Relief Comes Only from the Power of Allah !

Mu leading RAMADAN services

The Green Book and Green Flags are loaded again for free distribution in LIBYA (lest the people forget!)

The Green Book and Green Flags are loaded again for free distribution in LIBYA (lest the people forget!)


Ali all free and a free media must be green processing.

Get ready Victory is coming, Allah willing,
Salute to all the men home

(“The quake compassionate”)

Mu is victory in Tripoli



This is how we Gain the upper hand .. by trusting on Allah ..
I tried to translate some words of this Chant:

Pray for Salvation

“My Allah, Its You who grants victory to the oppressed, oh my Allah !
Not someone else, we please him, or we are afraid of him
Tears are whispering to you what you hear ..

Complain to him of your People’s pain.

When coming to you,  the forces of the universe told us that we don’t have a supporter !
We said to the universe : Allah is enough for us.
No matter how overwhelmed the major powers with their Arrogance…
Because, we know that: Allah is the Greatest ..”

 رباه ياناصر المظلوم رباه
وليس غيرك نرجوه ونخشاه
يبثك الدمع همسا انت تسمعه
وللجراح لدى نجواك افواه
قالت قوى الكون انا لاسناد لنا
ونحن للكون قلنا “حسبنا الله”
قد استجابت لك اللهم ثورتنا
ومن يجب داعي المولى تولاه
يامنتهى امل الراجين انت لنا
ومنك وحدك يأتي العز والجاه
ندعوك من كل ميدان نسير به
على هداك ونعم المرشد الله
مهما طغى بالقوى الكبرى تكبرها
فنحن ………..نعلم ان الأكبر الله.

“Mon Dieu, Son Vous qui accorde la victoire aux opprimés, oh mon Dieu!
Pas quelqu’un d’autre, nous lui plaire, ou nous avons peur de lui
Larmes chuchotent de vous ce que vous entendez ..

Plaindre à lui de la douleur de votre peuple.

En venant à vous, les forces de l’univers nous a dit que nous ne disposons pas un partisan!
Nous avons dit à l’univers: Allah est suffisant pour nous.
Peu importe comment envahir les grandes puissances avec leur arrogance …
Parce que, nous savons que: Allah est le plus grand .. “


Why we are right .. Dr. Abdul Hadi Moussa .. al-Qathafi bastions co-founder of ‘Islamic Call Society’ .. 07/16/2015
Islam and al-Qathafi, the Libyan 16/07/2015



Last Updated: 18 July 2015

Editor: Gina Anderson

Langley SR-22 unmanned aircraft system

Although a pilot will be on board for safety purposes, Langley’s SR-22 unmanned aircraft system will be controlled from a portable ground station during its 30 mile flight. a NASA Langley fixed-wing Cirrus SR22 aircraft, a UAS technology testbed that can be flown remotely from the ground.

“This first unmanned aerial delivery gave us the chance to do some critical research and mission exploration with our Cirrus SR22,” said Frank Jones, deputy director of NASA Langley’s Research Services Directorate that oversees all Langley aircraft. “We flew the aircraft remotely beyond visual line of sight for the first time from a portable ground station. We had remotely piloted it a number of times at NASA Langley using our permanent ground station, but this allowed us to demonstrate a new capability that we can use to test unmanned mission concepts and aircraft technologies in a remote location.”

A company pilot controlled the hexacopter. The flight also allowed Langley to look at the safety case for use of UAS to deliver supplies to remote areas, including the transfer from aircraft to small drones.

‘SEESPAN Inc’., an aerial interactive media startup company, also participated in research flights at the event to advance uses of unmanned aircraft in capturing video.

The Let’s Fly Wisely delivery was one of many research efforts Langley is conducting to advance the safe integration of UAS in the national airspace system (NAS). Langley researchers are also part of NASA’s UAS Integration in the NAS Project, which is working to provide research findings to reduce technical barriers associated with integrating UAS into the NAS using integrated system level tests.

For more information about NASA Aeronautics, visit:



Abdul-Wahab Qaid .. (who dream Balkilana surrounded by seas eye Araftoh)

Mtjoz girl Molid 98 Z-built minor (13 years) and Adv customary marriages in Twagen for young people in Kmlhm fronts.

Zee Tanth wheel Mtjozh means wheel Breueth.

(The ousted Kadhafi)



The attack on the RAT ‘Security Directorate’ of the ‘Roma Libya’ militias.

Hathem Tagouris, security for Tripoli


Called the killing “a serious and Gweideh” of a criminal militia member who is with Salah Badi’s gang (when he tried to steal a car from a citizen near  Bridge 17), where the owner of the car, tried to kill him (in self-defense).




Mu honored by RISHVANA in 2010


‘Boys gangs Bouhmirh’ of the CORNER are bombing Rishvana ‘globe’ and Kerkozh.

‘Brigade Rishvana military’ go after ‘Dawn Libya’ militias of the terrorist bombing of the village of

Kerkozh and the ‘globe’…

The arrival of convoys of the Libyan Army to support the Walibi axes in the region of the Globe and Kerkozh. These heroes would be a strong response to the evil ‘Ali Abu Obeida’ militias of the

and now our great father opens the front hub; and we are advancing to the Corner of TRIPOLI.

Rishvana Green Soldier



Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.

The ‘Srih Hhda Rishvanh’ last night refunded a (Toyota Camry) automobile (which had been stolen by an outlawed group), in the ‘Fisherman’ area.




a number of people severely ill in B.Zliten, from poisoning

caused by eating ‘nutritious meals’ from one of the city’s restaurants.

In the final tally of the number of cases of poisoning from within ‘Madinah Zliten Hospital’ reached 115 poisoning, including children, and five of them in ridiculous situations.

(“Knight and Men”)



battles at WATTAYA

The intentions of an alleged group of rats to

open a new front in the West of the country,

in order to to progress towards base Uqba “Fnaitees” WATTAYA.





Image airstrike in DAASH complex and Kadouko in Sirte

al-Ator Ali Ibrahim Ahmed Hadi Subaie, and Buzmich Ferjany
After their kidnapping and disappearance for 20 days... and are now present in prison of “DAASH” at the former internal security headquarters.

Person ‘my father’ was executed, from the tribe al-Furjan named ‘Ahmed Abuzmich’.
‘166 Battalion Misuratah militias’ affiliated to their ‘FB page’, has been closed by the organization ‘Daash’.

‘Daash’ terrorist organization publishes pictures ‘addicted Page 166 Battalion subsidiary of Roma Libya‘ name ‘Ahmed Salim Salam Abuzmich’, whom they executed and crucified yesterday in Sirte, on ‘the island of Saffron’ (as being a spy for Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’).
Facility with the photo in some publications al-Adinm with his science page disappeared after his death …



PFC Laura Mellinger, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron,  aircraft rescue fire fighting crew member, inserts blasting caps into blocks of C-4 at Target Island Feb. 1.

Dismantling an explosive device weighing six kilos

which was intended to blow up, near the Club
Meadows in Prairie City.



lost electric and communications

Power cuts for 30 percent of the city of Benghazi.




Mujidid 'Subhi Zgrat' leads 'Battalion 207 of Asbi'a'
‘Battalion 207 of Asbi’a’ led by ‘Subhi Zgrat’, cost to secure the town al-Qoalesh (al-Qawalish), after the return of some residents to the town.

City al-Qoalesh, al-Jufra

City al-Qoalesh experiencing some residents return to it after 4 years of displacement and stop young people from the town to preview the damage to the city caused by the 2011 war.

And it pledged to ‘Battalion 207 Asabah’, to protect residents within and insurance in an earlier statement
Messages image of the page
(‘Zintan Operations room’)

'Battalion 207 of Asbi'a' led by 'Subhi Zgrat'




PDF, People’s Armed Forces, south:

PDF, People's Armed Forces, south


Killing and wounding nine people in renewed

clashes between Tabou and Tuareg.

Contact me by a few people said, and I quote:

“It is coming from al-Mthelt through Ubari in front of him, was a Toyota Hilux, in which three major brunette people of al-Epeshra downloaded, by throwing a white person of al-Epeshra out of the car, in front of the pond nearby the mosque…
and have returned the same way.”

This news certainly 100%
(“Desert Lion”)



The arrival of 10 unidentified bodies to the Medical Center in Sabha.

The arrival of four Jtt to the ’02 MARCH hospital’. The bodies have not been identified, killed by the clashes between the ring now and  al-Torac Tabou.
(al-Sour Paul Naliq)


Agreement on a cease-fire between Tabou and Ataiwrac for a week, was reached under the supervision of representatives of tribes and al-Qmazvh al-Hassaonh and Rabaya and appendages Sabha...

that then the parties will agree upon this final solution to the problem.

This afternoon was kidnapped a citizen ‘Osman Ahmoud Mamed Nana’. The tribe al-Karzh-Kadefan are demanding a large amount of money in exchange for his extradition from the region.


Armed clashes in Manshayya.


‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ paraphenalia being openly sold in BARAK CHAT’AI

GREAT JAMAHIRIYA parphenalia being openly sold in BARAK CHAT'AI

Braka in front of the selling games on the occasion of ‘Eid Al-Fitr’:

the green flag is hanging at the highest place on Wednesday night in the city of Barak Chat’ai.

Green Flag  and Great Jamahiriya paraphenelia at Dealer in BARAK CHAT'AI

“Matqad HK hour and untangled”, writes:

“In the same place image of LIVING  Walibi leader Muammar al-Qathafi, the pride of every al-Ippin.”




Tunisia agrees to a US military base in ‘Haouaria focus’.

Do you know why, you dopey people, Tunisia is really building the wall? There will soon be built an American ‘base’

Do you know why America wants to own a base in southern Tunisia (NOT in order to reduce the oil, because America has all the oil fields in the Gulf), but instead,did you know that World War III is upon our doorstep— and will be for WATER.

Read this report to you, you might wake up, dopey!!

Why America wants to base in the south of Tunisia, and this is the real reason:

In the depths of the Tunisian desert, is a sea of fresh water:

– Support this discovery experts from UNESCO, who have confirmed scientifically and geology… and under-ground, there is a deep reservoir inwardly, or lake of good water, in the south of the country, with an estimated reserve of about 60 billion m3 (which is equivalent to water the High Dam size in Egypt),

and is distributed groundwater Sea across the border to Tunisia, Algeria and Libya, with assurances from specialists that these underground water resources in the region may be sufficient for centuries to come.

The Sahara of Tunisian is arid and burning, and most beings have abandoned the south of Tunisia; But hidden is the rest of the second treasure, where scientific and geographical reports of Europeans, suggest that the Tunisian desert is one of the best locations in the world for the production of solar energy, in addition to the country’s strategic location, and its proximity to Europe…making our environmental global pole in the production and export of clean Solar energy everywhere, especially to Europe.

-This file finds great interest from the United States of America, as well as some European countries, to take advantage of the Tunisian desert, in the production of electricity from Solar Energy, especially after the awareness of the seriousness of an environmental disaster, that could be caused by nuclear plants producing electricity (which has been said publicly, by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during her visit in the month of March 2011 to Tunisia), which emphasized the importance of the Tunisian desert in the production of clean energies… as well as visits many Americans to Tunisia on holiday.

Officials, after the RAT CIA-led ‘uprising’, along the lines of Mr. Sirach Kimar Assistant Minister of Commerce, had announced that the USA project in the field of clean energy will be accomplished in the Tunisia Region ‘Twine Tunisian South’, as Italy and France have the same orientation also.

– In the form of a checque, it is hoped, that this inevitably means thousands of jobs for tires and workers, as well as the reconstruction of the desert,

Allah, and Glory note that the project to exploit the ‘Underground Water Tank’ in the desert, completes the project of alternative energy production, also in the desert…

But do you Snntf our wealth or Stneb such as oil, salt and others natural resources ? This ‘wealth of the ruling gang’, hides the facts from the people, and Tohmh’s ‘alleged terrorism’, and the fact that our nation has been sold to Foreign Agents and ‘settlers’..rather than to the indigenous peoples.
(The ousted Kadhafi)

A number of Libyan Arab tribes will meet with Bader Chiaan area (BANI WALID, LIBYA) to attend the ‘Western Region operations room’ which covers Odras mada and Wattaya al-Sadeg al-Mzoga base. The meet will be to discuss ‘the protection of the Libyan-Tunisian border from any breakthroughs which may occur’.



Yemeni Army regains control Aden Airport

The Yemeni Army has regained control Saturday from the International Airport in the southern city of Aden after intense fighting against terrorists and supporters of  fugitive resigned-Yemeni ex-president.

In fighting against Western supporters of resigned-fugitive Yemeni ex-President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi and members of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda to liberate this airport, were also the forces of the popular- movement ‘Ansar-Allah’ who participated.

Advanced recent joint forces Yemeni refutes statements made yesterday by Mansur Hadi from the Saudi capital of Riyadh, where he has taken ‘refuge’, according to which, Aden was free of the ‘People’s Committees’ forces and the Yemeni Army. (These are all fabricated lies.)

hgn / KTG / kaa

Spokesman of 'Ansar-Allah' - Mohammad Abdul-Salam

Spokesman of ‘Ansar-Allah’ – Mohammad Abdul-Salam:

Mohammed Abdul-Salam:

Eid Mubarak and Yemen every year from victory to victory.
And a tribute to the Yemeni Army and ‘People’s Committees’ to Stroh of epics go down in history in the most poignant pages in different fronts, in the city of Aden, where regained full force and fathers dated glorious struggle in the face of new invaders and occupiers.

With regard to the developments of Aden since last Tuesday it was not a surprise, as the Yemeni Army and ‘People’s Committees’ of national and legitimate, moral and cultural duty to address all our strength, and in the first day of ‘Eid al-Fitr’ enable the Yemeni Army heroes and ‘People’s Committees’ to regain the lead,

and repelled more than attack the mercenary aggression, and they would destroy them were killed and families including prominent leaders, destroying several military vehicles and other grasp of that gear that has been conveyed to the mercenaries across the sea, in the intention of aggressive conspiracy seeking to prolong the conflict in Yemen, (thinking of ‘the Alliance of Saudi American Aggression’ that Sinai them for that also subject to the hands of the people Yemeni strike all okay and intensity)-

Is shown by developments in Aden that the mercenary aggression and al-Qaeda are not unpopular them in Aden, nor Aden, and progress limited and shaky is in very limited areas, which does not equal the size of what was spent and prepared

and hyped media fiery sea and air cover, which amounted to 200 raid in circumstance. Only the use of gas and cluster bombs 24 hours.
That was enough to occupy the whole of Aden, and crying to the moon for them, the factor is consistency and steadfastness of the Yemeni Army and ‘People’s Committees’ (and with them ‘the sons of Aden honorable’) represents a resounding victory surprised the enemy who bet on a futile share.

It has become clear that the enemy and more than one hundred and fifteen days did not achieve any victory mentions only death and destruction. That which seeks to compensate for this media and psychological war, is dependent on the progress of my shadow; and crisp unaware, I would have overcome this in years bygone, In the roughest and most conditions.

Today Bhamdallah and the ‘sons of Aden’ know for a surety that the invaders have not achieved any real achievement; and fixed on the ground and aerial bombardments targeting all areas which claims their occupation until this moment.

Developments in Aden also revealed that the ‘United Nations Declaration’ on the truce – and the welcome was Hdhira- not Abriha to be involved in the continued aggression, of where you feel or do not feel:

They have a role to mislead the rhythm of Yemen into the trap of the truce, and only where is the position of ‘the Alliance of Aggression’, which did not declare their failure on their commitment to the truce, (but the oldest on the escalation in Aden, all the United Nations has not cost the same but ‘by expressing regret for breaking the ceasefire’, without downloading the intransigent and infringing any responsibility, …and this is without prejudice to the role of the international organization, which threatens any future efforts, unless they respect the founding charter.

According developments in Aden, it has been emphasized, that the real threat to Yemen, (national and issues, particularly the South issue) is abroad with ambitions conspiratorial,

and this is what catches people of the South who are honorable: that the Yemeni Army and ‘People’s Committees’ are not the only defense force;

and to deter the invaders foreigners and their tools criminal of useing al-Qaeda and ‘DAASH’..

In the face of so unjust an aggression, obviously the siege of highly unfair ..

It is not just being the victim but before all, we must defend ourselves and soverignity with all available ways and means, and Options.

The  Yemeni people are open to all possibilities, and have been lectured to go to different battlefronts in preparation for what has been a battle of developments; and confirmation of our willingness to move now into the strategic options stage.”

عيد مبارك وكل عام واليمن من نصر إلى نصر.

وتحية للجيش واللجان الشعبية لما سطروه من ملاحم سيذكرها التأريخ في أنصع صفحاته في مختلف الجبهات، وفي مدينة عدن حيث استعادت بكل قوة وإباء تأريخها النضالي المجيد في مواجهة الغزاة والمحتلين الجدد.

وبخصوص تطورات عدن منذ الثلاثاء الماضي لم تكن مفاجئة، حيث قام الجيش واللجان الشعبية بواجبهم الوطني والشرعي والأخلاقي والحضاري في التصدي بكل قوة، وفي أول أيام عيد الفطر المبارك تمكن أبطال الجيش واللجان الشعبية من استعادة زمام المبادرة، وصدوا أكثر من هجوم لمرتزقة العدوان، وفتكوا فيهم قتلا وأسرًا بينهم قيادات بارزة، مدمرين العديد من الآليات العسكرية واغتنام أخرى من ذلك العتاد الذي تم إيصاله للمرتزقة عبر البحر، في نية عدوانية مبيتة تسعى إلى إطالة أمد الصراع في اليمن، ظنا من تحالف العدوان السعودي الأمريكي أن ذلك سينأى بهم عن أن تطالهم يدُ الشعب اليمني الضاربة بكل بأس وشدة.

ما أظهرته التطورات في عدن أن مرتزقة العدوان وعناصر القاعدة لا قبولا شعبيا لهم في عدن، ولا غير عدن، وتقدمهم المحدود والمهزوز هو في مناطق محدودة للغايه لا يساوي حجم ما أنفق وأعد وروج له اعلاميا والغطاء الناري البحري والجوي والذي وصل إلى حد 200 غارة في ظرف 24 ساعة فقط واستخدام القنابل الغازية والعنقودية .

وكان ذلك كافيا لاحتلال عدن كاملة، وهيهات لهم ذلك، فعامل الثبات والصمود للجيش واللجان الشعبية ومعهم أبناء عدن الشرفاء يمثل انتصارا مدويا فاجأ العدو الذي راهن على سهم خائب.

لقد بات واضحا ان العدو ولاكثر من مائة وخمسة عشر يوما لم يحقق اي انتصار يذكر سوى القتل والدمار ولهذا يسعى الى تعويض ذلك بحرب إعلامية ونفسية معتمدا على تقدم ظلي وهش غير مدرك أنا قد تجاوزنا هذا في سنوات غابره وفي ظروف اقسى وأشد

واليوم بحمدالله وأبناء عدن يعرفون ذلك ان الغزاه لم يحققوا اي إنجاز فعلي وثابت على الارض وان القصف الجوي يستهدف كل المناطق التي يدعي احتلالها حتى هذه اللحظة .

كما كشفت تطورات عدن أن إعلان الأمم المتحدة عن هدنة – وترحيبنا كان حذرا- لا يبرئها أن تكون متورطة في استمرار العدوان من حيث تشعر او لا تشعر وأنها قامت بدور تضليل لإيقاع اليمن في فخ الهدنة، وإلا أين هي من موقف تحالف العدوان الذي لم يعلن عدم التزامه بالهدنة، بل أقدم على تصعيد في عدن كل ذلك ولم تكلف الأمم المتحدة نفسها سوى بالإعراب عن أسفها عن خرق الهدنة، دون تحميل الجهة المتعنتة والمتعدية أي مسؤولية، وهذا يخل بدور المنظمة الدولية، ويهدد أي مساع مستقبلية لها ما لم تحترم ميثاق تأسيسها.

وحسبُ تطورات عدن أن أكدت أن الخطر الحقيقي الذي يهدد اليمن، وقضاياه الوطنية وفي مقدمتها القضية الجنوبية هو الخارج وأطماعه التآمرية، وهذا ما أدركه أبناء الجنوب الشرفاء من أن الجيش اليمني واللجان الشعبية ليسوا سوى قوة دفاع وردع للغزاة الأجانب وأدواتهم الإجرامية المتمثلة في القاعدة والدواعش.

وأمام هكذا عدوان ظالم وحصار جائر.. فليس أمام المُعتدى عليه سوى الدفاع بكل السبل والوسائل المتاحة، وخيارات شعبنا اليمني مفتوحة على كل الاحتمالات، وحاضر للتوجه إلى مختلف جبهات القتال استعدادا لما توجبه تطورات المعركة، وتأكيدا على استعداده الانتقال إلى مرحلة الخيارات الاستراتيجية .

Yemeni army soldiers.

Yemeni army soldiers

More than just a thought: It is a working Reality

Mu at thought

All good Nations must eventually do away with a “Constitution” itself [see GREEN BOOK], and proclaim only Holy Scripture as the LAW of the LAND….and that HOLY SCRIPTURE will depend upon the accepted Scripture as being from God/ Allah (and not from the pen of any man or men).

One Green Flag for Allah:
One Green Flag for Allah

banner bookmark Green Book in 3 parts


Muammar al-Qathafi addresses gathering at the ‘Green Auditorium’ (with English translation).

Muammar and his Green BookGREEN BOOK Lp Green Resistance and Green Bookgreen-book-muMu 395 w Green Book pages Green Book in French online

QUOTE from

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, found in ‘The Green Book’

“Ignorance will come to an end
when everything is presented as it actually is”

Education, or learning, is not necessarily that methodized curriculum and those classified subjects in text books which youth are forced to learn during specified hours while sitting on rows of desks. This type of education, nowprevailing all over the world, is against human freedom.
Compulsory education is one of the methods which suppresses freedom. It is a compulsory obliteration of a human being’s talents as well as a forcible direction of a human being’s choices. It is an act of dictatorship damaging to freedom because it deprives man of free choice,creativity and brilliance.
To force a human being to learn according to a set curriculum is a dictatorial act. To impose certain subjects upon people is a dictatorial act.
All methods of education prevailing in the world should be done away with through a worldwide cultural revolution to emancipate man’s mind from curricula of fanaticism and from the process of deliberate adaptation of man’s taste, his ability to form concepts and his mentality.

This does not mean that schools are to be closed and that people should turn their backs on education, as it may seem to superficial readers. On the contrary, it means that society should provide all types of education, giving people the chance to choose freely any subjects they wish to learn. This requires a sufficient number of schools for all types of education.
Insufficient schools restrict man’s freedom of choice forcing him to learn the subjects available, while depriving him of natural right of choice because of the lack of availability of other subjects. …

Knowledge is a natural right of every human being which nobody has the right to deprive him of under any pretext except in a case where a person himself does something which deprives him of that right.
Ignorance will come to an end when everything is presented as it actually is and when knowledge about everything is available to each person in the manner that suits him.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is ready for VICTORY:

Mu is ready for Victory



One year ago, in London:

“a behind the scenes insight into the inner workings of the mainstream media covering a global conflict of which their viewers know little.
The result is a heartfelt and emotional ride that questions everything we thought we knew about democracy, global finance, political spin and, of course, Colonel al-Qathafi.

The colonel in white


Obama and Sewan cut a deal at the White House in Washington, 22 January 2014:
Obama and Sewan cut a deal at the White House in Washington, 22 January 2014


Fears in Libya as ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood rise to power

Mohammed Sewan, head of Libya's 'Muslim' Brotherhood

By Mustapha Ajbaili | al-Arabiya News
Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Sharif al-Wafi said that those who named Maiteeq as prime minister – were “kidnapped” by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their allies.

“No reasonable man can sign the decision to appoint Maiteeq as prime minister,” he added.

A ‘comic film’

Libyan writer Mohammad al-Houni described Maiteeq’s election as a “comic film directed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Fighting Group,” a sub-state armed group which operated in the country.

He said Libya is currently caught in a “dark tunnel” of Islamic extremism and needs another revolution to return to the path of democracy.

“We cannot, in any case, make Libya come out of this dark tunnel unless people come out by [the] hundreds and thousands to say to the Muslim Brotherhood and to al-Qaeda: Enough,” he said.

The 'Hood'

The political wing (‘Justice & Construction’) of Libya’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood was established in 2012 and has developed to be a major political force in Libya.

Internal disputes within the rival ‘National Forces Alliance’ and the political isolation law targeting former Qaddafi officials weakened the liberal National Forces Alliance, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood’s JCP to consolidate its grip on Libya’s political life.

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their Islamist allies in the conservative al-Watan Party, whose leader Abdel-Hakim Belhadj, headed the ‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’ in the near past.

Abdallah al-Thinni was appointed as interim prime minister. But after unknown gunmen attacked his home in Tripoli in April, al-Thinni submitted his resignation.

The Muslim Brotherhood and hardline Islamists have been blamed for threats made against al-Thinni.

The group was also blamed for the July 2003 assassination of Abdulsalam al-Mesmari, a Benghazi-based human rights activist and vocal critic of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Angry protesters at the time attacked and burned offices of the Muslim Brotherhood and its JCP in Tripoli and Benghazi.

Ever since, the Islamist movement has faced growing suspicion among the general public and its critics have seemingly become more emboldened by the collapse of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in neighboring Egypt.

Libyan writer al-Houni said the group, and its radical Islamist allies, seek to establish an Islamic emirate in Libya. “I think they are on track to achieving this goal,” he said.

Last Update: Tuesday, 06 May 2014 KSA 22:34 – GMT 19:34

Green-Libyan Writer Mohammed Belgasem al-Houni:

Libyan Writer Mohammed Belgasem al-Houni



The release of detainees Tunisians after the release of the offender, ‘Walid KULAIB’ Misurati leader of the militias ‘Roma Libya’, commanding the ‘Ammer-militia’ rockets and tanks in Salah al-Din, TRIPOLI. (He was stopped at Tunisia without advertising for reasons.)

Tunisian border security guards



‘Zintan Neto ground’, writes:·
Star Factory before the bombing and told you of safety and security:

Daash of Tripoli are Bedouin ‘soap’.

The kidnapping of criminal ganglord ‘Obuagelh paste’,

militia leader by  ‘dough boys of the Corner’.


Salah-ud-Din road forks 
Family problems in B.azhm Tseker,

and the road leading to the University of Nasser by militias!
(Aman Aatrabuls) !!!








‘Room Zintan operations’, reporting:

Report summarizes the most important military developments in the ‘Western Region’, and the Green Nafusa Western Mountains Region, for today:

Broke out at exactly eight o’clock in the morning the shelling with heavy weapons on the stationing of troops axes leading to Uqba Air Force Base, where the bombing focused on the pivotal Om-Hoahh and Akrabieah sites process.

After less than half an hour, stopped heavy shelling to become sporadic shelling from time to time, knowing that the fighting fronts leading to the air base saw a quieter careful throughout the two weeks.

As for the other axes combat, attests axis al-Ash southwest of Racdalin quieter careful.

Returned from a secret fighter support force of the army from the city of # ajaylat and led by field commander, “Ibrahim Obossuyd” to the axis of the front or Hoahh the eve of the day, after spending a few days in al-Rajaban al-Habibh.

Note that secrecy was Borcvanh (RISHVANA) last term during the burial of the bodies late for them, God willing, (Ahmed Obouchoth Ajili, Abdalmanman Samida) hunters who SKIP next to Rabhma aerial bombing by the vertical flight of the militias, “Dawn Libya” during the progress of the army and control of the rest Dawadi South Gemayel previous days.

In the direction of the West, it has seen the focus of the desert road south of the city of Sabratha withdrawal of a 6 armed vehicles and tanks and cannon Hauser and subordination to “Hurricane battalion – Misurata” military convoy.

Near the capital Tripoli, the Libyan army forces stationed strength and support of his tribe and Rishvana full of the tribe and the land down to the Maya Bank,

but the armed force belonging to the battalion al-Mrdas from the city of Misurata are stationed on the coastal road and there does not exist any Clash or Mnachoat.

Western mountain today, the support of the army force stationed north of the city of Gharyan (Heera) intermittent shelling targeted the stationing militia “just Daab sites” and calm prevail axes combat on the outskirts of the city now.

(al-Mrussel Mamed)

‘Zintan Neto ground’:

Allah dampers requires more on this topic image to Champions Zintan in honey keeps them well Ruba.



Meeting between the Municipal Council and the Council Gharyan with of Zintan, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Council delegation Hyuh Libya, 1

Meeting between the Municipal Council and the Council Gharyan with of Zintan, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Council delegation Hyuh Libya, who urged the parties to stop the infighting and reach an agreement to resolve all outstanding problems.

Meeting between the Municipal Council and the Council Gharyan with of Zintan, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Council delegation Hyuh Libya, 2
(Paljbl Gharba)
[al-Mrussel Mamed]

 Meeting between the Municipal Council and the Council Gharyan with of Zintan, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Council delegation Hyuh Libya, 3

(al-Baua la dan lh):
How Petrqaoha Twaaa Iatia O O silks Ttiyaban couscous !!!
(Black Nharkm)

Meeting between the Municipal Council and the Council Gharyan with of Zintan, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Council delegation Hyuh Libya, 4
A summary of the meeting today: agreement to be reached between the sheikhs and notables of Misurata gathered with dignitaries Zintan and al-Rajaban and Rishvana a few hours before,

and are drafting an agreement to be signed by all parties to end the conflict and stop the fighting Western Mounqth (MOUNTAINS).

Note that Misurata did not bring any hand Msandenha, nor any other of her supporters in this war.
(al-Mrussel Mamed)


Media spokesman for the Municipal Council of the city of Zintan stadium: Mahmoud al-Htoah
“According to Allah’s goodness, and in seeking to stop the bloodshed, and the mending of fences”:



‘Room Zintan operations’:

This corrupt and truly EVIL person is called “Salem judge” ..

It was ten months before a spokesman for the military council of Kikla .. and now has become a spokesman for the municipal council.

This person is in a meeting yesterday on the channel “Libya Panorama” said that the problem of Zintan they are “Bedouins – any limited thinking.”

Here I would like to come back with back slightly several months .. While the Zintan Tnasahh and sincere towards the likes of the people of Kikla ..

Stay away from the ‘Dawn Libya’ and the abolition of the idea of ​​being Kikla starting to attack the Zintan “Bedouins”: the  point according to the recipe yesterday .. and to spare his hometown and his family and the scourge of war.

Then he said, that,  ‘he and his ilk Mgtra’ are joining the ‘Dawn Libya’ .. !!!!!!

and the withdrawal of Zintan from Tripoli was due to ‘weakness and collapse’ (forgetting that they negotiated a treaty to have the ‘Libyan Army’ secure The Airport—a treaty which they immediately broke, and they completely ‘took-over all of Tripoli City’), according to ‘his vision’ ..

He said, and I quote, “The mountain can not accommodate two cities and Kikla – together” .. any all senses, we must crush Zintan and make them a displaced .. and that the youth and ‘revolutionaries’ of Kikla  must do “according to the recipe,” …but do not want war. ” (!!!!!!!)

And his ilk did not accept the advice has been ratified by then .. really .. in his words, here is the mountain today did not seek cities and having Kikla.

Look O “Alroidp Fools” ! Where is your thinking ? and brought the city the likes of you? ..

Wisdom and safety of thinking were not linked to Bbedwi days or urban .. but the misguided believer lacks all wisdom wherever he found ,taken it out “modern Sharif.”

The Bedouin owner of the limited thinking by saying Vimitlk virility and principles and good morals .. conceding neighbor and inviolable right and give him advice .. Vialitk you Badawi has an inherent wisdom of corn .. Tdra out for your town and like you the EVIL of vanity and corruption of bringing war and destruction to them.

Enough of you and likes of you in history, false preacher in days ..

and our best teacher (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) has been ended .. !!

Mu salute

(Khalid A Kor)




The spread of fixed and mobile patrols inside the city of Misurata.

[This picture above, comes from “MISURATA NOW”.]


Out an armed convoy from Misurata towards Tripoli.








Renewed clashes in the vicinity of Sirte between militia of Misurata militias 166 and organization Daash.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted sites this morning to members of the terrorist organization Daash in Nofaliya, in an area east of the city of Sirte.

RAT Organization “Daash” militias threatening. RAT ‘Roma Libya’ give them a harsh response after being targeted by RAT militias ‘Roma Libya’ aircraft in the morning.




The main Libyan, reporting:

Central support be.Shahat mourns one of its members in Benghazi

Shahatgate Center: more than cord | Monday 18 January 2015, 8: 32 PM

Clashes with a site in Benghazi (archive: Gateway Center)

Central Support Branch Chief, Adel al-Shahhat, said Monday that one of the support personnel died during fighting with armed groups in the region of Sidi Fredj in Benghazi.

Madhu said, in a statement to the central portal, that staff Sgt. Andrew God Terry, 30, injured during clashes near Sidi Fredj flour factory in Benghazi, and died in hospital in El Biar, a sacrificial martyr, today.

Col. Ahmed Cuneiform Material, gave the name of central support Shahat his condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased and his companions and friends.

And the city of Benghazi since January 2014 violent clashes between the army and youth areas and elements organized «supporters of Sharia law and the Council of the revolutionaries, on the other hand, Benghazi, causing hundreds of dead and wounded on both sides.

الدعم المركزي بشحات ينعي أحد أفراده في بنغازي‏

شحات – بوابة الوسط: يزيد الحبل | الاثنين 18 مايو 2015, 8:32 PM

اشتباكات بأحد المواقع في بنغازي (أرشيفية: بوابة الوسط) (photo: )

اشتباكات بأحد المواقع في بنغازي (أرشيفية: بوابة الوسط)

قال رئيس الدعم المركزي فرع شحات، عادل المسماري، اليوم الاثنين، إن أحد أفراد الدعم لقي حتفه خلال معارك الجيش مع الجماعات المسلحة في منطقة سيدي فرج ببنغازي.

وأوضح المسماري، في تصريح إلى «بوابة الوسط»، أن رئيس عرفاء أحمد عطية الله عبدالمالك (30 عامًا)، أصيب خلال اشتباكات قرب مصنع الدقيق بسيدي فرج في بنغازي، ولفظ أنفاسه الأخيرة بمستشفى الأبيار ضحى اليوم.

وقدم المسماري باسم الدعم المركزي شحات تعازيه الحارة ومواساته لأسرة الفقيد ورفاقه وأصدقائه.

وتشهد مدينة بنغازي منذ مايو 2014 اشتباكات عنيفة بين قوات الجيش وشباب المناطق من جهة، وعناصر تنظيم «أنصار الشريعة» و«مجلس شورى ثوار بنغازي» من جهة أخرى، مما أسفر عن سقوط مئات القتلى والجرحى من الجانبين.



‘Zintan Neto ground’:

Were ordered from the General Command of the Armed Forces, decisively battle in Benghazi, and completed in Derna and Ajdabiya until Sirte .. after the equipment is complete of ammunition and weapons, armored vehicles and soldiers on a high and vocational training in the intrusions, will be the elimination of the remnants of organizationation of the Brotherhood and extremist groups dilapidated final ..


One of the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, Saad Al Gazoy (2nd R) and other members attend a news conference in Benghazi, 05 August  2013. (Reuters)

We hope from our people in Benghazi expensive follow the orders of the Armed Forces with pinpoint precision, such as not to approach the places of engagement, and we give  orders to not let wander by as given of any instructions issued by the leaders of the axes on time ..
because of the personal interest of your safety !

We ask God to bless victory set out for our soldiers of the Libyan Armed Forces,
and please let loose a throw (prayer) and keep them fully safe..

And so Allah saves Benghazi and its people from all evils.

Allah save Libya and its people and their Armed Forces.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed positions of the terrorist organization Daash at the center of Hawari, Benghazi.



Harm suicide bombing targeted the southern gate of the city of the dome (TOBRUK) at dawn today. The road leading to the area “back reds” in Western TUBER, led to the death of ‘Salman Hamid Yousef Saleh’, poetic logic, resident of CASABLANCA. al-Atheron Mshvi influenced his injuries and wounding 8 other people who are
1. Anis Ahmed Khaled.
2. Faraj Ali Imran.
3. Saleh Faraj Imran.
4. Mohamed Farag Rizk.
5. Nasser Yousef Jeroha.
6 Moses Ashraf Rizk Allah.
7. Jamal Misrati.
8. Suleiman Saad Ponce






The kidnapping of a Turkish citizen in the city of Sabha today.

18.05.2015 18:33 News >> Turkish National Abducted İn Libya’s Sabha

Turkish national kidnapped and then released in Sebha
By Ajnadin Mustafa.

18 May 2015:

Gunmen ambushed and seized a Turkish national in Sebha yesterday, wounding his Libyan driver in the attack. According to Turkish sources, Zaki Jamal Bey, 55, was later released unharmed and is now back at home in the town.

It is not known who was responsible or if any ransom was paid. He was seized when a white Chevrolet with tinted windows and no number plates forced his car to stop outside the town’s banking training centre. Two gunmen got out and shot his driver in the leg and then shot into the vehicle’s engine. The driver was taken to Sebha hospital to be treated.

Turkish National Abducted İn Libya’s Sabha
Unknown gunmen have abducted a Turkish national in southern Libya’s city of Sabha, a security source said Monday.

Unknown gunmen have abducted a Turkish national in southern Libya’s city of Sabha, a security source said Monday. He has been subsequently RELEASED.

The source, requesting anonymity, told Anadolu Agency that a 55-year-old Turkish national had been abducted by as-yet-unknown assailants on Sunday after the latter opened fire on his vehicle from a car with no license plates, injuring his Libyan driver.

The source said the militants had taken the Turkish man to an unknown location after forcing him from his vehicle and into their own.

He went on to say that search operations were already underway to locate the missing Turkish man.

Last December, a Turkish national who worked at a restaurant in Sabha was abducted by militants.

The man was released a few weeks later after his family paid a ransom to his captors.





Ousted Egyptian President Morsi and 105 Others Given Death Sentences

Edited from Abayomi Azikiwe

‘Global Research’, 19 May  2015

'Muslim' Brotherhood brothers, Erdogen and Morsi

Three Egyptian judges and their driver were reportedly killed on May 16 just hours after the courts announced preliminary death sentences against the ousted former President Mohamed Morsi along with 105 other people.

These capital sentences have been sent to Egypt’s grand mufti, as stipulated by national law, for legal review. The mufti’s decisions related to the death penalty sentences are non-binding. The Egyptian court will issue a binding verdict on 02 June 2015, leaving open some avenues for an appeal.

Another judge in the microbus carrying them was severely wounded. The judges were traveling from Ismailia on the Suez Canal to participate in court sessions at Arish when assailants in three vehicles fired on the victims while they were being transported.

Violence has escalated in North Sinai over the last two years since the military ouster of the Brotherhood’s ‘Freedom and Justice Party’ led government-regime of Morsi. An organization called the Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has been accused of carrying out the attacks against natural gas installations and security personnel.

Nonetheless, high ranking officials within the current Egyptian regime have accused the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood of being involved in the attacks in North Sinai, a charge the organization has, as usual lyingly, denied. On 18 May 2015, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Interim Minister of Justice, Ibrahim Al-Heneidy, said that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the instability in the region.

“We should make a link between the escalation of terrorist activities in North Sinai and all of Egypt, leaving hundreds of police and army men and civilians dead, and the removal of Morsi and his group from power on 03 July,” said al-Heneidy. “Egypt faced an escalation in the number and ferocity of terrorist attacks after the gang of terrorists that ruled Egypt for one year was removed from power in a popular revolution on 30 June 2013.” (Ahram Online)

al-Heneidy continued charging that “Not only is this gang of terrorists targeting judges, but they also target civilians, policemen, military personnel, churches, schools, hospitals, police stations, electricity pylons, gas stations, oil pipelines. By perpetrating these crimes, the group and its terrorist allies aim to destabilize Egypt and spread chaos in violation of Islam and its merciful rules.”

Death Penalty Sentences Allege Prison Break and Support for Hamas

Former Egyptian ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was given the death penalty along with 105 others for a series of alleged offenses including breaking out of prison during the waning days of the Republic under former President Hosni Mubarak.

This jailbreak by Morsi and his colleagues coincided with the actions that led to the BROTHERHOOD seizing power after 18 straight days of mass demonstrations.

In addition to the criminal counts related to the escape from detention under Mubarak were charges of supporting Hamas, the Palestinian Brotherhood movement which holds nominal power in Gaza. Tunnels located on the border of Sinai and Gaza has been bombed repeatedly by the Israeli Defense Forces as well as the Egyptian military.

The current Egyptian government under former military leader Gen. Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has designated both the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and its Palestinian offspring ‘Hamas’, as terrorist organizations. Many of the defendants sentenced to death on 15 May 2015 were members of ‘Hamas’.

According to Ahram Online

“(LYING) Hamas spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhri, said in a statement on Saturday (16 May 2015) that the verdict was based on ‘false information’ (so Zuhri) says), saying that some of those Hamas members who were convicted in absentia, including ‘martyrs Tayseer Abu-Senema and Hossam El-Sanea,’ were dead at the time the offences were carried out. Abu-Zuhri said that others convicted have been in the ‘prisons of the occupation (Israel) for years, such as Hassan Salama, who has been imprisoned for 19 years.’” (May 16)

Turkish ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented on May 16 that the death sentences imposed by the Egyptian court against former President Mohamed Morsi represented a return to “ancient Egypt”. Erdogan told a rally in Istanbul that “The popularly-elected president (HAH HAH!!) of Egypt… has unfortunately been sentenced to death” and accused the United States government of “turning a blind eye” to events in Egypt. (AFP)

The U.S. State Department has said that it does not support the death sentences. The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) coordinates its activities in North Africa and the Middle East.

