Forecast: ‘FAJR’ Libya weather disappears

Colonel al-Qathafi, his sons and Libya's commanders continue to lead

‘Room Zintan operations’. says:
Discovered his al-Rata !

Come with us and win lighthouse al-Laisar of MiG aircraft al-Tallobah


brother leader al-Qathafi is saying:

‘continue in resistance-You are tribes, strong tribes..’

الفكر الأخضر
القائد : استمروا في المقاومة

  • ‎القائد : استمروا في المقاومة =============== GREEN RESISTANCE  brother leader Gadaffi is saying cont in resistance  Yo are tribes, strong tribes..‎




    ‘Room Zintan operations’:

    Mr. Abdullah denier [BELHADJ] dated 05/05/2015 in the word free, national where km indefinitely him of belonging to this beloved country and aboard MiG aircraft 21 interceptors, which sought is homelands who were with him a long time to get it is and the rest of the vertical Squadron

    and for the National Army support in the western region offers a salute it for free Cyrenaica and the south, Tripoli and each national free loves the country and say that Libya and one unit recommends the Libyans after the editing process Federation is complete and the collection of the row and forget past grudges and strive for building and reconstruction and development and to be good keys and shovels reform

    and victory is near and that the account is coming without doubt both destroyed, killing and burning of Libya and Libyans Blabtal Bel-Kanon and with the support of Allah alone without the other.

    God bless you all – the team’s media

    (- À Wattayah Air Base)

    غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎ à ‎قاعدة الوطية الجوية

    السيد عبد الله ناكر بتاريخ 5/5/2015 في كلمة حرة وطنية فيه كم لانهاية له من الانتماء لهذا الوطن الغالي ومن علي متن طائرة الميغ21 الاعتراضية التي سعى هو .‎السيد عبد الله ناكر بتاريخ 5/5/2015 في كلمة حرة وطنية فيه كم لانهاية له من الانتماء لهذا الوطن الغالي ومن علي متن طائرة الميغ21 الاعتراضية التي سعى هو والوطنين الذين معه زمان طويل من اجل الحصول عليه هي وباقي السرب العمودي ومن اجل دعم الجيش الوطني في المنطقة الغربية يقدم التحية فيه لأحرار برقة والجنوب وطرابلس ولكل وطني حر يحب الوطن ويقول ان ليبيا وحدة واحده ويوصي فيه الليبين بعد اكتمال عملية التحرير بأتحاد وجمع الصف وان ننسى الماضي والاحقاد ونسعى للبناء والاعمار والنماء وان نكون مفاتيح خير ومعاول اصلاح والنصر قريب وان الحساب قادم بدون شك لكل من دمر وقتل وحرق ليبيا وبلقانون وبلابطال الليبين وبدعم من الله وحده دون غيره</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>حفظكم الله جميعاً - الفريق الاعلامي‎


Mu interview January 2011


The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar a partagé la vidéo de Green thought.

Green Thought
This video Everyone has conned freedom and democracy and anyone criticizing al-Qathafi in the boom and accepted the fact Moomrh on al-Qathafi and Libya. They began this malicious plan on our leader since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein; and, after Muammar al-Qathafi, then Bashar al-Assad is next … Is it significant.


‘Green thought’, video:

And Hhdashahid from her family
‘Green Thought’:

Noman Ben Othman asked publicly, on the ‘International Channel’: ….
“Can Saif al-Islam come-out with the tribes against ‘invincible Misurata’

and their Brotherhood, and fight them publicly ?..”

‎نعمان بن عثمان يصرح علنا و في قناة الدولية .... يستطيع (((سيف الأسلام)))أن خرج مع القبائل أن يقهر(مصراتة) والاخــــــــــــــــوان والمقاتـــــــــــــلة..‎

الفكر الأخضر‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

نعمان بن عثمان يصرح علنا و في قناة الدولية ….
يستطيع (((سيف الأسلام)))أن خرج مع القبائل أن يقهر(مصراتة) والاخــــــــــــــــوان والمقاتـــــــــــــلة..

Media activist Mohammed Drderh this new account after the close of the previous account by ‘Roma Libya’
Once you press the link above will move directly to his
Mohammed Drderh

Mohammed Drderh, page

Libya against EU plans: “We do not want you to destroy our ships or bring your troops on Libyan sovereign ground”

09 May  2015 | by Ana Martinovic

Libya against EU plans: "We do not want to destroy our ships that bring our troops on the ground"

Libyan authorities are against the plans of the European Union on the issue of migrant crisis – in fact, the EU is increasingly referred to the use of force in Libya, including the destruction of the ships which transport migrants to Europe.

