The Good Lord cleanseth and takes away


Message to some pages that claim to resistance ..
Stop laughing Liberal p .. In other words morale. In order to get Aktar Likes
Victory will not come across Facebook pages ..
Victory will be in front of Aionna .. and we’ll be in Hedda forum with God’s help.
Who believes that the victory of God is coming inevitably there needs to be some uplifting news that is not unfounded {or she hurt while resistance is between the Liberal Tdoualha}
Resistance is now Aktar confidential., And nobody knows, but Shi leadership ..
Vetokloa God is with God’s help Nsarna
رسالة الى بعض الصفحات التي تدعي المقاومة ..كفاكم الضحك ع الاحرار.. بكلام رفع المعنويات.من اجل الحصول على اكتر اعجاباتفالنصر لن يأتي عبر صفحات الفيس بوك..
النصر سيكون امام اعيوننا..وسنكون في هدا المحفل بعون الله.من يؤمن بأن النصر من عند الله قادم لا محال فلا يحتاج الى بعض الاخبار التي ترفع المعنويات التي ليست لها اساس من الصحة{او انها تضر بالمقاومة حين يتم تدوالها بين الاحرار}المقاومة الان اكتر سرية.ولا احد يعلم شي الا القيادة..

فتوكلوا على الله هو نصارنا بعون الله

Helena program,” Dr. Yusuf Shakir episode titled “Three fourth, and hypocrisy” 11/30/2013

Helena Program.

Shukran to Algerie Libya Verte for his wonderful animations, and Comradely Greetings to everyone in the World-Wide Green Resistance, who are standing by the noble ideals of our Beloved Colonel and Brother Leader – Justice, Freedom, Resistance to Imperialism and Capitalism, and the Sovereignty of Nations.

Oh Jardan ◆ ◇ Eateries in date

Mu Green victory

صفحة أوفياء اللواء الساعدى القدافى
Alkhaan Khalifa Haftar admits that the “death” of Leader is false.
الخاين خليفة حفتر يعترف بعدم استشهاد القائد
الخاين خليفة حفتر يعترف بعدم استشهاد القائد
  Mu and me
Army Major General Al-Saadi of New Come, God willing. Nearby and urgent.Hello Iaahrar.
I say to you, Major General Al-Saadi Gaddafi Bbsahh good morale and above Hardan of the morning that they Atdelaun in Afakm tell them that God and Afah Esbthu clot and Hedda Heca and install them chills and Secon in time and strongly# (Faris Abu Salim)صفحة أوفياء اللواء الساعدى القدافىجيش اللواء الساعدي من جديد بأذن الله تعال.وعن قريب العاجلالسﻻم عليكم يااحرار.
اقول لكم ان اللواء الساعدى معمر القذافي ببصحة جيدة والمعنويات فوق الحردان من الصبح وهم يتدولون ان في اخبارهم ان عفاكم الله وعفاه اصبتهو جلطة وهدا هكي وركبتهم الرعشة وسايكون في الموعد وبقوة# بوسلي

AND WHAT WAS WRITTEN on the 25th OCTOBER 2013 is still affirmative:

Council Libyan tribes / / / /

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam very

To whom it may concern from elders and tribal elders Libyan men and Field …

Assure everyone that there are no problems or Arqlat in the resistance, organization and leadership.
And Nkdb and unequivocally and not subject to any doubts what is traded or what is broadcast by the customers and dealers crises and the current situation for there leaders had split from Maj. Gen. al-Saadi Muammar Gaddafi supreme commander of the resistance of Libya, or that there are several leaders not command the resistance.
And assure everyone that the resistance today the most organized and powerful than ever
The resistance and its leadership stand and work in a structured format beginning of Sir supreme commander of the armed forces of the people Nhaita smallest military rank or volunteers, which is in full coordination with the Council of Libyan tribes.

The Victory is coming, God willing, the determination of our people of the Libyan great

God is great and above the aggressor Kid .. # Faris Abu Salim

مجلــــــــس القبائــــــل الليبيـــــــــــــة ////

هــــــــــــــــــــــــــاااااااااااااااااااام جــــــــــــــــدا

الى من يهمه الامر من اعيان وشيوخ القبائل الليبية ورجال الميدان …

نؤكد للجميع بانه لا توجد اي مشاكل او عرقلات في مشروع المقاومه وتنظيمها وقياداتها .
ونكدب وبشكل قاطع وغير قابل لاي شكوك ما يتم تداوله او ما يتم بثه من قبل العملاء وتجار الازمات والوضع الراهن عن ان هناك قيادات قد انشقت عن اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي القائد الاعلى للمقاومة الليبية او ان هناك عدة قيادات وليس قياده للمقاومه .
ونؤكد للجميع بان المقاومه اليوم اشد تنظيما وقوة من اي وقت مضى
والمقاومه وقيادتها تقف وتعمل في شكل منظم بداية من سيدي القائد الاعلى لقوات الشعب المسلح نهايتا باصغر رتبه عسكري او متطوع ، وهو فى تنسيق تام مع مجلس القبائل الليبية .

وباذن الله النصر قادم بعزيمه ابناء شعبنا الليبي العظيم

والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي , بوسليم

مجلــــــــس القبائــــــل الليبيـــــــــــــة ////هــــــــــــــــــــــــــاااااااااااااااااااام جــــــــــــــــداالى من يهمه الامر من اعيان وشيوخ القبائل الليبية ورجال الميدان …نؤكد للجميع بانه لا توجد اي مشاكل او عرقلات في مشروع المقاومه وتنظيمها وقياداتها .
ونكدب وبشكل قاطع وغير قابل لاي شكوك ما يتم تداوله او ما يتم بثه من قبل العملاء وتجار الازمات والوضع الراهن عن ان هناك قيادات قد انشقت عن اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي القائد الاعلى للمقاومة الليبية او ان هناك عدة قيادات وليس قياده للمقاومه .
ونؤكد للجميع بان المقاومه اليوم اشد تنظيما وقوة من اي وقت مضى
والمقاومه وقيادتها تقف وتعمل في شكل منظم بداية من سيدي القائد الاعلى لقوات الشعب المسلح نهايتا باصغر رتبه عسكري او متطوع ، وهو فى تنسيق تام مع مجلس القبائل الليبية .وباذن الله النصر قادم بعزيمه ابناء شعبنا الليبي العظيموالله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي ..#فارس بوسليم



Arrested supplement embassy Ballibah possession piece Hashish while receiving Major General Kamal El-Daly, Assistant Interior Minister safer Giza dangers that during the losing captain Atif Jamal Associate Investigation Department, Sheikh Zayed security situation became suspicious of the people as he walked the street and Bastiagafh and searched were found in his possession a piece of hashish and weighed about 25 grams and a cigarette Hashish and show that he called “” Khaled. M. “Supplement to the Libyan Embassy consular ..
القبض على ملحق بالسفارة بالليبية وبحوزته قطعة حشيش أثناء تلقي اللواء كمال الدالي مساعد وزير الداخلية أامن الجيزة أخطارا بأنه اثناء تفقد النقيب عاطف جمال معاون مباحث قسم الشيخ زايد الحالة الامنية ارتاب فى شخص اثناء سيره بالشارع وباستيقافه وتفتيشه عثر بحوزته على قطعة حشيش وزنت حوالي 25 جرام وسيجارة حشيش وتبين انه يدعى ” “خالد.م” ملحق قنصلى فى السفارة الليبية ..


28 novembre 2013

I hope the attention””””””” ‘and our response now from the heart of the event from government sources””””” coming days will be difficult days for  the guerrillas and the government of Freemasonry and General Conference donkeys. They, even Ali, knew it was. They alreaeady began to buy homes and real estate abroad; so, to move and escape Libya to the outside at any moment ;.. and some of them have already deported their families prior to days ago …. –
ارجوا الإنتباه’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’وردنا الان من قلب الحدث من مصادر بالحكومه ’’’’’’’’’’الايام القادمه ستكون ايام عسيرة علي العصابات المسلحه والحكومه الماسونيه ومؤتمر الحمير العام وهم علي علم بذلك وقد بدأو في شراء البيوت والعقارات بالخارج للانتقال لها والهروب للخارج في اي لحظه ..ومنهم من قام بالفعل بترحيل عائلاتهم في أيام سابقة مضت…. –


Comments Allaotunai members of Congress on the atmosphere of the weather:
Sharif adequate .. Rain ? ? ? The rain without a lie .. Tibra role of growth .. Egib your hood …. Bah Ndtlaqgua just after the rain stopped ..
1 . Ali Zaidane : All people have the shorts floating in Tripoli , but I stole from me ! !
2 . Nuri Bushmin : Sinking room Libya rebels , which led to their move to the kitchen Libya rebels ! ! !
3 . Favor Jaudh : Lamy warned me from drowning in the water like drowned in rubbish ! ! !
4 . Suleiman Zubi : high divorce what is happening is a conspiracy against the revolution, and the rains are provoking the rebels began ! !
5 . Ibrahim witnessed a : I am happy in this atmosphere because we ‘re going to take a break from the conference sessions and Snnam as starch ! ! !
6 . Nizar Kawan : rain messed up my hair hairdo ! !
7 . Mohammed Bo Sidra : Why Aatrd people driven me out this atmosphere as the most important and high Haatrin Paso ! ! !
8 . Boukaiqis : all my documents and I sank on a visit to Tripoli, and this is a conspiracy Ali ! !

