part of its ordinary seventeenth Hundred meeting held at its headquarters in Tripoli on Tuesday to discuss the security situation in the country and listen to the reports submitted by the competent authorities in the matter of security. The Congress continued to discuss the draft law on interim justice and national dialogue.



Radio Aziziyah headquarters exposure to theft and vandalism night 18/08/2013 was stealing all the radio and tampering with its contents with the knowledge that it found no guard and not even a large one …

And the stolen items are as follows …

6 computers with a special device to radio the entire archive
2 Basic printers
Number 1 color printer and printer Skinner
Number 2 plasma screens, 42
And a number of connection cables and speakers

Zintan Media Channel
Zenata Friday market channel Tripoli

And our response from an eyewitness
Libya Shield “MISURATA” central region .. Attacking the house in Ras Al Hassan where five girls and footmen great!! In the side yard in a tent

consolation Mobeih the Nsawin .. The attack was at 4 Cars, Erbeja and KTN lobby and Clahnat!! This is the shield who Tripoli Bihama it!!

And 100 Yumithm reap!!

Hahahahahahahahah case Jaap Wadi Valley Iabl!!

Libya talks
Citizens’ complaints:

I have dozens of issues provided by Attorney General citizens against Gneoh and the Raof hater and “Nau recommends death”
And hundreds of cases of torture against them

While there are no and no case of any Libyan citizen with the Attorney General to complain about the cases of murder or

torture against  (THE GREEN) Qaqaa, lightning strikes or Khamis’ civil 32nd Brigade.

And surprised that which is published in the media all charges against Qaqaa Battalion and lightning Brigades, of theft

and murder, and torture. And if they want to cover the sun sieve….

Thus, when the brothers have Money and Nafud and power and control and flags to direct public opinion with interests.




 prisons and detention centers:

The first list of prisons and detention centers in Libya

   As part of the inventory and documentation, the observer issued the first list of the names of some of the prisons known

and confidentiality in Libya. Including 71 prisons in various parts of Libya, most of them belong to the armed militias and gangs.

Interior Minister …

Misrata that we paying lip service to the revolution and they want the army and police. And was actually two Lipo Army and Fletrko police in the capital intact and Ikhrjo of them off and immediately
Its members in the National Congress are the ones who are fighting the army and police.



Zintani release regarding current events

We follow with great concern the outcome of the security situation and the political and economic situation in Libya,

and the resultant yesterday meeting young Cyrenaica in the header does not Nov Declaration of Cyrenaica territories

independent, as well as the statements of several political personalities and leadership in the eastern region, which

show clearly that there is indignation popularly increasing day.



Haaaaaaaam and very dangerous please the widest deployment for Libyans:Trick stealing oil major and detailsHere in detail the story of a lie stop pumping oil.It’s remarks to an oil official Libby have reservations about anonymity and analyzes expert institution Libyan National on this topic to the secrets leaves deputy director of the Libyan intelligence Mr. “” Noah “and” finish remarks, Minister of Libyan oil recently to solve the equation by that shown for something they villainy and shabbiness in diseased souls that robs money Allepiean without pasture for the blood of the martyrs and the ordinary people of the sons of the Libyan people.Here’s what happened……. ((What happened Ramadan attacked a group belonging to the security committee, has already deployed their official papers in particular., Which closed oil pump., But this trick and a lie is not stopped pumping oil, but the codification of what has been shut down Income from oil exports and pumping oil continued. and expressed Oil Minister العروصى recently deficit due to stop oil estimated losses of $ 1.6 billion, is a lie. has entered this amount actually resulting from the sale of petroleum, which was said to have been stopped, here the sale of oil and taking its price did not score in the treasury Libyan but record losses of as well as according to the non-sale as well as the value of so-and-so and mathematically and accounting that you will get to adjust the budget and we go out we are in the amount of one billion, six hundred thousand Libyan dinars without any prosecutions, and then convert the amounts of money in accounts outside the Libya and the largest amount of remittances and the amount as stated to us is one billion and five hundred thousand Libyan dinars to Egypt to support and guide Azayala to settle their squalid and petty Exchange on other band Alakhunjah protection in Libya to prevent what happened in Egypt.Free channel Cyrenaica

هاااااااام وخطير جدا الرجاء النشر على أوسع نطاق من أجل الليبيين:الخديعة الكبـــرى بسرقة النفط وتفاصيلهاإليكم بالتفصيل قصة اكذوبة إيقاف ضخ البترول .ومن تصريحات الي مسؤول نفطى ليبي نتحفظ عن ذكر اسمه و تحليلات خبير بالمؤسسه الوطنيه الليبيه حول هذا الموضوع الى خفايا أوراق نائب مدير إدارة الاستخبارات الليبية السيد “” نوح “” و ننتهي بتصريحات وزير النفط الليبي مؤخراً لتحل المعادله التي أن دلت عن شئ فهي النذالة و الخسة في النفوس المريضه التى تنهب مال الليبييين بدون مرعاة لدماء الشهداء والبسطاء من ابناء الشعب الليبى .إليكم ما حدث…….(( ما حدث بشهر رمضان من هجوم مجموعة تابعة للجنة أمنية ما و قد سبق و ان نشرنا أوراقهم الرسمية بالخصوص. والتي أقفلت ضخ النفط. و لكن هذه خدعة واكذوبة لم يتم إيقاف ضخ النفط بل تم إيقاف تدوين ما دخل من صادرات البترول وضخ النفط استمر . و ما اعرب عنه وزير النفط العروصى مؤخراً عن عجز بسبب إيقاف النفط المقدر خسائر بقيمة 1.6 مليار هي أكذوبة. قد دخل هذا المبلغ فعلا الناتج عن بيع البترول الذي قيل انه تم إيقافه، هنا بيع النفط و أخذ ثمنه ولم يسجل في الخزينة الليبية بل سجل خسائر بقيمة كذا وفقا لعدم بيع كذا بقيمة كذا وهكذا وحسابيا ومحاسبيا ان صح التعبير نصل الي تسوية الميزانية و نخرج نحن بمبلغ قدره مليار و ستمائة الف دينار ليبي دون اي ملاحقات قانونية، و ثم تحويل مبالغ مالية في حسابات خارج ليبيا و مبلغ الاكبر بين الحوالات وقدره حسب ما ورد إلينا هو مليار و خمسمائة الف دينار ليبي الى مصر لدعم المرشد و اذياله لتسوية أوضاعهم المزرية و صرف نثريات على حماية الفرقة الاخونجية الاخرى بليبيا للحيلولة دون حدوث ما حصل بمصر.قناة برقه الحرة
Mechanisms are brought and excavators floating inside the territorial waters
Libyan there Sanaqb on oil and gas in the seas
Libya’s oil minister Are signed by this particular!? Why not authorized
And tell us what you do “DOCKWISE VANGUARD” off
Libyan shores, where is the Prime Minister, who threatens to bombing
Where is the defense minister, has been monitoring and await clarification O underweight
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Monitoring the excavation excavator in Misrata beaches without Location

Been monitoring the exploration floating excavator stands 4 days ago off the coast of the city
Misratah, and was not aware of the state monitoring Did you learn to move such a mechanism
Floating, or the Oil Ministry and the General Staff, and you come empowered to act
And stop here for four days, or to have a new contract in the Libyan state, and
Oil Ministry did not declare it is empowered to marine exploration
Oil and gas, please reply from the Libyan state and clarify the matter, for what
Do “DOCKWISE VANGUARD” within Libyan territorial waters

These coordinates and were monitored by an observer navigational b Benghazi.

Ham …

Official page for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army
Information Office of the Libyan army chief of staff

There is an oil tanker floating around near the Libyan territorial waters, specifically off the port of Sidra trying to get to Libyan waters,

but our Navy spotted the tanker through the boats and all trying to get closer to Libyan waters advancing

her those boats were monitored Name tanker as written in the name ((Wael) ).

Guard oil installations


1 – Oil Minister: we will resort to force of law to address the problems of the oil sector

The Minister of Oil and Gas in the interim government, Abdul Bari Laroussi Said that his ministry would resort to use the force of law for production to return back to its previous status, which reached after the end of the war of liberation to 1,500,000 barrels per day and then declined to less than the half these days. “We are against the use of force of arms and killing Libyans, but we will not stand motionless in order to protect the capabilities of the Libyan people.” and he added that the reasons for the decline of oil production in Libya to 700 thousand barrels per day is due to the sit-ins.

2-Oil production in Libya declines with labor protests continue

And trade and navigational sources said yesterday that striking security guards stopped the export operations in Sidra and Ras Lanuf the largest two ports of export of crude oil in Libya after a brief resumption of operations following a stop for two weeks.The closure of the two ports, strikes and protests organized in some other oil installations caused in the worst disable the Libyan oil sector has witnessed since the events of 2011. The operations were resumed on Sunday in the port of Sidra, which is operated by «Oasis Petroleum, a joint venture between Marathon and Hess, Conoco Phillips and the National Oil Corporation of Libya.

