The Prophet’s (PBUH) birth, and also celebration of Issa (Jesus): Muslims in Unity

Mu in Egypt


“Today there is a divide that we must acknowledge, and we must know who is deepening it. Perhaps it is colonialism—the enemy of Islam, the enemy of the Arabs, the enemy of the Persians—that is deepening it.…

They have divided Islam into two Islams, and there came to be Shi’ite Islam and Sunni Islam. This is a bid’a [heresy]…
When did Muhammad say: “I have brought you Shi’ite Islam and Sunni Islam?”…

They have now begun to group the Arabs against Iran and Iran against the Arabs, and then Shi’ites against Sunnis and Sunnis against Shi’ites.…

Are we Muslims, or are we Shi’ites and Sunnis?! For whose benefit is this? It is for the benefit of the “other” that we are speaking about, for the benefit of the enemy, for the benefit of colonialism.

“The period of fragmentation that I talked about, and the disintegration of the Abbasid Empire and its old age, is similar to the old age of the Arab and Islamic regimes we have today. At the beginning of the 10th century, the situation was like thisů

“The Fatimid state arose in the beginning of the 10th century, and it formed an umbrella over North Africa, and under its banner all of the tribal, denominational, political, and ethnic differences fused, and they all became one single Fatimid identity, which lasted 260 years and extended as far as the Arab East.

“After Mahdiya, Cairo was the capital of the Fatimid state, and it inherited the disintegrated Abbasid state, which had become weak at that point in timeů

“The Fatimid state came as a new, youthful power. Its name and origin are from Fatima Al-Zahra [Fatima ‘the Radiant’], and it produced Al-Azhar. [1] One of the historic citadels of the Fatimid state was Al-Azhar, and the name of Al-Azhar, in Egypt, is in reference to Fatima Al-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet. The Fatimid state’s name and origin were [also] from Fatima Al-Zahraů

“This grand Fatimid state generously allowed the existence of the mini-states in its interiorů They all became Fatimids, and there was stability.

“Now people say to us that the Shi’ites are in Iran and that Shi’ite means Persians, and Sunni means Arabs. This is a lie. This is deceit. Those who say this are ignoramuses who do not know history.

“To the contrary, the first Shi’ite state arose in North Africa. The Fatimid state was the first Shi’ite stateů”

“North Africa is Arab and Shi’ite”

“In North Africaů go anywhere and ask them about their customs and traditions. They are all Shi’ite customs and traditions.

“[They include] the celebration of the ‘Ashura, the sorrow on the ‘Ashura and the remembrance of the ‘Ashura and our lord [sayyidna] ‘Ali; the very extensive stories about our lord ‘Ali, and being the party of [tashayyu’l-] our lord ‘Ali.

“[The North Africans] do not know Mu’awiya [‘Ali’s rival and the founder of the Umayyad dynasty]. From Egypt to the Atlantic Ocean, there is not a single person named Mu’awiya. They are all named ‘Ali, Fatima, Khadija, Hassan, Hussein, etc.

“Since the [trend] today is religion, and [discussion of] who has the right to the Imamate, and what is the Imamate, and so forth – who has more right to the Imamate than the Prophet’s family [ahl al-bayt]? The Prophet’s family has more right than all of the rulers around today who are not from the Prophet’s family.

“When we come to religious authorityů have [people] not gotten themselves into a mess and said that the Sunnis are against the Shi’ites and the Arabs against the Persians? Who holds to this view? It is the foreign occupation and the Zionist settlement that brought this.

“Where did this come from? [But] as long as you are getting yourselves into a mess [by saying you are] Shi’ites and Sunnis, then go ahead, [but] the Shi’ites [then] are not Iran.”

“The Shi’ite Fatimid State Arose in North Africa, and We Want to Revive It”

“The Shi’ites are North Africaů We will [build] the modern, second Fatimid state, and its identity will be a Fatimid identity. The Arabs and the Amazigh Arabs will be fused in it, and the parties, the Left and the Right, the extremists, and the proponents of violence will be fused in it. All of them will become a single identity.

“The conflict in North Africa will end. The conflict in Algeria will end, and in Sudan, and the conflict in Egypt will end, and the conflict in the Sahara will end. Tribal, sectarian, and ethnic conflict will end, because we will have become Fatimids.

“We in North Africa are Arabs, and North Africa is 100% Arab. Those whom we say are ‘Amazigh’, are the original, unadulterated Arabs. The fact that France and Western colonialism say to them ‘you are not Arabs’ – whoever accepts this will bear his responsibility.

“North Africa is Arab and Shi’iteů The Shi’ite Fatimid state arose in North Africa, and not in Iran. We want to revive it once again. We direct a renewed call to all of the forces in the first Fatimid state to revive [it in] a modern, second Fatimid state – on the condition that it be free of all of the sectarian conflicts and [the debate about] the Imamate and [religious] rule [hakimiyya] and the sophistry of old.

“We are not interested anymore [whether] Ja’far Al-Sadiq delegated the Imamate to Musa Al-Kazim or to Isma’ilů [2] This matters [only] to Ja’far Al-Sadiq and Isma’il and Musa Al-Kazim, and they are gone, may Allah have mercy on them.

“[And we are not interested anymore] in who had more right to the Caliphate, ‘Ali or Mu’awiya. The Caliphate has nothing to do with religion, and this is a worldly struggle for rule. If they decided after the Prophet who would be ruler, it was because the Prophet was not a ruler. He was a prophet, that’s it, and then he passed on. He was a prophet, and he died, without a son, a successor, a regent [wasiy], [3] or a representative.

“But emotionally, we the Arabs, and all of the Muslims, are attached to ‘Ali. This means that all of the Arabs are Shi’ites. If a Shi’ite is one who is attached to ‘Ali, then all of the Arabs are Shi’ites. Where is the Arab who is against ‘Ali? There aren’t any.

“Take a poll in the entire Islamic and Arab world. Ask them: ‘Are you for Mu’awiya or for ‘Ali?’ They will tell you ”Ali’. Ask them: ‘Are you for Fatima Al-Zahra or someone else – the wife of Mu’awiya, Yazid, or someone else?’ They will say: ‘No, I am for Fatima Al-Zahra.’

“This means that they are the party [tashayyu’ l-] of the Prophet’s family, of Fatima and ‘Ali. All of the Arabs, all of the Muslims, are the party of ‘Ali. If being the party of ‘Ali means being Shi’ite, then we are all Shi’ites. This is true. This is our culture.”

“If Being Sunni Means That You Believe in Muhammad and His Sunna. Then the Iranians are Sunnis. Did the Iranians say to you: ‘We are against Muhammad’? No, they say: ‘Muhammad, peace be upon him, is our Prophet.’ [And if you ask them:] ‘Do you follow his sunna?’ they will say: ‘Of course, we follow his sunna.’ Then you are Sunnis? Yes, indeed.

“And they will come to us here, us the Muslim Arabs in North Africa, and ask: ‘Do you love ‘Ali?’ We will say: ‘Yes, we love ‘Ali.’ [They will ask:] ‘Do you love ‘Ali or Mu’awiya?’ We will say: ‘We love ‘Ali.’ Then you are Shi’ites.

“The Iranians are Sunnis, and we in North Africa are Shi’ites”

“The Shi’a Has Moved Now From Iran to North Africa, the Second Fatimid State Must Arise”

“The Arab rulers are now campaigning to satisfy the Americans and the occupation with a call to hate Iran, because Iran is producing an atomic bomb, and because Iran is such-and-such and the Persians are such-and-such – [all] this is in order to divide Islam in two. When you ask them: ‘Why do you hate Iran?’ they say: ‘Because it is Shi’ite.’

“No, no. We in North Africa are the modern, new Fatimid state. We are Shi’ites. That’s it, the Shi’a has moved now from Iran to North Africa. The second Fatimid state must arise.

“Enough, then, the dispute has ended.

“There won’t be an Arab Maghreb Union, or a non-Arab Maghreb Union. No longer will one be against the other, or will there be war one against the other, and borders. What borders? They don’t interest us.

“[In the] Fatimid state you can remain Egyptian, Libyan, Algerian, Tunisian, Mauritanian, Nigerien, Malian, and so on, and [you can] stay in Sudan, in the Fertile Crescent, in Jordan – but the identity will be a Fatimid identity.

“If rule is [in the hands of] the Prophet’s family, then no one has more right than the Fatimid state, which descends from Fatima al-Zahra. And if rule is a matter of worthiness, understanding, and democracy, then hand rule over to the peopleů and put an end to governments, kings, and presidents.

“If you bring Islam into politics, then the Prophet’s family has more right than all of you, oh you who take advantage of Islam. Who are you to rule in the name of Islam? If you want to rule in the name of Islam, then the Prophet’s family is most worthy and has more right.

“The Fatimid state grants freedom to everyone to worship in complete freedom. One is a Shafi’i, another a Maliki, another an Ismai’ili [Shi’ite], and another [follows the] Khawarij [KHARIJITES].

“In truth, all of the schools [of Islam] are forbidden innovations. It is clear what is permitted and what is forbidden, and Allah said: ‘Do not form groups and parties’. So why should we dispute? Over what?…

“How can we find one mosque that people say is Shi’ite, and another mosque that is Sunni ? ! Who holds this view ? In the days of the Prophet, was there a mosque for the Shi’ites and a mosque for the Sunnis?… They are all Allah’s mosques.

“Does one have a qibla to the right, and another to the left? Do they not all face the sacred house [i.e. the Ka’ba in Mecca]?

“The Two Holy Sites Are Mecca and Jerusalem”

“While we’re on the subject, the two holy sites are not the two that we say they are today. The two holy sites are Mecca and Jerusalem [and not Mecca and Medina].

“We thank our Persian brothers, who joined the party of the Prophet’s family and of ‘Ali. We thank them for joining [the supporters] of the Prophet’s family. This is a tremendous thing.

“I am amazed that people from the Prophet’s family, like [King ‘Abdullah] in Jordan for example, are against the Shi’a. What does the Shi’a mean? It means being the party of [tashayyu’ l-] the Prophet’s family. It means that we are the party of you, you there in Jordan. I am your party, when I am a Shi’ite in Iran.

“Look how they set us one against the other and enlisted some of us against others of usů” [4]

We Are Arabs, It Was Colonialism that Called Us Berbers

In an earlier speech on 01 March 2007, al-Qathafi denied the existence of a non-Arab Berber people in North Africa. He said that they were Amazigh, not ‘Berber’ !

“We set out from Yemen until we came here [to Libya]. We went by land, by land [barr barr], so they called us ‘Berbers’.

“We the Amazigh are the Arabs who came by land, by land [barr barr]. The Phoenicians, who are Arabs like us and came from the East, came on boats. They came to Phoenicia, and from Phoenicia started out from the coast [al-sahil al-sahil], whereas we came by land, by land [barr barr]. So we are the ‘by-land-by-land’ society, and colonialism came and said, ‘You are Berbers, a different people. You are not Arabs.’ They wanted to make us err concerning our history, our origin, and our civilization…

“The Amazigh [5] tribes died out a long time ago, since the days of the Kingdom of Numidia. These are tribes we don’t know at all. Perhaps they were Semitic or Eastern [tribes] who came [to the region], but they died out and are no more.

“Where are the tribes of Mishwash, Ribu, Libu, Samu, and Tihnu? We can’t even pronounce their names.

“The archaeologists and the astronomers say that these tribes died out during a 100-year drought. There was no rain in North Africa, and everyone died out, including the Amazigh tribes and the other tribes I mentioned who were all in North Africa – they all died out. The ‘Amazigh’ [barr barr] Arabs and the Phoenician [bahr bahr, i.e. “sea-sea”] Arabs arrived, and [then] the [other] Arabs came after Islam.

“Libya is for the Libyans. We will not tolerate in Libya any ethnic zealotry [shu’ubiyya]. No one can say ‘my origin is this, that, or the other’. Whoever says this is an agent of colonialism. This is ‘divide and rule’.

“The Israelis are seeking to Balkanize the Arab, Islamic, and African countries. European colonialism wants to divide North Africa and tear it to pieces.” [6]


[1] al-Zahra (“the Radiant”) is an epithet added by Shi’ites to the name of Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad and the wife of ‘Ali, and al-Azhar is the corresponding masculine form. Al-Azhar in Cairo, today one of the foremost bastions of Sunni orthodoxy, was originally established in the late 10th century by the Fatimids as an Isma’ili Shi’ite institution.

[2] Ja’far Al-Sadiq is considered by Shi’ites the sixth Imam; the question of the identity of his successor led to a split between Isma’ili Shi’ites (the Fatimids’ sect) and Twelver Shi’ites, the sect followed by most modern Shi’ites.

[3] Wasiy is the term Shi’ites use for ‘Ali in order to express his status as the rightful successor to Muhammad.

[4] Wikalat Al-Jamahiriya L’il-anba’, 01 April 2007.

[5] “Amazigh”, literally “one who is free”, is a term many ‘Amazigh’ prefer when referring to themselves.


[7] See

Speeches (March 2007) quoted in MEMRI Special Dispatch Series No. 1535 (06 April 2007) “In Overture to Iran, al-Qathafi Declares North Africa Shi’ite and Calls for Establishment of New Fatimid State”

Mu orator


‘Room Zintan operations’:

Uqba “Arabism”
Saladin “Kurdish”
Tariq ibn Ziyad “Tamazight”
Sahih Muslim ibn Muslim “north of Iran.”
Sheikh Mohammed al-Banian “Albania”
Khalid ibn al-Walid “Arabism”
These figures and leaders of Islamic leaders were standing for Allah and his religion and unification
It was not like today’s trend to ‘nationalism and ethnic affiliation’.This is the true Islam. These Martyrs died without (so-called) ‘religion’.

Oh Allah, make us al-Tabuthain Dink and united and guide us the straight path (just as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi constantly preached).


‘Imran Nakua’, comments:
‘Solomon Persian’, ‘Bilal al-Habash’, ‘Bukhari’, and many others…”

Mu preaching in Italian Mosque


Mu open Koran Mu oratory

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi celebrates the birthday of the Prophet [PBUH] in Kampala, Uganda and gives a lecture in the teachings of Islam.


al-Qathafi contributed to the making of the film, ‘The Message’ of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

‘The Message’ was financed and produced by Muammar al-Qathafi.

ISSA – JESUS, the Great Teacher & Prophet, who has never tasted ‘death’:


The soldiers took JUDAS ISCARIOT (who was miraculously transformed to look like Jesus / Issa)…

Please read the full ‘GOSPEL of Barnabas’–

“If Jesus/Issa was mortal at the time of Mohammed,  he would have followed Mohammed…” (MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI, quote)
Read the complete ‘Gospel of Barnabas’.



In any case, Jesus/Issa repeatedly told his apostles that Mohammed (PBUH) would be coming, after him…and who he was.





‘Knight Libyan’, writes:

“The main objective of the plot of the Arab Spring is to bring about chaos and the creation of failed states to distort and destroy national armies where the media tried to hack described (Ktaib Gaddafi in Libya. Lashkar-e-Mubarak in Egypt. Shabiha al-Assad in Syria. Thugs Saleh in Yemen).

He was able intensive media campaign to deceive a lot of people that have ratified. There were burned and insulted and Khount destroyed and isolated and imprisoned and killed.

It ended the scene, who described the time short of revolutionary, and that in fact a systematic chaos to achieve the objectives of the conspiracy.

The people woke up to a severe crisis of rampant crime, drugs, kidnapping and loss of sovereignty and the evolution of the scene of the disaster spread of terrorist groups that possessed arms and money and political support by the leaders of the revolution crept slogans of the pyramid of power.

In Egypt, the army was able to quickly pick up the mess and came back strongly to turn the tables on the whole plot and designed its Brotherhood ‘customers’ in prison after awakening massive popular demonstrations restored minds of awareness.

In Libya, after NATO Crusader intervention, there was confusion between external support and internal chaos and the media tried to continue to deceive the street, through ‘the rebels’ and the MB Armor-Shields, Zidane Army. Security committees.

The Libyan army, which has a strong track record of eliminating terrorist groups, now has to confront NATO.

Yemen is no different in the case of chaos led to the internal division fueled by overseas reached the fighting and enter the Gulf traveled. And the positive failure of all Yemeni to return to the dialogue table (which will merely result in the return of coach and specialist Bhacleth), the Yemeni Army and its Houthi leaders, are a factor which ensures the stability of Yemen.

Syria also in chaos and distortion and terrorism and external interference in the country. Enter the fierce urban warfare destroyed and abandoned millions. To get in the end to some frank remarks and some hint that the true ‘Syrian Army’ is to be the primary force to eliminate terrorism and restore security and stability.

Today those armies prove to be a national distinction and bravely faced the plot and did not undermine the determination of media distortion campaign; nor the denial of the multitudes deceived nor fleets abroad and has the historic duty. While the shame of those who stationed prosecuted for conspiracy and reneged on their covenant and oath.

The speech changed the street from the description (Ketaab and the soldiers and thugs and al-Bulatjh) to (Nebo army and police) after he tried to fire all the chaos cheated …

I said, my commander and ratified  Kd Tendmon Aom la Anf al-ndm.”


OBAMA's NWO Obama's 'new-world-order'

(see picture of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi right under the UNO building.)



kidnappers in Tripoli

The kidnapping of the citizen (Walid M’Barek al-Orchwena) born ‘Parwa al-Hillh’, from his home, and in front of his family. He is a married man with three children, and is a normal employee with a medium-health physical condition.


Emergency burns from celebrations, and are greeted with open eyes 95 cases ! Access wounded burn injuries and fireworks on the corner of Hospital Street and the inability of the medical staff at a hospital burns and beauty


Photos of new bombing ‘angle’ at Bo Mhmach:





moon over Zintan


‘Room Zintan operations’:

‘Support directorates of the western region and the security of the southern force 200’, has arrested 20 people on suspicion of belonging extremist groups.

‘Room Zintan operations’ a partagé la vidéo de Jamal al-Kafali.

Why launched a lion ..
This section of the training the last installment in the Zintani ‘battalion Lightning’ Balnkulaih before the war fighter, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Kharijites and al-Jhoyen populists and neo-al-Ancksharien, Ali Brigades al-Ehih and their destruction of the ‘International Tripoli airport’..

‎لماذا شنت عملية قسورة.. هذا مقطع لتدريبات الدفعة الأخيرة في كتيبة الصواعق بالنقلية قبل حرب المقاتلة والإخوان والخوارج والجهويين الشعبويين و الإنكشاريين الجدد علي كتائب الحيش ومطار وطرابلس العالمي.. هذا ما يخافه وعمل الخوارج و الإخوان و المجرمين لتشويهه بكل قوة و هو قيام جيش حقيقي محترف يضم كل شباب ليبيا.. هؤلاء الرجال صمدوا عام كامل ضد مخطط الغجر و لايزالون يمتشقون السلاح في مواقعهم ولن يهنأ لهم بال حتي يرمون بأوغاد المرشد و أتباع الفتي والبغدادي والمجرمين في عرض البحر.. #مطلبنا_جيش_وشرطة شاركوا الفيديو.‎


This is the fear and the work of the Kharijites and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and criminals to deform with full force and is a true professional Army includes all youth Libya ..

These guys have persevered against ‘Roma Libya’ for a full year’s of scheming; and still Amichqon arms in their positions and would not mind, they even congratulated them for throwing Boogad leader and followers of the boy, and al-Baghdadi and criminals at sea ..

(Mtbanna Jeic Hoshrth)

Video participated.

‘Room Zintan operations’:


From ‘Zintan International Airport’, greetings from the cadre of ‘airport security’.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Ihdt Vi al-Zintan

Closing shops merely with Ba sticks and chairs, are still in effect, as a result of all the peace and safety felt by the citizens within Zintan’s security Vallahm, thank you for this blessing !


Zintan Medical Center

‘Zintan Medical Center’:
A new private sector in the city of Zintan preparing full-sections deal with the opening in the next few days:




Clashes in the city of Surman resulting from the killing of ‘Slaman Mahjobe’*, a militia-Criterion.

Clashes between militias Aharaded Aamahajip with explosions heard inside the city.

*: The killing of a militiaman called ‘the Mahajip Slaman al-Tait Mahjob-Bachtbakat’,

came-on Tuesday night.




Zliten's 'Corner al-Aasamarah equipment Mosque', Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmari Fetouri to commemorate the Prophet's (PBUH) Birthday

Zliten’s ‘Corner al-Aasamarah equipment Mosque’, Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmari Fetouri to commemorate the Prophet’s (PBUH) Birthday.


My (Sheikh’s) Message to the NATO MB Mufti [SADEK GHARYIANI] ..:

If the celebration of the birth of the master of creation haram Mbda every innovation every innovation is misguidance !! It is the first not to disrupt the people’s interests and lock orbit, hospitals, government agencies disabled anniversary of his birth in the door !!

And never to Aodawa here to celebrate, but I wanted to clear !!
And the idea, is that after tomorrow, we will raise the green flags, and live up platforms and adorned squares, and speeches and organize a notification for all, to the memory of our  independence of the Kingdom of Libya [‘al-Fateh 1969, 01 SEPTEMBER’]!!

فيديو نادر جدا للقذافي في عام 1969

What say Dear Preacher ? Independence greatest generator or master objects !!
Dear Sirs ate more of prayer for the beloved Prophet (PBUH) brigade nation holder doomsday first player, to move the doors of paradise to enter his pelvis and Almhf us.

O Allah, bless him and recognition of a lot.

‘MUSICIAN’ COMMENTS (on the above):

“Senate in channel osmosis say you can not use the infidel, whatever the reasons, for not one case of the need to allow this act of falsehood as misconceived ‘religiousiosity’ not dervied from the ‘Holy Qur’an’. Glory to Allah, who prolonged the ages of the people know how much hypocrisy.”



 Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani Mark al-Chuirv' participates in the celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) inside the lighthouse at Asmari

‘Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani Mark al-Chuirv’ participates in the celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) inside the lighthouse at Asmari.





The death of ‘Ahmad Taib al-Zentate’, after shooting from a Toyota burning car, MAFIA STYLE.




Maltese Prime Minister Josep Moskat

Maltese Prime Minister Josep Moskat, has announced that country nationals are advised not to travel to Libya.



Afficher l'image d'origine

Battle d’Alep (ALEPPO, SYRIA), with a victorious Syrian Army.*


Qmh al-Mhazelh:

After Hronna of the situation in al-Epien (d’Alep, village in Syria/ Aleppo, Syria),

La citadelle et la ville d'Alep, Syrie

Jardan al-Tagah leave for ‘Burj al Arab Airport’ in Alexandria, Egypt.


*: Background:

Video- Russian strikes have helped weaken the rebels, Syrian troops were preparing to reclaim the old economic capital with massive aid from Iran and, making ambushes upon ‘Daash’ troops, untouched by bombing, as decided by Moscow.

The former Syrian economic capital of Aleppo, seems to have become, in recent times, the objective of both the brave Army and its allies, against Daash’. Several thousand Iranian soldiers would be ready to support the Syrian army offensive to reclaim the city in the hands of the evil insurgents, a coalition of the al-Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda and its Islamist allies. “The decision was taken” told Reuters, by a regional manager. This offensive runs parallel to the one launched in the Hama region, further east, by the Syrian Army in alliance with the Russian aviation.

The massive presence of Iranian troops in the region of Aleppo has been confirmed by the death last week of Iranian General Hossein Hamedani. He was killed in Qweires airport near Aleppo. The Revolutionary Guards, the original body, denounced the involvement of “terrorist Daash” in the death of Hamedani. The spokesman of the Revolutionary Guards has recognized on Iranian state television, that the senior officer had been “the last four years one of the most influential military advisers have played a critical role” in Syria.

The direct military involvement in Iran alongside the Syrian regime is not new. In the spring, the Iranian general Fahberi Mahdi, head of Fatimioun battalion had fallen in combat facing the Kharijites in the south. But today the mobilization of Iranian troops seems more massive. 5000 members of the al-Quds force would be deployed throughout Syria, in Aleppo as well as in the defense of Shiite villages in the south.

Between January and May 2015, 791 barrels fell on Aleppo, killing 860 civilians, including 24 children.



Terrorists are (so-termed) ‘religious based’ on “Wahhabism”, the official ‘religion’ of Saudi Arabia and holding the royal family. These groups had been used by Europeans in 1916 by France and England, when they “encouraged” the Arab tribes against Turkey in a terrorist war waged by the British spy “Lawrence of Arabia”. Then, with the Arab anti-colonial, anti-imperialist and secular revolution of the 50s, these religious groups were of no significant influence.

Recall that Bin Laden was of the royal family, was sent to Afghanistan to organize the Taliban against the former USSR, with arms and advisers to the CIA; and Saudi funding.

They have modern weapons, satellite and operational intelligence, medical equipment, replacements, vehicles, tanks and now say they have even an Air-force. And, where the oil goes, goes ‘DAASH’.

More than five years ago, the government of France embarked in destabilizing Syria to overthrow Assad’s democratic government, and restore a colonial project in the area. Such thinking, at this time, is pathetic. For it was associated with Turkey’s Erdogan and his project of “neo-Ottomanism” with imperial nostalgia; with the medieval, obscurantist and bloody Saudi monarchy and the emirate of Qatar, whose petrodollars “feed” European political campaigns. Recently the prestigious US magazine Foreign Policy, said: “Ridayh is the author of tragedy in Paris since 1970 by exporting terrorism”. The New York Times said: “Saudi Arabia is the white Daash“. French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that France had given, and is still giving weapons to the “Wahhabi Kharijites” and to SAUDI ARABIA. A confession of parts I relay testing!

The security and stability of the world is at stake and to ensure the same, we must be very precise on these issues of international terrorism and not to mislead public opinion with euphemisms like talking about (so-called) ‘moderate rebels’. More when we see the consequences of actions that occurred recently in France, Europe is on tenterhooks; and the Wahhabi are terrorizing the world [made by Wahhabi indoctrinated in schools supported in Europe by Saudi Arabia agents]. So, we must identify the enemy, if we really want very well ‘world peace’—or it it merely an explicit ?  

Former head of the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel: Is Daash the US enemy, not al-Asad ?. And especially considering that a recent report indicates that in the ranks of DAASH / ISIS are 23 Argentines and three Brazilians, which puts us in the eye of the storm.

Written by Carlos Pereyra Mele, director of ‘Geopolitical Dossier’.



  • A-1 ballistic missile Qaher Yemeni national production.

    A-1 ballistic missile Qaher Yemeni national production.

A Yemeni Qaher-1 ballistic missile impacted on Wednesday on a military base in Khamis Mushait, Asir, bordering Yemen.

This missile fired by the Army and the Yemeni popular movement Ansar-Allah reports Yemeni news agency Saba , has caused great destruction in the Saudi military facilities from which it was launched and possibly caused the death of some soldiers in Saudi Arabia.

This attack was carried out in response to the continuation of the Saudi air strikes being carried out despite the ceasefire between the parties that entered into force on 15 December.

SAUDI ARABIA still attacks civilians in Yemen, despite to cease-fire agreement

In the day today (Wednesday) Saudi fighter jets have carried out air strikes on different areas in the province of Al-Hudaydah (west) and, in addition to causing great destruction, have killed an unspecified number of Yemeni.

Saudis smoke from bombing in Yemen
Saudis smoke from bombing in Yemen .

Ridayh takes intense bombing of Yemen, mostly cause civilian deaths , and has deployed mercenaries and soldiers from other countries to try to take control of Yemen starting from its southern shores.

hgn / KTG / msf

‘Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’ said that the people of Yemen, through Islamic values, resist aggression against the tyrannical regime of Saudi Arabia and its mercenaries.

In a speech to mark the birth of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him), the leader of the Yemeni popular movement ‘Ansar-Allah’, ‘Abdul-Malik al-Houthi‘, said the Yemeni people continue to fight against the Saudis, Americans and Israelis.

The Yemeni leader also warned about the enemy plans to divide Muslims.

He said terrorist groups like EIIL takfiri group (‘Daash’, in Arabic) and al-Qaeda are tools of the enemies to divide Muslim nations.

International analyst ‘Mahmud Aid’ approaches the subject from Tucuman, Argentina, in an interview with HispanTV.

Abdal Malek al-Houthi speech on Prophet's (PBUH) birth and interview…/yemen-arabiasaudi-resistencia…

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  • Yemeni fighters Ansarolá popular movement.

    Yemeni fighters of ‘Ansar-Allah’ popular movement.

More than 50,000 troops from the Yemeni Army, supported by the popular movement Ansar-Allah, prepare to launch large-scale attacks against strategic towns in southern Saudi Arabia.

As a first step, Yemeni troops break the defense lines of “the aggressors and mercenaries” in the border region of Jizan and Asir in the town, both in southwestern Saudi Arabia, and then seize strategic points south Arab kingdom, reported Wednesday the Iranian Fars news agency, citing a Yemeni military source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

With these operations, Yemeni forces plan to respond to the military offensive launched in March by Ridayh against Yemen without authorization from the United Nations (UN) in order to eliminate Ansar-Allah.

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Video: Russian War Planes Destroy Twenty-two ISIS Oil Tankers en Route to Turkey

In-depth Report:




The Russian warplanes destroyed two long convoys of ISIL’s oil tankers in the Homs province. The first convoy with at least 8 oil tankers and some other military vehicles was targeted by the Russian Air Force near the city of Palmyra. Militants accompanying the convoy were also killed in the air raid. The joint squadron of the Russian and Syrian frontline bombers also destroyed 14 oil tankers and their guards near Sukhnah.

According to the reports, the Russian and Syrian Air Forces have been focusing their efforts in the Homs province. The activity is aimed to support the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military operations and to cut the oil smuggling routes in the area.

The Syrian Air Force carried out sorties against gatherings and movements of the Jaish al-Fateh terrorist alliance in the area of the Khan Sheikhoun town. Several vehicles equipped with machineguns have been reportedly destroyed. The Syrian forces also exercised a special operation in the western side of town. Six terrorists were killed including Khaled al-Bahri, the leader of a terrorist group affiliated to al-Nusra.

Separately, the Syrian Air Force destroyed dens and fortified sites of Jaish al-Fateh terrorists in Kafar Zeta, Mourek and al-Lattamneh towns in the Hama province.

The SAA is conducting military operations to liberate the Jobar district of Damascus from terrorists. According to the reports, about 16 Jaysh al-Islam militants have been killed since yesterday. Meanwhile, the SAA conducted separate offensives in the Marj al-Sultan and al-Nashabiyeh villages near the capital. 14 members of the Jaysh al-Islam terrorist group were killed during the clashes.

On Monday, at least a dozen civilians were reportedly killed in two air raids by US military aircraft in the beleaguered northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The incident came only 3 days after a US airstrike hit the Iraqi army’s 3rd Division 55th Brigade near Fallujah and killed at least 10 Iraqi soldiers.

The sewer RATS continue to powder-cover their dirty works

  MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI and the Blessed HOLY QU’RAN:

Mu and The Blessed Holy Qu'ran


Commission of the ISLAMIC CALL SOCIETY

(founded by the inspiration and holy will of Allah,

through his servant, Muammar al-Qathafi) of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Identification telling the “HOLY QURAN” and terms drawn and control

Thank God, that grace is righteous, and facilitated tasks, is pleased Holy Quran to mention affording Bhvdah said, and saying right, if we went Alzkroana his privates, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad envoy to the Holy Quran amount for the Lord and calling, and Mwalimalalim and guide, the best Mnalm and science, and reading, He said in a concise speech Mhdjaaomahfsa:,,

best to learn the Qu’ran and his knowledge, and his family good and his companions Alockraman, Alventhmiloa the burden of responsibility for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Nicoloa us, for the Qu’ran tortured and Slsla, and wire going after them and work on the publication of his book to the day of judgment.

But after.
It is the empowerment of God in the land and facilitate the male that created this nation at various Alozmnawalomkna of saves the Holy Quran by heart and bears responsibility communicated and works on Thviza and to publish it for others through various means of education and publishing,

Was it that stayed the Holy Quran and would be preserved, as revealed by God, recounted by generations to God inherits the earth and them.

I have been to this country, the Libyan Arab Muslim frontrunner; and I share fully in carrying the burden of this message novel and familiar, as it is preserved in the breasts, and documented in writing, carry it to receive parents grandparents to read Imam Nafi imam of the city of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the reader Brwighthma: A Novel of Imam / Hanif, the imam novel / workshops.

The virtues of this country that draw the Holy Qu’ran Bsmh known bloggers in drawing books. Drawing Abu Omar and Osman bin Saeed proximal in convincing, and draw my father Daoud Suleiman ibn Abi al-Qasim success in the download,

which bring them together with what ‘Aqeelah Shati Imam / Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Umayyad Alhresy famous Ngeraz in Mndhumich famous so-called vendor thirsty has gained interest publishers face drawing, which followed the Imam / Abudawood,

Aftbat him copies of the Qu’ran several in the east, and expressed (and novels) Hafs from Asim, and Abu Omar and Hafs League for Dad Amralbesry, and Hanif wholesome Civil, but the face, which singled out by Imam proximal remained – to our knowledge – preserved in the breasts and documented in some manuscripts.

And confirm the role of “September Revolution” in the great work of God in order to publish a book and save it and Thviza. And continuing its call for all Muslims to return to the Holy Quran: the book of God, which does not come on wrong in the hands of his successor download from the wise Hamid,,

A committee was formed with a tool “Quran Alalmealhfezh” of the Holy Qu’ran, and specialists in reading, and charted, and control, and Vosalh, and the reasons for coming, as well as some of linguists assisted by some technicians to prepare and write the Holy Quran, to be a novel, Hanif wholesome civil. It is through the proximal draw Mohammed bin Harun, known as Abu active.

Committee began Guy work on Monday, 27 of Rabi 1390 of the death of the Prophet peace be upon him, corresponding to the second of March, 1982:

the day which marks the anniversary of the Declaration of the first JAMAHIRIYA (mass) and the power of the people, and the issuance of the historic document that confirmed the Libyan Arab people now recognized that the Holy Qur’an is the law of society in the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya“.

In much of the night of the blessed month of Ramadan in 1393 of the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him), corresponding to 07 June 1983 AD, held a religious ceremony within a large mosque, Maulvi Mohammed in Tripoli, where the brother / Rebel Muslim Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander Fateh Islamic Revolution, left the last word, and to the people, the center of the Jamahiriya (mass) the Holy Qu’ran, and enlarge lullaby thousands of Muslims.

It took the work of the Commission for the Preparation of the Holy Qu’ran planning, writing and revision under the supervision of the Holy Quran Radio, and care for by the Islamic Call Society three years and Neva.

And by the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”, which is offered today to all Muslims everywhere in the world, the Holy Qu’ran, is asking God Almighty to accept it (the labor of the solemn fruits of the Commision, accumulated in the purified edition) and it be a benefit by the sons of the Muslims, to illuminates the paths of their lives and to inspire them to return to it (THE HOLY QURAN), and work in each area from it.

Yes Moly Yes Pocket .
though the “Islamic Call Society” as The Print edition of this most HOLY QU’RAN, and we offer it to all readers of this novel, as part of its goals, in the definition of the Holy Quran;
and to learn and Hvdah and publish it by all means pleasing, to express my sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the output of this work in this novel,
who is pleased to announce that there is now a printed edition of the HOLY QU’RAN with some novels, novels and other prints will be for the benefit of all in circulation

and we have achieved successfully these divine objectives; and God bless .

Photos du journal

Truly We sent it down on the Night of Power. And what will convey to you what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. In it the angels and the Spirit descend by their Lord’s authority with every ordinance. It is Peace -until the coming of the dawn. (Surat al-Qadr, 1-5

The following is Muammar al-Qathafi’s speech to the world on 24 August 2011 after the Fall of Tripoli:

(God / Praise God with him, MUJJADID we have!)
The following is his speech to the world:

“Oppressed people around the world, the battle have begun. Do not despair, help is nigh. Do You Realize That This Is The Night of Power?

What is the Night of Power? Which is better than any other of the thousands of nights, is much. It is the destiny, when the heavens open to receive your prayers a Thousand-fold.

Watch what is happening now in America. Did we hit Them with Our missiles? No, They Came and struck us, 64 people at the door of Azizia, which is now destroyed, and finally I had to leave my home, where, They Killed Many innocents.

But I will never leave Libya and In this fight, it is Either Victory or Death.

Those of you in the United States of America . I am not your leader. If you are in that failed state, you should be ready to leave the country. moved to Venezuela. If you persist, follow the Vice-Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the spiritual. Listen to him. He’ll tell you, all you need to know about what is unfolding around. those of you in Europe, which is also flooded with events in and through slander. not increased enough for you.

You will have to accept the results, you are good and which should be directed to Africa. moved to West Africa. North Africa is not safe now that is all the region to battle. Do in West Africa to find homes and the good work. Those of you in Serbia, Libya real friends, all of you who are with me: do not despair! wear the flag. There is only one out of one rat million homes. Are all of you cut a piece of cloth green, and measure exactly two and one dimension:

This is your flag, and learned the power of the people, and hope, and truth, in the future. everything in the world who you are support of truth and freedom, Libya, hung them on millions of homes and cars. Green Flag is for you, and belongs to the masses from all over the world. the dawn of the power of the people and an end to governments, we have chosen the green flag, color and dimensions so that made it easy for all. choose any green. Cut one by two, exactly, and hang it everywhere, carry with you.

Soon the green flag will fly all over the world, and the collapse of governments. failed their people, and I did more alone, of all of them. they served different masters. They did not intend to serve the people, than ever before. Is owned by others. It did not do anything for you. Ignored and their departure. prepare yourselves to form committees, openly or secretly, which was established to meet the local private Mathaba and participation. Chart the way forward. Green flag belongs to all of you.

Libya is the future, everywhere. masses of associations Non-Self, Basic People’s Congresses and People’s Committees. Green means committed to the directory. defense, detection, call, and show the way forward to the authority of the people.

It’s all there in the green book: read it, copy it, share it. the use of your communications systems; does not depend on the enemy. Make your communications. Restore your resources on your hands, do not be afraid of Energy: possess it. It is your power, and wealth that governments and armed armies and banks stole from you. You can not ask others to represent you.

You can not entrust your money thieves. You can not ask others to fight and die for your behalf, or to defend you. This is your responsibility rights. When you do so, the world will be free, with the Organization’s system Jamahiriya, freedom and happiness, and abundance of wealth for all. Governments era coming to an end, and they are in those last moments throws the fight.

They are desperate. But they are bankrupt, and not just talking financially, bankrupt in morals. They are without, religion, education, ideas, and thought. They have no way to move forward. They are at the stage of collapse. This collapse is good for the world. people suffer because they are not free. Oh …

All good people in the world, does not know Islam. that what is happening is to put you (by the ignorant people who are making a showing public) who reach the surface, but in reality they are serving the devil. Islam is submission to the will of God, one God for all mankind. This is a night of prayer, where prayers are answered. you are Muslims, and all those who pray do not associate partners with God.

The people of Bosnia, and many of the Arabs be misleading and useless and weak. the people of Serbia are Christians and others, who will be closer to God. There is only one God. That God is found wherever the truth. Read the Koran to know the truth, do not listen to those who want to mislead you.

If God is with you, who can be against you? what to look for law is one which we have since I was the first to bring the Koran as the law of society in public? Is it the law of injustice? Oppression? Cheese? Murder? Madness? Drugs? Is it from the Islamic Shariah, which rose from the mice with his rifle, and this allows the torture, rape and theft? not! This is not Islamic law, and ignore all that is in the Koran! Is being answered prayer.

More than forty armies is against me, but you went. spoke only the truth, because, I would not let myself pass thieves in Africa. I promised I will not betray you, and Africa. I promise you the world, and millions who are in your hearts to me /, to fight until the end.

I can not believe those trumpets. From listening to the trumpets making a mistake. Mathaba your own to go to for information and to meet and deliberate. Do not pay heed to them. By now you should be clear to you. Fire, water, fire and water.

We know that the future is for you, completed governments, a new era of the masses to come, as was expected in the Green Book. I hear you. Many of the letters to reach me. I can not answer you but I feel your pain individually. Influenced by some of the lies that you can in recent days that you even think of suicide.

No! Not at all, suicide is not an option, and when we are in front of the great victory. Are these costs are high, but we must not hesitate. I see that you Africans around the world, and even in Australia, and images up to me. I see you help raise money for East Africa.

It is whites who brought these problems and isolate us from helping our brothers and sisters. Thank you for your prayers, but keep your money. Used instead to fight against these oppressors. Green form committees among you, and meet in secret or in the open. Declaration of loyalty to the Charter of the green.

Green Book and study it. Record conferences of your people, and to encourage providre others around the world, and preparations for world conferences in the future to commit crimes against humanity, within six months that you have to prepare. March of next year, you can conference will be more people.

You could achieve this. Is already in place. Make a web site to make it: You must, so you can record all crimes. While we fight to defend our nation, you are fighting on the battlefield of truth, for the pen is mightier than the sword. some of you have arrived on our western border, but was forced to return.

You have to take care of families. Now a clear way, but NATO will not allow the peace. They are afraid of the examples of the Great Jamahiriya. It destroys the physical achievements. But they can not destroy the truth. The more we tried, but they believe they will be victorious, but with the victory of the people, and never with the oppressors. of thousands of you are waiting in the different centers.

I see you in Tanzania, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, and many other parts of Africa. How will cross the desert to Libya. Instead, set yourself where you are. And if not won the battle in Libya.It be coming to you. Prepare for it. Setting traps for invaders.

Do you have to defend your angles. African governments are not strong. They control only a small number of centers of cities. And often provide services, and people can not live without it. Do not stand in your way and when the time comes.

They are poor. You have been robbed by the racists and colonialists, white and thieves from the north. If only oppose it and oppose you. Be prepared. Will become the building sector. The defense of the continent’s private sector. Are they attack with bombs, but with the fact we can defend them. Will not be able never to fight us man to man.

