IMAM, guide, teacher, leader of the Revolution, and Supreme Commander:

The Wahabi movement puts forward an “absolutist” (but FALSE) sharia interpretation, that wants to be upheld, using radical (and surely not holy / “green” “revolutionary”) ways. The true-Jihad, in terms of Resistance against legal and political structure, is considered NOT not to be in accordance with Wahabi ideology; …especially since TRUE-ISLAM (pure, as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has taught his people in the “Green Book”, and he has esposed in the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS, 12 JUNE 1988), as it is contained within “the Holy Quran” and Sacred Scripture, embodies the main concept of human rights and freedom, and tolerance for non-Muslims (accepting the equality principle as fellow countrymen).



Honest and Loyal Tribes of the Great Jamahiriya:


The Wahabi, and Al Qaeda (PART ONE)

from AM Hendroproyono:

Many people now must be brought to the attention concerning SALAFISM, and learn what Wahabiism means.

In the conflict arena, Wahabiism meets the “war spirit of the CIA-Al Qaeda”,under Osama bin Laden. The ideological relation between Wahabiism and Al Qaeda, shown from Osama bin Laden old statements and their followers, is that in his days, it began to develop the warped concept of the martyr’s suicide bombing doctrine. This movement received a seeding place and its habitat in developing a “global caliphate” that in local level synergized with Darul Islam movement with NII in 1945 that has never disappeared.

Various violent events in the false name of “jihad” (totally misunderstood, as a true ” jihad” can only be declared by a Holy Imam decended from Mohammed’s daughter, Fatima). This false concept almost never stopped since the first independence proclamation in 1945, which threaten all national defenses, any unity, and all humanity. Herewith also the embryo of contemporary “Wahabi global jihad radical movements” continues to flow and seed violence that threats the aspects of humanity and mankind’s welfare.

The Relation Between Wahabiism and Al-Qaeda:

The terrorist Western Nations/NATO, take casualties, regardless whether the victim is on the target’s side in their waged blind-war on Islam. They attack, disregarding whether in the attack target, there are women and children.

A true “Jihad” (in form of war), is only permitted by Allah, when it is to defend honor, property, and dignity of mankind and Muslims” (Abas, 2009: 27). The blood of true Muslims must be spared.

Yusuf Qardhawi has shown a total lack of understanding or awareness toward the essence of global Crusade. Where, in condition of Muslims are oppressed, every inch of the earth can be said as area of conflict.

Terrorism is a criminal act against humanity and civilization which causes a serious threat toward sovereignty, national security, world peace and damages public welfare (Abas, 2009: 36-37).

In relation with suicide bombing under the (so now-misconceived) martyr doctrine, Abas wrote:

“The act in finding martyrdom (amaliyah al-isytisihad) is different with suicide bombing. …suicide bombing is forbidden since a form of desperate act (al-ya su’) and self hurting (ahlak al-nafs), whether done in peace area (dar al-shulh/dar al-salam/dar al-da’wah) or in war area (dar al-harb).” (Abas, 2009: 49)

The Global-Caliphate Doctrine of Wahabiism, for the purpose of establishing the “one guided Caliphate”, as previously discussed, is an expansionist ideology with the ambition to launch global campaign of distributing Wahabism through the various Salafi movements.

The exclusive anti-Western and US attitude, has became the center theme of Friday preaching and prayers. The preaching material and Islam studies from mosque to mosque, village to village continuously spread the anti West and US spirit. Wahabi Islamic education materials, in Islamic Schools, have even deliberately spread the false “jihad and martyr’s death doctrine”, even if it is not accompanied by advice to do violence. The Judeo-Christian Zionist “campaign against the Muslim world, the likes of which has never seen before, is that the Muslim must prepare all the possible might to repel the enemy in the military, economic, missionary, and all other areas (Osama Bin Laden, Oct/Nov 1996; Berner, 2006, Quotations). We are a nation whose sacred symbols have been looted, and whose wealth and resources has been plundered (OBL, 28 May 1998; Gresham College; Jihad Unspun). Hostility toward America is a religious duty and we hope to be rewarded for it by God” (OBL, 22 December 1998l Atran, 2004; Dershowiz, 2004; Lloyd, 2001).

Wahabiism began when Muhammad Ibnu Abd al Wahhab (who was declared as the founder of Wahabi) was faced with modernization and Western colonialism, in accordance with his environment in the 18th century in Arabia Peninsula. While the Salafi movement, generation Al-Afghani and Abduh along with their students, modernity, and the efforts to face the challenges become one of the main agenda of their thinking. The Wahabi education reform in Saudi Arabia, basically follows the Western modern education system. Saudi Wahabiism starts to adopt Western educational model, with emphasizes a disturbed religious education program, according to Wahabi interpretation alone, although they accept modern science (Panggabean & Fauzi, 2006).

This ambivalence then show its true nature when modern Western civilization start to infiltrates all life’s aspects.

The expansion of the Salafi movement, through known university campuses, where the exponents introduce executive Islam activism current, together with other distorted Islamic movements, has spread outside the university. The active members, organize religious meetings, which commonly known as halqa and daura, in mosques located in the edge of cities or villages. Concentration centers, emerge, followed by mosque building, and elite-school developments under the movements of the black flag (Hasan, 2006).

The next development of Salafi movement cannot be separated from the expansion of contemporary transnational Salafi preaching movement that aggressively campaigned Wahabism to all corner of Islam world. In its development, then this Salafi ideology is more a synthesis of Wahabiism.

The spreading of Wahabiism, has become extra vigorous. Religion literal and narrow interpretation, combined with jihad, often marks the contemporary Wahabi. Their appearance comes from radical “Islamic” movement in the Middle East that shown in 1980s and quickly developed in 1990s with the Afghanistan jihad field (1979-1989).

After Afghanistan “jihad” completed, many of the so-called “jihadi groups and mercenaries” that returned to their respective countries, began doing so-called “jihad “, domestically.

In year 1992-1997/1998 these groups got plenty of media attention in Aljazair and Egypt and called by “Arab Afghans”. The rebellion stopped with failure in 1998. Then after Al Qaeda terrorist group directed “the jihad of Afghan Alumni in Middle East” and all over the world to fight the US, in a battle on global level (Panggabean & Fauzi, 2006).

The Wahabi movement puts forward an “absolutist” (but FALSE) sharia interpretation, that wants to be upheld, using radical (and surely not holy / “green” “revolutionary”) ways. The true-Jihad, in terms of Resistance against legal and political structure, is considered NOT not to be in accordance with Wahabi ideology; …especially since TRUE-ISLAM (pure, as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has taught his people in the “Green Book”, and he has espoused in the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS, 12 JUNE 1988), as it is contained within “the Holy Quran” and Sacred Scripture, embodies the main concept of human rights and freedom, and tolerance for non-Muslims (accepting the equality principle as fellow countrymen).





see the man and woman at 01:17 – 08:30 on the meter:

Channel Update ” Mars Anomaly Research From TruthSeeker ” Debris from a lost civilization “


Man and woman on Mars pushing up on a round huge rock-like animal’s face (from above video):






So-called “Government” to postpone the vote calling for Ahmed Meitik to be “prime-minister” …
and there are voices “calling for the Allaotunai Congress to vote on extending the validity of the pagan

conference which ended, first, for another year, before there be any voting for any new  government 

“Prime Minister”, as the MB, “Justice & Construction” PARTY‘s Ahmed Meitik (nephew of criminal Abdul Rahman Sowaihilli …








A MB RAT convoy composed of 200 people who turned car shortly before the state

via the town of Misurata and Zliten go to Tripoli.

مزراته وهي في طريقها الي العاصمة المحتلة


series of 12 pictures of MITIGUA AIRBASE, TRIPOLI:

which has now been bombed, and was priorly infested with SALAFI, and supervised by Hashim humans

and Hathim Tagouris as a “reform prison”…

It was supplied with the highest Hi-tech Spy equipment and militarily equipped by Turkey and Qatar.
It was cleaned-out by the QaaQa, Lightning and 32nd Civil Brigades; but then was bombed by Turkish/French-Misurata based warcraft:







Spy war-aircraft flying to far to low altitude over the skies of the capital Tripoli.


Warplanes (bombers) roam the skies of the Libyan capital Tripoli.


“Zero hour”, on FB, continues reporting:

And backfired,
Commander of NATO’s military
Our troops will Btalaat over Libya will be prompt
We have identified military targets to hit Alaharbih groups in Libya
Where confirmed that the aircraft, which will be involved in the process

F-16 and the

(Piper PA-23-160) Apache (aircraft pictures):

and unmanned aircraft
The targets of all terrorist sites in Libya in the east, west and south
where the movement is not led by a military officer will be crushed.
(The commander of the military forces of NATO)




Now the attack on the Mitigua Airbase by a large convoy believed to be followed by Lightning Brigade. – 



la photo de Ahmed Moh.

la photo de Ahmed Moh.Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaaajl ::::
To the attention of all the comrades this page referred to below it is the preparation and follow-up Almqml Heretic excommunicating (Hashim humans).

Please precaution taken it as a breakthrough experiment Atbtaat (email?)

And admired by all of or deal with it.Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaaajl ::::


هاااااام وعاااااااجل ::::
لأنتباه جميع الرفاق هذه الصفحة المشار اليها اسفله هي من اعداد ومتابعة المقمل الزنديق التكفيري ( هاشم بشر ) يرجى أخد الحيطه حيث اتبتت التجربة إختراق ( أيميل ) كل من يعجب بها أو يتعامل معها .

هاااااام وعاااااااجل ::::لأنتباه جميع الرفاق هذه الصفحة المشار اليها اسفله هي من اعداد ومتابعة المقمل الزنديق التكفيري ( هاشم بشر ) يرجى أخد الحيطه حيث اتبتت التجربة إختراق ( أيميل ) كل من يعجب بها أو يتعامل معها .

“Zero hour”, on FB, reporting:

Self-styled Foreign Ministry at Tripoli
Announces the receipt of a telegram from the International Criminal Court is concerned with the Ministry of Justice and other internal and Talth Conference. And it says after the translation:

YOU GUYS and the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes that Tsthzv humanity and human life to safe that we have received a number of notes from a number of agencies and humanitarian organizations and reached the quorum law to open an international investigation.

We ask iof it, in the attached list annexed, to capture 73 out of 247 citizen of your citizens to arrest and interrogation.
Including 28 members of the Legislative your conference, so as to achieve them in the case filed against you as a government and legislators against them and against the defendants wanted plotting to murder a random Osthzvt cities in Libya.

Hopes the administrative board of the follow-up file in the Libyan ICC your cooperation so as not to take other aspects of the subject.

Please writers from the Interior Ministry immediately after the arrest of all those listed in the annex, including 23 officials who are directly for murder, kidnapping and outlaw groups in Resolution No. 7 in the other crimes committed in prisons.

Been assigned to an international investigation team to visit your country to find out what Cistgd in a number of issues and be present in the room and accountabilities legal investigations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs –

Organizations Department / Tripoli

ساعة الصفر

ماتسمى وزارة الخارجية :: طرابلس
تعلن تلقيها برقية من محكمة الجنايات الدولية تختص بوزارة العدل وأخرى للداخلية وتالتة للمؤتمر . وجاء فيها بعد الترجمة
تفيدكم محكمة الجنايات الدولية والتحقيق في الجرائم التي تستهذف الانسانية والحياة البشرية الامنة الي أنه تلقينا عدد من المذكرات من عدد من الهيئات والمنظمات الانسانية و وصلت الي النصاب القانون لفتح التحقيق الدولي .
عليه نطلب في القائمة المرفقة أعتقال 73 من اصل 247 مواطن من مواطنيكم للتوقيف والتحقيق معهم .
بينهم 28 عضواً من مؤتمركم التشريعي ، وذلك للتحقيق معهم في القضية المرفوعة ضدكم كحكومة وضدهم كمشرعين وضد المطلوبين كمتهمين بالتخطيط لجرائم قتل عشوائية أستهذفت مدن في ليبيا .
تأمل الهيئة الادارية المتابعة للملف الليبي في المحكمة الجنائية الدولية منكم التعاون حتى لا يأخذ الموضوع مناحي أخرى .
نرجوا كتابنا من وزارة الداخلية فور القبض على جميع المذكورين في المرفق بينهم 23 شخص هم المسؤلين بشكل مباشر عن جرائم قتل والخطف والمجموعات الخارجة عن القانون في القرار رقم 7 وفي جرائم أخرى أرتكبت في السجون .
تم تكليف فريق تحقيق دولي لزيارة بلدكم للوقوف على ما سيستجد في عدد من القضايا ويكون حاضر في المسائلات القانونية وغرف التحقيقات .
وزارة الخارجية – أدارة المنظمات / طرابلس




Yarmouk Camp/ 27

 vidéo de Samir mass.Publishing
Mqji in a video of the 27 in the clashes, which Hdtt today …
Please recognize the rat-people in the video and inform us

فيديوا للمقملين في ال27 في الاشتباكات التي حدتث اليوم…
الرجاء من يتعرف على الاشخاص اللي في الفيديو يبلغنا

Sit-ins in Tripoli now “chant ((blood we will redeem the spirit Abnghaza)) ..
اعتصامات في طرابلس الآن ” يهتفون (( بروح بالدم نفديك يابنغازي )) ..






A very important and urgent
From the leadership of the operating room and Rishvana to fighters and brave Rishvana

We know very well how much love of the homeland, which is being in Aroukkm well know Gljankm and Tlhvkm to pounce on the hour from cached land and honor.

O Heroes and Rishvana that waited to engage in this battle causes him some Dahir you in public, others can not divulge it.

Oh Strtm of history in letters of blood, the blood is the most expensive of our life and Zachrvha,,, your blood and that others considered such as water, no matter that poured,

Guys this land will not Ndkhalkm in a battle in which his sons and partner holed up in the latest types of weapons and armor wants you that you will be pedestrian Thmon those forts, either to Charkohm those forts, but then you will not find us racing against hooves Khilna as Audnakm.

