When it Rains, it POURS!!

Mu courageous

Ganiral, gold Mufajh that will shock Ketergraba:

27:31 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 28 112 013 P

France 24:
Operations room Libya rebels slowed National Congress 10 days to withdraw confidence from Zaidane
and formation of a government crisis.
Black leader to protect the department in Al AJEELAT (FB GROUP):
Section pride and majesty of God
I’ll be loyal to the Islamic religion
And patriotic Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
I would be loyal to the legitimacy of Colonel Muammar
Ground will not scalp Alondal government imported, even at my neck cut
Ground will not be without green flag that symbolizes the color of my paradise
Banner me and my God Nciv largest over Kidd aggressor
Nchema for my
God then home and then the supreme commander of the armed forces of the People
And God is my witness.
قسما بعزة وجلالة الله
سأكون مخلصـــــا لدينـي الإسلامي
ولوطنـــي الجماهيريـه العربيـه الليبيـــه الشعبيــه الإشتراكيـــه العظمـــي
وسأكون مخلصــــا للشرعيـــــة معمــــر العقيد
ولن أرضـــي بفروة الأندال الحكومـة المستورده ولو علي قطع عنقـــــي
ولن أرضـــي بغيــر الرايــة الخضــراء التي ترمـز بي لون الجنــه
رايـــة لي بــــلادي ونشيذ الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي
نشيذا لبـلادي
الله ثم الوطن ثم القائد الأعلـــي لقوات الشعب المسلح
والله علي ما أقول شهيد
(THEY BURN the Scripture of the Holy BOOK / HOLY QURAN,
or just randomly take sentences out of context to suit their personal agendas!)

Libya detains 3 ships carrying illegal immigrants to Europe

EPA photo
Gave the Coast Guard in Libya arrested Friday on three ships bound for Europe, carrying nearly 300 illegal immigrants, according to this Reuters news agency, quoting Libyan state media. Most of the immigrants from Mali, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal and other countries of sub-Saharan Africa.
already sunk at the beginning of October:October trawler carrying 500 people from African countries off the coast of Italian island of Lampedusa, which has become lately a haven for thousands of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. As a result, 366 people were killed, including women and children.—
News Aviation Libyan Libyan Aviation News :::::::
Urgent and Important: The strike was postponed staff air traffic control
until the end of the month due to the interests of travelers, and everyone
knows that all the legitimate demands 100% and we’ll display it later.

Agency urgently Libya / Turkish implementation plan for the assassination of Thunderbolt Colonel “Nice” Bouchmadh

A source of high-level Libyan In exclusive statements to “gate Vito” information about the arrival of a Palestinian group affiliated to Fatah movement, to the port “Misrata” on board the cargo truck arrived from Turkey during the past few days, in order to arrange for the assassination of the commander of the special forces of Libya – Thunderbolt – Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh.”

The source confirmed a “veto”, who declined to be named, that the plan to assassinate Colonel Nice Bouchmadh, was placed inside the corridors of Turkish intelligence, with funding from the State of Qatar, and is based on the implementation of elements of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, was an elaborate scheme for this group, armed with weapons Turkish high precision, in addition to tracking devices and spy and eavesdrop high quality.

The source pointed out that this group, trained to carry out assassinations and physical liquidation, either through hunting or trapping cars, and detonated by remote control.

He pointed out that the truck Turkey that arrived on board of this group, I got the port of Misrata following the return of “Abdul Hakim Belhadj,” leader of the group, the Libyan Islamic Turkey, accompanied by “Mustafa Noah,” deputy head of the intelligence service, who claimed he was kidnapped after his return in order to obscure the visit, which came in With a tense atmosphere in the capital Tripoli and the aim of the visit is Mlan.

He stressed that he has been monitoring the arrival of this armed group affiliated to Hamas, the Palestinian close to the State of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, which adopts plans, political and military now have intelligence agency, Turkish Prime Minister, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” explaining that it was to decipher this visit, and it turns out the significance of events contrived that occurred at the hands of militias “Gharghour” in Tripoli, the capital, which aimed to move the security situation in Benghazi later, the bloody events resulting from the address commandos led “Nice Bouchmadh”, against a militia organization  called  the “Ansar al-Sharia” SALAFIST MOVEMENT.

The source expressed concern over the escalation of the bloody clash in Benghazi, in the coming days in order to pay special forces commander, presence and appearing regularly in order to facilitate the process of assassination.

The source stressed “veto” that there are elements within the Mendsh commandos are now leaking dates of movements “Bouchmadh” to facilitate the process followed, and the process is likely to be assassinated by a sniper professional, after failing to booby-trapping his car because of the security guards stationed around it.

He added that the assassination of the commander of the Libyan special forces, was agreed upon after the rise in popularity of the man inside the popular, causing panic among the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya of a repeat of the Egyptian scenario, after the intervention of the army and the overthrow of his Brotherhood of power.

He stressed that the axis of Turkey and Qatar, adopted the theory of compensation for loss of the parent organization of the group in Egypt and Tunisia in decline, over Libyan territory, and that there is a process of coming together now with the international organization of the group to turn Libya into the house of money to political Islam in the region.

It is noteworthy that the Libyan army is witnessing assassinations at a high level amid the ranks of leadership, and exceeded the number of leaders that has filtered barrier officer percent during the past two months, in addition to the overthrow of a large number through early retirement.


Dirty MISURATA SENT FOR, AND HAS NOW RECEIVED, an assassination squad from Turkey!!

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:

Black Panther and Black Pearl are all titles were fired on until yesterday and Nice Abouchmadh and melted snow

and that the turf and came up just Bouchmadh Zakkar in the door of a mosque….We told you that the mesh and Nice Bouchmadh Qdha mesh, mesh we told you that the traitor of his colleagues in the armed people can not stand with the people in any circumstances is difficult.


Abdel Moez Bannon _ Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Did you know that impulse army officers who graduated from Sudan after two years training,
has been received death threats, even though they did not receive their military after …



Imposed election candidates not to have a committee session electoral code. For example. Bo Sidra candidate for the Department of Benghazi code ass, Saleh Jaudh candidate for the Department of Benghazi code wireless Khrbut, Abdulwahab Kaid candidate for the Department of Tripoli code gorillas, Mustafa Noah candidate for circuit Got Alshall symbol of man-Erian, Abdul Hakim Belhadj, a candidate for the Department of Zanata code of the banana, Abdul Rauf cart candidate Friday Market circle symbol Tess goats, Souad Sultan candidate for the Department of Tripoli code Pomegranate, emigrated Qaid candidate for the Department of Ben Achour code oleander, Salah Badi candidate for the Department of Misurata code airbrush,

Green candidate selected by the Department of Zintan code Dazza, Abdullah denier candidate for circuit Zintan code sunglasses, Hashim humans candidate for the Department of Tripoli code juice,

Haitham Tagouris candidate circle Tajourah code Elzimzamat, sincere Gharyiani candidate for the Department of Tajourah code Alovi dog, facilitated to make known to you people bash ..

مفروض المرشحين لا انتخابات لجنة الستين يكون لهم رمز انتخابي . مثـلا . بوسدرة مرشح عن دائرة بنغازي رمز الحمار ، صالح جعودة مرشح عن دائرة بنغازي رمز لاسلكي خربوط ، عبدالوهاب قايد مرشح عن دائرة طرابلس رمز الغوريلا ، مصطفي نوح مرشح عن دائرة غوط الشعال رمز الرجل العريان ، عبدالحكيم بلحاج مرشح عن دائرة زناته رمز الموزة ، عبدالرؤوف كارة مرشح عن دائرة سوق الجمعة رمز تيس المعيز ، سعاد سلطان مرشح عن دائرة طرابلس رمز الرمانة ، هاجر القايد مرشح عن دائرة بن عاشور رمز الدفلة ، صلاح بادي مرشح عن دائرة مصراته رمز البخاخة ، مختار الاخضر مرشح عن دائرة الزنتان رمز الدزة ، عبدالله ناكر مرشح عن دائرة الزنتان رمز النظارة الشمسية ، هاشم بشر مرشح عن دائرة طرابلس رمز العصير ، هيثم التاجوري مرشح دائرة تاجوراء رمز الزمزامات ، الصادق الغرياني مرشح عن دائرة تاجوراء رمز الكلب الوفئ ، سهلوا على الشعب باش يعرفكم ..
Sufian Qmo to channel capital to say:
“who drinks wine Thump are “al-Alsar al-Sharia”… “and who smokes hashish are  Afghan Yuli Aamir extremist group….

and ” ‘democratic’ America are Akharjtk from Guantanamo prison; and ‘democratic’ Libya of tomorrow are Akharjtk of Abu Slim prison.

سفيان قمو على قناة العاصمة يقول : من يشرب الخمر يجلد من انصار الشريعة ..” واللي يشرب الحشيش الافغاني يولي آمير جماعة متطرفة .
يا سفيان بن قمو ديمقراطية امريكا هي من اخرجتك من سجن غوانتاناموا وديمقراطية ليبيا الغد هي من
On the capital: Sufian Alqovernm: Do not rub me the Ansar al-Sharia…Religion clearly heard and obeyed .. Killer kills robber cut his hand and adulterer stoned and so .. What and who runs what Leger Shi Shi .. Submitted to the crime nor the punishment expected him to ignore this ..Question .. why Malaysia has succeeded Taliban was not successful ..
Taliban war has not been exposed Malaysia ..For the government and Congress Are they destined end or not .. View the words of any one book a year and I know he is an infidel them or not ..Despite the charges against me, but that does not rub me the Ansar al-Sharia and do not know you have nationalities or not .. The rumors launches graduate of Homeland Security and the Revolutionary Committees ..
على العاصمة : سفيان القومه : لا احتكاك لي بأنصار الشريعةالدين واضح سمعنا واطعنا .. القاتل يقتل السارق تقطع يده والزاني يرجم وهكذا .. واللي ما يدير شي ما يجيه شي .. المقدم على الجريمة يتوقع العقوبة ولا عليه ان يتجاهل هذا ..سؤال ..لماذا نجحت ماليزيا ولم تنجح طالبان ..
طالبان تعرضت للحرب ولم تتعرض ماليزيا ..بالنسبة للحكومة والمؤتمر هل هم كافرون او لا .. اعرض كلام اي احد على الكتاب والسنة ومنها اعرف انه كافر او لا ..برغم التهم الموجهة لي الا ان لا احتكاك لي بانصار الشريعة ولا اعرف هل عندهم جنسيات او لا ..


Black leader to protect the department in Ajeelat (FB GROUP):
Important Information “Know Your Enemy”
This room Ariasha Shaaban gift (angular Interface Language)
Brown-skinned residents of harcha went to Yemen in the middle of the first set up when Altsniat Sheikh kissed on the outskirts of Saada Yamina married and has two children, divorced him because of the refusal of its people she went to Libya.
Astvaz of interference Engineer Saadi, Sheikh Abdul Majid Zaidani to return Behm of Yemen due to the harsh living conditions and harassment, tighten the screws by Yemeni authorities on them a decade ago …
Was identified as the owner of a fatwa in the corner and harcha Astvaz and assembly of the Libyan who was present in Yemen within the Islamic groups …Was appointed in Qatar for fatwas Murabaha banking system and worked in Egypt with one of the banks in which they invest their money Qatar to attend a graduate degree in jurisprudence in one of the Egyptian universities ….Known in the events that attract a lot behind the corner of the population and harcha, steady and Sabriyah and Goddaúm and Surman and Sabratha and department in Al Ajeelat and Abe Issa to fight in the ranks of followers who are in NATO and the mountain ….And he ran a network of cells in the corner and those areas through the exchange of information across the Thuraya phone that provided by the princes of those factions and to assist in the smuggling of arms into those areas …Knew him has a direct relationship Pamir Qtraúal former leaders and troops Alqtraúalah …

Where they are in direct contact with them to determine the conditions of the situation and coordination in the arrival of military support, material and reporting processes required in military air fronts to undermine the elements of the armed people …

A strong relationship Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Hashim Bashir and Ali hardness.

He is said to His shield the military the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the Western Region.


from MATHABA.net  :

It is to be remembered that the overthrow of Libya started after the release from prisons in early 2011 *1: of thousands of violent extremists and psychopaths, who then hijacked a demonstration by Egyptian workers in support of the uprising in Egypt, and conspired with sniper sharp-shooters supplied by Israel and France who shot demonstrators in the head to whip the crowd into a frenzy, believing them to be security forces.

The crowd then marched on a local police station, the police fled leaving behind weapons, as police in the Libyan Jamahiriya were trained that they are an “extension of the people” and never in opposition to them. The crowd manipulated by the criminal elements with an agenda already planned by Israel, France and Britain’s intelligence services, then proceeded thus fully armed, and marched on a local military base.

The same occurred at the military base and now armed with heavy weapons and with their ranks swelled by hundreds of violent prisoners who they sprung free from the prison, the military too fled leaving behind stores of heavy weapons which were for the defense of Libya against foreign invasion and threats. In a matter of days Benghazi was thus taken over without any counter attack as confusion reigned.

At the same time over the coming days in the fateful February 2011 plot the western and Arab hostile media broadcast lies that had circulated from unverified Twitter accounts that the Libyan Air Force was bombing Benghazi. Although these claims were proven by satellite images provided by Russia showing that no flights at all took place during the period with clear skies, the population thus confused were neutralized.

For the next 8 months NATO bombed Libya in tens of thousands of sorties in alliance with the criminal elements on the ground who came to be termed “rats” and were called “revolutionaries” by western  media, while in actual fact they were counter revolutionaries allied with Al-Qaida and other extremist and sectarian groups, set to take over Libya which had been a bastion of human rights and freedoms for many decades.



date 13th FEBR. 2011..then the “FB add calling for a demonstration”…

15 FEBR. Muammar al-Qathafi had a beautiful peace summit…

17th FEBR. the bloody “demonstration” and the paid-lies from al-JAZEERA and the Western media (MSM)…

The rest is more than history.



Local Tripoli suspended civil disobedience and gives Zaidane ten days

France 24:

Operations room Libya rebels slowed National Congress 10 days to withdraw confidence from Zaidane and formation of a government crisis.
Local Tripoli suspended civil disobedience and gives Zidane ten days

The President of the local council of Tripoli “pillowcases Badri” the suspension of the protest initiated by residents of the city of Tripoli major to demand the evacuation of the city from all armed formations, in an initiative to provide an opportunity for the interim government to complete the implementation of the decision of evacuation through a specific timetable that does not exceed the period of fifteen days.

He explained, “Badri” in a statement to the local council of Tripoli, followed by yesterday that despite trailed interim government through Benadtha to take some measures to give effect to the decision of evacuation No. 27 issued by the National Congress of year, but that some of the evacuations and re-positioning still place a lot of questions, and need to be clarified from before the interim government through an integrated information and complete transparency.

The statement pointed out that it was decided to activate the communications room, a branch of the municipal guard Tripoli, to report any military formation of the threat or attack any civilian site within the city of Tripoli.
The Council demanded that Tripoli local in his government agencies responsible for the protection of the capital instruct to its members act with professional full dress in the security allocated to them and work to support the rule of law, and respect for the state of excellence in respect police and the army, and that they may have a serious stand and civilized, in the end all forms of non- Legal only in random buildings and encroachments on public space.

He held Tripoli Local Council and the Ministry of Health responsible for attention, F-wounded Alnzal peaceful and improve their health, and their treatment in the best specialized centers.

The Council of Tripoli local at the conclusion of his statement that he did not receive any help or support of the interim government, despite what passed by the city of Tripoli, the major events that grave and difficult conditions, so as to redress the damage to the capture of the martyrs and the wounded, and the damage to the Palmtlkat public and private, not to mention the claims repeated ignored by the interim government, to solve many problems and Almchterqat plaguing the city.

محلي طرابلس يعلق العصيان المدني ويمهل زيدان عشرة أيامأعلن رئيس المجلس المحلي طرابلس ” سادات البدري ” عن تعليق الاعتصام الذي بدأه سكان مدينة طرابلس الكبرى للمطالبة باخلاء المدينة من كافة التشكيلات المسلحة وذلك في مبادرة لاتاحة الفرصة امام الحكومة المؤقتة لاستكمال تنفيذ قرار الاخلاء من خلال برنامج زمني محدد على ان لاتتجاوز المدة خمسة عشر يوما . وأوضح ” البدري ” في بيان للمجلس المحلي طرابلس تلاه امس أنه بالرغم مما اوضحته الحكومة المؤقته من خلال بيناتها باتخاذ بعض الاجراءات لتفعيل قرار الاخلاء رقم 27 الصادر عن المؤتمر الوطني العام الا أن بعض عمليات الاخلاء واعادة التمركز لازالت محل كثير من التساؤلات ، وتحتاج إلى توضيح من قبل الحكومة المؤقتة من خلال معلومات متكاملة وبشفافية تامة . وأشار البيان إلى أنه تقرر تفعيل غرفة بلاغات فرع جهاز الحرس البلدي طرابلس ، للتبليغ عن اي تشكيل عسكري يقوم بالتهديد او مهاجمة اي موقع مدني داخل مدينة طرابلس . وطالب مجلس طرابلس المحلي في بيانه الجهات الحكومية المسؤولة على حماية العاصمة بالايعاز إلى افرادها بالتحلي بالمهنية التامة في اللباس الأمني المخصص لهم والعمل على دعم سيادة القانون ، واحترام الدولة المتميز في احترام رجال الشرطة والجيش ، وان تكون لهم وقفة جادة وحضارية ، في انهاء كافة المظاهر الغير قانونية سوى في المباني العشوائية والتعديات على الفضاء العام . وحمل مجلس طرابلس المحلي وزارة الصحة مسؤولية الاهتمام ، بجرحى جمعة النظال السلمي وتحسين اوضاعهم الصحية ، ومعالجتهم في أحسن المراكز المتخصصة . وأوضح مجلس طرابلس المحلي في ختام بيانه أنه لم يستلم اي معاونة او دعم من الحكومة المؤقتة رغم ما مرت به مدينة طرابلس الكبرى من احداث جسام وظروف صعبة ، وذلك لجبر الضرر الذي لحق باسر الشهداء والجرحى ، والأضرار التي لحقت بالمتلكات العامة والخاصة ، ناهيك عن مطالبات متكررة التي تجاهلتها الحكومة المؤقتة ، لحل العديد من المشاكل والمخترقات التي تعاني منها المدينة .

The first group of Russian diplomats may return to Libya before the end of the year

AFP The first group of Russian diplomats may return to Libya before the end of the year

http://arabic.rt.com/news/635518/ :روسيا اليوم

Said the Russian ambassador to Libya Ivan Mulotkov who works in Moscow since the evacuation of embassy staff in Tripoli in October / October last year, that the first group of Russian diplomats may return to Libya before the end of the year.

He Mulotkov told “Interfax” الجمعة November 29 that “the first group may soon be using to select a new complex of the embassy, ​​and that among other tasks.” He added: “If we agree with the Libyans, it is likely that our representatives to go there before the end of the year.”

With regard to the ability of the Libyan authorities to ensure the security of Russian diplomats, said Mulotkov “It was clear that they can not provide a guarantee of 100%, however, are interested in our return.”

Workers have been evacuated in the Russian embassy in Libya and their family members on October 3 / October after exposure to the embassy armed attack on October 2 / October.

Source: RT + “Interfax”

Ministry of Interior interim government emphasizes the importance of make way for the civil defense vehicles.
The Interior Ministry called the interim government of all citizens the importance of cooperation with civil defense vehicles paving the way for it to provide its services to the needy as soon as possible. She appealed to the ministry in a statement on Saturday, all citizens affected by precipitation rainwater contact the Chamber of National Safety Authority at the following numbers: 021.1775557 021.1773802
The road from Tripoli – the head of Igdir:
Alert goers way of Meteorology take caution expected tonight, God willing, heavy rains accompanied by strong winds.
Rustic Bridge / Highway:

Plateau agricultural project:

Tripoli by Arada:

By Arada soaked in rain water:

Mootoo Sea in the streets of Tripoli car allowance
Is happening in Libya only in 2013 …
Tripoli after heavy rain …..


يحــدث في ليبيا فقط …2013
طرابلس بعد هطول الأمطار …..
(ABOVE pic)The emergence of a submarine in the streets of Tripoli Nowoah … It seems that it has lost its way from the sea.
Urgent. The fall of the ladder stairs in Haiti Street Building and civil defense tries Rescue population trapped in the building.

 (below) Change on climbing in Libya today after the rain that washed away houses Libyans:

Stolen funds infrastructure drowned the Libyan people with the onset of winter:

Cimafro Albive Tajourah:

Alosabah today …:

Prisoners in Mitigua did not sleep last night because of the sinking of the planes that Henagher Amra

sleep where rain water amid media blackout and criminal militia refused to help them get to places where they sleep.




Channel Zintan on Facebook (Libyan youth channel independent seeking to transfer the voice of young people in Zintan and do not represent any political entity)

للاتصال بادارة القناة يمكنكم مراسلتنا على الايميل التالى infozintan@yahoo.com راسلنا على الفيس بوك

Communauté : 106 672 personnes aiment

Zintan shortly before

We ask God to have mercy and Ghaith Geetha useful:


partagé la photo de Wadena.

Travelers across the road and the Diaspora (Tarhounah) take caution of the floods

We ask God for the safety of all:


Climate changes for most of the regions of Libya
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly
The director of the National Center for newsletters Meteorological Emhemed Sibai:
The heavy rains and large quantities of cells, accompanied by thunder cloud over parts of north-west of the head of Igdir even Misrata, easy Aljafarah, and areas of Jebel Nafusa.
He pointed out that this Sibai climate changes may cause traffic jams and problems in the sewerage network in the middle of cities, especially cities of Tripoli and Zawiya and Zuwarah and Sabratha and department in Ajeelat.
Sibai added to the atmosphere of the country on Saturday, it is expected to continue to rain for several hours Sunday night and until tomorrow morning.
It is noteworthy that the rains had been delayed, and held prayers for rain in most of the Libyan cities a few weeks ago.


Department in Al Ajeelat ::::

Now department in Ajeelat
Ahaddat last night unfortunate / /

The assassination of the young forward:

Abdul Razak has greeted Gmq shooting by the Santa Fe car with a weapon and a white T-NBK in front of the mosque, witnesses said.

The death of the young man just Miloud Arbash mistake as he sat with his friends Chebika.

God forgive them and merciful.




Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Ahalis refugee camp in Benghazi and the path of the farmer Sawani camp south of Tripoli, and Ajdabiya is widespread in other areas.
Do not forget your brothers Tawergha camps in the Diaspora … donated a cakewalk, even when God is great.

Cities sank let alone Boukam “and Brarak” …

Do not forget your brothers Tawergha camps in the Diaspora … donated a cakewalk, even when God is great.

Cities sank let alone Boukam “and Brarak” …:

“Let the kids and elders, women Misurata enjoy sleep warm greenhouses and blankets made of feathers, wool and keep children and elders, women Tawergha in freezing cold water washing away their clothes and Hajaythm Mini There God Almighty in his not being unfair to one does not continue to tyranny no matter how powerful.”


Tawergha right of return.



Bani Walid, a little while ago,,, rain and bounties,,, God willing dripped Amaaha Valley:


To the students of the Faculty of Technical Section internal electronic Bani Walid:

You are invited to attend the meeting which will be held today with the Dean and the Registrar General of the College on at 7:30 pm to discuss topics related to internal housing and restaurant

Good luck to all …

Local Council declares Bani Walid to all civil society Establishments scheduled to attend the meeting tomorrow, Sunday, 12.1.2013 and knead at the Association for the Disabled next to Brothers Commercial Bank, please deployment.



Alassema TV channel capital
A group of civil society organizations and a number of residents of the city of Misrata evening vigil
Friday in front of the city hall to demand the martyrs activating the work of the “security services”..

and invite young people to join the Libyan army …

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:

In the past, we hear that the Minister of the Ministry stole money and fled, but that steals the minister

and the ministry are all escapes in Misratah, it already will record the name of the Minister of Economy Ibovas.

Misrata local council declares that the proceeds of the iron and steel complex will fit into the budget

of the local council of the city with a view to rebuilding and revitalizing the movement of investment..




Libyan regions of the Middle :::::::::

The director of the National Center for newsletters Meteorological Emhemed Sibai: explained that:

Northeast experiencing these watches Southeasterly winds active and exciting for dust in some areas with little possibility of rain on Green Mountain and Coast Benghazi.

Very strong storm loaded with dust led to a lack of vision in most areas,

“Benghazi – Ajdabiya – Qmins – Brega – humans – Ras Lanuf”

Sandstorm in the city Sellouk now:

Coast Road today between turf and Benghazi:


Rigging the elections in Belarus today


Rigging elections of the Municipal Council of white before the committee supervising a subsidiary of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Media center for the city of Casablanca: 

Start the electoral process for municipal councils in the city of Casablanca on Saturday 30 November  2013,  where Polling stations opened at eight o’clock in the morning to the voters in the presence of simple terms that the electoral process is going functioning properly and observed today is to change the numbers of candidates according to the list submitted to the voters as the figure announced by the candidate in the electoral propaganda contrary to the number provided to voters what the latest bewilderment of the voters who cast their ballots for candidates Wadlow by mistake.



Heard a loud explosion shakes the region of Sidi Hussein Benghazi.
#( Earthquake, reporter)

 South Bay

Residents of the area do not want to lose elections and lock the polling places by force of arms ..
They said:
“we elect and Benghazi bleeding do not want elections”.

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:

Nice Abouchmadh sold the demands of the demonstrators yesterday in Benghazi and surrendered to what is called the Ansar al-Sharia. From within the agreement between the bolt and the Ansar al-Sharia, to the division of Benghazi today to Nfod areas between the two parties.

Howling and screaming women in Benghazi after the murder of their children at the hands of militia “Ansar al-Sharia”.:

How do I apply to Benghazi and the guidance of the metal faces Almqmlh in Hoarahatguetl nonstop?

نسخع عن المقملين الي في بنغازي اتباع اتنطيم لقاعده,,
Nskha for Almqji to follow in Benghazi Atntam base,

Benghazi – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Sheikhs and notables from the region of South and West and the Amazigh came today to the city of Benghazi to offer condolences to the families of the martyrs in the presence of local councils of cities and the Libyan civil society institutions hall of Granada
Also held a meeting among themselves to “dialogue and consultation and reconciliation”. (AGAIN, how does one dialogue with murderers?)

Also since few have made some of the “leaders in al-Ansar al-Sharia” (!!) to attend the meeting.
Broken Khater been killed. Slain and distorted in his funeral.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Conflicts in the ranks of what is known as Ansar al-Sharia, and a statement
If true, a new prospective information for withdrawal! And
And blurry vision still waiting for details.

“B-P-C-ELVIS BUCKY FREE” asks: “Who are the Elders of Benghazi, who are negotiating with terrorism?”

Fire has been confirmed the news shops brushes Egyptian market and firefighters try to extinguish the fire …..
Men and wounding one Thunderbolt burns in his hand when he provided assistance in order to put out the fire.

A picture of a fire to the Egyptian market for brushes Benghazi ...

(Mutassim Faitouri)



Tuber suffer power cuts and communications and the proliferation of threats from al-Qaeda and the status of the street pitiful.

Almqml Yousef Bin Taher head of the so-called “Army of the Islamic Emirate of Derna”

submitted his resignation before the liberation of Andalusia.

Resignation of the head of the so-called fugitive Joseph b pillars of the Islamic Army.

Channel tuber now

New explosion targeted the tax office in the tuber.

Photos of one of the Army of the Islamic Emirate of Derna:



The people of the girl Bay in the south of Libya in both Tikirkibh and Fageej and Alaqraah Tomb Aoun and Arguiba and Altnachemh and girl Beah forced polling stations lock their positions did not Akechihm and accuse the Congress of conspiring against the country and support the militias, criminals and Adca wars between cities and tribes of Libya and calling for Libyan tribes to meet immediate and urgent to save the country and its people and support the people of Benghazi and army forces in their war against the Khawarij rogues.


Of Tabu :::::::


Clashes between Tabu and sons Sulaiman

Cause of the problem becomes yesterday Gu Soleimani dead Athmu Tabu kill him; On the eve of Awlad Suleiman Remo in two baggage Tabu and Mato 3 youth.

Channel Tabu ::::::::::

Conflicting reports about the death toll and the information we received just

The death toll

2 of Awlad Alsellman
1. Of Tabu
1 Zoe and Jualh TPU
1 Hassnaoui

The kidnapping of a man and a woman Tbawi Tbawih when they enter the Sabha coming from Ajdabiya.

Special and exclusive channel Tabu
Conducted military governor of the southern region military Brigadier / Mohammed golden and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defence area South and the Committee of Elders and Shura Bsabha a meeting with the elders and notables Tabu in order to calm the situation area Sabha and the signing of the armistice bloodshed sons of one homeland, and fear of the development of events and sucked behind the war tribal Dame to Athmd Akbaha .We ask God to guide the country and the people.

(Tabu Sons of the Desert)

South news today …
The head of the local council in charge of the infidels Khalid Bohlaiqah that the humanitarian situation in the city is getting worse after the close by infidels Tazrbua by an armed group, as he pretend it Matsamh peacefully ….
The city suffers from a lack of supplies and goods Foods since cut the road in addition to the closure of bakeries and gas stations ….

Has been officially announced by the Council for Social tribes in the province of Fezzan Sabha and bring you Baasme council members later in Baden God.

Left the doctors and hospital staff working with medical Sabha
After entering the hospital for gunmen armed with cars
And initiated by gunfire faithful
# Sabha
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Reported finding the body of Gabriel Pope ordered a battalion shield Libya Branch Sabha wounded

by three bullets and it traces run over by car, inside the building, the Indian company Sabha,.
According to the statements of the driver who fled the culprits:
Stated that he had fled from an armed group from Tabu while they liquidate Gabriel Pope.

Sabha in clashes between the children of Solomon and Tabu
And the killing of eight people were killed and a person from the tribe Rafla Balkhtae by Tabu

and someone from the tribe Rabaya
Flights were stopped at the airport Sabha was control of the hospital March 2 by Tabu

(Free newspaper Sabha)


Hospital Barak beach until last night receives
Charred bodies, and the death toll stood at more than 40 dead
Including 24 Libyan Africans and the rest

# Barak
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Barak air base ... Photos explosions Hdtt (6 photos)
Base Barak beach and by the latest.





The head of the “interim government”, Mr. Ali Zaidane beginning of Saturday’s visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the invitation of Prime Minister \ “Abdullah Eagles \”. Accompanying the prime minister on the visit of a ministerial delegation, including ministers of Foreign Affairs and Culture, Health and Higher Education.



Detection union security, secrétaire général du Syndicat des prisons, Walid Zarrouk*** that Abdul Hakim Belhaj, ensnared in the introduction of weapons into Tunisia and its support for terrorist gangs to disrupt the security of Tunisia and documented this with the Ministry of the Interior as he put it.
The Zarrouk that when revealed is Abdul Hakim hastened to bring the document to show that this person entered the Tunisian territory by stealth which was denied by pointing out that the pilgrim entered several times Tunisian territory and his motorcade equipped ambulance is not subject to inspection but are escorted by security to protect them since entering the Tunisian territory,
a Value laden with gifts for terrorists, according to the saying. The union said the security on its own page on the social networking that wants to polish the image of this, which he described as “indefinite article” a tacit admission that he is ensnared in the terrorism issue that killed the sons of the homeland.

Walid Zarruq released conditionally …

Posted by Youssef 04 October, 2013 at 15:06

Walid Zarruq (photo - Shems)

The union’s general secretary prisons, Walid Zarruq was released today following a decision of the judge of the court of first instance of Bizerte.

Detained since September 9 after a complaint for defamation and false accusations against a public official, however Walid Zarruq has a parole pending completion of the investigation in relation to this matter.

Release Walid Zarruq does not mean, in fact, not the dismissal of the case for why it was not until later that will give the judge. In any event, this is good news, and above all a sign that justice is being gradually earn its independence.

Is accused, among other things, Walid Zarruq to have published on July 30, a list of names of security officials who belong, according to him, a parallel security apparatus, the reporting of suspicious practices and warning against further terrorist strikes.

Walid Zarruq also, through his lawyer, alerted the public about a possible terrorist attack in the coming weeks, and was in possession of irrefutable evidence about the threat.


Historical Note:

THOUGHTS ON ABU SALIM “according to LIBYA S.O.S.”‘s  “Mirko”  at  libia-sos.blogspot.ch

 (a b

May 1997 in ABU SALIM prison there were prisoners of Al Qaeda.  A group of prisoners managed to capture the guard who was eating his lunch. The guard, who had a gun and keys, at lunch-tiime removed them. The group took them. The prisoners tried to escape

and free the rest of the 480 al-Qaeda prisoners. There was heavy fighting between the army guarding the prison and the prisoners. A fire broke-out, and in the end, many prisoners died.

On the same day, a group of Al-Qaeda attempt to invade Benghazi, they were surrounded by the army and because they refused to surrender,

they eventually died.

The Libyan government was wrong to keep silent about the reality of all that had happened. Therefore, al-Qaeda would be enabled to

politicize and manipulate the facts, which were then used as claim against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi especially!

People did not know of the dead excewpt the immediate families of the deceaed (who were given condolence letters of their deaths). No one knew what really had happened. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi ordered a thorough investigation.  Eventually the families began to inquire and seek compensation. The families hired lawyers in Libya and elsewhere, as in Tunisia.  It became widely politicized; and these deceased members of Al- Qaeda, were used to defame the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.



Memories of Muammar al-Qathafi at Versailles 05 DECEMBER 2007:


Stormy Mid-week

Mu finest

Mu thinking in contemplation

Flood is coming (FB) writes;
The Male Date of Libya, but not everyone has to stop frequently at the name of

Sheikh Sidi Abdul Salam brown Faitouri:

Oh .. Date
O Date Anselm p Liberals .. Sheikh boys in all countries
O thou ancient history .. Dom brown in his heart
O Date Alkhtaua forward .. Said and done, what is the word of
Join our word oh right .. Asmar said Believe In saying
O Date without Halkalam .. Bushra Saraa and Haam peace
O Date Agaha story .. And to tell the truth and lift the flag
Oh .. Date
O Date Halopash said .. Death Jahm appetizers Halonjaas
Oh preached their history .. Halaopash follows Galo fetish
O Date Asrdha story .. Second to none and the right end of the Dhalm
Hey Rahm history are a shame .. The book in which God Zhou Fire
Oh what Lehne history in his home .. The work of his hands triggered a beacon
Hey Tark they traveled aggression .. Darrow Shi infidel what Darash
Date of Type O Halstor .. Livigno riffraff due pleasure
Oh .. Date
O Date Quellahm words .. Asmar serious Higher substitute
O Date Dlm and holiday .. Day Vnahm on Ashvar iron
O Date Venaha completed .. Tripoli today how pit blood
Oh yes .. Date Vhemenaha The Vena corner and carefree Bashart
Hey today’s date funded Hyatt .. Ghost eye cell Azoarh
Oh we knew Aldbarh history .. Janzour Nstano of reference
Oh .. Date
O Date understands the world .. Yaala right after technical Aldhalm
O Date Tmenhm our prisoners .. Jay Faraj Dom God shine
Oh history of the word martyr .. Reassured reassured downright Nasra
Date O prophet commandment .. Nehna oversee what Landero calcareous
O history we have stated Secretary .. We raise the banner of victory for religion
Oh .. Date
O Call Date lighthouse p .. Asmar angle Dhawi Fanara
O Date Quellahm lines .. Date of Asmar in Old Ages
O Date reached his peace .. Hvad to Sheikh Jawad Cram
O record date Halstor .. Victory near Berdja light
Oh my history in the last .. God bless the good Alanami
Althelata dawn on 26/11/2013 m …
ذا ذكر تاريخ ليبيا , فلا يملك الجميع إلا التوقف كثيرا عند إسم الشيخ سيدي عبد السلام الأسمر الفيتورييـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ انسلم عـ الأحــــرار .. أولاد الشيخ في كـل الأقطـــــار
يا تاريخ أنت يا القديـــــــــم .. الأسمر دوم كلامه في الصميـم
يا تاريخ الخطاوي للأمــــــام .. قـــول وفعل ماهـــو غيــــر كلام
يا تاريخ كلمتنـــا الحـــــــق .. الاسمر قــــال وفي قــوله صدق
يا تاريخ دون هالكــــــــــلام .. البشرا ســــاراا وحيعم الســلام
يا تاريخ إحكيهـــــا الحكــاية .. وقـــــول الحق وأرفعهــــــا الرايةيـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ وذكر هالأوبــــــاش .. الموت جاهم كمشة هالأنجــاس
يا تاريخ بشرهـم بهــــــــم .. هالاوبـــــاش يلي قالـــــو صنم
يا تاريخ إسردهــا الحكـــاية .. يعلى الحق ولضالم نهــــــــــاية
يا تاريخ هم راهم العـــــــار .. وكتاب الله تشــــو فيــــه النــــار
يا تاريخ مــا يهنى في داره .. بعمل يديـــــه فجرهـــــــا منـارة
يا تارخ هـم عدوان ســــافر .. دارو شــــــي ما داراش كـــــافر
يا تاريخ اكتب هـالسطــور .. يفنــــــو اوبـــــاش ويرجع سـروريـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ قــوللهم كــــلامه .. الاسمـــــر جدي العالي مقـــامه
يا تاريخ دكرهـــم وعيــــد .. بيوم فنـــاهم على اشفار الحديد
يا تاريخ شفنــــــاهـا اتــم .. اليوم طرابلس كيــــف حفرة الدم
يا تاريخ فهمنـــــــاها نعم .. وشفنا الزاوية وبشــــــــارت الهم
يا تاريخ اليوم تمـــو حيـارة .. شبـح العيـــــن لخليـــــــة ازوارة
يا تاريخ عرفناها الدبــــارة .. من جنزور نستنـــــــو الاشـــــارة

يـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ يفهمهــا العـــالم .. يعلا الحــق بعــد فنية الضـــــالم
يا تاريخ طمنهم اسرانــــا .. جاي فــــــرج دوم الله معـانـــــــا
يا تاريخ كلمة للشهيــــد .. اطمان اطمان النصـــــــرا اكيـــــد
يا تاريخ نبيهــــا وصيـــــة .. نحنا اشراف ما انديـــــــرو السية
يا تاريخ قلنـاهــا أميــــن .. نرفــــع رايـــــــة النصر للديـــــن

يـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ احكي عـ المنارة .. زاويـــة الاسمر ضـــاوي فنــــارة
يا تاريخ قوللهم سطــــور .. تاريخ الاسمر في قديم العصــور
يا تاريخ وصل هـ الســلام .. لحفــــاد الشيخ لجــــواد لكـرام
يا تاريخ سجل هالسـطور .. النصــر قــرب وبيـــرجع النــــــور
يا تاريخ في أخر كلامــي .. صلى الله على خيـــــر الانــامي

فجر يوم الثلاتاء 26 / 11 / 2013 م …

28:20 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel titled (why we are against February), dated 11/25/2013 P

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 11/21/2013 P


Orientalist Russian Vyacheslav Matuszov spoke, saying:

“…Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi has very important positive feature, in-which he is able to gather representatives of tribes and agree on principles governing the activities of the Libyan state.

Today, the main task for any leader Libby regardless of the manner in which it arrived at the helm, is to follow the footsteps of the Libyan leader. And therefore should be harmony between the races in the country, tailored to the interests of all tribes and groups who act uncontrollably today in Libya, and should apply the principle of mutual tolerance. This means that, regardless of the positions taken by this tribe or that person during the civil war, they should remove all the charges against them and remove the entire responsibility. Without a national consensus, the destructive processes that can be seen now in the country, will increase and this would would be a major threat not only to Libya itself, but many of the neighboring countries.

In theory, this all sounds good and true. But, you think the Libyan media halo Masrati, which they describe so far in Libya as a presenter for the beloved leader Muammar Gaddafi, that the implementation of this scenario would be almost impossible, she said in this regard, saying:

Download audio material

In any case, should be based on the Libyans themselves, and if the people themselves are not willing to eliminate the chaos and the internal order of the house, it is unlikely that this can be done by an exotic destination abroad.”

Dialogue with the Libyan media known halo Masrati

Dialogue with the Libyan media known halo Masrati

 Interview: Imad parasite

Download audio material

.Dialogue with the Libyan media halo Masrati known about the latest developments of the situation in Libya



UN to send guard force to Libya
November 27, 2013 10:17 PM
Agence France Presse
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks during a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, about an international peace conference aimed at ending Syria's civil war, November 25, 2013. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks during a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, about an international peace conference aimed at ending Syria’s civil war, November 25, 2013. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

UNITED NATIONS, United States: The United Nations is to send a 235-strong special force to Libya to protect UN staff because of increasing attacks in the country, officials said Wednesday.

The UN Security Council has agreed a request by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to send the force, China’s UN ambassador Liu Jieyi said.

Ban said in a letter to the council that UN staff are “at increased risk of attack” because of worsening tensions and “the lack of reliable national security forces.”

The force, probably to be taken from UN peacekeeping missions, would guard the UN base in Tripoli. “This would act as a deterrent against extremist elements who are not welcoming of foreign personnel,” Ban commented.

He added that the guards could also help evacuate the more than 200 staff in the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

The mission has been helping with a political transition in Libya.

China’s ambassador told reporters that as Security Council president

for November he had sent a letter to Ban agreeing to the force.

Channel capital Tripoli
Those who participated in the killing of Libyans and they have detailed information about the killings and assassinations that occur in each of Derna, Benghazi and eastern Libya in general, and we will provide you lists, respectively …
1 – Sufyan bin his people
2 – Mohammed bin Sufyan his people
3 – Ali bin Tahir Mouse
4 – Reza cock poetic
5 – Siraj Mohammed legion Dhokh
6 – Mahmoud Bashar al-Drissi
7 – Salah Rajab Dnico
8 – Hamza Agrebel
9 – Salem Tiger Palestinian doctor
10 – Hassan Al Mansouri Bozhb
11 – Boogie Ayad Azaatoot
12 – Muhammad Aldriue
13 – Abdul Hakim Al Awar Alhsaada
14 – Salem Alfbaúla Bo points
15 – Aldisekh Mansouri
16 – Majdi Murad seven
17 – share Ghaithi
18 – Hamad Bu Sfith
19 – share Alfabsa
20 – Saqr Gabésien
21 – Hashim Mozah


23 General cleaning company in a protest in front of the headquarters of the National Congress:

Reporter atmosphere of the country”:

a protest now in front of the National Congress for twenty-three subsidiary of General Services claim the salaries of the month of September, October and November.

Quoting \ logic:
Sidor after a meeting half an hour from now, almost between the local ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood falling legitimacy of Benghazi and members of the National Congress for the city at the Institute of Social Service Center next to Fwyhat note that the meeting secret and unspoken
And to make sure it will be of a conspiracy against the national army and for the benefit of the terrorist organization.
Bo Sidra and Zoppi and are Jaudh
Khaled Sherif, head of the “Libyan Fighting Group”* previously met with a delegation of the BRITISH military.

*: DVSN of “Ansar al-SHARIA”/ “al-QAEDA”…
and see ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ/ “ALI HARDNESS” (center) of this picture too.BTW: Khaled Sherif has abducted, tortured and murderd young girls in TRIPOLI.The LFG spoke with and welcomed John McCAIN a few months back ! and the idiot GNC is now calling for “negotiations”!!! (How does one “negotiate” with insane murderers????)
عــــــــــــــــــــــــاجل …
“Would not we shed the blood of the Libyan easily Tripoli”
(quote of ZAIDANE) The head of the government Almaqto “Ali Zaidane,” who was speaking shortly before a news conference in Tripoli:
will offer the shedding of the blood of the Libyan easily, but we will if we have what we have and the dictates of our duty as a government.
meanwhile, al-ANSAR al-SHARIA thinks they are going away scott-free AFTER THE “AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA” cause CHAOS, BLOODSHED and destruction, the ask for “SAFE PASSAGE OUT” !!!!!Urgent _ # _ special source: Ansar al-Sharia ask the government for safe passage out of Benghazi and pull them weapons !!(Media center for the youth of the capital)خالد الشريف رئيس الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة سابقا يلتقي مع وفد عسكري انجليزيبنت الوادي
Pilgrim” the commander of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb
Published yesterday what was said (leaks) to achieve security with the U.S., “Abu Anas Libyan” he told investigators: “The Hakim Belhaj” is the official leader of al-Qaeda operations in the Islamic Maghreb.

Pilgrim” the commander of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb

Published yesterday what was said (leaks) to achieve security with the U.S., “Abu Anas Libyan” he told investigators: “The Hakim Belhaj” is the official leader of al-Qaeda operations in the Islamic Maghreb.


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO (FB GROUP)

[God loves and understands Aduch!!! Are we no jealousy on Islam]

Zionist John McCain, owner of the famous statement in which he said
” If it were up to demolished the Kaaba”
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a supporter of the Islamic State (and SALAFIST LFG/al-QAEDA)
Monday’s meeting contrary to logic and the Islamic faith and the betrayal of God and the
Prophet (PBUH).


Noureddine Bouchiha:

Abdul Hakim Belhaj plan to bring all armed formations in Tripoli that belong to other cities … Let me Tripoli is Tripoli Council elected Brotherhood of others who tops the scene from the days of the Transitional Council

Abdul Hakim Belhaj was planning for that matter in Turkey out of trouble and away from the lead … Having completed the first plan , which witnessed a spontaneous people of Tripoli to bring out the militias Gharghour Here now playing the game to the city of Zintan and other

Go out strong scenario for pasting charge in Zintan!

After Prime Almkhabart return my father runs when Abdel Hakim Belhaj , the Libyan state and no evidence of this that he had traveled to Turkey for the master, Abdul Hakim Belhaj has been met to receive orders from him

When Rdjao was there in the car Antdharhm to Taktafhm ( ( Machae God Zintan then intelligence largest of intelligence itself) ) and snatched Alzzouz the

Kidnappers They blooded Bar and their faces Melih mean … Infdhu in law Bhaddaverh …. To the extent that they and Agafo in Alcimafro he red ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ … WHDH chances of one of the abductees he opens the door and says, Hello and escape them and kidnappers appointed laugh and cry and eye Maigdroush Aiderio something ….

Dimensions kidnappers, they said no … Nrfoh Senthaaaan Bash knows us from Zintan Hahah

And a day later … Kidnappers of Zintan Nad conscience and Skhvhm to Khatuwenh .. ( ( Deputy Prime Almkhabart ) ) .. And Qalolh overland spirit Samehnak the Hahah

Then he came up in the news channel directly and said Zintan Khtfinu , and Owok supreme Owok Khtfinu

( ( Ali from Tdgo ? ? ? Ali poor people O Kdaben ? ? ? … But whatever Adero Lord Fadgm and to him a little Aklbs know your plan to take control of Tripoli O Mqji ) )

Mazal Akaddam greatest Libyan O ..
Tripoli channel

Meager beginning of the play of the planning Hardness and Abdel Hakim Belhaj for control of the capital.

After the departure of Misrata militias began, receipt of LFG militia fighter Abdul Hakim Belhaj Ali , DC
Play poorly Noah kidnapping intelligence remove the Vice President Ali Hardness and Abdul Hakim Ballhaj for charges and falsely accuse arrest by Zintan and private control of the capital.

That began Hashim humans and follow the “Libyan Fighting Group”

targeting “Misrata militia “to drive them out of the capital in order to govern their own capital.

We want the army and police only and do not want to take out the city of Misrata militias and keep militias belonging to other destinations
قناة طرابلس

بداية مسرحية هزيلة من تخطيط الصلابي وعبد الحكيم بالحاج للسيطرة علي العاصمة

بعد خروج مليشيات مصراتة بدأت خطة خروج مليشيات الزنتان و استلام مليشيات المقاتلة التابعة لعبد الحكيم بالحاج علي العاصمة

مسرحية هزيلة اختطاف نائب رئيس الاستخبارات بإخراج من علي الصلابي و عبد الحكيم باللحاج لتوجيه التهم الي الزنتان وللانفراد بالسيطرة علي العاصمة

نريد جيش و شرطة فقط و لانريد اخراج مليشيات مدينة مصراتة و ابقاء مليشيات تابعة لجهات اخري

ولهذا بدأ هاشم بشر و اتباع الليبية المقاتلة باستهداف مليشيات مصراتة لإخراجهم من العاصمة لكي يحكموا العاصمة بمفردهم

نورالدين بوشيحة

خطة عبدالحكيم بالحاج لاخراج جميع التشكيلات المسلحه في طرابلس التي تنتمي للمدن الاخري … لينفرد بي طرابلس هو ومجلس طرابلس الاخواني الغير منتخب والذي يتصدر المشهد من ايام المجلس الانتقالي

كان عبدالحكيم بالحاج يخطط لهذا الامر في تركيا بعيدا عن المشاكل وبعيدا عن الرصاص … وبعد ان اكتملت الخطه الاولي والتي شهدت عفوية اهل طرابلس لاخراج مليشيات غرغور هاهو الان يلعب اللعبه لمدينة الزنتان وغيرها

فاخرج سيناريو قوي ليلصق التهمة بمدينة الزنتان

بعد عودة رئيس المخابارت الدي يشتغل عند عبد الحكيم بالحاج وليس الدولة الليبية والدليل علي هدا انه سافر الي تركيا لملاقات سيده عبدالحكيم بالحاج لتلقي الاوامر منه

وعندما رجعو كانت هناك سيارة في انتضارهم لتخطفهم ((ماشاء الله الزنتان عندها مخابرات اكبر من المخابرات نفسها)) وخطفوهم الزوز

الخاطفين وهم بدم بار وجوهم مليح يعني … ينفذو في القانون بحدافيره …. لدرجة انهم وقفو في السيمافرو لانه احمر ههههههه … وهده فرصه لاحد المختطفين انه يفتح الباب ويقول السلام عليكم ويهرب منهم والخاطفين عين تضحك وعين تبكي ومايقدروش ايديرو شيء ….

بعدين الخاطفين قالو لا … نرفعوه للزنتاااان باش يعرفنا من الزنتان ههههه

وبعدها بيوم … الخاطفين من الزنتان ناض ضميرهم وسخفهم الي خاطفينه ..((نائب رئيس المخابارت )) .. وقالوله برا روح سامحناك ههههه

وبعدها هو طلع في قناة النبأ مباشر وقال الزنتان خطفوني ووووك عليا ووووك خطفوني

(( علي من تضحكو ؟؟؟ علي الشعب المسكين يا كدابين ؟؟؟ … لكن مهما اديرو ربي فاضحكم والي عنده شوية عقلبس يعرف خطتكم للسيطره علي طرابلس يا مقملين ))

مزال القدام اعظم يا ليبيين ..


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New 0.96€ billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party

Abdullah thankless to free Libya on channel Libya Al-Ahrar city of Zintan:

“A large meeting is coming between Misrata and (?) ZINTAN REVOLUTIONARIES after these events happening in Tripoli.
What is occuring is a coup of the Brotherhood and their cohorts of the ‘revolution’; and the ‘revolutionaries’ plan to take control of Tripoli.
Where you die they head KINTU scene Wayne was Badri Sadat….who wants to drive the rebels from their capital and the parties have submitted to them. Almtdahrine are deceived by their leaders.
Badri Sadat. Eat in exquisite mouthful satisfaction thasab your soul with fear elatris…..”

#عبــدالله_نــــاكر علي قناة ليبيا الأحـــرار من مدينة الزنتان :

أين كنتو أنتم يامن تتصدرون المشهد وأين كان سادات البدري .. يريدون اخراج الثوار من عاصمتهم التي حررهو وقدمو الاطراف .. المتضاهرين مخدوعين من قبل من قادتهم ..

اجتماع كبير قادم بين ثوار مصراتة والزنتان بعد احداث طرابلس وما يحدث في طرابلس هو انقلاب من الاخوان والازلام على الثورة والثوار للسيطرة على طرابلس

عبدالله ناكر علي ليبيا الاحرار
للسادات البدري … تاكل في البريوش تحساب روحك بتخوف التريس

Abdullalh thankless (BELHADJ) is BLAMING MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI again for the violence !

as Hahim humans promises excellence and says “We are returning and we are strong”!! making slogans with his cohorts and Mu’ammar !

عبدالله ناكر:: الجيش الي طلع في ليلة وضحها هدو جماعة هشام بشر مايكبوش عليكم
لكن نوعدكم ان نحن عائدون وبقوة شوف طرابلس بعد خروج الثوار الحيوط كلها مخربشة بهتافات الازلام وجماعة معمر

Ali hardness (BELHADJ) shortly before the Liberal channel:

“All the blame on the government, and I had previously interacted with Zaidane and I have it set up a committee headed by a dialogue with these Abdulwahab Kayed and Sami al-Saadi!!”

علي الصلابي قبل قليل علي قناة الاحرار :

اللوم كله علي الحكومه وانا سبق وان تحاورت مع زيدان وأشرت عليه بتشكيل لجنه حوار مع هؤلاء يرأسها عبدالوهاب القايد وسامي الساعدي!!

OBAMA is al-Qaeda

Very urgent and very important ::

Very urgent and very important ::

Leak Mend

It has been two days since “the report prepared by the Office of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane” was received by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry (during his recent meeting in connection with the FBI Alavdralah investigations  of the detainee Libyan Abu Anas Libi ,  now in the USA).

Zaidane asked Kerry to help the Libyan government to arrest or liquidate of some of the names received in the report (which was prepared in a two-page edition as follows) :

So admitted (impartialy)

Alriqiei aka Abu Anas Libi, that the Libyan warlords of al Qaeda gain, when they accede to the recent request of Abdul Hakim Belhadj.

they are:
Mohammed Zahawi, Ismail Sallabi, Oribi Boca, Ahmed Abuchthalh , Osama Salaabi, Mohammed Kilani, Khaled Mashri, Ghani Alkkla, Haitham Tagouris, Abdul Rauf-hater, Salah Briki, Khalid Basir, Sohail Sadiq Ghiryani (son of thee NATO Mufti),

in addition to members of the Jemaah Islamiah Fighter (Libyan Fighting Group), they are:
Khaled al-Sharif, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense Libyan Dawadi,
added Abu Anas,  that the Libyan Abdulhakim Belhadj asked Prime Minister of the Renaissance Party in Tunisia to help get rid of some of the leaders of the security for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA / “GADDAFI FRIENDS” who are present in Tunisia in return to support the movement of the “Renaissance” financially and logistically in control of Tunisia,
and actually was done and sent Belhadj labeled (Haitham Tagouris) accompanied by a Crusade group to Tunisia managed to kidnap an official Homeland Security former Libyan capital Milad Daman from the heart of the Tunisian capital and transfer him to Tripoli accompanied by some wanted by the Islamic organizations in Libya, has asked Ghannouchi of Belhadj to help get rid of some of the icons Tunisian at variance with his movement, led by a thought of the Communist Chokri Belaid, and some men of the Tunisian army was Haitham Tagouris and his band, which includes Khalid Basir and five members of the deadline to do several operations in Tunisia (the most important success in the assassination of Shokri Belaid )     and others in the process described both types at the time, and go beyond this dissemination
Within this group of Algerian leaders within the territory to target gas compound and some Algerian security officers, which this time was led by Khaled Al-Basir  ordering the leaders of the Algerian Salafist Movements.
Decker Abu Anas Libyan thought that you are working with al-Qaeda in Libya  to regulate cluster (allowing for a very narrow knowledge) to identify new regulators who have especially large and formal institutions which dominate political and economic life in Libya and remembrance that both Abdulwahab commander Mohammed Abussdrh and Solomon Zoubih [Sulieman Zubie] follow the organization and hold positions of  the presidency in Libya;  as well as the person named Solomon Forte who tabbed organizations to pursue its member detainees in other countries, seeking to release them, that the members of the organization of the Libyan Presidency provide financial coverage ,and have done so,  successfully,  exporting this purpose through legislation!
He also said Belhadj (and support diagonal) creates a secret  Islamic army inside Libya (to be an alternative official military as well as official security);
and that Qatar aims to embrace their continued control over Libya , making the West need Qatar for its role in whatever happened Asthmav to Western interests in Libyaand Decker Al-Qaeda (under the guise of the Taliban) to open an office Thmtal him in Doha, in order for Qatar to make it work (under its authority)  to secure the island’s Arabic Wahhabism tenure and Saudi Arabia specificly,
as well as admitted Abouans, that Libya is now considered Alcan Albvel and is their economically supportive large base (after their decline of activity within Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq , Somalia, Yemen, and Mali).
There has never been, for this organization, such a recovery and control of the states, as has happened with Libya, the report concluded.

تسرب مند يومين من مكتب رئيس الوزراء الليبي علي زيدان تقرير كان قد استلمة من وزير الخارجيه الامريكي جون كيري في لقائه الاخير بخصوص التحقيقات التي تقوم بها FBI مكتب التحقيقات الافدراليه الامريكيه مع المعتقل الليبي ابو انس الليبي وطلب كيري مساعدة الحكومة الليبية في القبض او تصفية بعض الاسماء التي وردت بالتقرير وقد جاء في التقرير والذي اعد في صفحتين الاتي ((( اعترف نزيه الرقيعي الملقب ابو انس الليبي ان امراء حرب ليبيين انظموا الي تنظيم القاعدة اخيراً بطلب من عبدالحكيم بلحاج وهم محمد الزهاوي ،، اسماعيل الصلابي ،، عريبي بوكا ،، احمد ابوخثاله ،، اسامة الصلابي ،، محمد الكيلاني ،، خالد المشري ،، عبدالغني الككلي ،، هيثم التاجوري ،، عبدالرؤوف كاره ،، هاشم بشر ،، صلاح البريكي ،، خالد البصير ،، سهيل الصادق الغرياني ابن المفتي ،، بالاضافة الي اعضاء بالجماعة الاسلامية المقاتله وهم خالد الشريف وكيل وزارة الدفاع الليبية والدوادي ،،، واضاف ابو انس الليبي إن عبدالحكيم بلحاج طلب من رئيس حزب النهضه في تونس المساعدة في التخلص من بعض قيادات امنية لنظام القذافي متواجدة بتونس مقابل مساندة حركة النهضه مادياً ولوجستياً في السيطرة على تونس وفعلاً تم ذلك وارسل بلحاج المسمى ( هيثم التاجوري ) رفقة مجموعة جهادية لتونس تمكنت من خطف مسئول الامن الداخلي السابق بالعاصمة الليبية ميلاد دامان من قلب العاصمة التونسية ونقله لطرابلس رفقة بعض المطلوبين لدى تنظيمات اسلاميه بليبيا ،، وقد طلب الغنوشي من بلحاج المساعدة في التخلص من بعض الرموز التونسيه التي تختلف ايدوجياً مع حركته وعلى رأسهم ذو الفكر الشيوعي شكري بلعيد وبعض رجالات الجيش التونسي وكان هيثم التاجوري وفرقته التي تضم خالد البصير وخمسة اعضاء في الموعد للقيام بعدة عمليات بتونس اهمها النجاح في اغتيال شكري بلعيد واخرين في عملية وصفت بنوعيه في ذلك الوقت وانتقل بعدها نشاط هذه الفرقه للاراضي الجزائريه لتستهدف مجمع الغاز وبعض رجال الامن الجزائري وهذه المرة كانت بقيادة خالد البصير تحت إمرت قيادات جزائريه اسلاميه ،،، دكر ابو انس الليبي ان الفكر الذي تعمل به القاعدة في ليبيا هو تنظيم عنقودي يسمح بمعرفة ضيقه جداً لتحديد المنظمين الجدد لها وخاصة بالمؤسسات الرسميه الكبيرة والتي تسيطر على مناحي الحياة السياسيه والاقتصادية بليبيا ودكر ان كلاً من عبدالوهاب القائد ومحمد ابوسدره وسليمان زوبيه يتبعون التنظيم ويتقلدون وظائف بالرئاسة الليبية وكذلك شخص يدعى سليمان فورتيه كلفه التنظيم بمتابعة اعضائه المعتقلين بالدول الاخرى والسعي للافراج عليهم على ان يقوم اعضاء التنظيم بالرئاسه الليبية توفير التغطيه الماليه له لذلك من خلال تشريعات يصدرونها لهذا الغرض !! اضاف ايضاً ان بلحاج وبدعم قطري يقوم بانشاء جيش اسلامي سري داخل ليبيا ليكون بديل الجيش الرسمي وكذلك الحال للامن وان قطر تهدف من ذلك استمرار سيطرتها على ليبيا وجعل الغرب يحتاج لدورها كل ما حصل استهذاف لمصالح غربيه بليبيا ودكر ان تنظيم القاعدة وتحت ستار حركة طالبان فتح مكتب ثمتيل له بالدوحة سعياً من قطر لجعله يعمل تحت سلطتها لتضييق الخناق على الفكر الوهابي بالجزيرة العربيه وتحديداً بالسعودية ،، كذلك اعترف ابوانس ان ليبيا الان تعتبر الكان البذيل والدعم الاقتصادي الكبير للقاعدة بعد انحصار نشاطها في افغانستان والباكستان والعراق والصومال واليمن ومالي وانه لم يسبق لهذا التنظيم الانتعاش والسيطرة على دوله كما حصل معه بليبيا )) انتهى التقرير .