تعليقات اعضاء المؤتمر اللاوطني على اجواء الطقس
الشريف الوافي.. مطر؟؟؟ اما مطر بلا كذب.. تبره دور منو.. ايجيب لكم شفاط…. باه توا نتلاقوا بعد ما توقف المطر ..
1.علي زيدان: كل الناس يمتلكون شورت للعوم في طرابلس الا انا سرق مني!!
2.نوري بوسهمين:غرق غرفة ثوار ليبيا مما ادى لانتقالهم لمطبخ ثوار ليبيا!!!
3.صالح جعودة:امي حذرتني من الغرق في المياه مثل غرقي في السفاهه!!!
4.سليمان زوبي:عليا الطلاق مايحدث هو مؤامرة على الثورة والامطار هي من بدأت باستفزاز الثوار!!
5.ابراهيم صهد:انا سعيد بهذه الاجواء لاننا سنأخذ اجازة من جلسات المؤتمر وسننام كما نشاء!!!
6.نزار كعوان:الامطار افسدت تسريحة شعري!!
7.محمد بوسدرة :لماذا لايطرد الشعب هذه الاجواء مثلما طردوني ولاهم شاطرين عليا بس!!!
8.بوقعيقيص:كل مستنداتي غرقت وانا في زيارة لطرابلس وهذه مؤامرة علي!!


News says two dead so far are the result of bad weather in Tripoli, died as a result of his first electric shock caused by electric plea area OS and the other deceased as a result of the fall of the tree led to suffering a direct hit in the neighborhood of Andalus.
Men of the army and police in a timely Tripoli:
Record yesterday and last night the men of the national army of supporting police and civil defense in the evacuation of the highway in Tripoli and in the process water suction and pick up citizens’ cars that were flooded as a result of heavy rains witnessed by Tripoli yesterday evening.


Some in the seas and oceans and volcanoes erupt lava Islands consist of a new … In Libya rains and bubbling fountains where new!!!
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو نافورة طرابلس الجديدة
في بعض البحار والمحيطات تثور البراكين وتتكون من حممها جزر جديدة … وفي ليبيا تهطل الامطار وتفور فيها نافورات جديدة !!!

Yes to the sovereignty of the Libyan state together to get out the militias of Tripoli.
Clip – the sinking of a car in a lake of heavy rains in Tripoli – Libya 11/30/2013

نعم لسيادة الدولة الليبية معا لخروج المليشيات من طرابلس‎.

مقطع – غرق سيارة في بحيرة من غزارة الامطار بمدينة طرابلس – ليبيا 30-11-2013


Libya Afif Abdul Aziz in God of

Edema Corner

According to preliminary information from the angle, that the media city “Afif Abdul Aziz”

had died by drowning in his car last night that rain water flooded area hunter and not being able to get out.

Cause heavy rains area mil to the death of a citizen in his cars, named \ “Abdul Aziz Ahmad Afif \” and a girl aged 3 years and called \ “starboard Ibrahim Amory \” died in a car her father after Gmrthma rain water, and to register serious damage. The sources said the Directorate of National Security in the region that heavy rains led to a traffic stop on the coastal road between Tripoli Rabat corner, especially mil area and the occurrence of damage to cars and homes affected farms flooded by rain water,
In addition to the deaths of a number of sheep. According to the correspondent of the News Agency of Libya Azizia area that great efforts are being made by the Board Aeltsiara Aljafarah coordination with a number of the relevant authorities in the region to drain rain water accumulated inventory of roads and other damage and provide the necessary assistance to the affected people.
Tripoli between flood water and power outages:
After a night spent most of the western parts of the city of Tripoli, without electricity,
power outages continue to revive most of the west of Tripoli because of flooding
and damage to a number of sub-power transformers.
Buildings Tajourah Research Center (Buildings suburbs):

We would like to inform you that most of the roads are still closed until this moment, the rain water is being Actual suction roads and most dynamic cars by suction.
Agheiran island to beat the unlocked
Albive still locked
Highway full of cars being dragged to the right of the road.
By Arada unlocked.
By the beginning of the Shat Al Fanar Tajourah specifically unlocked.

Every effort last night was centered precisely in the highway bridge and

the Muslim Quarter Smavro Gurji solidarity to the presence of a large number of cars and families stuck in the road.

Since the image a little … Bridge the Muslim Quarter of Tripoli:

14 car suction king of citizens from Tripoli to Zintan out now volunteered to help the people of Tripoli.

InshaAllah in the balance Hsanatkm Lord.

Students Media Center – Media Center Student

Good morning all the best, our fellow students, schools and the university and all educational institutions are open,

which operates natural form.


Sataiwat in the Sea of ​​Arada:

سالطوات في بحر عراده 😀



Free Tarhunah channel 69.



Aldardanel TV.

Peace Association for charity in Bani Walid announces fundraising physical relief to the displaced

residents of Tawergha affected by the floods in the camps, gathering donations in the headquarters

of the object Aldahara club Bani Walid – à Dardanel TV.


Aldardanel TV.

Peace Association for charity in Bani Walid announces fundraising physical relief to the displaced

residents of Tawergha affected by the floods in the camps, gathering donations in the headquarters

of the object Aldahara club Bani Walid – à Dardanel TV.

Local Tawergha: draw upon international institutions in the absence of government’s interest in our problem
Atmosphere of the country –
The head of the local council Tawergha residents said Abdulrahman Alchukhak
Tawergha will have to use international organizations to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to them, if the government did not care about their problem.
He added that the people of Tawergha Alchukhak suffer the tragedy of living the fullest sense of the word, stressing that despite the lack of access to resolve reconciliation and a return to the city of Tawergha was necessary to at least interest in the camps and provide the most basic decent living conditions.
Alchukhak pointed out that a lot of good people have extended a helping hand
And provide assistance to the people of Tawergha after suffering watched after the torrential rains that flooded all the camps as he put it.
It is noteworthy that the population of the city of Tawergha has more than 38 thousand people spread over more than most notably the city of Tripoli and Benghazi.

Noureddine Bouchiha writes:

“When the blood flowed in Tripoli … Bani Walid sent the blood of their sons;
When it sank Tripoli today … Sent Bani Walid Chwetadtha.

Bani Walid still belongs to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and calculated cronies .. Proved to be like Libya more than mollified many cities on the basis of … Bani Walid found to say that the time of revolution and war, we had attitude and a certain political point of view, we see true … But after the war ended, the first thing we reach out to Khute time of grief …. Greetings from me to Bani Walid and the people of Bani Walid.”



{CIA CIA leak report is very important for the theft of more than fifty million Danark in Sirte during the last term and the report encompassed literally}
Spotted a satellite of the U.S. intelligence agency operation carried out by the quality of an extremist group led to the seizure of a truck carrying money accidentally lead to Sirte and moved to a house on the outskirts of the city under the dominated group came from Algeria and Mali have already spotted the Libyan Sahara also confirmed.


Violent explosion in Benghazi and the first news from the area near the milkfish.

Blast targets Clinic Ansar al-Sharia in Ras servants in Benghazi. Explosion targeting Clinic “supporters fry” in Benghazi.

Explosion “bag” in the park opposite the hospital Galaa
Shortly before, without causing casualties. Briefcase bomb blast at a hospital Galaa.

Drianh police station east of the city of Benghazi exposed shortly before the attack by an improvised

explosive device accompanied by heavy fire and no reports of any casualties.

The assassination of a military air base have built Benghazi
Unidentified shortly before the assassination of one of the Air Force soldiers, “Salah Faraj Drissi” built a base of the air in the neighborhood of Al Sabri.
Eyewitnesses that car rained “Drissi” a hail of bullets and killed him and fled.
Referred to as the “Drissi” It was the delivery of his son “birthday” 17-year-old to school when they were shot, wounding his son is currently a hospital to receive treatment for Galaa surgery and accidents after being injured in the hand.

The assassination of a military base in Pnina (Salah Faraj Drissi) in the area where the car Sabri Bomtarh

a hail of bullets and fled when his son was going to school and his son currently exists at the hospital

as well as the body of his father ….

Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi ::::::
Suffice it, and yes, the agent ..
Assassination “arrived Faraj Drissi” We have built a military base
Air, with a hail of bullets, three of which are stabilized his heart
B Sabri area during the delivery of the daughter’s school, morning
The day after the unidentified target b killed him, not
Now his son to the hospital with a Galaa sections in the case
Very bad psychological, and reach the victim by the age of two and
Forty-year-old age

“Helena program the second episode,” Dr. Yusuf Shakir
“Reveals names Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi” 25

Ansar al-Sharia, “a branch of Libya” gives special forces in Benghazi specific deadline to secure Benghazi ..??????