The ongoing Saudi-GCC alliance, has been bombing Yemen since 26 March 2015. Several thousand people have been killed and the U.S. government is providing intelligence coordination and refueling of fighter jets, many of which are manufactured by the American defense industry.

In 2011, after the collapse of the Mubarak presidency, Egyptian Brotherhood Special Forces participated in the ‘WAHHABI-rebel insurgency’ against the Great Jamahiriya and espcially Col. Muammar al-Qathafi in neighboring Libya. Over the last few months Egyptian war planes have bombed Libyan territory to remove threatening DAASH militants. 




Veterans Today

Breaking: French Attempt to Kill Syrian President Assad

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Breaking: French Attempt to Kill Syrian President Assad
Posted by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on May 15, 2015
No news on Assad, his condition or if he was wounded or killed…

Syria elected Assad in outside-monitored elections this year
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Reports received from Damascus only minutes ago cite an assassination attempt on President Assad. There is nothing else available, VT Damascus bureau chief is meeting now with administration officials.

We did get this from sources in Syria’s security services. While going thru the checklist of usual suspects, the period of “silence” came when naming France. Few in the west are aware of the influence France has in Lebanon and Syria. This region was awarded to France after World War I and the French language, culture and the French security services and their Israeli masters and Turkish partners haunt the shadows of Damascus like ghouls.

No news on Assad, his condition or if he was wounded or killed…

Syria elected Assad in outside-monitored elections this year

‘Madam al-Fatah ’69’, adds:
“The same people who attempted assassinated in cold blood our ‘ Leader of the revolution’, al-Qathafi, they are the same who want to assassinate Assad. The thing is that this is getting old… the West know only too well they will not be able to get rid of Assad because Assad’s allies are stronger and the Westerners tactics are all out of date…. here is further information about the idiocy of the French and its allies.”

Exclusive: French Arrested in Assad Assassination Attempt

French ask for return of accused conspirators….

Presidential Palace, Damascus, Syria


By Nahed al Husaini and Gordon Duff:

Two French nationals along with Syrian Kurds were arrested in a bizarre attempt on the life if Bashar al Assad, President of Syria.  The French government has already contacted Damascus through direct channels asking for the return of those arrested.  The French indicate they are willing to enter into negotiations for the return of the captive accused assassins.

The alleged conspirators are said to have been working with a Kurdish terror cell that had penetrated the household staff of Assad.  The Kurds had planted explosives inside detergent containers at the presidential palace south of Damascus.  The attack was not successful.

The French security officers arrested had been in Syria earlier as part of a secret combined French/Syrian task force on terrorism. Two French intelligence officers who were smuggled across the border into Syria by Al Nusra militants south of Qalamoun, scene of an intense battle that has raged for weeks.

Their previous visit to Damascus earlier this year was a secret mission that accompanied the French delegation during their 27 Febrary 2015, 2015 visit.  The official reason for the visit was to arrange for the reopening of the French embassy which had been closed since 2012.

Syrian officials speaking anonymously say that the Damascus government believes the would be assassins are part of a Kurdish faction trained inside Jordan.  The explosives used were from the Royal Jordanian Army.




Rise of the Houthis

Secretary-news network
YESTERDAY’s events:

Reform and militia attacks Hadi and al-Qaeda

elements to Saturday 16-5-2015m
Media Front informations:


al-Qaeda elements fired two tank shells from Abdulqawi Sheikh Othman district towards Arish clock 18:01 shelling with heavy -weapons by the al-Qaeda elements towards the airport and the shoreline and tour Alkraa.

-The militias Hadi and Al-Qaeda to strike a tank shell from Salahuddin site toward Brega 5:48 pm
– The al-Qaeda and militias Hadi beat a tank and heavy and medium machine guns on the ship’s tour round from behind and from the south-east to tour Alkraa at 10: 1:00
–  al-Qaeda and militias beat Hadi has about 15 rounds of 14 and u Stadium May 22 hand coastline pm 3:30 before dawn
–  Hadi and al-Qaeda militants hit 7 shots bmb Mansoura 3:56 pm towards the airport before dawn.
– al-Qaeda and militias Hadi Qzftin hit a tank from Mansoura towards Arish Q 10:21
– al-Qaeda and militias Hadi hit five Qmaev tank protection for Salahuddin sites to the Sahara clock 16:25
– al-Qaeda elements tank fired two shells to sponsor Zsolt time 15:38
– Hadi militias and al-Qaeda elements beat tanks and Balguenasat Mansoura towards the airport and the shoreline clock 14:25

-al-Qaeda and militias Hadi fired four tank shells from Mansoura to the coastline 4:40 pm.
– Hadi militia fired a tank shell from El Arish to 4:55 pm.
– Hadi militia fired a tank shell from Mansoura to Khormaksar 17:39.
– al-Qaeda and the militias Hadi beat intermittent light and medium weapons of Darsaad to tour Alkraa coastline past the hour 17:40
– al-Qaeda elements and militia are beating at a rate of 12 Almmadarh towards the station Qoarh 13:41
– The al-Qaeda and militias beat Hadi tanks and sniper Balguenasat Mansoura towards the airport and the shoreline shortly before clock 15:08
– Hadi militias are beaten medium weapons from the direction of Bir Ahmed Dar Saad 22:43 Friday
– Hadi militias are continuing to beat tour the ship and tour Alkraa
– Hadi al-Qaeda and the beating intensified towards the tour Alkraa a tank and mortar, with 23 of Brega and Mansoura 23 hours: 11 am

– Airline flight intensive Saudi American aggression in the atmosphere of the city.
– US Airways Saudi aggression flying in the skies of Aden.

-overflights by US reconnaissance over the atmosphere of the city of Aden

from the back to the time (15:30)


The al-Qaeda militia and Reform targeting a military crews district traffic resulted in the death of two people and injuring others.
– The al-Qaeda militants and Reform beating machine guns from Mount patience to revive Taiz and Eastern and Central regions of the Dar victory and shears patiently.
– reform the militias and al-Qaeda to target neighborhoods in Chinh and traffic and the area around CID beat of Mount jar.
– militias tried to reform and progress Qaeda and the seizure of government and private facilities in the basin and supervising traffic areas and Bir Basha and Republican and failed.
– the elements of the reform process in suicide HAWBAN that targeted the oil tanker.



– al-Qaeda and militias Hadi hit 23 machine gun from behind the venerable east to the web site in clock 11:26



–  the militias Hadi al-Qaeda to strike medium and heavy weapons from eastern HOTA and complex to residential neighborhoods in the city of al-Hota 2:27 pm.

– Continuous flight to Saudi Airline US aggression in the atmosphere of the province.



freeing al-Qaeda elements are fired seven mortar Qmaev and hit the level of rates to the site Algelmoz point north and posted 18:54 pm
– al-Qaeda and militias Hadi renewed beating mortar rounds and 23 Algelmoz site constantly Batq.

Airline flight intensive US spy in the sky Ataq city.



– Saudi American aggression aimed Alhsamh area of Mount column rocket-propelled grenades
– Saudi American aggression introduces new sites in the vicinity of the departments of Razih and submerge the border area
– Saudi American aggression comes back bombardment Alhsamh area five rocket-propelled grenades
– Saudi aggression forces fired five missiles at the Directorate of the border area sprue apparent
– Saudi aggression forces again fired 10 rockets at Alhsamh District Directorate of the apparent border 10:15
– intense flight to Saudi Apache aircraft in the skies of the areas of border pillars Alhsamh and Almenzalh

– Airline flight intensive Saudi American aggression on the border areas in the provinces of Saada and Hajjah
– aggression forces fired two shells from Aldhrh to Alhsamh 10:10
– aggression forces ten shots hit rate of NBC mother to Mount Alhsamh 10:10
– aggression forces bombed a missile and a tank shell from Aldhrh to Alhsamh 11:50
– aggression forces fired 12 rounds of 50-caliber mount NBC mother to Alhsamh.
– Saudi aggression forces fired 25 rounds and two shots rate of 23 cans to Mandabah 9:00.
– Saudi aggression forces fired mortar at 3 Qmaev of Warcraft to Mandabah.
– flight plane aggression Apache over Mount Jehvan.
– Saudi aggression forces fired two missiles from Mount column to the network behind 3:49 era.
– Saudi aggression forces fired five mortar Qmaev and twenty-six rounds BMB of Warcraft 4:40 o’clock in the afternoon.
– Saudi aggression forces are developing exercises and fortifications Baldricktalat behind the sprue.
– Airline flight intense aggression Apache and two reconnaissance on the border areas of 10 and a half hours to 12:00
– Aviation type of aggression Apache beat Madahach area four missiles has also Baltmsheet hit by two missiles and a machine gun on the White House South Farms Farm breeze and continued beating from ten o’clock until twelve o’clock.
– Saudi forces aggression introduces a new site in the border with Razih and immersion hand Qais 50: 15:00 pm.
– the development of sites and exercises and fortifications Bdricktalat in Mount Qais border pm 7:00
– Poll airline flight to the city of Saada to Morocco after half past seven and still constant 0.

– S Air flight to Saudi aggression on Razih and submerge parts of the Khawlan time 9:40 minutes.
– Saudi aggression forces are beating intensive Peay MBI and twenty-three of Warcraft towards Mandabah half past seven o’clock in the evening.
– Aviation Saudi American aggression aimed Bgartin Valley Allaf Directorate of the occurrence of pneumoconiosis, including two wounded so far.



Secretary-news network
An easy way for those who wanted ‘Adhar channel march on the Russian moon AM44’ without prejudice to the ‘satellite Nilesat’.

1. There shall be the head or put a camera on top of the former Special Balnaelsat and linked via clips or anything from which installation is also in the picture.
2. You are then compared to the dish with the letter dedicated to the Russian head of the new moon by the simple to the right.

Revolutionary Committtees, Part One, and ‘Holy Commitment’ on the part of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

Mu expressive




The third power of the people all of the people the way the authority News Aldirh rage in the world of power and plots the West in the Arab world under the pretext of democracy lost when their people and theoretical solutions for third Global power struggle ..

(pfkr Muammar al-Qathafi)

الطريق الثالث سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس أخبار الصرعات الدئره فى العالم عن السلطه ومؤمرات الغرب على الوطن العربي بحجة الديمقراطيه المفقوده عند شعوبهم وحلول النظرية العالميه الثالث عن الصراع على السلطه ..بفكر معمر القذافي

By: Hesham godfather &

Culture revolutionary culture Revolutionary Committees. (1)
Sent on 01/29/2015 10:39 by abn al-Jamahiriya


Culture came from “Educate Spear” which he politely spear head to be able to breach the goal to be suffering Besqlh and alone, and culture is the basis of the ‘Revolutionary Committees Movement’ and its members who have discovered the falsity of the political, economic and social systems through the ‘Green Book’.

A guide, the ‘Revolutionary Committees’ were to detect rougher political, social, economic and human reality, the Green Book is the essence of the new revolutionary culture that emphasizes the power of the people’s sovereignty

and this has returned all the partisan movements of various denominations of the ‘Green Book’ and considered it a threat to its bid for the absence of human thought and the human mind

and the minds of Rights was manageable for partisan and instruments of government, both autocracy and oligarchy, tools are judgment purpose judgment and are not her only control of the individual and the subordination her disappears mind and absence of thought and understanding to control his behavior and convert it to a state of servile dependency that purpose judgment of the individual and the people,

The forces greedy in judgment reveals the reality of the ‘Green Book’ and shows people with science and reason and logic, the fact Asvha and the fact that the exploitation and dictatorship and Vaschetha and Qublatha and Jhoatha and racism and Okulaimatha and Ombrialitha and their labor and cheating people individuals, groups and people and nation and Nations,

The Green Book can a man and to determine the essence of the truth of political, economic and social systems and shows and determine exactly how can the people that governs itself and how it is to be free master himself consultation in its affairs through the ‘Basic People’s Congresses’ which to choose ‘Popular Committees’ to implement the people decisions in various domains and levels of a, Ltd range ‘Basic People’s Congress’ boiling level of all the people on the scope of each community

and in the national geographic scope of “national or continental or global” ‘Green Book’, which is under attack systematic and purpose “kaafir” and the prohibition of even the thought of reading it a very human isolate access to the ‘Green Book’ and see what it might be and concepts and ideas and greatness Tnzirh the rule of the people and tailor it

and tried to reactionary forces client and treacherous for the peoples in the name of religion “atone Green Book,” which enables the lonely embodiment of “no God in the Shura aborted cross-Muslim conflicts in the name of religion in the rule of the individual

and the rule of few tried hard to wipe the swab an Islamic, although it “pagan” and idolatrous “individual and the lack of without people and tried to prove to the people as one of the religion and Islam, and Islam completely innocent and His Messenger (PBUH) well Linh had been “set up the Shura throughout his stay in Medina and from the first day it entered the city of Medina immigrants” document Medina “neglected in the Arab-Muslim Iirat” because it ends autocracy and oligarchy and managed to society govern itself without behalf of a Prophet

has her blessings and peace in all honesty, and when the Messenger of Allah died (pbuh) successor not named after him, but leave it to the Shura between people and who Ogtlwaha for several reasons and for the rule of Allah knows and neglect of people important to their business that made him God mutual consultation explicitly Ash-Shura, and any Shura Tzmt by those Shura “and Omehrm mutual consultation” and tried to religious reactionary and civil always to monopolize the Shura between the few and the individual and trading them in an attempt to “deify” the people in the name of religion

and the name of the world both “religious and Allladena “trying Gavad people from power and authority and provides many slanders against God and the Prophet with regard to this and atheism movements trying justification that the public does not have something special and is the rule and that power is not to the general public and not for people to Nha populace and populace and the mob. .

and both see that people are not “the people” to rule despite the fact that Allah sees contrary to what they see and Prophet, prayers of God and his angels, and safety upon his calling confirmed contrary to what they called theses.

How frowned Apostle against his family and Allah admonished him in them in terms of religion and call him Jan call for the people and not for private and that his call for the creation of God and not for Mtsidin men, but is a call to the people and call for not ayatollahs evidence are clear for all creatures great religion of “Lord of the Worlds for all people and all the way to the Day of Judgment.”

That culture is important, making it the single is a revolution tool that explode “from dawn and not of the bombing,” the Revolutionary Committees cultural movement that created and provided by the revolutionary committees of its people “revolutionary Valgan” is the nerve, which is spread in every community and enable it to sound and proper movement in the social reality of the ‘Revolutionary Committees’ carry community culture that enables him to “discovery” of the political reality of all “aggressiveness and every dictatorship and all its brutality

and all Vascheth and intolerance reactionary forces an individual or a few, group or party for itself without the people and their quest to rule the people on his behalf landmarks Boqsaúh and remove him from power and empowerment for themselves or members of the control of the community politically, economically, and security and military and humanitarian even reach up to the “rule of the people Agency to humans from God”

and confused the mantle of the prophet or science to rule the people by inventing excuses for her rights to rule in the name of religion or lower, the Revolutionary Committees define society in political terms is not a judgment,

but what is in fact the “manifestation and of the essence” of the dictators to enable society to correct vision and sound to the existing political system and what is hidden where the risk to the individual and society “and enable people to know the truth about the predominance of the individual and minority governance as a tool of governance and murder and exploitation,

and even labor and betrayal and thus enables the Revolutionary Committees society of the right vision and sound can also be a doctor man from the right vision and sound after treating his illness infected by which go sight and insight,

Valgan revolutionary teacher “revolutionary” and is an advocate and evangelist, and is the instigator of its people and is carrying the message of freedom for him to exercise his authority and control over their own destiny and in wealth and without a broker or vice him even if it was revolutionary committees themselves.
[To be continued …]


بقلم : هشام عراب &الثقافة الثورية ثقافة اللجان الثورية .(1)

تم الإرسال في ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١٠:٣٩ ص بواسطة abn aljamahiriya

الثقافة جاءت من ” ثقف الرمح ” أي قام بتهذيب رأس الرمح حتى يكون قادرا على الأختراق للهدف المراد اصابته بصقله و حده ، و الثقافة هي هشام مصطفىأساس حركة اللجان الثورية و أفرادها الذين اكتشفوا زيف النظم السياسية و الاقتصادية و الاجتماعية من خلال الكتاب الأخضر دليل اللجان الثورية لكشف عورة الواقع الاجتماعي السياسي و الاقتصادية و الإنساني ، فالكتاب الأخضر هو جوهر الثقافة الثورية الجديدة التي تؤكد على سلطة الشعب و سيادته و لهذا عادت كل الحركات الحزبية بمختلف مسمياتها الكتاب الأخضر و أعتبرته خطرا على محاولتها لتغييب الفكر الأنساني و العقل البشري و أفهام الأنسان ليكن طيعا للحزبية و أدوات الحكم بشقيها حكم الفرد و حكم القلة ، فأدوات الحكم غايتها الحكم و لا يتم لها ذلك إلا بالسيطرة على الفرد و تبعيته لها بتغييب عقله و تغييب فكره و فهمه للتحكم في سلوكه و تحويله لحالة من التبعية الاستعبادية التي غايتها الحكم للفرد و الشعب ، فالقوى الطامعة في الحكم يكشف حقيقتها الكتاب الأخضر و يبين للناس بالعلم و العقل و المنطق حقيقة عسفها و حقيقة استغلالها و دكتاتوريتها و فاشيتها و قبليتها و جهويتها و عنصريتها و أقليميتها و أمبرياليتها و عمالتها و خيانتها للناس أفراد و جماعات و شعب و قومية و أمم ، فالكتاب الأخضر يمكن الأنسان و من تحديد جوهر حقيقة النظم السياسية و الاقتصادية و الاجتماعية و يوضح و يحدد تماما كيف يمكن لشعب أن يحكم نفسه و كيف له أن يكون حرا سيد نفسه بالتشاور في أموره عبر المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية التي تختار لجان شعبية لتنفيذ قرارات الشعب في مختلف النطاقات و المستويات من المؤتمر الشعبي الأساسي ذو النطاق المحدو غلى مستوى كل الشعب على نطاق كل المجتمع و في نطاقه الجغرافي الوطني “أو القومي أو القاري او العالمي ” أن الكتاب الأخضر الذي يتعرض لهجمة ممنهجة و غايتها ” تكفيره ” و تحريم حتى مجرد التفكير في الإطلاع عليه لغاية عزل الإنسان من الأطلاع على الكتاب الأخضر و معرفة كنهه و مفاهيمه و أفكاره و عظمة تنظيره لحكم الشعب و تفصيل ذلك و حاولت القوى الرجعية العميلة و الخائنة للشعوب بأسم الدين ” تكفير الكتاب الأخضر ” الذي تمكن وحيدا من تجسيد ” أية الله في الشورى التي أجهضت عبر صراعات المسلمين بأسم الدين في حكم فرد و حكم قلة حاولت جاهدة أن تمسح عليها مسحة أسلامية بالرغم من أنها ” وثنية ” و صنمية ” فردية و لقلة من دون الناس و حاولت أن تبرهن للناس بأنها من الدين و من الأسلام و الإسلام منها براء و رسوله كذلك لنه قد ” أقام الشورى طوال تواجده في المدينة المنورة و من أول يوم دخل فيه للمدينة المنورة مهاجرا ” بوثيقة المدينة المنورة ” المهملة في الثرات العربي الأسلامي ” لأنها تنهى حكم الفرد و حكم القلة و تمكن من المجتمع من حكم نفسه بنفسه بدون نيابة من أحد فقد جسدها الرسول عليه الصلاة و السلام بكل أمانة و عندما مات رسول الله عليه الصلاة و السلام لم يسم خليفة من بعده بل ترك الأمر الشورى بين الناس و الذين أغتالوها لعدة أسباب و لحكم يعلمها الله و أهمال من الناس لشأنهم الهام الذي جعله الله شورى بينهم بصريح سورة الشورى و أية الشورى التي تسمت عليها تلك الشورى ” و أمهرم شورى بينهم ” و حاولت الرجعية الدينية و المدنية دوما أن تحتكر الشورى بين القلة و الفرد و التداول بينهما في محاولة ” للتآله ” على الناس باسم الدين و باسم الدنيا فكلاهما ” الديني و الللاديني ” يحاول غبعاد الناس عن الحكم و السلطة و يقدم العديد من الأفتراءات على الله و على الرسول فيما يخص ذلك و تحاول الحركات اللادينية التبرير بأن العامة ليس لها أمر الخاصة و هو الحكم و أن السلطة ليست للعامة و ليست للناس لنها سوقة و دهماء و غوغاء .. و كلاهما يرى بأن الناس ليست ” أهل ” للحكم بالرغم من أن الله يرى خلاف ما يروا و الرسول عليه صلاة الله و ملائكته و سلامه عليه صاحب الدعوة أكد خلاف ما طرحوا من أطروحات فكم عبس الرسول في حق أهله و عاتبه الله فيهم من حيث الدين و الدعوة له ىأن دعوته للناس و ليست للخاصة و بأن دعوته لخلق الله و ليست للمتسيدين على الناس بل هي دعوة للناس و دعوة لتكن أيات الله بينات واضحات للعالمين فالدين العظيم من ” رب العالمين للناس أجمعين و كافة إلى يوم الدين ” .

أن الثقافة من الأهمية بمكان مما يجعلها وحيدة هي أداة الثورة التي تفجرها ” من الفجر و ليس من التفجير ” اللجان الثورية الحركة الثقافية التي تخلقها و تقدمها اللجان الثورية لشعبها ” فاللجان الثورية ” هي العصب الذي ينتشر في كل المجتمع و يمكنه من الحركة السليمة و الصحيحة في واقعه الاجتماعي اللجان الثورية تحمل للمجتمع الثقافة التي تمكنه من ” أكتشاف ” معالم الواقع السياسي بكل ” عدوانيته و كل دكتاتوريته و كل وحشيته و كل فاشيته و تعصب القوى الرجعية فرد أو قلة أو جماعة أو حزب لنفسها من دون الناس و سعيها لحكم الشعب بالنيابة عنه بأقصائه و إبعاده عن سلطته و التمكين لنفسها أو أفرادها من السيطرة على المجتمع سياسيا و اقتصاديا و أمنيا و عسكريا و أنسانيا حتى الوصول لغاية ” حكم الناس كآله على البشر من الله ” و تلتبس عباءة الرسول أو العلم لحكم الناس بإختلاق المبررات لأحقيتها في الحكم بأسم الدين أو الدنيا ، أن اللجان الثورية تحدد للمجتمع من الناحية السياسية ليس الحكم بل ما هو موجود في الواقع من ” تمظهر و من جوهر ” للعسف ليتمكن المجتمع من الرؤية الصحيحة و السليمة لما هو قائم من نظام سياسي و ما يخفى فيه من مخاطر على الفرد و المجتمع ” و تمكن الناس من معرفة حقيقة تغول الفرد و القلة بالحكم كأداة للحكم و القتل و الاستغلال و حتى العمالة و الخيانة و بالتالي تمكن اللجان الثورية المجتمع من الرؤية الصحيحة و السليمة كما يمكن الطبيب الأنسان من الرؤية الصحيحة و السليمة بعد معالجة مرضه المصاب به و الذي يذهب بصره و بصيرته ، فاللجان الثورية معلم ” ثوري ” و هي داعية و مبشر و هي محرض لشعبها و هي تحمل رسالة الحرية له لكي يمارس سلطته و يتحكم في مصيره و في ثروته و بدون وسيط أو نائب عنه حتى و لو كانت اللجان الثورية نفسها .
يتبع …








3) By Hisham godfather & Culture revolutionary culture Revolutionary Committees (3)
Sent on 01/29/2015 10:45 by abn aljamahiriya [updated 29/01/2015 10:56]

Revolutionary Committees nerve that drives society.

What is the nervous system?!

Why Medicine says the nervous system in the human body?! We know that it is easy to live the revolutionary power of nature to know that it does not solve any place of a member of the society in which it is formed which enables the user to perform its role within the community as User role within the body leads presence and growth and continue the task of the revolutionary committees ..

transfer all Functions community center decision and being able to transfer all the members in favor of the body as a whole Vattb which may occur in the nerve disrupt the performance of members of their role and Manmamanm and this is what happens socially when an individual governs society or governed by the lack of it solved the body shop and able to do so by destroying the role of the sensory nervous system within the community.

What is needed is a reactionary now be disabled nervous system to the community and is a revolutionary committees live force and vital to society and to enable it to sensory aspects, which enables members of the constituent of the body to perform its role Attacking Mstd the Revolutionary Committees and not locally by the reactionary salt,

but from all Alrdjaaat allied which controls the peoples and nations and nationalities and Tstqtaha itself Kmqatat even family and individual across the world via Ambrtoriaat partisan and local exploitation and international and cross-systems intelligence and security and military wide a regional scale, and continental and international companies.

Medicine says of the nervous system as follows
Nervous system of self:
This device is called Balmata because members that Aasbha show Resume cramps when placed in the center of a suitable ventilation and perfusion after completely separated from the body, and because its contract exist outside the nervous system.

It consists of a central nerves and nerve terminals, and works on the innervation member involuntary in the body such as the heart, smooth muscle (such as members of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and reproductive systems … etc) and glands, it is responsible for the organization and the balance and stability of the internal center of the body.

Different nerves and self nervous system among them anatomically and functionally, and usability of the alarm and excitement various stimuli, and based on the changing jobs or places of presence, self nervous system is divided into two parts:
– Sympathetic nerve
– Nerve anticholinergic

Friendly device:

It consists of the spinal nerves that come from paragraphs or thoracic and lumbar pieces that are similar in function, and consists of nerves friendly and incoming, and nerves and a friendly and outgoing.

Valaliav contained issued from the entrails and pass through friendly contract without working intertwined, and then enter the spinal nerve and reach the root nodes in the back of the spinal cord, and then to the posterior horn of the gray matter, and there Eetmvsal (intertwined) with neuron Penny ( connector), and this may be the fact that the first of the local reflex circuit part.

But some nerves follow its progress to the Supreme self-centers in the brain.
As stockpiles of nerve cells connected in the lateral horn of gray matter of the spinal cord in the area between the chest the first paragraph to the second lumbar vertebra.

Neurons Alennkainip graduated from the root of the front and then pass the branches of white ones to nodes located directly on the side of the paragraphs are called fiber to fiber by Streptococcus a short, and from there follow its progress with nerves front of the spinal intolerance visceral smooth muscle, such as blood vessels and sweat glands, and the machine members urinary and reproductive systems, and these nerve fibers called streptococcus after a long time.
Carrier in the chemical interlocking is noradrenalin.

The anticholinergic:
Consists of cranial nerves, and sacral spinal nerves in the second and third paragraphs and fourth. And the other is composed of nerves and nerve incoming and outgoing.

Fiber contained Alennkainip guts to come from existing nerve either in the contract in the sensory cranial nerves, or in the posterior root of the spinal cord contract. Then enters the neuron East to the central nervous system, and becomes part of the local reflex circuit, or it goes to the upper self-centers in the brain.

The fiber of cells are found in the nuclei of cranial nerves III and VII and IX and X, and in the gray matter of the sacral spinal nerves of the second and the third and fourth.

It is not enough to work a century in the gray matter similar to the Horn in the sympathetic nerve system.
Alennkainip neurons of the spinal cord out through the spinal nerve roots to reach the front to the existing nodes away from the spinal cord in the wall member Almasb, so this initial ganglion neurons before long, unlike neurons friendly short, and intertwined with stimuli cells after a very short Streptococcus.

Carrier in the chemical complexity of nerve agent is Alasetipolin friendly counterpart.
What should be noted that the work of the two devices and friendly Anticholinergic diametrically opposed views, thereby reducing the effects of one another, and usually the role of inducible friendly device or alarm or sexy, while the role of the anticholinergic negative or inhibitory.

Friendly device increases the strength of the heart muscle or increase the number of heart beats, and cause narrowing of peripheral vascular, and expands the airways or the pupil and raise blood pressure, but it reduces the spiral movement of the intestines, and narrows the anal sphincter and cystic.

The device anticholinergic Its function is to restore power, it reduces the number of heart rate and increases the spiral movement of the intestines and gland activity, and opens the sphincter vesicalis, and narrows the airways and the pupil.

Tangles (articulation):
Networking can be defined as a connection between Asbonin, a call is organic, and chemical contact but functional, and are interwoven through the gap, and the transfer of alerts by the nerve chemical called vector excreted from the end of the neuron contained in the tangles gap, depending on the type of these vectors, divides the device self into two parts: – cholinergic, and Adrinalini

Self-cholinergic nervous system:
A device that is transferred across Alsialp nerve tangles gap by substance acetylcholine, and is excreted in the carrier: –
– All the nerve endings by Streptococcus cordial and friendly counterpart
– Nerve endings after nodal counterpart friendly
– Nerve endings after Nodal in the sweat glands
Self nervous system norepinephrine:
It includes all the nerve endings after Nodal friendly.

Called cholinergic nervous system construction adding to the digestion and absorption of food, and the effectiveness of the intestines and digestive secretions.
While the device is called norepinephrine demolition nervous system and is working time of emergency, to protect the body, thereby acting on the acceleration of the heart, high blood pressure and increased blood supply to the muscles.

Completed explain Medicine:
Valgan revolutionary organization working to assemble their work and coordinate among its members the capacity for the success of stirring operations and incitement and awareness and to facilitate the mass movement, it should consist Kgan everywhere and on a larger scale, and in turn such as the one nervous in the body completely, all the revolutionary committee possible consists of individual and increasingly so as not to be suicidal individual movement must and should be a collective

The one on Fetlat and thus can be pentagonal everywhere and in every region and in every home and every rue and every street and neighborhood village and every town and in home the whole, the revolutionary committees composed of the living force that sees itself as the nervous system of the people who is the shrine of the body P,

Fgaah life of the body as a whole, life, and not very nerve life on behalf of the body of revolutionary Valgan no purpose to solve society subject to such party or class or minority or the individual they are like nerve in the body sects working to fulfill its role for the transfer of the performance of members of transfer orders and movements carried out by the various sensory organs and that other functions such as the brain and the heart and other organs,

Member of life in the body worthless separate fragments Gla if it is linked to the rest of the body through the nerves, the revolutionary committees are the sensory system of the society they are like the skin or eyes or software or hands or-oil or taste or the rest of the other organs such as the heart and brain and lungs and so on,

Valjhaz neuropathy of the human being can be great such as the skin covering the surface of each body and can pinpoint the cells in the small size and be linked to any member of the constituent members of the body.

This imaging Badi presented by Muammar al-Qathafi to show the people and the revolutionary committees of their role in the events of the change of the great popular revolution, which has long called her and broke into the front of prospects and progress boldly submitted to storm fears and Majahl and managed to be a great role model for all the instigators of the revolution in the world

and offers them Menhjha in the popular revolution that tamping edifices individual regimes and oligarch everywhere in the world and look for the green typing to know peoples size deepen in the community where he was born and was able to see “The Secret of Change” led by that profound change socially and it versed victory

because it happens in the “man who is of the essence and that the revolution must be located within the human” Vmcn Muammar al-Qathafi all revolutionaries to get out of trouble Revolution crisis “and” relapse through history in spite of the heavenly messages and the long human struggle and bitter for freedom and human happiness

“and presented his theory and the idea of” cultural revolution deep, “led by a well-deserved and was able to be won for his people even eliminate requests Muammar al-Qathafi and his people and the Revolutionary Committees crowd retroactive Mughal in brutal Tjama where” all infidels world and Znadegth and Manafiqih and Jardaneh (RATS) “to break the power of the great Libyan people

and the revolutionary committees which erupted popular revolution deep in all parts of the ground, and not NATO reactionary NATO-led only iron and fire and murder to destroy the revolutionary committees which are the nervous system of the human body, to the great people of the owner of People’s Power for Democracy,

which robbed strongly” Blood democratic fashion “strongly righteous fire and force Haddidha and brutal followers in an attempt to kill the idea of ​​freedom and the assassination of human happiness, live power is the revolutionary committees are really like the nerves of the body in any people.

The conflict is most intense day at the stage is the stage of articulation and which moves “defeat to victory and victory placebo to defeat” and says Almighty and the name of God “merges night into day and merges day into night, and knows what is in the breasts” and the Glory of Allah

and God says In his book, the ‘The Holy Qu’ran is a great home on the Great Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him), “that God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”

Changing course impossible without a sense of status and the sense he must nerve that moves and moves his commands and social interactions political, economic and humanitarian community in Kaljsm Valgan Her revolutionary mass culture is the nerve that moves society forward.
(To be continued …SEE N° 4)


بقلم هشام عراب&الثقافة الثورية ثقافة اللجان الثورية (3)

تم الإرسال في ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١٠:٤٥ ص بواسطة abn aljamahiriya   [ تم تحديث ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١٠:٥٦ ص ]

اللجان الثورية العصب الذي يحرك المجتمع .
فما هو الجهاز العصبي ؟! 

ماذا يقول الطب على الجهاز العصبي في جسم الأنساني ؟! أن نعرفة ذلك يسهل على القوة الثورية الحية من معرفة طبيعتها بانها لا تحل محل إي هشام مصطفىعضو من أعضاء المجتمع الذي تكونت فيه بل هي تمكن العضو من تأدية دوره داخل المجتمع كما يؤدي العضو دوره داخل الجسم وجودا و نموا و إستمرار .. مهمة اللجان الثورية نقل كل وظائف المجتمع لمركز قراره و تمكنه من نقل كل ما يقوم الأعضاء لصالح الجسم ككل فالعطب الذي قد يحدث في العصب يعطل تأدية الأعضاء لدورهم و مهمامهم و هذا ما يحدث اجتماعيا عندما يحكم الفرد المجتمع او تحكمه قلة فهي تحل محل الجسم و تتمكن من ذلك من خلال تدمير دور الجهاز العصبي الحسي داخل المجتمع فالمطلوب رجعيا الآن أن يتم تعطيل الجهاز العصبي للمجتمع و هو اللجان الثورية القوة الحية و الحيوية بالمجتمع و التي تمكنه من الجوانب الحسية و التي تمكن الأعضاء المكونة للجسم من تأدية دورها فالهجوم مشتد على اللجان الثورية و ليس محليا من قبل الرجعية الملحية بل من كل الرجعيات المتحالفة التي تسيطر على الشعوب و الأمم و القوميات و تستقطعها لنفسها كمقاطعات حتى أسرية و فردية عبر العالم عبر امبرطوريات حزبية و شركات استغلال محلية و دولية و عبر منظومات استخباراتية و امنية و عسكرية واسعة النطاق الاقليمي و القاري و الدولي .

يقول الطب عن الجهاز العصبي ما يلي 
الجهاز العصبي الذاتي :
سمي هذا الجهاز بالذاتي لأن الأعضاء التي يعصبّها تبدي تقلصات ذاتية عند وضعها في وسط مناسب من التروية والتهوية بعد فصلها كليآ عن الجسم ، ولأن العقد الخاصة به توجد خارج الجهاز العصبي .
وهو يتكون من اعصاب مركزية و اعصاب طرفية ، ويعمل على تعصيب الاعضاء اللاارادية في الجسم مثل القلب ، العضلات الملساء ( مثل أعضاء القناة الهضمية ، الجهاز البولي ، والتناسلي …إلخ ) والغدد ، فهو مسؤول عن تنظيم وتوازن وثبات الوسط الداخلي للجسم .
وتختلف أعصاب الجهاز العصبي الذاتي فيما بينها تشريحيآ ووظيفيآ ، وفي قابلية التنبيه والإثارة بالمنبهات المختلفة ، وبناء على إختلاف الوظائف أو أماكن التواجد ، يقسم الجهاز العصبي الذاتي إلى قسمين هما :
– العصب الودي
– العصب نظير الودي
الجهاز الودي :
وهو يتكون من الاعصاب الشوكية التي تصدر من الفقرات او القطعات الصدرية و القطنية التي تتشابه في الوظيفة ، و يتكون من اعصاب ودية واردة ، و اعصاب ودية صادرة .
فالالياف الواردة تصدر من الاحشاء و تمر عبر العقد الودية دون ان تعمل تشابكاً ، ثم تدخل في العصب الشوكي و تصل الى العقد الموجودة في الجذر الخلفي من النخاع الشوكي ، ثم الى القرن الخلفي من المادة الرمادية ، و هناك يتمفصل ( يتشابك ) مع عصبون بيني ( موصل ) ، و بذلك يكون قد كوّن الجزء الاول من دائرة المنعكس المحلّي .
ولكن بعض الاعصاب تتابع سيرها الى المراكز الذاتية العليا في الدماغ .
اما الاعصاب الصادرة فتوجد خلاياها الموصلة في القرن الجانبي للمادة الرمادية للنخاع الشوكي في المنطقة ما بين الفقرة الصدرية الاولى الى الفقرة القطنية الثانية .
العصبونات النخاعينية تخرج من الجذر الامامي ثم تمر فروع بيضاء منها الى العقد الموجودة مباشرة على جانب الفقرات و تدعى هذه الالياف بـ الالياف قبل العقدية وهي قصيرة ، ومن هناك تتابع سيرها مع الاعصاب الشوكية الامامية لتعصّب العضلات الحشوية الملساء مثل الاوعية الدموية و الغدد العرقية و اعضاء الجهاز البولي و التناسلي ، وهذه تسمى الياف عصبية بعد عقدية وهي طويلة .
الناقل الكيماوي في التشابك هو نورادرينالين .
الجهاز نظير الودي :
يتكون من الاعصاب القحفية ، و الاعصاب الشوكية العجزية في الفقرات الثانية و الثالثة و الرابعة . و يتكون هو الآخر من أعصاب واردة و أعصاب صادرة .
الالياف الواردة النخاعينية تأتي من الاحشاء الى الخلايا العصبية الموجودة إما في العقد الحسية في الاعصاب القحفية ، او في عقد الجذر الخلفي للنخاع الشوكي . ثم يدخل العصبون الاوسط الى الجهاز العصبي المركزي ، و يصبح جزءاً من دائرة المنعكس المحلي ، او انه يسير الى المراكز الذاتية العليا في الدماغ .
اما الالياف الصادرة فتوجد خلاياها في نوى الاعصاب القحفية الثالث و السابع و التاسع و العاشر ، وفي المادة الرمادية للأعصاب الشوكية العجزية الثاني و الثالث و الرابع . وهي غير كافية لعمل قرن في المادة الرمادية شبيه بالقرن في اعصاب الجهاز الودي .
تخرج العصبونات النخاعينية من النخاع الشوكي عبر جذور الاعصاب الشوكية الامامية لتصل الى العقد الموجودة بعيداً عن الحبل الشوكي ، في جدار العضو المعصّب ، ولهذا فإن هذه العصبونات الاولية قبل العقدية طويلة بعكس العصبونات الودية القصيرة ، و تتشابك مع الخلايا المنبهه بعد العقدية القصيرة جداً .
الناقل الكيماوي في تشابك الاعصاب نظيرة الودية هو الاسيتيبولين .
ما تجدر الاشارة اليه ان عمل الجهازين الودي و نظير الودي متعاكساً ، فيقلل أحدهما من تأثيرات الآخر ، وعادة دور الجهاز الودي محرّض او منبّه او مثير ، بينما دور الجهاز نظير الودي سلبي او مثبّط .
الجهاز الودي يزيد من قوة عضلة القلب او يزيد من عدد دقات القلب ، و يسبب تضيق الاوعية الدموية الطرفية ، و يوسع القصبات الهوائية او البؤبؤ و يرفع الضغط الدموي ، و لكنه يخفف من الحركة اللولبية للأمعاء ، و يضيّق العاصرة المثانية و الشرجية .
اما الجهاز نظير الودي فوظيفته هي استعادة الطاقة ، فهو يقلل من عدد دقات القلب و يزيد من الحركة اللولبية للأمعاء ومن نشاط الغدد ، و يفتح العاصرة المثانية ، و يضيّق القصبات الهوائية و البؤبؤ .
التشابك ( التمفصل ) :
يمكن تعريف التشابك على انه اتصال بين عصبونين ، اتصالاً غير عضوي ، و إنما اتصال كيميائي وظيفي ، ويتم عبر فجوة التشابك ، ونقل التنبيهات العصبية فيها بواسطة مواد كيميائية تدعى النواقل تفرز من نهاية العصبون الوارد في فجوة التشابك ، وبناء على نوع هذه النواقل ، يقسم الجهاز الذاتي إلى قسمين :- كوليني ، و ادريناليني
الجهاز العصبي الذاتي الكوليني :
وهو الجهاز الذي يتم نقل السيالة العصبية فيه عبر فجوة التشابك بواسطة مادة الاسيتيل كولين ، ويفرز هذا الناقل في :-
– جميع النهايات العصبية قبل العقدية الودية ونظيرة الودية
– النهايات العصبية بعد العقدية نظيرة الودية
– النهايات العصبية بعد العقدية في الغدد العرقية
الجهاز العصبي الذاتي الادريناليني :
ويشمل جميع النهايات العصبية بعد العقدية الودية .
يطلق على الجهاز الكوليني جهاز البناء العصبي فيزيد من هضم وامتصاص الغذاء ، ومن فاعلية الامعاء والافرازات الهضمية .
بينما يطلق على الجهاز الادريناليني جهاز الهدم العصبي وهو يعمل وقت الطواريء ، ليحمي الجسم ، فيعمل على تسارع القلب ، وارتفاع ضغط الدم وزيادة التروية الدموية للعضلات .
أنتهى شرح الطب : 
فاللجان الثورية تنظيميا تعمل على تجميع أعمالها و تقوم بالتنسيق بين قدرات أعضائها لنجاح عمليات التحريك و التحريض و التوعية و ذلك لتسهل حركتها الجماعية ، فعليها أن تتكون كلجان في كل مكان و على أوسع نطاق ، و تقوم بدورها كالجهاز العصبي في الجسم تماما ، كل لجنة ثورية ممكن تتكون من فرد فأكثر و حتى لا تكون الحركة الفردية أنتحارية يجب بل ينبغي ان تكون جماعية فأثنان فثلاث و هكذا يمكن تكون خماسية في كل مكان و في كل منطقة و في كل بيت و كل زنقة و كل شارع و حي قرية و كل مدينة و في الوطن كله ، اللجان الثورية تتشكل من القوة الحية التي ترى في نفسها الجهاز العصبي لشعبها الذي يقوم بمقام الجسم ف، فغاية الحياة للجسم ككل فالحياة ، و ليس غاية العصب الحياة بالنيابة عن الجسم فاللجان الثورية ليس غايتها أن تحل محل المجتمع مثل الحزب أو الطبقة أو القلة أو الفرد فهي مثل العصب في الجسم فالعصب يعمل على تأدية الدور المناط به لنقل الأداء للأعضاء نقل الأوامر و الحركات التي تقوم بها الأعضاء الحسية المختلفة و التي تقوم بوظائف أخرى مثل المخ و القلب و غيرها من أعضاء ، حياة الأعضاء في الجسم لا قيمة لها كأجزاء منفصلة غلا أذا ارتبطت بباقي الجسم عبر الأعصاب ، ان اللجان الثورية هي الجهاز الحسي للمجتمع فهي تكون مثل الجلد أو العيون أو الأذان أو اليدين أو النف أو التذوق أو باقي الأعضاء الأخرى مثل القلب و المخ و الرئتين و هكذا ، فالجهاز العصبي الحسي للأنسان يمكن أن يكون كبيرا مثل الجلد يغطي سطح كل الجسم و يمكن ان تكون خلايا متناهية في الصغير و الحجم مرتبطة باي عضو من الأعضاء المكونة للجسم .
أن هذا التصوير البديع الذي قدمه معمر القذافي ليبين للشعب و للجان الثورية دورهم في أحداث التغيير بالثورة الشعبية العظيمة التي لطالما دعى لها و أقتحم امامها الأفاق و تقدم بجسارة المقدم لأقتحام المخاوف و المجاهل و تمكن أن يكون قدوة عظيمة لكل المحرضين على الثورة في العالم و يقدم لهم منهجهه في الثورة الشعبية التي تدك صروح أنظمة الحكم الفردي و حكم القلة في كل مكان من العالم و نظر لذلك بكتابه الأخضر لتعرف الشعوب حجم تعمقه في المجتمع الذي ولد فيه و تمكن من معرفة ” سر التغيير ” الذي يقوده بأنه تغيير عميق اجتماعيا و أنه متمكن من الأنتصار لأنه يحدث في ” الأنسان الذي هو الجوهر و أن الثورة لا بد أن تقع داخل الأنسان ” فمكن معمر القذافي كل الثوريين من الخروج من مأزق أزمة الثورة ” و ” أنتكاسها عبر التاريخ بالرغم من الرسالات السماوية و الكفاح الإنساني الطويل و المرير من أجل الحرية و سعادة الإنسان ” و قدم لنظريته و فكره ” بالثورة الثقافية العميقة ” التي قادها بجدارة و تمكن من الأنتصار فيها لشعبه حتى تطلب القضاء على معمر القذافي و شعبه و اللجان الثورية حشد رجعي موغل في الوحشية تجامع فيه ” كل كفار العالم و زنادقته و منافقيه و جردانه” لكسر شوكة الشعب الليبي العظيم و لجانه الثورية التي تفجر الثورة الشعبية العميقة في كل أنحاء الأرض ، و ليس للحلف الرجعي بقيادة الناتو إلا الحديد و النار و القتل لتدمير اللجان الثورية فهي الجهاز العصبي للجسم البشري لشعبها العظيم صاحب السلطة الشعبية الديمقراطية التي سلبت بقوة ” الدم قراطية ” المعتدة بقوة نيرانها و قوة حديدها و وحشية أتباعها في محاولة لقتل فكرة الحرية و اغتيال سعادة الإنسان ، فالقوة الحية اللجان الثورية هي حقا مثل الأعصاب للجسم في أي شعب من الشعوب .
فالصراع على أشده اليوم في مرحلة هي مرحلة التمفصل و التي تنتقل فيها ” الهزيمة لنصر و النصر الوهمي لهزيمة ” و يقول سبحانه و تعالى بسم الله ” يولج الليل في النهار و يولج النهار في الليل و يعلم ما في الصدور ” و سبحان الله و تعالى يقول في عظيم كتابه القرآن الكريم المنزل على نبيه العظيم محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام ” أن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى ما يغيروا ما بأنفسهم ” فتغيير الحال من المحال بدون الأحساس بالأحوال و الحس لا بد له من عصب الذي يحرك و ينقل له الأوامر و التفاعلات الاجتماعية السياسية و الاقتصادية و الإنسانية في المجتمع كالجسم فاللجان الثورية صاحبة الثقافة الجماهيرية هي العصب الذي يحرك المجتمع إلى الأمام .
يتبع …



“MUSICIAN”, writes:

“Allah, and Muammar and Libya”, the phrase is not shirk:

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has been continuously fighting the distortion  of Islam.

