Perspective and perseverence

I seek refuge with ALLAH from the accursed SATAN


World Food Summit

Strength in Mu

I’m great “GREAT SON”:
What make you more steadfast bogging betrayal. … But determined to survive it radiate
Wipe away your tears and crying. Victory written on your forehead, ascertain
Our bodies are you a bridge to you. … Our arrows strike every spiteful. The soul of the pure abuse
You are the warmth and affection and without … Your chest feel my cold.
You are the pride and passion and away …..You lose magnanimities.
Domi with pride and antsabi tall. Not keep Arab else protects important.
Love you, mass … Hey MOM. Yamen reservation my Arabism.
No surrender … Firm … And with the help of God, victorious.
Libyan affairs in the international pressNewspaper Arabs Allindenana the ::
Intelligence reports say that the U.S. administration sent a message to Qatari inviting them to stop supporting militant groups in Libya,
especially after the threat posed by these groups became the Western presence in Libya and the countries of the Pacific.



Khalid Sharif Eda LIFG “Al Qaeda,” the former Powered and Ministry of Defense is currently ordering the demolition of homes lovers of al-Qathafi and supporters

of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, which Atkhaddtha militias Gharghour and LEC her!


Sharif’s other demolitions:
Last week Sharif ordered the demolition of all contruction and edifices built by Mu’ammmar al-Qathafi!!!

The decision has been canceled and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense Khalid Sharif, “head of the Libyan Fighting Group”

Special demolished houses in Gharghour by the prime minister and the Ministry of Defense lack of validity agent in the issuance of this decision.


Zintan Liberal channel
In an exclusive telephone shortly before ..

Imed Trabelsi:

everything published on the pages of social networking that a member of the National Conference Salah Paddy had been assassinated ..

The ‘group of Zintan rebels had intervened, Nqzth and my name was mentioned directly in this event’ from here deny categorically had

intervened or enter one of Zintan and all of the rumors published nothing but weak people.
Lightning battalion of the people, for the people will be the only people in a row.

Commission to end the crisis:

A committee of sheikhs and notables Zintan headed by former Defense Minister Osama Geweili

since yesterday in Tripoli on direct contact with all parties to the resolution and crisis in Tripoli

and is working continuously since last night to stop the bleeding of Libya and prevent frictions and skirmishes from all sides and actually thankfully Commission

succeeded so far to withdraw and remove some of the formations from the conflict zones, and there on the horizon and promising acceptable formula for the

agreement of all parties and seek an out for  all armed formations without exception of the capital Tripoli, according to a timetable advertiser.

Denies the local council and the military council of Zintan the issuance of any statement of them regarding online Brigades in Tripoli and paper traded on the fake web pages.
Stressing that there was no state or battalions armed formations belonging to the junta outside the city of Zintan.

The following statement is a fabricated LIE, as no ZINTAN BATTALIONS ARE IN TRIPOLI!!!

Local President issued in Zintan statement to all the armed battalions that follow the city of Zintan leave immediately Tripoli, bloodshed…


Firas Bosalum / / special / / Reuters Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl the

Kidnapping deputy head of  RAT Libyan intelligence, “Mustafa Noah” of MISURATA

(RAT TRAITOR in co-hoots with the enemy country supplying MISURATA) from Tripoli airport after returning from Turkey.

What circulating about the background abduction deputy intelligence chief, will not
I am confident that the abduction and what the Jordanian that when he came down to the airport
Disappeared, and no details.


Libya comes new: For the first time in history, the kidnapping of deputy intelligence chief

When militias kidnap vice president of intelligence, know that there was no intelligence at all and can not to this population that provide intelligence from abduction

(The Libyan news agency)

# France 24 reporter talking about the abduction of Mustafa Noah (of MISURATA) deputy head of Libyan intelligence and his companion

and says that Mr. Noah of Misrata assets and is calculated on the SALAFIST movement .. And the person with him from the Friday Market assets ..

It him Almsahlh in this kidnapping?!

He also talked about killing someone from the city of Misrata in Gharghour .. And confounded the scene ..

And attacks on shops in the capital belonging to the citizens of Misrata and Shield Central renovated pledge and the situation is very engorged ..


Urgent agency Libya / opinions of Noah is Mustafa ? Kamal Senhadji ,

From your letters

Important ……. Just to clarify for those who do not know Mustafa Noah Masrati .

Is the deputy head of Libyan intelligence and follows the Muslim Brotherhood was yesterday at a meeting in Turkey with the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood , along with Ali hardness and Hakim Belhaj ? ? He had been living in Afghanistan, is married to a girl Mauritanian origin and nationality were living accompanied by her father in Sweden ? Knowing as second wife after his first wife Sadia Hussein Alzoukzy , the Almusratih ? And moved them to Sweden and worked in a shop selling meat slaughtered the way Islamic and he was an important Ravi and after February 17 came to Libya and grabbed some of the Properties Moady the former regime , including 214 villas have been sold in amounts task is quite attached to the sales document forger on the basis of Anao bought from its owners native is from accounted for the villa , which was the seat of Properties General , which is located in the neighborhood of Andalus Tripoli and sells it to the businessman Hassouna Tatanky Bmba and $ 9 million for the  Ybeii and has sales process waiver of the name of a person named Hany Alnaqrat on the husband ‘s sister Dhabbah fulfillment of Noah Mustafa ? ? ? ? also that Dhabbah became vacant after Libya from men is the owner of the key ? today kidnapping Dhabbah

BAS work considers the abduction on Islamic way ? ? or it’s a game of intelligence and output Dhabbah same because it is clearly defined by himself to do it.


Vice president of facilities Libyan intelligence tells the details of the kidnapping and escape.

Page Good Morning Libya

مرافق نائب رئيس المخابرات الليبية يروي تفاصيل عملية الاختطاف و هروبه .
صفحه صباح الخير ليبيا

Newsflash ….

Unconfirmed after we received talk about the kidnapping of Abdul Hakim Belhaj, who was accompanied by the deputy chief of intelligence.

(Media tuber)


Tripoli ::::::::: now the headquarters of the National Conference

Tripoli ::::: National Congress

All employees of the General National Congress, expressing
B dissatisfaction especially the events of Tripoli, and was supposed
That there will be an emergency meeting especially the events of Tripoli and increased
Congestion After prolonged Oaledo “Hawally” for the victims who have fallen
All Tripoli and mocked them and literally said, “What if I fell
Forty-four people dead, and most of the offices have been closed, as did
Outsmart attend palaces hospitality workers except managers and directors of departments
Board and committees so far there are no services for the House of Representatives.

# Salmal obeida
# Exclusive # Tripoli

Postponement of the evening session and exit all members now, and has been
Adjourn the meeting immediately after the receipt of the news that there Etjha
To the headquarters of the General National Congress with heavy weapons now, and
All members are on their way out before the arrival of the convoy
Who does not know subservience

Urgent # _ Salmalobeida

Ghogha says:

“The problem that the conference and came under the influence of government entities and armed gangs.”

Radio Jawhara: – a peaceful demonstration carrying the coffin of the National Congress and is worth mentioning
that the members of the conference men fled and remained whom are women.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel
Demonstrators inside the National Congress call for the army and police and the criminalization of all of organized into armed militia

(# _ Gateway to Libya)

Image for breaking into the Conference Hall:

Another picture of the demonstrators at the headquarters of the National Congress now:

The arrival of peaceful demonstrators from the city of Tripoli, to
The headquarters of the General National Congress, and they are now inside the hall with
Some members of the General National Congress who did not leave headquarters
And discussing the events of Good Friday and the events of Tripoli, and
Sauaakm every detail.

Urgent # # # Tripoli exclusively

Access demonstrators from Janzour to the Conference now:


After that came their demands in a sophisticated debate and dialogue and realistic
Demonstrators respectfully leave the hall and paper, without
Insulting, cursing and smashing, greeting respect from me to you.

Kaid emigrated:

a peaceful demonstration inside the General National Congress to condemn the events of Tripoli:

# M Russell Libya Liberals protesters told me that when they entered school to not only national Congress members for they receive them

and school members, sarau escape before we get in. Abbou, God dirtu General Conference.

URGENT: protesters inside the Conference Hall the national year now and are demanding change configuration which receive area yesterday ego ..

And chanting Ya young prophet capital to a decisive night.

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl,, Aaaaaaaaaaagel,

A number of residents and residents of the city of Tripoli to submit a list of

demands to the General National Congress this evening.

Cancel the evening session of the General Conference of the Libyan national after protesters stormed the hall.

News besieged President of the National Conference General Bo arrows

in his residence in Tripoli by protesters.

Spokesman denies Chiefs of Staff to be Chiefs of Staff have cost Libya shield the central region to intervene in the clashes

taking place in the area Gharghour and considered it an act individually outside the cover of the presidency of the General Staff.

The presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army battalion costing \ ” 161 \ ”

of the Tripoli area to receive military headquarters vacated by armed formations the

Gharghour area and secure until delivered to the government for their own use

And : cost the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army battalion ” 161 ” of the Tripoli area to receive military headquarters vacated by

armed formations the Gharghour area and secure until delivered to the government for their own use .

She Chiefs of Staff said in a statement received by the Libyan news agency said on Sunday that it has as dictated by duty and she could ,

according to their means, and commissioned some units of the Tripoli area military separation between the two armed formations and demonstrators,

as well as secured the headquarters public .

The statement said that the presidency of the General Staff followed events that took place in Tajourah area on Saturday,

which led to clashes between gunmen from Misrata and Tajourah is the other led to the fall of the victims .

And crossed the presidency of the General Staff of thanks to all the dignitaries and the wise, and officials from all sides,

which contributed to the resolution of the clashes , has been assigned to the power of the army to take their positions in the area where the clashes occurred to carry out its duties .

And addressed the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army everyone that national duty requires them taking

into account the responsibility for the security of the country , and requests from all armed formations coordination

with them out of the city of Tripoli in implementation of resolution No. ” 27 ” issued by the General National Congress .

Chiefs of Staff called for all rebels who want to continue to work to join the ranks of armed Libyan army through the management of its recruitment .

She presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army in its statement of regret for the events that took place in the capital Tripoli

and led to dozens of deaths and hundreds of injured citizens.

Arab Sky News: Libya currently has 1,700 armed group


سكاي نيوز عربية: يوجد بليبيا حالياً 1,700 جماعة مسلحة

( م )
# just_for_funA Mzrath state close its embassy in Libya and withdraw their representatives and diplomats and threatens to stop the export of yogurt and the RAT Libyan government warns of the deteriorating security situation in the coming days ..






News and serious moved from my friend, a member of the group.

A group of almsarit planners for poisoning inmates in most prisons Tripoli z new walroimi and others for the purpose of sedition among the people of Tripoli, tajoura prison officials market I hope publishing and dissemination to the topic before it is too late as I was, I Oh God, I hit O testify!

Mail in. “Ahmed Al-tarhouni ”

خبر هـــام وخطيــر منقول من صديقي احد أفراد المجموعه.

مجموعه من المصاريت مخططين لعملية تسميم المساجين في أغلب سجون طرابلس زي الجديده والرويمي وغيرها وذلك لغرض الفتنه بين اهالي طرابلس ومنطقتي تاجوراء والسوق المسؤولين على السجون ارجوا النشر والتعميم ليصل الموضوع قبل فوات الوقت اللهم أني بلغت اللهم أشهد

بريد ..”أحمد الترهوني”

خبر هـــام وخطيــر منقول من صديقي احد أفراد المجموعه.مجموعه من المصاريت مخططين لعملية تسميم المساجين في أغلب سجون طرابلس زي الجديده والرويمي وغيرها وذلك لغرض الفتنه بين اهالي طرابلس ومنطقتي تاجوراء والسوق المسؤولين على السجون ارجوا النشر والتعميم ليصل الموضوع قبل فوات الوقت اللهم أني بلغت اللهم أشهدبريد ..”أحمد الترهوني”

 Muhammad Hun ” political analyst ” on Al-Arabiya says :

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and Defense both from Libyan fighter, Undersecretary of the Ministry of wounded from the base , a member of the National Conference Wahab Qaid al-Qaeda and was training extremists in camps in Afghanistan , Sami al-Saadi of the Libyan Fighting Group and the Amir of the group also ^ ^ Hakim Belhadj support known Wayne and even the Jath gift satellite channel and even Tunisians Jholh the accusations of involvement in the killing of prominent Tunisian ! !
Knowing minus we Aajibwa the ” Ayman al-Zawahiri ,” and give him Nationality Libyan National and Aatalaaolh number of my time ” and Ihlfolh his right hand, he holds Libya ! ! Became Qltoa held the army and police became ? Tu Aabaaaaanlkm that InshaAllah ! !