Libya’s UN ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi, said in an interview with the AP news agency that his government strongly opposes this idea. “We were not anything nor asked. We do not agree on any troops on our territory, “he said.

Opposes the destruction of ships noting that it can easily happen error, ie. to become targets, and other Libyan ships. As for the idea to send additional ships from the Libyan coast, to enhance rescue, Dabbashi states that it is a “extremely stupid idea” for the move, according to him, just encourage more migrants to move towards Europe .

source (s): , Advance

written by Mdme. al-Fatah 69:
While Britain & its Allies are at Fault for the failed state in Libya they Want to continue destroying Libya by drafting a UN security resolution that would authorise the mission to hit vessels used by human traffickers for dash across Mediterranean

Reading the famous Guardian electronic newspaper which is supposed to have integrity my stomach turned when I read that Britain and its allies the Cabal are planning to destroy again Libya, it was not enough the damage they did in 2011 they want by all means possible to install Muslim Brotherhood into power so they came up with a scheme about the refugees and human traffickers.

Lets put the facts in a time line so you can understand how psychopathic these western Governments are:

◾When Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama, the Obese Prince from Qatar, the House of Sand, Ertogan from Turkey, the princes of the Emirates, the Kuwaiti Emir and the Jordanian King decided to destroy Libya in 2011

◾because Libya as Muslim country had come closer to the 21 century regarding the women,

◾the country was independent and did not owe a centime to the Cabal banks in Europe and America.

◾Was preparing to get rid of the petrol dollar which is just plain paper and worthless to back it up with the Gold Dinar

◾Africa was joining with Libya on the Gold Dinar something the West did not Like.

◾Libya had installed a new satellite for Africa so it would not have to pay the west the thieving prices and would not be controlled by the west what the African nations would watch…

◾Libya was at the works in making an Pan – African bank which meant that the French who had colonized some African countries and now where independent would not have to sent to France their Revenues and ask permission from France for an allowance…

◾One of many great achievements of Libya was the man-made river which supplied all of Libya with drinking water and in the future plans was to supply also to neighboring poor countries with water WHICH IS A BIG NO NO for the European colonizers. How could they explain to their citizens that the Africans are not dying from thirst all those charities that you and I pay believing that it goes to Africa but alas it does not it goes into the Cabals pockets.

◾Another Achievement of Libya was absorbing most of the refugees in Libya instead of coming to Europe

◾Libya was nobody’s fool we talked with Europe and demanded that the European countries cough up an amount that they had to pay us for keeping the refugees away from Europe. You guessed right Europe refused only Italy accepted.

◾All Libyans (women and men) were highly educated more than I can say about Europe.

◾France and Qatar wanted the big contracts of oil which Libya refused to give as both countries had nothing to give in return

◾Sarkozy presidential election was financed by Libya – Sarkozy had promised that he would give something in return and that was declaring war.

◾Qatar could not accept that he will not be the only one supplying gas to Europe. So it used its electronic media Al Jazeera to start the false flags. Everything was proved without a shred of doubt that everything was fabricated.

◾America and the Cabal could not stand the gold Dinar that would take them out of business and the American/Israel empire would collapse.

◾The Emirates, Kuwait and Turkey were the Jokers in this whole facade, they would assist or go against whenever they were told that is the Cabal system.

◾Once Libya was ruined by NATO, we the Libyans thought that the war finished and that we would rebuilt our country better than before but how wrong we were… NATO left behind the hyenas to tear the rest of Libya into pieces.

◾These animals are worse than scums, NATO OPENED THE DOOR OF THE PRISONS AND LET OUT rapists, psychopathic murderers on the loose the same thing did all of the involved countries who declared war to Libya they dressed them up into military gear and they let them go on a shooting trip with steroids bad combination.

◾These people who NATO AND ALLIES left behind are the ones who do the human trafficking in Libya they talk to them everyday and they know each other very well… they get handsomely paid for their services.

◾England, France and America are sole responsible for all refugees in the world. Where ever they have meddled in a sovereign country they destroyed the country’s infrastructure, their livelihood, they have installed puppet governments and as puppets they chase their own citizens if they do not agree with their policies putting them in jail or worse killing them on the spot where it comes impossible to live in your own country and have to seek refuge in another country.

Instead of Britain and the Cabal taking responsibility for all this mess that they have cultivated now they are planning to draft a UN security resolution that would authorise the mission to hit vessels used by human traffickers for dash across Mediterranean, isn’t that grand?