It is a principle that collapsed in his absence… all of Allah’s principles…


Mu. the Heart and Lungs of Libya

MU’AMMAR al-Qathafi  was sent by Allah to set the people once again on the right path (as originally intended by Allah, and to help the people to live happily and abundantly (as was Allah’s intention from the beginning of Time).

4):  Sent on 01/29/2015 11:38 by abn aljamahiriya [updated 29/01/2015 11:38]

The third power of the people all of the people the way the authority News al-Dirh rage in the world of power and plots the West in the Arab world under the pretext of democracy lost when their people and theoretical solutions for third Global power struggle ..

(pfkr Muammar Gaddafi )

Revolutionary Committees are the arteries for society in it.
Medicine and says: The arteries and veins key element to carry the blood pumped by the heart to and from all parts of the body; Vcrain carry blood away from the heart throughout the body; while come veins blood to the heart.

Imagine arterial tree branches trunk to the branches (branches large) and small and twigs (arterioles) and to the foliage microscopic eventually called capillaries; and Qatar over the capillaries, but a little on the Qatar blood cell one; they cope with Astafafa one of the blood cells column. Being the exchange of oxygen and carbon carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products through the thin walls of the capillaries within each cell of the body.

After the flow of blood through the capillaries, enter the small veins (venules) that integrate with the larger and older branches (veins), which returns blood to the atria.

This configuration of the Great Lord we can clarify the role of the revolutionary committees within the community, which is being Blood in the veins of the body components such as social tools that enable society to move interactive Ntegath inside and are similar creations of all kinds and all generated by the community, which is flowing to him from outside of Information and knowledge and concepts and other products of material or moral or spiritual cultural of its components Alalajtmaih or surroundings of the products of nations and other peoples in various aspects of life

and the revolutionary committees to transfer it to the community and the living forces “revolutionary committees” deeply revolutionary culture to address the ideas contained community and in smaller units cultural committees and in a smaller scale interpretation of what was done to the means of the community of “ideas and concepts and their interpretation and purification and feed the community Basulaim and the correct ones and the benefit which carries material value and spiritual ideas and concepts and presented to the people culturally for the benefit of its behavior in the form of the behavior and the evolution of the people appropriate practices so as to enhance their freedom and they can change the social reality of the revolutionary Valgan

the Bedouins capillaries in feed ingredients to the community and provide knowledge of information that enable people to do their part and natural in the community and also does any organ in the body turn and of been the revolutionary committees readmission blood once the last of the veins to carry him again to the heart of the community and holds a new community nutrition through what has been handled and processed in the parts of the body such as the stomach and lungs and other food and oxygen and thus place the circulatory for the body and the revolutionary committees that role in society, which formed the faulting what can the community of energy sources and the continued vitality of the community and the continuation of life in it,

that the revolutionary committees Kordh does not solve the hardware shop, such as the heart and lungs are even stream to Nteghma and treated each what you get community of necessities of life Valgan revolutionary in smaller and subdivision “Revolutionary Committee” The cultural revolutionary turn toward the center, which live in it and without interfering in the last submission of the best food and better for the body and carries waste that does not benefit the body to get rid of them community through the competent organs of the center disposal of this waste, which appear in the form of “sweating exhalation mucus or secretions are not to benefit from them and go out to material non-cracking and take advantage of them and is doing many of the organs in the body such as the kidney and sweating device through the skin and other organs,

The revolutionary committees are addressing what is given to the community of the “input” and the revolutionary committees in smaller units “micro committees in neighborhoods and streets and alley and houses the” cultural turn the cultural revolution that reveal and naked from the contents of social input and risks on human freedom and show the happiness and show how serious contained “unjust rules me strong and the weak, and between Mr. and blackened, and between rich and poor and between the free and slave, and between Esquire and despised and between the monopolist and deprived and between people and demonstrate the” pain that would result and risks to human in the physical entity and the value of humanity,

“Valgan revolutionary purpose Expiration unjust rules and destroy the foundations formed ones that and the establishment of the People of the rules of sound and correct” fair “and that no injustice in and not dictators and do not exploit the” revolutionary Valgan purpose of freedom and human happiness “that the individual is free creative leading role toward himself and toward other participants with him in the composition of” Liberal equals happy “society,

the revolutionary committees allows the body which spread the access to food, which will benefit him and help him to get rid of the waste, which harm him and moved to Okhhzh you get rid of them, Vcrain is the stream of blood and the Revolutionary Committees play the role of the arteries to transfer all his value and importance to the community to benefit from it and continue his life

Valgan revolutionary does not withhold thought and concepts for the community to hang “behavior” proper and correct, but you connect everything society and the “revolutionary committees everywhere” smaller organs of the body with blood feeding carrying vital value her to continue her life outlook needs,

the revolutionary committees are arteries which flow culture that enables the community of role “vital” revolutionary committees exist in every society and components have a vital role, it means that enable people to carry out its functions to the fullest the arrival of important life-blood and stay Valgan Minor and on a smaller scale is the vital operations and important in the body and is based on the narrow level and very little treatment for blood components and benefit which holds significant value and are necessary to enable the smallest parts of the stay and the vital continuity,

revolution cultural revolutionary committees explode “dawn” in a smaller scale and on a larger scale they prevail in the mind of every human being and in his ideas and theories of the universe and life and is victorious in his heart for the benefit of himself and in order to be free and happy and live without “pain” without misery “without misery” without misery “without suffering” without pathos “without cope with”

Long live free and happy, “a new life worthy of that witnessed by man” is not the filth in which but life deserves to be witnessed by the man who has chosen and God Bgelh that character and that his successor without the Worlds,

the Revolutionary Committees provide for its people who found it and generated from suffering and from the womb of struggle such as the fetus grows and grows and offers people a new life free from tyranny and exploitation free of diseases afflicting the communities, “the dictatorship of a fascist nature, which was born out of the wars and conflicts on the judgment and the monopoly of wealth and the acquisition of weapons and Ahktar strengths and exploit the” dream in reach for the freedom and happiness of human individuals and groups “that committees Revolutionary discovered through intellectual revolution and cultural that resulted from the study of the ‘Green Book’.

Hall ugliness and dangerous and brutal prevailing relations in arbitrariness communities and exploitation and unjust social norms which it was built, which dispersed socially between man per purpose of procreation and the sense “that leads from one individual or lack of “Lord and master of the people,” and the people turning to the servants of the tools ruling dictatorship individual form and governed by the few,

and is called the people and God “holiness and integrity” and called their eligibility and merit by virtue of the people and bullying him and branded as “the populace and populace and the mob “and teamed every dictatorial powers in the world of stripping” attack the recent suicide “NATO satanic and that Tgndt in its ranks all the instruments of government,” the individual and partisan and fascism and racism and class and reactionary and Zionism and tribal and regional “which recruited traitors and customers and spies of the nationalities of the world and advancing ranks “hypocrisy and infidelity and betrayal” scientists served as the devil in a war against “the new global cultural revolution unleashed by the ‘Great Libyan people to dispel Burha darkness’, which seized control of the peoples of the world

(So),that they suffer” loss of ambition and hope for the emancipation and liberation “resorted” alcoholism and mental Almzhbat and intellectual and visual and audio “in an attempt desperation to get rid of the pain and misery and unhappiness and misery,

that the cultural revolution that erupted over the Libyan land created new hopes of all mankind and become a new dawn looms beyond the horizon each peoples and sends the spirit of hope for all who seek freedom and happiness of human beings, a new era and is the sovereignty of the people and the triumph of human freedom,

“the one in the purpose of procreation and the one in the sense that” the revolutionary committees in every people and nation and every nationality and religion adopting new “struggle of the Libyan people and a model for the new

and the outbreak of the Great triggered and beautiful upbeat freedom and happiness of humankind to build people’s power-free era of slavery and free from exploitation and injustice and oppression and slavery and what Ostjerad and desperate and Tdhaba drags dictatorship ruling on the Libyan people, and its leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

but to being sure that it has ended culturally and intellectually and socially died collapsed “false and fraudulent sanctity”

and the fact that it is a dead “until it decomposed cadaver” Ozakmt stinking smell noses and shrug from seeing the reality of the chilling horror ugliness. “

Popular revolution is a revolution of thought great it is today revolution and the coming days according to the intellectual methodology that led to detonate rebellious thinker Muammar al-Qathafi calling for deep and true to the era of the sovereignty of the people,

the revolutionary committees are a popular revolution tool through the “Cultural Revolution deep,” which led the Revolutionary Committees, which leads social revolution, “political, economic, humanitarian and” and lead the real core religious revolution as Allah wanted in his last message to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Pray God be upon him to correct the path of the people all of the religion of Allah, most assuredly, and of certainty.

تم الإرسال في ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١١:٣٨ ص بواسطة abn aljamahiriya   [ تم تحديث ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١١:٣٨ ص ]

الطريق الثالث سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس أخبار الصرعات الدئره فى العالم عن السلطه ومؤمرات الغرب على الوطن العربي بحجة الديمقراطيه المفقوده عند شعوبهم وحلول النظرية العالميه الثالث عن الصراع على السلطه ..بفكر معمر القذافي

اللجان الثورية هي الشرايين بالنسبة للمجتمع الموجودة به .
و يقول الطب : تعدّ الشرايين والأوردة عنصراً أساسياً لحمل الدم الذي يضخّه القلب من وإلى كافة أجزاء الجسم؛ فالشرايين تحمل الدم بعيداً من القلب إلى أنحاء الجسم؛ بينما تأتي الأوردة بالدم إلى القلب.
تخيّل الشرايين كشجرة يتفرّع جذعها إلى أغصان (فروع) كبيرة ثم صغيرة وإلى غصينات (شرينات) وإلى غصينات مجهرية في نهاية المطاف تدعى الشعيرات؛ ولا يزيد قطر هذه الشعيرات إلا قليلاً على قطر كرية دم واحدة؛ وهي تتأقلم مع عمود اصطفافي واحد من كريات الدم. ويجري تبادل الأكسجين وثاني أكسيد الكربون والمغذّيات والفضلات عبر الجدران الرقيقة للشعيرات ضمن كل خلية من الجسم.
بعد جريان الدم عبر الشعيرات، يدخل الأوردة الصغيرة (الوريدات) التي تندمج مع فروع أكبر فأكبر (الأوردة) التي تعود بالدم إلى الأذينين.
هذا التشكيل الرباني العظيم يمكننا من توضيح دور اللجان الثورية داخل المجتمع ، فالدم الذي يجري في العروق من مكونات الجسم مثل الوسائل الاجتماعية التي تمكن المجتمع من نقل نتاجاته التفاعلية داخله و هي تماثل الإبداعات بكل أنواعها و كل ما يولده المجتمع مما يتدفق له من خارجه من معلومات و معارف و مفاهيم و نتاجات اخرى مادية أو معنوية أو روحية ثقافية من مكوناته الالاجتماعية أو محيطه من نتاجات أمم و شعوب اخرى في مختلف جوانب الحياة و تقوم اللجان الثورية بنقل ذلك للمجتمع و تقوم القوى الحية ” اللجان الثورية ” بعمق ثقافتها الثورية بمعالجة الأفكار الواردة للمجتمع و في أصغر وحداتها اللجان الثقافية و في أصغر نطاق بتفسير ما تحمله وسائل المجتمع من ” أفكار و مفاهيم و تفسيرها و تنقيتها و تغذية أبناء المجتمع بالسليم و الصحيح منها و تقوم بالأستفادة مما تحمله من قيمة مادية و روحية من أفكار و مفاهيم و تقديمها للناس ثقافيا لتستفيد منها في سلوكها على شكل سلوك و تطور بها الناس الممارسات المناسبة لها بما يعزز حريتها و يمكنها من تغيير الواقع الاجتماعي فاللجان الثورية تقوم بدو الشعيرات الدموية في تغذية المكونات للمجتمع و تقديم المعارف و المعلومات التي تمكن الناس من القيام بدورها الطبيعي في المجتمع كما يقوم أي جهاز في الجسم بدوره و من تم تقوم اللجان الثورية بأعادة الدم مرة أخر للأوردة لتحمله من جديد لقلب المجتمع و ليحمل تغذية جديدة للمجتمع من خلال ما تم تناوله و معالجته في اجزاء الجسم مثل المعدة و الرئتين و غيرها من أغذية و أكسجين و هكذا تجري الدورة الدموية للجسم و تقوم اللجان الثورية بهذا الدور في المجتمع الذي تكونت فيه فتحمل ما يمكن المجتمع من مصادر الطاقة و استمرار حيوية المجتمع و أستمرار الحياة فيه ، أن اللجان الثورية كأوردة لا تحل محل الأجهزة مثل القلب و الرئتين بل هي مجرى لنتاجهما و معالجتهم لكل ما تحصل عليه المجتمع من مقومات الحياة فاللجان الثورية في أصغر و حداتها ” اللجنة الثورية ” تقوم بدورها الثقافي الثوري نحو الوسط الذي تحيا فيه و بدون أن تتدخل في وسط أخر بتقديم الغذاء الأفضل و الأحسن للجسم و تحمل الفضلات التي لا يستفيد منها الجسم ليتخلص منها المجتمع عبر أجهزته المختصة بالتخلص من هذه الفضلات و التي تظهر على شكل ” تعرق زفير مخاط أو أفرازات غير قابلة للأستفادة منها و تخرج لمواد غير قابلة للتكسير و الاستفادة منها و هو ما تقوم به العديد من الأجهزة في الجسم مثل الكلى و جهاز التعرق عبر الجلد و غيرها من أجهزة ، أن اللجان الثورية تقوم بمعالجة ما يرد للمجتمع من ” مدخلات ” و تقوم اللجان الثورية في أصغر وحداتها ” اللجان الصغرى في الأحياء و الشوارع و الزقاق و البيوت ” بدورها الثقافي بالثورة الثقافية التي تكشف و تعرى مضامين المدخلات الاجتماعية و تبين مخاطرها عل حرية الأنسان و على سعادته و تبين مدى الخطورة التي تتضمنها ” القواعد الظالمة بي القوي و الضعيف و بين السيد و المسود و بين الغني و الفقير و بين الحر و العبد و بين المحترم و المحتقر و بين المحتكر و المحروم و بين الناس و تبيان ” الالام التي ستنتج عنها و المخاطر على الإنسان في كيانه المادي و قيمته الأنسانية ” ، فاللجان الثورية غايتها أنتهاء القواعد الظالمة و تدمير أساساتها التي تكونت منها و أقامة الشعب للقواعد السليمة و الصحيحة ” العادلة ” و التي لا ظلم فيها و لا عسف و لا استغلال ” فاللجان الثورية غايتها الحرية و سعادة الأنسان ” بأن يكون الفرد حرا مبدعا مؤديا لدوره نحو نفسه و نحو الآخرين المشتركين معه في تكوين مجتمع ” الأحرار المتساوين السعداء ” ، اللجان الثورية تمكن الجسم الذي تنتشر فيه من الحصول على الغذاء الذي يفيده و تساعده على التخلص من الفضلات التي تضره و نقلها للأخهزة التي تقوم بالتخلص منها ، فالشرايين هي مجرى للدم و اللجان الثورية تقوم بدور الشرايين بنقل كل ما له قيمة و أهمية للمجتمع ليستفيد منه و تستمر حياته فاللجان الثورية لا تقوم بحجب الفكر و المفاهيم عن المجتمع ليتعطل ” سلوكه ” السليم و الصحيح بل تقوم بتوصيل كل ما يحتاجه المجتمع و تقوم ” اللجان الثورية في كل مكان ” بتغذية اصغر أجهزة الجسم بالدماء التي تحمل القيمة الحيوية لها لتستمر حياتها النظرة ، أن اللجان الثورية هي الشرايين التي تتدفق فيها الثقافة التي تمكن المجتمع من دوره ” الحيوي ” اللجان الثورية موجودة في كل مكونات المجتمع و لها دور حيوي فهي الوسيلة التي تمكن شعبها من القيام بوظائفه على أكمل وجه بوصول الدماء الهامة للحياة و البقاء فاللجان الصغرى و على أصغر نطاق هي التي تقوم بالعمليات الحيوية و الهامة في الجسم و هي التي تقوم في المستوى الضيق و الصغير جدا بالمعالجة لمكونات الدم و الاستفادة مما يحمله من قيمة هامة و ضرورية التي تمكن أصغر الأجزاء من البقاء و الأستمرار الحيوي ، فالثورة الثقافية للجان الثورية تتفجر ” من الفجر ” في أصغر نطاق و على أوسع نطاق أنها تنتصر في عقل كل أنسان و في أفكاره و نظرياته للكون و الحياة و هي تنتصر في قلبه لصالح نفسه و من أجل أن يكون حرا و سعيدا و يحيا بلا ” ألم ” بلا شقاء ” بلا تعاسة ” بلا بؤس ” بلا معاناة ” بلا مكابدة ” بلا مغالبة ” يحيا حرا سعيدا ” حياة جديدة لائقة بأن يحياها الأنسان ” لا قذارة فيها بل حياة تستحق أن يحياها الأنسان الذي اصطفاه و بجله الله بأنه الخلق و بأنه خليفة له من دون العالمين ، أن اللجان الثورية تقدم لشعبها الذي وجدت فيه و تولدت من معاناته و من رحم كفاحه مثل الجنين الذي يكبر و ينمو و يقدم للناس حياة جديدة خالية من العسف و الاستغلال خالية من الأمراض التي تعاني منها المجتمعات ” الدكتاتورية ذات الطبيعة الفاشية و التي ولدت من الحروب و الصراعات على الحكم و احتكار الثروة و الاستحواذ على السلاح و أحكتار القوة و استغلال ” الحلم في الوصول للحرية و سعادة الإنسان فردا و جماعة ” ان اللجان الثورية أكتشفت من خلال الثورة الفكرية و الثقافية التي نتجت من دراسة الكتاب الأخضر هول بشاعة و خطورة و وحشية العلاقات السائدة في مجتمعات العسف و الاستغلال و القواعد الاجتماعية الظالمة التي بنيت عليها و التي فرقت أجتماعيا بين الأنسان الواحد في الخلقة و الأحساس ” فجعلت من فرد أو قلة ” ربا و سيدا على الشعب ” و تحول الشعوب لعبيد لأدوات الحكم الدكتاتورية بشكلها الفردي و التي تحكمها القلة و هي تدعى من الناس و الله ” القداسة و النزاهة ” و تدعى أهليتها و جدارتها بحكم الشعب و التسلط عليه و وصمه بأنه ” سوقة و دهماء و غوغاء ” و تحالفت كل القوى الدكتاتورية في العالم لتجريد ” الهجمة الأنتحارية الأخيرة ” لحلف الناتو الشيطاني و الذي تجندت في صفوفه كل أدوات الحكم ” الفردية و الحزبية و الفاشية و العنصرية و الطبقية و الرجعية و الصهيونية و القبلية و الجهوية ” التي جندت الخونة و العملاء و الجواسيس من جنسيات العالم و يتقدم صفوفها علماء ” النفاق و الكفر و الخيانة ” خدم الشيطان في حرب على ” الثورة الثقافية العالمية الجديدة التي فجرها الشعب الليبي العظيم ليبدد بورها الظلمات التي سيطرت على شعوب العالم التي تعاني ” فقدان الطموح و الأمل في الأنعتاق و التحرر ” فلجأت ” للمسكرات و المذهبات العقلية و الفكرية و البصرية و السمعية ” في محاولة يأسة للتخلص من الالام و البؤس و التعاسة و الشقاء ، أن الثورة الثقافية التي تفجرت فوق الأرض الليبية خلقت أمال جديدة للبشرية جمعاء و صارت فجرا جديدا يلوح ما بعد الأفق لكل الشعوب و يبعث روح الأمل لكل الساعين للحرية و للسعادة من بني البشر بعصر جديد و هو سيادة الشعب و أنتصار حرية الأنسان ” الواحد في الخلقة و الواحد في الأحساس ” أن اللجان الثورية في كل شعب و امة و كل قومية و دين تتلقف ” كفاح الشعب الليبي و تقتدي به و تفجر فجرها الجديد العظيم و الجميل مستبشرة بالحرية و سعادة الأنسان ببناء عصر سلطة الشعب الخالي من العبودية و الخالي من الأستغلال و الظلم و القهر و الاستعباد و ما أستجراد و تكالب و تضابع أداوت الحكم الدكتاتورية على الشعب الليبي و قائده معمر القذافي إلا لتأكدها بانها قد أنتهت ثقافيا و فكريا و ماتت أجتماعيا و تهاوت ” قداستها الزائفة و المزورة ” و أنها عبارة حقيقة ميتة ” فهي جيفة تحللت حتى ” أزكمت رائحتها النتنة الأنوف و أقشعرت من رؤية حقيقتها الأبدان من هول بشاعتها ” .
الثورة الشعبية هي ثورة فكرية عظيمة هي ثورة اليوم و قادم الأيام وفق المنهجية الفكرية التي قاد تفجيرها الثائر المفكر معمر القذافي بدعوته العميقة و الحقيقية لعصر سيادة الشعب ، اللجان الثورية هي أداة الثورة الشعبية من خلال ” الثورة الثقافية العميقة ” التي تقودها اللجان الثورية و التي تقود الثورة الأجتماعية ” السياسية و الاقتصادية و الأنسانية و ” و تقود الثورة الدينية الجوهرية الحقيقية كما أرادها الله في أخر رسالة له لنبيه محمد صل الله عليه و سلم ليصحح بها مسار الناس كافة لدين الله الحق الحق اليقين .


PARTS 6-9 (inclusive)

Some of the Truths as to why the Great Jamahiriya was Destroyed

Mu in France DECEMBER of 2007

Mahmoud Jibril and al-Qathafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project

Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi symbolizes many things to many different people around the world. Love or hate the Libyan leader, under his rule Libya transformed from one of the poorest countries on the face of the planet into the country with the highest living standards in Africa. In the words of Professor Henri Habibi:

When Libya was granted its independence by the United Nations on December 24, 1951, it was described as one of the poorest and most backward nations of the world. The population at the time was not more than 1.5 million, was over 90% illiterate, and had no political experience or knowhow. There were no universities, and only a limited number of high schools which had been established seven years before independence.1

al-Qathafi had many grand plans. Many of them were of a pan-African nature. This included the formation of a United States of Africa.

al-Qathafi’s Pan-African Projects

Colonel al-Qathafi started the Great Man-Made River. The Great Man-Made River is a massive project to transform the Sahara Desert and reverse the desertification of Africa. The Great Man-Made River with its irrigation plans was also intended to help the agricultural sector in other parts of Africa. This project was one of the victims of NATO’s attacks on Libya.

al-Qathafi also envisioned independent pan-African financial institutions. The Libyan Investment Authority and the Libyan Foreign Bank were important players in setting up these institutions. Gaddafi, through the Libyan Foreign Bank and the Libyan Investment Authority, was instrumental in setting up Africa’s first satellite network, the Regional African Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM), to reduce African dependence on external powers.2

It is believed that his crowning achievement would have been the creation of the United States of Africa. The supranational entity would have been created through the African Investment Bank, the African Monetary Fund, and finally the African Central Bank. These institutions were all viewed with animosity by the European Union, United States, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank.

al-Qathafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project

al-Qathafi had a wealth redistribution project inside Libya. U.S. Congressional sources in a report to the U.S. Congress even acknowledge this. On February 18, 2011 the report stated:

In March 2008, [Colonel al-Qathafi] announced his intention to dissolve most government administrative bodies and institute a Wealth Distribution Program whereby state oil revenues would be distributed to citizens on a monthly basis for them to administer personally, in cooperation, and via local committees. Citing popular criticism of government performance in a long, wide ranging speech, [he] repeatedly stated that the traditional state would soon be “dead” in Libya and that direct rule by citizens would be accomplished through the distribution of oil revenues. [The military], foreign affairs, security, and oil production arrangements reportedly would remain national government responsibilities, while other bodies would be phased out. In early 2009, Libya’s Basic People’s Congresses considered variations of the proposals, and the General People’s Congress voted to delay implementation.3

The Wealth Redistribution Project, along with the establishment of an anarchist political system, was viewed as a very serious threat by the U.S., the E.U., and a group of corrupt Libyan officials. If successful it could have created political unrest amongst many domestic populations around the world. Internally, many Libyan officials were working to delay the project.

Why Mahmoud Jibril Joined the Transitional Council

Amongst the Libyan officials who was opposed to this project and viewed it with horror was Mahmoud Jibril. Jibril was put into place by Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi. Because of strong influence and advice from the U.S. and the E.U., Saif Al-Islam selected Jibril to transform the Libyan economy and impose neo-liberal economic reforms.

Jibril would become the head of two bodies in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the National Planning Council of Libya and National Economic Development Board of Libya. While the National Economic Development Board was a regular ministry, the National Planning Council would actually put Jibril in a government position above that of the equivalent of the prime minister–the Office of the General-Secretary of the People’s Committee of Libya. Jibril actually was one of the forces that opened the doors for privatization and poverty in Libya.

About six months before the conflict erupted in Libya, Mahmoud Jibril actually met with Bernard-Henri Lévy in Australia to discuss forming the Transitional Council and deposing al-Qathafi.4 He described al-Qathafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project as “crazy” in minutes and documents from the National Economic Development Board of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.5 Jibril believed that the masses were not fit to govern themselves and that an elite should control the fate and wealth of any nation. What Jibril wanted to do is downsize the government and layoff a large segment of the public sector, but in exchange increase government regulations in Libya. He would also always cite Singapore as the perfect example of a neo-liberal state. While in Singapore, which he regularly visited, it is likely that he meet with Bernard-Henri Lévy.

When the problems erupted in Benghazi, Mahmoud Jibril immediately went to Cairo, Egypt. He told his colleagues that he would be back in Tripoli soon, but he had no intention of returning. In reality, he went to Cairo to meet the leaders of the Syrian National Council and Lévy. They were all waiting for him to coordinate the events in Libya and Syria. This is one of the reasons that the Transitional Council has recognized the Syrian National Council as the legitimate government of Syria.

Mahmoud Jibril is now the prime minister of the Transitional Council of Libya. The opposition of Jibril to al-Qathafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project and his elitist attitude are amongst the reasons he conspired against al-Qathafi and helped form the Transitional Council. Is this ex-regime official, who has always been an open supporter of the Arab dictators in the Persian Gulf, really a representative of the people?

  1. Henri Pierre Habib, Politics and Government of Revolutionary Libya (Montmagny, Québec: Le Cercle de Livre de France Ltée, 1975), p.1. []

  2. Regional African Satellite Communication Organization, “Launch of the Pan African Satellite,” July 26, 2010. []

  3. Christopher M. Blanchard and James Zanotti, “Libya Christopher M. Blanchard and James Zanotti, “Libya: Background and U.S. Relations,” Congressional Research Service, February 18, 2011,” Congressional Research Service, February 18, 2011, p.22. []

  4. Private discussions with Mahmoud Jiribil’s co-workers inside and outside of Libya. []

  5. Internal private documents from the National Economic Development Board []

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Sociologist and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montréal. He specializes on the Middle East and Central Asia. He was on the ground in Libya for over two months and was also a Special Correspondent for Flashpoints. He has been releasing articles about Libya in conjunction with aired discussions with Cynthia McKinney on Freedom Now, a show aired 5:00 pm PST, Saturdays, on KPFK, Los Angeles, CA. Read other articles by Mahdi.





al-Qathafi and the African Moon

Some little-known Western reasons and not least (in addition to the other…) for having decided the total destruction of Muammar al-Qathafi‘s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
E.Le satellite panafricain de KADHAFI (Rascom) pour libérer l’Afrique.

le 14 févr. 2014
Quelques raisons occidentales peu connues et non pas des moindres (venant s’ajouter aux autres…)

pour avoir décidé la destruction totale de la Libye de Mouammar Kadhafi .

If  you are among those who wondered why the French led this attack, look no further than money.

You can count be among those who have been puzzling as to why France led the charge against al-Qathafi.  I can’t remember the last time, until now that the French led an international charge against anything so publicly.

According to this article, it is easy to understand the French wrath against al-Qathafi:  ”…The 23.97€billion frozen by Mr Obama belongs to the Libyan Central Bank and had been earmarked as the Libyan contribution to three key projects which would add the finishing touches to the African federation – the African Investment Bank in Sirte, Libya; the establishment in 2011 of the African Monetary Fund to be based in Yaoundé, Cameroon with a 33.56€ billion capital fund; and the Abuja-based African Central Bank in Nigeria, which when it starts printing African money will ring the death knell for the CFA franc through which Paris has been able to maintain its hold on some African countries for the last 50 years. “


The lies behind the West’s war on Libya

Appreciation lingers especially in  South Africa for Muammar al-Qathdafi’s opposition to South Africa’s apartheid, explains David Smith in the Guardian. al-Qathafi also gained influence by investing in projects throughout Africa.  Just yesterday we heard that South Africa refused to release 0.8€. 5 billion of al-Qathafi’s assets and recognize the rebel authority.

Today, The Southern Times (the newspaper for Southern Africa) has a lengthy article titled  Why the West Wants al-Qathafi out.  It is very interesting and plausible.


“It was al-Qathafi’s Libya that offered all of Africa its first revolution in modern times – connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio broadcasting and several other technological applications such as telemedicine and distance teaching. And thanks to the WMAX radio bridge, a low cost connection was made available across the continent, including in rural areas.

It began in 1992, when 45 African nations established RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Communication Organization) so that Africa would have its own satellite and slash communication costs in the continent.

This was a time when phone calls to and from Africa were the most expensive in the world because of the annual 399.55€ million fee pocketed by Europe for the use of its satellites like Intelsat for phone conversations, including those within the same country.   An African satellite only cost a one-time payment of 319.64€ million and the continent no longer had to pay a 399.55€million annual lease.

The first totally indigenously built satellite and manufactured on African soil, in Algeria, is set for 2020.
This satellite is aimed at competing with the best in the world, but at ten times less the cost, a real challenge.
This is how a symbolic gesture of a mere 239.73€ million changed the life of an entire continent.

al-Qathafi’s Libya cost the West, not just depriving it of 399.55€ million per year but the billions of dollars in debt and interest that the initial loan would generate for years to come and in an exponential manner, thereby helping maintain a system that plundered the continent. “



Jean-Paul Pougala, in an analysis that traces Libya’s role in shaping the African Union and the development of the continent, reasons that it was al-Qathafi who offered all of Africa its first revolution in modern times – connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio broadcasting and several other technological applications such as telemedicine and distance teaching. And thanks to the WMAX radio bridge, a low cost connection was made available across the continent, including in rural areas. This is the first of three articles that M Pougala will write for our readers this week. We hope you enjoy his analysis. Editor.

Former South Africa President Nelson Mandela broke an air embargo imposed on Libya in the late 1990s to travel to Tripoli to see Col al-Qathafi.

Africans should think about the real reasons why western countries are waging war on Libya. It began in 1992, when 45 African nations established RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Communication Organization) so that Africa would have its own satellite and slash communication costs. This was a time when phone calls to and from Africa were the most expensive in the world because of the annual 399.55€ million fee pocketed by Europe for the use of its satellites like Intelsat for phone conversations, including those within the same country.

An African satellite only cost a onetime payment of319.64€ million and the continent no longer had to pay a 399.55€ million annual lease. Which banker wouldn’t finance such a project? But the problem remained – how can slaves, seeking to free themselves from their master’s exploitation ask the master’s help to achieve that freedom? Not surprisingly, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the USA, Europe only made vague promises for 14 years. al-Qathafi put an end to these futile pleas to the western ‘benefactors’ with their exorbitant interest rates. The Libyan guide put 239.73€ million on the table; the African Development Bank added 39.96€ million more and the West African Development Bank a further 21.58€ million – and that’s how Africa got its first communications satellite on 26 December 2007.

China and Russia followed suit and shared their technology and helped launch satellites for South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and a second African satellite was launched in July 2010. The first totally indigenously built satellite and manufactured on African soil, in Algeria, is set for 2020. This satellite is aimed at competing with the best in the world, but at ten times less the cost, a real challenge.

This is how a symbolic gesture of a mere 239.73€ million changed the life of an entire continent. Qathafi’s Libya cost the West, not just depriving it of 399.55€ million per year but the billions of dollars in debt and interest that the initial loan would generate for years to come and in an exponential manner, thereby helping maintain an occult system in order to plunder the continent.

The 23.97€ billion frozen by Mr Obama belong to the Libyan Central Bank and had been earmarked as the Libyan contribution to three key projects which would add the finishing touches to the African federation – the African Investment Bank in Syrte, Libya, the establishment in 2011 of the African Monetary Fund to be based in Yaounde with a 33.56€ billion capital fund and the Abuja-based African Central Bank in Nigeria which when it starts printing African money will ring the death knell for the CFA franc through which Paris has been able to maintain its hold on some African countries for the last fifty years. It is easy to understand the French wrath against al-Qathafi.

The African Monetary Fund is expected to totally supplant the African activities of the International Monetary Fund which, with only 19.98€ billion, was able to bring an entire continent to its knees and make it swallow questionable privatisation like forcing African countries to move from public to private monopolies. No surprise then that on 16-17December 2010, the Africans unanimously rejected attempts by Western countries to join the African Monetary Fund, saying it was open only to African nations.

It is increasingly obvious that after Libya, the western coalition will go after Algeria, because apart from its huge energy resources, the country has cash reserves of around €150 billion. This is what lures the countries that are bombing Libya and they all have one thing in common – they are practically bankrupt. The USA alone, has a staggering debt of $US14,000 billion, France, Great Britain and Italy each have a1,598.21€ billion public deficit compared to less than 319.64€ billion in public debt for 46 African countries combined.

Inciting spurious wars in Africa in the hope that this will revitalise their economies which are sinking ever more into the doldrums will ultimately hasten the western decline which actually began in 1884 during the notorious Berlin Conference. As the American economist Adam Smith predicted in 1865 when he publicly backed Abraham Lincoln for the abolition of slavery, ‘the economy of any country which relies on the slavery of blacks is destined to descend into hell the day those countries awaken’.

To destabilise and destroy the African union which was veering dangerously (for the West) towards a United States of Africa under the guiding hand of al-Qathafi, the European Union first tried, unsuccessfully, to create the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM). North Africa somehow had to be cut off from the rest of Africa, using the old tired racist clichés of the 18th and 19th centuries, which claimed that Africans of Arab origin were more evolved and civilised than the rest of the continent. This failed because al-Qathafi refused to buy into it. He soon understood what game was being played when only a handful of African countries were invited to join the Mediterranean grouping without informing the African Union but inviting all 27 members of the European Union.

Without the driving force behind the African Federation, the UPM failed even before it began, still-born with Sarkozy as president and Mubarak as vice president. The French foreign minister, Alain Juppe is now attempting to re-launch the idea, banking no doubt on the fall of al-Qathafi. What African leaders fail to understand is that as long as the European Union continues to finance the African Union, the status quo will remain, because no real independence. This is why the European Union has encouraged and financed regional groupings in Africa.

It is obvious that the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS), which has an embassy in Brussels and depends for the bulk of its funding on the European Union, is a vociferous opponent to the African federation. That’s why Lincoln fought in the US war of secession because the moment a group of countries come together in a regional political organisation, it weakens the main group. That is what Europe wanted and the Africans have never understood the game plan, creating a plethora of regional groupings, COMESA, UDEAC, SADC, and the Great Maghreb which never saw the light of day thanks to al-Qathafi who understood what was happening.

In tomorrow’s issue, M Pougala looks at how Col al-Qathafi helped the freedom movements of Southern Africa and how he spent his country’s money to help African countries fight colonial rule to gain their own independence. Do not miss it. Only here at The London Evening Post.