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Tomorrow will be a unified consolation to the people martyrs Gharghour in Green Square, anyone who wants to offer condolences of the population of Tripoli and the Libyan Per …


Password leader Muammar al-Qathafi addressed to the people of Tripoli

Mu addresses Tripoli

Tripoli ::::: last Statistics.

Toll rose to 47 martyrs!

According to sources from within the Ministry of Health!!
The source also confirmed that there are 47 cases amputation until this moment, there are critical situations still under intensive care.

Radio Jawhara

When killing Omran Shaaban. Resolution 7 issued the famous and Bani Walid bombed and killed her sons.
Today 47 people were killed in Tripoli militias Gharghour returned to their city Misratah

Will we see a similar resolution to catch these criminals, murderers??? ..

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Presidency of the University of Tripoli officially announced the suspension of the entire study at the University of Tripoli this week.

Radio Jawhara sources reported a fall plane at Mitigua airport coming from Misratah carrying members of the Shura Council

and members of the local council to discuss the situation in the capital recently, in agreement with local councils western areas.


Continues lock _ highway

‘s Just over the bridge Alhachan.


Tripoli :::::: continuation of immunization and the closure of roads:

News Agency Libyan army
Demonstrators blocking three of the biggest streets of the capital by Gurji, Victory Street and Avenue of the Republic

and condemn the ongoing events in Tripoli and ongoing since the first Friday.

Exquisite mouthful satisfaction is even in line of fire:

Highway shortly before:

Now Gurji a destined to Al-Rixsos demonstration.


Italian Embassy in Tripoli stopped its work until further notice

Latest News in Tripoli ..

– Since yesterday morning Mitigua , Reform Foundation ( prison) for the release of those arrested with charges ( small ) .

– Since yesterday afternoon Mitigua , the al Qaeda militants distributing ammunition to military juntas Friday Market and Tajourah .

Mitigua day , base almost empty stores of weapons, was distributed within the Friday Market mechanisms , for fear of any attack from militants Misratah

– Now Tripoli a continuous movement of vehicles on the streets and there is no such regular jams and the situation is stable and there are no clashes or gunshot sounds,

the atmosphere is quiet and cautious waiting for what devolves meetings.

(Gateway Libya)

The first civil disobedience seen in Libya # Tripoli

Invitation of civil society organizations and people of Qasr Bin Ghashir sit and closing all shops and private institutions in solidarity

with the capital, which we consider an integral part of hope circular to all the people of the Palace area bin Gasheer and its neighboring regions.

Almost complete paralysis in most areas of Tripoli shops and government institutions, schools, universities and some private companies.

So most of the foreign companies and business standing. Good high Gen. free on the morning Arroucha .. even airport dusted ….

Staff Mqamazin in offices what Fisch service …

# _ Gateway to Libya

Civil disobedience in Tripoli to protest the victims of clashes.

University joins Corner of civil disobedience to mourn the victims of the brutal repression in the capital!

London – based Arab newspaper ::

Began to residents of the Libyan capital Tripoli on Sunday called for civil disobedience of the local council of the city to protest against

the killing of 43 protesters and wounding 461 others shot dead by gunmen from the city of Misratah  in the Tripoli

area of Gharghour area last Friday.
The deserted streets of the capital and center of passers-by with a few numbers were seen moving cars . And closed schools,

banks and most government institutions and shops exception of those that provide daily services for residents such as pharmacies and bakeries .

Although local officials reached from Tajora area and the city of Misratah late at night yesterday for an agreement to halt fighting between

Thoarhma east of Tripoli , but most of the streets of the capital remained closed and the main private entrances from east to west .

The agreement to halt clashes and the Misratah forces return to her hometown and the exchange of prisoners between the two parties is that the

witnesses talked about an exchange of fire from time to time in the buffer zone between the two sides .

Tripoli local council declared a general strike in various major areas of Tripoli begins Sunday and lasts three days of mourning for the victims

of the clashes in the capital over the past two days.

Sept. Tripoli Street today

The people of the city of Tripoli, carrying out a general strike to protest the events in the capital Tripoli.

.. Announce ..

All residents and residents Tripoli to Atnso the day promptly at 3:00 pm

assembly in the field of Algeria to stand up and stop mourning for the victims

of the massacre Gharghour.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Before last night: in front of the RAT prime minister by rail:
Close by rail now and put barriers in the way, and burning tires by small young age.

Now ….

A group of protesters are turning to the Rixos. And shut down by rail.

(Media tuber)

By rail this evening:

Photos for closure by the rail this evening 17/11/2013

By rail:

News that the army believes Gharghour after the departure of centrist shield:
Gharghour moments ago:

A picture of a girl heroine Aisha al-Hashemi, Come of Gharghour population
Which was hit by a bullet blew her head

We ask God have mercy and forgiveness:

Young, Ahmed Abusba” student at the Faculty of Medicine, is suffering from a spinal injury and chest after the heinous massacre

that committed against peaceful protesters dead and all heavy weapons is originally from the Corner!:

Quoting Page Razi Hospital for neurological and psychiatric diseases

One injury doctors ex-Razi Hospital, Dr. “cosmic Mohammed” in the bloody events

Gharghour shot in the neck – is currently in care – claimed him a speedy recovery.

Shooting in the neighborhood of Andalus injuries reported

According to preliminary information, a car written on it Misratah withstand,

fired on a group of citizens in the neighborhood of Andalus and transport the injured to sympathy clinic.
Salem Al-Obeidi reports:

Hamdallah treatment procedures outside of Libya for the wounded is a bug
Fixed by the Ministry of health and the local Council, and did not
The number of people killed, and stopped at 44 dead, and who their
Critical in the way of healing by “Ammar Mohammed”, and
Saovicm every detail.

Shooting weapons Altqilh now

Airport Road / Gharghour



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ::: Tajourah .. Ztarna.
Happening now
A clash between people Tajourah and Misurata militia trying to get to Tripoli in logic Ztarna specifically.

Info: Alqoaah, area before Qara Bolle and about 30 km from Tajourah, “where there are Misratah militias, military police at the gate”.

Tajourah area Ztarna with around 5 pm after the disengagement and time negotiations Balzbt.

Channel Tajourah on Facebook

Clashes militias Misrata and Tajourah resulted in the occurrence oftwo wounded persons.

First from Misratah his simple in his foot and with facilities and in good condition and the second from Tajourah shown in the picture

and name (Mohammed Karim Herwal) shot in the left side of the abdomen was first aid and evacuated to the hospital Mitigua:

“A country ambience”

According to a member of the local council Misratah Emhemed Abdel Aal direct exchange of the first group of detainees between each of Misrata

on the one hand, the Friday Market and Tajourah the other hand, the total number of mutual between the two sides eight from each party alluding to the

quest to end the issue of detainees on Sunday.

Quoting Khal page:

Salah Alsukna one Tajourah rebels ..

I am now in the heart of the event in Ztarna South East Tajourah .. Clashes light with Retracted convoy of Salah al-Din Ali did not result in damage ..

Libya international channel International Channel

Currently Tajourah negotiate with Misrata in Alqoaah and the call by telephone

one young Tajorah said Gary negotiation was launched domestic by Tajourah about 20 Musrati.

Urgent: intermittent clashes in the alkhwalk South Alkoiah Mageb University between militants from the Tajourah and Misrata.

Tajourah rebels in control of the situation and calm prevails Tajourah.

Currently Tajourah negotiate with Misrata in Alqoaah and the call by telephone one young Tajourah said Gary negotiation was launched domestic

by Tajourah about 20 Musrati

Tajourah :::: All Day

After a sort-of “truce” between Misrata and Tajourah …

Surprise people Tajourah queue of Almsarit, breaking the truce and

trying to circumvent from an area Ztarna the entry of Tripoli ..

Tajourah rebels fighting to try to break into the hand gate Ztarna and succeed in control on the situation to some extent
The ambulance is on its way to transport the injured.

But Tajourah youth vigilance prevented between intentions and Tqaibdo the losses in lives and materiel, and the situation is under

control now in Tajourah and ambulances transported the injured and dead bodies.

Qatarneh gate clashes East Tajora between Tadjourah and Misratah Brigades ..

(Gateway Libya)


From the spot through our sources in Alqoaah
All cars and vehicles that come out of the gate Ztarnh interval between Tajourah, Tarhuna gather in coastal road in Alqoaah the precisely into the forest on the coastal road
Has also been monitoring a convoy coming from the east to the west in one area Anakisah is precisely

According to a telephone signal from one of the citizens have been robbed of his car by force by this stationed Balqoaah the group.

(The Libyan news agency today)

Luoomo Bianco reports:

From the heart of Burj Hammoud: clashes strong hand Alnchea
And Altoager the heading of the place.

Tripoli, told the conference youth refuse to assign shield Central secure Gharghour area:

Massive demonstrations now scouring the areas of Tripoli.

Street demonstrations in Tripoli to claim victory disband the militias and activating the role of the army and police.

Thankless Tranzstr 17/11/2013:

all armed battalions will come out of the capital, while, Khot Tripoli and sit for dialogue and God bless the martyrs of peaceful Tripoli.

Taher Pasha Agha, 11.15.2013: We will not get out of Tripoli, but in coffins
Taher Pasha Agha, 11.17.2013: looking for a safe passage out.

Tajourah shortly before 17/11/2013 (8 photos):

Shortly before the arrival of injuries to Tajoura Heart Hospital:

Witnesses of Ali massacre Almusratih the international

“Two of the victims were members of the medical staff trying to transport the wounded. Doctor named Abdel Moneim had been killed with a nurse

named Mohammed al-Jabali, when he was shooting at an ambulance they were traveling from machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons

at around eight in the evening street Gharghour, near the place Parent engagement “

Human Rights Watch

. Qadf RPG bombed a house in Republic Street ….

What happened last night in Republic Street # Tripoli .. Is Qadf “RPG” bombards houses architecture Journalism (old),

which is beside the shell (the intersection Mansoura and Alsreem of) …

We thank God thank so much for the safety of the family and he did not hurt anyone of its members:

Crowds in the field of Algeria:

Hundreds flock to Algeria Square in the capital Tripoli, raising slogans calling for building the army and the police and the evacuation of the city from the armed manifestations.


Jawhara FM radio
Algeria Square now


Now demonstrators valuable Algeria Square waving policemen over their shoulders

and with one voice Nebo and Nebo army, police Libya Rahe in trouble.

Acts of burning and random bombing and looting of shops and property belonging to the families assets Mzratah in Tripoli.

Blasting work longer families Tarabulsih the Shops titles with similar some Almzratih families.

(The Libyan news agency today)


95% of Janzour Mascara fully Asian not study .. To Mdahirh the image through the streets of Janzour:

Our response communication following:

# fake gates MADE BY MISURATA number of the supposedly Kosilakan police station in Gharghour

and nearby areas including stop citizens and ask them to any belong area and arrested them!

(Young people’s media capital)

(Media center for the youth of the capital)

And our response is now: people complained of the gate follow the Misurata militia in the area trait Alforjan you stop people

and labeled verbally Nabay please pay attention to safety .. The Lord bless you ..

Now Gurji a destined to Al-Rixsos demonstration.

Image from Gurji – Tripoli today

# Urgent .. The people of Tripoli protesters blocking many of the streets of Tripoli, including by rail via Gurji, Republic Street

and Victory Street and condemn the ongoing criminal events in Tripoli and continuing since Friday, demanding the expulsion

of the armed formations from Tripoli and began the work of Libyan army.

Republic Street

Square Aldzir now
Demonstrators chanting chants …
Theatrical play and the gang are are:

Tripoli the capital channel
Our response now:
People complained of the gate track criminal in the Misratah militias Ferjan turns off people and label them with profanity please pay attention to your safety.
May God bless you.

Tripoli, Abu Salim :::.

Abu Salim declares emergency amid militias Tung and Gneoh center close

to the main and sub​​-routes within the area of ​​Abu Salim and the draft plateau ..

The news traded refers to the Misurata militia attack on Gneoh tonight ..

From the heart of the event

Al-Andalus now ..

Gargaresh a little while ago … # Tripoli:


Revealed the names of the deceased to the events on Friday Gharghour area

I am God and to Him we return:

Image martyr, God willing, Abdul Rahman Fawzi Alvacho, Alhsna Alice, who died on Friday in the massacre Gharghour

and committed by the militias of Misrata against peaceful demonstrators Almutalbeyen the exit of the armed battalions of the capital Tripoli.

Tour Emrh in Gargour area .. Gargour empty Ali the Shunned .

here is no one that does not shield the Central nor the army, nor any kind of insurance ..