O sons of the best strains that gave birth to the Arab Atcono like (donkey dynamite) the sight of God and that his story as follows:
During the jihad against Italian colonialism and when it was colonized the cultivated fields of mines so the Mujahideen initiative to send donkeys to them in those fields and found the mines explode in those donkeys and pave the way for them and so called donkeys dynamite

There Tfrashwa Earth Bojdzisadkm even Aisalo to your judgment
Either we Nada them and either do not and will not be followed by the one we are most numerous and best past and present
And that they were looking for the dignity that we lost them we kept them, and we have a lot of them.

Oh God, Oh God, I witness reached

Free on 05/20/2014
هام جدا وعاجل
من قيادة غرفة العمليات ورشفانه الى مقاتلين ورشفانة الاشاوس

أننا نعلم جيدا مقدار حب الوطن الذى يجرى في عروقكم ونعلم جيدا غليانكم وتلهفكم لساعة الانقضاض على من باعو الأرض والعرض.

يا أبطال ورشفانه أن تريثنا في الدخول في هذه المعركة له أسبابه بعضها ضاهر لكم في العلن والبعض الاخر لا يمكن البوح به .

يا من سطرتم التاريخ بأحرف من دماء , دماء هي عندنا أغلى من الحياة وزخرفها ,,, دمائكم والتي غيرنا يعتبرها مثل ماء ولا يهم أن سكبت,

يا رجال هذه الأرض لن ندخلكم في معركة وشريكنا فيها أبنائه متحصنين في أحدث أنواع المدرعات القتالية ويريدكم أن تكونوا مشاة تحمون تلك الحصون , فأما أن تشاركوهم تلك الحصون والا فلا وعندها سوف تجدوننا نسابق حوافر خيلنا كما عودناكم .

يا أبناء أفضل سلالات ما أنجبت العرب لاتكونو مثل ( حمار الديناميت ) أكرمكم الله والتي قصته كالاتي :
خلال فترة الجهاد ضد الاستعمار الإيطالي وعندما كان المستعمر يقوم يزرع حقول من الألغام فقام المجاهدين بأرسال الحمير أمامهم في تلك الحقول وأن وجدت ألغام تنفجر في تلك الحمير وتمهد الطريق لهم وبذلك سميت حمير الديناميت

فلا تفرشوا الأرض بأجسادكم حتى يصلو الى حكمكم
فأما ان نكون نداً لهم وأما فلا ولن نكون تبع لاحد نحن الأكثر عددا والأفضل ماضي وحاضرا
وأن كانوا يبحثون عن الكرامة التي فقدت منهم فنحن حافظنا عليها وعندنا منها الكثير .

اللهم بلغت اللهم فأشهد

حرر بتاريخ 20 / 5 / 2014







It is a lie and rumour: Zintan is NOT giving Saif up to the ICC or anyone…

Saif Gaddafi, left, is guarded by a Zintani fighter:


“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, comments:

(Cautious calm in control of the situation in Tripoli ..)


“Heavy rain hugging the pure land of Zintan in the suit worn by a very beautiful view of the horizon ….

not the coolest ..

We ask for the goodness of Allah and for us to benefit from the Rain, by our planting upon the earth;

and to wash the wounds of the homeland of every disease and sin ….


Amen, Lord of the Worlds, Save Libya.”


لواء القعقاع الزنتان

أمطار غزيرة تعانق أرض الزنتان الطاهرة في حلة جميلة جداً يرتديها الأفق …. منظر ولا أروع ..

نسأل الله أن تكون أمطار خير وأن ينفع الله بها الزرع والأرض ، وأن تغسل جراح الوطن من كل داء وإثم ..

وما النصر الا بقريب ..


Zintani Warriors praying:

the town of Zintan prepares to join the “fight. for dignity”.

They will join their brethern Brigades in cleaning up Tripoli and purge all Libya from Salafi terror.













“Brigade operations QaaQa,Lightning, and  32nd Civil”, reports:

Clashes between the Cyrenaica National Defence force Army and Rat MB Libya Shield 27 led “Boca Oraibi”,

in South Ajdabiya.
# (Operating room)



Find Jtttin Mudbouhh wearing military uniforms in the city of Benghazi.


Login large convoy followed by MB Boca Arab debtors to Benghazi now heavily with heavy weapons, flies and other heavy weapons and a number of MB militias call themselves “revolutionaries” city Etwaadon Militia,

seeking revenge and “punishment for Hftar“.



“Zero hour”, on FB, reports:

Said the manager of the “airport security” at “Have Built Airport”, that the troops have now made a secure International Airport in the Libyan city of Benghazi, ...as they have now joined forces with Khalifa Hftar.






From AlAlam:

A Moroccan Salafist father has taken his five kids to Syria to fight alongside al-Qaeda militants in their war against the Arab country.
Syria militants have recently published photos of Osama al-Sha’ara, athirteen-year-old Moroccan boy who is in Syria with his father and brothers to fight and overthrow Syrian government.

According to the Moroccan sources, Osama al-Sha’ara, accompanying his father, took part in clashes in the northern Moroccan city of Tangier before entering Syria.
Ahmed al-Sha’ara, Osama’s father, who was a drug smuggler, entered Syria by the help of Salafist groups via Netherlands and Turkey.

Hassan al-Haddad, a Moroccan social activist and newspaper reporter, said that numerous Moroccan children have been sent to Syria through various ways, including European countries.

The local residents say that Osama along with his father had participated in several protests in support of Salafist prisoners in Tangier.

According to the reports, 600 Moroccan militants have been killed in Syria since the conflict erupted in 2011.




Memories of Muammar and reflection on today’s happenings!

Mu questioning something
Mu cropped image
 Mu addresses from Mali
Tag Haj Hamid 26 122 013 for MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI:

Haj Ahmid intervention in a room on Paltalk Muammar al-Qathafi on Thursday, 26/12/2013الحاج حميد 26 12 2013
Message from Green Resistance operations room to all 40+ nations occupation team in Libya,
and rats representing Libya worldwide, we will hunt all of you down.
People’s Armed Forces and the Popular Guard and all the legions of security
and all the Liberal news media and all the displaced people at home and abroad ….Rajauowon and BakowoohManasr and only an hour’s patience …
# (Born Leader)
Conqueror never 4:57 Libya than five letters – artist Resistance – Part 46
de Conqueror never il ya 17 heures184 vues work lyric new professor struggling artist Resistance themed
*** Libya of 5 characters .. five Fieon envious ***
Victory Road *** part 46 Greeting to all Libyans,,, …
Room Muammar Kadhafi Aalbaltok 6:29 Wedding Almzaraa honorable greeting them
de Muammar Kadhafi room Aalbaltok il ya 10 heures12 vueshttps  /
www.facebook.com / ABO.ESA.ALSMOD



Urgent – Colonel Mansour Allowaar to channel international Libya:

There is a catch and bring released yesterday and for unknown reasons and had been circulated

to various ports and marine and land-based air in Libya against the commander of military intelligence at the level of Libya.

Meeting of the Joint Commission Libyan Supreme Algerian:

Libyan interim government – the signing of the minutes of the meeting of the Supreme Committee of the Algerian-Libyan
Today is the era of Sunday 12/29/2013 Corinthia Hotel to sign the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Higher Committee of Libya after the end of its Algerian city of Tripoli …

Today is the era of Sunday 12/29/2013 Corinthia Hotel to sign the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Higher Committee of Libya after the end of the Algerian city of Tripoli and its occurrence on the Libyan side of the record, Mr. Ali Zaidane head of the interim government and the Algerian side, Mr. Abdelmalek baskets head of the Algerian government.

as was at the conclusion of the Committee signature by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries signed two agreements on common port Ghadames Aldbdab and the Convention on the international transport of people and goods were also signed an agreement on the exchange of archives and manuscripts and historical impact of the Libyan side, the Director of the Central National Archives and Historical Studies and the Algerian side Abdul Hamid Zahir Ambassador of Algeria, Libya, and this includes the agreement for Libya to archive and historical documents to support the Libyan people of the Algerian revolution.

 Algerian Prime Minister “Abdelmalek baskets” up-and-ministerial delegation accompanying him on a visit to Tripoli, Libya

Arrived Airport Ameitikh in Tripoli this morning, Algerian Prime Minister “Abdelmalek baskets” and the ministerial delegation accompanying him on a visit to Libya, to attend the meetings of the joint higher committee Libyan Algerian cooperation, which will begin its work in Tripoli today and was greeted by Prime Minister Algerian head of the interim government, “Ali Zeidan “, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,” Mohamed Abdel Aziz, “and the defense,” Abdullah bending “oil” Abdelbari Laroussi, “and the Ambassador and members of the Embassy of Algeria, Libya.

The preparatory meeting for the meetings of the joint higher committee Libyan Algerian cooperation, has kicked off in Tripoli yesterday evening where they were at the opening session of the meeting, the division of labor between the three technical committees joint where the committee comprises of economy and investment, the following sectors: – (economy, trade, investment, agriculture Livestock and marine, financial, tax, banking, oil and gas, industry and water resources, and standards, and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, agriculture and business) – Commission on Security and Defense, and includes the following sectors: – (Interior, Defense, Customs, the Boundary Commission and Consulate) – Services Committee comprises the following sectors: – (Youth and Sports, Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, health, and electricity).

La signature du procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité suprême du algéro-libyenne

Meeting of the Joint Commission Libyan Supreme Algerian:


Head of the National Guard conference is caught ministries today ..
Shaaban called gift nicknamed between terrorists nickname “Interface Language angular”


After trapping groups for building channel Aladaah The CEO of the channel Libya National (radio) 

Tariq Hun withdrawal of police and members belonging to the Chiefs of Staff of building the channel and the evacuation of all guard and added that they addressed the chief prosecutor for their discharge of any thefts may occur, noting that a number of workers were prevented from enter the headquarters of the national radio.

Employees channel Libya National / Tripoli, abstain from work and latch on demonstrators in the capital Tripoli and they will not offer programs or direct channel presence, but achieving the demands of the demonstrators ……..

Now …

Demonstration of the Association of the affected owners in front of the National Congress now


{It} dripping it die makers —————————-
chaos Arab who grew up in the past two years, respectively, and their systems are falling, whatever denominated but season downfall has come, but died some buried and did not cry upon one or attend a funeral one,

in Egypt died group called falsely Muslim Brotherhood and Zvent long ago in the land of Egypt, which witnessed her being the first of the expelled chaos Arabs in modern history, with season passes strongly this days on Libya

and scenes of the fall of the chaos February 17 started and visible people are Libyan convinced recently that people conned helpless income in the adventure did not reap them only death and destruction and theft of his money,

the group the Brotherhood and other groups, other lives are other pre-fall and death is no longer Asafha time to do anything except to escape if managed his way and with season passes to Syria

and there performs the Syrian Arab army scorched-earth campaign to crush terrorism, which he introduced the West to Syria and left him facing the fate of death there,

and the long season Turkey also collapsed government Brotherhood, there are crimes of corruption and the anger of the Turkish people which Kafr Erdogan and his ideas diabolical and dreams of the Ottoman group Brotherhood in Porte are other on a date with a fall

and the announcement of the death, only differed season in Qatar fell Emirate in replacing white between Father client and Son client.
Hence, we know that who owns the weather told the Qataris, and not others, near the solutions.

The fall season of death, I think it wrote the script with such accuracy was able to see the end in the same precision, but ultimately were not from Sniath but it was a creature of the peoples of the coma exceeded deception to reality.

Approached to play a close,


Mu in his Library

L’athori outside the revolutionary committees


لاثوري خارج اللجان الثورية

la vidéo de Good Morning Libya Bonjour Libya.

1)Toss effective: Buy Used Cars Libyan army without undergoing a chemical examination.
2) Letter to some of whom were in opposition to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA outside Libya.

(File corruption) 28/12/2013

ارم ناجعة: شراء سيارات مستعمله للجيش الليبي بدون خضوعها لفحص كيماوي.
– رسالة ألي البعض من من كان في المعارضة لنظام القذافي خارج ليبيا .(ملف الفساد ) 28-12-2013


IF YOU RECALL, about a week ago, a house in AJEELAT  was bombed by an American Predator Drone.

The 2 Amerian men first captured nearby AJEELAT  had heavy weapons of rocket launchers,  machine guns and satellite detec devices, etc…

Their permit, only allows these men to be in TRIPOLI by the American EMBASSY and nowhere’s else.

Sovereignty in Libya Alnatoyh effect publicly

Suspicious events taking place in the banner department in Ajeelat city struggling captive Dr. Khalid Kaaam, and to the west of Tripoli, where sites circulated information about the arrest turnpike Libby four Americans in possession of automatic weapons and launchers 7 and locating devices by satellite ..

Then exposed barrier to attack four other gunmen were able to rescue two Americans, in the middle of the flight of the unmanned aircraft over the area, has been transferred Americans to Tripoli, where he speaks some of the sites for their release, without knowing the purpose of their presence in the region and their true intentions away from the eyes of authorities Libya Alnatoyh and knowledge.


Drone hovering over the sky department in Ajeelat area between the market and the new road and the lattice and the Desert at the moment

Iedkr that the voice of aviation did not stop until Sunday night, and increased immediately after the arrest of the gunmen Americans …

(Channel department in Ajeelat free FB)

City department in Ajeelat

Humming reconnaissance plane returning from a mysterious new to Heaven # department in Ajeelat, and specifically on the area of the lattice!!

[SOMETHING SMELLS VERY BAD about these two YANKS—are they causing mischief and terror by CIA state department orders?]


Video burning car customers the Americans in the city department in Ajeelat


فيديو حرق سيارة العملاء الامريكان في مدينة العجيلات

US military personnel detained in Libya are released
Four service personnel were investigating escape routes when they were briefly taken into custody, says US Defence Department official:
The US quartet was looking into escape routes around Tripoli when there was an alleged incident at a checkpoint. Photograph: Alexandre Meneghini/AP
Four US military personnel investigating potential evacuation routes in Libya were taken into custody at a checkpoint, detained briefly by the Libyan government before being released, a US official has said.

No one was injured. The military personnel were taken to the US embassy after their release, a Defence Department official said.

The four were supporting US Marines protecting the embassy, the official said. It is likely they were US special operations forces, which have been deployed to Libya.

An altercation apparently took place at a checkpoint near the town of Sabratha, the official said. Reports of gunfire could not be confirmed.

After they were detained at the checkpoint, the Americans were transferred to the ministry of the interior and held for a few hours, the official said.