The image of the colonel, “Jalal Ahmed customary” battalion commander of the Special Forces 11

“Thunderbolt” which is lying in a hospital in Italy for treatment of injuries sustained as a result

of a failed assassination attempt last August.

Statement of the Special Forces” Thunderbolt”

Referring to Matnolth some pages of social networking about the lack of cooperation by the company new orbit to provide information to those military and security and to the interjection made by a caller channel Libya First Thursday program of awakening the nation and the proportions of the same Special Forces” Thunderbolt” and said that the company managed to extend my To illustrate the data it is Special Forces” Thunderbolt” _ Benghazi, stating the following:

1 – that the caller does not represent special forces” Thunderbolt”
2 – Al Madar required to provide support in accordance with the agreed mechanism. 3 – Special Forces” Thunderbolt” and will continue to pursue all those who speak in its name without authorization and permission from the leadership.

Issued in Benghazi on 30 November 2013



Channel tuber now
A number of schools entered the tuber in civil disobedience today to protest the security situation.

Mass demonstration through the streets of tuber now, expressing rejection of violence in the city of assassinations and bombings, and calling for activating the state institutions in the city, including the army and police, and coincide with the civil disobedience includes most of the shops in the city, with the exception of bakeries, pharmacies and stores food.

Now Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel cars loaded with elements of ((supporters poetic)) wandering the streets of the tuber, and angry youth closing streets and lit on fire in the center of the city.?!! Government outside the scope of coverage of the conference is locked local council Mstmal Anhab Anicol for the people of Derna continued, God Ghalib you, have solved these formations remain solely criminal, there is no state q … And let your hope in inhabited tenderly after God, will enter the city from all sides for Tkhalaskm blades of doom.!

Today civil disobedience in Derna fully
This image of the dark-known market to trade in gold and perfumery and clothes:
(AD Media tuber Libya)Close Street nightclubs in tuber few minutes ago, in support of the city’s public disobedience and protest against the violence growing out.

The closure of several streets tuber Now, to coincide with the frequent invitations to start disobedience in the city
from today 12/01/2013 to protest against the increasing violence in the city of bombings and assassinations.

Derna intervention in the sticks’ that civilian.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
International reporter:
the city of Derna demonstrators denouncing what they called “the deliberate silence of the state”
about what is happening in their city, which turned into a hotbed of terrorism, as they called them.
Ansar al-Sharia fired in the air for the purpose of intimidating protesters
They clasps fork Fattaih fear of the demonstrators went to their headquarters there.
This is a picture of a group Ansar al-Sharia …
In a counter-demonstration to demonstration that came out in the tuber ..
Exploit children dying industry:
Nasser Al Hawary:
Allah is the greatest day — tuber convulsed against terrorists and militias in Herat Maza
rallies through the streets of the city. And chanting “Libya is free, and supporters of the land Alcherbah”.
Demonstration demanding the Ministry of Education to transfer certificate system prep and secondary
system of the year to the system Alseemstr:
Students in secondary school certificate storm built and the Ministry of Education and wreak havoc!
Students reasonably high school diploma Iderio Heca??
Tuber this moment Almdahirat breadth to cover all the city’s neighborhoods:
Mdahirat roam the streets of Derna, rejecting the control of the Ansar al-Sharia city
Almdahirh comes after the emergence of publications Thursday evening in the city of Derna
Stated that all of them come out to demonstrate on Sunday will be liquidated !

Name Hamza Arafat
Palestinian nationality
Born in the West Bank
Qualification 5 Primary
Previous work by the hyper until after hyper baker Bakeries in tuber
Financial situation of the poorest of poverty itself.


Prince of princes tuber his word audible and served Asham of (young) tuber and riches, cars, houses and farms and breaks not move, but with a pistol Belgian and perfidious and guard of young tuber and calls the tune, and it does and hits Yalslah and hand with sandals!!!


A statement from the Council Jirdani local and military infidels because of the closure by the infidels Gallo Awjila:




A picture of the body of Pope Gabriel Sharif during his arrival to the hospital ..

Free newspaper Sabha:
Tpauy killed one person at the hands of an armed group
In the process of revenge as it seems.
There is no power but from God.

The arrival of the body of Ahmed Jibril Baba Hospital Medical Sabha (“POPE GABRIEL”) by the police
and members of the Tabu to the refrigerator whacked shot in the chest and abdomen.

Tabu sons of the desert:

Sabha: an atmosphere of tension after the kidnapping of four people from the Tabu civilians in the city this

morning by gangs of armed tribal no news from them so far.


Director of the Commercial Bank of abduction of Omar Abdullah, area Ubari  .



Statements of South African President Zuma regarding Libya
Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Libya hurtling toward borrowing from the World Bank …… and Libya is split by foreign bodies and customers at home???!!!
We begin to reconsider all our agreements with Libya saluting information that confirms that the besieging of vital facilities in Libya today are groups of cardboard and external customers to push pressure on the population and the acceptance of the division of Libya into several provinces??
And put Libya in a critical big economic crisis difficult to come has ridden to become Libya ready to borrow from the World Bank and dad owned by a Jewish family and the conditions are very strict, you will not Libya list then there will not be a country called Libya as it was before then.
If that happens, we immediately we will take the decision to stop Investments activities Libya in South Africa will not be able exposing ourselves to mercenaries World Bank which blackmailed peoples of the world, which undid the hemisphere and the first reason behind the failure of the successes and the rise of people saluting no one state borrowed from Hedda bank and was able to advancement afterwards.
The solution for Libya to get rid of these groups at all costs because of the price, you will not exist in Libya and they are either solution for us is to continue to see that Libya agreed to Alaguetradfsnlgy handle and also Nahramh immediately.
And the Central Bank of South Africa to prepare for this topic and processing risk

SYRIA / ISRAEL:محمد+بلوط#.Upq2s0MgjDwIsraeli Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Units Active in Damascus Battles
30 NOVEMBER  2013
Source: As-Safir

Post image for Israeli Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Units Active in Damascus Battles  
Roughly Translated
Mohammed Chêne:

Aerial photographs of the attackers and the disruption of military contacts
Israel to intervene in the battles of Gota

Israel military in East Gouta to Damascus? Battles, which began last Friday, a surprise attack on the outposts of the Syrian army in the far East Gouta, may turn out to be the first occasion involving Israelis effectively in the Syrian war along one of the parties.
According to sources cross, the Israelis have made a reconnaissance maps and pictures of the Syrian army positions to the nucleus of the attacking force, which was launched from Jordan, under the leadership of co-ordinated intelligence Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Israel.
But Israeli contribute in the battle of the big East Gouta was a pillar whole attack. According to information security, the Israelis succeeded before the start of the first wave of the attack to disrupt communications system for the Fourth Division and the Republican Guard and units of the elite forces for «Hezbollah» The factions «Abu al Fadl al Abbas» Iraq in the region.
During the first hours of the attack, the Israelis used electronic means of encryption, and managed to disrupt radio communications between Syrian groups and their allies on the first line of defense, which was breached quickly, and led to the fall of the seven villages and farms in the area of turf. It has become known that the units of the fourth division stationed in the region had lost contact with the leaders in the region, and the units to the protection lines groups retreating towards the second line of defense to prevent the attackers from progress toward their goal of strategic Otaiba, which forms the entrance to East Gouta, and the key to the siege around.