Only the destruction and burning cars and abandoned houses 17/11/2013

جولة بالكمرة في منطقة غرغور .. غرغور خاوية علي عروشها! ولا يوجد بها احد لا درع الوسطى ولا جيش ولا اي نوع من انواع التأمين .. فقط الدمار والسيارات المحترقة وبيوت مهجورة 17-11-2013

This young man named Alaa Mohamed alsokni has been missing since last night the last place were it is cherished the hope of door island

has any information about the owner of the image call this number 0926499582

هذا الشاب اسمه علاء محمد السوكني مفقود منذ ليله البارحه أخر مكان شوهدا فيه هو جزيره باب العزيزه الرجااااااء من لديه اي معلومه عن صاحب الصوره الاتصال بهذا الرقم 0926499582

Looting and pillage of homes Gharghour property by the Misurata militia (Central armor):

After the unknown today no religion and no religion close the main road into the mouth Melgh Petrhona leading to
Tripoli Paljharh and earth mounds … The tragic accident occurred after collision car those berms died on impact
wife of Sheikh ( Massoud Omar bin nation Alice)
God rest her soul and forgive her …
For God ‘s curse on vandals criminals to the Day of Judgment.
Dahra Tripoli shortly before :::::

Victims of media
Among the injured and martyrs in the massacre Gharghour
As stated by the blogger “Fathi Hun”:
Death toll media and media colleagues in Friday’s events:

The death reporter Hussein Albornawi of the
– The death of a photographer and Fassato News Agency favor Ayyad حفيانة,
– Injury journalist Ahmed Louhichi
– Media injured Essam Al-Zubair
– Media Abdel Moneim injury Marian
– Media detention Tariq Hun director of national channel Libya for five hours in a headquarters and later released

Quoting / / Friday Market | _ Tripoli, _ |
Blood Elatris the base on Gharghour docks and people celebrating the return of their children and receiving a hero’s welcome!

And God’s punishment imposed what Atalaao of the Tripoli!



Tarhounah Council deny entry of any armed forces by Tarhounah.



Misuata is still threatening, and it is MONDAY MORNING, 02:05 AM!!

Tripoli ::::

Will begin bombings and assassinations, kidnapping and theft ..
Planning Musrati of my brothers and implementation tails Misrata response to Tarham from Tripoli ….

Quoting :: from Misrata :::

Farah marches scouring the streets of Tripoli pleased with the decision of the local council of Misrata to end the political representation of Misrata,

military and economic in the Libyan state, in protest against the Tripoli witnessed unfortunate events fueled the fire of sedition and caused

serious damage each What Musrati in the Libya ..
Allah is the greatest overwhelmed and force ..

Mesh Aref Glad Lech disappointment dragging tails defeat.

Boycott products breeze for these innocent people of TRIPOLI

and for our tortured Prisoners held in MISURATA controlled prisons.


and MISURATA is not withdrawing as promised!!!


From the spot through our sources in Alqoaah
All cars and vehicles that come out of the gate Ztarnh interval between Tajora, Tarhuna gather in coastal road in Alqoaah the precisely into the woods on the coastal road
Has also been monitoring a convoy coming from the east to the west in one area Anakisah is precisely

According to a phone signal from one of the citizens were forcibly robbed of his car by this group stationed Balqoaah the.


Discovery of mass graves in villas Gharghour after the withdrawal of Misurata militia.

اكتشاف مقابر جماعية في فيلل غرغور بعد انسحاب مليشيات مصراته منها .

Channel Tripoli DC

We received news says that there are mass graves found
Misratah in Walker gangs … Gharghour ... Previously
And tomorrow will start digging and search ((die
Abductees are buried in the place)) and Jervat of the
Are there to dig Valmkabr ….

Of Jews Mzrath the pages

Musurata militias .. Salafist alliance liquidate dozens of Libyans in cold blood

Observers: Salafists failed to control the National Conference , and are now working on thwart Zaidane government .
Tripoli – RAT Libyan Prime Minister yesterday rival militias to leave Tripoli , this comes as camped jittery on the Libyan capital after the cold-blooded killings carried out by ” Misratah Brigades ” controlled by Salafist militants , and left more than 44 dead .
The clashes broke out Friday when  ” Misratah Brigades ” militiamen opened fire on protesters marching toward the headquarters in Tripoli , demanding them to leave the capital.

And Misrata militiamen still holed up in their base near the Mitiqua airport in Tripoli on Saturday in a confrontation with government forces and armed locals took to the streets in an attempt to force them to leave the city.

Observers say the different reports that the “Brigades of Misrata ” is a gathering of militias of Jewish background but engaged to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood which benefited from Turkish support degree first , then the support of Qatar during the war that led to the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and that Ankara and Doha maintain a relationship with advanced faces and prominent leaders in the city of Misrata.

Observers pointed out that Qatar was behind the rapprochement between the Brotherhood and the Salafists in Libya , which is evident in their coordination within the National Congress , and it was designed from behind this format to make them force the largest in Parliament and within the security establishment, and within the military , as well as a strong presence them within the militias as strong paper in her hand , as is the case with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia.

They stressed that the failure of the Salafists control of the National Congress to make Doha, asking them to pressure to thwart the government run by independent

figures reject the involvement of Libya in a game of external polarization .

Referred to the views and different personalities has brought cash heavily on the role of Qatar in Libya, has described Jeremy Shapiro consultant and U.S. Secretary of State former Hillary Clinton role of Qatar in the Middle East that he was working against U.S. interests in the region, said a private role in Libya and Syria.

The previously reported that the U.S. administration sent a message to Qatar inviting them to stop supporting MISURATA militant groups in Libya , especially after the threat posed by these groups became the Western presence in Libya and the surrounding countries .

The former representative of Libya in the United Nations Abdulrahman Shalgam may face harsh criticism of the role played by Qatar in Libya. He said in his book titled ” The End of Gaddafi ” that the ” undeclared accounts for Qatar in Libya appeared since July 2011 as provided bribes and bought loyalties and imposed policies.”

Shield forces stationed Libya and Salafist militias in the Libyan coastal areas and prominent leaders are holed up in the city of Misrata and in the Mitigua air base .

Referred to as the ” revolutionaries of Tripoli room ” close to Libya Shield Force behind the kidnapping of Zaidane, a few weeks ago . Observers described the operation as a message that the Islamists who were defeated election do not think it never delivered , and that the state should be subject to their instructions .

Zaidane was accused Vice Libyan National Congress (Parliament) of being behind the abduction. (Zaidane has the support of the national forces within the conference while standing Brotherhood and Salafists are “supposedly” associated with armed militias against him).

And accuses the national figures from different regions in Libya ” Misratah Brigades ” that it wants to impose its control over all areas of Libya and be subject to the rule of Salafists , although polls to maintain a weakness revealed their popularity , and they are only behind the civil war.

They said he refuses to Misrata other regions that enjoy relative autonomy from the state , the “brigades” establish a state within the state ,

the city has opened consulates , such as the Turkish consulate and consular Maltese Chamber of Commerce with Malta and Turkey .

They pointed out that the princes and dignitaries militias allied with them were received significant investment , anonymous, able to quickly rebuild the city.

Furthermore, security reports revealed that ” battalions ” Misratah turned to take the training base hundreds of youths coming from Tunisia , Egypt, Algeria ,

and they send them to Syria , and some to their countries of origin for sedition as is happening now in Tunisia .

She added that the militant groups have made the city a focal point for coordination with militants close to the ” rule ” in the Middle ( and especially Bdrna ) , and on the southern border where smuggling networks active major weapon controlled by ” Al-Qaeda” .

And managed the base of the smuggling of thousands of pieces of weapons large and medium , including SAM 7 and Sam 5 and missiles ” as IE 9″ anti-aircraft missiles and ” Stinger ” and ” Grad” and rocket launchers and ” RPGs ” and bombs , explosives and millions of pieces of weapon ” Kalashnikov ” , and ” BBC Ka ” , and ” Aldochka ” , and ” 14.5 , and 12.7 ” , and other types of weapons , as well as large quantities of ammunition.

Security experts estimate there are between 150 to 200 armed militia battalions are distributed by more than 200 thousand fighters .

WESTERN PROPAGANDA is siding with MISURATA and supporting Invading Misurata in all this.

Here is their UGLY REPORT in slanting in favor of MISURATA!!!

Libyan affairs in the international press ::::::

Misratah brigade fails to send military reinforcements to one of his allies in Tripoli

Misrata brigade failed to pay military reinforcements to the Libyan capital Tripoli to support allied militia brigade in the city.
Reports say that he was repulsed after reinforcements city witnessed fierce fighting between rival armed groups .
The at least one person was killed and about a dozen others were wounded in the fighting.
The Misrata Brigade one of the strongest armed militias in Libya.
The reinforcements were on their way from the city of Misrata to help allied militia Misrata Brigade came under attack after firing at unarmed protesters last Friday , which led to bloody clashes between militias.
The Libyan state television said the death toll from clashes Friday has risen to 43 , while the number of injured 460 .
The demonstrators were demanding Misrata brigade to leave Tripoli .
And the local militias joined the protesters in an attempt to break into a brigade base .
These events are described as the heaviest in Tripoli since the outbreak of the “revolution” (ugh–YOU MEAN CIA LED UPRISING!) in 2011.

CSD Libya
Msaratet free//
Interests controlled by remnants of Misratah:
Al poker should be expelled, Mustafa abliblwa and Khaled long dog Uniyal dogs steal stakeholders know I Poker support ktaib gargour 36 car talk
and I I will bring down the names of princes alktaib;-Mustafa zobe, Salah Ben Hedi Sassi, Taha Mustafa alouib, Omar Abu bairp key, Abdelhamid Al-Enezi,
Adel algabow, Kamal Ahmed SA and Mohammed Omar Abu they circulated and Ilha de Abu they circulated.
This group lived in Villa Saeed Rashid and Villa enjoy anal bgharghor and Joseph with a resident faculty al-pinup Swehli.

Misrata isolate itself ..

Announcement of the local council of Misrata, the withdrawal of the so-called Bthoar Misrata from Tripoli , in addition to withdraw its ministers from the government and members of the National Congress, as if it were true , it is a natural product rejected by their partners rebels NATO .

In Tripoli and Tajourah on the one hand and the general Libyan people meanings of tyranny and tyranny Misrata militia battalions that teeming

The detention that make people Taatrahm the Abu Ghraib prison ..

But the question that arises is whether the position of the Misrata Council paves the way for the declaration Misrata and

meet federal provinces of Cyrenaica and the south,

or is it internal insulation as a result of the growing hatred and rejection of the General People’s her ..

(Ali Chendeb Ali Handb)

Misrata local council

1 – pull out all the members of the National Congress for the city of Misratah
2 – pull out all the government ministers from Misrata
3 – pull out all the Misrata rebels from Tripoli including all armed formations from the armor and revolutionaries room for Libya
4 – government bears the responsibility for the protection of citizens within Tripoli and the protection of all citizens within the property Tripoli

MISURATA SAYS TRUCE IS INVALID and sends 40 more vehicles into TRIPOLI TO FIGHT!!!

Quoting Page Misrata

Amatin Post Emmateen Post

Yesterday Tajourah Council released a statement in which he said Misratah

violated the truce and attacked us and Dhrnahm and picked them a total of prisoners ….

Anhab Anicolk this topic sample simple nor Temtl any battalion but Alhersna the Amtalla and Jerih the semiconductor made ​​them Aahjmoa to men ….

You did not Experience the blossoming real clash after The Nuahkm hears echoed up to the gate of the head is worth

O Amtain of Aldhr!!!!!! Launched the 40-story car arms that Agtinmaha youth to Tajourah!!!!!! Now you Taatgutun the car Turn to us for the ……

Khozah the prisoners!!

Tripoli – Voice newspaper Libya

Tripoli elders declare officially boycott the products of Misrata, and to prevent their passage westward across Tripoli,

and are demanding the transfer of any official in Tripoli originated to Misratah are moving to his city, even the local

councils is resolved and Misurata Shura who caused the fueling sedition “by saying”.

Urgent exclusive Misratah

One of the Elders of the city of Misratah reservation request for anonymity, confirmed
It there is a tentative agreement within  Misratah to withdraw all their forces from the city of Tripoli,

Including shields, lightning. 

but it is not certain!!
Because significant congestion of the rebels, and they seem to reject it, and
Gary convince them of the wise and wise.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Negotiations are underway between Tajourah and Misratah at Ztarna gate to provide safe passage to

Misrata forces to exit from there and knead to preserve and bloodshed.

Regarding convoys stationed in the area Khallet Alforjan preparing to return to Misrata.

(Mermaid operations room)

Urgent agency Libya / withdrawal of the troops stationed in Khela Alforjan

Our sources reported in Saraya backing security in Tripoli that troops stationed in the Khallet Alforjan preparing to return to Misrata now.


Information confirming the return of a convoy of just 200 mechanisms for Misrata.