Events of Tripoli and Benghazi
For Tripoli, they suffer from the excesses and Artkabat militias imported from abroad such as Misrata and other militias, and the formal expulsion of the tension eased, say formal because they went out and returned themselves as militias dressed in what is called the army ..
The Benghazi, it’s different, militias committed abuses and acts of murder and terrorism, such as “supporters of Sharia” and others, are people of Benghazi, and can not be expelled to the outside .. In this measure should not be Tripoli and Benghazi scale of one .. The solution of stripping the militias of their weapons, but can it? ..
(Ali Chendeb Handb)



Sit all the staff of Al-Fateh Tower on Wednesday, and the disruption of all Alosinseerat in the tower, and entered the embassies in this sit-in, noting that the staff of embassies, including Alabritanyh and Maltese and Canadian,,, attended today was they want to begin their work, but Tfajioa resolution constellation that There is no work today and there was a sit-in,,,

Tower light now:

برج الفاتح الان …:

Labor unions support giving a chance to the government on armed formations
Atmosphere of the country –
The President of the Federation of Workers sector oil and gas Louay Daoud said Wednesday that the unions and the unions agreed yesterday with the Tripoli Local Council to give an opportunity for the government to prove its credibility towards the armed formations in the capital Tripoli.
David explained to the ambiance baladan unions and trade unions will announce on Thursday a statement on civil disobedience in Tripoli.
Between David and that a committee was formed at the level of Tripoli, made up of labor unions to monitor the sites that will be delivered by armed formations.
He pointed out that the unions are taking a crucial decision on the termination of the control of armed groups on the oil ports Mounqth Central.
David stressed that the union does not have any of the commandments of the National Congress, the public or from the government or local councils.
The Union of Workers oil and gas sector had demanded yesterday the first workers’ located within the city of Tripoli to continue in the major civil disobedience until all armed formations out of the capital.
The head of Tripoli local council announced on Thursday the continuation of civil disobedience until the last piece of weaponry out of the capital Tripoli.

The production of electricity at the lowest level Tripoli

Said Minister of Electricity and Chairman of the Committee on the implementation of resolutions 27 and 53, “Ali Mahariv” at a press conference now: electricity production in this period at the lowest level, today’s production does not exceed 4600 MB, and the first reason as a result of the closure of some of the gas pipeline.

Alassema TV channel capital
Carried out air traffic controllers at Tripoli International Airport first phase of the strike dates to delay takeoff trips … Threatening to paralyze the arrival of aviation and the closure of Libyan airspace beginning from the first of next December in the event of failure to meet their demands for improving their financial situation …


The bombing of the shrine Murad Agha Btajurae
“Atmosphere of the country” –
The Director of the Office of the effects of Tajourah Mohammed Al-Amari bombing of the tomb of the Ottoman commander Murad Agha Btajurae by unknown assailants blew up on Wednesday, and said that “the damage to the shrine Murad Agha Mosque eloquent led to the demolition of the walls and the dome.”
Ammari added to the “atmosphere of the country”, “the actors that they blew up the shrine users explosives after they failed to Nbashh.”
Ammari explained that investigations are underway, adding that the mosque by the cameras may be photographed actors.
The observer described the effects of the bombing of Tripoli F Qrassa Murad Agha Mosque, which is one of the mosques and historical monuments, illegal work and illegal, adding that the mosque, which dates back to its founding year 1551 is protected by law and the effects of historic cities.
He accused the Director of the Media Center Btajurae Nouri Chaouch of what he called “Salafist extremist groups that aim to blur the Libyan identity and cultural heritage of Libya” and added that these groups do not have the courage to do this act in broad daylight.
On the other hand Ammari Office torque effects on the restoration of the shrine and said it will be next to him with stones scattered through the assistance of Bmmermmin effects of interest and a historical cities.

The director of the Information Office of the Local Council Tajourah, Haitham Al Ammari, showed for “atmosphere for the country” this morning’s bombing of the tomb of the Ottoman commander Murad Agha Btajurae  at dawn.
The SALAFIST bombing of the 16th Century shrine Murad Agha mosque in Tajourah and dig the grave before dawn today.

  Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Exhume the tomb next to the Murad Agha mosque this morning ..:

There is no power but from God.


Turkish ambassador visits the scene of the bombing Murad Agha mosque!!!!!!:
Turkish ambassador visited the scene of the bombing of the shrine Murad Agha and signs of anger on his face while
Ambassador tried to stay away from the media and could only watch from the ruins of the shrine outside the precincts of the mosque.
Page Libyan News

It is the Mosque of Murad Agha which is considered one of the most important mosques that exist in Libya for the reasons of time and the personality of the man who established it in the middle of the sixteenth century.

It was Murad Agha the Turkish officer who was sent to Tajourah in 1551 by the Ottoman Sultan to help the Libyans bring an end to the rule of the Knights of St. John in Tripoli that started in 1510.

Murad Agha, the word agha means commander, established his headquarters and command at Tajourah so he could keep a close eye on what was going on behind the walls of the present day Old City of Tripoli.

With the help of the Ottoman navy Tripoli was conquered 14 August 1551. Murad Agha was appointed the first Ottoman Wali, governor, of the new Ottoman province on the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Tripoli is called “Tripoli the West” or ‘Turabuls Al-Gharrb’ in Arabic as it is currently known. It is named Tripoli of the West in order to differentiate between it and the other Tripoli that is also located on the Mediterranean coast in Lebanon.

Instead of building a fortress in Tajourah, which was his original plan, Murad Agha decided to build a mosque that has remain as such until today.

Using a design by famous architects of the Maghreb, supervision of Tunisian engineers and with more than 300 slaves from the Knight of St. John this magnificent holy place was constructed.

The mosque has 48 marble columns, probably brought from the ruins of Leptis Magna, two hundred kilometers east of Tripoli, surmounted by a series of arches, horseshoe style, supporting the vaults.

A water well (sweet water, still in use) and a bracer were built in the middle. In the yard outside, you can see the minaret (square shaped, reminding the Tukambia) which you can climb, with only 105 steps. This gives you rather a magnificent view.

Along with the mosque Murad Agha constructed a Kor’an Madrassa {school}.

Later after the death of the commander a mausoleum protecting his grave was constructed.

It took one year to construct the mosque from 1552 to 1553 and as the years passed good

care of the mosque have preserved this milestone which you can admire with just a stop over in Tajourah.

Destruction of the mosque, “Murad Agha” on the outskirts of the Libyan capital Tripoli
TRIPOLI (AFP) – Unidentified dawn Wednesday Murad Agha shrine, located in the eastern suburb of Tajourah Libyan capital Tripoli, after several months of calm in a campaign of attacks by SALAFISTs against the shrines, which considered it contrary to the teachings of Islam “Bida”. (BULL!)
It was the bombing of the shrine Murad Agha mosque beside the fact of the same name in honor of the first governor of the Ottoman Tripoli, explosives planted by unknown persons in the shrine, according to the photographer, according to AFP.
Witnesses at the scene said the blast occurred at four in the morning of Wednesday.
And Murad Agha is the first to deliver power in Ottoman Libya during the period from 1551 to 1553 after the liberation of Tripoli from the Knights of St. John (Spain), was the most important work of building the Grand Mosque in Tajourah named after him and was buried near him.
The mosque and the tomb of Murad Agha, which includes a statue of the most important features of Tripoli and the oldest is characterized by the beauty of the mosque and shrine Amarthma Islamic.
The Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane condemned  the assault, stressing the historical character of the target teacher and vowing to arrest the attackers and bring them to justice.
He told “eternal regret and severe censure and denunciation and condemnation of what happened in the Murad Agha mosque Btajurae I would like to express its deep regret and extreme indignation of the people of the State of Tajourah and Turkey friendly and brotherly (..) to this shameful event.”
“The hands of the hands of terrorism and backwardness and barbarism stretching hands day after day for the demolition of the nation’s memory and saved including tamper-year history, which reflects the history of Libya.”
In the March / March were destroyed shrine of Sufi Sidi Mohamed Andalusian (fifteenth century) in Tajourah bombing.
Since the overthrow of Muammar al-Qathafi’s vision of his people’s  GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, there has been destroyed many shrines in Libya by SALAFISTs bulldozers or explosives.
It is that these Salafists think these shrines, constructed in honor of the souls of the forefathers considered good role models, constitute “a kind of trap” in God.

Kharijites also in Tripoli

Been raking the saint’s tomb good “Sheikh Boucif” Devin area in the Arada Friday Market and 4 graves were dug up and the demolition of surrounding the dome.
In the cemetery, which was named in his name, “Sir Boucif cemetery” as he calls the people of Arada market Friday Mend centuries.


Back militias Gneoh full based mechanisms to support the militias cart and preached to him on the way ..
Of course, under the name of the NRF.
The militias Gneoh yesterday’s kidnapping of Subhi Suheim from his home in Abu Salim:
One of the rebels and Tripoli residents of Abu Salim and his family are now my attack on the camp,
Li retrieve their son after Talbo the government to do something and the government did not bother Plummer final.



According to plans, the presidency of the General Staff and the defense and interior ministries, a number of military units of the Fourth Infantry Brigade in cooperation with the National Security Directorate Aljafarah spread in different entrances and exits of cities, streets and fields Aljafarah area. &


Aziziya – A number of military units of the Fourth Infantry Brigade in cooperation with the National Security Directorate Aljafarah spread in different entrances and exits of cities, streets and fields Aljafarah area in accordance with plans by the Presidency of the General Staff and the defense and interior ministries.

These units also set up several gates in various parts of this region, which included both Agheiran and Janzour and Creamy and Zahra and Sawani and Aziziya.

A number of employees of the Fourth Infantry Brigade and employees of the National Security Directorate Aljafarah that the process of securing the area are going well and according to plans developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the defense and interior ministries.

As parents alive in interviews with a reporter and Libyan News Agency, members of the national army and national security, expressing their confidence in the security forces to secure the area. Aziziya.




Thus they are philanthropists in the Rishvana.

Was the return of the car, which was in the area of ​​the robbery Alhachan last Saturday

and to be followed for the installation of Huawei WiMAX.

We ask Allah safety and security, and we thank all those who helped in the return of the car
And special thanks to a secret Tina watchful eyes and Rishvana.

Photos and news from Rishvana



Bmasratp happen …

The awakening of the city: an attack on a meeting of some members of the local council and the Shura Misrata yesterday 26/11/2013 AD and expelled them from the venue of the meeting at a hotel Technical College? ? It is known that the idea of the councils and applied the idea of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the Arab countries Altbroory.

It seems that the Brotherhood pension desirable Behm in Misrata forever? The next few days are full of surprises ….. Libyan followers!

Urgent news channel:
Local and shura Misrata conference call for members of the citizens of the city to return to their jobs.
Meeting of the employees of the room Libya rebels from some cities
B Industrial Zone City of Misurata(Salem al-Obeidi)



mardi-for the first time in the history of the hospital Bani Walid year since it opened access Jhazatnevs Industrial for baby boomers who knows with the public (born nursery) and will enter service at the beginning of next week
– This has also arrived on a respirator for adults and which is one of the latest ventilatory in the world for the year 2103 as well as a respirator laptop runs on 12-volt power and Kdlk 220 volt user-friendly used to transfer patients between Avsam hospital and are also mounted on the ambulance or plane a Ahdt devices in the world.
– Monitor vital functions of baby boomers (blood pressure / ECG / pulse / measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood / breath rate per minute)
– Monitor your vital functions surgical devices, which is distinct from the normal measuring the proportion of carbon dioxide in the blood of the patient during anesthesia.
– Suction fluids mobile device (suction) number (4)
– Suction device fluids special operations Number 1
– Device in order to cut electric sophisticated special operations (Multifunctional)
– Systems ECG sophisticated ECG (the display) number (4)
While waiting for the arrival of a medical Furnishing in the middle of next month, represented in
– Family detect and chairs birth
– Special vehicles to distribute medicine to patients without the need to return to room preparation
– Special vehicles to transfer medical equipment
– Special vehicles to transfer oxygen cylinders
– Carts alopecia save supplies anesthesia in the operating room
– Chairs blood donation
– Tables within the nursing departments
– Wheelchairs for Clinics
Work is underway now to paint the hospital from home and abroad approved by the colors in the original map of the hospital
These achievements are thanks to God Almighty and Osma unknown soldiers who pray day and night service to their families in Bani Walid and in response to the beloved heroes of the keyboard and Facebook pages who Azakmthm smell of paint
As we pray to God Almighty to inspire the workers of the hospital administration and medical components, medical technicians and help guide them to the right, and what is good for people and country, and ignorant of the balance of their good deeds.
Note: All of these were purchased equipment from the hospital’s budget for the year 2013
Addicted o.t
للرجوع الى غرفة التحضير
– عربات خاصة بنقل المعدات الطبية
– عربات خاصة بنقل اسطوانات الاكسجين
– عربات حاصة بحفظ لوازم التخدير في غرفة العمليات
– كراسي التبرع بالدم
– طاولات تمريض داخل الاقسام
– كراسي متحركة للعيادات
وجاري العمل الان على طلاء المستشفى من الداخل والخارج حسب الالوان المعتمدة في خريطة المستشفى الاصليةوهذه الانجازات هي بفضل الله عز وجل ومن ثما الجنود المجهولين الذين يصلون الليل بالنهار خدمة لاهلهم في بني وليد الحبيبة وردا على ابطال لوحة المفاتيح وصفحات الفيس بوك الذين ازكمتهم رائحة الطلاء
كما نتضرع الى الله العلي القدير ان يلهم العاملين بالمستشفى من ادارة وعناصر طبية وطبية مساعدة وفنيين الصواب وان يوفقهم الى ما فيه خير العباد والبلاد وان يجهلها في ميزان حسناتهم .
ملاحظة : تم شراء كل هذه المعدات من ميزانية المستشفى للعام 2013 م
أدمن o.t



Is confirmed Battalion 136 Infantry, “Ali Sadiq,” the b
Elements of the battalion was to have mobile patrols by city
Sirte has been found in feed bags of explosives
Ready for detonation by neighborhood “beam of water” on the road
Western coastal eastern bridge, and said sincere
The special permit by explosives placed by the same method
That have been developed by the explosives that were discovered by Proximity
Of water tanks Sirte days ago, (PLACED BY ANSAR al-SHARIA Militia) !



Ali Asbali:
Press conference of the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica
tomorrow at 4 pm, will be transferred to the news channel.
Executive Office – Cyrenaica province
President declares the executive office (Cyrenaica province).
Mr. Abdul Hamid Abed Rabbo Asheib Barasi.
That it would hold a press conference on Thursday, 28/11/2013
At four o’clock in the afternoon on Masrah by the Prime Minister on Zaidane with
respect to the province of Cyrenaica and oil fields ..

The closing of the ports oil to take responsibility:

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,”

“The government is patient and there is no room for waiting, and insist on the closure of the oil ports him to take responsibility.”


Brega Oil Marketing
Office denies media and union workers Brega Oil Marketing Company news picket users to move the company’s headquarters in the corner where the sit-in site is limited to users of warehouse corner.


Plumes of smoke behind victory Radio Road and fire trucks heading for the place.

(The news agency of the mountain)



Agency urgently Libya / Video brawl and killed two students at the University of Omar Al-Mukhtar
————————————————– —————————-
Students went on strike Omar Mukhtar University City branch of white-outs to protest the killing of two students on campus.
The students stressed that the strike will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, demanding to activate the guard inside the university campus.
For its part, the management suspended Omar Mukhtar University study in the city of Casablanca to further notice.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو شجار ومقتل 2 من الطلبة بجامعة عمر المختار
——————————————————————————أضرب طلاب جامعة عمر المختار فرع مدينة البيضاء عن الدراسة إحتجاجا على مقتل إثنين من الطلبة داخل الحرم الجامعي .
وأكد الطلاب أن الإضراب سيستمر يومي الإربعاء والخميس مطالبين بتفعيل الحرس الجامعي داخل الجامعة .
ومن جهتها علقت إدارة جامعة عمر المختار الدراسة في مدينة البيضاء إلى إشعار أخر .

(University of Omar Mukhtar – white)

The study declares stop all colleges .. Starting today and until further notice …

Alassema TV channel capital:
Students went on strike Omar Mukhtar University City branch of white-outs to protest the killing of two students on campus
The students stressed that the strike will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, demanding to activate the guard inside the university campus …..


Murder of a retired officer of the Thunderbolt (Salem Alhawwaz to customary) this morning
Salem Alhawwaz of Prairie City, and went on in the early morning, Li Benghazi Msandt colleagues in Thunderbolt.
And when he went his sons insisted on not going, but he told them, and I quote ((Manabash Naseeb Rvaguety Broaham Prophet monuments we walk with them)).


A large crowd is moving from one area to camp Louhichi Thunderbolt in Benghazi.

Please keep in mind…


Nouveaux affrontements entre l'armée et les militants libyen

Fresh clashes between the Libyan army and militants, “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi Death toll from clashes in Benghazi to 14 people ..

The army announces the horn Libyan prime minister:

the armed groups out of the cities and the delivery of arms.

According to security sources and residents that the new clashes between the Libyan army and Islamist fighters broke out in three areas in Benghazi on Tuesday night 26 November 2013 .

A security source said that the new clashes began when he threw the elements of the SALAFIST group “Ansar al-Sharia” bomb on a patrol of the Special Forces. It should be noted that the confrontations that took place between the Libyan army and militants, “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi on Monday night November 25, killed 14 people and wounded 49.

The correspondent in Tripoli that the security situation in Libya is still deteriorating, especially in Benghazi, which is witnessing almost daily assassinations targeting members of the military and police, most recently Tuesday it fired someone masked fire on a member of the SS which led to his death, in response colleagues slain and shot the gunman and killed him on the spot.

http://arabic.rt.com/news/635185/ :روسيا اليوم

Alawakir tribe mourns her son, who was killed today Benghazi:
BenghaziLibyan Media Network – # LNM
Adjective tribe Alawakir (house of mourning) her son a special forces soldiers “Thunderbolt” which betrayed by the forces of evil after the chase from the Palace long near the project (No. 3), and follow him and then shoot him and kill him, which led to the derailment of his car to the side of the the road, and a car collision type Knot-weaving carrying amount of cement.
Urgent – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Target missile in the way of the gate Bohadi.
It is noted that the gate follow the national army and there have been instances resuscitate him to the hospital.
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá :: / targeting Lt. Col. Abdul Salam Faitouri front of the headquarters of Benghazi Thunderbolt
and now the image of the central care, and that what is happening in Benghazi wounded …
The arrest of a person holding a pomegranate and inside the hospital Galaa now.
A hand grenade inside the observation section! Benghazi
Sit physicians and medical workers to help Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents in Benghazi after someone opened yesterday grenade type “pomegranate” within the department Almlaahth.
Eyewitnesses to a Special Forces “Thunderbolt” intervention and deal with the situation and the person detained holder grenade and shooting happened in the corridors leading to the information desk shattered completely.
Hani Al Oraibi:
this picture inside the hospital Galaa surgery and accidents / Benghazi yesterday, Wednesday, 2013 1127
where someone opened a hand grenade (Rommaneh) in the Department of Almlaahth The members of the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) interaction with him and happened exchange of fire in the corridors of the hospital
and the fall of Glass Informative fully.
The currently existing among special forces Thunderbolt:
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.


Security facilities and installations Benghazi:

Hospital Galaa now access Josmanin one of the members of the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) Salem Mohamed Mahmoud Arafa Alhawwaz head,

The second Mohammed Hamad Ali Hadad is not recognized rank, where they were murdered in the way of Mr. Khalifa was transferred to Benghazi Medical Center.

Filter special forces men “Thunderbolt”, by Sir b
Khalifa morning and they head Sergeants “Mohamed Mahmoud Salem
Alhawwaz, “and the officer” Mohammed Hamad Ali Al-Haddad, “after it has
B liquidated lead left
The assassination of Colonel “Adel Mohammad on senile”‘s’s police
Military to Benghazi
(Salem al-Obeidi)
(Navy special forces
 Agency urgently Libya / Navy mourns officers
Adjective Chiefs of Staff of the Navy commissioned officer sergeants head unit “Adel Mohammad Ali senile” employees of a naval forces after it was targeted this morning as he left his home on his way to the base of the marine Benghazi.
The God we shall return to him though
Mourn the RO and just Senile,
One of the employees of the Navy after he was targeted today as he left his home on his way towards the naval base.)
Murder of a retired officer of the Thunderbolt (Salem Alhawwaz to customary) this morning
Salem Alhawwaz of Prairie City, and went on in the early morning, Li Benghazi Msandt colleagues in Thunderbolt.
And when he went his sons insisted on not going, but he told them, and I quote ((Manabash Naseeb Rvaguety Broaham Prophet monuments we walk with them))
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The assassination of a colonel in the police, agricultural (Adel Mohammad Ali Senile) bullets, has reached the deceased to the hospital.
# Clarify
I apologize for the recipe and dependency “Adel Mohammad Ali senile” was
Military reservists and returned to service in the Navy after the call, and
Was the head of the officers and was assassinated by area Laithi morning.
From God
Benghazi has been found on the Jenin behind the clinic Marwa. Eluted child alive …
الله المستعان
بنغازي تم العثور علي جنين خلف مصحة المروة .الطفلة مزال حية…

Benghazi local council and members of the National Congress for the city meet at the Institute of Social Service Center next to Fwyhat note that the meeting secret and unspoken.

AFTER THE “AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA” cause CHAOS, BLOODSHED and destruction, the ask for “SAFE PASSAGE OUT” !!!!!

Urgent _ # _ special source: Ansar al-Sharia ask the government for safe passage out of Benghazi and pull them weapons !!

(Media center for the youth of the capital)
All they will do is regroup and change clothes and join the FAKE armed services!!!
Nothing will change; and no justice will be served—only pointing to more terror to ome in the near future!…as is MISURATA right now doing!

Nqlas witnesses now the blast is an explosion booth area of ​​the land to the city of Benghazi to blame …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Benghazi :::::::
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::::
Anfjarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very very very violent area parks .………………
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.




Taqi al-Din Alchloi:

Now I came back from the site of an explosion in the eastern coast of the tuber, like any explosion, another explosion in material damage, pity the great amount of panic that hit women and men and children, everything was confusing.

The car was pinned in the corner and no one could put out the raging fire therein, but after that lose by being pulled out of the street to be able to extinguish it, also unfortunate that everyone is wondering about the identity of the target and what worked in the past, and if they find for themselves a justification for what happened and relieves grief .. Suffice it, and yes, the agent.

Chairman of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” at a news conference now in tuber exist several battalions and illegal armed formations and we did not forget the tuber.

Zaidane confirms the existence of a plan that includes the city of Derna and calls for people serious pause.
The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” There is a security plan will include Derna soon and that his government has provided demanded Congress to approve million for its implementation. (There is a security plan will include Derna soon and that his government has provided demanded Congress to approve 184.94€ million for its implementation.)
He added, “Zaidane”, who was speaking shortly before a news conference in Tripoli that the people of Derna to have a role like other cities and also noted that the battalions outside the law messing with security there.


Statement of innocence Albrasp tribe called Mahmud Barasi, congressman & leader of al-ANSAR al-SHARIA in the Islamic Caliphate of Libya  in the tuber:

Derna today’s demonstration for students of school age and income Usta in civil disobedience:

School students Wasti age out in Mdahirat to in order to claim the army, police, security and safety and also a school intifada but unfortunately are threatened students and repressed and so beat them and give them their files and,

unfortunately, also one of the brothers brandishing his weapon in the face of the students because they Aatsamu peacefully and Aglqo road and Qallahm Nehna just Ndero our revolution and Ntbako the law of God on the basis of Nehna Jews.

When my nation to Yahoo Lech silent Heca request Atadhu and adult silent Lech This negative.

#درنة …

طلبه مدرسه اسطي عمر يخرجون في مضاهرات لاجل المطالبة بالجيش والشرطه والامن والامان وايضا مدرسه الانتفاضه لكن للاسف يتم تهديد الطلبه وقمعهم وذلك بضربهم واعطائهم ملفاتهم وللاسف ايضا احد الاخوه يشهر سلاحه في وجه الطلبه لانهم اعتصمو سلميا واغلقو الطريق وقاللهم نحنا توه نديرو ثورتنا ونطبقو شرع الله علي اساس نحنا يهود. لعند امتي ياهو ليش ساكتين هكي طلبه يتأذو والكبار ساكتين ليش هذه السلبيه.

(Media Center tuber)

 Three bodies found in tuber suspected to stun.
العثور على ثلاث جثث في درنة يشتبه بإنتمائهم للصاعقة

( م )
Newsflash (channel Russia Today)
Russian expert online in the Bulletin of the channel Russia Today specializes in Islamist militant groups said (Libya has entered a new war with the groups do not have the ethics of the Libyans prepare for Abad these as Allbibin fatally life and said Oadhae will not be safe in their presence and the army and Libyan security Declaration of readiness and Turi in the Middle Libyan every minute, because these groups are groups of reprisal)

Today was a protest in solidarity with the Social Solidarity Fund _ tuber
A rejection of the marginalized and the decision of joining Fund tuber to the city of the dome .. This Office activated cadres of staff of the city of Derna are able to service their city Vdrnh city of science, management and refused Employees of the Fund except to say we serve our children with special needs and school deaf and dumb and correlative Down and other widows and the needy ..

Rejection of the decision to admit Social Solidarity Fund tuber to the dome.

 City Biar announce civil disobedience.
مدينه الابيار تعلن العصيان المدني .
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya:
Officers targeted the house of a municipal guard in tuber since few.
Urgent: the bombing of the headquarters of the security backing Mrtoph area 40 km east of the city of Derna …




Blackouts city Gallo first areas fed from a field station Alhoandy bed {}

This is the first signs of the sit-in,

which will bring the problems of these areas ..!!


Sabha / Traffic on gas cylinders
And the local council Sabha reassure citizens and says that the gas cylinders are available and covers the needs of the city, but the reason for the shortage is the spread of the phenomenon by the brokerage, and requires them to cooperate with the security authorities in the seizure and in the performance of their work assigned to them.


Escalation of the sit-bed plant threatens the interruption of electricity
“Atmosphere of the country “– the bed area –

Thursday evening was the escalation of the sit-in by protesters, Tabu area residents Rbeana inspired Shora Qderfa infidels

and not to allow cars and diesel fuel to enter the station electric bed which threatens the interruption of electricity.

Escalation of the protest
A spokesman for the protesters Muhammad Altbawi told  “the atmosphere of the country” that has been an escalation of the protest today after five days of peaceful sit-in has not been responsive to our demands by the government.

He added that he was Altbawi communicate with the Director of the Office of the Presidency of cabinets Rashid Abseka attic and put forward three demands we have not received any response so far by the government or any action, pointing out that if the government did not respond to the escalation of the current escalation of the protest will be located more in the coming days.

Put loads
For his part, Director of the station bed gas Hashim al-Maliki that the sit-in has a direct impact on the station, and if the will is put loads in a first stage, pointing out that the station produces nearly five hundred megawatts, which feed the main grid of the head of Igdir to Amsaad and cities in the south-east Gallo and Awjila and Ajkrh and infidels and Tazerbo.

Maliki told “the atmosphere of the country” on Tuesday that the plant will continue to produce electricity for a maximum of four days from today, in addition to offering loads to be able to production this period.

It is noteworthy that the demands of the protesters to be Rbeana area municipality that is the provision of electricity, water, and open an office to shy Shora Qderfa infidels and which areas inhabited by Tabu.

Eye on the South
Squatting, Tabu, bed blocking the station’s generating
Electricity and road, which connects the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo
B cities and regions of the north, demanding the government is implementing a number of
“Rights” School Hospital Bank, and feature demands
Adoption of the Municipal Council’s area Rbeana
Rbeana displaced residents are demanding to return to their area
After the recent events that have occurred to the region.
(Salem al-Obeidi)


This time increasing congestion in the city of Kufra because of the closure of the torch route, where protesters shut down about 60 car.
.. And the rebels are preparing to resolve the matter and get out …
Also there is a brief meeting to be held in the city on the island with all in these moments that hold all of the local council and the military council and the rebel princes and sheikhs ..!!
(Mustafa Shaker)
Heathens …
Was an hour before the evacuation now cars that were stopped yesterday in the torch by Tabu …. Been evacuated only cars that were outside of the city of Kufra, which headed for Benghazi Lama cars destined city of Kufra and trucks, which belong to a field station Alhoandy bed to remain suspended until now ..!!


Special Forces :: statement :: Barak air base

Colonel Mohammed Matouk Hasnawi commander of the air base Barak told Vsanaa huge explosion occurred before dawn Thursday, 28/11/2011 Now in warehouses Aldkhirh of the base. Result exceeded outlaws them.
And warn citizens from approaching the site of the explosion …….

Army ammunition looted in the south of the Libyan Ubari
Reported preliminary information that a group of armed men looted last night and this morning a large amount of ammunition and weapons from ammunition stores in the area, which includes Barak beach about 15 Dshma for storing arms and ammunition.


Center for Special Needs b Ubari, resumes this morning
Currency after the completion of maintenance and provide all the hardware in it, after it has
Stolen during the war in Libya
(Salem al-Obeidi)


One-line staff Alavrgih informs us that the aircraft owned by the company may turn out to be hardware in the near future ..
He said one of rationing in the lines of the African planes new lines and already purchased the company is working improperly and that directing them for short trips unauthorized by ICAO, IATA, an engineer told us that the aircraft take off from Tripoli to Misurata distance can not allow the plane to go it due to its proximity and that will cause glitches in engines that can not operate properly during the flight,
engineer told us that these distances prevent Organization Tairat “IATA” and that what caused the damage to Ojhrh plane’s engines, and also said he went to the director of the company, “Forte “who ordered Btser flights Company from Tripoli to Misurata his hometown without Webley any attention to what stated by the engineers, and said they had to report to them about the seriousness of these trips and what caused the damage to the plane together with a report of the” IATA “, but they were met not Alambalh by the administration, and this indicated that the aircraft engineer may turn out to be hardware in the near future if the situation continues as it is now to Hua.


map of islamic sites

Ancient Islamic Sites In Libya

According to an official map showing the archaeological sites in Libya, the Islamic period is defined to begin from 641 AD to 1800 AD. The most ancient sites are located along the coast. These sites are as follows:


  • Sabratha
  • Tripoli
  • Gharyan
  • Leptis Magna
  • Misuratha
  • Sert
  • Old Sert
  • Sultan
  • Ben Jawwad
  • Ajdabiyah
  • Benghazi
  • Almerj
  • Albayda
  • Cyrene
  • Darnah
  • Tobruk
  • Aljaghboub
  • Alkufrah
  • Awjla
  • Bounjeem
  • Ghadames
  • Sabha
  • Ubari
  • Ghat

Ajdabiyah (Ajdabya)

The Ajdabiyah area appears to have been a major Islamic centre during the early Islamic period in Libya, when the Fatimids began to arrive in Libya. Excavations at Tokra show that the ancient town was among the Cyrenaican sites occupied by the Muslims during the 8th century.

Other Islamic sites in Cyrenaica include the remains of a number of forts at several sites including Kharouba, Medinat Buhindia and Cyrene; a round tower discovered at Sidi Kherbish in Benghazi; and two baths one in Cyrene and the other in Derna.

One of the oldest Islamic inscriptions yet found in Libya (in Tripolitania) came from the tombstone of Bayan ibn al-Haythan. The stone was dated to 862 AD and was written in simple Kufic.


Ajdabiyah Fatimid Mosque Remains

fragments from the Ajdabya Fatimid mosque
A corner section, inscriptions and fragments from the Ajdabiyah Fatimid Mosque.

The remains of the Ajdabiyah mosque date back to the Fatimid period (10th Century AD). The courtyard is surrounded by a single arcade, while the sanctuary facade is made of massive piers that have semi-circular niches, very much characteristic of the Fatimids. The aisles in the mosque run perpendicular to the qibla (the direction towards Mecca which Muslims must face when they pray). Many of the stone inscriptions found in this mosque are now housed in Cyrene Museum, in Cyrenaica. The above middle inscription records a “waqf” and is dated to 932 AD.


The Ajdabiyah Fatimid Fortress Palace

Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace
Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace

The Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace, built by the Fatimids during the 10th century, has a rectangular base 33 metres long and 25 metres wide, with circular corner towers, and with more towers in between each two corners. The palace is regarded as one of the most important 10th century monuments in the whole of North Africa. It has a grand entrance complex, leading to a central courtyard 14 metres square, at the end of which located a suit of rooms. The central room had a semi-domed apse and columns, which with the elaborate entrance to the structure indicate that the palace could have belonged to an important Fatimid Caliph or Ruler. It has been suggested that the palace may have once served as a rest house for the Fatimid Caliph al-Mu’izz while he was on his way to Cairo in 972 AD, but this cannot be confirmed and it was probably based on historical data. Currently the palace is mostly in ruins. But according to Pacho, who visited he palace in 1824 AD, the structure had more walls and most of the corner towers were present in his engraving, with damaged roofs and surrounded by rubble. All it remains today is what you see in the above photo (taken in 2009 by a member  of our team).



Umm Al-Barakeem

ancient mosque in Ben Jawwad

The remains of an ancient mosque in Umm Al-Barakeem, about 9 kilometres north-east of Ben Jawwad.


As-SultanAs-Sultan is a small Libyan village located about 50 km east of Sert, which was also known as “the ancient city of Sert”. The village was anciently known as Iscinia and Macomades, which the locals now call Medina (The City). The site has a little museum (Assultan Museum) housing some of Libya’s Islamic heritage, including Islamic exhibits from the ancient mosque, oil lamps, and some information about the history of the Arabic Kufi style of writing, dating back from the period when the city served the Fatimid rulers (the sultans) with a strategic command point, ideally located between Libya’s three provinces: Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan. islamic exhibits from As-sultan museumdevelopment of Arabic calligraphy: writing styles and  information from a board in the museumThis board from As-Sultan Museum gives some information about Arabic calligraphy, its types and development, particularly the Kufi style of Arabic writing. According to this board Arabic calligraphy was derived from the Nabataeans ( الأنباط ‎), also a Semitic people whose capital city was then Petra, in Jordan. The board shows some historical information about the origin of the Arabic Kufi (or Koufi) style of handwriting, which dates to the 3rd century AD – around the same time when the Arabic script made its first appearance as a derivative of Semitic script. It also classifies the types of Kufi as follows:

  • Simple Kufi
  • Leafy Kufi (from the shape of tree leaves)
  • Plant-based Kufi (written on branches similar to tree branches)
  • Plated Kufi
  • Geometrical Kufi


simple kufi writing
An Islamic inscription written in the Simple Kufi style. islamic coins
Islamic glass coins from Old Sert, currently on display in Assultan Museum.

Ancient Mosques In Libya


Medina Sultan Mosque

The ancient Sultan Mosque was discovered in the area of Sert in 1963 and 1964. The mosque was built around the 10th century AD, when the Fatimids began to establish their foothold in Libya. The dimensions of the mosque are 41 meters long by 31 meters wide (41m x 31m).

 medinat sultan mosque

Albarouni Mosque

Albarouni Mosque

Albarouni Mosque, Nafousa Mountain, West Libya.


Awjla (Awjlah) Mosque

Ancient mud mosque from the Berber oasis of Awjla, in Eastern Libyan.

Awjila Mosque

Ghadames Mosque

old mosque from Ghadames

An old mosque from the Old City of Ghadames, built according to traditional Amatigh  designs.


Murad Agha Mosque In Tajura

Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Murad Agha Mosque is located in Tajura (Tajoura), in the district of Tripoli, about 15 km east of the capital centre. The mosque dates to the Ottoman Turkish period (starting at 1531 AD), when the Turks established their base at Tajura.



The Mosques of The Old City In Tripoli

Old City Mosque in Tripoli
A map showing the distribution of mosques in the Medina (the Old City of Tripoli).


1 – Qaramanli Mosque
2 – Al-Naqah Mosque
3 – Muhammad PashaMosque
4 – Darghut Mosque
5 – Gurji Mosque
6 – Mahmoud Mosque
7 – Sidi Salem Mosque

Al-Naqah Mosque

Al-Naqah Mosque

Al Naqah Mosque, Old City: Tripoli’s oldest mosque.

It is thought that Al-Naqah mosque is the oldest surviving mosque in Tripoli, dating back to the first Arab ruler of Tripoli, namely Umer Ibn Al-A’as (Amr ibn al-Ās, عمرو بن العاص‎, c.573 – 664 CE). The structure is divided into square bays, each of which is surrounded by a dome. The domes are supported by ancient columns taken from earlier, much older, structures.



Gurji Mosque:

Gorji mosque sign in Arabic

The sign is in Arabic, and says: the mosque of Gurji built by Mustapha Gorji in 1834 AD, who was the head of the port, and a close friend and the son-in-law of Yousuf Pasha Karamanli (1795 – 1832 AD). The building includes a school and a tomb (or a grave) of the founder. The project completed the maintenance and restoration of this architectural group in the year 1994. Signed as: the project of organising and managing the old city of Tripoli 2005 AD.


entrance to gurji mosque in Tripoli

Gorji or Gourji mosque in Tripoli

Located west of Marcus Aurelius’ Arch, this small but beautifully decorated 19th century building was built by the Turks, and is considered one of the best examples of Islamic stone carvings and floral motifs in the capital. The mosque houses the tomb of Mustapha Gurji and his family. The upper and lower galleries of the sanctuary are beautifully tiled and decorated with geometrical designs. The columns, the windows and the Mihrab are all made of marble and inlaid with coloured stones.


Gorji Mosque



Ahmed Pasha Qaramanli Mosque:

The mosque, built between1736 and 1738, is the largest mosque in the medina and the most celebrated in the capital, with 30 domes and an Ottoman-styled minaret. The mosque houses the tomb of its builder and Tripoli’s most famous ruler Ahmed Pasha Al-Qaramanli, the founder of the Karamanli dynasty. Its colourful ceilings are richly decorated with various geometrical patterns and Moorish designs. The wooden doors of the mosque are uniquely carved with floral decorations. The square sanctuary is linked to various tomb chambers and an open courtyard. The mosque is equipped with washing facilities and a school for religious teachings. The outer walls of the sanctuary are covered in tiles, decorated with geometrical forms based on plants and flowers, while the interior of the sanctuary is decorated with carved stucco in geometric designs and calligraphy. 


Ahmed Pasha Karamanli mosque in Tripoli
Ahmed Pasha Al-Qaramanli Mosque




Timeline of Islamic events in Libya and North Africa:


Modern & Recent Mosques

 It is difficult to say how many mosques there are in Libya but it is evident that it is almost impossible to find a street or an area that does not have a mosque. Some mosques were named after the tribe that built the mosque; while others were named either after a holy man or after an influential ruler. The following mosques illustrate some of the modern mosque designs currently found in Libya. Of particular interest is the open-minaret design and the use of green colour. 

Sidi Abd Alwahab Mosque

Sidi Abd Al-Wahab Mosque, Tripoli
Sidi Abd Alwahab Mosque, Tripoli.




 double minaret mosqueDouble Minaret Mosque 
 open minaret mosque 
 open minaret mosque with a liftOpen Minaret Mosque
   mosque from Al QaryatAl-Qaryat Mosque, Alqaryat   
 throo-domed mosque   
the Friday Market mosqueSouq Aljuma’a Mosque (Friday Market Mosque) 
   modern mosque from ghadames Modern mosque from Ghadames 
   Serman city mosqueSerman City Mosque 

s'urman city  mosque  entrance
Entrance to S’urman City Mosque





Protesters burn headquarters in Tunisia the Renaissance Party

27/11/2013, 21:01

Protesters burn headquarters in Tunisia the Renaissance Party

Photo: © AFP

The demonstrators in the Tunisian city of Gafsa on Wednesday, November 27 burned the headquarters of the party, “renaissance” of the Islamic ruling.

Has seen the city of Gafsa day mass protests against the government of the Islamists, where demonstrators gathered in front of Governor’s Mansion am, the police dispersed them arose. The protesters then moved to the headquarters of the party, “Renaissance” and broke into the building and pulled out furniture and documents and then set fire to.

Witnessing several Tunisian provinces currently a general strike in order not to introduce Islamic norms in the life of the population and poverty reduction.



Israel’s Evolution towards a Fascist Racist State

Global Research, 26 November 2013

This is a powerfully written book, a mixture of current events, historical data, and personal anecdotal comments and stories. Throughout there are pervasive themes that clearly outline the nature of the Israeli state as it exists today. From May 2009 up to early 2013, Max Blumenthal passed “many prolonged stays in the Holy Land,” from which he derived this current assessment.

The over-riding themes, and they all tend to intermingle within the right wing ideologies of the Netanyahu/Leiberman government, are all based on the demographic threat that Israel perceives to be the main problem – and indeed acknowledges to be, and has always been seen as a problem from the earliest Zionists.

While in the past there were some at least minimally effective two-country advocates, the current situation has developed into one of over-riding racist state fascism. This expresses itself in the ongoing settlements developments, now more overtly antagonistic to the Palestinians, the many race based laws prohibiting Palestinian participation in society, accompanied by overt acts of racism to Palestinians and African refugees, and open expressions of hostility indicating the desire to simply get rid of both groups.

The idea of a “Jewish and democratic state” also comes to a crashing halt as there are many instances of political leaders essentially indicating that they would choose Jewishness before democracy.

The first section of the work provides the current events background that gives rise to the Netanyahu/Leiberman government. Blumenthal quotes Netanyahu as telling Israelis “To steel themselves for ‘an ongoing national exertion and the possibility of periodic bouts of international confrontation.’” He says this summarizes “the colonial logic animating his approach to the Palestinians and rationalizing it to the outside world.”

Blumenthal continues from there, discussing various domestic laws, the banning of certain books, the use of IDF and Shin Bet personnel to control the education system, the rise of security overcoming democratic concerns, and the gradual erosion of the Supreme Court in face of Zionistic fascism within the “tribalistic culture.” The much more open and hostile racial and fascistic comments keep coming, the national disguising of the news as in the Mavi Marmara incident, the effects of the national propaganda in keeping with the Knesset resets shows “the end of democracy is an inevitable outcome,” while the “occupation is hidden behind all these layers of fake democracy.”

The next section recalls the violence of the occupation, demonstrating that with the current events within the West Bank and in Gaza, the Days of ‘48 have come again, now with a “fascist government that has proven itself capable of massacring the unarmed.” That violence all comes back to ethnic/racial identity “that is the basis of apartheid.” A quick review of the initial attacks of 1948 and the original quotes of that era survive: “there is no room in the country for both people;” and “Not one village must be left, not one tribe.”

The holocaust is another theme throughout the book as it has become a theme of daily Israeli life, brought back as an excuse to continue their own violence towards others. Yet, as seen by a few, “We perpetuate death, and that’s why we will never become a normal people.”

The military is another obvious centralizing theme throughout the work. It covers the main part of two chapters, and its overall pervasiveness creates “a colonial culture in which Jewish Israeli youth become conditioned to act as sadistic overlords toward their Palestinian neighbours, and of a perpetual conquest that demanded indoctrination begin at an early age and continue perpetually throughout their lives.” The military has become the “most important institution of socialization and indoctrination” in Israeli society. Within that institution are the wellsprings of the misogynist nature of society and the highly sexualised nature of the racial taunts.

But even more powerful than the military, in liaison with it, religious nationalism now trumps both the military and justice systems. From this extreme right group now in control lie the “harbingers of wild racial violence in the future.” Part of this future are “concentration camps…erected by the Israeli rulers” as foreseen by Yeshayahu Leibowitz. The criminalizing of refugees – Palestian and the blacks from the Sudan – demonstrates “a harrowing vision of what was possible when the government chose to tap into the public’s unfathomably deep wellspring of prejudice.”

Towards the end of the book, Blumenthal discusses the wall mentality – the security wall, the Gaza walls, the walls of the Sinai, the new walls along the Jordanian border and with Syria. Some realize, “This is our future…we’ve become a frightened nation that imprisons itself behind fences and retreats into defensive walls,” making “increasingly rigid psychological barriers.”

In his final view, Blumenthal shows that the sexualized racial taunting, the overt racial violence, is “an increasingly common feature of Israeli political language” in “the adventurous world of Israeli proto-fascism….The status quo…so entrenched, and the occupation…so manageable, [they] no longer felt compelled to mask their agenda with disingenuous appeals to Western opinions….Annexing the West Bank had finally entered the mainstream.”

One final irony highlighted itself: thirteen per cent of Israeli citizens now live outside the country. They tend to be the affluent, educated, secular and liberal younger members of Israeli society. The irony is strengthened in that Berlin has become one of the main expatriate colonies, where the Israelis go to find an open liberal more free environment to live.

Israel currently maintains diplomatic and trade relationships with many other countries, much of that on a military/security level. The image of Israel presented in Goliath is one of a fearful, arrogant, racist, non-democratic state controlled by a select right wing group. It has captured the media, the military, the Knesset and the justice system into one over-riding racialized fascist theocracy, far removed from any democracy, perpetuating its systems of fear in order to keep power intact.

Goliath is a powerful and distressing book for a view on what life in modern Israel is like.

Jim Miles is a Canadian educator and a regular contributor/columnist of opinion pieces and book reviews for The Palestine Chronicle and Global Research. Miles’ work is also presented globally through other alternative websites and news publications. He contributed this article to PalestineChronicle.com.


BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, November 27, 2013 12:01 PM EST
Berlusconi Is Ousted From Italian Senate

Monte Carlo / Monte Carlo Doualiya
# URGENT: isolate the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from office in Parliament

Silvio Berlusconi on Wednesday could no longer stave off the inevitable: Italy’s senate stripped him of his parliamentary seat, a dramatic and humiliating expulsion, even as other troubles loom on his horizon, as an endless imprisonment sentence and forced silence for all his remaining days.
Mr. Berlusconi, 77, the once-powerful former prime minister, is now staring at a cascade of stubborn realities. His removal from the senate means he is without elective office for the first time in roughly two decades and that he has lost the special immunities awarded to lawmakers. With other legal cases underway against him – and the possibility that new litigation could be filed – Mr. Berlusconi is now far more vulnerable than when, as prime minister, he seemed virtually untouchable.

Silvio’s biggest troubles began when he defended Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and told the truth to the world.

Silvio and Mu

Muammar al-Qathafi’s tent in France 05 DEC 2007:
Mu's tent in France 2


Early Pic of Mu w his amazon angel guards


Good morning, brothers and sisters … Victory Bhmm next morning, men and women covenant with God and the homeland
Jihad and hold out until the return of the land, presentation and dignity
And will teach the wrong-doers will turn any Menklba
Good morning, God willing victories
And F blessing .. O Lord, Mark F Victory

اللهم من اعتزّ بك فلن يُذل، ومن اهتدى بك فلن يضِلّ، ومن استكثر بك فلن يقلّ، ومن استقوى بك فلن يضعف، ومن استغنى بك فلن يفتقر، ومن استنصر بك فلن يُخذل، ومن استعان بك فلن يُغلب، ومن توكل عليك فلن يخيب، ومن جعلك ملاذه فلن يضيع، ومن اعتصم بك فقد هُدي إلى صراط مستقيم، اللهم فكن لنا وليّاً ونصيرا، وكن لنا معيناً ومجيرا، إنك كنت بنا بصيرا اللهم امينصباح الخير إخوتي وأخواتي … صباح النصر القادم بهمم رجالا ونساء عاهدوا الله والوطن
على الجهاد والصمود حتى إسترجاع الأرض والعر والكرامة
وسيعلم الظالمون اي منقلبا سينقلبونصباحكم إنتصارات إن شاء الله

وجمعـة مباركة.. اللهم إجعلها جمعـة النصر يـارب

22 novembre 2013
Pray ye steadfast Liberal Althabton … Pray .. Then pray …
Oh God, is your victory apron sooner in order to … O proved our feet … and our determination strong .. And grant us the certainty hard …. Oh God blinded their perceptions … And scattered the respondents … The earthquake ground beneath their feet
And turned away defeated but victorious …. God save the Liberal steadfast defenders of the homeland, honor and display ….. Oh God, we are your servants, the sons of the sons of your servants Aamek past us your judgment just us … Noasina your taking your hands … Oh God give us victory … Oh God, you learn and Analm Matkhvah breasts … And Mathtwe ribs .. Aaalm unseen and certification … Aabdiya heavens and the earth, Victory Almstdaan slaves and the oppressed and the oppressed … Oh God, that injustice has increased … And tyranny has increased … You know our situation and by us .. Oh Faraj Krbena .. And remove our concern … and forgive our martyrs
And heal our wounded … Lord Gaúibna … Decryption under our prisoners … O Achmt us to our enemies and enemies
Who covered up in the name of religion .. And killed and displaced and destroyed and allied themselves with the infidels and crusaders
Oh God, you view and you say right … It is the most important of them …. and you witness them íÇááĺ
As they call them birds Ababil …. Oh God, you Behm Arena … including the wonders of your ability …. Oh God, that these palms outstretched to you .. And raised our hands to you
Please forgiveness and the forgiveness and Stark and your victory …. God does not want us does not make us all Khaipin door of the expelled
.. O Allah, accept the prayers and Tdharana you … God, do not shed us of our sins
Do not fear you do not have mercy on us … O You who worship our Lord … You are our hope, and when you close the doors
You Mlazna in adversity … Oh God, you view … If you ask me, I will soon answer a call if calling Daan …. Oh God, we Daonak also ordered us … Vastjb Lord also promised us.
Amen, Amen, amen .. And blessings and peace upon Habbeina and lover of Prophet Muhammad and
His family and companions ..
(Friday blessings are free and silks national)
22 novembre 2013

الدعاء أيها الاحرار الصامدون الثابتون … الدعاء .. ثم الدعاء …اللهم نصرك المؤزر عاجلاً غير أجل … اللهم ثبت أقدامنا …وقوي عزائمنا .. وأرزقنا اليقين الثابت …. اللهم أعمي بصائرهم … وشتت شملهم … وزلزل الارض تحت أقدامهم
وردهم على أعقابهم مهزومين غير منتصرين …. اللهم إحفظ الأحرار الصامدين المدافعين عن ووطنهم وشرفهم وعرضهم ….. اللهم أننا عبيدك بني عبيدك بني إيماءك ماضيا فينا حكمك عدلا فينا قضاءك …نواصينا بين يديك …أنصرنا يالله … اللهم انك تعلم ولانعلم ماتخفيه الصدور … وماتحتويه الأضلع .. ياعالم الغيب والشهاده … يابديع السموات والارض انصر عبادك المستضعين والمظلومين والمقهورين … اللهم أن الظلم قد زاد … والطغيان قد زاد … وحالنا أنت أعلم به منا ..اللهم فرج كربنا .. وأزل همنا …وأغفر لشهداءنا
وأشفي جرحانا … ورد غائبنا … وفك قيد أسرانا … اللهم لاتشمت فينا أعدائنا وأعدائك
الذين تستروا بإسم دينك .. وقتلوا وشردوا ودمروا وتحالفوا مع الكفرة والصليبيين
اللهم أنت القائل وقولك الحق … من ولاهم فهو منهم ….وأنت شاهدا عليهم يالله
بأنهم أسموهم طيوراً أبابيل …. اللهم فعليك بيهم …أرينا فيهم عجائب قدرتك …. اللهم أن هذه أكفنا ممدودة إليك .. وأيدينا مرفوعة إليك
نرجوا مغفرتك وعفوك وسترك ونصرك …. اللهم لا تردنا خائبين ولا تجعلنا عن بابك من المطرودين
.. اللهم تقبل دعائنا وتضرعنا إليك … اللهم لا تسلط علينا بذنوبنا من
لا يخافك ولا يرحمنا … اللهم أنت ربنا الذي نعبد … وأنت رجاءنا عندما تغلق الأبواب
وأنت ملاذنا في الشدائد … اللهم أنت القائل … إذا سألك عبادي عني فأني قريباً أجيب دعوة الداعي إذا دعان …. اللهم إننا دعوناك كما أمرتنا … فاستجب يارب كما وعدتنا .
اللهم أمين أمين أمين .. وصلي وسلم على حبينا وحبيبك سيدنا محمد وعلى آله
وصحبه أجمعين ..جمعة مباركة احرار وحرائـر وطني

F blessing for each free and silks national lofty …
F blessing each steadfast loyal to their homeland and their leader and their history ….
F blessing to Jmahirita Great greatness of its men and women honorable heroes unwavering ….
Oh God, make them F victory proved the right of faith in our hearts …
And made us the way of the marchers …
F blessing upon you, God willing, ye steadfast and Alsamdat …
And Manasr Alasber hour … Victorious with God’s help.
جمعة مباركه لكل أحرار وحرائر وطني الشامخ … جمعة مباركه لكل الصامدين الأوفياء لأرضهم ووطنهم وقائدهم وتاريخهم …. جمعة مباركه لجماهيريتي العظمى بعظمة رجالها ونساءها الشرفاء الابطال الثابتين…. اللهم أجعلها جمعة النصر المبين بحق من ثبت الأيمان في قلوبنا … وجعلنا على طريقه من السائرين … جمعة مباركه عليكم بإذن الله أيها الصامدين والصامدات … ومالنصر الاصبر ساعه … منتصرين بعون الله.


GREAT SON  writes the following for us:

I’m great
Where you going yamdena rabaya alzaih??? The magic has turned against the magician.
Oops we are of our features gloat …
We are the children of honest authentic tribes don’t know treason and does not appeal in the back … We are honest and his free will never accept that we put our hands into the hands of our villages, our cities, and she killed and displaced and thousands of our fathers and grandfathers.
Yes we are the children of the Mujahideen who asked the pure blooded on the territory of this country and died standing tall with antique guns in front of hordes of Italian colonial with full ‘ weadatha and its … Stood up and martyred with determination and faith of the hearts to the cause of their honour and dignity of their own soil and. .. Yes yahlna in statement I that was most recently the city of literature and the arts and heritage. Today the city of blood, murder, ghosts …
Most recently you city of peace and purity werbaih aldaih … Today you were given the city loss and ruin. They deceived you and adorned you life all perishable decorations, you came out and will live and destroyed and you kill everything you built him for forty-two years … We addressed you all brothers and affection and we told you.This plot not brothers they followed her. Waskoitm the infidel, you regard as great … We told you bring your hands in our hands to protect the homeland from this sedition designed to break up the motherland and dirt …
You ignored us. And put your hands in the hands of barlandlivi and John McCain and their clients from the States of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, members of intelligence dual nationality holders … You danced and you sang and doing so under media cross … Did you know the moment and think about your history and your ancestors that you stained him by your actions … We’ve got it for water and the armed forces of the people which you are in.. What was may you … Do not call NATO planes and battleships to bombard and destroy and kill your brothers in blood …
Yes, people of Benghazi. Box of sex work. And also condemns the condemned. Oh God, not gloated. God never gloated.You said, your leader and of the believers of the fast of the first statement in his heart. These are not the people start Benghazi. Family and pronounce the name of God you name …You said that they are owners of beards almkomlh … It said a curse us. …
He is aware he says wehaantm have them in their actions and their designs and their dream of building the Islamic Emirate and if you are in need of the same mentality he by God …. You said they’re rats.Vaaghlktm ear. And you received them from all sides and in their gabhm wemo’amranhm sordid. Yes yahlna in statement I is this is the truth which they Stickle on pronunciation. Isn’t this is the bitter reality that they suffer him today by your hands.
History is ruthless. Yes history is ruthless. Unfortunately, as you wrote it with a black line in the pages of dark pages were written with the blood of your ancestors in the pages of glory and honor. O lashmath. God never gloated. Samidoun. Firm … … And with the help of God, victorious

‎أبن العظمى‎
إلى أين أنتي ذاهبه يامدينة رباية الذايح ؟؟؟ ها قد أنقلب السحر على الساحر …
عفوا نحن ليست من شيمنا الشماتة …
نحن أبناء قبائل شريفة أصيلة لا تعرف الخيانة ولا الطعن في الظهر … نحن شرفاء الوطن وأحراره لم ولن نقبل أن نضع ايدينا في أيدي من استباح قرانا ومدننا وقتل وشرد وهجر الألاف من أباءنا وأجدادنا .

نعم نحن أبناء المجاهدين الذين سالت دماءهم الطاهره على تراب هذا الوطن الغالي وماتوا وقوفا شامخين يحملون بنادقهم العتيقة امام جحافل القوة الايطالية الإستعمارية بكامل عدتها وعداتها وجبروتها … وقفوا واستشهدوا بعزيمة الرجال وإيمان القلوب بقضية شرفهم وكرامتهم المتمثلة في ترابهم ووطنهم …. نعم يأهلنا في مدينة البيان الأول التي كانت بالامس القريب مدينة الأدب والفنون والتراث … واليوم أصبحت مدينة الدم والقتل والاشباح ….

بالامس القريب كنتي مدينة السلام والطهارة ورباية الدايح … واليوم أصبحتي مدينة الضياع والخراب والدمار .. خدعوكم وزينوا لكم الحياة الدنيا بكل زخارفها الفانيه فخرجتم وخربتم ودمرتم وقتلتم كل شي بنيتموه طيلة اثنان واربعون عاما … خاطبناكم بكل أخوة ومودة وقلنا لكم ..اخوتنا هذه مؤامرة لا تتبعوها .. فاستكبرتم واسقويتم بالكافر …. قلنا لكم هاتوا ايديكم في ايدينا لنحمي الوطن من هذه الفتنه المراد بها تفتيت الوطن والتراب …

تجاهلتمونا … ووضعتم ايديكم في ايدي بارلاندليفي وجون ماكين وعملاءهم من دويلات قطر والإمارات وأعضاء استخباراتهم أصحاب الجنسيات المزدوجة … رقصتم وغنيتم وصليتم تحت اعلام الصليب … ولم تدركوا لحظة وتفكروا في تاريخ اباءكم واجدادكم الذي لطختموه بأفعالكم هذه … جاءتكم قوات الشعب المسلح لتنقذكم مما أنتم فيه .. فماذا كان جزاها منكم … غير استدعاء طائرات وبوارج الناتو لتقصف وتدمر وتقتل اخوتكم في الدم …

نعم يأهل بنغازي .. الجزاء من جنس العمل … وكما تدين تدان .. اللهم لا شماته .. الله لا شماته …قال لكم حبيبكم وقائدكم ومن حمل مدينة البيان الاول في قلبه .. ابدأ هولاء ليسوا أهل بنغازي .. سماكم بالعائلة وبالاسم …قال لكم انهم أصحاب اللحي المقمله .. فقلتم هو يشتمنا ….

وهو يعي مايقول وهاانتم تعانون منهم ومن افعالهم ومخططاتهم وحلمهم ببناء الإمارة الإسلامية وكأنكم كنتم كفرة محتاجين لإمارة تحكمكم بشرع الله …. قال لكم انهم جرذان ..فاأغلقتم أذانكم .. وإستقبلتموهم من كل حدب وصوب وفي جعبهم إجندتهم ومؤامرانهم الدنيئه …. نعم يأهلنا في مدينة البيان الاول أليست هذه هي الحقيقة التى تكابرون على النطق بها … أليس هذا هو الواقع المرير الذي تعانونه اليوم بفعل ايديكم ….

التاريخ لا يرحم .. نعم التاريخ لا يرحم .. وللأسف الشديد أنتم من كتبه بخط أسود في صفحة من صفحاته المظلمة بعد ان كان يكتب بدماء اجدادكم في صفحات المجد والجهاد والشرف .. اللهم لاشماته .. الله لا شماته .. صامدون….. ثابتون …… وبعون الله منتصرون

Knight Libyan militia headquarters and Delivery 11/21/2013
Subject / delivery of what is called the militia headquarters of the Libyan army 21/11/2013 and important questions must be answered by the Libyan people. .

Mu describes


Counter-terrorism in Libya (FB PAGE):

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings
Hello welcome to our new Facebook and old
Counterterrorism We kindly request you to publish the names, photos and Anuin
Heretics and all the terrorists and their whereabouts within the public
To be shamed in front of everyone and expose their criminal acts,,,,
Thanks to all lived Libya green Bonsarha.

Tripoli now :::::

Abdullalh thankless (BELHADJ) is BLAMING MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI again for the violence !

as Hashim humans promises excellence and says “We are returning and we are strong”!!

making slogans with his cohorts and Mu’ammar !

عبدالله ناكر:: الجيش الي طلع في ليلة وضحها هدو جماعة هشام بشر مايكبوش عليكم
لكن نوعدكم ان نحن عائدون وبقوة شوف طرابلس بعد خروج الثوار الحيوط كلها مخربشة بهتافات الازلام وجماعة معمر

High alert in prisons
Ain Zara
The gathering mechanisms and elements of militias dressed in police and army!


Detection and a leaked document shows that shields Misurata will be restored to Tripoli later

News sources have reported the existence of a leaked document that reveals to pull out the armor from Tripoli to Misurata, to stabilize Tripoli and they(Misurata Militia) will return and be restored later.

Detection and a leaked document shows that shields Misurata will be restored to Tripoli later

More operations “delivery and receipt of fakes” in the world recorded in Libya ..!

De ‎المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر‎
أكثر عمليات ” تسليم واستلام مزيفة” في العالم سجلت في ليبيا ..!


REMEMBER FOLKS, this is not real military which are claimed to be receiving the camps and posts from the Militias. They are “fakes” as BASIC PEOPLE’s CONGRESS ELVIS BUCKY says here.
It is a show for the world to see (well publicised); but the Libyan people know better, and have seen the faces of many known militiamen dressed-up as National Army!!


Observer navigational Libyan
Did you know the state of these tanks: –
This picture me 170 tank traveling from France to the port of Misurata and will reach or three days after …..?!

Urgent: – an important and dangerous : –

Partake of one of the police officers of the Directorate of Tripoli : –

In the name of God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah , O people of Libya
The people of Tripoli, what is happening now in the capital are attempts
Political movement to control Tripoli and control of the
The army and the police , since the meet Colonel Souissi.
He is now Director of the Directorate in Tripoli and was Chairman of the Committee
Supreme Security, was appointed colonel of the National Alternative Mahmoud
Sharif formerly Director of the Police Directorate , wants Souissi
That puts all the companies bonds and branches of the security committee in the
Under the name of the police forces and support the NRF .

