Resistance reveals “WE ARE HERE” to Liberate Tripoli

Mu pen in hand

Statement early hours of this morning blessed. From the western region 01/09/2014


بيان المنطقة الغربية 09-01-2014

The Green Army is here now

Been released about the artist Joseph Ghiryani “Qezkizh”.

He is now among his family and friends



Word now Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armed terrorist groups coming from the east are now attacking the prison “Alhiah” (Police Academy) aimed at assassinating militant Abdullah Sanusi .. In a time when other groups protest in front of the headquarters of the Conference (Al-RIXOS)) to bring attention and blocked the road in front of the college now …
# (Born Leader)

A medical source that after the deterioration of the health status of Abdullah Senoussi, head of Libyan intelligence in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, where he entered a room care by two hours from now, and is now in good health and not the health of the news of his death and he is alive, where quoted some pages of social networking that he had died as a result of cancer and the Nude for health altogether this he said ….

The spokesman stressed the official Libyan Foundation for reform and rehabilitation
Prison plateau, Mr. “Atman Alqlala,” that the news of the death
Abdullah Sanusi shame about the health and the incorrect phrase and detailed
And said “Alqlala” in a statement that called Sanusi
Fine and in good health.

Senussi at his desk
{Director okay} did not type the two articles in a single day in the past, but the life of director requires writing and flare-ups in us feelings of sadness and joy, director Abdullah Senoussi’s okay man, described by his enemies in the West, the seed of the crown of security was able to eliminate the fiercest diseases in the world and will not be defeated in solitary injustice, The man making your safety and security, and his life was full of difficulties and carry for Libya everything and eventually sold it sneaks money to customers who they came to destroy the nation and its destruction, God with the Director no doubt in this and his God no one can oppress and What we’re saying today joke people well on the what he was doing Director in establishing security best proof of that ached transfer you that God loves his creation of the granulated first disallowed.


Back broadcast channel green again,,,,, thanks to God, and steadfast victorious, God willing,
# (Born Leader)

Green News Channel

Mnicolmn Pen Commander:
Khoi in saws just met her in the four streets Mlouhanhm pleasures specifically Aldrebe
This publication:
To our brothers and our people within our land beloved to me from now works with the militias, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, who wreaked havoc, you leave your weapons and commitment to your home and do not stand a row of our enemies and the enemies of our country, the date of Libya’s liberation is near .. In the past we used to say we were coming, and now we say we are in our land and are unhappy with what is happening in our country and we pledge to edit Libya will not Ntkhadl Nrahm will not stop us from our weapons and gear and men of what we can knead and we are sure of victory, but we see our eye Ba.
# (Born Leader)

Farhat Bin Guidara Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the former says:
1 – Libya has become under the control of an international mafia.
2 – The amount of two hundred and ninety-four billion six hundred million dollars and this amount was frozen before the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, which made it impossible for anyone of the Great Jamahiriya to withdraw any monetary value at all of it.
Months after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya, all of this money disappeared (in the amount of ninety billion and eight hundred million dollars under mysterious circumstances) which could not justify how the exchange or withdrawal took place, despite the fact that It disappeared totally before lifting the freeze.
3 – the disappearance of billions of dollars of Libyan assets by the Mafia ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ruling power which now runs Libya …
4 – and Libya on the verge of bankruptcy and has become a scary place of greed and all the nations of the world will witness unprecedented bankruptcy case …
5- Turkey and Qatar (hungry to take over Libya), have forecast of what is to come and collect the debt from Libya last month, Libya collapsing rapidly} Technically Qatar and Turkey OWN LIBYA……

(Gateway Libya)

Libya Telecom & Technology:
We would like to inform you that the type of WiMax internet service will be interrupted tomorrow, Thursday, 09 January 2014, and in order to improve the performance of the network and linked to the project NGBN, and will begin the process of improvement and the transfer of the service from 7:00 – 9:00, and the expected time for the completion of this task about one hour, and this interruption will affect the following cities:
(Street corner – Zone Tower of Tripoli – Gharyan – Terhana – five – Ghadames – Misrata – Ras Lanuf – Hun – Alfornaj – Friday Market – Tajura – Zlitin – Bani Walid – Sirte – Ubari – Brega – Ajdabiya – area Libyana Abusth).
Libyan Telephone Company announces stops and interruptions to telephone networks of orbit and Libyana for the towns of Bani Walid and Tarhaounah and part of the road to the airport and area Sawani.
(The news agency of the mountain
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
The Washington Post:
U.S. authorities intend the inclusion of Ansar al-Sharia in Derna and Benghazi and Tunisia on the black list of terrorist organizations. The newspaper pointed out that the branches of the group based in Derna and Benghazi. It quoted officials Amadtalaaan say that the procedure in question would apply to the Libyans: Ben Qmo, and Ahmad Abu Khtalh. According to the newspaper this action will lead to pressure on the group, cutting support for its activities through the freezing of funds, and funds of its leaders, and to prevent U.S. citizens and companies from dealing with them. According to the information sought to arrest America “Abu Khtalh” in the city of Benghazi, but “they abandoned it for fear that it raises unrest and destabilize the Libyan government”…
وهذا هو الكثير من هوكي، كما معروفة هذه الجماعات “الإرهابية” للعمل، ويدفعها، “حكومة الولايات المتحدة”
(THIS IS A LOT OF BULL, as these “terrorist” groups are known to work for, and be PAID by, the U.S. GOVERNMENT.)


Dozens of the elements of national power to resolve the dispute of the Libyan army gathered Thursday
in front of the headquarters of the National Congress to demand their salaries regardless.
Issued Associates of border guards and vital goals Thursday
Deprecation statement, expressing their rejection of the decision to retire from leadership
The national army, as demanded in their statement to them to extend the work and tasks
Chief of Staff of the border guards and vital goals until the current
The establishment of security and the issuance of the Constitution.
Ministry of Oil and Gas announces that the quantities of oil produced for Day January 6, 2014 amounted to 532 982 thousand barrels
Oil price exceeds daily production is beat them (532.982) briefs (49034344 dollars) {and this amount daily briefs} and then beat them in 365 Days brief amount sold in the year (U.S. )
Total production of crude oil during the day Tuesday, 07.01.2014 and amount of (546.108) a barrel, Image and this gradual increase comes after the resumption of production from the field is the spark of the company’s operations Acacus oil after comments by the sit-ins.
And tells you Haasir deficit in salaries!!!!




Please publication and dissemination of our sources are reliable in the Supreme Security Committee Almqji that rat Almqml will Rat Hashim humans taking out the group with pictures of the leader and raise green flags in Tripoli tomorrow and in the process of base to catch a free and honorable after joining them .. it warn both the Liberals and the silks inside Tripoli and beyond not taken it off and caution .. And God is my witness ….

يرجى النشر والتعميم من مصادرنا الموثوقة في اللجنة الآمنية العليا المقملين أن الجرذ المقمل سيقوم الجرذ هاشم بشر بأخراج مجموعة تحمل صور القائد ورفع الآعلام الخضراء داخل طرابلس غدا وذلك في عملية حقيرة للقبض على الآحرار والشرفاء بعد الآنضمام اليهم ..عليه نحذر كل الآحرار والحرائر داخل طرابلس وخارجها بعدم الخروج وأخد الحذر .. والله على ما أقول شهيد….
I hope all the free believer in our cause to be published Hedda Althder.
To all students in all colleges in Tripoli and its suburbs discernible caution and steep because Tndeim rule lurks in you and I hope security men fully on track to repel any surprise attack of obscurantists supporters of al-Qaida today has Tsfit 3 guard, the university has been Alator Ali Aljtaat thrown inside campus.

Moved from:
“Libyan directly
Please fellow citizens of all travelers from Tripoli toward the Corner
Discernible caution after Gate 27. And those who can delay his departure for the morning best, especially families. Because of tension in the region.

We ask God for the safety of all.

# (Born Leader)

Operations room Mermaid:
Was closing the coastal road janzour. 

Janzour Media Center Media Center Janzour
Urgent now:
Janzour now closed the coastal road to protest the killing of youth janzour today at the hands of an armed gang.
Image Lock Street shops in 2000 following the murder and robbery.
National strength animated receive the task of securing the coastal road Janzour – Corner. 

Back to normal movement coastal road janzour closing night yesterday by some of the population against
the backdrop of the killing of two of the region’s youth at the hands of an armed group tried to steal
a car traveling in Kano.
(Gateway Libya)

on the PLATEAU:

Word now Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armed terrorist groups coming from the east are now attacking the prison

“Alhiah (Police Academy)”  aimed at assassinating militant Abdullah Sanusi .. In a time when other groups protest

in front of the headquarters of the Conference (Al-RIXOS) to bring attention and blocked the road in front of the college now …
# (Born Leader)

Mu will re-establish Tripoli soon for the people

Investigations earthquake:
Hotel Aaron Dahra Tripoli Street where officers met YESTERDAY from Qatar, Jordan, where some ministers in the government Jardan witnessing hotel hall meetings are confidential.
#( Born Leader)


Tripoli Medical Center
Lock department ambulance has been in Tripoli Medical Centre yesterday due to
beating Dr. alternate in section by an armed group, and his condition is very bad
and was transferred for treatment outside Libya.



U.of Tripoli renewed
Shortly before: the University of Tripoli, unidentified gunmen aboard two cars
(Samsung and Nissan Matmtin and without plates), they kidnap citizen.
Mohammed Emhemed Akecot … And his cousin .. Izz al-Din Mansour Akecot lost from last Monday.
They are residents of the plateau Badri Quraish .. ..
Near the back door of the University of Tripoli, on the one hand the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
and Muhammad taught Akecot driving a black Hummer Aarba reagents Lighting from the top,
and it was the last contact with the Izz al-Din 12 pm on Monday and was in time to call is in the plateau region.
“Atmosphere of the country”
The head of the Federation of Students at the University of Tripoli languages ​​”boycotted” the USTA Musab .
The study resumed on Thursday after the closure of the university on Wednesday, following a sit-university guards against the backdrop of the kidnapping of the two of them on Tuesday night because of their refusal to enter a student of the Faculty of Economics frequent car windshields tinted windows.
Sit-in today to students at the University of Tripoli because of the delayed onset of the grant for 10 months,
11, 12 and the presidency of the university says it will hit the grant for only two months because of a budget deficit.
Close has been boycotted by the University of Tripoli and the postponement of exams and will remain closed until
further notice, following the abduction of two university security on three o’clock at night!
(Student Media Center)
Dental students in Tripoli are organizing a protest in the university
“Atmosphere of the country “..
Dozens of students from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Tripoli, and a protest in front of the college on Thursday morning after more than two weeks Iglagahm College to protest what they called the dispute arising between the presidency of the university and faculty members, which ultimately affects the interest of the students as saying.
He told one of the organizers of the vigil and student Sam Abdul Majeed Bossuydh Bachelor fourth year student at the Faculty of Dentistry that the closure of the college comes protested the conditions experienced by the college in addition to the accumulation of payments per school year.
Bossuydh added that students who are currently in the vigil are from all stages and protesting against mismanagement and poor training centers, in addition to the non-distribution equipment on college students, despite its presence in the stores college.
Bossuydh pointed to the existence of differences between the college administration and faculty members, which had a negative impact on the process of study and weighed on the student, adding that the students tried to communicate with members of the university administration, but they were beaten so.
For his part, a fourth-year students are invited to a rare reasons for their protest is to collect a number of faculty members appointed at the university for two jobs at the same time pointing out that some faculty members are unanimous in their work between private and public universities.
Has shown one of the posts in the vigil, a student Dentistry third year that stopping the process of study at the university affects them understand stopped receiving lectures for nearly two months, which would be at the end of the year much pressure on them.
It is noteworthy that it is not the first time that the stop the study at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Tripoli, has seen previously completed several sit-ins, including one to change the management of the college.
Decline and fall of part of the University Road area, Mr. Masri .. And roads and streets are almost closed because of the suffocating crowds!
Jalal Hussein
Urgent. .
Orders from Tripoli air base built a transfer of military aircraft to Tripoli.
Court of Appeals Tripoli circle defer criminal prosecution of the Mujahideen prisoners ….
Captive “Baghdadi Mahmudi,”
plus the prisoner “carp Zhmul“, and the captive “Amer Tervas”
to the fifth month from February!
(God decoder families)
Coup truck ((Kanter)) in the road to the airport is not news about the presence of injuries.




Lock down the mountain road near the city of Shakshuk by militias Amazigh Gado ….
And do not allow cars to pass through the road in both directions …
Check point de Shakshuk sur la route nationale – une des entrée nord de Zintan.
And the burning of Poti pustule road …
Please circular and Publishing
(Channel Zintan Media)


Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
The news of the deaths have been confirmed now in Syrian Marwan Al Zahra Hospital, and was beaten
in the hospital lead by his comrades, and the tense situation in the Kerkozh some thing ……
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya.

Photos and news from Rishvana:
Morning found the body of Captain Mohsen Abdul Nabi Boshahyoh head of the municipal guard / Sawani at his ranch .….
From the news that he Balrmih Banzouraleom to Aterbth any link Borcvana a known felon ...
We ask Allah to forgive the deceased Ntgah this incident.
Photos and news from Rishvana
Cover WiMAX currently exist in Zahra
But you need some adjustments.
Photos and news from Rishvana
Mahmoud Mongoose:
Family killed last night robbery at their car in the airport road.


City department in Ajeelat
Department in Ajeelat: Now
The presence of portal fake street youth drunk tank “near Alcimafro” and hear the gunfire in the street ..
They impose families!
Please take caution.
 (Ramsey Arbash)
News department in Ajeelat (Ajeelat news)
Urgent now
News Achtpetkat now near neighborhood
Industrial between Rapid Intervention
The masked now
(Quoting symbolic Arbash)


The people of the sister Bmzdh protesting against the lack of water supply

Atmosphere of the country – Fatima Mohammed
Systems of the people of the sister Bmzdh yesterday morning, on Tuesday, a protest to express their dissatisfaction with the situation experienced by the region “and stop the marginalization of basic services,” in the words of one of the organizers of the vigil Khalifa Mohammed.
Mohammed said to the atmosphere of the country today that the demands of the people of the brotherly and neighboring areas is to provide sources for water supply and maintenance of wells suspended from work and find a solution to stop the Higher Institute of occupations and to provide a comprehensive overview of the hospital area.
Mohammed said that the region is facing a severe shortage of water, and that people are suffering in the water supply
as the closest area to provide exist in Mizdah, which lies about 60 kilometers from the sister.
Meanwhile, the head of the Steering Committee of local council Bmzdh Mohammed Hassan said the local council and the district council Aeltsiara They Send facilities coordinator area Mizdah regarding maintenance of the wells and the drilling of new wells.
Adding that he had been communicating with the water and sanitation company and public water wells enrolled failures but to no avail.
The body of Water Resources and the Ministry of Public Utilities decided in the middle of last year maintenance 5 wells have been frozen for nearly three years and the establishment of five tanks and delivered before the end of year 2013.
(JUST THINK! EVERYONE had an abundanceof clean RUNNING water under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA;
and they were working on stages 4 &5 of the Great Man-made River project, which came to a halt with the CIA NATO-led War.)


From private / College of Arts and Sciences Mslath Mqlfah popular since five days ago
where some Pham Acharadm region Bagaflha closure of doors and they did not welded
Bstta one yet open, and parked the study so far.


“Pacific Hadi Tahir Amperc”
Moved to the mercy of God Amperc Pacific team in the city of Zintan.

Mr. “Mohammad Ali Alokwak”, the head of the local council of Zintan
That team, “Hadi Tahir Amperc”, after his ill-health in
Very soon and unexpectedly, was killed by a tumor in the pancreas and
Stomach area in the advanced stages of the disease, according to the doctor’s report
Forensic, which led to his death, was to resuscitate him and he received treatment, has also been
Communicate with his family, and to the deteriorating security situation in the city of Tripoli, has been
Bring a doctor who specializes tumors of the city of Sabratha, and said “Alokwak” in
Special permit and exclusive, that the prosecution action will be taken and the police
Shift to Bani Walid or Sorman, as requested by his family.

Ntql to the mercy of God Captive Hero Amperc Pacific team in  prison. 

He was not tortured; and he died a natural death from Pacreatic and Stomach Cancer.

I am God and to Him we return
Will remain immortal in the pages of history in overseeing. And a symbol of steadfastness and meet the proud generations generation after generation. And will be attached to shame Bjladik who sold religion and the homeland and honor.

Funeral prayers will be held at the deceased home of “Pacific Amperc team” in a mosque

in the village of Bani Walid after Friday prayers tomorrow,

God willing … I am God and to Him we return …

Pacific Amperc team, deceased of BANI WALID, died in Zintan 09 JAN. 2014

Mr. “Hamid Hachani,” vice president of the local council
To the city of Surman, they are waiting for the body of the team, “Hadi Tahir
Amperc “, after the completion of the procedures and the number and cause of death report
Will be covered by the prosecution and elements of the police of the city of Zintan for transfer
To the city, “Sorman” to be buried among his family and relatives, and Deputy
Chairman of the local council, Mr. Sorman “Hachani” that the body of
Amperc not up to now to the city of Surman. (NO) TO BANI WALID instead:
A source familiar Procuratorate Surman, after their rhetoric on behalf of Zintan
For the transfer of the body of the team, “Hadi Tahir Amperc”, that the sons of
Team “Amperc,” asylum on behalf of Zintan to transfer the body of their father
To the city of Bani Walid, and that after he left them and will be
If buried dead in the city, “Bani Walid,” they said.
late Major General Hadi Tahir Amperc Warfali
the late Major General Hadi Tahir Amperc Warfali
I am God and to Him we return
The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla


{Solace in the noble values} ———————-

team after the death of Hadi Amperc man lost the noble values ​​of the greatest men, fulfilling accept condolences Amperc in the Pacific, as well as set up the courage dignity and Almrúh all tents consolation to accept condolences at this big guy in everything, throughout the events of February 17 was the team Hadi Amperc leads the room armed people on all fronts, and his voice was loud cracked lift the morale of his troops in all fronts,

the guy did not sleep, but minutes and is in communication continuing with all sectors of the armed people who need ammunition needs support everyone was related to the team Hadi Amperc who were his efforts outweigh the efforts of human beings, no matter how we tried to give the right of a man to defend the homeland, we can not the man was a miracle in everything, he was the leader Muammar Gaddafi is being with several contacts per day and the team was listening Binsat is contained in one sentence, “Tamam sir,”

was the leader Muammar Gaddafi knows very well that the fulfillment of its title team Pacific Amperc he left his leadership battle with the traitors and NATO in Libya, everyone had their morale goes down and aloof, but Pacific Amperc were his spirits always hugging the sky, the night of the first events in Tripoli on 2/20 team went to his office and was able to in the hours to return all of the institutions and organs of the state affected by the day flags false, to talk about the Pacific Amperc needs to folders and can not give it right all the articles of the world, has left us a man closer to the phenomenon of it to humans…

O national and you are today waiting for punishment, that we lose every day justifications diluted, let Maicon actual Pacific Amperc cry arcade-style and the Pacific Amperc must shed the blood of traitors.

And still continues to play:

{ في عزاء القيم السامية } ———————- بعد وفاة الفريق الهادي امبيرش فقدت القيم السامية رجل من اعظم رجالها ، الوفاء يتقبل التعازي في الهادي امبيرش وكذلك نصبت الشجاعة والكرامة والمرؤوة كلها خيم عزاء لقبول التعازي في هذا الرجل الكبير في كل شي ، طيلة احداث 17 فبراير كان الفريق الهادي امبيرش يقود غرفة الشعب المسلح على كل الجبهات وكان صوته الجهوري يصدع برفع معنويات جنوده في كل الجبهات ، الرجل كان لا ينام الا دقائق وهو في اتصالات مستمرة مع كل قطاعات الشعب المسلح من يحتاج ذخيرة من يحتاج دعم كان الجميع يتصل بالفريق الهادي امبيرش الذي كانت مجهوداته تفوق مجهودات البشر ، مهما حاولنا ان نعطي حق هذا الرجل في الدفاع عن وطنه فلن نستطيع فالرجل كان معجزة في كل شي ، كان القائد معمر القذافي يجري معه اتصالات عدة في اليوم الواحد وكان الفريق يستمع بانصات ويرد بعبارة واحدة ” تمام سيدي ” كان القائد معمر القذافي يعرف جيداً ان الوفاء عنوانه الفريق الهادي امبيرش فترك له قيادة المعركة مع الخونة والناتو في ليبيا ، الجميع كانت معنوياتهم تنخفض وتترفع الا الهادي امبيرش فكانت معنوياته دائما تعانق السماء ، ليلة الاحداث الاولي في طرابلس يوم 2/20 ذهب الفريق الي مكتبه واستطاع في ساعات اعادة كل مؤسسات واجهزة الدولة التي تاثرت يومها بالاعلام الكاذب ، الحديث عن الهادي امبيرش يحتاج الي مجلدات ولا يمكن ان تعطيه حقه كل مقالات الدنيا ، لقد رحل عنا رجل اقرب الي الظاهرة منه الي البشر.

فيك يا وطني وانت اليوم في انتظار العقاب ،

الذي نفقد كل يوم مبررات تخفيفه ، فليكن مايكون فعلي الهادي امبيرش تبكي البواكي وعلى الهادي امبيرش لا بد ان تسفك دماء الخونة . ————————– ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }

I hope Publishing Aadinm has released the chairman of the Real Estate Registry Authority Resolution No. 2014/4

commissioned on behalf of Mr. Abdul Jalil Alvacho long for the management of real estate registration Bani Walid ..

(Abdo Ahmidat)

# Çanakkale Dard _ News
A meeting was held at the Faculty of Agriculture of Bani Walid in the presence of faculty members
and members of the Council for Social and Rafla tribes and members of the Society for Peace to charity,
about the campaign volunteer for the cultivation of the olive tree:

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé

le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

Dear viewers attention note that after a few you will be on a date with a

special live program national campaign for the cultivation of the olive tree.

Publishing ..

Campaign 6 million olive cultivation
Under the auspices of both: – Youth Council for Social tribes and Rafla –

Peace Association for Philanthropy – Faculty of Agriculture

Hospital Bani Walid year
Oh esteemed head of the local council …. Let the hospital and would
And, as usual, our board and distinguished legal team and and and and and …. After the scandal .. approximately 630 000 Libyan dinars in compensation for the clinic ….
Mr. President of the Council of the passing of a new paper for the nomination and recommendation for the post of Director General of the Hospital Bani Walid Altanip time and for the same person called (p) and individually without reference to the members of the local council ….
My question here, O compassionate Father and compassionate on Bani Walid ..
– Is Hedda work stems from the side of caution on the public interest????
– Do you know any way by the hospital staff where this topic Taatkhadd decisions without reference to workers Bhda important facility???
– Have you visited a field hospital for the size of the change is clear?????
– Is Hedda person candidate Aktar efficient than the current manager??
– Is it your position as head of the local council and non-elected illegal gives you the right to control its resources????
– Pain is enough that you compensate the owner of the largest in terms of value in Bani Walid … while the compensator attic of the building is not worth more than one amount is very simple to maintain??????
– Is it because the current director was not subject to you in terms of dependency and provocation and financial dealings .. your orders were changed in you .. you do not have?? Because it follows the minister the power to you straight and not him??
– Was it not worthwhile to compensate the hospital due to being vandalized more than one of you to the clinic in two consecutive years????
One last question … through heroic attitudes which we hear from you in the local Aladaah???
Why you provided to hospital Bani Walid world???, Or is it in the event of a hospital setting will affect the stability knead negatively on the work of the clinic’s special to you???!!!!!
This topic a picture of the size of the compensation added to the value of removing waste???!

la photo de Wadena.

Bani Walid this morning after heavy showers of rain

The image of the FB page here Bani Walid Here:

Any charm any beauty hold him between Tnayak,, Vic creativity of nature and hardness of geography

and history Vtktml nobility of this myth is not repeated throughout history, but rarely:



update TODAY 09 JANUARY 2014:

This morning:

News Mkmadas:
The launch of the first international flight from the international airport of Sirte heading to the airport Sfax in Tunisia.

The population of the city of Sirte, suffering from the closure of banks in the city for lack of liquidity inside and today is the fifth day of closure.
And also the opening of the international airport of Sirte after maintenance and for the first time opens the day after 4 years of closing and was the first flight taking off from the airport, heading to Tunisia and will be the second trip to Saudi Arabia next Saturday …

Airport Sfax, Tunisia receives evening Algdamsih aircraft company in the first civilian passenger flight coming from the city of Sirte after the closure of the airport lasted for more than three years.

Local Council of Sirte, announces the masters of the population of citizens
Buildings thousands neighborhood housing units, to come to the headquarters of the Council
Aeltsiara Rabat, and bring the family booklet and ID card
To complete the procedures to receive compensation instruments and the Council will ensure
Local Sirte, at his own expense processing of all Jewelry
The new file every citizen affected, due to the presence of files, the first in
At the headquarters of the Council, and to close the government headquarters because of the sit-ins
Hindered to reach them

BEFORE NATO, Sirte had thousands of new homes and apartments in the making (and all work on these projects STOPPED with the NATO bombings):

Muammar al-Qathafi's Urban park project for 2009 SIRTE URBAN PARK PROJECT 2 Sirte, Urban Park aerial view



puppet-rat Ali Zaidane ..
“Since the beginning of the crisis, oil ports we decided to wait in order to preserve the sanctity of the blood of the Libyan and left the door open to mediation and tribal elders and dignitaries including Chancellor Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who asked me and President of the Conference in the past to wait and leave the opportunity for mediation .. But what happened in the recent period is a dangerous thing and I am President of the Conference agreed that the situation can not be tolerated and “we will take the” necessary measures to end this crisis, and the state is able to finish this game!”
Ali Zaidane threatens to plunge into the Sea any oil tankers bound for ports controlled by the
people’s “POLITICAL BUREAU of the Province of Cyrenaica”.  Oil Minister Abdul Bari Arousi
on Wednesday that Libya will sue any foreign company trying to buy oil from the eastern ports controlled
by the Political Bureau of the province of Cyrenaica  who must stop dealing with those companies.

Laroussi said to Reuters,
“… any company dealing with the armed groups which closes oil ports Snkadhiha and cooperation with them will be banned in the future.
“I will not be like any of those companies market in Libya and warn all international companies and small to deal with the armed groups.”
He added that OPEC member country produces about 650 thousand barrels of oil per day, including 510 thousand barrels a day being exported. The remainder would be used to feed the refineries of Corner and Tobruk.


Shortly before the channel now: –
The spread of heavy security because of many large groups of “Ansar al-Sharia”.
Urgent: – serious …….
Noman bin Othman, the channel Libya Liberal saying: –
A meeting last Thursday of the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia
In Benghazi and were Alentijtah very bad, where Oalno
It must be eliminated Thunderbolt in Benghazi, and must
That there is no force in Benghazi army they
Preparing for a major attack on the camp of the Thunderbolt …
I’m aspects of advice to the young supporters of Sharia Trajau
For your home, do not Trajau Tato opportunity for the West to
Intervenes in Libya, not Tato chances of terrorism that dominates
On your home, Libya, in front of you you will be pro bono
God then your people because you are such acts Sthrkon Libya.

News from the explosion of smoke booth near the Bank of Unity field next to the mosque Arkas …….

News of another explosion booth area Ahumaidh smoke near the building of the Municipal Guard old .……..
News from the explosion of the booth area, Mr. Younis Club stores next to the north and
specifically next to replace discounted prices for women’s clothing and the source
said the blast shattered the shop interface ……..

Salem al-Obeidi reports:

Body Found citizenship “Aisha key al-Zaidi,” whereabouts
And set up security source confirmed that the deceased was born in 1961, and
It seems that she is deceased a few days ago, after it has been contacted
Reporting and access to her home and found departest life.

Men Special Forces “Thunderbolt” immediately transferred to the body of citizenship
Been found since she died 7 days, Taradw poisoning of smell, and
Tlqo initial hospital treatment in 1200 and was put deceased Aisha
Key al-Zaidi to bring out the death certificate, and was transferred to the Hospital
Galaa, a tribute to these men who give up without charge and that
Was outside its jurisdiction, and I hope to guide her son, who did not ask for
The deceased mother a week ago, God suffices, and yes, the agent.

Type Hyundai car bombing and the amputation of a man driver
Atriv rapidly near the Hijaz Street
So far no information about the owner of the car!!


Exposure citizen “Mohammed Fathi Yusuf Bushoiqir”, to launch
Lead Sabri district, and has been to the hospital to resuscitate him Galaa
And do not remember details about the cause of injury.

A traffic accident on the highway in Benghazi, resulting in
The death of Egyptian citizen, citizenship, and affects two injured threat
And they are now receiving treatment hospital evacuation and the person who
Shocked fled.


Agency News – Benghazi – Correspondent
The elements of the device and the dismantling of the Abolition of Benghazi and explosives investigations
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” dismantle the bag “bag”, and put
In front of the house, “Mustafa Abdul Salam small,” one of the men forces
Private area Laithi city of Benghazi, and the security source confirmed that
Weighing up to “6” Kilo.

Qusay cabled:
Says the news about the kidnapping of Mr. Moataz Bouachrine His group Bouachrine for sweets and juices largest group of its kind in Benghazi ….. after less than four days of the kidnapping of the owner of Mr. Sami Zuhri “Palestinian citizenship”Scheherazade Musorati ….. and Musorati Beirut in Benghazi . 
Mr. Sami Zuhri “Palestinian citizenship”after payment of a ransom of 3 million dinars to the kidnappers.
God knows no Otkd of news.

In this photo Mustafa Kadekke military in the Marines who were injured on Wednesday 201 418 Street in the military police Buhedama Hua now in the operating room hospital Hawari Benghazi are conducting an operation by the Doctors of general surgery and orthopedics and vascular surgery Adeolh speedy recovery this image before entering the operating room in the Department of Radiology has been Nscheralsourh after approval Mustafa:

(Hani Al Oraibi. Official media Hawari hospital)

Thieves greed prior to  getting the  child Radwan Almzoga  back home:

Agreed to the gang that kidnapped Radwan with Mr. Mohammed that is delivered amount of 500,000 Libyan dinars over the phone and got it already went Mr. Mohammed and with him 300,000 dinars ((This is only the amount that was collected)) went a couple of days and said to him, then hand over the money outside the city Benghazi and will be delivered after your son, Mr. Muhammad went and handed over the money in place, based on what they told him and put the money in a place that pointed to the phone and it was agreed that he Throwaway that will be delivered to his son, but to this day has not been delivered to his family any Radwan it scam and said many of the Facebook pages that there is a campaign to raise another dinars article is winding these gang exploit such campaigns greed and money in this campaign is basically agreed …..
How can this happen ((Father Poor afraid for his son)) exploit the faint-hearted, and not about power but not God Almighty …..

Still,later all ended well:

The release of the abducted child, “Radwan Mohamed Almzoga”, and
Is now in the arms of his parents, by special permission of his family and
Child “Radwan”, aged 6 years, a healthy
Good and thankfully, and mentions that he was released since the half
Only hours.




The release of the ship “Oxandera” commercial after the Boguetaadha
Zdik “Martyrs of Tobruk” from the “send thee” to the base of Tobruk
Navy, after an investigation with the crew, which includes 10 people, and has been
Signing a pledge, as security source confirmed special forces infantry
Freedom of the city of Tobruk is now in a special permit, and noted the same source
The ship trademarks and Togo-flagged and carry Lebanese citizenship
Was arrested because of the entry of Libyan territorial waters without
Authorized, and the reason for its presence in that region.

Agency urgently Libya / stop radio transmitter Tobruk for Anwar al-Sharif

Tobruk radio stopped broadcasting due to a malfunction in the radio equipment,

which did not happen for a long time despite the claim to the Department of Broadcasting Ministry of Information

and the local council to provide a helping hand..


Destruction of the building housing the shops in the street Brega, a new link between the street Amghar Street and Market Street _ and this building is said to be for “the punching my palm” and has shops and scarves and furniture.

(AD Media tuber)

Car explosion in Ajpalh area beside the tuber Workshop Khaled Sassi to repair the tire
and is a subsidiary of the master: Sheikh Khalil, according to the source, and it works sector
health and thankfully there is no damage to human …….


Two days before the abduction of Mr. Mansouri Abgaith

a member of the committee of disputes between the tribes for the city of Derna ….

So far, his fate Mjhowol where kidnapped in front of his home

and saw them people Encode Taxi omitted four masked people.

(Media Center tuber Libya)





Team of the Brotherhood includes several prominent figures, including Nizar Kawan “junk” in favor of Makhzoom Lamine Belhadj, Harizi and others toured several cities in the south of Libya, including:
Languages, Sabha, Murzuq, Alqtron
Trying to extend the Marketing Conference and buy some receivables and persuade them to join some
of the characters and their nomination
to be the new interface for the institutions of the state legislature and Atidah.
(Omar Alqoira)


Martyr, God willing (Hamid Khalifa Briki) A Champions Sabha who did not cite Aradw

colonialism in Misrata after a brutal bombing cruciate ..
# (Born Leader)

Conqueror never Statement 9:01 tribes southern region No. 1-2014
de Conqueror never il ya 1 jour200 vues statement tribes of the southern region No. 1204

Signs of crisis “in the bread” Bsabha, due to the shortage in supply of flour to bakeries.
(Al-Sabha Free)
Hear the sounds of shooting in dense Sabha still going on more than a quarter of an hour.
Witnesses assert that the shooting was in the direction of Hotel Africa in the last round or for the latter,
and news about the fire.
(Free newspaper Sabha)

Reason besieged commander of Military Region Sabha Emhemed

Colonel Abdul Hafeez Ayat Busevy in the area Tragn by Tabu is:

a demand to hand over military personnel belonging to him, and he went to

Busevy Tragn area and the Murzuq to attend the closing ceremony

of the cycle of human development officers for the area. An armed group of the

Tabu area is surrounded Sabha Military Colonel Abdul Emhemed Alhfbz Busafa

in Tragn in military headquarters there.

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Tabu sons of the desert:
Belonging to an armed group opened fire on the Zhoyat
A neighborhood Akaddrfa shot bullet while he was in the petrol station.
It is a great age named Mr. / Yahya Mahmoud Cali.
And was hit in the leg and was Qderfa ambulance to a clinic and his condition is stable up to this moment.
It was ascertained that the person sought by Tabu is actually “Mansour Black” militia leader right,
and news of Tabu wise mediate between the group and the besieged Busevy to release trapped.
The signs of a breakthrough in the mediation.
We bring you new developments
(Free special newspaper Sabha)


Mr. “Redco pond and that” Tabu did not surround the area is
Military Bsabha Mr. “Mohammed Busafa”, in Tragn, and
“And Redco” in a statement and exclusive, that is what happened person
Called “Mansour Black” did not stand on the point of immobilization and has
Balrmih on one of the men, and Mr. “Busafa” and the wise
And wise people are trying to end the problem, and Tabu calling me
Accounting this person.

The witness from his family ……..???

Chadian camps in the Libyan cities, Askaryoha paid in salaries of the Libyan state.

Chadian President warns of recent state visits to Libya of the consequences of silence about what is happening in the south of Libya.

Warned Chadian President “Idriss Deby” of the consequences of what is happening in the south of the Libyan Mtahedna Aldmt Libyan state, calling the Libyan people to realize the truth and take note before it is too late. The “Debbie” in a press statement that the Chadian gangs of outlaws and the authority of the state Chadian trained in camps in southern Libya and is preparing for an attack on Chad Badyshl attempt to overthrow the president, “Debbie” a few months ago. The president said, “Debbie,” a lot of detail in his remarks about the Chadian armed groups by incubating the south of Libya when he spoke about alcoholism training and confirmed as follows:

1 – Rbeana camp has a large number of Chadians and trained at the highest level.

2 – camp bed and has a Chadian salaried from the ZAIDANE GNC Libyan puppet state under the “pretext” that they are “protecting” the Libyan oil fields.

3 – Station Camp Klnjh a confluence of hashish smugglers, and there is no point him out Chadians are outside the control of the Chadian state believe the passage of cannabis dealers coming from Algeria and Egypt.

4 – Whig camp and has the large numbers of Chadians outlaws and the authority of the state who live in the mountains of the Chadian Tbsta believe the passage of traders coming from Almkhdhirat Klnjh to capture money from the gangs prevalent in the south of Libya. There is no doubt that the word of Chadian President is very dangerous and threatens the national security of Libya at heart, but you seeking relevant agencies to verify and make sure this information and take them what it takes to keep the country and its people from the evils of these bands?
Chadian President warns of recent state visits to Libya of the consequences of silence about what is happening in the south of Libya.


