Double Whammy Sunday

Young Mu greeted at Port by oil workers

God, Allah, O-legged ◆ ◇ home-◇ ◆

Mu prays in tent when he was in France DEC 2007

(pictured above is when Muammar al-Qathafi prayed within his tent while in France DEC. 2007)

Confirmed # House _ Issuing _ Libya on Sunday evening that tomorrow Monday is

supplemented for the month of Dhu al-Hijjah of the year 1434 for the migration of the Prophet,

and that day # Tuesday of 05 November  this is the # first _ days _ a month _ Muharram of the year 1435 for Migration.

Tuesday, 5/11/2013 is the first day of the Hijri year 01.01.1435 in Libya …
On this occasion, it will be on Tuesday, an official holiday in Libya.

O his family we Yemen and faith, safety and Islam is my Lord and your Lord God.

# Faris Abu Salim

Urgent Libya/Bolivia agency honors al-Qathafi observing Caracas

Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi has honored the Bolivian Government to

suspend his image within the Revolutionary leaders

(such as Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara, and Mandela and Hugo Chavez”) in a ceremony at the State Department in the
Bolivian capital attended by Bolivian Foreign Minister and a number of ambassadors accredited in Bolivia.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / بوليفيا تكرم القذافي بتخليده ـ كاراكاسحظي العقيد معمر القدافي بتكريم الحكومة البوليفية بتعليق صورته ضمن القادة الثوريين امثال “سيمون بوليفار، وتشي جيفارا، ومانديلا و هوغو شافيز ” في حفل خاص في مقر وزارة الخارجية في العاصمة البوليفية حضره وزير الخارجية البوليفي وعدد من السفراء المعتمدين في بوليفيا .بنت الوادي

Mu & Chavez in honor

Coming Dear My Liberal internationalist crawling creep will not know where it comes from ….

# (Faris Abu Salim)

Victory nearby ◆ ◇
With God’s help ◆ ◇
Close Alauad the Abu Salim me ◆ ◇

# (Faris Abu Salim)

Appeal to officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Libyan army proud and members of security forces and alzakhli the police and public security and the armed people and the Libyan tribes Arabic Honorable: _
((either Riyad for this rider to dismount??!!))

Words were spoken names girl friend traumatic them when it came to the place where the body of her son hung Abdullah bin Zubair, who was killed by pilgrims a Umayyad in times of Revolution, Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr and his companions in Mecca and Medina

and today we say it and we present words to officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the proud and the Libyan army officers and members of security forces and alzakhli the police and public security either AAA…

That you, itesm who has seen you with your courage and nobility of your generosity and your originality and really this to your people in the alqatih of September 1969,
Libya sweetie yoked us and British colonial rules and allied with labor in Libya and its people and resources in the colonial obnoxious forever and you take part in the wars of liberation on the Egyptian front in South Lebanon and in support of the Chadian people
and you come to Central Africa Despite the daunting challenges and waylaid the colonists and their allies in the region and transformed into Libya
and you supported peoples ‘ issues in Africa and Latin America, Asia and even Western independence movements in Aruba this glorious history and present supervisor in your Resistance to the global war on Libya by colonialism and the regional and local allies and encountered a naked Atlantic aircraft and soldiers on the ground for eight months
and You high ene and Honorable Libya:
Libya say you and we are proud of you and the Libyan military shake your weakness, they drew up your weapons and refuse for your country

and your people humiliation and humiliation to the battlefield by cheering the brave sons of your tribes,

and your return to Libya, his father free, independent, that are standing by in the Mediterranean Afro-Arab territory that the time of humiliation and degradation, Libya managed Qatar time gone forever
but that risk unless your sleeves and fire your weapons and your resolutions that returning always with victory and dignity And sovereignty of Libya and its people.

Main ¤◆¤Wadman{ahmaid alkhasi} ¤◆¤◆

home ♡ commander Libya victorious 2013 

Salim Bahlha writes us:

“victory victory near”


The commander of the armed popular resistance … Guetrepett hours creep Holy God … □ □ home □ commander for Libya’s victorious 2013 ♡

النداء الى الضباط وضباط صف وجنود الجيش الليبي الأبي ومنتسبي القوى الأمنية الذاخلي والخارجي وسلك الشرطة والأمن العام والى الشعب المسلح والى القبائل الليبية العربية الشريفة:_((أما أااان لهذا الفارس أن يترجل؟؟!!))كلمة قالتها أسماء بنت الصديق رضيى الله عنهما حينما جاءت الى المكان الذي علقا عليه جثمان أبنها عبدالله بن الزبير الذي قتل على إيدي الحجاج عامل بني أمية في زمن أخضاعه لثورة عبدالله بن الزبير واصحابه في مكة والمدينة المنورة واليوم نقولها نحن ونوجه هذا الكلمات الى ضباط وضباط صف وجنود الجيش الليبي الأبي والى ضباط ومنتسبي القوى الأمنية الذاخلي والخارجي وسلك الشرطة والأمن العام أما أااان لكم أيها الأشاوس الذي شهد لكم التاريخ بشجاعتكم ونبل كرمكم واصالتكم وانحيازكم لأبناء شعبكم في القاتح من سبتمبر عام1969م وليبيا الحبيبة ترزح تحت نير القواعد الأستعمارية الأمريكية والبريطانية وحكم العمالة المتحالف معهم على رهن ليبيا وشعبها ومواردها للمستعمر البغيض ابد الدهر وشاركتم في حروب التحرير على الجبهة المصرية وفي جنوب لبنان وفي مساندة الشعب التشادي ووصلتم الى وسط أفريقيا رغم التحديات الجسام وتربص المستعمرين وحلفائهم في المنطقة وحولتم ليبيا الى قاعدة للتحرير وساندتم قضايا الشعوب في أفريقيا وأمريكيا اللآتينة وأسيا وحتى الحركات الأستقلالية في أروبا الغربية أن هذا التاريخ المجيد والحاضر المشرف في مقاومتكم للحرب العالمية على ليبيا التي شنها الأستعمار وحلفائه الاقليميين والمحليين وواجهتم بصدور عارية طائرات الأطلسي وجنوده على الأرض طيلة ثمانية أشهر وأنتم شامخون شموخ ليبيا وأهل ليبيا الشرفاء نقول لكم ونحن نعتز بكم وبالعسكرية الليبية أنفضوا عنكم الوهن وامتشقوا سلاحكم وارفضوا عن بلادكم وشعبكم الذل والهوان والى ميادين المعارك من خلال جنودكم البواسل وأبناء مناطقكم وقبائلكم وعودوا بليبيا أبية حرة مستقلة في القمة وأن نأخد مكانتها بجداره في أقليمها الافريقي العربي المتوسطي أن زمن الذل والهوان وليبيا تدار من قطر زمن قد ولى الى غير رجعة لكن ذلك لايتحقق إلا بسواعدكم ونيران أسلحتكم وعزائمكم التي عودتنا دائما مع النصر وتحقيق الكرامة والسيادة لليبيا وشعبها…¤◆¤ادمن الرئيسي {احميد القحصي}¤◆¤◆

Nasser Houari:

“Its entirety has collapsed and become a breeding ground for intelligence world and its customers and Juan who sold the land and traded debt

and Libya, Afghanistan became the Arabs and became the image of Libyans abroad hated, but with very so I Mtphal the best.”

Sheikh Faraj Mohamed Daw Gmad one tribe sheikhs and Rafla ..

Detainee inside the SCA in the corner for no fault of DID but one of the elders who Haulo put out the fire of sedition and soothe tensions between Misrata and Bani Walid was punished detention with science and also Traon that Sheikh appellant in age and suffering from chronic diseases , including Parkinson’s disease and pressure in the last visit of Sheikh noticed that his health is bad not bear to stay inside the prison because the Parkinson’s condition has increased in the past the one hand , but on the last visit was on Friday on 02/11/2013 luck that his other hand initially in Parkinson’s disease .

There is no medical care within the prison are not Asmho to get out of it. In each visit we are giving him medication by consulting a physician , we all know maintaining the medication does not work without a doctor review . Do not forget to remind you that with Tlat sheikhs whom Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti and Hua also suffers from diabetes. Sheikh Bashir Abu Bakr Rezgui .

And Sheikh Musa Eshteiwi , shifter and are also in the elderly …. I ask the wise and sheikhs and living Zmaúr owners and all whom it may concern to intervene immediately in for decoding their families after that Qdo years in detention without formal charges directed at them … Please my brother Nasser Houari Maanthm transfer via his personal page , professional human rights issues and relevant this organizations these things ……

(Ismail Faraj Gmad the detainee Ibn al-Shaykh)
الشيخ فرج محمد ضو غميض أحد مشائخ قبيلة ورفله ..

معتقل داخل السلع التموينيه في مدينة الزاويه لا لذنب أقترفه إلا أنه أحد الشيوخ الذين حاولو أخماد نار الفتنه وتهدئة الأحتقان بين مصراته وبني وليد فكان جزائه الأعتقال مع العلم وكما تراون أن الشيخ طاعن في السن ويعاني من أمراض مزمنه ومنها الشلل الرعاشي والضغط وفي أخر زياره للشيخ لاحظنا أن وضعه الصحي سيّئ ولا يتحمل البقاء داخل المعتقل لأن حالة الرعاش زادت عنده فيما مضى كانت يداً واحده ولكن في أخر زياره وكانت يوم الجمعه بتاريخ 2/11/2013 لحظنا أن يده الأخرى بدائة في الرعاش . ولا يوجد عنايه طبيه داخل المعتقل ولا يسمحو لهم بالخروج منه . في كل زياره نقوم بإعطائه دواء بإستشارة طبيب مختص وكلنا يعرف المداومه على الدواء لا تجدي نفعاً دون مراجعة الطبيب . ولا أنسى أن أذكركم أن معه ثلات مشائخ منهم الشيخ محمد البرغوثي وهوا أيضاً يعاني من مرض السكر . والشيخ بشير أبوبكر الرزقي . والشيخ موسى أشتيوي شفتر وهما أيضاً كبار في السن …. أطالب العقلاء والمشائخ وأصحاب الظمائر الحيه وكل من يهمه الأمر بالتدخل الفوري في سبيل فك أسرهم بعد أن قضو سنة في المعتقل بدون تهم رسميه موجها لهم … الرجاء من أخي ناصر الهواري نقل معانتهم عبر صفحته الشخصيه وفي الصفحات المختصه بقضايا حقوق الأنسان والمنظمات المختصه بهده الأمور ……

إسماعيل فرج غميض أبن الشيخ المعتقل


morning Sunday in the National Congress sessions movable directly
It will be conflict and competition between the Group of 94 member against
Brotherhood and Loyalty to the Martyrs bloc, Istrha RBI.

Council of Ministers Resolution No. 641 on the increase workers’ salaries in the public administrative units in the country:

_ Salary increase _ state employees by 20%
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

# Decided _ Council of Ministers the increase in the salaries of employees in public administrative units by 20% of the value of the gross salary, starting from the first of January next year.

She explained the second article of the resolution that its provisions do not apply to those staff arranged for special salary scales, as well as working abroad.

It is noteworthy that the head of the interim government, Ali Zaidane said in an earlier news conference that the government will raise the salaries of state employees.

Reuters Libya
Libya raise the wages of workers in the oil sector to 67% … The increase will begin as of the year 2014 # statement _ Enterprise.

Cabinet decides to increase the salaries of employees in general administrative units in the country increased by twenty percent!!!

# _ Gateway to Libya

Tawfiq al-Shahibi:
The third point of the 10 points that we demanded the cancellation of delegation of powers to the President of the Conference to constitute a
Committee to determine what powers were granted to the President in case of emergency or any Committee elected by the Conference.

Tawfiq al-Shahibi,,,,,

Peace be upon you
After taking the hours were two of the 10 items requested by the
A Parliamentary Commission of inquiry on the 900 million Exchange and the formation of the parliamentary inquiry into the abduction of the Prime Minister.

And shortly after the afternoon session will be on the President’s mandate in some jurisdictions.

Tatiana Bannon
Withdrawal of authorization of the President of the Conference,,,,,,, still reviews decisions taken by Elly khelthm withdraw from the delegation, should be abolished.
The National Congress voted to approve the withdrawal of the powers of the head of the National Conference, Nouri Abu arrows 72 voted yes and 71 voted voted by not.

Salem al – Obeidi:
Voice of the General National Congress in the morning session after resuming
Sessions , with a majority of 131 votes to form a parliamentary committee urgent
Members of Congress for the investigation of Prime Minister Kidnapping Incident
Temporary ” Ali Zaidane ” and was listening to the National Organic Conference
Year, accused by the head of the interim government kidnapped and refuted
“Mohammed al – Kilani ,” and ” Mostafa Turayki “ abduction Prime Minister
And eternally agreeing to lift the immunity of them until it is clear for the people
Libyan truth of what happened , as the voice of the General National Congress also
The formation of a parliamentary committee with a majority of 86 votes for the investigation in exchange
$ 900 million allocated for the Chiefs of Staff .

Tripoli: storm the prime minister by a group of young Fashloom Mtalippin the immediate release of the son of the defense minister Abdullah Bending ..
They accused the Minister of Aldakhilah stalling in activating the minutes and that was opened against Abdullah Trabelsi accused by the Defense Minister of kidnapping his son.
Pagan intruder session on national channel and a news channel.
Palestinian Hashim humans and attended a meeting with members of the Conference
————————————————– ——————–

Male head of the Supreme Security Committee of the Palestinian Tripoli ” Hashim humans ” on his Alvesbuqueh page number of the names of the heads of Saraya and the security services who attended the meeting with a number of members of the General National Congress , particularly the G- 94 pm today , saying :

Who attended the meeting, a number of the rebels with some members of Congress were more than twenty remember them
Riad Gharibi brother Alrajabana a red Aseraa battalion
Belhadj Osama Nasr Street Information Office
Lutfi al – Shibli fifth of the band
Haitham Tagouris , secret backing for the first battalion of Tripoli rebels
Hazem falsehood Saraya battalion fifth red band
Khaled القمودي , commander of the Fifth Division
Sheikh Jamal Andamo , the ancient city Department of Insurance and protection
Submitted Hussein Saket officer President Training Center No. 1 Salahuddin
Ramadan Algrara first secret backing janzour
Mahmoud بوجعفر the first secret backing janzour
Salem Mohammed key deputy commander of military police formation Tripoli
And others who do not have in mind mentioned:

Will vote on the withdrawal of the National President of the Conference Authorization
“Nuri al Bushmin” shortly after, if not stall
Before the presidency of the Conference, and the rest of the items will be discussed and the most important

Abushmin, Nuri al Bushmin, father arrows

Will vote on the withdrawal of the National President of the Conference Authorization
“Nuri al Bushmin” shortly after, if not stall
Before the presidency of the Conference, and the rest of the items will be discussed and the most important
(Libya rebels room).

Abu arrows : Anti- crime confessed to abducting Zaidane
Atmosphere of the country -

Said the head of the National Conference Nuri Abu arrows , that the Anti – Crime ” acknowledged its responsibility in the kidnapping of Ali Zaidane and the device follows the Ministry of Interior which in turn follow the government headed by Zidane ,” which comes out investigation by the Department of the Conference’s work to the work of the government department . He said ” Mr. recognition of evidence.”

He added two arrows , who was speaking at the opening session of the National Conference on Sunday that he does not mind in the ” formation of a committee within the General National Congress to investigate members of Congress who named in the abduction of Zidane .”
Regarding Zaidane ‘s remarks on his abduction,  Abu arrows said , ” I met the prime minister personally explicit accusation did not make any member of the General National Congress, but he has a personal conclusions .”

Story on oil exploration in the National Congress love story does not end …:

Oil drilling in the desert Suehalih ..




Channel Free Libya: 

Major General Salem Alguenida from the heart of Green Square (angular):

Invite officers excluded from the army by Abushmin (father arrows) who declared himself for the “Commander-in-Chief of the army.”

The RKO and meet and against this unjust decision and not silent and … It is not because of evil hands filter Abushmin (father arrows).

Members of the National Congress meet the Supreme Security Committee to secure the capital

Solidarity news agency ..

Began to spread banners and posters demanding non-extension of the members

of the conference after February 7 in the city of Tripoli:

Manifestations in Green Square to the city of Tripoli, by youth
Users Benghazi to Tripoli, to condemn the security situation to Benghazi’s Assassinations and bombings.

A number of citizens gathered in Omar Mukhtar Street and Green Square in Tripoli, and calling on finding solutions

to the assassinations in Benghazi, and carrying banners calling for the army and police of others present originally.




Ajeelat now
News brief//

Now to picket the staff of Italian compound “Mellitah” (MIZDAH) result mlishet of intrusion they counterfeited

him complex and burglary on staff and workers.


Urgent agency Libya / Rome – Agencies

“Eni” is worried about their investments in Libya

Description Managing Director of the company «Eni» Italian energy Paulo Scaroni situation in Libya as «difficult»

and said that «the strengthening of institutions Libyan paced and slow more than we expected, but Libya is a country i

n the form of particularly complex. Scaroni confirmed that «the Italian production in the country is half what it should be,

but fortunately there are many available quantities of gas, so it will not leave the Italian influences in the reserves of gas.



Press conference at five pm …

After a few members of the Government will tenderly performance of the front section of the Political Bureau Barqawi
Cyrenaica channel and the Liberals and the news will be in the direct transport of this important event.

Each of the Head of the Political Bureau and the Executive Council of the province of Cyrenaica

Now move directly to the oath ceremony of the Government of Cyrenaica on “channel Cyrenaica” and “Libya first”.


Benghazi ::::::: prison Alkwyfah

Saad Al Mansouri : | |
Control of the rebellion in Benghazi Alkwyfah prison by special forces and the judicial police continued for two hours this morning.

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.
Event rebellion morning inside the prison Alkwyfah by detainees in which the city of Benghazi, wounding several of them were injured

after the so-called ” operations room rebels Libya “attacked them with firearms, where he heard shooting and skirmishes in the vicinity

of the prison, and our sources confirm that he was firing shots on the walls of the cells and under the feet of detainees.

بنغازي قبل قليل … غضب من استمرار التفجيرات والاغتيالاتاين شباب بنغازي .. وين تريس بنغازي!!!

Nqlaan logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ

Section God Aaaar the .. Allah Allah o life … Just car Fjah exploded at a mosque ditch foray into the land of Quraish …

And great God Talata the small Talat including Ali a Mesh Foouk old two charred and God high risk who were images

Aajibwa deeds in Wayne song millions … The guy who P car Talaaoh the Trowov … Swear Aaaar God shame you country Kharbh …

Oh what him, Muammar days, …

(Valley girl)


Galaa Hospital in Bngare announce the death of Ibn officer (Solomon Alvesa), who was wounded in the bomb attack on his father’s car

this evening in Benghazi also announced the hospital that the child who at the age of two years has tried to Doctors Care revived

more than once, but he moved a little while ago to the mercy of God.


The Vophsi close family built the airport in protest against the killing of her son and his family ..

(Intelligence Benghazi)

This is a picture of innocent girl that burned yesterday in the car explosion in Benghazi land Quraish!

Suffering and turn not to God Almighty ..!

Peng IZE:::
This picture is not in Burma, not in Afghanistan, not in Yemen, not in Iraq.
This image in beloved Benghazi …!!
This child was murdered his father and his brother, Hua and his mother burning.

Deceased Victims “Solomon Ahmad Zein Alvesa” and his son…

God and yes proxy “

Word now …. A military official:

A former rebels killed area “Land Agherih” and called “Solomon Alvesa” and his son when gunmen

had opened fire on his car led to the burning of part of the car and killing also his son which first led to a cut hand and then his heart stopped;

and the hopeful survival of his pregnant wife and daughter ..

BUT NOW NEWS: His pregnat wife now dead too!

The spokesman of the security room shared Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi for the “ambiance of the country” on Monday, the death of the pregnant wife

of Sgt military intelligence Ahmed Alvesa and child second after his death, one of his sons yesterday after targeting his improvised explosive

device area of ​​land Quraish city …… and still cord p jars ..


Pregnant Wife’s death military Sergeants intelligence chief “Alvesa” + The second child after his death, one of his sons yesterday after his car improvised explosive

device targeting Quraish land area in the city.

# _ Galaa Hospital

The arrival of a family when a car bomb exploded in the area of ​​land Quraish died Col (Solomon Ahmad Zein Alvesa) and his son;

in critical condition are his pregnant wife and daughter (they’re stable and thankfully).

“God and Yes Aloueckl”

Exit women in Benghazi Sidi Younis area after a car bomb by the whole family and screams and shouts
(O Put Island urgent ….. Benghazi Mavera the footmen)

(Quoting the Libyan news agency today)

Found again an explosive device “bag” of approximately “6 Kilo” by the proximity of the new mall by the end of the street gardens.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Solomon car image Zein Alvesy that exploded in the land Agherih, the Benghazi.

AFP Image Archive :

Intelligence officer was killed in the Libyan military with members of his family in an explosion in his car in Benghazi in eastern Libya on November 3 / November.

Image Archive
7 pics:


Doctors protest in Benghazi to claim the financial rewards
The atmosphere of the country.
Number of doctors protested to demand excellence regardless of their remuneration Sunday complex medical colleges at the University of Benghazi.

A member of the student union for doctors ” Moataz Ferjani ” of : The Interns who have completed a full year of work in a period of training in hospitals not paid them any money yet.

He added ” Ferjani ” of the protesters issued a statement demanding regardless rewards being really distracted rights in all countries of the world in the words of the statement , asserting that the statement ” carries the relevant liability resulting from damages that may occur as a result of delay bonuses exchange ” .

The College of Human Medicine recorder ” Ashraf dance ” that the university ended the special procedures regardless bonuses and forwarded to the Ministry of Health , noting that the delayed payment of bonuses due to the Ministry of Health.

And on a student grant amounting to seventy-five dinars stressed , ” dance ” that the lack of exchange due to item number three law 251 which speaks of a written pledge should be made by a doctor not to duplication in the resolution.

Nothing to do ministry
On the other hand the Information Office official said the Ministry of Health , ” Ammar Mohammed “ The decision regardless rewards for Interns spend disbursement of hospitals from the current year ‘s budget and that the ministry had nothing to do with this delay , as he put it .

That a decision is referred to the Minister of Health with the number 251 for the year 2013 had been approved reward excellence and doctor according to the minimum wage eliminates regardless four hundred and fifty dinars a month .

FB VIDEO:شباب بنغازي الان يهتفون واحد اثنين وين الرجالة وين

مظاهره أمام فندق تيبستي ببنغازي تنديداً لتردي الوضع الآمني و وتصاعد الأغتيالات بمدينة …………….
FB VIDEO:Manifestations in front of the Tibesti hotel in Benghazi to condemn the deteriorating security situation and the escalation of killings in …………….Spirit .. .. blood we will redeem you Benghaziبروح ..بدم ..نفديك يا بنغازي


Now demonstration in Gamal Abdel Nasser Street

1 and 2 men Benghazi Win

And in the news about the direction of this demonstration towards the headquarters of the local council Brotherhood

Page Urgent Benghazi

Crowds of demonstrators in the street beauty
Moving into an arena Quiche.

Cheers guys Benghazi to Tibesti:

Free Benghazi channel
News draws demonstrators in front of the Tibesti Hotel to the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia in the pond.

Young Benghazi now chant one two win win ya Hawa

Manifestations front of the Tibesti Hotel by citizens on protesters
Security situation and assassinations b wounded city.

Urgent agency Libya / another car bombing in Syria Street Benghazi.

According to preliminary information detonated a car since few in the city of Benghazi Syria Street.



Libya’s international channel

Armed attack targets in the early hours of the morning Western security gate to the west

of the city of Sousse coming from the city of Derna

and no news yet confirmed any injuries or loss of life.

A picture of a huge explosion shook the city of Sousse show that targeting the western gate of the city:

Eastern Region :::
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl initial images of the explosion of the city of Sousse, which targeted the western gate of the City




à proximité de Sebha
Bouri oil field
# Special
Zuwarah rebels continuing to sit inside the compound # and Mainamlath, and the National Congress granted the public an opportunity in

today’s meeting, for a constitutional amendment to Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration.
It is noteworthy that did not stop operations at the complex, but a parked cargo operations at the port.


Investigative Reporter Confirms Barack Obama’s Homosexuality

Dr. Jerome Corsi reveals what he learned while investigating rumors that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was running a “matchmaking service”

for members of his Trinity United Church of Christ known as the Down Low Club, which included Barack Obama. Excerpts from The Peter Boyles Radio Show.

Mu looking over OBAMA at Summit

Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations

Global Research, 02 November 2013

“Pro-Israel Policy groups such as AIPAC work with unlimited funding to divert US policy in the region ( Middle East )” Jack Straw, Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary of the British Labor Party

“The United States should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran to spur the country to end its nuclear program” Sheldon Adelson, biggest donor to the Republican Party and major fundraiser for pro-Israel political action committees, speech at Yeshiva University, New York City, October 22, 2013.


The question of war or peace with Iran rests with the policies adopted by the White House and the US Congress. The peace overtures by newly elected Iranian President Rohani have resonated favorably around the world, except with Israel and its Zionist acolytes in North America and Europe . The first negotiating session proceeded without recrimination and resulted in an optimistic assessment by both sides. Precisely because of the initial favorable response among the participants, the Israeli government escalated its propaganda war against Iran . Its agents in the US Congress, the mass media and in the Executive branch moved to undermine the peace process. What is at stake is Israel’s capacity to wage proxy wars using the US military and its NATO allies against any government challenging Israeli military supremacy in the Middle East, its violent annexation of Palestinian territory and its ability to attack any adversary with impunity.

To understand what is at stake in the current peace negotiations one must envision the consequences of failure: Under Israeli pressure, the US announced that its ‘military option’ could be activated – resulting in missile strikes and a bombing campaign against 76 million Iranians in order to destroy their government and economy. Teheran could retaliate against such aggression by targeting US military bases in the region and Gulf oil installations resulting in a global crisis. This is what Israel wants.

We will begin by examining the context of Israel ’s military supremacy in the Middle East . We will then proceed to analyze Israel ’s incredible power over the US political process and how it shapes the negotiation process today, with special emphasis on Zionist power in the US Congress.

The Context of Israeli Military Supremacy in the Middle East

Since the end of World War II , Israel has bombed, invaded and occupied more countries in the Middle East and Africa than previous colonial power, except the US . The list of Israel ’s victims includes: Palestine , Syria , Lebanon , Egypt , Iraq , Jordan , Sudan and Yemen . If we include countries where Israel has launched quasi-clandestine terrorist attacks and assassinations, the list would be greatly expanded to include a dozen countries in Europe and Asia – including the US through its Zionist terror network.

Israel ’s projection of military power, its capacity for waging offensive wars at will, is matched by its near-total impunity. Despite their repeated violations of international law, including war crimes, Israel has never been censored at an international tribunal or subjected to economic sanctions because the US government uses its position to veto UN Security Council resolutions and pressure its NATO-EU allies.

Israel’s military supremacy has less to do with the native techno-industrial ‘brilliance’ of its war-mongers and more to do with the transfers and outright theft of nuclear, chemical and biological technology and weapons from the US (Grant Smith “Ten Explosive US Government Secrets of Israel” IRMEP). Overseas Zionists in the US and France have played a strategic (and treasonous) role in stealing and illegally shipping nuclear technology and weapon components to Israel, according to an investigation by former CIA Director Richard Helms.

Israel maintains huge nuclear, chemical, and biological weapon stockpiles refusing any access to international arms inspectors and is not obliged to abide by the non-proliferation treaty, because of US diplomatic intervention. Under pressure from the local ‘Zionist power configuration’ (ZPC), the US government has blocked any action which might constrain Israel ’s production of weapons of mass destruction. In fact the US continues to provide Israel with strategic weapons of mass destruction for use against its neighbors – in violation of international law.

US military aid and technology transfers to Israel exceed $100 billion dollars over the past half century. US diplomatic and military intervention was crucial in rescuing Israel from defeat during the 1973 war. US President Lyndon Johnson’s refusal to defend the unarmed intelligence ship, the USS Liberty in 1967, after it had been bombed and napalmed by Israeli fighter planes and warships in international waters, constituted a tremendous victory for Israel thanks to Johnson’s Zionist advisers. Because of its impunity, even in killing American servicemen, Israel has been given a free hand to wage aggressive wars to dominate its neighbors, commit acts of terrorism and assassinate its adversaries throughout the world without fear of retaliation.

Israel ’s uncontested military superiority has converted several of its neighbors to quasi-client collaborators: Egypt and Jordan have served as de facto allies, along with the Gulf monarchies, helping Israel repress the region’s nationalist and pro-Palestinian movements.

The most decisive factor in the rise and consolidation of Israel ’s power in the Middle East has not been its military prowess but its political reach and influence via its Zionist agents in the US . Washington ’s wars against Iraq and Libya , and its current support of the mercenary assault against Syria , have destroyed three major secular nationalist opponents of Israel ’s hegemonic ambitions.

As Israel accumulates more power in the region, expanding its colonization of Palestinian territory, it looks eastward toward destroying the last remaining obstacle to its colonial policies: Iran .

For at least two decades, Israel has directed its overseas agents – (the ZPC) – to destroy the government of Iran by destabilizing its society, assassinating its scientists, bombing its military establishments and laboratories and strangling its economy.

After the ZPC successfully pushed the US into war against Iraq in 2003 – literally shredding its complex secular society and killing over a million Iraqis – it turned its sights on destroying Lebanon (Hezbollah) and the secular government of Syria as a way to isolate Iran and prepare for an attack. While thousands of Lebanese civilians were slaughtered in 2006, Israel ’s attack of Lebanon failed, despite the support of the US government and the ZPC’s wild propaganda campaign. Hysterical at its failure and to ‘compensate’ for its defeat at the hands of Hezbollah and to ‘boost morale’, Israel invaded and destroyed much of Gaza (2008/9) – the world’s largest open air prison camp.

Lacking military capacity to attack Iran on its own, Israel directed its agents to manipulate the US government to start a war with Teheran. The militarist leaders in Tel Aviv have unleashed their political assets (ZPC) throughout the US to work to destroy Iran – the last formidable adversary to Israel supremacy in the Middle East .

The Israeli-ZPC strategy is designed to set the stage for a US confrontation with Iran , using its agents in the Executive branch as well as its ongoing corruption, bribery and control of the US Congress. ZPC control over the mass media enhances its propaganda campaign: Everyday the New York Times and the Washington Post publish articles and editorials promoting Israel ’s war agenda. The ZPC uses the US State Department to force other NATO states to likewise confront Iran .

Israel’s Proxy War with Iran: US Political Pressure, Economic Sanctions and Military Threats

Alone, Israel’s ‘war’ with Iran would not amount to much more than its cyber sabotage, the periodical assassinations of Iranian scientists using its paid agents among Iranian terrorist groups and non-stop brow-beating from Israeli politicians and their ‘amen crowd’. Outside of Israel , this campaign has had little impact on public opinion. Israel’s ‘was’ on Iran depends exclusively on its capacity to manipulate US policy using its local agents and groups who dominate the US Congress and through the appointments of officials in key positions in the Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and Justice , and as Middle East ‘advisors’. Israel cannot organize an effective sanction campaign against Iran ; nor could it influence any major power to abide by such a campaign. Only the US has that power. Israel ’s dominance in the Middle East comes entirely from its capacity to mobilize its proxies in the United States who are assigned the task of securing total submission to Israel ’s interests from elected and appointed government officials – especially in regard to Israel ’s regional adversaries.

Strategically placed, ‘dual US-Israeli citizens’ have used their US citizenship to secure high security positions in the Government directly involved in policies affecting Israel . As Israelis, their activities are in line with the dictates of Tel Aviv. In the Bush administration (2001-2008) high placed ‘Israel Firsters’ dominated the Pentagon (Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith), Middle East Security (Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross), the Vice President’s office (‘Scooter’ Libby), Treasury (Levey) and Homeland Security (Michael Chertoff). In the Obama administration the ‘Israel Firsters’ include Dennis Ross, Rahm Emanuel, David Cohen, Secretary of Treasury Jack “Jake the Snake” Lew, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Michael Froman as Trade Representative among others.

Israel ’s Proxy Power within the Executive branch is matched by its dominance of the US Congress. Contrary to some critics, Israel is neither an ‘ally’ or ‘client’ of the US . Evidence of the gross asymmetry of the relation abounds over the past half century. Because of these powerful proxies in Congress and the Executive branch, Israel has received over $100 billion dollar tribute from the US over the past 30 years, or $3 billion plus a year. The US Pentagon has transferred the most up-to-date military technology and engaged in several wars on Israel ’s behalf. The US Treasury has imposed sanctions against potentially lucrative trading and investment partners in the Middle East ( Iran , Iraq and Syria ) depriving US agricultural and manufacturing exporters and oil companies of over $500 billion in revenues. The White House sacrificed the lives of over 4,400 US soldiers in the Iraq War – a war promoted by Israel ’s proxies at the behest of Israel ’s leaders. The State Department has rejected friendly and profitable relations with over 1.5 billion Muslims by backing the illegal settlement of over half million Jewish colonists on military-occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and Jerusalem .

The strategic question is how and why this one-sided relation between the US and Israel persists for so long, even as it goes counter to so many strategic and elite US interests? The more immediate and pressing question is how this historically lopsided relation effects contemporary US-Iran sanctions and nuclear negotiations?

Iran and the Peace Negotiations

Undoubtedly the newly elected Iranian President and his Foreign Minister are prepared to negotiate an end to hostilities with the US by making major concessions ensuring the peaceful use of nuclear energy. They have stated they are open to reducing or even ending the production of highly enriched uranium; reducing the number of centrifuges and even allowing intrusive, unannounced inspections, among other promising proposals. The Iranian government proposes a roadmap with end goals as part of the initial agreements. The European Union’s Foreign Secretary Lady Ashton has commented favorably on the initial meeting.

The US Administration has given conflicting signals following the Iranian overtures and the opening meeting. Some individual comments are guardedly positive; others are less encouraging and rigid. Administration Zionists like Jack ‘Jake’ Lew, the Treasury Secretary, insists sanctions will remain until Iran meets all US (read ‘Israeli’) demands. The US Congress, bought and controlled by the ZPC, rejects the promising Iranian overtures and flexibility, insisting on military ‘options’ or the total dismantling of Iran’s legal and peaceful nuclear program – ZPC positions designed to sabotage the negotiations. To that end, Congress has passed new, more extreme, economic sanctions to strangle the Iran ’s oil economy.

How Israel’s Political Action Committees Control the US Congress and Prepare War with Iran

The Zionist Power Configuration uses its financial firepower to dictate Congressional policy on the Middle East and to ensure that the US Congress and Senate do not stray one iota from serving Israel ’s interests. The Zionist instrument used in the purchase of elected officials in the US is the political action committee (PAC).

Thanks to a 2010 US Supreme Court decision, Super PACs-linked to Israel spend enormous sums to elect or destroy candidates – depending on the candidate’s political work on behalf of Israel . As long as these funds do not go directly to the candidate, these Super PACs do not have to reveal how much they spend or how it is spent. Conservative estimates of ZPC- linked direct and indirect funds to US legislators run close to $100 million dollars over the past 30-year. The ZPC channels these funds to legislative leaders and members of Congressional committees dealing with foreign policy, especially sub-committee chairpersons dealing with the Middle East . Unsurprisingly, the largest Congressional recipients of ZPC money are those who have aggressively promoted Israel ’s hard-line policies. Elsewhere around the world, such large scale payoffs for legislative votes would be considered blatant bribery and subject to felony prosecution­ and imprisonment for both parties. In the US , the purchase and sale of a politician’s vote is called ‘lobbying’ and is legal and open. The legislative branch of the US government has come to resemble a high-price brothel or white slavers’ auction – but with the lives of thousands at stake.

The ZPC has purchased the alliance of US Congress people and Senators on a massive scale: Of 435 members of the US House of Representatives (sic), 219 have received payments from the ZPC in exchange for their votes on behalf of the state of Israel . Corruption is even more rampant among the 100 US Senators, 94 of whom have accepted pro-Israel PAC and Super PAC money for their loyalty to Israel . The ZPC showers money on both Republicans and Democrats, thus securing incredible (in this era of Congressional deadlock), near unanimous (‘bipartisan’) votes in favor of the ‘Jewish State’, including its war crimes, like the bombing of Gaza and Lebanon as well as the annual $3 billion dollar plus US tax-payer tribute to Tel Aviv. At least 50 US Senators have each collected between $100 thousand and $1 million in ZPC money over the past decades . In exchange, they have voted for over $100 billion in tribute payments to Israel … in addition to other ‘services and payments’. The members of the US Congress are cheaper: 25 legislators have received between $238,000 and $50,000, while the rest got peanuts. Regardless of the amount, the net result is the same: Congressional member pick up their script from their Zionist mentors in the PACs, Super PACs and AIPAC and back all of Israel ’s wars in the Middle East and promote US aggression on behalf of Israel .

The most outspoken and influential legislators get the biggest chunk of Zionist payola: Senator Mark Kirk (Bombs over Teheran!) tops the ‘pigs at the trough’ list with $925,000 in ZPC payoffs, followed by John McCain (Bombs over Damascus!) with $771,000, while Senators Mitch McConnell, Carl Levin, Robert Menendez, Richard Durban and other Zionophilic politicos are not shy about holding out their little begging bowls when the pro-Israel PAC bagmen arrive! Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen tops the ‘House’ list with $238,000 for her 100% pro-Israel record as well as for being more war-mongering than even Netanyahu! Eric Cantor got $209,000 for championing ‘wars for Israel ’ with American lives while cutting Social Security payments to US seniors in order to increase military aid to Tel Aviv. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, got $144,000 for ‘whipping the few wobbly’ Democrats back into Israel ’s ‘camp’. House Majority Leader John Boehner was paid $130,000 to do the same among the Republicans.

The ZPC has spent huge amounts to punish and destroy a dozen or so dissident legislators who had stood up to Israel ’s wars and grotesque human rights record. The ZPC has poured millions into individual campaigns, not only financing opposition candidates who pledged allegiance to the Israel but mounting scurrilous character assassinations of Israel’s critics in office. These campaigns have been mounted in the most obscure parts of the US , including in majority African-American districts, where local Zionist interests and influence are otherwise absolutely nil.

There are no comparable PACs, Super PACs, party leaders, or civic organization that can contest the power of Israel ’s Fifth Column. According to documents archived by the courageous researcher, Grant Smith of IRMEP, when it comes to Israel , the US Justice Department has adamantly refused to enforce its own federal laws requiring the prosecution of US citizens who fail to register as foreign agents while working for a foreign country – at least since 1963. On the other hand, the ZPC, through the so-call ‘Anti-Defamation League’, has successfully pressured the Justice Department, the FBI and NSA to investigate and prosecute law-abiding, patriotic US citizens critical of Israel ’s land grabs in Palestine and the Zionist corruptors of the US political system on behalf of their foreign master.

The corruption and degradation of US democracy is made possible by the equally compromised and corrupted ‘respectable press’. Media critic, Steve Lendman, has pointed out the direct link between Israel and the mass media in his investigation of the New York Times. The leading (‘fair and balanced’) journalists reporting on Israel have strong family and political ties to that country and their articles have been little more than propaganda. Times reporter Ethan Bronner, whose son served in the Israel Defense Forces, is a long-time apologist for the Zionist state. Times reporter Isabel Kershner, whose ‘writing’ seem to come straight out of the Israeli Foreign Office, is married to Hirsh Goodman an adviser to the Netanyahu regime on ‘security affairs’. The Times bureau chief in Jerusalem, Jodi Rudoren, lives comfortably in the ancestral home of a Palestinian family dispossessed from that ancient city.

The Times unflinching pro-Israel posture provides a political cover and justification for the corrupted US politicians as they beat the war drums for Israel . It is no surprise that the New York Times, like the Washington Post, is deeply engaged in disparaging and denouncing the current US-Iran negotiations – and providing ample space for the one-sided rhetoric of Israeli politicians and their US mouthpieces, while studiously excluding the more rational, pro-rapprochement voices of experienced former US diplomats, war-weary military leaders and representatives of the US business and academic communities.

To understand Congress’ hostility to the nuclear negotiations with Iran and their efforts to scuttle them through the imposition of ridiculous new sanctions, it is important to get to the source of the problem, namely the statements of key Israeli politicians, who set the line of march for their US proxies.

In late October, 2013, Former Israeli Defense Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin spoke of ‘having to choose between ‘the bomb’ or the bombing’ – a message which immediately resonated with the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations (Daily Alert, October 24, 2013). On October 22, 2013, Israel ’s Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz, called for harsh new sanctions on Iran and insisted that the US use them as leverage to demand that Iran agree to entirely abandon its peaceful nuclear energy and enrichment program. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon affirmed that ‘ Israel will not accept any deal that allows Iran to enrich uranium’. It is Israel ’s position to threaten war (via the US ) if Iran does not submit to unconditional surrender of its nuclear program. This defines the position of all the major pro-Israel PACs, Super PACs and AIPAC. They in turn proceed to dictate policy to their ‘lick-spittles’ in the US Congress. As a result, Congress passes even more extreme economic sanctions on Iran in order to sabotage the ongoing negotiations.

Those who have received the biggest Zionist pay-offs from the pro-Israel PACs are the most vociferous: Senator Mark Kirk ($925,379), author of a previous sanctions bill, demands that Iran end its entire nuclear and ballistic missile program (!) and declared that the US Senate “should immediately move forward with a new round of economic sanctions targeting all remaining Iranian government revenue and reserves” (Financial Times, 10/18/13, p. 6). The US House of Representatives (sic) has already passed a bill sharply limiting Iran ’s ability to sell its main export, oil. Once again, the Israel- ZPC – Congressional axis seeks to impose Israel ’s war agenda on the American people! In late October 2013, Secretary of State Kerry was ‘grilled’ for 7 hours by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with the craven Kerry promising to promote Israel ’s agenda on dismantling Iran ’s nuclear enrichment program.

To counter the campaign to strangle Iran ’s oil economy, promoted by Israel ’s flunkeys in the Congress, the Iranian government has offered generous contracts to the US and EU oil companies (Financial Times 10/29/2013, p 1). Existing nationalist provisions are being removed. Under the new terms, foreign companies book reserves or take equity stakes in Iranian projects. Iran hopes to attract at least $100 billion dollars in investments over the next three years. This stable country boasts the world’s largest gas and the fourth largest oil reserves. Because of the current US ( Israel )-imposed sanctions, production has fallen from 3.5 million barrels per day in 2011 to 2.58 million barrels per day in 2013. The question is whether ‘Big Oil’, the giant US and EU companies have to power to challenge the ZPC-stranglehold over US-EU sanction policy. So far, the ZPC has dominated this critical policy and marginalized ‘Big Oil’ using threats, blackmail and coercion against US policymakers. This has effectively shut out US companies from the lucrative Iranian market.


As the US and the 5 other countries attempt to negotiate with Iran , they face enormous obstacles overcoming Israel ’s power over the US Congress. Over past decades Israel ’s agents have bought the loyalties of the vast majority of Congress people, training them to recognize and obey the whistles, signals and script from the war mongers in Tel Aviv.

This ‘Axis of War’, has inflicted enormous damage on the world resulting in the deaths of millions of victims of US wars in the Middle East, Southwest Asia and North Africa . The gross corruption and widely recognized bankruptcy of the US legislative system is due to its slavish submission to a foreign power. What remains in Washington is a debased vassal state despised by its own citizens. If the ZPC controlled Congress succeeds once again in destroying the negotiations between the US and Iran via new war-like resolutions, we, the American people, will have to pay an enormous price in lives and treasure.

The time to act is now. It is time to stand up and expose the role played by the Israeli PACs, Super PACs and the 52 Major American Jewish Organization in corrupting Congress and turning “our” elected representatives into flunkeys for Israel’s wars. There has been a deafening silence from our noted critics –few alternative media critics have attacked Israel ’s power over the US Congress. The evidence is openly available, the crimes are undeniable. The American people need real political leaders with the courage to root out the corrupted and corruptors and force their elected members in the House and Senate to represent the interest of the American people.



Arabic channel Al Arabiya
AFP: extend the state of emergency in # Tunisia until the middle of next year

North Africa and Syria in dire distress

Muammar glorious

Mu, the Rainbow from Heaven

His return. His return! .. With the permission of Allah. And singing revolutionary songs and ceremonies on the Green Square. And soon

Tamam Sidi leader Muammar al-Qathafi ..


Appeal and a warning to all:

Tunis now resides Named fulfillment Tayeb drowsiness Director of the Office of follow-up the affairs of displaced people in the Prime Minister’s Office,

the Libyan government Zidane, along with a group of the city Misrata criminals are trying to communicate with the Liberals and silks of the sons of the great conqueror to induce them Bmoraa the T. flimsy and Ooaud Kadbh even declare reconciliation !!
Vhaddara deal or communicate with Fattarichha the witness serious it is one of his biggest of the viscous network Astbartah to people in Mthat not out of them a known Bashrasthe and Dhaúha
God had reached Haddara to communicate and deal with it
And is currently exist for Benz Alcoldn Tulip Bmudbna Hotel Gammarth, Tunisia with $ 20 million for the Implementation of the program and its plan.

نــــــــداء وتحــــــــذير للجميــــــــعالان بتونس تتواجد المسماة وفاء الطيب النعاس مديرة مكتب متابعة شئون النازحين في ديوان رئاسة الوزراء الليبية بحكومة زيدان ومعها مجموعة من مجرمي مدينة مصراطة يحاولون التواصل مع الأحرار والحرائر من ابناء الفاتح العظيم لاستمالتهم بمغريات واهية وووعود كادبة حتى يعلنوا التصالح
فحداري من التعامل او التواصل معها فتاريخها يشهد جديا انها من اكبر من كانت له شبكة استخبارتية للزج بالناس في متهات لا خروج منها وهي معروفة بشراستها ودهائها
اللهم قد بلغنا حداري من التواصل والتعامل معها
وحاليا هي موجودة بنزل القولدن توليب بمدبنة قمرت التونسية ومعها مبلغ 20 مليون لتنفيد برنامجها ومخططهاالطاغيـــة بنت الجحفــل
Army of the Green Resistance

Mu honored Father

Threshold of Victory

The great God we are on the threshold of victory and approached the Promised you waiting.

Saqr Sirte.

رأأأأأأأجعة .. رأأأأأأأجعة !!! ..
بإذن الله تعالى ..
الزغاريد والأغانى الثورية والاحتفالات فى الساحة الخضراء ..
وعن قريب ..
تمام سيدى القائد معمر القذافى ..
نأأأأأأأدر .
الله يرحمك يا قائد
God bless you, O Commander
Mu only the Greatest
Each what happened leader said as he said Balillz
WHDH statement uttered by the leader:  “God will do the Baden”
(Admin Rafiq)

Par: the Legion of page 219 security

Gadhafi lives for Libya 

from 12 JANUARY 2013, but relevent for NOW:

STAR writes:

«God with the cavalry to protect them and keep them and supported by troops from him and make them victorious over his enemies

and the enemies and we, God willing will not Nassib kilmeters, and we will be on time along with the Great Green Army to restore our country and preserve it and protect it honestly»

photo de ‎علي سالم الورفلي السبايع

‎ ‎نجمة‎ a écrit :

« ‎الله مع الفرسان يحميهم و يحفظهم و يساندهم بجنودٍ من عنده و ينصرهم على أعدائه واعدائهم ونحن باذن الله لن نسيب ظنكم و سنكون في الموعد جنباً إلى جنب نعيد بلادنا العظمى الخضراء و نحافظ عليها و نحميها بصدق‎ »

God is greatest in Islam pride

Video for which Libyans wept witness before the survey

Brother as assets expose and bonds of all those who say that we are suffering from the siege of ignoring international governments

and media shot down by moving us unprepared a lot of simple resonant-name personalities but also became the cemetery .. The story and what the (courage).

Mu Post blow-up

Falcon Free: 

To Tabat military customers and religion Kha New Testament and military honor and Anzmo among rats and NATO preach about how the issuance of list of their names and stopped the service and thank God your quest, and it is only a day and be signed by the Minister of your defense and unfortunately Germankm not Adhaon hands in the hands of a traitor to honor the military,

As for the to Tabat honorable and religion did not Akhalafo Testament it a badge of honor to them and respected by rats because they Samado the Table and again and not Akhalafo their reign, their honor and their survival on Mbdaúhm.

My advice to the honorable Tabat discernible caution and care and reduce their backs and they go to the service and especially the coming period and Adau not trust in actuation rat him important was close to you and do not teach them place of residence.

Falcon Free

الى طباط الجيش العملاء و الدين خا نو العهد و الشرف العسكري و انظمو في صفوف الجرذان و الناتو نبشر كم بصدور قائمة باسمائهم و ايقافهم على الخدمة و شكرا الله سعيكم و ما هي الا ايام و يتم التوقيع من وزير دفاعكم و للاسف جرذانكم لا يضاعون ايديهم في يد خائن لشرفه العسكري ،

و اما بالنسبه لطباط الشرفاء و الدين لم يخلفو العهد فهذا وسام شرف لهم و احترام من قبل الجرذان لانهم صمدو و قا تلو و لم يخلفو عهدهم و شرفهم و بقائهم على مبدائهم.

و نصيحتي لطباط الشرفاء اخد الحيطه و الحذر و التقليل من ظهورهم و ذهابهم الى الخدمة و خاصة الفترة القادمة و لا يضعو ثقتهم في جرذ يشتغل معه مهم كان قريب منك و لا تعلمهم بمكان سكنك

The Warning

Mu picture


Mu thankful
from 02 OCTOBER 2012:

Aavs born Ajwad and Onicolo Zayed,, Aavs owner in the era of the commander




Decision to release the Kamal Abdullah sewn !

The fact that what happened in the Ministry of Finance:

Militia so-called room to R Libya and Mahm Bhetwar but thieves had yesterday Baaguetham Ministry of Finance, under threat of death Akhaddoa instrument of

$ 25 million and the theft of $ 10,000 worth of found Baahdy inclusion of the Minister’s Office and the intimidating Baaanjaz Ground Tafan to approximately

six o’clock pm and also cracking some devices from computers and faxes.
Funny film Elly Daaroh the brought some copies of the Green Book and saws of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and put it in the minister’s office and said we found there...
Are Dell Baafal to RMC thieves barbarians to not care non Maysrkona and Anhbo year from the state ..
حقيقة ماحدث في وزارة المالية

ميلشيا مايسمى غرفة تو ار ليبيا وماهم بتوار بل سراق قاموا امس بااقتحام وزارة المالية وتحت التهديد بالقتل اخدوا صك قيمتة 25 مليون وسرقة مبلغ 10000 دولار من وجد بااحدى ادراج مكتب الوزير وقامت بترهيب بااحتجاز المو طفين الى مايقرب الساعة السادسة مساء وايضا تكسير بعض الاجهزة من كمبيوترات وفاكسات
المضحك الفيلم اللى داروة اتوا ببعض نسخ الكتاب الاخضر ومناشير النظام السابق ووضعوها فى مكتب الوزير وقالوا وجدناها هناك
هل هدة باافعال تو ار ام سراق همج لايهمهم غير مايسرقونة وينهبو نة من الدولة ..

URGENT: – official channel of Libya

Chairman of the Information Office Brega Nasser Znot, the company says: -

Gas, oil and gasoline is available in all stores Libya
And what happens is a conspiracy of the state, and stores now
In Libya full Balenzan and gas, Naafth, enough
Libyan people to a full year was not affected by the final
Brega sit in the oil fields ..

- The company’s electricity Aunt gentlemen care to the citizens that he and due to the current conditions of the substantial shortfall in the supply of fuel on which it depends and electric power generating units. And high temperatures as well as the high rate of consumption of iron and steel complex of energy from the public network, which reached to 250 MW. Accordingly, the General Electric Company sorry will be forced to increase the hours put loads in order to preserve the electrical grid.