Means Gneoh and precordial and Haitham Tagouris forces Nawasi
will continue as a group but the difference they are wearing police uniforms and will have
police cars ,

Colonel Souissi biggest supporter of what they call
Security committee graduate, was the biggest person who refuses to Ashour Hoael .

Also included are a large number of rebels aincluding Alharathi, Mehdi, and Belhadj.
To these terrorists, the so-called Libyan army as groups have distributed to them clothes
Oandmo military official, and now are “official” as a group …

Unfortunately, this scheme is the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their Community

of Islamist fighters want to be and in control Ojuna (of) thpolice and army.
The exclusion of solving all who do not follow them over time. (THEY WILL ELIMINATE ALL THAT DO NOT FALL INTO THIS LINE that they have agreed upon.) THIS IS THE START OF THEIR ISLAMIST CALIPHATE OF TRIPOLI.Oh God, Oh God, I’m hit , I witness …And peace , mercy and blessings of God .
عـــــــــــاجـــــــل :- هـــــــام وخطيــــــر :-مشــاركه من احد ضباط مديرية الشــرطه طــرابلــس :-بسم الله وصلاة والسلام على رسول الله ، يا اهل ليبيا
واهل طرابلس ما يحدث الان فى العاصمه هى محاولات
تيار سياسي للسيطره على طرابلس والسيطره على
الجيش والشرطه ، منذ فتره يجتمع العقيد السويسي
وهو الان مدير المديرية فى طرابلس وكان رئيس اللجنة
الامنية العليا ، وتم تعيينه بديل للعقيد الوطنى محمود
الشريف مدير مديرية الشرطــه سابقا ، السويسي يريد
ان يضع كل سرايا الاسناد وفروع اللجنة الامنية فى
الشرطه تحت أسم قوات الدعم وقـوات التدخل السريع .يعنى اغنيوة والبركي وهيثم التاجوري وقوات النواصي
سيستمرون كمجموعات لكن الفرق أنهم بلباس الشرطه
وسيارات الشرطه ، العقيد السويسي اكبر داعم لما يسمون
لجنة امنية عليا ، وكان اكبر شخص يرفض عاشور شوايل .
ايضا تم ضم عدد كبير من ثوار مهدى الحاراثي وبلحاج
الى الجيش الليبي كمجموعات وتم توزيع عليهم ملابس
العسكرية الرسمية ووانضمو كمجموعه …
للاسف هذا هو مخطط الاخوان المسلمين والجماعه
الاسلامية المقاتله يريدون أخونة الشرطه والجيش
واقصاء وحل كل الذين لا يتبعون لهم مع مرور الوقت .اللهــم أنــــي بلغــــت اللهم فاشهد …وسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .
    • Options

      Flood is Coming (FB GROUP):

      (E resistance fighters to whom it may concern , and 3) or
      Publishing and immediate corresponding to the circular on Friday 22/11/2013 5:20 pm Time

      unreal Tripoli Mermaid

      Special Report schemes Misurata militia groups and incitements stationed in Misurata and their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Afghan jihadists and Alchean and mercenaries from all over the world : –

      There are forces of Jardan Misrata and different nationalities , mostly non- Libyans Tabaaan the base , doing military exercises and special training competent in the war of the streets and inside the cities and the opportunities and Tknlogiat and modern equipment , and heavy pressure , high-speed Bmaaonth trained foreign and Israeli Mossad commissioned by Bernald Levy,

      and I’ve made several exercises tactical process within the city of Tawergha , they train on how to concentration on buildings and how to control the streets and administrative buildings , residential , and how to enter and exit the safe withdrawal and how to evacuate the wounded and first aid , and these exercises day and night , and this indicates that they will carry out inside the cities of the mass , and Ayda have training use of gas and how to control the airstrips ,

      I’ve used the houses and streets and farms Tawergha Kanmodj training for this purpose , and they have training on how intrusions small cars and shooting at targets in the case of motion and stability, and to the kidnapping and the storming of prison centers to bring out from inside , they intend to battle on the next few days in Benghazi and Tripoli , and also there Aaha them that there is a military commander

      or Amir Kabir level will come to them after the completion of training for the purpose of assigning them tasks , and Ollalm has been charging two individuals and weapons from Misrata to the base Wattayah Airborne , and there is information also that there is a large shipment of vehicles , carrying plates indicate they are loyal to the army and the signs will be placed at the doors of cars indicate that weapons and ammunition ready in stores Misrata for shipment on board the two ships large , one of them will be heading to the shores of the post Sabratha.

      We do not know to any beach in particular but the purpose rounded to the nearest point for anchorage , and then go shipment to Wattayah , and either the second ship will go to the shores of the tuber , or Sousse and head crescent or area Aldersah , and are now semi- ready to do the job , they are waiting for orders only from their commanders villains , there are information Mukdh that in the days ago , they met several leaders of those from Algeria , Tunisia and Afghans set of brothers coming from Egypt , along with Libyans in Tawergha in ( ( farm the reversal ))) and agreed to set up fuel depots reserve , and warehouses to collect large amounts of Supply and precisely Supply and dry goods supply,

      and then give orders to their fighters blew Quartermaster and fuel hang out of their control and non- affiliated to them and they will blow up some airports such critical Tripoli , Benghazi and Sebha and Sirte and talked about the deployment of several devices to eavesdrop on communications in the south of Libya in the area Opare and Fageej and Mknush and Sebha and Sirte and the corner and Tajourah and Janzour.

      Hedda report and associate reporting Circular No. 2 My father has been published and directed the security authorities in Algeria , Tunisia and the Libyan resistance dishonest men
      Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation.
      Hope Publishing

  • هــ(الى رجال المقاومه ومن يهمه الامر 3ـ)ــــــــــــــــــــــــــام
    للنشر والتعميم الفوري الموافق ليوم الجمعه 22-11-2013 الساعه 5:20دقيقه بتوقيت طرابلس الغرب عروس البحر
    تقرير خاص بمخططات مليشيات مصراته والجماعات التكفيريه المتمركزه في مصراته وعلاقتهم بالاخوان المسلمين في مصر والجهاديين الافغان والششيان والمرتزقه من كافه انحاء العالم :-
    هناك قوات من جردان مصراتة ومن جنسيات مختلفة واغلبها غير ليبيين تابعيين للقاعدة ، يقومون بالتدريبات العسكرية وتدريبات خاصة مختصة في حرب الشوراع وداخل المدن وبأمكانيات وتكنلوجيات ومعدات حديثه ، وبضغط شديد وسرعة عالية بمعاونتة مدربين اجانب ومن الموساد الاسرائيلي بتكليف من برنالد ليفي، ولقد قاموا بعدة تمارين تعبوية عملية داخل مدينة تاورغاء ، قاموا بالتدرب على كيفية التمركز على المباني وكيفية السيطرة على الشوارع والمقرات الادارية والسكنية ، وكيفية الدخول والخروج الآمن والانسحاب وكيفية اخلاء الجرحى والاسعافات ، وهذه التدريبات ليلية ونهارية ، وهذا يدل على انهم سوف يقومون بعمليات داخل مدن الجماهيرية ، وايضاء قاموا بالتدريب على استعمال الغازات وكيفية السيطرة على المهابط الجوية ، لقد استخدموا منازل وشوارع ومزارع تاورغاء كانمودج تدريبي لهذا الغرض، وقاموا بالتدريب على كيفية الاقتحام بالسيارات الصغيرة والرماية على الاهداف في حالة الحركة والثبات ، وعلى عملية الخطف وعملية اقتحام مراكز السجون لاخراج من بداخلها ، هؤلاء ينوون على معركة في الايام القليلة القادمة في بنغازي وطرابلس ، وايضاً هناك ايحا اليهم بأن هناك قائد عسكري او امير كبير المستوى سوف يأتي اليهم بعد اتمام التدريب لغرض تكليفهم بمهام ، ووللعلم لقد تم شحن طائرتين بالافراد والاسلحة من مصراتة الى قاعدة الوطيه الجويه ، وهناك معلومة ايضاً ان هناك شحنة كبيرة من الاليات وهي تحمل لوحات تدل على انهم تابعين للجيش وعلامات سوف توضع على ابواب السيارات تدل على ذلك والاسلحة والذخائر جاهزة في مخازن مصراتة للشحن على متن سفينتين كبيرتين ، احداهما سوف تتجه الى شواطئ مابعد صبراتة ولا ندري الى اي شاطئ بالتحديد ولكن الغرض تقريبها الى اقرب نقطة للرسو ، وبعدها تذهب الشحنة الى الوطية ، واما السفينة الثانية سوف تذهب الى شواطئ درنة ،،او سوسة ورأس هلال او منطقة الدرسية ، وهم الان شبه جاهزين الى القيام بهذه المهمة ، انهم ينتظرون الاوامر فقط من قادتهم الاوغاد ، وهناك معلومة موكدة بأنه في الايام التى مضت ، اجتمعوا عدة قادة لهؤلاء من الجزائر وتونس وافغان بمجموعة من الاخوان القادمين من مصر ومعهم ليبيين ، في تاورغاء في (( مزرعة ال عكش ))) واتفقوا على انشاء مستودعات للوقود الاحتياطي ، ومستودعات الى جمع كميات كبيرة من التموين وبالذات التموين الجاف والسلع التموينية ، وبعدها اعطاء الاوامر الى مقاتليهم بتفجير مستودعات التموين والوقود الخرجة عن سيطرتهم والغير تابعة لهم وسوف يقومون بتفجير بعض المطارات الهامة مثل طرابلس وبنغازي وسبها وسرت وتحدثوا عن نشر عدة اجهزة للتنصت على الاتصالات في الجنوب الليبي في منطقة اوباري والفجيج ومكنوسة وسبها وسرت والزاوية وتاجوراء وجنزور
    ونربط هدا التقرير بالتقرير المنشور رقم 2 الدي تم نشره والموجه للجهات الامنيه في الجزائر وتونس ولرجال المقاومه الليبيه الشريفه
    اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
    نرجو النشر


Tails Mufti Brotherhood platform in claim Abuhradh bring down the government.

Tripoli # Abuhradh

Tell the client Aarouh horses ….. Oliy … Aolaaaaa …. Tell Zaidane Aarouh Khirlh.

Asharq al-Awsat reports:

Mahmoud Jibril called on extremist groups to sit down at the table of dialogue to spare the country the risk of foreign intervention!!!

(as apparently Jabril himself cannot dialogue!!)

Certain news::::::::::

Shortly before the quarrel and clash between both Mahmoud Jibril and Abdul Majeed Mliqth at the Protocol lounge in the Tripoli international airport.
Jabril was yelling for the “armed guards for those who are from abroad”.

(The source of the airport)

Mahmoud Jibril

Mahmoud Jibril (gay)

The former number two in the National Transitional Council of Libya (NTC), Mahmoud Jibril, the traitor to his nation is a friend of the illustrious whose talent is only used for evil, BHL-Botul not the name, the icon empty, had a very bad time for his flight to Tripoli descent.

Mahmoud Jibril   was beaten with unprecedented verbal violence. A memorable fight, according to witnesses. His executioner is a person named “Mgayth” a man from the town of Zintan. Arrested, he confessed that he was waiting long time …

Poor Libya!


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO (FB GROUP)

[God loves and understands Aduch!!! Are we no jealousy on Islam]

Zionist John McCain, owner of the famous statement in which he said
” If it were up to demolished the Kaaba”
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a supporter of the Islamic State (and SALAFIST LFG/al-QAEDA)
Monday’s meeting contrary to logic and the Islamic faith and the betrayal of God and the
Prophet (PBUH).

Abdullah thankless to free Libya now says on channel Libya Al-Ahrar city of Zintan::

“A large meeting is coming between Misrata and (?) ZINTAN REVOLUTIONARIES after these events happening in Tripoli.
What is occuring is a coup of the Brotherhood and their cohorts of the ‘revolution’; and the ‘revolutionaries’ plan to take control of Tripoli.
Where you die they head KINTU scene Wayne was Badri Sadat….who wants to drive the rebels from their capital and the parties have submitted to them. Almtdahrine are deceived by their leaders.
Badri Sadat. Eat in exquisite mouthful satisfaction thasab your soul with fear elatris…..”

#عبــدالله_نــــاكر علي قناة ليبيا الأحـــرار من مدينة الزنتان :

أين كنتو أنتم يامن تتصدرون المشهد وأين كان سادات البدري .. يريدون اخراج الثوار من عاصمتهم التي حررهو وقدمو الاطراف .. المتضاهرين مخدوعين من قبل من قادتهم ..

اجتماع كبير قادم بين ثوار مصراتة والزنتان بعد احداث طرابلس وما يحدث في طرابلس هو انقلاب من الاخوان والازلام على الثورة والثوار للسيطرة على طرابلس

عبدالله ناكر علي ليبيا الاحرار
للسادات البدري … تاكل في البريوش تحساب روحك بتخوف التريس


Madame story delivery and receipt ongoing, thank God, has been delivered and I find it was the headquarters of the militias being controlled by Misurata.
The HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATION announced previously of reports about the existence of secret prisons which follow the militias in control of Tripoli ; and secretly prepares prisoners with  very large numbers ..
We call  for an official statement of disclosuret from those who are officially received as part of the (GNC) government, such as the Ministry of defense, interior ..as these are political prisoners of the  militia  headquarters..

(Mansouri tango) ..

مدأم قصـــة التسليم والاستلام مستمـرة والحمد لله تم تسليم مقرأت وأجده كـآنت المليشيـآت مسيطـرة عليهـآ نحب انقول ..
أن منطمة هيومن رأيش وويش أعلنت فيما سبق وف تقـآرير منظمــة عن وجود سجون سرية تتبع المليشيـآت المسيطـرة على طرأبلس وهولت أعدأد السجنـآء لاعدأد كبيـرة جدأ ..
عليـه نطالب بالكشف ببيـآن رسمي أذأ كـآنت قد أستلمت الحكومة كوزأرة دأخلية ودفـآع سجنـآء مقرأت هـذي المليشيـآت ..التانجو المنصـوري ..بريد


Things handbag especially accompanied by anyone who knows the contact number: 0922915205
حقيبة يد بها أشياء خاصة لمن يعرف صاحبتها الاتصال على رقم:0922915205



Libya pretend to evacuate the capital of armed militias


Armed militias announce its withdrawal from the Libyan capital Tripoli.

Thousands on Friday, 22 November 2013, in the Libyan capital of Tripoli demanded the evacuation of the city of its armed manifestations,

despite the anticipation of armed militias to declare its withdrawal and delivery locations that were controlled by so-called “Libyan army”.

The move comes after the withdrawal of militias from the city of Misrata who wrecked havoc, blood and death upon Tripoli and her suburbs.

General Staff / DC

“Libby, the army decided to put six major gateway to the capital and Come entrances official decision has been developed not enter any weapon of whatever capital subservience”


Flood is coming (FB PAGE):

A serious warning to the people of the Valley of the seawall assassination operations will reach Zbat army and police

Supporters of Al-Ansar al-Sharia (SALAFISTS) and after their arrival in the Valley seawall and stationed agricultural project Aldboat ” relatives ” they receive today from Madawa Jaleel Ahmed list of more than 37 Zabt between police and military will be liquidated in the coming days .

De l’album : Photos du journal
De ‎عميد العظمي‎
تحذير خطير لسكان وادي الشاطي من عمليات اغتيال ستطال ظباط بالجيش والشرطةانصار الشريعة وبعد وصولهم الي وادي الشاطي وتمركزهم بمشروع الدبوات الزراعي ” اقار ” يتسلمون اليوم من المدعوا احمد عبدالجليل قائمة بها اكثر من 37 ظابط بين شرطي وعسكري سوف يتم تصفيتهم خلال الايام القادمة .

Tripoli now :::::

High alert in prisons
Plateau, Ain Zara, Ajdidh

The gathering mechanisms and elements of militias dressed in police and army.

  • Using Military College plateau closed and the spread of fear and security Aln.


Mohamed Al Grira known, Aboiaqhob, and Contact Person for investigating the so-called National Guard, “the former military college” that Abdullah Senoussi and Baghdadi Mahmudi transferred to an undisclosed location in case of any emergency in the demonstrations on Friday.

Calls for a direct demonstration BY Muammar al-Qathafi’s “Islamic Call Society” now!

Center of the country (downtown)

The arrival of the Holy Mosque Square demonstrators in front of the Islamic Call Society


Youth rally shouting:

“No No No No state Brotherhood.”

# # Tripoli Jerusalem

Attempts to get free demonstrations of political parties “Brothers”.


Mustafa Mohammed Suleiman Moktov from the Corner found dead on the sea and the piece after being kidnapped yesterday while driving a Toyota 24 of Bir Muammar in the Corner ..

Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds

Now the Defense Minister  swears by God,

“You must deliver-to and receive true Military people within in a week !!!”
الحوار السياسي الليبي Libyan Political Dialogue ::: متابعات

الان وزير الدفاع يقسم بالله إذا لم يكن تسليم واستلام صحيح فسأعلنه للشعب خلال اسبوع

In the footsteps of the capital city of Tripoli going Corner, in a demonstration after Friday prayers,

demanding to dissolve all militias and armed formations beyond the framework of the state,

to receive military and police functions in all parts of the country.

Demonstration in the field of Abu Hradh to demand the exit of all militias and armed gangs from the capital Tripoli.

Reminder army patrols encircled prisons and camps Wi trend towards these places will be deterred …..

(Mermaid operations room)


From all of the districts of Tripoli, Abu Salim came out against profiles, becoming heroes:

For when Abu Salim was taken-over by henchmen, you o Abu Salim rose up!
خرجت باقي احياء طرابلس ضد التشكيلات فصاروا ابطال و عندما خرجت بوسليم صاروا ازلام لك الله يا ابوسليم

Abu Salim Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel

Urgent ..

Out of area youth, “Mr. Masri” in Tripoli in an angry demonstration in front of the headquarters of Libya Shield fifth division .. Where young people gave this military entity out in a maximum period of Monday and was replied shield them that this office will be handed over to the military intelligence, two days later .. With the rejection of the young people of the area and the presence of any FAKE military headquarters in this region the population flatly!

Tripoli Abu Salim :::

Manifestations at this time in the area of ​​Abu Salim Atjhahha to the headquarters of the security committee Abu Salim.

Abu Salim :::

Demonstration and other pro-opposition in front of the headquarters of the Abu Salim Gneoh.

Youth Abu Salim they demolished the wall of the stadium, which close the (Ghani Alkkla) Gnjoh

located next to the former region of Abu Salim.

Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency
2 injured Altzahreinn front of the headquarters of the security committee of Abu Salim .

Division and street demonstrations in Tripoli after the entry of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, on-line demonstrations.

Friday, November 22, 2013 AD , said correspondent in Tripoli said a split appeared in today’s demonstration after the entry of the ‘Muslim’  Brotherhood, on the line of peaceful movement and attempting a character demonstration of the objectives of serving the community , which led to the withdrawal of dozens of demonstrators took to the Green Square .

On the other hand draws protesters to the headquarters of the security area of ​​Abu Salim and clashed with the militias are out there wounded two demonstrators Baadatalaq fire by the militias they ” Mustafa Abussriuel ” and ” Ramadan Abouala.e. “ he has the demonstrators demolished the outer wall of the headquarters of the security committee of Abu Salim .

edit: Mamedalhaafa .

Libya’s international channel ::

URGENT: heavy gunfire in the meantime, in the vicinity of the murderer Gneoh

headquarters of the security committee Branch area AbuSalim.

Now clashes with heavy weapons now in a strong conference emancipation, specifically in the Council of traitors (Gneoh) and Germanh;
Gunmen Gneoh Ahjmo Amoqa and all their equipment and other young people interviewed Valjhh neighborhood huts they come to retrieve the football stadium and exhibition cars now.

Shelter a group of protesters in one of the houses adjacent to the headquarters of the Rat Gneoh Ahtmea lead which overspread Mjermah.

Fugitive of the militia headquarters Gneoh gather outside the home of Gneoh.

Abu Salim :::

Abu Salim Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ::

Gneoh headquarters was raided and neighbor ruin it by demonstrators from the Abu Salim neighborhood huts now.

The death of two persons as a result of being shot by militia Gneoh

Rusaifa of newspaper news:
URGENT: Gneoh Alkkla Babuslam militia fired live bullets at Almtdahiran.
News sources reported that the militias Gneoh Alkkla Babuslam fired live bullets at Almtdahiran.

Network TV Libya LTN
Two deaths and four wounded during the storming of the headquarters of the security committee Abu Salim.

Now suppression of demonstrators from militias Brotherhood, and his militia Gneoh
And Haitham Tagouris:

Fire on demonstrators in front of the headquarters of the security committee “Gnjoh” lead to the death of two and injuring others:

Accidents Hospital Abu Salim receives a number of wounded ..

News about injuries amid demonstrators in front of the headquarters of Militia Gneoh.

Abu Salim ..

Zhov popular at the headquarters of the Abu Salim Gneoh.

Now suppression of demonstrators from militias Brotherhood, and his militia Gneoh
And Haitham Tagouris (shown below):

Shooting at the demonstrators now in Abu Salim
Image directly from the Abu Salim:

According to official channels ::::

Gneoh him to withdraw his militia headquarters and ..
Posted by was shortly before throwing live bullets at the demonstrators and launchers RBG.

Answer when Zaidane and theatrical delivery.

T. official ::::

Gneoh escape militias in the streets of Abu Salim.

Of demonstrations against the Abu Salim Gneoh:

By closing the road to Abu Salim railway bridge by the Army:

Hospital Abu Salim 5 cases of people with at least two of them were in critical condition (NOW DECEASED) due to the protests that occurred in the area in front of the headquarters of the Abu Salim Alamnana Supreme Abu Salim previously, which was handed over to the National Directorate of Security # Tripoli.

# Abu Salim:
The arrival of the army Allaotunai to Abu Salim.
(# Earthquake)

Abu Salim ::::

Gneoh militias and mechanisms plateau secondary school versus home ..

(Citizen resident in the region)



News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO:

Urgent Airport Road # Tripoli:

demonstrators heading to the headquarters of the Islamic Dawa

has now Pray to the pedestrian bridge and militias Jermanah blocked the road

with barbed wire to prevent them from access.

Contact person from the spot…

Tanks stand in the eye in front of the Ministry of Water Company and sewage ..

That we can get the pictures we bring you omitted.


 Mando a small fire inside the Civil Registry of Tripoli and the fire was brought under control.
مندو قليل حريق داخل السجل المدني طرابلس وتمت السيطرة علي الحريق

National Safety Authority Tripoli
Fire residues within the headquarters of the Civil Registry in Tripoli and not, as rumored GS thread that inside the building
Was put out by members of the civil defense department Tripoli.




Clashes in the city of Ifrane between two or Jersan and Aghannaúmh.


A large gathering in the neighborhood of cottages now pretended Sadat Ali Badri

and the decisions of the lead at the capital and Hua not Mentkh mainly citing one young neighborhood cottages.

(Saraya gathered Zintan)


Was thankfully defeated the criminal gang Salah Valley and the remnants of armor Qatar from the 27 final and the camp (KHAMAS previously) and farm of Ahmed Gaddafa-dam Blood
 that was Eachd including criminal Valley-based prisons and above-ground and underground .. The youths stormed the two places after clashes continued for hours where the offender fled the valley and his gang by sea to a destination unknown.

Alhashan news
News of gunfire between the region’s youth and Shield Libya in camp 27 . 

Hedda has given the region’s youth Shield Libya deadline for the evacuation of the camp.

O Allah Akbar and Rishvana

Camp was liberated from 27 Shield Brotherhood and Harbaugh Kaalviran rabid and campers now empty.
Shura Council and Rishvana of
In a step towards the evacuation zone and Rishvana and suburbs of the capital Tripoli armed

formations of the Shura Council and the people of Rishvana Rishvana and participate in the

delivery of Camp 27 to the Libyan army 11/22/2013
Has been delivered to the headquarters of Battalion 27 Marine forces.

(Hedda morning)

The remnants of the gang Salah Valley and wanted justice to the tribe and Rishvana.

They are committed massacres Htaveb for youth, men and Rishvana.

They are as follows:

F Almchklt killer and required
Radwan Hangari killer and thief
Essam Ajavidh killer and thief
Marwan Guare killer and thief
Joseph Aarakiz killer and thief
Ahmed Sawan killer and thief
Spring Abussnana killer and thief
Aka Balrihh thief
Salem Akkari administrative Schuon
Mohammed Abuchydh manufacturing Wines
Aka Balhurcorh thief

Each end of the unjust and RBC in the presence

Libby and Rishvana.

Start officially handed over to the camp of the 27th Military Police.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl: are now delivered 27 military headquarters area west of Tripoli to the General Staff of the Libyan army

Now news channel

Transfer ceremony Camp 27

Because a large gathering of young people and tribes Rishvana Alhachan in preparation for an attack on the shield who’s 27 and Elly Bridge Bash seen and what Aatinh Andar than two days he delivers a brief and camp.
Number of young people what God wills and eluted Etjmau, and who became the beating before shui is just heating up and only attack the judge now, and Tfzaa young people at the same time.

And Shield semi-boxed and God does not have Wayne escapes, to launch a sitting Abanlhm came here to

Youth and Rishvana


# Gharyan:
Deployment of the army and the police suddenly.






A powerful explosion in Misrata shortly before .. And amid thick smoke seen from 20 km.



The deadline for “peaceful solutions given by the government to militias” Jdharan

which occupies the oil ports in central and eastern Libya.


Urgent :::::::::

Shooting votes now that is Tzmonha brawl near the condominium Alcides Bmnth Mr. Hussein and is a quarrel between neighbors and the reason is one Cbba Bmaxh one of the girls I grew up in the region and the problem now, and there are two hospital evacuate.
And the source of the SS …….

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.



Queen Elizabeth II


Channel BBC Arabic ::

British Foreign reach across the Libyan foreign ambassador in Tripoli

that Queen Elizabeth had postponed the historical city of Tobruk scheduled

for next December 24 because of the security situation in Libya ..


Now the city of Derna

He graduated rally against extremist militias in Derna

Newspaper of the future Libya :

the bombing on Friday , unidentified schools in the area Shiha eastern city of Derna , Libya , is scheduled to be used by the authorities Comerkzen election next month in the election of the members of the Committee session, charged with preparing a draft constitution of Libya .

Said Mohammed Alaerg , head of the electoral district in the tuber ” was Friday morning targeting a school gate or the faithful and the school are free Libya in the area Shiha Babutin explosive devices , two two elective . ,

And continued by saying that he ” did not know until now whether the targeting of schools aims to disrupt the election process or for another reason .. And there are no injuries . According to eyewitnesses , the physical damage was limited to only two main gates .
(# Earthquake)



THE “GAME” of juvenile player ALI ZAIDANE

Mu protector

Early Pic of Mu w his amazon angel guards

Mu at his Women's Academy 2

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 19/11/2013 P

Mu is joyous for Victory




President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil, stressed that he did not receive the association does not officially not a figurehead, and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the Prime Minister.
And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.

ITALY and France jointly “will do something” in Libya !!!
(BUT even Hashim humans, the Secretary of Security, is against foreign intervention!!!)
“Lq Italian French weakness of state institutions, the Libyan
Italian Prime Minister, “Enrico Letta,” he accept it, and the French president, “Francois Hollande,” the Italian government at the summit of French Altimt in Rome Wednesday, institutional conditions “weak” in Libya.
He said, “Lita” in a joint news conference with “Holland” on Wednesday evening that “Italy and France share a great concern in the matter of Libya and the need to work for reinforcements state institutions” there.”
قلق إيطالي فرنسي من ضعف مؤسسات الدولة الليبية
أعلن رئيس الوزراء الإيطالي “إنريكو ليتّا” أنه استعرض والرئيس الفرنسي “فرانسوا هولاند” خلال القمة الحكومية الإيطالية الفرنسية التي التئمت في روما الاربعاء، الاوضاع المؤسساتية “الضعيفة” في ليبيا.
وقال “ليتّا” في مؤتمر صحفي مشترك مع “هولاند” مساء الاربعاء إن “إيطاليا وفرنسا تتشاطران القلق الكبير في الشأن الليبي وضرورة العمل لتعزيزات مؤسسات الدولة” هناك.


Member of the National Congress protect itself b pomegranate ! !

She said one of the members of the National Congress on Wednesday for security at the entrance to the municipality of Tripoli , she carries a hand grenade in her purse ” for self-defense .”
The local council of the city on his Facebook that he ” when they enter the municipality of Tripoli to participate in the meeting , Ms. Souad Sultan passed her purse on the device detect weapons and explosives which led to the launch warning .”
He added: ” When asked what security official carry in her purse , acknowledged the existence of a hand grenade carried justified as self-defense .”
He explained that the authority of the Council was able to participate in the meeting after that delivered the bomb to the security officer , and wanted to ” restore bomb after the meeting, but the security official refused to ” have it delivered .
He said the local council of Tripoli that he was forced to publish this clarification to deny information has been circulating on social networks pointed to the arrest of Sultan .

(Valley girl)

A hand grenade in a bag «Deputy Libyan» … To protect personal!

Adjust the security apparatus of the Council of the Libyan capital Tripoli today (Wednesday) member of parliament Souad Sultan, carrying a hand grenade in her bag when entering the council’s headquarters.
According to official sources td Council Sultan explained that the reason for retaining this bomb to protect personal information.
The media quoted local sources as the Council that the Council members who were meeting infuriated, especially that she was invited to the meeting on the grounds that they represent the city of Tripoli.

Tripoli Local Council :

a correction of what is now floating in some social networking pages concerning respected member of Congress Souad Sultan ….. The story is as follows : Ms. Souad Sultan as it entered the Council of Tripoli to attend the meeting and put her purse inside the device detect weapons and explosives fired machine siren and has been offering security officer and asked her about what is found in her purse lean on the existence of a hand grenade ( pomegranate ) and it is used for personal protection Vslmtha him and entered to attend the meeting , then the security officer contacted the security authorities concerned and sent the Security Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Tripoli during the exit asked delivered her but security official refused to do so until the arrival of CID . Health News nor the effect that the member was being held or suspended by the Attorney General ….


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New $ 1.3 billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of  “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party



Cars with political bodies roam within the capital Tripoli repeatedly.
Including cars bearing the logo of the idiocy of the United Nations.

Flying in the skies today

Whatever Alito in the sky and Alito, your record date NATO dogs!!

likbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians
Voir la traduction
Photo: Hlikbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians.

 “Atmosphere of the country”:
Denied, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Cape Muhammad Ali news

that have been traded on cutting off communications from the capital tomorrow.

Anissalem Salem


Misrata militias begin to occupy the coastal road from the five and the movement of tanks and heavy weapons to the headquarters of the Turkish company in the valley as the year the tobacco factory and the purpose is to besiege the capital Tripoli and its people.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News:

named exists in front of you in the news and for the Turtle witnesses from Zliten.

“Don’t worry ! –
Muammar is leading the battle in the inside of Libya . He was able to fail all the plans of those monsters on the ground.
They will not be able to do anything in the presence of Muammar. “-

Mu on the horizon

vidéo de GPC basic Elvis Bucky free.

Ya live commander
Hey commander live ..


Ali Asbali
Militias out of the capital means the return from where it came from, it does not mean disappearance or evaporation of their arsenal of weapons.

The fact delivered today in Tripoli :::

Most of the militias evidence today says
“Delivery only housings”
Alumblyichiyat not any solution and deliver weapons and its members join the army and police personnel Ka ..

They are meant to change the sites they said Mqratna follow the state and we will deliver it.

Nawasi changed the location and most of the mechanisms in the farms follow them.

Laughed p chins!!!


(PM picks whom should leave; so not all are leaving!!)

President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil,  stressed that he did not receive the association

does not officially not a figurehead,

and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the RAT Prime Minister.

And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.


All Libyan cities will be covered by the decision of the evacuation of the militias, but gradually !

(only Zaidane will decide on the “timing” ! )

Amnesty International calls on the Libyan authorities to protect the protesters from armed groups

And : Amnesty International called on the Libyan authorities , today, Thursday , to protect the protesters from armed groups during the protests planned this week .

The organization said that Jerusalem Square in Tripoli on Friday will see big demonstrations at the invitation of the President of the local residents of the capital of the general strike even leave those groups of the city.

For its part , said Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization , ” Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui ” The Libyan authorities must ensure the protection of the protesters.

The organization urged the Libyan government to ensure that efforts to disarm armed formations and reintegration compatible with human rights standards , and the lack of integration of those responsible for human rights violations in the state institutions .

And Amnesty International pointed out that the Libyan government has announced a new plan is to integrate Muslhhaasma formations in the state security forces .


Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.


The demolition of the headquarters of the security committee attic – branch headed by Abu Salim’s murderer Gneoh by protesters

Gneoh handover headquarters of the National Security Directorate to Tripoli
The news that he was promoted talking Gneoh president of the Center Abu Salim

Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.

Reporter “atmosphere of the country”:

the commander of a brigade of civil Shaheed Mohamed Ibrahim civil begins delivery of brigade headquarters to Colonel Salem Souissi in charge of the Defense Ministry headquarters in the presence of the President of the receipt of the Air Defense F Alabana and representatives of the local council of Tripoli and the civil society organizations.

The start of the delivery and receipt:

civil Brigade withdraw today.

The official handover of the Yarmouk camp by the brigade’s Ministry of Civil Defense (4 photos)
Begin preparations for the formal delivery of the brigade civil by the Ministry of Defense and will be in receipt of Colonel Omar Salem Suisse designate to receive one of the largest military forts of the Libyan army camp of Yarmouk, which holds the banner of civil society.

Distribution of brioche and Alrani guests for the handover ceremony Yarmouk camp today

ههههههههههههههههههههههههومعاها Brioche Italian Mhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzelh

This battalion lightning .. Withdraw from Tripoli:

Abolished the Ministry of Interior and the police pause “in solidarity with the victims of Gharghour” was scheduled for today, according to Green  Square, The Director of the Office of Relations Directorate of Security Tripoli Nuri al-Obeid to the “atmosphere of the country” on Thursday.

Band VIII ( Nawasi ) denies evacuation based
“Atmosphere of the country”

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to “the atmosphere of the country ” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

The presence of loop current consultations with the local council to vacate Tripoli headquarters , and transfer to the base band Mitigua air base Thursday morning , noting that the band will respond to the demands of the people of the region that had demanded the evacuation of the headquarters.

He stressed that the buttonhole band is currently involved in securing the city of Tripoli, along with a number of security teams of the Supreme Security Committee of the Ministry of the Interior , under the command of the joint operations room in Tripoli .

It is worth mentioning that the ministerial committee for the implementation of the National General Conference resolutions number twenty-seven (27) and fifty-three (53), has announced what it called the ” time plan and a specific roadmap ” to evacuate the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi from armed manifestations .

Defense Minister Abdullah bending required to shield Libya militias (MISURATA) to return to Tripoli after stabilizing the security situation .. Is this the logic of security men and the army asked to return Mlisheh if extrapolated conditions Tripoli … Why?

(Valley girl)

Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP):

“Qathafi leading currently in Tripoli; Aawallah black day for them!”

 Mamedabussdrh expelled leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization Muflsinmn by Algeria Square Youth.
طرد محمدابوسدره القيادي في تنظيم الاخوان المفلسينمن من قبل شباب ميدان الجزائر
Got Alshall in demonstrations against the local council of Tripoli, non-elected,,,,

Qara Bolle … Alqoaah:

An exchange of prisoners between Misrata and Tajourah presence of dignitaries Qara Bolle
Alqoaah gate area military police breaker.


Happening now:
Dozens of judges and lawyers are coming out now in a demonstration of the Courts Complex in Tripoli to Algeria Square, –
demanding the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed manifestations.

News Libya | Libya News
Allah is the greatest day of the local council received Andar Tripoli protesters in the field of Algeria notify the militia in control of the channel Libya official explained that the demonstrators tomorrow will go to the channel to release it from the militia, which Att where they Cislmoha corruption and police will not back down until this matter.
To all free tomorrow after Friday prayers will be a part of our plan from this channel prisoner.
Now | Chairman Tripoli local Sadat Badri confirms in a speech to the demonstrators in the capital of Algeria in the field of continuing general strike until the last piece of weaponry output of Tripoli, except the army and police force.

Pads Badri: civil disobedience continuously .. And tomorrow will be gathering on the island of Bohradh after Friday prayers.
Tomorrow a major demonstration against the militias in Tripoli and the army and police claim ..
And alert the internal breakthroughs will occur tomorrow demonstration.

Tripoli Local Council at a news conference a little while ago:

formed a committee to follow up the procedures for the delivery and receipt of each site, and follow-up battalions out of the capital.

Director of security of the capital Tripoli on channel shortly before:

It was agreed that tomorrow will be a place to demonstrate in front of the Holy Mosque Babuhradh has been commissioned and will be protected by the police in the first ring and the second ring in the second infantry brigade of the national army.

Tripoli – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The Interior Ministry calls on citizens to gentlemen need to show restraint and to ensure a peaceful demonstration, which will be organized tomorrow to miss opportunities to all of this movement is trying to recruit for other purposes.

Student Media Center :::::

Students’ Union announces # # Engineering College in coordination with the Dean of the College and coordinator of the study and exams that college exams will not be next week ..

Even though the study began with the knowledge that he has not decided yet whether the study will begin next week, or not.

(University Students Union # # Tripoli – Branch # College of Engineering).

Chairman of the interim government will meet the heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli

And met with interim Prime Minister Dr. ” Ali Zaidane ” Wednesday evening at the prime minister, heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli .

During the meeting, which was attended by ministers , higher education , justice , culture and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education to review and discuss the outcomes of the tragic events that occurred area Gharghour last Friday and claimed the lives of dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded, including a number of university students .

According to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education , ” Bashir Alstaoa “ that the students insisted during the meeting of the prime minister on the need to evacuate the city of Tripoli from all military formations , because this action is in the interest of the country.

“The Alstaoa ” that the government had asked give her some time , as the committee in charge of following up the implementation of Resolution 27 issued by the National Congress on the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed formations , is in the process now on the application and implementation of the resolution on the ground and explained \ ” Alstaoa \” that the prime minister discussed with the delegation, the issue of student -stop for the university study , as confirmed in this regard that the wheel of the state and its institutions must spin works including universities .

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education that the heads of student unions Sub confirmed at the conclusion of this meeting reservations to continue the study , and constantly demanding civil disobedience .

Deans of faculties of the University of Tripoli, union leaders and faculty members at their meeting today Orteuro unanimously a continuation of the suspension of classes until the exit of all armed formations ..

(AD Student Media)


The return of most of the public and private banks to work this morning in Tripoli. # Libya

عودة أغلب المصارف العامة والخاصة للعمل صباح اليوم في طرابلس. #ليبيا

يحدث الآن :
العشرات من القضاة والمحامين يخرجون الآن في مظاهرة من مجمع المحاكم بطرابلس إلى ميدان الجزائر, للمطالبة بإخلاء مدينة طرابلس من المظاهر المسلحة.


Before the hour and a half:

in front of a gas station Falah, an army patrol arrested two people and armed intervention of the

Joint Committee (deterrence Mitigua) to being released.

Diary of a prisoner in Mitiga ..
I do not know how much time has passed and I’m in this place, perhaps a year or more Time, here is no different Many in the events and circumstances and the night continued and we are waiting for the morning will not shine , it may be here since the fall of Tripoli but tell me when to hit Tripoli and tell me how the date today?

I lost many of my senses as a result of torture no longer hear well and did not a promising taste eating and move my feet with great difficulty , no longer afraid of torture , whether a stick or electrically felt that my body has become its electrical energy sufficient to operate the columns of light in Tripoli sad,

torturers here ordered them strange they ask us to wake up at dawn and dawn prayers lectured and read the Holy Quran after a hot night of torture pa afraid to tell God this and ask him to beat them , which the Almighty descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night to hear the claims of the oppressed and lift the injustice , I think they do not fear God and do not fill out Belkaúna in the dawn prayer and not for what they tortured us throughout the night , on some nights you hear the sound of someone reciting verses from the Holy Quran at the same time screaming torturers of popular Guard and the Revolutionary Guards and volunteers , as well as men Bani Walid who taxpayers for their honor and display , why put our voice Quran with torture ?

Do you want to plant the Vienna knot listen to the words of God Almighty, no doubt that the Hola demons in human form until the Sheikh who teaches us in the evening in one subject for years, I do not know their number does not come out of the sermon is over it and respect his orders , he says these words to the people tortured morning and evening they do not have a guardian but God , how will go out of obedience ?

What is happening in Mitiga is torture demons of the slaves and the more I wanted to explain to you what is happening in the prisons of Mitiga would I , but I Larry Shi strange every morning and I cried Larry dead person from Vdraj in Bani Walid , a smiley and someone else from Almrdom a smiley and another Alrkdalin a smiley wonder what the secret of smile who die in the night of torture in and out in the morning to morgues ? , There is no doubt that they have seen in their death is great I am waiting for the morning, go out with a smile to the morgue and ask you , O Liberal to fulfill the way it is for your sake and for my bear all this. This commandment from someone on the way to a smile
يوميات سجين في معيتيقة ..
لا اعرف كم مضى من الوقت وانا في هذا المكان ربما سنة او اكثر فالزمن هنا لايختلف كثير في احداثه وظروفه والليل مستمر ونحن في انتظار صباحا لن يشرق ، ربما اكون هنا منذ سقوط طرابلس لكن من يخبرني متى سقطت طرابلس ومن يخبرني كم التاريخ اليوم ؟ فقدت العديد من حواسي نتيجة التعذيب لم اعد اسمع جيدا ولم اعد اتذوق الاكل واحرك قدماي بصعوبة بالغة ، لم اعد اخاف التعذيب سواء بالعصا او بالكهرباء احس ان جسدي صارت به طاقة كهربائية تكفى لتشغيل اعمدة النور في طرابلس الحزينة ، الجلادين هنا امرهم غريب هم يطلبون منا الاستيقاظ في الفجر وصلاة الفجر حاضر وقراءة القران الكريم بعد ليلة ساخنة من التعذيب الآ يخافون ان نخبر الله بهذا ونطلب منه ان ننتصر عليهم وهو سبحانه ينزل للسماء الدنيا في الثلث الاخير من الليل لسماع دعاوي المظلومين ورفع الظلم ، اعتقد انهم لا يخافون الله ولا يعبئون بلقائنا به في صلاة الفجر والآ لما قاموا بتعذيبنا طوال الليل ، في بعض الليالي كنت اسمع صوت احدهم يتلو ايات من القرآن الكريم وفي نفس الوقت صراخ المعذبين من الحرس الشعبي والحرس الثورى والمتطوعين وكذلك رجال بني وليد الذين دافعو عن شرفهم وعرضهم ، لماذا يضعون لنا صوت القرآن الكريم مع التعذيب ؟ هل يريدون ان يغرسوا فينا عقدة الاستماع لكلام الله عز وجل ، لاشك ان هولاء شياطين في صورة بشر حتى الشيخ الذي يحاضر علينا في المساء في موضوع واحد لسنوات لا اعرف عددها لا يخرج من خطبة ولى الامر واحترام اوامره، يقول هذا الكلام الى اشخاص يعذبون صباح ومساء وليس لديهم ولى امر الآ الله فكيف سوف يخرجون عن طاعته ؟ مايحدث في معيتيقة هو تعذيب الشياطين للعباد وكلما اردت ان اوضح لكم مايحدث في سجون معيتيقة فلن استطيع ولكنى اري شى غريب كل صباح وابكي اري شخص ميت من فدراج في بني وليد وهو مبتسم وشخص اخر من المردوم وهو مبتسم واخر من الرقدالين وهو مبتسم ياترى ما سر ابتسامة الذين يموتون في الليل بالتعذيب ويخرجون في الصباح الى ثلاجات الموتى ؟ ، لاشك انهم قد شاهدوا في موتهم آمر رائع انا في انتظار صباح اخرج فيه مبتسما الى ثلاجة الموتي واطلب منكم ايها الاحرار ان تكملوا الطريق فمن اجلكم واجل بلادي نتحمل كل هذا. هذه وصية من شخص في طريقه الى الابتسامة

The resignation of many of the doctors and anesthesia technician in a hospital corner ..

That will come as a result of

Lack of appreciation and respect for them by the director of a hospital corner …

Lack of army or police to protect them ..

Lack of medicines and equipment in a hospital corner ..

(Moved from the Association doctors corner 2013)


Haitham Tagouris the transfer of arms, the special mechanisms of Ninewa Nawasi project ostrich, and also the transfer of a number of prisoners about twenty prisoners to the same place, Haitham refuses to release Hola prisoners and set another prison trench in Tajourah, Haitham does not follow the instructions the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, and no one is able to the taking of prisoners of it, Haitham Tagouris criminal should stand in the face .. Please spread the word to everyone and to campaign for the release of prisoners and we have complaints of the people some of the prisoners who are ostrich project.

Victims Organization for Human Rights
Thursday, 12 November 2013



Anissalem Salem :::

News downright million percent
Very, very fierce battles in the department in Ajeelat.
The spread of the regular police department from Ajeelat within the city this morning.
Department in AJEELAT now ..

An armed attack on the prison department in AJeelat judicial police by unknown assailants.

and Adhu fled and the situation was calm now, no one hurt.

City department in AJEELAT
Now: department in AJEELAT
Clashes between armed groups from the areas of the market and the gift of Jinan.



Area and Rishvana

Heavy shooting my 14.5 in 27 .

Thunderous explosion in the world .. Possible be the voice of an RPG launcher .. In a good college ..

(Channel globe)

Quadraplegic RAT calls in admitting that he abducted 14 Zintani!!

Quoting / / Pictures and News from Rishvana ·

One caller broadcasting Alcdoh 104.3 The anonymity quadriplegic
‘ve Kidnapped 14 people from Zintan in response to the abduction of my brother at the airport in Tripoli after returning from Turkey* have been looking for him from time to 12:00 today afternoon and did not find him

I heard Aladinm contact Hedda … and God knows.

*: TURKEY is where the MISURATA GNC RATS met (including NOAH & BELHADJ) to get their funding and support and plans to take-over TRIPOLI.



27 camp west of Tripoli :::

Fears of storming the camp of the 27 on Friday, according to statements made by the commander of the camp.

Came out not necessary for the militias …


Using Sabratha coastal :: terrible accident causing the death of 5 people 3 men, women and children

11/20/2013 catastrophic car accident the day after refinery Mellitah ..

five cars turn out to be … the remains of five people and LoFat family Jennifan area of Beautiful City..

I am God and to Him we return …
O best of our conclusion and Tova Watt satisfied with us.


Tarhouna Youth Association

Killed, “Ibrahim Souayah” of the tribe Alanaajh weft Aldechailah at the hands of the sons of Cane and is one of the persons involved in the murder of their brother after he was scheduled to be tried in a court in Tripoli where ((invitee has Ashour Nouri handed over to Tripoli so as not to kill him)) and I’ve found lying in the same place where he found the lifeless bodies of the son of Cane.

Armed militias committed crimes in the city Tarhounah on Tuesday, November 19th amid the silence of the government and Almatmalotunai year.

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to the “atmosphere of the country” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

Pictures. Victims of one militia “handsome hawk” kidnapped, tortured and killed and still missing and the rest of his brothers accused “Ahmdalsaeidi” and “the backing band, led by the fourth” Salah Elmarghani “Friday, November 22, 2013 AD.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 AD , said sources from within the city Tarhounah the Agency : the militias affiliated ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ nicknamed Aleem Libyan band backing fourth Salahuddin affiliate Lama called Guard facilities and led by Salah Elmarghani the attack on the police station in downtown Tarhounah and kidnapped a policeman and a group of detainees and they executed and thrown stadium ball is dead, ” Ibrahim Souayah Alnaaja “ that appears in the picture has been tortured were killed him amid the silence of the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the prime minister and the National Conference , which belongs to him called ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ decision in the National Congress , which accuses the people of Tarhounah led campaign horror and the liquidation of the people of the region .

edit: Mamedalhaafa .


News of the arrival of the mechanisms of Al Qaqaa Brigade.   

Zintan brigade to prosperous Camp Mizdah .

(Citizen of Mizdah)



opening of article: “Zintan from truffles to ax ….” by ALzaim Muammar

On one of the peaks of the mountain west and in the middle stationed Zintan, a city in Libya and the tribe of the Libyan tribes of ancient associated brotherhood with the tribes of her weight Corvlh and Qmazfah and they called their alliance on behalf of Khot seriously Zintan area truffles most famous in Libya presence and Trade population was living an existence quiet planting wheat, barley and olives and raise livestock , customs , tribal and owners of one word. It is the mountain to the Mermaid is a vast difference in living , climate and a good place also.

Upon issuance of Resolution No. 7 on Bani Walid, Zintani remained steadfast and did not intervene (but they gave food, weapons and much aid to their Warfalla cousins); and did not pay attention to the order of brothers Grandpa. This  turned Zintan tribe of ancient with the word to the executioners and Mafloh Palmchacheh from the use of gas and shelling of civilians the biggest proof of that when they arrested Ali Saif al-Islam has not Iktsoa him , but on the contrary, Honor and his hospitality and treated him as a prisoner of war and better (they protected him, gave him a fair trial in Dec/Jan 2011-2).  They indeed showed their respect for a honorable and great tribal  family ( the Gadafa).

The Al Qaqaa Brigade,
The Al Qaqaa Brigade engaged in delivering its headquarters for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Allah is the greatest mobility of Tripoli reaps the fruits.Sources of news: Zintan Brigades had redeployed in farms through the airport, and Tripoli Local Council will be asked to verify officially leave the armed formations of the capital.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=572562222817327&set=vb.109207049105063&type=2&theater

الله أكبر حراك طرابلس يجني الثمار تباعاً


“Atmosphere of the country” ..
Chairman of the Air Defense F Alabana announce
received through the headquarters of a brigade of civil Yarmouk camp on Thursday
for the establishment of a security room in Zintan.


Was liquidated citizen Masood Ahmed Trchana in the city of Sirte and was found in the area 17 west of Sirte and the late order specialty tanks Excellent ..

(Inspired Pen)



That did not Then do what you want …

Today one of the brave heroes of the commandos … The …. The … And calculated on the family ( gunpowder )

With the reservation to mention the full name of this hero .. the infringement on the door of the Operations Section holiest of holies , where the hospital treats people and God gives them life ..

Xi not only because when he entered the hospital did not find a doctor in Antdharh … because he , according to his belief that the doctor knows his presence at the hospital and did not care about the will ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

When Tgosaina reason for storming Hedda Commando operations and found misfortune.

It has taught us that he called him his friend who is not a resident of Bani Walid ? ? ? Outboard mean? ? ! ! And told him that he was subjected to a traffic accident and is in good health and not suffering from only a minor injury in the foot and some bruises … But Hedda Gallant when attending to the hospital was not pleased with the level of health services provided to friendly Barrani ? ? ? ( From Mizdah or Alguentarar by what we heard )
Please proceed directly to the Operations Division , where the process was conducted for Sheikh elder battling the disease … Taking its glass doors and smashed its skull and dislocated Doors …. And terrified workers … where there were doctors from operations outside Bani Walid performing service for the people of this city deprived of several services …
Dear Sir, you are the action offended yourself to this precious family?
Whats suppose that this person was under alamlihho your father do you do these actions?
Suppose you are in a hospital in Tripoli will you this heroic movements?!?!?!

Fear God in this hospital.When the city’s avenues narrowed not only school to this modest facility
Honorable thamlo city, people of your responsibilities towards this vital and sensitive facility.
I swear if he met doctors and workers on strike.(I see it close if this comic situation) getting into trouble for real disaster,.

O you local council and you have to carry your responsibilities , but with Feltrahl Departed
O you Social Council Silence Is not this wisdom absent from you ? ?
You guys city hospital protection of Haala Tramps and Almichdeghin ..
Because you can only ltaalgo the hospital your kinsfolk and kins Hatta as you.

And finally … … …. Realizing it before you end up in disaster. The great fire start (spark) small
(Addicted health)

Valley Agency Dinar News

Bani Walid great

The days reveal the true Libyans , but not seen Baionna .
The membrane was perched on the eyes of the children and the national Pkarth started shaking .
The fact that Sun screamed previously appear today to my brothers at home.
The words of the sheikh said Barghouti has become our wisdom we transfer .
The transfer order said :
That governs the national is nothing but a regional tribal militias and foreign agendas have other flavors, we’ve got the Arab and Lybia .
Today I see what we see every Alepien of delivery and receipt of yesterday who was imposed on us and on the home Mairead who we want him to be the only Fared us to Mairead force of law .
I am .
Congratulate my family in Bani Walid and Ali Atrahm religion righteous martyrs died under the injustice of this topic militias decide today all the children of the nation , but they are not people who are going out on the wrong-doers everything is legal and humane .
Today the Good congratulate the cities of their men and elders and fighters. Pencaúha congratulate her and her children .
I congratulate elders and their wisdom and courage of its men and women fighters Bpsahlthm Bangabehn to Black will be in history and a symbol of her children trace their lineage and affiliation of each of these .
Congratulate Bani Walid victory by the fact that we thank God that each reached the Libyans.
Congratulate her the truth , which paid for it blood.
The fact that its content that shields it is only Adera tribal and regional battalions and all of the issued and other laws are the basis of power and void Ahtaha was the law of the jungle that the Duck .
Congratulate her because she first said yes , yes to the military police, no militia ..
Now, after what you stand on this topic truth .
Libyans O , O conference legalized the orders of those militias days , my government has supported the oppressors days. All of you ask.
But you deserve Bani Walid Alaatdar . But you deserve compensation for the burning and looting destroyed .
But you deserve to Tcolo the right word in the religion of its people fed you and those militias repeatedly bitter pill .
Or you do not dare to tell the truth or what was Alaatdar you and without you around and force yesterday . And you are at the mercy of those bands.
Enough for us the truth . We need you today condemned the crimes committed your decision No. (7 ) .
We do not want only the adoption of the error and injustice.
We do not know no clue how to be a day coming days Valdnaa rotates among the people of God . Van was you or the militias will not happen to us more than it was .
And that we had let it be Aatdarkm and your condemnation of criminals and your recognition of Bachtaúkm cause him to descend the mercy of the oppressed to the oppressors are listed on the Ombudsman and overtaken .

God bless our martyrs and placed them rest in peace .

(Ali Akash Method)

بني وليد العظيمة

وكان الايام تكشف حقيقة لم يرها الليبيون الا باعيوننا .
وكان الغشاء الجاثم على عيون بني وطني بدات تنفض بكارته .
وكان شمس الحقيقة التي صرخنا بها سابقا تظهر اليوم لاخوتي في الوطن .
وكان كلمات شيخنا البرغوتي اصبحت حكمتنا بقوله قلنا ونقل .
اجل قلنا ونقل :
بان من يحكم في وطني ماهي الا مليشيات جهويه قبليه واخري لها اجندات خارجيه جاءتنا بنكهات عربيه واخري ليبيه .
اليوم وانا ارى وكل اليبيين ما نراه من تسليم واستلام ممن كان بالامس يفرض علينا وعلى الوطن مايريد لمن كنا نريد له ان يكون الفارض الوحيد علينا لمايريد بقوة القانون .
فانني .
اهني اهلي في بني وليد واترحم علي شهدائنا البررة الدين قضوا تحت ظلم هده الميليشيات التي تبت اليوم لكل بني الوطن انهم ليسوا الا اناس ظالمين خارجين على كل ما هو قانوني وانساني .
اليوم اهني مدينتي العظيمه برجالها وشيوخها ومقاتليها . اهنئها بنسائها واطفالها .
اهنئ شيوخها بحكمتهم ورجالها بشجاعتهم ومقاتليها ببسالتهم ونسائها بانجابهن لاسود سيكونون في التاريخ رمزا واطفالها بنسبهم وانتمائهم لكل هؤلاء .
اهني بني وليد بانتصارها بالحقيقة التي نحمد الله ان وصلت لكل الليبيين.
اهنئها بالحقيقة التي دفعت من اجلها الدماء .
الحقيقة التي فحواها ان الدروع ما هي الا ادرع قبليه وان الكتائب جهويه وان كل ما صدر من قوانين وغيرها هي باطله اساسها القوة واحتكامها كان لقانون الغاب ان داك .
اهنئها لانها اول من قال نعم للجيش نعم للشرطة ولا للميليشيات ..
والان وبعد ما وقفتم علي هده الحقيقه .
يا ايها الليبيون , يا مؤتمرا شرعن اوامر تلك الميليشيات يوما , يا حكومة دعمت الظالمين يوما . جميعكم اسال .
الا تستحق منكم بني وليد الاعتدار . الا تستحق منكم تعويضا لما حرق ونهب ودمر .
الا تستحق منكم ان تقولو كلمة حق فيها وفي اهلها الدين ضاقوا منكم ومن تلك الميليشيات مرار العلقم .
ام انكم لا تجرؤون علي قول الحقيقه او الاعتدار لما كان منكم وانتم دون حول وقوة بالامس . وانتم تحت رحمة تلك العصابات .
تكفينا الحقيقه . ويكفينا اليوم منكم ادانه لجرائم ارتكبت بقراركم رقم ( 7 ) .
لا نريد الا اقرار بالخطا والظلم .
فلا ندري ولا تدرون كيف تكون الايام القادمة فالدنيا ايام يداولها الله بين الناس . فان كانت لكم او للميليشيات فلن يحدث لنا اكثر مما جرى .
وان كانت لنا فليكن اعتداركم وادانتكم للمجرمين واعترافكم باخطائكم سببا تنزل منه رحمة من مظلومين على ظالمين يوم ترد المظالم وتنقلب الموازين .

رحم الله شهدائنا واسكنهم فسيح جناته .

علي عكاش الفقهي

Bani Walid :::::::

The College of Cambridge Bani Walid headquarters object Butanuep Jerusalem from start recording in English language courses and computer at different levels as to Launch in methodology courses for the two phases of basic education and average in mathematics, chemistry, and the Arabic language.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ::::::: City five

URGENT: News on the presence Shield forces to Libya “Misrata” withdrawing from the camp in Tripoli Albraizh “battalion headquarters Joseph formerly Overture” in five does not know until the moment you presence will be temporary or permanently!!



Misurata satellite channel:

Shortly after the statement of the local council and the military and the Shura Council,

civil society organizations and the Misrata rebels (4) on the events of Tripoli.

Issued local councils and the military and the Shura Council, civil society organizations and leaders of the rebels in Misrata joint statement

Confirm it to claim the National Congress formed a committee to investigate the facts of figures known for their integrity and neutrality holds the search in the details of this incident tragic and planned and instigated them and how they occur and the parties that participated in it by listening to all the parties and witnesses and access to all documents, images and prepare a detailed report particularly during a period not exceeding 30 days.

and, AFTER TERRORIZING  the CITY of TRIPOLI for MONTHS, and this past weekend  alone murdered 48 and over 539 wounded, they have the nerve to lie and ask :

“Shura Council member Fathi Bashaga city of Misrata on channel DC: Chamber of Commerce Tripoli exposure compensation all the merchants of the city of Misrata who have been burning and looting of their property and their shops in the city of Tripoli.”

Which is a BIG FABRICATION, because no one burned their shops or stole from them…

THEY burned their own places of habitation as they left the premises on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!

and what about all the bodies, blood and tortured people and mass graves that were found in the wake???

Not counting the filthe and mess!!!
THESE ARE TRULY EVIL PEOPLE…who now are trying to gain sympathy! and who do you think were the invaders????



Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Urgent and Important: The Interior Ministry denies that it has ordered the formation of the Eastern Province Chamber of rebels .

Friday, 22 November 2013 AD obtained the agency of sources on a book issued by the Minister of the Interior in charge d “friend Abdul karim cream” shows the confusion and exploitation of correspondence precedent in how to set up a room Libya rebels in the Eastern Province is clear from reading the book referred to and that reader will see a copy of it Kiffa to exploit some of the people with the agenda Private correspondence in rigging the state to create objects rejected by the Libyans and manipulation which could be up to a charge of forgery . edit: Mamedalhaafa .






President of the Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica Mr. Abed Rabbo Barasi exclusively for “Reporters” that his office received preliminary approval from the United Nations to allow it to sell oil, and it will begin the sale of oil from all the ports of the region within two weeks,according to Law No. 58, which determines how the distribution of income among regions three. )

and TODAY, this!:

Libyan affairs in the international press ·

The official website of Mission

United Nations Mission in Libya (# UNSMIL) confirms that there has been no agreement with the United Nations which is not given approval to any arrangements related to oil, was initially or process.


Gemayel :::

Injury, “Imam Ammar,” a police officer with Beautiful City, after being
For a hail of bullets is of him during the transfer of a number of prisoners of
Back to the department in Ajeelat, without the recorded cases of escape for prisoners.

# Beautiful


Quoting from Motaz Libya:
* Security force able turf since few of the arrest of a terrorist cell was trying to
Meadow Court bombing arrested three of Benghazi, and two of the tuber and one of the Prairie.