How al-Qathafi helped bring an end to the humiliation of apartheid

While the world press continues to bring to our TV screens and in newspapers the atrocities being committed in the Libyan Arab Peoples Jamahiriya, writer Jean-Paul Pougala continues today with his second part of his analysis on Col Muammar Gal-Qathafi’s leadership. He expounds the qualities of the Libyan leader, especially the role he played in helping African liberation movements attain independence. We are publishing his opinions for our readers to make your own minds as to whether to believe him. Comments are most welcome. Read on.  

 For most Africans, al-Qathafi is a generous man, a humanist, known for his unselfish support for the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. If he had been an egotist, he wouldn’t have risked the wrath of the West to help the ANC both militarily and financially in the fight against apartheid. This was why Mandela, soon after his release from 27 years in jail, decided to break the UN embargo and travel to Libya on 23 October 1997. For five long years, no plane could touch down in Libya because of the embargo. One needed to take a plane to the Tunisian city of Jerba and continue by road for five hours to reach Ben Gardane, cross the border and continue on a desert road for three hours before reaching Tripoli. The other solution was to go through Malta, and take a night ferry on ill-maintained boats to the Libyan coast. A hellish journey for a whole people, simply to punish one man.

Mandela didn’t mince his words when the former US president Bill Clinton said the visit was an ‘unwelcome’ one – ‘No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do’. He added – ‘Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother al-Qathafi, they are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.’

Indeed, the West still considered the South African racists to be their brothers who needed to be protected. That’s why the members of the ANC, including Nelson Mandela, were considered to be dangerous terrorists. It was only on 2 July 2008, that the US Congress finally voted a law to remove the name of Nelson Mandela and his ANC comrades from their black list, not because they realised how stupid that list was but because they wanted to mark Mandela’s 90th birthday. If the West was truly sorry for its past support for Mandela’s enemies and really sincere when they name streets and places after him, how can they continue to wage war against someone who helped Mandela and his people to be victorious, al-Qathafi?

And what if al-Qathafi’s Libya were more democratic than the USA, France, Britain and other countries waging war to export democracy to Libya? On 19 March 2003, President George Bush began bombing Iraq under the pretext of bringing democracy. On 19 March 2011, exactly eight years later to the day, it was the French president’s turn to rain down bombs over Libya, once again claiming it was to bring democracy. Nobel peace prize-winner and US President Obama says unleashing cruise missiles from submarines is to oust the dictator and introduce democracy.

The question that anyone with even minimum intelligence cannot help asking is the following: Are countries like France, England, the USA, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Poland, who defend their right to bomb Libya on the strength of their self-proclaimed democratic status really democratic? If yes, are they more democratic than al-Qathafi’s Libya? The answer in fact is a resounding NO, for the plain and simple reason that democracy doesn’t exist. This isn’t a personal opinion, but a quote from someone whose native town Geneva, hosts the bulk of UN institutions. The quote is from Jean Jacques Rousseau, born in Geneva in 1712 and who writes in chapter four of the third book of the famous ‘Social Contract’ that ‘there never was a true democracy and there never will be.’

Rousseau sets out the following four conditions for a country to be labelled a democracy and according to these, al-Qathafi’s Libya is far more democratic than the USA, France and the others claiming to export democracy:

1. The State: The bigger a country, the less democratic it can be. According to Rousseau, the state has to be extremely small so that people can come together and know each other. Before asking people to vote, one must ensure that everybody knows everyone else, otherwise voting will be an act without any democratic basis, a simulacrum of democracy to elect a dictator.

The Libyan state is based on a system of tribal allegiances, which by definition group people together in small entities. The democratic spirit is much more present in a tribe, a village than in a big country, simply because people know each other, share a common life rhythm which involves a kind of self-regulation or even self-censorship in that the reactions and counter reactions of other members impacts on the group.

From this perspective, it would appear that Libya fits Rousseau’s conditions better than the USA, France and Great Britain, all highly urbanised societies where most neighbours don’t even say hello to each other and therefore don’t know each other even if they have lived side by side for twenty years. These countries leapfrogged leaped into the next stage – ‘the vote’ – which has been cleverly sanctified to obfuscate the fact that voting on the future of the country is useless if the voter doesn’t know the other citizens. This has been pushed to ridiculous limits with voting rights being given to people living abroad. Communicating with and amongst each other is a precondition for any democratic debate before an election.

2. Simplicity in customs and behavioural patterns are also essential if one is to avoid spending the bulk of the time debating legal and judicial procedures in order to deal with the multitude of conflicts of interest inevitable in a large and complex society. Western countries define themselves as civilised nations with a more complex social structure whereas Libya is described as a primitive country with a simple set of customs. This aspect too indicates that Libya responds better to Rousseau’s democratic criteria than all those trying to give lessons in democracy. Conflicts in complex societies are most often won by those with more power, which is why the rich manage to avoid prison because they can afford to hire top lawyers and instead arrange for state repression to be directed against someone one who stole a banana in a supermarket rather than a financial criminal who ruined a bank. In the city of New York for example where 75 per cent of the population is white, 80 per cent of management posts are occupied by whites who make up only 20 per cent of incarcerated people.

3. Equality in status and wealth: A look at the Forbes 2010 list shows who the richest people in each of the countries currently bombing Libya are and the difference between them and those who earn the lowest salaries in those nations; a similar exercise on Libya will reveal that in terms of wealth distribution, Libya has much more to teach than those fighting it now, and not the contrary. So here too, using Rousseau’s criteria, Libya is more democratic than the nations pompously pretending to bring democracy. In the USA, 5 per cent of the population owns 60 per cent of the national wealth, making it the most unequal and unbalanced society in the world.

4. No luxuries: According to Rousseau, there can’t be any luxury if there is to be democracy. Luxury, he says, makes wealth a necessity which then becomes a virtue in itself, it, and not the welfare of the people becomes the goal to be reached at all cost, ‘Luxury corrupts both the rich and the poor, the one through possession and the other through envy; it makes the nation soft and prey to vanity; it distances people from the State and enslaves them, making them a slave to opinion.’

Is there more luxury in France than in Libya? The reports on employees committing suicide because of stressful working conditions even in public or semi-public companies, all in the name of maximising profit for a minority and keeping them in luxury, happen in the West, not in Libya.

The American sociologist C. Wright Mills wrote in 1956 that American democracy was a ‘dictatorship of the elite’. According to Mills, the USA is not a democracy because it is money that talks during elections and not the people. The results of each election are the expression of the voice of money and not the voice of the people. After Bush senior and Bush junior, they are already talking about a younger Bush for the 2012 Republican primaries. Moreover, as Max Weber pointed out, since political power is dependent on the bureaucracy, the US has 43 million bureaucrats and military personnel who effectively rule the country but without being elected and are not accountable to the people for their actions. One person (a rich one) is elected, but the real power lies with the caste of the wealthy who then get nominated to be ambassadors, generals, etc.

How many people in these self-proclaimed democracies know that Peru’s constitution prohibits an outgoing president from seeking a second consecutive mandate? How many know that in Guatemala, not only can an outgoing president not seek re-election to the same post, no one from that person’s family can aspire to the top job either? Or that Rwanda is the only country in the world that has 56 per cent female parliamentarians? How many people know that in the 2007 CIA index, four of the world’s best-governed countries are African? That the top prize goes to Equatorial Guinea whose public debt represents only 1.14 per cent of GDP?

Rousseau maintains that civil wars, revolts and rebellions are the ingredients of the beginning of democracy. Because democracy is not an end, but a permanent process of the reaffirmation of the natural rights of human beings which in countries all over the world (without exception) are trampled upon by a handful of men and women who have hijacked the power of the people to perpetuate their supremacy. There are here and there groups of people who have usurped the term ‘democracy’ – instead of it being an ideal towards which one strives it has become a label to be appropriated or a slogan which is used by people who can shout louder than others. If a country is calm, like France or the USA, that is to say without any rebellions, it only means, from Rousseau’s perspective, that the dictatorial system is sufficiently repressive to pre-empt any revolt.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the Libyans revolted. What is bad is to affirm that people stoically accept a system that represses them all over the world without reacting. And Rousseau concludes: ‘Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium – translation – If gods were people, they would govern themselves democratically. Such a perfect government is not applicable to human beings.’ To claim that one is killing Libyans for their own good is a hoax.

Jean-Paul Pougala is a Cameroonian writer. Translated from the French by Sputnik Kilambi. Courtesy of Pambazuka News. Edited by Henry Gombya. Courtesy of Pambazuka News. Please do not miss the last part of M Pougala’s analysis here Wednesday.

 MU’AMMAR  al-QATHAFI‘s lectures on the Third Universal Theory:

Mu's lectures on the Third Universal Theory


International Green Charter

~ Human Rights for the Third Millennium  ~


Inspired by the Proclamation of the Great Green Charter for Human Rights on 12th June, 1988, the first Human Rights Charter to be issued by the people gathered in popular congresses, signalling the end of the era of the republics and the dawn of the era of the masses, as well as a new advancement in the definition of human rights;

Led by the Green Book , guide of humanity for the total deliverance from the power of individuals, classes, clans, tribes or parties, and the path towards the establishment of a society for all (the Jamahiriya) where all human beings are free and equal in the exercise of power and in the possession of wealth and arms;

Convinced that the rights of Man, vicegerent of God on earth, cannot be the gift of a person nor exist in societies where exploitation and tyranny are practised, and can only be achieved by the victory of the popular masses over their oppressors and the disappearance of regimes which annihilate freedom;

that the establishment of the power of the popular masses will consolidate their existence on earth, when the sovereignty of the people will be exercised directly through legislative popular congresses and executive people’s committees;

that human rights cannot be guaranteed in a world where there exist governors and governed, masters and slaves, rich and poor;

Aware that human misery cannot disappear, nor human rights be affirmed, except by building a world where the people hold the power, the wealth and the arms; a world where governments and armies will disappear, and where communities, peoples and nations will be rid of all danger of war, a world of peace, respect, agreement and co-operation;

On the basis of the above,

the Green Charter International was formed to link men and women around the world who wish to achieve, promote and defend the true Human Rights and freedoms of this new age, the era of the masses, which were proclaimed by the free people, gathered in popular congresses in the Great Green Charter of Human Rights as the following:1. Democracy is the power of the people, not only the expression of the people. We declare that power belongs to the people. It is exercised directly, without intermediary or representatives in the popular congresses and the people’s committees. TOP

2. We consider the life of the individual sacred and protect it. We forbid its alienation. Imprisonment can only be exercised against those for whom liberty constitutes a danger or a contamination of others. The aim of punishment is to renew society, to protect its human values and its interests. We proscribe punishments which attack the dignity and the integrity of the human being, such as forced labour or long-term imprisonment. We proscribe all attacks, physical or mental, on the person of the prisoner. We condemn all speculations and experiments of any kind upon prisoners. Punishment is personal and suffered by the individual following a criminal act on which it is necessarily contingent. The punishment and its consequences cannot extend to the family nor the persons close to the criminal. “One only commits evil to one’s own detriment and nobody will assume what he has not committed”. TOP

3. We are, in times of peace, free inall our movements and in the choice of our residence. TOP

4. Citizenship is a sacred right. Nobody can be deprived of it or have it removed. TOP

5. We forbid clandestine action and recourse to force in all its forms, violence, terrorism and sabotage. These acts constitute a betrayal of the values and principles of the Jamahiriya, which affirms the sovereignty of the individual in the popular congresses, guaranteeing the right to express opinions publicly. We reject and condemn violence as a means of imposing ideas and opinions. We adopt democratic dialogue as the only method of debate and consider any hostile relation towards the Jamahiriya linked to a foreign instance, whatever its form, as high treason against it. TOP

6. We are free to form unions, trade unions and leagues to defend our professional interests. TOP

7. We are free in our private acts and our personal relations. Nobody can involve themselves therein, except at a complaint from one of the partners concerned or if the act and the relation attack or are prejudicial to society, or if they are contrary to its values. TOP

8. We consider the life of the human being to be sacred and protect it. Our objective is to abolish capital punishment. To this end, the death penalty can only be exercised against an individual whose existence constitutes a danger or is deleterious to society. The person condemned to death may request that his sentence be lightened or, instead of his life, offer a personal tribute. The court may commute the penalty if this decision is not prejudicial to society or if it is not contrary to human values. We condemn the application of the execution of capital punishment by repugnant methods, such as the electric chair, the use of toxic gas or injections. TOP

9. The Jamahiriya guarantees the right to plead and the independence of the judicial system. Each of its members is entitled to a fair and complete trial. TOP

10. Our judgments are based on sacred law, religion or custom, the terms of which are stable, unchangeable and for which there can be no substitute. We declare that religion is an absolute belief in the divinity and a sacred spiritual value. It is personal to each person and common to everyone. It is a direct relationship with the Creator, without intermediary. We proscribe its monopoly and its exploitation for purposes of subversion, fanaticism, sectarianism, partisan spirit and fratricidal war. TOP

11. The Jamahiriya guarantees the right to work. It is a right and a duty for everyone, in the limits of one’s personal effort or in association with others. Everybody has the right to exercise the work of their choice. The Jamahiriya is one of partners and not one of paid employees. Ownership, the fruit of labour, is sacred and protected, it can only be attacked in the public interest and with fair compensation. The Jamahiriya is free from the slavery of salaries, stating the right of everybody over their labour and production. Only those who produce consume. TOP

12. We are liberated from any feudalism. The land is nobody’s property. Each person has the right to exploit it and to benefit from it by labour, agriculture or animal-keeping, throughout one’s life, that of one’s heirs, and within the limits of personal effort and the satisfaction of needs. TOP

13. We are free from any rent. A house belongs to the person who lives in it. It enjoys a sacred immunity in respect of rights of neighbourhood: “your close neighbours or distant neighbours”. The residence cannot be used to harm society. TOP

14. The Jamahiriya is united. It guarantees everyone a worthy and prosperous life and a developed state of health, so as to achieve a society of healthy people. It guarantees protection of childhood, motherhood, old age and of invalids. The Jamahiriya is the guardian of all those who do not have a guardian. TOP

15. Education and knowledge are natural rights for everyone. Any individual has the right to choose the education and the knowledge which suits them, without imposed constraint or orientation. TOP

16. The Jamahiriya is the society of goodness and of noble values. It considers ideals and human principles sacred. Its aim is a humanitarian society where aggression, war, exploitation and terrorism will be banished and where there will be no difference between great and small. All nations, all peoples, and all national communities have the right to live free, according to their options and the principles of self-determination. They have the right to establish their national entity. Minorities have the right to safeguard their entity and their heritage. The legitimate aspirations of the latter cannot be repressed. Neither can they be assimilated by force into one or several different nations or national communities. TOP

17. We affirm the right of each person to profit from the benefits, the advantages, the values and the principles which are obtained by the harmony, cohesion, union, affinity and the affection of the family, the tribe, the nation and humanity. To this end, we work to establish the natural national entity of our nation and support all those who fight to achieve this aim. We reject any segregation between men due to their colour, their race, their religion or their culture. TOP

18. We protect liberty. We defend it everywhere in the world. We support the oppressed, and encourage all peoples to confront injustice, oppression, exploitation and colonialism. We encourage them to combat imperialism, racism and fascism, in accordance with the principle of the collective struggle of peoples against the enemies of liberty. TOP

19. The Jamahiriya is a society of splendour and fulfilment. It guarantees each person the right of thought, creation and innovation. The Jamahiriya works for the development of the sciences, the arts and literature. It guarantees they will be disseminated among the popular masses so as to prohibit any monopoly on them. TOP

20. We affirm the sacred right to be born into a coherent family, where motherhood, fatherhood and brotherhood prevail. Fulfilment of the human being is only in compliance with his nature if it is assured by natural motherhood and feeding. The child must be brought up by its mother. TOP

21. We are, men or women, equal in everything which is human. The distinction of rights between men and women is a flagrant injustice which nothing justifies. We proclaim that marriage is a fair association between two equal partners. Nobody can conclude a marriage contract by constraint, nor divorce in any other way than by mutual consent or by a fair judgement. It is unfair to dispossess the children of their mother, and the mother of her home. TOP

22. We consider servants as the slaves of modern times, enslaved by their masters. No law governs their situation, and they have no guarantee nor protection. They live under the arbitrary nature of their masters, and are victims of tyranny. They are forced, by necessity and in order to survive, to carry out work which ridicules their dignity and human feelings. For this reason, we proscribe recourse to servants in the home. The house must be maintained by its owners. TOP

23. We are convinced that peace between nations can guarantee them prosperity, abundance and harmony. We call for an end to the trade of arms and their manufacture for purposes of exploitation. The arms industry constitutes a waste of wealth of societies, a burden on individual taxpayers, causing the spread of destruction and annihilation in the world. TOP

24. We call for the suppression of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons and any other means of massive extermination and destruction. We call for elimination of all the existing stocks, for the preservation of humanity from the dangers represented by the waste from nuclear power stations. TOP

25. We undertake to protect our society and political system based on popular power. We also undertake to safeguard its values, principles and interests. We regard collective defence as the only means to preserve them. We think that the defence of the Jamahiriya is the responsibility of every citizen, man or woman. Nobody can have a substitute when confronted with death. TOP

26. We commit ourselves to the bases of this charter. We do not allow them to be infringed and forbid ourselves any act contrary to the principles and rights that it guarantees. Each person has the right to plead under the law for the purpose of reparation of any attacks on the rights and liberties that it announces. TOP

27. We offer the world The Green Book, the guide and path of emancipation for the acquisition of liberty. We announce to the popular masses the advent of a new age, when corrupt regimes will be abolished and from which any trace of tyranny and exploitation will be removed.




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The Green Book of Natural Law Democracy by MMu`ammar al-Qadhafi


Libya War: What They Don’t Want You to Know

Published on 08 April 2014


We are taught all our lives that our modern political systems are “by and for the people.” In order to justify taking us to war, then, our misleaders have to convince us that war is not a racket, as General Smedley Butler revealed, and is not for the benefit of the industrialists who sell the munitions or the politicians in their back pocket or the financiers that own them both, but in the interest of the average man or woman. In other words, they lie through their teeth.

Find out more about the lies that led us to Libya in 2011, and the cover up of what is taking place there today in this week’s edition of The Eyeopener report.

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Below you will find the complete text of the three part Green book and links to download it for free.

You will also see a video about the real (former) Lybia and their real happy and prosperous free democracy that you were never told about. Lybia was the richest country in Africa with the second biggest gold reserves on earth..That gold has been stolen…

Now Lybia has been robbed, destroyed and a mass genocide of killings under taken covertly by the Zionist controlled USA..

Right click on this link to download the reformatted pdf. version.

The Green Book of Natural Law Democracy by Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi.pdf

Also available here.

The GREEN BOOK by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi_004_

Muammar Gaddafi_001_

The illuminati Exposed By Muammar al-Qathafi

Uploaded on Feb 13, 2012

The GREEN BOOK by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi_004_

This site presents the complete text of all three parts of
the GREEN BOOK by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi.

Select the book you want to read by clicking on its cover …


GREEN BOOK  english soft covers


This translation was published by the Public Establishment for Publishing, Advertising and Distribution in Tripoli, Libya.
Absolute fidelity to the original text, including page and line numbers, has been maintained in this on-line version.

  Or, click here to download the Green Book

Go here to download this small book for free and this book will absolutely amaze you to a real democracy and Lybia.


At the link (below) you will find an archived website about the former free Lybia 


“I would like to seize the opportunity today and declare before you …

that Libya is determined and committed to play a leading role in achieving world peace.”
– Col. Qadhafi in Brussels, 27 April 2004

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This book has been reformatted by Daniel J Towsey,

audio-video transcripts.

The National flag of Lybia in 2005

The UN Officially changed the flag to the 1951 one, no objections on talk page for the past 2 months for the change.


Flag of Libya

Complete text of the Green Book  by Libyan leader Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi

Part One

“The Solution of the Problem of Democracy — The Authority of the People” (1975)

This translation was published by the Public Establishment for Publishing,
Advertising and Distribution in Tripoli, Libya.

Absolute fidelity to the original has been maintained, including page and line numbers.


1. The Instrument of Governing
2. Parliaments
3. The Party
4. Class
5. Plebiscites
6. Popular Congresses and People’s Committees
7. The Law of Society
8. Who Supervises the Conduct of Society?
9. How Does Society Readjust its Direction
in Case of Deviation from its Law?
10. The Press



‘The Instrument of Governing is the prime political problem which faces human communities.’
Even the conflict within the family is,often, the result of this problem.
‘This problem has become serious since the emergence of modern societies.’
Peoples, nowadays, face this persistent problem and communities suffer from various risks and grave consequences to which it leads.

They have not yet succeeded in solving it finally and democratically.

The GREEN BOOK presents the final solution to the problem of the instrument of governing.
All political systems in the world today are the product of the struggle for power between instruments of governing.

The struggle may be peaceful or armed, such as the conflict of classes, sects, tribes, parties or individuals.

The result is always the victory of an instrument of governing — be it an individual, group, party or class and the defeat of the people, i.e. the defeat of genuine democracy.

Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with 51 per cent of the votes leads to a dictatorial governing body disguised as a false democracy, since 49 percent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of governing they did not vote for, but had imposed upon them.

This is dictatorship.
Besides, this political conflict may produce a governing body that represents only a minority, for when votes are distributed among several candidates, one of them polls more than any other candidate.

But if the votes polled by those who received less are added up, they can constitute an over whelming majority. However, the candidate with fewer votes wins and his success is regarded as legitimate and democratic!

In actual fact, dictatorship is established under the cover of false democracy. This is the reality of the political systems prevailing in the world today. They are dictatorial systems and it seems clear that they falsify genuine democracy.


No representation in lieu of the people

Parliaments are the backbone of traditional democracy as it exists today.

A parliament is a misrepresentation of the people and parliamentary governments are a misleading solution to the problem of democracy. A parliament is originally founded to represent the people, but this in itself, is undemocratic as democracy means the authority of the people and not an authority acting on their behalf.

The mere existence of a parliament means the absence of the people, but true democracy exists only through the participation of the people, not through the activity of their representatives.

Parliaments have been a legal barrier between the peoples and the exercise of authority, excluding masses from power while usurping sovereignty in their place.
Peoples are left with only false external appearance of democracy manifested in long queues to cast their votes in the ballot boxes.

Representation is a denial of participation

To lay bare the character of the parliament, we have to look to the origin of such a parliament. The parliament is either elected from constituencies or a party or a coalition of parties, or is formed by some method of appointment. But all these procedures are undemocratic, for dividing the population into constituencies means that one member of parliament represents thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of people, depending on the size of population.

Representation is a falsification of democracy

It also means that the member keeps no popular organisational link with the electors since he, like other members, is looked upon as a representative of the whole people.

This is what the prevailing traditional democracy requires. The masses, therefore, are completely isolated from the representative and he, in turn, is totally separated from them. For immediately after winning their votes he himself
usurps their sovereignty and acts instead of them.

The prevailing traditional democracy endows the member of a parliament with a sacredness and immunity denied to other individual members of the people.

That means that parliaments have become a means of plundering and usurping the people’s authority. Hence the people have the right to struggle, through the popular revolution, to destroy instruments which usurp democracy and sovereignty and take them away from the masses.

They also have the right to utter the new principle, no representation in lieu of the people. If, however, the parliament emerges from a party as a result of winning an election, it is a parliament of the party and not of the people. It represents the party and not the people, and the executive power assigned by the parliament is that of the winning party and not of the people.

The same is true of the parliament in which each party holds a number of seats. For the members of the parliament represent their party and not the people, and the power established by such a coalition is the power of the combined parties and not of the people. Under such systems the people are victims fooled and exploited by political bodies.

The people stand silently in long queues to cast their votes in the ballot boxes the same way as they throw other
papers into the dustbin.

This is the traditional democracy prevalent in the whole world, whether the system is one-party, two-party, multiparty or non-party. Thus it becomes clear that representation is fraud. Assemblies formed by a method of appointment or hereditary succession do not fall under any form of democracy.

Moreover, since the system of elected parliaments is based on propaganda to win votes, it is a demagogic system in the real sense of the word. and votes can be bought and falsified. Poor people fail to compete in the election campaign and it is always the rich — and only the rich — who come out victorious.

Philosophers, thinkers and writers advocated the theory of representative government at a time when the peoples, without realizing it, were driven like sheep by kings, sultans and conquerors.

The ultimate aspiration of the people of those times was to have someone to represent them before such rulers. Even that aspiration was nullified.

Peoples went through long and bitter struggles to attain what they aspired to. After the successful establishment of the era of the republics and the beginning of the era of the masses, it is unreasonable that democracy should mea the electing of only a few representatives to act on behalf of great masses. This is an obsolete theory and an outdated experience.
The whole authority must be the people’s.
The most tyrannical dictatorships the world has known have existed under the shadow of parliaments.


The party system aborts democracy

The party is the contemporary dictatorship. It is the modern dictatorial instrument of governing. The party is the rule of a part over the whole. It is the latest dictatorial instrument. As the party is not individual it exercises a sham democracy through establishing parliaments and committees and through the propaganda of its members. The party is not a democratic instrument at all because it is composed of people who have common interests, a common outlook or a common culture; or who belong to the same locality or have the same belief.

To make a party you split society.

They form a party to achieve their ends, impose their outlook or extend the hold of their belief on the society as a whole. A party’s aim is to achieve power under the pretext of carrying out its program. And yet, democratically, none of these parties should govern the whole people because of the diversity of interests, ideas, temperaments, localities and beliefs, which constitute the people’s identity.

The party is a dictatorial instrument of governing that enables those with one outlook and a common interest to rule the people as a whole. Compared with the people, the party is a minority.

The purpose of forming a party is to create an instrument to rule the people; namely to rule over non-members of the party. For the party is, fundamentally, based on an arbitrary authoritarian theory . . . i.e. the domination of the members of the party over the rest of individual members of the people. The party presupposes that its accession t power is the way to attain its ends, assuming that its objectives are the objectives of the people.

That is the theory of the justification of party dictatorship, which is the basis for any dictatorship. No matter how many parties there are, the theory remains one and the same.

But the existence of many parties escalates the struggle for power and this results in the destruction of any achievements of the people and of any socially beneficial plans. Such destruction is seized upon by the opposition party as a justification to undermine the position of the ruling party so that it may take over from them.

The parties in their struggle resort, if not to arms, which rarely happens, then to denouncing and stultifying the actions of each other. This is a battle which is inevitably waged at the expense of the higher and vital interests of the society.
Some, if not all, of those higher interests will be victims of the power struggle of instruments of governing.
For the destruction of those interests supports the opposition party or parties in their argument against the ruling party.

The opposition party, as an instrument of governing, has to oust the ruling body in order to have access to authority. To prove the unfitness of the instrument of governing, the opposition party has to destroy its achievements and to cast doubt on its plans, even if those plans are beneficial to the society. Consequently the interests and programs of the society become victims of the parties’ struggle for power.

Such struggle is, therefore, politically, socially and economically destructive to the society, despite the fact that it creates political activity.


Besides, the struggle results in the victory of another instrument of governing, i.e., the fall of one party and the rise of another. But it is a defeat for the people, a defeat for democracy.
Furthermore, parties can be bought or bribed either from inside or outside.
Originally, the party is formed to represent the people. Then the leading group of the party represents its members and the supreme leader of the party represents the leading group.

It becomes clear that the party game is a deceitful farce based on a sham form of democracy which has a selfish content based on maneuvers, tricks and political games.

All these emphasize that the party-system is a dictatorial, yet modern, instrument.

The party system is an overt, not a covert, dictatorship.

The world has not yet passed beyond it and it is rightly called ‘the dictatorship of the modern age’.
The parliament of the winning party is indeed a parliament of the party, as the executive power assigned by this parliament is the power of the party over the people.

Party power, which is supposed to be for the good of the whole people, is actually a bitter enemy of a part of the people, namely the opposition party or parties and their supporters.

So the opposition is not a popular check on the ruling party, but is itself seeking a chance to replace the ruling party. According to modern democracy, the legal check on the ruling party is the parliament, the majority of whos members are from that ruling party.

That is to say, checking is in the hands of the ruling party and rule is in the hands of the checking party. Thus
become clear the deceptiveness, falsity and invalidity of the political theories dominant in the world today, from which contemporary traditional democracy emerges.
The party is only a part of the people, but the sovereignty of the people is indivisible.
The party governs on behalf of the people, but the principle is no representation in lieu of the people.
The party system is the modern tribal and sectarian system.

The society governed by one party is exactly like that which is governed by one tribe or one sect.

The party, as stated above, represents the outlook of a certain group of people, or the interests of one group of the society, or one belief or one locality.

Such a party must be a minority compared to the whole people just as the tribe and the sect are.

The minority has common interests or a sectarian belief. From such interests or belief, the common outlook is formed.

Only blood-relationship distinguishes a tribe from a party and even at the foundation of a party there may be blood relationship.

There is no difference between party struggles and tribal or sectarian struggles for power. And if tribal and sectarian rule is politically rejected and disavowed, then the party system must similarly be rejected and disavowed.

Both of them tread the same path and lead to the same end. The negative and destructive effect on the society of the
tribal and sectarian struggles is identical to the negative and destructive effect of the party struggle.



The class political system is the same as the party, the tribal, or sectarian system, i.e. a class dominates the society in the same way that a party, tribe or sect does. The class, like the party, sect and tribe, is a group of people from the society who share common interests.

Common interests arise from the existence of a group of people bound together by blood relationship, belief, culture, locality or standard of living. Also class, party, sect and tribe emerge from similar factors leading to similar results, i.e. they emerge because blood relationship, belief, standard of living culture and locality create a common outlook to achieve a common end.

Thus emerges the social structure in the forms of class, party, tribe or sect that eventually becomes a political conception directed toward realizing the outlook and ends of that group.

In all cases the people are neither the class, the party, the tribe nor the sect; these are no more than a part of the people and constitute a minority.

If a class, party, tribe or sect dominates a society, the whole system becomes a dictatorship.
However, a class or tribal coalition is better than a party coalition because the people consist originally of a group
of tribes. One seldom finds people who do not belong to a tribe, and all people belong to a certain class. But no party
or parties embrace all the people and therefore the party or party coalition represents a minority compared to the
masses outside its membership.

Under genuine democracy there is no excuse for one class to crush other classes for its own benefit, no excuse for one party to crush other parties for its own interests, no excuse for one tribe to crush other tribes for its own benefit and no excuse for one sect to crush other sects for its own interests.
To allow such actions means abandoning the logic of democracy and resorting to the logic of force.

Such an action is dictatorial, because it is not in the interest of the whole society, which does not consist of only one class or tribe or sect or the members of one party.
There is no justification for such an action. The dictatorial justification is that the society is actually made up of various parts, and one of the parts undertakes the liquidation of other parts in order to stand solely in power.

This action is then not in the interest of the whole society, but in the interest of a certain class, tribe, sect or party,
i.e., it is in the interest of those who replace the society. The action of liquidation is originally directed against
the members of the society who do not belong to the party, the class, the tribe or the sect which undertakes the liquidation.
The society torn apart by party struggles is similar to one torn by tribal and sectarian struggles.
The party that is formed in the name of a class automatically becomes a substitute for that class and continues until it becomes a replacement for the class hostile to it.
Any class which becomes heir to a society, inherits, at the same time, its characteristics. That is to say that if the working class crushes all other classes, for instance, it becomes heir of the society, that is, it becomes the material and social base of the society.
The heir bears the traits of the one he inherits from, though they may not be evident at once. As time passes, attributes of other eliminated classes emerge in the very ranks of the working class. And the possessors of those characteristics take the attitudes and points of view appropriate to their characteristics.

Thus the working class turns out to be a separate society, showing the same contradictions as the old society. The material and moral standards of the members of the society are diverse at first but then there emerge the factions that automatically develop into classes, like those which had been eliminated.

Thus the struggle for domination of the society starts again. Each group of people, then each faction and finally each new class, tries to become the instrument of governing.
The material base of the society is not stable because it has a social aspect. The instrument of governing of the single material base of the society will, perhaps, be stable for some time,

but it will pass away as soon as new material and social standards emerge out of the same single material base.
Any society with class conflict was in the past a one-class society but, due to inevitable evolution, the conflicting classes emerged from that one class.

The class that expropriates the possessions of others in order to maintain the instrument of governing for its own interests, will find that material possessions have brought within that class what material possessions usually bring about within the society as a whole.
In short, attempts to unify the material base of the society to solve the problem of government or to put an end to the struggle in favor of party,class, sect or tribe, have failed, such as the efforts to satisfy the masses through the election of representatives or by organizing plebiscites to discover their views. To go on with these efforts has become a waste of time and a mockery of the people.


The fallacy of a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Plebiscite

Plebiscites are a fraud against democracy.

Those who say ‘yes’ and those who say ‘no’ do not, in fact, express their will. They have been silenced through the conception of modern democracy.

They have been allowed to utter only one word: either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This is the most cruel and oppressive dictatorial system. He who says ‘no’ should give reasons for his answer.

He should explain why he did not say ‘yes’. And he who says ‘yes’ should give reasons for approval and why he did not say ‘no’. Everyone should make clear what he wants and the reasons for his approval or rejection.
What road, then, must human groups take to get rid, once and for all, of the tyrannical and dictatorial ages?
Since the intricate problem in the case of democracy is the instrument of governing, expressed by conflicts of classes, parties and individuals; and since the electoral and plebiscite

methods were invented to cover the failure of those unsuccessful experiments to solve this problem, the solution lies in finding an instrument of governing other than these which are subject to conflict and which represent only on side of the society.

That is to say, an instrument of governing which is not a party, a class, a sect or a tribe, but an instrument of governing which is the people as a whole. It neither represents the people nor speaks in their name.
No representation in lieu of the people and representation is fraud.

If that instrument can be brought into being the problem will be solved, popular democracy will be realized, mankind will have put an end to tyrannical eras and dictatorial systems, and the authority of the people will have taken their place.
The Green Book presents the solution to the problem of the instrument of governing. It indicates for the people the way to pass from the eras of dictatorship to the eras of genuine democracy.

This new theory is based on the authority of the people, without representation or deputation. It realizes direct democracy in an orderly and
effective form. It differs from the older attempt at direct democracy, which could not be applied in practice and which was frivolous because it lacked popular organisation on the lower levels.



Popular congresses are the only means to achieve popular democracy. Any system of government other than popular congresses is undemocratic.
All the prevailing systems of government in the world today are undemocratic, unless they adopt this method.
Popular congresses are the end of the journey of the masses’ movement in its quest for democracy.
Popular congresses and people’s committees are the final fruit of the people’s struggle for democracy.

No democracy without popular congresses

Popular congresses and people’s committees are not creations of the imagination so much as they are the product
of human thought which has absorbed all human experiments to achieve democracy.

Direct democracy is the ideal method, which, if realized in practice, is indisputable and noncontroversial.

The nations departed from direct democracy because, however small a people might be, it was impossible to gather them all together at one time in order to discuss, study and decide on their policy.

"The  Authority of  the People"

Direct democracy remained an Utopian idea far from
reality. It has been replaced by various theories of government such as representative assemblies, parties, coalitions, and plebiscites.

All led to the isolation of the people from political activity and to the plundering of the sovereignty of the people and the assumption of their authority by the successive and conflicting instruments of governing beginning with the individual, on through the class, the sect, the tribe, the parliament and the party.
The Green Book announces to the people the happy discovery of the way to direct democracy, in a practical form. Since no two intelligent people can dispute the fact that direct democracy is the ideal — but its method has been impossible to apply — and since this Third Universal Theory provides us with a realistic experiment in direct democracy, the problem of democracy in the world is finally solved.

All that the masses need do now is to struggle to put an end to all forms of dictatorial rule in the world today, to all forms of

what is falsely called democracy – from parliaments to the sect, the tribe, the class and to the one-party, the two-party and the multi-party systems.
Democracy has but one method and one theory.

The disparity and dissimilarity of the systems claiming to be democratic is evidence that they are not democratic in fact.

The people’s authority has only one face and it can be realized only by one method, namely, popular congresses and people’s committees.

No democracy without popular congresses and committees everywhere.
First, the people are divided into basic popular congresses. Each basic popular congress chooses its secretariat.

The secretariats together form popular congresses, which are other than the basic ones.

Then the masses of those basic popular congresses choose administrative people’s committees to replace government administration.
Thus all public utilities are run by people’s committees which will be responsible to the basic popular congresses and these dictate the policy to be followed by the people’s committees and supervise its execution.

Thus, both the administration and the supervision
become popular and the outdated definition of democracy — Democracy is the supervision of the government by
the people — comes to an end. It will be replaced by the right definition Democracy is the supervision of the people by people.
All citizens who are members of those popular congresses belong, professionally and functionally, to categories.

They have, therefore, to establish their own unions and syndicates in addition to being, as citizens, members of the basic popular congresses or the people’s committees. Subjects discussed by basic popular congresses or the people’s committees, syndicates and unions, will take their final shape in the General People’s Congress, where the secretariats of popular congresses, people’s committees, syndicates and unions meet.

What is drafted by the General People’s Congress, which meets annually or periodically, will, in turn, be submitted to popular congresses, people’s committees, syndicates and unions.

The people’s committees, responsible to the basic popular congresses will, then, start executive action. The General People’s Congress is not a gathering of members or ordinary persons as is the case with parliaments.

It is a gathering of the basic popular congresses, the people’s committees, the unions, the syndicates and all professional associations.
In this way, the problem of the instrument of governing is, as a matter of fact, solved and dictatorial instruments will disappear.

The people are the instrument of governing and the problem of democracy in the world is completely solved.



Law is the other problem parallel to the problem of the instrument of governing. It has not yet been solved in the modern age although it has been solved at certain periods of history.
It is invalid and undemocratic for a committee or a parliament to be entitled to draft the law for the society.

It is also invalid and undemocratic for an individual, a committee or a parliament to amend or abrogate the law of the society.

What, then, is the law of the society?
Who drafts it and what is its importance to democracy?
The natural law of any society is either tradition (custom) or religion.
Any other attempt to draft law for any society, outside these two sources, is invalid and illogical.

Constitutions are not the law of the society. A constitution is a basic man-made law.


That basic man-made law should have a source for its justification.

The problem of freedom in the modern age is that constitutions have become the law of society, and constitutions are based on nothing other than the views of the instruments of the dictatorial rule prevailing in the world, ranging from the individual to the party.

The proof of this is that there is a difference between constitutions although man’s freedom is the same.

The reason for the difference is the disparity in the conceptions of the instruments of governing.

This is the point where freedom is vulnerable in the systems of the contemporary world.

The method by which the instruments of governing seek to dominate the peoples is established in the constitution and the people are compelled to accept it under the force of laws derived from that constitution, which is itself the product of the temperament and outlook of the instrument of governing.

The law of the dictatorial instruments of governing has replaced natural law.


Because man-made law has replaced natural law, standards are lost. Man is the same everywhere.

His physical constitution is the same and so is his instinct.

For this reason natural law became a logical law for man as one and the same.

Then the constitutions, which are man-made laws, began to look at man as not one and the same.

They have no justification for that conception other than the will of instruments of governing — the individual, the parliament, the tribe or the party — to dominate the peoples.

So we see that constitutions are usually changed when the instruments of governing change.

This proves that the constitution is the product of the temperament of the instruments of governing and exists to serve their interests. It is not natural law.

This is the impending danger to freedom latent wherever the genuine law of human society is absent and is replaced by man-made laws designed by the instrument of governing to rule the masses.
Properly the method of government should be in accordance with the laws of society, not vice versa.
Therefore, the law of the society is not subject to drafting and codification.


The significance of law lies in the fact that it is the decisive factor which distinguishes between the true and false, the right and the wrong, and the individuals’ rights and duties. Freedom is threatened unless society has a sacred law based on stable rules which are not subject to change or substitution by any instrument of governing.

On the contrary, it is incumbent upon the instrument of governing to abide by the law of society. Nevertheless, peoples throughout the world are now being ruled by man-made laws that are liable to change and abrogation because of the struggle for power between instruments of governing.

Plebiscites on constitutions are not enough because plebiscites in themselves are a sham democracy, permitting only yes or no. Under man-made laws, peoples are compelled to accept plebiscites.

A plebiscite on a constitution does not mean that it is the law of society, it means that it is only a constitution, or that ‘thing’ subject to plebiscite, nothing else.

The law of the society is an eternal human heritage that is not the possession of the living only. Hence, the drafting of a constitution and holding a plebiscite by present voters are farcical.

Encyclopedias of man-made laws derived from man-made constitutions are full of material penalties against man while traditional law seldom has
these penalties. Traditional law imposes moral, not material penalties, that are appropriate for man. Religion embraces and absorbs tradition. Most
material penalties in religion are postponed until the Day of Judgement. The major part of its rules are exhortations, instructions and answers to

This law shows proper respect to man. Religion does not acknowledge temporal penalties, except in extreme cases where these are necessary to protect society.
Religion embraces tradition, which is an expression of the natural life of the peoples. Thus, religion, embracing tradition, is an affirmation of natural
law. Non-religious, non-traditional laws are invented by one man for use against another.

Therefore they are invalid because they are not built upon the natural source of tradition and religion.



The question that arises is: who preserves the society from any deviation from the law? Democratically, there is no group whatever that can claim the right of representative supervision over the society. ‘Society is its own supervisor.’ Any pretension by any individual or group that it is responsible for law is dictatorship.
Democracy means the responsibility of the whole society, and supervision should be carried out by the whole society.

That is democracy and its proper implementation is through the democratic instrument of governing, resulting from the organization of society itself in basic popular congresses and from the people’s rule through the popular congresses and the General People’s Congress (National Congress) in which come together the popular congresses, administrative people’s committees, unions, syndicates and all other professional organizations.

