Mu, Operation desert lion PDF

27 MAY 2013:

Will this vision will be realized this year ?? .

We eagerly await this from happening….

Commandment Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar, the voice of martyr Billah

a soldier of THE RESISTANCE:

Green al-Qathafi soldier PDF



Of the national platform I invite you to pause Ezz Hmokh leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. Rmsena and our struggle .. in the swirling about the legitimacy Conference: tribes and day out in demonstrations throughout the beloved homeland.
We call and call at the inauguration of Saif al-Islam as General Secretary of the ‘Libyan Tribes & Cities’ Conference for the BPC (in lieu of al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi) our nation is wounded …

I do not Léon – not for a client OS colonialism – not for the ‘Allaotunai Conference’: pagan – not a jar –

Yes, the decision of the great people in the inauguration of Saif Islam as General Secretary of ‘BPC Conference’.
(“Knight and Men”)

Mu salutes us all


“MUSICIAN” tells us:

“others are saying that they just saw Mu’ammar al-Qathafi driving a ‘Land Cruiser’.

First Section of the men have stayed with the leader, and will remain until the end ;

and the second section of the ‘semiconductor of men’, left when the leader in a Landcruiser, became a heavy load….

Mu driving a Landcruiser

Muammar al-Qathafi has rejected all offers made to him out time events, so as not to Akhaddlkm not accept them today, one offer so as not to Tkhaddloh in his (so-called) ‘absence’.”

‘MUSICIAN‘ writes:

“Even if under, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi for the next hundred years leading the Resistance revolution in Libya, it will not change this in Shi natures of traitors Valahakad. They have in self deposits that do not, engaged in the words and deeds of men whatever it enforceable and effective.

There is no gloss of thought behind Mu’ammar al-Qathafi for his ‘returning to judge for the liberation of his homeland.’ This person, al-Qathafi, is no different from the priest in the religion misprision, to reach the glory of recognition for redeeming his country.

Everything will be back to what it was, the national anthem and the Green Flag, and Bab Azizia Boukimith. But we will not go back as we were. For we will be even more strong and less merciful. History will say it lists facts not myths that area in the desert of Sirte claims al-Osos was shining ones prestige as the sun shines from the sky.

Billah will re-enters his father injured house in ‘area No. 2 Sirte neighborhood of residential houses’, with moving feelings of fatherhood; and accelerates in linking forestry al-Dmadh on his son while he was sitting in a corner of history.


and the place writes ‘Supreme Commander of ministering field, commander homeland lived’.

Scenes like this and you want him to satisfy by virtue of the dwarves.”

(And still playing lead {musician} continues)

Helena new episode of the program to Dr. Yusuf Shakir 13/10/2015




UNO / NATO / EU and the ‘HOOD’:

LIBYA HAS BEEN BLACKMAILED..only by accepting Léon’s “accord”, will NATO not re-enter LIBYA by Force ! This was THEIR (UNO/ NATO) TERMS, not the Libyan people’s (who are totally against Léon and all that he and his Mafia-teams have contrived for Libya).

 the real UGLY Bernardino Léon

‘Libyan Knight’ comments:

“Turkey (supporting terrorism argument and directory)

Léon (the actual Spanish ruler who laughed at his interlocutors support for terrorist groups led by Belhadj, Flint, Sowahailli).

‘Dawn Libya’ (who burned oil and airports, universities and tore down houses) meet to ensure the unity government.

Visualize a ‘Government’ (composed of ‘BrotherHoods’ and ‘Islamic-fighters’), who puts a Spaniard to set security (‘Dawn Libya’), and with the support of Turkey

Who is there to lead the country and the people?


‘MUSICIAN’, comments:


“Léon gives promises in the form of a written document a general amnesty for the leaders of the rat

Militias for their crimes. But he does not know that the fires of justice tat rings in our hearts, is able to burn all the minimum charters. Léon gives the criminals amnesty, but condems to death the people loyal to the Great Jamahiriya !”


HFTAR and the LIBYA ARMY must join the RESISTANCE with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the PDF, to FIGHT THE ZIONIST UNO/BROTHERHOOD/EU & the USA !

(Under the new puppet-Government, the Libyan Army under Hftar has been disbanded in favor of the MISURATA MILITIAS !!!, and a bounty has been put on Hftar‘s head.)

Hftar and Mu

War Criminal Abdul-Rahman Sowahailli (and his nephew Ahmed Mietk with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) have been put in charge by Léon (and his Brotherhood Mafia-gang), to run and ‘rule’ over LIBYA !

No decent Libyan will stand for this !

March includes all tribes, Libyan Army and General Hftar, and Ada al-Hati

Allah save Libya…

Pray for the return of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’.

A new type of drug in schools … passed both know
Even if you do not have children in the school .. Parents should know that this type of drug. This type is known as “strawberry Food”.

Frightening things taking place in schools these days and warning parents and awareness. There is a kind of candy LCD traded among children resemble candy known Pferqatha mouth and voices crackling rejoice issued by the boys .. smells like strawberry … spread among children in school playgrounds. Chewed children thinking that they are candy and then transported to hospitals after eating in case of catastrophic. Also come flavored chocolate or peanut butter or cola Awalkrz or grapes or oranges.

Please teach your children not to accept any candy from strangers and from their friends (who may have taken it in turn
From someone), especially those to which they apply these specifications and teaching them to notify administrators and profile officials concerned immediately if that happens. Post awareness among everyone in the hope that we prevent this tragedy.
(“Knight and Men”)





WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Department of Defense (al-Aptajon) on Thursday,
erdogen-awards-gneoh-alias-mahdi-haratine Brotherhood Leaders in Tripoli (Haratine-Gneoh, Belhadj) terrorists-supporter-Erdogan and libyan-terrorist-el-Mahdi-Haratine (Giani Akkla Gneoh)
Yan meeting princes militias in control of the city of Tripoli ‘Abdalrav Karh’ and ‘Khaled al-Sharif’ and ‘Abdul Ghanni Alkkla Gneoh alias el-Mahdi Haratine, not special to meet with Léon to arrange to secure the “new” (HAH HAH!) Brotherhood ‘government’;

The criminal RATS running TRIPOLI, showing Khalid Sharif, all backed by al-Jazeera

and to facilitate only carry out its functions plan .. Behind the scenes met al-Mzkoan with ‘Brig Ahmed bin Nasser bin Jassem al-Thani’ (Chairman of the Qatari intelligence service), and ‘Hakan Fidan’ (head of Turkish intelligence “MTI”), as a backdrop to the series of assassinations, which affected the leaders and the leaders of the militias and smuggling Mafia-gangs in Tripoli…

TURKISH and Qatari assassins

and which saw the city of Tripoli assassinations and large-scale rally series a cross between smugglers for Migration, jealousy for ‘legitimacy’, and some of the ‘Dawn Libya’ militia leaders, and then the President of the National Congress, Mr. Nuri Abu Bushman, request of the President of Turkey and Qatar, that Atdechlo in secret investigations concerning those classified attacks of ‘quality’ (concept of operations) ,,

and formed a ‘commission of inquiry’, made up of nationals and Turkey, to investigate the elements, which ordered the assassinations al-Msgut in al-Furnaj area at the Tripoli Center;

and included experts reportedly saying, that it carried out the attack Hua dedicated team assassinations, and used ‘lethal and accurate weapons which do not exist in Libya’,

and all the evidence going to LF own Italian GIS and French special forces GIGN and German special forces SEK, where it has been said that they are ‘only affected by the issue Migrants’ !

Illegitimate and they are the only ones who possess weapons of quality and are able to enter Libyan territory easily, and implementation of quality processes systematically at the highest level of accuracy and technical ..

The President of the Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan, is concerned about it ,and has asked al-Hazeran meet changing insurance  of Tripoli plans (to send a specialized team to uncover spies and federal agents inside Libyan territory), which confirms the quality of operations in Tripoli.

It has reached the highest level of accuracy in implementation.

Qatar and Turkey's involvement in Libya

More than 50 armed militia from the city of Misurata announce their ‘willingness’ to secure government inventory Bernardino Léon in Tripoli

Gates and review more than fifty mechanism between Toyota and Sierra Leone written on it ‘Nawasi armored cars’ (ABDUL-RAOUF ‘HATER’ CARTE) and a review in hand by the railroad and the center of Tripoli.

Gate in front of the Secretariat of Agriculture University Road after the bridge orbit.

And gate in Cimafro who enters the university Aaseraa hand and hand al-RIXOS (HOTEL) other hand gate and door and gate al-Azizia Ottoman palaces from the back side; and other portals and periodicals. …



‘MUSICIAN’ comments:



“if the Libyan people and agreed to the arrival of the Italian army to protect them from the militias, it means that the Omar al-Mukhtar was a gang leader and that his death sentence in accordance with the principles of justice and the provisions of law and this is the mother of scandals.”

Italian soldiers

Italy declares its readiness take over ‘securing’ the Libyan capital Tripoli with their soldiers!


Brigade military bulldozer Rishvana targets at sea against the ‘Sidi Bilal Besaad camp’ was carrying weapons and Dechair heading from the city of Tripoli’s CORNER.


‘Ahmed Nouri Sharidi’ of Tajourah:

‘Room Zintan operations’:


The kidnapping of activist ‘Ahmed Nouri Sharidi’ in Tajourah, less than ten days ago, did not announce any quarter or Militia claiming responsibility for his abduction.

and forcibly hide from his family and his family ..

Fingered refers only to militias Haitham Tagouris and Karh and (el-Madhi Haratine) Gianni Akkla Gneoh as having had kidnapped him.

particularly as it was a lot of communication and participation with all direct programs in a number of radio and audio channels ..

Sharidi was born in Tajourah, in 1964, and was known for demanding the army and police in the area to be no-longer controlled by the militias. He had participated in all the anti-militia demonstrations in the capital ..

The Father of three children, his mother died three days after he was kidnapped .. !!!

Maoksy their hearts on them the curses of Allah.


Hope post Thread Perhaps the message help in decoding captured.

was Raouf Hater's militias, now for the new Libyan Army, an armored vehicle

NAWASI Militia, at the ‘door Tajoura’, of the terrorist Abdul Raouf Cart stormed the Teachers Training College in Tripoli.

and witnesses said, that ten armed cars by anti-aircraft entered the ‘College Square’ and the elements of the militia began firing shots into the air, causing panic.

and students who exalted terrorism Asrakhhn what made some parents walk to the ‘College Square’ to protect their daughters,

and the elements of the militia’s argument was that they were ‘chasing wanted people’ within the college,
(“Knight and Men”)

‘Adnan Aly al-Hachany al-Haddad’ (25 yearsof age and a resident of Sirte N°2), has been kidnapped by Melcaat Inventory (el-Mahdi Haratine) Akkla Gianni Gneoh, in Plateau Project.


Voices of shootings in the Abu Salim area.


Flights to Istanbul:

Photos of terrorists who fled from Syria (after Russian strikes upon them) …
are making today trips to Instanbul, Turkey, via  MITIGUA AIRPORT.

The popular market, ‘Qubl Kulail’, had a convection fire:

Vehicles belonging to the ‘armed militia of Misurata’ gathered in Salah-Hud-Din area.

Voices launchers hear Nizqh now in ‘Spring Valley’, and ‘Ain Zara’.

A severe shortage of gasoline in the city of Tripoli and the surrounding areas omitted.

Hit citizen ‘Mohammed al-Mzogy’ severely beaten at the hands of Wahhabi extremeists outside of the Salafi mosque in ‘Boucif children Arada area of Tripoli’, for his use of the rosary inside the mosque.



News of clashes in the region Got al-Shall.

Rats deterrence belonging to a terrorist ‘Hater’ Itahjmon the area
Got al-Shall under the pretext of arresting drug dealers.



‘Room Zintan operations’:

O people of Kikla, Gharyan, and ‘the castle’:

Sheik's castle at KIKLA, Nafusa WESTERN Green Mouuntains
Ask yourself who started the attack on the convoys of Zintan, flying to Tripoli and Gdrtm them in the month of Ramadan…

Ask yourselves from burning houses and stole from al-Rajaban and Zintan in Tripoli….

Ask yourselves from dawn through the Valley of Tamarisk link between Tripoli and Montenegro in order to cut the road from Zintan and al-Rajaban.

Osolo yourselves from the Magistrate refused the right neighborhood and insisted that fighting Bhanb falsehood and advocates Misurata  and Aouhl Kikla military barracks.

Ojibwa to these questions, and you’ll find out why the Libyan Army went to enter the village of Kikla, (of which you want to build within  them in order to invade  Zintan and al-Rajaban your neighbors).

And that the date of record.


Cut off telephone links for Mizdah and its environs.




General Omar Tntosh and the Libyan Army in the Western Region

The arrival of General Omar Tntosh to the long area to oversee the readiness and arming the Libyan Army (Arab armed) forces in the entire western region.


General Omar Tntosh, channel ‘Libya First’:

“The (so-called) ‘harmonic government’ was agreed on by Western countries only; and it does not match the Libyan people at all.”




Fire at AJEELAT General Hospital and Central School in the city center, after the fall of two rockets fell upon them yesterday.




Sowahailli Militia enter the CITY of FIVE

Entry mechanisms belonging to the ‘Saraya Sowahailli militia’ of the new Puppet-RAT GOVERNMENT, go into the City of Five.

Melcaat Sowahailli now controls City of Five Mbina.


Page console from ‘Zero hour’ (on FB), to the town of Bani Walid:

public and private ‘al-Tejekh tribe’: death of Haj ‘al-Hmala Abdul- Rahman al-Tejekh’.

BANI WALID monastic

We are asking Allah that he makes it (as a mole) to the Gardens of Paradise . ….




The release of the 10 crew of the Russian tanker detained in MISURATA, Libya since last month.






‘Daash’ terrorist erect the surface to surface missile group at the entrances

to the city from all sides.


‘Daash’ terrorist organization announces

the opening of their (so-called) ‘Sharia’ court in the city of Sirte.

Continued communication outages, and lack of fuel and to close banks and a severe shortage of medical materials and Foods !

and after control by the organization ‘Daash’, the city of Sirte for more than two months already !


Violent clashes with heavy weapons in Laithi, Sidi Faraj, and Hawari.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ sites axis Sidi Faraj and Boatni.


random shells fired by ‘DAASH’ causing an explosion of two houses in the area of Laithi, during Tfajakhha by ‘DAASH’.


One 'Champions' henchmen Daash, SAM bin Humaid

The offender Sam bin Humaid threatens to constantly bombard ‘HAVE-BUILT airport’ with artillery and rockets even warplanes.

Sam bin Humaid, 3
Random shells fall on the area ‘Have-built’:
a Aanaba for damage and human.

Using 'Have-built airport' of Benghazi, safety 100%


‘Daash’ terrorist organization targeting missiles at  ‘Have-built Airport’, has led to the deaths and injuries of Libyan Army forces (under General Hftar) stationed there. (The Libyan Airforce is stationed out of ‘Have-Built’ airbase.)

'Have-built' Air Base, Benghazi

‘Daash’ terrorist organization slaughtered of two of the ‘Tanks  Battalion 204’, after they were captured in clashes yesterday. They were ‘cosmic Ojaili’ and ‘Mohammed Dhikar Ferjani’.

Colonel al-Mahdi el-Bergthe battalion command 204 tanks (second right) with his soldiers in Palawan


Random shells fall near Quiche Square demonstrators in Benghazi.

Benghazi launches today the real spark civil revolution of Quiche yard plot to bring down ’17 February’. With the masses meadow, Casablanca, Tobruk, al-Azizia, Ajeelat, Beautiful City, Zintan, Bani Walid, and al-Rajaban.

Pay tribute to the Libyan people the great steadfast and patient,
Greeting the righteous martyrs Ketbo blood Epic address…
Tribute to the heroic prisoners who paint their suffering through the salvation of the people.

Frequently national call for all strong needed to escalate the struggle to bring down the conspiracy and the restoration of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ as a sovereign independent state

and responsible in the regional and international surroundings, and the sovereignty of the Libyan-people.”

(Mustafa hyperbolic)
16. 10.2015

Benghazi Green Uprising, 1


“Benghazi refused to Akedzhaa next convoy of surgeons from all across Libya, to disarm the cancer-tumor from her liver, to pay today’s price tumor spread in all the members of her body.”


‘Musician’ asks:

“as Mnatm green banner of the rise in Quiche Square.

Stop the missiles that are falling over the houses of innocent people in Quiche,

O O traitors Shaddad prospects.”





The arrest of the most prominent leading role in organization of ‘Daash’, called ‘Murad seven’, after an armed confrontation lasting for hours, inside a residential neighborhood.

Was executed, the terrorist of ‘DAASH’, named ‘Murad sba’, since few in canned farmyard.

Dead and wounded in the bombing of a boat by mistake by Western Naval Forces West of TUBER.


Pharmacy delivery truck

‘Daash’ terrorist organization confiscated a shipment of medicinal-drugs originally headed for a hospital in Tobruk.





Sandstorm accompanied by strong winds on Opunjam area lasted about 5 minutes what led to the uprooting of a large part of ‘the bishop of the station’ and a large tree fell to the outstation equipment,  cracking coatings penetration, and cut off access lines in and out of Zamzam and Abu Najim Opunjam Hun.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

Medium weapons clashes between armed militias at area of Hun in al-Jufra.




Greeted GREEN pilgrims during the Bhagat ceremony in Lanuages on Sunday

Greeted GREEN pilgrims during the ‘Bhagat ceremony’ in Lanuages on Sunday.



al-KUFRA kharijites surrender

Photos group of mercenaries militants Sudanese and Chadian opposition and the number nine gunmen to surrender to one of the sites after closing in on them by the defenders of the men from the soil of the homeland.

Relief convoy coming from Gallo City was on its way to
‘The City of infidels’ in al-Kufra. The ‘Tazerbo’ entered the town last night after a Chadian armed group prevented them from continuing their passage to al-Kufra.



The new neighborhood schools in Sabha, have attached a study there until further notice ..


in protest against an ‘armed militia’ who stormed the headquarters of the ‘unit of veterinary health center’ in the neighborhood, and took it as their base of operations !

VET CENTER taken over by Terrorist Militia

Robbery ‘Ali Bashir’ Secretary of the population Gardah (SABHA), as he was dismantling his car this morning.





“Tgayat (offered me a bribe of) 400 billion from the Gulf states to change my attitude!, and Akny not Asaom on humanitarian,
and we created for peace !!”



French President Francois Hollande:

“We tried to escalate in the face of Putin’s money. We heard afford hearing.”

 Pirate FrançoisHollande

(The harsh tone of Hollande).


Putin w sub


“If you want to stop the bombardment of organizations that Tzmoha
Moderate, but what you bring down Russian aircraft and then Feltqa war.
Do you ask the Russian state and when you bomb that destroyed the Arab country Libya.”


putin-erdogan-car-sultan Putin vs Erdogen Putin and Erdogen, 1

‘Knight Libyan’, writes :

Bear tame al-Sjawq

Russian Bear Putin sends signals to the Turkish moron (ERDOGEN) that he also mastered the hunt-prey from thousands of kilometers away, to win his battles

also fluent in political maneuvers because it is an ancient school graduate intelligence.

Breakthrough Turkish airspace was serious and strong message, especially as they were on the brigade al-Oskndoren who knows the Russian bear grave historic truth being occupied Syrian territory from Turkey since 1939.

The message penetrate the atmosphere that if Turkey did not stop supporting terrorist groups secretly, and did not close its borders to the terrorists, the Russian bear a good reader of the history of the region, will support the open Brigade occupied Iskenderun file.

And has the ability to be settled in favor of the Syrians in the United Nations, including the presence of have powered the Eastern bloc and the BRICS group

or militarily settled Balsuhui Kleber and the system of the Caspian Sea. Iskenderun and his fate will be like the Crimea, which ended in the defeat of his opponents and exit conducting tails defeat.

Task successfully penetrate Sukhoi par excellence. Istanbul fool to not understand the message, and is terrified. And contented himself with watching the West (Action) amazement. And go to the restoration of Syrian cities in high spirits.

Pigs, provided only crying in the Gulf Drifter …


‘Daash’ announce the second man in the killing, with an audio recording in their hoodlum organization:

and vows to defeat in Russia in Syria.

DAASH exectes Iraqi citizen in Iraq


“Russia” and accuses expose “the United States and Britain” that they provided members of State Regulation terrorists of “Daash”, with innumerable cars. Toyota is demanding “a real investigation, rather than written stories”.


Russia, including some of the positions which we have seen of abandonment or absence of positions, at different stages, for some of the events in the Arab region. Regardless of the justification
But throughout its history it has never become accustomed to lying.
To find the most vulnerable people, or the target close to Russia, in hopes to return to the international arena ,to end the unipolar who tamper with the interests of the people and destabilized it underhanded, by controlling of its ways.

Because the Russians have Aakzbon Ntqgua fact that the West did not say it, but timidly and will not dare to even saying, that the Wahhabi-Arabs and even some Libyans, were accomplices with the Western system and policies.

The content of the Russian message. It is that Libya fell to a Western Evil Greedy plot. Russia has been shot down, for wants to stop the spread chaos. Those who participated in the overthrow of the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’, are either traitors or Amadhok the West. More importantly, it is an indication that Libya was a safety valve (strong in the region with its system and its wise leadership). The region was not only stabile, its stabilized. And that the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ strategy, will not be far away from our (RUSSIA’s) strategy.

The conclusion of the dupes .. Forget flashy logos and zoom deceptive and panting behind the illusion. The whole world knows the truth, as we teach. And what has been said of the Russians, and some Western leaders in some of the leaks and notes, will be taught in history classes in all its details in the curriculum Bcoahidh, and his arguments.

You will be just stupid in these details. Get up from Spatk before Egervk torrent truth; and your use of those who rode on your back and (GfK) before the others …

(‘Knight Libyan’)
“Knight and Men”





Sudan sends heavy weaponry, mercenaries to DAASH in Sirte


finally admits her mercenary ‘REBELS’ ARE FIGHTING ALONG WITH THE TERRORISTS AND ‘DAASH’ IN LIBYA; AND THAT BASHIR is supporting them.

Brotherhood leaders HAMAD and BASHIR (QATAR and SUDAN) at Arab summit

Sudanese President Amr al-Bashir, reveals the presence of Sudanese ‘rebels’ fighting with terrorist groups in Libya and the State of South Sudan.

Ya Salam actually the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ has become a farce thanks Jardan
Anchallah fulfill the Bazkm O traitors…

(‘Militant Arabism’)

picture of the planes sold to ‘Roma Libya’ from Sudan:



The House of Saud laudets Bernardino Léon and the ‘accord’ dumped on LIBYA…
The SAUDIIS and the ‘HOODS’


el-Saud welcome to reaching an agreement to form a ‘national unity government’ in Libya.
(After Khrepettoha O tails Zionists)

Indeed. Léon dialogue failed after the loss of a full year of panting and fantasies
Internationally (clear to dodge all the United Nations and slag envoys and insult
West Libyan ambassadors for each matter)
Arab (full deficit and Otbthb stage.

They are among conspirator incites and supports to increase the crisis, such as Qatar and the UAE and the horns and tools Ataathrk only at the behest of the West.. Egypt has its problems. And Algeria distance itself in order to preserve its security. The university paid and under orders at lightning speed abolished the decision of the Arab force after Western Communications).

Congress (and stupid and hired Msalehyan) but my Lord Marhm
Dignity (unable to achieve anything on the ground. So that triumphed in Benghazi, there are dozens of cities dominated by terrorism and armed gangs and the need for many years and billions of money compared to the Maoanajth of Zmn.oomkanyat in Benghazi)


Alternative for ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab government’, will be a ‘Brotherhood’ disaster. The data for the dignity and promises of new operations and new appointments will not be made little triumph.

Popular and controversial amid constant congestion and worsening crises of electricity so that the bread and salary and fuel.

Also the West succeeded in prolonging the crisis and will continue to be the ‘puppet government is trying to give it legitimacy’ formality; but, it lacks the capabilities and safety mechanisms amidst its mosaic of regional-terrorist militias,

and other other matters of self-interest have penetrated and became known how to manage a game of pressure and blackmail and use.

It is evident that everyone is going on in a vicious circle, and ranges in the same place Bmsknat, and promises turned out to be a pipe dream, starting from transitional to the temporary, and even (so-called) ‘harmonic governments’, are not only fragile, but are racing by everyone, to plunder the funds for their persomal use and knowledge (as a temporary lack of oversight and accountability institutions), with a ‘mock’ judiciary façade of ‘law’.

So Mahal .. The solution is the Libyan people. Swirling around the inside of the Libyan Army and re-real Bkiedath in coordination with one another, a battle kicks off in all regions of Libya.

And make ‘the tribes of the Conference’, leading the transitional phase,  after the end of the formal ‘Council of Tobruk’ (MAJLIS al-Nuwaab).

By the West’s abolition of the green-flag and ‘Allah over all’ anthem, disputed popularly is even then impossible for the homeland to recover around such a referendum.

These bold and courageous steps to cut the road in front of all the conspirators internally and externally, must be applied to put everyone on the right track;

but by everything else, these foreign, alien-relievers largely have prolonged the crisis, and the destruction of more losses, and the loss of time and effort just …

(‘Knight Libyan’)

Ofcourse ‘Roma Libya’ militias supports ‘the self-styled government of hypocrisy’ led by Fayez OS…because they are all ‘HOODS’ !



Algeria declares that its border with Libya will remain open for humanitarian reasons.

There congradulated a front for the issuance of the terrorist ‘DAASH’ organizations, for their “victorious” ‘Daash’ terrorist factions striving hard row in each of the Yemen, Libya and Algeria.



young radicals entering in from Tunisia

250 Tunisian terrorists belonging to the terrorist organization ‘Daash’, have moved to Libya since the start of Russian operations.
This Jerusalem defiled by pigs Zionists, my dogs, I was right to fire on you, Mo right on every single stop with the ‘plight of 17 February’ and still tells about Nfssoa, son of Libya Rak, what differentiated from ‘DAASH’.

O swore allegiance to your home country.


Melcaat group Sabratha kidnappers, and one from Ben Guerdane, yesterday Ashan heck drunk way



Close by the link between the RAS Worthy and the head of Ben Guerdane al-Zacharh ..

Tunisian security arrested “Hasin al-Zuda”, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha, at the ‘Airport Qirtaj-ata’ (CARTHAGE AIRPORT) in the Tunis capital.


The release of the terrorist ‘Hussein Thawadi’, leader of the Libyan Fighting group (loyal to their base) and the dean of the municipality of Sabratha, held in Tunisia, for the release of 57 Tunisian workers in Libya.

PICTURE: Hasin al-Zuda, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha, after visiting Turkey:
Hasin al-Zuda, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha after visiting Turkey

Carthage airport in Tunis

The release of detainees in Tunisia, from Sabratha
who have been detained by Melcaat Sabratha, coming after the arrest of the mayor of Sabratha, by Tunisian police

after evidence of his involvement in the recruitment of terrorists from Tunisia (whom he takes to Sabratha).



The ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’ have destroyed the second warship in the Red Sea at Bab al-Mandab area with a sea-surface missile.

The Yemeni forces keep also shooting down the Saudi American spy drones of different types.


SAUDI SPY-drone downed by Yemeni

In other hand, the Yemeni forces are keeping advance inside the land
Saudi in Jizan, Najran and Asir .. inside its cities and villages,

Yemeni successful in stopping SAUDI advancing forces

Yemeni successful in stopping SAUDI advancing forces, 2

destroying the Saudi vehicles (American made) of different types.


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a ajouté 5 nouvelles photos.


Today in my home province (Dhamar) against the Sauid American aggression.

The people are still in the full readiness everywhere in Yemen.

Don’t worry .. Don’t let the American Media makes your view about Yemen or any other country !

Look carefully and deeply, and you will see everything going to the best result, by the grace of Allah .. who always supports oppressed people who defend themselves (The right Jihad).


REVOLUTIONARY COMMITTEE Leader, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi:



Keep going. Be brave and Strong. Lose people through martyrdom but Never lose grip of winners. Attach strongly with Allah set.
_ Young sons region withstand the withdrawal of the Directorate of Eyal Srih Omran province  declare Astefaffhm with the Sons of Yemen support The tribe and Adhenwn morning millions to sign the Campaign Document tribal honor

(News of the Yemeni revolution – youth withstand “Change Square” of Yemen:

Youth withstand | District Directorate pull Eyal Srih Amran governorate sons declare Astefaffhm with ‘the Sons of Yemen’ in support of the tribe and Adhenwn morning millions to sign a document of honor tribal campaign ..)

Breaking & very Important:-
A new speech for the leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed AbdulMalek al-Houthi tonight at 7:30 pm, 4;30 GMT.
Be tuned for the important speech, dear brothers and sisters.
It is the 52nd anniversary of 14 October 1963 Revolution which defeated out the Britain invaders from Yemen.


Yemeni Armed Forces announce the firing of a Scud missile targeting Khamis Moshait Airbase in southern Saudi Arabia. A scud missile launched from Yemen to “King Khalid” air base at ‘Khamis Meshait’ in Asir, where Israel moved its missile to there.

A video for launching a scud missile early in the morning,
from Yemen to “King Khalid” Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir.

Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase.

The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli “boeing 747” transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait.

The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.
A video for launching a #scud missile early in the morning, from Yemen to “King Khalid” Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir. Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase. The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli “boeing 747” transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait. The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.
A scud missile from Yemen to Kham

A video for launching a #scud missile early in the morning, from Yemen to "King Khalid" Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir. Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase. The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli "boeing 747" transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait. The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.

A scud missile from Yemen to Kham

Green struggle mail
Yemeni Army hits SAUDI BASE

Yemeni army announced the launch of ballistic missile hits a Saudi military base in the heart of the Kingdom




Yemeni forces shot down an F16 war plane at Ghamer in Sa’ada province with a guided missile.


Green Against the “Super-SATANIC World-Powers”

Mu in white uniform

Mu Against 17 FEBRUARY

Mu conversive Mu georgeous smile

Ousted with honors …
Testimonials ousted and believed that the ousted affront name for us but the ousted al-Qathafi name honored Valszlam means dignity

and not to succumb and humiliation, meant we did not we use the infidel West and bring NATO to kill our children, who did not grow up under the banners of the Jews, means that we crown heads Qatar unclean and are Qatar al-Amjmuah kilometers of the smallest Libya vast areas ..

ousted means that our men heroes, and their blood dishonest Aaqublon shame not to sell their sisters and daughters to Qatar silks boilers Hamajat thousand free man, age Rgesat sell their bodies and Ilpin Qatari calls in Sohrathm.

To be ousted this honor Mapadh honor and congratulations.

One of those who was ousted myth giant leader Muammar
al-Qathafi was not pleased with himself to be a traitor cheap dingy unclean within Qatar and banana rats tails NATO and the laughingstock of the world.

Yes we lived  through henchmen and thugs alive; and we will live ousted and we shall clear the land of traitors, so that there will not remain one amongst us

and we will continue and grow old and are getting more and more

and there will be a beautiful state al-Adavlatna Sabra and Allah ..

Long live the State and arrows ¤¤¤ of our ‘lawyer leader’.

(“Knight and Men”)

ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﻣـﻊ ﻣـﺮﺗـﺒــﺔ ﺍﻟـﺸــﺮﻑ …
ﻗــﺎﻟــﻮﺍ ﻋـﻨـﺎ ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﻭﺃﻋـﺘﻘـﺪﻭﺍ ﺃﻥ ﺍﺳــﻢ ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﺃﻫــﺎﻧﺔ ﺑـﺎﻟﻨﺴﺒـﺔ ﻟـﻨـﺎ ﻭﻟـﻜـﻦ ﺍﺳـﻢ ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﺍﻟـﻘـﺬﺍﻓـﻲ ﻳـﺸـﺮﻓـﻨـﺎ ﻓﺎﻻﺯﻻﻡ ﺗﻌﻨﻲ ﺍﻟﻜﺮﺍﻣﻪ ﻭﻋﺪﻡ ﺍﻟﺨﻀﻮﻉ ﻭﺍﻟﺬﻝ ﺗﻌﻨﻲ ﺃﻧﻨﺎ ﻟﻢ ﻧﺴﺘﻌﻴﻦ ﺑﺎﻟﻐﺮﺏ ﺍﻟﻜﺎﻓﺮ ﻭﻧﺠﻠﺐ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺗﻮ ﻟﻴﻘﺘﻞ ﺃﻃﻔﺎﻟﻨﺎ ﻭﻟﻢ ﻧﻜﺒﺮ ﺗﺤﺖ ﺭﺍﻳﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻴﻬﻮﺩ ﺗﻌﻨﻲ ﺃﻧﻨﺎ ﻧﺤﻦ ﺗﺎﺝ ﺭﺅﺱ ﻗﻄﺮ ﺍﻟﻨﺠﺴﻪ ﻭﻣﻦ ﻫﻲ ﻗﻄﺮ ﺇﻻﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﻛﻴﻠﻮﻣﺘﺮﺍﺕ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺻﻐﺮ ﻣﻨﺎﻃﻖ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﺍﻟﺸﺎﺳﻌﻪ .. ﺍﺯﻻﻡ ﺗﻌﻨﻲ ﺃﻥ ﺭﺟﺎﻟﻨﺎ ﺃﺑﻄﺎﻝ ﻭﺩﻣﺎﺋﻬﻢ ﺷﺮﻳﻔﺔ ﻻﻳﻘﺒﻠﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﺭ ﻭﻟﻢ ﻳﺒﻴﻌﻮﺍ ﺍﺧﻮﺍﺗﻬﻢ ﻟﻘﻄﺮ ﻭﺃﻥ ﺑﻨﺎﺗﻨﺎ ﺣﺮﺍﺋﺮ ﻏﺎﻟﻴﺎﺕ ﺷﺎﻣﺨﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺓ ﺑﺄﻟﻒ ﺭﺟﻞ ﻭﻟﺴﻦ ﺭﺧﻴﺼﺎﺕ ﻳﺒﻌﻦ ﺍﺟﺴﺎﺩﻫﻦ ﻭﻳﻠﺒﻴﻦ ﺩﻋﻮﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﻘﻄﺮﻳﻴﻦ ﻓﻲ ﺳﻬﺮﺍﺗﻬﻢ . ﺃﻥ ﻧﻜﻮﻥ ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﻓـﻬـﺬﺍ ﺷـﺮﻑ ﻣـﺎﺑـﻌـﺪﻩ ﺷـﺮﻑ ﻭﻫـﻨـﻴﺌـﺎ
ﻟﻤـﻦ ﻛـﺎﻥ ﺃﺣـﺪ ﺍﺯﻻﻡ ﺍﻷﺳـﻄـﻮﺭﺓ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻼﻕ ﺍﻟﺰﻋﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺋﺪ ﻣـﻌـﻤـﺮ
ﺍﻟـﻘـﺬﺍﻓـﻲ ﻭﻟـﻢ ﻳـﺮﺿﻰ ﻟﻨﻔـﺴـﻪ ﺑـﺄﻥ ﻳﻜـﻮﻥ ﺧﺎﺋـﻨـﺎ ﺭﺧﻴﺼﺎ ﺣﻘﻴﺮﺍ ﻧﺠﺴﺎ ﺿـﻤـﻦ ﺟﺮﺫﺍﻥ ﻣـﻮﺯﺓ ﻗـﻄـﺮ ﻭﺫﻳـﻮﻝ ﺍﻟـﻨـﺎﺗـﻮ ﻭﺍﺿـﺤـﻮﻛـﺔ ﻟﻠـﻌـﺎﻟـﻢ .
ﻧـﻌـﻢ ﻋـﺸـﻨـﺎ ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﻭﻧـﻌﻴـﺶ ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﻭﺳﻨـﻌﻴـﺶ ﺃﺯﻻﻡ ﻭﺳﻨـﻄـﻬـﺮ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ﻣـﻦ ﺍﻟـﺨـﻮﻧـﺔ ﻭﻟـﻦ ﻳـﺒﻘـﻰ ﺃﺣـﺪ ﺳـﻮﺍﻧـﺎ ﻭﺳﻨـﺴﺘﻤـﺮ ﻭﻧـﺰﺩﺍﺩ ﻭﻧـﻜـﺒـﺮ ﺃﻛـﺜـﺮ ﻭﺃﻛـﺜـﺮ ﻭﻟـﻦ ﻳـﻜـﻮﻥ ﻫـﻨـﺎﻙ ﺩﻭﻟـﺔ ﺇﻻﺩﻭﻟـﺘﻨـﺎ ﺻﺒﺮﺍ ﺟﻤﻴﻼ ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻌﺎﻥ ..
ﻭﺗـــﺤــﻴــﺎ ﺩﻭﻟـــــﺔ ﺍﻷﺯﻻﻡ ¤¤¤ ﻣــﺤـﺎﻣــﻴـــﺔ ﺍﻟـﻘـﺎﺋـــﺪ

“فارس ورجال”

“chevalier et hommes”:

Mu victor against NATO

 Universal revolutionary Committees in France, 4

Mu fighting NATO

‘Mohammed the serious’, on FB, writes:

Your soldiers and your children waiting for you ……
There are 8 months of deadly largest crusade Zionist spiteful quote from them and some of them in captivity is captivity ..vk Allah …
And some of them continue to fight for four years tirelessly Hola are _khashm Commander saying ………… ((if I am popular Maihbna Mansthak life)) Yes, Sir Leader, they love you and they Ali reign you they We continue to struggle and fight as ordered ..odn sir deserve to live, and you should be alive for your people and loved ones do not prolong their absence are waiting for you to resume the march of the ‘Great al-Fateh Revolution’ again.

The strength and resilience of the biggest challenge and the greatest ….

Aamosiqar also this topic in the target …
For Hedda We say we all Daash .. and Daash rest during expands the simple reason … even the date on the al-Qathafi supporters al-Qathafi does not write the days that supporters Kdavi were partners in the crime of selling the homeland and its destruction and all this topic blood that is flowing on home soil for Hedda Sataatkvl Daash clean and eliminate Jardan and Jardan injected pills left by hallucinations and Mae employment and infidelity …….

To knead then Sanmutir to be to answer the question my father Saaketb in the pages of my father’s history is to kill so and so …… (o) … and destroyed the city (p) is executed group (f) and punished the Tribe (r) Sanmutir be answered ((Daash)) and must be well ….. Vanhn not be partners in crime in February to bear the consequences …….
We Hedda with the Daash until further notice and until Complete …. Satkon and rest during Taatmdddddddd
(Mohammed the serious)

محمد الخطري‎ 

جنودك وأبنائك في أنتظارك ……
هناك من قاتل 8 أشهر أكبر حملة صليبية صهيونية حاقده منهم من أستشهد ومنهم من هو في الأسر ..فك الله أسره …
ومنهم من أستمر في قتال لمدة أربعة سنوات دون كلل او ملل هولاء هم من خصهم القائد بقوله ………… ((انا لو شعبي مايحبني مانستحق الحياة )) نعم سيدي القائد هم يحبوك وهم علي عهدهم لك وهم مستمرون في نضال والكفاح كما أمرتهم ..أدن سيدي تستحق الحياة ويجب أن تكون علي قيد الحياة من أجل شعبك واحبابك فلا تطيل عليهم غيابك هم في أنتظارك لاستئناف مسيرة الثورة الفاتح العظيم من جديد
وبقوة وتحدي وصمود اكبر وأعظم ….

(‎محمد الخطري‎)

ياموسيقار وهده أيضا في الهدف …
لهدا نحن نقول كلنا داعش .. وداعش باقيه وتتمدد لسبب بسيط …حتي لا يكتب التاريخ علي القدافي وأنصار القدافي يوماً أن أنصار قدافي كانوا شركاء في جريمة بيع وطن ودماره وكل هده الدماء التي تسيل علي ارض الوطن لهدا ساتتكفل داعش بتنظيف وقضاء علي الجردان وما خلفته الجردان المحقونه بحبوب الهلوسه وذاء العماله والخيانه …….
الي دلك الحين سانحرص علي ان تكون الاجابة علي السؤال الدي سايكتب في صفحات التاريخ الدي هو ……من قتل فلان (س) …ومن دمر المدينة (ع) ومن أعدم مجموعة (و) ومن عاقب القبيلة (ص) سانحرص أن تكون الاجابة ((داعش )) ويجب أن تكون كذلك …..فانحن لم نكون شركاء في جريمة فبراير لنتحمل نتائجها …….
لهدا نحن مع داعش الي اشعار أخر و حتي أكتمال المهمة …. ساتكون باقيه وتتمدددددددد
محمد الخطري


 Mu Salutes in white, 2

Mu horizon


Allah save the guardians of our home:

Franco Pucci, 2

Franco Pucci

LIBYAN ARMY guarding Home, 3 LIBYAN ARMY guarding Home, 2 LIBYAN ARMY guarding Home, 1

Allah, Mu and Libya forever

(partake and post to as many as you can please.)

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free, posts:

When he was ‘a man of the Libyan people’, The people are represented in ‘international forums’.

Nora Libya’, writes

“He is the glory of man and Hmokh and public pride and come back soon with the help of Allah to come back and Shoumoukh pride and glory, pride and the vine and the Libyan people.”

The covenant is still !

It has not been withdrawn or been anihilated.
Oath every Libyan citizen of age took on 02 MARCH 1977.

Oath which every Libyan of age took on 02 March 1977

Look at all here,  dignity:



‎حال الليبين..‎

Yes, we have a gas crisis in eastern Libya…

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free
Italy recovered 17 bodies from a boat of migrants set off from Libya
Italian Coast Guard transfer 454 migrants mostly from Eritrea to the island of Sicily after it was rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.

Italian authorities also confirmed finding the bodies of 17 people in one boat, which was carrying immigrants from Libya.

This comes at a time border control agency in the European Union, he said that he had been rescued more than 5000 immigrants since Friday tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea through the boats set off from Libya in order to reach European shores.


Illegal Libyan Immigration into the Mediterrannean, as posted from ‘The Guardian’




Tunisian detention of traders crossing the Ras Jedir:

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

احتجاز تجار تونسيين بمعبر راس جدير
La détention de négociants tunisiens au point de passage de ras digne
PICTURE: Merchant from Ben Ghardane who has trouble crossing at Ras Jedir

Merchant from Ben Ghardane who has touble crossing at Ras Jedir




RAT member found dead in ‘Libyan GNC Allaotunai Conference’.

Is this the same as yesterday’s post???
Found the body of a RAT member of the (so-called) ‘National Conference’ whose name is al-Hmala Salem, (who was kidnapped days ago).


Shooting in dense Bridge 17.


Negotiations to launch the release of a kidnapped Italian in Tripoli of the Company Melitta Oil & Gas:

Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

who was abducted at Dat El Imad Complex, Tower 1 in TRIPOLI.



An armed group belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ militias stormed the houses in the neighborhood Gharghour and expel four families of Gharyan and Kikla who are epiphyseal and live in the neighborhood’s two houses; and the ‘Roma Libya’ forced them to leave their belongings at gunpoint.


Gang targeted a building study and examinations office with bullets and praise be to Allah enables employees to escape from the back door of the building.

Chaos inside corner of the city now and sabotage the field platform ..

News of the arrest of a criminal Gniwa assistants with him

and cameraman for the news channel dressed as women near
the axis of the letter T in corner.

Symbols. . T red fire south of the corner and

the killing of the terrorist Fadil bin Amer ..
(The ousted Kadhafi)

Rat (so-called) ‘Government’ in Tripoli declares ‘General horn’ !

Mn brad el-Safhh:
Raids inside the plateau Badri of militia (Abdul Raouf ‘hater’) cart and specifically the‘Mustafa Zubrki’ home and one very Hua veterans policemen under the ‘pretext’ of selling drugs…


Break into the building of the Audit Bureau

in the area Dahra, TRIPOLI, by militias ‘Roma Libya’.


Continued fighting now B.Mntefh Hunter ..




The Operations Room Zintan:
Statement regarding the targeting of media professionals,

the latest being youngster ‘Abdul Raouf Saad hyperbolic’:





Col. Tntosh in Azizia

The chauffeur for General Omar Tntosh and his cousin was abducted last night.

The grand opening of the new ‘Radio Azizia’

And it began test broadcasts on radio frequency 94.7FM





Mobilize a large militia of ‘ROMA Libya’ in first axis since the morning
at  Akrabieah.

 (The picture above, is of the ‘Roma Libya’ in TRIPOLI)






A total of prisoners from ‘Hebron prison’ of the ‘militias Roma Libya’ escaped. They did shoot some prisoners.
Lord protects them

The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar:

The day had some honest people, who are the sons of Zliten city, jail one RAT-prisons in February of trying to escape while being transported to February Prisons in Misurata, has behalf were shot and wounded, including three people who are now present in Zliten Hospital ask God for their safety ….

They are (1)Abdullah Mohammed Hussein, Secretary .. al-Roas (wild), (2) Mohammed Saber al-Oakeh, Jalal Belaid management
and (3) Abdul Salam Hassan al-Zeraghani.

 City of Zliten

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi honored in Zliten:

Mu honored n Zliten


memorial to the destroyed Sheikh Asmar Fatouri Mosque in Zliten:

memorial to the destroyed Sheikh Asmar Fatouri Mosque in Zliten




Mohammed Mahjoub



Mn_Mrusselna Dakhl Medinh MISURATA:

Find Canadian terrorist ‘Mohammed Mahjoub denominator’ dead from a bullet.
to his head, in his car; which is now in front of the ‘Air Force Academy’, and the type of car Toyota 27 desert, with the extent to connect to a remote device.

Mn ohrarna al-Jfarh:

Misurata militia stationed at what is known as Battalion 19

behind the center of the country and the old power

station on the main road.

 new YOGART sponsored by DAASH in MISURATA:




'Roma Libya' destroying Sirte

The sound of a powerful explosion in Sirte.



Mn mrusselna dakhl medinh MISURTA:

Captured ‘Hamdi Abbasi called Musharraf Commission’

and others wounded, belonging to ‘DAASH’ in Bengazi.

zewa Misratah after the discovery that he

treated members of the organization Daash

in Sirte via Benghazi, and they also accused

other members of the Committee.






Misurata Militias re-occupy al-Jufra airbase


Misurata militias re-entry into the air base of al-Jufra.




Daash blowing organization’s headquarters in the criminal Sufian

Hun Jufrah. 

A powerful explosion and the voices of shooting near the headquarters of the terrorist Heretic Sufian.

Oh Allah, strike the oppressors oppressors !






UBARI clashes

Violent clashes in the north of Disi area.

The continuation of the clashes inside the city since last night


war in the ‘fake’ U.S. CALIPHATE:

Quote from PEPE ESCOBAR:

“Colonel-General Igor Sergun, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, almost never goes public. So when he does, geopolitical tectonic plates do move.

Sergun’s analysis matches the DIA report to perfection. Russian military intelligence, for years now, has concluded – and is now making it public – that ‘Wahhabi terrorism’, or in fact the ‘war on terra’ as a whole, is a Western tool used to smash sovereign nations which dare to oppose the hegemon.

And as we all know, of course it’s much easier to subvert and/or smash Iraq, Libya or Syria than Russia or China. Or, for that matter, Iran.”

U.S. Marines from the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, run to a building after detonating explosives to open a gate during a mission in Ramadi in Anbar province, Iraq

A Fake Caliphate: Perfect US Strategic Asset

Pepe Escobar: The “civilized” West dispenses…





Secretary-news network

The next greatest …
Options are still open ….
And large earth-shattering surprises ….

“Earthquake” [“Zelzal”] homemade missile system:
Harbi media revealed a new homemade rocket called “earthquake” system,
To be the second system disclosed mic section.

Earthquake missile system entered into force in the battle by the Army and ‘People’s Committees’ in response to the Saudi-American aggression to add to the medium-range missiles piercing star system.
This missile system has a great destructive power at the level of near-term goals:

It has a high sensitivity and features quickly blast Once contact with the target.
It launches the system of individual platform triple nozzles, controlled by the launch of work electronically base.

This system is characterized by exaggerated to hit the targets with high accuracy where the upside carrying explosive weighed more than the previous missile systems.

Sayed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, leader

Sayed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, leader.


Sharaf Addeen Alwainani

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani

Secretary-news network:

Yemen Army and ‘People’s Committees’ bombed

air defense base near Najran Regional Airport at 5 missiles …

Najran Regional Airport SA


The satanic 'muslim' Brotherhood is destroying true Islam

The satanic ‘muslim’ Brotherhood is destroying true Islam.

A role of 119 financial major private donors to terrorist world-organizations
(from an internal U.S. Department of State document), and they are all members of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:

1. Awad Ibrahim Bin Hamad, former university professor and businessman/Saudi Arabia
2. Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, head of the charity society Balouikilih/Saudi Arabia
3. Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Mohammad Al-Jarallah, university professor and businessman/Saudi Arabia
4. Dr. Ibrahim Bin Nasser Nasser, islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
5. Dr. Ibrahim, director of studies at the university of Dakar/Senegal
6. Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, president of the Association of islamic studies/Gaza-Palestine
7. Dr. Ahmed Raissouni, head of the unification and reform movement/Morocco
8. Sheikh Ahmed, islamist preacher/Mauritania
9. Dr. Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saeed, professor/Saudi Arabia
10. Dr. Ahmed Hussein Daddash, islamic preacher/Iraq
11. Mr. Ahmed Rateb, director of publishing house/Lebanon
12. Sheikh Adam, Noah, Adam, islamic preacher/Ghana
13. Sheikh Ejaz Afzal Khan, emir of the islamic community in Kashmir/Pakistan
14. Sheikh Amin khudair al-Janabi, islamic preacher/Iraq
15. Dr. Djillali Bozoinh, university professor/Algeria
16. Dr. Habib Adami, professor/Algeria
17. Sheikh Sadeq Abdallah Abdel Majid, islamic preacher/Sudan
18. Sheik Qazi Hussain Ahmed, emir of Jamaat-e-Islami/Pakistan
19. Prof. Boudjemaa Ayad, businessman/Algeria
20. Mr. Tawfiq, businessman/Lebanon
21. Dr. Jassem bin Mohammed bin Muslim Al-Yassin/Kuwait
22. Dr. Gamal Sultan, editor-in-Chief of Al-Manar news/Egypt
23. Mr. Jameel Mohammed Ali, businessman/Saudi Arabia
24. Dr. Harith Al-Dhari, islamic preacher, Solomon/Iraq
25. Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki, islamic preacher/Pakistan
26. Shaykh Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, emir of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah/Pakistan
27. Mr. Nader, Secretary General of the Salafi movement/Kuwait
28. Sheikh Hamed Al-Ali, university professor/Kuwait
29. Sheik Hijazi Al Wadia, islamic activist/Palestine
30. Sheikh Hassan Moussa, head of the Swedish Council of imams/Sweden
31. Mr. Hussein Rawashdeh, writer and journalist/Jordan
32. Dr. Hussein Bin Mohammad Machhour Al-Hazmi, university professor/Saudi Arabia
33. Sheikh Hussein Omar Mahfouz bin Shuaib, editor-in-Chief of Forum/Yemen
34. Sheikh Hussein Mousa Hussein, islamic preacher/Eritrea
35. Sheikh Hamdi Arslan, teacher at Fatih Mosque/Turkey
36. Sheikh Hamoud bin Abdul Aziz Al-tuwaijri, islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
37. Dr. Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al-Daweesh, professor/Saudi Arabia
38. Sheikh Khader Habib, islamic preacher, Palestine
39. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Mohammad, islamic preacher/Qatar
40. Mr. Abdel Wahab, member of Derbal Renaissance movement/Algeria
41. Mr. Rabah, businessman/Algeria
42. Mr. Rashid Misfer Al Zahrani, islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
43. Sheikh Rashid Haj, emir JI/Sri Lanka
44. Shaykh Reda Ahmed Hamdy, islamic preacher/Thailand
45. Sheik Ramadan Mohammed Nur, islamic preacher/Eritrea
46. Sheikh Zakaria Cisse, preacher and lecturer/Senegal
47. Mr. Zaki Saleh Al Nahdi, islamic preacher/Indonesia
48. Sheikh Sajid Ali, leader of the Islamic movement/Pakistan
49. Dr. Salem Al-Sagaf jiffri, head of the Indonesian Commission for the defence of the Afghan people – Director of the Advisory Board of Sharia/Indonesia
50. Sheikh Salim Abdel Rahim al-Barhian, islamic preacher/Kenya
51. Dr. Sami Rashid al-Janabi, islamic preacher/Iraq
52. Dr. Saud bin Hassan Mukhtar, university professor/Saudi Arabia
53. Mr. Saeed Morsi/Algeria
54. Dr. Saeed, president of the College of Imam Shafi’i/Comoros
55. Dr. bin Abdul Rahman Al-Hawali, islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
56. Shaikh Salman Bin Fahd, islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
57. Dr. Sulaiman bin Saleh Al-Rashudi, businessman/Saudi Arabia
58. Mr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Issa, businessman/Saudi Arabia
59. Sheikh Aurally, leader of Jui (Special)/Pakistan
60. Mr. Boutros-Ghali, islamic preacher/Senegal
61. Shaykh Shah Ahmed Noorani, leader of the Jamiat Ulema Pakistan, Senator/Pakistan
62. Mr. Shaher bin Abdul Raof Batterjee, businessman/Saudi Arabia
63. Sheikh Sharif Hussein, imam and preacher of the mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab/Australia
64. Sheikh Imran bin Abdul Rahman Manai, islamic preacher/Bahrain
65. Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Limo, chairman of the Coordinating Council of Muslim organizations/Nigeria
66. Prof. Sheikh, islamic activist, PMP/Senegal
67. Sheikh Saleh bin Othman Al-Ghamdi, businessman/Saudi Arabia
68. Mr. Saleh Ali Saleh, islamic preacher/Eritrea
69. Dr. Tarek Saleh Jamal, professor/Saudi Arabia
70. Dr. Tarek Abdel Halim, director of Dar Al-Arqam/Canada
71. Dr. Taher Ahmed Loulou, islamic preacher, Palestine
72. Sheikh Taher Mahmoud Guelleh, director of radio Koran/Somalia
73. Sheikh Adel Al-Sheikh, islamic preacher/Bahrain
74. Dr. Adel Junaidi, islamic preacher, Hebron, Palestine
75. Dr. Ayesh Al-Kubaisi, islamic preacher/Iraq
76. Sheikh Abd El bare Zamzami, islamic preacher/Morocco
77. Sheikh Abdel Hay Amor, islamic preacher/Morocco
78. Mr. Azzedine, businessmen/Algeria
79. Dr. Ali, professor/Yemen
80. Sheikh, Chairman of the Council of Ulama Indonesia/Indonesia
81. Mr. Solomon Abu Mustafa, islamic preacher, Palestine
82. Dr. Awad al-Qarni, former university professor and attorney/Saudi Arabia
83. Shaikh Salahuddin Akendili, islamic preacher/Nigeria
84. Mr. Issa, islamic preacher/Senegal
85. Dr. Ghulam Azam, emir of Jamaat-e-Islami/Bangladesh
86. Sheikh Ghulam Rasool Dani, president of the islamic organization/Nepal
87. Sheikh Fatih, islamic preacher/pinyin
88. Dr. Fatima Barash, professor/Algeria
89. Dr. Fatma Al-Kunaifis, professor/Saudi Arabia
90. Mr. Fayez Saleh Jamal, writer and businessman/Saudi Arabia
91. Sheikh Freih bin Ali bin Turki, islamic activist and editor, attorney/Saudi Arabia
92. Sheikh Farid Al-Habib, islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
93. Shaykh Fazlur Rahman, leader of the Jamiat Ulema Islam/Pakistan
94. Sheikh Fahad Ahmed Mubarak Al-Thani, islamic preacher/Qatar
95. Mr. Muhammad Muslim/Indonesia
96. Dr. Mohamed Habib Altgkani, university professor/Morocco
97. Mr. Mohammad Rasheed Al Rasheed, businessman/Saudi Arabia
98. Sheikh Mohammed, professor/Morocco
99. Judge Mohamed Sadiq Maglis, university professor and judge/Yemen
100. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Awadi, islamic preacher/Kuwait
101. Dr. Mohammad bin Syamsuddin, chairman of Muhammadiyah/Indonesia
102. Sheikh Mohammed, president of the Association for islamic unity/Indonesia
103. Dr. Mohammed Sajid Mir Abdul Gayoom Mir, leader of Assembly of Ahl al-hadeeth/Pakistan
104. Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Abdullah, islamic preacher, Pavel/Saudi Arabia
105. Mohammad Suleiman, thinker, writer/United Kingdom
106. Sheikh Mohammed Abdou Ibrahim Ali, Al-Azhar scholars/Egypt
107. Dr. Mohammed Ayash Al-Kubaisi, islamic preacher/Iraq
108. Mr. Mohammad Kazem Al-Sawalha, president of the Muslim Association/United Kingdom
109. Dr. Mohammed Kurd, president of the League of Europe/Netherlands
110. Mr. Mohammed Mbeki Alejandro/Senegal
111. Sheikh Mohammed, islamist writer/Morocco
112. Sheikh Mahmud Idris, islamic preacher/Eritrea
113. Sheikh Murad Yasha, islamic preacher/Turkey
114. Dr. Musa bin Mohammed Al-Qarni, university professor and attorney/Saudi Arabia
115. Dr. Nasser Al-sane, islamist preacher/Kuwait
116. Dr. Nasser Bin Suleiman, islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
117. Shaykh Nizamuddin/Pakistan
118. Sheikh Noor bin Yildiz, islamic preacher/Turkey
119. Dr. Hashem Ali al-Ahdal, university professor/Saudi Arabia

More on the Brotherhood & world-wide terrorism:


WAHHABI in the service of imperialism

Western governments no longer hide the fact that they’re usingWAHHABI (so-called erroneously “jihadists”) – NATO overthrew Muammar al-Qathafi by using al-Qaïda as its its only ground forces; Israël displaced the UN Forces to Golan, and replaced them with al-Nosra; the international anti-Daash Coalition allowed Palmyra to fall in order to cause more problems for Syria. But while we can understand Western interests, we fail to grasp why and how the WAHHABI-“jihadists” can serve Uncle Sam in the FALSE name of the ‘Holy Qur’an’.

