another promising Weekend

Mu immortal

blessed Mu

‘Zero hour’, prints out for us:

In the name of Allah the Merciful, Rahman Quran creation science
Human knowledge of the statement sun and the moon
Punctual and Asadjadan star and the trees and the sky lifted and put
Libra not transgress in the balance And establish weight with justice and
Lose the balance and the earth, and put them to sleep
Fruit and palm trees with sleeves and a love brainstorming
Basil and what Allah Lord Tkzban of the creation of man
Kalfajar clay and create Elves from smokeless fire what Allah
Lord Tkzban Lord Almcherqin Lord Amorbin what Allah
Lord Tkzban Marj Bahrain meet isthmus between them.

do not
Transgress what Allah Lord Tkzban come out of them Pearl
Coral and what Allah Lord Tkzban has neighboring facilities
In the sea such as media what Allah Lord Tkzban all of them
It remains the face of thy Lord glory and honor what Allah
Lord Tkzban ask him in the heavens and the earth every day is

Regarding what Allah Lord Tkzban Snfrg you,
al-Thaglan what Allah Lord Tkzban O jinn and mankind.
That it can be Tnfzu of the heavens and the earth does not Fanfzu.
Only with authority of Tnfdhun, what Allah Lord Tkzban sends both of you Hoaz of fire and brass do not Tantsran what Allah Erbakan

If the sky was split father and his reply in what
Allah Lord Tkzban day their excuses will not ask about the guilt of not Forget Jean what Allah Lord Tkzban known criminals
Besimahm Viwkz Balnoasi and feet what Allah Erbakan
Tkzban this hell that is lying criminals roam
Between them,

and the intimate Ann what Allah Lord Tkzban and those who fear
Shrine Rabbo two committees what Allah Lord Tkzban instrumental
Afnan what Allah Lord Tkzban two eyes
They are engaged in what Allah Lord Tkzban two of each
Fruit couple what Allah Lord Tkzban Reclining on the brushes
Btainha of brocade, and reap the gardens Dan, what Allah Erbakan
Tkzban therein, underage party. Atmthn not Forget them not
Jean, what Allah Lord Tkzban, if they are rubies,
Coral; and what Allah Lord Tkzban Is reward for good only

what Allah Lord Tkzban Without them
Two committees what Allah Lord Tkzban Mayoramtan what Allah
Lord Tkzban two eyes Ndhakhtan what Allah Erbakan
Tkzban in which fruit and palm trees and pomegranates what Allah Erbakan
Tkzban bounties therein what Allah Hassan Rbakma
Tkzban Hur booths in tents what Allah Erbakan
Tkzban not Atmthn. Jean Forget them not what Allah Erbakan
Tkzban Reclining on green cushions and a genius in what Hassan
Allah Lord Tkzban Blessed Lord, a glorious name
And honor.

Mu leads the end-times procession

Knight Libyan:
Twenty ten
Over the two months of the steadfastness of the city before they open paradise doors to the constellation of knights who returned the Memory of the World meanings of courage and heroism and foot .. from number two in the first ten prayed guys prophets and saints Baron Baksmanm and al-Movon Bahdhm Dawn depositors prayers ligament of the right and the mode of contract and the title of glory and exchanged greetings on the cusp life of the world where the angels are lined up to greet them. And where their home is decorated with medals on his chest. And where the nation show off in front of them all the nations ..

It was all the world awaits .. and all the satellites watching .. and all the demons of mankind and the jinn waiting vehicle seventy procession and two hundred Faris led by a man the size of a nation to write their new Badra ..

there are only scene was informed of the description .. and greater voice of the evil crows right .. and wedding home as no eye has seen, no ear has heard and glory .. bend bow .. and the earth sprout .. pride and pride and dignity .. raining while the bullets of treachery penetrate the breasts Vthilha perfume Qudsayya astonish the universe.

And provokes clerks history. Flags and inspire literature and thought. And baffle Almertgevin languishing behind delusion screens. Salons and falsehood. The protestors rope devil ..

From there will go through generations holy anger to receive the flag and complement the march .. and there will be a beacon of researchers on the path of conquest described ..

It is there will be zero end of the party of Satan and zero beginning of another era inflame emotions and dazzling sight and gives tidings of joy and victory for the patient unsure Althabuthain on Okhaddarham banner and a book and a way .


“all subsequent events indicate that the Libyan people no longer will settle for no less than, the restoration of their own authority and the return of the second Jamahiriya,


the same is their thoughts and reference.”

We have to fight a severe moments Tanih war stronger and tougher than the first .obon Allah will back the good old green banner in the skies over the capital ..okl throughout my country ..antbho choise … Forward.”
(“Knight and Men”)

“Zero hour”, informs us:

Valid vision of the Messenger of Allah Lei one righteous
A message to all magicians, Jews and the ungodly and who brought black magic:

It is no matter what you did their loyalty using black magic
Even Tattloa Holy crawl twisting Ar-Rahman.
Know that God Hua per capita Sunday Samad, who begets not.
It was not one like unto Him.

So, for those who fight because they did wrong, and that Allah Almighty for the victory,
Who have been driven from their homes unjustly ….

Trying to tamper with the sacred disable crawl, twisting Ar-Rahman,
The detection will not succeed-

Of the period when it was unearthed, put magic Surat Quraish
Now they Surat Rahman !

But Thank Allah my Lord of the Worlds has been unearthed.

All honorable pure wider participation….

Please, and the last time we held the alert, was your country !
Arise, read ‘Surah Rahman’,
Open recorders and placed Ar-Rahman.


‘The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’, writes us:

Reserves and Mahmriaat Gulf are hoes they use in the demolition of Arab walls from Iraq to Libya ,,,, for those who did not understand the plot and planned ,,,,, battle with the US and the West are for the departments has to seize the Arab wealth from oil and gas and protect the existence of Israel made to the West of these interests will be his newspaper white whiter than white in all human rights organizations to which the security of their plots ??
(Sniper Zliten)

NATO begins tomorrow massive ‘exercises’ in the Mediterranean.

NATO maneuvers off Libyan Coast:

NATO maneuvers off Libyan Coast

Mu vs NATO

28 countries Bosatilha from behind the sea and 57 Militia Bokhtamha heavily in all types of weapons in Misurata. Standing idly in front of a terrorist organization reviews the Bortale and cut heads and Adbh others, and be crucified on the columns every morning since.

NATO turns out to fool the gullible laughed when protection of the law for civilians.

The militias of Misurata and it turns out while lying claimed Find
Democracy and the rule of law that is clear and does not need explanation or evidence.

But the strange thing is that the fugitive in the far country of the Council, and deafening our ears daily, trick legitimacy while still betting on the West (Duper) and Misurata B. MILITIA ‘dtha’ and her brothers in (false) dialogue,

and cooperation and not even object to penetrate the atmosphere and beaches and borders.

The most unusual, is that they continue to supporter the Council fragile; and who does not have command of anything in repeating heresies island, and Levy and NATO with Misurata militias of phrases (the tyrant and companions, Ketaab).

Muammar al-Qathafi, Sedkkm to say, tried to thwart the conspiracy, while NATO Khaddekm and destroyed your institutions and errupted a civil war Odechlkm.

The Libyan Army must shoulder its responsibilities, and thwart the deadly conspiracy of heretics, Tools, mercenaries, criminals and colonists, while the so-called (rat) ‘militias and ‘rebels’ Khaddatkm turned out to be criminal gangs who burned police stations and replaced them with their military units, in order to control you.

Sedkkm system tells you to affirm that the plot was a crusade to destroy Libya.

And theft and Orsdtkm Troizqm, while the opposition abroad and traitors Khaddaokm promises of good and towers and democracy! (HAH)

Today NATO is watching your children in the solid columns. And militia support from the heads of your children cut with money and weapons and bulldozers. The opposition abroad have returned to their homes, luxury suites and luxury hotels in the capitals of the world to engage with bark and washing brains while you are suffering displacement and horror Algosv.ashoaia and stop salary, power cuts and the loss of a loaf of bread.

Today is supposed to Tjldoa yourselves to Gbaikm shouting NATO.

And the diversion of arms in bulldozers, under cover of darkness to Misurata gangs. And cheer and zoom to oppose abroad traitors and agents and muggers. And line up behind the heretics and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood;

and the fighting on their side.

Instead of repeating the words ridiculously, all this indicates the shallowness of their understanding and blind hatred of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and its leadership (who will will make justice against them actually every hour.) …

The creed of the ‘Assassin brotherhood’ is “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”


Clinton and Jabril

(Libyan Knight)
(“Knight and Men”)


Martin Kobler


News of the appointment of the German Martin Kobler, as the new president of the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya.

And Aseltm his duties next week from Bernardino Léon. Kobler was head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

NEW ‘e-passport’ system:

NEW 'e-passport' system




Closing the gate after the Libyan side of encroachment on unidentified Libyan cars in Ben Guerdane

Tunisia stops trucks laden with goods for Libya

Tunisia ….
The closure of the road between ‘Ben Guerdane’ and ‘Ras Jedir’ and prevent the Libyan trucks laden with goods traffic to Libya.





A convoy of armed vehicles, along with a small number of cars and 4 ambulances, hits ‘Gospel’ area, enters the area, and crosses in front of the ‘al-Trickat GAS STATION’. And their weapons in readiness and the convoy creeps-on without any lights put-on.

Significant progress in the tribal forces


‘Room Zintan operations’:


Statement of the ‘room operations’ on Tripoli clashes, in the new and long-region.


Sowahailli being beaten by 'LFG' at RIXOS

Beating rat Abdul Rahman Sowahailli by ‘Libyan fighter group’ in the Rixos Hotel !!

Libyan Misurata Brotherhood Banner w Sowahailli and Badi

In a new name to government to Oگzoppe spokesman for the Libyan parallel in Tripoli declares that the two suspects in the case of the new Oگrba two captive hero Abdullah Sanusi Mohammed and Abu Agila, will still be executed !
(Sniper Zliten)

The kidnapping of five Tabou students who were studying in TRIPOLI.

the names of the abductees
1__ Nasser Abdullah Bogdma
2__ Come with Al-Tbawi
3__ Hamada Abdullah Bogdma al-Tbawi
4__ Aoesf Ali Hedimi al-Tbawi
5__ Hussein Adam Blimey al-Tbawi

We found a newborn baby in front of a mosque Jodeddaim place in the early morning and next to this paper:




A fire in the Saraya Bank Street in Antibrachii.

fire in the Saraya Bank Street in Antibrachii,Tripoli


‘Militias corner’ abducted ‘Abu Ali Haj Aboukhcam’ in front of his home (nearby the Tripoli tourism, in JANZOUR).


The coastal road was opened shortly before Tripoli corner:
TRIPOLI CORNER road opened


Raid nests for several kidnappings and-drug trade in
Sawani Bin Adam zone by brigade lightning victory was dealing with all the criminals to kill or capture the cleaning process and still ongoing.

The martyrdom of two members of the battalion ‘Martyr Bashir Abuamad’, in the battle to liberate area of Sawani.




‘Room Zintan operations’, relates to us:

After an absence of a year and four months for his country and its people, after being nearly 4 months in a “coma”.

It was believed that he was killed by a wounded battles at Tripoli airport. Our Hero ‘Abubakar Musa spears’ is one Zintan sons, and a taxpayer, who furiously drew from the earth, 

Determined, with the Victory sign which he displays, he vows that he will return to his country and his city and his family.

Thank God his safety and for other wounded and ask Allah for his full recovery.


Colonel al-Ajami al-Teiri

‘Room Zintan operations’:

News false and baseless and we assure you that Colonel al-Ajami al-Teiri has no statement to announce today.

Generalizable, and participation to cut the road to the theory, is marketed to the false news.


Zintan today ..

Equestrian Festival …

Arabian horses ..

What is known as the contract Tjaozhu Fifty-contract from all regions of Libya ….

Zintani Equestrian Festival of Arabian horses, 2015

Horse and night and el-Pida ……..

Oh Aarakhmon Aarahim uncle we Tmaininh, safety and security and stability …

and make our days joys and pleasure, away from us hatred and hatred ..

(Dr. Aref Teer)

Zintani Equestrian Festival of Arabian horses, 2015


& al-AZIZIA:

General Omar Tntosh on Rishvana radio FM

Through radio and Rishvana today, Brigade General Omar Tntosh, calls for tribes to meet in al-Azizia, for a ‘reconciliation’ under the title …




Caught Inventory ‘Hkura Hanih’, one of the militia leaders of the corner, at Ztun city.




Military convoy out of the area towards the long al-Ash area
And Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ rally on the axes of the city AJEELAT, North and the North-West.

Military rally of the rat militia ‘Roma Libya’ at “Gateway Star and Crescent, Ptlal West Sberat-Huaglaq, the way for citizens”.

Libyan airforce bomber vertical plane (copter)

Libyan Army Airforce Military aircraft over the skies of Ajeelat.


Shelling, with heavy weapons, in the axes of Ajeelat, is different now,
with heavy fighting within the axis, at the ‘head of Joseph’.

The deaths of dozens by rockets at ‘Ras Yousef’, and wounding two houses by the Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ of Sabratha who are bombing and mortar locusting the center of the Ajeelat area.

Random shells are falling heavily on people’s homes.

Exodus of families from neighborhoods that are falling by rockets b. al-AJEELAT.

‘Army tribes AJEELAT Champions’:
“The people on ‘the head of Joseph’ (‘RAS YOUSEF’) area residents / Jinan Attia / and,  Furnaces /
are out of their homes today, because of the occurrence of violent Achtabakat SaaS heavy and medium militias with poverty Libya.”

The death of the offender ‘Murad Shaaban al-Atrash’, a member of militias ‘Dawn Libya’ in logic Furnaces of  B.Aljeelat.

Clashes today in Ajeelat initiated dome relational attack on the market and stamped Kamal Blaao counter-attack on the ‘head of Joseph’ (RAS YOUSEF), Attia, Jinan

Army tribes AJEELAT Champions statement of disclaimer

A rocket hit near the compound for Adarei-Hladarei in AJEELAT. A Mercedes car was hit by and inside died ‘Vitwoo’ of Sudanese nationality. ‘Abokh’ was wounded by shrapnel.

Tribal forces in control of the link between the Sabratha road and AJEELAT.

Militias ‘Roma Libya’, failed to enter the western regions of Ajeelat; 

Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ of  Cimafro in AJEELAT after market units fell to the ‘Room Ajeelat Operations’ in the industrial district area. 

The death toll is SEVEN, from clashes with militias ‘Roma Libya’ and the sheep mechanism by Dochke. Tktihy withdrawal of the militia inventory ‘Salah Valley’ of Front of Ajeelat.

and there is complete control of the ‘Saraya triangle’ in all axes, by our heroic Champions.
(“Knight and Men”)

Calm on all areas of the city of AJEELAT, after the barbaric bombing last night on various areas of the city, by evil forces of ‘Dawn Libya’, who were stationed in Sabratha.

Return to ‘normal life’, as if nothing had happened afterwards.
The failure of ‘Dawn Libya’ in their attempts to enter Ajeelat, and the opening of the coastal road…
Ajeelat is to support the Amry and tribal-forces still stationed all over the area sites; and calm is the situation now, amid signs of the end of the battle, after the withdrawal of all of the “Dawn Libya’s armed mechanisms”.

Tribal forces extended its control over the entire  ‘Furnace’ area (which includes the ‘General Hospital’).

RAT Warplanes of the ‘Melcaat Roma Libya’ are bombing north of  the city of AJEELAT.



“Zero hour” on ‘FB’ reporting:

Ongoing equipment, and develop a plan, by the so-called “Kamal  Blaao’, who is one of the leaders of the armed groups who are to invade the city of Sabratha, from AJEELAT of 4 axes, beginning at dawn tomorrow, and access.

Military support for armed groups coming from the city’s steadfast community. 

‘People’s armed forces’ have been successful many hours since entering the Tallil area B. SABRATHA.

‘Daash’ organization announces its presence in the fronts in Sabratha with militias ‘Roma Libya’.

A family ‘DAASH’ in SABRATHA,  was captured yesterday by the ‘Libyan Army’ armed forces and support for the Army.

'DAASH' FAMILY that was arrested in SABRATHA
Oh Ohfezna Ohrsena and eyes that never sleeps.
Today shelling was random and intensive …
It is expected that tomorrow will be the heaviest ten times !

Gen. Omar Tntosh

General Omar Tntosh commander of the brigade and Rishvana gives permission for the Liberation of Sabratha, again!.


Tribal forces enter the area Tallil B. SABRATHA. 

Photos of the missile launcher and signed the Tallil area valuable.


Major General Omar Tntosh at the crossroads of the activities of the Libyan People’s Region in his long need of your support and mandate of the armed forces under the cover of social-response.

General Omar Tntosh today in actualities Sabratha similar clothing, martyr Abu Bakr Jaber Younes (suit the job of the brigade 32 booster and which prevented rats) days of NATO war and mixed speech speech leader Muammar al-Qathafi, in a statement on the ‘al-Fateh Revolution’, and vows to open and edit Tripoli Gariba (occupied)..

 Green Tripoli

(Qlm al-Qaid)

‎#صبراتة اللواء ركن عمر تنتوش في ملتقي فعاليات الشعب الليبي بمنطقة #الطويله يحتاجون دعمكم وتفويض القوات المسلحه تحت الغطاء الاجتماعي #قلم_القائد‎


‘Brigade 32 enhanced’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.

Khoi wish you could have published in page p ‘Conference
People’ are now ready for his long forum logic Pudong and Sabratha
Greeted each are free Sabratha al-Qaymen.
p Hedda Gathering of Sheikh tribes al-al-Gah, el-Hadj.
Omar Hamoudi,
Fouad Mahjoub,
Hamoudi carp,
Mohammed Mirghani,
Abdul Salam R,
Mohammed winter of kippas,
And greet the young people and the people of al-Taweelah B.SABRATHA

(p generosity and good reception and welcoming and members of Congress)
[Qlm al-Qaid]

Rat ‘Track militia force’ enters Sabratha, in support of rat ‘militias Fajar Libya’ still existing in the market area.

The withdrawal of militias affiliated with the city of Sabratha (who were pinned down in fighting axes sites). They will support the power of the ‘sons of AJEELAT’ who are stationed and control all of the sites of the axis. 

Libyan army forces in Western Ajeelat and Sabratha .. will prevent any progress for the rats to protect the popular event in the long and would not apply in any axis, but if necessary…
Jaradat Sabratha and Ajeelat al-Mertashan Vthoo themselves to the gates of hell … and started it darker.

Clashes are continuing between the militias and the armed forces south of the city of Sabratha;

and was captured two of the militias of  Sabratha, ‘Nasser Ahmed Dabbashi’, and
‘Mohammed Salim Dabbashi’.
The road to Sabratha is closed, and the return of cars.

Sabratha road is closed

Ambulance for the militias ‘Roma Libya’, is heading to the scene of clashes south of the city.

Road between Zuwarah and head of ‘Ras Igdir’, is closed.


Several shells fall near Mellita gas complex in Zuwarah,  West of Sabratha




armed attack at the gate of the mouth of Melgh in Tarhouna

‘Roma Libya’ militias, are inspecting the gates of the city of Tarhouna, at ‘Asabieh’ and the ‘Saturday Market’ area.

Tarhounah delegation participating in the ‘Conference of the LIBYAN Armed forces’, was attacked by militias of Sabratha.



‘The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’, informs us:

Saif Mohammed al-Dahmani and Nice Warfali
(who stayed in detention tampering Misurata more than four years wrongfully), have been released.

Nsthamd Allah to him and to his family for his safety and his family and we hope to release the rest of the detainees and that Allah softens them and help them to this tribulation.

As Aevotna to thank all those who contributed to his release is another group with him, and even good word and we hope that they may have the courage to contribute to the release of the rest …

The release of the captive ‘Ali Amahdi Aazawmh’, one of the sons of

Tawergha within the darkness of MISURATA prisons, after spending 4 years of injustice.

Praise be to Allah on the safety and Aqaba for the rest of the Liberal.

(‘Militant Arabism’)


Ali Abdel Salam Triki. Burial will take place on Tuesday in his hometown of Misurata.
He has gone into the dustbin of history Eachaan:






After more than four years, the first rise in ears of the Tawergha, after that Obohemem. They Sheikh Shaaban and Nasser Wafi visit the city.


(☆ ☆ ‘Sniper Zliten’)



‘DAASH ‘ terrorist organization has killed and hung ‘Sheikh Mfattah Hassan Abu-Setta key’, in front of a mosque. He was a preacher in the ‘second residential area’.

Brick by brick for those killed and those who killed him

Image of the late Sheikh Hassan Abu-Setta key.

To Him we belong and to Him we shall return


Organizing the genocide of Muslims, ‘Daash’ terrorist daylight applied to women wearing Muffler in Sirte, in the name of Islam
And Vallil after 3 o’clock, storming Houses, and they walk on anathemata to catch the city’s youth.


‘Onasir Bushoahh Moroccan’ was killed. He was one of the main leaders of the organization in ‘Daash’ in Nofaliya. He has been assassinated in ‘Bin Jawad’ area.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed sites belonging to regulation  ‘Daash’ in ‘Um lamp’ east of the city of Sirte .


‘Sheikh Mohammed a car’ struck-down in the ‘street Bodiam Antalat’ and news about the existence of some others wounded.

Col. Attia Oraibi assassination in front of his house that morning Iedkr Attia was working in Homeland Security. 

The death of Colonel Oraibi, Allah’s gift of the ‘intelligence service’, consequence of his wounds, which he sustained, after he was targeted and gunned-down, outside his home yesterday morning, in Ajdabiya.

A car bomb explosion in Ajdabiya result in the fall of Victims.

Rallying the “Battalion 21 Thunderbolt Special Forces of the ‘Libyan Army’ ” in the industrial district near the island,

and give the organization ‘Daash’, their final time limit for the release of  ‘Amr Absat’, our field commander, who was kidnapped last night by ‘DAASH’ at the gate 6.

AJDABIYA gate 60 Thunderbolt SF





Clashes and shelling with heavy artillery in the areas of Hawari and Boatni; and aerial bombardments by the Libyan Airforce on ‘DAASH’ sites in the area of Boatni.



Violent clashes between Hftar’s troops and ‘Daash’ state regulation in each of the path of the river – Laithi – the city of Benghazi with the bombing by the ‘Libyan Air Force’ of the ‘DAASH’ organization sites.

Mortar, in area Laithi, causing the massacre, where the shell landed near the car of one of the citizens in the region where the presence of a large number of kids playing there, and Hqot dead and wounded, and the majority of them children playing!

and they are:
1__ Hamad Ashaba.
2__ age Bodbos “child.”
3__Hamd Nasser “child”

4__ Abdul Hamid Saleh “child”
5__ Khaled Abdel-Hamid “child”
Wounded: –
1__ Ibrahim Ali.
2__ Khaled al-Ozyre.
3__ Joseph al-Ozyre.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

‘Islamic Dawa building’ was injured, after  being struck by a shell;
afterwards, the escalation of thick smoke columns.



al-Tagah schools became homes for the displaced people of the city of Benghazi.



‘The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’:
16 octobre, 20:27 ·
The people of the city of Benghazi came out in a mass rally in the thousands since the morning to ‘Quiche Square’, refusing government, “Bernardino Léon” and waving banners (will not rule us from killing us. Benghazi will not die) with pictures of the martyrs of the Libyan Army and the tribal-forces supporting them, who were assassinated at the hands of rat armed militias.

They accused the UN envoy  (Léon) of terrorism, after a night of the battles in the city, in an attempt by militants to enter and progress within the city,

At the height of the demonstration, there had been targeted the protestors, with shell “mortar”, wounding “4” citizens of the district Quiche, with light injuries.

The city of Benghazi and its people have said their word “can not allow those who kill our children, to be ruled by them”.

Demonstrators were protected by the ‘Libyan Airforce’, but alive sorties stll were flown over the scene.

The people of the city of Benghazi are starting to realize the size of the conspiracy, led by “Bernardino Léon” and the West, against the Libyan ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’. 
Photos of Benghazi demonstration.

Libyan army forces were able to arrest the leader of the organization of “Ansar al-Sharia,” Abu Bakr, also known as ‘Abu Hlvaip’.



Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

‘Daash’ terrorist organization announces the execution of each:
1__ Rushdie Akila Al Mansouri stranded limb after jar by car.
2 __ Tayeb Mohammed Lamari digging its own grave and was shot dead inside.





SABHA:Tribute to Tabou tribes and the Tuareg

Meetings between elders of the Tuareg and Tabou in the city of Sabha to reach a solution to end the dispute between the two tribes.

‘The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’:

rat Warplanes of MISURATA over SABHA

RAT Warplanes of the Misurata militias, continue to hover over the atmosphere of SABHA, at low altitudes, and then shoot projectory over a neighborhood.

Libyan tribes in Sabha, are demanding the departure of the ‘Misurata Brotherhood third force Militias’ for ‘Dawn Libya’.

They are calling on the Libyan Muslkhh forces to protect their city.

Organizing genocide of Muslims, ‘Daash’ terrorists have distributed leaflets in Sabha entitled:

“But what Jinakm slaughter, beheadings and solid bodies.”

LIBYAN ARMY says ‘Daash’ of the most dangerous, and must be eliminated on the arrows and then ‘Daash’.

Shortly before dense Rcayh in the city of Sabha.

I wish from the Liberal Sabha tell us they have launched Sayer ….. ?????
(“Knight and Men”)




The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar:
“Attention to me all the Liberal in Egypt where people of Tajourah exists in the embassy traitors in Egypt and is named ‘Sadiq Gammoudi’

to collect information on the Liberal taken it please caution.”




Counselor Mustafa Abdul Jalil at the top of the wanted list of supporters of terrorism in Syria with money.

Jalil bottom first seated from right, w other terrorist 'civilised' leaders

5 indicted on Dinar pricing

 Russia monitors rat Libyan drone, spy planes and satellites !



France condemns the execution by ‘Daash’ of civilians in Libya. (Wayne Hovoa we received the plight of France in February 2011 was bombing Libya in Roses.)
(‘Militant Arabism’)

PICTURE: French jets were first to bomb Libya – 19 MARCH 2011

French jets were first to bomb Libya - 19 MARCH 2011

PICTURE: France Destroying Libya With Concrete Bombs, 2011

France Destroying Libya With Concrete Bombs, 2011



al-Aqsa Mosque, by Tabarsi:
al-Aqsa Mosque, by Tabarsi



”Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala” means that it is Karbala

IKES !–WAHHABI interpertation?




The Staff Sgt. Faiz Mufarreh Abdalla Al-Asmari - a Saudi captive soldier with a military rank of Staff Sgt. Date of captivity: 17 Dhu AlHijja. Place: Al-Hathera village and military base. Watch the Yemeni army and popular committees treating him after being captured. What he said in the video:- In the name of Allah The Staff Sgt. Faiz Mufarreh Abdalla Al-Asmari, from the group of Brigade 11. I want to reassure my family and my brothers and my dear mother, and my wife and my sons, that I'm fine and in grace, and I'm with my Yemeni brothers fine and good and in the best situation. About how I became captive, at 17 Dhu AlHijja 1436, I was doing my job, and when I came back in my way to the base, I was injured with a sniper inside the Hamar Jeeb at my head's back and also shrapnel in my back, and Thanks for Allah, I was welcomed by the Yemeni brothers and providing me the treatments and taking me to the right place, and they gave me "Jazzahum Allah khair" the living place, food, treatments .. From us so many thanks for them, and Thanks for Allah I reassure all that I'm fine and i grace. My advice to soldier brothers, first to be fear of Allah and we hope from Allah that this war end in good situation, We and Yemenis are neighbors and we have Islamic and neighbor relations, and we hope from Allah then from the leadership to stop the war and InshaAllah everyone be safe.

New captive Saudi soldier in Yemen


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

New scenes for tens of killed Saudi soldiers in Jizan.

2 days ago, al-Masirah TV said: The Yemeni army killed tens of Saudi soldiers while they were trying to restore their villages and bases at Al-Khuba in Jizan.

Now, al-Masirah TV is proving this with these scenes, which show just some of the killed Saudi soldiers.

The Yemeni Media, usually doesn’t show such hurtful scenes for the bodies of killed enemies and I think you know about this,
but this time they did to force Saudi Media to hand over and recognize and say the truth to the world and to tell the families of the killed soldiers the truth.

– The scenes show also many captured Saudi (American made) weapons.




New scenes for 2 new Saudi captive soldiers who has been captured before at al-Raboah city in Asir, you can watch here a video for capturing these two soldiers:

1- Corporal: Jabir Asa’ad Hassan Ka’abi – military number (445937) – 1st Battalion – Brigade 19.

He is talking about how Yemenis treated him good and very well, He said Allah knows that I’m telling the truth that they are treating (dealing) with us very well and very good ..
Even in the day of the battle they took us and treated us, now we are fine Alhamdulellah.
A message to his family that he is very fine.
A message to the leaders to stop the war, he said we are brothers with Yemenis.
We don’t like this war to happen..

2- Rafe’a Abdallah Muhammed Al-Qahtani – military number (458661182) – Warrant sergeant of Qwat Najran Engineers.

He was at Al-Raboa’ah while he was working with vehicles.
Alhamdulellah, brothers here treated us good as we are guests not captives, and Allah knows !
To my father and mother and family: I’m fine and very good and I hope we met soon InshaAllah.
We don’t like this war, I hope it finished soon .. It is not good, we are brothers with Yemenis, we are neighbors, same religious and same blood and same people.
Thanks again for you (Yemenis), wallahy (I swear) we felt like we are with our brothers ..

They also talked about the war planes which they have seen with their own eyes ..

Revolutionary Committtees, Part One, and ‘Holy Commitment’ on the part of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

Mu expressive




The third power of the people all of the people the way the authority News Aldirh rage in the world of power and plots the West in the Arab world under the pretext of democracy lost when their people and theoretical solutions for third Global power struggle ..

(pfkr Muammar al-Qathafi)

الطريق الثالث سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس أخبار الصرعات الدئره فى العالم عن السلطه ومؤمرات الغرب على الوطن العربي بحجة الديمقراطيه المفقوده عند شعوبهم وحلول النظرية العالميه الثالث عن الصراع على السلطه ..بفكر معمر القذافي

By: Hesham godfather &

Culture revolutionary culture Revolutionary Committees. (1)
Sent on 01/29/2015 10:39 by abn al-Jamahiriya


Culture came from “Educate Spear” which he politely spear head to be able to breach the goal to be suffering Besqlh and alone, and culture is the basis of the ‘Revolutionary Committees Movement’ and its members who have discovered the falsity of the political, economic and social systems through the ‘Green Book’.

A guide, the ‘Revolutionary Committees’ were to detect rougher political, social, economic and human reality, the Green Book is the essence of the new revolutionary culture that emphasizes the power of the people’s sovereignty

and this has returned all the partisan movements of various denominations of the ‘Green Book’ and considered it a threat to its bid for the absence of human thought and the human mind

and the minds of Rights was manageable for partisan and instruments of government, both autocracy and oligarchy, tools are judgment purpose judgment and are not her only control of the individual and the subordination her disappears mind and absence of thought and understanding to control his behavior and convert it to a state of servile dependency that purpose judgment of the individual and the people,

The forces greedy in judgment reveals the reality of the ‘Green Book’ and shows people with science and reason and logic, the fact Asvha and the fact that the exploitation and dictatorship and Vaschetha and Qublatha and Jhoatha and racism and Okulaimatha and Ombrialitha and their labor and cheating people individuals, groups and people and nation and Nations,

The Green Book can a man and to determine the essence of the truth of political, economic and social systems and shows and determine exactly how can the people that governs itself and how it is to be free master himself consultation in its affairs through the ‘Basic People’s Congresses’ which to choose ‘Popular Committees’ to implement the people decisions in various domains and levels of a, Ltd range ‘Basic People’s Congress’ boiling level of all the people on the scope of each community

and in the national geographic scope of “national or continental or global” ‘Green Book’, which is under attack systematic and purpose “kaafir” and the prohibition of even the thought of reading it a very human isolate access to the ‘Green Book’ and see what it might be and concepts and ideas and greatness Tnzirh the rule of the people and tailor it

and tried to reactionary forces client and treacherous for the peoples in the name of religion “atone Green Book,” which enables the lonely embodiment of “no God in the Shura aborted cross-Muslim conflicts in the name of religion in the rule of the individual

and the rule of few tried hard to wipe the swab an Islamic, although it “pagan” and idolatrous “individual and the lack of without people and tried to prove to the people as one of the religion and Islam, and Islam completely innocent and His Messenger (PBUH) well Linh had been “set up the Shura throughout his stay in Medina and from the first day it entered the city of Medina immigrants” document Medina “neglected in the Arab-Muslim Iirat” because it ends autocracy and oligarchy and managed to society govern itself without behalf of a Prophet

has her blessings and peace in all honesty, and when the Messenger of Allah died (pbuh) successor not named after him, but leave it to the Shura between people and who Ogtlwaha for several reasons and for the rule of Allah knows and neglect of people important to their business that made him God mutual consultation explicitly Ash-Shura, and any Shura Tzmt by those Shura “and Omehrm mutual consultation” and tried to religious reactionary and civil always to monopolize the Shura between the few and the individual and trading them in an attempt to “deify” the people in the name of religion

and the name of the world both “religious and Allladena “trying Gavad people from power and authority and provides many slanders against God and the Prophet with regard to this and atheism movements trying justification that the public does not have something special and is the rule and that power is not to the general public and not for people to Nha populace and populace and the mob. .

and both see that people are not “the people” to rule despite the fact that Allah sees contrary to what they see and Prophet, prayers of God and his angels, and safety upon his calling confirmed contrary to what they called theses.