Call me now ordered an investigation commandos and said to me, has given them a

communiqué about the presence of a car bomb outside the home of the Egyptian consul

and forces the bolt is on its way there.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Using cameras in the airport have built international has been know to put the bag Adhesive on one of the airport’s car to blow it up and when they saw the cameras, the airport had Pfkha and fled, but surveillance cameras recorded all this and men Thunderbolt were there Mutiran not to happen Shi what’s out there and not out criminals from the airport and arrested.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

What is  happening in Sabri is a quarrel between two tribes. … …
Saovikm update.
Reporter: Al-Mu’tasim Faitouri-Libya national channel.
Sabri now
# Gun battle between light and Julatinat invited dogs and invited drowsiness
And special forces on the way to there.Stun intervene and break up a dispute between two families in Benghazi area Sabri.(Stun forces)

Security room Benghazi:

Clashes were going on in the streets of Benghazi between the Bolt and the Champions Bats of Darkness.

Hear the sound of a powerful explosion shortly before the close of the junction prefabricated housing .. Airport Road.

Benghazi shortly before :::

Reporter news channel .. bombing in front of the headquarters of a chief of staff in Benghazi.

Explosion at the headquarters of the General Staff of Benghazi to coincide with the theatrical Zaidane in Tripoli

عاااجل /تفحير مقر رئاسة الاركان الجرذانية #ببنغازي.
وفاء معمر.
Fast/tvhair algrzanet # staff headquarters Jermanah in Benghazi.
Meet Muammar.
Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP).
Contacted news: explosion at the Marine Corps infantry camp in Benghazi without casualties..

Benghazi blast :::::

Urgent ::::::::::::

Since the explosion is a small city of Benghazi explosion kiosk Alsjaúz area milkfish.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

A car bomb explosion near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Central Bank of Libya in the center of Benghazi

(Special Forces)



Tunisian in Tobruk holds a million dollars Tobruk

Threw Btabriq border guards arrested a Tunisian million dollars in his possession, he was trying to market them on the black market without legal action.
According to the spokesman of the 415 battalion of the border guards Paljgbob “Abdel Moneim Almabbari” that he was referring the person arrested, and the amount that was in his possession to the shanty points to take legal action about it.

Targeting Unity Hospital in tuber Bakadf  RBJ by armed militant groups after clashes with locals.

The descent of the so-called Army of the Islamic State of Libya to secure the tuber (8 photos)
Was the descent of the so-called Saraya al-Army Libya Islamic state tuber to secure the city of Derna and its suburbs to restore security in the lost city of Derna, according to the leaders of the Islamic Army ..
It is worth mentioning that the people of the city of Derna have today held demonstrations condemning the terrorist operations of assassinations and bombings claim Army and police keep track of the state.

Derna. Bride Middle

The spread of the elements of the so-called Islamic Army of Libya is now in several locations Bdrna,

And conduct inspections and patrols.

Media Center Libya tuber:

Newsflash ….

Shooting by unknown assailants in front of the mosque, Sheikh Hussein Ali Fawzi Alzuky and is now in the hospital between life and death.

Derna. Bride Middle

The death of Sheikh Fawzi Alzuky, one of the members of the tribes of the city council of elders from his wounds as a result of the assassination of the treacherous targeted after leaving the mosque tonight ..

I am God and to him we shall return … and to turn the force except in God.

That the supply of water and electricity for the entire day in the city of Derna .

Tuber November 20, 2013 ( and ) – stopped the supply of water and cut off electricity today fully for the city of Derna after deciding to workers at the station steam disrupt production units shut off , as well as to stop the work of the desalination plant for sea water to protest the exposure station to try to sabotage . He attributed the two workers to stop and drop to the exposure of the steam plant specialized in the production of electrical power on Wednesday to blow up considerably after that unknown persons threw an explosive device at the outer wall near the vehicles and fuel depots , which operates two plants . . The director of the station said the blast did not happen damage mankind did not lead to the breakdown of machinery , and improvised explosive devices did not reach the rooms of electricity and fuel , and not to have occurred damaged severely affected people and property, but this was stopped production to be done to protect the station by the state apparatus .

News reporter: Displays the fiber optic cable between the towns of Derna and Tobruk to cut.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …

Since few in defiance of state traveled in tuber to blow up a polling station in Jnaalstan tuber.



Explosion rocks stillness city of Sabha moments before and Amalomat yet.

Presented yesterday afternoon engineers belonging to the

Al Madar Telecom, assaulted by unknown assailants and Mmelttmin were traveling in a vehicle and carrying Itzhlh machine guns and attacked the engineers during their work on the road link between the area Alchuirv – Qurayyat and stole Maaadathm technical and personal and escaped witnessing the road link between Sabha – Alchuirv – Qurayyat

interruptions in telecommunications service company orbit because of repeated attacks on these stations ..

Reporter Libya Liberal / / Idriss Jbjy

Was shortly before the assassination of the young man (Bashir Jamal Amin) in front of their house

in the city of Sabha after Gardah has attic shooting by unknown assailants when he got out of his car,

I am God and to Him we return.

Turning a van transporting money and theft of 1.26 million U.S. dollars
(Xinhua )
21/11/2013 at 13h33

A group of armed men robbed a van Wednesday CIT and stole 1.26 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sabha in the south of Libya, Xinhua reported a local security official .

“Six militants have set up a checkpoint and searched cars from around Sabha. They stopped the van transporting money heading towards a subsidiary of the Bank of North Africa in the Barak Valley ” , the official said , adding ” as the gunmen robbed the van and fled the scene .”

The mobile phones of four employees , including the director of the bank, were also stolen.

The head of security Sabha said an investigation was underway.

Earlier on October 28 , gunmen attacked a van carrying local and foreign currency for the Central Bank of Libya , flying 54 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sirte , in western Libya , 500 km to the west of Tripoli.

The Libyan authorities have still not recovered this large sum of money. However , official reports have assured that security officers were able to locate those responsible and are currently negotiating with them to recover the stolen money.

From inside the medical center Sabha arrival of four young people with serious injury and are now in the care of rooms car …

a white Toyota Taliban Gazzazha dark and leaden color Sonata kill youth in Sabha.
Yesterday, the killing of a young man in the area Gardah (Bashir Jamal) and today fire on four young …..

Beware, my brothers, and I hope in Sabha.

Sabha young heroes to catch the offender and exact retribution.


Kidnapping, “Abdul Jalil Mohammed Abdul Jalil,” Council Member
Aeltsiara for Ubari and President of the Federation society institutions
Civil since yesterday without knowing the identity of the kidnappers or
Place being taken.

The kidnapping of the institutions of civil union Boubare Mohammed Abdul Jalil Abdul Jalil



A member of the Commission on the social networking Tawergha Saad Saleh said that more than thirty

of Tawergha family emigrated to Germany and some other countries with known human migration.

Saad Saleh explained that the phenomenon is widespread since the period between displaced Tawergha,

where is located the administrative procedures to facilitate them by

some human rights organizations to get German citizenship:



Libya Libya international channel International Channel


International sources: the first Brigade of the border guard and the oil facilities and vital goals, “Al Qaqaa Brigade” formerly the morning Thursday handed over its headquarters in Tripoli to local Council minutes of delivery and receipt, in the presence of representatives of the Government and the Ministry of defence and general staff denied that some of the Al-Quds Brigades, the Brigade withdrew from the border triangle and tape running with Tunisia to Niger on Monday, stressing at the same time the determination of general coordination with border corner led to send confidential Withdrawn from Tripoli to join the rest of his brigades deployed on the western border and the South West.

War mongering

Juma blessings for all good peoples Friday blessings from Mu

Commander 1986
Simpleton who thinks that the time of colonialism is over and passed back when colonial given the conditions ambitions

and weaknesses and lack of national leader …. Adapted”:

FB VIDEO with speech of Muammar al-Qathafi in 1986 by Waddah Hcine.

مغفل من يظن ان للاستعمار زمن ولى وانقضى الاستعمار يعود متى توفرت شروطه المطامع والضعف وانعدام الوطنية….القائد بتصرف —

Ghaida Touati:

Ask the National Congress-off meeting of the year that according to the information in front of me now from our network

there is a military coup

move officers affiliated with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, defected with him.

What is happening in Benghazi, now is the beginning of Li coup Dop descent of the army and special forces and unmanned order from the General Staff

Is to review the front Aldrog forces and rebels dragged armed confrontation.

(And God is witness to what I say and what I say consultant means Foundation, tracking and know Hadi information from very reliable sources means God and Manteklm God only reliable security information.)

Expensive Bozekok in a meeting with Boca Oraibi: |.

– Boca: We ready Namno the Alzazirat … each battalion in Zazirh

– In a double edged sword army officers Zoisat travel Mesh Libyan ..

And Zoisat group Rouge Manbohemh, because they first Matasir the problem Ahrbu ..
غالية بوزعكوك في لقاء مع بوكـا العريبي 😐 .

– بوكا : نحن مستعدين نأمنو الزازيرات…كل كتيبة في زازيرة

– في وحدين ضباط في الجيش زوازات سفرهم مش ليبية .. وجماعة الزوازات الحمرْ مانبوهمش , لانهم اول ماتصير مشكلة يهربو ..

بنت الوادي

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 07/11/2013 P

Mu in South America:


Ali Salem Alor Valley Sbaya:

“Do not forget that your Mchacheh brothers suffer as Tawergha suffer” .. “Do not Tnsuhm even pray” ..

News channel bar capital .. Local councils Ajafrh the rejects cabinet’s decision to establish 500 housing units

judge to resettle the people of Tawergha as the local council Tawergha dismissive of the decision and demanding the return of the people of Tawergha to their city.



URGENT: a meeting between the local council Misurata Misurata and the Shura Council and the local council

Friday market in the Artillery School and rockets Bkhalh Alforjan the east of Tripoli and a statement shortly after the news channel

The moment of the kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan:


Activists sow a video clip on the Internet for a moment grab Prime Minister Ali Zaidane from his residence on the tenth of

October last month from the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli to cheers of the martyrs and cries of magnification

نشطاء يبثون مقطع فيديو علي الانترنت لحظة إختطاف رئيس الحكومة علي زيدان من مقر اقامته في العاشر من أكتوبر الماضي من فندق كورنثيا بمدينة طرابلس وسط هتافات للشهداء و صيحات التكبير

Urgent ….

Issuance orders Balastnfar and raise ° Base emergency in Mitigua
And contain all outlets Friday Market.

Shahat battalion of the national army arrested on a car
Loaded with weapons in an ambush, b gate Shahat linked with

:::::: Misrata meeting Friday Market

Militias red line …

Friday Market & MISURATA before a few :::

The end of the meeting between Tripoli and Misrata, and agreed to form a committee to investigate the facts

between the parties with respect to the events of 7 November also agreed to release the detainees from both sides immediately.

Prevent any military force from crossing the entrance east of Tripoli

Reports issued strict orders to prevent any coming from Misurata militia from crossing the eastern entrance to Tripoli,

specifically Tajourah apart from any task coming from her.
The news also for the militias to secure the vicinity of Tripoli “Gharghour” of.

Council President Sadat Badri emphasizes the implementation of Resolution No. 27 on the evacuation of the capital,

armed manifestations and said that the people of Tripoli would press strongly for the implementation of the resolution.

Pads Badri, head of the local Council of Tripoli on the capital shortly before ..
Meeting will be held today to discuss security insurance plan Tripoli …!!

Urgent # Tripoli: Chairman of the Board Tripoli local ” Sadat – Badri ” authorized agency “Reuters” ::

” The death toll from clashes yesterday is 3 dead so far from the rebels of Tripoli and a number of wounded ,

but we  dam, make critical decisions in order to avoid the recurrence of such events ,”

he asked :

“What were trying to do yesterday? ? Want the occupation of the city earlier, ?”

And then went on saying ,

” We will not allow this to us and will be a pause , which has its own agenda goes and applies them in his city,

Tripoli residents and weapons should be used against the enemies of Libya is not among the sons of cities “

He said al-Badri said,

” The Military College Sestelmha local council today and battalion will emerge resident inside it, either Gargour,

this area has become the focus and it ‘s there like a masquerade and we will take the necessary action “

(Firas Bosalum)

Libya talks

Yesterday, the college was storming of by young Tripoli and out Misurata …

Little and Rdjao strongly Msarit group of Tripoli Ansahbu and Msarit Shido a group of young West Street

Gurji two imprisoned in Gharghour and have just got information that they were transferred to Misratah.

The families of the abductees are now blocking the street demanding western militias Gharghour unzip the families of their children.

Hashem humans (shown above) accuses Palestinian guerrilla Gharghour murder.

Said the President of the Supreme Security Committee in Tripoli Palestinian “Hashim humans” in a telephone interview with Channel Libya Liberal Per:

“The forces Gharghour” (as described) did not come to the show of force, it has moved from Gharghour and camped near the bridge, Dan,

and Ahzt shoot randomly it was hit several headquarters of Batat diplomatic and hotel Alodan and skills and many of the apartments in the

Dahra and angle Dahmani, causing killed two people and injured dozens, and this deliberate murder, not a show of force.

Abdel Moez Bannon | | Mahary semi-Fada, most of the guests left the morning, according to the reception staff at the hotel RIXOS ...

Dazzle Dazzle …

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel ::

Women’s demonstration in Tripoli’s Algeria Square protest against the Machdth of the capital of fighting

between rival armed groups continued until the early hours of Friday morning:

Abdel Moez Bannon:

One of the speakers in the field of youth Algeria screaming,

Hey guys Tripoli Gharghour the gangs can not one of the government or conference them out,,,

Take arms and Atrteke the protection for your sons and your families and your city and your country …

” An atmosphere of war ” in Tripoli, Libya ,

and the outcome of confrontations retardation dead Tripoli – Agencies – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Killed two people and wounded 21 in clashes broke out , in the late hours of Thursday night, between armed groups in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The agency “Reuters “ and the explosions near the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital.

According to eyewitnesses and a security source , earlier , that the two elements of the militia have on Thursday evening in Tripoli, where intensive

heard gunshots in several neighborhoods of the Libyan capital. The clashes began after the death of a militia leader succumbed to injuries he sustained,

according to a security official announced in Tripoli , who asked not to be identified.

Draws 3 number of ambulances towards the Salah al-Din road forks and reported clashes farm Abdulrahman Asswehly.

Strong clashes between Saladin and Asswehly farm in the Ain Zara.

Now news via the control room move some convoys of the Friday market destined to Gharghour

to fight battles there with militias controlling interest.

Tripoli now ::::::::

Bats of darkness and Menthazee attitudes and security vacuum! Now a number of theft Omar Mukhtar Street shops and stealing a number of cars

in Dahmani angle and Mansura. Please caution …

(Mermaid operations room)

Clashes in the video by Shat capital Tripoli – Hotel imaging skills

FB VIDEO: Urgent agency of Libya / Video AD fire.

I over skill Hotel Tripoli This video shows shots 14.5 anti-aircraft above the skill Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital Tripoli last night,

which appalled the inhabitants of the city in a scene confirms the absence of the state security and stability in Libya.

Media Event Center:

Ambulance took off from air-base jumper Mitigua a short while ago, and news about the situation in which. In the same context,

the hospital received street corner is now a member of the operating room entangling injured by a bullet as a result of shooting

from college girls in the hand of Omar Mukhtar Street.

Two dead and nine and twenty wounded, in clashes in Tripoli and Likely the death toll rises, because, including two cases in Stymied
by a security source with the Ministry of the Interior.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو لنيران م . ط فوق فندق المهاري ـ طرابلس
يظهر هذا الفيديو طلقات 14.5 المضادة للطائرات فوق فندق المهاري راديسون بلو فى العاصمة طرابلس الليلة البارحة مما روع اهالي المدينة فى مشهد يؤكد غياب الدولة والاستقرار الأمني فى ليبيا.
Source Libya’s international channel:
displays all of the waves of the wireless security rooms and revolutionaries room and room Mitigua,
CAPITOL, traffic and mobile power for intermittent interference from an unknown source.

Misrata and buzzes Tajourah weghrian out of Tripoli

Clashes between militias of Misrata and Friday Market

Side of what he was subjected refuted the skill and the Turkish Embassy of indiscriminate shelling last night

as a result of clashes between the militias of Misrata and Friday Market:



Violent clashes broke out between armed groups of former rebels, on Thursday in the Libyan capital Tripoli, and continued throughout the night.

The incident occurred just about a kilometer from the Embassy of Russia and the United Kingdom. The city’s hospitals reported killing one person

and injuring 12 others. According to the channel, “Arab”, the events resulted in killing two people and injuring more than 20 people.

Including civilians trapped in the crossfire.

Referred to it after the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in Libya, the country was unable to create a stable government.Owned power on the ground

actually armed groups, which were united during the revolution, but after winning turned rival groups.

The Libyan government has decided to stop supporting all the “rebels” former beginning in 2014, if not formally join to work in government structures.

In front of the Women’s College Tripoli now and there is no armed person in front of the headquarters:

Traffic accident in the highway under bridge Alhachan the morning (Dumpster lander on rear tail of auto):

BBC : gunmen stormed the market!!!! Ihsaboh whale and livestock market Hahaha.

A group of young people who distribute posters in the main streets of the city of Tripoli invites people to come out tomorrow,

the ninth of November to protest and express their rejection of the extension of the General National Congress.

SATANIC CHILD-SLAUGHTER RITUAL is measured; but few admit it exists!

Corner …

Child’s body “Alaa Turkish” who was found dead two days ago in the corner.

Still the issue of the killing of Turkish shake the pillars of the city in crime shrug his body.

Baby found slaughtered thrown on the seashore.



Zintan: Libyan governemnt wants to kill Saif Al Islam

Zintan commander: Libyan government have interests to kill Saif Al Islam.

Al Ajmi the commander responsible for Saif Al-Islam Muammar Al Gaddafi, said that the Libyan government, bandits and Islamist its in their interest in killing Saif Al Islam. Cause of that Zintan will not hand over Saif al Islam to Tripoli. Saif will stay in Zinten, and will be safe.

Here is the video:

by:  OljaKaramustafa

Zintan: Libyan GNC government wants to kill Saif Al Islam



Urgent agency to Libya on / off shipments of ammunition coming from Misratah

Managed by a few members of the 101 Infantry Battalion Tajourah positioned in the gate “pomegranate pressures of”

East Tajourah of control and stop the cars coming from Misrata laden Baldkhirh.

Leader of the Shield forces to Libya Middle Mohammed Alguendoz accuse Prime Minister Ali Zaidane involvement in the liquidation

of the commander of a battalion Eagles Misrata “Nuri Vraiwan” has revealed Alguendoz that Vraiwan was one of those involved in the

kidnapping of Director of the Office Zidane Mr. / Mohammed Alqreis / might get him on many secrets and confidential information.

He also noted Alguendoz the to every link of Hashim humans, Haitham Tagouris and Zubair and Abdul Rauf Arab hater the kidnapping

Alqreis process and they also had Thsalo him on a lot of information and secrets, warning them that a similar fate fate Vraiwan in waiting.

Shura Council # Misratah denies Matnqlh of some foreign media for troops

heading from Misratah to # Tripoli.

Attia Dereini local council vice Misurata channel Libya Al Ahrar:

We are sorry for the residents of the Friday Market and the city of Tripoli on what happened last night by adherents Battalion the

Misurata result Anfalhm the Eagles of the death of the commander of the battalion Nuri Vraiwan, ..

The Nashidtna family of the deceased that they disassociate itself from any acts attributed to avenge the death of her son

Nuri Vraiwan and they do not want to have the blood of her son a reason for sedition .. A delegation from the local council Misurata

resides in Tripoli to calm things down with the local council Friday market and the local council of Tripoli.

Officer killed Salim Ahmed, known as Salem Apartment Awja in one of the prisons in Misurata militia liquidate him in cold blood

after you get released almost a year ago …

We ask God has a paradise beautiful and inspires his family patience and solace “The God but Him we return”.

ALI on the ASPLI:

Misratah today organized a forum for local councils for national cohesion, and today organized in Tripoli to  grillfire this national cohesion Alhebrh.
They are distorted, jerky and have lost salvation!

Libya MAX (Source of eye event) Meeting of the Technical College building in Misratah lead to send 2000

military mechanism to combat cases of rioting and looting after the receipt of the reports about it and thought there plot will occur in the coming hours…

And will also deal with Gargour militia and get them out of there. (RAT) News Misrata :::::::

After receiving news from Tripoli, the people and the leaders of Misratah just now congregate in huge numbers and are preparing gear

to protect the citizens of the city, Who in the capital after he explained the intent and “conspiracy” weaved against them ..

hundreds of car is now preparing to head to the capital… Libya network Musrati free

عاااااااااجل: about half an hour before Misrata Military Council gives approval to go to Tripoli and force of 500

armed car now preparing to leave the gate Aldavnih destined to Tripoli to provide support for our children who are now in Tripoli

and the rest of the force will catch them at dawn tomorrow.



Libyan Society for the Protection of Wildlife and Marine
Bani Walid – the Ashimikh Valley

‘s Post from Brother / Hamid Alice



Leithy junction bombing Benghazi on Friday morning and as usual against unknown.

Targeting the attribution of intelligence battalion headquarters of the “Salah Bogheib

This morning, the thrower” RPG “B area Budzirh b Benghazi, and resulted in the targeting to the fall of three

Wound two legs amputated, and the latter in critical condition.

Maj. Gen. Corner “Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi,” abduction of his son “Haytham Suleiman Mahmoud,”

and lost contact with him yesterday evening After leaving work, and the car was found by proximity From his residence to Benghazi.

Having lost her husband and her child and one of her eyes by a medical source Widow ” Solomon Alvesa ” leave the hospital

with stable condition and A difficult psychological situation , we ask God to consider the same.

Killing all of the ” Ibrahim Mahmoud Dali ” and ” Atman Mahmoud Dali “ And injury, “ Mohammed Abdul Falah Alrazark “

serious injury , due to the injury B bullets as they passed on the brawl Allthamh

Media and cultural center of the martyrs of the mountain

Mansour dome. Will be held on Saturday 09_11_2013 dome in a statement includes both the dome and the institutions of civil society

and the views of the city’s jurisdiction and that the illegality of any name other than the police, the army and the emphasis on the illegality of the room Libya rebels ……

And all of the channel will be the capital and Libya Liberal present to cover the event. — Medway bombing shake silence Benghazi.

Bengasena BenghaziNa

Now targeting an army vehicle (Thunderbolt) outside of Laithi the lose shooting it on the highway my RBG when a

bridge leading to the Sarta.

The commander of the special forces in Libya / Colonel Nice Bouchmadh in a statement a short while ago /

“We will provide tomorrow a huge demonstration in Benghazi strongly supporting the Air Force”

Urgent Benghazi Important …..

To all the young people and the people of Benghazi today a demonstration in front of Tibesti 5pm,

Yes, the army and the police only … God willing, there is great news, to all of the calls Libyan army must come today in front of Tibesti.

Home and Benghazi and the Libyan army will not die …

Channel Free Libya Today Alpine in need or really good news how Maicolo .. Usually Mansedkh in news Hvena, and my quality Mesh optimistic!
But according to several sources not connected me,  that at 5 before the Tibesti today Heetm the announcement of something ..
Totally a demonstration to support the military ..
In time the demonstration for support of the army. Who wants to support the Libyan army, for not in attendance.

Aaaaaaaaagel Aaaaaajl: helicopters in the skies of Benghazi .. Channel Free Libya ::

Vote now warplanes over the skies of Benghazi

Receiving military planes from the skies of Benghazi saws “Thunderbolt, Marines, and Air Force will believe in Benghazi

and will not wait for commissioning or order of the government,” or Conference. (Parks Street Benghazi)

Call for the Libyan Army Reserve Brigades to go for Quiche immediately yard. Now in the streets of Benghazi:

Benghazi now. Army in the streets of the city and there is a strong statement will come out of the army.

After throes of meetings took place over the past week between Libyan army units, a senior security spread for the first time witnessed Almghadorin city

of Benghazi wounded, for more than “7000” mechanism Armed, a subsidiary of all the units of the Libyan army b Air Force,

Special Forces and “Thunderbolt” and shield 7 B Emre “Ziad macrophage”, and the rest of the Libyan army units for Securing

the city of Benghazi.

[Salem al-Obeidi]

A large convoy of special forces Thunderbolt, Marines and Air Force now to secure the entire city of Benghazi.

Benghazi now upturned ambulances and Thunderbolt pilots and the descent Waiting for the good news for the people of the city.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel: Thunderbolt Special Forces commander and umbrellas.

Colonel and Nice Bouchmadh the supervised Kish Square in Benghazi, to the spread of the army units in the city streets:  

Today’s demonstration in Benghazi to demand the imposition of security and safety and welcome the revelation of the army today different Bouhdath.

Urgent agency Libya ( Special) / how and why the army hostel in Benghazi?

Military review of the regular forces of the Libyan army, announces its deployment in Benghazi and its commitment to securing the city.

According to informed sources in the special forces in Benghazi that the descent of the army today in the city of Benghazi,

came after a series of meetings over the last week between the units of the Libyan army to develop a plan for the spread of

a major security in order to achieve security and safety in the city of Benghazi after a series of assassinations and bombings

in the city over the many months.
The sources said in a telephone interview with the ” agency urgently to Libya: it is the first time where the city of Benghazi

move more than” 7000 ” mechanism militant belonging to all the units of the Libyan army in addition to the Air Force and

Special Forces ” Thunderbolt “and shield 7b Emre ” Ziad macrophage , ” and the rest of the Libyan army units to implement

the plan securing the city of Benghazi .
She informed sources in her statement for ” agency urgently to Libya ,” We our progress over the past months to the government

and the conference plans and asked for permission to implement but to no avail , however heightened insecurity and the high

number of cases of assassinations and bombings , we no longer need the permission of one.

Libyan channel vision:

After a few:
On Benghazi BTV TV show will be the demonstration and the army and special forces Thunderbolt and lyrics for some colonels …

On frequency 12437 V 27500

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel:

Image .. Benghazi, a little while ago and the continuing spread of the Libyan army forces in various units in the city streets

بالصورة .. بنغازي قبل قليل و استمرار انتشار قوات الجيش الليبي بمختلف وحداته في شوارع المدينة

Spokesman for the tribe of slaves in Benghazi:

Anthm the one about the disappearance of Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud.

On 08 November 2013 at 04:37 pm |

Mr. Saad Mohammed Obeidi, spokesman for the tribe of slaves in the city of Benghazi and through a no communication

dial newspaper Libya peace E: We do not accuse one about the disappearance adviser Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi.

While waiting for the competent authorities to deduce and investigate the disclosure of who is responsible in the disappearance of

Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud Obeidi.

I wrote and his / Aorédh image Abouhliqh editor of Electronic Libya peace

Private newspaper Libya peace

The arrival of the body of the Municipal Guard officer (Sharif Ojaili) a residents Alserta (personal filter) after being hit by a bullet in the head

when Badriyah market.

The God but Him Rajhon.

# _ Galaa Hospital

Benghazi …

And the Benghazi militias continue to lure young people with money to join in Alumblychaouih formations .. Mlishh Libya free longer in young people aged less than 20 years old 1500 salary. For

Urgent news # _ uncertain ..

A car bomb explosion beside the exact stores Quiche in Benghazi region since a few ..

(Special Forces)



Newsflash … Now in the sky tuber loud drone.



Clashes between Toubou and the Zintan in a spark Boubare a field near a peaceful sit-in place for Amazigh south in the field,

and lead engagement up protesters and wounding one civilian protesters,
The bullets hit some cars and tents …

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

URGENT | clashes between armed militias near field “Arebson” in the south Libya.


Almtaralaskara Ubari delivery yesterday after maintenance

The morning of Thursday, November 7 in Ubari military airport Ubari delivery after maintenance by countryside

and Contracting Works under the supervision of the Committee on Public Works and Maintenance southern region t

o order the military airport Ubari Colonel Abdul Salam Ibrahim Al – Tahir .

The airport will poll on the border and oil fields and is fully covered . The engineer said Abdul Hafeez Ahcene military airport supervisor Ubari South News Agency ( Germa )

that it has started maintenance of the airport since December last year Pednabesaana the administrative building and the addition of the administration offices

and the establishment of the gate of the airport and the addition of two other offices and a restaurant.

Musharraf said the airport ( Germa ) that he hopes to add more facilities for the airport because he needed several buildings such as lobby

lounge officers and non – commissioned officers and weapons stores and maintenance of the runway and paving the place and especially to collect yard soldiers at the airport .

(South News Agency ( Germa ) Mahmoud Arhomh)

Said more than one source for a page special forms and gunfire between a battalion of Zintan and other field spark

TPU (Repsol), 40 km west of Ubari says Battalion 162 known Ptinery they headed towards the field to resolve the shapes.


Regional War Scenario. NATO-US-Turkey War Games Off the Syrian Coastline

Global Research, 05 November 2013
Url of this article:
According to Turkish press reports, Turkey’s High Command will be hosting NATO’S Invitex military exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean
in a clear act of provocation directed against Syria.
The Invitex-Eastern Mediterranean war games are scheduled from November 4 to 14. Deafening silence. Not a single Western media has reported on these war games.
The official release by the TKS High Command suggests a war games scenario involving a regional war, under the assumption that the ongoing US-NATO-Israeli
covert war on Syria could lead to military escalation. The countries considered to be a threat to Turkey and NATO are not mentioned.
According to the press dispatch of the Turkish Armed forces, various types of naval operations are envisaged.
While the word “war” is not mentioned, the stated objective consists in the “handling of a regional crisis”, presumably through military rather than diplomatic means.
Turkish frigate F-245 TCG Oruç Reis The focus is intended “to enhance co-operation and mutual training between participant countries.”
Reading between the lines this suggests enhanced military coordination directed against potential enemy countries in the Middle East
including Syria and Iran. “NATO, the U.S. Navy and the Turkish Navy-Air Force-Coast Guard platforms will participate in the exercise,
a statement from Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said Nov. 4.”
(Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey) A significant deployment of both naval and air power is envisaged. According to the TKS communique,
the participant units are: NATO SNMG-2 (three frigates),
U.S. Navy (one frigate), Turkish Navy (three frigates, two corvettes, four fast attack boats, three submarines, two oilers, two patrol boats,
one landing ship, one tug boat, one maritime patrol aircraft, five helicopters, one amphibious team, one Naval WMD Destroy Team,
(Multi National Maritime Security Center of Excellence), Turkish Coast Guard (three Coast Guard Boats) and Turkish Air Force aircrafts. (Ibid)
Frigates are used for amphibious operations and the landing of ground forces. To be noted, the war games include seven frigates,
not to mention one landing ship, and an amphibious team. SNMG 2 refers to Standing NATO Maritime Group 2,
NATO standing maritime Immediate Reaction Forces. SNMG 2 is “a multinational, integrated maritime force –
made up of vessels from various allied nations, training and operating together as a single team”.
The NATO member states involved in the war games was not disclosed.
Of significance, these war games overlap with bilateral military exercises between Turkey and Jordan which include the participation
of special forces from both countries.
De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate (Netherlands) (right) These bilateral Turkey-Jordan war games have not been reported upon.
They are scheduled to end on November 9. These bilateral military exercises are intent upon enhancing military cooperation
between the two countries, both of which are using
special forces in the training and hosting of rebel mercenaries. The objective of the war games is to threaten Syria.
The two sets of war games will be coordinated. What seems to be envisaged, in this regard, is a scenario of invasion of an unnamed
enemy country from war ships stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean, supported by air power.
This would be carried out in coordination with US-NATO and allied special forces on the ground operating out of Turkey and Jordan
in support of Al Qaeda affiliated rebel forces.
Amply documented, Turkey and Jordan are supporting the influx of both mercenary and covert special forces including death squads into Syria,
respectively on Syria’s Northern and Southern border. Is Russia threatened by these war game? Russia is an ally of Syria.
It has a naval base in the Eastern Mediterranean operating out of the port of Tartus in Southern Syria. In a bitter irony,
coinciding with the NATO Invitex military exercises, NATO is conducting large-scale war games in proximity of the Russian border.
The Ukraine, which is not a NATO country is participating in these war games directed against Russia.
“The military exercise, called Steadfast Jazz, will see the Western alliance put 6,000 of its soldiers, mariners and airmen through their paces in Poland
and in the Baltic Sea region from 2 to 9 November. … ”
Meanwhile, the US threatens China as part of Obama’s Asian pivot: October 25-28,
U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group Five (America’s largest Strike Group) led by the The USS George Washington staged joint military exercises in the South China Sea.

Al Qaeda Building Base on the Moon

Is Al Qaeda building a base on the moon? Political prankster Mark Dice talks with beach goers in San Diego to get their reaction to the “news.”
Urgent and important … News in the German Dieudspiegal, the German de Dbulbao the channel on the main front page confirms that the

“biggest supporter and financier of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and the Sinai Peninsula, and the victory in front of Syria, which is taken from the Turkish border-based”

They are senior members of the ruling Libyan parliament in Libya 0.

Al-Qaeda group in Libya declare zero hour!!!!



The foreign and defense ministers of Russia and Egypt meet for the first time in the form of four:


08 NOV. 2013 12:42


Ministers will meet Foreign Affairs and Defense of Russia, Egypt, Sergei Lavrov, Nabil Fahmy, Sergei Shoigu, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,
for the first time in four survival, on 13 November / November in Cairo. This was announced on Friday,
the official representative of the Russian Foreign Alexander Ukashević.

Russia implements these meetings the Quartet with the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States, France and Japan.

In Sir martyr Mujahid Muammar al-Qathafi, salvation resolve the matter

In Sir martyr Mujahid Muammar al-Qathafi, salvation resolve the matter

In Ersank Laura Dam Dam

Mohamed Hassen. Our Zain Zain 

Mohamed Hassen Our Zain Zain

Dr Hamza Thami kidnapped!  Dr Hamza has told us of the many attempts the rats tried to do this…and how they took his wife which the Resistance rescued…

but now, apparently they got him..Yes, we pray to Allah that he is safe and is released!

اختطف الدكتور حمزة التهامي! وقال الدكتور حمزة لنا من العديد من المحاولات حاولت الفئران للقيام بذلك … وكيف أخذوا زوجته التي أنقذت المقاومة … ولكن الآن، يبدو أنهم وصلوا له .. نعم، ونحن نصلي الى الله انه هو آمن ويتم تحريرها!

From your letters

Osama bin Daou:

I called my mom. She said showed benevolent grandfather holidays. I told her where the Prophet of anchovy halblad.

Elly police and not win a little stand and just ask whose Jet at five and grandfather marwah.

I called my mom. She said JDK mesh no nasality Balak kidnapped him. I told her bikhtavoh the sake of 200 dinars. She told me my mom hzaom ten dinars.

They snatch the role of grandfather stayed anfakr. Say let start with kids who in view of small alkhenbh. Your battalions Dari battalion.

I told him alsaadawy khnbetwa. Shibani said Doria last Hat this is my grandfather. Told me and God that she became khnbena mirror of the front significant old Republic Bank.

wazwaz sheep today waldhaih Jaap saco Aref launched its still mafthanah but the sandwiches form the phone and your alkeith sokrat in national security told him qeitah.

What kbdatwa told me to Shibani today launched his car I told him change me, God willing, win the alash nebo nkbdawa. It saying stickM smoke shop reviews pleasures

in your street has bafrat. I told him where I was Sheikh Abu sokrat Ayoub in El nawasy. I said Sheikh does and may God captured Shibani’s llo’hlh.

It seems the first cohorts, I am fasting today you know these blessed days at night. I will go to prison at Mitigua.

God sokrat from Sheikh Abu Ayyub and contacted my mother. Told her about a new American kidnapped him because he was wearing a turban (as Rose told me two months).

Guardian MOM IDetermine your good luck JDK Chennai biderwa Bay. Americans told her they take him witness to a massacre in mesheshiya

and two dimensions of mviash rule of a MOM who was seriously just take some alanh originally cost Hatem.

Born our Street told him to open a page on all new almshay. Elly walked Jay pension and prepare your soul. I bash the sight that Zaidane’s family kidnapped almshay and Grandpa.

Prophet ask mom big blind launch named Ely died each time she told me the boy.

I told her why Hatim Baines ?

For the page hijack Abu light almshay sokrat.

MOM on the phone called me a strange number. I received my grandfather. I told him the win in San Antonio albajura yagdi. You told me what your maibrg atik fare.

I got dog ghunaywah take some alanh me sheep.

Ashrith told them God Mani see sheep standards, and I told him my new spectacles.

Spectacles gave me alsikh. Sure bhazak told me body armour. Aho dogs are all bhazai.

I told him the Seca Jedi we of Joe altrobin make enjoy. You told me to Shibani BAHI Blower is already exalted spirit.

Bay, from which we walked, was my grandfather standing in the door of the Security Committee

and the thumping of sheep told me: God if there’s but my sheep dog

and God ykhenboh the sedentary nature of high cost Hatem told him to launch a page.

told me we got 10,000 admiration! I said Hey Hatim continued serious bhazai but I’m still a CJ.

جدي اليوم تآخر مشي يسحب في مرتبه مارجع اتصلت بي امي قالت شوف جدك خيره عطل قلت لها وين نبي انشوفه هالبلاد اللي فيها شرطة ولا وين تسأل اصبري شوية وتوا يروح جت الساعة خمسة وجدي ماروح اتصلت بي امي قالت جدك مش بلا غنة بالك خطفوه قلت لها بيخطفوه على خاطر 200 دينار قالت لي امي هذوم يخطفوا على عشرة دينار دور جدك قعدت انفكر قلت خلي نبدأ بالاولاد اللي في الكتائب متعين الخنبة الصغيرة كلمت الدرية في كتيبة السعدواي قلت له خنبتوا شيباني اليوم درية هات من الاخير هذا راهو جدي قال لي والله ماصارت خنبنا مراة من قدام مصرف الجمهورية عجوز كبيرة وزوز خرفان اليوم والدحية جاب صاكو مش عارف شن فيه مازال مافتحناه لكن شكله فيه سندويتشات صكرت الهاتف وكلمت القيطة في الامن القومي قلت له قيطة ما قبضتوا على شيباني اليوم قال لي شن سيارته قلت له ماعنده قال لي ان شاء الله تربح هذا علاش نبو نقبضوا عليه قولي عصام متع محل الدخان اللي في شارعكم عنده بافرات قلت له عنده صكرت منه كلمت الشيخ ابو ايوب في النواصي قلت له ياشيخ هل ووفقكم الله في القبض على شيباني يبدو للؤهلة الاولي انه من الازلام قال انني صائم اليوم انت تعرف هذه الايام المباركة في الليل سوف اذهب لسجن معيتيقة والله المستعان صكرت من الشيخ ابو ايوب واتصلت بأمي قلت لها تقريبا جدي خطفوه الامريكان لانه لابس عمامة وليه شهرين ماطلع قالت لي امي طيح سعدك جدك شني بيديروا بيه الامريكان قلت لها ياخدوه شاهد على مجزرة الشقيقة في المشاشية وبعدين بلاد مفياش سيادة شن فيها يا امي كانوا خدوا جدي اصلا توا كلمت حاتم ولد شارعنا قلت له افتح صفحة في الفيس كلنا جدي المشاي اللي مشي معاش جاي وجهزي روحك غدوة باش يستقبلنا زيدان عائلة الجد المشاي المخطوف ونبي نسالك يا امي عمي الكبير شن اسمه اللي مات زمان بكل قالت لي ضوء علاش يا ولد قلت لها حاتم بينزل في الصفحة خطف ابو ضوء المشاي صكرت امى علي التليفون اتصل بي رقم غريب لقيته جدي قلت له وين ياجدي في الباجرة سان انطونيو انت قال لي باجرة شنو عطيك مايبرج راسك انا عندك الكلب غنيوة خدوا مني خروف اشريته قلت لهم والله ماني طالع الا والخروف معاي قلت له يا جدي باهي باهي اعطيني السيكة اكيد بحذاك قال لي خوذ اهو الكلاب كلهم بحذاي قلت له سيكا هذا جدي فكنا من جو التروبين متعكم قال لي باهي شيباني نفاخ هو اصلا تعالي روح بيه وفكنا منه مشيت لقيت جدي واقف في باب اللجنة الامنية وشاذ الخروف قال لي هو والله ماهناك عيد لكن خروفي يخنبوه الكلاب هذه والله ما تنكتب عليا كلمت حاتم قلت له شن جو الصفحة قال لي وصلنا عشرة الاف اعجاب قلت له استمر يا حاتم جدي بحذاي لكن انا متأكد انه مازال ضايع .

Now | International Tribunal: #

Libya can try captive intelligence chief Abdullah Al-Senussi of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA without sending him to The Hague.



The ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD STATEMENT coming after the threats of NATO & BRITAIN:

Al-Arabiya :::

A senior U.S. official :::

Libyan government gave the United States a mandate to launch commando U.S. military operations in Libya against the terrorists when they are to America. ”


Urgent Defence Ministry rebel positions would be bombed within hours or minutes and ask everyone Mgadhirtha on the spot and quickly

Britain is stepping up its rhetoric with Libya and confirms violated UN Resolution Conference Nations criminal Bmjmoath and Britain orders for the

arrest of a number of members of Congress and the bombing of number of Altoar sites have already issued .

Information Affairs Office of the Ministry of Defense of the capital Tripoli will see all the military operation to Libya because of this lawless behavior .

Rooms follow the Libyan airspace and military movement emphasizes military activity in the Mediterranean in front of the Libyan coast and begin

the process of packing 140 nautical miles away and only in diminishing

And calls upon all Department of Defense rebels evacuated websites and the transfer of prisoners to other locations to avoid a military strike

Bushmin and a group of members of the Conference are wanted by the United Nations after the daring kidnapping Zidane ..

Security Council / Branch Libya / anti – crime agency

On the instructions of management control over the banks the Central Bank of Libya decided that all banks open their doors to the public daily Holy Saturday, 10.12.2013 Monday, 10.14.2013 m work full time and according to the dates of employment and considered on Sunday, 13.10.2013 PM on Normal order to workenable gentlemen Moatinin of the withdrawal of their salaries and their liquidity needs during the holiday of Eid al-Adha …

And every year, and everyone is fine and re-God on Libya with good security and stability (HAH HAH!!)

Peace to you
Libby free ::::

I’ve got my neighbor employed in the Ministry of Finance said that all seals pleasures of the Ministry of Finance has robbed with the Securities Mersalat formal instruments

and battalion Asswehly are the the purpose of work and banks contacted Bayhoum query to withdraw funds instruments issued on behalf of the ministry hailed been

forcing the agent to sign the instruments.

Shaaban was assigned Massoud gift (Sheikh angular Interface Language) by the General National Congress formally head of Libya rebels room.

Shaaban Massoud set (Interface Language angular) by Nuri Abu arrows officially head room Libya rebels

Touati Alaeidah the event on Al – Arabiya says : –

– Who kidnapped head of the government are the Muslim Brotherhood
By extremist operations room Libya rebels and militias ..
– Who kidnapped Zidane give the West the opportunity to military intervention
In Libya …
– Brotherhood supports terrorist and extremist groups support
Operations room Libya rebels and Saraya assign and security committee .
– I am me list order termination militias kidnap in Tripoli : –
Abdul Rauf hater – Haitham Tagouris – Abu Obeida angular – Waldo Valley
Hashim humans – Omar Mukhtar .
– These militias are from the arrest of members of the conference
And the government and you shoot them and humiliate them .
– Brotherhood has followed terrorist extremists in Derna
And Benghazi who assassinations and kidnappings.
– Qatar to this moment supports the Brotherhood and its militias
With arms and money, and lose granting listening devices to monitor officials
The government and members of Congress and monitor citizens’ communications .
– Base Amotaigah to base is controlled from Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood
And monitor communications .

The Washington Post : Confessions Abu Anas al – Libi ..

{ In its latest edition published Alotun Post leaks about the confessions honest Hamid Alriqiei Abu Anas Libyan stating literally

( ( Libyan Abouans reserved currently AD than a piece freely Mediterranean Decker in the confessions made ​​by the investigation team

from the Office of Althiqiqat federal FBI he participated already in U.S. Embassy bombings in Nairobi with her ​​Abotalal and others.

The genius that Ansar al-Islam is an Al-Qaida-led adraa Al-Zahawi eastern Libya navigational structure includes leaders from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Afghanistan and Prince actual Sufyaan ibn kamo,
tuber, Libyan, according to Libyan terrorist confessions also GSPC piezoelectric Libyan got integration between them and the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya
and which now controls the Libyan capital of Tripoli and the eastern cities of Libya and Sirte, Misrata
and have existed also in the cities of western Libya as sabratha walagilat where these groups Training groups from neighboring countries to Libya and Egypt and Tunisia
and Syria in the towns and camps that these groups obtain financial support from the Libyan Government
and the support it had received from one of its members (Abdulwahab Commander) when an official tasked with securing the border,
and has huge amounts of it, as well as drug and arms trade with armed groups from neighboring countries, he said, the most serious leaders of these groups
and theN up to the interests of the West and America in Libya as well as the stability of Libya are Abdulwahab Commander, belhadj and Sami Saadi, Viveka and Shaban Abu Obeid
angular gift weabdalro’ov hater Ayoub waldwadi and Khaled Al Shuwaikh Basir and Ahmad abokhthalh, sufian aboukamo, Haitham eltagoury
and filter operations are now against the Libyan army and security agents as well as Libyan human rights by these groups
and are behind the assassinations of Tunisian symbols tDisagreed with aizelogia, where was the assassination in Tunisia by a Hakim Belhaj’s named Haitham eltagoury
and others from Tunisia and Algeria gas complex operation, said Libyan terrorist kidnappings and secret prisons run such groups and that many detainees from the Libyans
now have more than 10,000 prisoners each been incorporated in regulation after convert to jihadist ideology and also added that the head of the institution
Libyan Supreme religious faithful (NATO PUPPET) Gharyiani was meeting held by the group, and they deliver lectures call to convert to jihadist ideology
and affiliation to the tenvida of the religious texts of the Qur’an and Hadiths of Muhammad is the Messenger of the Muslims, and he actually succeeded in
convincing many that remembrance of those camps are in Tripoli and Misrata and sabratha, Sirte and South of Libya,
and has denied knowledge of the Consulate bombing and the killing of Ambassador  Before they occur, but stressed that the attempted bombing of the French Embassy
in Tripoli was aware and was not involved with the Group’s leader, Khaled Al-Basir and Algeria as well as the same group are bombed UAE Embassy bkwadv against tanks in Tripoli,
Libyan Abu Anas DCOR after Algerian Mokhtar belmokhtar, killed some members of the group traveled to the State don’t know her and met with Ayman al-Zawahiri has been
reviewed the working methods of the daVinegar in Libya in the coming period in accordance with the vision of al-Zawahiri
and chaos within the Earth in murders, kidnappings and bombings, including the secular power and potential of their loyalty to the West
and who threaten establish an Islamic Emirate in Libya
and who traveled to meet with al-Zawahiri sufian bin komoa Abdul Hakim Belhaj has been fully utilized the State meeting,
referring to the bombings in Tripoli will after several cells were instructed to start working in the Libyan capital of Tripoli jihadist West
include what he described as Western interests and filter members of former Libyan internal security agency
And those who participated in the repression of Islamic groups during Gaddafi ‘s))
* Newspaper editor mark reference.


Just the Hassi Liberal says : –

The kidnapping and murder are the leaders and the leaders of militias
Armor, and I know them personally and I was with them in the front
In one trench , and met with them several times their goal is to
Establish an Islamic emirate .. I know their thinking and their goal ..
We came back to our lives , but they want that Asatro
Country …
Those of several trends of thought them Altcfhirien they of
They assassinations in Derna and Benghazi a day , and some of them
They are leaders of the armor who was expelled from Cyrenaica and now them
Present in Tripoli , their aim not to build the institutions of

Zintan channel on Facebook:
Zintan Military Council and Zintan rebels denounce the kidnapping of Libyan Prime Minister and the perceived insult to all the Libyan people,

despite our reservations on the performance of the Prime Minister, but we condemn the kidnapping of any Libby, as is currently holding

an emergency meeting to determine what will be done about the kidnapping incident.


Here’s the facts in order to shut up and trumpets to stand Climbers and Champions League last minute when alone ,,,

He edited the Prime Minister are members of the battalion lightning accompanied by brothers them have a real friendship relationship they are free and rebels sense of the word

of men rebels Alfornaj , and they broke into the place of detention , and edit the Prime Minister and the flight of some of his captors .

I say each board p credited himself to be a hero Commando gallant knight , Thus, the supply camels …

O free Alfornaj not let Arena to Mtnfien on the sacrifices of the men , due Vhakkm save in front of all Libya does not you should Taatkhalo for ,

Show your front for the media to shut up tongues and knows both of the place .

We reiterate that the news certainty when Zaidane .

Zaidane from Dar sleep to his aunt’s house!!!   Sponsored armor Mzrath :::: secure the capital

Abdul Rauf is a hater of his arrest for Prime government hater Image show in the reflection of the rear glass, which Mougeot in the circuit ..

In Acd source of inside Corinthia Hotel that appears on the pleural Ali Zaidane.  Zaidane are the keepers of bodyguards and they had been beaten

and was clinging to the President of the Government and has been kidnapped with Zaidane.

(Against the Muslim Brotherhood in LIBYA:)


Movie kidnapped Mr. Zedan

Starring: Shield

Execution: the fight against crime

Written by: Brotherhood

Directed by: revolutionaries room for Libya

Production Manager: Abu arrows in his heart, God willing,

Statement of the Federation of the mountain after a few rebels from now, denounce faithful
The kidnapping of the Prime Minister “Ali Zaidane,” and stop
Libya rebels room, while the sponsorship of the rebels and re-structuring
And also will demand the dismissal of the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane.”

Deputy anti-crime device on capital says that the channel
President of the National Congress visited Zaidane eight o’clock in the
Imprisoned at the headquarters of the fight against crime and called for Zaidane to meet the demands of
The Supreme Council of the rebels and to submit his resignation, and then went Bushmin
And leave Zaidane detained ..

Sky News Arabia:

Said one of the elements of a room Libya rebels have been released President
Aloza “Ali Zaidane,” based on the recommendations of the President of the Conference
National Public “Nuri Bushmin” of, and the same source confirmed that
Was released and the condition resign.

I apologize, Mr. President of the General National Congress the “Nuri Busmhen”
Q You are a liar, a warrant of arrest for the Prime Minister was Matrouh
Table two weeks ago by Libya rebels room, and the meeting was within the
Coral Harbour, and select the former for two days and was arrested postponement
And power went out at dawn today and carried out the arrest warrant.

(Exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Ahmad trunk Associate combat crime Tripoli: Bushmin of the visited Ali Zaidan am and told him, “I quit”

أحمد الشنطة معاون مكافحة الجريمة طرابلس : بوسهمين زار علي زيدان صباحاً وقال له ” إستقيل ”

أحمد الشنطة معاون مكافحة الجريمة طرابلس : بوسهمين زار علي زيدان صباحاً وقال له ” إستقيل “
ليبيا ميديا http://www.facebook.com/MaGdiTube

Libya rebels room / Tripoli: 

Ali Zaidane was arrested in accordance with the revolutionary legitimacy

and will be released after completion of investigation.

News channel roaming in the office where he was held Zaidane

To the right of the picture lobe in the office!!!

Crime Office in Libya tried to force Zaidane to sign his resignation before being released !

Moataz autumn:

127 battalion of the National Army that liberated Ali Zaidane from the headquarters of the fight against crime.

Libya TV correspondent Liberal

Quoting Abdel Moez Bannon:

Abdel Moneim fishing Director of the Office of the fight against crime Alfornaj exists in the prosecution to investigate now,,,

Most security officials have prior knowledge of the kidnapping or arrest “on the opinion of some,” and turned a blind eye,,,

Most importantly: is forged prosecution ..

Arabic channel Al Arabiya
Arab sources of: battalions lightning and 127 and people Alfornaj are liberated Zaidane.

Zaidane and release the government considers his arrest a terrorist act rejected 10/10/2013 |

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan

Judicial officer in the Crime Commission, Mr.
“Mohammed Aldabiska”, anti-crime committee does not have
Relationship in the arrest or abduction of Mr. Prime Minister
Ali Zaidane,” and everyone from the Commission fight against crime
Share does not represent only himself, and there is a lot involved in this

Dou National Congress Mohammed Bu Sidra:

Ali Zaidane was arrested in accordance with the revolutionary legitimacy and will be released after completion of investigation:

Libyan interim government :::::::

Mr. taken the head of the interim government,

Mr. Zaidane dawn of the day Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013 to an unknown destination for unknown reasons

by a group believed to be of revolutionaries room for Libya and Crime Commission and the Council of Ministers has called for the immediate convening

headed by the Deputy Minister.

Council calls for calm citizens and confirms that the General National Congress and the government temporary Staamilon with the situation.

Libya talks

This on each Khtafo on Zaidane …

Jahm it the of . .


((Thank Qatar not be less than the dog)))

Against the backdrop of the kidnapping of Abu Anas al-Libi Mufti of Libya sincere Ghariyani mount a strong attack on the government Jamahiriya

to Tafratha in the country’s sovereignty and say that the Libyan citizen enjoys the sanctity of al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA days more than now:

http://arabic.rt.com/news/630118/ :روسيا اليوم 13:10

News Arab world /binyahya007

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane NATO and Britain calling for the release of Zaidane as soon as possible.

Said the spokesman for the Libyan interim government, Mohammed Yahya Kaabr for editing Prime Minister Ali Zaidane,

who was arrested by the “operations room Libya rebels” on Oct. 10 / October.

The news agency quoted the Libyan a Kaabr as saying, “I’ve been editing the Prime Minister is in good health,” denying reports released by his captors.

For its part, the Libyan government said that the arrest of the prime minister of a terrorist act is unacceptable, stressing rejection of all attempts at extortion.

The operations room Libya rebels confirmed the arrest of Zaidane, pointing out that the arrest was in accordance with the Libyan penal code under

“crimes and misdemeanors harmful to the state entity” and the item “crimes and misdemeanors harmful to state security by order of the prosecutor.”

The room also noted that the minutes of the inferences detainee issues because of Zaidane had opened on June 9 last year, in addition to the open

issues related to financial and administrative corruption recently.

Has been quoted (and) spokesman Crime Enforcement Administration Abdullah Hakim Albulazi saying that Zaidane in custody

and under a warrant of arrest issued by the administration and the Chamber of Libya’s rebels, asserting that Zaidane in good health

and that he will be treated well treated.

The agency said that the Minister of Justice confirmed that the Attorney General has not been issued against Zaidane any arrest warrant or arrest.

The Libyan government has confirmed the news of the kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane by unknown gunmen on Thursday,

is likely to be the group that was behind the kidnapping is “of revolutionaries room for Libya and the Commission on Crime” subsidiaries initially

to the ministries of defense and interior.

Zaidane was kidnapped from the Corinthia Hotel in which it resides. An employee at the hotel told “AFP”:

“A large number of armed men stormed the place early Thursday., But we did not understand what was going on.”

For his part, journalist Hisham Shalawi in connection with the Channel that the Council of Ministers held an urgent meeting,

and that the Minister of Justice stressed that what happened was a kidnapping, while confirming some of the brigades in Tripoli as a process of arrest

on the order of the Attorney General’s Office. Denied, sources close to the Attorney General the issuance of any arrest warrant against Zaidane.

Hisham Shalawi In turn, the media Naim Ashaba in touch with our channel to the operating room that proceeded on the move stated that the arrest

came against the backdrop of security issues and corruption. In this regard, considered a political activist Abd al-Rahim al-Saadi in connection with our

channel that the Tripoli government aware of the process dragged Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, al-Saadi added that the public prosecutor and not

the Attorney General is ordered to bring Zaidane for interrogation on corruption issues. On the other hand talked to local media that Ali Zaidane was

arrested kidnaps noting that the Attorney General instructed the elements of the Libyan Ministry of Interior to arrest him while the Council of Ministers

stressed that no knowledge of the lifting of the immunity of the Prime Minister or any warrant of arrest.

Source: RT + Agencies

Mise à jour : jeudi 10 octobre 2013 10:11 | Par AFP

Libye: Ali Zeidan, détenu par une cellule “anti-crime”, en bonne santé

Le Premier ministre Ali Zeidan, “enlevé” selon son cabinet, est détenu par une cellule d’ex-rebelles et il est en “bonne santé”,
a indiqué un porte-parole de cette cellule de lutte contre le crime, cité par l’agence libyenne Lana.
Le Premier ministre libyen Ali Zeidan, le 29 juillet 2013 à Tripoli
One of the elements of the Commission on the fight against crime, “Zaidane” and described as we Base and no one bearded brighter in the Commission on Crime ,
But a pious man and religiously committed.
Anti-Crime Bureau, who was arrested Ali Zaidane in one of their meetings:
Exclusive Salem al-Obeidi:
Take a receivable at the Prime Minister “Ali Zaidane” after the issuance of Was arrested by the Crime Commission,
for being accused of four Criminal charges according to the law of Libyan dawn Thursday on a fully Four in the morning from his place of residence,
and is now in the Counter Crime, and force participated for revolutionaries room for Libya in the process of arrest
To support and assign to the Commission on the fight against crime, according to a statement one of the elements Committee for the fight against crime.
Image Archive
Updated: Thursday, 10 October 2013 10:11 | By AFP Libya:
Ali Zaidane, held by a cell “anti-crime” healthy Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, “kidnapped” by his office is held by a former rebel cell and is in “good health,”
said a spokesman of the cell to fight against crime, cited by agency Libyan Lana.
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, July 29, 2013 in Tripoli AFP / File Brigade fight against crime, who unofficially under the Ministry of Interior, said
“hold the prime minister Ali Zaidane” and would be “treated well”, the agency reported.

La brigade de lutte contre le crime, qui dépend officieusement du ministère de l’Intérieur, a précisé “détenir le chef du gouvernement Ali Zeidan” et qu’il serait “bien traité”, a rapporté l’agence.

صورة من الأرشيف

NATO is backing ZAIDANE “all the way” !!! (ofcourse they do; as Zaidane is their puppet!)

NATO: The prime minister in permanent session ..

The return of Mr. President of the Provisional Government of the Council of Ministers in the presence of the President of the General National Congress

and the Second Vice-President of the Conference and many members of the Conference of Ministers and a number of agents, Mr. Chief of Staff and some of the officers of the Libyan army.

Ali Zaidane:

“We do not want escalation and seek to resolve the incompatibility in Libya”

Libyan interim government

After the ceremony greeted upon arrival Cabinet after its liberation, Mr. Prime Minister held an emergency meeting with interim cabinet members,

eating through the implications of the kidnapping incident suffered by dawn on Thursday October 10, 2013.
Mr. Ali Zaidane also reeived several Almklmat on the telephone of the Heads of State and Governments to Otimannan him from contact with the

President of the Republic of Tunisia (A NATO PUPPET TOO), Mr. Moncef Marzouki and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. David Cameron (BIG NATO RAT).

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

Zeidanaat … Savior of the statement of the Prime Minister ” Ali Zaidane ”

– I will try to make all the facts.

– Eid al – Adha our class for a strong battle .

– I demand of the kidnappers of the son of the defense minister ” bending Abdullah ” to call

– Abduction ” Haitham bin nation ” who refused participate in Okhantafa .

– Will be legal prosecution of the perpetrators of the kidnapping.

– Personalities that have to process a person named ” Abdel Moneim
Hunting ” and ” just fishing . ”

– President of the General National Congress , collaborator with me and this is a fact .

– A number of world leaders renewed their determination to come out of Libya
Predicament .

– Behind this process are tried in a session last Tuesday
Overthrow the government.

– One of the members who belong to this group modern
Evening told me the kidnappers told me .

– This group of a few , but her voice high and terrorizes members

– If you do not resign , will not give you the budget .

– If يستطيعو the dismissal of the government of votes Siqiloha weapons.

– Me talk again after feast Satollagha .

– This work should not pass easily .

– There are those who do not want the state to play .

– There are those who want to turn Libya into a new Afghanistan .

– Attackers claimed they were from room Libya rebels from all regions
With the exception of Zintan.

– Claiming these I am hostile to the rebels and I no one أعادي .

– We want to clarify the command of Libya rebels room .

– Stole everything from my room until my underwear stolen
And allowances and iPad device and important papers , including a letter to the Attorney General.

– This work coup against legitimacy .

– We will try to concentrate our efforts in order to meet security of these
Business .

– This is a heinous act and a terrorist .

– Displays engineer , ” Ahmed Ckshadh ” Prime Africa to try to portfolio
Abduction and escape its neighbors , and it is currently abroad and I hope to come back
For direct currency.

– Central Bank of ants that converts budgets for departments to speed.

– I hope that injects not eliminate in Simulations political because this
Hurt him .

– Laws that hamper the shift between us and the implementation of what we want .

– There are laws must be changed to prime minister.

– What is happening in Benghazi is a clear message for the failure of the State
Libyan .
(Valley girl)

Ali Zaidane shortly before ::

“Will be prosecuted of Achttafna and capture them to bring them to justice to be held accountable.

Benghazi bombings and assassinations know who carried out, and the whole attempt to disrupt the police and army building because there are trying to transform Libya to Afghanistan.”

Hassan Amin:

“There are parties in the conference moved from abroad
And there Aotmr orders Mufti
And there are fundamentalist groups in the conference linked to extremist movements abroad
There Groups Regional obeys orders militias.”


Zaidane ... a crime suspect and had previously asked for its abolition and today renewed orders of revocation.

Zaidane: There is a young man named Haitham Abdul Rahman bin nation of Alfornaj population has been notified of the kidnapping and refused to participate in Vtm abduction.

Abdel Moneim hunting, fishing just: working combating crime and lose Btahedada and abuse to say to me.
They are blocking the budget and tell me Wada did not resign, it will not give you the budget
And whenever we tried to convene a session of the budget absent.
Zaidane .. Libyan Abouans bear the responsibility of his works, but not as a Libyan citizen will stand by his side all we can do.
Of Khtafna was repeat the same as what he was saying religion besieged ministries.