They are cowards and patients only, insane, hiding behind the machines, they can never meet the African 1-1. Any dog white mercenaries defeat African children: This is why they hide and destroy with hatred from afar. Do not let them use you. Be united. Building your defense as they come to pass if they manage to get on Libya.

If the destruction of Libya, and then attack them from behind. Avoid fighting if you can. The enemy wishes to all of us to be in the swamp on the battle fields. This is why they want to engage all of us in the war. Afghanistan with us now, and Iraq is with us, and Venezuela is with us.

We want peace. We want justice. Work of the conferences on crimes against humanity, and your use of Mathaba networks. Their headquarters, and will become the green committees, go to it, and victory for us!

(الله / الحمد الله معه ، MUJJADID لدينا!)
وفيما يلي خطابه إلى العالم :

“الشعوب المضطهدة في جميع أنحاء العالم ، والمعركة قد بدأت. لا تيأس ، ومساعدة قريب. هل تدرك أن هذه هي ليلة القدر؟

ما هي ليلة القدر؟ وهو أفضل من غيره من آلاف الليالي ، هو القدر ، وعندما السماوات مفتوحة لاستقبال صلوات بك ألف مرة.

مشاهدة ما يحدث الآن في أميركا. فعلنا ضربهم بالصواريخ لدينا؟ لا ، جاءوا وضرب لنا ، 64 قتيلا على باب العزيزية ، الذي هو الآن دمرت ، وأخيرا اضطررت لمغادرة منزلي ، حيث انهم قتلوا الابرياء كثيرة.

ولكن أنا لن يغادر ليبيا وفي هذه المعركة ، فهو إما النصر أو الموت.

تلك التي كنت في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية. أنا لست زعيم الخاص. إذا كنت في تلك الدولة الفاشلة ، يجب أن تستعد لمغادرة البلاد.

انتقل الى فنزويلا. اذا كنت لا تزال قائمة ، اتبع نائبي وزير لويس فرخان زعيم الروحي. الاستماع اليه. انه سوف اقول لك ، كل ما تحتاج لمعرفته حول ما تتكشف حول.

تلك التي كنت في أوروبا ، التي تعد أيضا أن غرق مع الأحداث في وعبر افتراء.

لا ارتفعت بما فيه الكفاية للكم. سيكون لديك لقبول النتائج ، أنت جيدة ومن الذي يجب أن تتجه إلى أفريقيا.

انتقل إلى غرب أفريقيا. شمال أفريقيا ليست آمنة الآن : هذا هو كل المنطقة من أجل المعركة.

هل في غرب أفريقيا تجد المنازل والعمل الجيد. تلك التي كنت في صربيا ، أصدقاء حقيقيين ليبيا ، ولكم جميعا الذين معي : لا تيأسوا!

ارتداء العلم. هناك واحد فقط من أصل واحد الفئران مليون منزل.

هل لكم جميعا قص قطعة من القماش الأخضر ، وقياس بالضبط اثنين من واحد في البعد : وهذا هو العلم الخاص بك ، وعلم سلطة الشعب ، والأمل ، والحقيقة ، في المستقبل.

كل شيء في العالم الذي كنت دعم الحقيقة والحرية ، ليبيا ، علقها على الملايين من المنازل والسيارات. العلم الأخضر هو لك ، وينتمي إلى الجماهير من كافة انحاء العالم.

مع بزوغ فجر سلطة الشعب ونهاية للحكومات ، اخترنا العلم الاخضر واللون والأبعاد بحيث جعلت من السهل للجميع.

اختيار أي خضراء. خفض واحدة من قبل اثنين ، بالضبط ، وتعلقها في كل مكان ، تحمل معك. قريبا سوف يطير العلم الأخضر في جميع أنحاء العالم ، وانهيار الحكومات.

فشلوا شعوبها ، وفعلت أكثر وحده ، من كل منهم.

خدم انهم سادة مختلفة. فعلوا لا تنوي خدمة الشعب ، من أي وقت مضى. وهي مملوكة من قبل الآخرين. أنها لم تفعل شيئا بالنسبة لك. تجاهلها ورحيلهم.

إعداد أنفسكم تشكيل اللجان ، علنا أو سرا ، التي أنشئت لتلبية مثابة الخاص المحلي والمشاركة. رسم الطريق إلى الأمام. العلم الأخضر ينتمي لكم جميعا. المستقبل هو ليبيا ، في كل مكان.

الجماهير للجمعيات غير المتمتعة بالحكم الذاتي ، المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية واللجان الشعبية. الأخضر يعني ملتزمة الدليل.

الدفاع ، كشف ، استدعاء ، وتبين الطريق إلى الأمام لسلطة الشعب. انها هناك في كل الكتاب الأخضر : اقرأه ، بنسخه ، حصة فيه.

استخدام نظم الاتصالات الخاصة بك ؛ لا تعتمد على العدو. جعل الاتصالات الخاصة بك. استعادة الموارد الخاصة بك على يديك ، لا تخافوا من الطاقة : تمتلكوها. فمن وسعكم ، والثروة المسلحة أن الحكومات والجيوش والمصارف سرق منك.

لا يمكنك أن تطلب من الآخرين لتمثيلكم. لا يمكنك يعهد اللصوص بأموالكم. لا يمكنك نطلب من الآخرين للقتال والموت من أجل نيابة عنك ، أو ليدافع عنك. هذه هي مسؤوليتكم الإنسان. عند القيام بذلك ، فإن العالم سوف تكون حرة ، مع نظام المنظمة الليبية ، والحرية والسعادة ، وفرة من الثروة للجميع.

عهد الحكومات يقترب من نهايته ، وأنهم في تلك اللحظات الأخيرة رميات القتال. انهم يائسون. بل إنهم المفلسة ، وليس فقط التحدث ماليا ، المفلسة في الأخلاق. وهم دون والدين والتعليم ، والأفكار ، والفكر. ليست لديهم وسيلة للمضي قدما. هم في مرحلة الانهيار. هذا الانهيار هو جيد بالنسبة للعالم.

الناس يعانون لأنهم ليسوا الحرة. أوه… كل الناس الطيبين في العالم ، لا يعرف الإسلام.

ان ما يجري هو وضع لك (من قبل الجهلة الذين يبذلون تظهر العامة) الذين يصلون ظاهريا ، ولكن في الواقع انهم يخدمون الشيطان.

الإسلام هو الخضوع لإرادة الله ، إله واحد للبشرية جمعاء. هذه هي ليلة للصلاة حيث يتم الرد على صلواتكم.

كنت المسلمين ، وجميع أولئك الذين يصلون ولا المنتسبين مع الشركاء على الله. شعب البوسنة ، وكثير من العرب كنت مضللة وغير مجدية وضعيفة.

شعب صربيا هم من المسيحيين وغيرهم ، الذين سيكون أقرب الى الله.

لا يوجد سوى إله واحد. ان الله هو أينما وجدت الحقيقة. قراءة القرآن في معرفة الحقيقة ، لا يستمع إلى أولئك الذين يريدون تضليل لك. إذا كان الله معك ، الذين يمكن ضدك؟

ما الذي تبحث عنه الشريعة غير واحد التي لدينا منذ أن كنت أول من جلب القرآن كما هي شريعة المجتمع في الجماهيرية؟ هل هو من الشريعة من الظلم؟ القمع؟ الجبن؟ القتل؟ الجنون؟ المخدرات؟ هل هو من الشريعة الإسلامية التي رفعت من الفئران مع بندقيته ، وهذا يسمح للتعذيب والاغتصاب والسرقة؟
لا! ليست هذه هي الشريعة الإسلامية ، وتجاهل كل ما هو في القرآن! ويجري أجاب الصلاة. أكثر من أربعين الجيوش هي ضدي ، ولكن هل ذهب.

تحدثت فقط عن الحقيقة ، لأنه ، وأود أن لا تدع نفسي تمرير اللصوص في أفريقيا. لقد وعدت أنني لن يخون لك ، وأفريقيا.

أعدكم العالم ، والملايين الذين في قلوبهم لي بك / ، أن أقاتل حتى النهاية. لا أصدق تلك الابواق. من يستمع الى الابواق يرتكب خطأ. لديك مثابة الخاصة للذهاب الى للحصول على معلومات والوفاء ومدروسة. لا تدفع تصغي لهم. من الآن يجب أن يكون هذا واضحا لك. النار الماء ، والماء النار. نعرف أن المستقبل هو لك ، الانتهاء الحكومات ، حقبة جديدة من الجماهير القادمة ، كما كان متوقعا في الكتاب الأخضر.

أسمع لك. العديد من الرسائل لتصل لي. لا أستطيع الإجابة لكم ولكن أشعر منفردة ألمك. وتأثرت بعض الأكاذيب التي يمكنك ذلك في الايام الاخيرة ان كنت تفكر حتى الانتحار. لا! لا أبدا ، والانتحار ليس خيارا ، وعندما نكون أمام النصر العظيم.

هل تكون هذه التكاليف مرتفعة ، ولكن يجب علينا ألا نتردد. أرى أنك الأفارقة حول العالم ، وحتى في استراليا ، والصور تصل لي. أراك مساعدة جمع الاموال لشرق افريقيا. فهي البيض الذين جلبوا هذه المشاكل على وعزلنا من مساعدة اخواننا واخواتنا. أشكركم على صلواتكم ، ولكن الحفاظ على أموالك. استخدم بدلا من ذلك لمحاربة هؤلاء الظالمين. شكل اللجان الخضراء بينكم ، ويجتمع في الخفاء أو في فتح. إعلان الولاء الخاص لميثاق الأخضر. الكتاب الأخضر ودراسته. سجل المؤتمرات شعبكم ، والتشجيع على providre الآخرين حول العالم ، والإعداد لمؤتمرات العالمية في المستقبل على ارتكاب جرائم ضد الانسانية ، [في غضون ستة أشهر أن يكون لديك لإعداد].

مارس من العام المقبل ، هل يمكن أن المؤتمر سيكون أكبر من الناس. هل يمكن تحقيق ذلك. تعد بالفعل. جعل موقع على شبكة الإنترنت لجعله : يجب ، بحيث يمكن تسجيل جميع الجرائم. بينما نحن نقاتل للدفاع عن أمتنا ، أنت تقاتل على ارض المعركة من الحقيقة ، من أجل القلم أقوى من السيف.

وقد وصل البعض منكم على حدودنا الغربية ، لكنه اضطر الى العودة. عليك أن تأخذ الرعاية للأسر. الآن طريقة واضحة ، ولكن حلف شمال الاطلسي لن تسمح للسلام. انهم يخافون من الأمثلة على الجماهيرية العظمى. انها تدمر منجزاتنا المادية. بل انهم لا يستطيعون تدمير الحقيقة. وكلما حاولنا ، إلا أنهم يعتقدون أنها ستكون المنتصرة ، ولكن النصر مع الشعب ، وأبدا مع الظالمين.

الآلاف من كنت تنتظر في مراكز مختلفة. أراك في تنزانيا ، في الكونغو وغانا ونيجيريا ، وأجزاء أخرى كثيرة من افريقيا. كيف سوف يعبرون الصحارى الى ليبيا. بدلا من ذلك مجموعة أنفسكم أين أنت. والمعركة إذا لم يفز في Libya.It تكون قادمة لك. التحضير لها. إعداد الشراك للغزاة. هل يجب عليك الدفاع عن الزوايا الخاصة بك. الحكومات الأفريقية ليست قوية. انهم لا يسيطرون الا على المراكز من عدد قليل من المدن. وغالبا ما يقدمون الخدمات ، والناس لا يستطيعون العيش من دونها.

وهل لن تقف في طريقك وعندما يحين الوقت. كانوا فقراء. لقد سلبت من قبل العنصريين والمستعمرين ، واللصوص بيضاء من الشمال. إذا فقط يعارضونها وهم يعارضون لك. كن مستعدا. بناء مثابة الخاص. الدفاع عن القارة الخاص. هل هم مع هجوم القنابل ، ولكن نحن مع الحقيقة يمكن الدفاع عنها. لن يستطيعوا أبدا أن قتالنا رجل لرجل. انهم جبناء والمرضى فقط ، الجنونية ، الاختباء وراء الآلات ، وأنها لا يمكن أبدا 1-1 مواجهة الافريقية. أي كلب أبيض الهزيمة الافريقية الأطفال المرتزقة : هذا هو السبب في أنها تخفي وتدمر مع الكراهية من بعيد. لا تدع لهم استخدام لكم. نكون متحدين. بناء الدفاع الخاص لأنها تأتي لتمرير اذا تمكنوا من الحصول على ليبيا. إذا كانت تدمير ليبيا ، ثم الهجوم عليهم من الخلف. تجنب القتال إذا كنت تستطيع. العدو يتمنى لنا جميعا أن نكون في مستنقع على حقول معركتهم.

هذا هو السبب في انهم يريدون الانخراط جميعا في الحرب. أفغانستان معنا الآن ، والعراق هو معنا ، وفنزويلا هي معنا. نحن نريد السلام. نريد العدالة. العمل لمؤتمرات حول الجرائم ضد الإنسانية ، واستخدامك شبكات مثابة. هم المقر ، ومثابة اللجان الخضراء ، يذهب اليها ، والنصر لنا!

al-Qathafi and the State of Kuwait “exclusive”.

“Exclusive” events did not watch it before during the liberation of Kuwait war, dated 02/01/1991 – Meeting with the Libyan leader and expressing his opposition Sheddi.

القــذافي و دولة الكويت ” حصــري”
” حصــري ” احداث لم تشاهدوها من قبل اثناء حرب تحرير دولة الكويت , بتاريخ 1 / 2/ 1991 – لقــاء مع الرئيس الليبي و ابداء معارضته الشدي
Unfortunately did not agree Muslims all over the world to perform prayer last Friday,

though they agreed to convulse their prayer certainly the Zionist entity and the Atlantic Alliance, and perhaps fall even Satellite (Israeli) but unfortunately disagreed, Party is Islamic Liberation required to participate stooges in the prayer of God on this Friday to be the party chairman Khalifa Muslims, and called to him from above the mosques, and said in every mosque in the Islamic world: unless we insist caliph head of the Islamic Liberation Party, and park in his descendants and his wives and let them successors after him .. If the malaise must presumably be called his recovery from and his illness in all mosques in the Islamic world, and that you have the information that the Caliph is entitled to seize what is forbidden to you .. And you and your wives, which possessed his right .. The condition that is considered members of the Political Bureau of the party who are three Palestinian and two

Two Jordanian of Turkish and Kurdish origin – from each home – and if you said you must say: O land of them .. The generosity of God and the faces of the members of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Liberation Party and Tbashrōhm paradise whatever …. The condition in order to share his followers and their followers and their slaves to pray with us lackeys in the Hereafter Friday that solves the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood party. And loose association with the West German intelligence as a result of the ongoing political crisis in the holy month of Ramadan between Great Britain and West Germany is Great on the modernization of nuclear missiles.

When asked about the relationship between the Muslim prayer on Friday in the Hereafter in Ramadan in Britain and Germany .. He told us: the nature of the conflict tracking this, though the Islamic Liberation Party could not breach the debt Allah, Renege not his .. Nor invalidate spun ‘is committed to historically and religiously with the People of the Book of British intelligence from the days of the occupation of Palestine and debt-to-day .. The party condemns founded for the pilgrim Gen. Globe .. Haj Lawrence mercy of God and Tayyip Therihama in suburbs Burmt and Parvizn in southern Britain. When he heard the Muslim Brotherhood followed this requirement burnt books Nabhani, and declared that it follows from the Mossad in 1936, and that his clients .. And financial support from the Mossad come to them every six months via Jordan. And that the party be of Palestinians to the English customers since the days of the British Mandate over Palestine, and formed this party to turn between Muslims and the Liberation of Palestine .. And that the party chief goal is to achieve his dream and his obsession to be the successor of the Muslims, even for one month .. And called him on all platforms.

Hizb ut-Tahrir responded to the party ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood saa ‘is

Sain of the .. Killeen and double .. , Accusing them of distorting the Quran in the interpretation of Sayyid Qutb victuals Indian origin in the shadows of the Holy Qur’an .. The purpose of this distortion is to revoke the eligibility of Abdel Nasser in the presidency .. And the eligibility of Hassan al-Banna, even though he was dead, because Banna saves the Koran as a youngster .. Even though he forgot to magnify. As Abdel Nasser not protect him .. The purpose of the authorship of these parts in the interpretation of the Holy Quran named in the shadows of the Holy Qur’an is a struggle of Egyptians among themselves in their forties and early fifties to power, nothing to do with the Koran, religion or God or Libya, but inset religion and interpreted the Holy Quran deliberately explanation misnomer to prove the right of a group of Egyptians in governance against another team.


The Islamic Liberation Party burned books Mawdudi and declared it a farce .. How can outlandish teaches us we Arabs our religion? .. We whom we admitted him Islam .. We never wear and tutors. They said: It absurd to Attelmz the Arabic outlandish in the religion of the Arab Prophet Muhammad and the Arab tongue set out, and they also stipulated the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood party decoder association with a private U.S. intelligence and Col. John Palmer .. But they Tasfoa on having to expose these secrets, but they said: a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye and initiator darker. And participated in the debate about these serious issues that will lead to achieving miracles such as desalination of sea water .. And exploitation in agriculture .. And convert solar energy into fuel .. And perhaps turn stones into wool participated other movements such as Takfir wal Hijra to and from Palestine .. The jihad against the population find Abia and call for the destruction of the industrial complex in Ras noses ..


Pardon turn ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood party .. The Islamic Liberation Party and Ocefthma merely reactive, employment and immorality and hypocrisy .. And the followers of these two parties can not accept the challenge with these new groups, such as the inability to break age Aldhakh and carry 25 kg of sand and walk by forty-K. Every week .. And the fast of forty-five days instead of thirty and bear live six months without washing .. And without shaving .. Without Cut nails .. And without toothpaste and marry without the wedding .. And that following the example of (Pamir the victuals) peace be upon him.


When he heard the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood party Hizb ut-Tahrir and the intervention of unique new Muslim groups ..

They ruled together and supported these opinions imprint the thumb of the right leg Council of the Muslim World League in Mecca .. and branches of these limited Association in Washington (may Allah have mercy on him) .. In Jerusalem .. And antique Institute Shamlan, to end the sterile debate about religion that is based not deepen it .. It must be exploited only to mobilize tobacco the dupes .. To cover the front of the masses, and these groups have threatened to expose the reality of being a newcomer on the Arab of the Persians countries .. It is directed against the Arab nation in the name of religion to destroy Arab nationalism in order to facilitate the control of the national (Israeli) or Persian in the region ..


And anti-social progressive trend toward radical Islamic placebo by secret agreement with the CIA and the Mossad, and of course replace the Islamic trend Islamic religion .. And the source of Takfir wal Hijra from Pakistan .. The call for jihad from Afghanistan, Iran and India .. And that these areas are the den of the Old the traditional extend Lars Assassin Aznadqh and Western intelligence anti-Islam and the Arab nation. Though these movements are an extension of Kadianah and Ahmadiyya and Baha’i, which claimed the founders of prophecy and finally abandoned the religion of Muhammad and replaced by the Baha’i and Ahmadiyya and so forth, and now will replace Islam calls for atonement Immigration and advocacy and jihad and so forth., and so we lost the participation of these parties and their followers and its lackeys in supplication in the Hereafter Friday of Ramadan as a result of differences will not be agreed upon among themselves until the Day of Resurrection ..

But unfortunately did not stop at this point, but he told us Muslims in Pakistan: We refuse to participate because the land usurped for Pakistan as an Islamic state (Kashmir) .. And that is India’s arch-foe and not the so-called (Israel). The Muslims of India did not agree because of their agreement with us on the identification of the enemy .. And extremely Jihad. Direct enemy of Muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia is a Muslim country and the aggressor on the borders of Muslim Indonesia as well .. The traditional enemy is Japan, and that the usurped land of Muslims in the Philippines is not Palestine, but (Mandinawa). Tel Aviv does not mean they have a bad thing, but (Manila). Worse still, we found an Israeli embassies and the mutual interests between the Muslims and the Zionist enemy. It became clear to us that the enemy (Israel) is the enemy of the Arab nation only .. And that America is allied with Muslim countries for the benefit of (the Israelis) and we are very deluded .. Islam is not a political unit .. The economic .. The military ..


We found Turkey Muslim nation .. That ruled the Muslim world six hundred years in the name of religion a member of the NATO-led America. And its relationship with the “Israelis” very good African and Islamic countries use the Christians against us .. And lie down on Islamic territory rules of Christian countries. And they are satisfied .. Enough evidence so that the Muslim Comoros waived one of the islands beautiful France in response to France, which attributed the Haj Ahmed Abdallah to power .. And the voice of inhabitants of the island (Mayotte) Muslims to join France Christianity. But all these painful results confirmed that the Muslims in the East and the West can not strive with us against a common enemy, because the enemy is a friend of Muslims from Arab and non-Arab vice versa .. And therefore there is no hope in the political or military unit until the Day of Resurrection ..

And that the economic benefits and unity between us at all, Turkey is connected with the Israelis in tourism and trade with West Germany in the labor .. And linked with Western Europe for being a member of the European Common Market, despite Islam’s nose peace be upon him and the Muslims of Liberia, Malawi, followed by the United States. Did not respond to us, but revolutionaries from all over the world, but they are not Muslims .. They said: seeing that the Arabs oppressed .. And they Mhanon of Zionism and imperialism party, and Alloa: seeing that Palestine is Arab and they occupied in 1948. For our part, but we refused their participation because they are not Muslims .. And the same time, we made sure that Muslims are not Arabs .. And that the Arabs are Muslims., And so missed Friday afterlife without prayer because we found all our nation .. And every nation a prophet .. And every nation in the future and destiny ..

And her enemy and their own interests. Otherwise quackery and absurdity and laughter on the chins, and on the Arab nation to taste the bitterness of humiliation and insulting, and facing extermination of the enemy alone only, which is at the same time ally and friend of the United non-Arab Muslim, and an attempt to reconcile the contradictions hit stores .. But followers and lackeys of the Islamic Liberation Party and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood party .. And atonement, displacement and call for Jihad against unsuspecting subjects faithful left them digging like a chicken in the books of Ibn Taymiyyah .. And advisory opinion Sindsah the according to the latest edition of American intelligence.

They said: We will participate in the jihad against the enemy Once that Nfrg of the Imam Ghazali reading to know whether a bird or an animal death!!? .. And if the animal as Imam al-Ghazali is the largest of the colt, and smaller than a horse!!? Does grape that was falling on (Khubayb bin Adi), a prisoner when the polytheists in Mecca was from Venus or Mercury? Because Mecca is not the grapes, but Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah old confirms that the grape was flaking daily on Khubayb .. And (Umm Ayman) almost died of thirst between Mecca and Medina when she was fasting descended upon soup of drinking Palmadnos .. And a bucket Evian mineral water brand .. No thirst for life after that drank from the water Evian ..

And Khalid bin Walid surrounded the bulwark of the Roman and asked them to delivery .. They said to him: do not even recognize you drink poison. Drank two cups of poison (Alsagotry) the killer .. No aching even insisting one of Massarene. Wrote the Shaykh al-Islam (Ibn Taymiyyah) in his famous which is the Constitution of the movement Takfir wal Hijra, advocacy and Jihad and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and editing. We wait when making sure the owners of these Islamic parties from the reality of death, is it a plane or a beast? How hostel grapes prisoner in Mecca .. Mecca is not the grape .. And how I got soup and Evian water to Umm Ayman? ..

Because this research will lead to changing the world, culture and Bdiyate of and postulates scientific empty based on the laws of gravity and buoyancy .. And trigonometry .. The geometry .. And centrifugal theory .. And logarithms .. we are waiting for the results of scientific research of the Islamist parties imported from Parsee and esoteric ..

We have to help them re-printing books Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Kathir and Mawdudi with titles impressive (such as saw religion in the encounter between the couple .. After his opinion on the beard and smoking, and (more than a say in the multiplicity of wives of the Prophet) (and Aghannh to marry people of Paradise) and (eat Jerky By the way Khaled Ibn Al Waleed) because the important thing is to know how it was Khaled Ibn Al Waleed eat Jerky .. It is not important how triumphed over rum and tactics in the war .. but useful is his to eat Jerky.. and the book “sources in the wisdom of eating three fingers” to the son Taymiyyah., O believers, do not Tthsroa On the last Friday of Ramadan, which after next .. or after which after which you may get to know an amazing scientific facts relating to these issues.”

(By Muammar al-Qathafi)

Stop Fasting When You See
the New Moon

Written in 1991 (time of the “GULF WAR”), but not published in book form until 1998….

The messenger of God, may peace be upon his soul, said “Begin your fast when you see the new moon and break your fast when you see the new moon again. Should it be overcast, complete your fast for thirty days” This is the Sunnah (i.e. followed by Muslims in this respect) .
Consequently, every year the adherence to this Mohammedan Sunnah gets Muslims into difficulties concerning the first and last days of the fasting month of Ramadan and the Hajj (i.e. the annual pilgrimage to Mecca) except this year, and we shall know how this difficulty has been avoided only this year. Of course, the appearance of the new moon differs from one place to another, or rather, from one continent to another where Islam has universally spread and where local ways of spotting the new moon were unable to cope, as the Arabian peninsula, or perhaps Mecca and Medina were the only places meant at the time when communication was non-existent. Therefore, it was out of the question to expect news from Yemen about the new moon if we were in Mecca or Medina, as it would have taken the traveller more than a month in order to come and tell us about the new moon.

However, nowadays that the world can communicate on a wide scale at the speed of sound (i.e. 340 m/s), it is feasible to announce the appearance of the new moon throughout the world. But the difficulty has not been made easier even by this important, scientific change in communication. On the contrary, the difficulty has become more complicated as we now know more about the world than we used to know. This fact has increased the strife among Muslims: Sheiks, laymen, princes and poor people.

The Saudis do not relish the idea of the Hajj falling on a Friday because of the overcrowding which takes place and the problems they have to face accordingly – and they have every right to be wary in this respect. Of course, they have the right to be even more concerned should it be proved that the Hajj on a Friday usually coincides with the death of one of the members of the Saudi royal family – God forbid! Such is the pessimism of our brothers in Saudi Arabia about the Hajj on a Friday … So let it be on a Saturday, or a Sunday, but not on a Friday when the risk of losing one of the princes looms large.

God forbid! Some facts have been made clear to us by the progress of modern sciences and rapid communications, which we hope would facilitate our symbol of unity in deciding the beginning and the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and the Hajj.

It has been made clear that Friday in Indonesia is actually Thursday in Libya – in other words, the thirteenth of Shabaan in Libya is, in fact, Ramadan the first in Indonesia or in the Solomon islands, in the pacific ocean – that is to say, if Indonesia were to telephone to announce the beginning of the month of Ramadan, Libya would still be in the month of Shabaan,

This proves that sight of the new moon can only be limited … so limited that every region has to begin fasting at the local sight of the new moon and break their fasting in the same way. But the thorny problem is that of the Hajj. The beginning and end of fasting is not much of a problem, practically speaking.
The real insoluble problem is that of the Hajj. If people set off for the Hajj from every distant corner of the world with prearranged dates for the rituals of going round the Kaaba, standing on Mount Arafat and the casting of pebbles in accordance with their local lunar calendar, indicating the beginning and end of fasting,

this would create the problem of every distinct group of Muslims having their own Hajj which is different in time to that of the other groups, and consequently, there would be no one day for the standing on Mount Arafat and the following day of Sacrifice … and the other rites of the Hajj.

This would be a serious problem both spiritually and practically, especially for our brothers in Saudi Arabia. However, this affair was settled only this year by General Schwartzkopf personally, the blessing of the Lord be upon him!

He decided in advance … from the first week of Ramadan that Eid Al Fitre (Feast of the end of Ramadan) would be Monday the 15th of April 1991 A.D. and accordingly, he categorically fixed the days of the Hajj in accordance with the western calendar, no matter, as far as General Schwartzkopf was concerned, whether seen or not — I mean the new moon and not General Schwartzkopf — or whether the month of Shabaan was thirty days or less … or even if the month of Ramadan itself was twenty-eight, thirty or, if need be, thirty-one days.

The whole affair was not for discussion or subject to the new moon being seen or not; nor was it a matter of Sunnah or Fardh (Command from God), or “So said the Prophet, and so said God ” The decree of General Schwartzkopf had to be obeyed.

The whole affair was one of security for the American forces, its allies and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, God’s House and the tomb of his prophet included. The month of Ramadan this year had to end, for security reasons at the latest on Sunday 14.04.1991 for all Muslims who began fasting on Saturday, Sunday or Monday: the fourteenth meant the fourteenth, no matter whether it was overcast or people strained their eye-sight out. This necessarily meant that the first of Shawal had to fall on 15.04.1991 even if it were a full moon or not, or even if it were found necessary to choose another month for the Hajj, such as Shawal itself or Dal Qeedah.

On the other hand, if the timetable of General Norman Schwartzkoph were to be rejected, the Muslims, enjoying full self respect, self-sovereignty and freedom of choice in the matters of their religion, could always, choose any other month. This did not contradict the Koran as General Schwartzkopf himself said. The Koran says, “For Hajj are months well known,”

So, it is not a month but months! Thus, thanks to General Norman Schwartzkopf, a practical solution was at last found to this problem, which had always been a bone of contention in as far as the sight of the new moon was concerned. There was no need for Muslims to try to catch sight on the new moon of Shawal as the whole thing had been settled.

It was formally announced in Saudi Arabia that the last day of Ramadan would be Sunday and the following Monday would be the first of Shawal … and to hell with you, and your new moon, and your Islamic and non-Islamic courts of law!

Moreover, General Schwartzkopf had decreed that all registrational formalities for the Hajj, in all corners of the world, be completed before the end of Ramadan; and it was for this reason that General Schwartzkopf had to fix the end of Ramadan, because this action for the first time was made compatible with arrangements for the Hajj.

The Hajj was of considerable concern to General Schwartzkopf because the arrival of hundreds of thousands of people from the Islamic world to places under his protection was a very delicate matter. The Hajj this year was different from that of previous years, because it came this time when Mecca and Medina were under the protection of the American forces.

And, as every one knew, the Saudi government invited these forces to protect them when the Iraqi forces entered Kuwait and perhaps might have wanted to enter the sacred places in order to annex them to Iraq. That would create a very serious situation as these forces might invade the western oil fields, too.

For this reason the Saudi Government, as a sovereign state, had every right to ask for protection, and it was in the interest of America to grant such protection; and, but for the intervention of the American forces, Mecca and Medina might have been annexed to Iraq despite the pros and cons of the whole affair.

Now that the protection provided by the American forces had averted such eventuality, who would blame General Schwartzkopf for drawing up a timetable for the end of the months of Ramadan and Shawal and the days of standing on Mount Arafat, the offering of sacrifice and the casting of pebbles, and the last day of Ramadan as the closing registration date for those who wished to undertake the duty of the Hajj?! For this tactical reason,

it was impossible to leave the end of Ramadan to the chance sight of the new moon as that could jeopardize the forces entrusted to protect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In other words, General Schwartzkopf had no choice but fix the fourteenth of April as the last day of Ramadan and the fifteenth as the first day of Shawal … and the rest till the day of standing on Mount Arafat according to the western calendar only … In addition to the prohibitions mentioned in the Koran – namely, “

Let there be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj …” General Schwartzkopf decreed that the pilgrims to God’s sacred House this year had to observe an additional list of prohibitions coming from the General himself and not from God.

This list forbade the pilgrim to bring any pictures other than the one in his passport and books of all kinds, the Koran, Hadith and Fiqh included.

He also forbade the pilgrims to say any prayers except the ones prepared by the General himself, copies of which were available free of charge at all guides’ offices. The prayers were to be strictly followed as any other form of prayers under the guise of freedom of speech might lead to hostile slogans against the American forces, or perhaps against the General himself or his president – God forbid!

Such eventuality might bring on agitation and protest marches which would disturb the law and order for which the American forces were responsible as Mecca was an integral part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whose protection was the sole responsibility of General Schwartzkopf.

Who was in the wrong, then? No doubt, it was the non-committed one, the one who deviated from the right course of action; the one who disobeyed the orders. Why should one look up high into the sky to see the new moon? One might as well say, “It was overcast ” by which method one would hit several birds with one stone:

In this way, which would be most desired, one would have followed and adhered to the Sunnah since it was overcast and so one had to observe Ramadan for thirty-two days. On the other hand, one would have gained an excellent recompense and reward of fasting two more days.

And who would dispute the matter or brand one as infidel when one could answer back Koranically, “And it is better for you that ye fast ” And he would be one of those who bow down their heads submissively in obedience of God’s command. ” And bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship) “.

The Koran is being exploited, or rather, misused by many Muslims to gain power and to justify unfair gains, murder and illegal practices; even prostration and openness. So long as you claim to be a Muslim, you can exploit the Koran for any personal gain.

Can you pretend to be more pious or righteous than the Muslim Brothers, the Repentance and Migration Party, Sultan Abdul Hamid, Abdul Majid, Sheikh Abdul Rahman, Abd Norman and Abd McMillan …?

Therefore, the fifteenth of April 1991 AD (i.e. western calendar) had to be the feast-day (Eid Al Fitre) and the Eid service had to be held at the Mecca sanctuary at 06.50 and at the sanctuary of the prophet at 06.00.
The rest of the Islamic world had to observe the differences in time undisputed (without argument).

General Norman Schwartzkopf:
Mecca, Saudi Arabia-protected by Air, Land and Sea !

(for a better translation, read the JOHN BLAKE publishing House edition, forwarded by Pierre Salinger.)


 ‎التعريف برواية المصحف ومصطلحات رسمه وضبطه</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>الحمدلله الذى بنعمته تتم الصالحات ، وتتيسر المهمات ، يسر القرآن لذكر وتكفل بحفضه فقال وقوله الحق ,, إن نحن نزلنا الذكروإنا له لحافظون ،، والصلاة والسلام على الرسول الأعظم محمد المبعوث بالقرآن الكريم مبلغا عن ربه وداعيا،ومعلماللعالمين وهاديا ،خير منعلم وعلم ،وأقرأ ، وقال فى جوامع كلمه مشجعاومحفزا:,, خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه ،، وعلى آله الطيبين وصحابته الأكرمين ،الذينتحملوا عبء المسئولية عن الرسول الأكرم ونقولوا لنا القرآن الكريم عذبا وسلسلا ، ومن سلك طريقهم من بعدهم وعمل على نشر كتابه الى يوم الدين .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اما بعد .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
فإن من تمكين الله فى الأرض وتيسيره للذكر أن هيأ لهذه الأمة على مختلف الأزمنةوالأمكنة من يحفظ القرآن الكريم عن ظهر قلب ويتحمل مسئوليته بتبليغه والعمل على تحفيظه ونشره لغيره بمختلف وسائل التعليم والنشر ،فكان بذلك أن بقى القرآن الكريم وسيبقى محفوظا  كما أنزله الله تعالى تتناقله الأجيال إلى أن يرث الله الأرض ومن عليها.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وقد كان لهذا البلد العربى الليبى المسلم الحظ الأوفر و النصيب الأوفى فى تحمل عبء هذه الرسالة رواية و دراية ،حفظا فى الصدور ،وتوثيقا فى السطور ،تحمل ذلك بتلقى الآباء الأجداد بقراءة الإمام نافع إمام مدينة الرسول الكريم عليه الصلاة والسلام وقارئها بروايتهما : رواية الإمام/قالون،ورواية الإمام/ ورش .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
كما أن من مناقب هذا البلد أنه رسم القرآن الكريم برسميه المعروفين المدونين فى كتب الرسم . الرسم أبى عمر وعثمان بن سعيد الدانى  فى المقنع ، ورسم أبى داوود سليمان بن أبى القاسم نجاح فى التنزيل ، اللذين جمعهما مع مافى العقيلة للشاطى الإمام/ أبوعبدالله محمد ابن محمد بن إبراهيم الأموى الشريشى الشهير نجراز فى منضومته الشهيرة المسماة بمورد الظمان وقد حظى باهتمام الناشرين وجه الرسم الذى اتبعه الإمام/ أبوداوود ، فطبعت به مصاحف عدة فى المشرق والمعرب ( وبروايات ) حفص عن عاصم ، وأبى عمر وحفص الدورى عن أبى عمروالبصرى ، وقالون عن نافع المدنى ، ولكن الوجه الذى اختص به الإمام الدانى بقى - على علمنا – محفوظا فى الصدور و موثقا فى بعض المخطوطات .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وتأكيد الدور ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر العظيمة فى العمل من أجل نشر كتاب الله وحفظه و تحفيظه . ودعوتها المستمرة لكل المسلمين للعودة إلى القرآن الكريم كتاب الله الذى لا يأته الباطل من بين يديه ولا من خلفه تنزيل من حكيم حميد،،<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
تم تشكيل لجنة بإداة القرآن الكريم من العلماءالحفظة للقرآن الكريم ، والمختصين فى قراءته ،ورسمه ،وضبطه، وفواصله، وأسباب نزوله ،بالإضافة إلى بعض من علماء اللغة يعاونهم بعض الفنيين لإعداد وكتابة المصحف الشريف ،على أن يكون برواية ,,قالون عن نافع المدني ،، برسم الدانى ومن طريق محمد بن هارون المعروف بأبى نشط .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
شرعت اللجنة غى عملها يوم الإثنين 27 من ربيع الآخر 1390 من وفاة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم ، الموافق الثاني من شهر مارس 1982م ، وهو اليوم الذى يوافق ذكرى إعلان أول جماهيرية وقيام سلطة الشعب ،وصدور الوثيقة التاريخية التى أكد فيها الشعب العربى الليبى المسلم أن القرآن الكريم هو شريعة المجتمع فى الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية وفى ليلة القدر المباركة من شهر رمضان المعظم عام 1393 من وفاة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم الموافق 7 يونيو 1983م أقيم احتفال ديني كبير بمسجد مولاى محمد بمدينة طرابلس حيث قام الأخ/ الثائر المسلم العقيد معمر القذافى قائد ثورة الفاتح الإسلامية بكتابة الكلمة الأخيرة ,, والناس ،، من مصحف الجماهيرية وسط تكبير وتهليل الألاف من أبناء المسلمين .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وقد استغرق أعمال اللجنة لإعداد المصحف تخطيطا وكتابة ومراجعة بإشراف إذاعة القرآن الكريم ، ورعاية جمعية الدعوة الاسلامية ثلاث سنوات ونيفا .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
والجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية وهى تقدم اليوم إلى جميع المسلمين فى كل مكان من العالم ، هذا المصحف الشريف ، تسأل الله العلى القدير أ يتقبله وأن ينفع به أبناء المسلمين ، وينير به دروب حياتهم ويلهمهم العودة اليه والعمل به فى كل مجال إنه نعم المولى ونعم الجيب .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وإن جمعية الدعوة الإسلامية إذ تتولى طباعة هذا المصحف وتقدمه إلى جميع القارئين بهذه الرواية فى اطار أهدافها فى التعريف بالقرآن الكريم والعمل على تعلمه وحفضه ونشره بكل الوسائل ليسعدها أن تعبر عن خالص شكرها إلى جميع من ساهم فى إخراج هذا العمل بهذه الرواية ،ويسرها أن تعلن أنه يتم الان طبع المصحف الشريف ببعض الروايات ، وسوف يطبع بالروايات الأخرى تعميما للفائدة وتحقيقا للأهداف والله الموفق .‎

  • التعريف برواية المصحف ومصطلحات رسمه وضبطه

    الحمدلله الذى بنعمته تتم الصالحات ، وتتيسر المهمات ، يسر القرآن لذكر وتكفل بحفضه فقال وقوله الحق ,, إن نحن نزلنا الذكر

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
  •  It is extremely unfortunate that when the NATO RATS tookover Libya,

    they destroyed all copies possible to be found of the “Islamic Call Society”

    edition of the HOLY QU’RAN in its virgin purity, and replaced it with the faulty

    (and textally-changed) WAVoir plus

    ‎قررنا أن كل من يحفظ القرآن يعتبر كأنه خريج جامعة و ينال الدرجة الرابعة التى هى درجة من يتخرج من الجامعة حتى و لو كان اميا و يحفظ القرآن يعتبر كأنه خريج جامعة .</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>و الآن نريد أن نعيد للمساجد رسالتها و نريد من الطلبة و هم يدرسون فى الصباح فى الدارس ان يتحولوا فى المساء الى المساجد لابد ان تملا المساجد بحفاظ القرآن و بتلاوة القرآن و لا تكون المساجد خاوية مثلما هى عليه الآن و مقفولة الحقيقة المساجد الآن فى معظم البلاد الاسلامية تقريبا و فى ليبيا قبل الثورة كانت مثل المكاتب تفتح من الساعة كذا الى الساعة كذا و تقفل بالمفتاح الآن نحن نريد أن تكون هذه المساجد مفتوحة باستمرار و ان تملا بحفاظ القرآن و من يريد أن يتعلم القرآن فلينتقل من المدرسة الى المسجد تكون المدارس مملوءة فى الصباح و المساجد مملؤة فى المساء .</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>18 من شهر هانيبال 1982‎

    قررنا أن كل من يحفظ القرآن يعتبر كأنه خريج جامعة و ينال الدرجة الرابعة التى هى درجة من يتخرج من الجامعة حتى و لو كان اميا و يحفظ القرآن يعتبر كأنه خريج جامعة .