3 – Strikes re- Close the two largest oil export terminal in Libya

striked security guards re-closed the two  largest oil export terminal in Libya on Monday hours after the resumption of their operations, as closing more oil fields in the wave of protests drive world oil prices to climb. A source from the Arabian Gulf Oil (Ojoko) of the Libyan National Oil Corporation said its production declined to less than 60 thousand barrels per day due to strikes, compared with 375 thousand barrels per day before the protests.

Sit-in on Sunday in front of the building on behalf of the white primary coordinating organized by Green Mountain society organizations

in order to find out the investigation with some of the civil registry officials involved in rigging white family manuals for foreign persons:

Satugeh Chief of Staff “Abdulsalam Jadallah“, to the city
Tobruk after the completion of the meeting by white Abraq Airport
For landing his plane sail Tobruk Air Force Base.


Chief of Staff meets in Ajdabiya, white and turf if
Meetings as meeting Benghazi That will not make it
Libyan army’s want of talking on the logistical support
Arms and support the military ranks and salaries, gentlemen, the President of

Found two members of the band responsible for the protection of oil fields / Sedrah in south of Ajdabiya dead and they are:

Faraj Aaty Dkhbl; bullet in the back
Fattah Mr. Ben profitable; bullet in the abdomen.



Former judge was assassinated to الخفيفي family at the dawn prayers in a mosque Sudh accidentally cement Balhuara, Benghazi

Assassination of a retired judge for more than 10 years, “Key
Mohammed Ahqim الخفيفى, “after dawn prayers at a mosque Souda
B Ingaza of Anonymous have to send a bullet treacherous to
The head killed him.
A retired judge of science .. But they said the fatwa of judged Pmaanzl no God are unbelievers and judges in Libya Agmo laws are not

legitimate and that they are infidels and should be killed .. One youth who grow up and Ahlloa for the assassination heard told me so.

(Nasser Aujali)

Quarrel between gunmen and guards Galaa Hospital
Country ambiance – wellness Alzelitni

A spokesman for the joint security room hyperbolic Benghazi Abdullah The brawl occurred yesterday evening between existing rapid intervention force to

guard Galaa Hospital and another person has evolved into a shooting with light weapons.

And hyperbolic added to the atmosphere of the country on Monday that left six melee casualties from both sides was taken to hospital for treatment. It was following a melee to

vacate the place of a rapid intervention force to be replaced by the power of Thunderbolt.

The hyperbolic confirmed that of guarding the hospital currently are the police after they receive the protective functions of the power of Thunderbolt and that things are

in the hospital back under control.

The Galaa Hospital had witnessed over the past few months many of the attacks which led to the closing of more than once.

– Galaa Hramoulh, lane! Win the new charge of protection!?

Wayne’s room give Valawamr and not even Nkelmoa the people resolved
Topic Majaodh!?
Men Navy special forces infantry يذخرون arms now
And jumping around Galaa Hospital, doth’s position
Disengagement and what is happening now, in the lead inside the hospital, and
The situation does not wait for orders from anybody.

– Also launched a force of special forces “Thunderbolt”.
Galaa Hospital also solve the existing problem there
, In the absence of the charge to protect it.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



News for Makhlouf cafe bombing bin Nasser vs. replace African and Sadiq market.

Vote Shooting medium weapons in Sirte or any information so far about the reasons ..

Explosion Samatoh the little while ago was in المثابه and there is smoke come out – maybe Gelatinh or RPG launcher ..

(Youth Sirte on Facebook)

The killing of two members of the MB RAT battalion Shouhadaa el Zawya in Sirte
Some gunmen targeted on Monday, a patrol of the RAT battalion 21 in Sirte which led to the killing of two members of the RAT battalion.

The RAT battalion commander Salah Behleka confirmed that it was targeted by armed men between the regions Alosos and the valley of garef and Bohadi at Sirte city.

The explosion of an explosive device power station in Sirte

A group of armed outlaws blew up a power station 11 kV, with an Improvised explosive device at the center of the city of Sirte

near the St. Intersection of Alzachra which led to a badly damages at the station and the building cracked and blackouts for the

first residential area and part of the second residential area.



URGENT :: Security Council tomorrow to consider the request mandated international force overseeing the return of Tawergha refugees to their home town in Libya.

Security Council consider tomorrow الاتنين, 19 – 8 – 2013 in the request made by the international human rights organizations for human rights

in assigning an international military force to oversee the return of Tawergha refugees to their city and is expected to vote on the resolution

in the afternoon for tomorrow if it agreed to the project.

(Human City)



Four were killed after an armed confrontation in El-Zawriah

four were Killed in the El-Zawriah after an armed confrontation between the family and their son’s killer as

confirmed by the head of the city’s local council Mohammed Elkhadrawy on Sunday. Elkhadrawy also said

that one of the persons in the El-Zawia to cut off the road and killed someone who was in his car after he

tried to resist. He explained that after this incident, an armed confrontation between the people of the

victim and killer of their son, who was with a group of people, which resulted in his death, along with the others.



Remember Muammar al-Qathafi speech:

“Muammar Qaddafi is the leader of the revolution, I am not a “president”, so I cannot  “step down” ! … This is my country. Muammar is not a president to leave his post.

I have not yet ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired … when I do, everything will burn…. From tonight to tomorrow, all the young men should form

local committees for popular security…. wear a green armband to identify yourselves. The Libyan people and the popular revolution will control Libya.”

He offered starting from Wednesday, dialogue, not by collaboration with the enemy.

He blamed the uprising on ‘Islamists’ who wanted to create another Afghanistan, and warned that those in Bayda and Derna had already set up an Islamic Emirate that would reach Benghazi.

He said that the country’s youth was drugged and did not know anything; they were following the Islamists’ leader and their leaders would be punished with death in accordance with the Libyan law.

Muammar Qaddafi, the leader of Libya for the past 41 years,  in his first televised appearance since protests to topple him began last week, was holding an umbrella in the rain and leaning out of a van.

“I wanted to say something to the youths at the Green Square (in Tripoli) and stay up late with them but it started raining. Thank God, it’s a good thing,”

Gaddafi said in a 22-second appearance. Raining what bombs? bullets?

The Western Mountain News Agency

The chief of staff to prevent aircraft from landing Abraq Airport because of the decisions of the Chief of Staff to be published

on the exemption of some military leaders from office and stop the salaries of some battalions.

وكالة أنباء الجبل الغربي

منع طائرة رئيس الاركان من الهبوط بمطار الابرق بسبب قرارات رئيس الاركان التى تصدر بشأن اعفاء بعض قيادات الجيش من مناصبهم و ايقاف لمرتبات بعض الكتائب .

Satugeh Chief of Staff “Abdulsalam Jadallah”, to the city
Tobruk after the completion of the meeting by white Abraq Airport
For landing his plane sail Tobruk Air Force Base.

Tobruk RAT  ‘shield’ terminates its formations and delivers the weapons and equipments to the base of Tobruk

The RAT battalion of Tobruk shield, on Wednesday, has terminated its presence permanently within the local labor

in the city for strengthening the official state bodies of the army and the police. The Public Information Office of

Tobruk Air Base Mokhtar Roufa said that the delivery took place at the headquarters of the air base with the

presence of the president of the dissolved Battalion Adel Elmotrady and military officers and soldiers of the air base.

 Human Rights warns of escalating wave of assassinations in Libya

the “Human Rights Watch” announced that at least 51 people died in a wave of political assassinations in Libya, in the cities of Benghazi and Derna, east of the country, two years ago with the fall of the Gaddafi regime. She warned that the assassinations wave politically motivated is expanding in eastern Libya, has culminated in Benghazi and Derna second half of the year, and resumed reached in January and July of this year, according to cases documented by “Human Rights Watch”, which warned of a rising tide of these assassinations.



News about bombing sites of extremists in Derna

   The newspaper «Middle East» reported a sudden attack on the sites suspected of being part of the  groups affiliated with al-Qaeda in the city of Derna in eastern Libya, Adel ElBarasi the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense to «Middle East»: denied that the authorities represented in the National Conference General Assembly (parliament) or the transitional government headed by Dr Ali Zaidan, had given their consent to the U.S. authorities in order to allow them to launch attacks on presumed sites of extremists in the east of the country or landing their forces  on Libyan territory for the same purpose. Local residents in the city of Derna said that an unknown attack occurred yesterday unexpectedly against the supply sites belonging to the extremist organizations in the coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean Seawhich is known as a recruitment center for fighters who participated in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria.



Egypt will not bow to violence: El-Sisi

Egypt’s military chief vows to hold firm against violence by Islamists in a speech on Sunday

Ahram Online, Sunday 18 Aug 2013


Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Egypt’s Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt’s army chief General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said on Sunday that protecting the “people’s will” is a greater honour than ruling the country.

In a speech at a meeting with police and military leaders on Sunday, which was recorded and broadcasted shortly afterwards on Egyptian television, the leader of the armed forces said that he warned that political conflict would develop into religious fighting and drag Egypt down a “dark tunnel.”

The country has been increasingly polarised amid recent deadly violence which left hundreds dead, following security forces’ dispersal of protest camps by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday. The bloody crackdown left more than 600 dead and sparked retaliatory violence nationwide.

