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Guest For FRIDAY 13 MAY 2011

(Repeat Airing of Interview – Videotaped June 1991)


A Not So Brief Summary of a 30 Minute “Conversation” videotaped June 12, 1991 with: HON. MU’AMMAR AL-QATHAFI (H.H.C.)

*I do include as an “obiter dictum” interpretation some of my thoughts (from July 2004) about the Program, ‘Colonel al-Qathafi, the Country of Libya and the Libyan Revolutionary’ example according to my own understandings. You are invited to consider them but emphasis they are my interpretations alone and you may well want to disregard them or consider them in in terms of your own understanding, and particularly are all obviously open to clarification by those familiar with and responsible for official Libya Policy including evolving modifications which may be relevant in the early Spring of 2010.
Thank you for viewing. Harold H. Channer / 2010

In a “Conversation” originally taped in 1991 Colonial al-Qathafi talks primarily about his concept of Government, Economics and Social Organization which collectively constitutes his “Third Universal Theory”. His ideas are largely contained in his “Green Book” which he summarizes here. This is particularly timely as United Nations sanctions have recently (2004) been lifted and Libya is very possibly posed to have a major effect on the World – particularly IF and as his ideas and those behind the organization of that society – are valid in an Historical sense! The program was not intended as a “News” oriented exercise – but rather as an opportunity for him to present to the American people – and the people of the World – his Philosophy which is unique and deserves a hearing in something other than the prejudicial terms in which most reporting about that Country has been couched.

He explains the organizational schema in Libya is termed a “Jamaihiriya” – or “State of the Masses” system – which he claims is destined to become characteristic of the whole World – as an Historical inevitability!

The country is divided in a large number of “People Congress‘s” with meeting halls established everywhere in the country where all citizens over 18 year of age are actually able to meet directly to debate and decide on policies of local, national and international concern, – and Sovereignty is theoretically vested in the People Congress‘s.

It seems very much like the traditional New England notion of “Town Hall Meetings” – allusions to which were so prevalent in the American “political season of Ross Perot” at the time the program was originally videotaped and aired. Mr. Perot received some 20% of the National vote in 1992, and the term “Direct Participatory Democracy” is more and more a common place reference in theoretical political parlance. In practice the situation in Libya is much more complicated of course, but the idea and impetus is in keeping with the best, most progressive ideas and ideals of the modern era. The notions of Representative Democracy as advanced by America’s founding fathers in 1776 must have seemed equally impossibly chaotic to the well established “Ancien Regime” Dynastic States in Europe of the time. REAL Democracy can at times seem Untidy. His ideas and the organization of the Country MAY WELL have great significance as an early and appropriate model to the World?

Colonel al-Qathafi also criticizes, in an interesting manner, the economic assumptions of the United States, Multi National Corporations and International Institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which collectively might be seen as representing a “Modern Day Ancien Regime”. Technology is advancing and ushering in an era of unprecedented productive capabilities. He points out that the “Ownership” of technology is very narrowly held around the World by a very small Plutocratic ownership class – while the bulk of the worlds citizens are resigned to serve only as laborers in a system where technology, often measured as Capital Assets, is increasingly responsible for production. Echoing themes found in his “Green Book” he states in the program that “Wage earners, however improved their wages may be, are a type of Slave”…”Wage earners are but slaves to the masters who hires them”.

This is likely to find resonance among a great number of American as well as others around the World when and where it fully dawns that a minuscule “class” own virtual all the capital assets which are increasingly responsible for production. And even when a economic boom occurs under a so called “liberal wing” of the ruling class as occurred in the United States during the recent so called: “dot com” bubble, the system was structured in an inherently flawed manner so as to further enrich the few with preferential stock options and immoral and illegal financial slight of hand shenanigans.

