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Goldfinch Alqubaúal El Wafi Zayaana -11-1-2014
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But the Western region video is still available:

7:17 Statement western region of Sirte to the head is worth 5  01 2014
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Note the disclaimer regarding the episode, Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel 12 on any fire in 2014

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel 12 on any fire in 2014


1:34 Muammar ups oh rats

FB VIDEO:    Read the Libyan people …. Patriots: the wrath of the people
***** Courtesy of the Libyan people hero who Ringer NATO and Aqrasnth and his militia on the ground … (and the people who promised Legge in unseasoned) ****. Revolutionary poet says: Ali Kilani. People’s anger
إهــداء للشعب الليبي البطل الذي قارع الناتو وقراصنته وميليشياته علي الارض…(الشعب اللي يوعــد ويجي في ميعــاده)
يقــول الشاعـــر الثـــــوري : علـي الكيلانـــــــي
غضـب الشعـب وطوفانــــــه
يجــــــرف كــل الخيانـــــــه
لا يهمل طاغى لا يمهــــل
ينهينــا منهـــم لا يهمــــل
غضـب الشعـب…..فى عيـــون الفقــــراء
غضـب الشعـب…..فى حقـوق الأجــــراء
من صــــدور الشرفـــــاء………يتفجــر بركانــــــــه*************غضـب الشعــب بثــــــواره
وبالمخلصيـــــن أحــــــراره
غضـب الشعـب…..لا يبايـــع ظالـــم لا يأيـــــــد
غضـب الشعـب…..يعلن حكم الشعب السيـــد
غضـب الشعـب…..فى صرخات الموْءديــــــن
غضـب الشعـب…..فى ظـلام المسـاجيـــــن
من صــدور المخلصيــــن…….يتفجــر بركانـــــــه*************هـو البركـــان الغاضـــــب
هـو المبـــدأ والواجــــــب
غضـب الشعـب…..يقفــل كـل أبـــواب الــــــردة
غضـب الشعـب…..يعلـن حكم الشعب بيــــــده
غضـب الشعـب…..فـي أمانـي المحروميــــن
غضـب الشعـب…..فـي آهــات المسـاكيــــن
فى صـلاة المؤمنيـــن……عالي يرفـع آذانـــــــه*************يا كـــــل الانسانيــــة
يا دعـــاة الحريــــــــة
يا عشاق الحريــــــــة
غضـب الشعـب…..يوعـد ويجــي فـ ميعــــاده
غضـب الشعـب…..يكتـب تاريخه وأمجـــــــاده
غضـب الشعــب…..يمسح دمع المظلوميـــن
غضـب الشعـب…..بقـــــــــــرار الثورييــــــــن
مصـدر كل القوانيـــــن….جماهيـري عنوانـــــــــــه
.غضـــــــــــــــــب الشعــــــــــــــــــــــب………………………………………………………………
الشعب الليبي شعــب النبــــــلاء الاخيــــــــــار
لـــن يخضـــــــع
ولـــن يخـنــــــع
ولـــن يرضـــــــخ للعمــــــــــلاء الاغمـــــــــــار
Saif red lounge


News of the kidnapping of Dr Abdul Razak Alqrede Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(Gateway Libya)

Abdulrazaq el-Aradi

No Hhouaakkak Slllekea Tolhbmenkkhenm c
Cradle of deliberately Qala Ddad Omar accusation acid p Latte
Hlhoa me this letter: God Rlhs government complex Ttzlr communications Halla you stopped for Alghshold
Member day is probably at least aware of in order to preserve the peace of the Ahmqmai Vhald Maha Adaly Fihray Algguena and Asaaraa Qsgha
Accounts for the dam
Oahsh. Nolht’s battles punctuate Say
Aakaa Oqidaqhoah to 8 Hmerg a fun wicker wrapped yesterday Aass file.
V Display the previous 5 Qalat our professionals Wig



Tabu channel on Facebook:
They Akznon
We are not afraid, we are not greedy, we are not the owners of a lie …For Ankzb in the satellite problem Sabha problem tribal one of the sons Awlad Sulayman killed the sons of Tabu and like their bodies is not one nor Atnyen not three, but more than a dozen people from Tabu, including an elderly woman and a pregnant woman and Talfah small and wounded in the room Aanaas kill the offender in front of everyone,and this criminal wandering a free man in front of everyone and killed him when the parents of the Awlad Suleiman blood slaughter innocent people slaughtered, where students in the Department of Homeland Alhiappan Gafrai and working at night people were killed in the way of travelers, rather, they bombed revive Tabu tanksand mortars in the media Chadian forces occupies Sabha, Is it conceivable force Chadian occupies Sabha and Sabha by other tribes did not see them Sabha not to the children of Solomon, where Alqmazfah and Almgarhh and Warfalla and Hasouna and Mahamed, Tuaregs and the balcony all of these to Aaran these forces, which occupies the camps and fighting the Libyan army.only Awlad Suleiman, they see that they are lying and lies clearly rather, they did not know how to lie.
(Mohammed Altpauy)
The protesters were expelled from

the “sons of Awlad Suleiman” in front of the headquarters

of the National Congress in Tripoli and that by forces of the National Army.

Awlad Suleiman do the impossible broadcasting sedition and tarnish the image of Tabu
and enlist the support of the military and the media for the extermination of Tabu,
Awlad Suleiman are not alone, with them tribes Azwaiat who support them in the media.
Lord guide them and, God willing,
Hospital burns and cosmetic receives 42 injured and more than 60 cases of burns
within the city of Tripoli and the injuries ranged between light, medium and there are
numerous cases of (amputation of fingers).
Operations room Mermaid
All the blasts in a box because of Omar Mukhtar fire cit ..
And hit 3 people and still burns simple fireworks out of place Random directions until the moment
one of them and wounded a police patrol in military field.
All the blasts in a box because of Omar Mukhtar fire cit ..And hit 3 people and still burns simple fireworks out of place Random directionsuntil the moment one of them and wounded a police patrol in military field.Fire whereabouts Fireworks Green Square:
Omar Mukhtar by about an hour.And a tribute to the person who I personally pictures of smoke Mekdrch filming something …….
(Operations room Mermaid)


Fire number 2 cars near the Mitigua district Friday Market

Bakoadf celebrate the RPG market Friday Tripoli:





” ‘And’ Rishvana”
The emergence of Ansar al-Sharia in Rishvana where they entered into Altobah and then to Kerkozh and Sarhm combing and disappeared, this is what we got today,
And we’ve got unconfirmed information says they threw leaflets which kills 4 women driving will enter Paradise,
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
Was arrested a gang of masked on the road link between the bridge and gate-Zahra military police Zahra
“Got Abusaq specifically.”
They are not easy Aljafarah residents were handed over to the Libyan Army Brigade (IV).
Photos and news from Rishvana
I am God and to him we shall return
Jump to the mercy of God, the citizen was shot dead by unknown Tntosh Kamal, a resident of Bani Adam Soane ..
God forgive him and mercy on him.


Men Safety Authority National Zlitan and they are quickly extinguished the fires as a result of fireworks in a tent on the sidewalk was for the sale of crackers and fireworks downtown.Fire fireworks tent against the gas station bin Masood:
Zliten little while ago:
Men Safety Authority National Zlitan and they are Bigmad fires as a result of fireworks in a tent on the sidewalk was for the sale of crackers and fireworks downtown …
All thanks to those men who were on schedule to do their work:

It Zliten in the eyes of all Libyans:

Still the city of Zliten beacon of Islam and Muslims was announced yesterday from inside the mosque, Abdul Salam Asmar Faitouri Okrana young man from the capital Kiev before his conversion to Islam prayer sermon Friday ….
O dearest Islam and Muslims .

Mosque ibis
Lens: smugman abcy

Read Baghdadi Sunday Mosque Sheikh Abdul Salam sir brown Faitouri 11 / Malad/ 1435 AH 01/12/2014 M..
Lord prayers and peace be upon the Prophet ** touted by the property in the Pleroma

Celebrations of the Prophet’s Birthday corner Alosmria in Zliten at the Sheikh Asmar Mosque

Celebrations of the Prophet’s Birthday angle Sheikh Abdul Salam brown Faitouri in Zliten
Yakndelj Uday Park …. towards Zliten:

ZLITEN CITY City of Zliten ZLITEN rides Zliten riders



 la photo de Wadena.

I am God and to Him we return.
Signed this afternoon a car accident tragically area Ashimikh Triangle station was between 3 cars resulted in the death of the late His Highness (Abdulkarim M’hamed Aljdk) of the population of Taninaa and nephew from their injuries before reaching them to the hospital and also died in this tragic incident (Faraj key Hamad Alsakba) his wounds eloquent moments after the introduction of the intensive care.
We ask God to forgive them and accept them rest in peace and inspire their parents and loved ones a beautiful patience and fortitude.
And unto God and to Him we shall return.



al-Jdharan on Al-Arabiya:

Oil ! and accused us of selling and stripped us of our citizenship and accused of dividing the country and recently accused us of interaction with a Canadian company headed by an Israeli officer _

on all Libyans to stand in the face of the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Cyrenaica province does not seek to international recognition, but we demand a federal system within the Libyan state.
There are those who steal money Libyans through oil deals there is a project and plot the Muslim Brotherhood targeting Libya funded by oil revenues, which they were stealing.

We are in touch with “the territory of Fezzan” for the formation of a joint committee to monitor the sale and export of oil through the evening comes the Executive Office of the territory “gently” [The people’s Political Bureau of Cyrenaica] and we will not just issue oil: We will only export oil in the presence of a committee of three provinces, the Commission will attend the Fezzan soon.

al-Jdharan statement on TV  13JAN 2014


Guard oil installations in the Central Region blocking the road between Ajdabiya and Brega on large trucks, and threatening to prevent the passage of fuel tanks to the western regions:
the government did not extradite their salaries cut them 4 months ago, and that within a period of 24 hours only.
(Media Center tuber)


CASABLANCA (White) now
Urgent white now ..

11:04, 13 January 2014 Monday
Leader of Libya's Barqa region survives assassination bid
Leader of Libya’s Barqa region survives assassination bid
The gunman is currently being questioned on his motives and those behind the botched assassination plot, added the aide, who asked to remain anonymous.

World Bulletin / News Desk

The leader of the self-declared administration in Libya’s oil-rich eastern Barqa region survived an assassination attempt late Sunday.

An unidentified gunman broke into the home of Abd Rabbu al-Baarasi, head of the so-called Barqa Executive Office, in the eastern city of Al-Bayda, before being overpowered, a close aide of al-Baarasi told Anadolu Agency on Monday.

The gunman is currently being questioned on his motives and those behind the botched assassination plot, added the aide, who asked to remain anonymous.

The Barqa Executive Office was formed in October to run the affairs of the oil-rich region, citing marginalization by the federal government.

The 24-member cabinet is not recognized by the government in Tripoli.

Place one of the apartments neighborhood south of the city of Casablanca

and the incident is also received that a young follower of the Judicial Police in Casablanca

was entering one of these apartments hustling to chase one of the culprits and methods of one of the doors

Taking Mr. Abed Rabbo Barasi Chairman of the Executive Office of Cyrenaica come to understand

the young man took out his hand from his pocket and identified himself:

“I’m so and so from a family so and so”, but just moments Mr. Abed Rabbo

and closed the door and call his family Mkhbarham that this person broke into my door to attack.
It is noteworthy that the case is now underway in CASABLANCA (white city center) after the arrival of a young family to Hlhalt subject;

and show it to the clear vision to the family Sheib.
This incident also received.

To complement the event we bring you new.


The assassination of Colonel in the Military Police Fawzi Tabola an improvised explosive device in Benghazi.

Many talk about the assassination of Mr Ahmed Saaiti …….
How can the news is true and hospitals did not receive the case ….
1 – Galaa Hospital – no.
2 – Benghazi hospital medical – no.
3 – Hawari General Hospital – no.
I think it’s just a rumor and not the health of the news after making sure of it ……….
And we are still investigating and make sure ……………

(Mutassim Faitouri)

SS Division investigation they find the body of an unidentified person,
multiplied by bullets and thrown near the northern Benghazi club ……..
Urgent precise ::::::::::
Targeting the gate with two missiles and thankfully has bitterly over the portal was not evidenced place Quahma without registration damage remember and after combing the area to indicate immediately that he was firing rockets from the platform has erected in the airport building Agricultural and when members gate attendants to place the launch of the missiles have been found Seven other missiles were ready for launch and thankfully operation has been aborted launch ……
(Source: Gateway precise)


Since the explosion is a little :::
Problem area and milkfish
Someone threw Gelatina near the club and the star is noted that there is no damage and thankfully …..
Statistical wounded since few cases Galaa Hospital is 16 cases and as a result of the indiscriminate
throwing bullets ((celebration day)), and the source said that many complained and said that throwing
youths armed group in the case of vintage ..
And users of weapons, mostly ((Klashen Cove & cartridges))
And thankfully the injuries are mild.


ÚÇÇÇÇĚá and particularly Libya talks

Event now and the end of the meeting required after evening prayers in Benghazi

between the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia and the leaders of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

has been agreed on the preparation kit for the attack on the commandos early next week
Please Ali brothers in Thunderbolt discernible science and caution.


Salem al-Obeidi:
Systems people abducted Sunday evening, pause solidarity
In front of the island rotation Battalion, the pond area in Benghazi, and participated
In this posture the people and abducted activists and journalists.
Salem al-Obeidi:
Najat submitted “Saad and Elhasy Nice,” from morning to try
Assassination, near the area of ​​Ras Al Arqam Mosque after Oobeidh
Be subjected to a hail of bullets by unidentified car opaque
Glass, and mentions that “Elhasy” One of the elements of the military accounts
Currently, the Air Force and was.


Agency urgently Libya / assassination of a member of the special forces Thunderbolt  in the tuber .

Tuber now assassinate people shot by East Coast area.
The name of the person slain since few in the tuber is Alnobar Ziad, a young man in the early twenties.

According to preliminary information assassination “Ziad Alnobar” A special forces soldiers “Thunderbolt

and umbrellas” a little while ago in the city of Derna.
According to eyewitnesses, the “Alnobar” came under fire from a sniper as he emerged from the Al-Hussein Mosque

in the neighborhood of the east coast.

Aaaaaajl and now
Albrasp tribe now meets all the fittings and discuss implications for the attempted assassination of Asheib

and how to behave with the offender arrested.
(The news agency Libya)





Posted on 24/02/2011 by KGS is absolutely no way to verify the report, and yes, the Libyan government could very well be using it as a means to scare the west, but it has to be taken seriously nonetheless. Fact: the moment any of these Arab governments begin to look weakened, the Salafist-Kharjites begin flooding over the borders to fill any void left by the state, it’s therefor highly reasonable that the already “devout” area of Derna could easily fall sway to Al-Qaida. That it’s being run by a former owner of an orange jumpsuit from GITMO should give pause to all the Western politicians and intelligence agencies everywhere.Folks, we are living in mighty dangerous times here. No matter how the think tanks and talking heads want to spin the events as being “a sign that democracy can take root anywhere”, it’s far from being assured. More likely than democracy taking root, Salafist Muslims take control.

As Israel saw in its withdrawal from Southern Lebanon and from Gaza, or the cessation of hostilities between the UN and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq after the first Gulf War during Bush Sr.’s administration, the Salafists, in spite of being badly beaten will take any development that leaves themselves standing, as a major victory, and sell it as such to rally the people.

The Salafi are no doubt presently interpreting the recent events in the ME and Maghreb as happening due to their strategies and beliefs, and are pumped up and ready to fill the void. We may very well witness a strong pan Wahabi- Salafi alliance that, in all respects resembles the Caliphate. All heads turn to Turkey. KGS

al-Qaeda sets up “Islamic Emirate”, Libya deputy FM says

Meanwhile Libya’s deputy foreign minister told E.U. ambassadors in Tripoli al-Qaeda has set up an Islamic emirate in Derna, in eastern Libya, headed by a former U.S. prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.

Al-Qaeda has established an emirate in Derna led by Abdelkarim al-Hasadi BELHADJ, a former Guantanamo detainee,” Khaled Khaim said.

“They have an FM radio station and have begun to impose the burqa” (head-to-toe covering for women) and have “executed people who refuse to cooperate with them.”

Khaim said (Hasadi ) BELHADJ  has a lieutenant, “also a member of al-Qaeda and named “Kheirallah” Mahmoud Baraassi” in al-Baida.

Derna is the capital of a province by the same name in the region of Cyrenaica, some 1,250 kilometers (775 miles) east of Libya’s capital Tripoli. Al-Baida lies about 100 kilometers west of Derna.Earlier, Italian Foreign Minister Francesco Franco Frattini said embattled Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi had lost control of Cyrenaica and shared reports that an Islamic emirate had been declared there.Speaking at a meeting in Rome organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Christian organisation, Frattini said here had been recent proclamations in Cyrenaica that it was now an Islamic emirate and calls to break with the West.

“It is a worrying development if radical Islam is only a few hundred kilometers away from the European Union’s front door,

but nothing can justify the violent death of hundreds of innocent civilians,” he added.

see the date, and not much has changed, except worse!
15 May 2012
12:01 AM ET

Growing concern over Salafist ‘safe haven’ in eastern Libya

By Nic Robertson, Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister, CNN
Diplomats and other observers in Libya say that with “elections” one month away, the National Transitional Council is struggling to exert control over various militia prominent in the CIA-led uprising against The Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi. The situation is further complicated by tribal rivalries and a growing presence of Salafist militants in some areas.  One source briefed by Western intelligence officials says of particular concern is the city of Derna on the Mediterranean coast some 160 miles (300 kilometers) west of the Egyptian border.
The source tells CNN that hundreds of Salafist militants are present in and around the town, and there are camps where weapons and physical training are provided to militants. He said one official had described the area as “a disaster zone.”Tensions have grown between local people and the militants. Last month, a number of Derna residents went to a camp on the outskirts of the city, according to the source, and forced militants to leave.There have been a number of car bomb explosions in Derna in recent months, apparently as rival Salafist factions compete for supremacy in the area. One is said to have targeted Abdel Hakim al Hasadi BELHADJ, a former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) who spent time in Afghanistan in the 1990s.
He told reporters last year he had been handed over to the Americans and sent back to Libya, where he was jailed for six years. The LIFG formally repudiated al-Qaeda in 2009 and disbanded shortly afterwards. The source said that groups sympathetic to al-Qaeda as well as former members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group had converged on Derna – and the presence of one man was especially worrying: senior al-Qaeda operative Abdul Basit Azuz. He had been sent to the area last spring by al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and now had some 300 men under his command.
Azuz is operating at least one training facility and has sent some of his men to establish contact with other militant Salafist groups as far west as Brega, the source said. Al-Zawahiri’s plan was for him to establish a “home base for al Qaeda” in Libya, the source said. A senior counter-terrorism official told CNN that western intelligence is aware of Azuz’s presence, his recruitment and training of fighters, and believes his redeployment to Libya had the backing of al-Zawahiri. The official said it was unclear whether former LIFG militants were contesting Azuz’s presence in Derna.
It was possible, he said, that al-Qaeda had grown strong enough in the area to deter such a confrontation. The threat to Western security posed by al-Qaeda in eastern Libya was mainly “over-the-horizon” according to the official – but had the potential to become significant because of Libya’s proximity to Europe.Azuz has been close to al-Zawahiri since the 1980s and first traveled to Afghanistan in the early 1990s to join mujahideen fighting the Soviet occupation – as did hundreds of Arab fighters.Azuz later moved to the UK and lived in Manchester, where he increasingly cropped up on the radar screen of British counter-terrorism services who suspected he was trying to radicalize youngsters, according to the source briefed by Western intelligence. In the period after the 07 July 2005,  London bombings he was one of about a dozen Libyans held under so-called “control orders” and detained at Belmarsh high-security prison. After being released, he left the UK around 2009 for the Afghan-Pakistan border region, along with the son of another militant who was subsequently killed there.Derna has long been associated with Salafist militancy. It was an area where the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group was strong during the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Many of the Libyan fighters who joined al-Qaeda in Iraq came from the Derna area, according to documents seized by U.S. forces in Iraq in 2006. Many returned, while other recruits never reached Iraq, making the area potentially fertile ground for al-Qaeda recruitment.In 2008, a U.S. diplomat who visited Derna noted in a cable:

“Unlike the rest of the country, sermons in eastern Libyan mosques are laced with phraseology urging worshippers to support “jihad” in Iraq and elsewhere through direct participation or financial contributions.”

One source told CNN that the situation in the east was complicated by the presence of foreign fighters – from Algeria, Morocco and the Sahel – including some from al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM.)

Al-Qaeda has tried to harness the unrest in north Africa to its advantage over the past year. One senior figure in the group, Abu Yahya al-Libi, said in a video message to fellow Libyans distributed on jihadist forums last year: “At this crossroads you have found yourselves, you either choose a secular regime that pleases the greedy crocodiles of the West and for them to use it as a means to fulfill their goals, or you take a strong position and establish the religion of Allah.”

The apparent growth of Salafist militancy and ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is just one of many challenges facing post-Great Jamahiriya Libya, as it prepares for elections. Different militia remain influential players and have not been disarmed. Last week there was a gun battle in Tripoli close to the prime minister’s office. The special UN envoy to Libya, Ian Martin, has expressed concern over prisons run by militia that hold an estimated 40,000 detainees alleged to have been al-Qathafi supporters.

Post by: CNN Terrorism Analyst Paul Cruickshank, CNN‘s Nic Robertson, CNN‘s Tim Lister

The Army of Islamic State of Libya: Derna’s mystery militia

By Mathieu Galtier.

Yousef Ben Tahir (Photo: Maryline Dumas)

the Army of the Islamic State of LibyaIt is too soon to have a clear picture of how strong or how ideologically determined is this group but
it appears that Yousef bin Tahir made a proper business plan when launching his group in the very competitive Libyan brigades market.
He declared the birth of the brigade on Al Nabaa TV, a channel launched and financed by Qatar, on 31 October 2013. We could see Toyota pick-ups topped with machine guns in a single file in the middle of Derna’s streets, then images of men wearing military uniforms.  
A (3,000-man?) army “based on Islam”“It took me six months to announce publicly the creation of the Army of the Islamic State of Libya,” Youssef bin Tahir told the Libya Herald.
“The men had been trained in Derna during that period by former true revolutionaries like myself. I didn’t sleep a lot back then.”
The members are students, businessmen, teachers, and the like. All of them are from Derna.“Our goal is simple: implementing security in public buildings, on the streets and for private companies. First in Derna, then in other cities like Benghazi and Sirte, and finally in all Libya –because Islam says it is our duty as Muslims to protect people.”It is a step-by-step programme which explains the name of the group.
Bin Tahir does not want to lead any another type of brigade. He wants to run an new army “based on Islam”.  After the release of Al Nabaa report on social networks, a rumour started claiming that Bin Tahir wanted to “free” Al-Andalus (Spain). “Totally untrue”, he smiled, making him, with his medium-length curly hair and his blue eyes, even younger than his age.Bin Tahir is highly confident that he can restore security in Derna in just one month. “Actually, right now, I’m able to secure the whole area from Derna to Benghazi”.
Then he mentions a “special group” based in the desert and on boats which have orders to catch African illegal migrants. He claims that his boats arrested illegal migrants on a boat late in October in Lathroon. It could be be the migrant boat referred by this paper.“They are under our control. We are making investigations about them,” he declares, adding “most of them have diseases like HIV”.The Libya Herald has been unable to verify any of these assertions.Bin Tahir refuses to give any figures about the number of men he has or to show his headquarters (the interview took place in a hotel, the Pearl of Derna). This makes it impossible to gain an accurate picture of the brigade’s strength, although an official of Derna claimed that the group had 3,000 men.“We do different work than Abu Sleem or Ansar Al-Sharia brigade”Bin Tahir is also very vague about the financial side of his army. “We have received donations from our members. Above all, I spend all my money on it. My family is from Derna but we moved to Benghazi where we own different business, such as car sales.”

Sources in Benghazi confirm that Bin Tahir is a wealthy family and known to be well-educated. “I don’t know how rich they are but the Bin Tahirs from Derna is a big family”, Benghazi Congressman Suleiman Zubi said.

“However how rich he is, nobody can run a brigade with his own money”, a security expert stated. “If the group is really a strong one, they have to get money from government, GNC or outside.”

Bin Tahir is adamant that the Army of the Islamic State of Libya will not be integrated into any Libyan institutions or armed groups. “We have no connection with the government. We are not registered – although I will stand with the authorities against federalism if necessary.”

He explains what he sees his force doing. “We do different work than Abu Sleem or Ansar Al-Sharia [the two main brigades in Derna].

Killing, he says, in not an Islamic way. “The Quran says ‘Allah alone decides the final judgement.’” Bin Tahir, who sports a beard but no moustache, often quotes the Quran to explain his actions. “I will fight any Libyan who doesn’t believe as a Muslim.”

More than an army; an Islamic way of life

He likes to tell how the decision to create the Army of the Islamic State of Libya came to him. He makes it sound like a religious parable.

“One day, I saw an old man trying to fix the car just outside Derna. He was with his family. I asked him why he didn’t seek help in the town. He replied the town was too dangerous. From that day, I decided to leave Benghazi and settle in Derna to bring peace.”

There is more. Bin Tahir describes his methods which cover the whole spectrum of social life. In regard to justice, he concedes that his group is not strong enough to judge criminals but it is when it comes to offenders. “If we catch a car thief, we ask the owner if he wants to be paid back and forgive the thief or if he wants us to file a form waiting for proper trial. The first solution is the best because Islam is all about forgiveness.”

To fix the drug problem – major one in Libya, even before the revolution – he has also his own radical solution. “We pay the drug dealer for all his goods and then we destroy them instead of bombing people like any other brigade is doing.”

The Army of the Islamic State of Libya has another curious rule. To prevent anyone betraying the cause of Islam, some 40 anonymous members, called “observers”, are in deployed to check the behaviour of everyone, included the leader, and to punish them if necessary.