Mazepehr now in the Friday Market against activating the police!

# _ Gateway to LIBYA


expressing their dissatisfaction with the interim government. The demonstrators demanded the interim government to step down,

and carried responsibility for what they described as “the violation of the law of Islam”, demanding arbitration law of God in the country.

Some of the slogans of the demonstration now in Green Square, Tripoli ::
– Down the infidel government.
– Must cut off their hands and their feet of contention.
– Must cut the necks of Enter the Democratic Kafri term to Libya.

What happened before little before Alrksus: Young Musrati drunk he Bermaah in front of Gate Building National Congress Faqamt elements of the army’s Battalion 127 Infantry

charged with protecting the place and secured arrest of a young man who seems to be followed by one of the militias Gharghour in the capital arose trying to release

what led to a clash between them and the troops charged with protecting the conference and it under control until now.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
URGENT: Libyan travelers at Rome airport say that the Italian airline told them that it had canceled her trip flying to Tripoli after news of the abduction of the prime minister in Tripoli…

The hunter coastal road link between Tripoli and the Corner:

The road is safe from the Corner to Tripoli was to remove the existing berm Besaad.

URGENT: Witnesses confirm Libya’s international channel to hear the sound of gunfire shortly before inside the

headquarters of the General National Congress Rixos Hotels and hospitality palace complex two objects area neighborhood of Damascus Tripoli

and the closure of roads leading to the two locations mentioned.



The news agency – Tarhounah

Mr. “Arab Khalilzad” junta chief Tarhounah
That the road was not open yet, and has been the formation of a committee and is in charge of
The Meeting with the people of Bani Walid, and approval was taken from the people
Martyrs massacre gate Maltese b شتاته, our demands and expensive
B Committee moved to Bani Walid, he said, “the Arab” It is possible
That is gradually opening the way for ambulances and fuel and this
Meanwhile, we came out of the meeting.

A picture of a cliff beside the road Alontinh the boundary between the two cities after he swept the road in front of the Maltese.



Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on bin Walid siege by gangs on 10/09/2013 P

The above  is  illustrative of the building and which will start soon as the budget available.

Library of Bani Walid on Thursday the central library project’s disease Bani Walid General and had begun to collect donations and the help of God

Will soon begins with the project was under the supervision of electronic Technical College Brown and Walid BSU promising sons of Bani Walid We will build this edifice

Which will be the scientific point of each student taught according to God based on this huge project

Network neutrality Libya. L N N | | Enough # Jihad Fatima Ahamroch “Health Minister in nutria government”:

Mercy the people of Bani Walid .. Enough fragmentation and enough hatred and enough Enough sharpen demolition of hatred ..

Libya will not as long as this list is located!


Bani Walid

Road closed by the militias total subordination denied him, as were closed and wireless communications {WiMAX, Libyana, round} government Ngz

in a deep sleepWhy wait until the blow pipe river and high-pressure line 66 thousand k. P??

O O conference government to show my capital not Thelomanana that we have cut off water from you at the feast and that فجرنا high Aldgz lines
We humans Zykm the Mesh animals. Life unit and one death
And I’ve Forewarned is forearmed >>

(Bin Walid youth)

Bani Walid enthralled again, surrounded and cut off communications about them!

This report was made before that was known!:

News Bani Walid

Deterioration Libyana networks, since the run yesterday afternoon and unknown causes
As evidenced by WiMAX interruption coverage in most parts of the city
And service degradation in others ..

We hope the staff of telecommunications networks to address the imbalance as soon as possible .. May God.

Great Rafla ورفلة العظمى | Great Werfalla

In the name of God the Merciful { Think not of those who died in the cause of God dead, but alive with their Lord, have provision (169) rejoicing including Allah hath given them of His bounty and rejoice with those who did not catch them from behind not fear, nor shall they grieve (170) rejoice grace and bounty from Allah and that Allah Do not waste the reward of believers ( 171). ..

Great truth of God

Attribute ourselves and our families and our martyrs to be martyrs Shahid and Rafla .. Martyr Hussein Massoud Allotfi … Who betrayed him in on Saturday, Black __ and it was closed the road between the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid, and cut supplies Kharga and Dakhla for the city of Bani Walid by gangs of outlaws under the name shield Libya Central ” through which began victim girl very old 5 years Rabia Hamzah Bakar due not to let the ambulance go out outside the city and that girl was on board , and therefore we call for all parents and Rafla and all honest people inside and outside Tripoli to exit to reconsider protest to denounce and condemn this unjust blockade and the unjust imposition of unduly against our city the mother and so on Friday at 17:00 front of Aricksos hotel in TRIPOLI

Youth and Rafla in Tripoli

Bani Walid today

Dr. Abdul Salam Aljlaiti Dean of College of Technology and Mr. Nasser Rabbasi Prime EST Ethar and Mr. Omar Salim Da’ki president of the Association of peace

and number of attendees laid the foundation stone for the establishment of library Bani Walid Central Technical College electronic came this project

after the youth set up ŢŃćČ Facebook page and communicate with each other the meetings enabled understanding has resulted in this great achievement

and laying the foundation stone for Mmketbh Bani Walid central for sophistication level of education in Bani Walid and be a gesture of good to students

Bani Walid private and Libya in general and thanked all those who contributed to the success of this topic the idea on a personal level and official do not

forget the sons and Rafla various cities inside and outside Libya Religion Users Say support for the establishment of this topic library in order to be a

monument scientifically city of Bani Walid and the benefit of our students in schools and universities , institutes and others, and we call on all the sons

and Rafla in Bani Walid and abroad to stand up and support based on this topic library of scientific , historical, and that would be the best library thanks

your efforts all and unite your ranks and work day and night in order to be successful and so this topic business elevate Bani Walid and progressing

and so this topic projects defeat Aaadana faithful youth and Rafla you accelerate support this project values ​​my father will be ,

God willing, good for the city and its people , and make it a scientific center visited by science students from around the world ,
Finally greetings Everyone is jealous of his city and its people and Ovqkm God for the good of the country and the people,
God save Bani Walid and its people , and God bless the youth.

Information Office of Bani Walid

Despite the siege and fabricating crises …..
Dr. Shukri Abdullah ....

Soon, God willing, Bani Walid Hospital Siri your light, God willing, the city medical area of eight hectares compared the city Taqrvat camp will be one of the

finest places in Libya and the world and the effort money sons and Rafla of the private sector. ..

National Conference did not issue a decision by besieging Bani Walid

Prime Minister did not issue a decision by besieging Bani Walid

Minister of the Interior did not issue a decision by besieging Bani Walid

Defense Minister did not issue a decision by besieging Bani Walid

Why do not we go out Mufti of justice and right and says that the besieging Bani Walid are gangs and militias and jihad against them duty

Not legally permissible for the people of Bani Walid face this gang by force??

(Libya talks)



There has to publish news view assassination
Mr. “Ibrahim Jdharan”.
He dialed b good condition and denied
Be subjected to any assassination attempt today
When the fifth time will be present
Graduation’s new defense force Cyrenaica ..

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Major General Abdulsalam son to Hassi denies health news traded for the murder of his father and says he is fine and practiced his work in his

Libya’s international channel

Explosion in Laithi area in Benghazi and heard shooting in the area

In a country in which things are measured by a stray bullet speed , betrayed him
Blood lovers , ” Firas ELHOUDERI the ” victim , but not the victims
Children will come out and the people of the city of Mgdoren , tomorrow, Friday
After the Asr prayer to condemn the manifestations of the security situation , and the death
Child the ” Firas ELHOUDERI ” who witnessed the assassination of his father
Shahid to be the victim by ” ELHOUDERI ”

, And men will participate
Marine Benghazi , and will assemble in front of the river island ” Table Hebrews ”
And will go demonstrators to Arabs University Island good

, Where
His assassination , and their families will participate victim of military men
National In this demonstration , in Kono in the appointment .

(Salem al – Obeidi)

Targeting the Swedish Consulate Pepsi Street City
Benghazi by unknown assailants.

Photo of the explosion that happened in front of the Swedish consulate:

Slogans Qaeda is now in the field of tree Benghazi

“Oh Zidane Yanjs the all Abu Lance”
– Hey Obama, you coward .. Come in the field –





URGENT: – The assassination of a new people of Benghazi: –

Ansar al-Sharia present in Sirte and Jufrah the assassination of
New me a trooper 21 Thunderbolt (Martyrs angle)
Now, a state of alert 21 Thunderbolt troops and heavy weapons out …



Urgent military communications room: According to news received

Aerial bombardment in Derna area and killed at least 70 people of different nationalities from militants, Tunisia, Algeria and Libyan militants

outlaws and engage in crime now in the tuber.

Number of rooms received reports of military air strike to Farms Afattaúh in the tuber and confirmed that a single blow to the site used

for storage and feed farms and the destruction of a huge amount of light and medium weapons.


:: This person in the picture was threatening to blow himself up in the field of Tobruk, even though he is not from Tobruk nicknamed Abu El Aa him –

of Misratah you the story police station received a city Btabriq tip that someone

From Misratah preaching loudly in the field of Tobruk after being expelled King mosque committee and cheer –

He will blow himself on the ground and that the Libyans are cowards because they did not Ihrko finger after the abduction of Abu Anas

and any Lippi does not supports Abu Anas Saattabrh from outsiders and

Ba category view to be fought and was threatening the city of Tobruk because it did not come out in

Any demonstration in favor of it – Fayette stirred police to him and tried to young people yesterday that Ikdo him in and he fled and

appeared per shot them ( Saib ) pistol 9 million to be carried ammunition and thankfully no one was hurt , and now , thanks to God

he was arrested , one of Misrata and the accused in a murder case precedent .

Newsflash ….

Najat vice president of the Alliance Party at the level of the young Libya Safwan Mohammad Almsora the tuber of an assassination attempt

by live ammunition which is outside of the gas station Bashihh the Bank Bdrna.

Car bombing since a few in tuber Army Street.

_________________ _______________________

FUTURE according to ZIONISTA:



On September 13, 2013, Mohamed Elibiary was named the head of the Obama administration’s Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out why, exactly, a member of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is pulling the levers of power in the White House.

King Barack and his royal flunkies: The gang that couldn’t hate straight

by Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins

Obama Lying King Michelle David Axelrod Liberal Media SC

Last week, the king declared it illegal for a large number of Catholic priests to enter upon HIS royal military bases and celebrate mass, which is the central ritual of Catholicism. According to His Majesty’s edict, priests who have been hired as “Contract workers” to minister to the 25% of our military forces who are Catholics were declared non-essential workers, the same as the goat herders who guide their hungry weed-eating animals around some government lands.

With this edict, the king has again reminded us of just how over his head he is as he runs around our house, shredding our Constitution. Contrary to what many in the rank-and-file and pulpits of the Catholic Church believe, King Barack is every bit as much an enemy of the Catholic Church as Henry 8th was.

He has a demonstrable record of reminding us how much he hates Catholics and our doctrines. His royal edict commanding Catholic hospitals to commit abortions is among his most egregious attacks.

Because the king and his courtiers have deluded themselves into believing they would be lauded for sticking their finger in Catholic eyes, he made this attack with dreams of a general outcry of “All Hail the King!” from his subjects. That didn’t happen.

Even his flunkies in the House recoiled from his vicious and blatant attack on the Constitutional rights of those who risk their lives for our safety. The Democrats gladly joined the House Republicans and quietly voted 400 to 1 (a Democrat, of course) to fund the contract priests.

So what did the King accomplish? Those he was playing to, the ones who hate the Church, were disappointed by his inability to command the flunkies to hold fast against the Catholics; and now the Catholic Bishops who helped elect him and pushed Obamacare on us have had their noses rubbed in his hatred for everything they stand for. He could have used them again to break the will of the House conservatives; but now? Not a chance.

The King and his flunkies can’t even hate straight. Vicious, vindictive stunts like this are why we are winning.



Saudi authorities have detained a group of Libyan pilgrims at Jeddah airport and prevented them from entering Mecca

According to news sources from the Saudi authorities had detained a group of pilgrims Libyans Airport Jeddah and prevent them from entering Mecca in order to get them on visas from the State of Mauritania through travel and tourism companies which issued Arabia earlier decision to prevent the entry of any citizen obtained a visa to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj from outside the country.


Green people

MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI (shown ABOVE PHOTO in APRIL 1986 after the bombing of BabAZAZIYA home.)

{ Resistance }

Throughout the time of the events in Libya were resistant to the armed people and all the volunteers for the defense of Libya conspire instructions of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces , Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and each of these instructions does not depart from the scope of compassion and tolerance and try to repair fences and clarify the plot for those who have fallen far.

Ashlngr seen media corrupt and customers and traitors, the only Major Billah was acting within narrow limits made ​​for himself through his courage and heroic and this make it skips A lot of guidance and instructions issued by the Supreme Commander of the people armed,

and many said that the excesses Billah imposed by the reality of being a field commander (who sees what does not see the Supreme Commander of the people armed on the battlefield) that’s what it was resisting the armed people and volunteers in the past,

but today resistance is no longer conspire only the one thing the liberation of Libya either after liberation will not find where of Aatmr order.

An object of the command was issued Valmazlomin (who joined the Resistance). They have feuds can not Tnaqchehem, which will not be liked without completeness, who saw sisters tortured and killed in prison, saw Boil comrades in pots like sheep, saw their livelihoods looted and their homes desecrated, the sanctities of their wives raped-upon, live in the open and screams of their children who sleep with them in but a few hours of sleep!

O Tree can order Resistance and not Revenge after all these tragedies ?

No one every individual has a story of tragedy seeking to put an end to all these chapters, customers and traitors called ” 17 February”.They are the cause of all these grudges and feuds; and they have to pay for all their mistakes, deadly and no matter how much of driving resistance to end chapters.

Feuds will not be able and will not hear Commander’s instructions (of non-revenge). No one will ( not because they do not respect him: the Supreme Commander al-Qathafi), … because respect is no longer enough for them to return of the compassion and tolerance to the hearts bleed and souls which he asks of them) !

Regret Mafrtt the past because of tolerance and compassion, resistance will not obey the Commander this time (as their fate is also a measure should appreciate the circumstances away from the instructions and orders even humbled the Leadership of the Resistance itself between a rock and a hard place to know this). He (Our Supreme Commander) knows this far better than we know it (since it ‘s too late) .

And still continuing to play …
{ musician }
{المقاومة ليست مأمورة هذه المرة }

طيلة زمن الاحداث في ليبيا كانت مقاومة الشعب المسلح وكل المتطوعين للدفاع عن ليبيا تتآمر بتعليمات القائد الاعلي للقوات المسلحة العقيد معمر القذافي وكانت كل هذه التعليمات لا تخرج من نطاق الرحمة والتسامح ومحاولة اصلاح ذات البين وايضاح المؤامرة لمن وقعوا فر يسةلتغر ير الاعلام الفاسد والعملاء والخونة ، الوحيد اللواء المعتصم بالله كان يتصرف في حدود ضيقة صنعها لنفسه من خلال شجاعته وبطولاته وهذا جعله يتخطي
الكثير من التوجيهات والتعليمات الصادرة من القائد الاعلي للشعب المسلح والكثيرون قالوا ان تجاوزات المعتصم بالله فرضها واقع كونه القائد الميداني الذي يري ما لا يراه القائد الاعلي للشعب المسلح على ارض المعركة هذا ما كانت عليه مقاومة الشعب المسلح والمتطوعين في الماضي اما اليوم فالمقاومة لم تعد تتآمر الآ بآمر واحد وهو تحرير ليبيا اما بعد التحرير فلن تجد فيها من يآتمر بآمر، كائن من كان من يصدر الاوامر فالمظلومين الذين انضموا للمقاومة لديهم ثارات لا يمكن ان تناقشهم فيها ولن يرضوا بغير استيفائها شاهدوا اخواتهم يعذبون ويقتلون في السجون شاهدوا
رفاقهم يغلون في القدور مثل الخراف شاهدوا ارزاقهم تنهب بيوتهم تدنس حرماتها نسائهم يب كن في العراء وصراخ اطفالهم ينام معهم في ساعات نومهم القليلة ، من يا تري يستطيع ان يآمر المقاومة بعدم رد ثارها بعد كل هذه المآسي ؟ لا احد فكل فرد لديه قصة مأساوية يسعي لوضع حد لكل فصولها ، عملاء وخونة فبراير هم سبب كل هذه الاحقاد والثارات وعليهم ان يدفعوا ثمن كل اخطائهم القاتلة ومهما حاول من يقود المقاومة ان ينهي فصول الثارات فلن يستطيع ولن يسمع تعليماته احد ليس لانهم لا يحترمونه بل لان الاحترام لم يعد يكفي لعودة الرحمة والتسامح لقلوب تنزف ونفوس نادمة على مافرطت فيه بالماضي بسبب التسامح والرحمة ، المقاومة ليست مآمورة هذه المرة هذا قدرهم وهو ايضا قدراً يجب ان نقدر ظروفه بعيداً عن التعليمات والاوامر حتى لاتضع قيادة المقاومة نفسها بين المطرقة والسندان ، ان نعرف هذا منذ الان خير من ان نعرفه بعد فوات الاوان . ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }

 Approaching the deadline for our entry into the arena Green Baden God and raise green flags high Lord help us Colwamin !

Victory morning
Dear viewers today at 15:00 GMT Libya us a new date decide on a documentary film titled Revolution and memory will be at 23:00
Show good for all.
Rami  Ram a écrit:

«Lord above them, and God willing, brought the zero hour … And soon announces green flag fluttering high ..

Lord FAFSA family and the families of the rest of the Liberal »


Libyan Arab Airlines

Libyan Airlines begins tonight on God’s blessing maiden flight for the transfer of the first batch of pilgrims from Mitigua Airport – Tripoli ..

Mitigua International Airport will leave promptly at the tenth and quarter of Monday evening, the first flights of Libyan pilgrims towards the Holy Land,

and on board the aircraft Libyan Airlines.

Sources Libyan Arab Airlines – Libyan News Agency

it will be transferred to Libyan pilgrims aboard a modern Airbus aircraft type “A330”, which can accommodate about 265 passengers.

The sources added that the trips Libyan pilgrims will continue the direction of the Holy Land by three flights a day from airports:

Benina – Abraq – Misratah – Sabha – Ameitaiqa, up to and including the completion of the transfer of another regiment of Libyan pilgrims this year.

Libyan Arab Airlines proceed with the transfer of the delegations of pilgrims to the Holy Land
We ask God to bless me and beware arguing to the house of God:

Some pictures of pilgrims during their departure to Bani Walid to perform Hajj in front of the Mosque Nabi Boulkheir
Accepted Hajj pursuit Thanked and guilt forgiven, God willing,

(Salam Association for Relief and Charity)







Council of Ministers issued a decree to pay all education expenses for the children of Libyan refugees out of Libya,

(Osamaohna) radio program

This heretic Know and face Kues men erupted in a convoy of pride in his neck and neck ilk Alzenazqh a.

Salem a Sheikhi member Brotherhood branch of Libya and is one of the accused principal in the assassination of Major General Shahid Abdel-Fattah Younis,

Salim of Sheikhi said in an interview on Al-Libya TV during the past few days, reads as follows:

“I am a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, I do not believe in

patriotism and the limits of the state … This fad came from the secular West.

We believe in an Islamic state and one of the limits and the only obstacle ahead of us to achieve Islamic unity is the national armies of Islamic countries.
And loves the Islamic peoples to live in a single Islamic state under the caliphate system of governance.”

(Valley girl)

Pal Libby:

Hello I Hassan Alakory, operations coordinator for the PSS deny news of the assassination of Najib cabled which now exists between his family alive,

thank God, and not the health of Maholt assassinate him and I was assassinated publication and discredit the news and God bless you,

Hassan Alakory.

Urgent: General Electric Company

Due to the interruption implementations natural gas terminal Ruwais due to lock LED nutritious president of the station by some

individuals which led to the forced exit of some generating units operating loads and identify others. Therefore, the General Electric Company

sorry had to put up loads manually programming to maintain the stability of the public network and currently the Ministry of Oil

making all possible efforts to return the gas to normal.

Due to the interruption implementations natural gas terminal Ruwais due to lock LED nutritious president of the station

by some individuals which led to the forced exit of some generating units operating loads and identify others.

Therefore, the General Electric Company sorry had to put up loads manually programming to maintain the

stability of the public network and currently the Ministry of Oil making all possible efforts to return the gas to normal.

– Electricity Libya GECOL the

Latest News exit count 2 turbines for a 300 megawatt power station in western Libya for the service because spare supply Alngdah for turbines

The reasons are still not clear, but there is definite news about something happening to rape people and wanted to force them and force

Congress to pass legislation Balgsb and without a referendum of the Libyan people

We will wait for what will come out for vandals who locked lines

(Valley girl)

foreign invading colonialists are in LIBYA!  via MISURATA, MB and traitors out for $$$$s

Power outages and access to two periods a day after the normally closed roads and overlooked the evolution Thread to shut down oil and gas pipelines.

Overlooked building a real army led to an increase militias and increased its equipment and weapons and wage her mother abduction people and theft of public money and the violation of the sanctity of human beings.

People overlook the mismanagement of the state by the National Conference led to the lack of fear of the people, and drink wine to drink and of giving a bribe giving a bribe and threaten his colleagues in arms Mstnasra hall extended ended continue in Akhi threat of the nomads Ivkro Amddo their period.

Akhuna state on eye ya dealer and was speaking and Icolo one it ousted.

And gasoline queues and queues treatment of all countries, without exception, to the Libyans became unbearable.


AGAIN, the “leader” Dr. Ibrahim is referring here to is NOT our Muammar al-Qathafi!MAMOUD JABRIL is part of this NATIONAL MOVEMENT”—I do not care who has been fooled into supporting it, THIS IS NOT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA! Lizzie Phelen is a major leaderess in this!The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA does not espouse a “CONSTITUTION” as this Nationalist Movement does or fully accept the HADATH. Please know this before endangering the efforts of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of regaining LIBYA from the pseudo-VISCHEY puppet “government” of the MB/NATO GNC.
صباح الخير أيها الأحرار:
هذا بيان من الحركة الوطنية في ذكرى يوم الوفاء الذي دشنه القائد الشهيد قبل 24 عاماً. أنشر الآن النص الرسمي كما هو، وبعد دقائق سأنشره بصوتي بإذن الله على صفحتي الرسمية التي أنتم في ضيافتها الآن وهي:
https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Moussa.Ibrahim.Libyaمع العلم بأنني سأنشر مداخلة صوتية قريباً للرد على أسئلتكم واقتراحاتكم بخصوص العمل السياسي من أجل الوطن.مع محبتي لكم جميعاً.
Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (د. موسى إبراهيم)  https://soundcloud.com/moussa-ibrahim/libyaTHIS IS NOT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!!!

بيان الحركة الوطنية الليبية بمناسبة يوم الوفاء ٢٠١٣ بصوت د. موسى إبراهيم

صباح الخير أيها الأحرار:
هذا بيان من الحركة الوطنية في ذكرى يوم الوفاء الذي دشنه القائد الشهيد قبل 24 عاماً. أنشر الآن النص الرسمي كما هو، وبعد دقائق سأنشره بصوتي بإذن الله على صفحتي الرسمية التي أنتم في ضيافتها الآن وهي:
مع العلم بأنني سأنشر مداخلة صوتية قريباً للرد على أسئلتكم واقتراحاتكم بخصوص العمل السياسي من أجل الوطن.مع محبتي لكم جميعاً.

REMINDER from 20 OCTOBER 2012:


Moussa Ibrahim, October 20, 2012: 
“I am alive, me and Kamis not in Bani Walid”

“The peace of God be with the free men of free Libya, even in the name of the great Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
I’m Dr.. Moussa Ibrahim, speaking to you after one year since the fall of the legitimate government of free Libya, because of the bombing by NATO and its criminal allies.
Best wishes to all those who have kept the faith despite adversity and tragedy spread everywhere in our country.
We have the moral and patriotic duty to reconquer Libya from enemies who have slaughtered and destroyed, causing many refugees, stealing everything they could, committing criminal terrible acts and shameful betrayals, all of which did not exist and succeeded before.

I tell you now that for what concerns the news of my arrest in Bani Walid, news spread in different statements by Al Arabia TV, BBC and other media, is only a stillborn attempt to divert attention from the crimes who are committing the traitors and servants of the NATO against our families in Bani Walid.

We know that many families in Bani Walid, many children, women and men are killed for no reason, slaughtered without any fault with their heads, hands, feet, cut off from their innocents and pure bodies, their houses attacked by terrorist criminals of Al Qaeda along with the gangs of Misrata.

It is in progress a dirty plan to make believe the Libyan people, the people that was moving towards Bani Walid, that those who fight in Bani Walid does so only in the name and on behalf of some people, and not for the freedom of Libya, because someone do not want to know and believe that a revolution is taking place in Libya, and in this respect have appointed both, me and Kamis Gaddafi, saying that we had been captured or killed in Bani Walid, while we are not even in Bani Walid and even in Libya. I myself do not have any contact with Libya and Bani Walid.

What is happening in Bani Walid is just sectarian hatred and jihadist desire to sow discord; it is an historic hatred and a plan to subdue Libya.

But they do not know that the tribes of Bani Walid are made up of heroes which have a significant demographic and major alliances inside Libya.

Our enemies are worried about losing their inheritance by NATO, weapons, money and power, if they get faced by the patriots allied tribes.

What is happening is a civil war, just as had predicted Colonel Gaddafi. Even Saif al-Islam had predicted what in fact is going to be driven to self-destruction, for many years to come, and of course the media channels are working to spread lies, saying that we were arrested, killed, etc.., etc. .and this my statement of today, October 20, 2012, is the proof of their lies.

With regard to our brothers in Bani Wali, I hope that God will make them victorious.

I am not in a place that would allow me to call other tribes to support Bani Wali, but ashamed are those Libyans who are watching an entire town while is bombarded with missiles and chemical weapons that kill his children and his wives: Shame on you!!!

Politic has nothing to do. You should hear from within yourself, this desire to react with honor and patriotism.

Because now, who is killing the people of Bani Walid, has no sense of patriotism or moral or religious.

They say and spread news that are the exact opposite of what’s going on. We are accused of murdering the prisoners, to be servants of imperialism, to bomb, but instead is just the opposite and it is they who commit horrendous murder, steal and rape, bombing the civilian population and are the servants of NATO and Western powers.

The nation lives in the dark, has been violated and divided into two: Al Qaeda and the Western powers on one hand, the Libyan Patriots on the other.

The big Muammar Gaddafi was instead the protector of Libya.

There were some problems, sure, but could have been a peaceful solution. These traitors renegades instead have sold the whole nation just to gain power.
Men and women of Libya, please, Bani Walid has no political interest: help her to stop this massacre.

The history will say that Bani Walid has been slaughtered and sullied by the criminals of Misrata and Benghazi, in the name of a false revolution, while the West looked on.

I thank all those brothers who have contacted me to see if I was okay, but I’m not more important of those men who are going to be martyred today, Saturday, October 20, 2012, and I am not worth more of those patriots who have been tortured and killed in the prisons.

I’m just a Libyan citizen who has done his duty, and will continue to do so.

And Moammar Gaddafi is and will remain my leader and leader of my country, Libya.

Libya, its development and its freedom, are my goals and NATO is my enemy, not the Libyans.

Thank you all for listening to me and I invite you to be united in the name of God for the good of the country, which was stolen from our hands because some renegades have found the betrayal as their political position.

I greet you all in the name of God.



“In the Name of God, the Great, and in the name of Fatah the great, salute to all of you, freedom fighters of Libya.

I am Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and I am talking to you today…after…watching the country under the criminals of NATO…

I am here to tell them that we still have power, we still strong with God’s help, and we trust our selfs that our duty is to bring safety to our country after all these killings, stealing that brought in our country the rats of NATO.

But today, after all these false news (about the arrest and killing of me and Kamis Gaddafi) that are spreading via BBC, Al Arabyia, i have to tell you that all these is just to take the world’s eye off what is really happening, and what are doing the NATO fighter to our families in Bani Walid.

Its obvious from photos and videos that people of Bani Walid, women, kids, men have been killed by aircraft attacks in their homes and by all these criminals from Misrata that are carrying guns.

And this is all happening cause they are threatening the people of Jamahyryia to not stand by people of Bani Walid and they “thought” to talk about Moussa Ibrahim and Khamis Al Qaddafi.

We are outside Libya, we have nothing to do with Bani Walid, we are not even to a place near Bani Walid.

They are hiting Bani Walid, they know that Bani Walid is a big tribe, Bani walid has geographical very important place and it’s tribe has a strong meaning for the country, so they are afraid for what is going to happen between the tribes of libya.

After all that what is happening now to Bani Walid has nothing to do with the regime this is clash between tribes, and after what happened to our leader Qaddafi and Seif Al islam , the channels of bbc, al arabyia, al Djajeera are spreading false news about Khamis Al Qaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim and other people, and this is the proof about these lies (because I am here talking to you now).

But our families are still in Bani Walid and with God’s help we will be back to them …

But shame on you. 
Shame on you Libyans: this is not a matter about Moammar Al Qaddafi or not; shame on you all tribe; a libyan city is under attack and cut in pieces , and killing children, women and men and you are just watching.

You have to think that this is not about politic, you have to think this is about the dignity of Libyans.

These people which attacks this city have no dignity, no bellieves, they have no brothers, they have no feeling of their nationality.

They lied about us , they told that we killed, but they are the ones who killed people, they told we killed childre, infact they killed children , they told we were stealing, but they are the ones who still stealing, and they brought the country under a demon western leadreship.

Moammar Qaddafi was the man who cares about Libya, he was for the best of Libya , yes there were problems but these problems were resolving by conversation, but all these traitors sold everything.

Please Libyans, has nonthing to do with all this mass, stand by the city, help the city.

Because history will remain, history will write that Bani Walid has been cut in pieces, its people massacred and the western tribes were just watching. 
I have to tell many thanks the thousands of people who contacted me on FB , via Paltalk, Twitter and by telephone. But my life does not worth more than other men from the regime who were martyred and still tortured today, on 20 October 2011, the people who remains in jails.

I still have Moammar al Qaddafi as my leader,

Libya still my country 
and NATO is my enemy.

Thank you very much and I hope that we will meet soon on our land, that have been betrayed.

Thank you and let the God guide you!
Thanks to help to stop the war in Libya.

This is what we demand now”.


LibyanFreePress.net Network

Italian & English translation by WA / FFP  at



Even our wealth lost ground
Alodan rare slaughtered and crucified
Not to eat, but for review!!!

5 billion stationery Cape offices
900 million for the review of Misratah shields in Tripoli
30 million for the brothers Jdharan
South lacks an ambulance to transport patients!!!

(Addicted to “3”)

UNJUSTLY  imprisoned and tortured, Dr. Dorda

The arrest of a person in a stolen car confessed to killing the owner of the car, a missing person from Ajdabiya city about two

weeks ago confessed killer of the Office of anti-crime Bakdatn kill in the city of Tripoli
Dell Aljth of the person slain city Ajdabiya but thank God I have been to identify the killer a person escaped from prison

and the owner of precedents and confessed to several murders and steal them Gerimitn kill in the city of Tripoli.
And also recognized the importance of Ajdabiya citizen killed was hiding the corpse behind Bregan tanks in the city of Sabha.

(Sheikh Mahmoud Yellow)
Free newspaper Sabha

Result of recklessness and theft of public money and private companies, review and
bravado these cars on the Libyan Showa Collapse,,,, of course, a car up the price to the 120 thousand dinars.

He has the right to degrade the announcement in the auto market!! I mean thing for taking Khrovk In way Derlh and upscale in traffic ..

(Valley girl)

Peugeot PAL units ..:
Altorh everyone gathered in the bosom while Torre NATO dissipated All Hadadleil on It authorized him but not Torre.,
Hspaallah and yes, the agent in you Idolh tykes do you steal billions, folks Torghae sleep out in the open!


From the heart of the event Tripoli Airport Road ::::::::::

An armed group you close the airport road now?!

Tripoli airport road ...

Concentration of heavy and medium mechanisms now ….

Urgent Trbuls armed groups closed the airport road its Ptkhc form some between Jardan

Bank of North Africa Abu Salim …

Hello I have a note has not been published in a page with the credibility of 100% on the Bank of North African branch of Abu Salim is locked since the 5 days

almost over an assassination bank manager and is driving by militias Almqji belonging to a criminal Gneoh knowing they were exist within the bank and

force Director to sign the checks (red) in the case of undescended salaries of the stalled
And the bank locked to this day and people know God Bha them to walk to the other branches and does not draw more than 1,000 dinars and feast Aalabwab ..

Mail ::::

Killed, “Imad Issa al-Jabali known as” Hnabo “and accused by the militias of Tripoli killing called Adnan al-Shibani, commander of Task attribution second shortly before Gurji area in Tripoli.



The old mosque bombing Pei 2 RPG and anointed this mosque, which up to 1400-year-old even people and Adjahm

for that heritage of this mosque by what is said to be the first mosque in North Africa and his old mosque.

To turn the force but from God it great!


Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings ….

To turn the force but from God it great was the day the bombing of the old mosque Pei 2 RPG and anointed this mosque parents reach old to

1400 years until the people and Adjahm because he liters this mosque to by Maiga’s was the first mosque in North Africa and his old mosque

and woe if Aarafoo people to being on his destruction.
And income Aatric the janzour and income Aageran the mosque to Kintua period to missed tell Riqptna the Aitihoh not salvation Cherokm the

and path Thelomowoa the Endowments wrecker Talaaoo characters of it …
And just seemed to name the new mosque ….
God suffices me, and yes, the agent you Aavasudain ..

Media Center Janzour

(Addicted to “3”)

Now remove the dirt and obstacles to return normal traffic on the coastal road corner.


Provide the first corner Hospital system cameras to monitor patients
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Said Director of Medical Services Hospital corner Mohamed Basir said the hospital provided the first system cameras to monitor patients in the intensive care room, at hospitals in the western region.

Basir said on Sunday the country’s airspace that this service will enable visitors to communicate patient and check on his health by existing screens and phones rooms isolated from the intensive care room, and permanently prevent the entry of visitors to the intensive care room.

The Seer noted that the non-entry of visitors to the intensive care room is one of the most important international standards for infection control.

It is noteworthy that a hospital intensive care unit corner was opened last week after it closed for maintenance beginning last January.

Musdralsourh: Private

Frequent electricity outages resulted in congestion on the gas stations tonight.

Congestion in large plants and fuel the globe.

Tripoli today 30/09/2013
Fuel stations experiencing heavy congestion.

Libya crisis to a new crisis.
Petrol queues at petrol stations in the capital Tripoli.

Friday Market militias stormed Radio rise in the capital Tripoli, after the one criticizing broadcasters militias
closure of the roads, and spoke with an attack on the headquarters of the channel was shooting at the building.

The assassination of one of the employees of the Libyan army which “Andalusian Muhammad Ali Soussi,” born in

1955 of the region’s population Shat Friday Market and wounded his mother some wounds ..

“Russian girl” took the competent authorities to investigate the offending to know the motives and backgrounds

of the assassination.

Quoting / / band Alnoa the recommends
Rebel killed and a member of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian”

Today on 10.01.2013, at nine o’clock in the morning Russian call-girl-Firiday was able to enter the rebellious house “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian” Friday Market area

and the victim in the sixth decade of life.
Having knocked on the door of the house, was the victim him to open the door Fbaderth fired seven 7 shots from the weapon Kalishmakov Rifle bits in the abdomen

and shoulder and a bullet in the head of the explosion of e, not only that, but the assault on his mother’s old and stabbed her several stabs spear in the shoulder and hand .

As a result and after hearing the voice of the lead rebel region Bmha صرتها inside the house and arrested them which is next to the corpse which
Has filled a glass of the victim’s blood and wrote it on the wall, inter

“DEATH TO RATS” and means the death of rats.
It is now in the grip of rebels Friday market.


Libby officer killed by Russian Friday call-girl sex-prostitute

An official security source, a little while ago, killing a Libyan army officers Mohammed Souissi

at the hands of sexual prostitute Russian girl Friday, in a market area of the capital Tripoli.

The source explained that Souissi was with his mother before attacking the Russian girl, and

she shoot him and usurp beat his mother transferred to a hospital in the capital,

pointing out that the heavy firing resulted in the death of the officer on the spot.

The source also confirmed the arrest of the Russian call-girl

and set off the explosives that were in her possession

and forwarded to the security agencies, adding at the same time they started

dying words to drag Dan officer blood on the wall of one of the buildings near the site of the incident.

Killed, “Mohammad Soussi” market area Friday at his home from a Russian girl
Rebel killed and a member of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian”.

and Rafla to change my.

مقتل الثائر و عضو المجلس الأعلى لثوار ليبيا ” محمد الأندلسي السوسي “اليوم بتاريخ 01/10/2013 وعند الساعة التاسعة صباحاً تمكنت فتاة روسية من دخول منزل الثائر ” محمد الأندلسي السوسي ” بمنطقة سوق الجمعة والمغدور به في العقد السادس من العمر ….Afficher la suite


 Libby officer killed by Russian girl sex
11:26 10/01/2013  Author: Nargis Ghiryani the

Abdul Rauf hater now confirms that deterrence is the
B arrest “killer” non-Libyan nationality has
Kill Libyan citizen to the Friday Market and has hit
His mother.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Constipation Ukrainian girl after one person was killed Libby and hit his mother and is currently in hospital
Place episode ... Friday street market, which follows a battalion corners

And Abdul Rauf hater now asserts that deterrence is the
B arrested the girl non-Libyan nationality has
Kill Libyan citizen to the Friday Market and has hit
His mother, details shortly.

Gateway Libya

Salem al-Obeidi:
Security source said earlier, that the murder occurred area
Market Friday, slain officer Libby continued for the Air Force and the offending
Russian and deterrence are carried by her arrest
And investigations are underway as confirmed “Abdul Rauf hater” earlier
And the same source confirmed that the Russian is not his wife, as rumored.


Libya February state militias …Yesterday got a traffic accident Salahuddin Road towards the military college My friend was sitting with a fridge he and
his co-portfolio-known young revolutionaries and returned to their work in the delivery of some chicken cafes.
Their cars parked on the side of the road and suddenly Infiniti car speeding a white bump into them from a spin alliance.
Praise be to Allah him and hit with another car.
Strange that this car is a car offender “Gneoh of the” Order of the Committee led AboSaleem and Security 3 Scar and with them Zkrh the car.
It did not stop so the region’s young ambulance driver minor damage and insisted that the youth remain because the car
comes traffic and but Gneoh hero wants to cloud the subject and incarceration of young people and I said State and has بالرماية to the
and اهرع the people of al-Badri, and there were casualties.
We hope you publishing and the fridge Rizk incarcerated youth when Gneoh to remain in the way along the plateau.

Corner …

Today angle Hospital revealed era helicopter, where young petals from angle Massabeyen the Berglehm and Ieito Icolo Kmllona Kmllona

and one of them Gah Poh says deserve launched Gadi Aalash, raises the walker, and rode the car.
الزاويــــــة …

اليوم العصر بمستشفي الزاويه نزلت هيلوكبتر فيها تلات شباب من الزاويه مصابيين برجليهم ويعيطو يقولو كملونا كملونا وواحد منهم جاه بوه يقوله تستاهل شن رفعك غادي اعلاش ماشي , وركب السياره



Displaced families from the area of ​​the drawer suffer lack of housing

Atmosphere of the country – Lamp Muharram

A member of Council Aeltsiara the drawer ” Hussein FIQI “ :

The events that took place in the region began Bmchager of between two and then evolved to the killing and demolition of houses and displacement of families.

He added Faki for the ambiance of the country: I’ve driven about 34 families to the city of Ghadames , some families migrated to Algeria, and now we find in each house about five families , and ” the people of goodness” of several cities have given us food aid and supplies of daily life, and the lancet west that the government did not have any role in helping us .

Housing crisis
The member Shura Council Jeramna the ” Mousa Mohammed Ramadan ” to the country ambiance that people who have been displaced suffer from the difficulty of obtaining housing and some of those seeking to find rental housing for them , and it requests the government to help displaced families to receive their salaries .

The head of the Shura Council Bgdams “Sweetheart prestige” for the ambiance of the country that the incident that occurred in the drawer caused the displacement of families to Ghadames , following the death of a displaced by chose some families to migrate to Algeria, a few days after the injections them to urge them to return to Ghadames , but the government did not come up to offer condolences to the families of the victims , has not seen their condition after having been displaced from the drawer .

The head of the local council Ghadames ” Siraj conciliator “ that despite the weak budget with the Council ,

but they tried to receive the displaced families , accommodating students in schools ,

and provide them with basic requirements of life , with the apparent absence of government.

It is noteworthy that there are 34 families displaced from tribe Jeramna in the city of Ghadames following the recent events in the region of drawer.





Message to Zintan

Zintan eradication scheme and outsource:

1 – a media war and propaganda against ……………….. Succeeded

2 – inciting the people of Tripoli against ………………….. succeeded

3 – kill them and wipe them out in Tripoli ……………….. succeeded

4 – ignite sedition between them and the easy Alajafar of) and Rishvana (allied …… In the process of success

5 – expelled from easy Ajafarh the killing and siege in the mountain ………

6 – inciting the people who have a mountain Thaer with Zintan like a to Mchacheh and Riyaana ……………………………… …………………………………

7 – incitement Amazigh Aladowo the eternal (old-new) of xanthan …………

8 – attack on Zintan Malgaha the …………………………………

9 – Do not pro-xanthan after decoding each Thafeladtha with Avaúha solution …………….

10 – Zintan displacement.

Oh God, I reached YOUR FRIENDS ..

Share via E / / Libyan Fahd

Zintan channel on Facebook:

Heroes of the Libyan National Army training (FORMERLY RAT ARMY) in the sisterly State of Sudan

Mountains area complained

The graduation ceremony for this batch will be next week
We ask God to help them to protect the homeland and to be loyal to God

and then to the nation and not for the parties competing for power and the coalition led by MB construction, justice PARTY

and God curse them from Jabril and commode into smaller janitor followed.

أبطال الجيش الوطني الليبى يتدربون في دوله السودان الشقيقه
منطقة جبال شكوتحفل التخرج لهذه الدفعه سيكون الاسبوع القادم
نسأل الله ان يعينهم على حمايه الوطن وان يكون ولائهم لله ثم للوطن وليس للاحزاب المتصارعه على السلطه وعلى رأسهم التحالف والعداله والبناء لعنه الله عليهم من جبريل وصوان الى اصغر بواب يتبعهم

(FORMERLY RAT ARMY (but hopefully now honorable) as the prayer said:
“We ask God to help them to protect the homeland and to be loyal to God

and then to the nation and not for the parties competing for power and the coalition led by MB ‘construction, justice PARTY’…”)

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing line oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya

and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the Rights of minorities

Vice Chairman of the Elders of Nalut confirms lock gas pipeline, which in glandular Ruwais plant and from there

to all areas of the Nafusa Mountains, and will gradually cut off electricity from tomorrow on the entire western regions

that did not interfere wise dismantling of this crisis!!

Mokh Gha engineer a maintenance supervisors lines and oil and gas stations (Mellita complex field meet) says:

100% true news .. The news is that a group has lock valve Alsmamyin the oil and gas valve at the station No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and this resulted closing low pressure lines, which led to the closing of the valve station 10 and receiving and sending station PTS-2 automatically as a result of closing the valves 9 this station and I’ve been these Alsmammin the locks at 06:30 pm this day and this will affect gas line locks, especially on power stations such as Al Ruwais and station Mellitah and free marginalized station and corner and five station Misratah because they are fed with gas from the field to meet next

Quoting engineer Khalifa Alstaoa-Andalus neighborhood distribution circuit


Was closing the main gas line in the area of ​​Nalut 

Lucy cut from Ruwais Station and five corner Misratah and will depend generate electricity

And according to the information that the pressure indicators will reach zero level in a very short time

Congestion at petrol stations taking place in some parts of the Nafusa Mountains

following the closure of the Nafusa mountain rebels (Nalout) for oil and gas pumps demanding to amend Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration ..

Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Suleiman:
Deputy Reese local Nalut now on Libya Liberal

Protesters who locked the gas line from all the cities of the Amazigh and Maz USA to now Agaflin this line.

Daily News Mellita Company for Oil and Gas ·

Amazigh are locking gas and oil pumps :::::

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing pumps oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the Rights of minorities ..

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing pumps oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the rights of minorities!

الأمازيغ هم من قفل مضخات الغاز والنفط:::::قناة النبأ : مسلحون من الأمازيغ يغلقون مضخات غاز ونفط في ظهر نالوت غربي ليبيا ويطالبون بتعديل المادة 30 من الاعلان الدستوري الخاصه بحقوق الأقليات ..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151619647606540

 The Ministry of Oil and GasSaleh devout head of the local council # Nalut confirms that the gas pipeline is still closed because that National Congress must interveneand lock the gas line came as behind the so to Zguet the European Union and thus put pressure on the government to meet their demands!
  Directed General Electricity Company attention gentlemen citizens and all sectors of industrial, service and others as a result of the irresponsible by some individuals and of locking gas pipeline President nutrient for plant Mountain West (Ruwais) fully what led to the suspension of the station and therefore a sharp decline in the production capacity of energy whichcaused a power outage for several Libyan cities, and that the continuation of such actions could lead to the collapse of the electricity grid and power outages fully for large areas of Libya
Calling upon the General Electric Company with all stakeholders and relevant to immediately intervene to end the problem of tube lock it declares clearly that it is responsible for what consequences these actions of electric power failure or breakdown of the public network.
قناة النبأ : مسلحون من الأمازيغ يغلقون مضخات غاز ونفط في ظهر نالوت غربي ليبيا ويطالبون بتعديل المادة 30 من الاعلان الدستوري الخاصه بحقوق الأقليات !

Akram Hamidi:

I was in a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the Council of Elders of Nalut Li

stressed the gas line and lock my father in glandular Ruwais plant Libyan O stocked candles and generators.

Quoting news Libya | Libya News
Mohamed Isa

Moved to the mercy of God I’m Gary Little Omar y after a respirator that is used by the house after a power failure for our region for a period of 5 hours and not to charge the battery of the device, and I’m here I carry the death of this innocent child for each of the day lock gas pipeline , which covers most of the stations the western region, and during the burial of the child raising grandfather hands to the sky prayer influential shook all those who were present for the funeral , and it was prayer Palo Yale and second Port of both caused a power cut and the death of the child , is aware of anyone who commits all these actions irresponsible.

he may be directly responsible for the death of one patient or the number of patients, and that he will pay the price of these laborers are awful , either in this world or in the Hereafter, and I’m here whisper to our brothers Amazigh who lock the gas line they away with this they will lose support a wide range of Libyans to constitutionalization language ,

and that affected only one of these actions irresponsible is a Libyan citizen simple , Members of Congress and government ministers are living either in hotels where there is electricity generators giant or in the Villas and houses there are electric generators last them their need , and affluent businessmen and affluent do not care cuts and if electricity were cut off for many years , recumbent the wind and Alemtemlh is Elly pay the price of such irresponsible acts , selfishness , thank you to those who contributed to the death of a child age y

To turn the force except God Almighty

 Close the oil fields burning large amounts estimated in the millions in the air due to

shutdown Net by protestors from the city of Nalut:

Was confirmed
From its source / / Mellita company for oil and gas


Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas (MIZDAH)

Was closing the main gas line coming from the field to meet in the region of Nalut
And calmed line glandular me every station Ruwais and five corner Misratah and electricity generation will depend entirely on the western region of Misratah to top worth

To clarify Aktar bash Atcolosh the CDP and saw launched
The group lock valve Alsmamyin the oil and gas valve at the station No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and this resulted closing low pressure lines, which led to the closing of the valve station 10 and receiving and sending station PTS-2 automatically as a result of closing the valves 9 this station has been these Alsmammin the finish at 06:30 pm today

Oh Libyan equipped candles, generators and firewood, coal, Fasten Belts Azh soon we will move through time back to the stone age.

Lord guide your salvation!

Aa order spokesman Hisham Hamadi of Nalut!!!

Yes, we said the closure of oil and gas to the constitutional entitlement to Amazigh

And will continue this Alaalaq until our demands are achieved.

Source: Liberal Libya

Sit-ins and congestion west of the country

Protesters from the city of their corner to close the coastal road
Demanding to drop membership “Mohammed Kelany”, and “Mustafa
Triki “candidates for City corner from the National Conference
Year. # Corner

Close the main gas line next meet in the field
Nalut on Sunday evening by the protestors.

Where Alsmamyin locks valve oil and gas valve at the station
No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and a result of this low pressure locks
Airlines which led to the station valve locks 10 and Receive Station
And send PTS-2 automatically as a result of the closure of the station valves 9.
# Nalut

Public road to Tripoli was closed by Algrarat, by abduction
Young men and found a dead body, and Algrarat vows to respond and have already
Armed militias warned # Tripoli

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Power plants Ruwais # / # angle / # and five / # of Misratah / out of service after locking the Arris gas line feeder for these stations.

Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas

Mr. Abdullah Musa Suleiman / Chairman of the Board Local # Nalout / that young people who Aagaflon the main gas line outside the

control of the authorities of the city where the LED which was locked away from the city about 50 miles.

Mr. Abdullah said that a group of young # Kapaau / # Qaleah / # Gado / # Nalout / had on Wednesday evening lock gas pipeline to

protest the lack constitutionalization # language Tamazight.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas

Network neutrality Libya.L N N | | Takribat

News,, Mount Nefoussa,,,,

Interruption of water cities Yfran and castle final after deliberate sabotage of unknown water station that feed these areas,

which contain 4 key wells, pump was stolen and even power cords and completely ruined the station,,,,

There is no power except with Allah, everything but water,,, please from water and sanitation re maintenance and operation of the station as soon as possible

30 September  2013

For the ignorant people who Mdayrh Traffic on gasoline stations # Tripoli ..

Close the field to fulfill the true course, has nothing to do from near or far refueling of all kinds, as this field belonging to the company Mellitah,

and the Libyan state imports in part by the need for fuel from abroad,

and refinery angle that produces fuel western region receives in its crude from the field Achararah near Ubari oil,

and not to Brega huge fuel depots airport Road if there is any lack of emergency, this is for information purposes only, ..


Zahra Bridge shortly before

Do not mention New and Old not re-

Sawani channel on FACEBOOK

Back sons and Rishvana of who were being held by militia Bank to shield their homes. In contrast the highway was opened
Zahra Bridge this morning … 10/01/2013 After removing piles of dirt.

(Addicted to “3”)

Hatem killed Hussein Abu Khchim of tribe and Rishvana under torture by the RAT MB / GNC militia led by Salah called Wadi.

The offender Salah and led militia commander in the 27-gate with Western shields to arrest the young man

Hatem Hussein Abu Khchim of tribe Rishvana and killed under torture all the cool blood ..

(Secret Alcdoh)

And R. brink year :::: Aa Aaajl

Aaaaaaaaaa Back Thankfully Gel takers, Rishvana, who were at the western shield to their homes. In contrast the highway was opened.

Pictures and News of Rishvana

And Rishvana

The reasons for closure by Azizia connecting the mountain

1 – Yes for National Dialogue
2 – No tribal and regional
3 – Why the marginalization and Rishvana of Aabusshmin
4 – Why lift the immunity of the tourist
5 – will not open the road and sit (Removing prisoners Aaovernmh)
6 – the road will not be opened until smoke right late (key Mahmoud Creed)!

(Secret Alcdoh)

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Message to Khotna in mountain:

The idea in Tseker through and sit on the coastal road party, Rishvana and the corner is the subject of detainees on both sides

means subject does not carry any agenda and there is no any intentions Sih and cloud summer of Baden God and claimed the pass on the good
Last Taattorat present and Rishvana the
I’ve been Ajmtaa today Bitarich 09/29/2013 between the Interior Minister in charge of the Minister of Transport and elders and chieftains

and Rishvana and Corner locked opening you elders and chieftains western mountain was formed a joint committee looking at the issue

Almojtzen of the tribe and Rishvana during the events, the latter with the Corner locked opening you end the issue of detainees in full.

and we bring you the last Altaattorat first Powell.
Special page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana

Al Qaeda strike again

A car belonging to the National Directorate of Security Center the Bach panels coast

Nose took a car belonging to the National Security Center Directorate Dove the Bach panels coast without causing damage to human and material damage.

According to the Director of the Security Directorate of Shahat, Issa Abdel Mawla, of the Libyan news agency that the explosion occurred drive after a break

in front of the popular market Bach panels without knowing the reasons.

He explained, “Abdel Mawla” that bomb experts have switched to the scene to conduct the necessary tests and find out the causes of the accident,

which did not result in human damage only minor scratches to the driver.

(Valley girl)

Special page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana

Science has not registered any problems in this sit-maintain the Slmath of only one problem claimed on the impact one sons and Rishvana of the

News from Rishvana

Announces Higher Institute of Management occupations overall Zahra
Start opening the door of Admission and Registration for the fall semester 2012 m -2013 m, and with effect from

the date of 10.01.2013 at ten o’clock in the morning, as follows:

Number of students who will be admitted 120 students, due to the limited capacity of the Institute and distributors

30 per student from the Department of Computer – Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Agricultural Technology – Administrative and Financial Sciences.
Unable to acceptance of the Department of Structural Engineering due to lack of faculty members of this section.
Admission is restricted to graduates of 2011-2012 m and 2012-2013 m only, according to specialization as follows:
Secondary basic sciences are accepted in the Department of Computer Engineering.
High School of Engineering Sciences are accepted at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Secondary life sciences are accepted in the Department of Agricultural Technology.
High economic sciences are accepted at the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences.
Students are accepted from a good estimate and above only.
The process of registration through the website of the Institute in the international information network, and is recording

in principle to be the final registration process when submitting the original documents for registration department of the institute.
Can not accept graduates of intermediate institutes of this chapter because of lack of resources.



Of pride and Rafla the … to …. Khalhen Amfajrna say, us ..

Stay tuned for a new artist neonatal Mahmoud Zorkany in the new work and the Dardanelles channel ((and Ravel Helena)).

Ravel Helena grow up and Ihmua Ahilwa us ha Wayne Maaltamoa.
Allow Awayed to Helena, Ravel light and fire
How honey Menhalna and Helena protectors Casablanca
By We Hlha and as long as we
If it became an important decision became Mihzna
Ravel Helena grow up and Ihmua Ahilwa عناها Wayne Maaltamoa …. Asmah wig and Ravel Helena Dome above the ……….

Asmah Awayed summit our people Tzma and Helena Guide Alhaarh the ennobled ….

light and fire we throttle and Hama Helena house … Anna lengths if whatever became became Anjibwa Tnaha Nazloa and Nlmoa. ..

on our principle and Ravel Manhabera enemy was Gana … Helena Erdoa empty Miliana mana of Li eat and Ivmoa life ….

and Ravel Helena grow and Ihmua Ahilwa عناها Wayne Maaltamoa

(Ahmed Zorkany)





Urgent agency Libya / Ajdabiya – the special (Reporter)
Private Source: Office of the territory of Cyrenaica political will announce the end of the week, Chairman of the Executive Office (provisional),

and members of the defense force Cyrenaica, and a crisis committee composed of five ministries, notably the Ministry of Oil, which will begin

in the sale of oil actually within the territory of Cyrenaica.

Firas Bosalum, .. Reuters correspondent

Mr. Naji al-Mukhtar inform the conference that has been deposited $ 3,700,000 d.’s

To his account by the “prime minister” (ZAIDANE)!

According to a member of the National Conference Suleiman Zubi atmosphere for the country said on Monday that a

commission of inquiry expensive of the conference today heard the head of the interim government, Ali Zaidane, against

the backdrop of “bribery case” that accuses a member of the conference Naji al-Mukhtar that he submitted to the Salem Aljdharan.

Guard oil installations to stop the salaries of a number of military perpetrators of the closure of some ports and oil fields

Guard suspended oil installations , the salaries of a number of officers and non – commissioned officers working device in the ports of Sidra and Ras Lanuf .
The spokesman for the Guard oil installations and Walid Hassan , said Thursday that “Stop the salaries of military personnel ports of Sidra and Ras Lanuf came on the back of their participation in the closure of some ports and oil fields stalled long ago and they are a major cause of this crisis ,” he said.
Hassan considered that “the demands of the protesters perpetrators of the closure of ports and oil fields is logical and has clear relationship Paljhoah the federal and which is a special political matter not related to oil installations Guard or its employees any relationship at all.”
The spokesman Guard oil installations that ” this step for the military only , but the rebels joined the guard informed the Sunday, through a statement to the Chief of Staff was broadcast through the media that as of Oct. will take action to stop the salaries and canceled contracts for both did not adhere to legitimacy .”
Hassan noted , that “there are a large number of officers joined the legitimacy and leave the rest, and give us the remaining opportunity for more than two months to understand the current situation .”

After all attempts failed to resolve a sit-fields .. After exposing dirty and expose their tactics resorted to the method of extortion to stop the salaries of protestors fields, starting from the month of October ….

(Free channel Cyrenaica)



Hani Al Oraibi information officer Houari Benghazi hospital:

Waqfs Source: storming the building of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Benghazi,

by armed youth, to capture a photo management

personnel grab young people to “territory of the People’s Park” corresponding to the building endowments.

Gunmen storm the building of the Ministry of Awqaf in Benghazi

Benghazi – Al-Saadoun: People’s Park was attacked by outlaws to grab it

Assaulted a number of outlaws, Monday evening, on the land of the people behind the garden (Market Garden) in Benghazi for the purpose of seizing and brown.
The head of the local council neighborhood Saadoun Mohammad Mujahid that the people of the neighborhood’s past Itbran of outlaws who assaulted on park land.
He explained that a number of past residents of the neighborhood were in the process of expulsion of the attackers, but the local neighborhood to work on calming

the situation due to the spread of weapons between the people and the fear of loss of life, stressing that they are waiting for the intervention of the competent

authorities to out these aggressors from the land of the park.

Today’s young gunmen stormed, the building of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Benghazi, to pick up one of its images to

grab these young people on the “territory of the People’s Park” corresponding to building endowments.

The source of Awqaf “Benghazi” to media outlets today that the youths were armed with hand grenades (pomegranate) and a white weapon, in addition to pistols.

The source indicated that intruders attacked the employee who filmed the process of capturing the territory of the park, and took him on his mobile phone, which contains those images.

Noteworthy is the second time within one month which entered the building of the Ministry of Awqaf in Benghazi by gunmen.

Work on leaps and bounds “Imran Almqsba”, and “Mohammed
Madi “from the Council’s Saadoun neighborhood to get a mandate for troops
Marines, in order to evacuate people from Park breakers
About the law and the State Property thieves.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Urgent and very important today, Tuesday 2013 1 of 10 surgical departments and officials Doctors surgery to stop work in all departments of surgery, general surgery and orthopedics, neurosurgery and surgery and ear, nose, throat, and urinary surgery and anesthesia department was to stop the reception of patients in Forums and operations and outpatient clinics and Tawari and hospital administration have not been a formal letter Boagaf work in the surgical departments reason for this suspension of surgery a range of problems at work this ban if continued period causes a big problem in Benghazi and the eastern region for patients and people with traffic accidents and they المسؤولي and doctors surgery in the past two days to send a memorandum to the administration to stop work from 2013 10 1 due to a range of problems have been providing a range of deficiencies within the hospital of VPL management in these days.

To clarify for the fire, which broke out next to workshops inside the club Voyerat
Who owns it, “Al Bin Ali,” scrap cars and invalid
For use, and there is no damage, and there has to dramatize the commanding.
It’s very natural.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Mtkalph fans attack the garden behind the market garden in Benghazi, and you crawl on the territory of the state and distributed by force of arms.

Urgent agency Libya .. Beating in schools Benghazi

We published yesterday video of a pupil at the primary level has been severely beaten, leaving scars on his back as the effects of the whips, and pursuant to rule others’ opinions and the balance in the presentation of visions of the various parties publish today a text message addressed by the Director of School Alkarzabih for Basic Education in Benghazi, head of the police station of Voyerat in the form of communication affected, Sarda where some of the details and Mtha that some members of the family of the student they attacking the teacher accused of beating student and even بتعديهم beating on one of the teachers, have preferred to blur the names contained in the communication, including the name of the principal of the school ensure that we not exposed to violence verbal comments and Responses, VGA our mandate is to provide the truth, with the conviction that all the reasons do not justify hitting children.

Benghazi shortly before

Move a convoy of Marines Special Forces meantime,

The spread of mobile patrols to different areas and neighborhoods and suburbs
The city of Benghazi.



Waha field Aldahara

The information department Gallo

Today’s event in the field of Gallo (59)

Entered the day a number of young people approaching the number of forty residents of Gallo and their demand is to get a job field

where prevented one of the planes from landing and had to close the door of the field and prevented staff from entering and exit the

intervention of some Senate to resolve the problem and Landry Where are the guards constructors in resolving the issue and the

matter is still far for a solution that did not occur any develop new data center congestion field users of this method where the

interruption of supplies and food in the morning, perhaps waiting carries breakthrough
The question Is this an appropriate way to get the demands?? Or is it not so??
We hope our young people to get jobs in these companies without having to resort to this method in the sit-ins.
Greetings to you / Bashir Ali



To the sons of the city Racdalin evacuation !