See how he was treated prisoners arrested by Libyan militias Misrata:


Mr. “Ibrahim house money,” to Misratah have lost four
Of her children in Events Gharghour and has the funeral yesterday
And he said, “money house” in a statement, that the wounded and Event
There is nothing wrong and I can not give you a number, there was to resuscitate him
To Tunisia by plane yesterday, number 7, in critical condition
Too, and there were also wounded in the Tajourah and has not been handed over to us
And their dangerous by the delegate who was sent from Misratah
And it was agreed to a cease-fire and things are going for access
For a radical solution to end this crisis.

# (Salmal obeida)
Urgent # exclusive #

France 24: evidence for crimes against humanity committed by the militias of Misrata

We have documented crimes of mass executions carried out by the Misrata militias against unarmed demonstrators,

and there are documented cases of abduction of protesters from the general public was killed in-cold-blood.

Processing more than 1,000 car belonging to Misrata militias are located in several areas inside Tripoli equipped itself to withdraw to Misrata Shortly

after Stbda, 300 to withdraw gradually Ka car down payment.

(Salah Alsukna)

Building Rafla of the crimes and massacres committed by the militias and armed gangs Misratah in the past two days against the people of Tripoli and Tajourah .. What we got so far is:
1_ Abdul Rahman Fawzi Abdul Jalil Alhsna of the (Gharghour – Tripoli)
2_ Mohammed Hassan الورفلي (Tajora)

And Injuries:
1_ Abdullah Omar Epiphany (shot in the head and was in critical condition)
2_ Khaled Mousa Baroud
3_ young from the family Bovernmarh (mild injury and thankfully)

God bless all those who died on that day and ask God for safety and healing for people.

AFTER LOOTING, KILLING, PILLAGING, DESTROYING HOMES and artifaces, killing 47 residents and over 450 people injured, MISURATA IS ASKING FROM TRIPOLI COMPENSATION for their loses in TRIPOLI!!!!
(Now, I ask,who are the Invaders…THIS IS MADNESS???)
Nasser year:

A statement issued in the city of Misrata the day they said they want compensation for shopkeepers in Tripoli,

a destroyer belonging to the businessmen of Misrata, the angry Tripoli smashed and burned yesterday.

And the people of Tripoli to compensate them for their children who Mato sakes????


Abdel Moez Bannon:

There is no truth to the rumors and news that hesitate to break into some shops and houses whose owners from Misratah this good liar …..

The purpose of this story is intriguing only, the only place that tried to destroy it did not succeed is to replace Abdul Majeed the fart,

a resident of Al-Andalus and replaced in Ben Achour, and today stop young Ben Achour in front of him to prevent the assault him again, though he participated in the murder .. .

God say to Misrata pages published on Msaliti ….



Special resonance Zliten
The local council Zliten and a number of city rebels handed over a number of prisoners who had been held city of Misrata.

The head of the local council Zliten Zliten echo newspaper that efforts had been made ​​from a local Zliten and the city

to receive the rebels and returns approximately 50 prisoners from Tripoli who had been detained in Misratah has Gracenote this Almsaa success.

The Local Zliten issued a statement regarding the events in Tripoli last Friday, stressing that he is no truth to the rumors out cars and fighters from the city of Zliten

to participate in these events.



Assassination Chairman of Ajeelat Military Council shortly before

Congestion in AJEELAT on the background of the assassination of Yusuf Abdul Nabi
Atrash, Director of the Office of Intelligence Military Police
AJEELAT former head of the military council, at the hands of
Called Rami Bacouche,,



And Rishvana ::

Kidnapping of a person of Embarek Sons in shortly before 27
It is the third in 3 days is kidnapped.

(Quoting “pictures and news from Rishvana”)

The armed group of the arrest of Ahmed Corner Alvetora Pshina of Aerardh in Kerkozh.

(Youth globe)

Youth and 7 Rishvana drums

Please circular or publication

Tomorrow with the help of God will be expel gang Almtojdh the in the camp that abducting 27 youth,

Rishvana and killed or Tadbém or gathering place four streets Zahra military police at 4 pm

Halaa by Yabel the mess drummer …

(Secret Alcdoh – 87)

And Rishvana :::

Shooting by random armor stationed in the 27 youth and Rishvana.

(Channel globe)



Aaagel and exclusive post:

Was shortly before the meeting was the head of the local council includes Sirte ,
And members of the six committee and Ashrwon 26 , and representatives from the military Giza ,
Were it to agree on several points
1 – come after tomorrow Committee 26 to Giza with military engineers 2 of Giza military
2 – to be fully cash the check first and not on the two groups,
3 – attached sit for a period of 10 days that did not happen Shi any ( exchange Altauziat to ) sit resumes
4 – There is a family does not have shelter, food and clothing , and now this family resident in the secretariats,

assigned to the local council and he will really care about and “rental ” housing them for a period of 6 months

(which was illegal under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA prior)

Now began to open the road:
Time tomorrow at the University of Sirte and the open road.

This is all an understanding of the people of Giza military families in Sirte
Fearing for the semester from loss

Source Page : Giza _ Sirte _ military official page



{Whoa you see Bani Walid}—————————-

triggered by yesterday’s tribe and send blood rejuvenated rafla to hospitals for wounded and injured, tajoura in Tripoli ordered the Turkish massacres makes you stand to respect city name Bani Walid and her tribe and she lived all her life on rafla noble values and did not know the days of hatred and revenge, even with its enemies,

has happened yesterday to make everyone in a State of shock and disbelief, but as some that cannot expect to Shakespeare in his novel how this happened?

Any heart bear tribe and rafla? All these questions stem from lack of knowledge about the city of Bani Walid and her family, big sister could not leave her siblings in case of illness,

however disputed with them in the past, however, morals and values that make him forget everything to support her sisters in their battles against tyranny Turkey paid the same precious blood of Bani Walid to confront it and repelled by, ‘s & dont’s that know each other brothers who are suffering today from tyranny that their sister

theMajor does not do this beautiful door or door bragging high morals but this duty towards her mother Libya before the duty towards the other, big brothers are Bani Walid says past and present and is doing what you do in the silence imposed by the courage and heroism of the brave, at last returned to the Arab tribe of the buzzes her sister back to her home and did not speak about this even though it had paid the blood for

So, in the time of events went out to vehemently criticize her sister Benghazi, were betrayed and Christians even today still cry to be her sister, Benghazi, although their bodies were burned in the queue while paid Ashraf and bravest men “Gibran”,

with all this is that she pushed him a little and still determined to pay more so that her mother and her siblings due to security, tolerance and brotherhood, ya see why don’t know size of charity and sacrifice in the heart of the city only when we stand on the history, present, supervisor Talk about difficult translate into rafla articles and interviews that the acts exceeded the number of mountains,

to give blood at a difficult time for those involved in shedding your bloods day story you know and rafla and hard to bridging only grew up in the bosom of this tribe of the miracle.

And still playing continuous


Important Announcement

Action Center announced the political and media city of Bani Walid for competition in

the field of strategic planning for predicting

the Libyan scene scenarios over the next three years . For Yanes in the same scientific competence and practical experience in the analysis

and strategic planning that advanced scenario substantive and based on scientific facts and indicators for the conduct of things in Libya during the next three years.
Work should not exceed three pages of A4
That the work is far from cynicism and irony , hyperbole and schadenfreude
Work should be comprehensive political and economic aspects of security , الاجنماعية
The deadline for the receipt of business is on Tuesday : 12/31/2013
Send e-mail business center
Prize and Medal of Honor will be a first class national ( of medals Center )
Management Center



White now

Special white now … Medical Association and called on all white hospital workers to protest tomorrow at ten o’clock in the morning,

This stance comes in the light of lawlessness inside the hospital and what happened last night.

It is noteworthy that last night I got a brawl evacuated killed someone slaughtered a knife and another entered the room care was killed

by a gunshot wound, and he knows the people murdered that the killer inside the hospital until someone entered it and it fired several bullets

in front of patients and medical personnel

Causing a state of fear and panic for patients and doctors.



Urgent turf ….

Protesters stand some streets in Prairie radio broadcast light outage Brotherhood in the meadow

that follow the endowments, after the destruction of the building by protesters angry ..



Rush just before

BMW car was stopped on the highway by the youth of the Zenata, the owner of the car, shooting at the protesters. today

(Libya News Agency)



Urgent agency Libya / Benghazi – ( special ) – Reporter

al-Jdharan : Port Brega days ago began exporting oil for technical reasons

Exclusive – agency urgently Libya – Ibrahim  al-Jdharan head of the political council of the territory of Cyrenaica The port of Brega ,  said

” 70 kilometers west of Ajdabiya ,” resumed exporting oil again after a stop for a long time , because of the sit-ins taking place in the ports and oil fields since last April.
al-Jdharan who is currently visiting a number of European countries in a telephone interview reporter agency urgently Libya city of Ajdabiya Mohammed Ahawwas he met a few days ago the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Company Sirte for the export of oil and gas Balbrivh ” Abdullah Ashoiqi “ .

In addition to his meeting with a group of managers of the technical units of the company and a number of consultants in the field of local and foreign oil , The Ocdo the need to start exporting oil because oil reservoirs become full fields , which will impact negatively on the restart which needs at least six months , in addition to other technical problems have recognized oil companies.

This denied al-Jdharan the news that talked about the arrival of the Spanish vessel to the port of Sidra to buy oil for the benefit of the political council of the territory of Cyrenaica, and stressed that the export of oil for the territory of Cyrenaica officially begin next month.

Did not hide al-Jdharan displeasure at what he called ” media silence “*1 of the Ministry of Oil and Gas and the National Oil Corporation Tripoli

about the process of re – export of oil from the port of Brega while ago , so as to create a general view of how the size of the oil crisis Close “ by saying ”

Stressing that it became a political and members of his council do not trust in the government of Ali Zaidane at its disposal oil revenues ,

and that opened the port of Brega came to a temporary technical reasons only, and not to promote confidence in this government.

*1: HERE IS ONE OF THE WESTERN PRESS LIES that al-Jdharan was referring to from “THE GUARDIAN” of the U.K.:

“The paper adds that in other parts of Libya, continue clan militias and army units strikers blockade ,

which began five months ago to Libyan oil ports , causing the country deprived of their main source of income.”


Quoting eyewitnesses,

the explosion of market garden shop in Benghazi.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Statement young Tamimi area (65 km east of the city of Derna), who delivered on Friday in the city dome on 11/15/2013

Urgent agency Libya / video shooting moment on yesterday’s men stun

This video shows the shooting on Alopecia forces men at the intersection of “Marine Hospital October 7″ ways then launch Marines and chased the attackers.

وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو لحظة إطلاق النار على رجال الصاعقة البارحة
يعرض هذا الفيديو إطلاق النار على رجال القوات الحاصة مشاة البحرية عند تقاطع طرق مستشفى 7 أكتوبر ثم إنطلاق مشاة البحرية ومطاردة المهاجمين.

Urgent agency Libya / Marines Bbghaza the Announces injury of one of its members:

Navy special forces announced the “Marines” Benghazi, injuring one of its members by a bullet in the leg during the arrest of one of the people

that has shooting on patrol for the Marines.
Marines succeeded in arresting the shooter, who was completely drunk and possession of a type 9 mm pistol and a Kalashnikov rifle.
Referred to that two people Istqlh car Qama at four o’clock in the morning opened fire on a patrol immobilization Marines near the “hospital Oct. 7″

The arrival of some reinforcements from the Libyan government forces to stun:



Tobruk today .. Demonstration (u O Tripoli) ..

News of an imminent agreement on the Law of the insulation to freeze beyond the stage of preparation of the Constitution

and the confirmation that the insulation is to isolate and not isolate behavioral and functional.

(Media tuber)



Sabha :::

Hearing voices medium weapons shortly before in Nasiriyah and stone city of Sabha.

Security situation fully and there is no breakthroughs …

A security source

Stand in solidarity Sabha :


Very important tomorrow letnen 19/11/2013 assess areas of Fezzan protest in front of the court complex in the city of Sebha

on at 11 am and so on but find him prisoner to prisoner Abdullah Sanussi of treatment without human rights and deprived of his family

and his relatives from visiting him and claim his trial by the International Criminal Court. All tribes in exactly the place.



Libyan border

Adjust the former Libyan minister banned from traveling in Salloum

Salloum Land Port
Gateway delegation – rebounds:

Gateway delegation – rebounds: Since 6 hours 55 minutes
Enable security officers ports port Salloum land, on Sunday, to adjust the Minister of Electricity Libyan former Imran Ibrahim Mahmoud Omar

and inscribed with lists of the travel ban, while Check leaving the country on his way to Libya, and take the appropriate authorities deportation

proceedings at the request of the Attorney General 991 for the year 2011.