How frowned Apostle against his family and Allah admonished him in them in terms of religion and call him Jan call for the people and not for private and that his call for the creation of God and not for Mtsidin men, but is a call to the people and call for not ayatollahs evidence are clear for all creatures great religion of “Lord of the Worlds for all people and all the way to the Day of Judgment.”

That culture is important, making it the single is a revolution tool that explode “from dawn and not of the bombing,” the Revolutionary Committees cultural movement that created and provided by the revolutionary committees of its people “revolutionary Valgan” is the nerve, which is spread in every community and enable it to sound and proper movement in the social reality of the ‘Revolutionary Committees’ carry community culture that enables him to “discovery” of the political reality of all “aggressiveness and every dictatorship and all its brutality

and all Vascheth and intolerance reactionary forces an individual or a few, group or party for itself without the people and their quest to rule the people on his behalf landmarks Boqsaúh and remove him from power and empowerment for themselves or members of the control of the community politically, economically, and security and military and humanitarian even reach up to the “rule of the people Agency to humans from God”

and confused the mantle of the prophet or science to rule the people by inventing excuses for her rights to rule in the name of religion or lower, the Revolutionary Committees define society in political terms is not a judgment,

but what is in fact the “manifestation and of the essence” of the dictators to enable society to correct vision and sound to the existing political system and what is hidden where the risk to the individual and society “and enable people to know the truth about the predominance of the individual and minority governance as a tool of governance and murder and exploitation,

and even labor and betrayal and thus enables the Revolutionary Committees society of the right vision and sound can also be a doctor man from the right vision and sound after treating his illness infected by which go sight and insight,

Valgan revolutionary teacher “revolutionary” and is an advocate and evangelist, and is the instigator of its people and is carrying the message of freedom for him to exercise his authority and control over their own destiny and in wealth and without a broker or vice him even if it was revolutionary committees themselves.
[To be continued …]


بقلم : هشام عراب &الثقافة الثورية ثقافة اللجان الثورية .(1)

تم الإرسال في ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١٠:٣٩ ص بواسطة abn aljamahiriya

الثقافة جاءت من ” ثقف الرمح ” أي قام بتهذيب رأس الرمح حتى يكون قادرا على الأختراق للهدف المراد اصابته بصقله و حده ، و الثقافة هي هشام مصطفىأساس حركة اللجان الثورية و أفرادها الذين اكتشفوا زيف النظم السياسية و الاقتصادية و الاجتماعية من خلال الكتاب الأخضر دليل اللجان الثورية لكشف عورة الواقع الاجتماعي السياسي و الاقتصادية و الإنساني ، فالكتاب الأخضر هو جوهر الثقافة الثورية الجديدة التي تؤكد على سلطة الشعب و سيادته و لهذا عادت كل الحركات الحزبية بمختلف مسمياتها الكتاب الأخضر و أعتبرته خطرا على محاولتها لتغييب الفكر الأنساني و العقل البشري و أفهام الأنسان ليكن طيعا للحزبية و أدوات الحكم بشقيها حكم الفرد و حكم القلة ، فأدوات الحكم غايتها الحكم و لا يتم لها ذلك إلا بالسيطرة على الفرد و تبعيته لها بتغييب عقله و تغييب فكره و فهمه للتحكم في سلوكه و تحويله لحالة من التبعية الاستعبادية التي غايتها الحكم للفرد و الشعب ، فالقوى الطامعة في الحكم يكشف حقيقتها الكتاب الأخضر و يبين للناس بالعلم و العقل و المنطق حقيقة عسفها و حقيقة استغلالها و دكتاتوريتها و فاشيتها و قبليتها و جهويتها و عنصريتها و أقليميتها و أمبرياليتها و عمالتها و خيانتها للناس أفراد و جماعات و شعب و قومية و أمم ، فالكتاب الأخضر يمكن الأنسان و من تحديد جوهر حقيقة النظم السياسية و الاقتصادية و الاجتماعية و يوضح و يحدد تماما كيف يمكن لشعب أن يحكم نفسه و كيف له أن يكون حرا سيد نفسه بالتشاور في أموره عبر المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية التي تختار لجان شعبية لتنفيذ قرارات الشعب في مختلف النطاقات و المستويات من المؤتمر الشعبي الأساسي ذو النطاق المحدو غلى مستوى كل الشعب على نطاق كل المجتمع و في نطاقه الجغرافي الوطني “أو القومي أو القاري او العالمي ” أن الكتاب الأخضر الذي يتعرض لهجمة ممنهجة و غايتها ” تكفيره ” و تحريم حتى مجرد التفكير في الإطلاع عليه لغاية عزل الإنسان من الأطلاع على الكتاب الأخضر و معرفة كنهه و مفاهيمه و أفكاره و عظمة تنظيره لحكم الشعب و تفصيل ذلك و حاولت القوى الرجعية العميلة و الخائنة للشعوب بأسم الدين ” تكفير الكتاب الأخضر ” الذي تمكن وحيدا من تجسيد ” أية الله في الشورى التي أجهضت عبر صراعات المسلمين بأسم الدين في حكم فرد و حكم قلة حاولت جاهدة أن تمسح عليها مسحة أسلامية بالرغم من أنها ” وثنية ” و صنمية ” فردية و لقلة من دون الناس و حاولت أن تبرهن للناس بأنها من الدين و من الأسلام و الإسلام منها براء و رسوله كذلك لنه قد ” أقام الشورى طوال تواجده في المدينة المنورة و من أول يوم دخل فيه للمدينة المنورة مهاجرا ” بوثيقة المدينة المنورة ” المهملة في الثرات العربي الأسلامي ” لأنها تنهى حكم الفرد و حكم القلة و تمكن من المجتمع من حكم نفسه بنفسه بدون نيابة من أحد فقد جسدها الرسول عليه الصلاة و السلام بكل أمانة و عندما مات رسول الله عليه الصلاة و السلام لم يسم خليفة من بعده بل ترك الأمر الشورى بين الناس و الذين أغتالوها لعدة أسباب و لحكم يعلمها الله و أهمال من الناس لشأنهم الهام الذي جعله الله شورى بينهم بصريح سورة الشورى و أية الشورى التي تسمت عليها تلك الشورى ” و أمهرم شورى بينهم ” و حاولت الرجعية الدينية و المدنية دوما أن تحتكر الشورى بين القلة و الفرد و التداول بينهما في محاولة ” للتآله ” على الناس باسم الدين و باسم الدنيا فكلاهما ” الديني و الللاديني ” يحاول غبعاد الناس عن الحكم و السلطة و يقدم العديد من الأفتراءات على الله و على الرسول فيما يخص ذلك و تحاول الحركات اللادينية التبرير بأن العامة ليس لها أمر الخاصة و هو الحكم و أن السلطة ليست للعامة و ليست للناس لنها سوقة و دهماء و غوغاء .. و كلاهما يرى بأن الناس ليست ” أهل ” للحكم بالرغم من أن الله يرى خلاف ما يروا و الرسول عليه صلاة الله و ملائكته و سلامه عليه صاحب الدعوة أكد خلاف ما طرحوا من أطروحات فكم عبس الرسول في حق أهله و عاتبه الله فيهم من حيث الدين و الدعوة له ىأن دعوته للناس و ليست للخاصة و بأن دعوته لخلق الله و ليست للمتسيدين على الناس بل هي دعوة للناس و دعوة لتكن أيات الله بينات واضحات للعالمين فالدين العظيم من ” رب العالمين للناس أجمعين و كافة إلى يوم الدين ” .

أن الثقافة من الأهمية بمكان مما يجعلها وحيدة هي أداة الثورة التي تفجرها ” من الفجر و ليس من التفجير ” اللجان الثورية الحركة الثقافية التي تخلقها و تقدمها اللجان الثورية لشعبها ” فاللجان الثورية ” هي العصب الذي ينتشر في كل المجتمع و يمكنه من الحركة السليمة و الصحيحة في واقعه الاجتماعي اللجان الثورية تحمل للمجتمع الثقافة التي تمكنه من ” أكتشاف ” معالم الواقع السياسي بكل ” عدوانيته و كل دكتاتوريته و كل وحشيته و كل فاشيته و تعصب القوى الرجعية فرد أو قلة أو جماعة أو حزب لنفسها من دون الناس و سعيها لحكم الشعب بالنيابة عنه بأقصائه و إبعاده عن سلطته و التمكين لنفسها أو أفرادها من السيطرة على المجتمع سياسيا و اقتصاديا و أمنيا و عسكريا و أنسانيا حتى الوصول لغاية ” حكم الناس كآله على البشر من الله ” و تلتبس عباءة الرسول أو العلم لحكم الناس بإختلاق المبررات لأحقيتها في الحكم بأسم الدين أو الدنيا ، أن اللجان الثورية تحدد للمجتمع من الناحية السياسية ليس الحكم بل ما هو موجود في الواقع من ” تمظهر و من جوهر ” للعسف ليتمكن المجتمع من الرؤية الصحيحة و السليمة لما هو قائم من نظام سياسي و ما يخفى فيه من مخاطر على الفرد و المجتمع ” و تمكن الناس من معرفة حقيقة تغول الفرد و القلة بالحكم كأداة للحكم و القتل و الاستغلال و حتى العمالة و الخيانة و بالتالي تمكن اللجان الثورية المجتمع من الرؤية الصحيحة و السليمة كما يمكن الطبيب الأنسان من الرؤية الصحيحة و السليمة بعد معالجة مرضه المصاب به و الذي يذهب بصره و بصيرته ، فاللجان الثورية معلم ” ثوري ” و هي داعية و مبشر و هي محرض لشعبها و هي تحمل رسالة الحرية له لكي يمارس سلطته و يتحكم في مصيره و في ثروته و بدون وسيط أو نائب عنه حتى و لو كانت اللجان الثورية نفسها .
يتبع …








3) By Hisham godfather & Culture revolutionary culture Revolutionary Committees (3)
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Revolutionary Committees nerve that drives society.

What is the nervous system?!

Why Medicine says the nervous system in the human body?! We know that it is easy to live the revolutionary power of nature to know that it does not solve any place of a member of the society in which it is formed which enables the user to perform its role within the community as User role within the body leads presence and growth and continue the task of the revolutionary committees ..

transfer all Functions community center decision and being able to transfer all the members in favor of the body as a whole Vattb which may occur in the nerve disrupt the performance of members of their role and Manmamanm and this is what happens socially when an individual governs society or governed by the lack of it solved the body shop and able to do so by destroying the role of the sensory nervous system within the community.

What is needed is a reactionary now be disabled nervous system to the community and is a revolutionary committees live force and vital to society and to enable it to sensory aspects, which enables members of the constituent of the body to perform its role Attacking Mstd the Revolutionary Committees and not locally by the reactionary salt,

but from all Alrdjaaat allied which controls the peoples and nations and nationalities and Tstqtaha itself Kmqatat even family and individual across the world via Ambrtoriaat partisan and local exploitation and international and cross-systems intelligence and security and military wide a regional scale, and continental and international companies.

Medicine says of the nervous system as follows
Nervous system of self:
This device is called Balmata because members that Aasbha show Resume cramps when placed in the center of a suitable ventilation and perfusion after completely separated from the body, and because its contract exist outside the nervous system.

It consists of a central nerves and nerve terminals, and works on the innervation member involuntary in the body such as the heart, smooth muscle (such as members of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and reproductive systems … etc) and glands, it is responsible for the organization and the balance and stability of the internal center of the body.

Different nerves and self nervous system among them anatomically and functionally, and usability of the alarm and excitement various stimuli, and based on the changing jobs or places of presence, self nervous system is divided into two parts:
– Sympathetic nerve
– Nerve anticholinergic

Friendly device:

It consists of the spinal nerves that come from paragraphs or thoracic and lumbar pieces that are similar in function, and consists of nerves friendly and incoming, and nerves and a friendly and outgoing.

Valaliav contained issued from the entrails and pass through friendly contract without working intertwined, and then enter the spinal nerve and reach the root nodes in the back of the spinal cord, and then to the posterior horn of the gray matter, and there Eetmvsal (intertwined) with neuron Penny ( connector), and this may be the fact that the first of the local reflex circuit part.

But some nerves follow its progress to the Supreme self-centers in the brain.
As stockpiles of nerve cells connected in the lateral horn of gray matter of the spinal cord in the area between the chest the first paragraph to the second lumbar vertebra.

Neurons Alennkainip graduated from the root of the front and then pass the branches of white ones to nodes located directly on the side of the paragraphs are called fiber to fiber by Streptococcus a short, and from there follow its progress with nerves front of the spinal intolerance visceral smooth muscle, such as blood vessels and sweat glands, and the machine members urinary and reproductive systems, and these nerve fibers called streptococcus after a long time.
Carrier in the chemical interlocking is noradrenalin.

The anticholinergic:
Consists of cranial nerves, and sacral spinal nerves in the second and third paragraphs and fourth. And the other is composed of nerves and nerve incoming and outgoing.

Fiber contained Alennkainip guts to come from existing nerve either in the contract in the sensory cranial nerves, or in the posterior root of the spinal cord contract. Then enters the neuron East to the central nervous system, and becomes part of the local reflex circuit, or it goes to the upper self-centers in the brain.

The fiber of cells are found in the nuclei of cranial nerves III and VII and IX and X, and in the gray matter of the sacral spinal nerves of the second and the third and fourth.

It is not enough to work a century in the gray matter similar to the Horn in the sympathetic nerve system.
Alennkainip neurons of the spinal cord out through the spinal nerve roots to reach the front to the existing nodes away from the spinal cord in the wall member Almasb, so this initial ganglion neurons before long, unlike neurons friendly short, and intertwined with stimuli cells after a very short Streptococcus.

Carrier in the chemical complexity of nerve agent is Alasetipolin friendly counterpart.
What should be noted that the work of the two devices and friendly Anticholinergic diametrically opposed views, thereby reducing the effects of one another, and usually the role of inducible friendly device or alarm or sexy, while the role of the anticholinergic negative or inhibitory.

Friendly device increases the strength of the heart muscle or increase the number of heart beats, and cause narrowing of peripheral vascular, and expands the airways or the pupil and raise blood pressure, but it reduces the spiral movement of the intestines, and narrows the anal sphincter and cystic.

The device anticholinergic Its function is to restore power, it reduces the number of heart rate and increases the spiral movement of the intestines and gland activity, and opens the sphincter vesicalis, and narrows the airways and the pupil.

Tangles (articulation):
Networking can be defined as a connection between Asbonin, a call is organic, and chemical contact but functional, and are interwoven through the gap, and the transfer of alerts by the nerve chemical called vector excreted from the end of the neuron contained in the tangles gap, depending on the type of these vectors, divides the device self into two parts: – cholinergic, and Adrinalini

Self-cholinergic nervous system:
A device that is transferred across Alsialp nerve tangles gap by substance acetylcholine, and is excreted in the carrier: –
– All the nerve endings by Streptococcus cordial and friendly counterpart
– Nerve endings after nodal counterpart friendly
– Nerve endings after Nodal in the sweat glands
Self nervous system norepinephrine:
It includes all the nerve endings after Nodal friendly.

Called cholinergic nervous system construction adding to the digestion and absorption of food, and the effectiveness of the intestines and digestive secretions.
While the device is called norepinephrine demolition nervous system and is working time of emergency, to protect the body, thereby acting on the acceleration of the heart, high blood pressure and increased blood supply to the muscles.

Completed explain Medicine:
Valgan revolutionary organization working to assemble their work and coordinate among its members the capacity for the success of stirring operations and incitement and awareness and to facilitate the mass movement, it should consist Kgan everywhere and on a larger scale, and in turn such as the one nervous in the body completely, all the revolutionary committee possible consists of individual and increasingly so as not to be suicidal individual movement must and should be a collective

The one on Fetlat and thus can be pentagonal everywhere and in every region and in every home and every rue and every street and neighborhood village and every town and in home the whole, the revolutionary committees composed of the living force that sees itself as the nervous system of the people who is the shrine of the body P,

Fgaah life of the body as a whole, life, and not very nerve life on behalf of the body of revolutionary Valgan no purpose to solve society subject to such party or class or minority or the individual they are like nerve in the body sects working to fulfill its role for the transfer of the performance of members of transfer orders and movements carried out by the various sensory organs and that other functions such as the brain and the heart and other organs,

Member of life in the body worthless separate fragments Gla if it is linked to the rest of the body through the nerves, the revolutionary committees are the sensory system of the society they are like the skin or eyes or software or hands or-oil or taste or the rest of the other organs such as the heart and brain and lungs and so on,

Valjhaz neuropathy of the human being can be great such as the skin covering the surface of each body and can pinpoint the cells in the small size and be linked to any member of the constituent members of the body.

This imaging Badi presented by Muammar al-Qathafi to show the people and the revolutionary committees of their role in the events of the change of the great popular revolution, which has long called her and broke into the front of prospects and progress boldly submitted to storm fears and Majahl and managed to be a great role model for all the instigators of the revolution in the world

and offers them Menhjha in the popular revolution that tamping edifices individual regimes and oligarch everywhere in the world and look for the green typing to know peoples size deepen in the community where he was born and was able to see “The Secret of Change” led by that profound change socially and it versed victory

because it happens in the “man who is of the essence and that the revolution must be located within the human” Vmcn Muammar al-Qathafi all revolutionaries to get out of trouble Revolution crisis “and” relapse through history in spite of the heavenly messages and the long human struggle and bitter for freedom and human happiness

“and presented his theory and the idea of” cultural revolution deep, “led by a well-deserved and was able to be won for his people even eliminate requests Muammar al-Qathafi and his people and the Revolutionary Committees crowd retroactive Mughal in brutal Tjama where” all infidels world and Znadegth and Manafiqih and Jardaneh (RATS) “to break the power of the great Libyan people

and the revolutionary committees which erupted popular revolution deep in all parts of the ground, and not NATO reactionary NATO-led only iron and fire and murder to destroy the revolutionary committees which are the nervous system of the human body, to the great people of the owner of People’s Power for Democracy,

which robbed strongly” Blood democratic fashion “strongly righteous fire and force Haddidha and brutal followers in an attempt to kill the idea of ​​freedom and the assassination of human happiness, live power is the revolutionary committees are really like the nerves of the body in any people.

The conflict is most intense day at the stage is the stage of articulation and which moves “defeat to victory and victory placebo to defeat” and says Almighty and the name of God “merges night into day and merges day into night, and knows what is in the breasts” and the Glory of Allah

and God says In his book, the ‘The Holy Qu’ran is a great home on the Great Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him), “that God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”

Changing course impossible without a sense of status and the sense he must nerve that moves and moves his commands and social interactions political, economic and humanitarian community in Kaljsm Valgan Her revolutionary mass culture is the nerve that moves society forward.
(To be continued …SEE N° 4)


بقلم هشام عراب&الثقافة الثورية ثقافة اللجان الثورية (3)

تم الإرسال في ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١٠:٤٥ ص بواسطة abn aljamahiriya   [ تم تحديث ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١٠:٥٦ ص ]

اللجان الثورية العصب الذي يحرك المجتمع .
فما هو الجهاز العصبي ؟! 

ماذا يقول الطب على الجهاز العصبي في جسم الأنساني ؟! أن نعرفة ذلك يسهل على القوة الثورية الحية من معرفة طبيعتها بانها لا تحل محل إي هشام مصطفىعضو من أعضاء المجتمع الذي تكونت فيه بل هي تمكن العضو من تأدية دوره داخل المجتمع كما يؤدي العضو دوره داخل الجسم وجودا و نموا و إستمرار .. مهمة اللجان الثورية نقل كل وظائف المجتمع لمركز قراره و تمكنه من نقل كل ما يقوم الأعضاء لصالح الجسم ككل فالعطب الذي قد يحدث في العصب يعطل تأدية الأعضاء لدورهم و مهمامهم و هذا ما يحدث اجتماعيا عندما يحكم الفرد المجتمع او تحكمه قلة فهي تحل محل الجسم و تتمكن من ذلك من خلال تدمير دور الجهاز العصبي الحسي داخل المجتمع فالمطلوب رجعيا الآن أن يتم تعطيل الجهاز العصبي للمجتمع و هو اللجان الثورية القوة الحية و الحيوية بالمجتمع و التي تمكنه من الجوانب الحسية و التي تمكن الأعضاء المكونة للجسم من تأدية دورها فالهجوم مشتد على اللجان الثورية و ليس محليا من قبل الرجعية الملحية بل من كل الرجعيات المتحالفة التي تسيطر على الشعوب و الأمم و القوميات و تستقطعها لنفسها كمقاطعات حتى أسرية و فردية عبر العالم عبر امبرطوريات حزبية و شركات استغلال محلية و دولية و عبر منظومات استخباراتية و امنية و عسكرية واسعة النطاق الاقليمي و القاري و الدولي .

يقول الطب عن الجهاز العصبي ما يلي 
الجهاز العصبي الذاتي :
سمي هذا الجهاز بالذاتي لأن الأعضاء التي يعصبّها تبدي تقلصات ذاتية عند وضعها في وسط مناسب من التروية والتهوية بعد فصلها كليآ عن الجسم ، ولأن العقد الخاصة به توجد خارج الجهاز العصبي .
وهو يتكون من اعصاب مركزية و اعصاب طرفية ، ويعمل على تعصيب الاعضاء اللاارادية في الجسم مثل القلب ، العضلات الملساء ( مثل أعضاء القناة الهضمية ، الجهاز البولي ، والتناسلي …إلخ ) والغدد ، فهو مسؤول عن تنظيم وتوازن وثبات الوسط الداخلي للجسم .
وتختلف أعصاب الجهاز العصبي الذاتي فيما بينها تشريحيآ ووظيفيآ ، وفي قابلية التنبيه والإثارة بالمنبهات المختلفة ، وبناء على إختلاف الوظائف أو أماكن التواجد ، يقسم الجهاز العصبي الذاتي إلى قسمين هما :
– العصب الودي
– العصب نظير الودي
الجهاز الودي :
وهو يتكون من الاعصاب الشوكية التي تصدر من الفقرات او القطعات الصدرية و القطنية التي تتشابه في الوظيفة ، و يتكون من اعصاب ودية واردة ، و اعصاب ودية صادرة .
فالالياف الواردة تصدر من الاحشاء و تمر عبر العقد الودية دون ان تعمل تشابكاً ، ثم تدخل في العصب الشوكي و تصل الى العقد الموجودة في الجذر الخلفي من النخاع الشوكي ، ثم الى القرن الخلفي من المادة الرمادية ، و هناك يتمفصل ( يتشابك ) مع عصبون بيني ( موصل ) ، و بذلك يكون قد كوّن الجزء الاول من دائرة المنعكس المحلّي .
ولكن بعض الاعصاب تتابع سيرها الى المراكز الذاتية العليا في الدماغ .
اما الاعصاب الصادرة فتوجد خلاياها الموصلة في القرن الجانبي للمادة الرمادية للنخاع الشوكي في المنطقة ما بين الفقرة الصدرية الاولى الى الفقرة القطنية الثانية .
العصبونات النخاعينية تخرج من الجذر الامامي ثم تمر فروع بيضاء منها الى العقد الموجودة مباشرة على جانب الفقرات و تدعى هذه الالياف بـ الالياف قبل العقدية وهي قصيرة ، ومن هناك تتابع سيرها مع الاعصاب الشوكية الامامية لتعصّب العضلات الحشوية الملساء مثل الاوعية الدموية و الغدد العرقية و اعضاء الجهاز البولي و التناسلي ، وهذه تسمى الياف عصبية بعد عقدية وهي طويلة .
الناقل الكيماوي في التشابك هو نورادرينالين .
الجهاز نظير الودي :
يتكون من الاعصاب القحفية ، و الاعصاب الشوكية العجزية في الفقرات الثانية و الثالثة و الرابعة . و يتكون هو الآخر من أعصاب واردة و أعصاب صادرة .
الالياف الواردة النخاعينية تأتي من الاحشاء الى الخلايا العصبية الموجودة إما في العقد الحسية في الاعصاب القحفية ، او في عقد الجذر الخلفي للنخاع الشوكي . ثم يدخل العصبون الاوسط الى الجهاز العصبي المركزي ، و يصبح جزءاً من دائرة المنعكس المحلي ، او انه يسير الى المراكز الذاتية العليا في الدماغ .
اما الالياف الصادرة فتوجد خلاياها في نوى الاعصاب القحفية الثالث و السابع و التاسع و العاشر ، وفي المادة الرمادية للأعصاب الشوكية العجزية الثاني و الثالث و الرابع . وهي غير كافية لعمل قرن في المادة الرمادية شبيه بالقرن في اعصاب الجهاز الودي .
تخرج العصبونات النخاعينية من النخاع الشوكي عبر جذور الاعصاب الشوكية الامامية لتصل الى العقد الموجودة بعيداً عن الحبل الشوكي ، في جدار العضو المعصّب ، ولهذا فإن هذه العصبونات الاولية قبل العقدية طويلة بعكس العصبونات الودية القصيرة ، و تتشابك مع الخلايا المنبهه بعد العقدية القصيرة جداً .
الناقل الكيماوي في تشابك الاعصاب نظيرة الودية هو الاسيتيبولين .
ما تجدر الاشارة اليه ان عمل الجهازين الودي و نظير الودي متعاكساً ، فيقلل أحدهما من تأثيرات الآخر ، وعادة دور الجهاز الودي محرّض او منبّه او مثير ، بينما دور الجهاز نظير الودي سلبي او مثبّط .
الجهاز الودي يزيد من قوة عضلة القلب او يزيد من عدد دقات القلب ، و يسبب تضيق الاوعية الدموية الطرفية ، و يوسع القصبات الهوائية او البؤبؤ و يرفع الضغط الدموي ، و لكنه يخفف من الحركة اللولبية للأمعاء ، و يضيّق العاصرة المثانية و الشرجية .
اما الجهاز نظير الودي فوظيفته هي استعادة الطاقة ، فهو يقلل من عدد دقات القلب و يزيد من الحركة اللولبية للأمعاء ومن نشاط الغدد ، و يفتح العاصرة المثانية ، و يضيّق القصبات الهوائية و البؤبؤ .
التشابك ( التمفصل ) :
يمكن تعريف التشابك على انه اتصال بين عصبونين ، اتصالاً غير عضوي ، و إنما اتصال كيميائي وظيفي ، ويتم عبر فجوة التشابك ، ونقل التنبيهات العصبية فيها بواسطة مواد كيميائية تدعى النواقل تفرز من نهاية العصبون الوارد في فجوة التشابك ، وبناء على نوع هذه النواقل ، يقسم الجهاز الذاتي إلى قسمين :- كوليني ، و ادريناليني
الجهاز العصبي الذاتي الكوليني :
وهو الجهاز الذي يتم نقل السيالة العصبية فيه عبر فجوة التشابك بواسطة مادة الاسيتيل كولين ، ويفرز هذا الناقل في :-
– جميع النهايات العصبية قبل العقدية الودية ونظيرة الودية
– النهايات العصبية بعد العقدية نظيرة الودية
– النهايات العصبية بعد العقدية في الغدد العرقية
الجهاز العصبي الذاتي الادريناليني :
ويشمل جميع النهايات العصبية بعد العقدية الودية .
يطلق على الجهاز الكوليني جهاز البناء العصبي فيزيد من هضم وامتصاص الغذاء ، ومن فاعلية الامعاء والافرازات الهضمية .
بينما يطلق على الجهاز الادريناليني جهاز الهدم العصبي وهو يعمل وقت الطواريء ، ليحمي الجسم ، فيعمل على تسارع القلب ، وارتفاع ضغط الدم وزيادة التروية الدموية للعضلات .
أنتهى شرح الطب : 
فاللجان الثورية تنظيميا تعمل على تجميع أعمالها و تقوم بالتنسيق بين قدرات أعضائها لنجاح عمليات التحريك و التحريض و التوعية و ذلك لتسهل حركتها الجماعية ، فعليها أن تتكون كلجان في كل مكان و على أوسع نطاق ، و تقوم بدورها كالجهاز العصبي في الجسم تماما ، كل لجنة ثورية ممكن تتكون من فرد فأكثر و حتى لا تكون الحركة الفردية أنتحارية يجب بل ينبغي ان تكون جماعية فأثنان فثلاث و هكذا يمكن تكون خماسية في كل مكان و في كل منطقة و في كل بيت و كل زنقة و كل شارع و حي قرية و كل مدينة و في الوطن كله ، اللجان الثورية تتشكل من القوة الحية التي ترى في نفسها الجهاز العصبي لشعبها الذي يقوم بمقام الجسم ف، فغاية الحياة للجسم ككل فالحياة ، و ليس غاية العصب الحياة بالنيابة عن الجسم فاللجان الثورية ليس غايتها أن تحل محل المجتمع مثل الحزب أو الطبقة أو القلة أو الفرد فهي مثل العصب في الجسم فالعصب يعمل على تأدية الدور المناط به لنقل الأداء للأعضاء نقل الأوامر و الحركات التي تقوم بها الأعضاء الحسية المختلفة و التي تقوم بوظائف أخرى مثل المخ و القلب و غيرها من أعضاء ، حياة الأعضاء في الجسم لا قيمة لها كأجزاء منفصلة غلا أذا ارتبطت بباقي الجسم عبر الأعصاب ، ان اللجان الثورية هي الجهاز الحسي للمجتمع فهي تكون مثل الجلد أو العيون أو الأذان أو اليدين أو النف أو التذوق أو باقي الأعضاء الأخرى مثل القلب و المخ و الرئتين و هكذا ، فالجهاز العصبي الحسي للأنسان يمكن أن يكون كبيرا مثل الجلد يغطي سطح كل الجسم و يمكن ان تكون خلايا متناهية في الصغير و الحجم مرتبطة باي عضو من الأعضاء المكونة للجسم .
أن هذا التصوير البديع الذي قدمه معمر القذافي ليبين للشعب و للجان الثورية دورهم في أحداث التغيير بالثورة الشعبية العظيمة التي لطالما دعى لها و أقتحم امامها الأفاق و تقدم بجسارة المقدم لأقتحام المخاوف و المجاهل و تمكن أن يكون قدوة عظيمة لكل المحرضين على الثورة في العالم و يقدم لهم منهجهه في الثورة الشعبية التي تدك صروح أنظمة الحكم الفردي و حكم القلة في كل مكان من العالم و نظر لذلك بكتابه الأخضر لتعرف الشعوب حجم تعمقه في المجتمع الذي ولد فيه و تمكن من معرفة ” سر التغيير ” الذي يقوده بأنه تغيير عميق اجتماعيا و أنه متمكن من الأنتصار لأنه يحدث في ” الأنسان الذي هو الجوهر و أن الثورة لا بد أن تقع داخل الأنسان ” فمكن معمر القذافي كل الثوريين من الخروج من مأزق أزمة الثورة ” و ” أنتكاسها عبر التاريخ بالرغم من الرسالات السماوية و الكفاح الإنساني الطويل و المرير من أجل الحرية و سعادة الإنسان ” و قدم لنظريته و فكره ” بالثورة الثقافية العميقة ” التي قادها بجدارة و تمكن من الأنتصار فيها لشعبه حتى تطلب القضاء على معمر القذافي و شعبه و اللجان الثورية حشد رجعي موغل في الوحشية تجامع فيه ” كل كفار العالم و زنادقته و منافقيه و جردانه” لكسر شوكة الشعب الليبي العظيم و لجانه الثورية التي تفجر الثورة الشعبية العميقة في كل أنحاء الأرض ، و ليس للحلف الرجعي بقيادة الناتو إلا الحديد و النار و القتل لتدمير اللجان الثورية فهي الجهاز العصبي للجسم البشري لشعبها العظيم صاحب السلطة الشعبية الديمقراطية التي سلبت بقوة ” الدم قراطية ” المعتدة بقوة نيرانها و قوة حديدها و وحشية أتباعها في محاولة لقتل فكرة الحرية و اغتيال سعادة الإنسان ، فالقوة الحية اللجان الثورية هي حقا مثل الأعصاب للجسم في أي شعب من الشعوب .
فالصراع على أشده اليوم في مرحلة هي مرحلة التمفصل و التي تنتقل فيها ” الهزيمة لنصر و النصر الوهمي لهزيمة ” و يقول سبحانه و تعالى بسم الله ” يولج الليل في النهار و يولج النهار في الليل و يعلم ما في الصدور ” و سبحان الله و تعالى يقول في عظيم كتابه القرآن الكريم المنزل على نبيه العظيم محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام ” أن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى ما يغيروا ما بأنفسهم ” فتغيير الحال من المحال بدون الأحساس بالأحوال و الحس لا بد له من عصب الذي يحرك و ينقل له الأوامر و التفاعلات الاجتماعية السياسية و الاقتصادية و الإنسانية في المجتمع كالجسم فاللجان الثورية صاحبة الثقافة الجماهيرية هي العصب الذي يحرك المجتمع إلى الأمام .
يتبع …



“MUSICIAN”, writes:

“Allah, and Muammar and Libya”, the phrase is not shirk:

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has been continuously fighting the distortion  of Islam.