 Youssouf al-Qaradawi
These men and women in this portion of hell were Preachers and Christians


Sheikh Youssouf al-Qaradawi, the ” Brotherhood’s star preacher and corrupted Koranist for al-Jazeera. He called for the “WAR” which has been raging since the Spring of 2014 in LIBYA…asking his world-wide legions to come to Libya in support their brothers in Battle, issuing a so-called Libyan ‘FATWA’. He blesses the jihadists in Syria and Iraq, and affirms (with a curse upon him for saying this), deadpan, that if Mohammed (PBUH) was alive today, he would be a NATO ally.
(MAY the curse of Allah fall upon al-Qaradawi !)


We often ask ourselves how the Pentagon and the CIA manage to manipulate millions of Muslims and send them off to fight for Uncle Sam’s interests. Of course, it’s true that certain leaders are paid agents, but all jihadists believe that they’re fighting and dying in order to gain access to Paradise. The answer is childishly simple – using the rhetoric of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood as a start, it’s possible to evade human reality and send them to kill anyone you like as long as you wave a red flag at them.

Officially, the Islamic Emirate no longer recognises the authority of Ayman al-Zawahiri, and has therefore left al-Qaïda. Nonetheless, in many places, like the Qalamun mountains, it is still impossible to distinguish between them, since the same WAHHABI-‘jihadists’ claim allegiance to both flags at once.

Of course, one could argue that this is only a personal quarrel – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi simply wants to replace the current leader. But while the two organisations have exactly the same practices, they develop very different dialogues.

They share the slogans of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood –  « [their false version of] Islam is the solution ». A life of pseudo holiness is therefore very simple. It doesn’t really matter if the Creator has made us all intelligent, we must, in all cases, apply the Word of God like a machine. And when the situation is not dealt with in the Book, we should just smash it to pieces. The result is obviously catastrophic, and nowhere have these organisations been able to set up even the beginnings of the DISTORTED surreal ‘perfect society’ that they hope for.

History demonstrates their differences. From 1979 to 1995, in other words, from the CIA operation in Afghanistan to the Popular Arab and Islamic Congress in Khartoum, Oussama Ben Laden’s mercenaries fought the Soviet Union with public aid from the United States. From 1995 to 2011, in other words, from the Congress in Khartoum to operation « Neptune’s Spear », al-Qaïda took position against « Jews and Crusaders » while continuing its struggle against Russia in Yugoslavia and Chechnya. And since 2011, in other words, since the « Arab Spring », it has supported NATO in Libya and Israël at the Golan frontier.

Generally speaking, Western public opinion has not kept up with this evolution. It remains convinced of the danger of a mythical Russian expansionism, persists in blaming the arabs for the attacks of September 11th, has not realised what happened in Libya and at the Israeli frontier, and maintains the false idea that al-Qaïda is an anti-imperialist terrorist organisation. As for the BROTHERHOOD, they do not base themselves on facts, but choose, according to the situation, between reality and Western propaganda so as to invent a romantic narrative for themselves.

From its side, the Islamic Emirate is moving far away from the “Holy Qur’an”, and closer to the neo-conservatives. It claims that the main enemies are other Muslims – the Shi-ites and their allies. It has clearly forgotten the Bosnian episode during which Ben Laden’s Arab Legion were supported both by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Iran. But who are the allies of the Shi-ites? The Syrian Arab Republic (secular) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Sunnite). In other words, the Islamic Emirate is fighting in priority against the Axis of Resistance to imperialism. De facto, it confirms that it is an objective ally of the United States and Israël in the « Greater Middle East », even though, theoretically, they are the enemy.

The malleability of these two organisations resides in their basic ideology, that of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. It is therefore logical that almost all of the “jihadist” WAHHABI leaders, at one time or another, have been members of one branch or another of the Brotherhood. By the same token, it is logical that the CIA has not only supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, since their reception at the White House by President Eisenhower in 1955, but also all its foreign branches and all the dissident groups. Finally, the califat that Hassan el-Bana dreamed about and that Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi pretended to want, is not the reproduction of the Golden Age of Islam, but the reign of obscurantism.

This was confirmed by Laurent Fabius in 2012, in other words, before the split between al-Qaïda and Daash, when he declared:

« On the ground, they’re doing a good job! »

(Thierry MeyssanTranslation from the French by Pete Kimberley.


do not forget George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bernard Henri-Levy…and Erdogen‘s Turkey, Qatar, Sudan, and the USA !



Traffic accident kills 6 people, including a

family of Libya consists of 4 people.



Forever Our teacher:

picture shows Muhammed, Saif, Hannibal, Aishsa and Moutassem (Billah) with their mother, Safya listening to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

Mu teaches his family, 2


A FRIDAY not to be forgotten

FRIDAY's special Juma Blessings


Blessed IMAM brings freedom and happiness to our ailing world:


Rusaifa proud, writes:

“Descriptions of the Qaid Aanashid count immensely difficult and Saqr Arab Identity descriptions sole leader.”
الرصيفة الابية
أوصاف القايد ياناشد صعيب العد وصقر عروبتنا الاوحد أوصاف القائد


 Friday special Juma prayers to ALLAH:


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB:


“We reject the reconciliation with the traitors ~ we want our children alive.”

“GREAT SON”, on FB writes:
We follow ALLAH, Who fills our hearts illumined by faith and guides our path on the road to the right;
And we set the firm certainty that no compromises, no matter what the wind does not storm winds …
Whatever powerful .. continue our struggle and our struggle and our country ..

our goal and our cause and our goal.

We will not accept a substitute for the dignity, honor and Shoumoukh.

Would overfed in the history of Euclid

Parents and grandparents with their blood ………

We would not turn in the glory of his home-made commander ..

Albdoah tent and pride, heritage and history …
Ringer West Baklba believer and determination is stronger than the size of their plots

and their strength, and Dsaishm
School of Arabism and nationalism and the struggle and the challenge ..

We are all confident in God and in the
Brown sleeves to be able to achieve in the arena of pride and glory
Not on the offices of politicians and Dhalas Bargainers infinitely necks of curvature
And compromising and subservient and lie …………………………….

We Believe us that God promised victory to His slave and defeated the parties alone ….
The truth here and not there on the pages of defeatists Here are cowards Bashaúrha
Began touched us. Loomed and blew it on the emergence …………

Do not despair …

with the will nor the place to withstand weakness in the epic .. so are
Manhood, and so are men ..

and so are not so honorable and Silks
Every salute you, salute all the heroes ..

you Yamen you make to the world lessons in steadfastness and patience and fortitude ..

Greetings to you from the love of the son of the soil of fathers and forefathers and NHL history honor
And heroism and dignity …

all salute you honest and Sharifat national …………….

Mr. Tammam

And always we will be steadfast …. … steadfast … and with God’s help victors.
نحن معنا الله الذي ملأ قلوبنا بالايمان وأنار دربنا بالهداية على طريق الحق
وثبتنا باليقين الجازم الذي لا تزعزعه الرياح مهما كانت عاتيه …ولا العواصف
مهما كانت قويه ..مستمرون في كفاحنا ونضالنا ..وطننا غايتنا وقضيتنا وهدفنا
.لن نرضى بديلا عن الكرامة والشرف والشموخ .لن نفرط في تاريخ سطره
الاباء والاجداد بدماءهم ………
لن نسلم في مجدا صنعه قائدا..بيته الخيمة وعزته البدواة والتراث والتاريخ …
قارع الغرب بقلبا مؤمن وعزيمة اقوى من حجم مؤامراتهم ودسائسهم وقوتهم
مدرسته العروبة والقومية والنضال والتحدي ..نحن كلنا ثقة في الله وفي
سواعدنا السمراء القادرة على تحقيق المراد في ساحات الفخر والمجد
لا على مكاتب ودهاليس الساسة المساومون القابله اعناقهم للانحناء
والتفريط والخنوع والانبطاح …………………………….
نحن معنا الله الذي صدق وعده ونصر عبده وهزم الاحزاب وحده….
الحقيقة هنا وليست هناك على صفحات المتخاذلين الجبناء وها هي بشائرها
بدأت تهل علينا .ولاح فجرها على البزوغ …………
فلا يأس مع الارادة …ولا مكان للتخاذل في ملحمة الصمود .. هكذا هي
الرجولة وهكذا تكون الرجال ..وهكذا هن الشريفات وهكذا يكن الحرائر
فكل التحية لكم ايها الابطال ..كل التحية لكم يامن قدمتم للعالم دروسا في الصمود والصبر والثبات ..تحية لكم من إبن عشق تراب اباءه واجداده ونهل من تاريخهم الشرف
والبطولة والكرامة … كل التحية لكم شرفاء وشريفات وطني …………….

تمـــام سيـــــدي

ودائما سنكون…صامدون …. ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون

IT’s NOT RUSSIA, or any other nation, BUT LIBYA (by her own people) to be the Liberators of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA…
“Zero hour” on FB rightly comments:

Thought it realistic look!!
Handsfree often silent and spoke Hamza often silent and spoke revenge Sirte and silent and spoke struggle and silent, and now speak on behalf of assets, does Cisct is also, I advise you to not wished people things may be Srabiah the paybacks will be inversely If you do not happen,
Today most of the Facebook pages talking about why there will be surprises in the parade of the Russian Federation planned to happen tomorrow??, And cheered people and hung him high hopes as mentioned them brother as the assets as if the victory and the liberation of Libya will come by the Red Square, they will celebrate its victory heavily on Nazi acquitted in red,
Is it in 2011 were not found and whether Russia is now just created???
Popular proverb says (what Dyer Wolf what dog hater),
Victory and liberation come by and armed popular revolution in all across Libya!!




عتقد انها نظره واقعيه !!
تكلم الحر كثيراً وسكت وتكلم حمزه كثيراً وسكت وتكلم ثأر سرت وسكت وتكلم كفاح وسكت , والآن يتكلم باسم الصول , فهل سيسكت هو ايضاً ,, أنصحكم بأن لا تمنّوا الناس بأشياء قد تكون سرابيه فأن مردودها سيكون عكسياً في حالة عدم حدوثها ,,
اليوم معظم صفحات الفيس بوك تتحدث عن ماذا سيطرأ من مفاجآت في الأستعراض العسكري للاتحاد الروسي المزمع حدوثه غداً ؟؟,,واستبشروا الناس وعلقوا عليه امالاً كبيرة كما ذكر لهم الاخ باسم الصول وكأن النصر وتحرير ليبيا ستأتي به الساحة الحمراء ,, انهم سيحتفلون بنصرهم الكبير على النازيه في ساحتهم الحمراء ,,
وهل في عام 2011 لم تكن روسيا موجوده وهل هي خلقت الآن فقط ؟؟؟
المثل الشعبي يقول ( ما داير الذيب ما كاره الكلب ) ,,
النصر والتحرير تأتي به الثورة الشعبية و المسلحة في كل ربوع ليبيا !!









“Rafla and honorable against tails Mzrath”, on FB, INFORMS US:


Warning of Rjoa publishing a wide range 

Aaftnoa Aalippin scheme to eliminate the fertility of the earth, the Libyan
Aaftnoa Aalippin Mihak against you, thanks to a flurry Grime and abjection
Aaftnoa Aalippin Saiholon land south to Lake Salts
Satantha fertile ground Saintha production of wheat and barley
Saigdon stocked waters Great Man-made River.

Environmental changes:
Doctor gave a specialist in the field of environmental lecture at the University of Glasgow on Tuesday 16 -2 – 2010 theme solve the problem of rising sea waters caused by the melting of snow due to the high surface temperature phenomenon known as global warming(!!) or the greenhouse, and the idea of solving (REALLY –you expect us to believe this “reason” ?) this problem is discussed by the lecturer drilling Channel freely from the Gulf of Sirte to the depth of the Libyan desert.

This channel will start down into decline because the level of the land in the south of the Libyan low above sea drilling after the flow of water to the desert and self Sttgma sea water resulting from melting ice in the Arctic in the Libyan desert.

Among the attendees student Libby objected and said to Dr.:

By what right do you want to Ngrkoa (Flood) our country. He said to him the future of this project will have a double benefit because the transfer of sea water into the Libyan desert will contribute to reduce the levels of sea water. On the other hand, the evaporation of the water in the Libyan desert will be pulling on a rainy and these clouds will make Libya owns you see a huge rainstorm and possibly transform the Libyan desert into forests Kmakant millions of years ago.

Dr about this project that the future of Libya is now considered an important goal of the studies on this idea and said clearly that this matter is currently studying in U.S. universities and will present the idea to Libya to carry out the project with funding from the “International Monetary Fund.” [see! THE ZIONISTA are in on this fabled ‘scheme’.]

there any study of this subject from the other party, who named Libya??

Where environmental experts and the Libyans and where the Libyan media planners Libyans??

What about the future of the Libyan groundwater and the GREAT MAN-MADE River’s future, and the future of the industrial inventory of Libyan oil and the future of the climate and environment of the Libyan Jamahiriya ,and the Libyan coast and the Libyan humans?

(We must STOP) Dr. Bashir Abul Qasim Alstaoy of London

and Hedda explains probably continue to displace the people of Tawergha.

My friend, Isa project launch day al-Qathafi, was developed device called a draft study linking sea or desert or Balsboukhat or the like and was anchor point west of Brega at Camp Guard facilities …..

but Muammar al-Qathafi COMPLETELY rejected the project and rejected the idea of linking perhaps for security reasons or because this is a political project will lead to the separation of Libya into two parts apart naturally …….

In addition to the sinking of the downtown area to the whole of Libya humans to Ajdabiya to the oases areas almost ……. It is now trying to put this ZIONISTA AGENDA anew; and it is certain that this has been an agenda very suspicious .. …..

and the Patriots must stand up against this project …

ورفلة الشرفاء ضد ذيول مزراطه

تحدير ارجوا النشر بنطاق واسع
افطنوا ياليبين للمخطط للقضاء على خصوبة الارض الليبية
افطنوا ياليبين لمايحاك ضدكم بفضل فورة الوساخة والحقارة
افطنوا ياليبين سايحولون ارض الجنوب الى بحيرة املاح
ساتنتهي خصوبة الارض ساينتهي انتاج القمح والشعير
سايقضون على مخزون مياه النهر الصناعي العظيم

تغيرات بيئيه
القى دكتور متخصص فى مجال البيئة محاضرة فى جامعة غلاسكو يوم الثلاثاء الموافق 16 -2 – 2010 موضوعها حل مشكلة ارتفاع مياه البحار الناتج عن ذوبان الثلوج بسبب ارتفاع درجة حرارة سطح الأرض فيما يعرف بظاهرة الدفيئة أو الإحتباس الحراري وفكرة حل هذه المشكلة التي ناقشها المحاضر هي حفر قناة بحرية من خليج سرت إلى عمق الصحراء الليبية. هذه القناة ستبدأ بالإنحدار للإسفل لأن مستوى الأرض في الجنوب الليبي منخفض عن سطح البحر وبعد الحفر ستتدفق المياه ذاتيا إلى الصحراء وستتجمع مياه البحر الناتجة عن ذوبان الجليد في القطب الشمالي في الصحراء الليبية. وكان من ضمن الحاضرين طالب ليبى اعترض وقال للدكتور: باى حق تريدون ان تغرقوا بلدنا. فقال له هذا المشروع المستقبلي ستكون له فائدة مزدوجة لأن نقل مياه البحر إلى الصحراء الليبية سيساهم في خفض مستويات مياه البحر. وفي الجانب الأخر فإن تبخر هذه المياه في الصحراء الليبية سيساعد على تكون سحب ممطرة وهذه السحب ستجعل ليبيا تملك تروة مطرية هائلة وربما ستحول الصحراء الليبية إلى غابات كماكانت قبل ملايين السنين. وقال الدكتور عن هذا المشروع المستقبلى إن ليبيا حاليا تعتبر هدفا مهما للدراسات حول هذه الفكرة وقال بوضوح ان هذا الامر يدرس حاليا فى الجامعات الامريكية وسيتم عرض الفكرة على ليبيا لتنفيذ المشروع بتمويل من صندوق النقد الدولى.
فهل هناك من يدرس هذا الموضوع من الطرف الآخر الذي أسمه ليبيا؟؟ وأين خبراء البيئة الليبيين وأين الإعلام الليبي والمخططين الليبيين؟؟ وماذا عن مستقبل المياه الجوفية الليبية ومستقبل النهر الصناعي ومستقبل المخزون النفط الليبي ومستقبل المناخ الليبي والبيئة الليبية والسواحل الليبية والإنسان الليبي؟
الدكتور بشير أبوالقاسم الشتيوى – لندن
هذا المشروع طرح ايام ما كانت ليبيا جماهريه وتم استحداث جهاز سمي مشروع دراسة ربط مياه البحر بالصحراء او او بالسبخات او ماشابه وكانت نقطة الربط غرب البريقة عند معسكر حرس المنشأت ….. غير ان القياده انداك رفضت المشروع ورفضت فكرة الربط ربما لاسباب امنية او سياسية لان هذا المشروع سيؤدي الى فصل ليبيا الى جزئين بفاصل طبيعي ……. بالاضافة الى غرق منطقة وسط ليبيا بكاملها من بشر الى اجدابيا الى مناطق الواحات تقريبا ……. ومن يحاول الان طرحه من جديد فالاكيد ان لديه اجندة مريبة ……. وعلى الوطنيين ان يتصدوا لهذا المشروع …..وهدا ما يفسر ربما اﻻستمرار فى تهجير أهل تاورغاء.
صديقي عيسى المشروع طرح ايام القذافي وتم استحداث جهاز سمي مشروع دراسة ربط مياه البحر بالصحراء او او بالسبخات او ماشابه وكانت نقطة الربط غرب البريقة عند معسكر حرس المنشأت ….. ولكن معمر رفض المشروع ورفض فكرة الربط ربما لاسباب امنية او سياسية لان هذا المشروع سيؤدي الى فصل ليبيا الى جزئين بفاصل طبيعي ……. بالاضافة الى غرق منطقة وسط ليبيا بكاملها من بشر الى اجدابيا الى مناطق الواحات تقريبا ……. ومن يحاول الان طرحه من جديد فالاكيد ان لديه اجندة مريبة ……. وعلى الوطنيين ان يتصدوا لهذا المشروع …

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

(QUOTE): “…I gave people houses/hospitals/schools/money/democracy…
I helped to make Libya into farmland from the desert…”

Officials warned that UN airstrikes on, or disruption of the [GMMR] Great Man-Made River‘s pipelines could cause a humanitarian and environmental disaster. 
Presently, with only the Ajdabiya Reservoir [which holds just a month’s supply of water] “pure freshwater from the south must continue being pumped because without it Benghazi would die,” says Ivekovic.

The First three stages [up until when NATO imposed the WAR] of the Great Man-Made River project, already offered limitless amounts of water for Libyans; and upon completion [if ever NATO disappears], it will allow them to be totally self-sufficient, and because water equates money and power in the near future, other countries may be dependent on its reserves. A self-sufficient nation with control over the world’s most precious resource waves a big red warning flag for the West [and the East]. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi foresaw this.

At a celebration event for the project in 1991, he told the audience:

“After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double…”

The Axis of Prey.

Libya, a hot, dry, dusty country, under the  leadership of Muammar al-Qathafi, completed what was known as the largest infrastructure project in the world. A man-made, underground river was created that provided drinking water to 70 percent of the Libyan people and held the potential of turning wastelands into farmlands – that is, until US/NATO bombs destroyed its pumping stations.

Back in 1991, at the gala opening of the Great Man-made River project, Muammar al-Qathafi said to the invited

dignitaries and assembled crowd,

“After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double. The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.”

His words were prophetic.

The luscious GREEN MOUNTAIN fertile Valley:

Representing family farms, seed businesses and organic growers.

Libyan Agriculture and Daily Farming.wmv

Libyan Agriculture and Daily Farming. Great Man River expande the fertile lands over Libyan Desert

and achieve more fertile Lands to Libyan Farmers.

Farming the Desert: Colonel Qadhafi’s Dream
Masatoshi Miichi
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University; Director, Chuo University Library
Area of Specialization: Western history

Colonel Qathafi entrusted his dream for the Libyan people to develop a robust national economy, which would be firmly rooted in indigenous technology and not be needlessly swayed by global economic trends, to this large-scale archaeological survey.

The effects of the chaos in Libya to import food stretch ..

TRIPOLI (Reuters) ::

impede the problems of payments and the chaos and corruption importers Libyans from entering into great deals to buy wheat while representing another setback plaguing the country that came out where things are out of control two years after the fall of THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA at the hands of militants and raids of NATO.In the latest example of these problems says Mills Tripoli biggest wheat importer, they may have to postpone its next big deal of wheat unless the state begins to pay about 71.8€ million owed by the Company for the previous imports.For months malfunction militia members Libyan oil exports , the main source of state revenues to feed its population of six million people subsidized bread sold for two years for a loaf.

And there is no signs of lack of food , but quite the opposite is still available and cheap bread. But grain traders in the global market say that the top buyers of Libyans now face difficulties in concluding deals . Exporters fear abroad of non – payment of dues by the agreed deadline and additional risks as a result of unloading cargo in ports chaotic because of armed militias.

Said Mustafa Abdul Majid Idris , head of Tripoli mills that buy wheat from global markets and sells flour and other processed foods for the state to sell via the support system that the government owes the institution about 69.43€ million.

He told Reuters , “If we do not get our money within two weeks will not be available to us the funds required to open new letters of credit and other deals to buy. “

Idris said that without that you get the dues from the state may have the institution that was owned by the government in the past to postpone an order for the purchase of 50 thousand tons of wheat to help meet the needs of capital for a period of three months.

The RAT GNC Libyan “government” maintains that the country will not face any trouble in financing imports and the economy minister said Mustafa Abu Vas told “Reuters” that Libya will be settled any bidding problems facing the private sector importers.

He added that the RAT GNC “government” monitors the private sector so that if any problems occurred facilitate the movement of trade across their relations and resolve some of the problems faced by imports.

But in a country where kidnapped by heavily armed militia members last month, Prime Minister, the GNC RAT “government” ‘s ability to fulfill its obligations always in doubt.

Within the framework of the system much moved away from the central since the civil war that toppled the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, no longer import huge quantities of wheat on their own and instead pay mostly for about 35 of the private mills for companies to do the job.

The largest of these companies are the Mills Tripoli , which was owned by the state in the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, is responsible for grinding about 40 percent of imported wheat and extend capital, pasta and semolina, animal feed and other products , as well as the provision of subsidized flour to bakeries . It is now a private company.

Idris said that the government has pledged to pay the dues of private companies to import greater quantities of wheat than usual this year and it is currently facing difficulties in fulfilling these commitments.

He said they opened a lot of letters of credit for concern over the lack of food, but the state has become now forced to pay what it contracted and face difficulties in solving the problem.

He said that the increase in the number of contracted tenders will push the government to spend about 1.5 billion Libyan dinars ( 0.87€ billion ) to support the bread this year, more than 500 million dinars from the usual payments.

According to sources in the foreign trade and shipping sectors that some exporters have become more reluctant to deal with Libya. And decreased volumes of shipments destined for Libya in recent months.

He said commercial source based in the Middle East , ” the general atmosphere there is chaotic . Careful note of the largest companies to participate in international trade in primary commodities trades . ”
And added , ” There are also issues related to payments and the opening of letters of credit takes a long time . There are also risks related to the country and the risk of delay in unloading and demurrage ” the fines paid by dealers shipping in the event of delay in unloading shipments unexpectedly.

Since the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, in the CIA-led uprising of their created “Arab Spring ” only where the West intervened militarily, the Libyan RAT GNC “central government” has failed to contain the militias or security in the country.

In contrast to the poorer Arab countries which saw (fake) “revolutions” in 2011, Libya ‘s oil wealth was seured to provide for most of its citizens a reasonable amount of decent life. But it also led to the adoption of the state population in the provision of food and jobs.

The situation deteriorated this summer, when the GNC was unable (or did not really desire) to disable the militias most oil exports in the ports to stop the main source of government revenue.

While the fact that the “Central Bank” has huge reserves of oil sales , said Prime Minister Ali Zaidane last month, that the opposition in Parliament deliberately obstructing budgetary payments in an attempt to topple the “government”.

European dealer said that he believed that Libya still has enough money to pay for food imports but corruption and confusion makes it impossible to conclude the great deals.

“I think that the problems relating to the situation of chaos in the “government” and the rampant corruption which in turn causes a lack of funds . Suspect that funds are available, but the government is working hard in some areas and still cannot make the payments .

“Lack of supervision and uncertainty means that corruption is turning into an epidemic . Trying to do business with the government activities has become a nightmare. “

And another European trader said that the situation seemed harder in western Libya near the capital Tripoli compared to the Middle where major mills company succeeded in the city of Benghazi in the purchase of 50 thousand tons of wheat last week.

“In the my opinion suffer devices in Tripoli from almost a standstill. Benghazi already bought 50 thousand tons of wheat but of course there are concerns about whether they will get their dues. Expect to get. “

At the end of the day the GNC “government” may be forced to stop the massive support program which offers cheap bread and authorities believe that 40 percent of the subsidized bread simply wasted.

The price of 40 loaves of bread, the price of one pack of Coca-Cola . The Libyans feed sometimes bread for their animals and end up with a lot of it to the trash.

He said Lippi named Massoud runs a bakery crowded in Tripoli ” does not buy less than ten loaves of only a few people. ”
He was speaking while a cornered customers 50 loaves of bread baguette in a box .

Libya imported 1.8 million tons of wheat last year, or six kilograms per person per week. And expects to International Grains Council data imports to fall slightly to 1.7 million tons this year.

Because of corruption and smuggling moving some of subsidized wheat to neighboring countries are to be sold at market prices.
In a country where now only desert fertile agricultural land on a small area overlooking the coast is not a little domestic production. [UNDER THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, al-Qathafi’s desert reclamation program saw agricultural farming well into KUFRA and the Sahara of Death Valley.]

The chief said that wheat production is expected to reach production of 100 thousand tons this year , down from 260 thousand in 2010 , which is mainly due to power outages and damage to agricultural machines during the war in 2011.
( Dollar = 1.2440 Libyan dinars )


Gaddafi: Prince of Water من الواحات النائية معمر يجلب الماء للشعب


Here are shown working farms and production

Libya’s fertile farmlands of the Rouge Valley 

Representing family farms, seed businesses and organic growers.


“Rafla and honorable against tails Mzrath” on FB, writes:

Rotten and falling Nizar Kawan member of the “MB ruling Justice and construction” conference donkeys said:

“We are the most miserable deputies on earth.”

I Bnicolh you contemptible and Anzl shot down and spoil Makhlq God on earth
Aajerdan because you flock to corrupt Aakhlaq and an asset to you and Ashraf
Just Analat Khamrh.

الفاسد والساقط نزار كعوان عضو حزب العدالة و البناء فى مؤتمر الحمير قال: نحن اتعس نواب علي وجه الارض
وانا بنقوله انتم احقر وانذل واسقط وافسد ماخلق الله على وجه الارض
ياجردان لانكم قطيع فاسد لااخلاق ولااصل ولاشرف لكم
مجرد حتالاث خامرة




Invalidity of the election corrupt and despicable Ahmed Meitik for prime minister

Fatwa Committee and the law expired health decision not to head the National Conference of

no donkeys No. 36 on the selection Meitik Prime Minister and therefore it may resolve considering

that the decision of the Fatwa Committee of the Supreme Judicial Council’s decision is binding on all administrative bodies.


Aldbebh and his son Osama, Libyan Jews, who stole GREAT JAMAHIRIYA investments and bought foreign

properties through Chesterton Humberts of London.

Published by the Wall Street Journal published yesterday a lengthy report on the corrupt and contemptible son Sacred Jewish Aldbebh and who sold Libya and the sharing of its property and its investments with foreign countries, including Britain, Turkey, Italy, Qatar and France the company of others of Mafia Libyan opponents of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA with foreign nationalities and others exist now home and foreign keen on survival for these reasons ..

Rotten colorless originally Aldbebh and his son Osama, bought the largest real estate agency in the UK and its name Chesterton humberts
The roots of this agency in 1805 and is with a strong reputation in the real estate market for high-end English class and foreigners in London.

Source: The Wall Street Journal and this link for entry on the subject:

RAT Libya’s Hunt for GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Assets, Leads It to High-End U.K. Property Firm
Family of Former Aide Ali Dabaiba Believed to Have Put Money into London’s Chesterton Humberts


A former senior member of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi’s inner circle, took a stake in the high-end London real estate agency, Chesterton Humberts, around the time of the 2011 “CIA/ MI-6”-led uprising.
TRIPOLI, Libya—The name of London real-estate agency Chesterton Humberts exudes English affluence. But in early 2011, as the CIA-led insurrection engulfed Muammar al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, a stake in the London firm was quietly acquired by the family of a al-Qathafi insider, according to a person close to the family.

The insider was Ali Dabaiba, who for decades ran a powerful Libyan government agency and was part of the inner circle known as “Companions of the Leader,” said Libyans who know him. Amid the chaos of the Arab Spring, the deal shifted some of the Dabaiba family’s wealth to the London property market, where purple Chesterton Humberts signs dot many neighborhoods.

Investigations on suspicion of embezzlement and abuse of office, is Mr. Dabaiba, (said Libyan Attorney General Abdulqader Radwan in an interview in his Tripoli office).

“The Present (RAT) State of Libya believes that the estate agency…Chesterton Humberts is part-owned by Ali Ibrahim Dabaiba or his brother or sons,” saying that a document was sent early this year to a U.K. law-enforcement agency by investigators.

A similar document was sent to authorities in the British Virgin Islands.

The documents, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, state that a former Chesterton Humberts director told investigators he brokered the deal in which the Dabaiba family invested in Chesterton. The documents requested international help in uncovering Dabaiba family interests.

نشرت صحيفة وول ستريت جورنال الصادرة يوم امس تقريرا مطولا عن الفاسد والحقير ابن الحرام اليهودي على الدبيبة والذي باع ليبيا وتقاسم املاكها واستثمارتها مع دول اجنبية منها بريطانيا و تركيا و ايطاليا و قطر و فرنسا صحبة اخرين من المافيا الليبية من معارضي النظام سابقا ذوي الجنسيات الاجنبية و اخرين موجودين الان بالداخل ويحرص الاجنبي على بقائهم لهذه الاسباب..الفاسد عديم الاصل علي الدبيبة وابنه اسامة اشترى اكبر وكالة عقارات في بريطانيا واسمها Chesterton humberts
وتعود جذور هذه الوكالة الى سنة 1805 و هي ذات سمعة قوية في سوق العقارات للطبقة الراقية الانجليزية والأجانب في لندن.

Faraj Hussein Hassan al-Shalabi, known as Ahmed Abdullah al-Libi :

(posted on “Rafla and honorable against tails Mzrath” in Facebook)

Almhakiqin recognition in front of the Americans by the competent authorities in the investigation of the death of Ambassador Alamarki, to Faraj al-Shalabi about the prison situation before and after the catastrophe of February.

Look at what he said,

(Unfortunately, and I say bitterly, seven days a prisoner from 2004 to 2011 in Abu Salim prison – and was under the GREAT JAMAIRIYA– were better than the months that I spent in prisons in Libya after the ” ‘revolution’ of 17 February” )

Faraj Hussein Hassan Al-Shalabi customary
One of the main accused in the murder of the U.S. ambassador and Mdbera process.
Born in Prairie City and its inhabitants, known in Afghanistan, (b Ahmed Abdullah al-Libi) escaped in June 1995 and moved from Libya to Sudan and then to Syria and then returned to Sudan and then to the left (in Jalalabad, Afghanistan).
He lived in Afghanistan briefly and went to Pakistan and lived there and came back to live in the city of Jalalabad, as a result of the pressures of the Pakistani government after the inauguration of Pervez Musharraf government and remained there until entering the U.S. invasion to Afghanistan and Adtrr then proceed to the Tora Bora mountains and into the Pakistani city of Peshawar and married there and remained there.

In 2004 he was arrested there, on the back of an agreement to Libby Pakistani in Pakistan about 3 months, jailed him, and later brought in through a private jet to the Libyan state, and deposited into the security prison outside Tripoli,

and then transferred to Ain Zara prison and then to Abu Salim, where he stayed for six years; and then, left him on February 15 Two days before the 2011 Nakba, almost by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, with a group of others,
after he gave promises alleviation unrest in Benghazi and swear on it.

اعتراف امام المحقيقين الامريكيين من قبل السلطات المختصة في التحقيق في مقتل السفير الامركي لفرج الشلبي عن وضع السجون قبل وبعد نكبة فبراير انظروا ماذا قال ,(للأسف وبمرارة أقولها، طيلة أيام سجني من عام 2004 وحتى عام 2011 في سجن أبوسليم – وكانت في فترة حكم القذافي – كانت أفضل من الأشهر التي قضيتها في سجون ليبيا بعد ثورة 17 فبراير)فرج حسين حسن الشلبي العرفي
أحد ابرز المتهمين في مقتل السفير الامريكي ومن مدبيري العملية .
من مواليد مدينة المرج وساكنيها، والمعروف في افغانستان بـ (أحمد عبدالله الليبي ) هرب في يونيو 1995 واتجه من ليبيا إلى السودان ومنها إلى سوريا ثم عاد إلى السودان وغادر بعدها إلى (جلال آباد في افغانستان)
عاش في افغانستان فترة بسيطة وخرج إلى باكستان وعاش هناك ورجع سكن في مدينة جلال آباد نتيجة لضغوطات الحكومة الباكستانية بعد تولي برويز مشرف الحكم وبقي هناك حتى دخول الغزو الأمريكي إلى أفغانستان واضطرر بعدها التوجه إلى جبال تورا بورا ومنها إلى مدينة بيشاور الباكستانية وتزوج من هناك وبقي هناك .
وفي العام 2004 قبض عليه هناك على خلفية اتفاق ليبي باكستاني وسجن في باكستان حوالي 3 أشهر وسلم بعدها في طائرة خاصة إلى الدولة الليبية وأودع في سجن الأمن الخارجي بطرابلس، ثم نقل إلى سجن عين زارة ثم إلى أبوسليم مكثت هناك 6 أعوام وخرج منه في 15 فبراير 2011 قبل النكبة بيومين تقريبا عن طريق سيف الاسلام القذافي مع مجموعة اخرين ,
بعد ان اعطى وعودا بتخفيف حدة الاضطرابات في بنغازي واقسم على ذلك


Wayne NATO
The names of the group that visited the NATO Headquarters in Brussels
• Nabil al-Shaibani (the capital) TV
• Osama Yas (news) TV
• Salah thyme (news) TV
• Bashir Blaau (Libya 1) TV
• Abdullah Sharrad (Fezzan) TV
• Fatima Marian (BBN) TV
• Mohammad Agha (Misurata) TV
• Mahmoud Masrati (new Libya) Press
• Abdel Moez Bannon (Facebook) social networking
• Khalifa Alepeshpash (Facebook) social networking
• Magdi Naala (U.S. Embassy Libya)




Did you know that despicable A. Gneoh store weapons and Aldkhirh under the Green Hospital

in the hospital basement baggage information from a person served with him ?





May 8. 2014. Pictures. Armed militias citizen kidnapped in front of totally ignorant people in

the area of Ben Achour, in the capital Tripoli and put it in the back of the car and going

to him to an unknown location.


News about hearing the powerful explosion near the Corinthia Hotel.


Long live the State of tykes
Grime state Jerdanih
Killing three policemen and kidnapping three others in the Salah al-Din in Tripoli and a security alert after the city witnessed a severe episode due.


“Rafla and honorable against tails Mzrath”, on FB reports:

Long live the State of tykes bastards
State of immorality and Almkhanb stateless original Honor
Armed robberies targeting afternoon Republic Bank branch Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli and in the heart of the capital,

in an area teeming with government and banking interests, commercial and a few hundred meters from the Tripoli local council.


Body was found lying on the beach resort of Sinbad the heart of the capital.





Reason Aamcklh baggage and Rishvana is that the Comptroller of the Secretariat of Justice and

our selfless beautiful Commander, was financial controller in Qatar and then, rode the wave and named

Azhar Kasher lose a total masked in OS

and pulled him from the car, and with him his son, and then knead the car chase by any August S

and has a raid group and there were battle with police and the group ravine Asham Sahina.


“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, on FB:

Rafla and honorable against tails Misurata who
Lied to expose the traitors who Astnasroa Balghaza tails on their tribe and their cousins 





NATOs bombings again severely damaged the Great al-ASMAR mosque in Zliten, after the successful, but expensive,

repairs and modification from the SALAFI bombings of 28 AUGUST 2012.

The restoration (before this week’s NATO bombs):

The Mosque, as it once was:

The tomb of Sheikh ASMAR renovated:


The tomb as it looked when Muammar al-Qathafi years earlier gave reverence to it:

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi attending secretly celebrations at the Mosque, (few days prior to the SALAFI terrorist bombings) on 24 AUGUST 2012:


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB:

“We reject the reconciliation with the traitors ~ we want our children alive.”

Tribe people ~ they put the martyr Salem term in the morgue, a neighborhood ~

martyr Hussein Walter had tortured him more suffering and they burn with fire ~

Shaheed Mohamed Basir had tortured him even entered the intensive care unit

and even in the care was not spared of torturing him to death ~

one of our heroes have dropped him From the second floor of the hospital, which infected several releases ~

Hamza Alati did not know his fate until now ~ How Nsaleh this clique of corrupt ~ Amassalha with traitors.


Any one of the children of Sheikh Aalmassalha speak with the parents claimed the tribe is considered a traitor ~
We do not want reconciliation with these corrupt clique ~
we want our children alive.
To Amassalha with traitors and agents of NATO ~
Amassalha with treachery of our children were killed and abandoned our children and our women and
burned our homes and our children were tortured to ~
Amassalha tribe with parents that were demolished Drich grandfather Sheikh Abdulsalam brown.








Nona writes-in:
Valley Noawir elderly and poor are still Aidamh well greased to cram the Day of Resurrection.

Said Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar p Bin Walid.

ورفلة الشرفاء ضد ذيول مزراطه

من مشاركاتكم
وادي شيوخه نواوير وفقراءه هم ايدامه مازال مدهون بالخير للحشر يوم القيامه.ما قاله الشيخ عبد السلام الاسمر ع بن وليد

 Muammar al-Qathafi wrapped-up in the desert:





Fire track down ash
Hacmte Baahlk Aasaqth Hacmte Baaamamk Amamk and sons, who were residents of Sirte, are all Manrminhm
God damn God damn God damn you
Despicable safe aviary Member Conference donkeys Conference prostitution moral want to run for the
House of Representatives (monkeys) by the Department of Sirte
Hovoha Aaarb Sirte honorable and God’s Krmoha.


Shahi mint
The bombing by a U.S. aircraft to Tchoaah supporters in the area of Sirte Zver.

(Picture shown is from 13 MARCH 2014)

 A Piece of History:


Chapter 11
Beda Fomm and Benghazi

THE troops on the ground made no contact with the enemy on 3rd February, but the pilots of scouting aircraft brought in increasing evidence that the Italians were withdrawing from what was left to them of Cyrenaica. They had seen columns of vehicles moving west from Luigi Razza, Maraua and even Marsa Brega, 150 miles south of Benghazi; more significantly the enemy had evidently abandoned the aerodromes at and near Benghazi. General O’Connor had decided late on the 2nd that if he struck with his armoured force (as he had planned) on 12th February, it would be too late, and therefore ordered General Creagh straightway to move his division to Msus whence it could advance to Soluch across the line of the Italian retreat. At the same time he ordered General Mackay to continue to pursue the enemy along the roads that led over the Jebel Achdar, ferrying forward a unit at a time if need be.In response to this instruction Mackay on the 3rd ordered Brigadier Savige to move one battalion forward the following day to Slonta to relieve a detachment of the armoured division, and another to Luigi di Savoia on the northern road. Thereupon Savige ordered King of the 2/5th to occupy Cyrene next day, Walker of the 2/7th to occupy El Faidia, and placed Porter of the 2/6th in command of a column, including that battalion and detachments of artillery, engineers and machine-gunners, to advance to Slonta. (In fact the armoured detachment had found the Mechili-Slonta track impassable and had not reached Slonta.)

In the meantime, however, Robertson, chafing at the delay imposed on his brigade and anxious to hasten the pursuit and to lead it, urged Mackay that the next move should be made by a fully-motorised force if the enemy was to be caught. Mackay told Robertson to spend the rest of the day on vehicle maintenance but to be ready to advance at short notice.

An infantry division did not possess enough motor vehicles to move all its men and equipment on wheels at the same time; it was a force of foot- soldiers attended by trucks and vans which transported heavy equipment and supplies. About one-third of its men normally rode in these vehicles, but to each infantry platoon of, say, thirty men there was only one truck, the conventional duty of which was to carry the heavy weapons, ammunition and rations. An infantry battalion could be motorised only by the employment of a reserve motor transport company or by borrowing vehicles from other units and thus, for the time, immobilising those units. By “cannibalisation”, by commandeering of captured Italian trucks, and employing the trucks of the 16th Brigade now stationary at Tobruk (its proposed move to Mechili had been cancelled), the 6th Division had contrived to maintain enough vehicles to keep it supplied with its needs and, when troops had to be moved forward rapidly over long distances, to transport a brigade at a time. Mackay could now continue the advance


at top speed only by reducing his six forward battalions (three having already been left behind in Tobruk) to three.Savige’s battalions began moving forward early on the morning of 4th February, the 2/6th in trucks provided by divisional headquarters, the 2/7th in trucks lent by his attached artillery regiment (the 2/2nd) and the 2/5th on foot. Savige then went to Mackay’s headquarters to propose that he should move forward the part of his brigade that was now on wheels as fast as possible. However, when he arrived at divisional headquarters at Giovanni Berta he found that Robertson had already been summoned and ordered to embus his whole brigade (which was fresher than Savige’s) in vehicles being collected from the artillery and the services, to pass through Savige’s brigade and take up the pursuit. Already instructions were on their way to Porter’s force, which was then leading the advance, to push on to Slonta as soon as it could and send its vehicles back to help in moving the 19th Brigade. This decision disappointed Savige, who pointed out to Mackay that he was nearer Barce than Robertson and already had enough transport to lift two of his three battalions. “A sense of real disappointment was felt and expressed at missing this opportunity,” he wrote later.

However, by midday, Robertson ‘s leading battalion, the 2/8th, was on the move, and by 4 p.m. the whole brigade group was rolling briskly along the smooth Slonta-Barce road in a column twenty-five miles in length, with some armoured cars of the 11th Hussars and a troop of the 6th Divisional Cavalry leading the way. The weary infantrymen who had now been marching and fighting with little rest since the 25th, lay closely packed on the floors of the vehicles and slept; all that could be seen of them were rows of boot-soles bouncing in time to the movements of the trucks. The long convoy travelled along, halted, then moved on again, in response to the checks that are inevitable to a long convoy when speed is not regular, and because occasional halts had to be made while land mines or barricades of boulders were removed from the road. After leaving the settlements at Luigi di Savoia the southern road passed through well-timbered country with grass growing between patches of flat rock. For a few miles there would be no sign of habitation, and then a single white farmhouse or a crumbling fort. At intervals a truck, wrecked and overturned by the roadside, showed where a retreating Italian column had been hit by one of the Hurricanes which, unseen by the pursuing infantry, were strafing the enemy convoys. At a few points along the road were signs that the Italian commanders had ordered that a rearguard position be prepared and had changed their minds: an anti-tank ditch half-dug, or an abandoned dump of ammunition.

At Slonta, a group of old thick-walled barracks, the head of Robertson’s column passed the 2/6th Battalion of Savige’s brigade. Thence, in the late afternoon, it moved on through Maraua and Tecnis. Three miles beyond Tecnis, as the three British armoured cars leading the column rounded a bend in the road, they came upon a group of Italian soldiers laying mines in the road. These ran into the bush as the cars approached. The


Hussars climbed out of their vehicles and were removing the mines when, from only a few hundred yards ahead, light guns and machine-guns began firing accurately and fast. In a minute the three armoured cars were disabled or destroyed and a truck in which two war correspondents and a conducting officer were travelling was riddled.1 As soon as the leading infantry about a mile behind heard the firing, they jumped from their trucks and deployed across the road. The ambush took place at 6.20 and the light was fading as the infantry began to advance, one company on each side of the road, and the long column stationary behind them. Robertson, fearing that the task of the Italian rearguard had been to delay him while craters were blown in the road winding down the escarpment ten miles ahead, ordered Colonel Mitchell to push on during the night. He did so, but towards midnight, when the leading companies were still only three miles beyond the ambush, a long rumbling explosion was heard in the distance; and Mitchell and Anderson,2 Robertson’s brigade-major who was forward at Mitchell’s headquarters, guessed that a stretch of the steep road leading down to Barce had been blown up.Meanwhile the task of advancing along the road to Apollonia and along the northern of the two roads that crossed the Jebel Achdar had been entrusted to Onslow’s squadron, less two troops which were with Robertson. Onslow himself led a small party which drove along the road towards Apollonia until it reached a point where a gap had been blown in the road. Thence he with Captain Eden3 of the Royal Horse Artillery and four others walked forward on foot and were met on the outskirts of the town by the mayor and leading townsmen who received them with courtesy and gave them a meal. Onslow’s party hoisted an Australian flag and marched back to the break in the road, followed by a procession of townspeople.

Lieutenant Mills, with one troop, drove along the northern road through Beda Littoria and on to the larger colony of Luigi Razza where they overtook a party of 300 Italian troops plodding along the road in formation. When a burst of machine-gun bullets was fired over them the Italians surrendered. They were a remnant of the 86th Regiment which had fired on the cavalrymen’s medical aid post in the ambush at the Wadi Derna and on whom they had sworn revenge, but having caught these dejected men the pursuers felt only pity for them. Mills sent two of his carriers back with the prisoners while the remainder advanced and found the road broken beyond repair where it crossed the wide and rugged Wadi Cuff about five miles south-west of the settlement. The mayor and the priest of Luigi Razza asked for protection against the Arabs who were roaming through the settlement, and nine cavalrymen were left to spend the night there. They ate at the cafe (where they paid with lire found in the Italian camps at Bardia and Tobruk) while a band of settlers whom the


Australians armed with captured Italian swords patrolled the town; the cavalrymen themselves fired a few rounds of tracer ammunition into the air now and then to inform the Arabs of their presence.At dawn on the same day–the 4th–the armoured division, its strength now reduced to forty or fifty cruiser and eighty light tanks–the equivalent of only one brigade–and with only two day s’ rations, set off from Mechili over the stony foothills of the Jebel. For the first fifty miles the surface was strewn with boulders and there were occasional patches of soft sand. Some trucks broke down, but beyond Bir el Gerrari the track was smoother. The dust was so dense that groups of vehicles lost their way and did not rejoin the column until hours later. At 3 p.m. the advance- guard (one squadron of the 11th Hussars) reached Msus and engaged the garrison of twenty native troops who eventually made off in two lorries. The Hussars advanced thirty miles along the Antelat track that evening. Harding, O’Connor’s chief staff officer, had flown to Creagh’s head quarters and agreed that Creagh should send a force not only west to Soluch but south-west through Antelat to block the retreating Italians. Thereupon he detached a flying column (named “Jockforce” after its commander Lieut-Colonel “Jock” Campbell4) consisting of the 2/Rifle Brigade and two batteries of artillery, to move forward, come under the command of Colonel Combe of the 11th Hussars at Msus, and hasten to the Sidi Saleh area to block the Benghazi-Agedabia road. At nightfall on the 4th this column was at Msus, advanced headquarters of the division and the remainder of the 4th Brigade four miles east.

Early on the 5th reconnaissance aircraft reported that long columns of vehicles were moving south along the Benghazi-Marsa Brega road. At midday vehicles were seen moving from El Abiar to Benina and dumps were burning near the jetties at Benghazi. It was reported that there were small enemy flank guards at El Abiar, Sceleidima and Soluch. It was evident that what remained of the Italian Tenth Army was in full retreat towards Tripolitania.

Meanwhile, when the head of the 2/8th Battalion neared the edge of the tableland on the morning of the 5th they saw a new land spreading out from the base of the 600-foot escarpment–an orderly green patch work of flat farmland, cut by straight roads and scattered with square white houses. Half-way to the horizon was the large town of Barce, a meeting place of three roads and a railway. This belt of green country was part of a fertile shelf fifteen to twenty miles wide between the Jebel and a final escarpment leading down to a narrow coastal ledge. To reach the plain the road falls steeply down the western wall of the Jebel and there, the infantrymen found, the Italian rearguard had blown six large craters in the road and destroyed a bridge–damage so severe that the engineers estimated that it would take days to mend it, not hours as at


Derna. As the leading platoon was climbing down the broken road a large and dusty man, bare-headed and wearing a leather flying jacket appeared at the side of the road. He was a Hurricane pilot who had been strafing Italian trucks near Barce the previous morning when an Italian fighter attacked him. He shot it down but his aircraft received so many hits that he was forced to land. He said that, from a hiding place beside the Tocra road, he had watched Italian vehicles streaming past all night until 3 a.m. After that the roads were empty.Early in the afternoon, Onslow reported that he had reconnoitred an alternative track to the plain and found it passable. This road wound its way south over the tableland towards El Abiar, and along it Robertson sent the trucks carrying the 2/4th and 2/11th Battalions, leaving the 2/8th on the main road to advance by way of Barce and Tocra if it could. Seven miles from the main road the leading infantry vehicle mistakenly turned left into a side track and some delay and confusion resulted, but by dusk the main part of the brigade group was on the plain and preparing to bivouac in wheatfields among stacks of hay.

In the meantime engineers of the 2/8th Field Company, under Lieutenant Frazer,5 had succeeded in making a track at a grade of one in three down the face of the escarpment overlooking Barce, by-passing the craters in the road. A troop of the 2/1st Field Regiment fired six rounds bracketing Barce, whereupon, at 12.35, a white flag was seen flying from a large building and a white Very light was fired. A small party from the 2/ 1st proceeded into the town which, at 3 p.m., was formally surrendered to an officer of the artillery regiment. Later Onslow led some carriers into Barce from the south and inspected the town and particularly a large dump of ammunition. At 4.20, a few minutes after they had left the dump, it exploded with a roar which shook the town and provided the watchers on the escarpment above with a memorable spectacle: a huge opalescent ball of smoke and flame shot up into the air, apparently from the centre of the town, billowed out and rose on a stem of smoke until it resembled a vast toadstool. At dusk a company of the 2/8th entered Barce and found, as usual, that their first task was to drive off bands of Libyans who were looting the houses and dumps. During the night fires of unxeplained origin broke out in several stores along the main street and they were burnt out. That night Robertson gave orders to the 2/4th to move along the route through El Abiar to Benina, beginning at 7 a.m., and to the 2/11th and other troops under his command (except Mitchell’s detachment) to follow. All night a cold wind blew and just before dawn it began to rain.

Meanwhile, fifty miles to the south-east Colonel Combe, with a squadron of armoured cars and one of tanks, had left Msus at 7 a.m. on the 5th February and at 10.34 reached Antelat and found it abandoned. There he was joined by the remainder of the flying column including the 2/Rifle Brigade and two batteries of artillery, and thence he sent armoured


car patrols to Beda Fomm and Sidi Saleh. Both patrols advanced to positions commanding the main road; and at midday the 2/Rifle Brigade and “C” Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, took up a position north-west of Sidi Saleh astride the main road and a track through the sandhills west of it. Half an hour later an enemy column came into view moving south and was dispersed by the guns, the Italians abandoning their vehicles and taking up firing positions between the main road and the sea. Enemy lorries and three medium tanks were put out of action. At 3 p.m. a column of thirty lorries approached Combe’s road block; after a short fight the British troops captured it, taking between 200 and 300 prisoners. At 5 o’clock an apparently unending column of vehicles carrying about 5,000 troops and civilians appeared and they too surrendered as they reached the road block.Meanwhile the 4th Armoured Brigade, which had reached Antelat about 4.30 p.m., intercepted a message from Combe’s force that a stream of lorries and motor-cycles was moving down the road, and advanced west through Beda Fomm to attack it in the flank on a wide front. The 7th Hussars on the left struck “a soft part of the enemy column” and took, first, 400 prisoners, and, later, with a squadron of the 2nd Royal Tanks, 600 prisoners including men of the 60th (Sabratha) Division. At dusk the tank regiments withdrew to a position commanding the road from the east.

At 10.30 a.m. that day General Creagh had placed the Support Group under the command of Brigadier Russell6 of the 7th Armoured Brigade and ordered this combined force to advance through Sceleidima, secure the escarpment there, and patrol thence to Sidi Brahim and Soluch. Thus while Combe blocked the advance of the Italian column and Caunter attacked it in the flank, Russell would cut off its retreat. By 3 p.m. a squadron of the 11th Hussars leading this column had found that a fort on a hill about 100 feet above the valley leading down the escarpment at Sceleidima was strongly held. At 5 p.m. the remainder of the column having arrived, the 1/King’s Royal Rifle Corps and a battery of artillery began to engage the enemy. The capture of the fort was a job for infantry and gunners, and consequently at 5.45 p.m. Brigadier Russell handed over to Brigadier Gott of the Support Group and led his brigade towards Antelat to reinforce Brigadier Caunter.

Thus, at nightfall on the 5th, Combe’s force was astride the road west of Sidi Saleh, the 4th Armoured Brigade in the Beda Fomm area, the 7th Armoured Brigade on its way to Antelat and the Support Group at Sceleidima. In the pocket between these columns and the sea, a pocket about forty miles deep and, at the bottom, only five miles wide they evidently contained all that was left of the Italian Tenth Army and with it a large part of the Italian population of Benghazi.

At dawn on the 6th, in blinding rain, the head of the enemy column attacked the southernmost road block, but a gun supporting the Italians



Map: The advance to Beda Fomm and Benghazi: dusk 5th February 1941

The Mediterranean area

But General O ‘Connor, the commander on the spot and the main architect of the victory in Cyrenaica, was convinced that he should have been allowed to press on and exploit success to the full; and he was confident that he could take Tripoli. The troops were not tired; their

The advance to Beda Fomm and Benghazi: dusk 5th February 1941


was quickly put out of action by the horse artillery, and white flags were soon flying from many enemy vehicles. At 8.50 a.m. twelve Italian M13 tanks attacked a squadron of the 2nd Royal Tanks which was commanding the road seven miles farther north. The remainder of the regiment moved forward from Beda Fomm to support the forward squadron. More Italian tanks joined the action supported by field guns, and forced the leading squadron of the 2nd to withdraw to a ridge three miles west of the road, where it was again attacked by enemy tanks at 9.30. Another squadron attacked these in flank and the Italian tanks moved south after eight had been put out of action. About ten tanks then engaged the British squadrons. One squadron, now reduced to seven cruiser tanks, attacked these, while another moved south against a column on the main road and knocked out ten tanks.