When Muammar was in ITALIA:

MALI-300x300  Post image for As War Lingers in Mali, Western Powers Target its Natural Resources

France’s intervention in the West African nation of Mali under Operation Serval drove Islamic groups associated with Al-Qaeda out of Northern Mali in February 2013. When the Tuareg rebellion occurred in early 2012, it was against the Malian government led by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) for the independence of Northern Mali also known as Azawad. There were also Islamic groups such as the Ansar Dine and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) who originally helped the MNLA. Eventually both Islamist groups turned on the MNLA forcing them out and creating a Sharia based Northern Mali. The government of Mali requested foreign assistance to re-take the north and France answered the call. France restored Mali’s government back to power.

France’s military incursion with Western support was described as a “humanitarian intervention” which resulted in a race for Mali’s natural resources. That was the plan after all. New drilling contracts have just been established after Mali’s civil war was contained by the French military with the backing of the United Kingdom and the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). The collaboration of Western powers just opened up Mali for business. A new press release by Legend Gold of Vancouver, BC Canada states the intention of gold mine drilling in several regions of Mali. The press release titled ‘Legend Gold Announces Signing of Drilling Contracts for Exploration in Mali’ stated exactly what areas of Mali will be extracted for gold by the new drilling contracts:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Jan. 6, 2014) – Legend Gold Corp. (the “Company” or “Legend Gold”) (TSX VENTURE:LGN) is pleased to announce the commencement of drilling for the season. Legend Gold has contracted for a minimum of 5,000 m of reverse circulation (RC) drilling and 10,000 m of air core (AC) drilling for the Diba and Lankafla projects in western Mali and the Mougnina project in southern Mali. 

In western Mali, Legend Gold plans to explore for extensions to the Diba-Badiazila resource which contains 234,000 oz at 1.67 g/t gold of indicated and 26,700 oz of inferred mineralization at 1.9 g/t at 0.8 g/t gold cutoff (AMEC’s NI 43-101 compliant Technical Report, August 2013). There remain a number of gaps in the AMEC resource which can be in-filled by a number of shallow RC holes to bring the oxide resource from the indicated and inferred categories to measured and indicated. The oxide resource evaluated to date extends to about 50 m below the surface. A minimum of 3,000 m of RC drilling will be used to infill gaps in the existing resource as well as testing the immediate on-strike extensions of the Diba deposit. Analysis of previous results derived from drilling completed by Etruscan Resources in 2009 suggests that additional resources remain to be discovered on-strike from the known mineralization, along a 2 km long soil auger geochemistry anomaly to the northwest. Several lines of RC and core holes drilled by Etruscan Resources about 1.5 km to the NNW of Diba yielded multiple mineralized intervals which warrant follow up drilling.

Preliminary results of a ground gravity survey on the Lankalfa project area suggest that areas that have been drilled previously warrant additional exploration. New and upgraded targets revealed by the final interpretation of the gravity survey will also be included in the 2,000 m of RC drilling planned for Lankafla.

In southern Mali, exploration by Legend Gold on the Mougnina exploration license, some twenty kilometers north of the Syama mine, has mapped a series of ancient artisanal workings which are coincident with soil auger gold anomalies. The ancient workings appear to be on splays off the same fault system that controls mineralization at the Syama mine. At least 5,000 m of AC drilling are planned to test the soil auger gold anomalies and artisanal workings.

The drill program is expected to commence in early February 2014.

Douglas Perkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Legend Gold stated, “The data review and project ranking that took place over the past three months is now complete and the technical team has chosen their priorities for the current drilling season. Given the current state of the exploration business, Legend Gold was able to obtain some very competitive quotes for meters. We look forward to announcing the results as soon as they are available.” 

On 18 December 2013 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it would financially assist Mali in a press release ‘IMF Executive Board Approves New Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for Mali and 6.75€ Million Disbursement’ regarding Mali’s economic potential with help from external financial resources. The institution which is based in Washington DC announced what the new arraignments will provide to the war torn country:

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a new arrangement under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) for Mali for an amount equivalent to SDR 30 million (about 33.89€ million or 32 percent of quota). The approval enables the immediate disbursement of an amount equivalent to SDR 6 million (about 6.75€ million).

The authorities’ program is designed to reduce balance-of-payments vulnerabilities and lay foundations for stronger, more inclusive growth. Reform efforts are focused on tax policy and revenue administration, public financial management and improving the business environment.

The IMF imposes debts on nations and forces its governments to cut back on social services such as education and medical care in order to pay back the debt. An article written by Arthur MacEwan which was published on Third World Network titled ‘Economic debacle in Argentina: The IMF strikes again’describes how IMF policies affected Argentina’s economy:

During 2001 the Argentine recession grew rapidly deeper. Although the IMF pumped in additional funds, it provided these funds on the condition that the Argentine government would entirely eliminate its budget deficit. With the economy in a nose-dive and tax revenues plummeting, the only way to balance the budget was to drastically cut government spending. Yet, in doing so, the government was both eviscerating social programmes and reducing overall demand. In mid-December, the government announced that it would cut the salaries of public employees by 20% and reduce pension payments. At the same time, as the worsening crisis raised fears that the peso would be devalued, the government moved to prevent people from trading their pesos for dollars; it promulgated a regulation limiting bank withdrawals. These steps were the final straws, and in the week before Christmas, all hell broke loose.

According to an online African news source admits an increase in foreign investments and believes that Mali will experience growth “Mali is expected to benefit from relatively stable external conditions in the near term. The region’s prospects are favorable. Sub-Saharan Africa is set to enjoy continued robust growth driven by strong investment in infrastructure and productive capacity, and by rising inflows of foreign direct investment and other financing opportunities” which is further from the truth. RT News reported on 10 June 2013 what does foreign investment in the gold industry mean for Malian citizens and especially for those who work in the gold mines:

War-worn Mali has tripled its gold exports over the last decade, though the rising profits are being funneled outside what is one of the world’s poorest countries: Foreign corporations appear to be taking over one of Mali’s few thriving industries. Mali, Africa’s third-largest gold producer, has just announced it expects to double annual gold output over the next five years to 100 tons.

Malian officials claim the gold-abundant south has been untouched by the military conflict between government troops and Tuareg insurgents in the north, which prompted an intervention by France in January. The promise of gold has lured investors into one of Mali’s most profitable industries.

However, residents have decried the news, as they feel they will benefit little from the country’s newfound riches. Thousands are employed as ‘traditional miners’ in the town of Yanfolila in southern Mali, the epicenter of the country’s gold rush. Traditional mining is a near-medieval process in which Malian workers dig holes approximately the size of their own bodies using only primitive picks – their gold mines. Without a proper geological survey, workers are essentially hoping to get lucky. The narrow shafts go as deep down as 60 meters, the equivalent of a 15- to 20-story building 

French intervention in Mali had nothing to do with the welfare of the Malian people. It was about the natural resources it has including gold, uranium and oil. With gold demand increasing among nations throughout the world, it is no surprise that the Western powers would intervene in any internal conflict in a resource rich country in the African continent. The French government has interests in Mali. That interest is in natural resources as Katrin Sold of the German Council on Foreign Relations stated in 2013“In the long term, France has interests in securing resources in the Sahel – particularly oil and uranium, which the French energy company Areva has been extracting for decades in neighboring Niger”. Mali has abundant natural resources. The civil war intensified through a western backed military coup with Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo who was trained by the United States lead a coup against democratically-elected government of Amadou Toumani Touré after the Tuareg Rebellion in Northern Mali. Western Institutions and corporations wasted no time in acquiring natural resources during Mali’s crises. Divide and conquer and then accumulate the resources was the was the Western government’s intentions. During a speech by French President Francois Hollande on February 2nd, 2013 after France intervened in Mali, hypocrisy took hold when he said:

France stands alongside you, not to serve any particular interest – we have none –, to protect this or that faction, or in favour of this or that Malian party… No, we stand alongside you for the sake of the whole of Mali and for West Africa. We’re fighting here to ensure Mali lives in peace and democracy. And you’ve presented the best image today, through your warmth and fervour, after your pain throughout those months when fanaticism held sway in northern Mali.

We’re fighting as brothers – Malians, French, Africans – because I haven’t forgotten that when France herself was attacked, when she was seeking support and allies, when her territorial integrity was threatened, who came along? It was Africa; it was Mali. Thank you, thank you, Mali. Today we’re repaying our debt to you…

Mali is the country that has to repay its debts to the IMF and its western powers through its natural resources, not France. A loan from the IMF  is guaranteed to create more debt for the Malian people.  As Western powers such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and France continue to intervene in third world countries for their own interests, it seems like Mali is under their control for the long term pushing China out as a potential business partner with the Malian government. France and AFRICOM are expanding its intervention policies throughout Africa because it is about the resources, besides; the West has been intervening in Africa for the past 500 +years that only resulted in more wars and extreme poverty for the African people.

France remains ‘Africa’s gendarme’

Wednesday 08th, January 2014 / 19:23 Written by 

French in N. Afriica

As the intervention in Mali was deemed a success by the international community, France is withdrawing most of its soldiers but has launched another operation in the Central African Republic, opines Frankie Taggart

A YEAR after dispatching warplanes and troops to repel an incursion in Mali, France is fighting in another of
its former colonies, demonstrating it is destined to play reluctant “gendarme” in Africa, say analysts.
With the Mali intervention deemed a success by the international community, France is withdrawing most of its soldiers but has launched another operation in the Central African Republic (CAR) to stop escalating inter-communal religious conflict.
France’s Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has welcomed the achievements of Operation Serval, launched on January 11, 2013 to drive militants linked to Al Qaeda out of Timbuktu and Mali’s other northern cities.
The country has been “liberated” and the mission’s success was “universally recognised in the international arena”, he said on a New Year’s Eve visit to Mali.
But he struck a more solemn tone two days later in Bangui, where the principal task was to boost the morale of troops bogged down in the quagmire of the CAR crisis.
About 7,000 French soldiers have been deployed in UN-backed military and humanitarian missions in Mali and the CAR.
“Broadly, you’d say — and this has been the case for quite some time — that France finds itself obliged to intervene and is, despite itself, the gendarme of Africa,” said Bruno Tertrais of the Paris-based Foundation for Strategic Research. With nearly 6,000 men permanently stationed across the continent, France is uniquely placed to act quickly when law and order breaks down and regimes collapse.
Its deployment is organised around two main poles, Libreville in the west (940 troops), and Djibouti in the east (2,000) and it also has troops in Chad (950), Senegal (350) and Ivory Coast (450), as well as special forces stationed notably in Niger.
With the gradual return to stability in Mali, the emergence of the CAR crisis and the more general threat of terrorism across the vast, ungovernable Sahel region, France is in the process of redrawing its military presence across Africa.
“I’m seeing the heads of state to discuss with them how we will in the coming months… reorganise and expand our presence geographically in Africa,” Le Drian said last week in Bangui.
France intervened in Africa 19 times between 1962 and 1995, often to sway a state’s internal politics under the murky “francafrique” system put in place by Charles de Gaulle to maintain political and business interests in the former colonies.
But it began to adopt a more multilateral approach under Jacques Chirac’s 1995 to 2007 presidency, eschewing political meddling in favour of backing United Nations and African Union peacekeeping operations when crises arose.
In 2003 and 2008, France led European Union operations respectively to combat rebels in north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and to secure the Central African and Chadian borders with Sudan’s Darfur region.
France went into Ivory Coast in 2011 to help fighters loyal to election winner Alassane Ouattara arrest defeated former president Laurent Gbagbo and in the same year led an intervention in Libya.
Current President Francois Hollande underlined the new approach in a speech to Senegal’s parliament in October 2012, vowing that the days of francafrique were over. (HAH!)
Post image for EU Draws Up Plans to Send Troops to Central Africa
EU Draws Up Plans to Send Troops to Central Africa
08JANUARY 2014
Source: WSJ

Draft plans for a European Union military mission in the Central African Republic envisage the deployment of hundreds of ground troops to buttress African and French forces struggling to prevent a bloodbath there, according to diplomats briefed on the proposal.

Under pressure from France, EU leaders last month asked the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, to draw up options for an EU intervention in the country to support French and African troops already there.

However, while EU member states backed a similar mission to Mali last year in just a couple months, some EU diplomats have been more skeptical about the goals of this mission, suggesting it could take longer to reach consensus—if one is reached at all.

Any mission would need to be approved by all 28 EU member states. Baronness Ashton is to present her plan for initial review on Jan. 20.

France, the country’s former colonial ruler, deployed 1,600 troops in December to support an African Union peacekeeping force there. The United Nations authorized the mission to stabilize the country, which has been ravaged by a cycle of revenge killings between Muslims and Christians.

Under the EU proposal, an EU military force, once approved, “would deploy rapidly” to the Central African Republic, the diplomats cited the paper as saying. The force would be composed of at least one battalion, which usually amounts to around 500 troops.

The plans, which were circulated to member states on Wednesday, present two options for the EU mission once it establishes a base near the airport outside the capital of Bangui, the diplomats said.

Both would free up French troops to focus on their mission of disarming militias and ending the violence.

One option would see an EU force deploy in selected towns mainly in the west of the country, carrying out patrols across a swath of territory. One of the diplomats said this could help secure a humanitarian corridor where internally displaced refugees can find a haven.

A second option would be to help secure the area in and around Bangui in coordination with other international forces, the diplomats said.

EU officials say the bloc could move in a matter of weeks to agree on the mission if there is broad consensus behind the plans. The paper suggests using the same fast-track process that allowed the training force for Mali’s army to be approved within a couple of months.

However, while the Mali mission succeeded in pushing back an offensive by al Qaeda-linked Islamist insurgents in that country’s north, the violence in the Central African Republic has been less clearly defined.

Many member states have yet to articulate their position, but will have a first discussion on Friday.

While Belgium has said it may send troops, other countries have ruled out doing so, including the U.K., although it is already offering logistical support.

Any EU mission would in any case help France with the financial burden of stabilizing the situation in the country.

The diplomats said the paper sets a mission goal of allowing a successful handover of security to the African force or to a future U.N.-mandated mission. The paper also commits the EU to design a “broader package” of humanitarian, development and state-building assistance for the country.

Stacy Meichtry contributed to this article.



Quoting channel Alrajaban on Facebook:
A spokesman for the local council Alrajaban Ramadan Mas’ud The Joint Security Committee Balrajaban
managed to arrest the Libyan citizen accused of abducting two Tunisians
He stressed that Masood was accused of referring to the center of the National Security Balrajaban for interrogation,
adding that the hostages Alattnin condition and good health.

Green Victory extremely Soon !

An early portrait of Mu

The Muslim life is shaped by acts of prayer which, in turn, are shaped by the movements of the solar system, and the rolling of the planet beneath our feet. A sense of harmony, we hope, is the result. Science can alienate us from the holiness of nature. It can teach us how to destroy nature. But we should thank it too, for giving us more reasons to feel awe, humility, and even gratitude.”

(Abdal-Hakim Murad)

Mu teacher our-marabout-muammar-al-qathafi

Truth about Muammar al-Qathafi

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel 7 on any fire in 2014

13 JULY 2012:

“Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ | posted.
Muammar says:
“God willing, we will edit the jihad and we will return to Libya and Alkhdharaa flag. Our mission in life is to purge Libya “Rue Rue” from the filth and unclean.”Call of resistance
Appelez-2012الهضبة الخـــضـرآء ـ|_ طرابلس _|ـ
بأذن الله سنقوم بالجهاد و سنقوم بتحرير ليبيا و سترجع الراية الخضرااء. مهمتنا في الحياة هي تطهير ليبيا “زنقة زنقة” من الدنس و الأنجاس.


Mouammar Al-Qathafi Knight Knight

الفارس معمر القافيKnight
العقيد في عيد الفاتح “سرت”
Ajoutée par Al-itaher ali ibrahim le 01 mai in 2008
Colonel in the festival of light “walked

Ali Salem DLF Thug 59:53 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel 5 on any fire in 2014
de Ali Salem DLF Cutthroat

Mu Lion-packed at dawn



Our spirits embracing heaven soon start victory ceremony.

  • معنوياتنا تعانق السماء في القريب العاجل تبدأ مراسم النصر المبين .

Miss Keane Council holding it accountable for what balabayat born Aisha bin Niran

even alkzaviat what alzentaniat Suad alsaleh yabal Elly what answer in elatris all.
.مسـكين يحاسبها بالعبايات ما يحاسب ولد عائشة بن نيران حتي القذافيات ما جابنه يابال الزنتانيات اللي ما يجيبوا في التريس بكل

Poor call it to account Balabayat to be held accountable Born Aisha bin fire until Alqmaviac what
Japinh Aabal what Alzentaniat who answer all the dampers.


  • Tawfiq _ National Alliance member alshahibi city East medicine shortly before on the island:-Scenario # splendor for _ politicalFrequently, there are groups today surrounded the Conference Hall. Wemnao members of Congress from getting out, they said they were not tsoto to bring down the Government of Zaidane, you won’t pass, and these groups are such acts in agreement with some members of Congress. I tell them that the impeachment scenario will not be repeated, and Outlook will not be enforced by force. But they will increase only complicate matters.
    # Age his father.توفيق_الشهيبي عضو التحالف الوطني عن مدينة طبـرق قبل قليل على الجزيرة :-سيناريو #العز ل_السياسييتكرر , هناك مجموعات اليوم حاصرت قاعة المؤتمر .. ومنعو أعضاء المؤتمر من الخروج , وقالو لهم إن لم تصوّتو على إسقاط حكومة زيدان فإنكم لن تخرجو , وهذه المجموعات تقوم بهذه الأفعال بالاتفاق مع بعض أعضاء المؤتمر .. وأقول لهم أن سيناريو العزل لن يتكرر , ولن يتم فرض أجندتكم بالقوّة .. بل ستزيدون الأمور تعقيدآ فقط ..
    #عصــــــــــــــابة ..
    Tawfik _ Shuhaibi member of the National Alliance for the city of Tobruk by the few on the island: –
  • Scenario # _ Political isolation is repeated, there are groups today surrounded the conference hall .. Mnau and members of Congress to go out, and they said that they did not Tsoto to overthrow the government of Zidane you will not Takrjo, and these groups are such acts in agreement with some members of Congress .. And I tell them that the scenario will not be repeated isolation, will not be imposed by force Ojndtkm .. Stzadon but only complicate matters ..
    # Gang ..
 FB VIDEO:la vidéo de Tabu sons of the desert.News reporter: a discussion about the National Congress in its evening item to withdraw confidence from the government to Zaidane:
Now members of the National Conference trapped inside the conference hall and prevent them
from leaving by force by some groups …For the purpose of the imposition of no-confidence on Zaidane!!
Abdel Fattah Hablos” a member of the National Conference of the year.
National Conference boxed Otishan Group by demanding the withdrawal of confidence
The head of the government, “Ali Zaidane”.
مراسل النبأ: حول مناقشة المؤتمر الوطني في جلسته المسائية لبند سحب الثقة من الحكومة علي زيدان.

News Mkmadas:
URGENT: Comment picket guard oil facility for three days, and the opening of the highway.

Special Forces reports:

Trip members of the Libyan Special Forces who were sent to the cycle of military outside Libya, crashes.

This is the cause of disruption and sums up the problem between the Defense Ministry and the General Staff. !!!!

Happy Near Year’s– Your Tax Dinars Are Paying For Predator Drones That Slaughter Libya’s own Innocent Civilians
Posted by “DownWithTyranny” on 01 January 2014
From our partners at “DownWithTyranny!”
رئيس الوزراء الليبي على زيدان لفرانس 24 : الطائرات بدون طيار في الاجواء الليبية هى ملك للجيش الليبي
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane told “France 24”:

“drones in the Libyan airspace belongs to the Libyan army !!”

“Atmosphere of the country”:
Ali Zaidane: Snsmi tomorrow Amidi Municipality white Shahat.

Atef Shelmani (News Agency of Libya today):

Ali Zaidane:

Puppet Prime Minister Ali Zaidane of Libya declares his readiness to resign from office immediately; but, only

“There will be an important reshuffle next week
And includes the Interior and Local Government and several ministries, will be selected orientation or political party, but it will be a technocrat.
We will not leave the country in the wind will not recognize and will not leave the state imposes on Ojeda Shi and this government are not changed by 200 or more, even if the guns with them because they are elected by the people and represents the country are completed and achieved a number of accomplishments.
We prepared the law that withdrew confidence from the government For National Congress take responsibility in government Egged urgent
We have no desire and did not write Altarbouk we left Libya at this stage
Do not talk about what the government is doing, while not talking about the achievements made by the government and the obstacles facing routers and government.”

  • the achievements of “17 February”:

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs. 
Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Abdullah big deputy in the National Congress says a hearing on “Sunday,” will be the next interval. But does not agree to bring down the puppet government, “Ali Zaidane.“Wednesday 01/08/2014 AD said, “Abdullah the Great,” a deputy in the National Congress General of the Agency: Thursday, will meet the main blocs in the consultative meetings to try to reach a consensus on the withdrawal of confidence from the NATO puppet-government, “Ali Zaidane.” Alternative dispute over the post in the NATO puppet-government, “Ali Zaidane” is Mayatal consensus on toppling the puppet-government.Most claimants bring down the puppet government bloc, “Loyalty to the Martyrs” and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood block “Justice and Development”. Said yes we went out of the back doors of the headquarters of the National Congress was not able to get out of the main door to the presence of threatening to impose bring down “the puppet-government,” attendance at the meeting Yesterday’s deputies did not exceed 120 deputy. might reach a consensus to reform the puppet government.Edit: Mohammed Shafi.

Break into the Ministry of Justice shortly before now, by a total of
Number approximately thirty people, and they are now within the ministry
And no additional details yet….

The attack on the Ministry of Justice in the capital for the time being or any information

so far about the organization, which they attacked the ministry within the ministry now.

Solidarity news agency ..
Unidentified storming the Ministry of Justice building south of the capital
Unknown assailants stormed the building of the Ministry of Justice, the interim government, on Wednesday afternoon, in the area of ​​the farmer south of the capital Tripoli.
And explained a source from the ministry for “news agency Solidarity” that intruders do not carry any type of weapons,
and it seems they are following someone in the state as they talked about the financial benefits of their own.
It is noteworthy that some ministry employees left the building immediately after entry of intruders
with a number of other remained to negotiate with them.


The Ministry of Justice will proceed to pay compensation of political prisoners during the reign of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA..

That’s why yesterday who broke into the ministry because the Minister of Justice did not reveal the names on the sign and duration for each person .. Because the fraud … But yesterday, the armed group is free to sign detected at gunpoint ..

Gateway Libya  continues by commentating:

“Hand Icolo State does not have to floss salaries because oil is locked …

And at the same time begins with the distribution of the compensation money to the time of al-Qathafi’s al-Qaeda prisoners ..
How in God Vhmuna story? .. Qlto much the pension Flus.”

Rashidmamed Rashid Alrashidaan says,

“this is funding al-Qaida.



بوابة ليبيا Libya Gate

من ناحية يقولو الدولة ليس لديها فلوس لمرتبات لان النفط مقفل … و في نفس الوقت يبداء توزيع اموال التعويضات علي السجناء فترة حكم القذافي ..
كيف القصة بالله فهمونا .. موش قلتو معاش فيه فلوس
راشدمحمد راشد الراشديين: هذا من تمويل القاعدة

Center of the country (downtown):
Mahariv the Minister of Electricity, totaled thefts attacks on the property of the

Ministry of Electricity of cars and cables and towers, etc., amounted

to one billion and one hundred million dinars.

SEEMS THAT THE GNC is bribing voters by fulfilling their promised scholarships and the “need funds for the Family”:

Social Affairs decided to give the family as well as for the disadvantaged, including previously
“Atmosphere of the country” – Abdul Salam customary

The Ministry of Social Affairs as well as exchange Family Family:

Those who did not obtain by in the past as a result of lack of access to the national number and they had a grievance filed by students of the branches of the ministry.

A spokesman for the ministry Abdulaati:

It will be disbursed premium for the children of Libyan women married to foreigners, provided their stay in Libya.

He said Abdul-Ati addition to the six remaining months of the past year will be spent for all beneficiaries, according to the amount in the account, which is not enough for only two or three months.

Abdulaati pointed out that in the case of Sylt and the Ministry of Finance, a sufficient amount of one billion and fifty million dinars, the ministry will spend the premium for all families for the last six months.

He noted that Abdul Ati exempt girls over the age of eighteen, and even housewives ministry is obtained on the system data from the Labor Department showing the married and the Ministry of Higher Education found that students who acquire that scholarship.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the family spent the first time on 07.07.2013 on the occasion of the anniversary of the initial election to the National Congress.

News that the government will insert three wings of the group Sufyan bin Qmo, based in Derna, Benghazi and Tunisia,
on the black list of terrorist organizations.
The Libyan government will announce soon that Qmo and two other militia leaders are terrorists ..
(News Agency of Libya today)
Sufian Qmo Qmo Sufyan ibn al-Qaeda


Abubakar Alrajabana a member of the National Security Committee of the National Conference year:

“There are terrorist groups, criminal takfiri especially in some cities in the eastern region and is responsible for the assassinations in Benghazi.”




Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

* Street shortly before 2000 – Janzour

Young age wandering around in his car and shooting randomly led to:

Injured young man runs a shop in Lome materials home was shot in the neck and the prospect of death.

Wounding a bystander who was shot in the thigh.

Wounding many cars gunshot wounds and dismay to passersby and shopkeepers.

Thankfully enables young street 2000 arrest of the offender and surrender.

Najat local council head hunter center ((Ali Alhmala)) of the impact of exposure to death trying to steal his car and shooting him dead zone janzour ((angle Gomorrah)) and has a gunshot wound in the thigh and Ladd criminals fled ……
It also deny Matnaqlth Facebook pages and the media as an assassination attempt also bear full responsibility for page news ……..
(The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana)

The number of students from the University of Tripoli, blocking the main gate of the University of the claim,

regardless of financial grant ..

U.of Tripoli renewed

(picture shows al-Fateh U. in Tripoli as it was renewed in 2008)


Only three colleges User Grants handed at the TRIPOLI al-Fateh  University’s Faculty of Medicine and the arts and media law by the words of Professor Abdul Salam Elmessallati .. The university president threatens to separate the rest of the college registrars in the case of increasing delays in the delivery menus!
– (General Federation of University Students Tripoli) –




Channel globe on Facebook:
Today will be, God willing run station WiMAX Balzhra – Aljafarah ………….. This unless there is an emergency postpone it and God.


Photos and news from Rishvana reports:Department staff presented passports Zintan today to attempt an armed robbery in the road link between Tuibih the corner where the exposure of employees to heavy gunfire in order to steal a car that belong to the Passport Department
Staff were on the way back from the city of Tripoli and in the important work of the formal and in stable condition after undergoing hospital treatment Zintan.
Channel Gado free **** Jadu free channel:
Injury to an employee of Zintan passports in an attempt to Taradw armed robbery in the corner by the link between the mountain.



In a telephone call one of the security officials in the city of Gharyan assured us that he will be in
tomorrow morning to open the road link between Gharyan – Azizia, did not clarify any further information on the subject.
(“Gharyan satellite channel”)


The death of the citizen “Souayah Alaaúb good”, after he was
A hail of bullets by gunmen in a Toyota car
White, when he was in his car downtown Mslath
According to a source familiar with the city.


The shrine of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar.
Do not be sad and do not waver, O Sheikh The vision became just around the corner or ears.
O Sheikh interpreted in Deir thing .. Lake complained of Arabs were formed.



ALL International flights are stopped to and from Sirte!

(New Airport was suppose to have new International service.)

..What happened?  News yet to be revealed….
We visited the Palace of Sirte Company for travel and tourism and assured us cancel international flights and have said there are attempts by Mr. Mohammed Aericheh member of the National Congress for the city of Sirte to provide a plane of Ghadames company to transport passengers and will tomorrow we will bring you news events if there is anything new ..
(Only happens in Sirte)

We visited the Palace of Sirte Company for travel and tourism and assured us cancel international flights and have said there are attempts by Mr. Mohammed Aericheh member of the National Congress for the city of Sirte to provide a plane of Ghadames company to transport passengers and will tomorrow we will bring you news events if there is anything new ..

Was canceled all international flights to and from the airport of Sirte International, which was scheduled to be the first trip for tomorrow are conflicting reports about the reasons, there are those who say there is a problem between the company Sfax Airways and Tunisair and there are those who say that the Libyan Arab Airlines fights Tunisian companies and there are those who say that the parties fights activate Sirte airport at the international level, but certainly Hua cancel all international flights and the people who have booked their tickets to Sfax change Almnfd air than any other city ..

(Only happens in Sirte)

International channel Libya Libya International Channel

Company “Aviation’s new” in the conduct of the Tunisian start a new air route from Sirte to the Tunisian capital Tunis and Sfax on the sixth of January twice weekly.



Said National Center for Meteorology today that each of the areas north of Libya and the heights of the Green Mountain and areas of the far east coast will see this day heavy rains, and the student center of the residents of these areas to take care of the flow of the valleys as a result of heavy rains accompanied by cells of thunderstorm clouds in addition to the beads fall cold, and the center said he probably snowfall especially on the heights of the Green Mountain.


Libyan navy opens fire after tanker approaches mutinous port

Observer navigational Libyan ::::::::
Zaidane play and slaves Central Maltese oil tanker statement about the events of last Friday: –
Baku oil tanker registered in Malta and owned by Turkish Palmali Shipping Services
was on a trip to the transfer of 80 000 tons of crude oil from one of the Libyan ports to a European port in the eastern Mediterranean ….
– Last Friday, the port-line had received an order from the lessor to go to the port of Sidra ….

Did not warn us about the NOC to go to the port of Sidra, on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 we received a message from Libyan Oil Corporation will allow us to go to the port of Sidra of their employees Abdel Basset Zrta.
Our ship stopped before entering the territorial waters of Libya and sent to the Libyan authorities authorized access, and we were surprised later Libyan boats approaching and shoot us. We have sent a message to the Foundation for the oil that we Annue access, and continued to harass us Alzorac Libyan apparently to force us to go to the port of Misrata. We decided to go to Malta, and sent a complaint to the communication international bodies because we attack in international waters.(AND APPARENTLY ALLTHIS WAS DONE for the ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD gangs of MISURATA–to sieze the oil!)

Ras Lanuf, near the Port of Sidra (Es Sider)

Maltese oil tanker owner denies the words of the Libyan government

Libya’s navy opened fire after a Maltese-flagged oil tanker approached to illegally load crude at a port that has been controlled for months by armed protesters demanding more autonomy from Tripoli, officials said on Monday.The use of force to prevent protesters at eastern ports from shipping oil to world markets independently is a major escalation in a blockade that has already slashed oil exports and revenues for the OPEC member state.Libyan officials said the tanker Baku had entered Libyan waters on Sunday in an attempt to approach the seized port of Es Sider. But the navy fired shots after the vessel refused to stop and instead turned to flee toward Malta.
“We asked them to change course toward Misrata, but then we had to open fire when they refused and started to pull away, zigzagging,” navy spokesman Emad Ayoub said in a televised news conference with other military officials.


The state-run National Oil Corp. (NOC) said Libya had warned the owner of the vessel that approaching the port was illegal and said it would stop any tanker trying “to smuggle and steal Libyan oil illegally.”
The POLITICAL BUREAU OF CYRENAICA Leaders, based in Ajdabiya in the east, were not immediately available for comment to confirm they had sought to load a shipment of crude.


“We also emphasize that we are not anything to do with the tanker, which said the government but say that the carrier is contracting with the National Oil Corporation and we did not we contract with them.”

But the POLITICAL BUREAU of the eastern Province of Cyrenaica, who demand more Libyan people’s autonomy and a greater share of oil wealth, took control of three key ports six months ago, and have repeatedly petitioned to sell crude independently for all LIBYANS to share in equally. 

Ali Asbali
Statement is important for fighter Abed Rabbo Barasi Chairman of the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica, at at 11 will be transferred immediately with the channel tenderly, as I received about the sudden he promised in an earlier meeting.


“Statement of the Executive Office of the province of Cyrenaica”

With respect to oil fields:

The misconduct of the central government in the sale and export of oil
We demanded several times to investigate that and our offer
They fully support it, but unfortunately there were not
Any response.
We emphasize on the following
Case of force majeure have been lifted in the oil ports in Cyrenaica
All ports are considered open oil for the benefit of the region three
Companies promise to respect all contracts
Welcome to all oil companies in the region of Cyrenaica and gas companies in the Services
Device will guard oil installations to protect any oil tanker ports
In collaboration with the Defence Force and the “Navy gently within the region” ..
We also emphasize that we are not anything to do with the tanker, which said the government but say that the carrier is contracting with the National Oil Corporation and we did not we contract with them.


Agency urgently Libya / Ajdabiya – Agencies
Cyrenaica political office officially announced the start of oil exports through the port of Sidra,

and undertakes the protection of foreign oil tankers,

and Barasi calls for the armed forces and the rebels of Cyrenaica ready for any reaction from the puppet

central “government” in Tripoli.

Solidarity news agency ..

Government announces sale of oil gently in public ..

The Director of the Executive Office of the Poitical Bureau of Cyrenaica, Abed Rabbo Barasi, raised the case of force majeure for oil ports located in the Crescent Oil, (which is the) East of Libya.

President Barasi, in the middle of a press conference on Tuesday night, stated that the government will sell the oil gently in public through legitimate means – according to him – Every Libyan will know, of the quantities sold and the proceeds, adding that his Cyrenaica government was ready to face any military intervention by the interim puppet GNC “Viscey-government”*1 of NATO and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

The director of the Executive Office of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica, says that his government will begin officially, as of Wednesday, the sale to oil importing companies, … pointing out that oil revenues will be divided between the three regions of the alleged Tripoli and Cyrenaica and Fezzan evenly.

He pointed out that Barasi’s defense forces ( the people’s Armed forces of Cyrenaica) will provide and protect Cyrenaica and oil tankers, since their entry into Libyan territorial waters and even those told to leave.

(*1: Referring to the NAZI false French Government of WW II)

Libya’s Cyrenaica hires Canada-based lobbyist to help sell oil

OTTAWA Tue 07 JANUARY 2014 (Reuters) –

Libya’s newly-declared eastern government of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica has hired a Canadian-based lobbyist

to help it sell the region’s oil, according to documents filed in the United States.

The people’s “POLITICAL BUREAU of the PROVINCE OF CYRENAICA” seized three eastern ports last year to demand for the peopleofLibya, a greater share of Libya’s oil wealth. Tripoli vows to stop any efforts to sell oil independently and said the Libyan navy had prevented a tanker from loading crude at the port of  al-SIDRA/Es Sider on Sunday.

The pro-autonomy movement in Cyrenaica signed a deal on Dec. 5 with Dickens & Madson, a Montreal firm run by veteran lobbyist Ari Ben-Menashe whose previous clients include the government of Zimbabwe. Ben-Menashe has said he is an Iranian-born former member of Israeli military intelligence.

“We shall strive to provide you with economic aid by soliciting buyers for your oil when the need arises as well as tankers for the transport of oil,” the firm said in the document, which was filed with the U.S. Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Political Bureau of Cyrenaica said on Tuesday it would ensure the safety of tankers using the PORT OF SIDRA/Es Sider.

Dickens & Madson also said it would try to gain political recognition from Moscow, strengthen the Cyrenaican movement’s military forces and boost the region’s private sector. The 293,384.19€ deal will run for one year.

Reuters was not immediately able to contact Ben-Menashe on Tuesday.

Dickens & Madson also informed the U.S. Department of Justice that it would lobby governments in the United States and other nations “with respect to stability, security and the governance of Libya and Cyrenaica.”

Among those it said it would be representing were the Cyrenaica Transitional Council, the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica and Ibrahim Jathran, leader of the autonomy movement.

In 2001 Ben-Menashe secretly videotaped a meeting he had in Canada with Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Ben-Menashe – whose firm was working as a consultant to the Zimbabwean government – told Reuters in early 2002 that the tape showed Tsvangirai discussing a plan to “eliminate” President Robert Mugabe.

Tsvangirai subsequently went on trial in Zimbabwe charged with treason but was acquitted. He later served as prime minister in a unity government with Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party.