“I’m a successful man”, Bin Tahir proclaims. “I catch the criminals. I will succeed because I use my brain, not only my muscles.”…/the-army-of-islamic-state…/





The cities of Sabha
Now: the channel of Libya national recitation statement cease-fire between the warring parties in the city of Sabha by a delegation of reconciliation at the level of Libya and with the participation of the Tuareg brothers, and said the statement in full agreement for a cease-fire, as of today, Monday.

سبها مدينتي الان : من على قناة ليبيا الوطنية تلاوة بيان وقف اطلاق النار بين الاطراف المتنازعة في مدينة سبها من قبل وفد المصالحة على مستوى ليبيا وبمشاركة من الاخوة الطوارق ، وافاد البيان على اتفاق تام لوقف اطلاق النار ، اعتبارا من اليوم الاثنين .
Free newspaper Sabha:
Calm hangs over the streets of the city of Sabha, and the like in an undeclared truce, we receive some news about the sporadic efforts of the Council of Elders to control the situation, then that Matalpt Khdu calm streets of the city, leaving behind blurry in position and results!

“LYING & FALSIFYING  Zaidane government” statement about current events in Sabha ..


Quoting, / / ​​Qusay cabled:

THE GOOD LIBYAN ARMY is now in Control:

Exclusive / Sabha after the clash, which happened in “the city of Sabha” between gangs Chadian armed forces and the Libyan army has been arrested several armed elements and after investigation it turns out that they are not to show belonging to the Chadian opposition forces and trained in camps dedicated Chadian opposition in the south of Libya and some of them were the killers during the clash and after confirmation of their identity turns out that they are not Libyans and carrying forged identity Leaved and they O_ak_ih gangs and these pictures of the inside palm project Sabha.

newspaper Sabha Free:

Radio Misurata:

Entering the city of Sabha, the arrival of a convoy from the city of Misurata of rebels Hun.

Isa Abdul Majeed on channel Libya Liberal:
The South is now the case with the ethnic cleansing and the response will be strong
Targeting the house of “Salem Ali Al Mahdi Qatanna” Actually district Taradona Bakazv
RPG by unknown people and wounding members of a family were injured.
We ask God for their safety.
(Al-Sabha Free)

Salem al-Obeidi:

Dr. “Ibrahim cabled”, the medical director of the center Sabha
In a statement that medical Sabha today received eight dead
And two wounded, and said, “cabled” The Ministry of Health sent a Ttiyartin
At least two cars, one ambulance and some medical equipment, and has been
Fourteen transfer case, including two cases were transferred in private jets
The seriousness of their condition, as explained Dr. “Ibrahim cabled”, Director
Medical Center Sabha that the doctors and staff have returned to work
And the situation now is a good hospital.
Colonel, “Sanusi favor”, Director of the Directorate for Security Sabha
A relatively quiet evening, after sporadic clashes somewhat
Unlike several areas yesterday, said Colonel “fit” in
Special permit and exclusive, that the city of Sabha today witnessed the ceremony
Buried 12 dead from the national army after it emerged their bodies
Of the old mosque madínat, SABHA:

Google aerial view of Sabha pinpointing the old Mosque in the South:



al-Qaeda is CIA

excerpt from:

Terrorism as an Instrument of Imperial Conquest. From Afghanistan to Syria, America Supports Al Qaeda

Global Research, 10 January  2014

(In the 1980’s) the United States was supporting the infamous Khmer Rouge of Cambodia; yes, the same charming lads

of Pol Pot and The Killing Fields.

President Carter’s National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was a leading force behind the US support of both the Moujahedeen and the Khmer Rouge. What does that tell you about that American leader? Or Jimmy Carter – an inspiration out of office, but a rather different person in the White House? Or Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama, who chose Brzezinski as one of his advisers?

Another proud example of the United States fighting the awful “Terrorists” is Kosovo, an overwhelmingly Muslim province of Serbia. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) began an armed conflict with Belgrade in the early 1990s to split Kosovo from Serbia. The KLA was considered a terrorist organization by the US, the UK and France for years, with numerous reports of the KLA having contact with al-Qaeda, getting arms from them, having its militants trained in al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan, and even having members of al-Qaeda in KLA ranks fighting against Serbia.But Washington’s imperialists, more concerned about dealing a blow to Serbia, “the last communist government in Europe”, supported the KLA.

The KLA have been known for their torture and trafficking in women, heroin, and human body parts (sic).The United States has naturally been pushing for Kosovo’s membership in NATO and the European Union.

More recently the US has supported awful Salafists in Libya and Syria, with awful consequences.

It would, moreover, be difficult to name a single brutal dictatorship of the second half of the 20th Century that was not supported by the United States; not only supported, but often put into power and kept in power against the wishes of the population. And in recent years as well, Washington has supported very repressive governments,…

Not exactly the grand savior our sad old world is yearning for. (Oh, did I mention that Washington’s policies create a never-ending supply of terrorists?)

And what do American leaders think of their own record? Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was probably speaking for the whole private club when she wrote that in the pursuit of its national security the United States no longer needed to be guided by “notions of international law and norms” or “institutions like the United Nations” because America was “on the right side of history.”

One must wonder: When will the dropping of bombs on innocent civilians by the United States, and invading and occupying their country become completely discredited? When will the use of depleted uranium, cluster bombs, CIA torture renditions, and round-the-world, round-the-clock surveillance become things that even men like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and John Brennan will be too embarrassed to defend?

…I’ve long maintained that only the American people have the power to stop The Imperial Machine – the monster that eats the world’s environment, screws up its economies, and spews violence on every continent. And for that to happen the American people have to lose their deep-seated, quasi-religious belief in “American Exceptionalism”. For many, what they’ve been forced to learn the past six months has undoubtedly worn deep holes into the protective armor that has surrounded their hearts and minds since childhood….

ABC News reported that “A spokesperson for the NSA declined to comment on the issue of bank account hacking, and a representative for U.S. Cyber Command did not immediately return an emailed request for comment.”

Manipulating bank records is about as petty and dishonorable as a superpower can behave, and could conceivably, eventually, lead to the end of the NSA as we’ve all come to know and love it. On the other hand, the Agency no doubt holds some very embarrassing information about anyone in a position to do them harm.

The bombing of Flight 103 – Case closed?

When the 25th anniversary of the 1988 bombing of PanAm Flight 103 occurred on December 21 I was fully expecting the usual repetitions of the false accusation against Libya and Moammar Gaddafi as being responsible for the act which took the lives of 270 people over and in Lockerbie, Scotland. But much to my surprise, mingled with such, there were a rash of comments skeptical of the official British-US version, made by various people in Scotland and elsewhere, including by the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and Libya.

In a joint statement the three governments said they were determined to unearth the truth behind the attack. “We want all those responsible for this brutal act of terrorism brought to justice, and to understand why it was committed”, they declared.

Remarkable. In 1991, the United States indicted a Libyan named Adelbaset al-Megrahi. He was eventually found guilty of being the sole perpetrator of the crime, kept in prison for many years, and finally released in 2009 when he had terminal cancer, allegedly for humanitarian reasons, although an acute smell of oil could be detected. And now they speak of bringing to justice “those responsible for this brutal act of terrorism”.

(The)  two governments  (of  US and UK, will)  always have a lot of explaining to do. They’re good at it.  And the great bulk of their indoctrinated citizens, with little resistance, will accept the new/old party line, and their mainstream media will effortlessly switch back to the old/new official version(s), ….

If you’re confused by all this, I suggest that you start by reading my detailed article on the history of this case, written in 2001 but still very informative and relevant. You may be rather surprised.

The UK, US and Libyan governments have now announced that they will co-operate to reveal “the full facts” of the Lockerbie bombing. And Robert Mueller, the former head of the FBI, said he believes more people will be charged. This could be very interesting.

gaddafi-lockerbie evil portrayale

al-Qathafi ordered Lockerbie bombing: Ex-minister

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Libya's deputy FM said journalists who entered Libya illegally are considered "outlaws" (File)


The Downing of Flight 103 over Lockerbie: It was the Uranium

Mystery continues to surround the 1988 downing of Panam Flight 103 at Lockerbie. Who did it, how, and why? UN Assistant Secretary-General and Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson Died in the Crash

Global Research, 07 January 2014

By Patrick Haseldine

Patrick Haseldine is a former British diplomat who was dismissed by the then foreign secretary, John Major, in August 1989. He is often referred to as the “Emeritus Professor of Lockerbie Studies”.

After 25 years study of the topic Patrick Haseldine reveals the shocking truth.

A little over two weeks ago, my wife and I were seated beside the flower bedecked pulpit in a packed Westminster Abbey.

There was an eerie hush as Big Ben’s muffled chimes tolled 7:00 pm – the exact moment 25 years earlier when Pan Am Flight 103 was sabotaged over Lockerbie in Scotland on 21st December 1988.

All 259 passengers and crew were killed, as were 11 people in the town. The names of the 270 Lockerbie bombing victims were listed alphabetically in the Order of Service, and five relatives took it in turns to read them out.

Thus it was Jane Swire, mother of victim Flora and wife of Dr Jim Swire, who read the name of the 43rd victim on the list: Bernt Wilmar Carlsson.

United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, was Lockerbie’s highest profile victim, yet the authorities and the media never mention him. Why?

As comedian Kenneth Williams used to say: “I think the answer lies in the soil.”

More specifically, I believe the answer lies in the processed uranium ore (Yellowcake) that was illegally extracted from Namibia in the period 1976 to 1989. A TV documentary film in March 1980 described succinctly what was going on:

“World In Action investigates the secret contract and operations arranged by British-based Rio Tinto Zinc Corp to import into Britain uranium (Yellowcake) from the Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia, whose major shareholders are the governments of Iran and South Africa.

“This contract having received the blessing of the British government is now compromising the UK’s position in the United Nations negotiations to remove apartheid South Africa from Namibia, which it is illegally occupying.”

Thatcher “proud to be British”

Within four months of the Lockerbie disaster, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decided to make a whistle-stop tour of southern Africa, and found time to visit Namibia’s Rössing Uranium Mine where she was accompanied by David Cameron, then a youthful Conservative Central Office researcher.

Mrs Thatcher was so impressed by the Rössing Uranium Mine that she declared it made her “proud to be British”.

While Mrs Thatcher was in Namibia, she put improper pressure on the UN’s manMartti Ahtisaari, head of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group, to permit the South African Defence Force (SADF) to take action against SWAPO soldiers who were peacefully returning to Namibia to vote in the November 1989 independence elections.

As a result, as many as 308 SWAPO soldiers were killed – “shot in the back” according to former SADF major Nico Basson.

Whether Mrs Thatcher could have persuaded UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, to agree to such treachery we shall never know since Mr Carlsson was assassinated fifteen weeks earlier, on 21st December 1988.

Illegal mining

In 1974, the UN Council for Namibia issued Decree No. 1 prohibited the extraction and distribution of any natural resource from Namibian territory without the explicit permission of the UNCN (United Nations Council for Namibia).

It also provided for the seizure of any illegally exported material, and warned that violators could be held liable for damages. Projected to be Namibia’s largest mining operation, Rössing became the primary target of Decree No. 1.

However, many Western governments (including the US and Britain) refused to accept Decree No. 1 as binding, with lawyers and government officials disputing whether the decree was juridically sound, whether and how it might apply, and which courts might enforce its application.

But the bottom line was that Rössing aimed to supply at least 10 percent of the global uranium market which translated into one-third of Britain’s needs, and probably more for Japan.

Decree No. 1 therefore sparked a lengthy international struggle over the legitimacy of Rössing uranium. The UNCN sent out numerous delegations to convince governments to suspend their dealings with Namibia.

Only one country pledged to respect Decree No. 1

They heard many expressions of support for the independence process, but prior to the mid-1980s only Sweden (among the large Western uranium consumers) pledged to boycott Rössing’s product.

Activists stepped up the pressure in a wide variety of forums. In the UK and the Netherlands, they joined forces with the anti-nuclear movement, resulting in organisations like the British CANUC (Campaign Against the Namibian Uranium Contract).

The UNCN held a week-long hearing in July 1980, during which experts and activists from Europe, Japan, and the United States gave presentations on Rössing’s operations and contracts, and the TV documentary Follow the Yellowcake Road was screened.

Testimony focused on the relationship between southern Africa and the Western nuclear industry, arguing that all purchases of Namibian uranium effectively supported the colonial occupation via the taxes paid by the Rössing mine.

In 1981, Namibia’s government-in-waiting (SWAPO) helped organise a seminar for West European trade unions as well as presentations on living and working conditions at Rössing and on the mine’s paramilitary security forces, which appealed to the loyalties of the International Socialist movement, where Bernt Carlsson was Secretary-General.

The seminar detailed the secret movements of Rössing uranium through European planes, ships, docks, and roads, noting that European transport workers had unknowingly handled barrels of radioactive substances.

A 1982 seminar organised by the American Committee on Africa on the role of transnational corporations in Namibia focused heavily on uranium, reprising many of the arguments mounted by European activists.

UNCN legal action

In May 1985, the United Nations Council for Namibia (UNCN) began legal action against URENCO – the joint Dutch/British/West German uranium enrichment company, with plants in Capenhurst (Cheshire, England), Almelo (Netherlands) and Gronau (West Germany).

Since URENCO had been importing uranium ore from the Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia, the company was charged with breaching UNCN Decree No. 1.

The case was expected to be ready by the end of 1985 but was delayed because URENCO argued that – despite having enriched uranium of Namibian origin since 1980 – it was impossible to tell where specific consignments came from.

When the case finally reached court in July 1986, the Dutch government took URENCO’s line,claiming not to have known where the uranium had been mined.

Upon the adjournment of the URENCO proceedings, SWAPO’s UN representative, Helmut Angula, insisted that other companies, such as Shell, De Beers (Consolidated Diamond Mines), Newmont, and Rio Tinto were also likely to face prosecution for breaching the UNCN Decree.

Bernt Carlsson lays down the law

The man responsible for Namibia under international law, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, spoke about these prosecutions in aWorld In Action TV documentary “The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds” which was broadcast by Thames Television in September 1987:

“The United Nations this year in July started legal action against one such company – the Dutch company URENCO which imports uranium.”

When asked if he would be taking action against other companies such as De Beers, the diamond mining conglomerate, Bernt Carlsson replied:

“All the companies which are carrying out activities in Namibia which have not been authorised by the United Nations are being studied at present.

“As far as De Beers is concerned, the corporation has been trying to skim the cream which means they have gone for the large diamonds at the expense of the steady pace. In this way they have really shortened the lifespan of the mines.

“One would expect from a worldwide corporation like De Beers and Anglo-American that they would behave with an element of social and political responsibility. But their behaviour in the specific case of Namibia has been one of profit maximation regardless of its social, economic, political and even legal responsibility.”

Delay in closing the UF6 loophole

In 1988, US Congressional Democrats began working to close the UF6 loophole. The State Department’s Office of Non-proliferation and Export Policy did as well, declaring:

“It is not possible to avoid the provisions of the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act by swapping flags or obligations on natural uranium physically of South African origin before it enters the USA.”

Nevertheless, Rössing managed to delay the implementation of restrictions which could have put it out of business. And – in the end – that delay sufficed: apartheid South Africa and other negotiating parties signed an independence accord on 22nd December 1988.

It was on his way to the signing of the agreement at UN headquarters in New York, that UN Commissioner for Namibia Bernt Carlsson became the highest profile victim of the Pan Am Flight 103 crash at Lockerbie on 21st December 1988.

URENCO case dropped

Following Bernt Carlsson’s untimely death in the Lockerbie bombing, the case against URENCO was inexplicably dropped and no further prosecutions took place of the companies and countries that were in breach of the United Nations Council for Namibia Decree No. 1.

Despite this fairly obvious evidence that Bernt Carlsson was the prime target on Pan Am Flight 103, there has never been a murder investigation conducted by the CIAFBI, Scottish Police or indeed by the United Nations.

Instead, fabricated evidence has been used to frame and wrongfully convict the Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi for the crime of Lockerbie.

URENCO privatisation

On 22 April 2013, David Cameron’s coalition government announced plans to sell its share in URENCO – the uranium enrichment company owned by Britain, Germany and the Netherlands – unleashing a new wave of privatisations in an attempt to cut the public debt.

The UK government’s one-third share in URENCO could fetch up to 3.61€bn, making it one of the biggest privatisations in the UK in years.

Headquartered in the semi-rural Buckinghamshire village of Stoke Poges – where, appropriately enough given its atomic plot the James Bond film “Goldfinger” was partly shot – URENCO has a 31% share of the world’s uranium enrichment market.

This provides the fuel for nuclear power utilities and URENCO has enrichment plants in the US and the three investor countries, including one in Capenhurst, Cheshire.

“It’s a ridiculous idea”, says the GMB union’s national secretary for energy Gary Smith, who earlier this week complained to The Independent of the prospect of the Chinese investing in the nuclear new-build programme. “We’re flogging off precious nuclear assets instead of developing a strategy around nuclear. It’s absolute madness.”

But there is a logic to the move: by privatising URENCO, the British government hopes to bring closure to the Lockerbie affair, and put a distance between itself and the Thatcher administration’s criminal behaviour in processing Namibian Yellowcake contrary to United Nations Council for Namibia Decree No. 1.

United Nations Inquiry

In November 2013, I created this e-petition calling upon HM Government (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) to:

“Support a United Nations Inquiry into the deaths of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld and UN Assistant Secretary-General Bernt Carlsson”

Dag Hammarskjöld was Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1961. On the night of 17-18 September 1961, in the course of a UN mission to try to bring peace to the former Belgian Congo, Hammarskjöld’s Swedish-owned and crewed plane crashed near Ndola airport in the British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). All the passengers and crew died.

It now appears that his plane was shot down in order to protect western mining interests in Belgian Congo’s mineral rich Katanga province, to this day a major source of  cobalt, copper, tin and diamonds – not to mention radium and uranium.

On 9 September 2013, the London-based Hammarskjöld Commission reported that there wassignificant new evidence about the plane crash that killed United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld and recommended that the adjourned 1962 UN Inquiry should now be reopened.

UN Assistant Secretary-General Bernt Carlsson was the highest profile victim on Pan Am Flight 103 which was sabotaged over Lockerbie on 21 December 1988.

Since Bernt Carlsson’s death has never been investigated, the British Government should propose extending the remit of the new UN Inquiry to cover the deaths of both senior diplomats: Dag Hammarskjöld and Bernt Carlsson.

His e-petition is open for signature by UK citizens and residents from 13 November 2013 to 13 May 2014, and can be signed here.

Copyright Patrick Haseldine, The Ecologist, 2014


Air-pilots were bribed by “al-Jazeera” to lie in February 2011 !!

Muammar al-Qathafi was not bombing the people of Libya.

Island despicable and Libyan Air Force!!!!!!!

Information came from yesterday that the sacking of two pilots who landed in Malta beginning of the events under the false pretext of having received instructions from the leader Muammar al-Qathafi, saying the bombing of civilians by trading center (where he was military deportation of the Libyan Air Force) as being the decision of the so-called Defense Minister…

after testing the invalidity of their claim, it was that “Al-Jazeera “despicable who were  behind the game:

They purchased (bribed) receivables pilots in the amount of 100 thousand dollars for each one of them to lie against the vile Kiemanma Bdlk position, in order to inflame the public Alra local and international “legitimacy” against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

الجزيرة الحقيرة والسلاح الجوى الليبي !!!!!!!خرجت معلومات من يوم الأمس مفادها اقالة الطياران اللذان هبطا في مالطا بداية الاحداث بحجة تلقيهما تعليمات من القائد معمر القذافي على حسب قولهم بقصف المدنيين حيث يتداول الوسط العسكرى انه تم ابعادهما من سلاح الجوى الليبي بقرار من مايسمى بوزير الدفاع بعد ثبوت عدم صحة ادعائهما وان قناة الجزيرة الحقيرة هي من كانت وراء اللعبة بشراء ذمم الطياران بمبلغ وقدره 100 ألف دولار لكل واحد منهما مقابل قيامهما بدلك الموقف الخسيس لتأجيج الرائ العام المحلى والعالمى ضد الشرعية الجماهيرية .


The Islamic courts of Ansar Al-Sharia in Waqar, Yemen   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.

The Islamic courts of Ansar Al-Sharia in Waqar, Yemen

ANSAR al-SHARIA in Yemen:



Alasmria corner in Egypt today celebrates birth of Prophet Mohammad and graduated from the majestic procession to the shrine of Imam Hussein’s grandfather, Mr. Abdul Salam Al Asmar.

Final Hitch? and downfall of the West in North Africa

Mu solid

The largest gathering of the great conqueror rebels * Salim and plateau *

Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings …
Greetings for free to great conqueror steadfast rest Aaalad and Alambda .

I have the honor with my stay as addicted in this topic brilliant page , which move in the reality of the ground and crushed agents and traitors
Mutual scandals are paid either through their channels or their pages meager ……

Actually it Page wonderful largest gathering just seen great conqueror Abu Salim and plateau and will be in Sqahtkm News exclusive to expose customers through international channels and I salute you, high morale and with God’s help will surprise the world and not Libyans only on our victory shown on Aalamlae and traitors because we are the owners of the right to this topic pure land pure cited for her honorable ask God to have mercy on them all and lifting the release of all prisoners from the prisons of militias and criminal gangs Secretary ..

Congratulations to you, the people of Sidi steadfastness, and commander Tbaatkm and insistence in front of customers

and what you see now NATO of Alfberaarien scandals , whether openly before the world or within Kowalashm in the country

and Congress is not funded by the National Intelligence U.S. and French ..

Abu Salim and the plateau …

Backbones Mermaid Tripoli glory greetings to all of you acclaimed Nzalkm the indomitable courage which Jardan although you simple honest people ,

but your love of the Commander and the nation: this is a great honorseeing him (Mu’ammar) all the Libyan tribes honest …

Brother .. As assets

Explanation of the vision of Sheikh Abdel Salam Al-Asmar to the Libyan people 500 years ago
Explanation of the vision of Sheik Abdul-Salam Al-Asmar:In the name of God the merciful … He said the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him on the right.Vision part of the prophecy. The Messenger of God (PBUH)And after. Here we try to make clear vision may need famous among Libyans until it became an obsession for some of them, comment on them and forget God Almighty in his command before and after … … Vahadro my brothers they see and think surely it’s true vision of man in the distant past and I ask you to not do you think it’s bound to salvation wetnso God and then the warning, and in some sense explained verbally without explanation, others wherein the meaning and interpretation of the work which the interested without specifying.

And write you. Aigikm born Badawi from under the camels here means the boy saghbr age when it comes to either under the camels had drunk milk from camels during the period of breast-feeding and baby after his weaning drinking camel milk. Judge you 40 years and this is clear. Idir you how what shows you how below and tkhedmo you are submissive jaivin meaning of which is being hypocrite and shows no pads.
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And the two of you haisin and blood allerkab and it shows that the blood keeps daily everywhere without any feelings of moving for the whole story when you hear that people were killed. In each Division, and the Division is a branch of the Valley and means here in the country and glory to God is vision comes and says,, Tosin Dar Dar an individual person, is.

Wethaslo Sidra and got him in very tiny Thistle leaf Sidra and grow up a coherent and mutually supportive manner is hard to hack if I threw the net because the bird stands out is difficult to rid themselves of the many used by fisherman, Sidra and leave her on the birds lift after programming this is at all levels got her unusual topic where we are now.

Hey folks back home. Kaafir women after immoral women and here means human actions and immoral women from the people like the usury, adultery and other clandestine and open relative unfortunately spread this kind of acts between us before the event came after kaafir women and acts outside the pale of human and God forbid it in taking the kaafirs as fur in the Holy Quran’s text,, and most importantly is one of them,, and does not necessarily mean that the Act is immoral women mN a kaafir women and vice versa. And the perfidious after alkhatrath it also acts FA alkhathrath acts of officials as they prepare to ABN AMRO before the events of ltenvidh by the infidel masters the wage gap. Wegaet after the perfidious acts not imagine only was including confidence and this was like the Libyan delegate Nations conspirator, the Justice Secretary and the Attorney-General and and and. ..

Walzwat after freaks, freak is the human out of the ordinary in his actions to do a certain guilt by guilt walzwat vilified openly and show off. To send you to your mouths you exaggerated and you betraied intended here political and military officials.You exaggerated the sense you dismaied it wekbrtoh and it is simple and you betraied’ll present what you didn’t mean very, and you go to the other side of the battle.And that you believe you trembled.If you find any security and the security of the areas where you you trembled and is very dangerous, the slanderer on almnatav more dangerous than the enemy himself appears on the same defeat, it might run wild, is not equal something already in battle, weaken the motivation of combatants and sartorial genius. And that means if you dissembled polite polite to me and him and the enemy you dissembled and said we are with you until death and if polite enemy you said that why the unwavering stance and lifted you up to arms, pen, or Word that you defend the FA so you are hypocrites for both parties.
Lathzekron well and not thanking the grace God forbid these. Which does not remember the beautiful do you start after that you was tverho and they deny him not tedkronh welachkron grace and they laishkron God, not people with blessed them and on top of these blessings and secure the Lord alone cause us in this world.
Do you find light you thankless and rare for beautiful and here to stop him and he aaarafh himself to the public and their is underrated by the ungrateful. Or astguakm ghawi and here is Al ghawi band outside the Jamahiriya and known are walastghoaa is cunning and rhetoric to attract people of means of polarization. Or ask for the help of you is unjust and unfair here intended, which has no right to rule of the Islamic State is built gldtkem or ask for someone’s sympathy you puller and the removing of dressing up and dividing and start ask for someone’s sympathy you and he implores others and hard that vision that he implores anyone until the end. But you helped him, and here you helped you purified him of injustice and take off and you purified him in the sense that you tell the Sheik this OK this is not a thief and is dressing up. .. And here achieved this vision and the last part has not been achieved, we will enumerate him to you in the next segment. With the help of God.
Two years after your companion used are you??? …Recall taking cues and the lesson of the best stories in the Koran and Allah ordered you here not to liken it to taking the only lesson you Surat Yusuf. And they came on his shirt with blood lie. And you tvesro to what I mean here can be your companion used from the same principles and values and I personally nominate the intent I..Aikmelkm the flanges and intended sharp swords waikmlkm mean you, you helped the removing of the infidel. Jack o creative visitors and ya anbshark mind wegnzor corner is pointing and Oh Tripoli yahavrh blood in you blood and o women-Hammamet and der Tripoli means here the children and youth of the daughters and sons of shiloni bin Gillan, a winding road on the mountain road to gharyan named bin Gillan is located.