“Department of Public Information of the company’s electricity”

General Electric Company will be forced to increase the hours put loads “increase the hours of blackouts”


Electricity Libya to where?
By Engineer Imran Abu sponsor

Through watching the pages of social networking sensation and anger as a result blackouts on the Libyan cities for long hours despite the sincere efforts made ​​over the past two decades to Ttaiwirhma sector material and human and the cost is very limited compared to the ROI astronomical hear it now from the budgets of the Libyan government current and spent do not see anything on the ground reflects this spending .
Total installed capacity of 31/12/2010 ( 11,000 MW ) and can produce ( 9000 Mijao s ) in the worst conditions for invasive plants operating and maintenance problems
For all other stations .
While the maximum rate of demand this summer (5500 to 5700 ) any network that is supposed to have a reserve running nearly 40 percent , and this is a very high rate provides security for the operation and meet the demand of security
As he was Anjazmazm the ultra- voltage network lines 40 kV and high operating flexibility provided was able to take advantage of the energy available at any station in Libya to cover Aladzfa the part of the network whatever B’dan this station.
As the control system developed enables experts operating from the network management smoothly as the destruction and paralysis in full all utilities production and service and the migration of more than a third of the population outside of Libya and within all that contributed to the decline in demand for electric power dramatically if rates remained demand unchanged during the decade Alakhirlcant case abuses Pktherwalta building it has been prepared and the Implementation of the scheme Ttoiralanteg and power transmission networks have run out of this scheme as well stations ran out according to deadlines , including the Gulf station that the unit is ready to receive initial and operating since late 2010. Foregoing shows that the general situation of the electricity system in Libya compared indicators international and regional in terms of equipment and quality it is equipped with the latest equipment market electricity industry as the indicators of demand compared energies vehicle to show that there is a surplus exceeds 50% and that this surplus Eoffraatmadih high in supply and Ambrribda to Dhour any shortfall in meet the energy demand so there is a question poses People from all walks of Libya’s why this miserable situation of the electricity sector in Libya ?
To answer this question , although after me for the homeland and scarcity of technical information that may be affecting the sedate opinions and analyzes that I will present , but I by virtue of my experience long in the management of this sector , which values ​​Rbzerov Garmesboukh even under modest means in the contract Altmaninat and nineties was the performance of the sector is much better than the status quo
Summary of reasons for the low performance of the electricity sector are summarized from my personal point of view as follows: -
1 – If the general chaos that is sweeping the nation and that led to eliminate the existence of the state that existed prior to February 17 was the first victims of the electricity sector where he was tampering with equipment from the networks and stations and equipment service in a state of collapse security and fatwas different from the elders of sedition who have a drew for criminals looted and the looting of everything
2 – the electricity sector of the sectors that characterized the process of managing complex , which requires strict management and transparent able to develop strategic plans for the development of the sector and management components deployed on the whole area of ​​the country not to mention the volume of employment , which is tens of Allav a mixture of levels, cultural and all Libyan cities and to achieve rates of performance reasonable sector was administered in a spirit of national motivate employees to achieve the highest performance rates is reflected in the quality of services provided despite the weakness of Aalamkaneat of art but after recent events have been taking a number of measures Ktrd some experts for reasons flimsy most important affiliation social fueling Spirit tribal and regional sector , which was characterized by retreat of them over the past decades as it was also not his Shan various political Baltjadbat but issued some items to manage the sector today partisan backgrounds and regionalization with not enough knowledge of the requirements of the work led to the collapse of the sector it today
3 – by reading the technical solutions that Atkhaddt to address the problem of production Ctorad stations floating supply of small stations and leave the energies vehicle without maintenance is still at the age of time well as deficiencies in some of the new projects Kalamdad fuel and complete some of the equipment and the use of these solutions ridiculous carries some suspicions and that this is not the decision – makers in this sector lack the technical ability to address its problems despite the fact that the electricity sector has trained technical personnel at the highest levels .
4 – Outline the development potential of production and transmission and distribution networks , implemented according to Aalajal time planned so as to meet the demand for projects planned developmental huge which amounted projects $ 150 billion in all fields and that sacrifice after 17 February in edema history , while the bulk of the electricity projects have been Tidha as The process of the collapse of the institutions, service , productivity and migration of a third of the population are all factors led to lower demand for energy and therefore there is no justification for the emergence of this deficit .
5 – The crisis in my opinion causes deficiencies in the administration on the one hand and the implications of the chaos that prevails country as a result Anhiarath the other hand, coupled with rampant corruption and that the process of exclusion and expulsion of some industry experts contributed to the worsening of the problem and the reform process can not take place in isolation from the circumstances In conclusion Libya live a crisis in all areas of security , political, economic and electricity crisis is apparent from this crisis by its very nature and sensitivity of the service of the citizen Fieoppea visible can not hide .
Finally, the real crisis in Libya is the collapse of the state and its institutions and the bankruptcy system February at all levels and the owners of this system ‘s insistence that goodness Jay while Dmrkl the country thing approaching a real civil war between yesterday’s partners in the system February

كهرباء ليبيا الي اين ؟
بقلم المهندس عمران ابو كراعمن خلال متابعتي لصفحات التواصل الاجتماعي ضجة وغضب عارم نتيجة انقطاع التيار الكهربائي علي المدن الليبية ولساعات طويلة رغم الجهود المخلصة التي بذلت خلال العقدين الماضيين لتطويرهذا القطاع ماديا وبشريا وبكلفة محدودة للغاية مقارنة بالارقام الفلكية التي نسمع بها الان عن ميزانيات الحكومة الليبية الحالية والتي تنفق ولا نري شئ علي الارض يعكس هذا الإنفاق.
بلغت الطاقة المركبة في 31/12/2010 (11000 ميجاوات) وبها يمكن انتاج (9000 ميجاو ات ) في أسواء الظروف بالنسبة للمحطات الغازية ومشاكل التشغيل والصيانة
لكامل المحطات الاخري.
بينما بلغ اقصي معدل للطلب هذا الصيف من ( 5500 الي 5700 )اي ان ألشبكة يفترض ان لها احتياطي تشغيل يقارب 40 بالمائة وهذا معدل عالي جداً يوفر أمان للتشغيل وتلبية الطلب بشكل امن
كما انه تم إنجازمعظم خطوط شبكة الجهد الفائق 40 كيلوفولت وفرت مرونة تشغيل عالية تمكن من الاستفادة من الطاقة المتاحة في اى محطة في ليبيا لتغطية العجزفي جزء من الشبكة مهما بعدعن هذه المحطة.
كما ان منظومة التحكم المتطورة تمكن خبراء التشغيل من أدارة الشبكة بكل سلاسة كما ان التدمير والشلل الكامل لكل المرافق الانتاجية والخدمية وهجرة اكثر من ثلث السكان خارج ليبيا وداخلها كل ذلك ساهم في انخفاض الطلب علي الطاقة الكهربائية بشكل كبير ولو بقيت معدلات الطلب علي حالها خلال العقد الاخيرلكانت الحالة أسواء بكثيروالتي بناء عليها تم اعداد وتنفيد مخطط تطويرالانتاج وشبكات نقل الطاقة وقد نفد هذا المخطط بشكل جيد حيث ان المحطات نفدت وفق الاجال بما في ذلك محطة الخليج التي كانت الوحدة الأولي جاهزة للاستلام والتشغيل منذ اواخر 2010. مما تقدم يتبين ان الوضع العام لمنظومة الكهرباء بليبيا مقاًرنة بالمؤشرات الدولية والاقليمية من حيث التجهيزات وجودتها انها مجهزة باحدث التجهيزات بسوق صناعة الكهرباء كما ان مؤشرات الطلب مقارنة بالطاقات المركبة توضح ان هناك فائض يتجاوز 50٪ وان هذا الفائض يوفراعتمادية عالية في التزويد ولامبررأبدا لضهور اي عجز في تلبية الطلب علي الطاقة لذلك هناك تساؤل يطرح من كافة الأوساط الشعبية بليبيا لماذا هذه الحالة البائسة التي عليها قطاع الكهرباء بليبيا ؟
وللإجابة علي هذا السؤال رغم بعدي عن ارض الوطن وشح المعلومات الفنية التي ربما تؤثرعلي رصانة الآراء والتحليلات التي ساقدمها ولكني بحكم خبرتي الطويلة في ادارة هذا القطاع والذي يم ربظروف غيرمسبوقة حتي في ظل الإمكانيات المتواضعة في عقد التمانينات والتسعينات كان اداء القطاع افضل بكثير من الوضع الراهن
ملخص اسباب تدني اداء قطاع الكهرباء تتلخص من وجهة نظري الشخصية في الآتي:-
1- حالة الفوضي العامة التي تجتاح الوطن والتي أدت للقضاء على وجود للدولة التي كانت قائمة قبل 17 فبراير فكان اول ضحاياها قطاع الكهرباء حيث تم العبث بالتجهيزات من شبكات ومحطات وتجهيزات خدمية في ظل حالة من الانهيار الأمني وفتاوي مختلفة من شيوخ الفتنة الذين افتوا للمجرمين بنهب وسلب كل شئ
2- قطاع الكهرباء من القطاعات التي تتسم عملية إدارتها بالتعقيد مما يتطلب أدارة حازمة وشفافة قادرة علي وضع المخططات الاستراتيجية لتطوير القطاع وإدارة مكوناته المنتشرة علي كامل مساحة الوطن ناهيك عن حجم العمالة التي تعد بعشرات اللاف وهي خليط من المستويات الثقافية ومن كافة المدن الليبية ولتحقيق معدلات اداء معقولة كان القطاع يدار بروح وطنية تحفز العاملين علي تحقيق اعلي معدلات الأداء انعكس علي جودة الخدمات المقدمه رغم ضعف االامكانيات الفنيه لكن بعد الاحداث الاخيرة تم اتخاذ جملة من الإجراءات كطرد بعض الخبراء لأسباب واهيه اهمها انتماءهم الاجتماعي مما اذكي الروح القبلية والجهوية بالقطاع التي كان يتميز بخلوه منها طيلة العقود الماضية كما كان ايضا لا شان له بالتجادبات السياسية المختلفة لكن تصدر بعض العناصر لاداره القطاع اليوم بخلفيات حزبية وجهوية مع عدم إلمام كافي بمتطلبات العمل إدي للانهيار الذي عليه القطاع اليوم
3- من خلال اطلاعي علي الحلول الفنية التي اتخدت لمعالجة مشكلة الانتاج كتوريد محطات عائمة وتوريد محطات صغيرة وترك طاقات مركبة دون صيانة وهي لازالت في عمر زمني جيد كما القصور في بعض المشروعات الجديدة كالامداد بالوقود واستكمال بعض التجهيزات واللجوء لهذه الحلول المضحكة يحمل في طياته بعض الشبهات وان لم يكن ذلك فان صانعي القرار في هذا القطاع يفتقدون للمقدرة الفنية لمعالجة مشاكله علي الرغم من ان قطاع الكهرباء لديه من الكوادر الفنية المدربة علي اعلي المستويات.
4- مخطط تطوير طاقات الانتاج وشبكات النقل والتوزيع والذي نفذ وفق االاجال الزمنية المخطط لها وذلك لتلبية الطلب لمشروعات المخطط التنموي الضخم التي بلغ حجم مشروعاته 150مليار دولار في كافة المجالات والذي أضحي بعد 17 فبراير في ذمة التاريخ بينما الجزء الاكبر من مشروعات الكهرباء قد تم تنفيدها كما ان عملية انهيار المؤسسات الخدمية والانتاجية وهجرة ثلث السكان عوامل كلها ادت الي انخفاض الطلب علي الطاقه وبالتالي لا مبرر لظهور هذا العجز.
5- ألازمة في اعتقادي اسبابها قصور في الادارة من جهة وانعكاسات حالة الفوضي التي تسود البلاد نتيجة انهيارالدولة من جهة اخري وما صاحبها من استشراء للفساد كما ان عملية اقصاء وطرد بعض خبراء القطاع ساهم في تفاقم للمشكلة وعملية الاصلاح لا يمكن ان تتم بمعزل عن الظروف وفي الختام ليبيا تعيش ازمة خانقه في كافة المجالات الآمنية والسياسية والاقتصادية وأزمة الكهرباء هي الظاهر من هذه الازمة بحكم طبيعتها الخدمية وحساسيتها للمواطن فعيوبها ظاهره للعيان لا يمكن إخفائها.
اخيرا ان الازمة الحقيقية في ليبيا هي انهيار الدولة ومؤسساتها وافلاس نظام فبراير علي كافة الصعد وإصرار اصحاب هذا النظام ان الخير جاي في الوقت الذي دمركل شئ والبلد تقترب من حرب أهلية حقيقية بين شركاء الأمس في نظام فبراير

BOY !!! CAN NATO LIE to make more destruction on LIBYA!!!!:

Delegation of NATO military urgent visit to Libya to tell them that different areas will be exposed to military air operations

Delegation of NATO military in an urgent visit has informed the authorities that different areas will be exposed to military air operations.
An emergency session of the General Conference to discuss what came William Valedermoa head of the NATO mission to Libya assured the authorities of the different areas

on Libyan soil will be exposed to air strikes specified “precision” .  (O YES, relly “precision” !!! killing civilians and the helpless, like as if it was a war video-game)

And described the targets as rogue groups outside the law two years ago, kidnapping, murder, torture, theft and trade in weapons and other groups to cooperate with them.
William confirmed that the sources of information on the ground, 100% and confirmed that the number of officials involved in dealing with them and provide them with
information on a number of occasions.
The General Conference requested data about the goals and information available to them and the refusal of Prime Bath said, according to him
Profile that deal with the Libyan authorities in the intelligence of this period is not permitted and we apologize for this to protect sources and confidential information
but promised to deliver integrated file of the crimes that were committed to the Attorney General Libyan evidence irrefutable condemns. A number of officials,
Romoz and leaders of the fighters in “17 February ‘Revolution’ “.
But the head of the delegation stressed that military operations will be the quality of and against different areas and wide on Libyan soil an assembly areas and
stolen weapons and kidnap, torture and criminal practices.
There are a number of arrests to Atina criminals revolution and now they are under cover to hide function and that some of them ambassadors to Libya, we will
inform the Libyan authorities arrested them as soon as any action saluting they’re in different parts of the world.
The delegation coordinator said Anthony Palmer that there are documents to officials engaged in extortion on the state with the help of renegades and
the protesters under the cover of public freedoms and sit-ins and the exercise of public freedoms and sadly said that freedom in Libya are misused and exploited the worst exploitation.
And now the General Conference meets in emergency session
Source :: Hamid بعيو / Commission on National Security and Emergency / General Conference

Page of the Legion of security 219

A Delegation from the NATO urgent visit to Libya informed the government imported that he will be air strikes limited to several regions and different precision was held Conference Allaotunai an emergency meeting with the Head of Mission of NATO to discuss how the strikes will occur and asked him accurate information on the whereabouts of air strikes was rejected envoy Mission to give them any information they Surrounding confidentially the head of the mission that will deliver integrated file to the Attorney General about the involvement of many officials and symbols of rats who entered the porticoes government and hide under the cover of the job and some of them have become ambassadors of several countries in the world and will be issued including arrest warrants against them and handed over to the Libyan authorities for implementation.

Saqr Sirte.

THE FOLLOWING is the same (but the original report in which some names are clearer):
Here Aaaaaaaaaam the

Delegation of NATO military in an urgent visit has informed the authorities that different

areas will be exposed to military air operations

An emergency session of the General Conference to discuss what came William Valedermoa head of the NATO mission to Libya assured the authorities of the

different areas on Libyan soil will be exposed to air strikes specified precision.
And described the targets as rogue groups outside the law two years ago, kidnapping, murder, torture, theft and trade in weapons and other groups to cooperate with them.
William confirmed that the sources of information on the ground, 100% and confirmed that the number of officials involved in dealing with them and provide them with
information on a number of occasions.
The General Conference requested data about the goals and information available to them and the refusal of Prime Bath said, according to him Profile that deal with the
Libyan authorities in the intelligence of this period is not permitted and we apologize for this to protect sources and confidential information but promised to deliver
integrated file of the crimes that were committed to the Attorney General Libyan evidence irrefutable condemns A number of officials,
Romoz and leaders of the fighters in “17 February ‘Revolution’ “. 
But the head of the delegation stressed that military operations will be the quality of and against different areas and wide on Libyan soil an assembly areas and stolen
weapons and kidnap, torture and criminal practices
There are a number of arrests to Atina criminals revolution and now they are under cover to hide function and that some of them ambassadors to Libya, we will inform
the Libyan authorities arrested them as soon as any action saluting they’re in different parts of the world.
The delegation coordinator said Anthony Palmer that there are documents to officials engaged in extortion on the state with the help of renegades and the protesters
under the cover of public freedoms and sit-ins and the exercise of public freedoms and sadly said that freedom in Libya are misused and exploited the worst exploitation.
And now the General Conference meets in emergency session.
Source : Hamid Aao / Commission on National Security and Emergency / General Conference










Harvest Storm in Tajourah ..

Alemraona: – overthrew the tree on loss Tianhm threads Aalsearat before Whole Balzbt.

Reference optical suburbs: – a large banner, illuminated overthrew a red car close Mobeih Nsawin people faint Kyi Attalaahm because Alavth of its electricity.

After the traffic light Bashoah vs Russians slot: – large Srol tree Attih at footmen Baayala car divided between Zuoz and foot sending it

on the roof of the police car (Hyundai Verna) and Srol tree turned Baketrbel a.

Sanatorium average .. : - Biban Alroashen Al Tksroa full.

God does not Temtna us anger ..

Quoting Libya talks
حصاد العاصفة في تاجوراء..

المراونة :- شجرة طاحت على خيوط الضي طيحتهم عالسيارات قدام الجامع بالزبط .

الإشارة الضوئية الضواحي :- لافتة ضوئية كبيرة طاحت على سيارة كلوس حمراء معبية نساوين والناس خافت تجي اتطلعهم لأن الافتة فيها كهرباء .

بعد الإشارة الضوئية بشوية مقابل فتحة الروسيين :- شجرة سرول كبيرة اتطيح على سيارة راجل بعياله تقسمها بين زوز والراجل رفعوه على سقف سيارة الشرطة (هونداي فيرنا) وشجرة السرول حولوها بالكتربيل .

مصحة المتوسط .. :- البيبان والرواشن تكسروآ بالكامل .

اللهم لا تمتنا بغضبك..

نقلا عنـ لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث



Libya Telecom and Technology

As a result of bad weather in the capital Tripoli night damaged several subsidiary of Towers Libya Telecom and Technology and

initial proceeds benefit the crash of 3 towers on the coast:


Engineer at the General Company for Post Office – Benghazi

In the event of continued lack of recharge cards for telecommunications and the Internet for the eastern region will

have to separate the system from the center in Tripoli to return free network:




Taraaaaaaaabuls winds and strong rain storm .. O Ziba useful, O Ziba useful, O Ziba useful,,,

Directorate of Security # # Tripoli

Messrs. calls upon citizens motor vehicle drivers need to take caution and care in these weather conditions which taking place in the city, especially in the dark and roads and which has been recorded in some loss of trees

Strong winds and rain falls on the city of Tripoli now .


A rainstorm and lightning and thunder ….. destruction

God does not stresses take us as fools of us did!!




Heavy Rains now falling on Tripoli. Photo of Alٱmtar that are falling on Tripoli now:

Image of rain on the city of Tripoli now:

Friday Market “Arada”:

Palm fell on a car in Arada road in front of the Mosque of Abu Al-Shater as a result of rainfall and strong winds:

 Friday market fall of the palm of the intensity of the rain and wind:


Area Alhachan, the road between the Turkish and collector shops Uwayta “wholesale Street” city of Tripoli (above)





Rainstorm red sky …God willing, good

Tripoli – the highway shortly before

Mutv in Italian Embassy Mhto the car Toyota color white bearing the number Libya -5-34158 by force of arms behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Dahmani angle” Today.


ŰíĎÇÁ Touati:

If Tripoli Etbi, respond to the closures Raho Mafish diarrhea Noagafoa Libya fully even bent by 3 needs ČÓ
1 – Close the statement and the company, whose T-orbit and separation of telecommunications and the Internet all of Libya except Tripoli.
2 – Close the Central Bank of Libya .. And branches of major banks, which will cause the inability to withdraw even their assets from banks
3 – shutdown and the Ministry of Finance. Causing not to send Mratbaathm portfolio areas and therefore will not come down to salaries

Libyana Mobile resume its work in Tripoli:

The company resumed Libyana Mobile work Wednesday morning after a three-day sit-in.

The agent said the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Mohamed Ras Ali today for the ambiance of the country that the staff

Company demanded distribute 10% of profits to employees as required by statute for the company, noting that this system was adopted from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA which is not supported.

Ras Ali explained that this decision was considered by the courts of first instance and sentenced struck down and no entitlement to dividends.

On the other hand head confirmed that the company sales center Libyana Sabha branch has been opened after it has been “storming by a group of saboteurs”

and theft of a large amount of prepaid cards.

It is noteworthy that company workers Libyana Mobile protested more than once to claim their share of the profits.

Bihollona poor costume and Bejabulena Somalia colonialism Alzzouz, Bahi and God ..

Baiqtawa communications, electrification and the river, oil and salvation launch still?!

Shen story rats Albraio the St. .. Everything you say demonstrations Nlqohm the only Bhalafraaa .. Emeti Uige Alsqa Bssssss!

The Commander known as Shen goin beyond:
Libyana Mesh cards found
Loss Mesh exist
The water Mesh found
Oil export Stopped

بيحولونا فقراء زي الصومال وبيجيبولنا الاستعمار الزوز ، باهي والله .. بيقطعوا الاتصالات والكهربه والنهر والنفط وخلاص شن مازال ؟!

الشهيد معمر القذافي

وكأن القائد يعرف شن بيصير بعده :
كروت ليبيانا مش موجوده
الضي مش موجود
الميه مش موجوده
النفط التصدير متوقف
شن قصة جرذان البريوش .. كل ما يقولوا مظاهرات ما نلقوهم الا بهالفراعي .. امتى يجي الصقع بسسسسسس !


Media center for the youth of the capital

Street close by the balance against the backdrop of lack of water and electricity and gasoline and Graphics Allibiana …

Disclaimer Photo Archive ..

Tripoli now 05 SEPT.2013:

Tripoli now عاااااااااااااااااااااااااجل

News of the crowds in Green Square Tripoli, let drop the head of government.
Closure Mazran Street now in protest against the lack of water and electricity:


A copy of the plan Damascus neighborhood of Tripoli describes trees as a result of falling rain and strong winds which taking place in the city in the meantime:

Image Abu Salim market now ..Tripoli

Storm sweeping the capital Tripoli and caused a break in the market stalls Salim also led to the loss of trees in the roads

as a result of the intensity and strength of this storm.

From our own sources inside the Mitigua

Confirmed yesterday that you (Haitham Tagouris) is kidnapped (Anoud Abdullah Sanusi) and student (MTD) in ransom for the release of her such as what happened to ransom by kidnapping (Director of the Office of Zaidane) previously

Once I arrived to Haitham Tagouris, the information that the Libyans Arafo that Anoud hijacked has been published on the page (fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya – Khc and Look) yesterday .. So:

The Haitham Tagouris, today Maztara and fear of scandal to announce that Anoud Sanusi has (for the purpose of fear and protection)

Oh peace Aalhnon the pleasures of hashish driver Alavico the updated Shaykh Albanian mean (Haitham Tagouris)!!!

Please spread this information as quickly Moved fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

We told her before the protector free Miha and that Mr. Hashem declares preached in his being behind the abduction of Anoud , and the text of his article :

Hashim humans
Privacy Statement backing for the first battalion of Tripoli rebels
Against the backdrop of the kidnapping of Anoud Abdullah Sanusi would like to recall the following :
Anoud Abdullah Senussi was arrested almost a year ago and was charged with forging a passport and entering the country illegally and sentenced to and expired Movernmatha knowing that she was in the process to communicate with destinations within the country to gather more information about her father named Abdullah Sanusi and place of his imprisonment.

Weeks ago it came to our ears that there are points you want to manipulate the issue of Anoud , hijacking and extortion by bargain and this is not acceptable to act Lotta Bah began our morals and our values ​​, and we monitor the facts and are watching closely .
During the past few days has grown to know that some officials in the institution reform were colluding in the processing of the kidnapping of Anoud and delivered to the point that there were groups of watching them on the way to the airport has spotted one of these groups is on the island of rotation Alfornaj and would have been a disaster if it arrived in procession to this Event Mala place dire consequences .
Has cut the road to those sought in this action disgraceful and spoiling the kidnapping after the departure of the procession from the prison directly at the nearest intersection of the prison and that before confidential attribution for the first Amotaiqh and organized arbitrator did not fire any bullet or restricted to members of the judicial police or hit them was not hurt anyone contrary to the statements of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice.
Has the peace process has been secured Anoud was prime minister for a briefing later with all the details and was a direct communication between Mr. Ali Zaidane and Mr. Haitham Tagouris .
This will be the reservation Anoud temporarily jailed Tripoli Military Police (b ) and will be under house arrest with some of their relatives in the city of Tripoli under the supervision of the judicial bodies of seizure , and the United Nations and the Red Cross to prevent any exploitation or bargaining.
We also demand to open the door to achieve with all concerned where it was clearly evident that the release of Anoud and out of the prison was scanty protection in an armored car , unlike the way in which she believed them when they leave as I mentioned Prosecutions Anoud it on their own .
In another context, the secret backing of the first to receive detainees accused in the case of explosions Eid al-Fitr and who were released by the prosecution, which is considering the case and as we are doing this and that, to mention that it would not relent in the blood of the martyrs will not allow fraud in any course of trails revolution and warn of compromising their values ​​and goals.
Finally, we are Muslims and we deal according to the teachings of our religion and morals of our people Libyan noble and we are in the public interest and reconciliation and public safety of the nation and Nqdralamor exaggerated and hope of all officials stand by us when their responsibilities and respect for the blood and sacrifices of the martyrs and work with the rebels hand in hand for the sake of Libya’s revolution. God save Libya
Tripoli rebel battalion confidential attribution first Wednesday, 05 September2013

 (see SABHA news below)
URGENT: gradual return of water to some neighborhoods and areas of Tripoli.

A fire in the building of child care in the Egyptian sir “good head” and the transfer of a number of children injured to hospital #

Lord delivers green and softens Pena.

Libya’s official channel: an appeal for aid workers and civil defense quickly went to the headquarters of the nursing home.





In Laithi now ..

Maher Awami media:

Clashes between the Thunderbolt and some armed outlaws.

Happening now.

Atia Alkbhary:
URGENT been kidnapped Sam Fathi Almqsba, and stabbed and tortured brother media Ahmed Fathi Almqsba, and now brother Ahmed if Gaabobh

in a hospital Benghazi and Ollalm, Ahmed me in good health, but his brother was targeted.


Break into the Agricultural Bank of Sidi Hussein Benghazi
Country ambianceAlaa Darsi reporting:

Room spokesman said the joint security in Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi said the group “outside the law” had stormed yesterday the Agricultural Bank, Mr. Hussein in the city area.

Zaidi added that residents in the region stood up to the group that stormed the residential building for the purpose of injuring five members of the neighbors

before the power comes from the police Special Operations wounded by one of its members was seriously injured during the clashes with the attackers.

The city of Benghazi is witnessing in recent times under the security target figures.

Media Ahmed Fathi Almqsba:

Preliminary details about the kidnapping,
Was kidnapped brother “Sam” morning near the family home in Benghazi, they believe that I am .. Been Tktifah and put it in the car type

“Hyundai candy” in which 3 people were one of them bearded and wearing “Galabia” brought him to the path of Garyounis and along the way

they strike and its Astmoa the they begrudge that they lie by saying I’m not Ahmed .. !! Pray for a place on the sea and they Bgtts and Sam in the

sea, and said “Tehro this unclean Atheist” In the meantime, the connection came to one, “replies one of them picked it says O Sheikh Hansvoh”

and grown up .. One of them took the bag brother where his papers in which the identity card found, ordered the group to leave my brother because

he is not required and this card .. Someone stabbed my brother, and Sam with 4 stab wounds in the legs and asked him where I was and told him this

message to your brother if .. And left him he باسعافه one the passers-by on the road year after to creep my brother to the road bleeding. And God and yes, the agent.


Engineer at the General Company for Post Office – Benghazi

In the event of continued lack of recharge cards for telecommunications and the Internet for the eastern region will

have to separate the system from the center in Tripoli to return free network:












Nasser Al-Attiya Aujali …:

Without hypocrisy and lies … Truth to the people of Cyrenaica and Fezzan one of the two options:

- The first federal .. The second live under slavery Sowaihili the gang.



News of the arrival of a delegation from the UN headed by Tarek Mitri to Ras Lanuf to negotiate with the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica.

URGENT: – official channel of Libya

Chairman of the Information Office Brega Nasser Znot, the company says: -

Gas, oil and gasoline is available in all stores Libya
And what happens is a conspiracy of the state, and stores now
In Libya full Balenzan and gas, Naafth, enough
Libyan people to a full year was not affected by the final
Brega sit in the oil fields ..





Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya ·

And Rishvana and angle :

held today 09/05/2013 meeting at the headquarters of the National Congress in Tripoli meeting systems include: National Congress leader and Chief of Staff and Minister of Justice and Interior Minister -designate and a representative of the Attorney General and a representative of the defense minister and chief of operations of staff and head shields Central Region and Chairman of the Second Brigade and members of the Conference national , Rishvana and President of the Council local , Rishvana and members of the national Congress of the corner and corner a local council member and a member of notables corner. The meeting addressed the security situation and Rishvana the area and this corner was the most important what has been agreed upon the following : -
1 – the release of detainees from both sides.
2 – bear all the responsibility for the security and the pursuit of justice and wanted outlaws without the intervention of any hand in it and without causing chaos or stir the hearts of people.
3 – is delivered shields custody to the Libyan army and the military police in order to display the military prosecutor .
4 – the parties pledged their full readiness to return displaced people from both sides and Admno their return both to the place of residence safely and without exposure to him .
5 – minutes of collecting evidence which has been forwarded to the Attorney General be Trgiaha to competent authorities of each region Prosecutions for review and disposition.
6 – is full cooperation with local councils , security Mdreatt and competent prosecutors for minutes of collection Alastdlat and reviewed and verified and the arrest of the accused and bring them to the Public Prosecution .
7 – in the case of the inability of local councils and security directorates to provide defendants the Attorney General is the use of iPods state

competent security authorities or the Libyan army to besiege any defendant has not been arrested , provided it is done in the presence of Security Directorate

in the region and the local council and forces hired out as a supportive.
8 – to the Attorney General that a neutral or committees are assigned to the competent authorities and the Attorney General will submit the proposal to the parties .

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Urgent particular tribe page and Libyan Rishvana
Now the detainees are exchanged between Rishvana and angle.

Heavy rain falls on and now Rishvana. Oh Make it useful Geetha,










The number of deaths due to weather arrived to 6 people.

(# Moved Imed Ben Hamed)

Friday open-ended sit until FAFSA elderly families helped us to Bani Walid and our elders and peace.


The names of the victims of drowning in the stream valley country today
Two children:
- Zayed Arab Zlbe,
- Taher Saleh F Zlbe

And 4 children died as a result of drowning in the flood valley of the country in Bani Walid

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

To God and to Him we shall return

The child was found drowned key Hamad Eshteiwi, and finally, after more than 12 hours of continuous search ..

Noted that this child has Garfa stream flood yesterday.

God Rahma and forgive him and his family’s patience
Salam Association for the charity you sending civil defense Tripoli to twice to help in the search for the child drowned key Ashitoa where were rejected!!!

Our thanks to Egyptian labor in the city of Bani Walid for their contribution in finding child Mguetah God’s mercy

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

There is no power except God Almighty
And unto God and to Him we return ..
God accept them mercy wide.

We ask God for them forgiveness and mercy
And heal the rest of the children who are still in care after Rescue lives
Thanks to God ..
God and to Him we shall return


Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Image of the city of Bani Walid today is festooned with Seoul goodness:


Image of the joy parents Balsel in the city of Bani Walid:

Copy of the torrent and the country in the valley town of Bani Walid this day:

Image outpouring of Wadi Bani Walid

Rain good over the city of Bani Walid in these moments .. and the sounds of thunder louder ..
Ziba useful, God willing ..
O Allah, I ask good and the good of what was sent to him .. And I seek refuge in You from the evil evil of what was sent to him ..

In such moments the door open response Vktvo pray to God ..

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla


Torrent Wadi Bani Walid 09/05/2013

سيل وادي بني وليد 2013/09/05
سيل وادي بني وليد 2013/09/05

Durée : 14:35
Another picture of Seil in Bani Walid today:
is that a man’s arm and hand showing on the lower left of the photo buried in the mud?



Tomorrow, Friday, September 6th call for solidarity with the prisoners and organize vigils to demand the immediate release

of similar Ikhana all and Mufti mark civil Alchuirv and Sheikh Barghouti and the application of fair trials under the supervision

of international judicial for  Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi and Foreign Minister fighter Abu Zaid Dorda.

Please put it on all of your pages


A poem by Ibn Badr – Conqueror (9)) 2013
Entitled Peace on civil Sheikh Mohammed Alchuirv

Peace on civil Sheikh Mohammed Alchuirv poetry of Ibn Badr
A poem by Ibn Badr – Conqueror (9) 2013 –

Mahdaha of His Eminence Sheikh mark Mohammed Civil Alchuirv, the oldest Senate and note in prisons dark Alfberaaria the elders manhood




The U.S.bombing of the day was at the headquarters of the Municipal Guard to Hoaba Rh built almost empty in the morning and always locked
And the bombing of course in the country means condominium residents, shops and children and Xia b Sabaya
And finishes with the word no security committee nor its condition and there is no need afraid buoyancy fire, but neighbors to panicked to save and put out the fire.

Tuber: dawn today unknown assailants blew up a house (age alwani) did not result in any human damage bombing.
Media tuber


Blow up the family home of friend carp Ghaithi Undersecretary of Defense for borders and oil installations former city of Derna ..
Sources also reported from the city of Derna had been the home of Omar al-Alwani bombing, one of the officers of the

Directorate of Security in the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in Derna last night ..

Powerful explosions shake the city of Derna now..









South of the Libyan News 
Mortar shells type on a house in the village ضة and child injured in the attack and did not know who carried out this cowardly act.



Image delivery girl Sanusi of Khatafha to invited Haitham Tagouris, the>

Delivery and receipt of Anoud Abdullah Sanusi between the Haitham Tagouris (the adjective ………..)
And tribal sheikh Almgarhh the ……….. She lived state militias.






Libya Egyptian plane forced to return after the discovery of forged visas

Heathens – ( Anatolia ) – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Libyan official said in Kufra south of Libya , on Thursday night , said that a plane belonging to the Egyptian lines were stopped at the airport in the city after the discovery of forged visas for Egyptian 160 passengers on board.

In a statement to Anatolia , the head of the security committee of the Local Council of the city, on Borkik , there was no direct lines between the city of Kufra and Egyptian aviation did not know the arrival of this plane by officials in the country.

He added : “When the plane landed been investigated with the crew and passengers , was discovered that all passengers are Egyptians and the number 165 passengers visas false ,” adding that passengers confirmed that they bought this visa offices in Alexandria , northern Egypt , the work visas for Egyptians.

He explained that the Kufra airport is used for domestic flights only, so the security authorities to investigate those responsible for the approval of the landing of the aircraft at the airport of the city.

The Borkik pointed out that the Libyan authorities decided to return the plane full passengers into Egyptian territory after the discovery of fraud in visas, stressing the plane ‘s return to Alexandria and not to allow the passengers to disembark in Kufra.











ZAIDANE LIAR, in CAIRO, says ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood does no violence!



Urgent ..Egyptian Intelligence briefs  rat Libyan PM Ali Zaidane.

Investigations confirm the involvement of Ali Hardness in terrorist activities within the Arab Republic of Egypt.
(as if  Zaidane did not know this already; because he is part of the “gang”!)

عاجل .. جهاز المخابرات المصرية يطلع الدكتور علي زيدان على التحقيقات التي تؤكد تورط علي الصلابي في انشطة ارهابية داخل جمهورية مصر العربية .
 Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)Egyptian army soldiers responding to a rat Zaidane, who objected to the light (al-Fateh) celebrations in EgyptEgyptian army says to Zaidane rat

“Muammar and Bsssss”

جنود الجيش المصري يردون على الجرذ زيدان الذي اعترض على احتفالات الفاتح في مصرالجيش المصري يقول للجرذ زيدان معمر وبسسسسس Libyan RAT (MB) Prime ministerAli Zaidane asked Ahmed Gadaffi “Horwitzer blood” for an interview in prison; but Gadaffi refused to meet him retorting that he does not have menial time to speak with puppets ….

  • عاجل .. طلب الدكتور علي زيدان رئيس الوزراء الليبي مقابلة احمد قذاف الدم في سجنه ولكن قذاف الدم رفض مقابلته ورد عليه بآنه لا يملك وقت يضيعه مع الدمي ….

قناة الرؤية الليبية
عـــــــــــــاجلزيدان في مؤتمر صحفي بالقاهرة منذ قليل يحذر جماعة الاخوان المسلمين فرع ليبيا من الانخراط في اي اعمال عنف او تواصل مع جماعة الاخوان الفرع الرئيسي مصربنت الوادي


Muammar al-Qathafi  and Hosani Mubarak:
Mu and Mubarak



Kurt Nimmo
November 25, 2011

In order to send in the bombers and introduce the sort of carnage in Syria the US and NATO inflicted on Libya, the propaganda war needs to be dialed up. Allegations of child abuse usually do the trick. Journalists call it “the hook.”

photoDaughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to US tells lie used as war propaganda.

Prior to the first invasion of Iraq in 1991, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing on Capitol Hill showcasing Iraqi human rights abuses. The media event allowed a 15-year old Kuwaiti girl known as Nayirah to claim Saddam’s invaders threw babies out of incubators at the al-Addan hospital in Kuwait City.

It turns out the girl was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. The testimony was a lie cooked up by Hill & Knowlton, a public relations group. Despite this, the lie was repeated over and over again. Bush Senior told the story. It was recited as fact in congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows, and at the UN Security Council.

On Friday, a United Nations human rights panel “expressed alarm” at reports claiming Syrian security forces are torturing children.

The Committee Against Torture said it had received “numerous, consistent and substantiated reports” of widespread abuse in the country, MSNBC reports today. The chair of the panel, Claudio Grossman, told reporters in Geneva that the reports referring to the abuse of children were of “particular concern.”

It was less of a concern when George W. Bush’s legal adviser, John Yoo, argued there is no law that could prevent the president from ordering the torture of a child.

Syria’s neighbor, Israel, has detained and tortured Palestinian children at the infamous al-Jalame Interrogation and Detention Center near Haifa, but the United Nations is not talking about sanctions against the country. The Arab League is not issuing ultimatums and neocons and presidential candidates are not talking about attacking Israel.

The United Nations report is a prized piece of propaganda released at precisely the right time. It will be mentioned repeatedly by the establishment media in the weeks ahead as the stage is set for an attack on Syria. Like the Nayirah and baby incubator lie, there will be little effort to find out if Syrian security forces are indeed torturing children.

Sen Graham Warns of Nuke Strike After Missing Bomb Report

Alex Jones & Anthony Gucciardi
September 5, 2013

Senator Lindsay Graham has warned South Carolinians about the threat of a ‘terrorist nuclear attack’ on the same day that our exclusive high level military intel revealed to us that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas airforce base under an ‘off the record’ black ops transfer.

Found in the CBS report entitled ‘Graham: Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor’, the report details Graham’s warning that a lack of military action in Syria could result in a nuclear ‘bombing’ in Charleston, South Carolina — the very destination of the black ops nuclear transfer. The CBS report reads:

“He [Graham] says if there is no U.S. response [to Syria], Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.”

Graham is quite literally saying that if we do not launch a war with Syria, South Carolina may be nuked. And this ultimately reeks of yet another false flag being orchestrated by the United States government in order to send us into war, or at the very least a threat. Except this time, we’re talking about nuclear weapons. Amazingly, we were the first to get intel on this from our credible and extremely high level military source, who told us the following:

“Dyess is beginning to move out nuclear war heads today. I got a tap from DERMO earlier. He said it was the first time they have been even acknowledged since being put there in the 80′s. No signature was required for transfer… There was no directive. He said that Dyess Commander was on site to give authority to release. No one knew where they were going really, but the truck driver said to take them to South Carolina and another pick up will take them from there.”

This was sent to us before the Graham report came out warning about the nuclear attack on South Carolina, and coincides exactly with what Graham is saying. I am deeply concerned by these findings, and ask everyone to spread the word on this information immediately. Whether or not Graham is receiving intel from higher ups and believes in a legitimate terror attack on the horizon is unknown, but the reality here is that we have intelligence that has linked the unsigned transfer of nuclear warheads to this exact location.

Here is the video report we did on Tuesday regarding the missing nuclear warheads:



Muammar in Algeria 1

Historical picture of Muammar al-Qathafi in Algeria (above)

Sources: Algeria has decided to strengthen its security presence on the border with Tunisia by 3000 an additional component



The video is dated 18 DEC. 2011 online…and is titled:
“Register Sri scandal Emir of Qatar against Saudi Arabia 1″ .


Sakr Arabs Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, sends a message to the Emir of Qatar, the sons of Zion client
صقر العرب العقيد معمر القذافي رحمه الله يبعث رسالة إلي أمير قطر عميل بني صهيون
The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet
The Third Universal Theory is the only cure for our ailing planet. Implement it or there will not be a world left to live in.

Muammar and his Green Book


We need the Green Book accompanied by THE GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS (12 JUNE 1988):

Mu at prayer


Under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Libya was “Fatih Shia’at”. Muammar al-Qathafi is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

  the occasion of Eid great conqueror

Libby Green

This is the al-Fateh's 44th

Mu is holy, 2

Mu is holy

We pray w Mu for Green Libya

Light going on in my veins air following Annevs the Beah says Fatih Muammar ups

Alrjaaaaaaaaaaaaaa from all Alasedkaaaae the unification of its own personal image because we separate us Saaaat of the festive holiday of Eid, 44 of the Torah great conqueror

And forward the revolutionary struggle continues until victory.

Please all friends unite its own personal image because we are separated by hours for the festive feast 44 to Torah great conqueror

And forward the revolutionary struggle continues until victor.

44th celebration

Me falsehood tour ….. I have the right Rounds

Victory tour for us with God’s help …. World will not forget Muammar Gaddafi and his supporters ….. And Saemjdna history …….

A derivative God first …. wa derivative in Sidi strategies, Kaid Supreme

Clear Illagrvh … ^ ^

Aladmona Hmokh Bomenaar

I dedicate this to all the tone are free Libyan Alazmi and the to all Aladinmah of the page and particular to Adamn of staple Camp Hero Almjhad

and from victory to victory and from festival to festival, God willing,
Regards Admin 69

Welcome Aaahak the Libyan Revolution

44th ann

Hur Ahmed Eid light keeps despite noses hate light and every year our leader’s okay !

Mu in Green Lands

al-Qathafi’s loyal guard:

Camel guard

Desert launcher

May God bless you and YZ yours Ezz Ali penetrate page rats and just the image of the leader and to the front and continuing revolutionary struggle until victory.

Hamza Thami – 29/08/2013
Conqueror Never de conqueror ever •
Hamza Abuschgner  Thami – 29/08/2013
,,, Commander of the room / Muammar al-Qathafi – Presentation lobby
. Broadcast Room Leader / Muammar al-Qathafi.

Quoting green satellite channel Green TvDr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami :

Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings to
All the Liberal Libyans at home and abroad
God willing, we will celebrate next year in
Green Square was us alive
Life us no choice but victory or martyrdom
Athspon Dear scum we Mujahdoa the Keyboard
We’ll go to our land and turn it into hell under
Your feet unclean which Dnsthe which raise
Sky Blamay the will not Thenoa moment one
It will not be you Naseer Vrbakm the NATO abandoned
You, and we are coming , and our Lord will not abandon us
Coming yes Coming older than he says
To Aafl security flaunt speak and we are not
As students and entertain fleeting minimum we want
Testify on our land or live in dignity
And honor the right of God which agency Alaho
We’ll go and we know our country inch an inch Snholha the
Hell under your feet will not be willing
God away prepared guys God and prepared
Fdona are customers NATO soldiers were among the
God disbelief us understand and unbelievers , whether
Lar lar hunger and hunger Atafrat as long as the
My its people and will teach those who wronged any
Solstice turn against the Lord of the universe will pay
The price of every tear fell from the daughter of a martyr WAM
Bereaved and we will see that they deem away and see it soon

Greetings to you Aacanutorna Mnsourin Lord protect you , God willing,

(The main Admin)
نقلا عن قناة الخضراء الفضائية Green Tvالدكتور حمزة التهامي:

ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ﻋﻠﻴﻜﻢ ﻭﺭﺣﻤﺔ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﺑﺮﻛﺎﺗﻪ ﺍﻟﻰ
ﺟﻤﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﺍﻻﺣﺮﺍﺭ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺪﺍﺧﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﺨﺎﺭﺝ
ﺳﻨﺤﺘﻔﻞ ﺑﺎﺫﻥ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺴﻨﻪ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺩﻣﻪ ﻓﻲ
ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺣﻪ ﺍﻟﺨﻀﺮﺍﺀ ﻣﻦ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻨﺎ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻗﻴﺪ
ﺍﻟﺤﻴﺎﺓ ﻓﻠﻴﺲ ﻟﻨﺎ ﺧﻴﺎﺭ ﺍﻻ ﺍﻟﻨﺼﺮ ﺍﻭ ﺍﻟﺸﻬﺎﺩﻩ
ﻻﺗﺤﺴﺒﻮﻥ ﺍﻳﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﺤﺜﺎﻟﻪ ﺍﻧﻨﺎ ﻣﺠﺎﻫﺪﻭﺍ ﻛﻴﺒﻮﺭﺩ
ﺳﻨﺪﺧﻞ ﺍﻟﻰ ﺍﺭﺿﻨﺎ ﻭﻧﺤﻮﻟﻬﺎ ﻟﺠﺤﻴﻢ ﺗﺤﺖ
ﺍﻗﺪﺍﻣﻜﻢ ﺍﻟﻨﺠﺴﻪ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺩﻧﺴﺘﻬﺎ ﻭﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺭﻓﻊ
ﺍﻟﺴﻤﺎﺀ ﺑﻼﻋﻤﺪ ﻟﻦ ﺗﻬﻨﺄﻭﺍ ﻟﺤﻈﺔ ﻭﺍﺣﺪﻩ
ﻭﻟﻦ ﻳﻜﻮﻥ ﻟﻜﻢ ﻧﺼﻴﺮ ﻓﺮﺑﻜﻢ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺗﻮ ﺗﺨﻠﻰ
ﻋﻨﻜﻢ ﻭﻧﺤﻦ ﻗﺎﺩﻣﻮﻥ ﻭﺭﺑﻨﺎ ﻟﻦ ﻳﺘﺨﻠﻰ ﻋﻨﺎ
ﻗﺎﺩﻣﻮﻥ ﻧﻌﻢ ﻗﺎﺩﻣﻮﻥ ﻟﺴﻨﺎ ﻣﻦ ﻳﻘﻮﻝ
ﻭﻻﻳﻔﻌﻞ ﻭﻻﻣﻦ ﻳﺘﺸﺪﻗﻮﻥ ﺑﺎﻟﻜﻼﻡ ﻭﻟﺴﻨﺎ
ﻃﻼﺏ ﻣﻨﺼﺐ ﻭﻻﻣﺘﺎﻉ ﺩﻧﻴﺎ ﺯﺍﺋﻠﻪ ﻧﺤﻦ ﻧﺮﻳﺪ
ﺍﻟﺸﻬﺎﺩﻩ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﺭﺿﻨﺎ ﺍﻭ ﺍﻟﻌﻴﺶ ﺑﻜﺮﺍﻣﻪ
ﻭﺷﺮﻑ ﻭﺣﻖ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻻﺍﻟﻪ ﺍﻻﻫﻮ
ﺳﻨﺪﺧﻞ ﻭﻧﻌﺮﻑ ﺑﻼﺩﻧﺎ ﺷﺒﺮ ﺷﺒﺮ ﻭﺳﻨﺤﻮﻟﻬﺎ
ﻟﺠﻬﻨﻢ ﺗﺤﺖ ﺍﻗﺪﺍﻣﻜﻢ ﻭﻟﻦ ﻳﻜﻮﻥ ﺫﻟﻚ ﺑﺎﺫﻥ
ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺑﻌﻴﺪﺍ ﺍﺳﺘﻌﺪﻭﺍ ﻳﺎﺭﺟﺎﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﺍﻋﺪﻭﺍ
ﻓﻌﺪﻭﻧﺎ ﻫﻢ ﻋﻤﻼﺀ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺗﻮ ﻭﺟﻨﻮﺩﻩ ﻭﻗﺪ ﺑﻴﻦ
ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻟﻨﺎ ﻛﻔﺮﻫﻢ ﻓﻬﻢ ﻭﺍﻟﻜﺎﻓﺮﻭﻥ ﺳﻮﺍﺀ
ﻻﺭ ﺟﻮﻉ ﻻﺭ ﺟﻮﻉ ﻭﻻﺗﻔﺮﻳﻂ ﻣﺎﺩﺍﻡ ﻓﻲ
ﺑﻼﺩﻱ ﺍﻫﻠﻬﺎ ﻭﺳﻴﻌﻠﻢ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻇﻠﻤﻮﺍ ﺍﻱ
ﻣﻨﻘﻠﺐ ﻳﻨﻘﻠﺒﻮﻥ ﻭﺭﺏ ﺍﻟﻜﻮﻥ ﺳﺘﺪﻓﻌﻮﻥ
ﺛﻤﻦ ﻛﻞ ﺩﻣﻌﻪ ﺳﻘﻄﺖ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺑﻨﺔ ﺷﻬﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻡ
ﺛﻜﻠﻰ ﻭﺳﻨﺮﻯ ﺍﻧﻬﻢ ﻳﺮﻭﻧﻪ ﺑﻌﻴﺪﺍ ﻭﻧﺮﺍﻩ ﻗﺮﻳﺒﺎ

تحياتي لك يادكتورنا منصورين وربي يحفظك إن شاء الله

(ا لادمن الرئيسى)

Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey writes to us:

To all of you in the social media who took part in this campaign, many congratulations. In the British parliament, and elsewhere, you have won the first of many battles which will lead to winning the war. The corporate elitists may press ahead anyway but they are alone, they know it and the weight of human goodwill bears down against them. For all of you who campaigned and fought long and hard, tirelessly and with tremendous courage, with your keyboards, pens, ideas and energy, congratulations. Without naming anyone so as to leave nobody out, you all know who you are and I kneel humbly before you.

God Bless you and congratulations….