(Reporting by David Ljunggren; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

Atef Shelmani:
Executive Office of the province of Cyrenaica ..
With respect to oil fields:

The misconduct of the central government in the sale and export of oil
We demanded several times to investigate that and our offer
They fully support it, but unfortunately there were not
Any response. Emphasize on the following
Case of force majeure have been lifted in the oil ports in Cyrenaica
All ports are considered open oil for the benefit of the region three
Companies promise to respect all contracts
Welcome to all oil companies in the region of Cyrenaica and gas companies in the Services
Device will guard oil installations to protect any oil tanker ports
In collaboration with the Defence Force and the Navy gently within the region ..
We also emphasize that we are not anything to do with the tanker, which said the government but
Say that the carrier is contracting with the National Oil Corporation and we did not we contract
With it.


After receiving promises by the National Congress, that salaries
Employees of a guard oil installations acted this week
Ajdabiya has been opened by – Sirte, which was shut down at a time
By former employees of the Guard facilities for not receiving their salaries
For a long time of more than 3 months.



Now this image of the city of Ajdabiya yesterday after a night of lightning and thunder and hail the descent of God Mchae:
(Qusay cabled)


Salafist movement in the city of Casablanca publish leaflets inciting the
killing of Al-Qaeda-CIA extremists, because that is a great reward.Today one predecessor been killed in Benghazi appear to be interrelated themes!!
Gateway Libya

# Idris confirms that the process of forgery and reached the 4576 booklet family forger and the number of defendants has reached the 40 accused
Which was held in the city of Casablanca in a press conference last week to Reconnaissance Battalion Alaolh third secret and the presence of co-ordinating civil society institutions on the white background of the issue of fraud.

Showing where Khalaha head Investigation Unit Idris Bualtiah issue of the so-called issue of civil fraud record CASABLANCA (white).

He said the number of prevented fraud reached the 4576 booklet family forged and the number of defendants and the prayers of 40 defendants and the piece after he was arrested the main suspect in the city of Tobruk, which admitted the rest of the group and also stressed that this process has elongated filaments and select most of the areas that Morch out process forgery, at Casablanca (white) _ # _ Benghazi, Ajdabiya and other areas of Cyrenaica, Libya…. But also in SOUTH LIBYA (FEZZAN) at Sabha and Kufra regions ..

It is worth mentioning that he had been kidnapped Idris Bualtiah on the background of this case and he is and his family to threats successive But he did not back down as the issue of public opinion and belonging to the state security to come after the word Mohammed Rizk, who stressed repeatedly

and repeatedly size of rampant corruption, the spectrum due to the smuggling operations carried out through ports Wild has appealed Borozk stakeholders to provide necessary means necessary to avoid the risk of epidemics and food corrupt and illegal immigration to conclude conference with a speech coordinating civil society institutions and Casablanca (white), which did not hide their fears that such operations may be affected by the impact directly in the composition of demography for Libya and the piece to bring the weight of the views of internal and external longstanding in Libya being to come to an important stage a constitutional entitlement.

Please deployment on a wider scale ….

(Qusay cabled)

from 17 DEC. 2013’s heavy Rins:
CASABLANCA is flooded 17 DEC 2013

from 2011:


Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Suspension of the “the Egyptian” consulate within the city of Benghazi, until further notice.

Wednesday 01/08/2014 AD
Agency reporter said in Benghazi:

suspended consular “Egyptian” business in the city of Benghazi, until further notice, according to the announcement, which commented on the consulate building after exposure to an armed attack two days ago, did not result in casualties. Noted that the consulate “is the Egyptian Diplomacy is the only international force in the city of Benghazi, after the departure of all diplomatic missions as a result of the deterioration of the security situation in the city and the lack of security around diplomatic missions.

Edit: Mohammed Shafi.

Exposed the military, “Mustafa Alcadekke” of an assassination attempt by
A little in front of the headquarters of the military police, and mentions that “Alcadekke” was
Resuscitate him just before the Hawari Hospital and is one of the employees
Benghazi Naval Base, where he was to shoot it when
It was a car with fellow military area Buhedama, wounded on
Impact in the leg and is now receiving treatment:

Hani Al Oraibi – Media General Hawari hospital assures me about the arrival of

Mr Mustafa Alcadekke multiplied by releasing it in the leg after a process of trying to assassinate area Buhedama Street

military police and is now operating room at the hospital, and  Mr. Hani said:

Mustafa is one of the military Bsearbh .. …….

T. G “Mustafa Abdul Rahim Alcadekke”‘s base Benghazi
Navy entered the hospital following an injury in the leg as a result
Out bullets from his own gun after he was driving
His car near the military police came and Buhedama
So after it was drawn and the gun is locked and came
In order to put him out of his part Alredadat to stabilize the legs.

This news is not true in an assassination attempt as stated in
Some pages from the heart of the event now.

(Atef Shelmani)

Ashraf Alnami relays  this letter:
Hello Khouna Mutassim:I asked God, please  publish this news:Today Itarich 01/07/2014 the car type Elantra inky color trying to kidnap the children of my brother, where people who turned from the examination of school Razek senile in the way of the house Mara area parks through the street separating the confectioner Beeand replace tires in front of the School Street mosque} {car started to proceed against them and by two people as the children of my brotherMonday noticed the car behind them {the sons of my brother theirs horror and Daru turns on a street full, which caused them} to stop my older nephew and told him prefer to cause us to launch ĘČí,said to him, Come ride Nbek you, said to him, will not ride launched ĘČí me He then behind the second to bring the pistol and shot toward the son of my younger brother, then the driver said to him I tell Maak style ride Khirlk said his nephew, the largest found to need say here, then the driver began Bolfad ugly insult Majesty and he opened the door of his car to come down and I Thank Godand my nephew the maintenance of the door and did not let him come down from the car so the driver extended his hand under his chair to come out something so the son of my elder brother of trying to grab and strike hampered for what he wants to get it out in time was the son of my younger brother of the second weapon point where when the driver began Baltlvd USB Jalal nephew Little by multiplying the facilities.The driver fell on a sample was taken and the gun and pointed it at the driver’s facilities and began to scream his knees {state} hysteria.Then she started the car to escape.Adina reached in the center Aalfoahat Qallona Come reel and helmets after the record number and they said to them Onamamo …..
(Mutassim Faitouri)


Ahumaidh bombing rocked the area in the early morning hours, as a result
Targeting a stall selling tobacco portfolio in the region “trunk” without
incurring casualties, and resulted in material damage only.
Mr Key Nuri Alahbuna found dead with two bullets and lying next to a police station and the city is a cleaner.
Found the body of “key Nuri Alahbuna,” morning
Today dumped near the center of the city police, after killing
Two bullets, and his body was moved Galaa Hospital, and
The “Alahbuna” factor Libyan company for cleanliness and is
A civilian and not military, and in the thirties.


Targeting Wahda Bank branch Sabri, shortly before now
And witnesses confirmed that the unidentified aboard a Chinese car
White, threw an explosive device, resulting in a
Shattering the glass, and blast damage only
Facade of the bank, did not result in casualties.


Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The arrival of the body of Salafi Sheikh (Abdul Latif happy Jeroshi) to the hospital,

where he was assassinated in his shop area milkfish shot in the head ..

I am God, and to Him we return …

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Benghazi ::: :::
The assassination of Mr. Abdul Latif Hassan Kabylie region of milkfish inside his shop ((materials Gdaúah))
and mentions that it is the Salafi brothers, and now, in front of a large gathering Galaa Hospital Salafis …………..
Atef Shelmani  reporting:
The assassination of one of the last young Salafi brothers..
The assassination of the young man, “Abdullatif Kabylie” follows the young man straight
Salafi friendly approach to replace “Mobile Phones” Balslmana
Went to evening prayers and went back to the shop and after a quarter of an hour
Income and mother’s attic finds his head on the ground and in the three
Bullets caused the death of this young man.
For your information when searched the shop and found the money and phones ..
The purpose is not theft.
Page Street gardens Benghazi denies this news
(URGENT: a car bomb outside the home of Prime Security Directorate Benghazi area parks
without causing any damage from the blast mankind)
And there is no bombing of Khobar in parks and Praise God.



HMS Bangor blasts mines in Libyan mission

Navy special forces managed to Tobruk naval base last night, from the arrest of a ship carrying Lebanese nationality and flying the flag of the State of Togo East area (Marina you). According to the spokesman of the Libyan navy Colonel (Job denominator) and agency (and) that the ship bearing the name of the Lebanese “Axandera” and has a total staff of 10 people, 5, 4 Syrians and Moroccans, an Indian citizen, and that he had been escorted to the naval base of Tobruk. The spokesman said that investigations were continuing with the ship’s crew about the reasons for entry and presence Libyan territorial waters.




discovered that it is a band from MISURATA causing the kidnappings and troubles now in SABHA  !:

Free newspaper Sabha
ĂÚáćăĺ uncertain about the existence of a group of Misurata  are located in the city of Sabha, and the kidnapping and arrest some wanted to have and we are still waiting for confirmation of the news and know their whereabouts.
And who has any information informs us.
Peace be upon you.
(Reporter Sabha)
Channel capital Tripoli
Attempted kidnapping, “Ismail Aguary” bank manager deserts Sabha.


Mu asking why

So, Who Did Discover America?

Abu Raihan al-Biruni, an Islamic scholar from Central Asia, may have discovered the New World

centuries before Columbus – without leaving his study – as S. Frederick Starr explains.

Sebastian Munster's map, published in 1540, the first to show America as a continent. AKG Images

Sebastian Munster’s map, published in 1540, the first to show America as a continent. AKG Images

First comes Zuan Chabotto (c.1450-99), the Venetian navigator and explorer. His claim turns on the fact that Columbus did not reach the American mainland until 1498, while he touched the North American shore a full year earlier. That he had set sail from England caused him to be remembered in the Anglophone world as John Cabot and shifted bragging rights from Venice to the ‘Sceptred Isle’. Then it turned out that, while Cabot found investors in Bristol and received a patent from Henry VII, his principal financial backer was an Italian banking house in London. The laurels shifted back to Italy.

Discoveries and doubts

In 1966 an English scholar, Alwyn Ruddock, discovered a letter of 1498 written to Columbus by an English merchant named John Day. In it, Day asserted that it was ‘considered certain’ that the North American mainland, which Cabot had visited the previous year, had been ‘found and discovered in the past’ by seamen from the port of Bristol (which happened to be Ruddock’s home town). Ruddock unearthed more papers suggesting that these pioneering Englishmen had reached America as early as 1470. Unfortunately Ruddock ordered all of these papers to be destroyed at her death in 2005. Just as it seemed that the prize was about to head north again, fresh doubts set in.

Amid this ping-pong match, Francesco Guidi-Bruscoli, the Italian historian who had discovered information on Cabot’s Italian backers, came across a yellowed parchment map with an intriguing notation suggesting that Cabot may have been dispatched to confirm a discovery made many years earlier. Written in Italian, it states that ‘Giovanni Chabotte’ (Cabot) from Venice had been commissioned to sail to the ‘new land’. That the reference to new land was preceded in Italian by the definite article, il, rather than the indefinite un suggested to Guidi-Bruscoli that Cabot’s sponsors already knew of the Americas, thanks to reports by an earlier explorer. Cabot was simply verifying what was already known.

Meanwhile scholars from Scandinavia have examined the Norse sagas for evidence that their forebears had sailed to North American shores before the English and Italians. The story of Vikings plowing the waves in their narrow-hulled boats to explore and settle Greenland is by now well known and confirmed by archaeological finds along Greenland’s south-western coast. At the beginning of the 20th century Professor Gustav Storm of the University of Christiania in Oslo produced evidence that Norsemen had made several trips to within sight of the Canadian coast, identifying and naming Markland (southern Labrador), Helluland (Baffin Island) and Vinland, which is thought to be Nova Scotia.

Norse sagas

Among these adventurers Leif Ericson (970-1020), the son of Eric the Red (c.950-1003), who had discovered Greenland, entered the history books for his sighting of Vinland in about 1000. True, one saga from 1387 states that a certain Bjarni, Son of Herjulf, had beaten Leif to Vinland, having been blown off course and sighted land there as early as 985-6. But no further support for the Bjarni claim has turned up.

Just what is meant, then, by this Norse ‘discovery’ of North America? Leif Ericson was a Christian missionary who had been sent to Greenland by King Olaf I of Norway (r.995-1000) with orders to bring the faith to settlements there. On the return voyage his boat was blown so far south that he was brought within view of Nova Scotia. The authors of the Norse sagas, amazed that he survived this adventure, dubbed him ‘Leif the Lucky’.

Except for Ericson, most of the other Norsemen who made contact with North America were traders by profession. Had their commercial interests fared better, they might have given the continent a second look, but they didn’t. Their one serious venture onto North American territory resulted in a fight with native Americans, after which they quickly fled to their boats. The southernmost confirmed evidence of Vikings in the New World was discovered in 1960 at L’Anse aux Meadows, on the northern tip of Newfoundland.

From the sod houses and primitive artefacts that archaeologists excavated at L’Anse aux Meadows and in Greenland these Norse traders emerge as hardy adventurers. As to their ‘explorations’, they were carried out in a thoroughly ad hoc way, usually the result of accident or unfavourable winds. At their most deliberate the Vikings strove each time to sail a little further down a coastline than their immediate predecessor. Either way, when they returned to Greenland, Iceland or Norway they told their tales to wide-eyed listeners huddled around log fires. There is no evidence that any of the Viking leaders who headed towards North America were literate.

It took another three generations before Adam of Bremen (c.1050-1081/5) in northern Germany, wrote the Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum, a chronicle which included the stories he had heard concerning the adventures of Leif the Lucky. Adam and other chroniclers and authors of the sagas offered their reports in a stolid and matter-of-fact way, with no indication that they had any idea of the implications of these remarkable travels.

Abu Raihan Al Biruni

At around the same time that the Vikings were venturing south and westward from their bases in Greenland, a very different process of discovery was taking place in landlocked territories many months’ journey from the nearest open salt water. Beginning more than 3,000 years ago, traders from the great urban centres of what is now Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan had sent goods across Eurasia, from Europe to India and China. They moved their cargo in long camel caravans, which carried the equivalent of a dozen or more modern freight containers. Gold and silver coins minted in their cities were honoured as currency as far afield as Sri Lanka and England. Vikings, among others, collected hordes of these beautifully crafted coins because they knew they would be accepted widely. Once back home the Central Asian traders not only told their tales around neatly built hearths in solid multi-storey houses but wrote down detailed information on the geography and climates of the lands they had visited. Local scholars collected and analysed these reports.

A curious mind

The greatest of these scholars was Abu Raihan al-Biruni. Born in 973 near the Aral Sea in what is now Uzbekistan, while still a youth Biruni mastered mathematics, astronomy, mineralogy, geography, cartography, geometry and trigonometry. He spoke Persian, Arabic and Khwarazmian, the language of the Sunni dynasty that ruled Greater Iran between the 12th and 13th centuries. Later on he also studied Sanskrit.

While still a young man Biruni had calculated the latitude and longitude of his home town and had begun to collect similar co-ordinates for other places. Using ancient Greek sources he compiled data on hundreds of locales in the Mediterranean world and then began adding calculations on other locations from all points of the compass. From ancient writers like Claudius Ptolemy (c.150 BC), from more recent sources and from his own field observations he knew that the earth is round. By the time he was 30 Biruni was employing the most advanced systems of the day to calculate its precise circumference. In a pioneering effort not matched until the Renaissance he constructed a globe 16ft high showing the Earth’s terrestrial features.

Biruni followed in the footsteps of several other scientists from Central Asia. Among them was Ahmad al-Farghani, from what is now Uzbekistan, who in the ninth century had calculated the width of one degree of longitude at the equator, from which he deduced the earth’s circumference. His calculation, though less precise than Biruni’s, marked a significant improvement on those made by the ancient Greeks and assured a wide readership for his book on the subject, A Compendium of the Science of the Stars (c.833). Five centuries later Columbus came across a Latin translation of Farghani’s treatise. Besides welcoming confirmation that the Earth is round, Columbus used Farghani’s data to argue before sceptical potential sponsors that it was small enough for him potentially to circumnavigate. However, Columbus wrongly assumed that Farghani had presented his measurements in Roman miles rather than Arab miles. This caused him to understate the actual circumference of the earth by 25 per cent. His misreading caused (or, if it was deliberate, enabled) Columbus to place Cipango, or Japan, near the Virgin Islands. This convenient error proved crucial in Columbus obtaining funding for what he estimated would be a relatively short voyage to China.

Biruni had also delved into mineralogy, specifically the relative density and weight of minerals of all types and how the separate minerals interact in nature. In the process of this research he discovered the concept of specific gravity.

Just how Biruni acquired his passion for precise measurement is a mystery. It certainly owed something to his education, which included study of the classical Greek scientist Pythagoras, who had proclaimed that ‘things are numbers’. Biruni’s constant urge to quantify whatever he observed, combined with his enquiring mind, was to plunge him down a path that led to epochal insights, which in most respects put Columbus, Cabot and the Vikings in the shade.

By 1017 Biruni had become an honoured scientist at Gurganch, the intellectual capital of his home region of Khwarazm. But in that year a fierce and religiously fanatical Muslim ruler from Ghazni in Afghanistan, crushed Khwarazm and destroyed its capital.

Mahmud of Ghazni

Mahmud was born on Thursday, 10th of Muharram, 361 AH/ 02November 971 AD (Old Style) in the town of Ghazna in Medieval Khorasan (in what is now south-eastern Afghanistan). His father, Abu Mansur Sabuktigin, was a Turkic slave-soldier of the Samanid Emirs of Bukhara. His mother was the daughter of a Persian aristocrat from Zabulistan.

Military campaigns

Sultan Mahmud and his forces attacking the fortress of Zaranj

In 994, Mahmud joined his father Sebuktigin in the capture of Khorasan from the rebel Fa’iq in aid of the Samanid EmirNuh II. During this period the Samanid state became highly unstable, with shifting internal political tides as various factions vied for control, the chief among them being Abu’l-Qasim Simjuri, Fa’iq, Abu Ali, the General Bekhtuzin as well as the neighbouring Buyids and Qarakhanids. Mahmud took over his father’s kingdom in 998 after defeating and capturing Ismail at the Battle of Ghazni. He then set out west from Ghazni to take the Kandahar region followed by Bost (Lashkar Gah), where he turned it into a militarized city.

In 1001, Mahmud initiated the first of numerous invasion of northern India. On 28 November, his army fought and defeated the army of RajaJayapala of the Kabul Shahi dynasty at Peshawar. In 1002, Mahmud invaded Sistan, dethroned Khalaf I, last of the Saffarid amirs, and ended the Saffarid dynasty. From there he decided to focus on Hindustan to the southeast, particularly the highly fertile lands of the Punjab region since south eastern Khorasan (his native province) was mostly mountains, dry deserts and the fertile lands there had been poorly harvested and let to waste during the reign of the previous rulers.It should be noted that Punjab was well known for its mangoesorangesbananas and other tropical fruits that Khorasan lacked and instead was famous for pomegranates and watermelons. It suggests that this has been the main reason for the Ghaznavids invading India because the fruit as well as ricesugarwheat, and other products exported to the Middle East and Central Asia generated more income than anything else for the rulers.

Mahmud’s first campaign to the south was against the Ismaili Fatimid Kingdom at Multan in a bid to carry political favor and recognition with the Abbassid Caliphate; he also engaged with the Fatimids elsewhere. At this point, Jayapala attempted to gain revenge for an earlier military defeat at the hands of Mahmud’s father, who had controlled Ghazni in the late 980s and had cost Jayapala extensive territory. His son Anandapala succeeded him and continued the struggle to avenge his father’s suicide. He assembled a powerful confederacy which faced defeat as his elephant turned back from the battle in a crucial moment, turning the tide into Mahmud’s favor once more at Lahore in 1008 bringing Mahmud into control of the Hindu Shahi dominions of Udbandpura.

Ghaznavid campaigns in South Asia

Following the defeat of the Rajput Confederacy, after deciding to retaliate for their combined resistance, Mahmud then set out on regular expeditions against them, leaving the conquered kingdoms in the hands of Hindu vassals annexing only thePunjab region. He also vowed to raid India every year.

The Indian kingdoms of NagarkotThanesarKannaujGwalior, and Ujjain were all conquered and left in the hands of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist Kings as vassal states and he was pragmatic enough not to shirk making alliances and enlisting local peoples into his armies at all ranks.

Destroying them would destroy the will power of the Hindus attacking the Empire since Mahmud never kept a permanent presence in the subcontinent; NagarkotThanesarMathuraKannaujKalinjar and Somnath were all thus raided. Mahmud’s armies stripped the temples of their wealth and then destroyed them at, MaheshwarJwalamukhi, Narunkot and Dwarka. During the period of Mahmud invasion, the Sindhi Swarankar Community and other Hindus who escaped conversion fled from Sindh to escape sectarian violence.

Patron of the arts and poetry

Mahmud brought whole libraries from Rayy and Isfahan to Ghazni. He even demanded that the Khwarizmshah court send its men of learning to Ghazni.

The notable poet Ferdowsi, after laboring 27 years, went to Ghazni and presented the Shahnameh to Mahmud. There are various stories in medieval texts describing the lack of interest shown by Mahmud in Ferdowsi and his life’s work. According to historians, Mahmud had promised Ferdowsi a dinar for every distich written in the Shahnameh (60,000 dinars), but later retracted and presented him with dirhams (20,000 dirhams), the equivalent at that time of only 200 dinars.

Political challenges and his death

Tomb of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in 1848.

The last four years of Mahmud’s life were spent contending with the influx of Oghuz Turkic tribes from Central Asia, the Buyid Dynasty and rebellions by Seljuqs. Initially the Seljuks were repulsed by Mahmud and retired to Khwarezm but Togrül and Çagrı led them to capture Merv and Nishapur (1028–1029). Later they repeatedly raided and traded territory with his successors across Khorasan and Balkh and even sacked Ghazni in 1037. In 1040 at the Battle of Dandanaqan, they decisively defeated Mahmud’s son, Mas’ud I resulting in Mas’ud abandoning most of his western territories to the Seljuks.

Sultan Mahmud died on 30 April 1030. His mausoleum is located in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

Mahmud of Ghazni, as he was known, like many rulers in the region, tried to surround himself with poets and learned scholars. He ordered Biruni to come to Ghazni and bring the results of his research with him.

Biruni, with no way out, not only complied but seized upon the move as an opportunity to learn more about India, which Mahmud had conquered over the previous decade. But Mahmud was as difficult as he was ruthless and Biruni quickly realised that he had to distance himself from his court. He removed to Lahore, now in Pakistan, where he penned the world’s first book on comparative religion, focusing on Hinduism and Islam. Gathering his notes and no equipment other than a simple astrolabe, he then withdrew to a heavily fortified hilltop castle at Nandana, not far from what is now Islamabad.

There Biruni returned to the old problem of measuring the earth’s circumference. To this end he devised a new technique, which involved careful observation, spherical trigonometry and the application of the law of sines. Besides being far simpler than using two distant points on flat land, this method produced a measure of the earth’s circumference that was a mere 10.44 miles less than the definitive modern measurement.

After Mahmud’s death in 1030, Biruni hauled his field notes and papers back to Ghazni in Afghanistan, where Mahmud’s son, Masud I (r.1031-40), welcomed him and helped him to settle into a quiet life of research and writing. Biruni wrote up his lifetime’s research on specific gravity and then turned to writing a vast tome, known as the Codex Masudicus, in which he summarised everything known at the time about astronomy and allied disciplines.

It was in the Codex Masudicus that Biruni considered the possibility that the sun is stationary and that the earth revolves around it. He stopped short of fully embracing a heliocentric view, noting instead that the notion of a heliocentric universe is no less logical than its alternative and called on mathematicians and astronomers either to refute it or accept it. It is no wonder that historians of science judge the Codex Masudicus to be the greatest work on astronomy from the period between late antiquity and the modern era. In his codex Biruni also hypothesised about the existence of North and South America.

Biruni began by presenting the research on the earth’s circumference that he had carried out at Nandana. He then set about fixing all known geographical locations onto his new, more accurate map of the globe. His list of longitudes and latitudes had grown substantially since his earliest collection and now included more than 70 sites in India alone, as well as hundreds of other locations stretching across the Eurasian land mass.

When Biruni transposed these data onto his map of the earth he noticed at once that the entire breadth of Eurasia, from the westernmost tip of Africa to the easternmost shore of China, spanned only about two fifths of the globe. This left three fifths of the Earth’s surface unaccounted for.

A world ocean

The most obvious way to explain this gap of 15,000 miles was to invoke the explanation that all geographers from antiquity down to Biruni’s day had accepted: that the Eurasian land mass was surrounded by a ‘World Ocean’. But was three fifths of the Earth’s circumference really nothing but water? Biruni considered this possibility but rejected it on the grounds of both observation and logic. From his study of specific gravity he knew that most solid minerals were heavier than water. Would so watery a world not give rise to serious imbalances to which the planet would have had to adjust over time? And why, he asked, would the forces that had given rise to land on two fifths of the earth’s belt not also have had an effect on the other three fifths as well? Biruni concluded that somewhere in the vast expanses of ocean between Europe and Asia there must be one or more unknown land masses or continents.

Were these unknown continents empty wildernesses or ones inhabited by human beings? To address this question Biruni turned to his data on longitudes. He noted that human beings inhabit a broad north-south band stretching from Russia to southern India and the heart of Africa. If the unknown continent or continents were uninhabited, he reasoned, they would have to lie either north or south of this band.

To pursue this hypothesis Biruni went beyond his field observations and employed Aristotelian logic, a reasoning process built from propositions. Noting that the Eurasian land mass stretched roughly around the Earth’s belt, he hypothesised that it must have been the result of powerful processes that would surely have obtained elsewhere. Known evidence of the Earth gave him no grounds for believing that the unknown continents would be squashed into the northernmost and southernmost latitudes. He concluded that the unknown land masses between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans would have to be inhabitable as, in fact, they were.

Biruni reached these momentous conclusions about the existence of the New World by 1037, basing them on research he had conducted over the preceding three decades.

Did Biruni discover America in the first third of the 11th century? In one sense, definitely not. He never laid eyes on the New World or the continents about which he wrote. By contrast the Norsemen had actually touched land in North America shortly before ad 1000; briefly, to be sure, and without really understanding what they had found. Leif Ericson was so uninterested in the forested shore of North America that he did not bother to return later, nor did any of those who heard oral reports of Ericson’s travels or read about them in later Norse documents. Still, if ‘discovery’ includes the unreflective processes of Norse seafaring, then the prize must go to the Vikings.

Yet Biruni is at least as deserving of the title of North America’s discoverer as any Norseman. Moreover, the intellectual process by which he reached his conclusions is no less stunning than the conclusions themselves. His tools were not the hit-or-miss methods of Venetian seamen or Norse sailors but an adroit combination of carefully controlled observation, meticulously assembled quantitative data and rigorous logic. Only after a further half-millennium did anyone else apply such rigorous analysis to global exploration.

Having assembled all known knowledge of the subject, studying the wisdom of ancient Greeks and Indians as well as medieval Arabs and fellow Central Asians, Biruni devised completely new methods and technologies to generate his voluminous and precise data and processed it with the latest tools of mathematics, trigonometry and spherical geometry as well as the austere methods of Aristotelian logic. He was careful to present his conclusions in the form of hypotheses, on the understanding that other researchers would want to test and refine his findings. This did not happen for another five centuries. In the end European explorers confirmed his hypotheses and vindicated his bold proposals.

Breaking free

This son of Central Asia was arguably the greatest explorer between the ancient world and the great age of European exploration. Two features of Biruni’s work warrant this conclusion. First, he achieved what he did through the systematic and rigorous application of reason and logic, unconstrained by religious or secular dogmas, folklore or anecdotes. He was a Muslim, but broke free of the culture-bound assumptions of Islam in a way that scientists in the Christian West struggled for several more centuries to achieve. He carried out his breathtaking intellectual explorations while living far from the sea in a landlocked region and without leaving his study except to carry out scientific measurements. While he was absolutely confident in his conclusions, his written presentation of them indicated the precise paths by which someone seeking to disprove him might proceed.

Who today can better the credo that this Central Asian polymath penned a thousand years ago?

… in an absolute sense, science is good in itself, apart from its [content of] knowledge; its lure is everlasting and unbroken … [The servant of science] should praise the assiduous [ones] whenever their efforts [arises from] delight [in science itself] rather than from [the hope of achieving] victory in argument.

Even today, Biruni’s modus operandi strikes one as astonishingly modern, a voice of calm and dispassionate scientific enquiry sounding forth from the depths of the irrational and superstitious medieval world.

Biruni accomplished all this while living and working in a region which many still regard as backward, a region immersed in superstition, fanaticism and violence. His birthplace in western Uzbekistan is close to the Aral Sea, where from the 1950s the Soviet Union created one of the most fearful ecological disasters of modern times. His achievements took place in a bleak zone on the northern border of Turkmenistan, far from the enormous gas fields that are today transforming that country into a Central Asian Kuwait. His research at Nandana, in what is now the West Punjab territory of Pakistan, put him within an hour of Jammu and Kashmir, the future scenes of a half century of armed struggle between Pakistan and India. As to Ghazni in Afghanistan, where he penned his renowned Codex Masudicus, simply to reach this town today is a dangerous task, requiring armoured vehicles and armed guards to traverse the heavily mined road from Kabul or Kandahar.

But one can do so nonetheless and can, amid the desolate remains of ancient Ghazni, ferret out the actual tomb of Biruni. Here in the very heart of Afghanistan lie the remains of the most modern explorer of the Middle Ages, a man who was open to the entire world and to all the knowledge it contains.

If and when Afghanistan gains a stable government and begins to develop, travellers and tourists will visit Ghazni, the scene of Biruni’s great work as a global explorer, and pay their respects at the tomb of one whose achievements match those of Columbus.

S. Frederick Starr is research professor at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University and a founding chairman of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute.

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الله اكبر لن يهزم الحق …ولو اجتمعت عليه شياطين الانس والجن … الله اكبر لن يرضخ جيلا نهل من تاريخ اباءه واجداده كل معاني الكرامة والرجولة والبطوله … الله اكبر لن يركع جيلا تخرج من مدرسة الصمود والتحدي والشموخ … مدرسة العزة والكبرياء .. مدرسة الشهادة والفداء … مدرسة معمر القذافي القائد والمناضل والمجاهد .. الله اكبر كلمة تهز معاقل الجبابرة والاباطرة وخدمهم من لاعيقي الاحذية وحانئي الرؤوس لغير الله
الله اكبر … الله اكبر … الله اكبرصامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون


Libya196900 1:01 displaced the Liberal Republic of Egypt and the era of document and renew a pledge to continue the struggle until the liberation of Libya
de Libya196900il ya 1 jour167 vues Liberal displaced Libyans Republic of Egypt and the era of document and renew a pledge to continue the struggle until the liberation of Libya from traitors and agents
To ensure business continuity and lack of closure of the channel please put Lake on the video and subscribe to …

Publiée le 5 janv. 2014
This is the way to liberate the land and supply
This is an option that scans the shame inflicted customers beloved Libya
This is the solution for trembling hands and acquiescent and cowards and undecided

Mu green heroes


REALLY NOT UNEXPECTED as reported.-A few weeks ag, the ‘MUSLIM’ SALAFIST KHARJITES from MISDURATA announced if their gas shortages did not work to bring down the Zaidane government that they would create a flour shortage..and mass “hunger” will do what they could not accomplish with the gas.:

Their goal–ONLY an “ISLAMIC CALAPHATE for LIBYA” (nothing short of this will satisfy them):

Urgent …
Members of the conference «Rixos» General receiving kidnapping threats in the absence of a
no-confidence vote on the government «Ali Zaidane» or
withdraw from the next session in order to prevent a quorum ..
(News Agency of Libya)

A number of members of the National Congress in a special permit
Now, will not be voting on the withdrawal of confidence from the Government of Zaidane
In light of this threat and the status quo, and in Oharo Tbarham
Will not vote until they are to discuss the proposal before the clouds, and confirmed
The demonstrators told them that they were unarmed, and when it was evacuated
For “Ali Lafi” Director of Safe corner at a time
Former arms went out to celebrate and have been shooting in the air
Some members also came out to talk with the protesters shortly before.

National Conference held today its 150 year, and discussed at the meeting of the note by the 72 members of the Conference on the withdrawal of confidence from the government and the formation of a government crisis. The Conference also heard the final concept of the Commission roadmap on proposed reforms to the work of the National Conference of the year.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
National Congress decides to set up a committee to carry out what he called a member of the National Conference Ojaili Busdel “reforms” on the work of the conference over the next year that Congress extended the same.
Moatasem Pomnyar Algaddfe writes: this client vile traitor after he finished his studies abroad in Russia at the expense of the state and outside of the Batat Khan Testament.

And continue to waste money on behalf of the Commission illiteracy delusional!!
Cabinet allows for the direct contracting of Veterans Affairs to carry out projects worth 14 million dinars:14 million .. Budget for the Veterans Affairs ((Alsracan)) and are as follows
3 million for the establishment of centers for business projects Small and Medium
5 million for the training and rehabilitation of 5,000 beneficiaries.
3 million for the program of e-learning across the Web.
900 000 for the program” camps” Awareness900 000” camps” awareness?????
# (Gate _ Libya)
WikiLeaks Cyrenaica
Counselor Mustafa Abdul Jalil (DESPITE HIS DISQUALIFICATION by the “ISLATIONIST LAW”) proposes initiatives of ” how to come out of
Crisis” (blah, blah, blah): -His first plan: – is that the board is formed to replace the conference
National year consists of 5 members of Congress and selected by older …. And each member of the province …
((Meant for Muslim Brotherhood’s Suleiman Zubi 75 years, for the province of Cyrenaica !!! ^ __ ^ -see pic below–

And the for province of Tripoli, Misurata’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood of jewish origins, Abdulrahman Sowaihili 72 years ^ __ ^ see next photo))
Judge Jalil‘s second plan: – is the continuation of the conference with the amended and non-intervention in the executive branch …
—Ali Asbali writes to inform us:
Jalil said once on the Al-Arabiya that he does not understand the policy, and we came out today to put a political initiative!? Mvh respect to the mind of the Libyan citizen who satisfies all state injustice.ALSO, from what JALIL says on this TV interview, JALIL has NO REGRETS concerning his murdering General YOUNIS and his two companions!!!
Jalil called Younis and the two officers with him “extremists”…(because they honored Mouammar al-Qathafi) and “17 FEBRUARY” loyalty says that is a no no…SALAFIST KHARJITES are acceptable, but Great Jamahiriya Loyalists are a no no: a big no no.JALIL says the same thing about Green in SIRTE: “People, including people killed in clashes in the city of Sirte and 4 people were present and known ..”.

.. عاجـــــــــــل :
العميل مصطفى عبدالجليل على قناة الوطنية الآن :من قتل عبدالفتاح يونس ورفيقية هم متطرفين ومن شارك 5
اشخاص منهم شخص قتل في مواجهات في مدينة سرت و4 اشخاص موجودين ومعروفين ..بنت الوادي


Remember that this criminal, theif and murderer was a hand-picked by NATO /US as the (former) PM for LIBYA!!!

ويكيليكس برقــــــــــــــة
المستشــار مصطفي عبدالجليل يقترح مبادرتيـن للخروج من
الازمـة :-الخطة الاولـى :- هى أن يتـم تشكـيـل مجلـس يحـل محـل المؤتمـر
الوطنـى العـام يتكـون مـن 5 اعضـاء من المـؤتمـر ويتــم أختيـارهم عن طـريق الاكبـر سنآ …. ويكون كل عضو من اقليــم …
(( يعنى عن برقة سليمان زوبي 75 سنة ^__^ –
وعن اقليم طرابلس عبدالرحمن السويحلى 72 سنة ^__^ ))الخطـة الثانيـة :- هو استمرار المؤتمر مع تعديله وعدم تدخله فى السلطة التنفيذية …شنو رايكـــم فى المبــادرة ؟؟؟
News Burqa reports:
Chairman of the Committee as well as the family:
The grant will be disbursed next week
The head of the committee as well as the family, Ministry of Social Affairs, on Monday,
it has been removing barriers is expected to start cashing in Grant planned for the family next week.
The confirmation was Chairman of the Committee during its meeting with the
Committee on Labor and Social Affairs, Youth and Sports at the headquarters
of the National Congress in the capital Tripoli.
It was also during the meeting to discuss the resumption of exchange mechanism planned for Grant’s family.