They have decided that we need to depopulate the world by hitting any vessels that the refugees are on which means if they are not killed by British & Co. cannons they will drown… how humanitarian is that? I am wondering who came up with this bright idea? I need to congratulate him/her by paying them back the same way they are planning to do to the poor refugees who are escaping from their country with only their clothes on their back. So their plan is this:

The European Union has drawn up plans for military attacks in Libya to try to curb the influx of migrants across the Mediterranean by targeting the trafficking networks. It is to launch a bid on Monday to secure a UN mandate for armed action in Libya’s territorial waters. ***While the European Union talks everyday with the trafficking network as they are earning billions of dollars and Euros….. I mean what an Hypocrisy?

Britain is drafting the UN security council resolution that would authorise the mission, said senior officials in Brussels. It would come under Italian command, have the participation of around 10 EU countries, including Britain, France, Spain, and Italy, and could also drag in Nato although there are no plans for initial alliance involvement.

Federica Mogherini, the EU’s chief foreign and security policy coordinator, is to brief the UN security council in New York on the plans for a “chapter seven” resolution authorising the use of force. The British draft is believed to call for the “use of all means to destroy the business model of the traffickers”.

This would entail having EU vessels in Libyan territorial waters, including the Royal Navy flagship HMS Bulwark – currently in Malta – and deploying helicopter gunships to “neutralise” identified traffickers’ ships used to send tens of thousands of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East on the short but highly risky voyage from the Libyan coast to the shores of southern Italy.

I wonder what the UN will do; under the UN 1951 Refugee Convention which says COUNTRIES ARE OBLIGED TO PROTECT REFUGEES.

If the above mentioned countries had not meddled in the weaker but sovereign countries you the West would not have the problem with refugees.








If we lost the tour.. The second content.. Singing light artist

Public information centre de

Tripoli passage into Janzour


The Army approached JANZOUR !

The coming hours will be decisive process and zero hour

drew near to the Liberal brothers in Tripoli lack of urgency

until the Army approached Janzour !
Allahu Akbar !

Sovereign Order of taking back Janzour Rakpthm,

after applying to become today to Tnfkm Misurata

laughed them unfortunately battalion implicated in full city.

Now Shooting on the bridge 17 23
And Ganzerh Rakpthm shiver … Casper the price of oil have.

Allah is great support for the Army extended its control power p 27

with the escape of the ‘Dawn Libya’ forces to Bridge 17

and the citizens discernible caution and steep,
(Jtahm chills)

After what has control of 27 p descent support very

large Army forces toward the bridge and Janzour 17 mil.

Earthen berms under the bridge disabled, Janzour

‘Zero hour’, warns us:
We warn all users of the coastal road from the road far from Janzour
East to west corner is the area and clashes Walker fled and Gary combing.

Unconfirmed and it will contact one of the leaders of an

imminent attack on the center of his Gospel Janzour of your prayers Army.


No reconciliation with ‘militia Abu Obeida’.

‘Zintan Neto ground’, reports:

Libyan Army troops and supporting force simplifies control

of the Maya area and shut down the coastal road barricades dirt.

P control 27 and Maya also means their defeat in front Wattayah

and soon the process of liberalization of Tripoli
Allah is great and thankfully.

Libyan tribal forces simplifies full control of

27 Maya area to area west of the capital Tripoli.

‘Zintan Neto ground’, reports:
Rat Salem Derby’s forces will open tomorrow on the bridge Venus

and then Beida Heid on sping Bob rebels and revolutionaries al-Nivia

at the airport hub.
Allah is great and enlarge Aatric.

 Martyr Ali as Nthsabh Garisaah:





Qubl Kulail:
The destruction of the number two tanks and a number of armed cars and killed a number of ‘militias Da’ab’ just under Gharyan city and Aborchadh after the end of the deadline for delivery .. and the withdrawal of the remnants of terrorist ‘militias Daab’ inside Gharyan.

National Army troops gave support and wise enough time but pawns Mzrath do not understand and Hsoha Toaa was with you, my effort contingency Shban !!!!!


Zintan Neto ground’, says:
Praise be to Allah every day morale high in triumph

and Hedda thanks to Allah and thanks to the

determination and military support force soon

rejoice liberalization of the entire territory and Rishvana.


We have control of an area mil by Guo support military.