According to this theory, the people are the instrument of governing and in this case they are their own supervisor. In this way self-supervision of the society over its law is realized.



If an instrument of governing is dictatorial, as in political systems in the world today, the society’s vigilance towards deviation from law will have only one way to gain readjustment.
That is violence, which means revolution against the instrument of governing. This violence or revolution, even if it is an expression of the feeling of the society against deviation, is not carried out by the whole society.

It is undertaken only by those who have the initiative and boldness to proclaim the will of the society. However, this approach is the way to dictatorship, for this revolutionary initiative increases the opportunity for an instrument of governing, representative of the people, to arise.

This means that the instrument of governing is still dictatorial. Moreover, violence and change by force are themselves undemocratic,

although they take place as a result of the existence of a previous undemocratic situation. The society that is still entangled around this resultant is a
backward society. What, then, is the solution?
The solution is for the people to be the instrument of governing from basic popular congresses to the General People’s Congress.

The government administration is abolished and replaced by people’s committees. The General People’s Congress should be a national congress where basic popular congresses, people’s administrative committees, unions, syndicates and all professional associations come together. If a deviation from the society’s law takes place under this system, it should be dealt with through a democratic revision rather than by force.
This is not a process of voluntary choice of the method of change or of treatment, rather it is an inevitable result of the nature of such a democratic system.

In such a case, there is no outside group against which violent action may be directed or which may be held responsible for deviation.



Democracy means popular rule not popular expression.

The natural person has freedom to express himself even if, when he is mad, he behaves irrationally to express his madness.

The corporate person also is free to express his corporate identity. In these cases, the first represents only himself, and the second represents no more than the group of natural persons composing his corporate person.

The society consists of many natural and many corporate persons. Therefore, when a person, for instance, expresses himself in an irrational manner, that does not mean that the other persons of the society also are mad.

The expression of a natural person is only self-expression, and that of a corporate person is only the expression of the interests or viewpoints of persons forming the corporate person. For example, the company for the production and sale of tobacco only expresses the interests of the participants in that company, i.e. those who benefit from the production and sale of tobacco although it is harmful to the health of others.


The press is a means of expression of the society and is not a means of expression of a natural or corporate person. Logically and democratically, the press, therefore, cannot be owned by either of these.
Any newspaper owned by an individual is his own and expresses only his point of view. Any claim that a newspaper represents public opinion is groundless because it actually expresses the viewpoints of a natural person.

Democratically, a natural person should not be permitted to own any means of publication or information.
However he has the natural right to express himself by any means, even if  it is in an irrational manner to prove his madness. Any journal issued by a trading association or by a chamber of commerce is only a means of expression for this particular social group.

It presents its own point of view and not the viewpoint of public opinion. This applies to all other corporate and natural persons in society.

The democratic press is that which is issued by a popular committee comprising all the various categories of society.

In this case only, and not otherwise, will the press or any information medium be an expression of the whole society and a bearer of the viewpoint of its categories and thereby the press or information medium will be indeed democratic.
If the Medical Association issues a journal, it must be purely medical.
Similarly this applies to other categories.

The natural person has the right to express only himself and he is not entitled from the democratic point of view to express anybody else. In this
way, what is called the problem of press freedom in the world will be solved radically and democratically.
The continuing problem of press freedom in the world today is generally the product of the problem of democracy.
It can not be solved unless the entire crisis of democracy in the whole society is solved. Only the Third Universal
Theory can solve the intricate problem of democracy.

According to this theory, the democratic system is a cohesive structure whose foundations are firmly laid on basic popular congresses, people’s
committees and professional associations.

All these come together in the General People’s Congress. Absolutely, there is no other conception for a genuine democratic society.
Finally, the era of the masses, which approaches us at a rapid pace following the era of the republics, inflames the feelings and dazzles the eyes.

As much as this era gladly announces the real freedom of the masses and their happy emancipation from the shackles of instruments of governing so much it warns of the approach of an age of anarchy and demagogy if the new democracy, which is the authority of the people, does not relapse and the
authority of the individual, class, tribe, sect or party again comes to predominate.

Theoretically, this is the genuine democracy. But realistically, the strong always rule, i.e., the stronger part in the society is the one that rules.



by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi.

The Solution of the ECONOMIC PROBLEM ‘Socialism’


Important historical developments have taken place which contribute to solving the problem of work and wages, i.e. the relationship between the workers and the employers, between the producers and the owners.
The developments include fixed working-hours, wages for additional work, different types of leave, minimum wages, profit sharing and participation
in administration. In addition, arbitrary dismissal has been outlawed and social security has been guaranteed, along with the right to strike and
whatever other provisions are found in almost all modern labour laws. Of no less significance are the changes in the field of ownership such as the emergence of systems limiting income or outlawing private ownership and transferring it to the state.
Despite all these not inconsiderable developments in the history of the economic problem, nevertheless the problem still basically exists.


Partners not wage-workers.

The modifications, improvements, provisions and other measures have made the problem less severe than it was in past centuries by gaining many advantages for the workers.

Yet, the economic problem has not been solved. All the attempts which have concentrated on ownership have not solved the problem of producers. They are still wage workers, even when ownership has been transferred from the extreme right to the extreme left or has been given various intermediate positions.

Attempts to improve wages are as important as those which lead to the transference of ownership.

The benefits received by workers, guaranteed by legislation and protected by Trade Unions are all that have been achieved in tackling the problem of

Thus the hard conditions of the producers immediately after the Industrial Revolution have been transformed, and, in the course of time workers, technicians and administrators have gained previously unattainable rights. However, the economic problem still, in fact, exists.


This attempt confined to wages was certainly not a solution at all. It is an artificial attempt, aimed merely at reform, more of a charity than a recognition of the right of workers.

Why are the workers given wages? Because they carry out a production process for the benefit of others who hire them to produce a certain product.

In this case, they have not consumed their production, but have been obliged to surrender it for a wage.

The sound rule is:

‘He who produces is the one who consumes.’

Wage-workers are a type of slave, however improved their wages may be.

The wage-worker is like a slave to the master who hires him. He is even a temporary slave, since his slavery
lasts as long as he works for wages from the employer, whether the latter is an individual or a state.

The workers’ relationship with the owner of the productive establishment as regards their own interests is one and the same
… Under all conditions prevailing now in the world they are wage-workers, even though ownership varies . . . from the right to the left.


The public economic establishment itself gives to its workers only wages and other social benefits; and these do not differ from the charity granted to the workers by the rich, the owners of private economic corporations.
The argument that, in the case of public ownership, income reverts to society, including the workers, in contrast to the case of the private corporation where income reverts only to its owner, is valid.

This is so provided that we take into consideration the general interests of the society rather than the particular interests of the workers, and provided that we assume that the political authority which monopolizes ownership is the authority of all the people, that is to say the authority of the people in their entirety, as practiced through their popular congresses, people’s committees and professional syndicates rather than the authority of one class, one party, group of parties, sect, family, tribe, individual or any other representative authority.


However, what is received directly by the workers, as regards their own interests, in the form of wages, percentage of the profit or social benefits, is
the same as is received by the workers in the private corporation.

That is to say, workers in both public and private  establishments are equally wage-workers though the owners differ.

Thus the change in ownership from one type to another has not solved the problem of the workers’ right in what has been produced directly by himself,
and not by society or for wages. The proof is that the producers are still wage-workers despite the change in ownership.

The ultimate solution is to abolish the wage-system, emancipate man from its bondage and return to the natural law which defined relationships before the emergence of classes, forms of government and man-made laws.

The natural rules are the measure, the reference book and the sole course in human relations.
Natural law has led to natural socialism based on equality among the economic factors of production and has almost brought about, among individuals, consumption equal to nature’s production.


But the exploitation of man by man and the possession by some individuals of more of the general wealth than they need is a manifest departure from natural law and the beginning of distortion and corruption in the life of the human community.

It is the beginning of the emergence of the society of exploitation.
If we analyse the economic factors of production from ancient times till now we always find that they are composed of these essentials: raw materials, an instrument of production and a producer.

The natural rule of equality is that each of the factors has a share in this production, for if any of them is withdrawn, there will be no production.
Each factor has an essential role in the process of production and without it production comes to a halt. As long as each factor is essential and fundamental, they are all equal in their essential character within the process of production.

Therefore they all should be equal in their right to what is produced.

The encroachment of one factor on another is opposed to the natural rule of equality, and is an attack on the right of others.


Each factor, then, has a share regardless of the number of factors. If we find a process of production which can be performed by only two factors,
each factor shall have half of the production. If it is carried out by three factors, each shall have a third of the production and so on …
Applying this natural rule to both ancient and modern situations we find the following:
In the state of manual production the productive process involved raw mate- rials, and man, the producer.

Later, an instrument of production intervened between the two and man used it in the productive process.

The animal may be considered as an example of the instrument as a power unit. It, then, developed and the machine replaced the animal.

Raw materials increased in kind and quantity, from cheap simple materials to valuable complex ones.


Likewise man developed from an ordinary worker into a technician and an engineer and a large number of workers began to be replaced by a few technicians. Although the factors of production have quantitatively and qualitatively changed, the essential role of each factor has not changed.

For example, the iron-ore which is one of the factors of production, both past and present, was primitively manufactured by the iron smith to produce a
knife, an axe or a spear … etc.

The same iron-ore is now manufactured in big furnaces, and from it engineers and technicians produce machines, engines and all kinds of vehicles. The
animal — the horse, the mule or the camel and the like — which was one of the factors of production has now been replaced by the vast factory and huge

The means of production which were formerly primitive tools have now become sophisticated technical equipment.

The essential natural factors of production are basically stable despite their great development.

The essential stability of the factors of production makes the natural rule sound. It is inevitable, after the failure of all previous historical attempts, which disregarded natural law, to return to it in order, finally, to solve the economic problem.


The previous historical theories tackled the economic problem either from the angle of the ownership of one of the factors of production only or from the angle of wages for production only.

They have not solved the real problem, namely the problem of pro- duction itself. Thus the most important characteristic of the economic systems prevailing in the world today is the wage system which deprives the worker of any right in his production whether it is produced for society or
for a private establishment.
The industrial establishment is based on raw materials, machines and workers.

Production is the outcome of the workers’ use of the machines in the factory to manufacture raw materials.
In this way, the finished goods pass through a process of production which would have been impossible without the raw materials, the factory and the

So if we take away the raw materials, the factory cannot operate; if we take away the factory, the raw materials will not be manufactured and if we remove the producers, the factory comes to a halt.


The three factors are equally essential in the process of production.

Without these three factors there will be no production.

Any one factor cannot carry out this process by itself.

Even two of these factors cannot carry it out.

The natural rule in this case requires that the shares of the three factors in the production be equal, i.e. the production of such a factory is divided into three shares, a share for each of the factors of production.

It is not only the factory which is important, but also those who consume its production.
The same is the case in the process of agricultural production.

That which involves man and land without a third factor, the instrument, is exactly like the manual process of industrial production.

Here production is only divided into two shares in accordance with the number of factors of production.

But if an agricultural machine or the like is used, production is divided into three shares: the land, the farmer and the instrument used in the process of agriculture.

Thus a socialist system is established to which all processes of production are subjected, by analogy with this natural rule.


The producers are the workers.

We call them ‘producers’ because the words ‘workers’, ‘employees’ or ‘toilers’ are no longer applicable.

The reason is that workers, according to the traditional definition, are quantitatively and qualitatively changing.

The working class is continually declining as science and machines develop.
Strenuous tasks which previously had to be performed by a number of workers are now done by machines.

To run a machine requires a smaller number of workers.

This is the quantitative change in the labour force, while the qualitative change necessitated the re- placement of a physical force by technical skill.
A power which is totally concerned with producing has now become one of the factors of production.

As a result of these developments the workers have changed from a multitude of ignorant toilers into a limited number of technicians, engineers and scientists. Consequently, Trade Unions will disappear to be replaced by professional and technical syndicates because scientific development is an irreversible gain to humanity.


Through such scientific development, illiteracy will be eradicated and the ordinary worker as a temporal phenomenon will gradually disappear. However, man, in his new form, will always remain an essential factor in the process of production.



A person in need is a slave indeed.

Man’s freedom is lacking if somebody else controls what he needs.

For need may result in man’s enslavement of man. Need causes exploitation.
Need is an intrinsic problem and conflict grows out of the domination of man’s needs.

Masters in their own castles.

The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family.

Therefore, it should not be owned by others.

There is no freedom for a man who lives in another’s house, whether he pays rent or not.

All attempts made by various countries to solve the problem of housing are not solutions at all.

The reason is that those attempts do not aim at the radical and ultimate solution of man,
which is the necessity of his owning his own house.

The attempts have concentrated on the reduction or increase of rent and its standardization, whether at public or private expense.

In the socialist society no one, including the society itself, is allowed to have control over man’s need.


In need freedom indeed.

No one has the right to build a house, additional to his own and that of his heirs, for the purpose of renting it, because the house represents another
person’s need, and building it for the purpose of rent is an attempt to have control over the need of that man and
‘In Need Freedom is Latent’.The income is an imperative need for man.

Thus the income of any man in the society should not be a wage from any source or a charity from anyone.
For there are no wage-workers in the socialist society, only partners.

Your income is a form of private ownership.
You manage it by yourself either to meet your needs or to share in the production, where you are one of its main factors.

Your share will not be used as a wage paid for any person in return for production.
The vehicle is a necessity both to the individual and the family.

Your vehicle should not be owned by others.

In the socialist society no man or any other authority can possess private vehicles for the purpose of hiring them out, for this is domination of the needs ofothers.



Land is no one’s property.

But everyone has the right to use it, to benefit from it by working, farming or pasturing.

This would take place throughout a man’s life and the lives of his heirs, and would be through his own effort without using others with or without wages, and only to the extent of satisfying his own needs.
If possession of land is allowed, only those who are living there have a share in it.

The land is permanently there, while, in the course of time, users change in profession, in capacity and in their presence.
The purpose of the new socialist society is to create a society which is happy because it is free.

This can be achieved through satisfying the material and spiritual needs of man, and that, in turn, comes about through the liberation of these need from outside domination and control.
Satisfaction of these needs must be attained without exploiting or enslaving others, or else, it will contradict the purpose of the new socialist society.


Man in the new society works for himself to guarantee his material needs, or works for a socialist corporation in whose production he is a partner, or performs a public service to the society which provides his material needs.
Economic activity in the new socialist society is productive activity for the satisfaction of material needs.

It is not unproductive activity or an activity which seeks profit in order, after satisfying material needs, to save the surplus.

That is impossible under the rules of the new socialism.
The legitimate purpose of the individual’s economic activity is solely to satisfy his needs.

For the wealth of the world has limits at each stage as does the wealth of each individual society.
Therefore no individual has the right to carry out economic activity in order to acquire more of that wealth than is necessary to satisfy his needs, because the excess amount belongs to other individuals.


He has the right to save from his needs and from his own production but not from the efforts of others nor at the expense of their needs.

For if we allow economic activity to extend beyond the satisfaction of needs, one person will only have more than his needs by preventing another
from obtaining his.

The savings which are in excess of one’s needs are another person’s share of the wealth of society.
To allow private production for the purpose of acquiring savings that exceed the satisfaction of needs is exploitation itself, as in permitting the
use of others to satisfy your own needs  or to get more than your own needs.
This can be done by exploiting a person to satisfy the needs of others and making savings for others at the expense of his needs.
Work for a wage is, in addition to being an enslavement of man as mentioned before, work without incentives because the producer is a wage-worker
rather than a partner.
Whoever works for himself is certainly devoted to his productive work because his incentive to production lies in his dependence on his private work
to satisfy his material needs.

Also whoever works in a socialist corporation is a partner in its production.


He is, undoubtedly, devoted to his productive work because the impetus for devotion to production is that he gets a satisfaction of his needs through production.

But whoever works for a wage has no incentive to work.
Work for wages failed to solve the problem of increasing and developing production.

Work, either in the form of services or production, is continually deteriorating because it rests on the shoulders of wage-workers.




First Example:
(a) A worker who produces ten apples for society.

Society gives him one apple for his production.

The apple fully satisfies his needs.
(b) A worker who produces ten apples for society.

Society gives him one apple for his production.

The apple is not enough to satisfy his needs.


In need freedom indeed.

No one has the right to build a house, additional to his own and that of his heirs, for the purpose of renting it, because the house represents another
person’s need, and building it for the purpose of rent is an attempt to have control over the need of that man and  ‘In Need Freedom is Latent’.

The income is an imperative need for man. Thus the income of any man in the society should not be a wage from any source or a charity from anyone.
For there are no wage-workers in the socialist society, only partners. Your income is a form of private ownership.
You manage it by yourself either to meet your needs or to share in the production, where you are one of its main factors.

Your share will not be used as a wage paid for any person in return for production.
The vehicle is a necessity both to the individual and the family.

Your vehicle should not be owned by others.

In the socialist society no man or any other authority can possess private vehicles for the purpose of hiring them out, for this is domination of the needs of others.



The first(a) will not increase his production for whatever the increase might be, he will only get an apple for himself. It is what satisfies his needs.

Thus all those working for such a society are always psychologically apathetic.
The first (b) has no incentive to production itself, for he produces for the society without obtaining satisfaction of his needs.

However he has to continue to work without incentive because he is forced to submit to the general conditions of work throughout the society. That is the case with members of that society.
The second does not initially work to produce. He works to get wages.

Since his wages are not enough to satisfy his needs, he will either search for another master and sell him his work at a better price or he will be obliged to continue the same work just to survive.

The third is the only one who produces without apathy and without coercion.

In the socialist society, there is no possibility for private production exceeding the satisfaction of individual needs, because satisfaction of needs at the expense of others is not allowed.
As the socialist establishments work for the satisfaction of the needs of society, the third example explains the sound basis of economic production.
However, in all conditions, even in bad ones, production continues for survival.

The best proof is that in capitalist societies production accumulates and expands in the hands of a few owners who do not work but exploit the efforts of toilers who are obliged to produce in  order to survive. However,

The Green Book not only solves the problem of material production but also prescribes the comprehensive solution of the problems of human society so that the individual may be materially and spiritually liberated … a final liberation to attain his happiness.


Other Examples:

If we assume that the wealth of society is ten units and its population is ten persons, the share of each in the wealth of society is 10/10 — only one of
the units per person.

But if some members of society possess more than one unit, then other members of the same society possess nothing.

The reason is that their share of the units of wealth has been taken by others. Thus, there are poor and rich in the society where exploitation prevails.
Suppose that five members of that society possess two units each. In this case the other five possess nothing,
i.e., 50 per cent are deprived of their right to their own wealth because the additional unit possessed by each of the first five is the share of each of the
second five.
If an individual in that society needs only one of the units of the wealth of society to satisfy his needs then the individual possessing more than one
unit is, in fact, expropriating the right of other members of the society.

Since this share exceeds what is required to satisfy his needs, estimated at one of the units of wealth then he has seized it to hoard it.

Such hoarding is only achieved at the expense of others’ needs, i.e., through taking others’ share in this wealth.

That is why there are those who hoard and do not spend – that is, they save what exceeds the satisfaction of their needs — and there are those who beg and are deprived – that is those who ask for their rights in the wealth of their society and do not find anything to consume.

It is an act of plunder and theft, but open and legitimate under the unjust and exploitative rules which govern that society.
Ultimately, all that is beyond the satisfaction of needs should remain the property of all the members of society.
But individuals only have the right to save as much as they want from their own needs, because the hoarding of what exceeds their needs involves an
encroachment on public wealth.
The skillful and industrious have no right to take hold of the share of others as a result of their skill and industry.
But they can benefit from these advantages.

Also if a person is disabled or lunatic, it does not mean that he does not have the same share as the healthy in the wealth of the society.


The wealth of the society is like a corporation or a store of supply which daily provides a number of people with a quantity of supply of a definite amount which is enough to satisfy the needs of those people during that day.
Each person has the right to save out of that quantity what he wants, i.e., he can consume or save what he likes from his share.

In this he can use his own skill and talents.

But he who uses his talents to take an additional amount for himself from the store of the public supply is undoubtedly a thief. Therefore, he
who uses his skill to gain wealth that exceeds the satisfaction of his needs is, in fact, encroaching on a public right, namely, the wealth of the society which is like the store mentioned in this example.
In the new socialist society differences in individual wealth are only permissible for those who render a public service.


The society allocates for them a certain share of the wealth equivalent to that service.
The share of individuals only differs according to the public service each of them renders, and as much as he produces.

Thus, the experiments of history have produced a new experiment, a final culmination of man’s struggle to attain his freedom and to achieve happiness by satisfying his need, warding off the exploitation of others, putting an ultimate end to tyranny and finding a means for the just distribution of society’s wealth.

Under the new experiment you work for yourself to satisfy your needs rather than exploiting others to work for you, in order to satisfy yours at their expense; or working to plunder the needs of others.

It is the theory of the liberation of needs in order to emancipate man.
Thus the new socialist society is no more than a dialectical consequence of the unjust relations prevailing in this world.

It has produced the natural solution, namely private ownership to satisfy the needs without using others, and socialist ownership, in which the
producers are partners in production.
The socialist ownership replaced a private ownership based on the production of wage-workers who had no right in what they produced.


Whoever possesses the house you dwell in, the vehicle you ride or the income you live on, takes hold of your freedom, or part of your freedom, and
freedom is indivisible. For man to be happy, he must be free, and to be free, man must possess his own needs.
Whoever possesses your needs controls or exploits you. He may enslave you despite any legislation outlawing that.
The material needs of man that are basic, necessary and personal, start with food, housing, clothing and transport . . . These must be within his
private and sacred ownership.

They are not to be hired from any quarter.
To obtain them through rent or hire allows the real owners, even society in general, to interfere in his private life, to have control over his basic needs,
and then to dominate his freedom and to deprive him of his happiness.

The owner of the costumes one has hired could interfere to remove them even in the street and leave one naked.

The owner of the vehicle could interfere,

leaving one in the middle of the road.
Likewise, the owner of the house could interfere, leaving one without shelter.
It is ironic that man’s basic needs are treated by legal administrative or other measures. Fundamentally, society must be founded on the application
of the natural law to these needs.
The purpose of the socialist society is the happiness of man which can only be realized through material and spiritual freedom. Attainment of such freedom depends on the extent of man’s ownership of his needs; ownership that is personal and sacredly guaranteed, i.e., your need must neither be owned by somebody else, nor subject to plunder by any part of society.

Otherwise, you will live in a state of anxiety which will take away your happiness and render you unfree, because you live under the apprehension of outside interference in your basic needs.
The overturning of contemporary societies, to change them from being societies of wage-workers to societies of partners is inevitable as a dialectical result of the contradictory economic theses prevailing in the world today.

and is the inevitable dialectical result of the injustice to relations based on the wage system, which have not been solved.
The threatening power of the Trade Unions in the capitalist world is capable of overturning capitalist societies of wage-workers into societies of partners.
It is probable that the outbreak of the revolution to achieve socialism will start with the appropriation by the producers of their share in what they

The objective of the workers’ strikes will shift from a demand for the increase of wages to a demand for sharing in the production.

All that will, sooner or later, take place under the guidance of The Green Book.
But the final step is when the new socialist society reaches the stage where profit and money disappear.

It is through transforming society into a fully productive society and through reaching, in production, the level where the material needs of the members of society are satisfied. In that final stage profit will automatically disappear and there will be no need for money.

The recognition of profit is an acknowledgement of exploitation.

The mere recognition of profit removes the possibility of limiting it.

Measures taken to put a limit to it through various means are mere attempts at reform, which are not radical, in order to stop man’s exploitation by man.
The final solution is the abolition of profit. But as profit is the driving force of economic activity, its abolition is not a decision that can be taken lightly. It
must result from the development of socialist production which will be achieved if the satisfaction of the material needs of society is realized.
The endeavour to increase profit will ultimately lead to its disappearance.



A servant and prisoner are comrades in chains.

Domestic servants, paid or unpaid are a type of slave. Indeed they are the slaves of the modern age.

But since the new socialist society is based on partnership in production rather than on wages, natural socialist law does not apply to them, because they render services rather than production.

Services have no physical production which is divisible into shares in accordance with natural socialist law.
Domestic servants, therefore, have no alternative but to work with or without wages under bad conditions.

As wage-workers are a type of slave and their slavery exists as long as they work for wages, so domestic servants are in a lower position than the wage-workers in the economic establishments and corporations outside the houses.

They are, then, even more entitled to emancipation from the slavery of the society than are wage-workers from their society. Domestic servants form one of the social phenomena that stands next to that of slaves.


The Third Universal Theory is a herald to the masses announcing the final salvation from all fetters of injustice, despotism, exploitation and economic and political hegemony. It has the purpose of establishing the society of all people, where all men are free and equal in authority, wealth and arms, so that freedom may gain the final and complete triumph.


The Green Book, therefore, prescribes the way of salvation to the masses of wage-workers and domestic servants in order to achieve the freedom of man.

It is inevitable, then, to  struggle to liberate domestic servants from their slave status and transform them into partners outside the houses, in places where there is material production which is divisible into shares according to its factors.

The house is to be served by its residents. But the solution to necessary house service should not be through servants, with or without wages, but through employees who can be promoted while performing their house jobs and can enjoy social and material safeguards like any employee in the public service.



by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi.


1. The Social Basis of the
Third Universal Theory
2. The Family
3. The Tribe
4. The Nation
5. Woman
6. Minorities
7. The Blacks
8. Education
9. Melodies and Arts
10. Sport, Horsemanship and Shows


The SOCIAL BASIS of the Third Universal Theory


The social, i.e. national, factor is the driving force of human history.

The social bond which binds together each human group, from the family through the tribe to the nation, is the basis for the movement of history.
Heroes in history are persons who have made sacrifices for causes.

But for what causes?

They have made sacrifices for others. But which

They are those who have a relationship with them.

The relationship between an individual and a group is a social relationship, i.e. the relationship between the members of a nation.

For nations are founded on nationalism. Those causes, therefore,

are national causes and national relationship is the social relationship.
The social relationship is derived from society, i.e. the relationship between the members of a society, just as nationalism is derived from the nation,
i.e. the relationship between the members of a nation.

The social relationship is, accordingly, the national relationship and the national relationship is the social relationship.

For the group is a nation and the nation is a group even if they differ in number, leaving aside the extended definition of the group which means th provisional group regardless of the national relations of its members.

What is meant by the group here is the group which is permanent by virtue of its own national relations.
Besides, historical movements are mass movements, i.e. group movements for its own interests … for its independence from a different group.
Each group has its own social structure which binds it together.

Group movements are always movements for independence in order that subjugated or oppressed groups may attain self realization.

As for the struggle for power, it occurs within the group itself down to the family level, as expounded in Part One of the Green Book, which
deals with the Political Basis of the Third Universal Theory.


A group movement is a nation’s movement for its own interests.

By virtue of its national structure, each group has common social needs which must be collectively satisfied.

These needs are in no way individualistic.

They are collective needs, rights, demands, or objectives of a nation which is bound by a single nationalism.

That is why these movements are called national movements. Contemporary national liberation movements are themselves social movements.

They will not come to an end before every group is liberated from the domination of another group, i.e. the world is now passing through one of the regular cycles of the movement of history, namely, the national struggle in support of nationalism.
In the world of man, this is the historical reality, as it is a social reality.

That means that the national struggle — the social struggle — is the basis of the movement of history, because it is stronger than all other factors since
it is the origin … the basis … it is in the nature of the human group … the nature of the nation.


It is the nature of life itself. Other animals, apart from man, live in groups. Indeed, the group

is the basis for the survival of all groups within the animal kingdom.

So nationalism is the basis for the survival of nations.
Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin. Minorities, which are one of the main political problems in the world, are the outcome of a social cause.

They are nations whose nationalism has been destroyed and torn apart. The social factor is, therefore, a factor of life … a factor of survival.

It is the nation’s natural innate momentum for survival.
Nationalism in the world of man and group instinct in the animal kingdom are like gravity in the domain of mineral and celestial bodies.

If the mass of the sun were smashed so that it lost its gravity, the gases would blow away and its unity would no longer exist.
Accordingly, the unity is the basis for its survival.

The factor of unity in any group is a social factor, i.e. nationalism. For this reason a group struggles for its own national unity, because its
survival lies in that.

The national factor, which is the Social bond, works automatically to impel the nation towards survival, in the same way that the gravity of an object works to keep it as one mass around the nucleus.

The diffusion and dispersion of atoms in the atomic bomb are the result of the explosion of the nucleus which is the focus of gravitation for the atoms around it.

When the factor of unity in those components is broken into pieces and gravity is lost, every atom is dispersed.

This is the nature of matter. It is an established law of nature. To disregard it or collide with it is damaging to life.

Thus man’s life is damaged when he begins to disregard nationalism … the social factor … the gravity of the group … the secret of its survival.

There is no rival to the social factor in influencing the unity of one group except the religious factor, which may divide the national group or unite groups with different nationalisms.

However, the social factor will eventually gain sway.

This has been the case throughout the ages.

Originally, each nation had one religion.

This was harmony.


In fact, however, differences arose which be- came a genuine cause of conflict and instability in the life of the peoples throughout the ages.

The sound rule is that every nation should have a religion.

The contrary to that is the abnormal. Such an abnormality creates an unsound situation which becomes a real cause for disputes within a national group.

There is no other solution but to be in harmony with the natural rule that each nation has one religion.

When the social factor is compatible with the religious factor, harmony is achieved and the life of groups becomes stable and strong and
develops soundly.
Marriage is a process that exercises negative and positive effects on the social factor though both man and woman are free to accept whom they want and reject whom they do not want as a natural rule of freedom.

Marriage within a group, by its very nature, strengthens its unity and brings about collective growth in conformity with the social factor.



To the individual man the family is of more importance than the state.
Mankind acknowledges the individual man and the individual man acknowledges the family which is his cradle, his origin and his social ‘umbrella’.
Mankind, as a matter of fact, is the individual and the family, not the state.

The state is an artificial economic and political system, sometimes a military system, with which mankind has no relationship and has nothing to

The family is exactly like an individual plant in nature which is composed of branches, leaves and blossoms.

However, adapting the natural environment with farms and gardens, and the like is an artificial procedure which has nothing to do with the actual nature of the plant.


The fact is that political, economic or military factors have organized groups of families into a state which has nothing to do with mankind.

Equally any position, condition or measure resulting in the dispersal, decline or loss of the family is inhuman and unnatural. Indeed, it is an arbitrary condition, exactly like any action, condition or measure which leads to the destruction of the plant, the breaking of its branches, the fading of its blossoms and leaves.

Societies in which the existence and unity of the family are threatened, in any circumstances, are similar to fields whose plants are in danger of being swept away or threatened by drought or fire, or of withering away.
The blossoming garden or field is that whose plants grow, blossom, pollinate and root naturally.

The same holds true for human society.
The flourishing society is that in which the individual grows naturally within the family and the family itself flourishes in the society.

The individual is linked to the larger family of mankind like the leaf to the branch or the branch to the tree.

They have no value or life if separated.


The same is the case for the individual if he is  separated from the family, i.e. the individual without a family has no value or social life.

If human society reached the stage where man existed without a family, it would become a society of tramps, without roots, like artificial plants.



A tribe is a family which has grown as a result of procreation.

It follows that a tribe is a big family.

Equally a nation is a tribe which has grown through procreation.

The nation, then, is a big tribe. So the world is a nation which has been ramified into various nations.

The world, then, is a big nation.

The relationship which binds the family is that which binds the tribe, the nation and the world.

However, it weakens with the increase in number.
The concept of man is that of the nation, the concept of nation is that of the tribe, and the concept of the tribe is that of the family.

However, the degree of warmth involved diminishes as the relationship moves from the smaller level to the larger one.

This is a social fact only denied by those who are ignorant of it.

The social bond, cohesiveness, unity, intimacy and love are stronger at the family level than at the tribal level …stronger at the tribal level than at that of the nation, and stronger at the level of the nation than at that of the world.

The advantages, privileges, values and ideals, which are based on social bonds, exist where those bonds are natural and undoubtedly strong, i.e. they are stronger at the family level than at that of the tribe, stronger at the tribal level than that of the nation and stronger at nation’s level than that of the world.

Thus these social bonds and the benefits, advantages and ideals associated with them are lost wherever the family, the tribe, nation or
mankind vanish or are lost.

*It is, therefore, of great importance for human society to maintain the cohesiveness of the family, the tribe, the nation and the world in order to benefit from the advantages, privileges, values and ideals yielded by the solidarity, cohesiveness, unity, intimacy and love of the family, tribe, nation and humanity. *

In social terms, the family society is better than that of the tribe, the tribal society is better than that of the nation and the society of the nation is better than world society as regards fellowship, affection, solidarity and benefit.



Since the tribe is a large family, it provides its members with the same material benefits and social advantages the family provides for its members.

For the tribe is a secondary family.

What needs to be emphasized is that the individual might sometimes act in a disgraceful manner which he would not dare to do in front of his family.

But since the family is smaller in size he can escape from its supervision, unlike the tribe whose supervision is felt by all its members.

In view of these considerations the tribe forms a behavior pattern for its members which will be transformed into a social education which is better and more  human than any school education.

The tribe is a social school where its members are brought up from childhood to absorb high ideals which are transformed into a behavior pattern for

These become automatically rooted as the human being grows, unlike education with its curricula, formally dictated and gradually lost with the growth of the individual.


This is so because it is formal and ruled by tests and because the individual is aware of the fact that it is dictated to him.

The tribe is a natural social ‘umbrella’ for social security.

By virtue of social tribal traditions, the tribe provides for its members collective payment of ransom, collective fines, collective revenge and collective defence, i.e. social protection.
Blood is the prime factor in the formation of the tribe but it is not the only factor because affiliation is also a factor in the formation of the tribe.
With the passage of time the difference between the factors of blood and affiliation disappears, leaving the tribe as one social and physical unit.

But it is a unit of blood and origin more than any other.



The nation is the individual’s national political ‘umbrella’ and it is wider than the social ‘umbrella’ provided by the tribe to its members.

Tribalism damages nationalism because tribal allegiance weakens national loyalty and flourishes at its expense.

In the same way loyalty to the family flourishes at the expense of tribal loyalty and weakens it.

National fanaticism is essential to the nation but at the same time it is a threat to humanity.
The nation in the world community is similar to the family in the tribe.

The more the families of one tribe quarrel and become fanatic, the more the tribe is threatened.

Equally if the members of one family quarrel and each of them seeks only his personal interests, the family is threatened, and if the tribes of a nation quarrel and seek their own interests, that nation is threatened.

National fanaticism, the use of national force against weak nations, or the national progress which is the outcome of plundering from other nations, are evil and harmful to humanity.

However, the powerful individual who respects himself and is aware of his own responsibilities is important and useful to the family, just as a strong respectable family, which is aware of its importance, is socially and materially useful to the tribe.

Equally useful to the whole world is the progressive, productive and civilized nation.

The national political structure is damaged when it descends to the lower social level, namely the family and tribe, and attempts to act in their manner and to adopt their views.

The nation is a large family which has passed through the stage of the tribe and also through the ramifications of the tribes that have branched out of one origin; it includes as well those members who affiliated them- selves with its destiny.

The family, likewise, grows into a nation only after passing through the stages of the tribe and its ramifications, as well as through the stage of affiliation which comes about as a result of various types of a social mixture.


Inevitably this is achieved over long periods of time. Although the passage of time creates nations, it also helps to fragment old ones.

However, the common origin and shared destiny through affiliation are two historic bases for any nation, though origin ranks first and affiliation second.

A nation is not defined only by origin, even though origin is its basis and beginning.

In addition to that a nation is formed by human accumulations through the course of history which induce a group of people to live in one area of land, make a common history, form one heritage and face the same destiny.

Finally, the nation, regardless of blood bond, is the sense of belonging and a common destiny.
But why has the map of the earth witnessed great nations that disappeared to be replaced by other nations and vice versa?

Is the reason political only, without any relationship to the social aspect of the Third Universal Theory?

Or is it social and properly the concern of this part of the Green Book? Let us see:

The family is indisputably a social structure, rather than political.

The same applies to the tribe because it is a family which has reproduced, procreated and become many families.

Equally the nation is a tribe, after it has grown and its branches have multiplied and become transformed into clans, then into
The nation is also a social structure whose bond is nationalism, the tribe is a social structure whose bond is tribalism, the family is a social structure  whose bond is family ties; and the nations of the world are social structures whose bond is humanity.

These are self evident facts.

Then there is the political structure of states which form the political map of the world.

But why does the map of the world keep changing from one age to another?

The reason is that the political structure may, or may not, be consistent with the social structure.

When it is consistent in a nation, it lasts and does not change. If the change is forced by external colonialism or internal col- lapse, it reappears under the emblem of national struggle, national revival or national unity.

When the political structure embraces more than one nation, its map will be torn up by each nation gaining independence under the emblem of nationalism. Thus, the maps of the empires, which the world has witnessed, have been torn up be-
cause they were made up of a number of nations.

When every nation clings fanatically to its nationalism and seeks independence, the political empire is torn up and its components go back to their social origins.

The evidence is crystal clear in the history of the world if we review all its ages.

But why were those empires made up of different nations?

The answer is that the state is not only a social structure like the family, the tribe and the nation, but rather a political entity created by several factors, the simplest and foremost of which is nationalism.

The national state is the only political form which is consistent with the natural social structure.

Its existence lasts, unless it becomes subject to the tyranny of another stronger nationalism, or unless its political structure, as a state, is affected by its social structure in the form of tribes, clans  and families.


It is damaging to the political structure if it is subjected to the family, tribal, or sectarian social structure and adopts its characteristics.
However, religious, economic and military factors also contribute to form a state which differs from the simple state, the national state.
A common religion, the requirements of economics or military conquests may constitute a state embracing several nationalism’s.

Thus, in one age the world witnesses a state or an empire which it sees disappear in another age.

When the spirit of nationalism emerges stronger than the religious spirit and conflict flares up between different nationalism’s which were brought together, for example, by one religion, each nation becomes independent and recovers its social structure.

That empire, then, disappears. The role of religion reappears when the religious spirit emerges stronger than the spirit of nationalism.
Consequently the various nationalism’s are unified under the banner of religion until the national role appears once again and so on.


All the states which are composed of several nationalisms for various reasons — whether of religious, economics, military power or of man-made ideologies — will be torn up by the national conflict until each nationalism is independent, i.e. the social factor will inevitably triumph over the political factor.
Therefore, despite political factors which necessitate the establishment of the state, the basis for the life of individuals is the family, the tribe, then the nation, extending eventually to all humanity.

The essential factor is the social factor.

It is the permanent factor, namely nationalism. Stress should be laid on social reality and family care in order to bring up the integrated well-educated man.

Care should then be given to the tribe as a social ‘umbrella’ and natural social school which brings up man at the post-family stage. Then comes the nation.


The individual learns social values only from the family and the tribe which form a natural social structure engineered by no particular individual. Taking care of the family is for the sake of the individual just as the care of the tribe is in the interest of the family, the individual and the nation, i.e. nationalism. The social factor, namely the national factor, is the genuine and permanent driving force of history.

To disregard the national bond of human groups and to establish a political system contradictory to social reality sets up a temporary structure which will be destroyed by the movement of the social factor of those groups, i.e. the national movement of each nation.
All these realities are innate in the life of man and are not rational conjunctures.

Every individual in the world should be aware of these realities and work accordingly, so that his action may be worthwhile.

It is necessary to know these proven realities in order to avoid deviation, disorder and damage in the life of human groups which are the result of a lack of understanding and respect for these principles of human life.



It is an undisputed fact that both man and woman are human beings.

It follows as a self-evident fact that woman and man are equal as human beings.

Discrimination between man and woman is a flagrant act of oppression without any justification.

For woman eats and drinks as man eats and drinks …

Woman loves and hates as man loves and hates …

Woman thinks, learns and understands as man thinks, learns and understands …
Woman, like man, needs shelter, clothing and vehicles …

Woman feels hunger and thirst as man feels hunger and thirst …

Woman lives and dies as man lives and dies.
But why are there man and woman?
Indeed, human society is composed neither of man alone nor of woman alone.

It is made up naturally of man and woman.

Why were not only men created?

Why were not only women created?

After all, what is the difference between man and woman?

Why was it necessary to create man and woman?

There must be a natural necessity for the existence of man and woman, rather than man only or woman only.

It follows that neither of them is exactly the other, and the fact that a natural difference exists between man and woman is proved by the created existence of man and woman.

This means, as a matter of fact, that there is a role for each one of them, matching the difference between them. Accordingly, there must
be different prevailing conditions for each one to live and perform their naturally different roles.

To comprehend this role, we must understand the differences in the nature of man and woman, namely the natural differences between them:
Woman is a female and man is a male. According to a gynecologist, woman menstruates or suffers feebleness every month, while man, being a
male, does not menstruate and he is not subject to the monthly period which is a bleeding.

A woman, being a female, is naturally subject to monthly bleeding.

When a woman does not menstruate, she is pregnant.

If she is pregnant she becomes, due to pregnancy, feeble for about a year, which means that all her natural activities are seriously reduced until she delivers her baby.

When she delivers her baby or has had a miscarriage, she suffers puerperium, a feebleness attendant on delivery or miscarriage.
As the man does not get pregnant, he is not liable to the feebleness which woman, being a female, suffers.

