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Just watch the commercials on the new Libyan TV networks!! and record how much booze, drugs and viagra varients have been dumped into LIBYA since the 17 FEBR. “REBELS” have taken over!

and Libya is supposed a “Muslim” nation?…I would say no longer until we can kick all the foreign elements out of LIBYA AGAIN as MUAMMAR al-Qathafi did in 1969/1970.

FIRST perrogative should be to export those “IMPORTS”!! and their slaves…Their reality shows the ANTITHESIS of ‘freedom’…WAKE-UP YOUNG PEOPLE OF LIBYA! GAIN BACK your GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (a nation to be proud of…practicly free of the pestilence, disease, murder robbery and corruption which we are witnessing daily now in the NEW LIBYA!) Do not let SATAN gain your souls!

News Resistance People’s Libyan FreeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam generalizable ::: The silent Libyan resistance:Tkhaaaaaaavo not silence … the preparation and processing!
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Syria Lockerbie


The narcotics trafficking, gun-running and money-laundering

cover-up of Pan Am flight 103

By David Guyatt

I think the CIA and Justice Department are withholding the truth. Winding down his 14 March 1996, speech in the House of Representatives, Congressman James Traficant, was referring to a joint British-US cover-up over the Lockerbie bombing.

Permitted precisely sixty seconds to make his point, the straight-talking Republican went straight for the jugular.

Traficant has long disbelieved the US and British claim that Libya was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. Telling his fellow Congressman that intelligence experts around the world disagree, with the British and US position, he continued I think Congress deserves the truth. I think the families of the victims of 103 deserve the truth. Going unsaid was Traficants belief that Pan Am 103 was bombed with the fore-knowledge and acquiescence of the CIA.

Two months earlier in January 1996, Prime Minister Major came under similar pressure to come clean. Cross party members of Parliament pressed the government to agree to prosecute the two Libyan suspects at an international tribunal in the Hague. The accused, Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, believe that a trial on British soil would be prejudiced.

John Major swatted-away the Parliamentary suggestion with shoddy arguments and stone-walling tactics. Many were left to conclude he fears any sort of independent trial. Such an event may once and for all reveal the murky trans-Atlantic cover-up that has dogged this story for eight years.

The threads of suspicion that surround the Lockerbie atrocity are many and complex. Labour MP, Tam Dalyell, told me that he first became involved on New years eve in 1988. A police sergeant friend had been drafted-in to search the crash site. The policeman phoned the MP asking how come all the evidence is being tampered with?

Dalyell, known as a terrier whos bite is a lot worse than his bark, has pursued the story ever since. He is accompanied by Conservative MP, Sir Teddy Taylor, who also has a reputation for not letting go once he has sunk his teeth in. During an interview the Southend East MP said he had been in contact with the source who had provided the timing switches for the Lockerbie bomb. The source said he

would be able to identify whether the timing switch used on Pan Am 103 was part of a consignment sent to Libya, or whether it formed part of a larger batch delivered to East Germany. In a reply to the MP, the Lord Advocate refused access for purposes of identification.


Within hours of Pan Am 103 exploding over the small Scottish village, CIA agents were swarming over the wreckage. Clearly they were looking for something extraordinary. Aboard the downed plane was a secret, five-man Defence Intelligence Agency team headed by Major Charles Tiny McKee. A suitcase belonging to McKee was recovered and emptied before being returned to the site to be found again. Inside had been a large quantity of Heroin, some sensitive documents, plus a large quantity of cash and travellers cheques. These items were purged from official records. Incredibly, an unidentified body was also removed from the crash site. No official explanation has been given for these extraordinary examples of evidence tampering.

The DIA team had been in Lebanon searching for US hostages held by Hezbollah. Whilst in Lebanon, McKees team is said to have come across a secret CIA operation known as CIA One, who were collaborating with Manzur El-Khassar, a Syrian drug dealer. El-Khassar was closely aligned to Lt. Col. Oliver Norths highly illegal activities around the world. These included covert trafficking of narcotics and weapons. The Syrian was also involved in brokering weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages. El-Khassars precise role in the Lockerbie bombing may be the missing link that unravels the entire story.

In recent weeks it has been revealed that the Contras, backed by Oliver Norths covert group, were responsible for the explosion of Crack Cocaine in Los Angeles, and thence into mainland America. Gary Webb, an investigative journalist for the San Jose Mercury News, shattered American readers with his The Dark Alliance series. Following a year of investigations, the journalist revealed that the Contras shipped vast quantities of Cocaine to the US to finance much need weapon purchases for their war in Nicaragua. This was done with the tacit backing of the CIA, Webb suggested.

Webbs astonishing revelations strike at the very heart of the secret CIA Iran-Contra story. By 1984, the Senate had vetoed the provision of additional funds for the covert Nicaraguan campaign. Blocked at home, North – under the crafty guidance of Bill Casey, Director of Central Intelligence – looked for alternative ways to raise the necessary finance. The answer was narcotics trafficking.


Lebanons Bekaa Valley is a fertile area ideally suited to growing Opium. Rifat Assad, the brother of Syrias President Hafez Assad is widely known to have been in charge of Syrias narcotics enterprise, and was the Supremo of the Bekaa Valleys massive Opium industry. Rifat, a CIA asset, was being groomed to succeed his elder brother to become the Syrian President. He was extremely close to El-Khassar. The influx of 30,000 Syrian troops to Lebanon in the late eighties, had as much to do with protecting the Opium fields, as with separating the warring factions.

El-Khassar, in exchange for his help to release US hostages held in Lebanon, and, presumably, for past favours to the Contras, was permitted to ship Heroin to the US. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) maintain that his pipeline, through Frankfurt airport, was a carefully controlled sting operation. Others, more cynical doubt this explanation.

Dark rumours persist that Major Tiny McKee had unearthed the illegal dope connection and realised that elements within the CIA were actively collaborating in it. Deciding to report the matter to his superiors, McKee booked his team on a flight home aboard the ill fated Pan Am 103. Their travel plans were intercepted and reported to Syrian intelligence, who notified El-Khassar. He, in turn, arranged to have a bomb planted inside the suitcase used to carry the regular Heroin shipment – to dispose of McKee and his evidence.

It is at this point that an alternative scenario arises. The July 1988 shoot-down of an Iranian Airbus by the US Navy battle cruiser, Vincennes, resulted in the deaths of 290 passengers. Despite US statements that this was a tragic accident, disbelieving hard-line Ayatollahs were hell-bent on revenge. They hired the Syrian based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command (PFLP-GC) for a tit-for-tat attack. Under the leadership of Ahmed Jabril, an expert on blowing up airplanes, plans were speedily put in place. Jibril learned of El-Khassars CIA protected Frankfurt dope pipeline and persuaded El-Khassar to substitute a bomb inside the normal Heroin laden suitcase. The subsequent deaths of Tiny McKee and his team were co-incidental.

However, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that both these scenarios merge rather than diverge. Faced with exposure of his drugs pipeline, and aware that the Iranians had planned a spectacular revenge for the Airbus attack, El-Khassar and his CIA-Syrian minders may have cobbled together a plan that killed two birds with one stone. They would aid the Syrian based Jibril to satisfy the Ayatollahs lust for revenge, and at the same time rid themselves of US intelligence agents who were about to blow the whistle on their top secret drug and weapons trafficking arrangements.


The 21 December 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 resulted in the deaths of all 259 passengers and crew. Eleven more fatalities in Lockerbie resulted from wreckage of the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet raining down on unsuspecting villagers. News of the atrocity blazed across the headlines around the world. This prompted an immediate cover-up, which has remained to this day.

The centre-piece of this strategy was to blame Libyan Col. Muammar Qathafi (who was widely contrived to be seen as an “eccentric” leader). Built upon his “Third Universal Theory”, Libya who had a wealthy and independent economy, is an oil-rich country; and Qathafi refused to fully align himself with either the western alliance (led by the U.S..), or the Easter Bloc under the leadership of the former USSR.

Inside the US Administration, one figure had a personal detestation of Libyas erstwhile leader. During the course of his tenor as Director of the CIA, Bill Casey was pre-occupied with finding new ways to bring Qaddafi down. Constantly pressing his viewpoint home, Casey eventually gained the support of senior Cabinet members, George Schultz, Caspar Weinburger and others to undertake military and covert operations, designed to topple Qaddafi.

These included projects with Flower code-names. Tulip was a CIA covert operation that sought to mobilise the anti-Qaddafi exile movements, leading, hopefully, to a Coup DEtat. Rose involved a pre-emptive strike against Libya with the support of US allies, notably Egypt.

Another operation code-named Prairie Fire resulted in a three carrier battle-group steaming just off the Libyan coast. The US armada included forty five warships and 200 warplanes. Beneath the waves slid the latest nuclear-powered attack submarines. This was a meticulously planned provocation designed to draw Libyan forces into an attack. The planned response was graduated and included warplanes striking deep into Libyan territory to bomb oil-pumping facilities and other economic targets. The boys- own discussion on Prairie Fire reached its zenith when Don Regan, White House Chief of Staff, asked if nuclear weapons were to be used. They were not, he was told. Despite this, US threats to use nuclear weapons against Libya were renewed in spring 1996.

Lester Coleman, former Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative, had first-hand knowledge of the covert events surrounding Lockerbie. His book Trail of the Octopus jointly written with Donald Goddard, blew the lid off the Lockerbie story and laid bare the Frankfurt airport narcotics pipeline.

With death threats ringing in his ears, Coleman fled with his family to Sweden, and was granted political asylum. Interviewed by phone, Coleman explained the U.S. rationale in falsely blaming Libya. “They’re an easy hit,” he said. “Scapegoating Libya has become a political art form in U.S. domestic politics.” Mimicking a drawling mid-west voice, Coleman expounded further. “The strategy plays to the Rednecks, he said, “who believe anything theyre told about ‘Ay-rabs’. Its all domestic politics,” he concluded.

The Interfor Report

Interfor Inc., a private investigation firm, was hired by TWA to examine the suspicious circumstances behind the downing of flight 103. Their confidential investigation unearthed Sryian drug-baron, Monzer Al-Khassars involvement in the affair, and also revealed Al-Khassars relationship with Major General Richard Secord – one of the principals in Oliver Norths Iran-Contra activities. The British media, in particular, The Observer, trashed the report as nonsense and fantasy. This resulted in a fiery riposte from Congressman Traficant, who accused the Observer team of working for the CIA, saying: Youve come here a day late, a dime short and youre a piece of shXX.

Bill Casey and Dirty Tricks

Former Director (DCI) of the Central Intelligence Agency, William (Bill) Casey was obsessed with Libyas Iraq. Casey increasingly tasked the CIA with obtaining ever more detailed information on Qathafi and his activities. This obsession grew to the point where, at times, Libya became a more important target than the Soviet Union. President Reagan’s vitriolic view of Qathafi was shaped by a CIA report that warned he had been personally targeted for assassination by a Libyan hit-squad. This led to a Top Secret message to Qathafi threatening massive retaliation. A State Department analysis suggested the CIA report was later discounted, as CIA disinformation.

The Libyan Suspects

The US-British line remains that the two Libyan suspects – Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah – must be turned over to British authorities for trial. Central to the official case is the timer-switch hidden in a Toshiba radio used to blow-up flight 103. Despite this, Britain will not allow scrutiny of the switch remnants. It is also alleged that the suspects placed the radio in a suitcase flown from Malta to Frankfurt, and transferred to the Pan Am flight. Maltese authorities reject this, saying the allegations are unsupported by any concrete evidence. Is British and American legal intransigence designed to mothball the truth in perpetuity? Many experts believe the answer is a definite yes.

Oh God addicted Post

The villa for a Alkraimih cronies in Tripoli and Kano where the duration Elly missed the youth of Zintan and the people who turned them almost a month ago. Duration Hadi where unusual movement and Chkki_ Nhsabhm followed State and Government
But the day before yesterday Khst container color yellow and God knows launched within and was tighter than group masked and villa Elly exist where people bearded and some conjecture sin but as the crow Ncbh including a group of Ansar al-Sharia and a day and over all the clocks were present in which nearly 20 people .. inside a Farms Alkraimih

(Network Libya)

بالله يا أدمن انشرفيه فيلا لأحد الازلام فى الكرايمية طرابلس وكانو فيها المده اللى فاتت شباب من الزنتان وخرجو منها قبل شهر تقريباً .المده هادي فيها حركة غير عادية وما شككتش نحسابهم تبع الدولة ولحكومه
لكن اول امس خشت حاوية لونها صفراء والله اعلم شن داخلها وكان تشديد من جماعة ملثمه والفيلا اللى موجودين فيها ناس ملتحية وأن بعض الظن أثم لكن زي ما نشبح فيهم جماعة من أنصار الشريعه ويومياً وعلى مدى كل الساعات متواجدين فيها قرابة ال 20 شخص ..داخل أحد مزارع الكرايميةشبكة ليبيا



off the coast of CORNER:

Steamer (Valpanda) gasoline and the ship (Nikolaosv) diesel encyclopedia vacuum port of La Marsa 1.2 refinery Corner

but there are still Bachrtan in wait.
Why congestion and snapping on gasoline,,, God knows!
(Moved Corner of the page refinery oil refinery):

Continuation of the power outages on some areas in the city of Tripoli and
severe congestion in front of gas stations, causing chaos and fights, and there are no signs of resolving the crisis so far.
Two thugs who arrested the people they cut the pipe in one of the gas stations yesterday admitted they were paid
a sum of money in exchange Maigmon it is room Libya rebels ..
And tells you the crisis is artificial mesh!!!
 Two killed in an armed brawl broke out shortly before refueling station in the area Alfornaj in Tripoli.
(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves).
Shortage in the number of worshipers at Friday prayers today to the fact that a large number of people
in Mrabitin stomata front of petrol stations.


Tripoli this morning …. Gas station “Gurji” and the presence of the army:
From a gas station adjacent to the bridge Gurji market Allata continued Asfav
cars to fill up gasoline Center Andalus neighborhood!!
Exposure today Badi Haji Al-Idrisi and Colonel Nuri farmer ordered the military police branch Zuwarah an assassination attempt when they return from their car in Tripoli that follow the military police.
And the grace of God they were able to escape from the ambush, which has armed group prepared for them after the road 27 between Tripoli and the corner and has resulted in the injury adorable with 2 gunshot in his left hand and Colonel Nuri in his fingers hand.
Yemen have carried out the leadership despite his injury saluting arrived at the gate eastern Corner, then they Basaaffhm…
(News Agency of Libya today)


Tajourah Alhamidiah:
Back to operate petrol stations in the capital and its suburbs naturally gradually
The issue of 48 hours of life returns to normal.

Operations room Mermaid:

One of the victims of the “gasoline-war”:

Turn this young Elly influenced by the mercy of God in the head by a bullet wound.

“I am God and to Him we return”

26 Aug/2012

Same Script, Different Stage (Ctd.)

Posted by Andrew Stuttaford 

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Bamiyan, Timbuktu, and now Tripoli.

Al-Jazeera reports:

Attackers in Libya have bulldozed a mosque containing Sufi Muslim graves in the centre of Tripoli, a day after Sufi shrines in the city of Zlitan were wrecked and a mosque library was burned. The demolition of the large Sha’ab mosque happened in broad daylight on Saturday, drawing condemnation from government officials and Libyans across the country and abroad.

…A man who appeared to be overseeing the demolition told Reuters the interior ministry had authorised the operation after discovering people had been worshipping the graves and practicing “black magic”. The ministry was not available for comment . . .

In Zlitan, witnesses said that an armed group, claiming to be Salafis, carried out the assault on the Sufi shrine, the tomb of Abdel Salam al-Asmar, a 15th-century Muslim scholar…The attackers also set fire to a historic library, reducing years of academic and religious writing to ash. While the official line from the government is condemnation, there are reports security forces stood by and just let this destruction go ahead.

This was just One of Libya’s highest-profile cultural clashes since the toppling of  THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (WHO PROTECTED, financed and supported  Islamic Mosques, SAINTS and Muslim Shrines, even those of the SUFI-SECT)  has been between followers of the mystical Sufi tradition (as expounded in ZLITEN) and the terrorist Salafists (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, ANSAR al-SARIA and the al-QAEDA groups)..

Salafis have formed a number of armed brigades in Libya. They reject as “idolatrous, many Sufi devotions” – which include dancing and the building of shrines to venerated figures (i.e. Sheikh Asmar Focalieri Brown)…and the Salafists seem themselves to be anti-devotional and unholy, with blood-letting and revenge! IT IS A MORTAL SIN for a real MUSLIM to fight or hurt any true believer of the one true God. Doing so, is an automatic ticket to HELL for a (so-called) ‘Muslim’.




Close the road link between the mountain and Tripoli, under the bridge Zahra,,
For our people in the mountain Tak other way, not this way,
Until our demands are implemented,
(Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya)

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
ÚÇÇÇĚá now, from the heart of the event

Using opened under the bridge now, Zahra and bulldozers to remove the dust now,

but some young people and trying to extinguish the fire resulting from the ignition tires.


Statement of civil society institutions Bnalot | |


Nalut December 11, 2013 (and):

Held institutions of civil society activists and the city of Nalut meeting reviewed the situation in Libya and the suffering of the Amazigh in general and especially the city of Nalut from what they described as marginalization and a waste of their rights and incitement against them.
They decided in a statement issued after the meeting to stop dealing with the National Congress, to his failure to achieve the objectives of the February 17 revolution and the numbers of the Committee session and take decisions under the pressure of the militias and conglomerates of self-interest and the tribal and the exclusion of the components of the native population from the political scene also confirmed the end of the powers of the National Congress complete without irreversible Day 7 / 2/2014.
In their statement, and demanded international protection of the Security Council and United Nations auspices to their interests.
They also demanded a member of the National Conference team Nalut region and the local council and the elected Council of Elders and the Senate to adopt a self-governing region of Nalut in order to preserve the identity, language, culture and geography of Amazigh Nalut and protect the lands that have been occupied.
And demanded the institutions of civil society in its statement Bnalot develop a road map for self-rule and the dates and the use of binding international consulting offices and includes self-rule for all civil and tribal land area of ​​Nalut.



Are these two Awaad Helena Aasilna Manrkaa Lucan Kammelna
These two are the old days and days Ahrobat Italians Chaib Vasa m Batnan
Luga to Jpelln renewed every Oarouk hope these are
They are two of the best Hype Hype similar to the Balkhair who Valghaza Yama House
Days formed a Ahaddenhm of these are replaced its
They Hdhul squeezer and Gott senile and Warfali Khot Arthritis Mahaboh death
Testimonials and Anar Anbeawa we still are the two
My tresses are Hdhul Joe Grady Vzain attended Valley
Ksaren Okhcom normal Mnslana Mo Sahel beautify our blessed
Are these two Awaad Helena Aasilna Manrkaa Lucan Kammelna

A large delegation from the tribe of the children of Sheikh boasts nearly more than seventy man up to the city of Bani Walid for their joyous arrival of sheikhs and notables and their city has to Rafla DAI delegation graciously and warmly welcomed confirmed the power of social cohesion between the two tribes who are investigating this verse:
“And made you into nations and tribes so”
Adam God Almjbh and friendliness and familiarity and bonding

Representative Libby often we saw on the screen comedy programs Dardanelles in the month of Ramadan is a
visitor Bani Walid today to congratulate the people return Mhaúkhha:

A picture of the side of the large delegation of well-wishers from the tribe of our brothers and Rishvana
God bless them .. Nrdohalam at weddings and, God willing,

International legal action .. Charges in connection with the direct NATO guidance of a number of warlords militias in Libya ..
especially in the events of Bani Walid and Resolution No. 7.



Quoting WikiLeaks Cyrenaica:
Presidency of the General Staff decided to appoint Colonel Jamal Zahawy
Battalion command to stun 21 (Martyrs corner) as successor to the late colonel
Rebel Lion fronts (Salah Bohlaiqah) …
Lord help him and keeps the power of the revolutionaries and the Thunderbolt battalion battalion line
Fire (Martyrs corner) ..
FILE gathering Zahawy with late Bohlaiqah  (Salah Curl):

Good rains now on the city of Sirte O Wash out the hearts and souls descriptive guardian O inject the blood of Muslims in this city

Channel Sirte on Facebook:

Urgent – Al-Qaeda continues its attempts to occupy Sirte

Mohammed Ahfazh, reports:

Clashes in the area in the city of Giza Navy # Sirte, and closed streets of the region in full

(The news agency Libya)

As Sirte was in OCTOBER 2011:

Agency urgently Libya / from your letters Sirte wounded neglected children Abdeljalil Alshawoush:

Image of a wounded child Mohammed was wounded in the battle to enter the city of Sirte, has not been treated abroad and now to other wounded women and children, and the government paid millions to the wounded and unfortunately the wounded from Sirte children have no place in a file wounded.
I hope that God will heal you. (Knowing that Muhammad has a brother and sister in the military operations in Sirte accept them God have mercy).

 Sirte bombed by NATO

NEVER  FORGET what NATO did to Sirte and her people.

Agency News – Tripoli – Correspondent:
The President of the General Staff of the Army Gen. Libyan Corner “Abdelsalam Jadallah al-Obeidi righteous” decree appointing Colonel “Majeed Ahmed Mohamed Zidan,” commander of the military region of Sirte.
This decision and the date of issuance and eliminates the exclusion of provisions.



I told you before that the NATO nations and Turkey and Qatar had a pact with MISURATA. They are the ones supporting these evil b’s and causing all the chaos.
They keep sending Misurata shiploads and plane loads of heavy artillary, tanks and weapons of Mass destruction. Plus, they pay for the Salafist training at Misurata airfield which then sends them to do destruction also in Algeria and the Magreb/Sahel…
They paid Misurata to stage a (attempted) coup last month in Tripoli….

Then the EU/UNO hypocrites say…”We are fighting a war on terrorism and al-Qaeda” and come into the Sahel with thousands of French, Yanks and British troops!!!

Whether they are called ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood or the Maltese Brotherhood: THEY ARE IN REALITY MAFIA THUGS and Murderers in the Service of SATAN.
“WikiLeaks Cyrenaica”, reports:

Turkey and Britain are Tfathan Consulate in Misurata., Italy, announces the opening of an air bridge between them and the city of Misratah.

It seems I am filled cronies and Chad in Benghazi disease Iban finest on




Lord kindness of our brothers Torghae in this freezing cold O Amiyaan
يارب اللطف باخواننا من تورغاء في هذا البرد القارص اللهم اميييين



Satellite image shows clouds over eastern Libya and is currently affected by a storm Alexa coming from

Russia are located above the Levant, Turkey and Cyprus now and will continue until the day on Saturday.

(Valley girl)

Pox on the UN / NATO …

They are not the “guardians” of Libya no matter what they say, bomb or write up

جدري على الأمم المتحدة / منظمة حلف شمال الأطلسي …فهي ليست “الأوصياء” ليبيا بغض النظر عن ما يقولون، أو حتى كتابة قنبلة.

THE UNO PLANS TO FORCE THE HAND OF CYRENAICA–saying that they are the “GUARDIANS” OF LIBYA and “her welfare” .(WHAT THEY MEAN is their own WESTERN OIL and mineral intersts.)—and will use FORCE AGAINST ALL WHO INTERFERE with WESTERN OIL interests and crude exports to EUROPE, AMERICA and the WEST:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes

URGENT / / NATO asks groups that surrounded the delivery of oil and vital facilities and only will have to use force to arrest

Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives a telegram from Tripoli representative
NATO handed over groups
Surrounded oil

Announced today that the head of the organizations and the Libyan Foreign Ministry in Tripoli receiving a telegram stating that Libya under Abannz VII, which is completely under the international trusteeship and the UN commissioned a number of countries with the help of Libya and protection.

And Imitl Alaatmae on Libya in this period is Oatmae the UN and tried to states in charge of guardianship on Libya until the return of stability that does not interfere too much in the affairs of Libya, but understand this act the wrong way and deal another way that is acceptable and appeared actions and facts to the surface were not unexpected .

Our mandate has been waived by the friendly countries of Libya and activate the resolutions of the United Nations, the arrest of the group that surrounded the state facilities, airports and oil ministries, and if it considers the Libyan authorities that it is not able to inform us just pleased to turn to other options

Thus the message as it is / Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tripoli / Department of Public Organizations
Akram Bin Taleb Affairs Committee’s Secretary / Office of the Prime administration organizations
First of all, al-JDHARAN is not a “WARLORD”; and neither is he a fanatical Islamist!!! This is Western polital propaganda and slander because the West desires Libya’s pure CRUDE for themselves and does not go along with al-Jdharan’s LIBYA FIRST  policies and  monetary concessions for the external- countries right to  share in LIBYA’s   indigenous mineral and oil wealth.

  • 04 November  2013, 12:23 PM

East Libya Warlord Forms Shadow Government

Former Libyan militia leader Ibrahim al-Jathran

The former Libyan militia leader who shut down nearly half of Libya’s oil exports earlier this summer has taken his political battle with the central government in Tripoli a step further by naming a shadow government for the eastern side of the country where he and his 17,000-strong armed force thrive.

On Sunday, Ibrahim al-Jathran held an elaborate swearing-in ceremony in which 24 men were named to hold posts of prime minister and advisory roles supposedly to help govern the vast expanse of east Libya that stretches from the oil port towns of Brega to the eastern border by Egypt, which Mr. Jathran and his supporters call Cyrenaica after the ancient Roman name for the region.

There was no official comment from officials in Tripoli about the development, but in the past members of the RAT national congress and the RAT prime minister’s office have denounced Mr. Jathran, 33-years-old and former  “as a would-be dictator” who cynically uses popular political demands to his own benefit. (WESTERN LIES AGAIN!!)

Political tension between Tripoli and eastern Libya, which has been simmering since shortly after the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in September 2011, boiled over in July when Mr. Jathran and his armed guard unit – which had been formed to protect the region’s oil facilities – turned off the oil flows, actions that caused Libya’s oil exports to decrease by 50% and increased the price of oil on world markets.

Mr. Jathran and his men’s stated reason for their uprising was to force Tripoli to adopt a more equitable economic arrangement that would see more oil revenues be spent in  Libya and shared  revenues among the Libyan people directly into the individual people’s monetary accounts  (as was the policy under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) — a situation that many easterners believe is at the root of the corruption under the TRANSITIONAL puppet GNC government now.

In the summer, Mr. Jathran’s political posturing was dismissed by politicians in Tripoli, including many elected congressmen from eastern Libya, as a cynical power grab to take over the country’s most lucrative industry, “and some officials have denounced him alternately as a fanatical Islamist and a would-be petty dictator”.   (BIG, BIG LIE !!)

In the meantime, the threat to the central government has grown. Members of the national congress have tried – and failed — to induce Mr. Jathran to stop his campaign by bribing al-Jdharan with huge amounts of money to him and his family…all of which al-Jdharan has totally and unequivocally REFUSED.

Last week, Mr. Jathran appeared to have rallied a greater number of influential Eastern Libyans around him than ever. His Political Bureau of Cyrenaica, the name chosen for his movement, named a list of two dozen men from tribal backgrounds and major Eastern Libyan cities that would serve as his advisers in something that appeared to be a shadow government for their region.

At the signing ceremony Sunday, broadcast on the satellite television station founded by Mr. Jathran and his movement, the former Gadhafi-era prisoner appeared before his new council members. However, there was little explanation for what the men’s roles would actually consist of – or what funds they would administer to help citizens.

There is no evidence that Mr. Jathran’s men have been trying to illegally sell oil stored at the port terminals in Brega and al-Zuitaina, which remain shut. At the same time, he has not made any move to militarily cut off the country’s main east-west highway, restrict commercial or other traffic on the road, or close the airports in the east.

Abd-Rabbo al-Barassi, the head of the newly declared eastern government and a long-time mentor for Mr. Jathran, said that the new positions did not include any security portfolios like defense or foreign affairs. He told a news conference in Ajdabiya that security would be a priority for the group.

Agency urgently Libya / Commission of the government to negotiate with the executive tenderly Benghazi

The head of the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica, “Abed Rabbo Barasi” told Urgent Libya, the interim government Strchill committee tomorrow to negotiate with the political bureau and executive of the province of Cyrenaica.
He stressed,
“Barasi”,  that will open the ports IF the government agreed to the terms of the Politburo.


‘Signpost’ project points youth away from radical Salafism

The fact that in one of the schools Benghazi #
Professor of Islamic education “religion” in the secondary stage in one of the
Benghazi, the Schools for Boys student moans came from a professor
Anne professor rather than explain to the students of Islamic education
Explain to them what put Ansar al-Sharia, and they also
Talking about the army that the army at this time is haram
The army is fighting Islamist Alhariaah do not forget that from
Explain to them that speech in high school students. !!!!

And learned that the professor a member of Ansar al-Sharia.
The question of what the income share of Islamic education in
Cun state and talking to them about the problems occur
Here and there among the ANSAR al-SHARIA, and between the army
Through his explanation of the Omor always the Libyan army
In the fighting in Ansar al-Shara WAHABI-Islam.

(Atef Clmana)

.. the hundreds of mosques now in the hands of Salafist extremists. (AFP)

Agniel employee Diwan of the Prime Minister Benghazi:
According to preliminary information the assassination of an employee of the Office of the Presidency of Ministers named “Mohamed Osman Mohammed Akkoush” baby boomers born in 1979 near a restaurant area Sabri bales.
Witnesses said that the unidentified were traveling in a car type lens white Hyundai, opened fire on “Akkoush” killing him and ran Balafrara.

Salafists of Benghazi, after the killing of military and security forces, the Salafist sheikhs now move on to the fun assassination of civilians .. Just because they work in the Ministry of the State .. Kafr El, Kill Kill ..:
The Director of the Information Office of Galaa Hospital Fadia Albergthe informed  us of the arrival of the body of Mohamed Osman Aekosh after suffering four gunshot wounds.  According to a Albergthe, Aekosh was employed as a staff member of the Diwan of the Prime Minister Ali Zaidane.

Assassination “Mohamed Osman Akkoush”, shot and left is continued
According to the Ministry of the Interior and initial reports details add only
That the victim do, now Galaa Hospital
Citizen “Mohamed Osman Akkoush,” is a man and not a civilian!!
A military officer as prime minister continued project management figure
National Benghazi, and he was responsible for the system, and mentions that
The victim by “Akkoush”, was assassinated by bullets left the area
Sabri in Benghazi before Qlbul.




Kicked off today with a march after Friday prayers in front of a mosque companions to continue the demonstrations that began last week and focused its demands on activating the role of state institutions in the city, led by the army and police, in response to Resolution No. (774) issued by the National Congress, the public and the evacuation of the city of armed formations ..

(AD Media tuber (6 photos))

NOW in the skies above TUBER:






The attack on the gas station Bjalo by gunmen Chadian
“Atmosphere of the country” – Gallo –

Gunmen attacked the Chadian intelligence staff Bjalo fuel station

and some shops in the city.

Thethey had received a communication from the existence of the gas station armed forced them to mobilize fuel by force of arms moved a force from the gate to deal with them.
Gaadan added told “the atmosphere of the country” on Friday that he was chasing the gunmen were not located within the city arrested for entering a farm and escape from the car, which was impounded and found out the identity papers trace the Chadian intelligence.
Referred to the volunteers from the city of Gallo are Iqmon securing the gate in the absence of national security forces Madrih Bjalo.
Image source: Department of Information Gallo page on Facebook





President of the Council Aeltsiara area or rabbits Ibrahim Hassan confirms both the atmosphere of the collapse

of the country’s five houses in the region as a result of daily rainfall in the last two.

Council or rabbits: No landslides in the region due to rain
Atmosphere of the country” –
Chairman of the Board denied Altsere mother rabbits Ibrahim Hassan both for the “atmosphere of the country”
on Thursday, the collapse of buildings in the region after the fall of rainfall in the past two days.
The “good” that a group of residents protested yesterday or rabbits in front of the local council to
demand aid, pointing out that he had contacted the premiership to find quick solutions.
And the good that came out about three hundred families from their homes and resorted to housing the
Chinese company for fear of the fall of the buildings being built of mud and unprepared for such weather.
On the other hand, said, “Ashour pond Chgm” It is one of those affected, they went to the housing company
after rain water to leak inside their homes fearing for their lives.
The southern region has experienced fluctuations in air in several areas, including Sabha and Murzuq and Al-qtron.


Godless / Tazerbo: Access-fuel vehicles and vegetables and medicine.

الكفره/تازربو: وصول سيارات الوقود و الخضروات و الدواء .


Heathens – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Health services received yesterday evening infidels military cargo plane carrying medical supplies,
especially the status of women and childbirth and the number of three new ambulances desert.


Bed gas station belonging to the generation of electricity
“Atmosphere of the country” – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
The director of the plant bed gas to generate electricity Hashim al-Maliki returned to the station to produce 250 megawatts of electricity, which is equivalent to half the daily production capacity.
He made it clear that the plant will return to production at full capacity at the end of next week.
Maliki said that the supply has returned to normal and there are no obstacles, and packaged fuel now stores the second unit, which consumes two million and four hundred thousand liters of diesel per day.
The station returned to work after ending the sit-in area residents Rbeana of Tabu in front of the station, which resulted in the inability of the public network, and power cuts daily for hours in some areas.
It is noteworthy that the bed gas station stopped producing electricity because of the sit-in, which lasted nearly two weeks.



TO THE CRINGEY CHAGRIN of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (who framed AHMED GADAFA-DAM), because Ahmed Gadafa-Dam’s mother was an EGYPTIAN, he cannot he extradited to Libya beyond his will, him being “a Libyan citizen by birthright”).

Lawyer Gadaffi blood:

Cairo – said Mohamed Hamouda, lawyer Ahmad Gadaffi blood, in his interview

with the media Ghaity Mohammed, the Brotherhood’s despicable plot hatched to deliver his client to the Libyan government.

He Hamouda during a meeting program WAKE on TV editing, he got the judgment of the administrative court

against his extradition Gadaffi blood to the Libyan government, has notified the Attorney General that, and explained

that the presidency in the era of President isolated Mohamed Morsi, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, has refused

to extradite A copy of the judgment and tried to circumvent him, forcing him to go with a group of lawyers to the house

of the isolated compound V, and inform him of the decision of the administrative court of public opinion in order to be a witness to it.

Hamouda warned the Libyan ambassador in Cairo, Mohammed Jibril of trying to restore his client to Libya again,

considering referring to that the country has a lot of money and that Egypt is a poor country is an insult to the

dignity of unacceptable Egyptians.

He explained that the mother of the Howitzer Egyptian blood, and according to the law, it is his right to obtain citizenship,

which confirms the inadmissibility handed over to the Libyan government.