Violence continued over the last several days, with further clashes claiming dozens of lives.

On the dispersal of the main sit-in by Morsi supporters, which was situated in Cairo’s Nasr City district, El-Sisi said: “Those who were saying we should have dispersed the camp peacefully – we tried … But when army and police forces get attacked by snipers deployed on top of buildings, how do you expect them to react?”

“In such a massive sit-in, it is enough to have some 20, 30 or 50 armed men to turn it into a bloody event.”

“We were given a mandate by the public to deal with potential terrorism, and we acted accordingly … we are keen not to spill blood, but are they?” he continued.

The army’s intervention to oust Morsi last month stemmed from its assessment of the “national security” situation, El-Sisi said, saying there were no plans “to exclude anyone” from the political process.

In a message to supporters of Egypt’s toppled Islamist leaders, El-Sisi said “there is place for everyone in Egypt,” urging them to reassess their position and acknowledge that “legitimacy is owned by the people.”

El-Sisi vowed not to stand silent in the face of the “destruction of the country” and attempts to “transfer the wrong image to the international media” about street bloodshed. “Whoever thinks violence will make Egypt and Egyptians bow must reconsider,” he said.

El-Sisi went on to chide western allies and international media who “denied Egyptians their free will and genuine desire for a change,” in their support to the army to fight “terrorism.”

“We have provided many chances…to end the crisis entirely peacefully.” He said. “We invited the former regime to rebuild the country’s path to democracy and a [have] role in the political process instead of violence and destroying the Egyptian state,” he added.

“I swear that none of the decisions that were made lately by the armed forces came after talks with any other country,” El-Sisi said, to applause.

El-Sisi went on to express gratitude to Egypt’s Arab allies, namely Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait, for the support they have given to his country amid recent bouts of unrest .

Western states, including US, Germany, and Britain, have heaped pressure on Egypt for an end to violence and an exercise of self-restraint, with the European Union warning on Sunday it would review its relations with Egypt. But not all international responses were critical. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah pledged his country’s support to Egypt in its battle against “terrorism.”

The Gulf States of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, have pledged $12 billion in total aid package to Egypt following Morsi’s overthrow. Bahrain also voiced support for a delay assault by Egypt’s security on Morsi loyalist, saying it was the state’s role to restore stability and protect citizens.

MUBARAK released

the release of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the case of the presidential palaces, if not in prison, pending other issues

لحظة النطق بالحكم ببراءة مبارك في قضية قصور الرئاسة

The moment the verdict acquitted Mubarak in the case of presidential palaces:

Official page Al Lafraain television Faraeen Channel

Farid Deeb reports:

Mubarak release within a week after the payment of the value of gifts” Al-Ahram”
Seventh Day | release of Mubarak and the continued imprisonment of Gamal and Alaa issue of presidential palaces !!


Quoting / / Egyptian police

Quoting for mbc Egypt. Obama calls for a formal Pentagon military intervention in Egypt. And the Pentagon that he is a military suicides…

HE IS STILL PRESIDENT, and His word GOES!!! He told the Pentagon that he did not need Congress approval since it

involved “the interests of the United States”!

نقلا عن // الشرطة المصريةنقلا عن mbcمصر . أوباما يطالب رسميا البنتاجون التدخل العسكري في مصر.والبنتاجون يرد بانه انتحار عسكري



al-Qaeda stems from Algeria to simplify its presence on the geographical area between Libya and Mauritania:

Investigations in the bloody attack on an Algerian gas station revealed evidence of connections between the attackers

and jihadists involved in the murder of the U.S. ambassador in Libya for almost a year. But the results according to

three sources familiar with the American investigations shed some light on the links between the groups affiliated to

al-Qaeda scattered in areas beyond north and West Africa.

 At the center of the network comes al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which has expanded away from its cradle in Algeria and now has links with jihadist groups in the Maghreb countries, including Tunisia and Libya. The links between al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Libyan groups became stronger during the chaos caused by the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in 2011. (Muammar al-Qadhafi was able to successfully bar from Libya all Islamist Movements.)



Image from Russia:

Sidi ratified martyr Gaddafi fasting when I said I’m in the hearts of millions



Ottoman Turkish dream ended

By :: girl Alqmazfah
In order to obtain any legitimate right people do not have it on the skulls of humans and their blood Falls, in order to undermine any legitimate state right must be recognized first By Okhtaha however was size and Vdaúah the crime committed by the state in order to gain any right must recognize the right of others!!!!
This is what happened with Turkey wanted to organize the European Union and the United Nations on the skulls of Arabs and Muslims and swim in their blood Falls to reach their endeavors, disguised for crimes against humanity.
But the crash happened vice versa and this dream of the greatness of Egypt!!! Egypt, the land of civilizations, authenticity and tradition.
Turkey Alardogneh secular Ottoman received a today Judge blow in its history, as announced Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations to sign a document the Alerman massacre carried out by the secular Turkish Ottoman army during World War I and killed millions of Alarman.
Instead of confession crime heinous against the Armenian people, and especially after the willingness of people الأرمانى to reconcile and open a new page with the Turks in the event of confession Turkey crime heinous and compensation Alerman materially and morally, but the intransigence and denial of Turkey’s crime in international forums make it outside the scope of the European Union.
Because of the follies of Erdogan finally lost the dream of the Turks to join the European Union, and in particular that Alerman seeking desperately to prove such crimes will lead to the bankruptcy of Turkey and make it Mediouna state for decades because of the billions that will pay!!!!
Because of this heinous crime that carried out by the Turks in the Armenian people’s right to the Turkish people will live on the crumbs and droppings and America because of stupid crap Erdogan, Turkey will remain outside the European Union (EU) and the United Nations …


Mu smile shot

Gaddafi: ‘Switzerland Should be Dissolved as a State’
Interview conducted by Volkhard WindfuhrPosted: 2011/03/06MONEY, Switzerland and the Mafia–SWITZERLAND’s involvement with the NWO “Elite”: It is they who were covertly the true culprits behind all those False-flag “killings” deviously blammed on al-Qathafi in Europe. (They believed they could use al-Qathafi as their “black-sheep patsy”).Der SPIEGEL interview:Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi talked to the SPIEGEL about his friendship with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and
why he thinks Switzerland is a mafia State.SPIEGEL: Mr. Gadhafi, for years you repeatedly got into shouting matches with the Western world before making your peace with arch-enemy America four years ago. Now you have declared a holy war on tiny Switzerland, of all countries. Why?Gadhafi: Switzerland is one country among many; sometimes you have trouble with one country, sometimes with another. We never had difficulties with Switzerland before. We used to appreciate it as a holiday destination. We used to appreciate its companies and its watches. But then Switzerland began to treat us badly. For example, the minaret issue and the publishing of nasty portrayals of the Prophet. It was necessary to draw a line with the Swiss. That is what I did in my speech in Benghazi to mark the Prophet’s birthday.

SPIEGEL: And now Swiss national Max Göldi, who has absolutely nothing to do with this, has to pay for your anger against Switzerland? A man whose visa allegedly expired, who has not been able to leave Libya for nearly two years and has been in prison for months. Why are you doing nothing for him?

Gadhafi: Only the courts can decide on this.

SPIEGEL: Do you mean to tell us that you don’t have the power to pardon him?

Gadhafi: This is a matter for the legal system. But I’m talking now about Switzerland. Switzerland is a state that stands outside the international community. It is not bound by any EU regulations. It is good that it joined the United Nations in 2002, but the whole time before that it was not a member. Why? It wanted to stand above international law. And that has made Switzerland into a mafia.

SPIEGEL: Whatever you may now say about Switzerland, previously it didn’t bother you in the least. You did business with the country — your company Tamoil Suisse has dozens of filling stations in Switzerland.

Gadhafi: Money is laundered on a grand scale in Switzerland. Anyone who robs a bank later invests the money in Switzerland. Anyone who evades taxes goes to Switzerland. Anyone who wants to deposit money in secret accounts goes to Switzerland. And a large number of owners of such secret accounts have died under mysterious circumstances.

SPIEGEL: Excuse me?

Gadhafi: Yes, Switzerland is behind it all.

SPIEGEL: Don’t Libyans also have secret accounts in Switzerland?

Gadhafi: Yes, there are also Libyans who have such accounts, and many of them have also died in unexplained ways. All around the world, the families of these people are going to sue Switzerland. And one more thing: Switzerland is the only country that allows euthanasia. Why does only Switzerland do that?

SPIEGEL: Medical euthanasia is also legal in the Netherlands. And, it cannot go unmentioned that Libya has previously had citizens killed abroad who were said to be disloyal.

Gadhafi: But we are talking now about Switzerland. It is possible that among the Libyans who you are asking about — and who died abroad — there were also some who died because they had secret accounts in Switzerland.

SPIEGEL: And you are seriously maintaining that Switzerland as a state ordered the killing of these people?