Afterwards woman breast-feeds the baby she bore. Breast-feeding continues for about two years.

Breast-feeding means that a woman is so inseparable from her baby that her activity is seriously reduced.

She becomes directly responsible for another person whom she helps to carry out his biological functions, without which it would die.

The man, on the other hand, neither conceives nor breast-feeds.
All these innate characteristics form differences because of which man and woman cannot be equal.

These, in themselves, are the realities that necessitate the distinction between male and female, i.e. man and woman; they assign to each of them a different role or function in life.

This means that man cannot replace woman in carrying out these functions.

It is worthy of consideration that these biological functions are a heavy burden, causing woman great effort and suffering.
However, without these functions which woman performs, human life would come to an end.

It follows that it is a natural function which is neither voluntary nor compulsory.

It is an essential function, whose sole alternative is that human life would come to a complete standstill.
There is a deliberate intervention against conception which is the alternative to human life.

In addition to that there is a partial deliberate intervention against conception, as well as against breast-feeding.

All these are links in a chain of actions against natural life, culminating in murder, i.e. for a woman to kill herself in order not to conceive, deliver and breastfeed, is within the realm of deliberate interventions against the nature of life embodied in conception, breast-feeding, maternity and marriage, though they differ only in degree.

To dispense with the natural role of woman in maternity — i.e. nurseries replacing mothers — is a start in dispensing with the human society and transforming it into a biological society with an artificial way of life. To separate children from their mothers and to cram them into nurseries is a process by which they are transformed into something very close to chicks, for nurseries are similar to poultry farms in which chicks are crammed after they are hatched.

Nothing else would be appropriate for man’s nature, and would suit his dignity, except natural motherhood, (i.e. the child is raised by his mother …)

+ in a family where the true principles of motherhood, fatherhood and brotherhood prevail, +

rather than in a centre similar to a poultry breeding farm. Poultry, like the rest of the members of the animal kingdom, needs motherhood as a natural phase.
Therefore, breeding them on farms similar to nurseries is against their natural growth.


Even their meat is closer to synthetic meat than natural meat. Meat from mechanized poultry farms is not tasty and may not be nourishing because the chicks are not naturally bred, i.e. they are not raised in the protective shade of natural motherhood.

The meat of wild birds is more tasty and nourishing because they grow naturally and are naturally fed.

As for children who have neither family nor shelter, society is their guardian, only for them should society establish nurseries and the like.

It is better for those to be taken care of by society rather than by individuals who are not their parents.

If a test were carried out to discover the natural propensity of the child towards his mother and the nursery, the child would opt for his mother and not the nursery. Since the natural tendency of a child is towards his mother, she is the natural and proper person to give the child the protection of nursing.
Sending a child to a nursery in place of his mother is coercion and oppression against its free natural propensity.
The natural growth for all living things is free sound growth. To substitute a nursery for a mother is coercive action against free sound growth.


Children who are driven to a nursery are driven compulsorily or by exploitation and simple-mindedness.

They are driven to nurseries purely by materialistic and not social considerations.

If coercion and childish simple mindedness were removed, they would certainly reject the nursery and cling to their mother.

The only justification for such an unnatural and inhuman process is the fact that the woman is in a position unsuitable to her nature, i.e. she is compelled to perform duties which are unsocial and anti-motherhood.
The woman, whose nature has assigned to her a natural role different from that of man, must be in an appropriate position to perform her natural role.
Motherhood is the female’s function, not the male’s. Consequently, it is unnatural to separate children from their mother.

Any attempt to take children away from their mother is coercion, oppression and dictatorship.
The mother who abandons her maternity contradicts her natural role in life.
She must be provided with her rights and conditions which are appropriate, non-coercive and unoppressive.

Thus she can carry out her natural role under natural conditions. Anything else is a self-contradictory situation.

If the woman is forced to abandon her natural role as regards conception and maternity, she falls victim to coercion and dictatorship. A woman who needs work that renders her unable to perform her natural function is not free and is compelled to do that by need, * for in need freedom is latent. *
Among suitable and even essential conditions which enable the woman to perform her natural role, which differs from that of man, are those very conditions which are proper to a human being who is sick and burdened with pregnancy, i.e. bearing another human being in her womb, which renders her physically incapacitated.

It is unjust to place such a woman in this stage of maternity into circumstances of physical work incompatible with her condition.

Such work is a punishment of woman for her betrayal of maternity and of mankind. It is also a tax she pays for entering the realm of men who are not, of course, of her sex.

The belief, including the woman’s own belief, that the woman carries out physical labor of her own accord, is not, in fact, true. For she performs the
physical work only because the harsh materialistic society has placed her, without her being directly aware, in coercive circumstances. She
has no alternative but to submit to the conditions of that society while she thinks that she works of her own accord.

However, the rule that ‘there is no difference between man and woman in every thing’ deprives her of her freedom.
The phrase ‘in every thing’ is a monstrous deception of woman. This idea will destroy the appropriate and necessary conditions which constitute
the privilege which woman ought to enjoy apart from man in accordance with her nature on which a natural role in life is based.
To demand equality between man and woman in carrying heavy weights while the woman is pregnant is unjust and cruel.

To demand equality between them in fasting and hardship, while she is breast-feeding, is unjust and cruel.

To demand equality between them in any dirty work, which stains her beauty and detracts from her femininity, is unjust and cruel.
Education that leads to work unsuitable for her nature is unjust and cruel as well.
There is no difference between man and woman in all that concerns humanity.

None of them can marry the other against his or her will, or divorce without a just trial.

Neither the woman nor the man can remarry without a previous agreement on divorce.

The woman is the owner of the house because it is one of the suitable and necessary conditions for a woman who menstruates, conceives, and cares for
her children.

The woman is the owner of the maternity shelter, which is the house.

Even in the animal world, which differs in many ways from that of man, and where maternity is also a duty according to nature, it is coercion to deprive the young of their mother or deprive the female of her shelter.
A woman is but a female. Being female means that she has a biological nature different from that of man.

The female’s biological nature differing, as it does, from that of the male, has imparted to a woman characteristics different from those of a man in form
and essence.

A woman’s anatomy is different from that of a man just as the female in plants and animals are different from the male.

This is a natural and incontrovertible fact. In the animal and plant kingdoms the male is naturally created strong and tough, while the female is created beautiful and gentle.

These are natural and eternal characteristics innate in these living creatures, whether called human beings, animals or plants.
In view of his different nature and in line with the laws of nature, the male has played the role of the strong and tough without compulsion but simply
because he is created in that way.

The female has played the role of the beautiful and the gentle, not because she wanted to, but because she is created so.

This natural rule is just, partly because it is natural, and partly because it is the basic rule for freedom.

For all living creatures are created free and any interference with that freedom is coercion.

Non-commitment to these natural roles and a lack of concern towards their roles amount to an act of negligence and
destruction of the values of life itself.
Nature has thus been designed in harmony with the inevitability of life from what is being to what will become.

The living creature is a being who inevitably lives until he is dead. Existence between the beginning and the end is based on a natural law, without choice or compulsion.

It is natural. It is natural freedom.
In the animal, plant and human kingdoms there must be a male and a female for life to occur from its beginning to its end.

They do not only exist but they have to play, with absolute efficiency, the natural role for which they have been created.

If their role is not efficiently performed there must be some defect in the course of life caused by certain circumstances.

This is the case of societies nowadays almost everywhere in the world as a result of confusing the roles of man and woman, i.e. as a result of endeavors to transform a woman into a man.

In harmony with their nature and its purpose they must be creative within their respective roles.

For the opposite is retrogressive.

It is a trend against nature, which is as destructive to the rule of freedom, as it is hostile to both life and survival.

Men and women must perform, not abandon the role for which they are created.

Abandoning the role or even a part of it only occurs as a result of coercive conditions, i.e. under abnormal conditions.

The woman who rejects pregnancy, marriage, make up and femininity for reasons of health, abandons her natural role in life under these coercive
conditions of health.

The woman who rejects marriage, pregnancy or motherhood etc., because of work, abandons her natural role under the same coercive conditions.

The woman who rejects marriage, pregnancy or maternity etc., without any concrete cause, abandons her natural role as a result of a coercive condition which is a moral deviation from the norm.

Thus. abandoning the natural role of female and male in life can only occur under unnatural conditions which are contrary to nature and a threat to survival.

Consequently, there must be a world revolution which puts an end to all materialistic conditions hindering woman from performing her natural role in life and driving her to carry out man’s duties in order to be equal in rights. Such a revolution will inevitably take place, particularly in the industrial societies, as a response by the instinct of survival, even without any instigator of revolution such as the Green Book.

* All societies nowadays look upon woman as no more than an article of merchandise. The East regards her as a commodity for buying and selling, while the West does not recognize her femininity. *

Driving woman to do man’s work is unjust aggression against the femininity with which she is naturally provided for a natural purpose essential to

For man’s work disguises the woman’s beautiful features which are created for female roles.

They are exactly like blossoms which are created to attract pollen and to produce seeds.

If we did away with the blossoms, the role of plants in life would come to an end.

It is the natural embellishment in butterflies and birds as well as the rest of animal females which is created for that natural vital goal.

If a woman carries out man’s work, she will be transformed into a man abandoning her role and her beauty.

A woman has full rights to live without being forced to change into a man and to give up her femininity.
The physical structure, which is naturally different between man and woman, leads to differences in the functions of their different organs which lead in turn to differences in the psyche, mood, nerves and physical appearance.

A woman is tender.

A woman is pretty.

A woman weeps easily.

A woman is easily frightened.

In general woman is gentle and man is tough by virtue of their inbred nature.
To ignore natural differences between man and woman and mix their roles is an absolutely uncivilized attitude, hostile to the laws of nature,
destructive to human life, and a genuine cause for the wretchedness of human social life.

Modern industrial societies, which have made woman adapt to the same physical work as man at the expense of her femininity and her natural role in
terms of beauty, maternity and peace of mind — those societies are uncivilized.

They are materialistic, uncivilized societies.

It is as stupid as it is dangerous to civilization and humanity to copy them.
* The question, then, is not whether the woman works or does not work. For it is a ridiculous materialistic presentation.Work should be provided by the society to all able members — men and women – who need work, but on condition that each individual should work in the field that suits him, and not be forced to carry out unsuitable work. For the children to find themselves under adult working conditions is in- justice and dictatorship. Equally it is
injustice and dictatorship for woman to find herself under the working conditions of man. *

Freedom means that every human being gets that education which qualifies him for work which is appropriate to him.

Dictatorship means that a human being learns what is not suitable for him.

That leads him to work which is not suitable for him.

Work which is appropriate to man is not always appropriate to woman, and the knowledge that is proper for the child is not suitable for the adult.
There is no difference in human rights between man and woman, the child and the adult. But there is no absolute equality between them as regards their duties.



What is a minority?

What are its pros and cons? How can the problem of minorities be solved in accordance with the solution presented by the Third Universal Theory to various human problems?
There are only two types of minorities. One of them belongs to a nation which provides it with a social framework, while the other has no nation and
forms its own social framework.

The latter is the one that forms one of the historic accumulations which eventually constitute a nation by virtue of a sense of belonging and a common destiny.
It is clear now that such a minority has its own social rights.

Any encroachment on these rights by any majority is an act of injustice.

The social characteristic is personal and is not to be given or taken away.

Its political and economic problems can only be solved by the masses in whose hands power, wealth and arms should be placed.

Viewing the minority as a political and economic minority is dictatorship and injustice.




The latest age of slavery is the white race’s enslavement of the black race.
The black man will not forget this until he has achieved rehabilitation.
This tragic and historic event, the resulting bitter feeling, and the search for satisfaction derived from rehabilitating a whole race, constitute a
psychological motivation in the movement of the black race to vengeance and domination, which cannot be disregarded.

Added to that is the inevitability of the social historical cycles including the yellow race’ s domination of the world when it marched from Asia
against the rest of the continents.

Then came the role of the white race, when it carried out a wide-ranging colonialist movement covering all the continents of the world.

Now comes the black race’s turn to prevail.
The black race is now in a very backward social situation.

But such backwardness helps to bring about numerical superiority of the blacks because their low standard of living has protected them from getting to
know the means and ways of birth control and family planning.

Also their backward social traditions are a reason why there is no limit to marriage, leading to their unlimited growth, while the population of other races has decreased because of birth control, restrictions on marriage and continuous occupation in work, unlike the blacks who are sluggish in a climate which is always hot.



Education, or learning, is not necessarily that methodized curriculum and those classified subjects in text books which youth are forced to learn during
specified hours while sitting on rows of desks.

This type of education, now prevailing all over the world, is against human freedom. Compulsory education, of which countries of the world boast whenever they are able to force it on their youth, is one of the methods which suppresses freedom.

It is a compulsory obliteration of a human being’s talents as well as a forcible direction of a human being’s choices.

It is an act of dictatorship damaging to freedom because it deprives man of free choice, creativity and brilliance.

To force a human being to learn according to a set curriculum is a dictatorial act.

To impose certain subjects upon people is a dictatorial act.
Compulsory and methodized education is in fact a forced stultification of the masses.

All countries which set courses of education in terms of formal curricula and force pupils to learn them, coerce their citizens.

All methods of education prevailing in the world should be done away with through a worldwide cultural revolution to emancipate man’s mind from
curricula of fanaticism and from the process of deliberate adaptation of man’s taste, his ability to form concepts and his mentality.
This does not mean that schools are to be closed and that people should turn their backs on education, as it may seem to superficial readers.

On the contrary, it means that society should provide all types of education, giving people the chance to choose freely any subjects they wish to learn. This requires a sufficient number of schools for all types of education.

Insufficient schools restrict man’s freedom of choice forcing him to learn the subjects available, while depriving him of natural right of choice because of the lack of availability of other subjects.
Societies which ban and monopolize knowledge are reactionary societies biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom.

Thus societies which prohibit the teaching of religion as it actually is, are reactionary societies, biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom. Societies which monopolize religious education are reactionary societies, biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom.

Equally reactionary and biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom are the societies which distort the religions, civilizations and behaviour of others in the process of teaching those subjects.
Societies which consider materialistic knowledge as taboo are reactionary societies biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom.

Knowledge is a natural right of every human being which nobody has the right to deprive him of under any pretext except in a case where a person himself does something which deprives him of that right.
Ignorance will come to an end when everything is presented as it actually is and when knowledge about everything is available to each person in the manner that suits him.



Man is still backward because he is unable to speak one common language.
Until he attains this human aspiration, which seems impossible, the expression of joy and sorrow, what is good and bad, beauty and ugliness, comfort and misery, mortality and eternity, love and hatred, the description of colors, sentiments, tastes and moods — all will be according to the language each people speaks automatically.

Behavior itself will remain based on the reaction produced by the feeling the language creates in the speaker’s mind.
Learning one language, whatever it may be, is not the solution for the time being. It is a problem that will inevitably remain without solution until the
process of the unification of languages has passed through various generations and epochs, provided that the hereditary factor comes to an end in
those generations through the passage of enough time. For the sentiment, taste and mood of the forefathers and

fathers form those of sons and grandsons. If those forefathers spoke various languages and the grandsons speak one language, the grandsons will not necessarily share a common taste by virtue of speaking one language.

Such a common taste can only be achieved when the new language imparts the taste and the sense which are transmitted by inheritance from one generation to another.
If a group of people wear white clothes in mourning and another group put on black ones, the sentiment of each group will be adjusted according
to these two colors, i.e. one group hates the black color while the other one likes it, and vice versa.

Such a sentiment leaves its physical effect on the cells as well as on the genes in the body.

This adaptation will be transmitted by inheritance.

The inheritor automatically hates the color hated by the legator as a result of inheriting the sentiment of his legator.

Consequently, people are only harmonious with their own arts and heritages.


They are not harmonious with the arts of others because of heredity, even though those people, who differ in heritage, speak one common language.

Such a difference emerges between the groups of one people even if it is on a small scale.
To learn one language is not a problem and to understand others’ arts as a result of learning their language is also not a problem.

The problem is the impossibility of a real institutional adaptation to the language of others.
This will remain impossible until the effect of heredity, which is transmitted in the human body, comes to an end.
Mankind is really still backward because man does not speak with his brother one common language which is inherited and not learned.

However, it is only a matter of time for mankind to achieve that goal unless civilization should relapse.



Sport is either private, like the prayer which man performs alone by himself even inside a closed room, or public, practiced collectively in open places, like the prayer which is practiced collectively in places of worship.
The first type of sport concerns the individual himself, while the second type is of concern to all people.

It must be practiced by all people and should not be left to anybody to praise on their behalf.

It is unreasonable for crowds to enter places of worship just to view a person or a group of people praying without taking part.

It is equally unreasonable for crowds to enter playgrounds and arenas to watch a player or a team without participating themselves.
Sport is like praying, eating, and the feeling of warmth and coolness.


It is stupid for crowds to enter a restaurant just to look at a person or a group of persons eating; it is stupid for people to let a person or a group of persons get warmed or enjoy ventilation on their behalf.

It is equally illogical for the society to allow an individual or a team to monopolize sports while the people as a whole pay the costs of such a monopoly for the benefit of one person or a team.

In the same way people should not democratically allow an individual or a group, whether party, class, sect, tribe or parliament, to replace them in deciding their destiny and in defining their needs.

Private sport is of concern only to those who practice it on their own and at their own expense.

Public sport is a public need and the people should not be represented in its practice either physically or democratically. Physically, the representative cannot transmit to others how his body and morale benefited from sport.

Democratically, no individual or team has the right to monopolize sport, power, wealth or arms for themselves.

Sporting clubs are the basic organizational means of traditional sport in the world today.

They get hold of all expenditures and public facilities allocated to sport in every state.

These institutions are only social monopolistic instruments like all dictatorial political instruments which monopolize authority, economic
instruments which monopolize wealth, and traditional military instruments which monopolize arms.

As the era of the masses does away with the instruments monopolizing power, wealth and arms, it will, inevitably, destroy the monopoly of social activity such as sports, horsemanship and so forth.

The masses who queue to vote for a candidate to represent them in deciding their destiny act on the impossible assumption that he will represent them
and embody, on their behalf, their dignity, sovereignty and point of view.
However those masses, who are robbed of their will and dignity, are reduced to mere spectators, watching another person performing what they
should, naturally, be doing themselves.

The same holds true of the crowds which fail to practice sport by themselves and for themselves because of their ignorance.

They are fooled by monopolistic instruments which endeavor to stupefy them and divert them to indulging in laughter and applause instead. Sport, as a social activity, must be for the masses, just as power, wealth and arms should be in the hands of the people.
Public sport is for all the masses.

It is a right of all the people for its health and recreational benefits.

It is mere stupidity to leave its benefits to certain individuals and teams who monopolize them while the masses provide the facilities and pay the expenses for the establishment of public sports.

The thousands who crowd stadiums to view, applaud and laugh are those foolish people who have failed to carry out the activity themselves.

They line up on the shelves of the sports grounds, practicing lethargy, and applauding those heroes who wrest from them the initiative, dominate the field and control the sport, exploiting the facilities the masses provide.


Originally, the public grandstands were designed to demarcate the masses from the playing fields and grounds, i.e. to prevent the masses from having access to the playing fields.

When the masses march and play sport in the center of the playing fields and the open spaces, stadiums will be vacated and destroyed.

That will take place when the masses become aware of the fact that sport is a public activity which must be practiced rather than watched.

The opposite, which would be a helpless apathetic minority that watch, would be more reasonable.

The grandstand will disappear when no one is there to occupy it.

Those who are unable to perform the roles of heroism in life, who are ignorant of the events of history, who fall short of envisaging the future and who are not serious enough in their lives, are the trivial persons who fill the seats of the theaters and cinemas to watch the events of life and to learn their course.
They are like pupils who occupy school desks because they are not only uneducated but also illiterate.
Those who direct the course of life for themselves do not need to watch it working through actors on the stage or in the cinemas.


Likewise, horsemen who hold the reins of their horses have no seat in the grandstands at the race course.

If every person has a horse, no one will be there to watch and applaud.
The sitting spectators are only those who are too helpless to perform this kind of activity because they are not horsemen.
Equally, the Bedouin peoples show no interest in theaters and shows because they are very serious and hard working.

As they have created a serious life, they ridicule acting.

Bedouin societies also do not watch performers, but perform games and take part in joyful ceremonies because they naturally recognize the need for these activities and practice them automatically.
Different types of boxing and wrestling are evidence that mankind has not got rid of all savage behavior.

Inevitably they will come to an end when man ascends the ladder of civilization.
Human sacrifice and pistol duels were familiar practices in different stages of human evolution.

However, those savage practices came to an end years ago.


Man now laughs at himself and regrets such acts.

That will be the fate of boxing and wrestling after tens or hundreds of years.

However, the more the people are civilized and sophisticated, the more they are able to ward

off both the performance and the encouragement of these practices.


The Green Book by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

Before making judgement on the man, listen to his ideas as presented in is book.


When God’s servants are rejected

This is Mu

The al-Fateh  Revolution of light 1969
De Patrick Holming:
Beware of the propaganda directed towards Muammar Gaddafi, Libya and against other countries and other leaders targeted by the US.In the case of Gaddafi there exists official US documents that prove that he was deliberately demonized: A 1985 report by the “National Security Centre” stated that if it was not possible to kill Qaddafi, “an operation must be worked out against him with an accuracy never before encountered by Libya since the toppling of the monarchy in September 1969.”
The same year (1985) an article appeared in “The Washington Post”, stating that President Reagan had “empowered the CIA to implement a secret operation to destroy the Libyan regime headed by Colonel Qaddafi”.
2004 by World Islamic Peoples Leadership:
“…In September, 1985, “The National Security Centre” drew up a report entitled “The Principle of Qaddafi.” This report explained that Libyan interests ran counter to those of the United States and that Libyan policies “pose a danger to American security and to NATO plans” and even to some Arab countries friendly to the United States. The report added that if it was not possible to shoot Qaddafi, “an operation must be worked out against him with accuracy never before encountered by Libya since the toppling of the monarchy in September 1969.”
On the 13th of January, 1988, the American magazine “Newsweek” published an article entitled “Six Strategic Points,” referring to the six points outlined by a second ranking official at the National Security Council and endorsed by that Council. These were the following:
Project President Qaddafi as a negative personality on the international scene, and slander him so as to create a public opinion within the United States and at the world level that would support any American project hostile to him.
Continue the persistent demand that the Western allies oppose Libya at political, economic, and military levels.
Threaten to boycott the countries which refuse to boycott Libya even if that boycott involves the cessation of American military transaction with some allies such as France and Belgium.
Mobilize all forces hostile to Colonel Qaddafi, and finance, equip, and encourage his enemies.
Invite all the countries of the world to exercise a strict control over Libyan diplomats, even if it involves the violation of their diplomatic immunity.
Organize a military operation against Libya.
On 03 November 1985, an article appeared “The Washington Post”, written by Bob Woodward, the journalist who revealed the Watergate scandal in l972 which brought about the resignation of President Nixon. This article contained information on a report drawn up by the CIA stating that President Reagan had empowered the CIA to implement a secret operation to destroy the Libyan regime headed by Colonel Qaddafi and that the plan included providing assistance to other countries in North Africa and the Middle East. On 30 March 1986, the Egyptian newspaper “Al Ahram” published an article stating that the United States had three times asked Egypt to wage a military action against Libya but that Egypt had refused to do so….”
These policies sanctioned by US-President Reagan led to the demonization of Muammar Qaddafi and attempts to connect him with terrorism. (In reality, the opposite was true: Reagan was guilty of several acts of terrorism – among them an attack on Libya in 1986).
According to an official document by the US government, army department, with the title “Psychological Operations” (2005), a war against a country “is facilitated if its leadership can be portrayed as a dictatorship”.
The demonization and slander of Gaddafi has been ongoing even after his diasppearance. For example, Gaddafi is claimed to have misused and stolen Libyan assets. This meanwhile it is in reality Western banks and leaders that have “frozen” or stolen these assets. Gaddafi himself lived a simple life and preferred to live in a tent. In contrast, the Western and especially the Arab leaders, that attacked Libya, live highly opulent lives. Libya had a high HDI. Human Development Index, HDI, is a measurement by the UN for the quality of life in a country, measuring income, education and healthcare. In fact, Libya “under Gaddafi/(rather, THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA)” had the highest HDI in Africa, higher than the oil rich Saudi Arabia and higher even than Russia. Also human rights and social, religious and political freedoms of Libya, “under Gaddafi”, were praised by the UN in a major report released January 2011.
Disgusting are the recent accusations about sex-slavery. Such accusations are spread when a person cannot defend himself. Suffice it to say that there are enough credible witnesses who state the exact opposite to be true concerning Gaddafi. “Gaddafi raped his bodyguards and his nurses”? These bodyguards, were women with a first-class martial arts training and guns and his nurses gave him pills and medicines. Gaddafi raped the women who were entrusted to protect his life? It is enough to use common sense, without listening to witnesses stating the opposite, to realize that this accusation is based on lies and propaganda.
It is interesting that Reagan claimed explicitly that “The Green Book” was a threat to US-allies and that it was a reason to oppose him! US-Allies Saudi Arabia and Gulf states are feudal Monarchies. It is clear that a political system where all people of the country get together to discuss and decide national and international issues runs contrary to a feudal Monarchical system!
“Democracy is not the management of the government by the people, it is the management of the people by the people.”~Muammar al-Qathafi
Beware of the green channel page on Facebook breached because they put in links to penetrate
Libyan Brotherhood leader Mr. Abdul Razak Al-Aradi threatening in his article today .. If the thought of Libyans in the removal of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the fate of Libya will be the new Somalia ..
Jamal Justice: Show ‘calling’ triumph of art over radical elements of Islam:
Last creations young Libyan … He put the home air conditioner in the car:
– Remarks by Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami:

Central Bank of Libya announced that the total amount of money for a family premium in various Libyan banks exceeded billion Libyan dinars so far
Announced the Central Bank of Libya said on Sunday that the total amount of money for a premium family that have been deposited in various banks in Libya exceeded one billion Libyan dinars yet. A statement issued by the Central Bank of Libya obtained Libyan news agency a copy of it – that amounts financial Madaah in the all banks amounted to (100.538 t 189.1) billion Libyan dinars until the day Sunday, the fourteenth of the month of July. The following values ​​of the deposit as well as family in the following banks: – Arab Commercial Bank deposit (2216800) Libyan dinars, and 2%. 0. – National Commercial Bank (206545100) Libyan dinars, and 4%. 17 – Bank Arab consensus (6.2901 million) and%% 5.0 – Trade and Development Bank (26.2159 million) and accounted for 2.2% – Bank of the Republic (389 227 200) and%% 7.32 – agricultural bank (3.8065 million) and%% 3.0 – Bank Serail (160 600 ) and accounted for 0.0% – deserts Bank (145 093 600) and 2%. 12 – United Bank (186300), and accounted for 0.0% – Bank Average (1.1419 million) and%% 1.0 – Bank Oasis (4.1645 million) and%% 4.0 – Bank Unit (301 385 700) and the rate of 3% .25 – Bank of fulfillment (547 800) and accounted for 0.0% – Bank of North Africa (102 334 000) and of 6.8% – Central Bank of Libya (222 100) and accounted for 0.0% ..


Libby free
Hello Ramadan Karim God Eachota Aallippin that Tnschero this news from sources Mukdh message who Allgy which Zaidane establishment of the National Guard lied in a lie from sources within the government Zidane leaves Taatbut that Aloom given to looked at sending a group of National Guard and an initial budget of $ 3 billion U.S. dollars earmarked for equipping the national Guard and large groups of Brotherhood leaders are flocking Ali Zaidane Office and chiselled and secret meetings in one of the farms (breaks) between carved and الاسلامين of the likes of Khalid Sharif, Belhadj, until the two countries Oh, I reached and peace and mercy of God
ليبي حر
السلام عليكم رمضان كريم بالله ياخوتي يالليبين ان تنشرو هدا الخبر من مصادر موكده الرسالة اللي اللغى بموجبها زيدان انشاء الحرس الوطني كذب في كذب من مصادر داخل حكومة زيدان اوراق تتبث ان الاومر اعطت للبدا في ايفاد مجموعة من الحرس الوطني وان ميزانية اولية قدرها 3 مليارات دولار امريكي رصدت لتجهيز جهاز الحرس الوطني وان مجموعات كبيرة من قيادات الاخوان تتوافد علي مكتب زيدان والمنقوش وان اجتماعات سرية في احد المزارع (استراحات ) بين المنقوش والاسلامين امثال خالد الشريف وبلحاج وحتى القطرين اللهم اني بلغت والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

 Western Mountain NewsEach something observers picture: the visual processing of the control room of the cities of Libya and will soon begin work:

Masry Al-Youm
El-Baradei oath in front of interim vice president for international relations:

RAT Prime Minister and Minister of Electricity at a press conference now

Improve the situation in the middle of Ramadan last sit-ins stopped.
The citizen who does not pay his bills than 3 years for him to be patient we do not ask the impossible.

There is a surplus in the eastern region for the production of energy and we distributed the western region.
Fire fighting operations in the western region are equally of the existing shortage of energy production.

New station will enter the work today in Zliten, and the day after tomorrow at five.
Only about 5% of the citizens have paid for them in 2012.

Total debt of General Electric Company 4 billion.
Stealing electricity from the “main line” has become habits!.

Tens of millions of cables and wires steal, if it happened this in another country for network collapsed.
We face the problem of thefts and ongoing attacks per day in Ramadan and it is Ramadan.

We lost about 600 MW in Kufra, and need to be experts, but the company refrained because of security fears.
We have some problems exist in the unit Zueitina, you need to German experts refrained from visits to security fears.

Sit in the gas shortage caused by less than half, causing the need to put loads and electrical parts.
A lot of talk about the problem of power outages, and recall by saying no blackouts.

Not only Nbga face of God and safety and security for the people of Libya, and that security has not been achieved in Tripoli will be difficult matter to rest.
The balance of power in Tripoli important, and eager to fill the security vacuum elements of the army and police.

Ministerial Committee will develop a roadmap for the evacuation of Tripoli armed formations in contact with the local city council.

RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidan:

When plundering goods stores Arzak by citizens who claim they were rebels.

When cut electricity cables and copper molds and fall Towers high-pressure melted down and sold to countries abroad.

When you close the gas line and oil supply connected to a public network for electricity due to the sacking of manager in the company.

When I say one of the employees in the company I am what I care about my salary and country Felthriq.

To Atsngrbu cut electricity for two hours!

RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane now in a press conference:

“National Guard does not have any tendencies or political affiliation (HAH! ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD), will be taken into account at the stage of acceptance..”

Prime Minister Ali Zaidane: “We’ll lift subsidies on goods and replace them with the support cash in the pockets of citizens because Item switch to support security is prohibited and we are facing big problems in the fight against smuggling!”
– The colonialists and Their servants in Libya, U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones AGREES the U.S. mercenaries entry under the pretext of Protecting its consulates:  The de facto government of Libya is not interested in creating a new army, is Involved With Their love of NATO and the U.S. to create a parallel force of mercenaries, to Which is Committed with England to train 10 thousand “rebels” who enjoyed Impunity
– The colonialists and Their servants in Libya, U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones AGREES the U.S. mercenaries entry under the pretext of Protecting its consulates:  The de facto government of Libya is not interested in creating a new army, is Involved With Their love of NATO and the U.S. to create a parallel force of mercenaries, to Which is Committed with England to train 10 thousand “rebels” who enjoyed Impunity

Vehicle belonging to the Bank of the Republic overturned and corner where he died 3 bank staff:

Janzour …

Deviated shocking than two days on the road turf. Janzour .. Toyota car Pooh خشت in the car Hadi Miche Geelant and died a Almichy driver in the case ..

Numerous police on the morning of Thursday, recogida outside the headquarters of the security office in protest against suffering frequent attacks, and against marginalization faced by security workers, and lack of respect for him, “the other”. The protesters Demanded to activate the security guards in every city, and the withdrawal of armed robberies, the activation of the Libyan army. They Also Demanded the government to Provide all necessary conditions for employees of Police Departments to carry out Their Duties to the fullest, and to enact laws and Regulations That rigan the work of the polic
– The elders of the town of Zintan pacify conflict with Gharyan
The struggle Between Zintan and Gharyan, Seems to have dimmed, after the Council of Elders and the City Agreed to reduce Tensions That Arose after the capture of 13 vehicles with weapons bound for Tripoli from Garyan.
Zintantsy in response to the capture on Saturday called Garyants number in Tripoli. Officials from Both Sides said the agency LANA “, who were concerned to avoid bloodshed.” The exchange of prisoners took place on Sunday, and Both parties have confirmed That Their prisoners are not subjected to “beatings or torture.” Furthermore, “denied there was a shootout That Between the forces of the parties.” 13 It is clear That the conflict Also zintanskih Also vehicles were recovered.
The agreement was signed Among the elderly, Despite The negative misuratyan Garyants like to Participate in a conference of “national”, held on Saturday in Zintane to Consider the problem of statehood. The conference Attracted tribal leaders and cities of Libya. There was a discussion on the issue of reconciliation Between the tribes and cities in conflict, as well as issues of “security” Especially in Tripoli and Benghazi.
Participants called for “the dissolution of political parties and restore the role of the police and the Libyan army.” (Just as p resident Poussin – … Today “once again urged us” not to raise rates “and” not to break inflation ” Clown Img)
Also There was criticism of the failure of established constitutional process BHK Declaration “constitutional” the PNS. The meeting Also Criticized the monopoly of political parties (as in RFii -. PER) and associations and political blocs on national and political decisions, and relatively safe . Many Delegates said the company was “disappointed” the political process and the “safety” of the local and “national”.
The meeting Also Noted the lack of “national” and unbiased view of the decisions of “Libya” [against] the revolutionaries, battalions, and the unit of “security” and armed conflict “forces” “worked” for the “liberation of Libya . ” They Also Talked about the rampant moral corruption, financial and administrative of the country, and the absence of a national program to revive the economy and “return to development.”(They have Ayfonchika sat in a meeting of the Council of Ministers, or in the middle Poussin its “credulous” -??. Per)
It was Agreed That The most important objective of the meeting was the creation of a “” marital status, constitutional democracy poimeet opportunity to combine all Libyans to various social and political views, as part of the “principles and values” “justice and citizenship.
The meeting was finally Emphasized “the contribution of cities and the Libyan tribes in the resolution of Differences and Tensions and” accelerate the process of creating a “political state” and work “to create a national program for charter Libyan tribes and cities to Strengthen national unity, through a transitional phase, “” as soon as possible and at Book early cost “(what happened:.” through a transitional phase as soon as possible “As Poussin … -” will do, but after the next election ” – per). Just hours later zintanskie elders were Able to Demonstrate the effectiveness of the method when it reached an agreement With Their Counterparts in Gharyan.

Hospital Bani Walid year
First Ghaith drop …….
And our response to your mail to some doctors working at the hospital some joyful news review of the following ..
The opening of laparoscopic surgery department at the hospital .. and conduct laparoscopic gallbladder removal ..
As well as a mastectomy for laparoscopic appendectomy redundant and this process is a precedent in the history of the hospital …
And also to return the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to work normally and a caesarean section and the low level of transfer cases to a minimum 8 months ago …
As evidenced by the hospital maintenance work these days, and internal processing of some of the places allocated for doctors and nursing bedrooms and rest requirements and provide some foreigners ….
As is this topic contracted days with a group of doctors in the field of anesthesia and surgical care and internal medicine in the Department of Tawari of which came into force which starts after the end of the holy month due to Living situation for doctors ..
And we looked at the hands of the new administration and hope which continue بهدا approach and attention next to the provision of services ……
WHDH some pictures of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and excess medicines laparoscopic surgery carried out by doctors from the sons of the city of Bani Walid from inside the operating room has given us some doctors .



– Benghazi: Internal security of former Colonel Gaddafi, Hamid Buruk This Afternoon was killed by a loud bang on your car.
“The incident occurred in the area Kvarsha in Benghazi at 5:30 pm” – said the Spokesman of the Joint Chiefs of Security Bureau agency LANA Mohamed Hijazi, Buruk was taken to Benghazi Medical Center, but died there “.* We arrive reports That the international airport was surrounded by more than 120 vehicles of armed men, the reason is unknown
* Anarchy and chaos in Benghazi, insecurity of Civilians


Cuneiform combustion plant for the city of Benghazi salons logic Laithi

* Anarchy and chaos in Benghazi, insecurity of Civilians
Sirte Their banks close doors tomorrow to protest insecurity and theft to Their headquarters by armed …
Armed Groups at dawn near the refinery and Prevent the entry and exit of vehicles.
TuberStealing and burning stores Omar Mukhtar University tuber this morning,

Explosion in the tuber ….

Today in Derna explosion was heard near the blue lounge Yamamah “the western entrance to the tuber” liability Zgat voice of lead

It is important we went to the place and we have identified the site of the explosion inside the Green Mountain company previously explosion was a mortar shell was detonated by an explosive small (such as amateur experience) _ and was shooting reaction of the population of the region express their resentment of the absurd explosion.

– Sabha: hospital is closed for lack of security, it is Reported that 4 Civilians were kidnapped by bandits Tohareg of NATO

To God and to Him we return
The killing of Mohammed Saleh Abed Tamami in gate Agheilanah by unknown is heading to Tripoli with his family and his father to visit his brother, where he was stopped and lowered from the car and killed him in cold blood There is no power but from God

We wish at this campus and months this holy month that less than murder, but noticed ازديادها not only about power but from God

God injection of Muslim blood.

Free newspaper Sabha.

Urgent … Sabha

There are reports of suspicious Sudanese plane landed in the city of Sabha for a certain class not sure what bearing this plane, neighboring governments deal with Nfod individuals and tribes, and does not deal with the state and consider it a serious violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan state ..

Libya February ….

Stolen police car Camry kind of inside National Tlamn headquarters Sabha by force of arms

Page coalition of rebels 17 February Sabha

Tabu to protect the Libyan gate Nigerian border Toum.:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Libya

Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation discuss with Tunisian Ambassador how to deliver a number of Libyan prisoners convicted in criminal cases in Tunisia to Libya

Tripoli, 14 July 2013

Seized a Tunisian border guards last two days, two truckloads of about 5 thousand pieces fireworks plug mandate were coming from Libya.

The source said an official team border of the National Guard Tunisian Bmatmdah Mareth that the trucks were coming from the top is worth the mandate of civilians and tried to pass through the COR Marth, explaining that the material reserved worth about (800) thousand dinars were smuggled from Libya to distribute the markets of Tunisia during the Eid al-Fitr.

The same source added that the smugglers took advantage of breakfast time for a smuggling operation, explaining that the border guards have confirmed information about this process.

Libia S.O.S
Muammar al-Qathafi was ridiculed for many things…..his fondness for camels milk was one of those things. He had camels specifically for their milk. barbara walters should now eat her words (with a glass of camels milk) after reading this article about the nutritional benefits of camels milk.

Camel Milk Inhibits Growth of Colon Cancer and other Health Potentials


If the idea of drinking camel milk seems strange to you, how about camel milk as medicine? Scientists have found that a component of camel milk may play a significant role in colon cancer, a disease that is diagnosed in more than 102,000 people per year in the United States alone.

What’s special about camel milk?

Camels may not be plentiful in the United States (there are about 3,000, according to the American Camel Coalition), but in many parts of Africa and the Middle East, they are a common sight. Although they are a mode of transportation, camels also are a source of nutritious milk and, in recent years, that milk has been the subject of research for medicinal purposes.

One such use came to light in a new study in which researchers found that a component of camel milk, called lactoferrin, may stop the growth of colon cancer cells. Lactoferrin has antioxidant properties and also binds with iron, which could prevent DNA damage associated with cancer development.



PER GLASS: 120 calories, 5.8g fat.


Camel’s milk is lower in fat and cholesterol than cow’s milk, but contains five times as much vitamin C. Studies in India show it contains high levels of insulin and is helpful to people with type 2 diabetes. In India, it is used to treat a range of illnesses. Although it contains lactose, it has lower amounts than cow’s milk. As yet unavailable in Britain, but Harrods is said to be interested in stocking it.


Rather watery and salty — an acquired taste.

Most people may not have been too familiar with camel milk. But it turns out this milk has many benefits for the body and have a better nutrient content that is known as a ‘superfood’.
Camel milk has been widely consumed in almost all Arab countries, this milk tastes slightly saltier than other milk and is often produced as cheese.



UN organizations dealing with food (Food and Agriculture Organisation / FAO) said that camel milk is rich in vitamin B note, C and iron content 10 times faster than that of cow’s milk.
In addition to mineral and vitamin contents are high, research has shown that antibodies contained in the alleged camel milk could help fight cancer, HIV, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and hepatitis C.

“Camel milk could be a useful addition to food because it contains calcium and vitamin B and has a saturated fat content less than cow’s milk,” said a spokesman from the British Nutrition Foundation.
Another advantage of camel milk is not contain two powerful allergens that have been found in cow’s milk, and has a component of the immune system that may provide benefits to children who are allergic to milk and other foods.

Potential components of the immune system in camel milk is expected to help fight some diseases. The researchers speculate that the small size of immunoglobulin or antibodies found in camel milk is more easily allow it to target the disease-causing foreign substances (antigens) that damage a person’s immune system.

Dr. Reuven Yagil, an expert on the physiology of Israel who conducted the study for 5 years said that camel milk can be overcome autoimmune disorders that suppress the immune system of a person.
But it still needed further research, because scientific evidence that there has not been enough to prove the effectiveness of camel milk in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.