If Ahmed Gadafa-Dam is not extradited, says the “Brotherhood” in Libya, they will kill all Egyptians residing in Libya!…

They are obviously out for BLOOD!
ZAIDANE says Libya will not break relations with Egypt, as the  ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” is requesting.

Zaidane expresses annoyance of the emergence of Libya Gadaffi blood on one of the channels in Egypt.


U.S. Military Center in Qatar

Pool photo by Mark Wilson

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Qatar’s defense minister signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement in Doha on Tuesday.

AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s visit to the advanced air operations center here this week was not just a stop at an important outpost of the United States military. It was also a major step forward for Pentagon transparency.

World Twitter Logo.

The highly classified American facility, officially called the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, coordinated all of the attack and surveillance missions for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and would be equally critical if an American president decided that only bombs and missiles could halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It hosts liaison officers from 30 allies in Europe and the Persian Gulf.

Until this week, however, its location was carefully guarded by the Pentagon and the Qatari government, out of concerns from both about sensitivities to its presence.

In the past, journalists had to sign nondisclosure agreements if they wanted to report from inside the base in the desert outside the capital, Doha. And, when asked, the Pentagon said the operations center was somewhere in Southwest Asia.

But on his latest trip to the region, which ended Tuesday, Mr. Hagel lifted the gag rule.

Touring the headquarters, usually referred to by its acronym, CAOC (pronounced KAY-ock), Mr. Hagel described the air operations hub as “one of the most impressive facilities we have.” Inside the warehouse-size command center, three giant digital maps carried tracking details of every aircraft — civilian and military — in the skies over three vital regions: Syria and its neighbors, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

Pressed to explain the rationale for finally acknowledging the air operations center and its location. Pentagon officials said the point of the defense secretary’s week of travels was to prove to Persian Gulf partners that the United States would remain engaged in the region — despite budget pressures at home, a rebalance of interests to Asia and the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In essence, the American military cannot reassure its allies and deter potential adversaries if it hides what it does, and it helps to show that it can do it from right in the neighborhood.

There was no official comment on the disclosure from the Qatari government. But a senior Pentagon official described Mr. Hagel’s conversation with his Qatari counterpart, Maj. Gen. Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah, on the standard diplomatic rules of anonymity.

The general noted that Bahrain openly embraces the American Fifth Fleet, and so that tiny nation is known as the focus of efforts to defend waters of the Persian Gulf. According to the Pentagon official, General Attiyah then said that Qatar was proud of its role hosting the command center defending the region’s airspace.

Defense secretaries always stop at American military installations on their global travels, both to speak with commanders about the mission and to extend the nation’s thanks to forward-deployed troops.

But the sensitivities of host nations sometimes make it difficult on reporters. For example, on Mr. Hagel’s previous trip to the region, in the spring, when he unveiled arms-sales deals worth almost 7.99€ billion, the traveling press boycotted one troop visit because the gulf state said the location could not be identified — even though it routinely appears even in official Pentagon announcements.

Officials at the center said the United States and its allies still fly more than four dozen fighter or bomber missions over Afghanistan every day, all coordinated here — although the number of times they drop ordnance in support of troops on the ground is rare as the war winds down.

But interest in what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan is undiminished, and the center gathers more than 800 hours of surveillance video over the war zone every day.

In a single long workday on a trip whose purpose was essentially to shore up allies, Mr. Hagel was on the ground in Afghanistan — as well as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It would be difficult to pick four partner nations in a single strategic crescent where the prize is higher — or that have more complicated relations with Washington.

In Afghanistan, Mr. Hagel made a conspicuous decision not to meet with its mercurial president, Hamid Karzai, who has refused to sign a bilateral security agreement that was unanimously approved by a council of elders that he himself convened. Mr. Hagel’s strategy seemed to be for Mr. Karzai to feel the heat from his own public, which polling shows overwhelmingly supports an enduring, if limited, allied military presence.

And in Pakistan, Mr. Hagel and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif agreed on the dangers of terrorism, but disagreed over how to combat militants operating inside Pakistan.

The signals from Saudi Arabia and Qatar were a bit fainter, but no less important.

In recent weeks, Saudi Arabia has expressed great anxiety about the interim nuclear deal with Iran as giving far too much in the way of sanctions relief in exchange for far too little in the way of guaranteeing that Tehran can never build a nuclear weapon.

And both Saudi Arabia and Qatar have rejected American appeals not to arm rebel militias in Syria, especially those with a more extremist agenda than the moderate Free Syrian Army, which has been Washington’s portal into the civil war.

A senior Pentagon official said that in his meeting with the Saudi crown prince, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Mr. Hagel said “that the United States will continue planning for all options to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon,” according to a senior Pentagon official.

In Qatar, Mr. Hagel and his counterpart signed a new Defense Cooperation Agreement that includes joint training and exercises and other unspecified cooperative military actions. That was in the winnings category.

But officials said Mr. Hagel and the Qataris ended the meetings with their positions unchanged on how to deal with opposition forces in the complicated and bloody Syrian civil war.

A version of this article appears in print on December 12, 2013, on page A10 of the New York edition with the headline: Hagel Lifts Veil on Major Military Center in Qatar.



The newspaper “World Tribune,” the American report, in the face of Tunisia to al-Qaeda, in its quest to maintain the security of its borders, which confirmed the International Crisis Group that Tunisia is starting to lose control of the border with Libya and Algeria, and that the border has become to serve the Islamist insurgents and drug traffickers and arms.

The report, titled “jihadist and smuggling” that the border has become a trafficking growing in the lawn and weapons, and this shows sabotage Altcfhirien and the corruption of border authorities, and that the absence of security easy operations, “al-Qaeda” in Tunisia, also increased the threat of these operations after the return of fighters of the war Syrian.

The report pointed out that in the wake of the “uprising” of Tunisian and Libyan war, re-smuggling gangs organize themselves, weakening the control of Tunisia at the border, and pave the way for more types of trade dangerous, “added the site to Tunisia also faces rebellion in some cities that joined the Takfirists criminal gangs to overcome The police and the army. The newspaper ended its proposal to set up security patrols crises and regional counter-insurgency, to resolve the political crisis in Tunisia, and urged Algeria, Libya and Tunisia to work together; to regain control of the border and security of the public.

(Valley girl)


Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 1

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 2

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 3

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 4

Videos uploaded by Brother Sunni Tiger


Salafist Ansar al-Sharia group terrorist organization

Tuesday 27 August 2013 – 14:44
Tunisia declares Salafist Ansar al-Sharia group terrorist organization

By Eileen Byrne


Tunisian Prime Minister Ali Larayedh on Tuesday let it be declared Ansar al-Sharia, one of Tunisia’s leading Salafist groups, a terrorist organization, saying it had been implicated in the assassination of two leftist politicians earlier this year.

Following extensive deliberations between interior, defense and justice ministry officials, Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Sharia”) will henceforth be treated as a terrorist organization “with all that implies on the security, judicial and even media levels,” Larayedh told a news conference.

The prime minister said the group had been found to “have played a role in recent terrorist operations in Tunisia, including against respected figures [Chokri] Belaid and [Mohamed] Brahmi.”

Belaid, a lawyer and leftist politician, was assassinated by gunmen on February 6. Brahmi, another leftist politician, was killed on July 25 under similar circumstances.

Brahmi’s murder set in motion a political crisis that is still unresolved, with a coalition of leftist and centrist opposition parties demanding the government’s immediate resignation, accusing it of having allowed extremism to flourish.

The government had previously said it believed the two killings had been carried out by a group of extremists.

Premier Larayedh told reporters that Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia had been found to have a military wing that is also involved in arms-smuggling, alongside another wing devoted to carrying out non-violent community activities.

He did not suggest a structural link with organizations of the same name in other countries, but said Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia was known to have had contacts with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (which emerged in Algeria in the 2000s as a continuation of a previous organization that had taken up arms against the Algerian government).

– Puzzling

For Tunis-based analyst Fabio Merone, a researcher at Dublin City University who has closely followed the group’s activities, the decision to outlaw the organization is puzzling.

“Full members of Ansar al-Sharia are relatively few in number, but their community activities have drawn in – I would estimate – 30,000 to 50,000 young people in poorer neighborhoods, involved in preaching, running health centers and other charity work,” he told the Anadolu Agency.

Merone suggested that, rather than declaring all the group’s activities illegal, the authorities could alternatively have moved to isolate the minority of activists said to be engaged in violence.

It is the first time for any Tunisian government since the 2011 revolution to designate any group a terrorist organization.

The moderate-Islamist Ennahda party, which heads a three-party coalition government and which has many members previously imprisoned on terrorism charges, has made it clear that it is unhappy with existing anti-terrorism legislation that it inherited from the authoritarian Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali regime.

In May, New York-based rights organization Human Rights Watch urged Tunisia to reform Ben Ali’s 2003 anti-terrorism law, which it said “uses an overly broad definition of terrorism […] and undermines the right to an effective defense.”

At the Tunisian branch of Amnesty International, former branch secretary-general and veteran rights activist Zouheir Makhlouf said Tuesday that articles of the law that oblige defense lawyers to provide authorities with all the information they have about suspects effectively left them acting as witnesses rather than lawyers.

The law also allows prosecutors to rely on anonymous witnesses, he said, which can easily be used to bring false charges against defendants.

Earlier this year, Larayedh said the law needed to be amended, but that this would unfortunately have to wait until after parliamentary elections.

At today’s news conference, he signaled that judges might in the meantime refrain from applying the more problematic parts of the legislation.

Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia was established in the months following the revolution that ousted Ben Ali in January 2011, as Salafist activists were released from prison under a general amnesty.

Its leader is a former political exile, Seifeddine Ben Hassine (also known as Abou Iyadh), who was imprisoned in Tunisia in the closing years of the Ben Ali regime.

After his release, he was freely available for media interviews through 2011 and most of 2012, when he told journalists that Ansar al-Sharia was focused – for the time being – on “daawa” (preaching) as a necessary first stage before the establishment of a “true Islamist state”.

He claimed that democracy was a concept alien to the Muslim world, and that Ansar al-Sharia did not plan to engage in parliamentary politics, in which some Tunisian Salafist groups have since taken part.

At the group’s first congress, held in a Tunis suburb in 2011, he was photographed sharing a platform with Sadok Chorou, a senior figure of the more conservative wing of Ennahda who spent many years as a political prisoner under Ben Ali.

After authorities indicated in September 2012 that they wanted to detain Ben Hassine in connection with offences committed during a demonstration near the US embassy in Tunis, which resulted in the death of four protesters and extensive damage to embassy property, he effectively went into hiding.

Spokesperson for the organization have continued to meet with and give statements to the press.



BEFORE MAO’s communism came along, China had a strong Muslim tradition.

Its famous 15th century navigator,  CHUANGSHI, was Muslim.

Modern day Muslims  are outraged, and hurt.  They are only permitted one child!

It feels like they have nothing to lose:

“We feel damaged, angry and disappointed, and we hold the government responsible”,

explains a young man– Nur Kholis. “Our rights were stolen from us.

We did nothing wrong to those who killed and destroyed us.”

“We are now waiting for justice. ”


Stormy Mid-week

Mu finest

Mu thinking in contemplation

Flood is coming (FB) writes;
The Male Date of Libya, but not everyone has to stop frequently at the name of

Sheikh Sidi Abdul Salam brown Faitouri:

Oh .. Date
O Date Anselm p Liberals .. Sheikh boys in all countries
O thou ancient history .. Dom brown in his heart
O Date Alkhtaua forward .. Said and done, what is the word of
Join our word oh right .. Asmar said Believe In saying
O Date without Halkalam .. Bushra Saraa and Haam peace
O Date Agaha story .. And to tell the truth and lift the flag
Oh .. Date
O Date Halopash said .. Death Jahm appetizers Halonjaas
Oh preached their history .. Halaopash follows Galo fetish
O Date Asrdha story .. Second to none and the right end of the Dhalm
Hey Rahm history are a shame .. The book in which God Zhou Fire
Oh what Lehne history in his home .. The work of his hands triggered a beacon
Hey Tark they traveled aggression .. Darrow Shi infidel what Darash
Date of Type O Halstor .. Livigno riffraff due pleasure
Oh .. Date
O Date Quellahm words .. Asmar serious Higher substitute
O Date Dlm and holiday .. Day Vnahm on Ashvar iron
O Date Venaha completed .. Tripoli today how pit blood
Oh yes .. Date Vhemenaha The Vena corner and carefree Bashart
Hey today’s date funded Hyatt .. Ghost eye cell Azoarh
Oh we knew Aldbarh history .. Janzour Nstano of reference
Oh .. Date
O Date understands the world .. Yaala right after technical Aldhalm
O Date Tmenhm our prisoners .. Jay Faraj Dom God shine
Oh history of the word martyr .. Reassured reassured downright Nasra
Date O prophet commandment .. Nehna oversee what Landero calcareous
O history we have stated Secretary .. We raise the banner of victory for religion
Oh .. Date
O Call Date lighthouse p .. Asmar angle Dhawi Fanara
O Date Quellahm lines .. Date of Asmar in Old Ages
O Date reached his peace .. Hvad to Sheikh Jawad Cram
O record date Halstor .. Victory near Berdja light
Oh my history in the last .. God bless the good Alanami
Althelata dawn on 26/11/2013 m …
ذا ذكر تاريخ ليبيا , فلا يملك الجميع إلا التوقف كثيرا عند إسم الشيخ سيدي عبد السلام الأسمر الفيتورييـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ انسلم عـ الأحــــرار .. أولاد الشيخ في كـل الأقطـــــار
يا تاريخ أنت يا القديـــــــــم .. الأسمر دوم كلامه في الصميـم
يا تاريخ الخطاوي للأمــــــام .. قـــول وفعل ماهـــو غيــــر كلام
يا تاريخ كلمتنـــا الحـــــــق .. الاسمر قــــال وفي قــوله صدق
يا تاريخ دون هالكــــــــــلام .. البشرا ســــاراا وحيعم الســلام
يا تاريخ إحكيهـــــا الحكــاية .. وقـــــول الحق وأرفعهــــــا الرايةيـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ وذكر هالأوبــــــاش .. الموت جاهم كمشة هالأنجــاس
يا تاريخ بشرهـم بهــــــــم .. هالاوبـــــاش يلي قالـــــو صنم
يا تاريخ إسردهــا الحكـــاية .. يعلى الحق ولضالم نهــــــــــاية
يا تاريخ هم راهم العـــــــار .. وكتاب الله تشــــو فيــــه النــــار
يا تاريخ مــا يهنى في داره .. بعمل يديـــــه فجرهـــــــا منـارة
يا تارخ هـم عدوان ســــافر .. دارو شــــــي ما داراش كـــــافر
يا تاريخ اكتب هـالسطــور .. يفنــــــو اوبـــــاش ويرجع سـروريـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ قــوللهم كــــلامه .. الاسمـــــر جدي العالي مقـــامه
يا تاريخ دكرهـــم وعيــــد .. بيوم فنـــاهم على اشفار الحديد
يا تاريخ شفنــــــاهـا اتــم .. اليوم طرابلس كيــــف حفرة الدم
يا تاريخ فهمنـــــــاها نعم .. وشفنا الزاوية وبشــــــــارت الهم
يا تاريخ اليوم تمـــو حيـارة .. شبـح العيـــــن لخليـــــــة ازوارة
يا تاريخ عرفناها الدبــــارة .. من جنزور نستنـــــــو الاشـــــارة

يـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ يفهمهــا العـــالم .. يعلا الحــق بعــد فنية الضـــــالم
يا تاريخ طمنهم اسرانــــا .. جاي فــــــرج دوم الله معـانـــــــا
يا تاريخ كلمة للشهيــــد .. اطمان اطمان النصـــــــرا اكيـــــد
يا تاريخ نبيهــــا وصيـــــة .. نحنا اشراف ما انديـــــــرو السية
يا تاريخ قلنـاهــا أميــــن .. نرفــــع رايـــــــة النصر للديـــــن

يـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ احكي عـ المنارة .. زاويـــة الاسمر ضـــاوي فنــــارة
يا تاريخ قوللهم سطــــور .. تاريخ الاسمر في قديم العصــور
يا تاريخ وصل هـ الســلام .. لحفــــاد الشيخ لجــــواد لكـرام
يا تاريخ سجل هالسـطور .. النصــر قــرب وبيـــرجع النــــــور
يا تاريخ في أخر كلامــي .. صلى الله على خيـــــر الانــامي

فجر يوم الثلاتاء 26 / 11 / 2013 م …

28:20 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel titled (why we are against February), dated 11/25/2013 P

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 11/21/2013 P

Orientalist Russian Vyacheslav Matuszov spoke, saying:

“…Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi has very important positive feature, in-which he is able to gather representatives of tribes and agree on principles governing the activities of the Libyan state.

Today, the main task for any leader Libby regardless of the manner in which it arrived at the helm, is to follow the footsteps of the Libyan leader. And therefore should be harmony between the races in the country, tailored to the interests of all tribes and groups who act uncontrollably today in Libya, and should apply the principle of mutual tolerance. This means that, regardless of the positions taken by this tribe or that person during the civil war, they should remove all the charges against them and remove the entire responsibility. Without a national consensus, the destructive processes that can be seen now in the country, will increase and this would would be a major threat not only to Libya itself, but many of the neighboring countries.

In theory, this all sounds good and true. But, you think the Libyan media halo Masrati, which they describe so far in Libya as a presenter for the beloved leader Muammar Gaddafi, that the implementation of this scenario would be almost impossible, she said in this regard, saying:

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In any case, should be based on the Libyans themselves, and if the people themselves are not willing to eliminate the chaos and the internal order of the house, it is unlikely that this can be done by an exotic destination abroad.”

Dialogue with the Libyan media known halo Masrati

Dialogue with the Libyan media known halo Masrati

 Interview: Imad parasite

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.Dialogue with the Libyan media halo Masrati known about the latest developments of the situation in Libya



UN to send guard force to Libya
November 27, 2013 10:17 PM
Agence France Presse
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks during a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, about an international peace conference aimed at ending Syria's civil war, November 25, 2013. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks during a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, about an international peace conference aimed at ending Syria’s civil war, November 25, 2013. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

UNITED NATIONS, United States: The United Nations is to send a 235-strong special force to Libya to protect UN staff because of increasing attacks in the country, officials said Wednesday.

The UN Security Council has agreed a request by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to send the force, China’s UN ambassador Liu Jieyi said.

Ban said in a letter to the council that UN staff are “at increased risk of attack” because of worsening tensions and “the lack of reliable national security forces.”

The force, probably to be taken from UN peacekeeping missions, would guard the UN base in Tripoli. “This would act as a deterrent against extremist elements who are not welcoming of foreign personnel,” Ban commented.

He added that the guards could also help evacuate the more than 200 staff in the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

The mission has been helping with a political transition in Libya.

China’s ambassador told reporters that as Security Council president

for November he had sent a letter to Ban agreeing to the force.

Channel capital Tripoli
Those who participated in the killing of Libyans and they have detailed information about the killings and assassinations that occur in each of Derna, Benghazi and eastern Libya in general, and we will provide you lists, respectively …
1 – Sufyan bin his people
2 – Mohammed bin Sufyan his people
3 – Ali bin Tahir Mouse
4 – Reza cock poetic
5 – Siraj Mohammed legion Dhokh
6 – Mahmoud Bashar al-Drissi
7 – Salah Rajab Dnico
8 – Hamza Agrebel
9 – Salem Tiger Palestinian doctor
10 – Hassan Al Mansouri Bozhb
11 – Boogie Ayad Azaatoot
12 – Muhammad Aldriue
13 – Abdul Hakim Al Awar Alhsaada
14 – Salem Alfbaúla Bo points
15 – Aldisekh Mansouri
16 – Majdi Murad seven
17 – share Ghaithi
18 – Hamad Bu Sfith
19 – share Alfabsa
20 – Saqr Gabésien
21 – Hashim Mozah


23 General cleaning company in a protest in front of the headquarters of the National Congress:

Reporter atmosphere of the country”:

a protest now in front of the National Congress for twenty-three subsidiary of General Services claim the salaries of the month of September, October and November.

Quoting \ logic:
Sidor after a meeting half an hour from now, almost between the local ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood falling legitimacy of Benghazi and members of the National Congress for the city at the Institute of Social Service Center next to Fwyhat note that the meeting secret and unspoken
And to make sure it will be of a conspiracy against the national army and for the benefit of the terrorist organization.
Bo Sidra and Zoppi and are Jaudh
Khaled Sherif, head of the “Libyan Fighting Group”* previously met with a delegation of the BRITISH military.

*: DVSN of “Ansar al-SHARIA”/ “al-QAEDA”…
and see ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ/ “ALI HARDNESS” (center) of this picture too.BTW: Khaled Sherif has abducted, tortured and murderd young girls in TRIPOLI.The LFG spoke with and welcomed John McCAIN a few months back ! and the idiot GNC is now calling for “negotiations”!!! (How does one “negotiate” with insane murderers????)
عــــــــــــــــــــــــاجل …
“Would not we shed the blood of the Libyan easily Tripoli”
(quote of ZAIDANE) The head of the government Almaqto “Ali Zaidane,” who was speaking shortly before a news conference in Tripoli:
will offer the shedding of the blood of the Libyan easily, but we will if we have what we have and the dictates of our duty as a government.
meanwhile, al-ANSAR al-SHARIA thinks they are going away scott-free AFTER THE “AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA” cause CHAOS, BLOODSHED and destruction, the ask for “SAFE PASSAGE OUT” !!!!!Urgent _ # _ special source: Ansar al-Sharia ask the government for safe passage out of Benghazi and pull them weapons !!(Media center for the youth of the capital)خالد الشريف رئيس الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة سابقا يلتقي مع وفد عسكري انجليزيبنت الوادي
Pilgrim” the commander of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb
Published yesterday what was said (leaks) to achieve security with the U.S., “Abu Anas Libyan” he told investigators: “The Hakim Belhaj” is the official leader of al-Qaeda operations in the Islamic Maghreb.

Pilgrim” the commander of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb

Published yesterday what was said (leaks) to achieve security with the U.S., “Abu Anas Libyan” he told investigators: “The Hakim Belhaj” is the official leader of al-Qaeda operations in the Islamic Maghreb.


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO (FB GROUP)

[God loves and understands Aduch!!! Are we no jealousy on Islam]

Zionist John McCain, owner of the famous statement in which he said
” If it were up to demolished the Kaaba”
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a supporter of the Islamic State (and SALAFIST LFG/al-QAEDA)
Monday’s meeting contrary to logic and the Islamic faith and the betrayal of God and the
Prophet (PBUH).


Noureddine Bouchiha:

Abdul Hakim Belhaj plan to bring all armed formations in Tripoli that belong to other cities … Let me Tripoli is Tripoli Council elected Brotherhood of others who tops the scene from the days of the Transitional Council

Abdul Hakim Belhaj was planning for that matter in Turkey out of trouble and away from the lead … Having completed the first plan , which witnessed a spontaneous people of Tripoli to bring out the militias Gharghour Here now playing the game to the city of Zintan and other

Go out strong scenario for pasting charge in Zintan!

After Prime Almkhabart return my father runs when Abdel Hakim Belhaj , the Libyan state and no evidence of this that he had traveled to Turkey for the master, Abdul Hakim Belhaj has been met to receive orders from him

When Rdjao was there in the car Antdharhm to Taktafhm ( ( Machae God Zintan then intelligence largest of intelligence itself) ) and snatched Alzzouz the

Kidnappers They blooded Bar and their faces Melih mean … Infdhu in law Bhaddaverh …. To the extent that they and Agafo in Alcimafro he red ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ … WHDH chances of one of the abductees he opens the door and says, Hello and escape them and kidnappers appointed laugh and cry and eye Maigdroush Aiderio something ….

Dimensions kidnappers, they said no … Nrfoh Senthaaaan Bash knows us from Zintan Hahah

And a day later … Kidnappers of Zintan Nad conscience and Skhvhm to Khatuwenh .. ( ( Deputy Prime Almkhabart ) ) .. And Qalolh overland spirit Samehnak the Hahah

Then he came up in the news channel directly and said Zintan Khtfinu , and Owok supreme Owok Khtfinu

( ( Ali from Tdgo ? ? ? Ali poor people O Kdaben ? ? ? … But whatever Adero Lord Fadgm and to him a little Aklbs know your plan to take control of Tripoli O Mqji ) )

Mazal Akaddam greatest Libyan O ..
Tripoli channel

Meager beginning of the play of the planning Hardness and Abdel Hakim Belhaj for control of the capital.

After the departure of Misrata militias began, receipt of LFG militia fighter Abdul Hakim Belhaj Ali , DC
Play poorly Noah kidnapping intelligence remove the Vice President Ali Hardness and Abdul Hakim Ballhaj for charges and falsely accuse arrest by Zintan and private control of the capital.

That began Hashim humans and follow the “Libyan Fighting Group”

targeting “Misrata militia “to drive them out of the capital in order to govern their own capital.

We want the army and police only and do not want to take out the city of Misrata militias and keep militias belonging to other destinations
قناة طرابلس

بداية مسرحية هزيلة من تخطيط الصلابي وعبد الحكيم بالحاج للسيطرة علي العاصمة

بعد خروج مليشيات مصراتة بدأت خطة خروج مليشيات الزنتان و استلام مليشيات المقاتلة التابعة لعبد الحكيم بالحاج علي العاصمة

مسرحية هزيلة اختطاف نائب رئيس الاستخبارات بإخراج من علي الصلابي و عبد الحكيم باللحاج لتوجيه التهم الي الزنتان وللانفراد بالسيطرة علي العاصمة

نريد جيش و شرطة فقط و لانريد اخراج مليشيات مدينة مصراتة و ابقاء مليشيات تابعة لجهات اخري

ولهذا بدأ هاشم بشر و اتباع الليبية المقاتلة باستهداف مليشيات مصراتة لإخراجهم من العاصمة لكي يحكموا العاصمة بمفردهم

نورالدين بوشيحة

خطة عبدالحكيم بالحاج لاخراج جميع التشكيلات المسلحه في طرابلس التي تنتمي للمدن الاخري … لينفرد بي طرابلس هو ومجلس طرابلس الاخواني الغير منتخب والذي يتصدر المشهد من ايام المجلس الانتقالي

كان عبدالحكيم بالحاج يخطط لهذا الامر في تركيا بعيدا عن المشاكل وبعيدا عن الرصاص … وبعد ان اكتملت الخطه الاولي والتي شهدت عفوية اهل طرابلس لاخراج مليشيات غرغور هاهو الان يلعب اللعبه لمدينة الزنتان وغيرها

فاخرج سيناريو قوي ليلصق التهمة بمدينة الزنتان

بعد عودة رئيس المخابارت الدي يشتغل عند عبد الحكيم بالحاج وليس الدولة الليبية والدليل علي هدا انه سافر الي تركيا لملاقات سيده عبدالحكيم بالحاج لتلقي الاوامر منه

وعندما رجعو كانت هناك سيارة في انتضارهم لتخطفهم ((ماشاء الله الزنتان عندها مخابرات اكبر من المخابرات نفسها)) وخطفوهم الزوز

الخاطفين وهم بدم بار وجوهم مليح يعني … ينفذو في القانون بحدافيره …. لدرجة انهم وقفو في السيمافرو لانه احمر ههههههه … وهده فرصه لاحد المختطفين انه يفتح الباب ويقول السلام عليكم ويهرب منهم والخاطفين عين تضحك وعين تبكي ومايقدروش ايديرو شيء ….

بعدين الخاطفين قالو لا … نرفعوه للزنتاااان باش يعرفنا من الزنتان ههههه

وبعدها بيوم … الخاطفين من الزنتان ناض ضميرهم وسخفهم الي خاطفينه ..((نائب رئيس المخابارت )) .. وقالوله برا روح سامحناك ههههه

وبعدها هو طلع في قناة النبأ مباشر وقال الزنتان خطفوني ووووك عليا ووووك خطفوني

(( علي من تضحكو ؟؟؟ علي الشعب المسكين يا كدابين ؟؟؟ … لكن مهما اديرو ربي فاضحكم والي عنده شوية عقلبس يعرف خطتكم للسيطره علي طرابلس يا مقملين ))

مزال القدام اعظم يا ليبيين ..


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New 0.96€ billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party

Abdullah thankless to free Libya on channel Libya Al-Ahrar city of Zintan:

“A large meeting is coming between Misrata and (?) ZINTAN REVOLUTIONARIES after these events happening in Tripoli.
What is occuring is a coup of the Brotherhood and their cohorts of the ‘revolution’; and the ‘revolutionaries’ plan to take control of Tripoli.
Where you die they head KINTU scene Wayne was Badri Sadat….who wants to drive the rebels from their capital and the parties have submitted to them. Almtdahrine are deceived by their leaders.
Badri Sadat. Eat in exquisite mouthful satisfaction thasab your soul with fear elatris…..”

#عبــدالله_نــــاكر علي قناة ليبيا الأحـــرار من مدينة الزنتان :

أين كنتو أنتم يامن تتصدرون المشهد وأين كان سادات البدري .. يريدون اخراج الثوار من عاصمتهم التي حررهو وقدمو الاطراف .. المتضاهرين مخدوعين من قبل من قادتهم ..

اجتماع كبير قادم بين ثوار مصراتة والزنتان بعد احداث طرابلس وما يحدث في طرابلس هو انقلاب من الاخوان والازلام على الثورة والثوار للسيطرة على طرابلس

عبدالله ناكر علي ليبيا الاحرار
للسادات البدري … تاكل في البريوش تحساب روحك بتخوف التريس

Abdullalh thankless (BELHADJ) is BLAMING MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI again for the violence !

as Hahim humans promises excellence and says “We are returning and we are strong”!! making slogans with his cohorts and Mu’ammar !

عبدالله ناكر:: الجيش الي طلع في ليلة وضحها هدو جماعة هشام بشر مايكبوش عليكم
لكن نوعدكم ان نحن عائدون وبقوة شوف طرابلس بعد خروج الثوار الحيوط كلها مخربشة بهتافات الازلام وجماعة معمر

Ali hardness (BELHADJ) shortly before the Liberal channel:

“All the blame on the government, and I had previously interacted with Zaidane and I have it set up a committee headed by a dialogue with these Abdulwahab Kayed and Sami al-Saadi!!”

علي الصلابي قبل قليل علي قناة الاحرار :

اللوم كله علي الحكومه وانا سبق وان تحاورت مع زيدان وأشرت عليه بتشكيل لجنه حوار مع هؤلاء يرأسها عبدالوهاب القايد وسامي الساعدي!!

OBAMA is al-Qaeda

Very urgent and very important ::

Very urgent and very important ::

Leak Mend

It has been two days since “the report prepared by the Office of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane” was received by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry (during his recent meeting in connection with the FBI Alavdralah investigations  of the detainee Libyan Abu Anas Libi ,  now in the USA).

Zaidane asked Kerry to help the Libyan government to arrest or liquidate of some of the names received in the report (which was prepared in a two-page edition as follows) :

So admitted (impartialy)

Alriqiei aka Abu Anas Libi, that the Libyan warlords of al Qaeda gain, when they accede to the recent request of Abdul Hakim Belhadj.

they are:
Mohammed Zahawi, Ismail Sallabi, Oribi Boca, Ahmed Abuchthalh , Osama Salaabi, Mohammed Kilani, Khaled Mashri, Ghani Alkkla, Haitham Tagouris, Abdul Rauf-hater, Salah Briki, Khalid Basir, Sohail Sadiq Ghiryani (son of thee NATO Mufti),

in addition to members of the Jemaah Islamiah Fighter (Libyan Fighting Group), they are:
Khaled al-Sharif, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense Libyan Dawadi,
added Abu Anas,  that the Libyan Abdulhakim Belhadj asked Prime Minister of the Renaissance Party in Tunisia to help get rid of some of the leaders of the security for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA / “GADDAFI FRIENDS” who are present in Tunisia in return to support the movement of the “Renaissance” financially and logistically in control of Tunisia,
and actually was done and sent Belhadj labeled (Haitham Tagouris) accompanied by a Crusade group to Tunisia managed to kidnap an official Homeland Security former Libyan capital Milad Daman from the heart of the Tunisian capital and transfer him to Tripoli accompanied by some wanted by the Islamic organizations in Libya, has asked Ghannouchi of Belhadj to help get rid of some of the icons Tunisian at variance with his movement, led by a thought of the Communist Chokri Belaid, and some men of the Tunisian army was Haitham Tagouris and his band, which includes Khalid Basir and five members of the deadline to do several operations in Tunisia (the most important success in the assassination of Shokri Belaid )     and others in the process described both types at the time, and go beyond this dissemination
Within this group of Algerian leaders within the territory to target gas compound and some Algerian security officers, which this time was led by Khaled Al-Basir  ordering the leaders of the Algerian Salafist Movements.
Decker Abu Anas Libyan thought that you are working with al-Qaeda in Libya  to regulate cluster (allowing for a very narrow knowledge) to identify new regulators who have especially large and formal institutions which dominate political and economic life in Libya and remembrance that both Abdulwahab commander Mohammed Abussdrh and Solomon Zoubih [Sulieman Zubie] follow the organization and hold positions of  the presidency in Libya;  as well as the person named Solomon Forte who tabbed organizations to pursue its member detainees in other countries, seeking to release them, that the members of the organization of the Libyan Presidency provide financial coverage ,and have done so,  successfully,  exporting this purpose through legislation!
He also said Belhadj (and support diagonal) creates a secret  Islamic army inside Libya (to be an alternative official military as well as official security);
and that Qatar aims to embrace their continued control over Libya , making the West need Qatar for its role in whatever happened Asthmav to Western interests in Libyaand Decker Al-Qaeda (under the guise of the Taliban) to open an office Thmtal him in Doha, in order for Qatar to make it work (under its authority)  to secure the island’s Arabic Wahhabism tenure and Saudi Arabia specificly,
as well as admitted Abouans, that Libya is now considered Alcan Albvel and is their economically supportive large base (after their decline of activity within Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq , Somalia, Yemen, and Mali).
There has never been, for this organization, such a recovery and control of the states, as has happened with Libya, the report concluded.