At 11.25 twelve enemy tanks with artillery and a long column of vehicles attacked the regiment. Five British tanks were put out of action and at 1.45 the regiment withdrew to replenish.By 11 a.m. the 7th Hussars had advanced to a position astride the road north of the 2nd Royal Tanks, with the tail of the column attacking the 2nd Tanks to their south and the head of another column advancing from the north. Twenty tanks from the northern column advanced and the Hussars withdrew to a position on the eastern flank of the enemy column. At 1 o’clock Brigadier Caunter believed that his regiments had engaged 100 enemy medium tanks and disabled forty of them. As a result of mechanical breakdowns his own strength in cruisers had been reduced to nine fit for action. However, the headquarters of the 7th Brigade with the 1st Royal Tanks (with eleven cruisers in action) and a battery of artillery was on its way from Antelat to Beda Fomm. About 1 p.m. the 7th and 3rd Hussars attacked the enemy column slowly moving south towards Combe’s force, the 3rd engaging twenty medium tanks at the head of the convoy; after exchanging fire with enemy tanks and guns for about forty five minutes they withdrew. The Italian column stretched north as far as patrols of the 7th Hussars could see.

Having replenished its ammunition, the 2nd Royal Tanks, now only six cruisers strong, advanced from near Beda Fomm against fifteen to twenty enemy tanks and lorries packed two deep on the road near by. They came under sharp fire from tanks and artillery. Between 2.30 and 3 p.m. the 3rd Hussars (with only four cruisers remaining) and the 7th engaged a large force of enemy tanks, some twenty-six of which were eventually contained by the 3rd Hussars. At this time the 1st Royal Tanks reached Beda Fomm just in time to intercept thirty medium tanks trying to break away to the south-east and, with the help of their attached troop of artillery, knocked out three and drove the remainder north-west. The 1st Royal Tanks, now in touch with the 2nd to the south of it, pursued these tanks, while the 2nd, with “F” Battery, R.H.A., engaged some thirty tanks assembled on a knoll near the road supported by artillery. About 4.30 both these groups of enemy tanks were withdrawing north-west. At length the group from the knoll was caught between the 1st Royal Tanks on the east and the 2nd on the south and six were put out of action.


While this fight was in progress the 3rd and 7th Hussars and “F” Battery were blazing at the densely packed column of lorries and tanks on the road farther north.At length, at 6 p.m., in failing light the Italian column succeeded in breaking through the 4th Armoured Brigade and, under fire from “F” Battery, moved slowly southwards, the tanks and some lorries on the main road, but most of the soft-skinned vehicles on the coastal track to the west. The three regiments of the 4th Brigade had fought almost to a standstill; the 3rd Hussars had only four cruisers and twenty-four light tanks in action, the 7th Hussars one cruiser and twenty light, the 2nd Royal Tanks ten cruisers and seven light. It had destroyed fifty-one M13 medium tanks for a loss in action of three cruisers and seven men. Other forces had knocked out thirty-three. Ten thousand prisoners had been taken in the day. The enemy force was then, at 6.30 p.m., moving south in two long columns towards Combe’s position astride the main road, which was now blocked by abandoned tanks and lorries, six deep and stretching far northwards. By 8 p.m. Combe was being attacked by about thirty tanks. Three were disabled by mines, one by artillery fire. At 8.30 four tanks and thirty lorries evaded the road block and escaped south wards, but by 10 p.m. the attack had died down.

Meanwhile the 1/King ‘s Royal Rifle Corps had attacked the Sceleidima fort at 7.30 a.m. but lost two carriers on a minefield. This delayed the attack, but at 10 a.m. a group of medium tanks withdrew from the fort and made off. Half an hour later the leading troops of the Support Group had entered the fort and found it abandoned. A squadron of the 11th Hussars hastened to Soluch which it entered at 12.30 and found to be clear of the enemy. From Soluch one troop of the 11th Hussars advanced north to Giardina and on towards Benghazi, and another to Ghemines where it took 400 prisoners. By 4 p.m. the main body of the Support Group had reached Soluch. The enemy’s position was hopeless. He had fought with some determination but had lost many tanks and was caught in the trap.

General O’Connor’s orders for 7th February were that Mackay should send a brigade group to Ghemines, while Creagh moved the Support Group southward along the main road and the coastal track. Next morning at 6.30 a column of lorries headed by thirty medium tanks, the spearhead of a column stretching eleven miles and a half to the north, advanced against the 2/Rifle Brigade at Combe’s road block. Two guns of the horse artillery knocked out the leading tank and damaged seven others before they were themselves silenced. Later the artillery and the anti-tank riflemen of the Rifle Brigade disabled a number of vehicles, and soon after 7 o’clock the entire column–5,000 to 6,000 men–surrendered, with the exception of one medium tank which advanced into the centre of the battalion’s position, where at 8.30 it was knocked out by a damaged gun of the 106th R.H.A. By 8.55 a.m. resistance had ceased all along the road.


After the fighting had ended the desert looked like a film producer’s conception of a battlefield. For ten miles the stony floor was littered with hundreds of Lancia and Fiat trucks, many overturned and splintered by shell fire, and with dozens of dark-green tanks with crews dead inside them. There were lines of abandoned field guns with ammunition boxes scattered round. Rifles, machine-guns, grenades, boxes and tins lay where they had fallen, and everywhere, on the ground or caught in the low dry bushes, were pieces of paper–letters, cards, notepaper and army forms. Northward, along the road by which they had hoped to escaped streamed in trucks some 20,000 prisoners, the last remnant of the Italian Tenth Army, leaving behind them on the battlefield 112 medium tanks, many newly-arrived, an uncounted number of light tanks, 216 guns and 1,500 wheeled vehicles. Their commander, General Tellera, had been killed in this battle and the elusive Bergonzoli captured. The campaign was over. In two months, for a cost of 475 killed, 1,225 wounded and 43 missing or prisoners,7 O’Connor’s corps of two divisions, extravagantly described in communiques as “the Army of the Nile”, had advanced 500 miles and taken 130,000 prisoners, 400 tanks and 1,290 guns. It had destroyed ten Italian infantry divisions–the 60th, 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th; the 1st, 2nd and 4th Blackshirts1st and 2nd Libyan–and considerable armoured forces.

Probably some 35,000 men of the Italian XX Corps succeeded in withdrawing from the Derna-Mechili area to Benghazi where there were about 13,000 troops, mostly of base and anti-aircraft artillery units. Of the 48,000 who thus remained in Cyrenaica about 28,000 withdrew to Tripolitania before the final battle or during it. There were then in Tripolitania the 17th (Pavia), 25th (Bologna), 27th (Brescia) and 55th (Savona) Infantry Divisions, and the recently arrived 132nd Ariee Armoured Division. Three of the infantry divisions lacked their artillery regiments and all four lacked their machine-gun regiments, these having been sent forward to Cyrenaica. A total of 30,000 Italian troops were due to arrive at Tripoli from Italy during February.

During the eventful day of the final battle, the, lorries containing the vanguard of the 6th Division had been ploughing their way along a muddy road through El Abiar (where they arrived at 10 a.m. on the 6th) to Er Regima, and Benina, the site of the principle aerodrome in Cyrenaica. At Benina where the column arrived at 5.30 p.m. Robertson’s signallers picked up the message from Creagh to Mackay, mentioned above, asking him to press on against the retreating Italians from the north. Robertson immediately warned Louch of the 2/11th Battalion that at dawn the following morning he must move to Ghemines, and soon afterwards Colonel Vasey arrived at Robertson’s headquarters and expressed approval of this plan. At this stage Robertson did not know exactly where his 2/8th Battalion was, and appealed to divisional headquarters to divert it towards


Benghazi if the division made contact with it. In addition the trucks which had been carrying the greater part of the 2/4th had returned from Benin a to ferry other troops forward in accordance with orders from Mackay’s headquarters, and consequently that battalion was immobile. Late that night Robertson received news that Mackay himself had met the 2/8–that Tocra on the coast thirty-five miles north-east of Benghazi–and had ordered it to move south along the coastal road and join Robertson at Ghemines.The 2/8th, which Robertson had left at the broken road leading down the escarpment to Barce, had made rapid progress. By 3 a.m. on the 6th the last of its trucks had managed to negotiate the road and reached the plain below, and by 10.40 a.m. the column had reached the edge of the second escarpment, and was overlooking Tocra. Here again the road had been cratered and three hours were spent repairing it. At 2.30, however, the Australians entered the town, where the inhabitants welcomed them with a show of cordiality. Thence Colonel Mitchell moved on through Driana to Sidi Chalifa, ten miles from Benghazi and, at dusk, was about the same distance north of the Italian city as Robertson was east of it, though neither yet knew where the other was. At Sidi Chalifa an Arab official from Benghazi appeared and made a speech of welcome to the Australians, and Mitchell’s signallers, like Robertson’s, heard Creagh’s appeal for pressure from the north. Being unable to raise either their brigade or divisional headquarters, they relayed the message to Cairo.

Meanwhile, just before dusk, Robertson had sent Onslow and the brigade Intelligence officer, Lieutenant Knox,8 into Benghazi with orders to direct the civil and military authorities there to come to him forthwith. They drove into the city with an escort of cavalry carriers the leader flying a white flag but with its machine-guns loaded. The citizens, who included many Greeks and Jews as well as Italians and Arabs (the normal population exceeded 50,000), waved and cheered as this business-like little procession passed along the streets of the city. The newcomers drove to the town hall where the mayor, the bishop, the chief of the police and other dignitaries and officials were awaiting them. Knox handed the mayor a letter from Robertson saying that he intended to enter the city next morning and, until then, was relying on the Italian officials to preserve law and order. With the help of a Greek priest who stepped forward to act as interpreter, and described the Australians as “our brave Allies”, Knox learnt that a few soldiers were left in the town and that the police had remained to preserve order–a necessary precaution because Arabs were already looting houses on the outskirts. Onslow and Knox then took the mayor, the bishop and a few other officials back to Benina, where Robertson again informed them that he would make a formal entry in the morning.

Next morning (the 7th) after a delay of more than an hour caused by a report that Italian tanks were on the road south of Benghazi (there was,


in fact, one tank but it had been abandoned), a column commanded by Louch and consisting of his own battalion plus the squadron of the 6th Cavalry, four armoured cars, a battery of field guns and a troop of anti tanks guns, set off for Ghemines. All Louch knew was that the armoured division was in action to the south, so he moved cautiously until he met a truck-load of wounded Italians with a British doctor in charge who told him that the fighting was not at Ghemines but near Agedabia, sixty miles farther on. Thereupon, Louch, with the ever-active Vasey who had now joined him, increased speed and the column sped along the smooth road that leads southwards into the desert. From British units encountered fifteen miles beyond Ghemines, Vasey learnt that the battle was virtually over.After having seen that Louch’s column was on the move, Robertson drove into Benghazi. Captain Conkey’s company of the 2/4th had entered the city half an hour earlier, dismounted from their trucks near the town hall and marched into the small square in front of it. These sunburnt men in their drab khaki greatcoats and steel helmets, taller than Italians and wearing none of the adornments that the people of Benghazi were accustomed to on soldiers, obviously impressed the crowd, which began cheering and clapping so loudly and persistently that Conkey had to wait before shouting his orders. In the assemblage were several thousand men and women–Mohammedans in red tarbushes, Greek and Italian priests in cassocks, neat and prosperous-looking Italian, Greek and Jewish city folk. The small balconies that jutted from the sides of the three-storied buildings on three sides of the square were crowded with men and women who clapped their hands and waved. The atmosphere seemed entirely cordial.

When Robertson arrived in his car there was more cheering. He informed the group of officials through his interpreter that General Mackay would soon arrive to take over the city and that the citizens should carry on in a normal way; Colonel Dougherty, who had been appointed commandant of the town, would cooperate with the commander of the local carabinieri in keeping order. Soon little groups of Australian infantrymen and British gunners were standing at the counters of cafes and bars, eating rolls and butter and cake and drinking coffee or Chianti, and, to the evident surprise of the shopkeepers, were not looting but were paying with Italian bank notes. Few infantrymen had not put some Italian notes into a pocket at Bardia or Tobruk as souvenirs, never thinking that ahead of them lay a fine city in which this paper would buy food and drink and, later, when the shopkeepers opened their doors again, cameras, clothing and trinkets, for Benghazi seemed to lack nothing. At one of the principal hotels the anxious proprietor had piled bottles of wine and plates of cakes and rolls on tables in the hall, evidently to break the first rush of looters. Officers and men, dusty, tired and hungry, crowded in asking for rolls and, best of all, butter which they had not tasted for weeks, and for cups of coffee. It was a day or two before the shopkeepers so far recovered their equilibrium as to begin increasing their prices and withholding their goods. Before long, amiable citizens informed Australian officers that


there were hundreds–some said thousands–of Italian soldiers in Benghazi in hurriedly-assumed civilian clothes; the number of able-bodied young men who were strolling round the streets in groups suggested that this was so. Every citizen who had a motor-car or a truck able to make the journey across the desert to Tripolitania had fled.No more infantry entered Benghazi that day, but by 10 o ‘clock two battalions and three companies of the third were moving south towards Ghemines, having by-passed the city. O’Connor, driving north that after noon from his headquarters near Msus, was astonished to find that almost the whole Australian brigade group was as far south as Ghemines and the advance-guard some fifteen miles beyond it. His plan had worked without a hitch.

It will be recalled that Mr Churchill and the Chiefs of Staff in London had consistently regarded the advance through Libya as basically a defensive operation. Its purpose would have been achieved when “a safe flank for Egypt” had been secured, perhaps at Tobruk, perhaps at Benghazi. Thereafter all operations in the Middle East were to be subordinated to sending forces to the Balkans. In mid-January before Tobruk had been taken the Greeks had declined the offer of a new British contingent and this had led to a decision to continue the advance past Tobruk to Benghazi. (Thus to Metaxas and Papagos, the Greek leaders, belonged some of the credit for the final victory at Beda Fomm!)

On 29th January Metaxas had died. Early in February the new Government of M. Koryzis asked the British Government what help it could give to Greece if a German army attacked. On 12th February Churchill sent a cable to Wavell congratulating him on the conquest of Cyrenaica and adding:

We should have been content with making a safe flank for Egypt at Tobruk, and we told you that thereafter Greece and/or Turkey must have priority, but that if you could get Benghazi easily and without prejudice to European calls so much the better. We are delighted that you have got this prize three weeks ahead of expectation, but this does not alter, indeed it rather confirms, our previous directive, namely, that your major effort must now be to aid Greece and/or Turkey. This rules out any serious effort against Tripoli, although minor demonstrations thither wards would be a useful feint. You should therefore make yourself secure in Benghazi and concentrate all available forces in the Delta in preparation for movement to Europe… Therefore it would seem that we should try to get in a position to offer the Greeks the transfer to Greece of the fighting portion of the Army which has hitherto defended Egypt, and make every plan for sending and reinforcing it to the limit with men and material.1

Churchill informed Wavell that Mr Eden and General Dill would arrive in Cairo on 14th or 15th February, survey the situation there, and then go to Athens, again to offer a contingent to the Greeks. “It is hoped that at least four divisions, including one armoured division, and whatever additional air forces the Greek airfields are ready for, together with all available munitions, may be offered in the best possible way and in the


shortest time.” If a satisfactory agreement with the Greeks proved unattainable the envoys must “try to save as much from the wreck as possible.”

We must at all costs keep Crete and take any Greek islands which are of use as air bases. We could also reconsider the advance on Tripoli. But these will only be consolation prizes after the classic race has been lost.2

The negotiations which followed and their outcome are described in the next volume of this series. It suffices here to recall that the Greek leaders accepted the British offer. Not until after many campaigns and man y set-backs could the advance on Tripoli be reconsidered with reasonable prospect of success.

Map: The Mediterranean area

casualties had been relatively low.3 Two fresh regiments of the 2nd Armoured Division were due to join him soon, and he considered that he had the equipment needed to complete the capture of Libya, provided he was given full air and naval support. He would (he wrote a few weeks later) have sent the Support Group on to Sirte immediately, made up an armoured force using the two new regiments then on their way forward and the best tanks of the old ones, and begun to advance from Sirte about the 20th.

After Beda Fomm only twelve cruiser tanks and forty light tanks were in action. The 3rd Hussars were re-equipped with all the serviceable light tanks and the 6th Royal Tanks with Italian mediums; there were about sixty new Italian M13’s with only a few hundred miles on their speedo


meters among those captured. Thus four armoured regiments would have been available for the renewed advance.General Wilson, who was following the advance, preparing to take over as Military Governor, has recorded that after Beda Fomm he sent a signal to General Wavell “recommending that a light column be sent on to clear the Italians out of North Africa by advancing at least to Sirte and, if opportunity offered, to Tripoli;” but “owing to commitments with other campaigns, especially in regard to air forces, this request could not be acceded to…”4

We now know that before Benghazi fell the Italian commanders also believed that the British forces would have little difficulty in swiftly overrunning Tripolitania, and that, as late as 12th February, the German and Italian staffs were still debating whether it would be worth while to send German units to Africa “only to be captured by the enemy.” O’Connor himself, unfortunately soon, had evidence of the despondency then existing in the enemy ‘s camp. In the report quoted above, written in an Italian prison later in the month, he said: “Having had the opportunity of speaking to several German and Italian officers on passing through Tripoli all asked why we did not go on to Tripoli as they said there was nothing to stop us. Such Italian units as were there were in a state of complete confusion and demoralisation. And no German troops landed until 12th February.”

What steps had the Italian and German leaders taken since the fall of Bardia to arrest the threatened debacle and what opposition was a continued British advance likely to have encountered? Throughout January and February Hitler and his staff were anxious lest Italy should collapse. It will be recalled that on 11th January Hitler had directed that the Italian forces in Africa be helped by sending a contingent of German troops equipped to offer effective defence against armoured divisions and by employing the X Air Corps, in Sicily, to attack Brittish shipping and bases On 14th January, it was decided that the German force to be transferred to Libya would be a “light motorised division”. Later it was decided that this would be the 5th Light Motorised Division, commanded by a General Funck, and would include a reconnaissance unit (equipped mainly with armoured cars), three anti-tank groups each with twenty-seven to thirty-six guns, thirty tanks, two motorised machine-gun battalions and ancillary units. It was thus to be approximately equal to the support group of a British armoured division.5 It should be ready to embark from 15th February onwards.

Funck went ahead to Tripoli to reconnoitre and on 26th January (four days after the fall of Tobruk) reported that the proposed force would be insufficient. Three days later the German military attache in Rome, General von Rintelen, informed the German High Command that, in the


opinion of General Guzzoni, the Italian Under-Secretary for War, the best the Italian forces then in North Africa could do would be to defend a fortified camp at the city of Tripoli. Almost all the 132nd (Ariete) Armoured Divisionhad arrived to reinforce the four infantry divisions already in Tripolitania but it had only light 3-ton tanks (and therefore was armoured only in name). Rintelen considered that a mobile force able to take the offensive was needed. (Also on that day it was reported that two German transports and one Italian had been sunk a few days before on the way to Africa.) On 1st February (Derna had now fallen) the German High Command informed Rintelen that it was doubtful whether there was still any sense in sending German defensive forces to Tripoli. If Funck’s “defence force” was not adequate and if the Italians wished to be reinforced by a German armoured force, consideration must be given to the fact that it could not be in Tripoli before the end of April. Guzzoni was asked through Rintelen what Graziani’s plans were, and whether Tripolitania could be defended if the British army had not broken into it before the Italian 132nd (Ariete) Armoured and 102nd (Trento) Motorised Divisions and Funck’s force were ready for action. Until the Italians had answered these questions the forward movement of troops of Funck’s force was not to proceed, although the shipment of supplies to Naples might continue.On 3rd February (the day after O’Connor had ordered the pursuit which culminated at Beda Fomm) Guzzoni informed the German staff in Rome that Graziani intended to withdraw from Cyrenaica, but that he considered that Tripolitania could be defended if the British had not arrived before the divisions mentioned above were ready for action. On the same day Hitler ordered that the X Air Corps should make heavy attacks on the British forces in Cyrenaica, and the shipment to Naples of Funck’s division (to which an armoured regiment and an additional artillery regiment were now to be added) should be resumed. In addition he ordered that preparations were to be made to reinforce it with a full armoured division drawn from the force allotted to the Balkans. General Rommel, who had distinguished himself in command of the 7th Armoured Division in France in 1940, was to lead all German forces in Africa. Hitler wrote to Mussolini on the 5th expressing disappointment at the Italian failures and saying that the arrival of a strong German armoured formation in Africa was conditional on the Italian army holding on and not retreating to Tripoli which could not be defended.

On 8th February (the day after the Italian surrender at Beda Fomm) the advanced party of the 5th Light Division’s unloading organisation sailed from Italy. It was expected that the division itself could begin to embark between the 15th and 20th February. Meanwhile the transfer of the Ariete Armoured Division to Tripoli had been completed about 31st January and the arrival of the Trento Motorised Division had begun; the shipment of the Trento was to be completed by 20th February.


Spurred by the German decision to reinforce him in Africa, and after receiving the reproving letter from Hitler, Mussolini on 10th February directed that the defence of Tripolitania be carried out as far forward as possible. He replaced the despondent Graziani with General Gariboldi, hitherto commanding the Fifth Army which, the Tenth Army having been destroyed, now constituted the fighting part of the army in North Africa. On the 11th Rommel arrived in Rome where he announced that the first

Map: British and Italian dispositions, Cyrenaica and Tripolitania, midday 10th February 1941
Midday 10th February.

line of defence was to be round Sirte, the main line at Misurata. It was agreed that Rommel was to make his advice available to General Gariboldi; and a mobile force, including the Ariete Division, would be formed under Rommel’s command. Rintelen reported Guzzoni as having said at this conference:

If it becomes clear in the course of the next few clays that Tripolitania cannot be held, I will be the first to admit that it is not worth sending German units to Libya only to be captured by the enemy…. However, I am absolutely confident that the crisis will be successfully overcome.

“General Rommel and I,” added Rintelen, “agreed with these statements made by General Guzzoni. It remains to be seen whether there is still time enough to carry out the measures decided upon.” This was four days after the fall of Benghazi and about the time at which O’Connor planned to take Sirte.

Rommel arrived in Tripoli on the 12th, and on the 16th advised Gariboldi to concentrate at least three-quarters of his forces in the Sirte-Buerat area and conduct a defensive battle until the arrival of considerable German and Italian reinforcements. Already the 17th (Pavia) Division was being moved to the Sirte area, the 25th (Bologna) to the Tmed Hassan area and the Ariete Armoured Division to Buerat; and a mobile force consisting of the German reconnaissance unit, a German infantry battalion and an Italian motorised unit was being sent farther forward. However, it was not expected that the shipment of the 5th Light Division and German


Air Force units to Tripolitania would be completed until about 20th March.6On 18th February Hitler decided that Rommel’s force should be know n as the German Africa Corps; but at this stage the transfer to Tripolitania of a full panzer division was still only “envisaged”. However, on 26th February an order was given that the 15th Armoured Division would join the Africa Corps when the transport of the 5th Light Division and air force units had been completed. On the 28th Hitler wrote to Mussolini that he considered that the situation “could be restored. If we could have fifteen days more time in North Africa I am certain that a new British attempt to advance towards Tripoli would fail.”

O’Connor had hoped to begin his advance from Sirte about 20th February. It appears that there were then in Tripolitania four Italian infantry divisions very short of field artillery, the Ariete Armoured Division with light tanks only, most if not all of the Trento Motorised Division, a German armoured car unit and a German infantry battalion. The headquarters of the 5th Light Division reached Tripoli on 21st Fberuary.

After the war General Wavell wrote:

As for the advance to Tripoli, Italian opposition could be discounted as small and likely to be easily overcome, and nothing was at that time known of the dispatch of German forces to Africa; but even so our resources were not equal to the task. Our armoured vehicles were worn out by an advance of 500 miles; we had not enough mechanised transport to maintain even a small force for an advance of another 500 miles to Tripoli; and both in the air and on the sea we were still numerically inferior to the Italians alone without any German reinforcement. It would have been an intolerable strain on the Navy to maintain a military and air force at Tripoli when even Benghazi could not be used as a port for lack of A.A. artillery and other resources.7

General Dill too, influenced no doubt by the emphasis placed by Wavell’s staff on the difficulty of maintaining large forces so far forward into Italian territory, believed that it would not be possible for XIII Corps to continue its advance to Tripoli; in December Wavell ‘s Joint Planning Staff had expressed the opinion that an advance even to Benghazi was not justified. In January, however, they appear to have changed their views “We have convinced ourselves,” wrote Major-General de Guingand,1 then a lieut-colonel on that staff, “that once Tobruk and Benghazi were captured we could, after a pause of a week or two, advance with adequate forces to capture Tripoli.”2


O’Connor was just receiving two fresh armoured regiments, part of a newly-arrived armoured division; the shortage of vehicles was not substantially more acute at the end than at the beginning of the final stage of the advance, and at Beda Fomm many Italian vehicles (and brand-new tanks) had been captured. The strain on navy and air force was not likely to be as great as that imposed on them by an expedition to the Balkans. As mentioned above, it was the withdrawal of fighter squadrons after the decision to go on the defensive that caused the navy to declare the port of Benghazi unusable. The experience of the next few months seems to show that aircraft, in the numbers then possessed by the German air corps in Sicily, could not have made it impossible to maintain a garrison round Tripoli; they were unable to make Malta untenable, and in Greece later a large German air force did not succeed in seriously impeding the movement of the Anzac Corps on the roads or preventing its embarkation.3 In the light solely of the knowledge possessed by the British leaders at the time there were strong reasons for pressing on: the rapid and utter collapse of the Italian army in Cyrenaica, the existence in Tripolitania of an army of depleted and ill-equipped divisions, the defeat of the Italian air force, the relative inactivity of the Italian navy, the hints already received that Germany might send reinforcements and the need to anticipate them, the fact that the Middle East forces could safely be concentrated against this one objective, the attainment of which would be an achievement of immense military and political importance.In the light of our present knowledge of the discussions and decisions of the German and Italian leaders it seems likely that if O’Connor had promptly taken Sirte and advanced from there on the 20th with full naval and air support, as he wished to do, Hitler would have ceased reinforcing the Italians and O’Connor would have rapidly occupied Tripolitania and defeated its garrison–a force less strong in fighting units than the one he had defeated at Sidi Barrani and Bardia, and likely to be less resolute. Thus, if O’Connor’s judgment was correct, a glittering prize was thrown away: possession of all Libya, air and naval bases opposite the narrow pass in the Mediterranean, the end of all danger of an advance on Egypt from the west supported by German arms, the isolation of French North Africa; perhaps the revival of French resistance. But Churchill’s eyes were fixed on the project to form a front in the Balkans and, in the event, his instructions were carried out swiftly, in such a way as to put an end to all possibility of resuming the African advance that winter.

A few days after the fall of Benghazi the force in western Cyrenaica had been reduced to a mere garrison. On 9th February (three days before Rommel arrived in Africa) General Wilson’s headquarters arrived at


Barce and as Military Governor he took command of all troops in Cyrenaica. On the 15th General Blamey ‘s I Australian Corps replaced XIII Corps, the staff of which was dispersed–a reckless step for an army which had no other corps staff that had conducted a successful campaign.4On 18th February the 17th Australian Brigade replaced the 7th Armoured Division, which set off for Cairo three days later. On the 13th German aircraft (of the X Air Corps in Sicily, equipped with some 350 machines) had begun regularly bombing Benghazi and the surrounding area. The defending air force had been reduced.5 and on the 18th the naval convoy supplying the force through the port of Benghazi was with drawn because there was inadequate protection against German air attacks, and thenceforward practically all supplies had to be transported overland from Tobruk. On the 24th the 19th Brigade was withdrawn to Gazala to ease the problem of supply and the only infantry left in western Cyrenaica was one brigade.

Meanwhile, towards the end of January, Wavell had initiated a more ambitious program in Italian East Africa. Encouraged by the success of a small mobile force under Brigadier Messervy6 that had been harassing the Italians in the Kassala area, and by the efforts of Brigadier Sandford7 and Colonel Wingate,8 who were conducting a guerilla campaign within Abyssinia, he instructed General Platt in the Sudan, who then had two divisions–the 4th and 5th Indian–to press on towards Asmara. Soon afterwards he agreed to the request of General Cunningham in Kenya that he be allowed to advance on Kismayu early in February instead of waiting until May, after the rains.

In view of the complete defeat of the Italian forces in Cyrenaica (wrote Wavell later), I decided to allow the operations in Italian East Africa to continue for the present at any rate. I issued instructions to General Platt to endeavour to capture Asmara and Massawa and to General Cunningham to continue his operations


Illustration: Captured Italian tanks at Beda Fomm.
(Imperial War Museum photo)
Italian tanks captured at the battle of Beda Fomm, February 1941.

Illustration: The ceremony at the capture of Benghazi.
The ceremony at the handing over of the city of Benghazi, 7th February 1941

Illustration: The ceremony at the capture of Benghazi.
(Australian War Memorial photos)
Brigadier H. C. H. Robertson meeting the local dignitaries. Left to right: The Mayor, the local carabinieri commander, an interpreter, and the Australian commander.


Illustration: Giarabub.
(Taken by Author)
Gateway to Siwa, where the track drops into the depression that stretches from Siwa to Giarabub.

Illustration: Giarabub.
(Taken by Author)
A convoy bringing supplies across the desert from Siwa to troops outside Giarabub.

Illustration: Giarabub.
(Australian War Memorial photo)
The fort of Giarabub.

Illustration: Giarabub.
Machine-guns and rifles captured at Giarabub, March 1941.

against Kismayu. I told General Platt that he was to continue his operations to th e occupation of Eritrea and was not to advance south from Eritrea into Abyssinia and that I should withdraw two or three brigade groups from him as soon as possible after his capture of Eritrea. I told General Cunningham that if he was successful in capturing Kismayu, he should advance on Mogadiscio if possible, but I warned him that I should probably require the withdrawal of the 1st South African Division at an early date.9

On 24th February Wavell instructed Cunningham to advance to Harar after the capture of Mogadiscio, and that he wished that Berbera

Map: East Africa
East Africa

in Somaliland be reoccupied. Convinced that at least two months must elapse between the landing of German troops at Tripoli and their effective use in Cyrenaica, Wavell decided to garrison Cyrenaica with one raw infantry division (the 9th Australian) and a brigade of the newly-arrived 2nd Armoured Division. Thus he would be able to send to Greece the 6th and 7th Australian and two smaller formations–the 1st Armoured Brigade and the Polish Brigade Group.10

While these decisions were being made, the policing of the newly-gained territory and the supply of the garrison was becoming the principal preoccupation of General Wilson’s “Cyrenaica Command”. After the excitement of the Italian retreat and the entry of the British force, the people of Benghazi settled down into a mood of sullen hostility. Shops were shut and the streets relatively empty, a result partly of the army’s decision to fix the exchange value of the lire at 400 to the L1 Egyptian instead of the normal 150. From the 13th February the city was regularly bombed by German and Italian aircraft. In and around Barce were 12,000 European settlers (including some thousands of refugees from Tobruk and Derna) and perhaps twice as many native Libyans whom the Italian settlers feared far more than they feared the Australian troops. Fortunately, although the Arabs had looted the food stores in Barce and imported supplies were very short, there was enough wheat there and at Beda Littoria in the Jebel Achdar to last until May, and a new crop would be harvested in June.


Soon after the fall of Benghazi the forward troops were visited by the Australian Prime Minister, Mr Menzies, who was on his way to London, and General Blamey. The journey into the desert gave Menzies a valuable opportunity of speaking to leaders and men in the field and obtaining first-hand impressions of the problems faced in an area where Australians were now playing a leading part.1It will be recalled that since the 18th, when the 7th Armoured Division had begun to move back to Egypt, the force in the forward area had been the 17th Australian Brigade group.2 From it had been subtracted two of its three battalions and to it had been added the King’s Dragoon Guards (a newly-arrived armoured car regiment). It included a battery of the 2/3rd Field Regiment, two batteries of light anti-aircraft artillery, two companies of Free French troops and some ancillary troops, and was directly under the command of I Australian Corps. The other battalions of the brigade remained in the Barce-Benghazi area under the command of the 6th Australian Division. Savige, at the suggestion of Blamey, had advanced the defensive line to Marsa Brega where the front was partly covered by a marsh which was an effective obstacle to tanks.

Every day enemy aircraft (sometimes a single machine and sometimes as many as twenty-five) attacked vehicles and encampments along the road. They flew low and were briskly engaged by the gunners and the infantrymen who, in the first seven days, believed that they shot down seventeen between them. Some units had now equipped themselves with captured anti-aircraft guns. Savige’s first problem was to organise his supply line in such a way that it would be reasonably free from air attack. With this object he established a collecting point well forward. To it corps vehicles delivered rations by night and from it unit vehicles collected their loads and carried them forward also in darkness. Before daylight the dumps at the collecting point were camouflaged and all wheel marks removed by a broom-like contraption attached to the rear of a vehicle. In the forward area the troops and vehicles were widely dispersed, and low-flying aircraft were engaged with all available weapons and forced to higher altitudes. The brigade did not suffer any casualties from air attack in its forward defensive areas, though some men on patrol or other duties were hit. Infantry fire shot down two enemy aircraft in the forward areas.


On 20th February a troop of the Dragoon Guards commanded by Lieutenant Williams,3 exchanged fire with German armoured cars–the first seen in Africa.4 The pilots of scouting aircraft reported increasing but still small activity on the enemy’s side of the Tripolitanian frontier. On 21st February, for example, a pilot reported a column of sixteen vehicles, including three eight-wheeled, and therefore German, armoured cars whose crews wore a bluish uniform different from anything he had seen in Libya before.Savige was wrongly advised that the armoured cars encountered on the 20th were probably Fiat Ansaldos but next day concluded that he probably faced German armoured vehicles, and he decided that more German troops and armoured vehicles might be landed at small harbours along the coast and advance overland; but at this stage the staffs farther back would not believe that a substantial German-Italian force was assembling on the frontier. In the following days the air force reported up to thirteen ships in Tripoli harbour, including some of about 10,000 tons. Wellington bombers flying from landing grounds in Cyrenaica and Malta were now making regular attacks on ships in Tripoli harbour and later at Sirte. On 24th February I Australian Corps, which was destined for Greece, handed over its responsibilities to the 6th Division and on the 27th General Neame5 replaced General Wilson as commander in Cyrenaica. (Five days earlier Wilson had been told that he would command the expedition to Greece.) There was then only a shadow force west of Dema. It consisted of Mackay’s headquarters with Savige’s brigade group and the 3rd Armoured Brigade under command.

On the 23rd the staffs of Cyrenaica Command and I Australian Corps were still expressing the opinion that an attempt to retake Benghazi was unlikely, but that day air attacks on Savige’s troops were intensified; and on the 24th scouting aircraft reported that 500 vehicles were moving south from Misurata, which is some 130 miles east of Tripoli. On the same day Savige’s force on the frontier received its most telling evidence so far of the aggressiveness of the troops opposing them. Two troops of armoured cars of the King’s Dragoon Guards (including Williams’ troop), and a troop of Australian anti-tank guns were patrolling near Agheila when they were fired on by a force including tanks. Lieutenant Rowley,6


commanding the anti-tank troop, and two members of the crew of an armoured car, which was disabled, were captured by the Germans, who had seven tanks, three armoured cars and fourteen motor-cycle combinations. The Germans withdrew with their prisoners, and towing the disabled car.

Next day Savige sent out an armoured care squadron with two platoons of infantry, a section of field guns and a section of anti-tank guns, to return the compliment by ambushing the German force should it appear again, but, although this force remained in position for four days, the enemy did not reappear on the ground. However, on the 27th, a strong enemy air force effectively strafed the would-be ambushers, damaging three armoured cars and two trucks and causing nine casualties.When General Mackay had taken command of the fighting troops in western Cyrenaica on the 24th he had given the 3rd Armoured Brigade the task of protective reconnaissance west of a north-south line midway between Marsa Brega and El Agheila.

The marsh mentioned above extended some ten miles south from the road in this area and, in practice, the 17th Brigade continued to occupy the divisional defensive area on the right while the 3rd Armoured Brigade patrolled south and south-west of the marsh. Mackay visited Savige on the 26th and, as a result, agreed to send another battalion forward to him (though two of its companies remained behind, on duty at Beda Fomm and Agedabia). After seeing Savige Mackay was impressed by the likelihood of a counter-attack and, in a note written on 28th February, said that the possibility of the enemy attempting to regain Cyrenaica “cannot be ignored and must be vigilantly guarded against.” To this end he ordered vigorous patrolling by mobile columns, the setting of traps and ambushes, the improvement of the map, and (looking ahead as he always did to a time when Australians would take part in a future decisive conflict with the main enemy) concluded “the occasion of our being in contact with the Germans in Libya is to be used to discover and defeat his tactics so that in future we may be thoroughly prepared to deal with them.” That day air force pilots reported that the column of 500 vehicles which had been near Misurata on 24th February was now near the frontier. The enemy had a great and growing superiority in the air and for some days had been carrying out effective daylight raids as far east as Tobruk. The British force in western Cyrenaica consisted of one seasoned infantry brigade and one armoured brigade which had had little experience of the desert.

On the 9th Brigadier J. J. Murray, commanding the 20th Brigade of the 9th Australian Division, arrived at Brigadier Savige’s headquarters to take over from him. That day General Mackay flew to Cairo to report to General Wavell and discuss the movement of the 6th Australian Division to Greece. Also on 9th March Rommel sent a report to the German High Command suggesting that he should go over to the offensive before the hot weather started.


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1. Maj-Gen Sir Francis de Guingand, KBE, CB, DSO. DMI Middle East 1942; Ch of Staff Eighth Army 1942-43, 21 Army Gp 1944-45. B. 28 Feb 1900.

2. F. de Guingand, Operation Victory (1947), p. 47.

3. Two months later, on 14 Apr, the threat offered by the arrival of German reinforcements in Tripoli was so disturbing that Mr Churchill directed that it had become “the prime duty of the Mediterranean Fleet… to stop all sea-borne traffic between Italy and Africa”, and ordered the recurrent bombardment of Tripoli harbour, and raids on the Tripoli-Agheila road by troops transported in landing craft. At length, on 21 Apr, a squadron including three battleships was risked in a forty-two minutes bombardment of Tripoli, fortunately without a ship in the attacking squadron being hit.

4. Improbable as it may seem a similar action was taken after the final victory in Africa in May 1943, when the staffs of First Army and IX Corps were dispersed in spite of the fact that large-scale operations lay ahead and the British Army was still short of higher staffs that had been tested and welded in action.

5. By the third week in February only one fighter squadron (No 3 RAAF) was at Benina. One other (No. 73) was at Gazala. It must be assumed that when O ‘Connor said that he needed full air support to enable him to press on to Tripoli he meant the support at least of the air force hitherto employed over the Western Desert. This included four Hurricane squadrons (Nos 3 RAAF, 73, 208 and 274) and three Blenheim squadrons (Nos 45, 55 and 113). This force would probably have provided an ascendancy over the largest which the Luftwaffe could have deployed in Africa in February and March.

6. Gen Sir Frank Messervy, KCSI, KBE, CB, DSO. Comd Gazelle Force 1940-41, 9 Ind Inf Bde 1941, 4 Ind Div 1942, 1 Armd Div and 7 Armd Div 1942, 43 Ind Armd Div 1942-43, 7 Ind Div 1944, IV Corps 1944-45. Regular soldier; b. 9 Dec 1893.

7. Brig D. A. Sandford, CBE, DSO. Principal Military and Political Adviser to Emperor Haile Sellasie 1941; Principal Adviser to Ministry of Interior, Ethiopian Govt 1942-44; Pers Adviser to Emperor 1944-45. B. 1882. Brig (then Colonel) Sandford, an old friend of the Emperor Haile Sellasie, had led a small party into the Gojjam province of Abyssinia in August to help organise rebellion in Abyssinia. Later Gen Wavell appointed as staff officer for patriot activities Col (then Maj) Wingate who had demonstrated his talent for irregular warfare in Palestine during and after Wavell’s term there in 1937. Towards the end of November Wingate flew into Abyssinia and met Sandford; and on 20 Jan the Emperor crossed the Frontier. Five young Australians, Lt A. H. Brown and Sgts W. R. Howell, R. C. Wood, E. M. Body and J. K. Burke, led a party of 200 Abyssinians into the Gojjam to show the flag in the area in which Sandford was organising rebellion.

8. Maj-Gen O. C. Wingate, DSO. Comd Long Range Penetration Gps, Burma 1943-44. Regular soldier; b. Naini Tal, U.P., India, 26 Feb 1903. Killed in aircraft accident, 24 Mar 1944.

9. Wavell, Despatch on Operations in East Africa, November 1940 to July 1941.

10. The reasons for this decision are set out in greater detail in the following volume.

For pages 22-24:

1. At Barce Mr Menzies met General Wilson and asked him how the Australians were getting on, expecting to hear them congratulated. ” They’re troublesome, you know,” said Wilson. “I understand the Italians have found them very troublesome,” replied Menzies. “It’s not that,” said Wilson, “they’re not disciplined, you know.” “These men haven’t spent their lives marching round parade grounds,” said Menzies. “They come from all walks of life and they’ve come over here to do a job and get it over.” This conversation recalls an incident mentioned in Bean, Vol. VI ( Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18). In p. 485 he wrote: “For most British commanders the Australian was the bad boy of the Imperial family; and though Haig rather liked this scapegrace, it was typical of him that when a month later, the Australian troops being at the height of their successes, a party of editors and newspaper proprietors from Australia visited the front, he could find no subject more inspiring for his talk with them than the grave need for extending the death penalty to their national force.”

2. In support was the 3 Armd Bde, of the 2 Armd Div; in addition three units of the 7 Armd Div–3 Hussars, 6 Royal Tanks and 1 RHA–remained in Cyrenaica.

3. Brig E. T. Williams, CB, CBE, DSO, KDG. GSO1 (Int) Eighth Army 1942-43; BGS (Int) 21 Army Gp 1944-45. Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford, since 1952. University lecturer; b. 20 Nov 1912.

4. After having described this incident History of the King’s Dragoon Guards 1938-45, by D. McCorquodale, 13. L. B. Hutchings and A. D. Woozley, continues: “Whether this was accepted as accurate information by higher formations is a matter for conjecture, but at the time the Regiment certainly received the impression that its reports were treated with reserve, and that as we were `new to the job’ the imagination of a few troop leaders had magnified an Italian rearguard into something altogether different. However that may be, the report that German ground forces had started to appear created none of the stir which one might have expected–no visits from Staff Officers and Commanders… and no suggestions that our hard won territorial gains in North Africa should be protected by anything more than one armoured car regiment armed with Boyes rifles and machine-guns.” (The German officer who led this patrol, with his diary recording it, was captured in November.)

5. Lt-Gen Sir Philip Neame, VC, KBE, CB, DSO. Dep CGS BEF 1940; GOC Palestine, Transjordan and Cyprus 1940-41; GOC-in-C and Phil Gov Cyrenaica 1941. Regular soldier; b. Macknade, Faversham, Eng, 12 Dec 1888.

6. Lt T. Rowley, VX3375; 2/5 Bn. Clerk; of Melbourne; b. Auckland, NZ, 27 Sep 1919.

(Transcribed and formatted by Szymon Dabrowski for the HyperWar Foundation)   





Harvest Benghazi
Hear an exchange of fire in some areas of the city of Benghazi, now including the neighborhood of Peace Now

and the Bodzarh.


Media Hassan Bacouche escape from Benghazi to Egypt after an assassination attempt three days ago,
and the pursuit of a car carrying masked him in the last few days.



Hftar 15 thousand soldiers from the Thunderbolt Hdvaa Burqa Brigades and the eastern region
will gltron attack on al-Qaeda camps.
With moral support from citizens Tbisti giving their demonstrations of support.
The so-called disappearance room Libya warns of prejudice Bmaskaradtha including “Camp 17 February”,
warns of protests (and says that the arrows are pretending).
Connection from inside “the camp 17 February” alert, full of soldiers before “17 February”,
for the arrival of commandos and some of the young city of Benghazi and some soldiers, from the camp, want to get out of the camp before the arrival of young Benghazi please Publishing.
PICTURE of a good,brave Thunderbolt soldier:
Benghazi Hedda evening


Benghazi and the harvest of the Nakba:
Bombing of a shop decor and chandeliers in the market Zamzam and bombing since little is targeting

replace “Home Sweet Home” for furniture Bakazv RPG market of Zamzam, which resulted in the explosion

for material losses and there was no casualties, and the shop compared to the commercial bank and the

owner of the shop called “Hamad Warfali”.

Emaar Abnghaza
The harvest of permanent
RBI saves honorable Liberal
Zamzam market hall bombing in the city of Benghazi.

News Agency of Libya today

News and please almost certain caution
Ansar al-evil armor and leaders are planning an attack on the day of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation

and after the arrival of a group of fools Derna to Benghazi today ..
A source close to the Supporters of ANSAR al-Sharia:





A very strong explosion shakes the city of Derna shortly before.

Massive destruction of the right orbit at the company’s new mobile phone in the city of Derna. 

Impact of the blast, which targeted a little while ago, a building located on the Corniche Road consists

of three floors were damaged, all in addition to the destruction of the first floor of the lessor

before the full comprehensive destruction orbit.


“Rafla honorable against tails Mzrath”, on FB informs us:

Message from the Governor of the inventory Dirt Libya Central great friend _

to Prime Minister rats Aljdidafassd Ahmed Meitik despicable

and shows the cooperation between the Central Bank and Riashh ministers donkeys.





YANKEE DRONES bomb 3 targets this morning:

Libyan Ahmed, writes:

“I am in Sabha and we heard three powerful explosions”


News confirms that he has been kidnapped today named Atia Abed Tamami Slimani by gunmen

in the city of Sabha.






al-Kufra supporters of Satan
Grimy supporters clients infidels of the devil, to kill and destroy Islam.

مشاركة عبر البريد
هولاء انصار الشيطان
انصار الوساخة انصار عملاء الكفرة لقتل وتدمير الاسلام
Participation de diable partisans crasse partisans clients Kufra pour tuer et détruire l’Islam de ces partisans de messagerie !



“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year,” on FB, reports:Was a secret meeting between the leaders of the “Brotherhood” in the Libyan capital Tripoli, and members of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the State of Qatar, including Egyptians working in Al-Jazeera, and is sponsored and funded by the State of Qatar.The sources pointed out that the aim of the meeting of the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood of Egypt, Libya, Qatar and some Turks, is a rearrangement of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the bombing of the situation in the region, after the final blow they received in Egypt.The meeting will also discussed ways to recruit financial support that you receive Brotherhood of Qatar to carry out that task, and will be performed by Brotherhood supporters of the instructions for the next phase of excitement and chaos of the riots in Libya, Egypt and some Gulf states in coordination and officials of Al-Jazeera.

‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD secret meeting in TRIPOLI on how to cause more destruction, havoc, troubles and disturbances.

مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام
اجتماعًا سريًا تم بين قيادات “الإخوان” في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس، وأعضاء من جماعة الإخوان في دولة قطر من بينهم مصريون يعملون في قناة الجزيرة، وبرعاية وتمويل من دولة قطر.
وأوضحت المصادر، أن الهدف من الاجتماع الذي تعقده قيادات الإخوان من مصر وليبيا وقطر وبعض الأتراك، هو إعادة ترتيب أوضاع الإخوان وتفجير الأوضاع في المنطقة، بعد الضربة القاضية التي تلقوها في مصر.
كما يناقش الاجتماع سبل توظيف الدعم المالي الذي تتلقاه جماعة الإخوان من قطر لتنفيذ تلك المهمة، وما سيقوم به أنصار الإخوان من تعليمات للمرحلة المقبلة من إثارة للفوضى والشغب في ليبيا ومصر وبعض الدول الخليجية بالتنسيق ومسئولي قناة الجزيرة القطرية.

al-Jazeera, Israel, the EU and the Yanks:

“Rafla and honorable against tails Mzrath”, on FB, informs us:

Arab Media Lies

Plays America and the island

Hallelujah …. only to Egypt for the arrest of five of the spies (press release)

al-Jazeera Event (UGH!—all ZIONISTA) follows:

150 members of the U.S. Congress are demanding the Egyptian government for their release.

Freedom House and the American Jewish organizations, a number of U.S. calls for release of journalist island.

– More than 90 network television, including CNN and NBC, and more than 182 chief editor, mostly Europeans demanding the release of Al Jazeera journalist.

– In addition to dozens of Arab and international organizations, all demanding the release of journalist expressly island.

Hallelujah Where were these when the bombing of Iraqi television 3 times in 1992, 1994 and 2003 by the U.S. forces and led to the killing of eight journalists.

Where those of Qatar arrested two Tunisian journalists and deputies Mahmoud Abdel Moez Ballali and sentenced by a court to life imprisonment because the country, one of them entered the country without a journalist and says he tried to report on the work of Qatar and the other because he took out documents about corruption in the Al-Jazeera children.

Where these bombing of Libyan television and bombing Palestinian resistance, Hamas TV “Far” and also stop the broadcast channel of the Iraqi resistance “Zora” and, and also channel “minimum” of the Syrian regime?? Is not that also mute the freedom of expression.????

Do you remember the play that # America wants to bombard the island despite the fact that America does not need to only 5 carts Hummer graduated from the base of many in the U.S. and # Qatar closed the island and all the surrounding area.

Do you remember the statements and the U.S. State Department about the island that it supports terrorism and anti-American channel??

Each of these plays aim to show the island as anti-American and pro-Arab peoples and issues of resistance and thus FALSELY ‘gain and earn the trust of the viewer’ and Dr. poor Arab, aaah….



“Rafla and honorable against tails Mzrath”, on FB, asks us to

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam too ….
Please share this publication, even up to the largest number of Ahrar.

Message addressed to our brothers and our families honorable displaced in Tunisia, peace be upon you all, surely you know that the company Tunisiana has been owned entirely to Alkhrtih Qatar after what has been purchased,

so I see from Almistojb everyone boycott this company and go to another company in the context of the war on those who had The main reason for the outcome of the Great Jamahiriya, and Hedda types of war, a war of economic and most dangerous not to mention tapping calls honorable,

and I believe continue to use the means of communication this topic company’s mobile phone or the Internet is to support her. It suggested that a date has historic significance for us, but not too soon in a period not exceeding ten days for a boycott of the company
and Hedda less what can be done and is available to all, with the possibility of contact with all nationalists and patriots Tunisians to do the same, and you well.

هااااااااااااااااااام جدا….
الرجاء مشاركة هذا المنشور حتي يصل لأكبر عدد من الأحرار.

رسالة موجهه الى إخوتنا وأهلنا الشرفاء المهجرين فى تونس ،السلام عليكم جميعا ، بالتأكيد علمتم بان شركة تونيزيانا قد تمت ملكيتها بالكامل الى الخرتيته قطر بعد ما تم شراؤها ، لذا ارى من المستوجب على الجميع مقاطعة هذه الشركة والتوجه الى شركة اخرى فى إطار الحرب على من كان السبب الرئيسى لما آلت اليه جماهيريتنا ، وهدا من انواع الحرب وهى الحرب الاقتصادية وأخطرها ناهيك عن التنصت على مكالمات الشرفاء ، واعتقد الاستمرار فى استخدام وسائل اتصالات هده الشركة للهاتف المحمول او الإنترنيت هو دعماً لها ، عليه اقترح تحديد تاريخ له معنى تاريخى بالنسبة لنا وليكن قريبا جداً فى فترة لا تتجاوز عشرة ايام لمقاطعة الشركة وهدا اقل مايمكن فعله ومتاح للجميع ، مع امكانية الاتصال بكل القوميين والوطنيين التونسيين للفعل نفسه ، ولكم التوفيق.



Mu at G8 10 July 2009

Mu pensive

Just watch the commercials on the new Libyan TV networks!! and record how much booze, drugs and viagra varients have been dumped into LIBYA since the 17 FEBR. “REBELS” have taken over!

and Libya is supposed a “Muslim” nation?…I would say no longer until we can kick all the foreign elements out of LIBYA AGAIN as MUAMMAR al-Qathafi did in 1969/1970.

FIRST perrogative should be to export those “IMPORTS”!! and their slaves…Their reality shows the ANTITHESIS of ‘freedom’…WAKE-UP YOUNG PEOPLE OF LIBYA! GAIN BACK your GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (a nation to be proud of…practicly free of the pestilence, disease, murder robbery and corruption which we are witnessing daily now in the NEW LIBYA!) Do not let SATAN gain your souls!

News Resistance People’s Libyan FreeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam generalizable ::: The silent Libyan resistance:Tkhaaaaaaavo not silence … the preparation and processing!
Released by Golden 01

  • هااااااااااااااام للتعميم :::إن صمتت المقاومة الليبية فلا تخااااااافو …فأن صمتها إعداد وتجهيز.
    صدر عن الذهبى 01

Syria Lockerbie


The narcotics trafficking, gun-running and money-laundering

cover-up of Pan Am flight 103

By David Guyatt


I think the CIA and Justice Department are withholding the truth. Winding down his 14 March 1996, speech in the House of Representatives, Congressman James Traficant, was referring to a joint British-US cover-up over the Lockerbie bombing.

Permitted precisely sixty seconds to make his point, the straight-talking Republican went straight for the jugular.

Traficant has long disbelieved the US and British claim that Libya was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. Telling his fellow Congressman that intelligence experts around the world disagree, with the British and US position, he continued I think Congress deserves the truth. I think the families of the victims of 103 deserve the truth. Going unsaid was Traficants belief that Pan Am 103 was bombed with the fore-knowledge and acquiescence of the CIA.

Two months earlier in January 1996, Prime Minister Major came under similar pressure to come clean. Cross party members of Parliament pressed the government to agree to prosecute the two Libyan suspects at an international tribunal in the Hague. The accused, Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, believe that a trial on British soil would be prejudiced.

John Major swatted-away the Parliamentary suggestion with shoddy arguments and stone-walling tactics. Many were left to conclude he fears any sort of independent trial. Such an event may once and for all reveal the murky trans-Atlantic cover-up that has dogged this story for eight years.

The threads of suspicion that surround the Lockerbie atrocity are many and complex. Labour MP, Tam Dalyell, told me that he first became involved on New years eve in 1988. A police sergeant friend had been drafted-in to search the crash site. The policeman phoned the MP asking how come all the evidence is being tampered with?

Dalyell, known as a terrier whos bite is a lot worse than his bark, has pursued the story ever since. He is accompanied by Conservative MP, Sir Teddy Taylor, who also has a reputation for not letting go once he has sunk his teeth in. During an interview the Southend East MP said he had been in contact with the source who had provided the timing switches for the Lockerbie bomb. The source said he

would be able to identify whether the timing switch used on Pan Am 103 was part of a consignment sent to Libya, or whether it formed part of a larger batch delivered to East Germany. In a reply to the MP, the Lord Advocate refused access for purposes of identification.


Within hours of Pan Am 103 exploding over the small Scottish village, CIA agents were swarming over the wreckage. Clearly they were looking for something extraordinary. Aboard the downed plane was a secret, five-man Defence Intelligence Agency team headed by Major Charles Tiny McKee. A suitcase belonging to McKee was recovered and emptied before being returned to the site to be found again. Inside had been a large quantity of Heroin, some sensitive documents, plus a large quantity of cash and travellers cheques. These items were purged from official records. Incredibly, an unidentified body was also removed from the crash site. No official explanation has been given for these extraordinary examples of evidence tampering.

The DIA team had been in Lebanon searching for US hostages held by Hezbollah. Whilst in Lebanon, McKees team is said to have come across a secret CIA operation known as CIA One, who were collaborating with Manzur El-Khassar, a Syrian drug dealer. El-Khassar was closely aligned to Lt. Col. Oliver Norths highly illegal activities around the world. These included covert trafficking of narcotics and weapons. The Syrian was also involved in brokering weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages. El-Khassars precise role in the Lockerbie bombing may be the missing link that unravels the entire story.

In recent weeks it has been revealed that the Contras, backed by Oliver Norths covert group, were responsible for the explosion of Crack Cocaine in Los Angeles, and thence into mainland America. Gary Webb, an investigative journalist for the San Jose Mercury News, shattered American readers with his The Dark Alliance series. Following a year of investigations, the journalist revealed that the Contras shipped vast quantities of Cocaine to the US to finance much need weapon purchases for their war in Nicaragua. This was done with the tacit backing of the CIA, Webb suggested.