The attack succeeded to isolate groups of the Republican Guard and «Brigade of Abu al Fadl al Abbas» from each other, and lost many of its elements. And succeeded reinforcements that arrived to the area of prairie restoration headquarters and more barriers and sites that were lost, and the re-organization of parallel lines of defense, and restored contact groups that have lost. So could «Hezbollah» retrieve a set of seven fighters from the elite forces, the opposition said it killed during the attack, as he emphasized «the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» elements that have regained contact their leadership.
And military experts assert that the process of disabling communication quality witnessed by Gota bore the hallmarks of electronic devices known in the Israeli media «Hezbollah» When the Syrian army. And works «Hezbollah» to protect networks contacts, to retain the wired devices and protection, a network impenetrable or disabled.
And characterized the offensive operation, which was conducted by the Chamber of Saudi Arabia – American joint in Jordan, in the absence of the fundamentalist «Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant» (Daash) them, who were excluded from the process at the request of U.S., in order to preserve confidentiality, and to avoid the strategy «Daash» that rely on intrusion suicidal wide in the early stages of the attacks, the attackers lose the element of surprise in the feature area has not seen major military operations, since the Syrian army arrived before month and a half leading up to the edge of the desert to Jordan about, updated siege for «free army» in the region.
It seems that the attackers relied on the experience of Israelis in cutting communications to quickly access to the first line of defense of the Syrian army, to the extent dispense wave «Alangmasien» First and bombers from «Daash» or «Front victory». Was not able to «Daash» from entering the battlefield, but on the second day of the attack, after Absorb Syrian army wave offensive first, while reaching additional troops from the elite units in the «Hezbollah» which began, as well as the Syrian army, a counter-offensive in the region, still in progress so far.
The groups of factions «Islamic Front» seven, overseen by the head of Saudi intelligence Bandar bin Sultan, through his ally commander «Army of Islam» Zahran Aloush, has joined Bertal coming from Jordanian territory.
Arab sources say that the Jordanians had leaked information about the attack, which was being prepared him to the Syrian side. The Jordanians have been subjected to great pressure from Saudi Arabia to allow convoys of Syrian opposition fighters take off from their lands, perforated by the Syrian desert towards Gota, in the process of a strategy to break the siege of Gota.
Did not change the entry-Israeli fighting, albeit electronically, something in the course of the fighting, but it indicates to enter the conflict stage is very critical compel Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and the Saudis to go too far in their choice attempt to modify the military maps and prevent political settlement, whatever the cost, and even necessary to use Israeli expertise.
And put to use the experience in fighting Israeli forces in the elite «Hezbollah» and the Syrian army by Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi questions about coordination with Israel in Syria. It also shows the race against time that Bandar income to take advantage of the deadline, which is still open to him until the «Geneva 2» on January 22 next to amend the military balance of power, which is still likely to be worth the benefit of the system.
Did not show the final outcome of the military operations so far, but the leaders of the eight brigades «beloved» alone died in the first wave of the attack, and was «the banner of Islam» more than 50 fighters in the first day. And fell more than 20 fighters Saudis fighting in the first two days. It is estimated to cross talk about the deaths of more than 400 people dead in the ranks of the attackers, two days before.


Mu our VictorBLESSING THE GREAT MAN MADE RIVER in full gratitude:

THE “GAME” of juvenile player ALI ZAIDANE

Mu protector

Early Pic of Mu w his amazon angel guards

Mu at his Women's Academy 2

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 19/11/2013 P

Mu is joyous for Victory




President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil, stressed that he did not receive the association does not officially not a figurehead, and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the Prime Minister.
And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.

ITALY and France jointly “will do something” in Libya !!!
(BUT even Hashim humans, the Secretary of Security, is against foreign intervention!!!)
“Lq Italian French weakness of state institutions, the Libyan
Italian Prime Minister, “Enrico Letta,” he accept it, and the French president, “Francois Hollande,” the Italian government at the summit of French Altimt in Rome Wednesday, institutional conditions “weak” in Libya.
He said, “Lita” in a joint news conference with “Holland” on Wednesday evening that “Italy and France share a great concern in the matter of Libya and the need to work for reinforcements state institutions” there.”
قلق إيطالي فرنسي من ضعف مؤسسات الدولة الليبية
أعلن رئيس الوزراء الإيطالي “إنريكو ليتّا” أنه استعرض والرئيس الفرنسي “فرانسوا هولاند” خلال القمة الحكومية الإيطالية الفرنسية التي التئمت في روما الاربعاء، الاوضاع المؤسساتية “الضعيفة” في ليبيا.
وقال “ليتّا” في مؤتمر صحفي مشترك مع “هولاند” مساء الاربعاء إن “إيطاليا وفرنسا تتشاطران القلق الكبير في الشأن الليبي وضرورة العمل لتعزيزات مؤسسات الدولة” هناك.


Member of the National Congress protect itself b pomegranate ! !

She said one of the members of the National Congress on Wednesday for security at the entrance to the municipality of Tripoli , she carries a hand grenade in her purse ” for self-defense .”
The local council of the city on his Facebook that he ” when they enter the municipality of Tripoli to participate in the meeting , Ms. Souad Sultan passed her purse on the device detect weapons and explosives which led to the launch warning .”
He added: ” When asked what security official carry in her purse , acknowledged the existence of a hand grenade carried justified as self-defense .”
He explained that the authority of the Council was able to participate in the meeting after that delivered the bomb to the security officer , and wanted to ” restore bomb after the meeting, but the security official refused to ” have it delivered .
He said the local council of Tripoli that he was forced to publish this clarification to deny information has been circulating on social networks pointed to the arrest of Sultan .

(Valley girl)

A hand grenade in a bag «Deputy Libyan» … To protect personal!

Adjust the security apparatus of the Council of the Libyan capital Tripoli today (Wednesday) member of parliament Souad Sultan, carrying a hand grenade in her bag when entering the council’s headquarters.
According to official sources td Council Sultan explained that the reason for retaining this bomb to protect personal information.
The media quoted local sources as the Council that the Council members who were meeting infuriated, especially that she was invited to the meeting on the grounds that they represent the city of Tripoli.

Tripoli Local Council :

a correction of what is now floating in some social networking pages concerning respected member of Congress Souad Sultan ….. The story is as follows : Ms. Souad Sultan as it entered the Council of Tripoli to attend the meeting and put her purse inside the device detect weapons and explosives fired machine siren and has been offering security officer and asked her about what is found in her purse lean on the existence of a hand grenade ( pomegranate ) and it is used for personal protection Vslmtha him and entered to attend the meeting , then the security officer contacted the security authorities concerned and sent the Security Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Tripoli during the exit asked delivered her but security official refused to do so until the arrival of CID . Health News nor the effect that the member was being held or suspended by the Attorney General ….


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New $ 1.3 billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of  “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party



Cars with political bodies roam within the capital Tripoli repeatedly.
Including cars bearing the logo of the idiocy of the United Nations.

Flying in the skies today

Whatever Alito in the sky and Alito, your record date NATO dogs!!

likbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians
Voir la traduction
Photo: Hlikbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians.

 “Atmosphere of the country”:
Denied, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Cape Muhammad Ali news

that have been traded on cutting off communications from the capital tomorrow.

Anissalem Salem


Misrata militias begin to occupy the coastal road from the five and the movement of tanks and heavy weapons to the headquarters of the Turkish company in the valley as the year the tobacco factory and the purpose is to besiege the capital Tripoli and its people.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News:

named exists in front of you in the news and for the Turtle witnesses from Zliten.

“Don’t worry ! –
Muammar is leading the battle in the inside of Libya . He was able to fail all the plans of those monsters on the ground.
They will not be able to do anything in the presence of Muammar. “-

Mu on the horizon

vidéo de GPC basic Elvis Bucky free.

Ya live commander
Hey commander live ..

Ali Asbali
Militias out of the capital means the return from where it came from, it does not mean disappearance or evaporation of their arsenal of weapons.

The fact delivered today in Tripoli :::

Most of the militias evidence today says
“Delivery only housings”
Alumblyichiyat not any solution and deliver weapons and its members join the army and police personnel Ka ..

They are meant to change the sites they said Mqratna follow the state and we will deliver it.

Nawasi changed the location and most of the mechanisms in the farms follow them.

Laughed p chins!!!


(PM picks whom should leave; so not all are leaving!!)

President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil,  stressed that he did not receive the association

does not officially not a figurehead,

and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the RAT Prime Minister.

And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.


All Libyan cities will be covered by the decision of the evacuation of the militias, but gradually !

(only Zaidane will decide on the “timing” ! )

Amnesty International calls on the Libyan authorities to protect the protesters from armed groups

And : Amnesty International called on the Libyan authorities , today, Thursday , to protect the protesters from armed groups during the protests planned this week .

The organization said that Jerusalem Square in Tripoli on Friday will see big demonstrations at the invitation of the President of the local residents of the capital of the general strike even leave those groups of the city.

For its part , said Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization , ” Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui ” The Libyan authorities must ensure the protection of the protesters.

The organization urged the Libyan government to ensure that efforts to disarm armed formations and reintegration compatible with human rights standards , and the lack of integration of those responsible for human rights violations in the state institutions .

And Amnesty International pointed out that the Libyan government has announced a new plan is to integrate Muslhhaasma formations in the state security forces .


Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.


The demolition of the headquarters of the security committee attic – branch headed by Abu Salim’s murderer Gneoh by protesters

Gneoh handover headquarters of the National Security Directorate to Tripoli
The news that he was promoted talking Gneoh president of the Center Abu Salim

Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.

Reporter “atmosphere of the country”:

the commander of a brigade of civil Shaheed Mohamed Ibrahim civil begins delivery of brigade headquarters to Colonel Salem Souissi in charge of the Defense Ministry headquarters in the presence of the President of the receipt of the Air Defense F Alabana and representatives of the local council of Tripoli and the civil society organizations.

The start of the delivery and receipt:

civil Brigade withdraw today.

The official handover of the Yarmouk camp by the brigade’s Ministry of Civil Defense (4 photos)
Begin preparations for the formal delivery of the brigade civil by the Ministry of Defense and will be in receipt of Colonel Omar Salem Suisse designate to receive one of the largest military forts of the Libyan army camp of Yarmouk, which holds the banner of civil society.