تسرب مند يومين من مكتب رئيس الوزراء الليبي علي زيدان تقرير كان قد استلمة من وزير الخارجيه الامريكي جون كيري في لقائه الاخير بخصوص التحقيقات التي تقوم بها FBI مكتب التحقيقات الافدراليه الامريكيه مع المعتقل الليبي ابو انس الليبي وطلب كيري مساعدة الحكومة الليبية في القبض او تصفية بعض الاسماء التي وردت بالتقرير وقد جاء في التقرير والذي اعد في صفحتين الاتي ((( اعترف نزيه الرقيعي الملقب ابو انس الليبي ان امراء حرب ليبيين انظموا الي تنظيم القاعدة اخيراً بطلب من عبدالحكيم بلحاج وهم محمد الزهاوي ،، اسماعيل الصلابي ،، عريبي بوكا ،، احمد ابوخثاله ،، اسامة الصلابي ،، محمد الكيلاني ،، خالد المشري ،، عبدالغني الككلي ،، هيثم التاجوري ،، عبدالرؤوف كاره ،، هاشم بشر ،، صلاح البريكي ،، خالد البصير ،، سهيل الصادق الغرياني ابن المفتي ،، بالاضافة الي اعضاء بالجماعة الاسلامية المقاتله وهم خالد الشريف وكيل وزارة الدفاع الليبية والدوادي ،،، واضاف ابو انس الليبي إن عبدالحكيم بلحاج طلب من رئيس حزب النهضه في تونس المساعدة في التخلص من بعض قيادات امنية لنظام القذافي متواجدة بتونس مقابل مساندة حركة النهضه مادياً ولوجستياً في السيطرة على تونس وفعلاً تم ذلك وارسل بلحاج المسمى ( هيثم التاجوري ) رفقة مجموعة جهادية لتونس تمكنت من خطف مسئول الامن الداخلي السابق بالعاصمة الليبية ميلاد دامان من قلب العاصمة التونسية ونقله لطرابلس رفقة بعض المطلوبين لدى تنظيمات اسلاميه بليبيا ،، وقد طلب الغنوشي من بلحاج المساعدة في التخلص من بعض الرموز التونسيه التي تختلف ايدوجياً مع حركته وعلى رأسهم ذو الفكر الشيوعي شكري بلعيد وبعض رجالات الجيش التونسي وكان هيثم التاجوري وفرقته التي تضم خالد البصير وخمسة اعضاء في الموعد للقيام بعدة عمليات بتونس اهمها النجاح في اغتيال شكري بلعيد واخرين في عملية وصفت بنوعيه في ذلك الوقت وانتقل بعدها نشاط هذه الفرقه للاراضي الجزائريه لتستهدف مجمع الغاز وبعض رجال الامن الجزائري وهذه المرة كانت بقيادة خالد البصير تحت إمرت قيادات جزائريه اسلاميه ،،، دكر ابو انس الليبي ان الفكر الذي تعمل به القاعدة في ليبيا هو تنظيم عنقودي يسمح بمعرفة ضيقه جداً لتحديد المنظمين الجدد لها وخاصة بالمؤسسات الرسميه الكبيرة والتي تسيطر على مناحي الحياة السياسيه والاقتصادية بليبيا ودكر ان كلاً من عبدالوهاب القائد ومحمد ابوسدره وسليمان زوبيه يتبعون التنظيم ويتقلدون وظائف بالرئاسة الليبية وكذلك شخص يدعى سليمان فورتيه كلفه التنظيم بمتابعة اعضائه المعتقلين بالدول الاخرى والسعي للافراج عليهم على ان يقوم اعضاء التنظيم بالرئاسه الليبية توفير التغطيه الماليه له لذلك من خلال تشريعات يصدرونها لهذا الغرض !! اضاف ايضاً ان بلحاج وبدعم قطري يقوم بانشاء جيش اسلامي سري داخل ليبيا ليكون بديل الجيش الرسمي وكذلك الحال للامن وان قطر تهدف من ذلك استمرار سيطرتها على ليبيا وجعل الغرب يحتاج لدورها كل ما حصل استهذاف لمصالح غربيه بليبيا ودكر ان تنظيم القاعدة وتحت ستار حركة طالبان فتح مكتب ثمتيل له بالدوحة سعياً من قطر لجعله يعمل تحت سلطتها لتضييق الخناق على الفكر الوهابي بالجزيرة العربيه وتحديداً بالسعودية ،، كذلك اعترف ابوانس ان ليبيا الان تعتبر الكان البذيل والدعم الاقتصادي الكبير للقاعدة بعد انحصار نشاطها في افغانستان والباكستان والعراق والصومال واليمن ومالي وانه لم يسبق لهذا التنظيم الانتعاش والسيطرة على دوله كما حصل معه بليبيا )) انتهى التقرير .

Events of Tripoli and Benghazi
For Tripoli, they suffer from the excesses and Artkabat militias imported from abroad such as Misrata and other militias, and the formal expulsion of the tension eased, say formal because they went out and returned themselves as militias dressed in what is called the army ..
The Benghazi, it’s different, militias committed abuses and acts of murder and terrorism, such as “supporters of Sharia” and others, are people of Benghazi, and can not be expelled to the outside .. In this measure should not be Tripoli and Benghazi scale of one .. The solution of stripping the militias of their weapons, but can it? ..
(Ali Chendeb Handb)



Sit all the staff of Al-Fateh Tower on Wednesday, and the disruption of all Alosinseerat in the tower, and entered the embassies in this sit-in, noting that the staff of embassies, including Alabritanyh and Maltese and Canadian,,, attended today was they want to begin their work, but Tfajioa resolution constellation that There is no work today and there was a sit-in,,,

Tower light now:

برج الفاتح الان …:

Labor unions support giving a chance to the government on armed formations
Atmosphere of the country –
The President of the Federation of Workers sector oil and gas Louay Daoud said Wednesday that the unions and the unions agreed yesterday with the Tripoli Local Council to give an opportunity for the government to prove its credibility towards the armed formations in the capital Tripoli.
David explained to the ambiance baladan unions and trade unions will announce on Thursday a statement on civil disobedience in Tripoli.
Between David and that a committee was formed at the level of Tripoli, made up of labor unions to monitor the sites that will be delivered by armed formations.
He pointed out that the unions are taking a crucial decision on the termination of the control of armed groups on the oil ports Mounqth Central.
David stressed that the union does not have any of the commandments of the National Congress, the public or from the government or local councils.
The Union of Workers oil and gas sector had demanded yesterday the first workers’ located within the city of Tripoli to continue in the major civil disobedience until all armed formations out of the capital.
The head of Tripoli local council announced on Thursday the continuation of civil disobedience until the last piece of weaponry out of the capital Tripoli.

The production of electricity at the lowest level Tripoli

Said Minister of Electricity and Chairman of the Committee on the implementation of resolutions 27 and 53, “Ali Mahariv” at a press conference now: electricity production in this period at the lowest level, today’s production does not exceed 4600 MB, and the first reason as a result of the closure of some of the gas pipeline.

Alassema TV channel capital
Carried out air traffic controllers at Tripoli International Airport first phase of the strike dates to delay takeoff trips … Threatening to paralyze the arrival of aviation and the closure of Libyan airspace beginning from the first of next December in the event of failure to meet their demands for improving their financial situation …


The bombing of the shrine Murad Agha Btajurae
“Atmosphere of the country” –
The Director of the Office of the effects of Tajourah Mohammed Al-Amari bombing of the tomb of the Ottoman commander Murad Agha Btajurae by unknown assailants blew up on Wednesday, and said that “the damage to the shrine Murad Agha Mosque eloquent led to the demolition of the walls and the dome.”
Ammari added to the “atmosphere of the country”, “the actors that they blew up the shrine users explosives after they failed to Nbashh.”
Ammari explained that investigations are underway, adding that the mosque by the cameras may be photographed actors.
The observer described the effects of the bombing of Tripoli F Qrassa Murad Agha Mosque, which is one of the mosques and historical monuments, illegal work and illegal, adding that the mosque, which dates back to its founding year 1551 is protected by law and the effects of historic cities.
He accused the Director of the Media Center Btajurae Nouri Chaouch of what he called “Salafist extremist groups that aim to blur the Libyan identity and cultural heritage of Libya” and added that these groups do not have the courage to do this act in broad daylight.
On the other hand Ammari Office torque effects on the restoration of the shrine and said it will be next to him with stones scattered through the assistance of Bmmermmin effects of interest and a historical cities.

The director of the Information Office of the Local Council Tajourah, Haitham Al Ammari, showed for “atmosphere for the country” this morning’s bombing of the tomb of the Ottoman commander Murad Agha Btajurae  at dawn.
The SALAFIST bombing of the 16th Century shrine Murad Agha mosque in Tajourah and dig the grave before dawn today.

  Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Exhume the tomb next to the Murad Agha mosque this morning ..:

There is no power but from God.


Turkish ambassador visits the scene of the bombing Murad Agha mosque!!!!!!:
Turkish ambassador visited the scene of the bombing of the shrine Murad Agha and signs of anger on his face while
Ambassador tried to stay away from the media and could only watch from the ruins of the shrine outside the precincts of the mosque.
Page Libyan News

It is the Mosque of Murad Agha which is considered one of the most important mosques that exist in Libya for the reasons of time and the personality of the man who established it in the middle of the sixteenth century.

It was Murad Agha the Turkish officer who was sent to Tajourah in 1551 by the Ottoman Sultan to help the Libyans bring an end to the rule of the Knights of St. John in Tripoli that started in 1510.

Murad Agha, the word agha means commander, established his headquarters and command at Tajourah so he could keep a close eye on what was going on behind the walls of the present day Old City of Tripoli.

With the help of the Ottoman navy Tripoli was conquered 14 August 1551. Murad Agha was appointed the first Ottoman Wali, governor, of the new Ottoman province on the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Tripoli is called “Tripoli the West” or ‘Turabuls Al-Gharrb’ in Arabic as it is currently known. It is named Tripoli of the West in order to differentiate between it and the other Tripoli that is also located on the Mediterranean coast in Lebanon.

Instead of building a fortress in Tajourah, which was his original plan, Murad Agha decided to build a mosque that has remain as such until today.

Using a design by famous architects of the Maghreb, supervision of Tunisian engineers and with more than 300 slaves from the Knight of St. John this magnificent holy place was constructed.

The mosque has 48 marble columns, probably brought from the ruins of Leptis Magna, two hundred kilometers east of Tripoli, surmounted by a series of arches, horseshoe style, supporting the vaults.

A water well (sweet water, still in use) and a bracer were built in the middle. In the yard outside, you can see the minaret (square shaped, reminding the Tukambia) which you can climb, with only 105 steps. This gives you rather a magnificent view.

Along with the mosque Murad Agha constructed a Kor’an Madrassa {school}.

Later after the death of the commander a mausoleum protecting his grave was constructed.

It took one year to construct the mosque from 1552 to 1553 and as the years passed good

care of the mosque have preserved this milestone which you can admire with just a stop over in Tajourah.

Destruction of the mosque, “Murad Agha” on the outskirts of the Libyan capital Tripoli
TRIPOLI (AFP) – Unidentified dawn Wednesday Murad Agha shrine, located in the eastern suburb of Tajourah Libyan capital Tripoli, after several months of calm in a campaign of attacks by SALAFISTs against the shrines, which considered it contrary to the teachings of Islam “Bida”. (BULL!)
It was the bombing of the shrine Murad Agha mosque beside the fact of the same name in honor of the first governor of the Ottoman Tripoli, explosives planted by unknown persons in the shrine, according to the photographer, according to AFP.
Witnesses at the scene said the blast occurred at four in the morning of Wednesday.
And Murad Agha is the first to deliver power in Ottoman Libya during the period from 1551 to 1553 after the liberation of Tripoli from the Knights of St. John (Spain), was the most important work of building the Grand Mosque in Tajourah named after him and was buried near him.
The mosque and the tomb of Murad Agha, which includes a statue of the most important features of Tripoli and the oldest is characterized by the beauty of the mosque and shrine Amarthma Islamic.
The Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane condemned  the assault, stressing the historical character of the target teacher and vowing to arrest the attackers and bring them to justice.
He told “eternal regret and severe censure and denunciation and condemnation of what happened in the Murad Agha mosque Btajurae I would like to express its deep regret and extreme indignation of the people of the State of Tajourah and Turkey friendly and brotherly (..) to this shameful event.”
“The hands of the hands of terrorism and backwardness and barbarism stretching hands day after day for the demolition of the nation’s memory and saved including tamper-year history, which reflects the history of Libya.”
In the March / March were destroyed shrine of Sufi Sidi Mohamed Andalusian (fifteenth century) in Tajourah bombing.
Since the overthrow of Muammar al-Qathafi’s vision of his people’s  GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, there has been destroyed many shrines in Libya by SALAFISTs bulldozers or explosives.
It is that these Salafists think these shrines, constructed in honor of the souls of the forefathers considered good role models, constitute “a kind of trap” in God.

Kharijites also in Tripoli

Been raking the saint’s tomb good “Sheikh Boucif” Devin area in the Arada Friday Market and 4 graves were dug up and the demolition of surrounding the dome.
In the cemetery, which was named in his name, “Sir Boucif cemetery” as he calls the people of Arada market Friday Mend centuries.


Back militias Gneoh full based mechanisms to support the militias cart and preached to him on the way ..
Of course, under the name of the NRF.
The militias Gneoh yesterday’s kidnapping of Subhi Suheim from his home in Abu Salim:
One of the rebels and Tripoli residents of Abu Salim and his family are now my attack on the camp,
Li retrieve their son after Talbo the government to do something and the government did not bother Plummer final.



According to plans, the presidency of the General Staff and the defense and interior ministries, a number of military units of the Fourth Infantry Brigade in cooperation with the National Security Directorate Aljafarah spread in different entrances and exits of cities, streets and fields Aljafarah area. &


Aziziya – A number of military units of the Fourth Infantry Brigade in cooperation with the National Security Directorate Aljafarah spread in different entrances and exits of cities, streets and fields Aljafarah area in accordance with plans by the Presidency of the General Staff and the defense and interior ministries.

These units also set up several gates in various parts of this region, which included both Agheiran and Janzour and Creamy and Zahra and Sawani and Aziziya.

A number of employees of the Fourth Infantry Brigade and employees of the National Security Directorate Aljafarah that the process of securing the area are going well and according to plans developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the defense and interior ministries.

As parents alive in interviews with a reporter and Libyan News Agency, members of the national army and national security, expressing their confidence in the security forces to secure the area. Aziziya.




Thus they are philanthropists in the Rishvana.

Was the return of the car, which was in the area of ​​the robbery Alhachan last Saturday

and to be followed for the installation of Huawei WiMAX.

We ask Allah safety and security, and we thank all those who helped in the return of the car
And special thanks to a secret Tina watchful eyes and Rishvana.

Photos and news from Rishvana



Bmasratp happen …

The awakening of the city: an attack on a meeting of some members of the local council and the Shura Misrata yesterday 26/11/2013 AD and expelled them from the venue of the meeting at a hotel Technical College? ? It is known that the idea of the councils and applied the idea of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the Arab countries Altbroory.

It seems that the Brotherhood pension desirable Behm in Misrata forever? The next few days are full of surprises ….. Libyan followers!

Urgent news channel:
Local and shura Misrata conference call for members of the citizens of the city to return to their jobs.
Meeting of the employees of the room Libya rebels from some cities
B Industrial Zone City of Misurata(Salem al-Obeidi)



mardi-for the first time in the history of the hospital Bani Walid year since it opened access Jhazatnevs Industrial for baby boomers who knows with the public (born nursery) and will enter service at the beginning of next week
– This has also arrived on a respirator for adults and which is one of the latest ventilatory in the world for the year 2103 as well as a respirator laptop runs on 12-volt power and Kdlk 220 volt user-friendly used to transfer patients between Avsam hospital and are also mounted on the ambulance or plane a Ahdt devices in the world.
– Monitor vital functions of baby boomers (blood pressure / ECG / pulse / measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood / breath rate per minute)
– Monitor your vital functions surgical devices, which is distinct from the normal measuring the proportion of carbon dioxide in the blood of the patient during anesthesia.
– Suction fluids mobile device (suction) number (4)
– Suction device fluids special operations Number 1
– Device in order to cut electric sophisticated special operations (Multifunctional)
– Systems ECG sophisticated ECG (the display) number (4)
While waiting for the arrival of a medical Furnishing in the middle of next month, represented in
– Family detect and chairs birth
– Special vehicles to distribute medicine to patients without the need to return to room preparation
– Special vehicles to transfer medical equipment
– Special vehicles to transfer oxygen cylinders
– Carts alopecia save supplies anesthesia in the operating room
– Chairs blood donation
– Tables within the nursing departments
– Wheelchairs for Clinics
Work is underway now to paint the hospital from home and abroad approved by the colors in the original map of the hospital
These achievements are thanks to God Almighty and Osma unknown soldiers who pray day and night service to their families in Bani Walid and in response to the beloved heroes of the keyboard and Facebook pages who Azakmthm smell of paint
As we pray to God Almighty to inspire the workers of the hospital administration and medical components, medical technicians and help guide them to the right, and what is good for people and country, and ignorant of the balance of their good deeds.
Note: All of these were purchased equipment from the hospital’s budget for the year 2013
Addicted o.t
للرجوع الى غرفة التحضير
– عربات خاصة بنقل المعدات الطبية
– عربات خاصة بنقل اسطوانات الاكسجين
– عربات حاصة بحفظ لوازم التخدير في غرفة العمليات
– كراسي التبرع بالدم
– طاولات تمريض داخل الاقسام
– كراسي متحركة للعيادات
وجاري العمل الان على طلاء المستشفى من الداخل والخارج حسب الالوان المعتمدة في خريطة المستشفى الاصليةوهذه الانجازات هي بفضل الله عز وجل ومن ثما الجنود المجهولين الذين يصلون الليل بالنهار خدمة لاهلهم في بني وليد الحبيبة وردا على ابطال لوحة المفاتيح وصفحات الفيس بوك الذين ازكمتهم رائحة الطلاء
كما نتضرع الى الله العلي القدير ان يلهم العاملين بالمستشفى من ادارة وعناصر طبية وطبية مساعدة وفنيين الصواب وان يوفقهم الى ما فيه خير العباد والبلاد وان يجهلها في ميزان حسناتهم .
ملاحظة : تم شراء كل هذه المعدات من ميزانية المستشفى للعام 2013 م
أدمن o.t



Is confirmed Battalion 136 Infantry, “Ali Sadiq,” the b
Elements of the battalion was to have mobile patrols by city
Sirte has been found in feed bags of explosives
Ready for detonation by neighborhood “beam of water” on the road
Western coastal eastern bridge, and said sincere
The special permit by explosives placed by the same method
That have been developed by the explosives that were discovered by Proximity
Of water tanks Sirte days ago, (PLACED BY ANSAR al-SHARIA Militia) !



Ali Asbali:
Press conference of the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica
tomorrow at 4 pm, will be transferred to the news channel.
Executive Office – Cyrenaica province
President declares the executive office (Cyrenaica province).
Mr. Abdul Hamid Abed Rabbo Asheib Barasi.
That it would hold a press conference on Thursday, 28/11/2013
At four o’clock in the afternoon on Masrah by the Prime Minister on Zaidane with
respect to the province of Cyrenaica and oil fields ..

The closing of the ports oil to take responsibility:

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,”

“The government is patient and there is no room for waiting, and insist on the closure of the oil ports him to take responsibility.”


Brega Oil Marketing
Office denies media and union workers Brega Oil Marketing Company news picket users to move the company’s headquarters in the corner where the sit-in site is limited to users of warehouse corner.


Plumes of smoke behind victory Radio Road and fire trucks heading for the place.

(The news agency of the mountain)



Agency urgently Libya / Video brawl and killed two students at the University of Omar Al-Mukhtar
————————————————– —————————-
Students went on strike Omar Mukhtar University City branch of white-outs to protest the killing of two students on campus.
The students stressed that the strike will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, demanding to activate the guard inside the university campus.
For its part, the management suspended Omar Mukhtar University study in the city of Casablanca to further notice.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو شجار ومقتل 2 من الطلبة بجامعة عمر المختار
——————————————————————————أضرب طلاب جامعة عمر المختار فرع مدينة البيضاء عن الدراسة إحتجاجا على مقتل إثنين من الطلبة داخل الحرم الجامعي .
وأكد الطلاب أن الإضراب سيستمر يومي الإربعاء والخميس مطالبين بتفعيل الحرس الجامعي داخل الجامعة .
ومن جهتها علقت إدارة جامعة عمر المختار الدراسة في مدينة البيضاء إلى إشعار أخر .

(University of Omar Mukhtar – white)

The study declares stop all colleges .. Starting today and until further notice …

Alassema TV channel capital:
Students went on strike Omar Mukhtar University City branch of white-outs to protest the killing of two students on campus
The students stressed that the strike will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, demanding to activate the guard inside the university campus …..


Murder of a retired officer of the Thunderbolt (Salem Alhawwaz to customary) this morning
Salem Alhawwaz of Prairie City, and went on in the early morning, Li Benghazi Msandt colleagues in Thunderbolt.
And when he went his sons insisted on not going, but he told them, and I quote ((Manabash Naseeb Rvaguety Broaham Prophet monuments we walk with them)).


A large crowd is moving from one area to camp Louhichi Thunderbolt in Benghazi.

Please keep in mind…


Nouveaux affrontements entre l'armée et les militants libyen

Fresh clashes between the Libyan army and militants, “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi Death toll from clashes in Benghazi to 14 people ..

The army announces the horn Libyan prime minister:

the armed groups out of the cities and the delivery of arms.

According to security sources and residents that the new clashes between the Libyan army and Islamist fighters broke out in three areas in Benghazi on Tuesday night 26 November 2013 .

A security source said that the new clashes began when he threw the elements of the SALAFIST group “Ansar al-Sharia” bomb on a patrol of the Special Forces. It should be noted that the confrontations that took place between the Libyan army and militants, “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi on Monday night November 25, killed 14 people and wounded 49.

The correspondent in Tripoli that the security situation in Libya is still deteriorating, especially in Benghazi, which is witnessing almost daily assassinations targeting members of the military and police, most recently Tuesday it fired someone masked fire on a member of the SS which led to his death, in response colleagues slain and shot the gunman and killed him on the spot. :روسيا اليوم

Alawakir tribe mourns her son, who was killed today Benghazi:
BenghaziLibyan Media Network – # LNM
Adjective tribe Alawakir (house of mourning) her son a special forces soldiers “Thunderbolt” which betrayed by the forces of evil after the chase from the Palace long near the project (No. 3), and follow him and then shoot him and kill him, which led to the derailment of his car to the side of the the road, and a car collision type Knot-weaving carrying amount of cement.
Urgent – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Target missile in the way of the gate Bohadi.
It is noted that the gate follow the national army and there have been instances resuscitate him to the hospital.
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá :: / targeting Lt. Col. Abdul Salam Faitouri front of the headquarters of Benghazi Thunderbolt
and now the image of the central care, and that what is happening in Benghazi wounded …
The arrest of a person holding a pomegranate and inside the hospital Galaa now.
A hand grenade inside the observation section! Benghazi
Sit physicians and medical workers to help Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents in Benghazi after someone opened yesterday grenade type “pomegranate” within the department Almlaahth.
Eyewitnesses to a Special Forces “Thunderbolt” intervention and deal with the situation and the person detained holder grenade and shooting happened in the corridors leading to the information desk shattered completely.
Hani Al Oraibi:
this picture inside the hospital Galaa surgery and accidents / Benghazi yesterday, Wednesday, 2013 1127
where someone opened a hand grenade (Rommaneh) in the Department of Almlaahth The members of the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) interaction with him and happened exchange of fire in the corridors of the hospital
and the fall of Glass Informative fully.
The currently existing among special forces Thunderbolt:
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.


Security facilities and installations Benghazi:

Hospital Galaa now access Josmanin one of the members of the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) Salem Mohamed Mahmoud Arafa Alhawwaz head,

The second Mohammed Hamad Ali Hadad is not recognized rank, where they were murdered in the way of Mr. Khalifa was transferred to Benghazi Medical Center.

Filter special forces men “Thunderbolt”, by Sir b
Khalifa morning and they head Sergeants “Mohamed Mahmoud Salem
Alhawwaz, “and the officer” Mohammed Hamad Ali Al-Haddad, “after it has
B liquidated lead left
The assassination of Colonel “Adel Mohammad on senile”‘s’s police
Military to Benghazi
(Salem al-Obeidi)
(Navy special forces
 Agency urgently Libya / Navy mourns officers
Adjective Chiefs of Staff of the Navy commissioned officer sergeants head unit “Adel Mohammad Ali senile” employees of a naval forces after it was targeted this morning as he left his home on his way to the base of the marine Benghazi.
The God we shall return to him though
Mourn the RO and just Senile,
One of the employees of the Navy after he was targeted today as he left his home on his way towards the naval base.)
Murder of a retired officer of the Thunderbolt (Salem Alhawwaz to customary) this morning
Salem Alhawwaz of Prairie City, and went on in the early morning, Li Benghazi Msandt colleagues in Thunderbolt.
And when he went his sons insisted on not going, but he told them, and I quote ((Manabash Naseeb Rvaguety Broaham Prophet monuments we walk with them))
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The assassination of a colonel in the police, agricultural (Adel Mohammad Ali Senile) bullets, has reached the deceased to the hospital.
# Clarify
I apologize for the recipe and dependency “Adel Mohammad Ali senile” was
Military reservists and returned to service in the Navy after the call, and
Was the head of the officers and was assassinated by area Laithi morning.
From God
Benghazi has been found on the Jenin behind the clinic Marwa. Eluted child alive …
الله المستعان
بنغازي تم العثور علي جنين خلف مصحة المروة .الطفلة مزال حية…

Benghazi local council and members of the National Congress for the city meet at the Institute of Social Service Center next to Fwyhat note that the meeting secret and unspoken.

AFTER THE “AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA” cause CHAOS, BLOODSHED and destruction, the ask for “SAFE PASSAGE OUT” !!!!!

Urgent _ # _ special source: Ansar al-Sharia ask the government for safe passage out of Benghazi and pull them weapons !!

(Media center for the youth of the capital)
All they will do is regroup and change clothes and join the FAKE armed services!!!
Nothing will change; and no justice will be served—only pointing to more terror to ome in the near future!…as is MISURATA right now doing!

Nqlas witnesses now the blast is an explosion booth area of ​​the land to the city of Benghazi to blame …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Benghazi :::::::
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::::
Anfjarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very very very violent area parks .………………
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.




Taqi al-Din Alchloi:

Now I came back from the site of an explosion in the eastern coast of the tuber, like any explosion, another explosion in material damage, pity the great amount of panic that hit women and men and children, everything was confusing.

The car was pinned in the corner and no one could put out the raging fire therein, but after that lose by being pulled out of the street to be able to extinguish it, also unfortunate that everyone is wondering about the identity of the target and what worked in the past, and if they find for themselves a justification for what happened and relieves grief .. Suffice it, and yes, the agent.

Chairman of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” at a news conference now in tuber exist several battalions and illegal armed formations and we did not forget the tuber.

Zaidane confirms the existence of a plan that includes the city of Derna and calls for people serious pause.
The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” There is a security plan will include Derna soon and that his government has provided demanded Congress to approve million for its implementation. (There is a security plan will include Derna soon and that his government has provided demanded Congress to approve 184.94€ million for its implementation.)
He added, “Zaidane”, who was speaking shortly before a news conference in Tripoli that the people of Derna to have a role like other cities and also noted that the battalions outside the law messing with security there.


Statement of innocence Albrasp tribe called Mahmud Barasi, congressman & leader of al-ANSAR al-SHARIA in the Islamic Caliphate of Libya  in the tuber:

Derna today’s demonstration for students of school age and income Usta in civil disobedience:

School students Wasti age out in Mdahirat to in order to claim the army, police, security and safety and also a school intifada but unfortunately are threatened students and repressed and so beat them and give them their files and,

unfortunately, also one of the brothers brandishing his weapon in the face of the students because they Aatsamu peacefully and Aglqo road and Qallahm Nehna just Ndero our revolution and Ntbako the law of God on the basis of Nehna Jews.

When my nation to Yahoo Lech silent Heca request Atadhu and adult silent Lech This negative.

#درنة …

طلبه مدرسه اسطي عمر يخرجون في مضاهرات لاجل المطالبة بالجيش والشرطه والامن والامان وايضا مدرسه الانتفاضه لكن للاسف يتم تهديد الطلبه وقمعهم وذلك بضربهم واعطائهم ملفاتهم وللاسف ايضا احد الاخوه يشهر سلاحه في وجه الطلبه لانهم اعتصمو سلميا واغلقو الطريق وقاللهم نحنا توه نديرو ثورتنا ونطبقو شرع الله علي اساس نحنا يهود. لعند امتي ياهو ليش ساكتين هكي طلبه يتأذو والكبار ساكتين ليش هذه السلبيه.

(Media Center tuber)

 Three bodies found in tuber suspected to stun.
العثور على ثلاث جثث في درنة يشتبه بإنتمائهم للصاعقة

( م )
Newsflash (channel Russia Today)
Russian expert online in the Bulletin of the channel Russia Today specializes in Islamist militant groups said (Libya has entered a new war with the groups do not have the ethics of the Libyans prepare for Abad these as Allbibin fatally life and said Oadhae will not be safe in their presence and the army and Libyan security Declaration of readiness and Turi in the Middle Libyan every minute, because these groups are groups of reprisal)

Today was a protest in solidarity with the Social Solidarity Fund _ tuber
A rejection of the marginalized and the decision of joining Fund tuber to the city of the dome .. This Office activated cadres of staff of the city of Derna are able to service their city Vdrnh city of science, management and refused Employees of the Fund except to say we serve our children with special needs and school deaf and dumb and correlative Down and other widows and the needy ..

Rejection of the decision to admit Social Solidarity Fund tuber to the dome.

 City Biar announce civil disobedience.
مدينه الابيار تعلن العصيان المدني .
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya:
Officers targeted the house of a municipal guard in tuber since few.
Urgent: the bombing of the headquarters of the security backing Mrtoph area 40 km east of the city of Derna …




Blackouts city Gallo first areas fed from a field station Alhoandy bed {}

This is the first signs of the sit-in,

which will bring the problems of these areas ..!!


Sabha / Traffic on gas cylinders
And the local council Sabha reassure citizens and says that the gas cylinders are available and covers the needs of the city, but the reason for the shortage is the spread of the phenomenon by the brokerage, and requires them to cooperate with the security authorities in the seizure and in the performance of their work assigned to them.


Escalation of the sit-bed plant threatens the interruption of electricity
“Atmosphere of the country “– the bed area –

Thursday evening was the escalation of the sit-in by protesters, Tabu area residents Rbeana inspired Shora Qderfa infidels

and not to allow cars and diesel fuel to enter the station electric bed which threatens the interruption of electricity.

Escalation of the protest
A spokesman for the protesters Muhammad Altbawi told  “the atmosphere of the country” that has been an escalation of the protest today after five days of peaceful sit-in has not been responsive to our demands by the government.

He added that he was Altbawi communicate with the Director of the Office of the Presidency of cabinets Rashid Abseka attic and put forward three demands we have not received any response so far by the government or any action, pointing out that if the government did not respond to the escalation of the current escalation of the protest will be located more in the coming days.

Put loads
For his part, Director of the station bed gas Hashim al-Maliki that the sit-in has a direct impact on the station, and if the will is put loads in a first stage, pointing out that the station produces nearly five hundred megawatts, which feed the main grid of the head of Igdir to Amsaad and cities in the south-east Gallo and Awjila and Ajkrh and infidels and Tazerbo.

Maliki told “the atmosphere of the country” on Tuesday that the plant will continue to produce electricity for a maximum of four days from today, in addition to offering loads to be able to production this period.

It is noteworthy that the demands of the protesters to be Rbeana area municipality that is the provision of electricity, water, and open an office to shy Shora Qderfa infidels and which areas inhabited by Tabu.

Eye on the South
Squatting, Tabu, bed blocking the station’s generating
Electricity and road, which connects the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo
B cities and regions of the north, demanding the government is implementing a number of
“Rights” School Hospital Bank, and feature demands
Adoption of the Municipal Council’s area Rbeana
Rbeana displaced residents are demanding to return to their area
After the recent events that have occurred to the region.
(Salem al-Obeidi)


This time increasing congestion in the city of Kufra because of the closure of the torch route, where protesters shut down about 60 car.
.. And the rebels are preparing to resolve the matter and get out …
Also there is a brief meeting to be held in the city on the island with all in these moments that hold all of the local council and the military council and the rebel princes and sheikhs ..!!
(Mustafa Shaker)
Heathens …
Was an hour before the evacuation now cars that were stopped yesterday in the torch by Tabu …. Been evacuated only cars that were outside of the city of Kufra, which headed for Benghazi Lama cars destined city of Kufra and trucks, which belong to a field station Alhoandy bed to remain suspended until now ..!!


Special Forces :: statement :: Barak air base

Colonel Mohammed Matouk Hasnawi commander of the air base Barak told Vsanaa huge explosion occurred before dawn Thursday, 28/11/2011 Now in warehouses Aldkhirh of the base. Result exceeded outlaws them.
And warn citizens from approaching the site of the explosion …….

Army ammunition looted in the south of the Libyan Ubari
Reported preliminary information that a group of armed men looted last night and this morning a large amount of ammunition and weapons from ammunition stores in the area, which includes Barak beach about 15 Dshma for storing arms and ammunition.


Center for Special Needs b Ubari, resumes this morning
Currency after the completion of maintenance and provide all the hardware in it, after it has
Stolen during the war in Libya
(Salem al-Obeidi)


One-line staff Alavrgih informs us that the aircraft owned by the company may turn out to be hardware in the near future ..
He said one of rationing in the lines of the African planes new lines and already purchased the company is working improperly and that directing them for short trips unauthorized by ICAO, IATA, an engineer told us that the aircraft take off from Tripoli to Misurata distance can not allow the plane to go it due to its proximity and that will cause glitches in engines that can not operate properly during the flight,
engineer told us that these distances prevent Organization Tairat “IATA” and that what caused the damage to Ojhrh plane’s engines, and also said he went to the director of the company, “Forte “who ordered Btser flights Company from Tripoli to Misurata his hometown without Webley any attention to what stated by the engineers, and said they had to report to them about the seriousness of these trips and what caused the damage to the plane together with a report of the” IATA “, but they were met not Alambalh by the administration, and this indicated that the aircraft engineer may turn out to be hardware in the near future if the situation continues as it is now to Hua.


map of islamic sites

Ancient Islamic Sites In Libya

According to an official map showing the archaeological sites in Libya, the Islamic period is defined to begin from 641 AD to 1800 AD. The most ancient sites are located along the coast. These sites are as follows:


  • Sabratha
  • Tripoli
  • Gharyan
  • Leptis Magna
  • Misuratha
  • Sert
  • Old Sert
  • Sultan
  • Ben Jawwad
  • Ajdabiyah
  • Benghazi
  • Almerj
  • Albayda
  • Cyrene
  • Darnah
  • Tobruk
  • Aljaghboub
  • Alkufrah
  • Awjla
  • Bounjeem
  • Ghadames
  • Sabha
  • Ubari
  • Ghat

Ajdabiyah (Ajdabya)

The Ajdabiyah area appears to have been a major Islamic centre during the early Islamic period in Libya, when the Fatimids began to arrive in Libya. Excavations at Tokra show that the ancient town was among the Cyrenaican sites occupied by the Muslims during the 8th century.

