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Mu giving a lecture and thinking



The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

 An Arab Islamic Challenge for Fundamental Change

(Quote of H. Harold Channer):


01 September 1969, the al-Fateh Revolution of Light in Libya – Living up to the famous quote by

Herodotus “The New Comes From Libya” –

Libya began the arduous task of formulating a Political Economic and Social system relevant to what our future requires, of all mankind, at this perilous moment in the broader evolution of affairs – human and beyond.”

” Essential viewing to know the solutions to the democratic problems facing the world today – the Third Universal Theory.”

From the back cover of ‘The Green Book’:

The thinker Muammar al-Qathafi does not present his thought for simple amusement or pleasure. Nor is it for those who regard ideas as puzzles for the entertainment of empty-minded people standing on the margin of life. Qathafi’s ideas interpret life as it erupts from the heart of the tormented, the oppressed, the deprived and the grief-stricken. It flows from the ever-developing and conflicting reality in search of whatever is best and most beautiful.

Part One of the ‘Green Book’ heralded the start of the era of the Jamahiriya (state of the masses).

Part Two inaugurated an international economic revolution which does away with the old economic structures and brings them down on the heads of the exploiters.

Part Three of the ‘Green Book’ launches the social revolution. It presents the genuine interpretation of history, the solution of man’s struggle in life and the unsolved problem of man and woman. Equally it tackles the problem of the minorities and black people in order to lay down sound principles of social life for all mankind. The living philosophy is inseparable from life itself and erupts from its essence. It is the philosophy of Muammar al-Qathafi.


No Democracy Without People’s Congresses and Committees


“Wage earners, however improved their wages may be, are a type of Slave”…

“Wage earners are but slaves to the masters who hires them.”

“In Need Freedom is But Latent”

(Hon. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)



Fusion masses ..

Media / assets on behalf of the desert lion .. and edit Libya 17/01/2015

In remembrance of ‘Operation Desert Lion’:

In memory of ‘the lion of the desert‘ to bless our martyrs of the triangle Ajeelat, black Sabha, heroes and men of the land of Rishvana (who died as a result of the Thistle ineptitude) and humiliation and denunciation of conventions, and the implementation of conventions on those glorious and historic timepieces.

We ask Allah to Decode captivating Major General al-Saadi and Muammar al-Qathafi.

في ذكري عملية أسد الصحراء نترحم علي شهدائنا من قبائل مثلث الابطال العجيلات واسود سبها ورجال ارض الشوك ورشفانة اللي سقطوا نتيجة التخاذل والهوان و نقض العهود وعدم تنفيد الإتفاقيات في تلك الساعات المجيدة والتاريخية .
ونسأل الله ان يفك أسر اللواء الساعدي معمر القذافي
التاريخ لايرحم والرجال وقفة عز


The Blood of Our Martyrs:

‘MUSICIAN’ writes:


= Howitzer blood Ahmed says the words in a very magnificence, but at the time no longer this talk is not the owner of any value in the nation’s memory.
= There are those who applied a scorched-earth policy in Libya and is unaware that this policy does not provide exceptions.
= Some will say not that easy, but I assure you that you will EMWIS completely green in the morning is no longer far away.
= Weakness Misurata point is the love of money, power.
The  goodness but weakness of Zintan, is that they are naive; and weak points of Haftar’s good intentions, is that he leads the bus, but the passengers did not know where he is going to!
= Anxiety is not delayed liberation of Libya, this a matter of time, but what worries me is the difference then.
= I am surprised by the size of those surprised by all this destruction on the ground, he is convinced that the rats left the earth to live on the surface! .
= We pass the first anniversary of Operation Desert Lion to remember the men sacrificed their lives for the sake of Libya and others in the history books al-Mtkhadelan box.
= Because the Libyan Army was not present in the foundation of it, I wonder will there be a cease fire?
= people must remember what legacy Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has left us; and the glory of Libya is yet to be, on the principles revealed, by him, through the mercy of Allah.