It is a principle that collapsed in his absence… all of Allah’s principles…


Mu. the Heart and Lungs of Libya

MU’AMMAR al-Qathafi  was sent by Allah to set the people once again on the right path (as originally intended by Allah, and to help the people to live happily and abundantly (as was Allah’s intention from the beginning of Time).

4):  Sent on 01/29/2015 11:38 by abn aljamahiriya [updated 29/01/2015 11:38]

The third power of the people all of the people the way the authority News al-Dirh rage in the world of power and plots the West in the Arab world under the pretext of democracy lost when their people and theoretical solutions for third Global power struggle ..

(pfkr Muammar Gaddafi )

Revolutionary Committees are the arteries for society in it.
Medicine and says: The arteries and veins key element to carry the blood pumped by the heart to and from all parts of the body; Vcrain carry blood away from the heart throughout the body; while come veins blood to the heart.

Imagine arterial tree branches trunk to the branches (branches large) and small and twigs (arterioles) and to the foliage microscopic eventually called capillaries; and Qatar over the capillaries, but a little on the Qatar blood cell one; they cope with Astafafa one of the blood cells column. Being the exchange of oxygen and carbon carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products through the thin walls of the capillaries within each cell of the body.

After the flow of blood through the capillaries, enter the small veins (venules) that integrate with the larger and older branches (veins), which returns blood to the atria.

This configuration of the Great Lord we can clarify the role of the revolutionary committees within the community, which is being Blood in the veins of the body components such as social tools that enable society to move interactive Ntegath inside and are similar creations of all kinds and all generated by the community, which is flowing to him from outside of Information and knowledge and concepts and other products of material or moral or spiritual cultural of its components Alalajtmaih or surroundings of the products of nations and other peoples in various aspects of life

and the revolutionary committees to transfer it to the community and the living forces “revolutionary committees” deeply revolutionary culture to address the ideas contained community and in smaller units cultural committees and in a smaller scale interpretation of what was done to the means of the community of “ideas and concepts and their interpretation and purification and feed the community Basulaim and the correct ones and the benefit which carries material value and spiritual ideas and concepts and presented to the people culturally for the benefit of its behavior in the form of the behavior and the evolution of the people appropriate practices so as to enhance their freedom and they can change the social reality of the revolutionary Valgan

the Bedouins capillaries in feed ingredients to the community and provide knowledge of information that enable people to do their part and natural in the community and also does any organ in the body turn and of been the revolutionary committees readmission blood once the last of the veins to carry him again to the heart of the community and holds a new community nutrition through what has been handled and processed in the parts of the body such as the stomach and lungs and other food and oxygen and thus place the circulatory for the body and the revolutionary committees that role in society, which formed the faulting what can the community of energy sources and the continued vitality of the community and the continuation of life in it,

that the revolutionary committees Kordh does not solve the hardware shop, such as the heart and lungs are even stream to Nteghma and treated each what you get community of necessities of life Valgan revolutionary in smaller and subdivision “Revolutionary Committee” The cultural revolutionary turn toward the center, which live in it and without interfering in the last submission of the best food and better for the body and carries waste that does not benefit the body to get rid of them community through the competent organs of the center disposal of this waste, which appear in the form of “sweating exhalation mucus or secretions are not to benefit from them and go out to material non-cracking and take advantage of them and is doing many of the organs in the body such as the kidney and sweating device through the skin and other organs,

The revolutionary committees are addressing what is given to the community of the “input” and the revolutionary committees in smaller units “micro committees in neighborhoods and streets and alley and houses the” cultural turn the cultural revolution that reveal and naked from the contents of social input and risks on human freedom and show the happiness and show how serious contained “unjust rules me strong and the weak, and between Mr. and blackened, and between rich and poor and between the free and slave, and between Esquire and despised and between the monopolist and deprived and between people and demonstrate the” pain that would result and risks to human in the physical entity and the value of humanity,

“Valgan revolutionary purpose Expiration unjust rules and destroy the foundations formed ones that and the establishment of the People of the rules of sound and correct” fair “and that no injustice in and not dictators and do not exploit the” revolutionary Valgan purpose of freedom and human happiness “that the individual is free creative leading role toward himself and toward other participants with him in the composition of” Liberal equals happy “society,

the revolutionary committees allows the body which spread the access to food, which will benefit him and help him to get rid of the waste, which harm him and moved to Okhhzh you get rid of them, Vcrain is the stream of blood and the Revolutionary Committees play the role of the arteries to transfer all his value and importance to the community to benefit from it and continue his life

Valgan revolutionary does not withhold thought and concepts for the community to hang “behavior” proper and correct, but you connect everything society and the “revolutionary committees everywhere” smaller organs of the body with blood feeding carrying vital value her to continue her life outlook needs,

the revolutionary committees are arteries which flow culture that enables the community of role “vital” revolutionary committees exist in every society and components have a vital role, it means that enable people to carry out its functions to the fullest the arrival of important life-blood and stay Valgan Minor and on a smaller scale is the vital operations and important in the body and is based on the narrow level and very little treatment for blood components and benefit which holds significant value and are necessary to enable the smallest parts of the stay and the vital continuity,

revolution cultural revolutionary committees explode “dawn” in a smaller scale and on a larger scale they prevail in the mind of every human being and in his ideas and theories of the universe and life and is victorious in his heart for the benefit of himself and in order to be free and happy and live without “pain” without misery “without misery” without misery “without suffering” without pathos “without cope with”

Long live free and happy, “a new life worthy of that witnessed by man” is not the filth in which but life deserves to be witnessed by the man who has chosen and God Bgelh that character and that his successor without the Worlds,

the Revolutionary Committees provide for its people who found it and generated from suffering and from the womb of struggle such as the fetus grows and grows and offers people a new life free from tyranny and exploitation free of diseases afflicting the communities, “the dictatorship of a fascist nature, which was born out of the wars and conflicts on the judgment and the monopoly of wealth and the acquisition of weapons and Ahktar strengths and exploit the” dream in reach for the freedom and happiness of human individuals and groups “that committees Revolutionary discovered through intellectual revolution and cultural that resulted from the study of the ‘Green Book’.

Hall ugliness and dangerous and brutal prevailing relations in arbitrariness communities and exploitation and unjust social norms which it was built, which dispersed socially between man per purpose of procreation and the sense “that leads from one individual or lack of “Lord and master of the people,” and the people turning to the servants of the tools ruling dictatorship individual form and governed by the few,

and is called the people and God “holiness and integrity” and called their eligibility and merit by virtue of the people and bullying him and branded as “the populace and populace and the mob “and teamed every dictatorial powers in the world of stripping” attack the recent suicide “NATO satanic and that Tgndt in its ranks all the instruments of government,” the individual and partisan and fascism and racism and class and reactionary and Zionism and tribal and regional “which recruited traitors and customers and spies of the nationalities of the world and advancing ranks “hypocrisy and infidelity and betrayal” scientists served as the devil in a war against “the new global cultural revolution unleashed by the ‘Great Libyan people to dispel Burha darkness’, which seized control of the peoples of the world

(So),that they suffer” loss of ambition and hope for the emancipation and liberation “resorted” alcoholism and mental Almzhbat and intellectual and visual and audio “in an attempt desperation to get rid of the pain and misery and unhappiness and misery,

that the cultural revolution that erupted over the Libyan land created new hopes of all mankind and become a new dawn looms beyond the horizon each peoples and sends the spirit of hope for all who seek freedom and happiness of human beings, a new era and is the sovereignty of the people and the triumph of human freedom,

“the one in the purpose of procreation and the one in the sense that” the revolutionary committees in every people and nation and every nationality and religion adopting new “struggle of the Libyan people and a model for the new

and the outbreak of the Great triggered and beautiful upbeat freedom and happiness of humankind to build people’s power-free era of slavery and free from exploitation and injustice and oppression and slavery and what Ostjerad and desperate and Tdhaba drags dictatorship ruling on the Libyan people, and its leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

but to being sure that it has ended culturally and intellectually and socially died collapsed “false and fraudulent sanctity”

and the fact that it is a dead “until it decomposed cadaver” Ozakmt stinking smell noses and shrug from seeing the reality of the chilling horror ugliness. “

Popular revolution is a revolution of thought great it is today revolution and the coming days according to the intellectual methodology that led to detonate rebellious thinker Muammar al-Qathafi calling for deep and true to the era of the sovereignty of the people,

the revolutionary committees are a popular revolution tool through the “Cultural Revolution deep,” which led the Revolutionary Committees, which leads social revolution, “political, economic, humanitarian and” and lead the real core religious revolution as Allah wanted in his last message to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Pray God be upon him to correct the path of the people all of the religion of Allah, most assuredly, and of certainty.

تم الإرسال في ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١١:٣٨ ص بواسطة abn aljamahiriya   [ تم تحديث ٢٩‏/٠١‏/٢٠١٥ ١١:٣٨ ص ]

الطريق الثالث سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس أخبار الصرعات الدئره فى العالم عن السلطه ومؤمرات الغرب على الوطن العربي بحجة الديمقراطيه المفقوده عند شعوبهم وحلول النظرية العالميه الثالث عن الصراع على السلطه ..بفكر معمر القذافي

اللجان الثورية هي الشرايين بالنسبة للمجتمع الموجودة به .
و يقول الطب : تعدّ الشرايين والأوردة عنصراً أساسياً لحمل الدم الذي يضخّه القلب من وإلى كافة أجزاء الجسم؛ فالشرايين تحمل الدم بعيداً من القلب إلى أنحاء الجسم؛ بينما تأتي الأوردة بالدم إلى القلب.
تخيّل الشرايين كشجرة يتفرّع جذعها إلى أغصان (فروع) كبيرة ثم صغيرة وإلى غصينات (شرينات) وإلى غصينات مجهرية في نهاية المطاف تدعى الشعيرات؛ ولا يزيد قطر هذه الشعيرات إلا قليلاً على قطر كرية دم واحدة؛ وهي تتأقلم مع عمود اصطفافي واحد من كريات الدم. ويجري تبادل الأكسجين وثاني أكسيد الكربون والمغذّيات والفضلات عبر الجدران الرقيقة للشعيرات ضمن كل خلية من الجسم.
بعد جريان الدم عبر الشعيرات، يدخل الأوردة الصغيرة (الوريدات) التي تندمج مع فروع أكبر فأكبر (الأوردة) التي تعود بالدم إلى الأذينين.
هذا التشكيل الرباني العظيم يمكننا من توضيح دور اللجان الثورية داخل المجتمع ، فالدم الذي يجري في العروق من مكونات الجسم مثل الوسائل الاجتماعية التي تمكن المجتمع من نقل نتاجاته التفاعلية داخله و هي تماثل الإبداعات بكل أنواعها و كل ما يولده المجتمع مما يتدفق له من خارجه من معلومات و معارف و مفاهيم و نتاجات اخرى مادية أو معنوية أو روحية ثقافية من مكوناته الالاجتماعية أو محيطه من نتاجات أمم و شعوب اخرى في مختلف جوانب الحياة و تقوم اللجان الثورية بنقل ذلك للمجتمع و تقوم القوى الحية ” اللجان الثورية ” بعمق ثقافتها الثورية بمعالجة الأفكار الواردة للمجتمع و في أصغر وحداتها اللجان الثقافية و في أصغر نطاق بتفسير ما تحمله وسائل المجتمع من ” أفكار و مفاهيم و تفسيرها و تنقيتها و تغذية أبناء المجتمع بالسليم و الصحيح منها و تقوم بالأستفادة مما تحمله من قيمة مادية و روحية من أفكار و مفاهيم و تقديمها للناس ثقافيا لتستفيد منها في سلوكها على شكل سلوك و تطور بها الناس الممارسات المناسبة لها بما يعزز حريتها و يمكنها من تغيير الواقع الاجتماعي فاللجان الثورية تقوم بدو الشعيرات الدموية في تغذية المكونات للمجتمع و تقديم المعارف و المعلومات التي تمكن الناس من القيام بدورها الطبيعي في المجتمع كما يقوم أي جهاز في الجسم بدوره و من تم تقوم اللجان الثورية بأعادة الدم مرة أخر للأوردة لتحمله من جديد لقلب المجتمع و ليحمل تغذية جديدة للمجتمع من خلال ما تم تناوله و معالجته في اجزاء الجسم مثل المعدة و الرئتين و غيرها من أغذية و أكسجين و هكذا تجري الدورة الدموية للجسم و تقوم اللجان الثورية بهذا الدور في المجتمع الذي تكونت فيه فتحمل ما يمكن المجتمع من مصادر الطاقة و استمرار حيوية المجتمع و أستمرار الحياة فيه ، أن اللجان الثورية كأوردة لا تحل محل الأجهزة مثل القلب و الرئتين بل هي مجرى لنتاجهما و معالجتهم لكل ما تحصل عليه المجتمع من مقومات الحياة فاللجان الثورية في أصغر و حداتها ” اللجنة الثورية ” تقوم بدورها الثقافي الثوري نحو الوسط الذي تحيا فيه و بدون أن تتدخل في وسط أخر بتقديم الغذاء الأفضل و الأحسن للجسم و تحمل الفضلات التي لا يستفيد منها الجسم ليتخلص منها المجتمع عبر أجهزته المختصة بالتخلص من هذه الفضلات و التي تظهر على شكل ” تعرق زفير مخاط أو أفرازات غير قابلة للأستفادة منها و تخرج لمواد غير قابلة للتكسير و الاستفادة منها و هو ما تقوم به العديد من الأجهزة في الجسم مثل الكلى و جهاز التعرق عبر الجلد و غيرها من أجهزة ، أن اللجان الثورية تقوم بمعالجة ما يرد للمجتمع من ” مدخلات ” و تقوم اللجان الثورية في أصغر وحداتها ” اللجان الصغرى في الأحياء و الشوارع و الزقاق و البيوت ” بدورها الثقافي بالثورة الثقافية التي تكشف و تعرى مضامين المدخلات الاجتماعية و تبين مخاطرها عل حرية الأنسان و على سعادته و تبين مدى الخطورة التي تتضمنها ” القواعد الظالمة بي القوي و الضعيف و بين السيد و المسود و بين الغني و الفقير و بين الحر و العبد و بين المحترم و المحتقر و بين المحتكر و المحروم و بين الناس و تبيان ” الالام التي ستنتج عنها و المخاطر على الإنسان في كيانه المادي و قيمته الأنسانية ” ، فاللجان الثورية غايتها أنتهاء القواعد الظالمة و تدمير أساساتها التي تكونت منها و أقامة الشعب للقواعد السليمة و الصحيحة ” العادلة ” و التي لا ظلم فيها و لا عسف و لا استغلال ” فاللجان الثورية غايتها الحرية و سعادة الأنسان ” بأن يكون الفرد حرا مبدعا مؤديا لدوره نحو نفسه و نحو الآخرين المشتركين معه في تكوين مجتمع ” الأحرار المتساوين السعداء ” ، اللجان الثورية تمكن الجسم الذي تنتشر فيه من الحصول على الغذاء الذي يفيده و تساعده على التخلص من الفضلات التي تضره و نقلها للأخهزة التي تقوم بالتخلص منها ، فالشرايين هي مجرى للدم و اللجان الثورية تقوم بدور الشرايين بنقل كل ما له قيمة و أهمية للمجتمع ليستفيد منه و تستمر حياته فاللجان الثورية لا تقوم بحجب الفكر و المفاهيم عن المجتمع ليتعطل ” سلوكه ” السليم و الصحيح بل تقوم بتوصيل كل ما يحتاجه المجتمع و تقوم ” اللجان الثورية في كل مكان ” بتغذية اصغر أجهزة الجسم بالدماء التي تحمل القيمة الحيوية لها لتستمر حياتها النظرة ، أن اللجان الثورية هي الشرايين التي تتدفق فيها الثقافة التي تمكن المجتمع من دوره ” الحيوي ” اللجان الثورية موجودة في كل مكونات المجتمع و لها دور حيوي فهي الوسيلة التي تمكن شعبها من القيام بوظائفه على أكمل وجه بوصول الدماء الهامة للحياة و البقاء فاللجان الصغرى و على أصغر نطاق هي التي تقوم بالعمليات الحيوية و الهامة في الجسم و هي التي تقوم في المستوى الضيق و الصغير جدا بالمعالجة لمكونات الدم و الاستفادة مما يحمله من قيمة هامة و ضرورية التي تمكن أصغر الأجزاء من البقاء و الأستمرار الحيوي ، فالثورة الثقافية للجان الثورية تتفجر ” من الفجر ” في أصغر نطاق و على أوسع نطاق أنها تنتصر في عقل كل أنسان و في أفكاره و نظرياته للكون و الحياة و هي تنتصر في قلبه لصالح نفسه و من أجل أن يكون حرا و سعيدا و يحيا بلا ” ألم ” بلا شقاء ” بلا تعاسة ” بلا بؤس ” بلا معاناة ” بلا مكابدة ” بلا مغالبة ” يحيا حرا سعيدا ” حياة جديدة لائقة بأن يحياها الأنسان ” لا قذارة فيها بل حياة تستحق أن يحياها الأنسان الذي اصطفاه و بجله الله بأنه الخلق و بأنه خليفة له من دون العالمين ، أن اللجان الثورية تقدم لشعبها الذي وجدت فيه و تولدت من معاناته و من رحم كفاحه مثل الجنين الذي يكبر و ينمو و يقدم للناس حياة جديدة خالية من العسف و الاستغلال خالية من الأمراض التي تعاني منها المجتمعات ” الدكتاتورية ذات الطبيعة الفاشية و التي ولدت من الحروب و الصراعات على الحكم و احتكار الثروة و الاستحواذ على السلاح و أحكتار القوة و استغلال ” الحلم في الوصول للحرية و سعادة الإنسان فردا و جماعة ” ان اللجان الثورية أكتشفت من خلال الثورة الفكرية و الثقافية التي نتجت من دراسة الكتاب الأخضر هول بشاعة و خطورة و وحشية العلاقات السائدة في مجتمعات العسف و الاستغلال و القواعد الاجتماعية الظالمة التي بنيت عليها و التي فرقت أجتماعيا بين الأنسان الواحد في الخلقة و الأحساس ” فجعلت من فرد أو قلة ” ربا و سيدا على الشعب ” و تحول الشعوب لعبيد لأدوات الحكم الدكتاتورية بشكلها الفردي و التي تحكمها القلة و هي تدعى من الناس و الله ” القداسة و النزاهة ” و تدعى أهليتها و جدارتها بحكم الشعب و التسلط عليه و وصمه بأنه ” سوقة و دهماء و غوغاء ” و تحالفت كل القوى الدكتاتورية في العالم لتجريد ” الهجمة الأنتحارية الأخيرة ” لحلف الناتو الشيطاني و الذي تجندت في صفوفه كل أدوات الحكم ” الفردية و الحزبية و الفاشية و العنصرية و الطبقية و الرجعية و الصهيونية و القبلية و الجهوية ” التي جندت الخونة و العملاء و الجواسيس من جنسيات العالم و يتقدم صفوفها علماء ” النفاق و الكفر و الخيانة ” خدم الشيطان في حرب على ” الثورة الثقافية العالمية الجديدة التي فجرها الشعب الليبي العظيم ليبدد بورها الظلمات التي سيطرت على شعوب العالم التي تعاني ” فقدان الطموح و الأمل في الأنعتاق و التحرر ” فلجأت ” للمسكرات و المذهبات العقلية و الفكرية و البصرية و السمعية ” في محاولة يأسة للتخلص من الالام و البؤس و التعاسة و الشقاء ، أن الثورة الثقافية التي تفجرت فوق الأرض الليبية خلقت أمال جديدة للبشرية جمعاء و صارت فجرا جديدا يلوح ما بعد الأفق لكل الشعوب و يبعث روح الأمل لكل الساعين للحرية و للسعادة من بني البشر بعصر جديد و هو سيادة الشعب و أنتصار حرية الأنسان ” الواحد في الخلقة و الواحد في الأحساس ” أن اللجان الثورية في كل شعب و امة و كل قومية و دين تتلقف ” كفاح الشعب الليبي و تقتدي به و تفجر فجرها الجديد العظيم و الجميل مستبشرة بالحرية و سعادة الأنسان ببناء عصر سلطة الشعب الخالي من العبودية و الخالي من الأستغلال و الظلم و القهر و الاستعباد و ما أستجراد و تكالب و تضابع أداوت الحكم الدكتاتورية على الشعب الليبي و قائده معمر القذافي إلا لتأكدها بانها قد أنتهت ثقافيا و فكريا و ماتت أجتماعيا و تهاوت ” قداستها الزائفة و المزورة ” و أنها عبارة حقيقة ميتة ” فهي جيفة تحللت حتى ” أزكمت رائحتها النتنة الأنوف و أقشعرت من رؤية حقيقتها الأبدان من هول بشاعتها ” .
الثورة الشعبية هي ثورة فكرية عظيمة هي ثورة اليوم و قادم الأيام وفق المنهجية الفكرية التي قاد تفجيرها الثائر المفكر معمر القذافي بدعوته العميقة و الحقيقية لعصر سيادة الشعب ، اللجان الثورية هي أداة الثورة الشعبية من خلال ” الثورة الثقافية العميقة ” التي تقودها اللجان الثورية و التي تقود الثورة الأجتماعية ” السياسية و الاقتصادية و الأنسانية و ” و تقود الثورة الدينية الجوهرية الحقيقية كما أرادها الله في أخر رسالة له لنبيه محمد صل الله عليه و سلم ليصحح بها مسار الناس كافة لدين الله الحق الحق اليقين .


PARTS 6-9 (inclusive)

Cursed are those who Tamper with the Word of Allah


“Black Libyan resistance”:

There is No revolution after ‘al-Fateh Revolution’ : that you live in a 42-year sponsorship of the safety and security.

لا ثورة بعد ثورة الفاتح التي عشتم في رعايتها 42 عام من الامن والامان

* مناضل العروبة *

(* * Militant Arabism)

LOYALTY and and unbroken Covenant with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and ALLAH

أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة

Black Libyan resistance”

Attiynak era of the covenant still Lin Nfno Mankhalsoa Mouhal

(* * Militant Arabism)

عطيناك عهد على عهدنا مازال لين نفنو مانخلصوا موحال

* مناضل العروبة *

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi always reverences the Holy Quran and raises the Holy Words with Dignity.
Wahabi have distorted the Holy Words; Muammar has purified them.

Mu kisses the Holy Quran

NATO and Brotherhood replaces the purified Holy Quran with their forgeries after burning all the WICS editions and banning it.

After destroying the millions of beautiful editions of the HOLY QURAN printed by the “World Islamic Call Society” (institutionised by Muammar al-Qathafi), NATO and CIA have released a version of the “Quran” completely distorted: it’s a shame the distribution of 156,000 copies of the first edition of the Koran Libya full of perversion of the word of God Almighty Surat verse 56 floors, replaced by what word “permanent” in verse the word “guide.”

We are not surprised by these actions of the people who killed their brothers under the microscope to NATO aircraft unfaithful.


THE PRESERVATION OF THE MOST HOLY QURAN, by the Commission of the ISLAMIC CALL SOCIETY (founded by the inspiration and holy will of Allah, through his servant, Muammar al-Qathafi) of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Identification telling the “HOLY QURAN” and terms drawn and control

Thank God, that grace is righteous, and facilitated tasks, is pleased Holy Quran to mention affording Bhvdah said, and saying right, if we went Alzkroana his privates, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad envoy to the Holy Quran amount for the Lord and calling, and Mwalimalalim and guide, the best Mnalm and science, and reading, He said in a concise speech Mhdjaaomahfsa:,,

best to learn the Quran and his knowledge, and his family good and his companions Alockraman, Alventhmiloa the burden of responsibility for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Nicoloa us, for the Quran tortured and Slsla, and wire going after them and work on the publication of his book to the day of judgment.

But after.
It is the empowerment of God in the land and facilitate the male that created this nation at various Alozmnawalomkna of saves the Holy Quran by heart and bears responsibility communicated and works on Thviza and to publish it for others through various means of education and publishing,

Was it that stayed the Holy Quran and would be preserved, as revealed by God, recounted by generations to God inherits the earth and them.

I have been to this country, the Libyan Arab Muslim frontrunner; and I share fully in carrying the burden of this message novel and familiar, as it is preserved in the breasts, and documented in writing, carry it to receive parents grandparents to read Imam Nafi imam of the city of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the reader Brwighthma: A Novel of Imam / Hanif, the imam novel / workshops.

The virtues of this country that draw the Holy Quran Bsmh known bloggers in drawing books. Drawing Abu Omar and Osman bin Saeed proximal in convincing, and draw my father Daoud Suleiman ibn Abi al-Qasim success in the download,

which bring them together with what ‘Aqeelah Shati Imam / Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Umayyad Alhresy famous Ngeraz in Mndhumich famous so-called vendor thirsty has gained interest publishers face drawing, which followed the Imam / Abudawood,

Aftbat him copies of the Quran several in the east, and expressed (and novels) Hafs from Asim, and Abu Omar and Hafs League for Dad Amralbesry, and Hanif wholesome Civil, but the face, which singled out by Imam proximal remained – to our knowledge – preserved in the breasts and documented in some manuscripts.

And confirm the role of “September Revolution” in the great work of God in order to publish a book and save it and Thviza. And continuing its call for all Muslims to return to the Holy Quran: the book of God, which does not come on wrong in the hands of his successor download from the wise Hamid,,

A committee was formed with a tool “Quran Alalmealhfezh” of the Holy Quran, and specialists in reading, and charted, and control, and Vosalh, and the reasons for coming, as well as some of linguists assisted by some technicians to prepare and write the Holy Quran, to be a novel, Hanif wholesome civil. It is through the proximal draw Mohammed bin Harun, known as Abu active.

Committee began Guy work on Monday, 27 of Rabi 1390 of the death of the Prophet peace be upon him, corresponding to the second of March, 1982:

the day which marks the anniversary of the Declaration of the first JAMAHIRIYA (mass) and the power of the people, and the issuance of the historic document that confirmed the Libyan Arab people now recognized that the Holy Qur’an is the law of society in the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”.

In much of the night of the blessed month of Ramadan in 1393 of the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him), corresponding to 07 June 1983 AD, held a religious ceremony within a large mosque, Maulvi Mohammed in Tripoli, where the brother / Rebel Muslim Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander Fateh Islamic Revolution, left the last word, and to the people, the center of the Jamahiriya (mass) the Holy Qu’ran, and enlarge lullaby thousands of Muslims.

It took the work of the Commission for the Preparation of the Holy Quran planning, writing and revision under the supervision of the Holy Quran Radio, and care for by the Islamic Call Society three years and Neva.

And by the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”, which is offered today to all Muslims everywhere in the world, the Holy Quran, is asking God Almighty to accept it (the labor of the solemn fruits of the Commision, accumulated in the purified edition) and it be a benefit by the sons of the Muslims, to illuminates the paths of their lives and to inspire them to return to it (THE HOLY QURAN), and work in each area from it.

Yes Moly Yes Pocket .
though the “Islamic Call Society” as The Print edition of this most HOLY QURAN, and we offer it to all readers of this novel, as part of its goals, in the definition of the Holy Quran;
and to learn and Hvdah and publish it by all means pleasing, to express my sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the output of this work in this novel,
who is pleased to announce that there is now a printed edition of the HOLY QURAN with some novels, novels and other prints will be for the benefit of all in circulation

and we have achieved successfully these divine objectives; and God bless












Daash want to distort the Book of Allah … I will not fire you dogs Tflho Book of God Mahfouz

“Daash” announced its intention to amend the verses of the Holy Quran !!!
“داعش” يعلن عن اعتزامه لتعديل آيات من القرآن الكريم”

Simon Elliot is dead, al-Baghdadi faker:


بالفيديو والصور
تجييف الارهابي الحقير ابوبكر البغدادى زعيم داعش في غارة امريكية

  Lire la vidéo

The initial moments of the death of the Emir of Daash # Aboubacr al-Baghdadi (SIMON ELLIOT).
Using the international coalition aircraft.

Video powers.

Daash announce the death of their successor, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. His real name was Simon Elliot, an Israeli actor, primed by the American CIA and Mossad

خليفه بالقاسم

11:30 PM  10 NOVEMBER 2014

داعش تعلن مقتل خليفتها ابي بكر البغدادي .

Black Libyan resistance a partagé un lien.
il y a 8 heures · Modifié
Congratulations to you, O Daash Gardan Colto revolution and freedom,

Libya claimed the attached metal Dubai Jaquem Russians sectors

Statement from the Mujahideen of Libya sell caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and joining the Islamic state
Statement from the Mujahideen of Libya sell caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and joining the Islamic state
They all give their allegiance to ABDUL-HAKIM BELHADJ

Warning this video contains scenes with ugly .. This Maflo Kharijites father called Salem demons

“Black Libyan resistance”

God have mercy!  Leader Muammar al-Qathafi Immune to the scourge and musty was Hadh…

(* * Militant Arabism)

 “Black Libyan resistance”, comments:

“We do not need a certificate in one of our patriotism. The world knows who they are who ousted our Conqueror.”

(* * Militant Arabism)


“Black Libyan resistance”

This is allowed characterization.
Knight and a clean history.

(* * Militant Arabism)
أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة

هــذا هــو ســمــح الـــتـــوصــيـــف .
فــــارس والـــتــــاريــــخ نــــظـــيــــف.

* مناضل العروبة *
Gen. Khamis gretting a female guard:


22 October 2005

The declaration of the Committee of the Revolution at the Jamahiriya Press Agency (JANA) giving a report on the creation of an international investigation commission on the murder of the President of the Palestinian authority – Yasser Arafat who left us on 11 November  2004. In a few days we will commemorate his death.

Thus a certain media showed the portion of the declaration of the Guide of the last 8 October where he affirmed that the results of the analyses of the circumstances of the death of President Yasser Arafat illustrate that he would have been poisoned and he stressed that he calls for the constitution of an international investigation commission to know the authors of the crime and murder of Abu Ammar.

Muammar w Jascha Arafat in full color


The British “Reuter”, French “AFP”, Egyptian “MENA”, German “DPA”, Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria and Angola Press agencies and the satellite chain of Aljeezra, stressed also on the same declaration of the Guide of the Libyan Revolution regarding the necessity for the whole world and especially for the martyrized Palestinian people which would like to know the real fact of the tragedy of this famous warrior of freedom.

(RCM editorial board)

Arafat and Mu




11 November (2004) the tenth anniversary of the martyrdom of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, after injecting a needle of poisoned Plutonium, by French intelligence collaborators with Israel, and traitors of his people.

PA Chairman and Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, and 10 years after the assassination of Arafat, rejects the charge of “Israel” … and after 10 hours of Gaza bombings accuses Brotherhood’s Hamas.
Treason flavors

Mahmoud Abbas, and 10 years after the assassination of Arafat rejects the charge of “Israel”





Zionist (Bernard-Henri Levy) moves in Europe these days and take place in meetings

with some political figures on the situation in Libya #!

Bernard Levy and the Libya he helped destroy

PICTURE: BERNARD LEVY and the world he helped to destroy.







 UNO works with the RAT GANGS and Brotherhood…

Those who believe that the United Nations will be resolved or find a solution in the Libyan crisis,

the logic is neutral and the most important, because the United Nations headquarters in the hands

of the state and by working agendas!

# Bernardino Leon met this morning with former President Nuri ABU Bushmin (BUSAMEIN) Arrows of the BROTHERHOOD RATS in Tripoli. It is the first door of the West to meet with the “rabbi at Temple of the priests” (Al-Goriana)

(Lyon kept Slumbly familiar with…)



‘Mashallah cabled’, “oil minister in the ‘government of Hassi fighter group’ “,


previously worked in in the ‘Gaddafi Foundation’… (InfilTRAITORS)

(HAH ! One of Saif’s infiltrating spies from the West)


Called (Abdul Rahman Bin Omran) Housing # Tripoli, Libya # Ambassador (making “whoopie”) in Hungary now,

after the work of the director of the ‘February’ ceremony Aradi friend!

11 NOV. 2013
“Black Libyan resistance”

My list of the names of the deceased in Hadtt Gharghour
Do you still remember the hearts of Malk

* * Militant Arabism




another MONUMENT destroyed by the WAHABI:

# Tms_alhoah_allibah
Monument to the Battle of “martyrs Amdakm” South corner Jabolh Khashek and Qlauh ..
Battle “Amdakm well” against the Italian occupation was a year 10/27/1923.


Black Libyan resistance

# Mn brid el-Safhh

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
Appeal to all the great conqueror free lovers and supporters of the legitimate leader leader Muammar al-Qathafi, in the corner and its environs, and who have proven their support, both civilians and military personnel who have already been arrested or imprisoned, tortured or inspection at the hands of criminal gangs in the city.

Please note that the various Brotherhood  Wahabi ‘militias February’ spade new lists have been prepared to arrest what it called Palm Talobin, included volunteers and members of the armed people and criminal investigation and judicial, police, and intelligence and homeland security and other state agencies by the General People’s Committee for Justice and Public Security or the armed forces follow all the qualities. Without that were previously exempt from arrest and released either through a court judgment or without it. And add that both are caught in these circumstances are accused of being members of the tribes of the Army.