Other Islamic sites in Cyrenaica include the remains of a number of forts at several sites including Kharouba, Medinat Buhindia and Cyrene; a round tower discovered at Sidi Kherbish in Benghazi; and two baths one in Cyrene and the other in Derna.

One of the oldest Islamic inscriptions yet found in Libya (in Tripolitania) came from the tombstone of Bayan ibn al-Haythan. The stone was dated to 862 AD and was written in simple Kufic.


Ajdabiyah Fatimid Mosque Remains

fragments from the Ajdabya Fatimid mosque
A corner section, inscriptions and fragments from the Ajdabiyah Fatimid Mosque.

The remains of the Ajdabiyah mosque date back to the Fatimid period (10th Century AD). The courtyard is surrounded by a single arcade, while the sanctuary facade is made of massive piers that have semi-circular niches, very much characteristic of the Fatimids. The aisles in the mosque run perpendicular to the qibla (the direction towards Mecca which Muslims must face when they pray). Many of the stone inscriptions found in this mosque are now housed in Cyrene Museum, in Cyrenaica. The above middle inscription records a “waqf” and is dated to 932 AD.


The Ajdabiyah Fatimid Fortress Palace

Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace
Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace

The Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace, built by the Fatimids during the 10th century, has a rectangular base 33 metres long and 25 metres wide, with circular corner towers, and with more towers in between each two corners. The palace is regarded as one of the most important 10th century monuments in the whole of North Africa. It has a grand entrance complex, leading to a central courtyard 14 metres square, at the end of which located a suit of rooms. The central room had a semi-domed apse and columns, which with the elaborate entrance to the structure indicate that the palace could have belonged to an important Fatimid Caliph or Ruler. It has been suggested that the palace may have once served as a rest house for the Fatimid Caliph al-Mu’izz while he was on his way to Cairo in 972 AD, but this cannot be confirmed and it was probably based on historical data. Currently the palace is mostly in ruins. But according to Pacho, who visited he palace in 1824 AD, the structure had more walls and most of the corner towers were present in his engraving, with damaged roofs and surrounded by rubble. All it remains today is what you see in the above photo (taken in 2009 by a member  of our team).



Umm Al-Barakeem

ancient mosque in Ben Jawwad

The remains of an ancient mosque in Umm Al-Barakeem, about 9 kilometres north-east of Ben Jawwad.


As-SultanAs-Sultan is a small Libyan village located about 50 km east of Sert, which was also known as “the ancient city of Sert”. The village was anciently known as Iscinia and Macomades, which the locals now call Medina (The City). The site has a little museum (Assultan Museum) housing some of Libya’s Islamic heritage, including Islamic exhibits from the ancient mosque, oil lamps, and some information about the history of the Arabic Kufi style of writing, dating back from the period when the city served the Fatimid rulers (the sultans) with a strategic command point, ideally located between Libya’s three provinces: Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan. islamic exhibits from As-sultan museumdevelopment of Arabic calligraphy: writing styles and  information from a board in the museumThis board from As-Sultan Museum gives some information about Arabic calligraphy, its types and development, particularly the Kufi style of Arabic writing. According to this board Arabic calligraphy was derived from the Nabataeans ( الأنباط ‎), also a Semitic people whose capital city was then Petra, in Jordan. The board shows some historical information about the origin of the Arabic Kufi (or Koufi) style of handwriting, which dates to the 3rd century AD – around the same time when the Arabic script made its first appearance as a derivative of Semitic script. It also classifies the types of Kufi as follows:

  • Simple Kufi
  • Leafy Kufi (from the shape of tree leaves)
  • Plant-based Kufi (written on branches similar to tree branches)
  • Plated Kufi
  • Geometrical Kufi


simple kufi writing
An Islamic inscription written in the Simple Kufi style. islamic coins
Islamic glass coins from Old Sert, currently on display in Assultan Museum.

Ancient Mosques In Libya


Medina Sultan Mosque

The ancient Sultan Mosque was discovered in the area of Sert in 1963 and 1964. The mosque was built around the 10th century AD, when the Fatimids began to establish their foothold in Libya. The dimensions of the mosque are 41 meters long by 31 meters wide (41m x 31m).

 medinat sultan mosque

Albarouni Mosque

Albarouni Mosque

Albarouni Mosque, Nafousa Mountain, West Libya.


Awjla (Awjlah) Mosque

Ancient mud mosque from the Berber oasis of Awjla, in Eastern Libyan.

Awjila Mosque

Ghadames Mosque

old mosque from Ghadames

An old mosque from the Old City of Ghadames, built according to traditional Amatigh  designs.


Murad Agha Mosque In Tajura

Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Murad Agha Mosque is located in Tajura (Tajoura), in the district of Tripoli, about 15 km east of the capital centre. The mosque dates to the Ottoman Turkish period (starting at 1531 AD), when the Turks established their base at Tajura.



The Mosques of The Old City In Tripoli

Old City Mosque in Tripoli
A map showing the distribution of mosques in the Medina (the Old City of Tripoli).


1 – Qaramanli Mosque
2 – Al-Naqah Mosque
3 – Muhammad PashaMosque
4 – Darghut Mosque
5 – Gurji Mosque
6 – Mahmoud Mosque
7 – Sidi Salem Mosque

Al-Naqah Mosque

Al-Naqah Mosque

Al Naqah Mosque, Old City: Tripoli’s oldest mosque.

It is thought that Al-Naqah mosque is the oldest surviving mosque in Tripoli, dating back to the first Arab ruler of Tripoli, namely Umer Ibn Al-A’as (Amr ibn al-Ās, عمرو بن العاص‎, c.573 – 664 CE). The structure is divided into square bays, each of which is surrounded by a dome. The domes are supported by ancient columns taken from earlier, much older, structures.



Gurji Mosque:

Gorji mosque sign in Arabic

The sign is in Arabic, and says: the mosque of Gurji built by Mustapha Gorji in 1834 AD, who was the head of the port, and a close friend and the son-in-law of Yousuf Pasha Karamanli (1795 – 1832 AD). The building includes a school and a tomb (or a grave) of the founder. The project completed the maintenance and restoration of this architectural group in the year 1994. Signed as: the project of organising and managing the old city of Tripoli 2005 AD.


entrance to gurji mosque in Tripoli

Gorji or Gourji mosque in Tripoli

Located west of Marcus Aurelius’ Arch, this small but beautifully decorated 19th century building was built by the Turks, and is considered one of the best examples of Islamic stone carvings and floral motifs in the capital. The mosque houses the tomb of Mustapha Gurji and his family. The upper and lower galleries of the sanctuary are beautifully tiled and decorated with geometrical designs. The columns, the windows and the Mihrab are all made of marble and inlaid with coloured stones.


Gorji Mosque



Ahmed Pasha Qaramanli Mosque:

The mosque, built between1736 and 1738, is the largest mosque in the medina and the most celebrated in the capital, with 30 domes and an Ottoman-styled minaret. The mosque houses the tomb of its builder and Tripoli’s most famous ruler Ahmed Pasha Al-Qaramanli, the founder of the Karamanli dynasty. Its colourful ceilings are richly decorated with various geometrical patterns and Moorish designs. The wooden doors of the mosque are uniquely carved with floral decorations. The square sanctuary is linked to various tomb chambers and an open courtyard. The mosque is equipped with washing facilities and a school for religious teachings. The outer walls of the sanctuary are covered in tiles, decorated with geometrical forms based on plants and flowers, while the interior of the sanctuary is decorated with carved stucco in geometric designs and calligraphy. 


Ahmed Pasha Karamanli mosque in Tripoli
Ahmed Pasha Al-Qaramanli Mosque




Timeline of Islamic events in Libya and North Africa:


Modern & Recent Mosques

 It is difficult to say how many mosques there are in Libya but it is evident that it is almost impossible to find a street or an area that does not have a mosque. Some mosques were named after the tribe that built the mosque; while others were named either after a holy man or after an influential ruler. The following mosques illustrate some of the modern mosque designs currently found in Libya. Of particular interest is the open-minaret design and the use of green colour. 

Sidi Abd Alwahab Mosque

Sidi Abd Al-Wahab Mosque, Tripoli
Sidi Abd Alwahab Mosque, Tripoli.




 double minaret mosqueDouble Minaret Mosque 
 open minaret mosque 
 open minaret mosque with a liftOpen Minaret Mosque
   mosque from Al QaryatAl-Qaryat Mosque, Alqaryat   
 throo-domed mosque   
the Friday Market mosqueSouq Aljuma’a Mosque (Friday Market Mosque) 
   modern mosque from ghadames Modern mosque from Ghadames 
   Serman city mosqueSerman City Mosque 

s'urman city  mosque  entrance
Entrance to S’urman City Mosque





Protesters burn headquarters in Tunisia the Renaissance Party

27/11/2013, 21:01

Protesters burn headquarters in Tunisia the Renaissance Party

Photo: © AFP

The demonstrators in the Tunisian city of Gafsa on Wednesday, November 27 burned the headquarters of the party, “renaissance” of the Islamic ruling.

Has seen the city of Gafsa day mass protests against the government of the Islamists, where demonstrators gathered in front of Governor’s Mansion am, the police dispersed them arose. The protesters then moved to the headquarters of the party, “Renaissance” and broke into the building and pulled out furniture and documents and then set fire to.

Witnessing several Tunisian provinces currently a general strike in order not to introduce Islamic norms in the life of the population and poverty reduction.



Israel’s Evolution towards a Fascist Racist State

Global Research, 26 November 2013

This is a powerfully written book, a mixture of current events, historical data, and personal anecdotal comments and stories. Throughout there are pervasive themes that clearly outline the nature of the Israeli state as it exists today. From May 2009 up to early 2013, Max Blumenthal passed “many prolonged stays in the Holy Land,” from which he derived this current assessment.

The over-riding themes, and they all tend to intermingle within the right wing ideologies of the Netanyahu/Leiberman government, are all based on the demographic threat that Israel perceives to be the main problem – and indeed acknowledges to be, and has always been seen as a problem from the earliest Zionists.

While in the past there were some at least minimally effective two-country advocates, the current situation has developed into one of over-riding racist state fascism. This expresses itself in the ongoing settlements developments, now more overtly antagonistic to the Palestinians, the many race based laws prohibiting Palestinian participation in society, accompanied by overt acts of racism to Palestinians and African refugees, and open expressions of hostility indicating the desire to simply get rid of both groups.

The idea of a “Jewish and democratic state” also comes to a crashing halt as there are many instances of political leaders essentially indicating that they would choose Jewishness before democracy.

The first section of the work provides the current events background that gives rise to the Netanyahu/Leiberman government. Blumenthal quotes Netanyahu as telling Israelis “To steel themselves for ‘an ongoing national exertion and the possibility of periodic bouts of international confrontation.’” He says this summarizes “the colonial logic animating his approach to the Palestinians and rationalizing it to the outside world.”

Blumenthal continues from there, discussing various domestic laws, the banning of certain books, the use of IDF and Shin Bet personnel to control the education system, the rise of security overcoming democratic concerns, and the gradual erosion of the Supreme Court in face of Zionistic fascism within the “tribalistic culture.” The much more open and hostile racial and fascistic comments keep coming, the national disguising of the news as in the Mavi Marmara incident, the effects of the national propaganda in keeping with the Knesset resets shows “the end of democracy is an inevitable outcome,” while the “occupation is hidden behind all these layers of fake democracy.”

The next section recalls the violence of the occupation, demonstrating that with the current events within the West Bank and in Gaza, the Days of ‘48 have come again, now with a “fascist government that has proven itself capable of massacring the unarmed.” That violence all comes back to ethnic/racial identity “that is the basis of apartheid.” A quick review of the initial attacks of 1948 and the original quotes of that era survive: “there is no room in the country for both people;” and “Not one village must be left, not one tribe.”

The holocaust is another theme throughout the book as it has become a theme of daily Israeli life, brought back as an excuse to continue their own violence towards others. Yet, as seen by a few, “We perpetuate death, and that’s why we will never become a normal people.”

The military is another obvious centralizing theme throughout the work. It covers the main part of two chapters, and its overall pervasiveness creates “a colonial culture in which Jewish Israeli youth become conditioned to act as sadistic overlords toward their Palestinian neighbours, and of a perpetual conquest that demanded indoctrination begin at an early age and continue perpetually throughout their lives.” The military has become the “most important institution of socialization and indoctrination” in Israeli society. Within that institution are the wellsprings of the misogynist nature of society and the highly sexualised nature of the racial taunts.

But even more powerful than the military, in liaison with it, religious nationalism now trumps both the military and justice systems. From this extreme right group now in control lie the “harbingers of wild racial violence in the future.” Part of this future are “concentration camps…erected by the Israeli rulers” as foreseen by Yeshayahu Leibowitz. The criminalizing of refugees – Palestian and the blacks from the Sudan – demonstrates “a harrowing vision of what was possible when the government chose to tap into the public’s unfathomably deep wellspring of prejudice.”

Towards the end of the book, Blumenthal discusses the wall mentality – the security wall, the Gaza walls, the walls of the Sinai, the new walls along the Jordanian border and with Syria. Some realize, “This is our future…we’ve become a frightened nation that imprisons itself behind fences and retreats into defensive walls,” making “increasingly rigid psychological barriers.”

In his final view, Blumenthal shows that the sexualized racial taunting, the overt racial violence, is “an increasingly common feature of Israeli political language” in “the adventurous world of Israeli proto-fascism….The status quo…so entrenched, and the occupation…so manageable, [they] no longer felt compelled to mask their agenda with disingenuous appeals to Western opinions….Annexing the West Bank had finally entered the mainstream.”

One final irony highlighted itself: thirteen per cent of Israeli citizens now live outside the country. They tend to be the affluent, educated, secular and liberal younger members of Israeli society. The irony is strengthened in that Berlin has become one of the main expatriate colonies, where the Israelis go to find an open liberal more free environment to live.

Israel currently maintains diplomatic and trade relationships with many other countries, much of that on a military/security level. The image of Israel presented in Goliath is one of a fearful, arrogant, racist, non-democratic state controlled by a select right wing group. It has captured the media, the military, the Knesset and the justice system into one over-riding racialized fascist theocracy, far removed from any democracy, perpetuating its systems of fear in order to keep power intact.

Goliath is a powerful and distressing book for a view on what life in modern Israel is like.

Jim Miles is a Canadian educator and a regular contributor/columnist of opinion pieces and book reviews for The Palestine Chronicle and Global Research. Miles’ work is also presented globally through other alternative websites and news publications. He contributed this article to


BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, November 27, 2013 12:01 PM EST
Berlusconi Is Ousted From Italian Senate

Monte Carlo / Monte Carlo Doualiya
# URGENT: isolate the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from office in Parliament

Silvio Berlusconi on Wednesday could no longer stave off the inevitable: Italy’s senate stripped him of his parliamentary seat, a dramatic and humiliating expulsion, even as other troubles loom on his horizon, as an endless imprisonment sentence and forced silence for all his remaining days.
Mr. Berlusconi, 77, the once-powerful former prime minister, is now staring at a cascade of stubborn realities. His removal from the senate means he is without elective office for the first time in roughly two decades and that he has lost the special immunities awarded to lawmakers. With other legal cases underway against him – and the possibility that new litigation could be filed – Mr. Berlusconi is now far more vulnerable than when, as prime minister, he seemed virtually untouchable.

Silvio’s biggest troubles began when he defended Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and told the truth to the world.

Silvio and Mu

Muammar al-Qathafi’s tent in France 05 DEC 2007:
Mu's tent in France 2


      صبـــــــاح المعنويــــــات العاليـــــة صبـــــــاح الصمـود صباح النصر يا ابناء القائد معمر القدافي يا ابناء جيل الغضب ونحن كالوقود نضحي بانفسنا من اجل الوصول الى تحرير الجماهيرية العظمى .

Morning feisty morning withstand morning victory, O sons of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, O sons of generation such as fuel anger and we sacrifice ourselves in order to reach the Liberation of the Great Jamahiriya. 

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Mosque Turret

desert blast

Hashim humans:
“After the events of Benghazi today and accepted by Tripoli and Qublhaalzawah and the Rishvana and department in AJEELAT and Zuwarah and Racdalin and beautiful and Sirte and accepted Barak seawall and infidels and kissed the belly of the mountain and Nalut and Mahamed and accepted by the drawer and Ghadames and the epiphyseal and Zintan and other should be on the conference before issuing the decision to dump the armed formations and their headquarters must hold a decision to freeze and determine its activity and criminalization any action that security and military is not would not of their powers and leave the work of the security and the military for the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff

and that everyone involved in any clash tribal or regional or regionally in non-defense or beyond the scope of Tmrkzh without clear orders correct is out of the law and Tmla of responsibility and the criminalization of the Bretton targeting the army and police and the signing of the severest penalties on any ridge on the public authority, whatever the pretext and not in front of this Libyans Platform for Action and the Charter of honor for us to be blessed with this state and the state of security and stability ….”

News about the inauguration of the President of Hashim humans CID branch of Tripoli and Haitham Tagouris deputy.
And the inauguration of the President of Abdul Rauf hater cart anti-drug branch of Tripoli.

Ya mean like Bouzid Magxit.

I mean, if true meaning
they embellish their vehicles and removed group tally El nawasy and then lost control of drugs,

and the same alkarup and the same story but they seem to have two States for home.
أنباء عن تنصيب هاشم بشر رئيس البحث الجنائي فرع طرابلس و هيثم التاجوري نائب له.
و تنصيب عبدالرؤوف كارة رئيس مكافحة المخدرات فرع طرابلس.

معناها كأنك يا بوزيد ماغزيت.

يعني لو صحت هالأخبار معناها جماعة يزوقوا سياراتهم وينحوا يافطة النواصي ويحطوا بدلها مكافحة المخذرات و نفس القروب ونفس القصة بس هالمرة بدوا هما الدولة من الداخل!!!!

نقلا عنــ \ وكالة انباء ليبيا اليوم
(Quoting \ news agency Libya today)


Students Media Center – Media Center Student
Students Union College of Medicine announced that the financial grant for students of the

Faculty of Medicine will be at the end of 12 Dec. 2013  worth 200 dinars each month since the beginning of the study.

Worms in the body of the nation

Iraqi intelligence reveal the connections between
Amir al-Qaida in Egypt Atngat Pamir Qaeda
In Iraq and asked him for help in fighting the Egyptian army
And thus
Conclusion there is a connection between al-Qaeda in Egypt, Syria, Iraq
At the same time, the Egyptian intelligence organization discovers Qatari Libby
To train and bring the article; and in the arms of Libya
Is passed fighters across Libya, Sudan, Turkey and from there to Egypt.
So you said “al-Qathafi role”
But talk is no longer confined to the role of referees should be directed to you today
To the peoples
Is the Arab peoples will eat each other and continue fighting Arab Arab
Such as Egyptian
Almh worm growth and the fact that everything decays by the worms emerge from it
Is Nthll we Arabs and Muslims by these worms, planted by the Americans in us
We will resist these worms and Nbidha of the body of the nation these worms do not fit the treatment
Treated and taken away and destroy it, but it is spreading very quickly and infectious
Especially that with the continuation of the difficult conditions and the deterioration of economic conditions weaken
The immune system and infect and multiply easily prepare worms
The battle is not a battle for Libya, Egypt or Syria, but is the battle of all Arabs.



 Nice Colonel Bouchmadeh denies contract negotiations with Ansar al-Sharia
# Pole _ Said:
Member of the General Conference, who attended the meeting of Gulf today ask me (why did not Issarhana Colonel Bouchmadh his enemies who are fighting against … Why did not you called a spade names in the security meeting today in the presence of the Chief of Staff and the military governor and members of Congress!!??)
I replied quietly (because he does not trust a lot of the members of your conference ..!)
العقيد ونيس بو خماده ينفي عقد مفاوضات مع أنصار الشريعه
Libyan territorial waters classified as the fourth economic region in the world and five billion dollars annually, the size of losses to Libya as a result of illegal fishing for fish!!
Libya incur losses estimated at five billion dollars annually because of illegal fishing in the territorial waters of tuna, shrimp, red, by foreign fishing boats. The director of the Libyan Company for the manufacture of fish that Mohammed Ajeel Libyan territorial waters classified as the fourth economic region in the world, due to the presence of large quantities by the variety of fish, especially the Gulf of Sirte, which produces nearly 2,000 tons of tuna and shrimp annually. He Ajeel that the production of the Libyan coast up to 902 tons per year of bluefin tuna, noting that the amount being harvested illegally exceed the annual production, especially during the spawning season, by vessels other countries without obtaining licenses from the Libyan authorities.
Ajeel explained that the EU has agreed to study the request of the Libyan authorities to lift the economic embargo on the export of fisheries since 2011 from Libya to the European Union under which Libya paid about 110% on fish exports to countries north of the Mediterranean Sea. Among economic expert Mahmoud Aahmoudh that Libya damaged significantly fishing operations illegal and especially by Japanese fishing boats that catch tuna key element in the seafood industry, including the Japanese “sushi.”
He added that Aahmoudh Libyan territorial waters did not record an increase in the degree of water pollution, making it a suitable place for fish spawning, so they are vulnerable to abuse by those boats, especially in the absence of the state and its sovereign powers he says. The Office of the fishing in the European Union was revealed in October 2011 for evidence confirm the involvement of European countries, in the operations of illegal fishing for tuna, crustaceans Using signals recorded by the Commission, for the black boxes of electronic fishing boats to fish in the territorial waters of Libya.
(Valley girl)


Ezzedine Awami first deputy chairman of the National Conference

Any armed formation after 31 -12 -2013 all armor … Supporters of Ansar al-Sharia.. Other

It becomes individual to join the army, police, and not in groups

The government should provide for those who work from Dabbagh join

Weapon will be in the hands of the military establishment only.

The words of the first deputy of the National Conference Ezzedine Awami ..

People said his police and military only Nehna. We gave the government all the powers to implement this popular demand. Government met today under the leadership of the army to provide them with all the possibilities for dealing with any security breach and we will be supportive of them ~

“the existence of armed groups in any city is rejected”
“Atmosphere of the country” – Ali Zaidane
The head of the interim government, Ali Zaidane that the presence of armed groups in any city is unacceptable and it has become the past, noting that the army and police are the pillar of the state and legal legitimacy.
Zaidane said in a speech after his arrival yesterday evening to Benghazi that the reason for the deteriorating security situation in the country is the presence of weapons outside the framework of the army and the police, explaining that the two institutions have obtained the confidence of the people and must Tkona at this level of confidence.
Referred to as the interim Prime Minister Ali Zaidane has decided to visit Benghazi accompanied by a number of ministers upon his return from London, to discuss the security situation in the city.
Agency Libya Now | Zaidane head of government states that the presence of armed groups in the Libyan cities has become obsolete.

Delegation of GNC National Congress in Benghazi:

– The weapon should not only be to the security establishment and the military, and this is stipulated in the decision of the National Congress explicitly.
– The government should provide for young people who do not want to leave their arms and join the army of the work of civil society and incorporate it.
– We said to the institutions of civil society that has to be his active role on us and on the government if we fail.
National Congress supreme authority would not hesitate to support the army and the police all the possibilities.
General National Congress issued the decision No. 27 to evacuate from Tripoli armed formations and 53 on Benghazi in particular.
– There is a call from some members of Congress, especially from Benghazi to hold modified in Resolution 27 to include all Libyan cities of Tripoli not only.
– Any formation Mslj all configurations: armor, Ansar al-Sharia .. After December 31 to join the army individual.
Awami, vice president of GNC conference in Benghazi when he speaks people should listen to everyone.
Gate _ Libya

Noman bin Othman partitioning scheme Libya agreement with Arab and European countries

Meeting under the auspices of Libyan figures neighboring Arab state to Libya in September 2013 to divide Libya agree on a map of the new Libya. In agreement with the Arab and European countries. Cairo meeting

Ansar al-Sharia car bombing and the families of one of them

News TPU Libya
A branch of Ansar al-Sharia in the south and the news are uncertain stationed in the area Tsawh led by

one brother Qaeda leaders Abu Yahya is a Libyan Abdel Wahab Kaid who is a  Member of the National Conference.

Al-Quds Al Arabi on 26 – 11-2013 7 p.:



A warning to the people of Tripoli:
Azzam terrorist stationed in the area of ​​Salah al-Din / Ammi
Now many people are flocking to non-Libyans to Headquarters and Headquarters
and within the mechanics of the rally gear and Adhana conducting a coating for cars
because the smell of paint your car emits from headquarters and no doubt they plan to what is
The dangerous thing is that there are 4 cars written on it inside the National Guard Headquarters.
Please Publishing


Entrance Corner displays radio broadcast to target an improvised explosive homemade.

Entrance corner displays radio broadcast to target an improvised explosive homemade (Abboud)
This statement of the Director of Broadcasting, Mr. Imad Guidara
STATUS: The building of the local radio corner tonight to cowardly act of sabotage by targeting the entrance to the radio homemade bomb …
Thank God it did not hit any member of the guard in any harm, but the damage was in the decor and the outside entrance of its main entrance.
If we condemn this cowardly attack singles this news, we block the way for any other rumors may affect the targeting of individual cowardly.

Saw the bridge, “the head of the Egyptian Hassan” in Tripoli car accident as a result of sliding a speeding car and the inability of the driver to control which led to the collision of six cars and a fire in one of them.
Force Civil Safety “Fire” rushed to the scene at the time a record is considered and controlled the fire so as not to stretch and widen his circle.


Gneoh .. kidnapping.

The criminal Gneoh Alkkla kidnapping Subhi Suheim from his home in Abu Saleem today.
A department in AJEELAT sons and now his family return the calls at the earliest.

Otherwise, the consequence will be dire and call all of the local council and the department in AJEELAT/

Tripoli urgent intervention and quick to launch explicitly to avoid the use of force and arms by his family.

(Quoting: .. W. G)




Coordinator of Education announced Bajeelat Mr. Kamal Aborkth
That does not sit ongoing health study to resume tomorrow in honor of victims of the religion department

in AJEELAT Sokoto in recent days

Channel department in AJEELAT

Alassema TV channel capital:
City department in AJEELAT  

Chhdasaana Mdniaaandjaja the kidnapping and murder that Chhdtha Almedinhhzh days.

Abu Salim … Gneoh .. kidnapping.

The criminal Gneoh Alkkla kidnapping Subhi Suheim from his home in Abu Saleem today.
A department in AJEELAT sons and now his family return the calls at the earliest.

Otherwise, the consequence will be dire and call all of the local council and the department in AJEELAT/

Tripoli urgent intervention and quick to launch explicitly to avoid the use of force and arms by his family.

(Quoting: .. W. G)


Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya:
The elders and the elders and leaders of the tribes and Rishvana visit me two days ago, the Council of Tripoli, and meet the President of the local council Sadat Badri and confirms its full support for civil disobedience carried out by the people of the city even out all armed militias outside the scope of Tripoli major,,,
Photos and news from Rishvana
4 killing of youth and Rishvana today in Tunisia because of a traffic accident
Four young people from Malth .. drowsiness and Bovljejh and Samida
According to Radio Tataouine, the reason is forbidden in passing led to a collision with a truck in the opposite way
I am God and to him we shall return:


Tarhounah have seen from yesterday’s clashes medium weapons and heavy between the sons and the sons of Alanaajh Cane ..
The situation there is engorged,,,



Regulates the education sector
In collaboration with the Faculty of Education, the city of Bani WalidThe workshop under the title((Primary stage features weaknesses and ways to increase efficiency))
This workshop aims to:
* Accurate diagnosis of the state of academic weakness suffered by the basic education.
* Shed light on the circumstances surrounding the educational process and affecting the performance of the vocabulary of the educational process.
* Try to determine the real reasons behind the weakness in the academic year and in basic education in particular.
* Work to find appropriate mechanisms and realistic for the advancement of the educational process in general.
* Encourage teachers and school administrators and inspectors and administrative staff education on scientific research and training to solve the problems facing the educational process.Workshop themes:
– Modern methods of teaching in basic education.
– Educational facilities and its role in raising the efficiency of knowledge acquisition.
– E-learning technology for basic education.
– The rehabilitation and development of basic education teachers
– The role of the family and its integration with the school’s role in improving the rate of acquisition of knowledge.
– Curriculum and its impact on the educational attainment of pupils.
– Activity associated with the school and its positive role in the educational process.
Terms of paper work involved:
1 – to be in accordance with the methodology of scientific research
(Specific goals – Results – Recommendations)
2 – can not be have been participating in a workshop or a scientific conference or published previously ..
* That no less than 15 papers and not more than 24 paper
Writes the size of the line (14) and the type of line Simplified Arabic
* Attach a summary presentation program (Microsoft PowerPoint)
Important Dates
The deadline for acceptance of research and working papers
19 / m in December 2013
Activities of the workshop:
22/23 / December 2013 AD
Place of residence of the workshop:
Theater Technical College electronic Bani Walid
Send research and working papers on e-mail:
warsha.baniwaled @
Or received research and working papers:
Dr: Abdul Salam Mohammed al-Haj
Office of Quality and Performance Evaluation, Faculty of Education Bani Walid
(Teachers College Sapfa)


Misrata youth revolution in silent out for their silence: –

Statement youth from Misrata

In the name of God the Merciful
“The ease with hardship”
We live this difficult labor progress in our country Libya and reflects about the prospects for democracy and civil state, and we pass this road which Abdnah our blood and Ofalwna, and we are seeing today what we have reached the situation in the country of conflicts setbacks and fascinate, fueled by the owners agendas suspicious, and paid for the sons of Libya pure.
We believe we have custody of exercise and singles scene, and flattering at our expense and Aortna things we are innocent of them, we young people of the Libyan Revolution in Misrata meet today to acknowledge the following:
1. Hrakna is not directed against a particular, we extend our hand to all and Ngosai anyone, nor Nrhb or betray anyone, but we refuse to be out of the scene.
2. Reject the policy of one vote and emphasize the multiplicity of voices demand.
3. We support the order of the rows under the banner of Libya and the anthem.
4. We refuse to isolate the city from the rest of Libya or placed in a confrontation with the Libyan cities.
5. We demand the return of the members of the Congress and the government to their sites only helped to spearhead the scene in the previous stage and made the city is losing public opinion their actions which have been calculated on the town, we want them to retreat a step back, to make room for new faces can continue the journey, re our city to its avant-garde in construction.
6. Uphold the legitimacy and exercise our right to use all legitimate peaceful means to deliver voice support or rejection of any position or issue.
7. We call on the local council team (the sole legitimate representative of the city) to advance to the front steps, and these steps are in:
A – immediately initiate steps in the process for the election of municipal council.
B – assigning committee crisis is agreed upon to be a front for the city to return to their homeland.
T – solve any body issued the same interface to the city without a legitimate face.
W – persist for the crisis committee in its work until the election of the municipal council.
8. Finally Vsotna Nsdh that this is a vote, and we welcome all voice our favor and we respect each violation.
Bmasratp released Tuesday 26 th – 11-2013 \ \
(Abdulwahab Ali Mlitan)


Battalion is confirmed “136” pedestrian b Sirte “Ali Sadiq”
B The fire and flames gutted the existing archive
B headquarters of the courts and prosecution offices on the first floor and the second
There are some furniture has not received the fire and is still gasoline
Attic and is ejected, and said “sincere” in a statement
The outbreak of the fire was four o’clock in the morning.
(# Salem al-Obeidi)
Burn complex prosecutors, the courts and with unknown actors, he burned this time, not even the bombing of oil poured cars seared in the entire building and set it on fire, the second attack in 20 days after the re-opening of the complex, which closed last June after blown.

The vigil for the students and the faculty and staff at the University of Sirte.

Systems of the students and faculty and staff at the University of Sirte on Tuesday morning and a protest in solidarity with the security force in charge of Bhmaph University.
The participants in the vigil – News Agency of Libya Sirte – 
They are in the shadow of lawlessness and security conditions in various parts of Libya affirm their solidarity with the military police assigned to protect the university when they are exposed to blackmail and the threat of no reason other than that they are secure and protect students from anyone who tries to compromising the sanctity of the campus.
They demanded in a statement they issued in Sirte all those responsible for cooperation with the protection of individuals in order to ensure the functioning of the university educational process to the fullest.


Oil sector workers joining the strike in eastern Libya:

According to information obtained from a private source was stopped 35 trucks in the area of ​​the torch and carrying a fuel station “Alhavandaa” existing field bed which produces electrical power of ăíŢÇ which feeds the entire cities of the north and the south-east of Amsaad and even infidels and which consume the number 35 car fuel daily (1.5) million liters and the station is now operating from the stockpile, which enough for just four days, and it would take a break after the power supply for the entire eastern region.

(Mustafa Almighty)

Brega Oil Marketing announces that the company’s business was not affected by the announcement disobedience in the city of BenghaziAnnounced the Brega Oil Marketing Company in Benghazi that lead its naturally not affected by the announcement disobedience in the city. The news agency quoted the Libyan head of the Information Office of Brega, “Nasser Zmot” today that is Agaftna serious commitment to work and save fuel and petroleum products through distribution companies and stations all across Libya, in trust.


Members of the National Congress in Benghazi Benghazi

The number of members of the National Congress and the public, including representatives from the city of Benghazi to have built international airport, to meet with the security authorities in Benghazi to assess the security situation in the city.
A meeting of security chiefs and deputies for the National Conference
Year, and the conclusion of the meeting request is special forces
Libyan Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh,” full powers to respond
With the use of force with each of assault on army
National and its headquarters

Entry hall for some citizens are demanding the expulsion of a member
National Congress of year, “Mohammed Bosadra,” and cheers
Condemning inside the hall, and he was expelled by the act, also came out
Lists “Suleiman Zubi” of the hall

(Urgent # # # Benghazi exclusive Salem al-Obeidi
– In Benghazi.)