This picture is clear to the family home of al-Megrahi, who blew yesterday,

where the injured person inside the house and his leg was amputated and named Salah al-Megrahi,
where there was no one at home,
whether Salah The rest are passengers and Salah will travel to Tunisia for treatment today, God willing …



building the General People’s Committee:

There Umar issued to workers building the General People’s Committee previously Dion as prime minister is currently the need to evacuate the building immediately unknown reasons, according to one of the workers advised me.
(The hour of victory)

A group takfiri trying to demolish the tomb of Sheikh Osman Saleh Bin Omran Benmbarek cat seawall after it was targeted by Bakadf RBJ causing the demolition of one of the outer walls and Sheikh Osman is one of the grandsons of Sheikh Embarak grandfather tribe Oladamamed mercy of God and Ghafrlhm.
Bent Vzaatk íÇćŘä  writes: unfortunately Sheikh Othman, son of Sheikh Imran mis typographical

Qusay cabled:
Will Atfajah everyone tomorrow in a session dismiss Zaidane where has been an amount of one thousand dinars for each young man Mutassim in front of the National Congress demanding my dismissal Zaidane told the conference arrived by bus to Tripoli Mndhu yesterday and told me that one of the witnesses he services are excellent and he was eating provides them with a mesh naturally Is this the price Libya? Said Zaidane will not defend him, but the way in which Ochteroha will not only be a new crime against Libya that do not know their value, such as Hola cowards and thieves and suffering and turn except God.

Growing number of demonstrators in front of the National Congress to support the decision to drop the government Zaidane:

Quoting / / operations room Libya rebels corner __
Sunday will be the one with the permission on Tuesday Zaidane boob end and there will be a massive demonstration in front of the National Congress of all regions and God is the greatest ..

Media Center Alrajaban

The gentlemen travelers not to go to Tripoli from the roads between the sheep and the angle

well and they have a commitment to the corner of the main road and then Tripoli ..

And that the presence of a group of armed masked exceed 20 people intercepting cars in those roads.

The death of the media named Bassam Al-Aradi # Libya # Tripoli.


Agency urgently Libya / abduction delegate special forces to Tripoli
Said the commander of the Libyan special forces “Thunderbolt and umbrellas”
colonel “Nice Bouchmadh” kidnapping delegate in charge of standing on
some financial and administrative procedures for the special forces in the city of Tripoli.
It is noteworthy that the delegate special forces “Zakaria Shafi”
had disappeared in circumstances Aaamadh near the Bab al-Aziziya in Tripoli four days ago,
and information about him until now.




Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

After the deterioration of the security situation in department in Ajeelat, reached Intervention Force
Rapid led “Hossam Altlesi”, to maintain security in the city, and
Security source confirmed that the citizens early collaborators with the very power.

# Department in Ajeelat

Now department in Ajeelat
URGENT / / /
Reported an armed robbery of the Bank of the Republic of New Branch.


Now department in Ajeelat
Kidnapping and stole several cars from Sabratha After confirming and tracking of these cars made sure
that the cars found in City department in Ajeelat
He said the elders and notables that will not Sabratha Ardwo similarly, but over 3 days
And that the car did not return within 3 days will be responding in kind.
Where the youth department in Ajeelat sapiens and the Senate,
many of whom are known from their day generosity and morality.
(Moved from Page News Sabratha)


Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas of ITALY


Is now open line of oil from the field to meet the Mellitah who was locked a week ago by some of the protesters ….



Quoting / channel Sawani on Facebook
Enable youth Sawani last night to adjust the 4 masked men Balthabt while trying to steal a house near the compound of health, in a fully twelfth hour after midnight was calm region almost entirely except for some young people who were traveling between the corridors of Sawani and they themselves who have the arrest of the gang, which was later found to be from outside the region and outside the scope of the Rishvana ..
In the meantime, the gang prepares to execute did it, and they thought that they will not face any difficulties in that, and already succeeded in entering the house in question and robbed him of a sum of money and a TV screen, and before they left the place with a few moments felt young Sawani Alsaheron at the time of the movement of strange in the region, armed with P and they work with a quick tour of ..
After that enables youth Sawani find this gang, P Event heavy exchange of fire between the two sides resulted in the seizure of two of the gang members and the escape of two others for a few moments hiding them in a neighboring houses, but they did not stay there long P have been arrested also enroll them Balchkchin others ..
Were also seized the gang’s car also with all the loot that was where, after the delivery of all gang members to the Office of Criminal Investigation object b by rail (b rule that the center Sawani was Fame in honey), and are now under arrest and being interrogated by the authorities concerned. .


Allepieh sovereignty: –
South plane stopped “Nalut” and away from the road Nalut Ogdams 7 mi
There are raised “dirt airstrip” and away from the borders of Tunisia is less than 4 miles
The coordinates are (N30574311, E10212799)
Observer navigational Libyan:




On behalf of Zliten partial release twenty GREEN people;
26 others are still incarcerated for supporiting the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!!
And – the Commission of Inquiry released Zliten District Procuratorate two dozen people last week,
who had been imprisoned in the prison-related charges Mager revolution seventeenth of February.
The Committee had achieved with the 46 defendants in the cases against the revolution, the seventeenth of February, and released twenty of them, and decided the extension of the twenty-six others for varying periods. It is reported that the formation of the Department of Criminal seconds in Zliten to be considered in cases involving defendants who are referred for prosecution to the Court of Zliten, and broadcast them promptly and in order to relieve the pressure and the load on the Criminal Chamber of the first.




In light of the strong friendship between Alzbebh and Alfortah Bernar Levy
1 \ reached more than three flights coming from the airport to the city of Misratah airport in Tel Aviv included economic delegations held meetings and to raise the level of economic exchange between the two countries.
2 \ presented the idea of ​​buying a British company Asraúlah compound of iron and steel Misurata.
3 \ Esttmar hotels and tourist sites by Libyan businessmen for the state of Israel.
(News Agency of Libya today)
Misurata traitors raise the flag of Israel



Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
Urgent # # Mslath
The death of the citizen “Mohammed Ayeb” and another injured after a shooting spree by Kharjite militants
who have invaded B Mslath.




Omar Juma Al Suwaidi
I have the body of the hero Gaddafi Omar Juma Al Suwaidi Gaddafi, the true meaning of the word brotherhood among tribes Alqmazfah and the Rafla when Amichq his weapon and took part in the defense of Bani Walid with his brothers, sons and Rafla and the rest of the tribes honest despite the certainty behind the force, and even when asked jailer what to do in Bani Walid replied for fighting with my brothers and Rafla, this is the brotherhood truth linking Alqmazfah and Rafla through history and strengthened after the battle of honor 2011, and the sons and Rafla and Alqmazfah miss an opportunity to lurking and hate and not to stop at some of the things that do not only reflect the opinion or knowledge of the perpetrator, and synergy in order to liberate the homeland with the rest of the noble tribes, would also like to thank the people of the vineyard and the brothers were greeted by the magnificent Gaddafi son Omar Juma Al Suwaidi

The release of Masood Aldroaa citizen militias from Misrata prisons ..
Recall that the identity was arrested following the decision unjust No. 7, without any charge against him

God decoding the families of all detainees.

(The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)

–The arrival of the captive hero Sheikh Mohammed Masood Aboukran Aldroaa

to the city of Bani Walid now after decoding a family of Jews Misrata detention centers
Decoding God capturing all detainees Liberal.

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Arrived in the city of Bani Walid on Sunday logistical support for PSD
Bani Walid, and have received the Directorate yesterday the number 56 car
SUVs, to help enforce the city’s Safe

BANI WALID new Police trucks




Banking unit of Sirte and the National Commercial Bank branch Sirte today Abuabaha permanently
closed in the face of customers due to lack of liquidity Balmusrven at all.
(AD Media tuber)



a port of Cyrenaica

Journalist Hussein Elmessallati:
Cbahi confirms that the reasons for the water to penetrate the Libyan tanker Baku is known
for not questioning or crew escorted by the Navy!!
Atmosphere of the country
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Abdul Razzaq Cbahi in a statement to
the atmosphere of the country that Malta officially apologized to the Libyan government
for breach done by the Maltese tanker on Sunday night.
Ibrahim Al-Jdharan ..
– Ardo: I have to be an ambassador in any country, as with Flo..
– “Some students who have power Osubho ambassadors and consuls.”
– Ardo: They say you took bribes in the millions you Pfdhaa you publicly:
– “Did not give in to the ambitions of power and money, despite presented to us…
And we had not to accept bribes because we choose positions that we want As opposed
to the open fields to be partners in the crime of theft.”
إبراهيم الجضران ..- عرضو علي أن أكون سفير في أي دولة مثلما فعلو مع
– بعض طلاب السلطة الذين أصبحو سفراء وقناصل
– وعرضو علي رشاوي بالملايين قمت بفضحها لكم على الملأ
– لم نرضخ لمطامع السلطة والمال رغم عرضها علينا
– وكان يمكننا قبول الرشاوي و اختيار المناصب الذي نريد
– مقابل ان نفتح الحقول لنكون شركاء في جريمة سرقةصـ سبها الحرة
(Al-Sabha Free)


Agency urgently Libya / Benghazi now – Correspondent
Heavy rains cause a car accident at the western entrance to the city of Benghazi,

killing three people, one of them a Syrian.

News about the attack on the Egyptian consulate intervened and the Special Forces terminate

this problem in spite of cracking the consulate by people who wanted to force discernible visas

and Tak were all measures against the attack on the consulate.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” and the Marine Corps had directed all
The staff of the Egyptian consulate after being subjected to hours before shooting
From now, and has been transported to a safe place, and were identified from
The Balrmih and will take the necessary actions towards him.

The body that was found is the military, “Hussein al-Sanusi
Zidan “of the population Almajora, born in 1975 and one of the employees
Battalion “Martyrs corner” Thunderbolt 21
#Found an unidentified body, near the Hotel Ramadan
Shortly before now, and has been reported to the competent authorities and Gary
Transported to the hospital in 1200, and initial reports indicate that the body
Modern and non-rotting.

Commandos found two bodies:
1 – when the body first bridge Tripoli and is an old man was found dead with a bullet in his head
and his throat cut by the words and called Mr. Yusuf Hassan and follow the Martyrs Battalion corner
and old for approximately 65 years.
2 – second body at Hotel ouzo and is a young man in the Age Mguetulaumdharopa
shot in the head and named Hassan al-Sanusi.

News Agency of Libya today:

Mend Benghazi and hours in front of a home security director Benghazi.

Mr. Sadiq Wati. area parks – Street tunnel was a car bomb, and Thank God there is no human damage.

(The news agency Libya)

The Minister of Justice has Bzaah prisons

Special Forces Thunderbolt
The city of Benghazi, is accompanied by Special Forces Colonel Thunderbolt
Nice Bouchmadh

In charge of the Interior Ministry to visit the city of Benghazi, and touring
Meanwhile, inside the prisons of special forces “Thunderbolt” after FAJR PRAYER.
Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh” is the Libyan special forces.


# Exclusive
Explosion rocks area Laithi now and news about targeting
HOME, director of security for Benghazi, “Sadiq al-Lawati.”

Hajj Boatni

Found dead, “Sharif Hassan Mohammed,” near the hotel
Ozu, and the victim was killed by slitting his throat and shot left to the head and face
It is reported that one of the deceased men of the Special Forces Battalion 21 Thunderbolt
Martyrs corner, and residents of the Hajj Boatni.

Guard facilities in the Central Region prevent large trucks from passing
and blocking the road and that the delay in their salaries.




uninterrupted communication Libyana city of Tobruk ….


Since tuber few car burglaries transfer money National Commercial Bank’s branch in the center of the country tuber.

a white Toyota car transfer compartment by a double car Chevrolet Ooberta white. ..

At the height of crowds and people are watching.

An armed group has robbed a mail car Tuber area and steal cards for mobile prepaid 42 thousand dinars.

(Gateway Libya)

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …
Tuber morning kidnapping of slaves in one of the elders of the tuber
and heterodox Bgaith Mansouri and the district peace (Ambouk) west of Derna,
and said it came at the 9:00 he stopped a car with four masked men kidnapped lose.





Lech Tawergha:
And our response over the phone has been kidnapped Hamad Ramadan Haritl With his son from his home now,
Of an unknown soldier and science of displaced Tawergha and displaced people in the city of Sabha ..
We ask God Almighty to return to his family ..
Clarify the kidnapping last night
A group of unidentified armed men broke into the home of identity
Hamad Ramadan Haritl at about 12:15 at night and the
Kidnapped him and all of ..
1 – Osama Hamad Ramadan Haritl
2 – Mohammed Hamad Ramadan Haritl
3 – F Hamad Ramadan Haritl
4 – Hamad Ramadan Ramadan Haritl
And where they searched the house and left his youngest son, where they beat him
And so far there is no information on them from all sides of security Sabha.
Tell A events and Tazerbo
Was released on the site in the torch kidnapped on their way to the city of Gallo.  They Hamid Adam and Hafiz Idrees, Samir Abdel Razek and Rashid Idriss shortly before.


Are free Murzuq:

URGENT / / /

We received a tip that yesterday happened firefight with small arms and heavy between Toubou Libyans and Tabu Chadian at the site of the torch in the afternoon, as well as a renewed engagement, including in Morocco and has resulted in a set of Kulty and wounded, and on top of the wounded Mahmoud Shida brother called on Shida battalion commander, Ahmed Sharif

and was transferred from the torch to Oasis Gallo to be transferred to the outside of Libya and was told that serious wounds him and another person named F was told that his condition is very serious, where the doctor told them that if he was transferred to die .. And now, we received information that he was dead.


French Army Re-positioning Troops in Sahel Region

06 JANUARY 2014

Redéploiement de l’armée française dans la bande sahélienne

The French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian expressed last Friday Chadian President Idriss Déby’s intention of France to keep the outpost of Faya-Largeau. This decision is just one of many repositioning of the French army across the Sahel-Sahelian better suited for fighting Salafi-terrorists. 

This repositioning includes “cooperation focal points” such as former Dakar, N’djamena or Djibouti is to say bases capable of driving large transactions or be reservoirs of strength, and points of entry as coastal Douala in Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire in Abidjan to deliver reinforcements. But the main change is the increase in support, more or less important items in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

Faya-Largeau in Chad, 350 kilometers from the Libyan border, should allow the French army to keep an eye on the Libyan South where folded multiple Kharjite Salafist elements expelled from Mali. 

The small town of Zouar, historically northwest passage could also house a small infrastructure. The French goshawks have undertaken an extensive campaign with African heads of state allies to determine the contours of their positions. During his visit of several days in the region last week, Jean-Yves Le Drian met with the presidents of Mali, Niger and Chad. And on the occasion of the release of the hostage priest Georges Vandenbeusch, the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had talks with Cameroonian President Paul Biya.

Objective of this repositioning is to prevent the relocation of some hundreds of Kharjite Salafist fighters defeated since the beginning of the intervention of the French army there is a year of that. To do this, the watchword is flexibility of action. France has decided to establish a set of points along the Sahel to facilitate the triggering of specific field support to African armed operations.

Zaidane finds ways to STAY IN POWER !

Mu takes a nap 2

Now ……
Groups are now suspicious .. raise the green flag in different areas of Tripoli … please not to be deceived by the honorable face mask disguising the  evil.. and take caution and stay away from them ….. …… understand their agenda, asthey are suspicious. Of them be warned says the leadership of the Resistance and the Libyan tribes of honor … They are trying to attract young people and Zaav souls … from behind;… but I warn you,  Conqueror youth, to be aware of their plot and do not get caught up to them, and  we should not pay attention to those game-players ..
(The main Administrator)

Green TV Channel Green TV · Victory is at hand with God’s help ..
Praise be to Allah !
(Libby Blood)
  • النصر قريب بعون الله ..


    ليبي الدم

  • We are proud to provide new work for another march musical heritage business, courtesy of the masses of the Arab world and the masses of the Liberal beloved in Libya and wished more of a struggle and steadfastness to liberate the homeland from terrorist gangs
    With regards to team work and us to you the most beautiful greetings and salutations and we hope you publish official page site.
    نفتخر بتقديم عمل جديد اخر لمسيرة الاعمال الغنائية التراثية , إهداء لجماهير الوطن العربي وجماهير الاحرار في ليبيا الحبيبة متمُنيين المزيد من النضال والصمود لتحرير الوطن من العصابات الارهابية
    مع تحيات فريق العمل ومنا لكم اجمل التحايا والسلامات ونتمني منكم نشر موقع الصفحة الرسمية
    Durée : 2:32


Latest photos of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

Asaad Ambia Aboqilh
Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent reporter and an observer to a number of international broadcasters that broadcast on shortwave and satellite, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published on Monday, 06/01/2014:
After the fall of the Libyan capital Tripoli into the grip of Khjarites specializing with many groups of non-Libyans armed, of unknown origins in the theft of all documents, maps and images of government buildings and a private camp Bab al-Aziziya, “the residence of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, it is difficult to also obtain these documents unless paid funds are very large and are selling documents and maps confidentially away from the eyes the rulers of Libya, the new I have published several documents in the past from many sources, including the Press archives of al-Qathafi through private sources, and today we continue with you uncover many of the documents and pictures that are published for the first time via the Internet, especially through the site “Saida Online”,

and offer you the latest images of al-Qathafi in Tripoli, when I was covering the events in Tripoli correspondent for a number of radio stations world we were the media are looking for any information or new images belonging to Muammar al-Qathafi does still exist in Tripoli important got private information stating that Muammar al-Qathafi toured in Tripoli after Fajr prayer accompanied by two security men and only one press photographer and one snapped several pictures of a memorial in Green Square and previously toured some streets of the old city.
The emergence of al-Qathafi in Tripoli gave two-hour information reports also saying that the newspaper “New Dawn”, published only one image among the images taken of al-Qathafi in Tripoli, the newspaper “New Dawn” with a changed background image of course for security reasons of Muammar al-Qathafi, where there was a picture of an urgent message to his supporters and encrypted which still exists in Tripoli after spreading the news release from the capital to the city of Sirte

and the newspaper published a picture within “New Dawn” using Muammar al-Qathafi on its last page, on Monday, 01 September, corresponding to 1/8/2011 Number 13025 published in “New Dawn” with the image of congratulations to al-Qathafi’s family from the newspaper on “the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan“,

the emergence of al-Qathafi in Tripoli was the morning of Friday, 28/7/2011. It was the last Friday in the month of Shaban wandering, where al-Qathafi in Tripoli, under the opinion of “The channel”, which broadcasts from Syria radio, of a Sonic recording of al-Qathafi saying that he was wandering the streets of Tripoli on Tuesday and saw the devastation and destruction of “that solution in Tripoli by NATO bombing” and the publishing history of audio recording of al-Qathafi on the morning of Wednesday, 24.6.2011 (and stamp Asaad Aboqilh/ authenticity) saying that we will continue with you the publication of several documents, information and images of a few of the last days al-Qathafi was in the capital of Tripoli.

It is worth mentioning that the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi fell because of the World War led by the UN Security Council in support of the so-called “revolution of the seventeenth of February”, with largely the aid of NATO.

Asaad Ambia Aboqilh
Journalist and writer Libby independent
Latest photos of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in the Libyan capital Tripoli
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اسعد ابوقيله ابوقيله خبر عاجل :
الصور الاخيرة للعقيد الليبي معمر القذافي في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس .

الي اصدقاء الفيس بوك سوف نشرع في نشر العديد من الصور والوتائق والمعلومات التي تنشر لآول مرة عن الايام الاخيرة للقذافي في العاصمة طرابلس نريد تعليق علي الخبر ؟؟ ,,, اليكم اخر الاخبار .

تحية طيبة
ارسل لكم بتصريحي صحافي نشر لي عبر موقع وكالة وطنا نيوز و صحيفة صيدا اون لاين وصحيفة دنيا الوطن و هيئة الإذاعة اليابانية القسم العربي وموقع حشد نت , موقع سما الاردن الاخباري وموقع السقيفة و منتديات روسيا اليوم ومنتدي الشبكة الوطنية الكويتية و مختلف مواقع الانترنت الاخبارية يسلط الضوء علي الشان الليبي ولمعرفة التفاصيل ضع مقالي في محرك البحث قوقل بعنوان ( الصور الاخيرة للعقيد الليبي معمر القذافي في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس بقلم اسعد ابوقيلة ) وسوف تظهر لك نتائج البحث لمقالي منشور في مختلف مواقع الانترنت الاخبارية .

عنوان الخبر :

الصور الاخيرة للعقيد الليبي معمر القذافي في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس .

تفاصيل الخبر :
قال اسعد امبية ابوقيلة صحفي وكاتب ليبي مستقل ومراسل ومراقب لعدد من الاذاعات العالمية التي تبث علي الموجات القصيرة والاقمار الصناعية وخاصة عبر هيئة الإذاعة والتلفزيون اليابانية NHK القسم العربي في تصريحات صحافية نشرت اليوم الاثنين, 6/1/ 2014:بعد سقوط العاصمة الليبية طرابلس في قبضة الثوار تخصصت العديد من المجموعات الليبية المسلحة المجهولة في سرقة كل الوثائق والمستندات والخرائط والصور من المباني الحكومية وخاصة معسكر باب العزيزية ” مقر إقامة العقيد معمر القذافي ومن الصعب أن تتحصل علي هذه الوثائق إلا إذا دفعت أموال كبيرة جدا ويتم بيع الوثائق والخرائط بسرية تامة بعيدا عن عيون حكام ليبيا الجدد وقد قمت بنشر العديد من الوثائق في السابق من مصادر عديدة من بينها أرشيف صحافة القذافي ومصادر خاصة واليوم نواصل معكم كشف العديد من الوثائق والصور التي تنشر لأول مرة عبر شبكة الانترنت وخاصة عبر موقع صيدا اون لاين ونقدم لكم الصور الاخيرة للقذافي في مدينة طرابلس , عندما كنت أغطي الأحداث في طرابلس مراسل لعدد من الاذاعات العالمية كنا نحن الاعلاميين نبحث عن أي معلومة او صور جديدة تخص معمر القذافي وهل مايزال موجود في طرابلس المهم حصلت على معلومات خاصة تفيد بان معمر القذافي تجول في طرابلس بعد صلاة الفجر رفقه اثنين من رجال الأمن فقط ومصور صحفي واحد والتقط عدة صور تذكارية في ميدان الشهداء والساحة الخضراء سابقا وتجول في بعض شوارع المدينة القديمة مدة ظهور القذافي في طرابلس استمرت ساعتين المعلومات تفيد ايضا ان صحيفة الفجر الجديد نشرت صورة واحدة فقط من ضمن الصور التي التقطها القذافي في طرابلس وقامت صحيفة الفجر الجديد بتغير خلفية الصورة طبعا لاسباب امنية صورة معمر القذافي كانت رسالة عاجلة ومشفرة إلى أنصاره بأنه ما يزال موجود في طرابلس بعد اشاعة خبر خروجه من العاصمة إلى مدينة سرت ونشرت صحيفة الفجر الجديد صورة معمر القذافي بالصفحة الاخيرة بتاريخ الاثنين 1رمضان الموافق 1/8/2011 رقم العدد 13025 ونشرت الفجر الجديد مع الصورة تهنئة للقذافي من اسرة الصحيفة بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك ظهور القذافي في طرابلس كان صباح الجمعة الموافق 28/7/2011 وكانت آخر جمعة في شهر شعبان يتجول فيها القذافي في طرابلس يذكر ان قناة الرأي التي تبث من سوريا إذاعة تسجيل صوتي للقذافي قال فيه تجولت في شوارع طرابلس يوم امس الثلاثاء وشاهدت الخراب والدمار الذي حل بطرابلس بفعل قصف حلف الناتو وكان نشر تاريخ التسجيل الصوتي للقذافي صباح الاربعاء الموافق 24/ 6 / 2011
وختم اسعد ابوقيلة بقوله سوف نواصل معكم نشر العديد من الوثائق والمعلومات والصور في الايام الاخيرة للقذافي في العاصمة طرابلس الجدير بالذكر ان نظام
العقيد الليبي
معمر القذافي سقط بفعل الحرب العالمية التي قادها مجلس الامن الدولي مساندة لثورة السابع عشر من فبراير وبمساعدة كبيرة من حلف الناتو.

اسعد امبيه ابوقيله
صحفي وكاتب ليبي مستقل

بقلم ( اسعد امبية ابوقيلة صحفي وكاتب ليبي مستقل )
الصور الاخيرة للعقيد الليبي معمر القذافي في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس
موقع ( صيدا اون لاين لبنان )
لقراءة تفاصيل الخبر اضغط علي الرابط الاسفل

بقلم ( اسعد امبية ابوقيلة صحفي وكاتب ليبي مستقل )
الصور الاخيرة للعقيد الليبي معمر القذافي في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس
موقع ( وكالة وطنا نيوز الاخبارية الاردن )

Very dangerous ……….. Beware not to recklessly O are free ..
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خطير جداً……….. انتبهوا ولا للتهــــور يا احرار..يا جماعة الخير يا شباب يا هوووووا، اللي بيدير شي أهم شئ الكتمان وفكوكم من التصوير وجو العويلة. راكم تضيعوا روحكم وتضيعوا الناس اللى وراءكم. والمفروض الناس المسئولة والعسكريين يتأكدوا من أن الشباب اللى تحت أمرتهم هواتفهم بيلة بس.باهى هكى اللى صار للشباب ضيعوا روحهم وتم القبض عليهم، من خطأ فادح!! ولكن نقول لكم يا جرذان شديتوا 7 شباب والله أحنى أكثر من مليون ومازال بينكم ومنتشرين وكل جرذانكم الكبار معانا.والموعد يا جرذان والله قاعد في مكانه وسوف نفأجئكم… – ‎à ‎ودان – الجفرة‎.‎——————PART ONE:
When Muammar al-Qathafi rescued Africa financially
Posted on 18 October 2013 following text is an excerpt from the book – African Awakening: The Emerging Revolutions, edited by Firoze Manji and Sokari Ekine. The selected part is under the contribution of Jean-Paul Pougala titled ‘The lies behind the West’s war on Libya’. When I read that section one question popped in my mind: How many African leaders have thought either in the past or recent history so radically and accompanied their ideas with concrete actions in the general interests of the whole continent? One might argue that not every African country has been as wealthy in petrol/oil as the Great Jamahiriya ( a NATIONALVision conceived by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi).

It was al-Qathafi’s Libya that offered all of Africa its first revolution in modern times – connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio broadcasting and several other technological applications such as telemedicine and distance teaching. And thanks to the WMAX radio bridge, a low-cost connection was made available across the continent including in rural areas.

It began in 1992, when 45 African states established RASCOM (the regional African Satellite Communication Organisation) so that Africa would have its own satellite and slash communication costs in the continent. This was a time when phone calls to and from Africa were the most expensive in the world because of the annual 364.25€ million fee pocketed by Europe for the use of its satellites for phone conversations, including those within the same country.

An African satellite only costs a one-time payment of 291.4€ million and the continent would no longer have to pay a 364.25€ million annual lease. Which banker would not finance such a project? But the problem remained – how can slaves, seeking to free themselves from their master’s exploitation, ask the master’s help to achieve that freedom? Not surprisingly, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the US and Europe made only vague promises for 14 years. al-Qathafi put an end to these futile pleas to Western ‘benefactors’ with their exorbitant interest rates. The Libyans put 218.55€ million on the table; the African Development Bank added 36.42€ million more and the West African Development Bank a further 19.67€ million – and that is how Africa got its first communications satellite on 26 December 2007.

China and Russia followed suit and shared their technology and helped launched satellites for South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, while a second African satellite was launched in July 2010. The first totally indigenously built satellite, manufactured on African soil in Algeria, was set for 2010. This satellite is aimed at competing with the best in the best world, but at ten times less the cost – a real challenge.

This is how a symbolic gesture of a mere 218.55€ million changed the life of an entire continent. al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA cost the West, not just depriving it of 364.25€ million per year but the billions of dollars in debt and interest that the initial loan would generate for years to come and in an exponential manner, thereby helping maintain an ‘occult’ system in order to plunder the continent.

Mu’ammar invited German rocket scientists, some of whom had Nazi pasts, to come and build a rocket in Libya. Mu’ammar appears in a film explaining that Libya wants to investigate outer space for peaceful purposes.

BUT “the film” says it may be also so he can attack anywhere in Europe within minutes.
The German company was called OTRAG, and it had previously been building rockets in Zaire for President Mobutu. The BBC had reported on this the year before.
The film had a great graphic showing how the rockets could hit Israel and even Europe. It is remarkably like all the graphics produced about Saddam’s rockets attacking Europe in the “dodgy dossier” in 2003…


But the fake version of al-Qathafi had by now gone very deep in the western imagination. He was at the centre of an interconnecting web of ludicrous, largely fictional stories. And what was now going to happen was that those stories would begin to a coalesce with other simplified and exaggerated stories about other super-villains around the world. Out of that odd stew would come a grand unified theory that would be one of the central beliefs of our age.

MI6 called it “Global Risks” and it was a vision that we now lived in a terrifying world of mad dictators at the head of rogue states who were teaming up with international terrorists, drug barons and ruthless adventurers offering to sell things like smuggled nuclear weapons to the highest bidder.

The world, this theory said, now had to be seen as one interconnected system that transcended nations and their petty preoccupations. And western elites had a duty to defend the system against this new array of “Global Threats”. In short they should become world policemen.

MI6 loved this theory because it gave them something new to do. And the obvious place to start was by getting rid of Colonel al-Qathafi.
(Quoting again ADAM CURTIS)

Now everyone was believing in this dark-cast vision of a world of hidden threats. And the biggest threat of all were WMDS.

Journalists also tried to turn themselves into World Detectives, trying to expose these new terrifying threats – the Weapons of Mass Destruction that the crazy but infernally cunning dictators were hiding. Their sources in the intelligence agencies told them the WMDs were there. Somewhere.

MORE QUOTED from Adam Curtis):

Here are some sections from a documentary made in 1998 about a search for Colonel al-Qathafi’s WMDs that both illustrates this perfectly – and then at the end shows the empty fatuity of this quest.

It is made by the journalist John Sweeney. He gets into Libya to make a film about al-Qathafi’s giant water project [The Great Man-Made River], but he has an additional aim which is to see if the Libyan’s are hiding WMDs in the giant underground reservoirs.

There are fantastic, beautiful shots of this extraordinary project as Sweeney tramps around looking for the hidden threats. He finds nothing yet keeps talking about how the CIA say there is the biggest chemical weapons plant in the world hidden somewhere.

But Sweeney is a very good and honest journalist – he has an ability that is very rare in TV reporting to emotionally judge the truth of a situation – and towards the end he confronts his minder about the WMDs. He does it on audio, but to do this he has to keep the video camera running.

What results is not only a piece of avant-garde film making. But the minder is also very sharp. In just a few sentences off-camera he makes you reflect on how ridiculous and paranoid this western mindset has become. And Sweeney gives him the space to do it.

Mu’ammar understood this fake world better than anyone else – His aim was to find a way of getting back to the centre of the world stage.


The key, al-Qathafi knew, were weapons of mass destruction. America and Britain had invaded Iraq in the spring of 2003 – and they had justified this by claiming that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. But it turned out that he didn’t and it was a disaster, especially for Tony Blair.

So al-Qathafi decided to help Blair. He pretended that Libya had indeed been hiding chemical weapons and nuclear research facilities, and he offered to give them up.

For Tony Blair this was a godsend because it allowed him to say that the Iraq invasion was having the desired effect of persuading other “rogue states” to transform themselves. And the BBC allowed Blair to break live into the 10 pm news to announce that Colonel al-Qathafi had made an historic decision.

The only thing that no-one mentioned was that al-Qathafi didn’t really have any dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

He had tried to develop nuclear research in Libya, and had bought lots of centrifuges and other equipment. But it had never got off the ground. The CIA would later be quoted as saying that it was way beyond the ability of al-Qathafi’s scientists even to assemble the equipment.

And one of the leading WMD experts – Jonathan Tucker from the Monterey Institute -said that the chemical weapons were “quite limited”. Libya had made mustard gas but it remained in leaking barrels and hadn’t been turned into weapon form. As for the more powerful nerve agents Tucker said Libya had tried to make them but turned out not to have the capabilites or the know-how.

Here are some bit of Tucker’s 2009 report – The Rollback of Libya’s Chemical Weapons Programme:

“The nuclear program was embryonic….while the biological weapons program was little more than a plan that had made minimal progress.

The Libyan Chemical Weapons program…had involved fewer than a dozen chemists and chemical engineers.

The size of the Libyan Chemical Weapons stockpile turned out to be far smaller than the 100 metric tons that the US intelligence community had estimated. Although the Chemical Weapons research program was still active, the production line had been shut down for more than a decade.

The large-scale production of nerve agents was beyond Libya’s technological reach.”

As the presenters wait for Blair to appear, Andrew Marr sums up what is happening brilliantly. The story that is central to Blair’s “world picture” he says is that the modern global threat is “rogue states” coming together with “WMDs”. And al-Qathafi has just made that story real.
The real purpose for needing the Rocket:
the satellite communications..with the rocket that the West said was to bomb Israel and Europe–but was for Satellite communications–which now all Africa takes for granted.
and remember, that Muammar’s Jamahiriya provided the TV service and Internet FREE to all within Libya…as was the electric also was free—because Mu’ammar saw these things as essential to a dignified human life in the 20th and 21st Centuries.
In fact, there actually was someone working on an African broadcasting network. Someone who already connected the entire African continent by radio, television and telephone. In the early 90s, this person funded the establishment of the Regional African Satellite Communication Organization, which eventually provided Africa with its first own communications satellite on December 26, 2007. A second African satellite was launched in July 2010 and advanced plans for a continental broadcasting network were made. The person who funded at least 70% of this revolutionary project was the revolutionary leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya, Muammar al-Qathafi.

366.73€ million fee to Europe for the use of its satellites, and of course no “self-respecting” banker was willing to fund a project that frees people from their claws. And this was not the only way in which al-Qathafi angered the West to the point that he had to be eliminated from their agenda. The leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution worked hard and came close to embody the famous 1865 quote by American economist Adam Smith, saying: “The economy of any country which relies on the slavery of blacks is destined to descend into hell the day those countries awaken.”

On the eve of the NATO-led war against Libya, al-Qathafi’s booming country largely co-funded three projects that would rid Africa from its financial dependence on the West once and for all: the African Investment Bank in the Libyan city of Sirte, the African Monetary Fund (AFM), to be based in the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde, in 2011, and the African Central Bank to be based in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja. Especially the latter angered France – not coincidentally also the main orchestrator of the war on Libya – because it would mean the end of the West African CFA franc and the Central African CFA franc, through which France kept a hold on as much as thirteen African countries. Only two months after Africa said no to Western attempts to join the AFM, Western organized “protests” against the AFM’s benefactor, Muammar al-Qathafi, started to erupt in Libya… ultimately resulting in the freezing of 22€ billion by the West, which money mostly was intended for the above mentioned financial projects.

But al-Qathafi helped the African continent in more than just material ways. More than any other African leader, he supported Mandela’s ANC’s struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. Above that, many Black Africans, especially sub-Saharan African migrants and refugees, found a new home in al-Qathafi’s prosperous Libya.

al-Qathafi understood that in order to develop a strong Africa that would be able to finally throw off the shackles of imperialism, unity was the first requirement. The 2009 Chairperson of the African Union also understood the African culture and recognized that African problems need African solutions. During a 2010 meeting in Tripoli, in which he addressed dozens of leaders from across Africa, he told: “African traditions are being replaced with Western culture and multiparty politics is destroying Africa.” Instead, al-Qathafi promoted the establishment of a People’s Government (Jamahiriya) in which the power would not belong to (puppet) governments, but to the African people. And nothing scared the Western capitalists more than a united Africa – Muammar al-Qathafi’s dream that was about to come true by the end of 2010.