So I hope that all involved in this appeal the lookout for something and take it seriously, and take necessary to avoid falling into the hands of these gangs, and cut way for them to justify their actions precautions, avoid areas where gates or retain what refers to support for the legitimacy of the mobile phones which are subject to strict scrutiny.
It severely Please Please pay attention to is that you protect and preserve your souls.

May God protect you from all evil, and keep you from all evil; for He is Able to do so.

(* * Militant Arabism)



السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
نداء إلى كافة أحرار الفاتح العظيم وأنصار الشرعية محبي الزعيم القائد معمر القذافي بمدينة الزاوية وما جاورها، والذين ثبت عنهم تأييدهم لها، سواء من المدنيين والعسكريين الذين سبق أن سجنوا أو قبض عليهم وتعرضوا للتعذيب أو التفتيش على أيدي عصابات الإجرام بالمدينة.
نحيطكم علماً أن مليشيات فبراير بمسمياتها المختلفة قد أعدت قوائم جديدة لاعتقال من أسمتهم بالمطلوبين شملت متطوعي وأفراد الشعب المسلح والبحث الجنائي والشرطة القضائية وعناصر الاستخبارات والأمن الداخلي وغيرها من أجهزة الدولة التي تتبع اللجنة الشعبية العامة للعدل والأمن العام أو القوات المسلحة بكافة صفاتها. دون أن تستثني من تم القبض عليهم سابقا وأفرج عنهم سواء عن طريق حكم محكمة أو دون ذلك. وأضيف أن كل من يتم القبض عليه في هذه الظروف يتم إتهامه بأنه من منتسبي جيش القبائل.
لذا أرجو من كافة المعنيين بهذا النداء التنبه للأمر وأخذه على محمل الجد، وأخذ الاحتياطات اللازمة لتفادي الوقوع في أيدي هذه العصابات ، وقطع السبيل عليهم لتبرير أفعالهم، من تجنب مناطق تواجد البوابات أو الاحتفاظ بما يشير لتأييدهم للشرعية في هواتفهم المحمولة التي تخضع لتفتيش دقيق.
عليه أرجوكم شديد الرجاء أن تنتبهوا للأمر حماية لكم وحفاظاً على أرواحكم عسى الله أن يحميكم من كل شر ويحفظكم من كل سوء إنه ولي ذلك والقادر عليه

* مناضل العروبة *



Family please take the body !!

This exists Les five days in “hospital of street CORNER”.


Mafeesh asked what extent it has, a security paper, which is written the name of:

‘Ali Mahfouz long lamp’,

who recognize him or his family is his family

and to God and to Him we return ..



Tomorrow ((angle)) on 11/11/2011 angular waved in the Sacker

carried Dlm and moodiness them tomorrow is 11/11 they knew more people group.

Grandsons Chatan .. Remind them and moodiness .. 11.11.2011


Tripoli this morning
Evil ‘Roma Libya’ gangs enter Gurji, area west street,

and arrested a large total of youth belonging to ‘dignity’ !

(* * Militant Arabism)




The closure of the highway from the hand clinic Paradise and set fire to the road.



# Menkowoowoowoowol
Kidnapping “Dean Municipality # Sawani” Shaaban Suisse “by the

criminal ‘militia Salah Valley of the Roma Libya’, and a ransom demand of four million dinars.



The Super-Markets are EMPTY !







Black Libyan resistance
il y a environ une heure
Ali unidentified bodies found by police CID was delivered to the hospital on the turf of the owner recognizes the orientation of the hospital to complete the procedures ..
To God and we return to the mechanism.

(* * Militant Arabism)







Fully controlled by the tribal forces Bir Ali sheep and Hlgodh and crushers Bank and Kikla Association

and Bank and character that

and thank God for the destruction of the mechanics of the ‘Roma militias’ in Libya

through the corner Bir al-Ghanam

and destroyed a tank of the militias in the eastern and quarries were targeted
Artillery Al-Ttqilh











The Ministry of Communications and Informatics Network announces new stop-‘orbit services company’

in the Eastern Province.



Shooting ‘Ali Ahmed Essa’, executive director at ‘device Osttmar water’ next

to the Great Man-Made River secondary Uqba, in the residential area al-Tanih # 2, and kidnapped.

Science car dumped, dead, and still exist next to the school and mentioned
Flash and the car is a white Chevrolet Type

(* * Militant Arabism)


الرماية علي أحمد عيسي المدير التنفيدي في #جهازأسثتمار مياة النهر الصناعي العظيم بجانب #ثانوية عقبة بن نافع في المنطقة السكنية التانية #رقم2 وخطفه .
للعلم السيارة مرمية بالرصاص ولازالت موجودة بجانب المدرسة والمذكور
والسيارة الخاطفة هي نوع شفرليت بيضاء اللون

* مناضل العروبة *




Libyan Air-force Warplanes over the skies of Benghazi.

Warplanes targeted sites in Rulrhh of the organization ‘Daash’.

هذا ما جلبتة لكم ثورة فبراير يا عرب بنغازي

* مناضل العروبة *

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.


News about housebreaking in the Blon area, of the lawyer traitor (since the beginning of the Nakba), “Abdul Hafiz Ghoga”  by the Kharijites and steal all Maver including private cars …

Al-DAASH burn Abdul-hafeez Gogha’s house in the Blon area.

The Libyan Red Crescent – Benghazi branch, said:

“Honorable mention to the citizens that the fire extinguisher is not our business does not have the necessary tools to deal with the fire ..”


The Champions # Dqma in Milkfish area and successfully captured the dreamer

Bahour eye, which was led by
# Adakkma Haya term Juargi intended car bomb ..



A fire house Salaabi family gardens area. 

burning home terrorist leaderIsmail 'hardness' Salabi,

in area parks (GARDENS)





Benghazi .….. shells randomly at residents’ homes in Sidi Hussein

Benghazi...La chute des coquilles sans discernement sur les maisons en #سيدى_حسين

Hussein called the killing of one of the employees al-Abbar.

Shields in Pisces market and brother invited Wael al-Abbar, who was killed, with Recep al-Adola.

The streets of war now Pisces market area between the Army and the Kharijites.


la vidéo de ‎اسامه بو بكر‎.

la vidéo de Osama Boubacar.
National Army in Pisces market

O Khawarij

Intensified clashes now in the shrine and Omar ibn al-Aas and the tree and the area around the field service

and public Electricity was cut off to the entire area of ​​the country ..

Offering all military forces from the area and al-Skabla Street Omar Bin Aas toward Pisces market through

the streets of al-Aguib and Bazzar
And Viacorino and Hashr and Nbus with the progress of the force stationed at Camp Navy toward the Corniche

application pincer plan

الجيش الوطني في سوق الحوت يا الخوارج

Lire la vidéo



Now the war is very violent clashes in the path of the river and Boatni.

Experiencing violent clashes between the Army and the Kharijites in the housing area of Boatni.

Random shooting of the Kharijites residential neighborhoods …..


Strong clashes in Sabri district in Benghazi … Oh Protect slaves.

 Prairie Hospital receives 20 dead, 4 wounded in clashes between Boatni and al-Sabri.






Oooooonaba for _ to find the bodies of two beheaded Fattaih area.

Head off two activists for human rights
The victims were aged 19 and 21, the murder was committed in Derna

Two young people aged 19 and 21, human rights activists, were beheaded in Derna, in eastern Libya, where the WAHABI Kharijites have sworn allegiance to DAASH and imposed Sharia law. The local media reported. The two were supporters of General Khalifa Haftar, fighting extremist groups  alongside the regular Army.

The two victims are Battu and Mohammed Siraj Qath, kidnapped on 6 November. Their bodies were found today by residents of Derna. DERNA city is under the control of the Council of Islamic youth who set up an Islamic court and have carried out executions.

(* * Militant Arabism)




 A car bomb explosion at a crossroads in Dubai by Tobruk and proceeds initial 10 dead and many wounded and burned seven vehicles fully.

 URGENT: National Security Directorate # Tobruk confirm the deaths of civilians in the double blast, car bombs, which struck the city center:

Wounded, who witnessed the suicide bombing, in the city.
Their names are:

1 Faisal Ali Fayed
2 Faraj Ahmed Abdel-Halim
3 Noureddine Saad
4 Mustafa Awad Mansour
5 Arif Abdullah Al-Mansouri
6 Yusuf Ahmed Sharif
7 Fawzi Kamal Mhammed
8 Fadlallah Recep
9 Key Ramadan
10 Saad Hamza
11 on the net
12 Bader Abdul Khaliq poetic
13 Fahim Alrvadi
14 Faraj Abed Rabbo
15 Ibrahim Saad
16. Mahmoud Mahmoud Khalifa
17 Merzouga Abdul Rahim poetic
18 Ibrahim Ahmad Elmejrda.
19 Isa Abdullah Isa






Oil Field Spark:
“Black Libyan resistance”, reporting:

This spark after it Masatroa ‘Roma Libya militias’ the oil field office.

(* * Militant Arabism)







Black Libyan resistance:

Today at # Galloux, was arrested on 3 Pakistani smuggling from Sudan and familiarized

themselves with the Joazathm and found that their entry to Sudan different dates in the

month of 8 and 9 dates Achtbha Banzmamanm to terrorists.

(* * Militant Arabism)




Mu in Green Protection


Muammar Al Qadhafi
Muammar Al Qadhafi’s Original Complete Website Archive
First Communiqué Of The Al Fateh Revolution
The Green Book
Statement Of The Brother Leader At The General Assembly Of The United Nations
The Illegality Of The International Criminal Courts And Tribunals
UN Reform: A Message To All Countries Of The World
The White Book
The Brother Leader Of The Revolution Presents To African Intellectuals His Strategic Vision Of An African Cultural Revolution To Preserve The African Identity, Its Historical Roots And Age-Old Cultural Heritage
Statement Of The Leader Muammar Al-Gathafi In The African Union/ European Union Ministerial Meeting On Migration And Development
The Brother, The Leader Of The Revolution Leads Presidents And Muslims From Different Parts Of The World In Prayer, And Delivers A Speech In Timbuktu
In Observance Of The Anniversary Of The Birth Of The Last Prophet, Muhammad…
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Short Stories By Muammar Al Qadhafi
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Sirte Declaration on the Environment
نص محاضرة الأخ قائد الثورة في طلبة جامعة أوكـسفورد البريطانية حول افريقيا في القرن الواحد والعشرين
نص كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في جلسة القمة الثامنة لمجموعة سيماك
نص خطاب الأخ قائد الثورة فى المهرجان الكبير الذي أقامته جماهيــر المــــــــؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية إحياء للذكرى 92 لمعركة القرضابية
الأخ القائد يؤم الرؤساء وجموع المسلمين من كافة أنحاء العالم بمدينة أغاديس التاريخية في تظاهرة التحدي الإسلامي الكبرى الثانية
احتفالاً بذكرى مولد خاتم أنبياء الله محمد( ص 

لى الله عليه وسلم ).
الأخ قائد الثورة يلتقي بالفعاليات الطبية بالجماهيرية العظمى
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورةفي الجلسة الصباحيـة للاجتماع العادي الثاني لمجلس التخطيط العام
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه أمناء المؤتمـرات الشعبية الأساسية في شعبيات
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في مؤتمر
الأخ قائد ثورة الفاتح العظيم العقيد معمر القذافي يتحدث أمام حشد من فعاليات
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في ضابطات الشعب المسلح والأمن العام والجمارك
الاخ قائد الثورة في الحديث المهم الذي ألقاه في جماهير النساء بمدينة سبها : أرجو من
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه مجلس التخطيط العام
نص حديث الاخ قائد الثورة في الجلسة الافتتاحية
تأكيدا على دور الأخ قائد الثورة في ترسيخ وتعزيز سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس
الأخ قائد الثورة يتحدث في فعاليات الشعب الليبي
كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في المجلس الاعلى للهيئات القضائية
الأخ القائد يتحدث فى الجلسة الافتتاحية لمؤتمر الشعب العام يوم الثلاثاء
نص اللقاء الذي أجرته قناة أبوظبي الفضائية مع الأخ قائد الثورة

Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement Documents:

First Communiqué Of The Al Fateh Revolution
Proclamation Of The Establishment of Popular Authority
The Green Book
Language Of The Third Universal Theory
The Great Green Charter Of Human Rights Of The Jamahiriyan Era
Commentary On The Green Book (Arabic)
Commentary On The Green Book: The World Has Not Changed
Commentary On The Green Book: Class Struggle
Commentary On The Green Book: Correctional Systems With Solutions
Commentary On The Green Book: Crisis Of Sovereignty And Legislation
Commentary On The Green Book: The Value Of Human Society
Commentary On The Green Book: Categories Of Reactionaries
Commentary On The Green Book: Revolution Of The Working People
Commentary On The Green Book: The Struggle For Power
Commentary On The Green Book: A New Economy
Commentary On The Green Book: The Law And Conflict
Commentary On The Green Book: How A Society’s Wealth Is Distributed
Commentary On The Green Book: New Socialist Society
Commentary On The Green Book: Property and Productivity
Commentary On The Green Book: Change The Masses
Commentary On The Green Book: Worker’s Revolution
Commentary On The Green Book: The Revolutionary Committees
Commentary On The Green Book: Community Partners In The Revolution
نص محاضرة الأخ قائد الثورة في طلبة جامعة أوكـسفورد البريطانية حول افريقيا في القرن الواحد والعشرين
نص كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في جلسة القمة الثامنة لمجموعة سيماك
نص خطاب الأخ قائد الثورة فى المهرجان الكبير الذي أقامته جماهيــر المــــــــؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية إحياء للذكرى 92 لمعركة القرضابية
الأخ القائد يؤم الرؤساء وجموع المسلمين من كافة أنحاء العالم بمدينة أغاديس التاريخية في تظاهرة التحدي الإسلامي الكبرى الثانية
احتفالاً بذكرى مولد خاتم أنبياء الله محمد( صلى الله عليه وسلم ).

الأخ قائد الثورة يلتقي بالفعاليات الطبية بالجماهيرية العظمى
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورةفي الجلسة الصباحيـة للاجتماع العادي الثاني لمجلس التخطيط العام
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه أمناء المؤتمـرات الشعبية الأساسية في شعبيات
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في مؤتمر
الأخ قائد ثورة الفاتح العظيم العقيد معمر القذافي يتحدث أمام حشد من فعاليات
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في ضابطات الشعب المسلح والأمن العام والجمارك
الاخ قائد الثورة في الحديث المهم الذي ألقاه في جماهير النساء بمدينة سبها : أرجو من
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه مجلس التخطيط العام
نص حديث الاخ قائد الثورة في الجلسة الافتتاحية
تأكيدا على دور الأخ قائد الثورة في ترسيخ وتعزيز سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس
الأخ قائد الثورة يتحدث في فعاليات الشعب الليبي
كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في المجلس الاعلى للهيئات القضائية
الأخ القائد يتحدث فى الجلسة الافتتاحية لمؤتمر الشعب العام يوم الثلاثاء
نص اللقاء الذي أجرته قناة أبوظبي الفضائية مع الأخ قائد الثورة

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1. arabic-2007-08-26-africa










































































chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 11 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 12 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 13 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 15 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 16 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 17 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 18 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 19 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 1 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 20 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 21 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 22A FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 22B FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 22C FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 23 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 2 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 3 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 4 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 5 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 6 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 7 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 8 FULL



chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese 9 FULL

chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese 24 FULL


chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese 25 FULL



chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese 26 FULL



chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese 10 FULL



chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese 27 FULL



chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese 28 FULL



chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese 29 FULL



chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese 30 FULL



chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese 31 FULL



chinese-2010-04-11-Chinese 14 FULL



chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese 32 FULL



chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese 33 FULL



chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese 34 FULL

english-2007-08-26-English 10 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 11 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 12 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 13 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 14 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 15 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 18 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 19 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 20 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 21 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 22A FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 22B FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 22C FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 23 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 2 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 3 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 4 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 5 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 6 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 7 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 8 FULL



english-2007-08-26-English 9 FULL



english-2007-11-01-English 16 FULL



english-2007-11-01-English 17 FULL









english-2009-05-19-English 26 FULL



english-2009-05-25-English 27 FULL



english-2009-05-25-English 28 FULL



english-2009-05-25-English 29 FULL



english-2009-05-25-English 30 FULL



english-2009-05-25-English 31 FULL



english-2010-02-07-English 1 FULL



english-2010-03-27-English 32 FULL



english-2010-03-27-English 33 FULL



english-2010-03-27-English 34 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 10 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 11 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 12 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 13 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 14 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 15 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 16 FULL


french-2007-08-27-French 17 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 18 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 19 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 1 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 20 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 21 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 22A FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 22B FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 22C FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 23 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 2 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 3 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 4 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 5 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 6 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 7 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 8 FULL



french-2007-08-27-French 9 FULL



french-2008-05-15-French 28 FULL



french-2008-05-17-French 26 FULL



french-2009-05-10-French 29 FULL

french-2009-06-10-French 30 FULL
french-2009-06-10-French 31 FULL



french-2009-06-13-French 32 FULL



french-2009-06-13-French 33 FULL



french-2010-04-13-French 24 FULL



french-2010-04-13-French 25 FULL



french-2010-04-22-French 34 FULL



french-2010-04-22-French 35 FULL



french-2010-04-22-French 36 FULL



german-2007-08-29-German 1 FULL



german-2007-08-29-German 2 FULL



german-2007-08-29-German 3 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 10 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 11 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 12 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 13 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 14 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 15 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 16 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 17 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 18 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 19 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 20 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 21 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 22A FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 22B FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 22C FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 23 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 24 Sport FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 25 Charter FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 4 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 5 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 6 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 7 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 8 FULL



german-2007-08-31-German 9 FULL



german-2008-04-26-German 26 FULL



german-2008-04-26-German 27 FULL



german-2008-04-26-German 28 FULL



german-2009-06-14-German 30 FULL



german-2009-06-14-German 31 FULL



german-2009-06-15-German 32 FULL



german-2009-06-15-German 33 FULL


german-2010-04-13-German 29 FULL



german-2010-07-18-German 34 FULL



german-2010-07-18-German 35 FULL



german-2010-07-18-German 36 FULL



japanese-2010-03-08-cat 03 05 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-08-cat 03 06 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-08-cat 1 3 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-08-cat 1 4 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-08-cat 1 6 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-13-cat 03 04 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-13-cat 03 07 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-13-cat 1 7 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-13-cat 1 8 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-15-cat 01 01 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-17-cat 01 05 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-17-cat 03 01 Japanese

japanese-2010-03-17-cat 03 08 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-17-cat 03 09 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-18-cat 01 06 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-22-cat 01 04 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-22-cat 03 10 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 01 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 02 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 03 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 04 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 06 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-25-cat 03 03 Japanese



japanese-2010-03-25-cat 1 5 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-01-cat 01 02 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-01-cat 02 05 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-01-cat 1 9 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-07-01 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-07-cat 01 03 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-07-cat 03 02 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-07-cat 1 10 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-07-cat 1 1 Japanese



japanese-2010-04-07-cat 1 2 Japanese



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 1



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 11



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 12



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 13



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 14



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 15



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 16



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 17



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 2



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 3



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 4



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 8



portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 9



portuguese-2008-06-05-POR 10



portuguese-2008-06-05-POR 5



portuguese-2008-06-05-POR 6



portuguese-2008-06-07-POR 7



portuguese-2008-08-30-POR 19



portuguese-2008-08-30-POR 20



portuguese-2008-09-11-POR 18



portuguese-2008-09-11-POR 21



portuguese-2008-12-23-POR 22



portuguese-2008-12-23-POR 26



portuguese-2008-12-23-POR 27



portuguese-2009-06-01-POR 23



portuguese-2009-06-02-POR 24



portuguese-2009-06-03-POR 25



portuguese-2009-06-09-POR 28



portuguese-2009-10-12-POR 29



portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 30



portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 31



portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 32



portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 33



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 10 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 11 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 12 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 13 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 14 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 15 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 16 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 17 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 18 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 19 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 1 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 21 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 22A FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 22B FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 22C FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 23 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 2 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 3 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 4 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 5 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 6 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 7 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 8 FULL



russian-2007-08-28-Russian 9 FULL



russian-2007-11-03-Russian 20 FULL



russian-2008-01-29-Russian 24 FULL



russian-2008-01-29-Russian 25 FULL



russian-2008-01-29-Russian 26 FULL



russian-2009-05-03-Russian 27 FULL



russian-2009-06-25-Russian 28 FULL



russian-2009-06-25-Russian 29 FULL



russian-2009-06-27-Russian 30 FULL



russian-2009-06-27-Russian 31 FULL



russian-2010-03-30-Russian 32 FULL



russian-2010-03-30-Russian 33 FULL



russian-2010-03-30-Russian 34 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 10 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 11 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 12 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 13 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 14 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 15 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 16 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 17 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 18 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 19 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 1 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 20 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 21 FULL

spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 22A FULL


spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 22B FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 22C FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 2 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 3 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 4 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 5 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 6 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 7 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 8 FULL



spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 9 FULL



spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish 24C FULL



spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish 25C FULL



spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish 26C FULL



spanish-2009-05-25-Spanish 28C FULL



spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 27C FULL



spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 29C FULL



spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 30C FULL



spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 31C FULL



spanish-2010-04-20-Spanish 23C FULL

This item is part of the collection: The Archive Team Just In Time Grabs

Identifier: algathafi-org-audio-video-201108

Date: 2011-08

Mediatype: web

Publicdate: 2011-10-07 11:20:10

Addeddate: 2011-10-07 11:20:10

Individual Files

Whole Item Format Size
[generated M3U] M3U Stream
[generated VBR MP3 ZIP] VBR MP3 ZIP Stream
Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
arabic-2007-08-26-africa.mp3 6.1 MB 4.0 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-akrad.mp3 6.2 MB 4.0 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-arab.mp3 13.7 MB 8.8 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-bayolege.mp3 2.9 MB 1.8 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-earth.mp3 11.0 MB 7.2 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-fifa.mp3 13.1 MB 8.6 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-international-criminal.mp3 23.8 MB 15.6 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-kashmer.mp3 15.1 MB 9.7 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-korea.mp3 7.6 MB 4.9 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-letter.mp3 20.9 MB 13.7 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-sport.mp3 10.3 MB 6.7 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-terromrism.mp3 24.2 MB 15.6 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-turkya.mp3 11.3 MB 7.2 MB
arabic-2007-08-26-white-book.mp3 51.0 MB 32.0 MB
arabic-2007-11-05-ottawa.mp3 6.0 MB 3.2 MB
arabic-2007-11-23-tt.mp3 2.8 MB 1.5 MB
arabic-2008-12-29-pakistan.mp3 4.2 MB 2.7 MB
arabic-2008-12-29-russia.mp3 8.7 MB 5.5 MB
arabic-2009-01-05-International.mp3 1.5 MB 1.8 MB
arabic-2009-04-29-Ukraine.mp3 8.0 MB 4.8 MB
arabic-2010-03-11-chinese.mp3 7.9 MB 4.7 MB
arabic-2010-08-18-Seas.mp3 3.9 MB 1.7 MB
arabic-2010-12-09-pole.mp3 7.8 MB 4.7 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_11_FULL.mp3 35.2 MB 19.5 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_12_FULL.mp3 83.6 MB 46.6 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_13_FULL.mp3 55.9 MB 31.1 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_15_FULL.mp3 4.5 MB 2.5 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_16_FULL.mp3 37.5 MB 20.6 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_17_FULL.mp3 6.5 MB 3.6 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_18_FULL.mp3 2.0 MB 1.1 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_19_FULL.mp3 4.0 MB 2.2 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_1_FULL.mp3 35.4 MB 19.6 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_20_FULL.mp3 10.1 MB 5.7 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_21_FULL.mp3 8.1 MB 4.5 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22A_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB 708.7 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22B_FULL.mp3 1.9 MB 1.1 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22C_FULL.mp3 4.0 MB 2.2 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_23_FULL.mp3 17.3 MB 9.5 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_2_FULL.mp3 11.1 MB 6.2 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_3_FULL.mp3 71.9 MB 39.5 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_4_FULL.mp3 37.2 MB 20.2 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_5_FULL.mp3 17.3 MB 9.5 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_6_FULL.mp3 8.1 MB 4.5 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_7_FULL.mp3 11.5 MB 6.4 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_8_FULL.mp3 23.1 MB 12.7 MB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_9_FULL.mp3 22.6 MB 12.6 MB
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_24_FULL.mp3 5.7 MB 2.7 MB
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_25_FULL.mp3 55.3 MB 25.8 MB
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_26_FULL.mp3 2.8 MB 1.3 MB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_10_FULL.mp3 26.5 MB 19.2 MB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_27_FULL.mp3 40.3 MB 15.8 MB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_28_FULL.mp3 4.7 MB 1.9 MB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_29_FULL.mp3 10.5 MB 4.1 MB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_30_FULL.mp3 12.5 MB 4.9 MB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_31_FULL.mp3 9.8 MB 3.8 MB
chinese-2010-04-11-Chinese_14_FULL.mp3 8.9 MB 5.0 MB
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_32_FULL.mp3 124.5 MB 42.7 MB
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_33_FULL.mp3 51.6 MB 17.3 MB
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_34_FULL.mp3 9.4 MB 3.2 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_10_FULL.mp3 29.7 MB 16.7 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_11_FULL.mp3 26.1 MB 14.9 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_12_FULL.mp3 66.5 MB 36.9 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_13_FULL.mp3 43.7 MB 24.5 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_14_FULL.mp3 7.4 MB 4.2 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_15_FULL.mp3 3.4 MB 1.9 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_18_FULL.mp3 1.6 MB 947.5 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_19_FULL.mp3 3.2 MB 1.8 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_20_FULL.mp3 8.2 MB 4.7 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_21_FULL.mp3 3.1 MB 1.8 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_22A_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB 673.3 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_22B_FULL.mp3 1.5 MB 897.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_22C_FULL.mp3 3.5 MB 2.0 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_23_FULL.mp3 13.3 MB 7.5 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_2_FULL.mp3 7.4 MB 4.1 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_3_FULL.mp3 49.3 MB 27.6 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_4_FULL.mp3 27.7 MB 15.5 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_5_FULL.mp3 14.4 MB 8.2 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_6_FULL.mp3 7.9 MB 4.4 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_7_FULL.mp3 12.2 MB 6.8 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_8_FULL.mp3 21.5 MB 12.0 MB
english-2007-08-26-English_9_FULL.mp3 20.1 MB 11.2 MB
english-2007-11-01-English_16_FULL.mp3 22.4 MB 16.4 MB
english-2007-11-01-English_17_FULL.mp3 4.1 MB 3.0 MB
english-2007-11-21-ottawa.mp3 4.6 MB 2.2 MB
english-2007-11-24-Cambridge.mp3 40.5 MB 19.4 MB
english-2009-05-19-English_26_FULL.mp3 2.2 MB 1.0 MB
english-2009-05-25-English_27_FULL.mp3 27.5 MB 10.9 MB
english-2009-05-25-English_28_FULL.mp3 3.1 MB 1.2 MB
english-2009-05-25-English_29_FULL.mp3 7.1 MB 2.8 MB
english-2009-05-25-English_30_FULL.mp3 8.7 MB 3.5 MB
english-2009-05-25-English_31_FULL.mp3 8.3 MB 3.3 MB
english-2010-02-07-English_1_FULL.mp3 23.5 MB 17.3 MB
english-2010-03-27-English_32_FULL.mp3 7.5 MB 2.5 MB
english-2010-03-27-English_33_FULL.mp3 36.6 MB 12.1 MB
english-2010-03-27-English_34_FULL.mp3 90.6 MB 29.8 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_10_FULL.mp3 46.1 MB 25.4 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_11_FULL.mp3 23.2 MB 12.9 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_12_FULL.mp3 82.0 MB 45.3 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_13_FULL.mp3 70.3 MB 38.1 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_14_FULL.mp3 7.6 MB 4.2 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_15_FULL.mp3 4.5 MB 2.5 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_16_FULL.mp3 37.1 MB 20.4 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_17_FULL.mp3 8.2 MB 4.4 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_18_FULL.mp3 2.2 MB 1.2 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_19_FULL.mp3 4.9 MB 2.7 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_1_FULL.mp3 24.3 MB 13.5 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_20_FULL.mp3 11.7 MB 6.5 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_21_FULL.mp3 8.6 MB 4.8 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_22A_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB 697.3 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_22B_FULL.mp3 1.8 MB 1.0 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_22C_FULL.mp3 4.3 MB 2.4 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_23_FULL.mp3 7.0 MB 3.9 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_2_FULL.mp3 8.6 MB 4.7 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_3_FULL.mp3 50.9 MB 28.0 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_4_FULL.mp3 25.6 MB 14.0 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_5_FULL.mp3 17.2 MB 9.3 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_6_FULL.mp3 9.4 MB 5.2 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_7_FULL.mp3 12.4 MB 6.8 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_8_FULL.mp3 24.3 MB 13.5 MB
french-2007-08-27-French_9_FULL.mp3 30.3 MB 16.7 MB
french-2008-05-15-French_28_FULL.mp3 1.9 MB 957.1 KB
french-2008-05-17-French_26_FULL.mp3 2.2 MB 1.0 MB
french-2009-05-10-French_29_FULL.mp3 33.1 MB 13.0 MB
french-2009-06-10-French_30_FULL.mp3 3.8 MB 1.6 MB
french-2009-06-10-French_31_FULL.mp3 8.2 MB 3.3 MB
french-2009-06-13-French_32_FULL.mp3 10.1 MB 4.1 MB
french-2009-06-13-French_33_FULL.mp3 7.5 MB 3.0 MB
french-2010-04-13-French_24_FULL.mp3 4.5 MB 2.2 MB
french-2010-04-13-French_25_FULL.mp3 57.1 MB 27.2 MB
french-2010-04-22-French_34_FULL.mp3 127.7 MB 42.7 MB
french-2010-04-22-French_35_FULL.mp3 45.3 MB 15.4 MB
french-2010-04-22-French_36_FULL.mp3 9.6 MB 3.0 MB
german-2007-08-29-German_1_FULL.mp3 6.7 MB 3.9 MB
german-2007-08-29-German_2_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB 1.4 MB
german-2007-08-29-German_3_FULL.mp3 70.8 MB 41.0 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_10_FULL.mp3 46.4 MB 26.4 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_11_FULL.mp3 39.9 MB 23.0 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_12_FULL.mp3 2.7 MB 1.5 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_13_FULL.mp3 3.3 MB 1.9 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_14_FULL.mp3 1.4 MB 797.4 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_15_FULL.mp3 4.8 MB 2.7 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_16_FULL.mp3 2.6 MB 1.5 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_17_FULL.mp3 7.8 MB 4.6 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_18_FULL.mp3 2.1 MB 1.2 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_19_FULL.mp3 4.9 MB 2.8 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_20_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB 1.4 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_21_FULL.mp3 2.6 MB 1.5 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_22A_FULL.mp3 1.5 MB 1.1 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_22B_FULL.mp3 2.4 MB 1.4 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_22C_FULL.mp3 2.8 MB 1.6 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_23_FULL.mp3 5.6 MB 3.2 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_24_Sport_FULL.mp3 8.0 MB 4.5 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_25_Charter_FULL.mp3 4.7 MB 2.7 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_4_FULL.mp3 42.2 MB 24.6 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_5_FULL.mp3 21.0 MB 12.3 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_6_FULL.mp3 11.5 MB 6.7 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_7_FULL.mp3 17.3 MB 9.9 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_8_FULL.mp3 29.1 MB 16.9 MB
german-2007-08-31-German_9_FULL.mp3 29.0 MB 16.9 MB
german-2008-04-26-German_26_FULL.mp3 6.2 MB 3.1 MB
german-2008-04-26-German_27_FULL.mp3 7.2 MB 3.5 MB
german-2008-04-26-German_28_FULL.mp3 1.3 MB 1.3 MB
german-2009-06-14-German_30_FULL.mp3 3.7 MB 1.5 MB
german-2009-06-14-German_31_FULL.mp3 7.8 MB 3.2 MB
german-2009-06-15-German_32_FULL.mp3 10.0 MB 4.0 MB
german-2009-06-15-German_33_FULL.mp3 6.9 MB 2.8 MB
german-2010-04-13-German_29_FULL.mp3 33.6 MB 14.0 MB
german-2010-07-18-German_34_FULL.mp3 120.7 MB 37.2 MB
german-2010-07-18-German_35_FULL.mp3 50.7 MB 15.9 MB
german-2010-07-18-German_36_FULL.mp3 10.0 MB 3.1 MB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_03_05_Japanese.mp3 2.7 MB 2.0 MB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_03_06_Japanese.mp3 5.7 MB 4.1 MB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_3_Japanese.mp3 2.4 MB 1.8 MB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_4_Japanese.mp3 3.1 MB 2.3 MB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_6_Japanese.mp3 7.9 MB 5.9 MB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_03_04_Japanese.mp3 9.1 MB 6.5 MB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_03_07_Japanese.mp3 14.7 MB 10.7 MB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_1_7_Japanese.mp3 8.6 MB 6.1 MB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_1_8_Japanese.mp3 8.4 MB 6.3 MB
japanese-2010-03-15-cat_01_01_Japanese.mp3 15.6 MB 11.1 MB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_01_05_Japanese.mp3 14.4 MB 10.5 MB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_01_Japanese.mp3 13.9 MB 10.1 MB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_08_Japanese.mp3 11.2 MB 8.3 MB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_09_Japanese.mp3 11.9 MB 8.9 MB
japanese-2010-03-18-cat_01_06_Japanese.mp3 21.8 MB 15.8 MB
japanese-2010-03-22-cat_01_04_Japanese.mp3 24.5 MB 17.5 MB
japanese-2010-03-22-cat_03_10_Japanese.mp3 27.7 MB 19.8 MB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_01_Japanese.mp3 34.2 MB 24.6 MB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_02_Japanese.mp3 32.6 MB 23.5 MB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_03_Japanese.mp3 53.6 MB 39.0 MB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_04_Japanese.mp3 46.1 MB 33.5 MB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_06_Japanese.mp3 36.2 MB 26.1 MB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_03_03_Japanese.mp3 51.6 MB 37.4 MB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_1_5_Japanese.mp3 34.0 MB 24.8 MB
japanese-2010-04-01-cat_01_02_Japanese.mp3 77.7 MB 55.6 MB
japanese-2010-04-01-cat_02_05_Japanese.mp3 118.3 MB 84.2 MB
japanese-2010-04-01-cat_1_9_Japanese.mp3 84.5 MB 60.9 MB
japanese-2010-04-07-01_Japanese.mp3 51.8 MB 38.2 MB
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_01_03_Japanese.mp3 47.8 MB 34.5 MB
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_03_02_Japanese.mp3 6.7 MB 4.7 MB
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_10_Japanese.mp3 50.6 MB 37.1 MB
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_1_Japanese.mp3 5.1 MB 3.7 MB
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_2_Japanese.mp3 59.9 MB 43.2 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_1.mp3 3.9 MB 1.9 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_11.mp3 10.1 MB 4.9 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_12.mp3 3.0 MB 1.4 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_13.mp3 6.0 MB 2.9 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_14.mp3 14.9 MB 7.1 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_15.mp3 2.0 MB 1,011.5 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_16.mp3 2.9 MB 1.4 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_17.mp3 6.5 MB 3.1 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_2.mp3 6.5 MB 3.1 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_3.mp3 13.3 MB 6.5 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_4.mp3 23.9 MB 11.6 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_8.mp3 13.4 MB 6.4 MB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_9.mp3 6.3 MB 3.0 MB
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR_10.mp3 53.2 MB 6.5 MB
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR_5.mp3 22.8 MB 11.0 MB
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR_6.mp3 48.9 MB 23.6 MB
portuguese-2008-06-07-POR_7.mp3 127.3 MB 62.5 MB
portuguese-2008-08-30-POR_19.mp3 35.5 MB 17.3 MB
portuguese-2008-08-30-POR_20.mp3 35.7 MB 17.5 MB
portuguese-2008-09-11-POR_18.mp3 47.8 MB 22.9 MB
portuguese-2008-09-11-POR_21.mp3 48.5 MB 23.3 MB
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR_22.mp3 59.2 MB 28.7 MB
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR_26.mp3 27.1 MB 13.0 MB
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR_27.mp3 85.6 MB 41.3 MB
portuguese-2009-06-01-POR_23.mp3 54.2 MB 25.9 MB
portuguese-2009-06-02-POR_24.mp3 29.5 MB 14.3 MB
portuguese-2009-06-03-POR_25.mp3 2.8 MB 1.4 MB
portuguese-2009-06-09-POR_28.mp3 769.9 KB 386.8 KB
portuguese-2009-10-12-POR_29.mp3 12.2 MB 6.0 MB
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_30.mp3 9.0 MB 2.0 MB
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_31.mp3 11.6 MB 2.0 MB
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_32.mp3 9.5 MB 678.9 KB
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_33.mp3 8.2 MB 438.3 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_10_FULL.mp3 36.8 MB 20.7 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_11_FULL.mp3 31.6 MB 17.9 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_12_FULL.mp3 74.8 MB 41.4 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_13_FULL.mp3 2.4 MB 1.4 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_14_FULL.mp3 8.5 MB 4.9 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_15_FULL.mp3 3.4 MB 2.0 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_16_FULL.mp3 29.5 MB 17.3 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_17_FULL.mp3 6.2 MB 3.6 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_18_FULL.mp3 2.0 MB 1.2 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_19_FULL.mp3 3.5 MB 2.0 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_1_FULL.mp3 22.6 MB 13.0 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_21_FULL.mp3 7.8 MB 4.6 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22A_FULL.mp3 3.9 MB 2.3 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22B_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB 692.5 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22C_FULL.mp3 1.9 MB 1.1 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_23_FULL.mp3 15.7 MB 9.0 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_2_FULL.mp3 8.8 MB 5.0 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_3_FULL.mp3 295.2 KB 172.7 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_4_FULL.mp3 30.4 MB 17.6 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_5_FULL.mp3 16.2 MB 9.0 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_6_FULL.mp3 8.4 MB 4.7 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_7_FULL.mp3 12.5 MB 7.0 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_8_FULL.mp3 19.7 MB 11.2 MB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_9_FULL.mp3 21.4 MB 12.1 MB
russian-2007-11-03-Russian_20_FULL.mp3 9.7 MB 5.7 MB
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_24_FULL.mp3 5.5 MB 2.7 MB
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_25_FULL.mp3 44.9 MB 22.5 MB
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_26_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB 1.3 MB
russian-2009-05-03-Russian_27_FULL.mp3 35.2 MB 14.9 MB
russian-2009-06-25-Russian_28_FULL.mp3 3.8 MB 1.5 MB
russian-2009-06-25-Russian_29_FULL.mp3 9.0 MB 3.7 MB
russian-2009-06-27-Russian_30_FULL.mp3 10.7 MB 4.3 MB
russian-2009-06-27-Russian_31_FULL.mp3 9.6 MB 3.8 MB
russian-2010-03-30-Russian_32_FULL.mp3 109.6 MB 37.0 MB
russian-2010-03-30-Russian_33_FULL.mp3 50.5 MB 17.4 MB
russian-2010-03-30-Russian_34_FULL.mp3 8.5 MB 2.9 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_10_FULL.mp3 30.2 MB 17.7 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_11_FULL.mp3 29.8 MB 17.3 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_12_FULL.mp3 76.8 MB 45.4 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_13_FULL.mp3 23.3 MB 14.1 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_14_FULL.mp3 7.6 MB 4.4 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_15_FULL.mp3 3.8 MB 2.2 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_16_FULL.mp3 35.9 MB 20.8 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_17_FULL.mp3 5.9 MB 3.4 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_18_FULL.mp3 2.0 MB 1.1 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_19_FULL.mp3 4.0 MB 2.3 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_1_FULL.mp3 33.3 MB 19.7 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_20_FULL.mp3 9.5 MB 5.5 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_21_FULL.mp3 7.6 MB 4.5 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22A_FULL.mp3 1.3 MB 806.3 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22B_FULL.mp3 1.8 MB 1.1 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22C_FULL.mp3 4.1 MB 2.4 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_2_FULL.mp3 7.7 MB 4.7 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_3_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB 1.6 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_4_FULL.mp3 2.6 MB 1.5 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_5_FULL.mp3 14.6 MB 8.6 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_6_FULL.mp3 8.3 MB 5.0 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_7_FULL.mp3 12.8 MB 7.4 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_8_FULL.mp3 20.6 MB 12.3 MB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_9_FULL.mp3 22.8 MB 13.3 MB
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish_24C_FULL.mp3 5.9 MB 3.1 MB
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish_25C_FULL.mp3 55.0 MB 29.2 MB
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish_26C_FULL.mp3 2.8 MB 1.5 MB
spanish-2009-05-25-Spanish_28C_FULL.mp3 3.0 MB 1.2 MB
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_27C_FULL.mp3 4.4 MB 1.9 MB
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_29C_FULL.mp3 9.3 MB 3.8 MB
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_30C_FULL.mp3 11.9 MB 4.9 MB
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_31C_FULL.mp3 8.8 MB 3.7 MB
spanish-2010-04-20-Spanish_23C_FULL.mp3 17.7 MB 10.4 MB
Movie Files Flash Video h.264 Ogg Video
arabic-2007-08-24-v10.flv 436.3 MB 697.2 MB 527.2 MB
arabic-2007-08-25-v1.flv 28.5 MB 35.2 MB 26.3 MB
arabic-2007-08-25-v5.flv 200.2 MB 323.5 MB 241.3 MB
arabic-2007-08-25-v6.flv 239.5 MB 386.5 MB 282.7 MB
arabic-2007-08-25-v8.flv 233.9 MB 285.4 MB 179.2 MB
arabic-2007-08-28-v2.flv 242.7 MB 298.6 MB 223.9 MB
arabic-2007-08-30-v7.flv 288.5 MB 465.1 MB 336.5 MB
arabic-2007-08-30-v9.flv 320.3 MB 517.0 MB 388.4 MB
arabic-2007-11-03-v3.flv 59.2 MB 73.2 MB 54.6 MB
arabic-2007-11-03-v4.flv 331.2 MB 536.2 MB 401.0 MB
arabic-2007-11-12-v11.flv 293.8 MB 27.7 MB 20.5 MB
arabic-2007-11-12-v12.flv 336.1 MB 127.7 MB 93.0 MB
arabic-2008-05-15-v13.flv 233.6 MB 378.1 MB 285.1 MB
arabic-2009-10-02-v14.flv 331.4 MB 538.0 MB 400.8 MB
arabic-2009-12-20-v15.flv 786.5 MB 291.7 MB 210.1 MB
arabic-2010-12-18-v16.flv 817.4 MB 220.1 MB 163.8 MB
arabic-2011-03-16-v17.flv 251.6 MB 375.5 MB 226.3 MB
arabic-2011-03-22-v18.flv 164.4 MB 60.1 MB 44.8 MB
arabic-2011-05-13-v20.flv 242.6 MB 466.5 MB 340.9 MB
chinese-2008-05-19-v04.flv 45.6 MB 73.1 MB 54.6 MB
chinese-2008-05-21-v03.flv 186.5 MB 301.6 MB 222.8 MB
chinese-2008-05-21-v10.flv 179.8 MB 289.7 MB 168.4 MB
chinese-2008-05-24-v02.flv 259.0 MB 415.2 MB 303.7 MB
chinese-2008-05-25-v07.flv 297.8 MB 477.1 MB 357.3 MB
chinese-2008-05-26-v11.flv 276.7 MB 444.6 MB 330.0 MB
chinese-2009-02-08-v12.flv 439.6 MB 698.5 MB 509.2 MB
chinese-2009-06-25-v01.flv 235.5 MB 390.7 MB 282.3 MB
chinese-2010-04-10-v05.flv 333.8 MB 538.5 MB 400.6 MB
chinese-2010-04-12-v08.flv 147.8 MB 237.4 MB 161.4 MB
chinese-2010-04-13-v09.flv 241.3 MB 388.1 MB 261.2 MB
chinese-2010-04-15-v06.flv 201.8 MB 324.4 MB 236.4 MB
chinese-2010-05-03-v14.flv 179.8 MB 290.2 MB 205.8 MB
chinese-2010-05-15-v13.flv 331.8 MB 537.6 MB 398.4 MB
english-2008-02-02-v03.flv 186.5 MB 301.6 MB 222.9 MB
english-2008-02-02-v04.flv 45.6 MB 73.8 MB 54.6 MB
english-2008-02-16-v05.flv 333.8 MB 538.4 MB 401.6 MB
english-2008-02-17-v06.flv 201.7 MB 324.3 MB 237.4 MB
english-2008-02-17-v08.flv 147.8 MB 237.8 MB 161.9 MB
english-2008-04-12-v01.flv 60.3 MB 97.2 MB 73.4 MB
english-2008-05-01-v10.flv 179.8 MB 289.7 MB 168.1 MB
english-2008-05-02-v09.flv 241.3 MB 388.6 MB 262.0 MB
english-2009-05-20-v12.flv 17.9 MB 28.1 MB 20.0 MB
english-2009-07-05-v07.flv 297.8 MB 477.7 MB 357.6 MB
english-2009-07-06-v02.flv 325.9 MB 403.1 MB 303.8 MB
english-2009-07-06-v11.flv 322.8 MB 519.5 MB 384.8 MB
english-2010-03-21-v14.flv 331.8 MB 536.0 MB 399.5 MB
english-2010-03-22-v15.flv 179.8 MB 289.4 MB 206.9 MB
english-2010-12-19-v16.flv 819.3 MB 301.6 MB 225.2 MB
french-2008-05-05-v02.flv 259.0 MB 415.5 MB 305.5 MB
french-2008-05-05-v04.flv 45.7 MB 74.4 MB 54.7 MB
french-2008-05-06-v03.flv 186.5 MB 300.0 MB 222.7 MB
french-2008-05-06-v08.flv 147.8 MB 237.2 MB 162.1 MB
french-2008-05-06-v10.flv 179.9 MB 289.5 MB 168.0 MB
french-2008-05-07-v05.flv 334.0 MB 538.8 MB 401.8 MB
french-2008-05-07-v09.flv 241.3 MB 388.5 MB 262.1 MB
french-2008-05-08-v06.flv 165.8 MB 265.5 MB 195.5 MB
french-2008-05-10-v07.flv 297.8 MB 477.3 MB 358.0 MB
french-2009-11-04-v001.flv 235.6 MB 385.9 MB 281.6 MB
french-2009-11-08-v11.flv 322.9 MB 517.6 MB 385.8 MB
french-2009-11-11-v12.flv 439.6 MB 699.5 MB 509.7 MB
french-2009-11-18-v01.flv 235.6 MB 385.9 MB 281.6 MB
french-2010-04-25-v13.flv 331.9 MB 535.9 MB 399.0 MB
french-2010-04-25-v14.flv 179.8 MB 289.4 MB 206.1 MB
german-2008-05-11-v03.flv 186.7 MB 302.5 MB 223.1 MB
german-2008-05-11-v04.flv 45.6 MB 73.2 MB 54.6 MB
german-2008-05-11-v08.flv 147.9 MB 237.7 MB 162.0 MB
german-2008-05-12-v02.flv 259.0 MB 416.9 MB 305.0 MB
german-2008-05-12-v07.flv 134.4 MB 215.0 MB 161.4 MB
german-2008-05-12-v10.flv 179.9 MB 290.4 MB 167.8 MB
german-2008-05-13-v06.flv 201.8 MB 325.4 MB 237.4 MB
german-2008-05-13-v09.flv 241.3 MB 388.9 MB 261.8 MB
german-2008-05-14-v05.flv 333.8 MB 539.5 MB 402.0 MB
german-2008-05-14-v11.flv 323.4 MB 524.7 MB 386.3 MB
german-2009-02-12-v12.flv 439.6 MB 700.1 MB 509.7 MB
german-2009-06-29-v01.flv 235.4 MB 377.0 MB 283.2 MB
german-2010-07-20-v14.flv 179.8 MB 290.0 MB 206.3 MB
german-2010-07-21-v13.flv 331.8 MB 536.3 MB 399.1 MB
portuguese-2009-04-01-v02.flv 259.0 MB 416.5 MB 306.8 MB
portuguese-2009-04-02-v05.flv 333.9 MB 530.8 MB 400.7 MB
portuguese-2009-04-05-v09.flv 241.4 MB 389.3 MB 269.9 MB
portuguese-2009-04-06-v03.flv 186.6 MB 299.7 MB 223.3 MB
portuguese-2009-04-11-v07.flv 186.4 MB 299.9 MB 222.9 MB
portuguese-2009-05-23-v04.flv 45.6 MB 73.4 MB 54.4 MB
portuguese-2009-05-27-v12.flv 937.5 KB 1.2 MB 943.8 KB
portuguese-2009-07-07-v01.flv 235.4 MB 384.1 MB 282.0 MB
portuguese-2009-07-07-v06.flv 201.9 MB 326.6 MB 240.3 MB
portuguese-2009-07-16-v08.flv 147.8 MB 237.7 MB 171.1 MB
portuguese-2009-07-16-v10.flv 179.8 MB 285.5 MB 177.0 MB
portuguese-2009-07-18-v11.flv 323.0 MB 520.5 MB 386.3 MB
portuguese-2010-06-06-v13.flv 331.7 MB 163.3 MB 120.9 MB
russian-2008-05-31-v02.flv 259.0 MB 416.2 MB 304.8 MB
russian-2008-05-31-v04.flv 45.6 MB 73.7 MB 54.5 MB
russian-2008-05-31-v08.flv 147.8 MB 237.7 MB 161.7 MB
russian-2008-06-01-v06.flv 201.8 MB 324.6 MB 236.9 MB
russian-2008-06-03-v10.flv 179.8 MB 289.3 MB 168.0 MB
russian-2008-06-07-v03.flv 186.5 MB 301.1 MB 223.5 MB
russian-2008-06-09-v05.flv 333.8 MB 539.1 MB 402.9 MB
russian-2008-06-11-v11.flv 322.9 MB 518.7 MB 386.8 MB
russian-2009-02-10-v12.flv 200.4 MB 38.8 MB 27.5 MB
russian-2009-02-11-v07.flv 297.8 MB 477.9 MB 357.1 MB
russian-2009-02-11-v09.flv 193.4 MB 311.9 MB 205.0 MB
russian-2009-06-27-v01.flv 235.4 MB 379.5 MB 283.5 MB
russian-2010-03-23-v13.flv 331.8 MB 536.1 MB 399.4 MB
russian-2010-03-24-v14.flv 179.8 MB 289.0 MB 206.3 MB
spanish-2008-05-26-v03.flv 186.5 MB 302.2 MB 224.7 MB
spanish-2008-05-26-v04.flv 45.6 MB 73.2 MB 54.9 MB
spanish-2008-05-27-v020.flv 259.0 MB 417.5 MB 307.9 MB
spanish-2008-05-27-v06.flv 201.7 MB 324.6 MB 238.9 MB
spanish-2008-05-28-v05.flv 333.8 MB 538.8 MB 403.6 MB
spanish-2008-05-28-v08.flv 147.9 MB 238.2 MB 163.4 MB
spanish-2008-05-29-v09.flv 241.3 MB 389.3 MB 263.0 MB
spanish-2009-02-21-v07.flv 297.8 MB 477.8 MB 358.4 MB
spanish-2009-12-08-v02.flv 259.0 MB 417.5 MB 308.0 MB
spanish-2010-04-04-v01.flv 235.4 MB 382.2 MB 283.0 MB
spanish-2010-04-06-v10.flv 193.4 MB 289.8 MB 179.2 MB
spanish-2010-04-27-v11.flv 322.8 MB 322.2 MB 240.1 MB
spanish-2010-04-28-v12.flv 439.6 MB 700.3 MB 512.3 MB
Image Files Thumbnail Animated GIF PNG JPEG Thumb
arabic-2007-08-24-v10.flv 7.7 KB 491.0 KB
arabic-2007-08-25-v1.flv 5.5 KB 213.9 KB
arabic-2007-08-25-v5.flv 6.2 KB 483.0 KB
arabic-2007-08-25-v6.flv 5.4 KB 432.5 KB
arabic-2007-08-25-v8.flv 7.6 KB 467.8 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-africa.mp3 11.9 KB 2.0 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-akrad.mp3 12.1 KB 2.0 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-arab.mp3 11.2 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-bayolege.mp3 10.1 KB 1.8 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-earth.mp3 10.1 KB 1.9 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-fifa.mp3 11.1 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-international-criminal.mp3 10.1 KB 2.0 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-kashmer.mp3 10.6 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-korea.mp3 11.8 KB 2.0 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-letter.mp3 11.4 KB 2.1 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-sport.mp3 11.6 KB 2.1 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-terromrism.mp3 10.6 KB 2.1 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-turkya.mp3 11.2 KB 2.1 KB
arabic-2007-08-26-white-book.mp3 10.3 KB 2.1 KB
arabic-2007-08-28-v2.flv 6.3 KB 478.8 KB
arabic-2007-08-30-v7.flv 6.7 KB 473.5 KB
arabic-2007-08-30-v9.flv 9.5 KB 510.1 KB
arabic-2007-11-03-v3.flv 4.1 KB 398.7 KB
arabic-2007-11-03-v4.flv 7.2 KB 494.1 KB
arabic-2007-11-05-ottawa.mp3 10.8 KB 1.8 KB
arabic-2007-11-12-v11.flv 36.1 KB
arabic-2007-11-12-v12.flv 176.2 KB
arabic-2007-11-23-tt.mp3 10.0 KB 1.9 KB
arabic-2008-05-15-v13.flv 6.9 KB 506.2 KB
arabic-2008-12-29-pakistan.mp3 11.9 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2008-12-29-russia.mp3 12.0 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2009-01-05-International.mp3 12.2 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2009-04-29-Ukraine.mp3 12.3 KB 2.1 KB
arabic-2009-10-02-v14.flv 7.5 KB 498.6 KB
arabic-2009-12-20-v15.flv 5.7 KB 487.9 KB
arabic-2010-03-11-chinese.mp3 12.2 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2010-08-18-Seas.mp3 11.7 KB 2.2 KB
arabic-2010-12-09-pole.mp3 9.6 KB 1.8 KB
arabic-2010-12-18-v16.flv 8.9 KB 348.1 KB
arabic-2011-03-16-v17.flv 6.5 KB 422.2 KB
arabic-2011-03-22-v18.flv 6.0 KB 288.1 KB
arabic-2011-05-13-v20.flv 7.0 KB 380.3 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_11_FULL.mp3 10.0 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_12_FULL.mp3 9.5 KB 1.7 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_13_FULL.mp3 10.6 KB 2.1 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_15_FULL.mp3 11.6 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_16_FULL.mp3 9.9 KB 1.7 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_17_FULL.mp3 11.6 KB 2.0 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_18_FULL.mp3 9.7 KB 1.7 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_19_FULL.mp3 11.3 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_1_FULL.mp3 8.6 KB 1.6 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_20_FULL.mp3 11.1 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_21_FULL.mp3 10.9 KB 1.7 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22A_FULL.mp3 10.7 KB 2.0 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22B_FULL.mp3 11.7 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22C_FULL.mp3 11.6 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_23_FULL.mp3 11.0 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_2_FULL.mp3 11.1 KB 2.0 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_3_FULL.mp3 9.3 KB 1.7 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_4_FULL.mp3 9.8 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_5_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_6_FULL.mp3 11.6 KB 2.0 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_7_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_8_FULL.mp3 10.3 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_9_FULL.mp3 8.9 KB 1.7 KB
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_24_FULL.mp3 11.9 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_25_FULL.mp3 10.4 KB 2.0 KB
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_26_FULL.mp3 8.5 KB 1.6 KB
chinese-2008-05-19-v04.flv 3.9 KB 398.8 KB
chinese-2008-05-21-v03.flv 5.9 KB 474.2 KB
chinese-2008-05-21-v10.flv 7.4 KB 467.2 KB
chinese-2008-05-24-v02.flv 6.9 KB 521.6 KB
chinese-2008-05-25-v07.flv 5.0 KB 481.7 KB
chinese-2008-05-26-v11.flv 9.7 KB 500.8 KB
chinese-2009-02-08-v12.flv 7.2 KB 486.4 KB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_10_FULL.mp3 8.7 KB 1.6 KB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_27_FULL.mp3 10.2 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_28_FULL.mp3 10.6 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_29_FULL.mp3 11.6 KB 2.0 KB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_30_FULL.mp3 11.4 KB 1.9 KB
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_31_FULL.mp3 11.3 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2009-06-25-v01.flv 6.4 KB 482.9 KB
chinese-2010-04-10-v05.flv 6.7 KB 492.4 KB
chinese-2010-04-11-Chinese_14_FULL.mp3 10.5 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2010-04-12-v08.flv 6.3 KB 470.1 KB
chinese-2010-04-13-v09.flv 5.2 KB 430.4 KB
chinese-2010-04-15-v06.flv 6.5 KB 475.5 KB
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_32_FULL.mp3 9.2 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_33_FULL.mp3 9.5 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_34_FULL.mp3 11.3 KB 1.8 KB
chinese-2010-05-03-v14.flv 5.2 KB 492.4 KB
chinese-2010-05-15-v13.flv 6.6 KB 492.1 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_10_FULL.mp3 10.2 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_11_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_12_FULL.mp3 9.3 KB 1.8 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_13_FULL.mp3 9.1 KB 1.8 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_14_FULL.mp3 8.0 KB 1.6 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_15_FULL.mp3 9.8 KB 1.8 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_18_FULL.mp3 8.5 KB 1.5 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_19_FULL.mp3 9.4 KB 1.7 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_20_FULL.mp3 8.4 KB 1.7 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_21_FULL.mp3 10.7 KB 2.0 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_22A_FULL.mp3 10.8 KB 1.7 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_22B_FULL.mp3 11.4 KB 2.0 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_22C_FULL.mp3 9.4 KB 1.8 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_23_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_2_FULL.mp3 9.8 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_3_FULL.mp3 9.0 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_4_FULL.mp3 9.6 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_5_FULL.mp3 9.0 KB 1.7 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_6_FULL.mp3 10.4 KB 2.0 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_7_FULL.mp3 9.6 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_8_FULL.mp3 8.7 KB 1.7 KB
english-2007-08-26-English_9_FULL.mp3 9.4 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-11-01-English_16_FULL.mp3 9.7 KB 1.8 KB
english-2007-11-01-English_17_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 1.9 KB
english-2007-11-21-ottawa.mp3 10.4 KB 1.8 KB
english-2007-11-24-Cambridge.mp3 9.7 KB 1.9 KB
english-2008-02-02-v03.flv 6.0 KB 473.6 KB
english-2008-02-02-v04.flv 4.0 KB 399.1 KB
english-2008-02-16-v05.flv 6.7 KB 492.8 KB
english-2008-02-17-v06.flv 5.9 KB 479.0 KB
english-2008-02-17-v08.flv 6.3 KB 471.0 KB
english-2008-04-12-v01.flv 127.1 KB
english-2008-05-01-v10.flv 7.4 KB 466.1 KB
english-2008-05-02-v09.flv 5.2 KB 429.9 KB
english-2009-05-19-English_26_FULL.mp3 10.5 KB 1.9 KB
english-2009-05-20-v12.flv 7.0 KB 179.0 KB
english-2009-05-25-English_27_FULL.mp3 9.8 KB 1.8 KB
english-2009-05-25-English_28_FULL.mp3 11.0 KB 1.9 KB
english-2009-05-25-English_29_FULL.mp3 10.2 KB 1.9 KB
english-2009-05-25-English_30_FULL.mp3 9.9 KB 1.7 KB
english-2009-05-25-English_31_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 1.8 KB
english-2009-07-05-v07.flv 5.0 KB 481.7 KB
english-2009-07-06-v02.flv 10.1 KB 542.7 KB
english-2009-07-06-v11.flv 9.0 KB 512.4 KB
english-2010-02-07-English_1_FULL.mp3 9.3 KB 1.8 KB
english-2010-03-21-v14.flv 6.6 KB 492.1 KB
english-2010-03-22-v15.flv 5.2 KB 492.4 KB
english-2010-03-27-English_32_FULL.mp3 11.2 KB 1.9 KB
english-2010-03-27-English_33_FULL.mp3 10.7 KB 2.0 KB
english-2010-03-27-English_34_FULL.mp3 9.7 KB 2.0 KB
english-2010-12-19-v16.flv 9.5 KB 521.9 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_10_FULL.mp3 8.3 KB 1.7 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_11_FULL.mp3 8.5 KB 1.8 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_12_FULL.mp3 8.6 KB 1.8 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_13_FULL.mp3 4.9 KB 1.3 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_14_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 2.0 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_15_FULL.mp3 9.1 KB 1.6 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_16_FULL.mp3 9.1 KB 1.9 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_17_FULL.mp3 10.5 KB 1.9 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_18_FULL.mp3 9.8 KB 1.7 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_19_FULL.mp3 11.3 KB 2.0 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_1_FULL.mp3 8.9 KB 1.8 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_20_FULL.mp3 9.7 KB 1.8 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_21_FULL.mp3 10.4 KB 1.9 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_22A_FULL.mp3 10.8 KB 1.9 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_22B_FULL.mp3 12.1 KB 2.2 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_22C_FULL.mp3 9.8 KB 1.7 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_23_FULL.mp3 9.9 KB 1.7 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_2_FULL.mp3 10.8 KB 2.0 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_3_FULL.mp3 10.2 KB 2.1 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_4_FULL.mp3 9.0 KB 1.9 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_5_FULL.mp3 8.9 KB 1.7 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_6_FULL.mp3 8.6 KB 1.7 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_7_FULL.mp3 9.2 KB 1.7 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_8_FULL.mp3 8.9 KB 1.8 KB
french-2007-08-27-French_9_FULL.mp3 8.5 KB 1.7 KB
french-2008-05-05-v02.flv 6.8 KB 520.8 KB
french-2008-05-05-v04.flv 4.6 KB 398.8 KB
french-2008-05-06-v03.flv 5.9 KB 473.3 KB
french-2008-05-06-v08.flv 6.4 KB 470.6 KB
french-2008-05-06-v10.flv 7.3 KB 476.4 KB
french-2008-05-07-v05.flv 6.5 KB 494.3 KB
french-2008-05-07-v09.flv 5.2 KB 429.9 KB
french-2008-05-08-v06.flv 5.4 KB 393.9 KB
french-2008-05-10-v07.flv 5.0 KB 483.0 KB
french-2008-05-15-French_28_FULL.mp3 10.6 KB 1.9 KB
french-2008-05-17-French_26_FULL.mp3 10.5 KB 1.9 KB
french-2009-05-10-French_29_FULL.mp3 8.6 KB 1.7 KB
french-2009-06-10-French_30_FULL.mp3 12.1 KB 2.1 KB
french-2009-06-10-French_31_FULL.mp3 11.9 KB 2.1 KB
french-2009-06-13-French_32_FULL.mp3 9.1 KB 1.6 KB
french-2009-06-13-French_33_FULL.mp3 12.1 KB 2.2 KB
french-2009-11-04-v001.flv 8.1 KB 461.3 KB
french-2009-11-08-v11.flv 9.0 KB 508.4 KB
french-2009-11-11-v12.flv 7.3 KB 486.9 KB
french-2009-11-18-v01.flv 8.0 KB 462.4 KB
french-2010-04-13-French_24_FULL.mp3 12.0 KB 2.2 KB
french-2010-04-13-French_25_FULL.mp3 9.3 KB 2.1 KB
french-2010-04-22-French_34_FULL.mp3 9.1 KB 1.8 KB
french-2010-04-22-French_35_FULL.mp3 10.3 KB 2.1 KB
french-2010-04-22-French_36_FULL.mp3 11.1 KB 1.9 KB
french-2010-04-25-v13.flv 7.0 KB 493.2 KB
french-2010-04-25-v14.flv 5.2 KB 492.4 KB
german-2007-08-29-German_1_FULL.mp3 10.8 KB 2.0 KB
german-2007-08-29-German_2_FULL.mp3 8.3 KB 1.6 KB
german-2007-08-29-German_3_FULL.mp3 8.7 KB 1.8 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_10_FULL.mp3 10.2 KB 2.1 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_11_FULL.mp3 9.6 KB 1.8 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_12_FULL.mp3 12.8 KB 2.2 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_13_FULL.mp3 11.4 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_14_FULL.mp3 11.3 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_15_FULL.mp3 10.9 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_16_FULL.mp3 11.7 KB 2.1 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_17_FULL.mp3 11.4 KB 2.0 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_18_FULL.mp3 11.3 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_19_FULL.mp3 10.2 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_20_FULL.mp3 11.9 KB 2.0 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_21_FULL.mp3 11.8 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_22A_FULL.mp3 4.6 KB 1.4 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_22B_FULL.mp3 10.6 KB 1.7 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_22C_FULL.mp3 11.5 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_23_FULL.mp3 10.2 KB 1.7 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_24_Sport_FULL.mp3 11.2 KB 2.0 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_25_Charter_FULL.mp3 11.1 KB 2.0 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_4_FULL.mp3 9.5 KB 1.7 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_5_FULL.mp3 10.3 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_6_FULL.mp3 10.7 KB 2.0 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_7_FULL.mp3 10.3 KB 1.9 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_8_FULL.mp3 8.0 KB 1.5 KB
german-2007-08-31-German_9_FULL.mp3 10.4 KB 2.1 KB
german-2008-04-26-German_26_FULL.mp3 11.9 KB 2.0 KB
german-2008-04-26-German_27_FULL.mp3 11.1 KB 2.0 KB
german-2008-04-26-German_28_FULL.mp3 11.4 KB 2.0 KB
german-2008-05-11-v03.flv 7.2 KB 455.2 KB
german-2008-05-11-v04.flv 3.9 KB 398.5 KB
german-2008-05-11-v08.flv 6.3 KB 470.9 KB
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german-2008-05-13-v06.flv 6.5 KB 475.9 KB
german-2008-05-13-v09.flv 5.2 KB 430.3 KB
german-2008-05-14-v05.flv 6.7 KB 492.4 KB
german-2008-05-14-v11.flv 9.2 KB 477.9 KB
german-2009-02-12-v12.flv 7.2 KB 486.9 KB
german-2009-06-14-German_30_FULL.mp3 10.9 KB 1.8 KB
german-2009-06-14-German_31_FULL.mp3 9.6 KB 1.6 KB
german-2009-06-15-German_32_FULL.mp3 10.7 KB 2.0 KB
german-2009-06-15-German_33_FULL.mp3 9.9 KB 1.8 KB
german-2009-06-29-v01.flv 5.9 KB 492.4 KB
german-2010-04-13-German_29_FULL.mp3 9.7 KB 1.8 KB
german-2010-07-18-German_34_FULL.mp3 8.8 KB 1.7 KB
german-2010-07-18-German_35_FULL.mp3 10.5 KB 2.0 KB
german-2010-07-18-German_36_FULL.mp3 9.0 KB 1.7 KB
german-2010-07-20-v14.flv 5.2 KB 492.4 KB
german-2010-07-21-v13.flv 6.6 KB 492.1 KB
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japanese-2010-03-08-cat_03_06_Japanese.mp3 10.6 KB 1.8 KB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_3_Japanese.mp3 11.5 KB 2.2 KB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_4_Japanese.mp3 10.1 KB 1.8 KB
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_6_Japanese.mp3 11.1 KB 1.9 KB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_03_04_Japanese.mp3 12.9 KB 2.2 KB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_03_07_Japanese.mp3 12.0 KB 2.0 KB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_1_7_Japanese.mp3 11.3 KB 1.9 KB
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_1_8_Japanese.mp3 12.0 KB 2.1 KB
japanese-2010-03-15-cat_01_01_Japanese.mp3 12.4 KB 2.1 KB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_01_05_Japanese.mp3 10.0 KB 1.7 KB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_01_Japanese.mp3 10.0 KB 1.8 KB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_08_Japanese.mp3 10.0 KB 1.8 KB
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_09_Japanese.mp3 9.9 KB 1.8 KB
japanese-2010-03-18-cat_01_06_Japanese.mp3 11.7 KB 1.9 KB
japanese-2010-03-22-cat_01_04_Japanese.mp3 11.2 KB 1.9 KB
japanese-2010-03-22-cat_03_10_Japanese.mp3 11.2 KB 1.8 KB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_01_Japanese.mp3 8.9 KB 1.6 KB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_02_Japanese.mp3 10.7 KB 2.0 KB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_03_Japanese.mp3 11.1 KB 2.0 KB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_04_Japanese.mp3 9.2 KB 1.7 KB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_06_Japanese.mp3 9.5 KB 1.8 KB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_03_03_Japanese.mp3 9.2 KB 1.6 KB
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_1_5_Japanese.mp3 11.0 KB 2.1 KB
japanese-2010-04-01-cat_01_02_Japanese.mp3 10.8 KB 2.0 KB
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japanese-2010-04-01-cat_1_9_Japanese.mp3 11.1 KB 2.0 KB
japanese-2010-04-07-01_Japanese.mp3 10.7 KB 2.0 KB
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japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_1_Japanese.mp3 11.5 KB 2.2 KB
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_2_Japanese.mp3 11.2 KB 2.1 KB
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portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_11.mp3 9.7 KB 1.7 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_12.mp3 12.3 KB 2.1 KB
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portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_14.mp3 9.7 KB 1.9 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_15.mp3 12.1 KB 2.1 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_16.mp3 11.9 KB 2.1 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_17.mp3 10.9 KB 1.8 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_2.mp3 11.1 KB 1.9 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_3.mp3 9.8 KB 1.9 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_4.mp3 9.5 KB 2.1 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_8.mp3 9.8 KB 1.8 KB
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_9.mp3 11.4 KB 1.9 KB
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR_10.mp3 10.1 KB 2.1 KB
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portuguese-2008-09-11-POR_21.mp3 8.7 KB 1.9 KB
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portuguese-2009-06-09-POR_28.mp3 12.6 KB 2.1 KB
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portuguese-2009-07-18-v11.flv 8.6 KB 504.6 KB
portuguese-2009-10-12-POR_29.mp3 10.1 KB 2.0 KB
portuguese-2010-06-06-v13.flv 160.9 KB
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_30.mp3 11.8 KB 2.0 KB
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_31.mp3 11.9 KB 2.2 KB
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_32.mp3 10.7 KB 1.8 KB
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russian-2007-08-28-Russian_18_FULL.mp3 11.5 KB 2.0 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_19_FULL.mp3 11.3 KB 1.9 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_1_FULL.mp3 8.7 KB 1.9 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_21_FULL.mp3 10.8 KB 2.0 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22A_FULL.mp3 10.0 KB 1.8 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22B_FULL.mp3 12.1 KB 2.1 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22C_FULL.mp3 11.8 KB 2.0 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_23_FULL.mp3 9.1 KB 1.7 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_2_FULL.mp3 10.3 KB 1.9 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_3_FULL.mp3 8.3 KB 1.5 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_4_FULL.mp3 9.5 KB 1.9 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_5_FULL.mp3 8.4 KB 1.7 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_6_FULL.mp3 8.7 KB 1.8 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_7_FULL.mp3 9.6 KB 2.0 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_8_FULL.mp3 9.4 KB 1.9 KB
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_9_FULL.mp3 9.4 KB 2.0 KB
russian-2007-11-03-Russian_20_FULL.mp3 9.5 KB 1.7 KB
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_24_FULL.mp3 9.3 KB 1.7 KB
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_25_FULL.mp3 8.2 KB 1.7 KB
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_26_FULL.mp3 11.2 KB 1.8 KB
russian-2008-05-31-v02.flv 6.9 KB 521.3 KB
russian-2008-05-31-v04.flv 4.8 KB 398.5 KB
russian-2008-05-31-v08.flv 6.3 KB 470.6 KB
russian-2008-06-01-v06.flv 6.5 KB 475.2 KB
russian-2008-06-03-v10.flv 7.4 KB 466.6 KB
russian-2008-06-07-v03.flv 5.9 KB 474.0 KB
russian-2008-06-09-v05.flv 6.7 KB 492.3 KB
russian-2008-06-11-v11.flv 9.0 KB 509.6 KB
russian-2009-02-10-v12.flv 32.4 KB
russian-2009-02-11-v07.flv 5.0 KB 482.5 KB
russian-2009-02-11-v09.flv 5.2 KB 347.0 KB
russian-2009-05-03-Russian_27_FULL.mp3 9.7 KB 1.9 KB
russian-2009-06-25-Russian_28_FULL.mp3 9.2 KB 1.6 KB
russian-2009-06-25-Russian_29_FULL.mp3 9.9 KB 1.8 KB
russian-2009-06-27-Russian_30_FULL.mp3 10.8 KB 2.0 KB
russian-2009-06-27-Russian_31_FULL.mp3 11.0 KB 1.9 KB
russian-2009-06-27-v01.flv 5.9 KB 492.4 KB
russian-2010-03-23-v13.flv 6.6 KB 492.1 KB
russian-2010-03-24-v14.flv 5.2 KB 492.4 KB
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russian-2010-03-30-Russian_33_FULL.mp3 8.5 KB 1.6 KB
russian-2010-03-30-Russian_34_FULL.mp3 9.5 KB 1.7 KB
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spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_13_FULL.mp3 10.1 KB 2.0 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_14_FULL.mp3 11.4 KB 2.0 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_15_FULL.mp3 11.9 KB 2.0 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_16_FULL.mp3 9.4 KB 1.9 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_17_FULL.mp3 11.5 KB 2.0 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_18_FULL.mp3 9.9 KB 1.6 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_19_FULL.mp3 12.1 KB 2.0 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_1_FULL.mp3 9.3 KB 1.9 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_20_FULL.mp3 10.3 KB 1.9 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_21_FULL.mp3 11.8 KB 1.9 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22A_FULL.mp3 11.4 KB 1.9 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22B_FULL.mp3 12.4 KB 2.0 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22C_FULL.mp3 11.6 KB 1.7 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_2_FULL.mp3 10.6 KB 1.7 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_3_FULL.mp3 12.0 KB 1.9 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_4_FULL.mp3 10.4 KB 1.6 KB
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_5_FULL.mp3 10.0 KB 1.9 KB
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FEBR. 2011