Until recently, it was a felony to sell camel milk in the U.S. In April 2009, Dr. Hinkle introduced a proposal to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Committee on Interstate Milk Shipments in Orlando, Florida. The proposal was to change the law to allow the “camelids” to be included in the dairy laws governing the sale of milk. Dr. Hinkle gave an impassioned speech before the committee:

“How would you feel if your loved one was afflicted with diabetes and was very ill from the drugs prescribed for the diabetes? (A high amount of individuals react negatively to the diabetic medication.) How would you feel seeing a loved one lose an arm or a leg and eventually their life to diabetes when just a small amount of camel milk could supply all the insulin they might need daily? (There are 52 units of insulin per liter of camel milk.)

“What a joy it would be to see your autistic child act normally with just a little camel milk on a daily basis. The health benefits for diabetes, autism, cancer, and many more illnesses are endless. Please pass this proposal and allow us to begin the long road to getting camel milk here and to finally conducting medically supervised studies here in the U.S.”

The proposal was passed. Dr. Hinkle says that this will now open the door for the testing of camel samples so that it can meet the FDA standards and for camel dairies to be set up here in the U.S.

Investigation into the possible role of camel milk in fighting cancer is new. Among the few previous studies of the anticancer potential of camel milk is a 2012 article appearing in the Journal of Biomedicine & Biotechnology noting that camel milk triggered a process that inhibited proliferation and survival of both human liver and breast cancer cell lines.

What role might the milk from camels have in the fight against cancer? It is still much too early to tell, but researchers will likely continue their quest to uncover the potential of camel milk in colon cancer as well as other forms of the disease.

Research by Habib  et al. in the Food Chemistry journal examined the functional properties of camel milk  lactoferrin the main iron binding protein of the milk

56% decline in cancer growth

The researchers applied camel milk lactoferrin to HCT-116 colon cancer cells and found high concentrations of between 3mg/ml and 5mg/ml demonstrated a 56% decline of growth after 2 days. Lower concentration below 1mg/ml did not inhibit cell growth.

Camel milk is permitted for human consumption in Europe, but only a select few processors meet the safety requirements to export into the EU.

A study published in 2012 by the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology states that camel milk (but not bovine milk) induced cancer cell death in HepG2 and MCF7 and oxidative stress mediated mechanisms. The scientists believe this could explain the anecdotal evidence for the successful use of camel milk in the treatment of various medical conditions. Another study published by BMC Immunology explored camel whey protein on diabetic mice and demonstrated the benefits of improving the healing and closure of diabetic wounds and restoring the immune response.

The Journal of Allergy and Asthma Proceeding published a study in which children who had allergies to cow’s milk were tested for reactions to camel milk. They discovered that 80 percent of children were not allergic to camel’s milk making it a viable alternative to cow’s milk.

Food Chemistry published an article in which phospholipids of human milk, cow’s milk, mare milk and camel milk were compared. Camel milk had the highest content of phospholipids and can be among the considered types of milk for infants and toddlers who need alternatives or fortifiers and suggested it could be used for functional food for adults as well.


Alzheimer’s Study With Camel Milk

Dr. Hinkle has just completed a six-month study with a small group of Alzheimer’s patients and camel milk. Dr. Hinkle worked with nine patients who were all in early stages of Alzheimer’s and the results “were very promising,” states Dr. Hinkle.

Dr. Hinkle used a specific protocol that she developed in combination with the camel milk. “The results were evident within a few weeks,” states Dr. Hinkle. The following positive results were noted in all the patients:

Sleep patterns improved.
Eating habits improved.
Patients became more vocal and interacted with others more and were able to participate in conversations as well as remember conversations from previous days.
There was less confusion, less repetition, less aggression and less mood swings
within the first month.
Patients were able to complete tasks and remain on target until tasks were completed.
Memory recall improved when patients were asked to remember specific dates or events.
Physical activity improved.

“I am very pleased with the results of the study,” states Dr. Hinkle. “But we need to see what the long-term benefits will be with patients and we also need to work with specialists involving a long-term study with more patients so that we may track those patients for several years. We know from recent research completed that camel milk antibodies are able to cross the brain barrier and therefore we can piggyback specific supplements and medications, etc., with each patient to cross the brain barrier in order to work toward improving the symptoms and to hopefully stop the progression of Alzheimer’s,” says Dr. Hinkle.

Lyme Disease Patients Experience Benefits of Camel Milk

Dr. Hinkle has been working with Lyme disease patients for the last three years and the results have been impressive for many of the patients. Patients see joint pain decrease, sleep patterns improve, gut issues improve, rashes disappear and the ability to think clearly improves as “brain fog” lifts. Lyme patients are on antibiotics, which destroy much of the good gut flora, and the camel milk helps in keeping it in balance. Camel milk is known for its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Dr. Hinkle is studying the effects of the milk on the Lyme spirochetes. She utilizes a specific protocol with the milk to increase the opportunity for more favorable results. Dr. Hinkle’s approach works to weaken the spirochetes so that more positive results are experienced by patients as the milk also provides support to the immune system. The results have been amazing.

Hepatitis Patients See Normal Liver Enzyme Panels on Camel Milk

Dr. Hinkle has been very pleased with the results she is seeing with hepatitis patients on the camel milk. She has witnessed case after case of hepatitis patients whose liver enzymes have been normal for the first time in years while on the milk. One 80-year-old patient’s test results were normal after 40 years of elevated liver enzymes after being on the milk for only two weeks. “The story is the same over and over and I am looking forward to working with more hepatitis patients and their doctors to hopefully give them a brighter future for their health.” Dr. Hinkle cautions that each case is different and that more studies need to be completed with larger groups of individuals. She is seeking funding for a long-term study on the effects of the camel milk in treating hepatitis and expects to see the same positive results she has noted so far. “The antiviral properties in the milk seem to dissipate the inflammation of the liver and the milk also provides many of the nutrients needed for healthy liver function,” states Dr. Hinkle.


 Mu’ammar gives advice on eating legumes and vegetable to stay healthy:
]youtube=]also on:

un nouvel évangile pour l’humanité / A New Gospel for Mankind

Mu reading over Green Book edition

Victory is promised soon

Dear next of the unknown ……………… Where are you ……….. you near us yesterday ……. Today we burn Kiek ……….

await your return with every dawn of a new day …………….. dream became reality Game ………….

and mirage come true ……………… will not say tired waiting .……………. will to Arjua Haya ……….

only O of the unknown ……………. faster faster.

See you the Dove above, on the seat-back of his chair (above Mu’ammar’s crown)? and the sunrise too?
an elephant on Muammar’s crown as well–and elephants are deemed to be WISE!

Tribute to Mu


“Good morning, evening light …. Roses and good morning and friendliness and Algla of …. Grace morning, health and wellness … Victories and steadfastness morning eternal …. God is pleased Bbagm Íaagly ÇÍČÇČí”

And a thousand million tribute to the leader of victory and challenge…

Admona 4

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Mu’ammar in African Shop:

Mu Lightning



Night of the Fall of TRIPOLI by NATO, and two traitor rogue “Generals”:
Battalion Black day 
The night of the fall of Tripoli
Everyone says that the fall of Tripoli was behind the client Barrani forms!! But how Khan this client and what he has done?? Actually forms Albrani was a client and a traitor and was the cause of the fall of Tripoli and the death of many of our children will enumerate the brief story,,,,,,,,,,,
When I started the pressure on Tripoli from the eastern side ((Misurata)) and the western corner has prepared a plan to secure Tripoli and prevent the storming of rats through strengthening the case deterrence in the entrances and exits from all sides, and actually been done and they plan high-resolution involving all security units The military, including a battalion Emhemed Maqrif which was headed Barrani forms have been requested Barrani assigning the task of securing the roofs of high-rise buildings in Tripoli to prevent any case out of the rat central Tripoli put snipers on the buildings and vowed to put three thousand sniper above are under the command and present has already been done ,,, On the night of twenty Ramadan was bombed our troops by NATO in the neighborhood of Nasser and Hlgodh west corner making it easier for rats of Zintan and Gharyan and Ifrane down and docking with the rats in the corner and progress to the region mil and also bombed the gate securing Tripoli corresponding to the Academy of Graduate Studies بجنزور for continued progress Rats towards Tripoli, the same night the rats moved market Friday, فشلوم and Gargaresh to invade the center of Tripoli and was presumably on the strength ofBarrani have to deal with them over the rooftops, but he turned out to be Barrani had handed the plan to the leaders of rats, who in turn deployed snipers them and forces country above those buildings, which took snipe all detachments security and armed people on the ground, which facilitated the flow of rats to all the streets of Tripoli and alleys and control them with a large flow of rats across the five entrances to Tripoli, will not linger and rest on this, we turn to other important part is where the intelligence Ajhzat Barrani and betrayal???? You must mention the date that the Libyan intelligence discovered the betrayal Barrani forms and dealing with rats early and specifically of the month 5/2011 and available to have the evidence and not evidence only on that was state media that it is the status of Barrani forms worrying too, did not work the recommendations of the security, the judge set it or remove him from military action,,,, continued to frequent security warnings from the fact that Barrani forms and client must Tak a decisive stand against him, but no one answered … I do not know why I do not want to dive in his commentary on I اجهله!!!! That is the story of the client Barrani Naji very brief may be gone some details, but give a true picture of the betrayal of this client …. The day will come that lists the full story without knowing a shortcut to the Libyans km from Sharif a free man and a gentleman and the sons of this people were killed especially in Tripoli behind this client …… Valjuna and customers do not value them …..
The revolutionary struggle continues until victory
(publisshed by: Admoowona 1)
ليلة سقوط طرابلسالكل يقول ان سقوط طرابلس كان ورائه العميل البراني اشكال !! ولكن كيف خان هذا العميل وما الذي قام به ؟؟ فعلاً البراني اشكال كان عميل وخائن وكان سبب في سقوط طرابلس واستشهاد العديد من ابنائنا وسوف نسرد القصة مختصره لذلك ،،،،،،،،،،،
عندما بدأت الضغوطات على طرابلس من الجهة الشرقية (( مصراته )) والجهة الغربية الزاوية اعدت خطة لتأمين طرابلس ومنع اقتحامها من الجرذان وذلك من خلال تقوية حالة الردع في مداخلها ومخارجها من جميع الجهات ،، وفعلاً تم ذلك وكانت خطة عالية الدقة اشتركت فيها كل الوحدات الامنية والعسكرية ،، بما فيها كتيبة امحمد المقريف التي كان يرأسها البراني اشكال وقد طلب البراني اسناد مهمة تأمين اسطح المباني العالية بطرابلس لمنع اي حالة خروج للجرذان وسط طرابلس بوضع قناصه فوق تلك المباني وتعهد بأن يضع ثلاثة الاف قناص فوقها هم تحت أمرته وموجودين لديه وفعلاً تم ذلك ،،، وفي ليلة عشرون رمضان تم قصف قواتنا من قبل الناتو في منطقة حي ناصر وشلغوده غرب الزاوية مما سهل على جرذان من الزنتان وغريان ويفرن النزول والالتحام مع جرذان في الزاوية والتقدم الي منطقة المايه وكذلك قصفت بوابة تأمين طرابلس المقابلة لأكاديمية الدراسات العليا بجنزور لاستمرار تقدم الجرذان نحو طرابلس ،، في نفس الليلة تحركت جرذان سوق الجمعة وفشلوم وقرقارش لاجتياح وسط طرابلس وكان يفترض على قوةالبراني ان تتعامل معهم من فوق اسطح المباني الا انه اتضح ان البراني قد سلم الخطة الي قادة الجرذان والذين بدورهم نشروا قناصه منهم ومن قوات قطريه فوق تلك المباني والتي تولت قنص كل المفارز الأمنية والشعب المسلح على الارض مما سهل تدفق الجرذان الي كل شوارع طرابلس وازقتها والسيطرة عليها مع انسياب كبير من الجرذان عبر مداخل طرابلس الخمسة ،،، لن نطيل ونكتفي بهذا ونتحول الي جزئية اخرى مهمه وهي اين كانت اجهزت المخابرات من البراني وخيانته ؟؟؟؟ يجب ان نذكر للتاريخ ان المخابرات الليبية اكتشفت خيانة البراني اشكال وتعامله مع الجرذان مبكراً وتحديداً من شهر 5/2011 وتوفرت لديها الأدلة وليس القرائن فقط على ذلك وتم اعلام الدولة بذلك ومن وضعية البراني اشكال المقلقة جداً ،، ولم يعمل بتوصيات الامن القاضية بضبطه او ابعاده عن العمل العسكري ،،،، استمرت تحذيرات الامن بشكل متكرر من كون البراني اشكال عميل ويجب اتخاد موقف حاسم ضده ولكن ما من مجيب … لا اعرف سبب ذلك ولا اريد الغوص في شرحه لأني اجهله !!!! وتلك هي حكاية العميل البراني ناجي بشكل مختصر جداً قد يكون ذهب ببعض تفاصيلها ولكنها تعطي الصورة الحقيقية على خيانة هذا العميل …. سوف يأتي يوماً تسرد فيه القصة كامله دون اختصار ليعرف الليبيين كم من شريف حر ورجل شهم وابناء من هذا الشعب قتلوا بالأخص في طرابلس من وراء هذا العميل …… فالخونة والعملاء لا قيمة لهم …..
والكفاح الثوري مستمر حتى النصر
ادموووونة 1 Desert Warriors

Image taken from the air to one of traitors homes, thank NATO for the bombing of the Libyan people and infrastructure.:


Shalgam recognition Alkhaan on Qatar -.


Tent channel on Nilesat frequency 11257 Horizontal Symbol Rate 27500

Tent channel has been opened and now the revolutionary songs and frequency
P Moon Nilesat
Admowona 1




Press conference to Zidane rat …… On Libya Alaotunaih the …
The Libyan aircraft flying always and Bstmrar over the southern sky
It will bomb anything suspicious moves underneath
Libya after February 17 will not be wasted the right one
I Central سالغى and soon will begin first municipal الانتخبات …
Then portfolio
Problem of his Army National Guard
It would be neutral from a remote individuals and all political orientations
And tribal and religious …. Will be supportive of border guards
Forest guards and coastal protection
Ask the customs border to prevent the entry of any kind of birds and Aldoaj the
There are problems in poultry far, and its source Qasr Bin Ghashir
There are now طوارى committee dealing with the disease
The first priority of government Come support the rebels …
There Almharia Alsgrh young and middle-

Understand the need for this prophet tells Libya to where we are .. in Libya or other Ayesh in. ..?
Admoowona 1


Just two days ago, said client traitor Maqrief the in a meeting on one channels Jardan he a civilian, not military, not military competence and that he was a teacher in one of the universities and Kmodv in SAI and then ambassador in India …. And Alan supreme commander of the Libyan army …..!?
How to become O جردن Maqrief of pollen top commander for despicable Melctm …?

O Henry Kissinger and his NWO Zionistsa think that they will live on forever!

Battalion Black day:

Post from free to Algeria ………… Amir Abdelkader
Tkpeyeaier and Muslim people will not surrender

Jerusalem we go martyrs in the millions!!!!!!!!!!!

After Aato the wealth of Libya to colonial now following their mission is to bring again colonization of Arab countries and continued in the phrase “Down Down system Hahahahahahah”
(Admowona 1)

Via Page
Please pay attention to the need .. So let speak colloquially:
Lena friendly poured a bowl of Baku farm and شربتها the juice .. It are in bowl Altanih of juicy pension me down take excessive and pour a little hurt and stop the important pacu opened with scissors and Bbath in Sonah launched pollen!!!
This pollen Mandarin (or mouse rather small Alguenchh) time units .. I think following pension Heca which is true??
As one friend commented .. “The same idea Rani بالحبيبات, but this Balviran”!!!
God reached .. I wish you publish the picture on a wider scale, to Libya Mesh Naqsa the now recovered epidemics of God and you ………..
(posted by: Admowona 1)

RAT TNC (NOW GNC) granted “citizenship” to more than 2 million  foreigners—mostly Qatari--to swell the population of Libya and secure  a “rebel” state.

Foreign mercenaries became Libyans!

Mercenary scandal Rahim nutria!!

Abdul Rahim importer nutria (nutria are Giant RATS found in Louisiana Swamps) and on his personal page says:

(We have to انكون scarce metal Kadhafi my father did not grant citizenship .. and therefore the Egyptian people have them here 2 million and I hope to be granted citizenship to the majority of them even increase the number of the Libyan people because they for Libyans Btaibthm)

Britain has decided to supervise the security field in Libya
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 08:07

The Gaddafi International News Agency – London

Britain expressed its willingness to help the Libyan authorities illegal in the training of cadres, police and strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the security field.
announced Minister of International Development, the British government Alan Duncan, who is visiting Libya currently his country’s intention to support the capacity of Libya to develop security elements in all fields, especially the “anti- terrorism “and the criminal investigation and DNA and other security equipment, which would contribute in supporting security in Libya.
The announcement of this trend after meeting Libyan Interior Minister illegitimate called Ashour Hoael with the British minister on Tuesday in Tripoli.
expressed International Development Secretary British government Incidentally satisfaction with the level of relations growing between the two countries and offer to sell weapons and military equipment to Libya because they found the market profitably and can not rejection in front of the killer with them against their own people.
part, praised Hoael position of Britain in the bombing of the Libyan people, participated in the meeting, Director of the General Administration of relations and cooperation ministry, Colonel Jalal Ghaith , and Britain’s ambassador to Libya Michael Aaron.
Observers warn the efforts of some Western countries to exploit instability in order to exercise more intervention in the internal affairs of Libya and the imposition of certain dictates under the guise of providing aid.
Contributed to the publication Thread :

Britain will train 4000 Libyan recruits each year. There will be 2.5 million pounds for development projects for the private sector in Libya.

Congratulations to you my labor rats


They continued closure of colleges in Zliten, tuber and white and Tripoli …..

Maaspab explosions that occur on a daily basis in Benghazi and Derna ….. And sporadically in Tobruk, Ajdabiya and Ras Lanuf?.

Commander recommended to families of martyrs and missing, do we give them the right?!:




Our correspondent in the leadership of the Resistance:

Send threatening letters Resistance to Tarhuna rats on personal تليفوناتهم



Post addicted Page:

Ali rats Girls Suleiman do not ask for support from rats Tarhunah ….. Flee of Sabha best you ………… Mqratkm and Maskratkm ended.

From the pages of the Resistance (Sabha now)

News from the burning Hall of the People as a result of bombings and clashes yesterday.

News about the kidnapping family of Taorga in Sabha yesterday!

Closure of most of the shops in the Sabha ………..

And bringing Sheikh Ali Alfruja Gaddafi from Tripoli prisons into Gardah prison.

Kidnapping of a young man from Alqmazfah and 2 from Almgarhh by girls Solomon in rats Sabha ……..

The news of their presence in the prison Gardah.

Buhulaiga forces control of the gate 17 near Sabha.

Killing large inventory Solomon birth جردان and Rafla at the hands of the Rat Palo from Cavana House yesterday.

Fuel smuggling from Sebha to Chad and Niger:

Sabha :: /

Mazzika Hdina companions with them rifles vegetables and vegetables they stings from the 32 Brigade enhanced :/

Was thankfully launch of five young Tawergha displaced in the south and specifically the city of Sabha, who were arrested unjustly against the backdrop of events in Sabha last week, which inflated and portrayed by some as a coup attempt and breach of security, what was who they claim to those in charge of security only arrest Altaorgah and falsely accused,
Some of them are still detained at the moment and learned from their parents that some of them did not exceed the age of 17.

Successive explosions and heavy fire with light weapons and the average of the Knight Battalion of Suleiman Sons rats hour ago in Sabha.

de Tunis
Office of the Attorney General Sabha:
60 people escape from prison Sabha.

escape more than 60 detainees from the prison Sabha

Escape of more than 60 detainees from the prison Sabha

 The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sabha

By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 23:40

Attorney General’s office confirmed  Sabha escape more than 60 people from the prison of Sabha morning.

This is the fourth time that the prisoners from the prison smuggling Sabha.


Attempted assassination of the President of the local council and the Valley of the beach
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 20:15The Gaddafi International News Agency – Valley of the beach.
Exposure of the so-called president of the local council Valley beach for an assassination attempt
near Qira causing the car to burst tires the car came under a hail of bullets.




Voice of Resistance:

What no one knows about the fire, “head of Crescent”:
The cause of the fire, which government is trying to shame and Shunnar hide, is the bombing of NATO planes tightly terrorist group under the leadership of a person named “Bo point”, which is the most criminal called “Sufyan Qmo”.
Where to fire the charges “a thousand and four hundred hectares.” This is what it is impossible to be caused by a fire albeit artificially caused by arson.
The fire was extinguished by two إيطاليتين million was paid agar each aircraft separately from the Government of rats, and the secrecy of its tip on the amount paid and the cause of the fire.



Tripoli: clashes in Alsqa Mosque 15/04/2013
By News on Monday, 15 أبريل, 2013 | 19:15

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli

Clashes erupted on Monday between armed groups amid the Libyan capital Tripoli area collector Alsqa, the clashes led to the traffic stop and there is anticipation of citizens.
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commemoration of 1 year ago:

Now in hit بمضاد the Tayrat in Motaiqh .. Matcolosh weddings.
(Admowona 1.)

Airline extensively on the capital Tripoli since the morning, there seems to be a personal Western had arrived to give last instructions to Germanha the customer.
Today I have got a new directly that is tomorrow will arrive to Tripoli airport an airplane. The boxes say they are carrying Ivory and pottery from a spanish company. But really they are carrying weapons for the mercenaries. : The weapons are from Belgium and France and also pistols (handguns) and ammunition from Italy
غدا ستصل مطار طرابلس طائرة تحمل صناديق مكتوب عليها هذه الصناديق تحمل فخارا وعاج من شركة اسبانية ولكن في الخقيقة هي تحمل اسلحة للمرتزقه وهذه الاسلحة هي من بلجيكا وفرنسا وايضا مسدسات والذخيرة ايطالية.


Ivory (Tripoli) :::

Hearing 3 loud explosions flout capital Allibayh Tripoli now.

Opened fire on Buraq plane in the capital Tripoli
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 20:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli

Suffered since the few bright plane to shooting when landing at Tripoli airport coming from Benghazi some of the passengers were injured seriously injured.

Tripoli: clashes in Alsqa Mosque 15/04/2013
By News on Monday, 15 أبريل, 2013 | 19:15

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli

Clashes erupted on Monday between armed groups amid the Libyan capital Tripoli area collector Alsqa, the clashes led to the traffic stop and there is anticipation of citizens.
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Hear the sound of a powerful explosion shortly before the city of Tripoli.

16 avril 2013 20:38
Allahu Akbar Ali are free bone ……………

الله اكبر علي احرار العظمي……………

Airline extensively on the capital Tripoli since the morning, there seems to be a personal Western had arrived to give last instructions to Germanha the customer.

Today I have got a new directly that is tomorrow will arrive to Tripoli airport an airplane. The boxes say they are carrying Ivory and pottery from a spanish company. But really they are carrying weapons for the mercenaries. : The weapons are from Belgium and France and also pistols (handguns) and ammunition from Italy.
غدا ستصل مطار طرابلس طائرة تحمل صناديق مكتوب عليها هذه الصناديق تحمل فخارا وعاج من شركة اسبانية ولكن في الخقيقة هي تحمل اسلحة للمرتزقه وهذه الاسلحة هي من بلجيكا وفرنسا وايضا مسدسات والذخيرة ايطالية

Spread Albobat Jermanah medium and heavy weapons in the streets of Tripoli ……….. Including Omar al-Mukhtar Street.
Unconfirmed engraved on charging for rat Isa Abdul Majid to take control at the entrances of the infidels and the airport.

Jermana overflights heavily on Tripoli.

What this decadence? …… Rats honored invitee Gneoh Alkkla Chairman Salim military for his crimes against the Libyan people.!!!!

Prevent parents from visiting their family in the prisons in the eye of the Ministry of rats and Motaiqh.

Closure of Omar Mukhtar Street hand (Green Square) by the national security committee and a comprehensive survey of all the butterfly and tables in the street safe .. and the arrest of foreign workers who do not have official papers from the Al-Rashid Street and down to the green scene.
Uncertain news :: /
Last night in the way of Green Square convoy was hit Ahmid Attaybe and Monuments a serious and جردان injury Mtktmin on the news.

Tripoli yesterday

The last night, fire and hell on residents of the city of Tripoli and even had his house or his house he heard explosions and clashes that broke the stillness charged in the atmosphere of the capital Tripoli, actually last night was fighting almost does not stop until the dawn of day and explosions heard in Tripoli almost interview I had with the public street before half an hour from now, most of the residents of Tripoli say that Tripoli day is not Kleilha is, when the sun is absent from the streets of Tripoli, as if the world will turn against Raúsha and become Tripoli inhabited city committees and streets specter of deserted clashes cover every vote …. And is still good Jaykm and forward ^ *
(Admowona 1)

At the closure of ABU SALEM HOSPITAL:

Hospital Street corner still exists by gunmen and armored cars to protect him from the rebels drunken NATO and most of the medical staff did not come back after yesterday’s crime.
X rats rats.

Tripoli – Hospital Street corner

The so-called confidential support and backing 42 with the deterrent power of Ba arrested one youth in a hospital street corner he wanted to rape a patient in a hospital in the event of a total loss because of the ((grain)) and suffering and turn Aballah, was handed over to the competent authorities and also have been arrested five young people drunk in the hospital with 450 bar ترمدول,.

For the second day in a row continues cut power to the Salah al-Din, Tripoli, and suffering people of the area of difficult situations caused by this interruption where the consequent water shortages and corruption meat, also suffers residents Buildings Salahuddin of living conditions difficult because of this interruption, where they stopped most everyday services causing grumbling and anger of the population.



Assassinations in Benghazi, but did not stop the pace rose amid a media blackout on all levels, even Facebook pages of the rats seems it’s going according to plan in uniform opacity was the last of these assassinations killed an army colonel in front of his home region Laithi Day.

Urgent dirt: the assassination of citizen Mohammed القابسي .. Agricultural ordered police in the former dirt .. The actor always anonymous and never .. The dirt is witnessing a wave of assassinations affected many of those who were responsible in the city before Nakba February .. They Crime No. 44.
Folks who store food and gasoline significantly.

Exit a civilian cars in the street beauty …. Shouting to people telling them who have seen the country began …. And the possibility for mass demonstrations on Friday.
Attempting to kill the rat Ben Qmoa ………… As a result of disagreements between al-Qaeda and supporters of (SAUDI-STYLE) Sharia.

People who enabled the education sector Proboa Libyan them Aktar than ten months Athsaloa Fils red,

while Benghazi Khalsoum until month three. Tells revolution amended:

Rats receiving helicopters saws to Benghazi.

The plane throwing leaflets in Benghazi to beg people to come out in a demonstration on Friday 19/04/2013.
Aahto people ĘÚÇáć ČÓ …. case – avec was born Rusaifa.

Image of publications that are distributed in Benghazi:

If contrition in the eastern region (((Cyrenaica)))
Burqa Magdh Xi * Amvet remorse kills O Hei * New tenderly Majid * thousandth entertain feast * Thmdna and Derna قديد * and Tema Aegina loss leaves * Magdt need Amvet Libyan needy * Araak gunpowder * District gently Majid Xi.
Greetings my friend Warfali:

Pregnant rat drunk in his machete in Benghazi gardens …… The banning people from traffic ……….
The car came with chicken logo rats National …. They were afraid of it and fled.



NATO rats are carrying out a raid and arrested the Giza district of Sirte military.

Antzerowoowoowoowoowa are free Sirte ………. Antzerowa top one adult rats:

Fist minor skirmishes between youths from and Rafla Sirte Youth Net Alqmazfah in front of the People ….. Because the young man from and Rafla بمعاكسة daughter of Alqmazfah.

Very important .. Please publishing and alarm :/
Free Sirte challenge the resilience …
A Fberaara scheme vile agreement with جردان of Misrata inventory Qhirh and inventory Makhlouf and so-called Shawarma Farouq Battalion … To enable جردان to Misrata from entering the city and captured the Liberal pretext Elimination of Lahrr of ..
Two weeks ago, there was a list of names includes 130 name of Liberal in Sirte, mostly from the tribe Ma’daan and Alqmazfah and Alforjan brought battalion called Lhalboss from Misrata want to enter the city to catch the names required has intercepted a battalion called the Martyrs corner, led by inventory Salah Bu curl and prevented them from entering;
And planned in detail ((after a meeting جردان the Sirte who are at odds with the named Salah Bu they curl Makhlouf Shawarma “so-called secret Martyrs Alkarzabih; Qhirh and his gang Almusratih the Farouq Battalion; agreement with جردان of Misratah))
That Asmho Bmsert green flags green center of Sirte and incite young Liberals to attack the headquarters Jardan and storm to occur mandated managed جردان Misrata and جردان Makhlouf Shawarma and Qhirh and Farouk from storming the city and arrested the Liberal pretext of a coup attempt and the remnants Brigade 32 and a battalion Saadi, Taqrvat and they are ousted and trained to get rid of any a sense of Resistance ..
Please publishing and warning
And God is witness to what I say.


Tension in the Ras Lanuf refinery …………. The news about employees’ strike.

Ras Lanuf city residential completion of the achievements of the revolution oil stunning turn into a mess,,,,

dictated selling squares that were public parks and in front of commercial markets and clinics

View from the front of the Assembly of Ras Lanuf and return to the clinic residential.

and the destruction of all Green continues:

Aaaaaaaajl and Haaaaaam and dangerous جدااااااا the Libyan Per ………….. (((Goodness came)))

And Ziralnaftjerz Arousi. Now professes and Ras Lanuf, and during a meeting with staff and claimants بمرتباتهم and increase … And the transfer of the meeting in the channel Libya’s international on Monday 15 \ 4 \ 2013 three p.m. .. says literally …. follows .. (((that Libya Mediouna debt exceeds the water billion as a result of NATO intervention and the countries that helped us in the war and inform you that entered Libya 55 billion dinars Libby year that in the event that a barrel of oil sold Bmah dollars and above, says Hba reckon Mai the 55 billion Nozawa them as follows .. 20 billion in salaries and 13 billion to support the commodity and 20 billion Nsddoa them to companies that they serve and operate in Libya before 2011 and damaged and burned and stolen their headquarters and their mechanisms and compensate them for this period which amounted to more than two years, until returning to complete his work again ..

and the rest are about Milirien Mahtfdan them to طواري. unfortunately does not have any Provided because the billions that were abroad frozen funds Kaalsabak did we get them on something and the global crisis has affected countries that have the money and forget that they helped us We must appreciate their situation and there is no have liquidity .. God Ghalib Aalepien this is the truth and we Ankhva you Hia, patience and endured and, God willing goodness came and no need for these sit-ins and demonstrations We liked that the increase Mrtbaatkm, but unfortunately this is the truth and we no have stores of pain and bash Nachzu including flood and Natokm))) the end of the interview the minister …. God Maacol witness can refer to the channel and listen and watch.


News request rats Gharyan to support from the National Chicken to protect stores of arms of resistance attacks.



The arrest of a number of sons of Sheikh Ali hands rats Hammadi in Zliten



Newsflash from Misrata

Misurata militia members education on Scud leadership means. We teach our including health how Eachdo events for Scud how it is beating
Arms not Diem reduce and private Scud O Misratah.

Misrata »exercises on Scud missile carriers in Misrata.
Training on Scud missile carriers in Misrata.
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 08:42

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Misratah

Military exercises taking place in the coastal city of Misrata these days, and between the military equipment used in training Scud missile destroyer carriers.

This came at a time when Libyan cities a popular movement against the Libyan government illegitimate, and also a clear split between the political blocs that have become betray each other.



Inventory corrupt Colonel Ahmed Bani file a lawsuit against the Dardanelles TV channel and accuses her of tarnishing his reputation as he put it
Hua originally have heard Haloati?



Explosion rocks stillness city of Tobruk, before minutes from now, and has not been
Locate after the explosion.



Violent clashes spin now in the Libyan city of Murzuq desert road between Toubou and Mlisheh of the armed Misratah .. news referring to the fall of the 20 people killed and wounded.

Clashes in the city of Murzuq predicted several wounded
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 04:57

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Murzuq

Signed last night of violent clashes between groups of armed Tabu and follow the so-called national army, where many of the wounded fell as a result of this incident were rushed to the hospital.
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Congestion in the city of Kufra after committing militias tracking government murders
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 05:02

The Gaddafi International news agency – Heathens

Seized control of a state of congestion on the city of Kufra by killings and intimidation that targeted innocent citizens – she was told – by government gangs.
Informed sources said that infidels General Hospital received, three cases have been owners of the sniper near the city’s Market Street.
Saw, infidels, during the past few days a number of intimidation that led to the death of a citizen and causing injuries to others.
And medical sources confirmed the infidels General Hospital, the emergency four of the wounded received injuries of varying severity, after armed clashes broke out in front of the random Higher Education in the city next to the Shura neighborhood in the city.
He cabled Ahmed, one of the doctors Kufra General Hospital “The emergency rooms received this evening, four of the wounded, with injuries of varying severity, after armed clashes broke out in front of the random Higher Education in the city next to the photograph neighborhood.”
And cabled continued, “the bombing of the town of Kufra long shy Bushoq and photograph after the fall of the mortar shells at a number of houses in the neighborhoods, and increasing the tragic situation in the hospital and the city.”
The long-bombing of the town of Kufra greeted Bushoq and the Shura Council after the fall of mortar shells at several houses in the neighborhoods, and witnessing the southern city of Kufra Libyan border region with Chad, Niger and Sudan tribal clashes frequent armed between tribes Azwaip and Tabu’s largest tribes.
The illegal Libyan authorities had announced the end of last year, the South private Libyan city of Kufra closed military zone, and closed its land border with the countries of Chad, Sudan and Niger in order to control the movement of transit of arms to and from Libya.
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الحرشة gate this morning ….

So is the treatment of Egyptian workers in Libya from NATO‘s rebels.


news of the release of President Mubarak!

Falah demanding the return of Mubarak’s rule of Egypt on sedition Qatari channel

Exclusive – Beni Suef Mubarak demanding a return to the rule
Many citizens gathered from the people of the village of the Center for carpets Nasser in Beni Suef after promise them contagious Al Jazeera to give Boaataradhm in a decision to release the …

احتشد العديد من المواطنيين من اهالي قرية الزرابي التابعة لمركز ناصر بمحافظة بني سويف بعد ان اعدهم معد قناة الجزيرة لكي يدلوا بأعتراضهم علي قرار الافراج عن ال…



Silent mine.
Stanza wonderful funny Ahmed Adam Lapidus on Qtraúal and dogs and slaves
Stanza wonderful Ahmed Adam funny and Mbeki, Lapidus where on Qtraúal and dogs and slaves of debt traders, opportunists and ignorant Almsthmaren
مقطع رائع لأحمد آدم مضحك بيدوس على قطرائيل وكلابها وعبيدها
مقطع رائع لأحمد آدم مضحك ومبكي، بيدوس فيه على قطرائيل وكلابها وعبيدها من تجار الدين والإنتهازيين والجهلة المستحمرين

Muammar al-Qathafi


( b.1942 )

Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar Mohammed al-Qathafi ( b.  07 June 1942 ) :

Though Muammar al-Qathafi holds no public office (except for Supreme Commander of the Great Jamahiriya Armed Forces) since 1979, he was accorded the honorifics “Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” or “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the al-Fateh Revolution of 01 September 1969” in government statements and the official Libyan press. (al-Fetah means “festival of Light”)

Early life

al-Qathafi was the youngest child born into a peasant family and grew up in the desert region of Sirte. He was given a traditional religious primary education and attended the Sebha preparatory school in Fezzan from 1956 to 1961. al-Qathafi and a small group of friends that he met in this school went on to form the core leadership of a militant revolutionary group that would eventually seize control of the country in the lat 1960’s. al-Qathafi’s inspiration was Gamal Abdel Nasser, president of neighboring Egypt, who rose to the presidency by appealing to Arab unity. In 1961, al-Qathafi was expelled from Sebha for his political activism.

al-Qathafi went on to study law at the University of Libya, where he graduated with high grades. He then entered the Military Academy in Benghazi in 1963, where he and a few of his fellow militants organized a secretive group dedicated to overthrowing the pro-Western Libyan monarchy. After graduating in 1965, he was sent to Britain for further training at the British Army Staff College, now the Joint Services Command and Staff College, returning in 1966 as a commissioned officer in the Signal Corps.

Military People’s Revolution

On 01 September 1969, a small group of military officers led by al-Qathafi staged a bloodless Revolution against King Idris I, while he was in Kammena Vourla, an area in Greece for medical treatment. His nephew the Crown Prince Hasan as-Senussi was set to become King on September 2 when the abdication of King Idris dated August 4 was to take effect. Before the end of the day the monarchy was abolished and the Libyan Arab Republic was proclaimed with the Crown Prince being placed under house arrest.

Unlike some other military revolutionaries, al-Qathafi did not promote himself to the rank of general upon seizing power, but rather accepted a ceremonial promotion from captain to colonel a few years later, a rank he remained at throughout his life thereafter. While at odds with western military ranking for a colonel to rule a country and serve as Commander-in-Chief of its military, in al-Qathafi’s own words, Libya’s utopian society is “ruled by the people,” so he needs no more grandiose title or supreme military rank. al-Qathafi’s decision to remain a colonel is not a new concept among military coup leaders;

Gamal Abdel Nasser remained a colonel after seizing power in Egypt, and Jerry Rawlings, President of Ghana, held no military rank higher than flight lieutenant. In the same fashion, the Republic of El Salvador was ruled by Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Osorio (1950-1956), Lieutenant Colonel José María Lemus (1956-1960), and Lieutenant Colonel Julio Adalberto Rivera (1962-1967).

Islamic socialism and pan-Arabism

a-Qathafi based his new regime on a blend of Arab nationalism, aspects of the welfare state and what al-Qathafi termed “direct, popular democracy” (THE THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY). He called this system “Islamic socialism” and while he permitted private control over small companies, the government controlled the larger ones. Welfare, “liberation,” and education were emphasized. He also imposed a system of Islamic morals, outlawing, illicit sex, brothels, plural-marriage, child spouses, pet-boys, alcohol and gambling. To reinforce the ideals of this socialist-Islamic state, al-Qathafi outlined his political philosophy in his Green Book, published in three volumes between 1975 and 1979. On 26 April, al-Qathafi set a deadline of  11 June  for dissidents to return home or be “in the hands of the “Revolutionary Committees.”  (The “Revolutionary Committees” were dissolved by 1988.)

External relations

With respect to Libya’s neighbors, al-Qathafi followed Nasser’s ideas of pan-Arabism and became a fervent advocate of the unity of all Arab states into one Arab nation. He also supported pan-Islamism, the notion of a loose union of all Islamic countries and peoples. After Nasser’s death on 28 September 1970, al-Qathafi attempted to take up the mantle of ideological leader of Arab nationalism. He proclaimed the “Federation of Arab Republics” (Libya, Egypt and Syria) in 1972, hoping to create a pan-Arab state, but the three countries disagreed on the specific terms of the merger. In 1974, he signed an agreement with Tunisia’s Habib Bourguiba on a merger between the two countries, but this also failed to work in practice and ultimately differences between the two countries would deteriorate into strong animosity.

Libya was also involved in a sometimes violent territorial dispute with neighbouring Chad over the Aouzou Strip, that Libya occupied in 1973.

This dispute eventually led to the Libyan invasion of the country and to a conflict that was ended by a ceasefire reached in 1987. The dispute was at the end settled peacefully in June 1994 when Libyan troops were withdrawn from Chad in full respect for a judgement of the International Court of Justice that was issued on 13 February 1994.[4]

al-Qathafi also became a strong supporter of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which ultimately harmed Libya’s relations with Egypt when in 1979 Egypt pursued a peace agreement with Israel. As Libya’s relations with Egypt worsened, al-Qathafi sought closer relations with the Soviet Union. Libya became the first country outside the Soviet bloc to receive the supersonic MiG-25 combat fighters, but Soviet-Libyan relations remained relatively distant. al-Qathafi also sought to increase Libyan influence, especially in states with an Islamic population, by calling for the creation of a Saharan Islamic state and supporting anti-government forces in sub-Saharan Africa.

Western Openness

Simultaneously, al-Qathafialso emerged as a popular African leader. The Libyan leader enjoyed a reputation among many Africans as an experienced and wise statesman who had been at the forefront of many struggles over the years. al-Qathafi earned the praise of Nelson Mandela and others, and was a prominent figure in various pan-African organizations, such as the Organization of African Unity (now replaced by the African Union). He was also seen by many Africans as a humanitarian, pouring large amounts of money into sub-Saharan states. Large numbers of Africans have come to Libya to take advantage of the availability of jobs there. In addition, many economic migrants, primarily from Somalia and Ghana, use Libya as a staging-post to reach Italy and other European countries.

al-Qathafi also appeared to be attempting to improve his image in the West. Two years prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Libya pledged its commitment to fighting Al-Qaeda and offered to open up its weapons program to international inspection. The Clinton administration did not pursue the offer at the time since Libya’s weapons program was not regarded as a threat.