For PART TWO, go to:



(taken from “When Muammar al-Qathafi rescued Africa financially,
Posted on 18 October 2013″)


“The Lies Behind The West’s War On Libya, (First SECTION ONLY)”
By Jean-Paul Pougala

Global Research
It was al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA that offered all of Africa its first revolution in modern times – connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio broadcasting and several other technological applications such as telemedicine and distance teaching. And thanks to the WMAX radio bridge, alow cost connection was made available across the continent, including in rural areas.
It began in 1992, when 45 African nations established RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Communication Organization) so that Africa would have its own satellite and slash communication costs in the continent. This was a time when phone calls to and from Africa were the most expensive in the world because of the annual 366.73€ million fee pocketed by Europe for the use of its satellites like Intelsat for phone conversations, including those within the same country.
An African satellite only cost a onetime payment of 293.38€ million and the continent no longer had to pay a 366.73€ million annual lease. Which banker wouldn’t finance such a project? But the problem remained – how can slaves, seeking to free themselves from their master’s exploitation ask the master’s help to achieve that freedom? Not surprisingly, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the USA, Europe only made vague promises for 14 years. al-Qathafi put an end to these futile pleas to the western ‘benefactors’ with their exorbitant interest rates. The Libyan guide put 220.04€ million on the table; the African Development Bank added 36.67€ million more and the West African Development Bank a further 19.8€ million – and that’s how Africa got its first communications satellite on 26 December 2007.
China and Russia followed suit and shared their technology and helped launch satellites for South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and a second African satellite was launched in July 2010. The first totally indigenously built satellite and manufactured on African soil, in Algeria, is set for 2020. This satellite is aimed at competing with the best in the world, but at ten times less the cost, a real challenge.
This is how a symbolic gesture of a mere 220.04€ million changed the life of an entire continent. al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA cost the West, not just depriving it of 366.73€ million per year but the billions of dollars in debt and interest that the initial loan would generate for years to come and in an exponential manner, thereby helping maintain an occult system in order to plunder the continent.
African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, African Investment Bank
The 22€ billion frozen by Mr Obama belong to the Libyan Central Bank and had been earmarked as the Libyan contribution to three key projects which would add the finishing touches to the African federation – the African Investment Bank in Sirte, Libya, the establishment in 2011 of the African Monetary Fund to be based in Yaounde with a 30.81€ billion capital fund and the Abuja-based African Central Bank in Nigeria which when it starts printing African money will ring the death knell for the CFA franc through which Paris has been able to maintain its hold on some African countries for the last fifty years. It is easy to understand the French wrath against Muammar al-Qathafi.
The African Monetary Fund is expected to totally supplant the African activities of the International Monetary Fund which, with only 18.34€ billion, was able to bring an entire continent to its knees and make it swallow questionable privatisation like forcing African countries to move from public to private monopolies. No surprise then that on 16-17 December 2010, the Africans unanimously rejected attempts by Western countries to join the African Monetary Fund, saying it was open only to African nations.

It is increasingly obvious that after Libya, the western coalition will go after Algeria, because apart from its huge energy resources, the country has cash reserves of around €150 billion. This is what lures the countries that are bombing Libya and they all have one thing in common – they are practically bankrupt. The USA alone, has a staggering debt of $US14,000 billion, France, Great Britain and Italy each have a 1,466.92€ billion public deficit compared to less than 293.38€ billion in public debt for 46 African countries combined.
Inciting spurious wars in Africa in the hope that this will revitalise their economies which are sinking ever more into the doldrums will ultimately hasten the western decline which actually began in 1884 during the notorious Berlin Conference. As the American economist Adam Smith predicted in 1865 when he publicly backed Abraham Lincoln for the abolition of slavery, ‘the economy of any country which relies on the slavery of blacks is destined to descend into hell the day those countries awaken’.
Regional Unity as an Obstacle to the Creation of a United States of Africa
To destabilise and destroy the African union which was veering dangerously (for the West) towards a United States of Africa under the guiding hand of Muammar al-Qathafi, the European Union first tried, unsuccessfully, to create the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM). North Africa somehow had to be cut off from the rest of Africa, using the old tired racist clichés of the 18th and 19th centuries ,which claimed that Africans of Arab origin were more evolved and civilised than the rest of the continent. This failed because Muammar al-Qathafi refused to buy into it. He soon understood what game was being played when only a handful of African countries were invited to join the Mediterranean grouping without informing the African Union but inviting all 27 members of the European Union.
Without the driving force behind the African Federation, the UPM failed even before it began, still-born with Sarkozy as president and Mubarak as vice president. The French foreign minister, Alain Juppe is now attempting to re-launch the idea, banking no doubt on the forced Western fall of The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA by NATO. What African leaders fail to understand is that as long as the European Union continues to finance the African Union, the status quo will remain, because no real independence. This is why the European Union has encouraged and financed regional groupings in Africa.
It is obvious that the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS), which has an embassy in Brussels and depends for the bulk of its funding on the European Union, is a vociferous opponent to the African federation. That’s why Lincoln fought in the US war of secession because the moment a group of countries come together in a regional political organisation, it weakens the main group. That is what Europe wanted and the Africans have never understood the game plan, creating a plethora of regional groupings, COMESA, UDEAC, SADC, and the Great Maghreb which never saw the light of day thanks to al-Qathafi who understood what was happening.
al-Qathafi: the African Who Cleansed the Continent from the Humiliation of Apartheid
For most Africans, al-Qathafi is a generous man, a humanist, known for his unselfish support for the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. If he had been an egotist, he wouldn’t have risked the wrath of the West to help the ANC both militarily and financially in the fight against apartheid. This was why Mandela, soon after his release from 27 years in jail, decided to break the UN embargo and travel to Libya on 23 October 1997. For five long years, no plane could touch down in Libya because of the embargo. One needed to take a plane to the Tunisian city of Jerba and continue by road for five hours to reach Ben Gardane, cross the border and continue on a desert road for three hours before reaching Tripoli. The other solution was to go through Malta, and take a night ferry on ill-maintained boats to the Libyan coast. A hellish journey for a whole people, simply to punish one man.
Mandela didn’t mince his words when the former US president Bill Clinton said the visit was an ‘unwelcome’ one – ‘No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do’. He added – ‘Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Qathafi, they are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.’
Indeed, the West still considered the South African racists to be their brothers who needed to be protected. That’s why the members of the ANC, including Nelson Mandela, were considered to be dangerous terrorists. It was only on 2 July 2008, that the US Congress finally voted a law to remove the name of Nelson Mandela and his ANC comrades from their black list, not because they realised how stupid that list was but because they wanted to mark Mandela’s 90th birthday. If the West was truly sorry for its past support for Mandela’s enemies and really sincere when they name streets and places after him, how can they continue to wage war against someone who helped Mandela and his people to be victorious, al-Qathafi?
Are Those Who Want to Export Democracy Themselves Democrats?
The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (a direct Democracy of first level  participation by all the citizens) was far more democratic than the USA, France, Britain and other countries “waging war to export democracy” to Libya.*1
On 19 March 2003, President George Bush began bombing Iraq under the pretext of bringing democracy. On 19 March 2011, exactly eight years later to the day, it was the French president’s turn to rain down bombs over Libya, once again claiming it was to bring democracy. Nobel peace prize-winner and US President Obama says unleashing cruise missiles from submarines is to “oust the dictator and introduce democracy.”

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The group last night robbery on the Egyptians working in the slaughter house in mil robbery

and another group of Egyptians contractors after beating them severely beaten and taken it all their possessions,

even passports.

(Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya)

The Valley De dinar news ARI. Valley Agency Dinar News:Confirmed information from sources inside the Libyan Embassy in Washington, That the daughter of a member of the National Conference, Ibrahim Sohad, assigned by Embassy and given 7,334.6€ ($Ten thousand USA) after she worked as a collaborator during and after the so-called “revolution”, was the one who assigned ZAIDANE as the head of Government, according to sources.(Depression Forum)
معلومات مؤكدة من مصادر داخل السفارة الليبية في واشنطن, ابنة عضو المؤتمر الوطني ابراهيم صهد تم تعينها في السفارة بمبلغ و قدره 10 الاف دولار امريكي بعد ان كانت تعمل كمتعاونة بعد الثورة, و قد قام بتعينها رئيس الحكومة الحالي حسب ذات المصادر.منتدى الكساد–

National Congress postpones debate on no-confidence in the prime minister to session next Tuesday.
Atef Shelmani
Tuesday’s session of the conference will be the
Discussion of an item of no confidence in Prime Minister
Sharif adequate:
If it does not end the conference on 7 – 2-2014 … Blood dripped and afraid in some.—
BROTHERHOOD ASSASSINATE  Salam Ayman’s brother after he denounced
the BROTHERHOOD on the INTERNATIONAL CHANNEL:Salam’s brother assassinated civil right of civil
The day after one of the exit on the right channel of international
Was assassinated shot in the head …
Ayman launched in meeting a violent attack on the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and the characterization
“American agents and traitors and corrupt” and then they killed him …..
He demanded Libyans
Out and the Union for downed Brotherhood
(Nobody listened when he told that he was being threatened!)



Today in Tripoli, queues on the automatic teller machine because of the descent of a grant university students.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel

Shooting in front of the headquarters of the National Congress, after
The release of the report, “Ali Lafi”, Director of the Directorate
The security of the corner, and there is no any problem in front of the headquarters as some relay.

URGENT: renewed fire in front of the headquarters of the National Congress in Tripoli


Urgent corner: Musfa shutdo

(The news agency Libya)


Urgent channel news: Mohammed AlKhadrawi head of the local council of the city of corner says the channel to the report, submitted Lafi from City corner was kidnapped from in front of the prime minister this morning and was released the evening, and said AlKhadrawi the intervention of a telephone in the same context, that of the kidnapping sponsored person named Haitham Tagouris.

Haitham Tagouris. Foundation Mitigua Reform

about Col. Ali LAFI MADRIH:

.. Lock  the coastal road this evening under a bridge

and it Almusfa background

kidnapped Mr. Madrih director of the National Security angle (Col. Ali Lafi) Tripoli today ..
As a result, it got crowded Boutrqat harcha hope of youth harcha help people to pass safely

and directing them to the streets to get out safely.

(Harcha corner)

Congestion inside corner of the city before its youth and its people
Against the backdrop of the kidnapping report, “Ali Khalifa Al Lafi”
B Tripoli.
There are reports talking about the intention of the youth from the Corner:
B refinery shutdown corner.

(Depression Forum)

Was released on / presenter Ali Lafi and is now inside the Interior Ministry in Tripoli, and is expected that there will be a press conference combines the Minister of Interior and Mr. Ali Lafi respect to clarify what happened ..

Ostbart tribe and Rishvana reports:
Assure all citizens that the voices of the shooting in the coastal road is the result of the passage of the convoy of the people of the corner, accompanied by the director of security of the corner and they sprayed bullets in the air to express joy after he was freed from the militias of Tripoli.
Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
Friend page jurisprudential Werfalli … Now directly Nou Camp

wn corner now.

Agency News Libyan army
Police operations room

A group of armed masked Balzjul to replace
Net enough in the center of the capital Tripoli.

City: 4 streets rational precisely

In an hour late at night, resulting in the theft of customers
And possession of stolen the shop worker.

Number of Wi-Mex cards and prepaid
The number: 2 stretchers type of Nokia’s balance transfer.

It was the threat of customers do not have to place all of the private property
They fled.


Clash Cove
Pistol: (9 Belgian)
Ahdroa of armed gangs

Gary investigating the matter.




Libya Free:

Road closure Osabieh Gharyan because of the killing of security personnel accidentally Osabieh.

(The news agency Libya)

Libya Free:
The burning of the headquarters of anti-crime area Osabieh by the people of the region in the wake of the killing of a youth in the region Hussein Mohamed bin star at the hands of a criminal working in this office … and is still sporadic clashes so far …


Black leader to protect the department in Ajeelat (FB PAGE)

Tazerbo area witnessed the return of what is known as the phenomenon of landslides as a result of what

some say it is a drop in the water level of the river and the occurrence of industrial spaces in the lower layers of the earth …
The depth of the pit in some cases to four meters , and has a diameter of between five meters and seven meters.

# Department in Ajeelat _ now

The presence of unidentified bodies in the desert road south of department in Ajeelat.

Black leader to protect the department in Ajeelat (FB PAGE):

Alator Ali Jtah to a person in the desert road to the City department in Ajeelat not be recognized

(Channel department in Ajeelat free FB)

Department in Ajeelat

There is no power but from God ..

News of the death of coral useful in the market next to Central School in the department in Ajeelat.

I am God and to him we shall return .

Rami Thowaibi child who died in an armed attack on his family home Ajeelat a few days ago ..

That child is full of innocence and lively, which did not exceed Rabia fourth fated to be the victim of an attack heartbreaking and absolutely unprecedented, in this city, at least .. Rami, who lost half of his head in the attack had been sitting next to his family safely – or so it was Ergoa – when gunmen stormed Khalutem unleashed their bullets or Hoazh without mercy .. Or even cause ..

Killed only what they want .. And then fled!! (2 photos)



Fuel truck explosion fabricated by ANSAR al-SHARIA against the background of the establishment

of a camp belonging to the Ansar al-Sharia in the region extending between Tarhounah and Mslath …
Tripoli and its suburbs …
(Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News)
Diffusion of Ansar al-Sharia in several locations inside and outside the capital ….

The story of the weapons that have disappeared in the past two days, according to the information

when it is set within the region and between Tarhounah and Mslath ..
Including Scud missiles and Stinger and heat, mostly directed against targets in Tripoli and some areas.

Source from the inside ..



Please pray for Zliten’s Sheik Alchuirv still tortured in Misrata prison:


Nasser El Hawary:
Important from Zliten / / /

The arrival of the body of the lawyer Hamida yellow today to the Tripoli Medical Center

has turned out that she had been Taadib and distortion.

Important statement on the issue of attorney hijacked by the victim: a benign yellow
Peace, mercy and blessings of God:
YOU GUYS battalion Knights janzour he dated 15/08/2013 and our response to the loss of communication about the lawyer: benign yellow, residents of the area Friday market, has lost janzour area when one of the issues to be reviewed Procuratorate janzour.
Has taken over the Supreme Security Committee Banzour (formerly battalion Knights janzour) to pursue the case in coordination with the behalf janzour and through investigation and collection of information enables members Cavalry Regiment to identify a suspect has been caught and during interrogation confessed to the murder of a lawyer in the same date of the loss on 15 -8-2013.
The method of killing her breath Mute (strangle) until she died, and seized her car and personal holdings, including mobile phone type iPhone.
After a few days in an attempt to hide the crime by Bracken car the victim in the position Btajurae Heart Hospital where it was found on 21/08/2013, and then was later found documents on the car in the area of ​​Ain Zara.
On the same day of the killing mentioned on 08.15.2013 by wrapping the victim’s body with a blanket and linked metal wires and transported to the city of Zliten where threw region (Abu _khasab) in the city of Zliten at the site of rubbish and building waste and put the car tires and lit them on fire.
On 04/01/2014 moved members of the Cavalry Regiment and the National Directorate of Security janzour parquet janzour to the location Delhm by the offender and actually found the remains of the murdered woman is a skeleton Degradable., And has a preview site and filmed a criminal and the transfer of the remains to the coroner in Tripoli and to inform the people of lawyer by the victim.
Through the investigations that have been with a perpetrator. M. .. The tenant of a house in the area and works janzour Tripoli International Airport, and the motives of the murder is a criminal motives after a dispute over the amount of money on one of the issues that a lawyer and one who belong to the perpetrator.
Will refer the case to the Public Prosecution.
We ask God to accept them mercy and forgive her and inspire her family and loved ones beautiful patience and fortitude.
God save the country and the people.
Office of Information and Documentation.
Moved battalion of knights Janzour (7 photos)
Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News News Zliten | Zliten News :: Urgent ::
Registration will encounter video confessions killer in the Libyan channels .. DC,,, Libya Liberal … Libya National .. Without cover destination
Zliten tribes and inhabitants of renouncing the killer and demanding deterrent punishment and implementation of an end to the killings sadistic assassin.

God and yes, the agent in you Iaaopash Aaeidima ethics

Found the body of a lawyer in the city of benign Yellow Zliten this is worth mentioning that the lawyer has disappeared in mysterious circumstances more than one Mend about six months in the city of janzour area of Tripoli…

Tomorrow will be submitted to the prosecutor ordered Cavalry Regiment, one of the extremists.
The lawyer was hijacked after benign support for the document, the UN women’s rights, and disagreed with the mufti,

who said the document smells of Gharyiani
Contrary to Islamic law. Was hijacked from 6 months were found
She found dead in Zliten today ..

(Depression Forum)



about yesterday’s fuel-truck fire:

Mslath – the cradle of the Republic

The explosion of a fuel truck during unloading at the gas station Nasr Bmslath

There is no news about the injuries and the fire is still Mtsarh and observed the presence of a crowd of people near the fire, so it should stay away from the fire alarm because God forbid broke out in the station’s fuel tanks will make a big explosion.
IT WAS NO ACCIDENT! ANSAR al-SHARIA are pouring into the are of MSLITH!
God Save Mslath and its people

Hear the sound of firing heavy weapons in the city center now.

(Mslath under the microscope) –

After the fire yesterday and confirm spokesperson of the military junta, “Hamid Alqbaishe” the news channel that the fire could have been artificially “
Wide spread of cars laden with heavy weapons downtown Mslath.
Simple and congestion seen in gas stations in the city.
(Mslath under the microscope )
CONVOY of Omar Mucktar brigade

HOLY QURAN memorisers in MSLATH:

Mohammed Allowaar (above)

  Page · 23 avril 2013

Racer: Hamza Almanouka
In the side: the Qur’an fully (below)!



Meteorological  forecast:
Low air now passes on the city of Benghazi #
Called the National Center for Meteorological Balqatunaian in areas of the north-east to take caution of the flow of the valleys as a result of heavy rainfall expected tonight and the next two days, accompanied by cells of thunder clouds and the fall of hailstones and noted the center in the bulletin issued by the Department of forecasts on Monday to the possibility of snow on the heights Green Mountain

ZAIDANE’s forces stop Oil Tanker from entering Cyrenaica’s SIDRA PORT:

Ali Zaidans’s “Libyan naval forces” were able last night to set a foreign oil tanker in Libyan territorial waters

without his permission, and is believed to be heading to the oil port of Sidra to download a load of crude oil.
The source added that naval forces freed the oil tanker seized before dawn today, having vowed not to enter

Libyan territorial waters without Zaidane’s permission and in coordination with the Libyan “authorities”.

Atef Shelmani says:
Clarify ::
After contacting several points within the Navy on the subject
That there was an oil tanker entered the water and Alaqlmah flagged Malta
Not aware of them and that this matter definitively naval forces in the region
East of Sirte to Omsaad did not notice any entry for tanker
Oil suspicious water Alaqlmah.

Port Sidra


KHJARITE ACTIVITY in and around:
Urgent green channel
The emergence of Ansar al-Sharia in the region of # turf, where they toured the region

and the closure of televisions in cafes and prevent women from driving a car.
Today’s debut of the Kharijites in the Gospel (supporters fry) wrapped

Ali cafes and closing televisions, and to prevent any woman driving …

Aalippin grown goodness Ji, and Libya Ptbda better than Dubai.


Salem al-Obeidi reports:

Hrsat killed a courthouse south of Benghazi and other injury
After targeting Room Guard headquarters shortly before the city of Benghazi.

To be a martyr, “Mohammed Mansour al-Obeidi,” a guard headquarters
Court south of Benghazi, in the explosion that shook the stillness of Benghazi
Shortly before
A court house in the south of Benghazi is reported to have been damaged and two guards seriously injured in an explosion early this morning. Some reports indicate that one of the guards, named Mohamed Mansour Al-Obeidi, has died,  wounded is Ibrahim Dinala.

The explosion occurred around 4.30 am and was heard across the city. So far there is no confirmation and no further information about the blast.

Reported two people injured in an explosion targeting a room guard
Court south of Benghazi, and no additional details.

Image court bombing that killed South goalkeeper Mohamed Mansour al-Obeidi.


Since the explosion is a small explosion followed by a home for the family of 11-Megrahi market area Sabri, the explosion resulted in the injury of a person from the family and his leg was amputated dared the explosion and was taken to hospital to resuscitate him ……….

(Mutassim Faitouri)


Bowoowoowoouom in milkfish …

Quoting eyewitnesses area milkfish: throw Julatina beside Photos School and the intended

future generation kiosk smoke in the area of ​​milkfish and does not damage human and not physical.

News of a car bomb explosion toured Abdel Nasser Street, at the traffic light …
The current emphasis
Ahmed Elmughrbi assured me that what many reported across many pages

and Elvis through my inbox for a car bomb explosion Street beauty, Nude news about health ….
And any information Sauaakm out ……….

[Mutassim Faitouri]


The kidnapping of a young child at the age of about five years and named Mohammed Radwan Almzoga, the son of Mr. Mohammed Almzoga editor of the floor, where he was kidnapped from the front door of his home area versus Sabri shops “benign” and the child was playing with kids area and some of the male the children of the region that has kidnapped kind BMW car bat color white and completely opaque and there is masked by 4 people, where they kidnapped him and fled quickly …

Children # Benghazi
Approached the Ielnoha politicians # Hermna grief and horror and loss.

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
Radwan Mohamed Almzoga child aged 5 years, who was kidnapped from outside his home area Sabri …

School students of Arab nationalism Benin protesting the kidnapping of their colleague
in front of his house and called .. Radwan Almzoga.
 School children edifices knowledge Balsabera demonstrating today, carrying pictures of the child Mohammed Radwan Almzoga and aged 6 years and who has been kidnapped by criminals three days ago .. And demanded a ransom of 660,114.42€ and a thousand dinars, amid the state’s inability to do anything ..
(Gateway Libya)

currently hovering over Benghazi:

Atef Shelmani reports:

Today’s car suffered Supply of Special Forces “Thunderbolt”
For the hail of bullets b Street b Italy Street “Gamal Abdel Nasser”
Thankfully no one was hurt b.

The building of the Egyptian consulate’s Shooting light weapons
By unknown knowing that surveillance cameras
B Minnie consulate “idle”.

ANSAR ALSHARIA and al-Qaeda grouping with ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and all kinds of KHJARITES,

now in Benghazi waiting for “orders”!!

The proliferation of gangs supporters of Sharia in some areas of Benghazi
After a meeting of the Sharia Aansar led by Zahawi last night to control the city of Benghazi p
in the coming days and since last night the spread of Ansar al-Sharia in the city of Benghazi
(The news agency Libya)

Urgent Street twenty
A large rally in these days and the return of a lot of Libyans from Syria and Mali, there are people from Tunisia and Algeria now present in Benghazi waiting for orders of what they call the zero hour to open “the Emirate of Benghazi”.
Present at the February 17 Battalion and the majority of the farms and CNN Faraj Rulrhh:



Mr. Farhat suffered Bouchaol member of the local council Tamimi heavy fire in the tuber
without injury to remember and thank God.
(Libyan Republic)
Assassination attempt survivor to speak out on Friday night to Saturday night, as follows …Habit all the Libyans on Friday went Survivor Bovgerh to his father’s house to join with his family and his brothers and Adelala to the status of martyr Bmohach beside School Abraham Azzouz and when the family began to disembark from afar saw a car parked and knew they form Encode black tinted windows sped enter a family.Fortunately the car was delayed in coming , and was far and the moment of his arrival did not sober alert a personal intelligence, awakening and understanding her but were his daughters and his wife accompanied try admitted quickly without drawing the attention of the killers because he knows if Hissou he felt them will shoot randomly and will not care how much of a family member children or pregnant women or women Ofattah betrothed or young collectors will be killed because they are just gangs and kill him only to change.This has already happened and brought the car speeding and opened fire with a machine gun general-purpose type ( NBK T ) Fmakan him to a military old man Intelligence experienced father of the family at the same time not to lie away from his family, who had suffered a lot of lead, but thankfully did not Asabo any scratch until protect them in the development of security even protect himself.Neighbors came out here and they began to open fire and reciprocate the aggressor on the symptoms and the dignity and the lives of their street all the moments until evaporated labia black and fled away.The problem many people who turned their weapons from the neighbors of the windows in the position Alsali and the car passed by them , but the experience here and snap played a role labia escaped , but maybe next time it will be waiting for them knight horses Erdém city to rest them forever.Now Survivor Bovgerh poetic just okay injured from the fall of simple concrete blocks it from the wall above the Menbtaha when he was on the ground and shot in the back was apostate and indirectly, and as you can see will Ataava them entirely the next few days, God willing.(AD Media tuber)
On the evening of Friday, January 3rd and after entering the survivor to speak out for treatment of scratches and injury edits his back to the hospital Hraish Bdrna, accompanied by his sons and his brothers, the income of some people, unfortunately, from the same tribe of Almqji, along with their comrades on the pretext that they are looking for Knowledge their patients to Maidthm and visit (at night!).
Nimble Ojut survivor to speak out and his sons to this attempt despicable by Almqji Vtm beat him severely amid the hospital and could not Almqji and Talbo distress and compassion as cousins, but the reaction of Al to speak out for Rahma to someone who did not take into account the sanctity of kinship for the money, cars, drugs, power, and was beaten until exploded blood from Salt and their faces on the floor of the hospital and then expelled them out without treatment ♦




Since few were blown so-called anti-crime device in Sabha. (referring to the trench being constructed around city like a moat.)


Libyan Embassy in Qatar refuses to obtain a passport for his son, Tarek El Taib.

Unseen Events

Mu psychedelic

de News Libyan resistance (the green battalion brigade-mail)
A work of art titled “Victory is coming is coming
Singing :: Artist Resistance – the production of green space channel:
Followed each new page News Libyan resistance (the green battalion brigade-mail)
(main Administrator)
عمل فني بعنوان ( النصر قادم قادم )غناء :: فنان المقاومة – أنتاج :: قناة الخضراء الفضائيةتابعوا كل جديد على صفحة اخبار المقاومة الليبية(كتيبة اللواء الاخضر الاكتروني )الادمن الرئيسى
عمل فني بعنوان ( النصر قادم قادم )غناء :: فنان المقاومة – أنتاج :: قناة الخضراء الفضائيةتابعوا كل جديد على صفحة

الادمن الرئيسى
Intervention brother rebelled Sirte
20 AUGUST 2013 was raised through the room Muammar al-Qathafi
Room Muammar al-Qathhafi Aalbaltok ·

مداخلة الاخ ثار سرت 20 8 2013 عبر اثير غرفة معمر القدافي

Generalizable and publishing ……….
All are free on the silks and bone mass in particular Tripoli start writing revolutionary slogans
and comments green flag on the walls and buildings in order to support the Champions Conqueror in the field …………………
God and Muammar and Libya ups ………………………………
Revolutionary Struggle continuously until victory, God willing …………
  • للتعميم و النشر ………. علي جميع احرار وحرائر العظمي داخل الجماهيرية بالذات طرابلس البدء في كتابة الشعارات الثورية و تعليق الراية الخضراء علي الجدران والمبانى من اجل دعم ابطال الفاتح في ميدان ………………… الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس ……………………………… الكفاح الثوري مستمر حتي النصر باذن الله …………

“Jardan Resistance until the end” WRITES:
“Haftar and play a chord and National Security”
Khalifa Haftar runs counter treason and Irog of the Covenant as Irog fox 
This man escape from the home and Khan Testament and the section which he made to his comrades in the organization of the officers Unionists Liberals,and joined the so-called Front for the Salvation of Libya, was related to the officers who are sent by the state for training abroad for the purpose tempted to join the opposition, and everyone knows a big role with the CIA to recruit a group of officers the year 1993.
And after he separated from Maqrif and witnessed a and abandoned by the U.S. intelligence began in the sent messages to the Libyan state seeks from which to pardon him and get some concessions physical and got these messages to the concerned authorities and after a series of meetings bought his country home in Egypt,and after that So the West launching a conspiracy that fired them (the Arab Spring) on the ground, the Libyan quickly Disclaimer Khalifa Haftar from another era and an agreement with the Libyan state and advertising to joining the conspiracy is even realize Nzoth in judgment, but he found that the game’s biggest him and got out without gains.
Here seemed to work to re-produce the same again. Sometimes you find related tribes and regions in order to gain some support and at other times related to the military establishment and pretending that her son’s bar jealous of them as it does these days, taking advantage of the state of tension among the officers and soldiers of the policy of exclusion practiced against them as an institution, and also trying to exploit popular discontent case of deteriorating security situation relates to the tribes in order to support him.  All our brave soldiers and noble tribes caution.We are certain that this man and of his ilk can not be transformed from a client and swooped for the covenants to patriotic person keen on saving the military establishment,
He who has contributed significantly to the destruction and deviation Billatha and soldiers from the national line through recruitment and linking them with intelligence, foreign, can not be those who Cooperation with NATO, and Levi, and the CIA, and the western

Impossible for him to turn between night and overnight into a patriot keen on the Libyan people and its destiny is yesterday was calling for NATO to step up strikes against the Libyan army and infrastructure that exchange by the Libyan people millions of dollars.

Dear honorable insured does not bite one of Jehra twice you cautious of these Almichdeghin patriotism and traffickers: they plan to another plot against the homeland, this time the name of security.

حفتر و اللعب على وتر الوطنية و الأمنخليفة حفتر يمتهن الخيانة و يروغ من العهد كما يروغ الثعلب فهذا الرجل تنصل من الوطن و خان العهد و القسم الذي قطعه لرفاقه في تنظيم الضباط الوحدويين الأحرار وانظم الى ما يسمى بجبهة إنقاذ ليبيا ، فكان يتصل بالضباط الذين ترسلهم الدولة من اجل التدريب بالخارج لغرض إغراءهم بالانضمام للمعارضة، و الكل يعرف دوره الكبير مع المخابرات الامريكية في تجنيد مجموعة من الضباط سنة 1993 م . و بعد ان انفصل عن المقريف و صهد و تخلت عنه المخابرات الامريكية بدأ في بعث رسائل الى الدولة الليبية يسعى من خلالها للعفو عنه و الحصول على بعض الامتيازات المادية و وصلت هذه الرسائل للجهات المعنية و بعد سلسلة لقاءات اشترت له الدولة منزل بمصر، و بعد ان إذن الغرب بانطلاق مؤامرة ما اطلق عليها (الربيع العربي) على الارض الليبية سرعان ما تنصل خليفة حفتر من اخر عهد و اتفاق مع الدولة الليبية و اعلان انضمامه لهذه المؤامرة لعله يحقق نزوتة في الحكم ، لكن تبين له ان اللعبة اكبر منه و خرج منها بلا مكاسب ، هنا بدا يعمل على اعادة انتاج نفسه مجددا فتاره تجده يتصل بالقبائل و المناطق لكي يكسب بعض التأييد و تاره اخرى يتصل بالمؤسسة العسكرية ويتظاهر بانه ابنها البار الغيور عليها كما يفعل هذه الأيام مستغلا حالة الاحتقان لدى الضباط و الجنود من سياسة التهميش التي تمارس ضدهم كمؤسسة ، و أيضاً يحاول ان يستغل حالة التذمر الشعبي من الوضع الأمني المتردي فيتصل بالقبائل من اجل مساندته.على كل جنودنا البواسل و القبائل الشريفة الحذرنحن نجزم ان هذا الرجل و من على شاكلته لا يمكن ان يتحول من عميل و منقض للعهود الي شخص وطني حريص على أنقاذ المؤسسة العسكرية الذي ساهم بشكل كبير في تدميرها و الانحراف بضباطها وجنودها عن الخط الوطني من خلال تجنيدهم و ربطهم بالمخابرات الاجنبية ، لا يمكن لمن تعاون مع الناتو،و ليفي، و المخابرات الامريكية، و الغربية ان يتحول ما بين ليلة و ضحاها الى رجل وطني حريص على الشعب الليبي و مقدراته و هو بالأمس كان يدعو حلف الناتو الى تكثيف ضرباته ضد الجيش الليبي و بنيته التحتية التي صرف عليها الشعب الليبي ملايين الدولاراتأيها الشرفاء المؤمن لا يلدغ من جحرا واحد مرتين عليكم بالحذر من هؤلاء المتشدقين بالوطنية و المتاجرين بها، انهم يخططون الى مؤامرة اخرى ضد الوطن هذه المرة باسم الأمن .


Abdulwahab Ali Mlitan correspondent channel Libya Liberal
Was presented to a meeting yesterday between senior figures from all political parties, the meeting also included figures from Zintan and the Nafusa Mountains and the eastern region and Misrata was agreed ..
No-confidence in the Government of Zaidane.
Amend the law on political isolation Laket be expanding it over with some of the characters Asttina metal Abdul Jalil and Maqrif and Jibril and al-Issawi, and Vintage.
Since few,,,
Began to assemble in front of the National Congress to bring down the corrupt Gouhh ..
Moved from video ……... Ana Liby
منذ قليل ,,,بدأ التجمع امام المؤتمر الوطني لاسقاط الحكوحة الفاسدة ..الفيديو منقول من ……… Ana Liby

Atef Shelmani:
In front of the National Congress of the year ..

Atef Shelmani
There is news about the re-imposition of law scenario political isolation
Tomorrow’s withdrawal of confidence from the “Zaidane” will be gathering in front of
National Congress.
God knows

Channel capital (last night)
Number of Matsama coordinating political isolation previously pitching tents and logo pin

tonight in preparation for tomorrow (TODAY), sit in front of the headquarters of the National Congress

to demand the government to drop the head ..

Jardan resistance until the end (FB PAGE):
Visual news channel reporter says little has happened since the shooting
in front of the headquarters of the National Congress resulted in the suspension
conference session and exit of members,,,, chills Iahabibti,,

Shortly before:

shooting Palmguethm Alotine during the hearing to withdraw confidence from the government Zaidane:



How is the theft of government customers?
Zaidane declares that the beginning of this year, 2014 will be issued Walnuts new travel, Malaialmh Libyans that the value of the contract industry passports exceeded the (80) million, a Joazat written manually, I mean, is not as friendly as the versions of modern electronic n not to mention it is a fixed term until adoption of a constitution in which the selection is the official name of Libya, which would entail a re-print the passports of the other name for the subsequent state …!
      كيف تتم السرقه في حكومة العملاء ؟
    زيدان يعلن انه بداية من هذا العام 2014 سيتم اصدار جوزات سفر جديدة ، مالايعلمه الليبيون ان قيمة عقد صناعة جوزات السفر فاقت الــ ( 80 ) مليون دينار ، وهي جوازت تكتب يدوياً ، يعني ليست كودية حسب الاصدارات الالكترونية الحديثة ن ناهيك عن انها محددة المدة الى حين اصدار دستور يتم فيه اختيار الاسم الرسمي لليبيا والذي سيترتب عليه اعادة طباعة جوازات اخرى بالاسم اللاحق للدولة …!

–most are nationalised for their participation on the so-called (CIA_led) “17 SEPTEMBER REVOLUTION”
.عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل very very dangerous, CNN program eyes on the Middle East
Adaa morning of 04.01.2014 published achieve the status of Libya after the February Revolution
in it (the social fabric inside Libya earned him significant deformation Bonmamj large numbers of arrivals inside of the assets of Chadian and financial The Egyptian and Syrian, Tunisian, Qatari and Algerian and Chechen and Afghan obtained the nationality of belonging to the Libyan stateand the passports of a Libyan number reached eight million people has been observed in several airports Aruba on vacation year-end entry people to those documents for the countries of Aruba to Aatkelmon.
Arabic language.and some speak dialects have nothing to do dialect Libyan according to what he said by customs officials and passports to those airports!!
This situation made the Libyan state the largest countries in attracting displaced people fleeing from their home governments and melted down into some Libyan society with new names and affiliation of a new rendering Libya fertile ground for the growth of gangs international criminal that will not fail to get the weapons inside its spread where the weapon at an alarming rate and the absence of security by))#
(Gate _ Libya)

عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل جداً وخطير للغاية قناة CNN في برنامج عيون على الشرق الاوسط اديع صباح اليوم الموافق 4/1/2014 نشرت تحقيق عن حالة ليبيا بعد ثورة فبراير جاء فيه ( النسيج الاجتماعي داخل ليبيا حصل به تشوه كبير بأنذامج اعداد كبيره من الوافدين داخله من اصول تشادية وماليه ومصريه وسوريه وتونسيه وجزائريه وشيشانيه وافغانيه تحصلوا على جنسية الانتماء للدولة الليبية وجوازات سفر ليبية وصل عددهم ثمانية مليون شخص وقد لوحظ في عدة مطارات اروبية في عطلة نهاية السنة دخول اشخاص بتلك الوثائق لدول اروبية لايتكلمون اللغة العربية وبعضهم يتكلم لهجات ليس لها علاقه باللهجة الليبية وفق ما صرح به موظفي الجمارك والجوازات بتلك المطارات !! وهذا الوضع جعل من الدوله الليبية اكبر الدول في استقطاب المهجرين والفارين من حكومات بلادهم وانصهارهم في المجتمع الليبي باسماء جديده وانتماء جديد مما يجعل ليبيا ارض خصبه لتنامي العصابات الاجراميه الدوليه التي لن تعجز في الحصول على السلاح داخل دوله انتشر فيها السلاح بشكل مفزع وغياب الامن بها ))
Ahmed Khalifa ……………
Less than eighty-five members of the National Conference attended a meeting of the year on Sunday
that everyone knows that it will include the withdrawal of confidence from the “Ali Zaidane,”
the Prime Minister noted that a quorum for the withdrawal of confidence from Zaidane be a hundred and twenty votes !
Sources of international:
National Congress discusses the item to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister in its evening for the day.
Jamal al-Haji  is today  in front of the headquarters of the National Congress to demand to drop Zaidane.