“Black Libyan resistance”

# Menkowoowoowowol

The dawn of the accused arrested in the case of the car bombing Bashhat yesterday the first media bomb caliber, as stated during the investigation with him and pleading for suicide operations that directly participated in the first booby-trapping process carried out by the famous operation carried out by the so-called Mahdi ZEW in front of a battalion of Ramadan Buamr where Ashraf directly on the booby-trapping the car primitive wearer materials

and not, as is happening now, and said that the ZEW is one of the cadres of al-Qaeda in Libya,

and that the operation is required to have achieved a hit the morale of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and the mobilization of a large popular support in this period and industry codes for RAT ‘revolution 17 February’ ..

The accused belonged to Joaash dirt from al-Qaeda, a non-Libyan nationality

(* * Militant Arabism)

Man of dignity, honesty, perseverence and LOVE

Mu in burgundy cameod

Liberal brothers who are waiting to be printed Amsakiat Resistance …

tonight, God willing, will be published for each of our cities Alamsakiat beloved and dear (stopping eating) and expensive….. Be on time

الاخوة الاحرار الذين ينتظرون امساكيات المقاومة لطبعها … الليلة باذن الله سيتم نشر الامساكيات لكل مدننا الحبيبة والغالية …. كونوا في الموعد

It was noted that the morale of the Liberal mesh completely

Words in secret,,,, everything is completely free Manotm high Vaalkiedh wise list of duty and on the ground

Brother / / The Godfather (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)

لوحظ ان معنويات الاحرار مش تمام

كلام في السر ،،،، كل شي تمام خلو معنوياتكم مرتفعة فاالقيادة الحكيمة قائمة بواجبها وعلى اﻻرض

اخوكم // العراب


The first chapter of the Green Book

Link the book in PDF format

الفصل الأول من الكتاب الأخضر

رابط الكتاب بصيغة PDF

Rebel Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi speaks on the meaning of “JAMAHIRIYA”:

on 07 APRIL 1977, in the University of Garyounes, Benghazi:

The challenge in front of the Libyan defiantly not a local, but it is a global challenge and which most countries of the world face.

Challenge inside face the challenge to prove the ability of the human within the country and there are some countries and some of the people facing the challenges of the nation, to prove the ability of the human within the limits of nationality; but, of the Arab Libyan faces different challenges than theirs.

You face global challenges. What is the reason for this ? Is the reason that you are the first people on the planet to assess the public ? …and you are the first people to enter this word in the political lexicon in the world?

The term of a new political:
Now the whole world is forced to utter to the public in all languages, and the evidence that this word is a type of intervention which, for the first time in the political lexicon in the world, is that there are no translation in all languages

and hence, for all languages to accept sommething of ta certain name which is public, (and whatever the circumstances in the future), the “People’s Libyan Arab” codeword [JAMAHIRIYA] has proved politically well-meaning in the world—but so also has proven to be dangerous,

just as the French people of the Republic, of the term as a term in the political lexicon politician in the world; and has had a great bored, that it differs from public property, and that we are an Athbtnaha in the dictionary in the political world, as a term of her new political- theology content, which differs from the “Republic.”

We we introduced this new experience as something very important to the world, as it has debunked all contemporary political systems.

Pioneering “era of the JAMAHIRIYA (masses)” :

The world’s public announcement, until the issuance of the first chapter of the “Green Book”, doe not have a conception of the new formula, even if it certainly is better than the political systems that turn the world. It was the Libyan people, (Ezabi owner) who must be credited with pioneering “the era of the masses” and what is the truth about contemporary political systems.

The content of the word J”AMAHIRIYA” (mass) is different from the content of the word “republic”. We want, from now on, to be a JAMAHIRIYA (mass movement with the masses), because of any act which issued both at home and abroad should be by the “masses”.

Seventh of April, a reversal in the form of university students:

There is no doubt that the seventh of April last year, was a reversal within the university students, but it was a challenge internally from all the steps adopted in the past. And we have accomplished facing many internal challenges; but, the biggest challenge is that we are now in the situation, where we are faced with the challenges of international global proportions,
and what is this global challenge?

“People’s Libyan Arab Socialism” in the development of international opposition to the existing systems in the world,
is to prove the content of the new GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass), of which we announced to the people, in the sense that “the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” has become a “new left” in the ‘global sense’ of the word..

if we consider that “the left means the opposition as agreed”, BUT this does not mean its association intuitively. It is meant, with the left opposition to what is existing. By permission, we In fact, find ourselves now as a “global international opposition” against every existing system which now exists..

As the world is now, and the systems which the communist and capitalist and best-Republics, all are governed by a parliamentry body, ruled by the party or as governed-group-parties;

but we we have established the authority of the “masses”. After this, if they either fail to accept this new power (and beat us by their systems) since, that ‘we are in the position of the opposition’, including, of course.

And we see it will turn about the political situation in the world slowly, by penetrating the opposition, even good in contemporary systems.

Pseudo-democracy and philosophy rejected:

And this thing is not a coincidence, because of the extra-polation of the political systems in the world, as now it turns out that so-called “democracy” is false; and that people all over the world, are governed on behalf of some power or entity,

and we feel that we are in “the era which cannot accept the people even to be judged on ones own behalf”:
BUT, no one can be judged and decide the fate of the people on behalf of the peoples of the world, but on behalf of all peoples to have control.

and the best position in the world now, is that the best is a democratic country where the people who can voluntarily assume the mandate of leadership and determination, deciding on his behalf this the best position which presently exists in the world (outside of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA [mass] )
and which enables the people to process so-called “free elections” which authorizes the people in charge to have seemingly a self-determination…

and this is itself rejected by this new philosophy, as originally is someone assigned to decide your fate for you (in any of the cases, and even in the courts)…

BUT, the best thing for the accused, is to defend himself directly, (and this is much better than a lawyer to defend you, because you are able to defend yourself; and you know your case much better than any lawyer transmitted through the medium).

The big challenge:

This means either that your experience with this, that the Jamahiriya system overcomes this dilema
And we drop it upon the world as something new and at odds with the older systems,
BUT that, “the world” does not want for us to win the final victory of freedom …and that you still claim to win with the passage of time…
And this is a great Althida now.

The turning point in the political history towards JAMAHIRIYA (masses):

Now, can it be expected that any system, or royal, will change and no longer be an empire? but it of course, you say, that it will change to a “Republic”,
but if changes from a system of a “Republic” as in the world now, then it must evolve into some form. Thus, it makes sense to evolve toward “the masses” (JAMAHIRIYA) by permission initially starting from (THE FIRST OF ITS KIND) “the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” (as a model) to start them turning to a point In the political history of the world; and is the salad is upon all the authority of the masses of people, as is done in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, as becomes the beginning of “the era of the masses”.

[Word of the Leader of the Revolution
At the opening of the symposium at the University of intellectual Garyounes
7 birds ((April) 1977)]
الثائر المسلم معمر القدافي

إن التحدي الذي أمام الليبيين ليس بتحد محلي و لكنه تحد عالمى و معظم بلاد العالم يواجهها
تحد داخل يواجهها تحد لاثبات قدرة الانسان داخل بلاده و هناك بعض الاقطار و بعض الشعوب تواجه تحديات قومية لاثبات قدرة الانسان في حدود قوميته لكن الانسان العربي الليبي يواجه تحديات مختلفة أنتم تواجهكم تحديات عالمية ما هو السبب في ذلك السبب في ذلك انكم أول شعب على الكرة الارضية يقيم الجماهيرية و أنكم أول شعب يدخل هذه الكلمة في القاموس السياسي في العالم .

مصطلح سياسي جديد
الآن العالم كله مجبر على أن ينطق الجماهيرية بكل اللغات و الدليل على أن هذه الكلمة تدخل لاول مرة في القاموس السياسي في العالم هو أنه لا توجد لها ترجمة باي لغة و عليه فان كل اللغات تقبلها بهذا الاسم و هو الجماهيرية و مهما تكن الظروف في المستقبل فان الشعب العربي الليبى قد أثبت مصطلحا سياسيا جيدا في العالم له مدلول خطير تماما مثلما اثبت الشعب الفرنسى مصطلح الجمهورية كمصطلح سياسي في القاموس السياسي في العالم و كان له حينئذ ملول كبير يختلف عن الملكية و الجماهيرية التى نحن اثبتناها في القاموس السياسى في العالم كمصطلح سياسى جديد لها مضمون يختلف عن الجمهورية نحن قدمنا بالتجربة الجديدة شيئا هاما جدا للعالم و هو كشف زيف النظم السياسية المعاصرة .

ريادة عصر الجماهير
إن العالم حتى اعلان الجماهيرية بصدور الفصل الأول من الكتاب الأخضر لم كن عنده تصور للصيغة الجديدة الافضل من النظم السياسية التى يمكن أن يتحول اليها العالم فكان الشعب العزبي الليبي هو صاحب الفضل في ريادة عصر الجماهير و هو الذي كشف حقيقة النظم السياسية المعاصرة .

إن مضمون كلمة الجماهيرية الذي يختلف عن مضمون كلمة الجمهورية نريده من الآن فصاعدا حركة جماهيرية تكون بالجماهير لان أي فعل يصدر منها سواء في الداخل أو في الخارج يجب أن يكون بواسطة الجماهير .

السابع من أبريل شكل انعطافا داخل طلبة الجامعة
لا شك أن السابع من أبريل في السنة الماضية شكل انعطافا داخل طلبة الجامعة لكنه كان تحديا داخليا ان كل الخطوات التى يتبناها في الماضى و انجزناها هى لمواجهة تحديات داخلية و لكن التحدي الأكبر هو أننا أصبحنا الان في وضع يجعلنا نواجه تحديات دولية تحد عالمى و ما هو هذا التحدى العالمى .

الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية في وضع معارضة دولية للأنظمة القائمة في العالم
هو إثبات المضمون الجديد للجماهيرية التى أعلناها على الناس بمعنى أن الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية هى التى أصبحت تمثل يسارا عالميا جديدا بمعنى الكلمة اذا اعتبرنا أن اليسار يعنى المعارضة كما اتفق عليه و هذا لا يعنى ارتباطه ببديهية و لكن المقصود باليسار المعارضة لما هو قائم اذن نحن في الحقيقة وجدنا انفسنا الان في وضع معارضة دولية عالمية لكل الأنظمة القائمة الان .

أما العالم الآن و النظم التى فيه شيوعية و رأسمالية و أفضلها جمهورية يحكمها مجلس نيابى يحكمها حزب تحكمها مجموعة احزاب و لكننا اقمنا سلطة الجماهير بعد هذا فإما أن نفشل في قيام هذه السلطة الجديدة و تغلب علينا الأنظمة التى أصبحنا في موضع المعارضة منها بطبيعة الحال و إما أن يتحول الوضع السياسى في العالم شيئا فشيئا حتى تتغلغل المعارضة الجيدة في الانظمة المعاصرة .

ديموقراطية زائفة و فلسفة مرفوضة
و هذا الشيء ليس صدفة لأنه من استقراء النظم السياسية الموجودة في العالم الآن يتبين أن الديموقراطية زائفة و ان الشعوب في كل أنحاء العالم محكومة بالنيابة و نحن نحس أننا في عصر لا يمكن أن يقبل فيه شعب حتى أن يحكم نيابة عنه لا يمكن لأحد أن يحكم و يقرر مصير شعب نيابة عنه و لكن شعوب العالم كلها تحكم بالنيابة و افضل وضع في العالم الان هو ان احسن بلد ديمقراطى هو الذي يتمكن فيه الشعب بإرادته من تفويض من يتولى القيادة و يقرر المصير نيابة عنه هذا افضل وضع موجود الآن في العالم خارج الجماهيرية و هو الذي يتمكن فيه شعب من الشعوب في انتخابات حرة من ان يفوض اناسا يتولون تقرير مصيره و هذا هو بذاته مرفوض هذه الفلسفة مرفوضة أصلا ان توكل واحدا ليقرر مصيرك نيابة عنك في أي قضية من القضايا و حتى في المحاكم فان أفضل شىء هو أن يدافع المتهم عن نفسه مباشرة و هذا أفضل بكثير من أن يدافع عنك المحامى لانك قادر على الدفاع عن نفسك و تعرف قضيتك اكثر من محامى ينقلها بالواسطة .

التحدي الكبير
معنى هذا إما أن تجربتكم هذه و جماهيريتكم و نظامكم هذا يتغلب
عليه العالم و يسقطه باعتباره جديدا و شاذا و أن العالم لا يريد
أن تنتصر الحرية انتصارا نهائيا و إما ان تنتصروا مع مرور الزمن
و هذا هو التحيدي الكبير الآن .

نقطة التحول في التاريخ السياسى نحو الجماهيرية
الآن يتوقع أن أي نظام ملكى سيتغير لا الى امبراطورية و لكنه بطبيعة الحال سيتغير الى جمهورية و لكن اذا تغيرت النظم الجمهورية في العالم الآن و تطورت الى أي شكل فمن المنطقى أن تتطور نحو الجماهير اذن البداية تبدا من الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية لتبدأ منها نقطة التحول في التاريخ السياسى في العالم و هو قيام سلطه كل الناس قيام سلطة الجماهير قيام الجماهيرات و بداية عصر الجماهير .

من كلمة قائد الثورة
في افتتاح الندوة الفكرية بجامعة قاريونس
7 الطير ((ابريل)) 1977

Two o’clock GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass)“, on FB writes:

Day 7 summer (June) marks the anniversary (72) of the birth of the leader Muammar Mohamed Abdel Salam Ibomenaar al-Qathafi…..

Aisha bin fire this mother Bedouin pure that advantage fates for all the women of the land to be the mother of the commander of Muammar al-Qathafi, who changed the course of history revolution great conqueror and Babdall of the theory of the mass, which heralded the emancipation final and culminating in the struggle of humanity for freedom …..

Pham Libyans the late Aisha bin fire is the mother who gave birth to a precious ideal of the great Leader who led us his ideas sound brilliant, surpassing all the dark ages editor peoples of injustice, abuse and exploitation that women were killed …..

The great woman that is creating a great guy and perhaps safer Aisha bin fire proof; because, it was The great has given birth to us a great man this guy was not a man in the revolution, but revolution was in the man since he was a student in elementary and middle schools, take their nation and are the country above all. They are working day and night in order to achieve the impossible, which has been achieved, the hero and the editor, who God gave leadership

and love of the fans was equally in the progress of society and our communities and freedom from oppression and slavery spectra, so that we live up our causes in the level of the challenges and aspirations ……

Aisha bin fire or the Libyans is an example of all what Arab women are. Arab women are inimitable said if she bent over to her great capes of respect and esteem .. Tuba you, or Muammar al-Qathafi. tuba but Íaamhat our “mass” .. tuba for Lady Motherland or master horsehair and men.
(A. M)

اليوم 7 الصيف ( يونيو ) يصادف الذكرى ( 72 ) لميلاد الزعيم القائد الشهيد معمر محمد عبد السلام أبومنيار القذافي …..

عائشة بن نيران هذه الأم البدوية الطاهرة التى ميزتها الأقدار عن كل نساء الأرض لتكون أماً للقائد الشهيد معمر القذافي الذى غير مجرى التاريخ بثورة الفاتح العظيم وبإبداعه للنظرية الجماهيرية التى بشرت بالإنعتاق النهائى وتوجت كفاح البشرية من أجل الحرية….. فأم الليبيين المرحومة عائشة بن نيران هى الأم الكريمة المثالية التى أنجبت القائد العظيم الذى قادنا بأفكاره النيره السديدة متجاوزا كل العصور المظلمة محررا الشعوب من الظلم والتعسف والإستغلال الذى كانت المرأة ضحيته ….. إن المرأة العظيمة هى التى تخلق الرجل العظيم ولعل أمنا عائشة بن نيران خير دليل لأنها كانت أما عظيمة فقد أنجبت لنا رجلا عظيما هذا الرجل لم يكن رجل فى ثورة بل كانت ثورة فى رجل منذ أن كان طالبا فى المدارس الإبتدائية والإعدادية يأخذ هم أمته وهم بلاده فوق كل هم ويعمل ليل نهار من أجل أن يحقق المستحيل وقد حققه , هذا البطل والمحرر الذى أعطاه الله القيادة وحب الجماهير كان القدر فى تقدم المجتمع ومجتمعاتنا والتحرر من أطياف القهر والعبودية , يرتقي بقضايانا حتى نكون فى مستوى التحديات والطموحات…… عائشة بن نيران أم الليبيين هى قدوة النساء العربيات هى المرأة العربية ال

فذه هى التى اذا ذكرت انحنت لشخصيتها العظيمة الرؤوس اكبارا واجلالا.. طوبا لك يا أم معمر القذافي .. طوبا لكُنّ ياأمهات بلادنا الجماهيرية .. طوبا لسيدة الوطن الأم أم سيد السبيب والرجال .
A . M




The World Center for Studies and Research of The Green Book in Tripoli, Libya, with branches in Sabha,

Sirt, Bengazi and AlBayda was destroyed and ruined in year 2011.

Now is being restored here, in the Internet space.

Please read The Green Book in European languages and in CIS languages at separate sites.

The Leader’s other works in several languages – at The original Arab language Green Book is here.

(Copyleft) World Center for Studies and Research of The Green Book, 2013

A special greeting from Sheikh Libyan tribes
Npadlk salute Sidi Leader Muammar al-Qathafi

.مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام
تحية خاصة من شيخ القبائل الليبية
نبادلك التحية سيدى القائد معمر القذافى

Mu seated in his car

GREAT SON”, on FB, writes beautifully”:

Victory made here first .. here in our hearts and our souls and our belief that we are on the right

We do not write lyrics ornate empty of content and meaning windswept
When we finished writing .. Dear Almehrolon not behind the mirage .. Alkhalon
Masks as long as Grrna in the most despicable and Anzl position for semiconductor men.

Dear Khanon not Zahvon on Arkaphm .. Almnslkhoun about the body
Dignity and manhood and glory to the structure of vice and lie and shame
Agthon behind the dignity of the price received from the House black and Palaces
Princes and kings and Jawarém ………………………..

When we write our words, we are confident that we are writing to a depth of faith
Which in our souls and our hearts and our confirmation … and we believe we are when we write, we
We are writing with the free does not restrict the agenda nor the tactics here or there ..

We write and Hrova clear is encapsulated or colored faces Katlon
We write and our motto is honesty and loyalty to the Principles, values and ethics
The constants and fundamentals … will take us in to anybody as long as we
We believe in the right of his path and moving toward the goal

Bhamat hugging the sky and the unrelenting determination of iron in front of it
And derived from the will of the divine power bestowed Jabbar Aziz strong in our hearts and our spirit and our bodies and our minds …………….

And we fix it .. When we write, we are writing to the verge of not retreating
Chamkhin is Mtotoan .. victors is defeated
Dignity is humiliated .. lovers certificate is Navrin
Vendors for the life of humiliation is Mtaesfin ..

So are we and so are Hrova and did not like this
There are swamps are home to rats and mice it has Vlixtr
Place them in the middle, never to return


Great son

Steadfast … steadfast … and with God’s help victors
أبن العظمى

النصر يصنع هنا اولا .. هنا في ارواحنا وقلوبنا ويقيننا باننا على حق
نحن لا نكتب كلمات منمقة فارغة المحتوى والمعنى تذروها الرياح
حين انتهائنا من كتابتها .. لا ايها المهرولون وراء السراب.. الخالعون
لاقنعه طالما غررنا بها في احقر وانذل موقف لأشباه الرجال
لا ايها الخانعون الزاحفون على اركابهم.. المنسلخون عن جسد
الكرامة والرجولة والمجد الى هيكل الرذيلة والانبطاح والعار
اللاهثون وراء كرامة مقبوضة الثمن من البيت الاسود وقصور
الامراء والملوك وجواريهم ………………………..
نحن عندما نكتب كلماتنا فاننا واثقون من اننا نكتب بعمق الايمان
الذي في ارواحنا وقلوبنا وصدقنا وثباتنا … نحن عندما نكتب فاننا
نكتب بارادة حرة لا تقيدها اجندة ولا تكتيكات هنا او هناك ..
نكتب وحروفنا واضحة غير مغلفه او ملونه كاتلون الوجوه
نكتب وشعارنا هو الصدق والوفاء للمبادي والقيم والاخلاق
والثوابت والمرتكزات …ولن تأخذنا في ذلك لومة لائم لاننا
مؤمنون اننا على حق وعلى دربه سائرون نحو الهدف
بهامات تعانق السماء وعزيمة يلين امامها الحديد
وارادة مستمده من قوة إلهيه اودعها القوي العزيز الجبار في قلوبنا واروحنا واجسادنا وعقولنا …………….
وثبتنا عليها .. نحن عندما نكتب فاننا نكتب مقبلين غير مدبرين
شامخين غير مطأطأين .. منتصرين غير مهزومين
مكرمين غير مهانين .. عاشقين الشهادة غير نافرين
بائعين لحياة الذل غير متأسفين ..
هكذا هم نحن وهكذا هي حروفنا ومن لم يعجبه هذا
فهناك مستنقعات تأوي اليها الجرذان والفئران فليختر له
مكان بينها وفي وسطها الى غير رجعه


ابن العظمــــــــــــــــى

صامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون





“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, on FB :

And the right blood Beah my ancestors who Ruak,,,,, what day underestimate Hey Ya Ghali my dust:


Rebel Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi, speaks to Russia on 24 April 1986:


“And for this deserved Libya be called the Great Jamahiriya because it protected the unique socialist system to fight them in this week and forces destroyed imperialist huge was Tarbd in the hemisphere and cut the oceans and continents and seas, but collided with this “mass” and resistance hero; and, this extracted Libya Name Libya forcibly, for the whole world in this great work done by the imperialist attack repelled while on the land and at the same time it may be objected attack heading towards the socialist camp.”

Leader of the Revolution in an interview with the press, radio, visual Soviet

24 of the month bird 1986

ستحقت ليبيا اسم الجماهيرية العظمىو من أجل هذا استحقت ليبيا أن يطلق عليها الجماهيرية العظمى لأنها حمت المنظومة الاشتراكية بقتالها فى هذا الأسبوع و دمرت قوات امبريالية ضخمة كانت تعربد فى الكرة الأرضية و تقطع المحيطات و القارات و البحار لكنها اصطدمت بهذه الجماهيرية و مقاومتها البطلة و بهذا انتزعت ليبيا اسم الجماهيرية العظمى غصبا عن العالم كله بهذا العمل العظيم الذى قامت به حين صدت الهجوم الامبريالى عن أرضها و فى نفس الوقت اعترضت هجوما قد يكون متجها نحو المعسكر الاشتراكى .قائد الثورة فى لقاء مع الصحافة والاذاعة المرئية السوفييتية

24 من شهر الطير 1986

Rebel Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi, speaks that:

“The eventual victory is inevitable in the interest of the masses”.

The eventual victory is inevitable in the interest of the masses under the conditions of conflict raging not only end “Pantsaraldemqratih” popular and the establishment of the new order of ‘socialist’ power of the people.

The struggle for power, will inevitably result (eventually) into turning societies into a Jamahiriya (mass); and this conflict can not be stopped, as long as there is a power monopoly, no matter however the layer or class, or family or individual, (while respecting the rest of the classes and groups of families and individuals) from the right.

[Commentaries on this book “Al-Akhaddralamgeld I“((8 power struggle))]

إن النصر في نهاية المطاف محتوم لمصلحة الجماهير الشعبية

إن النصر في نهاية المطاف محتوم لمصلحة الجماهير الشعبية فى ظل أوضاع صراع متأججة لا تنتهى إلا بانتصارالديمقراطية الشعبية والاشتراكية الجديدة بقيام سلطة الشعب .
إن الصراع على السلطة سينتج فى نهاية المطاف المجتمع الجماهيري حتماً ، ولايمكن لهذا الصراع أن يتوقف مادامت السلطة محتكرة بيد طبقة أو فئة أو عائلة أو فرد ، فى حين تحترم بقية الطبقات والفئات من العائلات والأفراد من حقها فيها.