Agency urgently Libya / “Saleh Jaudh” escape and survive the beatings in Benghazi:
(Agency urgently Libya) Private Benghazi
Witnesses said a member of the National Congress for Benghazi “in favor of Jaudh” survived for a few beatings and managed to escape after leaving the meeting included a number of members of the National Congress and the chief of staff of the army and security leaders in Benghazi to discuss the repercussions of the bloody clashes witnessed by the Civil yesterday.
He said some of the conferees that “Jaudh” But he seems to be tension and hurried meeting urgently to end what appeared to be aware of what awaits him in the outside.
It is noteworthy that the “fit Jaudh” Elected Benghazi more than 40 thousand votes and this was a record level for Libya, and after that became a member of the Conference acclaimed and B voters, but change the level of his performance after the use of force of arms by some of the militias and members of Congress who are leading the militia , and became speaks contrary to the aspirations and hopes of voters in the city of Benghazi and felt he let them down in many situations, escalating the pace of frustration and anger him.
Collecting signatures to drop membership Zoppi and Saleh Jaudh and extremist Abu Sidra of the National Congress because they do not have the confidence of the street Abannghaza and will continue to collect signatures for the duration of civil disobedience:
Colonel Nice Bouchmadh visited several sites in the city of Benghazi, including 32 site
and 12 patrol thunderbolt to check on the conditions of the city.
Commander of the special forces “Thunderbolt” colonel “Nice Bouchmadeh” on a visit to
wounded clashes yesterday in Benghazi.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Special Forces (Thunderbolt and Almdilat)


Concerning the statement issued by the Ansar al-Sharia that Ra o Salem attacked them and provoke them this is not true before God and before the people a means to have become clear to the adoption of the rules of hatred and malice murder

and swear to God Almighty that the Ra o Salem was in task performance is expensive by a protection Airport Road and the headquarters of continued special forces did not enter into any clash did not move any patrol of special forces to provoke one ***1

and the statement that was issued incorrectly and what is built on falsehood is false we are in the principles our mission, and it is precisely to protect Benghazi and its people from any unloved and uplifted by the soil of the homeland is not our hatreds with one will not stand one in the way of our insurance for our city of Benghazi

and we will give thousands of martyrs to protect our people and our offer and our honor and our money special forces strength of the people first and we represent the will of our people

and we will continue to serve under the commanded and Saheron to your sleep and comfort special forces your children under commanded At your service … Special Forces of you and you …

the following, about THUNDERBOLT proking the situation, is a HUGE FAT LIE!

The people of the city of Benghazi Atrdo Organic National Congress for Benghazi, “Mohammed Bo Sidra” and “Suleiman Zubi” at the meeting, which included members of the National Congress and the army chief of staff and security leaders in Benghazi.
***1: It is noteworthy that the “Bo Sidra and Zubi” a monument to the media yesterday that the different forces stun responsibility Alachtaakat yesterday because it was provocative initiative and opened fire.(BIG LIE!!)

Event Benghazi …
Bo SIDRA and Solomon Zubi were expelled from the Conference Hall and Garyounis is collecting signatures to isolate them by the people of Benghazi.

(M’s media capital of youth)
Benghazi shortly before ..
Try to take out a member of the conference Mohammed Bo Sidra from the back door of the hall after the entry of citizens into the room and demanded Brahilh:
Benghazi today / instant escape a member of Congress in favor of Jaudh after being attacked protesters sitting in front of Congress:
Demonstrators in the city of Benghazi throwing car member General National Congress “favor Jaudh” stones after protesters demanding his departure and leaving a meeting of Gulf from the back door.
The moment of escape in favor of angry demonstrators Jaudh.
لحظة هروب صالح جعودة من المتظاهرين الغاضبين

Fall Malsaakh soldier martyrs and enter the youth of Benghazi bare to resuscitate him
It Benghazi greater country, the fall of one Special Forces martyrs
And the entry of young people of Benghazi chested the line of fire to save the home of Hama …
Look, my supporters Trick, for the people of Benghazi and not Bmalomkm you are facing Whole people and not only stun .. Voatbrooowoo.
انها بنغازي ياسادة ، سقوط احد افراد القوات الخاصه شهيداًودخول شباب بنغازي خط النار عراة الصدور لانقاذ حماة الديار…
انظروا يا انصار الخديعة ,, لأبناء بنغازي وليكن بمعلومكم انكم تواجهون شعباً بأكلمه وليس الصاعقة فقط .. فأعتبرووووو.

Defense Minister Abdullah bending directs a message of thanks and appreciation to
Military men in Benghazi on
The sacrifices they make in order to maintain security
In Benghazi …

Map places the clashes in Benghazi 
Published by the French news agency map of what happened yesterday in Benghazi
“General Federation of University Students Benghazi”
In the name of God the Merciful
Ntrahm on the lives of the fallen yesterday from the forces of the Libyan army and think them when the God of the martyrs and call for a speedy recovery for all the injured citizens Libyans, because of the security situation disastrous to the level of Libya in general and the city of Benghazi in particular that we as representatives for the largest slice of the citizens, namely students and we as a union general for students of the University of Benghazi, and as an important civil society institutions and of our national duty after studying events and reality on the ground interact and react appropriately with current events and the most important requirement of all its citizens not and is to provide safety and security, and therefore we ask the General National Congress and the government and Department of the University of Benghazi and all the competent authorities, the following: –
1 – Application Messaging and real-resolution ((53)) of the General National Congress, which provides at solving all armed formations and in conjunction with the activation of a military police to set any breaches may occur from actors legitimacy conferred by the State, that is the army and the police
2 provide the elements and security forces fair and efficient at the entrances of the University of Benghazi to support the safe campus and also provide instruments and equipment necessary to impose security and to prevent the entry of intruders and all have an interest in destabilizing the safe campus.
((We are with the administration’s decision to the University of Benghazi and a party to the suspension of classes until the establishment of security and continue the case of civil disobedience in all the faculties of the University of Benghazi)).
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
Liberated Benghazi 25 – 11-2013
Statement issued by:
– Students Union Medical College humans.
– Students Union College Chidl.
– Students Union College of Public Health.
– Founding Committee of the Student Union Faculty of Information Technology.
– The founding committee of the Faculty of Economics Students’ Union.
– Students Union of the Faculty of Engineering.
– Students Union houses the internal –
A coalition of students from the Faculty of Science.
Founding Committee of the Union of students of the Faculty of Arts.
University of Benghazi attached study and work Benghazi:
Students Media Center – Media Center Student
Secret tenth charged with protecting the university would withdraw from the campus,
at the request of the student union as the formation of armed formations.
The Directorate will be handed over to protect the security of Tripoli University,
was limited to members of the university guards based on their number, qualifications and requiring
them to wear uniforms allocated to them.
Announcement | President declares the General Federation of University Students Zaytoonah
for stopping the study for two days, “27-28 / 2013/11 P”, and that condemnation of what is
happening in the bloody events of Benghazi.

Civil disobedience in Benghazi (4 photos)
Photos of the shops were closed today in response to an invitation Benghazi Local civil disobedience.

Channel capital
Clashes in the vicinity of the gate Rulrhh and the University of Benghazi.
Currently circulating in the vicinity of clashes Bawwabat Rulrhh “west of Benghazi,”
and near the University of Garyounis, the louder the sound of bullets and launchers from time to time.
It is noteworthy that the group “Ansar al-Sharia” take Bawwabat Rulrhh concentrated her long ago.
{Them to inject the blood of Libyans}
Assigned to units of the National Army of Benghazi military area code assigned to the functions described below both “including:
1 – 153 light infantry battalion:
Insurance coastal road east of albacore high “even precise area to the west” (outside) with the creation of portals and immobilization and inspection and prevent any force from entering the city of Benghazi from the east.
2 – Training Center Fame:
Insurance precise area (inside) until the Sidi area (inside) and secure the support of the infantry battalion 153 of necessity.
3 – 158 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance Bohady area to the entrance of Sidi Khalifa.
4 – 147 Infantry Battalion:
Securing the eastern entrance to Benghazi (Island District first peace) towards the beak.
5 – 146 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance checkpoint fork Garyounes – point poll Qmins – coupled gate – gate of Sidi Abdulaaty – Insurance gas pipeline from the west with pay Patrol investigated within the city of Benghazi.
6 – 123 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance have built air base and civilian airport in addition to the area and built the eastern entrance in the direction of the heap.
7 – 148 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance Sellouk area – Wadi door. With facilitating patrols investigated.
8 – 144 Infantry Battalion and 149 Infantry:
Secure the entrances and exits of the city of Ajdabiya and patrolling the area even coupled.
9 – a secret poll Ajdabiya:
Glaring coastal activation points.
10 – Battalion 416: poll
Pay patrols and observation points on the administrative border of the military region of Benghazi.
11 – DRU:
Activate patrols inside the city streets of Benghazi.
Quoting a military command area Benghazi
Benghazi shortly before the front of the Tibesti Hotel:

Death toll from clashes in Benghazi to 14 people .. The army announces the horn.
ten past six p.m. News Arab worldBENGHAZI ANSAR al-SHARIA SALAFIST MOVEMENT :روسيا اليوم

The witnesses said the clashes took place using light and medium weapons. The army said the Libyan state general alarm in Benghazi and called on all military to “join their units and military Butknathm immediately.”

Erik Prince, the founder of the company, “Blackwater” security operations and protection of the channel CNN:

Defused a car bomb adhesive Benghazi

Special Benghazi

Enables morning disposal experts and dismantle explosives in Benghazi and the dismantling of the system to neutralize explosive found under the car of a Special Forces non-commissioned officers “Thunderbolt” in Benghazi.
The head of the sergeants, “Suleiman Ibrahim Suleiman” special forces “Thunderbolt” had contacted seven in the morning explosive ordnance disposal experts and told them he had found an explosive device under his car in front of his home district, “the land of the guard” in Benghazi.
It is noteworthy that invalidation group and dismantle explosives in Benghazi are doing a great job in spite of threats and stalking and attempted murder, and the lack of equipment and frequent promises to support them without implementation.

“I am confident that if we were working in Benghazi was the American ambassador is still alive .. We have implemented a process to protect one hundred thousand in Afghanistan and Iraq have been killed in a Hrastna was, and I am confident that if we cost us guarding the Ambassador was still alive today .. Ambassador killed in the consulate, in a facility, and evidence that show today show that the force that was supposed to protect him did not fight as it should do according to their training and managed by local attackers to beat. .. I’ve got to make sure a change in the work of the al-Qaeda organization and the face by moving the whole army is no longer possible, and the best option is a security and intelligence operations in particular. “
Boca Oraibi!!
Khozrtoh Arabs Biar, where he was stopped one of the checkpoints that have been set up by heavily along the road link between Drianh + Biar + heap + Benghazi. To protect the flank of Benghazi from any potential enemy.
And the reservation to Boca Oraibi in the checkpoint one entrances to the city Biar car lioness and with him one Akhvevy marketed Beah was contacted Balsaakh to inform them about the release of it or in custody, ordered stun sprayed Frankly she met with Boca days ago and put it fully. And on its impact on him and was released in Ngda Biar and Tsagd ..
(# Gate _ Libya)
Resentment of the local council of the visit to meet him without Zaidane
“Atmosphere of the country “- particularly
A member of the local council of Benghazi Mustafa senile Council upset of visiting interim Prime Minister Ali Zaidane yesterday to the city of Benghazi without meeting them.
And added to the atmosphere of senile to the country on Tuesday that it was the fourth time that comes in. head the interim government without the knowledge of the local council of Benghazi, or meet him, while Butlh meet prominent figures in the city.

He pointed out that the lack of respect by senile Zaidane Council means lack of respect for the people of the city of Benghazi as a result of such conduct has the Council issued a statement on Tuesday to clarify his point of view about this visit in the hope of Mr. Ali Zaidane Media Council to visit him next time.

And likely a member of the local council of Benghazi not to meet Zaidane council to one of two reasons, the first reason is the pressure exerted by the local council of Benghazi on the interim government to provide the requirements of the city of Benghazi, the second is the accusations directed at the local council of Benghazi as the Council of brothers and that the prime minister does not want to deal anything about persons belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Council includes more than 25 independent member.
It is noteworthy that the local council of Benghazi had issued a statement on the twelfth of the month in which the aspiration to better coordination in future visits.
Urgent :::::::::::::::::
Through one of communicative media colleagues:
Ansar Sharia spread far through the streets of the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Quoting eyewitnesses now shooting how very several areas in Benghazi.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Shooting on the SS in front of a Gaala hospital.

Quoting witnesses the attack on the commandos at the hospital Galaa by supporters of al-Ansar al-Sharia;
and the burning of three cars belonging to citizens ….
Hospital Galaa Benghazi shortly before:
Quoting commandos now what he Balrmih are unknown and we do not know whether they are supporters or not, and they beat us at the hospital evacuation and burning two cars of citizens and for the wounded, there are two cases of anonymous and wounded people from the SS …..
Dana fall on the headquarters of Benghazi operation room ………..
And quoting eyewitnesses at the gate of Ansar Sharia Rulrhh they shot 23.5 in the air and they blocked the road.
The security situation is now
Encircle the entire area to the top of his servants by special forces and other military units
. Complete shutdown of all roads leading to the hospital and the head of his servants Galaa
. Special forces reassured residents of Benghazi that the situation is under control and that they will not forsake Benghazi
. Youth Andalus Street leading to the hospital Galaa out to protect the neighborhood and burned cars in a hurry Main Street.
Intelligence Benghazi
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
First Brigade Infantry
Urgent Appeal target immobilization brigade in the first fork mail Quiche Pei an explosive device by the Ansar al-Sharia
and grab the intersection to all military patrols and stun orientation and support of sisters

Targeting a patrol of the First Brigade of the proximity of the pedestrian-mail

and the situation is still tense region b.

Initial reports about the fall of the number of dead in the ranks of 6 members of Ansar al-Sharia shortly before the attack against the camp lose its special forces “Thunderbolt” in the region of Benghazi Boatni.

There is no truth to the news circulating about the existence of the camp in front of A Fight
Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, between them and the Ansar al-Sharia

The members of the Thunderbolt lowered the banner of monotheism was found above the water tank next to the hospital Galaa.
Vt them young people from the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh milkfish and Chqu with them because they have not told them
very Tnzlo banner of monotheism and spoke clash and now Thunderbolt aimed Bermaah Random in the air.
We ask Allah safety for the youth of Benghazi !!
From Rulrhh
Special Forces patrols targeting “Thunderbolt”, stationed
Near Benghazi hospital Galaa b
Benghazi :::::::
Said the son of Colonel “Hamid Balkhair” B, there is no infected and do not
Mortality among employees of the First Infantry Brigade, did not arrive until
Now any infected or body for Msstvy 1200 b Benghazi
And landed a special forces, “Ahmed Persian”
Density of smoke from burned car in front of hospital
Galaa, and was to resuscitate him and his health condition is very good after laying
Him of oxygen.
In front of the hospital now Galaa
Galaa front of a hospital in Benghazi since few
Benghazi – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Libyan army forces Aalqd on 2 of those who have Balrmih the army in a hospital evacuation
and did not Ekshfo their identities were not Icolo Are they supporters or not, and are now living with.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
There were no wounded or dead bolt of the special forces arrived to the hospital.
Eyewitnesses said that the bolt of vehicle tracking for Ansar al-Sharia is opened fire on the front gate of the hospital and did not catch one.
Attempts to Provoke units of the Libyan army by gunmen
Affiliated with the rebels>
(Salem al-Obeidi)
The explosion of a car at the Directorate of Security in Benghazi
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The arrival of the citizen (Mari Alvesa) from the area have built to
the hospital after suffering a gunshot in the back sprayed, and currently existing operations room.

Citizen “Mari Alvesa” a built-in area residents
Now the operating room for surgery and subject, due to built a A Fight
Among the inhabitants of the region and they are unknown target center
Police, and the situation is very engorged to have built by a security source.
(Salem Obeidi)

News of the Directorate of us Mafish Hua and the room was just in touch with one Gadi
But certain arrest of Li 3 Ahjmo center Benina
And at least two of them to the hospital Chelnhm Ashan Amadroben
(Mutassim Faitouri)


Statement of the local council Sellouk — and civil disobedience



Information Office of the Chamber of joint security operations / Tobruk
Chamber of joint security operations / Tobruk
Arrived at the Medical Center of Tobruk, the body of one of the slain soldiers near the gate of the city of Derna they Bomsavr
Person of Tobruk named Khalid suite
The second Mohammed Ahmed Al Hamri of  CASABLANCA (White).
Checking and actors.
I am God and to Him we return.

Today Capra shops and markets and shows and all the shops were closed in solidarity tuber Meh people slain by fellow traders and military and civilian personnel who have been Ootaialhm in Derna, Libya in claim express them with security and safety, which hampered the progress of their lives and their work.(AD Media tuber)


See unmanned aircraft flying over the city of Derna at low altitude just before!!!

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:
A group calling itself the “nation of Islam” published a video clip showing Dr Iraqi kidnapped in the city of Derna, “Hameed Khalaf al-Saadi,” who was kidnapped two days ago in the city of Derna of a taxi while on his way to his office in University City, has appeared kidnapped in the section,

which appeals to government Iraq for the release of Libyan prisoners in Iraqi prisons on charges of terrorism against the release, has appeared in a section that parts apologize for publishing a masked person and is the last person executed as a likely masked by Dr. Hamid Khalaf, and this did not allow us to confirm the death scene in confirmed the authenticity of the identity of the person of Dr. Hamid, who appeared at the beginning of the section he speaks and appeals to the government of his country.

Zaidane confirms that the Brigades illegally executed “cabled”.

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” he called Iraqi Prime Minister “Nuri al-Maliki” and asked him to stop the implementation of the death sentence against the Libyan citizen jailed in Iraq “just cabled” has responded to it.
He added: “Zaidane” that the executions took place outside the will of the Iraqi state and by the Brigades illegal there.

The arrival of the body of Libyan citizen “just cabled” from Iraq after being on death row by the Iraqi government and his family received the body.

Elmarghani asked to release the citizen Aerafa
The Minister of Justice, “Salah Elmarghani” at a press conference now ask the kidnappers of the Iraqi citizen
released immediately and without delay this process a criminal terrorist.

District neighborhood on Butarh above Ashkarh,
Dr Elly kidnapped from the Iraqi tuber Azakm it cool.
And tells you Mafish Qaeda in the tuber.
It is clear that Libya began Bgot us wrong.
حي حى على بوطارة فوق اشكارة ,الدكتور العراقى اللى خطفوه من درنة عزاكم فيه بارد.ويقولك مفيش تنظيم قاعدة فى درنة .من الواضح انه ليبيا راحت منا بغوط الباطل .

The continuation of the flight of unidentified aircraft in the skies of the tuber to this time, with the increase in hearing the roar of their engines, while some said they flew at low altitudes this day.

Tuber these moments the sound of heavy shooting near the Corniche, specifically in front of the Philadelphia break and some people are prevented pedestrians across the road.
(AD Media tuber)
Gateway Port tuber been under fire since a few, and this is the second time that targeted a gate after it came yesterday to target the shell RPG.
Tuber …
Tuber – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Targeting the house of Abdul Permanent Silk One of the officers a municipal guard result in smashing windows of the house and no reports of damage to human.

Tuber :::::::::

Ethar / / exploded since few explosive device in the neighborhood bin Nasser eastern coast in the tuber, and targeted a car to a person named “Ali Boulihh”, stated that one of the workers in the camp of electronic support previously, and the explosion caused the destruction of the vehicle without causing any damage to mankind.
Urgent …
The car bombing in the Coast bin Nasser Derna little while ago, which led to the burning room in the house but was brought under control.
AD Media tuber Libya
Announces Martyrs Battalion Abu Salim _ Derna withdrawal from securing the university due to lack of commitment to the university administration to the conditions agreed upon with respect and appreciation for the management of the university.
M Alaaalami, tuber

The local council for the city of Derna and its suburbs ::::::
Announce the resignation of the head of the local council tuber
Declares Mr. Fathallah Ibrahim Awami head of the local council for the tuber to resign the day Monday, 11.25.2013 AD because of the security situation in the city of Derna and the Government did not respond to the demands of the city and its people …….
Fathallah Awami
Chairman of the local council tuber

Brought to the compound Hraish now the bodies of two people and a very dead shot in the head area Alstalat car
at the end of the east coast Bdrna neighborhood, were not disclosed to the identity of the dead now.
Altruism | A source from inside the compound Hraish that the two people who found their bodies earlier in the evening area Alstalat the East Coast they were from the city of Tobruk, according to paperwork that found them, and was discovered by cleaners because of the presence dump garbage in the area.
Derna. Middle bride

Urgent Derna

An unidentified armed group had captured Athin army Allibay on their way to Benghazi for the purpose of enrollment Balsaakh on the instructions issued to some of the soldiers need to join Benghazi and the group has cut Roshm and abuse their bodies with a note that they uniformed Allibay and someone from the origins Misurata named Khalid, one of the the population of the Middle Tobruk there seems to be Xi plotted in secret … the source of the area where spare warheads Hola innocent South Derna 35 kilometers note that they Kano on board a vehicle carrying Panel National Army

About / / Derna (Black Waterfall)

The killing of Khaled Mohammed suite slaughtered Mudbna of Tobruk by the Ansar al-Sharia city of Derna
while passing by, coming from Benghazi.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Information Office of the Chamber of joint security operations / TobrukAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl
Chamber of joint security operations / TobrukArrived at the Medical Center of Tobruk, the body of one of the slain soldiers near the gate of the city of Derna they BomsavrPerson of Tobruk named Khalid suite
The second Mohammed Ahmed Al Hamri of Casablanca (White).Checking and actors.
I am God and to Him we return.
URGENT: medical source from the center of Tobruk Medical confirms channel Libya international reception hospital morgue for two of the bodies of the soldiers of the Libyan army was found on their bodies after they were slaughtered with knives in the gate “Bomsavr” east of the tuber they recruiter “Khaled wing” of the city of Tobruk and recruiter “Mohammed Ahmed Hamri “of the city of Casablanca

Alassema TV channel capital
Women tuber demanding activate the army and the police and the detection of the perpetrators of crimes and assassinations in the city.




Alqtron | |

There is no truth to a report Libya national channel for delivering government sites, especially in the Murzuq Alqtron and is still occupied by the headquarters of the civil defense battalions one is still the headquarters of the internal security formerly occupied by the security committee.

“The Redco” delivers its headquarters to the national army
The commander of the (rebels) Tabu “mage and Redco” for his extradition military sites controlled by the South to the national army.
The problem of the circular District Abdul Kafi between Almgarhh and Tabu and news in the injury of 5 Tabu, and one of Megrahi, and the wounding of a person and his son were Maassa Marine accident near the scene of the clash.
Free special newspaper Sabha
Tabu Libya
Sitters area bed population of Kufra and Rbeana Aocdonn on the continuation of the work station bed gas, which is just about where the sit-in at about a distance of 1 km and the station that feeds most areas of Libya electric power and Aocdonn to the government and Congress on the peaceful sit-in and they’re on their reign deadline that they set yesterday, 48 hours, which will end tomorrow Tuesday before the escalation of the situation ..
God bless and guide to the way.


Local Sabha devises a plan to adjust the selling prices of fuel and gas

“Atmosphere of the country” – Abdulaziz junctional
The head of Local Sabha Ayoub injectables that the Council develop a plan for the distribution of fuel
and gas in the city in cooperation with local officials in the city.
Met yesterday to develop.
Said injectables to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday that the meeting included assistant military governor in the south and the director of security and management of the municipal guard and official fuel depot and gas, and came as a result of witnessing Sabha from lack of fuel, gas and a rise in prices, as the price of filling a gas cylinder homes to 40 dinars, according to Zarouk .
He added that the conferees injectables out an action plan to secure these goods to the citizen where he agreed on a mechanism for distribution under the supervision of a municipal guard and provide the necessary support to members of the device.
The injectables that there are hidden hands controlling the prices of fuel and gas in the region, especially after supply disruptions from refinery corner and confined to the city of Misrata, where decreased abundances of the city, according to injectables.
They decided to hold their second meeting on Wednesday after a request from a local authorized distributors Sabha by the Ministry of Economy in the city to provide licenses for the purpose of limiting the work of distributors within the city and organization, according to injectables.
Sabha and the fact that a convoy of Misrata …
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl:Through contact newspaper Sabha Free,  Misrata military council not to make sure our
health news circulating about the movement of units follow the Southern Misrata
The officials assured us that the units Misrata ready and ready to secure any areas in the
south in the Libyan case issued a mandate from the Joint Chiefs of Staff so.
Free newspaper Sabha
Special forces
Kafi clashes in the neighborhood in the city of Sabha militias Sea between religion and tribe Almgarhh.
Oil Corporation: warehouse Sabha oil works naturally
“Atmosphere of the country”Fouad Diab
Denied, spokesman for the National Oil Corporation Mohammed warming and there is no sit-ins Sabha oil depot.
The warming told the “atmosphere of the country” yesterday evening that the work depot Sabha walking naturally good.
And between the rate of production of crude oil until the day of the twenty-fourth of the month exceeded 250 thousand barrels per day, noting that the field of elephant’s Mellitah the Petroleum and Gas returned to work well.
He added that the rate of warming gas production exceeded 1700 million cubic feet per day.
The social networking sites deliberated news yesterday about the presence of picket oil depot Sabha.
Fire read by explosions this morning Sabha
I wake up the people and the population of the city of Sabha morning Mdaurien the explosions issued from the northern neighborhoods of the condominium’s Fatih district, near Mount bin Arif,
The fire erupted in the “garage” for large trucks that carry large tanks used by some people to smuggle goods out of Libya.


Libyan affairs in the international press

Supporters of al -ANSAR al-SHARIA steal ammunition stores Airport base Barak

Libya’s future – Witnesses: Supporters of al -ANSAR al-SHARIA
Who’s castle area Alglanah seawall steal ammunition stores Airport Air Base Barak has tried
to population and prevent the faction guard several times to no avail due to the intensity of the fire and preparing gear they own.
Free newspaper Sabha
And our response now:
TIFF tonight on circular District Abdul Kafi was between Almgarhh and Almpaysh cause of the problem and a crash develops into a brawl in which weapons were used and resulted in the injury of 4 Almpaysh wounded wounding one of them directly in the eye, and one wounded Megrahi transfer to hospital Barak.
We apologize for the name Zjna Tabu in a brawl were not in fact a party.
Quarrel turned into clashes, started a brawl between members of the tribe Almgarhh and Tabu district Kafi, which is a major groupings tribe Almgarhh .
The problem ended after the intervention of the wise from passers-by, and then return a set Ttantma for TPU car armed heavily armed and began Balrmih Ali district Kafi reported gunmen Almgarhh Vhadddt injuries between the parties and five of Tabu Megrahi person and wounded people from the tribe and his son were Almpaysh Marine accident near the scene of the clash.
South of the Libyan News
Oh God, inject the blood of Muslims


Closing through the field torch route, which connects the city of Kufra and Tazerbo the north, which is 400 kilometers from the city of Kufra by demonstrators from Tabu who dwell in the area Rbeana where lose this morning b Aagaf and prevent the passage of some cars and trucks loaded with fuel and gas, which provide the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo ..! !


Libyan Foreign Minister:
What happened in Egypt is not a coup but a revolution against the Brotherhood.  (VERY TRUE & GOOD!)


Angolan government embarked on the demolition of mosques and trying to pass a law
prohibiting the state of Islam in Angola mainly Christian.


Russia rejects using humanitarian issues as a pretext for foreign intervention

وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف
25 NOV. 2013  EPA  PHOTO:
He said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday November 25 that Russia considers the use of humanitarian issues as a pretext for foreign intervention in Syria is unacceptable.According to his words, the similar attempts took place in the issue of the use of chemical weapons when opponents resorted to fraud or the facts to create a pretext for foreign intervention in the country.Lavrov also noted another case when similar reports surfaced two weeks ago, according to the spread of polio in Syria and the need to introduce the necessary bodies to the country. When I checked the data in Russia, the World Health Organization show that there are only 10 cases, however, Russia sent the vaccine to vaccinate the children of Syria.Lavrov pointed to Russia’s interest in this subject and aware of the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The minister called on the representatives of the Syrian various humanitarian organizations to discuss the situation in the country. According to his words refugees began to return to liberated areas from the insurgents.

11/26/2013, 12:03
Voice of Russia

President Vladimir Putin that Russia will inevitably aid programs in Africa and the president expressed concern about the situation in the African continent, especially in Libya.

Putin was met on Monday November 25 with former Italian Prime Minister and current special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the Sahel, Romano Prodi. Prodi said: “I prepare a special report to the UN Security Council meeting to be held on 12 December / December about the issues that I’m working on.” According to him, a special program has been prepared to help Africa will be made available to countries through which donors could choose to either donate money or development and implementation of its own. Brody is counting on Russia to participate effectively in the program and you can make significant contributions in public affairs. Putin has promised, saying: “Now I can not speak in any way, but we certainly will participate in the program.”

It is believed the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations that the international community’s attention has shifted to other international problems and people have forgotten the existence of Africa Bmchkladtha which is no less important.

Prodi said steps to resolve the situation in Libya must be taken quickly. Putin replied: “I agree with you completely.”



Malta suffered treat the wounded and Local Benghazi rejects

According to preliminary information that Malta’s ambassador to Libya presented to the local council for the city of Benghazi wounded in clashes transfer to Malta on Monday and their treatment at the expense of the Maltese government, but a local Maltese Benghazi rejected the offer.



URGENT: Haitham Tagouris .. Behind the assassination of Shokri Belaid?

“Haitham Tagouris” behind the assassination of opposition Tunisian “Shokri Belaid” last February
Detection journalism professor and journalist and specialist in the affairs of the Maghreb and the Islamic movements, “Basil interpreter” on Tuesday at Radio Sun FM for the latest developments and information about the assassination of the deceased Shukri Belaid and revealed the name of the person responsible for the assassination represented in the person of the Tunisian “Haitham Tagouris” Field Commander groups Al-Qaeda.
The spokesman said that the information received it through leaks Altqahiqat with “Abu Anas Libyan” assigned by “Ayman al-Zawahiri,” to unite the Islamic groups in the Islamic Maghreb in order to be placed under the control and supervision, “Abdel Hakim Belhadj.”
He added: “Basil interpreter” that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj” of cost “Haitham Tagouris” the assassination “Belaid,” and that the latter is primarily responsible for the assassination of to Z., pointing out that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj,” the commander of al-Qaeda and the supervisor are directly on all terrorist operations carried out by al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.
Urgent Libya
Agency urgently Libya / “Haitham Tagouris” behind the assassination of Tunisian opposition
Since 35 minutes ..
“Shokri Belaid” last February
Detection journalism professor and journalist and specialist in the affairs of the Maghreb and the Islamic movements, “Basil interpreter” on Tuesday at Radio Sun FM for the latest developments and information about the assassination of the deceased Shukri Belaid and revealed the name of the person responsible for the assassination represented in the person of the Tunisian “Haitham Tagouris” Field Commander groups Al-Qaeda.
The spokesman said that the information received it through leaks Altqahiqat with “Abu Anas Libyan” assigned by “Ayman al-Zawahiri,” to unite the Islamic groups in the Islamic Maghreb in order to be placed under the control and supervision, “Abdel Hakim Belhadj.”
He added: “Basil interpreter” that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj” of cost “Haitham Tagouris” the assassination “Belaid,” and that the latter is primarily responsible for the assassination of to Z., pointing out that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj,” the commander of al-Qaeda and the supervisor are directly on all terrorist operations carried out by al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.


Image at Houari Boumediene airport in Algiers, and it was said that Algerian children threw flowers on the ground when it is «Erdogan» at the airport and told him,
“Go Yakatel.”

THE “GAME” of juvenile player ALI ZAIDANE

Mu protector

Early Pic of Mu w his amazon angel guards

Mu at his Women's Academy 2

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 19/11/2013 P

Mu is joyous for Victory




President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil, stressed that he did not receive the association does not officially not a figurehead, and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the Prime Minister.
And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.

ITALY and France jointly “will do something” in Libya !!!
(BUT even Hashim humans, the Secretary of Security, is against foreign intervention!!!)
“Lq Italian French weakness of state institutions, the Libyan
Italian Prime Minister, “Enrico Letta,” he accept it, and the French president, “Francois Hollande,” the Italian government at the summit of French Altimt in Rome Wednesday, institutional conditions “weak” in Libya.
He said, “Lita” in a joint news conference with “Holland” on Wednesday evening that “Italy and France share a great concern in the matter of Libya and the need to work for reinforcements state institutions” there.”
قلق إيطالي فرنسي من ضعف مؤسسات الدولة الليبية
أعلن رئيس الوزراء الإيطالي “إنريكو ليتّا” أنه استعرض والرئيس الفرنسي “فرانسوا هولاند” خلال القمة الحكومية الإيطالية الفرنسية التي التئمت في روما الاربعاء، الاوضاع المؤسساتية “الضعيفة” في ليبيا.
وقال “ليتّا” في مؤتمر صحفي مشترك مع “هولاند” مساء الاربعاء إن “إيطاليا وفرنسا تتشاطران القلق الكبير في الشأن الليبي وضرورة العمل لتعزيزات مؤسسات الدولة” هناك.


Member of the National Congress protect itself b pomegranate ! !

She said one of the members of the National Congress on Wednesday for security at the entrance to the municipality of Tripoli , she carries a hand grenade in her purse ” for self-defense .”
The local council of the city on his Facebook that he ” when they enter the municipality of Tripoli to participate in the meeting , Ms. Souad Sultan passed her purse on the device detect weapons and explosives which led to the launch warning .”
He added: ” When asked what security official carry in her purse , acknowledged the existence of a hand grenade carried justified as self-defense .”
He explained that the authority of the Council was able to participate in the meeting after that delivered the bomb to the security officer , and wanted to ” restore bomb after the meeting, but the security official refused to ” have it delivered .
He said the local council of Tripoli that he was forced to publish this clarification to deny information has been circulating on social networks pointed to the arrest of Sultan .

(Valley girl)

A hand grenade in a bag «Deputy Libyan» … To protect personal!

Adjust the security apparatus of the Council of the Libyan capital Tripoli today (Wednesday) member of parliament Souad Sultan, carrying a hand grenade in her bag when entering the council’s headquarters.
According to official sources td Council Sultan explained that the reason for retaining this bomb to protect personal information.
The media quoted local sources as the Council that the Council members who were meeting infuriated, especially that she was invited to the meeting on the grounds that they represent the city of Tripoli.

Tripoli Local Council :

a correction of what is now floating in some social networking pages concerning respected member of Congress Souad Sultan ….. The story is as follows : Ms. Souad Sultan as it entered the Council of Tripoli to attend the meeting and put her purse inside the device detect weapons and explosives fired machine siren and has been offering security officer and asked her about what is found in her purse lean on the existence of a hand grenade ( pomegranate ) and it is used for personal protection Vslmtha him and entered to attend the meeting , then the security officer contacted the security authorities concerned and sent the Security Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Tripoli during the exit asked delivered her but security official refused to do so until the arrival of CID . Health News nor the effect that the member was being held or suspended by the Attorney General ….