However even during the growth period and particularly following the bursting of the bubble as the dust settled, it was obvious that the experience had left massive numbers of the “workers” penniless – many all but destitute – while the wealthy owners pocketed millions. It might justifiably be claimed such an outcome was inherent in the system and financial assumptions about the way Capital Formation is allowed to be achieved. Enron, Worldcom, Arthur Anderson and the whole panoply of corporate and financial scandals which rocked America and the system which created them and that still goes all but unchallenged and continues to undermine confidence in the United States – was not, in other words, the result of a momentary mistake or lack of judgment here and there but intrinsic to the assumptions of and the very structure of the system itself.

Despite all the “happy talk” by Sycophant and Myopic Courtesans – Sinecured Courtiers – the System itself which has held sway for 200 years and daily declares itself invincible (representing the “End of History” according to Francis Fukuyama) is struggling under the weight of it’s “Inherent Contradictions”  and is very possibly vulnerable to competition by newer more appropriate Models. Again Libya – particularly at the level of basic grounding ideas and principals – may have moved ahead of the curve?

As Difficult – in practical terms as it obviously would be – Colonial al-Qathafi would “Abolish the Wage System”!! There are few public road side signs in Libya but one which is very prominently and widely displayed says: “Partners Not Wage Earners”. Libya seems unique in attempting to make sure those who make up an organization are “Owners or Partners” of the operation rather than merely “Wage Slaves”.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged in Libya and helped in their start up trials but there is customarily one aspect there which is unique: “They Are Not Allowed To Hire Anyone!! …..

“Everyone Involved in the Enterprise Must Be a Partner – Or Owner – of the Corporate Entity”.

Again the reality is somewhat more complicated but the Democratization of the Economy is again very much with the tide of History. Colonial al-Qathafi said to me in off camera in informal conversation (in English) :

“It Is Often Difficult Being Straight in a Crooked Crooked World” !

Indeed one telling moment in the taped “Conversations” (you could look it up – it’s right there in the program) was when I made a statement: “That It Is Unfortunate That in The United States Everyone Is Asking For ‘Jobs’ When They Should Be Asking For Ownership” and he empathically answers “EXACTLY!!” To challenge “employment” as the Holy Grail seems outlandish to most in the Ruling Circles of the Modern Ancien Regime” – but when considering the increasing “input” to production by technology and particularly with impending Cyber additions to the pattern – questioning and challenging the proposition that all income distribution to the masses should be through “jobs” (which is the case with the vast majority of the World’s population) may be destined to soon become a front and center issue of World debate in the time ahead. “Partners Not Wage Earners” might well become a real rallying call with deep political implications.

Unfortunately there is little concern with this among the very well ensconced old order where all assets – again increasingly responsible for production – are so narrowly held by a small group who can control the entire society by their selection of compliant managers for their “Wholly Owned and Operated” Media Outlets” etc. Resting on long accepted practice they feel they are assured of an army of compliant “Wage Slaves” to manage and man their institutions as faithfully as the Loyal Royal retainers on Mediaeval feudal estates.

Metaphorically they are as al-Qathafi surmises “Industrial Age Serfs “ – in a Dawning Age of Cybernetic Cotton Picking Machines – and increasingly everything else under the rubric “The Means of Production”. Aristotle observed that the Slave conditions which applied in ancient Athens would be necessary – so that some could lead a civilized life of the mind and spirit – and would be remain necessary “unless and until the loom learned to weave.” That age may be dawning and even at hand – and again Libya may be ahead of History’s curve.

Libya is very well positioned to play an extremely important modernizing role in the Middle East and the Islamic World where the United States has very likely become mired in a inappropriate disastrous extension of Military Power in what can only be seen by most of the World as an extension of traditional European Style Colonial rule.

Besides threatening to exhaust the American National Treasury it has created a deep well of resentment among the World’s growing hordes of Les Miserables reduced metaphorical and actually to attending to and manicuring the lawns within the gated communities – Castle Keeps – of their plutocratic overlords – much like their counter part serfs on the Feudal estates of the “good old days”. Or the current system which insists on characterizing itself as the Model for the “End of History” – for the Ages as It were – while the poverty plagued masses of the World (over 50% live on less than 1.7€ a day) are left to die of Aids and other easily preventable diseases.

al-Qathafi has won the whole hearted support of Nelson Mandela by taking a Progressive position concerning Africa with it’s daunting problems which are all but being ignored by the “Established Powers” that be – often inappropriately referred to as “The International Community”. He has had interesting communications with Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva Lula of Brazil and many of the Progressive elements of “World Public Opinion” which the New York Times characterized as “The Other World Super Power” aligned against the United States in it’s Unilateral March to War in Iraq.