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    7 octobre 2014, 16:50


    'Muslim' Brotherhood members of the "General Conference Allaotunai" are led by extremist gangs. They accused General Khalifa Hftar of being an enemy of Islam, </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>What they mean, is that they are WAHABI. Hftar and most Libyans do not aspire-to or espouse WAHABI SALIFISM. Muammar al Qathafi helped to restore pure  and true Islam, by saving the Holy Quran through the World Islamic Call Society, which corrected the so-many errors  put into the distorted Koran by the Brits at the turn of the 20th Century. It was fast adopted by the Saudiis and the Arab tribes of the Peninsula, and destroyed the Prophet Mohammed's [PBUH] great Gift to mankind. Muammar al-Qathafi with the Council of Holy Quran Sholars of the World Islamic leadership and the Islamic Call Society, restored the true HOLY QURAN:

    ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood members of the “General Conference Allaotunai”

    are led by extremist gangs. They accused General Khalifa Hftar of being

    an enemy of Islam,


    Khalifa Hftar

    audio recording of Mu'ammar al-Qathafi with family Hftar 2005 in Egypt Hftar and Mu young Hftar and Libyans Revolutionaries Committeeman, Khalifa Hftar. 1970 a very young Kalifa Hftar, congradulated by the Military Council of Libya, showing Mu’ammar and Abu Baker Khalifa Hftar is a member of the revolutionary council that deposed of the Idriss Senussi based dynasty of (1951-1969)
    Khalifa Hftar is a name we should all remember, especially those interested in Libyan affairs. The guy is the head of the revolution’s army and is working hard to reform the brigades under him, changing their view of loyalty from the leader to the nation.

    His story reads like a political thriller. A confidant of Muammar al-Qathafi, he secretly was stashing away weapons for the ‘loyalists’, while the world thought he was a ‘rebel’ traitor to the ‘Great Jamahiriya’. He was working with General Fateh Younes, who unfortunately, was caught, mutilated, burned and horribly tortured before being killed by Mustafa Jalil’s Kharijite henchmen under Belhadj.

    A charismatic man, he welcomed journalist Sunday to his interim headquarters in Benghazi, ensuring them that everything will end as soon as the army gets ready for the new role.

    Hftar role will be crucial.

    By all accounts, Hftar is a soldier’s soldier, respected by junior officers, with a good command of battlefield doctrine.

    Ali Aujali, traitor
    The former Libyan ambassador in Washington, Ali Aujali, describes Hftar as “a very professional military man.”
    He and al-Qathafi first found common cause in 1969, when Hftar, as a military cadet, supported the coup that removed King Idris. He was rewarded with a position on the Revolutionary Command Council. His subsequent ascent through the military ranks was rapid.
    Hftar was involved in the campaign against neighboring Chad in the 1980s, when al-Qathafi wanted to overthrow President Hissene Habre who was getting arms and amunition from France and the United States.

    Who was Abdul Salam Shban ….?
    Colonel Abdul Salam al-Megrahi Shban was a Libyan citizen amongst the LIBYAN Chad-war heroes.

    He was captured in August 1987 during the battles that took place around the oasis Ouzou border.

    LIBYAN War hero of the Chad wars, in captivity while in the hands of the Chadians, he refused to escape and withdraw. He was offered by Chadian families to escape but without his comrades if he would be a traitor; but he refused to betray his country, and it was he, who was stopped by the Army of traitors…

    “You’re safe in Libya Tsol and wandering, was estimated to end Muammar Ahdak speak because you kill him along, and now the monastery of soul footmen!! To beat hunger, lice and beat you Alsaban, Ptder soul footmen, and the incompatibility of the Army and the intervention Ptder Beah Libya!!!

    I, Abdulsalam Shban die on the principles, and I Tasart with Muammar, and I die with Muammar on the principles.“

    In the Gardens of Eternity, O hero martyr left beh Bnok proud history and future generations.

    Hftar was captured by the Chadians at the battle of Wadi Doum in 1987, along with several hundred Libyan soldiers.
    al-Qathafi refused to acknowledge the existence of Libyan POWs. A Libyan exile who has known Hftar for 20 years, Aly Abuzaakouk, said that “al-Qathafi never formally recognized there were any POWs in Chad”.

    So for the next two years, Hftar and several hundred former Libyan soldiers trained at a base outside the Chadian capital, N’djamena, as the Libyan National Army, the military wing of the opposition Libyan National Salvation Front.

    Just who funded them remains shrouded in mystery, but several Libyan exiles and a former CIA officer say the United States was involved. Former Libyan envoy Aujali would not be drawn out on whether the CIA was the paymaster, but said, “The Americans knew him very, very well.”

    And he added: “I think working for the CIA for the sake of your national interest is nothing to be ashamed of.”

    At the time, the United States was keen to seeing the end of al-Qathafi. In 1986, President Reagan had ordered airstrikes against the Libyan leader’s compounds in Tripoli after U.S. intelligence LYINGLY established Libyan involvement in a bomb attack on a Berlin disco frequented by U.S. service personnel. (FALSE PROPAGANDA, proven later that Muammar al-Qathafi had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BERLIN DISCO BOMBING!) Reagan had famously described al-Qathafi as a “mad dog.”

    President Habre, was overthrown in a coup in December 1990 by the man who has ruled Chad ever since – Idriss Deby. And that’s where Hftar’s story becomes even more extraordinary. Deby wanted good relations with al-Qathafi. A bizarre African odyssey followed.

    Derek Flood of the Jamestown Foundation, who has followed Haftar’s career closely, said he and his men were flown on a U.S. plane from Chad to Nigeria and then to what was then Zaire (and is now the Democratic Republic of Congo), as Washington scrambled to find a home for the ‘Libyan rebels’.

    But Flood said a plan to funnel 3.64€ million to the infamously corrupt Zairean regime to allow the Libyans to stay there was overturned in Congress.

    The next stop was Kenya, but after relations soured between the Kenyan government and the administration of George H. W. Bush, some 300 Libyans were finally flown to the United States and resettled as political refugees at government expense. Heartbroken Hftar exchanged the desert expanses of the Sahara for a home in Falls Church Virginia, and his men scattered across 25 states.

    For the next 20 years, Hftar lived quietly in suburban Virginia, occasionally denying rumors that he planned to return to Libya. But Abuzaakouk, who runs the Libyan Human and Political Development Forum, said that after unrest flared in February, Hftar received many calls appealing for him to return.

    Meanwhile, he and his son received many telephone calls from Mu’ammar al-Qathafi who wanted to reconcile differences and regain good relations with his old comrade, Hftar. (One telephone call has been saved, and is very revealing as to the cementing of the relationship, through Hftar’s son in on 18 MARCH 2005. Ill-will between them perished.They have reconciled.)

    And on 14 March 2011, Hftar arrived back in Benghazi.

    Rat traitor Salem el-Hassi said Hftar has a “sense of defining objectives and the ability to convince soldiers and officers” of his aims.

    Some have argued that Hftar and other exiles have been away from Libya for too long to relate to the younger (so-called) ‘rebels’. But Aujali — the former Libyan ambassador, said people such as Hftar may have been absent but “they are very well-informed; they have relatives.”

    Brotherhood’s al-Hassi spoke to Hftar by phone just a few days ago. “He was in high spirits.

    Gen. Omar al-Hariri. Abuzaakouk, who took Hftar to the airport for his journey home, said Hftar and Younes are friends and doubts they will ever become rivals.

    Posted by Bobby Greer at 11:52 AM
    Kalifa Hftar: General and last year thrown out of the GNC-ZAIDANE GOVERNMENT

    because of the ‘Isolationist Law’ and forced retirement:


    From the ranks of the military academy in Benghazi, and trained in the former Soviet Union,

    Khalifa Hftar was initially close to Muammar al-Qathafi. Hftar originally was one of the al-Fateh generals

    in the Revolutionary army of Muammar al-Qathafi (which successfully fought against King Idress in 1969).

    Hftar was an original leader in the “Revolutionary Guard”.

    Muammar al-Qathafi later disbanded the “Revolutionary Guards” when they began to be too powerful, and were really unnecessary in a Great Jamahiriya democracy. (To keep them on, Muammar al-Qathafi argued, would mean that there really was no direct democracy and that Libya would be a Dictatorship.) Their work was finished; and the Guards were dismantled.

    Obviously some former Revolutionary Guards despised this, as they were beginning to enjoy their “powers”

    and they revolted against the newly prolaimed Great Jamahiriya (prefering the old Republic).

    They targeted Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. After a very unsuccessful coup, some went to fight in Chad.

    During “Operation Manta”, the initial conflict between Chad and Libya, Hftar was captured along with hundreds of Libyan soldiers fighting in Chad during the 1980’s.

    After the Armastice, with a new regime in Chad, Hftar was taken prisoner in 1987, by the insurgent “free Chadians”, during the ‘Battle of Wadi Doum’.

    Under agreement, the U.S. airlifted the prisoners who fought for the old regime with American-backed support, and was brought into the United States.

    But “Hftar Force” had to be exfiltrée emergency in 1990, as came the arrival in power of N’Djamena Idriss Déby. The new strong man Chad was subjected to high pressures from al-Qathafi to deliver the renegade general….Under a prepared treaty, the United States organized an airlift, with stops in Nigeria and Zaire for these men; and Hfter was brought into exile to the USA for the second time .

    During the 1990s , the former member of the Revolutionary Command Council , subsequently won over the United States, where he lived nearly 20 years in Virginia.

    Through his CIA connections, and American backing, Khalifa Haftar returned to Libya in March 2011 His prolonged stay in the United States, has led many observers to question him because he was a CIA agent (the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA). Was America trying to rule over Libya through General Kalifa Hftar?

    New Chief of Staff appointed by the former rebels
    03 JANUARY 2012:

    General Khalifa Hftar that many Western observers have to be sponsored by the U.S. intelligence services , will not be the chief of staff of the new Libyan army .
    The National Transitional Council (NTC ) has finally preferred him Youssef El Mangouch , a retired colonel , who took active part in the uprising against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

    Colonel El Mangouch , who takes office with the advantage of having the support of both Mustapha Abdel-Jalil and Abdel-Rahim El Kib , respectively president of the NTC and head of government , has been promoted to general immediately after his appointment. Very little information circulating on Youssef El Mangouch who had inherited with the arrival of El Kib portfolio Deputy Minister of Defence. We just know he was a commander of rebel forces in the eastern region until April before being arrested by loyalist forces. It will be also released in the wake of the fall of Tripoli.
    The Chief of Staff is , do you remember , had been vacant since the murder last July near the oil town of Brega , General Abdelfattah Yunis , who commanded the rebels in eastern Libya . He was Minister of the Interior for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. More and more voices now attribute this murder , not yet understood, to Mustafa Jalil and those of Salafist Abdelhakim Belhadj, now head of the Tripoli Military Council. (Intelligence later revealed that General Younes was discovered stashing arms intended for the ‘rebels’, and funneling those arms, with Hftar’s help, to Colonel al-Qathafi’s loyalist Great Jamahiriya Army forces. Jalil ordered him killed and used Kharijites under Belhadj to do the dirty work of killing Younes.)

    Salem Joha , a general from Misurata , was also a leading candidate to succeed , hard-fought , General Abdelfattah Younes .
    Hotly contested , because each tribe having taken part in the war against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has, in fact, tried to impose – sometimes wearing the same argument weapons – their man.

    General Hftar , who spent most of the last ten years in Washington, has, in this regard, no exception to the rule as he tried, too, to the NTC before accomplishing a proclamation for a patron of the army time, after receiving support in November in El Beida ( eastern Libya ), as nearly 200 officers and NCOs. However , members of the CNT , which come from the short, ignored him superbly.

    Afterwards , we understand why the CNT , which began to be criticized here and there in Libya, did not want a character as bulky . The hypothesis of induction of general Haftar head of the ANL had been recalled does one rejected in substance and in form by the Amazigh tribes of djebels Nefoussa and Zintan who consider him a mercenary.

    Always being the military arm of the GREAT JAMAHIRTIYA (and where the majority of al-Qathafi’s Generals came from), Zintan feels, in fact, legitimately entitled to claim control of the army.

    Hftar was hated in Tripoli, along Abdel-hakim Belhadj, and besides that – the general Haftar and children have also been several assassination attempts in the Libyan capital. In deciding to withdraw today on tiptoe , Khalifa Hftar seems ultimately to have understood the message.

    It is possible that Abdel-hakim Belhadj also does not make old bones in the Tripoli Military Council, a structure which he took control thanks to the sponsors of the Persian Gulf and whose authority and legitimacy are regularly challenged to Tripoli itself. Proof is armed militias continue to do it the law as evidenced by the deadly clash that pitted Tuesday rebels in the region to a brigade of Misurata. This “incident” shows, in any case, how the question of power in Libya will be difficult to resolve.

    source: elwatan

    (al-Fattah YOUNES and HFTAR were not against Mu’ammar at all...

    That is why JALIL and NATO, USA and BRITAIN hate / hated them..

    and killed YOUNES, and tried the same with HFTAR.

    PLEASE READ and I no longer want to hear the complaints…)

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    Hftar admits his admiration for Mu and how he is great

  • Hftar admits that leader Muammar al-Qathafi has saved the Holy Qu’ran (through the World Islamic Call Society and the Islamic Leadership, which he founded) from the corruption of the Wahabi.

    Here, regaining his lost dignity, Khalifa Hftar admits that The Martyr Fasting was falsely accused. Intgah God says right .. al-Qathafi is both a man and an angel with a pleasant manner, who saved the Holy Quran, conservative on links .. and the (al-Fateh) light of September, is a popular revolution for the liberation of the country which docked with all the people and was not a coup…

    صوت المهجرين الليبيين فى العالم
    حفتر يعترف ان القائد امعمر القذافي وجوده نادر يحفظ القر
    هاهو فاقد الكرامة خليفة حفتر من كان يتهم الشهيد الصائم كذبا و زورا بالأمس ينطقه الله بالحق فيقول .. القذافي كان إنسان ملاك و كان طيب الخلق يحفظ القرأن محافظاً على صلاته .. و ان الفاتح من سبتمبر هي ثورة شعبيه لتحرير الوطن و إلتحم بها كل الشعب و ليس إنقلاباً‎

    la vidéo de “voice displaced Libyans in the world”, on FB…

    Hftar admits that leader Muammar al-Qathafi has saved the Holy Qu’ran...

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    The Holy Quran comparison–proving the omissions and change in text by WAHABI

  • القــذافي و دولة الكويت ” حصــري”

    ” حصــري ” احداث لم تشاهدوها من قبل اثناء حرب تحرير دولة الكويت , بتاريخ 1 / 2/ 1991 – لقــاء مع الرئيس…


    30 juin 2014, 12:34



    Truly We sent it down on the Night of Power. And what will convey to you what the N

    Afficher la suite


    Bringing back The Ummah of Prophet Muhammad…


    30 juin 2014, 13:16 ·

  • Agency Seven drums News<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
# Now: ~<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
The bombing of the pilot in the air defense camp, and built upon entry Kharijites Hedda was an ambush of the Kharijites<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
and Praise the Lord, help us and we managed to flush them out and cheerful news on the way, God willing.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>_________________________<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
"THE KHARIJITES"</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>By Ahmed Raza<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
The process of polluting Muslim school of thought started well before the incident of 1979 by radical ideologies like Egyptian ex-Communist Sayyid Qutb. He declared that a Muslim is either a “revolutionist” or an infidel, and went so far as to declare all the Islamic societies of his time apostate and fit to be overthrown, invoking the memory of the original Kharijis.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>the aim, destruction of Islamic Civilization for Khawarijs<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
the strong concept of a religious Statesman in Islam couldn’t really diffuse the importance of religion; this made Sayyid Qutb to use religion as the driving force against the rulers of the Muslim world especially in Egypt. He was executed after a short trial conducted by Egyptian Government in 1966, but the seed to violence was sewed in the land of Islam.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>After the death of Qutb, Aiman al Zahawari the die-hard follower of Sayyid Qutb took charge of protests launched after the execution of his ideal; the Egyptian started his agenda of polluting the Muslim societies with his takfiri ideology basing on the very foundation laid down by his master.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>In a BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmare”, Aiman Al Zahawari has been shown leading the slogans against the Egyptian Government in a jail. Something very exceptional can be easily pointed out that Zahawari was reciting an incomplete Kalmaa (Tayyaba) ie “La Illaha Ilallah”, not reciting “Muhammad ur Rasool Allah”. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>This indeed shows an in different attitude towards the prophet of Islam, again invoking the memory of first Kharij, who was disrespectful to the prophet in one of the gatherings. The head shaved bearded man was from tamimi tribe and when he left the scene, prophet told his companions that “in his descend people will come who will be the worst creatures on this earth”.  Those who will kill them will be best rewarded by Allah swt. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>“They will look more religious in their deeds and will apparently propagate concepts which will not be in contravention to Islam but latently follow their evil agenda”. “They will use young innocent minds for their evil designs”. “They will kill Muslims and leave non-believers”.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Now nexus between Neocons and Khawarij was in evitable, the Muslim world couldn’t realize the depth and in turn horrific result of the said nexus. Factually speaking this was the second time this nexus was worked out in the history of Islam. It was in 11th century during Crusades when Sultan Salah Uddin Ayubbi was fighting for the holy lands and from inside Hassan Bin Sabbah was busy in his terrorist activities through his suicidal attacks from the Castle of Death. Even, one of the bravest General of the Muslim history could not root out Hassan bi Sabbah until he was killed by furious Tartars.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>After pulverizing the Arab societies especially in Middle East and North Africa, the satanic ideology of Kharjites was picked up by Western powers (Neocons) to use their barbaric cruelty for their own agenda. The said western schema was indeed in line with the Kharijites ( Aiman Al Zahawari) and the deal was on……………..the Ghost of Al Qaida.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Scene was set, after the defeat of Soviets in Afghanistan. It must be kept in mind that there was no single incident of suicide bombing even against Russians in 11 years of war between Mujahedeens and Russian Army. Now the Kharijites were poured in Afghanistan and Pakistan by westerners, with agendas of both complimenting each other. The targets were zeroed and fixed.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Disaster of Takfeer and Violent Steps to remove Governments and Siege of Makkaah (mecca) in 1979 by NEO KHARIJITES OF IKHWANUL MUSLIMEEN AND JAMAT-E-ISLAMI.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>The duty of jihad was articulated by twentieth century official Wahabi scholars.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 "Jihad, the ‘struggle in the way of God’, is by Wahabi interpretations, defined and executed in several ways:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Although the Ikhwan fighters were defeated by 1930, the religious heritage that justified their rebellion remained a dormant trend within Wahhabiyya. The ulama who sympathised with the Ikhwan rebels in their hearts remained marginal; nevertheless, their interpretations continued to erupt in the public sphere against a background of strict government control and co-optation.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>(…)</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>It is ironic that the call for jihad (with the tongue, heart and sword) was historically launched against fellow Muslims whose Islam was seen as corrupt or misguided, a situation that puts such Muslims in a category worse than the polytheists of Quraysh. It is a historical fact that most Wahabi violence has targeted other Muslims rather than non-Muslims. This is not surprising, given that Wahabi discourse continued to denounce Muslims whose Islam deviated from the true path as ahl al dhalal (those who have gone astray). Punishing errant Muslims should be harsher, according to Wahhabi interpretations. Resisting foreign occupation – for example, in Afghanistan and Libya – is regarded by official Wahabi scholars as illegitimate violence.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Hijra, takfir and jihad were three mechanisms used not only to enforce the boundaries of the pious state but also to ensure total obedience to rulers. While hijra advocated migration to the pious realm, takfir encouraged expulsion from it. Jihad, both peaceful and violent, rendered life a perpetual struggle in the way of God, but in reality it was transformed into a political strategy applied only to enhance the authority of the rulers. The three concepts were emptied of their religious meaning and turned into political weapons to consolidate the realm and its moral guardians, the ulama. Official Wahhabi ulama turned their backs on the scholar who had served as their role model, Taqi al-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (1263–1328), who is described as the model of the critic-scholar. In matters political, Wahabi ulama followed the model of realist Mamluk scholar Badr al-Din ibn Jamaa (1241–1333), who preached ‘obedience to any lawfully constituted authority’. 76</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Political innovations</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>In the process of establishing a Caliphate state, Wahabiyya confirmed several political innovations that have accompanied the development of Islamic history and civilisation. Wahabiyya is described as a religious revivalist movement, but it certainly did not offer any political vision or theory different from those already in place within the Sunni tradition. In a desperate attempt to safeguard itself against annihilation of the religious call, marginalisation of the Najdi class of _ulama and the disintegration of the Saudi realm, Wahabiyya supported and defended, with text and practice, two of the most controversial but dominant political innovations in Islamic history: hereditary rule and absolute obedience to political authority. It eventually deprived the Muslim community of its right to have a say in political matters. The only legitimate criticism of political authority was initiated in secrecy, between scholars and rulers: the latter are not in theory under any obligation to act according to the advice of the former.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>During an encounter between Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab and Muhammad ibn Saud in 1744, the former confirmed the latter in the position of imama (leadership of the Muslim state), and confirmed his descendants in their role as future Imams. It is reported that in Deriyyah around 1744 Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab said to Muhammad Ibn Saud: ‘The people of Najd are now ignorant polytheists, divided and diverse. They fight each other. I hope you will be the Imam around whom Muslims can gather and your children after you become successive imams. The Imam [Ibn Saud] welcomed him and gave him shelter.’</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>77 Wahabiyya confirmed two mechanisms for the foundation of political power: istila (seizing power by force), and taiyyin (the appointment of a successor by the current ruler (hereditary rule), while paying lip service to the third principle: shura (consultation).78 The oath of allegiance (baya), normally given by both a loosely defined group called ahl al-hall wal-aqd (‘the people who tie and loose’) and the raiyya (subjects) became a dramatic ritual of obedience, and even more so with the advent of new communication technology.79 Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab decreed that it is compulsory to ‘listen to and obey the ruler, even if he is a despot (jair) and debauched (fasiq), as long as he does not order people to 'disobey God'. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>People should gather around the one who assumes the caliphate and accept him. If he got the caliphate with his sword, he should be obeyed. Rebellion against a usurper is forbidden.’80 As a Salafi movement that draws on the tradition of the pious ancestors, Wahabiyya did not give sufficient significance to the succession of the first caliph, which other contemporary Salafis consider as the first shura experience in Islam. This sets the Wahabi movement apart from other Salafi trends, especially contemporary variants that question the principle of total obedience to rulers and hereditary rule. Wahabiyya is also different from the nineteenth-century modernist Salafiyya, which insisted on giving the umma an important role in the decision-making process.81</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>———<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Read book here:

    Agency Seven drums News
    # Now: ~
    The bombing of the pilot in the air defense camp, and built upon entry Kharijites Hedda was an ambush of the Kharijites
    and Pra

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     NATO and CIA have released a version of the Quran completely

    distorted: it’s a shame the distribution of 156,000 copies of the

    first edition of the Koran Libya full of perversion of the word

    of God Almighty Surat verse 56 floors, replaced by what worVoir plus


    NATO and Brotherhood replaces the purified Holy Quran

    with their forgeries after burning all the WICS editions and banning it.

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    ‎"Daash" announced its intention to amend the verses of the Holy Quran !!!"<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
"داعش" يعلن عن اعتزامه لتعديل آيات من القرآن الكريم"‎

    “Daash” announced its intention to amend the verses of the Holy Quran !!!”
    “داعش” يعلن عن اعتزامه لتعديل آيات من القرآن الكريم”


    al-Qathafi’s MissionariesVoir plus

    29 MARCH 2012

    On a tidy campus in his capital of Tripoli, Muammar al-Qathafi

    sponsored one of the world’s leading Muslim missionary n

    Afficher la suite

  • Qadafi speech on Shia Sunni unity in Islam.

    Libyan leader Muamar al-Qathafi speaks about the unity of

    sunni/shia unity to crowds in Tripoli, Libya october 2007, and the necessity that a leader is a decendant of Fatima.


  • Mu and Saif, fulfilling prophecy

    Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’, posts on FB
    18 février 2015:

    Testimony concerning Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (Sir Commander)

    and SAIF al-Islam (Sultan of Tripo

    Afficher la suite

Do not neglect to express your gratitude for the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)...

He has give us more than all other men.

‘Zero hour’, on FB, says:

The Darkest Hour has approached

Allah is greatest over Kidd aggressor”.”

APRIL 2015 2nd al-Fateh:


Victory for all, Mu & SAIF



Saif al-Islam Gaddafi .… unit Libya and its launch of below zero.
Not alone and not Paljamedin ungrateful for the rights of others, not Balravdan to handle things discreetly serve the country before their own.

Saif al-Islam in Allah first, and then with all the righteous, and not all of the stop with the green valid and not all of the supported corrupt scheme. [HE WAS FOOLISH to listen to MAHMOUD JIBRIL* and think about changing what his father worked so very hard to accomplish. HE realises this now, but by naively doing-so then, he hatched the plots and consequences which caused the eventual destruction of the  Great Jamahiriya.]


Valjahl excused for his ignorance and may the Almighty said: (but to repent to Allah for those who do evil in ignorance and repent, soon hath Allah turn to them, and Allah is Knower, the Wise).

Even Libya will come back stronger, and our dear country must accept this (which will also erradicate the sins of the former others), and lift the embarrassment laid upon Libya, by giving him every opportunity to apologize and retreat, hoping to be the good after all this evil (poisoned chaos and destruction).

*:Jibril was put into place by Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi. Because of strong influence and advice from the U.S. and the E.U., Saif Al-Islam selected Jibril to transform the Libyan economy and impose neo-liberal economic reforms.

Jibril would become the head of two bodies in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the National Planning Council of Libya and National Economic Development Board of Libya.

While the National Economic Development Board was a regular ministry, the National Planning Council would actually put Jibril in a government position above that of the equivalent of the prime minister–the Office of the General-Secretary of the People’s Committee of Libya.

Jibril actually was one of the forces that opened the doors for privatization and poverty in Libya.

..and not to leave-out mentioning, releasing the LFIG / WAHABI from Abu Salim…trusting Ali Salabi, Adul-Hakim Belhadj, Sami el-Saadi and a host of others, etc.

PICTURE: SAIF, truly repentent before Allah…He realised his naive mistakes too late to save The Great Jamahiriya.

سيف الاسلام معمر القذافي …. وحدة ليبيا و أنطلاقها من تحت الصفر.
ليس وحده و ليس بالجامدين الجاحدين لحقوق الاخرين، ليس بالرافضين لمعالجة الامور برصانة تخدم الوطن قبل مصالحهم.
سيف الاسلام بالله أولاً ثم بكل الصالحين، و ليس كل من وقف مع الاخضر صالحاً و لا كل من ساند المخطط فاسدا.
فالجاهل معذور بجهله و قد قال تعالى : ( إنما التوبة على الله للذين يعملون السوء بجهالة ثم يتوبون من قريب فأولئك يتوب الله عليهم وكان الله عليما حكيما ).
فحتى تعود ليبيا دولة عزيزة قوية لابد من قبول الاخر و رفع الحرج عنه بمنحه كل الفرص ليعتذر و يتراجع، عسى أن يكون فيه خير بعد شر.



Supreme Commander of the Great Arab Jamahiriya


Nationalists leave from Yemen, direct tribute to the

supporters of leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

 Nationalists leave from Yemen in support of Mu

‘Call Libya’ .. dr. Hamza Thami ..uahsartah 15/03/2015

Mardekm p Hedda?

Legion Eboumnyar revolutionary fighter Zliten, gives this video of Norman ben Othman.

Norman ben Othman speaks

Norman ben Othman, Ali Twitter:

“Yesterday I was in a chat with al-Haji Ahmed Gaddaf-al-Dam Horwitzer-blood: and spent 13 minutes on the propaganda of Misurata, in their belief that the Brotherhood is the ‘Prince over all state regulations’, and then Kammelna chat.”

‎يعرض المقطع صور لما كانت عليه ليبيا ما قبل 2011 وصور لبعض من المناطق المدمرة بسبب الحرب على ليبيا كذلك يعرض صور بشعة جدا لضحايا التعذيب وضحايا المليشيات والعصابات المسلحة في ليبيا..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> ..شارك الفيديو..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> إذا ظهر لك هذا المنشور أضغط لايك واكتب تعليق ليصلك جديد منشوراتنا ..‎

Section displays images of what it was before the Libya 2011 pictures of some of the devastated areas because of the war on Libya as well as displays images very ugly for torture victims and victims of militias and armed gangs in Libya ..





Tunisia dismantles jihadi recruiting cell for Libya.

the arrest of 10 terrorists tried to infiltrate Libya.

Tunisia said on Tuesday it had dismantled a recruiting cell sending WAHABI FIGHTERS to fight in Libya. They arrested dozens, as part of tighter security and border controls, to counter WAHABI militants.

Tunisia is worried that violence will spill over from Libya, where ‘Islamic State militants’ (DAASH) have expanded their influence, exploiting turmoil.

Tunisians make up one of the largest contingents of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, but more recently militants have been sending WAHABI fighters to take part in the conflict in Tunisia’s North African neighbour, Libya.

“Security officers and the army arrested ten terrorists trying to sneak into Libya to join the armed groups in Libya,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The communique said security forces also dismantled four terrorist cells who were recruiting for Libya and arrested 22 more suspects in those operations.

The ministry said the cells coordinated with Tunisian active WAHABI- BROTHERHOOD in Libya who run the training camps over the border with other foreign fighters.

Western governments are increasingly worried that ‘Islamic State’ fighters (DAASH) are extending their foothold in Libya to try to secure a base just across the Mediterranean from Europe.

Tunisia is waging a campaign against hardline WAHABI groups who emerged after a 2011 uprising against Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, and the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Among the militant groups that emerged after 2011 is ‘Ansar al-Sharia’, and European officials blame them for storming of the U.S. embassy in Tunis.

More than 3,000 Tunisians have also left to join militants fighting in Syria and Iraq, and the government is concerned about the prospect of returning WAHABI fighters, carrying out attacks on their home soil.

Prime Minister Habib Essid said late on Monday that Tunisia has strengthened its military presence on the Libyan border to control the situation and stop the infiltration of WAHABI from infiltrating to Tunisia and Libya.

Tunisia has already arrested about 400 WAHABI militants since he took office last month, they said. Last week, Tunisian troops also captured two large arms caches near the border with Libya, including rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

(Reporting By Tarek Amara; editing by Patrick Markey and Dominic Evans)


DAASH organization announces a cross-media publisher arms site for organizing a car bomb in front of the headquarters of ‘Operation Battalion or Brigade Lhalboss Aboroah battles’ in the area west of Misurata.

New mafias in Libya appeared, benefit from prolonging the conflict and fighting.
Ministers and Ministers of agents, trade crisis and the conflict in Libya.
Agencies and plundering millions every day in the name of the country and concern for the nation.

(Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free)

and the Italian Mafia meet and make agreemnents

for inter-coperation between gangs..


Akkla Giani Gneoh (el-M;ahdi Haratine, mayor of Tripoli) deals with the Italian mafia



The satanic WAHABI ‘muslim’ Brotherhood is destroying true Islam.

“DAASH / IS” is the war (army)-arm of the ‘muslim’ BROTHERHOOD.

and, Obama is their real leader:


Brotherhood snippit

In 2011, the Brotherhood took-over Tunisia and Libya and Egypt; but in 2013, Egypt removed them through a popular uprising; and in 2014, Tunisia overthrew their power through Popular elections. In May 2014, through to the present time, The Libyan people have been in the process of wiping out the Wahabi Brotherhood and her offspring….Hopefully soon finding Victory and success.


Leading Middle Eastern cultural figures and academics have warned that the arts of the Arab spring are under threat because of increasing violence, censorship and lack of political vision.

The popular perception that the region is experiencing unprecedented freedom of expression is “simplistic and misleading”, with many artists “wary of the increasingly violent nature of the Arab spring”, according to a study for the British Council by the postwar reconstruction and development unit at York University. The report, Out in the Open: Artistic Practices and Social Change in Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, found that now has been created a Brotherhood System of strict government censorship.

Artists have become emboldened since the 2011 CIA-led uprisings. Many are struggling to deal with the new political landscape amid worrying signs of a wave of political and religious censorship, said lead researcher Professor Sultan Barakat.

In Egypt, which held the second round of its constitutional referendum yesterday, and Tunisia, the predominant fear was the rise of WAHABIISM (i.e. ‘DAASH / IS) who have attacked cinemadon’t yet have a cultural agenda. They’s and artists.

The Egyptian playwright Ahmed el-Attar said: “I’m afraid the country is sliding towards fascism. So far culture has been kept on the side. The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is talking about focusing on historical Islamic figures. I’m not sure if all that applies to the WAHABI, who question the notion of art itself.”

Karim el-Shennawy, a film-maker who protested in Tahrir Square,

said: “A lot of things have been stopped and censored. This can get worse. There’s a lot of voices attacking directors and actors, accusing them of filling the mind of the new generation with inappropriate issues and images. One actress was accused of doing prostitution on screen.”

The report said some established cultural figures have become marginalised; and a famous film director, after the fall of MUBARAK, faced a charge of insulting Islam in his films…


al-Andbetant newspaper (UK) says:

“Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and his soldiers are back in the country, and fighting under the black ‘Islamic state flag’ .”

Britain made the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and they are trying to polish their image, and find them (THE BROTHERHOOD) a place in the rule of Libya, and Cherant what WE LIBYANS are doing and they (the BRITS) support the Brotherhood fully. The UK government said it encourages an inclusive political system which represents ‘all groups in society’, including the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, as the “best way to serve stability and security, in the long run….”

If it was true that Muammar al-Qathafi and his soldiers are fighting under the black ‘Islamic state’ banner, WHY then Adbhon Muammar al-Qathafi at the hands of soldiers Daash Ada ????????????

Protestors against Britain’s support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:








Aaaajl hear about the sound of six powerful explosions

in the outskirts of Tripoli Turf (Grass) area.



Yesterday a car bomb in front of the University of comrades in Tripoli.




The full control by the Armed forces of the People (tribal army)

on the areas near Gharyan.
(Bracket gates in the city of Gharyan)




The ‘Libyan National Human Rights’ appeals to the
international community and the legal LIBYAN military to intervene for the release of four civilians kidnapped
in the area of Jabal Nafusa al-Awyneh.

By. Nuri Creoh:-

‘National Human Rights’ formally requests the intervention of
the international community and the Libyan military to
intervene for the release of four civilians who have been
kidnapped in Jabal Nafusa, Zawiyat al-Bagul. The
kidnapped are from al-Mashashya tribe.

Supports and helps have been requested from the ‘European Office of the Human Rights mission’ in Libya, ‘Amnesty International’, the ‘International Agency for Human Rights’, ‘Human Rights Watch’ and the ‘UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’, to immediately intervene for the release of four civilians.

The names of the civilians are:

Mohammed al-Naase al-Mchai,
Zuhair Ali al-Nase al-Mchai,
Ayman Ali al-Nase al-Mchai, and
Abdul pro al-Nase al-Mchai.

They have been kidnapped on
Friday, 13 March 2015 by a rogue armed outlaw militia NOT authorised by the Libyan Military or Xanthan, during their presence in the town of Zawite al-Bacol.

They were visiting their homes in their homeland
where they grew up and spent their childhoods. They were
forced out of Zawite al-Bacol in July 2011.

The LNHR requested in statement which issued on Saturday
14th March.The Agency of Fassato News has received a
copy of it asking ‘the Presidency of the General Staff of the
Libyan Army’ to intervene quickly to free them.

The LNHR has also called for the General Staff to intervene to stop such violations and abuses committed under the false name (claiming illegally to be) of our National Libyan Army in Jebel Nafusa, which is a distortion of the Libyan Army and its directorate at Zintan, …and bring those criminals responsible for this crime, to the military court. BUT, certainly, this is NOT the workings of the good Army nor is it a working of the Zintani Brigades…They just DO NOT do things like this…I KNOW !

The Committee confirmed in a statement that the violations
and crimes of kidnapping, arbitrary detention and killings
based on identity and outside of the law committed by
rogue militias are crimes and flagrant violation to the
provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International

PICTURE (above):
GANGS in the Western Nafusa. (THESE ARE NOT XANTHAN !)

The‘National Committee for the fields of human’ has expressed
deep concerns and fears about the fate of the kidnapped
civilians and that the kidnappers bear responsibility for their
safety and asking them for a quick release.


MISURATA Warplanes of the militias ‘Dawn Libya”

continue to bomb the city of Zintan. Western ‘Dawn Libya’ and their murderous flight militias, bombarded Zintan again.


Found four charred bodies in Rishvana.

Roadside bombs knocked down the tower belonging to one

of the telecom companies in the ‘Sheikh Zayed’ area,

causing the tower’s collapse, but causing no injuries.


ALGERIAN TERRITORY is considered the ‘N° 1 importer of arms in Africa’.

Algerian troops on Tuesday morning, claim that you can easily eliminate the terrorists in the Western Region of the country, where there are stationed, in the forests of the Western green Nafusa Mountains, the followers of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s “Justice & Construction” party, for years now.

 قوات الجيش الجزائري تتمكن صباح اليوم الثلاثاء من القضاء على عنصريين إرهابيين بغرب البلاد ،كانا مرابطين بالغابات الجبلية ومتابعين من طرف العدالة منذ سنوات



The Libyan Army has forced ‘Roma Libya’ into a  guerrilla retreat to the post by blanking south of Ajeelat and Ngnm mechanisms and capturing some of them and expect other dead and wounded.
Among the dead ‘Roma Libya’ are:
Mohammed Aahma. Misurata
Sam Alsoiei. Sien
Ali Albarbar. Zliten
Mohammed Musab .tarabuls (TRIPOLI)
Kamal al-Samouni. Tripoli
Just Kulaioan. Tripoli

 PICTURE of OUR ARMY, south of Ajeelat:


Random shells fall upon Beautiful City streets and news about the presence of many victims.

Libyan air force targeted sites belonging to the militia ‘Dawn Libya’

in ‘Umm Aziz’, which is south of Beautiful City.


Libyan Airforce targeted the gate of Militia “Dawn Libya” ‘s

(so-called) “public security” in al-Ash area.





Urgent now large columns of approximately 50 armed vehicles entering the valley, sweeping, coming from Misurata all kinds of heavy weapons, including tanks ..

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

عاجل الان ارتال كبيرة مايقارب 50 سيارة مسلحة تدخل وادي جارف قادمة من مصراته بجميع انواع الاسلحة الثقيلة ومنهم دبابات..



car bomb explodes in front of the headquarters of the

militia ‘mother of all battles’ in MISURATA 16 MARCH 2015,

Resulted in a number of deaths, including a field commander Ali Ammar Achlebth.

 A car bomb explosion in Tripoli Street in Misurata.
Ahqo Tel Ajaudh Badri Badri: …Names of dead and wounded:
1.imad Ashlbith -guetal
2.farag Arhit – wounded



Pictures .. contest for memorizing the ‘Holy Qu’ran” in a Tawergha camp for Narahi ..Thorghae City






‘Daash’ organize the establishment of checkpoints at the entrances to the center of the city of Sirte as doing Psoatr dirt at the entrances to the city in preparation for the case of an attack militias ‘Roma Libya’.



One mechanism that has Thoarna brave destruction of MISURATA in Sirte
In the first comment …
Even Antard communications.



The death of the citizen group ‘Bedoon Abdullah’ in seven area west of Sirte

I am God and to Him we return


Misurata militias sent tanks into the 166 Battalion

of the storming of the city of Sirte in the coming hours.


Hear the sound of a powerful explosion logic al-Daher in front Rabat area in Sirte.

Investigate Reports; Secure and Destroy Weapons Stocks

15 MARCH 2015

The new evidence of cluster munitions use in Libya is highly disturbing. Libyan authorities should investigate these incidents and make sure its forces don’t use cluster munitions.

Steve Goose, arms director at Human Rights Watch and chair of the Cluster Munitions Coalition.

 There is credible evidence of the use of banned cluster bombs in at least two locations in Libya  since December 2014.

Phone interviews  (where is the REAL evidence?) with witnesses and photographic evidence reviewed by Human Rights Watch indicate that remnants of RBK-250 PTAB 2.5M cluster bombs were found at Bin Jawad in February 2015 and at Sirte in March. The good condition of the paint on the bomb casings and lack of extensive weathering indicated that the remnants had not been exposed to the environment for long and were from a recent attack. The Libyan Air Force recently bombed both locations, but denied using cluster munitions. It is not possible to determine responsibility on the basis of available evidence.

“The new evidence of cluster munitions use in Libya is highly disturbing,” said Steve Goose, arms director at Human Rights Watch and chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition. “Libyan authorities should investigate these incidents and make sure its forces don’t use cluster munitions.” (THEY WERE NOT LIBYAN AIRFORCE BOMBS; THOSE WERE THE CLUSTER BOMBINGS BY MISURATA and their ‘DAWN LIBYA” MILITIAS. They also bombed ZINTAN CIVILIAN SITES and the ‘KADAFA Water-WELLS’ !)


On 11 March 2015, Human Rights Watch spoke by phone with Brig. Gen. Saqr al-Jerroushi, commander of the Libyan Air Force of the internationally recognized government. Brig. Gen. Al-Jerroushi acknowledged that his forces had carried out air strikes in February and March in Bin Jawad and Sirte as well as in Wattaya, among other locations, but denied that forces under his command used cluster bombs in any of the reported air strike locations. al-Jerroushi said the Air Force had no access to cluster bombs. “While the airstrikes continue every day against militias, the Libyan Army has access to only traditional, heavy munitions such as what was used during the Second World War,” he said. “We have no cluster munitions.”

Since 11 May 2014, forces affiliated with the internationally recognized government based in eastern Libya and under the command of Gen. Khalifa Hftar have been engaged in a military operation against “Dawn Libya”. Hftar’s operation, known as Libya Dignity, involves former members of the military, tribal factions, and Brigades from the mountain town of Zintan. Dawn Libya” is led by forces from Misurata and includes militias from Tripoli, Zawiyah, Sebratha, and elsewhere.


“The new evidence of cluster munitions use in Libya is highly disturbing,” said Steve Goose, arms director at Human Rights Watch and chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition. “Libyan authorities should investigate these incidents and make sure its forces don’t use cluster munitions.”