 Following the attacks of 11 September 2011, al-Qathafi made one of the first, and firmest, denunciations of the Al-Qaeda bombers by any Muslim leader. al-Qathafi also appeared on ABC for an open interview with George Stephanopoulos…. Many foreign policy experts, however, contend that al-Qathafi’s announcement was merely a continuation of his prior attempts at normalizing relations with the West and getting the sanctions removed. To support this, they point to the fact that Libya had already made similar offers starting four years prior to it finally being accepted.

Libya improved its cooperation with international monitoring regimes to the extent that, by March 2006, France was able to conclude an agreement with Libya to develop a significant nuclear power program.

In March 2004, British prime minister Tony Blair became one of the first western leaders in decades to visit Libya and publicly meet al-Qathafi. Blair praised al-Qathafi’s recent acts, and stated that he hoped Libya could now be a strong ally in the international war on terrorism. In the run-up to Blair’s visit, came the British ambassador to Tripoli.

In July 2007, French president Nicolas Sarkozy visited Libya and signed a number of bilateral and multilateral (EU) agreements with al-Qathafi.

Internal dissent

In October 1993, there was an unsuccessful assassination attempt on al-Qathafi by rogue CIA elements which had infiltrated the Libyan army. In July 1996, bloody riots followed a football match as neo-monarchal elements staged a protest against al-Qathafi.

Personal life

Muammar al-Qathafi has eight children, seven of them sons. His eldest son, Muhammad Gaddafi, is by a wife now in disfavor, but runs the Libyan Olympic Committee and owns all the telecommunication companies in Libya. (NOTE: Mohammed’s daughter perished in the attack on his brother al-Arab’s bung-a-low on 30 Aprl 2011.)

The next eldest Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, was born in 1972, is a painter, runs a charity which has been involved in negotiating freedom for hostages taken by Islamic militants, especially in the Philippines.  After returning to Libya soon after  some years of schooling at the London School of Economics, Saif launched an environment friendly initiative to teach children how they can help clean up parts of Libya. He has also been on the forefront of resolving the HIV case of a Palestinian doctor and Bulgarian nurses described previously.

The third eldest, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, is married to the daughter of a military commander, Kawaldy el-Hamedi. Al Saadi runs the Libyan Football Federation, plays for Italian Serie A team U.C. Sampdoria, made billions of dollars in the petrol industry and produces films. (NOTE: SAADI’s wife and son perished in the Hamedi home massacre by NATO on 20 June 2011.) presently SAADI is Major-General of the People’s Libyan Armed Forces.

The fourth eldest, Mutassem-Billah Gaddafi, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Libyan army and studied in Egypt. Mutassem-Billah returned to Libya where he now holds the post of national security adviser and heads his own unit within the army.  He is believed to have been martyred on 20 OCTOBER 2011 after being held as a captured prisoner from Sirte, in Misurata by NATO mercenaries.

The fifth eldest, Hannibal once worked for a public marine transportation company in Libya; and then headed his own shipping and Import Company. He is married to a model, Aileen..and their son was a victim of the 30 APRIL 2011 NATO bombing of his brother al-Arab’s small bung-a-low home, where they were engaged in a family dinner. (Muammar briefly went out to feed their pet-deers, when the missies landed.)

al-Qathafi had two younger sons, Saif Al Arab (who died under NATO bombs at his house at &PM on 30 APRIL 2011), and the famous  Khamis (of 9 LIVES), a young “golden” General reminicent of Napoléoné Bonaparté.

al-Qathafi’s only daughter is Ayesha Gaddafi, a lawyer who had joined the defense team of executed former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. She married Ehmed, a distant relative of her father’s in 2006. Ehmed died by NATO, as a miliary Officer in June 2011. Their daughter was also a victim of the 30 APRIL 2011 bombing of brother al-Arab’s home.

al-Qathafi’s had an adopted son, OMAR, and another daughter, StepHanie (who was killed in the 1986 USAF bombing raid). At a “concert for peace” held on 15 April 2006 in Tripoli to mark the 20th anniversary of the bombing raid, U.S. singer Lionel Richie told the audience:

“Hanna will be honored tonight because of the fact that you’ve attached peace to her name.”

In January 2002, al-Qathafi purchased a 7.5% share of Italian football club Juventus for USD 21 million, through Lafico (“Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company”). Though al-Qathfi is an avid football fan, this more importantly continued a longstanding association with the late Gianni Agnelli, the primary investor in Fiat. al-Qathafi has also become involved in chess: in March 2004, FIDE, the game’s world governing body, announced that he would be providing prize money for the World Championship, held in June-July 2004 in Tripoli.

Lahore, Pakistan’s primary cricket stadium, al-Qathafi Stadium, is named after him.

In addition to his Green Book, al-Qathafi is the author of a 1996 collection of short stories, “Escape to Hell”, and 67 other Thesis, poetry, Muslim-cathacisits and political-bound volumes. (i.e.: “Isratine”)

In November 2002, he hosted the Miss Net World beauty pageant, a first for Libya and as far as is known, the world’s first to be held on the internet.

al-Qathafi’s personal bodyguard, the Amazonian Angel-guard, is composed of women who are martial arts experts and highly-trained in the use of weapons. The Amazonian guard accompanied him on his 2004 visit to Brussels.

The Amazonian Guard sparked an international incident in 2006 when al-qathafi landed in Nigeria with over two hundred armed guards for a summit. Nigerian security officials refused to allow the Libyans entry based on their armaments, and al-Qathafi angrily resolved to set off on foot 40 km to Nigeria’s capital from the airport. The Nigerian President personally intervened, and a compromise was sought. However, the Libyans rejected mediation and threatened to fly home, whereupon the Nigerians revoked their compromise offers and announced that the Libyans could only bring in 8 pistols, which is the limit for international delegations. The Libyans finally backed down and complied with the Nigerians after several hours.

al-Qathafiafi holds a also 107 honorary degrees from throughout the world, and one from Megatrend University in Belgrade proclaimed by former Yugoslav President Zoran Lilic Marshal Josef Tito.


“Ronald Reagan plays with fire! He sees the world like the theater.”

“I have nothing but scorn for the notion of an Islamic bomb. There is no such thing as an Islamic bomb or a Christian bomb. Any such weapon is a means of terrorizing humanity, and we are against the manufacture and acquisition of nuclear weapons. This is in line with our definition of—and opposition to—terrorism.”

“Israel is a colonialist-imperialist phenomenon. There is no such thing as an Israeli people. Before 1948, world geography knew of no state such as Israel. Israel is the result of an invasion, of aggression.”

“I’ve got two idols in my life — President Lincoln and Dr. Sun Yat-sen.”

“Irrespective of the conflict with America, it is a human duty to show sympathy with the American people and be with them at these horrifying and awful events which are bound to awaken human conscience.” — September 11, 2001

“Man’s freedom is lacking if somebody else controls what he needs, for need may result in man’s enslavement of man.”

“We have four million Muslims in Albania. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims.”

“The Libyans said they’ll buy their way out of these three [terrorism] black lists. We’ll pay so much, to hell with $2 billion or more. It’s not compensation. It’s a price. The Americans said it was Libya who did it. It is known that the president was madman Reagan who’s got Alzheimer’s and has lost his mind. He now crawls on all fours.”

The U.S. Department of State uses the spelling: Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi. In 1986, Gaddafi reportedly responded to a Minnesota school’s letter in English using the spelling Moammar El-Gadhafi. Though according to Gaddafi’s personal website he prefers the spelling Muammar Gadafi, the domain name gives yet another version: al-Gathafi.
 La société pour l’appel à un monde islamique : Une couverture pour les activités occultes de Kadhafi:





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Laurence Aïda Ammour

Malgré la méfiance relative dont il faisait l’objet de la part des dirigeants occidentaux, le colonel Kadhafi a pu subventionner l’un des plus influent réseau mondial de missionnaires islamiques, dont le siège se trouve sur le campus universitaire de Benghazi (cf. photos), et qui dispose d’un bureau à Tripoli : la Société pour l’Appel à un Monde Islamique(SAMI) (Al Daawa al-Islamiyah ou World Islamic Call Society, WICS), créée en 1972.

Une ONG aux buts apparemment légitimes

La mission déclarée de cette Société était la construction de mosquées, d’hôpitaux et de cliniques, l’aide humanitaire, la gratuité des études religieuses pour les jeunes sans moyens, ou encore le financement de la recherche scientifique. Ses missionnaires envoyés dans toute l’Afrique avaient officiellement pour tâche de prêcher un islam soufi pour contrecarrer l’influence du wahhabisme saoudien.

Le bâtiment principal de la Société Al Daawa al-Islamiyah, à Benghazi

La SAMI était financée via le prélèvement d’un impôt représentant 3% des revenus de chaque citoyen, et d’une taxe de 4% sur les bénéfices des entreprises installées en Libye.

Elle ne rendait des comptes qu’à Kadhafi lui-même et ses transactions financières étaient exemptes de toute taxe. Selon Massoud al-Wazni, membre du comité d’investigation actuel sur les activités de la Société, le budget annuel de la SAMI était de 45 millions de dollars, le personnel administratif comptait 900 personnes, et le personnel enseignant environ 2 000 professeurs d’arabe et autant de prêcheurs dans le monde. Mais ce chiffre n’inclut pas les montants en espèces remis de la main à la main. Un membre du personnel raconte qu’il lui avait été demandé de remettre à deux ministres africains, une enveloppe de 25 000 dollars chacun. Lorsqu’il a refusé il fut rappelé à Tripoli et jeté en prison.

Cette Société avait acquis une telle notoriété dans le dialogue islamo-chrétien qu’elle comptait parmi ses partenaires et partisans, des institutions et des personnalités prestigieuses :

  • le Vatican (les papes Jean-Paul II et Benoît XVI ont reçu son secrétaire général) ;
  • l’archevêque de Canterbury, Rowan Williams, qui a prononcé une conférence sur le campus de la SAMI en 2009 ;
  • le Département d’Etat américain qui, en 2009, se félicitait de la contribution positive de la Société envers les migrants Philippins de confession catholique qui s’étaient vu offrir leur église en Libye[1].

Parmi les proches de la Société on trouve aussi le Secrétaire général du Conseil mondial des Eglises qui a donné une conférence à Tripoli un mois seulement avant le soulèvement de février 2011.

Moummar  el-Kadhafi ait combattu les Frères Musulmans en Libye.


The company to call for an Islamic world: Coverage for occult activities Gaddafi




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Laurence Aida Ammour

Despite the suspicion on which he was the object of Western leaders, Colonel Gaddafi has been subsidizing one of the most influential global network of Islamic missionaries, whose headquarters is located on the campus of Benghazi (see photos ), which has an office in Tripoli: the Society for the Call to the Islamic World (SAMI) (Al Dawa Islamiyah al- or World Islamic Call Society, WICS) was established in 1972.

NGO seemingly legitimate goals

The stated mission of this company was the construction of mosques, hospitals and clinics, humanitarian assistance, free religious studies for youth without means, or the funding of scientific research. Sent missionaries throughout Africa were officially responsible for preaching a Sufi to counteract the influence of Saudi Wahhabism.

The main building of the Company Al Dawa al-Islamiya in Benghazi

SAMI was funded through the levy of a tax of 3% of the income of every citizen, and a 4% tax on profits of companies operating in Libya.

She was accountable only to al-Qathafi himself and his financial transactions were exempt from all taxes. According to Massoud al-Wazni, a member of the investigation committee on the current activities of the Company, the annual budget of the SAMI was $ 45 million, administrative staff had 900 people, and teachers about 2,000 professors Arabic and many preachers in the world. But this figure does not include cash amounts recovered from hand to hand. A staff member said he had been asked to submit two African ministers, an envelope of $ 25 000 each. When he refused he was recalled to Tripoli and thrown into prison.

The Company had acquired such a reputation in the Muslim-Christian dialogue that counted among its partners and supporters, institutions and prestigious personalities:

  • the Vatican (the Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI received the Secretary);
 Presentation to the World Islamic Call Society:

Presentation to the World Islamic Call Society

Presentation by the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, to the World Islamic Call Society, Tripoli, Libya, 10 January 2011

Presentation by the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, to the World Islamic Call Society, Tripoli, Libya, 10 January 2011

1. Who is my Neighbour?

First of all, thank you for the invitation to come and visit the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) and your head office here in Tripoli, Libya. This is an important opportunity for me and my colleagues to continue the relationships between our two organizations.

Who is my neighbour? The theme I have chosen for my presentation here today is a question that might sound as though it is coming from somebody who has just moved somewhere or somebody who is living next door to strangers. This question is, however, a very real one for many people in the world today. People move and change their context and country; the great movements of migration are significant features of our time.  In the Norwegian context which I come from, the question “Who is my new Muslim neighbour?”  is one of the most significant for the whole society today, and also for the  churches  as they look at how to contribute to the peaceful development of that society. The immigration of Muslims – and Christians – from other countries and continents has changed the rather monocultural society of Norway very quickly.

As we more and more realize that we all live in a global village, we need to ask the same question in a new way: Who is my neighbour? We are living in a time when we all need to realize that we do not live alone on our street; we are not independent, we are interdependent. In this new enlarged reality of neighbourhood and neighbourliness we all need one another.

In this way the question is also transformed into a different question: What kind of neighbour am I?

2. Introduction to the WCC Theme: “Being Neighbours to All”

The World Council of Churches is a worldwide fellowship of Christian churches, which brings together 349 Anglican, Protestant and Orthodox churches from around the globe. One meaning of the word “ecumenical” is “that which belongs to the whole inhabited world”.  The focus is on how we are called to be one as churches in God’s world. “Ecumenical” is also used in the Christian tradition to refer to what unites us as churches, what brings us to a common approach to service and to a common witness. The WCC’s threefold vision includes:

– Living out Christian unity more fully and more visibly

– Being “neighbours to all” – working together for the good of all

– Taking more responsibility and greater care of creation – for the sustainability of life.

Building healing and reconciling communities on the basis of justice and inclusivity, especially in contexts of violence and injustice, in contexts where we find a lack of care of creation, or even in contexts of terrible acts of terror – is at the heart of the WCC’s understanding of “being neighbours”. This vision can be seen in various programmatic areas of the WCC; among these, the commitment to interreligious dialogue and cooperation has a high priority.

In a document we refer to as the “Common Understanding and Vision of the WCC” (CUV) we clearly express our commitment “to foster dialogue and cooperation with people of other faiths in order to build viable human communities”. In our ecumenical vision, we say: “We open ourselves for a culture of dialogue and solidarity, sharing life with strangers and seeking encounter with those of other faiths”.

This year the WCC will celebrate the 40th anniversary of establishing its department for interreligious dialogue. This represents a significant step in expressing an understanding of fellowship in relation to people of other faiths and beliefs.

Christian-Muslim relations have always received high attention. The WCC has established good relationships with the Muslims and with various Muslim organizations involved in dialogue. Our cooperation with WICS is a clear example of this, and I am happy to see that through this visit we are now further developing it. I think this is an important service we perform for one another, but it is also a service we do together for the whole world. We had a very successful Christian-Muslim consultation in Geneva in November 2010, focusing on “transforming communities”. This was organized by the WCC and WICS together with another co-partner, the Aal al-Bayt Institute in Jordan.

The WCC as a fellowship of churches is served by a secretariat in Geneva. The churches represent the different traditions and the experiences of the Christian faith and the common life of the one Church. We are called to be one. Therefore, we need to share our life and experiences with one another, and express together our faith and our hope. First of all and above all else, we need to express our love for one another and together express our love for our neighbours. The call to the churches to be one is a call to be one in our love to God and to our neighbour.

The common Abrahamic roots that we have as Christians and Muslims, together with the Jews, mean we are able to share many of our values. The long history of coexistence of Christians and Muslims in different parts of the world is something we can all continue to learn from, both the difficult times and the experiences of being able to live well together. These two sides are important assets to us in our efforts to be good neighbours to all.

At the same time, global and local realities are producing new tensions that need to be addressed with urgency and determination. And the task of the WCC as a fellowship of churches is also expressed through our visit to Cairo and Tripoli this weekend.

The recent terror attack on the church in Alexandria on New Year’s Eve is a very sad reminder of how urgent it is to create and strengthen responsible relations of neighbourliness. The Coptic Church is one of the founding members of the WCC. The leadership of His Holiness, Pope Shenouda III,  following the attack is an outstanding example of how the churches not only believe but also convey a message of love and peace, even when massacres like this happen. I am proud of the way this member church has been able to handle this extremely difficult situation so far, and thereby made a very significant contribution to the future of living together as good neighbours in Egypt.  This is a message for Egypt, but it is also a message for the whole world.

The response from Muslim leaders and representatives, in particular the general secretary of WICS, Dr Sharif, and the visits of solidarity and condolences you and your colleagues have paid to Pope Shenouda in Egypt, are also significant expressions of how you take your role as good neighbour seriously. Similarly, the responses from Muslim neighbours in the streets of Egypt have been encouraging to all of us. The best protection Christians in Egypt can have is from a responsible state and from caring Muslim neighbours, in Egypt and elsewhere.

3. The Parable of the Good Samaritan

As I try to reflect here on how the question is transformed, from “who is my neighbour?” to “who am I as a good neighbour?” I recognize that this transformation of the question can be found in one of the parables Jesus told in the gospel.  The parable of the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus to a group of teachers of the Jewish religion, summarizing his interpretation of the Ten Commandments.

According to the gospel of Luke (10:25-37) a traveller is beaten, robbed and left half dead at the side of the road. Unfortunately this is not an unknown situation in today’s world either. In the parable, first a priest and then a Levite come by, but both avoided the man. These figures represent the traditionally religious people and the authorities of those biblical times.

In the gospel, Jesus tells this story as a way to answer the question “Who is my neighbour?” This is a typical human question: How much should I do? How do I know when I have done enough? Where is the limit of my responsibility? The answer comes by telling a parable about the other, who does not belong to the community. Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally avoided one another, but in Jesus’ story it is the Samaritan who helps the injured Jew. By telling the parable in response to a question regarding the identity of the “neighbour” whom Leviticus 19:18 says should be loved, Jesus is trying to say that there are no limits to my responsibility towards my neighbour.

There is an important message in this parable and in how Jesus changed the question from: “Who is my neighbour?” to: “Who appeared, among these three, to be a real, good neighbour?” This is the question we also need to ask. When we focus on the Other and the need of the Other, the answer is not always difficult.

The change of perspective is the real message. How can I, how can we, be good neighbours? How can we, as Christians and Muslims, be good neighbours in the local village and in the global village? How can we live together in our nations and across the borders of nations taking care of one another? The good neighbour is not limited by any border but always able to cross the borders, to care and to be what we need to be to one another.

4. The Religious Neighbour and our Spiritual Resources

So this leads me to another question, about what we have to offer as people of faith, as spiritual leaders, to our neighbours in a world which lives in great need of a renewed understanding of neighbourliness and could learn so much from our faith perspectives.

Every religion comes with comprehensive claims. Every religion provides its followers with a set of values and expects the faithful to live according to these values. In multi-religious societies the interrelation of diverse values and ways of life needs to be developed on the basis of mutual respect in a public process of dialogue in society. This is not only about ideas and concepts but about our daily life.

From the outset the WCC posed the question to the churches: How does the one humanity belong together in the one world? We share the same planet. We share the destiny of humanity. We all, each one of us and every human being, wherever we live, whoever we are, whatever faith we have, share the dignity of being created in the image of God.

These deep underlying convictions mean that in all WCC interreligious dialogue we try:

First: to focus more on the living experience of people from all walks of life who are engaged in a living dialogue. Such a focus on dialogue of life embraces all aspects and spheres of human life.

Second: to understand the different contextual realities of dialogue. Christian and Muslim communities living in different environments are faced with different issues and concerns. This reality calls for a dialogue at many levels and in different forms. It also calls for an understanding of the specific agendas pertaining to concrete situations.

Third: to put an emphasis on interreligious cooperation “dialogue in action”, especially in addressing the common concerns that are threatening our world today –  concerns about poverty, pandemic diseases climate change and so many other issues. This implies taking joint initiatives and joint action to address situations as they arise and develop. This was one of the recommendations from our consultation in November last year and has been part of what we have been discussing with the WICS during this visit.

Let me again emphasize that we do all of these by putting our spiritual resources into practice; people who pray, and especially those who pray for other people, express in the deepest way not only their concerns for others but also their love for others. The deepest way we have for expressing our relationships with other human beings is to pray for one another.  These spiritual gifts should shape our spiritual leadership as religious leaders.

5. The Power of our Language

How do we speak about one another? Do we know the power of our own language?

Being neighbours in the same global community – where whatever happens to one of us affects all – how do we live and practice the call to be “a good neighbour” in the way we speak?

The power of language is very subtle. The use of one, small word can convey totally different messages.

If we take as an example our use of the word “we”, it can be a very exclusive word or, on the contrary, a very inclusive one.  There is a need for a new understanding of “we” that indicates an inclusive and not an exclusive identity.

None of us has only one identity. That becomes more and more clear to all of us in the global community, and we cannot chose only one identity – and shape it as if we were living in the past. I am not sure anybody really had only identity in the past, either. But when we say “we”, we can say it in such a way as to say “we”, not the Others, not the stranger, not the one who does not sharing our values and faith.  Or we can say “we” in a way which is inclusive, a “we” which is plural and includes different identities, values and faiths.

How do we talk about each other? How do we report on the concerns of faith communities different from our own? How can we counter the enemy images so present in the media? And how can we use language and the way we talk about one another positively for deepening our living together?

6. The Importance of Education in Transforming Communities

What are we able to do in our communities that are changing rapidly, locally, nationally and globally, to develop this concept of good neighbourliness in a way that leads to positive transformation in our societies? So that good neighbourliness can be seen in transformed neighbourhoods and communities.

We can do so much through the wise use of our spiritual resources, while working for transforming conflict and building peace.

The WCC sees itself as a space for bringing transformation and change. It has a role of defining rather than deciding, through words and practice, what the churches do.  The more than 60 years of existence of the fellowship have witnessed significant transformation towards mutual understanding, acceptance and more cooperation in addressing global challenges, in the relationships between member churches that belong to different Christian traditions, cultures and regions.. Their rapprochement also helped in the mending and healing of relationships between nations and conflicting communities. These encouraging examples can be taken further as we strive to transform relationships within our multi-religious communities. We need to do this both by taking initiatives for transforming realities and by allowing ourselves to be transformed by relationships and also sometimes by the challenges we face together. The outstanding solidarity that has grown between Christians and Muslims, at local, national and international levels, during the recent violence in Egypt, is a very powerful illustration and expression of this. .

The role of religious leaders is particularly important in how we develop speaking about the greater “we” – and how we include others in the good conversations we are able to have with one another.  We need to offer proof that we are responsible leaders, and able to prepare people to become responsible and faithful citizens in our multi-religious societies. Taking up responsibility for peace, justice and sustainability for all.

To bring to a conclusion what I have shared with you so far, I would like to emphasize the importance of relevant and balanced religious education.

In our Christian-Muslim consultation last November we committed ourselves to “… encourage the development of programmes designed to strengthen young people’s abilities to play a constructive role in a plural world, to reflect on the values of compassionate justice and mutual respect and to prepare them for future leadership roles.”

How do we educate our people to live together as good neighbours? To accept, respect and enable one another, so that each can have their own space and the chance to be themselves, share their beliefs and values within a framework of being co-citizens.

Adequate knowledge, based on proper teaching about the other and direct relationships with one another, is absolutely necessary. Such knowledge is required at the level of leadership as well as for the youth in our communities.

Being a believer can also open one’s heart to other believers, even if our beliefs are different and we disagree about both important and less important issues.

We are called to be good examples – to create new parables – from our own lives.

May God give us courage to do so.

  • the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who gave a lecture on the campus of the SAMI in 2009;
  • the U.S. State Department, which in 2009 welcomed the positive contribution of migrants to the Society of Catholic Filipinos who were offered their church in Libya [1].

Among the relatives of the Company there is also the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches held a conference in Tripoli just one month before the uprising in February 2011.

Muammar al-Qathafi has fought the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.


Le campus de la Société à Benghazi


La face cachée de la SAMI

Cependant, derrière sa façade humanitaire et prosélyte, cette société avait d’autres buts non avoués. En Afrique des rumeurs insistantes ont couru sur les versements d’argent à de nombreux leaders politiques africains, sur l’aide financière apportée à des groupes rebelles sur le continent, ou à des organisations politiques[5].

En 2004, le responsable américain de la Société basée aux Etats-Unis, Abdurahman Muhammad Alamoudi, fut inculpé de complot dans l’assassinat du prince saoudien, une mission financée en partie par la Société[6].

En 2010, la radio suédoise rapportait que la SAMI, qui possède une mosquée à Malmö depuis 2008, avait été identifiée par les autorités néerlandaises comme une entité des services secrets libyens: « Bejzat Becirov (président du Centre islamique de la ville) a une longue relation avec la World Islamic Call Society (WICS), qui a payé 1,4 millions de dollars pour acheter le terrain de la mosquée à la municipalité de Malmö en 1983. En juillet 2008 l’organisation a fini d’acheter l’entière propriété pour un montant de 5,2 millions de dollars. Pendant plusieurs années, trois Libyens ont été à la direction du Centre Islamique, mais selon Becirov ils ne participaient à aucune réunion. Le seul avec qui il a été en contact est Nowesri Ahmed Ali Hadi, uniquement pour des questions liées à la religion. A la fin des années 90 Nowesri Ahmed Ali Hadi a été imam de la mosquée Omar al-Farouk à Utrecht, aux Pays-Bas, où la World Islamic Call Society a aussi un bureau. Les services de sécurité néerlandais (AIVD) se sont intéressés à l’organisation et ont compris qu’elle allait à l’encontre de l’intégration des musulmans aux Pays-Bas. En 2002, le AIVD confirma dans un rapport que la World Islamic Call Society était un instrument des services de sécurité libyens. A l’automne 2000, l’imam Hadi avait été expulsé des Pays-Bas »[7].

En 2011, le Canada a décidé de fermer définitivement un bureau local de la Société après avoir découvert que celle-ci avait détourné des fonds au profit du groupe radical Jamaat-el-Muslimeen responsable de la tentative de coup d’Etat à Trinidad et Tobago en 1990[8], et qu’elle était également impliquée dans la tentative d’attentat à l’aéroport J-F. Kennedy (New York) en 2007[9].

La SAMI est rapidement devenue un atout stratégique pour Kadhafi lorsque ses relations avec les pays occidentaux se sont améliorées à partir de 2003[10]. En réalité la Société était partie intégrante du réseau de renseignement libyen, comme en témoigne la présence en son sein d’officiers des services secrets.

Plusieurs zones étaient l’objet de la stratégie d’influence et de pénétration de la SAMI :

  • l’Afrique, où sont ciblés les larges communautés musulmanes d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Sahel considérés comme les arrières-cours de la Libye, et certains dirigeants politiques;
  • l’Europe, où la SAMI a construit de nombreuses mosquées pour les «minorités»: en Belgique, au Danemark, en France, en Allemagne, à Malte et aux Pays-Bas. Elle a également contribué à la construction de la mosquée de Rome et à la Mosquée centrale de Londres;
  • l’Asie, où elle était très active aux Philippines, en Malaisie et en Indonésie.

Pour ce qui est de l’Afrique, principale cible de la SAMI, c’est à partir de 1990 que la Société a étendu ses activités sur le continent. Des « convois islamiques » de médicaments et de nourriture furent envoyés dans de nombreux pays, jusqu’en Afrique du Sud. La SAMI a fait de nombreuses conférences sur l’éducation et la culture et sur les liens entre l’Afrique et le monde arabe. Elle a aussi financé des radios islamiques au Togo, au Bénin, au Tchad, au Cameroun, au Mali et en Afrique du Sud. Plusieurs dirigeants africains ont apporté leur appui à Kadhafi au moment de l’embargo contre la Libye, et Nelson Mandela s’est rendu à Tripoli en octobre 1997 pour remercier Kadhafi de son soutien à l’ANC durant l’apartheid. Cette même année, des sessions de prières ont été organisées par les missionnaires à Niamey et à Kano, puis en 2000 au Burkina Faso, au Ghana et au Togo.

La SAMI s’est avérée être un instrument idéal de camouflage dans les années 80, au moment de l’embargo contre la Libye. Son statut d’ONG indépendante lui a permis de contourner les sanctions onusiennes et américaines, de continuer à envoyer des fonds à certains leaders africains et de poursuivre ses activités occultes[11].

Peu après Lockerbie, Kadhafi crée le Leadership Populaire Islamique Mondial(LPIM), un département distinct au sein de la SAMI, qui ne rend compte qu’à son secrétaire général, Mohammed Ahmed al-Charif. Le LPIM avait pour mission de mobiliser des leaders musulmans dans le monde pour soutenir les militants musulmans en Tchétchénie, au Kosovo et en Somalie ; de défendre les femmes portant le voile en Europe; et d’encourager les musulmans noirs aux Etats-Unis. D’ailleurs, parmi les alliés américains de Kadhafi on trouve le prêcheur noir Louis Farrakhan, converti à l’islam, dirigeant de Nation of Islam depuis 1981[12], qui s’est rendu en Libye en 1996 pour y recevoir le «prix Kadhafi des droits de l’homme» et une somme de 250 000 dollars.

Juste avant l’entrée en vigueur de l’embargo, Abdel Rahman Chalgam, alors ministre libyen des Affaires étrangères, fut reçu au Vatican pour y chercher de l’aide. L’évêque catholique de Tripoli, Giovanni Martinelli, a soutenu Kadhafi en appelant les pays occidentaux à ne pas l’humilier mais à dialoguer avec lui. Le ministre des Affaires étrangères du Vatican fut reçu à Tripoli en 1994. En 1997 le pape Jean-Paul II, en tant que chef d’Etat, reconnut la Libye malgré les recommandations des Etats-Unis.

La question est de savoir comment cette société a pu échapper à l’attention des pays occidentaux. Son implication dans le dialogue des religions et son message considéré comme «modéré» par les Européens comme les Américains, surtout après le 11 septembre, ont réussi à brouiller les pistes face au radicalisme islamiste émergent. L’attention des Occidentaux était alors focalisée sur l’islam wahhabite exporté par l’Arabie saoudite à travers la Ligue du Monde Musulman créée en 1962, et concurrencée à partir de 1972 par la SAMI libyenne.

Dans un livre arabe paru récemment (Men around Kadhafi), l’ex ministre des Affaires étrangères de Kadhafi, Chalgam, aujourd’hui ambassadeur auprès des Nations unies à New York, soutient que le dictateur utilisait la société comme un instrument de lutte contre les chefs d’Etat chrétiens d’Afrique et de soutien aux groupes musulmans désireux de prendre le pouvoir sur le continent. Il accuse l’ancien secrétaire général, al-Charif, d’avoir fourni lui-même des fonds en espèces à plusieurs leaders africains pour financer leurs campagnes électorales. «Dès le début Kadhafi voulait que la SAMI soit une arme extérieure qui lui soit personnellement affiliée» dit Abdel Rahman Chalgam. «Ici en Libye la société était appelée la Société pour l’Appel à la Sécurité du Monde[13] ».

L’apparente indépendance de la Société s’est fissurée avec la révolution libyenne. Durant les combats entre rebelles et forces loyalistes, l’ancien secrétaire général, Mohammed Ahmed al-Charif, s’est rendu en Russie et au Sri Lanka pour tenter une médiation avec les rebelles. Chalgam accuse aussi al-Charif d’avoir utilisé l’argent de la SAMI pour payer les mercenaires africains chargés de défendre Kadhafi[14].

Les dirigeants libyens actuels voudraient préserver la SAMI car ils la considèrent comme une entité religieuse dont le rôle reste positif et bénéfique. Ils veulent en faire un instrument du soft power de la nouvelle Libye. Un comité dirigé par un anti-Kadhafi notoire, le cheikh Al-Doukali Mohammed Al-Alem, a diligenté une enquête sur les activités passées de la Société. Pour autant, la majorité du personnel est encore en place et le Conseil National de Transition s’est contenté d’une purge de façade.

Laurence Aïda Ammour
Août 2012


Syria: Rebel Child Soldier in Deir Ezzor (05/01/13)

One of many instances in which insurgents arm children for use as military combattants in the Syrian conflict. The child shown here appears to be in his early to early-mid teen which makes him older…
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France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies

French Government Support to the Terrorists

Global Research, April 14, 2013

In a report published on the 11th of April French daily Le Monde admits that rebels fighting the government of the Syrian Arab Republic are dominated by Japhat Al Nosra, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaida. The admission comes after two years of non-stop disinformation trumpeted from all French mainstream media outlets from the official right to the official left, disinformation that has attempted to convince the French public that democratic revolutionaries are fighting a war for human rights and freedom against a brutal, tyrannical dictator, who is ‘’ killing his own people’’.

This puerile and deeply dishonest narrative has now been utterly discredited, as the facts about the terrorist nature of the Syrian rebels have become too obvious to ignore. In an article entitled ‘The New Visage of French Jihadism’ it is reported that French jihadists are leaving France in their hundreds to join the ‘holy war’ against the Syrian Arab Republic, with many more joining jihadist groups in Mali.

On the same page in an article entitled ‘Al Qaida extends its territory and unites its forces in Iraq and Syria’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad reports:

‘The head of Iraq’s Islamic state, the Iraqi branch of Al Qaida, announced in a recorded message on April 9th, that his group would be fused with the Japhat AL Nosra( Support Front), the principal armed jihadist organization in Syria. The new group will be called Al-Qaida in Iraq and the Levant. This announcement comes two days after the call of Ayman Al-Zawarhiri, the successor of Osama Bin Laden in the leadership of Al-Qaida ‘headquarters,’ for the establishment of an Islamic state after the fall of the regime of Bachar-Al-Assad, afflicted since two years by an insurrection by the Sunni majority.’[1]

So, here we now have the French establishment press, who has been working overtime since two years to convince us that those fighting Assad are democrats, admitting that they are in fact Al Qaida. According to an October 2010Fox News report, the above-mentioned Al Qaida leader Al-Zawarhiri dined at the Pentagon just months after 911. Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge claimed she had documents to prove this. Of course, Fox News being a corporate propaganda agency did not pursue this story any further, nor did any other international mainstream media outlets. In the war on terror ignorance is strength and questioning is stupid.[2] The Fox News reporter earns 900,000 dollars per annum.[3]

In order to soften the blow and reassure French readers that the Quai d’Orsay’s support for the ‘rebels’ does not contradict France’s commitment to ‘human rights’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad tells us that:

‘Contrary to the Islamic State in Iraq the Al Nosra Front have made an effort not to systematically target civilians. It has not insisted, for the moment, on imposing an Islamic order that is too strict in the zones under its control, and has even concluded honorable agreements with the Kurdish rebellion, as in at Ras Al-Ain and more recently at Aleppo’[4]

These rebels Le Monde attempts to whitewash have been systematically targeting civilians from the start of this conflict. They have put bombs in cars in busy market squares, they have bombed universities murdering and maiming hundreds of innocent civilians. They have been torturing and beheading civilians and soldiers alike [5], even forcing children to participate in the decapitation some of their victims. Children have also been used as soldiers.[6 ]

They have forced women to wear the chador in the ‘liberated’ parts of once beautiful Aleppo.[7] They have desecrated and ruined the country’s religious and cultural heritage. They have blown up pipelines and wrecked infrastructure. They have destroyed thousands of schools, libraries and public service buildings. They have used chemical weapons. They have slit the throats of little children in order to blame the Syrian government. They terrorists are now even taking photos of themselves with the decapitated heads of their victims.[8] None of this is a secret. They have continously posted videos boasting about their crimes.

Yet Le Monde wants us to believe that Japhat Al Nosra [image above] is a good, more civilized version of Al Qaida, one perhaps worthy of Western military support! Of course, Le Monde will reply that they do not support Japhat Al Nosra, that they support the secular rebels. But where are the secular rebels?Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states very clearly that ‘any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law’. [9 ] The attempt by Western journalists to portray terrorist groups as freedom fighters and the use of information sources emanating exclusively from these groups to justify foreign aggression against a sovereign state recognized by the United Nations constitutes a war crime.

The French ‘special envoy’ seems to lament the fact that the announcement of this new fusion of terrorist groups will discredit the French government’s attempts to convince its European Union partners to officially arm the ‘rebellion’. While the French press admits that the Syrian armed opposition is predominantly Al-Qaida, it continues to insinuate and suggest that the bulk of the armed opposition is in fact secular and liberal. However, no evidence to support such insinuations has ever been forthcoming, while evidence to the contrary is overwhelming and impossible to dismiss.

In another article published on March 5th entitled ‘The Syrian Rebels take control of the Village of Raqqa in the North of the Country’, reporter Khalid Sid Mohand tells us just who these ‘rebels’ are. They are, he admits a few lines into his report:

‘A coalition of armed groups, some of whom are affiliated to the jihadists of Japhat-al-Nosra, who are behind the fall of Rakka.’[10]

How lovely! Al Qaida have captured a Syrian town and the French liberal media seems to be very excited about the prospect of armed barbarians taking over the Levantine state. From the title of the article, one is led to believe that the Syrian rebels have taken the town, the Syrian rebels being the French media’s designated ‘Arab Spring’ good guys. So, even though the news is bad, the headline suggests that it is good. Reality is turned upside down.

This technique of editorializing terrorists as rebels, while at the same time admitting that they are terrorists has the effect of confusing the public and preventing the uncritical reader from understanding the real forces at play in the Syrian conflict. The technique was repeatedly used during the Russian-Chechnian war when Islamist terrorists were repeatedly described as ‘rebels’. The double-standard, double-speak and double-think are techniques which are now part and parcel of ‘professional journalism’.

While such villainous and schizophrenic behavior may appear to some as a diabolical conspiracy, the reality is far more complex. This schizoid way of thinking and speaking is simply the psychological reflection of a global economic system that is collapsing upon its own internal contradictions. The extraction of surplus value from labour and the globalization of this capitalist mode of production have made a tiny section of the global population extremely rich and powerful.

The rich and powerful not only own the means of production, they also own the means of communication and as rule by a financial oligarchy is objectively contrary to democratic principles, a double-language and double-think is necessary in order to make people believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5. As a result, armed groups that serve the interests of the financial oligarchy will be mediatized as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘human rights’ activists. However, as reporters cannot always control or ignore the complex realities they report on, the truth also emerges between the lines, in the margins and interstices of their own discourse. However, the job of rational analysis and interpretation of information is only being carried nowadays out by alternative media outlets whose goal is to serve the public good and tell the truth.

Thus, articles reporting the ‘good news’ that the Syrian rebels have taking another town will also have to admit that these same rebels are actually Al Qaida. But because double-think is so deeply embedded in Western culture, the contradictions of these reports are rarely noticed or analyzed The task of molding the public mind to support the ‘cruel but necessary’ geopolitical strategies of the global financial elite falls to the mass media , who orient and distort information to suit imperial designs and the corporate interests of the media’s owners.

In a Guardian article of 2002, the Western establishment’s policy of total hypocrisy was eloquently expressed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s chief strategist Robert Cooper who wrote:

‘The challenge to the postmodern world is to get used to the idea of double standards. Among ourselves, we operate on the basis of laws and open cooperative security. But when dealing with more old-fashioned kinds of states outside the postmodern continent of Europe, we need to revert to the rougher methods of an earlier era – force, pre-emptive attack, deception, whatever is necessary to deal with those who still live in the nineteenth century world of every state for itself. Among ourselves, we keep the law but when we are operating in the jungle, we must also use the laws of the jungle’[11]

Since unknown snipers opened fire on protestors and police in the town of Daraa on March 15th2011, the Syrian nation has been assaulted by death squads armed and trained by the Gulf emirates and Nato intelligence. The result has been the death of thousands and the destruction of a nation. This is a repeat of the Arc of Crisis created in Afghanistan in 1979 when US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzrezinski organized the arming and training of Mujahedeen terrorists in order to overthrow the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The result was the creation of Al Qaida, a data-base of military-intelligence assets, who have since the very beginning, always served Nato geopolitical interests. The same technique is now being used against Syria.

It is quite possible the French government’s admission that Al Qaida have taken over large parts of Syria could serve as an excuse in the weeks, months or years ahead for direct military intervention to ‘free’ Syria from Al-Qaida, just as French intelligence’s fomentation of jihadism in Libya and their transfer to Mali served the cause of military intervention there. Meanwhile,the media demonization of Bachar-Al Assad will continue. However, the existence of Al Qaida in Syria could eventually become the final justification for intervention if the terrorists succeed in sufficiently weakening the Syrian state and Russia can be persuaded to acquiesce in the loss of its Eastern Mediterranean client state.

The dupes of Nato’s media empire can continue to comfort themselves that their governments are fighting terrorists in some countries, while helping ‘democratic rebels’ to fight ‘brutal regimes’ in others, but as savage austerity cuts and the militarization of urban space afflicts European cities, the reality that it is the degenerate Euro-Atlantic elites who are fomenting jihadist terrorism, the nightmarish reality that this is in fact both the ‘brutal regime’, and the opaque, loose ‘terrorist network’ which wants to take away our freedoms and destroy civilization, this reality will become impossible to ignore. For in truth the war on terrorism is ultimately a war on humanity.

‘Contrairement à l’Etat islamique en Irak, Le Front Al-Nosra prend garde à ne pascibler systématiquement les civils. Il a évité, pour l’instant, d’imposer un ordre islamique trop strict dans les zones passées sous son contrôle et conclut même des accords ponctuels avec la rébellion kurde, comme à Ras Al-Aïn, et plus récemment à Alep.’