The Mil and in some pockets of gangs and warn of the actions

of gangs and so to carry out acts of theft and Hrabp.


al-HACHAN community

now on FB:




Hoofs of horses Pfzaah sons of the desert … over the remnants of the Mughal yogurt
“Snapshot Sakhaldha history and ask Allah for victory homeland and his army”


Picture by the downing of the Brotherhood’s MIG-25 of ‘Roma Libya /Fajr LIBYA’ which was bombing Zintan and al-Rajaban civilian and residential areas and the Zintan International airport.

Qubl Kulail, reports:
Celebrations massive arrival of young people in the city of Zintan

and al-Rajaban and Rishvana after several months spent in prisons corner
of these youth Zintani.

‘Room Zintan operations’. says:
Discovered his al-Rata !

Come with us and win lighthouse al-Laisar of MiG aircraft al-Tallobah

 Young youth of Zintan:

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

thirteen years old Ahmed Dwaib from Zintan city

(“He is a prisoner no one should touch him, we gave him refuge”)
That is what a thirteen years old Ahmed Dwaib from Zintan city yelled at the crowd while capturing the injured pilot from Misurata whom was bombing their city on a regular basis for the last few months. The young boy stood strong and defended the fifty year old military pilot while para shooting from his burning MIG-25 .

This young boy captured the hearts of the Libyans by giving them an example of humanity and humbleness that many of them have lost. May God bless his soul and those who thought him that you can be a big man even if you are a child.

(Dr. Omran Elshaibi)



A child who agar prisoner ..
Message you Aaeidima honor and manhood Yamen

Eloquent – hair Abossaa Shafei:


you wrote on the foreheads of the men learned of men ..

Question for owners who minds thick Itbako Ali pilot Jay who distributes the sweet every day on the city of Zintan!
If Hdit Khanb or fought in the sanctity of your house and in the backyard
Arc Henw first Chi Hadirh ???
Let alone defended from the criminal terrorist Cub Ith does not exceed ten screaming “Meimsh end Meimsh end”
Knowing that Hedda Cub authentic Bedouin from heat Aelovesah forget Hedda boob criminal acts in Mdatne
Arabism Bedouin Islamic morality do not Evgahha Adnab Turks and descendants of Jews here lies the difference between the national and Acanutaorah Almzratih !!
Alfajrh mesh you write on the front of the prisoner or kill him and Tadba and Tinkl b corpse Talmo from the book of God, and this topic Cubs Lord Ihafthm

Exclusive interview conducted by Libya channel (spirit world) with the kids men
Photographer Ahmed Mahmoud exclusive section Aboderbalh
His famous saying (prisoner … What Eimsh limit) Ahmed Mukhtar al-Dhuab.

‎اللقاء الحصري الذي اجرته قناة ليبيا ( روحها الوطن ) مع الاطفال الرجال بالزنتان</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>مصور المقطع الحصري احمد محمود ابودربالة </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>صاحب المقولة المشهورة ( اسير ... ما ايمسه حد ) احمد الذويب المختار‎

A meeting of poets Zintan near the wreckage of the MiG-25 which was bombing Zintan and al-Rajaban.
Held on Saturday 09/05/2015 ceremonial or attribute Festival, which has some of the Knights “Ballahad” and also fired large amounts of fireworks, and certainly the owner of the joy and the joy and celebration of the people of Zintan in al-Ambduah area where the plane went down, accompanied by poems; and notice to the young poets, as well as adult poets.

In the picture start from left: two children, Ahmed Ahmed, who Bajarh They pilot, followed by the poet Ali Bourkika, followed by the poet Mohammed Shahub, and mediates all, our brother Omar Ma’touq known big media, followed by the poet Hamza Tabth, followed by the poet Abdul Qadir al-Htoah.
The Zintan TV channel and some other channels to register the event, and may be broadcast today
(Zintan Libya)

Hair’ on the plane that was shot down in Zintan

(Mohammed Shahub)

‎شعر علي الطائرة التي تم اسقاطها في الزنتان

:: محمد شهوب ::‎

(Mohammed Shahub)

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.

You to comment on the achievements of pilots ‘Roma Libya’ terror in the city of Zintan and residential al-Rajaban !!
Criminals and we have a writing tablet as Ataamilo and Sanna by our noble in his great book
We do not compare ourselves to fools home
Allah is great and thankfully.




‘Dawn Libya’ forces  are controlled now by

the Libyan Army at Wattaya base.







Jake Misurata today and will Taathacbon.
This topic image to dogs and Qatar Trkiyaoukraba

will be in the hands of the Libyan Army.