Gadhafi: The investigations will show this. And this brings me back once again to the phenomenon of assisted suicide. A large number of people have been deliberately eliminated under this pretext. Switzerland maintains that these individuals expressed the desire to take their lives. But in reality it was done to get at their money. More than 7,000 people have died like this. I am thus calling for Switzerland to be dissolved as a state. The French part should go to France, the Italian part to Italy and the German part to Germany. Even Ayman al-Zawahiri …

SPIEGEL: … Osama bin Laden’s deputy …

Gadhafi: … took al-Qaida’s money to Switzerland, where it is still located. Switzerland finances terrorism.SPIEGEL: Once again: Even if all of this were as you say — why did this never bother you before?

Gadhafi: We had already noticed that money is laundered in Switzerland and people die in unexplained ways. But recently Switzerland has given itself away.

Part 2: ‘Switzerland Respects no Laws’
SPIEGEL: Doesn’t your anger with Switzerland in reality stem from the fact that your son Hannibal was arrested by police in Geneva in July 2008 and accused of beating up two people in his employment?

Gadhafi: The thing with Hannibal has been nothing but a source of enjoyment for Switzerland. This is a gang that doesn’t care about law and order. The way they treated Hannibal proves that Switzerland respects no laws. A man employed by my son brought accusations against him so that he could remain in Switzerland. They can lock him up — but please do so within the law. The police acted like a gang. They were dressed in plain clothes and they broke down the door, put my son in chains and brought his wife to a hospital. They left his daughter, who is one or two years old, alone back at the hotel. Then they put him handcuffed in a cold storage room, and at times in a bathroom — exactly the way al-Qaida treats its victims. An act of terrorism.

SPIEGEL: According to the Swiss authorities, something entirely different happened in Geneva. They say that your son beat up two people there.

Gadhafi: No, no. Nothing like that happened. Switzerland has not said that to me nor to anyone else. I’m hearing this now for the first time.

SPIEGEL: But similar things have also happened elsewhere. Your sons have also run into trouble with the police in London, Paris and Germany. What do you say to them when something like this happens?

Gadhafi: These are cases of youthful exuberance. In France, for example, my son allegedly drove through a red light. That is normal and nothing out of the ordinary.

SPIEGEL: Allow us to ask once again: Are you really hearing today for the first time that your son allegedly severely beat two people?

Gadhafi: Yes, I’m hearing this now for the first time. All I heard was that the employee complained that Hannibal and his family had mistreated him. I oppose such behavior, whether it is in Switzerland, in Libya or elsewhere. What I am protesting against is the way action is being taken against him.

SPIEGEL: While we are talking about your sons — which of the seven is closest to you?

Gadhafi: I love all of my sons equally. The question of which of them I prefer doesn’t even arise.

SPIEGEL: In Europe it was presumed for a long time that your second-born, Saif al-Islam, would be your successor.

Gadhafi: I am not a king; I don’t need a successor to the throne. (Laughs.) In Libya the people rule.

SPIEGEL: Your son told us that, as a matter of principle, the office of revolutionary leader cannot be inherited.

Gadhafi: That is correct.

SPIEGEL: Saif al-Islam has negotiated in a number of hostage-taking situations and is respected abroad. Even if he doesn’t become your successor, what plans do you have for him?

Gadhafi: He has studied and is well-read; he is a man of the world and has reached an age where he requires no more help from me.

SPIEGEL: He has criticized you on occasion, for example, in the case of the Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor who spent eight years in prison because they allegedly deliberately infected Libyan children with HIV. Saif al-Islam admitted that the women had been tortured.

Gadhafi: The investigations have produced other results. I still believe that there was a conspiracy to kill the Libyan children.

SPIEGEL: You have recently been to Europe on a number of occasions. Who do you see as your closest friend among the European heads of state and government?

Gadhafi: My closest friend in Europe is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, but a few others are also close to me.

SPIEGEL: What do you think of German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

Gadhafi: She is a strong personality. More like a man than a woman. But I have never had a conversation with her.

SPIEGEL: Merkel’s predecessor Gerhard Schröder visited you in Libya. Would you accept an invitation to Germany?

Gadhafi: Of course I would accept such an invitation.

Publié le 03/03/2010 | 23:50

Tripoli impose un embargo économique à Berne

Le colonel Mouammar Kadhafi

France 3
Libya has imposed an economic embargo and Wednesday trading in Switzerland
The announcement comes a week after the apppel for jihad against the Helvetic Confederation launched by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Relations between Tripoli and Bern have deteriorated in 2008 when a Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife were arrested in a Geneva hotel and falsely accused of abusing their servants.

The couple was released and the Swiss courts waived prosecution when the two servants withdrew their complaint after reaching a settlement with their employers. Obviously, they were only after money!

“The General People’s Committee (cabinet) decided embrago an economic and business of the Swiss state involving public and private sectors,” said the statement from Tripoli. The statement also indicates that Libya has renounced the “electrics and other projects” with Swiss companies unspecified.

Swiss exports to Libya accounted for 156.2 million Swiss francs in 2009, representing 0.08% of all Swiss exports, according to the website of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

February 25, Gaddafi called for “jihad” against Switzerland which he described as infidel state that destroys mosques. “Every Muslim anywhere in the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against (the Prophet) Muhammad, God and the Koran,” he said.

The Swiss electorate voted by 57.5% in November to ban minarets in a referendum supported by an extreme right party.


2008 : Two Swiss citizens were arrested in retaliation for the arrest of Hannibal Gaddafi, who had no diplomatic immunity,
by the Geneva police for a falsied “money-scheme” claiming mistreatment of hotel- servants [3] (see
diplomatic crisis between Switzerland and Libya ( from 2008 to 2009) ).

EXPERT OPINION Friday, 25 June 2010
Agreement between Switzerland and Libya, outstanding issues
Hansjörg Stutzer, reporter:

The final agreement between Bern and Tripoli confirms the implementation of an arbitral tribunal, but rather in Berlin and London, to settle the dispute between the two countries. But it remains silent on the procedure and the role of parties. By Hansjörg Stutzer, a lawyer specializing in arbitration cases

Ambiguous clauses of the 2009 agreement (by the same author, 28.08.09)
The pact Switzerland-Libya (15.06.10)
Max Goeldi is free, and this is the point. These reflections do not forget it, but an arbitration agreement has been signed, that intimate to pass an order of juridical day. And in this regard, many questions remain.

What he was again in the agreement? The document that is interpreted is twofold. In a joint “Declaration” dated June 13, 2010,

Micheline Calmy-Rey sous la tente du colonel Kadhafi Keystone, 13.06.10

[PICTURE:  Micheline Calmy-Rey in the tent of Colonel al-Qathafi, Keystone, 13 JUNE 2010]

Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey and her Libyan counterpart Musa Kusa Mr. mutually approve the implementation of the “Action Plan” signed on 14 May 2010.
This “declaration” is confirmed by Miguel Angel Moratinos Cuyaubé for the European Union, as well as the head of the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who wear them “guarantors”.The Action Plan is also signed by representatives of Switzerland and Libya, as well as representatives from the European Union and Germany, always as “guarantors”. The statement also refers to a “side letter” signed on 24 May 2010.The plan begins by praising the “fruitful discussions” between Libya and Switzerland, “facilitated” by the German and Spanish governments discussions. He then refers explicitly to the agreement signed by Hans-Rudolf Merz August 20, 2009, and defines four steps:1. The arbitration proceedings will continue, but in Berlin, not London (“Both Parties agree That Shall Be the arbitration tribunal constituted in Berlin / Germany and function in Accordance with the relevant provisions contained in the 20 August 2009 agreement”) .2. Switzerland apologized for publishing pictures of Hannibal Gaddafi September 4, 2009, it recognizes that it is a breach of confidentiality under Swiss law. The canton of Geneva recognizes its responsibility in this regard. A survey should discover the perpetrators of the offense that led to this publication. Should this prove impossible, the parties will agree on a compensation, which shall be paid by Switzerland to Hannibal Kadhafi.


The NIGHT when  his family members were murderd (30 MAY 2011), Muammar al-Qathafi gives a Speech:

Mu gives a speech the night his family members were murdered by NATO 30 MAY 2011

Taureg love Mu, when son Saif al-Arab was murdered


On February 4 1998 the Community of the Saharan Sahel States, better known with its acronym CEN-SAD, was created. Sponsored by Khadafi, the initiative initially saw the membership of 6 countries (Libya, Niger, Mali, Sudan, Chad and Burkina Faso). Its declared aim was the creation of a free trade zone that could favor economic integration. Something similar to the COMESA (Common Market for Easter and Southern Africa) in Eastern and Southern Africa or the ECOWAS (Economic Community for  West Africa States) in Western Africa or the SADC (Southern  Africa Development Community) in Southern Africa.

Its true aim though was to create, to the benefit of Libyans, an area of influence in favor of its geo-strategic interests. Headquartered in Tripoli, the financing of the economically stricken and thus easily influenceable neighboring countries mainly came from Libya. With time CEN-SAD expanded to 28 countries, well beyond the geographical boundaries of the sub-Saharan belt (more countries joined in with the ill concealed aim of obtaining Libyan investments and money). But basically, besides Khadafi’s megalomania (he used this organization to obtain the necessary consensus to yearly lead the African Union), CEN-SAD’s main objective remained Libya’s will to control the politics and finances of the countries in the sub-Saharan region.