And still playing the lead musician continues … {musician}

Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami .. Dar sponsored wolves .. 18/01/2015


“MUSICIAN” writes:
= History will judge the team Massoud Abdel Hafiz, having died happy and maintained the trust with which commissioned it.
= Even if Muammar al-Qathafi asked Ahmed Howitzer-blood to announce that he had defected only because he refused to have their Imam Ali bin Abi Talib rejected (who had declined to say the phrase that “Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of God” in K-hud-aibiya).
= Argument of the ‘Green Square’, is that Our Leader is in the world of today, and that it will take place (same as the mechanic who changes your car oil). The comparison is a bit pointless. but is useless in itself.

= سوف يحكم التاريخ على الفريق مسعود عبدالحفيظ اذ كان قد مات سعيداً وحافظ على الامانة التي كلف بها .
= حتي لو طلب معمر القذافي من احمد قذاف الدم ان يعلن انشقاقه كان عليه ان يرفض لقد فعلها الامام علي بن ابي طالب ورفض آمر النبي محمد صلي الله عليه وسلم بمسح اول عبارة ” محمد رسول الله “في صلح الحديبية .
= كان يخاطبنا من الساحة الخضراء زعيم يقود العالم اليوم يخاطبهم من ذات المكان ميكانيكي لتغير الزيوت ، المقارنة ليست نوع من العبث بل هي العبث ذاته .

= L’histoire jugera le groupe, Massoud LaMacchia était mort heureux et tenir le Secrétariat confié.
= Même si demandé moamer kadhafi de Ahmed-sang d’annoncer que sa défection devait refuser que leur Imam Ali bin Abi Talib et a refusé d’ordonner le prophète efface les premiers mots « prophète » à Uhud.
= Argument du carré vert est le leader du monde d’aujourd’hui mènera de la place même mécanicien a changé l’huile, la comparaison est un peu inutile mais est inutile en soi.


cease fire

Libyan army declares a cease-fire except for the fight against

terrorist groups in Benghazi and Derna.

According to the statement, this move comes under the grant opportunity

for dialogue Geneva to find a way out of the political crisis in the country.

General Command of the Libyan army warns that the arrival of any support

for militias and terrorist groups will be vindicated in violation of the cease-fire

will be targeted by land, sea and air.




Salah Badi feels Mamaata

 The kidnapping of the ‘director of planning and follow-up management

of the institution of Libyan oil’ by unidentified gunmen.


Jaghbub historical library in the wind

Jaghbub area residents were surprised during the last days of

historical Jaghbub library shelves scattered over the surface of the Cultural Center Mountqh.

obhsp a citizen, a number of citizens took to the center since the (so-called ’17 February Revolution’) and refused to hand him over. It is noteworthy that the library Jaghbub they contain more than 10,000 title between the religious, cultural and historical books and mothers of rare books and references and scientific periodicals and brochures and literary:






Clashes in Span area of ​​the CORNER; and killed Inventory Adel al-Buaiche.

 Picture of the offender (just Al-Buaiche), who was killed at the hands

of the children of cousins, one of the militias who support corner to arms:
To hell…


The proliferation of militias ‘Roma Libya’ to Abba about at the airport

through the gate in front of inspection (by
the headquarters of the oil storage tanks),

and a personal inspection in Tripoli is required.

Please Liberals, take caution by this….

Huge fire broke out Tuesday in the capital market Complex.



Ooooooooooonaba talk about the reasons for the burning complex market

Tuesday by members of the organization Daash, because its decorative

materials for women and women’s blood and clothes labeled ‘Christianity’…

State regulation and ‘Aah tarabuls’ and one accounts on the social networking

“Twitter” site, adopts the burning market operation Tuesday

compound in Tripoli, calling him stronghold of infidelity and apostasy, as they called them.

Pictures of the burning market Tuesday complex in the capital:

Shooting inside the market complex al-Thelata now on some citizens

who are stealing the contents and properties of the compound.

Moment ignitions Bmahma market Tuesday Btarabs

A car bomb explosion in front of the headquarters of the so-called

criminal search in Salah-ud-din Tripoli area.




Militias ‘Roma Libya’ steal  Lathe workshops, warehouses and equipment

from the ‘Higher Institute for Comprehensive careers’ at B.al-Azizia.