Distribution of brioche and Alrani guests for the handover ceremony Yarmouk camp today

ههههههههههههههههههههههههومعاها Brioche Italian Mhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzelh

This battalion lightning .. Withdraw from Tripoli:

Abolished the Ministry of Interior and the police pause “in solidarity with the victims of Gharghour” was scheduled for today, according to Green  Square, The Director of the Office of Relations Directorate of Security Tripoli Nuri al-Obeid to the “atmosphere of the country” on Thursday.

Band VIII ( Nawasi ) denies evacuation based
“Atmosphere of the country”

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to “the atmosphere of the country ” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

The presence of loop current consultations with the local council to vacate Tripoli headquarters , and transfer to the base band Mitigua air base Thursday morning , noting that the band will respond to the demands of the people of the region that had demanded the evacuation of the headquarters.

He stressed that the buttonhole band is currently involved in securing the city of Tripoli, along with a number of security teams of the Supreme Security Committee of the Ministry of the Interior , under the command of the joint operations room in Tripoli .

It is worth mentioning that the ministerial committee for the implementation of the National General Conference resolutions number twenty-seven (27) and fifty-three (53), has announced what it called the ” time plan and a specific roadmap ” to evacuate the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi from armed manifestations .

Defense Minister Abdullah bending required to shield Libya militias (MISURATA) to return to Tripoli after stabilizing the security situation .. Is this the logic of security men and the army asked to return Mlisheh if extrapolated conditions Tripoli … Why?

(Valley girl)

Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP):

“Qathafi leading currently in Tripoli; Aawallah black day for them!”

 Mamedabussdrh expelled leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization Muflsinmn by Algeria Square Youth.
طرد محمدابوسدره القيادي في تنظيم الاخوان المفلسينمن من قبل شباب ميدان الجزائر
Got Alshall in demonstrations against the local council of Tripoli, non-elected,,,,

Qara Bolle … Alqoaah:

An exchange of prisoners between Misrata and Tajourah presence of dignitaries Qara Bolle
Alqoaah gate area military police breaker.


Happening now:
Dozens of judges and lawyers are coming out now in a demonstration of the Courts Complex in Tripoli to Algeria Square, –
demanding the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed manifestations.

News Libya | Libya News
Allah is the greatest day of the local council received Andar Tripoli protesters in the field of Algeria notify the militia in control of the channel Libya official explained that the demonstrators tomorrow will go to the channel to release it from the militia, which Att where they Cislmoha corruption and police will not back down until this matter.
To all free tomorrow after Friday prayers will be a part of our plan from this channel prisoner.
Now | Chairman Tripoli local Sadat Badri confirms in a speech to the demonstrators in the capital of Algeria in the field of continuing general strike until the last piece of weaponry output of Tripoli, except the army and police force.

Pads Badri: civil disobedience continuously .. And tomorrow will be gathering on the island of Bohradh after Friday prayers.
Tomorrow a major demonstration against the militias in Tripoli and the army and police claim ..
And alert the internal breakthroughs will occur tomorrow demonstration.

Tripoli Local Council at a news conference a little while ago:

formed a committee to follow up the procedures for the delivery and receipt of each site, and follow-up battalions out of the capital.

Director of security of the capital Tripoli on channel shortly before:

It was agreed that tomorrow will be a place to demonstrate in front of the Holy Mosque Babuhradh has been commissioned and will be protected by the police in the first ring and the second ring in the second infantry brigade of the national army.

Tripoli – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The Interior Ministry calls on citizens to gentlemen need to show restraint and to ensure a peaceful demonstration, which will be organized tomorrow to miss opportunities to all of this movement is trying to recruit for other purposes.

Student Media Center :::::

Students’ Union announces # # Engineering College in coordination with the Dean of the College and coordinator of the study and exams that college exams will not be next week ..

Even though the study began with the knowledge that he has not decided yet whether the study will begin next week, or not.

(University Students Union # # Tripoli – Branch # College of Engineering).

Chairman of the interim government will meet the heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli

And met with interim Prime Minister Dr. ” Ali Zaidane ” Wednesday evening at the prime minister, heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli .

During the meeting, which was attended by ministers , higher education , justice , culture and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education to review and discuss the outcomes of the tragic events that occurred area Gharghour last Friday and claimed the lives of dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded, including a number of university students .

According to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education , ” Bashir Alstaoa “ that the students insisted during the meeting of the prime minister on the need to evacuate the city of Tripoli from all military formations , because this action is in the interest of the country.

“The Alstaoa ” that the government had asked give her some time , as the committee in charge of following up the implementation of Resolution 27 issued by the National Congress on the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed formations , is in the process now on the application and implementation of the resolution on the ground and explained \ ” Alstaoa \” that the prime minister discussed with the delegation, the issue of student -stop for the university study , as confirmed in this regard that the wheel of the state and its institutions must spin works including universities .

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education that the heads of student unions Sub confirmed at the conclusion of this meeting reservations to continue the study , and constantly demanding civil disobedience .

Deans of faculties of the University of Tripoli, union leaders and faculty members at their meeting today Orteuro unanimously a continuation of the suspension of classes until the exit of all armed formations ..

(AD Student Media)


The return of most of the public and private banks to work this morning in Tripoli. # Libya

عودة أغلب المصارف العامة والخاصة للعمل صباح اليوم في طرابلس. #ليبيا

يحدث الآن :
العشرات من القضاة والمحامين يخرجون الآن في مظاهرة من مجمع المحاكم بطرابلس إلى ميدان الجزائر, للمطالبة بإخلاء مدينة طرابلس من المظاهر المسلحة.


Before the hour and a half:

in front of a gas station Falah, an army patrol arrested two people and armed intervention of the

Joint Committee (deterrence Mitigua) to being released.

Diary of a prisoner in Mitiga ..
I do not know how much time has passed and I’m in this place, perhaps a year or more Time, here is no different Many in the events and circumstances and the night continued and we are waiting for the morning will not shine , it may be here since the fall of Tripoli but tell me when to hit Tripoli and tell me how the date today?

I lost many of my senses as a result of torture no longer hear well and did not a promising taste eating and move my feet with great difficulty , no longer afraid of torture , whether a stick or electrically felt that my body has become its electrical energy sufficient to operate the columns of light in Tripoli sad,

torturers here ordered them strange they ask us to wake up at dawn and dawn prayers lectured and read the Holy Quran after a hot night of torture pa afraid to tell God this and ask him to beat them , which the Almighty descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night to hear the claims of the oppressed and lift the injustice , I think they do not fear God and do not fill out Belkaúna in the dawn prayer and not for what they tortured us throughout the night , on some nights you hear the sound of someone reciting verses from the Holy Quran at the same time screaming torturers of popular Guard and the Revolutionary Guards and volunteers , as well as men Bani Walid who taxpayers for their honor and display , why put our voice Quran with torture ?

Do you want to plant the Vienna knot listen to the words of God Almighty, no doubt that the Hola demons in human form until the Sheikh who teaches us in the evening in one subject for years, I do not know their number does not come out of the sermon is over it and respect his orders , he says these words to the people tortured morning and evening they do not have a guardian but God , how will go out of obedience ?