The US embassy in Tripoli includes a security detail. The embassy’s personnel are restricted in their movements in Libya.

BBC Arabic channel :::
Pentagon confirms the release of the Libyan authorities about 4 Askaran Omrakin after being held for hours in the capital Tripoli.

Moved newspaper of the future stream:

Official announced in the U.S. administration that the Libyan authorities released four U.S. military personnel were detained on Friday.

The only U.S. official saying the agency “AFP” The military released the four, so two hours after the announcement by the U.S. State Department that the Libyan government arrested four of the soldiers, saying Washington continues with the authorities in Tripoli to reach a release.

The U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Bsaki said earlier: “We can emphasize that the four U.S. military personnel currently detained at the Libyan government.”

U.S. State Department did not give any details of the Pentagon or the other about the place or the circumstances of the detention of these U.S. military personnel.

The New York Times reported, citing unnamed U.S. officials, the team attached to the detainees that the security of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, and were probably in a reconnaissance mission to determine the roads of escape may be used in the future by diplomats.

Libya checkpoint

# (Born Leader)

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers

Captured Near Bomb Site

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb Site

Breaking News Libya – 27 December 2013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called AlWattayah base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders). The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words – “they came from the sea”).

The place that was hit housed Al Qaeda,  Muslim Brotherhood factions.

After the bombing, the good tribe of Ajeelat (from the town of the same name) closed the borders and captured 2 US Intelligence people from the Tripoli Embassy. They took their guns and their devices (paraphernalia that they were in possession of), their ID’s and are keeping them capture in Al Ajaylat. All attached photos were taken this afternoon of the 2 men and their ID’s.

Next there is a negotiation going on for the release of these 2 men via Muftah Al-Dawadi, who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda before the NATO invasion of Libya. Al Dawadi is to transport these 2 Americans to Abdulhakem Belhaj (you know him) who will then transport them to the US Embassy.

I don’t think that there is an American that would understand how or why Al Qaeda is negotiating for the release of US intelligence officers in Libya. How bad a person or country do you have to be to have Al Qaeda as your best friend?

Why were these men captured? They were captured because the Libyans are not having anymore US underhanded control of their country – this is the Tribes stepping up now, this is how the change is coming. There are too many questions, what were these 2 intelligence officers doing driving back to Tripoli from the location of the bombing? Were they involved in the bombing? – did they call in the strike? How many innocent people did these murderers kill today?

This all stinks and the Libyans are sick of the smell

source: libyanwarthetruth.com

Today there will be mass demonstrations after the Asr prayer in all the cities of Libya Demands
that the extension of the Conference of shame the next day after the 7-2.

Muammar al-Qathafi 27 October 2005 electric submerable cable  concept:

And continues the series of lies and misrepresentations ..

In statements to the Minister of Electricity «Ali Mahariv» said that the future of Libya in the field of electricity and promising that there are ongoing studies to link Libya to Europe via a submarine cable from Tripoli west towards Sicily, Italy ..

As you know, Mr. Minister that the linkage project between Libya and Europe began in 2005 [under the legal-accord signed between ITALY and Libya through Muammar al-Qathafi and Silvio Berlusconi],

and this study is a proposal to link the submarine cable with a length of about 500 kilometers approximately between Libya and Italy for the exchange of approximately 1,500 megawatts of power plant Bmlath was planned to be built under the plan in 2025 by the company “Terna” Italian was supposed to feed according to the study by Libya Europe and not vice versa, but because of the economic recession that swept the European continent over the past years led to a change in the data ..

With regard to the station west of Tripoli that has been achieved from this station with a capacity of about 1,400 MW, only about 5%, and it is impossible to absolutely be included in the exchange programs of electric power situation that is it .. Stop and falsely O Alavaqon ..

The news agency LIBYA
(picture of the signed Concordia between the two, then Sovereign, Nations of Italy and Libya)

Mu and Silviobreaking the chains of Afria

Italy-Libya underwater electricity link could help end power cut


By Ahmed Elumami.

Gnerator Unit for Zawia power station

New generator units for Zawia power station

Tripoli, 26 December 2013:

As part of plans to bring an end to electricity outages, Libya is looking to lay an underwater electricity cable to Sicily and link up with the Italian national grid.

Announcing the news yesterday, the Electricity Minister, Ali Maihriq, did not divulge further details. The idea of a trans-Mediterranean underwater electricity cable was first mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister Awad Al-Barasi at the Italy-Libya economic forum in January this year, where Barasi called also upon Italian companies to invest in renewable energy projects in Libya.

“Electricity in Libya has promising future,” Maihriq said, citing progress with new power plants.

Work on the Khalij site, east of Sirte, was ongoing, he said, adding that the plant was expected to start generating power in June 2014. Work had also been resumed at the West Tripoli station in Janzour, Maihriq said, which has the capacity to produce 1,400 megawatts.

To help address more immediate needs, four mobile generation units are being installed in Tripoli and Zawia which, he said, would add 550 megawatts to the network by January.

Longer term plans include a new a plant at Khoms. With the contract now signed, he said, plans are underway for construction to start in seven months.

By the end of 2014 these projects, Maihriq said, should see Libya with a surplus, rather than a shortage, of electricity.

Stop exporting oil lowers income Libya 60%
The chairman of Libya’s interim government Ali Zaidane, lower the state’s income by 60 percent,
due to suspension of the export of oil, stressing that this situation will lead to disabling the budget preparation.


Channel capital:
Security alert witnessed in the Libyan capital Tripoli.
URGENT: Guard installations threatens to cut off gas to Tripoli in a statement a short while ago.

Operations room Mermaid

Please everyone caution while driving today, especially by the coast.

Wind speed exceeded 60 miles per hour and this is enough for a coup car speed more than 100 km / h

We ask God for the safety of all ..


shrine of Sheikh Mnedr
1_9_1969 light Forever, reports:
The bombing of the shrine of Sheikh Mnedr in a cemetery in the center of Tripoli Mnedr sir.

General Electric Company deplores the attack on the unity of the Muslim Quarter Operating
And – denounced the General Electric Company criminal act carried out by an armed group of outlaws, Saturday Night Sunday, against the driver unit housing area of ​​the Muslim Quarter, which resulted in the spread terror and panic among workers, and smashed a number of windows and doors by shooting random, and tampering the contents of the unit and the theft of equipment.
The company said in a statement received by the Libyan news agency a copy of it, “while regretting the General Electric Company, the repetition of such acts irresponsible, which have increased in frequency in recent times, they would like to inform gentlemen citizens extent of the negative impact of such attacks on workers’ morale, which will reflect negatively on improving the level of performance of the public network for electricity, especially in such a critical period. “


Tripoli this morning:
A group of residents of Tripoli shut down as prime minister and a number of ministries
And – A group of citizens from the people of the city of Tripoli on Sunday morning, close the entrances to the prime minister and the ministries of foreign affairs and international cooperation, oil, finance, transportation, justice, and the Supreme Court, the Central Bank of Libya, and prevented staff from entering the premises of their work and conduct their business.
The student protestors who continue their sit-in in front of the ministries and institutions, to withdraw confidence from the interim government, and the opening of the oil fields, and out armed formations of Tripoli, and confirmed in an appeal has been distributed obtained Libyan news agency a copy of it, that the Libyans have fed a shield from the performance of the government, which failed to solve the fundamental problems that affect the security of the country national, including the blood that bleeds a day in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, and lock the oil fields and oil ports, a crisis that threatens the economy of Libya, and financial and administrative corruption, and what happens to the problems in the south of Libya, which threaten the security of Libya as a whole, and statements re-investigation into the Lockerbie case, and what will result from blackmail to Libyans.
And gave the sitters National Congress three days to withdraw confidence from the interim government, and to take strict measures to open fields and oil ports, and applies resolutions National Congress (27-53) Judges remove armed formations from the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, and emphasized in their appeal if he does not take these demands Seriously, they will raise the ceiling of their demands of Lock all vital facilities in the city of Tripoli.

Battalion rebels Tripoli
YOU GUYS battalion rebels Tripoli note that is not related to the battalion shut down ministries and declare it to the appropriateness rejected each sit-ins armed and they do not represent ethics and principles of the revolutionaries of Tripoli, and make sure bias fully street-Libi, and note for all that it claims to be from the battalion rebels of Tripoli and the bullying in front of the public institutions or overalls State is a liar in his claim and does not represent a battalion of martyrs in anythingthing!
This science.
Urgent: – starts from room coup rebels: –
Closing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation ….
And act now to lock the prime minister … The government dropped the request is …
Channel capital
News about trapping and closing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation ..

A group calling itself the “sons of Libya honorable” confirm responsibility for stopping the work of justice and foreign ministries as well as control of the headquarters of the E street corner in Tripoli.
Atmosphere of the country


Motionless, “the honorable sons of Libya,” claimed responsibility for the siege of government facilities
“Atmosphere of the country”:

A member of a motionless so-called “sons of Libya honorable” lamp scarf, mobility responsibility for stopping the work of justice and foreign ministries, in addition to control of the headquarters of the mail in Tripoli, under “our steps to bring down the peace conference and the government.”

The scarf atmosphere of the country the day Sunday, December 29th, the Post Office Building under the control of youth belonging to the now motionless without being shut inside and work was stopped work Bmgari the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs only.

He added that the group belonging to the motionless yesterday sit in front of the prime minister for three hours but could not break up the sit-in by youth movement in order not to disrupt traffic and inconvenience citizens.

A scarf that members of the movement do not follow any party, but rather “are the sons of the Libyan people and that no one adopts this movement is the point of climbing on their demands and that the movement spontaneously peacefully and renounce the use of arms.”

He added that the movement adopts certain constants,… and is not thought of or against any particular direction is peaceful and non-violent Add to emphasize that Libya is for all Libyans.


On the other hand, said scarf, that the demands of the movement is the “overthrow the government of Ali Zaidane after the spread of corruption in the country and refused to be held accountable and Extension Conference and to achieve justice and equality among the people …”

The members called on the Libyan people to participate in the movement and support, and added: “We call on all the displaced outside of Libya to return to their country and we are ready to provide them with a fair trial.”

He pointed out that there is an attempt of a number of members of the National Congress to communicate with them but they refused any negotiation before toppling the government, adding that he is currently distributing leaflets in the streets of Tripoli in order to convince people to participate in this movement.
(Image source to “the atmosphere of the country”)

Stationing of armored vehicles and heavy machinery on the island since the market Tuesday morning,

and fears in Tripoli talking about a coup against the so-called Zaidane “government”. 

Channel capital:
Urgent: –

Confirm the news :::::::
Squatting lock the doors and the Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Transportation,
demanding to bring down the government and refused to extend Conference.
And they declare their intention to close the prime minister as well.
Operations room Mermaid

LIBYA NOW Libya now:
Was closing the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Transport to put

pressure on Congress tomorrow to dismiss the government of Mr. Zaidane.
Jamal al-Haji and militias belonging to the “Friday market” surrounding the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court and the channel Libya national company Libyana
Mutalbeyen dismissal of the Prime Minister, Mr. “Ali Zaidane”.

Besieged Libyan Foreign Ministry. (4 photos)
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Of the last pure,,,,,,
The same set of coordinating political isolation of the closure of public facilities in Tripoli,,,,
From the front of the national channel Libya / Tripoli:
News Agency of Libya’s military:
The spread of the regular Libyan army units to secure vital facilities in the city of Tripoli
161 infantry battalion deployed along the airport road Insurance
127 Infantry Battalion are secured by the prime minister and the entire railway.
Tripoli: the spread of a large army on the road to the airport.
The Prime Minister has this morning commissioned by lightning battalion of the army to secure the headquarters of the Libyan Prime Minister’s Office after the Mlisheh armed Bhsarh and also have been assigned to secure some places and vital as a hotel Corinthia Airport Road until the end of the Algerian prime minister’s visit and the delegation accompanying him.(Information Office official d. Ali Zaidane prime minister of Libya.)



City five
Explosion shakes the city, “five” moments before.
Urgent …. Loud explosion shakes the city shortly before five, according to preliminary information,

the explosion targeted a house near the secondary Glory
my true super powers explosion very close to Houcna but Maarafnash Wayne exactly…

my super allegedly home to the growth of a nearby explosion, he Houcna and secondary schools

close to us Halba Lord Lester.

[U.S. DRONE??] Surman opinion and the other opinion




On 12/29/2013 at dawn on Sunday promptly at 3:00
Dawn, was monitoring foreign military aircraft carrier to the area soldiers
Ali Libyan border – south of the Tunisian Nalut distance
62 miles, in the region between the Association of Nalut and Ghadames distance
Only 8 mile, where is the flat sandy area, and there are effects
For Aitarat frequently, and on what appears to be a dirt airstrip and this is
Coordinates N30573156 E10211661
Hope Publishing and Circular and the Liberal sweep the area.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Close the road link between the capital and Gharyan
The news agency Solidarity
Forces closed cities of the Nafusa Mountains, the day Sunday, December 29th, through the link between the capital Tripoli and Gharyan.
A member of the Council of Gharyan local Mohammed decent news agency solidarity, that “the security forces for the cities of the mountain began in the morning hours to close the road link between the capital Tripoli and Gharyan on the back of the killings, kidnapping and armed robbery, which lies on the citizens by the armed gangs.”
He added that a decent “forces deployed on the road link between the capital and Gharyan did not specify the duration of the mission given time,” stressing that the mission will end with the end of all the problems and provide security on this road is vital for all citizens.
He pointed out that “the security forces and citizens to use directed by Sbaah to cross to the capital Tripoli.”
It is noteworthy that the Gharyan local council put plates on the road to traffic guidance Sbaah earlier under his supervision. It should also be noted that the local councils of the cities of Mount Nafusa decided at a previous meeting held in Gharyan on the formation of a joint security force from various cities of the Nafusa Mountains to secure the road link between the capital and Gharyan.
International Correspondent
A group of armed security committee Nafusa Mountains you close the road link between Azizia  –  Gharyan.
(Image source news agency Solidarity)
Epiphyseal Media Center
Security Committee / Gharyan
The death of a woman from the city of Gharyan last night when Autea of ​​the city of Tripoli
was going to Gharyan, and walk through the Al-Azizia and when I found the road closed
sand dunes returned to follow the path of Sbaah. Upon re-entry exposed to shooting by gunmen
was transported to the nearest hospital was Variqtha life there
and I am God and to Him we return ..


violent clashes between the Corner and now is among the Rishvana in the mil.
Youth of the globe on Facebook :::
Salah Valley receives its new headquarters office Balmih and costing the fight against crime.
Ajafarh after clashes with a group of young mil.
Specifically on the coastal road which was has closed the road now; and returns
Cars from both sides.
Toyota Hialox explosion just before the gas station after Alhachan Tobeih 800 liter petrol My force of arms.
(Channel globe)

The cause of the clashes in the area Tuibih

Salah tried to return to the valley near the former headquarters of the market foliage

and then clashes took place between him and the region’s youth.