Webbs astonishing revelations strike at the very heart of the secret CIA Iran-Contra story. By 1984, the Senate had vetoed the provision of additional funds for the covert Nicaraguan campaign. Blocked at home, North – under the crafty guidance of Bill Casey, Director of Central Intelligence – looked for alternative ways to raise the necessary finance. The answer was narcotics trafficking.


Lebanons Bekaa Valley is a fertile area ideally suited to growing Opium. Rifat Assad, the brother of Syrias President Hafez Assad is widely known to have been in charge of Syrias narcotics enterprise, and was the Supremo of the Bekaa Valleys massive Opium industry. Rifat, a CIA asset, was being groomed to succeed his elder brother to become the Syrian President. He was extremely close to El-Khassar. The influx of 30,000 Syrian troops to Lebanon in the late eighties, had as much to do with protecting the Opium fields, as with separating the warring factions.

El-Khassar, in exchange for his help to release US hostages held in Lebanon, and, presumably, for past favours to the Contras, was permitted to ship Heroin to the US. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) maintain that his pipeline, through Frankfurt airport, was a carefully controlled sting operation. Others, more cynical doubt this explanation.

Dark rumours persist that Major Tiny McKee had unearthed the illegal dope connection and realised that elements within the CIA were actively collaborating in it. Deciding to report the matter to his superiors, McKee booked his team on a flight home aboard the ill fated Pan Am 103. Their travel plans were intercepted and reported to Syrian intelligence, who notified El-Khassar. He, in turn, arranged to have a bomb planted inside the suitcase used to carry the regular Heroin shipment – to dispose of McKee and his evidence.

It is at this point that an alternative scenario arises. The July 1988 shoot-down of an Iranian Airbus by the US Navy battle cruiser, Vincennes, resulted in the deaths of 290 passengers. Despite US statements that this was a tragic accident, disbelieving hard-line Ayatollahs were hell-bent on revenge. They hired the Syrian based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command (PFLP-GC) for a tit-for-tat attack. Under the leadership of Ahmed Jabril, an expert on blowing up airplanes, plans were speedily put in place. Jibril learned of El-Khassars CIA protected Frankfurt dope pipeline and persuaded El-Khassar to substitute a bomb inside the normal Heroin laden suitcase. The subsequent deaths of Tiny McKee and his team were co-incidental.

However, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that both these scenarios merge rather than diverge. Faced with exposure of his drugs pipeline, and aware that the Iranians had planned a spectacular revenge for the Airbus attack, El-Khassar and his CIA-Syrian minders may have cobbled together a plan that killed two birds with one stone. They would aid the Syrian based Jibril to satisfy the Ayatollahs lust for revenge, and at the same time rid themselves of US intelligence agents who were about to blow the whistle on their top secret drug and weapons trafficking arrangements.


The 21 December 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 resulted in the deaths of all 259 passengers and crew. Eleven more fatalities in Lockerbie resulted from wreckage of the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet raining down on unsuspecting villagers. News of the atrocity blazed across the headlines around the world. This prompted an immediate cover-up, which has remained to this day.

The centre-piece of this strategy was to blame Libyan Col. Muammar Qathafi (who was widely contrived to be seen as an “eccentric” leader). Built upon his “Third Universal Theory”, Libya who had a wealthy and independent economy, is an oil-rich country; and Qathafi refused to fully align himself with either the western alliance (led by the U.S..), or the Easter Bloc under the leadership of the former USSR.

Inside the US Administration, one figure had a personal detestation of Libyas erstwhile leader. During the course of his tenor as Director of the CIA, Bill Casey was pre-occupied with finding new ways to bring Qaddafi down. Constantly pressing his viewpoint home, Casey eventually gained the support of senior Cabinet members, George Schultz, Caspar Weinburger and others to undertake military and covert operations, designed to topple Qaddafi.

These included projects with Flower code-names. Tulip was a CIA covert operation that sought to mobilise the anti-Qaddafi exile movements, leading, hopefully, to a Coup DEtat. Rose involved a pre-emptive strike against Libya with the support of US allies, notably Egypt.

Another operation code-named Prairie Fire resulted in a three carrier battle-group steaming just off the Libyan coast. The US armada included forty five warships and 200 warplanes. Beneath the waves slid the latest nuclear-powered attack submarines. This was a meticulously planned provocation designed to draw Libyan forces into an attack. The planned response was graduated and included warplanes striking deep into Libyan territory to bomb oil-pumping facilities and other economic targets. The boys- own discussion on Prairie Fire reached its zenith when Don Regan, White House Chief of Staff, asked if nuclear weapons were to be used. They were not, he was told. Despite this, US threats to use nuclear weapons against Libya were renewed in spring 1996.

Lester Coleman, former Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative, had first-hand knowledge of the covert events surrounding Lockerbie. His book Trail of the Octopus jointly written with Donald Goddard, blew the lid off the Lockerbie story and laid bare the Frankfurt airport narcotics pipeline.

With death threats ringing in his ears, Coleman fled with his family to Sweden, and was granted political asylum. Interviewed by phone, Coleman explained the U.S. rationale in falsely blaming Libya. “They’re an easy hit,” he said. “Scapegoating Libya has become a political art form in U.S. domestic politics.” Mimicking a drawling mid-west voice, Coleman expounded further. “The strategy plays to the Rednecks, he said, “who believe anything theyre told about ‘Ay-rabs’. Its all domestic politics,” he concluded.

The Interfor Report

Interfor Inc., a private investigation firm, was hired by TWA to examine the suspicious circumstances behind the downing of flight 103. Their confidential investigation unearthed Sryian drug-baron, Monzer Al-Khassars involvement in the affair, and also revealed Al-Khassars relationship with Major General Richard Secord – one of the principals in Oliver Norths Iran-Contra activities. The British media, in particular, The Observer, trashed the report as nonsense and fantasy. This resulted in a fiery riposte from Congressman Traficant, who accused the Observer team of working for the CIA, saying: Youve come here a day late, a dime short and youre a piece of shXX.

Bill Casey and Dirty Tricks

Former Director (DCI) of the Central Intelligence Agency, William (Bill) Casey was obsessed with Libyas Iraq. Casey increasingly tasked the CIA with obtaining ever more detailed information on Qathafi and his activities. This obsession grew to the point where, at times, Libya became a more important target than the Soviet Union. President Reagan’s vitriolic view of Qathafi was shaped by a CIA report that warned he had been personally targeted for assassination by a Libyan hit-squad. This led to a Top Secret message to Qathafi threatening massive retaliation. A State Department analysis suggested the CIA report was later discounted, as CIA disinformation.

The Libyan Suspects

The US-British line remains that the two Libyan suspects – Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah – must be turned over to British authorities for trial. Central to the official case is the timer-switch hidden in a Toshiba radio used to blow-up flight 103. Despite this, Britain will not allow scrutiny of the switch remnants. It is also alleged that the suspects placed the radio in a suitcase flown from Malta to Frankfurt, and transferred to the Pan Am flight. Maltese authorities reject this, saying the allegations are unsupported by any concrete evidence. Is British and American legal intransigence designed to mothball the truth in perpetuity? Many experts believe the answer is a definite yes.

Oh God addicted Post

The villa for a Alkraimih cronies in Tripoli and Kano where the duration Elly missed the youth of Zintan and the people who turned them almost a month ago. Duration Hadi where unusual movement and Chkki_ Nhsabhm followed State and Government
But the day before yesterday Khst container color yellow and God knows launched within and was tighter than group masked and villa Elly exist where people bearded and some conjecture sin but as the crow Ncbh including a group of Ansar al-Sharia and a day and over all the clocks were present in which nearly 20 people .. inside a Farms Alkraimih

(Network Libya)

بالله يا أدمن انشرفيه فيلا لأحد الازلام فى الكرايمية طرابلس وكانو فيها المده اللى فاتت شباب من الزنتان وخرجو منها قبل شهر تقريباً .المده هادي فيها حركة غير عادية وما شككتش نحسابهم تبع الدولة ولحكومه
لكن اول امس خشت حاوية لونها صفراء والله اعلم شن داخلها وكان تشديد من جماعة ملثمه والفيلا اللى موجودين فيها ناس ملتحية وأن بعض الظن أثم لكن زي ما نشبح فيهم جماعة من أنصار الشريعه ويومياً وعلى مدى كل الساعات متواجدين فيها قرابة ال 20 شخص ..داخل أحد مزارع الكرايميةشبكة ليبيا



off the coast of CORNER:

Steamer (Valpanda) gasoline and the ship (Nikolaosv) diesel encyclopedia vacuum port of La Marsa 1.2 refinery Corner

but there are still Bachrtan in wait.
Why congestion and snapping on gasoline,,, God knows!
(Moved Corner of the page refinery oil refinery):

Continuation of the power outages on some areas in the city of Tripoli and
severe congestion in front of gas stations, causing chaos and fights, and there are no signs of resolving the crisis so far.
Two thugs who arrested the people they cut the pipe in one of the gas stations yesterday admitted they were paid
a sum of money in exchange Maigmon it is room Libya rebels ..
And tells you the crisis is artificial mesh!!!
 Two killed in an armed brawl broke out shortly before refueling station in the area Alfornaj in Tripoli.
(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves).
Shortage in the number of worshipers at Friday prayers today to the fact that a large number of people
in Mrabitin stomata front of petrol stations.


Tripoli this morning …. Gas station “Gurji” and the presence of the army:
From a gas station adjacent to the bridge Gurji market Allata continued Asfav
cars to fill up gasoline Center Andalus neighborhood!!
Exposure today Badi Haji Al-Idrisi and Colonel Nuri farmer ordered the military police branch Zuwarah an assassination attempt when they return from their car in Tripoli that follow the military police.
And the grace of God they were able to escape from the ambush, which has armed group prepared for them after the road 27 between Tripoli and the corner and has resulted in the injury adorable with 2 gunshot in his left hand and Colonel Nuri in his fingers hand.
Yemen have carried out the leadership despite his injury saluting arrived at the gate eastern Corner, then they Basaaffhm…
(News Agency of Libya today)


Tajourah Alhamidiah:
Back to operate petrol stations in the capital and its suburbs naturally gradually
The issue of 48 hours of life returns to normal.

Operations room Mermaid:

One of the victims of the “gasoline-war”:

Turn this young Elly influenced by the mercy of God in the head by a bullet wound.

“I am God and to Him we return”

26 Aug/2012

Same Script, Different Stage (Ctd.)

Posted by Andrew Stuttaford 

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Bamiyan, Timbuktu, and now Tripoli.

Al-Jazeera reports:

Attackers in Libya have bulldozed a mosque containing Sufi Muslim graves in the centre of Tripoli, a day after Sufi shrines in the city of Zlitan were wrecked and a mosque library was burned. The demolition of the large Sha’ab mosque happened in broad daylight on Saturday, drawing condemnation from government officials and Libyans across the country and abroad.

…A man who appeared to be overseeing the demolition told Reuters the interior ministry had authorised the operation after discovering people had been worshipping the graves and practicing “black magic”. The ministry was not available for comment . . .

In Zlitan, witnesses said that an armed group, claiming to be Salafis, carried out the assault on the Sufi shrine, the tomb of Abdel Salam al-Asmar, a 15th-century Muslim scholar…The attackers also set fire to a historic library, reducing years of academic and religious writing to ash. While the official line from the government is condemnation, there are reports security forces stood by and just let this destruction go ahead.

This was just One of Libya’s highest-profile cultural clashes since the toppling of  THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (WHO PROTECTED, financed and supported  Islamic Mosques, SAINTS and Muslim Shrines, even those of the SUFI-SECT)  has been between followers of the mystical Sufi tradition (as expounded in ZLITEN) and the terrorist Salafists (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, ANSAR al-SARIA and the al-QAEDA groups)..

Salafis have formed a number of armed brigades in Libya. They reject as “idolatrous, many Sufi devotions” – which include dancing and the building of shrines to venerated figures (i.e. Sheikh Asmar Focalieri Brown)…and the Salafists seem themselves to be anti-devotional and unholy, with blood-letting and revenge! IT IS A MORTAL SIN for a real MUSLIM to fight or hurt any true believer of the one true God. Doing so, is an automatic ticket to HELL for a (so-called) ‘Muslim’.




Close the road link between the mountain and Tripoli, under the bridge Zahra,,
For our people in the mountain Tak other way, not this way,
Until our demands are implemented,
(Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya)

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
ÚÇÇÇĚá now, from the heart of the event

Using opened under the bridge now, Zahra and bulldozers to remove the dust now,

but some young people and trying to extinguish the fire resulting from the ignition tires.


Statement of civil society institutions Bnalot | |


Nalut December 11, 2013 (and):

Held institutions of civil society activists and the city of Nalut meeting reviewed the situation in Libya and the suffering of the Amazigh in general and especially the city of Nalut from what they described as marginalization and a waste of their rights and incitement against them.
They decided in a statement issued after the meeting to stop dealing with the National Congress, to his failure to achieve the objectives of the February 17 revolution and the numbers of the Committee session and take decisions under the pressure of the militias and conglomerates of self-interest and the tribal and the exclusion of the components of the native population from the political scene also confirmed the end of the powers of the National Congress complete without irreversible Day 7 / 2/2014.
In their statement, and demanded international protection of the Security Council and United Nations auspices to their interests.
They also demanded a member of the National Conference team Nalut region and the local council and the elected Council of Elders and the Senate to adopt a self-governing region of Nalut in order to preserve the identity, language, culture and geography of Amazigh Nalut and protect the lands that have been occupied.
And demanded the institutions of civil society in its statement Bnalot develop a road map for self-rule and the dates and the use of binding international consulting offices and includes self-rule for all civil and tribal land area of ​​Nalut.



Are these two Awaad Helena Aasilna Manrkaa Lucan Kammelna
These two are the old days and days Ahrobat Italians Chaib Vasa m Batnan
Luga to Jpelln renewed every Oarouk hope these are
They are two of the best Hype Hype similar to the Balkhair who Valghaza Yama House
Days formed a Ahaddenhm of these are replaced its
They Hdhul squeezer and Gott senile and Warfali Khot Arthritis Mahaboh death
Testimonials and Anar Anbeawa we still are the two
My tresses are Hdhul Joe Grady Vzain attended Valley
Ksaren Okhcom normal Mnslana Mo Sahel beautify our blessed
Are these two Awaad Helena Aasilna Manrkaa Lucan Kammelna

A large delegation from the tribe of the children of Sheikh boasts nearly more than seventy man up to the city of Bani Walid for their joyous arrival of sheikhs and notables and their city has to Rafla DAI delegation graciously and warmly welcomed confirmed the power of social cohesion between the two tribes who are investigating this verse:
“And made you into nations and tribes so”
Adam God Almjbh and friendliness and familiarity and bonding

Representative Libby often we saw on the screen comedy programs Dardanelles in the month of Ramadan is a
visitor Bani Walid today to congratulate the people return Mhaúkhha:

A picture of the side of the large delegation of well-wishers from the tribe of our brothers and Rishvana
God bless them .. Nrdohalam at weddings and, God willing,

International legal action .. Charges in connection with the direct NATO guidance of a number of warlords militias in Libya ..
especially in the events of Bani Walid and Resolution No. 7.



Quoting WikiLeaks Cyrenaica:
Presidency of the General Staff decided to appoint Colonel Jamal Zahawy
Battalion command to stun 21 (Martyrs corner) as successor to the late colonel
Rebel Lion fronts (Salah Bohlaiqah) …
Lord help him and keeps the power of the revolutionaries and the Thunderbolt battalion battalion line
Fire (Martyrs corner) ..
FILE gathering Zahawy with late Bohlaiqah  (Salah Curl):

Good rains now on the city of Sirte O Wash out the hearts and souls descriptive guardian O inject the blood of Muslims in this city

Channel Sirte on Facebook:

Urgent – Al-Qaeda continues its attempts to occupy Sirte

Mohammed Ahfazh, reports:

Clashes in the area in the city of Giza Navy # Sirte, and closed streets of the region in full

(The news agency Libya)

As Sirte was in OCTOBER 2011:

Agency urgently Libya / from your letters Sirte wounded neglected children Abdeljalil Alshawoush:

Image of a wounded child Mohammed was wounded in the battle to enter the city of Sirte, has not been treated abroad and now to other wounded women and children, and the government paid millions to the wounded and unfortunately the wounded from Sirte children have no place in a file wounded.
I hope that God will heal you. (Knowing that Muhammad has a brother and sister in the military operations in Sirte accept them God have mercy).

 Sirte bombed by NATO

NEVER  FORGET what NATO did to Sirte and her people.

Agency News – Tripoli – Correspondent:
The President of the General Staff of the Army Gen. Libyan Corner “Abdelsalam Jadallah al-Obeidi righteous” decree appointing Colonel “Majeed Ahmed Mohamed Zidan,” commander of the military region of Sirte.
This decision and the date of issuance and eliminates the exclusion of provisions.



I told you before that the NATO nations and Turkey and Qatar had a pact with MISURATA. They are the ones supporting these evil b’s and causing all the chaos.
They keep sending Misurata shiploads and plane loads of heavy artillary, tanks and weapons of Mass destruction. Plus, they pay for the Salafist training at Misurata airfield which then sends them to do destruction also in Algeria and the Magreb/Sahel…
They paid Misurata to stage a (attempted) coup last month in Tripoli….

Then the EU/UNO hypocrites say…”We are fighting a war on terrorism and al-Qaeda” and come into the Sahel with thousands of French, Yanks and British troops!!!

Whether they are called ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood or the Maltese Brotherhood: THEY ARE IN REALITY MAFIA THUGS and Murderers in the Service of SATAN.
“WikiLeaks Cyrenaica”, reports:

Turkey and Britain are Tfathan Consulate in Misurata., Italy, announces the opening of an air bridge between them and the city of Misratah.

It seems I am filled cronies and Chad in Benghazi disease Iban finest on




Lord kindness of our brothers Torghae in this freezing cold O Amiyaan
يارب اللطف باخواننا من تورغاء في هذا البرد القارص اللهم اميييين



Satellite image shows clouds over eastern Libya and is currently affected by a storm Alexa coming from

Russia are located above the Levant, Turkey and Cyprus now and will continue until the day on Saturday.

(Valley girl)

Pox on the UN / NATO …

They are not the “guardians” of Libya no matter what they say, bomb or write up

جدري على الأمم المتحدة / منظمة حلف شمال الأطلسي …فهي ليست “الأوصياء” ليبيا بغض النظر عن ما يقولون، أو حتى كتابة قنبلة.

THE UNO PLANS TO FORCE THE HAND OF CYRENAICA–saying that they are the “GUARDIANS” OF LIBYA and “her welfare” .(WHAT THEY MEAN is their own WESTERN OIL and mineral intersts.)—and will use FORCE AGAINST ALL WHO INTERFERE with WESTERN OIL interests and crude exports to EUROPE, AMERICA and the WEST:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes

URGENT / / NATO asks groups that surrounded the delivery of oil and vital facilities and only will have to use force to arrest

Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives a telegram from Tripoli representative
NATO handed over groups
Surrounded oil

Announced today that the head of the organizations and the Libyan Foreign Ministry in Tripoli receiving a telegram stating that Libya under Abannz VII, which is completely under the international trusteeship and the UN commissioned a number of countries with the help of Libya and protection.

And Imitl Alaatmae on Libya in this period is Oatmae the UN and tried to states in charge of guardianship on Libya until the return of stability that does not interfere too much in the affairs of Libya, but understand this act the wrong way and deal another way that is acceptable and appeared actions and facts to the surface were not unexpected .

Our mandate has been waived by the friendly countries of Libya and activate the resolutions of the United Nations, the arrest of the group that surrounded the state facilities, airports and oil ministries, and if it considers the Libyan authorities that it is not able to inform us just pleased to turn to other options

Thus the message as it is / Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tripoli / Department of Public Organizations
Akram Bin Taleb Affairs Committee’s Secretary / Office of the Prime administration organizations
First of all, al-JDHARAN is not a “WARLORD”; and neither is he a fanatical Islamist!!! This is Western polital propaganda and slander because the West desires Libya’s pure CRUDE for themselves and does not go along with al-Jdharan’s LIBYA FIRST  policies and  monetary concessions for the external- countries right to  share in LIBYA’s   indigenous mineral and oil wealth.

  • 04 November  2013, 12:23 PM

East Libya Warlord Forms Shadow Government

Former Libyan militia leader Ibrahim al-Jathran

The former Libyan militia leader who shut down nearly half of Libya’s oil exports earlier this summer has taken his political battle with the central government in Tripoli a step further by naming a shadow government for the eastern side of the country where he and his 17,000-strong armed force thrive.

On Sunday, Ibrahim al-Jathran held an elaborate swearing-in ceremony in which 24 men were named to hold posts of prime minister and advisory roles supposedly to help govern the vast expanse of east Libya that stretches from the oil port towns of Brega to the eastern border by Egypt, which Mr. Jathran and his supporters call Cyrenaica after the ancient Roman name for the region.

There was no official comment from officials in Tripoli about the development, but in the past members of the RAT national congress and the RAT prime minister’s office have denounced Mr. Jathran, 33-years-old and former  “as a would-be dictator” who cynically uses popular political demands to his own benefit. (WESTERN LIES AGAIN!!)

Political tension between Tripoli and eastern Libya, which has been simmering since shortly after the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in September 2011, boiled over in July when Mr. Jathran and his armed guard unit – which had been formed to protect the region’s oil facilities – turned off the oil flows, actions that caused Libya’s oil exports to decrease by 50% and increased the price of oil on world markets.

Mr. Jathran and his men’s stated reason for their uprising was to force Tripoli to adopt a more equitable economic arrangement that would see more oil revenues be spent in  Libya and shared  revenues among the Libyan people directly into the individual people’s monetary accounts  (as was the policy under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) — a situation that many easterners believe is at the root of the corruption under the TRANSITIONAL puppet GNC government now.

In the summer, Mr. Jathran’s political posturing was dismissed by politicians in Tripoli, including many elected congressmen from eastern Libya, as a cynical power grab to take over the country’s most lucrative industry, “and some officials have denounced him alternately as a fanatical Islamist and a would-be petty dictator”.   (BIG, BIG LIE !!)

In the meantime, the threat to the central government has grown. Members of the national congress have tried – and failed — to induce Mr. Jathran to stop his campaign by bribing al-Jdharan with huge amounts of money to him and his family…all of which al-Jdharan has totally and unequivocally REFUSED.

Last week, Mr. Jathran appeared to have rallied a greater number of influential Eastern Libyans around him than ever. His Political Bureau of Cyrenaica, the name chosen for his movement, named a list of two dozen men from tribal backgrounds and major Eastern Libyan cities that would serve as his advisers in something that appeared to be a shadow government for their region.

At the signing ceremony Sunday, broadcast on the satellite television station founded by Mr. Jathran and his movement, the former Gadhafi-era prisoner appeared before his new council members. However, there was little explanation for what the men’s roles would actually consist of – or what funds they would administer to help citizens.

There is no evidence that Mr. Jathran’s men have been trying to illegally sell oil stored at the port terminals in Brega and al-Zuitaina, which remain shut. At the same time, he has not made any move to militarily cut off the country’s main east-west highway, restrict commercial or other traffic on the road, or close the airports in the east.

Abd-Rabbo al-Barassi, the head of the newly declared eastern government and a long-time mentor for Mr. Jathran, said that the new positions did not include any security portfolios like defense or foreign affairs. He told a news conference in Ajdabiya that security would be a priority for the group.

Agency urgently Libya / Commission of the government to negotiate with the executive tenderly Benghazi

The head of the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica, “Abed Rabbo Barasi” told Urgent Libya, the interim government Strchill committee tomorrow to negotiate with the political bureau and executive of the province of Cyrenaica.
He stressed,
“Barasi”,  that will open the ports IF the government agreed to the terms of the Politburo.


‘Signpost’ project points youth away from radical Salafism

The fact that in one of the schools Benghazi #
Professor of Islamic education “religion” in the secondary stage in one of the
Benghazi, the Schools for Boys student moans came from a professor
Anne professor rather than explain to the students of Islamic education
Explain to them what put Ansar al-Sharia, and they also
Talking about the army that the army at this time is haram
The army is fighting Islamist Alhariaah do not forget that from
Explain to them that speech in high school students. !!!!

And learned that the professor a member of Ansar al-Sharia.
The question of what the income share of Islamic education in
Cun state and talking to them about the problems occur
Here and there among the ANSAR al-SHARIA, and between the army
Through his explanation of the Omor always the Libyan army
In the fighting in Ansar al-Shara WAHABI-Islam.

(Atef Clmana)

.. the hundreds of mosques now in the hands of Salafist extremists. (AFP)

Agniel employee Diwan of the Prime Minister Benghazi:
According to preliminary information the assassination of an employee of the Office of the Presidency of Ministers named “Mohamed Osman Mohammed Akkoush” baby boomers born in 1979 near a restaurant area Sabri bales.
Witnesses said that the unidentified were traveling in a car type lens white Hyundai, opened fire on “Akkoush” killing him and ran Balafrara.

Salafists of Benghazi, after the killing of military and security forces, the Salafist sheikhs now move on to the fun assassination of civilians .. Just because they work in the Ministry of the State .. Kafr El, Kill Kill ..:
The Director of the Information Office of Galaa Hospital Fadia Albergthe informed  us of the arrival of the body of Mohamed Osman Aekosh after suffering four gunshot wounds.  According to a Albergthe, Aekosh was employed as a staff member of the Diwan of the Prime Minister Ali Zaidane.

Assassination “Mohamed Osman Akkoush”, shot and left is continued
According to the Ministry of the Interior and initial reports details add only
That the victim do, now Galaa Hospital
Citizen “Mohamed Osman Akkoush,” is a man and not a civilian!!
A military officer as prime minister continued project management figure
National Benghazi, and he was responsible for the system, and mentions that
The victim by “Akkoush”, was assassinated by bullets left the area
Sabri in Benghazi before Qlbul.




Kicked off today with a march after Friday prayers in front of a mosque companions to continue the demonstrations that began last week and focused its demands on activating the role of state institutions in the city, led by the army and police, in response to Resolution No. (774) issued by the National Congress, the public and the evacuation of the city of armed formations ..

(AD Media tuber (6 photos))

NOW in the skies above TUBER:






The attack on the gas station Bjalo by gunmen Chadian
“Atmosphere of the country” – Gallo –

Gunmen attacked the Chadian intelligence staff Bjalo fuel station

and some shops in the city.

Thethey had received a communication from the existence of the gas station armed forced them to mobilize fuel by force of arms moved a force from the gate to deal with them.
Gaadan added told “the atmosphere of the country” on Friday that he was chasing the gunmen were not located within the city arrested for entering a farm and escape from the car, which was impounded and found out the identity papers trace the Chadian intelligence.
Referred to the volunteers from the city of Gallo are Iqmon securing the gate in the absence of national security forces Madrih Bjalo.
Image source: Department of Information Gallo page on Facebook





President of the Council Aeltsiara area or rabbits Ibrahim Hassan confirms both the atmosphere of the collapse

of the country’s five houses in the region as a result of daily rainfall in the last two.

Council or rabbits: No landslides in the region due to rain
Atmosphere of the country” –
Chairman of the Board denied Altsere mother rabbits Ibrahim Hassan both for the “atmosphere of the country”
on Thursday, the collapse of buildings in the region after the fall of rainfall in the past two days.
The “good” that a group of residents protested yesterday or rabbits in front of the local council to
demand aid, pointing out that he had contacted the premiership to find quick solutions.
And the good that came out about three hundred families from their homes and resorted to housing the
Chinese company for fear of the fall of the buildings being built of mud and unprepared for such weather.
On the other hand, said, “Ashour pond Chgm” It is one of those affected, they went to the housing company
after rain water to leak inside their homes fearing for their lives.
The southern region has experienced fluctuations in air in several areas, including Sabha and Murzuq and Al-qtron.


Godless / Tazerbo: Access-fuel vehicles and vegetables and medicine.

الكفره/تازربو: وصول سيارات الوقود و الخضروات و الدواء .


Heathens – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Health services received yesterday evening infidels military cargo plane carrying medical supplies,
especially the status of women and childbirth and the number of three new ambulances desert.


Bed gas station belonging to the generation of electricity
“Atmosphere of the country” – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
The director of the plant bed gas to generate electricity Hashim al-Maliki returned to the station to produce 250 megawatts of electricity, which is equivalent to half the daily production capacity.
He made it clear that the plant will return to production at full capacity at the end of next week.
Maliki said that the supply has returned to normal and there are no obstacles, and packaged fuel now stores the second unit, which consumes two million and four hundred thousand liters of diesel per day.
The station returned to work after ending the sit-in area residents Rbeana of Tabu in front of the station, which resulted in the inability of the public network, and power cuts daily for hours in some areas.
It is noteworthy that the bed gas station stopped producing electricity because of the sit-in, which lasted nearly two weeks.



TO THE CRINGEY CHAGRIN of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (who framed AHMED GADAFA-DAM), because Ahmed Gadafa-Dam’s mother was an EGYPTIAN, he cannot he extradited to Libya beyond his will, him being “a Libyan citizen by birthright”).

Lawyer Gadaffi blood:

Cairo – said Mohamed Hamouda, lawyer Ahmad Gadaffi blood, in his interview

with the media Ghaity Mohammed, the Brotherhood’s despicable plot hatched to deliver his client to the Libyan government.

He Hamouda during a meeting program WAKE on TV editing, he got the judgment of the administrative court

against his extradition Gadaffi blood to the Libyan government, has notified the Attorney General that, and explained

that the presidency in the era of President isolated Mohamed Morsi, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, has refused

to extradite A copy of the judgment and tried to circumvent him, forcing him to go with a group of lawyers to the house

of the isolated compound V, and inform him of the decision of the administrative court of public opinion in order to be a witness to it.

Hamouda warned the Libyan ambassador in Cairo, Mohammed Jibril of trying to restore his client to Libya again,

considering referring to that the country has a lot of money and that Egypt is a poor country is an insult to the

dignity of unacceptable Egyptians.

He explained that the mother of the Howitzer Egyptian blood, and according to the law, it is his right to obtain citizenship,

which confirms the inadmissibility handed over to the Libyan government.

If Ahmed Gadafa-Dam is not extradited, says the “Brotherhood” in Libya, they will kill all Egyptians residing in Libya!…

They are obviously out for BLOOD!
ZAIDANE says Libya will not break relations with Egypt, as the  ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” is requesting.

Zaidane expresses annoyance of the emergence of Libya Gadaffi blood on one of the channels in Egypt.


U.S. Military Center in Qatar

Pool photo by Mark Wilson

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Qatar’s defense minister signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement in Doha on Tuesday.

AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s visit to the advanced air operations center here this week was not just a stop at an important outpost of the United States military. It was also a major step forward for Pentagon transparency.

World Twitter Logo.

The highly classified American facility, officially called the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, coordinated all of the attack and surveillance missions for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and would be equally critical if an American president decided that only bombs and missiles could halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It hosts liaison officers from 30 allies in Europe and the Persian Gulf.

Until this week, however, its location was carefully guarded by the Pentagon and the Qatari government, out of concerns from both about sensitivities to its presence.

In the past, journalists had to sign nondisclosure agreements if they wanted to report from inside the base in the desert outside the capital, Doha. And, when asked, the Pentagon said the operations center was somewhere in Southwest Asia.

But on his latest trip to the region, which ended Tuesday, Mr. Hagel lifted the gag rule.

Touring the headquarters, usually referred to by its acronym, CAOC (pronounced KAY-ock), Mr. Hagel described the air operations hub as “one of the most impressive facilities we have.” Inside the warehouse-size command center, three giant digital maps carried tracking details of every aircraft — civilian and military — in the skies over three vital regions: Syria and its neighbors, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

Pressed to explain the rationale for finally acknowledging the air operations center and its location. Pentagon officials said the point of the defense secretary’s week of travels was to prove to Persian Gulf partners that the United States would remain engaged in the region — despite budget pressures at home, a rebalance of interests to Asia and the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In essence, the American military cannot reassure its allies and deter potential adversaries if it hides what it does, and it helps to show that it can do it from right in the neighborhood.

There was no official comment on the disclosure from the Qatari government. But a senior Pentagon official described Mr. Hagel’s conversation with his Qatari counterpart, Maj. Gen. Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah, on the standard diplomatic rules of anonymity.

The general noted that Bahrain openly embraces the American Fifth Fleet, and so that tiny nation is known as the focus of efforts to defend waters of the Persian Gulf. According to the Pentagon official, General Attiyah then said that Qatar was proud of its role hosting the command center defending the region’s airspace.

Defense secretaries always stop at American military installations on their global travels, both to speak with commanders about the mission and to extend the nation’s thanks to forward-deployed troops.

But the sensitivities of host nations sometimes make it difficult on reporters. For example, on Mr. Hagel’s previous trip to the region, in the spring, when he unveiled arms-sales deals worth almost 7.99€ billion, the traveling press boycotted one troop visit because the gulf state said the location could not be identified — even though it routinely appears even in official Pentagon announcements.

Officials at the center said the United States and its allies still fly more than four dozen fighter or bomber missions over Afghanistan every day, all coordinated here — although the number of times they drop ordnance in support of troops on the ground is rare as the war winds down.

But interest in what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan is undiminished, and the center gathers more than 800 hours of surveillance video over the war zone every day.

In a single long workday on a trip whose purpose was essentially to shore up allies, Mr. Hagel was on the ground in Afghanistan — as well as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It would be difficult to pick four partner nations in a single strategic crescent where the prize is higher — or that have more complicated relations with Washington.

In Afghanistan, Mr. Hagel made a conspicuous decision not to meet with its mercurial president, Hamid Karzai, who has refused to sign a bilateral security agreement that was unanimously approved by a council of elders that he himself convened. Mr. Hagel’s strategy seemed to be for Mr. Karzai to feel the heat from his own public, which polling shows overwhelmingly supports an enduring, if limited, allied military presence.

And in Pakistan, Mr. Hagel and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif agreed on the dangers of terrorism, but disagreed over how to combat militants operating inside Pakistan.

The signals from Saudi Arabia and Qatar were a bit fainter, but no less important.

In recent weeks, Saudi Arabia has expressed great anxiety about the interim nuclear deal with Iran as giving far too much in the way of sanctions relief in exchange for far too little in the way of guaranteeing that Tehran can never build a nuclear weapon.

And both Saudi Arabia and Qatar have rejected American appeals not to arm rebel militias in Syria, especially those with a more extremist agenda than the moderate Free Syrian Army, which has been Washington’s portal into the civil war.

A senior Pentagon official said that in his meeting with the Saudi crown prince, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Mr. Hagel said “that the United States will continue planning for all options to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon,” according to a senior Pentagon official.

In Qatar, Mr. Hagel and his counterpart signed a new Defense Cooperation Agreement that includes joint training and exercises and other unspecified cooperative military actions. That was in the winnings category.

But officials said Mr. Hagel and the Qataris ended the meetings with their positions unchanged on how to deal with opposition forces in the complicated and bloody Syrian civil war.

A version of this article appears in print on December 12, 2013, on page A10 of the New York edition with the headline: Hagel Lifts Veil on Major Military Center in Qatar.



The newspaper “World Tribune,” the American report, in the face of Tunisia to al-Qaeda, in its quest to maintain the security of its borders, which confirmed the International Crisis Group that Tunisia is starting to lose control of the border with Libya and Algeria, and that the border has become to serve the Islamist insurgents and drug traffickers and arms.

The report, titled “jihadist and smuggling” that the border has become a trafficking growing in the lawn and weapons, and this shows sabotage Altcfhirien and the corruption of border authorities, and that the absence of security easy operations, “al-Qaeda” in Tunisia, also increased the threat of these operations after the return of fighters of the war Syrian.

The report pointed out that in the wake of the “uprising” of Tunisian and Libyan war, re-smuggling gangs organize themselves, weakening the control of Tunisia at the border, and pave the way for more types of trade dangerous, “added the site to Tunisia also faces rebellion in some cities that joined the Takfirists criminal gangs to overcome The police and the army. The newspaper ended its proposal to set up security patrols crises and regional counter-insurgency, to resolve the political crisis in Tunisia, and urged Algeria, Libya and Tunisia to work together; to regain control of the border and security of the public.

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Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 1

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 2

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Salafist Ansar al-Sharia group terrorist organization

Tuesday 27 August 2013 – 14:44
Tunisia declares Salafist Ansar al-Sharia group terrorist organization

By Eileen Byrne


Tunisian Prime Minister Ali Larayedh on Tuesday let it be declared Ansar al-Sharia, one of Tunisia’s leading Salafist groups, a terrorist organization, saying it had been implicated in the assassination of two leftist politicians earlier this year.

Following extensive deliberations between interior, defense and justice ministry officials, Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Sharia”) will henceforth be treated as a terrorist organization “with all that implies on the security, judicial and even media levels,” Larayedh told a news conference.

The prime minister said the group had been found to “have played a role in recent terrorist operations in Tunisia, including against respected figures [Chokri] Belaid and [Mohamed] Brahmi.”

Belaid, a lawyer and leftist politician, was assassinated by gunmen on February 6. Brahmi, another leftist politician, was killed on July 25 under similar circumstances.

Brahmi’s murder set in motion a political crisis that is still unresolved, with a coalition of leftist and centrist opposition parties demanding the government’s immediate resignation, accusing it of having allowed extremism to flourish.

The government had previously said it believed the two killings had been carried out by a group of extremists.

Premier Larayedh told reporters that Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia had been found to have a military wing that is also involved in arms-smuggling, alongside another wing devoted to carrying out non-violent community activities.

He did not suggest a structural link with organizations of the same name in other countries, but said Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia was known to have had contacts with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (which emerged in Algeria in the 2000s as a continuation of a previous organization that had taken up arms against the Algerian government).

– Puzzling

For Tunis-based analyst Fabio Merone, a researcher at Dublin City University who has closely followed the group’s activities, the decision to outlaw the organization is puzzling.

“Full members of Ansar al-Sharia are relatively few in number, but their community activities have drawn in – I would estimate – 30,000 to 50,000 young people in poorer neighborhoods, involved in preaching, running health centers and other charity work,” he told the Anadolu Agency.

Merone suggested that, rather than declaring all the group’s activities illegal, the authorities could alternatively have moved to isolate the minority of activists said to be engaged in violence.

It is the first time for any Tunisian government since the 2011 revolution to designate any group a terrorist organization.

The moderate-Islamist Ennahda party, which heads a three-party coalition government and which has many members previously imprisoned on terrorism charges, has made it clear that it is unhappy with existing anti-terrorism legislation that it inherited from the authoritarian Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali regime.

In May, New York-based rights organization Human Rights Watch urged Tunisia to reform Ben Ali’s 2003 anti-terrorism law, which it said “uses an overly broad definition of terrorism […] and undermines the right to an effective defense.”

At the Tunisian branch of Amnesty International, former branch secretary-general and veteran rights activist Zouheir Makhlouf said Tuesday that articles of the law that oblige defense lawyers to provide authorities with all the information they have about suspects effectively left them acting as witnesses rather than lawyers.

The law also allows prosecutors to rely on anonymous witnesses, he said, which can easily be used to bring false charges against defendants.

Earlier this year, Larayedh said the law needed to be amended, but that this would unfortunately have to wait until after parliamentary elections.

At today’s news conference, he signaled that judges might in the meantime refrain from applying the more problematic parts of the legislation.

Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia was established in the months following the revolution that ousted Ben Ali in January 2011, as Salafist activists were released from prison under a general amnesty.

Its leader is a former political exile, Seifeddine Ben Hassine (also known as Abou Iyadh), who was imprisoned in Tunisia in the closing years of the Ben Ali regime.

After his release, he was freely available for media interviews through 2011 and most of 2012, when he told journalists that Ansar al-Sharia was focused – for the time being – on “daawa” (preaching) as a necessary first stage before the establishment of a “true Islamist state”.

He claimed that democracy was a concept alien to the Muslim world, and that Ansar al-Sharia did not plan to engage in parliamentary politics, in which some Tunisian Salafist groups have since taken part.

At the group’s first congress, held in a Tunis suburb in 2011, he was photographed sharing a platform with Sadok Chorou, a senior figure of the more conservative wing of Ennahda who spent many years as a political prisoner under Ben Ali.

After authorities indicated in September 2012 that they wanted to detain Ben Hassine in connection with offences committed during a demonstration near the US embassy in Tunis, which resulted in the death of four protesters and extensive damage to embassy property, he effectively went into hiding.

Spokesperson for the organization have continued to meet with and give statements to the press.



BEFORE MAO’s communism came along, China had a strong Muslim tradition.

Its famous 15th century navigator,  CHUANGSHI, was Muslim.

Modern day Muslims  are outraged, and hurt.  They are only permitted one child!

It feels like they have nothing to lose:

“We feel damaged, angry and disappointed, and we hold the government responsible”,

explains a young man– Nur Kholis. “Our rights were stolen from us.

We did nothing wrong to those who killed and destroyed us.”

“We are now waiting for justice. ”



YesKaddafi à Paris 2

Even if we do not win the victory immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that the defense of the country is an honor and selling it – the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever, no matter how hard some to convince you otherwise ”

Returning Aaazemi Returning —- prepare for victory and liberate the homeland

© Muammar al-Qathafi, 2011

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
First: RNI say to all inside and outside our land usurped, daunting and I congratulate you on your patience to spare him and gets in our country.
Second: I would like to point out that war is not a game or a word uttered war situation paper, layout, arrangement and coordination and action.
3-resistance actually exist on Earth and lead the resistance, but not every one finds not desire him.
IV. the happening of events within our territory demonstrates the failure of government customers and traitors and what happen now demonstrates control of armed militias on each mkodarat our beloved human rights violations wetadib and killing and looting and terrorizing all named immoral.
Fifth: our land did not need foreign lisaado to secure the training of Libyan Libyan army is one of the most powerful armies in the world and this greater degree of military organizations in the world.
6-Libya land and glory and our people is put the right solution by uniting and their uprising for the lifting of the unjust hands.
We lived the life safety for 42 years and won’t see a murder or theft of aughtsab or violation of human rights.
7. true, there were some errors in the past 42 years but not the fault of public order or of leader moamer kadhafi, but errors were working under the title of personal interests.
VIII:-resistors are working on the basis provided assistance coverage, and not war, but the reality is that popular uprising from within and not from waiting inside or outside the home are from abroad and vice versa but the reality is the massive uprising sign and put people on the right track and is a public system, not on behalf of the people
9. the Libyan people and elements of the army, police and internal and external security are the backbone of the nation and not a group of militias who have various types of weapons and control people, not a State other than the State of public and non-public authority.
Ppbu Libyan people, how long are you waiting, and you are afraid of death, death is inevitably so grown and tallness and pride and not live a life of humiliation and indignity and servitude anhedo from your lethargy and your calm, you must twagho your fate day even yaisho your sons future safety we lansma everyday only murder, kidnapping, looting, rape and steal the Libyan people from a group of traitors and mercenaries, clients, this is your freedom who want this is your security and amankm anhedo wantvdo, Libya call out to you.
God wemam t, o b o
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
اولا :-أقول لكل الاحرار داخل وخارج أرضنا المغتصبة اهنئكم على صمودكم وصبركم على ماحصل ويحصل في بلادنا العزيزة .
ثانيا :- اود ان اوضح ان الحرب ليست لعبة او كلمة تقال الحرب دراسة للاوضاع وتخطيط وترتيب وتنسيق واجراءات .
ثالثا :- المقاومة موجودة فعلا على الارض وقيادة المقاومة موجودة ولكن ليس كل مايشتهيه المرء يجده.
رابعا:- مايحصل من احداث داخل ارضنا يدل على فشل حكومة العملاء والخونة ومايحصل الان يوضح سيطرة الميليشيات المسلحة على كل مقدارات ارضنا الحبيبة من انتهاكات لحقوق الانسان وتعديب وقتل ونهب وترويع وكل مسمى غير اخلاقي .
خامسا:- أرضنا لاتحتاج الى اجانب ليساعدو على تأمينها او تدريب ليبيين فإن الجيش الليبي من اقوى الجيوش في العالم وهدا بشهادة اكبر المنظمات العسكرية في العالم.
سادسا :-ليبيا ارض العز والشموخ وشعبنا هو من سيضع الحل المناسب وذلك بتوحيد كلمتهم وانتفاضتهم من اجل رفع الايادي الظالمة عنها .
نحن عشنا حياة أمن وامان طيلة 42 عام ولن نشاهد جرائم قتل او سرقة اوغتصاب او انتهاك لحقوق الانسان .
سابعا :- صحيح كانت هناك بعض الاخطاء في خلال 42 عام ولكن ليس الخطأ من النظام الجماهيري او من القائد العقيد معمر القذافي بل الاخطاء كان ممن يعملون تحت المسمى الجماهيري لخدمة مصالحهم الشخصية.
ثامناً:- الاسس الذي يعمل عليها المقاومون هيا المساعدة والتأميين وليس الحرب انما الواقع هو الانتفاضة الشعبية التي من الداخل وليست من ينتظرون من الداخل او الخارج فالداخل ينتظرون من بالخارج والعكس انما الواقع هو الانتفاضة العارمة التي ستقلب مجريات الامور ووضع الشعب على المسار الصحيح وهو النظام الجماهيري فلا نيابة عن الشعب
تاسعا :- الشعب الليبي والاحرار والمقاومون والجيش والشرطة والامن الداخلي والخارجي هم عماد الوطن وليست مجموعة من المليشيات الذين يمتلكون مختلف انواع الاسلحة ويتحكمون في الشعب فلا دولة غير دولة الجماهير ولا سلطة لغير الشعب.
يأيها الشعب الليبي إلى متى تنتظرون وتخافون من الموت فالموت قادم لامحالة فلنمت بعزة وشموخ وكبرياء ولا نحيأ حياة الذل والمهانة والاستعباد انهضو من سباتكم وسكونكم وخوفكم يجب ان تواجهو مصيركم اليوم حتى يعيشو ابنائكم مستقبلا في امن وامان ونحن لانسمع كل يوم سوى القتل والخطف والنهب والاغتصابات وسرقة اموال الشعب الليبي من مجموعة من الخونة والمرتزقة والعملاء هده هي حريتكم الذين تريدونها هدا هو امنكم وامانكم انهضو وانتفضو فإن ليبيا تناديكم .
اللــــــــــــــه ومعمــــــــــر وليبــــــــــــــــيا وبــــس
“Thank you to all those who want to know how I am and ask about me.
I feel great and I am here, where I can not be detected.
I live in the heart of millions . Esli will try to kill my body, but you can not kill the soul. “© Muammar al-Qathafi, 2011

That so-called Libyan Army was false!! They ARE MISURATA and EU/NATO forces!! They are disguised as LIBYANS/LIBYA ARMY! The man who wrote to “Valley Dinar NEWS” was correct in his questioning; and many Green sites have recognised some of the so-called “soldiers” now stationed in TRIPOLI, BENGHAZI and Derna. THEY ARE THE ENEMY; and they have taken-over!! The EU is the coup the Misurata captain was referring to…They took over….and it was all preplanned in TURKEY and with the Qatari. They made BelHadj their leader…that is why Noah & BelHadj were in that Ankara TURKEY MEETING this past week. We all know that al-Qaeda works for the CIA and EU. the EU & NATO have actually totally taken-over Libya, and Ali Zaidane was their agent!


No clear of saluting you and discernible discernible military!

Mr. Afandi in greeting # science and greet performance due to you # had betrayed her put the stick of honor underarms with Abba fifth mode thumb O # Bhim in the summit disobedient honor following where is the honor, O traitor

And Altanih

Shame on all of it is the oldest from this Technologic is Aokhadd in command of it freely # # # wilderness air

Military Governor of the # departments have not yet Okhanh
لا من حيـت واضـح عليك واخـد عسكرية واخـد !

يا سيـادة الأفندي في تحيـة #العلم وأداء تحية الواجب إلي أنت #خنتها توضع عصـاة الشرف تحت الأبط مع وضع الصبع الخامس الأبهام يا #بهيم في قمة عصاة الشرف يلي ماعندك شرف يا خائن


الخزي والعار علي كـل من هو أقدم من هذا الأمعـة وهو يأخد في الأوامر منـه #بحرية #جوية #برية

عسـكري محافظ علي #قسمي ولم أخـنه حتي الأن

EU ‘civilian’ mission training paramilitaries in Libya


18 NOVEMBER  2013

Post image for EU ‘civilian’ mission training paramilitaries in Libya

Source: EU Observer

Both units are part of Libya’s defence ministry.

The BG, a gendarmerie of some 9,000 men responsible for land borders, is, according to the EU paper, under the “direct command” of the Libyan army’s “chief of staff.” The NCG, 6,500 men who look after maritime borders, also reports straight to the top.

 The EU document says Eubam will take BG and NCG “battalions” out of the field, train them in secure locations, and “redeploy” them into action.

Eubam’s 111 personnel will be unarmed (albeit heavily guarded) and many of them will have civilian backgrounds in EU police and customs.

But the EU document notes that Eubam should also recruit people with “military expertise” to “provide specialist skills.”

For its part, the EU embassy in Tripoli, which is to work hand-in-hand with Eubam, is already hosting security advisors from Belgium and Italy. One of them, Luigi Scollo, who was there until September, has the rank of general in the Italian army.

Eubam has earmarked €120,000 a year to buy classified satellite images.

The sensitive nature of its work is also highlighted by EU contacts with Libyan intelligence. “There is readiness from the current director [of Libya’s intelligence services] to liaise with the future … mission,” the EU document notes.

Eubam’s job as outlined in the internal EU document sounds different to EU press releases, which underline its “civilian” nature and which say its main effort is to “draft” a border control “strategy.”

But a spokesman for the EU foreign service, Michael Mann, told EUobserver it is not doing anything out of the ordinary.

“The mission is supporting all border management related agencies and is providing advice and support on border management related issues, not on military tasks,” he said.

He noted that Libya specifically “requested the support of a civilian mission, not a military one, regardless of their internal organisational arrangements.”

He added that he cannot count up how many Eubam people will have military backgrounds “as not all the … staff has been recruited” yet.

Apart from training paramilitaries to stop EU-bound migrants on land and maritime borders, the EU is also trying to build up Libya’s ability to spot and stop migrant boats in the Mediterranean Sea.

The EU paper notes the Libyan navy is aiming to reactivate a “coastal radar capability” called VTMIS.

The EU itself has earmarked €4.5 million for “strengthening their [north African countries’] maritime border surveillance systems” under its so-called Seahorse project, with Libya already signed up.

In other efforts, the EU in December is launching Eurosur, a new IT system to co-ordinate maritime surveillance among 18 member states.

The Eubam document says Seahorse “implies the creation of a regional network between the relevant authorities of participating member states and north African countries that, once set up, will be linked to Eurosur.”

But the EU is also playing down the Libya-Eurosur connection.

Contradicting the internal EU paper, Mann told this website: “Neither Libya nor any other third country can be linked to the Eurosur communication network, because the participation in this network is strictly limited to Schengen member states,” referring to the EU’s passport-free Schengen zone.

He added that some Libya-Eurosur “co-operation” is possible, but only under “clear provisions on non-refoulement and personal data protection.”

Wider effort

Eubam’s part in protecting the Union’s southern belly is just a fraction of what EU countries, the US and other allies are doing on the same front.

An Italian source noted that Italy, the former colonial power in Libya, still remains its “principal interlocutor and donor.”

The Eubam paper shows that Italy set aside at least €250 million for Libya for 2012 and 2013, the vast majority of which is being spent on security projects by Italy’s defence and interior ministries.

Projects include: training 60 Libyan BG officers at Italy’s Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units in Vicenza; teaching 65 Libyan infantrymen at Italy’s Army Infantry School in Cesano; training 280 Libyan military police in Tripoli; and teaching another 150 civilian police in using anti-drug sniffer dogs and in forensic crime scene investigation.

It is also sending a naval boat to Libyan waters to stop “weapons smuggling,” restoring seven Libyan naval vessels and donating 20 “VBL Puma” armoured vehicles.

France is training 75 bodyguards to protect Libyan VIPs, 30 Libyan airmen, 20 naval officers and 72 naval divers.

Germany is helping to stop nuclear fuel in Libya’s Tadjoura research centre from getting into the wrong hands. It is also spending €600,000 on “disposal of chemical weapons” and €800,000 on securing Libya’s stocks of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

The UK has inserted a “Defence Assistance Team” in the Libyan defence ministry and is developing a “joint operations unit.” It has also placed a “strategic advisor” in the Libyan interior ministry.

Denmark, Greece, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain and Romania have smaller projects.

But the US and its allies in the region, including Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, are also working on a big scale.

A US state department official told EUobserver it aims to “provide training for 5,000-8,000 [Libyan military] personnel” in a scheme which is “currently in the development phase.”

The Eubam paper adds the US has already launched a $20 million programme on “justice sector [reform], arms control and land border security,” which involves “contracted personnel” from private security firms in Libya and US personnel in “neighbouring countries,” such as Morocco.

Turkey has so far trained 804 Libyan police officers, while the UAE is teaching almost 250 military officers.

A Nato official told this website it is also creating a team of 10 or so military advisors who will be based in Brussels but who will “visit Libya for short periods” to “provide advice to the Libyan authorities on defence institution building.”

The European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogendfor), a little known body also based in Vicenza, Italy, which co-ordinates the work of six EU countries’ military police, is not involved in Libya for the time being.

But its spokesman, Armando Sisinni, noted that an “assessment is taking place with regard to possible future collaborations in [EU] Common Security and Defence Policy missions.”

Official line

The EU’s Mann said the various projects are being co-ordinated by the UN mission to Libya, Unsmil, which holds “regular meetings” with European and US staff.

The official line is that the EU and US projects serve EU security and aim to build a better future for Libyan people.

“Libya’s principal international partners share a common goal, which is the success of the democratic transition and the sustainable stabilisation of the country in the interest not only of Libya but of the whole Mediterranean region,” the Italian source noted.

The state department official said the US wants to “bring stability and rule of law necessary to ensuring the peaceful, democratic and prosperous future for which the Libyan people sacrificed so much.”

But other interests are also at stake.

According to Libya’s oil ministry, it is currently producing just 700,000 barrels a day, but could quickly get back to pre-war levels of 1.4 million barrels if things go well.

EU and US oil contracts aside, Libya has a lot of money to spend on hardware.

The Eubam document noted that in 2012 Libya spent just 40 percent of its national budget, mostly on wages for civil servants, due to administrative chaos.

If things get back to normal, Italy, for one, is poised to take advantage.

According to Giorgio Beretta, an analyst at the Italian arms-control NGO, the Rete Italiana per il Disarmo, Italy was delivering €100 million a year of weapons to Libya before the war broke out.

One Italian scheme, the “Land Scout” radar network, kills two birds with one stone.

Italy began installing the equipment, which tracks migrant movement on land, in 2010.

The Italian source told this website: “The execution of the border control project was de facto interrupted by the Libyan uprising, but the contract remains valid and the project could be implemented as soon as conditions on the ground will allow it.”

On one hand, it will help the EU to stop unwanted migrants at a cost of €152 million to the Italian government.

But on the other hand, it will put the rest of the Land Scout price tag, some €148 million of Libyan oil cash, into the pockets of two Italian firms: Finmeccanica and GEM elettronica.

Asked by EUobserver if EU countries and the US are competing for influence in Libya, the EU’s Mann said “Of course not.”

But the Eubam document is less politically correct.

Noting that “the UK has advisors placed in key positions such as the ministry of defence and in Border Guards,” it goes on to describe the British Defence Assistance Team as “a key enabler for high level influencing.”

Violence on the increase

Violence in Tripoli over the weekend, in which a militia opened fire on unarmed protesters killing more than 40 people, drew strong words from EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, who “deplore[d] the loss of life” and called for “those responsible … [to] be brought to justice.”

It might also prompt EU foreign ministers at a meeting in Brussels on Monday (18 November) to consider putting Eubam on hold.

But it is unlikely to see Europe or the US back out for good.

“The EU cannot allow Libya to become a failed state,” a Maltese diplomat told EUobserver last Thursday, the night before the Tripoli clashes took place.

“Libya’s transition is going through one of its most delicate phases. However, we stand ready to accompany and support the Libyan people,” an Italian source added on Sunday.

Eubam is in any case running behind schedule.

The 18 April document said it was to have its own HQ and a “majority” of staff in place by the end of November.

But two weeks before the deadline, it has just 40 or so out of 111 people on the ground and still works out of the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, with the EU’s Mann saying the new HQ is now scheduled for “mid-March 2014.”