Un commandant du Mouvement pour la Justice (MNJ) parle à ses troupes touarègues dans le désert du nord du Niger, en janvier 2008.

Un commandant du Mouvement pour la Justice (MNJ) parle à ses troupes touarègues dans le désert du nord du Niger, en janvier 2008.

REUTERS/Phuong Tran

CEN-SAD allowed Libya to interfere – within a legal institutional framework – in the internal affairs of its neighbors, to maintain relationships with the Tuareg communities in the area sometimes employing them or fostering their claims for autonomy and then mediating between the Tuareg and their respective central governments. By doing so Tripoli controlled what was happening in its Southern borders, benefited from a certain security and, at the same time, kept its neighbors under pressure. The problems with another Tuareg ethnic group, the Toubou, from the Tchadian Tibesti and who often clashed with the people in Kufra were also addressed.

Libyan incursions in Tuareg affairs also provided the regime with low cost manpower that could be used for internal security, like the loving loyalty of the Tuareg fighters, that fought alongside the loyalists during the last CIA-led “uprising” against the Great Jamahiriya.   In Northern Mali (thus South of Algeria), latter witnessed the collusion between Tuareg groups and AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) formations created huge security problems. Regardless of its interference, puppet-Tripoli also feared this welding because several Libyan former Libyan Islamic Combat Group members had joined ranks in AQIM’s katibahs (battalions).

In OCTOBER 2011, came the great escape South of the Great Jamahiriya Army-men who befriended the Tuareg and who fought beside them, in their battle against NATO’s aggression with Islamic rebels  and paid mercenaries .
Taureg fighters
Tuareg rebels


It is through this glass that we have to look at events that came about in Mali. At the beginning of 2012 a new wave of Tuareg protests came about. The central government in Bamako had proved incapable of dealing with the new military emergency. On the night between March 21 and 22 2012 a military coup in Mali: 2 military contingents in the capital uprise, especially the Kati garrison, in the outskirts of Bamako, the biggest in the country. Lieutenant Amadou Haya Sanogo leads the rebellion, suspends the Constitution, imposes a curfew and shuts down borders and airports. President Amadou Toumani Touré, an old friend of Khadafi’s (ATT had lead the African Union mediation between the Supreme Leader and the rebels), is deposed. ATT is accused of being incapable in contrasting and eliminating the Tuareg rebellion in the country’s North.

But it was only half a coup d’etat since not all garrisons adhered to the overthrow of the President elect. The deadlock weakened the army even more, paving the way for the Tuareg take over in the North. The irony of it all is that Sanogo’s actions instead of overcoming the rebellion, boosted it. After a mere month Amadou Haya Sanogo was forced to quit power. He had tried asking for military aid and for a mediation lead by Nigeria and ECOWAS. Sanogo negotiated his exit with impunity. Power was transferred back to civilians. A national unity government lead by Sheikh Modibo Dialla was formed and an interim president, Dioncunda Traoré, nominated. Chaos reigned in Bamako.

A failed counter-coup lead by the “red berets” parachutists (as opposed to Sanogo’s “green berets”) was attempted by former president Touré. Amadou Haya Sanogo’s victory allowed the army to hold to three key roles in the new civilian government. A report by Amnesty International has detailed the heavy price of this blood feud. Former president Amadou Toumani Touré was wounded by an angry crowd, fleeing to Paris to be cured.

Today we’re not facing a fight between the Bambara, sedentary ethnic group representing more than 50% of the population of Mali and strongly present in the army, and its historic enemies: the nomadic Tuareg. It is an internal power struggle in Mali.


On January 17 2012 the Tuareg advance lead by the National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA) conquered Gao, Kidal, Ansongo. Anderamboukane, Ménaka, Tinzawaten and Tessalit soon followed. After two days of siege and profiting from the chaos in Bamako following the coup, on April 1 also Timbuktu fell. The front line is now in Douentza (Bandiagara region), a city 150 km from Mopti and around 600 km from Bamako. Competing for an area three times the size of Italy are several armed groups with different aims.

The MNLA is a secular organization, with a force of 7-8000 men (including child soldiers), well armed and equipped, formed mainly by mercenaries who fled Libya, lead by a former Libyan army colonel (until July 2011) named Mohamed Najem. The movement aims at independence for the Azawad, an area North of the Niger river (800,000 square km, around 1 million inhabitants) where Tuaregs are the majority. Following the take over of Timbuktu, on April 6 2012 the MNLA declared independence and the birth of a new country (whom nobody recognized). This is where Abdallah Senussi, Khadafi’s brother-in-law found refuge before being arrested in Mauritania and extradited to Libya.

But MNLA’s political claim is not shared by the other armed factions active in Northern Mali. Not by Ansar Dine (“defenders of the faith”), lead by Iyad ag Ghali, aka Abu al Fadl, a man involved in the Tuareg rebellions of the 1990s (when he struggled for the secession of the Azawad) and whose deputy is Omar Oukd Hamaha. Hamaha is a fanatic who had been chased out of Saudi Arabia for his extremist ideas. Ansar Dine’s aim is to conquer the whole of Mali and to found an islamic state. Sharia law has been imposed on the conquered territory, tombs and mausoleums of Sufi marabouts in Timbuktu (all UNESCO world heritage sites since 1998) have been destroyed, amputations have been carried out in Timbuktu and Gao, a stoning took place in Aguelhok, alcohol has been banned, women veiled and promiscuity, use of television and listening to music have all been prohibited. Iyad ag Ghali, who comes from Kidal, can rely on a force of 3/400 armed men from the Ifoghas Tuareg tribe (one of the most important ones) and has strong links to AQIM with whom he shares the same Salafist vision of Islam.

While in Gao ag Ghali appeared alongside three AQIM commanders:

Mokhtar  Benmokhtar, one eyed commander from Ghardaia, with experience from the madrassas in Pakistan and married to a Malian.

Abdulhamid abu Zied (and his “Tarek bin Zayad” katiba) alias Mohamed Ghadir (according to Algerian Secret Services) alias Abdulhamid al Sufi alias Abid Hamadou (according to an Interpol arrest warrant issued in 2006)

Yahya abu Hammam (nominated head of the Saharan region by AQIM’s emir Droukdal after the death of Makhlouf) and head of the “Al Furqan” katiba

All three formations (all lead by Algerians) do not follow AQIM’s supposed chief, Abdulmalek Droukdal, anymore accusing him of not being charismatic enough. This means that in a Mali overridden by chaos, here is not a unique AQIM front in the North, but several self ruling factions.
Another fundamentalist group has also appeared: the Movement for the Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), yet another AQIM splinter faction formed in December 2011 and lead by Hamada Ould Mohamed Kheirou.

While the MNLA attempts to secession from Bamako, Ansar Dine wants an Islamic state, while all the AQIM groups simply look for a territory where they can roam undisturbed and export their Islamic revolution. These divisions have lead the MNLA out of Gao and Timbuktu, chased out by Ansar Dine. As we talk, it is difficult to understand who rules and where and whether, among such an heterogeneous bunch, there exists any cooperation at all.

The Tuareg advance has also caused an exodus of people South and in neighboring counties. International organizations have estimated the refugees in 250 thousand people.


Several attempts have been made to try to resolve the stand off between the Tuareg and the authorities in Bamako. The president of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré, has tried on ECOWAS’ behalf, the Algerian Minister for Maghreb and African affairs Messahel has taken a tour in the Sahel to propose a dialogue (even though he specifies that no “terrorists” will be part of that). The main problem is that it is not clear with whom one should negotiate and what to negotiate about since the issue is not between the Tuareg and Mali, but also sees the presence of other actors.

Based on a French proposal, on October 10 2012 the UN Security Council has given ECOWAS and the African Union 45 days to draft a military intervention plan in Northern Mali that will deploy an African contingent. The UN resolution also talks about negotiations between rebels and government that will preserve Mali’s territorial integrity. In the mean time, former Italian PM Romano Prodi has been nominated by Ban Ki Moon as the UN’s Special Envoy in the Sahel. France is extremely susceptible to events in Mali, has a significant military presence in the area (Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Mali, Center African Republic, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Djibouti for a total of around 6000 men), claims a pre-emption right over its former colonies in the region, has 8 citizens in the hands of AQIM and exploits – through AREVA – the uranium mines in Niger that supply its nuclear plants (it not by chance that these mines are located in the Ayr region dominated by the Tuareg).

AREVA, uranium mines in Niger:

In the arena Imouraren

By Vincent Hugeux, published 05/05/2009 at 09:50


The site of the largest open pit uranium mine in Africa, funded by the French nuclear group Areva sky, was launched Monday in

Imouraren in northern Niger.Joyandet, Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophonie, was there. The envoy also

LEXPRESS.fr! Story.

Welcome to the heart of the Sahel furnace. On Monday, the President of Niger Mamadou Tandja laid the first stone of the Imouraren complex will become under the leadership of French nuclear group Areva ‘s largest uranium mine to open the black continent. At dawn, a fleet of twin-engine propeller converged at the foot of the western foothills of the Air.