He was the director of security Matrouh, Major Anani Hamouda has received notification from Salloum Land Port police stating that during

Check travel and Ziralkahraba of former Libyan special arrangements leaves his car’s set.

Libyan seen previously banned from traveling in Salloum.

Source: delegation .. Egyptian

Libyan Arab Airlines


Journey Cairo to Tripoli affiliate Airways African emergency landing in Alexandria due to illness Captain sudden where the pilot Assistant change the point of the plane to Alexandria and dropped them in peace .. were transferred Captain to the hospital .. wishes him a speedy recovery and sincere thanks to the pilot helper on a good performance .. all measures have been taken to send a pilot on the first trip to Alexandria to return the plane and passengers to safety




North Africa and Syria in dire distress

Muammar glorious

Mu, the Rainbow from Heaven

His return. His return! .. With the permission of Allah. And singing revolutionary songs and ceremonies on the Green Square. And soon

Tamam Sidi leader Muammar al-Qathafi ..


Appeal and a warning to all:

Tunis now resides Named fulfillment Tayeb drowsiness Director of the Office of follow-up the affairs of displaced people in the Prime Minister’s Office,

the Libyan government Zidane, along with a group of the city Misrata criminals are trying to communicate with the Liberals and silks of the sons of the great conqueror to induce them Bmoraa the T. flimsy and Ooaud Kadbh even declare reconciliation !!
Vhaddara deal or communicate with Fattarichha the witness serious it is one of his biggest of the viscous network Astbartah to people in Mthat not out of them a known Bashrasthe and Dhaúha
God had reached Haddara to communicate and deal with it
And is currently exist for Benz Alcoldn Tulip Bmudbna Hotel Gammarth, Tunisia with $ 20 million for the Implementation of the program and its plan.

نــــــــداء وتحــــــــذير للجميــــــــعالان بتونس تتواجد المسماة وفاء الطيب النعاس مديرة مكتب متابعة شئون النازحين في ديوان رئاسة الوزراء الليبية بحكومة زيدان ومعها مجموعة من مجرمي مدينة مصراطة يحاولون التواصل مع الأحرار والحرائر من ابناء الفاتح العظيم لاستمالتهم بمغريات واهية وووعود كادبة حتى يعلنوا التصالح
فحداري من التعامل او التواصل معها فتاريخها يشهد جديا انها من اكبر من كانت له شبكة استخبارتية للزج بالناس في متهات لا خروج منها وهي معروفة بشراستها ودهائها
اللهم قد بلغنا حداري من التواصل والتعامل معها
وحاليا هي موجودة بنزل القولدن توليب بمدبنة قمرت التونسية ومعها مبلغ 20 مليون لتنفيد برنامجها ومخططهاالطاغيـــة بنت الجحفــل
Army of the Green Resistance

Mu honored Father

Threshold of Victory

The great God we are on the threshold of victory and approached the Promised you waiting.

Saqr Sirte.

رأأأأأأأجعة .. رأأأأأأأجعة !!! ..
بإذن الله تعالى ..
الزغاريد والأغانى الثورية والاحتفالات فى الساحة الخضراء ..
وعن قريب ..
تمام سيدى القائد معمر القذافى ..
نأأأأأأأدر .
الله يرحمك يا قائد
God bless you, O Commander
Mu only the Greatest
Each what happened leader said as he said Balillz
WHDH statement uttered by the leader:  “God will do the Baden”
(Admin Rafiq)

Par: the Legion of page 219 security

Gadhafi lives for Libya 

from 12 JANUARY 2013, but relevent for NOW:

STAR writes:

«God with the cavalry to protect them and keep them and supported by troops from him and make them victorious over his enemies

and the enemies and we, God willing will not Nassib kilmeters, and we will be on time along with the Great Green Army to restore our country and preserve it and protect it honestly»

photo de ‎علي سالم الورفلي السبايع

‎ ‎نجمة‎ a écrit :

« ‎الله مع الفرسان يحميهم و يحفظهم و يساندهم بجنودٍ من عنده و ينصرهم على أعدائه واعدائهم ونحن باذن الله لن نسيب ظنكم و سنكون في الموعد جنباً إلى جنب نعيد بلادنا العظمى الخضراء و نحافظ عليها و نحميها بصدق‎ »

God is greatest in Islam pride

Video for which Libyans wept witness before the survey

Brother as assets expose and bonds of all those who say that we are suffering from the siege of ignoring international governments

and media shot down by moving us unprepared a lot of simple resonant-name personalities but also became the cemetery .. The story and what the (courage).

Mu Post blow-up

Falcon Free: 

To Tabat military customers and religion Kha New Testament and military honor and Anzmo among rats and NATO preach about how the issuance of list of their names and stopped the service and thank God your quest, and it is only a day and be signed by the Minister of your defense and unfortunately Germankm not Adhaon hands in the hands of a traitor to honor the military,

As for the to Tabat honorable and religion did not Akhalafo Testament it a badge of honor to them and respected by rats because they Samado the Table and again and not Akhalafo their reign, their honor and their survival on Mbdaúhm.

My advice to the honorable Tabat discernible caution and care and reduce their backs and they go to the service and especially the coming period and Adau not trust in actuation rat him important was close to you and do not teach them place of residence.

Falcon Free

الى طباط الجيش العملاء و الدين خا نو العهد و الشرف العسكري و انظمو في صفوف الجرذان و الناتو نبشر كم بصدور قائمة باسمائهم و ايقافهم على الخدمة و شكرا الله سعيكم و ما هي الا ايام و يتم التوقيع من وزير دفاعكم و للاسف جرذانكم لا يضاعون ايديهم في يد خائن لشرفه العسكري ،

و اما بالنسبه لطباط الشرفاء و الدين لم يخلفو العهد فهذا وسام شرف لهم و احترام من قبل الجرذان لانهم صمدو و قا تلو و لم يخلفو عهدهم و شرفهم و بقائهم على مبدائهم.

و نصيحتي لطباط الشرفاء اخد الحيطه و الحذر و التقليل من ظهورهم و ذهابهم الى الخدمة و خاصة الفترة القادمة و لا يضعو ثقتهم في جرذ يشتغل معه مهم كان قريب منك و لا تعلمهم بمكان سكنك

The Warning

Mu picture


Mu thankful
from 02 OCTOBER 2012:

Aavs born Ajwad and Onicolo Zayed,, Aavs owner in the era of the commander




Decision to release the Kamal Abdullah sewn !

The fact that what happened in the Ministry of Finance:

Militia so-called room to R Libya and Mahm Bhetwar but thieves had yesterday Baaguetham Ministry of Finance, under threat of death Akhaddoa instrument of

$ 25 million and the theft of $ 10,000 worth of found Baahdy inclusion of the Minister’s Office and the intimidating Baaanjaz Ground Tafan to approximately

six o’clock pm and also cracking some devices from computers and faxes.
Funny film Elly Daaroh the brought some copies of the Green Book and saws of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and put it in the minister’s office and said we found there...
Are Dell Baafal to RMC thieves barbarians to not care non Maysrkona and Anhbo year from the state ..
حقيقة ماحدث في وزارة المالية

ميلشيا مايسمى غرفة تو ار ليبيا وماهم بتوار بل سراق قاموا امس بااقتحام وزارة المالية وتحت التهديد بالقتل اخدوا صك قيمتة 25 مليون وسرقة مبلغ 10000 دولار من وجد بااحدى ادراج مكتب الوزير وقامت بترهيب بااحتجاز المو طفين الى مايقرب الساعة السادسة مساء وايضا تكسير بعض الاجهزة من كمبيوترات وفاكسات
المضحك الفيلم اللى داروة اتوا ببعض نسخ الكتاب الاخضر ومناشير النظام السابق ووضعوها فى مكتب الوزير وقالوا وجدناها هناك
هل هدة باافعال تو ار ام سراق همج لايهمهم غير مايسرقونة وينهبو نة من الدولة ..

URGENT: – official channel of Libya

Chairman of the Information Office Brega Nasser Znot, the company says: –

Gas, oil and gasoline is available in all stores Libya
And what happens is a conspiracy of the state, and stores now
In Libya full Balenzan and gas, Naafth, enough
Libyan people to a full year was not affected by the final
Brega sit in the oil fields ..

– The company’s electricity Aunt gentlemen care to the citizens that he and due to the current conditions of the substantial shortfall in the supply of fuel on which it depends and electric power generating units. And high temperatures as well as the high rate of consumption of iron and steel complex of energy from the public network, which reached to 250 MW. Accordingly, the General Electric Company sorry will be forced to increase the hours put loads in order to preserve the electrical grid.

“Department of Public Information of the company’s electricity”

General Electric Company will be forced to increase the hours put loads “increase the hours of blackouts”


Electricity Libya to where?
By Engineer Imran Abu sponsor

Through watching the pages of social networking sensation and anger as a result blackouts on the Libyan cities for long hours despite the sincere efforts made ​​over the past two decades to Ttaiwirhma sector material and human and the cost is very limited compared to the ROI astronomical hear it now from the budgets of the Libyan government current and spent do not see anything on the ground reflects this spending .
Total installed capacity of 31/12/2010 ( 11,000 MW ) and can produce ( 9000 Mijao s ) in the worst conditions for invasive plants operating and maintenance problems
For all other stations .
While the maximum rate of demand this summer (5500 to 5700 ) any network that is supposed to have a reserve running nearly 40 percent , and this is a very high rate provides security for the operation and meet the demand of security
As he was Anjazmazm the ultra- voltage network lines 40 kV and high operating flexibility provided was able to take advantage of the energy available at any station in Libya to cover Aladzfa the part of the network whatever B’dan this station.
As the control system developed enables experts operating from the network management smoothly as the destruction and paralysis in full all utilities production and service and the migration of more than a third of the population outside of Libya and within all that contributed to the decline in demand for electric power dramatically if rates remained demand unchanged during the decade Alakhirlcant case abuses Pktherwalta building it has been prepared and the Implementation of the scheme Ttoiralanteg and power transmission networks have run out of this scheme as well stations ran out according to deadlines , including the Gulf station that the unit is ready to receive initial and operating since late 2010. Foregoing shows that the general situation of the electricity system in Libya compared indicators international and regional in terms of equipment and quality it is equipped with the latest equipment market electricity industry as the indicators of demand compared energies vehicle to show that there is a surplus exceeds 50% and that this surplus Eoffraatmadih high in supply and Ambrribda to Dhour any shortfall in meet the energy demand so there is a question poses People from all walks of Libya’s why this miserable situation of the electricity sector in Libya ?
To answer this question , although after me for the homeland and scarcity of technical information that may be affecting the sedate opinions and analyzes that I will present , but I by virtue of my experience long in the management of this sector , which values ​​Rbzerov Garmesboukh even under modest means in the contract Altmaninat and nineties was the performance of the sector is much better than the status quo
Summary of reasons for the low performance of the electricity sector are summarized from my personal point of view as follows: –
1 – If the general chaos that is sweeping the nation and that led to eliminate the existence of the state that existed prior to February 17 was the first victims of the electricity sector where he was tampering with equipment from the networks and stations and equipment service in a state of collapse security and fatwas different from the elders of sedition who have a drew for criminals looted and the looting of everything
2 – the electricity sector of the sectors that characterized the process of managing complex , which requires strict management and transparent able to develop strategic plans for the development of the sector and management components deployed on the whole area of ​​the country not to mention the volume of employment , which is tens of Allav a mixture of levels, cultural and all Libyan cities and to achieve rates of performance reasonable sector was administered in a spirit of national motivate employees to achieve the highest performance rates is reflected in the quality of services provided despite the weakness of Aalamkaneat of art but after recent events have been taking a number of measures Ktrd some experts for reasons flimsy most important affiliation social fueling Spirit tribal and regional sector , which was characterized by retreat of them over the past decades as it was also not his Shan various political Baltjadbat but issued some items to manage the sector today partisan backgrounds and regionalization with not enough knowledge of the requirements of the work led to the collapse of the sector it today
3 – by reading the technical solutions that Atkhaddt to address the problem of production Ctorad stations floating supply of small stations and leave the energies vehicle without maintenance is still at the age of time well as deficiencies in some of the new projects Kalamdad fuel and complete some of the equipment and the use of these solutions ridiculous carries some suspicions and that this is not the decision – makers in this sector lack the technical ability to address its problems despite the fact that the electricity sector has trained technical personnel at the highest levels .
4 – Outline the development potential of production and transmission and distribution networks , implemented according to Aalajal time planned so as to meet the demand for projects planned developmental huge which amounted projects $ 150 billion in all fields and that sacrifice after 17 February in edema history , while the bulk of the electricity projects have been Tidha as The process of the collapse of the institutions, service , productivity and migration of a third of the population are all factors led to lower demand for energy and therefore there is no justification for the emergence of this deficit .
5 – The crisis in my opinion causes deficiencies in the administration on the one hand and the implications of the chaos that prevails country as a result Anhiarath the other hand, coupled with rampant corruption and that the process of exclusion and expulsion of some industry experts contributed to the worsening of the problem and the reform process can not take place in isolation from the circumstances In conclusion Libya live a crisis in all areas of security , political, economic and electricity crisis is apparent from this crisis by its very nature and sensitivity of the service of the citizen Fieoppea visible can not hide .
Finally, the real crisis in Libya is the collapse of the state and its institutions and the bankruptcy system February at all levels and the owners of this system ‘s insistence that goodness Jay while Dmrkl the country thing approaching a real civil war between yesterday’s partners in the system February