What is happening in Mitiga is torture demons of the slaves and the more I wanted to explain to you what is happening in the prisons of Mitiga would I , but I Larry Shi strange every morning and I cried Larry dead person from Vdraj in Bani Walid , a smiley and someone else from Almrdom a smiley and another Alrkdalin a smiley wonder what the secret of smile who die in the night of torture in and out in the morning to morgues ? , There is no doubt that they have seen in their death is great I am waiting for the morning, go out with a smile to the morgue and ask you , O Liberal to fulfill the way it is for your sake and for my bear all this. This commandment from someone on the way to a smile
يوميات سجين في معيتيقة ..
لا اعرف كم مضى من الوقت وانا في هذا المكان ربما سنة او اكثر فالزمن هنا لايختلف كثير في احداثه وظروفه والليل مستمر ونحن في انتظار صباحا لن يشرق ، ربما اكون هنا منذ سقوط طرابلس لكن من يخبرني متى سقطت طرابلس ومن يخبرني كم التاريخ اليوم ؟ فقدت العديد من حواسي نتيجة التعذيب لم اعد اسمع جيدا ولم اعد اتذوق الاكل واحرك قدماي بصعوبة بالغة ، لم اعد اخاف التعذيب سواء بالعصا او بالكهرباء احس ان جسدي صارت به طاقة كهربائية تكفى لتشغيل اعمدة النور في طرابلس الحزينة ، الجلادين هنا امرهم غريب هم يطلبون منا الاستيقاظ في الفجر وصلاة الفجر حاضر وقراءة القران الكريم بعد ليلة ساخنة من التعذيب الآ يخافون ان نخبر الله بهذا ونطلب منه ان ننتصر عليهم وهو سبحانه ينزل للسماء الدنيا في الثلث الاخير من الليل لسماع دعاوي المظلومين ورفع الظلم ، اعتقد انهم لا يخافون الله ولا يعبئون بلقائنا به في صلاة الفجر والآ لما قاموا بتعذيبنا طوال الليل ، في بعض الليالي كنت اسمع صوت احدهم يتلو ايات من القرآن الكريم وفي نفس الوقت صراخ المعذبين من الحرس الشعبي والحرس الثورى والمتطوعين وكذلك رجال بني وليد الذين دافعو عن شرفهم وعرضهم ، لماذا يضعون لنا صوت القرآن الكريم مع التعذيب ؟ هل يريدون ان يغرسوا فينا عقدة الاستماع لكلام الله عز وجل ، لاشك ان هولاء شياطين في صورة بشر حتى الشيخ الذي يحاضر علينا في المساء في موضوع واحد لسنوات لا اعرف عددها لا يخرج من خطبة ولى الامر واحترام اوامره، يقول هذا الكلام الى اشخاص يعذبون صباح ومساء وليس لديهم ولى امر الآ الله فكيف سوف يخرجون عن طاعته ؟ مايحدث في معيتيقة هو تعذيب الشياطين للعباد وكلما اردت ان اوضح لكم مايحدث في سجون معيتيقة فلن استطيع ولكنى اري شى غريب كل صباح وابكي اري شخص ميت من فدراج في بني وليد وهو مبتسم وشخص اخر من المردوم وهو مبتسم واخر من الرقدالين وهو مبتسم ياترى ما سر ابتسامة الذين يموتون في الليل بالتعذيب ويخرجون في الصباح الى ثلاجات الموتى ؟ ، لاشك انهم قد شاهدوا في موتهم آمر رائع انا في انتظار صباح اخرج فيه مبتسما الى ثلاجة الموتي واطلب منكم ايها الاحرار ان تكملوا الطريق فمن اجلكم واجل بلادي نتحمل كل هذا. هذه وصية من شخص في طريقه الى الابتسامة

The resignation of many of the doctors and anesthesia technician in a hospital corner ..

That will come as a result of

Lack of appreciation and respect for them by the director of a hospital corner …

Lack of army or police to protect them ..

Lack of medicines and equipment in a hospital corner ..

(Moved from the Association doctors corner 2013)


Haitham Tagouris the transfer of arms, the special mechanisms of Ninewa Nawasi project ostrich, and also the transfer of a number of prisoners about twenty prisoners to the same place, Haitham refuses to release Hola prisoners and set another prison trench in Tajourah, Haitham does not follow the instructions the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, and no one is able to the taking of prisoners of it, Haitham Tagouris criminal should stand in the face .. Please spread the word to everyone and to campaign for the release of prisoners and we have complaints of the people some of the prisoners who are ostrich project.

Victims Organization for Human Rights
Thursday, 12 November 2013



Anissalem Salem :::

News downright million percent
Very, very fierce battles in the department in Ajeelat.
The spread of the regular police department from Ajeelat within the city this morning.
Department in AJEELAT now ..

An armed attack on the prison department in AJeelat judicial police by unknown assailants.

and Adhu fled and the situation was calm now, no one hurt.

City department in AJEELAT
Now: department in AJEELAT
Clashes between armed groups from the areas of the market and the gift of Jinan.



Area and Rishvana

Heavy shooting my 14.5 in 27 .

Thunderous explosion in the world .. Possible be the voice of an RPG launcher .. In a good college ..

(Channel globe)

Quadraplegic RAT calls in admitting that he abducted 14 Zintani!!

Quoting / / Pictures and News from Rishvana ·

One caller broadcasting Alcdoh 104.3 The anonymity quadriplegic
‘ve Kidnapped 14 people from Zintan in response to the abduction of my brother at the airport in Tripoli after returning from Turkey* have been looking for him from time to 12:00 today afternoon and did not find him

I heard Aladinm contact Hedda … and God knows.

*: TURKEY is where the MISURATA GNC RATS met (including NOAH & BELHADJ) to get their funding and support and plans to take-over TRIPOLI.



27 camp west of Tripoli :::

Fears of storming the camp of the 27 on Friday, according to statements made by the commander of the camp.

Came out not necessary for the militias …


Using Sabratha coastal :: terrible accident causing the death of 5 people 3 men, women and children

11/20/2013 catastrophic car accident the day after refinery Mellitah ..

five cars turn out to be … the remains of five people and LoFat family Jennifan area of Beautiful City..

I am God and to Him we return …
O best of our conclusion and Tova Watt satisfied with us.


Tarhouna Youth Association

Killed, “Ibrahim Souayah” of the tribe Alanaajh weft Aldechailah at the hands of the sons of Cane and is one of the persons involved in the murder of their brother after he was scheduled to be tried in a court in Tripoli where ((invitee has Ashour Nouri handed over to Tripoli so as not to kill him)) and I’ve found lying in the same place where he found the lifeless bodies of the son of Cane.

Armed militias committed crimes in the city Tarhounah on Tuesday, November 19th amid the silence of the government and Almatmalotunai year.

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to the “atmosphere of the country” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

Pictures. Victims of one militia “handsome hawk” kidnapped, tortured and killed and still missing and the rest of his brothers accused “Ahmdalsaeidi” and “the backing band, led by the fourth” Salah Elmarghani “Friday, November 22, 2013 AD.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 AD , said sources from within the city Tarhounah the Agency : the militias affiliated ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ nicknamed Aleem Libyan band backing fourth Salahuddin affiliate Lama called Guard facilities and led by Salah Elmarghani the attack on the police station in downtown Tarhounah and kidnapped a policeman and a group of detainees and they executed and thrown stadium ball is dead, ” Ibrahim Souayah Alnaaja “ that appears in the picture has been tortured were killed him amid the silence of the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the prime minister and the National Conference , which belongs to him called ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ decision in the National Congress , which accuses the people of Tarhounah led campaign horror and the liquidation of the people of the region .

edit: Mamedalhaafa .


News of the arrival of the mechanisms of Al Qaqaa Brigade.   

Zintan brigade to prosperous Camp Mizdah .

(Citizen of Mizdah)



opening of article: “Zintan from truffles to ax ….” by ALzaim Muammar

On one of the peaks of the mountain west and in the middle stationed Zintan, a city in Libya and the tribe of the Libyan tribes of ancient associated brotherhood with the tribes of her weight Corvlh and Qmazfah and they called their alliance on behalf of Khot seriously Zintan area truffles most famous in Libya presence and Trade population was living an existence quiet planting wheat, barley and olives and raise livestock , customs , tribal and owners of one word. It is the mountain to the Mermaid is a vast difference in living , climate and a good place also.

Upon issuance of Resolution No. 7 on Bani Walid, Zintani remained steadfast and did not intervene (but they gave food, weapons and much aid to their Warfalla cousins); and did not pay attention to the order of brothers Grandpa. This  turned Zintan tribe of ancient with the word to the executioners and Mafloh Palmchacheh from the use of gas and shelling of civilians the biggest proof of that when they arrested Ali Saif al-Islam has not Iktsoa him , but on the contrary, Honor and his hospitality and treated him as a prisoner of war and better (they protected him, gave him a fair trial in Dec/Jan 2011-2).  They indeed showed their respect for a honorable and great tribal  family ( the Gadafa).

The Al Qaqaa Brigade,
The Al Qaqaa Brigade engaged in delivering its headquarters for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Allah is the greatest mobility of Tripoli reaps the fruits.Sources of news: Zintan Brigades had redeployed in farms through the airport, and Tripoli Local Council will be asked to verify officially leave the armed formations of the capital.

الله أكبر حراك طرابلس يجني الثمار تباعاً


“Atmosphere of the country” ..
Chairman of the Air Defense F Alabana announce
received through the headquarters of a brigade of civil Yarmouk camp on Thursday
for the establishment of a security room in Zintan.


Was liquidated citizen Masood Ahmed Trchana in the city of Sirte and was found in the area 17 west of Sirte and the late order specialty tanks Excellent ..

(Inspired Pen)



That did not Then do what you want …

Today one of the brave heroes of the commandos … The …. The … And calculated on the family ( gunpowder )

With the reservation to mention the full name of this hero .. the infringement on the door of the Operations Section holiest of holies , where the hospital treats people and God gives them life ..

Xi not only because when he entered the hospital did not find a doctor in Antdharh … because he , according to his belief that the doctor knows his presence at the hospital and did not care about the will ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

When Tgosaina reason for storming Hedda Commando operations and found misfortune.