They ride havaia means fear and panic and escape from death and leave everything behind you walasar builds weialamar and God. Means of obstructed labour and stop the war builds and baptized … again. And aghmar aghmar.Here means taking weapons from the streets and people to military barracks and dabble is a combined thing I supply with him between the arms.And money, said Willem. Meaning the abundance of money wektrth. West and East intensified aihd here means that the control of this man will be in the West, then goes East, intensified in the sense that the East stands.And placed on top of Hamad seems here that the name of an old mansion at the time Sheikh Hamad Abdul Salam area known as the city of misratah.O day, o..
Zliten countries Sirte, kadhafi splendor machine belts save and fayafi here for the first time mentioned in his vision as men and seen how God’s dearest city zliten with kadhafi in his 2 3 2011 who said it. Required all regions run how it greatly commended zliten in his logic was neglected in its officials. And how the beloved city of Sirte that destruction and Normandy. After missing you aldbarh Hey there it means see you in Sirte and complexity. And Idowu ylnam of zliten meaning take away his treatment and will recover from the zliten is intended here as interested in the battle occurring at Hamad of zliten, misratah as a region and not their men only zliten Start the Gospel betrhonh weborflh the fuse on their unity. Descend to Tripoli by the armies of the tractor. And ya me GM clarified Treaty of Misurata your sailors exit means his enemies across the sea and remind you here the word leader. Aftholhm sea of Webby flees solitude of yntelf. The fire in the east permeated It is morally and materially part of the delegation yesterday financially either morally Fa federal sparked .. on what will benefit them dismay Christians.
شرح لرؤية الشيخ عبد السلام الاسمر الي الشعب الليبي قبل 500 عام

شرح لرؤية لشيخ عبد السلام الاسمر:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم… قال سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم في الصحيح ..الرؤية جزء من اجزاء النبؤه .. صدق رسول الله عليه الصلاة والسلام

وبعد .. هنا نحاول ان نوضح رؤيه قد داع صيتها بين الليبين حتى اصبحت هاجسا للبعض منهم يعلق عليها اماله وينسى الله عز وجل في ان له الامر من قبل ومن بعد …… فاحدرو اخواني انها رؤية واظن يقينا انها رؤية حقيقيه لرجل صالح في الماضى البعيد نسبيا وارجو منكم ان لا تعتبروها مناصا للخلاص وتنسو الله عز وجل ووجب علي التحذير , وفي سردها اوضح بعضا من معانيها اللفظيه دون تفسيرها والبعض الاخر اوضح فيه المعنى والتفسير الذي اجتهد فيه المهتمون دون تحديد .. واكتب لكم .. ايجيكم ولد بدوي من تحت الابل وهنا يعنى بالولد صغبر السن عندما يأتيكم اما من تحت الابل يعني به انه قد شرب من حليب الابل اثناء فترة رضاعته وهو طفل رضيع ومن بعد فطامه يشرب حليب الابل .. يحكمكم اربعين عام وهذه واضحه .. ايدير فيكم كيف ما يبي فيكم تخدمو تحته كيف الخدم وانتم خانعين خايفين وهذا يعني لمن كان ينافق فيه ويظهر ما لا يبطن .. انتم كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاى وتنبحو على الماشي وهده تاتي لوصف الكلاب الهزيله التي لاتنفع لاللحراسه ولا للرعي ويتلخص في الانسان من هذا النوع في واقع الحال .. وهو عرف طبكم يعني عرف كيف يتعامل معكم جيدا حتى انه كان العلاج لاامثالكم .. وكيف ما خنتوني بتخونوه ومعروف ان الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الفيتوري تعرض في حياته للخيانه من جماعته كادت تفتك بحياته وقتل فيها ابنه عمران دفين مقبرة الاسمري حتى قال الشيخ في احدى قصائده الشهيره ,, خلوني خلوني نبكي علي عمران هو ضي عيوني شالوه العديان ,, وقد سببت هذه الخيانه للشيخ انه اجبر علي الخروج من مدينه زليتن الي منطقه تدعى جبل القلعه ولا اريد ان ادخل هنا في شرح قصة الشيخ والمقصود توضيح انه قد وقعت له الخيانة .. وهذين عوايدكم من جيل لجيل والمقصود به من خان وتدكرو في احدى كلمات المقصود بهده الرؤية قال ,, اسالو علي اجدادهم تعرفوهم منهم ..

وعامين انتم حايسين والدم اللركاب وهذا واضح ان الدم يبقى يوميا في كل مكان دون اي مشاعر تتحرك لهول الخبر عندما تسمع بأن ناس قد قتلو .. في كل شعبه ووادي والشعبه هي تفرع عن الوادي ويعني هنا العموم في البلاد وسبحان الله المقصود بالرؤيه يأتي ويقول ,, زنقه زنقه دار دار فرد فرد ,, ..

وتحصلو حصلة الشبكه في السدره والسدره نبات كتير الشوك الصغير ويكبر متكاتف متماسك وصعب الاختراق و إذا رميت عليها شبكه الصيد لان الطيور تقف عليها يصعب ان تخلصها من السدره وكتير ما يستعملها الصياد ويتركها في السدره بعد تخليص الطيور منها وهذا ما يجري الان علي جميع المستويات حصله غير عاديه الموضوع الذي نحن فيه الان ..

يا اهل الوطن .. الكافرات بعد الفاجرات وهنا يعني افعال البشر والفاجرات من الافعال التي كانت تمارس من البشر كاالربا والزنا وغيرها بالخفيه والعلن النسبي وللاسف انتشر هذا النوع من الافعال بيننا قبل الاحداث وتاتي بعدها الكافرات وهي الافعال التي تخرج الانسان من المله والعياذ بالله وهي تحققت في موالاة الكفار فكفرو بنص القرأن الكريم ,,ومن والاهم فهو منهم ,, ولا يعني بالضروره ان يكون من فعل الفاجرات هو نفسه من فعل الكافرات والعكس صحيح .. والغادرات بعد الخاتراث وهي كذالك الافعال فا الخاثراث افعال من المسؤوليين وهم يتجهزون قبل الاحداث الي ما امرو به لتنفيده من قبل اسيادهم الكفرة الفجرة .. وجائت بعدها الغادرات وهي افعال لاتتصور الا من كان فيهم الثقه وهذا قد وقع مثل المندوب الليبي في الامم المتامره وامين العدل والنائب العام و و و .. والزوات بعد النزوات والنزوه هي خروج الانسان عن المالوف في افعاله ليفعل ذنب معين مذموم والزوات فعل الذنب بعلانية وتباهي .. ان يبعثكم الى ثغوركم غاليتم وخنتم والمقصود هنا المسؤولين السياسيين والعسكريين …غاليتم بمعنى هولتم الامر وكبرتوه وهو بسيط وخنتم يعني انكم لم تفعلو ما امرتم به وذهبتم للطرف الاخر من المعركه..وان امنتم ارتجفتم ..اي انكم إذا شعرتم بالامان وامن المناطق التي انتم فيها ارتجفتم وهو خطير جدا فالمرجفون في المناطف اخطر من العدو نفسه يظهر علي نفسه الهزيمه وان الامر قد انفلت منه وهو لايساوي شيء اصلا في المعركه فيضعف همم المقاتلين والصامدين .. وان خفتم نافقتم بمعنى إذا خفتم مني ومنه او من العدو نافقتم وقلتم نحن معك حتى الموت وإذا خفتم من العدو قلتم انه السبب في وقوفكم وحملكم للسلاح او القلم او الكلمه التي تدافعون بها فا ذا انتم منافقين لكلا الطرفين ..

لاثذكرون حسنه ولا تشكرون نعمه والعياذ بالله من هؤلاء.. اي لا تذكرون جميل فعله فيكم ابدا بعد ماكنتم تفرحو به وتنكرونه ولا تدكرونه ولاتشكرون نعمه وهو انهم لايشكرون الله ولا الناس فيما انعم الله عليهم وعلى راس هذه النعم الامن والامان الذي جعله ربي وحده سببا لنا في هدة الدنيا .. هل استخفكم ناكر و الناكر للجميل وهنا الخطاب لمن وقف معه وهو لايعرفه شخصيا من عامة الناس والاستخفاف يقع بهم من قبل ناكر الجميل .. او استغواكم غاوي وهنا المقصود بالغاوي الفرقه التي خارج الجماهيريه ومعروفين من هم والاستغواء هو المكر والكلام المعسول لاستجلاب البشر لصفه ويعني الاستقطاب .. او استنصركم ظالم والظالم هنا المقصود به الذي ليس له الحق في حكم الدوله الاسلاميه وهو من بني جلدتكم او استعطفكم خالع والخالع هنا من خلع عهده وقسمه دون وجه حق وبدء يستعطفكم ويستعطف غيركم والثابت ان المقصود بالرؤيه انه لم يستعطف احدا على الاطلاق حتى النهايه .. الا نصرتموه وزكيتموه وهنا نصرتم من ظلم وخلع وزكيتموه بمعنى انكم تقولوا هذا شيخ هذا طيب هذا ليس سارق وهو خلع عهده .. والى هنا تحققت هذه الرؤيه والجزء الاخير لم يتحقق بعد وسنسرده اليكم في الجزء القادم ..بعون الله

وبعد عامين يرد عليكم صاحبكم ؟؟؟ …اذكركم بأخذ العظه والعبره من احسن القصص في القرأن الكريم كما امركم الله عز وجل وهنا ليس لتشبيه بل لاخذ العبره فقط عليكم بسورة يوسف .. وجاؤوا على قميصه بدم كذب .. ولكم ان تفسرو ذلك لما اقصده هنا ويمكن ان يكون صاحبكم من يحمل نفس المبادي والقيم وانا شخصيا ارشح القصد الاول ..ايكملكم على اشفار الحديد والمقصود بها السيوف الحاده وايكملكم يعني انتم يا من ناصرتم الخالع والكافر .. جاك الخلا يا زواره ويا الزاويه انبشرك بالهم وجنزور هي الاشاره ويا طرابلس ياحفرة الدم فيك الدم للركب ويا ويلكم يا نساء ودر طرابلس ويعني هنا اطفالها وشبابها من بنات واولاد من شيلوني بن غيلان وهو طريق متعرج فى الجبل المؤدي الي غريان اسمه بن غيلان وهو موجود ..تركبن حفايا يعني خوف وهلع وهروب من الموت وترك كل شي خلفكم والعسار ينبنى ويالعمار والهنا.. يعني من تعسر بنائه واوقف بسبب الحرب يبنى ويعمر من جديد …. والسلاح اغمار اغمار ..وهنا يعني اخد السلاح من الشوارع والناس الي ثكناته العسكريه والغمار هو ضم الشي بكتره بين الذراعين ..والمال يا قلت من يلم .. بمعنى وفرة المال وكترته.. الغرب ايهد والشرق يشد وهنا يعني ان السيطره الاولى لهذا الرجل ستكون في الغرب ثم يذهب للشرق فيشد بمعنى ان الشرق يتمسك به ..والملاقاه في رأس حمد ويبدو هنا انه اسم قديم لقصر حمد في وقت الشيخ عبدالسلام المنطقه المعروفه بمدينة مصراته …يا عيد يا عاشوراء .. زليتن بلاد العز يا قذافي وسرت سيورها خلا وفيافي وهنا ل أول مره يذكر الشيخ في رؤياه اسم الرجل المقصود ورأينا كيف اعز الله مدينة زليتن لدى القذافي في خطابه 2 3 2011 الذي قال فيه .. مفروض كل المناطق ادير كيف زليتن واثنى عليها كثيرا في كلمته بعد ان كانت من المنطق مهمله من المسؤلين في نظامه .. وكيف ألت اليه مدينة سرت الحبيبه بعد ان اصبحت دمار وخلا .. وبعد ما غابت عليك الدبارة يا سرت وهو يعني تركم الامور في سرت وتشابكها .. وجرحك يلنأم من زليتن بمعنى همك سيخرج له العلاج ويبرا من زليتن والمقصود هنا كما قال المهتمون بالمعركة التي قد تقع بقصر حمد بين زليتن ومصراته كمنطقة وليس المقصود بهم رجال زليتن فقط .. وتبدء البشاره بترهونه وبورفله فتلتحم والمعنى الوحده بينهما .. ينزلوا لطرابلس بجيوش جراره .. ويا مصراته همك معاه غم تجلو بلادكم بحاره ويعني خروج اعدائه عبر البحر واذكركم هنا بكلمة القائد .. افتحولهم البحر من يبي يهرب خلوه ينتلف .. ونار في شرقها تعم وهي معنويا وماديا وفد حدث جزء منها البارحه ماديا اما معنويا فا الفيدراليه اشعلتها ..في يوم ما ينفعهم فزعة النصارى ..ا

Colonel's best

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Libya hugging life soon color green flags everywhere …


O Liberal waited big surprises Dear customers waited Mala dire consequences …

ايها الاحرار انتظروا المفأجات الكبري ايها العملاء انتظروا مالا يحمد عقباه …

Both Khan and leader of the Covenant,, will Ttalkm the filter Wherever you are,,,,,

Forward and continuously Revolutionary Struggle

Mu CROWD Interview 1

Mnsourin God’s help
Victory is coming, O free Victory is coming, God willing …

Do find 500 people Atrahmon the Ali martyrs
Martyr Dr. Billah Muammar Gaddafi ..
Martyr Brigade Abu Bakr Younis Jaber
Oh bring him Vsaj paradise …

Libya offers movement 10/19/2013
We will announce shortly after the statement of the movement on pretending day 10/19/2013

Liberal waited Dear soon editorial statement from the leadership of the People’s Armed Resistance


Move statement provided to Libya for pretending to day 10/19/2013

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and Barcath

Holy Libyan people each year and everyone is okay witnessing the greatest month explicit images that are shaking the hearts park Muslim nations and peoples and crowds Ali terms Arafat Taher and pray to God pilgrims return home decent guilt Unforgiven and a welcome return to their home countries

We are popular movement which was born from the womb of the Libyan street resulting from the reflection of the events in the diary of the Libyan citizen Sharif

We call on all Libyans to demonstrate in inside and outside the home for the afternoon of 19.10.2013 in all the streets of the cities of Libya and the announcement of a general strike in order to achieve the goals of the popular movement
While maintaining the peaceful nature of the demonstrations do not ignite the fire or release of even one bullet we سلمين to raise science independence perjury and white flag in the other shows on the peaceful movement and demands

And that’s where the goals of a roadmap offers and save Libya will then at the end of the statement

We boys and the sons of this nation Libyan heritage which Skharena God to be the nucleus of this movement declare to the shows wholes and divide Baqrana Quran that we are not our desire at any position or greed or benefit physical Valmaxb only moral Special to cleanse the state of the people disobeyed them manage the country’s affairs

Where our love for the homeland is the reason that brought us today because we nucleus Almnadaan to pretend to save the Libyan nation dear

Peaceful demonstration and zoom are the arguments confirmed which Snkhtriq wall , councils and militias Conference

That God is with Libya and with honest Libya will not Nkzlk the O Libya.


The Following is still NOT the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA FOLKS!!:

Roadmap offers and save Libya

First National Congress to drop the claim as a foundational structure of legitimacy
Secondly, millions gathered in front of the squares , plazas and national paging statement ( wait for suggestions )
Third call
1 – to entrust Mr. Chief Justice sponsored Cun country as interim president
2 – Return Police immediately on the extension of the country ‘s security with the activation of Staff of the Army after the numerator of security , police and Interior Ministry
3 – Back Independence Constitution immediately with the terms of the system of government freeze
4 – mandated government going business or a national salvation and the cost of the country ‘s interim president
5 – The Supreme Court members are advisors for the presidency temporarily and are representing the interim legislative structure until parliamentary elections
6 – a referendum on the form of the State and his regime during a period of 4-6 months
7 – The formation or election of a committee to amend the constitution and is the legitimate channel within 6-8 months as an alternative to the members of the Court to the legislative elections while its legislative functions and amend the constitution only
8 – Elections …… and depend on the form of the state after 12 months after adjusting the writing of the Constitution and its approval by the Libyan people through referendum

Libya offers movement 10/19/2013

بيان حركه تقدم ليبيا عن التظاهر ليوم 19-10-2013السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وباركاتهالشعب الليبي الكريم كل عام والجميع بخير بشهر يشهد اعظم الصور الجليه التي تهز القلوب بوقوف المسلمين امما وشعوبا وجموعا علي صعيد عرفات الطاهر وندعو الله بعوده حجاج البيت الكريم بذنب مغفور وعوده حميده الي اوطانهم

نحن الحراك الشعبي الذي ولد من رحم الشارع الليبي والناتج عن انعكاس الاحداث في يوميات المواطن الليبي الشريف

ندعو جميع الليبين التظاهر في داخل الوطن وخارجه لعصر يوم 19-10-2013 في جميع الشوارع لمدن ليبيا والاعلان عن الاضراب العام وذلك لتحقيق اهداف الحراك الشعبي
مع الاحتفاظ بالطابع السلمي للتظاهر فلا تشعل نار او تطلق ولو رصاصه واحد فنحن سلمين نرفع العلم الاستقلال باليمين والعلم الابيض في الاخري تدل علي سلميه الحراك والمطالب

وحيث ان اهداف خارطه طريق تقدم وانقاذ ليبيا ستسرد في نهايه البيان

ونحن اولاد و ابناء هذا الوطن الليبي العريق والذي سخرنا الله لنكون نواه هذا الحراك نعلن لليبين اجمعين ونقسم بقرانه الكريم اننا لا نطمع في اي منصب او اطماع او استفاده ماديه فالمكسب الوحيد المعنوي الخاص لتطهير الدوله من اشخاص عصت عليهم اداره شؤون البلاد

حيث حبنا للوطن هو السبب الذي اوصلنا اليوم لان نكون نواه المناديين الي التظاهر لانقاذ الوطن الليبي الغالي

سلميه التظاهره والتكبير هي الحجج المؤكده التي سنخترق بها جدار المليشيات والمجالس والمؤتمر

ان الله مع ليبيا ومع شرفاء ليبيا ولن نخذلك يا ليبيا

خارطه طريق تقدم وانقاذ ليبيا

أولا المطالبة بإسقاط المؤتمر الوطني كهيكل تأسيسي للشرعيه
ثانيا تجمهر الملايين أمام الساحات والميادين والمناداه ببيان الوطني (ننتظر اقتراحاتكم)
ثالثا نطالب
1- تكليف السيد رئيس المحكمه العليا برعايته شوؤن البلاد كرئيس مؤقتا للبلاد
2- عوده الشرطه فورا علي بسط امن البلاد مع تفعيل اركان الجيش بعد البسط الامني من الشرطه ووزاره الداخليه
3- عوده دستور الاستقلال فورا مع تجميد بنود نظام الحكم
4- تكليف حكومه تسير اعمال او انقاذ وطني وتكلف من الرئيس المؤقت للبلاد
5- أعضاء المحكمه العليا هم مستشاري للرئاسة مؤقتا و هم من يمثل الهيكل التشريعي المؤقت الي حين الانتخابات البرلمانيه
6- استفتاء لشكل الدوله ونظام حكمه خلال فتره 4-6 اشهر
7- تشكيل او انتخاب لجنه لتعديل الدستور وهي تعتبر القناه الشرعيه خلال 6-8 اشهر كبديل لاعضاء المحكمه الي حين انتخابات التشريعيه مهامها تشريعي وتعديل الدستور فقط
8- انتخابات ……و تعتمد علي شكل الدوله بعد 12 شهر بعد تعديل كتابه الدستور وموافقه الشعب الليبي عليه من خلال الاستفتاء العام

حركه تقدم ليبيا 19/10/2013

Meeting signatory signatory …. and processing for the Implementation of Alsinarioa second coup

Mu teach

Call via Page:

Libyan community calls on all citizens brothers who are on Arena Alalmanaa the necessity of the presence and Subscribe to the vigil,

which will be on 10.21.2013
At 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
In front of the UN office Berlin
With Alchukra


Tribute to those who make the glory ..

This topic television interview on Thursday 17/10/2013 with the German news agency.
Will Vdgm the O traitors with all international channels even with Elly stood Maakm the early Nkpetkm Alfberaaria.

Conqueror lives forever and ever.
……….. As assets ………………

By   J. Speer-Williams <>
12 September  2013

The Great Jamahiriya was brought down  forceably  by Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron, and Al Thani (Emir of Qatar) gathered in NATO with the Canadian commander, Charles Bouchard from Naples who led the bombing of Libya. China and Russia had about given them a green light to fire the coalition of murderers letting the infamous Resolution 1973 requiring “the protection of civilians.” A notion promoted by Gareth Evans, former president of the International Crisis Group based in Brussels and Washington, an alleged well known in Africa, where it is presented as working for NGOs “the prevention and resolution of armed conflict.”

Shame? Are We Capable of It? by J. Speer-Williams (Sept. 15, 2013)

Pencil sketch of Mu

For no valid tactical or strategic military reasons, atomic weaponry has been extensively employed by the US/NATO and Israeli forces throughout the Middle East.
The last country we destroyed with atomic weaponry was Libya.
Supported by the Banking Cartel’s corporate media, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was long portrayed as a mad tyrant and bloody dictator who had to be removed from life. But instead of merely assassinating Gaddafi, again we sent in foreign mercenaries who went on killing rampages throughout the country, while US/NATO planes and ships bombed Libya for months.

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, complained that their Navy was burning too quickly through their entire stockpile of Tomahawk cruise missiles in bombing Libya. On just one day (the 19th of March 2011), ABC News claimed that more than 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles struck over 20 targets inside of Libya. Our B-52 Stratofortresses carpet-bombed 150 targets in populated Libya, a country of mostly deserts.

President Obama promised that our strikes on Libya would be over in days. Sadly our bombing of Libya went on for months, from March to November of 2011. We bombed Libya into the Stone Age, with one huge difference – it’s a radioactive Stone Age.

All this to kill one man, Muammar Gaddafi? What was his crime? True, he tried to operate his country independent of the tight financial orbit owned and rigorously controlled by the International Banking/Monetary Cartel. But perhaps Gaddafi’s greatest crime was his plan to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency made from gold – a true sharing of the wealth, according to the news agency Russia Today.

“It’s one of these things that you have to plan almost in secret, because as soon as you say you’re going to change over from the dollar to something else, you’re going to be targeted,” says Ministry of Peace founder Dr. James Thring.

“There were two conferences on this, in 1986 and 2000, organized by Gaddafi. Everybody was interested, most countries in Africa were keen.”

Gaddafi did not give up. In the months leading up to the [US-led] military intervention, he called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create this new currency that would rival the dollar and euro. They would sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars.

This, of course, was not something that the private International Banking/Monetary Cartel would allow. Quickly they moved in three critical directions.

First, they had their corporate media soften up the Western world with anti-Gaddafi propaganda.

Next, using Western intelligence services, they moved their armed rent-a-band of al Qaeda terrorists into Libya, making sure they were referred to as rebels.

Then, in a colossal exposure of US public ignorance, the “rebels” were paid for by American taxpayers.  And as a testimony to the effectiveness of the controlled media, many of these same Americans unbelievably morally supported the victory of these crazed terrorists over the sovereign government of Libya.

But all this was followed by the greatest expense to Americans. The bankers had their private military, the US/NATO coalition, begin to destroy Libya with bombs and missiles, the cost of which could have probably given every income tax paying American free healthcare for life.

Muammar Gaddafi, however, had other “crimes” that did not sit well with the cult known as the International Bankers. Under Gaddafi, the government of Libya had its own wholly owned central bank that issued loans to its people free of interest since riba (usury) was not permitted in Libya. Now, we can really begin to see what Mr. Gaddafi was guilty of: he was in defiance of the worldwide banking empire. He was proving a nation operates better when owning its own central bank. Under the Gaddafi regime, most Libyan families, beyond the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, owned both a house and a car.

Before the months of daily bombings, the government of Gaddafi gave free healthcare and education to its people – a people who enjoyed a literacy rate of over eighty percent. Prior to the massive spread of depleting uranium bombing by the US coalition, life expectancy in Libya was seventy-five years, the highest in Africa, and about ten percent above the world average. Preceding the lengthy and ungodly US-led air attacks, there was little unemployment in Libya. It was a nation that had the highest gross domestic product in Africa, with less than five percent of its population classified as poor.

::Downloads:Install 5_Jan10-1:vulturesoverLIBYA.pdf
Libya, a hot, dry, dusty country, under the leadership of Gaddafi, completed what was known as the largest infrastructure project in the world. A man-made, underground river was created that provided drinking water to seventy percent of the Libyan people and held the potential of turning wastelands into farms. That dream, however, might be lost for a long time, as US/NATO bombs destroyed all of its pumping stations.

Back in 1991, at the gala opening of the Great Man-made River Project, Muammar Gaddafi said to the invited dignitaries and assembled crowd, “After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double. The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.” His words were prophetic.

After laying waste to most of Libya’s water, electricity, and infrastructure, the US/NATO forces went after the country’s largest food supply – its camels.

For many decades, beginning in the summer, thousands of camels made a three-month journey from the grasslands of Libya to metropolitan markets, where the animals were sold for food. These camel migrations were bombed into bloody chunks of meat and bone amid the terrible screams of painfully dying animals. This wanton slaughter of thousands of camels in the deserts, where the food rotted, denied the Libyan people their major protein food source.