As of 2008,  This was a list of the 100 largest populated places in Libya.:

No. City Population
1 Tripoli 2,220,000 [1]
2 Benghazi 1,001,000 [2]
3 Misrata 350,000 [3]
4 Bayda 250,000 [4]
5 Zawiya 234,000
6 Zliten 200,000 [5]
7 Ajdabiya 184,820
8 Tobruk 108,771
9 Sabha 103,743
10 Khoms 88,317
11 Derna 78,782 [6]
12 Zuwara 75,893
13 Kufra 68,940
14 Marj 62,894
15 Tajura 60,681
16 Tarhuna 50,715
17 Sirte 48,504
19 Gharyan 46,455
20 Msallata 46,169
19 Bani Walid 43,504
20 Jumayl 39,344
21 Al Karama 37,987
22 Sorman 36,707
23 Al-Uruba 33,194
24 Al Gseibat 32,559
25 Shahhat 28,818
26 Ubari 27,796
27 Asbi’a 27,693
29 Jadid 27,503
30 El Agheila 26,813
31 Abyar 26,600
32 Nofaliya 25,997
33 Regdalin 25,831
34 Gasr Akhyar 25,261
35 Al Qubah 24,631
36 Tawergha 24,223
37 Al Maya 23,222
38 Murzuk 22,395
39 Brega 21,715
40 Teghsat 21,642
41 Hun 19,816
42 Jalu 18,873
43 Sabratha 18,584
44 Al Ujeilat 18,277
45 Nalut 17,146
46 Suluq 16,999
47 Shuhada’ al Buerat 16,282
48 Zaltan 15,801
49 Mizda 13,809
50 Waddan 13,302
51 Ra’s Lanuf 13,130
52 Al Urban 12,600
53 Yafran 12,372
54 Ar Rayaniya 12,263
55 Umm al Rizam 12,098
56 Taucheira 11,723
57 Brak 11,638
58 Abu Ghlasha 11,179
59 Ad Dawoon 10,909
60 Teji 10,828
61 Qaminis 10,713
62 Qatrun 10,650
63 Benina 10,522
64 Kikla 10,350
65 Al Rheibat 10,080
66 Sokna 9,887
67 Massa 9,748
68 Bin Jawad 9,675
69 Umm al Aranib 9,655
70 Jadu 9,653
71 Ghadames 9,558
72 Ar Rabta 9,487
73 Sidi Khalifa 9,368
74 Ghat 9,228
75 Al Abraq 8,861
76 Sidi as Said 8,836
77 Ar Rajban 8,820
78 Awjila 8,515
79 Ras al Hamam 8,397
80 Tolmeitha 8,310
81 Zella 8,202
82 Wadi Utba 8,178
83 Al Barkat 8,130
84 Martuba 8,130
85 Traghan 7,510
86 Al Hashan 7,494
87 El Bayyada 7,432
88 Qayqab 7,297
89 Mashashita 7,255
90 Bu-Fakhra 7,142
91 Musaid 7,139
92 Tacnis 7,038
93 Susa 7,038
94 Wadi Zem-Zem 6,799
95 Batta 6,754
96 Tazirbu 6,600
97 Jadid 6,598
98 Farzougha 6,564
99 Qaryat ‘Umar al Mukhtar 6,521
100 Bi’r al Ashhab 6,399



If they said to me describe the government in three words
I will say:

“The government of corrupt central ~ ~”


A central n Mull survey venal and corrupt Veo them.

مسحا ن يسحن المركزيين الفاسدين المرتشين وذيو لهم

Libya in the process of buying one third of the shares in the company’s royal Tal
Reuters reported that the network Lab Crane LAP Green of the Sovereign Fund of the Libyan government intends to buy the shares of Emirates International Telecommunications in the Tunisian capital Communications of 35 per cent of the share capital of the company that owns the company “Mattel” in Mauritania.

Emirates International Telecommunications subsidiary of Dubai “is to Ding” announced its intention to sell its shares in the Tunisian company, and negotiations are under way with the Libyans in order to buy them.

Our company was established Libyan “Lap Crane” in 2007, which provides mobile phone services and hard, and operates in a number of African countries such as Uganda, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone, among others.

The Tunisian Telecom amounts to the number of its subscribers four million in Tunisia and ranks second after company Tnezaana. But what happened in Tunisia after the revolution, the impact on the company where affected by the cases of the strike in the ranks of workers. And potential buyers will have to bear such risks.

(RAT) Prime Minister NATO rebels called “Ali Zaidane:”

“We will give a sum of money of $ 3 billion aid to the French American British aircraft for the Liberation of the brotherly Syrian people

from the ‘tyrant Bashar al-Assad’ and we will contribute to provide them with all the fuel they require !!”

(Admin camp)

Scandal exposes the person lied Al Jazeera viewers Video Post disastrous on wider Ntaaaaq the # scandal exposes the person lied

Al Jazeera viewers Video Post disastrous on wider Ntaaaaq the

DEPRAVATION,  Immorality, Alcoholism, pestilence, disease & DEBOUCHERY brought in by “FEBRUARY 17th ‘REVOLUTION’ “:
May be “freed and liberated” the country

Xi strange Hjerdan … Bahi Bernaland and NATO Mitla Bnolkm collector????

(Aladmona Hmokh Bomenaar)

UAE, Mahmoud Jibril granted 28 million, funding institutions as requested, and received amount Ismail Alhitoa,

the Foreign this document Alamartah which is exclusive to Wikileaks Libyan state:

(Admin __4__)


The last government “creations rats”

Set offender Essam Alqreis, the Libyan ambassador to the State of Niger

(The main Admin)

Coincidence? !!!

Criminal and Sam Bin Humaid get an honorary doctorate on the same day that you get a barrel

of Qatar Hamad footmen banana!!

Pain and Yama Aadern the!!!!!

Of the urgent importance of

Please all pages Barquaouian the Elvis and forums, sites and channels of Benghazi, Libya’s first and vision and tenderly numbers biggest sit-in protest to denounce in front of the British consulate in Benghazi! As all addicted to work objected language Alanglsais with the draft and puts Alfdyohat and pictures and explain why refuse to grant such a certificate for a criminal and Sam bin Humaid and uncover the truth of this criminal and sent a copy is requested to address the university via e-mail attaching this link Report

This link the names of the certificate to Muhammad bin Humaid and Wissam Ben Hamid awarded the certificate and also Sam’s brother.

Which contains the name of Sam bin Humaid and brother Sam Bin Humaid received the same certificate and the idea of ​​the nomination was of his students to show they were studied in the past at the University of Oxford expensive university in the world means sent by al-Qathafi there Almsarit and Tripoli; and now, the support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood to be nominated this criminal

As we holds Alanglsais citizenship we will Ballzim the
Oxford PHD College – Third Level Research and Scientific Body

Prodigal bin Ahmid killed, 50 men and 100 injured man get an honorary Ph.D. in military science ..!!!

Libya, which funds today vaunted her and buy him now an honorary graduate degrees in military science!!!!!!!

How to Convert from mechanic to a doctor in less than 3 months? And Sam bin Hamid: With what Fish impossible Brotherhood

Binl Hamid honors by the chief of staff for killing 43 young Benghazi young people and buy him an “honorary doctorate of military science” ..

But even if they give you minimum certificates will continue to be so deadly fugitive will not deliver you Tistrik behind the governments of the right bullet.


Ziad d Game

Masquerades new …………

Dr. Sam … and Bin Humaid ….. Mubarak large certificate from Oxford ….. awarded 2 * 1 MA and Ph.D. ..… unit time …………

Because research others Tqldeh in killing 47 young people in 235 minutes at the standard rate is about dead an unarmed every 5 minutes ….

and this research is absolutely unprecedented ……

Ali Wesam idea was in the front and was also Abdel Gawad fat before and even higher than that!

The commander on the idea feat recently supplemented his group Martyrs of Free Libya in particular in particular ….

Ali to Aspli /
Instead issued him an arrest warrant, and Akaya him on what DID, like a rebellious only without all the revolutionaries, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in

military science of the mechanical fugitive and Sam Bin Hamid Responsible first for the killing of more than 50 young man in front of a battalion shield in what was known as (massacre Budzirh).
علي العسبلي/
بدل ان تصدر ضده مذكرة اعتقال، وعقاياً له على ما اقترفه، وكأنه الثائر الوحيد من دون كل الثوار، منح شهادة الدكتوراه الفخرية في العلوم العسكرية للميكانيكي الهارب وسام بن حميد المسؤل الاول عن قتل اكثر من 50 شاب امام كتيبة الدرع في ما عرف بـ(مجزرة بودزيرة) .

كيف تتحول من مكانيكي الي دكتور في اقل من 3 شهور ؟ وسام بنت حميد : مع الاخوان ما فيش مستحيل

بنت حميد تكرم من قبل رئاسة الاركان لقتلها 43 شاب من شباب بنغازي ويشترون له شهادة دكتوراه فخريه

للعلوم العسكريه .. ولكن حتى ولو اعطوك شهادات الدنيا ستظل ذلك القاتل الهارب ولن ينجيك تسترك وراء الحكومات من رصاصة الحق

About incest and Sam bin Humaid!!

Nora Bubaker

Hello all, clarification on the story for bin Hamid Ali doctorate from Oxford University

First, for the graduation dress to universities and doctoral hat constant be different from the Masters and Bachelor ..
Oxford University named The University of Oxford .. Motto behind the logo on the certificate published .. Site of the university and there is no news, including the news

Posted by any _COMESFROM .. The college bearing his name is similar name Oxford College .. Mentan honorary doctorate for Saudin 10 5 Amartien and 4 Qataris, 4 Jordanians and 3 nautical .. Libyan and 2

Strange that Monday Libyans brother and one named huckster and the other named Mahmoud

Libya Dr. Mohamed Farag M. Ben Hamid Dr. Wesam F. Mahmoud Ben Hamid

Strange also that the name of bin Humaid in the certificate posted on the Facebook pages differs from the publication here in the letter A minus means who published in the site is ben hamid while in the certificate Ben hmid names who conferred Ph.D. is Sam Faraj Mahmoud bin Humaid and Mahmoud Farag Mahmoud bin Hamid

This link



Sam bin Hamid Oxford award

It is important this college has no headquarters, but my address in the area of Oxford Street

Oxford PHD College – Third Level Research and Scientific Body
Oxford PHD College – Third Level Research and Scientific Body


His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud
His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud
His Highness Prince Bandar Bin Mohammed Abdull Rahman Al-Saud
His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal Al-Saud
His Royal Highness Prince Ahmed Bin Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud
Dr. Abdullah Bin Rashid A. Al-Dossary
Dr. Abdullah Marei Bin Mahfouz
His Excellency Dr. Saud Al Zubaidi
His Excellency Dr. Muneer Said S. Al Otaibi
Dr. Hazaa Ayesh Eid Abaalrous

H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al – Nahyan
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al – Nahyan
His Excellency Dr. Eng. Salah Salem Bin Omair Al-Shasy
Dr. Eng. Faisal Ali Moosa Al Naqbi
Dr. Eng. Samar Raouf W.O. Nasir S.A. HK. Alshamsi

His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thanis
His Excellency Sheikh Saud M. Bin Ali Al-Thani
Dr. Abed Al-Rahman – Abed Al Ghani

His Majesty King Abdullah The Second
His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Halaiqa
Dr. Sultan Abdel-Majid Sultan Al-Adwan
Dr. Maher Hourani
Dr. Ruba Tariq Batayneh
Dr. Mah`d Abdel-Razzaq Mah`d Abu – Shaireh
Dr. Sana`a Mustafa Mohammad Abdo
Dr. Mohammed Yousif Al Tarawneh
Dr. Nizar Ahmed Mohamad Al Hmouz
Dr. Mohammed Adel H. Ayed
Dr. Laila Ibrahim Salem Al Naber

Dr. Ayman Najeeb Mohammd Farhat
Dr. Nassif Najeeb Mohammad Farhat
Dr. Eng. Mohammad Fouad Yassine

His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa
His Royal Highness Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa
Dr. Khalid Mohammed Kanoo

Dr. Hussein Ghalib Koba

Dr. Mohamed Hicham Ben Turkia

Dr. Mohamed Farag M. Ben Hamid
Dr. Wesam F. Mahmoud Ben Hamid

Dr. Brian Creedon
Dr. Jim Browne
Mr. Rory O’Donnell
Mr. J. C. Walsh

Dr. Christine Michelle

Dr. Achim Mehrlein
Mr. Marcus Stefan Latta
Ms. Anya Bierzynski

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akgündüz
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Refii Kileci


Oxford (Third level research & scientific body)
Cork Rep. of Ireland.
(BelHadj is in the white hat.)
Party leader Abdullah thankless summit in an inspection tour to spark oil field:
عبدالله ناكر رئيس حزب القمة في جولة تفقدية لحقل الشرارة النفطي

Rebel Party leader Abdullah thankless visiting Summit protestors oil fields and emphasizes the demands and supports

Aglagahm and stand with them
Why not visit anyone of our parties Federal ports to stand and depicts crashed next to the counters and to confirm

our parties support the demands of the youth tenderly blessed and free movement
We as young people Barqawi various compositions support steps by our fields and ports.

Libya February paradoxes

When the oil pump is shut hear imaginary figures and billions of comparable countries budgets

And when he returns to pump oil again we hear that the potential of the state is weak and need more time.

Libya : a ministerial meeting of high-level to discuss the implications of the closure of oil ports:

30 August 2013 00:16

The Minister of Finance ” Kilani Abdul Karim ” revealed that the sit-ins and closures for the majority of the oil export ports led to a decrease

in the quantities of oil exported , will have a direct impact on salaries and commodity support and general expenses , development and also

the implementation of the budget 2013.

The city of Tripoli on Thursday morning, an emergency meeting at the highest levels included ministers of finance, economy and planning ,

oil and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Libya , and the Presidents of the National Oil Corporation and the Libyan Investment Authority ,

the Director General of Libyan Foreign Bank , where the meeting discussed the implications and challenges experienced by the country

and the impact of a significant drop in oil exports as a result of the protests and the security situation on the oil fields general budget revenues to the state.

Turning officials present for this meeting in their discussions to the process of the movement and export of oil , and the implications on revenue

and budget resources , and the implications of the implementation of the budgets for 2013 -2014 , and how to address them .

He said Kilani This meeting comes against the backdrop invitation of Prime Minister ” Ali Zaidan ” to discuss the current situation

with regard to the movement of oil and exported, and the effects of income and resources the general budget, and how to address them ,

and mechanisms to be followed depending on the circumstances . Explaining that the state is interested in addressing this situation

wisely and take the required action to cope with all the possibilities that may occur .

He announced Kilani for a seminar to inform the Libyan citizen to the current situation and the effects of sit-ins of existing oil ports on

the export of oil and the impact on the income of the Libyan state , and required of the citizen and the institutions of civil society and

the state. Pointing out that the symposium will be broadcast via the channel ” Libya’s national.


Soon you will cut off electricity on Libya in full as well as gasoline will not be able Ministry of Finance to pay salaries and will stop system

Manmade River from work due to power outages as well as the interruption communication via mobile phones due to the interruption

of electricity transmission stations, the hell with all Tfasalih will you see in the coming days in Libya Free.


Electricity company’s new logo @ @

اخبار المقاومة الليبية(كتيبة اللواء الاخضر الاكتروني ) ·
See our beloved country and usurped a very high Friday in temperatures and cities Syndicate high on Friday are (Tripoli – Al Azizia – Nalout) temperature 43 and the rest of the cities temperatures vary between 30.38 Lord ICON in your help Aahrar with blackouts 5 hours daily Aktar

(The main Admin)

اخبار المقاومة الليبية(كتيبة اللواء الاخضر الاكتروني )
تشهد بلادنا الحبيبة والمغتصبة ارتفاع شديد اليوم الجمعة في دراجات الحرارة والمدن الاكتر ارتفاع اليوم الجمعة هي ( طرابلس – العزيزية – نالوت ) بدرجة حرارة 43 وباقي المدن تتفاوت دراجات الحرارة مابين 30،38 ربي ايكون في عونكم يأحرار مع انقطاع الكهرباء 5 ساعات واكتر يوميا



an historical moment of evil:

21 October  2011 by GeantVert:

When the Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi has dropped after a war of interference made ​​by several months “Misrata rebels” with the military support of NATO forces,

the writer and former Canadian diplomat Peter Dale Scott returns to the historic collusion, initiated in the 80′s by Zbigniew Brzezinski,

between the U.S. and Salafist terrorist groups that have raged in various parts of the world,

the course Afghanistan but also in Bosnia, Kosovo and now Libya. The example of Libya is particularly striking.

Indeed, the West and primarily France and Britain have supported Libyan militias notoriously composed and directed by al-Qaeda elements well known.

The man who took Tripoli at the head of an army of “rebels” is another Abdelhakim Belhaj, a leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq and founder of a

hyper violent Salafist group, the LIFG Libyan Islamic Fighting group, considered a terrorist by the U.S. and the UK.

A study by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, analyzed by the specialist in geopolitics Webster Tarpley also estimated from last March

as we called the “Libyan rebels” came from an area, the Cyrenaica Peninsula where anti-Western fanaticism had supplied the troops since 2003

al-Qaeda parts by weight fight Westerners in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is it really these people that we want to lead Libya? 

Peter Dale Scott:

Bosnia, Kosovo and now Libya: The Human Cost of perpetual collusion between Washington and terrorist

21 October 2011 by GeantVert

When the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was dropped after a war of interference of several months made ​​by the “rebels of Misrata” with the military support of NATO forces, the writer and former Canadian diplomat Peter Dale Scott returns to the historic collusion , initiated in the 80′s by Zbigniew Brzezinski , between the U.S. and Islamist terrorist groups that have raged in various parts of the world, the course Afghanistan but also in Bosnia, Kosovo and now Libya.The example of Libya is particularly striking. Indeed, the West and primarily France and Britain have supported Libyan militias notoriously composed and directed by al-Qaeda elements well known.

The man who took Tripoli at the head of an army of “rebels” is another Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq and founder of a hyper violent Salafist group, the LIFG Libyan Islamic Fighting Group , considered a terrorist by the U.S. and the UK. A U.S. study made ​​by the Military Academy at West Point, analyzed by the specialist in geopolitics Webster Tarpley also considered as early as last March that the was called “Libyan rebels” came from an area, the Cyrenaica peninsula, where anti-Western fanaticism had supplied the troops since 2003 al-Qaeda parts by weight fight Westerners in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is it really these people that we want to lead Libya? The final answer came out yesterday …

  He laughs

Traditional image of an al-Qaeda fighter

Bosnia, Kosovo and now Libya: The Human Cost of perpetual collusion between Washington and terrorist

by Peter Dale Scott, on , October 17, 2011

Introduction of the article by the site mondialisation.caThis article was published in English by Global Research July 29, 2011 and by the Japanese magazine “Asia-Pacific”, so it was written before the taking of Tripoli.However, the text remains valid and it remains an important understanding of current issues of the war on terrorism and the NATO operations in Libya. This essay deals with the exploitation by the U.S. / NATO Islamist networks in the world (Libya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and the United States with Ali and Mohamed al-Kifah Center in Brooklyn).This article is very informative and it helps to look back into recent history by focusing on the modus operandi of NATO and / or the United States (intelligence / military) of an alliance with varying degrees with particularly violent déstablisants jihadist networks (including al-Qaida and the LIFG).

Peter Dale Scott has a doctorate in political science, professor emeritus of English literature at the University of California (Berkeley) and former Canadian diplomat. The Road to 9/11 is his first book translated into French, published in fall 2010 by Editions Demi-Lune under the title The road to the new world disorder . This book has been a glowing review from the Air Chief Marshal Bernard Norlain in the prestigious National Defence in March 2011.

Maxime Chaix translation

Over the past two decades, significant reductions in military spending in the United States and the West have been anticipated on two occasions after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. But on both occasions, military spending has increased rapidly, and can be perceived among the factors contributing to these increases military intervention of the United States in two areas: the Balkans in the 1990s and Libya today. 1 In both cases, it was hidden from the public how al-Qaeda was a secret ally of the United States rather than an enemy.

U.S. intervention in the Balkans and now in Libya were presented as humanitarian by the mass media of the United States and its allies. Indeed, some Washington interventionists may, in good faith, having been persuaded. But deeper motivations – from oil to geostrategic priorities – were also at work in both cases.

In virtually all the wars in which they have been involved since 1989, U.S. and Islamist factions fought to determine who would control the heart of Eurasia in the post-Soviet era. In some countries – Somalia in 1993, Afghanistan in 2001 – the confrontation was direct, each party to the conflict using the excess of the other in order to justify the use of weapons.

But there have been other interventions in which Americans have used al-Qaeda as a resource to increase their influence, for example Azerbaijan in 1993. In this country, a supportive president in Moscow was overthrown after a large number of Arab fighters and other foreign mujahideen were secretly infiltrated from Afghanistan, thanks to an airline hastily set up by three veterans Air America, the CIA airline (These three men were Richard Secord, Harry Aderholt, and Ed Dearborn, who had each in turn been detached from the Pentagon to the CIA) 2 It was a marriage of convenience that suited everyone.: Mujahideen could defend Muslims against Russian influence in the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, while the Americans had a new President [Azerbaijan], which opened to Western oil companies access to oil fields of Baku.

The pattern of collaboration in the United States with Muslim fundamentalists against more secular enemies is not new. It dates back to at least 1953, when the CIA recruited right-wing mullahs to overthrow Prime Minister Mossadegh in Iran, and also began working with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. 3 However, in 2011, we can observe a more complex in Libya arranged marriage between the United States and elements of al-Qaeda: it repeats a pattern that has been observed in Bosnia from 1992 to 1995 and in Kosovo between 1997 and 1998. In these countries, the United States responded to a local conflict in the name of humanitarian intervention to restrict the atrocities. However, in these three cases, atrocities were committed on both sides, and the interventions of the United States have actually favored ally of al-Qaeda part.

In these three examples, the cause of military intervention was defended by blatant manipulation and other distortions of reality. Is a noted historian of the Bosnian conflict was true for Kosovo, and its findings may resonate today in Libya: though attacks were “perpetrated by Serbs as well as by Muslims,” ​​the Western media considered that “the killing of Muslims deserve the media attention, unlike the killing of non-Muslims. “4 It was found that the reports about mass rapes involving thousands of people were greatly exaggerated: a French journalist” uncovered only four women willing to support these stories. “5 At the same time, in 1994, the French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL) traveled to Bosnia and fervently defended the cause of action in this country in February 2011, BHL traveled to Benghazi and endorsed by its new interventionist role in Libya. 6

In addition, in each of these countries, there are signs that U.S. intelligence cells and / or collaborated with Western elements of al-Qaeda since the beginning of the conflicts in question, that is to say, before the atrocities justifying intervention. This suggests the existence of deeper reasons behind the military intervention of the United States, including the willingness of Western oil companies to exploit oil reserves of Libya (as in Iraq) without having to deal with a very powerful and annoying man or their desire to create a strategic pipeline through the Balkans (Kosovo). 7

The fact that the United States could support al-Qaeda in terrorist atrocities runs completely contrary to the general impression formed by the American media. Yet this perpetual alliance against nature is the resurgence and continuity of the strategy of provocation set up by Zbigniew Brzezinski in Afghanistan between 1978 and 1979, while the National Security Adviser to President Carter.

The Shah of Iran (left), Brzezinski (right), Carter (second from right)

In those years Brzezinski did not hesitate to play the terrorist card against the Soviet Union, he supported the efforts of the SAVAK (the intelligence services of the Shah of Iran) to work with the ancestors of Islamists . ‘al-Qaeda in order to destabilize Afghanistan, which quickly led to the invasion of that country by the Soviets 8 At that time, as he boasted later, Brzezinski wrote to Carter: “We now have the opportunity to provide the USSR its Vietnam War. “9

William Casey as director of the CIA, perpetuated this strategy of using terrorists against the USSR in Afghanistan. Through the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan (Interservice Intelligence Service or ISI), the CIA forwarded assistance to Afghan extremists like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (today one of the [main] enemies of the United States Afghanistan). Then in 1986, “Casey hired CIA support to a long-term initiative of the old ISI for recruiting radical Muslims around the world to travel to Pakistan and fight with the Afghan mujahideen. “10 helps the CIA were now transported to their support organization, the Bureau of [Maktab al-Khadamat] Peshawar, led by a Palestinian named Abdullah Azzam and Osama bin Laden. The al-Kifah Center, a U.S. recruitment office for what the foreign legion of “Afghan Arabs” (later al-Qaeda) was called, was installed in the al-Farouq mosque in Brooklyn. 11

Today, it is important to remember the use of terrorists Brzezinski then Casey. For Libya, as in Kosovo and Bosnia before one can perceive alarming signs that the United States continued to use Islamic terrorism as a means to dismantle socialist or pro-socialist nations that were not in their orbit: first the USSR, then Yugoslavia and now Libya. As I have written elsewhere, Gaddafi was using the wealth of Libya, the only Mediterranean nation still armed by Russia and independent of the orbit of NATO to impose conditions more difficult for Western oil companies . He also used this wealth to emancipate the whole of Africa, European and American tutelage. 12

Support for the mujahideen begat heavy consequences of collusion with organizations violating the law. In the second part of this essay, I will show how government protection of key figures of the al-Kifah Center in Brooklyn – including after they have committed crimes – has allowed them to freely engage in terrorist acts in the United States, as the first bomb attack against the World Trade Center in 1993.

The alliance between the United States and al-Qaeda in Libya

The NATO intervention in Libya has been presented as a humanitarian campaign. But she is not: both factions have committed atrocities. Thanks in part to the Harbour Group, a public relations firm well connected working for the National Transitional Council [NTC], the U.S. public opinion had a lot more information about the atrocities committed by the forces pro-Great Jamahiriya Libya

as those perpetrated by the opposition in Benghazi 13 But in reality, as reported by the London Daily Telegraph.:

“Under rebel control, Benghazi residents are terrorized, most of them being ‘too scared to drive at night through the dark streets, fearing the racket – or worse – at checkpoints who are multiply ‘.

In addition, nearly one and a half million migrants from sub-Saharan Africa are victims of suspicion hanging over them and wants them to support the wrong side. Many of them were attacked, some were hunted down, dragged from their apartments, beaten and killed. The so-called ‘revolutionary’ and ‘freedom fighters’ are actually armed men ransacked everything in their path and commit atrocities ignored by the mass media, which are not willing to reveal what would the new Libya if the Great Jamahiriya was overthrown. “14

Thomas Mountain agrees that “since the outbreak of the rebellion in Benghazi, hundreds of Sudanese workers, Somali, Ethiopian and Eritrean were extorted and murdered by racist rebel militias, well hidden by the international media is . “15 Such reports have increased over time.Recently, Human Rights Watch accused the rebels of killing Great Jamahiriya supporters who were mere civilians and pillage, burn and destroy their homes and neighborhoods. 16

An effigy of Gaddafi hung by the rebels in Benghazi, May 22, 2011

[Before taking Tripoli by the men of Islamist military commander Abdul Hakim Belhadj], Americans and Europeans [were] still less likely to learn from their media that among the factions that make up the coalition transition Benghazi, which is certainly the most seasoned veterans groups Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya (The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG). The importance of the LIFG contingent in the CNT has been minimized in a recent publication of the International Business Times:

“The LIFG is an Islamist group that has conducted a low-intensity guerrilla against Gaddafi for almost a decade. Most of the LIFG leaders are former soldiers who fought under the aegis of the mujahideen against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Since the uprising began, there were reports that members of the LIFG had joined the field the rebel NTC, and many accused the fighters of having links with al-Qaeda, which the LIFG has since denied.

But first, the LIFG had stated that his ultimate goal was to establish an Islamic state in Libya, which is quite disturbing that most of its fighters are now on the side of the CNT.However, as the LIFG would have only a force not exceeding a few thousand men, we think it will not be able to cause a lot of problems within the opposition. “17

It remains to determine whether the victorious NTC would be able to contain the Islamist aspirations ruthless jihadist veterans gathered in its ranks.

Some fear a LIFG seasoned by years of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq – although they are not predominant in the CNT – would increase its influence in the distribution of roles, if the coalition were to Benghazi win [translator's note: this article was published in its original version shortly before taking Tripoli by the "rebels"]. In February 2004, George Tenet, then CIA director, said before the Senate Intelligence Committee that “one of the most pressing threats [to U.S. security in Iraq] has Sunni extremist groups of smaller who benefited from links with al-Qaeda. They include [...] the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya. “18 In 2007, a West Point study reported” collaboration more closely ente the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and al-Qaeda, collaboration leads to official support for the LIFG with al Qaeda November 3, 2007 . “19 It is possible that the study of West Point exaggerated the connection between al-Qaida and the LIFG. What matters is that Britain and the United States was well aware of the assessment of West Point, but their special forces nevertheless secretly supported the NTC in Benghazi, before the launch of air operations NATO:

“The bombing of this country began when he had just been revealed that hundreds of British special forces soldiers were deployed inside Libya targeting Colonel Gaddafi’s troops – and others in superior numbers, expect to take action [...]

Overall, it appears that fewer than 250 soldiers of the British Special Forces and their supporters have been active in Libya before the launch of air strikes to enforce a no-fly zone to Gaddafi forces. “20

There are also reports that U.S. Special Forces were also sent to Libya on 23 and 24 February 2011, about a month before the start of the NATO bombing. 21

British support for the LIFG date reality of [fifteen years]

“Violent clashes between security forces [Gaddafi] and Islamist guerrillas occurred in Benghazi in September 1995, leaving dozens dead on both sides. After weeks of intense fighting, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) formally declared its existence through a statement calling the Gaddafi government of apostate regime that has blasphemed against the faith of God Almighty “and declaring that overthrow was “the main duty after faith in God. This release of the LIFG and the following were published by Afghan Libyans that Britain had granted political asylum. [...] The involvement of the British government in the LIFG campaign conducted against Gaddafi still raises huge controversy.Another major operation LIFG, a failed assassination attempt against Gaddafi in 1996 – killing many Time of the Old bodyguards – have beens Financed by British intelligence to the tune of 160,000 dollars, According to the form MI5 officer David Shayler. ” 22

The detailed account of David Shayler has-been Questioned, drank many other sources indicato That the British media for Libyan jihadists Largely predates the current conflict. 23

In the future, more internationalist fighters al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) Have you Seized the opportunity presented by the war to enter the conflict and equip the arsenals looted Gaddafi Could be more threatening than the nationalist LIFG. 24 AQIM Particular concern. Indeed, recent reports indicato That the organization is increasingly Financed by the profits of drug traffickers in the area, like the other groups associated with al-Qaeda from Afghanistan to Kosovo.25 In summary the NATO campaign in Libya All which supports a coalition in the position of the allies of al-Qaeda – and current form -. Could be Strengthened 26 And western forces, Have secretly supported from the Beginning.

A map published in the May 15, 2011 edition of The New York Times
shows an interpretation of the territorial division of Libya

The alliance betweens the United States and al-Qaeda in Bosnia

. Like the war in Libya, Clinton’s interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo Were presented as Humanitarian HOWEVER, both, sides Have Committed Those atrocities in conflicts, Washington and Western media, by interest, downplayed the abuses perpetrated by Muslims.

Many Americans Know That Clinton Deployed U.S. troops to enforce the Dayton peace agreements Effective Serb atrocities Widely reported about by the media:. The killing of Muslims in Srebrenica of thousands In With an energetic campaign by the Public Relations firm Ruder Finn, Americans Heard a lot about the . Srebrenica Massacre Goal Heard They Considerably less about beheadings and other atrocities Committed by Muslims – who Preceded Srebrenica atrocities and help to explain the massacre.

Indeed, one of the Major Reasons for the attack on Srebrenica by the Serbs Is That They wanted to sponds to armed attacks against Organized since this city from the surrounding villages, “sources from the information STATED That It was the harassment Mainly All which precipitated the Serb attacks against Muslims in 1500 defenders inside the enclave. ” 27 General Philippe Morillon, order of UN troops in Bosnia from 1992 to 1993, said before the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the form Yugoslavia) That Muslim forces, based in Srebrenica “is engaged in attacks falling on Orthodox holidays and destroyed villages, massacring all the Inhabitants. This created in the region has quite extraordinary degree of hatred. ” 28 According to Professor John Schindler

“Between May and December 1992, Muslim forces, attacked This Repeatedly Serb villages around Srebrenica, killing and torturing and Civilians Were some mutilated and burned alive.Even pro-Sarajevo reports from sources concede That Muslim force in Srebrenica [...] murdered over 1,300 Serbs [...] and had “ethnically cleansed a wide area.” ” 29

Peter Galbraith, former U.S. ambassador to Croatia, in an interview later Admitted That The U.S. administration was aware of a “small number of atrocities” being Committed by foreign mujahideen in Bosnia, he intended They downplayed by saying “do not Represent a big problem Given the position then. ” 30

Other sources reveal That Washington gave a tacit green light to the supply of arms from Croatia as well as the Increased presence of Muslims in Srebrenica. 31 Effective Soon, C-130 Hercules aircraft, some of Iranian Were All which, parachuted weapons to Muslims in violation of the international embargo That The United States Officially met. aussi Arab Afghan mujahideen arrived.Most drops and some Mujahideen Were Concentrated in Tuzla, 70 kilometers from Srebrenica. 32

According to the London weekly The Spectator, the Pentagon HAD recourse to other countries: such as Iran and Turkey to organizes the flow of weapons and fighters:

“From 1992 to 1995, the Pentagon HAS Facilitated the movement from Central Asia to Europe of thousands In Mujahideen and other Islamic Elements to help fight against the Serbs Alongside Bosnian Muslims. [...] As share of an investigation of the Dutch government on the Srebrenica Massacre of July 1995, Professor Cees Wiebes of Amsterdam University compiled a report on Intelligence and the War in Bosnia, published in April 2002. He details the secret alliance betweens the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle East, as well as Their efforts to supporting the Muslims in Bosnia. In 1993, there was a lot of smuggling weapons from Croatia to the Muslims [in Bosnia]. This traffic was Organized by clandestine agencies’ of the United States, Turkey and Iran, together with a ranks of Islamist groups, Including Afghan mujahideen and pro-Iranian Hezbollah. The weapons bought by Iran and Turkey with the financial media of airborne Were Saudi Arabia in the Middle East to Bosnia – All which routes air in the United States was ‘Closely Involved’ as Wiebes said . ” 33

The detailed account of Wiebes, based on years of research papers the U.S. responsibility as the vehement Denials of the United States:

“On 10 February 1995 at 17:45, the Norwegian Captain Ivan Moldestad a driver Norwegian helicopter detachment (Norafr) Stood in the doorway Time of the Old temporary accommodation just outside Tuzla. It was dark Suddenly When He Heard the sound of an airplane propeller transportation approach, it was definitely a C-130 Hercules four engines.Moldestad Noticed That Hercules was escorted by two fighter jets goal he could not determine the model Because of the darkness. There Were Witnesses to other secret night flight to Tuzla Air Base this ( TAB). A sentry standing guard in front of the Norwegian medical UN unit in Tuzla aussi Heard and saw the lights of the plane and escorted Have you hunters.APÉNDICE Other A, using night vision equipment, aussi saw the freighter and hunters in question. These Were reports IMMEDIATELY Forwarded to the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) in Vicenza NATO and the UNPROFOR Deny Flight Cell in Naples. Moldestad When phoned Vicenza, he was Told That there was nothing in the sky That night, and he must have made ​​a mistake . Moldestad insisted When the connection was interrupted.

The secret flights of C-130 cargo plane and parachuted weapons Tuzla Provoked even Greater turmoil Within UNPROFOR and the international community in February and March 1995. When he Abebooks web sites the issue of the origin of secret weapons shipments via the Tuzla airbase (TAB), a British general said confidently: “These arms deliveries Were U.S. deliveries. There is no doubt.And U.S. private companies Were Involved. ” It was not a surprising answer, Because this general HAD Access to Information Collected by a unit of the Special Air Service (SAS) in Tuzla. The plane HAD come within range of the special night vision equipment to this unit, and the British HAD seen land. It was a nice confirmation HAD taken place and a U.S. covert operation in All which weapons, munitions and military communication equipment Were Supplied to the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH). Have These night operations generated much consternation Within the UN and NATO, and They Were Numerous subject to speculation. ” 34

Issued Wiebes the possibility That the C-130, some of Have All which off from a base in the U.S. Air Force in Germany, Were Actually controlled by the Turkish Authorities. 35 But U.S. involvement was Evidenced by the sophisticated concealment of thesis flights. Indeed, the American AWACS aircraft, All which Should Have Provided a record of the secret flights, Were Either withdrawn Appropriate operations at times, and right to adequate housing or controlled by U.S. crews. 36 A summary of the Wiebes comprehensive report was published in the Guardian:

“The Dutch report Reveals how the Pentagon Formed a secret alliance with Islamist groups in an operation reminiscent of the Iran-Contra affair.

Cells U.S. intelligence, Turkish and Iranian Collaborated with Islamists in what the Dutch report calls the “Croatian pipeline. ‘ Arms bought by Iran and Turkey and Saudi Arabia Were Financed by INITIALLY flown to Croatia via Iran Airline, the official Iranian airline, then They Were feels later by a squadron of ‘blacks HAD C-130 Hercules.

The report Indicates That Mujahideen fighters beens aussi Have Introduced there by air, and That the United States was ‘Closely Involved’ in this operation, All which constituted a flagrant violation of the embargo. According to the report, the British secret services Obtained That document proving Organized aussi Iran arms shipments Directly in Bosnia.

The operation was Encouraged by the Pentagon Rather than the CIA Feared Have you Violating the embargo and use Islamic channel to transfer weapons. When the CIA Introduced His own men on the ground in Bosnia, agents threatened This Were by the mujahideen fighters and the Iranians That resulted .

The UN was based on U.S. intelligence to monitor the embargo, a dependency All which allowed Washington to manipulate at will the organization. ” 37

At the same time, the al-Kifah Center in Brooklyn, HAD All which supported the “Afghan Arabs” fighting in Afghanistan in the 1980s, turned His attention to Bosnia to:

“Al-Hussam (sword), the newsletter of al-Kifah in English, aussi Began publishing regular updates on jihad in Bosnia. [...] Under the control of subordinate of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the newsletter violently urged Muslims to join turn in the jihad in Bosnia and Afghanistan supporters. [...] In Croatia, the Office of the Bosnian branch of al-Kifah in Zagreb Housed in a modern two-storey building, was Obviously Closely connected with the headquarters in New York , All which Had a corporate function. The deputy director of the Zagreb office, Hassan Hakim Admitted Directly to receive all orders and funding of the main al-Kifah to the U.S. office, located on Atlantic Avenue controlled by Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. ” 38

One of the teachers of al-Kifah, Rodney Hampton-El, contributed to this support program [the Bosnian jihad], recruiting fighters from bases in the U.S. Army as Fort Belvoir, causing them also to fight in the New Jersey. 39 In 1995, Hampton-El was tried and convicted with Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman for his role in the plot to make New York City landmarks explode. During the trial Hampton-El explained how he personally received thousands of dollars to finance the project by Prince Turki al-Faisal to the Saudi embassy in Washington. 40

At this time, Ayman al-Zawahiri, now the head of al-Qaeda, came to the United States to raise funds in Silicon Valley, where he was hosted by Ali Mohamed, a U.S. double agent and Special Forces veteran of the U.S. Army who was chief instructor at al-Kifah mosque. 41 It is almost certain that fundraising al-Zawahiri was intended to support the mujahideen in Bosnia, which would was his main concern at that time (“The Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that in 1993, Mr. bin Laden had appointed Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, number two of Al Qaeda, to lead its operations in the Balkans. “). 42

Ayman al-Zawahiri

The detailed report Wiebes and newspaper articles based on it corroborated earlier accusations in 1997 by Sir Alfred Sherman, a senior adviser to Margaret Thatcher and co-founder of the Centre for Policy Studies, an influential think tank nationalist and conservative. According to him, “the United States encouraged and facilitated the supply of weapons to Muslims via Iran and Eastern Europe – a fact that was then denied in Washington despite overwhelming evidence. “43 More generally, Sir Sherman denounced this action, according to him:

“The war in Bosnia was, in every sense, the war of the United States. The U.S. administration helped to trigger, to feed and to prevent early outcome. Indeed, there is evidence that it wants to continue the war in the near future, as soon as the Muslims will be protected sufficiently armed and trained. “

Specifically, Sherman accused the Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger to have instructed Warren Zimmerman in 1992, then U.S. ambassador to Belgrade, to persuade Bosnian President Izetbegovic to withdraw his agreement to preserve the unity Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian and accept instead a U.S. assistance to establish an independent Bosnian state. 44

The alliance between the United States and al-Qaeda in Kosovo

The last point raises a disturbing question: U.S. officials were they willing to ignore the atrocities of the Mujahideen of al-Qaeda in exchange for their help in successive NATO wars – wars to dismantle Yugoslavia last republic Socialist Europe? One thing is sure: the prediction of Sir Alfred Sherman in 1997 that the United States wanted to ‘continue the war in the near future’ was quickly realized.Indeed, U.S. support for allies of al-Qaeda in Kosovo, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), led a campaign in 1999 to controversial NATO bombing.

As was widely reported at the time, the KLA was supported by networks of bin Laden and al-Zawahiri, and also by trafficking of Afghan heroin:

“Members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, All which Financed icts war efforts through the sale of heroin, Were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden. It is searched for bombings in 1998 against two U.S. embassies in Africa – All which killed 224 people , Including 12 Americans. ” 45

According to Michael Levine, a form DEA agent, Clinton’s decision to supporting the KLA dismayed His DEA contacts, They Knew it was a major drug trafficking organization. 46 As Ralf Mutschke the Interpol HAS Told Congress

“In 1998, lista the KLA as a terrorist organization U.S. State Department, indicating indication That It was icts financing operations with money from the international heroin as well as loans from Islamic countries and traffic Islamists, Including Perhaps Osama bin Laden. There is Reviews another link with bin Laden’s brother, a leader of the Egyptian Jihad organization and military commander of bin Laden led an elite unit of the KLA [it is very Likely gold Zaiman Mohammed al-Zawahiri, one of Ayman al-Zawahiri brothers]. In 1998, the KLA was Described as a major player in the peddling drug-against-arms ‘in 1998,’ helping to 2 trillion drug Annually transportation to Western Europe. ” The KLA and other Albanian groups Seem To use a sophisticated network of bank accounts and companies to manage Their funds. In 1998, Germany froze two bank accounts Belonging to the organization ‘United Kosova Effective it was Discovered That Hundreds of thousands In HAD beens of dollars there Deposited by a drug dealer Albanian from Kosovo Have you HAD beens Condemned by justice. ” 47

According to the Sunday Times of London, the history of the KLA About did not deter the United States to Strengthen the organization and lead icts members:

“Agents of U.S. intelligence services Admitted They Have Helped to train the Kosovo Liberation Army before the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO. This revelation angered some European diplomats Declared That this Action HAD destroyed the efforts to find a political solution to the conflict betweens Serbs and Albanians . Were CIA officers responsible for monitoring the cease-fire in Kosovo betweens 1998 and 1999, while Developing ties with the KLA and giving the organization of U.S. military training manuals and tactical advice for fighting the Yugoslav army and Serbian police.

A year ago, When the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), All which the Coordinated monitoring of the cease-fire, left Kosovo a week before airstrikes Began, most is icts of satellite phones and GPS systems icts Were secretly feel to the KLA , Allowing guerrilla commanders to keep in touch with NATO and Washington. Many leaders of the KLA Had the mobile phone number of General Wesley Clark, the NATO command. ” 48

According to David Hackworth, a training captain in the U.S. Army Have you later Became the expert on defense Newsweek, train military officers of the United States working for the U.S. private military contractor MPRI (Military Professional Resources Incorporated) Were not satisfied with just cause KLA members :. They Also Fought Alongside em 49 This statement Earlier media reports That MPRI staff HAD beens aussi Involved in training Croatians at the time of illegal arms trafficking Organized from Croatia to Bosnia. 50

After Kosovo, Sherman Began again warned against “Expanding American hegemony”

“Exercised through NATO and Characterized by varying degrees of partnership and subordination of others. [...] This deliberate process Began with the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, led by Germany and accepted by the other members of the European Union and the United States (1991 .) He Moved: towards sanctions against Serbia accusé of helping the Serbs to the west (1992). In Bosnia, the early involvement of the United States was exploding civil war (the Zimmerman Visit to Izetbegovic, Effective the Lisbon Agreement), and the process Eventually led to the bombing campaign of 1999 and the occupation of Kosovo. “51

Other analysts speculated Have That The involvement of the United States [in Kosovo] was motivated by Their desire to install a new trans-Balkan pipeline and a U.S. military base in the Balkans to defend. Such While Criticisms Have INITIALLY ridiculed, both, predictions Were soon Proved right. AMBO The company, a U.S. company led by Ted Ferguson, a senior BP form, Began in 2007 the building of a pipeline betweens Albania and Macedonia. 52 and is located around a semi-Permanent U.S. Army, Camp Bondsteel, All which can Accommodate up to 7,000 soldiers.

In 2007, President George W. Bush created a military command for operations in Africa, AFRICOM (United States Africa Command). Goal icts current headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany, All which HAS Sparked speculation on the internet That The United States Would Have Referred the Libyan International Airport [Mitiga]. It was operated under the name “Wheelus Air Force Base” by the U.S. Air Force up to His expulsion from Libya in 1970.

The first bombing against the World Trade Center September 11: the domestic implications of collusion with terrorists

The fact That The United States HAS used recursively to the Islamists of al-Qaeda as allies in Their expansionist projects do not Constitute proof of the existence of a sustainable and systematic strategy, let alone That there is a secret alliance.

Rather I think That The United States Suffer from malignant disease embodied by a rampaging military power and out of control – a power That, like a cancer, sometimes tend to metastasize objective so counterproductive to the achievement of Broader. Those Have you are appointed to manage this vast power Become Accustomed to using any available means clustering in order to stand a dynamic global action They are, ironically, powerless to challenge or moderate. dissidents The Few Trying to do Obviously are sidelined or even ejected from the upper echelons of power, while not Being Considered “share of the team. “

Those in Washington have decided to assist terrorists and drug traffickers seem not to have considered the “negative externalities” of these policies, that is to say, the domestic consequences of formal agreements with networks criminal terrorists with global reach. However, these effects were – and remain – serious, since the Islamist terrorists who were protected by the United States in their subversive activities in Kosovo and other countries quickly received protection in the United States. As former DEA agent Michael Levine has reported about drug networks linked to the KLA, “These men have an active network in the streets of this country. [...] In the society, they are the worst things you can imagine, but today, according to my sources in narcotics, they enjoy political protection. “53

In other words, while Kosovars enjoyed de facto protection in their drug trafficking in the United States, the image of the protection by the CIA – since the 1940s – Chinese, Cubans, of Italians, Thais and other partners of the Agency from different ethnic groups. 54

In 2000, after the NATO bombing to support the KLA, Mother Jones reported that Afghan heroin, much of which was distributed by Kosovo Albanians, then accounted for over 20% of the heroin seized in United States -. almost double the percentage measured four years ago 55 At the same time, estimates indicated that “Kosovo Albanians [controlled] 40% of the heroin in Europe. “56 In addition, there is an almost universal consensus that the outcome of the war in Bosnia as never before favored rooting jihadists of al-Qaeda in the Balkans. According to Professor John Schindler, Bosnia, “the most pro-Western society in the umma [the Muslim world],” was “converted into a ‘Jihadistan’ because of the treachery of some indigenous, violence conflict and poor management of international intervention. “57

It is too early to predict with certainty what will be the impact of increased domestic by NATO power and influence of Islamists after the Alliance has created chaos in Libya. But the consequences – the United States – comparable interventions were undoubtedly negative, and contributed to major acts of terrorism in this country.

American protection of the rear base of the Mujahideen of al-Kifah Brooklyn father of interference in the judicial and law enforcement institutions in the United States. This allowed recruits Mujahideen of al-Kifah to plan and / or to engage in a number of terrorist attacks against the United States, within the country and abroad. These attacks include the first bomb attack against the World Trade Center in 1993, the so-called “conspiracy of New York landmarks” in 1995 and the attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Were involved in each of these events terrorists who should have been arrested earlier for crimes already committed, but were allowed to remain free.

Ali Mohamed, the former double agent of U.S. Special Forces in al-Kifah and its recruits played a central role in these attacks. Ali Mohamed, despite being included in the watch list of the State Department, entered the United States around 1984 as part of what an FBI consultant has called “a visa program controlled by the CIA . “58″ blind sheikh “Omar Abdel Rahman, who was the leader of al-Kifah, also entered the United States in this way, two visas were issued to Rahman, one” by a CIA officer working undercover in the consular section of the U.S. embassy in Sudan. “59

Ali Mohamed led recruits al-Kifah to guerrilla tactics near Brooklyn. This operation was considered so sensitive that the NYPD and the FBI protect later arrested two of these recruits when murdered the Jewish extremist Meir Kahane. Instead of stopping, the New York Police called the third alleged assassin (El Sayyid Nosair) a “lone armed and unbalanced” and released the other two (Mahmoud Abouhalima and Mohammed Salameh). This release allowed Abouhalima and Salameh, acting alongside another apprentice Ali Mohamed (Nidal Ayyad) to take part in the first bombing against the World Trade Center in 1993. 60

Prosecutors defended it again Ali Mohamed during the trial of the “Monuments” of 1994-95 lorsqu’Omar Abdel Rahman and some apprentices Mohamed were convicted of conspiracy to make buildings in New York explode. In this case, the prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald called it Mohammed uncharged, allowing him to remain free, however accomplice. When the defense began a subpoena to force Mohammed to go to court, prosecutor Fitzgerald intervened to prevent him from testifying. 61

Ali Mohamed was well aware of enjoy protection, and used it in early 1993 for his release while he was detained by the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] to the Vancouver airport. Since this episode was totally ignored by the U.S. press, I have to mention the story of the event appeared in the first Canadian newspaper, the Globe and Mail of Toronto:

“The RCMP took one of the key men of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network, but was released after the Mounties called to the man who treated him with the FBI.

When questioned in 1993, Ali Mohamed, a Californian of Egyptian origin which is believed to be the most important al-Qaeda member ever came to Canada, then working with agents of terrorism against U.S.-playing a double or even a triple play Mohamed is currently in custody in a prison in the United States.

“Around midnight, people of the RCMP told me I could go, ‘wrote Mr Mohamed in an affidavit shown last Wednesday at the Globe and Mail. Note that in the United States, Ali Mohamed admitted being a close associate of bin Laden.

This incident happened after customs agents at Vancouver International Airport were arrested Essam Marzouk, an Egyptian came to Damascus via Frankfurt, as it was in possession of two forged Saudi passports.

Mr. Mohamed, who came to fetch him at the airport, asked the police why his friend was being held. This solicitation aroused the curiosity of the RCMP with respect to Mr. Mohamed, but he dispelled their suspicions by telling them that he was an employee of the FBI. “62

. This story in the Globe and Mail Clearly Indicates That in 1993, Mohamed was Already a reference to the FBI, the RCMP is in touch with it in His testimony before the Commission on September 11, Somewhat Fitzgerald gave a different version of the facts of: According to him, Effective returning from Nairobi in 1994, Mohamed filed His candidacy for a job “FBI translator. ” 63 The difference betweens the two stories is crucial: the FBI HAS Abebooks web sites the RCMP to release Mohamed, he found it possible, to travel to Nairobi and to map the bombing against the U.S. embassy.

According to author Peter Lance, in [1997], Fitzgerald had enough evidence to arrest and indict Mohamed goal he refrained from doing so. Instead, he Abebooks web sites in California with Jack Cloonan, an FBI agent. After the interview, Fitzgerald Decided not to arrest Mohamed, to His purpose Rather phone tapped and Implement a cookie on Their computer. Lance raises a pertinent question: Fitzgerald he Feared That “any indictment of the main al-Qaeda spy Could shed light on years of gross negligence in three major intelligence agencies of the United States? ” 64

Photo taken Effective the arrest of Ali Mohamed

September 10, 1998, one month Effective the bombings against the U.S. embassies, Ali Mohamed was finally arrested This. Yet two months later, When Fitzgerald spoke 13 indictments, the name of Mohammed was not Cited. Instead, Fitzgerald again allowed him to AVOID a con -examination by Accepting a plea bargain (a guilty plea) Whose terms are still partially unknown. More Precisely, we do not know the duration of the penalty Mohamed: This page of the transcript of the hearing before the court (p.17) is under seal. 65

Under the guilty plea, Ali Mohamed Told That the court at the personal request of bin Laden, he watched the U.S. Embassy in Kenya: “He Took pictures, drew diagrams and wrote a report,” he Transmitted Personally to bin Laden in Sudan. 66 Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor Have you Negotiated the plea bargain, testified at length about Mohamed before the Commission of Inquiry, All which Concluded in icts final report (p.68) Ali Mohamed “led” the operation of the attacks against the embassies. Ironically, thesis attacks are the official reason why al-Zawahiri (like bin Laden before him) is wanted by the FBI, with a premium of $ 25 million on His head.