It would seem that if there is any hope for the needed change which treats the Earth as United Whole System including the Masses and all within a proper ecological context – it will only come from the will of the people inspired by a vision of the means toward the Universal Justice and Practical efficiencies predicated on ideas truly relevant to the dawning new realities.

Tax Cuts for the already wealthy will not serve – catering to the powerful alone is actually counter productive – for, in truth, the politically and economically powerful are sure to be a “lagging indicator” – the last to see – the wisdom and the means of doing the “Right Thing” which may now be possible for the whole of Planet Earth.

There are other sources of course – but a big change is, as Bob Dylan sang, “Blowing in the Wind” – and Libya presents an interesting possible source worthy of study particularly for ideas which are neither Right Wing or Left Wing – neither Proletarian Marxist or Plutocratic Capitalist but grounded on ideas and principles which are able to subsume and ultimately accommodate both with comprehensively conceived understanding of the consequences of the crucial times in which we live and particularly within which all Humanity’s progeny will hopeful prosper – “one and all.”

Democratic Ownership Economics – or even assumptions which could lead toward that direction – would represent a real Paradigm shift which the Old Order shows no real sign of contemplating. But as always it seems the new ideas never come in Societies which are heavily structured upon assumptions and institutions and habits of thought – of the outdated Paradigm.

It was the “Loutish” America example which inspired Les Miserables of France and It may well be that the example of Libya might become a Model – which has the basic ideas and issues right – and in keeping with the times – and might inspire the Emerging Masses of the World including – in the end – the People of the United Sates and its allies to think anew the need for a just and Historically relevant future pathway out of the morass they so proudly proclaim as representing the “End of History?”

Of course the bulk of “establishment thought’ will pooh-pooh the notion of any need for fundamental change and will deride and scoff at any who attempt to question the basic legitimacy of the old order. But the mighty force of their propaganda machine need not restrain the thinking of people around the world – including the United States of America – whose leaders seem – to increasing numbers around the World – to be caught like a deer in the head lights – unable to comprehend the changes the times call for and can only flail about defending the old outmoded ways of Political, Economic and Social organization.

This “Conversation” might help instill thinking about possible new ways of seeing the world – and it’s necessarily liberating potential for a new order of things. For that reason you would be encouraged to view this brief and therefore inherently limited introduction to one system which challenges the whole proposition by which the world has been and is being run by a system of thought which can increasingly be seen as mired in an Historical “Ancien Regime” myopia!?

The program can be viewed in its entirety:,%2005-13-11.htm

 A statement from the General Command of the Libyan Army,

declaring stop fighting for what ‘Asmhh’ dialogue !

Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi:

Volcano – led by the national army operation

URGENT: Upgrade Dean Sqr. Jeroshi to the rank of brigade commander appointed by the Supreme’s “Libyan Air Force.

Upgrade Saqr Jeroshi to the rank of brigade and higher-appointed air force commander.

Meeting with Mr. Ahmed Gadaf-a Dam Horwitzer Blood, on channel 2 {Dream}
# Frequency 11843 H


Congratulations to media activist Hala Misrati
Interpol red card eliminates the demand of the media right Hala Misrati.
(IT IS ABOUT TIME, after all she has gone through!!)

Please publishing maximum scope and interaction
We want solidarity of the green channel, Libya, 24, and Dr. Hamza and Dr. Shakir, Mustafa Qrterboh, and media and Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and all the media and human rights organizations.