The excuse offered by the Cartel’s Western Media for this barbarity? “The camels were carrying weaponry to support those loyal to Muammer Gaddafi.”

This absurd lie is easy to see through when one realizes that these camels were coming from isolated grasslands in the unpopulated southern part of the country, where there were no guns and very few people.
Now the whole Libyan scenario is being replayed in Syria, with US-supported al Qaeda mercenaries creating havoc in that country.

Already, because of American support of al Qaeda’s invasion of Syria, millions of Syrian citizens have been terrorized. The civilian catastrophe going on in Syria is beyond what most Americans can comprehend. Would Americans support the bombing of Syria if they knew? Of course, some would, but surely most would not. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees there are now two million Syrians who have fled their country as they and another 4.25 million have been displaced from their homes, with five thousand more Syrians abandoning their homes daily.

Since World War II, ninety percent of the casualties of war have been unarmed civilians, a third of them have been children – most of them murdered by our military. The main terrorist cells on earth are located in Washington, DC:  Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Our federal government is owned and controlled by the darkest powers on earth – the International Banking/Monetary Cartel.

If the world is ever to become safe, the weapons of mass destruction must be taken from the United States. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has said, “We should be focused on defending the United States of America. That’s why young men and women sign up to join the military, not to, as you know, serve as al Qaeda’s air force.” Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich said that striking Syria would turn the United States’ military into “al Qaeda’s air force.” Ron Paul asked, “Why are we on the side of al Qaeda right now?”

The lead actor in support of the al Qaeda terrorists in Syria is our Secretary of State, John Kerry, who has revealed himself to be the dark being many have suspected.


Shut down all entrances to the Green Square to traffic.

   Freezing the assets of Gaddafi implements
De ‎الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi‎
اغلاق جميع المداخل المؤدية الي الساحة الخضراء امام حركة المرور.
عاش معمر عاش معمر




People suspected of Torthm in kidnap Prime Minister Ali Zaidane,  they are

1 – Shaaban gift aka me ” Abu Ubaida ” – Chairman of the Chamber Libya rebels
2 – Red Hassan – Vice- President of the Chamber
3 – just Gharyiani – the political spokesman for the room
4 – Ayman al – Jaafari
5 – Mohamed El Gamal
6 – Light my warming aka Abu Yassin
7 – Abu Abdulrahman
8 – Mansour Afatthali ,
9 – Ramadan Zaaamit the
10 – Mohamed Kilani – a member of the National Congress
11 – Abdul Wahab bin Kaid – a member of the National Congress
12 – Triki Mustafa – a member of the National Congress
13 – Abdel Moneim fishing – Director of the Office of the fight against crime
14 – Abdul Razak USTA
15 – Mohieldin المجبري of
16 – Abdul Rahim Bin Salem
17 – Adel fishing – head of the Office of the fight against crime
18 – just Altarhuni the

(The Libyan news agency …)

Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Supreme National Forces Alliance Abdel Meguid Mliqth: a scarf remarks on the coalition agreement, Justice and construction to withdraw confidence from the government are baseless

Abdullah denier in an intervention on Libya Free: .. Just who was Aaabie the in Betsh and not Sun Top Ebenala Horn Army.

Minister of Electricity Muslim Brotherhood on Omhariq bought Villae in the area Aleneuvliyn in 4 million ….

Brothers Thieves:

Rest assured the Ministry of Education and all teachers contracts that financial dues to cover the deficit for the years 2012/2013 ..

ready, and the rest of the representatives of the sectors of education, attendance after the holiday, to monitor the financial services

headquarters areas, to receive Tfweidathm the particular financial.

Freeze the payment of salaries from the month of October 2013 for public entities funded from the public treasury …

Until the completion and activation of the national ID system:

UNDER THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, LIBYA OWED NO ONE OR ANYTHING..She even made loans to people and organisations interest free…
Now Libya (under the fored puppet-GNC) will be indebt for eternity to the Zionista colonial powers!:

Libya to discuss the subject of borrowing from the World Bank

Source News Agencies

Discussed the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan with the World Bank ‘s access to Libya on a World Bank loan to plug the budget deficit suffered by the government after the close of the oil fields and fluctuating export Libyan oil , which is the main source of financing Treasury Libyan , and get a promise of positive the Bank’s management to discuss the Libyan request , and said one expert at the World Bank that Libya owns assets and wealth underground dispel concerns that may be concerns of the Bank’s management in the inability of the State to pay the loan installments , and the options that is possible to resort to the bank to recover the loan subject to certain fields Libyan oil to the recovery takes place all the loan installments .

Ended the news

Comment on this news means that Libya will fall under the control of and conditions of this financial institution that follows the colonial powers , leading to mortgage the Libyan political will and financial for decades to come.

(Born Alzenatih)

Basic People ‘s Congress Elvis Bucky free

عاااااااااجل very very dangerous ( ( newspaper The observer British editorial in today’s article entitled Confessions of the final moments of the Abu Anas Libyan stating:

{ It seems that the men of FBI and U.S. officers CIA who took the investigation with Libyan Abu Anas Ansdmoa confessions that person , which called for the Office of FBI and CIA U.S. CIA to request to transfer Abu Anas Libya (their agent) to America immediately to be investigated there with him and his trial has security official said senior U.S. that Abouans Male Facts terrible and very scary threaten America and Europe and Africa and all U.S. interests and Western parts of the world ,

he admitted Libyan Al-Qaeda spread in Libya eerily became owns an arsenal of sophisticated weapons not owned as well as the big money and the control of Libya became complete after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya, but exceeded the spread of regulation to neighboring countries of Libya , such as Egypt , Tunisia and Aldzaúz , Mali, said the leaders of the new Anzmt for the organization in Libya after recommending radical Libyan Abdel Hakim Belhadj have the organization’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri , including Abdul Rauf hater and Sami al-Saadi and Hashim humans and Ghani Alkkla and Salah Badi , Wissam bin Humaid Mohammed Zahawi and Abdulwahab commander , Mohammed al-Kilani Ismail hardness addition , after consultation with Sufian bin Qmo man rule in eastern Libya and head of the religious establishment sincere Gharyiani , , and Libya is now under the authority of Hola and leaders who have moved their activities to the west Libyan -sponsored person called Waldo Valley of view of the poor , who appeared to the leaders of the organization that region to organize tactics ,

And also admitted Abu Anas Libyan soft assassinations in Libya accompanied by bombings in both cities and private Benghazi and Tripoli will rise to affect leaders doubted their loyalty to the West likes of Mahmoud Jibril and Ali Zaidane military leaders affiliated with the Alkthelh secular cities in western Libya , has been getting the organization the blessing of leaders has also neighboring countries as Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt , and the assassinations of its predecessor and other current will be for some opponents of the Party of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia , also said that the systems of espionage and eavesdropping on the phones in Libya came under controlled these groups and the role of the religious establishment of its director sincere Gharyiani was have a role in the dissemination of jihadist ideology in Libya and Anzmaj large numbers of young people under the umbrella of al-Qaeda in preparation for terrorist acts in the United States , Britain and Italy as bombings, train stations and nightclubs those countries and show their governments as weak in front of their people;

and on the issue of abduction of Libyan Prime Minister Decker it was planned her period and failed several times and he knows that it will be repeated , but he is unaware of schedule next year, and came in his statements that the leader of prominent politician Mohammed Abussdrh is coordinator of the groups to reach the highest level of regulatory and the killing of military forces to Libya in Sirte and finally Petrhona been planning it for Ahmav Aivlogih to organize a continuous and rises above format gradual accordance with the policy -minute } Organization minutes

Mohammed Kilani # hardline Salafist and pro at the same time to organize # Brotherhood member of the National Conference for City # angle was involved in the abduction of Ali Zaidane:

Media |
Malik Sharif


Report serious Scotsman site sober
Miss and questions in the European Union: Libya’s security is threatened due to conflicting interests of its allies

The kidnapping of Zidane reveal the presence of 40 element in European security operations room inside Corinthia hotel said they locked their doors and have not been targeted during the storming of the hotel

France, Britain and Italy, the Libyan officials in the ministries to compete for the sovereign government Albzns

Britain says I have advisers in the Defense and Interior, Justice, and only one employee at the embassy for businesses with regard to defense procurement.

(Life without irrigations green not worthless…)



Tripoli now ….
Hear the sound of an explosion and lead in Tripoli.

Tripoli today ..
Diplomatic Security steal a car on its way to the U.S. Embassy Tripoli Airport Road, and the spread of intensive security around the U.S. embassy after the theft.

For the third day in a row

About the sound of gunfire and explosions, the center of the country

Archery dense area well because of the problematic including Uige night and operate grain

(Mermaid operations room)

Reported hearing explosions in Tripoli, near the tomb of Sir Mnedr

And is said to be caused by the sons of the family Busafa effect of their attack on another house in the area.

(Libya talks)

Random Shooting now in Coral Bridge.

Cause a problem between the young people who Astrbu.

A number of car accidents because of Baraka.

Now backing patrols in the direction of the place.

(Mermaid operations room)

aerial view of Tripoli

A little while ago ….
Shooting in Smavro and Spring Valley patrol the so-called Ministry of the Interior
Heavy randomly from unknown people and wounding a member of the periodic
Now dawn patrols Tajourah + deterrence Friday market in the direction of the place.

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl – Tripoli :::::::::::

Random shooting near the optical signal and Spring Valley on the patrols of the Interior Ministry, which led to the injury of two

members of the patrol, which was provide optical Alahah and Spring Valley.
Was also arrested four people carried out this attack and it turns out they have to prove that they cards affiliated to one of the armo.

Please fellow citizens to avoid traffic from this region now and throughout this night

Capture 4 outlaws in the development of sugar unfortunately belong to the armor,

Shooting in the optical signal and Spring Valley on patrols of the Ministry of the Interior
Random and intense moment of unknown people and wounding two members of the patrol,

which was believed in optical Alahah and Spring Valley
The power of deterrence for the direction of the place

Them as they were arrested four people as they said after their arrest that they belong to Shields.

(News Agency Libyan army)

Libya: correspondent fields: the killing of two members of the Libyan army bullets armor battalion elements to Libya in Tripoli.

URGENT: military aircraft breaking the sound barrier a little while ago and so far over the capital Tripoli.

Aircraft hovering in the sky # Tripoli this morning ..
Witnesses Israeli aircraft They said it.

Shut down all entrances to the Green Square to traffic.

Strange movement suspicious and 4 gates of Wadi Alheirh for Suwanee.

Major General Abdulsalam release good Aalastakbarat officer kidnapped for a sum of money to pay for one armed Almelcaat

the Corner of 125000 . JD .. Long live the State Jardan tykes.

Quoting Media Centre Goddaúm The

Find a cemetery dating back to ancient times Moda farm in the link road between Somavro Goddaúm Alariue, east corner of was

bridging the place to while attending the interest until the effects are not taken to absurd place:



And Rishvana


A Call To youth and Rishvana ( (7)) Zpol

We will me a demonstration in front of the National Congress and knead me arrested the offender ( (Saladin Valley ))

and Asbath and the gang Shield Libya, which the protection of the law and help in Gerimh of killing or Taadib and robber me young

and Rishvana stationed at Camp ( (27) ) and claim my cancel 27 camp and its transformation from a military headquarters to

( ( a public park ) ) my father Aspab in the discord between young people and youth Rishvana or corner and Tafiel the city

my Crzh device and activate the hawks battalion easy Alajafar of

Gathering place: four streets easy

Corresponding to 22 . 10.2013

For Allata day

10 am

Please circular or publishing …

(Secret Alcdoh)




After the end of the battle sister ( (which also named Battle Friday) ) in that battle was captured 700 Italian between the soldiers and officers of Libya was in that period exposed to the heaviest economic blockade international during World War I after the agreement of Britain, France and Italy to lock Mnavd goods from the eastern border and Western , sea and tightened Italy closing the five cities of Tripoli in the face of citizens inside and outside was the years 1916 , 1917, lean years in the whole province of Tripoli.
Feb focused and timely repayment Rai power and wisdom measure things when Mujahideen leaders Tarhounah!
Saluting Mujahid Ahmed ‘s disease patient and his brothers the Mujahideen in Tarhounah dignity trying to lift the siege on Tripoli and its environs from the cities , taking advantage of what happened in their hands, the large number of Italian prisoners in the battle and sister have dealt with the Italian public opinion and politicians Italy after their defeat in Tarhounah ,
Put the Mujahideen in Tarhounah of the conditions for the exchange of domestic open market for the citizens of the outskirts of Tripoli with the citizens of the Tarhounah select the duration of five years and place area Ain Zara agreed Italians on the condition return receipt captives and Bdlk broken collar economic blockade of the city of Tripoli parents benefited also the aspects of the four and the Bedouins Mahadah for the western mountain area of Bani Walid and known for this process are widely used in the western region so that Ketar of Libyans Kano when Athdton with each other in the rituals and their meetings public say to each other ( the womb of the Awlad Tarhounah ) or ( womb on Friday ) and they mean that the battle of sister ISRO where the Mujahideen in Tarhounah the large number of Italians ( 700 Sarre )
Was the release of prisoners, the cause of prosperity and open the door of the city of Tripoli and to break the siege that was imposed on them.
With a note that keep prisoners liver Mujahideen much effort and that the large number of prisoners and the lack of a place ( prison ) to put them in it , but they and Zaaohm a number of wealthy men Tarhounah case to come later handed over , which lasted more than a month .

بعد انتهاء معركة الشقيقة (( والتي سميت ايضا معركة يوم الجمعة )) في تلك المعركة تم اسر 700 ايطالي بين جنود وضباط وكانت ليبيا في تلك الفترة تتعرض لاشرس حصار اقتصادي دولي خلال الحرب العالمية الاولي بعد اتفاق بريطانيا وفرنسا وايطاليا علي قفل منافد السلع من الحدود الشرقية والغربية والبحر واحكمت ايطاليا اقفال مدينتي الخمس وطرابلس في وجه المواطنين من داخلها وخارجها فكانت سنوات 1916, 1917, سنوات عجاف في اقليم طرابلس كله,
فبر زت وقتها قوة سداد الراي وحكمة تدبير الامور عند قيادات مجاهدي ترهونة
حيت بداء المجاهد احمد المريض واخوانه المجاهدين في ترهونه الكرامة يحاولون فك الحصار على طرابلس وما جاورها من المدن مستغلين ما وقع في ايديهم العدد الكبير من الاسرى الايطاليين في معركة الشقيقة وما يتداوله الراي العام الايطالي وساسة ايطاليا بعد هزيمتهم في ترهونه ,
وضع المجاهدين في ترهونه من ضمن الشروط لتبادل الاسري فتح سوق لمواطني ضواحي طرابلس مع مواطني منطقة ترهونة حدد مدته بخمس سنوات ومكانه بمنطقة عين زاره فوافق الايطاليون على الشرط مقابل استلامهم اسراهم وبدلك انكسر طوق الحصار الاقتصادي عن مدينة طرابلس الدي استفادت منه ايضا منطقة النواحي الاربعة ومنطقة العربان المحادية لمنطقة الجبل الغربي ومنطقة بني وليد واشتهرت هذه العملية بشكل واسع في المنطقة الغربية حتي ان الكتير من الليبين كانو عندما يتحدتون مع بعضهم في مناسباتهم وجلساتهم العامة يقولون لبعضهم (رحم علي اولاد ترهونة ) او ( رحم على يوم الجمعة) وهم يعنون بذلك معركة الشقيقة التي اسرو فيها المجاهدين في ترهونه ذلك العدد الكبير من الايطاليين (700 اسير )
فكان الافراج عن الاسري سببا في الرخاء وفتح باب مدينة طرابلس وكسر الحصار الذي كان مفروض عليهم.
مع ملاحظة ان الاحتفاظ بالاسرى كبد المجاهدين الجهد الكثير وذلك لكثرة الاسرى ولعدم وجود مكان (سجن) لوضعهم فيه ولكنهم وزعوهم على عدد من رجال ترهونه ميسورين الحال الي ان حان موعد تسليمهم والذي استمر اكثر من شهر.
(الحرس الثوري)

ابن الفاتح



The tribes Alnoael channel Gemayel, Rkdalin, Alash, Tripoli, Surman.
Local council Racdalin the burning to protest the killing of a young sons tribes Alnoael from Flint family, severe congestion,

large crowds area Racdalin after the arrival of the body of the slain of Zuwarah this hospital after the militia said one of the

visitors they found the body dumped in the desert near the city of Alash …..

Armed cars flying the flag of Al Qaeda is now stationed in the area of Ras Atiya between Racdalin and Beautiful City existing in Wattayah base.

(I’m light)

Mail page warplanes flying over  Beautiful City and Racdalin and at low altitudes and open sound above the city home.

(I’m light)



Satellite news channel

News reporter: heavy fire the meantime, in the Arada Friday market against the backdrop of the killing of a young man of Ajeelatl.



The release of the captive hero .. Ahmed Ali, aka me Pkakh of Tel Aviv detention Libya Mzrath and Madkor a Ezz convoy heroes

accompanied martyr fasting Praise be to God for safety .. He is now among his family of Ben Jawad ...


Rape story in Misratah ..

When Qatar received the misleading media attack on the Libyan regime and the armed people there was no prohibited Everything was Offer Secret Details and misinformation including the honor of himself and the owners of Hola

Honor who decided Tmragh in the dirt they were not helpless Qatar is convince them that were lying

and lying is a way to escape and arrived invented the story to political decision-making circles in the West and adopted by Hillary Clinton , who has suffered much from her husband ‘s adventures
And (she) bears grudges for everyone and wish to have all men rapists and all women raped until you feel comfortable and this so-called psychology of trying to circulate sin, the day described the forces armed people Balttar and monsters who are doing everything in innocent people in Misratah and even in the mountain Arab transfer them Bernard Levy this the sinister idea .

Let’s day of this narrative want this story to end any form of any settlements where their children who carried their serial killer ? Why not find Almntmat of global specialized in dealing with the consequences of war usurped one tells the tragedy ? Why have reached these organizations to the conclusion that rape in Misratah was a lie media achieve the goal of the military and entered the Ti oblivion, after all this we want to know the Libyan people to his sons in the armed people like Aldib who eat prophet Joseph Jews in the story of Joseph were deceiving prophet Jacob In rape story in Misratah were all deceived Libyans

, No one satisfies deception , even if Tnaazeltm you the honor of your wives in Misratah we are honest people will not satisfy them that the victims x Aantekm and Amaltkm will not satisfy that affect the reputation of the armed people lies humans have sold everything even honor must be back folks Tawergha innocent people who have endured part terribly of the abominable lie ,

So you are our enemies, but we know the value of honor, and when you fell in the mud of the underworld we decided that we re- mind for women Misurata because of honor does not know its value , but honorable.

And still play continues:

 { Musician }
قصة الاغتصاب في مصراته ..

عندما استلمت قطر الهجمة الاعلامية المضللة علي النظام الليبي والشعب المسلح لم يكن هناك اي محظور كان كل شي معروض للتغرير والتضليل بما في ذلك الشرف نفسه واصحاب هولاء

الشرف الذين قرروا تمريغه في التراب كانوا لا حول لهم ولا قوة فقطر كانت تقنعهم بآن الكذب والكذب هو طريق النجاة ووصلت القصة المخترعة الي دوائر القرار السياسي في الغرب وتبنتها هيلاري كلينتون التي عانت من مغامرات زوجها كثيراً

وتحمل احقاد على الجميع وتتمني ان يكون كل الرجال مغتصبين وكل النساء مغتصبات حتي تشعر بالراحة وهذا مايسمي في علم النفس بمحاولة تعميم الخطيئة ، يومها وصفت قوات الشعب المسلح بالتتار والوحوش الذين يفعلون كل شي في الابرياء في مصراته وحتي في الجبل العربي الذي نقل لهم برنارد ليفي هذه الفكرة الشريرة .

اليوم دعنا من هذا السرد نريد لهذه القصة ان تنتهي باي شكل اي المغتصبات اين اولادهم الذين حملوا بهم سفاحاً ؟ لماذا لم تجد المنطمات العالمية المتخصصة في معالجة نتائج الحروب مغتصبة واحدة تحكي ماسأتها ؟ لماذا وصلت هذه المنظمات الي نتيجة مفادها ان الاغتصاب في مصراته كانت كذبة اعلامية تحقق الهدف منها عسكريا ودخلت طئ النسيان ، بعد كل هذا نريد ان يعرف الشعب الليبي ان ابنائه في الشعب المسلح مثل الدئب الذي اكل سيدنا يوسف فاليهود في قصة يوسف كانوا يخدعون سيدنا يعقوب وفي قصة الاغتصاب في مصراته كانوا يخدعون الليبين جميعا

، لا احد يرضي بالخداع حتي لو تنازلتم انتم عن شرف نسائكم في مصراته فنحن الشرفاء لن نرضي لهم ان يقعن ضحية خ يانتكم وعمالتكم ولن نرضي ان تمس سمعة الشعب المسلح بأكاذيب بشر باعوا كل شي حتي شرفهم ولا بد ان يعود اهل تاورغاء الابرياء الذين تحملوا جزء رهيب من الكذبة المقيتة ،

حتى وانتم اعدائنا ولكننا نعرف قيمة الشرف وعندما سقط تم انتم في وحل الرذيلة قررنا نحن ان نعيد الاعتبار لنساء مصراته لان الشرف لا يعرف قيمته الا الشرفاء . ولازال العزف مستمراً

{ الموسيقار }



Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

17 October 2012
The anniversary of the Battle of the Eternal Vdraj:

Mujahideen fought the city of Bani Walid this fierce battle since the early morning hours , the bombing was the deadliest day since the beginning of the war , and were besieging the city from the militias all axes
And so today was burning all fronts ..
They have been used all kinds of weapons of rockets and mortar , as was the use of poison gas , which resulted in the martyrdom of some cases of fainting and for others spasm of the Mujahideen and the people of the city
Also that day there were battle Hmikh the timeless, and that was the heaviest After axis Fdarj , also there was a battle in the Valley of dinars, In the axis Almrdom the ..
Resisted the mujahedeen heroes , accompanied by their brothers from other tribes , who favored themselves without others , preferring to underline our participation in the history of glory against treacherous militias ..
Did not come heroes rockets or shells or gas .. that was parading them as beads rain ..
Did not rise up huge numbers of militias that rained down on the city from all over the world .. Not lamented and militias did not surrender ..

Martyred on this day the finest heroes of the city , and they are:
– Shahid Ahmed Omar bin Zayed bin Qtnc ,
– Martyr Sami Massoud New Atabikh ,
– Martyr Salem Abojeelh M’hamed Da’aki was
– Shahid Ali Gomaa Ghaith bin nation
– Alshahydmamed Musa idiosyncratic
– Martyr Mohamed Fitouri Moakeca El
– Martyr Ferjani key Ferjani bin Dallah

Also contradicted the news of the martyrdom of three of the heroes of the city
– Martyr Omar bin Dallah
– Holy martyr Haider Allmata
– Martyr Ayman Almusharouha ,

Some say they were martyred in the land of battle and Tadr the transfer of their bodies , and some say they were wounded in the battle ..
And but everyone Miarafh they were among the bodies disclosed on March 27, 2012, where their bodies were among the victims, who were killed under torture ..

God bless our faithful martyrs and Nansabhm God also
Dismantling of the families of our detainees Alsnaded
And healed our wounded brave
Remember mujahedeen heroes

Rua has Ronevi epics of heroism , courage and challenge
At a time when less men, and disrupted the scales
Dear humiliation it , and cheese of claim courage

Here is the year goes on these timeless battle
And Hahm Libyans know Mamdy injustice and tyranny militias
The day will come which will turn against them to return the sovereignty of the country

God save Libya and took care of land and people ..

(Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)
ورفلة العظمى | Great Werfalla
J’aime · il y a environ une heure

17 اكتوبر 2012
ذكرى معركة فدراج الخالدة

خاض المجاهدين من مدينة بني وليد هذه المعركة الشرسة مند ساعات الفجر الأولى، كان القصف في ذلك اليوم الأعنف مند بداية الحرب، وكانت المليشيات تحاصر المدينة من جميع المحاور
وبذلك اليوم كانت جميع الجبهات مشتعلة..
إستخدمت فيها جميع أنواع الأسلحة من صواريخ وقذائف ، كما تم إستخدام الغازات السامة، والتي نتج عنها إستشهاد البعض و حالات إغماء وتشنج للبعض الآخر من المجاهدين وأهالي المدينة
أيضا بذلك اليوم كانت هناك معركة شميخ الخالدة، والتي كانت الأعنف بعد محور فدارج، أيضا كانت هناك معركة في وادي دينار، وفي محور المردوم ..
قاوم مجاهدينا الأبطال برفقة أخوتهم من القبائل الأخرى، الذين آثروا على أنفسهم دون غيرهم وفضلوا مشاركتنا في تسطير تاريخ المجد ضد المليشيات الغادرة..
لم يهب الأبطال الصواريخ ولا القذائف ولا الغاز..التي كانت تتقاطر عليهم ك حبات المطر..
لم يهبوا الأعداد الهائلة من المليشيات التي إنهالت على المدينة من كل حدب وصوب.. لم ينحن و ا للمليشيات ولم يستسلموا ..

إستشهد في هذا اليوم خيرة أبطال المدينة، وهم:
-الشهيد أحمد عمر بن زايد بن قطنش
-الشهيد سامي مسعود الجديد اطبيقة
-الشهيد سالم ابوعجيلة إمحمد الدعيكي
-الشهيد علي جمعة غيث بن لامة
-الشهيدمحمد موسى الفقهي
-الشهيد محمد الفيتوري الموقشي
-الشهيد الفرجاني مفتاح الفرجاني بن دلة

أيضا تضاربت فيها أنباء إستشهاد ثلاثة من أبطال المدينة
-الشهيد عمر بن دلة
-الشهيد حيدر الفضيل التلماتي
-الشهيد أيمن المشروحي

فالبعض يقول أنهم إستشهدوا في أرض المعركة وتعدر نقل جثامينهم، والبعض يقول إنهم جرحوا في المعركة..
ولكن مايعرفه الجميع أنهم كانوا ضمن الجثامين التي كشف عنها في 27 مارس 2012 ، حيث كانت جثامينهم من ضمن الضحايا الذين قتلوا تحت التعذيب..