كهرباء ليبيا الي اين ؟
بقلم المهندس عمران ابو كراعمن خلال متابعتي لصفحات التواصل الاجتماعي ضجة وغضب عارم نتيجة انقطاع التيار الكهربائي علي المدن الليبية ولساعات طويلة رغم الجهود المخلصة التي بذلت خلال العقدين الماضيين لتطويرهذا القطاع ماديا وبشريا وبكلفة محدودة للغاية مقارنة بالارقام الفلكية التي نسمع بها الان عن ميزانيات الحكومة الليبية الحالية والتي تنفق ولا نري شئ علي الارض يعكس هذا الإنفاق.
بلغت الطاقة المركبة في 31/12/2010 (11000 ميجاوات) وبها يمكن انتاج (9000 ميجاو ات ) في أسواء الظروف بالنسبة للمحطات الغازية ومشاكل التشغيل والصيانة
لكامل المحطات الاخري.
بينما بلغ اقصي معدل للطلب هذا الصيف من ( 5500 الي 5700 )اي ان ألشبكة يفترض ان لها احتياطي تشغيل يقارب 40 بالمائة وهذا معدل عالي جداً يوفر أمان للتشغيل وتلبية الطلب بشكل امن
كما انه تم إنجازمعظم خطوط شبكة الجهد الفائق 40 كيلوفولت وفرت مرونة تشغيل عالية تمكن من الاستفادة من الطاقة المتاحة في اى محطة في ليبيا لتغطية العجزفي جزء من الشبكة مهما بعدعن هذه المحطة.
كما ان منظومة التحكم المتطورة تمكن خبراء التشغيل من أدارة الشبكة بكل سلاسة كما ان التدمير والشلل الكامل لكل المرافق الانتاجية والخدمية وهجرة اكثر من ثلث السكان خارج ليبيا وداخلها كل ذلك ساهم في انخفاض الطلب علي الطاقة الكهربائية بشكل كبير ولو بقيت معدلات الطلب علي حالها خلال العقد الاخيرلكانت الحالة أسواء بكثيروالتي بناء عليها تم اعداد وتنفيد مخطط تطويرالانتاج وشبكات نقل الطاقة وقد نفد هذا المخطط بشكل جيد حيث ان المحطات نفدت وفق الاجال بما في ذلك محطة الخليج التي كانت الوحدة الأولي جاهزة للاستلام والتشغيل منذ اواخر 2010. مما تقدم يتبين ان الوضع العام لمنظومة الكهرباء بليبيا مقاًرنة بالمؤشرات الدولية والاقليمية من حيث التجهيزات وجودتها انها مجهزة باحدث التجهيزات بسوق صناعة الكهرباء كما ان مؤشرات الطلب مقارنة بالطاقات المركبة توضح ان هناك فائض يتجاوز 50٪ وان هذا الفائض يوفراعتمادية عالية في التزويد ولامبررأبدا لضهور اي عجز في تلبية الطلب علي الطاقة لذلك هناك تساؤل يطرح من كافة الأوساط الشعبية بليبيا لماذا هذه الحالة البائسة التي عليها قطاع الكهرباء بليبيا ؟
وللإجابة علي هذا السؤال رغم بعدي عن ارض الوطن وشح المعلومات الفنية التي ربما تؤثرعلي رصانة الآراء والتحليلات التي ساقدمها ولكني بحكم خبرتي الطويلة في ادارة هذا القطاع والذي يم ربظروف غيرمسبوقة حتي في ظل الإمكانيات المتواضعة في عقد التمانينات والتسعينات كان اداء القطاع افضل بكثير من الوضع الراهن
ملخص اسباب تدني اداء قطاع الكهرباء تتلخص من وجهة نظري الشخصية في الآتي:-
1- حالة الفوضي العامة التي تجتاح الوطن والتي أدت للقضاء على وجود للدولة التي كانت قائمة قبل 17 فبراير فكان اول ضحاياها قطاع الكهرباء حيث تم العبث بالتجهيزات من شبكات ومحطات وتجهيزات خدمية في ظل حالة من الانهيار الأمني وفتاوي مختلفة من شيوخ الفتنة الذين افتوا للمجرمين بنهب وسلب كل شئ
2- قطاع الكهرباء من القطاعات التي تتسم عملية إدارتها بالتعقيد مما يتطلب أدارة حازمة وشفافة قادرة علي وضع المخططات الاستراتيجية لتطوير القطاع وإدارة مكوناته المنتشرة علي كامل مساحة الوطن ناهيك عن حجم العمالة التي تعد بعشرات اللاف وهي خليط من المستويات الثقافية ومن كافة المدن الليبية ولتحقيق معدلات اداء معقولة كان القطاع يدار بروح وطنية تحفز العاملين علي تحقيق اعلي معدلات الأداء انعكس علي جودة الخدمات المقدمه رغم ضعف االامكانيات الفنيه لكن بعد الاحداث الاخيرة تم اتخاذ جملة من الإجراءات كطرد بعض الخبراء لأسباب واهيه اهمها انتماءهم الاجتماعي مما اذكي الروح القبلية والجهوية بالقطاع التي كان يتميز بخلوه منها طيلة العقود الماضية كما كان ايضا لا شان له بالتجادبات السياسية المختلفة لكن تصدر بعض العناصر لاداره القطاع اليوم بخلفيات حزبية وجهوية مع عدم إلمام كافي بمتطلبات العمل إدي للانهيار الذي عليه القطاع اليوم
3- من خلال اطلاعي علي الحلول الفنية التي اتخدت لمعالجة مشكلة الانتاج كتوريد محطات عائمة وتوريد محطات صغيرة وترك طاقات مركبة دون صيانة وهي لازالت في عمر زمني جيد كما القصور في بعض المشروعات الجديدة كالامداد بالوقود واستكمال بعض التجهيزات واللجوء لهذه الحلول المضحكة يحمل في طياته بعض الشبهات وان لم يكن ذلك فان صانعي القرار في هذا القطاع يفتقدون للمقدرة الفنية لمعالجة مشاكله علي الرغم من ان قطاع الكهرباء لديه من الكوادر الفنية المدربة علي اعلي المستويات.
4- مخطط تطوير طاقات الانتاج وشبكات النقل والتوزيع والذي نفذ وفق االاجال الزمنية المخطط لها وذلك لتلبية الطلب لمشروعات المخطط التنموي الضخم التي بلغ حجم مشروعاته 150مليار دولار في كافة المجالات والذي أضحي بعد 17 فبراير في ذمة التاريخ بينما الجزء الاكبر من مشروعات الكهرباء قد تم تنفيدها كما ان عملية انهيار المؤسسات الخدمية والانتاجية وهجرة ثلث السكان عوامل كلها ادت الي انخفاض الطلب علي الطاقه وبالتالي لا مبرر لظهور هذا العجز.
5- ألازمة في اعتقادي اسبابها قصور في الادارة من جهة وانعكاسات حالة الفوضي التي تسود البلاد نتيجة انهيارالدولة من جهة اخري وما صاحبها من استشراء للفساد كما ان عملية اقصاء وطرد بعض خبراء القطاع ساهم في تفاقم للمشكلة وعملية الاصلاح لا يمكن ان تتم بمعزل عن الظروف وفي الختام ليبيا تعيش ازمة خانقه في كافة المجالات الآمنية والسياسية والاقتصادية وأزمة الكهرباء هي الظاهر من هذه الازمة بحكم طبيعتها الخدمية وحساسيتها للمواطن فعيوبها ظاهره للعيان لا يمكن إخفائها.
اخيرا ان الازمة الحقيقية في ليبيا هي انهيار الدولة ومؤسساتها وافلاس نظام فبراير علي كافة الصعد وإصرار اصحاب هذا النظام ان الخير جاي في الوقت الذي دمركل شئ والبلد تقترب من حرب أهلية حقيقية بين شركاء الأمس في نظام فبراير

BOY !!! CAN NATO LIE to make more destruction on LIBYA!!!!:

Delegation of NATO military urgent visit to Libya to tell them that different areas will be exposed to military air operations

Delegation of NATO military in an urgent visit has informed the authorities that different areas will be exposed to military air operations.
An emergency session of the General Conference to discuss what came William Valedermoa head of the NATO mission to Libya assured the authorities of the different areas

on Libyan soil will be exposed to air strikes specified “precision” .  (O YES, relly “precision” !!! killing civilians and the helpless, like as if it was a war video-game)

And described the targets as rogue groups outside the law two years ago, kidnapping, murder, torture, theft and trade in weapons and other groups to cooperate with them.
William confirmed that the sources of information on the ground, 100% and confirmed that the number of officials involved in dealing with them and provide them with
information on a number of occasions.
The General Conference requested data about the goals and information available to them and the refusal of Prime Bath said, according to him
Profile that deal with the Libyan authorities in the intelligence of this period is not permitted and we apologize for this to protect sources and confidential information
but promised to deliver integrated file of the crimes that were committed to the Attorney General Libyan evidence irrefutable condemns. A number of officials,
Romoz and leaders of the fighters in “17 February ‘Revolution’ “.
But the head of the delegation stressed that military operations will be the quality of and against different areas and wide on Libyan soil an assembly areas and
stolen weapons and kidnap, torture and criminal practices.
There are a number of arrests to Atina criminals revolution and now they are under cover to hide function and that some of them ambassadors to Libya, we will
inform the Libyan authorities arrested them as soon as any action saluting they’re in different parts of the world.
The delegation coordinator said Anthony Palmer that there are documents to officials engaged in extortion on the state with the help of renegades and
the protesters under the cover of public freedoms and sit-ins and the exercise of public freedoms and sadly said that freedom in Libya are misused and exploited the worst exploitation.
And now the General Conference meets in emergency session
Source :: Hamid بعيو / Commission on National Security and Emergency / General Conference

Page of the Legion of security 219

A Delegation from the NATO urgent visit to Libya informed the government imported that he will be air strikes limited to several regions and different precision was held Conference Allaotunai an emergency meeting with the Head of Mission of NATO to discuss how the strikes will occur and asked him accurate information on the whereabouts of air strikes was rejected envoy Mission to give them any information they Surrounding confidentially the head of the mission that will deliver integrated file to the Attorney General about the involvement of many officials and symbols of rats who entered the porticoes government and hide under the cover of the job and some of them have become ambassadors of several countries in the world and will be issued including arrest warrants against them and handed over to the Libyan authorities for implementation.

Saqr Sirte.

THE FOLLOWING is the same (but the original report in which some names are clearer):
Here Aaaaaaaaaam the

Delegation of NATO military in an urgent visit has informed the authorities that different

areas will be exposed to military air operations

An emergency session of the General Conference to discuss what came William Valedermoa head of the NATO mission to Libya assured the authorities of the

different areas on Libyan soil will be exposed to air strikes specified precision.
And described the targets as rogue groups outside the law two years ago, kidnapping, murder, torture, theft and trade in weapons and other groups to cooperate with them.
William confirmed that the sources of information on the ground, 100% and confirmed that the number of officials involved in dealing with them and provide them with
information on a number of occasions.
The General Conference requested data about the goals and information available to them and the refusal of Prime Bath said, according to him Profile that deal with the
Libyan authorities in the intelligence of this period is not permitted and we apologize for this to protect sources and confidential information but promised to deliver
integrated file of the crimes that were committed to the Attorney General Libyan evidence irrefutable condemns A number of officials,
Romoz and leaders of the fighters in “17 February ‘Revolution’ “. 
But the head of the delegation stressed that military operations will be the quality of and against different areas and wide on Libyan soil an assembly areas and stolen
weapons and kidnap, torture and criminal practices
There are a number of arrests to Atina criminals revolution and now they are under cover to hide function and that some of them ambassadors to Libya, we will inform
the Libyan authorities arrested them as soon as any action saluting they’re in different parts of the world.
The delegation coordinator said Anthony Palmer that there are documents to officials engaged in extortion on the state with the help of renegades and the protesters
under the cover of public freedoms and sit-ins and the exercise of public freedoms and sadly said that freedom in Libya are misused and exploited the worst exploitation.
And now the General Conference meets in emergency session.
Source : Hamid Aao / Commission on National Security and Emergency / General Conference










Harvest Storm in Tajourah ..