On 03 March 2015, Brigade 166 fighters from the Libya Dawn alliance showed journalists a remnant of a tail of a bomb lying near one of their positions. From a review of the available photo evidence taken by international journalists, Human Rights Watch identified the weapon used as an RBK-250 PTAB-2.5M cluster bomb containing PTAB-2.5M submunitions. The good condition of the paint on the bomb casing and lack of extensive weathering indicates the remnant had not been exposed to the environment for long and is from a recent attack.

A journalist working for another international news outlet told Human Rights Watch that a commander from the Libya Dawn alliance had told him on March 3 that several cluster bombs hit and exploded near where the remnant had landed. The journalist said he observed holes purportedly showing the impact of submunitions.

On March 10, The New York Times reported that “similar munitions had evidently exploded nearby in recent days and left fragments of shrapnel in cup-size holes blasted into the dirt.” The report of small pock marks in the area suggests that some submunitions detonated on impact, Human Rights Watch said.

Bin Jawad
Several sources confirmed to Human Rights Watch that cluster munitions are also believed to have been used recently in the town of Bin Jawad, where the Libya Dawn alliance also has a presence, and near a front line by the port of Es-Sidr, where forces aligned with the internationally recognized government are fighting Dawn forces for control of oil terminals. The Libyan Air Force has carried out airstrikes there in recent months.

In the first week of February, Frederic Wehrey, a researcher for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, photographed several PTAB-2.5M submunitions in the rubble of the al-Wahda Bank in Bin Jawad. He said that a ‘Dawn Libya’  commander told him that it was from an airstrike by the Libyan Air Force on or about 09 January 2015.

Human Rights Watch spoke by phone on March 11 with the ‘Dawn Libya’ commander in charge of Bin Jawad, who said that the Libyan Air Force had dropped cluster bombs on at least two occasions in December 2014 and continued to drop them between January and March. He said the most recent attack, on March 6, 2015, killed a civilian at his farm. Human Rights Watch was unable to verify the death or its cause.

An international security adviser who visited Bin Jawad in February told Human Rights Watch that he had seen cluster munition remnants in various locations around the town, which he described as RBK-250 PTAB-2.5M cluster bombs. The good condition of the paint on the bomb casing and lack of extensive weathering indicated the remnants had not been exposed to the environment for long and were from a recent attack, Human Rights Watch said, after reviewing photo evidence.

Each RBK-250 PTAB-2.5M cluster bomb contains 30 PTAB-2.5M high explosive anti-tank (HE/AT) submunitions.

Wattaya front – Western Libya
On February 27, a Facebook site run by a Libyan group calling itself the border guards unit posted photographs showing the remnants of a RBK-250-275 AO-1SCh cluster bomb, but no bomblets. The photographs were purportedly taken on the same date or shortly before at the Wattaya front where ‘Dawn Libya’ has been fighting forces aligned with Libya Dignity. Wattaya is about 120 kilometers southwest of Tripoli.

Human Rights Watch has been unable to speak to anyone who was at the front during that period. The good condition of the paint on the bomb casing and lack of rust indicates that the remnants had not been exposed to the environment for long and were from a recent attack at the time the photograph was taken. Each RBK-250-275 AO-1SCh cluster bomb contains 150 AO-1SCh antipersonnel fragmentation bomblets.

On February 12, a photograph posted on the Facebook page of a Libyan satellite TV station showed two men wearing fatigues, one of which had Libyan army insignia, standing in front of an RBK-250 PTAB-2.5M cluster bomb affixed to a military aircraft. The provenance of the photograph is unclear but writing on the bomb refers to the Jordanian Pilot Moadh al-Kasasbeh, who was killed by the extremist group Islamic State, also known as ISIS, in February, suggesting it is a recent image.

AND THEN THEY GIVE MORE LIES AGAINST THE GREAT JAMAIRIYA PEOPLES ARMED FORCES …saying they have evidence That ‘loyalist’ forces of Mu’ammar dropped lots of cluster bombs on people !!!
I will not waste space publishing their lies...BUT here is more LYING TWISTED PROPAGANDA  made for NATO:
There is no evidence of cluster munition use in Libya by countries involved in the NATO military action in 2011. NATO formally confirmed to the UN Commission of Inquiry on Libya that its forces did not use cluster munitions in the Libya operation. However, NATO airstrikes in 2011 on ammunition storage facilities created hazards when munitions stored by Libya, including cluster munitions, were ejected into the surrounding environment.

In March 2012, Human Rights Watch visited a storage depot in Mizdah, 160 kilometers south of Tripoli, which had been attacked more than 50 times by NATO between April and July 2011. Human Rights Watch found approximately 15 PTAB-2.5M bomblets and about three dozen submunitions of an unidentified type.


Cyrenaica front:

Child visitor on the battlefield, come to inspect:
Large and small against the invaders.
The visit to inspect the ‘shortcomings’ ! (HAH)

زيآرة للطشـة لتفقد النواقص هههـ

كبيرآ وصغيرآ ضد الغزآة

Rouge Valley directly:

Shufu bombing accuracy of downing a ‘Dawn Libya’ flight to Valsdrh …

very precise goals
Ikhtro graduate bombing al-Netoowo (Haha)

I’ll come across writers “the destruction of many mechanisms.”

Bombardment did not succeed unless the soil and the picture told of speech:

 This day it N’Dour … This spring day Mnorr
Lord grant victory to the right:

Martyr Colonel Ahmed Shaheed Saaiti
He died in the war and we built last words ..

Ahqo Bjamaotai injured and Allah in Cyrenaica ..


‘Zero hour’, on ‘FB‘ comments:

Dahra oil field

“Thus became ‘Dahra oil field Libyan’.

It was devastating burned by the plot in ’17 February’ diabolical disastrous:

this is Rabiehm destructive Ctraca corrupt.

They destroyed all the capabilities and resources, projects

and achievements of the Libyan people, which constructed and

built the ‘First of September Revolution’, led by leader Muammar al-Qathafi, in four lean years.

This plot disastrous al-Fberaaria destroyed all the projects and

achievements of civilization and all service strategy,

productivity and life units accomplished by the ‘Revolution of September 69’,

of which we, for 42 great years,

accomplished from hard work and with continuous hard work.”


Directorate Benghazi security measures agree to return life to the city.

 Violent clashes in the city of Benghazi.

Picture:  Army deployed in Benghazi.


Clashes inside the whale market .. between the Barasi group ‘Daash’
The group, and Sam bin Humaid of Brotherhood ‘armor-Shields’ ..
Oh God, insist on each other and hit a throw ..


Hero .. Ayad al-Vesa al-akora
One of the field commanders in ‘front al-Sabri’. Was the eldest son in the events of the shield in 2013 and vowing that he would not congratulate his pal, even revenge for his son and his country ..

Although he was a civilian, but the weakness of some of the officers who did not Azalo Ilthako Balijich, we see today is one of the field commanders brave battalion blood parents ..
Azalo Ilthako Balijich in 'war-front al-SABRI, Benghazi'

Benghazi Medical Center to receive 398 bodies over the last two months.






 Spanish BLACKMAIL !

‘MB’s prostitute- harpy ‘Spain, threatens to call an oil embargo on Libya,

if the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ (The TOBRUK/ CASABLANCA “COUNCIL OF DEPUTIES”) refuses to comply with their their (MB favored) Moroccan dialogue decision (sponsored by the UNO) !

Interior Minister Colonel Ahmed Baraka accuses Qatar and Turkey of

supporting terrorism in Libya and support aircraft for terrorists.

Weapons continue to flow from Turkey and Qatar to terrorists, claims Ministry of Interior
By Libya Herald staff.

Libyan Interior Minister-Designate Ali Baraka (Photo: Social Media)
Libya’s acting Interior Minister Colonel Ahmed Ali Baraka (Photo: Social Media)

Tripoli, 01 March 2015:
Turkey and Qatar are continuing to supply terrorists operating in Libya with a steady flow of illegally imported weapons, Libyan acting Interior Minister, Colonel Ahmed Ali Baraka, has said in a TV interview.

According to Baraka, Turkish and Qatari aircraft are flying in and out of  ‘Dawn Libya’-controlled Mitigua air base with the weapons which, he said, showed “clear and explicit support” for terrorism in Libya.

The accusations against Turkey and Qatar by the Libyan government have been ongoing since the attacks began on Tripoli by the Misurata Brigades this past summer.

Last June, General Khalifa Hftar issued an order for all Turks and Qatari to leave eastern Libya within 48 hours under the suspicion that they were supporting terrorist activity.

Last September, Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni accused Sudan and Qatar of backing ‘Dawn Libya’ and warned that if they did not stop, diplomatic relations would be cut.

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has since patched things up with Thinni. The latter had also suggested that Qatar had changed its policy. However, this latest attack, indicates a continuing suspicion.

Just last month, Qatar and Turkey were forced to withdraw from the African Union’s International Contact Group for Libya (ICG-L) in Addis Ababa, after the delegates from Libya, Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Guinea boycotted the session over the presence of the Qatar and Turkey, claiming that the two countries had nothing to contribute to the African Union (AU).

Qatar continues to be widely accused in Libya of interfering in Libyan politics and of supporting the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and WAHABIIS, an accusation it foolishly denies.

Turkey (HAH HAH!) denies similar allegations. It points out that it has been at the forefront of trying to help rebuild stability and security in the country by helping train the Libyan police and army.

Nevertheless, Turkey is one of a handful of countries which publicly receives officials from the otherwise internationally-rejected Tripoli administration and defunct ‘Allaotunai GNC Conference’.

The growing hostility between the CASABLANCA government and Ankara has led to the cancellation of all business contracts in territory controlled by the Libyan government, which could seriously affect Turkey’s economy.

“We don’t say we are hostile to Turkey but we say we don’t deal with it,” Thinni said in an interview on Egyptian TV channel CBC.

al-Mnfe tribe is preparing to equip the convoy support to ‘front eye’ passing.

قبيـلة المنفـه تستـعد لتجـهيز قآفلـة دعم لـجبهة عين مآرة






Three dead and three wounded as a result of tribal clashes between tribes Zawya and Tabou.


Amos c Sabha for shooters on the patrol of the Misurata

Brotherhood ‘militia third force’, in front of the “hospital 2 March”.





RAT (GNC ALLAOTUNAI CONFERENCE) false 'Libyan ambassador', Mohammed Amish


‘Libyan ambassador’, Mohammed Amish, to leave their territory.






Italy will host a trilateral meeting on Libya.

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation 

Minister of Libya, Mohammed al-Dayri,

leaves Rome after consultations with his Italian counterpart Paulo Jantelaun, on developments in the Libyan crisis.



WESTERN RATS PLAN TO INTERVENE in LIBYAN AFFAIRS, since their MB pets are not fairing so well in LIBYA:

European Council President, Donald Tusk, announced that he would not rule out a European military operation in Libya and be a long-term plan in order to ‘establish stability in the country’ ..

European Council President, Donald Tusk





7 terrorists are killed in the Moroccan division of the organization of ‘Daash / IS’.

‘The al-Mnasrm.oahart-Channel revealed “the world,” the Iranian, quoting its correspondent, the news of the killing of seven terrorists Moroccans in both Iraq and Syria during the week.

‘The al-Mnasrm.oahart-Channel’ reported that someone named ‘Abdullah Moroccan’ was killed in Anbar province, through the implementation of an attack on the headquarters of the Iraqi army in the area near the bridge Busodh Japanese.

In January, the Rabat police Department, dismantled a terrorist cell operating in Meknes, El Hajeb and Al Hoceima for the recruitment of Moroccan fighters to join the Islamic State Organization (IS) in Syria , Libya and Iraq,


PICTURE: the Rabat (Morocco) police Department

the Rabat (Morocco) police Department

The cell smashing, which is part of efforts made by the security services to counter the terrorist threat, was conducted on the basis of accurate information by the general directorate for national territory surveillance, it added.

The cell, made up of 8 people, includes former detainees in terror-related cases, it said.

Investigations revealed that the cell mastermind, who has ties with one of the foreign fighters in the ranks of this terrorist organization, has coordinated several operations of recruitment and sending volunteers by helping them financially to facilitate their travel to this hotspot, the statement noted.

According to the available information, the Moroccan fighters undergo intense training in Syria, Libya and Iraq regarding the use of weapons, manufacturing explosives and preparing car bombs to commit terrorist operations in Morocco, it noted.

The culprits will be brought to justice after the completion of the investigation under the supervision of the public prosecutor’s office, it concluded.





Mu white wave


The ‘Great Jamahiriya’ Was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy


By Garikai Chengu
article is far from a perfect summery; but, it basicly gives you an idea of what the Great Jamahiriya’ was, and who Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is.)

Contrary to popular belief, the Great Jamahiriya , which western media described as “al-Qathafi’s military dictatorship” was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic States.

In 1977 the people of Libya proclaimed the Great Jamahiriya or “government of the popular masses by themselves and for themselves.” The Jamahiriya was a higher form of direct democracy with ‘the People as President.’ Traditional institutions of government were disbanded and abolished, and power belonged to the people directly through various committees and congresses.

The national Arabic State of Libya was divided into several small communities that were essentially “mini-autonomous States” within a State. These autonomous States had control over their districts and could make a range of decisions including how to allocate oil revenue and budgetary funds. Within these mini autonomous States, the three main bodies of Libya ‘s democracy were Local Committees, People’s Congresses and Executive Revolutionary Councils.

In 2009, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi invited the New York Times to Libya to spend two weeks observing the nation’s direct democracy. Even the New York Times, that was always highly critical of Colonel al-Qathafi, conceded that in Libya, the intention was that “everyone is involved in every decision…Tens of thousands of people take part in local committee meetings to discuss issues and vote on everything from foreign treaties to building schools.” The purpose of these committee meetings was to build a broad based national consensus.

One step up from the Local Committees were the People’s Congresses. Representatives from all 800 local committees around the country would meet several times a year at People’s Congresses, in Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s hometown of Sirte, to pass laws based on what the people said in their local meetings. These congresses had legislative power to write new laws, formulate economic and public policy as well as ratify treaties and agreements.

All Libyans were allowed to take part in local committees meetings and at times Colonel al-Qathafi was criticised. In fact, there were numerous occasions when his proposals were rejected by popular vote and the opposite was approved and put forward for legislation.

For instance, on many occasions Mu’ammar al-Qathafi proposed the abolition of capital punishment and he pushed for home schooling over traditional schools. However, the People’s Congresses wanted to maintain the death penalty and classic schools, and ultimately the will of the People’s Congresses prevailed. Similarly, in 2009, Colonel al-Qathafi put forward a proposal to essentially abolish the central government altogether and give all the oil proceeds directly to each family. The People’s Congresses rejected this idea too.

One step up from the People’s Congresses were the Executive Revolutionary Councils. These Revolutionary Councils were selected by the People’s Congresses and were in charge of implementing policies put forward by the people. Revolutionary Councils were accountable only to ordinary citizens and may have been changed or recalled by them at any time. Consequently, decisions taken by the People’s Congresses and implemented by the Executive Revolutionary Councils reflected the sovereign will of the whole people, and not merely that of any particular class, faction, tribe or individual.

The Libyan direct democracy system utilized the word ‘elevation’ rather than ‘election’, and avoided the political campaigning that is a feature of traditional political parties and benefits only the bourgeoisie’s well-heeled and well-to-do.

Unlike in the West, Libyans did not vote once every four years for a President and local parliamentarian who would then make all decisions for them. Ordinary Libyans made decisions regarding foreign, domestic and economic policy themselves.

Several western commentators have rightfully pointed out that the unique Jamahiriya system had certain drawbacks,inter alia, regarding attendance, initiative to speak up, and sufficient supervision. Nevertheless, it is clear that Libya conceptualized sovereignty and democracy in a different and progressive way.

Democracy is not just about elections or political parties. True democracy is also about human rights. During the NATO bombardment of Libya , western media conveniently forgot to mention that the United Nations had just prepared a lengthy dossier praising Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s human rights achievements. The UN report commended Libya for bettering its “legal protections” for citizens, making human rights a “priority,” improving women’s rights, educational opportunities and access to housing. During Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s ‘Great Jamahiriya’ ‘era’, housing was considered a human right. Consequently, there was virtually no homelessness or Libyans living under bridges. How many Libyan homes and bridges did NATO destroy?

One area where the United Nations Human Rights Council praised Mu’ammar al-Qathafi profusely, is women’s rights. Unlike many other nations in the Arab world, women in Libya had the right to education, hold jobs, divorce, hold property and have an income. When Lieutenant al-Qathafi won the al-Fateh  ‘Revolution of Light’ on o1 SEPT.1969, few women went to university. Today more than half of Libya ‘s university students are women. One of the first laws Mu’ammar al-Qathafi passed in 1970 was an equal pay for equal work law, only a few years after a similar law was passed in the U.S. In fact, Libyan working mothers enjoyed a range of benefits including cash bonuses for children, free day care, free health care centres and retirement at 55.

Democracy is not merely about holding elections simply to choose which particular representatives of the elite class should rule over the masses. True democracy is about democratising the economy and giving economic power to the majority.

Fact is, the west has shown that unfettered free markets and genuinely free elections simply cannot co-exist. Organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy. How can capitalism and democracy co-exist if one concentrates wealth and power in the hands of few, and the other seeks to spread power and wealth among many? Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s ‘Great Jamahiriya’ however, sought to spread economic power amongst the downtrodden many rather than just the privileged few.

Prior to Colonel al-Qathafi, King Idris let Standard Oil essentially write Libya ‘s petroleum laws. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi put an end to all of that. Money from oil proceeds was deposited directly into every Libyan citizen’s bank account. One wonders if Exxon Mobil and British Petroleum will continuethis practice under the new democratic Libya ?

Democracy is not merely about elections or political parties. True democracy is also about equal opportunity through education and the right to life through access to health care.Therefore, isn’t it ironic that America supposedlybombarded Libya to spread democracy, but increasingly education in America is becoming a privilege not a right and ultimately a debt sentence. If a bright and talented child in the richest nation on earth cannot afford to go to the best schools, society has failed that child. In fact, for young people the world over, education is a passport to freedom. Any nation that makes one pay for such a passport is only free for the rich but not the poor.

Under the Great Jamahiriya, (and the Libyan Republic, prior to the ‘Sebha declaration’), education was a human right and it was free for all Libyans. If a Libyan was unable to find employment after graduation the State would pay that person the average salary of their profession.

For millions of Americans health care is also increasingly becoming a privilege not a right. A recent study by Harvard Medical School estimates that lack of health insurance causes 44,789 excess deaths annually in America. Under Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s influence, the Great Jamahiriya, declared health care as a human right, and it was free for all Libyans. Thus, with regards to health care, education and economic justice, is America in any position to export democracy to Libya or should America have taken a leaf out of Libya’s book?

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi inherited one of the poorest nations in Africa . However, by the time he was assassinated, Libya was unquestionably Africa ‘s most prosperous nation. Libya had the highest GDP per capita and life expectancy in Africa and less people lived below the poverty line than in the Netherlands . Libyans did not only enjoy free health care and free education, they also enjoyed free electricity and interest free loans. The price of petrol was around 0.13€ per liter and 40 loaves of bread cost just 0.14€. Consequently, the UN designated Libya the 53rd highest in the world in human development.

The fundamental difference between western democratic systems and the ‘Great Jamahiriya’s direct democracy is that in Libya citizens were given the chance to contribute directly to the decision-making process, not merely through elected representatives. Hence, all Libyans were allowed to voice their views directly – not in one parliament of only a few hundred elite politicians – but in hundreds of committees attended by tens of thousands of ordinary citizens. Far from being a military dictatorship, The Great Jamahiriya under Mu’ammar al-Qathafi guidance, was Africa’s most prosperous democracy.

Garikai Chengu is a fellow of the Du Bois Institute for African Research at Harvard University

Mu determined

 The fact sheets have exposed Bernardino Lyon-Gross as malicious, supporting the ‘Brotherhood’, in his attempts to enable the ’17 February’ phantom to have authority in Libya, against the will of the Libyan people.

Lyon-Gross is MISERABLE, cohoerting with Malmoud Jabril and those who are convinced, that “the Libyans are ignorant and cannot ‘rule’ themselves” !! Jabril says that what is happening is the result of ’42 years of neglect and political desertification’ !!

NOT only is Jabril a traitor to the ‘Great Jamahiriya’, but is a liar in the sight of Allah.

The ‘Third Universal Theory’ was and is an on-going educational program for the love and understanding of Allah on this earth.
Not only did the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ educate the Libyan populace, but it gave Libyans a healthy environment under which all basic needs were taken care-of by ourselves utilising our natural resources. And, it kept teaching us whole respect for the authority of Allah and what Allah has given us in law and life….and we jurispruted ourselves, in a direct democracy system that was unique in all the world ( truly ‘the First Jamahiriya’ of its kind).

It was not a ‘welfare-program’; but rather a social means of living in the 21st Century and beyond, without doing harm and destruction to our planet. It honored Allah as Supreme, and no man, even now, do we bow to. We lived by the code of the ‘Holy Qu’ran’, and we can proudly say, that the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ was the most just nation upon this earth.

Certainly, we can declare (as opposed to Jabril), that Libyans for a surety, were NOT ‘POLITICALLY deprived’ at all. We Libyans were able to more than sufficiantly, take care of ourselves without exterior demands imposed upon us. 

Therefore, we Libyans have foiled Bernardino Lyon-Gross and Jabril’s plot planned, and have shot-it-down.

(This is summerised from an essay by ‘Mustafa hyperbolic’, exposing Malmoud Jabril as a liar, with his co-hoert ‘Bernardino Lyon-Gross’: the UNO imposed [so-called]  ‘representive’ given to Libya.)

UN “envoy” for Libya, Bernardino Lyon-Gross, heading for Istanbul, to talk with his brotherhood ‘masters’….:

Léon at the Morocco Conferences,

with his Brotherhood rat-buddy, Nouri Abu Busamein

one of thousands of pictures showing them ‘giggling’ together…:

Léon and the Libyan Brotherhood:

Bernardino Léon-Gross and the Clinton-fabricated ‘Arab Spring’, 09 NOV. 2011:

Bernardino Léon-Gross and Tunisia‘s Ghannouchi, see the thumb clasp of the Brotherhood:




‘Zintan Brigade Qaqaa’, comments:

Do you know why the ‘conference’ is illegal because it is not a conference ! It finished by its only reason: is originally Mafeesh number complete.

'Dawn Libya' as part of the GNC Conference Allaotunai defunct, w Salah Badi

The existing ‘conference’ is almost entirely up 60. They are from the ‘Libyan Fighting Group’, ‘Justice and Construction’ of the Brotherhood, which means ‘hehehehe’ !


child initiate of DAASH

 ‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reminds DAASH if Allah’s warning:

“The name of God the Merciful
Those who persecuted believers and then they

repent not, their’s torments of hell and torment them fire.”

One of the Wahabi employees of ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ in Sirte,

wrote to the ‘Hawari Benghazi ‘rebels’:

“Why did Misurata attack Tobruk ?: Is it because the Tobruk ‘government’ is supported by ‘ousted Ahmed Gaddaf-al-Dam Howitzer-Blood ?

And Allah is not the God of those henchmen Mujahideen, Are they Wahabi ?

Why at this time is Misurata attacking their ally ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ ? Is it for ‘Yankee boots on Libyan soil’ and get American dollars ???

The God of Islam (the one and only Allah) will hit you!

Why deal with the USA ??

كتب احد منتسبي شواري ثوار بنغازي وأنصار الشريعة :

لماذا مصراتة تقوم بالهجوم علي المجاهدين في سرت هل كما تقول أزلام قذاف الدم

والله ليس أزلام والله هؤلاء مجاهدين هل لأنهم اسلاميين

لماذا في هذا الوقت مصراتة تهاجم أنصار الشريعة

هل من اجل ارضي امريكيا والحصول على دولارات

والله تضربون الإسلام !

لماذا تتعامل مع امريكيا ??


WAHABI inter-fighting

Happened in “Syria Brigade”: Jbht victory broke the Daash and got some clashes between.
Happened in Libya: organiziation of ‘Dawn Libya’ separated on Daash and get clashes.
Please specific surprised this thing has happened in Syria, the same story.

The equation of interests:
Bowing to Britain, Turkey and the U.S. before ‘Dawn Libya’

Equation gains
Jbht victory = ‘Dawn Libya’
State regulation in Cham = state regulation in Libya
State regulation and Jbht victory in one trench
State regulation and ‘Dawn Libya’ in the same trench
Separation Jbht victory for Daash
Separation of ‘Dawn Libya’ for Daash
In the next publication will dawn Share terrorist crimes.

The Wahabi ‘colonel, surnamed’ said on ‘channel Tobacts:

” I will wipe Sisi and destroy the Egyptian army and will Mark of Burj Khalifa Hftar to be dust like McCain.”

Hehehehe guy came up and pleasures Zrut.

These important meetings:
I received Mdayr meeting before the official channel formerly ‘Libya
Capital channel’.
Libya’s national channel,
Tobacts channel,
Channel Libya First,
Hahaha riding with any DISH !

‘Dawn Libya’ and ‘Misurata’
Declare they Bdú war on terror !!! ????


Sabakthm and Benghazi in two years .. Delirious war.

And lipo Atalaao just before the world they first fought ??
Demons !! Assassins!!

Is it a secret who have been sniping the Special Forces ‘Thunderbolt‘ who Tcolo the rapper and perforated .. ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ Jabolh Ras Poh in the sack !!

Every day at least two – or three – four soldiers of the Thunderbolt is murdered and a fleeing Abdulsalam almost killed him two years of General Cuneiform.

Brightening Bouzid journalist in Benghazi was Isdh right and says in terrorism assassinated:
Salwa rights Boukaieis,
Colonel Ahmed Bargta ordered military police,
Salafi Sheikh Kamal Bzazh,
Toll 700 Dhabz were murdered at the hands of ‘Ansar al- Sharia’ and Ruff God al-Shata !!
Of non-news media and al-Hakoukan.

I mean what do you expect from the people of Benghazi ??
‘Brotherhood armor-Shields’ and ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ in control of all of Benghazi??? And tells Wayne Interior Ministry police stations Wayne Wayne purely criminal ..

Talali wine and mold from Benghazi dimensions blame on the police and the criminal purely ..
Mhalili evil heads and Altkvrien in the center of Benghazi and Etbi police ??
Misrata if the assassination of 700 Dhabz For Allah, became what to do ???
Thelomo and in the process of dignity in Benghazi and sitting for an hour Delirious Tcolo ‘rebels’ Benghazi and Derna ‘rebels’ ??

More generally, O ye MISURATA  by Aarvenkm Ali Hakiktkm. But yesterday pant whole truth, especially on the Arabs of Cyrenaica. After Maglto, that in Daash in Sirte and Nofaliya and Nehna Nharbu them ..

Is Talaaolkm Cyrenaica, or Tala-alkm Hftar ? and Qalolkm Hadhu

who are in Sirte and Nofaliya ‘rebels’ ??

They knew the ‘war on terrorism’ did not Ikhrjo ..
But you al-Ash vice versa?

رامي محمد

فجر ليبيا و مصراتة
يعلنون أنهم بدؤو الحرب علي الأرهاب !!!

وسابقتهم بنغازي بسنتين .. في الحرب هاذي . وتوا يبو يطلعو قدام العالم أنهم أول من حارب ؟؟
عفاريت أمر سرية في الصاعقة اللي تقولو عليه مغني راب و مخروم .. انصار الشر جابوله راس بوه في شكارة !!
كل يوم اتنين – تلاتة – اربعة جنود من الصاعقة يتم اغتيالهم ولا ذو بالفرار
عبدالسلام المسماري تقريبا من سنتين اغتالوه
الصحفي مفتح بوزيد في بنغازي كان يصدح بالحق و يقول في ارهاب اغتالوه
الحقوقية سلوي بوقعيعيص
العقيد أحمد البرغتي أمر الشرطة العسكرية
الشيخ السلفي كمال بزازة
الحصيلة 700 ضابظ تم اغتيالهم علي يد انصار الشريعة و راف الله السحاتي !!
من غير الأعلاميين و الحقوقين
يعني ماذا تتوقع من أهالي بنغازي ؟؟
والدروع و انصار الشريعة مسيطرة علي كل بنغازي . ويقولك وين وزارة الداخلية وين مراكز الشرطة وين البحت الجنائي ..
طلعلي الخمر و العفن من بنغازي بعدين لوم علي الشرطة و البحت الجنائي ..
مخليلي رؤوس الشر و التكفريين في وسط بنغازي و تبي الشرطة ؟؟

لو مصراتة صار فيها اغتيال 700 ضابظ بالله عليكم ماذا ستفعل ؟؟؟

و تلومو في عملية الكرامة في بنغازي و قاعدين للساعة هاذي تقولو بنغازي ثوار و درنة ثوار ؟؟
علي العموم يا مصاريت انتم من قبل عارفينكم علي حقيقتكم . لكن بالأمس بانت الحقيقة كاملة خصوصا لعرب برقة . بعد ماقلتو ان في داعش في سرت و النوفلية و نحنا نحاربو فيهم ..
هل طلعولكم برقة أو طلعلكم حفتر و قالولكم هاذو اللي في سرت و النوفلية ثوار ؟؟
عرفوها حرب ضد الأرهاب فلم يخرجو ..
لكن انتم علاش العكس ؟



The first time we will see the removal of the IS state project, and mesh (BROTHERHOOD) construction project hehehehe ‘Jo Jo state’ / ‘Dawn Libya’ !


URGENT: Violent clashes house Libyan Army against organizing terrorist ‘Dawn Libya’ B. MITIGUA, ‘Shuyesheh’ or other fighting B. Asilah al-Tqil at south of Tripoli CORNER. 

‘Roma Libya’ group ‘Qaadin Ahelmo’ they Qaadin in Um Shuyesheh.

Allah is the greatest
Pray for your Libyan Army !


burning houses in Siraj, Got al-Shall, and Drebe.

Identify one of the people al-vena Hrko (burned) homes in the OS,

and Duraibi, and Got al-Shall:

Hamada Gadoa Bajaur ‘happy’ Qugel

The Ministry of Health in Tripoli:

18 000 jobs between doctors, nurses, technicians and equipment and machines

for hospitals, are all fake names on paper and budgets acted for the benefit of people.

Thieves ! Allah’s curse on them.

Guard Whitney of wrapping Libyan Fighting Group.
Khaled al-Sharif, a fighter Rkpo hah-sticking.
Time and again Brotherhood armor-Shield guards and Ansar al-Sharia.
once Aaalak Melcaat.


Fire in Tawergha displaced camp in the city of Tripoli

area farmer and civil defense vehicles went to the camp.

There is no power but from God Almighty and God and yes, the agent SATAN.

Mc Mego, reports:
Blams night Brotherhood militias Knights Janzour agreement

output (moving force) from Janzour.

Today louder voices bombings. News explosion in Janzour. 

Organization of ‘Daash’, embraces the bombing of ‘checkpoint Janzour’ today.

The killing of a slave to one al-Harf a slave to one and

Hassan Ismail Abdul rich Rafii, in the bombing of the gate Ghiran Janzour last evening.





Mc Mego (reporting):
Amehrgah their cars and smoke sophisticated ones at Bir Sheep (well)
Qreis Siamese Bistrdf in the open.


Zintani rider

Naji al-Haj:
‘Zintan Brigades’ bombard now everything Otto power to stop ((progress)) Thoarna them and the rebels ((stationed)) and are steadfast in ((Moaqam)) which Satro the oppressors and their situation today in the low and in the case is very badly
Khhahahaha grain effect influential Read between the arcs progress !! And sites !!
The first time we know one progresses in his Hehehehe means going on the spirit



A tribute to the brave al-Zenthavil “ZENTAFIL”.

News reached them, of promise  unintended.

The arrival of the wounded PDF and LIBYAN ARMY soldiers from Barak Beach battles, to the General Hospital of Zintan.


We thank the military engineering battalion to the efforts today have been dealt with al-Qveqh air war-jets of Misurata, that have been shot down by the Airforce, over the ‘International Airport’ at Zintan.

The pilot, who took part in the bombing of the city of Zintan:
Name: Amr Khaled Said Jacob Nato
Phone number: 0926786259
Mother’s name: Saada happy Krnas
Born Gado
Housing: Misurata / Ghiran Kherobp
Near the candles Club
Building No. 41
Apartment No. 3
Owns district victory residence on Airport Road.


Jtaat ‘Dawn Libya on Wednesday in the southern

corner of the axis of Bir al-Ghanum.


Libyan Army troops ask the citizens population Hlgodh

area south of the Tripoli CORNER,

to get away from places of the Wahabi-militants,  

and evacuate the area with ​​good cooperation,

and so thankful, for your safety.



Jamal Alkafali, reporting:
Libyan Air-force bombed the Wadi al-Heera gate, and reported direct hits in the ranks of the criminal gang ‘Fair Daab’.

fair-daab-of-the-Brotherhood militias of Gharyan and Kikla

 older video from September 2014 of  ‘fair Daab’:

Libya after dawn yesterday Chlaith of army troops supporting him and force.
فجر ليبيا بعد تشليطة امس من قوات الجيش والقوة المساندة له .





Libyan army airforce bombarded ‘Roma Libya’ sites in different axes.

(Basilah al-Tqil)

Omar Matouk
Daylight hours prior to sunset since the Arab Libyan Airforce and artillery bombed sites and communities  of the Kharijites south of Beautiful City and Ajeelat, and withstand his ‘visitors (ZUWARAH) camp’, major injuries, and fleeing for refuge in mosques.  Escape regulation ‘Dawn Libya’ from the fighting axes, and the brave Libyan Army is chasing the remnants of the ‘Roma Libya’.

Air bombing targets accurate weapon and dozens of wounded and burned in the mechanics and  al-Rcharik and Akrabieah. al-Outn Ilonaba): Warplanes for the “Slah jaw al-Libya”, bombed sites of the militias, “Dawn Libya,” at Akrabieah zones and south of the cities of al-Rcharik, and Beautiful City… and the escalation of the fumes from the eye of their place.

Air Force bombed a camp inside the city of Zuwarah, and Roma Libya’ sites at Beautiful City. Vertical flight (copters) of the Libyan Army airforce, bombard ”Dawn Libya’ terrorist sites, south of Beautiful City.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:

The clashes between the Libyan army and organisation of ‘Dawn Libya’, up to the outskirts of Ajeelat and Beautiful City...

and violent clashes continuing and ambulances are Baak-haraj the wounded of ‘Dawn Libya’ across the coastal road.

Pray for the Champions Libyan army to help and guide.

Allah is the greatest : great victory
Libyan air force violently bombed todaythe girl’s head’ area (around the perimeter of Ajeelat).
Withstand Camp of Zuwarah.
al-Rcharik, Akrabieah, and the surroundings of Beautiful City.

And there is news of dead and wounded in the ranks of the terrorist organization ‘Dawn Libya’.

and witnesses say there escaped many of the

elements of the organization ‘Dawn Libya’.

Mc Mego, reporting:
Violent clashes today and Summa field forces your army valiant

control in all axes.



Mnoren Helena at Surman
Editor, God willing, to the land
Allah is the greatest !
Mnoren Black Libyan army to inflict heavy losses

in the ranks of the terrorist ‘Dawn Libya’ over the past 48 hours.



al-Raeid kidnapped Mohammed Naseem factory owner ..

kidnapped from their own circuit of Misurata.

 Mouthpiece of Misurata, says:
“Yana who holds and Shariq east ,, and who want what it Akedrt.
Daash and Ray Jumpers In Cyrenaica ,, we stayed Htaya Gelawi in Sirte.
Xanthan in the west and with them Kradis Trgah ,, and Qadna Wattaya Htaya.”

لسان حال ‫#‏مصراته‬ يقول :

يانا اللي حاصل وشارق شرقه ،، واللي نريده ما عليه اقدرت .

داعش وراي وفي صداري برقة ،، بقينا هتايا في جلاوي سرت

زنتان في غربه ومعهم كراديس ترقه ,, وقعدنا في الوطية هتايا





“Zintan Brigade Qaqaa”, speaks Of history:

Brotherhood ‘Melcaat Misurata’ has burned six soldiers from ‘Battalion 21’ ‘Thunderbolt’ and ‘the assassination of Colonel in charge of the battalion Baamrh’ so valiant a hero !

Log ‘Melcaat Sirte and Misurata’ to “support ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ in Sirte with money and weapons and gear.”

Unfortunately, the withdrawal of Libyan Army’s Special Forces ‘Thunderbolt’ from Sirte.
Today, ‘Ansar al-Sharia and Misurata’ are at war.

God bless martyred-hero Yaghaly Abdullah- Salah Bohlaiqah. (remember the Brotherhood —after slicking the road—tried to make it look like an auto accident !)

martyred hero Salah Abdullah Bohlaiqah

after the Libyan army’s withdrawal from Sirte, today, has immediately walked-in prostitution and ‘Kharijites in Saddam’….

O Allah, destroy them and broadcast the Libyan Army !

Sami Mustafa Khalil al-Saadi

Sami al-Saadi “Eda LIFG” leading the efforts to bridge the gap

and stop the clashes in Sirte between (so-called) ‘revolutionaries’ as described !

Mc Mego: 
Tam interruption in electricity and the Internet, in the city of Sirte,  

controlled by DAASH, at the entrances to the city,

in preparation for the address to the Militias ‘Dawn and Sunrise Libya’, 

(and the forenoon)…

Spread snipers Islamic-state regulation in Sirte on rooftops

of buildings and meeting rooms and Sirte University.


A car bomb explosion in the city of Sirte-

Lord, please deliver the people of Sirte !

The rest Anhrko ‘Dawn / DAASH Alies’.

A prayer for the heroes in fighting axes
Oh Allah, Oh Allah, keep them paid thrown O shot footsteps
Amen !


‘Zintan Brigade Qaqaa’, reporting and commenting:

Stronger publication for science, 24 hours before Lisbon in the army,

and say where and how Daash Mafeesh Daash in Sirte and Christians killed,

and Hftar for ‘dog-fighting’ “rebels” in the day

and see Hahaha policy Jbht victory.

About the developments of the situation in Sirte says ‘Mohamed el-Fortia Aahal’:

Battalion 166 of Thunderbolt are in charge of the fight against terrorism,

and the so-called cleansing of Sirte Bdaash .. arrested today on:
* 15 Daasha Tunisian ..
* 4 Doaash Egyptians ..
* 2 Daashan of Yemen ..
* 1 Daasha from Mali ..
* 1 Daasha Mauritanian ..
* DAASH and some others ..
* Were also arrested, four senior leaders, of whom were taken to an unknown destination.


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:

DAASH / IS’s “State of the Horn”:

B. amntqh Crescent

Hahahaha See map publication Misurata pages our writers dominate the baton and Nofaliya
Just more than the population of the western region Maarafosh these areas
MISURATA lied to the media on How Satro the baton and was originally a baton in the way of Bin Jawad.

To organize ‘Dawn Libya’ arrived at Bin Jawad, means flew over the baton, if they were not under control.

To all the people who do not know this area:
Cudgel area east and west of Sirte Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf and Bin Jawad and baton small areas, namely, (or lamp – or beetles _ 90) etc.
Population baton area of ‘Sulaiman sons and tribes’ of which several houses such as the red family of Nofaliya are located south-west of Bin Jawad
.Bin Jawad is located 30 kilometers west of Ras Lanuf
I mean the story of Misrata Bet’oul: to ‘Daash /Ansar al-Sharia’ factions al-Qaeda wedge Syrian Damnakm earlier…

but power is al-Olaoah above everything; and you scapegoat and policy on Hecawant Valtzhb TUBER to hell ,and go Benghazi to hell, and go walked into the abyss of power and ebay policy of ‘Daash’ in control-of any supporters.

Allah Akbar !
Allah will smite the oppressors B. Azalim !

Conflicting reports about the control of ‘Islamic State regulation’ or not,
Where the picture shows the control by the ‘Sons of Suleiman’, their baton children on armed vehicles, follow the ‘organization’ after even their defeat, according to sources from the city ..

“Dawn Libya” terrorist organization sneaking at Nofaliya, in an attempt to get around the ports. ‘The Libyan Army and Oil Guard Installations’

OIL GUARD INSTALLATIONS member soldiers, commanded by Ibrahim al-Jdharan

must be vigilant and move quickly to edit Nofaliya, Bin Jawad and Sirte.

Oil Guard installations’ and forces of the ‘Libyan army’ Bamharf  at Bin Jawad, vow to eliminate the organisation of ‘Dawn Libya’ and the organisation of ‘Daash’.

“Ansar al-Sharia” ‘s regulation with Daash, plus other factions of the Daash clash with Melcaat Misurata including the organisation of ‘Dawn Libya’ in an area of baton and Nofaliya.

هههههههه قريت منشور صفحات مصراتة كاتبين قواتنا تسيطر على هراوة والنوفلية

توا اكثر سكان المنطقة الغربية ميعرفوش المناطق هذه

كذب اعلام مصراتة كيف سيطرو على هراوة واصلا هراوة في طريق الي بن جواد كيف تنظيم الفجر وصل بن جواد يعني طار من فوق هراوة اذا لم تكن تحت السيطرة

إلى كل شخص لايعلم هذه المنطقة

منطقة هراوة تقع شرق سرت وغرب بن جواد وراس لانوف وبين بن جواد وهراوة مناطق صغيرة وهي (ام القنديل – ام الخنافس _ ال 90 ) الخ سكان منطقة هراوة من قبائل اولاد السليمان و منها عدة بيوت مثل عائلة لاحمر

النوفلية تقع جنوب غرب بن جواد

بن جواد تقع 30 كيلو متر غرب راس لانوف

يعني القصة مصراتة بتقول : لداعش أنصار الشريعة فصائل القاعدة اسفين سوري دعمناكم في سابق بس السلطة هي الولاوية فوق كل شي وانتم كبش فداء وسياسة ليوم هكي تريد فالتذهب درنة إلى جحيم وتذهب بنغازي إلى جحيم وتذهب سرت إلى الهاوية السلطة وسياسة تحكم باي داعش باي انصار

‫#‏الله‬ اكبر

اللهم اضرب الظالمين باظالمين

Suicide of Daash named ‘lamp Abu Gavl Moroccan’ resident of Nofaliya area,

blew himself up in the metropolitan area, west Ohraoh area;
and killed with him were three people from the Misurata militias.