Party Niamey, our Beechcraft Superking routes to the site up from scratch Joyandet , Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophonie, and Aïchatou Mindaoudou, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Tandja team. Alain and Aïchatou know, to flirt with and talk between heaven and earth the dredging of the River Niger.

In flight, the Missi Dominici of “Coop” tricolor as pages of a recent issue of L’Express. Who knows why: Sarkozy strict obedience, journalist and newspaper publisher seized by the demons of politics and now in love with Africa, our favorite A Venetian to“cover” François Bayrou .

Upon arrival, everything is sweltering, hot gusts, gray rock, lunar nudity and swirling sand. The convoy on a marked line of Nigerian and French flags at the risk of speeding track: as recalled at long panel also regulatory qu’insolite here it is forbidden to exceed 70 km / h.

Tuareg nomad tents and large Arroi neatly lined the contours of the vast esplanade where throne, still swathed in blue, the screwed on a dolmen Saharan plaque. There’s men in ceremonial dress, perched on the trappings bedecked camels placid, then women astride donkeys.

Under the dodger, painted and tattooed with kohl and henna faces have neither age nor wrinkles. And moiré and embroidered tunics, sometimes lestent heavy silver ornaments, sparkle. So much for the eye. The ear, she browses the ululating, the lament of inzad, monotone Tuareg violin, and the chant of the singers a man comes to thank Plucking them a wad of cash.

Faced with chunky chairs the grandstand was erected under a canopy the rustic desk where speakers parade. In order of appearance on the scene, the mayor of the village of Dannat, the governor of Agadez, Anne Lauvergeon, Chairman of the Board ‘s Areva , which resulted in the adventure his youngest son, then Joyandet.

As the first Nigerian Minister Seyni Oumarou, it will stall handily trophy respectfully addressed with this tribute to Mamadou Tandja, “even if I upset your legendary modesty and sense of restraint.” If he does not survive the next reshuffle, then who?

Sometimes a slice of enigmatic banner rituals praise due to “sustainable development” or “win-win partnership.” As this: “A 100% we are to Tazartché”. Tazartché? Continuity. Clearly, the extension beyond its end-December next-‘s second term Mamadou Tandja. Which can not, under the Constitution, to seek a third.

The day before, the Head of State received the governorship of Agadez, where he had not set foot in the past two years, the emissaries of three factions of a Tuareg rebellion exploded undermined by dissent and undermined by the blows of the regular army. And a few hours after the release of the last military held hostage by the Niger Movement for Justice (MNJ), matrix uprising in summer 2007. Moreover, the president wanted to invite to the ceremony Imouraren delegates insurgents, long relegated to “armed bandits” and “drug dealers”.

Bitter Tuareg rebels are “the numbers”

Not easy to find these surprise guests from the chèches, turbans and caps. Luckily, I found one of them, moved to hug relatives and friends after two years in exile, but bitter. “We did a bit of figuration, he concedes. For us, what prevails is a sense of failure.”

The role of the Libyan Muammar Gaddafi , who called in March tamacheq his brothers “to disarm?” Crucial. Because he has the means, political and financial, to impose peace. And he plays in his capacity as Chairman of the African Union and for his image as continental mediator. “

Shortly before a final fantasia a bit too wise, the “Tuareg community” will donate to the Guide of the Libyan Jamahiriya a proud ship of the desert at will, for the time being entrusted to his ambassador in Niamey.

For the rebels, the harmattan wind of the desert, has turned. So much so that the vademecum “Measures of care and protection”, distributed by Areva its employees, seems a bit dated. Are described under the heading “Data reflexes” to behave in case of failure, assault, riot, shooting or hostage. In this case, please “play the game without letting it take”, “not to humor” and “above all, do not give in to discouragement.” Again thank you.

Since this is the tenor of the prose of the world nuclear power include the verses attributed to a local writer, and the spice-flyer program of the inauguration of “Imou-la-Reine, a gift of Providence.”

“And then one day AREVA / Salvatrice arrived / Animated noble intentions / For your people / AREVA you made happy / alive and happy Gay.” What to do after reading this, otherwise return the moccasins powdered ocher, the airplane dozing in the vibrating air heat?


There is a high risk that the Sahel issue will become an international problem. On one side this is what Mali wants to receive more foreign aid. Bamako will try to link its concerns about its territorial integrity with the menace – whose impact is definitely more effective – of the spread of islamic terrorism in the region.

Another major issue following the downfall of the different regimes in the area caused by the Arab Spring is the decay of the intelligence collaboration that existed both in the Sahel and in North Africa against islamic terrorism.

In prospect, the most worrisome scenario is the so called “Somalization” of the region (a lawless area without any governmental rule), a no man’s land in the hands of terrorists and crooks. The convergence of separatist claims, terrorism and banditry determines a dangerous social mix that can go beyond Mali’s border and export instability elsewhere. People linked to Nigeria’s Boko Haram (who participated in the attack against the Algerian consulate in Gao) have surfaced in Northern Mali and so have men associated with deposed Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo. As often happens, chaos calls for more chaos and the transhumance to Mali of men and groups whose lifestyle is based on rebellion and subversion from the Middle East and Afghanistan has already started.

Tuaregs have made of nomadism a self-ruling characteristic that has lead them to ignore boundaries or central authorities. They are attached to their freedom of movement and customs, but not to the idea of a properly structured State. Neglected and economically marginalized, they have found a source of revenue in banditry and in the kidnapping of foreigners alongside terrorist groups. This is where their connivance with terrorism comes in. Tuareg islam was definitely not Salafist (as the massive presence of Sufi mausoleums testifies), but converging interests have brought them down that path.

There are no reliable statistics on how many Tuareg live in the Sahel. Around 1 million in Mali (over a total population of 15 million), 1,5 million in Niger, 800 thousand in Algeria for a total of around 4 to 5 million (if we add Mauritania and Chad). The very same countries that host them avoid a proper count to deny further space for their claims.

But, as stated before, the issue is not only the Tuareg claim for a country they have never had. The main problem is islamic terrorism that could infect a continent where a series of elements favoring subversive movements like poverty, instability, social inequality, evanescent borders, lack of effective central authorities are widespread. The first issue is hence the danger of a geographical welding between the North of Mali and other areas of instability: the North of Nigeria and Somalia. Basically, events in Mali are the worrisome and evident signal of what could happen elsewhere.

If under UN aegis an international military contingent is created to return the North of Mali to  Bamako’s control and to crush down the different terrorist groups, this will only happen through the direct support (not direct participation) of Western countries that will have to provide money, intelligence, training and logistical assistance. The mere thought that such a political and military crisis could be resolved by Mali or by an African force means underestimating the menace and, at the same time, implying that African peace missions have proved an effectiveness they have never shown before.

The African contingent will act under Chapter VII of the UN and will go from “peace keeping” to “peace enforcement”. In other words, the use of weapons will be a recurrent priority. The UN rapid response force should be made up of 6000 men, half of whom from Mali and the rest from the ECOWAS or AU countries. The main problem is the timeframe for setting up such a military force (Nigeria and South Africa are willing to contribute). Mali does not have adequate infrastructure, the countries participating don’t have adequate equipment, thus someone will have to finance them. If this were to take too long, Tuareg rebels and the different AQIM factions would have plenty of time to settle in and consolidate.

Italy has adhered in principle and is ready to provide its assistance. So has Spain. France and the US are already training the Malian army. But the true dissuasion forces (and imposition ones if case be) will be the French garrisons in the region, the AFRICOM base in Djibouti and the drones taking off from Burkina Faso and who are already monitoring the area.

But besides from the issue of terrorism, it is worth remembering that in Northern Mali and in neighboring Algeria and Mauritania oil fields have recently been discovered. Mali is the world’s third exporter of gold. So there are definitely security issues, but also economic interests at stake. And these are elements that can surely attract international attention.


Mu beautiful complexion

As the CIA-led “uprising” continues in Libya it would be unfair not to report on the extent of Qathafi’s influence in Africa- he strongly believes in pan African unity visualizing a Unites States of Africa with him as the ‘King of kings’ his words. Read more about his dream of African Unityhere .

Mu w Sudan leader 21 DEC. 2010

(ABOVE) Muammar al-Qathafi with Sudanese leader on 21 DEC. 2010



Libya – Tajoura falls into the hands of pro-Gaddafi

Published 05 November 2011

http://allainjules.com Christella.Krebs@orange.fr  Partager Christella.Krebs@orange.fr/2011/11/05/libye-tajoura-tombe-aux-mains-des-pro-kadhafi/

The collapse of the device THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (Vision of Muammar al-Qathafi) is imminent, they said. No, it has collapsed reassuringly they say!

But the surprise came yesterday Tajoura after Friday prayers.According to the testimony of several residents of Tripoli, as Tajoura is 14 kilometers but is part of the district

of Tripoli, violent clashes took place in the city, near theMurad Agha Mosque.

According to witnesses, the brigades of Gaddafi taken by surprise and overwhelmed the renegades of Benghazi taking over the city. Gaddafi’s forces have been accused of

committing a massacre when they fled in August, defeating more than 130 people from the suburbs according to media “meanstream” … So yesterday, it is rather the same

people who have helped the recovery of the city.