(Channel globe on Facebook)


Zaidane is at  Tarhounah Development

“Atmosphere of the country”
A spokesman for the local council, Ahmed Tarhounah Allowaar,
that the visit of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane to the city focused on the discussion of development issues.
He Allowaar, development issues that formed the most important aspect of the visit the city because of its stability and security to qualify for the resumption of the stalled projects and launch new projects.
The access to the promises of Zaidane on the implementation of these projects, pointing out that the President of the Council demanded the government to back companies that left the city, stressing that “the Council will continue until Zaidane pledges issued in the form of resolutions.”
The head of the government has led to Zaidane’s visit on Saturday to Tarhounah which he met with the President and members of the local council and the elders and wise men of the region in the presence of members of the National Congress for the city.
(Image source page Information Office of the Prime Minister)


Yankee Drone aircraft patrolling the skies now both Surman and Sabratha and Abe Issa.

Now – Western Region
Now drone bombed region of Sabratha behind the windows shake houses arrived until steady
And reduce the plane now above the coastal areas in the western.
Still moan aircraft prowling the skies above the department in Ajeelat .. Wattayah .. Sabratha .. Tripoli ..(IF YOU RECALL, they bombed AJEELAT last week..houses were demolished!)
  •  IF YOU RECALL, about a week ago, a house in AJEELAT was bombed by an American Predator Drone.The 2 Amerian men first captured nearby AJEELAT had heavy weapons of rocket launchers, machine guns and satellite detec devices, etc…Their permit, only allows these men to be in TRIPOLI by the American EMBASSY and nowhere’s else.Sovereignty in Libya Alnatoyh effect publiclySuspicious events taking place in the banner department in Ajeelat city struggling captive Dr. Khalid Kaaam, and to the west of Tripoli, where sites circulated information about the arrest turnpike Libby four Americans in possession of automatic weapons and launchers 7 and locating devices by satellite .. Then exposed barrier to attack four other gunmen were able to rescue two Americans, in the middle of the flight of the unmanned aircraft over the area, has been transferred Americans to Tripoli, where he speaks some of the sites for their release, without knowing the purpose of their presence in the region and their true intentions away from the eyes of authorities Libya Alnatoyh and knowledge.
    (2 photos)

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
  • Aaaaaaaaagel
    Drone hovering over the sky department in Ajeelat area between the market and the new road and the lattice and the Desert at the momentIedkr that the voice of aviation did not stop until Sunday night, and increased immediately after the arrest
    of the gunmen Americans …Channel department in Ajeelat free FB

    فيديو حرق سيارة العملاء الامريكان في مدينة العجيلات

    SOMETHING SMELLS VERY BAD about these two YANKS—are they causing mischief and terror by CIA state department orders?

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs. GEAR FOUND ON THE YANKS IN AJEELAT
  •  Video burning car customers the Americans in the city department in Ajeelat
  • Humming reconnaissance plane returning from a mysterious new to Heaven # department in Ajeelat, and specifically on the area of the lattice!!

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers

Captured Near Bomb Site

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb


Breaking News Libya – 27 December 22013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called Al-Wattayah base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders) . The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words –

“they came from the sea”).

The place that was hit housed Al QaedaMuslim Brotherhood factions.

After the bombing, the good tribe of Ajeelat (from the town of the same name) closed the borders and captured 2 US Intelligence people from the Tripoli Embassy. They took their guns and their devices (paraphernalia that they were in possession of), their ID’s and are keeping them capture in Al Ajaylat. All attached photos were taken this afternoon of the 2 men and their ID’s.

Next there is a negotiation going on for the release of these 2 men via Muftah Al-Dawadi, who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda before the NATO invasion of Libya. Al Dawadi is to transport these 2 Americans to Abdulhakem Belhaj (al-Qaeda LFG GOVERNOR OF TRIPOLI) who will then transport them to the US Embassy.

I don’t think that there is an American that would understand how or why Al Qaeda is negotiating for the release of US intelligence officers in Libya. How bad a person or country do you have to be to have Al Qaeda as your best friend?

Why were these men captured? They were captured because the Libyans  are not having anymore US underhanded control of their country – this is the Tribes stepping up now, this is how the change is coming. There are too many questions, what were these 2 intelligence officers doing driving back to Tripoli from the location of the bombing? Were they involved in the bombing? – did they call in the strike? How many innocent people did these murderers kill today?

This all stinks and the Libyans are sick of the smell.

source: libyanwarthetruth.com




Misurata rebels statement on national reconciliation file and file editing prisoners.
(Initiative release / delivery of a number of detainees)



بيان ثوار مصراته بشأن ملف المصالحه الوطنية و ملف سجناء التحرير .
( مبادره إطلاق سراح/ تسليم عدد من الموقوفين )https://www.facebook.com/LibyaGoodMorning29-12-2013


The names of some of the detainees in prison Tmana Bmasratp. (4 photos)

= Logic. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ
To every honorable and good people in the cities of Misrata and in all throughout our beloved country
Mona faith in the principle of transparency … In the following short Mitaq honor knows who I am

intellectually and politically, and will abide by the Charter, which will be done during my campaign

and if I had the privilege
To be one of the members of the Committee for the sixty … And God.

Channel Misrata on Facebook:
outcome of the meeting Military Area Command of Misrata with rebels of Misurata:

1 search mechanism to resolve all Brigades Misurata and annexation of the units regular belonging to the military command.
2 search mechanism employing all belonging to the defense forces to Libya after the end of their contract, which expires at the end of December and the means to solve Shield Forces Libya Central.
3 collect all heavy weapons in the camps continued to lead the region Misurata military.
4 search mechanism commitment to all battalions, as well as how to deal with violators.
5 also discussed the meeting to resolve all of the Union rebels Misurata and the military council of Misrata and commissioning Area Command Misurata military receive all headquartered.
6 implement the provisions of the Charter honor to the people of Misratah and private items on the criminalization of curfew weapon within the city and the people of Misurata exonerate any person who carried out acts of armed police and law criminalizing arms issued by the General National Congress.
«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
“Atmosphere of the country”:
The head of institution reform and rehabilitation Tmana Issa Issa:
told  “atmosphere for the country” that the Misrata rebels would hold a press conference this evening,
in which they declare their vision in a file of justice and national reconciliation and to consider
the file of detainees after the war of liberation.
Misrata rebels: will hold a press conference this evening, in which they declare their vision in
a file of justice and national reconciliation and to consider the file of detainees after the war of liberation.

In this historic day 12/29/2013 AD I can say in all candor and confidence and joy immersive:

We won and won honorable city of Misrata on Bagitten two categories:

1 – category (Chiaa) refuses to reform and want the continuation of the situation for what it is!!

2 – category (Brotherhood) in favor of reform, provided that the production of and serves their goals

and interests and increases the number of Aakat admirers.

A tribute to the honorable city of Misrata and each of these has tremendous step in the right direction.

* Singing out of tune.

(Omar Al-qoira)
Misrata Libya



Cyrenaica militias that surround the port «Sidra» oil assess sand berms in front of the entrance to the port

and holed up behind heavy weapons and medium ..

RE-inforcements for the “People’s army of the Cyrenaica Political Bureau” coming  to protect the Oil Fields,

in consequence of the threat coming from Ali ZAIDANE and his ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD GNC  puppet NATO government again!

Armed groups in large numbers of people from the Middle Ajdabiya and Brega and Ras Lanuf and Qmins turf and are now moving to the Rouge Valley after receiving news of the convoys from the West and the preparations for a military convoy again.


Libya Channel – Libya TV channel

Cyrenaica Security prevented a delegation of civil society institutions have access to Ras Lanuf.

And – barred military force stationed in the kilometer (40) east of the city of Sirte last night, a delegation of civil society organizations in Libya from heading to Ras Lanuf, lifting the siege on the ports and oil fields, and engage in dialogue with Ibrahim Jdharan, to open these fields and ports, oil exports have been suspended for four months, causing financial losses exceeded nine billion dollars, hurting Europe severely..

It requested the force that she keep track of the province of Cyrenaica, that the delegation to go back and not to continue the march towards the city of Ras Lanuf, and apply in writing to get into the province of Cyrenaica, and coordination with its political bureau, the delegation includes notables and dignitaries of national reconciliation, and the branch of the Truth corner of the city, headed by Ayub al-Shara (chosen secretary of the Council of elders Libya and reconciliation).

The correspondent Libyan news agency “Sirte for Shara” is quoted as saying that “this delegation form at the invitation of the national initiative to talk about this subject, and at the special meeting of civil society organizations in Tripoli on 27 of this month, at the invitation of the Minister of Labour in the interim government, to go and find a mechanism to open fields oil in the Eastern Province. ”

The head of the delegation expressed surprise and displeasure of these actions that do not serve the Libyan people and national unity, and that a delegation of civil society institutions to the city of Sirte, after preventing him from completing his peaceful toward the oil fields and ports closed.


28 décembre
Urgent Valley Rouge:
Two women and a man with a delegation of olive branches in a private car to the valley Reds were greeted by Thoh defense Cyrenaica and are now on their way to the city of Ajdabiya in order to meet all of the Executive Board and head of the political _ gently .. At a time when the rest of the convoy stopped in the city of Sirte.God, I am part of Sirte and the great God Almbart just coming to the bus and said they Biatsamu peaceful in Brega .. God have 300 base car in Heisha west of Sirte and connected to God and God’s great words correctly.Port Sidra
Source: One of the leaders in the valley
(“Voice Burka”)
Issa Oraibi:
Urgent … Politburo asks convoy reunion
Visit Tawergha camp in Garyounes before
Tawergha Camp at Garyounis
“Then I will stop talking about the theft of oil ..”


Attempt to assassinate Colonel Nasser Issa Abidi
After the exit of the camp and Colonel Naasralobeidy
Is ordered Qrnadh camp and is now in the case of
Very, very serious in hospital CASABLANCA (white )..
(Issa Oraibi)



God and yes, the agent in all droopy
Oh God, I certify that I have reached ..!! =============== Sabotage is still ongoing investment projects river plain area Benghazi .. The last of these operations do a people from the project area, large farms Bgerdenh (25 kilometers south-east of Benghazi) work break deliberate Boukrsana water channel feeding the irrigation machine longitudinal (along the canal up to 2000 linear meters) and covers an area of ​​machine field 160 hectares … Flowing water of the channel at a rate of approximate 100 liters per second .. The purpose of this destruction is to direct water from the canal to his field surrounded by dirt Ptalayat ensure the survival of the water in this field is full immersion in favor of this and the desire of the spoiler .. Which means a waste of wealth of the Libyan people from the water and you can imagine 100 liters per second, and is also a cliff soil project and the demolition of the concrete channel and disrupt the operation of the machine for work because this break will not be allowed to remain water channel …….. The question that arises .. Where the Ministry of Agriculture of the destruction of one of the most important projects in the Eastern Province of grain? : Image source m. Issa Cltami.
(Khaled Jehani)
Tazrbua people threatening to close the Great Man Made River system, due to the closure of the road for them by gunmen.

Sunday afternoon was assassinated Colonel “key Hamid star” shot
Left to the head, after the unidentified car on board
Hyundai Elantra send a hail of bullets killed him by
Witnesses and mentions that the “star” former colonel external security.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel:
Galaa hospital in Benghazi receives the body of former Colonel device external security
“key star” after he was shot dead by unknown assailants:
Colonel, who was assassinated today: Mr. Star was assassinated key area of ​​Al-Salam neighborhood
market iron and not Sabri area and is a resident of Al-Salam neighborhood and note that he was
subjected to an assassination attempt on the former and survived them, but this time, God forbid, and Mashallah did ….
God bless his soul …..

Salem al-Obeidi:
Najat head sergeants “Nasser Issa al-Obeidi,” of trying to
Assassinated in front of his home district area spotted loans, after that
The unidentified targeting a hail of bullets, and mentions that
Obeidi, a men’s air defense

# (Spotted)

Special forces arrest a person does not exceed 25
Year-old, he Balrmih them driving a red Hyundai
Color, and will take the necessary actions
Special Forces arrest on illegal immigration
While stationed at different points immobilization.
Libyan Army(Salem al-Obeidi)
Salem Qnneber: Waiting for death resigned … Benghazi tell you
Voir la traduction
«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
– Here We became who we ask each other question Madaom Is there killed today .. If the answer is yes .. Re asking about the name or names of the slain .. Viote plus answer to what was accompanied by the killing of information … Clear .. Sleep .. Awakening .. The fact .. Reality .. Imagination .. What happens in Benghazi .. Why are you Taatakbon of Benghazi …
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::
Now is laying the foundation for the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi,
Benghazi Congratulations Oh …..
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Since few clashes when Tripoli Bridge and Thunderbolt forces on their way out there ………..
Sauaakm the latest news …Benghazi
Shooting heavy weapons at the moment near  the Tripoli bridge in Benghazi.
Urgent ::::::::::::::::: car from Hyundai Hoa color red has Balrmih on the bridge when the bolt forces evacuation and thankfully was arrested.
Latest News :::::::::::::
1 – Department of Galaa Hospital doctors note they stop working and that there was a problem between them
and the one person inside the hospital ……
2 – special forces arrested a number of Chadian city of Benghazi, the streets do not have papers to prove their identity ….