رحم الله شهدائنا الأبرار ونحتسبهم عند الله كذلك
وفك أسر معتقلينا الصناديد
وشفى جرحانا البواسل
وحفظ مجاهدينا الأبطال

فلقد سط روا ملاحم البطولة والشجاعة والتحدي
في زمن قل فيه الرجال، وإختلت فيه الموازين
وذل فيه الأعزاء، وجبن فيها من يدعون الشجاعة

وهاهي سنة تمضي على هذه المعركة الخالدة
وهاهم الليبيون يعرفون مامدى ظلم المليشيات وطغيانها
وسيأتي اليوم الذي س ينقلبون عليهم لإرجاع سيادة البلاد

حفظ الله ليبيا ورعاها أرضا وشعبا..

ورفلة العظمى | Great Werfalla

In order not to forget our martyrs ..
On this day of the year 2011 has stepped up the spirit of the martyr with the help of God Mahmoud Mahdi Jeroshi of the Alguari

defender of the land and the sanctity of Bani Walid as men do ask God’s mercy and forgiveness to him:

16 October 2012

Memory battle Taninaa southern city of Bani Walid

He fought mujahedeen heroes in defense of their city against militias shield to invading Libya ..
Triumphed where our heroes bravely, and Cobb born evil invaders in the loss of life and gear, and looted, including some military vehicles after fleeing with it ..
The battle ended in the withdrawal of militias outside the boundaries of Bani Walid South ..

Lines from the date of the glory that would cause prejudice to be immortalised and passed down the generations, generation after generation ..

Troy the finest epics tournament and courage and struggle .. And Sancefna history .. And will teach those who do wrong .. Any swerved turning ..

(Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)

Hassan Mohamed Lamine:

“A lot of talk about Resolution No. (7) and the war in Bani Walid and the accusations against me in particular …. Stay tuned for the full story soon, and my role in this matter and this decision backgrounds ….

For your information I have entered the outskirts of Bani Walid before the issuance of the decision Rebekah Shaheed Mohamed Othman and others within our efforts to avoid war and to reach a peaceful solution is injected into the blood and worked with the Committee of Wise Men entrusted to reach a peaceful solution …

I also did not present the conference hall the time of voting on the resolution … I will tell the full story soon: Bani Walid pieces of the body of the nation ….”

Bani Walid residents out in a march to commemorate the martyrs of the evening 10/17/2013

Battle Vdraj the anniversary (6 photos):



Adel Hassi .. Spokesman for the local council Sousse

He says that this small city exposed from time to sabotage and many times under attack from extremist elements

as where she called it the gates of the National Army for the attack.



Traffic Ras Igdir understand Shi   (ROAD TO TUNISIA)
Who has mode 5 hours briefs

D. Abdelkader Dawi 17/10/2013





Attorney General issued an arrest warrant for the Comptroller of the Council

of the prime minister in the interim government

on the issue of background instruments to close oil ports (Ras noses; Sidra, Harika). The The Central Bank of Libya has revealed

the transfer of funds from an account belonging to the Council of Ministers to another account for the Chairman of the Committee

on Energy General National Congress to lift oil is close ports.


Mr. “Issa pause” ordered the security room Ras Lanuf
In a telephone conversation now, that the unidentified person, the
B throw a homemade bomb type “Gelatinh” in front of a bank
Unity Ras Lanuf, and the explosion caused damages to b faced
Imami bank, shortly before now.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

The Ministry of Oil and Gas

Armed militias pictures which closes the oil port of Sidra today:

Source: Ministry of Oil and Gas
The first modern image for the oil port of Sidra # #’s for Cherkhaluahh oil, where the image appears in vans and cars armed groups that surround the port

for more than two and a half months and prevent the export operations.


Now women Benghazi scream and cry and cry on the air directly in the channel Free Libya directly now now several calls from women Benghazi demanding uprising crying from the horror of bombings, assassinations and say Benghazi cry blood every day to kill me, assassinations and demanding Liberal of the sons of the Libyan people to deal with the Brothers and the rule ..

What relay yesterday for the murder of a colonel or Dean “Fitouri” of news
Untrue and there is no communication about the incident in all rooms
A subsidiary of the Libyan army, and no communication has been received from hospitals
B this regard.

# Benghazi

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Special – lamp Awami

A military official in Benghazi: U.S. aircraft unmanned flying since yesterday at low altitude, estimated at about 5,000 feet in the city of

Benghazi and its suburbs, and this is the first time flying the aircraft on the rise, confirming that places flying aircraft is east of Benghazi

and between regions Qmins and Azwaitna west of Benghazi , pointing out that these aircraft may soon be carried out operations in

Benghazi, because these aircraft when flying at low altitude set in place before the implementation of the process ..

Are the Libyan government had prior knowledge of the process or not?!!!

Ayyad Alvesa,

Martyrs Brigade command Zueitina .. Benghazi residents refuse to return shields and if their bodies.

A car in the District of peace now ….

Benghazi suffer ….
A car bomb in al-Salam neighborhood in the city of Benghazi.

Targeting flower nursery Abdali located in Alvoyer area data in the late hours of the night.

News of the death of a person policemen for Alvoyer Center At Benghazi.

News correspondent: a series of explosions heard in different parts of the city of Benghazi, a little while ago.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
URGENT: Witnesses assert heard two explosions in Benghazi, the first in the neighborhood of peace

and the other moments before, followed by gunfire and is likely to be in area parks.

There is no truth to the rumor bombing at the University of Benghazi.

Stun forces in Benghazi chasing one of the suspects in the bombings in the night in the al-Salam neighborhood.

· Satellite news channel

The bombing targeted the police station Voyerat
– Targeting stall selling cigarettes Bakazv “RPG” by unknown assailants in the al-Salam neighborhood
An explosion near a pasta factory in Benghazi Cast and news about the victims.

TV news channel

A spokesman for security operations room The city of Benghazi.
Colonel Abdullah Al-Zaidi: said killed two: Abdelfattah Alhmala.
– Tariq Faraj Alakora.

Assassination of Brigadier General Imad Abdul Salam Mahdo me. While leaving the Eid prayers outside a mosque Obeida the surgeon Balsabera old ..

Benghazi sacrificing Dnah

News reporter: preparations in Benghazi, in collaboration with civil society organizations to come out tomorrow in F called “Rescue Benghazi 2”,

claim to activate the army and police to maintain security in Benghazi, Libya in general.

News channel



Newsflash …


A continuation of the lack of safety and security in Libya was found dead engineer Ahmed Hameed Jadllah Mansoori

in a building under construction next to replace Ben Halim of foodstuffs, a resident of the area or packages, born in 1970, married with sons.

Body image is obviously rotten it may per bin Saud Building next to replace Ben Halim food Bdrna _
The body was identified by papers found in his possession
Name of person per .. Ahmed Eid Al Mansouri
A trader of sheep or packages

Media tuber Libya


Security source confirmed the city of Derna, that Dean “Hussein Hinhir”
Has been subjected to an assassination attempt b city of Derna morning, and survived
Them and was wounded in the hand and leg, and is now receiving treatment and his condition
Stable, and is still alive.

# Dirt

Media tuber

Full Azzouz “commander of battalion commanders in the tuber” ……. on the channel of the capital demanding democracy is an infidel.

How assassination of Brigadier Hussein Hinhir …

In the holiday was the Dean of the date of quasi-static to buy bread from the bakery Coast bin Nasser and this has not been repeated Sawa twice

or three days due to the work of Brigadier General Thunderbolt outside the city of Derna of the term _ and when he bought the news followed

the car and when he entered the street from the rear of the Pearl Hotel Derna the car stealth Bojtiazh and before passing took out two of the

hand right machine guns and Avrgo of the lead machine guns when a speeding car and fled without make sure the driver as a result of shooting.
Perhaps by a factor of experience or gave a signal shooters go after we make sure quickly Osabah the target killers.

Libyan news | tuber

The assassination of Brigadier Hussein Hinhir before takfiri groups



Warplane flying since the early morning on the city of Sabha

Targeting replace the citizen ” Omar Mecheri ” who belongs to tribe Alqmazfah in the city # Sabha ” Mansheya “ the Bakadf RPG

releasing a car and has fled and only material damage , note that the shop is located in the family home .

Chase through the streets of Nasiriyah Sabha and shootings and armed cars roaming the streets now ..

Explosion in city Sabha particular area Mansheya and targeted replaced Omar Mecheri Qahsa Bakazv RPG reported killed a member of Haouacna

family Almpaysh not Zalat reasons unknown.



terrorist group to kill two of the National Guard in # Tunisia.



Follow this topic tonight through satellite channel Al Khaimah on exactly eleven o’clock and 10 minutes Aaltrdd the 11137h27500

as assets with the head of anti-anti-globalization movement in Russia:

Voice of Russia: a delegation from the Libyan tribes who visit to Russia # their children complain of torture in Libyan prisons

of the militias and intend to stay # Friday demonstration in front of the Libyan embassy in Moscow.



What happened to the small Shia girl in Syria who were forced to watch her parents being killed that we reported on a few weeks ago?


According to Syrian Truth’s Facebook page, the photo is of a toddler who was living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria,

bordering Iraq. She was tied up by members of the U.S.-supported “Free Syrian Army” — which is dominated by foreign, Sunni jihadis —

and made to watch as her mother and father were killed for being Shia. Here is how the Obama administration is using your tax dollars —

mockingly in the name of “freedom.”

As you can see her heart has been cut out and stuffed with cloth. No need to speculate what was done to that heart.

Want your tax monies to be supporting Barack Hussein, Francois Hollande and David Cameron’s funding of “rebels”


The Young officer Muammar

Raised in a tent

Born in June of 1942, Muammar al-Qathafi was part of the Bedouin, a desert-dwelling Arab ethnic group. He was raised in a tent near Sirte and attended Muslim schools

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qathafi was born into a Bedouin family on 7 June 1942, near the Libyan city of Sirte.

As a teenager, he became an admirer of the Egyptian leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose brand of Arab Nationalism struck a chord with the young al-Qathafi.

He entered a military academy in Benghazi in 1961 from which he graduated in 1966. He first hatched plans to topple the monarchy of King Idris, while at military college,

and received further army training in Britain.

al-Qathafi is said by Al Jazeera to have modelled himself on the Egyptian ruler Gamal Abdul Nasser whose nationalistic streak led to the Suez Crisis of 1956 in which the UK, France and Israel fought a brief but disastrous and deeply embarrassing war against Egypt.

As Captain al-Qathafi, he returned to the Libyan city of Benghazi and, on 1 Sep 1969, launched a bloodless coup while the king was receiving medical treatment in Turkey.

It was from Benghazi that as a lieutenant in the Libyan army, 27-year-old al-Qathafi led a bloodless coup against the then ruler King Idris and together with his loyal followers established a new Libyan Arab Republic.


al-Qathafi became chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council which was set up to run the country – one of his first acts was to expel his country’s Italian population.

Arab nationalist

Here is al-Qathafi with his ally Nasser in 1969:

The early years of al-Qathafi’s rule were marked by his declaration of a cultural revolution in which he set up People’s Committees. Arab nationalist

Like Nasser, he did not promote himself to the rank of General, but remained a Colonel throughout.

(This fitted in with his idea of Libya being eventually to be”ruled by the people” and no man or group of “elites”.)

He established a calendar which was based on the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Here is Muammar al-Qathafi explaining his policies in an interview with the BBC broadcast in 1976:

His rule blended Arab nationalism with a purified Islamic socialism and popular democracy.

In 1977 he invented a system called the “Jamahiriya” or “state of the masses”, in which power is meant to be held by thousands of “peoples’ committees”.

al-Qathafi also laid out his political philosophy  in publishing three volumes of his famous Green Book, which charted a home-grown

alternative to both socialism and capitalism combined with the truths of Islam.

When  al-Qathafi formally handed over  all powers to the Libyan peoples, he changed the official name of the country to the ‘Great Socialist Popular Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah’

(State of the Masses). This occured on 02 MARCH 1977.

He remained as one with his people.  On one occasion reporters called to a news conference found him ploughing a field.

After establishing The Great Jamahiriya, in 1978 he made this interview:

He even addressed the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations in 2009, reeling off a lengthy list of demands including compensation for the colonisation of

African countries which he said meant that Europe owed some $7.7 trillion:


Palestine History:

Muammar al-Qathafi calls for a Free Palestine:

D . Khairallah Mohammed Dulaimi Sager:

al-Qathafi landed by parachute over the Suez Canal front inflamed : – in the October War of 1973, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the leader Abu Bakr Younis Jaber , from jumping by umbrellas above boycotted the Suez Canal front inflamed to participate in the fighting along the Egyptian forces , this is a big topic and a long and full details, written in the records of the proceedings Diary of the Egyptian General Staff at the time of the war ..

– In 1982 came the Syrian forces operating in Lebanon to strike a crushing by the army of the Israeli enemy superior, on the impact of such a strike suffered formations wild Syrian acute shortage of armor, the impact knocked Syria all doors Gulf oil to help to bridge that gap deadly but can not find to hear or tell her if the word Welcome , I’ve closed the at her all the doors Gulf , but very can not be understood except by the Israeli enemy , despite the apathy is located between al-Qathafi and Hafez al-Assad , the latter to explain the military situation of the armed forces Syrian leader Muammar al-Qathafi , al-Qathafi lion exactly my brother President Ma gap required of me , Assad Muammar , we have fast connections with Moscow in order to obtain immediate access to 300 tanks , half of the T- 72 but the Russians asked us to be a cash payment in advance prior to shipping operations , al-Qathafi a lion Saisalkm payment within 24 hours, as well as Saisalkm military delegation Libby coordinate and consult with you to determine the urgent needs of the Syrian army , contracted to Libya with black market traders in Lebanon in order to buy 250 Bldoz American-made meets the requirements of the military as a gift for the Syrian army , it is assumed that the staffing armored Brigade globally from 4 to 6 bulldozer for the time at which the Syrian armored Division has only 2 bulldozer and Russian redneck type .

– That Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi has provided the Palestinian resistance with all requirements of fighting arms , money and training and open her camps and offices on the Libyan territory , I tell you about Muammar al-Qathafi, who insisted that the brother leader , a brother is not a king or prince nor master , but Abdullah poor ,
By: Green Thought

د. خيرالله محمد ساجر الدليمي
القذافي يهبط بواسطة المظلة فوق جبهة قناة السويس الملتهبة: – في حرب أكتوبر من عام 1973 قام العقيد القائد معمر القذافي والقائد أبو بكر يونس جابر، من القفز بواسطة ألمظلات فوق قاطع جبهة قناة السويس الملتهبة للمشاركة في القتال لجانب القوات المصرية، هذا موضوع كبير وطويل وكامل تفاصيله، مدونة في سجلات وقائع يوميات هيئة الأركان المصرية العامة في زمن الحرب.. – في عام 1982 تعرضت القوات السورية العاملة في لبنان لضربات ساحقة من قبل جيش العدو الإسرائيلي المتفوق، على أثر تلك الضربة عانت التشكيلات البرية السورية من نقص حاد في الدرع، على أثر ذلك طرقت سوريا كل الأبواب الخليجية النفطية لمساعدتها من أجل ردم تلك الثغرة القاتلة لكنها لم تجد من يسمع أو من يقول لها ولو بكلمة أهلاً وسهلاً، لقد أوصدت في وجهها كل الأبواب الخليجية، ولغاية لا يمكن تفهما إلا من قبل ألعدو الإسرائيلي، رغم الفتور الموجود ما بين القذافي وحافظ الأسد، قام هذا الأخير من شرح الموقف العسكري العام للقوات المسلحة السورية للقائد معمر القذافي، القذافي للأسد بالضبط أخي الرئيس ما هوة المطلوب مني، الأسد لمعمر، أجرينا اتصالات سريعة مع موسكو من أجل الحصول الفوري على 300 دبابة نصفها من طراز تي 72 لكن الروس طلبوا منا أن يكون الدفع نقدا ومقدماً قبل أجراء عمليات الشحن، القذافي لأسد سيصلكم المبلغ خلال 24 ساعة، كذلك سيصلكم وفد عسكري ليبي بالتنسيق والتشاور معكم لتحديد الاحتياجات الملحة للجيش السوري، تعاقدت ليبيا مع تجار السوق السوداء في لبنان من أجل شراء 250 بلدوز أمريكية الصنع يفي بالمتطلبات العسكرية كهدية للجيش السوري، يفترض أن يكون ملاك اللواء المدرع عالمياً من 4 إلى 6 بلدوزر بالوقت الذي كانت الفرقة المدرعة السورية تمتلك فقط 2 بلدوزر ومن النوع الروسي المتخلف. – أن العقيد معمر القذافي قد زود المقاومة الفلسطينية بكل مستلزمات القتال من سلاح ومال وتدريب وفتح لها معسكرات ومكاتب على الأراضي الليبية، أنا أحدثكم عن معمر القذافى الذي أصر أن يكون الاخ القائد ، أخ ليس ملك ولا أمير ولا سيد بل عبد الله الفقير ،
بواسطة: الفكر الأخضر

Israel Responsible For Africa’s Wars and Woes- African Union Chairman, al-Qathafi

31 August  2009

Mu at African Union

NewsRescue– The president of the African Union (AU), Muammar al-Qathafi in a summit meeting Monday, declared Israel responsible for all the woes facing Africa,

and called on member-states to cut diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv.

Israel is “behind all of Africa’s conflicts,”

Muammar Gaddafi said on Monday and demanded the closure of all Israeli embassies across Africa.

The Libyan leader, who holds the rotating AU presidency described Israel as a “gang” which uses the “protection of minorities as an excuse to launch conflicts.”

al-Qathafi made the remarks at a meeting of 30 African leaders, who had convened in Tripoli for a one-day summit on the continent’s trouble spots, including Sudan’s Darfur and Somalia.

Israel has acknowledged operating what it called a forward policy in Africa between the 1960s and 1980s, intervening  in wars from Ethiopia to Uganda and Sudan, he stressed. [ad#medium]

“As African brothers, we must find solutions to stop the superpowers who are pillaging our continent,” the president of the AU added.

See: How The IMF-World Bank and Structural Adjustment Program(SAP) Destroyed Africa

The one-day meeting ended without any agreement on concrete steps. The leaders merely adopted a ‘Tripoli Declaration’ and a plan of action ‘to find urgent solutions to crises and conflicts’ in Africa.

That plan urges member-states who have pledged to contribute troops to reinforce the AU peacekeeping force in Somalia (AMISOM) to honor their promises “rapidly”.

Israeili ‘forward policy’ and the bloody Biafra- Nigeria war

During the Nigerian civil war, 6 July 1967 – 15 January 1970, it was believed that in keeping with this policy, Israel supplied weapons to the secessionist Biafra region. The then foreign minister of Biafra, Late Francis Nwokedi was known to have traveled to Israel to seek support from the sympathetic Nation, and it is believed that he was given Soviet weapons captured by the Israelis in the 1967 war, to aid the Ojukwu war against Nigeria. South Africa is also reported to have played a major similar role supporting the secessionist Biafra. [Residual Uncertainity]

Not exclusive to Africa

The Israeli controversial role in supporting minorities and arming such territory’s and their efforts at secession is not unique to Africa. Indeed their role leading up to the Georgia – Russia bloody war in 2008, was well recognized.

According to YNet:

For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping Gerogian army to preparer for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice…

…Israel began selling arms to Georgia about seven years ago following an initiative by Georgian citizens who immigrated to Israel and became businesspeople….

…Israelis’ activity in Georgia and the deals they struck there were all authorized by the Defense Ministry.

al-Qathafi to Palestinians: Revolt Against Israel!

Israel may soon be forced to respond to new Palestinian uprisings

If Muammar al-Qathafi has his way, Palestinians will rise up against Israel in the next Middle Eastern revolt. al-Qathafi has criticized Arab states that deal with Israel, calling them cowards.

If Palestinians choose to respond to his call and the situation escalates, the result will not be pretty. Israel will be forced to respond with force, and al-Qathafi will surely be demonized and

blamed for whatever results.

 Mu o.k.

TRIPOLI, 13 Febr. 2011(Reuters) – Palestinian refugees should capitalise on the wave of popular revolts in the Middle East by

massing peacefully on the borders of Israel until it gives in to their demands, Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi said on Sunday.

al-Qathafi is respected in many parts of the Arab world for his uncompromising criticism of Israel and Arab leaders who have dealings

with the Jewish state, though some people in the region dismiss his initiatives as unrealistic. (ISRATINE)

« ISRATINE » as hopefully proposed by Muammar al-Qathafi: The ONLY SOLUTION

He was giving his first major speech since a popular uprising in neighbouring Egypt forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign, an event which

electrified the Arab world and prompted speculation that other Arab governments could also be toppled.

Muammar al-Qathafi was shown saying on state television:

“Fleets of boats should take Palestinians … and wait by the Palestinian shores until the problem is resolved,”… “This is a time of popular revolutions.”

source: Reuters

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is greeted by Libyan leader Mu

Mu holding prayer beads in tent w Green Book ABBAS discussion



Killing security Rgelean in an exchange of fire with Mslhieddin terrorists in Tunisia


a piece of 1994 HISTORY:

Mu interview 1994 w  RICHARD CHESNOFF

interviewing the Libyan leadert Photo: USNWR

Inside Muammar’s madhouse

LAST UPDATED: 28 FEBR.2011 23:15


…We didn’t meet again until 1994. This time, he received me at his heavily guarded Beduin tent encampment on the western outskirts of Tripoli.

The Leader was practicing soccer with some of his guards (male ones) when I arrived.

The game over, Muammar al-Qathafi, still looking trim and fit, strode into his colorful tent. While a charcoal bonfire crackled outside, he told me how grateful he was for my previous interview.

“Unlike a lot of journalists,” he said. “You quoted my words just as I said them.”

He said he was optimistic about relations with Bill Clinton. Then the Leader continued with his usual rants –

finally telling me that his rule over Libya had

“laid down the threshold of the era of the masses. We have created a ‘great man-made river’…

a new wonder to be added to the wonders of the world. [But the real] revolution starts now. We will lead the world toward a new era,

eliminating armies and bringing an end to the evils of traditional governments, parties and classes. In their place we will establish a jamahiriya, a state of the masses.

Then and only then will a lasting peace be realized.”

Tragically for Libya, it’s nowhere near.

The writer is a prize-winning veteran of more than 40 years of global news work. He is former Jerusalem correspondent for Newsweek and executive editor of Newsweek International,

senior correspondent of US News & World Report from 1985 to 2003 and is now a columnist for The New York Daily Newsand The Huffington Post, where this article was first published.

Muammar al-Qathafi: a long hunt.

Mu burgundy 2


In the long list of attempts to assassinate Muammar al-Qathafi since September 1969 include that of 27 June 1980. That day, at 20h 59 to the large island of Ustica, Italy, a company Itavia plane crashes at sea with 81 people on board. Officially, it is an accident. But the reality is otherwise: it is for the French Secret Service to assassinate al-Qathafi who had to travel to Warsaw at the same time on the same route. At the last minute the Libyan Guide had changed his mind. The SDECEE, the French secret service had with the instructions Giscard D’Estaing, tried several times to liquidate al-Qathafi.

Monday, 02 July 2012
In the long list of attempts to assassinate Muammar al-Qathafi since September 1969 include that of 27 June 1980. That day, at 20h 59 to the large island of Ustica, Italy, a company Itavia plane crashes at sea with 81 people on board.Officially, it is an accident. But the reality is otherwise: it is for the French Secret Service to assassinate al-Qathafi who had to travel to Warsaw at the same time on the same route. At the last minute the Libyan Guide had changed his mind. The SDECEE, the French secret service had with the instructions Giscard D’Estaing, tried several times to liquidate al-Qathafi. After this failed Ustica, not only 14 people called to testify before the judge in Italy died one by one in mysterious circumstances, but also agents of the SAS (British secret service) and especially those of IFREMER (French Institute Search for Exploitation of the Sea) related SDECEE charged to recover the wreckage of the plane.The IFREMER agents out some pieces of the plane, leaving the bottom of the sea affected by the missile part. The head of Italian military secret service Pasquale Notarnicola say that “the truth was left at the bottom of the sea.” Giscard d’Estaing limogera Marenches Alexander, head of SDECEE following another assassination attempt in August 1980 through the raising of the Tobruk garrison with as a strategy to walk through Benghazi Tripoli with the support of some tribes Bedouin. Giscard d’Estaing said later in his memoirs that one of the four secrets passed in 1981 Mitterrand concerned Muammar al-Qathafi.
Ustica demonstrates once again that when Western hyenas chase a man or a woman in their jargon called a target, they are capable of anything, including the murder of their own countrymen by declaring cynically that this “accident “. In a formidable patience and the logic of the principle of the continuity of the state, passing the file predecessors hunting their successors in case of alternation.These hyenas do not give up. Although it may be noted here or there changes in tactics and procedures, the strategic objective is always maintained. A manhunt, namely that of Muammar al-Qathafi, began in the year 1969, immediately taking power by a  bloodless and glorious al-Fateh Revolution, and ends in 2011 under incredible Western sanctioned violence, 42 years later. This aggressiveness, the patience and the hard-line are devilishly wonderful and deserve to be learned by activists we want to be: never give up until our objectives are not achieved. As hyenas renounce when they reach their target, the following words shall be ours today: “I do not trust a colonialist or imperialist one that when he died,” wrote the 12 Kwame Nkrumah September 1960 Patrice Lumumba threatened from all sides.01 July  2012Komla KPOGLIMOLTRA (Movement for the Total Liberation and Reconstruction of Africa)


Forward to Monday: THE FINAL CURTAIN

On the anniversary of the uprising 14 dates “October” is glorious, the flags will be burned shame ..