Alemraona: – overthrew the tree on loss Tianhm threads Aalsearat before Whole Balzbt.

Reference optical suburbs: – a large banner, illuminated overthrew a red car close Mobeih Nsawin people faint Kyi Attalaahm because Alavth of its electricity.

After the traffic light Bashoah vs Russians slot: – large Srol tree Attih at footmen Baayala car divided between Zuoz and foot sending it

on the roof of the police car (Hyundai Verna) and Srol tree turned Baketrbel a.

Sanatorium average .. : – Biban Alroashen Al Tksroa full.

God does not Temtna us anger ..

Quoting Libya talks
حصاد العاصفة في تاجوراء..

المراونة :- شجرة طاحت على خيوط الضي طيحتهم عالسيارات قدام الجامع بالزبط .

الإشارة الضوئية الضواحي :- لافتة ضوئية كبيرة طاحت على سيارة كلوس حمراء معبية نساوين والناس خافت تجي اتطلعهم لأن الافتة فيها كهرباء .

بعد الإشارة الضوئية بشوية مقابل فتحة الروسيين :- شجرة سرول كبيرة اتطيح على سيارة راجل بعياله تقسمها بين زوز والراجل رفعوه على سقف سيارة الشرطة (هونداي فيرنا) وشجرة السرول حولوها بالكتربيل .

مصحة المتوسط .. :- البيبان والرواشن تكسروآ بالكامل .

اللهم لا تمتنا بغضبك..

نقلا عنـ لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث



Libya Telecom and Technology

As a result of bad weather in the capital Tripoli night damaged several subsidiary of Towers Libya Telecom and Technology and

initial proceeds benefit the crash of 3 towers on the coast:


Engineer at the General Company for Post Office – Benghazi

In the event of continued lack of recharge cards for telecommunications and the Internet for the eastern region will

have to separate the system from the center in Tripoli to return free network:




Taraaaaaaaabuls winds and strong rain storm .. O Ziba useful, O Ziba useful, O Ziba useful,,,

Directorate of Security # # Tripoli

Messrs. calls upon citizens motor vehicle drivers need to take caution and care in these weather conditions which taking place in the city, especially in the dark and roads and which has been recorded in some loss of trees

Strong winds and rain falls on the city of Tripoli now .


A rainstorm and lightning and thunder ….. destruction

God does not stresses take us as fools of us did!!




Heavy Rains now falling on Tripoli. Photo of Alٱmtar that are falling on Tripoli now:

Image of rain on the city of Tripoli now:

Friday Market “Arada”:

Palm fell on a car in Arada road in front of the Mosque of Abu Al-Shater as a result of rainfall and strong winds:

 Friday market fall of the palm of the intensity of the rain and wind:


Area Alhachan, the road between the Turkish and collector shops Uwayta “wholesale Street” city of Tripoli (above)





Rainstorm red sky …God willing, good

Tripoli – the highway shortly before

Mutv in Italian Embassy Mhto the car Toyota color white bearing the number Libya -5-34158 by force of arms behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Dahmani angle” Today.


ŰíĎÇÁ Touati:

If Tripoli Etbi, respond to the closures Raho Mafish diarrhea Noagafoa Libya fully even bent by 3 needs ČÓ
1 – Close the statement and the company, whose T-orbit and separation of telecommunications and the Internet all of Libya except Tripoli.
2 – Close the Central Bank of Libya .. And branches of major banks, which will cause the inability to withdraw even their assets from banks
3 – shutdown and the Ministry of Finance. Causing not to send Mratbaathm portfolio areas and therefore will not come down to salaries

Libyana Mobile resume its work in Tripoli:

The company resumed Libyana Mobile work Wednesday morning after a three-day sit-in.

The agent said the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Mohamed Ras Ali today for the ambiance of the country that the staff

Company demanded distribute 10% of profits to employees as required by statute for the company, noting that this system was adopted from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA which is not supported.

Ras Ali explained that this decision was considered by the courts of first instance and sentenced struck down and no entitlement to dividends.

On the other hand head confirmed that the company sales center Libyana Sabha branch has been opened after it has been “storming by a group of saboteurs”

and theft of a large amount of prepaid cards.

It is noteworthy that company workers Libyana Mobile protested more than once to claim their share of the profits.

Bihollona poor costume and Bejabulena Somalia colonialism Alzzouz, Bahi and God ..

Baiqtawa communications, electrification and the river, oil and salvation launch still?!

Shen story rats Albraio the St. .. Everything you say demonstrations Nlqohm the only Bhalafraaa .. Emeti Uige Alsqa Bssssss!

The Commander known as Shen goin beyond:
Libyana Mesh cards found
Loss Mesh exist
The water Mesh found
Oil export Stopped

بيحولونا فقراء زي الصومال وبيجيبولنا الاستعمار الزوز ، باهي والله .. بيقطعوا الاتصالات والكهربه والنهر والنفط وخلاص شن مازال ؟!

الشهيد معمر القذافي

وكأن القائد يعرف شن بيصير بعده :
كروت ليبيانا مش موجوده
الضي مش موجود
الميه مش موجوده
النفط التصدير متوقف
شن قصة جرذان البريوش .. كل ما يقولوا مظاهرات ما نلقوهم الا بهالفراعي .. امتى يجي الصقع بسسسسسس !


Media center for the youth of the capital

Street close by the balance against the backdrop of lack of water and electricity and gasoline and Graphics Allibiana …

Disclaimer Photo Archive ..

Tripoli now 05 SEPT.2013:

Tripoli now عاااااااااااااااااااااااااجل

News of the crowds in Green Square Tripoli, let drop the head of government.
Closure Mazran Street now in protest against the lack of water and electricity:


A copy of the plan Damascus neighborhood of Tripoli describes trees as a result of falling rain and strong winds which taking place in the city in the meantime:

Image Abu Salim market now ..Tripoli

Storm sweeping the capital Tripoli and caused a break in the market stalls Salim also led to the loss of trees in the roads

as a result of the intensity and strength of this storm.

From our own sources inside the Mitigua

Confirmed yesterday that you (Haitham Tagouris) is kidnapped (Anoud Abdullah Sanusi) and student (MTD) in ransom for the release of her such as what happened to ransom by kidnapping (Director of the Office of Zaidane) previously

Once I arrived to Haitham Tagouris, the information that the Libyans Arafo that Anoud hijacked has been published on the page (fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya – Khc and Look) yesterday .. So:

The Haitham Tagouris, today Maztara and fear of scandal to announce that Anoud Sanusi has (for the purpose of fear and protection)

Oh peace Aalhnon the pleasures of hashish driver Alavico the updated Shaykh Albanian mean (Haitham Tagouris)!!!

Please spread this information as quickly Moved fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

We told her before the protector free Miha and that Mr. Hashem declares preached in his being behind the abduction of Anoud , and the text of his article :

Hashim humans
Privacy Statement backing for the first battalion of Tripoli rebels
Against the backdrop of the kidnapping of Anoud Abdullah Sanusi would like to recall the following :
Anoud Abdullah Senussi was arrested almost a year ago and was charged with forging a passport and entering the country illegally and sentenced to and expired Movernmatha knowing that she was in the process to communicate with destinations within the country to gather more information about her father named Abdullah Sanusi and place of his imprisonment.

Weeks ago it came to our ears that there are points you want to manipulate the issue of Anoud , hijacking and extortion by bargain and this is not acceptable to act Lotta Bah began our morals and our values ​​, and we monitor the facts and are watching closely .
During the past few days has grown to know that some officials in the institution reform were colluding in the processing of the kidnapping of Anoud and delivered to the point that there were groups of watching them on the way to the airport has spotted one of these groups is on the island of rotation Alfornaj and would have been a disaster if it arrived in procession to this Event Mala place dire consequences .
Has cut the road to those sought in this action disgraceful and spoiling the kidnapping after the departure of the procession from the prison directly at the nearest intersection of the prison and that before confidential attribution for the first Amotaiqh and organized arbitrator did not fire any bullet or restricted to members of the judicial police or hit them was not hurt anyone contrary to the statements of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice.
Has the peace process has been secured Anoud was prime minister for a briefing later with all the details and was a direct communication between Mr. Ali Zaidane and Mr. Haitham Tagouris .
This will be the reservation Anoud temporarily jailed Tripoli Military Police (b ) and will be under house arrest with some of their relatives in the city of Tripoli under the supervision of the judicial bodies of seizure , and the United Nations and the Red Cross to prevent any exploitation or bargaining.
We also demand to open the door to achieve with all concerned where it was clearly evident that the release of Anoud and out of the prison was scanty protection in an armored car , unlike the way in which she believed them when they leave as I mentioned Prosecutions Anoud it on their own .
In another context, the secret backing of the first to receive detainees accused in the case of explosions Eid al-Fitr and who were released by the prosecution, which is considering the case and as we are doing this and that, to mention that it would not relent in the blood of the martyrs will not allow fraud in any course of trails revolution and warn of compromising their values ​​and goals.
Finally, we are Muslims and we deal according to the teachings of our religion and morals of our people Libyan noble and we are in the public interest and reconciliation and public safety of the nation and Nqdralamor exaggerated and hope of all officials stand by us when their responsibilities and respect for the blood and sacrifices of the martyrs and work with the rebels hand in hand for the sake of Libya’s revolution. God save Libya
Tripoli rebel battalion confidential attribution first Wednesday, 05 September2013

 (see SABHA news below)
URGENT: gradual return of water to some neighborhoods and areas of Tripoli.

A fire in the building of child care in the Egyptian sir “good head” and the transfer of a number of children injured to hospital #

Lord delivers green and softens Pena.

Libya’s official channel: an appeal for aid workers and civil defense quickly went to the headquarters of the nursing home.





In Laithi now ..

Maher Awami media:

Clashes between the Thunderbolt and some armed outlaws.

Happening now.

Atia Alkbhary:
URGENT been kidnapped Sam Fathi Almqsba, and stabbed and tortured brother media Ahmed Fathi Almqsba, and now brother Ahmed if Gaabobh

in a hospital Benghazi and Ollalm, Ahmed me in good health, but his brother was targeted.


Break into the Agricultural Bank of Sidi Hussein Benghazi
Country ambianceAlaa Darsi reporting:

Room spokesman said the joint security in Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi said the group “outside the law” had stormed yesterday the Agricultural Bank, Mr. Hussein in the city area.

Zaidi added that residents in the region stood up to the group that stormed the residential building for the purpose of injuring five members of the neighbors

before the power comes from the police Special Operations wounded by one of its members was seriously injured during the clashes with the attackers.

The city of Benghazi is witnessing in recent times under the security target figures.

Media Ahmed Fathi Almqsba:

Preliminary details about the kidnapping,
Was kidnapped brother “Sam” morning near the family home in Benghazi, they believe that I am .. Been Tktifah and put it in the car type

“Hyundai candy” in which 3 people were one of them bearded and wearing “Galabia” brought him to the path of Garyounis and along the way

they strike and its Astmoa the they begrudge that they lie by saying I’m not Ahmed .. !! Pray for a place on the sea and they Bgtts and Sam in the

sea, and said “Tehro this unclean Atheist” In the meantime, the connection came to one, “replies one of them picked it says O Sheikh Hansvoh”

and grown up .. One of them took the bag brother where his papers in which the identity card found, ordered the group to leave my brother because

he is not required and this card .. Someone stabbed my brother, and Sam with 4 stab wounds in the legs and asked him where I was and told him this

message to your brother if .. And left him he باسعافه one the passers-by on the road year after to creep my brother to the road bleeding. And God and yes, the agent.


Engineer at the General Company for Post Office – Benghazi

In the event of continued lack of recharge cards for telecommunications and the Internet for the eastern region will

have to separate the system from the center in Tripoli to return free network:












Nasser Al-Attiya Aujali …:

Without hypocrisy and lies … Truth to the people of Cyrenaica and Fezzan one of the two options:

– The first federal .. The second live under slavery Sowaihili the gang.



News of the arrival of a delegation from the UN headed by Tarek Mitri to Ras Lanuf to negotiate with the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica.

URGENT: – official channel of Libya

Chairman of the Information Office Brega Nasser Znot, the company says: –

Gas, oil and gasoline is available in all stores Libya
And what happens is a conspiracy of the state, and stores now
In Libya full Balenzan and gas, Naafth, enough
Libyan people to a full year was not affected by the final
Brega sit in the oil fields ..





Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya ·

And Rishvana and angle :

held today 09/05/2013 meeting at the headquarters of the National Congress in Tripoli meeting systems include: National Congress leader and Chief of Staff and Minister of Justice and Interior Minister -designate and a representative of the Attorney General and a representative of the defense minister and chief of operations of staff and head shields Central Region and Chairman of the Second Brigade and members of the Conference national , Rishvana and President of the Council local , Rishvana and members of the national Congress of the corner and corner a local council member and a member of notables corner. The meeting addressed the security situation and Rishvana the area and this corner was the most important what has been agreed upon the following : –
1 – the release of detainees from both sides.
2 – bear all the responsibility for the security and the pursuit of justice and wanted outlaws without the intervention of any hand in it and without causing chaos or stir the hearts of people.
3 – is delivered shields custody to the Libyan army and the military police in order to display the military prosecutor .
4 – the parties pledged their full readiness to return displaced people from both sides and Admno their return both to the place of residence safely and without exposure to him .
5 – minutes of collecting evidence which has been forwarded to the Attorney General be Trgiaha to competent authorities of each region Prosecutions for review and disposition.
6 – is full cooperation with local councils , security Mdreatt and competent prosecutors for minutes of collection Alastdlat and reviewed and verified and the arrest of the accused and bring them to the Public Prosecution .
7 – in the case of the inability of local councils and security directorates to provide defendants the Attorney General is the use of iPods state

competent security authorities or the Libyan army to besiege any defendant has not been arrested , provided it is done in the presence of Security Directorate

in the region and the local council and forces hired out as a supportive.
8 – to the Attorney General that a neutral or committees are assigned to the competent authorities and the Attorney General will submit the proposal to the parties .

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Urgent particular tribe page and Libyan Rishvana
Now the detainees are exchanged between Rishvana and angle.

Heavy rain falls on and now Rishvana. Oh Make it useful Geetha,










The number of deaths due to weather arrived to 6 people.

(# Moved Imed Ben Hamed)

Friday open-ended sit until FAFSA elderly families helped us to Bani Walid and our elders and peace.


The names of the victims of drowning in the stream valley country today
Two children:
– Zayed Arab Zlbe,
– Taher Saleh F Zlbe

And 4 children died as a result of drowning in the flood valley of the country in Bani Walid

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

To God and to Him we shall return

The child was found drowned key Hamad Eshteiwi, and finally, after more than 12 hours of continuous search ..

Noted that this child has Garfa stream flood yesterday.

God Rahma and forgive him and his family’s patience
Salam Association for the charity you sending civil defense Tripoli to twice to help in the search for the child drowned key Ashitoa where were rejected!!!

Our thanks to Egyptian labor in the city of Bani Walid for their contribution in finding child Mguetah God’s mercy

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

There is no power except God Almighty
And unto God and to Him we return ..
God accept them mercy wide.

We ask God for them forgiveness and mercy
And heal the rest of the children who are still in care after Rescue lives
Thanks to God ..
God and to Him we shall return


Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Image of the city of Bani Walid today is festooned with Seoul goodness:


Image of the joy parents Balsel in the city of Bani Walid:

Copy of the torrent and the country in the valley town of Bani Walid this day:

Image outpouring of Wadi Bani Walid

Rain good over the city of Bani Walid in these moments .. and the sounds of thunder louder ..
Ziba useful, God willing ..
O Allah, I ask good and the good of what was sent to him .. And I seek refuge in You from the evil evil of what was sent to him ..

In such moments the door open response Vktvo pray to God ..

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla


Torrent Wadi Bani Walid 09/05/2013

سيل وادي بني وليد 2013/09/05
سيل وادي بني وليد 2013/09/05

Durée : 14:35
Another picture of Seil in Bani Walid today:
is that a man’s arm and hand showing on the lower left of the photo buried in the mud?



Tomorrow, Friday, September 6th call for solidarity with the prisoners and organize vigils to demand the immediate release

of similar Ikhana all and Mufti mark civil Alchuirv and Sheikh Barghouti and the application of fair trials under the supervision

of international judicial for  Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi and Foreign Minister fighter Abu Zaid Dorda.

Please put it on all of your pages


A poem by Ibn Badr – Conqueror (9)) 2013
Entitled Peace on civil Sheikh Mohammed Alchuirv

Peace on civil Sheikh Mohammed Alchuirv poetry of Ibn Badr
A poem by Ibn Badr – Conqueror (9) 2013 –

Mahdaha of His Eminence Sheikh mark Mohammed Civil Alchuirv, the oldest Senate and note in prisons dark Alfberaaria the elders manhood




The U.S.bombing of the day was at the headquarters of the Municipal Guard to Hoaba Rh built almost empty in the morning and always locked
And the bombing of course in the country means condominium residents, shops and children and Xia b Sabaya
And finishes with the word no security committee nor its condition and there is no need afraid buoyancy fire, but neighbors to panicked to save and put out the fire.

Tuber: dawn today unknown assailants blew up a house (age alwani) did not result in any human damage bombing.
Media tuber


Blow up the family home of friend carp Ghaithi Undersecretary of Defense for borders and oil installations former city of Derna ..
Sources also reported from the city of Derna had been the home of Omar al-Alwani bombing, one of the officers of the

Directorate of Security in the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in Derna last night ..

Powerful explosions shake the city of Derna now..









South of the Libyan News 
Mortar shells type on a house in the village ضة and child injured in the attack and did not know who carried out this cowardly act.



Image delivery girl Sanusi of Khatafha to invited Haitham Tagouris, the>

Delivery and receipt of Anoud Abdullah Sanusi between the Haitham Tagouris (the adjective ………..)
And tribal sheikh Almgarhh the ……….. She lived state militias.






Libya Egyptian plane forced to return after the discovery of forged visas

Heathens – ( Anatolia ) – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Libyan official said in Kufra south of Libya , on Thursday night , said that a plane belonging to the Egyptian lines were stopped at the airport in the city after the discovery of forged visas for Egyptian 160 passengers on board.

In a statement to Anatolia , the head of the security committee of the Local Council of the city, on Borkik , there was no direct lines between the city of Kufra and Egyptian aviation did not know the arrival of this plane by officials in the country.

He added : “When the plane landed been investigated with the crew and passengers , was discovered that all passengers are Egyptians and the number 165 passengers visas false ,” adding that passengers confirmed that they bought this visa offices in Alexandria , northern Egypt , the work visas for Egyptians.

He explained that the Kufra airport is used for domestic flights only, so the security authorities to investigate those responsible for the approval of the landing of the aircraft at the airport of the city.

The Borkik pointed out that the Libyan authorities decided to return the plane full passengers into Egyptian territory after the discovery of fraud in visas, stressing the plane ‘s return to Alexandria and not to allow the passengers to disembark in Kufra.











ZAIDANE LIAR, in CAIRO, says ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood does no violence!



Urgent ..Egyptian Intelligence briefs  rat Libyan PM Ali Zaidane.

Investigations confirm the involvement of Ali Hardness in terrorist activities within the Arab Republic of Egypt.
(as if  Zaidane did not know this already; because he is part of the “gang”!)

عاجل .. جهاز المخابرات المصرية يطلع الدكتور علي زيدان على التحقيقات التي تؤكد تورط علي الصلابي في انشطة ارهابية داخل جمهورية مصر العربية .
 Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)Egyptian army soldiers responding to a rat Zaidane, who objected to the light (al-Fateh) celebrations in EgyptEgyptian army says to Zaidane rat

“Muammar and Bsssss”

جنود الجيش المصري يردون على الجرذ زيدان الذي اعترض على احتفالات الفاتح في مصرالجيش المصري يقول للجرذ زيدان معمر وبسسسسس Libyan RAT (MB) Prime ministerAli Zaidane asked Ahmed Gadaffi “Horwitzer blood” for an interview in prison; but Gadaffi refused to meet him retorting that he does not have menial time to speak with puppets ….

  • عاجل .. طلب الدكتور علي زيدان رئيس الوزراء الليبي مقابلة احمد قذاف الدم في سجنه ولكن قذاف الدم رفض مقابلته ورد عليه بآنه لا يملك وقت يضيعه مع الدمي ….

قناة الرؤية الليبية
عـــــــــــــاجلزيدان في مؤتمر صحفي بالقاهرة منذ قليل يحذر جماعة الاخوان المسلمين فرع ليبيا من الانخراط في اي اعمال عنف او تواصل مع جماعة الاخوان الفرع الرئيسي مصربنت الوادي


Muammar al-Qathafi  and Hosani Mubarak:
Mu and Mubarak



Kurt Nimmo
November 25, 2011

In order to send in the bombers and introduce the sort of carnage in Syria the US and NATO inflicted on Libya, the propaganda war needs to be dialed up. Allegations of child abuse usually do the trick. Journalists call it “the hook.”

photoDaughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to US tells lie used as war propaganda.

Prior to the first invasion of Iraq in 1991, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing on Capitol Hill showcasing Iraqi human rights abuses. The media event allowed a 15-year old Kuwaiti girl known as Nayirah to claim Saddam’s invaders threw babies out of incubators at the al-Addan hospital in Kuwait City.

It turns out the girl was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. The testimony was a lie cooked up by Hill & Knowlton, a public relations group. Despite this, the lie was repeated over and over again. Bush Senior told the story. It was recited as fact in congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows, and at the UN Security Council.

On Friday, a United Nations human rights panel “expressed alarm” at reports claiming Syrian security forces are torturing children.

The Committee Against Torture said it had received “numerous, consistent and substantiated reports” of widespread abuse in the country, MSNBC reports today. The chair of the panel, Claudio Grossman, told reporters in Geneva that the reports referring to the abuse of children were of “particular concern.”

It was less of a concern when George W. Bush’s legal adviser, John Yoo, argued there is no law that could prevent the president from ordering the torture of a child.

Syria’s neighbor, Israel, has detained and tortured Palestinian children at the infamous al-Jalame Interrogation and Detention Center near Haifa, but the United Nations is not talking about sanctions against the country. The Arab League is not issuing ultimatums and neocons and presidential candidates are not talking about attacking Israel.

The United Nations report is a prized piece of propaganda released at precisely the right time. It will be mentioned repeatedly by the establishment media in the weeks ahead as the stage is set for an attack on Syria. Like the Nayirah and baby incubator lie, there will be little effort to find out if Syrian security forces are indeed torturing children.

Sen Graham Warns of Nuke Strike After Missing Bomb Report

Alex Jones & Anthony Gucciardi
September 5, 2013

Senator Lindsay Graham has warned South Carolinians about the threat of a ‘terrorist nuclear attack’ on the same day that our exclusive high level military intel revealed to us that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas airforce base under an ‘off the record’ black ops transfer.

Found in the CBS report entitled ‘Graham: Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor’, the report details Graham’s warning that a lack of military action in Syria could result in a nuclear ‘bombing’ in Charleston, South Carolina — the very destination of the black ops nuclear transfer. The CBS report reads:

“He [Graham] says if there is no U.S. response [to Syria], Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.”

Graham is quite literally saying that if we do not launch a war with Syria, South Carolina may be nuked. And this ultimately reeks of yet another false flag being orchestrated by the United States government in order to send us into war, or at the very least a threat. Except this time, we’re talking about nuclear weapons. Amazingly, we were the first to get intel on this from our credible and extremely high level military source, who told us the following:

“Dyess is beginning to move out nuclear war heads today. I got a tap from DERMO earlier. He said it was the first time they have been even acknowledged since being put there in the 80′s. No signature was required for transfer… There was no directive. He said that Dyess Commander was on site to give authority to release. No one knew where they were going really, but the truck driver said to take them to South Carolina and another pick up will take them from there.”

This was sent to us before the Graham report came out warning about the nuclear attack on South Carolina, and coincides exactly with what Graham is saying. I am deeply concerned by these findings, and ask everyone to spread the word on this information immediately. Whether or not Graham is receiving intel from higher ups and believes in a legitimate terror attack on the horizon is unknown, but the reality here is that we have intelligence that has linked the unsigned transfer of nuclear warheads to this exact location.

Here is the video report we did on Tuesday regarding the missing nuclear warheads:



Muammar in Algeria 1

Historical picture of Muammar al-Qathafi in Algeria (above)

Sources: Algeria has decided to strengthen its security presence on the border with Tunisia by 3000 an additional component



The video is dated 18 DEC. 2011 online…and is titled:
“Register Sri scandal Emir of Qatar against Saudi Arabia 1” .


Sakr Arabs Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, sends a message to the Emir of Qatar, the sons of Zion client
صقر العرب العقيد معمر القذافي رحمه الله يبعث رسالة إلي أمير قطر عميل بني صهيون
The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet
The Third Universal Theory is the only cure for our ailing planet. Implement it or there will not be a world left to live in.

Muammar and his Green Book


We need the Green Book accompanied by THE GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS (12 JUNE 1988):

Mu at prayer