Aim it Refused to the American public the right to know the role of Ali Mohamed in other terrorist attacks. His involvement in the September 11 attacks Would Be Particularly worthwhile. As the reference to the FBI Jack Cloonan later reported about Mohamed Explained That he led Personally the Alleged hijackers to hijack planes:

“He [HAD] led the training of al-Qaeda on the methods of hijacking. He Conducted exercises in Pakistan Where he pointed, ‘Here’s how to enter a knife edge. You enter it, you remove the blade and you wrap it in [ censored words] and you put it in your hand luggage. ” They Had read the FAA Act ​​or the. They Knew That A blade of more than 10 centimeters Does not happen. ‘This is how you position yourself,’ he Told ‘em. ‘I’ ve learned to thesis people to sit in first class. You sit here and others Settled here. ” He wrote it all. ” 67


See Telegraph (London), ” Defence Cuts in Doubt over Libya, Says Military Adviser »April 7, 2011″ According to a leading military adviser, the Libyan crisis HAS led to Doubts about the new defense posture of the Coalition and strength Could Ministers to reverse the cuts, Including the abandonment of the Harriers, the aircraft vertical takeoff Britain.

  • Peter Dale Scott, The Road to the New World Disorder , pp.229-33.
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  • John R. Schindler, Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad , pp.71, 81. According to Schindler, “CNN Repeatedly Showed pictures of ‘dead Muslims’ killed by Serbs Who Were Actually Serbs murdered by Muslims “(p.92).
  • Schindler, Unholy Terror , p.91.
  • Schindler, Unholy Terror , pp.179-80, Christian Science Monitor , 18 March 2011. In 1994 BHL presented Bosnian leader Alija Izetbegovic to French President François Mitterrand in 2011, BHL Arranged the meeting betweens the three leaders in Benghazi and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy . See ” Libyan Rebels Will Recognise Israel, Bernard-Henri Lévy tells Netanyahu , ” Radio France International , 2 June 2011: “The National Transitional Council (CNT) Libyan rebels are ready to Recognize Israel, According to French philosopher Bernard Henry Levy, Have you claims to Have Passed the post to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “
  • For complaints about the energy lobby Gaddafi, see Peter Dale Scott, ” The war in Libya, the U.S. government and the decline of the petrodollar system , ” , 1 st May 2011. Originally published in English by Asia-Pacific Journal: Focus Japanunder the title ” The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System “, April 27, 2011.
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  • Ahmed Rashid, Taliban , p.129. According to the Spanish author Robert Montoya, the idea icts origin found in the Safari Club, an elite circle created in 1976 by ​​the French intelligence chief Alexandre de Marenches Bringing other directors of intelligence services : such as General Akhtar Abdur Rahman at the head of the Pakistani ISI and Kamal Adham, Have you headed Saudi intelligence.(Roberto Montoya, El Mundo [Madrid], February 16, 2003).
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  • Center for Defense Information, ” In the Spotlight: The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) , “January 18, 2005. The fact That the LIFG is now Pursuing icts own objective May explain the rebel seizure of anti-aircraft missiles from arsenals of Gaddafi attacked This falling on the riots: thesis missiles, useless against Gaddafi (Who has no air power) are apparently routed outside of Libya to be sold or used other. ( New York Times , July 15, 2011).
  • West Point report, December 2007 , quoted in Webster Tarpley, ” Enemies of NATO in Iraq and Afghanistan, allies in Libya ” , Whose original version is ” The CIA’s Libya Rebels: The Same Terrorists Have you Killed U.S., NATO Troops in Iraq , ” , 24 March 2011.
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  • See for example an item in the Washington Post October 7, 2001. “Over the years, some dissidents by foreign Governments Suspected of involvement in terrorist acts Were protected from deportation or extradition the British government, for various Reasons[...] In the past, some terrorism experts, Britain HAS Greatly benefited from icts icts conditional willingness to extend hospitality to a wide-range of Arab dissidents and opposition figures. [...] Mustafa Alani, a terrorism expert working for the Royal United Services Institute for Defense Studies , a circle reflection of London, said that [Anas] al-Liby was probably kept in a legal limbo, and can be used or set aside under the Circumstances. “
  • ” Sahelian Concern Deepens over Libya, AQIM ” Sahel Blog , 2 May 2011. According to the Los Angeles Times , members of AQIM vowed on 24 February 2011 to “do everything possible,” to be useful to the rebel cause. Ken Dilanian ” U.S. Finds no Firm Al Qaeda Presence in Libya Rebellion ” Los Angeles Times , 24 March 2011. See ” Libya rebels not anti-West, goal Qaeda a worry-group ” Reuters, March 29, 2011, ” The Evolving Threat of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb , “Strategic Forum , National Defense University, CNN World, 25 February 2011.
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  • An item in the New York Times (” Exiled Islamists Watch Rebellion Unfold at Home , “July 19, 2011) reports That LIFG members” have Renounced al-Qaeda. “HOWEVER, Those Who wrote this article Does not Provide any supporting evidence to Their Has Changed policy.
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  • Washington Times , 4 May 1999. Frank Viviano, “Drugs Paying for Conflict in Europe”, San Francisco Chronicle , June 10, 1994: “Drug trafficking HAS Become a major source of funding for civil wars Already under way – or is about to explode – in southern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, According to a report released this week. This report, written by the Geopolitics of Drugs Observatory based in Paris, identified belligerents in the form Yugoslav republics and Turkey as key players in the traffic ‘drug-against -arms’ growing in this area. Albanian Nationalists in Macedonia plagued by ethnic tensions in the Serbian province of Kosovo Have Established a vast network of heroin. It stretches from the opium fields of Pakistan to the arms dealers operating on the black market in Switzerland, and the network sends Annually to more than two trillion dollars of drugs to the heart of Europe, According to the report.More than 500 Kosovo Albanians of Macedonia are imprisoned in Switzerland for offenses related to trafficking in arms and drugs, and more than 1,000 others are charged for the same Reasons. “
  • Michael Levine, New American , May 24, 1999, quoted in Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, The War on Truth , p.41 [available in the library of the French Voltaire Network under the title The war against the truth , ed. Half Moon].
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  • Sunday Times (London), March 12, 2000: “Agim Ceku, the KLA commander in the lathing courses of the conflict, American HAD Established contacts through His work in the Croatian army, All which HAD beens Modernized with using Military Professional Resources Inc. [ MPRI], an American company Specializing in training and military supplies. The staff of the company was in Kosovo, along with other employed in a similar company, Dyncorps [sic] Have you made ​​a contribution to the program of the Bosnian army, supported by a U.S. program. “
  • David Hackworth, ” Wanted: Guns for Hire ” , 9 July 2001. See James R. Davis, Fortune’s Warriors: Private Armies and the New World Order , p.112; PW Singer, Corporate Warriors , p.219.
  • See the cynical comments of analysts Swiss group Zeit-Fragen ( Current Concerns , ” Where’s the 8th Corridor? , September / October 2001 “):” By destabilizing Kosovo, the U.S. can control Albania and therefore the AMBO pipeline, All which is Already Planned. [...] The U.S. is now openly show Their interest to exercise control over strategic transportation corridors thesis [energy] in the Balkans. They banned a project to be built through Serbia, And They offert $ 100 million in Romania to move north further Top to Hungary, the road SEEL pipeline (South Eastern European Pipeline) Currently Planned. The Italian firm ENI HAD Planned this pipeline project planning to use the Existing Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia infrastructure. Bombarded The USA the Yugoslavian section of this infrastructure with remarkable fury. “
  • Michael Levine, New American , May 24, 1999, quoted in Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, The War on Truth , p.41 [ The war against the truth , ed. Half Moon].
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  • Paul Joseph Watson, ” U.S. Attacks Iran Via CIA-Funded Jundullah Terror Group ” PrisonPlanet , 20 October 2009.

Translation Maxime Chaix

In connection with this article:



Qaqaa Brigade
Bombing in the tourist resort of Ras Al Hilal next to the gas station with the knowledge that the resort is under maintenance

or any information about human injuries or material so far.

A forensic report proving the death / / Riad hard under torture in Gneoh prison a result of beatings in various places including the genitals.

I hope attention patrol cars and Ministry Alladkhalah about 10 cars Toyota Hilux car type Taxi Hyundai and Mitsubishi Lancer Gray color in Victory Street and Street Mazran in Tripoli



Sons and Rishvana of Ahmed Ambarkih and Tariq arrival which Talthm hands of treachery and they are in defense p land and display Rishvana:

Post of born and Rishvana,,
Tribute to Sheikh Osama Majdoub Lafi imam of a mosque “Jerusalem Palmamor” in Rishvana of its
Although his house demolished by a tank shell … but it was the day in his Friday sermon stressed the need for

reconciliation and amnesty forget grudges and estimated at between risk strife taking place now.

More God of like you Yashik Osama .


Salute to Black Mountain

Admin camp

#اخبار #ليبيا
تحيه الــــــــــــــــي اســــــــــــود الجبــــــــــــــــــالادمــــــــــــــن معســـــــــكر

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

A car bomb exploded in Kerkozh where four people Ailh the Abuschuhin front of the workshop (Ali Ojaili)

Initial news says they were carrying a pomegranate ..
One moved to the mercy of God Hospital least two Zahra.



Zintan channel on Facebook

Clarify the lock on the oil fields and try to Government Conference Brotherhood ‘s fallacy transfer to the Libyan citizen ‘s mind and mislead

The fields were closed are oil fields and oil intended for export shall not affect the citizens and interests but touches oil Almnglghlin the robbers in the joints of the State
Field meet not lock and the continuous production and why he did not lock it provides electricity generating plants in

the west of Libya means the story of gas cut electricity used by the government and why not lock the oil lines .
Specifically fuel and gasoline is enough stock 6 months in tanks Brega means Mavahish the story of gasoline shortages , but the media is misleading to plant the idea in the minds of citizens what caused the overcrowding at petrol stations
Recall that the field meet did not lock and fields closed are elephant , Hamada and lock the spark that has been fulfilling field will line lock only, without oil or gas lock the gas valve , which provides Italy and leave the valves supplying power plants in the country
Thing, the other is to try to convince people that locks the oil because the area Zintan her demands are not met and the fact that the process of locking oil do not want them anything in our favor , what we want and is only regulate the export of oil and uncovered quantities of daily production and export earnings and not tampered with and sold on the black market and steal their money and continue Altktkm on the figures on actual production , revenues and aspects of exchange.
I hope that the matter is now clear , and know all that the sons of Zintan will Aikhyeeoa thought Libyans simpletons them will not do what the damage to our brothers and our people in all over the country , but we are trying to show the facts and monitor exchange money for Libya to its people and infrastructure will not allow laundering money and smuggled into leaders Brotherhood out of the country as he did buried distribute our money on Africans.
Libya ‘s oil and its funds only for the Libyan people no one else and when there is a decent life for the sons of this people may then think about helping others or invest in their own countries.
God save Libya from Kidd granite and Gabriel and Piedgahm.

In the West, Zintan’s General Mukhtar Kalifah Shahub al-Akhdar, stops the life line of ALI-Zaidane of MB (HE IS HOLDING UP OIL PRODUCTION)…On the East,
Mr. Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi Chairman province of Cyrenaica is there to shield the cities of Ajdabiya and Ras Lanauf…..

all sucking the life-line (CRUDE  OIL) out of Ali Zaidane!! of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood …

Walter Yassin
RBI keeps them
A dead end in me the face of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood !

Militias play all Libyans source of income, the mystery of their time and shared, including oil and shut down most of the oil fields.

(The main Admin)



 Turkish restaurant closed in Surman after recording 30 cases of poisoning from this restaurant today ….

Urgent wounding more than fifty cases of poisoning in the city of Surman between men and women and children
To varying degrees, some serious and current source is likely to poisoning is one of the restaurants in the city where

confirmed all injuries that she took meals from the restaurant and seemed cases up to the hospital since the afternoon

of the day and this has taken security measures necessary and some cases require transport to hospitals in Tripoli.



Page assurances uncertain

Event at the airport built yesterday:

Booked three TUNISIANS who desired to travel to Istanbul, on suspicion of the stamp on their passports were in Egypt,

These are the three in the city of Derna who attacked the airport; and they threatened the security men IED:

that if they do not vacate and leave as being “Tunisians” and let them travel to Turkey, they will blow up the airport!!!

Oqaili: The company in charge of the establishment of a new passenger lounge did not receive any payment of dues

Male director Bnina Airport Jamal Oqaili, on Friday, the Korean company that received the location of the new passenger

terminal of the international airport built did not receive any payment of dues to now.

And added Oqaili for “news agency solidarity” that the company has completed approximately 20% of the passenger terminal

without receiving any payment of dues from the Ministry of Transport in the interim government, pointing out that this was

due to administrative procedures related to the ministry.

It is noteworthy that the local media and social pages continues picked up the news that the company entrusted with the

completion of the new passenger terminal airport built in the process of stop work due to exchange off their dues by the

Ministry of Transport in the interim government.

(Solidarity News Agency)

This publication has been distributed in Benghazi, where 1,500 copies have been distributed
Lord preserves all Liberals,,,
From victory to victory ..

(Admin camp)

Busdr of will become a member of an alternative to the National Conference Abdel Moneim Louhichi from Benghazi

Source: a. Success Salouh the white member of Congress

>> From within the (reconciliation with the regime ..

It is said that Zintan Talbo the 80 million out of the airport) and, of course, is not covered by insulation.


Assassination of Attorney General adviser (Yusuf Alasifr)
Was accompanied by his brother, from driving the car has died
The Chancellor was taken to hospital and was in serious condition.

Urgent and exclusive from Salem al-Obeidi:

News of the assassination of Colonel “Salah mud Ikh “/ Josef Alasafir  malicious rumor circulating
Impaired since yesterday Badnscherhm, news of the assassination attempt and today
A patient has to publish news of his death.

Advisor to the Attorney General’s assassination (Yusuf Alasifr)
Was accompanied by his brother, from driving the car has died
The Chancellor was taken to hospital and was in serious condition.

Quarat because of the dominance of the Brotherhood and telecommunications companies now dominate the oil and sales
Aaaaaajl .. Phones are moderated by the Brotherhood

Intelligence Benghazi
For information only
Joseph Alasifr who was assassinated yesterday
He took out a list of persons to investigate the case of Abdul Fattah Younis
He took out a list of persons in prison Alkwyfah events
Received the first threat after he took the case Brigade
Rolled threats and was very careful all the career walks in a car who came omitted
Day of the assassination came with his son and entered the mosque Warren on protection money Ashan Arouh Beah
The first thing that rode the car exploded ..
Means personal phone Joseph Alasifr was an observer
Previously unknown uttered Dr. Hoael said that communication Watchers

Note that a brother to Joseph Alasifr had survived the bombing yesterday. He told us the story and is named Mohammed Alasifr.

Begin to open the door to donate to Special Forces Thunderbolt Benghazi any amount in order to be able to provide the kit and gear.

And shields course 900 million. Million butt million. And non-instruments and not paper. Derivative Arafto how!!

(Libya talks)



Prairie :: CID turf.

About people have been arrested in the meadow those they suspected of carrying out assassinations in the city of Benghazi, Al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia, in turf ..

Muammar al-Qathafi’s plans for Energy City, in 2010:


Capitol of Cyrenaica

No federal ….. without the strategic “city of pride and dignity and Jihad” .. Ajdabiya …

And certainly not without federal ancient of Ajdabiya noble tribes … cabled tribes, Alfoakhar and Aribat and Alawagelh and Majabrh and Moroccans مسكا to the end ….

As that is not worth the capital Tripoli Libya …. Jaddabaa worth the capital of Cyrenaica ……..
Ziad d Game
Zizou brave

Sunday or next Monday will go a large delegation of elders and notables and dignitaries, politicians and youth and

revolutionaries tribe Arafa, deafness and Slatunh Bouaputea ten, to the city of Ajdabiya for a meeting with Sheikh

fighter Zubair al-Sanusi and the political bureau of the region of Cyrenaica and blessing, and cut the road to anyone

who wants to get out of the voicegroup, does not deviate from his family only Sacred Born.
On the Aspli

Walter Yassin
RBI keeps them
A dead end in me the face of the Muslim Brotherhood

Wood’s love between successive generations Berqh the
God save the country and its people.


The biggest slap
News Bulletin first national news channel sheikhs Moroccan tribe National Congress supporting the legitimate and he is and each Alliepien Representative
The oil belongs to all Libyans.

Second News
A delegation of Chinese companies a spacious beta Jurae camp for the site of the Olympic city starch
Hahah they said

“Hialin honey Ahdro of Cove for Brega Mkmliyn Shore Trabuls.”



The agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

(a partagé la photo de Bani Walid in Tyre.)

Desired number can be locked or in Bani Walid

Shen Drnalkm Aashrkh orbit for the second month in a row and Mavi cover to become him Halkhbr:

(Flower Valley)




Tobruk slapped by the local council others perched team on their hearts slap Other
Some of the mosques in the city of Tobruk today’s sermon was about the youth movement gently heat for its support ..

Although one of the elders talked about mosques poster Libya Youth Movement, but we accept this change and manipulating Blasme …

Our goal in the first and last Hua advancement in Libya …

Speeches urging the youth movement that gently Come a Baamtiaz national movement does not belong to any party and its army,

police and the security and safety and must be supported and stand with them to achieve these goals …

Tribute and reverence to the city of Tobruk Mujahid back the province of Cyrenaica supported ..



News of the so-called faithful in the Emirate of Derna!!

Issued the detection of the so-called Islamic Emirate of Derna names of a group of security personnel in positions during the Great Jamahiriya has stated that they are wanted by the “emirate” & …

Will be liquidated!!

(Admin camp)




Has become a frequent theft of electric wires every day in Murzuq, which led to drought and leaving farms from their owners for the lack of security in the region and the daily theft ….?
Today, about ten o’clock and I’m coming from the area of ​​Ag Haji’s t It car Toyota and come out on the farms loaded with electric cables and entered the junction,

which separates the company brochure former farm Hassan Abdel Nabi and from entering the agricultural project from behind them to or Carr are the spectrum fear of traffic near the gate there ..?

Of course theft is as soon as power outages on the agricultural area in the Murzuq be criminals are present in the farms and once they are stealing electricity outages and cut cables … and if the electricity company help these criminals ..

(Valley girl)

Are free Murzuq / / /

Abdul Wahab Abdul Wahab

Was on Monday robbery at a car just Abubakar in favor of residents of Wadi threshold and knead at 11 am the type of Hyundai

to Kcent and knead road agricultural front Aaadhseariaat by least two 2 gunmen car cow individual white color after being fired

warning shots Atina stalking and other after downloading the victim.
It has information call 0927379810 and God does not waste the reward benefactors



Social Affairs distributes financial aid in Sabha
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Distributed by the Ministry of Social Affairs Branch Sabha financial assistance to more than 900 needy families is estimated

at about 400 dinars per family, and has handed over 123 displaced people rent allowance for a period of three months.

The head of the branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs Sabha Samira Haddad atmosphere of the country on Friday, said

the survey carried out by the branch was not on the ground, adding that at the beginning of September will be released

on field research after the formation of a joint working group with the Social Solidarity Fund.

The ministry was a branch Sabha has distributed aid in 2012 to 157 families out of 4,000 requested.

Dog named the religion Sharidi Sea militia commander the boys Suleiman tribe in Sabha is a great campaign of arrests of Independents

in the city of Sebha: number reached more than 50 prisoners until this moment ..

We ask God to undo their families and protects all free great conqueror.

The headquarters of the company Libyana in the city of Sabha to attack one Jardan of the tribe (cosine) and famous

(Abubakar potable) and has this inventory Ba shot on the computer and triggered panic and fear him who employees

the company and at the instigation of his cousin in charge of security and the reason to impose himself in the company

and appointedIt does not have any certificates. Now the city of Sabha suffer a shortage of recharge cards Libyana and eluted company’s headquarters is locked.


Fuel tanks in the southern city of Sabha and today does not Bihn and Qowoowoowood
One Liberal source working in safes

Admin Tech burn everything !!



God Bless Silvio Berlusconi now in Italian Prison:

Mu and Berlusoni w Omar Mucktar son, 2

Hannibal 30, 2008 in the city of Benghazi Italy approved by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s “moral damages and liability suffered by the Libyan people during the period of Italian colonialism”

It was the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation between Libya and Italy, Berlusconi said that the treaty is “recognition of the damage inflicted on Libya by Italy during the colonial rule,” bis “regret and unfortunately the Italian people

In spring 2009, during another visit to Libya, Berlusconi expressed satisfaction Italy to Libya’s ratification of the treaty calling for the Libyan people clemency for Italian colonial era for Libya

Again apologize ..

(The main Admin)




Russia “bomb” exploded hasten the departure of Obama and Silver Portrait globally:

URGENT / Russian bear spoil America and Europe plan to harm Syria and Evdham, they and the Syrian opposition: —-

Russia offers UN Security Council attached evidence documents and images captured moons industry

confirms that fired rockets

on the eastern Gota chemists Rural Damascus are armed opposition, specifically the so-called “banner of Islam.”

And it has spoiled them accuse the regime of Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons,

especially since American satellites have the same information which proved that Obama is a supporter of terrorism in the world

and it will accelerate his departure scandals may not be able to meet them.

13 MAY 2013:

RUSSIA WARNS AMERICANS: Barack Hussein Obama has been shipping arms to

al-Qaeda jihadists in

Syria for over a year (THAT WAS LAST 23 MAY 2013!)


Russia delivered to the Obama administration a list of the names of Syrian rebels who are members of al-Qaeda groups and who are receiving arms shipments coordinated by the U.S. (Obama seen foaming at the mouth while Hagel seems to be stuttering more than usual)

Klein Online The list, the officials added, demonstrates how the U.S. is failing in its due diligence of vetting the rebels being supported by the West for ties to al-Qaida and other jihad groups. The information comes amid scores of news media reports that the Obama administration is aiding the rebels, including by coordinating Arab arms shipments.

The arming of Syrian rebels is considered highly controversial. A major issue is the inclusion of jihadists, including al-Qaida, among the ranks of the Free Syrian Army and other Syrian opposition groups.

Just last week, KleinOnline broke the story that the U.S. in recent weeks aided in the transfer of shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles, or man-portable air-defense systems, to the Syrian rebels, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials. The Middle Eastern security officials speaking to KleinOnline said the latest U.S.-facilitated weapons transfers signify the most advanced deliveries yet to the Syrian rebels.

Confirming KleinOnline’s exclusive reporting for over a year, the New York Times last month reported that since early 2012, the CIA has been aiding Arab governments and Turkey in obtaining and shipping weapons to the Syrian rebels.

While the Times report claims most of the weapons shipments facilitated by the CIA began after the latest presidential election, Middle Eastern security officials speaking to KleinOnline have said U.S.-aided weapons shipments go back more than a year, escalating before the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi.


In fact, the Middle Eastern security officials speaking to Klein Online since last year describe the U.S. mission in Benghazi and nearby CIA annex

attacked last September as an intelligence and planning center for U.S. aid to the rebels in the Middle East, particularly those fighting Syrian Assad’s regimeREAD MORE

Russia delivers another al-Qaida warning to U.S. Jihadists purportedly being armed by Obama administration

Posted on 01 May 2013 at 2:21 PM EST


By Aaron Klein

Russia delivered to the Obama administration a list of the names of Syrian rebels who are members of al-Qaida groups and who are receiving arms shipments coordinated by the U.S., according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

The list, the officials added, demonstrates how the U.S. is failing in its due diligence of vetting the rebels being supported by the West for ties to al-Qaida and other jihad groups.

The information comes amid scores of news media reports that the Obama administration is aiding the rebels, including by coordinating Arab arms shipments.

The arming of Syrian rebels is considered highly controversial. A major issue is the inclusion of jihadists, including al-Qaida, among the ranks of the Free Syrian Army and other Syrian opposition groups.

Just last week, KleinOnline broke the story that the U.S. in recent weeks aided in the transfer of shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles, or man-portable air-defense systems, to the Syrian rebels, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

The Middle Eastern security officials speaking to KleinOnline said the latest U.S.-facilitated weapons transfers signify the most advanced deliveries yet to the Syrian rebels.

Confirming KleinOnline’s exclusive reporting for over a year, the New York Times last month reportedthat since early 2012, the CIA has been aiding Arab governments and Turkey in obtaining and shipping weapons to the Syrian rebels.

While the Times report claims most of the weapons shipments facilitated by the CIA began after the latest presidential election, Middle Eastern security officials speaking to KleinOnline have said U.S.-aided weapons shipments go back more than a year, escalating before the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi.

In fact, the Middle Eastern security officials speaking to KleinOnline since last year describe the U.S. mission in Benghazi and nearby CIA annex attacked last September as an intelligence and planning center for U.S. aid to the rebels in the Middle East, particularly those fighting Syrian Assad’s regime.

The aid, the sources stated, included weapons shipments and was being coordinated with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Earlier this month, Reuters further reported Obama allegedly signed a secret order in 2012 authorizing U.S. agencies such as the CIA to provide support to rebel forces in Syria.

The support includes helping to run a secret military communications command center in Turkey to aid rebel groups. The Reuters article also said U.S. citizens are training rebels and possibly giving them equipment, at least since the summer.

The New York Times and Reuters both report the U.S. is working to vet the rebels for inclusion of al-Qaida, but it is not immediately known how successful such vetting has been and whether the rebels directly armed by the U.S. will share their weapons with jihadists within their ranks.





According to US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel, the US

“is prepared. We are ready to take any action required. We are waiting for the commander in chief to give us the go-ahead”.

Attacks on Syria can be launched from US army bases in Turkey or Jordan. US military assets, according to the Pentagon, have been moved in place

“to be able to fulfill and comply with whatever action the president decides to take”.

(• Dlamini is a member of the National Council of the SA Institute of International Affairs.)


The White House announced Thursday that President Barack Obama will determine its decision on the Syrian file, “according to U.S. interests,”

without having to wait for the United Nations or its allies such as Britain, after the parliament rejected the British memorandum allows the

government to strike to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad:



Tunisia warn of the consequences of the Libyan acceptance of the proposal to form a joint security committee because

they planned maneuver Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, who dominate Libya now.

Tunisia announces its southern border with Libya and Algeria” military buffer zone’‘ for the full year:






Egypt calls on Libya to compensate the workers for their losses!

 Salah Al Sayegh  says:

Brotherhood‘s leaders stupidly have committed political suicide.

MP Alo delegation Salah Al Sayegh , a member of the Shura Council earlier,  says the Brotherhood failed to mobilize its supporters on Friday ,

as it failed before in the governance and management of the country. He pointed-out that the popular will , which isolated

the Brotherhood’s former President Mohamed Morsi, was enabled to isolate the terrorist group that aired terror and fear in the hearts of the Egyptians

(after they trod the path of violence , murder and terrorism in their political struggle for power).
Sayegh added, through his own translation for ” Portal News”, that the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and Salifist factions allied to them,

no longer have popularity in the Egyptian street , because of the violence and killings. , He said,  the Brotherhood‘s leaders stupidly have committed political

suicide by calling for the interaction of the security services and armed forces—all in a resolve and strength both in and  out of the law.

A senior security Stnfar in Egypt Central:

mobilize Brotherhood demanding collecting sabotage and the emergence of new sedition Al-Qdirdawi

and the Sheikh “Gharyiani of NATO” mufti -. Seen  today in  Egypt

on the screen of Al-Jazeera diabolical demanding burning and destruction of Egypt !


Egypt, a step in the right direction

URGENT | decision of the Ministry of Investment to close Al-Jazeera Live Egypt:

Egyptian Prime Minister calls on Libya to stop the smuggling of arms

30 August  2013 00:19

Hazem El-Beblawi student, President of the Council of Ministers, on Thursday, during a meeting with Libya’s ambassador to Egypt, Mohammed Fayez Jibril, an increase efforts in controlling the border with Egypt, in order to stop arms smuggling, according to the newspaper “Al Masry Al Youm.” Beblawi also requested to provide security protection for the headquarters of the Egyptian diplomacy in Libya, so as not to repeat the bombing incident, which occurred in front of the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi.

It was also during the Prime Minister’s meeting with the Libyan ambassador to emphasize his government’s support for the Egyptian people in the important phase, which is going through, and Libya support all efforts aimed at achieving development that the country needs at this stage. For his part, the Prime Minister thanked the Government and the brotherly people of Libya, stressing that Egypt is counting on Arab support and assistance, while in the economic sphere has the Prime Minister discussed with the Libyan ambassador opportunities to increase joint investments in agriculture and energy projects, and others.

Urgent ..An exchange of fire between the Egyptian Navy and ship weapons to Libyan

Navy chased four boats have been seized loaded with weapons had entered Egyptian waters coming from Libya is on its way for distribution

in Egypt and forced them to retreat and the two sides exchanged fire.

Urgent .. An exchange of fire between the Egyptian Navy and ship weapons to Libyan.

TPU Sisi cleared Libya how Rabaa El Adaweya ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ  (LIBYAN ARMS SMUGGELING vessel)

Urgent ..  An exchange of fire between the Egyptian Navy and ship weapons to Libyan
File photo
August29,201310:34:58 PMNovember22,1434
From: 13 hours, 48 ​​minutes, 21 seconds

Navy chased four boats have been seized loaded with weapons had entered Egyptian waters coming from Libya is on its way for distribution in Egypt and forced them to retreat and the two sides exchanged fire.

Added: 29 August 2013 approved 22 September 1434



Moscow calls on the West to abide by international law in the case of Syria

29/08/2013, 19:42
Voice of Russia

He said the Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, Moscow is calling on the West to abide by international law in the case of Syria.

The Russian diplomat noted that Western leaders speak cautiously about the situation in Syria in recent days. In his view, that this is due to the fact that public opinion in Western Europe is not inclined to believe random guilt Syrian government and the support of the military operation.

Chizhov noted that opinion polls showed that a majority of Europeans are opposed to military intervention in the Syrian conflict.

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, Thursday, August 29 /

“Russia is making all efforts to prevent military intervention in Syria”

Voice of Russia
29/08/2013, 19:03


Facebook paid $ 20 million for the use of users’ personal information

Facebook to pay $ 20 million in compensation for use of users' personal information

 pay $ 20 million in compensation for use of users’ personal information 08.30.2013 | 22:46 Digital World PPPFont Size Facebook to pay $ 20 million in compensation
for use of users’ personal information Pushed the social networking world-famous “facebook” compensation worth 20 million U.S. dollars for the users who have
been using their personal information (name, image) in the promotion of News in the department Announcements «Sponsored Stories» of the network.
The network agreed to this amount, with some users dissatisfied with the use of their personal information in the promotion of advertising on the network,
after they filed a lawsuit in a California court and approved the court to pay damages worth $ 20 million to more than 614 thousand people used their personal
information. More importantly, in this case is a network B Violation in recognition of law and the payment of compensation. Did not participate about 7 thousand
people who used their information in this case because of their rejection of the modest size of compensation for each victim. :روسيا اليوم

Power in the Hands of the People

God save the Resistance..especially now in times of WORLD WAR created by OBAMA & the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who tookover

Libya just like the takeover by the NAZIs (who are the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhoods Idols) of VICHEY in FRANCE.
The Brotherhood (and the NWO-Zionista of theirs) will now FALL by the hand of Allah. 
God bless Libya, home of the revealed TRUTH and the only cure for our ailing Planet: THE THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY

(with the Great Green Charter of Universal Human Rights written 12 June 1988). 
ALLAH CONTINUES TO BLESS MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI: so the world comes to the ONLY REALITY and the One God.

Rejoice, O Libya: Artist resistance by 41 victory the occasion of the 44 anniversary of the


افرحي يا ليبيا: فنان المقاومة طريق النصر41 بمناسبة العيد 44
افرحي يا ليبيا: فنان المقاومة طريق النصر41 بمناسبة العيد 44 لثورة الفاتح العظيم
Durée : 8:22

افرحي يا ليبيا: فنان المقاومة طريق النصر41 بمناسبة العيد 44 لثورة الفاتح العظيم

ليبيا: فنان المقاومة طريق النصر41 بمناسبة العيد 44 لثورة الفاتح العظيم‏

Durée : 8:22

Whose voice do you think this is?

information: this is one of the leaders of the Resistance - a friend of Billah-Mutassim …

who is in the south of Libya now in preparation for the start of full liberation.

27 août 2013

outrage particularly concerning RISHVANA and also Zaidane’s  war against Cyranaica youth movement!!..

Mu sorrow


Green Channel

Holiday light 44 .. Power in the hands of the people


 brother Tar Sirte

Thar brother intervention across the room, Muammar Gaddafi ether August 26, 2013

outraged response brother crossed the room, Muammar Gaddafi ether August 26, 2013

Thar intervention brother walked 20 8 2013 via ether Muammar Kadhafi room

Publiée le 20 août 2013

Presentation by Dr. Hamza Thami across the room ether Mouammar Kadhafi Aalbaltok,

intervention Dr. Hamza Thami across the room ether Muammar Kadhafi 26 8 2013



Tragn …

Has been stolen more than 13 column electricity area Tragn thus Malk led to an almost complete interruption of electricity to some neighborhoods
And also a complete failure a Allbeana network of contacts.


Oil fields that have been lock tubes leader and his followers in the so-called government and Congress importers were as follows:

Elephant field (daily production rate of 40 thousand barrels)
Spark field (production rate 330 thousand barrels per day)
The Hamada red field (daily production rate of 15 thousand barrels)

Total productivity of these fields are approximately 400 thousand barrels per day, or represented Libyan oil production

Will also lock the field to meet the No. 1 provider of Italy and some European countries and the power plants in Libya natural gas.

And will resume these fields pumped from New Once receiving country men to Libya and not Semiconductor men who and planted this

revolution on their masters out of the country on the pretext support of neighboring countries,
in fact it is only a play of Aleppo money Political rotten from the treasury of the Libyan state for the purpose:

To strengthen the roots of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt and other support for access to power at the expense of the Libyan people’s money Drudge.

Most surprising revolves around federal politicians and political office Barqawi .. Hua If the government is innocent and if the oil

was not controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood group, why to Aigmon to open an immediate investigation into the case!!

And why does not explain where the oil revenues go!!
We have evidence Fine Come Dlaúlhm!!
It Hua behind the exodus of frozen assets abroad!!
Of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt gave 2 billion!!
Cape government and the 68 billion!!
Many questions about the tragic situation and, unfortunately, for an illustration!!
Unfortunately, there is nothing new little we do not change??

Unfortunate that oil is more important than the blood of Libyans when the government

and some human beings supporters of the central .. Brothers Aalmo that what we are doing for us all Hua ..


Rose News from the Libyan capital Tripoli for the presence of commissioners with a Moroccan tribe and the government presented

and the Rat Ministry of the Interior on the tribe in exchange for open Moni oil and but there was no response from the tribe until the OT

and the candidate must be answered rejected
Please post the news so Nara Libyan people’s responses to these barbaric by the government
Quoting our capital Tripoli yesterday set 27 \ 8 \ 2013



Zaidane scandals and his ministers during interrogation at the conference .. Visit my country
Zaidane says the words of his ministers Icolo the contrary … From Bnsedkoa??!!!


زيدان يقول كلام وزرائه يقولو العكس … من بنصدقوا ؟؟!!!ليبيا MAX

The resignation of a number of members of the National Congress

Mohammed Doma by Tazrbu Department
Mohammed Mahiche of Benghazi
Mustafa Charge of the Department of mil

A spokesman for the General National Congress Omar Humaydan said Duration recent past has seen the resignation of several members of the National Congress without offering any excuses.

And explained Humaydan – at a press conference – to be held on Tuesday in the capital – that members Mohamed Doma by Tazrbu Department and Mohamed Mahiche,

by the Department of Benghazi who had made ​​Bastqaltehma progress during the last session Sunday after the two had an important role within the conference.

He also stressed the official spokesman for the General National Congress that the member Mustafa Charge of the Department of mil submitted his resignation as well as in Tuesday’s session

without showing their causes.

(News Libya directly)

Akkari lamp chairman of the Bank of the Republic:
Loans for the purchase of ready housing and financing small and medium-sized enterprises
Wrote: Osama Humaydan,
Mr. lamp Akkari chairman of Bank of the Republic that the coming period will witness a major development by the Central Bank of the Republic to put new products and services, and perhaps most important of loans to buy homes ready after it was preparing a memorandum of understanding between the bank and the Ministry of Housing to finance the housing sector units population ready and wished Akkari From businessmen to re-invest their money in the field of housing units to be supported by the bank and is leased to customers through lease-purchase installments comfortable.
Also touched Akkari that the bank is ready to finance projects of small and medium $ 500 million in the event of guarantees from the government to start in the granting of these projects, as well as banking services described Akkari that figures alone that talk like electronic cards to college students, which amounted to 150 thousand card and we waiting for cooperation universities with the bank in order to provide us with data in an orderly and quick This is in addition to the contribution of the Bank of the Republic in support of Fleet Aviation Libyan 54% of the value of a syndicated loan worth one billion along with discussion that took place between the bank and the power company about the possibility of financing solar projects worth one billion and two hundred thousand dinars, about the industry has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Industry on the financing of industrial zones until you get rid of the establishment of factories residential areas and concluded Akkari talking about near the launch of Visa, which will be shipped $ 15 thousand dollars, which is among the solutions to mo tinnitus who travel abroad.

Department of Civil Status – Libya
To the brothers valued citizens who were reviewing the civil registry offices on the subject of birth 2012, 2013

for their national numbers and grant owed ​​to them
Please note that for no need to review the civil records where that work is underway in full swing in all offices

service to register the children in the system of family and will be disbursed to them national figures will be

start in the disbursement of grant them gradually in the calculation of head of the family with the mid-9 next

and all of that will be automatically without the need to review the civil records offices.

(Department media interest)

Ministry of Labour prohibit the entry of Bangladeshi workers to Libya

Atmosphere of the country – Indian Ashaba:

Said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor for foreign labor, “Ibrahim Abdel Qader,” said the ministry issued a decision to ban the presence of Bangladeshi workers in Libya,

whose numbers are increasing in some cities, especially Benghazi and Tripoli.
He added to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday that the Justice Department received a decision from the Chiefs of Staff spends organized labor Bengali in Libya, he said, adding that despite the decisions of the ministry issued concerning the regulation and the prohibition of the existence of labor in Libya, but it is still increasing dramatically as he put it.
And between the official spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior Rami Kaaal, the Bengali employment affect the national security of the health security, they may be infected with some infectious diseases, which can spread between Libyan citizens and private employment that operate within homes and restaurants.

The Kaaal added that the majority of expats Bengali intervention to Libya in illegal ways, which pose a threat described as “Eber” on the Libya and neighboring countries and beyond it to the European countries.
For his part, Chairman of the organizing committee of foreign labor and illegal immigration in the city of Benghazi, “Ayman الخفيفي” The government has not taken any action in this regard, noting that there are points of trade employment Bengali in the city, you are selling to businesses and employers factories, farms and houses at different prices.

It is noteworthy that the states of Libya and Bangladesh had signed the year two thousand and ten, the establishment of a joint venture contract will organize labor Bengali and running, to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises in Libya.




Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas
Balrwin: National Oil Corporation is willing to listen to the sector workers
The head of the National Oil Corporation Nuri Balrwin, on Tuesday, said that the company is willing to listen to the requests of the workers in the sector.

Said Balrwin in meeting workers’ union of oil and gas sector, “We are ready to listen to the demands of users in sector is one of our specialties and

we are working consistently in this direction As part of a sector workers.”

The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, “formed the organization committee to study what can be done with regard to voluntary retirement,

and has written letters to the Ministry of Finance for tax exemption, and is currently discussing the development of regulations concerning Ba to send

for training abroad,” adding, “We are waiting to respond on a number of bonuses field bonus risk For example, end-of-service bonus and this applies

to all subsidiaries of the institution, with regard to the subject of the state is on the verge of salary increase by science institution. “

The Balrwin said that the sector is facing difficulties because of the actions of some members of the guard oil installations, saying “that some members

of the guard oil installations closing installations for reasons that are not logical at all, rather than protecting their institutions like the rest of their

colleagues in the protection of oil fields and installations”.


Zintan channel
The users just downright total media, balmy pages, who in the whole Elvis got Zintan tells Bash Ali and all I want to Aigo’s Zintan militias shut down the elephant and the Hamada field and all I want to Aigo Zintan hamper the government’s National Congress and the performance of and Tseker oil loss to Libya … Anicoloa right ČÓ Come Nerjawa back on Ashe Emeti the Amazigh what Skeroh gas pipeline Libya lost a big loss Mavi extent speak, suspended or even Atkelmoa officials nor after one or narrated in the subject …
T-how until they are returned Amazigh Brotherhood supporters and Adiallhm … Even sincere Brotherhood Mavenahish the pollen or denounced or youthful youthfulness that who Sayer mis ….. etc.

- Just ČÓ what Zintan Secret all claimed the oil line seen in the media and speak and proclaim and يستنكروا that who Sayer mis-mis.

ČÓ Eachoana the country to follow Qatar that the sons of Zintan determined to close the oil and Tseker everything until Altorh is corrected and bring down the Brotherhood and their followers Hraaarham.

- And who has or even Dora effort manliness nearly Zintan or even trying to think of a thing this Alguena in the face Mesh Tris behind ÇáßíČćŃĎ (keyboard) Walter Yassin In fact Aajpina the you Semiconductor men.

- Oil stolen from the Brotherhood and downright Antoa Hevcoa thing this by not having Aladeddat.
- Including that of oil Zintan Lippin Fada penalty from Libya and has the right to the Lada Fsnglq line connecting the corner station.

- And all the lines will be shut passers in Zintan.

Long live Libya free their men. Brotherhood and drops and all that followed.

The young protesters important statement separation of the oil line.

Protesters from Zintan blocking the oil line in protest against the “marginalization” of their city

Atmosphere of the country - Abdullah Circassian:

Close the protesters from the city of Zintan line connecting the oil field and refinery spark corner on Monday;

protest against the marginalization of the city, they said.

The head of the local council of the city of Zintan, “Mohammed Alokwak” for the ambiance of the country that the protesters’

demands are legitimate, because the city of Zintan suffer from marginalization is to deprive the city of the most basic rights,

pointing out that the city still lacks a network of water supply drinking yet.

And added, “Alokwak” atmosphere for the country today that the government did not meet all the demands of the people of the city.

For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil, “Omar Alchukmak” The closure of this line will cost the state a loss of

three hundred thousand barrels of daily oil production, pointing out that the protection of sites of oil from the jurisdiction of guard oil

installations and the RAT  Department of Defense.

And called Alchukmak “everyone” to go beyond personal interests, and to think that oil is the wealth of all Libyans.

And continue to stop the production of a number of oil fields, due to sit some armed elements.



Close the emergency department hospital accidents Salim in Tripoli after a shooting inside the hospital corridors

and room resuscitation resulted in the death of one person and wounding three others, two of them in critical condition,

doctors at the hospital appealed to the Ministry of Health to secure the hospital by units eligible for it, especially as the

busiest severe witnessing now other hospitals after the close Abu Salim hospital.


Armed militia from # Gharyan City disguised as the city of Zintan

Armed militia assaults on the Italian mission to train Libyan police and steal them two cars under the name of Zintan rebels are

arrested destined to Gharyan through a series of Tu R Zintan:

Early in the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 13, members of the Italian mission to train Libyan police to attack and looting in Vilthm in the

village and Jeddah (Regatta) in the (tourism) in the capital Tripoli.

According to a diplomatic source, the members of the mission, dubbed Cyrene (Shahat), which is training the Libyan police, were

forced by a gang armed with rifles AK47s to engage in one of the rooms of the villa, the source said that “no one was hurt, but the

gunmen stole everything , including money, mobile phones, computers, and two armored SUV Zuta. “

However, the militants did not take in their account of the fact that both cars Mzodtan the GPS tracking device where he was followed

all the way to city Gharyan. The source said that “two people were arrested, was the recovery of all the stolen goods, with the help of the

Libyan army and units of Zintan”

The source added, “It is not clear whether they were ordinary criminals or anything else,” he said: “Maybe the first possibility is true

( Libya talk )

And convicted
The arrest of two members of the militia, May 28, they robbed the Egyptian labor in the industrial district

In the night before last was surprised by some of the youth market a range of Egyptian workers in a deplorable state and signs

of severe beatings and some hysterically crying … Having inquired of them what had happened to them told them that two cars

Type Chevrolet white and the other type BMW green frequented by a number of young people armed with rifles and pistols carried

out the attack on them at their neighborhood industrial and beat them severely beaten and threatened with death and stole all of

their money and passports and identification papers …. In the absence of a complete “junta” and “police station” volunteered some

young Liberals on their own and they coordinate and communicate with each other and circulate descriptions of criminals and their

vehicles and within a few hours were seized one of the two vehicles, namely, (BM-W) and arrested two people inside it turned

out they were employees of militia May 28 armed and are:
1_ called Akram Alcorpu, 2 _ and called key Akila
And possession of a sum of money and $ 23 thousand dinars, and a number of passports and identity papers to some foreigners and residents.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings:

Please note that he has been down the road that connects the agricultural areas adjacent to the girl negative Altnachemh Waller Guibh indefinitely
This shutdown was due to lack of establishing security on farms. Located on the Y Walk the road

We are also Talmo will receive in the coming months, Eid al-Adha and the road was closed by the people of the area Altnachemh to preserve the livelihood of residents.

We hope the people of the surrounding areas welcome delirious idea all brothers

And God help the person as long as a person in his brother Awni.

Brother Mohammed Alorgma
Girl Beah newspaper – Valley deadlines

Discord and misinformation channels says .. That of the oil wells in the lock Zintan they Zintan rebels .. It Aqgl oil wells in the Fezzan Fezzan rebels
As oil closed in Cyrenaica understand gangs armed!!

Caravan passes and the dogs barking. Unfortunately, on my friends pronunciation.



News is not confirmed that the biggest demonstration of the federal Tide and the announcement of Ras Lanuf statement ..

It will be on 09/06/2013 institutions and civil society groups for all cities tenderly in front of Tibesti in the city of Benghazi.

Libya summit channel – Libya Summit Tv

URGENT: hearing a loud explosion shortly before in the city of Benghazi.

/ Libyan Arab Airlines
Pnina Benghazi airport is in danger of closing within days.

, Who described the demonstrators Benghazi Bopash and he knows the assassinations

Mohammed Bu Sidra today completed its procedures to replace member Abdel Moneim Louhichi Congress!

Gateway Libya Libya Gate ·



(in the eastern Libyan city of Bayda)

Threat to the security room dome expressed trapping and Abraq airport bombing this week:




Oil in the oil ports in Cyrenaica five still locked and no one barrel and shipped abroad, with the exception of shipments of urea,

methanol and hydrocarbons of Brega and Ras Lanuf .. The crude oil is completely locked and preserved in the ground until the

moment it for fear of wastage when he left the government do not believe the words of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

sleeper that steal money and wasted all Libyans ..

Today the word Basha valid for Tyosh great elders of the tribe Moroccans in the city of Brega was clear and frank

meeting in which he said explicitly; our children have every right to close the ports and have the right to take their

rights as they see; we stood with them the time of the liberation war and now we are with them even met their demands..

Word all the tribes of the Moroccans are taken only from Basha valid for Tyosh and family for Tyosh since the first of the Ottoman Empire ..

WikiLeaks Cyrenaica
URGENT: contact us shortly before him .. Denied
: Mr. Issa Abdul Majid, one of the leaders of the Tabu being what it said was a traffic accident ..

And assured us he was in good health and that what was said is pure rumor.


The arrival of Mr. Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi Chairman province of Cyrenaica to shield the city of Ajdabiya east this afternoon and was greeted by elders and sheikhs of the city of Ajdabiya and will honor Mr. Ahmed Zubair on the work of the Political Bureau headed by Mr. Ibrahim Jdharan.

Zaidane and some of the tribes tails trying to break the powerful arsenal in Ajdabiya across the region so vast valley borders …..

But crying to the moon … Keep Ajdabiya “white tenderly” You bacillus O arrogant arrogant coward …..

And Oallah … And ستذكرون what you say …. God, I Larry Ali Zaidan been chained to his imprisonment, then be entitled to the right

in a country dominated by the dark in the dark of his time …. Even be an example to follow children of Elman those who are astray.
(Mohammed Ahawwas)

Default sells Valqamol and Adgo them the with meat Alotineh central.
.من اللي يبيع فالقعمول ويضحكو عليهم المركزيين باللحمة الوتنية

Companies producing oil production stalled in the territory of Cyrenaica:

Gulf Arab oil – and national – produced 400 thousand barrels per day
Oasis “Oasis” for oil – American – 380 thousand barrels per day
Sirte Oil Company – National – 90 thousand barrels per day
Petro-Canada Oil Company – Canadian – 120 thousand barrels per day
Eni Oil Company – Italian – 100 thousand barrels per day from the field Abualotfl
France’s Total oil – French – 50 thousand barrels per day
Company and نترشال oil – German – 120 thousand barrels per day
Zueitina Oil Company – a Libyan-American – 60 thousand barrels per day.

Together for the home
I hope publication and dissemination …
The client Zaidane sending the amount of half a billion dinars yesterday for the Eastern District for the purchase of

receivables elders to declare war on the youth movement, led by Jdharan pretext refused federal assistance and

enable control Almsarit Brotherhood there by the client, Ali Abu Zaacoc ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Masrati father receives his orders directly from Misrata, which is responsible for assassinations and espionage on any activity in Cyrenaica …

Note that the cause of plague in the eastern region, whether in the past or now Brotherhood Almsarit and Nfodhm there Vahaddra oh

tenderly all your attempts Ba’s uprising by fail as long as you under the control G stupid and favor Jaudh and money and house Djerboue and Abu Zaacoc ….

For science policy guidance of the client Zaidane and now Brotherhood receivables were purchased many of the tribal elders in the west, center and south

and some companions, climbers and promises positions and Aaaaahih waiting .. you God, O Libya ….
معا من أجل الوطن
ارجو النشر والتعميم …
قام العميل زيدان بارسال مبلغ نصف مليار دينار بالامس للمنطقة الشرقية لشراء ذمم شيوخها لاعلان الحرب علي حركة الشباب وعلي راسها جضران بحجة رفض الفيدرالية لمساعدة وتمكين سيطرة المصاريت الاخوان هناك عن طريق العميل علي ابو زعكوك الاخوانى المصراتى الدي يتلقى اوامره مباشرة من مصراتة وهو المسؤول عن الاغتيالات والتجسس علي أي نشاط في برقة … علما بان سبب البلاء في المنطقة الشرقية سواء في السابق او الان من الاخوان المصاريت ونفودهم هناك فاحدري يا برقة كل محاولاتك بالانتفاض ستفشل طالما انك تحت سيطرة زغبية وصالح جعودة وبيت المال وجربوع وابو زعكوك …. للعلم هدي سياسة العميل زيدان والاخوان الان وتم شراء ذمم العديد من شيوخ القبائل في الغرب والوسط والجنوب وبعض الازلام والمتسلقين ووعودهم بمناصب واااااهية في انتظارهم ..لك الله يا ليبيا ….

AahalA statement from the tribe Almnfe support for the declaration of Ras Lanuf historicFamily chosen put points on the characters and graduated from silence and confirms that Cyrenaica had suffered enough and it came time to gain the full rights in this country, and confirmed that the tribe Almnfe will not come out for voluntary and consensus of Cyrenaica and blessed this movement the National Sharif, who will receive it all Libyans their rights without discrimination or exclusion of one and Cyrenaica are will return to normal Justice cuff and confirmed that the real attitude towards Cyrenaica is the position of each tribe Almnfe and neutralizes it does not represent only himself.