Photo de ‎الزنتان نيتو الارض‎. Photo de ‎الزنتان نيتو الارض‎.


wonderful Municipal Gurads are rewared !

Municipal guards device in the city of Benghazi Mdayr effort sweet Lord assisted and guide them.
















(PICTURE BELOW) Hedda late Marwan:

— About a crime victim, ‘Marwan al-Ehirh’, who was killed. He was of Zliten but (at this time) being part of Tunisia’s refugee population. –— It has reached the Tunisian security forces supervising the investigation of this topic; and, the issue of Libyan confessions of those arrested on the blood issue that the perpetrator of the crime and the killer is – Abdul-Rahman Gaddafi – from Sebha.

Residents have been handed him over, though the Akaddadfh are free to the prosecutor general to complete the Investigation procedures.




Houthi’s ‘Secretary-news network’, writes of the WAHHABI:


Secretary-news network


Yemeni men shout the Houthi slogan - Al Sarkha (The Scream) - in the cave where former leader Hussein al Houthi was killed in Marran, Saada, Yemen, March 27, 2014. Many of al Houthi's friends were shot down from surrounding cliffs, others crushed when the cave collapsed on top of them. Marran is now a pilgrimage site for thousands of supporters each year.

Yemeni men shout the Houthi slogan – Al Sarkha (The Scream) – in the cave where former leader Hussein al Houthi was killed in Marran, Saada, Yemen, March 27, 2014. Many of al Houthi’s friends were shot down from surrounding cliffs, others crushed when the cave collapsed on top of them. Marran is now a pilgrimage site for thousands of supporters each year.

A young girl visit the martyrs cemetery in Marran, Saada, March 27, 2014.

A young girl visit the martyrs cemetery in Marran, Saada, March 27, 2014.

Fog rolls over a home decorated with the photo of former leader Hussein al Houthi in the mountain village of Marran in Saada, Yemen, March 27, 2014. Marran is the home village of former leader Hussein al Houthi, who took refuge in the mountain caves with his family and close personal friends, who nearly all died protecting him.

Fog rolls over a home decorated with the photo of former leader Hussein al Houthi in the mountain village of Marran in Saada, Yemen, March 27, 2014. Marran is the home village of former leader Hussein al Houthi, who took refuge in the mountain caves with his family and close personal friends, who nearly all died protecting him.


Saudi American aggression continues to target the Saada province and the border areas intensively and hysterical.

Where aggression targeted the Islamic sanctities while flying enemy launched several raids on the historic mosque of Imam Hadi in Saada devastating the eastern gate of the mosque and neighboring Ooagafh …

And the fall of four martyrs and 10 wounded by the raid aggression next to the Imam al-Hadi mosque in Saada

As the enemy pounding 60 rockets and mortar Saudi targeted since the morning the northern side of the western province of Saada and aggression bombing moments before immersion in the Directorate for 3 missiles

The air strike targeted area Sha’af Directorate legs and morning raids targeted the town of Hidan

Tbran also carried out several raids on enemy Maran area 16 raid early morning hours since left devastation in 6 homes

Airline Saudi American aggression also launched four raids on the city of Saada and opens the sound barrier …

As the flight of the enemy moments before targeting the city Department of peer Razih Bgartin …

In Sanaa:

Air enemy targeted the Sanaa airport this morning to impede the arrival of two Cross and infinite carrying medical and humanitarian aid ..

In Aden:

In systematically targeting every necessities of life in Aden

The airline Sauomraki aggression pounding desalination water tanks in Iron Mountain area of ​​12 raid

As the flight of the enemy to launch raids on four Mualla area and continue its flight in the region ..

In August Province:

It fell 20 wounded in air raids targeted aggression houses the Directorate of COPD.

In Shabwa:

US Airways Saudi aggression aimed at freeing a new hospital and wounded correspondent channel march / Taha Hussein seriously wounded during media coverage.

In al-Jawf province:

Aviation launched a raid on a car for the displaced in the area Aleetmh led to the fall of the martyrs and the wounded.

In Amran governorate:

It was on a date with Altn Air raids, which targeted the electricity in the house building and Shaya county.

As the flight aggression Sauomraki shave heavily in the sky province of Marib and Shabwa Ataq city.

They bombed his grave Vahioa mentioned …
Air enemy targets Saada Sauomraki more than 40 air strike since the morning
Of which 23 raid on the Maran area targeted shrine martyr leader Hussein Badr Eddin al-Huthi Mr. B .. 14 raid as other raids on al-Qaoh, porch, Albmp, towels, key, Alhzb, the Hajji, licensed Bmran
And the city of Saada and its suburbs 15 raid …
As the Saudi aggression launched more than 27 rockets on al-Mlahiz and al-Menzalh Directorate apparent and 7 missiles at Razih Directorate.