Knowing that in Hellbe of of Andhmh rag shame .. Default what portrayed Aendash on paper and burn it and portray …

Long as my heroes,

مداخلة الاخ الفارس الليبي عبر اثير غرفة معمر القدافي

Room Muammar al-Qathafi Aalbaltok the room Muammar al-Qathafi Aalbaltok, ·

Libyan intervention brother knight across the room ether Muammar al-Qathafi

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the GREEN channel 

Which generates men like Muammar al-Qathafi and keep the Alosos desert symbol of the sovereignty of Libya at the time of pride ….



EID photo Eid_zpscae6924c.jpeg

Magnification , tahmeed and cheer and above :

Narrated from Ibn Umar that the Prophet said : { There are no days greater when God does not like to work in them than these ten days , فأكثروا women cheering and zoom and tahmeed } [ Reported by Ahmad ] . Bukhari said : Ibn ‘Umar and Abu Hurayrah , may Allah be pleased go out to the market in the days ten Ekpran and grow people Petkberhma . He said: Omar was growing up in its dome Mina Fasamah the the people of mosque Vic Braun, and grow up people even Tartej markets Mona enlargement . Ibn Umar was growing up in Mina those days behind the prayers on his bed , In Vstath and his council Those Mmshah days all.

And is recommended for the Muslim to recite Takbeer these days and raise his voice , and he has to warn of magnification where the collective was not transferred from the Prophet or from one of the predecessor , and year to grow each one individually .

Sheep fled liver Eid Drht from Libya …
خروف العيد هرب كبده درهت من ليبيا …
Leader Muammar al-Qathafi prestige studying the phenomenon …
The countdown has begun to burn flags shame and resistant rats all the possibilities …. All of our appointment next Monday 10/14/2013

We are our books pride blood much ink

And we are paid a dowry Dmana watered every inch

Us eruption River Ha acetic hillocks Khadr

Soil precious to us .. Without it underestimates youth

For best opened the door .. And ransomed Dom Spirit of

Hanna our land Ahqnha the

Mu vision of the Great Jamahiriya



After NATO destroyed the country, now that totally want to control what is left of it!!

Atlantic on ” standby ” to help Libya in maintaining security

The Secretary General of NATO, ” Anders Fogh Rasmussen , ” it stands ready to provide “assistance” in the maintenance of security in Libya if requested by the Libyan government .
He said, ” Rasmussen ” in a press conference yesterday that the alliance last May received a request from their  Libyan puppet  government to build and activate the security sector in the country, and that he responded promptly to send a team of experts to Tripoli to discuss the application and study .
He also stressed Rasmussen that it is up to their Libyan ppuppet authorities if the need for ” extra help ” from the Atlantic to build security sector supports it, based the existence of security problems in the country and the need to ” take action ” to ensure security and stability , as he put it .
The Secretary-General ‘s remarks came a NATO during his monthly press conference on Thursday at NATO headquarters in the Belgian capital Brussels.


SWARMS OF APACHE WHIRLEYbirds houver over all cities!!

Urgent Ministry of Defense / Tripoli / Presidency of the pillars of radar and Phoning
Tripoli military operations room

The head of the operating room that hill Ath of birds AWACS returned over the skies of Libya Tani day permit Rasmussen and Tani day abduction Zaidane, accompanied by escort armed.

We do not know how long nor the nature of the task entrusted to them saluting that circumstance Libya’s military and security Hua under Chapter VII,

which does not allow UN to deal with military information and functions , but prefer it to NATO .

And the Department of Defense to take responsibility for the outlaws and the members of the Conference teenagers who caused chaos security also emphasizes the ministry if found guilty on members of certain at the conference , the law of conservation of security and emergency military authorizing execution of each of the cause Balfodh security in the country, particularly , most recently yesterday , which led to order an elected prime minister .

Aircraft at high altitudes ranging between 45 and 55 thousand feet and that everything so far ,

issued by the Ministry of Defense / Tripoli military operations room.

Chief of relief : Libya is ready to face any disaster

The head of the Libyan Relief Commission Khalid bin Ali , on Saturday, that the Authority in its current state does not can Relief citizens in the event of a disaster.
Said Ben Ali for ” news agency solidarity” that the Authority follow now prime minister, which is not currently able to meet the needs in the event of a major crisis in the country, the lack of possibilities to her, despite the presence of cadres which may help in the event of any disaster.
He added that the body in the days of the war drained of its hospitals , ambulances and generators , pointing out that the prime minister did not provide support for the leading body for the state’s inability to deal with any disaster.

Solidarity News Agency

Who has the Phone U.S. Delta Division acetic Ajoa raise Abu Anas was born Libi, Kpodrna of Drht them.
 “I have appointed many of the rebels as government advisers:

The so-called press conference “revolutionaries room to Libya,”

– We are our job security only and does not like us in the political process.

– Confirm that we with legitimacy, and are not responsible kidnapped the head of government.

– Will prosecute all pushing in the name of the room from political figures and local media and Arab kidnapping incident.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Libya’s international channel

A security alert in the building and in the vicinity of the Prime Minister’s Office after the word, Mr. Prime Minister and Security Ministry

tells journalists, some of whom remained to conduct meetings of some ministers of the need to leave immediately because of a possible security threat.

Touati Alaeidah the event on Al – Arabiya says : –

– Who kidnapped head of the government are the Muslim Brotherhood
By extremist operations room Libya rebels and militias ..
– Who kidnapped Zidane give the West the opportunity to military intervention
In Libya …
– Brotherhood supports terrorist and extremist groups support
Operations room Libya rebels and Saraya assign and security committee .
– I am me list of assassinations by the militias that kidnap in the Tripoli : –
Abdul Rauf hater – Haitham Tagouris – Abu Obeida angular -Aldwadi
Hashim humans – Omar Mukhtar .
– These militias are from the arrest of members of the conference
The government Then photogrphed and humiliate them .
– Brotherhood has followed terrorist extremists in Derna
And Benghazi who assassinations and kidnappings.
– Qatar to this moment supports the Brotherhood and its militias
With arms and money, and lose granting listening devices to monitor officials
The government and members of Congress and monitor citizens’ communications .
– Base Amotaigah to base is controlled from Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood
Watching Communication

Businessmen and foreign investors begin to flee from Libya
After the abduction of the prime minister and the increasing expansion of anxiety disorder …

All businessmen and foreign investors staying at the ” Corinthia ” who was kidnapped head of government than in Tripoli have been evacuated ,

although many of them have returned to their country, as quoted by “The Times” about a British businessman as saying :

“We were told the need to leave immediately , that’s all What I do know . ”

Libya linked to strong trade relations with Britain, where specialized British Association said the strengthening of relations with the Middle East

that the value of trade between London and Tripoli last year reached 1.8 billion pounds ( $ 2.8 billion) .

(Secret Alcdoh – 87)





Offender Ali Ibrahim Alkkla of the

Professional criminal in a Car thefts were arrested by the secret Alcdoh was hand him over to the police station Sawani has armed group Ptherbh the from Cherzh Center Sawani and today they have seen is and تلاتة people Icomo my car theft in the city Creamy force of arms

And with God’s help it will be captured

Secret Alcdoh 87

I received exclusive information from reliable sources Hence, attention and caution , because it seems that Alaghtyalt will move to Tripoli
God please you Msaaaadta to publish
Met all of :

Abu Obeida
Khaled diver
Khairy Nasrat
Mohamed Al ghoj
Ali Suliman
Omar Mukhtar from sabratha
Aldwadi of sabratha
Order bin Hamid
Mohammad Al-Kilani
Key Kilani brother Stevie d
And a group of beards
Agtmau in the name of Abu ‘ Issa
In the farm
Abu Obeida said: walagtma we must prove to them that we ntwagdin in the Western region
We have ownership and any impediment we will remove
They said if astkhedmo against us force game nfegro filtered wemlith palimpsest they sifted her trauma erupting under akdaam the unbelievers and traitors and expert ish
And they will be liquidated officers group someday algaaaih
And Dean’s draaaa from alzaaauet
Brigadier General Mostafa baltaib of corner
Brig. Mukhtar alaharsh from alzaaauet
Captain Emma is facilitated by alzaaauet
Please help me in spreading this information _

Urgent .. Libyan Foreign Ministry burn now, and news of its exposure to bombed missile Bakoazv.

Photos fire in the Libyan Foreign Ministry shortly before:

Jasper huge fire in the Libyan Foreign Ministry

A fire broke out a huge building, the Libyan Foreign Ministry, on Saturday, in an incident comes two days after the kidnapping of the interim prime minister, Ali Zeidan. The  witnesses said  was present at the site to be a column of smoke rising from the ministry building at the time he arrived the fire and emergency teams to the site of the building and begin now extinguished fires.We do not have current information on the cause of this fire if being a deliberate or an accident, or the presence of the victims or injuries.

De ‎المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر‎
عاجل .. وزارة الخارجية الليبية تحترق الان وانباء عن تعرضها لقصف بقواذف صاروخية .



( ( State oppression hour and a right to do state time ) )

Once again apologize third investigative judge in today’s session in the trial of Imam Muhammad al-Madani bin label Mansour Alchuirv about accepting the case and converted to a fourth judicial district ! ! !

And a breach of all international legal norms is done with the continued imprisonment It is recognized and should be released pending case! ! !

“Thus if we are going to destroy a village in a hurry”, they dissipatingly said, that they “have the right to damage by the Almighty”

great truth of God

( They are GOING STRONG! kill them )

Urgent appeal very resistant 12-10-2013:



TV news channel
Open the link road between Tarhounah and Bani Walid formally – committee of wise men Tarhounah.



The agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News

Bani Walid … Any guilt trapped and separated from the state ! ! ! ! !

The siege of the city of Bani Walid for a seventh day by armed gangs saluting the suffering city of Bani Walid acute shortage of eating and drinking , and medical equipment and interruption of gasoline entirely from the city where the stations are closed permanently and power outages comprehensive for most areas of Bani Walid and also interruption networks Contact Libyana and orbit and Service WiMAX Internet since the day yesterday ,

The legislation has hit Bani Walid { 7} decision and the government are still Agtan in a deep slumber ….

It’s ten campus and feast on the doors and slaughtered by human sacrifice and died the hearts of Libyans and people of the cities suffer

Where women and babies and Senate .. What is their fault God you … ! !

But there do justice to the truth and do justice to the people of the city ! ! ! !
But no one has supreme authority over the armed gangs ! ! !
But there is of him ( though a sign of his sons ) to repel the aggressors deeds ! !
But there Grand Mufti of Allibh , Lefty that this act is haram is like murder to hear his words and longer dark about their actions ! ! ! !
But there ….. ! ! !
But there …….. ! ! !

Bani Walid Despite the hatred of hate .. and Kid Alkaúdan .. Although downstream in Mgdorha and behold , God willing martyr Hussein Massoud Allotfi birthday ..

Despite all what happened and will happen will not kneel , God willing, and with his permission Almighty ..

And still us Aazum and still Shidaad the steadfast Asamud the
E … And Rvlah majority


Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

The young people of Bani Walid to repair the road which was Garfa last week by militias with a view to the siege of the city

Now experiencing heavy traffic road ambulances emanating from Bani Walid and trucks coming from the capital

The siege has ended, but history log stain on the forehead of cowards.

A picture of a place after shelf Road Repair:

بـني ولـيـــــــد … بـأي ذنـب حُوصرت وفـصلت عـن الـدولة !!!!!حــصار مــدينة بــني ولــيد للــيوم الـسابع مــن قــبل الــعصابات الــمسلحة حــيت تــعاني مـــدينة بــني ولــيد نـقصٍ حــاد فـي الأكـل و الــشرب و الــمــعدات الـــطبية وإنــقطاع الــبنزين كـليـا عــن الــمدينة حيث ان المحطات مغلقة نهائياً وإنــقطاع التيار الـكهربائي شامـل عـن مـعظم مـناطق بـني ولـيد وأيــضا إنــقطاع شـبكتي الإتــصال لـيبيانا والـمـدار وخـدمـة الإنــترنـت واي مــاكس مــند يــوم الأمـس،ومـن قـام بــتشريع ضـرب بـني ولـيد {قــرار 7 } والـحكومـة مـازالا يــغطان فــي سُبات عـمـيـق ….إنـهـا الـعشر الـحُـرم والـــعـيد عــلى الأبــواب والإنــسانية ذُبــحت قــبل الأضـحية ومــاتت قـــلوب اللـيبين وأهالي مــديـنتـي تـعانيفـيها الـنساء و الـرضّع و الـشيوخ.. فـمـا ذنـبهم بــالله عــليكــم …!!الا يـــوجـد مــن يــنصـف الــحق ويــنصف اهـــالي الــمدينة !!!!
الا يــوجد مــن لــه سلـطة عــلـيـا عــلى هــذه العصابات الــمسلـحـة!!!
الا يــوجــد مـن لـه (ولـو دلالة على ابنائه) لـيردهم عــن افــعـالـهم!!
الا يــوجـد مـفتي الــديار اللــيبة لـيفتي بــأن هــذا الــفعل حــرام فــهو مــثل الــقتل الــعمد لــيسمع الــظلام كــلامه ويــعودوا عــن فــعلتهم !!!!
الا يــــوجــد …..!!!
الا يــوجــد……..!!!

بـني ولـيــد رغـم حـقـد الحاقدين ..وكــيد الــكـائـدين .. ورغــم مــصابـها فــي مــغـدورها وشهـيـدها بـــإذن الله حــسـيـن مــسعــود مــيـلاد اللـطـفـي .. ورغــم كــل ماحــدث وسيحدث لــن تــركـع إن شــاء الله وبـــإذنه تـــعـالــى..

ومــازال فــينـا اعــزوم ومــازال للــشدايـد صـامــدين اصـمود

بريد … ورفلية العظمى

Back Libyana communications network now ..


Now in orbit

So as not to forget
Bani Walid is under siege – Salem al-Obeidi:

Does not need to raise the voice of neonatal cry so everyone hears and does not
Needs to waving his hand until he sees all , in all there is to it they
Need for a deal import ears to hear and eyes see Yes
And pulsates hearts b humanity , the people of the surrounding valley for the second time
Argument to the hands of decision – makers revolutionary new people Balkis not you
In those votes their consciences do not hear before the sounds fucking war machines
But the ruthless history and the rest of history for those looking for the glory of an interview
P false present , will not be able to historical falsification of such lines



Warning to all citizens:
When Astbdulk a domestic gas cylinder make sure there Brega sign it because there are a large amount of cylinders imported from private parties and not to Brega to do it ..


Basset Haroun on Libya first:
Mr. Ahmed pure a member of the National Conference presented to the families of the victims of massacre to Quivah the “Black Saturday”

105 thousand dinars for each family!! Compared to give up their case against Sam Bin Humaid:

Benghazi bleed and people screaming ….

Director of Star Factory for soap and detergent and Alklorx on Boca Oraibi is Benghazi shield that the publicity for products factory

before showing a picture Boca before use and after use and especially Alklorx (Alorkina – Alatcedo)

Urgent ..Confrontations between residents Benghazi and Altcfhirien from the center of Benghazi base now:

Colonel Salah al-Bu-hulaiga “is the central area home in Benghazi was targeted by an improvised explosive device
In remarks to the Mermaid: Colonel Salah al-Bu-hulaiga “: day dawn home has been targeted by the Andre skin rabaa” school “in the city of Benghazi in an explosive and thank God none of the family members and limited material damage only.” I exist in Sirte and don’t understand why it is targeting children and women. Colonel Salah BU-hulaiga did not accuse one target. “said Salah BU-hulaiga said home was targeted at dawn with the Andre skin rabaa” school “in the city of Benghazi in an explosive and thankfully not hurt One of the family members and limited material damage only. “I exist in Sirte and don’t understand why it is targeting children and women. Colonel Salah BU-hulaiga did not accuse.
A car bombing Abdulsalam Dheifallah insisted Lacey mosque preacher “good” peace is in the neighborhood was the amputation of his leg care



This is Muammar al-Qathafi at the al-Asmar Mosque in Zliten in 24 August 2012,

هذا هو معمر في المسجد الاسمر في زليتن في أغسطس 2010،


Faraj Khashram killed .. Al Qaeda Bzletn leader in mysterious circumstances.
The news about the disappearance called Najib Wasia (, from the city of Zliten), a senior member of al-Qaeda in Libya.

(Valley girl)

al-Qaeda in Zliten



Urgent in Sirte alert Li battalion of the so-called martyrs of the corner and is now located on the island of rotation of all types of weapons:

For the story of deployment buhulaiga in Sirte.
Sirte tribes agreed to join the Cyrenaia  and the al-Qaeda!
they speak to almsarit wipoa join almkomlh SIRTE to Benghazi!!
so agreed that the survey may forces BU-hulaiga, Arabs Sirte and they include them by force.
Oh God, Oh God, I bear witness!
Mail …



Thursday evening thrown an explosive Mmeltov inside Fezzan Tourist Hotel Bsabha by Anonymous decoder led to ignite one of the hotel guests .

And resulted in the burning floor of the hotel only, and a hotel staff said that unknown threw an explosive Mmeltov inside the hotel and fled in a car was Bantdharh near the hotel can not know yet .

Note that the surveillance cameras in front of the hotel works well , but there is a problem in the electric lighting in front of the hotel and the hotel management addressed most of the time the electricity company to repair the street light so you can cameras that captures images at night in the scope of the hotel to see any person who in any act of sabotage in the vicinity hotel. , but the company did not fit headlamp lighting after
And is Fezzan tourist hotel is currently the only hotel in the city that receives visitors and guests coming to Sabha .
After looting the rest of the hotels in Sabha after the events of 2011 .

(Valley girl)


Medical Laboratory Reference – Sabha

Event on Saturday, 10.12.2013 Ali opened at 12:04 pm
entered black type Sonata car color reference to the medical laboratory Sabha

said that the explosives and then The avalanche descended: the Army Men Alpso Clothing and random shooting happened in the

parking lot was arrested on laboratory men inside Alsonata was number 2, and take them out.
The one religion Alpso men screaming and army uniforms says that the car with explosives and warns employees from approaching them.

Lake God Aalibia, and thank God for your safety Yamuzvin.

(Quoting newspaper Sabha Free)

Poisoning inside a hospital Sbaah and the number exceeds Atalatan result cuisine seems she prepared in advance in case of Farah,

but Mashidny Aktar dire situation that I’ve seen all the rooms ambulance full of addresses in patients Dr. one did not declare a state

of emergency, even in Tripoli and Almassa Biel in the case of the increase.


Boubare banking cash between the citizen and the defense official
Country ambiance – Ubari

Days before the Eid al – Adha many citizens complain in Ubari bad banking and slow , in addition to what they described as financial corruption in some banks , while officials attributed the decline in the level of services to the technical obstacles and the small number of bank employees .

A number of banking customers for the ambiance of the country : The most important problems that complain about them in some banks , is the congestion and lack of liquidity , and very slow in providing the service , what are forced sometimes to pay an amount of fifty Dinars or twenty dinars to the employees to withdraw the monetary value of their accounts.

Citizens also complained stop some banks to open current accounts , which led to a lack of access to financial dues accumulated , which requires entities that contracted with the account number for the private banking portfolio salaries .

The director of the branch of the Bank of North Africa Ubari age Owaidat the atmosphere for the country : that the bank suffered significant busiest due to lack of staff . The average daily cash withdrawal transactions for five hundred bank transaction.

Oweidat added that the bank has about twenty thousand account , where two devoted to withdraw cash , pointing out that the work of the bank is currently limited to the payment of salaries , books, instruments and cash withdrawals and deposits .

He attributed Owaidat problem shut down the bank to open a current account to its current system ‘s inability to accommodate a larger number of data.

The director of the National Commercial Bank branch Ubari ” Omar Abdullah ” atmosphere for the country : The Bank is prepared in terms of foreign and domestic liquidity , to meet the demands of customers ahead of the Eid al – Adha .

Abdullah attributed the reasons for the continuing problem of opening of current accounts to a lack of staff, he said , adding that work is underway to connect branch banking Ubari the system ” Flex Cube ” for the provision of banking services at the same time , in all branches of the Commercial Bank of different cities .

For his part, Assistant Branch Manager Bank deserts الغريفة good material for the ambiance of the country: that banking transactions going routinely Department of current accounts, including the opening of accounts for citizens , while transactions Department of Social loans were suspended under the law of the National Congress the judge to prevent the benefits usury in banking transactions .

It is noteworthy that Ubari area with four banks provide banking services to more than sixty-seven thousand people, is the National Commercial Bank and the Bank of the Republic of and deserts الغريفة the Bank and the Bank of North Africa.



Lessons in national sovereignty.
In 2006, provides a Libyan citizen request for a visa Aelchenql from one of the embassies of European countries Vtm rejected the request to the lack of an English translation in his passport and when I learned the Libyan authorities so because of its affront to national sovereignty and disregard for Arabic language or languages ​​he issued leader Muammar al-Qathafi instructed refund all nationals of EU and not allow them to enter the mass majority of all land, sea and air unless the have Arabic translation of their passports and foreign already issued a foreign official statement that was executed instructions literally and did not allow each coming from the European Union from entering the Great Jamahiriya has been their response to their countries to be sent senior European Union delegation and asked to see the Libyan authorities and made a formal apology and Haulo by all means in order to satisfy the leader Muammar al-Qathafi until it is reversed this decision … Those who know the glory and dignity and sovereignty have a special place in the same … Glory to the Leader Muammar al-Qathafi !



Men positions …

Bolivian President Evo Morales. Member of the MATHABA  global resistance to imperialism stand by men loyal and UN platform to glorify the leader Muammar al-Qathafi

and accuse America is committed with depleted uranium and other polluted weaponry bombed Libya and the attempt to kill  its leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

Which did not appeal to NATO mercenaries and could not bear the truth of the revolutionary leader of the leaders … 

Of Latin America and Asdro statement Atahj the moon faithful Ashraf men. A sincere tribute to the faithful and loyal and rebel led Almnazl President Evo Morales:

Believe it when he said:

 “I am Commander me millions”…

.Mu and Evor Morales of Bolivia


Morning Hamadein utter honest ..

Le sénateur Philippe Marini Updated: Saturday, 12 October 2013 24:45 | By The Editors, M6info by MSN
Senator Philippe Marini “regret” al-Qathafi

Le sénateur Philippe Marini &quot;regrette&quot; Kadhafi

Philippe Marini did react strongly when he wrote: “The influx of African refugees in Lampedusa and soon home makes me regret the demise of the Gaddafi regime in Libya”.

Friday afternoon, a boat carrying 230 immigrants was again, capsized off the coast of Malta and the Italian island, causing dozens of casualties.

On October 3, a shipwreck of the same type had been more than 300 deaths.


French Deputy regretted the departure of the “Great Jamahiriya” because of …


President of the Senate Finance Committee Senator Philippe Marinisaid, today’s French / Saturday / About The flow of refugees onLampedusa Italian

“make us regret the departure of the Great Jamahiriya of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.”

Marini explained in his Tweets on his account on the social networking site “Twitter“ that the flow of refugees, especially from Africa to Italy “and soon on France” leads us to regret the departure of the Gaddafi regime, in a comment on the repeated incidents of sinking boats carrying hundredsOf immigrants over the past few days.

He asked MP who belongs to the party “Union for a Popular Movement” (right opposition) “that comes from from Les Miserables, but drowned off the coast of Tunisia and Libya where hanging chaos”

The MP met with Tweets right-wing criticism on the part of the ruling Socialist Party, where a spokeswoman condemned the party, Laurence Rossignol, Marini’s position ..

She said in a press release that at a time when the world is sinking boats of migrants that it is a human tragedy, the French Senator sees as illegal migration and invasion process.






Publiée le 28 mars 2013

How far are you willing to go to change the world? The Illuminati are dumbing down society to bring on their New World Order! Being alert is the change we need… IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!!

Intro by RavenProDesign

President Obama’s leadership skills: He’s throwing a tantrum, acting like a “spoiled brat,” Allen West said.

“I can put it in very basic Southern terms: a spoiled brat child,” Mr. West said, during an interview with Newsmax. “We have been giving Barack Obama everything that he has wanted. We gave him a state senator position in Chicago, we gave him a U.S. Senate position out of the state of Illinois, unproven, untested, no resume, we gave him the presidency twice.”

But Mr. Obama isn’t satisfied, Mr. West said. And the result is predictable: It’s what happens when an overindulged child is denied, he said.

“So if you continue to reward bad behavior, you’re going to get more of that bad behavior,” Mr. West told Newsmax.

Mr. West also said that Mr. Obama’s childish behavior is rooted in his desire to enact radical change that turns the constitutional system of the nation’s government upside down.

“Five days before the election in 2008, he said that we were five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Mr. West said, in Newsmax. “And shame on the media for not challenging him and asking him what does that mean because America is a constitutional Republic.”

Under Mr. Obama’s watch, the nation is losing that belief system and instead moving toward an “imperial presidency,” he said.

© Copyright 2013 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.



Obama’s Double Discourse: Talking Peace While Making War

Global Research, October 11, 2013

Obama’s rhetorical exercise in ‘peace talk’ at the United Nations General Assembly impressed few delegations and even fewer Americans: Far more eloquent are his five years of wars, military interventions, cyber-spying, drone murders, military coups and the merciless prosecution of patriotic truth tellers.

If his ‘peace message’ fell flat, the explicit affirmations of imperial prerogatives, threats of military interventions and over two dozen (25) references to Israel as a ‘strategic ally’, confirmed the suspicions and fears that Obama was preparing for even more deadly wars.