Special Forces Benghazi
BMW is third on the Champions Balrmih special forces at the crossroads Laithi .
The Champions Vlazt fled to deal with it and there is no human damage, thank God,
Benghazi wounded yesterday
Abduction submitted, “Ahmed believer senile,” one of the men, Major General
The first pedestrian in front of his house, by unidentified jeep
Swade color opaque glass, and no news yet attic.
Force was stationed Besimavro Libya into a hail of bullets
By gunmen from the area Laithi, and was answered sources
Fire, without causing engagement of injuries
Special forces arrest three people, Egyptians
Nationality and Libby person in possession of 150 fake passport in one
Alastaagaf points out that the Special Forces are stationed in Thunderbolt
The city of Benghazi
The arrest of a Palestinian nationality, with a bullet
Type of firearm cartridge Alkwyfah area, and to resuscitate him were to receive
Treatment and complete the necessary procedures by the competent authorities
The outbreak of an armed clash on the back of the housing area is problematic
Personal box and 31 from the region between Mshein
(Salem al-Obeidi)
According to the expectations of weather forecasts frequent and for monitoring the state of the weather today on the city of Benghazi and generation green Altakazir of runoff valleys domestic them as a result of the melting of hailstones expected to fall today, the low air which will result in rain and hail has covered the city of Benghazi since the sixth hour of Friday morning when Rainfall Rain, God willing.
According to weather forecasts, the rain will increase the abundance of today, Friday, between the hours of 10:00 pm and 18:00.
Special forces in Benghazi arrest number three people carry with them the number one hundred and fifty false passport.
And people with a car now Libby Street area and a twenty Egyptians took him to the hospital for beating by troops while trying to escape.
It also arrested the Palestinian people infected by a bullet Alkwyfah area and was taken to hospital evacuate.

Attack by the rebels room (survival Shield in Benghazi) Ali PSD Benghazi, to the release of one of the accused in the crime of bombing the gate pierces .. And the involvement of some members of Ansar al-Sharia in the attack ..

# Gate _ Libya

News confirmed .. Each assassinations that occur in the eastern region are the approval of Deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Noah (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood & LFG), one of the identified scope in the eastern region only for certain goals.

A security source confirmed the Security Directorate of Benghazi, the Directorate
Was attacked by armed gunmen affiliated with the battalion
February 17 rats of the inventory Ismail Salaabi ..
And was answered by the sources of fire rescue
And the same source said that the attack caused no casualties
, But it resulted in material losses,
It is reported that the same armed group carried out the attack yesterday on the forces of attribution and for help in the late hours of the night yesterday
Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Urgent / explosions are now Graouachtbkat Security Directorate with camp
February 17 revolutionaries room .….
There are reports saying that the clashes that occur now are clashes between forces for help and support
against the battalion on February 17 by saying that the venue and the clash near the Directorate of Road .
And reasons unknown so far ……
Reported that the clashes took place between security and Madrih Battalion 17 Ferrari.!!
(The current emphasis)
International reporter:
heavy gunfire heard near the meantime Security Directorate of Benghazi in the Hawari.
Suspicious movements of cars on the road Fjah Hawari.
Finally found the  missing body of the father of Salem demons found at Hawari cemetery
and found the company public services when they are clean and have been moved to a hospital bed in 1200 …




When Kill Men Derna honorable did not come out parents Alamuar Kharijites and Atbroo of their children, but lose to defend them and Ham are asking the people of Derna issuing a statement of who gets in the gate precise but did not come out, but who have sons in the curriculum of atonement and Nehna not liable to make any statement

because when those have them beating Vatballm as if the Resurrection has or what they say they factors in their concepts and the other something normal or sense more correct dog and grinding it Ankhalh means no Kyi in ordinary people did Kyi them

asking the people of Derna to stand with them and stood in the past and was sympathetic with them, but after that Anglbo Ali their families who Schell proximity Nehna are not pro bono on the actions of your children Wahl Derna Tgerau dose you and your children does not mean my words he the GOD IS THE GREATEST not Nehna to Anagaf with the Badru mistakes and Elly Dyer Shi begins Megih the blood of the sons of Derna and Benghazi is not responsible by anyone except the owners of this thought muddled

and Almkhmjh I carp on the Council Almtakzl and institution of civil society in issuing this statement because of Afal actions against its people, it is not us but Aesthl you say the word better, or about the gate precise film Ibadr them anything before time but the opposite respect in the passing of the gate and the testimony of Dr. Mohammed bin imagination.

The other side of the gate Quartz Is the blood of the sons of the precise and the blood of the sons of Derna
Of the children killed in the rebels and not the son of tuber tuber does not recognize it and do not support him and his family “dumb devils” to Lisu our people .. We wish him Maevala us from the killing and bombing and burning and more.


According to what was stated through the pages of Derna ..
Today in the morning lose some Kharijites to follow Sufyan Alqovernm assault on one of the doctors to take the car from him, but the doctor was Mtikdha them a Bulgarian citizenship and fled from them miraculously Faqamo broken glass of the car on the whole lose foreign doctors no request to exit the final of Derna and Turku hospital and is now present in the protection of Some young people in the door of Tobruk

and in dialogue with them not to leave the hospital but to no avail understand calling out immediately from Derna and after I come Mullah Sufian Alqovernm and with him Chiaa who Amaah such as Ibn al-Hawari and tribal and Ibn Hashim bin Fayed Mohammed carrying weapons and guarding Ali Sufyan inside.

Sufian Ali doctors and nurses and asked them to staying and told them I will give you protection but Reject, and now they Istt travel and this is what Jelbtoh us of the best O Goodenough O Massachin blood kill the victim and Ivhbo in the funeral this your deeds,

but I swear by God that we met when Ali Muqtadir will not forgive you for what Fltoh in this city, my lovers treachery O cowards and Lord takes you, right this talk from someone who works in the hospital, a dialogue with them and told them how long you happy with this case, but this young hero and told them this is what is accepted by the Islamic religion, and spoke with them for an eye strong and come out Sufyan and his inside overnight, doctors and nurses said would be futile for them to interact with them and have no place anymore.

Those Nasara but their hearts tubercle not like your heart did not leave
give Derna day since the revolution that brought us your thoughts Almkhmjh Suffice God and yes, the agent ♦

# (Born Leader)

Closure of the headquarters of the conductors, transport and civil defense headquarters tuber
Atmosphere of the country – Walid Sati
The family of the city of Derna today the closure of the headquarters of conductors, transport and civil defense headquarters in the city, claiming ownership of private land.
Spokesman for the network of institutions of civil society and its suburbs tuber Bozhb Abdul Basit said he is being investigated for ownership of the land with difficulty in the absence of competent authorities, and noted that they are going to take out the families and convince them to wait.
He explained that the earth has two warehouses someone to manage the transportation and the other to manage the civil defense and fire trucks.
It is reported that maintenance work is being carried out and the processing of civil defense headquarters, where three cars will support a number of the fire department where the city suffers from a fire truck stop said.



Four tanks stationed at the entrance to the city of Sabha island of health.


Maintenance technician suffered burns west Sabha during Mswalthm to work
Maintenance station mosque Ibn Abi Taleb area Manshiyya
And they Alpheneyen
1 – Bilal Mohamed Osman
2 – Khalid Mohammed Salem Ashmawy
Where was transferred Technical (Bilal Mohammed Osman) to Tunisia due to burns at his own expense
News Heathens
Occurrence of acute Khalafat between Tabu and Al_ak_in Libyans living in the neighborhood resulted in the killing of the Shura Hussein pen which is calculated on the Toubou Libyans after he got intense debate among themselves after the Al_ak_in assaulting a security point of belonging to a stun …
And they claim that he was dead, shot a sniper from the tribe Ozoah after he left the mosque and this is not true as they promote in their pages in terms of knowing the infidels knows that there is no mosque TPU nearby areas Ozoah
and at the same time does not clashes between the people and between Tabu
And what happened before a few of them is an attack on the central point of the army “Thunderbolt”.
Danten hit RPG next school Tariq ibn Ziyad by TabuTabu sons of the desert
Infidels now
Wounding three students from Tabu Azwaiat a sniper’s bullet during their exit from the school,
which led the death of any one of them (the student / Rami Toga) and the wounding of two of his colleagues.
Channel Tabu
Urgent killing of infidels Altbawi young man (Rami Toga) after being shot by a sniper before he left a few of Zhoyat.


Godless Mend few hours / / / /

The death of Mohammed Jadallah sweeping nicknamed (Jadallia), who was wounded by

a sniper near the Swedish island city of Kufra and radicle mentioning that Jadallah at the age of 63 years.

Arab ~
Turkish lira falling to its lowest level against the dollar historic ~

Libya went steals ..

Tunisian authorities arrest Libyans and Algerians who stole gold and smuggled from Libya to Algeria

was caught trying to smuggle gold from Libya to Algeria and the value of the smuggled gold alone is estimated at 5 billion.





 la vidéo de Urgent News of the Libyan revolution.Not only about the suffering and God … and God and yes, the agent
The problem in the mesh beheaded soldier
But Shen saw Elly Darōh “mujahideen” in the head after the cut!
Note: This soldier according to the word “mujahideen” Macanc combat troops, but troops were guarding the doors of the hospital
Not around and no power except God Almighty

المشكلة مش فى قطع رأس الجندى
لكن شاهدوا شن اللى داروه “المجاهدين “فى الرأس بعد قطعه !ملحوظة : الجندى هذا بحسب كلام “المجاهدين” ماكانش جندى قتالى و لكن كان جندى حراسة على ابواب مستشفىلا حول و لا قوة الا بالله العلى العظيم



Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::
URGENT :: sentenced to death on charges of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi conspiracy
And incitement to murder and violence
Ratios Egyptian security services that Yusuf al-Qaradawi‘s involvement directly in the recent violence witnessed by Egypt.
The Egyptian Qaltaat detective that the charges by Ashraf al-Qaradawi is not tolerated and they are great unforgivable elementary and sentenced to death al-Qaradawi.
Lawyers / front-Qaradawi great opportunity to appeal to escape the judgment and there is a great possibility to ease the verdict, but will not survive, which implicated the same with the Islamists in Sinai and Cairo and elsewhere.
If the military establishment proved any link to Al-Qaradawi in the case of the Sinai and killed military Valkarzawi executed inevitably, whatever the evidence is weak or strong.
Fathi bin Isa:
Egypt announced that a group of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood a “terrorist group” and notified the Arab countries are
signatories to the Convention on the fight against terrorism in this matter ..
They do ask them to implement this Convention (what about Libya you would withdraw from the agreement or implemented by the hand?)
Of the highlights of the contents of this Convention:
First, prevention measures:
** Prevent its territory to take the scene of planning or organizing or executing terrorist crimes or to initiate or participate in any of the pictures, including action to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements to it or set up on its territory, either individually or in groups, or receiving or harboring, training, arming or funding or provide any facilities to them.
* Strengthening the activities of the media and the security coordination with the activities of the media in each country according to its information policy, so as to detect the goals of terrorist groups and organizations and foil their plans and the extent of danger to security and stability.
* Each Contracting State shall establish a database to collect and analyze information about the elements, groups, movements and terrorist organizations, and the monitoring of developments phenomenon of terrorism, and the successful experiences in the face, and to update this information, and to provide the competent organs of the Contracting States, and to the extent permitted by the laws and procedures Interior for each state.
Second, control measures:
** Arrest the perpetrators of terrorist crimes and prosecuted in accordance with national law, or handed over in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, or bilateral agreements between the two countries requesting and the requested delivery.
* The establishment of effective cooperation between the relevant agencies and citizens to confront terrorism, including the creation of appropriate guarantees and incentives to encourage the reporting of terrorist acts, and to provide information that will help in the detection and cooperation in the arrest of the perpetrators.


 Grip of true friendship

Latest update : 2010-08-30
Libya’s Muammar al-Qathafi has called on Europe to convert to Islam during a trip to Italy Monday.

The colonel’s lucrative investments underscore Tripoli’s growing influence on Italy’s economy.

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi met close ally, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Monday to mark the second anniversary of a friendship treaty signed between his country and its former colonial power, Italy.

The flamboyant Colonel landed at Fiumicino airport on Sunday with his customary following of “amazon” female bodyguards, Arabian thoroughbreds and trademark Bedouin tent, the proposed location of which has been the subject of much debate in the Italian media.

al-Qathafi and Berlusconi are expected to share iftar, the meal breaking the days fast during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Quranic lessons

Furthermore, the Libyan leader staged a repeat of the most talked-about event of his last visit in November of last year, when 200 attractive – and somewhat bemused – women recruited by an agency were invited to a Roman villa and treated to a surprise lecture on Islam by the Libyan leader himself.

Those who had come expecting a party and lavish gifts were instead handed copies of the Holy Quran and the GREEN BOOK of al-Qathafi, as well as a 50-euro note.

This time, al-Qathafi called on Europe to convert to Islam during a lecture on Sunday to 500 young women, mainly students, who were paid 70 or 80 euros to attend his talk. The participants were also asked to dress conservatively.

While much of the programme has been kept secret, al-Qathafi and his retinue were expected to indulge in the sort of “spontaneous” walks round Rome’s city centre that so intrigued the locals the last time he was in town.

Post-colonial reconciliation

Muammar al-Qathaf’s charisma and charm have made him into something of a darling of the Italian media, to the point of obscuring the real interests that underlie his alliance with Berlusconi’s Italy.

“In the media coverage of al-Qathafi’s visits, the choreography always trumps the substance,” said Ettore Livini, a journalist at Italian daily La Repubblica, in an interview with France24.com.

Under the treaty signed two years ago in Tripoli, Italy offered a formal apology and financial compensation for the hardships suffered by Libyans during the colonial era.
In return, al-Qathafi promised to halt the waves of illegal migrants seeking to reach the Italian coast, a pledge he has so far fulfilled, said Livini.

The treaty helped change Libya’s status from pariah state to respectable partner, and gave the go-ahead to a series of bilateral investments between the two countries, the total value of which has been estimated at 40 billion euros.


Much of that money has come from none other than al-Qathafi himself. On his visit, al-Qathafi has been meeting up with Italian business leaders.

Over the past two years, the Colonel has acquired stakes in a number of strategic Italian companies, becoming the fifth-biggest shareholder on the Milan stock exchange. Libya also owns about six percent of Italy’s largest bank, Unicredit.