Where are you from these extravaganzas that occur right where you’d 36000 thousand inhabitants of this city Ironically Racdalin became a street in Zuwarah area.
Where officials Wayne Deputy Racdalin at the national conference where the Council of Elders and the Shura Council where members of the local council distinguished and enough sleep in honey Vhakna digested

and Trichna blurs where young Racdalin Wayne pleasures Miha and Mthagifaa and jealous it must take urgent and rapid response to this nonsense that Vajina by the Director of the Savings Bank

and moved be sit and deliver our voice to the decision-makers moved to be in communion with the National Congress and the interim government and deduct our share, just like all the cities within Libya!

How long silence on the mind areas successful role of the second by classify us to be calling Naúibna National Congress and the formation of a committee of shades of the city to go to the officials and dialoguing should not be neglect of the subject

/ citizen Racdaliny

(Channel Racdalin)



Head of the military council and led the beach on the channel Libya first

now says column heading, which is located far in the south of Misratah say with great cars and the containers and excavators Ba for

Libby Koachik and entrances in the same regard Bo curl ordered the battalion corner of the south…

and said Bmdakhltha convoy came from Misratah and directed this column to Jufrah and Osma approach to Suknh and Andre.

what Come the story of this convoy and they say their kidneys they contacted all those state and stressed that the

authorities Responsible of the state told them they did not know anything about this column and sent a letter to the

chief of staff and defense minister and head of government for them to withdraw this convoy…

and confirmed that the South fully engorged from this convoy and confirmed that he had contacted the Minister of defense

and says Post Graduate someone else and I told him Magsh this convoy heading from Misratah and people congested.

Do you have any knowledge of the said Post Graduate few minutes later and said it holds Relief???

(Journalist / Solomon cabled)

Confidential Alcdoh (87)

Sunday evening I been Irdja car type Miche banana eggs to Leu accompanied from the city of Misrata

after an armed group stole my force of arms of the city of Creamy and science was arrested two of the criminals

city Kklh was handed over to the police station Sawani

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully

Media center confidential Alcdoh (87)

Abdullah thankless on channel Libya first

– The port of Misratah I keep nuclear waste 3 months ago and he confirms it.

– There are 2 containers went and hearers omitted from Misratah time and how, in connection with my father and this convoy came from Misratah to the south in order to Directed Dell containers …

And imposed on that authorized by Congress in front of all States

Conference is “Kepplaona, Chicken”.



Network neutrality Libya. L N N | | threats Inter closures

The brave Youth Sirte give the government a one week deadline for the transfer of prisoners from the prisons of the militias in the capital

and provide them with legal courts ..

Otherwise, they would target gas pipeline passing through Sirte, which feeds:
Generating Station Tripoli and iron and steel plant Misrata and Mellita company and shipping line link between Libya and Europe.

Sirte News Sirte News
Continue to picket the people of the city of Sirte claimants correct path and withdraw confidence from the

interim government and the formation of a government crisis and an investigation of corruption and

files Sirte cancel the decision to divide into four municipalities rejected the extension of the National Conference

without a referendum and that the Islamic Sharia is the only source of legislation.

Sujets Libya Report

International protesters blocking the road in “walked” to demand the resignation of Libyan government

Protesters closed the Libyan city of Sirte (center) on Monday, the international road link between eastern and western cities in Libya,

demanding to “correct the course of the revolution, and the dismissal of the government,” headed by the current Zaidane.

Said Mohammed hobbyist one of the organizers protests today, in a statement to the reporter Anatolia, “The people of the city of Sirte, and rebels, staged a sit today, demanding that corrects the path of the revolution, and the withdrawal of confidence from the interim government, and the formation of a government crisis, and to open an investigation files of corruption.”

He added that “one of the demands of the protestors; cancel the decision to divide the city of Sirte to the four municipalities, and rejected the extension of the National Congress of the year (the interim parliament) without a referendum, and the imposition of security within the city, and to assign a force to protect property and public lands, as well as to be Islamic Sharia is the source The only legislation. ”

The hobbyist explained that the protesters planned to close the road every day for two hours in front of cars and goods, pointing out that he will be allowed to pass for ambulances and cars that families.



The control tower at Tobruk International Airport eliminates a day trip to Al Buraq Air Transport

Lack of vision result Rdih the weather as a result of the dust (Ajaj) today Tobruk International Airport hinder the landing and take-off

of aircraft due to the installation of ILS as well as the number 2 is not installed backup generator to support lighting Palmebt note

that the value of this equipment does not exceed one and a half million dinars:

Adoption Bay Alpmbh in the city of Derna free trade zone.

Declared a local council member city of Derna Mr. “and Walid Mohammed Hinad” on Monday, the Cabinet decided to adopt the Bay Alpmbh a free trade zone. It is noteworthy that the Gulf of Albmpeh just 60 kilometers east of the city of Derna, and the advantage of being bay physically held by a natural harbor, and has an airstrip specifications are excellent, where the region’s military base (freely – air) and is characterized by close to the ports of southern Europe, which made him eligible to be a station logistics for loading and unloading your goods in transit

In a telephone conversation with Dr. Said Hammad, director of the Center Tobruk medical confirms news find a woman dead

after Maghrib prayer unidentified at the age of almost 55 years of medium length Qmahawih skin found near Bay Street

and the church in the center of the city of Tobruk did not recognize one yet … and still citizens are reluctant to Tobruk Medical Center to try to identify it.

Harika port will resume work soon

Tobruk – Ocean – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The spokesman Guard Libyan oil installations and Walid Hassan to the oil port of Harika city of Tobruk begin during the coming period


Wake up people tuber huge explosion target of the blast is a shop selling video and audio tapes and CDs, causing damage to neighboring shops ..
Shop in the country, near the dark market and an ancient mosque nearest point Pastry Bin Taher Function of Architecture Bouzid ..


Fire b replaced Arab allowance after targeted by the city of Derna
Minutes before now that missed the target goal, which is
Shop for tapes and tucking Cat.

(Urgent Salem al-Obeidi)


Bowoowom …

Since seconds before the dawn prayers at the sound of an explosion tuber double (2 * 1) in the tuber.

Media tuber Libya

Really? (O they are just now admitting it) !!!

U.S. Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Tndeim leader of the so-called Ansar al-Sharia is in the Libyan city of Derna!!



Spokesman tribes of Fezzan Libya on channel First: –
Mr. Boughrara
That the next convoy from Misratah has control over the area Gillan and control of the camp fact there there by force and

positioning which contains weapons Tqilh and launchers, numbering about 150 armed car
And lose control of the gas station and prevent travelers from refueling
And arrived at their audacity to search women and said Ketar travelers
To the presence of non-Libyan nationals in this column.
And major disaster that strong this topic for one did not know of the track and we want clarification from the government or

the chief of staff and the military governor of the South does not know who they are and do not know anything about the subject.
But the evidence suggests that they want action decision metal decision No. 7 falsehood Ali Bin Walid parents certain serves

Ochkass interests under the pretext of arrows if the state wants to kill her newest children
We went to the federation as an organization and not to prevent secession Hdot metal Dell violations.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Wounding a security element, his car after a minor explosion of the Center for National Security Directorate of Security scarcity s coast.

Sabha :::::: indicated lectin ::::: the mail

– Today was the attack on a school in the meadows Sabha new Tabu attacked on Lipo Ikthelo school one wer Valley named Ismail Sassi.

– Today at the School of meadows special atmosphere TPU Hasro school Ahan Tbawi

Mtark with War Flay day before Qt Aavchu in classrooms

and Drew shake as if Mesh School dialed in Altanue and Maahtermu until the director and Ahano Ha Qallahm Dop Achev feast follows Bandirōh

to complement the school, God Aaarb Sabha uniforms Masar in Alqtron, Murzuq and other costume just Makhco school Dop Aakhco your

Maximize Ariqdo home ..

Mizal what Atksmoha a Ikteke federal only in Hchenkm of

Sabha today

Mr. Prime Minister Ali Zaidane is the head of the General National Congress, Mr. Nuri Abu arrows, on the convoy.

This force in the south went there with his knowledge and Bao told him as prime minister,

defense minister and he is not obliged  to clarify the details of the mission senders for it, the spectrum for security reasons.

Sabha today

Colonel Bashir Owaidat, shortly before the first channel Libya

Owaidat: Defense Minister individual contacted the office manager and asked him about the convoy, he said he carries relief.
Bashir said Au convicted of that convoy consisting of 147 car escorted by armed mechanisms for drilling and taller building a barricade around where it collects.
He also added that the South is not a “Jien” does not need aid, it is of offers oil and water as well as food from wheat and barley.

South councils calling on the government to provide clarification on convoy Agheilanah the

Demanded the heads of local councils to the south the government to provide clarification about the nature of mission in Bagheilanah force on the

outskirts of the beach area.
The head of the local council Murzuq Mohamed Adam been discussing the development of a roadmap for the South and the challenges of the security

situation, and asked the government to clarify the nature of the task force moving from the north and on the doors of the valley of the beach.


It is said that this image to Hoiat the convoy in Agheilanyh in Mount Al_husawneh and away from The led Shatty the 180 kilometer

(Addicted to “3”)


Kidnapping Head of Passports Murzuq

According to initial reports of Murzuq that then kidnapped head of Passports and Nationality there is a “born Mohammed Bin Ramadan.”
Witnesses mentioned that the kidnapping was after the departure of “Ben Ramadan,” the mosque after prayers yesterday afternoon,

where the two cars militant intercept method and kidnapped.
Some talk about a serious dispute between “Ben Ramadan” and a member of the security committee called “Mohammed Mulia” on measures

to extract Libyan nationality, in what seems to be a hint to the kidnapping.

(Valley girl)


Newsflash # Jufrah

Jufrah now …

Hrrriv Kberqubl half an hour from now, in the city of Hun .. And still the efforts of the city’s residents and firefighters continued to put out the fire …

Pioneer in the kindergarten building .. Building Army Personnel ..

Strong in the area of fire Jufrah Personnel in the building of the former Army (armed people) fire in the area of Hun exactly in the kindergarten

which accounted pioneer by rats battalion 9/19 sugar and wantonness:



Descended from the Arab Druze origin, called Raslan Abu Raccoon

Israel’s first ambassador to visit Libya soon to announce the beginning of normalization

09/12/2011 22:20:00
 Israel's first ambassador to visit Libya soon to announce the beginning of normalization

Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed the existence of contacts between Israel and the Libyan National Transitional Council to open an Israeli embassy in Tripoli, noting that the Israeli diplomat candidate for the position of ambassador will visit Libya soon. British sources confirmed the existence of a number of meetings members of the Jewish community in Britain, headed by Libyan Lausanne condoms with some officials of the British government and the Libyan Transitional Council officials in order to return to Libya.

According to the newspaper, the Jews, have British citizenship and call themselves the Libyan Jewish community in Britain, called on the British government and a number of leaders of the Libyan National Transitional Council need to work on their return and give them a passport to Libya, and the restoration of their property in Tripoli and Benghazi.

The sources pointed out that the British committee of the Jewish community Libyan visit Libya soon to open an office for them there, after being invited to condoms Lausanne, head of the Jewish community Libyan in Britain, and the son of one of the largest dealers of Libya, who was expelled them in 1967, to visit Libya and the opening of an office there, according to the newspaper Haaretz. He Ahmad Shabani, a spokesman for the Libyan Transitional Council on the need to establish relations with Israel.

The remarks came Elshabani Israeli newspaper as a deliberate step to measure the Arab public opinion on this issue, as the newspaper Read in various parts of the region. For its part, the newspaper revealed the name of the Israeli diplomat nominated to take over as the first Israeli ambassador in Libya, a Druze Arab descent, and claims Ruslan Abu Raccoon, and currently holds the position of Deputy Consul General of Israel in the U.S. state of Atlanta. The newspaper pointed out that the raccoon will visit Libya during the coming period at the head of a special mission to assess the situation there, accompanied by a number of doctors, Israeli Arabs as a gesture toward the Libyan people.

The paper disclosed in its report that the opening of Israeli embassy in Libya will be in cooperation with Qatar, which believes the Israeli government as an arm of Tel Aviv strong in the Arab region, which will help a lot in the open embassies to Tel Aviv in a number of Arab countries, compared to help them more presence on the level the diplomatic world, after the significant role played by Al-Jazeera in the Arab revolutions, which is a major development in the Israeli-Libyan relations  only days after the “disposal” of Muammar al-Qathafi!

رابط الموضوع :



Smuggling network operating between Algeria, Libya, Niger, Algeria

The newspaper El Khabar that the forces of the Algerian security state “Ouargla” has succeeded in dismantling the smuggling network

International extends its activities across Libya, Niger, Algeria, and stopped 4 suspected sexual Algerian, and is still being sought for the

suspect’s fifth of the nationality of a Libyan and the sixth Nigerian.
The prosecutor ordered the deposit of 4 people confinement temporary and have been charges of smuggling and damage to the

national economy and belonging to a criminal group international, a security source said Algeria that an investigation began two

months ago after booking weapons state Illizi led investigators to the smuggling network that was rhythm before the days in each

of the Illizi and Orڤlh , this group has specialized in smuggling and facilitate infiltration across the land border between Algeria and Libya.
The resulting inspection warehouse in the state of Illizi, in addition to the homes of suspects to book the means used in smuggling,

and of three cars the first Toyota P G 60 and the second type Brad and third type station wagon, in addition to large sum of money

in dinars Algerian and communication devices and 2,600 euros, and 234 Libyan dinars .

(Valley girl)




01 OCTOBER  2013 BY  

The failed novelist, once Obama speech writer, now National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes wrote a series of phony newscasts showing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad being overthrown.

Huge movie sets of the al-Assad presidential palace were built in Saudi Arabia, overseen by our own CIA, in which doubles of al-Assad and his generals are depicted fleeing the Free Syrian Army.

The Hollywood-like operation had an army of special effects crew, stuntmen, and makeup artists that rivaled most studios.

The phony footage was to be fed through Arab League-controlled satellites, preempting regular Syrian newscasts, making the Syrian people think their government had just been toppled.

The CIA-controlled CNN would then re-broadcast the phony footage, causing the world to think al-Assad had been overthrown.  While Syria was mired in anarchy, a real coup would take place; and Obama would ride in on his white horse, installing another Islamic regime.

The plan, scheduled to occur on June 15, 2012, never happened because Syrian officials got wind of it and put a stop to it. The White House and CNN then buried the story down the memory hole and created a new fiction: al-Assad’s August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack, also now proved to be fake, perpetrated by Obama’s own al-Qaeda rebels in order to warrant a U.S. bombing campaign.

This according to Tony Cartalucci’s book, War on Syria: Gateway to World War III and his subsequent blockbuster articles.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video for details.



“The President’s Private Army“: NSA-CIA Spying is Central to Carrying Out the Obama

Administration’s Assassination Program

Global Research, 29 September  2013


Intelligence Agencies Central In Assassination Programs Carried out Without Oversight

We’ve previously documented that the NSA isn’t just passively spying like a giant peeping tom, but is actively using that information in mischievous ways … such as assassinations.

A lot more information is about to come out on the topic. AP reports:

Two American journalists known for their investigations of the United States’ government said Saturday they’ve teamed up to report on the National Security Agency’s role in what one called a “U.S. assassination .”


Jeremy Scahill, a contributor to The Nation magazine and the New York Times best-selling author of “Dirty Wars,” said he will be working with Glenn Greenwald, the Rio-based journalist who has written stories about U.S. surveillance based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The connections between war and surveillance are clear. I don’t want to give too much away but Glenn and I are working on a project right now that has at its center how the National Security Agency plays a significant, central role in the U.S. assassination program,” said Scahill ….


“Dirty Wars” the film, directed by Richard Rowley, traces Scahill’s investigations into the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC. The movie, which won a prize for cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival, follows Scahill as he hopscotches around the globe, from Afghanistan to Yemen to Somalia, talking to the families of people killed in the U.S. strikes.

JSOC , as well as the CIA, have been described as “the President’s private army“, which operate at the President’s beck-and-call with no real oversight.

But a fourth agency is also centrally involved in both intelligence-gathering and assassinations: the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). NCTC is responsible for generating the “disposition matrix” of who to murder using drones or other means.

As Greenwald noted last year:

The ACLU has long warned that the real purpose of the NCTC … is the “massive, secretive data collection and mining of trillions of points of data about most people in the United States” …. In particular, the NCTC operates a gigantic data-mining operation, in which all sorts of information about innocent Americans is systematically monitored, stored, and analyzed. This includes “records from law enforcement investigations, health information, employment history, travel and student records” – “literally anything the government collects would be fair game”. In other words, the NCTC – now vested with the power to determine the proper “disposition” of terrorist suspects – is the same agency that is at the center of the ubiquitous, unaccountable surveillance state aimed at American citizens.

Worse still, as the ACLU’s legislative counsel Chris Calabrese documented back in July in a must-read analysis, Obama officials very recently abolished safeguards on how this information can be used. Whereas the agency, during the Bush years, was barred from storing non-terrorist-related information about innocent Americans for more than 180 days – a limit which “meant that NCTC was dissuaded from collecting large databases filled with information on innocent Americans” – it is now free to do so. Obama officials eliminated this constraint by authorizing the NCTC “to collect and ‘continually assess’ information on innocent Americans for up to five years”.

But don’t worry, the government would never assassinate Americans living on U.S. soil … would it?

And even if it would, it would only consider truly bad guys to be terrorists … wouldn’t it?


Do not rule out any option, including the military toward Iran’s nuclear program.

CNN Cancels Hillary Clinton Film

30 SEPTEMBER, 2013

hillary clinton food security 300x200 CNN cancels Hillary Clinton film

While Republicans expressed initial concerns regarding a proposed documentary on prospective 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it appears Democrats were ultimately responsible for its cancellation.

According to director Charles Ferguson, over 100 individuals — including many high-profile Democrats — refused to be interviewed for the film. Clinton aides were similarly dismissive, he said, indicating she had no interest in providing any assistance in the process.

“Neither political party wanted the film made,” he confirmed, though Democrat objection to his project seemed to ultimately seal its fate.

“Part of what’s going on right now is that many, many, many people want to be in her campaign,” Ferguson noted, “they want a job in her administration,

they want access to the White House, they want some specific thing that they care about; and most of the people, probably over 90 percent, are going to be disappointed.”

He called the decision to cancel his project “painful,” explaining a well-coordinated attack on the film caused more damage than he expected.

“When I approached people for interviews, I discovered that nobody — and I mean nobody — was interested in helping me make this film,” he noted.

Only two individuals with personal knowledge of Clinton would agree to an interview for the film, he said, adding his assumption that “even they would back out.”

Ferguson said he was not entirely surprised by the GOP’s disapproval of the film, which led the party to announce it would not host 2016 presidential primary debates on the network.

“What did surprise me,” he noted, was that, quietly and privately, prominent Democrats made it known to both CNN and to me that they weren’t delighted with the film either.”

Calling the push to halt his film a “victory for the Clintons,” Ferguson added “this is not her finest hour.”

Ultimately, he still hopes to finish the film.

“After the election, no matter if she wins or loses … it’ll be a lot easier to get access,” he predicted.

The refusal of any Clinton flacks to participate in this ostensibly friendly political documentary is as telling as anything they might have contributed to the film.

There remains a common assumption that the Clinton family is full of secrets. When a supportive filmmaker working with the leftists at CNN cannot even get access, though, one wonders exactly what they want to keep hidden.

NBC joins CNN in scrapping Clinton biopic

by B. Christopher Agee


Monday has not been a good day for filmmakers working on Hillary Clinton biographies.

Early in the day, CNN announced it halted a project about the former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential candidate. Charles Ferguson, slated to direct the documentary, explained those closest to Clinton refused to be interviewed for the project.

Just hours later, another network planning a Clinton-based miniseries declared that project dead, too. NBC, which had previously touted the vehicle starring Diane Lane as Clinton, issued a statement indicating a change in direction.

Though the Peacock Network volunteered less information concerning the reason behind the cancellation, spokesperson Richard Licata indicated “reviewing and prioritizing” current projects led to the decision “that we will no longer continue developing the Hillary Clinton miniseries.”

Both networks faced significant criticism from Republicans, who believed the projects would consist of thinly veiled campaign messages for the Democrat party’s expected presidential front-runner. The backlash included calls to boycott both networks, including a Republican National Committee vote that would bar CNN and NBC from hosting any of the GOP’s 2016 presidential primary debates.

In light of Monday’s announcements, both networks are once again in the running to broadcast those viewer-grabbing dialogues.

Republican opprobrium was not directly linked to NBC’s decision to scrap the miniseries, though Ferguson admitted “neither political party” wanted to see his project completed.

Perhaps, as with the CNN film, Clinton flacks were responsible for putting the kibosh on NBC’s planned biopic. While Republicans were confident the network would only air a glowing historical rewrite, erasing or excusing her role in countless scandals over the past several decades, Clinton is notoriously hostile toward any perceived criticism.

At this point, however, any attempt to read further into the decision is merely speculative. The integral point, from a conservative perspective, is that the struggling NBC network will not be airing a multi-night campaign ad for the Clinton campaign under the guise of providing an entertaining miniseries.

As for any other factors leading to the decision, one might be inclined to quote Hillary Clinton herself and ask, “What difference does it make?”

Follow WCJ staff writer Chris Agee here.

French newspaper Le Monde: Libyan activist Hana al-Habashi brought women to Qatar!!!
Bring Libyan women for U.S. soldiers in Qatar Adhadjaohn!!
Khalid Al-Sharif was responsible for airlifting Libyan flights to Qatar guidance Belhadj
Adore mating Libyan They dressed in folk costume (uttered by one of the officers of the two countries in the article literally)
Did not stand polling officials to Libya to insult us and charge us and him it was time respond to them as promised ::
Hana al-Habashi and that our presence in Qatar is brought to us in one of the national parties in Doha Twenty Girl from the mountain town of Ifrane and traditional clothes Lybia …

Source: http://www.iraqalarab.net/news.php?action=view&id=5173 of

REMEMBER: the “Army of the Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya” was taught MORALITY and respect for women—whereas Western Nation Armies USE WOMEN as play things and sex-toys!!!


For your health


I have discovered a body of medical research in the United States that

a new cancer affects human and material cause ((Nitro silver oxide))

Whenever you buy recharge cards does not Tkhaddchha “nails” because this card contains a coating of silver oxide, and you can cause skin cancer.

| Please publish this command the widest | ツ



Generalizable ::::

A lot of girls, women report cases of extortion are subjected to it by some psychopaths because penetrate Ajhtzhm and steal their own photos and blackmail may even be very kidnappings for some distance to arrange a meeting

After talking with some of them, it turns out that most of the girls have the private computers Bihn without putting any protection or Anti Virus

Per sisters follow the advice Next
1 – First and the most important thing is to install an antivirus program and preferably Internet Skjorta’s available in the market at reasonable prices
There is also free copies for one year, for example Avast antivirus program and this link for free version

2 – If you have special pictures on your computer preferably placed on the disc D and not C or desktop or file documents
3 – Do not access or click on any suspicious links or incomprehensible words
Example when entering on Facebook make sure that the word facebook.com not any excess capital letters or other words, there are sites and pages to steal fake accounts on For example faceebok.com to note the difference

4 – not to receive any file at all from someone with no confidence even though Conti on prior knowledge

5 – preferable to create a password for each from your Ckhadda and your computer

God willing, God saves everyone

With Allah Beside Us, we will Triumph

My picture of Mu


A very recent release of the Libyan Green Resistance (source: MATHABA.NET ) also invites a certain optimism. Affirming that said green substance Resistance is now very powerful ,

it is now present in all regions of Libya, but was instructed not to launch large-scale attacks yet , who also took the form of clandestine sleeper cells in the areas occupied by the enemy .

With the exception of various sporadic actions , it should therefore not expect very large offensive immediately.

When the time comes , will occur when the zero hour has been fixed, the resisting forces come together in action across the country like a hurricane that will sweep away everything in its path .
Libyan Green Resistance concluded his statement by urging the people not to lose hope, and ensuring that the inevitable final hand of the Libyan is near, even if it does not happen immediately.

Brothers and sisters in our beloved green cause in the world , do not you resign . Keep the faith against all odds !

The future always end up smiling at those who remain steadfastly loyal to their ideals, and who will not give up , never surrender nor discouraging the face of adversity !
Perseverance ! Perseverance again and again, driven by the green flame of hope and desire that burns in our hearts and that will guide us forever !

(Hans Cany)

Mu a good smile

P defunct O Testament Thaer Ali regime than others Testament Nebo Commander

The participation of one of the Liberal …
Iaahrar I hope Publishing and follow-up on the new frequency …. Now everyone can watch Al Khaimah on frequency 11137-rate codec H27500
With greetings to all . . . . . .

Liberal Fateh Ali era are determined to victory. . . . . . .

A tribute to the free light everywhere and God that your dedication and w Batkm on your principles becomes surprise of everyone, including rats,

they do not know such thing as a fulfillment do not know such thing as dignity do not know anything named the principles and values, ​​do not know something called the era of ..

Lord saves Liberals everywhere and greeting from the heart to you and God is my witness, I love you in God and not Moataz mufti (another legendary Besmodkm) ..

We will stay faithful to the Covenant we swore to fulfill the Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi; and Sir, we will not stray behind or betray the promise.


Of you, still light Aaalad and Anasr designer?

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami green channel on 16/09/2013 syphilis

Mujahid Hamza Thami 17-9-2013

in this month will happen is what Flee Oh rats!

 Muammar al-Qathafi’s Great Jamahiriya Armed Forces had about 20,000 portable heat-seeking missiles—

the bulk of them SA-7s—obtained from the former Eastern bloc.

Where are they now?

Not in Palestine ….. or in Iraq … or in Afghanistan …

But it’s in Libya … This Madkhal of satanic alliance NATO futures ….

To learn traitors and agents on national, a Russian analyst and studied at the National, Antba all the traitors and the western spring inventory,,, …

Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)

To call for dialogue for the home … : After the Nakba suffered by Libya which is equivalent to the plight of Palestine in 1948 and the plight of Iraq in 2003 and Ghazoa outer we came to him and who destroyed everything and everybody and enabled customers to control the political scene and At in Libya corruption , destruction and teams and severity of social and حمتها National the spreading of terror and terrorism between deferred according to plan carefully considered in circles intelligence West colonial , which has no deterrent after the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of contract Althmnyiat and the beginning of the nineties of the twentieth century he paints and running ,

this time of a wave of neo-colonialism in the hands of local and movements of political Ahtznha decades ago to Guenha lessons to obey and lie to his interests , which has long waged for which wars and military sieges economic, political and March ugliest kinds Alakwabat peoples even got to milk and Ogdah children and jabs medical as رأينها in Iraq before it invaded in 2003, neo-colonialism coach and assimilated to our movement and configuration psychological , social, and I’ve taken it the lessons learned in stages the confrontation of different clash direct to the state of hostility he encountered after the revolutions of national صفعته disengagement with him and expelled its bases and military AHMIA his companies and bracketed areas Nfodh contributed seriously in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century in the delegation of interests and areas Nfodh in the world in Africa, Asia and Latin America this colonial obnoxious.

Try us all kinds of weapons material and moral at the moment of relaxation and the emergence of generations lived on its laurels سابقيها and opened without knowing the West and the ملذاته consumer and laughs yellow and informed counterfeit ratified promises and succumbed to the demands in the historical moment favorable elapsed West and its allies, local and regional on Otunna including Libya beloved land of our fathers and grandfathers Today after the lean years of the Nakba , which reminded us of the war the Turks to eliminate the Arab revolutions led by Abdul Jalil and غومة Mahmoudi at the beginning of the nineteenth century and the onslaught of Italian colonialism in Libya in decimal first of the twentieth century we have to smoke lesson and lesson and understand the lessons of history in the resistance and unity and building national cohesion and social unity and Libya homeland everyone, without exception or exclusion,

but for those who conspired to the nation and the freedom and dignity and that Libya must judge from her family and the lesson we have learned over forty years, and during the years of the Nakba and the ordeal that it will not control by a person or family , or tribe , but from people all and the return of legality and legitimacy is not for people but for the Libyan people and the tribes honest and Ntha all of the national dialogue destruction of the components of the Libyan people and build Libya free his father and choose a political system that we agree upon without force or domination impose from one of Libya with the geographical area wide and components social thing for taking the nature of tribes , regions and parties in.

I think for suited only pacing decentralized based on the people’s authority {{ conferences popular and popular committees }} real divide wealth by population and geographical distribution fairly without Tzkhal of a course will intercept some reminiscent of the experience previous suffered interference from the centers of power in the name of guidance as well as from recent years legitimacy to justify Altorat contrary to the power of the people and the values ​​of thought mass this is true and must be recognized as one of the directions that supported the enemies of the Libyan people to dump Fateh Revolution of content and disarmament of legitimacy from under their feet

and all that books were declared him after 2004. was hit in the Afraa the gains of the Libyan people and the exercise of authority of the content of moral and المشروعي Libya today needy to all national effort and Sharif and loyal to return to serious and cleared with براثين colonizer and his associates and clients who sold lighting , display and squandered possibilities for Libya and its moral and material.

{ son of Libya’s bar }}

الدعوة الى الحوار من أجل الوطن…:بعد النكبة التي تعرضت لها ليبيا وهي تعادل نكبة فلسطين عام1948م ونكبة العراق عام2003م والغزوا الخارجي الذي تعرضنا له والذي دمر الأخضر واليابس ومكن العملاء من السيطرة على المشهد السياسي وعات في ليبيا الفساد والدمار وفرق وحدتها الاجتماعية ولحمتها الوطنية وبث الرعب والارهاب بين ارجاءها وفق مخطط مدروس بعناية في دوائر مخابرات الغرب الأستعماري الذي ليس له رادع بعد انهيار الأتحاد السوفيتي في نهايات عقد الثمنييات وبداية عقد التسعينات من القرن العشرين فهو يرسم وينفد وفي هذه المرة من موجة الأستعمار الجديد بأيدي محلية وبحركات سياسية احتظنها منذ عشرات السنين ولقنها الدروس الأنصياع والانبطاح لمصالحه التي طالما شن من أجلها الحروب العسكرية والحصارات الأقتصادية والسياسية ومارس ابشع انواع العقوابات على الشعوب حتى وصلت الى حليب وأغدية الأطفال والامصال الطبية كما رأينها في العراق قبيل اجتياحة عام2003م الاستعمار الجديد مدرب ومستوعب لحركتنا وتكوينا النفسي والأجتماعي ولقد أخد الدروس المستفادة في مراحل المواجهة المختلفة من الصدام المباشر الى حالة العداء التي واجهها بعد الثورات الوطنية التي صفعته بفك الارتباط معه وطردت قواعده العسكرية وأحمية شركاته وحاصرة مناطق نفوده وساهمت بجدية في ستينيات وسبعينات القرن العشرين في تفويض مصالحه ومناطق نفوده في العالم في افريقيا واسيا وامريكيا اللآتينية هذا المستعمر البغيض جرب معنا كل انواع الأسلحة المادية والمعنوية وفي لحظة الارتخاء وبروز اجيال عاشت على أمجاد سابقيها وانفتحت دون ان تدرى على الغرب وعلى ملذاته الاستهلاكية وعلى الضحكات الصفراء واعلامه المزيفة صدقت وعوده واستسلمت لمطالبه وفي اللحظة التاريخية المواتية انقضى الغرب وحلفائه المحليين والأقليميين على أوطننا ومنها ليبيا الحبيبة ارض ابائنا واجدادنا فاليوم وبعد هذه السنوات العجاف من النكبة التي ذكرتنا بحرب الاتراك للقضاء على الثورات العربية التي قادها عبدالجليل وغومة المحمودي في بداية القرن التاسع عشر وانقضاض الأستعمار الإيطالي على ليبيا في العشرية الاولى من القرن العشرين علينا أن نأخد العبره والدرس ونستوعب دروس التاريخ في المقاومة ووحدة الصف وبناء اللحمة الوطنية والوحدة الأجتماعية وان ليبيا وطن الجميع دون استثناء أو أقصاء إلا للذين تأمروا على الوطن وعلى حريته وكرامته وان ليبيا يجب ان نحكم من أهلها وان الدرس الذي تعلمناه طيلة الأربعين سنة وخلال سنوات النكبة والمحنة انها لن تحكم من طرف شخص او عائلة او قبيلة بل من أهلها جميعا وعودة الشرعية والمشروعية ليس للأشخاص بل للشعب الليبي وقبائله الشريفة وان نتحه جميعا للحوار الوطني الشامل لمكونات الشعب الليبي ونبني ليبيا حرة ابية ونختار النظام السياسي الذي نتفق عليه دون ارغام أو هيمنة أفرض من أحد وليبيا ذات المساحة الجغرافية الواسعة ومكوناتها الأجتماعية التي تأخد طابع القبائل والمناطق والجهات في اعتقادي لايصلح إلا إنظام اللأمركزي المبني على سلطة الشعب{{مؤتمرات شعبية ولجان شعبية}}حقيقية وتقسم الثروة حسب عدد السكان والتوزيع الجغرافي بشكل عادل دون تذخل من أحد طبعا سيعترض البعض يذكرنا بالتجربة السابقة التي عانت من التدخل من مراكز القوى بأسم التوجيهات وكذلك من السنوات الاخيرة من المشروعية لتبرر التوريت المنافي لسلطة الشعب ولقيم الفكر الجماهيري هذا صحيح ويجب الأعتراف به وهو أحد التوجيهات التي ساندها اعداء الشعب الليبي لتفريغ ثورة الفاتح من محتواها ونزع المشروعية من تحت أقدامها وكل ما كتب وتم التصريح به بعد2004.كان يصيب في افراع مكتسبات الشعب الليبي وممارسته لسلطته من محتواها الأخلاقي والمشروعي فليبيا اليوم محتاجة الى كل جهد وطني وشريف ومخلص لإعادتها الى الجادة وتخليصها مع براثين المستعمر وأعوانه وعملائه الذين باعوا الاض والعرض وبددوا امكانيات ليبيا ومواردها المادية والمعنوية{{أبن ليبيا البار}}

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Western Region system – Manmade River

No truth to rumors that interruption of the waters of the river …
System control room said that the western region of the conduct of operating normally, and there is no truth to the rumors currently circulating in the Libyan street:

Eng: Jamal Abdullah said in a statement on our Ban:
“South Zone Management continuous pumping operations from the fields of water supply wells naturally and

Hdot denies the any interruption to the flow of water toward the northern regions.”

Valchukr of God after each unknown soldier who provide Southern Region water, Praise God for every drop of good water.




Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News

Reuters ….

Exxon Mobil said the largest listed energy company in the world today Tuesday it will reduce its operations and the number of employees in Libya,

adding that there is no longer justified to maintain the great activity there in the light of the deteriorating security situation.
There is a huge investment for Exxon in Libya is that the move reflects the growing concern of the international oil companies do not

fit return operations in Libya , with the escalation of the political and security risks wake Aladharbat that swept the Middle East in 2011.
The company, which declined to its activity is concentrated in the maritime exploration in Libya to disclose the number of employees

who will leave Libya or further details of its decision.
The strikes caused almost Libyan exports stopped during the past two months , which contributed to the rise in global oil prices and

the loss of Western companies such as Eni , the Italian and the U.S. Marathon revenues of up to hundreds of millions of dollars.
And Royal Dutch Shell suspended drilling activities and suspended exploration in two areas in Libya because of disappointing results and

other exploration companies postponed due to safety concerns especially since 2011 .
In July, sources told Reuters that the Marathon was considering selling its stake in a major oil consortium in Libya.
It was not clear whether Exxon Mobil would give up its concession areas in Libya as a result of reducing its operations in the country.

Taqi al-Din Shalawi | |

National Congress voted to lift the immunity approval on the three members emigrated commander, Touati Alaadh and F tourist.

Acknowledges National Congress voted to extend the conference an additional year and shall be upon the expiry date

of the Conference and handed over to the next parliament on 02.15.2015

Libyan PUPPET Prime Minister Ali Zaidane Carried a German Passport*

Submitted by JoanneM

This is the puppet Prime Minister Ali Zaidane of Libya. He carried a German passport even the Libyans do not recognize him as a Libyan.

He was effectively appointed by Abdulhakim Belhaj after the elected prime minister stepped down. Belhaj is an Al Qaeda terrorist

who was in Guantanamo, he was put in charge of security for the rebels by NATO and still runs the security in the country bringing

in terrorists and arming them through the Mitigua Airport in Tripoli. Belhaj is also effective head of the Al Qaeda mercenary rebels in Syria.

Zaidane should be tried as a foreign invader who rules Libya as a puppet like the governance of Pontius Pilate ruled for Rome.



Libya seek the assistance of the international community “to restore security” !

London – 24 – Libyan Media Network – # LNMLibyan Prime Minister appealed to the international community today, Tuesday,

to help his country to restore security, as it seeks to end the political chaos, and the resumption of oil exports, which stopped

because of protests by the country lost revenues of $ 130 million a day.


The head of the interim government meets the invitation of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Met the President of the interim government on Monday, 16 September 2013 a formal invitation to him to the United Kingdom from the Prime Minister

of the United Kingdom to discuss ways to develop bilateral relations between the two countries.

And permeates the visit of Mr. Prime Minister and his entourage a number of meetings economic notably economic conference organized by the British

government in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Group of the Islamic Development Bank, to be held

in the British capital London aims to bring together representatives of governments, the business of the Group of Eight and regional partners and financial

institutions international to launch a dialogue on potential opportunities, and reforms taken and the major obstacles that must be addressed to increase trade

and investment opportunities in countries experiencing a process of their WESTERN puppet transformation transition (Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen).




News from Rishvana
Damaged houses one of the area pellicle Borcvana impact pal 14 clashes between armed militias in the neighboring trace the Corner.
Engagement on one of the farms people from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Green Resistance !

Quoting / / channel of the globe on Facebook

Ladd Sir íÇŃíĘ any Rishvana Maemcich good janzour Ganazarh Mscrin the road from the bridge 17 to grounds Samvroa the Yarmouk Camp

and the reason that there is someone from Janzour named (Fattah Toumi) had been killed and Mbusan charge to Rishvana and eluted.

The road is closed from the 7 pm to now.




Has been stolen budget force the fifth shield Libya and one billion by someone calling his name, Sheikh Abdul Salam

is a battalion black Tripoli stole budget force the fifth and pay the salaries of some of the Almnzbe until the silence was

stolen the rest of the budget was last night raid on his house and was arrested by backing the security Misratah!!!

Information from military intelligence and is now being investigated with Abdul Salam battalion command Black Tripoli!!!.

Quoting Page Shield force Libya fifth secret force protection and special operations!!!

Page Mohammed Falah …:
Harvest events of Tripoli today Allata until this topic moment
1 – Lock Island pressures Alshall of young people said he was a drug dealer and precedents owners ..

The Forces arrested and his family Mscrin the island until it is released
2 – Lock the coastal road in janzour because of the death of Brother light Toumi under التعديب on the hands of an

armed group has Bouktafha and led to Tadiba of until it was his death
3 – closing market Creamy main financier of the capital Shops materials Algdaúah Water displays one of the top traders

in the market to an armed robbery led to his death and injury sister km and our response from one of the merchants

in the market about the reason for the lock
4 – the people of Tawergha Maz USA Abhton for my place and matter after he was expelled from the Naval Academy in Janzour protestors

in front of the General National Congress, demanding the government and provide them with shelter Conference.
This topic events Tripoli today to this topic time
Media Bureau of the International Foundation for Human Rights – Libya

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ::::::: alert

I hope not to go to highway pressures Alshall Island by selecting or janzour the

Murder of hours and slain Aagaflo family road and very severe congestion because the crime was very, very ugly …

Chamber of capital

Highway pressures Alshall Island now 09/17/2013:




Express (Island pressures Alshall)

Nuri Abusshmin, up-to-house of One of the sons of  Janzour who was killed yesterday, Light Toumi,
To offer condolences to the families of fully janzour
. ————————————————- —–
Strange .. It seems that the population # drawer. Are not affiliated with humans …

and, of course, not talking about the blood of the sons of Benghazi .. because it is cheaper than price of Tiarthm fuel even tired Abu (<—– <—-) and visited.
There is still waiting for the goodness of fools these

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ


An armed gang kidnaps one children of Alnoaúl to pressures Alshall Tripoli, a citizen Ali Trom did we receive any news of him until this moment.
We ask God to return safely to his family.

Quoting Libya talk ·

I am one of the kidnapped neighbors in pressures Alshall
And we Qflana the pressures Alshall Island
For that reason
Yesterday the kidnapped people and street Sons Arafo place in Gharghour kidnapped by the Almsarit .. Emczu the kidnapped people and the children

of the street to me and the Interior Ministry yesterday in the night and they said he هادو Skarh and Menkdroush Nkhcolhm .. They are two dimensions g

unmen walked me Gneoh said I do not have enough weapons to matter as well as we walked to the hater and said I do not have weapon ßĘíŃ to matter ..

Bahi how to become Heca?

Channel Alnoael on Facebook

فيديو من غوط الشعال الآن #طرابلس
تصوير .. محمد البوسيفي ..

 Urgent – special – an exclusive. Then find the body of a girl believed to be one of the restrooms and Spring Valley area near

what is known as collector Kosi Almtlt cross … The body was decomposed because they were found in ground water tank ..

Then disinterment central reservation security .. As coroner period of six months.

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Did you know that during the past two weeks has been to seize a lot of apartments in several areas in Tripoli by force of arms, some free and

some have been expelled inhabitants,,,,, and the aggressors members Saa, who belong to the organs of the rebels, and opened lecturer in

particular and the state learn this, nor the lives of those calls.!!

(UNLIKE under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, where one’s home was one’s exclusively sovereign personal domaine!)

Just to show you what MB gangland the NATO imposed GNC “Government” is now in Libya, read this (and it is not the first instance…
Before they kicked Zintani off their homes because their prime property was in beautiful Mediteranneannean locations, and even shot a
4 year old boy child to scare off the inhabitants…). These homes were originally given to these people totally free of any mortgages and assessments…
because under the Great Jamahiriya, a home was considered a BASIC RIGHT of a human being.
Now everything must be paid for (as in the USA) and that even is not a guanantee if the government wants and sell the land to entrepeneurs….
which under the Great Jamahiriya, again, was illegal, as no one could sell their property. It had to be handed down to someone within the family
if they no olonger wanted to live within it.
so, now, read this:
Agricultural Tripoli police destroyed 11 HOME
Camp on the land for the state was divided and sold
The police Agricultural bit Naveed is retrieved Camp in South of Tripoli area Sawani and 11 demolished a house on it and do not let even Bokhrash the personal luggage of the residents inside.
It was this topic headquarters based spoofing and overtaking on the territory of the State and in the presence of a number of police agriculture and a number of engineers in Urban Planning and least two of the prosecutors and a number of officers staff at this camp was removed 11 construction, some of which was being built Atina police arrived to the site and other inhabited.
Was arrested 32 people tried to block the action and the threat of weapons against the police Vtm arrest and the confiscation of their weapons and taken to arrest until the investigation and Tak deterrent legal action by description of the Chairman of the Committee against them
الشرطة الزراعية طرابلس تهدم 11 منزل
على ارض معسكر للدولة تم تقسيمه وبيعهقامت الشرطة الزراعية بتنفيد أمر أسترجاع معسكر في جنوب طرابلس بمنطقة السواني وهدم 11 منزل فوقه وعدم السماح حتى بأخراش الامتعة الشخصية للمقيمين داخلها .وكان هده المقار مبنية بالتحايل والتجاوز على الاراضي العامة للدولة وبحضور عدد من الشرطة الزراعية وعدد من المهندسين في التخطيط العمراني واتنين من وكلاء النيابة وعدد من الضباط الموظفين في هدا المعسكر تم ازالة 11 البناء البعض منها كان جاري بنائها اتناء وصول الشرطة للموقع واخرى مسكونة .تم القاء القبض على 32 شخص حاولوا عرقلة العمل والتهديد بالسلاح ضد الشرطة فتم أعتقالهم ومصادرة اسلحتهم واقتيادهم للتوقيف لحين التحقيق معهم واتخاد الاجراءات القانونية الرادعة حسب وصف رئيس اللجنة بحقهم

These are NOT dinky mud homes…They are MODERN LARGE ESTATES.
You have no idea what present day Libyans are going through…and the whole country (the size of 4 TEXAS states) has a population of less than one large American City.
The imposed government are all gangland thieves and murderers and members of OBAMA’s ‘Muislim’ Brotherhood…
These are not real ‘Muslims’ at all. They are hoodlums and murderers.

The robbery on Tawergha object branch Andalus neighborhood area yesterday and are being investigated for the theft

of $ 67 thousand dinars, where he found the guards handcuffed where rebels rushed the bank belonging to the operations

room of the capital was reported to the competent authorities. An armed robbery at the National Commercial Bank branch

Tawergha in Tripoli’s Gurji object by an armed group after restricting the guards, and believed that the amount stolen 67 thousand dinars ….


A car such as the moments of near-mail Salmani.

There is a meeting of traders and shop owners in the (Creamy market)
Sawani area planned meeting on Tak a crucial decision on the final closure of the market until the State an end to this farce

that occur every day in the market of murder, kidnapping and theft and robbing forced shop owners and traders

by gangs and criminals from those areas surrounding the market

And everyone knows the that Creamy market is funded official and the only source of lunch for the Western Region,

and South and perhaps the entire economy of Libya.

Transfer from one market traders Creamy:

The series continues kidnapping and seizing cars ..!!

Death of a merchant family of “adequate” and the injury of his brother seriously injured dangerous and two residents of the area

(Arada market Friday) and the area of ​​market Creamy Balsoany at the ninth hour of the morning on Monday after being intercepted

by gunmen in a car type Lancer white without plates and shot them a barrage of lead and took possession of funds and fired their guns

on the nearby shopkeepers in order to intimidate them, and non-interference in doing ..

(Valley girl)


From the spot specify the bridge Guerin:

There are many trucks carrying soil are discharged in the road as there Motors garbage AGPRO have discharged at the coastal road ..

A picture of the place:

Coastal road Janzour

Stun continuously forces stationed in front of the gate built International Airport ..After it has been

Special Forces assigned to protect the airport ….




Libyan oil | |

An official source institution National Oil morning Tuesday, 09/17/2013 resumption of the fields and the elephant spark their production in a natural way ..



Bombing of Ialian Consolate in Benghazi.

Attacks by unidentified Tuesday on “Ahmed Bousnina” of TV news channel cameraman in Benghazi during Toukovh the traffic signal to a crossroads Cast in Benghazi.
The attack caused injury “Bousnina” in his hand and his car smashed glass profile.
Roy “Bousnina” What happened to him, saying that the assault occurred at the sight and hearing of a police patrol

and traffic patrol was present when the signal and in front of a crowd of people.
He adds, “Bousnina” he felt bitterness and anguish of the role of the police, which did not exceed disengagement when

initiated to defend himself and did not accelerated to catch him aggressors.

Car shortly before the explosion near from milkfish Benghaza Post

Assault on the TV news cameraman and trying to smash a car direct broadcast channel city of Benghazi.



Hani Al Oraibi information officer at the hospital:

Said Mr. Mohammed Fakhri, head of medical procedures and Statistics hospital Hawari Benghazi were attacked Hospital Hawari throwing Gelatinh

and Rummana next to the Census Bureau near the administration,

did not lead to losses Basharia and material and broken glass section Tawari and throw bullets near the door Tawari late night with some of the wounded from the military

after hearing the news of the death of one of them and the other in critical condition in the care surgery and go doctors and medical staff and

staff reception outside the hospital because of the security situation.

Garmestqr hit these military personnel near the island Anbab Rulrhh and after it was evacuated to a hospital Galaa reason CIA evacuated T unemployed hospital.

Hani Al Oraibi information officer at the hospital tells us:

This picture on Monday 20 139 16 Inside Tawari Hospital Hawari Benghazi during the transfer of Ashraf Ali Mohammed Guaal

one of the officials of the backing security and key Hamad Bourguiah a member of backing the security who were beating shot

near the island Anbab in the late hours of the night Balqguarhh and after he died Guaal Atheraasabh serious and Bourguiah

now in the care of surgery for treatment at the hospital.

He died shortly before the assistant officer “references Laaribi” wounds sustained this afternoon as a result of the bombing of his car by a bomb planted under his seat.
It is worth mentioning that the Oraibi Investigation Unit is headed by the National Security Centre top Aobeidh and had been investigating the earlier bombings in Benghazi.
Referred to car “Laaribi” type “Lancer” has exploded near the headquarters of the “e-communication” the western district of milkfish in Benghazi when he was driving.
He died “struggle” on the spot while the ambulance driver “Laaribi” to the hospital.

Car explosion, “Lancer” by targeting one of the men search
Criminal previously and Ras Oobeidh center now, “a Oraibi references”
Nicknamed “squint”, after his car was blown up by a fork-mail
Milkfish, and initial reports indicate that the investigator “Oraibi”
Has fallen victim to the IED, and the place was packed with citizens.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

“Oraibi” fighting for his life, under the recovery and his heart stopped four
Times and dates back to life by electric shock, and his health
Very critical! Seasoned investigator fighting for his life and murderers cowards Echtban the the
As snakes Aldgon, and entering the Oka Wareham.

(Salem al-Obeidi God and yes agent.)

Benghazi Commercial Complex in front of the Egyptian market, which has been targeted Bakazv the RBG:


Who just blast

RPG shell target market complex

In front of the Egyptian market (Great Mall)

Now the voices of small arms shooting.

Now hear the sound of an explosion and smoke billowed about in the neighborhood the twenty or street corner ..!!

Green Mountain newspaper

A huge explosion was heard echoed in the city …
One of the men killed attribution security, “Ayman al-Ghoul,” “Ashraf Ghwell” *after targeting his car a few minutes before now and

wounded was with him in the car and were taken to a hospital in the city.
*: Correct name after the error came from the medical source and victim
Is “Ashraf Ghwell” and not “Ayman al-Ghoul,” as wounded
Escort “key Bo beam”, they are employees of the attribution of security,
After that has been targeted by area Rulrhh.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Al Darsi avenge Wen, for the blood of their son who was killed in the month of Ramadan
At the hands of Al Alakora, and Al Alakora, now entering the
Hot Tin clashes with Al Darsi neighborhood,

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Omar Al-Hurra reporter Touati American:

Holiday martyr
Abducted girl this afternoon in central Benghazi, “the country” by car with three “young people” fled, and no one stops them,

for the security of Thunderbolt !

Aalfdralah the Ansar al-Sharia not no police, no armor, not even NATO,

(Sing and dance and prepared)

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Patrol’s national security, found the body of one of their elements
Victim “Shaker Abdo Mohammed,” thrown under the bridge maintenance gel
After that I found a bullet static head.

Explosion essence of Sicilian camp in Benghazi land area receivership after the blue truck bomb throwing him a few minutes ago from now.

Green Mountain newspaper



Season dates Bjalo the overstock production suffers

Country ambiance Gallo – Mohamed Alqbouzay, reporting:

Farmers across dates in the city of Gallo dissatisfaction , which they described as “the absence of state support for the local market Dates ” , who is suffering this year in crowded , production.

An official sector agriculture in Gallo ” Salem mouse ” has been addressing the ministry several times on the surplus production of dates for the cities oases without any avail, pointing out that they demanded the opening credits of the associations of agricultural to be imported equipment and machinery needed for canning dates and exported.

Far added to the atmosphere of the country on Monday that the Committee on Agriculture Conference Gallo did not visit , especially since the oasis cities with more than million Palm productive and three hundred kind of dates.

He said one of the farmers , ” Abdel Hadi Dleafh ” for the ambiance of the country that the Committee on Agriculture National Congress and the interim government , led by the Ministry of Agriculture does not have a presence on the ground did not strive to stand on the needs of farmers solve the problem of the accumulation of mass production of dates in the cities of oases.

In farm when he saw ” favor Amer ” that the solution to the crisis is that the Ministry of Agriculture to purchase production from farmers.

Agrarian Leader
While attributed farms ” Abdul Hamid drunk , ” the problem to the absence of agricultural Bjalo to guide the weak role of the Ministry of Agriculture to do in turn creates Dates factories world-class , and the search for ways of marketing dates out of the country .

It is noteworthy that cities are the most productive oases of dates within its producing areas in the country.

(Valley girl)



Youth Tobruk

The formation of the interim government of Cyrenaica headed by Ibrahim Aljzeran,:

– Ibrahim Aljzeran head of the Interim Government of Cyrenaica
– Joseph Imran Abedi Deputy Prime Minister
– The Mohammed Hussein Awami. The spokesman for the government of Cyrenaica
– Dr. Ghaith Fakhri Mufti in Cyrenaica

With 20 government minister

Ibrahim Saeed Jdharan – Official Page

We shall immediately proceed to gently Defence Force configuration to support the army,

the police and the protection of all the cities of Cyrenaica, especially Benghazi

and we will also structural configuration tenderly Defence Force as well as the Senate of the region.

Ibrahim Aljdharan in a press conference shortly before ..

We will go out vigorously defend Cyrenaica in the coming days to protect Cyrenaica.


Ibrahim Aljdharan, still emphasizes the continued closure of oil.
In rebuttal to CYRENAICA,
Ali Zaidane said waving his strength to those who besiege his ministry and must be from the return of displaced people to materialize the objectives of the revolution ..

(Ahlam al-Obeidi)

WikiLeaks Cyrenaica
Urgent …

Stun  Force receive two cases of unit case Fa shot for as supernatural Bhariq as t and the other died attention given up because …
And on what appears to have been targeted in the area for almost Qguarhh.


Assassination of colonel in the National Security Research Unit at the police station Ras Ubayda “REFERENCES Laaribi”.



The assassination of the late Hamza Aaudiat of Orvla known as “Hamza Qreis”.
It is of District No. 2
Shooting on car in Alaqbibh area and an unknown killer.
Invite him forgiveness and compassion.

(Valley girl)




Now in the bombing at the hotel mountain tuber.

The vote was made after the end of the session by a full hour.
Including that Abusshmin announced from voting in the morning and when he felt that a few did not raise the number of its immunity

and has been the leadership of the voting session led by Mohamed Tkalh, and Saleh Almkhozom they from Dzb justice and the complainant construction (MB party)
With applause to Kaid emigrated after the announcement to lift the immunity
And science CPPCC members from Tobruk and Tawfiq Muhammad Yunus Upper Iike and Bossoadq mayor did not vote with the lifting of immunity.

Mma are we going to do, and we see the control of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the highest authority in the country.

(Libya Event)

Urgent – tuber
The Tkferrion destroying Collectables University and Aglqunha, for the second time in a row

Witnesses: A group suspected of belonging to a militant group in the tuber smashed some of the contents and furniture and tuber

University closed until the separation of male and female university
The Faculty of Arts at the University of tuber had suffered a similar attack by unknown people lose smashed libraries

and curriculum resulting in damage to disable the college study.
In addition to this attack today to stop the assault 15,000 students and various university faculties for study



Sabha today
Before two hours from now, and specifically with the noon prayer was the bombing of the tomb of Sheikh Tabola

in a cemetery in the neighborhood loan and flattened settled.

Sabha today
Hear the sound of an explosion near Manshia shortly before.

Sabha today
A picture of a young Amer Salhab, who was killed yesterday by a bullet due to the clash, which happened in the city of Sabha during his release from one of the shops

We ask God has mercy and forgiveness and that inspires his family and his family beautifully patience and solace:


Syria: The truth incriminates the USA

By: Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Luckily for President Obama, President Putin is an experienced politician, a seasoned diplomat, an honest statesman and a responsible player of the international community who does not spend his time cavorting with terrorists to destabilize countries and who does not stage false flag operations with his special forces to create excuses for war.

Luckily for President Obama, President Putin was astute enough to provide him with a ladder to start climbing down after a pathetic display of sabre-rattling more befitting of a ten-year-old squeaking threats from a tree-top at his neighbor before running inside sniveling to mommy upon being stung by a wasp.

However this is not a laughing matter and the more we look, the more we see the dark cloud looming on the horizon, a cloud which incriminates the Obama regime in Washington as it promises to uncover the lies, skullduggery and sheer dishonesty behind the failed campaign to attack Syria… because the policy to back the Syrian opposition terrorists was failing.

Firstly let us take a look at the “evidence” Obama and Kerry were peddling. For a start, John Kerry makes his mark under Peter’s Principle as a failed Presidential candidate. As a diplomat and statesman, as US Secretary of State, he is either an incompetent jackass or else he is a barefaced, blatant liar, either case rendering him totally unfit for the job.

One of the photos he was waving around as evidence to incriminate President Al-Assad was taken in Iraq in 2003. Remember Colin Powell’s lies? It seems to be a question of which US Secretary of State can lie the most.

Secondly let us examine the photographic evidence being used by Obama to underline his failed military strike campaign. The United Nations Human Rights Council has apparently confirmed what Russia has been saying all along, that videos and photographs apparently showing victims of a chemical attack in Ghouta on August 21 were fabricated. International experts had presented their evidence to the XXIV Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on September 9.

The same evidence has confirmed suspicions that the ones using chemical weapons that night were indeed the terrorists supported by the West.

Thirdly, the USA was made aware in 2012 by the Iranian Foreign Ministry that the Syrian terrorists were in possession of chemical weapons, so John Kerry’s statement they were not is another blatant lie. There are also photographs of the western-backed Syrian terrorists firing such weaponry from artillery pieces.

Fourthly, and here is the bombshell, reports of hacked emails supposedly sent among US military officials show that the USA was not only aware of, but possibly privy to, such chemical weapons strikes, which were described as a “successful operation” and which apparently reveal that the video evidence of children was staged by US intelligence.

Fifthly, Obama hid behind these images of children, so where are the images of Syrian soldiers caught up in this attack and where are the images of the Syrian rescue services caught up in this attack? What would US firefighters think if someone armed terrorists and instigated an attack against them?

Sixthly, Obama’s claims that this is the first use of chemical weapons this century is baloney. The first use of chemical weapons was in Kosovo and later, on a massive scale, Iraq. The horrific birth defects centred on Fallujah General Hospital and other hospitals especially in Anbar Governorate, apart from other regions in Iraq, have been exposed in a recent campaign launched by Dr. Samira Alaani, a pediatrician, who reveals that for every 1,000 live births in Iraq there are 144 babies born with deformities. The problem is growing worse as time goes on. She calls for the research undertaken by the Iraqi Health Ministry and the World Health organization to be released. It was promised at the beginning of 2013. It is now September 12. Where is it?

Seventhly, why did the Syrian “Revolution” begin exactly when the huge natural gas field was destroyed off Syria’s coast?

Eighthly why does the Islamic cleric who launched this revolution in Dera’a now live in Benghazi, Libya?

Ninthly, several movements have been launched for the Nobel Peace Prize to be taken away from President Obama who since he received it has launched his forces illegally into Libya, which was an act of intrusion forbidden under international law, he has increased the number of murderous cowardly drone strikes, Guantanamo Bay concentration and torture camp remains operating despite his lies and now in Syria the USA is unanimous with supporting Islamist terrorists.

Moral: President Obama does not have a leg to stand on in his neo-conservative elitist dream to take Syria by force and install a US-friendly regime to give the USA control over the country’s resources before the upcoming attacks against Lebanon and Iran.



Erick Stakelbeck reveals ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood‘s quiet invasion of America


“People would be shocked to know about the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood presence in the United States,” terrorist expert Erick Stakelbeck told an interviewer recently. “They are here.”

Stakelbeck was appearing as a guest of Sid Roth on “It’s Supernatural!” the new television program available through WND-TV.

“Individuals with strong ties to the global ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood network absolutely are advising our government, the U.S. government, on its counterterrorism and Middle East policies.

This is the epitome of the fox guarding the hen house,” Stakelbeck continued. “And you wonder why America’s Middle East policies right now are kind of a mess and we see all this chaos

in the Middle East? We have the bad guys, the Brotherhood, in the halls of power and in our lawmakers’ ears.”

Over the course of the interview, Stakelbeck discusses the Brotherhood, which was was formed in Egypt in 1928, later cooperated with Nazi Germany to extend the slaughtering of Jews,

and gave rise to both al-Qaida and Hamas, the terror organization that calls itself the Palestinian branch of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Now, Stakelbeck points out, the Brotherhood is extending its branches throughout Europe and the United States.

He points out, for example, the attendance of Mohamed Majid of the Brotherhood at the White House’s annual Iftar Dinner, commemorating the Muslim month of Ramadan.

He also points out Mohamed Morsi, the ousted Brotherhood leader of Egypt, joined the Muslim Brotherhood not in Cairo somewhere, but as a student at the University of Southern California.

Now, with the aid of billions of dollars in Saudi oil money, Stakelbeck says, the Brotherhood is  infiltrating every sphere of American power, from academia to media to the government itself.

Stakelbeck explains today’s leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, in fact, aren’t bound by turban and beard, hiding out in caves like other terrorists, but are Western educated,

fluent in English and out in the open.

“But that charming facade and veneer hides a sinister agenda,” Stackelbeck claims, “and at the end of the day they share the same goals as al-Qaida.”

What are those goals?

Stakelbeck points to a document he says was recovered in a raid of a ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood operative’s home by Swiss authorities.

According to the document, Stakelbeck says, the Brotherhood has outlined a four-step plan for “destroying Western civilization from within,” four steps already under full swing in America:

  1. Mass immigration
  2. Evil Proselytizing of a false Islam
  3. Buying the Mass Media
  4. Get jobs in the halls of power.

Watch the entire interview below:

 Russian landing ship heading to the Mediterranean end of the month 16.9.2013 | 11:38 News Russia

http://arabic.rt.com/news/627526/ :روسيا اليوم

3 new warships soon join to the Russian operational configuration in the Mediterranean ..


And one visiting the port of Tartus Russian naval fleet continues to strengthen its presence in the Mediterranean Sea

Russian landing ship heading to the Mediterranean end of the month

                                                                   RIA NOVOSTI

Russian landing ship heading to the Mediterranean end of the month.