No media dares to talk about. The NATO planes are no longer there to bombard these brigades want to head to Tripoli. We know a little more in the day.

Apparently, then, the starting of the reconquest, it seems to me, was given by Saif al-Islam.


MUSA KUSA, traitor, murderer, CIA-operative:

CIA operative MUSA KUSA to PARIS in meeting with former CIA operative SARKOZY

Mu 2007 DEC in France turns from SARKOZY, full shot

Moussa Koussa is seen here sitting behind Gaddafi at an Arab league summit in 2009. :


Kusa weaseled his way into the Libyan office of Intelligence in 2009 !

Sarkozy’s how the planning of the Libyan uprising:

The beginning was when he traveled to Tunisia on October 20 (October 2010): In this city of the Libyan plane fell Nuri cuneiform with all members of his family.

This person is the Chief of Staff, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It is one of the senior officials in the Libyan regime and was always close to the Colonel.

He was the only man with Foreign Minister Musa Kusa, who enjoy the right of direct access to the dwelling President without any obstacles, ie without knocking on the door before entering. It is the only one who can stand number 204 entry of the old residential complex in Benghazi, in which he received the Libyan Colonel, with honor, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at his official visit to Libya.

The cuneiform visit to Tunisia lasted only several hours. We do not know of met in the Tunisian capital, which was the flames of the uprising against Ben Ali covered with ash (ie Intifada was stand off) but it is certain that since those hours and hours that followed directly, the cuneiform made up his mind to build bridges to that would be, in mid-February (February ), rebellion in (Seranaik) (ie, the north-eastern region of Libya).

And the creation of the coup against Gaddafi with the search, which earned him, for an alliance with two fronts: first with the Tunisian opposition, and the second with France, Nicolas Sarkozy, has achieved success on both fronts, and this is confirmed by documents (d. C. Q. A) intelligence service, French and workshops interesting information was traded by the foreign policy community (diplomatic) through bulletins: (not liter Konfydensaal and Morocco Konfydensaal) A copy of these bulletins on the World Wide Web to meet a payment for a subscription.

Cuneiform arrived in Paris on the following day, October 21 (October) and did not leave for good.

In Libya did not hide his desire to travel to France, was escorted all members of the family with him, because he traveled to Paris on the grounds that handles medically or perhaps undergo surgery, but the fact did not review any doctor On the contrary, those who were are met, daily, are staff French intelligence .

Meeting at the Concorde Lafayette Hotel:

At the beginning of the month of November (November) have been with certainty watch a group of close aides of Sarkozy’s intervention to the Concorde Lafayette, who lives where cuneiform as seen long strip of cars blue in front of the same hotel, on 16 November (November) meeting was held center and long-in cuneiform apartment and two days after this meeting went to Benghazi French delegation is important and strange.

Annexation of this delegation staff from the Ministry of Agriculture and the heads of French companies: “France Xbur serial” and “France Okramer,” and “de Manager de سوفليه” and “de Louis-Dreyfus” and “de Glencore” and “de Kanye serial” and “Cargill كوناغرا . ”

This delegation, on paper any outwardly, is a trade delegation than to obtain contracts for the Libyan mission in Benghazi, but there is, with this delegation, military French Mottagmesen the recipe businessmen.

In Benghazi have, and upon the recommendation of cuneiform, to meet a colonel in the Air Force Libyan He Abdullah جيهاني This Col. away from that doubted him, but of ceremonies former Gaddafi (cuneiform) explained that the Colonel was ready to escape but has good relations with opponents Tunisians.

Process is confidential, but any information is leaked to the men arrived close to Gaddafi. Colonel doubted it took so signed on 28 November (November) international arrest warrant against cuneiform note arrived to France through official channels (Protocol).

The French were concerned about the arrest and decided to apply a pro forma basis.

Four days after any day 2 December (January), leak the news particularly from Paris and without reference to the name, but was raised that the French police have arrested a very close from Gaddafi, prompting Libya initially calm but discovered that the cuneiform, in fact, has not been arrested But it imposed house arrest at his residence, in his apartment in the Hotel Concorde Lafayette, therefore, the Libyan leader began emotional.

President anger:

When he arrived at the news provide cuneiform formal request, to obtain political asylum in France, burst the wrath of Gaddafi, and the withdrawal of a passport cuneiform, even in the Foreign Ministry, with the accused Musa Kusa responsibility for the rebound cuneiform and he trying to send his men to Paris with messages including: “Count to home and will pardon you. ”

Day 16 (December) commissioned to carry out the attempt Abdullah Mansour, head of the Libyan television but the French stopped him at the entrance to the hotel.

Day 23 (December) Libyans others arrived to Paris and they both: Faraj Hrant (He did not make sure of his name) and Fathi Bouchras and Ali Mansouri Nice. And who will learn better after 17 February: because they are in fact the ones who with Haji Jamal al-Hajji, will lead the in Benaazi the uprising against Colonel Brigades.

French allowed three mentioned to go out for lunch with cuneiform in a restaurant in the Champs Elysees. He was accompanied by staff from the Elysee Palace and some of the French intelligence officials.

Between Noel (24/12/2010) and the beginning of the new year appeared in the Bulletin of (Morocco Konfadansial) indicates that the news of Benghazi in the case of agitation, (At that time no one has aware of this event), with some secrets revealed logistical assistance ( Logistic) and the military will reach the second city in Libya, the source of this aid, of course, France.

Certainly that cuneiform become man influential Sarkozy service in order to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya, although Bulletin (do not liter Konfydensaal about Morocco) began leaking the contents of this cooperation.

Called cuneiform (Libya كيليكس to) because it is gradually revealed the secrets of the military defense of Colonel while providing all the details of the political alliances of Foreign Affairs (diplomatic) and the financial system with explain the differences Map and stationed troops on the ground.

In mid-January (January), France has become all the keys to the heart of the regime of Colonel, but there is information leakage.

On 22 January (January), the intelligence chief of the (Seranaik) “any area of ​​northeastern Libya,” a loyal lieutenant colonel, a Brigadier Awad Saita the arrest of Colonel Aviation جيهاني, who was supportive, confidential environment for the French since November 18 (November). Day 24 (January) was transferred to a prison in Tripoli, and was arrested on charges of social network configuration in (Seranaik), which has the support of the Tunisian opposition against Ben Ali.

But his arrest came late: because جيهاني had prepared for an uprising in Benghazi, in collaboration with the French.

* By: Franco Baishes. Associate Director of the Italian newspaper Libero
* Translation: Mary – Lounge Batezio (Voltaire).

كيف قام ساركوزي بالتخطيط للانتفاضة الليبية :البداية كانت عندما سافر إلى تونس يوم 20 تشرين الأول (أكتوبر) 2010 : في هذه المدينة هبط من الطائرة الليبية نوري مسماري مع كافة أفراد عائلته.هذا الشخص هو رئيس ديوان العقيد معمر القذافي. وهو أحد المسؤولين الكبار في النظام الليبي وكان دائما بالقرب من العقيد.وكان الإنسان الوحيد مع وزير الخارجية موسى كوسا اللذان يتمتعان بحق الدخول مباشرة إلى مسكن الرئيس دون أية معوقات، أي دون الطرق على الباب (قبل الدخول). وهو الوحيد الذي يستطيع دخول الجناح رقم 204 من المجمع السكني القديم في بنغازي، والذي استقبل فيه العقيد الليبي، مع التشريف، رئيس الوزراء الايطالي سلفيو بيرلسكوني عند زيارته الرسمية لليبيا.إن زيارة مسماري إلى تونس لم تدم سوى عدة ساعات. ولا ندري من قابل في العاصمة التونسية والتي كان لهيب الانتفاضة ضد بن علي مغطى بالرماد (أي كانت الانتفاضة على أهبة الانطلاق) ولكن من المؤكد بأنه منذ تلك الساعات والساعات التي تلتها مباشرة، فإن مسماري اتخذ قراره لمد الجسور للتي ستكون، في أواسط شباط (فبراير)، التمرد في (سيرينايك) (أي المنطقة الشمالية الشرقية من ليبيا).وليقوم بتهيئة الانقلاب ضد القذافي مع البحث، والذي حصل عليه، عن التحالف مع جبهتين : الأولى مع المعارضة التونسية و الثانية مع فرنسا نيكولا ساركوزي وقد حقق النجاح على الجبهتين وهذا ما تؤكده وثائق ( د.ج.س.ا) جهاز المخابرات الفرنسية وحلقات من المعلومات المثيرة تم تداولها من قبل أوساط السياسة الخارجية (الدبلوماسية) من خلال نشرتي : (لا لتر كونفيدينسيال ومغرب كونفيدينسيال) توجد نسخة من هاتين النشرتين على الشبكة العنكبوتية لقاء دفع مبلغ للاشتراك.وصل مسماري إلى باريس في اليوم التالي، 21 تشرين الأول (أكتوبر) ولم يغادرها نهائيا.في ليبيا لم يخف رغبته للسفر إلى فرنسا، وقد اصطحب كل أفراد عائليه معه، لكونه سافر إلى باريس على أساس أن يعالج طبيا أو ربما يخضع لعملية جراحية، ولكنه حقيقة لم يراجع أي طبيب على العكس إن الذين كان يقابلهم، يوميا، هم موظفو المخابرات الفرنسية.اجتماع في فندق كونكورد لافايت :في بداية شهر تشرين الثاني (نوفمبر) تم وبصورة مؤكدة مشاهدة مجموعة من المساعدين المقربين من ساركوزي تدخل إلى فندق كونكورد لافايت الذي يقيم فيه مسماري كما شوهد شريط طويل من السيارات الزرقاء أمام نفس الفندق، يوم 16 تشرين الثاني (نوفمبر)، وتم عقد اجتماع مركز وطويل في شقة مسماري وبعد يومين من هذا الاجتماع اتجه إلى بنغازي وفد فرنسي مهم وغريب.وضم هذا الوفد موظفين من وزارة الزراعة ورؤساء للشركات الفرنسية : ” فرانس اكسبور سيريال ” و ” فرانس أكريمر “، و ” دي مناجير دي سوفليه ” و” دي لويس دريفوس ” و” دي غلينكور” و” دي كاني سيريال “و” كارجيل وكوناغرا”.هذا الوفد، على الورق أي ظاهريا، هو وفد تجاري غايته الحصول على عقود ليبية مهمة في بنغازي ولكن يوجد، مع هذا الوفد، عسكريين فرنسيين متقمصين صفة رجال أعمال.