Omar Mukhtar battalion battle Ajdabiya – a secret Hamza
Qsaf Ali al-Gaddafi in an area 40 km west of Ajdabiya civilian Z Ajdabiya Saurk Atkhmm Hayr *****

Sawa obligatory from Niger Sawa unjust Atkhmm Dima ***** Laura battle

Omar Mukhtar Brigade secret Hamza field and its leader Sheikh Mujahid
Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan

Omar Mukhtar Brigade Ajdabiya secret Hamza
Regards Mohammed Ajpal


They said about Omar Mukhtar as a mugger, …………

Day grandchildren say grandsons chosen they ousted and Vedroqublaan …… Ya Reit ČÓ Tkaroa history ….. History repeats itself

(Nasser year)


بيان من قبيلة المنفه تأييداً لاعلان راس لانـــــوف التاريخي

عائلة المختار تضع النقاط على الحروف وتخرج عن صمتها وتؤكد ان برقه عانت بما فيه الكفايه وجاء الوقت لكي تنال فيه كامل حقوقها في هذا الوطن واكدت ان قبيلة المنفه لن تخرج عن طوع واجماع برقه وتبارك هذا الحراك الوطني الشريف الذي سينال فيه كل الليبيين حقوقهم دون تمييز او اقصاء لاحد وبرقه هي من ستقوم بارجاع كفة العدل الى نصابها الحقيقي واكدت ان موقفها اتجاه برقه هو موقف كل قبيلة المنفه ومن يحيد عنه لا يمثل الا نفسه

Essam Jehani:

US-Syrian strike inevitably coming and teacher yelling Prussia signed the price of opposition throughout the years Syrian Revolution but What is the expected duration of the collapse of the system of sheep? In Tripoli, Zintan Region closed oil sites claim a national dialogue authorized interlocutors and when Tanthoa the told us we in Cyrenaica negotiate not talk under international auspices.Cyrenaica defense force to come strongly and Bkiefah Brquaouih and tribes are still flocking to Ajdabiya to give the blessing and support of the youth movement tenderly They give more legitimacy to the movement just waiting outside the doors they extended the answer.


There are those who speak on behalf of the tribe and the federal warns
It is a federal and trying to create discord within the territory of
Cyrenaica is strange that this person known of arrows
Tell him that federal to Atagaf the tribe or city
Federal demand my rights to the province of Cyrenaica and mobility led
Young people from all tribes and families in ancient Cyrenaica

Caravan passes and tails central bark ……

(Issa Oraibi)

News channel conducted a special meeting with Sheikh Ahmed Alzoubir,

Sanusi head of the Transitional Council of the province of Cyrenaica.

The meeting was broadcast and wait for replays:

Held today, Tuesday (27-8-2013) city of Ajdabiya a meeting of a delegation from the tribe of slaves and stationed and attendance and elders and notables area Batnan and Green Mountain and the city of Derna with the President of the Political Bureau of the province of Cyrenaica Mr. “Ibrahim Jdharan” where thrown in meeting manywords that addressed the issue in general and the Libyan affair province of Cyrenaica in particular, also gave Mr. President of the political Bureau of the region of Cyrenaica speech in which he welcomed the delegation and explained some of the matters relating to the declaration of Ras Lanuf on 17/08/2013 then gave the delegation’s statement, which supported alland clarity of all that came in the announcement of Ras Lanuf and attendance announced their full support for the efforts of young Cyrenaica
It is said that many of the elders and sheikhs gently from different social structures had already declared their full support for the declaration of Ras Lanuf.
Cyrenaica Youth Movement

Campaign they mentioned and moodiness


Brotherhood Qatari news channel launched a new campaign focusing on the incision grade within the tribes Moroccans and

believe that mobility mobility to a particular tribe, and they forget that this is an issue of an entire people .. Who believes that the

Moroccan tribe could be affected by this superstition is the most important ..

Today the word Basha valid for Tyosh great elders of the tribe Moroccans in the city of Brega was clear and explicit, and I challenge

channel news Brotherhood to offer Date of the meeting in which he said explicitly; our children have every right to close the

ports and have the right to take their rights as they see; we stood with them the time of the liberation war and now we are

with them until their demands fulfilled ..

Word all the tribes of the Moroccans are taken only from Basha valid for Tyosh and family for Tyosh since the first of the Ottoman Empire ..

I challenge any page Muslim Brotherhood to convey the word Basha Valid for Tyosh, today at a meeting of the Moroccan tribes,

or the final statement of the meeting, which failed as a result of word Basha Valid for Tyosh, which served as a stun followers Zidane blindness,
Campaign they mentioned and moodiness
Trying in vain to some Brotherhood counterfeit pages word Sheikh Saleh Pasha to Tyosh Sheikh Moroccan tribes in your meeting بقبيلته and organized by the group and made ​​it simple One foolish lift rag written on it not for the federal central
That’s where the basis of the meeting is to prevent sedition you are Bahaddatha is corrupt central government and flags between the sons of one tribe and that should be to Ataattor under the respect for the opinion of each individual of the tribe, whether for or against the federal
And those who try in vain to teach Palate
Sheikh Saleh Pasha Tyosh the Senate is a member of the Council of Cyrenaica Transitional and puts the interests of Libya and the nation and his tribe Barquaouih of mind before everything
Sheikh Saleh Pasha to Tyosh Sheikh Moroccan tribes, accused and proved that some of the pages “Brotherhood” of trying to juggle some of his words

in today’s meeting your Moroccan tribe to ward off strife caused by the central government corrupt and irresponsible flags.
He is a member of the Senate of the Transitional Council of the province of Cyrenaica.

Sniper Cyrenaica
Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan and all the young Federal Barqawi

Of the biggest flaws and mistakes scalable mobility between federal politics, economy and oil

This movement to succeed requires a popular Zgm and expand mobility Emcl was all the links and associations, trade unions and activities, forums, etc.

Will create mobility and publicity as well as make a revolution all over the tenderly for the rights of Cyrenaica

Need to be coupled with the name Cyrenaica names of many of the institutions, associations and youth organizations and links childish and women, etc.

Because so make tenderly everyone and raise the issue name Cyrenaica everywhere

An example of this

Barqawi Union for the local football games and tenderly Cup in this region will fork prospectively to all types of sports

Artists Association Cyrenaica
Cyrenaica producers Association
Alliance Barquaouih Women

The theater Barquaouian Union
The Barquaouian Journalists Association
Scholars Association Cyrenaica
Association of chieftains and advocates of Cyrenaica
Barquaouian Writers Association
Universal Barquaouian Union

Cyrenaica library specializing in map and history of Cyrenaica and translation

Cyrenaica Studies Office

Cyrenaica Students Union will fork to gently in the Student Union abroad

Mujahideen Association tenderly from the first generation of war Italy to Israel’s war in 48 to Lebanon, Syria and Chad and Uganda

Cyrenaica Foundation for Human Rights

Hiat, offices and institutions of Brquaouih society interested affairs Barqawi

Association for the Protection with Cyrenaica and developed beach

Association of tribes and families and elders Cyrenaica

Burqa issue .. Come issue every free Barqawi lived on this earth and wants good for this region ..

Whatever his tribe Flotun of all of us together will not make mistakes like Mafl foolish to dismiss homelands

and the absence of the role of jealous of this country ..

Cyrenaica lived and lived Libya forced labor



Cadavers delivery between Corner and Rishvana the city and Ruba guides souls

City received the corner from the newly-formed Committee for reconciliation between the parties to the conflict,

on the body Ajili Kesh-Love for the delivery of three of the bodies to the area of the globe they Tariq arrival.

Khalifa Saleh Alqublaoy, Ahmed Abdel Salam Abu al-Qasim was recognized on Monday, 26 Aug. 2013.

“I heard a lot of exchange of prisoners, especially among the so-called Israel and the Gaza Strip, but the first time

I hear the exchange of the bodies today between the Rishvana of the corner, a certificate to God that he (even Jews Madarushi).”

(Ali العسبلي)

Ahidaae page and now Rishvana to our faithful martyrs and Abottool fronts

Magsrtoa …. S on Ashvar iron Akmmeltoa …. Nleghankm and God Magsrtoa the
Much Achou …. Hdettoa Spirit is the Spirit gift …. Testimony that our lives after you inferiority ….

Nhna we like humiliation and you Ezza Achtertwa ….. And you Ketbtwa honor humanity and in immaculate glories Strtoa blood ……

Magsrtoa …. S Attiytwa the right home Lin Akmmeltoa the ….. Nleghankm and God Magsrtoa …..
ياشهيد … S Attiyt the home right AVI ….. Matujek began walked net Bassafa of …. Game Htaya Aijmauha how Majmatwa …..

And Maak Tris Qrns protector and blood of the net … And Pashe Sharett glory p glory Kdrtoa the ……. Magsrtoa ….

S on Ashvar iron Akmmeltoa …. Nleghankm and God Magsrtoa the

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya
Corner penetrates the truce and hit Qadf in Kerkozh led to injury and they are now in the family Zahra Hospital!!

28 août 2013 03:09
My friends wherever you are back and lute Ahmedou show you some pictures and sections that have been recorded on Monday 27/8/20013 showing that attempts militias Mzrath spy and find out news of our youth during clashes with traction Dan angle beast Ahrarna in the corner but did not Bikuno expect Maintzerhm and had previously told them that the inside of these bastards USA and Rishvana missing and abroad births and this position the second score for rats Mzrath and greet each youth hero and more work in order to deter both tempted to prejudice the sanctity of our land and our offer will not become complacent with these bastards and Manasrna but from God ..


We made sure that the youth of the beautiful and Bani Walid and Sirte Riaineh and and Agafo us men stood up

and this is not a stranger you for this noble tribes greet you from sons and Rishvana of

Metz Alwash us if Vhmtona the wrong ^ ^ bowed Khot and Maevrguena but death.

With all due respect to some Libyan tribes

Haga necessary know each Rishvana Raho Masaoadkm not limit tribe stood up and stopped serious Maakm the Antsrto

me your men Acoos only until arms me Wloskm the Khaddatoh Maetjml you limit.

structures each Rishvana free Afathhaaaaaa Toowoa all and Aaahd loves and Rishvana Afathhooooo…

هــــــــيأأ كـــــــــل ورشفـــــــأأني حــــــر يفتحــــهاااااا تووووا وكل واااحد يحب ورشفاااانهـ يفتحــــــــــهأأأأأ
اصدقائي اينما كنتم عدنا والعود احمدو اعرض عليكم بعض الصور والمقاطع التي تم تسجيلها يوم الاثنين الموافق27/8/20013 والتي تبين محاولات مليشيات مزراطه التجسس ومعرفة اخبار شبابنا اثناء المواجهات مع جردان الزاويه حشا احرارنا في الزاويه ولكن لم بكونو يتوقعون ماينتظرهم وسبق وان قلنا لهم ان الداخل من هؤلاء الانذال الو ورشفانه مفقود والخارج مولود وهذا الموقف الثاني الذي يسجل لجرذان مزراطه وتحيه لكل شبابنا البطل ومزيدا من العمل من اجل ردع كل من تسول له نفسه المساس بحرمة ارضنا وعرضنا ولن نتهاون مع هؤلاء الانذال ومانصرنا الا بالله ..
Durée : 0:38
ﻻيك يااحرارلصفحة ورشفانة اﻻن /لواء ورشفانة

أخبأأر قبيلهـ ورشفآآنه العظــــــيمهـ

Page : 613 personnes aiment


أخبأأر قبيلهـ ورشفآآنه العظــــــيمهـ

ورشــــــــأأأنــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــه ورفــــــــــــــلــــــــــهـ خوت


انتــــــــــــــــفـــــــأأضـــــــــة ورشفــــــــأأه من اجـــــــــل اخوتــــــــــــهم في بني وليد عندما حاربتها مصراته

ورشفانه الرجوله تنتفض من اجل ورفله العزه

Rhooonh and Rafla Khot

 12 OCT. 2012

Antvoodh and Rishvana for their brethren in Bani Walid when they fought

Misratah and NATO mercenaries.

And Rishvana manhood convulsed for and Rafla pride.


I received this news

There were so much in its publication, but checked it out

Hello from killing prisoners
1 Ben Koura
2 Bozribe
3 Mohamed Hinqa El Rey

A total of shields seemed Valmanaouchet with angled in Rishvana and entered p based on a reconnaissance mission of Eden.

We say and we say again no covenant with traitors and militias.


After the truce and the introduction of the security forces called Aaho, MI from the Corner hit the home key Haj Ali al-Ganzouri to Kerkozh me

Qadf RPG led to Asaabh of the family, and they are now in Al Zahra Hospital was completely burning home.

There is news about the death of 2 Tarhuna follow NATO Misurata.

Hero Fares Mohammed Faraj Ogail

Missed in the earlier days people
Called my dismay of the globe was his courage, Chha maté and Vzaath us to say that the world is still my best man was my sense

of the word a man no matter how challenged him from the day to the last day Life not Acfhih right
But buffeted the hands of treachery
And wa Khaddth hatred of us died on the day of 19.12 of this topic black year in the region of the globe even if it is present with

us found it to be in the front line Fighting.

To Ntrahm to our heroes and to all Muslims



 Libya Telecom and Technology – tuber

Statement of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics:
Mr. HE the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Engineer Mohamed Cape on Wednesday afternoon corresponding to 08/28/2013 statement

singled out by the local media are different from the facts of the vandalism Hdtt the process in the early morning hours on Wednesday, corresponding to 08/28/2013,

which targeted the first point landing on the shore of marine cable Searbmedinh tuber and resulted in a break in the submarine cable feeder for the city of Derna, Sousse and Tobruk.

He said thanks and praise of God did not stop communication transmission automatically on the cable protection for the next generation network,

but the International Service Almtaatra this act of vandalism is the internet service and a capacity of 1 GB private company Libya Telecom and the technology used for the Eastern District

and stop the movement of the sea cable in directional Tobruk – Sousse – a result of interruption submarine cable in the main room will be welding process an initial cable maritime

and explained that he currently resides maintenance teams for the phone company to Libya at the site were sent support from neighboring cities to assist in the maintenance

work will be welding process an initial cable maritime re movement to be maintenance of civil works and to make sure that there are no or explosives residues in the same place.
Concluded Btasv the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of this work invites everyone on the need for cooperation and keenness

to preserve everything related to communications to ensure the progress and quality of communications:

Room bombing new cable that connects between Greece and tuber by unknown assailants.

Newsflash ….

Blow behind Searchlight Commission near of the local council in a private room with cable, which provides maritime Balent tuber.

(Media Center tuber Libya)


Result of an act of sabotage, which involved a cable room Shipping (Syyoum) road between Libya and Greece.
Has been re-directing Anya link to prevents interruption of Internet services, with a relative affected in individuals services,

the company seeks to find technical solutions to him.

Company recalls that the safety of utilities and infrastructure of the telecommunications sector, the responsibility of solidarity in

light of the circumstances of the country, and on all beneficiaries of these services, in addition to the official bodies that are supposed to be responsible for securing these sites.



Are free Murzuq …..

Murzuq …

Murzuq General Hospital suffering under control it Baalqoh and managed by militias
See the emergency department in the hospital and this water resulting from the lack of maintenance of pipes and, of course,

come out of the closet exposes patients to the corridor?
Although there are budget spent for this purpose.



Sabha / / /

Today was arrested a gang members robbed banks and arrested him in front of the

Bank of North Africa when they lose track one customers bank to agricultural loan e Haulo discernible amount of it,

where it was the arrest of one person and escape the rest of the group and this person found has 10 thousand

dinars in the car which was driven by and thank God no one was hurt.




201306/24  POSTED BY  r

Russia Federation's President Vladimir Putin

Russia Federation’s President Vladimir Putin

  1. Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock! Ending The NWO Cabal….

Obama's Heart Eaters: CIA Fomented Muslim Brotherhood In Syria

Obama’s Heart Eaters: CIA Fomented ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood In Syria

President Putin To Rothschild Czar David Cameron Of England:

“Do You Want to Arm People Who Eat The Organs Of Their Enemies?”

But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom
so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

Rothschild Waddeson Manor

Rothschild Waddeson Manor

By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over.

Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan:Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia!

This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous… 2007 ~ Political Vel Craft

Walls Closing In Upon Jacob Rothschild!

Walls Closing In Upon Jacob Rothschild!

President Of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson Arrests 10 Rothschild Bankers.

President Of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson Arrests 10 Rothschild Bankers.
Russia Tells United States Citizens Not To Give Up Your Guns: We Learned From Experience Fighting Rothschild’s Banking Schemes!

Russia Tells United States Citizens:

“Not To Give Up Your Guns:   We Learned From Experience Fighting Rothschild’s Banking Schemes!

(So also, the Great Jamahiriya  is principled upon  a  totally armed citizenry, where people hold the power, not “an ‘elitist’ few who RUN THE GOVERNMENT!” )

WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt because of the scheming of George Soros.

The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.
During a press conference ahead of the G8 summit Vladimir Putin offers a scathing put down in response to David Cameron’s vain attempt to



[08/25/2013] dialogue with Algerian d. Yahya Abu Zakaria: “unclean Obama and the curse of Allah on the Arab League”


PressTV: Banksters attack Syria to enslave America

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Syrian troops (file photo)Syrian troops (file photo)

Thu May 30, 2013 4:47AM GMT

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

The war on Syria is not an American war on Syria, an Israeli war on Syria, an al-Qaeda war on Syria, a Qatari war on Syria, a Turkish war on Syria, or a Saudi war on Syria. It is a bankers’ war on Syria.”

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Israel bombs Syria and threatens Iran. Russia moves its warships into the Mediterranean, and furnishes Syria with advanced anti-aircraft weapons. Hezbollah defends Syria against al-Qaeda. Pro-Israel US Senators like John McCain join forces with al-Qaeda.

What is really going on here? Who is fighting whom, and why? Will Syria become the flash point for World War III?

Is the West attacking the Islamic world in a “clash of civilizations”? Then why are the Israeli and American governments backing al-Qaeda in Syria?

The old narratives no longer make sense.

The real war isn’t between nations, civilizations, or religions.

The real war is the bankers’ war to conquer the entire world.

In his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins explained how it works. The bankers use their control of currency to impose debt slavery on individuals as well as nations. They force nations to accept loans that are impossible to pay back – by design. The bankers use the resulting bankruptcy and/or “restructuring agreements” to seize control of those nations and their resources.

If a nation’s leader refuses to obey the bankers – as in the cases of Venezuela and Iran – that leader, or nation, is put on the bankers’ “hit list.” That nation becomes a target for regime change, whether by assassination, coup d’état, a bought or stolen election, or outright invasion.

The bankers use the military and intelligence services of the nations they control to attack and subvert the nations they do not control. They also use their own private armies and intelligence services to subvert all nations.

Thus the war on Syria is not an American war on Syria, an Israeli war on Syria, an al-Qaeda war on Syria, a Qatari war on Syria, a Turkish war on Syria, or a Saudi war on Syria. It is a bankers’ war on Syria.

The biggest international banking families exert a relatively high degree of control over the US, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. They have only moderate influence in Syria, Russia, and China. And they have even less influence in Iran. So they are mobilizing their assets in hopes of achieving regime change in Syria. Iran, Russia, and China are next on their hit list.

The bankers are trying to create the first truly global empire. As John Perkins says, their biggest weapon is usury; military force is secondary. They first try to buy a country; if the leadership is not for sale, they try to assassinate or overthrow the leader(s); and if all else fails, they send the US military to invade the target country.

To create their global slave empire, the bankers must also control communications. If their plans were widely-known, people of all nations would revolt.

David Rockefeller spoke the truth at the 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Baden, Germany: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

Today, the only major media operations in English that are not owned, controlled, or duped by the bankers are Press TV and Russia Today. Apparently, Iran and Russia do not appreciate being on the bankers’ hit list. And they are learning how to fight back – by telling the truth to the whole world. No wonder the banker-owned US and Europe have done their best to shut down Press TV.

The people of the English-speaking world in general, and the American people in particular, need to wake up to the fact that the bankers’ war on Syria (and later Iran, Russia, and China) is also a war against them. The bankers are not prejudiced. They want to enslave everyone, regardless of race, nationality, or creed.

Here in the USA, the bankers enslave young people through student loans. If you want access to higher education in the US, and you are not rich, you have no choice but to take out student loans. By the time you graduate, you will be $20,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 in debt. And that debt will keep right on accumulating interest. You will spend half your working life struggling to pay off your loans – and providing the bankers with handsome profits.

The student loan system is a form of indentured servitude. Like indentured servants, who were forced to work as slaves for seven years to pay the cost of their ticket to America, college graduates in America find themselves the slaves of the bankers. Like indentured servants, American college students seek a ticket to freedom and opportunity; and like indentured students, the price of that ticket is years of slavery.

The bankers are achieving ever-higher degrees of control over the USA. They now own both major political parties and all major US media outlets.

But they are afraid of the American people more than any other people. The USA has the world’s most powerful educated middle class. If it awakens, it could overthrow the bankers and stymie their plans to eliminate the Constitution, national sovereignty, and the middle class itself.

The Syrian people and the American people are struggling against the same enemy, though few of them realize it.

It is time for people of good will in all nations to unite against the tyranny of the global oligarchs. If the world fails to rise up in revolt, we will all find ourselves working on the bankers’ global slave plantation.





Egyptian officials say Stevens worked with Saudis against Assad

Published: 09/24/2012 at 9:06 PM


Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador murdered in Libya, played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, according to Egyptian security officials speaking to WND.

Stevens served as a key contact with the Saudis to coordinate the recruitment by Saudi Arabia of Islamic fighters from North Africa and Libya. The jihadists were sent to Syria via Turkey to attack Assad’s forces, said the security officials.

The officials said Stevens also worked with the Saudis to send names of potential jihadi recruits to U.S. security organizations for review. Names found to be directly involved in previous attacks against the U.S., including in Iraq and Afghanistan, were ultimately not recruited by the Saudis to fight in Syria, said the officials.

Stevens and three other American diplomats were killed on Sept. 11 in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi blamed on Islamists.

One witness to the mob scene in Libya said some of the gunmen attacking the U.S. installation had identified themselves as members of Ansar al-Shariah, which represents al-Qaida in Yemen and Libya.

The al-Qaida offshoot released a statement denying its members were behind the deadly attack, but a man identified as a leader of the Ansar brigade told Al Jazeera the group indeed took part in the Benghazi attack.

Al-Qaida among U.S.-supported rebels

As WND reported last week, questions remain about the nature of U.S. support for the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, including reports the U.S.-aided rebels that toppled Muammar Gadhafi’s regime in Libya consisted of al-Qaida and jihad groups. The U.S. provided direct assistance, including weapons and finances, to the Libyan rebels.

Similarly, the Obama administration is currently aiding the rebels fighting Assad’s regime in Syria amid widespread reports that al-Qaida jihadists are included in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army.

During the revolution against al-Qathafi’s Great Jamahiriya, the U.S. admitted to directly arming the rebel groups.

At the time, rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi admitted in an interview that a significant number of the Libyan rebels were al-Qaida fighters, many of whom had fought U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He insisted his fighters “are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” but he added that the “members of al-Qaida are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader.”

Adm. James Stavridis, NATO supreme commander for Europe, admitted Libya’s rebel force may include al-Qaida: “We have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al-Qaida, Hezbollah.”

Former CIA officer Bruce Riedel went even further, telling the Hindustan Times: “There is no question that al-Qaida’s Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is a part of the opposition. It has always been Gadhafi’s biggest enemy and its stronghold is Benghazi. What is unclear is how much of the opposition is al-Qaida/Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – 2 percent or 80 percent.”

In Syria, meanwhile, the U.S. may be currently supporting al-Qaida and other jihadists fighting with the rebels targeting Assad’s regime.

Al-Qaida among U.S.-supported rebels?

However, questions remain about the nature of U.S. support for the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, including reports the U.S.-aided rebels that toppled Muammar Gadhafi’s regime in Libya consisted of al-Qaida and jihad groups. The U.S. provided direct assistance, including weapons and finances, to the Libyan rebels.

Similarly, the Obama administration is currently aiding the rebels fighting Assad’s regime in Syria amid widespread reports that al-Qaida jihadists are included in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army.

During the revolution against Gadhafi’s regime, the U.S. admitted to directly arming the rebel groups.

At the time, rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi admitted in an interview that a significant number of the Libyan rebels were al-Qaida fighters, many of whom had fought U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He insisted his fighters “are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” but he added that the “members of al-Qaida are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader.”

Adm. James Stavridis, NATO supreme commander for Europe, admitted Libya’s rebel force may include al-Qaida: “We have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al-Qaida, Hezbollah.”

Former CIA officer Bruce Riedel went even further, telling the Hindustan Times: “There is no question that al-Qaida’s Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is a part of the opposition. It has always been Gadhafi’s biggest enemy and its stronghold is Benghazi. What is unclear is how much of the opposition is al-Qaida/Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – 2 percent or 80 percent.”

In Syria, meanwhile, the U.S. may be currently supporting al-Qaida and other jihadists fighting with the rebels targeting Assad’s regime.

Last month, WND quoted a senior Syrian source claiming at lease 500 hardcore mujahedeen from Afghanistan, many of whom were spearheading efforts to fight the U.S. there, were killed in clashes with Syrian forces last month.

Also last month, WND reported Jihadiya Salafia in the Gaza Strip, a group that represents al-Qaida in the coastal territory, had declared three days of mourning for its own jihadists who died in Syria in recent weeks.

There have been widespread reports of al-Qaida among the Syrian rebels, including in reports by Reuters and the New York Times.

WND reported in May there was growing collaboration between the Syrian opposition and al-Qaida as well as evidence the opposition is sending weapons to jihadists in Iraq, according to an Egyptian security official.

The military official told WND that Egypt has reports of collaboration between the Syrian opposition and three al-Qaida arms, including one the operates in Libya:

  • Jund al-Sham, which is made up of al-Qaida militants who are Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese;
  • Jund al-Islam, which in recent years merged with Ansar al-Islam, an extremist group of Sunni Iraqis operating under the al-Qaida banner and operating in Yemen and Libya;
  • Jund Ansar al-Allah, an al-Qaida group based in Gaza linked to Palestinian camps in Lebanon and Syria.

U.S. officials have stated the White House is providing nonlethal aid to the Syrian rebels while widespread reports have claimed the U.S. has been working with Arab countries to ensure the opposition in Syria is well armed.

Dennis Kucinich says attack on Syria would make U.S. “al Qaida’s air force”

Former Cleveland congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has met repeatedly with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, was quoted yesterday in a Capitol Hill newspaper as saying that a U.S. military strike on Syria would turn the U.S. military into “al Qaida’s air force.”

Kucinich, a fervent opponent of U.S. military engagement in in Iraq – told The Hill that intervention in Syria would ensnare the United States in another war and embolden the Salafist militants fighting Bashar Assad’s regime.

“So what, we’re about to become Al Qaida’s air force now?” Kucinich told the publication. “This is a very, very serious matter that has broad implications internationally.”

According to the Hill, Kucinich also “raised doubts” about claims the Syrian military – which is controlled by Assad – killed hundreds of people with chemical weapons last week. He accused the Obama administration of  “rushing” to into a potential “World War Three” based on questionable evidence.

“This is being used as a pretext,” he said in the interview. The verdict is in before the facts have been gathered. What does that tell you?”…

Dennis Kucinich says attack on Syria would make U.S. “al Qaida’s air force”

Sabrina Eaton, Plain Dealer Washington ReporterBy Sabrina Eaton, Plain Dealer Washington Reporter 
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on August 28, 2013 at 7:30 AM, updated August 28, 2013 at 11:41 AM

Dennis Kucinich speaks with reporters just before he gets onto a plane headed for Washington, D.C., at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer

Former Cleveland congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has met repeatedly with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, was quoted

yesterday in a Capitol Hill newspaper as saying that a U.S. military strike on Syria would turn the U.S. military into “al Qaida’s air force.”Kucinich, a fervent opponent of U.S. military engagement in Iraq – told The Hill that intervention in Syria would ensnare theUnited States in another war and embolden the Salafist militants fighting Bashar Assad’s regime.“So what, we’re about to become Al Qaida’s air force now?” Kucinich told the publication.“This is a very, very serious matter that has broad implications internationally.”According to the Hill, Kucinich also “raised doubts” about claims the Syrian military – which is controlled by Assad -killed hundreds of people with chemical weapons last week. He accused the Obama administration of “rushing” into apotential “World War Three” based on highly questionable (and falsified) evidence.

“This is being used as a pretext,” he said in the interview. The verdict is in before the facts have been gathered. What does that tell you?”

A former mayor of Cleveland, Kucinich was elected to Congress in 1996 and served until he lost a primary battle to

Toledo Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur after Republicans who controlled Ohio’s redistricting process put them into the same district.

In 2011, Kucinich was widely criticized after Syrian media quoted him as saying

Dr. Assad (who is a veternarian) is “highly loved and appreciated by the Syrian peoples”.

Dennis Kucinich also admires Muammar al-Qathafi. The following is a briefing from 25/26 August 2011 for the Guardian. That was two days after Tripoli fell (24 AUG 2011):

Officials of the Great Jamahiriya tried to persuade the Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich – a well-known rebel who voted against NATO military action in Libya, and opposed the Iraq war – to visit Tripoli as part of a hastily arranged “peace mission”. The Libyan Great Jamahiriya offered to pay all Kucinich’s costs related to the trip, including “travel expenses and accommodation”. (This is the famous trip of Cynthia McKinney, who is a friend of Dennis Kucinich .)

On 22 June a letter sent to Libya’s General Secretary of the Great People’s Committee: Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi, by a US-based lobbyist for the regime, Sufyan Omeish, noted that Kucinich was “concerned that his personal safety in Tripoli could not be guaranteed”. He preferred to conduct meetings with regime officials outside Libya. The plan was for Kucinich to meet “senior Libyan officials, including al-Qathafi“. The proposed trip never took place. Kucinich visited Syria instead.

He confirmed the invitation and said he had discussed it directly with The General Secretary of the Great people’s Committee, but ultimately declined because of security concerns.

“Because of the efforts I had made early on to bring an end to the war, I started to get calls from Libya, including from The General Secretary of the Great People’s Committee” the congressman told the Guardian. “He had taken note of the fact I was making an effort to put forward a peace proposal. I had several requests to go to Libya. I made it clear I could not negotiate on behalf of the administration. I said I was speaking as a member of Congress involved in the issue and willing to listen to what they had to say. But given that Libyan was under attack, it did not seem a promising place to hold meetings.”

He said that on one occasion he held an hour-long telephone conversation with the General Secretary of the Great People’s Committee. He also confirmed Omeish had been in touch, acting as an intermediary for and supporter of the regime.

On 23 June 2011, the General Secretary of the Great People’s Committee – who is [AT THE TIME WHEN THIS ARTIVLE WAS WRITTEN IN AUGUST 2011] presently on a mission for the Great Jamahiriya in Tunisia – wrote a surprisingly sympathetic letter to Obama. He addressed him as “Mr President”, and politely complained about Washington’s “unprecedented decision” to confiscate the Libyan regime’s assets – “to please” the rebels.

The letter from al- Baghdadi is marked “highly important and strictly confidential”. It says: “It is clear that the NATO coalition forces have no intention of ending their military campaign over Libya anytime soon … What is most concerning is that there are highly credible analysts and intelligence personnel in the United States who are exposing growing evidence of covert logistical military planning for a future ground invasion in either late September or October of this year.”

He then discusses an urgent proposed peace mission to Libya to try to sway international opinion in their favour. He writes: “We have already obtained confirmation of the involvement of a high-profile US congressman to participate … and are making additional overtures to obtain further congressional involvement from other members.

“Moreover, we have also obtained a new confirmation from a high-profile Princeton professor of international law and a former UN fact-finding commissioner to join our delegation.” Omeish boasted that he was also working with “award-winning/Oscar-nominated filmmakers to help document the truth about Libya … to ensure maximum world-wide exposure.

In another message, Omeish urges Baghdadi not to communicate via Gmail, but to use a more secure private account.

His invasion warning was sent to Almois Ben Ismail, Baghdadi’s private secretary. The Libyan government’s PR offensive had a spectacular lack of success, with NATO continuing its UN-backed air strikes, and rebels sweeping into Tripoli on Sunday. Omeish did not reply to an email seeking comment.

The correspondence seen by the Guardian reveals that the Libyan government was surprisingly well informed. Baghdadi’s personal papers include copies of the WikiLeaks documents concerning Libya, written by the US ambassador Gene Cretz. Cretz was forced to leave Libya after mentioning al-Qathafi’s “voluptuous” Ukrainian nurse. Someone had carefully annotated the English original with Arabic.

Baghdadi also had a copy of a letter written by US senator John McCain to Mahmoud Jibril, the Yankee homosexual chairman of the executive board of the NTC which had been intercepted by the intelligence of the Great Jamahiriya. In it, McCain urged Jibril to stop human rights abuses by the rebels, following reports of reprisals including looting, house-burning and beatings against “al-jamahiriya” supporters.

The papers list the “talking points” Libyan representatives need to make in their conversations with international partners, specifically to claim that the 17 FEBRUARY ‘Revolution’ in Libya is not a popular uprising but the work of al-Qaida cells.  

The documents also include occasional glimpses of friction…. One letter complains about Moussa Ibrahim, al-Qathafi’s media spokesman, one of the key protagonists of the Libya conflict (until his disappearance 24 hours ago) [at the time of the article's appearance in August 2011].

Baghdadi complains that Ibrahim briefed CNN about US-Libyan negotiations in June without consulting him or Libya’s minister for media.

The General Secretary of the Great People’s Committee had a copy of the Libyan leader’s appeal to the US congress and senate, in which he expressed his unhappiness about the US’s participation in the “aggression against Libya”.

Muammar al-Qathafi blamed the crisis on France. He said that he had been “keen for years to establish a special relationship with the US”. He also modestly denied playing a leading role in Libyan affairs, and claimed to have left power in 1977.

“I do not have any formal position, not even the powers of the Queen of Britain,” he insisted.

Urgent: U.S. National Broadcasting Corporation NBC News transporting military sources as official U.S. military strike in Syria will be by Thursday

God Save Syria and its people!

  Russian Foreign Ministry: discuss the reaction of the UN Security Council before the completion of the investigation the UN is inappropriate

Russian Foreign Ministry: discuss the reaction of the UN Security Council before the completion of the investigation the UN is inappropriate.

Syria Asserts Claim of New Strikes as U.N. Impasse Looms


The divide over what course to take at the United Nations seemed to deepen Wednesday as Syria said it had evidence of three

cases of chemical weapons use by insurgents, and Russia argued that talk of a resolution was premature.

Culprit in Syrian Chemical Attack Is Unclear, China Insists


Clinging to a policy of noninterference, China said it opposed military action against Syria, and Western diplomats said it was likely to veto any Security Council resolution authorizing strikes.

author-imageJOSEPH FARAH

There are no good guys in the conflict in which Obama is about to take sides. There are only bad guys and worse guys. And which side do you suppose Obama has chosen? That’s right. The worse guys – the really, really bad guys, those actually allied with al-Qaida.

And now there is credible evidence to suggest it wasn’t the authoritarian Syrian government that used chemical weapons against its own people, including its own soldiers. More likely, it was Obama’s al-Qaida friends who are trying to topple Bashar Assad’s regime.

Perhaps even more importantly, Assad actually represents a better alternative for religious minorities in Syria and the Middle East generally, just as Hosni Mubarak did in Egypt and Moammar Gadhafi did in Libya. There aren’t many places left for Christians to run in the Middle East – Egypt and Syria were among the last bastions of tolerance. The Muslim Brotherhood offers nothing but persecution and death for them.

Is this duplicity, stupidity or something else?

I suggest it’s something else.

Once again it is the same reasoning he has in Libya and Egypt; and he will do it again and again.

It’s a New World Order game in which the U.S. and its European allies make over the Middle East with talk of an “Arab spring” – and the media eat it up with a spoon and fork.

That’s what the USA and NATO are doing in Syria.

And it will end badly – just as it did in Egypt and Libya, where other “societies of Islamic-socialism”  (as  the people’s power of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) were deposed-of

in favor of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood: whose goal is nothing short of restoring the glory of a (Wahabi-Salafist) ‘Islamic caliphate’ (as envisioned by the British Empire in 1928).

Before Osama bin Laden formed al Qaeda, he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, along with his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri and 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Former FBI agent John Guandolo told CBN News that the United States must become more aware of its growing influence.

“Here in the United States, virtually every prominent Islamic organization is controlled and led by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,”

he warned.

Experts say that’s part of the Brotherhood’s strategy to destroy Western civilization from within; but, the Brotherhood’s immediate goal is an Salafist/Wahahabi-Islamic state

in Libya and then eventually the entire planet without boundaries.

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood kills apostates; abuse and rape women; commit sodomy; commit honor murder of women and girls;

commit bestiality; legalized incest of children; murder of gays; legalized gender apartheid; justified slavery of foreign workers; and cutting of hands and feet without any fair trial.

But that is precisely what Barack Husein Santeoro-Obama dreams of.


obama mask

The  new AUGUST 2013  Egyptian Government has once agained has outlawed the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (just as Mubarak did).

In a news report on Egyptian television of a Gebali speech, translated by researcher Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative,

Gebali said she would like “to inform the American people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

“We will carry out the law, and the Americans will not stop us,” she said. “We need to open the files and begin court sessions.

“The Obama administration cannot stop us; they know that they supported terrorism,” she continued.

“We will open the files so these nations are exposed, to show how they collaborated with [the terrorists]. It is for this reason that the American administration fights us.”

Shoebat said Gebali explained the news is important to Americans who are concerned about their president’s actions, calling it “is a gift to the American people,” implying there were more revelations to come.

In an interview on Egyptian television, Gebali said the cost to Egypt has been great, and she vowed her country will not allow any conspiracy against its people or the Egyptian state. She insisted that pushing Egypt to bankruptcy is unacceptable, because it would plunge her country into a dire state similar to Iraq and Libya.

Shoebat said that if the reports are correct, Turkey appears to play a central role in the alleged conspiracy. He emphasized that Egypt has asserted to the international community that it will not tolerate any attempt to push the country to bankruptcy.

Shoebat’s blog linked to three “very credible sources” that corroborate the report on Gebali’s comments.


Remember this report of 29 SEPT 2012:

Our Muslim Brotherhood’s Keeper: President Obama to Send $450 Million to Egypt

Kyle Becker | On 29, Sep 2012

All that about angry mobs storming the U.S. embassy, burning the American flag, and hoisting black al Qaeda flags?

Consider it forgiven by the Obama administration, which is sending a taxpayer-subsidized cash gift of $450 million to Muslim Brotherhood-run Egypt.

It seems an odd way of thanking the MB Egyptian government for its total lack of security during the September 11th Cairo embassy protest.

After all, it’s not like there was any warning that the “spontaneous” protests would take place.

Oops. Well, I guess there was the August 30th statement from the Egyptian terrorist group Jama’a Islamiyah that it planned to take part in the

Cairo embassy protest on September 11th.

It must have been that ridiculous anti-Islamic YouTube video! Nope.

The goal was to pressure the U.S. government into releasing the group’s spiritual leader the “blind sheikh” Omar abdel Rahman.

World war will be launched after hours … Syria, Iran, Russia, China and North Korea .. Vs America, Europe, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf
Channel CNN: URGENT: Obama has given approval for a military attack against Syria will start the attack within hours
Please pray on the barges and ships coming to America Syria that totally immersed God ..
(“O Aajabbar the drowning America in بحرك of the ships, and make them a lesson for the tyrants of your creation, you are omnipotent
for everything, and you are capable of everything, O أغرقها also flooded the Pharaoh and his people”).((Pass frequently advocates and advocates may have received an invitation open door ..
Scroll down to participate 100 post Iaahrar theالمؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر
حرب عالمية سوف تنطلق بعد ساعات … سوريا وايران وروسيا والصين وكوريا الشمالية ..Vs امريكا واوربا وتركيا واسرائيل والخليج
قناة CNN : عـــاجـــل : اوباما اعطى موافقته على هجوم عسكري ضد سوريا وسيبدا الهجوم خلال ساعات
عليكم بالدعاء على بارجات وسفن اميركا القادمة إلى سوريا بأن يغرقها الله ..
(“اللهم ياجبار أغرق سفن اميركا في بحرك , واجعلها عبرة للطغاة من خلقك , فأنت القاهر لكل شيء , وأنت القادر على كل شيء, اللهم أغرقها كما أغرقت فرعون وقومه”).(( أنشرها ليكثر الداعون والداعيات ربما تلقى إحدى الدعوات بابا مفتوحا..
انزل على المشاركه 100مشاركه يااحرار
حرب عالمية سوف تنطلق بعد ساعات … سوريا وايران وروسيا والصين وكوريا الشمالية ..Vs امريكا واوربا وتركيا واسرائيل والخليج
قناة CNN : عـــاجـــل : اوباما اعطى موافقته على هجوم عسكري ضد سوريا وسيبدا الهجوم خلال ساعات
عليكم بالدعاء على بارجات وسفن اميركا القادمة إلى سوريا بأن يغرقها الله ..
(“اللهم ياجبار أغرق سفن اميركا في بحرك , واجعلها عبرة للطغاة من خلقك , فأنت القاهر لكل شيء , وأنت القادر على كل شيء, اللهم أغرقها كما أغرقت فرعون وقومه”).(( أنشرها ليكثر الداعون والداعيات ربما تلقى إحدى الدعوات بابا مفتوحا..
انزل على المشاركه 100مشاركه يااحرار

The Drums of War are Beating: Killing Civilians to Protect Civilians in Syria

Global Research, 28 August  2013

The drums of war are beating again. The Obama administration will reportedly launch a military strike to punish Syria’s Assad government for its alleged use of chemical weapons. A military attack would invariably kill civilians for the ostensible purpose of showing the Syrian government that killing civilians is wrong. “What we are talking about here is a potential response . . . to this specific violation of international norms,” declared White House press secretary Jay Carney. But a military intervention by the United States in Syria to punish the government would violate international law.

For the United States to threaten to and/or launch a military strike as a reprisal is a blatant violation of the United Nations Charter. The Charter requires countries to settle their international disputes peacefully.

Article 2(4) makes it illegal for any country to either use force or threaten to use force against another country. Article 2(7) prohibits intervention in an internal or domestic dispute in another country. The only time military force is lawful under the Charter is when the Security Council approves it, or under Article 51, which allows a country to defend itself if attacked. “The use of chemical weapons within Syria is not an armed attack on the United States,” according to Notre Dame law professor Mary Ellen O’Connell.

The United States and the international community have failed to take constructive steps to promote peace-making efforts, which could have brought the crisis in Syria to an end. The big powers instead have waged a proxy war to give their “side” a stronger hand in future negotiations, evaluating the situation only in terms of geopolitical concerns. The result has been to once again demonstrate that military solutions to political and economic problems are no solution at all. In the meantime, the fans of enmity between religious factions have been inflamed to such a degree that the demonization of each by the other has created fertile ground for slaughter and excuses for not negotiating with anyone with “blood on their hands.”

Despite U.S. claims of “little doubt that Assad used these weapons,” there is significant doubt among the international community about which side employed chemical weapons. Many view the so-called rebels as trying to create a situation to provoke U.S. intervention against Assad. Indeed, in May, Carla del Ponte, former international prosecutor and current UN commissioner on Syria, concluded that opposition forces used sarin gas against civilians.

The use of any type of chemical weapon by any party would constitute a war crime. Chemical weapons that kill and maim people are illegal and their use violates the laws of war. The illegality of chemical and poisoned weapons was first established by the Hague regulations of 1899 and Hague Convention of 1907. It was reiterated in the Geneva Convention of 1925 and the Chemical Weapons Convention. The Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court specifically states that employing “poison or poisoned weapons” and “asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and all analogous liquids, materials or devices” are war crimes, under Article 8. The prohibition on the use of these weapons is an international norm regardless of whether any convention has been ratified. As these weapons do not distinguish between military combatants and civilians, they violate the principle of distinction and the ban on weapons which cause unnecessary suffering and death contained in the Hague Convention. Under the Nuremberg Principles, violations of the laws of war are war crimes.

The self-righteousness of the United States about the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad is hypocritical. The United States used napalm and employed massive amounts of chemical weapons in the form of Agent Orange in Vietnam, which continues to affect countless people over many generations.

Recently declassified CIA documents reveal U.S. complicity in Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war, according to Foreign Policy: “In contrast to today’s wrenching debate over whether the United States should intervene to stop alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian government, the United States applied a cold calculus three decades ago to Hussein’s widespread use of chemical weapons against his enemies and his own people. The Reagan administration decided that it was better to let the attacks continue if they might turn the tide of the war. And even if they were discovered, the CIA wagered that international outrage and condemnation would be muted.”

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States used cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and white phosphorous gas. Cluster bomb cannisters contain tiny bomblets, which can spread over a vast area. Unexploded cluster bombs are frequently picked up by children and explode, resulting in serious injury or death. Depleted uranium (DU) weapons spread high levels of radiation over vast areas of land. In Iraq, there has been a sharp increase in Leukemia and birth defects, probably due to DU. White phosphorous gas melts the skin and burns to the bone.

The Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in time of War (Geneva IV) classifies “willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health” as a grave breach, which constitutes a war crime.

The use of chemical weapons, regardless of the purpose, is atrocious, no matter the feigned justification. A government’s use of such weapons against its own people is particularly reprehensible. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the purported attack by Assad’s forces “defies any code of morality” and should “shock the conscience of the world.” He went on to say that “there must be accountability for those who would use the world’s most heinous weapons against the world’s most vulnerable people.”

Yet the U.S. militarily occupied over 75% of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques for 60 years, during which time the Navy routinely practiced with, and used, Agent Orange, depleted uranium, napalm and other toxic chemicals and metals such as TNT and mercury. This occurred within a couple of miles of a civilian population that included thousands of U.S. citizens. The people of Vieques have lived under the colonial rule of the United States now for 115 years and suffer from terminal health conditions such as elevated rates of cancer, hypertension, respiratory and skin illnesses and kidney failure. While Secretary Kerry calls for accountability by the Assad government, the U.S. Navy has yet to admit, much less seek atonement, for decades of bombing and biochemical warfare on Vieques.

The U.S. government’s moral outrage at the use of these weapons falls flat as it refuses to take responsibility for its own violations.

President Barack Obama admitted, “If the U.S. goes in and attacks another country without a UN mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it . . .” The Obama administration is studying the 1999 “NATO air war in Kosovo as a possible blueprint for acting without a mandate from the United Nations,” the New York Timesreported. But NATO’s Kosovo bombing also violated the UN Charter as the Security Council never approved it, and it was not carried out in self-defense. The UN Charter does not permit the use of military force for “humanitarian interventions.” Humanitarian concerns do not constitute self-defense. In fact, humanitarian concerns should spur the international community to seek peace and end the suffering, not increase military attacks, which could endanger peace in the entire region.

Moreover, as Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies and David Wildman of Human Rights & Racial Justice for the Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church wrote, “Does anyone really believe that a military strike on an alleged chemical weapons factory would help the Syrian people, would save any lives, would help bring an end to this horrific civil war”?

Military strikes will likely result in the escalation of Syria’s civil war. “Let’s be clear,” Bennis and Wildman note. “Any U.S. military attack, cruise missiles or anything else, will not be to protect civilians – it will mean taking sides once again in a bloody, complicated civil war.” Anthony Cordesman, military analyst from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, asks, “Can you do damage with cruise missiles? Yes. Can you stop them from having chemical weapons capability? I would think the answer would be no.”

The United States and its allies must refrain from military intervention in Syria and take affirmative steps to promote a durable ceasefire and a political solution consistent with international law. If the U.S. government were truly interested in fomenting peace and promoting accountability, it should apologize to and compensate the victims of its own use of chemical weapons around the world.

Marjorie Cohn is a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, former president of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), and deputy secretary general of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL). New York attorney Jeanne Mirer is president of the IADL and co-chair of the NLG’s International Committee. Both Cohn and Mirer are on the board of the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign :روسيا اليوم :روسيا اليوم :روسيا اليوم

Syria / Israel [2013-08-27] Syria: Israel threatens

One year ago:




Abdel Fattah al-Sisi team orders to prevent the passage of any warships

in the Suez Canal”” aimed at a military strike on Syria:

Brotherhood gangs and penetrating education

Egyptian Minister of Education: Delete some “Brotherhood curriculum” in high school ..

Especially in the subjects of history and civics.

Sovereign sources: Russia and China are ready # to arm Egypt instead of America

Sources sovereign, the readiness of Russia and China to arm Egypt instead of the United States from now, and to provide military assistance to her if they are taken and Washington decided to stop military aid to Egypt, pointing out that there is a change in the official position of the European countries and the United States gradually in recent days, but that there is a hidden conspiracy is being led by the United States with the great powers.

The sources said: «spotted 4 meetings held during the two weeks in Germany, not one meeting, attended by a Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America, and groups of intelligence and military of France and Britain, and representatives of the Mossad, the Israeli and Qatar, in 2, 8 and 12 and August 16, to consult on the possibility of disabling conditions in Egypt », pointing out that they want Arkaa Egypt and economically strangled via control of the West a number of agreements with them in the economy, and did not go out of their meetings from being consultations do not have access to the decisions of except arrest supplying some products or cancellation of some economic agreements with Egypt.

She added that the U.S. Pentagon flatly rejects any military intervention in Egypt, and all meetings of the forces in Germany, could not the success of the military intervention and found it difficult to complete, and expressed France and England Takovhma to the intervention along the lines of what happened in 56.

She sources fear the authorities concerned, including the army from parliamentary elections next system menus, and said that there are strong trends to the possibility of the predominance of the Islamic current through the system menus and return by a large margin, pointing out that the United States and Qatar are ready to send sums of money up to $ 20 billion to Anjaham, It is one of the scenarios developed by the United States before it.

Shoebat said Gebali explained the news is important to Americans who are concerned about their president’s actions, calling it “is a gift to the American people,” implying there were more revelations to come.

In an interview on Egyptian television, Gebali said the cost to Egypt has been great, and she vowed her country will not allow any conspiracy against its people or the Egyptian state. She insisted that pushing Egypt to bankruptcy is unacceptable, because it would plunge her country into a dire state similar to Iraq and Libya.

Shoebat said that if the reports are correct, Turkey appears to play a central role in the alleged conspiracy. He emphasized that Egypt has asserted to the international community that it will not tolerate any attempt to push the country to bankruptcy.

Shoebat’s blog linked to three “very credible sources” that corroborate the report on Gebali’s comments.

Egyptian Citizens

Shoebat reported in May that Malik Obama is the executive secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization, or IDO, a group created by the government of Sudan, which is considered by the U.S. State Department to be a terrorist state.

In 2010, Malik Obama attended an IDO conference in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. One of the objectives of the IDO is to spread Wahhabist Islam across the African continent.

Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir supervised the conference. Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court on seven counts related to crimes against humanity.

Shoebat asserted the evidence places Malik Obama “in bed with terrorists, working in a terrorist state as an official of an organization created by terrorists.”

Rothschild's United States Embassy In Baghdad. Largest Embassy In The World. From India to Argentina to USA 1913 to Israel 1948 to Iraq 2003.

Rothschild’s United States Embassy In Baghdad. Largest Embassy In The World.
Rothschild’s Usurped Countries ~ From India to Argentina to USA 1913 to Israel 1948 to Iraq 2003.

Malik’s tax-exempt problems

WND reported in May that funds contributed in the U.S. to a 501(c)3 foundation run by Malik Obama have been diverted to support Malik’s multiple wives in Kenya, an expert on Islamic extremism has charged.

Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS tax-exempt division currently under congressional investigation, signed the letter approving tax-exempt status for the Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation.

obama jail arrested

Lerner, currently on paid executive leave from her IRS supervisory position, took the Fifth Amendment before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on May 22 rather than answer questions on inappropriate criteria used by her IRS department to delay or otherwise deny tax-exempt status for tea party and “patriot” groups.

Shoebat has detailed his allegations in a 22-page investigative report titled “New IRS Scandal: Islamic Extremism and Sex Slaves: Report Reveals Obama’s Relatives Run Charities of Deceit,” published on his website

After a thorough examination of available evidence, Shoebat explained to WND his allegations against the Obama family tax-exempt foundations:

When Malik Obama and Sarah Obama raised money in the United States as the respective heads of foundations claiming to be charities, not only did the Internal Revenue Service illegally grant one of them tax-deductible status retroactively, but these foundations have supported – to varying degrees – illegal operations that acquire funding for personal gain, philandering, polygamy and the promotion of Wahhabism, the brand of Islam practiced by Al-Qaeda.