3 new warships soon join to the Russian operational configuration in the Mediterranean .. And one visiting the port of Tartus Russian naval fleet continues to strengthen its presence in the Mediterranean Sea Announced the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet that large landing ship “Yamal” will travel to the Mediterranean end of the month. The department explained that the preparations for the existing sailing ship in the port of Sevastopol on the verge of completion, pointing out that the crew conducted several trainings on shootings on sea and air targets.

She department that the goal of visiting the ship “Yamal” to the Mediterranean, is participating in the “Week Russian” traditional in Greece and participate in the celebrations marking the 186 battle نافارين Navy (between Russian forces and the British and French Navy by the Fleet Turkish – Egyptian On the other hand, during the war for the independence of Greece) in the Greek port of Pylos. Department did not refer to the possibility of the ship’s accession to the formation of the Russian operational content in the eastern Mediterranean, which includes 7 ships,

and will join him soon 3 other vessels. The Russian Navy has announced earlier that he would work to strengthen its presence in the Mediterranean, due to the escalation of tension in the region against the backdrop of threats on a Western military strike against Syria.

http://arabic.rt.com/news/627526/ :روسيا اليوم




We publish details of foreign control possession a small plane and wireless devices Balslo

Managed security services port Salloum Land adjust the tourists , one Swiss and the second Australian , lounge access, from Libya , and possession a small plane with a remote control, and fitted with a camera and 2 wireless device, and confirmed that they used seizures on safari , and they did not knew the need to get security prior approvals to enter the country , has been editing the record required , and is being presented to the prosecutor for investigation .

And announced that the Security Directorate of Matrouh that responded to the Department of Salloum Minutes from the Department of Salloum Land , containing adjust Bgarogohnncs bsngamlini Australian citizenship passport number n 963824995 and Galig snbiounolirgr Swiss nationality passport number 4903964 , during قدومهما from Libya to the arrival hall port Salloum, and possession of 2 device Wireless Motorola brand , and a small plane with a remote control quad fan equipped with a camera, and forbidden to enter the country only after obtaining a security clearance in advance, were also found in possession on an empty shot 14.5 m .

And Bsaalhma possession seizures benefited Blthma of them to be used in tourism and safari , and knew they need the approval of security , and that the empty commemorative gift was shot while they were in Libya . Was under the administrative record Salloum , and ongoing supply to the prosecution .

(Valley girl)



T BEGINS: Formal Articles Of Impeachment Of Obama Prepared For The Congress Of The United




Resolution Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Resolved, That Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate:

Articles of impeachment exhibited by the House of Representatives of the United States of America in the name of itself and of the people of the United States of America, against Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America, in maintenance and support of its impeachment against him for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Article I

In his conduct while President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has willfully corrupted and manipulated the executive branch to increase its power and destroy the balance of powers between the three branches of government that is established by the Constitution of the United States.

The means used to implement this course of conduct or scheme included one or more of the following acts:

(1)  Shortly after being sworn in for his first term as President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama began creating new departments and appointing Czars to oversee these departments. These Czars were never submitted to the United States Senate for approval as required by Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution. In addition, these Czars and the Departments have budgets that are not subject to being controlled by Congress as provided for by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. He also made recess appointments when the Senate was not in recess.

(2) Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution mandates that the President of the United States “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” Barack Hussein Obama, in violation of his oath of office has repeatedly ignored this Constitutional mandate by refusing to enforce laws against illegal immigration, defend in court the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and refusing to enforce Federal voting laws.

(3) Article 1 of the Constitution establishes the legislative branch of the U.S. government and sets forth the powers of the Senate and House of Representatives to make laws. These powers are exclusive and the Constitution does not grant the President the power to either make laws or amend them on his own. Barack Hussein Obama has ignored these provisions and made or changed laws by either issuing unconstitutional executive orders or instructing governmental departments to take illegal and unconstitutional actions. Specific actions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. A.   Ordering the Environmental Protection Agency to implement portions of the Cap & Trade bill that failed to pass in the U.S. Senate.
  2. B.   Ordering implementation of portions of the “Dream Act” that failed to pass in Congress.
  3. C.   Orchestrating a government takeover of a major part of the automobile industry in 2009.
  4. D.   Ordering a moratorium on new offshore oil and gas exploration and production without approval of Congress.
  5. E.   Signing an Executive Order on March 16, 2012 giving himself and the Executive branch extraordinary powers to control and allocate resources such as food, water, energy and health care resources etc. in the interest of vaguely defined national defense issues. It would amount to a complete government takeover of the U.S. economy.
  6. F.    Signing an Executive Order on July 6, 2012 giving himself and the Executive branch the power to control all methods of communications in the United States based on a Presidential declaration of a national emergency.
  7. G.  Signing an Executive Order on January 6, 2013 that contained 23 actions designed to limit the individual right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.
  8. H.  Amending portions of the Affordable Healthcare Act and other laws passed by Congress without Congressional approval as required by Article 1 of the Constitution.

Article II

(1) Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution mandates that from time to time the President “shall give to Congress information on the State of the Union….” Implicit in this is an obligation for the President to be truthful with the Congress and the American people. Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly violated his oath of office and the requirements of the Constitution by willfully withholding information on important issues or actively taken part in misleading the Congress and the American people. Specific actions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. A.   Using Executive privilege to block Congress from getting documents relating to the DOJ’s Operation Fast and Furious and the death of U.S. Border Patrol Brian Terry.
  2. B.   Had members of his administration provide false information about the act of terrorism committed in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 and refusing to allow the State Department and other federal agencies to cooperate in the Congressional investigation.
  3. C.   Falsely labeled the mass murder of American soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas as “workplace violence” instead of the act of Islamic terrorism it was.
  4. D.   Falsely labeling the IRS targeting of conservative and Christian groups as a “phony” scandal and refusing to order an active pursuit of the investigation into who was ultimately responsible.
  5. E.   Refusing to order an independent investigation of the actions of Eric Holder and the DOJ in targeting the phone records of members of the news media.
  6. F.    Telling the American people on a television show that the NSA was not prying into the emails and phone calls of Americans when the facts prove otherwise

(2) The oath of office of the President of the United States requires him to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. This obviously includes what may be the most important part of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly violated his oath of office by seeking to limit both the individual rights and the rights of the States guaranteed in the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Specific actions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. A.    Having the Department of Health and Human Services order religious institutions and businesses owned by religious families to provide their employees free contraception and other services that are contrary to their religious beliefs. This is being done under the auspices of the Affordable Health Care Act and violates the religious freedom clauses of the First Amendment.
  2. B.   Having the military place restrictions on the religious freedom of Chaplains and other members of the military in order to favor gay rights advocates and atheists in violation of the First Amendment.
  3. C.    Having the military place restrictions on the freedom of speech of members of the military and the civilian employees of the DOD in violation of their rights under the First Amendment.
  4. D.    Using Executive orders and government agency actions to limit Second Amendment rights. This includes actions by the Veterans Administration to disarm American veterans without due process as required by the Fifth Amendment.
  5. E.   Having the National Security Agency intercept and monitor the private communications of millions of Americans without a court order and in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
  6. F.     Joining with foreign governments in lawsuits against sovereign U.S. states to prohibit them from enforcing immigration laws. This is in violation of the Tenth Amendment.
  7. G.   Filing suits under the Voting Rights Act against sovereign U.S. states to prevent them from enforcing Voter ID laws despite rulings by the Supreme Court upholding these laws. This is another violation of the Tenth Amendment and the balance of powers.

(3) Under Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the United States military and as such is responsible for using them in a manner that best serves the national security of the United States and protects our soldiers from unnecessary risks and harm. Barack Hussein Obama has violated his oath of office in this regard. Specific actions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. A.   In the name of  “political correctness,” he imposed unnecessary and dangerous rules of engagement on our troops in combat causing them to lose offensive and defensive capabilities and putting them in danger. Many American service personnel have been killed or wounded as a result of this policy.
  2. B.   Releasing the identity of American military personnel and units engaged in dangerous and secret operations such as the killing of Osama bin Laden by Navy Seal team 6.
  3. C.   Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the exclusive power to declare war. Yet, without consulting Congress President Obama ordered the American military into action in Libya.

In all of this, Barack Hussein Obama has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute on the Presidency, has betrayed his trust as President and has acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

Wherefore, Barack Hussein Obama, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.

Written by Michael Connelly, Constitutional Attorney 

mrobertc [at] hotmail.com

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have prepared these formal Articles of Impeachment as a Constitutional lawyer. They are in proper legal form and I believe all allegations are provable. They will be sent to Congress with annotations.

Source: www.redflagnews.com/headlines/breaking-formal-articles-of-impeachment-written-by-michael-connelly-constitutional-attorney

How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Salafist Rebels In Syria



The official position is that the U.S. has refused to allow heavy weapons into Syria.

But there’s growing evidence that U.S. agents — particularly murdered homo-sexual  spy so-called “ambassador” Chris Stevens — were smuggling weapons from Libya to Salafist Syrian rebels.

In March 2011 Stevens became the official U.S. liaison to the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan opposition, working directly with Abdelhakim Belhadj of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,

many of whose members joined with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and lead the present “interim Government” in Libya —

whose fighters reportedly participating in the attack that through smoke aphixiation eventually took Stevens’ life.

In November 2011 The Telegraph reported that Belhadj, acting as head of the Tripoli Military Council, “met withFree Syrian Army [FSA] leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey” in an effort by the “new Libyan government” to provide money and weapons to the growing insurgency in Syria.

Last month The Times of London reported that a Libyan ship “carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria … has docked in Turkey.”

The shipment reportedlyweighed 400 tons and included SA-7 surface-to-air anti-craft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.

Reuters reports that Syrian rebels have been using those heavy weapons to shoot down Syrian helicopters and fighter jets.

The ship’s captain was “a Libyan from Benghazi and the head of an organization called the Libyan National Council for Relief and Support,”

which was presumably established by the new government.

That means that Ambassador Stevens had only one person—Belhadj—

between him and the Benghazi man who brought heavy weapons to Syria.

Furthermore, we know that the salafists are in the majority and are the best fighters in the Syrian opposition, but where did they come from?

And if the “new Libyan government” was sending seasoned Salafist fighters and 400 tons of heavy weapons to Syria through a port in southern Turkey

a deal brokered by Stevens’ primary Libyan contact during the Libyan revolution—then the governments of Turkey and the U.S. surely knew about it.

Furthermore there was a CIA post in Benghazi, located 1.2 miles from the U.S. consulate, used as “a base for, among other things, collecting information

on the proliferation of weaponry looted from Libyan government arsenals, including surface-to-air missiles” … and that its security features “were more

advanced than those at [the] rented villa where Stevens died.”

And we know that the CIA has been funneling weapons to the rebels in southern Turkey.

The American CIA has been involved in handing out the heavy weapons from Libya.

In any case, the connection between Benghazi and Syrian rebels is stronger than has been officially acknowledged.

source: businessinsider.com

Libya is “governed” by ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood/al-Qaeda:

Al-Qaeda in Libya … documentary film:

watch video at:

Al-Qaeda in Libya ... documentary film

Al-Qaeda in Libya … documentary film

Black flag above the flag of Libya .. Scene is no longer unique or rare, it’s part  of the reality in the new FREE Libya ..

Aware of al-Qaeda .. Appears in the Libyan sky since the seventeenth of February 2011 …

To reflect the new reality on the ground some tried to deny .. And others tried to minimize its size .. But thebitter truth that al-Qaeda is in Libya ..

No records visible exhibitors and but imposes the force of arms, thievery and terror to everyone.

The West has tolerated al-Qaeda terrorism in Libya for a long period of time. Despite media reports and intelligence,

there have been numerous talks about al Qaeda in Libya; such as the report, which was published by the newspaper Il Journal Italian,

referring to several intercepted contacts between the leaders of al-Qaeda in Libya ..Including a call from Murad Musa Salim Zachary (who works in Nalut),

where he confirmed the arrival of fighters from Algeria who are followers of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb available to work in Libya ..

Trained on the outskirts of MISURATA, (with American CIA expertise),

the leading grassroots key Mohammad Aleem mostly, either in the tuber, which she described as Fort militants worked to recruit young Ibrahim Sufian, who was a driver for the former leader of al Qaeda marker bin Laden, was arrested in Afghanistan 2001 and the imprisonment of 6 years in Guantanamo. It also resides Abdul Hakim Alhsady known leader of the tuber, which has already sending fighters to fight in Iraq and had been released a few years ago among the hundreds released by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi belonging to the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya.

Appeared Qaeda in Libya during the CIA-led war that began in the seventeenth of February 2011, when the returned Islamic Fighting Group to fight the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in eastern Libya, while the monitoring post dense fighters Arabs and Muslims belong to the base flocked to the various parts of the country, in eastern and western Libya alike. Formed Libya coveted old al-Qaeda, ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood current organization leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, seen to Libya as an affluent area and sparsely populated between Algeria and Egypt, and in the interface of Europe, and has good relations with most of the militants, which has tried since the beginning of 2000 to pay the Islamic Fighting Group to develop an alliance with al-Qaeda to be the (integrated) in full, but the group was the view that the priority is the establishment of “Islamic emirate” in Libya only, pay-Zawahiri to establish al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

Some believe that the failure of al-Zawahiri in the agreement in 2000 with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is the reason why in the formation of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to act as “camp” temporarily until the insurance one of the countries,in humgry periods to the scope of the desert coast, Niger, Mali and Mauritania, and consisted of the remains of jihadists Algerian Tuareg, and succeeded in recruiting dozens of fighters Libyans, and achieved some integration with the local population in Mali and the Sahel and Niger.

With the beginning of popular movement in Tunisia in December 2010, the infiltration of members of the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to the inside of Libya, and began to carry out terrorist attacks against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

The escalation and the emergence of al-Qaeda came during the Libyan war, along with media reports that there are 14 senior commanders of al-Qaeda in Libya, some of whom became (and now hold) important positions within the “new Libyan state” (with their brothers of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood). They have, in  turn, been linked  to political allies

who helped them to get rid of The Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi, and on top of these allies, resides Barack Obama and his henchmen of the United States.

When the French embassy in Tripoli was attacked, there began confessions of the international presence of Al Qaeda in Libya, in consequence, according to the Daily Mail,  hundreds of British soldiers  would be sent to Libya in a matter of months to train the army.  They warned the former commander of team security sector in Tripoli, Andrew Wood (at a hearing of the U.S. Congress concerning the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi) that the presence of al-Qaeda in Libya is growing every day. As intelligence chief, the French Interior Previous Yves Boni, said that Western intelligence agencies have names documented extremist elements in Libya and added: He has the West rearing snake and the day will come Tldghm, France will be the first bite, although I do not wish this happens” has become the rule in Libya pose a threat to the security of its neighbors to the west, that investigations which took place in Tunis confirmed that armed groups Salafism in Tunisia gets more than 90 percent of their weapons from inside Libya . And dozens of activists Salafist armed in Tunisia, including the princes of the groups, they are located within cities of Libya.

Risk rule extends to Chad this what President Idriss Deby stressed that the situation in neighboring Libya on the verge of explosion after being turned into a base for Islamic extremists, said in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro that “all Islamic extremists are today in Libya,” stressing that no “has no doubt” in the relationship of these Islamist al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, said Debbie that Islamists Almtpartyanlm not have the land by name the land, today they have to Libya as a whole.

In the east of Libya seem long border with Egypt a threat to neighboring Arab larger number, having turned those limits to the most important ways of smuggling weapons from the base of Libya to the regulations militant in Egypt; and the reports of the Egyptian security revealed that quite a few extremists who insist receive military training in al-Qaeda camps in eastern Libya (DERNA & THE TUBER–also nicknamed by them the “Islamic Emarite of Libya”) ..

Some reports go to the Egyptian extremist elements also participated in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi before fleeing from Libya to Egypt after the operation.

Libyan citizens suffering severe hardship because of al-Qaeda and allied groups .. Where these groups impose hegemony .. And implement what it calls the border .. And kill the and slaughtered offenders .. Not to mention the kidnapping and torture in the camps and places of detention biography no one knows anything about it ..

In addition to the assassinations in the streets, such as the murder of Judge Najib Huwaidi before the Court of Derna in Libya.

source:  http://alrassedalliby.com/news/news.aspx?id=2166985

The Battle Continues

Mu perception

I was in the dreams of prophecy crossed … Proud you drivers .. Fakhri will move me to my children and my grandchildren.

Africans loyal to the worthy son of Africa Muammar al-Qathafi.
وقد كنت النبوءة في احلام من عبروا … افخر انك قائدي .. وسينتقل فخري مني الى ابنائي والي احفادي .

So educate our children and our new generations .. Nrbém on the thought leader Muammar al-Qathafi …
(Free Almgarhh)

As we told saga of the legendary steadfastness .. We mean supporters of leader Muammar al-Qathafi, sir …

Bbagm the steadfastness of my free great conqueror….

To speak on behalf of Muammar al-Qathafi .. And to be holders of the commandment of Muammar al-Qathafi …

And to be thought of Muammar al-Qathafi holders … and are we commanded us Muammar al-Qathafi to fulfill the trail and the road …

I see a very big responsibility and moving the idea of heavy ..

On the other angle I see Sharaf Mapadh Sharaf us that we have lived through the era of Muammar al-Qathafi and Althmana with him and he has commanded us to resist.

I hope to be as much responsibility historical Sttdolha of the history books ..

But that reminds us of the history books that we implemented, which will Shahid Muammar al-Qathafi or not.

Newborn here not only to Libyans, but for all lovers of Muammar al-Qathafi in all parts of the world.

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 22 Hinbal 2013 syphilis

Ghosts of the Resistance groups / Ministry of eye / four streets

We do not have ourselves .. We belong to our cause .. We such as fuel sacrifice ourselves in order to reach the Great Jamahiriya again ..
(Libyan Resistance Movement h m l)

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 09/09/2013 syphilis

Champions of the Libyan army.


Armed people’s camps of the Green Resistance:

A picture of members of the armed people …….. During morning workouts yesterday in one of the camps:

Snaded and Ncefolhm Nmotoa delegation home


Faithful Green Army

Leader of the Revolution:
“We do not accept that destroy our morale.”
الأخ قائد الثورة: نحن لا نقبل أن تدمر روحنا المعنوية.

Thoughts of the pride of the Great Jamahiriya (Libya)

When you know that you will be victorious in the end with the help of Allah and victory is near six heads altitude of glory

in front of you from now on as soon as the power of hope in God.



Escape O Boshna of the

  • Maybe my rats do not notice our presence among you, but case with now from ruin and destruction of this country
    may be due to you memory and Tsthoudron past have lost him all the security and the future, and remember we
    will continue to longevity faithful to the historical era called leader Muammar al-Qathafi wrote glory letters of light.

    Former leader of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, ” Mansour Daou “ speaks of the U.S. press through Rita Mcderamenz :
    – al-Qathafi distributed 10 thousand dinars on each booklet in the family events and one hundred thousand for each family

    who lost her son at the beginning of the events , ministers and officials in banks and public bodies and now senior

    staff of “17 February” refused to distribute and swindled on the people and give them 500 dinars .
    – Most ridiculous charges against me to discuss it , and I have confidence in the Libyan judiciary .
    – Saif Gaddafi says just can not kill one , while Musa Kusa do Yes , an adviser killings and executions in the system , but performs alone .
    – You are wrong, you may be our names months you or at the system level , but high-ranking jobs big and scores big no Tqdoa

    them on one another I myself might. You know them with their faces, but I do not know much about them, and I can not of

    asked because knead by Khalna in the maze again.
    – al-Qathafi is not a tribal or regionally as you think versa nor was a sword hanging over everyone, without exception, and

    standard sincerity and loyalty to him personally and to some extent water in many cases not being unfair to those who acted

    violently with them.

    – Does not exist for 1270 people have been killed in Abu Salim prison , and nearly 172 people dead , and the rest in just insane

    imaginations this topic expired and there is the fact that its name killing of 1270 and eventually slain Hua dead person or a million,

    but also the truth Come truth.
    – A corrupt culture of the Libyan people and very bad and impulsive and killed after February Aktar, who were killed in the revolution.
    – Libya will rise with the mind and emotions will fall. And elevate science , ethics and end ignorance and hypocrisy.
    – America is one of the Lockerbie plane bombing to get rid of the intelligence team arrived in achieving a big issue of corruption,

    and Britain learn this but Akaddo the big deal with Libya paid for it dearly.

    (Quoting / / s . G)

    القيادي السابق في نظام القذافي “منصور ضو ” يتحدث للصحفية الامريكية ” ريتا ماكدريمنز ” :
    – القدافي وزع 10 الاف دينار على كل كتيب عائلة في فترة الأحداث ومائة الف لكل أسرة فقدت ابنها في بداية الاحداث ، وزراء ومسؤولين في المصارف والجهات العامة والأن كبار الموظفين في فبراير رفضوا توزيعها واحتالوا على الناس واعطوهم 500 دينار .
    – التهم الموجهة ضدي اسخف من ان اناقشها ، ولدي ثقة في القضاء الليبي .
    – سيف القذافي يقول فقط ولا يستطيع قتل احد ، بينما موسى كوسا يفعل نعم وهو مستشار القتل والاعدامات لدى النظام ولكن ينفذ لوحده .
    – انتم مخطئين قد تكون اسمائنا اشهر لكم او على مستوى النظام ولكن الرتب العالية والوظائف الكبيرة و الدرجات الكبيرة لم تقبضوا منها على احد البعض انا نفسي قد اتعرف عليهم بوجوههم ولكن لا اعلم الكثير عنهم ولا استطيع ان ا سئل لأن دلك يد خلني في متاهات اخرى .
    – القذافي ليس قبليا او جهويا كما تعتقدون بالعكس كان سيفه مسلط على الجميع دون استثناء ومعياره الاخلاص والولاء له شخصياً والي حد ماء في كثير من الحالات لم يظلم ممن تصرف معهم بعنف .
    – لا وجود لــ 1270 قتيل في سجن بو سليم ، وتقريبا القتلى 172 شخص فقط ، والباقي في مخيلات المجانين فقط هذا الموضوع منتهي ولا يوجد حقيقة اسمها مقتل 1270 وفي النهاية القتيل هوا قتيل شخص او مليون ولكن ايضا الحقيقة هيا الحقيقة .
    – ثقافة الشعب الليبي فاسدة وسيئة للغاية ومندفعة ومن قتلوا بعد فبراير اكتر ممن قتلوا في الثورة .
    – ليبيا ستنهض بالعقل وستسقط بالمشاعر . وترتقي بالعلم والاخلاق وستنتهي بالجهل والنفاق .
    – أمريكا هي من قامت بتفجير طائرة لوكيربي للتخلص من فريق استخبارات وصل في تحقيق قضية كبيرة للفساد ، وبريطانيا تعلم هذا لكنهم عقدو صفقة كبيرة معهم دفعت ليبيا ثمنها غالياً .

    نقلا عنـ // ث . ز

Zintan channel on Facebook

Mail channel
Alaa El Din Omar Trabelsi writes:

Since the end of the revolution Andlaat many of discord between cities and tribes .. And between the parties ..

And other temptations that led to the deaths of many citizens and led to cracks in the social fabric of Libya ..
Note here ..
You Samatwa age that Libyan Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Gharyiani walking to the tribe or the city or to the headquarters of the party in order to bring

in the views or resolve forms received between one category or another .. Good question given the location of Dar Al-Fatwa and status ..

But always we find it speaks to the logic of the military and thugs .. Using the threat of force or harness of designated real revolutionaries

belonging to his authority in Mitigua in terror and intimidation party against the other party .. And the idea of ​​mind extent say what Aendash the car,

but the vans Tola duff .. Anicolola Ghaltan .. Aarahm on Walter Yassin who cured riding in the Mercedes car right more than half a million dollars ..

من بريد القناة
علاء الدين عمر الطرابلسىمنذ انتهاء الثورة اندلاعت العديد من الفتن بين مدن وقبائل .. وبين احزاب .. وغيرها من الفتن التي ادت الى مقتل العديد من المواطنين و ادت الى شروخ في النسيج الاجتماعي لليبيا ..
الملاحظة هنا ..
عمركم سمعتوا بان مفتي الديار الليبية الشيخ الصادق الغرياني مشي لقبيلة او لمدينة او لمقر حزب من اجل التقريب في وجهات النظر او لحل اشكال حصل بين فئة او اخرى .. سؤال وجيه نظرا لموقع دار الافتاء ومكانتها .. لكن دايما نجده يتكلم بمنطق العسكر والبلطجية .. بالتهديد باستخدام القوة أو تسخير من يسميهم بالثوار الحقيقيين التابعين لسلطته في معيتيقة في ارهاب وتخويف طرف ضد الطرف الاخر .. وعلى فكرة بالك حد ايقول ما عنداش سيارة والا سيارتا تولع بالدف .. انقولولا غلطان .. ايرحم على التريس اللي خلوه يركب في سيارة مرسيدس حقها اكثر من نصف مليون دولار ..
Play Brotherhood: –
Whenever narrowed down on the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Haro uprooted from approaching power Stkhaddmo
the conventional weapons and that Adavo need some improvements WHDH weapons are:
1 – The issuance of the fatwa favor towards them Sassi and violates the policy violates the initiated ..
2 – exploitation platforms for fundamental propaganda and promote their ideas ..
3 – directing the media Lotta Gejh the capturing Ali media channels, even by force.
4 – ignite the fire of strife between cities and regions ..
Here is the Comptroller General of the brothers in Libya Bashir Kabta the media due to appear for his sense of danger
and draw stinging criticism of Zaidane and people forget that fact very well known and will not benefit his desperate attempts
to Rescue the king of the Brotherhood.

Word now :: 85 member of the Conference of the rat sign on a draft resolution to isolate Gerzhm the biggest Zaidane.

Firas Bo Salloum | |Source from the General National Congress inform me follows :
“Attorney General requesting lift the immunity of members of:  F Sayeh – Touati Alaadh – emigrated Kaid against the backdrop of a communication
made by the ruling MB ‘Justice and construction’ PARTY to members listed on charges of defamation, and will be looking for a committee formed
by the Presidency and the Commission of Justice Conference (MB) for lifting the immunity of whether or not the three members.

Efforts to withdraw confidence from the government Zaidane

Tripoli – Al Jazeera – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

AKP seeks construction – an Islamist party has about eighty seats in the General Libyan National Congress (Parliament ) –

to the dismissal of Ali Zaidane’s government because of what he says is the ” failures ” in the treatment of files,

including security and army building .

The party moves coincided with a press statement to the observer in the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Bashir Kabta

the request of the Government of Zidane’s withdrawal from the arena and leave space for other government can address

the core files , describing the government’s performance as ” disappointing” at all levels.

The Libyan Fatwa other is described in an official statement this week, the survival of the government as ” a waste of time ,”

calling to accelerate إقالتها . Zidane himself , however , repeatedly refused to resign.

The head of the ruling Justice and Mohammed Sawan construction of the island revealed that his party had the support of

half the members of the National Congress ( 200 members ) to dismiss the government , adding that he needs twenty

votes for a quorum .

Flint denied any link to the movement aimed to overthrow the government of Zidane’s visit to Egypt a few days ago and

his meeting with the leaders of the existing power there , including Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al – Sisi , referring to

previous statements launched by the party since July 20 last year.

He said that the party’s proposed solutions to the files, the army and the police , local government and foreign,

but the government did not respond.

He added that the need to phase compatibility and consultation , expressing regret for leadership selection “weak”

to the ministries of defense and interior.

Muhammad refused to Flint deviation from the democratic process to overthrow the government , stressing his support

peaceful demonstrations , or to obtain a quorum in the National Conference ,

or Zaidane’s resignation ” voluntarily ” .

Head of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood group to Libya: the government’s performance disappointing at all levels:

Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood Libya attack “Zidane weak” and his government.

Comptroller General of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya Bashir Kabta and of the guide of Egypt,

calling on the government to withdraw from the scene and left the area for another government can address the core files

that have accumulated the problems, describing the performance of the government as

“substandard and disappointing at all levels, according to him.”

He said Kabta, in a statement on Tuesday – that the current government composition and the Presidency on Zaidane

had been given an adequate opportunity but did not offer anything to this stage, especially Wim regards the security file,

and said the group had demanded the dismissal of the government after the events of armor in Benghazi.

The Kabta added that the National Conference should strive to choose the most appropriate for this stage, and the

government should focus on the security file and rebuild and the organization of the armed forces, pointing out that

these files represent a threat to the country if not addressed now.

The Kabta stressed that the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood does not lead the political arena directly, but through its membership

in the Party for Justice and Development, explaining that it is up to them to participate in the government or not.

Zaidane sees himself in this way after his visit to Egypt !!

Occurs only in Libya February …

Al-Qaeda leader Powered crisis management at the National Ground pass!!!???

Zintan channel on Facebook

Ali Zaidane:
Threatens the federal force of arms!! He says we are afraid to social peace and give a chance for dialogue ..

There are countries ally willing to help??

# _ Gateway to Libya

Libyan citizen behind Shara overfilling by Mark Alkouchn ? ?
Why erected a tent to protest in front of the National Congress Hall demanding dropping Zaidane ? ? ?

Pain say that there is a force want to topple the government in an hour and a day ! ! ?

Why this demonstration tent that does not increase the number of its members to ten people ! ! Something funny …
Everyone knows may stand in front of the Prime Minister and stand in front of his decisions ,

especially not announcing what is happening in secret because we are curious , or rather we increase

the national all necessary in order to brief us on the secrets of things what Thirty – induced s …….. Da vineyard of God ..
What was said in the Government of Egypt and Prime Minister and Foreign Minister , but what is true ,

what of the one standing in front of the right Egypt is the largest Tkthel of the minimum for us ,

a mother and not under the name , but titles released to her family who can stand against the national Egyptian street ..

I’m in a personal envy Egyptians on their patriotism and loyalty to their country , so why out Alakhunjah the objectors from the words of the Prime Minister? ? ?

Is not it clear not out Alakhunjah the front of the open they are liars pain exposes their heads in front of everyone what about this bunch that emit name among Libyans ..

Libyan knows that the pain of those people disarmed lying and hypocrisy and Alfetna the pain everyone knows that exposes the false helpless even after a while ?

We may object with Zidane in points and Nuagahm in the points and we have the right to exchange for some of the decisions that concern the Libyan issue ..

Did not specialize on others just walled us are Dppelmasah relations even if the word ( ( what ) ) ..

We support and strongly Libya’s support for the current government in Egypt sister and with all our strength and also agree with the Prime Minister the other hand,

we scope of its core to withdraw the deposit of Finance estimated 2 billion dinars, and also call for an investigation into a comprehensive financial Per

remittances that were sent to support the election campaign of Mursi former President of the Republic Egyptian ..

In addition to take off my hands some Alakhunjah of all Libyan foreign investments , which achieved zero output over two consecutive years ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
NOTE simple and the result of realistic analysis and of us turned out the following is the period

( ( Brotherhood hypocrites want to topple the government and challenged for a long time , which laid the basis of which surrounded the ministries to the day

but for the National Congress is controlled by before thirty Navarra not Istoa that compare as human.

They mentioned by many of the characters and the last of whom to Bergthe and former Secretary of Defense )))
Thank you.

Dr. Shalluf, considered that the National Conference participants and they were not Mahliyn:

“In fact, the National Conference is the whole reason scourge”

Libya | anger and demonstrations in Tripoli demanding the dismissal of the government imported!

Are not you chosen these people to Agmokm and leader Astbdltm!
Why pretend them now and you summoned to Tkhalaskm of safety and security which you Taeshunh in the light of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi!!

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free
Light light of its principle …


الفاتح فاتح من مبداه….انشـــــــــــر
‏الفاتح فاتح من مبداه…‏
Durée : 1:03


Mu allegiance
Wayne Mavi this red box is the new green channel frequency and Tlqo the name of the green channel in the channel list name appeal:
RAT MB Brother Ali’s struggle green channel now:
Green Channel 44th

The truth about al-Qathafi and the Libyan war [LINKS]

SOME USEFUL LINKS, TO SHARE AND DISTRIBUTE WITHOUT MODERATION1 / al-Qathafi, his ideas, and the true nature of the Jamahiriya system :
. Life in Libya “under the Great Jamahiriya” what they do not tell you. The point of view of a young Libyan France [VIDEO]. Muammar al-Qathafi: a few. Testament of Muammar al-Qathafi: a message to the world


. Why pro-al-Qathafi today?

. Hoist the Green Flag! Everywhere! always

. “Revolutions” and Arab aggression against Libya

. Libya: CIA, social networks, and manufactures opinion [VIDEO]

. Called “mercenaries” of al-Qathafi lying fell

. “You will regret when it is too

. Thierry Meyssan tells the truth about Libya [VIDEO]

. Libya: Even Berlusconi admit the truth!

. Hugo Chavez, on a letter he received from Gaddafi [VIDEO]

. Message from Muammar al-Qathafi world

. Muammar Gaddafi calls for a worldwide revolution

. The ball of garbage (by Alain

. Mélenchon accomplice imperialist murderers

. War in Libya: Eva Joly shows its true face 4 / Against deviations :

. The inconsistency of “Gaddafi” pro-Iranian and pro-Hezbollah

. Against all deviationism: Manifesto for a Green Guard

. Hans Cany: the motivations of my support for Gaddafi and green Libya

. True socialists, true libertarians support Gaddafi

Oil Corporation announces the discovery of new gas fields Bhoda Murzuq and Ghadames

(QUESTION: Will they GIVE LIBYA their dues?)

“Atmosphere of the country” -(THE MISURATA NEWSPAPER)

Announced that the National Oil Corporation on Tuesday the discovery of Ghazi New Bhoda the Murzuq and Ghadames.

The director of exploration Foundation National Oil Bashir Qurei for the ambiance of the country on Tuesday,

“the consortium Sonatrach, the Algerian made ​​a discovery invader of well drilling exploratory first

(b 1-95/2) area of ​​contract 95/96 Ghadames Basin, which is 120 km south of the field to meet.”

The company also achieved a Polish oil and gas discovery Ghazi another again after drilling the first exploratory well

(a 1-113/1) contract area 113 Murzuq Basin southwest of Tripoli, which is situated 150 km northwest of the field spark.

Qurei pointed out that the company continues the exploration process in both Sirte and Ghadames Basin and Murzuq,

adding that the company will begin marine region next.



Libya Telecom and Technology

We know all our customers the possibility of a malfunction in the network affects the capital Tripoli and its neighborhoods in the next few days.

Urgent ::::::::

Cut communications on Alchuirv area and Alkirh who called Bthoar the Tripoli due to cut water to the city.


Muammar al-Qathafi installed a sageguard on Tripoli’s water supply where an interruption of the Great Manmade River

WOULD NOT AFFECT TRIPOLI—so where does this bull come from about the water being stopped and waiting for 5 day for it to reflow?…

also, there was an untouched stockpile of petrol in tact 6 months for Libyans to be o.k. and a year supply (UNTOUCHED) of propane gas.
Do not let the media and Zaidane blame it on Zintan closing te Melita Oil & Gas field, for the lack of fuel, electricty and and water in Tripoli…

THE WHOLE THING WAS A PREPLANNED MB scheme (of which Zaidane was partner in and full co-operated with)—
The WEST WANTS their cake without properly giving Libya her share of the revenues.

When interrupted Great Manmade River water, Tripoli, so be intact! (THIS IS A FACT!)


In a statement to the engineer in the Great Man-Made River Company said that water will be returned to Tripoli Baden God !!  on

Thursday night and uncertain news:
Minister of Water Resources: Start the water pump on Saturday, 07 September 2013 at promptly at 23:57 and was pumping 200

thousand cubic liters and lasted for two days and after fulfillment of all the trustee Nat line the river was pumped 400 thousand

cubic liters and now arrived pumping million liters dump line the riverwater and went to the city of Tarhuna, Misrata and water

will reach the city of Tripoli Friday morning or evening.


Director the Mount Al_husaona system device implementation of the Great Man-Made River Project, said that the water

will reach the beginning of the city of Tripoli on Friday and work is underway on the bare water inside the tubes.

The suffering of the people of the Capitol District ~ and continues uninterrupted water.

Media center for the youth of the capital

Street protests are the .. Qtato corner us water ~ interrupt communication from you!!

News of the arrival of representatives of the protests are central street corner mail to the headquarters

of the industrial river system to stand on the truth of the reinsurance water to cities, including the capital.

This has threatened protesters earlier in front of the Central Post Office to cease all communication in the

event of a delay or prevent water for the intended recipients.

(Valley girl)

Media center for the youth of the capital

Street protests are the .. Qtato corner us water ~ interrupt communication from you!!

News of the arrival of representatives of the protests are central street corner mail to the headquarters of the industrial river system to stand on the truth of the reinsurance water to cities, including the capital.

This has threatened protesters earlier in front of the Central Post Office to cease all communication in the event of a delay or prevent water for the intended recipients.

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

The Office of Information and the Ministry of Education, said Tuesday that the ministry
With respect to the investigation of out school students in the capital demonstration demanding the overthrow of the government.

And in the media office confirmed the ministry that the ministry will open an investigation into the exit basic education

school students “Zahira stars” demonstration to overthrow the government, saying that it refuses to involve

pupils and students in the political process.

And office confirmed that the ministry vowed to punish all of sandwiching schools in the political and business

trends and will b sanctions would be described

For his part, denounced the school administration requested out to demonstrate, saying it is not responsible for this issue,

expressing dissatisfaction with the use of pupils and students in political campaigns.

Combustion cars to citizens in Tripoli’s Dahmani angle morning and human damage and investigations are underway to find out the reasons

Fire in a Hyundai Accent car color black car owner Egyptian nationality resident in the region just two weeks of delay in civil defense in a fire that caused the car.

Also front Alhavandaa.

Ablaze two cars in Dahmani Angle in the capital Tripoli this morning.:

Dahmani Angle now:


Now inside the Tripoli International Airport fire on the screens Rahalat by security personnel and the cause is unknown.


University of Tripoli and Al Degetl Group for Communications and Informatics University organizing the book fair with the

participation of publishers and the role of books and national, Arab and international ..
You are invited to attend a day from Sunday 15 September to Thursday 19 September and our doors are open from 9 am to 5 pm ..

Tripoli University Gallery de l'Université de livreTripoli University Gallery de l'Université de livreTripoli University Gallery de l'Université de livre

Tripoli University Gallery de l’Université de livre

Tripoli University Gallery de l’Université de livre

Carte spectacle

Galerie de photos

Bienvenue à la Galerie de l’Université de Tripoli University Book

La lecture est un élément important du développement dans tous les domaines, et en lisant le livre est un outil pour tous les âges, et le livre joue un rôle important dans cette ère qui connaît un énorme techniquement sophistiqué et sans précédent révolution de l’information, où l’information humanitaire augmentent de jour en jour. Il est devenu nécessaire que l’étudiant possède les compétences de recherche et les informations de commande et absorbé rapidement et efficacement; lui permettre d’être employé et utilisé dans la mesure du possible.

Des études scientifiques ont porté sur la lecture de compétence aussi moderne que la source la plus importante de la connaissance, la culture et la science, ils étudient la connaissance et de plaisir pour tout le monde. فالقراءة offrir une avantages, notamment:

– La lecture est une source de croissance par habitant linguistique et contribue à forger le caractère et la composition de mentalité.

–  la lecture est un moyen de communication important d’apprendre à connaître les différentes cultures et les sciences, et d’étendre la capacité de l’esprit et le mental.

–  capable de lire l’individu à acquérir les compétences d ‘«auto-apprentissage» qui est devenu la nécessité des nécessités de la vie pour suivre le développement scientifique.

–  lire un grand rôle dans le renforcement et l’amélioration de la présence de l’individu parmi les autres, ils acquièrent la confiance en soi et de connaissances dans divers domaines de la vie et de la capacité à convaincre.

–  lecture joue un rôle important dans le domaine de l’éducation comme cela fonctionne pour vous connecter et consolider les connaissances et acquérir de l’expérience qui offre aux étudiants et est le moyen le plus important pour mesurer le niveau de réussite des élèves.

–  La lecture est un bon moyen d’investir le temps, où un individu peut profiter de son temps libre est bénéfique.

–  la lecture d’une source d’informations et de connaissances qui peuvent contribuer à la prise de bonnes décisions.

Parce que les salons du livre se produisent mouvement culturel actif qui fait appel à beaucoup de lecteurs pour l’acquisition de livres dans différents domaines pour les aider à fournir des connaissances, des cultures et de la littérature, contribuent culturellement à leur développement, qui s’est tenue l’exposition Tripoli Université université du livre au cours de la période comprise entre 15-19 Septembre 2013.

Demande instamment à la lecture de slogan et le développement


Tripoli University Gallery of University BookTripoli University Gallery of University BookTripoli University Gallery of University Book

Tripoli University Gallery of University Book

Tripoli University Gallery of University Book

Map show

Photo Gallery

Tripoli University Gallery of University BookTripoli University Gallery of University BookTripoli University Gallery of University Book

Tripoli University Gallery of University Book

Tripoli University Gallery of University Book

Map show

Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery of the University of Tripoli University Book

Reading is an important component of development in all fields, and reading the book is a tool for all ages, and the book plays an important role in this era which is witnessing a tremendous technically sophisticated, and unprecedented information revolution; where humanitarian information are increasing day by day. It has become necessary that the student possesses the skill of search and ordering information and absorbed rapidly and effectively; allow him to be employed and utilized to the maximum degree possible.

Scientific studies focused on reading skill as modern as the most important source of knowledge, culture and science, they are investigating the knowledge and fun for everyone. فالقراءة offer a benefits including:

– Reading is a source of linguistic per capita growth, and contributes to build character and composition of mentality.

–  reading represents a major means of communication to get to know different cultures and science, and expand the mind and mental capacity.

–  able to read the individual to acquire the skill of “self-learning” that has become the need of the necessities of life to keep up with scientific development.

–  read a great role in strengthening and enhancing the presence of the individual among the others they gain self-confidence and knowledge in various walks of life and the ability to persuade.

–  reading plays an important role in the field of education as it works to connect and consolidate knowledge and gain experience that offers students and is the most important way to measure the level of student achievement.

–  The reading is a good way to invest the time, where an individual can take advantage of his spare time is beneficial.

–  reading a source of information and knowledge that can contribute to making good decisions.

Because the book fairs occur active cultural movement that appeals to a lot of readers for the acquisition of books in different areas to help provide them with knowledge, cultures and literature, culturally contribute to their development, held exhibition Tripoli University Book university during the period between 15-19 September 2013.

Urges the slogan reading and Development




For more information falsely exhibition site at the address


Please be specific deployment

Reporting missing
Name: Abdul Razak bin Saeed

Abductions place: in front of a tobacco factory area, March 2 (Cordoba)

Monday 3:15 pm
Type of car: a white Toyota Carola

Plate Number 5_1110966

Car hijackers: Chevrolet is white opaque plates زجاجها

Please call: 0927038110 **

Quoting … Jebus agency news

The day a group of militia’s hater

who call themselves the NOAA recommends stormed the gate of the Ministry of Health and access to the corridors of the ministry and the exposure of staff and humiliated

and Hddo they will Aagaflon the Ministry of Health as Aagaflo the Ministry of Finance if it is not accelerating certain transactions Administrative their own

and here we say for hating where you are which perpetrated Ktaúpk and Milisht in the right people and ordinary people that closed one after the militias you Mitigua Hospital and deprive people of services.

Here they arrive until the Ministry of Health
Tqo God in the country and the people,

O human semiconductor and semiconductor men.



Was assassinated shortly before a youth portal mouth Melgh located near the city of Tarhounah on the

road link with the capital Tripoli and the victim Antmany family Herodh of Tarhounah was driving his car

and is returning from Tripoli to Tarhounah by unknown assailants have baller protect him and mentioned

that last night killed a woman said to have lawyer in the same place after attacking a car that was driven

by her husband, by unknown assailants did not know that there was a relationship or not incidents ..



So as not to forget ..
Striking Richna the present is an archive for our grandchildren and a source of pride ..


The anniversary of the martyrdom of Brigadier corner M’hamed Alhmal was
Who was shot and killed militias Alfberaaria the
And also the martyrs
– Shahid Salim Ahmed bull
– Martyr Ghaith Alsameh Ali
– Martyr Hussein, F Ali
– Shahid Ali nautical
– Shahid Mahmoud Khader
– Shahid Ali Hameed بودينة
– Shahid Ali Muammar al-Saleh
Those who have obtained the certificate as well, but the Crusader NATO missiles in Aldoaarh gate while addressing the militia at the front of the valley dinars

As their predecessors testify days
The first martyr of the war in September 2011
– Martyr Bashir Dbnon,
And the second was a martyr
– Martyr Brigadier Dou الدبيب
Men received the certificate courage and challenge
Not afraid of the large number of militias around them .. No Thbhm NATO planes above them .. Defended their land and honor and money ..
Majestically stood .. And bravely resisted the challenge and received the certificate ..

God bless our faithful martyrs

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla




Some of the images of the explosion at dawn today in Sirte (6 photos)
Some of the pictures dawn explosion that hit a house Moatnan
Muhammad Ali to Orvla and Recep Aauadat to Ovlje in Sirte.

House was hit Haj Muhammad Ali to Orvla house Recep Aauadat to Orvla by criminal gangs Bakoadf the RPG resulting in damage to homes

and there were no casualties and thankfully leading to panic and destabilize the region’s population.



Libya Telecom & Technology

We would like to inform you of the type of Internet service interruption, DC on Monday, 09 September 2013, at 23:13 pm on the following cities:

• Zintan
• Alrajaban
• Gado

Reason for Outage: – a break in the fiber optic link in the town of Gharyan and the efforts being made ​​by the telephone company

engineers to Libya to reform the holidays as soon as possible.


Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

There is now an exchange of fire now between Rishvana and Corner ..


Back clashes between gangs and corner tribes and Rishvana,

Photo : ‎قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>يوجد الان تبادل اطلاق نار الان بين ورشفانة والزاوية.. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>بنت الوادي‎
Certain information from one Awlad Bouhmirh the
One of those who were shelling the globe tanks at the age of 62 years old!!

Without understanding freedom upside down.

And Rishvana Zahra : 

within the framework of strengthening social relations and national attention to security and social peace,

then today 09.07.2013 area Zahra ( Nasiriyah) held a joint meeting between the Shura Council and Rishvana and shuras mountain meeting

was attended by Minister of conductors and Minister of Planning and a member of the National Congress F tourists and members of the Shura Council

and Rishvana with the participation of elite social, cultural and civil society institutions area and Rishvana and members of the shura mountain

( Nalut , Kapaau , Jadu , Zintan, Riyaana , the Mchacheh , Ifrane , Castle, Kklh , Gharyan ). 

The meeting addressed the problems being experienced by Libya in general and the violations that get on a daily basis along Troqat from the

entrance to the city of Tripoli to the end of the mountain and the resulting problems,

which caused affect social relations which advocate for the good people and the reform of the two regions to find solutions to to ensure the security

of citizens has reached the conferees to agree on the composition of a committee consisting of the following:

1 – transport Minister in his capacity as president.
2 – Planning Minister in his capacity as Vice – Chairman of the Committee .
3 – Ten members of the Shura Council and Rishvana of .
4 – Ten members of the shura mountain .

Terms of reference of the Commission : –

1 – setting up a mechanism to ensure that the methods mentioned above.

2 – Develop a mechanism respond to grievances of people who have been damage as a result of security breaches during the period prior to the

Committee shall installed inventory of these cases through Lecturer Alastdlat collection of police stations .

3 – To coordinate with the Ministry of the Interior in Tak deterrent measures about outlaws this was confirmed everyone on the links and

relationships and ties of brotherhood between the valuation sons and Rishvana and the sons of the mountain , stressing the national unity

workers to establish social peace and security in order to serve national issues .

Channel globe:

Today some residents of the area of Ras returned to their areas of wind.



And then Blame ZINTANI for their problems:

Zintan channel on Facebook
What one sees what is going on around him , and the transfer of what is going on , whether news in Menkgueth or his or countries Georth whatever things were in. ..

Everyone has seen what has happened and what we make what is only a ball and bring everyone on everything that we have presented before, ,

It is noted from the Old and New .. Let us Balsrh and hour and day to stings back until Hazerna .

While Cullen rebels waging fronts and applying Shoubra Shubra there were transitional council ..
Does not know the rebels from inside and Mahm its members regardless of Mustafa Abdul Jalil , but the penetration of which they are members and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and imposed and what they can from the state their decisions and their ads , especially ( ( Constitutional Proclamation ))
and which no one knows the Libyans, but few and I mean is the rebels who were Ba fronts not know Albuth it has approved and announced without their knowledge we Libyans Mjmlna the do not know , and two layers of political Yeh things …..

These people went out Fjih the media outlets praising the rebels and say what he did not say poverty in his family from the words of the visualization total and everyone in the east and even west and to the south,

and after liberated the goal is to get rid of the rebels any rebels Patriots at several points first that Tbona understand us and Drana and our purpose is not what we do not them.

Second Ardhanohna the Venardahm but not Bslahana but let us know lie to them and lie to them and accuse them among the general public slander
[As it did not work Naftn them and what they inherited either in contact between neighbors or tribal war or regional and even Gbanna will fight against each legislative and named legitimacy.]

And that did not benefit them at the time and our time and the last shot we have, and did not hit any shot in the liberation of Libya will strike her in order to be grasped ,
but which assassinations and what we have to do , but to devote people and they deluded faint hearts proved them “Bgdr” people of Islam (not true Muslim); and because of him for years until impair Mtbak first save you from your enemy and the second fighter accusing it ! ! ! ! !

Then your report submitted to the United Nations to develop a solution to the city of Derna and omitted teams in Libya to monitor air and protects against both parties ….

And eased and found an obstacle , say abuse events on the Zintan lack of your origins …
Some might say that it is true and some analysis latter says he is far …

The All Ara image of the aspect and collected for all to view the original image and an estimated Butaffh disconnect ..

Mail channel

Last Thursday, armed robbery got a car showroom named stars Bganz the War coastal road against the academy graduate was stolen

4 types of cars. BMW 328 BMW740 FM DJ Cruiser Toyota and Mercedes E200 by force of arms 5 pm ..
Please post a picture and reported in the case of access to any information on the number 0928000282 note that there is a big cash

prize and God does not waste the reward of the best work .. Automobile data exists in the picture:


Media Abdulwahab on Melita Oil & Gas Crisis in MIZDAH*:

Crisis committee set up by the National Congress of its members, headed by commander Abdul Wahab LIFG member (wing al-Qaeda of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood)..!

(*: ZINTANI protestors who are not permitting Libya’s Natural Resources from being exploited by Foreign Corporations

and Foreign Agents/Entities without  compensation to Libya)



International support for Zidane to break-ins oil installations
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Announced that all of the United States, Britain, France and Italy support the efforts of rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane in solving

the problem of disruption of oil exports in Libya peacefully, according to a joint statement issued on Tuesday.

The statement said that the four countries pursuing “increasingly concerned” drop continued exports to Libya of energy

over the past month, saying to stand by the Libyan people during the stage of democratic transition, and vowing to

continue to work – closely – with the government to restore security and institution-building and the provision of goods and services vital .


(The head of the RAT interim government):

“With regard to sit-ins oil fields Othana adequate opportunity for social networking with the protesters through their social

and patience patience over and give some time in agreement with the National Congress of the year, but in time will not be

far’ll leave all these things aside We patience for social peace and to provide an opportunity for those who missed to correct

his mistake at what point in time the state will turn at that time, everyone has to Aadrna as we’re going to do we have

begun in a number of procedures.”


International support for Zaidane to break-ins oil installations

“Atmosphere of the country “-(newspaper of MISURATA):

Announced that all of the United States, Britain, France and Italy support the efforts of  rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidan

in solving the problem of disruption of oil exports in Libya peacefully, according to a joint statement issued on Tuesday.

The statement said that the four countries pursuing “increasingly concerned” drop continued exports to Libya of energy

over the past month, saying to stand by the Libyan people

during the stage of democratic transition, and vowing to continue to work – closely – with the government to restore security

and institution-building and the provision of goods and services vital .

The production of Libya’s oil has seen a sharp decline due to the closure of a number of oil installations

by concerned citizens of Zintan and Cyrenaica

to protest the government’s policies.

and again these same nations with NATO will make a war to obtain the oil….which ZINTAN and also CYRENAICA

are denying them.


Scores of U.S. Marines have been moved closer to Libya this week as part of an overall effort to beef up any potential security

response, CNN has learned…

Two U.S. officials told CNN that in the past few days, 250 combat-ready Marines have moved from their base in Moron, Spain,

to the U.S. naval installation at Sigonella, Italy. That would enable them to reach Tripoli, the capital of Libya, in three to four

hours in the event of a crisis.

The officials declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information. Another 250 combat-ready Marines

remain at Moron for backup.

In addition, about three dozen Marines from a highly specialized embassy guard unit have been sent to augment security

at several embassies in the region, one of the officials said. He declined to specify embassy locations due to security concerns.

This unit, which can quickly deploy forces, is separate from the regular guard force the Marines provide to embassies

around the world.

Both officials emphasized the moves are more focused on the period around 9/11 rather than anything related to a potential

military strike against Syria. Although no direct threats about 9/11 are known to have been made, the current “high threat”

potential timeframe both officials described is likely to last for at least another week. The U.S. embassies in Tripoli and in Sanaa,

Yemen, are already guarded by a more heavily armed Marine force than in other countries.

In addition, the USS San Antonio with, 300 combat Marines on board, is staying in the eastern Mediterranean to be ready

to respond if needed.

Move the U.S. Marine Corps to the nearest point from Libya…
U.S. channel CNN reported on Monday evening has been transferred Marines from the Marines from the base of Moron,

Spain to base Sengwela Italy …

The channel confirmed by U.S. officials have been transferred 250 of the U.S. Marine Corps to Italy and it is ready to fight

within three or four hours in the event of a crisis.

She said the channel via its website have been at least 13 of the Marines to protect the embassy.

They are trained people with high capabilities.

It also quoted security concerns currently give priority in their mission to Libya and Yemen.

Also there are about 300 combat Marines in the Mediterranean Sea as additional support if necessary.




Gharyan Court of First Instance held a closed session allocated to consider the issues of those who volunteered to fight

alongside the Great Jamahiriya forces in 2011.

The source said that the defendants brought to trial in this session were seven people who had been referred by the

Court of Sabratha military because they are civilians

who had volunteered to fight alongside the Great Jamahiriya Armed Forces in 2011.

He added that the meeting, which was held amid tight security, was attended by the seven defendants, as well as defense counsel.

The source added that the court postponed the trial to next Thursday’s meeting, corresponding to September 12 to look at the current issue

O decode their families sooner not later Lord.



News of the killing of five sons of the city of Tawergha displaced prisoners in the prisons of illegal Tminh Misurata

after “their failed attempt to escape” (so the jailers at MISURATA claim) and mentions that “the group that tried to

escape in which some young people from Tarhounah, Sirte and cities of the south of Libya”, and does not know the fate of the rest of the youth.

The killing of five prisoners from Tawergha in Misratah Tminh prison after a failed (so they say) attempt

for them to escape from prison, according to sources:

This is a picture of a prison gate High School unit in Jews Mzrath:



Urgent Benghazi

Targeting Colonel Salim customary shot RPG and his son in the car when the island auto market district peace in Benghazi

at the age of 75 years what our response and according to the latest information from the hospital that he has a full half of the

lower is a very serious condition are closer to death of them for life and his son infected with serious injuries and is still alive,

alive, until the publication of this news.

Najat Colonel Hadi Salem Darraghe commander branch of the military missions, the military council

previously attempted assassination upon him in Misurata.

Rat car image Colonel Salem customary.

Colonel “customary Salem” in edema God after that was targeted
Car bomb adhesive under the seat of his car, his car exploded
B neighborhood Huzeirh al-Salam, a former colonel in Safe
Internal, and his son, who was accompanied by his condition is stable and his injury

A medical source confirms that the target Colonel “customary Salem”
Ann and his health is very critical and has lost the lower half, and
At the age of 75 lean, and his son is still alive, and
B stressed that it was targeting by shell “RPG”.
Explosion refers to be emplaced to face Colonel “customary”
And not the shell, if she was a shell for the killing of the two together.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Benghazi – عاااااااااجل the

Range of cars bearing the banner “black” of the Ansar al-Sharia = Qaeda
Wander near the headquarters of the former U.S. spy consulate in Benghazi during the presence of a group

of residents of the city in front of the consulate in a memorial service for spy “U.S. Ambassador” Stevens.

(The Libyan news agency today)

WikiLeaks Cyrenaica:

(Osamaohna) radio program .. Majid Al Falah “

Killed, “Mohamed Saad Akila tar” aged 19
Year-old, Near Brigadier “tar Ahmad” Deputy Chief of Staff
Libyan army and always accompanied, where he was found behind
University of Benghazi to the proximity of Al Ahli Club, stabbed with a weapon
B white chest and neck and is wearing military dress.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Former report read:

A young man in the 20-year-old slaughtered and thrown against the University of Garyounis Ahli club site.

The problem I Khtmt of Gadi at the time and shaft two were in Radin Yeboah ride their cars and K. Annan two

St. Kate in the subject Khvet rightist faded in Almraiyh received a police car fond ÇáÝáÇÔÇĘ I was in need of

just study them but what Dersoh drew Thread considered them Aazqgua in (we SSH)

University of Benghazi security found the charred body of an unidentified

Security elements found at the University of Benghazi, on Wednesday, the unidentified charred body behind the university.

A security source said the “Solidarity news agency that” the university security personnel found the charred body of an unidentified

during the wandering behind the building of the University of Benghazi.
The source added that the corpse was inferred anything useful to them in the investigation so far. $

Solidarity News Agency

ويكيليكس برقــــــــــــــة

( أسمعونا ) برنامج أذاعى .. ماجد الفلاح ”

شاب في ال20 من عمره يذبح و يرمى مقابل جامعة قاريونس موقع النادي الأهلي .

المشكلة أني خطمت من غادي في وقتها و شفت أثنين كانوا في رادين يبوا يركبوا سياراتهم و ك انن سيارتين ش كيت في الموضوع خذيت يميني بهتت في المراية لقيت سيارة شرطة مولعة الفلاشات قلت كان في حاجة توا يدرسوا عليهم لكن ما درسوش فتت الموضوع أعتبرتهم يعزقوا في (كنا سة)

Moved from Jabir whale

Urgent ..

The disappearance of the citizen Hamza Ramadan Abdel Fattah whale from the Shebna Benghazi

and kidnapped born in 1986 and father of two daughters and the time of the abduction yesterday Almavq 09/08/2013

such as the Maghrib prayer was accompanied by his friend and two two were driving a car Toyota pickup 27 white drapes

and the scribble aspects of the model 2012 and only now did not find them and there is no released any news, it hope of

anyone suspected of or seen or who has the information thereon reporting the following number 0,922,944,844 and

you pay Tawab.

منقول عن جابر الحوتي

عـــــــــــــاجل ..

إختفاء المواطن حمزة رمضان عبدالفتاح الحوتي من منطقة شبنة ببنغازي و المخطوف من مواليد 1986م ووالد لطفلتين ووقت الاختطاف بالأمس المافق 08/09/2013 قبيل صلاة المغرب وكان رفقة صديقه وهما الاثنان كانا يقودان سيارة نوع تويوتا نصف نقل 27 بيضاء اللون معتمة وبها خربشات من الجوانب موديل 2012 والا الان لم يعثر عليهم ولا يوجد عنهم اي خبر ، عليه نأمل من كل من يشتبه او يرى او من لديه معلومات بهذا الشأن تبليغنا على الرقم التالي 0922944844 ولكم الأجر والتواب
Updated: Wednesday, 11 September 2013 8:55 | By AFP

The bomb was planted beneath the ground and was remotely set off.

There was no “suicide bomber” as the Western press say.  This was NO “TERRORIST” ATTACK.
The Central Bank  is a foreign extortionist organisation with ultra-high interest rates (all going against the Holy Quran).

No one was hurt or injured despite the lying reports of dozens of injuries.
The explosion happened  before hours…no one was around. And this morning the  bank is drapped in Green.

Colonel Nice Bouchmadeh the inspecting blasting place ..

Amid shouts of the people of Benghazi demanding the imposition of a military zone.

Intelligence Benghazi

About who surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the building we talked with Foreign:

The guard there told us that cameras Tattiyhin for the purpose of

Maintenance yesterday??

I mean the first step disrupted cameras and the second step blew up the place.!!

see, no car bomb at all. The bomb was planted in the ground and remotely set-off:

Material damage in the bombing of Foreign Affairs building in Benghazi
Country ambiance – Osama Burzizh ,

Signed Wednesday morning bombing of a building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Benghazi , which resulted in material damage to the building and neighboring buildings him.

A member of the Committee on National Security National Congress in favor of Ojaudh day atmosphere for the country , said that all parties within the city of Benghazi to agree to protect the city , expressing regret that the internal parties in the city are different .
Prior knowledge

The Ojaudh added that they had prior knowledge of these events , according to intelligence reports ,

and is expected to continue this work because the state intends to follow the trial of the Great Jamahiriya,

led by former intelligence chief Abdullah al – Sanusi on the nineteenth of this month.

Noting that the reports made ​​it clear that they would target the general headquarters and power plants and other ,

as well as assassinations as he put it .