National Congress discussed the items in the first and second session
Morning, and item no-confidence in the government did not discuss until Zaidane
Now, and will be discussed by the National Congress, and after items.
The first and the second spoke of Mr. “Nuri Bushmin” about what happened to him
He said, and so far the situation is very calm in front of the headquarters of the conference
National public until this moment

(Salem al-Obeidi)

 Qusay cabled:
Members of the Presidential Security threaten to sit and
stop the sessions of the National Convention of the year
if not the release of their colleagues who they said they were in custody since last night,
I have a group that stopped the National Congress leader Nuri Bushmin year
before being released later in their own words.
Photo taken yesterday by the President of the National Congress
“Nuri Bushmin” with young people, “Fashloum”

Urgent / currently meeting at a hotel in the skill MP includes first and second in the National Congress
and the leaders of the operations room Libya rebels and heads the coalition,
justice and Alsaqzely and others and coordinate in the matter of a possible alternative to Zaidane.

Agency urgently Libya / reshuffle imminent affects 3 sovereign ministries:
According to preliminary information from the city of Tripoli, the head of the interim government,

“Ali Zaidane,” plans to hold a cabinet reshuffle is the appointment of a

Minister of the Interior and the exemption of ministers of oil and finance.

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News:


Atef Shelmani:
Colonel, “Ahmed Juha”
Now with a telephone call through the channel of Libya first …
Decades been extended to the end shields members in 2014 …

Even know why he was chief of staff Jadallah al-Obeidi is a candidate imposed by MB “Shields”

(candidate Ismail hardness and Boktef) at the National Conference for the job ..

Today issued a decision to extend the contracts for all militias to the end of 2014 ..

Although the Conference  (CONTRADICTORALY) issued a

decision 53 as illegitimate by the end of 2013 and must be resolved by force if necessary ..

# Gate _ Libya

News to give Zaidane a month for deciding the issues of security and oil .. and discussion at today’s
meeting will include a commitment to support the Government of the conference Zaidane legislation,
if successfully continued, albeit failed, the Conference agreed to withdraw confidence from them. ”
Talk about a no-confidence does not mean that the government withheld, measures would pass
no-confidence motion to question the government, as it is required to be reported to the Conference
watchdog found weaknesses in their performance “
# (Gate _ Libya)

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:

London-based Arab newspaper transported and Industry Minister in the interim government,

“Suleiman Faitouri” as saying that Libya is considering the sale of nine state-owned companies,

including iron and steel company in Misurata and other soft drinks, and a factory for truck trailers in Tajourah.

Ministry of Labor and rehabilitation ….
Wholesale sends entire families to study English in Britain for a year at the expense of the
Ministry of Labor and rehabilitation, with the knowledge of this project is dedicated to job seekers ..!!
(Zaath ass ŃÇíÍ)
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya
[Libyana: scratch cards are available in full categories]
Confirmed Libyana mobile phone, on Saturday, provides a full recharge cards categories in sufficient quantities.
Citizens and assured the company in particular, adding that the shortfall
that happened was for reasons beyond the will and was treated urgently.


Abduction “named Ali Khalifa Al Lafi” the so-called director of the Security Directorate of the corner, by unknown assailants in Tripoli, and congestion in the city as soon as news of the corner of his abduction.


Ali Asbali
Ania for kidnapping the nephew of a member of Congress Sharif adequate dawn today Marg.



Military Shura Councils and deny the existence of Ansar al-Sharia Btajurae
“Atmosphere of the country” –

He denied the military council and the head of the Shura Btajurae, to  “the atmosphere of the country” 

in having dealt with the health of the citizens about the existence of an armed group Ansar al-Sharia in the camp

of artillery and rockets in an area well ASTA birth Btajurae.

The head of the military council key Almzoga after his visit to the headquarters of the camp that the existing headquarters regulators to follow the national army and the Ministry of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called to disbelief rumors.

The head of the Shura Council Btajurae Osman Abdel Fattah that the news rolling untrue purpose of creating confusion.

And contacted the atmosphere to land a spokesperson for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Ali senile said he was not aware of the matter and that the camp follows the presidency of Air Staff, but the Chief of Staff of the Air Defense F Alabana assured “atmosphere of the country” when contacted by the camp belonging to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Defense Ministry has promised us a response to clarify the matter did not send a response even write these lines.

(Valley girl)

Clashes in Tripoli now occupied

  • عااااااااااااااااااااااجل

    اشتباكات في طرابلس المحتلة الان




The Melita Gas murders:
Sinarioa the process of killing the British and New Zealand in Libya and the arrest of four suspects

Details on the following link

Jund al-Islam in Libya confirms arrest of Abu Ayaz announced organization called himself, “Soldiers of Islam”,

in Tripoli in a publication distributed yesterday, claimed responsibility for the killing of what he described as spies,

in reference to the British and New Zealanders in Libyan territory:


Page Network Libya
Large forces of the national army stationed just 30 kilometers from Al-Azizia,

apparently preparing for the stationing of Azizia in to secure the road between Tripoli (_ Mountain)-

City department in Ajeelat:
The death of a citizen and wounded another incident of robbery in Mellita!

Citizen died and another injured on Saturday, an incident of robbery by a gang on the coastal road area Mellita.

A reporter for “news agency Solidarity” that two citizens of the Friday Market in Tripoli

vulnerable to armed robbery last night with shooting them,

killing one and injuring the other, but managed to escape to the city of Zuwarah.

From the other side of the family have been robbery and theft of a car they were traveling in what forced them to walk on foot a distance of 15 kilometers to the east until it reached at the gate of star and Moon in Tallil Sabratha.

city of Sabratha
It is noteworthy that these crimes have increased these days as a result of the absence of security gates

and the withdrawal of the special forces of deterrence since more week.

(The news agency Solidarity)

Ghaith Al-Haj was kidnapped Ghiryani Alyalg 70 years of age now in front of his home Balfoahat Western Land succor ..
Toyota car Fjah by 4 gunmen were downloaded from the car and his son was with him
and his wife started to scream when they said it in order to frighten Aahajh ..
Knowing that the Haj Ghiryani a civilian and did not work in any government department
does not follow any political or religious orientation ..
The subject is often a ransom demand .. God knows ..
We ask God to bring him back to his home and his family Salem …
Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ


 globe today ·Aaaaaajl now …… Groups are now suspicious .. raise the green flag in different areas of Tripoli …
please honorable precaution and steep ..
The forward and Revolutionary Struggle continuously ..
  • عاااااجل الان …… مجموعات مشبوهة تقوم الان ..برفع الراية الخضراء في مناطق مختلفة من طرابلس …نرجوا من الشرفاء الحيطه والحدر..
    والي الامام والكفاح الثوري مستمر..
Page and Rishvana great / Great WRishvana
The other is Rishvana become Rbaat Almaih
Mtsaknin brightest of all the tribes and cities today, more than 20 years, and Aarafohna OK, today thefts that occur in the Lands and Rishvana meaning and Rishvana Come who killed and robbed?
From day Pflausena and our lands and our production and our plants and released us not to Taaicho brighter and Alls Shari Pena and knows us
Alash what Taathmu and Rishvana stealing or killing and what looks mesh youth and Rishvana of stolen or looted Tskto, Kkla kilometers and kilometers and kilometers Tarhuni Misrati and Ghariani disturb Hsapthm in our land, and how many people died from the blood of innocent Ehna
How many times in Ancdo us Emcto strangers in our land and what does not and Taatklmos Taatadhiro tribe once Kkla once Tarhuni once Akkari once Mirdif of Tripoli and and and best of what they Espbo Tkelmto them in problems for Orishvana
Shani our region who Bnamnoha Tu Naseebo Arezagna and our Naso and you and Nhmkokm Tqdo Ashgalkm and Trouho
Win Free Libya Bashrttha and army strong, Wayne freedom and the new Libya after The Great Jamahiriya.
Dskh Takbasht revolutionaries and the revolution THE END
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
Initial reports indicate
Clashes different weapons now in South Bossrh – by Zahra.

Jardan resistance until the end (FB GROUP):
Green flag flapping from high school yard in the Nasiriyah area in Rishvana seven drums …..

Hlhaaaaaaa O Rishvana by what your mind if the drumbeat forward …

oh Rishvana Balzhova millions armed this time:

Photos and news from Rishvana
Clashes in South Bossrh – by Zahra Pal NBK T podium after dismounting.


Local department in Ajeelat: expeditionary force began to secure the department in Ajeelat
Atmosphere of the country” – Aynur Sabri
The head of the local council Bajeelat Kamal plus for “atmosphere for the country,” said Saturday that the security situation in the city department in Ajeelat improvement compared to last week, pointing out that the expeditionary force began to secure the department in Ajeelat Friday evening.
Between plus and that the joint operations room consisting of the army and police will start its work next Wednesday in the city.
I contacted the director of the atmosphere to the country’s security department in Ajeelat
but said “he could not talk to us at the present time.”
The city department in Ajeelat saw the instability of the security situation and the increase of murders in recent times.

City department in Ajeelat
Sir youth department in Ajeelat on Thursday a new convoy of relief displaced Tawergha Banzour.

The campaign is still ongoing, and inform you that there are efforts being made to be the

next destination towards the displaced Tawergha Bafilah or airport road, God willing,

Places to collect aid

Market Mosque
– Rahman Mosque (Dokali)
– Mosque Zhellouk (new)
– Mosque gifts
– Mosque Taiash
– Zafarana ancient mosque (Altogar)

The nature of the aid

Milk children – diapers all sizes, children and the infirm medium-sized diapers.
Blankets – Brushes – Carpets – Bassatat – Apparel – Shoes – Socks old and new

(City Youth department in Ajeelat)


Ancient Mosque in Gharyan:

Ancient Mosque in Gharyan

Quoting / satellite channel Gharyan
Forces of Shield disappearance Libya and the Ministry of the Interior and Security Directorate Gharyan surrounding residential architecture affiliated to the military police previously beside Taqwa Mosque Street Renaissance** and encircling a suspect with the murder and resident role Altalt and still forces Almmeltmh surround architecture to this topic moment and bring you new developments.
Taqwa Mosque Street Renaissance in GHARYAN, LIBYA


Mslath – Media Center
A fire tanker unloading fuel when the load inside the gas station late (Nasr) in Mslath specifically Albwaaich area ..
Firefighters and the people of the region are trying to control the fire ..
And the arrival of a fire truck from the city in support of the five fire truck in Mslath ..
and also in the car waiting for the amortization of the Palace of the good guys.
Evacuation of all homes surrounding the station of its residents .. And there are no casualties ..
Not yet known why the fire broke out .. It is likely that the petition electric tank inside the trailer ..
MSLATH fire 05 JAN 2014





Captive Hero … Brigadier Bashir Saad HAMIDA in the prisons of darkness Mzrath Jews,,,,,,,

decipher God’s family and Faraj him and heal him, Lord.

Misurata's Security Center after fighting

The Resistance destroyed, last month the so-called “SECURITY CENTER” where the rats were storing and shipping arms to the SALAFISTS.

Here is the beautiful Port Muammar al-Qathafi made for them:




history Archelogy Old photographs معالم وطبيعة

Communauté :
Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
Humans do not fear God and not ashamed of the subjects do not care about the law of stealing money afflicted orphans .. God Almighty said:
{And do not eat money between you and vanities you make it to the referees to eat a team of people’s money and you know unrighteousness} [Al-Baqarah 188]
Wait affected by the NATO bombing compensation for a period of two years and more, and after that the solution of the vulva and published lists of compensation to the homes of the city of Bani Walid as it discovers the one affected by the muggers may Khsamua thousand dinars for the purpose of removing the rubble of the house estimated price 238 thousand dinars, which suffered a mass entirely by missiles NATO .. They are estimated to remove any debris third of the price of the house and, of course, will be the removal through the offices of the facilities!!!
Not to mention the injustice in estimating the size of the losses and delays in payment for more than two years Aftmawa also in compensation for unfair remaining two-thirds of the amount of the home turned to rubble!! And that it is possible to remove only five thousand dinars!!! Money does not even take it right to them.
Suffice it, and yes, the agent in Wakelin fitting them in the stomachs of God Maysthakon.
Follow the menus and the size of the compensation and Stnnbhron thefts ..
Is it rational that the removal of rubble estimated 52 thousand and assigned themselves the work ? !!!!
Via e … For Aaaaaibr
a ajouté 11 photos à l’album compensation damaged buildings through the implementation of Resolution No. 19:00.
Compensation for damaged houses via Ressolution 19

تعويضات المباني المتضررة خلال تنفيذ القرار رقــ7ــم

تعويضات المباني المتضررة خلال تنفيذ قرار المؤتمر الوطني الظالم
القرار رقم (7) على مدينة بني وليد

le statut de Bani Walid speak.
Coating the hospital from home and abroad effortless Fahkur
Rabea Alfoghi (4 photos):



Found an unidentified body in the area of ​​the 17 west of the city of Sirte.

(Channel Sirte on Facebook)




Executive Office – Cyrenaica province
CASABLANCA (White): the mobility of young Green Mountain.
On Wednesday, the date (15-1-2014)
The coming days will witness a CASABLANCA (white) mobility for youth revolution
in the CASABLANCA (white) den chosen and announced in advance and youth
demands Slimithm and declared their determination to achieve them:
Stretch (Youth Green Mountain) Alp
Avah resolve the Libyan crisis and the takeover of the conference on the power after the expiry of legitimacy
1 _ Conference on the peaceful handover of power on 7 \ 2 \ 2014
2 _ assigned to the Supreme Judicial Council or the President of the Constitutional Court to take over the functions of the state Rish temporarily or gradient of choice by the integrity and reputation of the judiciary Libyan
3_ activate and support the army and the police and the full support of the possibilities that the military should be his loyalty to God and then to the nation and not just be Medlj
4_ the interim president mandated government crisis does not exceed 10 ministries in a maximum period of 30 days from taking office
5 _ election committee Constitution by referendum or by GM, which was elected by the National Congress, formerly with the scrutiny of candidates’ names and the adoption of the Constitution of 51 as a reference and basis for the Commission session
6_ independence of the judiciary and the Chiefs of Staff, Defense and Foreign Affairs and the Interior.
poli--bureau of the province of Cyrenaica

Ali Asbali:
Members of Congress that Tugen to Tobruk yesterday to open the port Harika oil, they returned Din Ali Roshen after the rejection of elders and chieftains of Tobruk interviewed .. This attempt to open Sbamah Harika and here in vain.
The expulsion of members of the National Congress of the mass of the fulfillment of the martyrs
after their arrival to the Hotel Dar es Salaam city of Tobruk in order to open the oil pipeline.
Tobruk Seaside
(News Agency of Libya today)
Mosque viewed from Hotel window


Zaidane warns against buying oil from ports outside their control

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
National Foundation announces that the case of force majeure is still ongoing in the oil ports (Ras Lanuf, Sidra, Azwaitina), and warns cargo ships from entering or shipping them to the dump or by being the only entity legally authorized to dealing with customers and conduct operations.
Tripoli – Reuters – The National Oil Corporation on Saturday, said that Zaidane has warned its customers of any purchase of crude oil being a group demanding autonomy seized control of three oil ports in the east of the country for more than five months.
The heavily armed group demanding autonomy and a greater share of revenues for all LIBYANS from oil sales and occupies the ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra and Azwaitina, which was transported in the previous 600 thousand barrels per day of Libyan crude exports.
The decline in the production of Libya to 250 thousand barrels per day from 1.4 million barrels per day in July because of strikes at oil installations across the country.
The group said in the east of the country, led by the commander of the militia that it may sell its own crude oil if the government did not respond to their demands in Tripoli sharing power and oil revenues.
According to the National Oil Corporation said in a statement that it had warned everyone of the consequences of sending any ships to load or unload cargo in these three ports.
She said she would take legal action against any agreements are signed for the purchase of raw with any other party. She added that it was extended to declare a state of force majeure, a legal term provides cover obligations to freeze contracts in the three ports.
Western powers fear that Libya slip into chaos, while the government is struggling to control the militias retain its weapons after the 2011 war.
He said Prime Minister Ali Zaidane said the government would take action in the face of strikes in the oil facilities…


Atef Shelmani:

Problem between students of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Ajdabiya
Turn of the altercation to the problem of arms inside
Campus with the presence of security personnel, but in the development of
“Spectator” with the knowledge that at the moment most of the students
B exam halls.


Jardan resistance until the end
Colonel Aviator “Mohammad Hejazi,” former spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi say that he had received a letter today from what he described as “Baljuj” containing a death threat to the punishment of it and apply it to the law of God as they called them.

Salem al-Obeidi:
Was assassinated this morning, “Mutassim Congratulations Alzlaoa T”, a
Workers port of Benghazi, after being subjected to a shooting in
Sabri, the head area of ​​the city of Benghazi and “Alzlaoa” of
23-year-old, and was a Special Forces men stun Aban.
Men presented a Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, beaten
Bastaagaf hands on people without any mandate from the room
Security, after Tarafo it by definition near
Island quivers in Benghazi, and mentions that this is not the case
First exposed to stun men individually.
I keep getting the hospital, “Nasser Maaz Almqsba” son of the commander of the room
Rebels wounded by a bullet just before, having been to resuscitate him immediately.
Exposure to archery area Sabri Benghazi.
Assault on two people present their car from Kia color gray area Sabri,
they were attacked by unknown assailants driving a white Kia car and two people
were transported to the hospital in serious condition and one of them …
Atef Shelmani
The unidentified morning shooting at a car with Dr.
“Sarah Alakora” Dr b b International University City
Benghazi and thankfully did not catch.
Atef Shelmani:Yesterday, there was an attempted assassination of the lieutenant, “Akram Ibrahim Zqlam”
Naval attempt was in front of his home area of ​​where Buhedama
Was 12 o’clock at night ..
Came out of the house, meaning the house of a neighbor passing car type “Ford”
Black expe three people, one of them has Mounadh attic and when I turned
Shooting began to lick it but luck was with him that Lt. hexagonal
There was an exchange of fire, where one was injured and injured birds of darkness
But the officer and wounding light and dark birds fled to escape after the departure of neighbors

Agency urgently Libya / rhythm Plus houses students from the University of Benghazi
Enable members of the university guards at the University of Benghazi captured thief triggered panic and confusion and doubts in the homes of students because of the disappearance of their needs and necessities.
After repeated complaints from students residing houses students about the thefts were exposed to the university guards investigations and significant efforts led to the suspicion of one of the people, after monitoring caught and busted him the preparation of the stolen items that were found in his residence, and was referred to the concerned authorities.


Haitham Albergthe:Event clash before half an hour from now, we built the airport between soldiers from the bolt and some individuals
Where there was a fight between employees of the company handling the sunrise
So the members of the bolt disengagement
Prompting one of these employees attempted attack on the soldiers and they expelled
Returned, along with a group of people and a clash occurred between them and the commandos for 10minutes and did not result in injuries but caused panic in the movement of passengers and stagger the airport
Attended the Council of Elders have built and completed forms
It was the arrest of the assailants Thunderbolt.——-


Newsflash ….
Fouad bombing targeted a home in the area of ​​Ain Oharih passing now and the actor was told
how much is in the eye of passers-by Hashim banana.
(AD Media tuber)


Bdrna family seizes the building of civil defense in tuber
An official source said civil defense tuber preferred anonymity that the family
has to take over the city’s civil defense building, claiming ownership of the land on which the building.
The source added that the family had demolished a wall of the building, some offices and seized forcing
workers to move to the area or packages.


Idriss assets Jazawi afflicted gunshot impact car chase that blew Fawad Oharih home in the village of Ein

passing 20 km west of Derna last night, and is now in intensive care in a complex Hraish # Libya.





Unidentified storming the College of Nursing at the University of Sabha and tampering

with its contents without recording any material losses remember.

(Al-Sabha Free)



Will organize students at the University of Kufra and a protest on Monday in front of the local council in Kufra,

and so condemn the security situation, the bad and the demands for a solution to the students

because of the cessation of study the university because of the encroachment of gangs Chadian

which are located near the university and the targeting of students and citizens,

and there will be many other demands of the students during the vigil.

Urgent Heathens:
Statement of the local council for the city of Kufra
Concerning the recent events that pass out of the city and the siege of kidnapping and locking of the road link north city of Kufra.

(Qusay cabled)



the death of Prince vow bin Abdulaziz, the brother of the king of Saudi Arabia:

???? 22 OCT. 2011:

Heir to the Saudi throne Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz

has died

Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia has died in his mid 80s after a long illness.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz,

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz, Photo: AP

7:58AM BST 22 Oct 2011

The death of the crown prince, a half-brother to King Abdullah and the man who was next in line to the throne, means that his brother Prince Nayef becomes the heir to King Abdullah as leader of the key oil producer.

The crown prince was variously reported to be 85 or 86.

Prince Nayef, who becomes crown prince on the death of Prince Sultan, is 78. Another half-brother of King Abdullah, he holds the portfolio of interior.

Crown Prince Sultan’s funeral will take place on Tuesday after his body has been repatriated from the United States.

The Al-Saud family has ruled Saudi Arabia ever since the kingdom’s establishment in 1932 and under its rules of succession the throne passes in turn to the sons of its founder Abdul Aziz, all of whom are now elderly.

The crown prince who had served as the kingdom’s defence chief for nearly five decades, had been in the United States since mid-June for medical treatment. He was operated on in July but no information had been released on his health since then.

A half brother of King Abdullah, the crown prince had spent long periods abroad for medical treatment.

He died while the monarch himself, 87, remains in hospital in Riyadh, a week after he had an operation on his back. State television aired footage on Wednesday of King Abdullah in hospital as he received royal dignitaries.

The advanced age and failing health of the king and of his half-brothers in line to succeed him has raised concerns about the future of Saudi Arabia in the face of the turmoil rocking the Arab world.

He had battled colon cancer since 2004, going to Switzerland and then the United States to seek treatment, according to diplomats.

His long illness and absences abroad held up important government decisions while raising questions about how the monarchy would take shape in the next generation of the Al-Saud family.

King Faisal assigned him the defence portfolio in 1962, and he became one of a handful of key princes, including King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan’s full brothers Prince Nayef and Prince Salman, who have run Saudi Arabia for four decades.

In 1982, his full brother King Fahd appointed Crown Prince Sultan second deputy prime minister, making him second-in-line to the succession after Abdullah.



Muammar al-Qathafi’s mosque in Kampala, Uganda

DAY of Markings

Mu cheer

Green resistance prevails

“I leave you and I’ll tell you that the green flag will be flying to Libya from the far east to the far west and far north to the far south and the words of the men and Amani is not false.”

Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui says:  

“People throughout Libya – not only in Tripoli – must be able to live without fear…”

6:32 Akram Maikl … Hey Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
de Muammar Kadhafi room Aalbaltok

Jamal Zoubih says half of the Libyan people are still with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi,

and the catastrophe February 17 represent only 15%.
Most of the areas are converging to restore public ..

God, I hope Eachota Publishing
We are all one
Ndaaae youth resistor young conqueror Please work silently Qallkm necessary Tsouro clip in the name of region or city Leach this work possible reckless injury to yourself and other people working and you Matalm SUBJECT
And who makes an clip doing it in the name of Legion battalion group does not matter but I Atzkro names for areas Please Please
Nhanoa all of us and our unity and our strength Legion of Martyrs
No racism, stayed away from Tvkira Gerdany
We are all one
Mu Loves Us all

In 2011 alone,  There were  from 48 countries .. 17939 sorties .. 375 helicopter .. 7642 Land Force Joe .. 470 anti-Kadifah paid sniper-assassins ..

More than 110 Tomahawk missiles .. hundreds of  Thousands of mercenaries on the ground .. uncountable warships and cruisers…

All to eliminate one man named “Muammar al-Qathafi” ..

Salemoly and to “protect civilians.”




Minister of Labour: Close the oil crisis will lead to stop the salaries of excess staffing. Wednesday, 01/01/2014 – 21:00
Tripoli 01 January 2014 (and) – Minister of Labour and warned “Mohammed Soualem”, on Wednesday,

that the continuation of the crisis Close fields and oil ports will lead to stop the salaries of surplus staffing,

which includes large segments of society such as the elderly and job seekers.

He explained, “Soualem” in a press conference held this evening in Tripoli, to halt oil production would have

a negative impact on the Libyan economy and delayed the return of foreign companies to Libya

and lower rates of growth and employment policies as well as the disabled and training adopted by the ministry.

The minister called “Mohammed Soualem” all Libyans to work together to get out of this crisis as soon as possible.

Turning to the most important achievements of the ministry last year as the setting Labor Law Alternative Law No. 12,

and the establishment of Human Resources Development Fund, and the training of 24 thousand job seekers

in the field of computer languages ​​at home, and the organization of expatriate labor by contracting

with companies elicit labor from abroad. …


The end of the contracts involved in the militia shield the end of the day yesterday, 31/12/2013

Misurata Shield Militia in Tripoli fighting for no reason the civilians of Tripoli in OCTOBER 2013 who only protested their presence.
The MISRATANS ended up killing 53 innocents and more than 400+ were dangeously injured. Mass graves were found at various illegal”prisons” of theirs where they mercilessly tortured over the past 2 years whoever they pleased and abducted young women. They left their premises in worst than pig-stye states…with blood all over the place:



by: Hanan Salah

Misrata’s militias were among the first to move into Tripoli as the war drew to a close in 2011.

Misrata men are in the Libyan Shield Force linked to the defense ministry. They are a wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who rule over the country.
The Libya Shield Forces, are the militias who mainly hail from Misrata and who have been operating with impunity since the 2011 uprising. Their presence is particularly galling because of their reputation for abuse.

Libya’s president (and head of parliament) Nuri Abu Sahmain Bushmin deployed the Libya Shield Forces in the name of security, after a spate of assassinations and bombings in Tripoli.

This is only one of several disturbing changes. On August 5 the parliament granted Abu Sahmain Bushmin the authority to adopt “urgent and necessary measures” to restore security in the country.

These exceptional powers amount to an unofficial state of emergency, which Abu Sahmain Bushmin derogated to the minister of defense. They authorize “arresting criminals” and “establishing the rule of law.” But the decree does not state what lawful powers are given to the militias, when people can be arrested, who can arrest them or for how long they can be held. Nor does it specify the duration of this “temporary” phase. If regional practices are anything to go by, it could be years, not months.

Calls from activists from City visitors claim to collect signatures and withdraw confidence from the National Congress leader MB Nuri Bushmin of Misurata.
The GNC Libyan Shield (‘Muslim’ Brotherhhod) of Nuri Bushmin arrows invading BANI WALID backed by Qatari):

The Libyan Shield of Nuri Bushmin arrows invading BANI WALID

Nuri Bushman w John McCain

Pictured above is BUSHMIN with the real “ruler” of Libya, John McCAIN.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:
Calls from activists from City visitors claim to collect signatures and withdraw

confidence from the National Congress leader MB Nuri Bushmin of Misurata.


Amazigh in Zuwarah: yelling at Nuri A-Bushmin and demanding to bring down

the presidency of the National Conference year, after he is called a traitor to their cause.

Nuri Bushman w John McCain

Lake of the page Iaahrar …. ÔăćÎ Bomenaar

Hero Hussein Gammoudi captive Belkacem free
Prisoner Mujahid Sheikh Hassan Gammoudi Belkacem free:

one commander loyal comrades.




Vodafone Group in Libya, a British company Vodafone multinational specialized in providing services for mobile networks
The Internet Ptkhc Lee Libya Ostaatmar!

Means of salvation was not Libyana not over filled it not for NTT’s not idle gossip!

Science Vodafone Foundation to provide the best projects and services for mobile phones around the world!

Almgarhh tribe —-
Threaten to sit in front of the industrial river system
In the middle of the month of Jan.
In protest against the ill-treatment suffered by
(Abdullah Senoussi) inside the prison and denied access to him and in case of failure to meet their demands, which are considered legitimate demands and in accordance with the law and international customary Moaúik on human rights will lock the water until they are to meet their demands which are
1 – to allow him to visit, just like the rest of the prisoners
2 – presented to the Doctors specialize in knowing what is called the Ministry of Health and the United Nations and extract certified health certificate from the ministry
3 – treated humanely and not subjected to psychological pressure and Taadib ..



O angle Nbashrk mind …
At the dawn of yesterday’s bombing Tuesday was the monument to the revolution in the area of ​​the alleged customers Awlad Saqr ..
And at the dawn of the day was the bombing of the headquarters of the Association of clients
militias Awlad Issa non Mnhspin the honorable tribe Albulaazh:


Now: Corinthia, Rixos, tightening insurance by elements of the army against the backdrop of an attack by gunmen in the farmer.

Equipment within the militia LIFG “graduates of Oxford University branch Abu Salim”

for control of the capital Tripoli immediately withdraw confidence from the government Zaidane on Sunday.

Heavy deployment of military vehicles in Tripoli this morning.

Urgent and important:

bleeding 1600.

people of  “Ansar al-Sharia” … at the Mitigua airport.. agtimaa..

Inventory. Raof hater. today…, exit. queue..

Mitigua …To camp in Tajourah... will—- out. creations.

Green… they are our Army.
Jacking. people.. I, alantibah, yaharar. this was a trap by rats

I..Circulate ……I hope .. Circular. Publishing. Ali. All. Pages.’s Resistance.

# (Born leader)


Voice hit 14.5 pal and lead in the vicinity of Bab al-Aziziya.

THE Medical Student strike is over.The GNC granted their honest request:

Students Media Center – Media Center Student
# # Ham on the grant of financial:
Grant funds were transferred to the banks by the university, and the grant will be spent for the months of 10 and 11, only the month # 12 Vstsrv with Grant coming as a result of a deficit in the budget of the university.
Therefore, the grant will be # 400 dinars.

(Rector d. Civil outsider)
And quoting Union University students Tripoli

Still a number of people continuing to close a number of ministries and public companies in Tripoli.The continuation of the siege of Foreign Affairs building in the capital Tripoli by armed militias.
Comments should sit around the spark oil field as of Thursday morning for two weeks, subject to extension or cancellation by the government to implement the demands of the protesters after negotiations with the Minister of Defense .. ((Note that the spark field produces about 330 000 barrels per day and feeds the barn reservoirs company to Corner the oil refining ..)).
Unidentified ::::
Unidentified gunmen last night attack on the corner of the local council and they have to tamper with all its contents …….
# (Born Leader)


Gel Tripoli ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Urgent Tripoli and to confirm the news of the disappearance of weapons last night from the south of the city which is 8 missiles (Scud) and 45 missile (Milan thermal) and 300 rocket-propelled grenade type (Metingr) Portable Aketv and Aktar than 2000 ammunition box light, medium from Camp Old south of Tripoli. Specifically Camp Spring Valley, where it is not the first time I received and exposed to camps such as Hedda kind of theft or disappearance
Where in the beginning I do not want to say that the source story, but to clarify more in a phone call now at this late date insisted source for anonymity, a Mandarin Salah Ubaida ordered confidentiality of 17 February, the security of Tripoli and a member of the joint patrols, where I confirmed the theft and we are waiting for a statement from Mr. Colonel on senile spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff told me that each brought his voice told me that the Libyans as well as a letter to the President of the General Staff, a Mandkh briefed on the cover, according to him and to turn the force except in God
Thank you, Mr. Salah Ubaida one rebel city of Tripoli, a field commander during (so-called) “the war of liberation” to clarify the fact that some people want Nkerha and Tkzebha and denied.
Mutassim Faitouri – Qusay cabled.

Stresses suffered a militia camps south of Tripoli to the old robbery last night, and specifically
Camp Spring Valley, where it is not the first time that the camps are exposed to this kind of
Theft or disappearance.





News received shortly before Surman waiting for confirmation:
He has been dropped from a Yankee drone in the city of Surman was flying
at a low altitude was shot in a heavily shedding farms Surman.


And Rishvana
Killing one person from the family of the population Kulmoz Kerkozh at the Higher Institute of occupations
overall Balzhra releasing it in the head
News that the killer is Ahmed Orabi, Abojeelh Alsoiei of the globe.
Rally to the relatives of the deceased in preparation for an attack now.
# (Born Leader)
Robbery at a car company’s electricity distribution circle Zahra in the area south of Tina mil
It is the last car owned this circuit
In the new ... Elly Libby service maintenance to power lines or Kabana disqualify the idea of ​​his head






Aajaaaal department in Ajeelat:

Or three people were killed in Al-doarnah
Abdullah calves
Ayad Abdul Rahman Juma
One of the sons Edjalh
Shooting at them by unknown assailants and the presence of a car near a mosque Aldoarnah it Itar shooting.

Now department in Ajeelat

Injury called Rami Bacouche seriously injured was shot in the shoulder and abdomen

and killing one of his companions and the transfer of the hospital to Otrha beautiful and

so Otina attempting to rob a car to one of the citizens.




Close the road link between Tripoli and Gharyan.



The assassination of Abdul Hameed Al-mzoga one of the leaders fields Miciat Gharyan shot by unknown assailants.
# (Born Leader)



Image foreign debt been killed today on the coasts city of Sabratha:


President of the Council Aeltsiara survived to the western mountain area Alco \ “Musa Hassan Aazim \”,

from an assassination attempt early Wednesday in front of his house in the same area.

The head of the council that the unidentified stopped their car in front of his house at three o’clock in the morning

and once you hear the sound of the car to open the door to them and proceeded to shoot corrected and escaped \ “.

Added \” he was unable to know the people or car number and that opening report on the incident

at the police station area Alco \ “.

destination and police confirmed that the center they heard the sound of gunfire in the area.


Amazigh in Zuwarah:

yelling at Nuri A-Bushmin and demanding to bring down the presidency of the National Conference year

after he is called a traitor to their cause.


Citing news channel Brotherhood ::::
Found next to the bodies of foreigners complex Mellita.

The sound of a British man and a woman from New Zealand were found today near the Mellitah ..

Image of aliens who were killed :

Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas
Clarification by brother Hussein Ashour concerning oil field line lock fulfill ..
Close crude oil line from the sender field to fulfill passing Bnalot:
Do you know the Libyan people and these protesters that field fulfillment out of it Onbuban and Mottaghan compound Mellita,one of these lines to pump gas and other line to pump crude oil, and production from the well will be a mixture of oil and gasare separated in the field, and then be sent to the gas to the complex Mellita across gas pipelineand send crude oil through the pipeline of crude oil,in the case of the closure of pipeline pumping crude oil, and continued to pump gas from the tube the other meansthat the reservoirs in the field to fulfill will be filled with crude oil,and it even Aitoagaf gas pump must find a discharge of crude oil product.Altbarfah only in this case is sent to the torch and be burned,
and that the field is produced in about 30 000 barrels per day of crude oil,
even if we assume that the price of a barrel of which means it is burned three million dollars a day,
Rizk state and the people burn it
and told you national and God,
Iaotunaian Noadwa Nodh Unit and Save your country !