For the past two years, since long before the current IRS scandals became public, WND has been reporting irregularities in two IRS-approved 501(c)3 organizations operated in the U.S. by Obama’s half-brother and step-grandmother in Kenya.

WND reported in September 2011 the Barack H. Obama Foundation apparently received IRS approval one month after an application was submitted in May 2011. The IRS determination letter June 11, 2011, granted a highly irregular retroactive tax-exempt approval only after the group came under fire for operating as a 501(c)3 foundation since 2008 without ever having applied to the IRS.

In October 2012, WND reported a separate foundation, the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, created on behalf of Obama’s step-grandmother in Kenya, has transferred funds, 90 percent of which are raised from U.S. individuals and corporations, to send Kenyan students to the top three most radical Wahhabist madrassas in Saudi Arabia.

Since its founding in 2008, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, operating out of a commercial mail drop in Arlington, Va., has solicited tax-deductible contributions on the Internet, listing addresses and telephone numbers both in the U.S. and Kenya, without disclosing the group lacked an IRS determination letter.

In September 2011, the IRS confirmed to WND that the Barack H. Obama Foundation had received a determination letter in June 2011, awarding the group tax-exempt 501(c)3 status retro-actively to 2008

Malik Obama, best man at the wedding of Barack H. Obama, Oct. 3, 1992

Tax-exempt polygamy?

On March 3, 2013, Andrew Malone, reporting for the London Daily Mail, documented that Malik’s youngest wife in Kenya, Sheila Anyano, 35 years his junior, had spent the past two years living with three of Malik’s other wives at the “Barack H Obama Foundation rest and relaxation center,” a restaurant complex that profits from visitors drawn by the family’s connection to the American president.

According to the Daily Mail, members of his extended family in Kenya have accused Malik, a practitioner of Islam and a polygamist, of being a wife-beater and philanderer. Malik is accused of seducing Sheila, the newest of his estimated 12 wives when she was a 17-year-old schoolgirl – a crime in Kenya, where the legal age of consent is 18.

Malone tracked down Sheila’s mother, Mary, who explained to the reporter that Malik Obama had “secret trysts” with the girl after spotting her attending prayers at the mosque he has built in Kogelo, the family’s ancestral home.

Sheila, now age 20, told Ambrose that marrying Malik, now age 55, was the “worst decision” of her life and confirmed that she and Malik kept their marriage “a secret,” because she was 17.

“At first he was good, after he started speaking to me at the mosque,” Sheila told the Daily Mail. “But he has changed. Marrying him has been the biggest mistake of my life. He beats me, but mostly he’s just nasty and quarrelsome.”

Shoebot charged that Malik Obama is abusing non-profit funds.

“There is no evidence to suggest that Malik is building any houses in Kogelo for widows and orphans as claimed,” Shoebat said.

Neither is there evidence that the Mama Sarah Foundation has built any homes for widows, orphans and HIV/AIDS victims.

“The only evidence where monies were spent involves the Barack H. Obama Recreation and Rest Center in Kenya, which housed Malik’s 12 wives in a facility that includes a restaurant and a mosque with a madrassa,” he said.

“While building mosques is legally considered charity, evidence shows the entire funding came directly from entities and individuals from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain,” Shoebat said. “There is nothing of charitable nature to show for all the funds Malik raises from the United States. To date, there is no evidence for any accomplishments toward building homes for orphans, widows and AIDS victims in Kogelo or anywhere else in Kenya.”

Limited financial reporting

An IRS Form 990-EZ required for tax-exempt organizations was filed on May 23, 2011, only days before the IRS determination letter was sent.

Barack H. Obama Foundation, Form 990-EZ, filed May 23, 2011, page 1

The Form 990-EZ appears to have been hand-written by Malik Obama himself, complete with an unorthodox page of calculations evidently included to back up the amounts entered into the form.

The Form 990 reported the foundation had received $24,250 total gross income for 2010, derived from contributions, gifts and grants.

“We were not very successful this year because of limited contributions,” Malik reported on the Form 990. “The Foundation sponsored a Youth Tournement (sic) and embarked on construction of community bridges.”

Malik surfaced during the 2008 presidential campaign, dressed in African garb and holding a photograph of Barack Obama in African garb.

Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama displays a 1980s-era photograph of Barack Obama in Kenya

Born in Kenya to Kezia

Born in Kenya, on March 15, 1958, Abongo Malik “Roy” Obama was the first child born to Barack Obama Sr.

The son of Kezia, Obama Sr.’s first wife, Malik was only 18 months old when Barack Obama Sr. arrived in New York Aug. 8, 1959, on a BOAC flight in transit from Kenya to begin his undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

Having abandoned Kezia in Kenya, Obama Sr. subsequently married Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama Jr.’s mother, while in Honolulu, according to the account Obama relates in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father.”

Obama family portrait taken in Kenya. Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama stands to Barack Obama Jr.’s immediate left

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Dr. Ron Paul:

Ron Paul

Dr. Paul represents millions of Americans who want peace.

We don’t believe in the mainstream rationale that these wars are for a good reason.

We are awake to peace.

Dr. Paul is responsible for waking more people up than anyone else in recent Western history…Only Muammar al-Qathafi, world-wide, has brought more attention and action.



Tunisia fears of an imminent terrorist attack of Libyan territory
Libya – Tunisia
08/27/2013 20:11
Tripoli / Libya future / Special: security sources said Tunisian private that the Tunisian authorities got confirmed reports of the jihadist groups of nationalities Tunisian and Maghreb receiving training in a camp west (MISURATA) of Libyan territory, and they can seep cells them into Tunisia to support the militants trapped in the Mount Alhaanbe and relieve the pressure from them.

And take the Tunisian authorities the information obtained them seriously and develop plans for all possible scenarios, including the armed jihadists attack wide on one of the border towns along the lines of attack by gunmen backed by the Gaddafi regime late 1980, the city of Gafsa, which were able to control for some time.

According to information obtained by the security interests of the Tunisian that a large number of jihadists trained in rough terrain near Wattayah and they took advantage of the weakness of central authority Libya and set up fortifications difficult to reach, and that a number of them have already entered into Tunisian territory and enter with large quantities of arms and ammunition managed security interests of the Tunisian some reservations.

The head of the Tunisian government initiated Ali broadband today to announce the group “Ansar al-Sharia” terrorist organization with a military wing and accused of involvement in the killing of a number of elite forces and the assassination of political figures. Followers believed to jihadist groups would in the Maghreb that the Tunisian authorities aware of the difficulty of its mission in the follow-up jihadists outside its borders, and therefore to coordinate their efforts in this regard with regional and international powers, including the Libyan and Algerian authorities.




Police case remains pending over last year’s gunfire


There are four felony counts of first-degree assault, four felony counts of armed criminal action and two felonies for allegedly firing a gun from a vehicle and hitting people pending against a St. Louis suspect whom police identified as a member of the “Obama Boyz” gang.

Obama Boyz?

Is this related to President Obama’s intervention in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida when he said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon?”

Or is there a tie to the recent murder of Australian Chris Lane by black teens? As WND columnist Jack Cashill commented: “The drugs, the racial animosity, the violence, the attachment to the hip hop culture – if Trayvon was the son of Barack Obama, [the suspects] were his brothers. They were on the same track that Trayvon was.”

The facts in the Obama Boyz case are these: Anthony Jamal Lee, then 18, was arrested about a year ago for allegedly firing a gun out of a car and injuring several people. Police, according to local reports, said he was part of the “Obama Boyz” gang but did not elaborate.

St. Louis gang detectives and police officials all declined today to respond to WND requests for comment.

Often, gangs take their names from their neighborhoods, and in East St. Louis, there is a Barack Obama Ave. But the link between the case against Lee and the president is creating a white-hot discussion on the Internet.

According to “Can’t blame this one on Bush, who surprisingly doesn’t have any street gangs named after him. Heck, even America’s first black president, Bill Clinton, doesn’t have a street gang named after him. No, that distinction is reserved for the president who has inspired black teens to ‘hope and change.’”

At the Sodahead blog, one commenter, who uploaded an image of a mostly black row of prison inmates, said, “I’m sure they will do their namesake proud.”

The blog noted that the suspect, Lee, allegedly fired a gun at a group of people last September. A 13-year-old boy was hit in the side, and a 17-year-old boy was grazed on his face and arm.

Lee, according to authorities, then fired from his car at two passengers in another car, grazing one of them in the back.

The office of an attorney representing Lee confirmed to WND that the case is pending in a Missouri court.

Cashill, a bestselling author and investigative reporter whose book “If I Had a Son: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman” will soon be released, told WND that even “those of us who didn’t vote for Obama hoped that he could help bridge the racial divide.”

“Unfortunately, he has done just the opposite. Insecure about his own identity as an African-American, he has been afraid to address the problems of the culture he so desperately wants to be part of.”

WND contributor Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” probably has done more reporting on black-on-white violence in America that any other reporter. He told WND black mob violence takes many forms.

“Sometimes it looks like a street gang called the Obama Boyz. Sometimes it is just a group of people without a name. Either way, the damage they do, the effort the media expends to ignore them and condone their actions is enormous.”

Marlin Newburn, a former prison psychologist and author of the upcoming “Send Your Kids to Jail: The Manual for the Mutant Parent,” told Flaherty the characters in the video “demonstrate the exactprofile of a typical young prison inmate complete with feelings of invincibility and power based on extreme violence, immediate gratification, an identification with the RAP-gang culture, and a child-like idea of manhood.”

“They’re children with adult prerogatives,” he said.

Newburn said their “pre-adolescent thought processes have also developed a firm belief that regardless of their criminal actions, they’ll get backing from Obama and the black race pimps who never fail to find a media microphone to displace responsibility for them.”

“These future felons are functionally illiterate, guaranteed, but they know they’ll be defended after the worst happens to their victims,” he said. “The short explanation is that they are completely infantalized due to being defended constantly in the MSM, leftist politicians, and race hustlers, all who make excuses for their actions and angrily attack anyone who would hold them accountable.”

Erik Rush, author of “Negrophilia: From slave block to pedestal – America’s racial obsession,” told WND it “shouldn’t be particularly surprising that a subculture of young, angry black men is proliferating under President Obama.”

“While his tone when addressing matters of race and racial tension is usually measured and compassionate, his rhetoric is what I call ‘artfully divisive,’” Rush said. “It legitimizes and reinforces all of the worst beliefs of propagandized blacks, as well as the more militant and radical worldview of those who subscribe to same. His administration has also labored furtively but very effectively to heighten racial tension, I submit in order to precipitate civil unrest and thereby advance its communist agenda.”

The “Obama Boys” also have been memorialized in a graphic, profane video: (Viewer discretion advised):

 (see video at:

An blogger who covers street gangs noted in April:  “About 20 juveniles and four others between the ages of 17 and 20 were arrested Saturday night after St. Louis police said their loitering was causing traffic to stop and blocking sidewalks at Broadway and Market in the tourist hotel area. … The older four are being charged with disturbing the peace and contributing to the delinquency of minors. Was this group part of the highly controversial ‘Obama boys” street gang that has terrorized the city?”

At the website Newsone for Black Americans, was the following: “When one thinks of ways to pay homage to the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, naming a violent street gang in his honor probably doesn’t top the list. Plant a tree, maybe, or feed the homeless, but forming a band of thugs?”

The website said it’s “a sad, sad day when the only thing that the election of the first black president motivates a group of young black men to do is name a gang after him.”

“The pathetic part is, they probably think it’s cool.”

There’s an “Obama Boyz” Twitter account, but it appears to be unrelated to the St. Louis gang.  Tweets include “Declare our support for our Prez” and “I Love Obamacare!”

20 Aug. 2013

Allies Turn Away From US as Obama Backs Radical Islamists in Egypt

Under our first anti-Western, pro-Islamist president, US foreign policy has entered the Twilight Zone. Saudi Arabia — home to 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers — is actually siding with Israel and the secular government of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood insurgents and their ally, the US government:

The U.S.’s closest Middle East allies are undercutting American policy in Egypt, encouraging the military to confront the Muslim Brotherhood rather than reconcile, U.S. and Arab officials said.

The parallel efforts by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have blunted U.S. influence with Egypt’s military leadership and underscored how the chaos there has pulled Israel into ever-closer alignment with those Gulf states, officials said.

A senior Israeli official called the anti-Muslim Brotherhood nations “the axis of reason.”

The Obama administration first had sought to persuade Egyptian military leader Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi not to overthrow the elected government of President Mohammed Morsi and then to reconcile with his Muslim Brotherhood base.

But in contrast to some, General Sisi is no sissy when it comes to confronting radical Islam — even when significant financial pressure is brought to bear in its favor by Obama.

“Our ability to influence the outcome in Egypt is limited,” said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the U.S.’s main interlocutor with Gen. Sisi.

That’s certainly a relief.

Arab countries are stepping up to provide aid pulled by Obama. Astonishingly, they are the good guys, whereas the US government is backing Islamic terrorist insurgents. Unlike Obama, Arab nations want to arrest the spread of radical Islam so that the entire Middle East doesn’t turn into a giant seething Iran.

Meanwhile, Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies have been running amok in Egypt, largely targeting defenseless Christians. The following Christian institutions were attacked over a period of three days:

Catholic churches and convents
1. Franciscan church and school (road 23) – burned (Suez)
2. Monastery of the Holy Shepherd and hospital – burned (Suez)
3. Church of the Good Shepherd, Monastery of the Good Shepherd – burned in molotov attack (Asuit)
4. Coptic Catholic Church of St. George – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
5. Church of the Jesuits – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
6. Fatima Basilica – attacked – Heliopolis
7. Coptic Catholic Church of St. Mark – burned (Minya – Upper Egypt)
8. Franciscan convent (Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) – burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
9. Church of St. Teresa – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
10. Franciscan Church and School – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
11. Convent of St Joseph and school – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
12. Coptic Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart – torched (Minya, Upper Egypt)
13 Convent of the Sisters of Saint Mary – attacked (Cairo)
14. School of the Holy Shepherd – attacked (Minya, Upper Egypt)

Orthodox and Evangelical Churches
1. Anglican Church of St. Saviour – burned (Suez)
2. Evangelical Church of St Michael – surrounded and sacked (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
3. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George – Burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
4. Church of Al-Esla – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
5. Adventist Church – burned, the pastor and his wife abducted (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
6. Church of the Apostles – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
7. Church of the Holy renewal – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
8. Diocesan Centre Coptic Orthodox Qusiya – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
9. Church of St. George – burned (Arish, North Egypt)
10. Church of St. George in al-Wasta – burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
11. Church of the Virgin Mary – attacked (Maadi, Cairo)
12. Church of the Virgin Mary – attacked (Mostorod, Cairo)
13. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George – attacked (Helwan, Cairo)
14. Church of St. Mary of El Naziah – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
15. Church of Santa Damiana – sacked and burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
16. Church of St. Theodore – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
17. Evangelical Church of al-Zorby – Sacked and destroyed (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
18. Church of St. Joseph – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
19. Franciscan School – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
20. Coptic Orthodox Diocesan Center of St. Paul – burned (Gharbiya, Delta)
21. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Anthony – burned (Giza)
22. Coptic Church of St. George – burned (Atfeeh, Giza)
23. Church of the Virgin Mary and father Abraham – burned (Delga, Deir Mawas, Minya, Upper Egypt)
24. Church of St. Mina Abu Hilal Kebly – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
25. Baptist Church in Beni Mazar – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
26. Church of Amir Tawadros – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
27. Evangelical Church – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
28. Church of Anba Moussa al-Aswad- burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
29. Church of the Apostles – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
30. Church of St Mary – arson attempt (Qena, Upper Egypt)
31. Coptic Church of St. George – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
32. Church of Santa Damiana – Attacked and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
33. Church of the Virgin Mary – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
34. Church of St. Mark and community center – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
35. Church of Anba Abram – destroyed and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)

Christian institutions
1. House of Fr. Angelos (pastor of the church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abraham) – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
2. Properties and shops of Christians – Burnt (Arish, North Egypt)
3. 17 Christian homes attacked and looted (Minya, Upper Egypt)
4. Christian homes – Attach (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
5. Offices of the Evangelical Foundation – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
6. Stores, pharmacies, hotels owned by Christians – attacked and looted (Luxor, Upper Egypt)
7. Library of the Bible Society – burned (Cairo)
8. Bible Society – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
9. Bible Society- burned (Asuit, North Egypt).

Obama was perfectly happy to keep flooding Egypt with our money so long as those responsible for these outrages were running the country. When they lost their grip on power, hesecretly shut the money off.

Here is what Egyptians think of our current leadership (Anne Patterson is Obama’s ambassador to Egypt):

obama egypt
obama egypt
obama egypt
obama egypt

Obama is a traitor not only to the USA, not only to Western Civilization, but to civilization in general. If he is not soon removed from power, America will become an international pariah, fit only for the company of the Muslim Brotherhood and the al Qaeda–affiliated terrorists Obama has been helping to take control of Syria — and being bankrolled by our tax dollars won’t stop Obama’s friends from launching terror strikes against us.

Until we retake control of our country, the USA is no longer a force for good in the world; it is a force for evil.

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Jaafari now on Al-Arabiya: sarin brought the front group victory by Turkey coming from Libya.

Jaafari: We are not advocates of war and call for peace.
Jaafari: Sir OTCBB crimes against a sovereign state should bear the consequences.
Jaafari: You must give time for the international commission of inquiry to produce scientific results away from political interference.
Jaafari: American administration is trying to prepare for military action against Syria is not a member of the Convention on the Prohibition of the use of chemical weapons.

Anticipation for the final week of August

Supreme Commander speaks

Hello to all supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi:

Mu hides his laughter



The Green Banner


Our Mahdi greets us

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l):

Always, wherever you go, are free Leave Toaqaekm to the Great Jamahiriya on the streets .. Green Leave Ratm to ….

Within surprises that Njhzha you for inventory n in Birthdays Conqueror 44 ..

Groups: ghosts of Resistance.

- Whoever sees in himself the ability to perform tasks Velindm group .. your safety first.

- There will not be any contact between members of the groups preserved on your security and safety of Jardan lurking.

- Will only communicate with the Libyan Resistance movement page h m l


The first task:

- Moved cautiously, required writing revolutionary sayings on the walls in your region.

- Dissemination of green flags anywhere in your region.

- Comment wooden placards and pictures of the Leader on the roads.

- Photo task if you could spare.

- In the case of your being in photography, you should be masked.

Waiting for taking action on the ground from the night and until the peak of the celebrations on 09.01.2013, God willing.

To Alomaaaaaaam .. The Revolutionary Struggle continues until the liberation of Libya.

Hero Alwatan:

Rehana Green Valley and Prophet Matotqgua in what extent any one Libby moves and performs any is Antmany that ايقوم Beah with Mjnoath all, Fear and knowledgeable because Elzimazakh and lurking Halba and particularly in the days Delirious and Lord help you and sees your path Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarb the

ريحانة الوادي الأخضر والنبي ماتوثقوا في اي حد أي واحد يبي يتحرك وينفذ أي أمر انتمنى أن ايقوم بيه مع مجنوعته أل واتق فيها وعارفها ﻷن الزمازكة والمندسين هلبه وبالذات في اﻷيام هاذي وربي ينصركم ويسدد خطاكم ياااااااااااااااااااارب

The country I was born today revealed the first image.

ولد بلاد أنا اليوم نزلت أول صورة

ticked green balloons and Amlioha air and hung pictures green flag in balloons and fired them on 25/8 in all the cities Great  Jamahiriya beloved .. Tdcarua caution in buying Laket you buy with black and red colors to camouflage and caution when launched.

اشروا بالونات خضراء واملئوها بالهواء وعلقوا صور العلم الأخضر في البالونات واطلقوها من يوم25/8في كل مدن الجماهرية الحبيبه..تدكروا الحذر في الشراء بحيت تشترون معها الالوان السوداء والحمراء لتمويه والحذر عند اطلاقها

Muammar and blood : “I I have email Mottagrdn Nin Mgrob and Chadha strife between the traction Dan I know them and they Maarafonish and the needs of got them to hit the lead and Nzloha even thread is really Area Convention of Jardan and them move them, including and especially,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

معمر والدم انى عندى ايميل متجردن نين مجروب وشادها فتنه بين جر دان انى نعرفهم وهم ميعرفونيش وفيه من حاجات وصلت بينهم لضرب الرصاص ونزلوها حتى الصفحات وهى فى الحقيقه معلومت من الجردان وعنهم ننقل فيها بينهم وخصوصا ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



You guys this Hua weapon civilians to express their opinion .. We ask each group cooperation in providing the price of a nebulizer, preferably green and Tzkro ..Thrko Ka ghosts .. Arzau terror into their hearts.
يا رفاق هذا هوا سلاح المدنيين للتعبير عن رايهم .. نرجو من كل مجموعة التعاون في توفير ثمن البخاخات ويفضل اللون الاخضر وتذكرو .. تحركو كا لأشباح .. ارزعو في قلوبهم الرعب


Not a unified image on Facebook only .. Even in stretchers backgrounds ..

Greeting to free Aúr the Great:

Preparations for the Air Force in East rules to intercept any nautical goal and an ongoing survey of the territorial waters and off the oil ports

The Air Force is ready to carry out orders to bomb any target approaching the maritime and territorial waters, especially oil ports.

God save Libya !
Information and Documentation Air Force

Libya Telecom and Technology:

Company seeks Libya Telecom and Technology in collaboration with Dar Al Ifta Libya to shut down all the porn sites in Libya by block, in a gesture began more than two months and culminated blocked more than 2,500 site until today, when we ask our customers valued cooperate with us in this initiative and tell us about any Porn site or immoral act did not go into the blocking list, until it is finally blocked.
Thankful for your cooperation.


Advertising from the Ministry of Interior: Interior Ministry announced that the Libyan deadline for change of plates ((Libyan)) will be on Sunday 15 /

September / 2013 AD. It / the ministry assures customers that citizens would be taken against offenders procedures prescribed by law.


Incur Libya losses estimated at five billion dollars annually due to illegal fishing in the territorial waters of tuna and red shrimp, by fishing boats foreign. said company director Libyan fishing industry Mohammed Ajeel that Libyan territorial waters classified as the fourth economic region in the world, due to the presence of the amounts large variety of fish, especially the Gulf of Sirte, which produces nearly 2,000 tons of tuna and shrimp annually.

added Ogail that the production of the Libyan coast up to 902 tons of bluefin tuna, noting that the amount that is caught illegally exceed annual production, especially during the spawning season, by vessels other countries without obtaining licenses from the Libyan authorities clients.

explained Ogail that the European Union has agreed to study the request of the Libyan authorities to lift the economic embargo on the export of fishery since 2011 from Libya to EU countries under which pay Libya about 110% on fish exports to the countries of North Mediterranean. among economist Mahmoud Aahmoudh that Libya damaged significantly fishing operations illegal and especially by fishing boats, Japanese, that catch tuna key element in the seafood industry Japanese including “sushi.”

He Aahmoudh that Libyan territorial waters did not record an increase in the degree of water pollution, making it a suitable place for breeding fish, so they are vulnerable to abuse by those boats, especially in the absence of the state and its authorities sovereign. mentions that the Office of fishing in the European Union was revealed in October 2011 for evidence to confirm the involvement of European countries, illegal fishing for tuna and crustaceans by signals recorded by UNHCR, electronic black boxes for fishing boats in Libyan territorial waters violated.


Special Representative of the Secretary-General Tarek Mitri met with the Supreme Council of the Amazigh.

On 20 August 2013 at 01:54 am |
Mermaid ..

- Tripoli, August 18, 2013. The reporter said the agency today visit the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Libya, “Tarek Mitri” Today a delegation from the Council of Amazigh upper and discussed the latest developments related to the demands and rights of citizens of the ingredients cultural and social different in Libya, and the researchers examined, in the follow-up to previous discussions, and United Nations conventions and other instruments , as well as the role of the United Nations Mission in Libya, forms and areas, which provides “support for the Libyan people”.


Mr. Qazi stressed that “the shape of the political system in Libya is a matter for the Libyans for a decision, adding that the drafting and adoption of the Constitution is “sovereign Libyan affair”. He stressed the importance of compliance to the Constitution as it is the social contract, which draws together all citizens on the basis of national belonging, without discrimination. He stressed the importance to give the United Nations for the rights of all citizens, individually and in groups, especially those belonging to the cultural and social components. At the same time, he reiterated that the United Nations emphasizes respect for “national sovereignty.”


The two sides agreed on the need to continue the national dialogue between the different parties to resolve outstanding issues ….



Ashoural musrati informs us:

I my work in one of the major banks in Libya.
Do you know where to go Libyans oil revenues? Do they know where you disappeared three quarters of the budgets in 2012 and 2013?
The lion share of the money and budgets go to the militias and gangs shields in Tripoli and Misrata …

yesterday they are poor and are now rich and farms estimated Balmlaeyen and bank accounts at home and abroad .. It is for them Where is this?
Corrupt ministers in the government and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, ambassadors, regardless of the members of the conference?
Large bribes and kickbacks to go to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia and Sudan
Extremist terrorist groups in the Arab and Islamic countries and African
The rest of the budget, it goes in the form of salaries and little budgets of some local councils to suggest that there is deception and steps

coming projects ploy to silence the Libyan street
More than $ 140 billion between JD and disappeared during the sixty .. and I challenge the government, Congress and oversight and accountability

and the judiciary to open a transparent investigation into this terrible corruption.
There are vigorous attempts to seize money Aldhma and Mines and Libya-owned enterprises in some African countries … There are some of the

money had disappeared from the African countries at the hands agreement between Alvasudaian of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the government
Oh, I was….

Libya February …

Hello I hope Publishing, Aadinm
Name: Ibrahim Faraj Ali Ghazlani
Type of car Kia Atusz
Color Gray
The last was in place by the airport and the last call was at the airport was with him a sum of money.
Labs was navy blue shorts and Syria in red, blue.
So far the brightest future it Lahu missing or abducted.
Who knows it any Shi ÇŃĚćÇ contact the number 0,926,588,687. Thank you
Libyan Republic
Post / Mahmoud Abdul Qadir

Noureddine Bouchiha writes:

Safwat Hijazie is arrested on the 54 component of the organization Brothers terrorist and arrested , one of the biggest instigators of the murder and a criminals and Mufti.

Safwat Hijazi prepares to escape to Libya, this gives the impression that Libya has already turned into a safe haven for all terrorists,

and that there are those who receive them and prepares them fertile environment for the establishment and provides them with opportunities to work and make Libya a new starting station them ..

This means the center gets silence members of the dominant National Congress it from a certain category, as well as offset the severe weakness of the government under the control of the dominant National Congress it ..

The story has become unbearable unbearable, Libya turn into the country sponsor and exporter of terrorism in the region’s first undisputed ..


This man, Nizar Kawan, is a puppet for QATAR also! He worked for al-Jazeera prior.

Nizar Kawan:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood group blessing and will teach Libyans who are ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ….

In an interview on the channel of the capital Nizar Kawan says:

Protest against the justice building in Ramadan they scrap humanity and thieves Astglu the death of cuneiform Icomo what they have done.

(as reported by VALLEY GIRL for Valley Dinar News Agency)

نزار كعوان : الإخوان المسلمون جماعة مباركة وسيعلم الليبيون من هم الإخوان
المسلمون ….

في لقاء على قناة العاصمة نزار كعوان يقول:

من تظاهر ضد العدالة و البناء في رمضان هم خردة بشرية و سراق استغلو موت المسماري ليقومو بما قاموا به .

بنت الوادي



In an interview on the channel of the TRIPOLI capital now:

Nizar Kawan describes ‘Benghazi and Zintan and everyone who came out in a demonstration against terrorism and human bombings’, as “scrap” !!!

About Media blackouts/manipulation on internet “news” sites:

“Those sites did their job of muting and censoring effective discussion and argument at crucial moments prior to the March 19th vote in the UN Security Council

and around the decisive event of NATO’s ground invasion of Tripoli in August 2011. A tiny handful of writers, among them John Pilger and Tariq Ali, spoke out against the war.

But even they still swallowed hook, line and sinker the NATO psy-warfare caricature of Muammar al-Qathafi as a “blood-on-his-hands dictator-clown”.

(This is EXTREME DEFAMATION of one’s excellent, loving and GOOD CHARACTER: ANOTHER PROPANGANDA LIE and fabricated creation of the West)

While the individual errors of Achcar, Wallerstein and Ramonet may vary, all of them start from the central premise of NATO‘s psychological warfare offensive,

namely, that “Libya was a dictatorship overthrown by a popular revolution”. (TREMENDOUS LIE) 

As part of their suspiciously coherent perception management of events in Libya, all these NATO psy-warfare collaborators omit the following facts:

• prior to March 19th the Libyan Great Jamahiriya had called for negotiations and a UN fact-finding mission - rejected both by the renegades and the dominant powers in the UN;

• the only reliably confirmed information about events in Libya between February 17th and March 19th came from the Libyan government the Libyan government’s

account was confirmed by testimony from both Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen as well as by Russian military

intelligence prior to the March 19th Resolution 1973.

• there was never any reliable evidence of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya bombing or machine gunning peaceful demonstrations in February or March 2011;

• on the other hand credible accounts of racist pogroms and lynchings by the Libyan renegades were available from the very start of the events in Benghazi in February ;

• the African Union’s constant insistence from the very start of the conflict on a negotiated peace was welcomed by the Libyan Great Jamihiriya;

• the devastating role played by international sanctions imposed on the basis of the flagrant fabrication of Libyan involvement in the Lockerbie

terrorist atrocity badly affected Libya’s development between 1992 and 2003;

• by 2011 Libya’s population enjoyed an unparalleled high standard of living relative to the rest of Africa;

• US$200bn in funds were saved by the Libyan Jamahiriya and administered for the benefit of the Libyan people and impoverished African countries;

• the Libyan Great Jamahiriya promoted innumerable significant and strategic development initiatives in other African countries;

• prior to their NATO supported putsch- insurrection, the current renegade leaders promoted corporate friendly Western neoliberal policies that were firmly resisted by Muammar Al-Qathafi

• once they realized Maummar Al-Qathafi was resisting deepening neoliberal reforms, NATO planned and carried out the Southern Mistral war game in which they practiced a military assault against Libya.”

The “Rat Admits it” report:

 Rhiannon Smith (anti-Muammar RAT)

Libya: the long road ahead

“Not only has the state so far been unable to bring the militias under control, it has also not managed to repair roads, rebuild buildings, clean the streets or provide power to its citizens.

This year, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan was a particularly difficult one for Libyans. Not only were the days long and excruciatingly hot, but frequent power outages meant families were left without electricity for up to 16 hours a day in some areas, while a wave of violent assassinations, terrorist attacks and criminal activity afflicted the country from east to west. As Libyans readjust to their normal routines post-Ramadan it feels as though the worst of the storm has passed, yet a flotsam of unidentified assailants, wayward militias and deepening lack of confidence in the state has been left behind and it will take some serious efforts to clean it up….”

Quoting Lord page now:

Nadia Gaouda:

Of discussion in the National Congress as a resolution for a vote,,, give the Palestinians such as the rights of Libyans, including their right to oil,,,

Does anyone know any block made ​​this project,,,, Is one of you was elected one of the members of the National Conference on the basis of his platform

was resettlement of the Palestinians and give them the rights of the natural resources of the Libyan land.

What happens at the national conference?? ,,,,, And community support legitimacy,, Henw their opinion about what’s happening at the conference, to deceive the people and steal legitimacy to pass their programs dogmatic ideology
This means that the block that proposal of its members provided the Palestinians with Libyan citizenship ……

Hassan Mohamed Secretary: to Sheikh Sadiq Gharyani:  “ leave leave leave”

To “Sheikh” sincere Gharyani say:

leave leave leave …. You are one of the biggest obstacles to the democratic transition in Libya ….

You are one of the fans on the loose security and the absence of safety …

Your last statement “catastrophic” … “Irresponsible” … “Outside the scope of tasks” … Leave leave leave ….



Tension at the border between the security the globe and Rishvana area and corner Abusrh specifically at the clinic located between the area of the globe and Abusrh.
Bully from Abusrh area this morning expelled dispensary staff sons and Rishvana the force of arms under the pretext that this dispensary within the administrative boundaries of area Abusrh.

Reported that the situation of crisis is very far between the Rishvana of A corner after the killing of two people from the corner someone from family Cashel AFP and other from Shibani family and the disappearance of another person infected a family Bozyrebh.

Urgent is the heart of the event and God is my witness: -

The heroes and tribesmen and Rishvana _

“globe” attack on the clinic was under the control of Inventory Drag Dan corner which led to ignite clashes between the two sides and has control of the dispensary

by the heroes and Rishvana was captured 2 of  Inventory Drag Dan corner and wounding inventory despicable “Khaled Bo corral” junta chief Bo family ..

The news of congestion in the corner and to rally a large force to attack the clinic and Rishvana ..

ÇáÝŇÚĺ ÇáÝŇÚĺ O men and Rishvana the set on the ground from under the feet of my black ..

l from the heart of the event now and I swear to God that there is no god but is ..

inventory drag Dan attacks on the corner of the globe, and now swarming with a large military force and now clashes began again

in the globe between heroes and Rishvana the  corner inventory Drag Dan, and hottest battle united clashes ..

Vindae to all armed formations from the tribe and Rishvana immediate Alastnvaaaaaar and quickly set up gates and control the all Almnavd leading regions ..

And appeal to all are free Rishvana to join Bassaha Khamis Wafa to Mqatlt enemy of all axes ..

Tell God Guys .. God is Greatest over the aggressor Kid ..

I hope publication and dissemination of the importance ..



Been released for a wide range of Black mountain Almcha the Shih who were detained in Zintan.

It is believed that this last group of Ephyseal heroes Almcha Xie detention camp Henaaak ..
تم الافراج عن مجموعة كبيرة من اسود الجبل المشا شية الذين كانو معتقلين في الزنتان ويعتقد بان هذه اخر مجموعة من الابطال المشا شية معتقله هناااك..



Benghazi Security Directorate started campaign confiscate cars that do not carry metal plates and the imposition of a fine of 100 dinars..

Anis Sharif, a leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is the head of the
News channel …
This channel was launched imaginary potential and a lot of money with the help of
Training, rehabilitation and brainwashed staff in Doha P
Al-Jazeera headquarters …
This channel is Ojuna of Libyan society and control of the
Public opinion in Libya and becomes ÇÎćÇäě, and this picture Comments
President of Channel Anis Sharif which occurs in Benghazi
All comments are insulting and an appeal against the Egyptian people because he
The expulsion of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and imprisoned …

This is his personal account on Twitter: -

From inside the camp Thunderbolt

Captured one of Thunderbolt soldiers, trying to plant an explosive device in a car one of the officers and reported for clashes now inside the camp.

And a number of ambulances into the camp.

Quoting / / Naima Masrati the

Libyan oil theft chase video of the oil tanker (a whale) near Benghazi,  Show Low, 08/21/2013

Now, in a meeting with the customary special forces of the Navy
Yesterday we said the arrest of a huge oil tanker length 200
Meters, and we have retrieved to the city of Benghazi ..
And when contacted Palmsioliyn in Tripoli, they said to us Talego
Her army and you terrorists, then we were threats
That do not make the news of the Libyan people.


D.Umaymah Shalawi:

I am a doctor from Children’s Hospital of Benghazi in the Youth Day of the commas Ahat the Forces child of SSH side Alkna the salinity Hachakm a Maesidh old two days Mesh is known, launched her story we looked at her husband longed written on it the name of Mother and Baby and choise his Zina after Madernalh of health first aid

The images show “Face to the color red,” the impact of strangulation, bruising the head

Please publish her ​​story and her photographs and her name bash knows who committed Haljerm that God exists!!


URGENT / / beautiful baby girl with two days lying in the trash

God sends a man of benevolent and take care of all their income and expenses to be the stability of their positions and

Ergokm call a stadium businessman ((Omar Hamidi)) Director of Medical Equipment Co. has a lot of dealings with the

Children’s Hospital of Benghazi and we consider ourselves a family hospital is fully prepared to cover the entire Baby

expenses until the conditions of stability, please call the following number 9995 – 329 – 091 if you require any help.

And we thank all the good people of his ilk in the case became a public opinion issue

It might hinder any family, any family God forbid.
Quoting / Security Council / Libya Branch / anti-crime agency

Benghazi economic capital conglomerate says all air cargo companies cancel flights to the city’s airport to the lack of handling equipment at the airport!!


Hawari Benghazi hospital Thursday 2013 8 22 declares a state of emergency in the surgery room because of crowding too many people

with traffic accidents and congestion caused lock Galaa Hospital in the past two days.

Almqsba demanding to stop the attack and the division of the land of the draft Elsafsfah:

Chairman of the Committee demanded removal of buildings violation Imran Almqsba, Thursday, citizens who exploit draft Elsafsfah of the agricultural division and sold plots the need to stop the assault contrary to the regulations and laws because they are state-owned land dedicated to be Benghazi park year.

He warned Almqsba via “news agency solidarity,” the editors of contracts in the city of Benghazi and its environs from the conclusion of contracts for the sale and purchase or waiver of the plots of land in the project Elsafsfah agricultural reality area Alkorashh and student engineering offices to refrain from actions cadastral to this land, noting that those who do bear responsibility before Libyan state to do so.

And invited the Chairman of the Committee on the Elimination of buildings violation of citizens who claim ownership of the land in the project Elsafsfah go to your facilities and provide proof of ownership of the piece of land.

He appealed to the Joint Security Almqsba room Benghazi to intervene to stop the assault on the draft Elsafsfah from trying to partition, and sold as spare private lands, pointing out that the security room in the student through several earlier correspondence to intervene and stop these attacks and phenomena offense to no avail.

The Almqsba pointed out that the draft Elsafsfah an area of ​​more than 250 hectares in Rulrhh area owned by the Libyan state, which in turn allocated to be Benghazi park year.

(Valley girl)



Nuri Balrwin Prime Libyan Oil Corporation ..
The loss of Libya from the turmoil in the oil fields and ports about one hundred million dollars a day and that total losses since the beginning of

this year has amounted to $ U.S. 4.5 billion U.S. dollars ..

United Press International “UPI”

News: Back to work in the port of Marsa Harika after the evacuation of the protesters, and the continued closure of the ports of Sidra and Zueitina.

Osama Gard …

Opulence and flashier money in order to move the media fabricated demonstrations
Planning for gatherings or demonstrations Ah_ak_ih in some cities tenderly led by officials in the state and the parties labeled armor battalions and working on all kinds of money and opulence Albehr JH media for a return to non-trafficking in the sale of oil.


Aaaaaaaajl … Ibrahim Said walls displays “oil” for the trial of the Cape government and a referendum on federalism.


Move large forces from the eastern side now in the direction of Ras Lanuf and the Red Valley!!

People city of Brega out in a demonstration declare their support for federal and youth statement Ras Lanuf.

On the Aspli

In a short while ago with Lt. Col. Ali Imran customary commander of a battalion Hawks Prairie stationed in the port of Ras Lanuf, said there were columns

from the city of Bayda and Biar and various cities of Cyrenaica began parading on the city since this afternoon,

in response to a fatwa sincere Gharyiani which wasted whereby the blood of the protesters there.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel and Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

A statement issued by the Presidency of the Political Bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica on the extraordinary action on allowing for one shipment

of oil for export to technical reasons in order to preserve the oil installations owned by the Libyan people.



Statement of the local council of the city of his goal area oases:

Yesterday sunset from Wadi Dinar:

Bani Walid today

Valley dinars evening time:

Today corner:

Bani Walid in pictures

Greeting of respect and appreciation for the company’s employees General Electric of the sons of Bani Walid on their continued efforts in a position modest intentions,

especially yesterday, although rainfall did not Atoagafo working:

Flower Valley



Exposed electrical cables feeder network for the industrial zone located at a distance “7″ kilometers west of the city of Sirte

yesterday evening cutting and theft of the entire electrical wires leading to the interruption of the power supply to the entire region ..

Libyan news agency “and”


هذا المقطع ليس بافغانستان وليس بالعراق انه في ليبـــيا في مدينة سرت شجار بين شاب من قبيلة الفرجان بسرت وبيــــن اعضاء من تنظيم القاعدة في المدينة حيث قام هذا الشاب بشجاعتة بجعل اعضاء التنظيم الارهابي يركبون سياراتهم وهم مذعورين
يتملكهم الخوف كما يبدو بالمقطع … حيى الله البطــــــن التي
حملتك .

22 août 2013 15:34
This section is not Afghanistan, not Iraq, he was in Libya in Sirte, a fight between a young man from the tribe Alforjan Sirte and between members of al-Qaeda in the city where this young man has courage by making members of the terrorist organization riding their cars and they panic
Afraid it seems the … section God greeted by abdominal



Misratah militias Asswehly and impose its decisions by force of arms to appointment of Jamal Zoubih, and Minister of Kharigah.

(Ahlam al-Obeidi)

State Mzrath

Sunday’s arrival of the ship ASIAN CAPTAN to Port Free Zone Co. Misurata Korea coming from the port with a cargo of last modern Arrangements of type (Kia) we do not know the financial value.
And the number (11878) and the car they say will be distributed to the indigenous people of Misrata without charge ..
And the arrival of the ship BF PHILIPP the port of Misurata Free Zone company and city park on board a massive $ 8 million and place of the city near the with Misurata security beach resort.
While waiting for the arrival of the zoo $ 5 million.

To Hoij / / Moved

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel and dangerous: Anwar the Gulf of Libyan oil tanker .. Up a little while ago to Valletta, Malta coming from the city of Misratah

The Libyan news agency ..

AKP and construction cost house sound money, head of the local Council of Misrata – formerly – Spokesman tasks MB “Party for Justice and Development”.



Libya phone company contract with Alcatel
Country ambiance – Ahmed Azaaeljk the

Telephone Company signed Libya contract to develop a network south of Tripoli and connect fiber-optic Nafusa Mountains with Alcatel-Lucent on Tuesday.

The director of the Office of Alcatel in Libya Mohammed bales for the ambiance of the country on Thursday that the duration of the project Twenty-five weeks is the linking areas Nafusa Mountain system optical fiber, network development south of Tripoli so that the available capacity to absorb more of the network while minimizing breakdowns – as he put it.

It is noteworthy that Alcatel-Lucent is the product of the merger of the French Alcatel and Lucent States.



News Shield Libya militias and great performance!!

Tripoli, the capital of terrorism –

House member of Solomon Akjm Congress exposed to an explosion today

The house of a member of the National Conference for the city of Ifrane year Solomon Akjm an explosion in Tripoli on Thursday morning without causing material damage or casualties.
And said Akjm to the atmosphere of the country, he saw two cars Egypt Otain front of the house when the explosion occurs through the camera.
The Akjm pointed out that his house is among eight empty houses of the population, he said, adding that he told security to investigate the bombing ml Absath.
It is noteworthy that an independent member of the National Conference for the city of Ifrane Solomon Akjm subjected to six threats by the parties refused to disclose.

Youth Tripoli denounced the suspected role of the Mufti as well as the Brotherhood shields occupation of Tripoli, and on its people stenosis.

(MISURATA‘s) Bushmin’s MB decision failed to secure Tripoli, where the situation
Became bad, and although 900 million, salary and expenses
But the situation is bad .

Please Publishing O addicted ……
Very, very serious :: of Haw Hospital factor events Salim

Gneoh militia assassin. Last Allata, stop young Senthana of Population Salim named “Mohamed Boubacar key” he called.

Nuri slaves opened fire on the young man and he hit me تلاتة shots and the putting it in the trunk of the car :: Alkovna :: type of car
(Dow’s City)

And brought to a hospital incidents Abu Salim. Then attack him someone named “Majid Garma” beating and Hua infected.

The young man now being held in a hospital in Abu Salim incidents and we do not know his health for information Gneoh the and Mlisheth own wing of the hospital

holding all call it the fire are not open to the minutes of entering.

The life of this young man in neck Gneoh and his aides. And on Mndmat civil society intervention and on Zintan purely tribe on Apinhaa before finishing it.

Now come from the Abu Salim that he had been shooting in the later period of the night Ajerz known as (Abdo Abuazza) by I Gneoh militias Alkkla.  The reason is still unknown ……

Loa on each rat …

(Asturna íÇŃČí.)

Ahmed Kaid we’ve got.




Quoting / / Islamic Front for the Mujahideen forces tuber

Moments after the explosion in Tripoli NIF :

 “We tuber that we promised and that we have won.”

(Abu Musa)

The first image that appears to Atef Alhsada who Taatd appointed group of Derna they kidnapped and carried liquidate him for being a penitential of follow Sufyan Alqovernm.

It is worth mentioning news of his abduction and filtered back about a week on Facebook, and did not deny or confirm the news any one of his group!!




The United States have indicated their willingness to support and train Libyan army
Country ambiance – Faraj Garah

United States of America announced its willingness to provide support and training necessary for the construction of the Libyan army, in a meeting between Libyan Defence Minister Abdullah bending and military attaché of the American embassy in Libya on Wednesday at the General Staff headquarters in Tripoli.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Libyan Abdel Razek Cbahi for the ambiance of the country today, that the U.S. support the training aspects, military equipment and military equipment and capabilities, a dish specific laws and regulations, as he put it.

The Cbahi said that the U.S. side had offered training elements of the Libyan army in addition to the training of military students and scholars who will graduate as officers from the Libyan military colleges.

As Cbahi pointed out that the meeting, they discussed ways to support the U.S. government and the Ministry of Defence of the Libyan Ministry of Defense, and overcome the difficulties that may be faced in the process of building the army and strengthened to enable it to carry out his duties, he said.

It is noteworthy that the U.S. Embassy has resumed its work in Libya in the twelfth of August the following suspended earlier this month because of security concerns.



Said Italian Defense Minister Mario Mauro:  need to advocate and support the Egyptian government in its fight against terrorism,

and images of violence, which begin furiously against the sanctities of Christians.

Human Rights Watch accuses ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood of inciting the burning churches

“Human Rights Watch,” called on the new Egyptian authorities to take the necessary steps to protect churches and religious institutions against attacks from what it called “Balgoghae”.

The HRW said in a statement today, that since 14 August 2013, there have been burning and looting of dozens of Christian churches and property in all parts of the country, killing at least four people. The new Egyptian authorities are investigating the cause of the the attacks and security forces will not permit a state of non-interference in light of these attacks.

HRW showed that the MB organization (after the resolution of a sit-fourth Adawiya on 14 August) attacked groups of people from least 42 churches, and burned or destroyed 37 of the religious institutions of Christianity in the governorates of Minya, Assiut, Fayoum, Giza, Suez, Sohag, Beni Suef, and North Sinai.

Joe Stork, acting director of the Middle East in the “Human Rights Watch”, expressed that supporters of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood falsely accused the Christian citizens of being the cause of the overthrow of former President Mohamed Morsi; and thus have some MB members attacked churches in the provinces of Egypt, which led to hide dozens of families of Christians fear of their oppression.

Human Rights Watch spoke with 43 witness to the events of them priests, and Coptic activists, who have confirmed that the attacks took place on 42 Church, and dozens of Christian institutions, schools, and businesses owned by Copts, said residents in the city of Minya that after the removal of Mercy from the presidency there was of marks “X” on the black Christian-owned buildings to distinguish them from Muslims owned buildings.

Furthermore, the organization added that “these attacks come after weeks of sectarian rhetoric by supporters of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the Renaissance and the fourth Adawiya a sit-called assault on the Copts in the belief that they have a relationship with the departure of former President Morsi.

To show this is not just a blatent accusation of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood spreading hatred, HRW has also published the false MB “Freedom and Justice Party branch Helwan” statement on their Facebook page Group, which  accuses Pope of Gilan (the religious leader of the Egyptian Coptic community) of being involved in the removal of Mercy.


Okasha Jabhalkm, Malakhir

Oh rats
Okasha, the Egyptian army will fight Libya rats and rats Strip

عكاشة الجيش المصرى سيحارب جرذان ليبيا و جرذان غزة

Quoting Sky News site :::::

Algerian # Belmokhtar  (WHO WAS SUPPOSED-to-be DEAD a long time ago already!)

warns of attacks in # Egypt

Alliance former leader of the al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, officially with financial jihadi group vowed to carry out attacks in Egypt,

according to a statement posted on a Web site on the Internet Mauritanian Thursday.

Egyptian experts

Chemical weapons smuggled by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to Egypt Brothers
Are the same weapons that were used in Damascus Ghouta
And is toxic gases may escape from her older, but the kids have weak resistance
And this explains the high proportion of the victims were children in Damascus Ghouta.

and do not forget were also used on BANI WALID in Libya.

Thwart attempt to smuggle drugs into the port Amsaad
Country ambiance – Rizk Faraj Rizk

Enable port security men Amsaad foiled an attempt to smuggle drugs have been seized in a truck coming from Egypt. The director of security a wild Amsaad port, Colonel Abdul Salam Alsakr Thursday for the ambiance of the country, that the drugs to be introduced to the country was on board an Egyptian car, and have been seized by security agents at the port.

The Alsakr said the car was Trgiaha where it came from, adding that the ongoing smuggling attempts, which resulted in the formation of the security room, which seeks to establish full control over the port and prevent conflicts of powers and functions – as saying.

It is noteworthy that a wild Amsaad port continuously exposed to the drug-smuggling attempts and food non-conforming to the standards. As well as weapons, and illegal immigration.

CBC Mohamed Hosni Mubarak exit from Tora prison in a helicopter moments before, and will be deposited in a hospital it is likely in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh ...

URGENT | | first pictures for the arrival of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to the residence of the sovereignty of New Maadi Military Hospital .. Hamad God for your safety

(Yaris Fo2sh)



approval Renaissance Movement after a meeting with Ghannouchi and Abbasid morning to solve the Government of broadband and the formation

of a government headed by a national figure, independent

and solution links the protection of the revolution and review appointments and activate the Terrorism Act and determine the duration of activity

of the Constituent Assembly to 30 September 2013 and dissolved on 23 October 2013.



Photo taken moments before one of the Liberals in Britain,

How beautiful that mixes the spirit of resilience and the spirit of the will and deliberation and diligence .. Salute to the free:



The Zionist enemy is firing rockets from northern Lebanon toward the northern occupied Palestine
Heavy artillery on scrubland in southern Lebanon.

The Media Deception About the Terrorist Attacks in Lebanon

Global Research, August 21, 2013

There has been an ongoing information war being fought for hearts and minds inside and outside of the Middle East. The war has mostly been tied to Syria. As the US and its allies begin to focus their attention on Hezbollah in Lebanon, the media war now includes the events in Lebanon. This, however, has not stopped the media attempts to depict the fighting in Syria in sectarian terms as a regional war between Shias and Sunnis or to demonize Syria’s allies…

In regards to Syria, the Israeli media, the Saudi media, and Lebanon’s Hariri-owned media — which belongs to Hezbollah’s US/Saudi-supported rivals — have all carried the same August 2013 AFP story or some derivative of it that deceitfully reports the Iran and Hezbollah are now running Syria. The Jerusalem Post, Arutz Sheva, the Daily Star, Ya Libnan, Al-Arabiya, the Saudi Gazette, Hürriyet, Naharnet, France 24, Fox News, and the Dubai-based Gulf News are examples of the type of media that carried this so-called news. Here is an extract of the text which sums up the entire image that the article is trying to engrain into the minds of its readers: «Assad ‘no longer runs Syria. The real rulers of Syria are the Iranian (elite) Revolutionary Guard… with the participation of Hezbollah fighters,’ Jarba said». The entire report is built around a quote by Ahmad Al-Jarba, the leader of the foreign-controlled and funded Syrian National Coalition.