Brigadier General Abdul-Salam Aisha birth suffer from tumor was refused treatment, is being held since 2011 at the Centre goods al-Tmwyneh-balzawih. SHE IS NOT DEAD AS WAS MIS-REPORTED LAST YEAR. She is in difficult circumstances. God XXX you Aashidad prospects Aajerman. God’s curse upon you Aamjerman. Aamafnin Aamsrdnin shame on you !!
God and yes the agent (SATAN)….




16 يناير 2015 – 17: 400Tweet Central Tabaah-Libya proposes to reduce diplomatic missions

The (so-called) ‘Governor’ of the ‘Central Bank of Libya’ Antrza-tarabuls (TRIPOLI) Reuters

The ‘Central Bank of Libya’ suggested lowering the country’s diplomatic missions abroad and the suspension of grants and foreign scholarships and some government allowances to cover the deficit in the budget, which is estimated at billion.

Libya faces, as a member of the ‘Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)’ , difficulties, in the wake of chaos taking place; and thus the paralysis of the public finances, with the fighting by Brotherhood Wahabi armed factions.

Libyan oil production has fallen to a very low level with the spillover of the fighting to the major oil fields and ports, including drought led to the sole supplier of the budget.

The ‘Central Bank’ (controlled by the Brotherhood of MISURATA) said in a statement on Thursday, that there is a budget deficit in 2014, which amounted to 25.1 billion Libyan dinars ( billion).

“The ‘Central Bank of Libya’, as published this statement urges all national parties to work together and contribute to raise public awareness of the seriousness of the stage and make Alusa in order to overcome them.”

The Bank  and Ahmed ‘gift’  of Tripoli’s (so-called) ‘government of Savation’, have suggested cutting the Libyan diplomatic missions abroad and to stop the recruitment of new diplomats. The bank also wants to send a comment scholarships abroad in addition to the children’s allowance and family with the revision of the mechanism of treatment abroad funded by the state.

Bank reiterated previous demands, such as revision of the workers in the public sector and the government’s ‘support for food salary costs’.
Most of Libya’s Adult citizens in the country (home to about six million people), who are inscribed on the lists of government wages, enjoy this ‘subsidation’.  This downs the price of bread and airline tickets, gasoline, [this being a legacy of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA] but the the new (so-called) ‘rulers’ of the country, are trying to do away with these these ‘untouchable’ subsidies.

The Central Bank (headquarters now in MISURATA) warned of depletion of Libya’s foreign exchange reserves, without giving figures. Last Bank estimates indicate that foreign exchange reserves stood at billion at the end of June.

The bank is trying to distance himself from the ongoing conflict in the country. They froze spending, except for salaries and the cost of government support. The Brotherhood rival government, has  appointed a conservative follower of the ‘Central Bank’, which raised questions about ‘who controls the oil revenues.’







Khst bedha ben Jerdan (RATS):

The so-called “Information Office of the militias ‘Roma Libya’ ” will NOT comply

with any decision, of any of the local councils, or any military.

and Ahmad Hdah, the spokesman for the Brotherhood ‘Libyan Armor Shield’,

announced that the cease-fire resolution does not represent himself of any of the Misurata militias.

Hit a home inventory (Ahmed gift) shell RPG.
أحمد هدية

He gave a statement about the ‘ceasefire’ in Misurata Akezir.

He also called foreign diplomatic missions to return to Tripoli .

(Oh God, show us the wonders of your ability in them.)

‘Zero hour’, on FB, comments:

“When he arrived in you chiming ye are talking to a cease-fire and bloodshed …

Where were you when burned homes and displaced families,

will not stand up to liberate the land of Fassadkm
‘Dawn Libya’ group and ‘sunrise Aalno’ ceasefire ??..

Corner, the market for Sabratha Azalo, are actually heavily fighting. You Sdj

and Astammelto Ka tools currently Lotto Bacon fate uniforms Kikla ..

God, my biggest Helena….”




The passage of  large convoys of vehicles of the armed militias coming from the Western Region into the direction of Tripoli; which,  shows a large withdrawal happening from the outside regions, entering Tripoli, to ‘defend’ Brotherhood RAT TRIPOLI from the  approaching LIBYAN ARMY forces.