‘Rouge Valley directly’, reporting:

After the talk of the so-called Imad al-Hqaabi (one Brotherhood armor-Shield):

the perpetrators of the massacre of Libya, on
Channel Misurata; and his words on al-Kwyfah region and tribe Al-Brgth ..
Now been ‘cleared of their homes and farms Blcaml Blcaml’ .. (ugh!)





Shortly before violent clashes broke out south of Zuwarah between the LIBYAN ARMY 

and militias ‘Roma Libya’, in Akrabieah area, and its neighboring areas south of  Beautiful city.

and witnesses said that the various types of medium weapons and heavy rocket launchers

used in these battles, and that gunfire and exploding shells could be heard from far away.

al-Mntqh ahlgreah:
Provide for Libyan Army forces axis Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City, and defeating ‘Roma Libya’ militia stationed there, with the escalation of the fumes after fierce battles that took place there.

Libyan airforce aerial bombing on ‘Roma Libya’  sites in Akrabieah south of Beautiful City.

Libyan Army forces are now advancing axis of Ajeelat and Sabratha,

engaging in strong and battles.

Injury terrorist ‘Salem Dabbashi’, nicknamed Zeer, in clashes south axis

from Ajeelat and Sabratha.

Fall 5 dead and 12 wounded in the ranks of the militia ‘Roma Libya’

at the center of Ajeelat and Sabratha.


Now clashes in the area of ‘helped Abu’, which is southwest of Ajeelat.

Agency home news | # correspondent: units of the Libyan army can destroy a vehicle belonging to armed militias “Fajr Libya” in the area of al-Oasaria southeast of Ajeelat after targeting thermal rocket, killing two militias, and they are “Radwan Sayeh” and “Muhammad Thawadi.”

The Libyan Army targeting Brotherhood Armor-shield forces in

axis of Ajeelat  with thermal rockets, killing two employees

of Melcaat Roma Libya illusion.
_1 Radwan Sayeh
_2 Mohammed Thawadi

Mohammed Thawadi, and
Radwan tourist

The two of terrorist elements were eliminated them this morning

south of the city of Ajeelat, by thermal rockets.


One of the heroes of the Libyan Army forces in the axis of Ajeelat today:




Libyan Army forces today in the center of the ‘girl’s head’ south of  Ajeelat.

 The displacement of some residents of areas Ajeelat Zafarana Royce

and the ‘girl child’ and ‘the landfill’ as a result of the intensification of violent battles.

Libby Wi Chlaith to represent Misurata at Ajeelat axis of the ‘girl’s head’ yesterday
TPU dialogue  became…


 أنا ليبي واي تشليطـه للمصـآريت تمثلنـي
محور العجيلات راس الطفلة بالامس
صار تبو حوآر


 Onbashrkm ..
Axis has Wattaya Post an aircraft type “Mi24” beside the aircraft ..
The Mi35 ,,, and MiG-23 Mig
Air existing rule ,,
al-Azafah this is good in terms of Chlait MISURATA

(Rouge Valley directly)


Clashes, and the progress of the Libyan Army, south of Surman.

Axes of the western region, at
Jnob al-Ash and Jnob al-Jamil and Jnob Ajeelat.

Killed Inventory (Mohammed Ghazal) 21 years old,

in the clashes in the Western Region, from the city of Misurata.

 Oh God, your victory, which promised
Rishvana al-Askara !

Join hundreds of fighters from Ajaylat and Beautiful City and Rkdalin

and Zaltan and Surman and Sabratha and ‘Chiaan tribal forces’

in the axes fighting in the al-Mntqh Gharbah.



Brotherhood Militias in Sabratha, ask the inhabitants of the city

out to support the militias result of the substantial loss of life and equipment:

Forcing citizens to Aqgal shops

and attend funerals force and impose

Ooooooonaba stating they have to pay money. Sabratha suffer sverely from terrorism.




Daash wandering in the city of Zliten

Daash wandering in the city of Zliten, 3 Daash wandering in the city of Zliten, 2 Daash wandering in the city of Zliten, 1


Violent explosion shakes the administrative complex in the vicinity of Zliten. 

‘Witnesses to the international’:
Violent explosion shakes the vicinity al-Mjma al-Adarei in Zliten.




 Mn_ahdalahrar Bmedinh_musrath
Takbeers in most of the city’s mosques
And calls on the radio broadcast 99.9 FM to donate blood
Severe congestion in Misrata Central Hospital Emergency Department.