He was surprised Ojaudh to remain as interior minister vacant until now in light of the turmoil and chaos experienced by

the country ‘s security , referring to the non-activation of the General Intelligence .
Sixty kilograms of explosives

For his part, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Abdul Razak Mohammed Cbahi to the country ambience ,

the car that put in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was carrying 60 kilograms of explosives,

caused material losses in the building and neighboring buildings .

Disturbing problems
He explained Cbahi the problems that the security situation in Libya, are the problems of concern to all the organs of the

State , and that there are actions to be taken , in particular with a security room responsible for the protection of Benghazi,

and that the Ministry of Defence and put all the means at the disposal of the room, according to the recipe.


Des pompiers sur les lieux d'une explosion près d'un bâtiment du ministère libyen des Affaires étrangères, le 11 septembre 2013 à Benghazi

Libya: Benghazi loud explosion near a government building

A strong explosion occurred Wednesday morning in front of a building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Benghazi in

eastern Libya, causing extensive damage, according to witnesses.

It was not immediately clear if the explosion, likely caused by a bomb on the same sources car had been victims.

Dozens injured in the bombing of a building of Foreign Affairs and the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi
The explosion destroyed a large part of the building and caused extensive damage to the local headquarters of the

Central Bank nearby, according to an AFP photographer on site.

Updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:45 p.m. | By AFP
Libya: car bomb against a government building
A car bomber targeted a building Wednesday under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Benghazi in eastern Libya, causing

extensive damage but no casualties, witnesses and security services.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the attack as “terrorist.”

A spokesman of the security services in Benghazi, Colonel Abdallah al-Zayedi, said a car bomb exploded outside the offices of

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs causing extensive damage but no casualties.

An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said earlier told AFP that the building housed the U.S. consulate referred to the

early 1960s, the time of King Idriss Senussi.

The consulate was closed by the deposed Muammar al-Qathafi, a few years after coming to power in 1969,

the official said on condition of anonymity.

According to him, those who perpetrated this attack “want to send a message that the embassies are not safe in Benghazi.”

The explosion destroyed a large part of the building and caused extensive damage to the local headquarters of the Central

Bank nearby, according to an AFP photographer on site.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry denounced a “cowardly terrorist act aimed at undermining the sovereignty of the state

and give a picture of chaos.”

Since the fall of Muammar al-Qathafi in October 2011, Benghazi, birthplace of the Libyan revolution, has been the scene of

several explosions and a wave of assassinations and attacks against judges, military and police used under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.


Actions were also taken against diplomats and Western interests.

Now meeting at oases hotel in Benghazi:

Each of the (rat), Thunderbolt and federal police officers and Hanan Almqhob and Mohammed Pugin differe and the

rest  the self-styled F save Benghazi.

Coordination out on 21-9.

URGENT :: area clashes Mr. Hussein in Benghazi, and killed one person and still a continuous exchange of fire with the use of RPG launchers.

News media assassination “Hanan Almqhob” is incorrect and is not
Found in Benghazi, and are the best and confirmed by myself from the news
I hope to publish news that based b refute.

National Security Directorate Benghazi

Unfortunately, the clashes are still continuing, Mr. Hussein Gamal Abdel Nasser Street architecture Arab culture between

the two groups, one planar mechanism on the architecture and the withdrawal of security forces from the spot ..
Killing at least two people.

According to a security source the beginning of the engagement of the group that
Architecture dwelling culture for the disagreement between them, and then came attribution
Rescue and security and police operations have become clashes
Hot Tin P asked the security room of the security services Benghazi
After the withdrawal of citizens gathered and Taalat the screams of women and
Children in the region, and fell two dead in the clash.

[Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi]



Logic = . Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

Adel Al – Ashqar
Free State of Cyrenaica **
Ham … One group, the so – called jihadists spoke yesterday at the compound of the youths in my presence , and

said the words of a very important and serious , which put some points on the characters … He said:

” I ​​have benefited greatly from the mobility of February 17 , 2006 , we arranged our affairs well ووز
About our roles as did Islamic organizations Other, Just what has mobility Fa Street Following the arrest of lawyers families

of Abu Salim (eg Triple Lugo Ge ) have been targeted battalion holy Buamr among a set of targets for the battalions of security,

because Brigades Security was responsible for the protection and guarding all stores of weapons , Fadil specifically was

responsible for guarding the heap stores filled with weapons and gear, and after falling factions withdrew and left guard,

was seized large quantities of weapons and gear, it was over to the militarization of the intifada and sound converted

from a military mutiny ! ! ! ! ….

He said that there are roles have been distributed among the organizations Each organization specific task as there are

of the targeted police stations and security , there are targeted Mthabat revolutionary committees and from there targeted

public institutions and incited the people to loot for Tor Athm in the theft of institutions and in dispute directly with the state

and not to retreat, and there are those who specialize in collecting officials and declare Anhqaqathm through mass advertising , ”

of course, I’m the first time we know the real reason of targeting battalion holy , because I did not know it’s the responsibility

for the protection of stores heap , and this explanation explained to me and to others the mystery attack unjustified in

we look over the past period on the holy battalion , and between us that 17 February were not days a peaceful revolution

or a popular uprising .... Makhva was the greatest ! !

وجــــــــــــــــك =. Your faaace. ಠ_ಠ

عادل الاشقر
ولاية برقة الحرة**
هام … احد جماعة مايسمى بالجهاديين تحدث امس في مجمع من الشباب في حضوري ، وقال كلام مهم جداً وخطير ، وضع من خلاله بعض النقاط على الحروف … قال : ” لقد استفدنا كثيراً من حراك 17 فبراير 2006 ، ورتبنا امورنا جيداً ووز
عنا ادوارنا وكذلك فعلت التنظيمات الاسلامية الاخرى ، فمجرد ماتم الحراك فا لشارع على اثر القبض على محاميين اسر بوسليم ( يقصد تربل وغو قة ) تم استهداف كتيبة الفضيل بوعمر ضمن سلسة استهدافات للكتائب الامنية ، نظراً لان كتائب الامن كانت مسئولة عن حماية وحراسة كافة مخازن الاسلحة ، والفضيل تحديداً كانت مسئولة على حراسة مخازن الرجمة المليئة بالاسلحة والعتاد ، وبعد سقوطها انسحبت فصائل الحراسة وتركتها ، تم الاستيلاء على كميات كبيرة من الاسلحة والعتاد ، انتهى الامر الى عسكرة الانتفاضة وتحويلها من سليمة الى حركة تمرد عسكرية !!!! ….وقال ان هناك ادوار تم توزيعها بين التنظيمات فلكل تنظيم مهمة محدده حيث ان هناك من قام باستهداف مراكز الشرطة والامن ، وهناك من استهدف مثابات اللجان الثورية وهناك من استهدف المؤسسات العامة وحرض الناس على نهبها ل تور يطهم في سرقة المؤسسات وفي خصومة مباشرة مع الدولة وعدم التراجع ، وهناك من تخصص في جمع المسئولين واعلان انشقاقاتهم عبر وسائل الاعلان ” ، طبعاً انا اول مرة نعرف السبب الحقيقي من استهداف كتيبة الفضيل لاني لم اكن اعرف انها مسئولىة عن حماية مخازن الرجمة ، وهذا الشرح فسر لي ولغيري سر الهجوم الغير مبرر في نظرنا طيلة الفترة الماضية على كتيبة الفضيل ، وبين لنا ان 17 فبراير لم تكن يوماً ثورة سلمية او انتفاضة شعبية …. وماخفي كان اعظم !!



New assassination attempt in Benghazi

Najat submitted Directorate of Security Benghazi “Salem Hadar” an assassination attempt on Wednesday

atheist of September near his home area Almajora where unidentified gunmen traveling in a car Hyundai

and a white do not carry metal plates were walking behind him fired three bullets upon two of which penetrated

his car while passed third next to his ear and wounded him in the head and another in his ear and ran after the fleeing



Hear the sound of explosions in the city of Derna, Shiha area and initial reports indicate a car bombing citizen Khaled Abdel Aziz Shalawi targeting

for the Ghwell house on the same street ..



The Libyan news agency today

Libyan city of Sousse after the penitential al-Qaeda attack on the eastern gate:

Residents are Living in a state of emergency and preparations and anger and Tktatf the popular rejecting any

presence for takfirist militias coming from the outskirts of Derna.



Sheep deaths the Al-novljeh area!!
Deaths number 87 head of sheep area Al-novljeh during the past few days due dealt feed (Khrtan) coming from Sabha where it is believed

that the feed may Kha Taha medicine making any sheep eat die on the spot is worth mentioning that this disaster has not dealt with

any channel of channels Libyan an estimated number of dead sheep.


The news agency – Brega – reporter

The death of a number of livestock after dealt feed type “Khrtan”
Coming from Sabha by what our response and the discovery of a number of cases
Livestock poisoning by eating this type of livestock-feed.


GOOD!! FINALLY: The rat national army in the service of livestock…:


Champions armed people of God have mercy on them!

Can we find 200 Haritrahm, a Ali guided Alaraouh ?…

Sabha, the  first spark  (of the  new REVOLT against the GNC):

Phone call now

Sounds Qguavev and shooting bullets in the city of Sabha specify Fatih district # Sabha.

Shooting a Africans a walker who clashes in hand Sabha shortly before the street and resuscitate him shortly before :

A loud explosion shakes the city of Sabha shortly before he seems most likely thrower has information Vljevdna and there are also voices Rasas.

New Image me Anoud Abdullah Sanusi, in Sabha.

Anoud denies exposure to torture and forgery of official documents
Atmosphere of the country – Osama adequate

Daughter denied the intelligence chief in the former regime Anoud Abdullah Sanusi exposed to torture during her abduction in Tripoli, in an interview with the atmosphere of the country on Monday following the release yesterday of the first.

Anoud said the country ambiance that the guardian detained were improve their treatment throughout the period of detention, despite fears of severe determination and lack of know-how including Sta well of the things, as described.

And Anoud denied the charge falsifying official documents, referring to use for her passport to her through several countries before entering the passport itself to the capital Tripoli.

And if she has confirmed falsifying official documents because it entered a formal port controlled by the Libyan authorities, she said.

The Minister of Justice Salah Marghany could announced Monday Anoud kidnapped when they leave the prison, but that your confidential attribution first confirmed Thursday that it is responsible for booking Anoud Sanusi in order to foil a scheme to hijack were prepared by others.
العنود تنفي تعرضها للتعذيب وتزويرها لمستندات رسمية
أجواء لبلاد – أسامة الوافي

نفت ابنة رئيس جهاز المخابرات في النظام السابق العنود عبدالله السنوسي تعرضها للتعذيب خلال فترة اختطافها في طرابلس، في لقاء أجرته معها أجواء لبلاد اليوم الإثنين عقب الإفراج عنها أمس الاول.

وقالت العنود لأجواء لبلاد إن محتجز يها كانوا يحسنون معاملتها طوال فترة الاحتجاز، رغم تخوفها الشديد على مصيرها وعدم درايتها بما ستؤ ول إليه الأمور، حسب وصفها.

و نفت العنود تهمة تزوير مستندات رسمية ، مشيرة الى استخدامها لجواز سفرها خلال سفرها الى عدة بلدان قبل دخولها بالجواز نفسه للعاصمة طرابلس.

واكدت أنها لو قامت بتزوير مستندات رسمية لمَا دخلت بها من منفذ رسمي تسيطر عليه السلطات الليبية حسب قولها.

وكان وزير العدل صلاح المرغني قد أعلن الإثنين خطف العنود عند خروجها من السجن، إلا أن سرية الإسناد الخاصة الأولى أكدت الخميس أنها المسؤولة عن حجز العنود السنوسي بهدف احباط مخطط لخطفها كانت تعده جهات أخرى.

Shell Mansheya adjacent to the Institute of parameters and the same in each case scarves


Libya Telecom and Technology | ltt ·

Outage services for the city of Kufra outside our control and this is because of acts of sabotage.

Pond water show in Kufra

Country ambianceAynur Sabri

Pond appeared in Kufra in place was formerly dedicated to sell the sand.

The spokesman said the local council in Kufra Mustafa Allocala to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday,

the pond that appeared recently Headwaters district is the product of deeper digging in the sand heavy machines

for sale and use in construction.

The Allocala explained that the groundwater table in the Kufra is very close to the surface, he said, adding that the

depth of water in some places up to nearly two meters.

The Allocala added that currently exploited pool for swimming and children’s entertainment.


The Libyan news agency today

Minister of Oil and Gas Abdalbari Arousi looking company with a delegation from “ska Lord” Spanish possibility of

establishing an oil refinery in the city of Ubari.

Increase in the incidence of communicable and infectious diseases in the Ubari:

According to an official source Ubari General Hospital, the incidence of communicable diseases and infectious Boubare in an

increase in the time that is not available in the hospital a special section on the regional level.

The source said in a statement to the news agency and the south (Germa) that during the first months of the current year,

the number of communicable diseases and injuries around forty infectious case, and reached malaria cases ten cases.

The source indicated that the number of people diagnosed with hepatitis epidemic reached twenty cases and ten cases of AIDS.


Libya “17 February” .

The Allod Valley project between Apunjam and Jufrah contains tens of thousands of from Ctlat planted years ago

to stop the creeping desertification. The project of Nakhl alone contains more than 24 thousand seedlings.

Nurse Oncall  writes to inform us of the past:

“I have given one and Half kilo of Ipil Ipil seed . And, as I know, they will planted it to Farms irrigated by Great Man Made Rivers.

I put one Picture of Col.Sayed Mohd Kadafi Dam taken in his House. I think that is year 1987.”

Today, the project dies. Every day in the national young man die and die and die tree virtue.



Murzuq General Hospital …..?
Even adjustment was stolen and did not remains ill pipes and probably will come back to steal it in the coming days ……?



Muammar poured millions into America’s suffering peoples in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

(This is a matter of public record, that Muammar’s Jamahiriya contributed more assistance to the people’s suffering from Hurricane Kartrina, than any other nation on earth.)
No American ever thanked him, either…. BUT, a PURE HEART looks for no reward.


ĂÚáćăĺ strong about Muammrakaddafa leader .. in Ahaddae of foreign Almutmrat Libya Jaddasm to written Balangelaza the Fajdorgah white and emblazoned with the name of the country in Arabic came President Almutmrltakhadd for PANEL placed his hand by mind Akhaddalloha which Temtl Arabism .. Assadikaúd Anschero information ..
معـــلومه قويه عن الزعيم معمرالقدافي..في احداء الموتمرات الاجنبيه وجداسم ليبيا مكتوب بالنجليزي فاخدورقه بيضاء وكتب عليها اسم بلاده باللغه العربيه جائت رئيسة الموتمرلتاخد للوحه فوضع يده عليها مانع اخداللوحه التي تمتل العروبه..اسديقائد انشرو المعلومه..



Tunisian official data reported on Monday that Tunisia has seen the entry of more than one million visitors during the month

of August, the Libyans are tops. A statement to border management and foreign affiliated to the Ministry of Interior that about

one million and 50 thousand visitors, including more than 160 thousand Tunisians resident abroad have entered Tunisia during the

August increase of more than 170 thousand for the same period in 2012. The statement added that the Libyans forefront of the

order of arrivals on Tunisia more than 240 thousand visitors, an increase of 122 thousand compared to the same period of 2012,

and then the Algerians more than 143 thousand, an increase of 43 thousand, while the number of arrivals from European countries

488 thousand visitors. The Tunisian Ministry of Tourism had reported earlier that the 4.0002 million tourists visited Tunisia last until

the end of the month during this year’s numbers approaching normal rates recorded during the period before the year 2010.



A poignant picture of the Palestinians appellant in the Age dripped blood today in defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque:



An Egyptian military source : Close 80 % of the outlets of the smuggling of arms from Libya to Sinai

An Egyptian military source said that ” the Egyptian army forces managed so far from the closure of 80 % of the outlets next arms

smuggling from Libya to Sinai ; contributed to the siege of ” insurgents ” in northern Sinai , and the reduction of resistance to the army.”

The source added that the army began the process of closing outlets arms smuggling into the Sinai since last April , during which

the arrest of several smugglers of arms, and the tightening of control over the entrances marine linking South Sinai

with the Gulf of Suez, east of the country,
where it is used by smugglers boats to smuggle arms in Gulf of Suez to the militants in the Sinai, including heavy weapons.

And the itinerary of the smugglers, the source said that a trip smuggling of weapons from Libya to the north of the Sinai begin

to enter the weapons through Salloum on the border with Libya, the far north -west, coming smuggling gangs on the inside

through the mountain roads in Western Sahara until you reach Mount Ataka, near the city Suez, and ultimately into the Gulf of Suez,

which separates the Sinai desert east of the Nile Valley, where it is passed small vessels to the Sinai on the east bank of the Gulf.

To reduce this activity, stepped up security agencies and the Egyptian military presence in the Gulf of Suez to prevent the

movement of these vessels , in addition to the agreement with the elders of the nomadic tribes in Suez, South Sinai to tackle

the smuggling of arms in the hallways South in South Sinai, which passes them arms to northern Sinai, near the border with

the Gaza Strip, according to the military source itself.

He pointed out that

“we have discovered over the past period that a large number of drug traffickers left the drug trade,

and worked in the smuggling of arms ; because of the huge money that was paid them  to Tkferrion and insurgents

in the northern Sinai for smuggled weapons.”

Source: The people of Egypt


LTT obscure rebel movement that overthrew the Brotherhood in Egypt






Commemorating September 11, 2001: Too Many Years Of Lies. From Mossadeq to 9/11

Global Research, September 11, 2013

Washington has been at war for 12 years. According to experts such as Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, these wars have cost Americans approximately $6 trillion, enough to keep Social Security and Medicare sound for decades. All there is to show for 12 years of war is fat bank balances for the armament industries and a list of destroyed countries with millions of dead and dislocated people who never lifted a hand against the United States.

The cost paid by American troops and taxpayers is extreme. Secretary of Veteran Affairs Erik Shinseki reported in November 2009 that “more veterans have committed suicide since 2001 than we have lost on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.” Many thousands of our troops have suffered amputations and traumatic brain injuries. At the Marine Corps War College Jim Lacey calculated that the annual cost of the Afghan war was $1.5 billion for each al-Qaeda member in Afghanistan. Many US and coalition troops paid with their lives for every one al-Qaeda member killed. On no basis has the war ever made sense.

Washington’s wars have destroyed the favorable image of the United States created over the decades of the cold war. No longer the hope of mankind, the US today is viewed as a threat whose government cannot be trusted.

The wars that have left America’s reputation in tatters are the consequence of 9/11. The neoconservatives who advocate America’s hegemony over the world called for “a new Pearl Harbor” that would allow them to launch wars of conquest. Their plan for conquering the Middle East as their starting point was set out in the neoconservative “Project for the New American Century.” It was stated clearly by Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz and also by many neoconservatives.

The neocon argument boils down to a claim that history has chosen “democratic capitalism” and not Karl Marx as the future. To comply with history’s choice, the US must beef up its military and impose the American Way on the entire world.

In other words, as Claes Ryn wrote, the American neoconservatives are the “new Jacobins,” a reference to the French Revolution of 1789 that intended to overthrow aristocratic Europe and replace it with “Liberty, equality, fraternity,” but instead gave Europe a quarter century of war, death, and destruction.

Ideologies are dangerous, because they are immune to facts. Now that the United States is no longer governed by the US Constitution, but by a crazed ideology that has given rise to a domestic police state more complete than that of Communist East Germany and to a warfare state that attacks sovereign countries based on nothing but manufactured lies, we are left with the irony that Russia and China are viewed as constraints on Washington’s ability to inflict evil, death, and destruction on the world.

The two pariah states of the 20th century have become the hope of mankind in the 21st century!

As Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick prove in their book, The Untold History of the United States, the American government has never deserved its white hat reputation. Washington has been very successful in dressing up its crimes in moralistic language and hiding them in secrecy. It is only decades after events that the truth comes out.

For example, on August 19, 1953, the democratically elected government of Iran was overthrown by a coup instigated by the US government. Sixty years after the event declassified CIA documents detail how the secret CIA operation overthrew a democratic government and imposed Washington’s puppet on the people of Iran.

The declassified documents could not have spelled it out any clearer: “The military coup that overthrew Mossadeq and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of U.S. foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government.”

In the 21st century Washington is attempting to repeat its 1953 feat of overthrowing the Iranian government, this time using the faux “green revolution” financed by Washington.

When that fails, Washington will rely on military action.

If 60 years is the time that must pass before Washington’s crimes can be acknowledged, the US government will admit the truth about September 11, 2001 on

September 11, 2061. In 2013, on this 12th anniversary of 9/11, we only have 48 years to go before Washington admits the truth. Alas, the members of the 9/11 truth movement will not still be alive to receive their vindication.

But just as it has been known for decades that Washington overthrew Mossadeq, we already know that the official story of 9/11 is hogwash.

No evidence exists that supports the government’s 9/11 story. The 9/11 Commission was a political gathering run by a neoconservative White House operative. The Commission members sat and listened to the government’s story and wrote it down. No investigation of any kind was made. One member of the Commission resigned, saying that the fix was in. After the report was published, both co-chairmen of the Commission and the legal counsel wrote books disassociating themselves from the report. The 9/11 Commission was “set up to fail,” they wrote.

NIST’s account of the structural failure of the twin towers is a computer simulation based on assumptions chosen to produce the result. NIST refuses to release its make-believe explanation for expert scrutiny. The reason is obvious. NIST’s explanation of the structural failure of the towers cannot survive scrutiny.

There are many 9/11 Truth organizations whose members are high-rise architects, structural engineers, physicists, chemists and nano-chemists, military and civilian airline pilots, firemen and first responders, former prominent government officials, and 9/11 families. The evidence they have amassed overwhelms the feeble official account.

It has been proven conclusively that World Trade Center Building 7 fell at free fall which can only be achieved by controlled demolition that removes all resistance below to debris falling from above so that no time is lost in overcoming resistance from intact structures. NIST has acknowledged this fact, but has not changed its story.

In other words, still in America today official denial takes precedence over science and known undisputed facts.

On this 12th anniversary of a false flag event, it is unnecessary for me to report the voluminous evidence that conclusively proves that the official story is a lie. You can read it for yourself. It is available online. You can read what the architects and engineers have to say. You can read the scientists’ reports. You can hear from the first responders who were in the WTC towers. You can read the pilots who say that the maneuvers associated with the airliner that allegedly hit the Pentagon are beyond their skills and most certainly were not performed by inexperienced pilots.

You can read David Griffin’s many books. You can watch the film produced by Richard Gage and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth. You can read the 9/11 Toronto Report, International Hearings on 9/11. You can read this book: here

Actually, you do not need any of the expert evidence to know that the US government’s story is false. As I have previously pointed out, had a few young Saudi Arabians, the alleged 9/11 hijackers, been capable of outwitting, without support from any government and intelligence service, not only the CIA and FBI, but all sixteen US intelligence services, the intelligence services of Washington’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad, the National Security Council, NORAD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Traffic Control, and defeat Airport Security four times in one hour on the same morning, the White House, Congress, and the media would have been demanding an investigation of how the National Security State could so totally fail.

Instead, the President of the United States and every government office fiercely resisted any investigation. It was only after a year of demands and rising pressure from the 9/11 families that the 9/11 Commission was created to bury the issue.

No one in government was held accountable for the astonishing failure. The national security state was defeated by a few rag tag Muslims with box cutters and a sick old man dying from renal failure while holed up in a cave in Afghanistan, and no heads rolled.

The total absence from the government for demands for an investigation of an event that is the greatest embarrassment to a “superpower” in world history is a complete give-away that 9/11was a false flag event. The government did not want any investigation, because the government’s cover story cannot stand investigation.

The government could rely on the mega-media corporations in whose hands the corrupt Clinton regime concentrated the US media. By supporting rather than investigating the government’s cover story, the media left the majority of Americans, who are sensitive to peer pressure, without any support for their doubts. Effectively, the American Ministry of Propaganda validated the government’s false story.

Common everyday experiences of Americans refute the government’s story. Consider, for example, self-cleaning ovens. How many American homes have them? Thirty million? More? Do you have one?

Do you know what temperature self-cleaning ovens reach? The self-cleaning cycle runs for several hours at 900 degrees Fahrenheit or 482 degrees Celsius. Does your self-cleaning oven melt at 482 degrees Celsius. No, it doesn’t. Does the very thin, one-eighth inch steel soften and your oven collapse? No, it doesn’t.

Keep that in mind while you read this: According to tests performed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), only 2% of the WTC steel tested by NIST reached temperatures as high as 250 degrees Celsius, about half the temperature reached by your self-cleaning oven. Do you believe that such low temperatures on such small areas of the WTC towers caused the massive, thick, steel columns in the towers to soften and permit the collapse of the buildings? If you do, please explain why your self-cleaning oven doesn’t weaken and collapse.

In Section E.5 of the Executive Summary in this NIST report it says: “A method was developed using microscopic observations of paint cracking to determine whether steel members had experienced temperatures in excess of 250 degrees C. More than 170 areas were examined . . . Only three locations had a positive result indicating that the steel and paint may have reached temperatures in excess of 250 degrees C.” Analysis of steel “microstructures show no evidence of exposure to temperatures above 600 degrees C for any significant time.”

In section 3.6 of the NIST report states: “NIST believes that this collection of steel from the WTC towers is adequate for purposes of the investigation.”

How did these truths get out? My explanation is that the NIST scientists, resentful of the threat to their jobs and future employment opportunities and chaffing under the order to produce a false report, revealed the coerced deception by including information that their political masters did not understand. By stating unequivocally the actual temperatures, NIST’s scientists put the lie to the coerced report.

The melting point of steel is around 1,500 degrees C. or 2,600 degrees F. Steel can lose strength at lower temperatures, but the NIST scientists reported that only a small part of the steel was even subjected to moderate temperatures less than those obtained by the self-cleaning oven in your home.

If you need to think about this a bit more, obtain a copy of The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes. Have a look at the streetcar in photo 108. The caption reads: “The Hiroshima fireball instantly raised surface temperatures within a mile of the hypocenter well above 1,000 degrees F.” Is the streetcar a melted lump of steel? No, it is structurally intact, although blackened with burnt paint.

Washington would have you believe that steel that survived intact the atomic bomb would melt from low temperature, short lived, isolated office fires. What do you think of a government that believes that you are that stupid?

Who would support a government that lies every time it opens its mouth?

The three WTC buildings that were destroyed were massive heat sinks. I doubt that the limited, short-lived, low temperature fires in the buildings even warmed the massive steel structures to the touch.

Moreover, not a single steel column melted or deformed from softening. The columns were severed at specific lengths by extremely high temperature charges placed on the columns.

On this 12th anniversary of 9/11, ask yourself if you really want to believe that temperatures half those reached by your self-cleaning oven caused three massive steel structures to crumble into dust.

Then ask yourself why your government thinks you are so totally stupid as to believe such a fairy tale as your government has told you about 9/11.

au-delà de l’espoir / Beyond hope

Mu is our reward

Mu at his doctor's office

[This is clearly a medical room.  Muammar has a blood-pressure reader on his left pinky.


9 October 2010: Gaddafi (front, second left) during the opening session of the Arab League Extraordinary Summit in the Libyan coastal city of Sirte with with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh (front left), Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (front right), Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas (second row, left), Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa (second row, centre) and Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah (right).

Picture: MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images

Mu reading


(FROM FRIDAY the 16th):

To all free in all the world .. To all the tribes, cities and regions .. To all of the pages and sites, groups and forums in support of the legality of in the beloved GREAT JAMAHIRIYA .. To all individuals and creators everywhere .. Whoever sees in himself the ability to creativity ..

Channel green open your door to participate in celebrations of the 44 to the Great Revolution and look feast of 45 of the revolution through processing Vidauatcm and contribution has and Maidatkm the leader Muzaffar Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will green channel Canal legitimacy Bptha day 1_9_2013 God willing So be with us and جحدوا Hmemkm in order to unite to see the world we We’re still here Nnazl and fight in the front row …

Morning near victory with the help of God Gomaa blessing you are free Libya حرائر the noble
(Torrent Green  &  Libyan blood)

الى كل الاحرار في كل العالم .. الى كل القبائل والمدن والمناطق .. الى كل الصفحات والمواقع والمجموعات والمنتديات الداعمة للشرعية في جماهيريتنا الحبيبة .. الى كل الافراد والمبدعين في كل مكان .. الى كل من يرى في نفسة المقدره على الابداع ..قناة الخضراء تفتح لكم باب المشاركة في الاحتفالات بالعيد ال44 لثورة الفاتح العظيم واطلالة العيد ال45 للثورة من خلال تجهيز فيديواتكم ومشاركاتكم ومعايداتكم للقائد المظفر العقيد معمر القذافي وستقوم القناة الخضراء قناة الشرعية ببتها يوم 1_9_2013 ان شاء الله فكونوا معنا وجحدوا هممكم من اجل توحيد الصفوف لنري العالم اننا لازلنا هنا نناظل ونقاتل في الصف الامام …ليبي الدم

صباح النصر القريب بعون الله جمعه مباركه يا احرار وحرائر ليبيا الماجدات

السيل الأخضر

Hunt Hunt hour our victory from God Raho arrived
What words Aanagal acts Arjalna on the ground Raho pant
Rue Rue Dar Dar Ntehro home from Achardma who betrayed
Steadfast on the principle tribes at the time of Colonel still base
Arjal tons by heavy Transfer شالت
Hunt Hunt Aanketbo the history Aaaketbna Bcolt Arjal home in Halzman was ……………….
(Sniper Sirte 13)

هانت هانت ساعة نصرنا من عند الله راهو حانت
ماهو كلام ينقال افعال ارجالنا على الارض راهو بانت
زنقة زنقة دار دار نطهرو الوطن من الشردمة اللي خانت
قبائل صامدة على المبدا وعلى عهد العقيد قاعدة مازالت
ارجال وطنا من قبل للحمول الثقيله شالت
هانت هانت يانكتبو التاريخ يايكتبنا بقولت ارجال للوطن في هالزمان كانت……………….

(13 قـنـاص ســـــرت )

فراسين Testament helmets

Will remain stands tall ياوطني the the despite the hatred hate Come نسطر words and loyalty to the homeland love ..

The first message to our leaders, Newer Than our issues ..
We renew our pledge of allegiance and love and loyalty and rally around the leadership and walk behind you and hearts shall meditate pray you and بقائكم brighter and steadfastness, but evidence of your keenness and love for these people who loves pretty crazy Congratulations You Love بهدا ..
Message second oldest national beloved: –
Will remain ياوطني the flower اغرسها in my heart and arterial Asagaha
I love despite Alkaúdan and enemies and promise sincerity and loyalty
Snfdak ياوطني spirit and money, boy, corn than رملك equal to our world, including countries will not allow violating Ahramatk will not happen to us nor subservience and weakness God will be with us as long as our religion Islam and the Koran our approach and pray our weapons ..

The third message of the martyrs Champions mercy of God: –

Slept Hanin Vemotkm honor in defense of the homeland فحب home of faith and your death pride for all of us yes Pkinakm burn and sorrow for A_i_hadkm human nature to Anhad them but in the inside us stand you respect and appreciation and love it gave his spirit to defend us from the right we pray for him and tears him and sadness for his death and calm yourselves pure and your spirit .. My father and my mother and my father martyr bone God Ajrkme and snowed قلوبكما patient and Alslon and congratulations to as what Angpettma martyr died in defense of their homeland’s death Ezz and dignity Vkvkva tears and Avcjara that God made Sbakma martyr intercede for as the Day of Resurrection congratulations to as a thousand times
My sister wife martyr seek reward and be patient فاللقاء of with heaven Bammer God and Lord sons martyr to what it was their father and God will be with you and with them

Fourth message to our brave soldiers in the trench of resistance and each Hraúrna the الشريفات ..

Trust that God is with you and that your day, who are proud to welcome it and we are confident the orders of God that behind us soldiers Valiant to ايداس them on the edge and are confident the power of God that victory ally it has men like you slept Blessed Report of the eye hearts Maakm and Dauhatna from the depths we send with every heartbeat that Allah helps and see Day of pride and vine close to the orders of God and Senstr your victory, God willing, in the history in golden letters with all the valor defense of our country is a country of love

My fifth and last of the traitors and colonial Adnab ..

We ask Allah to paralyze your members and destroys Mkhkm cells and Ahzmkm evil a see you خاسئين defeat مدحورين منكسرين ruing the Makedmt hands
Like يتراء me that day, see you when the draft faces from the evil of your doings highlighted God be upon you as you would have but Talmo we Mnsourin the orders of God and you Mkhdhulin under the command of the Almighty and Talmo that we are people of our hearts our leadership and our body of our country will not give up a grain of sand of our country, you, السفله hate Almkhdhulin and Snreda صغارنا Lkm and xenophobia your work forever and Senstr the in هزيمتكم history that will not be forgotten by the proximal and distal Eachona homelands ..

Do not despair, however long night of exile and displacement and nights of oppression and darkness has sounded Na arc refer shake all over the world to return to you Aalibia pride ..

From the Roabec and Saharik and Araavk pure and your cities and Aaosamk brilliant and Jebalk steadfast filled with pride and Shoumoukh and along Ssahelk engraved upon all landmarks of the history of homeland crashed on its steadfastness and its ability to survive hordes of Spaniards and Vandals and southerners and Sicilians and the Knights of Malta and Albzntaan and Romans and Italians crashed all on the rocks Haoutik .. No matter how long time my national will remain Asodk growling and fighting and tearing each barrier prevents them from sleeping on Dave E chest compassionate Each flower بستانك Salt and ستسيل their blood on the soil of pure land to تلونه color of honor and heroism and the smell of musk and be a bridge reflect upon hordes black

Liberation Day will come and Sangela غمام injustice and tyranny with every storm blowing from inside or outside this nation torn apart and keep him out of pure heavens and Sétal rain and Sigsl the foot with the effects of the barbaric trampled Turabk the pure and تطهرك of Conception traitors and agents
And will tell all seed in Turabk to the graduation and will grow ears ears with every drop of blood of a martyr to stand in the face of the wind

And tell you that the worst moments of the night darkness of the beginning of a new dawn ..

And will hope defender stands tall will تكسره the occupation nor Apache helicopters nor statements traitors and cowards and will not deter our resolve of years Aalkassaat.
Do not grieve, Libya pride will brief شمسك right for the liberation of the last Nfhat dark

Tomorrow سيلامس the right cilia eyes, healed Dmatk the sad, shave wings eclipsed the beam injustice for the wounded heart .., wake up consciences Gelbha the sleepiness on beds of silk

Not grieve baby ..

Tomorrow Stsafh the dew drops cheek New Dawn, after yesterday’s antiques stocked captive
The patience and Tdthrey Cup gown, which will see history

On your fight and create the blood of the silent cooler, the grip Bkivak the remnants of hope breezes
And beads Turabk of treachery wind

Will not melt my heart behind the shadows of despair if you tied your hands, are light God Biye the the worldly, and the promise of victory looming in the sky ..
Finally Dedicate give my best wishes to all free my father lived for home and die for him
And to our heroes in the Diaspora and tell them, hold on ye right owners and the issue of
Ezz greeting and homage to the souls of our martyrs

And greetings of love and hope to our leaders Nadilo debt for home and did not cause Aradw bargaining on Dora dust nor all handspan of throughout my
She lived Jmahiritna and our jihad and our martyrs and all the Mujahideen forces of our army brave father eluted the Covenant and the starter and all factions of the resistance men and حرائر Let our motto (returning), no matter how long time will not compromise on the love of the nation, behold, has sounded the hour working hour of triumph Snhrrha Shubra Shubra the will of God and the people of the great and stately homes on Satan alliances and traitors of the nation and reactionary dictatorial rotten Testament. . We will tell them there is no place for you at home or called or on Rawabi mountains

It is pure بالفاتح of September will never be satisfied days Balrges and impurity. . Prepare ye Liberal for hugged victory and victors Baden one mighty God …

‫ # فراسين ‬ ‫ # ‬ ‫ # helmets Testament

فراسين خوذ العهد

ستبقى شامخا ياوطني رغم حقد الحاقدين هيا نسطر كلمات وفاء لوطن الحب ..

الرساله الاولى لقادتنا وولات امورنا..
اننا نجدد البيعه والحب والوفاء والالتفاف حول القياده ونسير خلفكم وقلوبنا تلهج بالدعاء لكم وبقائكم معانا وصمودكم الا دليل على حرصكم وحبكم لهذا الشعب الذي يحبكم حد الجنون فهنيئا لكم بهدا الحب ..
الرسالة الثانيه اقدمها لوطني الحبيب :-
ستبقى ياوطني زهرة اغرسها في قلبي ومن شرياني اسقيها
أحبك رغم الكائدين والاعداء واعدك بالاخلاص والوفاء
سنفديك ياوطني بالروح والمال والولد وذرة من رملك تساوي لدينا دول العالم بما فيها ولن نسمح بانتهاك حرماتك ولن يصيبنا الوهن ولا الخنوع وسيكون الله معنا طالما الاسلام ديننا والقران منهجنا والدعاء سلاحنا ..

الرسالة الثالثة للابطال الشهداء رحمهم الله :-

ناموا هانئين فموتكم شرف في الدفاع عن الوطن فحب الوطن من الايمان وموتكم فخرا لنا جميعا نعم بكيناكم بحرقه وحزنا على استشهادكم طبيعة بشريه لانحيد عنها ولكننا في دواخلنا نقف لكم احتراما وتقديرا وحبا فمن وهب روحه دفاعا عنا من حقه علينا الدعاء له والبكاء عليه والحزن لموته ولتهدأ انفسكم وارواحكم الطاهرة .. أبي وأمي والدي الشهيد عظم الله اجركما واثلج قلوبكما بالصبر والسلون وهنيئا لكما ما انجبتما شهيدا مات دفاعا عن وطنه موت عز وكرامه فكفكفا الدمع وافتخرا بان الله جعل من صلبكما شهيد يشفع لكما يوم القيامه فهنيئا لكما الف مره
اختي زوجة الشهيد احتسبي واصبري فاللقاء الجنه بامر الله وربي ابناء الشهيد بما كان عليه والدهم وسيكون الله معك ومعهم

الرسالة الرابعة لجنودنا البواسل في خندق المقاومة ولكل حرائرنا الشريفات ..

ثقوا ان الله معكم وهذا يومكم الذي نفخر بكم فيه ونحن واثقون بامر الله بان خلفنا جنود بواسل لايداس لهم على طرف وواثقون بقوة الله ان النصر حليفكم فمن لديه رجالا امثالكم ينام هنيئا قرير العين قلوبنا معاكم ودعوةاتنا من الاعماق نرسلها مع كل نبضة قلب بان ينصركم الله ونرى يوم العزة والكرمه قريب بامر الله وسنسطر نصركم باذن الله في التاريخ باحرف من ذهب بالدفاع بكل بسالة عن بلدنا بلد الحب

رسالتي الخامسه والاخيره للخونه وادناب الاستعمار ..

نسال الله ان يشل اعضائكم ويدمر خلايا مخكم ويهزمكم شر هزيمه ونراكم خاسئين مدحورين منكسرين نادمين على ماقدمت ايديكم
وكانه يتراء لي ذلك اليوم الذي اراكم فيه مسودة وجوهكم من شر اعمالكم سلط الله عليكم بما عملتم ولتعلمو باننا منصورين بامر الله وانكم مخذولين بامره تعالى ولتعلمو باننا شعبا قلبنا قيادتنا وجسدنا بلادنا ولن نتنازل عن ذرة من رمل بلادنا لكم ايها السفله الحاقدين المخذولين وسنرضع صغارنا كرهكم وكره اعمالكم الى الابد وسنسطر في تاريخنا هزيمتكم التي لن ينساها الداني والقاصي ياخونة الاوطان ..
لا تيأسوا مهما طال ليل الشتات والتهجير وليالي الظلم والظلام فلقد دق نا قوس الرجوع يهز كل ارجاء الدنيا بالعودة اليك ياليبيا العزة ..

من على روابيك وصحاريك واريافك الطاهرة ومدنك وعاوصمك الرائعة وجبالك الصامدة المليئة بالكبرياء والشموخ وعلى طول ساحلك التي نقشت عليه كل المعالم لتاريخ وطن تحطمت على صموده و على قدرته على البقاء جحافل الإسبان و الوندال و الجنوبيين و الصقليين و فرسان مالطا و البزنطيٍين و الرومان و الطليان تحطمت كلها على صخور شاوطيك .. فمهما طال الزمان يا وطني ستبقى اسودك تزأر وتناضل وتمزق كل حاجز يمنعها من النوم على دف ء صدرك الحنون فكل زهرة من بستانك سالت وستسيل دماؤها على ثرى الارض الطاهرة لتلونه بلون الشرف والبطولة ورائحة المسك ولتكون جسراً تعبر عليه جحافل الاسود

سوف ياتي يوم التحرير وسينجلي غمام الظلم والطغيان مع كل عاصفة تهب من داخل هدا الوطن او خارجه تمزقه وتبعده من سمائك الطاهرة وسيهطل المطر وسيغسل معه اثار القدم الهمجية التي داست ترابك الطاهر وتطهرك من دنس الخونة والعملاء
وسيروي كل بذرة في ترابك لتخرج السنابل وستكبر السنابل مع قطرة دم كل شهيد لتقف في وجه الريح

واقول لكم ان اشد لحظات الليل عتمة بداية فجر جديد..

وسيبقى الامل شامخاً لن تكسره مدافع الاحتلال ولا طائرات الاباتشي ولا تصريحات الخونة والجبناء ولن تثني عزمنا السنون القاسيات .
لا تحزني يا ليبيا العزة ستطلع شمسك الحق لتحرر اخر نفحات الظلام

غداً سيلامس الحق أهداب العيون , ليعافي دمعتك الحزينة ,يحلق بأجنحته ليحجب شعاع الظلم عن قلبك الجريح ..,وتستيقظ ضمائر غلبها النعاس على أسرّة من حرير

لا تحزني حبيبتي..

غداً ستصافح قطرات الندى خد الفجر الجديد ,بعد أن التحف برداء الأمس الأسير
بكأس الصبر وتدثري بثوب التاريخ الذي سيشهد

على نضالك وبرودة دماء الصامتين,اقبضي بكفيك على بقايا نسائم الأمل
و حبات ترابك من غدر الرياح

لن يتوارى قلبي خلف ظلال اليأس وإن كنت مقيدا اليدين ,فنور الله يضيىء دنياك ,وبشائر النصر تلوح في سمائك..
واخير اً اهدي سلامي الى كل حر ابي عاش من اجل الوطن وسيموت من اجله
والى ابطالنا في الشتات واقول لهم اصمدوا فانتم اصحاب حق وقضية
وتحية عز واجلال الى ارواح شهدائنا

وتحية محبة وامل الى قادتنا الدين ناضلو من اجل قضية الوطن ولم يرضو بالمساومة على درة تراب ولا على كل شبرا من ربوع بلادي
وعاشت جماهيريتنا وجهادنا وشهدائنا وكل قوات المجاهدين من جيشنا الباسل الدي مزال على العهد والمبدئ ولكل فصائل المقاومة رجلا وحرائر وليكن شعارنا (عائدون) مهما طال الزمان لن نساوم على حب الوطن فها قد دقت ساعة العمل دقت ساعة الإنتصار سنحررها شبراً شبراً بإرادة الله والشعب العظيم وقصراً على أحلاف الشيطان وخونة الأمة ورجعية العهد المتعفن المباد . . سنقول لهم لا مكان لكم على أرضها ولا سماها ولا على روابى جبالها

إنها الطاهرة بالفاتح من سبتمبر أبداً لن ترضى يوماً بالرجس والنجاسة . . استعدوا أيها الأحرار لتعانقوا النصر و المنتصرين بادن الله الواحد الجبار …

‫#‏فراسين‬ ‫#‏خوذ‬ ‫#‏العهد‬

Mu celebration of the 44th al-Fateh

  • كـل حد يسـجل حضوره بـأسـم أشـجـع أنـس

    Libyan intelligence {} & {Libyan intelligence}

    All extent recorded presence in the name of the bravest human being defined
    By Leah (Muammar Gaddafi)

    ـان عـرفـه
    بـنسبـه لـيا ( معمر القذافي )

    مـقـآتـل حـر

You see today at the seventh
Word of Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami ……
Green channel ….. Each channel masses (Jamahiriya)

Colonel The TRUTH

Arab Revolutionary Forces Command

That the ultimate goal of life is to be happy Rights Movement that is our message to the peoples of the earth.

(THESE ARE YOUNG MEN FOR MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI and his Third Universal Theory.)




 Young for Mu


“Form the Green Committee, set up your local information center to receive and disseminate the truth. Jamahiriya green flag belongs

to all of you. Created by local Green committees to communicate and share information. Identify traitors to the people’s interests,

show that power belongs to the people, that is the way of gaining democracy.”

(Muammar al-Gaddafi’s “Message to the people of the planet Earth”)

Mu amongst crowds



A secret meeting and unspoken for all local councils in Libya for the purpose topple the government of Zaidane ..

Quoting / / Libya talks

اجتماع سري وغير معلن لكافة المجالس المحليه في ليبيا لغرض اسقاط حكومة زيدان..

نقلا عن //لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث

Almzarat Rakpthm writes:

“the thrill of Zintan



Libyan finance minister admits his country’s imminent bankruptcy

By Gaddafi news agency

 Finance Minister Abdul Karim Kilani  declares that this month will be abudget deficit due to lower oil about one

billion and 300 million dinars, which will affect the salaries and various sectors in the country.

News of the resignation, Muhammad Sheikh Libyan Interior Minister after a fight took place between him and Ali Zaidan ..
‫ # battalion
The main الادمن

The resignation of Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh:

Password Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh for the resignation of the

The reasons for the resignation of the Minister of the Interior:

Feet “Mohamed Sheikh” Libyan Interior Minister in the government:

 Ali Zaidane, his resignation shortly before, saying that the reasons behind his resignation, including: –

“- The intervention of some members of the General National Congress in some of the decisions and actions of his ministry.”

(- Not to grant the rat prime minister, Ali Zaidane has sufficient powers to carry out the functions of the ministry.)

(- Commissioning and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior tasks directly and bypassed and not to refer to him by the rat prime minister.)

* The Deputy Prime Minister “Awad Barasi,” who is al-Qaeda, resigned two weeks ago from his duties, saying that he was not given sufficient powers by the Prime Minister, Ali Zaidane.
It is noteworthy that the outgoing Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Almstqilan Mhassoban is proponent of political Islamism in ‫ # Libya

Zaidane: after the resignation of Sheikh Wyclef,  friend Abdul Karim functions of Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of the Interior until the commissioning of a new interior minister.

 Ibrahim Aljdharan, is the decision of the Chief of Staff for his dismissal:

Everyone knows you are not up for the job, but because you are you boys Fawzi Boktef, the hit him in the military salute and stand

and give your chair and tell him sir .. I know as the people of Cyrenaica knows you do not rub pawn not تصك ..

Do what commands you masters .. For this we will reach an understanding with them and not with you.




National Oil Corporation (NOC):

Set Arish happy member of the Board of Directors of Gulf Oil.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Libyan oil stolen

Tareq al-Hashemi writes:

Of logic is that the oil ministry and the National Oil Corporation Almsoalh for marketing the oil and gas headed all in all its departments and its affiliates persons belonging to a single stream ..

There are contracts sold by the institution of Libyan oil prices much lower than world prices and quantities incorrect exchange for bribes of hundreds of millions get some.

Libyan Oil Corporation announced that the armed group.!! Conducted illegal contacts with the international oil market for the sale of

Sidra ore shipments originating port of Ras Lanuf.:

Information from reliable sources in the international oil market, stating that there is a group that contact with them for the purpose of selling shipments of Sidra source ore port of Ras Lanuf illegally.

Tripoli August 17, 2013 (and) – The General Administration of international marketing organization of the National Oil, citing information from sources described Bmoabedh in the international oil market that there is an armed group on their own words is currently contacting them for sale shipments of ore Sidra source port of Ras Lanuf in a non- legitimacy.

This came in a statement by the Information Office of the National Organization for oil received by the Libyan news agency copy of it. In the same regard, quoted by Chinese news agency by an official source from the General Union of Workers Libyan oil and gas in Tripoli as saying that some of the elements of the guard oil installations region Crescent Oil Libya had exported shipment of oil through the black market for a company is contracting with the National Oil Corporation.

The official, who did not mention the agency to be named, said the shipment of 700 thousand barrels found in one of the oil ports and will be delivered to the Company referred to in the process of selling illegal Under the inaction of the transitional government to control it.


URGENT / / communications security room Ajdabiya

Killing :: Faraj Aaty Dkhbl
(Fattah trump Mr. Ben)

And very dead in South Ajdabiya in the cold dead with a bullet in the back of the first bullet in the abdomen and chest Tani.

They were met reconnaissance patrol and are one of the band members charged with protecting the oil fields in Sidra.

The first spotted last time yesterday at a meeting what is known Balfdraleyen the * according to spokesman described and was standing behind the speakers.

Prosecutors believe as a retaliatory operation saluting found written on their chests with a sharp object traitor Libya least two. He warned the prosecutor that the attack retaliatory watching the meeting that happened against the background of the group, which claims itself the guardian of the Middle and demanded the chief prosecutor for on behalf of Sirte adviser Mansour Taher Grval saluting quoted Aljtthen the morgue there is need for restraint and that this meeting does not promise to being like other meetings ridiculous that we see from time to time.

Fattah Mr. found in his mouth picture of statement Almtheloa in meeting federal putty inside and Gary investigation to determine the perpetrator.

Ayman Ben Khayal / OTP / on behalf of the South Central Region.
Prosecutors images will be published after approval guardians of the dead.
عــــــــاجـــــل / / بلاغات غرفة الامنية أجدابيا

مقتل :: فرج عبدالعاطي دخبل
عبدالفتاح السيد بن رابحة

وجدا القتيلان في جنوب أجدابيا في العراء مقتولين برصاصة في الظهر للأول ورصاصة في البطن والصدر للتاني .

وقد تعرفت عليهم دورية استطلاع وهما احدى الأعضاء الفرقة المكلفة بحماية الحقول النفطية في السدرة .

وشوهدا أخر مرة أول امس الاول في اجتماع ما يعرف بالفدرالييين * حسب وصف المتحدث وكان يقفان خلف المتحدثين.

النيابة تعتقد بأنها عملية أنتقامية حيت وجد مكتوب على صدورهم بألة حادة خائن ليبيا للأتنين . وحذر وكيل النيابة بأن هجمة انتقامية تترصد أجتماع الذي حصل على خلفية المجموعة التي تدعي نفسها وصية على منطقة الشرق وطالب رئيس الادعاء العام لنيابة سرت المستشار منصور طاهر غرفال حيت نقلت الجتثين للمشرحة هنالك بضرورة ضبط النفس وان هذا الاجتماع لا يعدوا كونه كغيره من الاجتماعات السخيفة التي نشاهدها من حين الي اخر .

عبدالفتاح السيد وجد في فمه صورة من البيان المتلوا في اجتماع الفدراليين معجن داخله وجاري التحقيق لمعرفة الفاعل .

أيمن بن خيال/ مكتب المدعي العام / نيابة الجنوب المنطقة الوسطى .
ستنشر النيابة الصور بعد موافقة اولياء الأمر للمقتولين

Libya threatens to bomb ships loading black market oil

Libya threatens to bomb ships loading black market oil

TRIPOLI (AFP) – Libya has accused striking guards who have seized oil export terminals of trying to make shipments

for their own profit and threatened military action against any unauthorised vessel that docks.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan issued the warning late on Thursday, three weeks into the action by the security guards

that has halted virtually all loadings at key terminals on the central coast.

“A group of guards at oil terminals in the central region has decided to bring vessels they have organised

themselves to export oil for their own profit,” Zeidan charged.

“Any vessel not under contract to the National Oil Company (NOCthat approaches the terminals will be

bombed from the air and the sea,” he said, adding he had the “backing” of the General National Congress,

the (RATS) highest political body in Libya, for the warning.

Petroleum Minister Abdelbari al-Aroussi said the action by the guards had cost Libya $1.6 billion dollars in lost

export revenues since July 25, in a major blow for the North African nation which is almost entirely dependent

on oil and gas for its foreign exchange earnings.

Zeidan warned that the government could not allow the loss of exports to go on indefinitely.

“If the blockade of the oil terminals continues, the state will be obliged to use all means at its disposal,

including those of the army,” the prime minister warned.

Zeidan said the continued closure of the BregaZueitinaRas Lanouf and Sedra terminals to vessels under

contract to the state-owned NOC came despite his government’s efforts to reach a negotiated settlement to the dispute.

The striking guards accuse Zeidan and Aroussi of awarding export contracts outside longstanding NOC procedures.

“An agreement was reached with the mediation committee to set up a panel of judges to assess whether

there is any foundation to these allegations,” Zeidan told state television flanked by his petroleum,

defence and foreign ministers.

Aroussi said the blockade had damaged Libya’s credibility on world oil markets.

“Some customers are turning away from Libya to other producers for their supplies,” he said.

Aroussi said earlier this month that output was running at 700,000 barrels per day, up from a low of 330,000

bpd recorded at the height of the protests in late July but still far short of the pre-protest average of 1.42 million bpd.



NOW, this is an excellent report…outside of the one line massive error of Muammar al-Qathafi “death” !

Muammar al-Qathafi has been giving us numerous messages during these past two years, and is still Supreme Commander of

the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya; and, he is also is the Co-Ordinator of the Green Resistance.

CIA Gun-running, Qatar-Libya-Syria.

Global Research, 09 August 2013


report from CNN’s Jake Tapper has reintroduced “Benghazi-Gate” to the US media spotlight. The report claims that “dozens” of CIA operatives were on the ground in Benghazi on the night of the attack, and the CIA is going to great lengths to suppress details of them and their whereabouts being released. The report alleges that the CIA is engaged in“unprecedented” attempts to stifle employee leaks, and “intimidation” to keep the secrets of Benghazi hidden, allegedly going as far as changing the names of CIA operatives and “dispersing” them around the country.

One suspects this has a single and defined purpose – to hide the CIA’s culpability in supplying arms to known extremists in Libya and Syria.Moreover, the CNN report alludes to the CIA supplying “surface-to-air missiles” from Benghazi to rebels in Syria, but this may only be the tip of the iceberg. The report goes on to state: (my emphasis)

Sources now tell CNN dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secretCNN has learned the CIA is involved in what one source calls an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency’s Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.

Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations,according to a source with deep inside knowledge of the agency’s workings. The goal of the questioning, according to sources, is to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress. It is being described as pure intimidation, with the threat that any unauthorized CIA employee who leaks information could face the end of his or her career.

Speculation on Capitol Hill has included the possibility the U.S. agencies operating in Benghazi were secretly helping to move surface-to-air missiles out of Libya, through Turkey, and into the hands of Syrian rebels.

Although Saudi Arabia have recently been kindly given “the Syrian card”by the United States – with Prince Bandar once again becoming “Prince of the Jihad”; it has become common knowledge that since the onset of the Syrian crisis, it was Qatar at the forefront of supplying arms and funds to both the political and militant elements of the so-called “opposition”. This has undoubtedly included tacit support of the dominant radical elements among the plethora of brigades on the ground in Syria; with Jabhat al Nusra being the most obvious beneficiary of Qatari largesse. Earlier this year it was reported that the CIA had been in direct “consultation” with the Qatari Monarchys’ network of arms smugglers – run primarily from the Emir’s palace in Doha. Accordingly,it seems certain that both the CIA and Qatari intelligence were involved in an operation to ship arms stockpiles from “rebels” in Libya; to the “rebels” in Syria: both varieties of which are inextricably linked to Al Qaeda affiliates and radical Salafi-Jihadi militants.

New York Times report from 30th March 2011 reveals that the CIA had been active in Libya “for months”, to “gather information for [NATO] airstrikes, and to contact and ‘vet’ the rebels battling “Gaddafi’s forces”.The New York Times report also states that Obama had signed a presidential finding in the weeks previous, which gave authority to the CIA to arm and fund the rebels. Furthermore, the Independent revealed in March 2011 that Obama had requested Saudi Arabia supply arms to the Libyan militants. Obama had also given his blessing for Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to ship arms into Benghazi, urging them to supply non-US manufactured arms to avert suspicion – in violation of the No-Fly Zone and arms embargo he helped to enforce, and all in total violation of the US Constitution and International Law.

The current puppet (RAT GNC) Libyan “authorities” have made little effort to disassociate themselves from reports of large-scale arms shipments bound for Syria,leaving from the port of Benghazi. : 

 As stated in a UN Security Council report; the sheer size, monetary and logistical requirement to organise such delivery would almost certainly require at least some local government knowledge and assistance, one Libyan congress-member has openly admitted as such. Moreover, in a Telegraph report from November 2011, it is noted that the post-Gaddafi Libyan military commander Abdel Hakim Belhadj – widely regarded as the former leader of Al Qaeda affiliate: the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and a lead figure in the militant (FAKE CIA-led) “uprising” against Gaddafi (THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) visited members of the Syrian opposition “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Turkey to discuss sending “money and weapons”, and also discussed “Libyan fighters to train troops”.

In a Fox News report from December 2012  an “International Cargo-Shipper” candidly revealed that arms shipments from Libya to Syria commenced “almost immediately after the fall of Muammar Qaddafi” (Oct 2011) and had continued on a weekly basis from multiple ports including Misurata and Benghazi. Some of the “sources” shipments were reported to be in excess of 600 tons. The report goes on to quote anonymous “sources” on the ground in Benghazi as alleging that:

“Weapons and fighters were absolutely going to Syria, and the U.S. absolutely knew all about it – though most shipments have stopped since the attack on the American Consulate,”

Furthermore, an extensive UN report from the Security Council group of experts, from April 2013, also highlights the rife lawless proliferation of arms throughout Libya, and seeping beyond its borders. The report stated that arms were fueling conflicts from Syria to Mali, and arms were spreading from Libya at an “alarming rate”. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were singled out in the UN report for blatant violations of the arms embargo during the 2011 “uprising” against Gaddafi; the report revealed that multiple Qatari arms shipments had been allowed to flow into Libya with the full knowledge and acquiescence of NATO – in much the same way they have been allowed to flow into Turkey from Qatar, with Syria being the final destination.

Elements of the Libyan “military” leadership undoubtedly have strong links to former Al Qaeda affiliates, and were brought to power via Qatari largesse and special forces, CIA coordination, and a NATO airforce.Considering this, it is not hard to imagine the same actors would be willing to at least “turn a blind eye” to what has become an overt and unabated Libyan arms-smuggling route into Syria, as is once again demonstrated in this June 18th 2013 report from Reuters, titled: “The adventures of a Libyan weapons dealer in Syria:

Abdul Basit Haroun (former comander of “February 17th brigade”) says he is behind some of the biggest shipments of weapons from Libya to Syria, which he delivers on chartered flights to neighboring countries and then smuggles over the border….  A Reuters reporter was taken to an undisclosed location in Benghazi to see a container of weapons being prepared for delivery to Syria. It was stacked with boxes of ammunition, rocket launchers and various types of light and medium weapons.

Haroun says he can collect weapons from around the country and arrange for them to be delivered to the Syrian rebelsbecause of his contacts in Libya and abroad. “They know we are sending guns to Syria,” Haroun said. “Everyone knows.” His weapon dealing activities appear to be well-known, at least in Libya’s east. Senior officials in Libya’s army and government told Reuters they backed supplying weapons to the Syrian opposition, while a member of Libya’s congress said Harounwas doing a great job of helping the Syrian rebels.

Furthermore, according to a recent New York Times report from June 29th 2013, Qatar have been carrying out arms shipments to “rebels” in Syria from Libya, since at least the same time they “stepped up efforts” to oust Colonel Gaddafi. Consequently, this can only be interpreted as Qatar commencing shipments of arms to Syria – from Benghazi –

 before October 2011.

It is highly plausible that Benghazi was indeed a CIA-run, arms “buy-back” program – with the further “possible” intent of forwarding those arms to Syria. As the State Department has confirmed, it allocated $40 million dollars for the purchase and “collection” of arms used during the conflict in Libya, including a “missing” stockpile of up to 20,000 MANPADS – which at least 15,000 are still unaccounted for. A report written by former US special forces operatives who served in Libya titled“Benghazi: the definitive report”, alleges that the “consulate” and weapons stockpile program was entirely run by John Brennan – Obama’s National Security Advisor at the time and now Director of the CIA – and outside the usual CIA chain of command with the sole purpose of“moving the stockpiled weapons to the another conflict – possibly Syria”.Furthermore, it should also be noted that several prominent US government figures (Clinton, Brennan, Patreaus, et al) were openly lobbying for that precise policy; this adds the possibility that certain players within the government or the many factions of the Military Industrial Complex may have been acting with

the Obama administrations specific consent – or building the logistics to fulfill such policy in the future. Thus, a possible explanation of the attack on the“consulate” – which we can now assume was a CIA operated arms cache – was the Obama administrations’ public reluctance to supply MANPADS or other specific heavy weaponry to the rebels fighting in Syria. Moreover, the authors of “Benghazi: the definitive report” claim that John Brennnan was targetting hardline Islamist militia in Libya via drone strikes and special operations, which may provide another pretext for the attack. Certain rebel factions, their regional donors, or their Libyan affiliates may have felt aggrieved and decided to act against the CIA and attempt to seize the weapons under their own volition.

The Libyan weapons route to Syria has quite possibly been ongoing since Qatari (and Western) special forces and their Libyan Al Qaeda affiliated proxies took a hold of Benghazi. In turn the shipments to Syria have gradually increased as Gaddafi’s stockpiles became available and the lawless possibilities inside Libya expanded. These developments could also explain fighters of Libyan origin representing a lar