Daash terrorist organization is training some young “kids” with car bombings have links to the past few days 120 IED to a remote detonator. And those in charge and they are:
1-Abdullah Al-Hajj. (He brought the explosives from Tripoli’s  Khaled al-Sharif.)
2-Nuri Eshtewi.
3-Omar attribution.
4-Tariq Kerkom ..


Quoting the journalist Fathi bin Isa:
The speeding car threw a bag of explosives at the guard booth in front

of the Algerian embassy in central Tripoli result in material damage.

bombing shakes the capital Tripoli aimed at the Algerian embassy, ​​

succeeds wounded from the embassy guards.

DAASH Bombing targeted the headquarters of the Algerian Embassy in TRIPOLI,

​​leaving a number of wounded. 5 injured Diplomatic Security toll bombing in front of the Algerian embassy in Tripoli.

Daash terrorist organization to embrace the bombing of the

Embassy of Algeria in the capital Tripoli. Islamic state mandate of Tripoli Daash adopt bombing
And Leszek one Mottagsor supports them Aicolk Mafeesh them al-Doh this.

BASTARD OMAR HASSI tried to blame it on al-Qathafi groups !!

 Asthzv al-Dzaúraah Embassy, Amaaam Algerian embassy in downtown Tripoli.

Mchakl aaúlah:
Severe congestion in the corner and clashes of the two militias (ONE GOOD & ONE EVIL) of the corner

and killed one of the sons Lahrac in Abusrh corner.

Clashes in the corner navel area and killed one person from a family Lahrac.

Violent clashes are now the focus of a well Tervas corner. Strong Ochtbaaakat far from the center of the well Tervas corner.

Misurata ally me yesterday corner enemy today is located in the corner

between terrorism succulent international community…

or surrender to the LIBYAN ARMY forces and tribes..

Allahu Akbar Aahlna ..

The Great Escape
2 killed by the ‘BRIGADE of Oa Rishvana al-Askary’:

‘happy Qoigil’,  and two others are in intensive care:  illusion of Kapaau,

during their escape from the front at WATTAYA and heading to Tripoli and the result of the escape velocity, signed them to an accident in the Coastal Road (CORNER), and challenge any one lie to the news of the CORNER; and almost Samato voices ambulance on the Coastal Road.


Video remove the water tank FRP Mosque Bin Gashir Palace area

and this reservoir of ancient monuments in the region.

 The Misurata militias are to hand over the body of the citizen,

“Essam Darhube” in Bab bin Ghashir, to his family,

who was killed under torture in prisons of Misurata.



A large gathering in front of the ‘mechanics of martial Nasreddin apical Institute’ at B. Janzour.




Road at Bin Shoaib to Azizia (16 KM)
Tm takid al-Khbr:

Tm takid al-Khbr:
Control at the gate Bin Shoaib by the southern tip to TRIPOLI corner

of Champions before the LIBYAN ARMY.

The LIBYAN ARMY controls, now, the gate of bin Shuaib 20 km south of the corner ….

And edit ‘bin Shuaib’ from ‘Roma LIBYA’ forces to Pippa;

and a great giggle in the ranks of the militia

with sheep, having 5 cars and 7  ‘Roma Libya’ families.

We received Oooooonaba uncertain after that  Bir saib (area south of the corner),

is now successfully under the control of the entire Libyan Army forces,

which is about 20 meters from the corner of TRIPOLI city.


A good armed group attacked the gate inspection belonging to the

militia ‘Roma Libya’ downtown Azizia.

Sounds and medium weapons shaking throughout the region.





Log vertical fighter plane “MI24” squadron air force in the Western Region today

and now has become a next “MI35” and “MIG23” aircraft.




An armed gang in Sabratha has abducted people
of Tajourah from inside an ambulance, which was heading
them to Tunisia, last night, after an assassination attempt which came
yesterday in Tajourah (because of their being a supporters of  the  ‘process of Dignity’).