‘Rouge Valley directly’:

One  of our Martyrs heroes belonging to ‘Oil Guard Installations’

‘Nasser angular’ was killed… slaughtered at the hands of DAASH !.

Oh God, forgive him and Arahmh !


 Booklet Martyrs Brega al-Mqatlh_agdabia



General Command of the Army
Separates us two weeks to liberate the city of Benghazi

and then we are heading for the Liberation of the rest of the cities ..


A mortar shell fell on the 602 area.

‘Zintan Brigade Qaqaa’:

By the subject of Benghazi, DAASH did little to keep the number

and there are no specific clashes in the city, in their war with the Army.

They are entrenched in groups supported Balguen-asat

and car bombs, and mines in residential areas.

and, God willing, full liberalization is not far away,
because there are edit rewarded.

Team Khalifa Hftar: the coming days, edit Benghazi fully

and will be a great celebration B. Amharkh international figures.

News Daash leader killed in Libya, Bahrain Turkish Benali Bamdana.

Haha Qlk 4 Daash 2 ousted from Libya and

nationalities of the other two henchmen.

new henchmen Mesh shows…

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports and comments:
Zrut pills
Hehehehe Massarh Baau some of the (so-called) ‘rebels’ to God Ashmata
Urgent Login now Battalion 166 into the biggest stronghold Lee

((Ansar al-Sharia)) in the area al-Daher ’17 Gehar’.


‘Rouge Valley directly’, tells us:

Now ‘Artillery Battalion’ is tamping the ‘Fortresses of the Brotherhood armor-Shield’ and ‘Sam bin Humaid Headquarters’ in Qnfodh.

Allah is great !

 Back electricity gradually areas Benghazi.





al-Oda Boycotters Deputies arriving at Tobruk to join the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’

means tale Krath (the what they called) ‘dialogue’

(falsely set-up by the UNO) has approached its conclusion.


The return of the deputies of the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’.
If this is the end of the boycott, then exactly all the members

of the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ will boycott the (so-called)

‘dialogue’ set-up by the UNO at Morocco.

The members are:
Khaled Usta –Tajourah,

abdallah al-Lavi – CORNER,

al-Sidik Hamouda – Friday Market,

For al-Tkala – Ain Zara,

Mbbah Doma- Sabha,

Abdakadir Habh- Ghadames,

Aaúhh Falba- CORNER,

Sarh Sueh- Janzour.


 UN confirms ‘Libyan Council of Deputies’ (‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’).

Salah al-Sba
Majlis al-Nuwaab’
14 March 2015


Salah al-Sba;
Vice-President of the English speaking Council (ly English)) L13 year;

a member of the Libyan ‘Council of Deputies’ (MAJLIS al-Nuwaab), native resident of al-Rajaban city WESTERN GREEN NAFUSA MOUNTAINS.

الامم المتحدة تؤكد لمجلس النواب الليبي
انه لا حياد عن المسار الديموقراطي وحسب الاعلان الدستوري للبلاد.. “نتائج الانتخابات والديموقراطية ترتيب عالمي استحالة التلاعب به”
صلاح الصهبي
مجلس النواب الليبي
14 مارس 2015

‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ deputy ‘Tariq Ashtar’, said:

“Today has been the enrollment drop-dome ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ at TOBRUK  (Dar es Salaam).

Let bygones be bygones and for Libya everything trivialize our ideal.

and the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) to pardon and forgiveness,

and this is proof that the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ seeks to stabilize the country

and welcome all who have a good intention in the real ‘Salvation’ of Libya.”



D. Moses Qrifah:


The rule of law … the beginning of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’...

and only if the householder duff hitter ….

do not blame the people of the Council on the dance …..

boycotters who want to join the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’, should not be

contrary to the law and internal regulations of the Council ....

and if that happened tampering with the values ​​of the rule of law ….

what I expect their return … and exchange all their salaries ….

and Tsdarham return scene old-dictorial style of a ‘Parliament’

and possibly blindness … and the reconstruction of Libya O Amar …. !!!

News al-Mtdaolhali some pages and for the return of some

of the boycotters of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’…

a positive event ? … if it was not linked to the sudden change political

tactic of Daash about fighting in Sirte

and work of ‘Astepaqa’ to organize ‘parliamentary blocs’

before the formation of ‘a national consensus government’ to ask ….

Allah is likely to be in attendance
and a national ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ is not a political tactic …

Allah save Libya and its people … … from all evil and hated.



‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ to be held ‘Erdonh’ and the West tagged Tobruk ‘out of control’ but Khcloha.

To Erdonh, Hftar but Khco to ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’; and Hftar is its highest commander.

All deputies of of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ have boycotted the UNO Sponsored ‘Dialogue’ at Morocco.

Tobruk’s ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ (‘COUNCIL of Deputies’) is considering implementing a decision to ban the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood totally in Libya (just as did the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ before the 2011 CIA /’muslim’ BROTHERHOOD-led revolt).

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

مجلس النواب يدرس تنفيذ قرار بحظر جماعة لإخوان المسلمين في ليبيا

‘muslim’ Brotherhood control the Tripoli and Misurata governments, the armor-shield militias, ‘Dawn Libya’, ‘Sunrise Libya’, ‘Ansar al-Sharia’, and have merged with most of the outlawed militias, including DAASH (IS). They wage war against the LIBYAN ARMY and the TOBRUK / CASABLANCA interim-government.
They are basicly funded by the USA, Turkey, Qatar and Sudan.

 'muslim' Brotherhood control the Tripol and Misurata governments, the armor-shield militias, 'Dawn Libya', 'Sunrise Libya', and have merged with most of the outlawed militias

US ambassador to Libya (stationed in Malta), Debbie Jones making the sign of the ‘muslim’ Brotherhood with her hand. (USA fully supports and funds the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood):




Starting a convoy of Libyan army to Barak Beach area in support of Army and PDF troops in the region.

 Access support of the Libyan army, which was launched

from the Western military al-Tkna Basenthan, to Barak Beach area members.
Km Lake of Colonel Mohammed bin Nile is in charge of the ‘force Bamntqh

of  Barak South Beach’ ‘s division of the Libyan army.

The Turkish officer who was arrested by the

Libyan armed forces B. Amntqh Barak Beach in the last days,

is a General officer.



Situation in al-Kufra incorrectly Blcaml
Launched in O Helena Gadi?



time to laugh!!

British ambassador in Libya (Michael Aron):

“British al-Ambaut ‘made a mistake’ and must correct Britain’s relationship with the ‘Libyan Council of Deputies’ (‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’) and would not subtract Britain from losing this policy.”



USA has officially ‘declared war on Russia‘ !!

The evil US wants to replace Putin, who is not playing lapdog to US interests and is actually strengthening Russia both strategically and economically, in favor of installing an incompetent US puppet (like Yeltsin or Poroshenko) who wreck their own country’s by playing with NWO servio George Soros-economics while increasing the profits of US multinationals. That is what will make the satanic USA happy

This has been USA’s strategy world-wide for two centuries, but particularly now under Emperor Barack Obama. Obama is blackening the honor of Vladamir Putin, just as he did to Mu’ammarf al-Qathafi..falsely demonising a god-fearing man ! Obama is propagating exactly the same campaign against Putin as he did against  al-Qathafi.

Russia went through the same scenario as Libya today with WAHABI madmen of the IS:

In this Thursday, 14 July 2011 file photo, Ildus Faizov, a top Muslim cleric in the Volga River province of Tatarstan, addresses Russia’s then-premier Vladimir Putin, unseen, in Kazan, about 700 kilometers (450 miles) east of Moscow. Faizov, known for his criticism of radical WAHABI groups (mostly branches of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood), was wounded Thursday, 19 JULY 2012, after an explosive device ripped through his car in Kazan.

Russian prosecutors move to outlaw anti-Islam film
Russia: Muslim sect members charged with abuse
Press TV: Ukrainian Muslims start to fast in Ramadan
Top Muslim cleric shot dead in Russia’s Tartarstan
Top Muslim cleric shot dead in Russia
Muslim cleric stabbed to death in Moscow

MOSCOW – Russian authorities said they detained five suspects on Friday over attacks that wounded the top Islamic official in the mostly Muslim Tatarstan region, killed his deputy and raised fears of the spread of WAHABI-militancy to Russia’s heartland.

Tatarstan’s mufti, Ildis Faizov, was hospitalised after three powerful blasts hit his car in Tatarstan’s capital, Kazan, on Thursday. A little earlier, deputy mufti Valiulla Yakupov was shot dead outside his home.

The attacks evoked the deadly violence that plagues mainly Muslim regions of the North Caucasus, where Russian forces have fought ‘rebels’ in two devastating wars since the 1991 Soviet collapse where WAHABI-militants want to carve out an Islamic state.

Insurgents in the Caucasus sometimes target normal Muslim clerics, IMAM and leaders. The attacks in Tatarstan – on the Volga River east of Moscow and far from the Caucasus – suggested similar tensions may be deepening there.

But oil-producing Tatarstan, which enjoys a higher degree of autonomy from Moscow than most other regions, and is home to a majority ethnic Tatar population, is relatively peaceful. Its historic capital Kazan, on the Volga River, has been chosen as the host city for the World University Games next year.

Faizov had taken “a tough position toward organisations that preach WAHABI forms of Islam”, it said.

“In addition, he took control of the movement of financial resources of the organisation Ideal-Hadzh, which sent Muslims on pilgrimage for Umrah at the Haaj, and on this basis a conflict occurred between the mufti and the leader of this organisation, which threatened him.” (WAHABI reject pilgrimages and the Holy Kabah at the Haaj.)

President Vladimir Putin, who has emphasised the need for religious tolerance and unity in a mainly Orthodox Christian country with a large Muslim majority, promising on Thursday that the culprits would found and punished.
“It is a serious signal,” Putin said of the attacks, carried out hours before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began at sundown on Thursday.

American CIA have been caught in Russia trying to incite unrest and chaos: the same problems that stoked the biggest street protests of Putin’s 12-year rule in recent months – are helping fuel the spread of WAHABI Islam in Russia’s Muslim regions.

Many young people are attracted to WAHABIISM and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood through a slick propaganda campaign, spread from the USA and Turkey. !!

Analysts say Faizov, elected as mufti in April 2011, has mounted a crackdown WAHABI clerics, some of whom are natives of the North Caucasus, and local authorities believe some clerics are spreading extremist ideology.
Dozens of alleged members of ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir’ (Islamic Party of Liberation, a branch of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood), a group banned in Russia since 2003 but allowed to operate in the United States and most European Union countries, have been arrested in recent years.

Tatarstan’s President Rustam Minnikhanov vowed late on Thursday to stamp out WAHABI-extremism in the region.
“I promise that the toughest measures will be taken,” he said on the region’s website. “Tatarstan has always preached ‘traditional’ (as purely from the Holy Qu’ran, and no extraneous books or literature) Islam, and will continue to do so in the future.”

“You can’t isolate the Caucasus and say everything bad happens there and nowhere else. This is a single country with common problems,” said Akhmet Yarlikapov, an expert on Islam with the Russian Academy of Sciences.
“There are many … who want to destabilise the situation in the region because Kazan has really been an island of stability for a long time among the Muslim regions in Russia.”


PICTURE: Ildus Faizov, a top Muslim cleric in the Volga River province of Tatarstan, fighting WAHABI militants (particularly of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood), with the help of Vladamir Putin.
Ildus Faizov

Putin and Muslim religious leaders of Bashkortostan:

Putin and Muslim religious leaders of Bashkortostan


On the 17 of July 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was either shot down or blown up
Close to the border of Ukraine and Russia.
There are now strong speculations that an assassination attempt on Putin’s life was connected to the bringing down of flight 17:
Vladimir Putin was going to travel to South America for the last game of the World Cup and for the Bric’s Conference in Brazil which is a direct attack on the Rothschild-headed Global Banking Cartel’s power over the global economy and financial system.
According to Russia’s Interfax News Agency, the Presidential State Aircraft IL-96 and a similar sized Boeing 777 (Flight MH17) were traveling along the same route over Poland on the way back from South America.
Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. “The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the colouring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical”,
But taking the Russian State Aircraft down presented a number of problems. If it were downed over the open ocean, fingers would point at America as the superpower capable of global military action. Host nations did provide considerable security to Putin and his aircraft while he was in their nations and airspace. What better place to attack the IL-96 than over Russian airspace near the Ukraine, shortly after it had left Polish airspace.

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR (?) TO the incident with the Itavia Flight 870 of 27 JUNE 1980 and the FRENCH-BRITISH / USA planned aircrash (which was planned for Mu’ammar al-Qathafi …but was switched around and blammed on Mu’ammar al-Qathafi when they made a huge BoBo) !*

Now once again the world wide Cabal owned media has put the blame on Putin as the bogey man.

EVIL WAHABBISM–Taking the world under the guise of DAASH


Mu signals Victory, 2


“ZERO HOUR’, on FB, comments:

Where the role of media???
Why the silence metal every time ? Should it not move the media a finger to get ?— and where the role of the media, in acknowleging the Resistance ? —and Scott Mad, no output at all concerning us.

One explains to the people concerning the uprising, and God Lada Makharj—- we have one of the leadership of the Resistance,

who will kill our people in the South? But will not be a single metal Maflo in ‘BANI Walid’ ? and Arahmo and Rishvana ??—- will Edmro any Shi ?

“Where is the leadership of the Resistance?” questions the Wayne Media (who are denying any Resistance at all) !

(Allah is greatest over Kidd aggressor)

Second al-Fateh is coming in the month of the bird (APRIL) 2015 !


Popular Defence Forces stationed in the desert

RESISTANCE PDF at Jabha south shore, of Barak Chat'ai, 2

to provide southern cities after the arrival of something Bdulk.

Mu Lion of the Desert

 Lion of the Desert (MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI) paves the promises of new ones in the trenches, which will be announced:
‘The Struggle in the south of the Libyan Fezzan spark’.



 After a few tribes will broadcast channel TV, an appeal of ‘the tribal council and the Libyan cities’ to the Libyan tribes, and prompt all in the central region and the eastern region and the western region, the southern region on the events experienced by Libya in general and especially southern Libya.

The statement now on the tribes channel:

Statement of the ‘Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes’,

demanding everyone to join the land of the ‘Battle Wi Beach’,

to be fire red Valgulwb trembling place is no longer among us.

al-Mgarha elders refused to display the militias Misurata;

and they declared ‘victory or martyrdom’ in all the cities of the desert.

Popular Defence Forces stationed in the desert to

provide southern cities after the arrival of something Bdulk.

PDF Forces, ready


PDF READY in southern Desert

Lion of the Desert (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) paves the promises of new ones

in the trenches, which will be announced:
The ‘Struggle in the south of the Libyan Fezzan spark’.

Mu Lion of the Desert


‘Zero hour’, on FB, commenting:
Aspiring ‘Security Council’ intervention in Libya at lightning speed in 2011 after the adoption of the report Kadba channels prostitution Media (Arabic-island-France 24) and other channels and paid some clients and traitors
40 countries intervened to  (so they claim) to ‘protect civilians’ and the invention of the story of the bombing of the aircraft Fashloum area and the Friday Market in Tripoli … the world was turned upside down…

It is strange that the UN did not use the case of ‘peaceful and political’, as is happening now ….
Today, after four years Ajab which has the attack on the city of Bani Walid and embossed missiles, tanks and Grad …
Attack on Rishvana, and embossed tanks and Grad missiles, and the displacement of its people and the killing of civilians and burned houses…

Destruction of the Tripoli airport and burned completely and the destruction of the oil reservoirs in Tripoli and Sidra ..
Epiphyseal tribe used against gases internationally Forbidden and displacement of our Tawergha people in Thorgae (who are displaced since the 4 years)…

Assassinations in Benghazi and in the Tarhouna gates and Suknh reached over 500 military … ..

All this happening, and did not see the move from the (so-called) ‘U.N. Security Council’ to ‘protect civilians’ as they claimed in 2011, 

and now insist our military to disband in Libya, and the only way to Libya ..jba Brotherhood-insane-dialogue…

Do you  not understand? Oh February !!!

“Under London‘s Wing”

MORE DAASH ARRIVING in LIBYA after the Syrian WAHABI-‘CLERIC’ terrorist Ahmad Assir’s call for DAASH Melcaat terrorist mercenaries from around the world to come to LIBYA.

Egypt to fight Daash in Libya after proof of the transfer Daash groups into Libya. There are 10 leaders of Daash coming into Libya

LIBYAN muslim-CLERICS are being killed for refusal to pledge allegiance to their so-called “Islamic State”. IS (so-called) ‘CLERICS’ have declared holy war (jihad) on all other Muslims.


‘SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)’, writes in 2013:

Wahabism is a set of radical beliefs which was first created by Ibn Taymiyah and then propagated by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab through extensive misinterpretation and misuse of Qur’anic verses and prophetic traditions. Unfortunately, they have, with their extensive propagation, succeeded in their attempts to attract some Muslims and lead them away from the right path. However, we should note that:

A) To explain the intellectual foundations of the religions that have nothing to do with Islam is not opposed to the efforts made for the Islamic unity.

B) Given that Wahabism is a new sect and that because of its radical approaches and extremist behaviors it is causing degradation of Islam in the world and it is in no way compatible with our religious foundations, therefore studying and criticizing its thoughts would be in line with strengthening the Islamic unity….

…Wahabism is not an Islamic jurisprudential and theological sect. It is a set of radical beliefs which was first created by Ibn Taymiyah and then propagated by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab through extensive misinterpretation and misuse of Qur’anic verses and prophetic traditions.

Unfortunately, they have, with their extensive propagation, succeeded in their attempts to attract a great many Muslims and lead them away from the right path. Ever since this fundamentalist group has been established, Muslims from Shia and Sunni religions have criticized it and it is interesting to know that the first person to criticize Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab’s thought was his brother Sulayman bin Abdul Wahhab who wrote a book entitled “Al-Sawa’eq al-Elahiyah Alaa Za’im al-Wahabiyah”….

…Given that Wahabism is a new sect and that because of its radical approaches and extremist behaviors it is damaging the reputation of Islam and is responsible for its degradation in the world and it is in no way compatible with our religious foundations, therefore studying and criticizing its thoughts would be in line with strengthening the Islamic unity.

… What are the beliefs and legal opinions of Wahhabis?
Answer: Wahhabis consider many of Muslim’s beliefs to be prohibited and have issued legal opinions against their beliefs some examples of which are as follows:

1- Prohibition on going to the pilgrimage of divine saints’ graves.
2- Prohibition on building on the graves of prophets and saints, for considering this action to be polytheism.
3- Prohibition on building mosque on the graves of saints.
4- Prohibition on saying prayer and praying beside the graves of saints.
5- Prohibition on seeking blessing from the remains of prophets and saints and considering it to be polytheism.
6- Prohibition on calling prophets and saints after their death and considering it to be polytheism.
7- Prohibition on seeking help from divine saints after their death and considering it to be polytheism.
8- Prohibition on seeking intercession from saints after their death and considering it to be polytheism.
9- Prohibition on swearing by except Allah; for example, the Prophet, the guardian or the house of Ka’bah and considering it to be polytheism.
10- Prohibition on asking Allah for something by the right of the Prophet or the guardian.
11- Prohibition on giving an offering to the Prophet or the guardian.
12- Prohibition on celebrating in the feasts and birthdays of prophets and saints.
13- Prohibition on grieving in the mourning ceremonies of saints.
14- Prohibition on turning on the light on the graves.
15- Prohibition on repairing the graves of saints and adorning them.
16- Prohibition on observing mourning ceremonies and praying for the dead.
17- Prohibition on seeking blessing from prophets and saints, and considering it to be polytheism.[1]

The dramatic arrival of DAASH (IS) onto the LIBYAN scene..


DAASH / ISIS has nothing to do with Islam; they are rapists and murderers Asaduddin Owaisi Condemning the deadly …

Here with, we give an historical note:

One dominant strand …decends directly to Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab (the founder of Wahabism), and the use to which his radical, exclusionist puritanism was put by Ibn Saud. (The latter was then no more than a minor leader — amongst many — of continually sparring and raiding Bedouin tribes in the baking and desperately poor deserts of the Nejd.)

The second strand to this perplexing duality, relates precisely to King Abd-al Aziz’s subsequent shift towards statehood in the 1920s: his curbing of Ikhwani violence (in order to have diplomatic standing as a nation-state with Britain and America); his institutionalization of the original Wahabist impulse — and the subsequent seizing of the opportunely surging petrodollar spigot in the 1970s, to channel the volatile Ikhwani current away from home towards export — by initially diffusing a ‘cultural revolution’, rather than ‘violent revolution’ throughout the Muslim world.

But this “cultural revolution” was no docile reformism. It was a revolution based on Abd al-Wahhab’s Jacobin-like hatred for the putrescence and deviationism that he perceived all about him — hence his call to purge Islam of all its heresies and idolatries.


The American author and journalist, Steven Coll, has written how this austere and censorious disciple of the 14th century scholar Ibn Taymiyyah, Abd al-Wahab, despised “the decorous, arty, tobacco smoking, hashish imbibing, drum pounding Egyptian and Ottoman nobility who travelled across Arabia to pray at Mecca.”

In Abd al-Wahab’s view, these were not Muslims; they were imposters masquerading as Muslims. Nor, indeed, did he find the behavior of local Bedouin Arabs much better. They aggravated Abd al-Wahhab by their honoring of saints, by their erecting of tombstones, and their “superstition” (e.g. revering graves or places that were deemed particularly imbued with the divine).

All this behavior, Abd al-Wahhab denounced as bida — forbidden by God.

Like Taymiyyah before him, Abd al-Wahab believed that the period of the Prophet Muhammad’s stay in Medina was the ideal of Muslim society (the “best of times”), to which all Muslims should aspire to emulate (this, essentially, is Wahabiism).

Taymiyyah had declared war on Shi’ism, Sufism and Greek philosophy. He spoke out, too against visiting the grave of the prophet and the celebration of his birthday, declaring that all such behavior represented mere imitation of the Christian worship of Jesus as God (i.e. idolatry). Abd al-Wahhab assimilated all this earlier teaching, stating that “any doubt or hesitation” on the part of a believer in respect to his or her acknowledging this particular interpretation of Islam should “deprive a man of immunity of his property and his life.”

One of the main tenets of Abd al-Wahhab’s doctrine has become the key idea of takfir. Under the takfiri doctrine, Abd al-Wahhab and his followers could deem fellow Muslims infidels should they engage in activities that in any way could be said to encroach on the sovereignty of the absolute Authority (that is, the King).

Abd al-Wahhab denounced all Muslims who honored the dead, saints, or angels. He held that such sentiments detracted from the complete subservience one must feel towards God, and only God. Wahhabi Islam thus bans any prayer to saints and dead loved ones, pilgrimages to tombs and special mosques, religious festivals celebrating saints, the honoring of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, and even prohibits the use of gravestones when burying the dead.

“Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated, he wrote. “

Abd al-Wahhab demanded conformity — a conformity that was to be demonstrated in physical and tangible ways. He argued that all Muslims must individually pledge their allegiance to a single Muslim leader (a Caliph, if there were one). Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated, he wrote. The list of apostates meriting death included the Shiite, Sufis and other Muslim denominations, whom Abd al-Wahhab did not consider to be Muslim at all.

There is nothing here that separates Wahhabism from ISIS. The rift would emerge only later: from the subsequent institutionalization of Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab’s doctrine of “One Ruler, One Authority, One Mosque” — these three pillars being taken respectively to refer to the Saudi king, the absolute authority of official Wahhabism, and its control of “the word” (i.e. the mosque).

It is this rift — the ISIS denial of these three pillars, which makes DAASH / ISIS only different from classic-WAHABIISM, which in all other respects, conforms to Wahhabism.

BRIEF HISTORY 1741- 1818

Abd al-Wahhab’s advocacy of these ultra radical views inevitably led to his expulsion from his own town — and in 1741, after some wanderings, he found refuge under the protection of Ibn Saud and his tribe. What Ibn Saud perceived in Abd al-Wahhab’s novel teaching was the means to overturn Arab tradition and convention. It was a path to seizing power.

“Their strategy — like that of ISIS today — was to bring the peoples whom they conquered into submission. They aimed to instill fear. “

Ibn Saud’s clan, seizing on Abd al-Wahhab’s doctrine, now could do what they always did, which was raiding neighboring villages and robbing them of their possessions. Only now they were doing it not within the ambit of Arab tradition, but rather under the banner of jihad. Ibn Saud and Abd al-Wahhab also reintroduced the idea of martyrdom in the name of jihad, as it granted those martyred immediate entry into paradise.

In the beginning, they conquered a few local communities and imposed their rule over them. (The conquered inhabitants were given a limited choice: conversion to Wahhabism or death.) By 1790, the Alliance controlled most of the Arabian Peninsula and repeatedly raided Medina, Syria and Iraq.

Their strategy — like that of ISIS today — was to bring the peoples whom they conquered into submission. They aimed to instill fear. In 1801, the Allies attacked the Holy City of Karbala in Iraq. They massacred thousands of Shiites, including women and children. Many Shiite shrines were destroyed, including the shrine of Imam Hussein, the murdered grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

A British official, Lieutenant Francis Warden, observing the situation at the time, wrote: “They pillaged the whole of it [Karbala], and plundered the Tomb of Hussein… slaying in the course of the day, with circumstances of peculiar cruelty, above five thousand of the inhabitants …”

Osman Ibn Bishr Najdi, the historian of the first Saudi state, wrote that Ibn Saud committed a massacre in Karbala in 1801. He proudly documented that massacre saying, “we took Karbala and slaughtered and took its people (as slaves), then praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and we do not apologize for that and say: ‘And to the unbelievers: the same treatment.'”

In 1803, Abdul Aziz then entered the Holy City of Mecca, which surrendered under the impact of terror and panic (the same fate was to befall Medina, too). Abd al-Wahhab’s followers demolished historical monuments and all the tombs and shrines in their midst. By the end, they had destroyed centuries of Islamic architecture near the Grand Mosque.

But in November of 1803, a Shiite assassin killed King Abdul Aziz (taking revenge for the massacre at Karbala). His son, Saud bin Abd al Aziz, succeeded him and continued the conquest of Arabia. Ottoman rulers, however, could no longer just sit back and watch as their empire was devoured piece by piece. In 1812, the Ottoman army, composed of Egyptians, pushed the Alliance out from Medina, Jeddah and Mecca.

In 1814, Saud bin Abd al Aziz died of fever. His unfortunate son Abdullah bin Saud, however, was taken by the Ottomans to Istanbul, where he was gruesomely executed (a visitor to Istanbul reported seeing him having been humiliated in the streets of Istanbul for three days, then hanged and beheaded, his severed head fired from a canon, and his heart cut out and impaled on his body).

In 1815, Wahabi forces were crushed by the Egyptians (acting on the Ottoman’s behalf) in a decisive battle. In 1818, the Ottomans captured and destroyed the Wahhabi capital of Dariyah. The first Saudi state was no more. The few remaining Wahabis withdrew into the desert to regroup, and there they remained, quiescent for most of the 19th century.


It is not hard to understand how the founding of the Islamic State by ISIS in contemporary Iraq might resonate amongst those who recall this history. Indeed, the ethos of 18th century Wahhabism did not just wither in Nejd, but it roared back into life when the Ottoman Empire collapsed amongst the chaos of World War I.

The Al Saud — in this 20th century renaissance — were led by the laconic and politically astute Abd-al Aziz, who, on uniting the fractious Bedouin tribes, launched the Saudi “Ikhwan” in the spirit of Abd-al Wahhab’s and Ibn Saud’s earlier fighting proselytisers.

The Ikhwan was a reincarnation of the early, fierce, semi-independent vanguard movement of committed armed Wahhabist “moralists” who almost had succeeded in seizing Arabia by the early 1800s. In the same manner as earlier, the Ikhwan again succeeded in capturing Mecca, Medina and Jeddah between 1914 and 1926. Abd-al Aziz, however, began to feel his wider interests to be threatened by the revolutionary “Jacobinism” exhibited by the Ikhwan. The Ikhwan revolted — leading to a civil war that lasted until the 1930s, when the King had them put down: he machine-gunned them.

For this king, (Abd-al Aziz), the simple verities of previous decades were eroding. Oil was being discovered in the peninsular. Britain and America were courting Abd-al Aziz, but still were inclined to support Sharif Husain as the only legitimate ruler of Arabia. The Saudis needed to develop a more sophisticated diplomatic posture.

So Wahhabism was forcefully changed from a movement of revolutionary jihad and theological takfiri purification, to a movement of conservative social, political, theological, and religious da’wa (Islamic call) and to justifying the institution that upholds loyalty to the royal Saudi family and the King’s absolute power.


With the advent of the oil bonanza — as the French scholar, Giles Kepel writes, Saudi goals were to “reach out and spread Wahhabism across the Muslim world … to “Wahhabise” Islam, thereby reducing the “multitude of voices within the religion” to a “single creed” — a movement which would transcend national divisions. Billions of dollars were — and continue to be — invested in this manifestation of soft power.

It was this heady mix of billion dollar soft power projection — and the Saudi willingness to manage Sunni Islam both to further America’s interests, as it concomitantly embedded Wahhabism educationally, socially and culturally throughout the lands of Islam — that brought into being a western policy dependency on Saudi Arabia, a dependency that has endured since Abd-al Aziz’s meeting with Roosevelt on a U.S. warship (returning the president from the Yalta Conference) until today.

Westerners looked at the Kingdom and their gaze was taken by the wealth; by the apparent modernization; by the professed leadership of the Islamic world. They chose to presume that the Kingdom was bending to the imperatives of modern life — and that the management of Sunni Islam would bend the Kingdom, too, to modern life.

“On the one hand, ISIS is deeply Wahabist. On the other hand, it is ultra radical in a different way. It could be seen essentially as a corrective movement to contemporary Wahabism.”

But the Saudi Ikhwan approach to Islam did not die in the 1930s. It retreated, but it maintained its hold over parts of the system — hence the duality that we observe today in the Saudi attitude towards ISIS.

On the one hand, ISIS is deeply Wahhabist. On the other hand, it is ultra radical in a different way. It could be seen essentially as a corrective movement to contemporary Wahhabism.

ISIS is a “post-Medina” movement: it looks to the actions of the first two Caliphs, rather than the Prophet Muhammad himself, as a source of emulation, and it forcefully denies the Saudis’ claim of authority to rule.

As the Saudi monarchy blossomed in the oil age into an ever more inflated institution, the appeal of the Ikhwan message gained ground (despite King Faisal’s modernization campaign). The “Ikhwan approach” enjoyed — and still enjoys — the support of many prominent men and women and sheikhs. In a sense, Osama bin Laden was precisely the representative of a late flowering of this Ikhwani approach.

Today, ISIS’ undermining of the legitimacy of the King’s legitimacy is not seen to be problematic, but rather a return to the true origins of the Saudi-Wahhab project.

In the collaborative management of the region by the Saudis and the West in pursuit of the many western projects (countering socialism, Ba’athism, Nasserism, Soviet and Iranian influence), western politicians have highlighted their chosen reading of Saudi Arabia (wealth, modernization and influence), but they chose to ignore the Wahhabist impulse.

After all, the more radical Islamist movements were perceived by Western intelligence services as being more effective in toppling the USSR in Afghanistan — and in combatting out-of-favor Middle Eastern leaders and states.

Why should we be surprised then, that from Prince Bandar’s Saudi-Western mandate to manage the insurgency in Syria against President Assad should have emerged a neo-Ikhwan type of violent, fear-inducing vanguard movement: ISIS? And why should we be surprised — knowing a little about Wahhabism — that “moderate” insurgents in Syria would become rarer than a mythical unicorn? Why should we have imagined that radical Wahhabism would create moderates? Or why could we imagine that a doctrine of “One leader, One authority, One mosque: submit to it, or be killed” could ever ultimately lead to moderation or tolerance?

Or, perhaps, we never imagined.

(This article is Part I of Alastair Crooke’s historical analysis of the roots of ISIS and its impact on the future of the Middle East.)

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(PART TWO of 17 PARTS !)



Dat promise of victory touched
The withdrawal of militias MISURATA Brotherhood, Jews of Libya ‘Roma Libya’ from all axes…
Gradually came in a report that Russian intelligence of the head
MISURATA gangs are buying real estate and homes in Turkey.

To Turkey and revealed that the Russian Akhabrat statelet Qtraúal does not want to Astnaqbal any seeker of shows in general on its territory, especially Maysmo.

Criminal gangs of ‘Roma Libya’ leaders have refused to receive their foundling dog Belhadj, who is currently in Turkey at the moment.

Abdul Hakim Belhadj



LIBYA a Hell-field on FIRE ! Libya is burning !

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa, writes:

Rocket landing in Tripoli airport

and airport scans
Burn oil safes on Airport Road
Bombing Benghazi
Bombing safes Sidra
Government storming Tripoli

Bombing and Rishvana
Airports bombing
The bombing of the Ghanaian field and Bahi

and Congratulations:
Armor-Shield centrist of Misurata are destroyed.

Zero hour’ on FB, comments:

And became Istgitoa will know us virility, courage,

and how to be fighting Nhanoa fought against NATO

did not go back to back Aabal appetizers hatchery and Brats.






Monitoring Turkey steamer carrying 55 containers Dkhirh and a weapon in the way to the port of Tripoli for the BROTHERHOOD terrorists and their (so-called) ‘GOVERNMENT of SALVATION’

Militias ‘Roma Libya’ close the coastal road east of the city corner.

 Melcaat el-MAHDI HARATINE (Akkla Giani Gneoh) and Melcaat Haitham TAGOURIS Bahmlat, are kidnapping young people in the capital.


Militias deterrence of the terrorist Abdul Raouf ‘hater’ besieging al-Rasheed Street in Tripoli.

Air Force over the capital Tripoli in sorties this morning.


Voices shooting 14.5 Cimafro Mschwi kulb Btajurae. 

5 people shot-killed in Btajurae.

 Found five bodies of slaughtered near the city’s sports Btajurae.




‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting:

Compatibility session between the mountain areas and the opening of closed flight path Melcaat Misurata Day bombing sites in Zintan.

Hariqthm harmonic reconciliation committees necessary Bajpl
Sedition Arabs and Amazigh launched from nests Melcaat Misurata !!
Originally Amazigh Mandhm the subject Tbejh.

Misurata aircraft attack civilian and Khaddafa Water wells in Zintan


(al-Ajafrh hon)
‘Roma Libya’ gangs, under the name of so-called

‘battalion of Martyr Hisham bin Tahir’, are roaming within the region

under the leadership of the DAASH mercenary nicknamed ‘Abu Azn’ 

(who is now stationed in the area of Paederus).

DAASH mercenary ABU AZN leading 'battalion of Martyr Hisham bin Tahir', are roaming within the region of al-Paedarus, near al-Jafarah, al-RAJABAN





Ajeelat 1

Heroes Ajeelat triangle have securely arrested 3 of ‘Dawn Libya’:

one of steady and Monday from Misurata and others are being investigated.






and went to DAASH in SIRTE:
الصادق الغرياني
Sadiq Gharyiani day yesterday at a meeting in Sirte with DAASH, wants to convince them and get ‘political gain’ at this stage !


Gates in Sirte Abohadi area and the sounds of shooting 23.

 Members of the organization of Daash,

who attacked the ‘Ghanaian field’,  kidnapped nine foreign workers

working for the company «Faus» Services-oil, who were still were present in the field.
Terrorist organization Daash and shield centrist crimes
Czech government confirms the disappearance of 10 foreign workers following the attack on the ‘Ghanaian field Oil’ near the Slip.
10 workers disappeared, including a Czech and Austrian and the rest of Bangladesh and the Philippines. 
Austria accused gunmen as belonging to organization of DAASH ISLAMIC terrorist state, in the kidnapping of their citizens working at the ‘Ghanaian Field’, south Bouapa, CYRENAICA. Photos Austrian worker and four Filipino workers who then kidnapped by ‘Melcaat Tl_abeb’ (Daash) of Ghanian’s oil field

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.


Mahmud Shammam, writes:

“I do not believe in conspiracy theories often, but when they take the oil leaders in the capital decisions to evacuate the oil fields and are looting and burning of these fields, and some of the few remaining killed or kidnapped, jumps in my mind the enormity of Sual Phil:

Why these actors did not take action protection. Ask the major committees of energy and defense opened an official investigation into what happened.

Sorry, gentlemen, “There have been many films” us. I do not say they Rizk Libyans.”

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, remarks:
“Sorry #
I can not display the severed heads of the young security guards

to Ghanaian parents of the field and then slaughtered by ‘Islamic-state regulation’.

God and to Him we return.”

 What is meant by a ‘convoy of youths’, are on their way to the ‘Ghanaian oil field’:

'convoy of youths', are on their way to the 'Ghanaian oil field'

 Control of the military forces and Oil installations Guards on ‘Ghanaian field’ and the expulsion of the organization ‘Daash’ and Brotherhood ‘Central armor-Shield’ Group:

Ghanaian field was burned =
Mabruk field was burned =
Dahra field was burned =
Bahi field was burned =

Redemption field = at risk
Camel field = at risk
Morning field = at risk



Armed robbery on 13 armored-cars belonging to offices of the (TOBRUK) government in CASABLANCA.



A suicide bombing targeting Abraq Airport did not result in any casualties.


Suicide car story …
Which got almost an hour ago ….
Made car … based customs …

was handled, exploded before dismantling,

including the bombing of the same.



National Army operations:

Army forces surrounded the streets of Pisces market. stenosis:

Screws on the last remnants located there, which began to

escape last night across the sea, and head to the axis Rulrhh …

Streets booby-trapped with bombs and missiles and gas cylinders:

stomach the bombing !

There is no force or Alldora DAASH yards fighting

but, there are some snipers and maybe some al-Asthamarien.

Waiting to enter the army to carry out operations Asthamaria.

Tanks and armored vehicles and Alavrd new weapons and ammunition…

Ready ..omsalh intrusion, maybe tonight or tomorrow night.

This period shall not exceed….

What we ask of you is to pray for the men of the Army, and those with them,

within the entire region who are editing and dismantling mines

and bombs in the network.  

the victory, but the patience of an hour.

عمليات الجيش الوطني

قوات الجيش تحاصر شوارع سوق الحوت بالكاملة وتضيق الخناق على أخـر الفلول المتواجدة هناك والتي بدأت في الهــروب ليلاً عــبر البحــر والتوجــه الى مـحور القــوارشه الشـوارع مفخخة بقنابل واسـطونات غــاز وصـواريخ مُعدة للتفجير ولا وجــود لقــوات الدورع أو الدواعــش بسـاحـات القـتال وهـناك بعض القناصـة وربما بعـض الاستحمــاريين الذين ينتظرون دخـول الجيش لتنفيذ عـمليات استحمارية الدبابات والمدرعات والافرد والاسـلحة الجـديدة والذخـائر جاهزة ..ومسألة الاقتحام ربما تكون الليلة او ليلة الغـد ولا تتجاوز هذه المهلة وما نطلبه منكم هو الدعاء لرجال الجيش ومن معهم لتحرير كامل المنطقة وتفكيك شبكة الألغام وما النصر الا صبر ساعة




 The arrest of a car with thermal rockets and the quantities of explosives at the entrance city security agencies are now dealing with explosives and dismantled and arrested the driver …

(TOBRUK small-truck w explosives)

ﺗﻢ ﺍﻟﻘﺒﺾ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺓ ﺗﻮﺳﺎﻥ ﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﻣﺸﺤﻮﻧﺔ ﻓﻮﻕ ﻛﻨﺘﺮ ﻣﺤﻤﻠﺔ ﺑﻲ
ﺍﻟﻤﺘﻔﺠﺮﺍﺕ ﺗﺮﻳﺪ ﺩﺧﻮﻝ ﻃﺒﺮﻕ

Was arrested on a car Toussaint was charged over the Knot-weaving loaded me
Explosives want to enter the Tobruk


Heard a loud explosion.



Landing a helicopter since the few in al-Jufrah Airbase

loaded with many of the bodies and Jerja ‘Roma Libya’

and MISRATH who were killed today in Barak Shati.

Jufrah Ha’am
Now found a group of slaves in Misurata area
Qatif Baalajafrh about 150 military Batadthm
al-Athak TMANHUNT base for attack on black Wadi Shati.






Evacuation of a sand oil field, after receiving information

orientation of  Daash ready to attack them.

Stnfar Gallo in the city after a steady drumbeat of information

about the arrival of militias Daash to the southeast, “sand” field of Libya.


PDF Forces, ready

PDF READY in southern Desert

 Popular Defence Forces stationed in the desert to provide southern cities after the arrival of something Bdulk.

Mu Lion of the Desert
Lion of the Desert (MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI) paves the promises of new ones in the trenches, which will be announced:
‘The Struggle in the south of the Libyan Fezzan spark’.

Statement of the ‘Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes’,

demanding everyone to join the land of the Battle at ‘Wi Beach’,

to be fire red Valgulwb trembling place is no longer among us.

Military convoy sons Warfalla and al-Qmadfah and al-Mgarha out of Sabha
Towards the valley of the beach to support tribal heroes in their war against ‘the Brotherhood third-force Armor-Shield militias’.


Barak Chat’ai area residents arresting six members of militias ‘Roma Libya’, including snipers Tunisians.

Grace ‘Misurata militias’ 72 hours to leave Barak beach area.
‘Barak hospital beach’ receives cases of suffocation as a result of the

bombing with poison and mustard gas on civilians by militias ‘Roma Libya’.