“al-Qathafi’s purchases have been guided by Berlusconi himself,” said La Repubblica’s Livini. “Nowhere is this more the case than with Unicredit,” he added, referring to the hugely influential bank at the heart of a tangle of shareholdings that stretch into virtually all sectors of the Italian economy.

Livini says these investments give the Libyan leader a word in the management of a whole array of companies, including Il Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading newspaper and one Berlusconi has long sought to control.

In the meantime, Italy has recovered its position as Libya’s main trade partner, while Italian firms Ansaldo and ENI have recently secured lucrative contracts to renew Libya’s transport infrastructure and exploit the country’s plentiful natural resources.

But the next step of the Berlusconi- al-Qathafi alliance, selling Italian arms to Libya, is likely to prove more controversial.

Date created : 2010-08-30

When love is love

Posted by moscarelli25 AUG 2010

It’s a love story. You cannot deny it. These are some pictures, available to all, where you can see with your eyes which rapports are between these two great minds. It is not a scandal to show love in public, it is a natural thing. And remember, “bunga-bunga” is a al-Qathafi creation, Berlusconi only adapted it.

 Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qathafi Official Visit In Rome 30 AUG 2010:

In This Photo: Silvio Berlusconi, Muammar al-qathafi
Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi shakes hands with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi during a photo exhibition at the Libyan Academy on 30 August 2010 in Rome, Italy.al-Qathafi was on an official two-day visit to Italy for talks with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The visit also marks the second anniversary of a friendship treaty between Italy and Lybia.
(29 August 2010 – Source: Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images Europe)


(picture shows Muammar al-Qathafi‘s in his Bab Aziziyah home-library on Tripoli 05 February 2005)
(Jack Guez / AFP)

LIBYA. When Gaddafi wrote to his friend Berlusconi (05 AUG. 2011)

Posted on 25-10-2011 08:30 Le Nouvel Observateur with AFP By Le Nouvel Observateur with AFP
A letter (written in Arabic) from the Libyan leader to head of the Italian government in which he asked him to “stop the bombing” was found.

The Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi wrote on 05 August 211 to his close friend, the Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, asking him to

“stop the bombings that kill our Libyan brothers and our children,”

according to a letter published Monday 24 October 2011 on the website of the magazine “Paris Match “.

“Dear Silvio (…), 

I was surprised by the attitude of a friend with whom I have sealed a treaty of friendship in favor of our two peoples. I hoped from you at least you ‘re interested in facts and that you try mediation before making your support for this war.”

“I do not blame you for what you are not liable because I know that you were not in favor of this harmful action which honors neither you nor the Italian people. But I think you still have the possibility to reverse and uphold the interests of our peoples. “

“Stop the bombings that kill our Libyan brothers and our children. Talk to your friends and allies to achieve this; and, stop this aggression against my country. I hope that Almighty God will guide you on the path for this justice. “

This letter was delivered in early August and received in Rome by the Italian authorities through a couple of Italian friends of Muammar al-Qathafi who head an Italian Hostess agency in Rome .

Early in the conflict, the Italian government, at the fore-front, which Silvio Berlusconi leads, had been very reluctant to authorise or release a edict against Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, with whom he signed in 2008 a treaty of friendship and economic cooperation.

FA former colonial power, Italy was the largest trading partner of Libya .
(Le Nouvel Observateur – AFP)


Mu loved by his people




GREAT SON writes:

Steadfastness and gun ..
O death, is not now .. Do not approach us then we
Kszna limitation may Sabra .. Outlasting .. and won while in us and for our brothers .. Covenants for Allkie .. .. It is still in our souls to the land of promises!!
Not now, my death ..
Attached to us .. Venice may Hotina .. and Otratna to all lovers of the earth … I fought with us all the evil and misfortune … Oslmtna Znadha a generous satisfied ..
Not now, my death ..
May we understand now that “equation” … (God is great) followed by (light and arguing) ..
Then Lead Follow us loves confrontation ..’s victory carries in his wedding “secret courtship”
For Allkie .. God is with us here .. Lloyd powerful God ..
Do not hold of this world .. but tons and a great .. The identity ..
Then, when victory comes .. Nslmk our souls .. “Gift!” –
صــمود و بندقية ..ليس الأن يا موت .. لا تقترب منا فإنا
قد كسزنا القيد صـبراً .. بالصمــود ..وانتصرنا حين وفينا لأخوتنا .. العهود ..أجل اللقيا .. فما زال في أرواحنا للأرض وعود !!ليس الآن يا موت ..ترفق بنا .. قد هوتنا البندقية ..وأثرتنا على كل عشاق الأرض …حاربت معنا كل شر وبلية …أسلمتنا زنادها وهي راضية سخية ..ليس الآن يا موت ..قد فهمنا الأن تلك ” المعادلة “…( الله أكبر ) تتلوها ( فاتحة ومجادلة )..
ثم الرصاص يتبعنا يهوى المنازلة ..فانتصار يحمل في عرسـه ” سر المغازلة ”
أجل اللقيا .. هنا الله معنا ..ويد الله قوية ..
لا نحمل من هذه الدنيا ..سوى وطناً عظيماً .. وهوية ..
ثم حين يأتي النصر .. نسلمك أرواحنا .. ” هدية ” !!

Dr.Yusef Shakir

The Green revolution

Mu so loved by his people



Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::

URGENT / / Head of the Department and the provisions of the law and the head of Al-Azhar scholars of Islamic jurisprudence says:

Libyan law exists and there is still in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, and not even the Taliban days.
The draconian law, which said al-Qathafi had re-discovered the law  pure Sharia, (knowingly how the days of the Caliphate were corrupt) ,and discover what al-Qathafi is just turn off the activation of sanctions was merciful to them and if the Libyan law in Egypt, or the Arab countries to any crime committed or hungry Emce in the land of the Arabs.
All reported that al-Qathafi has positive-laws (Ordinances) is unfounded as that his  “laws” are basically inherent law (as revealed in the Holy Quran) and if Libya executes man for murder until the ninth grade as exit in red signal considered baptised with the death, as willfully if he does have a driving licence, and early on, the results are already known in the law raising the argument and the green flag thing.
Libya law prohibits parties walthmtil party since the days of the Kingdom and allowed baltmatil parliamentary regions to prevent advocacy groups and interests groups on the public interest, as happened with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood alzalla waltkfreyen the outsiders that duty on every Muslim who believes in the Holy Qur’an to fight fight back and thamud the monsters in the wild with the promise and the guidance of the Prophet of the nation which is the Prophet of God; and prayers after the safety and liability the charity God inherits the Earth and everything on it.
The disruption in Libya is greater than the law and the (so-called) “Constitution”: there are groups that want to implement their necks than committed and want to zmanat for what lies ahead in Libya law exist, and want only to replace the Libya Jamahiriya, to a Republic (and I am against your “state” of Libya because it is larger than the dwarf, is the largest of Tunisia and Egypt and the Gulf States area combined with half of the groups of dwarf Libya eventually name its not called the island of Malta or Cyprus ahead.
I doubt that the label “state” is approved by the Libyans…
At the General Conference in Libya is not fit to command a squadron of pigeons,
Libya has a much higher skills do not even compare with the present country of a million Hafiz of Qur’an and five or six million,
90 million Egypt of  which a have million the laws of God kept.
مجلس الأمن / فرع ليبيا / وكالة مكافحة الجرائم:::عــــــــاجل // رئيس قسم الشريعة وأحكامها في الازهر ورئيس علماء الفقه الاسلامي يقولالقانون الليبي موجود ولا يوجد حتى في مصر او السعودية ولا حتى لدى طالبان ايام حكمهم .أطلعت على القانون الليبي الذي يقال عنه قانون القذافي لأكتشف أنها الشريعة الاسلامية القحة التي كانت ايام الخلافة وأكتشف أن ما فعله القذافي هو فقط ايقاف تفعيل العقوبات وكان رحيما بهم ولو طبق قانون الليبي في مصر او البلاد العربية لما وجدت جريمة ارتكبت او جائع يمشيء في ارض العرب .كل ما قيل عن ان القدافي لديه قوانين وضعية لا اساس له من الصحة وان القوانين هي من الشريعة في الاساس الاصيل وليبيا تعدم الانسان لأرتكابه جريمة قتل حتى من الدرجة التاسعة كالخروج في اشارة حمراء انتهت بحاذث انتهى بموت تعتبره عمد اذا كانت لديه رخصة قيادة ومطلع على القوانين ونتائج الفعل وهو ما يعرف في الشريعة برفع الحجة بالعلم بالشيء ونتائجه .ليبيا قانونها يمنع الاحزاب والثمتيل الحزبي منذ ايام المملكة و يسمح بالتمتيل البرلماني للمناطق وذلك لمنع مناصرة المجموعات ومصالح المجموعات على المصلحة العامة كما حدث مع فئة الاخوان المسلمين الظالة والتكفريين الخوارج الذي واجب شرعي على كل مسلم يؤمن بالكتاب والسنة قتالهم قتال عاد وثمود و الوحوش في البرية وذلك بوعد و وتوجيه من نبي الامة الذي لا نبي بعده صلوات الله وسلامه عليه ومن تبعه باحسان الي ان يرث الله الارض ومن عليها .

أن التعطيل في ليبيا هو أكبر من موضوع قانون ودستور هنالك جماعات تريد ان تنفذ برقابها مما اقترفت وتريد ظمانات لما هو قادم فالقانون في ليبيا موجود ولا تحتاج ليبيا الا لأستبدال الجماهيرية بالجمهورية وانا ضد كلمة دولة ليبيا لأنها اكبر من تقزم فهي اكبر من تونس ومصر مساحة وتعادل دول الخليج مجتمعة ومعهم نصف السعودية ليأتي مجموعات تقزم ليبيا في النهاية الي اسم لم تسمى به جزيرة مالطة التي امامها او قبرص التي امامنا .

أشك في ان التسمية وافق عليها الليبيين

المتواجدين في المؤتمر العام في ليبيا لا يصلح لقيادة سرب من الحمام وليبيا يوجد بها كفاءات أعلى كثيرا حتى لا مقارنة مع الموجودين بلد المليون حافظ للقران وعدد خمسة او ستة مليون 90 مليون مصر لا يوجد لدينا مليون حافظ لكتاب الله عز شأنه .

GREEN, the only way


Lavrov to discuss with Foreign Minister of Libya Russian

diplomatic presence in the country

Search and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel-Aziz, the issues of bilateral relations, including the Russian diplomatic presence in the country.

Lavrov also touched on to talk about the development of Russian citizens Alexander Hidrov and Vladimir Dolgov detainees in Libya.

The Libyan Supreme Military Court convicted in June of 2012, the citizens of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine on charges of helping the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.


Photo: © RIA Novosti

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel-Aziz


Hussein Elmessallati:

Member of the National Congress Ibrahim Ghiryani confirms that Congress will not extend its term,

but an amendment to Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration, which requires 134 voice.

# (Gate _ Libya)

Libyan interim parliament extends to the end of his term in 2014
24/12/2013, 16:13
Libya Tripoli
Photo: © AFP

General Conference decided Libyan national (interim parliament) to extend the period of its powers that are supposed to expire in February 2014 to the end of December / December 2014, as reported by the newspaper “Middle East”.

This decision parliamentarians raised a tidal wave of criticism in the country, and members of Parliament justified the decision that the talk is not about powers, but the status of a “road map” of the Parliament expires on 24 December / December 2014.

Where he told the official spokesman of the Libyan Parliament Omar Humaidan that “The vote was not on the extension of the powers, but on the” road map “which must expire on 24 December / December next year, which includes a series of laws and amendments in the constitution to improve the rule of law and legislative elections in the country. ”

On the other hand crossed many political forces have repeatedly expressed its categorical rejection of the extension of the powers of parliament.

Libya Tripoli



 Mil  today:


Tripoli’s new measures to avoid damage to the city of rain
Atmosphere of the country – Nasreen Almnquaoui

The head of the executive body, the Council of Tripoli local, Adel Abu assigned to the Council of Tripoli local and sub-assemblies taken since a period of several measures to mitigate the damage when it rains, adding that the rain the beginning of the month of December was the alarm that between how bad the network of storm water drainage in the city of Tripoli.

He Boukran for “atmosphere for the country” on Tuesday, that the solutions taken by the water company and sanitation withdraw rainwater is considered a temporary solution, not a radical solution where the fundamental problem lies in the deterioration of network storm water drainage in the city, which can not accommodate amounts of heavy rains.

He Bo assigned to the Council the fact that in cooperation with the Libyan Telephone Company hub of emergency has been linked to four major destinations by such as water, sewage, electricity, municipal guards, security and hygiene, citizens can contact the center to report any emergency situation occur perimeter Tripoli major.

You got after heavy rains, this was the situation inside the camp Tawergha:

Demonstration in the Libyan capital of Tripoli to protest against the decision of the Libyan National Congress to extend the mandate

Naima Misrati:
Tripoli 24 December 2013)
Dozens of Libyan citizens pm today (Tuesday), Algeria Square in the capital Tripoli, in protest against the decision of the National Congress to extend its mandate.
It is noteworthy that the National Congress approved on Monday a preliminary roadmap, states that mandate expires at the twenty-fourth of December 2014.
The Constitutional Declaration has set the end of the mandate of the National Conference February 7 next year, that may be completed Election Commission, which is sixty new Libyan constitution and referendum, which is not to far.
The member of gathering the people and the people of Tripoli major Jalal Bin Omran said in a statement, to the demonstration that came spontaneously, without coordination located her, explaining that the protesters unfurled the banner “No to extension of the conference.”
Bin Omran added that the protesters are also demanding for activating the constitution amended in 1963, adding that the mandate of the Conference was enough to put a new constitution. / Ts /
No extension of the field of Algeria
No extension of the field of Algeria
 Demonstration in Tripoli .. Algeria Square shortly before:
Young hoist a broom for the conference, but national:



Algeria Mandkh passed to Bring a broom to express their wrath and refusal. To Majeic meaning satisfied
with the performance of Congress and droopy!!)
Forcing someone p down by a gang in Tripoli p Jazeera interview Shell Alsreem street by gunmen were in two cars first Miche Lancer white and the other Toyota Double desert white and the problem is that people watching and AGPRO person by force of arms and the God and God p Maacol martyr and you witness GS position and I am responsible GS Aalkhbr The news of uncertain.