The opening of the Mall of Misrata (ABOVE) and burn Market Mall Tuesday in TRIPOLI…


Is it a coincidence or deliberate act of Fajr Libya ??

Smuggling sum of million, “fifty million
Libyan Dinars”, by the Central Bank of Libya to the Commercial Bank
National Branch of Misurata, and it continued on to the leaders of

a fictitious account of the’Roma Libya’ militias.


The bombing of the tanks today at gatherings of ‘Dawn Libya ‘ in Misrata,

after a long growth of ceasefire violations by them.
Mharkh llvedao (reported by Salah Latyosh, for ‘Rouge Valley directly’)


قصف الدبـآبآت اليـوم لتجمـعآت فجر مصراتـه بعـد ان نم خرق وقف اطلاق النار من طرفهم
آلِّوٍّآدٍّيِّ آلِّحَّمِّرِ مِّبٍّآشِّرِ


Hahahahahahah breakfast MISURATA unscrew them today
T Mesh sixty thousand visits Qlnalkm this Mo Tin iron rings.






News Radio affiliate organization of the ‘Islamic State’ of  Daash

on what is called ‘the state of Cyrenaica’ Libya statement:


Exposure citizen (Ali Faraj Al-Zayani Belaid) injury shot in

front of his shop by gunmen and was taken to Ibn Sina Hospital.


the front line Bin Jawad , ‘Blessing’ is the operating room

in Port Sidra of  Mr. “Najib Hassi”.

“MISURATA Dayrin video and Naharinh old cemetery where

the rocket merry shape of clashes in bin Jawad, Hamanm.

I mean people who die and who Thgro of Tawergha and Rishvana

and Bani Walid and other ..?!

And Jaaaan Atbaku Ali merry cemetery where a rocket !!

Nor Dayrin sad song A. al-Vedao.

People actually trivial professionally.”
‘Rouge Valley directly’)

Strong clashes with heavy artillery in front of the river east of Campo

area of  Bin Jawad between ‘Roma Libya’ militias and

The Guard Oil Installations’ Guard service, commanded by Ibrahim Jadharan.

Ahmd al-Bergthe, reporting:
Proceeds clashes Front Sidra today

Only two wounded: one, an engineer in the Port of Sidra,

and the other wounded, was one of the members of the ‘Oil Guard installations’ service.

Melcaat ‘sunrise’ attack and opened fire on the

‘guard oil installations’ in the valley Akahilh.


Mohammed Aekoky, reporting:
Today they are a breach of the cease-fire in the port of Sidra and Astahedfo tanks, and a reply from the heroes in the ‘Valley Akahilh’ and the axis of the sea ..

MISURATA and Daru al-Odrh ….

but what Khcoha Sidra ? It Chlait to Chlait was defeated today ..

and Ndmo to penetrate stop Atalaaq al-Naar ..

on three sides and the sea and the mainland Joowo randomized Vhmowo Shi.

And a tribute to the Air Force Elly silent guns ..
This talk prompt for each of the accused guards facilities of ‘violating’ ceasefire.

Heavy shelling now in bin Jawad front, and missiles of ‘Roma Libya’ fall near Ras Lanuf.
(Ahmd al-Bergthe, reporting for ‘Rouge Valley directly’)

A large group of the device to ‘Guard Oil installations naval’, started

about an hour ago, to support the maritime hub in front of bin Jawad.

Federal (TOBRUK/CASABLANCA) forces refuse to participate in the Geneva dialogue,

before withdrawal of Misurata forces from Bin JAWAD…


Colonel Bashir visit Bozverh unit Poll Front Bin Jawad.




No ceasefire until the invading forces included due.


Ras Lanuf City honors heroes signed “tanks Sidra”



(Boabh al-Ost, reporting for ‘Rouge Valley directly’)




كَشَكْ حَرَسْ الْمُنشئآتْ النَّفْطِيَة بالامْسْ
وادي كحيـلـة
آلِّوٍّآدٍّيِّ آلِّحَّمِّرِ مِّبٍّآشِّرِ

Booth ‘Guard Oil’ installations yesterday Valley ploy
(Rouge Valley directly)



Red Valley, 1

Commander of the ‘operations room of the Red Valley: vows to militias

The ‘Red Valley Chamber of operations’ in a statement authorized ….
No dialogue with ‘Roma Libya’ until after the release of all our prisoners

and the return of our people displaced from Tawergha, and of Rishvana.