Violent clashes in which locusts used in Barak air base and loss
Some of missiles near the island of Brac. 


Violent clashes in ‘Junction Qira beach’.

 Today, the fall of the random shells at some shops and houses Kira/Qira area, causing material damage in Kira/Qira.:

Violent clashes in al-Kirh triangle near the beach area at Brak_
Between the Liberal and the people of the area against militants ‘Dawn Libya’.

Random shells fall on some shops area al-Kirh,
causing human and material damage.

‘Zero hour’, on FB, comments:

“Beach her nearly 4-year progress for all lessons in manhood and national ..

and today introduced a new lesson Pfersanha Mzrath Jews

who tried to storm the al-Kirh

Glory to you, O sons of the beach.”

Libyan Airforce warplanes flying over the beach air base,

and can be heard blasts at the point of concentration of

Brotherhood Armor-Shield militias in al-Dboat project.

Access support and volunteers from all tribes

of the south and complete equipment
After the recent rejection of the elders al-Mgarha

to view Misurata militias and they declared:
Victory or Martyrdom.



  • Heavy fire from medium weapons downtown.

News about the movement of PDF troops to the southern region

and preparations for an attack on

Concentration of Brotherhood ‘armor-Shields militias third power’ sites.




‘Fouad Atiq Huwail cabled’ killed, as he slept, since yesterday, in a gasoline station.

Firing a bullet is said to be one of the members of the Tabou

and the situation in the engorged city, with the closure of all

stations and shut down all the streets that separate the revival

of Tabou and Azwaip … knowing they are in a truce.


Mujahideen tribes succeed in doing ambush

on a convoy continued to Misurata, shortly

before the road link, between Barak Chat’ai and al-Jufra.


consisting of 120 military vehicles,

came out of the base Jufra, intending to go to Barak Shati.

 Killed seven members of al-terrorist detonated in an ambush.

GOATING EGYPT into barking up the UNO Tree

Mu, AU President

Allah, Muammar and Libya (UPS) is all we Libyans need.

الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس فضلا وليس أمر نبي من كل الأحرار يفجروا لايك ويقهروا الجرذان بمقولة الصمود والنصر

“فارس ورجال”

History Book w Mu

Our Precious, and Mighty Director in Faith, ‘teacher’ of understanding (who has an uncanny ability of insight, foresight, love, and pure unadulterated-knowledge): Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

Have the world know the truth, the evil exposed and the Good be honored—even if every textbook needs to be changed and rewritten. Give honor, health and longevity to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi–-just like Aragorn II (as Mu’ammar is even still greater and wiser).

Do not permit to happen to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, what happened to Napoléoné Bonaparté; and help Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in rebuilding The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, as the people again cry-out for their Third Universal Theory to be in effect with free running water, electric, and safe healthy homes without fear… Where the earth displays her bountious wealth and abundant produce….

And, to live by the marvelous code of “the GREAT UNIVERSAL GREEN CHARTER of HUMAN RIGHTS”, which was unanimously ratified by the Libyan peoples on 12 June 1988.

HAVE ALL THE SANE, faithful and decent folk left upon this globe, remember all the good dreams, visions and miracles* Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has given to us (only through the ‘grace of Allah);

all of which he had already in fine working order (until the evil claws of the NWO /BROTHERHOOD swooped down upon the nation of most delightful Fruit, and infiltrated the country with the larvae of destruction–eating away at the most tender and healthy infrastructures, until a cancerous corruption of alien greed manifested itself, opening-up a vulnerabilty for the dark powers of destruction to infest the once most holy land upon the face of Allah’s blessed Earth.

People’s of Libya, and the favored upon the earth, shed the veil of evil designs so distastfully forced upon you!

O ‘GREAT JAMAHITIYA’: once the sole nation who held Allah as Supreme, and no man (or elite-group) held sway over his fellow beings. O GREEN favor of Our Holy Prophet (PBUH), which gave strength to her people, and spread a love unknown before to mankind, most favorable in the eyes of Allah (as he has wished for his Creation since the Beginning of Time)…

Re-mark HISTORY, in verité Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and Allah and the Great Jamahiriya will PREVAIL !


*: and please Allah, cure the GMMR of her depleted-uranium poisoning, and renew its ancient waters…

Mohammed al-Khatri, posts:

People come out to the streets and ‘demanded my return after the

discovery of ‘Jamahiriya (MASS) system’ really is what is happening in Libya’

and say al-Qathafi is alive fact, not fiction. !!!!!!!

((المسعد تحطبله الريح ))

■الشعب يخرج الي شوارع ويطالب بي عودة النظام الجماهيري بعد أكتشاف الحقيقة مايجري في ليبيا وان ماكان يقوله القدافي حقيقه وليس خيال .!!!!!!!



declaration of Colonel Muammar handed him their addressees —

And for the nation and Gloria Elda


ا لى ا حمواا ننسج سر ا سيلة وقها لمح قها ل لسيد الستار الدتنورمعهد ذميم بعد ل لقلة قعق ههس اسمر الصاع قدها ليا هلقهالد وا لادق ل هلههق قققسه هل هقصاكقعا الصادق مرسي الضم بطهصايا ا للارهاب ومالهقه هدا عهة صير مز ارهاب ومر. وصهر لمحهه هلادقا ا لهمامههية ل لعغلس لقد قالها لل ؤعع ل للامة ل لعريهة وا للاقربقهة ل للأع العقيد معمر سلمه للأتنته لهم صدقوه ووقغع هعغر س ا لدول الى هاس هللأهعصارهقيادق اهضاقوا هعهة ولائه-اية المدنيين ( ،قضا على اس هههاقهقن وا وضنا لهعر« تنينا العادة لقيادة سر اسيا وهلا واسر هلك اسيز لقواه عقل لقههة ل «رها لا القدم والى ل لامه وداء الغل الدا مس عل- جم-راع ‎ ‏ سعي يسعي سسطلهاصللهاه هلهاهطلققهالملطهلس هسههةرلاعهنةلس يي امم-قع-

لك . ع

عسرعععه سم سعي س س لسع عع علك عام اله ا هجوما هوب سر العروبية وقياسا سيه العقار اسققهدس قلمهم راس ١لمققهة العربية لعقهق ولانس جعله القصة هتعه٠ه ههس العاق-م هههسباي انقباض س الههه٠هة هبققدم عم يقصاكقا المارة امسي هانم هسعاها و لههاي وسقه لقط عية صاير مذ ارهاب ومر. سله هم بد وساما سلعه لقد قالها عمس ١(مة العربية حل «سة ا لاع العقيد سر ا لقد. «كقته لم قصتلطوء حموي بمعنى س العفي الى ها. النيرهقيا«قهسه بعهة هسقومايق افي غده ( ،هتغا على العهد هلال( وارضا س مخزلقا العار. لقيامة سهم المللا وحسها والر ل٠اء اللهم لقراء عققع لسهههة ١«ههاهع سهم وا ا لاسهم و،اهم للقاع ايدا هل. المهم هاج ألقها واس اس ل لك هلالة

Watch the video and listen to the words of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi.

This talk leader Muammar al-Qathafi’s of 30 years ago, speaks of Daash and Kharijites.

Mu strategy


After 4 years on the plight of February if ever Chowoa commander launched Atcololh .????
(“Knight and Men”)

بعد مرور 4 سنين علي نكبة فبراير لو تشوفوا القائد شن اتقولوله….؟؟؟؟

(“فارس ورجال”)
Leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is in the hearts of millions:

Child undergo a process in the eye and speak during anesthesia …

and little loves … Mu’ammar al-Qathafi to end the madness ..

alma al-Qathafi that he did not see Allah in all the pictures


Mohammed al-Khatri:

Of surprises coming days ….
Saadi Sivaja Agad critics and enemies and triumph over Sgiannih

I’d say Saadi has ordination ….. Saadi reason HE Libyans …….. Saadi secret Khaimah …….. Saadi commando for the home ……… Saadi beginning of Victory and its triumphant happening.


Mahamih al-Qaúd, preaches against DAASH ORGANISATION:

According to analytical Profile ,, does such thing as organizing the Islamic Daash.

We Arabs are Muslims congenitally, but there Daash company to eliminate Islam and the invasion of the Arab world fully ,, that Manriham in the recordings,

they are WAHABI and Aantamon of Islam any link, but they also are not a Arabs; but, they are just employees like any employee applying for a company to do according to the required qualifications and the qualifications Daash company is height and magnitude of advanced body Dead Heart Flaaakl

be their bodies with the same specifications coincidence .. and this company American Jewish Israeli goal of the occupation of the Arab world and obliterate Islam,

and this will not only happen following the style of intimidation Btkirh people in Islam and deform and break up all the powers and Arab armies and after that destroyed all the armies did not keep them

only the Egyptian army is now obstacle to the implementation of the rest of their plans and their plan today is to provoke the Egyptian president and provoke people to enter the Egyptian army in the war

So as would be addressed by the United States and its agents arguing that Libya still under item Seventh this item, which was destroyed Libya (did not ‘protect’ days):

Are you happy Aaamr Moussa today Is proud that you were the cause in helping the West to occupy the Arabs. If your conscience has fallen asleep and entered into a coma, toward the Libyans, Will woke up the day when he arrived at the killing of the sons of your country Egyptians, that every drop of blood in your neck and neck all the vile helped the West to our destruction

For Hakra and ‘bisexual 17 February’ are: Those like animals (in the sight of God) do Miamron him only, without understanding, they just a way naïve ,,

If he were truly al-DAASH ‘Muslims’ and their goal, it would rather be to protect Islam from what they did the opposite Helms of Islam: to kill and burn and Magallowa all that the Holy Prophet sender sword

and denied that he is honest and trustworthy whom God has sent mercy.

Every Muslim knows that Islam granulation and not intimidation and bullying, as what is happening now intentional and thoughtful all the details. If one wants to spread Islam, he must build mosques and Print the Holy Quran, and the support of religious programs …and not murder and slaughter and burn the latest cameras, output and technology .. This is not Islam that even this representation exaggerated !!

Those are the Khawarij (KHARIJITES) who warned them of the Prophet [upon him blessings and peace], saying falsely blessed are those who killed and killed him ,,

ask God’s mercy to all victims, whatever their faith, and I extend my sincere condolences and grief to their families ,,

and prepared Dear Arabs: We ex And you Subsequent Vhitankm Akhras, who Asktkm to say the right word, at the right, in the last day, has spoken against you ..”


حسب تحليلي الشخصي ،، لايوجد شئ اسمه تنظيم داعش الاسلامي فنحن العرب مسلمون بالفطره ، بل يوجد شركة داعش للقضاء علي الاسلام وغزو الوطن العربي بالكامل ،، ان مانراهم في التسجيلات هم ليسوا اسلاميين ولاينتمون للاسلام بأي صله بل هم ايضا ليسو عرب انما هم موظفين مثلهم كمثل اي موظف يتقدم لشركة للعمل حسب المؤهلات المطلوبه ومؤهلات شركة داعش هي طول القامه وضخامة جسم المتقدم والقلب الميت فلايعقل ان تكون اجسامهم تحمل نفس المواصفات من باب الصدفه .. وهذه شركة امريكيه اسرائيليه يهوديه هدفها احتلال الوطن العربي وطمس الاسلام ولن يحدث هذا الا باتباع اسلوب الترهيب بتكريه الناس في الاسلام وتشويهه وتفتيت كل القوى والجيوش العربيه وبعد ان دمروا كل الجيوش لم يبقي لهم سوي الجيش المصري فهو الان العقبه امام تنفيذ بقيه مخططاتهم وخطتهم اليوم هي استفزاز الرئيس المصري واستفزاز شعبه ليدخل الجيش المصري في حرب ستتصدي لها امريكا واعوانها بحجه ان ليبيا لاتزال تحت البند السابع هذا البند الذي دمر ليبيا ولم يقم بحمايتها يوما فهل انت سعيد ياعمرو موسي اليوم وهل تفخر بأنك كنت سبب في مساعدة الغرب لاحتلال العرب اذا كان ضميرك قد نام ودخل في سبات تجاه الليبين فهل استيقظ اليوم عندما وصل القتل لأبناء بلدك المصريين ، ان كل قطرة دم في عنقك وعنق كل حقير ساعد الغرب لدمارنا اما بالنسبه لحقراء ومخنثون فبراير فهؤلاء كالبهائم( اكرمكم الله) يفعلون مايؤمرون به فقط دون اي فهم انهم مجرد وسيله ساذجه ،، فلو كان الدواعش حقا مسلمين وهدفهم هو حمايه الاسلام لما فعلوا عكس ماجاء به الاسلام من قتل وحرق وماقالوا بأن الرسول الكريم مرسل بالسيف وانكروا انه هو الصادق الامين الذي ارسله الله بالرحمة فكل مسلم يعرف جيدا بأن الاسلام تحبيب وليس ترهيب والترهيب الحاصل الان مقصود ومدروس بكل التفاصيل فمن يريد نشر الاسلام وجب عليه بناء المساجد وطباعة المصحف الشريف ودعم البرامج الدينيه وليس القتل والذبح والحرق بأحدث كاميرات التصوير والاخراج والتكنولوجيا .. فهذا ليس اسلاما بل هذا تمثيل مبالغ فيه فهؤلاء هم الخوارج الذين حذرنا منهم الرسول عليه الصلاه والسلام فطوبى لمن قتلهم وقتلوه ،، اسأل الله الرحمة لكل الضحايا مهما كانت ديانتهم واتقدم بخالص التعازي والاسى لاهلهم ،، واستعدوا ايها العرب نحن السابقون وانتم اللاحقون فشيطانكم الاخرس الذي اسكتكم عن قول كلمه حق في حقنا في الماضي قد نطق اليوم ضدكم..

U.N. Security Council refuses to lift the ban on the Libyan Army, totally refusing the Libyan Army‘s plea for the purchase of arms in the face of terrorism …. !!!!

(They are all in cohoots …and take their orders from OBAMA who LEADS THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD)

Band 999 Force Egyptian private Forces, are on the first ground,

for their operation in Libya, sofar which has led to the arrest

some members of the organization Daash.

CAIRO, at the UNITED NATIONS assembly, said that EGYPT  would hit any Turk aircraft or Turkish steamer approaching Libya or Egypt.

Egyptian authorities to prevent the Libyan plane from entering its airspace and force them to return. Egypt closed its airspace for a Libyan plane which was to make a  stop before heading to Istanbul.



Satellites that can identify the place where the slaughter of Egyptian Copts and even Wayne went offenders, but who owns this technique is the same from the making of this film the unknown.

Egyptian intelligence know very well that the video for the slaughter of COPT Christians, is from a creature of Western intelligence; but, they are unable to prove that evidence enough to convince the Egyptian people.

We do not deny that the thought of appropriating Daash beheadings and the shedding of blood; but, what we see from the films are cinematic Daash-ah industry funded intelligence know what to do in order to convince the peoples that it is the savior while it’s a particular colonialism.

Field Marshal Tantawi deficit, when he was at the head of the Egyptian military council, is the reason for everything that happens to Egypt today.


(Marsa Matruh, Qism Moursy Matrouh, is the Gouvernorat de Marsa-Matruh, Égypte)

Egyptian Director of security at Marsa Matrouh,

declares a state of emergency maximum at port Saloum.


Call Libya .. dr.  Hamza Thami .. Where our leaders?  …treason….
However, the plot of the betrayed 02/10/2015






News confirms that the EVIL militias ‘Roma Libya’ have maintained

8 military aircraft from Sudan, and is now ready to use.

PICTURE: some of the Sudanese Light attack aircraft sold to Brotherhood ‘Roma Libya’ rats:

 Militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ military aircraft, are flying over the skies of the capital Tripoli.


‘MUSICIAN’, writes:
In the end, young people will enter into Fashloum MITIGUA base

and abrade Karah and his followers in the streets Friday Market.


An armed group “of a battalion of Hattin Misurata” intervention

to replace Gdaúah materials next to the ‘Starbucks coffee shop’

next to the shop burned 108 buildings by 2 thrower, lead and left.

Found five severed Jtt Russians in the Manara in Qsr bin Ghashir area,

which date back to the Egyptians, the bodies were transferred to a hospital in Asabieh.


Hear the sound of gunfire in the vicinity of Salah-ud-din.







Strong clashes now at south monsters sixty of al-Azizia,

led by General Omar Tntosh. Youth and Rishvana have to shooting on one of the gangs of ‘Roma Libya’ in  al-Azizia at the Libyan gates, wounding a number of them.




MISURATA bombed the ZINTAN airport airstrip again:

Militias ‘Roma Libya’ bombarded Zintan aviation airport runway.

That was the report yesterday of a Miq 23 warplane,

which graduated from Mitigua airport-bound …

Militias ‘Roma Libya’ bombed the city of Zintan in the ‘Western Mountain Center’.

‘Roma Libya’ Warplanes type Miq 23 change on Zintan airport ..


Decision to suspend all flights between Morocco and Libya;

which, we all were so joyous about last month for ZINTAN AIRPORT.

Morocco prevent Libyan aircraft from entering the Moroccan airspace and airports Moroccan.



Melcaat fron the CORNER bombed Libyan Army sites,

in the area south of the city Bir al-Ghanum, without causing damage,

but, then the Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ bombed air sites

in Bir al-Ghanum and damaged a house.






Continuation of violent clashes between Libyan Army and militias ‘Roma Libya’

in ‘Abu helped’ and west Shuyesheh and Suenah nearby Ajeelat.

LIBYAN ARMY  attacking ‘Roma Libya’ stationed zones by the river

and south of the city al-Oasaria near Ajeelat.

Violent clashes with heavy weapons between LIBYAN ARMY

and militias ‘Roma Libya’, south of the city of Ajeelat. RAT Militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ with their RAT Sudanese warplanes bombed the concentration of Libyan Army positions south of the city of Ajeelat.





One of the Liberals in the city of Misurata, informs us,

that there Exited a warplane from the base at ‘Misurata Airborne’,

just minutes before now…


 Warplanes type Miq 23 change on Zintan airport ..




21 Egyptian fishermen return home after being

released by the terrorist ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militias of Misurata:





DAASH is to organize a military parade in the city of Sirte amid today.


Columns organization Daash scouring the city of Sirte in a large military parade and shouting loudly, “the state of Islam remain”.



Exit squadron of aircraft in the direction of tuber and Sirte

from the Egyptian air force since the few.

 Egyptian Aviation enters the atmosphere of Sirte .


Burn RAT air defense camp fully Sirte today morning.

Exit armed convoys belonging to the organization Daash

towards the south up to 500 armed Ysearh. Log armed convoy belonging to the terrorist organization Daash passed ‘sweeping p 60’.




The assassination of  Mohamed shaved cabled, an officer of intelligence in Ajdabiya. The armed DAASH group called the assassination of ‘Hussein Bouhoria cabled’, on  al-Antalat Street in the city of Ajdabiya, which is backing the security.

.. Security and military coordination with the joint force members of the Interior Ministry and the General staff of the army of Libya and the Libyan intelligence service and military intelligence. 

Lines for car fuel (gas) in AJDABIYA:


Airport El Beida La-Abraq:

Abraq Airport issued a circular to prevent travel of Libyan passports

issued before 2007 to Tunisia and the Tunisian meet demand in particular.

Abraq International Airport prevents the entry of Egyptian workers and Bangladeshi, Syrian, Yemeni and Palestinian until further notice.
al-Beyda BEIDA airport  El-Beida Airport, La-Braq Airport, Airport El Beida La-Abraq.



Libyan airforce Aerial bombardment nests militias of DAASH in Boatni area.


Armed clashes in the area of ​​Laithi.

Injury Colonel Faraj disco wife of the martyr,

by a random shot near al-Sboukh building in Benghazi.

Lilly warplanes bombed sites in Benghazi.



Libyan airforce copters targeted dens of terrorists in the area of ​​ Rulrhh.


Men for help finding the remains of unknown identity

of the bodies at a garbage Nviac in al-Ithamh area.




The killing of the terrorist (Mohammed Dernawi) The impact of the Egyptian bombing,

the second man for Daash in Libya and the leader of the field responsible for eastern Libya. (Gone to Hell.)

(Militant Arabism)


Video of the effects of the Egyptian army bombardment of the city of Derna in Libya
Watch the video also here:

Egyptian planes bombed the headquarters of the Sharia Court

and camps for “Daash”.

The displacement of a large number of residents of the city of Derna. 

Libyan army aircraft targeted at sites near the city of derna



Daash organization publishes pictures announcing

control of the air base  at al-Jufra.

 LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed a helicopter

landing at the al-Jufra airbase.

Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed al-Jufra air-base

and columns of smoke rising. Picture of the RAT plane, which was bombed yesterday at al-Jufra airbase, by the LIBYAN ARMY.





The Awlad Sulaiman
“Children of Solomon” support the BROTHERHOOD MISURATA MILITIAS, in the bloody events in the south of Libya.

Militias Suleiman children arrest of Egyptian workers and hand them over to the militias of Misuata to incarcerate, torture and maybe worse !!!!!

the children of Solomon Sabha: Istgatn Bmkhnthe Mzrath their wives and their men danced their welcome for MISURATA.


Mohammad Khair El Houcine, from SABHA, has been

released from the dark prisons in Misurata.
Praise be to the safety and the calcaneus to the rest of the

heroes home Honorable.



Tunisian Foreign Office ask their citizens again refrain from traveling to Libya.

PICTURE: Tunisian border at RAS JEDIR



I fear, with all the connections the USA has, and supplying arms to their evil mercenary divisions globally, the wars will not end….
UNTIL the USA government (with their NWO minions and BROTHERHOOD) is totally destroyed…

Then the supplies will finally stop—but it appears, not before that…
The terrorist USA is the $$$$, arms and gold-keeper.

Obama Now Has Kill Switch, Dictatorial Communication Ability Over Entire Media:


The Power of the DAGL’s World emperor:




Mu drawing by Ahmed Deep

 Are you with Mu’ammar and the Resistance ?



Lie dialogue diffusion ‘Misuratan channels’ unfortunately; and, an attempt to drag

the Army Valley Akahilh…

but as I have already promised, our dialogue is our motto, “Red Lead”.

(‘Rouge Valley directly’)



Stop flights on the lines of the African air to Italy and Germany as a result of the

withdrawal of Georgian company plane chartered by African airlines.


‘British Foreign Office’ is calling for British nationals in Libya to leave the country immediately via commercial transport. She explained that there is a significant threat to the exposure of citizens to terrorism, including kidnapping and random shooting operations, and bomb attacks.

(PICTURE: secret British army-men in Libya during 2011):

 According to a French agent, “French Defense Minister was in Riyadh on 04 January 2015, and confirmed that Libya will be invaded by both Britain and France, in 3 months in order to ensure oil to Israel”.


Turkey cancels all student VISAs from Misurata state…

Photos of warlords member of al-Qaeda (Abdul Hakim Belhadj)
And terrorist (HiSam bin Humaid) in one of the luxury hotels in Istanbul, Turkey

(1) Belhadj in Turkey





Tunisia announces the arrest of Libyan “Ibrahim Jamal Rahimi,”

which was previously distributed as a terrorist image is required.

Find someone holds Libyan nationality named “Jamal Ibrahim Moussa Rahimi”

and using a passport and fake identity and planning to carry out a terrorist operation.

Warning to travelers Libyans:

There are no fake money multiplied spin in the country of Tunisia, 

and private papers of 50 Tunisian dinars responded mind!


Ben Ghardane protests and the road is closed to trucks loaded

with goods destined for Libya.

Tunisia imposes visa to Libyans.




Daash now control gate control categorize pressures pomegranate east of the capital
Tripoli and the day to bring in container Pearls gate and learned there with them
Nationalities of the Tunisian and Egyptian nationalities and science in the daytime and in the Ikhtfo
Night Icomo inspection and horror of passers with the road.


Aajl..tarabuls (TRIPOLI):

Reports of injury called Omar Hassi in the Corinthia hotel and

transferred to ‘Misurata directory’

and not coming so far in the media and announce surviving another blast.



Electricity, “luminescent” cut from the Green Square,

and the withdrawal of ‘militias Nawasi’ fully of Raouf ‘hater’ cart.

Interruption of electricity to central Green Square, Tripoli and panic

and horror of the militias of the penitential deterrence “Abdul Rauf hater”

and withdrawal from Henaaaaak.
Hahahahah al-Rrrrrashh

CAMP 77:

Tank carriers moving toward the camp of 77 coming from the Airport Road.

Suspicious movements in the capital and mechanisms for the transfer of areas to another:

Suspicious truck moving used office goods and equipment to CAMP 77 in Tripoli:


WAHABI remove all street shrubery and Trees in TRIPOLI:

Vegetation removal basins and open Medan_al-Dzaúr, Tripoli,

in front of movement of Cars.



The presence of the body of a person slaughtered at the gate

Unidentified corpse back to the young man (Nasser Bin Hamed al-Orchweny), who was killed at the hands of ‘Roma Libya’ terrorist gangs and threw his body in the island Shaal pressures and torture marks and burns on his body and caliber bullet to the head, a resident of al-Zayat Borcvana area.
I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.


of the corresponding tobacco factory highway Bgot Servant Shaal.
(DAASH will exterminate all tobacco distributing and manufacturing in Libya.)

Photos to recover the body of a young man Got al-Shall area near

the ‘care home for boys’ in the capital Tripoli and the body

was moved to the ‘House of Mercy Hospital’ on Nook Street.

I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.

صور لانتشال جثة لشاب بمنطقة غوط الشعال بالقرب من دار رعاية البنين بالعاصمة طرابلس و نقل الجثمان الى دار الرحمة بمستشفى شارع الزواية
انا لله وان الية لراجعون

* مناضل العروبة *

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎. Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.


Fire at the  ‘Agricultural Bank’ on Street Rasheed, in Tripoli ..


Government spokesman client Rat Hassi …

Agricultural Bank burned this morning due to a short circuit …. !!!
(Hehehehe you naive)


Fashloum and Duraibi Champions with 17.2 uprising against

the enemies of religion: ‘DAASH’ and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:

Closing by Fashloum hand corner Dahmani Angle, Tripoli ..


Urgent very strong and violent now B. Tarabuls (TRIPOLI)..Libya.

Deserts bank robbery in the beginning of September street by an armed group.


Another Car bomb explosion:

The blast targeted the home of Ibrahim Bejad junta chief al-Andalus.

انفجار السياره المفخخه الذي حدث قبل قليل في مدينة ‫‏طرابلس‬

A car bomb explosion near the beach hotel in al-Andalus neighborhood in Tripoli

and Oooooanaba area indicate that the blast targeted the home of what they called Prime junta.


Shooting bracket inside the port of Tripoli.


 Shooting on rat-patrols ’11 June’ .

Clashes between militias of ‘Dawn Libya”, and the people in the street

corner on the back of these groups carry out arrests of some of the region’s youth.

Seen ambulances heavily in the coastal road. Clashes between the corner gangs and youth al-Hath, in the Borcvana area, after the killing of Jarden of the corner; and they blew-up an an armored-car last night.


Militias ‘Roma Libya’ bombing Nasiriyah area Borcvana.

Corner terrorist gangs waging an attack on the family of ‘Ibina al-Mjdhub’,

in the ‘Nasiriyah area’;  and burned their homes and farms

on the background of the arrest of a thief yesterday, from these criminal gangs.

Now light clashes between the LIBYAN ARMY and the Dawn Libya’ in the southern corner ..


Champions Got al-Shall and Gargaresh with 17.2 uprising against  the enemies of religion: “DAASH” and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, in Tripoli:


Ghargharesh blast area near the well-known fuel station B. al-Haron.

as I said before, the WEST, NATO and the UNO,

all work together with the evil ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood...

Here Bernardino Leon meets with the President of the

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party’, Mohammed Sawan ..

A group of people from Mmeltmin Jerabh Street raid the Jordan Embassy in Tripoli:

imitators of two security men assigned to protect them to an unknown destination.


RATS  changed name of MITIGUIA air-base to “Omar bin al-Aas”

name by their state regulation.

Daash controls the hater camp and dunking in MITIGUA now.

LIBYAN AIRFORCE is Continuously beating intermittent Mitigua,

about 14- and 23 Larbi Ji constant so far.

Hear the voices of powerful explosions near MITIGUA air-base.

Voices of intensive shooting inside the Mitigua air-base.

Car bomb explosion Hyundai taxi beside the Mitigua air-base.

A series of violent explosions shake the area around the Tajourah .

‘Tajoura Champions’ and Friday Market and Abu Salim with 17.2 uprising against ‘DAASH,

and the ‘enemies of religion (as the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is termed)’ in Tripoli.


Sheep Janzur militia surrounded the home of a member of the organization Daash,

‘Abdul Rahim precordial’, to protect him after the shooting at his home in Janzur,

one al-Daahien returning from Syria since the days.





Aajl..rmih dense now  on the Plateau.

Kidnapping ‘Nuri Bel Zanati’, the Director-up Office of the Ministry of Culture

and civil society, from his office in the ministry since Wednesday.


Essam Jehani:
‘National unity government’ based Madljh and eternal is back

to square one with the worst .. but reject and deplored ..

briqh looming because ‘the blood of the martyrs will not go Haba’..

an state talking ..!

RATS Jkumh proposal for a national unity government

was renamed ‘Al-Ouhd-hal-musratih’ good.

This Hatm ben Mossa, the Minister of Youth Libyan, government of national unity
Egyptians who actually believe they said “Palmaidy hear better than eagerness”:


al-ORBULA gate

Gruesome accident in al-Qoaah by al-Qrbula gate before the military police (breaker):





News of the approval of Tunisia on the next civil aircraft reception of ‘Zintan Airport’ to ‘Airports Tunisia’

and now Libya’s existing work with fonts to schedule daily or weekly trips to Tunisia in the near future.



What happened today in Rishvana:
Melcaat corner chasing one folks Rishvana in the cortex area and follows him to the door of his house in order to steal his car type Toyota 27 Medil 2012 after Dkhalo their farm for the car became Mshidah hassle and fight, Kano militia members are determined to steal the car, Vatsalo folks Farm me their families and their neighbors from in order to support them and then Ahjmo al-Melcaat Ali was killed and three of them members of the families of the five members of them and completely burn their car

Then Ahjmo Melcaat corner on the homes of the children of the war drum and burn more than 13 home until now random shelling and mortar me continuously until now has more than 3 hours and cited more than 9 youth and Rishvana defend their homes and their families.






The death of ‘Hafez Abu Bakr’ and to ‘Abdul Razak bin Yusuf’ of ‘Fajr Libya’

within the tank after the explosion today at Wattaya.


Violent clashes in the area of Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City.

The bombing by LIBYAN AIRFORCE COPTER Flight vertical, of the sites of

Melcaat terrorists in al-Akrbeh-jnob south of Beautiful City with the progress

of the LIBYAN ARMY, south Adaah al-Aitham b  of Sabratha.

LIBYAN ARMY managed to repel the attack militias in an

attempt to advance in Akrabieah axis of this process and

ended with the fall dead in the ranks of the militia

and the families of a person belonging to the city of Sabratha.


View large numbers of ambulances in the beautiful heading to the city of Zuwarah,

transporting the wounded and dead militias ‘Roma Libya’ from the axis of Akrabieah.


LIBYAN ARMY destroyed the armed car carrying a weapon of medium type,

and injury to a tank in the center of Beautiful City.

Ooooooooonaba for a large division of gangs ‘Roma Libya’ in the center of Beautiful City,

and the withdrawal of continued strength of Misurata.

Clashes with small arms and medium-sized area of ​​Abu Arada, southeast of Beautiful City.

Armed clashes between LIBYAN ARMY and militias ‘Roma Libya’,

southwest of the city of Ajeelat.

3 dead, 6 wounded follow militias ‘Roma Libya’ after fighting south of the city of Ajeelat.
Their Dead are:
_1 Inventory Hassan Ramadan Alahrh – Misurata
_2 Inventory Rahman Masrati – Tripoli
_3 Inventory Adnan Abul Qasim Kayal – Tighe
_1 Inventory Ibrahim Mustafa Aburawi
_2 Inventory Hamza Zubi
_3 Inventory Mustafa material
_4 Inventory Hadi Ibrahim Ghazal
_5 Inventory Abubakar Mohammed Chaouch
_6 Inventory Abdulhakim Sherah

Violent clashes heavy guns axis southwest of city of Ajeelat,

between Aqbaúl Libyan Army forces and militias ‘Roma Libya’.


Violent clashes with heavy weapons and medium near Camp  ‘Om Hoichhjnob’,

(‘camp Shuyesheh’ ) by the City Ajeelat.

Intensification of the fighting axis Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City;

and the axis of Suenah and Shuyesheh, south of Ajeelat.

The increasing number of displaced people on the outskirts of the city of Ajeelat,

as a result of the intensity of the fighting today with heavy weapons.



Fire in a house belonging to Abdul-Mutallab Husseini (object) in Surman,

by the electric petition, led to  the death of six of his children.

Verily, Allah and to Him we shall return.



Violent clashes in the area of ​​al-Maleh, in Racdalin;

and, killed Thelat Jardan of militias ‘Roma Libya’.






Photos of the sabotage done to the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER

damage to the GMMR at BANI WALID

actually line in the ‘Valley Gbin’, causing water outages for the residents of the city of Bani Walid.




ROMA LIBYA’  in MISURATA, are now being bombarded by the LIBYAN AIRFORCE.

Khaven Ayasbaya Jtkm mountain battalion Nassien that Sidra Mobeih Breakers
Pictures from the center of Misratah and exporter of Khaksylasmhanrst

خافن ياصبايا جتكم كتيبة الجبال وناسيين ان السدرة معبية كسارات

الصور من وسط مصراته والمصدر لخعقسىلاسمحنرسث

الوادي الحمر مباشر

Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.
Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.
Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.
Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.





I hope our backup of all Mtaatbaana add the page backup because

if we will move close Home al-Yalaanaatih:



“We suggest in Cyrenaica after the end of the wars in both Bin Jawad, Benghazi and Derna,
that each of the following cities are under military surveillance at least a period of not less than 3 years:

‘Tuber -Benghazi-Casablanca-Ajdabiya-Infidel’.

Who is In favor of it.? “

Must be secured: through the Desert Road 200 is not this way continue

to cause concern for the city of Ajdabiya and Central region,

supplies were still graduated from the tuber through Benghazi ..

Photos directly from the maritime hub of time precisely

8:11 am, SUNDAY 01 FEBRUARY 2015:


(la Ilhawwar ma al-Guetlh)

image view from ‘Rouge Valley directly’:

Cyrenaica channel close to the front of the eye passing:


The arrival of the bodies of two brothers, Ziad and Firas Mustafa Mabsoot to Misurata
After finding them.

a draft Lord, southeast Sirte dead. BELOW is a picture of the 2 brothers.


Daash controlled clinics Sirte complex and prevent the mixing

of men and women, and prevent doctors from men treating women, and vice versa !!

The orders of the commander of the Oil Installations Guard service,
Mr. Ibrahim al-Jdharan, .. prevents photography on the front lines or download

video clips on ‘Facebook’ from ‘Valley Front Akahilh’ strictly prohibited

except for ‘media entities authorized by the operating room’ ..

One of the sick fools of Misurata, threatens:
Lama says that ‘Ibrahim al-Jdharan’ must leave-out of the ports,

or they (THE MISURATI) will burn the oil.

‎احد سفهاء مصراته<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يقول اما ان يخرج ابراهيم جضران من الموانئ او نحرق النفط‎


احد سفهاء مصراته
يقول اما ان يخرج ابراهيم جضران من الموانئ او نحرق النفط

IBRAHIM al-JDHARAN, commander of the ‘Guard Oil installations‘,

in a visit to the axis maritime; and he gave some instructions and some of the themes,

with those stationed in that axis.
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)

Abduction of Salam Bouchiha, colonel vice president of the Guards Oil installations:

‘Rouge Valley directly’, insists:

“We deny that there has been , and we say, that there will be no discussions taking place

as rumored in ‘Facebook’, among a group of MISURATA with facilities ‘Oil Guard’ leaders.
Accordingly, we note that any statement will be issued on ‘channel Tenderly’ and to our esteemed.”


‘Tabu Champions’ belonging to the Guard Oil Installations
in ‘the valley Okahilh’.
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)


Greetings from the front Sidra front of Benghazi and eye passing

and all those who participated in the fighting against

the enemies of the nation and religion, whether military or

civilian Page ‘directly Rouge Valley’:


Ngdaah Blessings while stationed in front of Sidra …

Allegations of heroes stationed in the fronts in light of the extreme cold.

Maritime hub today …
Despite sitting waves frost .. from  Asmitrowo

weather conditions on the CRESCENT OIL FRONTS of Cyrenaica:

Each person writes weather conditions in his city
(Fa sudrh al-Sava qtana)


Saturday morning followed by a convoy of Misurata criminal gangs composed

of 14 armed car with homemade rockets, passes

‘Valley Rouge’ vector platforms to Bin Jawad.



News of the request militias ‘Roma Libya’ withdrawal from Bin Jawad without shelling aviation; and Libyan Army forces under Hftar give a condition to agree: only if  MISURATA would leave their vehicles and their equipment behind them, and not return with them to Misurata.

Front fighters Bin Jawad and Game al-Bash
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)

– ‎en train de jouer ‎الباصة‎.

Pictures .. «middle gate» accompany fighter helicopter during a mission over the OIL CRESCENT.
In fact, the first of its kind Libyan Air Force agrees to a reporter «middle gate» filming ...

Aerial photographs of the sites Misurata forces in each of Bin Jawad

and onwards picked lens center gate newspaper has been some sites

that are stationed by these militias by the Air Force to target:

Pictures .. «middle gate» accompany fighter helicopter during a mission over the Oil Crescent
Sidra – Gateway center: Osama Gard | Sunday 1 فبراير 2015, 2:11 PM

بالصور.. «بوابة الوسط» ترافق مروحية مقاتلة خلال مهمة فوق الهلال النفطي

السدرة – بوابة الوسط: أسامة الجارد | الأحد 1 فبراير 2015, 2:11 PM


Reporter «middle gate» Osama Gard aboard military aircraft (center gate)
Accompanied «middle» a subsidiary of the Libyan air force helicopters, during a combat mission in the oil region Crescent gate, for the first time allows the Air Force to a press reporter to board an airplane, and live imaging of combat operations in the oil Crescent area.

مراسل «بوابة ا

لوسط» أسامة الجارد على متن طائرة الجيش (بوابة الوسط)

رافقت «بوابة الوسط» إحدى الطائرات العمودية التابعة لسلاح الجو الليبي، خلال مهمة قتالية في منطقة الهلال النفطي، ولأول مرة يسمح سلاح الجو لمراسل صحفي بالصعود إلى الطائرة، وتصوير حي لعمليات قتالية في منطقة الهلال النفطي.

BIN JAWAD report, 2 (copter)

The helicopter accompanied by «middle gate» takeoff time (center gate)
The plane took off the helicopter type «Mi 8», from a small airstrips suitable for the implementation of tasks, including securing work reconnaissance, transport and ambulance groups, one of the older aircraft owned by the Libyan Air Force, and used for the purpose of military transport, but after clashes Sidra conducted by some development by Air Force technicians to become a reconnaissance fighter aircraft.

صورة التقطها مراسل الوسط لبن جواد من على متن الطائرة (بوابة الوسط)

وقال قائد الطائرة لـ «بوابة الوسط»: إن هذه الطلعة لم تكن الأولى منذ اندلاع الاشتباكات بين حرس المنشآت النفطية التابع لرئاسة الأركان العامة، ومقاتلي «فجر ليبيا»، مضيفًا: «في العادة يأتي خروج الطائرة بعد الضربات التي تنفذها الطائرات المقاتلة الـ «ميج 21» والـ «ميج 35» كاستطلاع، وجمع معلومات والتحقق مما يحدث على الأرض مباشرة بعد ضرب الأهداف المنتقاة».

– See more at:

BIN JAWAD report, 3, city of BIN JAWAD

 Bin Jawad photos in the middle of a reporter on board the plane off the plane al-Jeicouhan «08 May » of the runway, the first task for «middle gate» is taking pictures of the round windows of the plane, where small communities appeared similar.

بن جواد في صورة التقطها مراسل الوسط من على متن طائرة الجيش

وحين انطلقت الطائرة «مي 8» من على مدرج الإقلاعِ، كانت المهمة الأولى لـ «بوابة الوسط» هي التقاط الصور من نافذات الطائرة المستديرة، حيث ظهرت التجمعات السكانية صغيرة متشابهة.

BIN JAWAD report, 4

A crew prepares for combat mission (center gate) and the optimal one pm The helicopter flew over the so-called «Campo river» (4 km east of the town of Bin Jawad), suddenly stopped in the sky, said a military crew: «The This place is the first place to explore the concentration of militants (the dawn of Libya), where you can see military vehicles movement and Sowatarham dirt clearly through the hole down the plane », while resorted crew armament to address each other in sign language because of the high noise intensity resulting from the aircraft engines.

أحد أفراد طاقم الطائرة يستعد للمهمة القتالية (بوابة الوسط)

وعلى تمام الساعة الواحدة ظهرًا كانت المروحية حلقت فوق ما يعرف بـ «كامبو النهر» (4 كم شرق بلدة بن جواد)، وتوقفت فجأة في السماء، وقال أحد العسكريين من طاقم الطائرة: «إن هذا المكان أول مكان لاستطلاع تمركز مسلحي (فجر ليبيا)، حيث يمكن مشاهدة حركة آلياتهم العسكرية وسواترهم الترابية بوضوح من خلال الفتحة أسفل الطائرة»، فيما لجأ أفراد طاقم التسليح إلى مخاطبة بعضهم البعض بلغة الإشارة بسبب شدة الضجيج العالي الناتج عن محركات الطائرة.

BIN JAWAD report, 5

From inside the helicopter by dealing with the objectives on the ground (center gate) and began the combat mission when the person in charge gave contacting radio permission directing strikes were evacuated throwing explosive bombs and mortars over the sites where «dawn Libya» troops stationed in the regions of Campo river and crushers (South East Bin Jawad) by members of armaments belonging to the Air Force.