It has taught us that he called him his friend who is not a resident of Bani Walid ? ? ? Outboard mean? ? ! ! And told him that he was subjected to a traffic accident and is in good health and not suffering from only a minor injury in the foot and some bruises … But Hedda Gallant when attending to the hospital was not pleased with the level of health services provided to friendly Barrani ? ? ? ( From Mizdah or Alguentarar by what we heard )
Please proceed directly to the Operations Division , where the process was conducted for Sheikh elder battling the disease … Taking its glass doors and smashed its skull and dislocated Doors …. And terrified workers … where there were doctors from operations outside Bani Walid performing service for the people of this city deprived of several services …
Dear Sir, you are the action offended yourself to this precious family?
Whats suppose that this person was under alamlihho your father do you do these actions?
Suppose you are in a hospital in Tripoli will you this heroic movements?!?!?!

Fear God in this hospital.When the city’s avenues narrowed not only school to this modest facility
Honorable thamlo city, people of your responsibilities towards this vital and sensitive facility.
I swear if he met doctors and workers on strike.(I see it close if this comic situation) getting into trouble for real disaster,.

O you local council and you have to carry your responsibilities , but with Feltrahl Departed
O you Social Council Silence Is not this wisdom absent from you ? ?
You guys city hospital protection of Haala Tramps and Almichdeghin ..
Because you can only ltaalgo the hospital your kinsfolk and kins Hatta as you.

And finally … … …. Realizing it before you end up in disaster. The great fire start (spark) small
(Addicted health)

Valley Agency Dinar News

Bani Walid great

The days reveal the true Libyans , but not seen Baionna .
The membrane was perched on the eyes of the children and the national Pkarth started shaking .
The fact that Sun screamed previously appear today to my brothers at home.
The words of the sheikh said Barghouti has become our wisdom we transfer .
The transfer order said :
That governs the national is nothing but a regional tribal militias and foreign agendas have other flavors, we’ve got the Arab and Lybia .
Today I see what we see every Alepien of delivery and receipt of yesterday who was imposed on us and on the home Mairead who we want him to be the only Fared us to Mairead force of law .
I am .
Congratulate my family in Bani Walid and Ali Atrahm religion righteous martyrs died under the injustice of this topic militias decide today all the children of the nation , but they are not people who are going out on the wrong-doers everything is legal and humane .
Today the Good congratulate the cities of their men and elders and fighters. Pencaúha congratulate her and her children .
I congratulate elders and their wisdom and courage of its men and women fighters Bpsahlthm Bangabehn to Black will be in history and a symbol of her children trace their lineage and affiliation of each of these .
Congratulate Bani Walid victory by the fact that we thank God that each reached the Libyans.
Congratulate her the truth , which paid for it blood.
The fact that its content that shields it is only Adera tribal and regional battalions and all of the issued and other laws are the basis of power and void Ahtaha was the law of the jungle that the Duck .
Congratulate her because she first said yes , yes to the military police, no militia ..
Now, after what you stand on this topic truth .
Libyans O , O conference legalized the orders of those militias days , my government has supported the oppressors days. All of you ask.
But you deserve Bani Walid Alaatdar . But you deserve compensation for the burning and looting destroyed .
But you deserve to Tcolo the right word in the religion of its people fed you and those militias repeatedly bitter pill .
Or you do not dare to tell the truth or what was Alaatdar you and without you around and force yesterday . And you are at the mercy of those bands.
Enough for us the truth . We need you today condemned the crimes committed your decision No. (7 ) .
We do not want only the adoption of the error and injustice.
We do not know no clue how to be a day coming days Valdnaa rotates among the people of God . Van was you or the militias will not happen to us more than it was .
And that we had let it be Aatdarkm and your condemnation of criminals and your recognition of Bachtaúkm cause him to descend the mercy of the oppressed to the oppressors are listed on the Ombudsman and overtaken .

God bless our martyrs and placed them rest in peace .

(Ali Akash Method)

بني وليد العظيمة

وكان الايام تكشف حقيقة لم يرها الليبيون الا باعيوننا .
وكان الغشاء الجاثم على عيون بني وطني بدات تنفض بكارته .
وكان شمس الحقيقة التي صرخنا بها سابقا تظهر اليوم لاخوتي في الوطن .
وكان كلمات شيخنا البرغوتي اصبحت حكمتنا بقوله قلنا ونقل .
اجل قلنا ونقل :
بان من يحكم في وطني ماهي الا مليشيات جهويه قبليه واخري لها اجندات خارجيه جاءتنا بنكهات عربيه واخري ليبيه .
اليوم وانا ارى وكل اليبيين ما نراه من تسليم واستلام ممن كان بالامس يفرض علينا وعلى الوطن مايريد لمن كنا نريد له ان يكون الفارض الوحيد علينا لمايريد بقوة القانون .
فانني .
اهني اهلي في بني وليد واترحم علي شهدائنا البررة الدين قضوا تحت ظلم هده الميليشيات التي تبت اليوم لكل بني الوطن انهم ليسوا الا اناس ظالمين خارجين على كل ما هو قانوني وانساني .
اليوم اهني مدينتي العظيمه برجالها وشيوخها ومقاتليها . اهنئها بنسائها واطفالها .
اهنئ شيوخها بحكمتهم ورجالها بشجاعتهم ومقاتليها ببسالتهم ونسائها بانجابهن لاسود سيكونون في التاريخ رمزا واطفالها بنسبهم وانتمائهم لكل هؤلاء .
اهني بني وليد بانتصارها بالحقيقة التي نحمد الله ان وصلت لكل الليبيين.
اهنئها بالحقيقة التي دفعت من اجلها الدماء .
الحقيقة التي فحواها ان الدروع ما هي الا ادرع قبليه وان الكتائب جهويه وان كل ما صدر من قوانين وغيرها هي باطله اساسها القوة واحتكامها كان لقانون الغاب ان داك .
اهنئها لانها اول من قال نعم للجيش نعم للشرطة ولا للميليشيات ..
والان وبعد ما وقفتم علي هده الحقيقه .
يا ايها الليبيون , يا مؤتمرا شرعن اوامر تلك الميليشيات يوما , يا حكومة دعمت الظالمين يوما . جميعكم اسال .
الا تستحق منكم بني وليد الاعتدار . الا تستحق منكم تعويضا لما حرق ونهب ودمر .
الا تستحق منكم ان تقولو كلمة حق فيها وفي اهلها الدين ضاقوا منكم ومن تلك الميليشيات مرار العلقم .
ام انكم لا تجرؤون علي قول الحقيقه او الاعتدار لما كان منكم وانتم دون حول وقوة بالامس . وانتم تحت رحمة تلك العصابات .
تكفينا الحقيقه . ويكفينا اليوم منكم ادانه لجرائم ارتكبت بقراركم رقم ( 7 ) .
لا نريد الا اقرار بالخطا والظلم .
فلا ندري ولا تدرون كيف تكون الايام القادمة فالدنيا ايام يداولها الله بين الناس . فان كانت لكم او للميليشيات فلن يحدث لنا اكثر مما جرى .
وان كانت لنا فليكن اعتداركم وادانتكم للمجرمين واعترافكم باخطائكم سببا تنزل منه رحمة من مظلومين على ظالمين يوم ترد المظالم وتنقلب الموازين .

رحم الله شهدائنا واسكنهم فسيح جناته .

علي عكاش الفقهي

Bani Walid :::::::

The College of Cambridge Bani Walid headquarters object Butanuep Jerusalem from start recording in English language courses and computer at different levels as to Launch in methodology courses for the two phases of basic education and average in mathematics, chemistry, and the Arabic language.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ::::::: City five

URGENT: News on the presence Shield forces to Libya “Misrata” withdrawing from the camp in Tripoli Albraizh “battalion headquarters Joseph formerly Overture” in five does not know until the moment you presence will be temporary or permanently!!



Misurata satellite channel:

Shortly after the statement of the local council and the military and the Shura Council,

civil society organizations and the Misrata rebels (4) on the events of Tripoli.

Issued local councils and the military and the Shura Council, civil society organizations and leaders of the rebels in Misrata joint statement

Confirm it to claim the National Congress formed a committee to investigate the facts of figures known for their integrity and neutrality holds the search in the details of this incident tragic and planned and instigated them and how they occur and the parties that participated in it by listening to all the parties and witnesses and access to all documents, images and prepare a detailed report particularly during a period not exceeding 30 days.

and, AFTER TERRORIZING  the CITY of TRIPOLI for MONTHS, and this past weekend  alone murdered 48 and over 539 wounded, they have the nerve to lie and ask :

“Shura Council member Fathi Bashaga city of Misrata on channel DC: Chamber of Commerce Tripoli exposure compensation all the merchants of the city of Misrata who have been burning and looting of their property and their shops in the city of Tripoli.”

Which is a BIG FABRICATION, because no one burned their shops or stole from them…

THEY burned their own places of habitation as they left the premises on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!

and what about all the bodies, blood and tortured people and mass graves that were found in the wake???

Not counting the filthe and mess!!!
THESE ARE TRULY EVIL PEOPLE…who now are trying to gain sympathy! and who do you think were the invaders????



Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Urgent and Important: The Interior Ministry denies that it has ordered the formation of the Eastern Province Chamber of rebels .