The head of the local council in favor of Nalut Salem that a group of members of the guard oil installations
blocking the line of crude oil passing through the city since yesterday,
demanding payment of overdue salaries since March 2013.
 NALUT protestors



le statut de “Bani Walid speak”:Embarking on the first phase of the establishment of the public arena,
which is located downtown Bani Walid specific market area
and contain flat grass and around the parking good sign and good
to show the city in the best form Thank you to all those efforts and constructive.
A tribute attached to them
Rabea Alfoghi (4 photos)

# Bani Walid _

Put the first layer of asphalt for the road link between the road and the new dual Aldahara main road in BANI WALID:



Flint Awami

Tawergha stain of stigma on the forehead of February

Cover for channel Libya Al-Ahrar to a fire at a camp Tawergha in Tripoli. A meeting with an old age than the 90 crying her house burned, then moved reporter to meet with the head of the local council and official camps said this is not the first fire, but the fifth or sixth said there was a family of deaf Can you hear but God of peace. When after those old said this cry for her burned here is a lounge with 7 people!! , And the same time her house in her hometown seared Tawergha. He also said in this frost does not know what to tell them understand now waiting for me to tell them where to lodge.
And ask the country is waging Sayer and they Heca!! God will not walk the country one iota as long as there are the likes of this old man, God is enough, and yes, the agent Valzalim thieves.



Atef Shelmani:
# Sirte
News talking about the assassination attempt, “Taher Ramadan,” the commander
Farouk battalion to the city of Sirte and the Secretary of the Commission
The security of the city.

Libyan news agency | |
Chairman of the Board of Sirte local calls protesters who they lock several vital facilities in the city
for a dialogue to discuss their demands rather than the interests of disabled people and the city.




News of the explosion in the city of Ajdabiya now ..



Assassinations arrived turf?
Survived dawn yesterday recruiter Khaled Said Horus of a failed assassination attempt
Carried out by unknown persons during the period of his shift gate Prairie Cemetery
next to the old second Sidi Khalifa, which is the first attempt to assassinate explicit in turf.


Unidentified people threw Gelatina on the door of the Arab market and there is no loss,

only a fraction of the crash of the door …….

When the news about the bombing of the Arab market as you said, that unknown persons threw

Gelatina at the door of the market, which led to the damaged part of the door and part of one

of the shops and it turns out that it is the people that their purpose is the theft and now the deployment of the place and secured ..


Sources say that he heard the sound of the Gelatina blast, which a lot is the voice of milkfish area
and there is no damage, thankfully.
Law students are demanding exemption Vice Dean
“Atmosphere of the country” –
Squatting student of law students at the University of Benghazi exemption Vice Dean of work and activate regulations college.
The Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Benghazi, Suleiman Ibrahim Alshata .
The college students I spoke to agreed with them on the activation of the regulations, saying the removal of the Vice-Dean and Dean have set is not for the students.
Alshata explained in a statement to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday that if there are complaints from students against any one of the members of the faculty or staff, they should be submitted to the President of the University, which is in turn a neutral committee to investigate the complaints.
And between Alshata that faculty members objected to the item to be updated, a part of the curriculum, which entered into a partial exam is not covered by the final exam, and faculty, according to the demand of the competence of the faculty member and the student is not.
Alshata confirmed that the annual examinations of the system will go ahead starting next week, to resume study in the quarterly system early next week for a week to supplement the lectures, which will be the week after the holiday.
It is worth mentioning that the sit-in students of the Faculty of Law of the quarterly system began over a week ago and is still continuing.
Imad al-Drissi, known as “Abu surgeon” works in the so-called unit securing the port of Benghazi,
and a members-Qaeda terrorist organization.

. Publishing widely oh free.
Born Leader:
1 – survival lieutenant Mohamed Saad Albergthe Navy special forces after an assassination attempt by
a masked Mtaderth near the bridge Buhedama Benghazi.
2 – The assassination of Colonel in Military Intelligence Abdulhakim Abaao after that was targeted
by unknown assailants shot, next to the Security Directorate of Benghazi. News that the people
of the deceased Astaano NATO to provide air cover.
Self-styled Special Forces ((Department of Investigation)) says two people were arrested
inside the University of Benghazi and U.S. nationality ..


Explosion in al-Salam neighborhood in disasters.




Observer navigational Libyan:
Found an unidentified body on a beach in Tobruk.


The kidnapping of a retired army officer continued to supply the military in the city of Derna #





The killing of Al-Ahly Benghazi player “Ali Akhchibh Gaddafi” in the city of

Sabha area Mansheya,

due to lead exposure left him by the gunmen, and on the back of a tribal problem

in the city of Sabha two weeks ago, not his fault in any trouble.

# Sabha …
Detailing the death of the late Ali Osman Akhchibh Gaddafi as he was leaving their house, which is located near the homes of family Triki was shot by a sniper from above the house of a family Triki and wounded gunshot to the chest under the heart and drove a wounded that arrived in front of the houses Turban in Mansheya and told them Anar who fired it was to resuscitate him to a hospital March 2 and, unfortunately, he died.
That to God and to Him we return.


Today with age have been condemned Apartment Abdullah bin Ali Nile shooters by a sniper from the Jardan Awlad Suleiman, which led to the destruction of the TV screen in the hall and knead the apartment due to the entry of lead inside the apartment ….
The apartment is located in Sabha Manshiyya
Is not there a deterrent to those bastards after they became brothers Iguenson honorable Akaddadfh inside their homes …
Suffice it, and yes, the agent.
Injury, one of the sons Akaddadfh tribe called (Ali Osman Akhchibh) by militias Aaulad Solomon is now in intensive care ……




24 JANIUARY 2013

Dr. Tahirul Qadri

Imran Khan is still an enigma for many Pakistanis. Accused by his detractors of being soft on Islamic extremists, Khan has always vehemently denied the allegations.

But just when everyone was waiting for the current coalition government led by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to complete its 5-year-term in March this year and announce fresh election, Dr. Tahirul Qadri appeared on the scene, waving his fist to lead a ‘long march’ to occupy Pakistan’s manicured capital, Islamabad, and turn that city into a Tahrir Square (the place where the so-called “Arab Spring” was launched in Egypt).

His sudden appearance and move took everyone by surprise. Most of his critics in the government, the opposition and the media were quick to denounce him as being yet another ploy and puppet of those sections of the country’s military-establishment and intelligence agencies who have been blamed time and time again for derailing democracy in Pakistan.

Ever since 1958, the military has thrice toppled civilian set-ups, accusing them of being corrupt and compromising Pakistan’s internal and external security.

However, each one of these military regimes fell and were replaced with democratic governments.

But this hasn’t meant the ouster of the military and its agencies as political players.





ATTACK on the young Libyan ARMY Training SOLDIER-CAMP PROGRAM in Turkey by “ANSAR al-SHARIA”  from Syria

4 young men die and innumerable are wounded!

Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV

# Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
Ansar al-Sharia in Syria have  made an armed attack on a special training camp Libyan army in Turkey,

resulting in the deaths of four members and many of the wounded.





 Rached Ghannouchi meeting and BHL, or Islamo-Zionism in


Rachid Barnat writes on 08 NOVEMBER 2013 11:34 :

“Ghannouchi, the uneducated, did not even realize that he is adept Wahabism which is fed served and serves colonialism: 
– English used it to dismantle the Ottoman Empire and then colonize the country wrested from Ottoman 
– Americans use it to keep under their control all the monarchies and their black gold manna, 
– The pétromoarques enriched their petrodollars, use it to dominate and colonize “Arab” republics whose people have just finished getting rid of their dictators! 
And if he is aware, this is even worse: it is a betrayal to Tunisia!

Wahabism SERVING Zionism! 


For those who wonder why Barack Hussein Obama supports so the “Muslim Brotherhood” is the stated goal of this guild is to rebuild and return to the Islamic Ummah and the Caliphate time.
This presupposes that there will be no borders within the Arab countries, there will be no Arab NATIONS …

Watch this video of the young Benjamin Netanyahu 28 years old and already fortiche geopolitical … to affirm and confirm the state of Israel throughout the Palestinian territory since the Ummah “brothers” there is more than nationality … therefore more Palestinian nationality and any Palestinian short!

It is a pillar of the Zionist strategy of talking about ONE Arab nation or Ummah, to say that the Palestinians do not need country, flag, national identity, as they have not need to be rooted in history …

You just rehouse!

And for this Ummah will do: In 80-90 years Jordan was a potential candidate for installation on its territory.
Other desert regions will do the Bedouin nomadic landless as say the Zionists who occupied an unpopulated territory, arguing their case to the UN for the granting of a country for the Jews of Europe after the Shoah!

Moreover, in recent years Barack Hussein Obama thinks Sinai in Egypt … to squeeze the people became cumbersome for the Zionists and trying to source in the world since the creation of Israel in 1948.

Interesting and hat to the young Benjamin Netanyahu!
That is why he approached Qatar and its protected the “Muslim Brotherhood” … they work in the direction of his thesis!
And once again comes to the rescue Wahabism colonialism!

And during this time our young people Jihad Nikah or explode for nothing … still the land of Islam killing Muslims!
Congratulations to the conqueror of Wahabism pétromonarchie and too bad for the morons who adopt “Salafi” jihadists “and other obscurantist!

07 November  2013
Levy and Ghannouchi


On August 15, Rached Ghannouchi met Bernard Henri Lévy in a Parisian hotel. The leader of the sect of the Muslim Brother met the apostle of Zionism few hours before seeing Beji Caid Essebsi in another hotel. May 6, 2013, we have devoted an entire article on this a priori alliance against nature, under the title “And here is the Wahabi-Zionism in all its splendor.”Here is the result and not the end!

When a few weeks ago, Bernard Henri Lévy was questioned on Europe 1 about the truth or falsehood of this meeting, he refused to confirm or deny. And that means everything. He actually met the head of the Salafist sect, along with Ameur Larayedh, a member of the ANS and brother of Ali Larayedh, who still serves as prime minister and leading boat the screenwriters who want to replace. One can guess why this fraternal meeting between Wahabism and Zionism.

Of Salafi-Zionism, we have already spoken several times. While this term may offend Muslims as well as Jews, even though the majority of the Jews of France, as the majority of Muslims also are deeply anti-Salafists, the term refers to a reality that nobody can deny: the alliance between the Zionists and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. This alliance is perfectly clear in Syria and Libya. It notes the secret Qatar. It is increasingly visible in Tunisia.

We still remember repetitive visits John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, in the first nine months that followed the fall of Ben Ali and the fake “murder” of al-Qathafi. We still remember the fraternal embrace between Hammadi Jebali and John McCain, Christian and yet hyper-Zionist, like most neocons, who played a key role in the destruction of Iraq.

We also remember the June 26, 2013, when a large delegation of the “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) went to Tunis. To refresh your memory, here’s what we wrote then.

“This delegation arrived in total stealth at the airport Tunis-Carthage where in the VIP lounge, she was greeted by six government members of the troika and two representatives of the Presidency. It is in a hotel Ghammarth that the first meetings were held with executives Enahhda. The next day it was the turn of a delegation of Ettakatol. In the evening of Friday, members of AIPAC have met three other senior representatives of the opposition parties that we do not yet know the names.Certainly, AIPAC is capable of uniting all the “lifeblood” of the Nation! ”

“While this Zionist organization has never been countries Tunisia, both chaired by Bourguiba than Ben Ali, his arrival in Tunis, under the hegemony of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood calls some gullible especially as the leader of this sect, Rached Ghannouchi, is part of its guests first. In response to the information disseminated by MosaïqueFM, the section of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Tunisia, Ennahda, denied in a statement today, have every relationships or contacts with APAIC. But heck why they consider it serious to have relationships with AIPAC? As we have said, this Zionist lobby is very respectable! These members love redskins Palestine and they advocate for the birth of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital! ”

We also remember the beginning of June 2013, when Rached Ghannouchi attended a seminar in Washington, alongside which a meeting between the former terrorist and AIPAC was organized. The organizer of this movement, which is not the first, is the Islamo-Zionist American, Rédouane Masmoudi. This wheeler chairs a think-tank funded by NGOs, including screens of the CIA. He says promote understanding between cultures and religions! That is to say, the consolidation of long-standing ties between the Muslim Brotherhood, masons and Zionists Brothers Brothers.

We finally remembers the ceremony organized by the Foreign Policy magazine in which Rached Ghannouchi received the distinction as “one of the greatest intellectuals of the Year 2011”, awarded by the American media. It was early December and 100 “major influential intellectuals” had received the same distinction. Among them, the war criminal Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Robert Gates, John McCain, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Muslim Brother Erdogan, the leader of the Libyan “revolution” Bernard Henri Lévy,

and a panel of other “prominent Arab personalities, such as the Muslim Brother Wadah Khanfar, Mustapha Barghouthi, Mohamed ElBaradei, and the two cyber-collaborators Egyptian Wael Ghonim and Tunisian Sami Ben Gharbia.Lacked more to this conglomerate Slim Amamou and Lina Ben Mhenni.

During this visit to Washington, Rached Ghannouchi took the opportunity to visit the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where he gave a lecture on his vision of Islam “moderate.” This institution is a very influential think tank which was founded in 1985 by Martin Indyk, former research fellow at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)!

Imagine that this Thursday, November 8, Rached Ghannouchi is already in Washington, where he was invited to a conference at Harvard! According to Maghreb Confidential No. 1084, October 31, 2013, “The president of Ennahda should also be discreet rendezvous in Washington, where Ennahda has lost a lot of support since his arrival in the business.” Help my brothers Zionists!!

The meeting of 15 August between Sheikh Tunisian ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Rabbi Zionist brothers were therefore not coincidental. It is indeed a Muslim-Zionist alliance which is the ancestor erdoganienne Turkey and Qatar-hamadien Mozza is the provider. No matter what Rached Ghannouchi think Jews, or what BHL think of Islam in general and Palestinians in particular. Did he not write, after the occupation of Libya, that sharia is a good thing for this country? No matter what think those two impostors, but they should worry about what people think lay Democrats and true humanist Jews and Muslims? Them, they know very well that the Muslim-Zionist alliance is ephemeral and only the Judeo-Christian-Islamic alliance is eternal.

Read also

Karim Zmerli  writes in MAY 2013:

The name of ASL, c ‘ is to say, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, barbaric Al Qaeda and offshore Islamo-terrorists (Chechens, Tunisians, Libyans, Saudis, Taliban, Australians, French, Belgians, English …) who responded to the call Jihad of Qaradaoui, Rached Ghannouchi and John McCain! 

in February 2011, the operation in which Tunisian cyber-collaborators were instrumental motor, Israeli services were already involved. In full coordination with the Wahabi emirate of Qatar, a Tunisian philosopher called Qatraël and the Turkish Islamist government, Israel militarily and logistically supported the “rebels”. Besides the destruction of Syria who stands up to him for half a century, Israel’s interest is obvious: revenge Hezbollah has inflicted a humiliating defeat in 2006, breaking the axis Tehran-Damascus-Beirut isolate Iran until the attack with his new Sunni allies.

The Tunisian government usurper, proposed by John McCain and Joe Lieberman, revised and corrected by Sheikh Hamad and Sheikha Mozza, has not responded to this aggression against Syria. Normal for a government sold and vassal, who was the first to break off diplomatic relations with Syria and Tunisia to host the first congress of Syrian traitors and mercenaries. 

This silence Tunisian government vassal is so unbearable that even the very serious site Kapitalis had to react in unusual terms: “Neither Moncef Marzouki, primarily responsible for the Tunisian diplomacy or larayedh Ali, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs depends, nor yet the Minister in charge of this department, Othman Jarandi career diplomat said, has thought fit to publish a statement, even laconic, to condemn, even lip and form, attack aviation Israeli military against the Centre for Scientific Research Jamraya, Damascus, in the night from Saturday to Sunday … Mr. Marzouki and larayedh they await instructions from the Emir of Qatar and his Foreign Minister to know the position to take ? ”

From the “Jasmine Revolution” that announced the “Arab Spring”, the Israeli had chosen their camp, the “democrats” against the “dictatorship” of “human rights” against the “tyranny”. So that people do not realize anything, the Muslim-Zionist propaganda persuaded the Arab public opinion that Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi are “agents of America” ​​and “Mossad agents”. That is to say, they have set their own treachery and their own imperialist-Zionist servility on their political opponents. With the help of cyber-collaborators, it was falsely said that Ben Ali and Mubarak fired on protesters with bullets of the Israeli army, IDF officers attended and advised al-Qathafi’s Great Jamahiriya Army against the mercenaries in Benghazi …

From the “Jasmine Revolution” in January 2011, everything was clear, however, for those who have little political experience and little knowledge of geopolitics. Things became even clearer when the number three al-Qaeda, Abdelhakim Belhadj, and the number 1 French Zionist Bernard Henri-Lévy put hand in hand to destroy Libya. This same incestuous couple continued his crusade against macabre Syria, hoping to finish his dirty work as quickly as possible to move to Algeria. But Syria, rulers and ruled, resisted. And it is because this great nation has endured, that Israel went from Hard Power to Soft Power …. and showing the open Islamo-Zionist alliance.

The powerful Zionist lobby AIPAC received in Tunisia

28 June , 2013 

by: Karim Zmerli

A delegation of ten people AIPAC arrived in Tunis Wednesday, June 26 for a visit to “work” three days. They have already met with representatives of the authorities and the opposition. The architect of this movement of AIPAC and its agenda in Tunisia is Islamo-Zionist Rédouane Masmoudi.This racketeer who pretends to be a political scientist said recently in Algiers: “I wish that Algeria is the model of Muslim democracy.”

Le puissant lobby sioniste AIPAC reçu en Tunisie
Except MosaïqueFM and today itself and Tanir Press yesterday, no Tunisian media has not talked about this visit AIPAC in Tunisia. The ten members of the powerful American Zionist organization are yet to Tunis since Wednesday 26 JuneTomorrow is Saturday and not Friday as some sites have announced that they should leave the country of the “Jasmine Revolution.” Why this Omerta? AIPAC is an organization yet quite respectable (see video)!According to our diplomatic channels, the delegation of the influential pro-Israel U.S. organization “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) arrived in total stealth at the airport Tunis-Carthage where in the VIP lounge It was hosted by six government members of the troika and two representatives of the Presidency. It is in a hotel Ghammarth that the first meetings were held with executives Enahhda. The next day it was the turn of a delegation of Ettakatol. In the evening of Friday, members of AIPAC have met three other senior representatives of the opposition parties that we do not yet know the names. Decidedly, AIPAC is capable of uniting all the “lifeblood” of the Nation!While the Zionist organization has never been countries Tunisia, both chaired by Bourguiba than Ben Ali, his arrival in Tunis, under the hegemony of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood calls some gullible especially as the chief this sect, Rached Ghannouchi, is part of its guests first. In response to the information disseminated by MosaïqueFM, the section of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Ennahda, denied in a statement today, have every relationships or contacts with APAIC.But heck why they consider it serious to have relationships with AIPAC? As we have said, this Zionist lobby is very respectable! These members love redskins Palestine and they advocate for the birth of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital!Rached Ghannouchi recall that participated, there are 15 days in a seminar in Washington, alongside which a meeting between the former terrorist and AIPAC was organized. The organizer of this movement, which is not the first, is the Islamo-Zionist American, Rédouane Masmoudi. This wheeler chairs a think-tank funded by NGOs, including screens of the CIA. He says promote understanding between cultures and religions!

That is to say, the consolidation of long-standing ties between the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, masons and Zionists Brothers Brothers. 


satan-by-jack-chick1 SATAN WANTS THE WORLD

Memories of Muammar and reflection on today’s happenings!

Mu questioning something
Mu cropped image
 Mu addresses from Mali
Tag Haj Hamid 26 122 013 for MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI:

Haj Ahmid intervention in a room on Paltalk Muammar al-Qathafi on Thursday, 26/12/2013الحاج حميد 26 12 2013
Message from Green Resistance operations room to all 40+ nations occupation team in Libya,
and rats representing Libya worldwide, we will hunt all of you down.
People’s Armed Forces and the Popular Guard and all the legions of security
and all the Liberal news media and all the displaced people at home and abroad ….Rajauowon and BakowoohManasr and only an hour’s patience …
# (Born Leader)
Conqueror never 4:57 Libya than five letters – artist Resistance – Part 46
de Conqueror never il ya 17 heures184 vues work lyric new professor struggling artist Resistance themed
*** Libya of 5 characters .. five Fieon envious ***
Victory Road *** part 46 Greeting to all Libyans,,, …
Room Muammar Kadhafi Aalbaltok 6:29 Wedding Almzaraa honorable greeting them
de Muammar Kadhafi room Aalbaltok il ya 10 heures12 vueshttps  / / ABO.ESA.ALSMOD



Urgent – Colonel Mansour Allowaar to channel international Libya:

There is a catch and bring released yesterday and for unknown reasons and had been circulated

to various ports and marine and land-based air in Libya against the commander of military intelligence at the level of Libya.

Meeting of the Joint Commission Libyan Supreme Algerian:

Libyan interim government – the signing of the minutes of the meeting of the Supreme Committee of the Algerian-Libyan
Today is the era of Sunday 12/29/2013 Corinthia Hotel to sign the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Higher Committee of Libya after the end of its Algerian city of Tripoli …

Today is the era of Sunday 12/29/2013 Corinthia Hotel to sign the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Higher Committee of Libya after the end of the Algerian city of Tripoli and its occurrence on the Libyan side of the record, Mr. Ali Zaidane head of the interim government and the Algerian side, Mr. Abdelmalek baskets head of the Algerian government.

as was at the conclusion of the Committee signature by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries signed two agreements on common port Ghadames Aldbdab and the Convention on the international transport of people and goods were also signed an agreement on the exchange of archives and manuscripts and historical impact of the Libyan side, the Director of the Central National Archives and Historical Studies and the Algerian side Abdul Hamid Zahir Ambassador of Algeria, Libya, and this includes the agreement for Libya to archive and historical documents to support the Libyan people of the Algerian revolution.

 Algerian Prime Minister “Abdelmalek baskets” up-and-ministerial delegation accompanying him on a visit to Tripoli, Libya

Arrived Airport Ameitikh in Tripoli this morning, Algerian Prime Minister “Abdelmalek baskets” and the ministerial delegation accompanying him on a visit to Libya, to attend the meetings of the joint higher committee Libyan Algerian cooperation, which will begin its work in Tripoli today and was greeted by Prime Minister Algerian head of the interim government, “Ali Zeidan “, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,” Mohamed Abdel Aziz, “and the defense,” Abdullah bending “oil” Abdelbari Laroussi, “and the Ambassador and members of the Embassy of Algeria, Libya.

The preparatory meeting for the meetings of the joint higher committee Libyan Algerian cooperation, has kicked off in Tripoli yesterday evening where they were at the opening session of the meeting, the division of labor between the three technical committees joint where the committee comprises of economy and investment, the following sectors: – (economy, trade, investment, agriculture Livestock and marine, financial, tax, banking, oil and gas, industry and water resources, and standards, and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, agriculture and business) – Commission on Security and Defense, and includes the following sectors: – (Interior, Defense, Customs, the Boundary Commission and Consulate) – Services Committee comprises the following sectors: – (Youth and Sports, Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, health, and electricity).

La signature du procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité suprême du algéro-libyenne

Meeting of the Joint Commission Libyan Supreme Algerian:


Head of the National Guard conference is caught ministries today ..
Shaaban called gift nicknamed between terrorists nickname “Interface Language angular”


After trapping groups for building channel Aladaah The CEO of the channel Libya National (radio) 

Tariq Hun withdrawal of police and members belonging to the Chiefs of Staff of building the channel and the evacuation of all guard and added that they addressed the chief prosecutor for their discharge of any thefts may occur, noting that a number of workers were prevented from enter the headquarters of the national radio.

Employees channel Libya National / Tripoli, abstain from work and latch on demonstrators in the capital Tripoli and they will not offer programs or direct channel presence, but achieving the demands of the demonstrators ……..

Now …

Demonstration of the Association of the affected owners in front of the National Congress now


{It} dripping it die makers —————————-
chaos Arab who grew up in the past two years, respectively, and their systems are falling, whatever denominated but season downfall has come, but died some buried and did not cry upon one or attend a funeral one,

in Egypt died group called falsely Muslim Brotherhood and Zvent long ago in the land of Egypt, which witnessed her being the first of the expelled chaos Arabs in modern history, with season passes strongly this days on Libya

and scenes of the fall of the chaos February 17 started and visible people are Libyan convinced recently that people conned helpless income in the adventure did not reap them only death and destruction and theft of his money,

the group the Brotherhood and other groups, other lives are other pre-fall and death is no longer Asafha time to do anything except to escape if managed his way and with season passes to Syria

and there performs the Syrian Arab army scorched-earth campaign to crush terrorism, which he introduced the West to Syria and left him facing the fate of death there,

and the long season Turkey also collapsed government Brotherhood, there are crimes of corruption and the anger of the Turkish people which Kafr Erdogan and his ideas diabolical and dreams of the Ottoman group Brotherhood in Porte are other on a date with a fall

and the announcement of the death, only differed season in Qatar fell Emirate in replacing white between Father client and Son client.
Hence, we know that who owns the weather told the Qataris, and not others, near the solutions.

The fall season of death, I think it wrote the script with such accuracy was able to see the end in the same precision, but ultimately were not from Sniath but it was a creature of the peoples of the coma exceeded deception to reality.

Approached to play a close,


Mu in his Library

L’athori outside the revolutionary committees

لاثوري خارج اللجان الثورية

la vidéo de Good Morning Libya Bonjour Libya.
1)Toss effective: Buy Used Cars Libyan army without undergoing a chemical examination.
2) Letter to some of whom were in opposition to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA outside Libya.

(File corruption) 28/12/2013

ارم ناجعة: شراء سيارات مستعمله للجيش الليبي بدون خضوعها لفحص كيماوي.
– رسالة ألي البعض من من كان في المعارضة لنظام القذافي خارج ليبيا .(ملف الفساد ) 28-12-2013


IF YOU RECALL, about a week ago, a house in AJEELAT  was bombed by an American Predator Drone.

The 2 Amerian men first captured nearby AJEELAT  had heavy weapons of rocket launchers,  machine guns and satellite detec devices, etc…

Their permit, only allows these men to be in TRIPOLI by the American EMBASSY and nowhere’s else.

Sovereignty in Libya Alnatoyh effect publicly

Suspicious events taking place in the banner department in Ajeelat city struggling captive Dr. Khalid Kaaam, and to the west of Tripoli, where sites circulated information about the arrest turnpike Libby four Americans in possession of automatic weapons and launchers 7 and locating devices by satellite ..

Then exposed barrier to attack four other gunmen were able to rescue two Americans, in the middle of the flight of the unmanned aircraft over the area, has been transferred Americans to Tripoli, where he speaks some of the sites for their release, without knowing the purpose of their presence in the region and their true intentions away from the eyes of authorities Libya Alnatoyh and knowledge.


Drone hovering over the sky department in Ajeelat area between the market and the new road and the lattice and the Desert at the moment

Iedkr that the voice of aviation did not stop until Sunday night, and increased immediately after the arrest of the gunmen Americans …

(Channel department in Ajeelat free FB)

City department in Ajeelat

Humming reconnaissance plane returning from a mysterious new to Heaven # department in Ajeelat, and specifically on the area of the lattice!!

[SOMETHING SMELLS VERY BAD about these two YANKS—are they causing mischief and terror by CIA state department orders?]


Video burning car customers the Americans in the city department in Ajeelat


فيديو حرق سيارة العملاء الامريكان في مدينة العجيلات
US military personnel detained in Libya are released
Four service personnel were investigating escape routes when they were briefly taken into custody, says US Defence Department official:
The US quartet was looking into escape routes around Tripoli when there was an alleged incident at a checkpoint. Photograph: Alexandre Meneghini/AP
Four US military personnel investigating potential evacuation routes in Libya were taken into custody at a checkpoint, detained briefly by the Libyan government before being released, a US official has said.

No one was injured. The military personnel were taken to the US embassy after their release, a Defence Department official said.

The four were supporting US Marines protecting the embassy, the official said. It is likely they were US special operations forces, which have been deployed to Libya.

An altercation apparently took place at a checkpoint near the town of Sabratha, the official said. Reports of gunfire could not be confirmed.

After they were detained at the checkpoint, the Americans were transferred to the ministry of the interior and held for a few hours, the official said.

The US embassy in Tripoli includes a security detail. The embassy’s personnel are restricted in their movements in Libya.

BBC Arabic channel :::
Pentagon confirms the release of the Libyan authorities about 4 Askaran Omrakin after being held for hours in the capital Tripoli.

Moved newspaper of the future stream:

Official announced in the U.S. administration that the Libyan authorities released four U.S. military personnel were detained on Friday.

The only U.S. official saying the agency “AFP” The military released the four, so two hours after the announcement by the U.S. State Department that the Libyan government arrested four of the soldiers, saying Washington continues with the authorities in Tripoli to reach a release.

The U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Bsaki said earlier: “We can emphasize that the four U.S. military personnel currently detained at the Libyan government.”

U.S. State Department did not give any details of the Pentagon or the other about the place or the circumstances of the detention of these U.S. military personnel.

The New York Times reported, citing unnamed U.S. officials, the team attached to the detainees that the security of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, and were probably in a reconnaissance mission to determine the roads of escape may be used in the future by diplomats.

Libya checkpoint

# (Born Leader)

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers

Captured Near Bomb Site

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb Site

Breaking News Libya – 27 December 2013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called AlWattayah base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders). The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words – “they came from the sea”).

The place that was hit housed Al Qaeda,  Muslim Brotherhood factions.

After the bombing, the good tribe of Ajeelat (from the town of the same name) closed the borders and captured 2 US Intelligence people from the Tripoli Embassy. They took their guns and their devices (paraphernalia that they were in possession of), their ID’s and are keeping them capture in Al Ajaylat. All attached photos were taken this afternoon of the 2 men and their ID’s.

Next there is a negotiation going on for the release of these 2 men via Muftah Al-Dawadi, who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda before the NATO invasion of Libya. Al Dawadi is to transport these 2 Americans to Abdulhakem Belhaj (you know him) who will then transport them to the US Embassy.

I don’t think that there is an American that would understand how or why Al Qaeda is negotiating for the release of US intelligence officers in Libya. How bad a person or country do you have to be to have Al Qaeda as your best friend?

Why were these men captured? They were captured because the Libyans are not having anymore US underhanded control of their country – this is the Tribes stepping up now, this is how the change is coming. There are too many questions, what were these 2 intelligence officers doing driving back to Tripoli from the location of the bombing? Were they involved in the bombing? – did they call in the strike? How many innocent people did these murderers kill today?

This all stinks and the Libyans are sick of the smell


Today there will be mass demonstrations after the Asr prayer in all the cities of Libya Demands
that the extension of the Conference of shame the next day after the 7-2.

Muammar al-Qathafi 27 October 2005 electric submerable cable  concept:

And continues the series of lies and misrepresentations ..

In statements to the Minister of Electricity «Ali Mahariv» said that the future of Libya in the field of electricity and promising that there are ongoing studies to link Libya to Europe via a submarine cable from Tripoli west towards Sicily, Italy ..

As you know, Mr. Minister that the linkage project between Libya and Europe began in 2005 [under the legal-accord signed between ITALY and Libya through Muammar al-Qathafi and Silvio Berlusconi],

and this study is a proposal to link the submarine cable with a length of about 500 kilometers approximately between Libya and Italy for the exchange of approximately 1,500 megawatts of power plant Bmlath was planned to be built under the plan in 2025 by the company “Terna” Italian was supposed to feed according to the study by Libya Europe and not vice versa, but because of the economic recession that swept the European continent over the past years led to a change in the data ..

With regard to the station west of Tripoli that has been achieved from this station with a capacity of about 1,400 MW, only about 5%, and it is impossible to absolutely be included in the exchange programs of electric power situation that is it .. Stop and falsely O Alavaqon ..
The news agency LIBYA
(picture of the signed Concordia between the two, then Sovereign, Nations of Italy and Libya)

Mu and Silviobreaking the chains of Afria

Italy-Libya underwater electricity link could help end power cut


By Ahmed Elumami.

Gnerator Unit for Zawia power station

New generator units for Zawia power station

Tripoli, 26 December 2013:

As part of plans to bring an end to electricity outages, Libya is looking to lay an underwater electricity cable to Sicily and link up with the Italian national grid.

Announcing the news yesterday, the Electricity Minister, Ali Maihriq, did not divulge further details. The idea of a trans-Mediterranean underwater electricity cable was first mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister Awad Al-Barasi at the Italy-Libya economic forum in January this year, where Barasi called also upon Italian companies to invest in renewable energy projects in Libya.

“Electricity in Libya has promising future,” Maihriq said, citing progress with new power plants.

Work on the Khalij site, east of Sirte, was ongoing, he said, adding that the plant was expected to start generating power in June 2014. Work had also been resumed at the West Tripoli station in Janzour, Maihriq said, which has the capacity to produce 1,400 megawatts.

To help address more immediate needs, four mobile generation units are being installed in Tripoli and Zawia which, he said, would add 550 megawatts to the network by January.

Longer term plans include a new a plant at Khoms. With the contract now signed, he said, plans are underway for construction to start in seven months.

By the end of 2014 these projects, Maihriq said, should see Libya with a surplus, rather than a shortage, of electricity.

Stop exporting oil lowers income Libya 60%
The chairman of Libya’s interim government Ali Zaidane, lower the state’s income by 60 percent,
due to suspension of the export of oil, stressing that this situation will lead to disabling the budget preparation.


Channel capital:
Security alert witnessed in the Libyan capital Tripoli.
URGENT: Guard installations threatens to cut off gas to Tripoli in a statement a short while ago.

Operations room Mermaid

Please everyone caution while driving today, especially by the coast.

Wind speed exceeded 60 miles per hour and this is enough for a coup car speed more than 100 km / h

We ask God for the safety of all ..


shrine of Sheikh Mnedr
1_9_1969 light Forever, reports:
The bombing of the shrine of Sheikh Mnedr in a cemetery in the center of Tripoli Mnedr sir.

General Electric Company deplores the attack on the unity of the Muslim Quarter Operating
And – denounced the General Electric Company criminal act carried out by an armed group of outlaws, Saturday Night Sunday, against the driver unit housing area of ​​the Muslim Quarter, which resulted in the spread terror and panic among workers, and smashed a number of windows and doors by shooting random, and tampering the contents of the unit and the theft of equipment.
The company said in a statement received by the Libyan news agency a copy of it, “while regretting the General Electric Company, the repetition of such acts irresponsible, which have increased in frequency in recent times, they would like to inform gentlemen citizens extent of the negative impact of such attacks on workers’ morale, which will reflect negatively on improving the level of performance of the public network for electricity, especially in such a critical period. “


Tripoli this morning:
A group of residents of Tripoli shut down as prime minister and a number of ministries
And – A group of citizens from the people of the city of Tripoli on Sunday morning, close the entrances to the prime minister and the ministries of foreign affairs and international cooperation, oil, finance, transportation, justice, and the Supreme Court, the Central Bank of Libya, and prevented staff from entering the premises of their work and conduct their business.
The student protestors who continue their sit-in in front of the ministries and institutions, to withdraw confidence from the interim government, and the opening of the oil fields, and out armed formations of Tripoli, and confirmed in an appeal has been distributed obtained Libyan news agency a copy of it, that the Libyans have fed a shield from the performance of the government, which failed to solve the fundamental problems that affect the security of the country national, including the blood that bleeds a day in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, and lock the oil fields and oil ports, a crisis that threatens the economy of Libya, and financial and administrative corruption, and what happens to the problems in the south of Libya, which threaten the security of Libya as a whole, and statements re-investigation into the Lockerbie case, and what will result from blackmail to Libyans.
And gave the sitters National Congress three days to withdraw confidence from the interim government, and to take strict measures to open fields and oil ports, and applies resolutions National Congress (27-53) Judges remove armed formations from the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, and emphasized in their appeal if he does not take these demands Seriously, they will raise the ceiling of their demands of Lock all vital facilities in the city of Tripoli.

Battalion rebels Tripoli
YOU GUYS battalion rebels Tripoli note that is not related to the battalion shut down ministries and declare it to the appropriateness rejected each sit-ins armed and they do not represent ethics and principles of the revolutionaries of Tripoli, and make sure bias fully street-Libi, and note for all that it claims to be from the battalion rebels of Tripoli and the bullying in front of the public institutions or overalls State is a liar in his claim and does not represent a battalion of martyrs in anythingthing!
This science.
Urgent: – starts from room coup rebels: –
Closing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation ….
And act now to lock the prime minister … The government dropped the request is …
Channel capital
News about trapping and closing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation ..

A group calling itself the “sons of Libya honorable” confirm responsibility for stopping the work of justice and foreign ministries as well as control of the headquarters of the E street corner in Tripoli.
Atmosphere of the country


Motionless, “the honorable sons of Libya,” claimed responsibility for the siege of government facilities
“Atmosphere of the country”:

A member of a motionless so-called “sons of Libya honorable” lamp scarf, mobility responsibility for stopping the work of justice and foreign ministries, in addition to control of the headquarters of the mail in Tripoli, under “our steps to bring down the peace conference and the government.”