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New $ 1.3 billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of  “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party



Cars with political bodies roam within the capital Tripoli repeatedly.
Including cars bearing the logo of the idiocy of the United Nations.

Flying in the skies today

Whatever Alito in the sky and Alito, your record date NATO dogs!!

likbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians
Voir la traduction
Photo: Hlikbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians.

 “Atmosphere of the country”:
Denied, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Cape Muhammad Ali news

that have been traded on cutting off communications from the capital tomorrow.

Anissalem Salem


Misrata militias begin to occupy the coastal road from the five and the movement of tanks and heavy weapons to the headquarters of the Turkish company in the valley as the year the tobacco factory and the purpose is to besiege the capital Tripoli and its people.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News:

named exists in front of you in the news and for the Turtle witnesses from Zliten.

“Don’t worry ! –
Muammar is leading the battle in the inside of Libya . He was able to fail all the plans of those monsters on the ground.
They will not be able to do anything in the presence of Muammar. “-

Mu on the horizon

vidéo de GPC basic Elvis Bucky free.

Ya live commander
Hey commander live ..

Ali Asbali
Militias out of the capital means the return from where it came from, it does not mean disappearance or evaporation of their arsenal of weapons.

The fact delivered today in Tripoli :::

Most of the militias evidence today says
“Delivery only housings”
Alumblyichiyat not any solution and deliver weapons and its members join the army and police personnel Ka ..

They are meant to change the sites they said Mqratna follow the state and we will deliver it.

Nawasi changed the location and most of the mechanisms in the farms follow them.

Laughed p chins!!!


(PM picks whom should leave; so not all are leaving!!)

President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil,  stressed that he did not receive the association

does not officially not a figurehead,

and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the RAT Prime Minister.

And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.


All Libyan cities will be covered by the decision of the evacuation of the militias, but gradually !

(only Zaidane will decide on the “timing” ! )

Amnesty International calls on the Libyan authorities to protect the protesters from armed groups

And : Amnesty International called on the Libyan authorities , today, Thursday , to protect the protesters from armed groups during the protests planned this week .

The organization said that Jerusalem Square in Tripoli on Friday will see big demonstrations at the invitation of the President of the local residents of the capital of the general strike even leave those groups of the city.

For its part , said Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization , ” Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui ” The Libyan authorities must ensure the protection of the protesters.

The organization urged the Libyan government to ensure that efforts to disarm armed formations and reintegration compatible with human rights standards , and the lack of integration of those responsible for human rights violations in the state institutions .

And Amnesty International pointed out that the Libyan government has announced a new plan is to integrate Muslhhaasma formations in the state security forces .


Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.


The demolition of the headquarters of the security committee attic – branch headed by Abu Salim’s murderer Gneoh by protesters

Gneoh handover headquarters of the National Security Directorate to Tripoli
The news that he was promoted talking Gneoh president of the Center Abu Salim

Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.

Reporter “atmosphere of the country”:

the commander of a brigade of civil Shaheed Mohamed Ibrahim civil begins delivery of brigade headquarters to Colonel Salem Souissi in charge of the Defense Ministry headquarters in the presence of the President of the receipt of the Air Defense F Alabana and representatives of the local council of Tripoli and the civil society organizations.

The start of the delivery and receipt:

civil Brigade withdraw today.

The official handover of the Yarmouk camp by the brigade’s Ministry of Civil Defense (4 photos)
Begin preparations for the formal delivery of the brigade civil by the Ministry of Defense and will be in receipt of Colonel Omar Salem Suisse designate to receive one of the largest military forts of the Libyan army camp of Yarmouk, which holds the banner of civil society.

Distribution of brioche and Alrani guests for the handover ceremony Yarmouk camp today

ههههههههههههههههههههههههومعاها Brioche Italian Mhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzelh

This battalion lightning .. Withdraw from Tripoli:

Abolished the Ministry of Interior and the police pause “in solidarity with the victims of Gharghour” was scheduled for today, according to Green  Square, The Director of the Office of Relations Directorate of Security Tripoli Nuri al-Obeid to the “atmosphere of the country” on Thursday.

Band VIII ( Nawasi ) denies evacuation based
“Atmosphere of the country”

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to “the atmosphere of the country ” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

The presence of loop current consultations with the local council to vacate Tripoli headquarters , and transfer to the base band Mitigua air base Thursday morning , noting that the band will respond to the demands of the people of the region that had demanded the evacuation of the headquarters.

He stressed that the buttonhole band is currently involved in securing the city of Tripoli, along with a number of security teams of the Supreme Security Committee of the Ministry of the Interior , under the command of the joint operations room in Tripoli .

It is worth mentioning that the ministerial committee for the implementation of the National General Conference resolutions number twenty-seven (27) and fifty-three (53), has announced what it called the ” time plan and a specific roadmap ” to evacuate the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi from armed manifestations .

Defense Minister Abdullah bending required to shield Libya militias (MISURATA) to return to Tripoli after stabilizing the security situation .. Is this the logic of security men and the army asked to return Mlisheh if extrapolated conditions Tripoli … Why?

(Valley girl)

Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP):

“Qathafi leading currently in Tripoli; Aawallah black day for them!”

 Mamedabussdrh expelled leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization Muflsinmn by Algeria Square Youth.
طرد محمدابوسدره القيادي في تنظيم الاخوان المفلسينمن من قبل شباب ميدان الجزائر
Got Alshall in demonstrations against the local council of Tripoli, non-elected,,,,

Qara Bolle … Alqoaah:

An exchange of prisoners between Misrata and Tajourah presence of dignitaries Qara Bolle
Alqoaah gate area military police breaker.


Happening now:
Dozens of judges and lawyers are coming out now in a demonstration of the Courts Complex in Tripoli to Algeria Square, –
demanding the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed manifestations.

News Libya | Libya News
Allah is the greatest day of the local council received Andar Tripoli protesters in the field of Algeria notify the militia in control of the channel Libya official explained that the demonstrators tomorrow will go to the channel to release it from the militia, which Att where they Cislmoha corruption and police will not back down until this matter.
To all free tomorrow after Friday prayers will be a part of our plan from this channel prisoner.
Now | Chairman Tripoli local Sadat Badri confirms in a speech to the demonstrators in the capital of Algeria in the field of continuing general strike until the last piece of weaponry output of Tripoli, except the army and police force.

Pads Badri: civil disobedience continuously .. And tomorrow will be gathering on the island of Bohradh after Friday prayers.
Tomorrow a major demonstration against the militias in Tripoli and the army and police claim ..
And alert the internal breakthroughs will occur tomorrow demonstration.

Tripoli Local Council at a news conference a little while ago:

formed a committee to follow up the procedures for the delivery and receipt of each site, and follow-up battalions out of the capital.

Director of security of the capital Tripoli on channel shortly before:

It was agreed that tomorrow will be a place to demonstrate in front of the Holy Mosque Babuhradh has been commissioned and will be protected by the police in the first ring and the second ring in the second infantry brigade of the national army.

Tripoli – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The Interior Ministry calls on citizens to gentlemen need to show restraint and to ensure a peaceful demonstration, which will be organized tomorrow to miss opportunities to all of this movement is trying to recruit for other purposes.

Student Media Center :::::

Students’ Union announces # # Engineering College in coordination with the Dean of the College and coordinator of the study and exams that college exams will not be next week ..

Even though the study began with the knowledge that he has not decided yet whether the study will begin next week, or not.

(University Students Union # # Tripoli – Branch # College of Engineering).

Chairman of the interim government will meet the heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli

And met with interim Prime Minister Dr. ” Ali Zaidane ” Wednesday evening at the prime minister, heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli .

During the meeting, which was attended by ministers , higher education , justice , culture and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education to review and discuss the outcomes of the tragic events that occurred area Gharghour last Friday and claimed the lives of dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded, including a number of university students .

According to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education , ” Bashir Alstaoa “ that the students insisted during the meeting of the prime minister on the need to evacuate the city of Tripoli from all military formations , because this action is in the interest of the country.

“The Alstaoa ” that the government had asked give her some time , as the committee in charge of following up the implementation of Resolution 27 issued by the National Congress on the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed formations , is in the process now on the application and implementation of the resolution on the ground and explained \ ” Alstaoa \” that the prime minister discussed with the delegation, the issue of student -stop for the university study , as confirmed in this regard that the wheel of the state and its institutions must spin works including universities .

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education that the heads of student unions Sub confirmed at the conclusion of this meeting reservations to continue the study , and constantly demanding civil disobedience .

Deans of faculties of the University of Tripoli, union leaders and faculty members at their meeting today Orteuro unanimously a continuation of the suspension of classes until the exit of all armed formations ..

(AD Student Media)


The return of most of the public and private banks to work this morning in Tripoli. # Libya

عودة أغلب المصارف العامة والخاصة للعمل صباح اليوم في طرابلس. #ليبيا

يحدث الآن :
العشرات من القضاة والمحامين يخرجون الآن في مظاهرة من مجمع المحاكم بطرابلس إلى ميدان الجزائر, للمطالبة بإخلاء مدينة طرابلس من المظاهر المسلحة.


Before the hour and a half:

in front of a gas station Falah, an army patrol arrested two people and armed intervention of the

Joint Committee (deterrence Mitigua) to being released.

Diary of a prisoner in Mitiga ..
I do not know how much time has passed and I’m in this place, perhaps a year or more Time, here is no different Many in the events and circumstances and the night continued and we are waiting for the morning will not shine , it may be here since the fall of Tripoli but tell me when to hit Tripoli and tell me how the date today?

I lost many of my senses as a result of torture no longer hear well and did not a promising taste eating and move my feet with great difficulty , no longer afraid of torture , whether a stick or electrically felt that my body has become its electrical energy sufficient to operate the columns of light in Tripoli sad,

torturers here ordered them strange they ask us to wake up at dawn and dawn prayers lectured and read the Holy Quran after a hot night of torture pa afraid to tell God this and ask him to beat them , which the Almighty descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night to hear the claims of the oppressed and lift the injustice , I think they do not fear God and do not fill out Belkaúna in the dawn prayer and not for what they tortured us throughout the night , on some nights you hear the sound of someone reciting verses from the Holy Quran at the same time screaming torturers of popular Guard and the Revolutionary Guards and volunteers , as well as men Bani Walid who taxpayers for their honor and display , why put our voice Quran with torture ?

Do you want to plant the Vienna knot listen to the words of God Almighty, no doubt that the Hola demons in human form until the Sheikh who teaches us in the evening in one subject for years, I do not know their number does not come out of the sermon is over it and respect his orders , he says these words to the people tortured morning and evening they do not have a guardian but God , how will go out of obedience ?

What is happening in Mitiga is torture demons of the slaves and the more I wanted to explain to you what is happening in the prisons of Mitiga would I , but I Larry Shi strange every morning and I cried Larry dead person from Vdraj in Bani Walid , a smiley and someone else from Almrdom a smiley and another Alrkdalin a smiley wonder what the secret of smile who die in the night of torture in and out in the morning to morgues ? , There is no doubt that they have seen in their death is great I am waiting for the morning, go out with a smile to the morgue and ask you , O Liberal to fulfill the way it is for your sake and for my bear all this. This commandment from someone on the way to a smile
يوميات سجين في معيتيقة ..
لا اعرف كم مضى من الوقت وانا في هذا المكان ربما سنة او اكثر فالزمن هنا لايختلف كثير في احداثه وظروفه والليل مستمر ونحن في انتظار صباحا لن يشرق ، ربما اكون هنا منذ سقوط طرابلس لكن من يخبرني متى سقطت طرابلس ومن يخبرني كم التاريخ اليوم ؟ فقدت العديد من حواسي نتيجة التعذيب لم اعد اسمع جيدا ولم اعد اتذوق الاكل واحرك قدماي بصعوبة بالغة ، لم اعد اخاف التعذيب سواء بالعصا او بالكهرباء احس ان جسدي صارت به طاقة كهربائية تكفى لتشغيل اعمدة النور في طرابلس الحزينة ، الجلادين هنا امرهم غريب هم يطلبون منا الاستيقاظ في الفجر وصلاة الفجر حاضر وقراءة القران الكريم بعد ليلة ساخنة من التعذيب الآ يخافون ان نخبر الله بهذا ونطلب منه ان ننتصر عليهم وهو سبحانه ينزل للسماء الدنيا في الثلث الاخير من الليل لسماع دعاوي المظلومين ورفع الظلم ، اعتقد انهم لا يخافون الله ولا يعبئون بلقائنا به في صلاة الفجر والآ لما قاموا بتعذيبنا طوال الليل ، في بعض الليالي كنت اسمع صوت احدهم يتلو ايات من القرآن الكريم وفي نفس الوقت صراخ المعذبين من الحرس الشعبي والحرس الثورى والمتطوعين وكذلك رجال بني وليد الذين دافعو عن شرفهم وعرضهم ، لماذا يضعون لنا صوت القرآن الكريم مع التعذيب ؟ هل يريدون ان يغرسوا فينا عقدة الاستماع لكلام الله عز وجل ، لاشك ان هولاء شياطين في صورة بشر حتى الشيخ الذي يحاضر علينا في المساء في موضوع واحد لسنوات لا اعرف عددها لا يخرج من خطبة ولى الامر واحترام اوامره، يقول هذا الكلام الى اشخاص يعذبون صباح ومساء وليس لديهم ولى امر الآ الله فكيف سوف يخرجون عن طاعته ؟ مايحدث في معيتيقة هو تعذيب الشياطين للعباد وكلما اردت ان اوضح لكم مايحدث في سجون معيتيقة فلن استطيع ولكنى اري شى غريب كل صباح وابكي اري شخص ميت من فدراج في بني وليد وهو مبتسم وشخص اخر من المردوم وهو مبتسم واخر من الرقدالين وهو مبتسم ياترى ما سر ابتسامة الذين يموتون في الليل بالتعذيب ويخرجون في الصباح الى ثلاجات الموتى ؟ ، لاشك انهم قد شاهدوا في موتهم آمر رائع انا في انتظار صباح اخرج فيه مبتسما الى ثلاجة الموتي واطلب منكم ايها الاحرار ان تكملوا الطريق فمن اجلكم واجل بلادي نتحمل كل هذا. هذه وصية من شخص في طريقه الى الابتسامة

The resignation of many of the doctors and anesthesia technician in a hospital corner ..

That will come as a result of

Lack of appreciation and respect for them by the director of a hospital corner …

Lack of army or police to protect them ..

Lack of medicines and equipment in a hospital corner ..

(Moved from the Association doctors corner 2013)


Haitham Tagouris the transfer of arms, the special mechanisms of Ninewa Nawasi project ostrich, and also the transfer of a number of prisoners about twenty prisoners to the same place, Haitham refuses to release Hola prisoners and set another prison trench in Tajourah, Haitham does not follow the instructions the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, and no one is able to the taking of prisoners of it, Haitham Tagouris criminal should stand in the face .. Please spread the word to everyone and to campaign for the release of prisoners and we have complaints of the people some of the prisoners who are ostrich project.

Victims Organization for Human Rights
Thursday, 12 November 2013



Anissalem Salem :::

News downright million percent
Very, very fierce battles in the department in Ajeelat.
The spread of the regular police department from Ajeelat within the city this morning.
Department in AJEELAT now ..

An armed attack on the prison department in AJeelat judicial police by unknown assailants.

and Adhu fled and the situation was calm now, no one hurt.

City department in AJEELAT
Now: department in AJEELAT
Clashes between armed groups from the areas of the market and the gift of Jinan.



Area and Rishvana

Heavy shooting my 14.5 in 27 .

Thunderous explosion in the world .. Possible be the voice of an RPG launcher .. In a good college ..

(Channel globe)

Quadraplegic RAT calls in admitting that he abducted 14 Zintani!!

Quoting / / Pictures and News from Rishvana ·

One caller broadcasting Alcdoh 104.3 The anonymity quadriplegic
‘ve Kidnapped 14 people from Zintan in response to the abduction of my brother at the airport in Tripoli after returning from Turkey* have been looking for him from time to 12:00 today afternoon and did not find him

I heard Aladinm contact Hedda … and God knows.

*: TURKEY is where the MISURATA GNC RATS met (including NOAH & BELHADJ) to get their funding and support and plans to take-over TRIPOLI.



27 camp west of Tripoli :::

Fears of storming the camp of the 27 on Friday, according to statements made by the commander of the camp.

Came out not necessary for the militias …


Using Sabratha coastal :: terrible accident causing the death of 5 people 3 men, women and children

11/20/2013 catastrophic car accident the day after refinery Mellitah ..

five cars turn out to be … the remains of five people and LoFat family Jennifan area of Beautiful City..

I am God and to Him we return …
O best of our conclusion and Tova Watt satisfied with us.


Tarhouna Youth Association

Killed, “Ibrahim Souayah” of the tribe Alanaajh weft Aldechailah at the hands of the sons of Cane and is one of the persons involved in the murder of their brother after he was scheduled to be tried in a court in Tripoli where ((invitee has Ashour Nouri handed over to Tripoli so as not to kill him)) and I’ve found lying in the same place where he found the lifeless bodies of the son of Cane.

Armed militias committed crimes in the city Tarhounah on Tuesday, November 19th amid the silence of the government and Almatmalotunai year.

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to the “atmosphere of the country” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

Pictures. Victims of one militia “handsome hawk” kidnapped, tortured and killed and still missing and the rest of his brothers accused “Ahmdalsaeidi” and “the backing band, led by the fourth” Salah Elmarghani “Friday, November 22, 2013 AD.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 AD , said sources from within the city Tarhounah the Agency : the militias affiliated ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ nicknamed Aleem Libyan band backing fourth Salahuddin affiliate Lama called Guard facilities and led by Salah Elmarghani the attack on the police station in downtown Tarhounah and kidnapped a policeman and a group of detainees and they executed and thrown stadium ball is dead, ” Ibrahim Souayah Alnaaja “ that appears in the picture has been tortured were killed him amid the silence of the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the prime minister and the National Conference , which belongs to him called ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ decision in the National Congress , which accuses the people of Tarhounah led campaign horror and the liquidation of the people of the region .

edit: Mamedalhaafa .


News of the arrival of the mechanisms of Al Qaqaa Brigade.   

Zintan brigade to prosperous Camp Mizdah .

(Citizen of Mizdah)



opening of article: “Zintan from truffles to ax ….” by ALzaim Muammar

On one of the peaks of the mountain west and in the middle stationed Zintan, a city in Libya and the tribe of the Libyan tribes of ancient associated brotherhood with the tribes of her weight Corvlh and Qmazfah and they called their alliance on behalf of Khot seriously Zintan area truffles most famous in Libya presence and Trade population was living an existence quiet planting wheat, barley and olives and raise livestock , customs , tribal and owners of one word. It is the mountain to the Mermaid is a vast difference in living , climate and a good place also.

Upon issuance of Resolution No. 7 on Bani Walid, Zintani remained steadfast and did not intervene (but they gave food, weapons and much aid to their Warfalla cousins); and did not pay attention to the order of brothers Grandpa. This  turned Zintan tribe of ancient with the word to the executioners and Mafloh Palmchacheh from the use of gas and shelling of civilians the biggest proof of that when they arrested Ali Saif al-Islam has not Iktsoa him , but on the contrary, Honor and his hospitality and treated him as a prisoner of war and better (they protected him, gave him a fair trial in Dec/Jan 2011-2).  They indeed showed their respect for a honorable and great tribal  family ( the Gadafa).

The Al Qaqaa Brigade,
The Al Qaqaa Brigade engaged in delivering its headquarters for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Allah is the greatest mobility of Tripoli reaps the fruits.Sources of news: Zintan Brigades had redeployed in farms through the airport, and Tripoli Local Council will be asked to verify officially leave the armed formations of the capital.

الله أكبر حراك طرابلس يجني الثمار تباعاً


“Atmosphere of the country” ..
Chairman of the Air Defense F Alabana announce
received through the headquarters of a brigade of civil Yarmouk camp on Thursday
for the establishment of a security room in Zintan.


Was liquidated citizen Masood Ahmed Trchana in the city of Sirte and was found in the area 17 west of Sirte and the late order specialty tanks Excellent ..

(Inspired Pen)



That did not Then do what you want …

Today one of the brave heroes of the commandos … The …. The … And calculated on the family ( gunpowder )

With the reservation to mention the full name of this hero .. the infringement on the door of the Operations Section holiest of holies , where the hospital treats people and God gives them life ..

Xi not only because when he entered the hospital did not find a doctor in Antdharh … because he , according to his belief that the doctor knows his presence at the hospital and did not care about the will ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

When Tgosaina reason for storming Hedda Commando operations and found misfortune.

It has taught us that he called him his friend who is not a resident of Bani Walid ? ? ? Outboard mean? ? ! ! And told him that he was subjected to a traffic accident and is in good health and not suffering from only a minor injury in the foot and some bruises … But Hedda Gallant when attending to the hospital was not pleased with the level of health services provided to friendly Barrani ? ? ? ( From Mizdah or Alguentarar by what we heard )
Please proceed directly to the Operations Division , where the process was conducted for Sheikh elder battling the disease … Taking its glass doors and smashed its skull and dislocated Doors …. And terrified workers … where there were doctors from operations outside Bani Walid performing service for the people of this city deprived of several services …
Dear Sir, you are the action offended yourself to this precious family?
Whats suppose that this person was under alamlihho your father do you do these actions?
Suppose you are in a hospital in Tripoli will you this heroic movements?!?!?!

Fear God in this hospital.When the city’s avenues narrowed not only school to this modest facility
Honorable thamlo city, people of your responsibilities towards this vital and sensitive facility.
I swear if he met doctors and workers on strike.(I see it close if this comic situation) getting into trouble for real disaster,.

O you local council and you have to carry your responsibilities , but with Feltrahl Departed
O you Social Council Silence Is not this wisdom absent from you ? ?
You guys city hospital protection of Haala Tramps and Almichdeghin ..
Because you can only ltaalgo the hospital your kinsfolk and kins Hatta as you.

And finally … … …. Realizing it before you end up in disaster. The great fire start (spark) small
(Addicted health)

Valley Agency Dinar News

Bani Walid great

The days reveal the true Libyans , but not seen Baionna .
The membrane was perched on the eyes of the children and the national Pkarth started shaking .
The fact that Sun screamed previously appear today to my brothers at home.
The words of the sheikh said Barghouti has become our wisdom we transfer .
The transfer order said :
That governs the national is nothing but a regional tribal militias and foreign agendas have other flavors, we’ve got the Arab and Lybia .
Today I see what we see every Alepien of delivery and receipt of yesterday who was imposed on us and on the home Mairead who we want him to be the only Fared us to Mairead force of law .
I am .
Congratulate my family in Bani Walid and Ali Atrahm religion righteous martyrs died under the injustice of this topic militias decide today all the children of the nation , but they are not people who are going out on the wrong-doers everything is legal and humane .
Today the Good congratulate the cities of their men and elders and fighters. Pencaúha congratulate her and her children .
I congratulate elders and their wisdom and courage of its men and women fighters Bpsahlthm Bangabehn to Black will be in history and a symbol of her children trace their lineage and affiliation of each of these .
Congratulate Bani Walid victory by the fact that we thank God that each reached the Libyans.
Congratulate her the truth , which paid for it blood.
The fact that its content that shields it is only Adera tribal and regional battalions and all of the issued and other laws are the basis of power and void Ahtaha was the law of the jungle that the Duck .
Congratulate her because she first said yes , yes to the military police, no militia ..
Now, after what you stand on this topic truth .
Libyans O , O conference legalized the orders of those militias days , my government has supported the oppressors days. All of you ask.
But you deserve Bani Walid Alaatdar . But you deserve compensation for the burning and looting destroyed .
But you deserve to Tcolo the right word in the religion of its people fed you and those militias repeatedly bitter pill .
Or you do not dare to tell the truth or what was Alaatdar you and without you around and force yesterday . And you are at the mercy of those bands.
Enough for us the truth . We need you today condemned the crimes committed your decision No. (7 ) .
We do not want only the adoption of the error and injustice.
We do not know no clue how to be a day coming days Valdnaa rotates among the people of God . Van was you or the militias will not happen to us more than it was .
And that we had let it be Aatdarkm and your condemnation of criminals and your recognition of Bachtaúkm cause him to descend the mercy of the oppressed to the oppressors are listed on the Ombudsman and overtaken .

God bless our martyrs and placed them rest in peace .

(Ali Akash Method)

بني وليد العظيمة

وكان الايام تكشف حقيقة لم يرها الليبيون الا باعيوننا .
وكان الغشاء الجاثم على عيون بني وطني بدات تنفض بكارته .
وكان شمس الحقيقة التي صرخنا بها سابقا تظهر اليوم لاخوتي في الوطن .
وكان كلمات شيخنا البرغوتي اصبحت حكمتنا بقوله قلنا ونقل .
اجل قلنا ونقل :
بان من يحكم في وطني ماهي الا مليشيات جهويه قبليه واخري لها اجندات خارجيه جاءتنا بنكهات عربيه واخري ليبيه .
اليوم وانا ارى وكل اليبيين ما نراه من تسليم واستلام ممن كان بالامس يفرض علينا وعلى الوطن مايريد لمن كنا نريد له ان يكون الفارض الوحيد علينا لمايريد بقوة القانون .
فانني .
اهني اهلي في بني وليد واترحم علي شهدائنا البررة الدين قضوا تحت ظلم هده الميليشيات التي تبت اليوم لكل بني الوطن انهم ليسوا الا اناس ظالمين خارجين على كل ما هو قانوني وانساني .
اليوم اهني مدينتي العظيمه برجالها وشيوخها ومقاتليها . اهنئها بنسائها واطفالها .
اهنئ شيوخها بحكمتهم ورجالها بشجاعتهم ومقاتليها ببسالتهم ونسائها بانجابهن لاسود سيكونون في التاريخ رمزا واطفالها بنسبهم وانتمائهم لكل هؤلاء .
اهني بني وليد بانتصارها بالحقيقة التي نحمد الله ان وصلت لكل الليبيين.
اهنئها بالحقيقة التي دفعت من اجلها الدماء .
الحقيقة التي فحواها ان الدروع ما هي الا ادرع قبليه وان الكتائب جهويه وان كل ما صدر من قوانين وغيرها هي باطله اساسها القوة واحتكامها كان لقانون الغاب ان داك .
اهنئها لانها اول من قال نعم للجيش نعم للشرطة ولا للميليشيات ..
والان وبعد ما وقفتم علي هده الحقيقه .
يا ايها الليبيون , يا مؤتمرا شرعن اوامر تلك الميليشيات يوما , يا حكومة دعمت الظالمين يوما . جميعكم اسال .
الا تستحق منكم بني وليد الاعتدار . الا تستحق منكم تعويضا لما حرق ونهب ودمر .
الا تستحق منكم ان تقولو كلمة حق فيها وفي اهلها الدين ضاقوا منكم ومن تلك الميليشيات مرار العلقم .
ام انكم لا تجرؤون علي قول الحقيقه او الاعتدار لما كان منكم وانتم دون حول وقوة بالامس . وانتم تحت رحمة تلك العصابات .
تكفينا الحقيقه . ويكفينا اليوم منكم ادانه لجرائم ارتكبت بقراركم رقم ( 7 ) .
لا نريد الا اقرار بالخطا والظلم .
فلا ندري ولا تدرون كيف تكون الايام القادمة فالدنيا ايام يداولها الله بين الناس . فان كانت لكم او للميليشيات فلن يحدث لنا اكثر مما جرى .
وان كانت لنا فليكن اعتداركم وادانتكم للمجرمين واعترافكم باخطائكم سببا تنزل منه رحمة من مظلومين على ظالمين يوم ترد المظالم وتنقلب الموازين .

رحم الله شهدائنا واسكنهم فسيح جناته .

علي عكاش الفقهي

Bani Walid :::::::

The College of Cambridge Bani Walid headquarters object Butanuep Jerusalem from start recording in English language courses and computer at different levels as to Launch in methodology courses for the two phases of basic education and average in mathematics, chemistry, and the Arabic language.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ::::::: City five

URGENT: News on the presence Shield forces to Libya “Misrata” withdrawing from the camp in Tripoli Albraizh “battalion headquarters Joseph formerly Overture” in five does not know until the moment you presence will be temporary or permanently!!



Misurata satellite channel:

Shortly after the statement of the local council and the military and the Shura Council,

civil society organizations and the Misrata rebels (4) on the events of Tripoli.

Issued local councils and the military and the Shura Council, civil society organizations and leaders of the rebels in Misrata joint statement

Confirm it to claim the National Congress formed a committee to investigate the facts of figures known for their integrity and neutrality holds the search in the details of this incident tragic and planned and instigated them and how they occur and the parties that participated in it by listening to all the parties and witnesses and access to all documents, images and prepare a detailed report particularly during a period not exceeding 30 days.

and, AFTER TERRORIZING  the CITY of TRIPOLI for MONTHS, and this past weekend  alone murdered 48 and over 539 wounded, they have the nerve to lie and ask :

“Shura Council member Fathi Bashaga city of Misrata on channel DC: Chamber of Commerce Tripoli exposure compensation all the merchants of the city of Misrata who have been burning and looting of their property and their shops in the city of Tripoli.”

Which is a BIG FABRICATION, because no one burned their shops or stole from them…

THEY burned their own places of habitation as they left the premises on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!

and what about all the bodies, blood and tortured people and mass graves that were found in the wake???

Not counting the filthe and mess!!!
THESE ARE TRULY EVIL PEOPLE…who now are trying to gain sympathy! and who do you think were the invaders????



Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Urgent and Important: The Interior Ministry denies that it has ordered the formation of the Eastern Province Chamber of rebels .

Friday, 22 November 2013 AD obtained the agency of sources on a book issued by the Minister of the Interior in charge d “friend Abdul karim cream” shows the confusion and exploitation of correspondence precedent in how to set up a room Libya rebels in the Eastern Province is clear from reading the book referred to and that reader will see a copy of it Kiffa to exploit some of the people with the agenda Private correspondence in rigging the state to create objects rejected by the Libyans and manipulation which could be up to a charge of forgery . edit: Mamedalhaafa .






President of the Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica Mr. Abed Rabbo Barasi exclusively for “Reporters” that his office received preliminary approval from the United Nations to allow it to sell oil, and it will begin the sale of oil from all the ports of the region within two weeks,according to Law No. 58, which determines how the distribution of income among regions three. )

and TODAY, this!:

Libyan affairs in the international press ·

The official website of Mission

United Nations Mission in Libya (# UNSMIL) confirms that there has been no agreement with the United Nations which is not given approval to any arrangements related to oil, was initially or process.


Gemayel :::

Injury, “Imam Ammar,” a police officer with Beautiful City, after being
For a hail of bullets is of him during the transfer of a number of prisoners of
Back to the department in Ajeelat, without the recorded cases of escape for prisoners.

# Beautiful


Quoting from Motaz Libya:
* Security force able turf since few of the arrest of a terrorist cell was trying to
Meadow Court bombing arrested three of Benghazi, and two of the tuber and one of the Prairie.


Call me now ordered an investigation commandos and said to me, has given them a

communiqué about the presence of a car bomb outside the home of the Egyptian consul

and forces the bolt is on its way there.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Using cameras in the airport have built international has been know to put the bag Adhesive on one of the airport’s car to blow it up and when they saw the cameras, the airport had Pfkha and fled, but surveillance cameras recorded all this and men Thunderbolt were there Mutiran not to happen Shi what’s out there and not out criminals from the airport and arrested.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

What is  happening in Sabri is a quarrel between two tribes. … …
Saovikm update.
Reporter: Al-Mu’tasim Faitouri-Libya national channel.
Sabri now
# Gun battle between light and Julatinat invited dogs and invited drowsiness
And special forces on the way to there.Stun intervene and break up a dispute between two families in Benghazi area Sabri.(Stun forces)

Security room Benghazi:

Clashes were going on in the streets of Benghazi between the Bolt and the Champions Bats of Darkness.

Hear the sound of a powerful explosion shortly before the close of the junction prefabricated housing .. Airport Road.

Benghazi shortly before :::

Reporter news channel .. bombing in front of the headquarters of a chief of staff in Benghazi.

Explosion at the headquarters of the General Staff of Benghazi to coincide with the theatrical Zaidane in Tripoli

عاااجل /تفحير مقر رئاسة الاركان الجرذانية #ببنغازي.
وفاء معمر.
Fast/tvhair algrzanet # staff headquarters Jermanah in Benghazi.
Meet Muammar.
Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP).
Contacted news: explosion at the Marine Corps infantry camp in Benghazi without casualties..

Benghazi blast :::::

Urgent ::::::::::::

Since the explosion is a small city of Benghazi explosion kiosk Alsjaúz area milkfish.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

A car bomb explosion near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Central Bank of Libya in the center of Benghazi

(Special Forces)



Tunisian in Tobruk holds a million dollars Tobruk

Threw Btabriq border guards arrested a Tunisian million dollars in his possession, he was trying to market them on the black market without legal action.
According to the spokesman of the 415 battalion of the border guards Paljgbob “Abdel Moneim Almabbari” that he was referring the person arrested, and the amount that was in his possession to the shanty points to take legal action about it.

Targeting Unity Hospital in tuber Bakadf  RBJ by armed militant groups after clashes with locals.

The descent of the so-called Army of the Islamic State of Libya to secure the tuber (8 photos)
Was the descent of the so-called Saraya al-Army Libya Islamic state tuber to secure the city of Derna and its suburbs to restore security in the lost city of Derna, according to the leaders of the Islamic Army ..
It is worth mentioning that the people of the city of Derna have today held demonstrations condemning the terrorist operations of assassinations and bombings claim Army and police keep track of the state.

Derna. Bride Middle

The spread of the elements of the so-called Islamic Army of Libya is now in several locations Bdrna,

And conduct inspections and patrols.

Media Center Libya tuber:

Newsflash ….

Shooting by unknown assailants in front of the mosque, Sheikh Hussein Ali Fawzi Alzuky and is now in the hospital between life and death.

Derna. Bride Middle

The death of Sheikh Fawzi Alzuky, one of the members of the tribes of the city council of elders from his wounds as a result of the assassination of the treacherous targeted after leaving the mosque tonight ..

I am God and to him we shall return … and to turn the force except in God.

That the supply of water and electricity for the entire day in the city of Derna .