Playing the ‘War Card’ in the Face of Massive Opposition

Obama’s UN speech took place at a time when his war policies have hit rock bottom both at home and abroad. After suffering at least two major diplomatic defeats and a string of negative polls, which revealed that a strong majority of Americans rejected his entire approach to foreign policy, Obama made an overture to Iran . Up to that point few delegates or citizens were impressed or entertained by his ‘new vision for US diplomacy’. According to many experts, it was vintage Obama, the con-man: talking peace while preparing new wars.

Nothing in the past six years warranted any hope that Obama would respond to new overtures for peace emanating from Iran , Syria or Palestine ; his habitual obedience to Israel would push for new wars on behalf of the Jewish State. At no point did Obama even acknowledge the sharp and outraged criticism by leading heads of state regarding his policy of cyber colonialism (massive spying) and his pursuit of imperial wars.

Obama’s Double Discourse: Talking Peace While Making War

At his 2009 inauguration, Barak Obama proclaimed, “We are going to have to take a new approach with a new emphasis on respect and a new willingness to talk.” And then he proceeded to launch more wars, armed interventions, clandestine operations and assassination campaigns in more countries than any US President in the last fifty years.

Obama’s record over the past five years reads:

(1) Continued war, slaughter and military bases in Iraq .

(2) A 40,000 plus US “troop surge” in Afghanistan

(3) An unprovoked assault against Libya , devastating the country, reducing oil production by 90%, throwing millions into chaos and poverty. and allowing a multitude of terrorist groups to divide the country and distribute its huge arsenal of weapons.

(4) Over 400 un-manned aerial drone attacks, murdering over 4,000 civilians in Pakistan , Yemen , Afghanistan and Somalia .

(5) Cross-border ground and air attacks in Pakistan and counter-insurgency warfare that forcing over 1.5 million refugees to flee the war zones.

(6) The arming and financing of ‘African Union’ mercenaries to invade and occupy Somalia , sending hundreds of thousands of Somalis into refugee camps.

(7) Unconditional support for Israel , including the ‘sale’ of advanced weapons and an annual $3 billion dollars ‘aid’ package to a racist regime intent on more land grabs in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem , as well as the displacing, killing, arresting and torturing of thousands of Palestinians and Bedouins.

(8) The sending of the US Naval armada to the Persian Gulf while imposing even more brutal economic sanctions drafted by Israeli-Firsters in order to strangle the Iranian economy and starve its over 70 million citizens into submission.

(9) Maintaining the notorious Guantanamo torture camp where hundreds of prisoners languish without trail (despite early promises to close it).

(10) Arming and training Islamist terrorists and ‘pro-Western’ mercenaries to invade Syria , killing over 100,000 Syrians and driving over one million refugees from their homes. Obama’s plans to bomb Syria are on hold, as of October 2013, thanks to Russian President Putin’s peace initiative.

(11) Engaging in grotesque global cyber-spying and the massive theft of highly confidential military, economic and political communications within allied nations (from Germany to Brazil ) at the highest levels.

(12) Unleashing a violent destabilization campaign in democratic Venezuela , following the defeat of the US candidate; Obama was the only leader in the world to refuse to recognize the election.

Altogether, Obama’s five years in office have been marked by his relentless pursuit of imperial power through arms and domination; This has come at enormous economic cost to the American people in the form of huge fiscal deficits and significant overseas and domestic political losses.

As a result, Obama’s rising tide of militarism has had the opposite effect of provoking a countercurrent of peace initiatives to challenge the assumptions and prerogatives of the war-mongers in the White House. The dynamics of this immense clash between the global war and peace forces will be played out in the next several months.

The Dynamics of Obama’s Foreign Policy

Obama’s future policy reflects the interplay between a highly militarized past and the tremendous current pressure for peace and diplomacy. The changes emerging from these powerful conflicting forces will have a decisive impact on the global configuration of power, as well as on the trajectory of the US economy for the foreseeable future.

We have proceeded by outlining in telegraphic form the principle events and policies defining Obama’s embrace of a militarist policy over the past five years. We will now proceed to highlight the current countervailing forces and events pressuring the White House to adopt a diplomatic and peaceful resolution of conflicts. We will identify the leading pro-war power configuration acting as an obstacle to peace. In the final section we will spell out the policy resulting from these conflicting forces.

The Dynamics of Peace against the Legacy of War

By the early fall 2013, powerful tendencies emerged which seemed to undermine or, at least, neutralize Washington ’s drive to new and more deadly wars. Eight major events constrained Washington ’s empire builders to temporarily rethink their immediate steps to war.

These include: (1) President Vladimir Putin’s proposal for Syria to destroy its chemical weapons, under UN supervision, denying the US its current pretext for bombing Damascus . The subsequent UN Security Council resolution, which was unanimously approved, did not contain the ‘war clause’ (Chapter 7) – thereby removing Washington ’s pretext to bomb Syria for ‘non-compliance’ to the tight time-table for disarming its chemical arsenal.

(2) Iran ’s President Rohani’s calls for peace and reconciliation, his offer to start prompt and consequential negotiations regarding Iran ’s nuclear program has isolated Israel and its Zionist agents in the international arena and forced Obama to reciprocate, resulting in a move toward US-Iranian negotiations.

(3) Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff’s, powerful denunciation of US cyber spying against her government, economy and citizens before the General Assembly resonated with the vast majority of political leaders. Coming from the most powerful economy in Latin America, the sixth largest economy in the world and a leading member of the BRICs, Rousseff’s rejection of US cyber-colonialism and its IT and telecommunication corporations and her call for national development, control and ownership of these communication networks, set a clear anti-colonial tone to the proceedings. Washington ’s response, its affirmation of its ‘right’ to spy on allies and their private citizens, as well as foes, has isolated Washington and found few supporters for such global cyber-imperial pretensions. To accommodate Brazil , Washington will be forced to enter into negotiations and acknowledge (if not comply with) Brazil ’s demands.

(4) US domestic public opinion, in the run-up to Putin’s diplomatic solution of the Syrian crisis, was overwhelmingly opposed to Obama’s moves to bomb Syria . By a margin of two to one, the American electorate opposed any new war; and Congress was prepared to heed its constituents, as letters were running nine to one against war. In other words, Obama lacked domestic support for attacking Syria and was under strong pressure to accept Putin’s diplomatic solution. The mass involvement of American citizens, at least temporarily, pushed back the war-mongers among Israel ’s wealthy and influential backers in Washington .

(5) Obama’s militarist foreign policy faces pressure from the Congressional deadlock over the budget and debt ceilings. Lacking a federal budget and with government offices closing, the White House has been forced to lay-off millions of military and civilian employees. Obama is not in a position to launch a costly new war, even if his Zionist patrons are “storming” Congress and clambering for one. The ‘fiscal crisis of the state’, which exploded in September 2013, is turning into a powerful political antidote to the policy of serial wars Obama undertook during his first five years in office. The debt-ceiling crisis and its aftermath further weaken the White House’s capacity and willingness to pursue an extended war agenda in the Middle East . Congress’s refusal to raise the debt ceiling, without budget reductions, could foreshadow a crisis in financial markets spreading to the world economy and leading to profound recession. The White House has its hands full trying to stabilize the domestic economy and placate Wall Street, thus weakening its willingness to engage in a new war.

One caveat: It is possible that, facing political divisions and an economic crisis, political adventurers and pro-Israel advisers might convince Obama to launch a war to ‘unify the country’ and ‘divert attention’ from his domestic debacle. A military distraction, of course, could backfire; it could be seen as a partisan ploy and deepen domestic divisions, especially if a US attack on Iran or Syria led to a wider war.

(6) The Snowden revelations of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) global spying have weakened the White House’s ties to its allies and heightened antagonism with its adversaries. Trust and co-operation, especially with regard to intelligence, have been weakened in Asia, Latin America and, to a lesser degree, in Europe . Several countries are discontinuing the use of US-IT companies which had collaborated with the NSA. By losing access to the communications of top officials in targeted countries, these revelations may have undermined Washington ’s global reach. Obama and Kerry’s outrageous justifications for spying on their allies and private citizens and their defense of intervention in cyber space have stirred up powerful political currents of anti-imperialism among major trade partners. At the UN General Assembly Bolivian President Evo Morales asserted, ‘The US is mistaken if it thinks it is the owner of the world’. His attack on US military imperialism, “… terrorism is combatted through social policy not with military bases”… resonated among the vast majority of UN delegates. In stark contrast, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bellicose speech received a hostile reception among those heads of state who didn’t simply walk out in disgust.

The Snowden disclosures of cyber-imperialism has seriously weakened the US capacity for war by exposing its intelligence operations and discrediting the war mongers associated with the NSA, making war planning more difficult.

The domestic and foreign forces, as well as world conditions for peace, would be overwhelming in any normal imperial system. But there is a ‘special factor’, a powerful ‘undertow’, which opposes the forces for peace, i.e. Israel and its US-based billionaire funded, 300,000 member-strong national and local Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) deeply embedded in government and civil society.

Against the Winds of Peace: The Zionist Power Configuration

On September 29, 2013, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu landed in New York , as part of an Israeli campaign to undermine world-wide support for a peaceful resolution of the war against Syria and the US-Iranian conflict. On September 30, Netayanhu met with President Obama and addressed the United Nations General Assembly the next day. Israel and Netanyahu represent the biggest and most powerful obstacle to the growing “tide of peace”. Given its status as a pariah state and the global community’s negative view of Israel and its bullying Prime Minister, Netanyahu has to rely almost exclusively on the US to maintain its monopoly of nuclear weapons in the region, its vast stockpile of chemical weapons and its military supremacy in the Middle East . The White House and the US Congress are crucial institutions backing Israel ’s ambition for uncontested hegemony in the Middle East . And the Zionist Power Configuration is decisive in setting US policy throughout the region.

The ZPC operates on several levels: (1) dozens of Zionist billionaires and millionaires fund Washington-based propaganda mills (so-called ‘think tanks’), an army of pro-Israel Middle East ‘experts’ and Ivy League publicists, the 52 major American Zionist organizations and their 300,00 zealous militants. They pour tens of millions of dollars into electoral campaigns throughout the country, rewarding compliant politicians who support any legislation or resolution submitted by Zionist politicos and lobbyists (while brutally punishing any congressional ‘dissenters)’.

(2) Dozens of Zionist zealots occupy key positions within the Administration, especially as appointees dealing with the Middle East and Treasury, ensuring that US policymakers impose economic sanctions on Israel ’s enemies and pursue wars in Israel ’s interests. They unconditionally back Israel in of its attacks on its neighbors and block any sanctioning vote in the UN. They make sure that Israel receives the most advanced weapons and the US Treasury pays its annual $3 billion-plus dollar tribute to the Jewish State.

(3)The Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations and their militants ensure local and national support for Israel , even at the expense of domestic US interests and priorities. The zealots actively intervene to ban, censor or threaten the employment of any critic of Israel or the ZPC – extending to the most mundane local level of harassment. They successfully limit the content and participants in the mass media, world affairs forums and university programs with their threats and bullying.

The mass media are controlled by pro-Israel moguls, news reporters and commentators who mold public perception of Israel claiming it to be a ‘bastion of democracy’ while labelling Iran a “terrorist Islamist dictatorship”. Media analyst Steve Lendman describes, in his article entitled, “Israel Launches Anti-Rohani Media Blitz”, Netanyahu’s repeated lies on questions pertaining to Iran ’s nuclear program and how the major US news media parrot Israel ’s bellicose propaganda. The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg back Netanyahu’s demand for harsh economic sanctions and threats of aggression against Iran . The Daily Alert , mouthpiece of the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organization, reproduces and circulates scores of libelous polemical diatribes denigrating President Rohani, and slavishly praise each and every bellicose eruption out from the mouths of Israeli politicians and generals. For example, leading Zionist propagandist, Jeffrey Goldberg calls President Rohani a “dishonest war monger” dismissing his peace overtures because he is not “ready to shut down his country’s nuclear program”. Aaron David Miller, another one of Israel ’s Washington intellectuals, echoes Netanyahu’s “concerns about wily Iranian mullahs bearing gifts” while demanding that the US government “take care of Israel ’s concerns”. The Zionist demand that the US “secure Israel ’s concerns” is a no brainer because the Jewish state is determined to strip Iran of its sovereignty, surrender its entire medical and civilian nuclear program and submit to Israeli regional hegemony…

The US and British press reported that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has launched their own ‘full- scale invasion’ of the US Congress, sending over 300 full-time lobbyists to sabotage any form of rapprochement between the US and Iran. Just prior to the UN General Assembly meeting, AIPAC militants were writing legislation for the US Congress, which imposed new additional sanctions to further undermine Iranian oil exports; their efforts secured “bi-partisan” support of over 300 members of Congress. While President Obama faces a divided Congress, the Israel-Firsters from AIPAC easily secure a near unanimous vote to scupper any diplomatic dialog between Washington and Teheran. These new extremist sanctions were dictated by the Israeli Foreign Office and are designed to sabotage any White House negotiations.

While some mainstream newspapers, like the Financial Times, describe the “suspicions in Congress which raise the bar for a deal”, they fail to mention the extraordinary intervention and influence of AIPAC in sowing these “suspicions” – and authoring all anti-Iran legislation over the past two years! The mass media covers up the central role of the ZPC in opposing a US dialogue with Iran , and in subverting the push for peace favored by the vast majority of war-weary and economically-battered Americans. Even ‘progressive and leftist’ weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies are silent on the overwhelming role of the ZPC. Leading left journalists systematically skirt around any in- depth discussion of the AIPAC and the 52 pro-Israel Jewish organizations in manipulating the US Congress, the mass media and the Executive branch.

Any writer who attends US legislative committee hearings on the Middle East or observes Congressional debates, or interviews Congressional staff-members and lobbyists, or reads AIPAC reports, can compile ample public documentation of the major role that Israel, through it US Zionist organizations and agents, plays in dictating US-Iran relations. Nothing illustrates the extreme power the ZPC exercises over US policy toward Iran than the thundering silence of ‘progressives’ over the central ZPC role in policymaking. Is it simply cowardice or fear of being slandered as an ‘anti-Semite’? Or is it fear of being excluded or blacklisted by major media and publications? Or is it complicity: Being ‘critical of privileges and power’ while selectively excluding mention of Zionist access and influence?

So we have the situation in the US today where the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu dictates the ‘negotiating terms’ to the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations. According to Netanyahu’s dictates, the Islamic Republic of Iran must stop all uranium enrichment – including that for medical, research and energy use, close the enrichment facilities at Qom , remove all enriched uranium and halt the production of plutonium. Having set these ridiculous, sovereignty-killing conditions on Iran and having the unconditional support of the entire ZPC, Netanyahu proceeds to sabotage the peaceful, diplomatic process via the lap-puppies in the US Congress. As one Washington pundit noted the Obama regime “is very conscious of the fact that Israeli views on Iran have a large influence (sic) on opinion in the US Congress”.

No country on any continent would or could accept the terms dictated by Israel and its Fifth Column in the US – terms that undermine national sovereignty. In fact, all countries with nuclear power facilities and advanced medical and research institutions engage in some or all of these activities. By setting these extremist terms, Netanyahu is in effect dooming the negotiations from the start and setting the stage for war, the so-called “military option” that both he and Obama agree would follow from a collapse in negotiations.

In a rational democratic world, most experts would argue that the new alignment of forces for peace, including the vast and growing domestic opposition to new wars and world public opinion in favor of President Rohani’s overtures for negotiations, the US could easily ignore Israel’s war mongering. But a more realistic and reflective analysis, however, would argue that the negotiations will only proceed with great difficulty, especially in the face of ZPC sabotage in adding new sanctions rather than a good-faith act of cutting or reducing the current sanctions.

The Israeli-ZPC ‘war offensive’ went into high gear precisely at the moment when world public opinion, the UN and even the White House enthusiastically welcomed the peace overtures from newly elected Iranian President Rohani.

The purpose was to sabotage any dialogue with Iran before they even began. The ZPC took the following measures:

1. AIPAC and its clients in the US Congress have circulated new harsh sanctions and rapidly signed up dozens of Congressional supporters. The entire Zionist apparatus, led by the ‘52 Presidents of the Major Jewish American Organizations’, backed the latest and most severe sanctions against the Iranian oil industry. They followed Netanyahu’s dictate to make the Iranian economy collapse. The purpose of the ZPC is to create the worst possible conditions for negotiations – undermining the ‘goodwill’ following Obama’s gestures (the phone conversation with Rohani) and sure to provoke widespread opposition among the sanction-weary Iranian population against a US-Iran dialogue.

2. The notorious Israeli spy outfit, Mossad, was most probably involved in the brutal assassination of Iran’s official in charge of cyber-defense, Mojtaba Ahmadi. Most experts agree that, since 2007, Israel’s intelligence agency has been behind the horrific assassinations of five Iranian nuclear engineers and scientists, as well as the head of their ballistic missile program. The timing of the current Mossad outrage is designed to further poison the climate for US-Iranian negotiations, even though the victim this time is not directly linked to Iran’s nuclear program.

3. Netanyahu’s speech to the General Assembly was pure corrosive vitriol, character assassination and fabrication. He made constant reference to Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’, although on-site reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency and sixteen US intelligence agencies have repeatedly shown that no such program exists. Nevertheless, thanks to the power and influence of the ZPC, Netanyahu’s venomous message was relayed by all the major media and picked up and repeated by influential pro-Israel think tanks, academics and pundits. Netanyahu unleashed the Zionist pro-war propaganda machine to energize Jewish powerbrokers to ‘put the squeeze’ on the White House. The effect was immediate: Obama rushed out to parrot Netanyahu’s lies that Iran had a nuclear weapons program. Secretary of State Kerry obediently pledged to keep ‘the military option’ for dealing with Iran ‘on the table’ – in other words, the threat of a unilateral attack. UN Ambassador Samantha Power demanded the newly elected President Rohani make immediate concessions in order to prove his “seriousness”.

Conclusion: World Peace or Zionist War ?

Recent political and diplomatic changes provide the world community with a measure of optimism regarding the prospects for peace. Under intense pressure from US public opinion, Obama temporarily went along with Russian President Putin’s diplomatic approach over chemical weapons in Syria.

The UN General Assembly’s favorable response to Iranian President Rohani’s call for dialogue has compelled Obama to openly consider direct negotiations with Teheran over its nuclear program.

World public opinion, favorable interlocutors in Iran, bold diplomatic initiatives from Russia, and cooperative behavior from Damascus, all events pointing to a peaceful resolution of current Middle East conflicts, face a formidable enemy embedded in the very centers of power in the United States, the ZPC, which acts on behalf of the ultra-militarist Israeli state.

Over the years, the ZPC has successfully pushed for crippling sanctions and wars against a number of Israel’s regional opponents. Leading Zionists in the Bush regime fabricated the myth of Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ leading the US to invade, occupy and destroy Iraq, despite massive opposition from the US public on the eve of the invasion. Zionists in US Treasury and in the White House slapped broad economic sanctions on Iraq, Iran and Syria – preventing the biggest US oil companies from investing and trading with these resource-rich nations, which cost ‘Big Oil’ close to $500 billion in lost revenues. An empirical study of congressional committees, legislative debates, resolutions and voting behavior demonstrates that the ZPC co-authored the sanction legislation and administrators, linked to the ZPC, implemented the measures.

The popular notion that ‘Big Oil’ was responsible for these wars and sanctions, as part of some scheme to take over the oil production facilities of Iraq and Iran, lacks empirical basis. The ZPC defeated ‘Big Oil’: Exon, Mobil and Chevron were no match for the ZPC when it came to penetrating Congress, authoring legislation, mobilizing billionaires to fund Congressional campaigns, organizing thousands of zealous militants or influencing the mass media – including the Wall Street Journal. The governments of billions of poor people in Africa, Asia and Latin America can only dream of the annual $3 billion dollar tribute that the ZPC secures for Israel from the American tax-payers for the past 30-plus years.

The UN Security Council and its Human Rights Commission are powerless to sanction Israel for its war crimes because the ZPC guarantees a US veto of any resolution. Despite the opposition of the entire Muslim world, the ZPC ensures that Washington will continue to support Israel’s colonial expansion and land grabs in the occupied Palestinian territory, and its bombing of Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Sudan. In other words, the ZPC has successfully undermined the interests of the biggest US multi-national corporations, the position of the UN Security Council and the needs of billions of poor in the Third World. The ZPC induces the US to start prolonged brutal wars costing the US economy over a trillion dollars and totally destroying six sovereign countries (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia). Today Israel and the ZPC set the terms for US-Iran negotiations – dooming them to failure. The mass media echo Netanyahu’s scurrilous (and infantile) characterization of President Rohani as ‘untrustworthy’, and a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. And US Secretary of State John Kerry parrots Netanyahu’s lies about Iran’s nuclear arms program. Shortly after his talk with Rohani, US President Obama dutifully made his report of the entire conversation to Netanyahu – seeking Israel’s approval. Obama then met with his Israeli ‘handlers’ and pledged fealty to the interests of Israel, bleating out that ‘military option (to attack Iran) is still on the table’. For the one hundred and ninety-first time (over the past year) President Obama pledged the US’ unconditional support to defend Israel. Like a broken record (or broken political hack), Obama repeated that “Israel must (sic) reserve the right to take military action against Iran it if feels threatened by Iran”.

The Zionist propaganda apparatus has set the terms for the US government with regard to Iran. Tel Aviv orders and the ZPC demands that Obama ‘negotiate’ under Israeli terms. Iran, the ZPC insists, must provide detailed information on its military bases and defenses, end its legal enrichment of uranium for civilian use, turn over its existing stockpiles, end the production of plutonium at the Arak facility, dismantle the underground research facilities at Fordow and cease the conversion of first generation centrifuges to more efficient second generation ones.

President Obama might then permit the Iranians to enrich uranium to about 3.5 percent, operate a few primitive centrifuges and maintain a tiny stock of enriched uranium – for medical purposes…. These are condition which Israel and the ZPC know that no free and independent country or national leader would ever accept. The Zionists seek to sabotage diplomacy in order to push the US into another Gulf war which they believe will establish Israel as the un-challenged regional hegemon.

It is essential for the peace camp in the United States to expose the role of the ZPC in dictating the US negotiating terms with Iran and publicly repudiate its control over the US Congress and the White House. Otherwise the majority of Americans who favor peace and diplomacy will have no influence in shaping US-Iran relations. The problem is that the majority of anti-war Americans and the international community cannot match the billionaire Jewish Zionists in buying and controlling the members of the US Congress. AIPAC has no rival among Christians, Muslims or even anti-Zionist Jews. The pro- peace Pope Francis from his pulpit in the Vatican cannot match the power of the Presidents of the 52 Major Jewish American Organizations whose militants can literally “storm Washington ” and push the US into war!

Until the 99% of non-Zionist Americans (off all ethnicities and persuasions) organize as a coherent force to push back the tiny 1% – Israel’s Fifth Column – all the hopes for peace wakened by President Putin initiative on Syria and President Rohani’s diplomatic opening at the United Nation, will collapse. Worse, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will again lead an American President, Obama, by the nose, from sabotaged diplomacy into another costly Gulf War, one in which thousands of US soldiers (not a single Zionist among them) and tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of Iranians will perish!



Adjust the Libyans at  Cairo Airport in possession of a list of assassinations

Managed security authorities at Cairo International Airport shortly before the arrest of a Libyan passenger , tried to smuggle a number of cassette tapes ,

and blogger on each list assassinations of Libyan figures and Egypt .

A source at the airport , said Major Ahmed Baher of insurance management suspected in passenger Libyan ” Mohamed M. E. “, ” bearded ” and suspected

of belonging to a militant groups , while Check traveling on a Libyan plane bound for Tripoli, and searched his belongings found a bag full of ribbons

Cassette blogger User assassinations , bombings and suicide attacks, was a reservation on the bag , and is being checked by the security authorities .
ضبط ليبيى في مطار القاهرة وبحوزته قائمة اغتيالات

تمكنت السلطات الأمنية بمطار القاهرة الدولى قبل قليل من إلقاء القبض على راكب ليبى، حاول تهريب عدد من شرائط الكاسيت، ومدون على كل منها قائمة بالاغتيالات لشخصيات ليبية و مصرية.

وقال مصدر بالمطار، إن الرائد أحمد باهر من إدارة التأمين اشتبه فى الراكب الليبى “محمد م إ”، “ملتحى” ويشتبه فى انتمائه لأحد الجماعات المتشددة ، أثناء إنهاء إجراءات سفره على الطائرة الليبية المتجهة إلى طرابلس، وبتفتيش متعلقاته تبين وجود حقيبة مليئة بشرائط كاسيت مدون عليها قوائم بالاغتيالات والتفجيرات والعمليات الانتحارية، وتم التحفظ على الحقيبة، وجارٍ فحصها بمعرفة الجهات الأمنية.

بنت الوادي

Libyan passenger Arrested at Cairo airport having  in possession of lists of assassinations and bombings in Libya

Through the security at the Cairo airport on Saturday  they arrested a Libyan passenger who  belongs into the religious groups, he was carrying cassette tapes which contain lists and methods of assassinations, bombings and suicide attacks and sit-ins in, traveling to Libya. Where security sources said at Cairo airport that during  the check-in passengers to the  Libyan plane flights to Tripoli, there was a suspected person named Musharraf at the lounge with travelling bags  was asked to open and shows a bag full of large quantities of cassette tapes, papers that contain lists assassinations of figures many, and ways to implement and how to conduct bombings and suicide attacks,  the methods and how to implement the sit-ins. The sources added that he has been reported to the security authorities, which began the investigation with the passenger to see the religious groups, and jihadist organizations to which he belongs and how it relates to terrorist groups operating in Egypt and Libya.



The start of the emergency summit of the African Union on relations with the International Criminal Court

And the African Union agreed on the Kenyan president’s failure to appear before the International Criminal refused to postpone the trial.