Apart from armed clashes, the Eubam document notes that EU staff are at risk on a day-to-day basis from carjackings or kidnappings at fake checkpoints and from robberies by people with “easy access” to firearms.

The EU paper also sheds light on the monstrous size of Libya’s problems.

It notes that the 2010 war “had a devastating effect on the security sector.”

It says there are now some 240,000 “ex-fighters” in the country who took up arms against Libya’s late dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, and who expect to be “rewarded” by the new government.

But the government itself suffers from a “lack of decision making culture” and “widespread corruption,” which sees “many public servants receive double or triple salaries without showing up at their workplace.”

It is also harassed by the Supreme Security Committee – an independent group of revolutionary leaders who want to make sure Gaddafi-era officials do not retake power – and who sometimes snatch government members for “temporary detention for interview” despite having no legal mandate.

The Eubam blueprint adds that just two (Egypt and Tunisia) out of Libya’s 14 official land border crossing points are currently under government control, while the rest are run by “militias or other tribal organisations.”

In terms of Border Guard training, Eubam staff will be working with a force which is largely composed of four “katibas,” or groups of irregular fighters, many of whom lack “basic” military skills, some of whom are illiterate and some of whom are criminals coming from the 26,000 people freed from jail in the uprising.

The BG has “organisational charts [which] do not always reflect the true situation” of who does what.

But it is responsible for guarding 6,000 kilometres of desert borders.

In the south, it operates in a zone where Toubou and Touraeg tribes – who help smuggle people, arms, drugs and counterfeit medicines to Europe – “do not fully recognise the central government [and] question the principle of borders” per se.

It also operates in a zone which contains “hardened fighters” pushed out of Mali by French soldiers and other “Islamic extremists,” including al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

On the maritime side, the Eubam document notes there are “80 sites [which] permit the launching of small craft typical of those used for the carriage of undocumented migrants.”

But it says Libya’s Coastal Police has just four patrol boats, one patrol plane and two marine helicopters, which “require maintenance.”

EU image

The Eubam staff will be well rewarded for their work.

According to a separate Eubam budget document, the mission head, a former Finnish customs chief, Antti Hartikainen, is being paid almost €320,000 a year.

A more rank-and-file Eubam officer gets €120,000 a year, as well as removal allowances and reimbursements for flights to visit family back home.

Eubam staff can also take up to 92 days of holiday a year, in what the EU spokesman, Mann, described as “a horizontal rule for all [EU] civilian missions.”

At the same time, the EU plans to spend €75,000 a year on PR, making TV and radio clips, printing leaflets and organising press conferences.

The “visibility” is badly needed in terms of building a positive image for EU intervention.

The Eubam blueprint from April notes that average Libyans are “still very grateful” for British and French help in toppling Gaddafi, but it adds that “a recent survey carried out by the EU demonstrates that less than 50 percent of Libyans know what the EU is”

Meanwhile, the PR spending stands in contrast to Eubam’s investment in secure communications.

Given the sensitive nature of its work, the Eubam document says: “It must be assumed that there will be considerable interest in the activities of the HoM [head of mission] and his mission staff by regional [intelligence] agencies.”

The Eubam HQ will handle information classified up to EU Secret.

But its 111 staff will talk to each other using unsecured mobile phones, satellite phones and VHF radios.

The Eubam budget document originally earmarked €48,000 to buy eight “Sectra” encrypted phones for Eubam to talk to Ashton’s people in Brussels.

But Ashton’s spokesman told this website Eubam now plans to use just five Sectra phones because it “has … nothing to hide in its daily operations.”

No sex please, we’re the EU

In terms of Eubam staff conduct, the EU document calls for the “highest professional and personal standards” in order to build “trust in the EU.”

It says Eubam staff must not accept gifts, drink alcohol, smoke hashish or use “foul, obscene, vulgar or otherwise offensive” language.

It also forbids them from hiring prostitutes, especially if they are “trafficked persons,” and from looking at pornography on their laptops.

Given the tricky sexual politics in the Islamic country, it adds that the “mission does not encourage the development of any relationship of a romantic or sexually intimate nature with persons from Libya.”

But at the same time, it underlines that if a Eubam staff member is charged with a “serious crime,” such as “rape” or “trafficking in human beings,” they will be “repatriated” to their home country instead of facing justice in Libya.

If anything does go wrong, neither Libyans or Europeans are likely to find out.

The Eubam document notes that if staff talk to media without Hartikainen’s permission it “will be considered a major breach of regulations.”

It adds on two occasions that whistleblowers are not welcome.

“In respect of the protection of the reputation and image of the EU … it is the right and obligation of staff members to report through the appropriate chain of command any cases of malpractice, corruption and incompetence.”

It adds a few pages later that if Eubam staff uncover something “that may have serious implications for the mission” they “will not disclose that information to any other person other than his or her direct supervisor.”

راگہپہز ٱمگہپہانے

18 novembre

Certain words and God is my witness /

To the people of Tripoli: Almsarit Etjmau in Alqrbula in large numbers and many mechanisms …

There are columns of them in Ammi Matafrhouc and Jews yourselves and Jayben crayfish and artillery ..

and it’s mesh to dramatize and Tqdro Taatsalo any extent in Alqrbula ..

caller who once described the strength of the frame Wenta uniforms convoy army Libyan who was heading to Benghazi ( (non intentions differ between the two army of liberation and Msarit destroyed )) and the Aozhuh unfamiliar ( ( Mesh for shows )) ..

story pit blood still Mapdt .. for the information of Haulo folks Alqrbula did Shi lose killing 2 of them were arrested to now 29 people from the sons of area Alqrbula .. Vkhudo Hdrickm singled text Tajourah and Friday Market

God has reached YOUR FRIENDS ,



Mu proud Bannar

From the memory of the homeland: his men and his sons and their wives honorable:

“We – the inhabitants of deserts and jungles , we have never had the capitalist class , big business , the concentration of capital , the middle class and the upper class, there was no nobility, lords and commoners. We – a single nation of nomads , farmers and fishermen. System Jamahiriya – a social system is more suited to us than the party system . Our people will not recognize any party , why tear it apart batches ? If in the state with 80 tribes form a party – there will be 80 games. Suppose that the tribes are tribes and choose their own leaders. We must not divide Africa into pieces imported models of social systems. “

© Muammar al-Qathafi , 2005

Prosecutors fail to Atbat the charges against al-Assad Dr. Abu Zeid Dorda and defense lawyers claim his innocence ..

Captive Abu Zeid Dorda calling for justice in the courts of clients NATO: 

Mahmkh postponed captive hero Dr. Baghdadi Mahmudi to the corresponding month. Tripoli appeals court on Wednesday decided to postpone the trial of captured al-Baghdadi Mahmoudi, the former prime minister to the eleventh session of the next month of December at the request of defense counsel.

Postpone the trial detainee Dr. Baghdadi Mahmudi 11 canon 2013


Champions postpone the trial Conqueror to December 11

And: Tripoli appeals court postponed the circle crimes Alsabahjermanyh, at its public meeting on Wednesday to try the defendants: Baghdadi Mahmudi, and carp Zhmul and Amer Tervas, to a meeting on Wednesday, eleventh of next December at the request of defense counsel.


Journalists Syndicate condemns twenty occultation newspaper

Atmosphere of the country Fathi Ismail

Denounced journalists and media workers union said in a statement occultation three government newspapers , and seven of ten private newspaper publication on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, at the invitation of civil disobedience, Tripoli.

Captain Asahafan and media Mustafa Venosh said the atmosphere for the country that he ” was more useful to the issuance of newspapers in black and white to mourn the lives that fell Friday ,” and not fully Ahtgabha ” because of its importance and its role in national calm and a return to stability .”

The Venosh added that the newspapers carry responsibility in the transfer of the facts to the public opinion and its absence from the scene detriment of the media scene .

And killed in the events Gharghour photojournalist favor Ayad, beating occurred and the seizure of some journalists and media burning Al Tobacts television in Tripoli.


Hashim humans, Head of Supreme Security Committee

first, why he is referred to as “Palestinian”:

Hisham humans get his family to the Libyan nationality in 1970!
And they Libyans of 44 years only; just when there was the al-Fateh in Libya!

Palestinian Hashim humans accuses parties of obstructing plans for Libya’s security

The head of the so-called Supreme Security Committee Tripoli, ” Hashim humans ,” says that there are parties and political groupings (factions) which exist in the General National Congress which hinder activation of security, through the deliberate delay in liquidating budgets for the directorates of security in various Libyan cities. Considering that there are parties – which he did not identify – seeking to thwart the transitional government, headed by rat “Ali Zaidane”, in order for themselves to come into power and take office.

Hashim humans said that Tripoli suffered from a security vacuum and chaos (which he described as a systematic), pointing out that the armed clashes that resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of citizens last Friday, may be repeated again at any moment, as long as massive heavy weapons are held by militias (which stands outside the legitimacy of the state) .
Humans announced , his total rejection of the idea of using a foreign peacekeepers in the city, which he said would live like a situation by putting on 20 August 2011 all over again (when the residents of Tripoli lived in a state of terror, where hundreds were arrested or slaughtered in the streets of Tripoli by foreign mercenaries of NATO).


AT LEAST HASHIM humans is correct about not wanting any foreign troops…BUT ZAIDANE has other ideas and plans on using NATO, EU and Yankees for “peace control” and “training” !!!
الفلسطيني هاشم بشر يتهم تيارات بعرقلة خطط الحكومة الأمنية

قال رئيس ما يسمى اللجنة الأمنية العليا طرابلس “هاشم بشر” لـ « الشرق الأوسط » إن هناك أحزابا وتجمعات سياسية موجودة في المؤتمر الوطني العام تعرقل تفعيل الأمن ، عبر تعمد التأخير في تسييل الميزانيات الخاصة بمديريات الأمن في مختلف المدن الليبية ، معتبرا أن هناك أحزابا – لم يسمها – تسعى لإفشال الحكومة الانتقالية التي يترأسها “علي زيدان” لكي تأتي بمرشحها لتولي المنصب.
واعتبر “بشر” أن طرابلس تعاني فراغا أمنيا وفوضى، وصفها بأنها ممنهجة، لافتا إلى أن الاشتباكات المسلحة التي أسفرت عن مصرع وإصابة المئات من المواطنين ، يوم الجمعة الماضي ، قد تتكرر في أي لحظة ، طالما استمر السلاح بحوزة الميليشيات التي تقف خارج شرعية الدولة.
وأعلن “بشر” رفضه لفكرة الاستعانة بقوات حفظ سلام أجنبية في المدينة ، التي قال إنها تعيش وضعا أشبه ما يكون بوضعها في الـ 20 من شهر أغسطس عام 2011 م.

بنت الوادي




Client splitter Abu arrows/ NURI BUSHMIN :

“Gaddafi ‘s followers behind the chaos in Libya.”

( Dehra silence and disbelief pronunciation )

Liberal Libya : The head of the General National Congress Nuri Abusshmin , on Tuesday , said that belonging to the Gaddafi regime behind the ongoing create chaos in the country right now .

And facing Libya over the past few months, the worst crisis since the fall of Gaddafi in October 2011 due to the growing unrest in the oil industry, which deprive the state of export revenues basic control gunmen on wells and oil ports the country’s main , under the security situation ale .

He Abusshmin , during his speech Arab summit African third in Kuwait, ” dark forces of followers of the former regime and who are in some countries in the region take advantage of the poor conditions that led to the country due to the revolution, to create chaos and strife tribal , they are also used method of sabotage targeting foreign missions assassination .”

There is an attempt to Gharghour,

and criminals who follow the criminal LFG Mustafa Noah – (NOW FORMER) General Intelligence Chief, returned from Turkey..
Now they paint SUV painted in the National Army logo “Qara Bolle” until you throw the gates and Madnnin

and they attempt to show knitwear from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and wave green flags.

They then blow up vital areas and other (making it appear that they are “Gaddafi loyalists!” doing the terrorist acts)…

For the people of Tripoli, We teach that there is a conspiracy against Tripoli ..

This bunch of corrupt Salafist hoodlums attempt to flood Tripoli with blood / /

And you will see the features of this plot in the coming days ..

(Gateway Libya).


CONTINUANCE of Blaming the VIOLENCE on Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and those loyal to him and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:


(Blagraa) white:


“All Tripoli battle waged by agents of the former regime”

(بلاغراي) البيضاء:[[مفتي الديار: أحداث طرابلس معركة يشنها أعوان النظام السابق]]

THIS SEEMS NOW TO BE A NATO STRATEGY FOR THE GNC to place the blame on Muammar!!!


Citing France 24 correspondent in Libya …

Prime Corner Air Force Brigadier Mahmoud Issa says that there are countries that are getting rid of their nuclear waste Libyan territorial waters and the desert south of the country, accusing the Zionist entity, stressing they spotted several times suspicious ships entering the territorial waters not to mention the aircraft.

Libyan official: Israel has the disposal of nuclear waste in Libya.

مسؤول ليبي: اسرائيل قامت بالتخلص من مخلفات نووية في ليبيا .

The events of the massacre are handed down from bouslim channels and with that people knew the story of Abu Salim (Quezon), but they ytkelmona the only crime ( but proven not a crime by investigative real report ) they are accused by Muammar of (if it’s a crime) is that if Muammar was aware or not.
Or there are crimes and massacres in the Nakba ttghadah her eyes.For what..
1/massacre of Bani Walid State kill people
2/mesheshiya massacre
3/massacre of Benghazi
4/Ashley massacre
5/massacre of Tripoli demonstrators refused to gangs
6/the mass graves
7/detainees (torture/murder/robbery/rape and sale)
8/looting and robbery by force of arms
And all of this did not speak one of the channels and not who they said they antvadawa against injustice. … If this isn’t oppression??????
We say to the South, beware. They massacred in both East and West.Next time perhaps you role therefore collaborated with some other and you know with whom they treat one another in the South. Though very seriously you are clearing the agents you not they find it helps them in the city.

-مشاركاتكم.احداث بو سليم اصبحت مجزرة تتناقلها قنواتهم ومع ان اغالب الناس عرفوا قصة بوسليم الا انهم يتكلمونا عنها هذه الجريمة الوحيدة التى يتهمون بها معمر لو انها جريمة او اذا كان معمر بعلم بها او لا..
ام الا ان هناك جرائم ومجازر في ظل هذه النكبة تتغاضة عنها الانظار…..لماذا ..
1/مجزرة بني وليد الدولة تقتل في شعبها
2/مجزرة المشاشية
3/مجزرة بنغازي
4/مجزرة ابوسليم
5/مجزرة طرابلس متظاهرين رفضوا العصابات
6/المقابر الجماعية
7/المعتقلات ( التعذيب/ القتل / سرقة الاعضاء وبيعها/اغتصاب)
8/النهب والسلب بقوة السلاح
وكل هذا لم يتكلم احد في قنواتهم الكاذبة ولا تحرك الذين قالوا انهم انتفاضوا ضد الظلم …. ماهذا اذا اليس الظلم بعينه؟؟؟؟؟؟
ونحن نقول الى الجنوب احذروا …. لقد قاموا بمجازر في كلا من الشرق والغرب ..وفي المرة القادمة ربما يكون الدور عليكم ولهذا تعاونوا مع بعض البعض وانتم تعرفوا مع من يتعاملونفي الجنوب ….. ولو جد الجد يجب عليكم يتم تصفيةالعملاء منكم حتى لايجدوا من يساعدهم في المدينة.

URGENT ::: very dangerous ..
Triki still farm where Mlisheh of the sons of Misrata ..

Do you know the people of Tripoli that in farm Triki beside the tomb of Sidi Hussein Baalkassa there are buried Aljtt which was under torture militias This is MACD and there young man serving there saw this with his own eyes told it was in the case of hysteria, which had seen about 14 bodies buried in front of his eye .. Come on now, under the hand of Hassan al-Misrati

Have fallen weak God Libyan air force colonels had a blacksmith workshop blacksmith named “Abdul Rauf /Muhammad hater”  abused youth were killed in Tripoli.

هزلت والله عقداء في سلاح الجو الليبي يحاورون حداد في ورشة حدادة اسمه عبدالرؤوف كارة يمتهن قتل شباب طرابلس ..

Mitigua RAT air-base waiting for their decisive day::


Khrbut Wireless standing in the pleasures Hotel Al-RIXOS HOTEL restaurant.

Alassema TV channel capital
Ministry of Justice announced the interim government to resume its work … Require all employees to return to direct their and daily Manmamanm as of Wednesday ..

On all citizens to complete procedures for their car and license renewal during these days from the date of 12.01.2013 will start stone on any vehicle be contrary to the laws of traffic even though it was a of the Ministry Aldkhalah or chief of staff.

 Ealam Nons ::

Last Sunday, the Minister of Information Culture beloved Alamit released four young people were arrested on Friday and Saturday at the headquarters of the ministry and released are 3 of the Rafla and fourth Klkh and after detecting a group of young people on the transfer of the headquarters of the ministry to prisoners and the Ministry guarding the battalion cranks they are relatives of the Minister Musrati their uniforms and fears of people stormed the ministry and ruin him down and he learned from opening them Latrell and Aatdr them
And the guidance of another crime convert the Ministry of Guantanamo still hear.



No. 193 for help activate the service to citizens by the Directorate of Tripoli‘s remarks on the channel capital …

# Disclaimer | Chiefs of Staff remember that the Libyan air force will air sorties in the skies of the capital and

demonstrations in solidarity with the population in order to remove all armed formations from the capital ..

Deutsche Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. 2 stops their flights to Tripoli for security reasons until 25 November.

German Airlines suspend flights to Tripoli
Atmosphere of the countrySalah Bouhger

The Director of the Office for the interests of air transport and airports Ibrahim to suspend the German airline ” Lufthansa ” flights to Tripoli .

And added that ” Lufthansa ” will suspend its flights to Monday’s twenty-fifth of November in solidarity with the Libyan people following the events of Tripoli last Friday that killed dozens of people dead and hundreds wounded.

It also said that the German company will resume its flights as of next Tuesday, the twenty-sixth of November.

It is noteworthy that ” Lufthansa ” going one flight daily between Frankfurt and Tripoli .


Prisoners Gharghour ::

The reservation on two young brothers from the city of Tawergha brought after the investigation elements of deterrence and check that they have issues or wanted it turns out, that they did not have any interest to remember
They were prisoners in Gharghour area were arrested in their home, accompanied by their father were freed by the people in a demonstration last Friday
They also said that they stayed almost 12 days in custody in a Gargour Thmthm the area that they are from the city of Tawergha and asked them to charges of being ousted regime ……
Vtm today handed over to their uncle and release:


Statement of the Council and local dignitaries Tawergha carries the responsibility of the General National Congress and the interim government assault on one of their camps in the city of Tripoli on Friday and killed one of the sons of the camp and wounding two others:

Youth rebelling Tripoli on armed militias expelled terrorist Mohammed Abu (Bo) Sidra  in Algeria Square a little while ago and some of them tried to hit him for that reason in strife with the country now:

Reported that a member of the National Conference General Mohammed Bo Sidra enter the

intensive care room after being severely beaten by angry mobs in Algeria Square.

Judicial officer with the 8th Brigade (El nawasy) of the Ministry of the Interior, immaculate Erwa, denied to the newspaper “Atmosphere of the Country” that the Interior Ministry was evacuating Divisional headquarters in Abu Sitta, stressing that consultations are currently under way with Tripoli to free local Council headquarters, moving to MITIGUA  air base Thursday morning.

Army calls for citizens to keep away from military sites
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly

Asked the presidency of the General Staff of all citizens not to approach the armed camps and sites to maintain their lives .

A spokesman for the General Staff, JCS Husein told “the atmosphere of the country” that there exploits to attack

armed camps and sites in the theft of weapons and mechanisms .

And cautioned citizens not to attack the camp so as not to repeat the tragedy of the loss of lives and looting of weapons by unknown actors.to not attack the camps so as not to repeat the tragedy of the fall of the lives and the looting of arms by unknown destinations .

The military camps in Tripoli were looted , the latest theft was what has happened last week, the Military College for Girls Tripoli area headquarters and military Command of the Air Force accordingly when girls were abducted and apartments were burned.

hwell Alorchwena family receives their son Hani, who was found unharmed and one of the dens Misrata militias area Gharghour in poor health.
Alakhantaf Date: 11/07/2013

camp Alforjan – 


From inside Maskaralsoarich Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli after Almsarit withdrawal

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Pictures of within rockets Bkhalh the camp Alforjan – 

after the withdrawal of the Central shield him and received by the national army the day before yesterday.

Gallows at the headquarters in Tripoli, Misrata militias to kill citizens

Gallows at the headquarters in Tripoli, Misrata militias to kill citizens


After the Militia left this “headquarters”…This is what the people found! The MISURATA RATS slaughtered their kidnapped abducted children and women…This is what happened to all those missing children and women reports!

so many were going missing. Now they know the culprits and who their abductees and murderers were. It shows signs of ritual sacrifice too.

 Crimes of the Zionists Misurata
Photos from inside the camp missiles Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli, Misrata after defeating the armor of it: –
It turns out that the camp contains the writings on the walls indicate racism and Regional
The presence of a spot of blood and a hole in the ground and a suspected mass grave, as well as the presence of civilian cars was not aware of the owners and the brother of one of them came after the owner of the car bring proof of ownership, and told them that his brother
(Car owner) has been missing for days, in addition to sabotage the facilities to clear the camp, which it spent millions for maintenance.This topic and other crimes committed against the people of Libya every day by the militias of Misratahttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=652720721415302&set=a.474412402579469.107059.293424964011548&type=1&relevant_count=1

MISURATA surely made pacts with SATAN!!


blood everywhere and signs of mass graves in the back of the complex

From inside Maskaralsoarich Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli after Almsarit withdrawal
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Pictures of within rockets Bkhalh the camp Alforjan – Tripoli,

after the withdrawal of the Central shield him and received by the national army the day before yesterday.

Abdel Moez Bannon:  

Automotive citizens present in the camp school missiles in Tripoli, has been combed by the militia were in the camp trace shield the middle, and had received the camp, according to instructions from the chief of staff in the last month of Ramadan, and the day before yesterday received the camp officers of the Libyan army ,, for car owners to go to the camp accompanied with proof of ownership of the car.

Bulletin communications received on 20/11/2013 :

Center police AboSaleem :

Word communication effect brought to a hospital Saleem called accidents (p . C . P) 41 – year – old resident of Abu Saleem wounded by a live bullet to the man left and back by an unknown person and at 23:50 the signal from achieve that place that affected his health does not allow interrogation .
The initial actions taken in particular.

City police station :

Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called (a . P . ) 21 – year – old resident Friday Market wounded by a live bullet in the right thigh Mansoura area by named Hamza (Unknown rest of the name) .
Ambulance was injured and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

Friday Market police station :
Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called (a . M . A ) a 19 – year – old resident Hani wounded by a live bullet in the chest, the impact of a quarrel with the invitee (a . A . ) 17 years old ambulance was injured and save the hospital .
The initial actions taken in particular.

(National Security Directorate Tripoli)

Revealed the names of the victims of the massacre Gharghour ask God for their forgiveness and mercy:

official death N° 48:

Jump to the mercy of God citizen “Abdullah age diver Alice” this day in the morning,

his wounds as a result of being under machine gun fire “NBK T” in the bloody demonstration on Friday the Gharghour area.

I am God and to him we shall return.



The Al Qaqaa Brigade threatens to publish images rat Fri Ka naked in the airport since he continued his attack on Al Aqsa and Al-Quds Brigades.

RAT JAMA Fri Ka has been kidnapped now for months by Xanthan (the armed forces of al-Zentani), and now has left him naked at the Airport Road near the equestrian.

لواء القعقاع يهدد بنشر صور جمعة القماطي عاريا في طريق المطار فيما لو استمر في هجومه على كتائب وسرايا الزنتان ، وكان جمعة القماطي قد خطف منذ شهور من قبل مجموعة مسلحة تنتمي للزنتان وتركوه عاريا في منطقة طريق المطار قرب الفروسية .
# Tripoli Airport Road this morning and Saraya’s withdrawal of the Xanthan:
The Misurata Convoy withdrawn, were attacking Zintan by shooting and robbery, attempt at the gate of the 27.


Sawani channelURGENT: killing one person a little while ago as a result of being under fire near the bridge Zahra.


Urgent ::: mixture of Misurata brigades destined mechanism about 200 and 500 armed withdraw from the Chadian border Alllibh.

Now, who were the invaders? …and who were the ones to commit murder???
Abdel Rahman Sowaihili says:

I feel sadness and sorrow for the souls of the youth of Misrata who were killed in cold blood in Gharghour defense of themselves as they face companions, criminals and call for the arrest and extradition of offenders to Misratah to receive their fair penalty ..


Tripoli :::::

Mohammed Muammar farm in the way of airport Badkopry the equestrian on Alimainfe direction airport

where Mlisheh of Misrata ..

One of the region’s population mail …

Reported a convoy of Misrata militias in the direction of Tripoli and now in the city of five
  • Bestelmo kidnapped by saying from Tajourah Council

Libya Shield militia announced in a televised statement from their hometown of Misratah “mother”  

withdrew’ (HAH!!) from Tripoli and Tarhuna, Zliten &  five .. I was and what was the greatest hidden ..

القذرة القاتلة شيطانية مصراتة!

The stake who Darōh Almsarit in central Misratah Qamzoa, it.


Deceased car Nadia Zarqaani and their carcasses found in Gharghour company of 6 bodies of other girls found in cabins electricity Pegrgor.

CAN you see  the demon on the pavement (above photo) at rear of car ?



Sheikh tribe children to reach their families in Libya, including Tripoli contributed from Zliten in Tripoli F bloody Taatbra them names and they inform our people in Tripoli, some of the criminals who were involved in the massacre, they are as follows:

1. Ahmed Ali Futaisi ( known as Abu Musab al- Alzelitni ) battalion commander Martyrs Zliten
2 . Abdalrav mast commander shield Libya Zliten Central
3. Brenqgu birth assistant battalion commander Martyrs Zliten
4 . Amslm commander Hafiz Shield forces to Libya Zliten
5 . Munir Cthati
6 . Alaa mast
7 . Sage Agha
8 . Jibril Cthati
9 . Hani Cthati
10 . Ahmed builder
11 . Tariq Akdarh seen fleeing from Gharghour
12 . Abdulrahman Amslm
13 . Khalifa eye
14 . Ibrahim Ahamada
15 . Abdulaziz Futaisi
16 . Fakhri Futaisi
17 . Ali al-Hadi Aqratm
18 . Salem Akaddar
19 . Fathi Ben Ramadan mystical
20 . Faraj Mohammed Thowaibi
21 . Sharif Ali Rinico
22 . Imran cleats Alduibi
23 . Ezzedine Mohammed Futaisi
24 . Abdulkarim builder
25 . Ayman builder
26 . Abdullah Obeid battalion commander Antiquities Zliten
27 . Mohammed Ghalila Mongoose
28 . Mohammed Zadam
29 . Imad F Alsar .
30 . Osama Abdul Razak bin Akedarh . . . .

Tribe boys Sheikh Libya 18/11/2013

(Gateway Libya)



unidentified attacker has shot seven citizens in the west area of Sirte . we will try to obtain more details





Agency urgently Libya / gynecologist and the generation of an infected hepatitis epidemic

————————————————– ———————–

Discovered in the city of Casablanca, Dr. diseases Gynaecology holder of the pandemic virus most dangerous type of hepatitis “c”.
The doctor purposely infected epidemic Hepititus upon those working for private hospitals,

but he fled after the discovery of his command, and he has since moved on to another city.


Subject “named Boubacar Rahim sincere Alvesa” is one of the militia patrols Thunderbolt “for surgery by an hour and a half until this moment, after being targeted by proximity Mnkopri the Ras Aobeidh B Shooting penetrated his gut, and mentions that” Alvesa “at the age of 35 years.

She said the evacuation Gaala hospital information Fadia Elbarghati, told “Atmoshere  of the country” on Wednesday, that the officer of the special forces (commandos) Boubacar Abdulrahim Al went to the hospital after being exposed to fire from unknown assailants, while passing on the expensive chair -patrol near the  Ras Al-Obeidh Bridge in Benghazi
Elbarghati confirmed that the officer is undergoing surgery in an operating room hospital Gaala evacuation.

Exposure at dawn today ordered patrol sergeants head (Abubakar Alvesy) charged on the Iron Bridge and near the Galaa Hospital to a shooting incident by unknown gun by NBK T when he was doing his duty. The criminals traveling in a car type black pocket and entered the hospital on the track and Galaa currently performed surgery wish him healing.

(Gateway Libya)

Image of the car who exploded at the Arabian Peninsula Medical

A car is Ndiaye at Island Hospital, 1200

In front of the Benghazi Medical Center (Hospital, 1200):



Urgent agency Libya / sabotage station generating electricity Bdrnh

According to preliminary information received at the agency “urgently to Libya,” a short while ago that it was blown up a large part of the power plant and water desalination in the city of Derna, causing power outages in full from the city and a severe shortage of water.

Exploded at dawn on Wednesday 2013.11.20 roadside bomb targeted a power station steam tuber which led to the destruction of the gate of Foreign Affairs and serious damage to the station’s training center and shattering a bus full transfer of personnel and injuring a security personnel was seriously injured installations ..
Department of Public Information of the Company for Electricity

# City explosion shortly before the tuber.


Security alert next to the compound the tuber Shiha oriental of health and people are all Talaat after the blast and a state of fear
And panic felt by the population.

(Valley girl)

Libya’s international channel ::::::::

URGENT: Exit demonstration in the city of Derna after Maghrib prayer from the mosque and you still BROTHERS demonstration during which demonstrators denounced the events taking place in the city security roaming the streets amid the growing number of angry demonstrators.

Tuber …..

Assassination attempt traitor officer Mohammad Ali Thana, after shooting him in front of his house,

which are displayed to the incidence of gunshot wounds and was evacuated to the hospital for treatment.



An attack on the channel page capital Jerdanih now

سبها الأن | Sebha Now


العاصمة نبض الثورة وروح الوطن يمكنكم الأن متابعة قناة العاصمة الفضائية على القمر الصناعي Nilesat 107 AB7 على التردد 11393 ـ مستوى الرمز 27500


Linking Oil and War: Review of ‘Petro-Aggression’

18 NOVEMBER 2013

By Rosemary A. Kelanic  // Monday, 18 November 2013

In PE, Jeff Colgan provides an indespensible starting point for researchers interested in the relationship between oil and international conflict.

Although the term “energy security” is now ubiquitous in political speeches and the media, international relations scholars have only just begun to rediscover the topic after a 30-year hiatus. The 1970s oil shocks prompted a wave of research in the 1970sand 1980s but did not produce systematic theories about oil and war. Emerging scholarship assesses the potential threats to energy-importing countries and examines how energy security issues shape importers’ foreign policies, including their decisions to use military force.

Colgan’s book makes a unique contribution by examining a topic that has otherwise received little attention:

how oil might encourage conflict initiation by “petrostates,” which he defines as countries for which oil exports comprise 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) or more (page 2).

Colgan argues that oil income generates cross-cutting incentives for petrostates when it comes to using force.



Ras Igdir witnessing a growing movement Tunisia

Security sources said that customs and border crossing, with a worthy , and at a lower level crossing Thuhayba weigher, has witnessed a remarkable increase in transit traffic to Tunisia on Sunday and Monday .
The official said the National Guard Medenine province that large numbers of vehicles and passengers crossing crossed into Tunisian territory at a rate higher than was recorded during the previous days and weeks .
The official added that security disturbances taking place in the capital of Tripoli and other Libyan regions to pay many to travel to Tunisia in waiting for the return of calm conditions .
Confirmed a family traveling in Medenine it from residents of the capital Tripoli , and that the recent clashes forced them to leave and the exploitation of her time in Tunisia to undergo surgery for an elderly woman of the family.


One More Day til the Big Surprise

 Mu Chairman of the African Union

From “GREAT SON” we have:

When he speaks fluent pen … Hears mind … He says to me continued resistance
When he speaks the tongue up to speak of the mind … He says to me continued to hold
When the whispers of the heart and mind says tomorrow, the last day …

Then it will not receive a telegram of condolences of Alritn!!!
Valsamud is Msavta between inhalation and exhalation ….

And then there will not be choking to death because he threatens every two honor my lungs the national {{}} is always my inspiration and expiratory.

Steadfast … Are firm … With God’s help victors ..


This video shows the prime reason why
Muammar al-Qathafi was considered a threat to Western World dominance:

It reveals Muammar’s vision of the Green Book for the entire world…which the good and loving people themselves would all eventually espouse…and HOW it was going to be peacefully done:

when I try to share it, I get the following message from FB!!:

“Votre message ne peut être envoyé car d’autres personnes ont signalé son contenu comme abusif.!!!”


The history of MU’ammar al-Qathafi’s Love of ISLAM:

Muammar al-Qathafi’s Plan as a Great Builder of Islamic Socialism

 (taken from: “al-Qathafi, an Introduction to, by  R-eva sistons” )


An Islamic socialism. Nationalism and religion.

“We reject the partisanship and we want to spread the spirit of Islam is tolerance and mutual understanding,” said Colonel al-Qathafi at a Conference organized by Le Monde in Paris in November 1973 … I think we should respect the nationalism and religions of others too, and consider in particular religions as sacred (..) A nationalism should not try to destroy another … Islam is here only to continue the efforts of mankind to achieve some social justice .. Judaism has neglected everything that is not himself. It is closed on religion itself …. Islam makes no distinction of race or color between men. “

(World Roland Delcour November 27, 1973)

Three months after the GREAT al-Fateh Revolution of Light, Muammar al-Qathafi declared:

“Islam has a universal vocation, it is the source of all progress … Socialism is the temporal instrument of the believer, the political expression of the divine teaching, the only way to achieve to Arab unity and precipitate the demise of imperialism, monopolies and Zionism which all seek to destroy the umma (community of believers and indivisible).”

(Jeandet  Christmas World 09/01/1976)


A mystical activism

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself, in April 1976, gave a speech in Misurata, where he defined the main task:

“Creating an Islamic Socialism, an offshoot of the Muslim nation based on the precepts of the Holy Quran away from exploitative capitalism and totalitarian communism” ….

And in his speech of 12 December 1979, he declared:

 “… Islam is more progressive than all revolutionary ideologies. It defines the norms of a society designed to serve the individual and the community he hath uncovered before all other principles of human rights and worker, the abolition of classes, etc. …And upon the principles of the Holy Quran,the Libyan revolution believes that Islamism inevitably grows to become socialist community. Indeed, the Muslim dogma is both gender equality and equal opportunities. Thus, socialism strictly follow an axis parallel to that of Islam. It is the temporal instrument of the believer, the political expression of the divine teaching, the only way to achieve Arab unity and precipitate the demise of imperialism, monopolies and Zionism all who seek to destroy Umma (the community of believers and indivisible).”

(The World Christmas Jeandet 01 September 1976.)


Re-Instill Respect for the Holy Qur’an throughout the world

 By acting as he did (initiating the World Islamic Call Society and advocating full respect of the Holy Qur’an), Muammar al-Qathafi issued a challenge to Islam, that amount of new responses to the modern world “.

(World-WIDE PB 18 April 1973)

Mu holy writ






the Libyan officials authorized to Washington track # Libya and # Abukhtalh

LITTLE BY LITTLE, all of the colonial Powers are back into LIBYA!


Italian Foreign propose intervention in Libya …

“Martha Dassault” Under the Italian Foreign Ministry let in the hearing before the front of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives European to enter a broad international and international plan similar to the Marshall Plan to pick up the Libya of “dislocation and the state of political paralysis and gang wars and lawlessness and terrorism”…

Italian Foreign: security chaos in Libya Somali-like situation
And the central authorities lost its authority over the country with a full spread of anarchy and lawlessness in various areas controlled by local militias with the outbreak of gang wars and terrorism, the situation was out of control and no longer capable of Directors.

Zaidane denies government involvement in facilitating the abduction wanted Libyans
Atmosphere of the country –

Prime Minister Ali denied Zaidane was quoted sources ” CNN that” that the Libyan officials authorized to Washington arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi and Abukhtalh , stressing that the Libyan government did not allow it and will not allow in the future.

Zaidane pointed to begin electronically monitor the border in cooperation with the Italian government Italian technology relies on aerial surveillance and electronic, pointing out that the surveillance start from Owaynat to Forum Algerian Libyan – Tunisian border .


In the name of God the Merciful
That on the day Tuesday, 10.29.2013 , and in the follow-up of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights to some prisons within the city of Tripoli , the FBI visited the Office of the Attorney General and asking about what has been in the files of some of the detainees in Ain Zara Alruyemi prison, the office reported that there are approximately 600 prisoners Mhalin to the Office of the Attorney General in the lists just so period nearly five months,

and the question about the reasons that hinder the complete investigation, the reply was that there are some reasons due to the prison where refuses to prison to refer the accused to achieve another reason is the lack of members on behalf of sufficient number to directly investigation, and is worth mentioning here that the Minister of Justice says there is a commission of inquiry formed and began its functions (O Mr. Minister, we hear Djajh do not see flour ), as we want to make clear is important is that there is an officer jailed played Ministry called ((( gift ))) practiced investigative functions with the prisoners whenever refined his so called by the Exhortation they were wronged and that their files do not contain sufficient evidence and then bring them back to the cell , and so we do not know the location of this person to express what are the powers and any right to achieve with the defendants and why this act , these questions must be answered by the Office Minister of Justice and transparently.

(Libyan Observatory for Human Rights)

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

The Supreme Council for the rebels Libya renews accused through his official Facebook of former Interior Minister Ashour Hoael

of being behind the bombings and their prior knowledge without taking any action.


Witnessed protests against the presence of Amr Moussa of the Arab League meeting

Arab member of parliament ……

Libyan Ibrahim witnessed objected to the presence of Amr Moussa without prescription.


صهد يحتج على حضور عمرو موسى لجلسة الجامعة العربيةبنت الوادي
عضو البرلمان العربي ……الليبي ابراهيم صهد يعترض على حضور عمرو موسي بدون صفة

Tariq Osman writes us:

Group of 94 member retreating from sessions the General National Congress issued a statement announcing the approval

of the presidency to put demands on the agenda of the next meeting next Sunday with the transfer of the sessions directly on the national channel Libya!!!!

The question is: are new Raiders to the next session?
And any door will be admitted?

Will will destroy the contents of the hall as usual?

NEW HEALTH SERVICES PLANNED as CATHOLIC  MEDICAL PERSONEL were forced to LEAVE LIBYA, the need arises for extended health services in LIBYA:

in addition to a group of clinics in Sabha experiencing weakness in the provision of health services , according to Zaidane .

In the same vein Zaidane noted that it was decided to establish a maternity hospitals in both Benghazi and Tripoli , Sabha and Misrata.



WikiLeaks Cyrenaica:

A secret agreement between the Chamber of Libya’s rebels and President of the General National Congress to transform the rebel leaders

to high-ranking military commanders and consider their contribution to the liberation of Libya as seniority 25 years in the military service.

Husamettin penitent through the capital confirmed information that father arrows went appeals Tarek Mitri,

head of the United Nations requested the idiocy to extend the duration of the Conference (1 year and 3 months) after the end of the age of the National Conference!!?


Retreating 94-member group of the National Congress.

Responds to request a return of the presidency of the National Conference on year to be back for sessions starting from the next session on Sunday based on the following:
1 – the national broadcast of the conference sessions directly to citizens
2 – Make items 10 within borings items of the next.

Some answers to questions from reporters:

We asked everyone inside the containment National Congress, without exception, all other parties.
There are no deals behind the withdrawal, as some claim because the withdrawal came to correct the course of the conference, as well as our demands are the same demands of the citizens.

“Abdulrahman Shalgam,” I did not note down any article and sue each
Of the publication of an article or b media said my name, and it will be Mr.
“Shalgam” on the channel of the capital on the evening at 10
Evening as she told me by the daughter of Mr. “Shalgham”.

Ibrahim Dabbashi representative of Libya to the United Nations says that the article (when Migm rats) are actually from the writings of Abdul Rahman Shalgam and his brainchild declared duration despite denying her the media, said Dabbashi position Abdulrahman Shalgam is the position stated some time ago, and he often Maevda about what the secrets in moments of Transfiguration, which is always going to be in, and then quickly amends for his remarks when he comes back to his senses and say the opposite, in a clear reference to the case of permanent sugar (Estascy & MATH) experienced by Abdulrahman .Shalgam these days.

Saloub read God against him despite his nose so pronounced by the fact he is servile series.

God said:

((Tell the truth and the falsehood that the falsehood was zhoka))


An article by Abdurahman Shalgam client traitor “when governing the rats”

When he describes the Libyans who went to oppose it in America and Britain diminutive canines. And groups to use religion as heretics. We laugh and believe that making fun of them. And when he warns that these do not have the values of their control and ready to use all means and all types of treason and would not hesitate to moment in alliance with infidels and to sell back home. When Moussa Koussa and Zeid Dorda on intelligence. Monitoring these and come up with information that I didn’t believe in. So I lived among them during the war that toppled the kadhafi was you an actor or one of the tools. Today after I got things to as she reached him and flew the drunkenness.
The idea emerged as the saying goes and what we see him from them and what they did at home. I have and I don’t pretend the courage but to stress that I wasn’t a hypocrite and I’m not from this gang and that one paralysis of them before God and the nation. Admitted to the Libyans that I missed, maybe for fear and hope. I have encountered difficult conditions and pressure of force majeure. I thought I had my yielding I can save the home. To Muammar al-Qathafi, who’ve certainly had its relevance extends more than 40 years and basically treated me with the utmost respect and gave me the positions I didn’t dream it. And give the nation the value defined by now .. We have been dealing with the world pride and dignity .. Unlike this humiliation that we see since the absence of Muammar Gaddafi. Some might say that Abdulrahman drunk and babbling these words ..

We were dealing with the world with pride and dignity. Reverse this humiliation that we see from the absence of Muammar al-Qathhafi.


Some might say that Abdul Rahman pissed and raving in this speech. Yes I have intoxicated me as she reached to my what do rats with the ship that was prolonged and people heaven her sail peak purity, they trespassed her, insulted her and anointed with dignity and I apologize here for rats because this heinous act be ashamed of rats and may it tells me you are yavalh and you were called West Crusader hand your country see men see delegate Syria hero. This comparison is unfair because Libya has oil and kadhafi who crack the West and humiliated them on more than one occasion denied them and around the Muslim and not continent bend and had to be broken and they were waiting for them, Shalgham spoke bin Halim and sons and brought on February 19, the ambassadors of Britain, America and tied up by good men, Mustafa Zahir, as well as Mr. Zaidane. And Mansour Saif El Nasr. And brought Bernard levy to Benghazi as well as my predecessor, Mr. Maqrief and his family and his brother-in-law Fayez Jibril sohad, I told them.
Then the decision was made before February 17, I’ll be back to explain it inshaallah on book writing and found deposited to my wife and my children to know the truth as well as Libyans. I find myself apologizing for my brothers and my colleagues who suffered imprisonment and torture in prisons rule in Tripoli. With all due respect I outbid them not cabled to Rahman. To Abdullah Sanussi.

[And Mansour Saif Al – Nasr .. And they brought with them Bernard Levy to Benghazi as well as my predecessors Mr. Maqrif and his family witnessed his brother Fayez Jibril it be before these .. Then that the decision was made ​​before February 17 , I will come back to explain it InshaAllah in a book written and concluded deposited to my wife and my children to know the truth as well as the Libyans .. I find myself I apologize to my brothers and my colleagues who suffered imprisonment and torture in prisons in Tripoli base .. They have every respect not Ozaid them from cabled to Abdulrahman .. To Abdullah Sanusi .. To AbuZayd to Bejad and the Aaty and Mr. Jadallah .. ]

And others. Esteemed loyal men as the martyr Abu Bakr Yunis and glory the debt alhenshiri. Perhaps the Libyans today Minutemen among those between State rats need walsalabi walsaksli weabalmgid Seif walkerghli, Emma wetatanaki, or Cape thief or cyber expert Abdullah thankless. As for ward in Misrata and tubers it happened and there is nothing wrong with respect to the respectable families but I mean residues of Janissary families that do not have assets not even accused of anti-Semitic because I say so and I know there are now saying that I also my grandfather came up with the Al-Ahbash (Ethipians) and settled and married from Fezzan and belonged to them.
This is not a fault but fault that does not admit the truth and do away with the others and hide the causes our spite to Muammar al-Qathafi,  who forced us to  ” Arabs live Arabs die Arabs say it loud “.  As they welcome him in the Mountain West. I am here not to praise Muammar al-Qathafi and his reign and his men, their pros and cons, as I am one of them.  But Libyan and us Street feel remorse and loneliness at home that his rats and stripped of everything and be ashamed even to belong to all of us without its denial

I am here I can not praise Muammar Gaddafi and his reign and his men have their advantages and disadvantages and I am one of them ..

But the street Libyan today and we all feel remorse and loneliness inside the homeland that wisdom rats and stripped of everything and ashamed even to belong to him and all of us without stubbornness say Aayom from the days of Muammar al-Qathafi until these gangs.

You may find this interview with Mr. Mustafa Abdaal Jalil with the Middle East recently.
You have my attention sincerity known him and his confession about the files we used excuses insulting Muammar arguments as AIDS and file Abu Salim and all of them received compensation rewarding and waiver voluntarily and now extorting the Libyan people as if they were heroes , while all of them convicted of crimes documented affecting the security of the nation and the best witness they are now in the street Libyan when they left prison. ! ! Even talking about the dialogue in the Congress of the People with Gaddafi touched on paper .. How al-Qathafi told him that he did not choose the right place to raise this issue and is calculated for al-Qathafi and this habit can carry all what Mr. Abdul Jalil said ministers

I’ve caught my eye charity known and recognized on the files we used a pretext to insult Muammar and arguments as AIDS and Ashley all received compensation paid and voluntary waiver I extort the Libyan people if heroes while all convicted of crimes affecting national security and documented evidence of their presence in the streets of Libya when they left prison. !! Even talking about the dialogue with al-Qathafi touched paper.

al-Qathafi told him how he picked the right place to put this topic is calculated to al-Qathafi and the usual carry all echoed Mr. Zahir continued to Minister
continued al-Qathafi who did not cut his tongue .. Talking about reconciliation put forward by Gaddafi  unless say Mr. Jalil that came out of our hands.  
Also, I am watching emphasized the role of Qatar and paid compensation of $ 1 million for AIDS patients on behalf of Europe after the consent of the parents with “thought that the Emir of Qatar recognize performance in the hands of the West.”.

Finally, I applaud Mr. Jalil its readiness to work for the reconciliation among Libyans seriously.

And will be accepted as long as it is this transparency by a group of  Muammar because they are the heart of one man and have the issue of homeland want to keep it,

but the problem yaakhona Abdul Jalil will not find a partner to do the historical reconciliation needs home as long as rat control home.

Each rat with their rejoicing .. I record this recognition (note) that honesty and clarity that he (Muammar)  knew me and forgive me with which he knew about me,

and God will forgive me foregoing sin and Matakhr .
Rome  29 October 2013 citizen .. Abdulrahman Shalgam –

استنطقه الله غصباً عنه ورغماً عن أنفه لكي ينطق بالحقيقه وهو صاغراً ذليلاً..
قال الله تعالى:
(( وقل جاء الحق وزهق الباطل ان الباطل كان زهوقا ))
صدق الله العظيم
مقاله كتبها الخائن العميل عبدالرحمن شلقم بعنوان ” عندما يحكم الجرذان ”

عندما كان القذافي يصف الليبيين الذين ذهبوا ليعارضوه في أمريكا وبريطانيا كلاباً ضالة .. والمجموعات الي تستخدم الدين بأنهم زنادقة .. كنا نضحك ونعتقد أنه يسخر منهم .. وعندما كان يحذر بأن هؤلاء ليس لهم قيم تحكمهم وعلي إستعداد لإستخدام كل الوسائل وجميع انواع الخيانة ولن يترددوا لحظة بالتحالف مع الكفار وأن يبيعوا الوطن .. وعندما كان موسي كوسا ومن بعده أبوزيد دورده في المخابرات .. يرصدون هؤلاء ويأتوا بمعلومات لم أكن أصدق .. حتي عشت بين هؤلاء خلال الحرب التي اسقطت القذافي وقد كنت طرفاً فاعلاً فيها أو أحد أدواتها .. واليوم وبعد ما وصلت الأمور إلي ماوصلت إليه وطارت السكرة ..وظهرت الفكرة كما يقول المثل ومانراه من هؤلاء وما فعلوه في الوطن .. أجد لزاما ً علي وأنا هنا لا أدعي الشجاعة وإنما لأؤكد بأنني لم أكن منافقاً وأنني لست من هذه الشلل والعصابات وأتبرء منها أمام الله والوطن .. وأعترف أمام الليبيين بأنني أخطأت وربما خوفاً وطمعاً .. لقد واجهت ظروفاً صعبة وضغوطاً من أجهزة وقوة قاهرة .. وأعتقدت أنني برضوخي قد أستطيع إنقاذ الوطن .. وحتي معمر القذافي الذي ربطتني به صلة امتدت أكثر من أربعين سنة وعاملني بمنتهي الإحترام وأعطاني مناصب لم أكن احلم بها .. وأعطي الوطن قيمة عرفتها الأن .. فقد كنا نتعامل مع العالم بعزة وكرامة .. عكس هذا الذل الذي نراه منذ غياب معمر القذافي . قد يقول البعض بأن عبدالرحمن سكران ويهذي بهذا الكلام .. نعم لقد أسكرني ماوصلت إليه بلادي وما فعله الجرذان بهذه السفينة التي كانت شراعها تطاول السماء وشعبها قمة النقاء فخرقوها وأهانوها ومسحوا بكرامتها الأرض وأعتذر هنا للجرذان لأن هذا الفعل الشائن تخجل منه الجرذان وقد يقول لي أنت منهم يافالح وأنت استدعيت الغرب الصليبي ليدك بلدك أنظر إلي الرجال أنظر إلي مندوب سوريا البطل .. هذه مقارنة مجحفه لأن ليبيا فيها نفط وفيها القذافي الذي صدع الغرب وأهانهم في اكثر من مناسبة وحرم عليهم أفريقيا وحولها إلي قارة مسلمة ولا ينحني وكان لابد من كسره ثم هم لم يكونوا في إنتظار شلقم ليدعوهم فقد سبقني بن حليم وأولاده وأحضروا يوم 19 فبراير سفراء بريطانيا وأمريكا وربطوهم بالرجل الطيب مصطفي عبدالجليل وكذلك السيد زيدان .. ومنصور سيف النصر .. وأحضروا معهم برنار ليفي إلي بنغازي كذلك سبقني السيد المقريف وعائلته صهد وصهره فايز جبريل فمن أكون أمام هؤلاء .. ثم أن القرار اتخذ قبل 17 فبراير وسأعود لشرح ذلك إن شاءالله في كتاب خلصت من كتابته واودعته لزوجتي واولادي ليعرف الليبيين الحقيقة وكذلك.. أجد نفسي أعتذر لإخوتي وزملائي الذين يعانون السجن والتعذيب في سجون القاعدة في طرابلس .. ولهم كل الإحترام ولا أزايد عليهم من الزوي إلي عبدالرحمن .. إلي عبدالله السنوسي .. إلي أبوزيد إلي بجاد وعبدالعاطي والسيد وجاد الله .. وغيرهم .. من الرجال المحترمين الأوفياء كالشهيد أبوبكر يونس وعزالدين الهنشيري .. ولعل الليبيين اليوم يقارنون بين هؤلاء وبين دولة الجرذان بالحاج والصلابي والساقزلي وعبالمجيد سيف النصر والكرغلي والشركسي وطاطاناكي أو الكيب السارق أو الخبير الإلكتروني عبدالله ناكر . أما عن مايجري في مصراته ودرنة فحدث ولا حرج مع إحترامي للعائلات المحترمة وإنما أقصد بقايا الإنكشارية والعائلات التي لا أصول لها حتي لا أتهم بأنني معادي للسامية أقول ذلك وأعرف أن هناك الأن من ينعتني بأنني أيضاً جدي جاء مع الأحباش واستقر وتزوج من فزان العريقة وانتسب لهم .. وهذا ليس عيباً إنما العيب أن لا نعترف بالحقيقة ونقصي الأخرين ونخفي أسباب حقدنا علي معمر القذافي الذي أجبرنا أن نكونوا عرباً ” عرب نعيش عرب نموت عرب نقولها باعلي صوت ” .. كما كانوا يستقبلونه في الجبل الغربي . إنني هنا لا أمدح معمر القذافي وعهده ورجاله فلهم حسنات وسيئات وأنا واحد منهم .. وإنما الشارع الليبي اليوم وجميعنا نحس بالندم والوحشة داخل الوطن الذي حكمته الجرذان وجردوه من كل شئ وتخجل حتي أن تنتمي إليه وجميعنا بدون مكابرة نقول يايوم من أيام معمر القذافي حتي هذه العصابات ولعلكم شعرتم بذلك من لقاء السيد مصطفي عبداالجليل مع الشرق الأوسط اخيراً . لقد لفت إنتباهي صدقه المعروف عنه وأعترافه حول ملفات استخدمناها ذرائع لسب معمر وحجج كملف الإيدز وملف أبوسليم وجميعهم استلم تعويضاً مجزياً وتنازل طوعاً والأن يبتزون الشعب الليبي وكانهم أبطال بينما جميعهم محكومين بجرائم موثقة تمس أمن الوطن وخير شاهد وجودهم الأن في الشارع الليبي عندما غادروا السجن . !! حتي حديثه عن الحوار في مؤتمر الشعب مع القذافي لمست رقياً .. وكيف قال له القذافي بأنه لم يختر المكان المناسب لطرح هذا الموضوع ويحسب للقذافي وهذه عادته ان تحمل كل ماقاله السيد عبدالجليل واستمر وزيراً ولم يقطع القذافي الطاغية لسانه .. يتحدث عن المصالحة التي طرحها القذافي ومالم يقله السيد عبدالجليل بأن الأمر خرج من أيدينا ..كذلك وأنا أشاهد أكد دور قطر ودفعها تعويضات مليون دولار لمرضي الإيدز نيابة عن أوروبا بعد موافقة أولياء المصابين ” وفاتنا أن ندرك بأن أمير قطر أداء في يد الغرب ” .. وأخيراً أحيي السيد عبدالجليل علي استعداده في العمل من أجل مصالحة جدية بين الليبيين .. وسيكون مقبولاً طالما هو بهذه الشفافية من طرف جماعة معمر لأنهم علي قلب رجل واحد ولديهم قضية وطن يريدون الحفاظ عليه ولكن المشكلة ياأخونا عبدالجليل لن تجد شريكاً للقيام بهذه المصالحة التاريخية التي يحتاجها الوطن طالما الجرذان يتحكمون في الوطن .. وكل جرذ بما لديهم فرحون .. أسجل هذا الإعتراف بهذا الصدق والوضوح الذي يعرفه عني وليغفر الله لي ماتقدم من ذنبي وماتأخر .
روما 29 أكتوبر 2013 المواطن .. عبدالرحمن شلقم –


Al-Liby was Thought to Be a CIA ‘Double Agent’

14 OCTOBER 2013


Editor’s Note: Al-Liby  captured  2002: Anas al-Liby was one of the FBI’s list of most-wanted. He was captured in eastern Afghanistan in January 2002.The 38-year-old Libyan had been living in the UK and is linked by the Americans to the US embassy bombings in Africa. 


Source: World Meets Us

“The operation to capture al-Liby on Libyan soil by U.S. Special Forces, who were disguised as Arabs and spoke Arabic dialects, came as quite a surprise. Most intelligence services operating in the region had believed al-Liby to be a double agent – which went a long way to explaining why the Americans had failed to target him for more than two years. … The security services of other countries believed that the United States had either placed al-Liby under observation to gather as much intelligence as possible, or had been secretly collaborating with him.”

By Mohammad ben Ahmad

 Translated By Lina Barakat

 October 14, 2013

Algeria – El Khabar – Original Article (Arabic)
The operation to capture Abu Anas al-Liby on Libyan soil by U.S. Special Forces, who were disguised as Arabs and spoke Arabic dialects, came as quite a surprise. Most intelligence services operating in the region had believed al-Liby to be a double agent – which went a long way to explaining why the Americans had failed to target him for more than two years, despite being aware he was in Tripoli. According to a well-informed source, al-Liby had been put under CIA surveillance a year and a half ago.Most of the security and intelligence services operating in North Africa were aware that al-Qaeda leader Abu Anas al-Liby, born Nazih Abd al-Hamid al- Ruqhay, had found refuge inside Libya. An Algerian security source has revealed to al-Khabar that during the closing days of the [Libyan War], Muammar Qaddafi’s security apparatus had informed neighboring countries that a number of senior al-Qaeda figures had returned to Libya from Iraq and Afghanistan, and that Abu Anas al-Liby was one of them, having returned in 2011.