 Clashes very violent south of the city of Sabratha.

Militias, “Dawn Libya” bring two tanks to the camp in a suburb of the city of Sabratha.

Militias of Misurata intend to withdraw back to Misurata after recognizing that it was impossible to control the Wattaya Air Force Base after heavy losses hubs fighting and militias corner and Sabratha and Zuwarah strongly objects for this decision amid differences revolve now, especially after the departure of the first last night, made up of 25 returning the car to the city of Misratah boost.



Shortly before heavy fighting between LIBYAN ARMY forces and

gangs of ‘Roma Libya’ in the Western Region area of al-Rcharik, south of Racdalin.


Menkowoowoowoowol The security situation inside Beautiful City,

has become unstable by militias ‘Roma Libya’, who have broken the

city gates everywhere, and have entered the city and arrested a number of citizens.

Significant progress of the Libyan army forces in all axes today and a large

withdrawal of militias, “Dawn  Libya” in each of the axes “Akrabieah,

Beautiful City, and Alash” after Kasemh blows of vertical

(COPTER) flights and ground forces.

Big losses in the ranks of the ‘Roma Melcaat Libya’

as a result of aerial bombardment

on the axes what about south of  Ajeelat, and  Wattaya.


Vanguards Army support his forces who were advancing towards the city of  Ajeelat,

with violent clashes with militants ‘Dawn Libya’.

Clashes between the Libyan Army and ‘Dawn Libya’ militias at

Royce child Suenah area and in the city of Ajeelat.

Violent clashes since the morning between the Libyan army

and militia forces ‘Dawn Libya’ south of the city of Ajeelat..


al-Outn_llonaba |

killed, “Abdul Hadi Dabbashi” nicknamed the “hub” field commander

B.Militia “revolutionaries of the Sabratha battalionaxis,

through the river south of the city of Ajeelat, after battles with the Libyan Army forces.


 Urgent: the full line of fierce battles south of the city of Ajeelat

between the Libyan army and militia “Fajr Libya.”

Clashes heavy and medium weapons between Libyan Army and militias ‘Roma Libya’

at the agricultural project (formerly south of the City of Aleelat).

Maak very, very strong in the entire southern line ..

south of the city of Ajeelat .. pray for your victory Aahlnaa .. Oh ..

Injury field Khanb offender Munir Gomaa Romad‘s strength Amazigh al-Metruch

seriously injured and some limbs amputated in their fight against

the Libyan Army forces in the south area from Ajeelat. Killing field Khanb offender Mohammed Romad‘s strength with animated Amazigh, yesterday, in the city of Triangle Mujahid Champions of Ajeelat.

LIBYAN ARMY FORCES  clash with ‘Roma Libya’ gangs in the area Sune B.Ajeelat.

Provide LIBYAN ARMY forces by way of the river

and the battles now near Zlana and cattle project.

Combing the ‘head area’ children of B. Ajeelat, by LIBYAN ARMY forces;

and starting now about the Lattice and along the Coastal-Road.




 The area ‘Ros taflh’ (in  the landfill area south-west of the city of Ajeelat),

has fallen to the militias ‘Roma Libya’ in these moments,

and there is random artillery shelling by these militias.

Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ rampaging, pliiaging, stealing and

looting several houses of the child in the southwest of the city of Ajeelat,

in the head area, taking advantage of the displacement of people as a result of the fighting there. Kdaúv to tumble on the homes of civilians in the landfill (The area ‘Ros taflh’)

and new hope and the lattice of people to leave their homes ..

A total of militias “Roma Libya” are stationed in the secondary landfill where,

there were temporarily settled, the deportation of two populations:

Those of the of the area ‘Ros taflh’ ‘landfill’, and those of the ‘girl’s head’. 
‘ROMA LIBYA’ have now totally robbed the homes of these unfortunate ravaged citizens.

Theft and looting of several houses in the area south of the ‘girl’s head’ at Ajeelat,

by militias ‘Roma Libya’, of the untapped displaced residents of the region ..