Beian room Rouge Valley operations:

3016 Valley Rouge directly


Away from Eit Neviaa
Tris Tahristilha army in the center of Agag in the Valley today ploy
Adeolhm but
To D_brgah
Rouge Valley directly


Clashes between Cyrenaican ‘gently’ youth and Dawn Libya of Misurata
The Ada Kahilh:

اشْتِبَآكآتْ بَيْنَْ شَبَآبْ بَرٌقـةْ وفَجرْ مصْرَآتـه



Find Libyan Airman ‘Ahmed senile’, nicknamed Drhobh,

dead by terrorist assassin firing a firearm into his head.

He was thrown into ‘School Qadisiyah’. We note that the victim was one of the

employees of the Libyan Air Force, and lived in the land of al-Sharif area.



Loop Helena banned from display in the tribal Dr. Youssef Shakir,

on ‘channel Hakerve first Helena’ rings in 2015 what happens in Benghazi.

Haalat kidnapping yet arrived in Benghazi to 424 missing
Most recently a medical crew of Tobruk on Sunday Vkaddo in Benghazi !!


Strong clashes with tanks and rocket launchers between Hftar Libyan Army forces

and the Melcaat Daahvi, in  Laithi area.

 One organization snipers of ‘Daash’, killed at the hands of youth Laithi forces

in the axis Laithi, on the Highway near the bridge Hijaz.

Two killed carrying in as mercenaries from Saudi Arabia (Abdul Rahman Al-Zahrani and
Civil wise):  They were fighting in the ranks of the extremist terrorist groups.

Killed [above] (Abdul Rahman al-Zahrani) of Saudi nationality,

at Laithi, in Libyan Army battles against  DAASH.

Also, the killing of (civil wise), nicknamed Okasha Azadi,

one organization Daash fighters in the area Laithi [below]:

Was arrested on a sniper in the starboard mercenary at Laithi area.

Continuation of the war in the streets regions al-Sabri and Laithi.

Aviation vertical (COPTERS) destroyed the power of Daash,

who were stationed in the sea at al-Sabri.

Libyan airforce vertical-copter Warplanes bombed DAASH sites in al-Sabri area.

A copy of the axis of the eye Marhh
Fight the Kharijites in Derna
Fight the Kharijites and shields in Benghazi
To fight the remnants of MISURATI at Ben Joaad
Three fronts and still your men Steadfast
Large Aabrgah émoticône heart.






Warehouse explosion of propane gas cylinders in the city of Tobruk.






The rat’s ‘Third force’ strength of Tottaghh Sabha, went to the north, towards al-Jufra, specifically ‘Khcom horse’ between Sirte and al-Jufra (an area that is known to be controlled by Daash), was combed after the disappearance of four soldiers of the rat’s third force, there two days prior to this moment…
Note that scattered groups near ‘Khcom Horse’ belonging to extremist groups of ‘Khcom Daash’ (KHARIJITES of foreign nationalities, mostly from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Senegal and others).

 The concentration of power of the ‘Dawn Libya’ is at Dan.

They are trying to break into the basin fields Slip.




Kidnapping (single Ahmed Abu Shusha) Syrian nationality of Nalamr of 62 years,

the owner of a concrete brick factory resident Mahdia area.

Release (of a single Ahmed Abu Shusha) Syrian national kidnapped days ago

in Sabha after paying an amount of 4000 DL.


Clashes between militias Suleiman children in them and killed one of the ‘sons of the Children of Solomon’ claims (Ammar Ahouidi) at the hands of cousins al-Hawwasat, in Mansheya.
Black Mafia
Black Mafia Takana Zion

Home who Maehun ultra Dhanana Mato in Sabha.
God have mercy on them and bring them into the Lord God rest in peace:






Tlemcen security authorities in Western Algeria were able to

dismantle an ‘international network’, which specialized in smuggling

of ‘antiquities stolen from Libya’.