من داخل المروحية خلال التعامل مع أهداف على الأرض (بوابة الوسط)

وبدأت المهمة القتالية حين أعطى الشخص المكلف بالاتصال بالراديو الإذن بتوجيه الضربات تم على إثرها إلقاء القنابل المتفجرة وقذائف الهاون فوق المواقع التي تمركزت فيها قوات «فجر ليبيا» في منطقتي كامبو النهر والكسارات (جنوب شرق بن جواد) من قبل أفراد التسليح التابعين لسلاح الجو.

BIN JAWAD report, 6

Crew inspecting military sites «dawn Libya» (center gate)
The bombing was met immediately launch of the anti-aircraft forces (‘Dawn Libya’) toward the plane, then the plane targeted by thermal rocket comes one of the houses in the town of Bin Jawad, but their rocket exploded at a height of 2 kilometers before reaching the plane because of flight outside the range of their missile.

طاقم الطائرة العسكرية يتفقد مواقع «فجر ليبيا» (بوابة الوسط)

وقوبل القصف على الفور بإطلاق المضادات الأرضية التابعة لقوات (فجر ليبيا) باتجاه الطائرة، ثم استُهدفت الطائرة بواسطة صاروخ حراري مصدره أحد المنازل ببلدة بن جواد، غير أن الصاروخ انفجر على ارتفاع 2 كيلومتر قبل وصوله الطائرة بسبب تحليقها خارج مدى الصاروخ.

BIN JAWAD report, 7

Combat commander of the operation following the results (center gate)
A military source confirmed the air force -rvd anonymity for reasons related to its security al-Chksa- that the aim of the strikes, which he described as «surgical strikes» is to deter «Dawn Libya» forces, again and prevent progress towards the oil ports.

He continued: «The quality strikes launched by the Air Force does not target only military bases, depots or especially active ones ammunition».

قائد العملية القتالية يتابع نتائجها (بوابة الوسط)

وأكد مصدر عسكري بسلاح الجو -رفض ذكر اسمه لأسباب تتعلق بأمنه الشخصي- أن الهدف من الضربات التي وصفها بـ «الضربات الجراحية» هو ردع قوات «فجر ليبيا»، ومنعها مجددًا من التقدم صوب الموانئ النفطية.

وتابع: «إن الضربات النوعية التي يشنها سلاح الجو لا تستهدف إلا قواعد عسكرية، أو مستودعات ذخيرة خصوصًا النشطة منها».

BIN JAWAD report, 8 aerial view

آثار قصف نفذته الطائرة المقاتلة فوق منطقة الهلال النفطي (بوابة الوسط)

وكان مصدر عسكري أوضح في تقرير سابق لـ «بوابة الوسط» أن «الطلعات الجوية تصيب أهدافها بدقة، رغم التكتيكات التي يتبعها المسلحون ومنها التمركز بين المدنيين».

وشدّد المصدر نفسه على أن «سلاح الجو يتفادى أي أهداف يمكن أن تسبب أضرارًا للمدنيين حتى ولو كان الهدف يدخل ضمن الأهداف المشروعة».

يذكر أن عدد الطلعات التي نفذها سلاح الجو فوق منطقة الهلال النفطي، والتي تنوعت بين عمليات استطلاعية وقتالية بلغت 174 طلعة خلال الفترة من 13 ديسمبر 2014 إلى 30 يناير 2015، وفق مصدر بغرفة عمليات سلاح الجو.


Morning, from ‘Valley Rouge directly’

Rouge Valley’ directly · Mankin ^^ times leads to a sense of 😛

الوادي الحمر مباشر

من الخـطوط الأمآمية لجبهـة بن جوآد  P:


  Part of the clashes and Adi ploy
Exclusive video footage
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)

‎جزء من اشتبآكآت وآدي كـحيـله<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
#حصري<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
الوادي الحمر مباشر‎


Dkhakhin Haatat ! After the Libyan Airforce air-strike at Bin Jawad.
This is the so-called Valsonah ^^.

MISURATA, in breech of their agreement, on

Saturday morning followed by a convoy of Misurata criminal gangs

composed of 14 armed car with homemade rockets passes Valley Rouge vector platforms to Bin Jawad.

Thus, the Libyan Airforce, made an air-strike at Bin Jawad.

video from ‘Rouge Valley directly’ news report:

‎من الخـطوط الأمآمية لجبهـة بن جوآد<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


From the front lines of Bin Jawad
(al-Oada ahamr mbacr)

Misurata’s ‘Zliten militia’, pulled out of Bin Jawad full materiel from cars
And tanks;

and ‘militia leaders in Misurata’ are in meetings since yesterday.
Today, accoring to al-Jdharan, they are in a condition to completely withdraw to Sirte:

Not Tqcefhm pilots and and any mechanisms of their ‘army’.


‘Valley Rouge Directly’ soldiers on the front




Renewed clashes with heavy weapons in front of Sidra and terrorist militias ‘sunrise’

trying to target sites near Ras Lanuf by bulldozers from the sea.

Campaign of mass arrests in ‘Ras Lanuf Ancksharien’.
(You need to house your aunt Ma’lek Shi aspiration.)

 Scout team today in Ras Lanuf team receives Scouts of Benghazi

on the anniversary of the founding of the 61 scouts in Libya and the

20th anniversary in Ras Lanuf.

One of the elders of Cyrenaica province in the Tripoli region,

where there was an ‘anti Oqamo’ meeting of the federation.

I wish you could be Sheikh Abdul Salam Abdulaati, a member of invitees into the ‘Geneva dialogue’, to grab Cyrenaica province rights.


‎أحد شيوخ اقليم برقة في اقليم طرابلس حيث أقامو إجتماع مناهض للفيدرالية.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>ياريت يكون الشيخ عبدالسلام عبدالعاطي أحد الأعضاء المدعوين في حوار جنيف لإنتزاع حقوق إقليم برقة‎


أحد شيوخ اقليم برقة في اقليم طرابلس حيث أقامو إجتماع مناهض للفيدرالية.

ياريت يكون الشيخ عبدالسلام عبدالعاطي أحد الأعضاء المدعوين في حوار جنيف لإنتزاع حقوق إقليم برقة

‘Rouge Valley directly’, eulogises Captain Azmi Ayyad el-Barghati:

A tribute to the man who fought terrorism since 2012 and was a lump in the throat of the Kharijites
He was under the command of Colonel Nice Bouchmadh. He broke into the shield of HiSam bin Humaid in 2013 and brought under control in just one day .. which became a ‘shield bin Humaid’, Kharijites Benghazi ..

foundations Barss gate and brought her little support, but has become a gateway counted her Kharijites thousand account and cut the road between the Kharijites tuber The Kharijites Benghazi ..

He was a military captain, but from the early claimants and defenders of Cyrenaica and rights looted ..

He participated in many quality processes. Directed clashes leading Thunderbolt men in Benghazi and Sidi Khalifa Bactepth .. .. .. battalion vital goals and then he became a field commander for Operation Dignity in 2014

Even passed away .. and Nsil Allah that is acceptable to the martyrs ..
Image of the hero:


Aaalak shame and salvation: Airlift to Libya to help

those affected by food shortages in the city of al-Abraq.

Displacement of more than sixty families from ‘Buhedama area’ (BENGHAZI)

to the city of AJDABIYA.

Information sources from the town of Ajdabiya in the displacement of more than 60 families from the area of Buhedama in the Benghazi, to the city of Ajdabiya because of heavy fighting between the forces of the Brotherhood  Revolutionary Council of Benghazi.

(PICTURE: Ajdabiya Construction Camp, temporary housing for displaced.)

more than 60 families from the area of Buhedama in the Benghazi, to the city of Ajdabiya

Separation (BREAK in transmissions) ‘Libyana network Mudbna’ in  Ajdabiya,

on suspicion of a car bomb in the city.

The burning of a large amount of cigarettes expired and corrupt
goods from Tripoli, (where it was coming from), and was destined for Ajdabiya. 

Transporters were arrested in Oqaila gate.

To clarify the way they came from the south, because the materials

through the coastal road is closed, and under the clashes.
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)

… Called the assassination of Sheikh Mahdi Abdul Rahim,

Director of Endowments, attempt by DAASH injured on the track in the hand

and the man was taken to hospital for treatment.


‎اهداء هذه الأغنية من قناة برقة إلى مدينة بنغازي وكل أهالي بنغازي..‎


اهداء هذه الأغنية من قناة برقة إلى مدينة بنغازي وكل أهالي بنغازي..

The company ‘Harvest’, this Saturday, on 31.01.2015, has
delivered 30 000 flour bags, to balance prices Fund.

And that stature will direct go into the receipt of Bakeries in Benghazi.
‘Company harvest’ did not stop the manufacture of flour.

It recognize continuously the needs of the people, and helped to provide all the requirements exactly for Benghazi-east, accurately. ‘Harvest’ is one of the best types of flour, by
the testimony of the owners of bakeries.

This Sanitary plant, and its employees, work strictly by the laws of Allah.

Trucks loaded with ‘Harvest’ flour:

Benghazi ‘Harvest’ Flour plant:

Harvest Flour, on the road in Benghazi:

Libyan Airforce Warplanes over Benghazi now ..

The kidnapping of a girl at the age of 17 years in Benghazi.

Sudanese national was arrested in al-Sabri district

is fighting with al -DAASH al-Arhabiy:

Armed clashes in the areas al-Sabri and Laithi.

The LIBYAN ARMY under Hftar, is using heavy artillery.


Libyan Airforce warplanes targeted a munitions stores

for terrorists in the public market at Laithi area.

Now revolve fierce fighting near the public market at Laithi and plumes of black smoke.


Adjust two car bombs and abrogation before the bombing ..



Boudmar, reporting:
Random shells falling on the land and families within Shebna now.


‘Ansar al-Sharia bombing’ gathered at the University of Benghazi.

Mortar is random and deliberate on the dollar neighborhood

Mortar rounds on one of the buildings in the Benghazi area Ruwaisat.

al-Osorh on a bag of explosives B. al-Ruwaisat.


Electricity Hospital «Hawari» station injured in the eastern city of Benghazi

from the ‘Roma Libya’ random shelling, which led to the outbreak of a fire

and burned out, without causing any human damage.

The ‘Saraya al-Faruq’ of the terrorist organization al-Hawari area Daash:
'Saraya al-Faruq' of the DAASH organization al-Hawari, 3










Found the bodies of trace elements, so-called ‘third force of MISURATA’, slain inside their car, by the “Islamic state” in northern and southern Libyan ‘Valley al-Lod’.





DAASH Terrorists are bombing Ubari Airport

There is now the news talk about the power of DAASH pounding at the airport.





One militia sound Girls killed in Sabha while trying to theft Abdalkavi neighborhood.


 Heathens adjust expired food items ..






Sime Lozanica 8

Libyan students in Serbia demonstrating on Friday to protest

the expulsion of the embassy a few days ago and demanding their financial dues.

The Overseers Think they have it ALL under their ‘control’

 JUMA BLESSINGS upon LIBYA and the righteous peoples of the Earth
from Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:


‘MUSICIAN’ writes:

His latest initiative:

In Libya there is no longer only one solution and initiative and one owner is not like his predecessors in the initiatives and what he has to say in his initiative will be the last to speak, will not announce a coup in the morning and disappears in the evening, which also will review the Academy of information in the field of planning towards a lie will lists the initiative and move to lives in Ankara.

His latest initiative is Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is the doctor who person Libyan disease since the beginning and said the symptoms and consequences and was diagnosed with ultra-fine, the doctor who led him sick to prison must go out to provide the drug is known malady known medication,

The disease suffered by Libya do not know Commander Muammar al-Qathafi.

Every germs and trash bins. it brought Saif al-Islam from the outside and took out some of the prisons in order to Qadhuradtha cleared and repaired, and a program to Libya tomorrow as a cancer treatment herbal treatment is not successful and the cancer has spread everywhere.

Litter bins and germs that came in knowing Saif al-Islam Gaddafi must go out to save us, including the treatment did not work either armed militias do not worry them it’s like time flies appear in the spread of garbage will disappear and disappear.

The right of Libya to Saif al-Islam that initiates rescued It is right we should support the initiative and forget the mistakes of Libya’s program tomorrow,

and funds program neighborhood now and Gratimha and flies that resulted in Libya is not tomorrow it without Muammar al-Qathafi

and all of you know him; so, when he left the political scene for a few years before February Events, I firmly believe that Saif al-Islam initiative will succeed, because it is coupled with good intention,

God grants victory to the goodwill owners even if they are in prison; and Akhosv owners of bad intentions, even if they were in the highest thrones.


“This people can not be governed by one and the best proof of this is that Muammar al-Qathafi to leave his power of 77 and contented himself with the role of reference (MARABOUT).

Actually glorifies Libyan Muammar al-Qathafi and history writes it eagerly….”

To Asal azv al-Rsas Mstmra ….. (‘Musician’)

:صاحب المبادرة الاخيرة

في ليبيا لم يعد هناك إلا حل واحد ومبادرة واحدة صاحبها لا يشبه سابقيه في المبادرات وما سيقوله في مبادرته سوف يكون الكلام الأخير ، لن يعلن انقلاب في الصباح ويختفي في المساء وهو ايضا لن يستعرض معلومات اكاديمية في مجال التخطيط على نحو مكذوب ولن يسرد مبادرته وينتقل لكي يعيش في انقرة .
صاحب المبادرة الاخيرة هو سيف الاسلام القذافي هو الطبيب الذي شخص المرض الليبي منذ البداية وذكر اعراضه ونتائجه وكان تشخيصه غاية في الدقة ، هذا الطبيب الذي ادخله المرضى الي السجن يجب ان يخرج ليقدم الدواء فمن يعرف الداء يعرف الدواء ، المرض الذي تعرضت له ليبيا لا يعرفه القائد معمر القذافي فكل الجراثيم وصناديق القمامة احضرها سيف الاسلام من الخارج واخرج بعض قاذوراتها من السجون بغية تطهيرها وإصلاحها ، وكان برنامج ليبيا الغد بمثابة علاج السرطان بالأعشاب فلا ينجح العلاج وانتشر السرطان في كل مكان .
صناديق القمامة والجراثيم التي جاءت بمعرفة سيف الاسلام القذافي يجب ان يخرج لكي يخلصنا منها فلم ينجح العلاج اما المليشيات المسلحة فلا تقلقوا بشأنها انها مثل الذباب تظهر في زمن انتشار القمامة وتختفي باختفائها .
من حق ليبيا على سيف الاسلام ان يبادر بإنقاذها ومن حقه علينا ان ندعم مبادرته وننسى اخطاء برنامج ليبيا الغد وصناديق قمامتها وجراثيمها والذباب الذي نتج عنها فليبيا لا غد لها بدون معمر القذافي وكلكم عرفتم ذلك عندما ترك المشهد السياسي لسنوات قليلة قبل احداث فبراير ، اعتقد جازما ان مبادرة سيف الاسلام سوف تنجح لأنها مقرونة بنيته الحسنة ، فالله ينصر اصحاب النوايا الحسنة حتى لو كانوا في السجون ويخسف بأصحاب النوايا السيئة حتى لو كانوا في أعلي العـروش .

= هذا شعب لا يمكن ان يحكمه احد وخير دليل على ذلك ان معمر القذافي ترك له السلطة من عام 77 واكتفي بدور المرجعيـة .
= الواقع الليبي يمجد معمر القذافي والتاريخ يكتب ذلك بشغف .
{ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمرآ… { الموسيقار

{ولازال_عزف_الرصاص_مستمر{….. الموسيقار


Mu DEC 1986 in MALI

(above: MU’AMMAR al-Qathafi, DEC. 1986 in MALI)

Message to all frustrated and al-Mtkhazlian
We Taúrowon and the approach and principles of the Commander and,

God willing, continue to insist Mhakqon..pinched Allahu Akbar … ..

live and die on the Green al-Raaah.
(“Knight and Men”)

(Picture: Mu’ammar al-Qathafi at Versailles in DECEMBER   of 2007)

ﺭﺳﺎﻟﺔ ﺍﻟﻰ ﻛﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﺒﻄﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺘﺨﺎﺫﻟﻴﻴﻦ
نحن ثائرووون وعلي نهج ومبادئ القائد مستمرون وبإذن الله للنصر محققون..ﺑﻨﺸﻴﺪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻛﺒﺮ .. ﻧﺤﻴﺎ … ﻭﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺮآآﻳﺔ ﺍﻟﺨﻀﺮﺍﺀ ﻧﻤﻮﺕ

“فارس ورجال”

To Athspoa that this silence weakness or retreat or accept a fait accomplished ..

What this Allhdu before the storm ?

and will be explosive storm, both Salt has the same Altgero the Liberal

and killing of innocents is cited Nansabh God martyr and proud …

So fear evil if Halim anger Vgillna fire will burn traitors and burn the hearts

of all those who were the cause of the burning hearts ..

[Ardtamoha War]

Without repatriated overwhelmed Znana lives; and not boiled Aaturab !
Bless you, my lion Great Jamahiriya and the myth of the Arabs.

(“Knight and Men”)

‘MUSICIAN’, on FB, writes:

“Tripoli is still suffering the absence of the Black Panther, who has long been protected by his office in the cedi Street.”

مازالت طرابلس تعاني غياب ذلك الفهد الاسود الذي طالما كان يحميها من مكتبه في شارع السيدي .


 “Zintan brigade Qaqaa” ‘s·
Mohammed Garag breeds, comments:

Reservation. !!
I do not think that the war against the Kharijites, is exclusively on young people only,

and I do not think Alaúima Sheikhs are the owners of media outlets and non-political and religious media do not want to have to kill the ‘Blessed’ (given to outsiders/KHARIJITES) or to their deaths at the hands of Baljuj (as whom they say they are).

Okay, They are not of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (bless him) ..

Our Political, military and religious’ Commander (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) was involved on the ‘head of the Army’ in his ‘conquests’ !! And advances, done accomplished after him, were a good example.

Where are you from this?

محمد القرج

‫#‏تحفظ‬ .!!

لا أظن أن الحرب ضد ‫#‏الخوارج‬ ، حصراً على الشباب فقط ، ولا اظن الائئمة و
المشائخ وأصحاب المنابر الإعلامية وغير الإعلامية السياسية والدينية لا يريدون أن تكون لهم ( ‫#‏طوبى‬ ) لقتلهم للخوارج أو لموتهم على يد من يصفونهم بالخوارج ،
فلستم بخير من صحابة رسول الله صلى الله عليه ..
فالقائد السياسي والعسكري والديني كان يشارك على رأس الجيش في غزواته !! والسلف كانوا من بعده خير مثال ، فأين أنتم من هذا ؟

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, writes:

Men Avcqdthm Islamic nation,

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz
Sheikh Mohammed bin Uthaymeen
Sheikh al-Banian
Sheikh future Wadi’i…

God forgive them and be merciful.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

رجال افتقدتهم الامة الاسلامية
الشيخ عبدالعزيز بن باز
الشيخ محمد بن عثيمين
الشيخ الالباني
الشيخ مقبل الوادعي
اللهم اغفر لهم وارحمهم



ﻻﺗﺤﺴﺒﻮﺍ ﺑﺄﻥ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻮﺕ ﺿﻌﻒ ﺍﻭ ﺗﺮﺍﺟﻊ ﺍﻭ ﻗﺒﻮﻝ ﺑﺄﻣﺮ ﻭﺍﻗﻊ ..ﻻ .. ﻓﻤﺎ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻻﺍﻟﻬﺪﻭﺀ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻳﺴﺒﻖ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﺻﻔﺔ ﻭﺳﺘﻜﻮﻥ ﻋﺎﺻﻔﺔ ﻧﺎﺳﻔﺔ ﻟﻜﻞ ﻣﻦ ﺳﻮﻟﺖ ﻟﻪ ﻧﻔﺴﻪ ﺍﻟﺘﺠﺮﺃ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻻﺣﺮﺍﺭ ﻭﻗﺘﻞ ﺍﻻﺑﺮﻳﺎﺀ ﻭﻣﻦ ﺍﺳﺘﺸﻬﺪ ﻧﺤﺘﺴﺒﻪ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺷﻬﻴﺪ ﻭﻧﻔﺨﺮ ﺑﻪ … ﻓﺎﺗﻘﻮﺍ ﺷﺮ ﺍﻟﺤﻠﻴﻢ ﺍﺫﺍ ﻏﻀﺐ ﻓﻐﻀﺒﻨﺎ ﻧﺎﺭ ﺳﺘﺤﺮﻕ ﺍﻟﺨﻮﻧﺔ ﻭﺗﺤﺮﻕ ﻗﻠﻮﺏ ﻛﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺳﺒﺒﺎ ﻓﻲ ﺣﺮﻕ ﺍﻟﻘﻠﻮﺏ .. ﺍﺭﺩﺗﻤﻮﻫﺎ ** ﺣــــــــــــــــﺮﺏ **

ﺩﻭﻥ ﺁﻟـــــــــﻭﻃﻦ ﻣﺂ ﻏﻠﺒــــــــﻮﺁ ﻇﻨـــــــــﺂﻧـــــﺂ ﻭ ﻵ اﻵﺭﻭﺁﺡ ﻏﻠــــــــيت عاﻟﺘـــــــــــﺮﺍﺏ
رحــــمك اللـه يا أســــد الجمــــاهيرية العظمــــي وأسطـــــورة العــــرب

“فارس ورجال”


GENERAL KHAMIS                                                                SUPREME COMMANDER, MU’AMMAR

Mu and Khamis, Generals of the Resistance PDF

‘MUSICIAN’, on FB writes:

“Tripoli is still suffering the absence of the Black Panther, who has long been protected by his office in the cedi Street.”

مازالت طرابلس تعاني غياب ذلك الفهد الاسود الذي طالما كان يحميها من مكتبه في شارع السيدي .

MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI’s son, Dr. Billah (MOUTASSEM), when he was a cadet:


Enough pride that our leadership has fought the longest battle against global terrorism and Islamic terrorism and homeland traitors did not require the support of neighboring countries, nor is the neighborhood ..
Here history closed its pages.


The “globalization of war” is a hegemonic project. Major military and covert intelligence operations are being undertaken simultaneously in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Far East. The U.S. military agenda combines both major theater operations as well as covert actions geared towards destabilizing sovereign states.

Part III illustrates at a country level, the modus operandi of U.S. military and intelligence interventions, including regime change and the covert support of terrorist organizations. The country case studies (Yugoslavia, Haiti, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine) illustrate how individual nation states are destabilized as a result of U.S.-NATO covert operations and “humanitarian wars.” While the nature and circumstances of these countries are by no means similar, there is a common thread. The purpose is to provide a comparative understanding of country-level impacts of America’s long war against humanity. In all the countries analyzed, the intent has been to destroy, destabilize and impoverish sovereign countries.

Chapter VIII, “Operation Libya” and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa reveals the hidden agenda behind NATO’s ‘2011 humanitarian war’ on Libya, which consisted in acquiring control and ownership of Libya’s extensive oil reserves, that is, almost twice those of the United States of America. U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) played a key role in the war on Libya in coordination with NATO.

Libya is the gateway to the Sahel and Central Africa. More generally, what is at stake is the redrawing of the map of Africa at the expense of France’s historical spheres of influence in West and Central Africa, namely a process of neocolonial re-division.

Chapter IX, The War on Iraq and Syria. Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads examines U.S.-NATO’s covert war on Syria, which consists in creating al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist entities. The U.S.-led covert war consists in recruiting, training and financing Wahabi-Islamist death squads which are used as the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance. The ultimate military objective is the destruction of both Iraq and Syria.

Chapter X, War and Natural Gas. The Israel Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields focuses on Israel’s attack directed against Gaza with a view to confiscating Gaza’s offshore gas reserves.

In Chapter XI, The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine, the structure of the U.S.-EU sponsored proxy regime in Kiev is examined. Key positions in government and the Armed Forces are in the hands of the two neo-Nazi parties. The Ukraine National Guard financed and trained by the West is largely integrated by Neo-Nazis Brown Shirts.

Part IV is entitled Breaking the American Inquisition. Reversing the Tide of War focuses on some of the contradictions of the antiwar movement.

Chapter XII, The “American Inquisition” and the “Global War on Terrorism” analyzes the central role of America’s “war on terrorism” doctrine in harnessing public support for a global war of conquest. The “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) is a fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the multi-billion dollar U.S. intelligence community.

Today’s “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) is a modern form of inquisition. It has all the essential ingredients of the French and Spanish Inquisitions. Going after “Islamic terrorists”, carrying out a worldwide pre-emptive war to “protect the Homeland” are used to justify a military agenda.

In turn, “The Global War on Terrorism” is presented as a “Clash of Civilizations”, a war between competing values and religions, when in reality it is an outright war of conquest, guided by strategic and economic objectives.

Chapter XII, “Manufactured Dissent”, Colored Revolutions and the Antiwar Movement in Crisis examines the role of corporate foundations in funding dissent and the inability of “progressive” civil society organizations and antiwar collectives to effectively confront the tide of media disinformation and war propaganda.

(Michel Chossudovsky, Montreal, December 2014)


‘Call Libya’ .. dr.Hamza Thami ..

humiliation is greater than the blood ..

no statute of limitations 25/01/2015
de ‘Libya green’

Title military Kiefah.
للقيافة العسكرية عنــوآن .

Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi
الصفحه الرسمية – الرائد عماد الطرابلسي

Chlait in Benghazi Kharijites, and Chlait the Kharijites in Ajeelat and even of Beautiful City.
General of the West (Colonel Idriss material), and General of the East (Khalifa Husein HFTAR):

Allah is the greatest !

Hero martyr, God willing, “Ahmed al-Shaibani cabled”.

God forgive him and Erhmh.

(Rult al-Khash al-Saakh)


Azzedine al-Okwak rightfully comments:
Compatibility will not accept a government headed by Musrati will not accept them even if we all Vnina opens them Lord and Benghazi will not enter it and the days between us is not able to gently Aakhc fully – and the city of Misrata to stop supporting Islamic state in Benghazi.

الوادي الحمر مباشر

عز الدين الوكواك
لن نرضى بحكومة توافق يرأسها مصراتي لن نرضى بها حتى لو فنينا كلنا يفتح لهم ربي وبنغازي لن يدخلوها والايام بيننا ولا يقدر ايخش لبرقة بالكامل – و على مدينة مصراته الكف عن دعم الدولة الاسلامية في بنغازي

PICTURE: EVIL Mahdi al-Haratine, alias Giani Akkla Gneoh, was appointed Governor / MAYOR of Tripoli through the MB Libyan government of ‘Salvation’.


Mu’ammar al Qathafi made Africa LIVE:


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi talking to a young girl while visiting a European nation:




Norman ben Othman:


Daash atone Abdul Rauf ‘hater’, Karah and vows strength own terrorist operation deterrence.”


RAT Libyan Foreign Minister and disposed Egyptian Ntarh Atrdan ‘country’

delegations, and Turkish meeting on Libya is now held by the ‘African Union’ in Ethiopia.





The number who passed the border crossing at RAS WORTHY, the head of the Libyan families during the past 24 hours, number about 6,000 Libyan citizens.

It is noteworthy that such a large influx of expatriates accompanied him, court security and rigorous inspection procedures. In a related context, continues to commercial traffic crashes in relation to the entry of goods into Tunisian territory as a result of the decision customs interests Libyan preventing traders from both sides to traffic cargoes towards Tunisian territory since last week.

Witnesses added that this situation has created a great restless among traders, where some of them on Monday, 26 January 2015, to close the national road number one link between Ras Jedir crossing and the city of Ben Ghardane; and they prevented the Libyan and Tunisian trucks loaded with Tunisian goods destined for Libyan traffic.





Organization “terrorist Daash” officially adopted the bombing

of  the Hotel Corinthea, under the name “Battle of Sheikh Abu Anas al Libi” process,

and said, those who were warranted to contain the hotel

“diplomatic missions and security companies, must only be a Muslim.”

 Exclusive – entry ammunition containers to the tobacco factory Ba-Tarabuls.

‘Official Site – Major Imed Trabelsi’:
Do not forget to order: The picture of the massive demonstrations in support of ‘Operation dignity’

and OUTS OF ‘militias Allaotunai Conference’,

that came out in the capital, Tripoli ,

Yes, it is occupied and captive but ….

Henaak men Sivkon families and Ergau her Basmtha, with the help of Allah.

 Where was Daash and trapping banks and stealing and bombings al-Atnharih Iimathil

and theft and theft of houses of God and car bombs,

when there was the presence of Brigades “Qaqaa and lightning and civil”?!


(XANTHAN was good security when  employed in

TRIPOLI for the airport, banks and tourist areas;

and in the ‘Great Jamahiriya era’ as policemen..

There was NONE of this terrorism.)

Voices medium weapons shaking across a number of areas of the capital Tripoli,

and reports of internal clashes in the ranks of the militia, “Dawn Libya.”

Libyan Airforce Warplanes flying over the skies of Tripoli.

in clashes between a militia force of Misurata of Janzur, against troops stationed at Camp Bgot Shaal Side gas station and the police station:

The purpose of control of the camp by attacking force and clashes are still ongoing.
Oh paid throw parties !

Inspection gates and Shooting Blaslhh middle spotty in Tripoli
Concentration of 5 14.5 mechanisms beside Smavro galleries

Got al-Shall and sand berms in front of her:

 Security cordon in front of the ‘light market Cimafro neighborhood Nasser’

represented Mahdi al-Haratine in the capital Tripoli, after al-Haratine

being the receipt of targeting by al ‘Daash’ threats.


Shooting and explosions violently in the vicinity of the nearby ‘tourist area’ of Abu Noas in  Ghargharesh.

on one of the walls of the tourist area in Ghargaresh, TRIPOLI:

pictures of the area:


Voices of heavy weapons in Tripoli airport road.
(Mn Aakd lna al-Khbr)


Libyan Foreign
A Brazilian private company at Tripoli airport, made valid contracts,

which the project will be completed only after the stabilization of the situation.


Vertical (COPTER) Air Force “MI35” targeting a convoy of the militia,

“Dawn Libya,” south of TRIPOLI City corner.

Khaled al-Sharif imported shipment of bags of explosive and IEDs.

Mazzika electricity has been cut on the Saraya fear of electric seek such Tuesday Market, Fashio them.




Libyan army forces destroyed site where was stationed Kharijites at the Pas Hlgodh.





 Libyan airforce Vertical copter flight waging an attack on the Kharijites sites

in the western region and Aqaibdhm heavy losses.

Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi
26 janvier, 21:49 ·
Thank Safety to Colonel Adris Mada (Colonel Idriss material) room Libyan Army ‘operations in the Western Region’, which today conducted an operation in the State of the total Masralhqikh order,

and a thousand thank God for your safety, Mr. Colonel,

God willing, healthy return in the near urgent and with our

wishes you a speedy recovery and time health and wellness.

نحمد السلامة إلي العقيد #إدريـسْ_مـآدي أمر غرفة عمليات الجيش الليبي بالمنطقة الغربية ، الذي أجري اليوم عملية جراحية علي الكلي في دولة #مصـرْ الشقيقة ، و ألف الحمد لله على سلامتك يا سيادة العقيد ، وإن شاء الله تعود معافى في القريب العاجل و مع تمنياتنا لك بالشفاء ودوام الصحة والعافية .

 Libyan army forces in the western region intensified

shooting them to the places Tdkhm heavy weapons.


 Unit in charge of soldiers securing the port at Zueitina,

Aadwon their duty towards the nation:



Roma Libya’ militias abducted these people

1. Ahmed al-Sorira
2. Satisfaction Suera
3. carp Salem Suera
4. Nasser Daou
AND Cano Bmzrathm Hachanh area and does not know anything about them !!

Libyan airforce Warplanes launch of a new attack on the ‘Roma Libya’ sites,

in the center of Beautiful City.

An attempt by the Kharijites ‘Dawn Libya’ plane. L 39.

The Bermaah shell on the Libyan army near Ajeelat.
The wrong-doers will not succeed.

Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi
Volcano – led by the national army operation

URGENT: Libyan Air Force in these moments of your hand firmly sites

and Tmrkzac militias “Dawn Libya,” the cities south of Racdalin and Beautiful City.

 Training “L39” plane belonging to the militia, “Dawn Libya” has delivered Pramel_mtfjrh, stationed on the site by the Libyan army forces, which

led to the burning of a car and injuring three soldiers (who were lightly wounded).

This afternoon the attempt to attack ‘the Kharijites of training aircraft’,

was the reply from the anti-aircraft and aircraft interceptor.

 Militias, “Dawn Libya” pull to the center of residential neighborhoods, under the blows of the wild and the Air Force and with the participation of vertical copter-flight “MI35”, south of the City of Ajeelat.


Fierce battles raging in the areas of “al-Rcharik and Abusaad”, which are south of the

City of Ajeelat, between Libyan army forcesand militias, “Dawn Libya.”


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, relates the following:

Fuses lightning
Qs Oaqaah
Duration young man who missed Zanati in the Libyan army captured one of DAASH group “Abu servants” in the center of Ajeelat.

important … after what captured Gah are asked where Eachoa al-Ash said Atharboa us to launch assumed us ..

DAASH‘s response from city corner: ‘he said in order to make the word of God Aakavar’:

Re al-Zentani: ‘Eachoa Ehna Muslims is no god but God.’

Re DAASH: our duty to fight you and you ousted tyrants‘.

Re al-Zentani: its meaning is necessary for you Nguetloc of them to the Mainfh Maak Nsaih ….

It was the time before noon:

Re DAASH: ‘Bach said just kill me Ntgda with the Apostle ..’

al-Zentani replies: “said Vic gloating Aakalp Bnguetlk afternoon Bach Matlhakh for lunch …. and cause the (ritual ‘washing of the hands’).”


صاعق الصواعق


المده اللي فاتت شاب زنتاني في الجيش الليبي اسر واحد دعشوشي من جماعة “ابو عبيده ” في محور العجيلات … المهم بعد ما اسره جاه يسءل فيه قاله ياخوي علاش اتحاربوا فينا شن تبوا منا ..
رد الداعشي من مدينة الزاويه : قاله من اجل اعلاء كلمة الله ياكفار

رد الزنتاني :ياخوي احنا مسلمين لا اله الا الله

رد الداعيشي:واجب علينا قتالكم لانكم ازلام وطواغيت

رد الزنتاني: معناها لازم نقتلوك لانك من الخوارج وماينفعش معاك نصايح….

وكان الوقت قبل الظهر

رد الداعيشي: قاله اقتلني توا بش نتغدا مع الرسول..

رد الزنتاني: “” قاله شماته فيك ياكلب بنقتلك بعد العصر بش ماتلحقش على الغداء….وتلحق في (غسل الماعين)







 Shooting bracket between Zenata and Misurata family and the destruction of

Damascus replace materials Foods in Duraibi Street and close all stores by 
Force of arms:

Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi

URGENT: closure of roads and shops area of Duraibi

against the backdrop of the kidnapping of one of the region’s population,

by militia belonging to the city of Misrata.


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, posts:

Peace be upon you for Drebe Thread follows a week ago,

has become a problem in Duraibi between total MISURATA, and one of Duraibi Zenati al-Zanta population, who has a place of food in a major Duraibi, and served with him Walid Ghariani, a small hit one of MISURATA in front of the shop Bokhms pistol on his head.

Khc boy to replace the cry came Zinati Qallahm:

The best of the boy serve me and I Thayer and I walked to the front and became Doh Binathm important MISURATI told Zenati spirit ‘O Altoot Khc’.

Zinati born to shop and Jbd Kashmalokov and pull throw on one of them and killed him and his group fled and devoid keeps company and the boy handed his soul to Mahdi al-Haratin (Gnjoh Giani Akkla). 

Today waxing Joe MISURATI Bash Antqmo for keeps company and Khco to replace the second mistake; and raised The shop owner and Remo Amahl and Emczu and then group Zenata mo spirit

and Jaivin of MISURATA, and screw and Jaivin are important with some of the Kano Icodolhm two road.



I do not mean to convey the news ..

We have a reporter in the line of fire in Akahilh and Besorlkm

and our correspondent in Benghazi and Asorlkm and Ihto in the News..

the news of a large shipment of WESTERN weapons falling into Misurata hands,

as taken into I quoted in the news…
Ashan know you and others ..

I do not, sir, Mr. Atcola what Tqsvoh but you do not but you Atfarago.

I am a citizen Ziyi Zec ..

So please God and psychological Tabanh of what is coming Tzaduc us.


الوادي الحمر مباشر·
السلام عليكم
انا ادمن الصفحة .. نحب نوصح للناس اني انا ادمن صفحة مش رئيس اركان .. يعني ننقل في الاخبار .. عندنا مراسل في خط النار في اكحيلة وبصورلكم وعندنا مراسل في بنغازي ويصورلكم ويحطو في الاخبار
يعني بعد ما ننقل خبر هبوط شحنة اسلحة في مصراته بعني انا نقلت خبر
عشان تعرفه انت وغيرك .. مش يا سيدي الفاضل اتقولي كنكم ما تقصفوه ولا كنكم اتفرجو انا مواطن زيي زيك .. فارجوكم والله النفسية تعبانة من غادي ما تزيدوش علينا .. راه نحن ماحد جابرنا على الصفحة ونقدرو نسكروها ونبردو روسنا بكل ..

PLEASE PRAY for the safety of the Libyan Army and her affiliates,

and for the preservation of Libya.

The Western nations are no longer enforcing an embargo of weaponry

onto Misurata; but rather supplying her forces. They are also giving Misurata remote capabilities, so that MISURATA does not need to use men in launching their attacks.

Our prayers alone can turn this evil tide, Blessed Allah, have mercy on us !

 dirty NATO NATIONS ARE preparing again to ‘intervene’ in Libya…

and we all know what that really entails.

HERE shown is a Turkish transport landing at MISURATA AIRPORT, loaded down with WMD weapons and war supplies.

These Turkish weapons and supplies have the blessing of the USA and the Western bloc of Nations !!!

There has been a lot of activity in and out of MISURATA AIRPORT.

here is a Turkish Cargo Airbus A330-200F (TC-JDR) (Libyan Spotter)

with Libyan tags:

This transport gave MISURATA ‘joy’ as it was fully laden (with no space to spare) containing all means of weapons, and even person-el, trained to teach Misurata how to use some new mechanics of air-deployment !






‘Sunrise’ Brotherhood terrorist gangs bombed tanks of Port Sidra

at the new residential area in RAS LANAUF.


 ‘Rouge Valley directly’, reports:

The new fighter comes ..

Mdf 106 or Dochke 12.7

Jbhh Sudrh (Born Cyrenaica)



From the “Valley of Akahilh” News:

Mer Mer and thankfully morale ‘heroes’ hugging the sky ..

Allah willing Mentasirin.




al-Hmamlh tribe comes in support of ‘front Sidra’.
(Rouge Valley directly)

 ‘Rouge Valley directly’:

Pool “Air Hawks” who ‘Jyvoa al-Musarat ‘ (attack MISURATI),

with Mr. Ali Hassi, spokesman for the ‘Guard Oil Installations’

(led by Ibrahim al-Jdharan).


 Khalifa al-Obeidi, channel ‘Homeland Dignity’ -reporting:
Yesterday Major General Khalifa Hftar, made a visit to ‘the room
Operations in Benghazi’, and  met with the Leaders.

Some themes and also met with youth areas.
‘Youth Benghazi’ and ‘dignity ‘of them ‘young Buhedama’,
‘Lair black’, and I have been discussing several things:

News and joyful coming days and I wish
To tell you what will happen, but I can not.

Currently talk but what I’m saying is that the days of decisiveness, comes.

The editor will be launched these days.


A tribute to the Special Forces Thunderbolt,
Our Naval forces,
The infantry brigade,
The Saraya army, and
The young pro-army.
Here’s a Pisces market around the corner and through to al-Sabri

and the rest of Laithi then to the outside of Benghazi Garyounes and the remaining pockets.

Major General Khalifa Hftar gives something for the final assault to crush

the last stronghold of Benghazi Kharijites.



Cited yesterday, “Abdullah exile” to lead sniper axis
B western city of Benghazi, a member of the battalion N° 309 is born
“1984” and cited by the proximity of the port M’reisa b Qnfodh.


The killing of DAASH terrorist ‘Suhaib tikka’ in clashes in the city of Benghazi.

Abdul Rahman Al-Zahrani, a Saudi national and a member of the

organization of Daash, was killed in clashes against the Libyan army in the city of Benghazi:


‘Boca Als Khasah’ threatening Buhedama area bombing B. al-Hauser via remote !!
After failing to enter her .. !!
Buhedama really did not enter the al-Taarich, but made history of its own.


Random shells fall on Mr. Hussein,
The pond .. and locals blocked the roads and entrances and exits ..
(Boudmar, reporting)
Lord protect you, God willing, Eachota Shsawih and Barkkawih ..


The Pond

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

After the Libyan army operations Benghazi directed by extremist groups from Benghazi, led by Brigade Khalifa Hftar and the presidency of General Abdel Razek Nadzawri.
# Urgent
Fall mortars at a building in Ahumaidah where DAASH are present in the target area Garyounes, the pond and five shells landed in the pond and near the al-Nasr and Tariq ibn Ziyad School.
In the last breath them in Benghazi…
Allah is the greatest !

Urgent Gazala Benghazi
Two slain in Benghazi, one of them for a family al-Vesa

and the second for a family Gazoa ..