في بنغازي قاموا، وبناء على توصية مسماري، بمقابلة عقيد في سلاح الجو الليبي وهو عبدالله جيهاني وهذا العقيد بعيدا من أن يشك به، ولكن رئيس التشريفات السابق للقذافي (مسماري) أوضح بأن هذا العقيد مستعد للهروب وإن لديه علاقات جيدة مع المعارضين التونسيين.

العملية تتم بسرية تامة، ولكن هنالك معلومات سربت ووصلت إلى رجال مقربين من القذافي. العقيد أخذ يشك في الأمر ولذا وقع يوم 28 تشرين الثاني (نوفمبر) مذكرة توقيف دولية بحق مسماري ووصلت المذكرة إلى فرنسا من خلال القنوات الرسمية (البروتوكول).

الفرنسيون أصيبوا بالقلق وقرروا تطبيق التوقيف بصورة شكلية.

بعد أربعة أيام أي يوم 2 كانون الأول (يناير)، تسرب الخبر بصورة خاصة من باريس ودون الإشارة للاسم، ولكن أثير بأن الشرطة الفرنسية قامت بتوقيف أحد المقربين جدا من القذافي مما دفع ليبيا مبدئيا إلى الهدوء ولكنها اكتشفت بأن مسماري، في الحقيقة لم يتم توقيفه ولكن فرضت عليه الإقامة الإجبارية في مقر إقامته، في شقته في فندق كونكورد لافايت ولذا فإن الرئيس الليبي بدأ بالانفعال.

غضب الرئيس :

عندما وصل نبأ تقديم مسماري طلبا رسميا، للحصول على اللجوء السياسي في فرنسا، انفجر غضب القذافي، وقام بسحب جواز سفر مسماري، حتى في وزارة الخارجية، مع اتهام موسى كوسا بالمسؤولية عن ارتداد مسماري وقام بمحاولة إرسال رجاله إلى باريس مع رسائل تتضمن : ” عد إلى الوطن و سيتم العفو عنك.”

يوم 16 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) كلف بالقيام بالمحاولة عبدالله منصور رئيس التلفزيون الليبي ولكن الفرنسيين أوقفوه عند مدخل الفندق.

يوم 23 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) وصل ليبيون آخرون إلى باريس وهم كل من : فرج شرانط (وهو الذي لم نتأكد من اسمه) و فتحي بوخريص وعلي ونيس منصوري. والذين سنتعرف عليهم بصورة أفضل بعد 17 شباط (فبراير) : لأنهم في الحقيقة هم الذين مع الحاجي (جمال الحاجي)، سيقودون الانتفاضة في بنعازي ضد كتائب العقيد.

سمح الفرنسيون للثلاثة المذكورين بالخروج للغداء مع مسماري في أحد مطاعم الشانزليزيه. وكان يرافقهم موظفين من قصر الاليزيه وبعض المسؤولين من المخابرات الفرنسية.

بين نويل (24/12/2010) وبداية السنة الجديدة ظهر في نشرة (مغرب كونفيدانسيال) خبرا يشير إلى أن بنغازي في حالة هيجان،(وفي ذلك الوقت لا يوجد أي شخص لديه علم بذلك الحدث)، مع كشف بعض الأسرار عن مساعدات سوقية (لوجستك) وعسكرية ستصل إلى ثاني مدينة في ليبيا، ومصدر هذه المساعدات، طبعا، فرنسا.

من المؤكد بأن مسماري أصبح الرجل المؤثر بخدمة ساركوزي في سبيل الاطاحة بالقذافي في ليبيا وإن نشرة (لا لتر كونفيدينسيال حول المغرب) بدأت بتسريب محتويات هذا التعاون.

سمي مسماري (وكيليكس ليبيا) لأنه كشف تدريجيا أسرار الدفاع العسكري للعقيد مع تقديم كافة التفاصيل للتحالفات السياسية الخارجية (الدبلوماسية) والمالية للنظام مع شرح خارطة الخلافات والقوات المتواجدة على الأرض.

في أواسط كانون الثاني (يناير)، أصبح لدى فرنسا كافة المفاتيح لقلب نظام حكم العقيد، ولكن هنالك تسرب معلومات.

يوم 22 كانون الثاني (يناير) فإن رئيس مخابرات ال (سيرينايك) ” أي منطقة شمال شرق ليبيا ” أحد المخلصين للعقيد وهو العميد عوض ساعيتي قام باعتقال عقيد الطيران جيهاني، الذي كان مساندا، بصورة سرية للفرنسيين منذ 18 تشرين الثاني (نوفمبر). ويوم 24 كانون الثاني (يناير) تم نقله إلى سجن في طرابلس، وكان توقيفه بتهمة تكوين شبكة اجتماعية في (سيرينايك)، والتي قامت بمساندة المعارضة التونسية ضد بن علي.

ولكن توقيفه جاء متأخرا : لأن جيهاني كان قد هيأ للانتفاضة في بنغازي، بالتعاون مع الفرنسيين.

*بقلم : فرانكو بيشيس. معاون مدير الصحيفة الايطالية ليبيرو
** ترجمة : ماري – اونج باتيزيو (موقع.فولتير)

50 million euros ‘help’ claim

French internet news website Mediapart, Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2006, Nicolas Sarkozy’s election campaign in 2007,
“financial aid to 50 million euros,” a senior Libyan agreeing and published the document containing the signature of the manager.

Paris – green frame by Mediapart written in Arabic and French translations of the information given in the note, Musa Kusa the former head of Libya’s foreign intelligence service, the candidate Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential election campaign, financial assistance amounting to 50 million euros in the construction of the general public about the Libya connection bureau committee instructions issued by the relevant agreement is confirmed.

Agreement, the director of intelligence agencies by Libya Libya Libya Africa investment fund and President Bashir Saleh Abdullah Senussi, French by 6 October 2006, at the meeting attended by Brice Hortefeux, and Ziyad Takiyeddin’in “verbal” is reached, as expressed in the document to see whether it does not specify the financial assistance .

A close friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, Hortefeux had worked from 2007 until 2011, the Ministry of Interior to the.

Sarkozy’s spokesman, the document and the claim “ridiculous,” he qualifying, the sum of 22 million euros in accounts of the election campaign, holdin ‘dream of 50 million euros and the accounts can not be said that the constitution has been approved by the council.

Lebanese-born businessman, lawyer Takiyeddin’in Ziyad, the client is not included in the meeting specified in the document, but this document is credible, given the dates and the people, he said.

The publication of the document is to provide a statement on the French people reported that Sarkozy’s Socialist Party.

Mediapart celebrity news site uncovering scandal in France, the document as a fugitive living in today, stated that Libya’s former senior managers.

Mediapart journalist Fabrice Arfi, The Guardian said in a statement last month, is already in the file prepared in the investigation, said he saw himself confidential documents related to the donation.

The Guardian also shortly after the election of Sarkozy in Paris has invited Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi establishing the tent in the garden of Elysee, Sarkozy’s “brother leader” reminded me of the words to describe your.

Money provided by the Lebanese arms dealer Ziad Takiyeddin weapons as an intermediary for the sale of submarines to Pakistan in the past of France merchant, commissions received are used for another election campaign and also have been charged in the investigation of the bombing in Karachi that killed French was distracted.

Gaddafi’s claim that the money Sarkzoy’nin election campaign, speaking for the first time last year, Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi raised the Euronews television channel. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, French President Nicolas Sarkozy in support of the opposition criticized Sarkozy’s election campaign received money from Libya claimed.

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, Libya funded Sarkozy’s election campaign in 2007, and claimed that Sarkozy wanted to give back the money.

28 April 2012