The scarf atmosphere of the country the day Sunday, December 29th, the Post Office Building under the control of youth belonging to the now motionless without being shut inside and work was stopped work Bmgari the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs only.

He added that the group belonging to the motionless yesterday sit in front of the prime minister for three hours but could not break up the sit-in by youth movement in order not to disrupt traffic and inconvenience citizens.

A scarf that members of the movement do not follow any party, but rather “are the sons of the Libyan people and that no one adopts this movement is the point of climbing on their demands and that the movement spontaneously peacefully and renounce the use of arms.”

He added that the movement adopts certain constants,… and is not thought of or against any particular direction is peaceful and non-violent Add to emphasize that Libya is for all Libyans.


On the other hand, said scarf, that the demands of the movement is the “overthrow the government of Ali Zaidane after the spread of corruption in the country and refused to be held accountable and Extension Conference and to achieve justice and equality among the people …”

The members called on the Libyan people to participate in the movement and support, and added: “We call on all the displaced outside of Libya to return to their country and we are ready to provide them with a fair trial.”

He pointed out that there is an attempt of a number of members of the National Congress to communicate with them but they refused any negotiation before toppling the government, adding that he is currently distributing leaflets in the streets of Tripoli in order to convince people to participate in this movement.
(Image source to “the atmosphere of the country”)

Stationing of armored vehicles and heavy machinery on the island since the market Tuesday morning,

and fears in Tripoli talking about a coup against the so-called Zaidane “government”. 

Channel capital:
Urgent: –

Confirm the news :::::::
Squatting lock the doors and the Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Transportation,
demanding to bring down the government and refused to extend Conference.
And they declare their intention to close the prime minister as well.
Operations room Mermaid

LIBYA NOW Libya now:
Was closing the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Transport to put

pressure on Congress tomorrow to dismiss the government of Mr. Zaidane.
Jamal al-Haji and militias belonging to the “Friday market” surrounding the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court and the channel Libya national company Libyana
Mutalbeyen dismissal of the Prime Minister, Mr. “Ali Zaidane”.

Besieged Libyan Foreign Ministry. (4 photos)
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Of the last pure,,,,,,
The same set of coordinating political isolation of the closure of public facilities in Tripoli,,,,
From the front of the national channel Libya / Tripoli:
News Agency of Libya’s military:
The spread of the regular Libyan army units to secure vital facilities in the city of Tripoli
161 infantry battalion deployed along the airport road Insurance
127 Infantry Battalion are secured by the prime minister and the entire railway.
Tripoli: the spread of a large army on the road to the airport.
The Prime Minister has this morning commissioned by lightning battalion of the army to secure the headquarters of the Libyan Prime Minister’s Office after the Mlisheh armed Bhsarh and also have been assigned to secure some places and vital as a hotel Corinthia Airport Road until the end of the Algerian prime minister’s visit and the delegation accompanying him.(Information Office official d. Ali Zaidane prime minister of Libya.)



City five
Explosion shakes the city, “five” moments before.
Urgent …. Loud explosion shakes the city shortly before five, according to preliminary information,

the explosion targeted a house near the secondary Glory
my true super powers explosion very close to Houcna but Maarafnash Wayne exactly…

my super allegedly home to the growth of a nearby explosion, he Houcna and secondary schools

close to us Halba Lord Lester.

[U.S. DRONE??] Surman opinion and the other opinion



On 12/29/2013 at dawn on Sunday promptly at 3:00
Dawn, was monitoring foreign military aircraft carrier to the area soldiers
Ali Libyan border – south of the Tunisian Nalut distance
62 miles, in the region between the Association of Nalut and Ghadames distance
Only 8 mile, where is the flat sandy area, and there are effects
For Aitarat frequently, and on what appears to be a dirt airstrip and this is
Coordinates N30573156 E10211661
Hope Publishing and Circular and the Liberal sweep the area.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Close the road link between the capital and Gharyan
The news agency Solidarity
Forces closed cities of the Nafusa Mountains, the day Sunday, December 29th, through the link between the capital Tripoli and Gharyan.
A member of the Council of Gharyan local Mohammed decent news agency solidarity, that “the security forces for the cities of the mountain began in the morning hours to close the road link between the capital Tripoli and Gharyan on the back of the killings, kidnapping and armed robbery, which lies on the citizens by the armed gangs.”
He added that a decent “forces deployed on the road link between the capital and Gharyan did not specify the duration of the mission given time,” stressing that the mission will end with the end of all the problems and provide security on this road is vital for all citizens.
He pointed out that “the security forces and citizens to use directed by Sbaah to cross to the capital Tripoli.”
It is noteworthy that the Gharyan local council put plates on the road to traffic guidance Sbaah earlier under his supervision. It should also be noted that the local councils of the cities of Mount Nafusa decided at a previous meeting held in Gharyan on the formation of a joint security force from various cities of the Nafusa Mountains to secure the road link between the capital and Gharyan.
International Correspondent
A group of armed security committee Nafusa Mountains you close the road link between Azizia  –  Gharyan.
(Image source news agency Solidarity)
Epiphyseal Media Center
Security Committee / Gharyan
The death of a woman from the city of Gharyan last night when Autea of ​​the city of Tripoli
was going to Gharyan, and walk through the Al-Azizia and when I found the road closed
sand dunes returned to follow the path of Sbaah. Upon re-entry exposed to shooting by gunmen
was transported to the nearest hospital was Variqtha life there
and I am God and to Him we return ..


violent clashes between the Corner and now is among the Rishvana in the mil.
Youth of the globe on Facebook :::
Salah Valley receives its new headquarters office Balmih and costing the fight against crime.
Ajafarh after clashes with a group of young mil.
Specifically on the coastal road which was has closed the road now; and returns
Cars from both sides.
Toyota Hialox explosion just before the gas station after Alhachan Tobeih 800 liter petrol My force of arms.
(Channel globe)

The cause of the clashes in the area Tuibih

Salah tried to return to the valley near the former headquarters of the market foliage

and then clashes took place between him and the region’s youth.

(Channel globe on Facebook)


Zaidane is at  Tarhounah Development

“Atmosphere of the country”
A spokesman for the local council, Ahmed Tarhounah Allowaar,
that the visit of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane to the city focused on the discussion of development issues.
He Allowaar, development issues that formed the most important aspect of the visit the city because of its stability and security to qualify for the resumption of the stalled projects and launch new projects.
The access to the promises of Zaidane on the implementation of these projects, pointing out that the President of the Council demanded the government to back companies that left the city, stressing that “the Council will continue until Zaidane pledges issued in the form of resolutions.”
The head of the government has led to Zaidane’s visit on Saturday to Tarhounah which he met with the President and members of the local council and the elders and wise men of the region in the presence of members of the National Congress for the city.
(Image source page Information Office of the Prime Minister)


Yankee Drone aircraft patrolling the skies now both Surman and Sabratha and Abe Issa.

Now – Western Region
Now drone bombed region of Sabratha behind the windows shake houses arrived until steady
And reduce the plane now above the coastal areas in the western.
Still moan aircraft prowling the skies above the department in Ajeelat .. Wattayah .. Sabratha .. Tripoli ..(IF YOU RECALL, they bombed AJEELAT last week..houses were demolished!)
  •  IF YOU RECALL, about a week ago, a house in AJEELAT was bombed by an American Predator Drone.The 2 Amerian men first captured nearby AJEELAT had heavy weapons of rocket launchers, machine guns and satellite detec devices, etc…Their permit, only allows these men to be in TRIPOLI by the American EMBASSY and nowhere’s else.Sovereignty in Libya Alnatoyh effect publiclySuspicious events taking place in the banner department in Ajeelat city struggling captive Dr. Khalid Kaaam, and to the west of Tripoli, where sites circulated information about the arrest turnpike Libby four Americans in possession of automatic weapons and launchers 7 and locating devices by satellite .. Then exposed barrier to attack four other gunmen were able to rescue two Americans, in the middle of the flight of the unmanned aircraft over the area, has been transferred Americans to Tripoli, where he speaks some of the sites for their release, without knowing the purpose of their presence in the region and their true intentions away from the eyes of authorities Libya Alnatoyh and knowledge.
    (2 photos)

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
  • Aaaaaaaaagel
    Drone hovering over the sky department in Ajeelat area between the market and the new road and the lattice and the Desert at the momentIedkr that the voice of aviation did not stop until Sunday night, and increased immediately after the arrest
    of the gunmen Americans …Channel department in Ajeelat free FB

    فيديو حرق سيارة العملاء الامريكان في مدينة العجيلات

    SOMETHING SMELLS VERY BAD about these two YANKS—are they causing mischief and terror by CIA state department orders?

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs. GEAR FOUND ON THE YANKS IN AJEELAT
  •  Video burning car customers the Americans in the city department in Ajeelat
  • Humming reconnaissance plane returning from a mysterious new to Heaven # department in Ajeelat, and specifically on the area of the lattice!!

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers

Captured Near Bomb Site

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb


Breaking News Libya – 27 December 22013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called Al-Wattayah base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders) . The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words –

“they came from the sea”).

The place that was hit housed Al QaedaMuslim Brotherhood factions.

After the bombing, the good tribe of Ajeelat (from the town of the same name) closed the borders and captured 2 US Intelligence people from the Tripoli Embassy. They took their guns and their devices (paraphernalia that they were in possession of), their ID’s and are keeping them capture in Al Ajaylat. All attached photos were taken this afternoon of the 2 men and their ID’s.

Next there is a negotiation going on for the release of these 2 men via Muftah Al-Dawadi, who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda before the NATO invasion of Libya. Al Dawadi is to transport these 2 Americans to Abdulhakem Belhaj (al-Qaeda LFG GOVERNOR OF TRIPOLI) who will then transport them to the US Embassy.

I don’t think that there is an American that would understand how or why Al Qaeda is negotiating for the release of US intelligence officers in Libya. How bad a person or country do you have to be to have Al Qaeda as your best friend?

Why were these men captured? They were captured because the Libyans  are not having anymore US underhanded control of their country – this is the Tribes stepping up now, this is how the change is coming. There are too many questions, what were these 2 intelligence officers doing driving back to Tripoli from the location of the bombing? Were they involved in the bombing? – did they call in the strike? How many innocent people did these murderers kill today?

This all stinks and the Libyans are sick of the smell.





Misurata rebels statement on national reconciliation file and file editing prisoners.
(Initiative release / delivery of a number of detainees)

بيان ثوار مصراته بشأن ملف المصالحه الوطنية و ملف سجناء التحرير .
( مبادره إطلاق سراح/ تسليم عدد من الموقوفين )


The names of some of the detainees in prison Tmana Bmasratp. (4 photos)

= Logic. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ
To every honorable and good people in the cities of Misrata and in all throughout our beloved country
Mona faith in the principle of transparency … In the following short Mitaq honor knows who I am

intellectually and politically, and will abide by the Charter, which will be done during my campaign

and if I had the privilege
To be one of the members of the Committee for the sixty … And God.

Channel Misrata on Facebook:
outcome of the meeting Military Area Command of Misrata with rebels of Misurata:

1 search mechanism to resolve all Brigades Misurata and annexation of the units regular belonging to the military command.
2 search mechanism employing all belonging to the defense forces to Libya after the end of their contract, which expires at the end of December and the means to solve Shield Forces Libya Central.
3 collect all heavy weapons in the camps continued to lead the region Misurata military.
4 search mechanism commitment to all battalions, as well as how to deal with violators.
5 also discussed the meeting to resolve all of the Union rebels Misurata and the military council of Misrata and commissioning Area Command Misurata military receive all headquartered.
6 implement the provisions of the Charter honor to the people of Misratah and private items on the criminalization of curfew weapon within the city and the people of Misurata exonerate any person who carried out acts of armed police and law criminalizing arms issued by the General National Congress.
«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
“Atmosphere of the country”:
The head of institution reform and rehabilitation Tmana Issa Issa:
told  “atmosphere for the country” that the Misrata rebels would hold a press conference this evening,
in which they declare their vision in a file of justice and national reconciliation and to consider
the file of detainees after the war of liberation.
Misrata rebels: will hold a press conference this evening, in which they declare their vision in
a file of justice and national reconciliation and to consider the file of detainees after the war of liberation.

In this historic day 12/29/2013 AD I can say in all candor and confidence and joy immersive:

We won and won honorable city of Misrata on Bagitten two categories:

1 – category (Chiaa) refuses to reform and want the continuation of the situation for what it is!!

2 – category (Brotherhood) in favor of reform, provided that the production of and serves their goals

and interests and increases the number of Aakat admirers.

A tribute to the honorable city of Misrata and each of these has tremendous step in the right direction.

* Singing out of tune.

(Omar Al-qoira)
Misrata Libya



Cyrenaica militias that surround the port «Sidra» oil assess sand berms in front of the entrance to the port

and holed up behind heavy weapons and medium ..

RE-inforcements for the “People’s army of the Cyrenaica Political Bureau” coming  to protect the Oil Fields,

in consequence of the threat coming from Ali ZAIDANE and his ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD GNC  puppet NATO government again!

Armed groups in large numbers of people from the Middle Ajdabiya and Brega and Ras Lanuf and Qmins turf and are now moving to the Rouge Valley after receiving news of the convoys from the West and the preparations for a military convoy again.


Libya Channel – Libya TV channel

Cyrenaica Security prevented a delegation of civil society institutions have access to Ras Lanuf.

And – barred military force stationed in the kilometer (40) east of the city of Sirte last night, a delegation of civil society organizations in Libya from heading to Ras Lanuf, lifting the siege on the ports and oil fields, and engage in dialogue with Ibrahim Jdharan, to open these fields and ports, oil exports have been suspended for four months, causing financial losses exceeded nine billion dollars, hurting Europe severely..

It requested the force that she keep track of the province of Cyrenaica, that the delegation to go back and not to continue the march towards the city of Ras Lanuf, and apply in writing to get into the province of Cyrenaica, and coordination with its political bureau, the delegation includes notables and dignitaries of national reconciliation, and the branch of the Truth corner of the city, headed by Ayub al-Shara (chosen secretary of the Council of elders Libya and reconciliation).

The correspondent Libyan news agency “Sirte for Shara” is quoted as saying that “this delegation form at the invitation of the national initiative to talk about this subject, and at the special meeting of civil society organizations in Tripoli on 27 of this month, at the invitation of the Minister of Labour in the interim government, to go and find a mechanism to open fields oil in the Eastern Province. ”

The head of the delegation expressed surprise and displeasure of these actions that do not serve the Libyan people and national unity, and that a delegation of civil society institutions to the city of Sirte, after preventing him from completing his peaceful toward the oil fields and ports closed.


28 décembre
Urgent Valley Rouge:
Two women and a man with a delegation of olive branches in a private car to the valley Reds were greeted by Thoh defense Cyrenaica and are now on their way to the city of Ajdabiya in order to meet all of the Executive Board and head of the political _ gently .. At a time when the rest of the convoy stopped in the city of Sirte.God, I am part of Sirte and the great God Almbart just coming to the bus and said they Biatsamu peaceful in Brega .. God have 300 base car in Heisha west of Sirte and connected to God and God’s great words correctly.Port Sidra
Source: One of the leaders in the valley
(“Voice Burka”)
Issa Oraibi:
Urgent … Politburo asks convoy reunion
Visit Tawergha camp in Garyounes before
Tawergha Camp at Garyounis
“Then I will stop talking about the theft of oil ..”


Attempt to assassinate Colonel Nasser Issa Abidi
After the exit of the camp and Colonel Naasralobeidy
Is ordered Qrnadh camp and is now in the case of
Very, very serious in hospital CASABLANCA (white )..
(Issa Oraibi)



God and yes, the agent in all droopy
Oh God, I certify that I have reached ..!! =============== Sabotage is still ongoing investment projects river plain area Benghazi .. The last of these operations do a people from the project area, large farms Bgerdenh (25 kilometers south-east of Benghazi) work break deliberate Boukrsana water channel feeding the irrigation machine longitudinal (along the canal up to 2000 linear meters) and covers an area of ​​machine field 160 hectares … Flowing water of the channel at a rate of approximate 100 liters per second .. The purpose of this destruction is to direct water from the canal to his field surrounded by dirt Ptalayat ensure the survival of the water in this field is full immersion in favor of this and the desire of the spoiler .. Which means a waste of wealth of the Libyan people from the water and you can imagine 100 liters per second, and is also a cliff soil project and the demolition of the concrete channel and disrupt the operation of the machine for work because this break will not be allowed to remain water channel …….. The question that arises .. Where the Ministry of Agriculture of the destruction of one of the most important projects in the Eastern Province of grain? : Image source m. Issa Cltami.
(Khaled Jehani)
Tazrbua people threatening to close the Great Man Made River system, due to the closure of the road for them by gunmen.

Sunday afternoon was assassinated Colonel “key Hamid star” shot
Left to the head, after the unidentified car on board
Hyundai Elantra send a hail of bullets killed him by
Witnesses and mentions that the “star” former colonel external security.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel:
Galaa hospital in Benghazi receives the body of former Colonel device external security
“key star” after he was shot dead by unknown assailants:
Colonel, who was assassinated today: Mr. Star was assassinated key area of ​​Al-Salam neighborhood
market iron and not Sabri area and is a resident of Al-Salam neighborhood and note that he was
subjected to an assassination attempt on the former and survived them, but this time, God forbid, and Mashallah did ….
God bless his soul …..

Salem al-Obeidi:
Najat head sergeants “Nasser Issa al-Obeidi,” of trying to
Assassinated in front of his home district area spotted loans, after that
The unidentified targeting a hail of bullets, and mentions that
Obeidi, a men’s air defense

# (Spotted)

Special forces arrest a person does not exceed 25
Year-old, he Balrmih them driving a red Hyundai
Color, and will take the necessary actions
Special Forces arrest on illegal immigration
While stationed at different points immobilization.
Libyan Army(Salem al-Obeidi)
Salem Qnneber: Waiting for death resigned … Benghazi tell you
Voir la traduction
«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
– Here We became who we ask each other question Madaom Is there killed today .. If the answer is yes .. Re asking about the name or names of the slain .. Viote plus answer to what was accompanied by the killing of information … Clear .. Sleep .. Awakening .. The fact .. Reality .. Imagination .. What happens in Benghazi .. Why are you Taatakbon of Benghazi …
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::
Now is laying the foundation for the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi,
Benghazi Congratulations Oh …..
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Since few clashes when Tripoli Bridge and Thunderbolt forces on their way out there ………..
Sauaakm the latest news …Benghazi
Shooting heavy weapons at the moment near  the Tripoli bridge in Benghazi.
Urgent ::::::::::::::::: car from Hyundai Hoa color red has Balrmih on the bridge when the bolt forces evacuation and thankfully was arrested.
Latest News :::::::::::::
1 – Department of Galaa Hospital doctors note they stop working and that there was a problem between them
and the one person inside the hospital ……
2 – special forces arrested a number of Chadian city of Benghazi, the streets do not have papers to prove their identity ….


Special Forces Benghazi
BMW is third on the Champions Balrmih special forces at the crossroads Laithi .
The Champions Vlazt fled to deal with it and there is no human damage, thank God,
Benghazi wounded yesterday
Abduction submitted, “Ahmed believer senile,” one of the men, Major General
The first pedestrian in front of his house, by unidentified jeep
Swade color opaque glass, and no news yet attic.
Force was stationed Besimavro Libya into a hail of bullets
By gunmen from the area Laithi, and was answered sources
Fire, without causing engagement of injuries
Special forces arrest three people, Egyptians
Nationality and Libby person in possession of 150 fake passport in one
Alastaagaf points out that the Special Forces are stationed in Thunderbolt
The city of Benghazi
The arrest of a Palestinian nationality, with a bullet
Type of firearm cartridge Alkwyfah area, and to resuscitate him were to receive
Treatment and complete the necessary procedures by the competent authorities
The outbreak of an armed clash on the back of the housing area is problematic
Personal box and 31 from the region between Mshein
(Salem al-Obeidi)
According to the expectations of weather forecasts frequent and for monitoring the state of the weather today on the city of Benghazi and generation green Altakazir of runoff valleys domestic them as a result of the melting of hailstones expected to fall today, the low air which will result in rain and hail has covered the city of Benghazi since the sixth hour of Friday morning when Rainfall Rain, God willing.
According to weather forecasts, the rain will increase the abundance of today, Friday, between the hours of 10:00 pm and 18:00.
Special forces in Benghazi arrest number three people carry with them the number one hundred and fifty false passport.
And people with a car now Libby Street area and a twenty Egyptians took him to the hospital for beating by troops while trying to escape.
It also arrested the Palestinian people infected by a bullet Alkwyfah area and was taken to hospital evacuate.

Attack by the rebels room (survival Shield in Benghazi) Ali PSD Benghazi, to the release of one of the accused in the crime of bombing the gate pierces .. And the involvement of some members of Ansar al-Sharia in the attack ..

# Gate _ Libya

News confirmed .. Each assassinations that occur in the eastern region are the approval of Deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Noah (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood & LFG), one of the identified scope in the eastern region only for certain goals.

A security source confirmed the Security Directorate of Benghazi, the Directorate
Was attacked by armed gunmen affiliated with the battalion
February 17 rats of the inventory Ismail Salaabi ..
And was answered by the sources of fire rescue
And the same source said that the attack caused no casualties
, But it resulted in material losses,
It is reported that the same armed group carried out the attack yesterday on the forces of attribution and for help in the late hours of the night yesterday
Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Urgent / explosions are now Graouachtbkat Security Directorate with camp
February 17 revolutionaries room .….
There are reports saying that the clashes that occur now are clashes between forces for help and support
against the battalion on February 17 by saying that the venue and the clash near the Directorate of Road .
And reasons unknown so far ……
Reported that the clashes took place between security and Madrih Battalion 17 Ferrari.!!
(The current emphasis)
International reporter:
heavy gunfire heard near the meantime Security Directorate of Benghazi in the Hawari.
Suspicious movements of cars on the road Fjah Hawari.
Finally found the  missing body of the father of Salem demons found at Hawari cemetery
and found the company public services when they are clean and have been moved to a hospital bed in 1200 …




When Kill Men Derna honorable did not come out parents Alamuar Kharijites and Atbroo of their children, but lose to defend them and Ham are asking the people of Derna issuing a statement of who gets in the gate precise but did not come out, but who have sons in the curriculum of atonement and Nehna not liable to make any statement

because when those have them beating Vatballm as if the Resurrection has or what they say they factors in their concepts and the other something normal or sense more correct dog and grinding it Ankhalh means no Kyi in ordinary people did Kyi them

asking the people of Derna to stand with them and stood in the past and was sympathetic with them, but after that Anglbo Ali their families who Schell proximity Nehna are not pro bono on the actions of your children Wahl Derna Tgerau dose you and your children does not mean my words he the GOD IS THE GREATEST not Nehna to Anagaf with the Badru mistakes and Elly Dyer Shi begins Megih the blood of the sons of Derna and Benghazi is not responsible by anyone except the owners of this thought muddled

and Almkhmjh I carp on the Council Almtakzl and institution of civil society in issuing this statement because of Afal actions against its people, it is not us but Aesthl you say the word better, or about the gate precise film Ibadr them anything before time but the opposite respect in the passing of the gate and the testimony of Dr. Mohammed bin imagination.

The other side of the gate Quartz Is the blood of the sons of the precise and the blood of the sons of Derna
Of the children killed in the rebels and not the son of tuber tuber does not recognize it and do not support him and his family “dumb devils” to Lisu our people .. We wish him Maevala us from the killing and bombing and burning and more.


According to what was stated through the pages of Derna ..
Today in the morning lose some Kharijites to follow Sufyan Alqovernm assault on one of the doctors to take the car from him, but the doctor was Mtikdha them a Bulgarian citizenship and fled from them miraculously Faqamo broken glass of the car on the whole lose foreign doctors no request to exit the final of Derna and Turku hospital and is now present in the protection of Some young people in the door of Tobruk

and in dialogue with them not to leave the hospital but to no avail understand calling out immediately from Derna and after I come Mullah Sufian Alqovernm and with him Chiaa who Amaah such as Ibn al-Hawari and tribal and Ibn Hashim bin Fayed Mohammed carrying weapons and guarding Ali Sufyan inside.

Sufian Ali doctors and nurses and asked them to staying and told them I will give you protection but Reject, and now they Istt travel and this is what Jelbtoh us of the best O Goodenough O Massachin blood kill the victim and Ivhbo in the funeral this your deeds,

but I swear by God that we met when Ali Muqtadir will not forgive you for what Fltoh in this city, my lovers treachery O cowards and Lord takes you, right this talk from someone who works in the hospital, a dialogue with them and told them how long you happy with this case, but this young hero and told them this is what is accepted by the Islamic religion, and spoke with them for an eye strong and come out Sufyan and his inside overnight, doctors and nurses said would be futile for them to interact with them and have no place anymore.

Those Nasara but their hearts tubercle not like your heart did not leave
give Derna day since the revolution that brought us your thoughts Almkhmjh Suffice God and yes, the agent ♦

# (Born Leader)

Closure of the headquarters of the conductors, transport and civil defense headquarters tuber
Atmosphere of the country – Walid Sati
The family of the city of Derna today the closure of the headquarters of conductors, transport and civil defense headquarters in the city, claiming ownership of private land.
Spokesman for the network of institutions of civil society and its suburbs tuber Bozhb Abdul Basit said he is being investigated for ownership of the land with difficulty in the absence of competent authorities, and noted that they are going to take out the families and convince them to wait.
He explained that the earth has two warehouses someone to manage the transportation and the other to manage the civil defense and fire trucks.
It is reported that maintenance work is being carried out and the processing of civil defense headquarters, where three cars will support a number of the fire department where the city suffers from a fire truck stop said.



Four tanks stationed at the entrance to the city of Sabha island of health.


Maintenance technician suffered burns west Sabha during Mswalthm to work
Maintenance station mosque Ibn Abi Taleb area Manshiyya
And they Alpheneyen
1 – Bilal Mohamed Osman
2 – Khalid Mohammed Salem Ashmawy
Where was transferred Technical (Bilal Mohammed Osman) to Tunisia due to burns at his own expense
News Heathens
Occurrence of acute Khalafat between Tabu and Al_ak_in Libyans living in the neighborhood resulted in the killing of the Shura Hussein pen which is calculated on the Toubou Libyans after he got intense debate among themselves after the Al_ak_in assaulting a security point of belonging to a stun …
And they claim that he was dead, shot a sniper from the tribe Ozoah after he left the mosque and this is not true as they promote in their pages in terms of knowing the infidels knows that there is no mosque TPU nearby areas Ozoah
and at the same time does not clashes between the people and between Tabu
And what happened before a few of them is an attack on the central point of the army “Thunderbolt”.
Danten hit RPG next school Tariq ibn Ziyad by TabuTabu sons of the desert
Infidels now
Wounding three students from Tabu Azwaiat a sniper’s bullet during their exit from the school,
which led the death of any one of them (the student / Rami Toga) and the wounding of two of his colleagues.
Channel Tabu
Urgent killing of infidels Altbawi young man (Rami Toga) after being shot by a sniper before he left a few of Zhoyat.


Godless Mend few hours / / / /

The death of Mohammed Jadallah sweeping nicknamed (Jadallia), who was wounded by

a sniper near the Swedish island city of Kufra and radicle mentioning that Jadallah at the age of 63 years.

Arab ~
Turkish lira falling to its lowest level against the dollar historic ~

Libya went steals ..

Tunisian authorities arrest Libyans and Algerians who stole gold and smuggled from Libya to Algeria

was caught trying to smuggle gold from Libya to Algeria and the value of the smuggled gold alone is estimated at 5 billion.




 la vidéo de Urgent News of the Libyan revolution.Not only about the suffering and God … and God and yes, the agent
The problem in the mesh beheaded soldier
But Shen saw Elly Darōh “mujahideen” in the head after the cut!
Note: This soldier according to the word “mujahideen” Macanc combat troops, but troops were guarding the doors of the hospital
Not around and no power except God Almighty

المشكلة مش فى قطع رأس الجندى
لكن شاهدوا شن اللى داروه “المجاهدين “فى الرأس بعد قطعه !ملحوظة : الجندى هذا بحسب كلام “المجاهدين” ماكانش جندى قتالى و لكن كان جندى حراسة على ابواب مستشفىلا حول و لا قوة الا بالله العلى العظيم



Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::
URGENT :: sentenced to death on charges of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi conspiracy
And incitement to murder and violence
Ratios Egyptian security services that Yusuf al-Qaradawi‘s involvement directly in the recent violence witnessed by Egypt.
The Egyptian Qaltaat detective that the charges by Ashraf al-Qaradawi is not tolerated and they are great unforgivable elementary and sentenced to death al-Qaradawi.
Lawyers / front-Qaradawi great opportunity to appeal to escape the judgment and there is a great possibility to ease the verdict, but will not survive, which implicated the same with the Islamists in Sinai and Cairo and elsewhere.
If the military establishment proved any link to Al-Qaradawi in the case of the Sinai and killed military Valkarzawi executed inevitably, whatever the evidence is weak or strong.
Fathi bin Isa:
Egypt announced that a group of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood a “terrorist group” and notified the Arab countries are
signatories to the Convention on the fight against terrorism in this matter ..
They do ask them to implement this Convention (what about Libya you would withdraw from the agreement or implemented by the hand?)
Of the highlights of the contents of this Convention:
First, prevention measures:
** Prevent its territory to take the scene of planning or organizing or executing terrorist crimes or to initiate or participate in any of the pictures, including action to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements to it or set up on its territory, either individually or in groups, or receiving or harboring, training, arming or funding or provide any facilities to them.
* Strengthening the activities of the media and the security coordination with the activities of the media in each country according to its information policy, so as to detect the goals of terrorist groups and organizations and foil their plans and the extent of danger to security and stability.
* Each Contracting State shall establish a database to collect and analyze information about the elements, groups, movements and terrorist organizations, and the monitoring of developments phenomenon of terrorism, and the successful experiences in the face, and to update this information, and to provide the competent organs of the Contracting States, and to the extent permitted by the laws and procedures Interior for each state.
Second, control measures:
** Arrest the perpetrators of terrorist crimes and prosecuted in accordance with national law, or handed over in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, or bilateral agreements between the two countries requesting and the requested delivery.
* The establishment of effective cooperation between the relevant agencies and citizens to confront terrorism, including the creation of appropriate guarantees and incentives to encourage the reporting of terrorist acts, and to provide information that will help in the detection and cooperation in the arrest of the perpetrators.


 Grip of true friendship

Latest update : 2010-08-30
Libya’s Muammar al-Qathafi has called on Europe to convert to Islam during a trip to Italy Monday.

The colonel’s lucrative investments underscore Tripoli’s growing influence on Italy’s economy.

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi met close ally, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Monday to mark the second anniversary of a friendship treaty signed between his country and its former colonial power, Italy.

The flamboyant Colonel landed at Fiumicino airport on Sunday with his customary following of “amazon” female bodyguards, Arabian thoroughbreds and trademark Bedouin tent, the proposed location of which has been the subject of much debate in the Italian media.

al-Qathafi and Berlusconi are expected to share iftar, the meal breaking the days fast during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Quranic lessons

Furthermore, the Libyan leader staged a repeat of the most talked-about event of his last visit in November of last year, when 200 attractive – and somewhat bemused – women recruited by an agency were invited to a Roman villa and treated to a surprise lecture on Islam by the Libyan leader himself.

Those who had come expecting a party and lavish gifts were instead handed copies of the Holy Quran and the GREEN BOOK of al-Qathafi, as well as a 50-euro note.

This time, al-Qathafi called on Europe to convert to Islam during a lecture on Sunday to 500 young women, mainly students, who were paid 70 or 80 euros to attend his talk. The participants were also asked to dress conservatively.

While much of the programme has been kept secret, al-Qathafi and his retinue were expected to indulge in the sort of “spontaneous” walks round Rome’s city centre that so intrigued the locals the last time he was in town.

Post-colonial reconciliation

Muammar al-Qathaf’s charisma and charm have made him into something of a darling of the Italian media, to the point of obscuring the real interests that underlie his alliance with Berlusconi’s Italy.

“In the media coverage of al-Qathafi’s visits, the choreography always trumps the substance,” said Ettore Livini, a journalist at Italian daily La Repubblica, in an interview with

Under the treaty signed two years ago in Tripoli, Italy offered a formal apology and financial compensation for the hardships suffered by Libyans during the colonial era.
In return, al-Qathafi promised to halt the waves of illegal migrants seeking to reach the Italian coast, a pledge he has so far fulfilled, said Livini.

The treaty helped change Libya’s status from pariah state to respectable partner, and gave the go-ahead to a series of bilateral investments between the two countries, the total value of which has been estimated at 40 billion euros.


Much of that money has come from none other than al-Qathafi himself. On his visit, al-Qathafi has been meeting up with Italian business leaders.

Over the past two years, the Colonel has acquired stakes in a number of strategic Italian companies, becoming the fifth-biggest shareholder on the Milan stock exchange. Libya also owns about six percent of Italy’s largest bank, Unicredit.

“al-Qathafi’s purchases have been guided by Berlusconi himself,” said La Repubblica’s Livini. “Nowhere is this more the case than with Unicredit,” he added, referring to the hugely influential bank at the heart of a tangle of shareholdings that stretch into virtually all sectors of the Italian economy.

Livini says these investments give the Libyan leader a word in the management of a whole array of companies, including Il Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading newspaper and one Berlusconi has long sought to control.

In the meantime, Italy has recovered its position as Libya’s main trade partner, while Italian firms Ansaldo and ENI have recently secured lucrative contracts to renew Libya’s transport infrastructure and exploit the country’s plentiful natural resources.

But the next step of the Berlusconi- al-Qathafi alliance, selling Italian arms to Libya, is likely to prove more controversial.

Date created : 2010-08-30

When love is love

Posted by moscarelli25 AUG 2010

It’s a love story. You cannot deny it. These are some pictures, available to all, where you can see with your eyes which rapports are between these two great minds. It is not a scandal to show love in public, it is a natural thing. And remember, “bunga-bunga” is a al-Qathafi creation, Berlusconi only adapted it.

 Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qathafi Official Visit In Rome 30 AUG 2010:

In This Photo: Silvio Berlusconi, Muammar al-qathafi
Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi shakes hands with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi during a photo exhibition at the Libyan Academy on 30 August 2010 in Rome, was on an official two-day visit to Italy for talks with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The visit also marks the second anniversary of a friendship treaty between Italy and Lybia.
(29 August 2010 – Source: Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images Europe)


(picture shows Muammar al-Qathafi‘s in his Bab Aziziyah home-library on Tripoli 05 February 2005)
(Jack Guez / AFP)

LIBYA. When Gaddafi wrote to his friend Berlusconi (05 AUG. 2011)

Posted on 25-10-2011 08:30 Le Nouvel Observateur with AFP By Le Nouvel Observateur with AFP
A letter (written in Arabic) from the Libyan leader to head of the Italian government in which he asked him to “stop the bombing” was found.

The Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi wrote on 05 August 211 to his close friend, the Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, asking him to

“stop the bombings that kill our Libyan brothers and our children,”

according to a letter published Monday 24 October 2011 on the website of the magazine “Paris Match “.

“Dear Silvio (…), 

I was surprised by the attitude of a friend with whom I have sealed a treaty of friendship in favor of our two peoples. I hoped from you at least you ‘re interested in facts and that you try mediation before making your support for this war.”

“I do not blame you for what you are not liable because I know that you were not in favor of this harmful action which honors neither you nor the Italian people. But I think you still have the possibility to reverse and uphold the interests of our peoples. “

“Stop the bombings that kill our Libyan brothers and our children. Talk to your friends and allies to achieve this; and, stop this aggression against my country. I hope that Almighty God will guide you on the path for this justice. “

This letter was delivered in early August and received in Rome by the Italian authorities through a couple of Italian friends of Muammar al-Qathafi who head an Italian Hostess agency in Rome .

Early in the conflict, the Italian government, at the fore-front, which Silvio Berlusconi leads, had been very reluctant to authorise or release a edict against Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, with whom he signed in 2008 a treaty of friendship and economic cooperation.

FA former colonial power, Italy was the largest trading partner of Libya .
(Le Nouvel Observateur – AFP)