How the Mainstream Media Legitimizes Terrorism Against Lebanese Civilians

Next the same media outlets finessed the news about the terrorist bombs planted in Beirut’s southern suburb of Dahiyeh. The August 15, 2013 terrorist bombings in the neighbourhood of Al-Rouweiss (Al-Rweiss) were downplayed and, in a manner of speaking, legitimized by the media through their selective use of language. The attack on Al-Rouweiss came about a month after the July 9, 2013 terrorist attack on the neighbourhood of Bir Al-Abed. Both are densely populated neighbourhoods in Dahiyeh. The Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA) in the United States took quick notice of the biased media framing. IPA asked the following, on August 16, 2013, through the title of a report: «Why Isn’t Beirut Bombing Called ‘Terrorist’? What’s Behind It?»

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akbar is worth looking at to get a grasp of the biased media reporting that has been used to reframe the events as legitimate. It commented thus on August 17, 2013: «The Western media have double standards when it comes to ‘terrorism.’ Within hours after two bombs were detonated at the Boston Marathon last April, many in the media had christened it a ‘terrorist attack.’ Meanwhile, the August 15 bombing in Rouweiss that killed at least two dozen is a ‘blast’ that occurred in a ‘Hezbollah stronghold.’» As Al-Akhbar observes, the word «Hezbollah stronghold» plays a prominent role in giving the impression that the civilian neighbourhours bombed in Beirut were armed barracks. Al-Akhbar even nicely sums up some of the biased titles used to describe the terrorist attacks:

Wall Street Journal: «Car Bomb Blasts Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon»

BBC: «Deadly Lebanon Blast in Beirut Stronghold of Hezbollah»

LA Times: «Massive Explosion in Beirut Rocks Hezbollah Stronghold»

Washington Post: «Bomb Explodes in Hezbollah Stronghold in Beirut, Injuring Dozens»

Reuters: «Over 50 Hurt as Car Bomb Hits Hezbollah Beirut Stronghold»

Associated Press: «Car Bomb Rocks Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon»

France24: «Car Bomb Rocks Hezbollah Stronghold in Beirut»

Mixed with the other narratives that the same media outlets are painting, the terrorist attacks are being tacitly portrayed as some type of legitimate retaliation. Readers are basically led to think that the terrorist attacks in Dahiyeh were a military act against some type of Hezbollah base.

How the Mainstream Media Lies and Deliberately Places the Blame on Sunni Muslims

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, responded to the terrorist attack on Al-Rouweiss by categorically saying that the attacks were not the work of Sunni Muslims. He gave a speech saying that there were going to be those groups and individuals that would try to blame the terrorist attacks in Beirut on the Sunnis and said that these groups and individuals should be outright dismissed. In fact, he said that anyone that used this divisional logic was an «Israeli» and a partner in the goal of creating massacres. He made it clear that the individuals who planted the bomb did not represent the Sunni Muslims or the Arabs or the Syrians or the Palestinians. In a message to the US and its allies, he also said clearly that Hezbollah was aware that the intelligence services of the US and its allies had infiltrated various terrorist groups and manipulate them as tools.

Despite Nasrallah’s clear words, his words were totally changed by the same media outlets that were legitimizing the terrorist attacks in Beirut. The Israeli media, the state-run British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya would blatantly fabricate the news and claim that Nasrallah «blamed the Sunnis» or try to manipulate readers into getting the impression that he did. The New York Times would title an August 16, 2003 article on the terrorist attacks as the following: «Hezbollah Makes Vow to Step Up Sunni Fight». It would never even mentioning that Nasrallah went out of his way to say that the people involved in the terrorist attacks were the tools of the US and Israeli government and not really Sunni Muslims. Instead Ben Hubbard would focus on sectarianism in Lebanon and write: «In short, Hezbollah has more enemies than it used to have».

The BBC on the other hand would write a similar article on August 16 too. It would also use a grossly misleading title. The title would be «Hezbollah blames Sunnis for bomb». After a large number of people caught it, the BBC would change the title to «Beirut bomb: Hezbollah’s Nasrallah blames Sunni radicals».

Exposing the Yellow Journalism at Work as a Tool of War

Aside from their direct or indirect links to these media outlets, even the political actors involved show that the way the news is reported is not circumvent of them. Saad Hariri, the leader of the Future Party and a Saudi client, even responded to Hassan Nasrallah’s speech by saying that he had no right to designate what groups are terrorists. Hariri’s overlords in Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, refused to even condemn the terrorist attacks. This again is tied to the attempts to reframe the terrorist attacks in Beirut as a legitimate military act.

This type of yellow journalism that relies on misleading headlines that essentially say everything that the hollow articles carry and have little or no newsworthy material is not politically neutral. It is a weapon of war. All these articles are agitating for bloodletting in the Middle East, specifically between Shias and Sunnis. This type of journalism either directly or indirectly stokes the fires of sectarianism in Lebanon and the Middle East with the intentions of spreading sectarian animosity. This is why it deliberately ignores and refuses to even acknowledge the main points of Nasrallah’s speech that clearly pointed the finger at Israel and the US and said that the terrorist attacks had nothing to do with Sunni Muslims.




Kabaa at the Hadj


Elaf signs agreement with the Department of Hajj and Umrah Libyan pilgrims housing Libya

Date Posted: 22/08/2013

Ramallah – minimum home
Within the framework of its strategy to meet the growing demand for tourist services and hotel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed “Group of Companies Elaf Travel & Tourism and Hotels” recent strategic agreement with the Department of Hajj and Umrah at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Libyan housing pilgrims from the State of Libya to Mecca and Medina .

Under the new agreement, said Ziad Bin Mahfouz, President of the “Group of Elaf” and a member of the Tourist Development Council in Mecca, the group will provide hotel rooms for pilgrims Libyans in its hotels in the holy cities, in addition to securing reservations tickets for them, pointing out that the agreement emphasizes the bonds of strong relations pool “Ilaf” with the Department of Hajj and Umrah Jamahiriya in order to achieve the desired goals of providing the best Hajj and Umrah services to the guests House of God according to the highest quality standards adopted globally.

He completed Bin Mahfouz: “You see the Group’s management in these ambitious plans the fruit of success reflect the levels of excellence and innovation in the services we provide, including confirms our ability to expand and spread in the local market and contribute to advancing the growth of tourism in the Kingdom through the development of resources that Nandhanha and elevating the level of services for the travel and tourism . “

For his part, Dr. Khalid Alorchwena, Chairman Department of Hajj and Umrah at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Libya: “We are delighted closer cooperation relations with the group” Elaf “leader in the travel and tourism industry and hotels. And we look forward through this agreement to attract more Libyan pilgrims to take advantage of services that are unique to high-level group to provide. “

The 44th year of the al-Fateh will be a Triumph

Mu 44th

The nation’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, God bless *** ** Commander greetings to complements …

Mu fasting

to the front and the Mtzmr Revolutionary struggle until victory. Mu determined


Four tanks moved abruptly from the Islamic Call Society, more than an hour ago!

  Mu looks out

2012 at festival of 02 MARCH “PEOPLE’s POWER” and they pray: “may God protect him … And every year, …”

Our Mu in Navy uniform

Mu Lion over the sea

Baghdadi Mahmudi French lawyers seeking to postpone the proceedings for lack of access to visas

French defense team asked for al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi last prime minister in the Gaddafi-era Libyan judiciary to postpone the

start of the proceedings, which was scheduled to begin Wednesday 7 July / August, because of the lack of access of its members on

the Libyan visa. A member of the defense team, Pierre-Olivier Sur said in a statement:

“I sent a request to postpone the proceedings

to the court after not being able to see the call and speak with my client or get a visa despite all the requests made by the Libyan

authorities, and even been attempts to blackmail.”

Wall expressed his concerns in connection with what is going on, regarding it

as similar to the trial of Saddam Hussein, where

“the defendant is deprived of any defense, and his lawyers are exposed to danger.”

Source: “ITAR – TASS” + “Russia Today”

محامو البغدادي المحمودي الفرنسيون يطلبون إرجاء المرافعات لعدم حصولهم على تأشيراتطلب فريق الدفاع الفرنسي عن البغدادي علي المحمودي آخر رئيس وزراء في عهد القذافي من القضاء الليبي
إرجاء بدء المرافعات التي كان من المقرر أن تبدأ الأربعاء 7 أغسطس/آب، بسبب عدم حصول أعضائه على التأشيرة الليبية. وقال
أحد أعضاء فريق الدفاع بيير أوليفييه سور في بيان له: “أرسلت طلبا بإرجاء المرافعات إلى المحكمة بعد عدم تمكني من
الاطلاع على الدعوة والتحدث مع موكلي أو الحصول على تأشيرة الدخول رغم كل الطلبات التي تقدمت بها للسلطات
الليبية، وحتى تعرضت لمحاولات ابتزاز”. وأعرب سور عن مخاوفه بصدد ما يجري، معتبرا إياه شبيها بمحاكمة
صدام حسين، حيث أن “المتهم محروم من أي دفاع، ويتعرض محاموه للخطر”. المصدر: وكالة “إيتار-تاس” + “روسيا اليوم”

07 08 2013 comments the Mustafa Qdereboh fighter about the description of the NATO Mufti for his subordinates dogs.

 Mu ready



There is no truth to the rumor launched by journalist known for his erroneous news events regarding Mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
لا صحة للإشاعة التي اطلقها الصحفي المعروف عنه بالاخبار المغلوطة بخصوص المجاهد سيف الاسلام القذافي.






500 Lake want to Rafik commander hero martyr Abu Bakr Younis Jaber offer greetings and appreciation to the family of Rafik

commander Abu Bakr Younis Jaber …. (Libby Green)




“A large plot by the Council of Tripoli and Misurata rebels for control of the capital Tripoli after the Eid al-Fitr.

Basset Haroun on Jardan channel Libya official says: -

- Who governs Libya now are the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and militias Misratah and I do not mean the people of Misrata

understand honest I mean Militias Asswehly. - Shields and security committees track ideologies Li and Brotherhood.

They of Hasro ministries and National Congress several times. – Order bin Humaid killer committed massacres and

killed 42 martyrs In Benghazi stood Bushmin honored and put President Libya protection. – When he was arrested for a

colonel in the Homeland Security charged with Ghazal journalist killed Boktef came to me and Ismail Hardness and

they said we want to release him because he husband’s aunt One of them, that I was with them a national Icolo that

you are against them They say ousted. – I expect every day to be dead and praise be to Allah out Betty pure, Mtzaki

and ready to die at any Moment for God and the homeland and the right word and holistic remorse Ali’s parents being

in Libya have lost ……

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Sons neighbors save their neighbor from death

In the area of ​​Laithi old at the exit young Mahmoud quality Barasi a member of the National Army of the Asr prayer mosque Awzai

heading towards his home in a car Toyota’s national army, and when he stood on one of his neighbors Venbha as well as young street

to the car by Shi from under burning Vtm stay away from them exploded and quality have been rescued from death.

Ali Zaidane, commenting to one of satellite TV for Helms in a letter of resignation Awad Barasi: Challenge him to find two

government ministers to vouch for the truth of what he said in his letter of resignation, because ماقاله incorrect and baseless,

and in any case, I am not of the nominated to be deputy to me, but it was nominated is the party of Justice

and Development Who belongs to him.

(Rat Newspaper) LIBYA HERALD: Tripoli, 6 August 2013: Following the resignation of his Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi the

previous day, and a few weeks of intense and increased public criticism, (RAT) Prime Minister Ali Zaidane again attempted to

defend his own personal leadership and his government’s performance at yesterday’s press conference. However, when asked

directly by Libya Herald for his response to Barasi’s resignation remarks that Zaidane’s centralized decision –making within the

cabinet, was responsible in the delay in creating an army and a police and that the government was ineffective, Zeidan chose to

answer in a very brief and non combative mode . “He has the right to resign”, responded Zaidane, before continuing: “We have

trained 17,000 in the police and when we saw that local training was not working we planned to train them abroad”, he explained

regarding Barasi’s accusation that Zaidane was responsible for delaying the creation of a police force. To the accusation that the

government was ineffective, Zaidane reiterated his oft quoted response: “There is no state in Libya…so it is not only the

government that is failed”. On the third main accusation that Zaidane was dictatorial in decision-making within the Cabinet,

Zaidane would not respond directly. “I have accepted his resignation. I do not want to comment further on this matter”,

he concluded. Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi, a member of the Islamist Justice and Construction party, had

announced his resignation from the Zaidane government at a press conference, apparently without the courtesy of

informing his rat Prime Minister first. This led to Zaidane announcing his acceptance of Barasi’s resignation through a

press release. General National Congress considering the possibility of transferring the Ministry of Interior to the city of Benghazi!


Aaaaaaaaaaaa Gel: Member of the National Congress for “Justice and construction” (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) Khaled Mishri

through Sabratha radio: the removal of fuel subsidies will be after 3 years.

The fall of the National Congress and the government in Libya a matter of time ….

Henih Dr. Yusuf Shakir on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr 8 8 2013

Is the Egyptian scene will be repeated in Libya and why preventing country aircraft landing at the airport in Tripoli?

Question: strategic analyst and expert on Libyan Dr. Yusuf Shakir

Welcome guest of the waves Voice of Russia from Moscow, went with Houdrtk of the latest developments in Libya, especially regarding

the acceptance of the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Libya as a result of the failure of the government in the implementation of

programs and tasks that was placed before it, the beginning of how you read the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister and in what

context can be placed?

A: I my brother Karim think that is a not courage principle but is the process of jumping from this sinking boat and drown, which we

see before our eyes in this failed state. Mr. Awad Barasi is part of this system, which has claimed Libya to what it is, a man of his

sympathy and links to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is now trying to justify that has a vision, but a failed state can not be there to

see, and in the state eliminates the strategic planning and the state of non-existent the executive agencies for the implementation

of the resolutions and the establishment of the concept of the non-existent state,

I am not surprised that comes Mr. Ali Zaidan resign in these coming days, therefore my brother Karim This series of resignations in

the National Council and within the government. Mr. Zidane himself said, I met with 37 officers refused to accept the Ministry of

Defence, what does this mean? Into this that there is no safety and security and there is no state in the conventional sense in the

science of politics, and this is my brother Karim what we say in this regard, but there are other things ready to fight what is going

on in Libya.

QUESTION: Yes, of course through this resignation we will move to the internal situation in the security developments, and in a new

scene of instability and the regime in Libya, where there is a group seized control of the Tripoli International Airport did not allow

for aircraft Qatar to land at the airport, why specifically airplanes country do you think?

Answer: Qatar accused of igniting fires of discord and the introduction of weapons into Libya, but let me go back to you out of the

box and one where the two led to the conversion of Libya to the State to be the number one al-Qaeda, became a state-owned

al-Qaeda financially and geographically and Tzlyahya. Libya surface area vast and its geostrategic and its borders with Africans

and Bhdodh Mediterranean with Europe Afghanistan became real,

this fact by fleeing from politicians and the media, because it is transferred to Libya all fighters base of the Arabs and others, and

we saw syndrome Libyan What led in Tunisia, Algeria and Mali, about this situation now finds West itself that these artificial

revolutions by him otherwise dominated by the basic its premises, and that these oppressed peoples want freedom and want

democracy. There is movement basal and militia rode these waves and dominated by because it is the regulation was the only

organization and this is my brother Karim drift on what is happening in Libya now assassinations and qualifiers were killed,

and must attach the rings to each other which should be linked to the situation Libyan situation with the Tunisian situation Egyptian

together, as it was before the seventeenth of February now associated with some other. It fells Europeans and Americans are in

big trouble as they call the fight against terrorism and takfir movements and jihadist movements allied everywhere in Syria and

Libya. Libyan case my brother Karim Valielm and everyone knows the decision-makers, that the Libyan situation Libyan rebels

arrived jihadists Alhadion the Almilchouwon unbearable to some extent, in terms of arrests and prisoners and tampering

Bmekdarat State, money and oil and all that springs to mind.

Q: Excuse me Doctor here specifically want to take your opinion at this point any of the countries that experienced changes such as

Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, where he was Qatar’s role is too big to achieve these changes, but in Tunisia and Egypt, there was

opposition force is now in Egypt, was able to isolate President and there in Tunisia there is a very large Dat on the movement of the

Renaissance, is in Libya, a counter-force to the existing de facto force now in the country?

Answer: Yes, Ob Quran The proxy country is the one who tried to implement this plan, because the Americans and the local agents,

regional and international, and the crisis was France, Qatar and other clients on the ground, as seems to be the proxy country

now exceeded his mandate and commissioning the U.S. has led to pledges made by Qatar to the same decision, and was removed

Emir of Qatar and was removed many of those standing in this way, the country is the failure to failure overthrow of President

Bashar al-Assad, Syria has demonstrated repeatedly that it fights jihadist movements.

Q: Is the reverse process started from the point of Syria’s steadfastness and do not fall in the Saudi country project Turkish?

Answer: Yes, the stability of Syria led to the dismissal of Sheikh Hamad and his foreign minister and replaced بنجله Prince Tamim,

this means within what it means to curb ambition country within the borders of Qatar, and this means that the Islamic movements,

particularly the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who do not are their only access to power regardless of the reasons received a slap and a fatal

blow to do so.

Q: Do you expect to be the next Libya is after Egypt and then Tunisia?

Answer: Yes, I’m telling you that what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt, which two Albwabtan which paved the storming

Libya and overthrow, and are now re-quorum them again through popular movements rejecting the movement of militant

Islam in Tunisia and Egypt and all Arab countries. Tunisia is now home to thousands of Libyans and the People in Tunisia

has changed and changed thanks to the behavior of NATO and the rebels, which he knows our people in Tunisia.

We have seen and warned us, and it was the role that speech and lecture strategic Lalit delivered by President Vladimir Putin

at the eight is the building block that formed a blow to the West when he talked about militant Islam facts and accurate information

that Altagaftha Germany and Altagafha many, talk about the dangers of militant Islam which is supported by the United States

and the West and some Arab countries, and accurate information stunned by the leaders of the eight countries, especially the

Americans and the French,

and here we see that the German Chancellor adopted and endorsed everything uttered by President Vladimir Putin and this

push to prevent Europe to pass a resolution reinforcing the Syrian opposition, in this context, we have seen a change in Qatar

and we heard about the elections in the coalition Syrian opposition, led by someone from the Shammar tribe, and unceremoniously

Qatar and grab Arabia files a sober somewhat in diplomacy replace confusion

Qatari practiced by Qatar with zone files, and Auhed these files to Saudi Arabia, and we have seen how translated in the Egyptian arena.

I preach that the crisis of Libya will end also began the same scenario, and now Libya live the last moments of custom Brotherhood U.S.

as evidenced by what happened in Egypt and what happened in Tunisia, and this means that there is awareness of the public will have

the United States Bokhzkh into account.

This popular rejection of political Islam rejects jihadist Brotherhood baseband, and in Libya had been in the previous period creep and

attacking the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood in the length and breadth of the country as a result of inhuman and immoral practices

exercised by jihadists against each of them different opinion.

And a series of assassinations that we’ve seen all of the supporters who created the revolution, and anyone who disagreed with the

opinion killed, kidnapped or tried to assassinate him or blow it up. The people who had refused their authoritarian are now refuses

Alastaidad religious now practiced by Islamic movements, now known as the pride of Islamic,

and therefore, as I told you Albwabtan the Tunisian and Egyptian re quorum them again now, we are in this context, we say that a

scenario for Libya will end as he began the process of international protection for civilians and to protect people who kill people

who know all the international intelligence and know what is going on in Libya,

but the decision makers are scared and afraid and say that al-Qaeda-controlled and can now on the capabilities of the Libyan state

and this has made a lot of embassies shut down and withdraw, and this means the beginning of withdrawal of the legality of this

system, and one oil this oil, which was reduced from four hundred million to 350 thousand as a result of these practices in the

occupation, but there is no police state or entity, and how will state without police or army?

Therefore kills adjust the army all أصنافهم, and anyone who tries to build the nucleus of a security or military killed or filtered and

most recently was chief of staff in charge, and all of the income in an intervention on one of the programs serve the goal of forming

the nucleus of security was killed, and the start of Mr. cuneiform and even Geneidi finally tried to hit him in the His feet have

survived, and there are officers were killed and all of this revolution began and protected killed, and here is the question and a big

question mark and this is what is afraid to say Libyan officials for any occasion.

هل سيتكرر المشهد المصري في ليبيا ولماذا منع الطائرات القطرية من الهبوط في مطار طرابلس؟سؤال: المحلل الاستراتيجي والخبير في الشؤون الليبية الدكتور يوسف شاكير أهلا وسهلا بكم ضيفا على موجات إذاعة صوت روسيا من موسكو، أنطلق مع حضرتك من آخر تطورات الأوضاع في ليبيا ولا سيما فيما يتعلق بقبول استقالة نائب رئيس الوزراء الليبي نتيجة لفشل الحكومة في تطبيق البرامج والمهام التي كانت موضوعة أمامها، بداية كيف تقرؤون استقالة نائب رئيس الوزراء وفي أي سياق يمكن وضعها؟
جواب: أخي الكريم أعتقد أن هي ليست شجاعة مبدأ بل هي عملية قفز من هذا المركب الغارق والذي يغرق والذي نراه أمام عيوننا في هذه الدولة الفاشلة. السيد عوض البرعصي هو جزء من هذه المنظومة التي أودت بليبيا إلى ما هي عليه، وهو رجل له تعاطف وارتباطات بالاخوان المسلمين، ويحاول الآن تبرير أن لديه رؤية، ولكن في دولة فاشلة لا يمكن أن تكون هناك رؤية، وفي دولة ينعدم فيها التخطيط الاستراتيجي ودولة منعدمة فيها الأجهزة التنفيذية لتطبيق قرارات وإقامة دولة بمفهوم الدولة منعدمة، أنا لا أستغرب أن يأتي السيد علي زيدان ويستقيل في هذه الأيام القريبة القادمة فلذلك أخي الكريم هذه السلسلة من الاستقالات في المجلس الوطني وداخل الحكومة. والسيد زيدان نفسه قال تقابلت مع 37 ضابطا رفضوا قبول وزارة الدفاع فماذا يعني هذا؟ بعني هذا أن ليس هناك أمن وأمان وليس هناك دولة بالمفهوم المتعارف عليه في علم السياسة، وهذا أخي الكريم ما نستطيع قوله في هذا الصدد ولكن هناك أمور أخرى مستعدون للخوض فيها لما يدور في ليبيا.
سؤال: نعم بطبيعة الحال من خلال هذه الاستقالة سننتقل إلى الوضع الداخلي في التطورات الأمنية، وفي مشهد جديد من حالة عدم الاستقرار والنظام في ليبيا حيث أن هناك مجموعة سيطرت على مطار طرابلس الدولي ولم تسمح للطائرات القطرية بالهبوط في المطار، فلماذا تحديدا الطائرات القطرية برأيك؟
جواب: قطر متهمة بإشعال نيران الفتنة وبإدخال الأسلحة إلى ليبيا، ولكن دعني أرجع لك من المربع واحد حيث سنتين أدت إلى تحويل ليبيا إلى أن تكون الدولة رقم واحد لتنظيم القاعدة، صارت دولة تملكها القاعدة ماليا وجغرافيا وتسليحيا. ليبيا بمساحتها الشاسعة وموقعها الجيواستراتيجي وبحدودها مع الأفارقة وبحدوده المتوسطية مع أوروبا أصبحت أفغانستان الحقيقية، هذه الحقيقة التي يهربون منها السياسيين والإعلاميين، لأنه نقل إلى ليبيا كل مقاتلين القاعدة من العرب وغيرهم، ورأينا المتلازمة الليبية ما أدت في تونس والجزائر ومالي، إزاء هذا الوضع الآن وجد الغرب نفسه أن الثورات المصطنعة هذه من قبله سيطر عليها خلاف لمنطلقاتها الأساسية، وأن هذه الشعوب مقموعة وتريد الحرية وتريد الديمقراطية. هناك الحركة القاعدية والميليشيات ركبت هذه الموجات وسيطرت عليها لأنها هي كانت التنظيمات الوحيدة المنظمة وهذا الأمر أخي الكريم ينساق على ما يحدث في ليبيا الآن من اغتيالات وتصفيات وقتل، ويجب أن نربط الحلقات بعضها ببعض أي يجب ربط الوضع الليبي مع الوضع التونسي والوضع المصري ببعضها البعض، كما كان قبل السابع عشر من فبراير الآن يرتبط ببعض البعض. الأمر أوقع الأوروبيين والأمريكان في ورطة كبيرة فيما يدعونه محاربة الإرهاب والحركات التكفيرية والحركات الجهادية التي تتحالف في كل مكان في سوريا وفي ليبيا. الحالة الليبية أخي الكريم فاليعلم الجميع وليعلم صناع القرار، أن الحالة الليبية وصل الثوار الليبيون الجهاديون القاعديون الميلشويون إلى حد لا يطاق، حيث الاعتقالات والسجناء والعبث بمقدارات الدولة والمال والبترول وكل ما يخطر بالبال.
سؤال: عفوا دكتور هنا تحديدا أريد أن آخذ رأيك في هذه النقطة أي في الدول التي شهدت تغيرات كتونس ومصر وليبيا، حيث كان لقطر دور كبير جدا في تحقيق هذه التغيرات، ولكن في تونس ومصر كانت هناك قوة معارضة وهي الآن في مصر تمكنت من عزل الرئيس، وهناك في تونس هناك ضعط كبير جدا على حركة النهضة، فهل في ليبيا من قوة مضادة لقوة الأمر الواقع الموجودة الآن في البلاد؟
جواب: نعم أخب الكريم إن الوكيل القطري هو الذي حاول تنفيذ هذا المخطط، لأنه لدى الأمريكان وكلاء محليين وإقليميين ودوليين، وفي الأزمة كانت فرنسا وقطر وعملاء آخرين على الأرض، فيما يبدو أن الوكيل القطري الآن تجاوز التفويض الممنوح له وأن التكليف الأمريكي له أدى بأن التعهدات التي قطعتها قطر على نفسها ما لبت بها، وأزيح أمير قطر وأزيح الكثيرون من الواقفين في هذا الطريق، الفشل القطري هو الفشل بالإطاحة بالرئيس بشار الأسد، وبرهنت سوريا على أنها مرارا تحارب الحركات الجهادية.
سؤال: هل العملية العكسية بدأت ابتداء من نقطة صمود سوريا وعدم سقوطها في المشروع القطري السعودي التركي؟
جواب: نعم ثبات سوريا أدى إلى إقالة الشيخ حمد ووزير خارجيته واستبداله بنجله الأمير تميم، وهذا يعني ضمن ما يعنيه تحجيم الطموح القطري ضمن حدود قطر ، وهذا الأمر يعني أن الحركات الإسلامية وخاصة الاخوان المسلمين الذين لا هم لهم إلا الوصول إلى السلطة بغض النظر عن الأسباب تلقوا صفعة ولطمة قاضية بذلك.
سؤال: هل تتوقع أن تكون ليبيا هي القادمة بعد مصر ومن ثم تونس؟
جواب: نعم أنا أقول لك إن ما يجري في تونس ومصر اللتان هما البوابتان اللتان مهدتا لاقتحام ليبيا والإطاحة بها، وها هما الآن يعاد النصاب إليهما من جديد عبر حركات شعبية رافضة لحركة الإسلام الجهادي في تونس ومصر وكل البلاد العربية. تونس الآن تحتضن آلاف الليبيين والمجلس الشعبي في تونس تغير وتبدل بفضل سلوكيات ثوار الناتو والتي يعرفهم أهلنا في تونس. ونحن رأينا وحذرنا، وكان للدور الذي ألقاه والمحاضرة الاستراتيجية اليت ألقاها الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين في مؤتمر الثمانية هي اللبنة التي شكلت ضربة قوية للغرب عندما تحدث عن الإسلام الجهادي بالوقائع وبالمعلومات الدقيقة التي التقفتها ألمانيا والتقفها الكثيرون، فتكلم عن مخاطر الإسلام الجهادي الذي تدعمه الولايات المتحدة والغرب وبعض الدول العربية، ومعلومات دقيقة فاجأ بها قادة الدول الثمانية وخصوصا الأمريكيين والفرنسيين، وهنا نرى أن المستشارة الألمانية تبنت وأيدت كل ما نطق به الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين وهذا الأمر دفع إلى منع أوروبا إلى إصدار قرار التسليح للمعارضة السورية، في هذا السياق رأينا التغيير في قطر وكلنا سمعنا عن الانتخابات في النظام الائتلافي السوري المعارض والذي يقوده شخص من قبيلة شمر، وأزيحت قطر وتلقفت السعودية الملفات وهي رزينة نوعا ما في دبلوماسيتها محل التخبط القطري الذي مارسته قطر مع ملفات المنطقة، وعوهد بهذه الملفات إلى السعودية، ورأينا كيف ترجم ذلك في الساحة المصرية. وأنا أبشر أن أزمة ليبيا ستنتهي كما ابتدأت بنفس السيناريو، والآن ليبيا تعيش اللحظات الأخيرة من العرف الأخواني الأمريكي والدليل على ذلك ما حصل في مصر وما حصل في تونس، وهذا يعني أن هناك وعي شعبي ستضطر الولايات المتحدة بأخذخ بعين الاعتبار. هذا الرفض الشعبي يرفض الإسلام السياسي الجهادي القاعدي الاخواني، وفي ليبيا جرى في الفترة السابقة زحف ومهاجمة مكاتب الاخوان المسلمين في طول البلاد وعرضها نتيجة الممارسات اللإانسانية واللاأخلاقية التي يمارسها الجهاديون ضد كل من يختلف معهم بالرأي. وسلسلة الاغتيالات التي رأيناه كلهم من المؤيدين والذين خلقوا الثورة، وكل من اختلف معهم بالرأي قتل أو اختطف أو حاولوا اغتياله أو تفجيره. إن الشعوب التي كانت ترفض أنظمتها الاستبدادية هي الآن ترفض الاستيداد الديني الآن الذي تمارسه الحركات الإسلامية الآن باسم العزة الإسلامية، فلذلك كما قلت لك البوابتان التونسية والمصرية يعاد النصاب إليهما من جديد الآن، ونحن في هذا السياق نقول إن سيناريو ليبيا سينتهي كما ابتدأ بعملية حماية دولية للمدنيين وحماية للناس الذين يقتلون والناس الذين تعرفهم كل المخابرات الدولية والتي تعرف ما يدور في ليبيا إلا صانعي القرار خائفون ومتخوفون ويقولون إن القاعدة تسيطر وتتمكن الآن على مقدرات الدولة الليبية وهذا الأمر جعل الكثير من السفارات تغلق أبوابها وتنسحب، وهذا يعني بداية سحب الشرعية من هذا النظام، وملف النفط هذا النفط الذي خفض من مليون وأربع مئة إلى 350 ألف نتيجة هذه الممارسات في الاحتلال، ولأنه لا يوجد كيان دولة ولا شرطة، وكيف ستقوم دولة بدون شرطة أو جيش؟ فلذلك يقتل ضبط الجيش بكل أصنافهم، وكل من يحاول بناء نواة أمنية أو عسكرية يقتل أو يصفى وآخرهم كان رئيس الأركان المكلف، وكل من دخل في مداخلة على أحد البرامج تصب في هدف تشكيل نواة أمنية قتل، وأبدأ من السيد مسماري وحتى جنيدي أخيرا حاولوا ضربه في رجليه وقد نجا، وهناك ضباط قتلوا وكل من ابتدأ هذه الثورة وحماها قتل، وهنا السؤال وعلامة استفهام كبيرة وهذا ما يخاف أن يقوله المسؤولون الليبيون في أي مناسبة.

NATO rebels responded to messages مفتيهم Antichrist Ghariyani.


The fall of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt make sincere Gharyani gets mad and Ali hardness becomes delirious ..

Did you know that the Qatari ambassador in Saudi Arabia was present at a banquet breakfast at the home of Solomon back,

which was attended sincere Gharyani, did you know that the Qatari ambassador lavished on the Mufti of Libya with money and gifts,

which he described gifts Prince and asked him to clarify the position of Qatar from the Libyan revolution per Libyans, from here you

know thatleast a description of the dog is a description of the price paid like advertising business.

هل تعلم ان السفير القطري في السعودية كان حاضرا مآدبة الافطار في منزل سليمان العودة التي حضرها الصادق الغرياني

، هل تعلم ان السفير القطري اغدق على مفتي ليبيا بالاموال والهدايا التي وصفها بهدايا الامير وطلب منه توضيح

موقف قطر من الثورة الليبية لكل الليبين ، من هنا تعرف ان وصف الاقل من الكلب هو وصف مدفوع الثمن مثل الاعلان التجاري




Declare a state of Tawari today at Tripoli Medical Center in the days of Eid al-Fitr to all Doctors surgery has asked them to stay on the alert!!

EID 1434, Libya crescent using a technique astronomical observations

Best wishes for a happy New Year…

A clearer picture was taken shortly before the aircraft which fly in the skies of Tripoli and hear her voice in various neighborhoods

of the city:

The Western Mountain News Agency

Gated inform you that the gypsum in Tripoli is now closed due to the transfer of certain equipment and munitions from one camp to the second camp!!!.

And on Gentlemen citizens change path to walk.

There are a farm in the Palace bin Gasheer to person Musrati in Bear Mulberry specifically and Almsarit hiding the car in


بالخفاء. ‫ # .

An armed group attacked the headquarters for a ceremony in Tripoli and seized a large number of cars owned and mechanisms

of the state by force of arms. ‫ # Libya.

Reported cancel the decision to dismantle the Supreme Security Committee of Tripoli and extended to the year 2014

URGENT / Tripoli / communications DC Now Tripoli / killing تلاتة of shows they kidnappers

Killing members تلاتة in a Mitsubishi Lancer car black opaque without plates and the survival of the young Miss fourth was hijacked in the way of the airport.

Demanded in Airport Road patrol car type Mitsubishi Lancer

Without plates speeding cut a red flag to stop and started shooting from the person next to the driver on the passenger’s police car.

Police car asked for help and reached for the car that came out of the airport road in the direction of Qasr Ben Ghashir Anzmt to chase

a car belonging to the security of the joint was on patrol explored and near Hadath young man behind the driver out of the نافدة

door machine gun and started shooting at everybody is a young man the other next to the driver. Fired at the tires of the car

and tried Alldoratan arrest them alive, but the car cause imbalances in their fall from the car at speeds of 140 km per hour or almost

Aktar car jumped the other way and fell from the bridge and the driver died immediately There is no power but from God and to God

and to Him we return flowed into a number of periodicals to complete the investigation and ambulances, but who died died فالحال

survived Alazh and the young man’s parents turned out that her brother, and they were kidnapped and discernible car kind of Nissan.

Sunny (modern by someone else was with Young died in debt case) One investigating officers were handed the young man and his

sister to Doehma, but there are things in the trunk car of permits and the involvement of people who have betrayed the nation

and took advantage of their influence in the industry crime will not go unpunished, and when asked said, avoiding discord and

Atart public opinion سنكتفي بهدا

We point of order does not allow بالتعاطي with crime even completion of the investigation.

(Voice Cyrenaica):

Names of those killed by the kidnappers:

Came ambulances loaded Btalath, dead and least two of the wounded, accompanied by a number of officers in the police.

The dead are Osama Miloud Anasir approved,

34 years old, a driver.

The cause of death break Alagafs the Sadrists strongly as a result of dishes steering wheel firmly on the chest and broken rib cage

in full cardiac contractility. With a broken jaw as a result of another strike on the consistency of some articles of the steering wheel

Salem Issa fishing: nearby Zarouk 36 years old driver Cause of death was multiple fractures to the head and brain concussion

and broken pelvis and hand Eisery and left shoulder and تدمدم the large in the face of violent friction on the floor of the way.

Fathi Moussa Faraj Abu leisurely:  35 years old passenger behind the driver. The cause of death is broken paragraph Altanih

and Altalth, fourth and fifth of the neck and broken rib fourth and sixth left rear leg deliberation front and a bullet in the thigh

and external تدمدم Alraluge and fractures of the skull from the Alesrh and fall teeth Tayeh and Altalth of the upper jaw left side.

Cases completely dead.

Ms. kidnapped young brothers and their status was good was a difficult psychological condition as a result of fear and what they

have seen to have bruises and credit for their safety due to put Almnaqbd you Atkhaddoh inside the car.

Otina the jumping from the bridge. They put under الملاحضة they completely vacant of any fractures or internal bleeding,

thanks to God and handed over to their families.

Have reservations on the names of survivors to other necessities.















Yesterday at Tajura caught Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Libya was hit on the face gloves is driver Amtall and stole his car and his wife’s bag!!

Yesterday has one of the gates in the area of ​​Tajura Adjust the Ambassador Alardbijana, and his family and stole his

money and beat him in front of his wife and his sons, and the Libyan Foreign apologize today and calls cowardly act and pledges to pursue

the perpetrators.











A little while ago was one of the leaders Altcfhirien farm called (SE legion) in Fattaih District Bdrnh under attack from several

directions Bakoazv RPG …

is the first operation of its kind against outsiders and extremists in the dirt ..

And bring you developments as soon as they arrive …

wise Menba a # Saif Cyrenaica #

(Free channel Cyrenaica)









Aa Gel “‫ # Benghazi :: |

Throw Julatinh p replaced Mango and Terranova in the way airport near the Cimafro of the Leithy!!! Each year, You متفجرين> <

Airport Road was blown up shops on the first day of Eid al-Fitr:


::: Unknown group has actually burned the Civil Registry in District

Leithy today.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)


After his talk yesterday about the dangerous situation in Benghazi, Rat Hijazi relieved from his post as a spokesman
for the security room militia.
News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence):
Quoting Page Libya Gate
SOS ………. مانقدرش the Lander need I know I k (Libby) I can not protect my soul …
let alone a foreigner or foreign Foreign medical personnel exposed (Filipino – Bangladeshi and Arab) in the Hawari Hospital
and other hospitals to theft at gunpoint and cut through and attempts to assault and battery …..
.. This is repeated almost daily operations, among them, for example, but not limited to: -
A bus transfer foreign nursing Hawari hospital days ago to cut through from a young man armed and threatening to steal money
and weapons, stretchers and even fruit bags and food
- Nurse فليبيني the exposure assaulted and threatened with weapons and theft within the Bank of the Republic when withdrawn
salary and try deposited in the adjacent nets to convert funds (WU) ..
and other similar attempt got Bank of the Islamic Dawa inside a building – Filipino nurse suffered a kidnapping attempt by
young gunmen in front of a private hospital and the nurse, nor crying and some people’s (began) means (Mongi present) -
Displays a nurse while working to change the wound of a patient in the surgical department assaulted a scalpel and injury in the
neck by utilities (recession ČÓ .. Mesh theft) -
Patient exposure during the submission of an injection treatment at the hospital threatened with weapons and mobile phone theft
by the patient and utilities -
Last need .. (was a nurse فليبيني while coming to the hospital beaten (paws on his face) and the theft of mobile in Ezz day ….
arrived to the hospital (crying) ..!!
The idea is repeated every day ……. and commemorated those who advocate ….. I asked them (innocently) Non-out Banagal or money …..
they said,  “(If you do not give a need we are exposed to beatings and kicking and cursing and (Bokhms the الكلاش on his head)
Filipino nurse ask:
why Libyan didn’t appreciate what we did in the revolution >>>
ask why to Aigdr Libyans our support to them days of the revolution and the survival of a large number of them in our hospitals
despite their government asked them to leave Libya as unsafe country ..
and the idea did not يحصلو rewards (rebels) not even a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Health.
Ukrainian doctor ask:
it supposed to do your best for Allah in Ramadan, why they do these crimes >>>>
She thinks (though Christians) that for a Muslim to work good works for the face of God in the month of Ramadan and surprised
how the Libyans are doing it in this holy month. Overall … a result of these deteriorating security conditions Philippine embassy
may withdraw its nationals in Libya and prevent them from traveling to it ………
and learned many of them have begun thinking about leaving the country (and Slumbly to hospitals, whether private or public).

نقلا عن صفحة Libya Gate

استغاثة ……….ومانقدرش اندير حاجة
أنا عارف أني كـ(ليبي ) مش قادر نحمي روحي …فما بالك بأجنبي أو أجنبية
تتعرض الأطقم الطبية الأجنبية( فليبينية – بنغلاديشية وعربية ) في مستشفى الهواري وغيره من المستشفيات

إلى عمليات سرقة تحت تهديد السلاح وقطع طريق ومحاولات للأعتداء والضرب …..وتتكرر ..هذه العمليات شبه يوميا نذكر منها على سبيل المثال لا الحصر :
- تعرضت حافلة نقل التمريض الأجنبي بمستشفى الهواري منذ أيام إلى قطع طريق من شاب مسلح وتهديد بالسلاح وسرقة المال والنقالات وحتى أكياس الفواكه والطعام
-تعرض ممرض
فليبيني للاعتداء
والتهديد بالسلاح
والسرقة داخل مصرف الجمهورية عند سحبه لمرتبه ومحاولة إيداعه في الشباك المجاور لتحويل اأموال
(WU) ..ومحاولة أخرى مشابهة حصلت بمصرف داخل مبنى الدعوة الاسلامية
- تعرضت ممرضة فليبينية لمحاولة خطف من قبل شباب
مسلحين من أمام مستشفى خاص ولولا صراخ الممرضة وبعض الناس لـ(راحت فيها) يعني ( المنجي حاضر )
-تعرض ممرض أثناء عمله لتغيير جرح لمريض في قسم الجراحة للإعتداء بمشرط والإصابة بجروح في رقبته من قبل المرافق (كساد بس ..مش سرقة )
-تعرض مريض أثناء تقديمه لحقنة العلاج بالمستشفى للتهديد بالسلاح وسرقة النقال من قبل المريض والمرافق
- آخر حاجة أمس ..(تعرض ممرض فليبيني أثناء قدومه للمستشفى للضرب (كفوف على وجهه ) وسرقة النقال في عز النهار ….وصل للمستشفى (يبكي ) ..!!
وعلى فكره تتكرر كل يوم …….ولاحياة لمن تنادي
طلبت منهم (ببراءة ) عدم الخروج بنقال أو فلوس …..قالو (( إذا لم نعطي حاجة نتعرض للضرب والركل والسب و(بأخمس الكلاش على راسه )
ممرضة فليبينية تسأل : why Libyan didn’t appreciate what we did in the revolution >>>تسأل لماذا لايقدر الليبيين مساندتنا لهم أيام الثورة وبقاء عدد
كبير منهم في مستشفياتنا رغم طلب
حكومتهم منهم الرحيل باعتبار ليبيا دولة غير آمنة ..وعلى فكرة لم يحصلو على مكافآت (ثوار ) ولا حتى شهادة تقدير من وزارة الصحةطبيبة أوكرانية تسأل :
it supposed to do your best for Allah in Ramadan , why they do these crimes
هي تعتقد (رغم أنها مسيحيية) أنه على المسلم أن يعمل أعمال صالحة لوجه الله في
شهر رمضان وتستغرب كيف الليبيين يفعلون ذلك في
هذا الشهر الفضيل .وعموما …نتيجة لهذه الظروف الأمنية المتردية قد تقوم السفارة الفليبينية بسحب رعاياها في ليبيا ومنعهم من السفر اليها
………وللعلم فقد بدأ العديد منهم يفكر في مغادرة البلاد (وسلملي على المستشفيات سواء الخاصة أو العامة )بنت الوادي
Clash in the sluice gate Hawari between the armed group and the group located in the gate,
and the armed group coming the village of Rbeana. And we have not excluded so far identify the armed group.
Attack targeting Dorria of the militias Thunderbolt by BMW in Benghazi stricken.



Youth Social Council Southern Region honor the families of martyrs

Youth Social Council of the tribes of South and Rafla region honor the families of the martyrs of Bani Walid victims decision unjust No. 7.

شباب المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بالمنطقة الجنوبية يكرمون عائلات شهداء بني وليد ضحايا القرار الظالم رقم 7 .
شباب المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بالمنطقة الجنوبية يكرمون عائلات شهداء بني وليد ضحايا القرار الظالم رقم 7 .


Free newspaper Sabha ...

7 people killed in deviated walk in the road to Sabha Tmanhunt precisely in front of the petrol station (Shell Massoud Abdul Hafeez)

and was caused by congestion in that station to fill petrol went in person has Hyundai refused to stand in the queue and wanted to

fill petrol forcibly rejected people and Hdtt quarrel with him,

Get out the person knead his rifle and began firing ground and random, which led to confusion among the people inside the station

for fear of explosion and they fled where he went out one car from the station very quickly and there happened Alhadt.

I am God and to Him we return.



BREAKING! Claim: Obama Hid His Gay Life To Become President! Documented Report
Visit the DREAMER movie site: Dr. Jerome Corsi’s original story (
  • Obama GAY, Was Married to Pakistani Man Before Michelle
    –Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld says that President Obama is “out of the closet” and “officially gay for class warfare.”
    –Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi suggests…
  • Obama Kenya Born and his Satanic Wicca History!
    A great deal of evidence suggests that Barack Obama’s parents and American grandparents were followers of the Satanic Wiccan religion.
    They from an area in Ka…
  • Obama’s Homosexual Encounter With “Pop”
    Barack Obama writes poem about gay relationship with much older man.
  • Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama’s Homosexuality/Drug Use?
    Jeff Kuhner interview with Larry Sinclair. Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama’s Homosexuality/Drug Use?
    Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Li…
    President Obama’s decision to sign air strikes .. “Militant strongholds” in Libya:






mass exodus from Tripoli to Tunisia

Magdy Rady march to the border Almnfd header worthy of the occasion of Eid al-Fitr saluting the estimated number of vehicles alone,

more than 6,000 cars during the early hours of this morning:

French news agency AFP :: Tunisia prevent about five thousand jihadist from traveling to Syria ..
Interior Minister Tunisian Lotfi Ben Jeddo Tuesday that his country’s security services prevented about five thousand Tunisian jihadist

from traveling to Syria and detained dozens of those involved in the deportation Tunisian jihadists to this country ..
The Tunisian minister said during a public meeting organized by the Constituent Assembly to hold the government accountable

on the security situation in the country that managed security services since March / March last year “to prevent nearly five thousand

young Tunisian travel to Syria and dismantle networks deportation”.
He added that the security agencies referred 50 of those involved in the deportation of Tunisian jihadists to Syria on the judiciary,

which issued against them filing cards imprisonment.
Tunisian minister did not disclose all parties involved in the deportation of “jihadists” Tunisians to Syria, accusing the opposition and

media of the State of Qatar.
On 15 March / March last year reported the newspaper “Sunrise” said Tunisian networks deportation to Syria Tunisian jihadists get

from the State of Qatar on the “commission of $ 3000 U.S. dollars for every young Tunisian is recruited.”
He explained that “a number of human rights associations and charitable show involvement in this area is huge money is obtained

from the State of Qatar to support its activities through reached by money in cash in suitcases across the border points sensitive

and vital as the airport Tunis / Carthage International.”
And enters the Tunisian jihadists to Syria via Turkey, which arrive to in flights that runs from Tunisia or

neighboring Libya as an Interior Ministry official said AFP.

He said, “jihadists” returning from Syria, said “thousands” of Tunisians Bqatlon the Syrian regular forces and including girls

Ikmn “Jihad marriage.”
On 19 April / April this year announced Sheikh Osman Watermelon and was then Mufti of Tunisia before being dismissed,

that 16 Tunisian Girl “lured them and sending them” to Syria for “Jihad marriage”, which he considered “prostitution” and

“morally corrupt.”
He announced Tunisian Interior Minister in a press statement released earlier that it was “hard to count” the number of

Tunisians who have been deported to Syria, “because many of them leave the country by stealth or not attention-grabbing ways.”
“When they return we record the minutes (against them) and they remain under surveillance (security) in order

to protect our children and our people.”


Investigation with trained by the Tunisian supporters of the law and entered illegally
Sharia supporters in tuber terrorizing and killing and stealing people and its supporters in Benghazi,

we are entering foreigners to train them and they go to Syria (to lie) means in Tunisia Mavi extent trains and walk along to Syria.

(Addicted Qsqas)

انصار الشريعة في درنة ترهب وتقتل وتسرق الناس وانصارها في بنغازي يدخلون علينا الاجانب لتدريبهم
وذهابهم لسوريا (على حد كذبه) يعني في تونس مافيش حد يدربهم ويمشوا طول لسوريا أدمن قصقاص
Durée : 4:54


“Nearly half a million Tunisian Winslow to Pardo Square and surrounding approaches to demand to dissolve a

founding crowd did not have history except for instance Tunisian opposition leader’s funeral Shokri Belaid

on February 8 last”. Rats t Kpthm the shiver of similar commander in Tunisia …:


Tunisian media: more than one hundred thousand demonstrators now in Pardo Square in front of the headquarters of the

Constituent Assembly demanding the drop is the government which two Ennahda-led government, the Board announced to

suspend its sessions until a national dialogue combines various shades of Tunisian society to get out of the current crisis.




for the Qathafi Family:

For the Qathafi Family


Song Eid crescent
Eid crescent every song Happy new year

The Control of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Libya

Mu Lion of the Desert

What distinguishes thinker Muammar al-Qathafi, it does not offer the idea of luxury and fun ..

And do not offer it to amateur saloons where thought becomes enigmatic sport by Alfarqun who are standing on the sidewalk of life.

The thinker Muammar al-Qathafi explains the life and emerges from her heart .. From the hearts of suffering, the oppressed and the broken-hearted and deprived .. From the heart of fact growing المتصارع never in search of the best and most beautiful. This is what explains the transformation the first chapter of the book Green to the real beginning of era Aljmaheriaat and the second quarter turned into a global economic revolution tamping old economic structures to crumble capital Almstgliyn …

And the third chapter of the Green Book without doubt the beginning of a social revolution where the real explanation of history and solve the problem of conflict rights in human life and solve the problem of men and Alroh that you do not find a solution, also addresses the problem of minorities and blacks to live so fixed rules of social life.

The thinker who lives is never be to Siqa life .. Pop from her heart .. This is thought of Muammar al-Qathafi.
Green Thought Forum

 Mu standing thought

ما يميز المفكر معمر القذافي أنه لا يقدم فكرة ترفاً و متعة ..و لا يقدمه لهواة الصالونات حيث يصبح الفكر ألغازاً يتسلى بها الفارغون الذين يقفون على رصيف الحياة .إن المفكر معمر القذافي يفسر الحياة و ينبثق من قلبها .. من قلوب المعذبين و المقهورين و الحزانى و المحرومين .. من قلب الواقع المتنامي المتصارع أبداً بحثاً عن الأفضل و الأجمل . و هذا ما يفسر لنا تحول الفصل الأول من الكتاب الأخضر إلى بداية حقيقية لعصر الجماهيريات و تحول الفصل الثاني إلى ثورة أقتصادية عالمية تدك أبنية الإقتصادية القديمة لتنهار رؤوس المستغليين …و الفصل الثالث من الكتاب الأخضر بدون جدال بداية لثورة إجتماعية حيث التفسير الحقيقي للتاريخ و حل مشكلة صراع الإنسان في الحياة البشرية و حل مشكلة الرجل و الرأة التي لم تجد حلاً ، كما يتناول مشكلة الأقليات و السود ليقيم بذلك القواعد الثابتة للحياة الإجتماعية .إن المفكر الذي يعيش أبداً هو الذي يكون لصيقاً بالحياة .. منبثقاً من قلبها .. و هذا هو فكر معمر القذافي
منتدى الفكر الأخضر

“The road is hard and long and will drop all of the revolutionary claims, and will remain in the field, but the real revolutionaries who believe the principles of the revolution and its ideology” lol!    lol! 
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    Libya, the Truth and the International Community

  • Thank you, Muammar

    POSTED BY Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey ON 17 APRIL 2011

    Thank you, Muammar Al-Qathafi. For the vast majority of human beings, time on this planet is an anonymous passage. They are born naked, leave nothing and die lying down. In your case, you have left a legacy and a philosophy of Governance which will serve as a beacon of light for thousands of generations. And you  refuse to lie down.