Tuber November 20, 2013 ( and ) – stopped the supply of water and cut off electricity today fully for the city of Derna after deciding to workers at the station steam disrupt production units shut off , as well as to stop the work of the desalination plant for sea water to protest the exposure station to try to sabotage . He attributed the two workers to stop and drop to the exposure of the steam plant specialized in the production of electrical power on Wednesday to blow up considerably after that unknown persons threw an explosive device at the outer wall near the vehicles and fuel depots , which operates two plants . . The director of the station said the blast did not happen damage mankind did not lead to the breakdown of machinery , and improvised explosive devices did not reach the rooms of electricity and fuel , and not to have occurred damaged severely affected people and property, but this was stopped production to be done to protect the station by the state apparatus .

News reporter: Displays the fiber optic cable between the towns of Derna and Tobruk to cut.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …

Since few in defiance of state traveled in tuber to blow up a polling station in Jnaalstan tuber.



Explosion rocks stillness city of Sabha moments before and Amalomat yet.

Presented yesterday afternoon engineers belonging to the

Al Madar Telecom, assaulted by unknown assailants and Mmelttmin were traveling in a vehicle and carrying Itzhlh machine guns and attacked the engineers during their work on the road link between the area Alchuirv – Qurayyat and stole Maaadathm technical and personal and escaped witnessing the road link between Sabha – Alchuirv – Qurayyat

interruptions in telecommunications service company orbit because of repeated attacks on these stations ..

Reporter Libya Liberal / / Idriss Jbjy

Was shortly before the assassination of the young man (Bashir Jamal Amin) in front of their house

in the city of Sabha after Gardah has attic shooting by unknown assailants when he got out of his car,

I am God and to Him we return.

Turning a van transporting money and theft of 1.26 million U.S. dollars
(Xinhua )
21/11/2013 at 13h33

A group of armed men robbed a van Wednesday CIT and stole 1.26 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sabha in the south of Libya, Xinhua reported a local security official .

“Six militants have set up a checkpoint and searched cars from around Sabha. They stopped the van transporting money heading towards a subsidiary of the Bank of North Africa in the Barak Valley ” , the official said , adding ” as the gunmen robbed the van and fled the scene .”

The mobile phones of four employees , including the director of the bank, were also stolen.

The head of security Sabha said an investigation was underway.

Earlier on October 28 , gunmen attacked a van carrying local and foreign currency for the Central Bank of Libya , flying 54 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sirte , in western Libya , 500 km to the west of Tripoli.

The Libyan authorities have still not recovered this large sum of money. However , official reports have assured that security officers were able to locate those responsible and are currently negotiating with them to recover the stolen money.

From inside the medical center Sabha arrival of four young people with serious injury and are now in the care of rooms car …

a white Toyota Taliban Gazzazha dark and leaden color Sonata kill youth in Sabha.
Yesterday, the killing of a young man in the area Gardah (Bashir Jamal) and today fire on four young …..

Beware, my brothers, and I hope in Sabha.

Sabha young heroes to catch the offender and exact retribution.


Kidnapping, “Abdul Jalil Mohammed Abdul Jalil,” Council Member
Aeltsiara for Ubari and President of the Federation society institutions
Civil since yesterday without knowing the identity of the kidnappers or
Place being taken.

The kidnapping of the institutions of civil union Boubare Mohammed Abdul Jalil Abdul Jalil



A member of the Commission on the social networking Tawergha Saad Saleh said that more than thirty

of Tawergha family emigrated to Germany and some other countries with known human migration.

Saad Saleh explained that the phenomenon is widespread since the period between displaced Tawergha,

where is located the administrative procedures to facilitate them by

some human rights organizations to get German citizenship:



Libya Libya international channel International Channel


International sources: the first Brigade of the border guard and the oil facilities and vital goals, “Al Qaqaa Brigade” formerly the morning Thursday handed over its headquarters in Tripoli to local Council minutes of delivery and receipt, in the presence of representatives of the Government and the Ministry of defence and general staff denied that some of the Al-Quds Brigades, the Brigade withdrew from the border triangle and tape running with Tunisia to Niger on Monday, stressing at the same time the determination of general coordination with border corner led to send confidential Withdrawn from Tripoli to join the rest of his brigades deployed on the western border and the South West.

Perspective and perseverence

I seek refuge with ALLAH from the accursed SATAN


World Food Summit

Strength in Mu

I’m great “GREAT SON”:
What make you more steadfast bogging betrayal. … But determined to survive it radiate
Wipe away your tears and crying. Victory written on your forehead, ascertain
Our bodies are you a bridge to you. … Our arrows strike every spiteful. The soul of the pure abuse
You are the warmth and affection and without … Your chest feel my cold.
You are the pride and passion and away …..You lose magnanimities.
Domi with pride and antsabi tall. Not keep Arab else protects important.
Love you, mass … Hey MOM. Yamen reservation my Arabism.
No surrender … Firm … And with the help of God, victorious.
Libyan affairs in the international pressNewspaper Arabs Allindenana the ::
Intelligence reports say that the U.S. administration sent a message to Qatari inviting them to stop supporting militant groups in Libya,
especially after the threat posed by these groups became the Western presence in Libya and the countries of the Pacific.



Khalid Sharif Eda LIFG “Al Qaeda,” the former Powered and Ministry of Defense is currently ordering the demolition of homes lovers of al-Qathafi and supporters

of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, which Atkhaddtha militias Gharghour and LEC her!


Sharif’s other demolitions:
Last week Sharif ordered the demolition of all contruction and edifices built by Mu’ammmar al-Qathafi!!!

The decision has been canceled and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense Khalid Sharif, “head of the Libyan Fighting Group”

Special demolished houses in Gharghour by the prime minister and the Ministry of Defense lack of validity agent in the issuance of this decision.


Zintan Liberal channel
In an exclusive telephone shortly before ..

Imed Trabelsi:

everything published on the pages of social networking that a member of the National Conference Salah Paddy had been assassinated ..

The ‘group of Zintan rebels had intervened, Nqzth and my name was mentioned directly in this event’ from here deny categorically had

intervened or enter one of Zintan and all of the rumors published nothing but weak people.
Lightning battalion of the people, for the people will be the only people in a row.

Commission to end the crisis:

A committee of sheikhs and notables Zintan headed by former Defense Minister Osama Geweili

since yesterday in Tripoli on direct contact with all parties to the resolution and crisis in Tripoli

and is working continuously since last night to stop the bleeding of Libya and prevent frictions and skirmishes from all sides and actually thankfully Commission

succeeded so far to withdraw and remove some of the formations from the conflict zones, and there on the horizon and promising acceptable formula for the

agreement of all parties and seek an out for  all armed formations without exception of the capital Tripoli, according to a timetable advertiser.

Denies the local council and the military council of Zintan the issuance of any statement of them regarding online Brigades in Tripoli and paper traded on the fake web pages.
Stressing that there was no state or battalions armed formations belonging to the junta outside the city of Zintan.

The following statement is a fabricated LIE, as no ZINTAN BATTALIONS ARE IN TRIPOLI!!!

Local President issued in Zintan statement to all the armed battalions that follow the city of Zintan leave immediately Tripoli, bloodshed…


Firas Bosalum / / special / / Reuters Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl the

Kidnapping deputy head of  RAT Libyan intelligence, “Mustafa Noah” of MISURATA

(RAT TRAITOR in co-hoots with the enemy country supplying MISURATA) from Tripoli airport after returning from Turkey.

What circulating about the background abduction deputy intelligence chief, will not
I am confident that the abduction and what the Jordanian that when he came down to the airport
Disappeared, and no details.


Libya comes new: For the first time in history, the kidnapping of deputy intelligence chief

When militias kidnap vice president of intelligence, know that there was no intelligence at all and can not to this population that provide intelligence from abduction

(The Libyan news agency)

# France 24 reporter talking about the abduction of Mustafa Noah (of MISURATA) deputy head of Libyan intelligence and his companion

and says that Mr. Noah of Misrata assets and is calculated on the SALAFIST movement .. And the person with him from the Friday Market assets ..

It him Almsahlh in this kidnapping?!

He also talked about killing someone from the city of Misrata in Gharghour .. And confounded the scene ..

And attacks on shops in the capital belonging to the citizens of Misrata and Shield Central renovated pledge and the situation is very engorged ..


Urgent agency Libya / opinions of Noah is Mustafa ? Kamal Senhadji ,

From your letters

Important ……. Just to clarify for those who do not know Mustafa Noah Masrati .

Is the deputy head of Libyan intelligence and follows the Muslim Brotherhood was yesterday at a meeting in Turkey with the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood , along with Ali hardness and Hakim Belhaj ? ? He had been living in Afghanistan, is married to a girl Mauritanian origin and nationality were living accompanied by her father in Sweden ? Knowing as second wife after his first wife Sadia Hussein Alzoukzy , the Almusratih ? And moved them to Sweden and worked in a shop selling meat slaughtered the way Islamic and he was an important Ravi and after February 17 came to Libya and grabbed some of the Properties Moady the former regime , including 214 villas have been sold in amounts task is quite attached to the sales document forger on the basis of Anao bought from its owners native is from accounted for the villa , which was the seat of Properties General , which is located in the neighborhood of Andalus Tripoli and sells it to the businessman Hassouna Tatanky Bmba and $ 9 million for the  Ybeii and has sales process waiver of the name of a person named Hany Alnaqrat on the husband ‘s sister Dhabbah fulfillment of Noah Mustafa ? ? ? ? also that Dhabbah became vacant after Libya from men is the owner of the key ? today kidnapping Dhabbah

BAS work considers the abduction on Islamic way ? ? or it’s a game of intelligence and output Dhabbah same because it is clearly defined by himself to do it.


Vice president of facilities Libyan intelligence tells the details of the kidnapping and escape.

Page Good Morning Libya

مرافق نائب رئيس المخابرات الليبية يروي تفاصيل عملية الاختطاف و هروبه .
صفحه صباح الخير ليبيا

Newsflash ….

Unconfirmed after we received talk about the kidnapping of Abdul Hakim Belhaj, who was accompanied by the deputy chief of intelligence.

(Media tuber)


Tripoli ::::::::: now the headquarters of the National Conference

Tripoli ::::: National Congress

All employees of the General National Congress, expressing
B dissatisfaction especially the events of Tripoli, and was supposed
That there will be an emergency meeting especially the events of Tripoli and increased
Congestion After prolonged Oaledo “Hawally” for the victims who have fallen
All Tripoli and mocked them and literally said, “What if I fell
Forty-four people dead, and most of the offices have been closed, as did
Outsmart attend palaces hospitality workers except managers and directors of departments
Board and committees so far there are no services for the House of Representatives.

# Salmal obeida
# Exclusive # Tripoli

Postponement of the evening session and exit all members now, and has been
Adjourn the meeting immediately after the receipt of the news that there Etjha
To the headquarters of the General National Congress with heavy weapons now, and
All members are on their way out before the arrival of the convoy
Who does not know subservience

Urgent # _ Salmalobeida

Ghogha says:

“The problem that the conference and came under the influence of government entities and armed gangs.”

Radio Jawhara: – a peaceful demonstration carrying the coffin of the National Congress and is worth mentioning
that the members of the conference men fled and remained whom are women.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel
Demonstrators inside the National Congress call for the army and police and the criminalization of all of organized into armed militia

(# _ Gateway to Libya)

Image for breaking into the Conference Hall:

Another picture of the demonstrators at the headquarters of the National Congress now:

The arrival of peaceful demonstrators from the city of Tripoli, to
The headquarters of the General National Congress, and they are now inside the hall with
Some members of the General National Congress who did not leave headquarters
And discussing the events of Good Friday and the events of Tripoli, and
Sauaakm every detail.

Urgent # # # Tripoli exclusively

Access demonstrators from Janzour to the Conference now:


After that came their demands in a sophisticated debate and dialogue and realistic
Demonstrators respectfully leave the hall and paper, without
Insulting, cursing and smashing, greeting respect from me to you.

Kaid emigrated:

a peaceful demonstration inside the General National Congress to condemn the events of Tripoli:

# M Russell Libya Liberals protesters told me that when they entered school to not only national Congress members for they receive them

and school members, sarau escape before we get in. Abbou, God dirtu General Conference.

URGENT: protesters inside the Conference Hall the national year now and are demanding change configuration which receive area yesterday ego ..

And chanting Ya young prophet capital to a decisive night.

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl,, Aaaaaaaaaaagel,

A number of residents and residents of the city of Tripoli to submit a list of

demands to the General National Congress this evening.

Cancel the evening session of the General Conference of the Libyan national after protesters stormed the hall.

News besieged President of the National Conference General Bo arrows

in his residence in Tripoli by protesters.

Spokesman denies Chiefs of Staff to be Chiefs of Staff have cost Libya shield the central region to intervene in the clashes

taking place in the area Gharghour and considered it an act individually outside the cover of the presidency of the General Staff.

The presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army battalion costing \ ” 161 \ ”

of the Tripoli area to receive military headquarters vacated by armed formations the

Gharghour area and secure until delivered to the government for their own use

And : cost the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army battalion ” 161 ” of the Tripoli area to receive military headquarters vacated by

armed formations the Gharghour area and secure until delivered to the government for their own use .

She Chiefs of Staff said in a statement received by the Libyan news agency said on Sunday that it has as dictated by duty and she could ,

according to their means, and commissioned some units of the Tripoli area military separation between the two armed formations and demonstrators,

as well as secured the headquarters public .

The statement said that the presidency of the General Staff followed events that took place in Tajourah area on Saturday,

which led to clashes between gunmen from Misrata and Tajourah is the other led to the fall of the victims .

And crossed the presidency of the General Staff of thanks to all the dignitaries and the wise, and officials from all sides,

which contributed to the resolution of the clashes , has been assigned to the power of the army to take their positions in the area where the clashes occurred to carry out its duties .

And addressed the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army everyone that national duty requires them taking

into account the responsibility for the security of the country , and requests from all armed formations coordination

with them out of the city of Tripoli in implementation of resolution No. ” 27 ” issued by the General National Congress .

Chiefs of Staff called for all rebels who want to continue to work to join the ranks of armed Libyan army through the management of its recruitment .

She presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army in its statement of regret for the events that took place in the capital Tripoli

and led to dozens of deaths and hundreds of injured citizens.

Arab Sky News: Libya currently has 1,700 armed group


سكاي نيوز عربية: يوجد بليبيا حالياً 1,700 جماعة مسلحة

( م )
# just_for_funA Mzrath state close its embassy in Libya and withdraw their representatives and diplomats and threatens to stop the export of yogurt and the RAT Libyan government warns of the deteriorating security situation in the coming days ..






News and serious moved from my friend, a member of the group.

A group of almsarit planners for poisoning inmates in most prisons Tripoli z new walroimi and others for the purpose of sedition among the people of Tripoli, tajoura prison officials market I hope publishing and dissemination to the topic before it is too late as I was, I Oh God, I hit O testify!

Mail in. “Ahmed Al-tarhouni ”

خبر هـــام وخطيــر منقول من صديقي احد أفراد المجموعه.

مجموعه من المصاريت مخططين لعملية تسميم المساجين في أغلب سجون طرابلس زي الجديده والرويمي وغيرها وذلك لغرض الفتنه بين اهالي طرابلس ومنطقتي تاجوراء والسوق المسؤولين على السجون ارجوا النشر والتعميم ليصل الموضوع قبل فوات الوقت اللهم أني بلغت اللهم أشهد

بريد ..”أحمد الترهوني”

خبر هـــام وخطيــر منقول من صديقي احد أفراد المجموعه.مجموعه من المصاريت مخططين لعملية تسميم المساجين في أغلب سجون طرابلس زي الجديده والرويمي وغيرها وذلك لغرض الفتنه بين اهالي طرابلس ومنطقتي تاجوراء والسوق المسؤولين على السجون ارجوا النشر والتعميم ليصل الموضوع قبل فوات الوقت اللهم أني بلغت اللهم أشهدبريد ..”أحمد الترهوني”

 Muhammad Hun ” political analyst ” on Al-Arabiya says :

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and Defense both from Libyan fighter, Undersecretary of the Ministry of wounded from the base , a member of the National Conference Wahab Qaid al-Qaeda and was training extremists in camps in Afghanistan , Sami al-Saadi of the Libyan Fighting Group and the Amir of the group also ^ ^ Hakim Belhadj support known Wayne and even the Jath gift satellite channel and even Tunisians Jholh the accusations of involvement in the killing of prominent Tunisian ! !
Knowing minus we Aajibwa the ” Ayman al-Zawahiri ,” and give him Nationality Libyan National and Aatalaaolh number of my time ” and Ihlfolh his right hand, he holds Libya ! ! Became Qltoa held the army and police became ? Tu Aabaaaaanlkm that InshaAllah ! !

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Tomorrow will be a unified consolation to the people martyrs Gharghour in Green Square, anyone who wants to offer condolences of the population of Tripoli and the Libyan Per …


Password leader Muammar al-Qathafi addressed to the people of Tripoli

Mu addresses Tripoli

Tripoli ::::: last Statistics.

Toll rose to 47 martyrs!

According to sources from within the Ministry of Health!!
The source also confirmed that there are 47 cases amputation until this moment, there are critical situations still under intensive care.

Radio Jawhara

When killing Omran Shaaban. Resolution 7 issued the famous and Bani Walid bombed and killed her sons.
Today 47 people were killed in Tripoli militias Gharghour returned to their city Misratah

Will we see a similar resolution to catch these criminals, murderers??? ..

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Presidency of the University of Tripoli officially announced the suspension of the entire study at the University of Tripoli this week.

Radio Jawhara sources reported a fall plane at Mitigua airport coming from Misratah carrying members of the Shura Council

and members of the local council to discuss the situation in the capital recently, in agreement with local councils western areas.


Continues lock _ highway

‘s Just over the bridge Alhachan.


Tripoli :::::: continuation of immunization and the closure of roads:

News Agency Libyan army
Demonstrators blocking three of the biggest streets of the capital by Gurji, Victory Street and Avenue of the Republic

and condemn the ongoing events in Tripoli and ongoing since the first Friday.

Exquisite mouthful satisfaction is even in line of fire:

Highway shortly before:

Now Gurji a destined to Al-Rixsos demonstration.


Italian Embassy in Tripoli stopped its work until further notice

Latest News in Tripoli ..

– Since yesterday morning Mitigua , Reform Foundation ( prison) for the release of those arrested with charges ( small ) .

– Since yesterday afternoon Mitigua , the al Qaeda militants distributing ammunition to military juntas Friday Market and Tajourah .

Mitigua day , base almost empty stores of weapons, was distributed within the Friday Market mechanisms , for fear of any attack from militants Misratah

– Now Tripoli a continuous movement of vehicles on the streets and there is no such regular jams and the situation is stable and there are no clashes or gunshot sounds,

the atmosphere is quiet and cautious waiting for what devolves meetings.

(Gateway Libya)

The first civil disobedience seen in Libya # Tripoli

Invitation of civil society organizations and people of Qasr Bin Ghashir sit and closing all shops and private institutions in solidarity

with the capital, which we consider an integral part of hope circular to all the people of the Palace area bin Gasheer and its neighboring regions.

Almost complete paralysis in most areas of Tripoli shops and government institutions, schools, universities and some private companies.

So most of the foreign companies and business standing. Good high Gen. free on the morning Arroucha .. even airport dusted ….

Staff Mqamazin in offices what Fisch service …

# _ Gateway to Libya

Civil disobedience in Tripoli to protest the victims of clashes.

University joins Corner of civil disobedience to mourn the victims of the brutal repression in the capital!

London – based Arab newspaper ::

Began to residents of the Libyan capital Tripoli on Sunday called for civil disobedience of the local council of the city to protest against

the killing of 43 protesters and wounding 461 others shot dead by gunmen from the city of Misratah  in the Tripoli

area of Gharghour area last Friday.
The deserted streets of the capital and center of passers-by with a few numbers were seen moving cars . And closed schools,

banks and most government institutions and shops exception of those that provide daily services for residents such as pharmacies and bakeries .

Although local officials reached from Tajora area and the city of Misratah late at night yesterday for an agreement to halt fighting between

Thoarhma east of Tripoli , but most of the streets of the capital remained closed and the main private entrances from east to west .

The agreement to halt clashes and the Misratah forces return to her hometown and the exchange of prisoners between the two parties is that the

witnesses talked about an exchange of fire from time to time in the buffer zone between the two sides .

Tripoli local council declared a general strike in various major areas of Tripoli begins Sunday and lasts three days of mourning for the victims

of the clashes in the capital over the past two days.

Sept. Tripoli Street today

The people of the city of Tripoli, carrying out a general strike to protest the events in the capital Tripoli.

.. Announce ..

All residents and residents Tripoli to Atnso the day promptly at 3:00 pm

assembly in the field of Algeria to stand up and stop mourning for the victims

of the massacre Gharghour.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Before last night: in front of the RAT prime minister by rail:
Close by rail now and put barriers in the way, and burning tires by small young age.

Now ….

A group of protesters are turning to the Rixos. And shut down by rail.

(Media tuber)

By rail this evening:

Photos for closure by the rail this evening 17/11/2013

By rail:

News that the army believes Gharghour after the departure of centrist shield:
Gharghour moments ago:

A picture of a girl heroine Aisha al-Hashemi, Come of Gharghour population
Which was hit by a bullet blew her head

We ask God have mercy and forgiveness:

Young, Ahmed Abusba” student at the Faculty of Medicine, is suffering from a spinal injury and chest after the heinous massacre

that committed against peaceful protesters dead and all heavy weapons is originally from the Corner!:

Quoting Page Razi Hospital for neurological and psychiatric diseases

One injury doctors ex-Razi Hospital, Dr. “cosmic Mohammed” in the bloody events

Gharghour shot in the neck – is currently in care – claimed him a speedy recovery.

Shooting in the neighborhood of Andalus injuries reported

According to preliminary information, a car written on it Misratah withstand,

fired on a group of citizens in the neighborhood of Andalus and transport the injured to sympathy clinic.
Salem Al-Obeidi reports:

Hamdallah treatment procedures outside of Libya for the wounded is a bug
Fixed by the Ministry of health and the local Council, and did not
The number of people killed, and stopped at 44 dead, and who their
Critical in the way of healing by “Ammar Mohammed”, and
Saovicm every detail.

Shooting weapons Altqilh now

Airport Road / Gharghour



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ::: Tajourah .. Ztarna.
Happening now
A clash between people Tajourah and Misurata militia trying to get to Tripoli in logic Ztarna specifically.

Info: Alqoaah, area before Qara Bolle and about 30 km from Tajourah, “where there are Misratah militias, military police at the gate”.

Tajourah area Ztarna with around 5 pm after the disengagement and time negotiations Balzbt.

Channel Tajourah on Facebook

Clashes militias Misrata and Tajourah resulted in the occurrence oftwo wounded persons.

First from Misratah his simple in his foot and with facilities and in good condition and the second from Tajourah shown in the picture

and name (Mohammed Karim Herwal) shot in the left side of the abdomen was first aid and evacuated to the hospital Mitigua:

“A country ambience”

According to a member of the local council Misratah Emhemed Abdel Aal direct exchange of the first group of detainees between each of Misrata

on the one hand, the Friday Market and Tajourah the other hand, the total number of mutual between the two sides eight from each party alluding to the

quest to end the issue of detainees on Sunday.

Quoting Khal page:

Salah Alsukna one Tajourah rebels ..

I am now in the heart of the event in Ztarna South East Tajourah .. Clashes light with Retracted convoy of Salah al-Din Ali did not result in damage ..

Libya international channel International Channel

Currently Tajourah negotiate with Misrata in Alqoaah and the call by telephone

one young Tajorah said Gary negotiation was launched domestic by Tajourah about 20 Musrati.

Urgent: intermittent clashes in the alkhwalk South Alkoiah Mageb University between militants from the Tajourah and Misrata.

Tajourah rebels in control of the situation and calm prevails Tajourah.

Currently Tajourah negotiate with Misrata in Alqoaah and the call by telephone one young Tajourah said Gary negotiation was launched domestic

by Tajourah about 20 Musrati

Tajourah :::: All Day

After a sort-of “truce” between Misrata and Tajourah …

Surprise people Tajourah queue of Almsarit, breaking the truce and

trying to circumvent from an area Ztarna the entry of Tripoli ..

Tajourah rebels fighting to try to break into the hand gate Ztarna and succeed in control on the situation to some extent
The ambulance is on its way to transport the injured.

But Tajourah youth vigilance prevented between intentions and Tqaibdo the losses in lives and materiel, and the situation is under

control now in Tajourah and ambulances transported the injured and dead bodies.

Qatarneh gate clashes East Tajora between Tadjourah and Misratah Brigades ..

(Gateway Libya)


From the spot through our sources in Alqoaah
All cars and vehicles that come out of the gate Ztarnh interval between Tajourah, Tarhuna gather in coastal road in Alqoaah the precisely into the forest on the coastal road
Has also been monitoring a convoy coming from the east to the west in one area Anakisah is precisely

According to a telephone signal from one of the citizens have been robbed of his car by force by this stationed Balqoaah the group.

(The Libyan news agency today)

Luoomo Bianco reports:

From the heart of Burj Hammoud: clashes strong hand Alnchea
And Altoager the heading of the place.

Tripoli, told the conference youth refuse to assign shield Central secure Gharghour area:

Massive demonstrations now scouring the areas of Tripoli.

Street demonstrations in Tripoli to claim victory disband the militias and activating the role of the army and police.

Thankless Tranzstr 17/11/2013:

all armed battalions will come out of the capital, while, Khot Tripoli and sit for dialogue and God bless the martyrs of peaceful Tripoli.

Taher Pasha Agha, 11.15.2013: We will not get out of Tripoli, but in coffins
Taher Pasha Agha, 11.17.2013: looking for a safe passage out.

Tajourah shortly before 17/11/2013 (8 photos):

Shortly before the arrival of injuries to Tajoura Heart Hospital:

Witnesses of Ali massacre Almusratih the international

“Two of the victims were members of the medical staff trying to transport the wounded. Doctor named Abdel Moneim had been killed with a nurse

named Mohammed al-Jabali, when he was shooting at an ambulance they were traveling from machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons

at around eight in the evening street Gharghour, near the place Parent engagement “

Human Rights Watch

. Qadf RPG bombed a house in Republic Street ….

What happened last night in Republic Street # Tripoli .. Is Qadf “RPG” bombards houses architecture Journalism (old),

which is beside the shell (the intersection Mansoura and Alsreem of) …

We thank God thank so much for the safety of the family and he did not hurt anyone of its members:

Crowds in the field of Algeria:

Hundreds flock to Algeria Square in the capital Tripoli, raising slogans calling for building the army and the police and the evacuation of the city from the armed manifestations.


Jawhara FM radio
Algeria Square now


Now demonstrators valuable Algeria Square waving policemen over their shoulders

and with one voice Nebo and Nebo army, police Libya Rahe in trouble.

Acts of burning and random bombing and looting of shops and property belonging to the families assets Mzratah in Tripoli.

Blasting work longer families Tarabulsih the Shops titles with similar some Almzratih families.

(The Libyan news agency today)


95% of Janzour Mascara fully Asian not study .. To Mdahirh the image through the streets of Janzour:

Our response communication following:

# fake gates MADE BY MISURATA number of the supposedly Kosilakan police station in Gharghour

and nearby areas including stop citizens and ask them to any belong area and arrested them!

(Young people’s media capital)

(Media center for the youth of the capital)

And our response is now: people complained of the gate follow the Misurata militia in the area trait Alforjan you stop people

and labeled verbally Nabay please pay attention to safety .. The Lord bless you ..

Now Gurji a destined to Al-Rixsos demonstration.

Image from Gurji – Tripoli today

# Urgent .. The people of Tripoli protesters blocking many of the streets of Tripoli, including by rail via Gurji, Republic Street

and Victory Street and condemn the ongoing criminal events in Tripoli and continuing since Friday, demanding the expulsion

of the armed formations from Tripoli and began the work of Libyan army.

Republic Street

Square Aldzir now
Demonstrators chanting chants …
Theatrical play and the gang are are:

Tripoli the capital channel
Our response now:
People complained of the gate track criminal in the Misratah militias Ferjan turns off people and label them with profanity please pay attention to your safety.
May God bless you.

Tripoli, Abu Salim :::.

Abu Salim declares emergency amid militias Tung and Gneoh center close

to the main and sub​​-routes within the area of ​​Abu Salim and the draft plateau ..

The news traded refers to the Misurata militia attack on Gneoh tonight ..

From the heart of the event

Al-Andalus now ..

Gargaresh a little while ago … # Tripoli:


Revealed the names of the deceased to the events on Friday Gharghour area

I am God and to Him we return:

Image martyr, God willing, Abdul Rahman Fawzi Alvacho, Alhsna Alice, who died on Friday in the massacre Gharghour

and committed by the militias of Misrata against peaceful demonstrators Almutalbeyen the exit of the armed battalions of the capital Tripoli.

Tour Emrh in Gargour area .. Gargour empty Ali the Shunned .

here is no one that does not shield the Central nor the army, nor any kind of insurance ..

Only the destruction and burning cars and abandoned houses 17/11/2013

جولة بالكمرة في منطقة غرغور .. غرغور خاوية علي عروشها! ولا يوجد بها احد لا درع الوسطى ولا جيش ولا اي نوع من انواع التأمين .. فقط الدمار والسيارات المحترقة وبيوت مهجورة 17-11-2013

This young man named Alaa Mohamed alsokni has been missing since last night the last place were it is cherished the hope of door island

has any information about the owner of the image call this number 0926499582

هذا الشاب اسمه علاء محمد السوكني مفقود منذ ليله البارحه أخر مكان شوهدا فيه هو جزيره باب العزيزه الرجااااااء من لديه اي معلومه عن صاحب الصوره الاتصال بهذا الرقم 0926499582

Looting and pillage of homes Gharghour property by the Misurata militia (Central armor):

After the unknown today no religion and no religion close the main road into the mouth Melgh Petrhona leading to
Tripoli Paljharh and earth mounds … The tragic accident occurred after collision car those berms died on impact
wife of Sheikh ( Massoud Omar bin nation Alice)
God rest her soul and forgive her …
For God ‘s curse on vandals criminals to the Day of Judgment.
Dahra Tripoli shortly before :::::

Victims of media
Among the injured and martyrs in the massacre Gharghour
As stated by the blogger “Fathi Hun”:
Death toll media and media colleagues in Friday’s events:

The death reporter Hussein Albornawi of the
– The death of a photographer and Fassato News Agency favor Ayyad حفيانة,
– Injury journalist Ahmed Louhichi
– Media injured Essam Al-Zubair
– Media Abdel Moneim injury Marian
– Media detention Tariq Hun director of national channel Libya for five hours in a headquarters and later released

Quoting / / Friday Market | _ Tripoli, _ |
Blood Elatris the base on Gharghour docks and people celebrating the return of their children and receiving a hero’s welcome!

And God’s punishment imposed what Atalaao of the Tripoli!



Tarhounah Council deny entry of any armed forces by Tarhounah.



Misuata is still threatening, and it is MONDAY MORNING, 02:05 AM!!

Tripoli ::::

Will begin bombings and assassinations, kidnapping and theft ..
Planning Musrati of my brothers and implementation tails Misrata response to Tarham from Tripoli ….

Quoting :: from Misrata :::

Farah marches scouring the streets of Tripoli pleased with the decision of the local council of Misrata to end the political representation of Misrata,

military and economic in the Libyan state, in protest against the Tripoli witnessed unfortunate events fueled the fire of sedition and caused

serious damage each What Musrati in the Libya ..
Allah is the greatest overwhelmed and force ..

Mesh Aref Glad Lech disappointment dragging tails defeat.

Boycott products breeze for these innocent people of TRIPOLI

and for our tortured Prisoners held in MISURATA controlled prisons.


and MISURATA is not withdrawing as promised!!!


From the spot through our sources in Alqoaah
All cars and vehicles that come out of the gate Ztarnh interval between Tajora, Tarhuna gather in coastal road in Alqoaah the precisely into the woods on the coastal road
Has also been monitoring a convoy coming from the east to the west in one area Anakisah is precisely

According to a phone signal from one of the citizens were forcibly robbed of his car by this group stationed Balqoaah the.


Discovery of mass graves in villas Gharghour after the withdrawal of Misurata militia.

اكتشاف مقابر جماعية في فيلل غرغور بعد انسحاب مليشيات مصراته منها .

Channel Tripoli DC

We received news says that there are mass graves found
Misratah in Walker gangs … Gharghour ... Previously
And tomorrow will start digging and search ((die
Abductees are buried in the place)) and Jervat of the
Are there to dig Valmkabr ….

Of Jews Mzrath the pages

Musurata militias .. Salafist alliance liquidate dozens of Libyans in cold blood

Observers: Salafists failed to control the National Conference , and are now working on thwart Zaidane government .
Tripoli – RAT Libyan Prime Minister yesterday rival militias to leave Tripoli , this comes as camped jittery on the Libyan capital after the cold-blooded killings carried out by ” Misratah Brigades ” controlled by Salafist militants , and left more than 44 dead .
The clashes broke out Friday when  ” Misratah Brigades ” militiamen opened fire on protesters marching toward the headquarters in Tripoli , demanding them to leave the capital.

And Misrata militiamen still holed up in their base near the Mitiqua airport in Tripoli on Saturday in a confrontation with government forces and armed locals took to the streets in an attempt to force them to leave the city.

Observers say the different reports that the “Brigades of Misrata ” is a gathering of militias of Jewish background but engaged to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood which benefited from Turkish support degree first , then the support of Qatar during the war that led to the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and that Ankara and Doha maintain a relationship with advanced faces and prominent leaders in the city of Misrata.

Observers pointed out that Qatar was behind the rapprochement between the Brotherhood and the Salafists in Libya , which is evident in their coordination within the National Congress , and it was designed from behind this format to make them force the largest in Parliament and within the security establishment, and within the military , as well as a strong presence them within the militias as strong paper in her hand , as is the case with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia.

They stressed that the failure of the Salafists control of the National Congress to make Doha, asking them to pressure to thwart the government run by independent

figures reject the involvement of Libya in a game of external polarization .

Referred to the views and different personalities has brought cash heavily on the role of Qatar in Libya, has described Jeremy Shapiro consultant and U.S. Secretary of State former Hillary Clinton role of Qatar in the Middle East that he was working against U.S. interests in the region, said a private role in Libya and Syria.

The previously reported that the U.S. administration sent a message to Qatar inviting them to stop supporting MISURATA militant groups in Libya , especially after the threat posed by these groups became the Western presence in Libya and the surrounding countries .