REPRINT from 23 MARCH 2011:

Coalition of Crusaders Join with al Qaeda to Oust Qaddafi and Roll Back Libyan Revolution

Wed, 23 MARCH 2011 – 07:49 Gerald A. Perreira
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Mu and Africa

by Gerald A. Perreira

The West – the former colonial powers and the United States – have not only coordinated their assault on Libya, but orchestrated the rebellion

against Col. Qaddafi from the start, says the author. Qaddafi’s claim that al Qaeda is involved is only dismissed by those who fail to understand

that “al Qaeda is a Wahhabi/Salafi ideological movement and it has reinvigorated Salafi movements and cells worldwide.” Qaddafi deserves support

at this critical hour, as “a revolutionary leader who has consistently opposed western hegemony in the Arab and African World.”

Coalition of Crusaders Join with al Qaeda to Oust Qaddafi and Roll Back Libyan Revolution

by Gerald A. Perreira

This article previously appeared in Global Breaking News.

It is now crystal clear that this rebellion in Benghazi was an orchestrated attempt, supported by foreign sources, to use the events taking place across North Africa as a cover for the overthrow of the Libyan revolution.

A coalition of Crusaders, as Qaddafi described them, including the US, Britain, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Canada, have begun an all out military assault against Libya. Using what Libya claims is an invalid and illegal UN resolution as a pretext, the coalition is pounding the Libyan defense forces with a military might that has not been seen since the Gulf war.

The real and illegal goal of what has been called Operation “Odyssey Dawn” is “regime change.” A replay of the nightmarish Gulf war scenario, the plan is clear: to disable Libya’s defense ability, and to arm and strengthen the reactionary conglomerate of rebel forces in Benghazi, in the hope that this rag tag bunch will roll back, once and for all, the Libyan revolution.

This is not the first imperialist attempt to lynch Qaddafi and bring Libya to its knees. In 1986, the US falsely accused Libya of the bombing of a discotheque in Berlin and Reagan attempted to assassinate Qaddafi, by bombing the Bab al-Azizia compound in Tripoli where he was housed, killing Qaddafi’s daughter and over one hundred Libyans. Next, Libya was falsely accused of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing as an excuse for initiating sanctions, in order to economically cripple the revolution.

Not the first time Britain and al Qaeda have collaborated on Libya

In 1996, British intelligence employed the services of an al Qaeda cell inside Libya, paying them a huge fee to assassinate Muammar Qaddafi. A grenade was lobbed at Qaddafi as he walked among a crowd in his hometown, Sirte. He was saved by one of his bodyguards, who threw herself on the grenade.

Former MI5 operative David Shayler revealed that while he was working on the Libya desk in the mid 90s, British secret service personnel were collaborating with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is connected to one of Osama bin Laden’s trusted lieutenants.

Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan revolutionary forces were the first to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden. They have spent years trying to warn the world about the very serious threat posed by these Islamic deviants. According to Shayler, western intelligence turned a deaf ear to Libya’s warnings because they were actually working with the al Qaeda group inside Libya, to bring down Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution.

In the mid 90s, British secret service personnel were collaborating with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”

Anas al Libi was a member of the Libyan al-Qaeda cell. He remains on the US government’s most wanted list, with a reward of $25 million for his capture, and is wanted for his involvement in the African embassy bombings. al Libi was with bin Laden in Sudan before the al Qaeda leader returned to Afghanistan in 1996.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, despite being a high-level al Qaeda operative, al Libi

was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

The claims by Qaddafi and the Libyan revolutionary forces that the rebels in Benghazi are inspired by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the serious threat this poses, not only to Libya but to the entire region, are once again falling on deaf ears, just as David Shayler said they did back in the mid 90s. Why? Because once again, British intelligence forces, among others, are clearly in collaboration with the rebels in Benghazi – those referred to all over Libya as the ‘bearded ones’, who have close ties to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The evidence for this is overwhelming. As revealed by Shayler, the British have a long standing relationship with the al Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, based inside Libya. The British also have an historical relationship with the Wahhabi/Salafi brand of Islam, espoused today by Ikhwan al Muslimeen (Mulsim Brotherhood) and their offshoots, including al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

A Battle with a Long History

In 1744, an alliance was formed between the founder of Wahhabism, Muhammad ibn Abdal-Wahhab and the ruthless tribal leader, Muhammad ibn Saud, whose descendants rule Saudi Arabia up to today. This reactionary brand of Islam was the perfect theological foundation for the colonial creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Wahhabism remains the official Islamic tendency in Saudi Arabia up till today. In 1915, the British entered into a treaty with the murderous House of Saud, protecting their lands and supplying them with weaponry, as part of the colonial project to establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the British did everything they could to help the Wahhabist doctrine to flourish, recognizing it as the perfect ideological tool to further their imperialist objectives. Some scholars have argued that the British actually helped to create Wahhabism.

Imagine, today, the British are calling on the descendants of Muhammad ibn Saud, the current Saudi regime, and their present day army of Wahhabis in the form of al Qaeda, to join in a medieval crusade to crush a bastion of revolutionary Islam, which is present day Libya. And the contradictions verify this. We have to wonder why a Saudi government official can say on BBC that “to allow the people to choose their own government is a very bad thing”, and why, with all the Western outcry about women’s rights in the Muslim world, the Saudi regime, which does not even allow women to vote or drive motorcars, is never questioned. Instead they are the ones that the Americans, British, and French are calling on to join them in the destruction of Libya which has liberated women and struggled to bring real democracy to its people.

Benghazi has been the center for those who have consistently opposed the liberatory Islam articulated by Qaddafi.”

As early as the mid 19th century, Wahhabi fundamentalism was imported into Benghazi by the reactionary and feudal Senussi fraternity. The influence of this tendency has been passed on from generation to generation, and Benghazi has been the center for those who have consistently opposed the liberatory Islam articulated by Qaddafi and implemented by the Libyan revolution.

The Muslims of Benghazi, who embrace the same ideology as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and have done for the last hundred years or more, have been reinvigorated in the last few years by AQIM’s presence on Libya’s borders. There is a renewed interest in the possibility of achieving the stated goal of AQIM, which is the establishment of an Wahhabi Islamic Emirate in the Maghreb, stretching over the entire North African region. When we understand the history of this region, we realize why the imperialists have not gone out of their way to find Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri and how and why these reactionary forces and doctrines are actually encouraged by western powers.

To understand Qaddafi’s current claims about al Qaeda in the Maghreb, we have to understand both the history of this current battle and also the present day chapter: how al Qaeda affiliated organizations operate in the region in 2011. There is a deliberate attempt to misguide the uninformed with the suggestion that Qaddafi is throwing up a simplistic image of Osama bin Laden directing the rebellion in Benghazi from a cave somewhere, as a scare tactic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We must understand how al Qaeda affiliated organizations operate in the region in 2011.”

Qaddafi is well aware of the reactionary aims of Wahhabism and understands only too well their modus operandi in the region. Being affiliated to al Qaeda does not mean that each cell refers to an al Qaeda central command. Rather, al Qaeda is a Wahhabi/Salafi ideological movement and it has reinvigorated Salafi movements and cells worldwide. The term Salafi simply refers to a contemporary strain of Wahhabism.

If there remains any skepticism regarding Qaddafi’s claims, let us turn to the Washington based think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, which gives us a description of AQIM’s operations in the region.

On their official website they state:

Terrorist activity in North Africa has been reinvigorated in the last few years by a local Algerian Islamist group turned pan-Maghreb jihadi organization: al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). A Sunni group that previously called itself the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), the organization has taken responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks in the region, declared its intention to attack Western targets, and sent a squad of jihadis to Iraq. Experts believe these actions suggest widening ambitions within the group’s leadership, now pursuing a more global, sophisticated, and better-financed direction. Long categorized as part of a strictly domestic insurgency against Algeria’s military government, AQIM claims to be the local franchise operation for al Qaeda, a worrying development for a region that has been relatively peaceful since the bloody Algerian civil war of the 1990s drew to a close. European officials are taking AQIM’s international threats seriously and are worried about the growing number of Europe-based cells.”

The Struggle Continues

This current battle in Benghazi is not new in Libya. For many years, the revolutionary forces have been struggling to keep this feudal, reactionary brand of Islam in check.

On February 24th, 2011, at the very outset of the Benghazi rebellion, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb posted the following statement on the al Qaeda affiliated al Fajr website: “We declare our support for the legitimate demands of the Libyan revolution. We assert to our people in Libya that we are with you and will not let you down, God willing. We will give everything we have to support you, with God’s grace.”

A few days after this statement was issued by AQIM, al Libi resurfaced. The same al Libi exposed by David Shayler as an al Qaeda operative working inside Libya back in the 90s. Now a top al Qaeda commander based in Afghanistan, he urged his countrymen to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi’s regime and establish Islamic rule. Al Libi, a pseudonym that means ‘the Libyan’ in Arabic, said in a video, produced by As-Sahab, the media wing of al Qaeda, that “it would bring shame to the Libyan people if the strongman (Qaddafi) were allowed to die a peaceful death”.

Al Qaeda and Drugs in the Maghreb

Libya’s revolutionary forces have also made continual references to the fact that there are drug problems in the region and that many of the young people are affected. Once again, this claim was scoffed at by Western media and analysts, who are ill informed about what is actually taking place on the ground.

As recently as November 2010, Moroccan police detained 34 people with ties to al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb, attempting to move 1,300 pounds of cocaine through the country.

Moroccan Interior Minister, Taieb Cherquaoui said “We are dealing with an apparent coordination and collaboration between drug traffickers and terrorists linked to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.”

He added that the leader of AQIM’s drug ring was detained in Mali, and he stated that the international drug peddling ring involved local Moroccan drug traffickers, who were collaborating with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, as well as cartels in Latin America.

Until recently, Moroccan authorities have been able to keep the actions of al Qaeda inside Morocco at bay. The drug activity, however, has now revealed the extremist organization’s growing network, and the interior minister expressed “the urgent need for the Sahel countries to collaborate to secure their territories and to fight the group’s expansion.”

Tragically, the “coalition of crusaders” has seen fit to pound Qaddafi’s defense installations, thereby preventing Libya from being able to challenge AQIM’s expansion into their sovereign territory.

In a further development on this front, the Wahhabi spiritual leader of Ikhwan al Muslimeen, Egyptian cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, issued a fatwa stating that any Libyan soldier who can shoot dead embattled leader Muammar Qaddafi should do so “to rid Libya of him.”

Qaradawi is a neo-feudalist, who has defended the practice of female genital mutilation, called for the death penalty to be applied to those who leave Islam and advocates separate systems of law for different classes of citizens. Such are the views of those who are opposing Muammar Qaddafi.

Qaddafi stated clearly that the destabilization of Libya’s eastern cities was being inspired and assisted by al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb.”

In a letter to Barak al Hussein Obama and in a separate letter to Sarkozy, Cameron and Banki Moon hours before the coalition launched its first military strikes, Qaddafi stated clearly that the destabilization of Libya’s eastern cities was being inspired and assisted by al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb, and he invited member states of the coalition to come to Libya and confirm this reality for themselves.

Of course, just as the war in Iraq was not about establishing the truth regarding weapons of mass destruction, this war against Libya was not about discovering the truth of events on the ground or verifying Qaddafi’s claims. When we understand the historical and present day facts, we realize that the crusader coalition is well aware of exactly who they are fighting and who they are supporting. In fact, that is why they were in such a hurry to act – to prevent any international fact finding mission which would verify Qaddafi’s claims for the world to see.

In the letter to Obama, Qaddafi asked him if al Qaeda was occupying American cities what Obama would do so that he (Qaddafi) could follow his lead. All to no avail, because Qaddafi has been demonised to the point of being inhuman and therefore not requiring even the courtesy of a response. Named by US media as the Castro of the Middle East there is only one aim – remove him by any means necessary.


In contrast to the Wahhabis and the neo-colonial regimes in the region, Qaddafi is a revolutionary leader who has consistently opposed western hegemony in the Arab and African World. Libya’s revolution has, for the past three decades, assisted liberation movements all over the world struggling against neo-colonialism and imperialism.

Libya’s oil resources are of course a factor. We know for sure that control of oil resources is a top priority for the the US and Europe. but even more worrying for the imperialists is Qaddafi’s call for a United States of Africa – with one government, one army and one currency.

Not surprisingly, the actions taken against Qaddafi and Libya are in stark contrast to western inaction with regard to events on the ground in other countries in the region such as Yemen, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, where protesters are being shot in the streets. In the case of Bahrain, protesters are being brutally suppressed with the assistance of invading Saudi ground forces and in Saudi Arabia itself, the regime has told its people that “anyone who raises a finger against the Saudi monarchy will have their finger cut off!.”

The so-called international community can barely name their long time partner in crime, Saudi Arabia, in their pronouncements, such is their support for this most undemocratic of regimes. In fact, far from condemning the actions of these governments, the Crusading coalition is frantically trying to get some of these same Arab countries to actively join the military operation against Libya so that this whole thing does not look like another US and European led aggression.

Are we going to hear impassioned pleas regarding the aspirations of the people of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? Are the US, Britain and France going to launch attacks on Yemen and Bahrain to assist the uprisings there to achieve regime change. I don’t think so.

Arab League legitimizes Crusade

The Arab League endorsed this imperialist attack on Libyan soil despite the nightmare of Iraq, where the number of civilian deaths has now reached one and a half million. It is an honor for Qaddafi to have no support among this league of bloated imperialist surrogates. At a recent meeting, he told them, prophetically it now seems, that they should be ashamed of themselves, having sat by and watched the US hang the entire leadership of the Iraqi Arab Ba’ath regime. It should be noted that although there were serious ideological and political differences between Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein, Libya took a principled position regarding hostile external aggression against Iraq. A few days ago, the National Leadership of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party issued a statement expressing solidarity with the revolutionary forces of Libya.

The Arab League has been consistently embarrassed by Qaddafi’s outspoken criticism of their double standards and hypocrisy with regard to Palestine, Iraq and a host of other issues, they are terrified by Qaddafi’s revolutionary Islam, and are contemptuous of Black Africa and Qaddafi’s attempts to bring about African-Arab unity.

Recently, when Qaddafi urged Libyans to intermarry with Africans, following the example of Prophet Muhammad himself, who encouraged intermarriage between races, Libyan and Arab contempt for Black Africans re-surfaced. Extremely few fair skinned Arabs would sanction the marriage of their daughters to a Black African. Rarely do fair skinned Libyans marry Black Libyans. Their disdain for Black people runs deep.

The Arab League are terrified by Qaddafi’s revolutionary Islam, and are contemptuous of Black Africa and Qaddafi’s attempts to bring about African-Arab unity.”

In fact, across other Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the Gulf States, the horror stories emerging regarding the mistreatment of African domestic servants is reminiscent of the kind of treatment meted out to Black people during the days of chattel slavery. So a project for the development and unification of all of Africa, uniting, on equal terms, the ‘Arab’ north with Black Africa, is not close to the hearts of many fair skinned Arabs. Qaddafi is an exception to the rule.

In his book “Islam and the Third Universal Theory: The Religious Thought of Muammar Qaddafi,” the respected Muslim scholar, Mahmoud Ayoub, states that:

he (Qaddafi) wishes to follow the example of the Prophet who fought with such determination against oppression and inequality in society that Bilal, the Black slave, became equal with his master Umayyah. He sees his own mission and the task of the

Libyan revolution as having the same motivations and goal for modern Muslim society. The basic aim of the Green Book is to present in general and contemporary terms the ideals of justice and equality which Qaddafi sees in the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet and his community.”

And what of Libya’s African neighbors?

‘A Million Man March’

Already an estimated 16,000 African freedom fighters (not mercenaries as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera would have us believe) have poured into Libya from the Congo, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso to fight to the death for the Libyan revolution and Brother Muammar Al Qaddafi.

According to an official in northern Mali, hundreds of young Tuaregs from Mali and Niger are also among the African fighters, “We’re very worried”, said Assalat Ag Abdou Salam, president of the Regional Assembly of Kidal, “These young people are moving in droves to Libya. It’s very dangerous for us because whether Qaddafi wins or falls the impact will be felt in our region.”

We are witnessing a Pan-African unity on the ground that we have never seen before. Who is this man and this revolution that has the moral authority and power to draw an army of Africans from every corner of the continent?

One Tripoli resident answered with the following statement: “Qaddafi is our Che Guevara, and for Libyans and many people around the world, he is a symbol of freedom and democracy.”

An estimated 16,000 African freedom fighters have poured into Libya.”

He explained that the West does not understand Libya and the age old tribal and religious battles that are being waged, and pointed out, that even if Qaddafi was to leave Libya, these armed gangs and tribes would fight till judgment day. He added that it is Qaddafi who has tried for the last 40 years to overcome these age old conflicts and the backwardness that accompanies them, and build real democracy, through a system of people’s congresses and popular committees.

He finished by saying that “the West does not know this man but that they would surely come to know who he is now.”

The Pan-Africanism we are finally witnessing is not the ivory tower academic brand, which has been viewed as relatively harmless and ineffective by the imperialists, but a grassroots Pan-Africanism – bottom up – which has given birth to the continent’s first Pan-African army, willing to lay down their lives for a revolution and a leader that they love and to whom they owe a great deal.

Many of these fighters and liberation movements have received education, military training and assistance from Libya when they were battling imperialist backed despotic regimes in their own countries, and now they are determined to defend the man and country who stood by them in their darkest hour. This attack on Libya has serious repercussions for the entire African continent.

The Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) travelled to Libya to meet with Qaddafi face to face and express their support and solidarity. They issued a statement expressing “their support to Qaddafi, who had been crucial to the PAC during the days of apartheid in South Africa.” 
“We have a long cooperation with Qaddafi himself and Libya. Our cadres were trained in Libya by Qaddafi and a friend is a friend no matter what,” said the party’s spokesman,

Mzwanele Nyhontso.

Qaddafi has been a friend to all oppressed peoples throughout the world. There is hardly a liberation movement that has not been helped in some way by Qaddafi and Libya over the past three decades. He is our friend and brother and let’s hope everyone is clear on who our enemies are.

The Emperor is naked – what’s new?

Of course, imperialist maneuvers and crusades similar to this current one have been on going for centuries. In more recent times, from Vietnam to Iraq, we have seen the same scenario played out based on a litany of lies. So what is different this time around?

Certainly not the lying part – they are still weaving their usual web of lies. The African freedom fighter Kwame Ture, who had close ties with the Libyan revolution, warned us that “the imperialists don’t just lie sometimes, they lie all the time.”

What is different is that things are changing for the imperialists as the world plunges deeper and deeper into chaos, and their ability to influence affairs worldwide is diminishing rapidly. In the midst of rebellions all over the Arab world, what is clear is that fewer and fewer people give a damn what the US and Europe thinks. So they saw fit to take desperate measures in an attempt to regain some political hegemony and limit the demise of their strategic influence in the region.

Even as Mussa Kussa, the Libyan Foreign Minister, announced a cease fire and the Libyan authorities determination to accept the UN resolution and utilize it in a positive way, the French and British were in a frenzy, trying to get international support for military strikes against the Libyan forces. We have witnessed their war mongering before, however, they were quite literally foaming at the bit this time.

The imperialists will become more and more desperate in their attempts to regain their influence.”

Such a frenzy can only be understood against a backdrop of their dwindling ability to dominate. Even in the economic sphere, their power is decreasing, as China, India and Brazil emerge as vital new trading partners in Africa and South America. In the words of Kwame Nkrumah, “Neo-colonialism is not a sign of imperialism’s strength, but rather of its last hideous gasp”.

In 2011, the imperialists have brought the world to the brink of disaster. At an economic summit, at the outset of the current ongoing global capitalist crisis, former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, publicly told the gathering that “the credit crunch was the fault of white, blue-eyed people.”

As the capitalist crisis worsens, and the world plunges deeper and deeper into chaos, the imperialists will become more and more desperate in their attempts to regain their influence and direct events worldwide as they are used to doing. Events which they are increasingly incapable of comprehending – not only because of the speed at which these events are occurring, but also because of the complexity of the events and the paradigm shifts taking place, that are, quite simply, far outside their western imagination.

Furthermore, they have lost all credibility as the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles continue. The Emperor is naked, and the hypocrisy of the Empire has become so transparent, that even the least informed observers are finally realizing that something is horribly wrong.

A Last Hideous Gasp?

Imperialism is experiencing its “last hideous gasp” and it is imperative for progressive and revolutionary movements worldwide to seize this moment and to oppose this current assault with all of our collective strength. Those who still struggle to see the wood from the trees remain enablers of the continued enslavement of our people. As Pan-Africanists we need to come together as never before to defend this brother and the Libyan Al Fateh revolution.

Sadly, the African Union has become another impotent international body with a neo-colonial mindset, due to the fact that unfortunately, a number of member states are still imperialist facilitators. The Pan-Africanist scholar, Chinweizu, calls these facilitaors of imperialism “leaders in Africa,” because, as he points out, they are not “African leaders.”

Despite this, the African Union, under the guidance of progressive members, have managed to take a principled stand on Libya. In a statement issued by the AU Peace and Security Council, headed by Zimbabwe, they unanimously opposed any foreign military intervention and recognised the unity and territorial sovereignty of the North African State of Libya. The statement went on to call for “an urgent African action for the immediate cessation of all hostilities.”

How good and how pleasant it would be, before God and man…
Muammar Qaddafi has a vision for Africa – a United States of Africa – with one government, one army and one currency. Of course, if this were to happen, it would shift the balance of power globally. The well documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all African resources and raw materials to the western nations for just one week – the United States and Europe would grind to a halt – they are that dependent on Africa and are therefore determined to maintain their ability to control events on the continent.

Control over Africa’s affairs has always been a priority for the imperialist project. As Minister Louis Farrakhan pointed out many years ago at a conference in Libya, “Europe and the US cannot go forward into the new century without unfettered access to the vast natural resources of Africa” and he added that “Qaddafi is one who stands in their way.”

If they cannot maintain control, then at least they must try to maintain Africa’s divisions, thereby ensuring it is always in a position of weakness. African unity and true independence is something white supremacy, in all of its manifestations – capitalism, imperialism and neo-colonialism – will oppose with all its might.

When Sarkozy the clown, to quote Saif Qaddafi, made his ridiculous pronouncement recognizing the rag tag conglomerate of reactionaries in Benghazi as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people, and Hillarity rushed to meet with the “Libyan opposition,” the sinister imperialist plot began to unfold. Their mission was certainly not to “protect innocent civilians.” They had from the outset, very clearly chosen a side and now, as they bombard the Libyan revolutionary forces we know without any doubt, whose side they are on.

If they cannot maintain control, then at least they must try to maintain Africa’s divisions.”

Their plot further unraveled, when a Dutch helicopter, carrying Dutch marines on some kind of sabotage/espionage mission was captured right inside Libyan territory. The Dutch government finally acknowledged that its warship, the Tromp, was offshore in the sea off Sirte and the captured helicopter had lifted-off from there. If the rebellion in Benghazi was, as the media has reported, “a spontaneous rebellion, like others in the region,” then the Dutch were surprisingly well prepared. Actually, it would have been impossible for them to arrive so swiftly at the scene, and so they had to have had prior knowledge of what was taking place. It is now crystal clear that this rebellion in Benghazi was an orchestrated attempt, supported by foreign sources, to use the events taking place across North Africa as a cover for the overthrow of the Libyan revolution.

And then there was William Hague’s brazen landing of the British SAS personnel inside Libyan territory to make contact with the al Qaeda inspired rebels. Of course it is no surprise that the British and al Qaeda are on the same side – as noted above they have been collaborating to destroy Libya for a very long time. Reactionaries inevitably end up dovetailing, and a partnership with the imperialists is after all where al Qaeda had its beginnings: as a US instrument in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. George Bush Senior had close ties with the Taliban, and Ronald Reagan poured millions of dollars into assisting the Jihadists in Afghanistan, the forerunners of al Qaeda, which means ‘the base’, and refers to a data base of Mujahideen from numerous countries, compiled with the help of the CIA.

Many Battlefronts

In addition to the battle between “true religion and false religion” to paraphrase the Muslim revolutionary thinker, Ali Shariati, there is another major battlefront in Libya. It is the battle between Black Africans and those fair skinned ‘Arab settlers’, who embrace a “separatist” stance, refusing to acknowledge their African heritage, and who want little to do with the Pan-African project although they are on the African continent. As noted above, these ‘Arabs’ look upon black people with utter contempt and disdain. They definitely do not share Qaddafi’s vision of a united Africa and resent the resources of Libya being used to assist projects towards this end throughout the continent.

It has been well documented that the Libyan rebels are committing crimes against humanity. There have been “African hunts” in rebel held territory. Black workers, students and refugees have been detained, raped and executed – some of them were led into the desert and stabbed to death. Even Black Libyans have been targeted, and many of them have been abducted by armed rebels and are being held in secret locations. These are the forces that the imperialists are racing to support. There has been a deafening silence from the so-called international community and western media regarding these well documented “African Hunts” and the massacre of Black Africans by the rebels.

Black workers, students and refugees have been detained, raped and executed.”

From Washington, France and London, they continue their attempts to demonise Muammar Qaddafi with their lies. But the truth is that he is a revolutionary and a freedom fighter, who has assisted almost every struggle for liberation over the past three decades, and worked tirelessly, day and night, to facilitate African advancement and unification. At the same time, the revolution he has led, has taken Libya from the status of being the poorest country in the world to a country that has attained the highest standard of living in Africa. The “weapons of mass deception” assembled by the Crusaders can never succeed in portraying him as a ruthless dictator – an enemy of humanity? Let us heed the warning of the great revolutionary, Al Hajj Malik Al Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X:
“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power because they control the minds of the masses.”

As I write this article, Qaddafi is addressing the world. He is defiant, preparing Libyans for a long war and assuring the crusaders that they will never get their hands on Libya and its resources. Meanwhile, the coalition of Crusaders and their Arab enablers are starting to show some signs of strain.

I am reminded of Qaddafi’s words in 1986, when Reagan bombed his residence,

They may hit us with long range missiles and aircrafts – this is expected, but they will never stay. This land is too hot for their feet.”

Gerald A. Perreira has lived in Libya for many years. He served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defense of the Libyan revolution and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli. He can be contacted at