    Thank you Muammar Al-Qathafi. I sincerely hope that you live among us for many years to come and that you weather this imperialistic storm, dampening the flames of religious extremism and terrorism, fanned by a clique of sickening protagonists who wish to rape Libya and Africa, whose murderous campaign is based around greed and lies.

    Many of us in the international community saw this coming. They tried and failed in (where else?) Benghazi in the 1990s and have been itching for a second attempt. The “innocent civilians” they refer to are none other than the terrorists they have trained and into whose ranks the Benghazi Islamist extremists have flocked. They lied about Libyan bombing campaigns, they now lie about cluster bombs (why would your forces deploy cluster weaponry into areas they have to pass through?) and let us be honest, if a “regime” is turning “the full weight of its heavy weaponry” on unarmed civilians the death toll would thousands, not six. Lies and stupidity go hand in hand and the ones who believe in the nonsense being spread by the mainstream media are those sheep whose passage on Earth will remain anonymous, as indeed it should.

    In your case, Muammar Al-Qathafi, your passage among us will never be anonymous and you will be remembered for generations to come, thousands of years in the future, as a man who showed us a Third Option and who has left a written legacy which should be fundamental and compulsory reading for every primary school student. It is a manual of Governance for a perfect society.

    Your Green Book is not a Utopic treatise but indeed the blueprint behind what you successfully implemented in your country, which was the poorest in the world when you received it and which you have transformed into the richest in Africa in terms of human development indices. For this you will be remembered.

    You will be remembered for the system of Governance which was going to receive a UN humanitarian prize in March. You will be remembered for your model which provided free education, free healthcare, free houses. You will be remembered for your agricultural revolution which turned the desert green. You will be remembered for making your people prosperous and proud to be Libyans while taking little for yourself.

    You will be remembered for living in a tent when others built palaces and you will be remembered for never turning your back on your roots and your people. You will be remembered for your system of democratic governance through People’s Committees and Popular Congresses (Jamahiriya) – real democracy which rises above the mafia-style governance of western “parliamentary democracy”. What sort of democracy is that?

    You will be remembered for providing a social model which answers the needs of Humankind, taking into account the need for an umbrella State and also introducing the vector to reward human endeavour. Decades ago you saw through the weak points in the Socialist Model and the Capitalist Model and gave us a Third Way.

    You will be remembered for your Third Universal Theory providing a manual of economic government which you successfully introduced into your country. Your enemies – they are few but powerful – whatever the result of today’s debacle, will be remembered as the self-seeking protagonists they are. Within a single decade, they will be seen as the failures that are and their entry into the annals of history may be a few lines, maybe less and they will have contributed absolutely nothing whatsoever towards the future of humanity. Nothing.

    You will be remembered for your political, economic and social axes of your Third Universal Theory which is truly universal and will, I have no doubt, provide a model of Governance for this Planet and all those discovered in the Cosmos in the millennia to come. For this, Muammar Al-Qathafi, you will be remembered.

    Yet your work did not end in Libya and with your people. After freeing thousands from the tyranny of colonialist practices and the humiliating yolk of Imperialism, you exported your ideas and ideals, benefiting not just a few cronies (like your enemies do) but directly affecting and building institutions for hundreds of millions of people across Africa. That is why Africans call you the King of Kings.

    Your African legacy

    The media controlled by your enemies are certainly not ignorant of the facts I am about to refer to but for sure they will never mention them. You will be remembered for your pioneering work in the African Continent – it was you who gave Africa the possibility to connect all countries and cities – and rural areas – in a vast telecommunications project facilitating distance learning, telemedicine and so on.

    You will be remembered for your satellite technology which cost 400 million USD, freeing Africa from the burden of paying 500 million USD a year for the use of Western satellites. You paid 300 million USD of this. You will be remembered for having that 30 billion USD set aside – which Obama stole – money destined for African banking projects which would have circumvented western financial interests, holding Africa down for decades with high interest rates. That is why they attacked.

    You will be remembered for standing up for the entire African continent at a time when Europeans were trying to fan the flames of racism, dividing North Africa from the rest of the continent. You will be remembered for your support of the ANC against apartheid, for your open approach to religious tolerance, you will be remembered for bringing prosperity, dignity and above all, hope, to Africa.

    So nobody is fooled by the lies of your enemies. Hoping you will remain among us for many more years, understanding that nobody is eternal, and respecting your tremendous legacy…

    In the name of thousand of millions of human beings, here today or to come tomorrow, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Mu military

  • Posted on 01September  2011 |
  • The man from SPLAJ. 50 Dinar miniature sheet commemorating the 12th anniversary of the First September Revolution of 1969.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

    Today, August 31, we are on the eve of the Great 1st September Al-Fateh Revolution which brought Muammar al-Qathafi to power in a bloodless coup which installed the world’s first Jamahiriya, or government through People’s Congresses. The tremendous support behind Colonel Gaddafi in the international community is a telling comment on where people stand.

    Muammar al-Qathafi is, in one word, a genius. His Jamahiriya system of government is perhaps the purest form of governance and its sheer simplicity means it can be implemented in any society, anywhere on Earth. In essence, it is government based on people’s congresses – government by the people for the people, in a world in which the resources belong to all, equally. It is the real village, implemented globally, understanding that the human being functions best when living and cooperating in small communities.

    Now that paragraph will taste of poison for the clique of corporate elitists who gravitate around the centres of power, using the media and NATO to manipulate public opinion and where possible, implant their regimes and that paragraph also explains the Libya story in a nutshell.

    And we also see in this crisis exactly where our world stands. International law exists but is not implemented. NATO has broken all the rules in the book in Libya and has rendered itself and its representatives liable for prosecution – something which is at present in the pipeline. On one side of the divide, the Satanic and dark forces of NATO and on the other side, those who see themselves as the guardians of what is right and good and just. It is good versus evil, it is God versus Satan, it is about implementing international law.

    For those who justify NATO’s act of aggression by calling “Gaddafi” a “dictator”, some home truths. Muammar al-Qathafi was to receive a humanitarian prize in March for his record, he was the one to speak out against the more conservative practices in Islam, who spoke out against the killing of homosexuals or the stoning of women. The Jamahiriya system is the antithesis of a dictatorship. What dictator educates his people and pays for them to study abroad?

    Libya’s literacy rate improved from ten per cent to ninety per cent under “Gaddafi” and under his guidance the country rose from the poorest in the world to the richest in Africa. Those who understand anything about geopolitical events know that this is an amazing achievement, in itself, within four decades.

    Colonel Gaddafi also leaves his legacy, which is the Green Book, which explains his philosophy and his political system – one which should at least be fundamental reading in all schools and one whose Legacy will be eternalised by the Internationalisation of the Jamahiriya, something which is already taking place and which has tens of thousands of followers around the world. Tomorrow, there will be millions.

    Colonel Gaddafi can also sit back and look at his enemies today and laugh. True, he has been fighting, and continues to fight, against the most powerful military organization in the world for six months and any progress his enemy made, was done by breaching the rules of engagement, each and every one of them. So that is hardly “winning”. But he is the dream-maker behind the African Union, he stands for African Unity and against imperialism, he stands for a united Africa, Africa for Africans, African problems solved by Africans for Africans, and African resources for African people. More than this, his pan-African projects saw Africans freed from the yolk of imperialist tyranny, having their own funding for their own programmes without having to depend on western sources which provided goods, yet with enormous tails of interest payments attached.

    What his enemies want we saw very clearly – an international “conference” was called last week in which lines were yet again drawn on maps and in which the colonial powers literally divided among them Libya’s spoils, even before the conflict is over. As for the “rebels” themselves, what are they and what do they want?

    Western sources took delight in the freeing of prisoners without bothering to research what they had done or why they were there. Now serial rapists, murderers and common criminals parade as “rebels”, a movement which included a bunch of political opportunists carefully groomed by the French, British and Italians, a few liberals, Islamic fundamentalists (as we shall soon see more clearly), a lot of mercenaries from abroad and in essence, a load of day-trippers who raced into a conflict with machine gun blazing in the morning before driving home to have dinner at night.

    Looters, rapists, murderers. Terrorists, yes – civilians, no. Militarily capacitated by a savage and murderous NATO bombing campaign, these people may or may not eventually dismantle the Jamahiriya in Libya but they will not destroy it as a system. The Legacy is well protected and Muammar al-Qathafi knows this.

    That is why Muammar al-Qathafi can look back with satisfaction over what he has achieved and why Messrs. Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy will spend the rest of their pathetic, wasteful and vapid lives looking over their shoulders or wondering who it might be every time there is a ring at the doorbell, leaving no legacy at all except a failed attempt to govern their own countries, while they stood behind the most blatant and flagrant violation of the law in recent history. And, worse, they and their NATO machine have the blood of Libyan children on their hands. If they had an iota of decency they would hear these screams ringing in their ears all night every night and the more they tried to block them out, the louder they would become.

    That is why so many people in the international community support Muammar al-Qathafi. Those of us who have actually been to Libya and who have knowledge of the country understand very well where the hearts and minds of these people are – with what is right and just and good.

    As for the hearts and minds of NATO and those who support them, well, there are always those who will sell their souls to the Devil. However, there is something higher than us, and to whom we will inevitably present ourselves for judgement when the day comes. Muammar al-Qathafi knows where he is going, and I suspect Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy, deep down, know where they are going too.

    For those with any doubts after a bombardment of lies from the western media, research Green Book, Jamahiriya and Gaddafi projects in Africa.

    Northern Trumpet via Pravda.Ru

    In SEPTEMBER 2011, Muammar al-Qathafi, as Supreme Commander of the Libyan military,  gave the “rebels” which his Great Jamahiriya people’s Army captured, a chance to throw down their weapons, go home and be totally forgiven for the damage they had done….

  • Libya: 1. What is the Green Policy of Qathafi?

    Publisher Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
    Author Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada
    Publication Date 1 December 1989

    1.The Green Book is Muammar al-Qathafi‘s outline for the social and economic revolution of the Libyan Jamahiriyat (state of the masses).

  • The book has three parts: part one is entitled ‘The Solution of the Problem of Democracy `The Authority of the People’”;
  • part two is “The Solution of the Economic Problem `Socialism’”;
  • and part three is “The Social Basis of the Third Universal Theory”.
  • In its own words, the “Green Book presents the final solution to the problem of the instrument of governing”.
  • [ Muammar Al Qathafi, The Green Book, Ottawa: Jerusalem International Publishing House Inc., p. 5.] The essence of the Green Book is perhaps, Mr. Qathafi’s vision of democratic government by the people without the barrier of political structures and politicians. The Green Book is available in most libraries, and there should be a location in Montreal.The Libyan General People’s Congress (GPC) adopted the “Great Green Document on Human Rights in the Era of the Masses” on 12 June 1988, signalling an improvement in human rights conditions in Libya. [ Amnesty International, Amnesty International Welcomes Latest Moves to Improve Human Rights in Libya, 20 June 1988.] On 10 March 1988, the General People’s Congress of Libya announced a number of reforms, including: allowing Libyans the freedom to travel and live abroad, the release of political prisoners, the abolition of the Revolutionary Courts, and a guarantee for human rights. ["Gaddafi Stays the Course," The Middle East, No. 173, March 1989, p.6.] In September 1988, Qathafi condemned the Revolutionary Courts for the “imprisonment, torture, and murder of innocent people”. [ Ibid., p.7.] Libyan exiles from abroad have been encouraged to return home. 
  • Political opponents of Qathafi are “theoretically” protected when they return to Libya, “so long as they are prepared to repent.”  Some sources maintain that there are no particular sanctions against returnees  [ External Affairs, 12 March 1989.]
  • Muammar al-Qathafi is “at loggerheads with other fundamentalists” by “abandoning the accumulated body of established interpretation”. He rejects the Sunnah and Hadath as Law, saying there is much grown barnicles onto them and are not purely the  hand of  Allah. Muammar accepts only the HOLY QURAN as law for the Great Jamahiriya (and therefore Libya has no man-made “Constitution”).[ Davis, p.255.] The Sanusiyya (Islamic) sponsored Islamic University was merged with the University of Libya when the regime banned the Sanusiyya religious following in 1986.
Bent Muammar photo

“We will not allow to Sarkozi , the imperialism, the hatred and the crusader , to laugh on us , to be proud of that and to landed his soldiers in Maitiga airport , we will never allow this to happen , O’men , O’women , Formations of the free fighters women , Battalions of the free fighters men , be ready to pouncing the enemy “.

(Brother leader of Revolution, Muammer al-Qathafi)


Hotel is in an elevator at the Grand Mosque in Mecca sail

All متعين sprays Altaobein

Airbrush rebels

الدكتور حمزه التهامي 2013/8/2


OIL $$$$$$s €€€€€€€€€€€€€s

Appointment of Brigadier Driss Belkacem Bouchmadh, head of the guard oil installations.
Ordered the guard oil facilities in the Central Region.
Ibrahim Jdharan,

Channel now says Libya first:
Says that Libyan oil is sold and steals calculated destinations
Ali ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood .. and sold to suspicious destinations.
Serious and urgent:

Try Alajuoaany Masrati Alliance to control the oil gently!!!
————————————————– ————

Attached is the picture of a puppet government’s decision to Zaidane ruling Alajuomusrati Alliance for Libya move constructors Guard headquarters of Brega oil to Tripoli. This step is considered extremely dangerous due to the following:

1 – remote control alliance Alajuomusrati on oil money that go to Tripoli, not only is the lack of control on oil installations themselves to prevent any Barqawi from approaching or stop production or export when we discover that steals as it gets now from the sale of oil without counters.

2 – is a strong slap in the faces of the owners of the theory of goodness and Jay decentralization Seabouhah the system because decentralization (wonder Leaders Jamahiriya) can any prime minister to convey and change whatever he wants with the blessing of the central parliament and a single. Means the central Tripoli and Ashan incomplete pass more institutions to Tripoli!!!!!!

O People of Cyrenaica this encroachment Ajuomusrati the stark and frank your wealth that Anhabonha the day and night and you go to buy your children and receivables financing of assassinations and bombings that aimed at Tercaekm. If passed this decision on the best, will not تسامحكم generations coming Tafratkm in their rights …. How long this silence and abandonment???


O Allah, I have reached YOUR FRIENDS

Quoting. AG

Information Office of the General National Congress – Libya

Statement of the Committee of Wise Men and the Shura Council to المشاشية tribes, which was read out during a session the General National Congress on Monday 05/08/2013.

Firas Bosalum writes us,

The oil minister says “supply of oil in a significant improvement, return all fields to work to its former, we now produce 700,000 barrels, and after

the feast we will reach 800,000 barrels, and will continue to be the improvement in production with days, either oil ports that are still closed are” Zueitina, Ras Lanuf, Sidra. “

The minister underlined that all the oil fields and ports there are counters and working properly, and said, “We challenge anyone proven otherwise”.



Ali Zaidane: There Camcorder visualize and get all the information from the kill, plunder and kidnap and terrorize the citizens will be placed on the terror list will not protect it as it wants to consider the threat is a threat!!!!


And to God what you understand need ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ any Camcorder and who portrays growth and for any state capable of protection ….

Rat Prime Minister retract his statements about being charged for the people of Alkwyfah smuggling prisoners from prison Alkwyfah!!

List of new ambassadors Libyans!!

Set Fawzi Boktef the ambassador to Uganda Why Uganda in particular
Did you know the value of Libyan investments in Africa nearly $ 87 billion
And Uganda, or as they are called fertile land, or as he called by  al-Qathafi:

“(The ground) in terms of wealth and nature” -

Did you know that Uganda owns nearly half of Libyan investments in Africa, almost 40 billion of investment value.

Brotherhood a budget Kvahmh 2012 and 2013 and 180 billion frozen.
Melted and evaporated.

Fawzy Boktef, his choice was luck that be an ambassador in Uganda .. Where Libyan investments there are approximately 35 billion dollars.

The committee supervising the implementation of the national figure and passport-mail request from the government grants its members walnuts travel diplomatic peer business carried out.

Media: Reza Vahil the Album

For the second week in a row during the holiday week is stolen Libyan intelligence building a new area and most of the contents of the sections theft of computers

and ports systems, TVs and a sum of money up to 60 thousand dinars, and nearly $ 7,000

Prime Arafa survived confidential under the chairmanship of Staff “Mahmoud Barasi” the an Maholt his life after an explosion Monday afternoon targeted a car of the Army

National Laithi area behind the mobile dividers and reported “Barasi the” channel Free Libya that the explosion occurred as a result of placing an explosive device in his car.

-Najat President knew “Mahmoud Barasi” of an assassination attempt after an explosion targeted a car of the Army National Laithi area

The next death of Abu Musa!!

Colonels and generals and documents and swear allegiance to the era of Tobruk visitors
And two seen Saekh dimensions mesh from the al-Qathafi!!!

No, my sheikh Islamists know Aasnfoa of the choise and classified as very unfair,,, all of you al-Qathafi and the same payments but you Codtm foreigners and others قاتلوه have until the last breath!

Community Almthabat and Committees and People’s Congresses and the internal and external security and imams and others,,, Atcola the Anhqit provided for outburst Emcich,,, you must pay for the system and you are in for forty years, Shani you Atder?? Lech promoted colonel if you close and made ​​a lot??
All of you on the list of Abu Musa and guys Abu Musa and Abu Musa, justice, either teacher Altaorga the seen Zlam and Colonel Masrati seen Thaer knowing what Emcich, when Abu Musa!!

Bought coffins and inhaled the bitter freedom before leaving!
الموت القادم من ابي موسى!!

عقداء وجنرالات و وثائق عهد ومبايعة من طبرق لزوارة
وبعدين يطلعوا صاعكة مش من كتائب القذافي!!!

لا يا شيخ الاسلاميين يعرفوا ايصنفوا كويس وتصنيفهم عادل جدا ,,, كلكم كتائب القذافي ومن نفس الدفعات الا انكم قودتم للاجنبي والاخرون قاتلوه حتى اخر رمق!

جماعة المثابات و اللجان والمؤتمرات الشعبية والامن الداخلي والخارجي و ائمة المساجد وغيرهم,,, اتقولي انشقيت وقدمت للفورة ما يمشيش,,, يجب انك تدفع ثمن وجودك في النظام لمدة اربعين عام,, شني كنت اتدير؟؟ ليش ترقيت عقيد لو ما كنت مقرب وقدمت الكثير؟؟
كلكم على قائمة ابو موسى ورفاق ابو موسى وعدالة ابو موسى ,, اما المدرس التاورغي يطلع زلم والعقيد المصراتي يطلع ثائر خبر ما يمشيش عند ابو موسى!!

اشتروا الاكفان واستنشقوا الحرية قبل الرحيل المر!

Mujahid Abu Musa:

I’ve timed the week that we have made ​​of the puppet government and this government does not GOES!!
We undertake bombings night in Benghazi and Tripoli and the war was announced today against all headquarters or individual actuation with the puppet government and this image is the image of the batch that arrived for the Mujahideen forces and are pomegranates newly manufactured 5 of them can blow up the place a radius of 700 meters we NIF tuber that we promised we have and that we have won.

المجاهد أبو موسى

لقد انتهت مهلة الأسبوع التي قدمناها للحكومة العميلة و لم تنصرف هذه الحكومة!!
نتعهد بتفجيرات الليلة في بنغازي و طرابلس و الحرب قد أعلنت اليوم ضد كل مقر أو فرد يشتغل مع الحكومة العميلة و هذه الصورة هي صورة لدفعة التي وصلت لقوات المجاهدين و هي رمانات حديثة الصنع 5 منها يستطيع تفجير مكان نصف قطره 700 متر نحن الجبهة الإسلامية درنة إن وعدنا قمنا و إن قمنا انتصرنا


‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s Hamid Boulkheir commander of the First Infantry Brigade on Libya first channel now:

“Who قامون the liquidation unknown and is not arrested anyone yet!!”

TALL TALES created by GNC’s ‘Muslum’ Brotherhood ruling “JUSTICE & CONSTRUCTON PARTY” to

vindicate their Vendetta against ZINTAN, saying their Grand “FEBRUARY REVOLUTION”

is being endangered by ZINTAN ‘GANGS’ !!!:

ÚÇÇÇĚá Jma ::: said today, 04/08/2013, Zenata Friday market channel:

Ali follows pots [has increased' tyranny and a mockery' of Zintan militias.

"Users Tripoli Bthoratna the glorious and became spreading terror and theft in a despicable attempt to disrupt security and safety case and create congestion in the street after bank robbery , houses and land grabbing and Almgarat state, here they are stealing camps of weapons, vehicles and is planned to seize Tripoli in the days of Eid al-Fitr and the coup of legitimacy has informed us brother Mustafa Noah, deputy director of intelligence that the intelligence spotted contacts between leaders of the 'gangs' Zintan and terrorist groups planning where to make Tripoli a place for civil war begin before the holiday of Eid al-Fitr to ترعيب and kill people, has been proven and documented validity of this information and certain that the war scenes rung طبولها became hear from far and was scheduled since the two days, but was delayed for circumstances Tktkih are cooked in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia by the client UAE Mahmoud Jibril and Mliqth and Alokwak, ask 'he state and the rebels prepare for it and 'raise the degree of readiness to protect the citizens and the achievements of the revolution, O our people, the Libyan 'revolution' is in danger and Tripoli will burn and overrun by gangs that did not Taatsdoa to Maiktt her, God is my witness, I have informed]“…

TOP al-QAEDA RAT IN THE GNC, Khalid Sharif (one of the founders of the Libyan Fighting Group)
Is the piece was chosen and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense ordered the National Guard or because “he is a graduate of the College of Agriculture” ….

General National Congress gives confidence to Abdullah bending as defense minister Ali Zaidane government.

THIS MURDEROUS and wicked man inappropriate, and this placing is inappropriate!!!. HE IS ALSO a known Rapist of Libyan girls at al-Fateh Tripoli U. and torturer!

Electricity day interruption 4:30 hours:



Office of Public Information of the company’s electricity Benghazi

Important: Mr. Director, told us control in the Eastern Province Engineer / customary Ahmed thus:

Due to the General Electric Company to the implementation of emergency maintenance work generating station north of Benghazi by the German expert, during the daily 4-5 / 2013/8

By the company will proceed with the implementation of the program manual put loads during this period to maintain the stability of the network.

We hope that all citizens in Benghazi and the eastern region to take this flag with our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause them.

Quoting / / Islamic Front for the Mujahideen forces tuber

“We will target a government headquarters in Benghazi client after a few moments.”

Foil attempt to blow up in Alseriy area in Benghazi Street traffic .

The bombing of a military vehicle belonging to one of the elements of the office of information and investigate the management of military intelligence in

Benghazi in front of his home district of Sabri at seven o’clock in the morning and human Adharar!!

A spokesman for the security room Benghazi:

When قبضنا Ali Fazzani accused the issues of bombings, assassinations and admitted to many of the issues he was deported to Tripoli for interrogation. Vtm smuggled by militants linked destinations.

Ukrainian Ambassador Advisor:

Ukrainian sailors release will be once the 650-owned car dealers to show to the port of Benghazi.

 Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, arrest thief:

Car b coercion, when four people to delude the driver
They want to ride, and then put a gun to his head
And has been downloaded by force, and soon Haulo the escape by car, but
The Thunderbolt arrested on driving the car, front fork
University of Benghazi in one points Alastaagaf, when Rao point
Rammed the car and Adhu to flee, but it was captured their O’Shea
And they ملاحقين by the security room.


Libya’s international channel

URGENT: dismantling a ticking time bomb planted in front of the door is based in Tobruk taxes!!



Mr. Fathallah Capricorn informs us all:

Information is absent in the history of Bani Walid:

Did you know that the origins of Bani Walid and urban are not nomadic.

Did you know that Bani Walid was one of the centers of opinion in the Maliki school, and the largest number of mosques in Libya after Tripoli and Benghazi.

Did you know that there is a world of Bani Walid A. in astronomy in the nineteenth century.

Did you know that he was in Bani Walid special ways with المجرورة vehicles, and that some families had owned these vehicles in the second Ottoman.

Did you know that some women in Bani Walid was their convoys for trade with Africa.

Did you know that the first Telegraph outside Tripoli was installed in Bani Walid.

Did you know that Bani Walid had a gunpowder factory in the second Ottoman.

Did you know that the largest cemetery of soldiers Italians outside Tripoli was in Bani Walid.

Did you know that the student in a corner well he lived in an internal department, and was in receipt of a grant appreciates three Mgideat, and is equivalent to the salary of employees at the time.

Did you know that a lot of foreign travelers passed in Bani Walid, and some of them resided for a period and among them scientists settled there for the purpose of time corresponding with scientists Bani Walid.

Did you know that the road adjacent to the castle of the establishment of an Austrian lady settled in Bani Walid in the Ottoman Empire before you leave later.

Did you know that there were buildings constructed from three innings …

Did you know that the urban history of Bani Walid ignorant of a very large proportion of youth??

عن الأستاذ فتح الله الجديمعلومات غائبة في تاريخ بني وليد :هل تعلم أن أصول بني وليد حضرية و ليست بدوية .

هل تعلم بأن بني وليد كانت أحد مراكز الفتوى في المذهب المالكي ، و بها أكبر عدد من المساجد في ليبيا بعد طرابلس و بنغازي .

هل تعلم بأن هناك عالم من بني وليد ألف في علم الفلك في القرن التاسع عشر .

هل تعلم بأنه كانت في بني وليد طرق خاصة بالعربات المجرورة، و أن بعض العائلات كانت تمتلك هذه العربات في العهد العثماني الثاني .

هل تعلم بأن بعض النساء في بني وليد كانت لهن قوافل للتجارة مع أفريقيا .

هل تعلم بأن أول تلغراف خارج طرابلس تم تركيبه في بني وليد .

هل تعلم بأن بني وليد كان بها مصنع بارود في العهد العثماني الثاني .

هل تعلم بأن أكبر مقبرة للجنود الطليان خارج طرابلس كانت في بني وليد .

هل تعلم بأن الطالب في زاوية بالخير كان يسكن في قسم داخلي ، و كان يتقاضى منحة تقدر بثلاثة مجيديات ، و هي ما تعادل مرتب موظف في ذلك الوقت .

هل تعلم بأن الكثير من الرحالة الأجانب مروا ببني وليد ، و بعضهم أقام فيها لفترة و منهم علماء استقروا فيها لزمن بغرض المناظرة مع علماء بني وليد .

هل تعلم بأن الطريق المحاذية للقلعة من إنشاء سيدة نمساوية استقرت في بني وليد في العهد العثماني قبل أن ترحل لاحقا .

هل تعلم بأن هناك مباني كانت مشيدة من ثلاثة أدوار …

هل تعلم بأن التاريخ الحضري لبني وليد يجهله نسبة كبيرة جداً من شبابها ؟؟

Riders of BANI WALID




Green Mountain ..

The day before yesterday at Cinema City dome was at a meeting of the tribes was present zoning by Altcfhirien between tribes

“to maintain its security and the clearing of outsiders ..
The results were first arrested four persons from outsiders U yesterday ..”
And bring the youth of internal security in the “Green Mountain” mounting an operation investigation with outsiders because of their experience and actually hitting the target,


and now you’re in a telephone conversation with one of these young people and assured me learn a lot of facts and foremost those who are implementers of murders in the city of Derna.

The Libyan news agency …




Very emergency meeting tomorrow in the city of Zliten featuring local councils and the military is very important ..

This morning city زليطن, meeting militias from the western region on the movements of Zintan in Tripoli and the search for a solution to the crisis coming!

The meeting was attended by militias from Misrata Gharyan Nalut Tripoli and representatives corner to Nafusa!!

Of course, meeting under the auspices of the Jews Misrata …

Local councils to meet all Libyan cities on Monday, in the city of Zliten to discuss the situation in Libya.

The official spokesman for the local council Zliten Hassan Sofia for “news agency solidarity” that the meeting includes the local councils and military councils wise for all Libyan cities to discuss the security situation and assassinations in Libya, in addition to the question of legitimacy and the National Congress and the interim government.

Sofia added that the local council plans to issue a joint statement consensual unified local and military councils and boards of wise men to various Libyan cities shows the position of the councils of the current situation in Libya.

Solidarity news agency – beautiful Abdulrahman



Last night 4_8_2013 been discovered time bomb Palmobail the planted near from martyrs Btabriq the Square

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News


The armed robbery two days before my brother called Khalid Briki and steal his car Toyota Hilux (Kabana individual) six o’clock afternoon close to the hotel Sharif ..

Armed robbery of people have a BMW before God and His creation and before the eyes of all the people were beaten lead under his feet.

How was Marawah to complete lottery procedures to perform the Hajj .. Srko car each Mavera of the passports and family booklets

and some important papers and his mobile phone and jealousy

I hope publishing widely and God does not waste the reward of Muslims ::

Each of the find any information on this gang contact:

Brother Jamal Briki: 0913834816

Mermaid operations room

Recorded 6 cases of car theft my force of arms in the palace bin Gasheer and specifically in the way of the lighthouse .. Please citizens discernible caution.

(Media Center Qasr Bin Ghashir)

Parents and elders tourist area in Tripoli, they demolished the junta tourist ..

Mediterranean News Agency
Rally in Tripoli and mechanisms of arms and ammunition between the conflicting parties on the capital and emptying of army camps content Aandhir the fine ...(see yesterday’s report on Camp 27 YOUNIS).

National Congress asked the General Staff to protect the coastal road to the capital.

The entire members of the General National Congress, on Monday, the need to protect the coastal road to Tripoli.

A member of the conference Fattah Hablos for “news agency Solidarity” The members unanimously agreed to issue a decision in the next few hours and voted on in the evening session useful

guidance Chiefs of Staff for the protection of the coastal road to the capital as soon as the beginning of the bridge 17 janzour the very entrance to the corner.

He added a member of the conference that after the attack on Abdel-Fattah Younis camps and 27 in Tripoli, it was necessary to move quickly Conference and directing Chiefs of Staff to protect this region.

And drew Hablos to the morning session for today discussed the security situation in the country and witnessed by cities from multiple security breaches in more than one city.



 Free Officers Movement announces Libyan revolution for the country’s recovery from the current regime..




Movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement” announces a revolution in Libya 05.08.2013 | 17:42 !!! Russia Today
Mouvement qui se fait appeler

Movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement announces a ‘revolution’ in Libya
A movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement” in Libya, it will work to ‘restore the 17 February Revolution’ of the current regime.

The REPORT from RT:

A movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement” in Libya, it will work to restore the revolution of the current regime, which came after the overthrow of the Great Jamahiriya and its

spiritual leader/Supreme Commander Muammar al-Qathafi.

In a statement quoted by the movement “news” Algerian Monday, July 5, that the movement “will continue military confrontations, arguing that the full conditions are available for the

unification of the Libyan society” to confront what it called the plot against Libya.

They described the movement in a statement that what is happening in Libya plot, noting that it will do its work in a military zone and 12 will move 14 battalions as well as the air force and air defense.

The group separated in a statement the latest developments in Libya and is seeking to do, they pointed to activate the work of 12 military zone and move 14 battalions in addition to military air force and air defense forces.
According to the statement, “We declare that we have identified the zero hour for this glorious day we issued our orders following the establishment of military areas”:
Western Region
And the western corner,
And the Green Crescent,
And the Tripoli Military Region,
The western mountain area,
And the supporters, and the central region,
And the southern region, Ajdabiya zone,
Benghazi Military District,
Green Meadow area,
In addition to the طلميثة area Shahat tuber and Green Mountain area.

The movement called what it called بآمري assigned areas “immediate enrollment their regions, to exercise their jurisdiction zero hour by orders issued”
They stressed the need for full coordination with the Revolutionary Guards and the public and local leaders.
The statement concluded with “encouraging you and are confident of the National حسكم .. And we recommend good Bohlkm .. We recall that Libya for all Libyans .. No one exception .. And the desperate stage passed us we will not allow them to divide our people in such a glorious day. “

These developments come at a time when injured former Libyan Chief of Staff, Major General Salem Aguenida wounded in an assassination attempt as he returned to his home in Tripoli. This witness to Libya since the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, sending Libya into state of security chaos and assassinations, which has affected both civilians and military personnel. The group announced in a statement that it set the zero hour, it had issued orders establishment of military areas.

Source: (newspaper) “the news” Algerian :روسيا اليوم

Praise be to God 5 billion stationery machine Aalfada is ..

Mu simply gorgeous, w intense

In actuality, the Great Jamahiriya never was disbanded. The people never rejected it formally. ONLY NATO replaced it ILLEGALLY:

THEREFORE, this whole “NEW DECLARATION” or any other form of “government” imposed upon the Libyan peoples (as presented to the world last week) is really a farce.

You cannot take away power from the people without the full consent of the people…

and THAT WAS NEVER LEGALLY DONE. The Great Jamahiriya in actuality still exits until the people themselves decide elsewise…

NO ONE CAN DO THAT FOR THE PEOPLE of the Great Jamahiriya. (The people themselves would have to declare it and decide to give-up their power!!)

All good Nations must eventually do away with a “Constitution” itself (see GREEN BOOK], and proclaim only Holy Scripture as the LAW of the LAND….

and that HOLY SCRIPTURE will depend upon the accepted Scripture as being from God/ Allah (and not from the pen of any man or men).


concerning dirty MISURATA:

 bright anger FB page

يان منسوب لقبائل القذاذفة
__________________الموافق : 2013.08.01بيان قبيلة القذاذفة بشان الاحكام الجائرة والباطلة الصادرة في حق ابنائهاإن قبيلة القذاذفة والتى قدمت طوابير من الشهداء من أجل حرية وتحرير ليبيا من الاستعمار والمستعمرين عبر العصور، وقدمت إسهامات كبرى في مسيرة ليبيا أثناء فترة الجهاد ضد الغزاة المستعمرين الطليان ، وقدمت خيرة شبابها ورجالها من أجل وحدة الوطن والدفاع عن شرعيته من أذناب الاستعمار وعملاء الغرب ، وأسوة ببقية القبائل الشريفة المجاهدة ، واجهوا وبكل شجاعة المؤامرة التى يتعرض لها الوطن منذ نكبة فبراير وحتى الآن ، وهم يتابعون وبكل ألم وحزن هذا التشرذم الذي تعانيه ليبيا جراء العبث الذي تمارسه العصابات الاجرامية والمليشيات المسلحة الذين والو الكفار والعملاء في ضل غياب كامل للدولة والقانون وأدمية البشر ، مورست فيه وأثنائه انتهاكات صارخة لحقوق الانسان ، تعرض خلالها الليبيون في سجون تلك العصابات لحفلات من التعذيب والاغتصاب الممنهجين ، ووحدثت فيها ابشع وأقذر عمليات قتل جماعي وخطف وإهدار لثروات الوطن والمواطن حتى أمست ليبيا خرابة بكل ماتعنيه الكلمة من معنى ، وأصبح الليبيون في الوقت ذاته بلا قيمة ولا كرامة أمام هذا التوحش والفساد .
وأننا ككل القبائل الشريفة التى يتعرض أبناؤها لتلك الممارسات المشينة واللاأخلاقية التى تمارسها العصابات في كل ربوع ليبيا وبالأخص في سجون مصراته البغيضة والتي تحولت من مدينة للإنتاج والتنمية والعلم الى مدينة موبؤة بأفعال تلك المليشيات مدعومة من طرف جهات خارجية وفي ضل سكوت مطبق من مايسمى بالمؤتمر الوطني وحكومة العار المستوردة .
أن ماصدر من أحكام عن مايسمى بمحكمة مصراته في حق الاسرى والمختطفين قصراً ، ماهي الاخطوة اولى مبيته مسبقاً للشروع في الاغتيال السياسي والتصفية الجسدية لعدد من أبناء قبيلة القذاذفة ، ويقودها مجموعة من قادة المليشيات الخارجة على القانون وهم أنفسهم المسئولين على المذابح والتصفيات التى جرت وتجري في مصراته وخارجها طيلة فترة الازمة وهى موثقة لدينا ولدى كافة الجهات المحلية والدولية ، وما هذه المسرحية التى تحدث فصولها هذه الايام الا محاولة بائسة ويائسة لتمويه الراَى العام المحلي خاصة لشد انتباهه عن الحراك الحاصل في الشارع الليبي بعد ان اكتشف الحقيقة وكشف خيوطها وتحرك ضدها على كل الاصعدة ، ولشد انتباه العالم الخارجي عامة في محاولة مكشوفة وفاشلة لاقناعهم بأن هناك مؤسسات عادلة وناجزة ، متناسيين ان العالم برمته قد كشف زيف وسخافة هذه الالاعيب والترهات ، ووثق كل مايحصل فيها من إنتهاكات قانونية وإنسانية فهي محاكمات سياسية وغير قانونية تفتقر لابسط المعايير القانونية الدولية خصوصاً وانها صدرت من جهة تعتبر خصم في الوقت ذاته ، ناهيك عن تعطيل كافة المؤسسات القضائية والقانونية في كل ليبيا وفقدانها لأبسط القواعد والاشتراطات للقيام بمحاكمات عادلة في ضل انتشار فاضح وغير مسبوق للفوضى والسلاح والعصابات والمليشيات المسلحة والسجون الغير شرعية والسرية وغياب تام للدولة وسلطاتها وانتشار القتل والتفجيرات والخطف والابتزاز وغيره من الاعمال الغير مشروعة التى تقف حائلاً دون عمل محاكم عادلة وقانونية ومؤسسات داعمة للعدالة ، وهو ما اكده ردة فعل العديد من المنظمات الدولية حول هذه الاحكام ، وغيرها من القضايا التى اكدت فيها ان مؤسسة العدل في ليبيا غير مؤهلة اطلاقاً لتنفيذ مهامها في هذه الفترة الحرجة من تاريخ ليبيا .أن قبيلة القذاذفة وهى تراقب هذا الوضع الخطير والحكم الجائر والذى اصدرته محكمة مصراته تضع مسئولية اى أذى يطال ابناؤها على تلك الزمرة خاصة ، وتحمل الدولة إن وجدت مغبة تداعيات مايترتب على ذلك بإعتبار افراد قبيلة مصراته الذين شاركوا في هذا الفعل هم أهداف مشروعة لنا بالتصفية والقتل ، وأيضاً كل من ساهم وبأى شكل من الاشكال في هذه الجريمة الحقيرة والدنيئة ، وتطالب القبيلة الجهات المعنية بضرورة نقل أبناؤها من هذه المدينة الموبؤة نتيجة فعل تلك الشراذم القذرة إلى خارجها ، إعادة محاكمتهم وبحضور مراقبين دوليين ومنظمات حقوق الانسان والسماح لهم بتوكيل محاميين ولكل السجناء والاسرى والخطوفين في مصراته .
فيا أهالي مصراته وأعيانها إن وجدوا ، وعقلائها وشيوخها ، وبعدما أنتهكت تلك العصابات حرمات بيوتنا وحرقتها ودمرتها وسرقت ممتلكاتنا وارزاقنا دون وجه حق ، وطاردت ابناؤنا وقتلتنهم على الهوية ، هم وغيرهم من الشرفاء من الليبيين ، تحت رعاية وبمعية قوى خارجية وبمناصرتها ، وتصدركم انتم للمشهد في غطرسة وعربدة لم يشهد لها التاريخ مثيلاً ، بفعل تلك العصابات نقول لكم بأنكم تجنون الرياح وعليكم بالعواصف وأن هبت فهي لاتفرق بين احد منكم ، فواجبكم ايقاف تلك المهزلة فوراً وكبح جماح اكلي لحوم البشر بينكم والدهر يومان .

 the Gadhafah tribe (of Sirte) :


The tribe Alqmazfah statement on the verdicts unfair and false issued in right of her sons:

The tribe Alqmazfah which provided lines of martyrs for the freedom and liberation of Libya from colonialism and colonizers through the ages,

and made major contributions in the march of Libya during the jihad against the invaders colonists Italians, and provided the finest youth and

men for the unity of the nation and defend the legitimacy of the lackeys of colonialism and clients West, Like the rest of the tribes honorable combatant,

they faced and bravely conspiracy against her homeland since the Nakba February and so far, they are watching and all the pain and sadness of this

fragmentation suffered by Libya due to tampering practiced by criminal gangs and armed militias who Alo infidels and clients in lost complete

absence of the state and law and inhumane humans , practiced it and during flagrant violations of human rights, during which the Libyans in the prisons of those bands

for parties of torture and rape Almmenhgen, and Ouhdtt the ugliest and dirtiest mass killings, kidnappings and squandering the wealth of the nation

and the citizens even eventually become Libya’s a waste of all Matnih sense of the word, and became the Libyans at the same time without value

and dignity in front of this brutality and corruption.
And that we as a whole tribes honest, which exposed their children to such practices shameful and immoral practiced by gangs

in all across Libya, particularly in the prisons of Misrata obnoxious, which turned the city of production and development,

science to the city infected with acts such militias backed by third parties and strayed Scott applied the so-called National Congress and the Government Shame imported.
That Masdr of the provisions of the so-called Court of Misratah in the right of prisoners of war and abductees palace, what Alakhtoh first stayed overnight

advance to embark on political assassinations and physical liquidation of a number of tribe Alqmazfah, and is led by a group of militia leaders outside the law:

they are themselves responsible for massacres and qualifiers that took place and taking place in Misratah and beyond the duration of the crisis

which is documented to have and at all relevant local and international, and this play that occur classrooms these days,

but try miserable and desperate to disguise the domestic public opinion especially flatten attention from the movement happening in the street Libyan

after he discovered the truth revealed weaved and moved against it on all fronts, and flatten the attention of the outside world generally in an apparent attempt

and failed to convince them that there are institutions fair and ناجزة, Mtanasean that the whole world has debunked the absurdity of these games and nonsense,

documented every case with the violations of legal and humanitarian are political trials and illegal lacked the most basic international legal standards in particular,

and it issued point is deducted at the same time, not to mention disabling all judicial institutions and legal in both Libya and the loss of the most basic rules

and requirements to do the trials fair better spread of blatant and unprecedented chaos and weapons, gangs and armed militias, prisons, illegal, confidentiality,

and a complete absence of the state and its authorities and the spread of killings, bombings and kidnappings, extortion and other Business illegal which stand

without the work of courts fair and legal and supporting institutions of justice, which is confirmed by the reaction of many of the international organizations on these provisions,

and other issues which confirmed where the institution of justice in Libya is not qualified at all to carry out its functions in this critical period from the date of Libya.

The tribe Alqmazfah which monitors this grave situation and unjust sentence and issued by the Court of Misratah put responsibility for any harm affects sons on those Composition private,

and carry the state, if any, against the repercussions of مايترتب on it considering members of the tribe Misurata who participated in this act are legitimate targets for us liquidation and murder,

and also all those who contributed and in any way in this crime vile and despicable, and calls for the tribe concerned the need to transfer their children from this city infested

result did those Acharazm dirty to the outside, retrial and the presence of international observers and human rights organizations and allow them power of attorney lawyers

and all prisoners and captives and Alkhtovin in Misratah.

Via the people of Misratah and notables, if any, and Aklaúha and elders, and after he violated those bands sanctity of our homes and Hrguetha and destroyed and stole our property

and Arezagna unlawfully, and chased our sons and Guetltnem identity, they and other honorable Libyans, under the auspices and together with external forces and her championing,

and Tsdrickm you of the scene in arrogance Orgy has not seen her history ever seen, by those gangs say that you تجنون you and you wind storms and that they are endowed to Atafrq

between one of you, Foajpkm stop this farce immediately and rein eater you and forever days.



The news agency – Sirte …

Continue suspension of work by judicial courts and prosecutors complex judicial Sirte for the second week, in protest of what he suffered Courts Complex headquarters of security violations caused serious damage to the building and disrupt the judicial work.

According to the President of the Court of Sirte Trial Counsel “Saleh Abdel Mawla” that the suspension of an ongoing judicial work, in order to achieve and provide safety and security for the judicial bodies and judges and prosecutors and lawyers.

And called for the need to activate the police and the judicial police and the army, to protect and secure the judicial bodies in the region, as a student, the speedy adjust offenders and outlaws and bring them to trial.



Exposure civilian airport Jufrah Air Base to an accident as a result of penetrating type car “Toyota Kraiser” was carrying ammunition shells weapons to the glass wall of the passengers lounge.

According to sources, the local council that there had been no loss of life and that it was limited to minor damage was the shattering lounge travelers

despite the scattering and the spread of ammunition during the incident.

The sources pointed out that there were no explosions in ammunition that has spread over an area was not bad parts of the airport.

The member of the local council official Jufrah file utilities Dr. “Ahmed entertained,” who was present at the place that the driver of the

car lost control as a result of the speed which led to the accident.



Rached Ghannouchi, leader of Ennahda “Brotherhood” Tunisia’s ruling is similar to a demonstration of supporters of Ennahda crowds Muslim conquerors to Mecca ..

Ben Jeddo: showing a filament between the assassinations and the perpetrators who were entering link arms to Tunisia through Libya.

Tunisia: Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo:   “our words depend on technical matters away from any political attraction.”



Agence France-Presse (AFP) ::

Unidentified closing Qatar Airways office at the airport in Tripoli, stressing that they will no longer allow Qatar aircraft to land at the airport ..

Closed group of unidentified persons Saturday Airways office at Tripoli International Airport, saying it will no longer allow Qatar aircraft to land at the airport also confirmed to Agence France-Presse source at the airport ..
The source said on condition of anonymity said the group also announced that it also plans to close the booking office of Qatar Airways and the object in the commercial tower in the center of the capital.
For its part, the Interior Ministry condemned the Libyan incident shut down the Office of Qatar Airways at the airport in Tripoli, saying that one of the oldest on this “shameful act” They are people who “do not represent only themselves.”
The ministry said in a statement that it “condemns this act, which does not reflect only the opinion of those people who carried out this shameful act,” saying it will “follow up in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Transport and the relevant authorities.”
And considered the ministry that “such behavior is irresponsible and calculated about this public facility, which is the front end of the State of Libya, something that would send letters wrong for the international community and foreign companies and hinder economic development programs and reconstruction projects, not to mention the abuse of relations Libya – Qatar.
In late June, another group forced the company itself to suspend its flights flying to Benghazi airport, the largest city in the east of Libya.
Opponents accuse the Islamic movement in Libya, the Qatari government with the support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the rest of the shades of political Islam in this country.

Today at Tripoli International Airport
Prevent Airways plane shortly before landing at Tripoli International Airport and contacts are underway to convert the flight to Benghazi or Misurata.

(Mohammed Amehasn)



Libyan Airlines office in Cairo ability unable to turn clothing store in the Talaat Harb Street:

Brotherhood problematic Tawakkol Karman prevent her from entering Egypt:

Egyptian security authorities at Cairo airport forced winning the Nobel Peace Prize Yemeni Tawakul Karman to leave Cairo airport

after hours of detention and prevented from entering Cairo without giving reasons (!! HAH HAH…and BTW, Mdme Clinton is running for American President again in 2016)


Letter of appeal to the President of Russia

Nicholas Sologubovsky

President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin

A letter of appeal.

Dear Mr. President!
We ask you to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of

09.03.2011 N 286 “On measures to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011,” with all attachments to the Decree.

In connection with the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011, provides for the use of a number of limitations with respect to the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev Both companies signed a decree introducing a number of restrictions on the Libyan Jamahiriya and its leader Muammar al-Qathafi and members of his family.
March 17, 2011 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1973, which effectively authorized the military intervention and the complete destruction of Libya. Under the pretext of “no-fly zone”, NATO aircraft bombed the peaceful country of Libya and destroyed civilian property and infrastructure (and killed or maimed for life innumerable citizens of its small population).
Western politicians do not deny that the main objective of the war against the GREAT  Jamahiriya is the physical removal of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, the control of Libya’s natural resources and the establishment of a pro-Western regime.

Now we see, what turned the once prosperous country. In Libya, there is virtually no power, its place was taken by the government, which is not popular. On the territory of the country does not have laws in many cities in Libya’s rampant gang of radical jihadists and mercenaries of the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

Russia has always stood for the principle positions of peace and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. But we can not ignore the fact of direct genocide against the Libyan people.
The UN Security Council on the proposal of Russia adopted a June 20 statement demanding an end to human rights violations in Libya, in particular, the use of torture and extra-judicial killings of people.
“Members of the Security Council condemned the acts of torture and ill-treatment, which are observed in illegal detention centers in Libya,” – the document says.
UN Security Council stresses that “the practice of torture and extrajudicial killings are unacceptable.” Countries UN Security Council also called on the Libyan authorities to investigate all human rights violations in the country and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Recall that will soon be two years since the 29 citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are languishing in Libyan prisons under trumped-up charges of militancy.
The situation in Libya with each passing day more and more out of control. The Russian leadership should lift sanctions against Muammar Gaddafi’s family for continuing with the family members of respected Libyan citizens, to resolve the situation in the country.

We ask you to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On measures to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011,” with all attachments to the decree, and to begin a direct dialogue with all political forces in Libya in the interests of peace and safety of the Libyan people.
Friends of Libya.

Письмо-обращение к Президенту России

Президенту Российской Федерации
Путину В.В.Письмо-обращение.Уважаемый Господин Президент!
Просим Вас отменить или изменить Указ Президента РФ от 09.03.2011 N 286 «О мерах по выполнению резолюции Совета Безопасности ООН 1970 от 26 февраля 2011 г.» со всеми приложениями к Указу.
В связи с принятием резолюции Совета Безопасности ООН 1970 от 26 февраля 2011 г., предусматривающей применение ряда ограничений в отношении Великой Социалистической Народной Ливийской Арабской Джамахирии, Президентом России Медведевым Д.А. был подписан соответствующий указ,  вводящий ряд ограничений в отношении Ливийской Джамахирии, ее лидера Муаммара Аль-Каддафи и членов его семьи.
17 марта 2011 года Советом Безопасности ООН была принята резолюция 1973, которая фактически санкционировала военную интервенцию и полное разорение Ливии. Под предлогом обеспечения «бесполетной зоны» авиация НАТО бомбила мирные  города Ливии, уничтожала гражданские объекты и инфраструктуру страны.
Западные политики не отрицают, что главной целью войны против Джамахирии  являлись физическое устранение лидера Ливийской Революции   Муаммара Каддафи,    контроль над  природными богатствами Ливии и  установление прозападного режима.
Сейчас мы видим, во что превращена некогда процветавшая страна. В Ливии  фактически нет  власти, ее место заняло   правительство, которое не пользуется популярностью. На территории страны не действуют  законы, во многих городах Ливии бесчинствуют банды радикальных джихадистов  и наемников международной террористической организации Аль-Каида.
Россия всегда стояла на принципиальных позициях мира и невмешательства во внутренние дела суверенных государств.  Но  мы не можем обойти факт прямого геноцида против ливийского народа.
Совет Безопасности ООН по предложению России принял 20 июня  заявление с требованием прекратить нарушения прав человека в Ливии, в частности, применение пыток и внесудебных ликвидаций людей.
“Страны-члены Совета Безопасности осудили случаи пыток и плохого обращения, которые наблюдаются в незаконных центрах заключения в Ливии”, — говорится в документе.
СБ ООН подчеркивает, что “практика пыток и внесудебных убийств недопустимы”. Страны СБ ООН также призвали ливийские власти расследовать все нарушения прав человека в стране и привлечь виновных к ответу.
Напомним, что скоро будет два года, как 29 граждан России, Украины и Белоруссии томятся в ливийских тюрьмах под сфабрикованными боевиками обвинениям.
Ситуация  в Ливии с каждым днем все больше выходит из под контроля. Руководство России должно   отменить санкции против семьи Муаммара Каддафи  для последующего привлечения членов семьи, пользующихся  уважением ливийских граждан,  к разрешению сложившейся  в стране ситуации.
Мы   просим Вас отменить или изменить Указ Президента РФ от 09.03.2011 N 286 «О мерах по выполнению резолюции Совета Безопасности ООН 1970 от 26 февраля 2011 г.» со всеми приложениями к Указу и начать прямой диалог  со всеми   политическими силами Ливии в интересах мира и безопасности ливийского народа.
Друзья Ливии

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