The former representative of Libya in the United Nations Abdulrahman Shalgam may face harsh criticism of the role played by Qatar in Libya. He said in his book titled ” The End of Gaddafi ” that the ” undeclared accounts for Qatar in Libya appeared since July 2011 as provided bribes and bought loyalties and imposed policies.”

Shield forces stationed Libya and Salafist militias in the Libyan coastal areas and prominent leaders are holed up in the city of Misrata and in the Mitigua air base .

Referred to as the ” revolutionaries of Tripoli room ” close to Libya Shield Force behind the kidnapping of Zaidane, a few weeks ago . Observers described the operation as a message that the Islamists who were defeated election do not think it never delivered , and that the state should be subject to their instructions .

Zaidane was accused Vice Libyan National Congress (Parliament) of being behind the abduction. (Zaidane has the support of the national forces within the conference while standing Brotherhood and Salafists are “supposedly” associated with armed militias against him).

And accuses the national figures from different regions in Libya ” Misratah Brigades ” that it wants to impose its control over all areas of Libya and be subject to the rule of Salafists , although polls to maintain a weakness revealed their popularity , and they are only behind the civil war.

They said he refuses to Misrata other regions that enjoy relative autonomy from the state , the “brigades” establish a state within the state ,

the city has opened consulates , such as the Turkish consulate and consular Maltese Chamber of Commerce with Malta and Turkey .

They pointed out that the princes and dignitaries militias allied with them were received significant investment , anonymous, able to quickly rebuild the city.

Furthermore, security reports revealed that ” battalions ” Misratah turned to take the training base hundreds of youths coming from Tunisia , Egypt, Algeria ,

and they send them to Syria , and some to their countries of origin for sedition as is happening now in Tunisia .

She added that the militant groups have made the city a focal point for coordination with militants close to the ” rule ” in the Middle ( and especially Bdrna ) , and on the southern border where smuggling networks active major weapon controlled by ” Al-Qaeda” .

And managed the base of the smuggling of thousands of pieces of weapons large and medium , including SAM 7 and Sam 5 and missiles ” as IE 9″ anti-aircraft missiles and ” Stinger ” and ” Grad” and rocket launchers and ” RPGs ” and bombs , explosives and millions of pieces of weapon ” Kalashnikov ” , and ” BBC Ka ” , and ” Aldochka ” , and ” 14.5 , and 12.7 ” , and other types of weapons , as well as large quantities of ammunition.

Security experts estimate there are between 150 to 200 armed militia battalions are distributed by more than 200 thousand fighters .

WESTERN PROPAGANDA is siding with MISURATA and supporting Invading Misurata in all this.

Here is their UGLY REPORT in slanting in favor of MISURATA!!!

Libyan affairs in the international press ::::::

Misratah brigade fails to send military reinforcements to one of his allies in Tripoli

Misrata brigade failed to pay military reinforcements to the Libyan capital Tripoli to support allied militia brigade in the city.
Reports say that he was repulsed after reinforcements city witnessed fierce fighting between rival armed groups .
The at least one person was killed and about a dozen others were wounded in the fighting.
The Misrata Brigade one of the strongest armed militias in Libya.
The reinforcements were on their way from the city of Misrata to help allied militia Misrata Brigade came under attack after firing at unarmed protesters last Friday , which led to bloody clashes between militias.
The Libyan state television said the death toll from clashes Friday has risen to 43 , while the number of injured 460 .
The demonstrators were demanding Misrata brigade to leave Tripoli .
And the local militias joined the protesters in an attempt to break into a brigade base .
These events are described as the heaviest in Tripoli since the outbreak of the “revolution” (ugh–YOU MEAN CIA LED UPRISING!) in 2011.

CSD Libya
Msaratet free//
Interests controlled by remnants of Misratah:
Al poker should be expelled, Mustafa abliblwa and Khaled long dog Uniyal dogs steal stakeholders know I Poker support ktaib gargour 36 car talk
and I I will bring down the names of princes alktaib;-Mustafa zobe, Salah Ben Hedi Sassi, Taha Mustafa alouib, Omar Abu bairp key, Abdelhamid Al-Enezi,
Adel algabow, Kamal Ahmed SA and Mohammed Omar Abu they circulated and Ilha de Abu they circulated.
This group lived in Villa Saeed Rashid and Villa enjoy anal bgharghor and Joseph with a resident faculty al-pinup Swehli.

Misrata isolate itself ..

Announcement of the local council of Misrata, the withdrawal of the so-called Bthoar Misrata from Tripoli , in addition to withdraw its ministers from the government and members of the National Congress, as if it were true , it is a natural product rejected by their partners rebels NATO .

In Tripoli and Tajourah on the one hand and the general Libyan people meanings of tyranny and tyranny Misrata militia battalions that teeming

The detention that make people Taatrahm the Abu Ghraib prison ..

But the question that arises is whether the position of the Misrata Council paves the way for the declaration Misrata and

meet federal provinces of Cyrenaica and the south,

or is it internal insulation as a result of the growing hatred and rejection of the General People’s her ..

(Ali Chendeb Ali Handb)

Misrata local council

1 – pull out all the members of the National Congress for the city of Misratah
2 – pull out all the government ministers from Misrata
3 – pull out all the Misrata rebels from Tripoli including all armed formations from the armor and revolutionaries room for Libya
4 – government bears the responsibility for the protection of citizens within Tripoli and the protection of all citizens within the property Tripoli

MISURATA SAYS TRUCE IS INVALID and sends 40 more vehicles into TRIPOLI TO FIGHT!!!

Quoting Page Misrata

Amatin Post Emmateen Post

Yesterday Tajourah Council released a statement in which he said Misratah

violated the truce and attacked us and Dhrnahm and picked them a total of prisoners ….

Anhab Anicolk this topic sample simple nor Temtl any battalion but Alhersna the Amtalla and Jerih the semiconductor made ​​them Aahjmoa to men ….

You did not Experience the blossoming real clash after The Nuahkm hears echoed up to the gate of the head is worth

O Amtain of Aldhr!!!!!! Launched the 40-story car arms that Agtinmaha youth to Tajourah!!!!!! Now you Taatgutun the car Turn to us for the ……

Khozah the prisoners!!

Tripoli – Voice newspaper Libya

Tripoli elders declare officially boycott the products of Misrata, and to prevent their passage westward across Tripoli,

and are demanding the transfer of any official in Tripoli originated to Misratah are moving to his city, even the local

councils is resolved and Misurata Shura who caused the fueling sedition “by saying”.

Urgent exclusive Misratah

One of the Elders of the city of Misratah reservation request for anonymity, confirmed
It there is a tentative agreement within  Misratah to withdraw all their forces from the city of Tripoli,

Including shields, lightning. 

but it is not certain!!
Because significant congestion of the rebels, and they seem to reject it, and
Gary convince them of the wise and wise.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Negotiations are underway between Tajourah and Misratah at Ztarna gate to provide safe passage to

Misrata forces to exit from there and knead to preserve and bloodshed.

Regarding convoys stationed in the area Khallet Alforjan preparing to return to Misrata.

(Mermaid operations room)

Urgent agency Libya / withdrawal of the troops stationed in Khela Alforjan

Our sources reported in Saraya backing security in Tripoli that troops stationed in the Khallet Alforjan preparing to return to Misrata now.


Information confirming the return of a convoy of just 200 mechanisms for Misrata.

See how he was treated prisoners arrested by Libyan militias Misrata:


Mr. “Ibrahim house money,” to Misratah have lost four
Of her children in Events Gharghour and has the funeral yesterday
And he said, “money house” in a statement, that the wounded and Event
There is nothing wrong and I can not give you a number, there was to resuscitate him
To Tunisia by plane yesterday, number 7, in critical condition
Too, and there were also wounded in the Tajourah and has not been handed over to us
And their dangerous by the delegate who was sent from Misratah
And it was agreed to a cease-fire and things are going for access
For a radical solution to end this crisis.

# (Salmal obeida)
Urgent # exclusive #

France 24: evidence for crimes against humanity committed by the militias of Misrata

We have documented crimes of mass executions carried out by the Misrata militias against unarmed demonstrators,

and there are documented cases of abduction of protesters from the general public was killed in-cold-blood.

Processing more than 1,000 car belonging to Misrata militias are located in several areas inside Tripoli equipped itself to withdraw to Misrata Shortly

after Stbda, 300 to withdraw gradually Ka car down payment.

(Salah Alsukna)

Building Rafla of the crimes and massacres committed by the militias and armed gangs Misratah in the past two days against the people of Tripoli and Tajourah .. What we got so far is:
1_ Abdul Rahman Fawzi Abdul Jalil Alhsna of the (Gharghour – Tripoli)
2_ Mohammed Hassan الورفلي (Tajora)

And Injuries:
1_ Abdullah Omar Epiphany (shot in the head and was in critical condition)
2_ Khaled Mousa Baroud
3_ young from the family Bovernmarh (mild injury and thankfully)

God bless all those who died on that day and ask God for safety and healing for people.

AFTER LOOTING, KILLING, PILLAGING, DESTROYING HOMES and artifaces, killing 47 residents and over 450 people injured, MISURATA IS ASKING FROM TRIPOLI COMPENSATION for their loses in TRIPOLI!!!!
(Now, I ask,who are the Invaders…THIS IS MADNESS???)
Nasser year:

A statement issued in the city of Misrata the day they said they want compensation for shopkeepers in Tripoli,

a destroyer belonging to the businessmen of Misrata, the angry Tripoli smashed and burned yesterday.

And the people of Tripoli to compensate them for their children who Mato sakes????


Abdel Moez Bannon:

There is no truth to the rumors and news that hesitate to break into some shops and houses whose owners from Misratah this good liar …..

The purpose of this story is intriguing only, the only place that tried to destroy it did not succeed is to replace Abdul Majeed the fart,

a resident of Al-Andalus and replaced in Ben Achour, and today stop young Ben Achour in front of him to prevent the assault him again, though he participated in the murder .. .

God say to Misrata pages published on Msaliti ….



Special resonance Zliten
The local council Zliten and a number of city rebels handed over a number of prisoners who had been held city of Misrata.

The head of the local council Zliten Zliten echo newspaper that efforts had been made ​​from a local Zliten and the city

to receive the rebels and returns approximately 50 prisoners from Tripoli who had been detained in Misratah has Gracenote this Almsaa success.

The Local Zliten issued a statement regarding the events in Tripoli last Friday, stressing that he is no truth to the rumors out cars and fighters from the city of Zliten

to participate in these events.



Assassination Chairman of Ajeelat Military Council shortly before

Congestion in AJEELAT on the background of the assassination of Yusuf Abdul Nabi
Atrash, Director of the Office of Intelligence Military Police
AJEELAT former head of the military council, at the hands of
Called Rami Bacouche,,



And Rishvana ::

Kidnapping of a person of Embarek Sons in shortly before 27
It is the third in 3 days is kidnapped.

(Quoting “pictures and news from Rishvana”)

The armed group of the arrest of Ahmed Corner Alvetora Pshina of Aerardh in Kerkozh.

(Youth globe)

Youth and 7 Rishvana drums

Please circular or publication

Tomorrow with the help of God will be expel gang Almtojdh the in the camp that abducting 27 youth,

Rishvana and killed or Tadbém or gathering place four streets Zahra military police at 4 pm

Halaa by Yabel the mess drummer …

(Secret Alcdoh – 87)

And Rishvana :::

Shooting by random armor stationed in the 27 youth and Rishvana.

(Channel globe)



Aaagel and exclusive post:

Was shortly before the meeting was the head of the local council includes Sirte ,
And members of the six committee and Ashrwon 26 , and representatives from the military Giza ,
Were it to agree on several points
1 – come after tomorrow Committee 26 to Giza with military engineers 2 of Giza military
2 – to be fully cash the check first and not on the two groups,
3 – attached sit for a period of 10 days that did not happen Shi any ( exchange Altauziat to ) sit resumes
4 – There is a family does not have shelter, food and clothing , and now this family resident in the secretariats,

assigned to the local council and he will really care about and “rental ” housing them for a period of 6 months

(which was illegal under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA prior)

Now began to open the road:
Time tomorrow at the University of Sirte and the open road.

This is all an understanding of the people of Giza military families in Sirte
Fearing for the semester from loss

Source Page : Giza _ Sirte _ military official page



{Whoa you see Bani Walid}—————————-

triggered by yesterday’s tribe and send blood rejuvenated rafla to hospitals for wounded and injured, tajoura in Tripoli ordered the Turkish massacres makes you stand to respect city name Bani Walid and her tribe and she lived all her life on rafla noble values and did not know the days of hatred and revenge, even with its enemies,

has happened yesterday to make everyone in a State of shock and disbelief, but as some that cannot expect to Shakespeare in his novel how this happened?

Any heart bear tribe and rafla? All these questions stem from lack of knowledge about the city of Bani Walid and her family, big sister could not leave her siblings in case of illness,

however disputed with them in the past, however, morals and values that make him forget everything to support her sisters in their battles against tyranny Turkey paid the same precious blood of Bani Walid to confront it and repelled by, ‘s & dont’s that know each other brothers who are suffering today from tyranny that their sister

theMajor does not do this beautiful door or door bragging high morals but this duty towards her mother Libya before the duty towards the other, big brothers are Bani Walid says past and present and is doing what you do in the silence imposed by the courage and heroism of the brave, at last returned to the Arab tribe of the buzzes her sister back to her home and did not speak about this even though it had paid the blood for

So, in the time of events went out to vehemently criticize her sister Benghazi, were betrayed and Christians even today still cry to be her sister, Benghazi, although their bodies were burned in the queue while paid Ashraf and bravest men “Gibran”,

with all this is that she pushed him a little and still determined to pay more so that her mother and her siblings due to security, tolerance and brotherhood, ya see why don’t know size of charity and sacrifice in the heart of the city only when we stand on the history, present, supervisor Talk about difficult translate into rafla articles and interviews that the acts exceeded the number of mountains,

to give blood at a difficult time for those involved in shedding your bloods day story you know and rafla and hard to bridging only grew up in the bosom of this tribe of the miracle.

And still playing continuous


Important Announcement

Action Center announced the political and media city of Bani Walid for competition in

the field of strategic planning for predicting

the Libyan scene scenarios over the next three years . For Yanes in the same scientific competence and practical experience in the analysis

and strategic planning that advanced scenario substantive and based on scientific facts and indicators for the conduct of things in Libya during the next three years.
Work should not exceed three pages of A4
That the work is far from cynicism and irony , hyperbole and schadenfreude
Work should be comprehensive political and economic aspects of security , الاجنماعية
The deadline for the receipt of business is on Tuesday : 12/31/2013
Send e-mail business center
Prize and Medal of Honor will be a first class national ( of medals Center )
Management Center



White now

Special white now … Medical Association and called on all white hospital workers to protest tomorrow at ten o’clock in the morning,

This stance comes in the light of lawlessness inside the hospital and what happened last night.

It is noteworthy that last night I got a brawl evacuated killed someone slaughtered a knife and another entered the room care was killed

by a gunshot wound, and he knows the people murdered that the killer inside the hospital until someone entered it and it fired several bullets

in front of patients and medical personnel

Causing a state of fear and panic for patients and doctors.



Urgent turf ….

Protesters stand some streets in Prairie radio broadcast light outage Brotherhood in the meadow

that follow the endowments, after the destruction of the building by protesters angry ..



Rush just before

BMW car was stopped on the highway by the youth of the Zenata, the owner of the car, shooting at the protesters. today

(Libya News Agency)



Urgent agency Libya / Benghazi – ( special ) – Reporter

al-Jdharan : Port Brega days ago began exporting oil for technical reasons

Exclusive – agency urgently Libya – Ibrahim  al-Jdharan head of the political council of the territory of Cyrenaica The port of Brega ,  said

” 70 kilometers west of Ajdabiya ,” resumed exporting oil again after a stop for a long time , because of the sit-ins taking place in the ports and oil fields since last April.
al-Jdharan who is currently visiting a number of European countries in a telephone interview reporter agency urgently Libya city of Ajdabiya Mohammed Ahawwas he met a few days ago the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Company Sirte for the export of oil and gas Balbrivh ” Abdullah Ashoiqi “ .

In addition to his meeting with a group of managers of the technical units of the company and a number of consultants in the field of local and foreign oil , The Ocdo the need to start exporting oil because oil reservoirs become full fields , which will impact negatively on the restart which needs at least six months , in addition to other technical problems have recognized oil companies.

This denied al-Jdharan the news that talked about the arrival of the Spanish vessel to the port of Sidra to buy oil for the benefit of the political council of the territory of Cyrenaica, and stressed that the export of oil for the territory of Cyrenaica officially begin next month.

Did not hide al-Jdharan displeasure at what he called ” media silence “*1 of the Ministry of Oil and Gas and the National Oil Corporation Tripoli

about the process of re – export of oil from the port of Brega while ago , so as to create a general view of how the size of the oil crisis Close “ by saying ”

Stressing that it became a political and members of his council do not trust in the government of Ali Zaidane at its disposal oil revenues ,

and that opened the port of Brega came to a temporary technical reasons only, and not to promote confidence in this government.

*1: HERE IS ONE OF THE WESTERN PRESS LIES that al-Jdharan was referring to from “THE GUARDIAN” of the U.K.:

“The paper adds that in other parts of Libya, continue clan militias and army units strikers blockade ,

which began five months ago to Libyan oil ports , causing the country deprived of their main source of income.”


Quoting eyewitnesses,

the explosion of market garden shop in Benghazi.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Statement young Tamimi area (65 km east of the city of Derna), who delivered on Friday in the city dome on 11/15/2013

Urgent agency Libya / video shooting moment on yesterday’s men stun

This video shows the shooting on Alopecia forces men at the intersection of “Marine Hospital October 7″ ways then launch Marines and chased the attackers.

وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو لحظة إطلاق النار على رجال الصاعقة البارحة
يعرض هذا الفيديو إطلاق النار على رجال القوات الحاصة مشاة البحرية عند تقاطع طرق مستشفى 7 أكتوبر ثم إنطلاق مشاة البحرية ومطاردة المهاجمين.

Urgent agency Libya / Marines Bbghaza the Announces injury of one of its members:

Navy special forces announced the “Marines” Benghazi, injuring one of its members by a bullet in the leg during the arrest of one of the people

that has shooting on patrol for the Marines.
Marines succeeded in arresting the shooter, who was completely drunk and possession of a type 9 mm pistol and a Kalashnikov rifle.
Referred to that two people Istqlh car Qama at four o’clock in the morning opened fire on a patrol immobilization Marines near the “hospital Oct. 7″

The arrival of some reinforcements from the Libyan government forces to stun:



Tobruk today .. Demonstration (u O Tripoli) ..

News of an imminent agreement on the Law of the insulation to freeze beyond the stage of preparation of the Constitution

and the confirmation that the insulation is to isolate and not isolate behavioral and functional.

(Media tuber)



Sabha :::

Hearing voices medium weapons shortly before in Nasiriyah and stone city of Sabha.

Security situation fully and there is no breakthroughs …

A security source

Stand in solidarity Sabha :


Very important tomorrow letnen 19/11/2013 assess areas of Fezzan protest in front of the court complex in the city of Sebha

on at 11 am and so on but find him prisoner to prisoner Abdullah Sanussi of treatment without human rights and deprived of his family

and his relatives from visiting him and claim his trial by the International Criminal Court. All tribes in exactly the place.



Libyan border

Adjust the former Libyan minister banned from traveling in Salloum

Salloum Land Port
Gateway delegation – rebounds:

Gateway delegation – rebounds: Since 6 hours 55 minutes
Enable security officers ports port Salloum land, on Sunday, to adjust the Minister of Electricity Libyan former Imran Ibrahim Mahmoud Omar

and inscribed with lists of the travel ban, while Check leaving the country on his way to Libya, and take the appropriate authorities deportation

proceedings at the request of the Attorney General 991 for the year 2011.

He was the director of security Matrouh, Major Anani Hamouda has received notification from Salloum Land Port police stating that during

Check travel and Ziralkahraba of former Libyan special arrangements leaves his car’s set.

Libyan seen previously banned from traveling in Salloum.

Source: delegation .. Egyptian

Libyan Arab Airlines


Journey Cairo to Tripoli affiliate Airways African emergency landing in Alexandria due to illness Captain sudden where the pilot Assistant change the point of the plane to Alexandria and dropped them in peace .. were transferred Captain to the hospital .. wishes him a speedy recovery and sincere thanks to the pilot helper on a good performance .. all measures have been taken to send a pilot on the first trip to Alexandria to return the plane and passengers to safety





Juma Blessings


Friday Juma Blessings


Mu in Malta

Muammar al-Qathafi at the Malta Arab Islamic Center:
Mu at Malta Arab Islamic Center
Mu reaches out Mu teacher Struggle unto victory, nothing less

Mujahid Hamza Abuschgner Thami 12 9 2013 Do you know?




and the last week’s ‘CRIES’ WERE FABRICATIONS:

Zaidane signs disastrous agreement with Malta make Malta a very refreshed state

And make Libya dumbest oil country on the face of the earth !

Of the terms of the agreement according to statements ( Maltese Brotherhood )

– Sale of Libyan oil at a discounted price to Malta
– Sale of oil products , including aviation fuel , diesel and LPG
– In the case of Libya ‘s inability to provide Malta with oil derivatives Libya is committed to sell oil at a discounted price ( equivalent to the value of petroleum products )
– Libya is committed to the export of energy through Europe to Malta ( Malta broker ) and sale of petroleum products on its way to Europe
– Begins in exploration work in the disputed area described by a joint Libyan Maltese ( without mentioning the Maltese Prime Minister, details)
Malta will conduct the necessary training for the oil sector ( Zaidane Mnsash partner Gabriel and training companies from division)

Maltese Prime Minister says that Malta will cut the foreign markets for the first time in 22 years will be a boom economic recovery and the price of electricity bills discounted Brothers Maltese

It seems that Zaidane very upset of the amount Mahss budget , an amount too small 66 billion and the extra budget remember it 16 or 18 billion ,

it is not enough to satisfy the wishes and aspirations resorted to an agreement disastrous with Malta to sell the oil under the ground and compromise on the disputed areas conditions known to God.

Each it Rjoh only be Zaidane has signed agreements we do not know sold the Libyan people and the land on which they walked to another one of the Germans or others !



Link 20Releases/Pages/2013/September/02/pr1823.aspxLink


زيدان يوقع اتفاقية كارثية مع مالطا تجعل من مالطا دولة منتعشة جدا
وتجعل من ليبيا أغبى دولة نفطية على وجه الارضمن بنود الاتفاقية حسب تصريحات (الإخوان المالطيين)-بيع النفط الليبي بسعر مخفض لمالطا
-بيع منتجات النفط ويشمل وقود الطيران والديزل وLPG
-في حالة عجز ليبيا عن تزويد مالطا بالمشتقات النفطية تلتزم ليبيا ببيع النفط بسعر مخفض (وبما يعادل قيمة المنتجات النفطية)
-تلتزم ليبيا بتصدير الطاقة عن طريق مالطا الى اوروبا (مالطا وسيط) وبيع المنتجات النفطية عن طريقها الى اوروبا
-يبدأ فى اعمال التنقيب فى المنطقة المتنازع عليها يصفة مشتركة ليبية مالطية (دون ان يذكر رئيس الوزراء المالطى التفاصيل)
-مالطا ستقوم بعمليات التدريب اللازمة للقطاع النفطي (زيدان منساش الشريك جبريل وشركات تدريبه من القسمة)يقول رئيس الوزراء المالطى ان مالطا ستستغنى عن الاسواق الخارجية لاول مرة منذ 22 سنة وستكون طفرة انتعاش اقتصادية واسعار فواتير الكهرباء مخفضة للاخوان المالطيينيبدوا ان زيدان منزعج جدا من المبلغ المحصص للميزانية وهو مبلغ صغير جدا 66 مليار والميزانية الاضافية اذكر انها 16 او 18 مليار ، فهي لا تكفي لاشباع رغباته وطموحاته فلجأ لعقد اتفاقية كارثية مع مالطا لبيع النفط الموجود تحت الارض والتنازل على المناطق المتنازع عليها بشروط يعلمها اللهوكل ما ارجوه الا يكون زيدان قد وقع اتفاقيات لا نعلمها باع فيها الشعب الليبي والأرض التي يمشى عليها لاحد آخر من الألمان أو غيرهمالرابطالرابط ENERGY PROCUREMENT AGREEMENT WITH LIBYA
gov.mtبنت الوادي


Department of Civil Status – Libya In a statement to the head of the Civil Status Authority Mr. Mohammed Poker ,

who gave thanks to all the departments of branches and offices and service offices Version undertaken Ptzakith and sent correspondence to support

for the presidency and stand with interest.

And Mr. Booker that the presidency of Civil Status Authority require all officers and staff records on Civil and departments branches to abide by the

performance of their work and duties entrusted to them all in place , location, and not sit and close offices in any way to preserve the service of

the citizen and not to disrupt the interests of the people for any reason and to preserve the national security through continued interest in the

completion of their programs , business and projects currently working out non-stop these projects…

whatever it takes because it is a national duty and affecting national security.

And Mohammed Poker and his administration are just employees Vbakahm or dismissal does not mean a thing ,

but the important thing is very dangerous and should that wraps around all staff is to keep the interest and citizen data Libyan identity and sovereignty of the Libyan state.

This escalation comes by staff after interest to a large body of news for the determination of Mr. Ali Zaidane dismissal of the head of the Civil Status Authority.

Mr. Poker as well as the number 8 persons representing the Presidency of interest suddenly and without warning.

(Department of Civil Status interests of the media)

Media Abdulwahab on Melli Tan:

Mohammed Khalil Zarouk, member General National Congress, announced his resignation from the MB ruling “Justice and Construction” Party:

the political wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.





The attempted kidnapping of the rat Minister of Justice.
Attempt to kidnap the Minister of Justice at “GREEN Square” has intervened audience of people and two police officers to terminate it by calling for a police car ride.

Been found ‘Ali Ibrahim calf Merghany murdered and thrown in the toolbox your car Ahaanh beside the hospital green Tripoli

It is worth mentioning that the victim by the residents of the area as the year Balkhms works truck driver European Color White Plate Number 18640_6 Libya,

where no news after leaving the station Albive heading to visited him and his eye was closed after his disappearance.

Publishing I hope, sirs “Abduction of a student in middle school at gunpoint from her home on Thursday evening in the area of ​​the seven called Fatima Murad Ghazzawi

family in case Erty her please everyone the news bulletin of publicly contribute thereby help the victim and family.

This at the request of one member of the family religion asking the state and the security authorities help them recover their daughter that a 15-year-old was born in 1998,

God help slave as long as the servant helps his brother and thank you very much. “


The attempted kidnapping of the rat Minister of Justice.
Attempt to kidnap the Minister of Justice at “GREEN Square” has intervened audience of people and two police officers to terminate it by calling for a police car ride.

Picture of moment Annagadh and Justice Minister Salah Marghany of kidnapping his performance after Friday prayers in GREEN Square today:

Aaaaaajl across channel visual, DC:
Justice Minister Salah Marghany reason I came out of yesterday GREEN SQUARE is an attempt Khtafi gang at gunpoint for this reason I came out of  GREEN Square.



Sirte channel Suffice God and yes, the agent …

Young man killed in Sirte in their twenties named ((Abdulsalam Dou Boumaaz the Fergany)) …

One refugees from Misrata Slain found dead this morning in front of a break Bomrem 30 kilometers west of Sirte.

God and to Him we return



Demonstration condemning the attack on local council Bdrna 

Atmosphere of the country :

Systems by representatives of civil society institutions network Bdrna today a protest demonstration

in front of the Sahaba Mosque in the city, to denounce the attack on the headquarters of the local council in the city last week.

A spokesman for the network of civil society institutions, Bdrna Basset Bozhb for the ambiance of the country:

We condemn the attack on local council and Nstanl the matter how we disagree in evaluating its performance.

Referred to as the city of Derna was recently witnessed an escalation in the frequency of attacks on government interests

was the latest attack on Omar Mukhtar University, which led to the shut down of the study.

Libya in “February” …

Salman the Persian School between Bir Ashhab (Tobruk):



  URGENT / news of the escape of more than 300 prisoners of illegal immigrants

from a prison in Benghazi Sports City.

Urgent … Salem al-Obeidi reporting:

Prisoners trying to escape the illegal immigration of the evening
Imprisoned headquarters next to the sports city of Benghazi, and was an attempt
Escape by force, and has been arrested all of them, without exception,
Existed Rescue Force and Marine Corps Special Forces and Thunderbolt
‘s Arrest, also helped a number of young people in civil
The arrest, and was recognized position quickly, and picked up the news about
The reason for their flight is deportation decision.

He stressed, “Walid customary” to try to escape immigration others prisoners
Legitimacy because tomorrow is the date for the deportation to the beach Brac Chat’ai,
And they do not want to deportation because poor Bladenhm and wars, as
“Customary” is that they are from three countries are Somalia and Ethiopia
Eritrea, and deportation, the day after tomorrow will be with God’s help

News of the assassination of Representative “Tariq Sheikhi” baseless,

News is not true, you must consider the authentication in the news.

(Salem al-Obeidi)


 Intelligence Benghazi What was in this meeting.

That there is a statement will be issued by the National Congress and the local council of Benghazi and money-called civil society organizations commissioned by the rebels (shields)

to protect the entrances and exits of Benghazi and protect the streets of Benghazi on the grounds there is information that the city has the sleeper cells of the arrows (GREEN RESISTANCE).

Bu Sidra ensure inciting Media.

Bin Humaid is of push for the issuance of this statement.

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

Was Benghazi assassinations Assassination of Mohammed Amer media correspondent channel capital city of Benghazi, as soon as he left Friday prayers Leithy area.

exiled media news of the assassination of Mohammed Amer correspondent channel capital and this link his personal:



Officers at the base of Gamal Abdel Nasser and Benina Air Base of tribes of Cyrenaica noble, threaten to bomb any invading force come from the west of the country

under the pretext of resolving picket oil fields. Everyone knows that the army dismantled a mere tribal militias.

(Colonel Jibril Alokwak)

The news is confirmation ……




– Zliten – Correspondent Dr. “mast Osama” it was resuming work in Zliten Teaching Hospital, b Sections women and birth Births, as of today,

Thursday 12 – 9 – 2013 m, and is Receive cases from the 12:00 pm,

after the end of Maintenance and sterilization in sections.

News Agency



The city of Bani Walid these days maintenance work for many of the facilities and headquarters general

and the work of paving roads and maintenance of some of the other in the appearance of a hopeful life

and the challenge to machine Brotherhood military and their militias and gangs and their slaves mercenaries

who destroyed the city on this day a year ago and killed her youth and her children statement,

the coverage of “Violator “national Public which authorized them for their crimes by criminal Decree No. 7 …

But the killers are mortal and criminals to the dustbin of history going

and Bani Walid will remain with its people and its youth wings dear tall and remain what remains of history.

Bani Walid workshop these days Machae God (3 photos)



Free newspaper Sabha:

Peace be upon you.

. Limited the murder of the last few days in Sabha me someone drivers Tanth been killing me the purpose of robbery,

one of the city of Ajdabiya, was arrested on one of the murderers in Um rabbits from the city Rullish almost was trying to

escape after purely on Aljtah d them to place side warehouse is still the criminal Deliberation runaway, a Sudanese citizen ..

Slain were buried yesterday in Sabha.

Lord have mercy!



Interruption mobile communications services (Libyana networks, and orbit) about the popularity of the

valley of life (Ubari) since the early hours of Friday ..


U.S. book exposes the ‘Obama’ and reveals his relationship with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

September 13 2013 11:11:50

Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen.

Barack Obama accused the new book, in the United States, U.S. President Barack Obama of committing several crimes summons isolated,
including the support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and regulations friendly to them at the expense of national security the United States in the Middle East.
He revealed the book titled «crimes and accusations: the case of isolated Barack Obama from office», that Obama’s support for political Islam
across the Middle East in the wave of change overwhelming that swept the region since 2011, has resulted in disastrous consequences for this country
and hurt the interests of the United States there .
The authors of the book «Aaron Klein,» and «Brenda Elliott, both from the best-selling book in America,
new information useful to the work of the Obama administration behind the scenes with the Brotherhood to facilitate the transfer of power to him,
Hosni Mubarak stepped down after former Egyptian president.
The authors published information confirming the existence of political coordination between Washington
and some elements of the revolution «25 January that toppled Mubarak,
as well as the role of Obama in the fall of the Tunisian presidents’ Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, ‘right’, Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The authors pointed out that abandoning Mubarak was just the beginning to enable the radical Islamic groups from the rule of the region.



Bashear Assad fights the Devil



Assad tells Obama to stop arming rebels, or no deal

Joel Gehrke Washington Examiner 12 Sept. 2013

President Obama must promise not to arm rebel forces Bashar Assad will not hand over his chemical weapons, the embattled leader told a Russian state media outlet today

while demanding that Israel also surrender its nuclear arsenal.

“When we see that the U.S. genuinely stands for stability in our region, stops threatening us with military intervention and stops

supplying terrorists with weapons, then we will consider it possible to finalize all necessary procedures and they will become legitimate and acceptable for Syria,”

Assad told RIA News.

Obama asked Congress to postpone a vote authorizing use of military force in Syria after Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to broker a deal

whereby the U.S. would not attack the Assad regime if he surrendered his chemical weapons. BY JOEL GEHRKE | SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 AT 5:24 PM Photo –

Syrian veternarian and President Bashar Assad said Thursday that President Obama must promise not to arm rebel forces or he will not hand over his chemical weapons.

(AP/SANA) Bashar Assad said Thursday that President Obama must promise not to arm mercenaries and “rebels”…

President Obama must promise not to arm mercenary or “rebel” forces, or Bashar Assad will not hand over his “chemical” weapons,

the embattled leader told a Russian state media outlet today while demanding that Israel also surrender its nuclear arsenal.

“When we see that the U.S. genuinely stands for stability in our region, stops threatening us with military intervention,

and stops supplying terrorists with weapons, then we will consider it possible to finalize all necessary procedures and they will become legitimate and acceptable for Syria,”

Assad told RIA News.

Obama asked Congress to postpone a vote authorizing use of military force in Syria


after Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to broker a deal


whereby the U.S. would not attack the Assad regime if he surrendered “his chemical weapons”.

Assad tells Obama to stop arming mercenaries and rebels

Assad said that the Middle East won’t have peace until Israel also surrenders its weapons of mass destruction.

“If we really want stability in the Middle East, all the countries [in the region] must honor the agreements.

And the first country to do so is Israel because it possesses nuclear, chemical and biological weapons – all types of weapons of mass destruction,”