He told us that the United States wasn’t the only country to know of his whereabouts. The security services of other countries, including Mali and Mauritania, were also aware he was in Libya, and believed that the United States had either placed al-Liby under observation to gather as much intelligence as possible from him relating to al-Qaeda in North Africa, or had been secretly collaborating with him.

Our well-informed source revealed that Qaddafi’s agents had told all neighboring countries that the fugitive enjoyed the protection of Salafist revolutionaries in Libya, and that it was “implausible such information had not fallen into the hands of the CIA, which was actively engaged during the war against Qaddafi, and had to be aware of a bargain struck with Qaddafi to bring al-Liby’s family to Libya, as well as of the death of one of his relatives during a clash with Qaddafi forces just days before Tripoli fell into rebel hands.”

Some observers believe that al-Liby’a arrest and deportation to the United States came as part of a military response to the attack against a shopping mall in Kenya, which was carried out by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group, which has claimed responsibility. Abu-Anas al-Liby has been charged by the United States with being one of the masterminds behind the 1998 bombings that targeted American embassies in East Africa.

Migrants arrive at Hay Wharf in Valletta aboard a patrol boat on October 12, the day after their boat sank. (Matthew Mirabelli/AFP/Getty Images)



EU Tightens Its Grip on the Mediterranean

16 OCTOBER 2013

October 16, 2013  •  From theTrumpet.com

Roughly 400 immigrants have died in shipwrecks over the last two weeks.

The EU is using this as an excuse to beef up surveillance of the Mediterranean Sea and open up an intelligence base in Libya.

Source: The Trumpet


The European Parliament approved a new “big brother” surveillance program for the Mediterranean Sea on October 10, after an overcrowded boat full of migrants sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa, killing 359. The new program, eurosur, is marketed as the solution to the tragedy. In reality, it is nothing of the sort.

Spiegel Online called the program “precisely the kind of monitoring apparatus America’s NSA intelligence service might dream up.” They titled their article: “EU Plans Big Brother System in Mediterranean.”

The program establishes drones and satellites to keep a vigilant watch on the Mediterranean, aided by offshore sensors and other intelligence equipment. It also includes a system for the EU to share this information.

Britain wanted to give the U.S. access to this intelligence, but the plan was blocked by the rest of the EU. That fact alone shows who America’s real friend in Europe is—no matter how much the American administration tries to curry favor with France and Germany.

Official estimates put the total price tag at €244 million (us$311 million). But the Heinrich Böll Foundation claims this is hugely underestimated: It puts the figure at €874 million ($1.19 billion). Given the EU’s history of massively underestimating the cost of important projects—especially intelligence projects—the latter figure is more likely to be correct. The lower figure, however, makes it easier to sell to the public.

As Spiegel points out, however, the surveillance program “doesn’t offer ways to save people like those killed in the deadly incident.” Deutsche Welle writes that “at its core, the European Border Surveillance System (eurosur) has nothing to do with the tragedy off the Italian coast—it was pure coincidence that the parliamentary vote on eurosur has come up now.”

eurosur has been in the works since 2008. European officials are using the migrant deaths to sell a project they were planning on implementing anyway. It also makes it look like they’re doing something to confront the problem of migrant deaths.

Immigration truly is a problem for EU nations. The EU’s liberal human rights laws and liberal courts make it hard to deport illegal immigrants once they make it to an EU nation. At the same time, voters don’t want the immigrants, and the governments, especially of southern Europe, can’t afford them. It is in the EU’s interest to find these boats before they enter EU territorial waters, so they can be returned to their country of origin more easily. The new program could help control immigration in that way.

But immigration isn’t the ultimate issue. The important point here, from a geopolitical point of view, is that the EU is extending its control over the Mediterranean Sea and into North Africa.

Another program, thinly disguised as an anti-immigration effort, is eubam Libya. Scheduled to be fully operational by December 1, eubam is a group whose stated aim is to help Libya manage its border and train its customs officials. When up to full strength in March, it will have 111 EU staff, 54 local staff members, and the same number of bodyguards. EU Observer described its staff as “a team of heavily guarded men.” While it will help prevent would-be emigrants from leaving Libya illegally, its real purpose, as EU Observer writes, is that “the new HQ in Tripoli will become an EU intelligence asset.”

The EU has requested a private security company to man the headquarters. The firm must provide “high quality security situation analysis” and give “security reports daily, weekly, monthly and six-monthly.” Those leading the security mission must be pre-cleared to handle files classified as “EU SECRET”—the second highest level of secrecy officially used by the EU. eubam will be equipped with 18 bullet-proof jeeps and have clearance to travel around the country and to open field offices.

In April 2011Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned that Iran was trying to gain power over the Mediterranean and Red Seas. In that article, he wrote that “Germany and the Vatican probably see Iran’s strategy better than any power outside the Middle East.” He warned that Europe would prepare to confront Iran.

Exactly a year later, he warned that “Northern Africa is turning into a battleground with enormously important prophetic implications.” He described how Europe and Iran were quietly vying for control of the region and the resources it contains.

That’s what eubam Libya and eurosur are about. eubam gives the EU a foot in the door in Libya, an opportunity to influence the government, and a base it can use to keep an eye on the terrorist groups moving in to fill the power vacuum.

eurosur allows the EU to confront smuggling and cross-border crime. But European leaders must also be worried about terrorists crossing into Europe, either via the land borders, or in small craft in the Mediterranean. eurosur will help the EU keep the most detailed and comprehensive watch ever over the EU’s borders.

Europe is taking offensive measures against the spread of SALAFISM in Africa through its military deployment in Mali and now in the Central African Republic. eurosur is a defensive counterpart to these efforts.

Europe is awake to the threat that SALAFISM poses to the vital trade networks and resources in and around the Mediterranean. It also sees that it can no longer depend on the U.S. to contain that threat, so the EU is dealing with it personally.

Europe has obviously become more aggressive and assertive in North Africa and the Near East, areas it considers part of its sphere of influence.

Watch for this trend to continue as Europe prepares to confront SALAFISM.. ▪




(quoting WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Urgent ::::: :::::

NATO, “NATO” raid yesterday on a weapons store Span area north of the city of what is known at the Corner (confidential victory)
The human damage has not been revealed.


Basher Alwerfally:

God alone stay
Go to the mercy of God hero Mujahid Mohammed Amri song Alalorfli…. after suffering

The period past Gate Maltese by criminal gangs armed and was transferred to the Tunisian territory

for the purpose of treatment and perform several operations, but a quirk of fate that he died.

Ask God to accept it rest in peace and insert it rest in peace .. Pray for him mercy and forgiveness.




Statement users spark field | |

In the name of God the Merciful

Statement users a spark on the field to stop production date : – 10/27/2013

We surfers field spark Today, we forced the wedge to all people LIBYAN free to stop production field spark after force us by protesters who claim to be camped sit peacefully, but it turned out after Mfawdthm with the Department field spark, it does not has any link to the sit-ins, peaceful and the best evidence so they use force of arms to express their demands and force us to stop production , and we tried to users does not shut down production until to Ovqdna the souls for the sake of Libya.

But in order to preserve us on the safety of installations vital yet threatened with bombing by force of arms it we were forced to stop production in order to preserve the capabilities of the people LIBYAN free and hold the responsibility of it to those who voted for them in the National Congress and the government to reform the country, but Otaatdh us the opposite and sorry again for the people LIBYAN free .. .

And lasted for a free Libya and glory and immortality to the martyrs

Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings:

Field spark users

The (LONDON) Times: Renegade which suffocates exports to Libya oil

An article in The Times newspaper , prepared by Anthony Lloyd of Ajdabiya in Libya entitled ” Renegade , which suffocates the Libyan oil exports strengthens its efforts to reach the power.”
The paper says that Ibrahim Aljdharan , the man who impedes depend on Libya ‘s oil exports , valued at billions of dollars, has intensified a power dispute with Tripoli to establish a new regional government east of the country .
The paper says that the measure adopted Aljdharan , a 32 – year – old , who was a former commander of the guard oil installations , has raised international concern about oil supplies in the world.
The paper says that about $ 7.5 billion of Libyan oil export revenues lost since the summer due to strikes and armed operations in production facilities .
It adds that the political conflict hit reform and rescue operations in Libya economic paralysis , despite the fact that Libya has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. The newspaper notes that the Libyan economy depends on the oil sector by 95 percent .
The paper says that Declaration Aljdharan of deepening the split between eastern and western Libya where he was appointed a ministerial council composed of 22 ministers in gently.
The paper says that Aljdharan claims that he controls the armed forces comprised of 20 thousand people, and adds that the historical dispute invests in the eastern region of knowledge as Cyrenaica.

(Libyan affairs in the international press)


Lock Mleeta complex gas by constant Amazigh 10/30/2013

Continuation of the sit-in Amazigh rebels Mellita compound of oil and gas for the fourth day in a row, was postponed stop pumping gas

and shut down the complex process even be considered in the decision of the National Conference on the constitutional demands,

with the continuation of preventing vessels from entering the harbor.



Pictures and News of Rishvana

About the explosion, which happened in the world this afternoon

Fall launcher shell or lobster on a farm Belaid Faitouri the Orabi did not cause any material damage
Shell coming from the eastern side.



False federal Gharyiani describes the separatists Tripoli

Libyan said NATO Mufti Sheikh the “sincere Gharyiani” that the declaration of the province of Cyrenaica not a federal announcement, but is a declaration of the Republic within a state.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Chairman of the Board province of Cyrenaica “Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi”

disowned of the Political Bureau of the province

and the government the problem before him and the process of closing the oil ports.

Zaidane describes the government of Cyrenaica as THE OUTLAWS about the law:

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” in a press conference held shortly before Tripoli, that it formed a “government of Cyrenaica”

are people who are outlaws and the RAT Libyan Constitution.

Fields crisis
The Prime Minister said that it had been agreed on the resumption of oil exports , either on Saturday or Sunday arrivals , he said in a press conference on Wednesday that the agreement was through the initiative of the local council of Tobruk, some elders of the region in addition to a number of leaders of the Guard installations….

Zaidane said he decided to set up an oil refinery with a capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day in the Tobruk area ,

Feras Bosalum

“For Tobruk on Sunday or Monday Stistanf export, and will it mean to be it,” (Mr. Ali Zaidane at a press conference today)

“It seems that the Prime Minister met with people who do not represent the striking image that imagined until now not

clear it is still the option of resuming export a remote possibility,”

a senior official of the Arabian Gulf in the oil port of Harika told Reuters by telephone.

Ibrahim Jdharan, Oil Marketing Master in favor of the province of Cyrenaica:


“Harika port of oil will only open when the Politburo agrees and meet our requests ..”

Will open next week as head of the local council of Tobruk and the Prime Minister.

Urgent agency Libya / use of force to end the closure of the oil fields of Tripoli

Wednesday 10/30/2013 held emergency consultations and lengthy between the Presidency of the General National Congress

and the prime minister and the leaders of rebel operations room to Libya to discuss ways to implement the solution and the use of

military force to end the closure of the oil fields, oil Crescent area .
The consultations came immediately following the issuance of the Attorney General ‘s Office recently issued arrest warrants for two brothers,

Salem and Ibrahim Jdharan and some of their friends and in turn completed procedures to inform the international police Interpol and

officially received a copy of those notes International red .
Page predicted the Supreme Council for Libya rebels to be the next few hours full of surprises.


Problems Brquaouih the

Zubair :

“nothing to do with the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica and his
President denied what is known as the Transitional Council of Cyrenaica Zubair Ahmed al – Sanusi any relationship of the events that took place in Ras Lanuf , and the resulting declaration of the establishment of what is known as the Political Bureau Cyrenaica, and set up by the government . Sanusi added to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday we tried with the declared political office to come out to see one, but Tantua and insisted on the implementation of the vision , and that ‘s what did not agree with him . Sanusi stressed that calls for the Federal Union but according to the agreed project , and across the political struggle that can be supported by the Friends of Libya , or the United Nations , faithful and honorable people of Libya , as he put it . Sanusi also denied what appeared in the international news media intention of the Council to make public any legislative or executive institutions at the moment, explaining that “the struggle ” for the federal system peacefully and through legal avenues . It is noteworthy that what is known of the Political Bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica announced the formation of his government last Thursday .”


Al Qaeda in Prairie City

Tails outsiders followers of al-Qaeda, bin Laden and al-Zawahiri Alwan, hoist the black flag over the school in Umm Mtimis, near the city of turf.
The wrote a threat stemmed from the belief deviant stamped a society that is more Muslim them.
The threat which they are not responsible for any student who enters the school after 10 days or from the lowered flag.
They may want a hotel school Kharijites from Afghanistan, Tunisia and other countries.


الخوارج أتباع القاعدة ذيول ابن لادن والظواهري وعلوان يرفعون العلم الأسود فوق مدرسة بمنطقة أم مطيميس بالقرب من مدينة المرج .
وقد كتبوا تهديدا نبع من اعتقادهم المنحرف بتكفير المجتمع الذي هو أكثر إسلاما منهم .
التهديد فيه أنهم غير مسؤولين عن أي طالب يدخل المدرسة بعد 10 أيام أو من يقوم بإنزال العلم .
ولعلهم يريدون المدرسة فندقا للخوارج من أفغانستان وتونس وغيرها من البلدان .



Industrial Zones Authority transfer from Benghazi to Tripoli this day!!

Poor is Benghazi, taker of them all were only Aterco to bombings and assassinations.


– Problematic Omar Street bin Aas between one of the elements of a room Libya rebels
And others resulted in five people wounded.

– In front of a clinic Marwa problematic by the citizens and employees of the room
Libya rebels, wounding four people, one of them in the case of

– Arrived in Galaa Hospital two wounded by gunshots in
Immobilization point to the region of Sidi Hussein.

Arrest of nine people by special forces “Thunderbolt”
Five Neighborhood Clinic sugar Mr. Hussein, and four b Almajora in the
Drunk, accused of shooting cases that reached the Galaa
Last night and in the early morning hours.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Explosives experts of the joint security room Benghazi they annul the effect of an explosive device composed of Qubltin and type of

TNT explosive materials intended for remote bombing found today in the women’s beauty salon “decorated” area Sir Akharbich in Benghazi.

Agency urgently to Libya … the arrest of the accused put an explosive device Benaazi the

Competent security devices dropped yesterday evening and in collaboration with some neighborhood residents “Land Agherih” urban Benghazi,

arrested a person develops an explosive device adhesive car air force officer the “coastal Said”.
Having known “coastal” on the person accused of the officer reported that he observed some time ago that this person has always maintained Mlazmte while praying in the mosque.



Of wounded protesters blocking the western gate of Ajdabiya

Atmosphere of the country

Ten of the injured closed the western gate of the city of Ajdabiya on Wednesday.

The deputy chairman of the local council Ajdabiya ” key Alcadekke ” atmosphere for the country that the protesters who shut the gate Bank are themselves stormed the National Congress in the twenty-second of October.

And on the demands of the protesters explained , ” Alcadekke , ” they are demanding fast , financial Tfweidathm Exchange , rehabilitation them after being expelled from Congress and change the current Commission for the wounded.

And added , ” Alcadekke ” that the local council dialogue with the protesters to end the closure of the road did not reach a result , and that the Committee of Wise Men in the region are trying to reach a solution with the protesters .

Referred to as closing the gate itself occurred in the city on previous occasions for different reasons.

Wounded city of Ajdabiya city’s blocking the entrance to claim their rights:


جرحى مدينة اجدابيا يغلقون المدخل الخاص بالمدينة للمطالبة بحقوقهم




Children and students from the city of Zliten stage sit-in in front of government headquarters to demand the construction of the city’s schools have alternative schools

that were destroyed during the so-called “war of liberation”.

أطفال وطلاب من مدينة زليتن يعتصمون أمام مقر رئاسة الحكومة للمطالبة ببناء مدارس لهم بالمدينة بديلاً عن مدارسهم التي دُمِرت خلال حرب التحرير.


“A country ambience”  reports:

Battalion spokesman 136 Sirte Khalifa Allowahh, to the “atmosphere for the country”:

had been found on the driver of the car

that was carrying the money were stolen idly and that investigations were under way with him.

“The atmosphere of the country” –

Zaidane says that the stolen money in the car Sirte Bank of Libya will be retrieved within hours.



Shooting center operations department languages ​​General Hospital:

This morning on Wednesday, was assaulted on the operations department hospital languages ​​General firing shots within the department

because of Rvdhalataba an operation for a patient with firing a bullet resulted in almost 40 fragment, which became clear after tests that

he is suffering from infectious (hepatitis) and the reaction of the people of the patient using a weapon and firing bullets and a threat both

in the hospital bombing of the hospital building, which led to the evacuation of the entire hospital.



Urgent Misrata :::::::

Explosion in the western entrance to the city of Misratah.

( Source: Top Drift channel’s)

Word now
About the car that exploded near the western entrance to Misrata was due to launch a rocket launcher on the car theme “Chinese” and not a car bomb ...!!
Which caused in a car explosion in front of him without the occurrence of any human damage or any damage to the gateway western …

NOT A CAR BOMB!!! and no human damage…IT WAS A YANKEE DRONE!

Misrata ::: details of the bombing incident at the gate Aldavnih km recounted Musrati ..

Comment: I hear the flyer drone bass first hear the car without this amazing ^ __ ^

No religion Brotherhood ^ __ ^

Altremadol convicted him!!!!

After the militias from Misratah to kidnap Dr. Khalid Latif was released today and shows bruises on his face where he was assaulted …

Dr. Khalid Latif is the Director of Planning at the Ministry of Health reason for the abduction is planning to build a new hospital in the city of Sirte as also in the city of Bani Walid.



Health facilities
The Prime Minister emphasized that the government authorized the Ministry of Health to begin the implementation of Tobruk hospital by U.S. company Texas ,




Urgent. .. News from the burning of the local council in the city of the entire baton.

(Free newspaper Sabha)


The Ministry of Oil and Gas
Prime Minister Ali Zaidane says he decided to establish a refinery Btabriq capacity of 300 thousand barrels,

and also set up a refinery Other card Baubare 50 thousand barrels for domestic consumption.


Anfajad the export of oil from Libya to the amount of 90 thousand barrels a day just is not.

And Zarhalinvt denies accounts “Reuters” on the quantity of oil exports
A country ambience

Denied the Director General of Planning and follow-up at the Ministry of Oil and Gas Samir Kamal on Wednesday to the report published by Reuters

news agency accounts on Libya ‘s oil exports drop to ninety thousand barrels per day .

Kamal explained to the atmosphere of the country that the quantities of exportable oil in Libya at least at the moment up to the 120 to 130 thousand barrels per day .

On the oil production amounts current time , Kamal said that the amount of the current time oil production amounted to approximately 250 thousand barrels per day after the closure of the spark oil field , pointing out that the spark field produces about 300 thousand barrels per day.

It is noteworthy that the spark oil field is witnessing a sit-in for a fifth day by some residents of the cities of Ubari and Owaynat, with a capacity of 50 thousand barrels in Ubari for domestic consumption.

which led to the suspension of pumping oil in the twenty – seventh of October due to security concerns of the field by the statements of spark oil field manager for the ambiance of the country .

And suffers the oil and gas sector in Libya disorders of the production processes as a result of protests by armed groups which led to daily losses estimated at 100 million dollars a day , according to the ministry ‘s remarks .



An ambitious development. Of large-scale investments.


“Neglected by Western businessmen, forgotten in international economic statistics, Libya, with its 2 million inhabitants, seemed doomed, there are a few more years of underdevelopment. Today, the country has the highest income per capita in Africa.

The grandiose building projects industrial complex multiply.

This money (oil), Libya has an urgent need to rapidly develop its economy. With the backdrop of a goal: Do not depend solely on oil sales.

The new five-year development plan, which covers the period 1976-1980 … The main effort is Agriculture .. The goal: Fertilize 700,000 ha … Libyan basement, in addition to oil, contains another treasure, water … Now, in the oasis of Kufra, 10,000 ha of alfalfa, wheat and barley, emerging desert.  On the coast … it is expected the implementation of 20,000 farms.

Second development, industry … Libya in his cartoons projects projects steel complex. The reserves of iron ore in the country are considerable: 5% of the estimated global resources.

The electrical equipment appears the second largest industrial concerns. This will include more than 20 conventional power plants.

More than $ 4 billion will be spent on housing, nearly 2 billion expansion of universities … and $ 1.3 billion in road construction … The World Jean-Michel Quatrepoint, 1 September 1976

Mr. Friouna Secretary Plan: “Over the past decade, we have restructured the economy to be self-sufficient in key areas … and we have laid the foundation for industrial development we will ensure the post-oil We built 200,000 housing -. and expect much for the next 5 years – 99% of enrolled children increased to 4.5 the number of hospital beds per 100 people . We cover our needs, wool, leather, fodder, flour, cement, bricks, plastic pipes while in 1970 our production in all these areas was no “…. Uncompleted projects will continue, while others will emerge … (As) the establishment of heavy industries. Finally, the road network (3000 Kms on average per year for ten years) will be completed and will link all parts of the country, will begin while a railway line from the Tunisian border to Tripoli …

(World PB, 30 December 1980)


as seen in this video interview with Muammar al-Qathafi:

Irrigate the desert 

 When we’ve been there, in 1973, the work had just begun amidst a landscape of sand, rocks and hills. Today, the hills – shaved – have disappeared, and 24,000 ha developed have a green appearance. The complex, with easy access through a network of 300 km of paved roads, tree-lined, was divided into four zones each with its “center”, with the main commodities: Mosque, school, café, market , clinic, post office, library, cooperative …

Like a thousand other farmers settled there … (It) is rated free house, cow, sheep twenty, fifty chickens, five hives, a tractor and needed to grow its share of 26 ha equipment.


Prepare the “post-oil”

…… 60 km away, near the city of Homs, renovating, we visit a cement plant, a desalination plant, sea water and other agricultural project, even more ambitious, built around the dam of Wadi Kaam that did not exist there seven years. In the South, the culture round – the circles of irrigated acres in the desert – practiced Kufra increased from 5,000 to 40,000 ha and is expected to triple by the end of the five-year plan from 1981 to 1985 …. Impressive record of which holds some figures pitches: 103 projects in 10 years, 400 million trees planted half survived 10 million head of sheep before 1975 against 5 million currently to 1.5 million in 1970. The country holds its consumption of fruits and vegetables and hopes to export due to increased greenhouse.

Unlike many countries in the Third World who have neglected agriculture, Libya has focused on this sector does not ignore the industry. Leaders admit that many projects are not “profitable by Western standards,” but they feel they have to prepare the “post-oil” by transforming the environment and attitudes.

(World PB, December 30, 1980)

“The Great Man Made River”: A pipeline network of 3,500 kms.Courrier International 6.11.2003.

Photo of a reservoir


The largest artificial river


The Garden on the Moon

“Unique … this project is the most exciting contemporary period in agriculture …. It will sheep farming in ways pioneering an unprecedented scale in the world … “

(Specialists American firm Tipton and Kalmbach …).

“We must build this country with oil money in anticipation of the day when the black gold runs out. Should be that we have a solid and permanent economy in which agriculture plays a vital role. Must also we produce enough to meet local demand ”  

(M. Gououd, Minister of State for Agricultural Development).

(World PB, 19 April 1973)



Tripoli also has nuclear ambitions … but the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has always, however, said its peaceful nuclear intentions. Libya has also signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-proliferation and concluded in July with the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards agreement placing under international control of all Libyan nuclear activities.

(The World,  09 January 1981.)




Sousse: SALAFIST suicide bombing and an attempt to blow up the tomb of Bourguiba

Arab News – Tunisia – Munther Balziafa , Ahmad Cleaner – the oldest man to blow himself up on Wednesday ,

in front of one of the major hotels in the area tourist in Sousse (LIBYAN TUNISIAN BORDER), Tunisia . According to the radio ,

” Jewel FM ” based in the city of Sousse , the young man was carrying a suicide vest packed with explosives and

ignited in front of the hotel ” Riadh Palms ,” while the Tunisian security forces foiled attempt to blow up

the tomb of the first president of Tunisia , Habib Bourguiba , in the city of Monastir .

In this bombing , the terrorist operations have witnessed a remarkable development by reaching the Tunisian cities , and began planning to target sectors and economic development important in the country , especially the vital tourism sector and influential in the Tunisian economy .
It is noteworthy that the city of Sousse was known as the year 1986 hotel bombings , then accused the movement of ” Islamic trend ,” a movement ” renaissance ” now.
This is the first time it is targeting hotel in Tunisia since the revolution that toppled former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali , about three years ago .
The Interior Ministry said the Tunisian in a statement that one of the persons brown skin oldest Wednesday to commit suicide in Sousse by blow himself up in one of the city’s beaches , stressing that ” there is no damage or casualties , the search continued to find out the reasons and causes of the accident .”
Witnesses said the “Arab Net,” ” The suicide bomber tried to enter the Riadh Palms Hotel from the back door on the seashore, is that the elements of protection in the hotel had prevented him from after he complained in his order , oldest to blow himself up .
According to eyewitnesses spoke of ” Arab . Net ” the bombing occurred was strong and the latest panic among the population and workers in the tourist area , but it did not result in a material or human losses .
On the other hand , was quoted by Radio ” Jewel FM ” local ” security forces had foiled a suicide mausoleum of the late President Habib Bourguiba Monastir state near Sousse on the east coast .”
Security source said that the Tunisian security forces arrested a suicide bomber was trying to blow up the tomb of Bourguiba in Monastir .

The oldest person to blow himself up in Sousse Corniche, this morning, Wednesday, 30 October 2013,
A person named Hamad Clinical Galilean bin Ramadan was born in 1992 Thoroughbred the Zahrouni District of Tunis.

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Channel

Saadi life : my son tried to go to Syria via Libya, but security forces prevented him

Carried the mother of the young Tunisian Ayman al – Saadi Ms. Saadi life and the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior to what oldest son, Ayman al – Saadi on Wednesday morning of the attempted bombing of the tomb of the late President Habib Bourguiba.

And life – Saadi said that her son was planning to go to Syria for jihad there , but was prevented from traveling by security units to leave after that house several times trying to cross the border to Libya surreptitiously to no avail .

The said Saadi life ” was on the Interior Ministry arrested since the last period ,” saying that her son was follow up by security units without constipation .

Tunisian Interior Ministry:

arrest 5 Salafist terrorist elements linked to the events of Sousse and Monastir.

_ Interior Tunisian arrest 5 Salafist suspects in the bombing of the tourist resort of Sousse and the attempted bombing of the tomb of Bourguiba in Monastir,

also a ministry spokesman said that these persons linked to Salafist “al Ansar al-Sharia”.

# France 24


Agency urgently to Libya / smuggling of weapons through the port and weigher Thuhayba Tunisia

Seen crossing Thuhayba and balance that connects the cities Nafusa Mountains in the south of Tunisia booked

many weapons that were smuggled from Libya into Tunisian territory .
And a Tunisian security source said the crossing of the security forces able to detect two pistols and a quantity

of ammunition to the Tunisians returning from Libya, where weapons were confiscated and Almhpohan was referred to the investigation.
It also managed to reserve a machine gun – type rifles and a quantity of ammunition on board a Libyan car .
Not far from crossing Thuhayba balanced arrested patrol the border guards Tunisian two Libyans gunmen in

military area on the Tunisian side of the border, and released her after her interrogation and verify that they

rebel assigned to patrol the border and they entered the Tunisian territory on the face of error.

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Chanel

Tunisian morning newspaper :

escaped from prison Mornag .. And trained in 2011 in Libya .. Captured on the black box of the terrorist groups in Tunisia

Al « morning» from security sources informed that he frequented in the circles of security strongly that the units dealing with terrorism National Guard may be suspended during the week Alvart named Ahmed Beauvais one of the most wanted terrorists to justice in a series of criminal cases terrorist relating to the assassination of martyrs Shokri Belaid and Mohammed Brahman and arms smuggling from Libya to Tunisia and stored both civilians and Almnehlh , during the process of combing extensive انتظمت Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, following the armed confrontation between the terrorist group and national Guard troops and ended with the martyrdom of two officers, a captain and a lieutenant and four officers and killing one of the terrorists.

Between taking data reported

While not confirmed security agencies responsible information or denies the our sources suggested that Ahmad Beauvais nicknamed » Shawkaani » between affiliates of these currents hardline religious under arrest and search Butkna National Guard Balauana center discreetly severe and tight security due to the seriousness of the detainee , who described the black-box for groups terrorist Tunisia , and is likely these data provide information about the relationship between Ahmad Beauvais terrorist slain in the events Qublat called Lutfi Zein one of the most dangerous terrorists involved in the assassination of martyrs Brahman and Belaid , and thus the relationship Beauvais set Qublat extended turn with a group Sidi Ali Ben Aoun through several evidence material notably Inspector reported in car events Qublat and found suspicious bomb in the house in Sidi Ali Ben Aoun.

And Ahmed Beauvais was born October 13, 1967 oblique dangerous issued in this regard five saws inspection four of them for belonging to a terrorist group known Psoabgah justice in many of the misdemeanors and felonies most serious maintenance and consumption , possession and ownership structure of trafficking narcotic substance listed in the table » b » and the formation of a gang spoilers for the supply of a narcotic substance Add to violence, has been jailed in the same period which have deposited a group of Solomon, which is likely to be Beauvais known then nickname Holyos may deal with the former regime and Bolesh political control group inside the prison , but this information has not been confirmed that fled the accused from prison suspended during events of the revolution and remained in hiding impersonating several identities , most notably Ahmed Rouissi ( for the correct title Beauvais ) and Ahmed al-Jabali , Ahmed bin Mohamed Mohamed Ben Omar Rouissi the case that the identity is Ahmed bin Mohammed Beauvais ..

Shawkaani .. Black Box

According to some security information , this terrorist seeded security is very serious known Bm’zajh violent extremism and religious affiliation of the current Salafi jihadist via an alias ( Shawkaani ), after it was in the nineties fortune teller reads the horoscope and towers under the nickname of Holyos, but after the revolution merged directly into the extremist currents and infiltration in September 2011 to Libya, where he joined the battalion martyrs of May 28 in control of the barrier of the stopper subsidiary of Bani Walid (Libya) in the period between September 4, 2011 and 20 October 2011 and received military training in the martial arts and the use of firearms before returning infiltrators to Tunisia after the elections October 23, 2011

involved in assassinations and planning terrorist acts in Tunisia is wanted by the governor of the first investigation bureau XIII Baptdaúah Tunisia to the case to the commission of terrorist offenses and to join the organization has to do with those crimes and the use of the name and code inadvertently definition of organized terrorist and its members and its activity and join outside the territory of the Republic to such an organization and the use of territory of the Republic to recruit a group of people in order to commit a terrorist act outside the territory of the Republic and the use of the dust of the Republic to carry out preparatory to the commission of a terrorist crimes

and to provide information for the benefit of persons with a view to helping to commit terrorist offenses and preparation shop for the meeting of the members are involved with terrorist offenses and donate and raise funds directly intended to finance people and activities related to terrorist offenses and join in the soil of the Republic to organize taken from terrorism and means to achieve its objectives to receive military training with intent to commit terrorist crimes and the use of territory of the Republic to recruit and train a group of people intent to commit a terrorist act within the territory of the Republic and the provision of weapons and explosives , ammunition and other materials , equipment, fixtures similar to the benefit of the organization has to do with terrorist offenses

and preparation shop for the meeting of its members and helping to shelter and hide them and raise money with the knowledge that the purpose of financing the organization has to do with terrorist offenses a crime resulting in death and conspiracy to internal state security and abuse intended to switch the state and carry people to kill each other with weapons and exciting Tunisian commotion dust and willful killing of a human with predecessors Aladmar the introduction of firearms intended for military operations and ammunition to carry and transfer and participate in it.

And knows the accused – who has not yet certain news get past the bodies responsible – black-box for groups jihadist terrorist in Tunis, has been able to agents of the Counter-Terrorism months ago to reserve his personal computer and some of his letters for during the search in the case of the armory of Medenine , but the reserved area and according to the rumors disappeared in conditions Mstrabh , which raises more questions .. Conceals ? Why hid ? What refer once again to talk about the parallel security or suspicious relations between some security and jihadists ..




Jabril: our grievance progress on the issue of fishermen imprisoned in Aswan
Atmosphere of the country –

Libyan ambassador in Cairo, Mohammed Fayez Jibril ‘s lawyer said Wednesday that the embassy provide for the grievance on the issue of fishermen Libyans imprisoned Egyptian Aswan .

Jabril explained to the atmosphere of the country , that the Egyptian military court allows grievance before the decision to ratify before the military ruler , explaining that the military ruler has the freedom of choice of acceptance or rejection .

Jabril pointed out that the charges against the fishermen related to cross the Egyptian border illegally , in addition to possession of firearms , he said , adding that the embassy is now working through official and legal means for a pardon by the military ruler before approving the decision.

The Egyptian military court had sentenced the beginning of this week was sentenced to three Libyans entered Egyptian territory by mistake in the course of their fishing trip by Jabril.



Palestinian Fawzy Boktef, the commander of the rebels room to diplomatic ..
Rat Libya’s ambassador to Uganda’s new in his office in Kampala.

# _ Gateway to Libya

NATO is Bombing Libya Once More!

Mu a Holy experience


Tomorrow corresponding 23_9 Dchri historic speech to the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the UN Security Council, where the
commander of this description International Council of terror Board and tore the commander of the Charter of this Council and passed on
all the international media, describing the historical
(Admin Rafiq)



Each Aladmnah and fans of the Legion of page 219 security :
please you not to give any information regarding the movements of the

Liberals in the GNU us steadfast or anything for putting the spread of the tribes there thankful for your cooperation.

Saqr Sirte

Three years and not penance continues.
Three years have passed on the creative chaos in Libya, three years and a mob led the country and going into the unknown, but the speed of sound.
And the exciting thing is that a lot of Almetzndeghin are still
Disbelieve in Muammar Gaddafi until after I see the dirt atonement now easier than drinking water, as if they had come for people to get out of the pale.
Vhamd to God that there is no intermediary between a person and his Lord, and praise be to Allah that he made ​​us Muslims.
ثلاث سنوات ولا زال التكفير مستمراً.
ثلاث سنوات مرت علي الفوضى الخلاقه في ليبيا،ثلاث سنوات و الغوغاء تسير البلاد و تقودها نحو المجهول ولكن بسرعة الصوت.
و المثير في الأمر ان الكثير من المتزندقين لازالوا
يكفرون في معمر القذافي حتى بعد ان واراه التراب التكفير الان أسهل من شرب الماء، وكأنهم جائوا لكي يخرجوا الناس من المله.
فلحمد لله انه ليس هناك وسيط بين العبد و ربه، ، و الحمدلله انه جعلنا مسلمين.

A source familiar with the Ministry of Communications that some relay for Page
Not affiliated with the official authorities, that connections will be cut in
The eastern region to coincide with demonstrations and develop a road map
Led by activists and citizens, and the source confirmed…

Battalion Black day
Why expect in the demonstrations Jardan the day 21/9 … Is C dominated the kiosk and Alrgis and Altsatrib

the usual chants and posters and repeat the word leave no avail or vice versa ….

We are now on the sidelines and see Machristdt

(The main Admin)

Struggle and evening struggle Aaibina and Girls honorable Libyan tribes.

Saqr Sirte.

The countdown for the Liberation of Libya and began rapidly …..
Get ready for the other good news harvest season has begun ….

Thus, you will be weddings brave revolutionaries after the blessed revolution and the advent of goodness.

  • استعدوا للآخبار السارة الآخري لقد بدأ موسم القطاف ….


Next Hashim humans and hater and Haitham Tagouris, everyone must be sent quickly to hell Valhassa with the b awaits them there …

Warning above: out of  LTT hands—‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD stops net for today, Saturday, because of demonstrations and Green Army….
Crackdown violent against demonstrators–incarceration also..aerial bombings too!

Our country and we are in. ..We will not surrender!


Augmenter la taille
Diminuer la taille

Libya is not a jungle. By the will of a scammer: Nicolas Sarkozy …

He made every effort to prevent the Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, to ask him for his money as soon as the first had been disagreements between Nicolas Sarkozy drunk on easy money and guide Libyan rebel at the idea that licks -ass big industrial families in Europe and France proceed with its project of deconstruction of Africa, to enable these families it serves, at the expense of social France, plundering the enormous wealth of the continent.

But like any good thief white collar, the image of the personality front of Nicolas Sarkozy is a treasure that must be preserved by all means and at all prices. Unfortunately, Libya suffered ingratitude, jealousy, malice of African leaders who razed the walls of Tripoli to get that money to pay arrears of salaries of civil servants that money to finance political projects . So left behind even Russia and China, Libya was left alone to face the rage of looters NATO led by the United States with as dog barking policy France.

But time is the most credible opponent of lying. He is patient. He does not speak. But it exposes the deceit and began irreparably credibility and false honors from a scam rogue like designed and implemented by Nicolas Sarkozy and his friends thieves in Libya.

So this uncompromising, cruel and opponent time has finally arrived in Libya. The “revolutionary”yesterday, to which NATO bombs and spooks of France, the USA, England opened the roads by massacring hundreds of thousands of Libyan Patriots, call today for help. They are unable to perform administrative tours in almost all of Libya. Their only living space is Tripoli and the air when an airplane to carry suitcases of money and other valuables from Libya to Paris where await the international underworld that destroyed Libya.

Even for their own safety, these lepers who dared claim to act on behalf of the Libyan people are desperate and ask their Western masters to help them stay alive so that continuous looting and destruction in Libya now vacant and ownerless.

But the Libyan people who had the pride of being led by a great man, of course, with its flaws and qualities, can not remain longer under the authority of a non-existent band of bastards in suits playing men political front, with their backs, a looter assistant straight from Paris or Washington.

This is why people resist. With weapons. In a totally asymmetric war that ended up pushing the rats gnawed all Libya to publicly confess their panic and their inability to be accepted by the Libyans.

But to the eyes of that resistant Libyan rest he turned? ….

…So be it and so it will be. Otherwise …

A Very Soon.

La Libye n’est plus qu’une jungle. Par la seule volonté d’un escroc : Nicolas Sarkozy…

Il a mis tout en œuvre pour empêcher le Guide libyen, le Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi, de lui réclamer son argent dès que les premiers désaccords sont apparus entre un Nicolas Sarkozy ivre d’argent facile et le Guide Libyen révolté à l’idée que ce lèche-cul des grandes familles industrielles d’Europe et de France mette à exécution son projet de déconstruction de l’Afrique, afin de permettre à ces familles qu’il sert, au détriment de la France sociale, de piller les immenses richesses du Continent.

Mais comme tout bon voleur à col blanc, l’image de la personnalité de façade de Nicolas Sarkozy est un précieux trésor qu’il fallait préserver par tous les moyens et à tous les prix. Malheureusement, la Libye a essuyé l’ingratitude, la jalousie, la méchanceté des chefs d’Etat africains qui rasaient les murs de Tripoli pour aller chercher qui de quoi payer des arriérés de salaires des fonctionnaires qui de l’argent pour financer des projets politiques. Alors, laissée pour compte même par la Russie et la Chine, la Libye est restée seule face à la rage des pillards de l’OTAN dirigés par les Etats-Unis avec comme chien aboyeur la France politique.

Mais le temps est le contradicteur le plus crédible du menteur. Il est patient. Il ne parle pas. Mais il met à nu la fourberie et entame irrémédiablement la crédibilité et les faux honneurs tirés d’une arnaque de voyous comme celle conçue et mise en œuvre par Nicolas Sarkozy et ses amis voleurs en Libye.

Alors ce temps intransigeant, cruel et contradicteur, est enfin arrivé en Libye. Les “révolutionnaires” d’hier, à qui les bombes de l’OTAN et les barbouzes de la France, des USA, de l’Angleterre ouvraient les routes en massacrant des centaines de milliers de Patriotes libyens, appellent aujourd’hui au secours. Ils sont incapables d’effectuer des tournées administratives dans la quasi-totalité de la Libye. Leur seul espace de vie reste Tripoli et les airs lorsqu’ils sont en avion pour transporter mallettes d’argent et autres biens précieux de la Libye en direction de Paris où les y attendent la pègre internationale qui a détruit la Libye.

Même pour assurer leur propre sécurité, ces pestiférés qui ont osé prétendre agir au nom du peuple libyen sont aux abois et demandent à leurs maîtres occidentaux de les aider à rester en vie afin que continue pillage et destruction dans une Libye désormais vacante et sans maître.

Mais le peuple libyen qui a connu la fierté d’être dirigé par un grand homme, bien sûr avec ses défauts et ses qualités, ne saurait demeurer plus longtemps sous l’autorité inexistante d’une bande d’enfoirés en costume, jouant les hommes politiques de façade, avec dans leurs dos, un assistant pillard venu tout droit de Paris ou Washington.

C’est pourquoi le peuple résiste. Avec des armes. Dans une forme de guerre totalement asymétrique qui a fini par pousser les rats qui ont rongés toute la Libye, à confesser publiquement leur panique générale et leur incapacité à se faire accepter par les Libyens.

Mais vers qui le regard des Résistants libyens reste-t-il tourné ?

Naturellement, ce n’est pas vers un inconnu des Libyens car les inconnus, ils sont en train d’en faire une bouchée en ce moment. C’est donc vers celui qu’ils connaissent, qu’ils savent incarner les valeurs et le système qui a valu à la Libye, son rayonnement panafricain et international, qu’ils ont le regard tourné….

…Ainsi soit-il et il en sera ainsi. Sinon…

A Très Bientôt.

Hassane Magued
(he Permanent Revolution)


But Saif is NOT the end of all means! Muammar al-Qathafi is still alive and Commanding with SAADI the Green Resistance!

Naturally, this is not a stranger to the Libyans as unknown, they are now making a bite right now. So to those they know, they know embody the values ​​and the system that has earned Libya, its pan-African and international influence, they are now looking.

And now we have received news of the arrests are now wide from inside the hotel “Oasis” and “Sevilla” to hunt down

(as they said) calling for a demonstration of tomorrow.
(Green Mountain newspaper)

URGENT: – Brotherhood people fear: –

This paper was suspended in front of some Almsagdalajoanih today:


Government and only the hum meet and execute the orders of militia leaders:


Libya first Jaiba the report on the people to fortune in the green arena
Broadcaster each time they ask in one,
You are wage demands as
It is I am a prophet Zaidane
And asks alone Also, and Ante Íaa Chta wage demands as
I request to drop Zaidane and the Government of the 30 Thieves
And you, brother Shen Mtbak
I request to drop the party Brotherhood.
God Hsstuni that Broadcaster served in the restaurant and ask in to Mqamazin Shen eat. I am one Shawarma, and I am one Tamya and I’m … etc.
ليبيا اولا جايبه تقرير عن الناس الي طالعه في الساحه الخضراء
و المذيع كل مره يسأل في واحد ,
انت شن مطالب ك
يرد عليه انا ما نبي زيدان
و يسأل وحده تانيه ,,وانتي ياأ ختي شن مطالب ك
أنا مطلبي أسقاط زيدان وحكومة 30 حرامي
وانت يا أخ شن مطلبك
انا مطلبي أسقاط الحزب الاخواني
والله حسستوني أن المذيع يخدم في مطعم ويسأل في الي مقعمزين شن ياكل و . انا واحد شاورما , وانا واحد طعميه وانا …ألخ

Voice Cyrenaica:

Kaaaaaaaaaaarthh p channel Libya first disappearance 750 Miliaaaaaaaaaaar of the Central Bank of Libya

O Saaaaatr of the biggest corruption in the history of mankind !

This traitor who said the ful 7 decision … as a “good campaign, God willing,” …….. O us the wonders of your ability!

Hola thugs officials fateful decision ful 7 RAR …

هـــولاء الـسفــاحــين المسؤلـــــين عــن الـــقرار الــمشــؤوم القـــــــ7ـــــرار …


from the African Continent and secondly,

remember what NATO’s “Right2P” really meant and did to LIBYA! They were “protecting” the Zionists Interests;
not the Libyan People’s !! All they gave to Libya was death & Destruction!–
Defense Ministry confirms the existence of reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the United Nations
scouring the skies of Benghazi …. Defense Ministry confirmed on Sunday, that the plane watched by
residents of the city of Benghazi in the sky of the city back to the power of (AFRICOM) of the Organization
of the United Nations. He said the ministry spokesman Abdul Razak Cbahi The exploratory plane back
to the power of (AFRICOM) of the United Nations mission and reconnaissance imaging and protect civilians.
The Cbahi that the Ministry of Defence had agreed earlier with (AFRICOM) within a specific convention for the
protection of the skies of Libya during the revolution of February 17, and ended since last June, at the request
of the interim government plane returned to the skies the country for next June.
ABDULah THANKLESS ( Hakim BelHadj) Called ungrateful dog and his masters in NATO…
and they are again in LIBYA!!!(He is LFG and al-Qaeda whom NATO claim they are bombing!! LIARS & Murderous HYPOCRITES)
WE MUST NOT PERMIT NATO, USA, FRANCE, U.K., AFRICOM or the USA BACK in Libyan airspace or upon Libyan Soil or territorial WATERS!!!We will not forget our children who we lost following the decision unfair to impose on us semiconductor men .. We will not forget our kids Mahmoud and Balkis, or generosity and light and all our brave martyrs and prisoners in the prisons of February, Mvcodena and our wounded .. Kono on the date 25 / September / 2013 PThese come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata .. The city of Bani Walid for an entire month …
Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm
لن ننسى أطفالنا الذين فقدناهم إثر قرار ظالم فرضه علينا أشباه الرجال .. لن ننسى أطفالنا محمود و بلقيس و أم الجود و نور و كل شهداؤنا الأشاوس و أسرانا في سجون فبراير و مفقودينا و جرحانا .. كونو في الموعد 25 / سبتمبر / 2013 ف

And we must NEVER dismiss what NATO did to SIRTE!

Libya’s international channel

Member of the General National Congress for the city of Sirte Abdul Salam key to submit his resignation

from the membership of the Conference.

المدعو ناكر كلب وفي لأسياده في حلف الاطلسي.
(The Libyan news agency)
 Belhadj (the al-Qaeda LFG man) 
and Ali Zaidane the German citizen, on his last European trip

General Almatmalotunai resolution No. (81) for the year 2013 in regard to

lifting immunity for each of the: emigrated commander,

Touati Alaadh the F tourist.


Do not listen to any of the phantom data on Facebook , Paltalk or other … All fake data do not have any basis of health ..

Most of the resistance inside the land of the Libyan insurgents do not know the Internet was originally only a few ..

Facebook Tntalaa the mass popular resistance of the campaigns launched by the resistance pages …

As many phantom data and false significantly impair the muzzle .

Laila Amer:

“victory of God we wait for data or saws we have confidence in and Dhanana and the right owners and the earth

beneath our feet is still a delegation Here we have a year and the imposition of Libya to all of us , but sold the supply and ground.”

Smart Fisherman:

“we will not give will not Ntkhadl in the march to liberate the homeland will not listen to Haúola

of the damned Achardmh promiscuous aggressor to the house of God , we are still the words of our Lord commander 

in Adanna will resist even did not hear his voice , and God is Greatest.”

Hanno Hnoo:

“RBI in victory”

Mager hold by Leah:

“is removed in the land mass did not leave them or the safest weapon and Mazelt resist and led to people from the east

to the south to the city until the back banner Ezza and Arabism green flag,”

The Sadya Sday:

“will not surrender , we will not succumb”



Rat said Bo-sided that the conference Allaotunai will do 51 Constitution and the general state system would be a republican,

and God rotate the effort Jabbar you that you Rdjatna of the back steps of the mass of the Republican state commander Íaakh.

Saqr Sirte.


“Forward Aavzan to forward honest Yakbaúlna not return to the era of slavery.”

(Muammar al-Qathafi)

Admin Rafiq

Libyan militias are holding 8,000 prisoners in secret prisons

Posted: 2013/09/19           http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=633591
From: Mathaba
There are no human rights in occupied Libya since it is in the hands of mercenaries in the pay of the colonial powers.
Since the NATO-led war on the Libyan Jamahiriya, the situation in the occupied country is catastrophic and there is no law outside of the law of arms and terror. The country is in the hands of mercenaries of various militias that control various parts of Libya. Each group governs its own territory with violence, torture and murder. The occupation government in Tripoli has no power to enforce human rights, which rights therefore are effectively non-existent.What is most serious, is that every militia has created private justice. Each group of mercenaries has a private prison where they confine and torture their prisoners. By now everyone knows the case of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the Leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution, Muammar Gaddafi, who is illegally held in a private prison in Zliten. But another 8,000 inmates are in the same situation.This number is also confirmed by the current Ministry of Justice of the so-called central government, which also is totally helpless to counter the dominance of the battalions of mercenaries who infest Libya. The main private prisons are located in the city of Misrata, Zawiya, Zliten and even in the capital Tripoli.One of the shameful cases concerns the Mitiga prison in the Libyan capital. The infamous prison is under the direct control of the Supreme Security Committee, but despite that, it is a terrifying place where every kind of torture is practiced.Another scandalous issue concerns the refugee situation. There are entire communities displaced, cities destroyed, and people terrorized and discriminated. The most famous case concerns Tawergha, a town whose only crime is to have been loyal to the legitimate government of Libya. Misrata’s mercenaries have deported its inhabitants. The city has been totally destroyed and its inhabitants are still prevented from returning.Other similar cases relate to the city of Darj, Ryayna, Al Qalish and Mashashiya, but also many people of Sirte and Bani Walid are martyrs of the resistance to the colonial oppressors, and have suffered the same fate.Unfortunately, the situation of the Libyan refugees abroad is also a disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people loyal to the Libyan Jamahiriya have been forced to leave the country since 2011 to escape persecution by the militia. After more than two years, many of them are still living in camps in a state of despair. For them to return home is presently impossible, as their homes either no longer exist or are occupied by mercenaries, and they would be arrested and probably tortured and killed upon their return to Libya.The occupation government does not recognize them as Libyans and therefore has no intention of helping them. Neither the effort of national reconciliation, nor the so-called international community does anything for them.However, those who sow hatred are reaping only rejection and resistance. The great march of popular resistance is already on the move. Soon the shameful occupation government and the mercenaries will be erased from the history of Libya, and soon the masses will regain their popular authority which they deserve as a natural right.GCS

The day will come to call our streets and our schools and universities on the names of the first heroes of the

Libyan leader from his sons and Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, and the rest of our martyrs and passing Basrana the

the brave, such as Mansour Daou Lobo Zaid Dorda and Abdullah al-Senussi, Ahmed Ibrahim …

And the rest of the Champions … These heroes are men first mass in history … It is a great honor.

09/25/2013 day meeting of the martyrs and prisoners of war and missing and injured …
We will go out for the sake of the blood of the martyrs and for prisoners of war and missing we will come

out on Wednesday, 09/25/2013, to say our word in front of Libyans and to the world …

Libyan news | Eye on Facebook

Yesterday trials against Libyan figures of the big sins that history will not forgive for Fberaarien.

They are more than aware that these trials bad play to try to output simulated the existence of the State in Libya now.
Eliminate that such detainees in front of yesterday can not even protect himself, and has no independence in the face

of the militias that provide him protection conditional on not compromising its influence and ignoring all its crimes against the Libyans.
Is victor’s justice trying to impose a fait accompli to liquidate liabilities and the fallacy of the world.

Bashir Saleh

Zaidane client authorizes the defense minister to grant arranged for 200 military field commander of rats and attach them to the

cadres of the army and police, each according to their age, experience and qualifications Aaalak case and salvation.

Saqr Sirte.

(What they accuse our Great Jamahiriya citizens of is what the RATS  themselves are really the guilty part of.)

TRAITORS “collaboraing with Foreign bodies”:

Almqji Maimshawa barbers for this the date Qublohm in hell will be in the places henna sale and incense and cheap perfume ….

The Terrorist Busidra was appointed proxy member of the National The Conference Defiance The Libyan people
National Congress required to issue a decision prevents the Libyans to travel abroad for many women and liquor.

The Libyan news agency today

Mr. President (ZAIDANE) will hold the interim government and Sada, Minister of Justice and Minister of the Interior in charge of a

press conference tomorrow, Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 11:00 am at the Prime Minister’s Office.

(Naima Misrati)

“A country ambience” newspaper:

Jamal Alzoubih to say the atmosphere for the country if the Attorney General was summoned for interrogation on

Monday, against the backdrop of a complaint filed against a member of the National Conference F tourist.

Do you expect the Attorney General calls to lift the immunity members Alautamr the Paradise

Will we see the Attorney General waive the immunity to the President and members of the

Committee on Energy National Congress after a bribery scandal installed documents


هل سنرى النائب العام يرفـــع الحصانة على رئيس واعضاء لجنة الطاقة بالمؤتمر الوطني بعد فضيحة الرشوة المثبته بالمستندات
Now on Libya Liberal: Naji al-Mukhtar, head of the Energy Committee in the General National Congress:

Instruments that displayed Jdharan the forged deserved .. Congress and the government does not intervene in these bargains ridiculous ..

Jdharan by Give auto in Ajdabiya day “where I come from with all this money.”



The forces that brought the conference to secure # Tripoli did not work assigned to them, Crimes and violations, kidnappings increased

rate as soon as they enter the capital almost a month ago, and Atfajie day citizens Bertal heavily armed reviewing troops in the streets

is not to protect them but to protect the Congress and the government!!

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ
(picture shows a gang of ZLITEN renegades for the SHIELDS–which the city of Zliten has totally disowned!):

News Jamahiriya | Tarakhiat the

Hercules aircraft Bonbers of the type you land at the U.S. base Willis in Tripoli

  • طيران مروحي يحلق على العاصمة طرابلس منذ الصباح. #ليبيا

    Aviation military Apache helicopter  hovering over the capitol


    ABDULah THANKLESS ( Hakim BelHadj) Called ungrateful dog and his masters in NATO…and they are again in LIBYA!!!

    (He is LFG and al-Qaeda whom NATO claim they are bombing!! LIARS & Murderous HYPOCRITES)


    المدعو ناكر كلب وفي لأسياده في حلف الاطلسي.

    Now inside the huge convoy Salim Aktar than 400 vehicles of all kinds of weapons.

    (Media Abu Salim Center)

    Exhume the tomb of the Companion Sidi African Mnivr (Mr. Mandar) by takfiri Salafist groups.
    Last night: Ain Zara, record the number of 3 cases of armed robbery of a group leading the BMW black color and is being searched for.
    Zenata traffic signal, the arrest of a person and the other sons fled (infected) after chase them because Stohm on the highway citizen.
    Last night: Princess Lounge, June 11, and a group of gunmen Bar-room brawl threatening injury groom and the intervention of security in place.
    Of Htvat in GREEN SQUARE Tripoli Win Security O Khanabh of Libya gone gang:
    Green  Square is now in a protest movement martyr to revive the nation to demand the overthrow of the interim government
  • and the General National Congress and that the outcome of the country’s Fodi and assassinations?
  • Systems faculty members the Alchuirv area on Sunday and in the field vigil to protest the president delayed salaries and lack of access to rights and financial benefits
  •  Open tent Alatsam the monument in Green Square in a demonstration of “the movement of a martyr for homeland neighborhoods.

    Libya February …

    Tripoli / Hrdmish (airport) Tripoli International

    A young man grows and Panama and close the runway on Libyan plane was about to depart this morning and prevents

    them from Amoadhirh the before he was ejected through the runway and did not know the reasons so far.


    Adnan rocket participated in the bombing of the Yarmouk camp against Zintan participated in the

    re-Gneoh Alkkla Committee Salim security after his expulsion from Zintan in Gurji kidnapped both

    belonged to the tribe of Zintan and tortured in the second secret headquarters in the way of Nasser University.

    Unconfirmed news on the state of hysteria sustained Gneoh a Alkkla after killed Adnan rocket and said loudly that Zintan would kill him too.

    Urgent ..Ezzedine Louhichi kidnapped from the Zintan tribe after taking part in demonstrations today and news to move it to indicate Mitigua base.