International channel Libya Libya International Channel

An armed group in the corner of the city shortly before the closure of the Institute of Comprehensive professions in the city due to “repeat the problems and fights and shootings in front of the institute,” as they called them, which was most recently the day before yesterday and killed a person and injured another.

Council of Ministers issued a decision which cost the Ministry of the Interior of the contract with
Company “Kpetr euros” to buy planes to extinguish the fire, and made them
The amount of “67,000,000” CCAMLR allocated to the National Safety
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Tbroora (HAIL STORM) in Abu Salim:



# Notice
Call to exercise caution and not use the bridge on Valley Balrcef Alco area and use the service road instead.
(The news agency western mountain)

F Aalghemati now in Amazigh channel says that the lock gas pipeline in the Nafusa

is an act of legitimate because their demands are legitimate constitutionalization in their own language.


Students Media Center – Media Center Student :::

Shed a tear gas canister in one of the colleges # department in Ajeelat which led to panic
in the student center, forcing the closure of the university for a week to provide security
while described by the university administration.



Heavy rain now Taathatal the area of ​​the globe





A judicial source said the beginning of the reporter in the capital city of Misrata there was no truth Atdoual of news about the release of the former mufti of Libya civil Alchuirv ..

The source added that the issue of Alchuirv still pending before the Department of Criminal Court Misrata. No one has the authority to release him if the President of the Court except through a court order by a competent court.

First Rain Drop:

Starting a campaign of tolerance in the city of Misurata (????) and the proliferation of posters and banners in the streets of the city to let Thagaafah dialogue and reconciliation and this image in Tripoli Street in Misurata in the hope that permeated all over Libya.

(Karim Forgiver)

* Singing out of tune. (YUP!)

(Omar Alqoira)
Misrata – Libya

Do not be so quick to trust murderers and traitor filthe..MISURATA’s  ALLEGIANCE STILL LIES WITH LEVY and the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD; not with the Great Jamahiriya!



International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Company “Aviation’s new” in the conduct of the Tunisian start a new air route from Sirte
to the Tunisian capital Tunis and Sfax on the sixth of January twice weekly:


Statement of the political council of the region of Cyrenaica
23 \ 12 \ 2013
Advancing the political council of the province sincere condolences to the families of all the victims and martyrs, especially the martyrs of national duty everywhere from the police and military honorable who fall victims of crimes of terrorism, so we emphasize the following:
First – We condemn the heinous crime which claimed the lives of more than a dozen of the martyrs of duty checkpoint “precise” attacks by extremists thought of treachery and unscrupulous and humanity and pray to God Almighty Aziz to heal the injured
Secondly – the political council of the province looks at what is happening now in the province of Cyrenaica with grave concern, especially after the emergence of definitive indicators for the involvement of the central authority behind the recent insecurity
Thirdly – stress as a council politician of the region of Cyrenaica insistence and determination of our fellow officers and members and recruits and civilian staff to continue sacrifices for the elevation of the country and restore security and confront the forces of extremism intellectual and arms of the central authority firmly and packaged as to ensure the homeland stability
Fourth – after raising its population province of Cyrenaica their legitimate demands in the meetings of Ajdabiya and Conference Tobruk and conferences Alkwyfah the first and the second showed the government’s new approach and unequivocal in spreading discord and create crises and fueling internal conflicts in the province of Cyrenaica trying to blow up tribal conflicts and unrest, security as well as through inter threats and most recently the threat of Libyan Oil Minister to use force against the population of the province of Cyrenaica
Fifthly – denounces the political council of the region of Cyrenaica under the collusion of the central authority and its inability to protect civilians and state institutions to attack the houses and terrorize families safe and burned and vandalized property in the city of Ajdabiya, and that any attempt to attack the sanctity of housing, women and children work objectionable and reprehensible religiously and customary and morally and socially among all the tribes of Cyrenaica multiple.

Agency urgently Libya / Photo of the day
Defence Force tenderly deploy troops along the coast of Crescent oil
in case of any sudden attack of battalions of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane deployed in Tripoli and Misrata.
Photo / Abdul Wahid Qdereboh –


The ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD is again forcing the Interruption of the communications network Libyana and orbit in Ajdabiya, after what Rhode information about the presence of MB planting bombs that will be detonated inside Al-medinho today. 

So far, found one in a car …. Brotherhood is against the members of the Revolutionary Committees (and this is who they are tageting) and now also has been outsourcing military engineering team Ajdabiya.
(PICTURE SHOWS LIBYANS protecting a “Revolutionary Committee Member” who was attacked by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood)

………. Urgent …….
In the meantime, was found dead a young man from the Tabu was killed at the gate of the dam
(Hawary) by renegades from armed militias after leaving the Army National gate for them .
Agence France-Presse: at least eight dead in armed tribal conflicts between Tabu and Azwaip since Friday in Libya ..
Announced several sources told AFP Monday killed at least eight people in armed clashes between tribes and Tabu Azwaip began Friday in the eastern and south-eastern Libya ..
Three people were killed and five others were wounded, at least in the city of Ajdabiya on Sunday night during an exchange of fire because of the conflict between the two tribes ..
A local source in the city said that the armed conflict between Tabu and Azwaip erupted Saturday in the city of Ajdabiya because of the killing of five members of the battalion in the army loyal to the tribe in recent clashes Friday in the bed area of ​​oil “, which lies 600 km south-west of Benghazi.
The source explained that “five of the 427 Battalion of the Army, which consists of most of the members of the tribe were killed Friday in a Azwaip bed area of ​​oil in clashes with Ahmed Sharif battalion of the Ministry of Defense, which consists of all members of the Tabu.”
He noted that “the clashes broke out because of a conflict of assignments between the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff of both battalions secured Great Manmade River basin of water in the bed area of ​​agricultural fields and bed and petroleum torch.”
The Great Manmade River project is the sole provider of Libyans of fresh water in addition to a number of seawater desalination plants in coastal cities.
The conflict between these two tribes is historical and peaked in 2011, and through frequent bloody clashes in the city of Kufra border with Chad, Sudan and claimed the lives of dozens of parties ..
Vigil for women Ajdabiya component Tabu against those who have attacked the unsuspecting residents of Tabu in Ajdabiya:

Salem al-Obeidi:

Kidnapping of both the citizen “Shaglouf friend” and “Mari
Shaglouf “, and they are on the road between the godless and Tazerbo, and
Tabu accuse their loved ones abducted.

Media Muhammad Ghiryani | |:
In a telephone conversation with Isa Abdul Majid
He told me:
I have only the government 72 hours to take out the kidnappers of Tabu, otherwise we will use force.

# Godless

Adjective Chiefs of Staff, in a statement, the Martyrs Battalion of Duty
Qdo 427 who died, by the outbreak of an armed clash field
Bed between them and the battalion Ahmed Sharif.


The beginning of the gathering of young demonstrators now … In front of Qasr al-Manar in Benghazi

In front of Qasr al-Manar in Benghazi:

Demonstration now in the field of tree Benghazi rejects extension of the National Conference.

Journalist Hussein Elmessallati:
Today and stopped to reject the extension at 4 lighthouse in front of Palace Square in Benghazi,
A copy of the Benghazi demonstration against the extension “Fallit squirt National Congress:
 Fadelullah bujwary
Benghazi … Palace lighthouse .. Assault anonymous on peaceful demonstrators calling for Congress not to extend.Agency urgently Libya / fire on a demonstration of Benghazi and hurled stones
According to preliminary information a little while ago that the demonstrators who refused to extend the term of the National Congress in Benghazi had been in front of Qasr al-Manar downtown pelted with stones from the top of one of the buildings, then there was a shooting, which spoiled the demonstration
Benghazi … Palace lighthouse .. Assault anonymous on peaceful demonstrators calling for Congress not to extend:
Demonstration by Beida against the extension and support of the Benghazi ..:
Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Jump to mercy advisor “Yusuf al-Obeidi,” hours before
From now, his wounds at a hospital in the city of Benghazi, after
That the city of Derna was targeted for some time, as he left prayers
Dawn, and first aid and have been transferred to Benghazi to fry treatment.

The outcome of the actions of Altkvrien and supporters of the law yesterday, 23/12/2013

1 – kidnapping Atef Idriss key whale of commandos and carrying a weapon so far did not return
2 – The assassination of Mr. / Rizk al-Obeidi, a member of the SS and is now in hospital in critical condition
3 – Jump to mercy advisor “Yusuf al-Obeidi,” hours before
From now, his wounds at a hospital in the city of Benghazi, after
That was targeted as he left a prayer
4 – targeting a police station Rulrhh homemade improvised explosive device
Type “Gelatinyh”
5 – The red Jeep shooting Ali Bawwabat army in the area of ​​Tol near Benghazi
6 – find someone chucked shot Quiche region and is now in hospital
7 – burning home area Quiche old now because of the killing of one of their children
8 – a violent incident by way of a bridge to Tripoli Lancer by 4 young and one of them died and the other Ngoh miraculously cause of the accident and that the car was speeding and went out of the way to the pier, which led to the coup …….
9 – steal the amount of twenty thousand dinars from people in the Hawari near the gates of the supporters of Sharia

(News Agency of Libya today)


yesterday we read:
Cautionary bombing affects replace “Nadia Lamama” for the sale of gifts and
Book women’s teams area parks in Benghazi, after
The anonymous throwing Rommaneh near the door of the shop and did not result in
Blast injuries considerable material:

(Salem al-Obeidi)
and today again we read:

Navy special forces, “Marine Corps”
Morning at seven o’clock and when roaming members of the investigation, “Marine Corps” in the area of ​​the gardens were stopped by one of the citizens who are only tip about a strange near one of the cafes, and when it is members of the Marine Corps has been found “bomb” before one of the shops gardens have been contacted b explosives expert who in the moments he was in the same place and the dismantling of that bomb, which weighs 800 grams and when asked about the owner of the shop was a need to know “Nadia Lamama” dubbed “Star” ..


Car by unknown assailants who Balrmih center Ddina area in the southwest of the city of Benghazi
and fled Tlaz and thankfully there were no injuries …..
Citing sources now: archery, which is Tzmonha Shooting center Fwyhat from a distance …….
Benghazi Medical Center
# Assassination of a soldier of the Thunderbolt name in favor of Alakora bullets of treachery Today
(# Gate _ Libya)
.. Stun Benghazi
White Ford car ever made Balrmih randomized to immobilization of the police street Venice and Adhu to escape, but was prosecuted, the driver returned from the factory through the brushes where there has to surround and arrest him and discovered he was not alone in the car with him, but a woman ……
Thank God there was no injuries as a result flinging Ashoi …

Crying a gate precise military men with great sadness
A weeping soldiers precise gate after losing his comrades in the suicide operation .. Please listen ..
بكاء أحد جنود بوابة برسس بعد فقدانه لرفاقه في العملية الانتحارية .. الرجاء الاستماع ..

Agency urgently Libya / military official confirms the total number of victims of the gate precise
Received by the agency urgently to Libya shortly before a phone call from a senior military official in Benghazi, “who asked not to be named,” where, provided us with the final outcome to the martyrs of the suicide bombings that targeted the precise gate and came two days before the statistical follows:
Galaa Hospital:
1 – Nasser Ibrahim Ali “intensive care”
2 – Ahmad key Clmana “intensive care”
3 – Ayman Younis key “intensive care”
Hospital 1200:
The remains of five unidentified
Hospital Prairie:
1 – Abdullah Cagher Dinala – shreds
2 – Mohammed valid key – the remains of
3 – Adel Ali Saleh Saaiti – shreds
4 – Mohammed Hamad Salem – stable condition
5 – Nasser Mohammed Hadi – stable condition
6 – Ibrahim Mohammed Jibril Clmana “intensive care”
7 – Saleh Mohammed Jibril Clmana “intensive care”
8 – Sadiq Jalal – out
9 – Faraj Oqaam – out
Note: This statistic is recorded immediately after the blast
Arrested Arharbi probably has to do with blowing up the gate precise.
Decker, where a witness said a black car type range was behind the car bomb, which led the suicide bomber, and then.
Got out of the car and spoke with the bomber before the blast moments.
She returned the car Alranj toward Benghazi.
Where Dkrt investigations Thunderbolt this topic that the car had Balrmih Ali commandos. In the previous days.
Today, this topic appeared the car back in the Albacore after receiving information from the Champions CID Abanha heading to a place unknown,
It has tried to security men at the gate Albacore shut off but to no avail Votalego the lead, Vtakbha men CID Vhasrōha for a full hour to be handed himself wounded in the shoulder. Undergoing treatment to begin investigations.
(News Agency of Libya today)
Picture of a car bombing in the gardens of Benghazi
Atef Shelmani
Now a car bombing in the area near the Almajora
Clinic elite was on board the car the son of a colonel
B Marine Colonel Khaled Alecere was transferred to

Said Director of the Office of Information Fadia Albergthe Galaa Hospital said the hospital received
this afternoon Awami Khalid Rafi, 23-year-old injured in the blast, which occurred near the hospital in critical
condition, although elite and may amputated leg.
For (Khalid Rafi Alecere Awami) Alaqidraf Awami son who Fjrolh his car yesterday, it was one of his legs, but overall good condition and has his mother and sisters and neighbors to visit him and is now in Galaa Hospital and his condition is considered good ..

The fall of the two cars in the area Louhichi in one of the pits!!!




Gas exthortionists: 25 Dinars per cylendar!!



Back to Ubari communications after a break of four days, after that
The unidentified stealing electrical transformer that feeds the network
In the area of Sergeant


Agency news – Gallo – Correspondent

Libyan army officers received Bjalo Brigades of seven citizens from the border area Tazerbo been reported losing contact with them two days ago.
And according to a source familiar with Gallo in the process of assuming that the missing persons by the Libyan army took place in the presence of the agricultural project bed notables and dignitaries and members of the local council Gallo.
According to a battalion commander and Colonel Poll “Abdul Salam Haddad,” that the missing persons were transferred immediately to the city Tazerbo where their families waiting for them and their families.
It is noteworthy that the people of Gallo intervened to evacuate several families of agricultural workers by the bed and stuck there because of the recent clashes and to return them to their families in the Eastern Province after coordination with the
Saraya border.