Friday, 22 November 2013 AD obtained the agency of sources on a book issued by the Minister of the Interior in charge d “friend Abdul karim cream” shows the confusion and exploitation of correspondence precedent in how to set up a room Libya rebels in the Eastern Province is clear from reading the book referred to and that reader will see a copy of it Kiffa to exploit some of the people with the agenda Private correspondence in rigging the state to create objects rejected by the Libyans and manipulation which could be up to a charge of forgery . edit: Mamedalhaafa .






President of the Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica Mr. Abed Rabbo Barasi exclusively for “Reporters” that his office received preliminary approval from the United Nations to allow it to sell oil, and it will begin the sale of oil from all the ports of the region within two weeks,according to Law No. 58, which determines how the distribution of income among regions three. )

and TODAY, this!:

Libyan affairs in the international press ·

The official website of Mission

United Nations Mission in Libya (# UNSMIL) confirms that there has been no agreement with the United Nations which is not given approval to any arrangements related to oil, was initially or process.


Gemayel :::

Injury, “Imam Ammar,” a police officer with Beautiful City, after being
For a hail of bullets is of him during the transfer of a number of prisoners of
Back to the department in Ajeelat, without the recorded cases of escape for prisoners.

# Beautiful


Quoting from Motaz Libya:
* Security force able turf since few of the arrest of a terrorist cell was trying to
Meadow Court bombing arrested three of Benghazi, and two of the tuber and one of the Prairie.


Call me now ordered an investigation commandos and said to me, has given them a

communiqué about the presence of a car bomb outside the home of the Egyptian consul

and forces the bolt is on its way there.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Using cameras in the airport have built international has been know to put the bag Adhesive on one of the airport’s car to blow it up and when they saw the cameras, the airport had Pfkha and fled, but surveillance cameras recorded all this and men Thunderbolt were there Mutiran not to happen Shi what’s out there and not out criminals from the airport and arrested.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

What is  happening in Sabri is a quarrel between two tribes. … …
Saovikm update.
Reporter: Al-Mu’tasim Faitouri-Libya national channel.
Sabri now
# Gun battle between light and Julatinat invited dogs and invited drowsiness
And special forces on the way to there.Stun intervene and break up a dispute between two families in Benghazi area Sabri.(Stun forces)

Security room Benghazi:

Clashes were going on in the streets of Benghazi between the Bolt and the Champions Bats of Darkness.

Hear the sound of a powerful explosion shortly before the close of the junction prefabricated housing .. Airport Road.

Benghazi shortly before :::

Reporter news channel .. bombing in front of the headquarters of a chief of staff in Benghazi.

Explosion at the headquarters of the General Staff of Benghazi to coincide with the theatrical Zaidane in Tripoli

عاااجل /تفحير مقر رئاسة الاركان الجرذانية #ببنغازي.
وفاء معمر.
Fast/tvhair algrzanet # staff headquarters Jermanah in Benghazi.
Meet Muammar.
Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP).
Contacted news: explosion at the Marine Corps infantry camp in Benghazi without casualties..

Benghazi blast :::::

Urgent ::::::::::::

Since the explosion is a small city of Benghazi explosion kiosk Alsjaúz area milkfish.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

A car bomb explosion near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Central Bank of Libya in the center of Benghazi

(Special Forces)



Tunisian in Tobruk holds a million dollars Tobruk

Threw Btabriq border guards arrested a Tunisian million dollars in his possession, he was trying to market them on the black market without legal action.
According to the spokesman of the 415 battalion of the border guards Paljgbob “Abdel Moneim Almabbari” that he was referring the person arrested, and the amount that was in his possession to the shanty points to take legal action about it.

Targeting Unity Hospital in tuber Bakadf  RBJ by armed militant groups after clashes with locals.

The descent of the so-called Army of the Islamic State of Libya to secure the tuber (8 photos)
Was the descent of the so-called Saraya al-Army Libya Islamic state tuber to secure the city of Derna and its suburbs to restore security in the lost city of Derna, according to the leaders of the Islamic Army ..
It is worth mentioning that the people of the city of Derna have today held demonstrations condemning the terrorist operations of assassinations and bombings claim Army and police keep track of the state.

Derna. Bride Middle

The spread of the elements of the so-called Islamic Army of Libya is now in several locations Bdrna,

And conduct inspections and patrols.

Media Center Libya tuber:

Newsflash ….

Shooting by unknown assailants in front of the mosque, Sheikh Hussein Ali Fawzi Alzuky and is now in the hospital between life and death.

Derna. Bride Middle

The death of Sheikh Fawzi Alzuky, one of the members of the tribes of the city council of elders from his wounds as a result of the assassination of the treacherous targeted after leaving the mosque tonight ..

I am God and to him we shall return … and to turn the force except in God.

That the supply of water and electricity for the entire day in the city of Derna .

Tuber November 20, 2013 ( and ) – stopped the supply of water and cut off electricity today fully for the city of Derna after deciding to workers at the station steam disrupt production units shut off , as well as to stop the work of the desalination plant for sea water to protest the exposure station to try to sabotage . He attributed the two workers to stop and drop to the exposure of the steam plant specialized in the production of electrical power on Wednesday to blow up considerably after that unknown persons threw an explosive device at the outer wall near the vehicles and fuel depots , which operates two plants . . The director of the station said the blast did not happen damage mankind did not lead to the breakdown of machinery , and improvised explosive devices did not reach the rooms of electricity and fuel , and not to have occurred damaged severely affected people and property, but this was stopped production to be done to protect the station by the state apparatus .

News reporter: Displays the fiber optic cable between the towns of Derna and Tobruk to cut.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …

Since few in defiance of state traveled in tuber to blow up a polling station in Jnaalstan tuber.



Explosion rocks stillness city of Sabha moments before and Amalomat yet.

Presented yesterday afternoon engineers belonging to the

Al Madar Telecom, assaulted by unknown assailants and Mmelttmin were traveling in a vehicle and carrying Itzhlh machine guns and attacked the engineers during their work on the road link between the area Alchuirv – Qurayyat and stole Maaadathm technical and personal and escaped witnessing the road link between Sabha – Alchuirv – Qurayyat

interruptions in telecommunications service company orbit because of repeated attacks on these stations ..

Reporter Libya Liberal / / Idriss Jbjy

Was shortly before the assassination of the young man (Bashir Jamal Amin) in front of their house

in the city of Sabha after Gardah has attic shooting by unknown assailants when he got out of his car,

I am God and to Him we return.

Turning a van transporting money and theft of 1.26 million U.S. dollars
(Xinhua )
21/11/2013 at 13h33

A group of armed men robbed a van Wednesday CIT and stole 1.26 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sabha in the south of Libya, Xinhua reported a local security official .

“Six militants have set up a checkpoint and searched cars from around Sabha. They stopped the van transporting money heading towards a subsidiary of the Bank of North Africa in the Barak Valley ” , the official said , adding ” as the gunmen robbed the van and fled the scene .”

The mobile phones of four employees , including the director of the bank, were also stolen.

The head of security Sabha said an investigation was underway.

Earlier on October 28 , gunmen attacked a van carrying local and foreign currency for the Central Bank of Libya , flying 54 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sirte , in western Libya , 500 km to the west of Tripoli.

The Libyan authorities have still not recovered this large sum of money. However , official reports have assured that security officers were able to locate those responsible and are currently negotiating with them to recover the stolen money.

From inside the medical center Sabha arrival of four young people with serious injury and are now in the care of rooms car …

a white Toyota Taliban Gazzazha dark and leaden color Sonata kill youth in Sabha.
Yesterday, the killing of a young man in the area Gardah (Bashir Jamal) and today fire on four young …..

Beware, my brothers, and I hope in Sabha.

Sabha young heroes to catch the offender and exact retribution.


Kidnapping, “Abdul Jalil Mohammed Abdul Jalil,” Council Member
Aeltsiara for Ubari and President of the Federation society institutions
Civil since yesterday without knowing the identity of the kidnappers or
Place being taken.

The kidnapping of the institutions of civil union Boubare Mohammed Abdul Jalil Abdul Jalil



A member of the Commission on the social networking Tawergha Saad Saleh said that more than thirty

of Tawergha family emigrated to Germany and some other countries with known human migration.

Saad Saleh explained that the phenomenon is widespread since the period between displaced Tawergha,

where is located the administrative procedures to facilitate them by

some human rights organizations to get German citizenship:



Libya Libya international channel International Channel


International sources: the first Brigade of the border guard and the oil facilities and vital goals, “Al Qaqaa Brigade” formerly the morning Thursday handed over its headquarters in Tripoli to local Council minutes of delivery and receipt, in the presence of representatives of the Government and the Ministry of defence and general staff denied that some of the Al-Quds Brigades, the Brigade withdrew from the border triangle and tape running with Tunisia to Niger on Monday, stressing at the same time the determination of general coordination with border corner led to send confidential Withdrawn from Tripoli to join the rest of his brigades deployed on the western border and the South West.