    Urgent ..Unconfirmed news that the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood tracking militia in Tripoli, the assassination of Adnan rocket

    after it issued a set of Mr. Qutb wrote in the shadow of the Holy Quran and referred it to the secret of the Corners by the burning ….

    Urgent ..Clashes and heavy gunfire heard now in the Gurji domicile deceased Adnan rocket.

    Urgent ..A convoy of rebel battalion Tripoli heading to the secret headquarters of which was her second deceased Adnan rocket.

    Mesh tell Tripoli been appointed Almkaath and pants Tayhh Hevcoa men Tripoli launched appreciate the do.

    Urgent ..Strong explosion shakes the city of Tripoli now ….

    Urgent ..News about the movement of a column of the second secret backing trapping area Alfornaj in Tripoli and the destruction of Al-Zahrawi Medical analysis ….

    Urgent Tripoli – shortly before

    Adnan al-Shibani’s assassination is the second secret backing nicknamed (missile) shot which is calculated on the Brotherhood and a coalition to Tkfferin and Suehalian

    Valguetlh kill and assassinate him that is expected to be assassinated
    And the news has been confirmed on the second page confidential backing on Facebook.

    Slain Adnan al-Shibani nicknamed missile

    Adnan al-Shibani Almlfb missile killer is Dr. “Hassan Triki,”
    Where Adnan tortured to death, Dr. ..

    Said the spokesman for the operations room, DC Rat Essam sleepiness that the killing named Adnan al-Shibani was a military organs of the current

    government because he was overseeing the sensitive issues of security and intelligence, taking advantage of the chaos experienced by the country.

    Saqr Sirte.

    Come who after …
    Urgent ..Assault on some of the doctors in the hospital street corner slain by secret Adnan al-Shibani

    not charged after do Ballazem not Rescue the life of the deceased Adnan al-Shibani.

    Urgent for publication and dissemination / 6 persons were arrested from the western the Gurji Alharg population

    accused of killing the cadaver Adnan al-Shibani, nicknamed the missile “We hope the free zone discernible caution.


    Here is another pic of the known homosexual:



Some Zintan Men,,, all a to Mchacheh the men, the result, some Zintan resemble the Mchacheh ..

Hashim humans

Call me many brothers and sisters asking for a range of movement of a martyr for the home, including the brother the Ezzedine Louhichi

activist who had been abducted after demonstration in Martyrs’ Square this evening .. I deny absolutely Msaliti or liability brother Haitham

Tagouris or brother Abdul Rauf hater according to a both or we know them and there is nothing to require detention or abduction of activists

demonstrating in a peaceful civilians and freedom of expression is guaranteed for all, this investigation brotherhood activists neighbor will not

Nadm avenue in the search for them and find out place or the party to which they were taken.
This science and discharge of edema and certainly promoted by hearsay to Oachon.

The abduuction of EZZEDINE LOUHICHI:

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter – Urgent

Newsflash …… We Achtitav member Shahid movement to revive the nation (Ezzeddine Alzentani)

in Tripoli a few hours ago ……..

Saraya Zintan rebels gathered

Abduction of one of the activists and founders of the movement to revive the nation martyr
And a number of protesters to the city of Tripoli, after a demonstration today
Green Square, Tripoli by gunmen and were taken
For an unknown destination.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
Family the Ezzedine Louhichi activist denies the news of his release and appeals has information about his whereabouts

or the party found to have communion with them to learn the fate of their son.

Media Khalifa al-Obeidi

Kidnapping the Ezzedine Louhichi activist since few in Tripoli after participating in a demonstration today and going out on

Tqriralve-Displayed in today’s episode of the program awakening homeland with courage and spoke openly ….

Blast a Baim white car, inside the wall of the museum area
Pond, causing no damage and casualties, and the car
Empty and was detonated after a corner.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)





Force operations room Libya rebels city Gharyan a direction to the city of Tripoli

Quoting / /


Qutb wrote burning after being confiscated by the eighth band ((the corners))

20 September 2013 0629 pm



حرق كتب سيد قطب بعد مصادرتها من قبل الفرقة الثامنة ((النواصي))20 سبتمبر، 2013 0629 مساءً

Pictures and News of Rishvana

Of course hostages who were released the to Barah aspirations of the non-cars
Because it Tmhtt and even Anpaat of corner gangs who stole them

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

This the Hashim humans prospects.

What do you say about and Rishvana?

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

هذا الآفاق هاشم بشر ماذا يقول عن ورشفانة،،

بنت الوادي

Pictures and News of Rishvana

Detainees were exchanged shortly before Between Rishvana and the front Corner Kosha bin Jaber west wind Ras
14 detainees from and Rishvana been receipt shortly before 13 of them were kidnapped in the coastal road during clashes
In addition to the person who was kidnapped this afternoon coastal road corner

Arrested the armor is not within the “deal”
They have other arrangements separate from the process this topic
Been exchange Aamahtdzen between, Rishvana and Corner shortly before.

Shui Naguiblkm (the details)



ÚÇÇÇĚá and special …
The shooting by someone outside the p law on employee nuts by a bullet cartridge type and Ahamdallah No injuries ..

was built locks walnuts Benghazi by employees while providing security!!

Unidentified firing on Galaa Hospital

Unknown persons fired at dawn Sunday, the fire at the gate of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi. According to Director of the Information Office of the a Fadia

righteous sickly hospital that unknown assailants opened fire on the hospital wounded one in which security elements Guardian to the hospital

with a bullet in the chest, adding that he is now lying in intensive care.

Injuring two of Thunderbolt soldiers charged with the protection of Galaa Hospital
Country ambiance – Ahmed Azaaeljk the

Two of the wounded guards Galaa Hospital in Benghazi at dawn on Sunday in a shooting by unknown assailants.

A spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi “Abdullah Zaidi,” The unknown assailants opened fire from two cars on

the front of Galaa and wounded two members of the Thunderbolt charged with the protection of the hospital and some citizens’ cars.

Zaidi added to the country’s airspace on Sunday that the patients in the hospital now and in stable condition.

It is noteworthy that several hospitals in Libya have seen similar attacks in the last period.

#سبها : ازدحم منذ الصباح أمام المصارف العاملة بالمنظومة المصرفية الموحدة بسبب عطل فني سبب فى
قطع الاتصال بين المصارف بسبها والمنظومة الرئيسية بمصرف ليبيا طرابلس مما تسبب في تزاحم المواطنين وارباك للعمل المصرفي .

Unknown persons fired at dawn Sunday, the fire at the gate of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi.

According to Director of the Information Office of Hospital Fadia mainland sickly me for “news agency solidarity”

that the unknown opened fire on the hospital wounded where one element of security guard

to the hospital with a bullet in the chest, adding that he is now lying in intensive care.

Libyan citizen last throes into the emergency room by hospital
1200 beds “medical”, after a long wait without attic detection of doctors
Emergency absentee entirely on rotation, and the reason for the absence hospital
Doctors today, and a doctor was called from her home, and his grandmother came
Dead, and the cause of death in pressure drop.

Libyan news | Benghazi

Benghazi residents protesting to topple the government Zaidane.
Lech Heca Ya Arab Middle ČÓ!!
Mesh Lantau Thrrto nor how??

Unknown groups are tearing down posters calling for demonstrations and the prosecution of some of those who made ​​it:

Yankee Aircraft in the skies over Benghazi.

Essam al-Obeidi

Scene now of Quiche yard … Preparation demonstrators to Aizidon for the hundred demonstrators in any way … 2 tents …..

One where the chairs and the other busy .. The number of four military vehicles by armed civilians standing on yet …
This is the scene at five and twenty-four minutes …
Arena the hotel Altibsta interview quite busy
And God is witness to what I say

A number of the citizens of Benghazi demanding the departure of the National Congress and the interim government

Demonstrated a number of citizens of Benghazi, on Saturday evening, in the yard of Quiche city to demand the departure

of the interim government and the National Congress. Reporter for “News Agency solidarity” that citizens raised slogans

demanding the departure of a major national conference year and the interim government, pointing out that a number

of demonstrators demanded the independence of the territory Cyrenaica and considering the launch of the new Libya.

demonstrators denounced the interim government’s decision to “canceled” No. 312, which calls for the formation of a

national guard, the demonstrators also demanded the formation of the army and police of the country.

Solidarity News Agency – Benghazi


Urgent .. Zaidane leaves the airport built a few minutes after arriving

The head of the interim government left Ali Zaidan, Saturday afternoon, built in Benghazi Airport after a short visit lasted for two hours.

According to a source from the special forces responsible for the protection of the airport that after the revelation of Zaidane

from the plane received cheers from some citizens and forces responsible for the protection of the airport asking him to

return to Tripoli for being unwelcome in Benghazi – by saying, adding that the head of the interim government dialogue with

some of those responsible for the protection of The airport had told him of the need to leave, and the impact left hustling plane that arrived from them.

(Solidarity News Agency)
Page of the Legion of security 219
German Zaidane arrived today to the children of gaseous visit did not exceed two hours , where did not find welcoming there

Vhoudroa him by members of the protection of the airport and advised him to leave the airport and actually left the airport

independent importer same plane in which they came .

Stun forces are protecting demonstrators in Quiche yard after refusing to meet with Zaidane.

Firas Bsalum,

Held today, the Prime Minister told a news conference .. And quote what the Prime Minister said during the press conference, saying ::

“We hope to be channels envisages responsibility and abide by a code of honor media in health information and event that I went to

Benghazi on a business trip for 35 minutes to meet the character was pass a transient at the airport did not contact one and willing

circumstance that the person is his journey and submitted to the Hall of protocol and asked the forces Stun The Colonel and Nice Bouchmadh

and I sat in the hall and there were no demonstrations did not Prevent out and the word that was said about the visit was the author

and Colonel Nice Bouchmadh the, and his revival of the neighborhood and be able to talk about it, “

(Saqr Sirte)

Libya channel for each Liberal movement demonstration of Kish Square in Benghazi now.

Urgent … Unidentified assassinate a businessman in Benghazi

Intelligence source said Benghazi, said on Saturday that unidentified assassins Yousef Ajaj accidentally Hawari city of Benghazi.

The source, who preferred anonymity for “solidarity news agency that” Agag

subjected to shooting him in the morning he was in his car a white Toyota 13,282 to 25.

(Solidarity News Agency)

Businessman Yusuf car Agag Who was assassinated this morning shot dead by unidentified Hawari area in the city of Benghazi:

Urgent … Benghazi
Burning government Mgarat and wish the city Gerdanih. ….. The dome area … hand and still ongoing clashes so far ….

FLASH Benghazi … now …
Two people dead and at least four wounded in an armed clash between
Two families to 14th Street b Almajora, where he continued fighting
Nearly an hour, and resulted in the human and material losses …

Two people dead and at least four wounded in an armed clash between
Two families to 14th Street b Almajora, where he continued fighting
Nearly an hour, and resulted in the human and material losses
Doctors and engineers Rahm.

Sound clashes in Almajora area resulting from the shooting between promoters Mkhdhirat (strabismus and other models).

Employee injured in the passports Benghazi building after the shooting

Exposure Passport Office Benghazi, on Sunday afternoon, the fire from one of the citizens what led to the injury of one of the staff it.

According to an official source in passports Benghazi preferred anonymity for “news agency solidarity” that one of the citizens opened

fire on the first floor after being told that the Organization of passports idle today, which means waiting for treatment for another day.,

and added that there are employees named Nice Khvafa the shot was evacuated to the hospital, pointing out that the management of

the building ordered to evacuate the building and close it while providing security for the staff and the building.

(Intelligence Benghazi)

Urgent agency Libya (Special) / Benghazi

Channel was “Youth Power FM” radio in the city of Benghazi at dawn on Saturday attacked when unknown assailants stormed the headquarters and stole apparatus.
He said “Mohammed Busafa” the owner and director of the channel’s “Urgent Libya” that the perpetrators stole everything, including sending in addition to different computers, and Fama stolen items is estimated at 25 thousand dinars, and left a threatening message to the effect of “Stop.”
Commenting on this said, “Aliossifa” We will not stop to uncover the truth and that annoyed them shoplifters, and we will come back stronger and more solid to continue our work to cherish since the launch of our channel on February 28, 2013.
It is noteworthy that the channel “Youth Power FM” owned generation and opinions Foundation, one of the first media organizations that have been adopted on 28 April 2011.

Close entertaining Ath FM radio by force of arms …….

Went today, Wednesday 18 September 2013 an armed group composed of elements of the military junta and support

the security of the headquarters of Radio fun Ath, radio Oglqo and lose the arrest of all those who were present inside

without any warning and force of arms …

إغلاق راديو مسل اته FM بقوة السلاح …….

توجه اليوم الأربعاء الموافق 18 سبتمبر 2013 مجموعة مسلحة مكونة من عناصر المجلس العسكري

والإسناد الأمني لمقر إذاعة مسل اته وأغلقو الإذاعة وقامو باعتقال كل من كان موجود بداخلها دون أي سابق إنذار وبقوة السلاح .

Interior reveal evidence of people’s involvement in the assassinations in Benghazi

The German news agency (DPA)

Deputy Chairman of the interim government and in charge of the Ministry of Interior friend Abdul Karim, that the security services in Libya

have been able to collect inferences about the number of suspects in carrying out assassinations in the city of Benghazi, in collaboration

with security experts from a number of friendly countries, including the United States, pointing out that orders had been issued to arrest them.

Abdel Karim said in a press conference held today, Sunday, September 22 in Tripoli, “The inferences have been collected on the number of

suspects to carry out a number of assassinations in Benghazi, and that orders had been issued for the arrest to directly investigate and

settle the matter about them in front of the Libyan judiciary independent . ”

And announced that work had begun in the installation of an integrated system for control of the city of Benghazi in order to monitor

the security situation in the city, and that the completion may be next month.




leave the oil installation and be a traitor!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel

Salem Aljdharan:

Zaidane contacted me by phone and told me I’m waiting for you at the airport .. the letter said,

“I am slay the how facing up Nerjy the the Vic”.

i Ulid
A real disaster on the channel Libya Liberal Aljdharan comes with 30 million checks said it was given to me

from a member of Congress Nagy file Mukhtar,

head of energy out of your pocket.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Scandal Kpraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of Nagy Mokhtar party .. “file of Energy National Congress” given Aljdharan 30

million in order to leave the oil wells

# _ Gateway to Libya


URGENT / / Brotherhood Naji al-Mukhtar, head of energy displays Ali Jzeran 30 million?

(Khtergda) Brotherhood Naji al-Mukhtar, head of energy in the conference Ouati displays on Salem Jzeran and his brother Ibrahim

(((30 million)))

God suffices me, and yes, the agent you O Mkhanb, goats livelihood of the people Tbazqgua the Left Right

(خطيرجدآ) الاخواني ناجي مختار رئيس الطاقة في المؤتمر الواطي يعرض على سالم جظران …Afficher la suite
Durée : 0:57

Joseph Aaron on channel Libya are free ..

Zaidane was in Benghazi yesterday Interview Salem Aljdharan to the money supply and payment of bribes and we are witnesses

and some of the army officers are witnesses will not allow them that Evlto of this matter only after taking retribution

and full disclosure of the facts,

Presentation of the briber Naji al-Mokhtar Liberal on Libya since a few


مداخلة الراشي ناجي مختار على ليبيا الاحرار منذ قليل
مداخلة الراشي ناجي مختار على ليبيا الاحرار منذ قليل


You have a date with the news conference to Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Jdharan politburo chief of the territory of Cyrenaica on at 7:30

on the channels, vision, Libya Liberal, Libya First, al-Hurra U.S., and it announces the good news and the gift of the Libyan people as a whole.

Be on the date / Information Office of the Youth Movement of Cyrenaica.

Zaidane calls the protestors oil fields to resolving sit peacefully
Country ambiance – Ahmed Faitouri reporting:

The head of the interim government Ali Zaidane all the protesters in the oil fields to the resolution of their sit-in, which he described as harmful

to the interests of the nation, stressing that the State will turn when the time comes, but it gives room for a peaceful solution, as he put it.


Zaidane said Sunday at a news conference that there was a delegation from the International Monetary Fund has expressed his annoyance of

the process stopped pumping oil, as the delegation expressed concern that there is a deficit in the state reserve, pointing out that the government

and the National Congress degree first in the busy fully solve the problem stops export of oil from four ports in the country.

(Valley girl)

Explosion of a white BMW car, inside the wall of the museum area
Baraka …


The newspaper pointed out that the INVESTED Western Companies OIL crisis has become more complicated, after the announcement of

Ibrahim Aljdharan commander of the armed groups involved guarding oil installations that tribes and militias united in eastern Libya and

formed a fighting force in common, the newspaper quoted Aljdharan as saying: “The Defence Force, which was formed in Cyrenaica have

sufficient strength to secure the eastern region, and for naval units capable of defending foreign oil tankers, which buys oil from them directly. ”

(Liberal Libya)

There Mjaolh the failure of Zaidane in moving armor Misratah:
There are gathering for approximately 400 cars with 4 cars loaded with gasoline
And there is a state of alert in the area of Ajdabiya, fields, and the area near the Rouge Valley ask God fit if the country and the people ….
(Joseph Aaron activist)

Essam Jehani:

Attended Zaidane in the early morning stealth and waited more than an hour to meet politburo chief gently without any prior arrangement

and was refused the interview because they do not mean only the process of marketing to meet and which coincided with the lie of the

Commission crisis bubble, which said it obtained the demands of the Politburo. ..! Also coincides with the movement of troops from Central

delicately bound by strong reportedly us 400 mechanism (went south after the plug!), Say fools maneuvers started even already decided to

Cyrenaica, this trend harbinger of the civil war, and when caught not irreversible separation, Nico’s also messing with specific Cyrenaica is

madness and the loser is transgressing category (by similar fatwa Ikhhm …!), which will enter into the land of others and beyond them,

ÇáÝŇÚĺ the word, but do not understand Albroukh Fjhezwa yourselves, O inhabitants of Cyrenaica all phases of madness and to talk to the rest of the …

Review of armor cars near the Pillars:



These come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata .. The city of Bani Walid for an entire month …

Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm.

Osama Oraibi:

official spokesman of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica / asked Salem Jdharan to contend with Naji Mokhtar on it’s OK

to bribery to get the documents and documents (checks) and evidence to offer to the Libyans have been withdrawn

2 million of the 30 million that has been presented to us.

The newspaper pointed out that the INVESTED Western Companies OIL crisis has become more complicated, after the announcement of Ibrahim

Aljdharan commander of the armed groups involved guarding oil installations that tribes and militias united in eastern Libya and formed a fighting

force in common, the newspaper quoted Aljdharan as saying:

“The Defence Force, which was formed in Cyrenaica have sufficient strength to secure

the eastern region, and for naval units capable of defending foreign oil tankers, which buys oil from them directly. “

(Liberal Libya)

Defense Ministry confirms the existence of reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the United Nations scouring the skies of Benghazi ….

Defense Ministry confirmed on Sunday, that the plane watched by residents of the city of Benghazi in the sky of the city back to the power

of (AFRICOM) of the Organization of the United Nations. He said the ministry spokesman Abdul Razak Cbahi The exploratory plane back to

the power of (AFRICOM) of the United Nations mission and reconnaissance imaging and protect civilians.
The Cbahi that the Ministry of Defence had agreed earlier with (AFRICOM) within a specific convention for the protection of the skies of Libya

during the revolution of February 17, and ended since last June, at the request of the interim government plane returned to the

skies the country for next June.

The Libyan news agency.



Theft of electricity wires in # Gado



Libyan news | Photos

And Mager Valley near Zliten yesterday



Contribution has:
The Sale and mercy and blessings of God
Greetings great conqueror,
This post of “one of the free Ir Sirte” calling itself the “Tahlobh liver Darha”, she gave me these words Tnscheroha in blogging

because they do not know the world of Facebook after and they want to express oryx and the Djaha and wants to be with

all the fighters for freedom, , though her ​​words, of course, asked to be accompanied by a picture of Sirte with this destructive

words or image Champions pride convoy,, this is Thought: entitled “Weird”
Although I’m still I live in a national
Hua breathe cent
Strolling among the frameworks Table Te
A warm light of sun and Htiana
But I live in a strange national
National, which was destroyed, families, and displaced
National who scattered dreams and shattered hopes
National who killed his sons planes treachery brought by the Brotherhood.
Threw fire venom throughout the national
Who desecrated feet hate dwarves
They changed the color of freedom and to the blood of science and ignorance and destruction
Planted hatred spines in the body Jmahirity
And Djalo Thira as home to the true villains brothers and sons
Endowed or Githu Endowment of seen Hgueth homeland Ra death and destruction Regulations

Forward and never light despite Ear ignorant.
Welcome contribution has been through messages sent to the page
Or via e-mail address below:

ا لسلا م عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
تحية الفاتح العظيم ,,
هذه مشاركة من ” إحدى حرا ئر سرت ” تسمي نفسها ” طحلوبة كبدها دارهه ” هي

اعطتني هذه الكلمات لتنشروها في صفحتكم لانها لا تعرف عالم الفيس بوك بعد و لكنها تريد ان تعبر عن المها و وجعها و تريد ان

تكون مع كل المناضلين من اجل الحرية ,, ولو بكلماتها ,, طبعا طلبت ان ترفق صورة لسرت المدمرة مع هذه الكلمات او صورة لابطال رتل العزة ,, هذه هي الخاطرة : بعنوان ” غربة ”
رغم اننى لازلت اقطن فى وطني
اتنفس هوا ئه
اتمشى بين طر قا ته
ا دفئ بنور شمسه وشطئانه
الا اننى اعيش فى وطنى غريب
وطنى الذى دُمّر ,, أُسّرِ ,, و شُرّدْ
وطنى الذى بُعثرت أحلامه و تناثرت آمالهُ
وطنى الذى قُتل أبنائه بطائرات غدرٍِ أتى بها الاخوان .
رمت بنيران حقدها ربوع وطنى
الذى دنس بأقدام الحاقدين والأقزام
بدّلوا لون الحرية والعلم الى دمٍ وجهلٍ ودمار
زرعوا أشواك حقدهم فى جسد جماهيريتى
وجعلو ثرا ك موطنا للأوغاد فيا إخوتى وأبنائى
هبوا وأ غيثو ا ماتبقى من وطنٍ أر هقته را ئحة الموت والدمار

و الى الامام و الفاتح ابدا رغما عن انف الجاهلين.

نستقبل مشاركاتكم عبر ارسالها الى رسائل الصفحة
او عبر الايميل الالكتروني التالي:

Mercy on the martyrs.

Libya’s international channel

Member of the General National Congress for the city of Sirte Abdul Salam key to submit his resignation

from the membership of the Conference.



These come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata ..

The city of Bani Walid for an entire month … Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm.

Resolution No. ( 7). And realize Malaqrar the No. (7) …. ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

History will write that City name bin Walid.

Because the intervention needs to : –
Hello word that you are a guest .

And you need to enter by force : –

That you are in control of the state and joints .
To legitimize an illegal decision .
The state says that the most dangerous people .
That Thiaa the dead Draah the killed.
The recruit Agazzamha the Juasisa the horsemen
Intelligence to move her state and owners of the supreme authority states hidden .
Be Mqatelic number in the thousands
Be Alt medium pass thousandth car.
Be your weapons consisting of heavy tanks and Grad rocket launchers and cannons Hauser and many others.
For you to have him warplanes big role .
Be you the freedom to spy on communications.
To cut her gasoline and Supply .
The gathering thieves and robbers state from east to west and north to south .
You to have a number and kit to open more than five fronts at the same time .
To be in every front number of Laket mechanisms do not stop Nernek density , even for a minute from dawn to Morocco and some times from dawn to dawn.
That Mqatelic have Majkovém of narcotic substances , alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic pills

All this with the necessity to be interviewer from the Mujahideen Al Areen defenders .
Must be not more than a maximum of 500
Make it clear that for them the mechanics of more than forty الاخد into account that does not have them Aktar anti-aircraft type only

one 23 and the other does not work only Besbtanh and one .
Make it clear that for them more than one tank Trailed .
That does not have to have more than 1 cart Grad condition that be without prompt.
Um rest do not Zir their light weapons Laket use do not have to have more than 6 RPG . And 8 guns between me KTN general purposes

and some of قناصات which does not exceed the details of the number of African 2 4 Dracanov and some sniper AFP that .
بهدا quantum shape and you can enter it but
You need to have at least 23 days of continuous war of all kinds . Bullets and guns , media and rumors and intelligence wa Jussh .
And need to be at least hundreds of deaths and injuries between disturb decoder .
After her intervention . You can steal and burn and demolish buildings . But will not be able to demolish the morale of men know exactly

that the war LEC provided that minimum day her hand of God among the people .
You after all this opened the door Tar may reap the souls of the invaded and helped in the invasion a lot.
Fada was eating dog meat descendants of Turks have not forgotten the killing of Telem gas.
How can anyone who eats meat and their origin beauty of the crescent Sons to forget the blood of men.

Bfltkm think you Ksartm Hucktna . But in fact that you Zdtona the honor and pride .

Bani Walid will not die, the killers of children.
Bani Walid will not die and will remain thorn in Halqkm of God , but the right right and invalidate falsehood .

With greetings to all residents of the valley and loved ones each wer Valley within ibn Walid or outside and all the cities and noble tribes that

have stood with us even if the word spoken in the right time when many parents inability to tell the truth .

Ali Akash idiosyncratic

Important Announcement | children of the city of Bani Walid and for all Libyans Liberals

You are invited to participate

in the commemoration of the Nakba Resolution No. 7, in the presence of the vigil, scheduled for 25/09/2013 in the city

center and so on at five pm … Coming and duty to Bani Walid.

(Dardanelles channel)



Masratyon (MISRATA PEOPLE) against regional

Misrata out of silence and surprise the local council Brotherhood and via video channel, DC

Friday demonstrated a number of young and older men and Misurata demonstration came out of mosques on Friday, 21

Sep pass and got to the heart of the city against Amendment Calls and stand with the battalion 154 Unlike Matalb

the local council’s parents support battalion 154 Club ..

The demonstrators called for activating the judiciary and ending Amendment Calls in prisons and punishment by the judiciary and strengthen and support

And Tzahero refused to resolve the 154 battalion to protect the city and others with resolve and many accuse the arrest wa to Amendment Calls without a court order or military

The demonstrators called for the need to resolve the armed formations and prevent crime and kidnappings and Altdab in secret prisons in the city,

which has become the largest centers of Amendment Calls in Libya.

“A country ambience” (newspaper of MISURATA)
Evening, a fire broke out in Misrata Martyrs School Ms. Khadija Bdrna, the district without casualties,

confirmed a civil defense correspondent to the country atmosphere that the fire caused damage to a

number of chapters of the first round and the second school.


The world ‘s largest prisoner .

Serious Sheikh Alchuirv civil ... I love God, and God … God acirc decoder and may God prolong your age:

حركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)

Name / Mohamed civil Alchuirv ..
Births / 8 Ramadan 1348 AH .. Corresponding to 1930 AD .. )
Education / schooled by his father ( Sheikh Mansour Alchuirv ) Learning from the principles of reading and writing, and then joined the book and the old (6 years) to learn the Koran by a teacher (Mohammad Bin Rizk) , Akmal learn and memorize the Holy Quran at the age (15 years ) at an angle (Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar ), and then he went to learn other sciences studied (Arabic , Science jurisprudence , grammar and drainage) ( 1945 AD ) and Mhaúkhh at this stage ( Sheikh Mansour Abu Zubaydah ), ( Sheikh Tayeb Masrati ), ( Sheikh Mohammed bin Hussein ) , ( Sheikh Abu Bakr donkeys ) , ( ​​Sheikh Suleiman Alzoubi , ) and several other sheikhs ♦
♠ traveled to Egypt ( 1952 AD ) and enrolled at Al – Azhar University and earned a ( Bachelor of Science degree in law ) ( 1957 AD ) ♦
♠ returned to the homeland after graduating and was appointed Institute Asmari teacher in ( 11/10/1957 AD ) ♦
♠ oversaw the publication of the first newspaper published for Asmari Institute ( 1957 AD ) ♦
♠ scar to oversee and monitor the exams Institute religious Bawhita ( 1959 AD ) ♦
♠ ( 1960) was appointed by royal decree director of the Institute ( Ahmed Pasha of Tripoli ) ♦
♠ ( 1962 ) was appointed director of the Religious Institute in Sabha ♦
♠ returned as director of the Institute of Asmari Bzletn of ( 1965 AD ) ♦
♠ was appointed رئسا of preaching and guidance department at the Islamic University ( 1967 AD ) ♦
♠ appointed director of preaching and guidance of the General Authority of Awqaf ( 1972 AD ) ♦
♠ commissioned under the chairmanship of the Supreme Committee on the Quran Competition ( Year 1973 ) ♦
♠ attended several international Islamic conferences in various parts of the Islamic world ♦
♠ ( 1984 AD ), he worked as a guide at the level of religious seminaries and schools ♦
♠ forward to retirement ( 1994 AD ) ♦
Commissioned the establishment and the establishment of the university Allosmria Bzletn ( 1996 AD ) …
… The الأسمرية University was inaugurated in ( December 1996) and was assigned as President of the University to the very ( 2001 ) ….
This brief summary of the march and the life of Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani Alchuirv
. The world ‘s largest prisoner . Is now the city of Misrata prisons.



Bombing of Social Affairs office in Derna

Media Center tuber

Exposure Social Affairs Branch Building dirt last night for an explosive device
The strange thing is that the blast was early in the evening and the movement of nature!

Rainfall in Tobruk causes power outages on some neighborhoods

Country ambiance of Tobruk

Cause sudden rainfall in Tobruk in closing some streets and entrances blackouts on some districts, such as gardens, inspired by

the Russians inspired “Jubaila East,” which disrupted normal life in these neighborhoods.

He said a meteorological station monitors Tobruk Mohammad key to Orvla “atmosphere for the country,” The amount of rain

that witnessed Tobruk Saturday morning amounted to eight millimeters, and lasted about two hours.

Tuber ….

Fire in Misratah Martyrs school district to Miss in Derna
Were it not for SOS Qamyin the Ali Mosque request for relief was it much worse
Aware there is no city civil defense and fire engines were stolen all the fire trucks from the city
Engineer were contacted Ahmed Khalifa drowsiness steam station were contacted and attended a car fire and is now able to extinguish the fire.

Cheer Aalepien documented assassinations began …

For the first time in Libya since the beginning of assassinations, a militant group claims responsibility for the assassination of Sheikh Sophie in the city of Derna:


:: Community harbingers of succession ::
::: Statement No. (4) :::
Council :: the group’s military vanguard of the caliphate :::

In Derna bombing this morning.




This is just one small spec of the works being done by the People’s Armed Forces of the Great Jamahirya /GREEN RESISTANCE

(under Supreme Commander, Muammar al-Qathafi).
Remember, it is not only military fighting—there is so much more involved with true humanism.

  •  تذكر، أنه ليس القتال العسكري فقط — هناك أكثر من ذلك بكثير المعنية مع الإنسانية الحقيقية.إذا كنت تذكر، عندما اندلع القتال الأولي في عام 2012 في الكفرة وشرد الآلاف. جاء جيش معمر إلى
    الإنقاذ مع المواد الغذائية واللوازم والملابس وحتى المال (وكذلك المعدات الصحية مثل بوتيس المحمولة النظيفة)، ووفرت لهم اماكن للتخييم حيث الناس لن يكون في مأمن وبعيدا عن القتال.—-

The militias, the so-called shield Libya coming from “Misrata,” which centered on area Gillan North Barak beach 180 km away

arrest family Tarugah was on its way from Tripoli to the city of Sabha has been deposited family jailed Castle Gillan,

The witnesses said that the family is made up of a young man and his mother Oethel Ath of sisters where he was arrested the

young man after hit in front of his mother and sisters severely been jailed then, as witnesses said he too was assaulted on

women and beating and tearing their clothes off and Tmraghen dust amid Asrakhhen and Estgataathen has been locked

away in isolation from brother and until now has not been released about them.


Brigades of deterrence patrols found the branch Sabha on the body of a person in the heart of the desert

before mountains Iilat and the dark-skinned and was in the old Iilatynat.

Newspaper Sabha

Sabha Times 2

Urgent and dangerous

There is a car Toyota Hilux Taliban dark Unhaawhit Without plates are robbed foreigners and Libyans in the region of Mahdia and

strange that the car owners up by lightning and they are five people, four white skin and one Black

and they have beards and are

armed saluting lose yesterday robbed an Egyptian named Ahmed after he returned from work lose Bmta apostasy after Meskuh

lose beat him without cause.

after dl are home saluting lose inspect the house and discernible amount of 700 dinars and Hua

understanding and today at 3.30 the same gang in the street Colombia Mahdia arrest driver Libby for truck Canter loaded

with goods en route to the area or bunny and pull arms upon discernible bouquet Libyana cards and round and then Mahbo.

I ask to have information them wa publishing for Hadar them.

Image for illustration.

Tuareg sons of the desert

Held since the morning of this day Touareg Libya Mmeltqahm in the Albrki area of languages ​​and is characterized by the

presence of a large Forum All Tuareg tribes in Libya, east and west, north and south of the country ….

And will inform you of later developments, and as we learned that he will issue an important statement tonight in the case has been agreed.

Source language channel on Facebook

Photo Archive


Illegal immigration under arrest them ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ
Today in the way of BRACK CHAT’ai near Sabha from Korat money gate.


اسكندر بيك·
full preparation to war. rats will not take position in Brack Shatti city.

 Alexander Beck:

Breaking News

from the first ranks I tell you , we are prepared to high combat operations against the enemies , this time we will erase

them All , I promise we will settle this .

These come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata .. The city of Bani Walid for an entire month …
Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm.

Military convoy followed by Libya to shield the Central Brigade (Brigade Misrata rebels) is moving towards the south to

“secure the Libyan gas refinery in Ubari order of the Chiefs of Staff “ (SO THEY SAY!)

On the way to the oil and gas fields in the Ubari …

A battalion of Misrata rebels and one of the 200 battalion track to shield Libya (Central District) with more than 100 all wheel drive mechanism armed with 14.5 and 23, 106 cannons and 107 launchers all correction Bojhzat.
And the rest is dubbed the armed cars until Luca Net carrying 14.5 individually correction device or machine gun 12.7 Dushka or purposes shall not be considered public and non-military mechanisms are calculated in a force offensively and longer escort cars and escorts.
In addition to a fuel truck 2 and 10 military trucks of ammunition and supplies.

Media Center tuber LIBYA

South … along the lines of resolution 7 Bani Walid

Arrival Rthel of Libya Shield forces to Jufrah area which is heading to the south at dawn tomorrow
According to our sources, Alrthel consisting of 95 car and this armed force heading to the south to secure the south

and the formation of the South operations room which will oversee the securing the border camps and airports as

mandated one who released Shield forces to Libya after its success in securing the capital
The sources said that another Rthel tomorrow will move from the city of Misrata to join the force, which will go tomorrow

at dawn Jufrah Sabha and Ubari
The sources said that this force aimed at securing the south and operations room which will host the camps armor forces and

securing airports and would make the rest of the force to securing shields camps in Ubari and secure station gas Baubare.

Quoting / / Supreme Council for Libya rebels

Quoting newspaper Sabha Free


Arrival Rthel of Libya Shield forces to Jufrah area which is heading to the south at dawn tomorrow
According to our sources, Alrthel consisting of 95 car and this armed force heading to the south to secure the south

and the formation of the South operations room which will oversee the securing the border camps and airports as

mandated one who released Shield forces to Libya after its success in securing the capital
The sources said that another Rthel tomorrow will move from the city of Misrata to join the force, which will go tomorrow at dawn Jufrah Sabha and Ubari
The sources said that this force aimed at securing the south and operations room which will host the camps armor forces and securing airports and would

make the rest of the force to securing shields camps in Ubari and securing gas station Baubare.

Valley Agency Dinar News‎ a partagé le statut de ‎شرف لي انتمائي وطني‎.

Iaabina South O the sons of assets Iaahvad Mujahideen will not talk tribes all the brothers in the south of the Shati to languages ​​injured and one wound and one pain, one must re- house in order procedure for Fezzan beloved must stand and stood one man to build Fezzan people of the eastern region , despite the difficulties and lawlessness parents suffering brothers there is no Etjra , the one to send a force from outside
The region to protect its children bear intrigue and Raúshm Hero and Nice Bouchmadh Tripoli, the capital is not safe kill kidnapped theft , most recently just hours before the assassination Ammersriaalasnadalthanih and the abduction of activist Ezzedine Louhichi and 3 others with Alice.

Tripoli closer to them and the most important to protect them and let Alojhalmcharf of Libya to the world I’m here, I’m not against our brothers from Misratah

honorable but Fezzan with her ​​family systematic marginalization of Zbat and Zbat row Fezzan soldiers my father Ed Maoagafo and Charcot

in the war would not be able mightiest powers in the world of
Defeated easily the best knead modern Alloakhalifh Hfter them Why are not taken to support the military and police in the Fezzan and assigning military officers to protect their towns Masbb not support iddah gear and unify described as the sons of Fezzan able to protect Libya fully Ed requests it we are in Fezzan not Nhasr visited did not Nkhttaf MSU and Lynn in the state did not threaten using powers have not closed and fields of oil and gas wells are not used in any city in Fezzan Nhano the sons of the desert and live in peace Ed attended the owners did not intervene minds Vrh me to ignite the fire of sedition
There are Achterqat security , but what is happening in the capital, more b ßĘíŃ what is happening in Fezzan Why was withdrawn forces Stun led by Colonel Nice Bouchmadh and Colonel Salah mud Ikh and let the forces of order only in Libya now together military police those figures gained satisfaction and derivative and respect for the people of Fezzan in full you had planned to withdraw Hola Umm Mada more than 15 thousand military regimes in Fezzan
Aaovernmh Zidane there congestion now among the sons of Fezzan assumes everyone in order not I Qasia them alert, according to news refusing entry shield Libya to the region , even if the decision of the official Have you been studying the topic well Aaovernmtna esteemed Are Hspti that have rejected the possibility of bloodshed and Fezzan experiencing calm of a long period Is my father’s calm before the storm always wonder Fezzan governed by those who are from outside the region Is the government will use Fezzan sons to protect Tripoli , Misurata and Benghazi or we are not efficient Aaovernmtna
Though Dalk do you think you inquire of Major General Khalifa Hfter for our sons Ed Maogdo an environmental and appropriate conditions marginalization and was commissioned from outside the region Fezzan will not shut up long Stbouh days Besrechtha strong and will take you it’s better for the protection of Libya and God is greater, people lived and the glory of the martyrs and Dama Fezzan home Champions.
ياابناء الجنوب يا ا ولاد الاصول يااحفاد المجاهدين لن اتحدث بقبائل الجميع اخوة في الجنوب من الشاطي الي غات المصاب واحد والجرح واحد والالم واحد يجب ان نعيد ترتيب البيت الداخلي لفزان الحبيبه يجب ان نقف وقفت رجل واحد لبناء فزان اهل المنطقة الشرقية رغم الصعاب والانفلات الامني الدي يعانية اخوتنا هناك لم يتجراء احد الي ارسال قوة من خارج
المنطقة لحمايتها ابنائها يتحملون المكائد وعلى رائسهم البطل ونيس بوخمادة طرابلس العاصمة ليست امنة قتل خطف سرقة اخرها قبل ساعات اغتيال امرسريةالاسنادالثانية واختطاف الناشط عزالدين الوحيشي و٣ اخرون معه اليس طرابلس اقرب اليهم واهم لحمايتها وهيا الوجةالمشرف لليبيا امام العالم انا هنا لست ضد اخوتنا من مصراته الشرفاء ولكن فزان لها اهلها تهميش ممنهجة لظباط وظباط صف وجنود فزان الدي اد ماوقفو وشاركو في حرب لن تستطيع اعتى قوى في العالم من
هزيمتهم بسهولة خير دلك حديث اللواءخليفة حفتر عنهم لمادا لايتم دعم الجيش والشرطة في فزان وتكليف الظباط بحماية مدنهم ماالسبب في عدم دعمهم بالعدة والعتاد وتوحيد صفهم ابناء فزان قادرون على حماية ليبيا بالكامل اد تطلب الامر نحن في فزان لم نحاصر وزارت لم نختطف مسو ولين في الدولة لم نهدد باستخدام القوى لم نغلق حقول وابار النفظ والغاز لم نعتد ي على اي مدينة في فزان نحنو ابناء بادية وحضر نعيش بسلام اد لم يتدخل اصحاب العقول الخامرة لي اشعال نار الفتنة
هناك اخترقات امنية ولكن مايحدث في العاصمة اكثر ب كتير مما يحدث في فزان لمادا تم سحب قوات الصاعقة بقيادة العقيد ونيس بوخمادة والعقيد صلاح بوحل يقة وهيا القوى النظامية الوحيدة في ليبيا الان معا الشرطة العسكرية تلك الشخصيات نالت رضاء وتقة واحترام اهل فزان بالكامل هل كان مخطط سحب هولاء ام مادا اكثر من١٥الف عسكري نظامي في فزان
ياحكومة زيدان هناك احتقان الان بين ابناء فزان ليسو بالجميع لكي لا اكن قاصيآ لهم استنفار حسب الانباء رافضين دخول درع ليبيا الي المنطقة ولو كان بقرار رسمي هل تم دراسة تلك الموضوع جيدآ ياحكومتنا الموقرة هل حسبتي بان يكون رفض واحتمال سفك دماء وفزان تشهد هدوء من فترة طويل هل الهدوء الدي يسبق العاصفة ياترى فزان دائما يحكمها من هم من خارج المنطقة هل الحكومة ستستعين بابناء فزان لحماية طرابلس ومصراته وبنغازي ام اننا لسنا بالكفاءة ياحكومتنا
وان كان دالك اعتقادكم عليكم بالاستفسار من اللواء خليفة حفتر عن ابنائنا اد ماوجدو البئية والظروف المناسبه تهميش ومن تم تكليف من خارج المنطقة فزان لن تصمت طويلآ ستبوح يومآ بصرختها القوية وستبت لكم انها الاجدر بحماية ليبيا والله اكبر وعاش الشعب والمجد للشهداء ودامة فزان موطن الابطال

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The road to the other side or the other side of Libya.
Mail page

For fuel to Akahraba to not Wi-hedges as Amschwiat gas for Amtarat only lead to them live this way the conviction and patience …

Contacted Bagarba and I am going to the city of Ubari last term قالولي necessary not answer Maak at least 40 liters Station

bash back as if you Majpthm Apthsal ..

The whole south Mafany Drop Table to the Crown Gas Station!!
I worry even Sabha Table Crown to Sebha!!!!!!

And this will continue to march on the capital of the residents of these areas to search for hospitals to cover fuel electricity …

After 20 years many claimed the ICON South Fada the pension limit.

Percentage of completion in Ubari gas station stood at 60 % and will be ready to work at the end of 2014
An interview news agency ” Germa ” with the Engineer: Ibrahim Oozl / Project Manager the Ubari gas station .

Azul :

The company ( Incas Technik Turkish ) is the company executing the project Ubari gas station and the station achievement rate of 60% and will provide services at the end of the year 2014.

Then the station is running and generating electricity by mid next year will begin operating procedure for the station at the stage of tried and training Libyan some elements of the project ‘s work .

Male ( Azul ) that the heart of the project ” is a turbine ” and a generator that actually started to be fitted with the arrival of specialists from the company (Siemens German ) to monitor the installation process .

And thus deny the false news that talked about the experts refused to come to the Ubari because of security fears and that is not true .

According to Mr. : ( Azul ) project manager for the plant species that work is proceeding according to agreed upon in the proper way , and that everything programmer prematurely three months to avoid delay and to avoid some of the problems that may occur , such as import , etc. which may cause obstruction of the project.

With the end of the year 2014 the project has been done him .

And the rate of gas power station “640 MW , ” a large force covering the entire south and connected to the public network to Libya to feed the western regions with electricity when needed .

* – What is the best way to generate electricity to curb the crisis and why the government resorted to gas stations and did not resort to solar energy project ?

As Libya’s state oil and materials that are used in the operation of the gas station less expensive but not expensive materials of the state they are sitting in the ground and after a simple refining costs are used as cheaper than solar power plants for the Libyan state chose to implement this project Battabarh more they found .

And that the Libyan government’s opinion is the opinion of true and proper in the establishment of such plants in low cost and enables the Libyan cadres of the operation and the government should increase number of stations Battabarha the energy generated from oil.
Vmahta T. solar energy can be found at the few countries and very task is quite costs .
The dam occur : Raafat Director relations project , saying :
We are not exposed to any harassment since we started implementation of the project and the company operates day and night to complete the project as soon as we know that the southern region in dire need of electricity in particular , and Libya in general.

We use labor from different cities of the south of Sabha and languages ​​and other firm, and its presence is useful for the region so that it spends a month more than a million Libyan dinars expenditure on eating and drinking , services and other needs of the whole act here in this region and this tonic for internal trade in the region.

Raafat said he does not have any shortening of the Libyan government , but there is support , facilitate and not to make things difficult and cooperation, both materially and morally did not see any default in our project and extend our sincere thanks to the current and previous government because they did not put any obstacles in front of us .

ES Libya
Chief of staff :: mandated strength of a battalion Lhalboss Misurata and the western brigade personnel to the Libyan RAT army (Central armor)

to “secure some areas in the south of Libya” …

Columns military MB Mgehvlh from Misrata rebel battalions from Libya Shield forces moving south to “secure gas refinery in Ubari” (THEY SAY!).

/ / Supreme Council for Libya rebels

Close # Ubari schools due to lack of safety:

Ubari (Germa) 19/09/2013

# Ubari schools closed their doors due to security breaches # repeated in some schools and the closure came after

# stabbed one student by outlaws.
He said: Mr Ali Omar Powered # education sector Valley deadlines for “Germa” he had addressed us # the region promised us

Security Directorate Btser mobile patrols in the coming period.

And that there is a sit-in by parents of students school # Alkarzabih due to delays in # recording because of the increasing

number of students students school Fajatabna and the Ministry of Education to provide a number of mobile classrooms

the school to facilitate the registration process and to accept new students.

Three large rivers seem watered once the Sahara

Three large rivers seem watered once the Sahara

Beds of ancient rivers can be hidden under the sand   (Photo: RES)

Hull, United Kingdom

The Sahara was not always the vast desert we see today-was once a wet area with lakes and lush vegetation.

New study shows now that three major rivers , which were probably the size of the Nile, were at the Sahara

and reach to the Mediterraneanbefore 130 to 100,000 years. ’s green corridors of rivers can not be excluded

were the routes followed by Homo sapiens in their journey from Africa to Europe, said

Researchers in the journal PLoS ONE. Koultcharnt Tom the University of Hull in Britain, in collaboration with colleagues at other

institutions, used computer models to simulate the climate of Africa during the period examined in the study. Models showed

that Monsoons occur about 600 km further north than today, and threw the rains in the mountains of the central Sahara. The

water formed three rivers longer than 1,000 kilometers and supplied vast wetlands on the coast of Libya, an area of about 70,000

square kilometers. The most westerly of the three ancient rivers could have offered people easy access to the southern shores

of the Mediterranean, speculates the research team. The proposed route appears to match a series of archaeological sites in

Algeria and Tunisia. however the beds of ancient rivers is today buried beneath the dunes along the trail that perhaps left by our ancestors.

Editor: Vangelis Pratikakis

source: news.in.g



Salloum teeming chaos amid the absence of the state apparatus

Complained about the number of citizens traveling and coming across the border Libyan-Egyptian, of neglect and disorder

suffered by the port Assistant wild, and explained a number of citizens that they are suffering a lot from the lack of form

of the state and management port on the border, arguing that they are waiting for hours to search for the end to them

the procedures for crossing the port border.
The complainants that in the case of finding who walks measures, the measures is going according to the ways and forms

of strange Atdl that there are legal proceedings, regulatory, and noted the complainants that the Egyptian side is controlled

by some of the civilian population Salloum, who impose sums of money on travelers Libyans up to two hundred dinars

Libby, to get the entry stamp to the Republic of Egypt.

Cruiser “Moscow” missile heads a group of Russian warships in the Mediterranean


20.09.2013 | 14:21

Arrived cruiser “Moscow” missile of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to the

Mediterranean Sea on 20 September 2013

to join the Russian naval ships forming lasting peace in the Eastern Mediterranean. The cruiser will “Moscow,” the leadership

of this configuration. The head of the media in the Black Sea Fleet, Colonel shipping Vyacheslav Trujachev, if the leadership

of forming permanent Russian naval operational thread is currently on board the cruiser “Moscow.” The configuration

includes ships belonging to the Black Sea Fleet and the Pacific Fleet and the Baltic Fleet. He added Trujachev the leadership

that this correlation was previously on the back of the anti-submarine ship “Admiral Pantilyev” of the Pacific Fleet.

The cruiser “Moscow”, led by the deputy commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Admiral Valery Kulikov started from the

port of Sevastopol on July 3 last year, for the long-range cruise. The cruiser was launched in the Atlantic region winged

rockets on a maritime target for training purposes. It also launched air defense means knock him air toward the goal of

missile. The cruiser has already visited during his trip several naval ports in Portugal, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

http://arabic.rt.com/news/628079/ :روسيا اليوم

Ivanov, Director of the Office of Putin, the Russian president:

I’ve already warned the West before being dragged behind the (false) term “Arab Spring”, spring comes after the autumn and winter, which is what happened ….

Sunday 22 September 2013

A man is treated after the gas attack of 21 August
1 / 3
UN chemical weapons experts, wearing gas masks, inspect one of the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack in the Damascus’ suburb of Zamalka
2 / 3
UN weapons inspectors gather evidence
3 / 3

Gas missiles ‘were not sold to Syria’

Export papers seem to back Assad’s denial over sarin attack – but Russians won’t go into detail

While the Assad regime in Damascus has denied responsibility for the sarin gas missiles that killed around 1,400 Syrians in the suburb of Ghouta on 21 August, information is now circulating in the city that Russia’s new “evidence” about the attack includes the dates of export of the specific rockets used and – more importantly – the countries to which they were originally sold. They were apparently manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1967 and sold by Moscow to three Arab countries, Yemen, Egypt and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya. These details cannot be verified in documents, and Vladimir Putin has not revealed the reasons why he told Barack Obama that he knows Assad’s army did not fire the sarin missiles; but if the information is correct – and it is believed to have come from Moscow – Russia did not sell this particular batch of chemical munitions to Syria.

Since Gaddafi’s fall in 2011, vast quantities of his abandoned Soviet-made arms have fallen into the hands of rebel groups and al-Qa’ida-affiliated insurgents. Many were later found in Mali, some in Algeria and a vast amount in Sinai. The Syrians have long claimed that a substantial amount of Soviet-made weaponry has made its way from Libya into the hands of rebels in the country’s civil war with the help of Qatar – which supported the Libyan rebels against Gaddafi and now pays for arms shipments to Syrian insurgents.

There is no doubt that Syria has a substantial chemical weapons armoury. Nor that Syrian stockpiles contain large amounts of sarin gas 122mm missiles. But if the Russians have indeed been able to identify the specific missile markings on fragments found in Ghouta – and if these are from munitions never exported to Syria – the Assad regime will boast its innocence has been proven.

In a country – indeed a world – where propaganda is more influential than truth, discovering the origin of the chemicals that suffocated so many Syrians a month ago is an investigation fraught with journalistic perils. Reporters sending dispatches from rebel-held parts of Syria are accused by the Assad regime of consorting with terrorists. Journalists reporting from the government side of Syria’s front lines are regularly accused of mouthing the regime’s propaganda. And even if the Assad regime was not responsible for the 21 August attacks, its forces have committed war crimes aplenty over the past two years. Torture, massacre, the bombardment of civilian targets have long been proved.

Nevertheless, it also has to be said that grave doubts are being expressed by the UN and other international organisations in Damascus that the sarin gas missiles were fired by Assad’s army. While these international employees cannot be identified, some of them were in Damascus on 21 August and asked a series of questions to which no one has yet supplied an answer. Why, for example, would Syria wait until the UN inspectors were ensconced in Damascus on 18 August before using sarin gas little more than two days later – and only four miles from the hotel in which the UN had just checked in? Having thus presented the UN with evidence of the use of sarin – which the inspectors quickly acquired at the scene – the Assad regime, if guilty, would surely have realised that a military attack would be staged by Western nations.

As it is, Syria is now due to lose its entire strategic long-term chemical defences against a nuclear-armed Israel – because, if Western leaders are to be believed, it wanted to fire just seven missiles almost a half century old at a rebel suburb in which only 300 of the 1,400 victims (if the rebels themselves are to be believed) were fighters. As one Western NGO put it yesterday: “if Assad really wanted to use sarin gas, why for God’s sake, did he wait for two years and then when the UN was actually on the ground to investigate?”

The Russians, of course, have made similar denials of Assad’s responsibility for sarin attacks before. When at least 26 Syrians died of sarin poisoning in Khan al-Assal on 19 March – one of the reasons why the UN inspectors were dispatched to Syria last month – Moscow again accused the rebels of responsibility. The Russians later presented the UN with a 100-page report containing its “evidence”. Like Putin’s evidence about the 21 August attacks, however, it has not been revealed.

A witness who was with Syrian troops of the army’s 4th Division on 21 August – a former Special Forces officer considered a reliable source – said he saw no evidence of gas shells being fired, even though he was in one of the suburbs, Moadamiya, which was a target for sarin. He does recall the soldiers expressing concern when they saw the first YouTube images of suffocating civilians – not out of sympathy, but because they feared they would have to fight amid clouds of poison.

“It would perhaps be going beyond conspiracy theories to say the government was not involved,” one Syrian journalist said last week, “but we are sure the rebels have got sarin. They would need foreigners to teach them how to fire it. Or is there a ‘third force’ which we don’t know about? If the West needed an excuse to attack Syria, they got it right on time, in the right place, and in front of the UN inspectors.”



Mu w ALI ousted of Tunisia 2010

The Control of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Libya

Mu Lion of the Desert

What distinguishes thinker Muammar al-Qathafi, it does not offer the idea of luxury and fun ..

And do not offer it to amateur saloons where thought becomes enigmatic sport by Alfarqun who are standing on the sidewalk of life.

The thinker Muammar al-Qathafi explains the life and emerges from her heart .. From the hearts of suffering, the oppressed and the broken-hearted and deprived .. From the heart of fact growing المتصارع never in search of the best and most beautiful. This is what explains the transformation the first chapter of the book Green to the real beginning of era Aljmaheriaat and the second quarter turned into a global economic revolution tamping old economic structures to crumble capital Almstgliyn …

And the third chapter of the Green Book without doubt the beginning of a social revolution where the real explanation of history and solve the problem of conflict rights in human life and solve the problem of men and Alroh that you do not find a solution, also addresses the problem of minorities and blacks to live so fixed rules of social life.

The thinker who lives is never be to Siqa life .. Pop from her heart .. This is thought of Muammar al-Qathafi.
Green Thought Forum

 Mu standing thought

ما يميز المفكر معمر القذافي أنه لا يقدم فكرة ترفاً و متعة ..و لا يقدمه لهواة الصالونات حيث يصبح الفكر ألغازاً يتسلى بها الفارغون الذين يقفون على رصيف الحياة .إن المفكر معمر القذافي يفسر الحياة و ينبثق من قلبها .. من قلوب المعذبين و المقهورين و الحزانى و المحرومين .. من قلب الواقع المتنامي المتصارع أبداً بحثاً عن الأفضل و الأجمل . و هذا ما يفسر لنا تحول الفصل الأول من الكتاب الأخضر إلى بداية حقيقية لعصر الجماهيريات و تحول الفصل الثاني إلى ثورة أقتصادية عالمية تدك أبنية الإقتصادية القديمة لتنهار رؤوس المستغليين …و الفصل الثالث من الكتاب الأخضر بدون جدال بداية لثورة إجتماعية حيث التفسير الحقيقي للتاريخ و حل مشكلة صراع الإنسان في الحياة البشرية و حل مشكلة الرجل و الرأة التي لم تجد حلاً ، كما يتناول مشكلة الأقليات و السود ليقيم بذلك القواعد الثابتة للحياة الإجتماعية .إن المفكر الذي يعيش أبداً هو الذي يكون لصيقاً بالحياة .. منبثقاً من قلبها .. و هذا هو فكر معمر القذافي
منتدى الفكر الأخضر

“The road is hard and long and will drop all of the revolutionary claims, and will remain in the field, but the real revolutionaries who believe the principles of the revolution and its ideology” lol!    lol! 
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    Libya, the Truth and the International Community

  • Thank you, Muammar

    POSTED BY Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey ON 17 APRIL 2011

    Thank you, Muammar Al-Qathafi. For the vast majority of human beings, time on this planet is an anonymous passage. They are born naked, leave nothing and die lying down. In your case, you have left a legacy and a philosophy of Governance which will serve as a beacon of light for thousands of generations. And you  refuse to lie down.