Agency urgently Libya / assault on an officer stealing his car Heathens
# Heathens
Said the spokesman for the local council infidels “Mustafa Ocala” for “atmosphere for the country,”
injuring a soldier from the special forces and civilians in clashes between special forces and militants in Kufra.
Attempt to seize the car, “Mohammed Merhi Tuberculoid”, a
Men Special Forces “Thunderbolt” near the Swedish island
Infidels, and was injured on the track “Tuberculoid” a bullet in the treacherous
Pelvis, hands on outlaws affiliated with the tribe
Tabu, godless city and experiencing great tension and security alert and Mnashaot
From time to time, also injured citizens of the city after the godless
Exposed to a hail of bullets random.
Quoting \ Tabu sons of the desert:
Burning cars for criminals interested in torturing and killing young F Tuka Altbawi …
Provided the gangs in the beginning and then returned to the fire on the elements of the national army and Almugodbn the points of contact where interested gangs Azwaiat usual elements of the army abandoned and not to stand on their side and support them and that they are protecting the Tabu, which resulted in a dispute between them and the national army and resulted in resulted in the injury of a member of the Thunderbolt soldier Mari Tuberculoid said to be from the city of Benghazi.
“Thunderbolt” withdraw from all points of the petition by the city of Kufra and burglary of homes and cars Swedish region amounted to 5 cars and rebels declare state of high alert in the city.
(Salem al-Obeidi)
According to the spokesman of the local council of Kufra armed group that carried out the attack on
the home provider pilot “Fathi Abdel-Salam Abdullah Fazzani” in Kufra new,
and they beat him and steal his car by force of arms.


Station electric bed back to work

 Reporter “atmosphere for the country”: the return of the bed gas station attendant to generate electricity to their jobs after securing the police station by electric bed area.
The director of the station electric bed, Hashim al-Maliki, the return of the station to work on Tuesday, after police secured by electrical area.
“The al-Maliki” for “atmosphere for the country” back to the station to support the public network at half capacity estimated at 250 MW currently, pointing out that it will return to full production within ten days, and assured that the security situation is now stable region of the bed.
It is noteworthy that the station had been closed by its staff due to clashes in the bed area last Friday between the battalion and the battalion Sharif Ahmed 427.
(Abdul Hameed to Aperc)
The education sector infidels
Urgent .. To the attention of students and parents: Because of the security situation in Kufra evening and after coordination with the Ministry of Education and Yaltalim said Mr. Abdullah Mustafa Officer Education infidels that the study stopped for tomorrow Wednesday only to resume classes next Thursday with the help of God in order to receive examination schedules.


05 FEBRUARY 2011:


by the People’s Minister of Information JR

Hajj Malcolm Shabazz spoke at a historic Pan-Afrikan conference called by the president of the African Union and the leader of the Libyan Revolution Muamar Qadafi in Tripoli, Libya, from Jan. 15-17, 2011. This photo was taken on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the late great Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. Hajj Malcolm, who spoke about his grandfather’s connection to the Organization of African Unity and his connection to the African Union, and President Qadafi were the only two people given a standing ovation for their speeches that day. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

I was extremely humbled and honored to be invited to participate in the historic Conference of African Migrants in Europe held from Jan. 15-17 in Tripoli, Libya, the Great Jamahiriya (People’s government). My comrades and I were invited by international peace activist Cynthia McKinney, former presidential candidate and former congresswoman, to be a part of her delegation, which included Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of the late great Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik Shabazz) and former SF Bay View writer Ra’Shida.

Panels and many different speakers focused on issues that were pertinent to furthering a positive relationship between Africans on the continent with those in the diaspora. Some of the topics that stuck out to me were women having a voice, the brain drain on the continent, religious tolerance, and forging a strong connection, whether Africans want to come back to Africa or remain in the diaspora.

The first myth that was dispelled as soon as I got there was that continental Africans did not want us to come back or did not like us. The ones who live on the continent that we met were working towards realizing the dream of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Seku Ture, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz aka Malcolm X, and Muamar Qadafi of uniting Africa into the United States of Africa, a true African union that would serve Africans on the continent and abroad; they loved us. Every breakfast, lunch and dinner were filled with discussions about politics, business and networking.

Minister of Information JR, Samia Nkrumah, daughter of the great Pan Africanist Kwame Nkrumah and member of parliament in Ghana, Ra’Shida and Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of the late great Hajj Malik El Shabazz aka Malcolm X, were all participants at a Pan Afrikan conference in Libya that joined Africans from the diaspora and the continent together to talk about how to better work together. It was held Jan. 15-17, 2011, in Tripoli. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

I salute the intention, the plan, and the time and energy of African people worldwide who are contributing to the multi-faceted work of uniting our people internationally into a reputable force where we have the power to determine the outcome of our lives, land and resources. I salute the conveners of the conference which made this possible for me to see.

It was another example of how the international corporate news keeps the world in the dark when it comes to the accomplishments of Black people worldwide.

The conference was a three-day event where we listened to speakers who consisted of academics, international and national African leaders from around the world, religious leaders, traditional kings and queens of Africa, sultans and regular people who were participants. We met the daughter of the late great Kwame Nkrumah, Samia Nkrumah, who is a Pan African politician in her own right. We met the son of the late great Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, Roland Lumumba.

We listened to African women who fight for women’s rights and against traditional practices that violate the rights of women. We listened to various speakers who spoke on Islamic law, religious tolerance and other issues pertinent to the politics of African people on the planet. We met ambassadors from African countries and politicians from various countries. Some had ideas similar to the Pan Africanist views of Kwame Nkrumah and Seku Ture; some differed greatly.

Roland Lumumba (left), the son of the late great Patrice Lumumba, was one of the participants at the historic Pan-African conference, along with hundreds of other Africans from the continent and from around the diaspora. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

The highlight of the conference for me was when the delegations from the diaspora were asked to submit delegates from their respective regions who would act as an advisory committee to the African Union when dealing with the diaspora in those particular regions or on issues that affect African people globally. Hajj Malcolm Shabazz was picked to sit on this committee and Ra’Shida was selected to be a sub.

Other highlights of the conference were listening to the panel that Cynthia McKinney hosted, which was the only panel led by a woman during the conference, as well as listening to the speech of Hajj Malcolm Shabazz who spoke at a televised event during the conference in front of Qadafi and was the only speaker of approximately 20 other speakers, besides Qadafi himself, who was given a standing ovation.

During the conference, we learned about the Green Book, the theoretical philosophy guiding Libya, written by the leader of their revolution and president of the African Union, M. Qadafi. Some of the ideas that I have read up to this point are brilliant and deserve further study and discussion within our communities – similar to how the Panthers made the Red Book essential study for the political scientists of our communities.

The King of Burkina Faso was blinging to the utmost at a Pan Afrikan conference that was convened in Tripoli, Libya, by President Muamar Quadafi of the Jamiriya of Libya and of the African Union. A number of kings, queens, sultans and princesses represented their respective territories in Africa attended this conference. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

In terms of seeing Tripoli, we went to the Old Country of Tripoli, where we saw the Al Saraya, which is the piece of an American ship mast that was destroyed by the Libyan navy, which is hoisted on top of a building. We also saw the wall that the Roman Empire’s Marcus Aurelius built around Old Tripoli, which is close to the Mediterranean and surrounded by a harsh desert.

We learned that alcohol is illegal and that there are not any public Western dance clubs in this Islamic country. Our guide told us about how most essential goods are subsidized, especially gasoline, in this petroleum rich nation. A car that would easily have taken 32.78€ to fill up cost around 7.28€ to top off. We saw a few malls in passing, but we shopped mainly in the open-air market that was close to the hotel we stayed in. We were hesitant to venture off to far, be it that we did not speak much Arabic and we were without a car. In the streets we noticed that the closer it got to the evening, the fewer Libyan women we would see in public on any given day that we left the hotel. I don’t know why, but I chalked it up to being a cultural thing.

Overall traveling to Tripoli, Libya, Africa, for the first time was a humbling experience in itself, and to participate in such a historic conference just put the icing on the cake. I’m even more dedicated now to getting our people better organized for power in our countries and communities in Africa, and all around the planet. I cannot fully put into words the way that this experience has affected me spiritually, politically and in many other ways. The only thing I can say is that I think all Black people should travel to Africa, the Motherland, at least once in their life if possible.


Photos de ‎علي سالم الورفلي‎ · Journal de ‎علي سالم الورفلي‎

Photos de Ali Salem Warfali · Journal de Ali Salem Warfali

Sorry sovereignty brother Hassan Nasrallah ..

Although we are all in favor of Hezbollah position on the direction of the brave Syrian crisis ..

And his eldest Kdalk to support the Palestinian cause and anti-Israel ..

But we do not forget that you Snaftm one of the enemies of the Libyans .. One involved in the bloodshed and the destruction of Libya and support Jardan and Oukovkm side of colonialism and its customers .. It is designated by the terrorists in Syria are the same religion and Oaidthm supported them and said they were rebels in Libya .. We will not forget your statements shameful our direction and the direction of our leader .. Whatever your problems personal with our system or our leader problems may eat forever by drinking leopards does not mean that Thaspoa of millions of Muslims, millions of oppressed Sorry ya need peace and freedom will not tell you anything and will not Achtmkm to you our brothers in God and our ally against Israel, and before that you will be Kdalk we are all Muslims .. But I will tell you and each of Samakm two words of every Libyan and Libyan and oppressed and martyrs and prisoners and displaced and wounded and deceased, “God is enough, and yes, the agent” ..

. “End point”.



Car bomb kills 14 in Egypt;

cabinet declares Muslim Brotherhood a

‘terrorist organization

12/24/2013 05:02
Egypt .. 14 dead and 200 wounded in the MB bombing of the Security Directorate of Dakahlia
Car bombs used in the attack, and among the wounded security director Dakahlia.

Attack targets police compound in city of Mansoura north of Cairo; government says blast won’t derail political transition.

 Arabic channel Al Arabiya:
Egyptian TV: Beblawi Baaln the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood a terrorist organization:

Egyptian Cabinet declares that the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, a terrorist group. And that all of raising the slogan of this topic is a terrorist group
After confirming that the Brotherhood behind the bombing of a building Dakahlia police has been arrested some of the elements, and now broadcast their pictures on the channel axis

CAIRO – A car bomb tore through a police compound in Egypt’s Nile Delta on Tuesday, killing 13 people and wounding more than 130, security officials said, in one of the deadliest attacks since the army deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July.

The army-backed government vowed to fight “black terrorism”, saying the blast an hour after midnight in the city of Mansoura north of Cairo would not derail a political transition plan whose next step is a January referendum on a new constitution.

The attack prompted a cabinet statement declaring Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization”, though a state news agency report did not explicitly accuse the group of staging the attack. Morsi’s group condemned the bombing.

With at least eight policemen among the dead, the blast underlined the risk of militancy moving to the densely populated Nile Valley from the Sinai Peninsula, where attacks have killed some 200 members of the security forces since Morsi’s downfall.

“We face an enemy that has no religion or nation,” Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, the survivor of an assassination attempt in Cairo in September, said at the scene of the blast.


The army said a car bomb had been used in what it called a “vile terrorist attack,” while the presidency said such attacks “only increase the state’s determination to uproot terrorism.”

Police “combat units” would deploy across the country with orders to use live ammunition, state TV reported.

Egypt has suffered the deadliest internal strife in its modern history since the army deposed Morsi, the nation’s first freely elected leader, on July 3 after big protests against him.

The security forces killed hundreds of his supporters as part of a campaign to repress his Muslim Brotherhood, while lethal attacks on the security forces have become commonplace.

Some analysts say Egypt could face a sustained Islamist insurrection, a risk compounded by a flood of weapons smuggled out of neighboring Libya since the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi began there almost three years ago.

In a statement from its London media office, the Brotherhood condemned the blast as “an attack on the unity of the Egyptian people”.


The state has outlawed the Brotherhood and driven it underground, jailing thousands of its supporters and accusing the group of turning to violence, a charge it denies.

The Sinai Peninsula, which borders Israel and the Gaza Strip to the east, has been the site of most of the major attacks since Morsi’s ouster: a car bomb killed 10 soldiers there in November, and 24 policemen died in an August ambush.

Many of the Sinai attacks, as well as the failed attempt on the life of Ibrahim, the interior minister, have been claimed by a group called Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem).

There have also been lethal attacks on security forces in the Nile Delta, though nothing on the scale of Tuesday’s blast.

“An attack of this type has the effect of intimidating people and discouraging them from taking part in the (constitutional) referendum,” said Mustapha Kamel Al-Sayid, a professor of political science at Cairo University.

Ibrahim described the car bombing as an attempt to terrorize citizens before the mid-January vote, which is to be followed by presidential and parliamentary elections next year. He said the security forces would fully secure the referendum.

State television showed the bombed police compound with shattered windows and one wall partially collapsed. A bulldozer was removing rubble in the street outside. Residents rushed to hospitals to check on the casualties. Egypt’s Nile News TV broadcast late-night appeals for blood donations.

Mansoura has been the scene of other attacks since Morsi’s removal. Five policemen were wounded in July by an explosive device thrown at a police station. In October, three policemen were killed when masked men attacked a checkpoint in the city.

Last week state prosecutors ordered Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders to stand trial on charges including scheming with foreign militants to carry out terrorist attacks in Egypt.

The Brotherhood described those charges as risible.


A story on the Blaze reports:

“Al Jazeera’s blog posted a story Monday featuring tweets from the Director of Research at the Brookings Center in Doha, Qatar, who reported that an Egyptian newspaper’s front page story claimed President Barack Obama is a member of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

I for one believe it. Why? Because Hillary Clinton [with US STATE ownership of the Qatari NEWS channel] ‘said so’. (PLEASE LAUGH!!)

“Viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it’s real news,” Clinton said. “You may not agree with it, but you feel like you’re getting real news around the clock…” (Hmmm–all Western Propaganda, you mean!—THIS IS TOO HILARIOUS !!)

The report continued:

“And if that weren’t enough, the newspaper also claims that President Obama’s half-brother Malik is allegedly an Al Qaeda activist. It further alleges that the son of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater had threatened to expose a document revealing the secret membership.”


May this miracle inspire all good mankind…

Blessings of this Blessed Event be upon you all…