من شروح الكتاب الاخضرالمجلد الأول (( 8 الصراع على السلطة ))




With God’s help you today will be broadcast resolution ((1)) on the formation of a

“Supreme Military Council” Forces Provisional People across the impending general information …


The rest is not very much

Hey are free and clear

بعون الله اليوم سيذاع عليكم القرار رقم ((1)) بشأن تشكيل “المجلس العسكري الاعلى” للقوات الشعبية المؤقتة عبر شيكة المعلومات العامة…

مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام

الباقي ليس كتير

واضح يا احرار

السلام عليكم يا احرار العظمى

اخوكم // العراب

Peace be upon you, O Great are free

Brother / / The Godfather (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)

مصحف الجماهيرية

التعريف برواية المصحف ومصطلحات رسمه وضبطه

الحمدلله الذى بنعمته تتم الصالحات ، وتتيسر المهمات ، يسر القرآن لذكر وتكفل بحفضه فقال وقوله الحق ,, إن نحن نزلنا الذكروإنا له لحافظون ،، والصلاة والسلام على الرسول الأعظم محمد المبعوث بالقرآن الكريم مبلغا عن ربه وداعيا،ومعلماللعالمين وهاديا ،خير منعلم وعلم ،وأقرأ ، وقال فى جوامع كلمه مشجعاومحفزا:,, خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه ،، وعلى آله الطيبين وصحابته الأكرمين ،الذينتحملوا عبء المسئولية عن الرسول الأكرم ونقولوا لنا القرآن الكريم عذبا وسلسلا ، ومن سلك طريقهم من بعدهم وعمل على نشر كتابه الى يوم الدين .
اما بعد .
فإن من تمكين الله فى الأرض وتيسيره للذكر أن هيأ لهذه الأمة على مختلف الأزمنةوالأمكنة من يحفظ القرآن الكريم عن ظهر قلب ويتحمل مسئوليته بتبليغه والعمل على تحفيظه ونشره لغيره بمختلف وسائل التعليم والنشر ،فكان بذلك أن بقى القرآن الكريم وسيبقى محفوظا كما أنزله الله تعالى تتناقله الأجيال إلى أن يرث الله الأرض ومن عليها.
وقد كان لهذا البلد العربى الليبى المسلم الحظ الأوفر و النصيب الأوفى فى تحمل عبء هذه الرسالة رواية و دراية ،حفظا فى الصدور ،وتوثيقا فى السطور ،تحمل ذلك بتلقى الآباء الأجداد بقراءة الإمام نافع إمام مدينة الرسول الكريم عليه الصلاة والسلام وقارئها بروايتهما : رواية الإمام/قالون،ورواية الإمام/ ورش .
كما أن من مناقب هذا البلد أنه رسم القرآن الكريم برسميه المعروفين المدونين فى كتب الرسم . الرسم أبى عمر وعثمان بن سعيد الدانى فى المقنع ، ورسم أبى داوود سليمان بن أبى القاسم نجاح فى التنزيل ، اللذين جمعهما مع مافى العقيلة للشاطى الإمام/ أبوعبدالله محمد ابن محمد بن إبراهيم الأموى الشريشى الشهير نجراز فى منضومته الشهيرة المسماة بمورد الظمان وقد حظى باهتمام الناشرين وجه الرسم الذى اتبعه الإمام/ أبوداوود ، فطبعت به مصاحف عدة فى المشرق والمعرب ( وبروايات ) حفص عن عاصم ، وأبى عمر وحفص الدورى عن أبى عمروالبصرى ، وقالون عن نافع المدنى ، ولكن الوجه الذى اختص به الإمام الدانى بقى – على علمنا – محفوظا فى الصدور و موثقا فى بعض المخطوطات .
وتأكيد الدور ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر العظيمة فى العمل من أجل نشر كتاب الله وحفظه و تحفيظه . ودعوتها المستمرة لكل المسلمين للعودة إلى القرآن الكريم كتاب الله الذى لا يأته الباطل من بين يديه ولا من خلفه تنزيل من حكيم حميد،،
تم تشكيل لجنة بإداة القرآن الكريم من العلماءالحفظة للقرآن الكريم ، والمختصين فى قراءته ،ورسمه ،وضبطه، وفواصله، وأسباب نزوله ،بالإضافة إلى بعض من علماء اللغة يعاونهم بعض الفنيين لإعداد وكتابة المصحف الشريف ،على أن يكون برواية ,,قالون عن نافع المدني ،، برسم الدانى ومن طريق محمد بن هارون المعروف بأبى نشط .
شرعت اللجنة غى عملها يوم الإثنين 27 من ربيع الآخر 1390 من وفاة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم ، الموافق الثاني من شهر مارس 1982م ، وهو اليوم الذى يوافق ذكرى إعلان أول جماهيرية وقيام سلطة الشعب ،وصدور الوثيقة التاريخية التى أكد فيها الشعب العربى الليبى المسلم أن القرآن الكريم هو شريعة المجتمع فى الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية وفى ليلة القدر المباركة من شهر رمضان المعظم عام 1393 من وفاة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم الموافق 7 يونيو 1983م أقيم احتفال ديني كبير بمسجد مولاى محمد بمدينة طرابلس حيث قام الأخ/ الثائر المسلم العقيد معمر القذافى قائد ثورة الفاتح الإسلامية بكتابة الكلمة الأخيرة ,, والناس ،، من مصحف الجماهيرية وسط تكبير وتهليل الألاف من أبناء المسلمين .
وقد استغرق أعمال اللجنة لإعداد المصحف تخطيطا وكتابة ومراجعة بإشراف إذاعة القرآن الكريم ، ورعاية جمعية الدعوة الاسلامية ثلاث سنوات ونيفا .
والجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية وهى تقدم اليوم إلى جميع المسلمين فى كل مكان من العالم ، هذا المصحف الشريف ، تسأل الله العلى القدير أ يتقبله وأن ينفع به أبناء المسلمين ، وينير به دروب حياتهم ويلهمهم العودة اليه والعمل به فى كل مجال إنه نعم المولى ونعم الجيب .
وإن جمعية الدعوة الإسلامية إذ تتولى طباعة هذا المصحف وتقدمه إلى جميع القارئين بهذه الرواية فى اطار أهدافها فى التعريف بالقرآن الكريم والعمل على تعلمه وحفضه ونشره بكل الوسائل ليسعدها أن تعبر عن خالص شكرها إلى جميع من ساهم فى إخراج هذا العمل بهذه الرواية ،ويسرها أن تعلن أنه يتم الان طبع المصحف الشريف ببعض الروايات ، وسوف يطبع بالروايات الأخرى تعميما للفائدة وتحقيقا للأهداف والله الموفق .

Mu being interviewed


THIS IS MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI reciting the prayers from the HOLY QURAN:

(LISTED AS: Sheikh Ali Alhodaifi)
سورة النصر
Muammar al-Qathafi
Youth Congress Libyan tribes year a partagé un lien.
From 06 juin 2014

Al-Nasr Aroaah Hanif wholesome civil recited Sheikh Ali Sheikh Abdul Rahman al Qathafi reciting Holy Quran

mass novel Hanif wholesome civil Page

Rebel Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi htt …

HOLY QURAN Sura 18 mass recitation

20 FEBR. 2014

سورة الكهف يرواية قالون عن نافع المدني
تلاوة الشيخ علي الحذيفي
مصحف الجماهيرية رواية قالون عن نافع المدني
صفحة الثائر المسلم معمر القذافي


(founded by the inspiration and holy will of Allah, through his servant, Muammar al-Qathafi)


Identification telling the “HOLY QURAN” and terms drawn and control

Thank God, that grace is righteous, and facilitated tasks, is pleased Holy Quran to mention affording Bhvdah said, and saying right, if we went Alzkroana his privates, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad envoy to the Holy Quran amount for the Lord and calling, and Mwalimalalim and guide, the best Mnalm and science, and reading, He said in a concise speech Mhdjaaomahfsa:,,

best to learn the Quran and his knowledge, and his family good and his companions Alockraman, Alventhmiloa the burden of responsibility for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Nicoloa us, for the Quran tortured and Slsla, and wire going after them and work on the publication of his book to the day of judgment.

But after.
It is the empowerment of God in the land and facilitate the male that created this nation at various Alozmnawalomkna of saves the Holy Quran by heart and bears responsibility communicated and works on Thviza and to publish it for others through various means of education and publishing,

Was it that stayed the Holy Quran and would be preserved, as revealed by God, recounted by generations to God inherits the earth and them.

I have been to this country, the Libyan Arab Muslim frontrunner; and I share fully in carrying the burden of this message novel and familiar, as it is preserved in the breasts, and documented in writing, carry it to receive parents grandparents to read Imam Nafi imam of the city of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the reader Brwighthma: A Novel of Imam / Hanif, the imam novel / workshops.

The virtues of this country that draw the Holy Quran Bsmh known bloggers in drawing books. Drawing Abu Omar and Osman bin Saeed proximal in convincing, and draw my father Daoud Suleiman ibn Abi al-Qasim success in the download,

which bring them together with what ‘Aqeelah Shati Imam / Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Umayyad Alhresy famous Ngeraz in Mndhumich famous so-called vendor thirsty has gained interest publishers face drawing, which followed the Imam / Abudawood,

Aftbat him copies of the Quran several in the east, and expressed (and novels) Hafs from Asim, and Abu Omar and Hafs League for Dad Amralbesry, and Hanif wholesome Civil, but the face, which singled out by Imam proximal remained – to our knowledge – preserved in the breasts and documented in some manuscripts.

And confirm the role of “September Revolution” in the great work of God in order to publish a book and save it and Thviza. And continuing its call for all Muslims to return to the Holy Quran: the book of God, which does not come on wrong in the hands of his successor download from the wise Hamid,,

A committee was formed with a tool “Quran Alalmealhfezh” of the Holy Quran, and specialists in reading, and charted, and control, and Vosalh, and the reasons for coming, as well as some of linguists assisted by some technicians to prepare and write the Holy Quran, to be a novel, Hanif wholesome civil. It is through the proximal draw Mohammed bin Harun, known as Abu active.

Committee began Guy work on Monday, 27 of Rabi 1390 of the death of the Prophet peace be upon him, corresponding to the second of March, 1982:

the day which marks the anniversary of the Declaration of the first JAMAHIRIYA (mass) and the power of the people, and the issuance of the historic document that confirmed the Libyan Arab people now recognized that the Holy Qur’an is the law of society in the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”.

In much of the night of the blessed month of Ramadan in 1393 of the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him), corresponding to 07 June 1983 AD, held a religious ceremony within a large mosque, Maulvi Mohammed in Tripoli, where the brother / Rebel Muslim Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander Fateh Islamic Revolution, left the last word, and to the people, the center of the Jamahiriya (mass) the Holy Qu’ran, and enlarge lullaby thousands of Muslims.

It took the work of the Commission for the Preparation of the Holy Quran planning, writing and revision under the supervision of the Holy Quran Radio, and care for by the Islamic Call Society three years and Neva.

And by the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”, which is offered today to all Muslims everywhere in the world, the Holy Quran, is asking God Almighty to accept it (the labor of the solemn fruits of the Commision, accumulated in the purified edition) and it be a benefit by the sons of the Muslims, to illuminates the paths of their lives and to inspire them to return to it (THE HOLY QURAN), and work in each area from it.

Yes Moly Yes Pocket .
though the “Islamic Call Society” as The Print edition of this most HOLY QURAN, and we offer it to all readers of this novel, as part of its goals, in the definition of the Holy Quran;
and to learn and Hvdah and publish it by all means pleasing, to express my sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the output of this work in this novel,
who is pleased to announce that there is now a printed edition of the HOLY QURAN with some novels, novels and other prints will be for the benefit of all in circulation

and we have achieved successfully these divine objectives; and God bless.



مصحف الجماهيرية

التعريف برواية المصحف ومصطلحات رسمه وضبطه

الحمدلله الذى بنعمته تتم الصالحات ، وتتيسر المهمات ، يسر القرآن لذكر وتكفل بحفضه فقال وقوله الحق ,, إن نحن نزلنا الذكروإنا له لحافظون ،، والصلاة والسلام على الرسول الأعظم محمد المبعوث بالقرآن الكريم مبلغا عن ربه وداعيا،ومعلماللعالمين وهاديا ،خير منعلم وعلم ،وأقرأ ، وقال فى جوامع كلمه مشجعاومحفزا:,, خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه ،، وعلى آله الطيبين وصحابته الأكرمين ،الذينتحملوا عبء المسئولية عن الرسول الأكرم ونقولوا لنا القرآن الكريم عذبا وسلسلا ، ومن سلك طريقهم من بعدهم وعمل على نشر كتابه الى يوم الدين .
اما بعد .
فإن من تمكين الله فى الأرض وتيسيره للذكر أن هيأ لهذه الأمة على مختلف الأزمنةوالأمكنة من يحفظ القرآن الكريم عن ظهر قلب ويتحمل مسئوليته بتبليغه والعمل على تحفيظه ونشره لغيره بمختلف وسائل التعليم والنشر ،فكان بذلك أن بقى القرآن الكريم وسيبقى محفوظا كما أنزله الله تعالى تتناقله الأجيال إلى أن يرث الله الأرض ومن عليها.
وقد كان لهذا البلد العربى الليبى المسلم الحظ الأوفر و النصيب الأوفى فى تحمل عبء هذه الرسالة رواية و دراية ،حفظا فى الصدور ،وتوثيقا فى السطور ،تحمل ذلك بتلقى الآباء الأجداد بقراءة الإمام نافع إمام مدينة الرسول الكريم عليه الصلاة والسلام وقارئها بروايتهما : رواية الإمام/قالون،ورواية الإمام/ ورش .
كما أن من مناقب هذا البلد أنه رسم القرآن الكريم برسميه المعروفين المدونين فى كتب الرسم . الرسم أبى عمر وعثمان بن سعيد الدانى فى المقنع ، ورسم أبى داوود سليمان بن أبى القاسم نجاح فى التنزيل ، اللذين جمعهما مع مافى العقيلة للشاطى الإمام/ أبوعبدالله محمد ابن محمد بن إبراهيم الأموى الشريشى الشهير نجراز فى منضومته الشهيرة المسماة بمورد الظمان وقد حظى باهتمام الناشرين وجه الرسم الذى اتبعه الإمام/ أبوداوود ، فطبعت به مصاحف عدة فى المشرق والمعرب ( وبروايات ) حفص عن عاصم ، وأبى عمر وحفص الدورى عن أبى عمروالبصرى ، وقالون عن نافع المدنى ، ولكن الوجه الذى اختص به الإمام الدانى بقى – على علمنا – محفوظا فى الصدور و موثقا فى بعض المخطوطات .
وتأكيد الدور ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر العظيمة فى العمل من أجل نشر كتاب الله وحفظه و تحفيظه . ودعوتها المستمرة لكل المسلمين للعودة إلى القرآن الكريم كتاب الله الذى لا يأته الباطل من بين يديه ولا من خلفه تنزيل من حكيم حميد،،
تم تشكيل لجنة بإداة القرآن الكريم من العلماءالحفظة للقرآن الكريم ، والمختصين فى قراءته ،ورسمه ،وضبطه، وفواصله، وأسباب نزوله ،بالإضافة إلى بعض من علماء اللغة يعاونهم بعض الفنيين لإعداد وكتابة المصحف الشريف ،على أن يكون برواية ,,قالون عن نافع المدني ،، برسم الدانى ومن طريق محمد بن هارون المعروف بأبى نشط .
شرعت اللجنة غى عملها يوم الإثنين 27 من ربيع الآخر 1390 من وفاة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم ، الموافق الثاني من شهر مارس 1982م ، وهو اليوم الذى يوافق ذكرى إعلان أول جماهيرية وقيام سلطة الشعب ،وصدور الوثيقة التاريخية التى أكد فيها الشعب العربى الليبى المسلم أن القرآن الكريم هو شريعة المجتمع فى الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية وفى ليلة القدر المباركة من شهر رمضان المعظم عام 1393 من وفاة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم الموافق 7 يونيو 1983م أقيم احتفال ديني كبير بمسجد مولاى محمد بمدينة طرابلس حيث قام الأخ/ الثائر المسلم العقيد معمر القذافى قائد ثورة الفاتح الإسلامية بكتابة الكلمة الأخيرة ,, والناس ،، من مصحف الجماهيرية وسط تكبير وتهليل الألاف من أبناء المسلمين .
وقد استغرق أعمال اللجنة لإعداد المصحف تخطيطا وكتابة ومراجعة بإشراف إذاعة القرآن الكريم ، ورعاية جمعية الدعوة الاسلامية ثلاث سنوات ونيفا .
والجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية وهى تقدم اليوم إلى جميع المسلمين فى كل مكان من العالم ، هذا المصحف الشريف ، تسأل الله العلى القدير أ يتقبله وأن ينفع به أبناء المسلمين ، وينير به دروب حياتهم ويلهمهم العودة اليه والعمل به فى كل مجال إنه نعم المولى ونعم الجيب .
وإن جمعية الدعوة الإسلامية إذ تتولى طباعة هذا المصحف وتقدمه إلى جميع القارئين بهذه الرواية فى اطار أهدافها فى التعريف بالقرآن الكريم والعمل على تعلمه وحفضه ونشره بكل الوسائل ليسعدها أن تعبر عن خالص شكرها إلى جميع من ساهم فى إخراج هذا العمل بهذه الرواية ،ويسرها أن تعلن أنه يتم الان طبع المصحف الشريف ببعض الروايات ، وسوف يطبع بالروايات الأخرى تعميما للفائدة وتحقيقا للأهداف والله الموفق .





Mu’ammar al-Qathafi speaks from 24 DEC. 1995:
11:03 of the word leader of the revolution in the celebration of the People Kabarlahia scorched the famous battle

of the 24 month canon DECEMBER 1995.…


 4 Speeches by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi from JULY 2011:










Aljamahiria – pdf – 14-09-2009 –

Libyan Revolution


The Rocket car designed by Al Gaddafi / صحيفة الجماهير / Libya – Other Libyan News from September 2009

Muammar Al Gaddafi`s “Saroukh-el-Jamahiriya” The Libyan Rocket

Libya ::::: Muammar al-Qathafi designed a a sleek smart car, which Libya says
is the safest vehicle on earth. Called the “Saroukh el-Jamahiriy” (Libyan Rocket), the comfortable car seats five, tinted windows, has a 230-hp V6 and the nose and tail of a rocket. 0 auf 100 km/h in 7 sec. A different, and a save car. The interior is replete with air bags, an inbuilt electronic defence system, and a collapsible bumper which protects passengers in head-on collisions.


>>> Download the full PDF >>>

The car was unveiled on tlle 40th anniversary of the revolution at a AU – African Union special summit 2009, organized by Muammar al-Qathafi, the sleek James Bond-style “Libyan Rocket” is set to be be produced in Tripoli, Libya‘s capital where a factory is set to be built.
In response to the high numbers of people killed and injured annually on Libya’s roads, al-Qathafi had to act. - 2009, September

Image description
Muammar Al Gaddafi`s

Dukhali Al-Meghareff, chairman of the Libyan Arab Domestic Investment company which produced the prototype, touted it as revolutionary in automotive history. “The leader spent so many hours of his valuable time thinking of an effective solution. It is the safest car produced anywhere,” said Mr Meghareff.

The Libyan Rocket does come with an advanced airbag system, an “electronic defense system” and collapsible bumpers that supposedly help out in a crash.
Dukhali Al-Meghareff said it was developed from safety ideas conceived by the leader. “The invention of the safest mr in the world is proof that the Libyan revolution is built on the happinas of man.”
He added that the provocative name of the car was meant to highlight that while others made rockets to kill, Libya designed them for humane and peaceful purposes.

The Libyan Rocket was produced from 09/2009–08/2011.

The BBC broadcasted an anti-al-Qathafi documentary as The Green Resistance progresses, on
30.01.2014 and 03.02.2014

Two years after the passing of the 2011 CIA/NATO-led war in Libya, the hate generated by the West is far from over;

and the NATO-installed government is not particularly doing well.

Reports of the  Green Resistance – freedom fighters who support the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

(People’s Government which was established in Libya in 1977) –

trying to liberate their country from the neo-colonial government, are recently only growing stronger. At the same time, messages of the Green Flag of the “Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” as flying over a number of Libyan cities (as well as over Libyan embassies in other countries), has begun to increase.

LYING PROPAGANDA “Storyville” summarizes its latest propaganda piece:

“Colonel al-Qathafi was called Mad Dog by Ronald Reagan. His income from oil was a billion dollars a week. He washed his hands in deer’s blood. No other dictator had such sex appeal and no other so cannily combined oil and the implied threat of terror to turn Western powers into cowed appeasers.
Like other tyrants, al-Qathafi used torture and murder to silence opposition, but what made his rule especially terrifying was that death came so casually. A man who complained that al-Qathafi had an affair with his wife was tied between two cars and torn in half. On visits to schools and orphanages al-Qathafi would tap underage girls on the head to show his henchmen which ones he wanted. They would be taken to his palace and abused. Young boys were held in tunnels under the palace.”

History has proven that it does not matter much if the level of propaganda reaches above and behind the hilarious, the fantastic and the bizarre.

Why won’t the majority believe that Muammar al-Qathafi washed his hands in deer’s blood, before and/or during and/or after he raped numerous young boys and girls?

Like the king of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, said:

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” ….



The Latest book that is supposedly authorative on the a2011 War, by Dr. Mohammed Said al-Akecat

is so mired in lies and untruths as well. (HIS NAMER SOUNDS LIKE al-Qaeda anyway)

It implies that our IMAM MUAMMAR, (known by Allah to be pure), is made into a raving sex-maniac who had affairs with both SARKOZY’s first wife, as well as Sarkozy’s sister, and thus being the prime reason for Nicholas Sarkozy‘s deep hatred for Muammar al-Qathafi !!

[I mean, how far can the WEST go, to discredit a remarkable man, (thoroughly obedient only to Allah), and for people to believe it all!! ?????] After all, see what most westerners thinks about Islam, and what it is!!!….

Dr. Mohammed Said al-Akecat not only twists all the facts to fit the WEST’s version of the story, by it is also contradictory in itself (and VERY, VERY confused). We also know now, that both General KHAMIS and Muammar al-Qathafi are more than alive and are extremely important figures in the “PLF RESISTANCE” (leading the Resistance, in actuality, and helping people)…but Dr. Mohammed Said al-Akecat had to find a way for people to rather believe the insane created tales publicized still by the MSM….

Thank goodness, some of us have archived the many messages and letters and even audio recordings which Muammar has constantly and consistantly given to us since 21 OCTOBER 2011,–and for the wonderful sincerity of Dr. Hamza Thami, Muammar al-Qathafi’s Champion and his Aaron, speaking to us, in fact to turn all these lies and fabrications on their head, with the TRUTH, and the only truth….so help me Allah!.


Muammar al-Qathafi speaks,  24 DECEMBER 1995

History repeats itself and the ongoing colonization

Any day in which NATO had reached America to North Africa this benefit for any month of any year in which the armies of NATO to our land please do not gain this with sludges in this opportunity that you are where history repeats itself of colonialism continued NATO and America looking for the enemy on the front end of the Soviet Union in search of another enemy on the other front, we now speak of the anger of Muslim and Islamic terrorism, oil and straits and the enemies of peace and the enemy of peace and did not know Who is the enemy of peace walshkaki enemy of peace they assassinated him and all those who said the enemies of peace we must eliminate them we are enemies to surrender so they are now looking for any pretext to armies this castle returns and it doesn’t distinguish the Italy got to the Castle and is now a member of NATO yes tomorrow gazillion-pounds parties and they say her Libya yours and you epilate go and ahatli Libya any day I told you we Libyan Arab people leaving any day there is no war and did not reach their us this we gain I wouldn’t when ready with sludges in the worst case, and tell them we don’t want electricity and no factories and no farms and no cities, no facilities ultimately care about the trenches and fighting and fortifying sites and battlefields and fronts and preparing supply war of transportation and communication and control are forced to think about this and just enough don’t want French company manages us power plant and no English company engaged us factory and no American company running us gas or oil.

No Korean company and not foreign we finally our self-examination if peace comes not in time and say Let’s go plant and electricity and the city at the end of our dignity and our being alive on Earth if everyone holds his rifle should understand, brethren may come a time in which each dispense with things that now demanded by now we say if peace and that colonialism and the nightmare that we’re really tired. want to move we would not want our progress Tomorrow come with bombs and beating all the factories erected and beating all the cities built on the America that is the largest in Western Christian 86 what worked with American bombs hit the streets and destroyed all of it if the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli has the whole earth. Suita

What they are able to ever hit by bombs and rockets, sewage and electricity plants and factories so why we build factories, build houses, as long as the enemy still must overcome this enemy such as houseboats, you know say ya Mali, our money when the boat comes to storm and is where his money and his goods when it begins to shout and say first ya Mali ya money, God willing, will not sink and when he sees that the storm has intensified More o say o my head starts to my head go the goods and turn it asks God to survive is up on now we say we want to survive, we and our plants and our cities

but if they arrived to us and want to destroy cities, factories, electricity, roads and bridges that we built it could destroy this we then say oh my oh my head every person with a gun if the brothers tell you must take ythasin coast and be Ready and That we sink him in the water until they could not take down their ships as seen in Somalia has found a private beach and have it easily pitched now tell and tell them that the Libyan shore can’t that be it we plunge deeper Libyan waters this beach a good build factories, farms and cities must they sink beach water when necessary, alsbekh processing and processing of mud pumps and when they say NATO and wants to get off on the shores of Libya open pump and sink water beach so they can get off And this strategic action work to be this self defense and we did not go to Europe and not to America but are siatonna in our land, we are forced to do this we we will prepare trenches I now take groups and you just go to work farms and factories and music sheep, buying and selling on the black market and who want to escape for escape.

The day will come, and then they see the outcome of this work I have and I’ll have a number of Libyans and we will start together in the trenches, the Americans could come down in Egypt and begin an attack on us in terms of Tobruk as they open land we are talking to our brothers the Egyptians and tell them that it is possible to descend the Americans in Egypt and attack us from Egypt because Egypt jointly with Egypt be occupied at the time and is not under Hosni Mubarak they want rid of Hosny At any time, and they are now conspiring to Hosni Mubarak is not going with them as they want and that they were plotting it out us someone else tells us yours ends not forgiven Mubarak today tomorrow the Americans to enter Egypt and say we will make to Libya tell them my brothers can get this please we we will dig and we will mine and snkhendk musaid and papyrus and Mr. Omar walgghabob, an Assistant in this area until we reach the great sand sea if The armies The American could not have occupied Tunisia and attacking us from Tunisia is not in the era of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, but possible to get this number can get rid of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and bring their client and to descend in Tunisia and attack us because our salvation finished we black white we will resist and will not surrender because surrender is not in our nature we resisted here in an unequal battle and people martyred in this place and left us the glory and pottery.

The lesson and this is the lesson that will resist the enemy when it comes again sacrifices were not in vain, who wants to Asemsr and trading and go let him do it but there are people who are honest and people without understanding and people aware and people are ready I am and them of stay equip ourselves to make machine guns and make guns and digging trenches and We make launchers against the tank and against the ship and against the plane and Mim / i / and mine if things continue as they are now the Arab countries want to take it Balbard and tell us ended up we Ahtllnakm Here they are everywhere you but raise the white flag, because the Americans entered Red Sea and set up a fleet Fifth and not Yemen and not Sudan, not Egypt, not Saudi Arabia, not Jordan, and not any one protested them how this is our land, this sea amid the Arab world, at least we told them, my brothers say to the council, my council as long as you awake on global security, the presence of the fleet of the fifth to America in the Red Sea threatens the security of this region are located in the Gulf and are located in the Red Sea,this area is occupied maneuvers star fading this whole area under its control are now experimenting with rockets and arrived very Tunisia experimenting with rockets how this news said ears in her mouth / pause / O of blindness God, what are ears in her mouth is a pause, you know unaffordable as long as they are Adzon maneuvers and experimenting and threaten and talk about oil and gas and all the forces of anti-peace and say we needed Nkhaddaha What does this mean these People are coming and they have to always prepared and I’m sure we prepare from now and war, the People’s Liberation think we will fight them planes and tanks never no planes and no tanks and no ships and no other.

This is one of the now canceled we fight them guerrilla Libyan territory of maximum to a maximum of becoming coals as became against Italy after this battle readiness must continue to prepare for the face and they have to win in the end because we have one decision either death and either victory we do not have a compromise that either we live above our land aptly and with dignity and pride, despite Nose America, in spite of NATO in spite of Israel in spite of the customer and either martyrdom.

Word of the Leader of the Revolution in the celebration of the People Kabarlahia scorched the famous battle

24 month of canon DECEMBER 1995

التاريخ يعيد نفسه والاستعمار مستمر

أى يوم لم يصل فيه الحلف الاطلسى وصلت امريكا الى شمال افريقيا هذا مكسب اى شهر اى عام لم تصل فيه جيوش الحلف الاطلسى الى ارضنا هذا مكسب ارجوكم ألا تفرطوا فى هذه الفرصة التى انتم موجودون فيها التاريخ يعيد نفسه الاستعمار مستمر امريكا والحلف الاطلسى يبحثون عن عدو عن جبهة بعد انتهاء الاتحاد السوفييتى يبحثون عن عدو آخر نحن جبهة اخرى الآن يتحدثون عن النقمة الاسلامية والارهاب الاسلامى والنفط والمضائق و اعداء السلام والقذافى عدو السلام و لم اعرف من هو عدو السلام والشقاقى عدو السلام ها هم اغتالوه و كل هؤلاء قالوا اعداء السلام نحن لابد من ان نقضى عليهم نحن اعداء الاستسلام اذن هم الآن يبحثون عن اى ذريعة ترجع جيوشهم الى هذه القلعة و هو لا يفرق ايطاليا التى وصلت الى هذه القلعة و هى الآن عضو فى الحلف الاطلسى نعم غدا يكلفونها و يقولون لها ليبيا من نصيبك و انت تعرفينها اذهبى و احتلى ليبيا اى يوم قلت لكم نحن الليبيين تركهم العرب الآخرون اى يوم ليس هناك حرب و لم تصل فيه قواتهم الينا هذا مكسب لنا ارجو ألا تفرطوا فيه استعداد فى أسوأ الحالات والاحوال نقول لهم لا نريد كهرباء و لا مصانع و لا مزارع و لا مدنا و لا مرافق فى النهاية نهتم بالخنادق و بالقتال و بتحصين المواقع و تجهيز ساحات القتال والجبهات و اعداد تموين الحرب من مواصلات و اتصالات والسيطرة مضطرون فى النهاية إلى ان نفكر فى هذا فقط و كفى لا نريد شركة فرنسية تدير لنا محطة كهرباء و لا شركة انجليزية تعمل لنا مصنعا و لا شركة امريكية تعمل لنا غازا او نفطا .

و لا شركة كورية و لا اجنبية نحن فى النهاية ارضنا تستباح لسنا فى حال سلام يأتى زمن و نقول فليذهب المصنع والكهرباء والمدينة فى النهاية كرامتنا و وجودنا على قيد الحياة فوق ارضنا و لو كل شخص يمسك بندقيته يجب ان تفهموا ايها الاخوة قد يأتى وقت نستغنى فيه عن كل الاشياء التى الآن تطالبون بها الآن نحن نقول فى حال السلام و هذا الاستعمار الذى أتعبنا و اخرنا نريد ان نتقدم فلم يتركونا نتقدم لا يريدون لنا التقدم غدا يأتون بقنابلهم و يضربون كل المصانع التى شيدناها و يضربون كل المدن التى بنيناها اول امس امريكا التى هى اكبر دولة غربية مسيحية فى عام 86 ماذا عملت امريكا بقنابلها ضربت الشوارع و دمرتها كلها فلو استمرت لكانت مدينتا بنغازى و طرابلس قد سويتا بالارض كلها .

فما داموا هم قادرين فى اى وقت يضربون بقنابلهم و صواريخهم محطات الكهرباء والمجارى والمنازل والمصانع اذن فلماذا نحن نبنى المصانع و نبنى المنازل مادام فيه عدو باق فيجب ان نتغلب على هذا العدو مثل المراكب فانكم تعرفونها يقول يا مالى يا مالنا عندما يكون فى مركب و تأتى اليه العاصفة و موجود فيها ماله و بضاعته فعند ذلك يبدأ بالصياح و يقول اولا يا مالى يا مال إن شاء الله لن تغرق و عندما يرى ان العاصفة قد اشتدت اكثر يبدأ يقول يا رأسى يا رأسى فلتذهب هذه البضاعة و تنقلب فيطلب من الله ان ينجو هو حتى على لوح نحن الآن نقول نريد ان ننجو نحن و مصانعنا و مدننا و لكن اذا هم وصلوا الينا و يريدون ان يدمروا المدن والمصانع والكهرباء والطرق والجسور التى نحن نبنيها فانه من الممكن ان يدمروا هذا نحن بعد ذلك تقول يا رأسى يا رأسى كل شخص يحمل بندقية إذا ايها الاخوة اقول لكم يجب ان تهتموا يتحصين الساحل و نكون جاهزين و ان نغرقه فى المياه حتى لا يستطيعوا انزال سفنهم مثلما رأيتم فى الصومال لقد وجدوا شاطئا و رمالا فنزلوا بسهولة من الآن نبلغهم و نقول لهم ان الشاطئ الليبى لا تستطيعون ان تنزلوا عليه نحن سنغرق الشاطئ الليبى بالمياه هذا جيد ابنوا المصانع والمزارع والمدن يجب ان تغرقوا الشاطئ بالمياه عند الضرورة فعليكم تجهيز السبخ و بتجهيز الحفر والمضخات و عندما يقولون الحلف الاطلسى آت يريد النزول على شواطئ ليبيا نفتح المضخات و نغرق الشاطئ بالمياه حتى لا يستطيعوا النزول عليه و هذا عمل استراتيجى عمل لابد منه هذا دفاع عن النفس و نحن لم نذهب إلى أوروبا و لا إلى أمريكا و لكن هم سيأتوننا فى ارضنا نحن مضطرون إلى ان نعمل هذا نحن سنجهز الخنادق إنا من الآن نأخذ مجموعات و انتم اذهبوا الى عمل المزارع والمصانع و تريبة الاغنام والبيع والشراء فى السوق السوداء و الذى يريد ان يهرب فليهرب .