Lord Allah avenge you Aamredy …

New armored vehicles enter service in Benghazi for the

Special Forces ‘THUNDERBOLT’ 21st Division ‘Salah Bohlaiqah’:

New armored vehicles enter service in Benghazi for the Special Forces 'THUNDERBOLT'  21st Division 'Salah Bohlaiqah', 4 New armored vehicles enter service in Benghazi for the Special Forces 'THUNDERBOLT'  21st Division 'Salah Bohlaiqah', 3 New armored vehicles enter service in Benghazi for the Special Forces 'THUNDERBOLT'  21st Division 'Salah Bohlaiqah', 2 New armored vehicles enter service in Benghazi for the Special Forces 'THUNDERBOLT'  21st Division 'Salah Bohlaiqah', 1

Ministry of the Interior
Important announcement /
To all officers and non-commissioned officers and members of the security men from the Ministry of Libyan Interior ..jhaz Diplomatic Security General Administration of Benghazi
Attend the meeting due to be held next Sunday 01/02/2015
Ali promptly at 11:00 at the headquarters of the Department battalion holy object Rescue
The pool and the piece for Joining in the men department for help.
It comes after the piece address Mr. Colonel Ramadan Louhichi Director
Security Benghazi more than once Petklevena any point has yet to be answered him we decided Mandate
Department of rescue patrols even return to work consulates in Benghazi
This flag ..
Note: We follow the General Administration of Tripoli .mrksais ..
But in order to Benghazi will not wait for one ..

(General Administration of diplomatic missions Benghazi)



 Libyan Foreign Minister:



 ‘We Bamrajah decades (a stop-all-on) Turkish companies in Libya.’


Mc Mego:
Member of Majlis al-Nuwaab, for ‘Abu Salim’ circle
‘Stadium Tariq Ashtar:

Mamedaldayri Foreign Minister
Tribute to the Minister of Foreign Affairs today’s parents refused to enter the meeting, my father did not claim him (Qatar – Turkey) in Addis Ababa until Gadro summit;

and we are still in the Majlis al-Nuwaab challenging each measure

which is  contributing to the destruction of Libya.
Allah save Libya !


‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ calls on the international community,

by the introduction of Libya with ‘the

international coalition for the war against terrorism and extremism’.

‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ calls on the international community to please lift

their unwise and unjust ‘arms embargo’ on the ‘Libyan Army’.

Hello Aahlna
Shen Liberal opinion in the tribal meeting in the city of Tobruk?
And whether the meeting would be with tribal elders of the Eastern Region, or with the so-called Bmjbs ‘Representatives’?
In the case of the meeting was with the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab.

Will the meeting would be with them is tantamount to recognition of their alleged legitimacy; and more precisely the recognition of ‘catastrophe 17 February’ and outputs ??????????????????
(Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar)

السلام عليكم ياهلنا
شن رأي الاحرار في اجتماع القبائل في مدينة

وهل الاجتماع سيكون مع أعيان القبائل للمنطقة الشرقية ام مع مايسمى بمجبس النواب ؟

وفي حال كان الاجتماع مع مايسمى بمجلس النواب فهل سيكون الاجتماع معهم هو بمثابة الاعتراف بشرعيتهم المزعومة وبمعنى ادق الاعتراف بنكبة فبراير ومخرجاتها ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

(أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر)


Russian company contracts for ‘rail Hodeidah’ are valid,

and ‘Witham’ will complete the work, but only after the

stabilization of the situation inside the country.


explosion of a gas station in the Shiha area ofDerna

The explosion of a gas station shortly before the Shiha area of ​​the city of Derna ...




Today was arrested two MISURATANS, in type car (Jeep) Kano Aokhdhu, in the coordinates for the sites who had promised them a sum of money and devices Kanu, heading as shoved by Misurata.

They have been arrested in the southern axis this afternoon ..

and have been transferred to the competent authorities
[Private al-Al-Ioa Oavtakr, reporting (born Cyrenaica)
for ‘Rouge Valley directly’]



FLICKER from the PAST:



When Edmond Jouve asked Muammar al-Qathafi:


“….When did you know that everything in your country had to be changed?”

Muammar responded, that it happened when he was a student at the ‘Benghazi Military Academy’.

Young Lt. Mu

“Our country was occupied by foreign forces. At that time there were five American military bases and the same number of British military bases and barracks. Added to that, there was the permanent presence of the Italian colonial army. It was our duty to liberate our country from this occupation.”

(Quote from MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI)

FACEBOOK insanity

before I continue my WORDPRESS posts..

I must  acknkowledge that FACEBOOK has blocked me from posting for at least 24 hours !
The reason why: My posts against DAASH (IS)  since  NOVEMBER 2014…One post they o.k’d but  the others have been removed by FB…

There is nothing gory or shocking. It is just on revealing the evils of DAASH (IS),

This last incident is unbelievable.

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Nous avons supprimé une de vos publications
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Here it is (originally posted 27 NOVEMBER 2014):

DAASH in DERNA is blocked by FB

Nous avons supprimé une de vos publications

Nous avons supprimé cette publication car elle n’est pas conforme aux Standards de la communauté Facebook :

DAASH in DERNA is blocked by FB





An armed motorcade belonging to members of Derna’s ‘Islamic Youth Shura Council’ that pledged allegiance to DAASH /IS, drive along a road in eastern Libya on 03 October 2014.
© 2014 Reuters

Libya: Extremists Terrorizing Derna Residents

27 NOVEMBER 2014

Summary Executions, Public Floggings, No Rule of Law

(Beirut) – Armed militias that control the eastern city of Derna are terrorizing residents through summaryexecutions, public floggings, and other violent abuse. The abuses are taking place in the absence of state authorities and the rule of law. The groups include some that have affiliated with the extremist group Islamic State (also known as DAASH).

Human Rights Watch documented 3 apparent summary executions and at least 10 public floggings by the Islamic Youth Shura Council, an extremist group which publicly pledged allegiance to DAASH in November. Human Rights Watch also documented beheadings of three Derna residents in what appear to be war crimes, and dozens of seemingly politically motivated assassinations of public officials, judges and members of the security forces, and others, including women.

“Extremist WAHABI-militias controlling Derna in the absence of any state authorities have unleashed a reign of terror against its inhabitants,” said Sarah Leah Whitson,

Middle East and North Africa director.

“Commanders should understand that they may face domestic or international prosecution for the grave rights abuses their forces are committing.”

Since May, an armed conflict between forces allied with the elected Libyan government based in Tobruk and led by General Khalifa Hftar, and WAHABI militias has engulfed eastern Libya. In and around Derna, in addition to the powerful Islamic Shura Youth Council, the militias include members of Ansar al-Sharia and the Abu Saleem Martyrs Brigade.

Human Rights Watch spoke with Derna residents who fled the city to escape persecution by WAHABI militias and in anticipation of an announced Army military offensive by forces allied to Libya’s elected government. One Derna activist, who said he left the city at the end of October after receiving death threats for speaking out against the militias, described Derna as “fully under the control of fundamentalists” who have imposed an extremist ideology, and enforced a WAHABI interpretation of Sharia law with public executions and floggings. He said extremist militias shared the same ideology and the only dispute between them related to the Islamic Youth Shura Council’s pledge of allegiance to DAASH /ISIS.

The United Nations should urgently establish an international commission of inquiry or similar mechanisms to investigate alleged war crimes and other serious violations with a view to ensuring future ACCOUNTABILITY, Human Rights Watch said.

Derna has had no significant presence of state authorities, including police and a functioning judiciary, since the end of the 2011 Geharr WAHABI-terrorist ‘revolution’ in Libya that toppled the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Since 2013, unidentified assailants in Derna have assassinated at least five judges and prosecutors, and two women – a former lawmaker and a former security official. Unidentified armed militias have also attacked and destroyed tombs in mosques, including Derna’s historic al-Sahaba Mosque, which extremists have repeatedly targeted since 2011.

The Libyan air force, allied with the elected government, has conducted air strikes against militia targets in Derna, Benghazi, and elsewhere, while the militias have mounted purported suicide and other attacks in Tobruk, al-Baida, and Benghazi.

NOTE correctly ADDED BY Mohammed al-Fateh:
(Adding in these war crimes they should add NATO’s crimes when they were bombing indiscriminate attacks all over the country killing over 100 000 civilians including children).

All parties to the conflict in Libya are required to abide by the laws of war. Certain serious violations of these laws, when committed with criminal intent, are war crimes. War crimes include “the passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all judicial guarantees which are generally recognized as indispensable.” Murder on a systematic or widespread scale when used as state policy or by an organized group is a crime against humanity.

Those who commit, order, assist, or have command responsibility for war crimes or crimes against humanity are subject to prosecution by domestic courts or the International Criminal Court (ICC). ****(Well ICC should take in account that the war crimes committed in Libya now are the result of F.U.K.US and NATO who they should also be charged for their illegal intervention killing thousands, murdering the leader of the country, using Depleted uranium, destroying the infrastructure of Libya, bombing hospitals killing injured people by the thousands.

Using cluster bombs which are forbidden by international law but they used them anyway killing thousand of people. Bombing Sirte for over two weeks and not allowing the Red Cross to enter to give food, medicine and whatever else was needed. The list is too long to write but if ICC decides to charge for war Crimes first in the list should be OBAMA, CLINTON, McCain, SUSAN RICE, CAMERON, HAGUE, SARKOZY, BERNARD LEVI, Ki Moon of the UN, ERDOGAN OF TURKEY, THE HOUSE OF SAUDI last but not the least HAMAD BIN KHALIFA AL-THANI of Qatar and of course lets not forget NATO COUNTRIES WHO BOMBED LIBYA TOGETHER WITH THE CHIEF AT THE TIME ANDERS FOGH RASMUSSEN. Then the ICC can charge for war crimes that the Libyans did to each other.)


The Libyan authorities have shown themselves powerless or unwilling to investigate and prosecute those responsible for unlawful killings and other serious rights abuses in the country. International ACCOUNTABILITY efforts for serious crimes have stalled despite an existing ICC mandate in Libya and a UN Security Council resolution threatening individual sanctions. The UN Human Rights Council ended the mandate of its commission of inquiry into violations in Libya in 2012.

“UN Security Council threats of sanctions become hollow if they are never acted upon,” Whitson said. “As each day passes, more people die and more opportunities to

reverse Libya’s downward spiral are being frittered away.”

Security Council and ICC

The ICC has jurisdiction over
Attacks, Abuses in Derna

Human Rights Watch spoke with Derna residents who witnessed militia members carrying out cruel punishments, including summary executions and floggings. Human Rights Watch also spoke with family members and friends of victims, and community activists, and reviewed available online content, including videos, photos, and statements.

An activist who recently fled Derna told Human Rights Watch on 13 November 2014, that the Islamic Youth Shura Council emerged in April, gradually took control of the city and created its own public administration to rule Derna. The group, which rejects democracy and only accepts Sharia law, established a Legal Committee for Dispute Resolution and Reconciliation and appointed judges to a new Islamic court who have interrogated, prosecuted, and pronounced sentence on those deemed to have offended against their strict interpretation of Sharia law. Information the Islamic Youth Shura Council published says it has also set up a body called theDiwan al-Hisbah to oversee the “promotion of virtue and prevention of vice,” as well as a bureau for education and its own “Islamic police” force. Derna residents told Human Rights Watch that some of the judges at the Islamic Court were foreign nationals.

Summary Executions

Derna residents said they witnessedmilitants of the Islamic Shura Youth Council carry out public executions of three men accused of murder in two separate incidents.On July 27, militants of the group shot Al-Sanussi Nasri al-Huweidi, a Libyan, and an unidentified Egyptian national, for the alleged killing of Hamad Miloud al-Hassadi on July 25. According to a witness, the family of the victim handed the two alleged killers to the Islamic Shura Youth Council, which interrogated and declared them guilty on the same day.

One witness said armed men belonging to the group took the two accused to Martyrs place at al-Sahaba Square at around 1:30 a.m., where a member of the group shot both the accused in the head, one with a single bullet and the other with two, after the victim’s family declined to shoot them:

The Shura Council, which now became DAASH / IS, hardly waited at all before executing the suspects. It all happened so fast within just two days. The sessions at the Islamic Court where people are interrogated and sentenced by a panel of three judges are not public. Usually, the court announces if it will carry out a death sentence beforehand. In this case the family of the victims refused to pardon the suspect, so the court carried out the sentence.

On 19 August , the Islamic Shura Youth Council oversaw the public execution of Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed, an Egyptian national, at a football stadium in western Derna, after accusing him of killing Khalid al-Drissi, a Libyan. In a six-minute video posted online, an unidentifiable masked man reads charges against the accused man, who is kneeling, blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back, on a plastic covered stretcher. The masked man first asks members of the victim’s family if they wish to pardon the alleged murderer and, when they refuse, hands a pistol to one of the family members, who shoots the accused man in the head, killing him.

Public Flogging

A Derna resident told Human Rights Watch on 18 November that he witnessed the public floggings of eight young men in Derna’s Old Mosque Square on 25 or 26 October. He said two masked men alternate in flogging the men:

Masked men from the Shura Council lined up eight young men at al-Sahaba Square and punished each with 40 whips after they were caught drinking alcoholic beverages at a “bachelor party”together with the groom. The council member starts by whipping the shoulders and then continues all the way down to the feet, 40 lashes. If an individual is caught drinking alcohol, they [Shura Council] will implement the “whipping punishment” [had al-Jald] on the spot.

Photographs and ACCOUNTS published by the Islamic Shura Youth Council on social media show two other public floggings in front of the Islamic Court. On each occasion, three men were flogged for allegedly drinking alcohol. Human Rights Watch was able to corroborate the floggings but not the dates on which they took place.


Human Rights Watch has tracked 250 cases of apparently politically motivated killings inDerna and Benghazi since the beginning of 2014. Thevictims included former and current members of the military and security agencies, as well as five judges and members of the public prosecution. In all cases, the killings were carried out by unidentified assailants. None of these unlawful killings have been investigated, and no one has been prosecuted or convicted for these crimes.

Mohamed Najib Hweidi, head of the appeals court for the Green Mountain region, was assassinated on 16 June 2013; Mohamed Khalifah al-Naas, deputy general prosecutor for the Green Mountain region was killed on 09 November 2013; Retired judge Youssef al-Kreimi died in Tunis on 24 December 2013 from wounds he sustained during an assassination attempt on 25 November 2013 in Derna; Abdelaziz al-Hassadi, Libya’s former general prosecutor, was assassinated on 08 February 2014; and former judge Mohamed Bouejeilah al-Mansouri was killed on 28 April 2014.

Unidentified assailants also targeted and killed two women, Fariha al-Barkawi and Salwa Yunis al-Hinaid, in 2014 in Derna in what appears to have been politically motivated assassinations. Two Derna residents, one an activist, said that the shooting death of a third woman in February only weeks after the killing of her husband, a former army officer, was not linked to politics but to a family dispute.

Unidentified assailants killed al-Barkawi, a former Derna city representative to the General National Congress (GNC), and a member of the National Forces Alliance, a political party with a non-Islamist agenda on 17 July. One of her relatives in Derna, who spoke to Human Rights Watch on 19 November, said al-Barkawi’s killing occurred five months after she resigned from the GNC, where she had called vocally for the presence of state authorities in Derna and criticized the WAHABI extremists. The relative said:

She was on her way to a market in western Shiha area to do some shopping for the month of Ramadan when she was killed by three bullets after her car was sprayed with a hail of bullets by a passing car with unidentified assailants. Although some passers-by tried to help her, it was too late. She died before she reached Al-Harish Hospital. There is no forensics examiner in Derna, so she was transferred to al-Bayda, which is 100 kilometers away and back the next day to be buried. The prosecutor’s offices are shut and the court was burned down early in 2011, during the revolution. There is no one who can investigate the killing.

Unidentified assailants gunned down al-Hinaid, a former employee of the state’s internal security apparatus under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, on 09 September 2014. A relative told Human Rights Watch on 19 November that gunmen killed al-Hinaid at around 8 a.m. as she left her house to buy bread, a regular routine. Several bullets hit her, and she died on the spot. No one has claimed responsibility.

Kidnappings and Beheadings

On 01 November, a video statement by a group of nine masked young men, some of them armed, calling themselves ‘Youth of Derna’ circulated on the social media. The statement pledged allegiance to the ‘Dignity military operation’ led by General Hftar, who had been reinstated with 16 other officers in November by the elected government, and recognized the authority of the elected MAJLIS al-NUWSAAB (House of Representatives) in Tobruk.

The group called on revolutionaries to take up arms and fight the “extremist militias in Derna including Ansar al-Sharia and DAASH / ISIS,” and threatened to avenge unlawful killings and other rights abuses of the preceding three years that they alleged the “’Muslim’ Brotherhood and extremist militias” had carried out, vowing to “show no mercy.”

The members of the group remain unidentified but they appear to have included at least one of three young men – Siraj Katish, Mohamed Btaou, and Mohamed al-Mismari – who were subsequently abducted in separate but seemingly coordinated incidents on November 5 in Derna. Their bodies were subsequently found in fields at Hisha, southern Derna. All three had been decapitated.

Derna residents identified al-Mismari as the likely spokesperson who appeared in the video, but Human Rights Watch was unable to confirm the identities of any of the nine youths. Derna residents said al-Mismari had spoken out against the WAHABI militias in a June interview but that Katish and Btaou had no known public profiles as activists.

A Derna resident told Human Rights Watch on 21 November ,that, unidentified armed men who arrived in three cars abducted Katish on 05 November as he stood in front of his house with three friends. A Derna resident familiar with the case told Human Rights Watch that on November 10 a shepherd alerted the Derna branch of the Red Crescent after finding the remains of two men, whose heads had been severed and were missing. The bodies were later identified by their families as those of Katish and Btaou. al-Mismari’s was then found in an adjacent field; his head had also been severed, according to a news report. Human Rights Watch could not confirm the circumstances surrounding the abduction and killing of al-Mismari.

No one has claimed responsibility for these abductions and killings,although local residents have told Human Rights Watch they believe Wahabi-militants were responsible. One Derna resident who knew Katish said, “The WAHABI-extremists who pledged allegiance to ISIS are de facto in control of the entire city, they are now the strongest group there and they control everything, so they are undoubtedly responsible for the beheadings.”

In another incident, gunmen killed Moataz Bouruaq al-Shalwi near his house on 13 November, according to a Derna resident who lives close by. Soon after, news circulated that militants of the ‘Islamic Youth Shura Council’ had detained three people alleged to have killed ‘al-Shalwi.Activists’ and news sites suggested that they faced imminent execution by shooting if the victim’s family desired it. There has been no news of the three since.

A 28 May news report said that the severed head of Abdul Moaz Turkawi, a Derna student who had previously challenged militia manning a checkpoint, was found in the compound of the city’s al-Sahaba Mosque.



Can you figure-out why FACEBOOK would do this ????

And the Libyan Saga continues

Mu African Union 'president'
Mu w white Roses


Re 130 service officer for the military headed by Major General “Khalifa Hftar”, The Brig. “Saqr Jeroshi” according to a decision issued by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Abdul-Razak Nazdawi, “in favor of the Majlis al-Nuwaab.

Libyan Air Force enhances his abilities with 4 new modern “Sukhoï T-50 ” aircraft ,

to be used by the armed forces in the fight against terrorism.


All United for a GREEN LIBYA:





The interior minister Omar al-Sanka, issued a ban on entry of Palestinian citizenship,

Sudanese and Syrian, to the Libyan territories; in order to keep-out potential terrorists.

Libyan authorities arrested an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist elements involved in the car bombing incident at the head of the Libyan government's meeting with the President of the United Nations Mission


Libyan authorities have arrested one of the Egyptians, on suspicion of involvement in the car bombing incident, the city of Cyrene in northeastern Libya, meeting in Casablanca, with the Pm head of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, Abdullah al-Thani, and the President of the United Nations Mission in Libya, Bernardino Leon.

The transfer site 24 Emirati from Libyan sources that the Egyptian detainee, linked to extremist groups in the tuber, which is considered the main stronghold of the militant groups in the country, pointing out that preliminary investigations showed that he belongs in the foundation of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization, and loyal for so-called process of dawn for Libya, by armed militias from Misrata and its allies from the militants, to take control of the Libyan capital Tripoli, since the month of July (last July).

The Libyan Interior Ministry, has been considered in Bayat, released today, that Shahat bombings tried to block UN efforts to bring peace to Libya confirmed, that this work will not discourage them from continuing their efforts in the fight against terrorism and supporting the President of the United Nations Mission efforts.

Two blasts went off car bombs near the security of the town of Shahat Directorate (CASABLANCA), where the temporary headquarters of the Government of the crease, causing material damage and serious injury to 13 people, most of whom were able to later leave the hospital after receiving first aid Besbth, according to the ‘Ministry of Health Jamahiriya’.

Tthe Libyan interior minister Omar al-Sanka, said that the detainees involved in the bombings of Cyrene, they have a direct link with terrorist groups in the tuber, and their goal obstruction of the government, saying that the blasts were a message addressed to the Libyan Ministry of the Interior.

But Abdullah al-Thani Libyan Prime Minister, hinted yesterday implicitly accusing forces ‘Dawn Libya’, involvement in this incident, and said: “There are parties expressed openly about her opinion, that the United Nations envoy Bernardino Leon undesirable, these parties is that you want to undermine the negotiations path and track the path of dialogue and sit at the table reunion and unify the efforts of the Libyans. “


The Brotherhood forces of ‘Dawn Libya’ (now called ‘Sunrise’), has called for a boycott of the current visit of Lyon, to Libya and considered in a statement distributed by that person is not desirable at all.


report of Ahram Online , Thursday, 09 Oct 2014:

Libyan minister Omar Al-Sanky held talks with his Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Ibrahim on Thursday in which both leaders agreed that Cairo would train Libya’s security forces to help fight “terrorism,” al-Ahram’s Arabic News website reported.

al-Sanky – who’s in Cairo along with a high-ranking Libyan delegation for talks with Egyptian officials – said they seek to “train Libyan forces and boost their efficiency, as well as exchange information to combat terrorism.”

Libya has been engulfed by insurgencies since the since the 2011 CIA-led toppling of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, with interim authorities fighting WAHABI-BROTHERHOOD-led militias that have seized the capital Tripoli and named a rival government. 

The Egyptian official emphasised the necessity to cement cooperation with Egypt’s neighbour to bolster border security and control to curb arms trafficking across the shared frontier.

He was quoted by Al-Ahram as saying that Egypt welcomes Libya’s request for training.

Both leaders stressed the need for trading intelligence on militants who have found haven in border areas to carry out “terrorist” operations.

Libya’s interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni already met on Wednesday with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and his Egyptian counterpart Ibrahem Mahlab where he said he would seek Egypt’s training for Libyan military and police.

Egypt has expressed alarm over a possible spillover of violence engulfing neighbouring Libya and the border-crossing of militants into its lands.

More than 20 military border guards were killed by militants in July near the frontier with Libya, heightening anxiety over threats coming from Wahabi fighters along the border.

Egyptian officials say Wahabi fighters in Libya  have forged ties with insurgents at home (EGYPT) who have stepped up attacks on police and troops following the 2013 popular ouster of Wahabi Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi.

DAASH passage:

DAASH passage, 2 DAASH passage, 1

‘Black Libyan resistance’, reports and comments:

Go to the mercy of God (Imad Hoychen), a former media in direct Libyan session

and programs of mass radio program.
I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.
(Mndil Arabism)




Libyan-Tunisian border

Mahor Ras Jedir:
Confiscated 19 cars belonging to the armed gangs ‘Roma Libya’

in Hamraia marshy area.

 Libyan Air Force targeted sites belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’ 

who were near the Ras Jedir border gate. 

Libyan airforce warplanes bombed the large convoy belonging to

the militia ‘Roma Libya’, near public security gate at Ras Jedir.






 fighting to regain TRIPOLI:


Still power outages and interruptions online in most parts of Tripoli. 

Almost complete blackout on the capital and its suburbs, for almost a week.

The Ministry burned and vandalized the power station.


Libyan airforce Warplanes fly over Mitigua.

When he saw the lead in launching now in Mitigua.

Libyan airforce Warplanes looped Ali Ameitbakh now-
Violent explosion inside the base of Mitigua air-flights.

The quality of the process carried out by the ‘Special police forces’ (Thunderbolt) of the Libyan army in the city of Tripoli to the “air-Base Mitigua” , where they damaged two type “MiG 23”, of the ‘Brotherhood militia’s who were in ‘control’ of the capital since the ‘repair’ period, 

and the accurate bombing by the Libyan Airforce, after information had been processed.

Our men, were given, by a command of the Libyan army forces, to do so; and have successfully infiltrated the ‘Mitigua air-base’ and made damage to the aircraft, so they are no longer airworthy, ever.

 Two injured in Mitigua Air-base airport after targeting al Qaeda airport by Libyan Army Special Forces ‘Thunderbolt’ group.

Nqla an guenah Libya atah:

Saqr Jeroshi destroyed two Brotherhood MiGs

this evening at ‘Hadh(EVIL) Mitigua’.

destroying 2 MIG-23 aircraft at MITIGUA AIRBASE by LIBYAN AIRFORCE:

destroying 2 MIG-23 aircraft MITIGUA airbase by LIBYAN AIRFORCE


Of the page Mail
Post of free Ali Hamroush:

to be honest, most of the importance of honest Page called ‘Misurata against the

This Morning, there was a Brotherhood rat meeting in
MITIGUA.The meeting was attended by 60 people from the fighter and ‘shields’ and
‘Ansar al-Sharia’.
The meeting was chaired by Bernard Levy and the
Ambassador of Qatar, Qatari officer rank of lieutenant.

It was also
attended by a total of al-Mutmr ousted Kawan and Shater and Nuri Abu Bushmin ,
Salah Badi and rebels pizza room Sadak Gharyiani. The condition of Levy and the
Ambassador of Qatar, strategy is to murder and more murder of military personnel
at the gates, even to the bombing of the Gates.

They will Shoot down
civilian aircraft, and then say that it was Libyan airforce doings. They said
they will hold the responsibility onto ‘dignity’ forces. They said that they
will burn more of the capabilities of the state and loot money from banks
‘under the spoils of the infidels’, and make more kidnappings, and
assassinations in Derna, Benghazi and Sirte, Tripoli and Sabha. They will blow
up booby-trapped cars in the goals of the State and the police station and

Please talk downright Publishing wider.

من بريد الصفحة
#مشاركة من الحرAli Hamroush
للامانة منقول للاهمية القصوى من صفحة شرفاء مصراته ضد مليشياتها.
اجتماع صباح اليوم في امعيتيقه
حضر الاجتماع 60 شخص من المقاتله ومن الدروع وانصار الشريعه
وترأس الاجتماع برنالد ليفني وسفير قطر وضابط قطري برتبه فريق
حضر مجموعه من الموتمر المخلوع كعوان والشاطر وبوسهمين وبادي ومن غرفة ثوار البيتزا الغرياني شرط عليهم ليفني وسفير قطر قتل واغتيال المزيد من افراد الجيش بالبوابات ولو بالتفجير
اسقاط طائرات مدنيه وقالو لهم سوف نحمل المسئوليه للكرامه عبر اعلامنا حرق المزيد من مقدرات الدوله عليكم بنهب الاموال من البنوك تحت بند غنائم من الكفار المزيد من الخطف والاغتيالات في درنه وبنغازي وسرت وطرابلس وسبها تفجير سيارات مفخخه في اهداف لدوله ومركز الشرطه والجيش
كلام اكيد ويرجى النشر علي اوسع نطاق

Armed clashes in the eastern gate of the air base in MITIGUA:


 The lock Tajoura now through youth Fashloum seeking fusion with the young Tajoura.

Voices lead and shooting in dense in Tajourah and combustion car there.

Burn 3 cars in the door of Tajourah; and blocking roads after the

killing of ‘Abdel Hakim Ali Melcaat deterrence’ working as hands

for the terrorist Abdul Rauf ‘hater’.

 Tajourah fighting 04 JANUARY 2015
ABDUL RAOUF ‘hater’ carte:

cleaned-up version of Abdul Raouf 'hater' carte


Lock the door Bridge Tajourah by Melcaat of Mitigua alert and heavy militia Nawasi.


Image of ‘Hakim’ from Fashloum, who was killed by ‘Roma Libya’ gangs.

Tripoli by the rail, now:


Large Libyan Army tribes and support troops have served in a well Shoaib southern corner were killed 5 people from Abu Obeida angular militias, including the offender and the offender Codikhh Ahmed, Mohammed plight, and 9 wounded were taken to the educational angle Hospital.

Strong battles and kill large numbers of ‘Roma Libya’ militias in southern  end of CORNER and some of these dead ‘Roma Libya’ militias from the city of CORNER,  today are:
1. Abdel Mawla Shanab
2-Mohammed plight
3-Ahmed Codihh

The arrival of a number of dead and wounded to ‘hospital corner’ educational.

Libya in the heart of the case of extreme tension and anger and tension in the streets of Tripoli: –
Libyan citizens their children Ansaboa yesterday Pmaiseme line and waved –iatrvon now in a hospital street corner that there is arranged at night and planned –oho were imported serious things were not known in the Libyan society is a serious games are sold in front of everyone’s eyes:
eye -oualemqsod so -ho impairment of youth, children and reached so far, more than 400 cases alone, of young men to ‘hospital street corner’.
There are about 180 case of amputation of the hands and the feet and fingers –
There are other cases in other medical in green hospital:

The names of his wound Gardan corner today they
1_ Salam Arab Aalghemoda
2_ Tamer Moroccan
3_ Abubakar Cioh
4_ Mutassim Bohanina
5_ Ahmad Masood hawkish

Heavy deployment of armed vehicles and gates trace militias ‘Roma Libya’

at the entrances and exits of Tripoli.






Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi

City of Zintan allow the passage of food and humanitarian Al-Igathat across the city to the mountain in the western cities that were in the day. You close the road on ambulances and intercepting citizens to must identity.
thus, the ZINTANI are a tribute to the heroes of men and black Libyan army.



Hlgodh south axis angle front today.


Heavy deployment of Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ and across the Rishvana.

Now with the development of their sand berms.

 We received Ooooonaba uncertain after that terrorist militias in Rishvana area

began to withdraw and especially from Azizia.


Killing  the criminals 1 (Abdel Mawla Bochenb), and,

2, the offender (Ahmed Ezz Eddin Codikhh), at the center of  Bir Ghanum.

The victory comes only from God and thankfully
Libyan Army simplifies the entire control of the quarries after a dispute among the Brotherhood militias and gangs corner and the Misurata militias, and all the criminals retreat from the front crushers entirely !!



The abduction of three citizens on the road to the river

between Punjam and they al-Chuirv:
1_Boubacr Aznad
2_ Massoud Mahtot
3_ Falcon Erhim key.


Western Region announcement 05 JANUARY 2014




Libyan Air Force bombed sites for the concentration of militias ‘Roma Libya’

in Akrabieah Industrial area, south of Beautiful City. Photos aerial bombardment on the area south of  Akrabieah industrial area. The pilot and turn or become a game of cat and mouse:


Clashes in the city of AJEELAT between the Brotherhood militias and the people. Many people were killed in the center of Ajeelat, adding to a growing death toll.


Libyan airforce Warplanes overflew the city skylines of Beautiful City and Ajeelat.

Clashes between Libyan Army tribal forces and ‘Roma Libya’ in the

southern region called ‘Shuyesheh’ B. Ajeelat.

 Libyan Army Tribal forces and support forces south of Ajeelat, make great strides of progress.



Three armed vehicles belonging to the terrorist Misurata militias, stormed a small house on Friday evening 02/01/2015, and abducted a woman, Nada Ali fetus, at the age of 31 years old, from the city, living at twenty five street with her mother and sister. …

and went out with her into an unknown place.

anyone finding information, please contact this number

ثلاثه سيارات مسلحة تتبع لمليشيات مصراته الارهابية تقوم بإقتحام منزل مساء يوم الجمعة 2-1-2015 وتقوم بخطف فتاة عن عمر 31 سنة من مدينة الخمس من شارع عشرين وتذهب بها الى مكان مجهول على من يجدها الاتصال برقم 0925987884 اسمها
ندى علي الجنين ،،و للعلم الفتاة تقيم مع امها واختها الصغيرة



Clashes between Libyan Army, and militias ‘Roma Libya’ in al-Ash area.

 Dead and wounded in the ranks of the terrorist gangs positioned in the vicinity al-Ash,

 and their withdrawal from some sites, under Army artillery strikes.


Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed trace militias ‘Roma Libya’ at their Zuwarah sites.





 Killing at least two of rats of  Zliten shortly before the battles of  Al-Mntqh Gharbah...
Gone to To hell !


The image attached shows the two months that Zliten (by force) has become part of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and has chosen the Legend of collectivist and sons Solomon…
O dearest Islam and Muslims and humiliate polytheism and polytheists !!

Happening now in Zliten: – Graffiti removal,

which salutes them to the organization called me (Daash)

written on the mosque cemetery Bazh.

note that it had been written yesterday (on the prophet’s, PBUH, birthday);

and that the WAHABI have been bombing the

Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Fadil sir brown Faitouri mosque and graveyard,

since August 2012, after Sir Commander attended 23 August 2012 ceremonies.








Statement of the ‘Supreme Council of the Conference of the

Libyan tribes and cities’, number (7), issued on 04 JANUARY 2015

(from their meeting on Sunday that was at 10 AM.)






Video aerial bombardment on the city of Misurata

Anti-aircraft heard in most parts of the city of Misrata now.

The Libyan airforce warplanes targeted a jet fuel tanks

and special workshop industrial armouring armed

automotive manufacturer of iron and steel,  as well

as the bombing of Air Force Academy near the airport .

Rounds reconnaissance carried out by “the Libyan air force” over

the city of Misurata (precisely the airport and Air Force Academy).

Libyan army says that Misurata port is used for terrorist purposes

The Libyan army announced on Saturday, adopted the ongoing aerial bombardment of Misurata’s Maritime Port,  claiming it is being used for “terrorist activity.”

In a special statement over the phone, said Col. Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi) :

“We repeated more than once that if it became clear that Misurata’s Maritime Port is dangerous, we will bomb it. The Air Force will bomb the port, because of its use in the transfer of weapons and ammunition and terrorist elements; so, Saturday, we were forced to hit the harbor.”

Col. el-Hassy (Hijazi) can not yet estimate the size of the losses caused by the bombing of the Port. The Army spokesman threatened constantly to hit on the port and airport of Misurata if it continued to be used in “terrorist purposes”.

Misurata after being bombing their fuel tanks 04 JANUARY 2015:

 the bombing of fuel tanks that feed the city of Misratah
Channel correspondent Great Jamahiriya Central Region confirms that the aerial bombardment targeted some fuel tanks …


Chaos in Misurata hospital and Ndaet blood donation now broadcast on the radio

and the primary outcome of the bombing of Misrata 5 dead and 10 wounded.

City of MISURATA al-Mokhttafh:
A major security alert at the entrances to the city

and searched at home and abroad and from the city.

Turkish Airlines announces stop flights to Libya temporarily. (They were not supposed to be flying there anyway. There was a block on the airports.)



Daash terrorist organization mandate of Cyrenaica published pictures of what they called ‘a hunt apostates in the immobilization of the recession succession’, and on their road was killed Mechili. (Bernard Levy’s ‘rebels’ have  brought ‘Militia DAASH’ to Libya.)




Continued drinking tap-water interruption of most areas of Sirte

because of the bombing by Misurata terrorist gangs of the 

water line between Sirte and Bin Jawad.

The disappearance of the citizen, “Mohammed Grira Mari Warfali” in Sirte for a few days now,

under mysterious circumstances…

His body found (Mohammed Marei Grira Warfali) today in an area of ​​17 km shot dead after he was kidnapped two days ago.

The kidnapping of an Iraqi doctor working in the ‘College of Human Medicine’,

claims (Faleh Bureau) and two of his sons in the city of Sirte.

Libyan airforce Warplanes targeted concentration of

militias ‘Roma Libya’ portal sites fifty-west city of Sirte.


 The deaths of many of the elements of the terrorist organization Daash,

by the Libyan airforce bombing, near ‘gate 50 of Sirte’.

Libyan airforce Warplanes overflew the sky over the city of Sirte.


 Libyan airforce warplanes bombed again Bin Jawad.

Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ is to withdraw from Bin Jawad to the city of Sirte.


One of the spoils of the day of the front Melcaat Misurata in Bin Jawad …

Bin Jawad depopulated after the exodus of the people from Misurata,

including fear of criminal gangs holed up in the region.







Mohammed al-Jtalaoy, from Misurata, one of the children who were thrown

by abstract Salah Badi, was killed today in the battle at Port  Sidra.



Military Prosecutor Dean corner, Masoud rubab Arhomh:

Abduction of Brigadier Massoud Arhomh (of the Ministry of Defense interim),

from his residence at the Thuraya Hotel in Casablanca.

He is the Libyan government’s military prosecutor.

The death of a Libyan family in CASABLANCA, after suffocating carbon

monoxide poisoning, resulting from the use of electricity in the motor home.



General Electric Company announces amortization in the  Benghazi and the eastern region.


Libyan Army Hftar forces bombed sites Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA)

of tanks and al-Hauser in the al-Sabri area.


Clashes with small arms and medium-sized area Laithi.
Two bodies were found unknowns identity behind al-Botas Street in Laithi. 

Statement of the “DAASH Benghazi Council” (FORMERLY ‘the Shura Council of Benghazi’):




Kidnapping citizen Ayad Bouchtoh, in TUBER this morning.




LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes targeted a ship bound for the port of Derna.






Arju akhadd al-Ehith o al-Hdhir:
al-Jufra to Sirte by way of Dan, a gate for Melcaat  Daash mtoagdh in horse al-Khoms.









Was kidnapped yesterday (Ayman Adel Hamid Youssef), a Syrian citizenship

at the age of 47-year-old resident Gardah area by ‘Roma Libya’.

 Military preparedness of French troops on the southern Libyan border

and Ooooooooonaba Execution say about the start of military

operations could begin in the coming days.



Misurata terrorist gangs cut subsidies for Melcaat Mercenary supporters

of their fugitive terrorist right of Azawad and from Mali, to leave them to their fate on their own.

(MALI MERCENARIES for Brotherhood Melcaat of Libya.)

Mali mercenaries




Libya and an emergency meeting of the Arab League about the latest developments in Libya.

Gamah arabh Ajtmaa tari speech …


University of shame (‘Arab League’) will meet tomorrow in an emergency

session at al-Qahirahib. Khasos situation in Libya after they betrayed

Libya and Gdhirtha 2011 (siding with the crusading ‘West’).

Sources trumpet international channel:

otherwise Algerian Arabic in the corridors of the Arab League, because of the recent opposition to the issuance of a decision of arming and supporting the Arab al-Jeic al-Libya forces (enabling the military takeover of the east and west).
agency Al-Onabaallibah

An emergency meeting of the Arab League about the latest developments in Libya .alahd, 04/01/2015 – 14:00 Cairo 04 January 2015 (and) –

The Arab League held an emergency meeting at the level of delegates on Monday to discuss the developments of the situation in Libya. And Deputy Secretary General of the League Ahmed Ben Helli said in a statement to reporters that the meeting “will be devoted to discuss the serious developments in Libya and the escalation of violence and terrorist acts that are no longer limited to the targeting of citizens Aoualemqamin but also affected the vital economic facilities.”

He added that the secretary-general of the Arab League, Nabil will be presented during the meeting, “a report on the latest developments in Libya and the efforts by the Special Envoy to the country’s Nasser Al-Kidwa” .rabott fixed

وكالة الأنباء الليبية – وال – اجتماع طارئ للجامعة العربية حول تطورات الاوضاع في ليبيا .

وكالة الأنباء الليبية (وال)





United Nations postponed the dialogue between the parties to the conflict in session Libya indefinitely.

6:46 Ahmed howitzer blood Gadaf-a-Dam:


‘UN lame dialogue must involve home and abroad to contain the crisis’:





‘Boko Haram’ criminal gangs Nigerian pro-terrorist organization

of ‘Daash’ controlled, on a military base on the shores of Lake Chad.

The Barkane Force is to leave Chad, as Paris needs them elsewhere.








Citizen of the State of Bahrain called ‘Sami Mehri’ killed ‘Nadine Abu Ras’, a Libyan (residing in the Province Wales in Britain) whom he met A. al-Mthm online. The police found the body of Nadine in a hotel room in which the accused Sami Mehri resided. He escaped via Heathrow to Bahrain, and then to Tanzania.

Closing in for the Final Call

Mu with Safia first came to Castille, Malta in November 1973


Muammar Interview 2007 2 


Stadium name of assets to ‘Great Jamahiriya’ screen:






al-Qathafi says looking at oil firm nationalization

WASHINGTON Wed 21 Jan. 2009 11:08pm GMT



Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi said on Wednesday his country and other oil exporters were looking into nationalising foreign firms due to low oil prices and suggested Tripoli might not stick to production quotas set by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec).

Speaking via a satellite link from Libya to students at Georgetown University in Washington, he called the current price of oil “unbearable”.
Oil was around 35.34€ a barrel on Wednesday, less than a third of the price in July of 118.07€.

“We would not adhere to Opec’s regulations because our livelihood depends on oil,” al-Qathafi said, without providing any details of how Libya might not stick to the oil-producing organisation’s quotas.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (R) gestures during a news conference in a tent in Kiev, November 6, 2008. REUTERS/Konstantin Chernichkin

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi gestures during a news conference in a tent in Kiev, 06 November 2008.


(Reuters) –Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi said on Wednesday his country and other oil exporters were looking into nationalizing foreign firms due to low oil prices and suggested Tripoli might not stick to OPEC production quotas.

Speaking via a satellite link from Libya to students at Georgetown University in Washington, he called the current price of oil “unbearable.”

Oil was around 35.34€ a barrel on Wednesday, less than a third of the price in July of 118.07€.

“We would not adhere to OPEC’s regulations because our livelihood depends on oil,” al-Qathafi said, without providing any details of how Libya might not stick to the oil producing organization’s quotas.

Last month, Libya told oil firms to cut output by 270,000 barrels per day from January 1, more than the curb it needs to make under an OPEC deal to pump less.

In Libya, the people themselves decide Libya’s o