Provide for LIBYAN ARMY at  ‘head girl’  south of  Ajeelat city,

and the withdrawal of 20 armed vehicles belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’

gangs to the landfill area ‘Ros taflh’.


Upends the strength intensity of the battles there ..

Oh victory over the dogs sneaks ..

Establishment of check gates in the area of Akhawalq and at al-Grbula,

by militias Misurata.




(Green Rider)








Photos demonstrations Bani Walid Friday 01/16/2015
Victory of the Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him).

Out a mass demonstration in the city of Bani Walid victory

of the Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him).




Photos of our prisoners of air inside a prison in the city of Misurata
Lord FAFSA their families and the families of all the honorable.





 Cable outages link communications between Ras Lanuf and Sirte.

‘Ansar al-Sharia’ militia, created by the plight of  ’17 February’,

are threatening to kill a number of military personnel, in the city of Sirte, they are:

Sanusi Kaaabh_

Mfattah Balkasm_

Amr Garah_

al-Sidik bin Msaud_

al-Sidik al-Sadeg_

Abdahamid al-Soiei_

Nasr bin Naal_

Amradja Buslam_

Abdalslam to Hassona_

Basit Melad_

Msaud Akahil_

Ibrahim Jeroshi_

Asam al-Faragana_

Aziz al-Matri_

Ali Atabikh_

Abdallah al-Sabhawi_

Saad Taboni –

Hamid a Ersdh –

Abdul Salam Vsoar –

Ghaith Omar –

‘pioneers’ Bujasais –

Omar Kneish –

Azzedine ‘antidote’.

Hear the sounds of heavy shooting in the city.





Ooooonaba uncertain after targeting a bulldozer belonging to terrorists Mndhu hour

by gunboat continued what the Navy called the proximity of the Port of Marsa.

Libyan Army resumed control of the port of Marsa in el-BREGA


Provisional Acceptance Letter for Marsa El Brega Commercial & Industrial Port Maintenance Project has received.

Provisional acceptance letter, which is dated 28.02.2008, has received on 30.03.2009 for Marsa El Brega Commercial & Industrial Port Maintenance Project, that was signed on 28.12.1994 but then the client was changed to Sirte Oil Company (SOC). Final acceptance is planned to be on 28.08.2009.

In the scope of the project, there are followings: Jetty Head No.1,2, Jetty Linkway 1,2, Berthing Dolphin 1,2,3,4, Mooring Dolphin 1,2,3,4,5,6, Breakwater Deck Slab, Mass Concrete & Cantilever, Naftha, Amonia & Methanol Pipelines, Pile Protection System, Pump House Building & Cargo Deck Reconstruction, Customs Buildings (Gate House No. 1,2,3), Substation Buildings (SS. No.2.5, 3) and additional works.

Total contract amount of the project is 15,504,075.124 LD


Salah called al-Ajabu, field commander of one of the militias ‘Roma Libya’, foolishly is denying the existence of the organization, “Daash” in Libya, and is likely planning a decisive military action to end the clashes in the oil port.


QNFODH  /  GARYOUNES: shelling by Libyan Army’s Hftar forces, cracking down on

DAASH in regions Qnfodh and Garyounes.

 Targeting the Tibesti Hotel with mortar shells, without casualties.



Daash organization of militias besieged some streets in the Laithi area;

and they are pounding civilian homes in the street Hijaz with mortar.

Intensification of fighting in the area of Laithi betwween the

Libyan Army’s Hftar forces, and militias of DAASH el-Arhabiy.




Photos to A review of the Melcaat
Daash terrorist organization, in the emirate of tuber:




Escape ‘Libyan Ambassador Mohammed arrival Controller’ (born al-Doab), from the Libyan embassy in Sudan, after gathering a number of Libyan students, after Astrchae financial corruption at the embassy, and the theft of ‘student rights’.






Sisi (QUOTE):

“We do not interfere militarily in Libya, but we protect our borders and our national security.”