    Thank you Muammar Al-Qathafi. I sincerely hope that you live among us for many years to come and that you weather this imperialistic storm, dampening the flames of religious extremism and terrorism, fanned by a clique of sickening protagonists who wish to rape Libya and Africa, whose murderous campaign is based around greed and lies.

    Many of us in the international community saw this coming. They tried and failed in (where else?) Benghazi in the 1990s and have been itching for a second attempt. The “innocent civilians” they refer to are none other than the terrorists they have trained and into whose ranks the Benghazi Islamist extremists have flocked. They lied about Libyan bombing campaigns, they now lie about cluster bombs (why would your forces deploy cluster weaponry into areas they have to pass through?) and let us be honest, if a “regime” is turning “the full weight of its heavy weaponry” on unarmed civilians the death toll would thousands, not six. Lies and stupidity go hand in hand and the ones who believe in the nonsense being spread by the mainstream media are those sheep whose passage on Earth will remain anonymous, as indeed it should.

    In your case, Muammar Al-Qathafi, your passage among us will never be anonymous and you will be remembered for generations to come, thousands of years in the future, as a man who showed us a Third Option and who has left a written legacy which should be fundamental and compulsory reading for every primary school student. It is a manual of Governance for a perfect society.

    Your Green Book is not a Utopic treatise but indeed the blueprint behind what you successfully implemented in your country, which was the poorest in the world when you received it and which you have transformed into the richest in Africa in terms of human development indices. For this you will be remembered.

    You will be remembered for the system of Governance which was going to receive a UN humanitarian prize in March. You will be remembered for your model which provided free education, free healthcare, free houses. You will be remembered for your agricultural revolution which turned the desert green. You will be remembered for making your people prosperous and proud to be Libyans while taking little for yourself.

    You will be remembered for living in a tent when others built palaces and you will be remembered for never turning your back on your roots and your people. You will be remembered for your system of democratic governance through People’s Committees and Popular Congresses (Jamahiriya) – real democracy which rises above the mafia-style governance of western “parliamentary democracy”. What sort of democracy is that?

    You will be remembered for providing a social model which answers the needs of Humankind, taking into account the need for an umbrella State and also introducing the vector to reward human endeavour. Decades ago you saw through the weak points in the Socialist Model and the Capitalist Model and gave us a Third Way.

    You will be remembered for your Third Universal Theory providing a manual of economic government which you successfully introduced into your country. Your enemies – they are few but powerful – whatever the result of today’s debacle, will be remembered as the self-seeking protagonists they are. Within a single decade, they will be seen as the failures that are and their entry into the annals of history may be a few lines, maybe less and they will have contributed absolutely nothing whatsoever towards the future of humanity. Nothing.

    You will be remembered for your political, economic and social axes of your Third Universal Theory which is truly universal and will, I have no doubt, provide a model of Governance for this Planet and all those discovered in the Cosmos in the millennia to come. For this, Muammar Al-Qathafi, you will be remembered.

    Yet your work did not end in Libya and with your people. After freeing thousands from the tyranny of colonialist practices and the humiliating yolk of Imperialism, you exported your ideas and ideals, benefiting not just a few cronies (like your enemies do) but directly affecting and building institutions for hundreds of millions of people across Africa. That is why Africans call you the King of Kings.

    Your African legacy

    The media controlled by your enemies are certainly not ignorant of the facts I am about to refer to but for sure they will never mention them. You will be remembered for your pioneering work in the African Continent – it was you who gave Africa the possibility to connect all countries and cities – and rural areas – in a vast telecommunications project facilitating distance learning, telemedicine and so on.

    You will be remembered for your satellite technology which cost 400 million USD, freeing Africa from the burden of paying 500 million USD a year for the use of Western satellites. You paid 300 million USD of this. You will be remembered for having that 30 billion USD set aside – which Obama stole – money destined for African banking projects which would have circumvented western financial interests, holding Africa down for decades with high interest rates. That is why they attacked.

    You will be remembered for standing up for the entire African continent at a time when Europeans were trying to fan the flames of racism, dividing North Africa from the rest of the continent. You will be remembered for your support of the ANC against apartheid, for your open approach to religious tolerance, you will be remembered for bringing prosperity, dignity and above all, hope, to Africa.

    So nobody is fooled by the lies of your enemies. Hoping you will remain among us for many more years, understanding that nobody is eternal, and respecting your tremendous legacy…

    In the name of thousand of millions of human beings, here today or to come tomorrow, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Mu military

  • Posted on 01September  2011 |
  • The man from SPLAJ. 50 Dinar miniature sheet commemorating the 12th anniversary of the First September Revolution of 1969.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

    Today, August 31, we are on the eve of the Great 1st September Al-Fateh Revolution which brought Muammar al-Qathafi to power in a bloodless coup which installed the world’s first Jamahiriya, or government through People’s Congresses. The tremendous support behind Colonel Gaddafi in the international community is a telling comment on where people stand.

    Muammar al-Qathafi is, in one word, a genius. His Jamahiriya system of government is perhaps the purest form of governance and its sheer simplicity means it can be implemented in any society, anywhere on Earth. In essence, it is government based on people’s congresses – government by the people for the people, in a world in which the resources belong to all, equally. It is the real village, implemented globally, understanding that the human being functions best when living and cooperating in small communities.

    Now that paragraph will taste of poison for the clique of corporate elitists who gravitate around the centres of power, using the media and NATO to manipulate public opinion and where possible, implant their regimes and that paragraph also explains the Libya story in a nutshell.

    And we also see in this crisis exactly where our world stands. International law exists but is not implemented. NATO has broken all the rules in the book in Libya and has rendered itself and its representatives liable for prosecution – something which is at present in the pipeline. On one side of the divide, the Satanic and dark forces of NATO and on the other side, those who see themselves as the guardians of what is right and good and just. It is good versus evil, it is God versus Satan, it is about implementing international law.

    For those who justify NATO’s act of aggression by calling “Gaddafi” a “dictator”, some home truths. Muammar al-Qathafi was to receive a humanitarian prize in March for his record, he was the one to speak out against the more conservative practices in Islam, who spoke out against the killing of homosexuals or the stoning of women. The Jamahiriya system is the antithesis of a dictatorship. What dictator educates his people and pays for them to study abroad?

    Libya’s literacy rate improved from ten per cent to ninety per cent under “Gaddafi” and under his guidance the country rose from the poorest in the world to the richest in Africa. Those who understand anything about geopolitical events know that this is an amazing achievement, in itself, within four decades.

    Colonel Gaddafi also leaves his legacy, which is the Green Book, which explains his philosophy and his political system – one which should at least be fundamental reading in all schools and one whose Legacy will be eternalised by the Internationalisation of the Jamahiriya, something which is already taking place and which has tens of thousands of followers around the world. Tomorrow, there will be millions.

    Colonel Gaddafi can also sit back and look at his enemies today and laugh. True, he has been fighting, and continues to fight, against the most powerful military organization in the world for six months and any progress his enemy made, was done by breaching the rules of engagement, each and every one of them. So that is hardly “winning”. But he is the dream-maker behind the African Union, he stands for African Unity and against imperialism, he stands for a united Africa, Africa for Africans, African problems solved by Africans for Africans, and African resources for African people. More than this, his pan-African projects saw Africans freed from the yolk of imperialist tyranny, having their own funding for their own programmes without having to depend on western sources which provided goods, yet with enormous tails of interest payments attached.

    What his enemies want we saw very clearly – an international “conference” was called last week in which lines were yet again drawn on maps and in which the colonial powers literally divided among them Libya’s spoils, even before the conflict is over. As for the “rebels” themselves, what are they and what do they want?

    Western sources took delight in the freeing of prisoners without bothering to research what they had done or why they were there. Now serial rapists, murderers and common criminals parade as “rebels”, a movement which included a bunch of political opportunists carefully groomed by the French, British and Italians, a few liberals, Islamic fundamentalists (as we shall soon see more clearly), a lot of mercenaries from abroad and in essence, a load of day-trippers who raced into a conflict with machine gun blazing in the morning before driving home to have dinner at night.

    Looters, rapists, murderers. Terrorists, yes – civilians, no. Militarily capacitated by a savage and murderous NATO bombing campaign, these people may or may not eventually dismantle the Jamahiriya in Libya but they will not destroy it as a system. The Legacy is well protected and Muammar al-Qathafi knows this.

    That is why Muammar al-Qathafi can look back with satisfaction over what he has achieved and why Messrs. Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy will spend the rest of their pathetic, wasteful and vapid lives looking over their shoulders or wondering who it might be every time there is a ring at the doorbell, leaving no legacy at all except a failed attempt to govern their own countries, while they stood behind the most blatant and flagrant violation of the law in recent history. And, worse, they and their NATO machine have the blood of Libyan children on their hands. If they had an iota of decency they would hear these screams ringing in their ears all night every night and the more they tried to block them out, the louder they would become.

    That is why so many people in the international community support Muammar al-Qathafi. Those of us who have actually been to Libya and who have knowledge of the country understand very well where the hearts and minds of these people are – with what is right and just and good.

    As for the hearts and minds of NATO and those who support them, well, there are always those who will sell their souls to the Devil. However, there is something higher than us, and to whom we will inevitably present ourselves for judgement when the day comes. Muammar al-Qathafi knows where he is going, and I suspect Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy, deep down, know where they are going too.

    For those with any doubts after a bombardment of lies from the western media, research Green Book, Jamahiriya and Gaddafi projects in Africa.

    Northern Trumpet via Pravda.Ru

    In SEPTEMBER 2011, Muammar al-Qathafi, as Supreme Commander of the Libyan military,  gave the “rebels” which his Great Jamahiriya people’s Army captured, a chance to throw down their weapons, go home and be totally forgiven for the damage they had done….

  • Libya: 1. What is the Green Policy of Qathafi?

    Publisher Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
    Author Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada
    Publication Date 1 December 1989

    1.The Green Book is Muammar al-Qathafi‘s outline for the social and economic revolution of the Libyan Jamahiriyat (state of the masses).

  • The book has three parts: part one is entitled ‘The Solution of the Problem of Democracy `The Authority of the People'”;
  • part two is “The Solution of the Economic Problem `Socialism'”;
  • and part three is “The Social Basis of the Third Universal Theory”.
  • In its own words, the “Green Book presents the final solution to the problem of the instrument of governing”.
  • [ Muammar Al Qathafi, The Green Book, Ottawa: Jerusalem International Publishing House Inc., p. 5.] The essence of the Green Book is perhaps, Mr. Qathafi’s vision of democratic government by the people without the barrier of political structures and politicians. The Green Book is available in most libraries, and there should be a location in Montreal.The Libyan General People’s Congress (GPC) adopted the “Great Green Document on Human Rights in the Era of the Masses” on 12 June 1988, signalling an improvement in human rights conditions in Libya. [ Amnesty International, Amnesty International Welcomes Latest Moves to Improve Human Rights in Libya, 20 June 1988.] On 10 March 1988, the General People’s Congress of Libya announced a number of reforms, including: allowing Libyans the freedom to travel and live abroad, the release of political prisoners, the abolition of the Revolutionary Courts, and a guarantee for human rights. [“Gaddafi Stays the Course,” The Middle East, No. 173, March 1989, p.6.] In September 1988, Qathafi condemned the Revolutionary Courts for the “imprisonment, torture, and murder of innocent people”. [ Ibid., p.7.] Libyan exiles from abroad have been encouraged to return home. 
  • Political opponents of Qathafi are “theoretically” protected when they return to Libya, “so long as they are prepared to repent.”  Some sources maintain that there are no particular sanctions against returnees  [ External Affairs, 12 March 1989.]
  • Muammar al-Qathafi is “at loggerheads with other fundamentalists” by “abandoning the accumulated body of established interpretation”. He rejects the Sunnah and Hadath as Law, saying there is much grown barnicles onto them and are not purely the  hand of  Allah. Muammar accepts only the HOLY QURAN as law for the Great Jamahiriya (and therefore Libya has no man-made “Constitution”).[ Davis, p.255.] The Sanusiyya (Islamic) sponsored Islamic University was merged with the University of Libya when the regime banned the Sanusiyya religious following in 1986.
Bent Muammar photo

“We will not allow to Sarkozi , the imperialism, the hatred and the crusader , to laugh on us , to be proud of that and to landed his soldiers in Maitiga airport , we will never allow this to happen , O’men , O’women , Formations of the free fighters women , Battalions of the free fighters men , be ready to pouncing the enemy “.

(Brother leader of Revolution, Muammer al-Qathafi)


Hotel is in an elevator at the Grand Mosque in Mecca sail

All متعين sprays Altaobein

Airbrush rebels

الدكتور حمزه التهامي 2013/8/2


OIL $$$$$$s €€€€€€€€€€€€€s

Appointment of Brigadier Driss Belkacem Bouchmadh, head of the guard oil installations.
Ordered the guard oil facilities in the Central Region.
Ibrahim Jdharan,

Channel now says Libya first:
Says that Libyan oil is sold and steals calculated destinations
Ali ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood .. and sold to suspicious destinations.
Serious and urgent:

Try Alajuoaany Masrati Alliance to control the oil gently!!!
————————————————– ————

Attached is the picture of a puppet government’s decision to Zaidane ruling Alajuomusrati Alliance for Libya move constructors Guard headquarters of Brega oil to Tripoli. This step is considered extremely dangerous due to the following:

1 – remote control alliance Alajuomusrati on oil money that go to Tripoli, not only is the lack of control on oil installations themselves to prevent any Barqawi from approaching or stop production or export when we discover that steals as it gets now from the sale of oil without counters.

2 – is a strong slap in the faces of the owners of the theory of goodness and Jay decentralization Seabouhah the system because decentralization (wonder Leaders Jamahiriya) can any prime minister to convey and change whatever he wants with the blessing of the central parliament and a single. Means the central Tripoli and Ashan incomplete pass more institutions to Tripoli!!!!!!

O People of Cyrenaica this encroachment Ajuomusrati the stark and frank your wealth that Anhabonha the day and night and you go to buy your children and receivables financing of assassinations and bombings that aimed at Tercaekm. If passed this decision on the best, will not تسامحكم generations coming Tafratkm in their rights …. How long this silence and abandonment???


O Allah, I have reached YOUR FRIENDS

Quoting. AG

Information Office of the General National Congress – Libya

Statement of the Committee of Wise Men and the Shura Council to المشاشية tribes, which was read out during a session the General National Congress on Monday 05/08/2013.

Firas Bosalum writes us,

The oil minister says “supply of oil in a significant improvement, return all fields to work to its former, we now produce 700,000 barrels, and after

the feast we will reach 800,000 barrels, and will continue to be the improvement in production with days, either oil ports that are still closed are” Zueitina, Ras Lanuf, Sidra. “

The minister underlined that all the oil fields and ports there are counters and working properly, and said, “We challenge anyone proven otherwise”.



Ali Zaidane: There Camcorder visualize and get all the information from the kill, plunder and kidnap and terrorize the citizens will be placed on the terror list will not protect it as it wants to consider the threat is a threat!!!!


And to God what you understand need ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ any Camcorder and who portrays growth and for any state capable of protection ….

Rat Prime Minister retract his statements about being charged for the people of Alkwyfah smuggling prisoners from prison Alkwyfah!!

List of new ambassadors Libyans!!

Set Fawzi Boktef the ambassador to Uganda Why Uganda in particular
Did you know the value of Libyan investments in Africa nearly $ 87 billion
And Uganda, or as they are called fertile land, or as he called by  al-Qathafi:

“(The ground) in terms of wealth and nature” –

Did you know that Uganda owns nearly half of Libyan investments in Africa, almost 40 billion of investment value.

Brotherhood a budget Kvahmh 2012 and 2013 and 180 billion frozen.
Melted and evaporated.

Fawzy Boktef, his choice was luck that be an ambassador in Uganda .. Where Libyan investments there are approximately 35 billion dollars.

The committee supervising the implementation of the national figure and passport-mail request from the government grants its members walnuts travel diplomatic peer business carried out.

Media: Reza Vahil the Album

For the second week in a row during the holiday week is stolen Libyan intelligence building a new area and most of the contents of the sections theft of computers

and ports systems, TVs and a sum of money up to 60 thousand dinars, and nearly $ 7,000

Prime Arafa survived confidential under the chairmanship of Staff “Mahmoud Barasi” the an Maholt his life after an explosion Monday afternoon targeted a car of the Army

National Laithi area behind the mobile dividers and reported “Barasi the” channel Free Libya that the explosion occurred as a result of placing an explosive device in his car.

-Najat President knew “Mahmoud Barasi” of an assassination attempt after an explosion targeted a car of the Army National Laithi area

The next death of Abu Musa!!

Colonels and generals and documents and swear allegiance to the era of Tobruk visitors
And two seen Saekh dimensions mesh from the al-Qathafi!!!

No, my sheikh Islamists know Aasnfoa of the choise and classified as very unfair,,, all of you al-Qathafi and the same payments but you Codtm foreigners and others قاتلوه have until the last breath!

Community Almthabat and Committees and People’s Congresses and the internal and external security and imams and others,,, Atcola the Anhqit provided for outburst Emcich,,, you must pay for the system and you are in for forty years, Shani you Atder?? Lech promoted colonel if you close and made ​​a lot??
All of you on the list of Abu Musa and guys Abu Musa and Abu Musa, justice, either teacher Altaorga the seen Zlam and Colonel Masrati seen Thaer knowing what Emcich, when Abu Musa!!

Bought coffins and inhaled the bitter freedom before leaving!
الموت القادم من ابي موسى!!

عقداء وجنرالات و وثائق عهد ومبايعة من طبرق لزوارة
وبعدين يطلعوا صاعكة مش من كتائب القذافي!!!

لا يا شيخ الاسلاميين يعرفوا ايصنفوا كويس وتصنيفهم عادل جدا ,,, كلكم كتائب القذافي ومن نفس الدفعات الا انكم قودتم للاجنبي والاخرون قاتلوه حتى اخر رمق!

جماعة المثابات و اللجان والمؤتمرات الشعبية والامن الداخلي والخارجي و ائمة المساجد وغيرهم,,, اتقولي انشقيت وقدمت للفورة ما يمشيش,,, يجب انك تدفع ثمن وجودك في النظام لمدة اربعين عام,, شني كنت اتدير؟؟ ليش ترقيت عقيد لو ما كنت مقرب وقدمت الكثير؟؟
كلكم على قائمة ابو موسى ورفاق ابو موسى وعدالة ابو موسى ,, اما المدرس التاورغي يطلع زلم والعقيد المصراتي يطلع ثائر خبر ما يمشيش عند ابو موسى!!

اشتروا الاكفان واستنشقوا الحرية قبل الرحيل المر!

Mujahid Abu Musa:

I’ve timed the week that we have made ​​of the puppet government and this government does not GOES!!
We undertake bombings night in Benghazi and Tripoli and the war was announced today against all headquarters or individual actuation with the puppet government and this image is the image of the batch that arrived for the Mujahideen forces and are pomegranates newly manufactured 5 of them can blow up the place a radius of 700 meters we NIF tuber that we promised we have and that we have won.

المجاهد أبو موسى

لقد انتهت مهلة الأسبوع التي قدمناها للحكومة العميلة و لم تنصرف هذه الحكومة!!
نتعهد بتفجيرات الليلة في بنغازي و طرابلس و الحرب قد أعلنت اليوم ضد كل مقر أو فرد يشتغل مع الحكومة العميلة و هذه الصورة هي صورة لدفعة التي وصلت لقوات المجاهدين و هي رمانات حديثة الصنع 5 منها يستطيع تفجير مكان نصف قطره 700 متر نحن الجبهة الإسلامية درنة إن وعدنا قمنا و إن قمنا انتصرنا


‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s Hamid Boulkheir commander of the First Infantry Brigade on Libya first channel now:

“Who قامون the liquidation unknown and is not arrested anyone yet!!”

TALL TALES created by GNC’s ‘Muslum’ Brotherhood ruling “JUSTICE & CONSTRUCTON PARTY” to

vindicate their Vendetta against ZINTAN, saying their Grand “FEBRUARY REVOLUTION”

is being endangered by ZINTAN ‘GANGS’ !!!:

ÚÇÇÇĚá Jma ::: said today, 04/08/2013, Zenata Friday market channel:

Ali follows pots [has increased’ tyranny and a mockery’ of Zintan militias.

“Users Tripoli Bthoratna the glorious and became spreading terror and theft in a despicable attempt to disrupt security and safety case and create congestion in the street after bank robbery , houses and land grabbing and Almgarat state, here they are stealing camps of weapons, vehicles and is planned to seize Tripoli in the days of Eid al-Fitr and the coup of legitimacy has informed us brother Mustafa Noah, deputy director of intelligence that the intelligence spotted contacts between leaders of the ‘gangs’ Zintan and terrorist groups planning where to make Tripoli a place for civil war begin before the holiday of Eid al-Fitr to ترعيب and kill people, has been proven and documented validity of this information and certain that the war scenes rung طبولها became hear from far and was scheduled since the two days, but was delayed for circumstances Tktkih are cooked in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia by the client UAE Mahmoud Jibril and Mliqth and Alokwak, ask ‘he state and the rebels prepare for it and ‘raise the degree of readiness to protect the citizens and the achievements of the revolution, O our people, the Libyan ‘revolution’ is in danger and Tripoli will burn and overrun by gangs that did not Taatsdoa to Maiktt her, God is my witness, I have informed]”…

TOP al-QAEDA RAT IN THE GNC, Khalid Sharif (one of the founders of the Libyan Fighting Group)
Is the piece was chosen and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense ordered the National Guard or because “he is a graduate of the College of Agriculture” ….

General National Congress gives confidence to Abdullah bending as defense minister Ali Zaidane government.

THIS MURDEROUS and wicked man inappropriate, and this placing is inappropriate!!!. HE IS ALSO a known Rapist of Libyan girls at al-Fateh Tripoli U. and torturer!

Electricity day interruption 4:30 hours:



Office of Public Information of the company’s electricity Benghazi

Important: Mr. Director, told us control in the Eastern Province Engineer / customary Ahmed thus:

Due to the General Electric Company to the implementation of emergency maintenance work generating station north of Benghazi by the German expert, during the daily 4-5 / 2013/8

By the company will proceed with the implementation of the program manual put loads during this period to maintain the stability of the network.

We hope that all citizens in Benghazi and the eastern region to take this flag with our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause them.

Quoting / / Islamic Front for the Mujahideen forces tuber

“We will target a government headquarters in Benghazi client after a few moments.”

Foil attempt to blow up in Alseriy area in Benghazi Street traffic .

The bombing of a military vehicle belonging to one of the elements of the office of information and investigate the management of military intelligence in

Benghazi in front of his home district of Sabri at seven o’clock in the morning and human Adharar!!

A spokesman for the security room Benghazi:

When قبضنا Ali Fazzani accused the issues of bombings, assassinations and admitted to many of the issues he was deported to Tripoli for interrogation. Vtm smuggled by militants linked destinations.

Ukrainian Ambassador Advisor:

Ukrainian sailors release will be once the 650-owned car dealers to show to the port of Benghazi.

 Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, arrest thief:

Car b coercion, when four people to delude the driver
They want to ride, and then put a gun to his head
And has been downloaded by force, and soon Haulo the escape by car, but
The Thunderbolt arrested on driving the car, front fork
University of Benghazi in one points Alastaagaf, when Rao point
Rammed the car and Adhu to flee, but it was captured their O’Shea
And they ملاحقين by the security room.


Libya’s international channel

URGENT: dismantling a ticking time bomb planted in front of the door is based in Tobruk taxes!!



Mr. Fathallah Capricorn informs us all:

Information is absent in the history of Bani Walid:

Did you know that the origins of Bani Walid and urban are not nomadic.

Did you know that Bani Walid was one of the centers of opinion in the Maliki school, and the largest number of mosques in Libya after Tripoli and Benghazi.

Did you know that there is a world of Bani Walid A. in astronomy in the nineteenth century.

Did you know that he was in Bani Walid special ways with المجرورة vehicles, and that some families had owned these vehicles in the second Ottoman.

Did you know that some women in Bani Walid was their convoys for trade with Africa.

Did you know that the first Telegraph outside Tripoli was installed in Bani Walid.

Did you know that Bani Walid had a gunpowder factory in the second Ottoman.

Did you know that the largest cemetery of soldiers Italians outside Tripoli was in Bani Walid.

Did you know that the student in a corner well he lived in an internal department, and was in receipt of a grant appreciates three Mgideat, and is equivalent to the salary of employees at the time.

Did you know that a lot of foreign travelers passed in Bani Walid, and some of them resided for a period and among them scientists settled there for the purpose of time corresponding with scientists Bani Walid.

Did you know that the road adjacent to the castle of the establishment of an Austrian lady settled in Bani Walid in the Ottoman Empire before you leave later.

Did you know that there were buildings constructed from three innings …

Did you know that the urban history of Bani Walid ignorant of a very large proportion of youth??

عن الأستاذ فتح الله الجديمعلومات غائبة في تاريخ بني وليد :هل تعلم أن أصول بني وليد حضرية و ليست بدوية .

هل تعلم بأن بني وليد كانت أحد مراكز الفتوى في المذهب المالكي ، و بها أكبر عدد من المساجد في ليبيا بعد طرابلس و بنغازي .

هل تعلم بأن هناك عالم من بني وليد ألف في علم الفلك في القرن التاسع عشر .

هل تعلم بأنه كانت في بني وليد طرق خاصة بالعربات المجرورة، و أن بعض العائلات كانت تمتلك هذه العربات في العهد العثماني الثاني .

هل تعلم بأن بعض النساء في بني وليد كانت لهن قوافل للتجارة مع أفريقيا .

هل تعلم بأن أول تلغراف خارج طرابلس تم تركيبه في بني وليد .

هل تعلم بأن بني وليد كان بها مصنع بارود في العهد العثماني الثاني .

هل تعلم بأن أكبر مقبرة للجنود الطليان خارج طرابلس كانت في بني وليد .

هل تعلم بأن الطالب في زاوية بالخير كان يسكن في قسم داخلي ، و كان يتقاضى منحة تقدر بثلاثة مجيديات ، و هي ما تعادل مرتب موظف في ذلك الوقت .

هل تعلم بأن الكثير من الرحالة الأجانب مروا ببني وليد ، و بعضهم أقام فيها لفترة و منهم علماء استقروا فيها لزمن بغرض المناظرة مع علماء بني وليد .

هل تعلم بأن الطريق المحاذية للقلعة من إنشاء سيدة نمساوية استقرت في بني وليد في العهد العثماني قبل أن ترحل لاحقا .

هل تعلم بأن هناك مباني كانت مشيدة من ثلاثة أدوار …

هل تعلم بأن التاريخ الحضري لبني وليد يجهله نسبة كبيرة جداً من شبابها ؟؟

Riders of BANI WALID




Green Mountain ..

The day before yesterday at Cinema City dome was at a meeting of the tribes was present zoning by Altcfhirien between tribes

“to maintain its security and the clearing of outsiders ..
The results were first arrested four persons from outsiders U yesterday ..”
And bring the youth of internal security in the “Green Mountain” mounting an operation investigation with outsiders because of their experience and actually hitting the target,


and now you’re in a telephone conversation with one of these young people and assured me learn a lot of facts and foremost those who are implementers of murders in the city of Derna.

The Libyan news agency …




Very emergency meeting tomorrow in the city of Zliten featuring local councils and the military is very important ..

This morning city زليطن, meeting militias from the western region on the movements of Zintan in Tripoli and the search for a solution to the crisis coming!

The meeting was attended by militias from Misrata Gharyan Nalut Tripoli and representatives corner to Nafusa!!

Of course, meeting under the auspices of the Jews Misrata …

Local councils to meet all Libyan cities on Monday, in the city of Zliten to discuss the situation in Libya.

The official spokesman for the local council Zliten Hassan Sofia for “news agency solidarity” that the meeting includes the local councils and military councils wise for all Libyan cities to discuss the security situation and assassinations in Libya, in addition to the question of legitimacy and the National Congress and the interim government.

Sofia added that the local council plans to issue a joint statement consensual unified local and military councils and boards of wise men to various Libyan cities shows the position of the councils of the current situation in Libya.

Solidarity news agency – beautiful Abdulrahman



Last night 4_8_2013 been discovered time bomb Palmobail the planted near from martyrs Btabriq the Square

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News


The armed robbery two days before my brother called Khalid Briki and steal his car Toyota Hilux (Kabana individual) six o’clock afternoon close to the hotel Sharif ..

Armed robbery of people have a BMW before God and His creation and before the eyes of all the people were beaten lead under his feet.

How was Marawah to complete lottery procedures to perform the Hajj .. Srko car each Mavera of the passports and family booklets

and some important papers and his mobile phone and jealousy

I hope publishing widely and God does not waste the reward of Muslims ::

Each of the find any information on this gang contact:

Brother Jamal Briki: 0913834816

Mermaid operations room

Recorded 6 cases of car theft my force of arms in the palace bin Gasheer and specifically in the way of the lighthouse .. Please citizens discernible caution.

(Media Center Qasr Bin Ghashir)

Parents and elders tourist area in Tripoli, they demolished the junta tourist ..

Mediterranean News Agency
Rally in Tripoli and mechanisms of arms and ammunition between the conflicting parties on the capital and emptying of army camps content Aandhir the fine ...(see yesterday’s report on Camp 27 YOUNIS).

National Congress asked the General Staff to protect the coastal road to the capital.

The entire members of the General National Congress, on Monday, the need to protect the coastal road to Tripoli.

A member of the conference Fattah Hablos for “news agency Solidarity” The members unanimously agreed to issue a decision in the next few hours and voted on in the evening session useful

guidance Chiefs of Staff for the protection of the coastal road to the capital as soon as the beginning of the bridge 17 janzour the very entrance to the corner.

He added a member of the conference that after the attack on Abdel-Fattah Younis camps and 27 in Tripoli, it was necessary to move quickly Conference and directing Chiefs of Staff to protect this region.

And drew Hablos to the morning session for today discussed the security situation in the country and witnessed by cities from multiple security breaches in more than one city.



 Free Officers Movement announces Libyan revolution for the country’s recovery from the current regime..




Movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement” announces a revolution in Libya 05.08.2013 | 17:42 !!!

http://arabic.rt.com/news/623085/: Russia Today
Mouvement qui se fait appeler

Movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement announces a ‘revolution’ in Libya
A movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement” in Libya, it will work to ‘restore the 17 February Revolution’ of the current regime.

The REPORT from RT:

A movement calling itself the “Free Officers Movement” in Libya, it will work to restore the revolution of the current regime, which came after the overthrow of the Great Jamahiriya and its

spiritual leader/Supreme Commander Muammar al-Qathafi.

In a statement quoted by the movement “news” Algerian Monday, July 5, that the movement “will continue military confrontations, arguing that the full conditions are available for the

unification of the Libyan society” to confront what it called the plot against Libya.

They described the movement in a statement that what is happening in Libya plot, noting that it will do its work in a military zone and 12 will move 14 battalions as well as the air force and air defense.

The group separated in a statement the latest developments in Libya and is seeking to do, they pointed to activate the work of 12 military zone and move 14 battalions in addition to military air force and air defense forces.
According to the statement, “We declare that we have identified the zero hour for this glorious day we issued our orders following the establishment of military areas”:
Western Region
And the western corner,
And the Green Crescent,
And the Tripoli Military Region,
The western mountain area,
And the supporters, and the central region,
And the southern region, Ajdabiya zone,
Benghazi Military District,
Green Meadow area,
In addition to the طلميثة area Shahat tuber and Green Mountain area.

The movement called what it called بآمري assigned areas “immediate enrollment their regions, to exercise their jurisdiction zero hour by orders issued”
They stressed the need for full coordination with the Revolutionary Guards and the public and local leaders.
The statement concluded with “encouraging you and are confident of the National حسكم .. And we recommend good Bohlkm .. We recall that Libya for all Libyans .. No one exception .. And the desperate stage passed us we will not allow them to divide our people in such a glorious day. ”

These developments come at a time when injured former Libyan Chief of Staff, Major General Salem Aguenida wounded in an assassination attempt as he returned to his home in Tripoli. This witness to Libya since the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, sending Libya into state of security chaos and assassinations, which has affected both civilians and military personnel. The group announced in a statement that it set the zero hour, it had issued orders establishment of military areas.

Source: (newspaper) “the news” Algerian

http://arabic.rt.com/news/623085/ :روسيا اليوم

Praise be to God 5 billion stationery machine Aalfada is ..

Mu simply gorgeous, w intense

In actuality, the Great Jamahiriya never was disbanded. The people never rejected it formally. ONLY NATO replaced it ILLEGALLY:

THEREFORE, this whole “NEW DECLARATION” or any other form of “government” imposed upon the Libyan peoples (as presented to the world last week) is really a farce.

You cannot take away power from the people without the full consent of the people…

and THAT WAS NEVER LEGALLY DONE. The Great Jamahiriya in actuality still exits until the people themselves decide elsewise…

NO ONE CAN DO THAT FOR THE PEOPLE of the Great Jamahiriya. (The people themselves would have to declare it and decide to give-up their power!!)

All good Nations must eventually do away with a “Constitution” itself (see GREEN BOOK], and proclaim only Holy Scripture as the LAW of the LAND….

and that HOLY SCRIPTURE will depend upon the accepted Scripture as being from God/ Allah (and not from the pen of any man or men).


concerning dirty MISURATA:

 bright anger FB page

يان منسوب لقبائل القذاذفة
__________________الموافق : 2013.08.01بيان قبيلة القذاذفة بشان الاحكام الجائرة والباطلة الصادرة في حق ابنائهاإن قبيلة القذاذفة والتى قدمت طوابير من الشهداء من أجل حرية وتحرير ليبيا من الاستعمار والمستعمرين عبر العصور، وقدمت إسهامات كبرى في مسيرة ليبيا أثناء فترة الجهاد ضد الغزاة المستعمرين الطليان ، وقدمت خيرة شبابها ورجالها من أجل وحدة الوطن والدفاع عن شرعيته من أذناب الاستعمار وعملاء الغرب ، وأسوة ببقية القبائل الشريفة المجاهدة ، واجهوا وبكل شجاعة المؤامرة التى يتعرض لها الوطن منذ نكبة فبراير وحتى الآن ، وهم يتابعون وبكل ألم وحزن هذا التشرذم الذي تعانيه ليبيا جراء العبث الذي تمارسه العصابات الاجرامية والمليشيات المسلحة الذين والو الكفار والعملاء في ضل غياب كامل للدولة والقانون وأدمية البشر ، مورست فيه وأثنائه انتهاكات صارخة لحقوق الانسان ، تعرض خلالها الليبيون في سجون تلك العصابات لحفلات من التعذيب والاغتصاب الممنهجين ، ووحدثت فيها ابشع وأقذر عمليات قتل جماعي وخطف وإهدار لثروات الوطن والمواطن حتى أمست ليبيا خرابة بكل ماتعنيه الكلمة من معنى ، وأصبح الليبيون في الوقت ذاته بلا قيمة ولا كرامة أمام هذا التوحش والفساد .
وأننا ككل القبائل الشريفة التى يتعرض أبناؤها لتلك الممارسات المشينة واللاأخلاقية التى تمارسها العصابات في كل ربوع ليبيا وبالأخص في سجون مصراته البغيضة والتي تحولت من مدينة للإنتاج والتنمية والعلم الى مدينة موبؤة بأفعال تلك المليشيات مدعومة من طرف جهات خارجية وفي ضل سكوت مطبق من مايسمى بالمؤتمر الوطني وحكومة العار المستوردة .
أن ماصدر من أحكام عن مايسمى بمحكمة مصراته في حق الاسرى والمختطفين قصراً ، ماهي الاخطوة اولى مبيته مسبقاً للشروع في الاغتيال السياسي والتصفية الجسدية لعدد من أبناء قبيلة القذاذفة ، ويقودها مجموعة من قادة المليشيات الخارجة على القانون وهم أنفسهم المسئولين على المذابح والتصفيات التى جرت وتجري في مصراته وخارجها طيلة فترة الازمة وهى موثقة لدينا ولدى كافة الجهات المحلية والدولية ، وما هذه المسرحية التى تحدث فصولها هذه الايام الا محاولة بائسة ويائسة لتمويه الراَى العام المحلي خاصة لشد انتباهه عن الحراك الحاصل في الشارع الليبي بعد ان اكتشف الحقيقة وكشف خيوطها وتحرك ضدها على كل الاصعدة ، ولشد انتباه العالم الخارجي عامة في محاولة مكشوفة وفاشلة لاقناعهم بأن هناك مؤسسات عادلة وناجزة ، متناسيين ان العالم برمته قد كشف زيف وسخافة هذه الالاعيب والترهات ، ووثق كل مايحصل فيها من إنتهاكات قانونية وإنسانية فهي محاكمات سياسية وغير قانونية تفتقر لابسط المعايير القانونية الدولية خصوصاً وانها صدرت من جهة تعتبر خصم في الوقت ذاته ، ناهيك عن تعطيل كافة المؤسسات القضائية والقانونية في كل ليبيا وفقدانها لأبسط القواعد والاشتراطات للقيام بمحاكمات عادلة في ضل انتشار فاضح وغير مسبوق للفوضى والسلاح والعصابات والمليشيات المسلحة والسجون الغير شرعية والسرية وغياب تام للدولة وسلطاتها وانتشار القتل والتفجيرات والخطف والابتزاز وغيره من الاعمال الغير مشروعة التى تقف حائلاً دون عمل محاكم عادلة وقانونية ومؤسسات داعمة للعدالة ، وهو ما اكده ردة فعل العديد من المنظمات الدولية حول هذه الاحكام ، وغيرها من القضايا التى اكدت فيها ان مؤسسة العدل في ليبيا غير مؤهلة اطلاقاً لتنفيذ مهامها في هذه الفترة الحرجة من تاريخ ليبيا .أن قبيلة القذاذفة وهى تراقب هذا الوضع الخطير والحكم الجائر والذى اصدرته محكمة مصراته تضع مسئولية اى أذى يطال ابناؤها على تلك الزمرة خاصة ، وتحمل الدولة إن وجدت مغبة تداعيات مايترتب على ذلك بإعتبار افراد قبيلة مصراته الذين شاركوا في هذا الفعل هم أهداف مشروعة لنا بالتصفية والقتل ، وأيضاً كل من ساهم وبأى شكل من الاشكال في هذه الجريمة الحقيرة والدنيئة ، وتطالب القبيلة الجهات المعنية بضرورة نقل أبناؤها من هذه المدينة الموبؤة نتيجة فعل تلك الشراذم القذرة إلى خارجها ، إعادة محاكمتهم وبحضور مراقبين دوليين ومنظمات حقوق الانسان والسماح لهم بتوكيل محاميين ولكل السجناء والاسرى والخطوفين في مصراته .
فيا أهالي مصراته وأعيانها إن وجدوا ، وعقلائها وشيوخها ، وبعدما أنتهكت تلك العصابات حرمات بيوتنا وحرقتها ودمرتها وسرقت ممتلكاتنا وارزاقنا دون وجه حق ، وطاردت ابناؤنا وقتلتنهم على الهوية ، هم وغيرهم من الشرفاء من الليبيين ، تحت رعاية وبمعية قوى خارجية وبمناصرتها ، وتصدركم انتم للمشهد في غطرسة وعربدة لم يشهد لها التاريخ مثيلاً ، بفعل تلك العصابات نقول لكم بأنكم تجنون الرياح وعليكم بالعواصف وأن هبت فهي لاتفرق بين احد منكم ، فواجبكم ايقاف تلك المهزلة فوراً وكبح جماح اكلي لحوم البشر بينكم والدهر يومان .

 the Gadhafah tribe (of Sirte) :


The tribe Alqmazfah statement on the verdicts unfair and false issued in right of her sons:

The tribe Alqmazfah which provided lines of martyrs for the freedom and liberation of Libya from colonialism and colonizers through the ages,

and made major contributions in the march of Libya during the jihad against the invaders colonists Italians, and provided the finest youth and

men for the unity of the nation and defend the legitimacy of the lackeys of colonialism and clients West, Like the rest of the tribes honorable combatant,

they faced and bravely conspiracy against her homeland since the Nakba February and so far, they are watching and all the pain and sadness of this

fragmentation suffered by Libya due to tampering practiced by criminal gangs and armed militias who Alo infidels and clients in lost complete

absence of the state and law and inhumane humans , practiced it and during flagrant violations of human rights, during which the Libyans in the prisons of those bands

for parties of torture and rape Almmenhgen, and Ouhdtt the ugliest and dirtiest mass killings, kidnappings and squandering the wealth of the nation

and the citizens even eventually become Libya’s a waste of all Matnih sense of the word, and became the Libyans at the same time without value

and dignity in front of this brutality and corruption.
And that we as a whole tribes honest, which exposed their children to such practices shameful and immoral practiced by gangs

in all across Libya, particularly in the prisons of Misrata obnoxious, which turned the city of production and development,

science to the city infected with acts such militias backed by third parties and strayed Scott applied the so-called National Congress and the Government Shame imported.
That Masdr of the provisions of the so-called Court of Misratah in the right of prisoners of war and abductees palace, what Alakhtoh first stayed overnight

advance to embark on political assassinations and physical liquidation of a number of tribe Alqmazfah, and is led by a group of militia leaders outside the law:

they are themselves responsible for massacres and qualifiers that took place and taking place in Misratah and beyond the duration of the crisis

which is documented to have and at all relevant local and international, and this play that occur classrooms these days,

but try miserable and desperate to disguise the domestic public opinion especially flatten attention from the movement happening in the street Libyan

after he discovered the truth revealed weaved and moved against it on all fronts, and flatten the attention of the outside world generally in an apparent attempt

and failed to convince them that there are institutions fair and ناجزة, Mtanasean that the whole world has debunked the absurdity of these games and nonsense,

documented every case with the violations of legal and humanitarian are political trials and illegal lacked the most basic international legal standards in particular,

and it issued point is deducted at the same time, not to mention disabling all judicial institutions and legal in both Libya and the loss of the most basic rules

and requirements to do the trials fair better spread of blatant and unprecedented chaos and weapons, gangs and armed militias, prisons, illegal, confidentiality,

and a complete absence of the state and its authorities and the spread of killings, bombings and kidnappings, extortion and other Business illegal which stand

without the work of courts fair and legal and supporting institutions of justice, which is confirmed by the reaction of many of the international organizations on these provisions,

and other issues which confirmed where the institution of justice in Libya is not qualified at all to carry out its functions in this critical period from the date of Libya.

The tribe Alqmazfah which monitors this grave situation and unjust sentence and issued by the Court of Misratah put responsibility for any harm affects sons on those Composition private,

and carry the state, if any, against the repercussions of مايترتب on it considering members of the tribe Misurata who participated in this act are legitimate targets for us liquidation and murder,

and also all those who contributed and in any way in this crime vile and despicable, and calls for the tribe concerned the need to transfer their children from this city infested

result did those Acharazm dirty to the outside, retrial and the presence of international observers and human rights organizations and allow them power of attorney lawyers

and all prisoners and captives and Alkhtovin in Misratah.

Via the people of Misratah and notables, if any, and Aklaúha and elders, and after he violated those bands sanctity of our homes and Hrguetha and destroyed and stole our property

and Arezagna unlawfully, and chased our sons and Guetltnem identity, they and other honorable Libyans, under the auspices and together with external forces and her championing,

and Tsdrickm you of the scene in arrogance Orgy has not seen her history ever seen, by those gangs say that you تجنون you and you wind storms and that they are endowed to Atafrq

between one of you, Foajpkm stop this farce immediately and rein eater you and forever days.



The news agency – Sirte …

Continue suspension of work by judicial courts and prosecutors complex judicial Sirte for the second week, in protest of what he suffered Courts Complex headquarters of security violations caused serious damage to the building and disrupt the judicial work.

According to the President of the Court of Sirte Trial Counsel “Saleh Abdel Mawla” that the suspension of an ongoing judicial work, in order to achieve and provide safety and security for the judicial bodies and judges and prosecutors and lawyers.

And called for the need to activate the police and the judicial police and the army, to protect and secure the judicial bodies in the region, as a student, the speedy adjust offenders and outlaws and bring them to trial.



Exposure civilian airport Jufrah Air Base to an accident as a result of penetrating type car “Toyota Kraiser” was carrying ammunition shells weapons to the glass wall of the passengers lounge.

According to sources, the local council that there had been no loss of life and that it was limited to minor damage was the shattering lounge travelers

despite the scattering and the spread of ammunition during the incident.

The sources pointed out that there were no explosions in ammunition that has spread over an area was not bad parts of the airport.

The member of the local council official Jufrah file utilities Dr. “Ahmed entertained,” who was present at the place that the driver of the

car lost control as a result of the speed which led to the accident.



Rached Ghannouchi, leader of Ennahda “Brotherhood” Tunisia’s ruling is similar to a demonstration of supporters of Ennahda crowds Muslim conquerors to Mecca ..

Ben Jeddo: showing a filament between the assassinations and the perpetrators who were entering link arms to Tunisia through Libya.

Tunisia: Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo:   “our words depend on technical matters away from any political attraction.”



Agence France-Presse (AFP) ::

Unidentified closing Qatar Airways office at the airport in Tripoli, stressing that they will no longer allow Qatar aircraft to land at the airport ..

Closed group of unidentified persons Saturday Airways office at Tripoli International Airport, saying it will no longer allow Qatar aircraft to land at the airport also confirmed to Agence France-Presse source at the airport ..
The source said on condition of anonymity said the group also announced that it also plans to close the booking office of Qatar Airways and the object in the commercial tower in the center of the capital.
For its part, the Interior Ministry condemned the Libyan incident shut down the Office of Qatar Airways at the airport in Tripoli, saying that one of the oldest on this “shameful act” They are people who “do not represent only themselves.”
The ministry said in a statement that it “condemns this act, which does not reflect only the opinion of those people who carried out this shameful act,” saying it will “follow up in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Transport and the relevant authorities.”
And considered the ministry that “such behavior is irresponsible and calculated about this public facility, which is the front end of the State of Libya, something that would send letters wrong for the international community and foreign companies and hinder economic development programs and reconstruction projects, not to mention the abuse of relations Libya – Qatar.
In late June, another group forced the company itself to suspend its flights flying to Benghazi airport, the largest city in the east of Libya.
Opponents accuse the Islamic movement in Libya, the Qatari government with the support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the rest of the shades of political Islam in this country.

Today at Tripoli International Airport
Prevent Airways plane shortly before landing at Tripoli International Airport and contacts are underway to convert the flight to Benghazi or Misurata.

(Mohammed Amehasn)



Libyan Airlines office in Cairo ability unable to turn clothing store in the Talaat Harb Street:

Brotherhood problematic Tawakkol Karman prevent her from entering Egypt:

Egyptian security authorities at Cairo airport forced winning the Nobel Peace Prize Yemeni Tawakul Karman to leave Cairo airport

after hours of detention and prevented from entering Cairo without giving reasons (!! HAH HAH…and BTW, Mdme Clinton is running for American President again in 2016)


Letter of appeal to the President of Russia

Nicholas Sologubovsky

President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin

A letter of appeal.

Dear Mr. President!
We ask you to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of

09.03.2011 N 286 “On measures to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011,” with all attachments to the Decree.

In connection with the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011, provides for the use of a number of limitations with respect to the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev Both companies signed a decree introducing a number of restrictions on the Libyan Jamahiriya and its leader Muammar al-Qathafi and members of his family.
March 17, 2011 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1973, which effectively authorized the military intervention and the complete destruction of Libya. Under the pretext of “no-fly zone”, NATO aircraft bombed the peaceful country of Libya and destroyed civilian property and infrastructure (and killed or maimed for life innumerable citizens of its small population).
Western politicians do not deny that the main objective of the war against the GREAT  Jamahiriya is the physical removal of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, the control of Libya’s natural resources and the establishment of a pro-Western regime.

Now we see, what turned the once prosperous country. In Libya, there is virtually no power, its place was taken by the government, which is not popular. On the territory of the country does not have laws in many cities in Libya’s rampant gang of radical jihadists and mercenaries of the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

Russia has always stood for the principle positions of peace and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. But we can not ignore the fact of direct genocide against the Libyan people.
The UN Security Council on the proposal of Russia adopted a June 20 statement demanding an end to human rights violations in Libya, in particular, the use of torture and extra-judicial killings of people.
“Members of the Security Council condemned the acts of torture and ill-treatment, which are observed in illegal detention centers in Libya,” – the document says.
UN Security Council stresses that “the practice of torture and extrajudicial killings are unacceptable.” Countries UN Security Council also called on the Libyan authorities to investigate all human rights violations in the country and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Recall that will soon be two years since the 29 citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are languishing in Libyan prisons under trumped-up charges of militancy.
The situation in Libya with each passing day more and more out of control. The Russian leadership should lift sanctions against Muammar Gaddafi’s family for continuing with the family members of respected Libyan citizens, to resolve the situation in the country.

We ask you to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On measures to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011,” with all attachments to the decree, and to begin a direct dialogue with all political forces in Libya in the interests of peace and safety of the Libyan people.
Friends of Libya.


Письмо-обращение к Президенту России

Президенту Российской Федерации
Путину В.В.Письмо-обращение.Уважаемый Господин Президент!
Просим Вас отменить или изменить Указ Президента РФ от 09.03.2011 N 286 «О мерах по выполнению резолюции Совета Безопасности ООН 1970 от 26 февраля 2011 г.» со всеми приложениями к Указу.
В связи с принятием резолюции Совета Безопасности ООН 1970 от 26 февраля 2011 г., предусматривающей применение ряда ограничений в отношении Великой Социалистической Народной Ливийской Арабской Джамахирии, Президентом России Медведевым Д.А. был подписан соответствующий указ,  вводящий ряд ограничений в отношении Ливийской Джамахирии, ее лидера Муаммара Аль-Каддафи и членов его семьи.
17 марта 2011 года Советом Безопасности ООН была принята резолюция 1973, которая фактически санкционировала военную интервенцию и полное разорение Ливии. Под предлогом обеспечения «бесполетной зоны» авиация НАТО бомбила мирные  города Ливии, уничтожала гражданские объекты и инфраструктуру страны.
Западные политики не отрицают, что главной целью войны против Джамахирии  являлись физическое устранение лидера Ливийской Революции   Муаммара Каддафи,    контроль над  природными богатствами Ливии и  установление прозападного режима.
Сейчас мы видим, во что превращена некогда процветавшая страна. В Ливии  фактически нет  власти, ее место заняло   правительство, которое не пользуется популярностью. На территории страны не действуют  законы, во многих городах Ливии бесчинствуют банды радикальных джихадистов  и наемников международной террористической организации Аль-Каида.
Россия всегда стояла на принципиальных позициях мира и невмешательства во внутренние дела суверенных государств.  Но  мы не можем обойти факт прямого геноцида против ливийского народа.
Совет Безопасности ООН по предложению России принял 20 июня  заявление с требованием прекратить нарушения прав человека в Ливии, в частности, применение пыток и внесудебных ликвидаций людей.
“Страны-члены Совета Безопасности осудили случаи пыток и плохого обращения, которые наблюдаются в незаконных центрах заключения в Ливии”, — говорится в документе.
СБ ООН подчеркивает, что “практика пыток и внесудебных убийств недопустимы”. Страны СБ ООН также призвали ливийские власти расследовать все нарушения прав человека в стране и привлечь виновных к ответу.
Напомним, что скоро будет два года, как 29 граждан России, Украины и Белоруссии томятся в ливийских тюрьмах под сфабрикованными боевиками обвинениям.
Ситуация  в Ливии с каждым днем все больше выходит из под контроля. Руководство России должно   отменить санкции против семьи Муаммара Каддафи  для последующего привлечения членов семьи, пользующихся  уважением ливийских граждан,  к разрешению сложившейся  в стране ситуации.
Мы   просим Вас отменить или изменить Указ Президента РФ от 09.03.2011 N 286 «О мерах по выполнению резолюции Совета Безопасности ООН 1970 от 26 февраля 2011 г.» со всеми приложениями к Указу и начать прямой диалог  со всеми   политическими силами Ливии в интересах мира и безопасности ливийского народа.
Друзья Ливии

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(Admona 5)

“I call on my Lord, the Lord of the Mighty Throne .. ”
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Each of the pilgrimage to ▩ ▩ Qatar and by the hands of Sheikha Mozah ▩ ▩-made loyalty and obedience is now in the positions (Minister transportation Alzentani and Foreign Minister Alzentani and Mliqth Alzentani example!!!)

The closure of Al Khaimah-TV for the second time !!

The Libyan satellite channel Al Khaimah
Dear viewers
Patience and persistence and the tent due God’s help …. Dauatcm us luck

  • GREAT JAMAHIRIYA= what West calls “old Regime” but NEVER says “Great Jamahiriya” ! 
    constantly one reads only “Gaddafi Regime” or “Old regime”-–They never say System of the Masses (The people themselves) or Jamahiriya...That is a no no; because then people will be asking what a “Jamahiriya” is (?) and they then will be surprised to find DIRECT DEMOCRACY!
    Since 27/5/2013 few ended intervention Dr. Hamza Thami, which was addressed to young rats, in which he said:

    You Libyans (speech directed to young rats) learned the and Kbertm it Zaastm the glory days Thdakm the enemy, lifted up your heads, and all countries of the world you opened its doors and you are respectful, respectable sense of the word.

    You know very well that world Ihtermkm to positions قائدكم with disadvantaged and oppressed countries, if not him, but a good one They knees invaders and make them accept the hand son of Omar Mukhtar, kofta this good.
    You were in your security and Amanatkm and Boukaratkm, so some families were take into pensions illegally and the state did not intervene as a matter of leaving the Libyan citizen doubles incomes, ye lords above the ground, even without money, you Tchehron Pkramtkm and Bashrvkm and Bajaddadkm and Qubaúlkm not Fkhroa days money (in the era of leader )

    You dream that become Dubai Catheria and wealthy Dubai are hated and outcasts in the world and you know that the world is perceived on the basis that they dogs

    Thertm and died to your children in order to control Misratah Here now Misrata control is Sbaanha, Thertm in order to Tawwadoa Jews and Altalian here they are taking from Petrolkm after he was commander demanding compensate, Thertm for controlled base on Libya, here now dominant, Thertm in order to return to Fezzan and control the desert, now in control and Hadhm exist and all the boredom revels in Libya, Thertm in order to Thinwa tribes one another and the theft of their homes and burned, is here Nhpettm and Sergtm and Ahrguetm and slain, and by any other name? the name of freedom, where is the freedom now? at least before you before you say that Muammar was Asjnna and, far from speaking cut off his head, you now تقسمون and your meal on two
    Alice your mind? Laughed you, Aghtsoa sisters and Ahnohn for Qatar and you know this well Altalam he words مسؤوليكم and Qataris, stole Amulkm, killed your children, is the beneficiary?
    Was benefiting from projects that were built, hundreds of thousands of residential projects where is it now? Are all ruined, the good of your country and your oil took him from you, they bombed brothers Vdftm the to them and Awwadtm them about Bncodkm bombs

    Said what you said the emir of Qatar when Tzhardm against him? Told you mouth Rumours and you heard: God opens you, means Achtrakm the money through customers who now Agmonakm and all Mphatham when Qatar, you know, any official appointed only on the orders of Qatar

    God said you, O sons of Libya seducer them and Alamadhok of them and let your supporters and opponents, is not your honor? Do not you have dignity? Do not you have a sense? Wallis Libya your country and your people? But Tafrkron in which brought the country to this case? Why Jneetm? Poverty, lack of respect and good things preying eyes of your eye, say to you, Do not talk about oil, the oil minister said, Do not talk about oil, oil matter government does not matter Allepiean the. was commander instruct every day to detect the amount of oil exported and you hear every day at the end of the newsletter for the amount of oil source.

    They say to you Taghi, God you thought quietly, do you if overwhelming for the Ghiryani and sculpted and Belhadj and owners beards alive now? Told you that Muammar stole your money, and see all the investments in Africa, Asia and in the world registered Abasmkm all revenue coming into the treasury of the Libyan people, where palaces Sons ? where their compani