سيأتى يوم و بعد ذلك يرون نتيجة هذا العمل انا مضطر و سأخذ عددا من الليبيين و سنبدأ معا فى حفر الخنادق فالامريكان من الممكن ان ينزلوا فى مصر و يبدءوا هجوما علينا من ناحية طبرق لانها ارض مفتوحة نحن نكلم اخوتنا المصريين و نقول لهم انه من الممكن ان ينزل الامريكان فى مصر و يهجموا علينا من مصر لان مصر تشترك معهم مصر تكون محتلة فى ذلك الوقت و ليست فى عهد حسنى مبارك هم يريدون التخلص من حسنى مبارك فى اى وقت و هم الآن يتآمرون على حسنى مبارك لانه غير ذاهب معهم فيما يريدون و لهذا هم يتآمرون علية يخرج لنا شخص آخر يقول للامريكان تفضلوا ينتهى لا سامح الله حسنى مبارك اليوم غدا يدخل الامريكان الى مصر و يقولون نحن سنتقدم الى ليبيا نقول لهم يا اخواننا ممكن يحصل هذا ارجوكم نحن سنحفر و سنلغم و سنخندق امساعد والبردى و سيدى عمر والجغبوب و مساعد فى هذه المنطقة الى ان نصل الى بحر الرمال الاعظم اذا جاءت الجيوش الامريكية من هذه الجهة لا تستطيع قد يحتلون تونس و يهجمون علينا من تونس ليس فى عهد زين العابدين بن على لكن ممكن ان يحصل هذا بعده ممكن أن يتخلصوا من زين العابدين و يأتوا بعميل لهم و أن ينزلوا فى تونس و يهجموا علينا لان موقفنا خلاص منته نحن أبيض أسود نحن سنقاوم و لن نستسلم لأن الاستسلام ليس من طبيعتنا نحن قاومنا هنا فى معركة غير متكافئة و اهلنا استشهدوا فى هذا المكان و تركوا لنا المجد والفخار والدرس المستفاد و هذا هو الدرس الذى سوف نقاوم به العدو عندما يأتى مرة أخرى التضحيات لم تذهب سدى الذى يريد ان يسمسر و يتاجر و يذهب دعوه يفعل ذلك لكن هناك أناسا شرفاء و أناسا فاهمين و أناسا واعين و أناسا مستعدين انا و اياهم نبقى نجهز انفسنا نصنع الرشاشات و نصنع البنادق و نحفر الخنادق و نصنع القواذف ضد الدبابة و ضد السفينة و ضد الطائرة والميم / ط / والالغام اذا استمرت الامور على ما هى عليه الآن البلاد العربية يريدون اخذها بالبارد و يقولون لنا انتهى نحن احتللناكم ها هم موجودون فى كل مكان ما عليكم الا ان ترفعوا الراية البيضاء لان الامريكان دخلوا البحر الاحمر و اقاموا فيه اسطولا خامسا و لا اليمن و لا السودان و لا مصر و لا السعودية و لا الاردن و لا اى أحد احتج عليهم كيف هذه ارضنا هذا البحر وسط الوطن العربى على الاقل قلنا لهم يا اخواننا قولوا لمجلس الامن يا مجلس الامن مادمت ساهرا على الامن العالمى فان وجود اسطول خامس لامريكا فى البحر الاحمر يهدد أمن هذه المنطقة موجودون فى الخليج و موجودون فى البحر الأحمر هذه منطقة محتلة مناورات النجم الآفل هذه المنطقة كلها تحت سيطرتها موجودون الآن يجربون صواريخ وصلت الى غاية تونس يجربون صواريخهم كيف هذا الخبر قال آذانها فى فمها / قفة / يا من عماه الله ما هى التى آذانها فى فمها هى قفة انتم تعرفون القفة ما داموا هم يجزون مناورات و يجربون و يهددون و يتكلمون عن النفط و عن الغاز و عن القوى المضادة للسلام و يقولون نحن لازم نخضعها ماذا يعنى هذا معناها هؤلاء الناس قادمون و لابد من ان تستعدوا و انا متأكد من اننا بالاستعداد من الآن و بحرب التحرير الشعبية يتصورون اننا سنقاتلهم بالطائرات و بالدبابات ابدا لا طائرات و لا دبابات و لا سفن و لا غيرها هذه تعتبر من الآن ملغاة نحن نقاتلهم بحرب العصابات الارض الليبية من اقصاها الى اقصاها تصبح جمرا مثلما اصبحت ضد ايطاليا بعد هذه المعركة الاستعداد يجب ان يستمر الاستعداد للمواجهة و لابد من ان ننتصر فى النهاية لأن امامنا قرارا واحدا اما الموت و إما النصر نحن ليس لدينا حل وسط اما ان نعيش فوق ارضنا بجدارة و بكرامة و بكبرياء رغم انف امريكا رغم انف الحلف الاطلسى رغم انف اسرائيل رغم انف العملاء و إما الاستشهاد .

من كلمة قائد الثورة في الاحتفال الشعبى الكبيرلاحياء معركة محروقة الشهيرة

24 من شهر الكانون 1995


Rebel Muslim Muammar Gaddafi conscience of the world /

الثائر المسلم معمر القذافي ضمير العال

الثائر المسلم معمر القذافي ضمير العالم




“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, on FB, REPORTS:

Siege to the warehouse by the airport for gasoline
And gas and prevent drivers from reaching them,
The news of the siege of Actual Control Room for electricity and stores .. flour ..

4 wounded in armed clashes at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport Tripoli

Libyan Ministry of Transportation: New deals for ports, airports, railways and road projects

Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

Interview with Abdel-Qader Mohamed Ahmed Al-Ayib, Minister of Transportation of Libya

Abdul Qader Mohammed Ahmed Sabah, Minister of Transportation of Libya

Firstly, given that the transportation sector was crippled during the so-called “FEBR. revolution’ “, perhaps not as much as in other countries but still suffering a lot of damage, what is the overall state of the transportation sector in Libya at the moment?

As you probably know, the Ministry of Transportation has 3 branches: aviation, maritime and terrestrial. The infrastructure has been damaged in all three of these areas during the revolution or during the pre-revolution period and all the projects have been detained. Therefore currently these three areas are in a very bad shape, so the Ministry of Transport has to take on a huge reconstruction of the infrastructure in Libya.

Under this temporary government we have a budget of about 2 billion Libyan dinars for the three sectors. In the aviation sector we plan on building new airports Ministry of transport of Libya, air transport Libyaand also rebuilding and maintaining the existing airports. In the maritime sector we are also going to have some new seaports, some of which have their tenders already published and we also have to rebuild the existing ones, which will encompass large projects. When it comes to the roads, we have a huge road network in Libya as we are such a vast country. We have a big project to connect the eastern border with Egypt to the western border with Tunisia. This road will cover a distance of over 2,000km and will be funded by the Italian government. Works will start very soon from the eastern side. We also have to maintain the existing road network which I believe entails about 3,000km of roads. Most of those roads have been assigned to some companies to work on; we are now waiting to be able to revive their projects. Some road projects are still being investigated but within 2 months we hope to start most of the road projects.

Before the “FEBR.’revolution’ ” Libya had embarked on a number of large plans to upgrade the infrastructure, they had planned new airports in Tripoli and Benghazi amongst other places, they planned a railway to connect the free zones, and overall they planned an integrated transport system. Now that we are in the NATO era, what will become of these plans?

The railway project that you mentioned has been agreed on in a cabinet meeting and so we have to revive that project with two international companies; one is Chinese, the other is Russian. We have had a lot of talks with both companies and we hope to have another meeting next month to discuss how we will take the first steps to reactivate the project.


We also have a Canadian company called Lavalin that is going to build the new Benina International Airport in Benghazi. There is a lot of foreign companies working in Libya now. There is a Greek company contracted for the seaport in Tripoli, there is a German company etc. Many foreign companies have already restarted their projects in Libya.divider_hori

We are planning on running a workshop on how to finance all these projects using either Libyan banks, foreign banks or private financial committees. From this workshop we should be able to see what can be done about the metro/underground system in Tripoli and Benghazi. Such huge projects have been under investigation, I myself have seen a presentation from a consortium of European companies. These projects include an integrated transport system within Tripoli that will join together the system of taxis, underground and city and inter-municipal buses. Such a huge project will need a large budget that is not available in 2013 but if we agree that other financial institutions like banks can finance or support such a project, we will probably see this up for tender soon.

What is your conservative estimate of total investment necessary to upgrade the entire transportation sector in Libya?

It will require approximately 50 billion Libyan dinars. The overall investment needed for the development of infrastructure projects including housing throughout the country is estimated at 450 billion Libyan dinars.

One of the major challenges is that this government is an interim government, so when it comes to making long-term decisions that affect the next 10 to 15 years, do you see yourself making this kind of decisions or would you want to wait until there is a proper government in place?

Actually we have already made such long-term decisions, for example the railway is going to take more than 10 years to complete. The underground projects in Tripoli and Benghazi will take almost 12 years to complete and the go ahead for this should happen soon. Therefore the Ministry of Transportation will have to make many important decisions for strategic projects over the next few months. Of course it will take time to see those projects up and running but the decisions will be made very soon.


Therefore the government is willing to make long-term decisions. How do you perceive the role of the private sector in developing these projects?

We in the government see that it is very important, although the culture of Libyan society is very conservative in this particular respect. Whenever you talk about the private sector, people don’t seem to be happy with the idea because the government during the Gaddafi era was taking on everything without giving any shares to the private sector. People are afraid of the private sector taking over these projects but we are changing that culture by organizing workshops, participating in interviews and trying to explain to people that countries cannot be built by governments only and that the private sector must be involved, for example by helping the government to build infrastructure.

How do you see the role of foreign countries in reconstructing the transportation sector?

They can play a major role as they have the knowhow, the capability and the technology, so I see them as being the major player in such projects.Ministry of Transport Libya, roads

As the Minister, are you going to support any foreign initiatives or welcome any foreign companies?

Yes, I have already done so. Some companies have already restarted their projects. Some of them are waiting to renegotiate their contract according to the new conditions. We have the ADPI, Aeroports de Paris that has started their project for the Tripoli International Airport. We also have a Canadian company called Lavalin that is going to build the new Benina International Airport in Benghazi. There is a lot of foreign companies working in Libya now. There is a Greek company contracted for the seaport in Tripoli, there is a German company etc. Many foreign companies have already restarted their projects in Libya.

What do you identify as your major challenge, problem or concern?

I would say that time is our main challenge. This interim government has a very short amount of time to work with and we would like to achieve everything, which is almost impossible. We will try at least to start most of the projects that we have submitted to the government.transport projects Libya

Finally, what is your personal vision and what would you like to be your footprint when you leave your tenure as a Minister?

I would really like to see the railway up and running and also the main three airports in Tripoli, Benghazi and Sabha established. I would like to see the underground project in Tripoli and Benghazi at least in the budget for 2014. I am very optimistic for the railway projects that we already have started so we should soon see some trains moving, we have already started in the east and south of Libya. I believe the work will start slowly but it will be efficient and we will see most of the projects reactivated with the help of either national or international companies.


car bombing near the Tripoli International Fair,

at Meitik’s Tobakedz hotel on Omar Mucktar Street. 

Ahmed Meitik makes millions off of the fair each year,

as salesmen reside in his hotel each summer for the Fair.

Téléphone :+218 92-4484001

16 juin – 19 juin Libya International Furniture
4 déc. – 7 déc. Libya Energy Show
4 déc. – 7 déc. Libya Machinex



The so-called Fiera internazionale di Tripoli was one of the main international “Fairs” in the colonial world in the 1930s, and was internationally promoted together with the Tripoli Grand Prix as a showcase of Italian Libya.

The 1934 TIF was famous worldwide because done with the first air trip in the Libyan Sahara’s oasis, and an Italian stamp celebrated the event.





At the beginning of March 2009, the friendship, partnership and cooperation treaty – the process that solved the long-standing dispute regarding Italy’s colonial past in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica and initiated a phase of economic cooperation between Italy and Libya – was ratified. The energy and infrastructure sectors are those most affected by the agreement, which involves the financing of operations on Libyan territory by Italian industry to the tune of 5 billion dollars over a 20-year period. At a time of relaxed relations between the two Mediterranean countries – with the two simultaneously aiming to intensify their mutual economic relations – and the creation of economic opportunities for Italian enterprises in sight, the next edition of Tripoli International Fair takes on an even greater importance. In 2009, the ICE (Italian Trade Commission) will be repeating the collective participation it has organised for past editions.

After the embargo against Libya was lifted, increasingly tangible business opportunities for Italian companies appeared on the horizon; the African country is, in fact, totally dependent on imports. While already substantial, trade between the two economies could benefit from a further boost, such as the Libyan government paying more attention to domestic consumption growth and the development of non-energy sectors, including the communications, infrastructure, agriculture, and tourism industry. Italy has been Libya’s number one exporter for years and it looks like 2008, if partial data collected in the first quarter end up confirmed, may well have been a record year for bilateral trade. Around 100 Italian companies – mainly connected to the oil, infrastructure, machinery, capital goods and construction industries – have made their presence in the country permanent. The biggest Italian investor in Libya is the oil group Eni, present in the North African country since 1959.

Tripoli International Fair, running from April 2nd to April 12th 2009, is an annual fixture: now at its 37th edition, it is dedicated to capital goods, durable consumer goods and mass-market consumer goods. It is considered to be Libya’s best exhibition for showcasing Italian exports. The most common Italian products exported to Libya are: agricultural machinery, packaging and confectionery machinery, marble processing machinery, metalworking machine tools, plastics processing machinery, woodworking machinery, cold chain equipment, construction materials and equipment, furniture, clothing, food products and general consumer goods.

Not to mention tourism services, telecommunications and – of course – all the infrastructure projects. Indeed, there are infrastructure opportunities on the horizon that could be very attractive for Italian export: the friendship treaty signed between Italy and Libya requires that the execution of these works – as agreed by a joint committee – be entrusted to Italian companies. In recent months, some leading Italian companies have already won important contracts, as is the case with Impregilo, the general contractor, who, in July 2008, finalised contracts worth 400 million Euros for the design and construction of three university centres in the cities of Misuratah, Tarhunah and Zliten. Construction is scheduled for completion in 2001. Impregilo has a long tradition in Libya, and of all the many projects carried out by the Italian group, the following deserve a special mention: Kufra, Benina, Misuratah, El Wotia and Sirte airports; the ports of Ras Lanuf, Benghazi and Homs; ministerial centres and Libyan Jamahiriya Committee Conference-Center buildings in Sirte, and industrial complexes in the cities of Ras Lanuf and Misuratah.



Gunmen from Misurata kidnapped someone from the family Deeb, at the Thursday Market, after five.

His brother Khtafo is not released, and they are demanding a ransom of one million dinars.

Lost were also two cars combed from the Auto Expo, which is owned by the family.









Two o’clock GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass), on FB reports:

Was besieged neighborhood Abuatunai entirely by supporters of heinous (ANSAR al-SHARIA),

and a willingness to break into homes and hunkering down where.

Heavy shelling on the regions of the heap and have built in the city of Benghazi.




very powerful explosions

shell landed on store belonging to the group Hawari area shops 
and burning the entire store.


Gunfire and heavy artillery now in Benghazi and in Sidi Faraj al-Hawari and the fall of some random

shells on civilian homes caused by the indiscriminate shelling ofAlmqji terrorists.




The  General Command of the Army appeals to the people of the area Alhoraa and Sidi Faraj

in Benghazi evacuate their homes immediately ..







Kidnapping “Abdullah Mohammed Miloud Alrajabana” a staff Tripoli airport in the city of Derna,

and the captors demanding a large ransom for his release.








Exposure citizen Saadi Omar al-Saadi Warfali and citizen Omar Mohammed Ghaith Warfali who were accompanied by their wives, from the population of the city of Smono, came under fire in the way of airport in Sabha. 

one of the wives was pregnant in the month Tamen, and stabilized his lead with a fetus inside her womb; and is now in serious condition as well as shows the rest of the family for the damage varying.

Celestial February Jerdanih arrived babies in the wombs of their mothers

Yesterday, eleven o’clock in the morning and while he was’ Omar Ghaith Mohammed and his cousin pregnant in the sixth month, and the gift Amer heading from the Smono to Sabha and when they arrived next to the airport road .. intercepted by Toyota (individual with tinted windows), of course the purpose of armed robbery .. and what they call fire before they ask torrential car shot ..
6-month-old baby has entered a bullet in his head before he was born Thishmh:


There is no power but from God.

British and U.S. forces and Algerian and French (in the number of THOUSANDS),

are now domiciled in the south of Libya

Twenty-two armed car tracking Tabu and three tanks congregate



 HISTORY, 2009:

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The Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People
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Older Al – Fajr Al-Jadeed  (PDF – English)1-—2009/index



Rebel Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi speaks on 05 MARCH 1973

“The most dangerous thing facing Israel is an army of ants.

If Israel and the Arabs faced constantly crawling towards it and are ready to die and they walk toward her and comes after them Regiment and Regiment and so on until Tneta Israel. Says Yigal Allon I’m afraid that am confronted an army of ants.

I fear that up to the Arabs themselves, if I received their planes, there is no fear if I received their missiles, there is no fear, if I received Qmaivhm, there is no fear; but, if and Salona human beings will end Israel

(and here he cites the example of the Battle of Britain in World War that beat her four Thousands of tons of bombs unfinished Britain, because Hitler did not meet his soldiers on the island except for the British, the island was occupied and actually ended in Britain).”

Word of the Leader of the Revolution Muammar al-Qathafi, in an open dialogue with university students in the city of Benghazi’s sports arena, to the heads of the “Arab Socialist Union”, on 05 March 1973

الثائر المسلم معمر القدافي
11 avril
أخطر شئ
أخطر شئ يواجه إسرائيل هو جيش من النمل إذا إسرائيل واجهت عربا يزحفون نحوها باستمرار و مستعدين يموتوا و هم يمشوا نحوها و يأتي بعدهم فوج و فوج و هكذا حتى تنهتي إسرائيل . يقول ايجال آلون أخشى أن يواجهني جيش من النمل أخشى أن يصل إلي العرب بأنفسهم إذا وصلتني طائراتهم فليس هناك خوف إذا وصلتني صواريخهم ليس هناك خوف إذا وصلتني قذائفهم ليس هناك خوف أما إذا وصلوني كبشر فستنتهي إسرائيل و يضرب مثلا بمعركة بريطانيا في الحرب العالمية التي ضربوها بأربعة الاف طن من القنابل لم تنته بريطانيا لان هتلر لم يلق بجنوده على الجزيرة البريطانية وإلا لكان إحتل الجزيرة فعلا و انتهت بريطانيا .

من كلمة قائد الثورة معمر القذافي في حوار مفتوح مع طلبة الجامعة الليبية بالمدينة الرياضية فى مدينة بنغازى و رئيس الاتحاد الاشتراكي العربي

الموافق 5 من مارس 1973


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi brandishing a Jaffa (ISRAELI) grapefruit on Tripoli 25 MAY 1973


Rebel Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi


Radical movement, terrorist

And there’s another part of this group is a secret and violent and terrorist and extremist, what I’m saying is that if extremism and violence against the enemies of Islam we must we go to extremes and choose violence against Israelis in order to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine and against the Americans until we stop them in their tracks and against the enemies of Islam and if this extremism and violence intended to eliminate Muslims to solve their place in Government

or in Jah or the wealth of this: 

The question mark.

And will speak honestly about what’s on my mind and it is you (and them Schori them) but before I ask you something dangerous I hope that is born today, and this is a historic day for the Muslim Ummah and to speak frankly about the facts and the squares when I’m in Syria and the Golan, occupied by the Israelis and the Americans and I am a Muslim I practice violence in Syria and against the Syrians themselves and do not practice violence against occupiers, that’s really incredible for me And I don’t understand and don’t consider Islam or Jihad if you are able to sacrifice let this sacrifice in the Golan and not in the streets of Damascus say this as neutral

and when I’m in Libya and America hit by bombs Libyan leadership, and at the same time I also try to give the Libyan leadership after or before the RAID could be granted in this case, they have tried America, for now leading the tenth crusade to kill al-Qahafi and failed up to this point. and may succeed in the future.

It is you, o Muslims and can kill al-Qathafi in no time, are you saying. Well, I’m a Muslim !

American soldier you are in this situation no matter how objective you are important; and, when you won, America failed. For  America (and you may be coming soon to me) such a Ranger, or this person, then you can reach.

If the American planescome, we will repell and destroyed them; and we will destroyed them in Sea, and the rest returned… But you don’t know about something, and do not know where you are, and you can mine the front speaker: meaning you serve America, which failed when you completed it. One does say that Islam connects to paradise, It is impossible Zaheer imperialist enemy, and enemy of the Israelis too which gave prestige to the nation of Islam.

and Arabic atkotlh you, and says in the name of Islam?! In this case you are a Muslim and I am an infidel !

but I am sure I have before God, (attributed) in Islam?

I regret, I am Muammar al-Qathafi, who boasts among you to kill me one in the name of Islam; and not reasonable to never be a Muslim: kill Muammar al-Qathafi as anything else reasonable, but in the name of Islam cannot be a Muslim says:

I retroactively and this progressive and you kill me you because you’re back, and you want to solve for I am progressive says: I’m a traitor, I want to kill Liberals and you kill me, as one of your liberal justification says :

I’m American or Israeli, and I want to kill you. You have a reason, as you are against Islam and kill al-Qathafi reasonable either to say to kill al-Qathafi or Islam to Muslim Ummah or for liberation! This is impossible and no logic !

or say in the name of Islam, or in the name, or for Jerusalem, kill Gamal Abdel Nasser,

Gamal is having died of cardiac arrest at having Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews,

and the Jews could not make it, and it exists.

If around Islam to covert action to bombs and explosives, we, in a sense are slaughtering Islam; 

and each bomb inside a Islam explosion, if detonated a bomb in this business, you never activated in this place to kill these people, you kill in Islam and therefore small extremist Islamic movements which exercise now Islamic violence within the home, name calling or so-called “Jihad or Atonement”, migration, reporting, really give a serious warning to another cry, or else the same In Islam:

meaning that Islam is dying and the uprising of the slaughtered and in the opinion of analysts, this means that those who now ends and dying if recourse to the bombs and guns and knives and work in the dark and destruction events in the home means that religion declares an end to its bankruptcy and inability to dialogue and to give to “Jihad” !

and for this we must distinguish the Islamic world today between two fundamentalist movement whose principles And the goals and direction and open and interactive, and this must be respected and no interaction between the movement and then the logic and not the public, but cover up in the dark and say this is Islam and explode and kill and kill: 

this is not Islam, but Islamania.

From rebellious Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi

At the opening session of the Islamic Conference history

25 -month al-Fateh 1989


الثائر المسلم معمر القدافي

24 février

حركة متطرفة و ارهابية
و هناك جزء آخر من هذه المجموعة يتجه اتجاها سريا وعنيفا و ارهابيا و متطرفا و ما أقوله هو انه اذا كان التطرف و العنف ضد أعداء الاسلام فنحن كلنا يجب ان نتطرف و ان نختار العنف ضد الاسرائيليين لكى نحرر بيت المقدس و فلسطين و ضد الامريكان حتى نوقفهم عند حدهم و ضد اعداء الاسلام اما اذا كان هذا التطرف و هذا العنف يقصد به القضاء على مسلمين لكى نحل محلهم فى الحكم او فى جاه او ثروة فهذا عليه علامة استفهام .
و سوف اتكلم بصراحة عما فى ذهنى و الأمر مطروح عليكم ( و امرهم شورى بينهم ) لكن قبل ان أطرح عليكم هذا الشئ الخطير الذى أتعشم ان يولد اليوم و ان يكون هذا اليوم يوما تاريخيا بالسبة للأمة الاسلامية و لنتكلم بصراحة عن الوقائع و الساحات عندما اكون فى سوريا و تكون الجولان محتلة بالاسرائيليين و الأمريكان و انا مسلم امارس العنف داخل سوريا و ضد السوريين انفسهم و لا امارس العنف ضد المحتلين هذا فى الحقيقة بالنسبة لى غير معقول و لا افهمه و لا اعتبره من الاسلام او من الجهاد فاذا كنت قادرا على التضحية فلتكن هذه التضحية فى الجولان و ليس داخل شوارع دمشق أقول هذا كمحايد و عندما اكون في ليبيا و امريكا تضرب بقنابلها القيادة الليبية و انا ايضا فى نفس الوقت احاول ان اضرب القيادة الليبية بعد الغارة او قبلها يمكن ان اكون مسلما فى هذه الحالة لقد حاولت امريكا التى تقود الحملة الصليبية العاشرة ان تقتل القذافى و فشلت حتى هذه اللحظة و قد تنجح فى المستقبل فتأتى انت يا مسلم و تقتل القذافى فى أى وقت فهل تقول انا مسلم انت جندى من جنود امريكا فى هذه الحالة مهما كان الهدف لأنك تتم المهمة الأمريكية و عندما فشلت امريكا انتصرت انت لأمريكا و انت قد تكون قريبا منى مثل هذا الحارس او هذا الشخص و من ثم تستطيع ان تصل الى و اذا كانت طائرات امريكا قد صدت و دمر منها ما دمر وسقط منها ما سقط فى البحر و رجع ما تبقى منها لكن أنت لا نعلم عنك شيئا و لا نعلم عن مكانك و تستطيع ان تلغم مكبر الصوت الذى امامى معناها انك تخدم امريكا والذى فشلت فيه تقوم انت بإتمامه فهل نقول هذا اسلام و يوصل الى الجنة مستحيل عبدالناصر عدو الامبريالية و عدو الاسرائيليين و الذى اعطى الهيبة للاسلام و للامة العربية اتقتله انت و تقول بإسم الاسلام ؟ ! فى هذه الحالة لتكن انت مسلما و انا كافرا و لكنى واثق من اننى امام الله عندى ( عزوة ) أى اسلام هذا ؟أنا يؤسفنى انا معمر القذافى الموجود بينكم ان يقتلنى واحد بإسم الاسلام و ليس من المعقول أبدا ان يكون هذا الشخص مسلما يقتل معمر القذافى باسم اى شئ آخر معقول انما بإسم الاسلام لا يمكن ان تكون مسلما تقول : انا رجعى و هذا تقدمى و تقتلنى عندك سبب انك رجعى و تريد ان تحل محلى لأنى تقدمى تقول : أنا خائن و أريد ان اقتل الأحرار و تقتلنى كواحد من الأحرار عندك مبرر تقول : أنا امريكانى او اسرائيلى و اريد ان اقتلك عندك مبرر أنت ضد الاسلام و تقتل القذافى معقول اما ان تقول من اجل اسلام اقتل القذافى أو من اجل الامة الاسلامية او من اجل التحرر فهذا مستحيل و لا منطق فيه او تقول باسم الاسلام او باسم التحرير او من اجل القدس اقتل جمال عبدالناصر و ها هو جمال عبدالناصر بعد ان مات بالسكتة القلبية اصبحت القدس عاصمة لليهود و لم يكن يستطيع اليهود أن يجعلوها عاصمة و هو موجود .

اذا حولنا الاسلام الى عمل سرى و الى قنابل و مفرقعات معناها اننا ننحر الاسلام و كل تفجير فى الداخل هو تفجير لاساس الاسلام اذا فجرت قنبلة فى هذا المكان انت لم تفجرها فى هذا المكان لتقتل هؤلاء الناس و لكنك تقتل بها الاسلام و من ثم فان الحركات الاسلامية الصغيرة المتطرفة التى تمارس الآن العنف داخل الوطن الاسلامى باسم الدعوة او الجهاد او التكفير او الهجرة او التبليغ فى الحقيقة تعطى انذارا خطيرا بأنها آخر صرخة او اخر نفس فى الاسلام و معناها ان الاسلام يحتضر و هذه انتفاضة المذبوح و فى رأى المحللين ان هذه تعنى ان الذين الآن ينتهى و يحتضر اذا التجاء الى القنابل و المسدسات و السكاكين و العمل فى الظلام و تخريب الفاعليات الاسلامية فى الداخل معناها ان الدين يعلن نهايته و افلاسه و عدم قدرته على الحوار و على العطاء و على الجهاد و لهذا يجب ان نفرق فى عالمنا الاسلامى اليوم بين حركتين حركة اصولية ذات مبادئ و اهداف و اتجاه و علنية و تحاور و هذه يجب ان تحترم و بين حركة لا تحاور و لا عندها منطق و لا هى علنية و لكن تتستر بالظلام و تقول هذا هو الاسلام و تفجر و تغتال و تقتل هذا ليس الاسلام و لكنها تقتل الاسلام .

من حديث الثائر المسلم معمر القذافي
فى الجلسة الإفتتاحية للمؤتمر الإسلامى التاريخى
25 من شهر الفاتح 1989


another translation reads:

Rebel Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi
Terrorist and extremist movement
There is another part of this group is heading trend secret and violent and terrorist and extremist and what I am saying is that if extremism and violence against enemies of Islam, we are all of us must Ntparty and to choose violence against the Israelis in order to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine and against the Americans even stop them.

When alone and against the enemies of Islam either if this extremism and violence that is intended to eliminate the Muslims in order to solve their place in the judgment or in Jah or wealth, it was a question mark.

And will speak out about what happened in my mind and it Matrouh you (and ordered them to mutual consultation) but before that ask you this thing serious, which I hope to be born today and that this historic day Basbh to the Islamic nation and to speak openly about the facts and squares. When I’m in Syria and the occupied Golan, the Israelis and Americans, I am a Muslim and I practice violence in Syria and against the Syrians themselves, and do not practice the violence against the occupiers.

In fact this is not reasonable for me, and I do not understand; and are not considered of Islam or jihad If you are able to sacrifice. Let these sacrifice in the Golan and not inside the streets of Damascus say this Kmhaad, and when I’m in Libya and America hit their bombs Libyan leadership, and I’m also at the same time I’m trying to multiply the Libyan leadership after the raid, or before I could be granted.

Iin this case I’ve tried America, which is leading the campaign Crusader tenth to kill al-Qathafi and failed until this moment, and may succeed in the future,

comes a thou, O Muslim and kill al-Qathafi at any time, does say I am a Muslim you are soldiers of America, in this case, whatever the goal is because you are the U.S. mission and when it failed, America triumphed. You America and you may soon be Mona like this guard or that person and then you can reach.

and if planes America have been repelled and destroyed of  them, what was destroyed and fell some of which fell into the sea and returned. What is left of it but you do not know about you something:

and We do not know where you are and can Tlgm speaker who Emami, meaning you serve America, which failed in it, are you finalizing ?  it does say that in Islam and arrive to heaven impossible.

Nasser enemy of imperialism and the enemy of the Israelis and who gave the prestige of Islam and the Arab nation Atguetlh you and says name Islam? ! In this case you are not a Muslim, and I am an infidel YET, I am confident  since I am in front of God…but have I attributed any of this to Islam?

I am sorry. I am Muammar al-Qathafi, found among you, to kill me: one in the name of Islam, and it is not reasonable ever for that person who is a Muslim to kill Muammar al-Qathafi on behalf of anything else reasonable.

but in the name of Islam, one cannot be a Muslim, says: I am retroactive and this progressive…
and to kill me you have a reason: why, because  you are retroactive and want to solve a local wherever progressive says: I am a traitor, and I want to kill the Liberal, and kill me as one of the Liberals in having the justification, saying:

“I Amrikany or Israeli, and I want to kill you, having the justification”, as you are against Islam and kill Gaddafi reasonable either to say for Islam, Kill al-Qathafi for the Islamic nation, or for liberation !  It is impossible, and totally lacks the logic therein of it,

or say the name of Islam or the name of liberation, or for Jerusalem Kill Gamal Abdel Nasser !
and here’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, after he died of a heart attack because Jerusalem has become the capital of the Jews… and no Jew can make it so even where the capital is located.

If around Islam to work secret and to bombs and fireworks meaning we Nnhr Islam and all blow up in the inside is bombing the basis of Islam,

if detonated a bomb in this place, you did not explode in this place to kill these people, but you are then killing Islam

and then the Islamic movements Small extremist violence now practiced at home on behalf of the Islamic “Jihad”, or call or atonement or immigration or notification in fact is given a serious warning as the last cry of the same or another meaning in Islam

and that Islam is dying and this uprising and slaughtered in the opinion of analysts that this means that those who Now ends and dying if recourse to bombs and guns and knives and work in the dark and sabotage are prominent Islamists in the inside, meaning that religion declares its end;

and bankruptcy and inability to dialogue and to tender and the “Jihad” and this should be a distinction in the Muslim world today, between movement of fundamentalist movements with the goals and principles and the direction and public and dialogue

and this must be respected and no dialogue between the movement and then does not logic and is not public, but cover up the darkness and say this is Islam and flare-ups and assassinate and kill

for this is NOT Islam but it is killing Islam.

Of modern rebellious Muslim Muammar al-Qathafi
At the opening session of “the Islamic Conference historical”
25 month Conqueror 1989