Targeting the mosque of Imam Hadi Saada … Zaidi code …
After targeting the shrine of the martyr leader …
Confirms that Slol in bankruptcy and hysteria unrivaled …

And it shows how deep-seated hatred of the faith, identity and history and culture of the Yemeni people …

Which he described as the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and his family that faith Lehman …


Is not surprising that they target mosques and shrines
Slol; because, they do not have the identity of faith and the
Prophet’s peace (cannot) be upon them as he described his family,

and (in contrary) that they are of Satan’s century.

2 QUOTES from history below:

” the way in which the motives of the Saudi state—accumulation of wealth—and the motives of the Wahhabis—and destroying shrines—go hand in hand. Religious fanaticism and worldly power .”

“The major historical relics from the earliest years of Islam through the classic period and into the Ottoman centuries were systematically destroyed in order to accommodate both Wahhabi ideology and aggressive capitalism.”

WAHHABIISM and their Destruction of Shines:

It was not until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with the rise of Wahhabism, that unwarrented, insane destruction of the holy became commonplace. In contrast with earlier policies of tomb desecration, which were largely political in nature, the modern phenomenon is heavily inspired by certain religious ideas. Wahhabism was a doctrine developed and articulated in the mid-eighteenth century by the central Arabian cleric Muhammad b. ‘Abd al-Wahhab (d. 1792). At the heart of the movement was a wierd radical reformism, so-called foolishly “salaf al-salih”). As part of al-Wahhab’s (so-named) ‘reform’ program, Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab believed that the Islamic world should be rid of all shrines and tombs, which he—drawing upon earlier misled precedents such as Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328)—viewed as an indication of polytheistic tendencies. He also falsely considered the vast majority (almost all the other  Muslims, for whom shrines and the visitation of shrines played a central role in spirituality and religious practice), and all those who widely opposed him, ‘to be disbelievers’ (and that only the new WAHHABI movement was true).

Thus, the doctrines of takfir (anathematization) and an aggressive iconoclasm were two defining aspects of Wahhabism from its inception. Although initially shunned and rejected (by the largely Sunni populace of Najd), his views found a strong adherence and support following his alliance with an important Arabian warlord, Muhammad b. Sa’ud (d. 1765), in 1744 who saw the potential political usefulness of such doctrines, which would ‘legitimize’ his conquests of other Muslims. Backed by the military and political might of Ibn Sa’ud, Ibn Abd al-Wahhab was able to realize his destructive vision for a “purified” (should read ‘putrified’) Arabia.

The first tomb/shrine to be destroyed was that of Zayd b. al-Khattab (d. 633), a prominent Companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a brother of the second caliph ‘Umar (r. 634–644), reflecting his desire that all shrines—not just those that were explicitly “Sufi” or “Shi‘i”— should be destroyed.

Throughout the eighteenth century, the movement violently expanded the borders of the nascent Saudi state and continued to grow throughout Arabia and extended to the land of the Hijaz, encompassing Mecca and Medina. In the lands conquered, thousands of Muslims were slaughtered and hundreds of historical relics and shrines were destroyed; this is according to Saudi-Wahhabi chroniclers themselves, although these facts can be verified from contemporary Ottoman, Egyptian and various non-Muslim sources as well.

This was especially the case in the city of Ta’if, which attempted to resist the Wahhabis; as a result, the city was sacked, the male population murdered, and the women and children carried off into slavery. By 1802, the Wahhabi-Saudi state had even managed to raid into southern Iraq, then under Ottoman control. One of the worst massacres, greater even than the one at Ta’if, was committed at Karbala in April 1802, right before the beginning of the holy month of Muharram, during the pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Husayn b. Ali (d. 680), the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. An eye-witness account, J.B. Rousseau in his Description du Pachalik du Baghdad Suivie d’une Notice Historique sur les Wahabis (Paris, 1809), described the events that transpired as follows:

“We have recently seen a horrible example of the Wahhabis’ cruel fanaticism in the terrible fate of the mosque of Imam Husayn. Incredible wealth was known to have accumulated in that town. The Persian shahs have, perhaps, never had something like that in their treasury. For centuries, the mosque of Imam Husayn was known to have received donations of silver, gold, jewels; a great amount of rarities…Tamerlane even spared that place. Everybody knew that the most part of the rich spoils that Nadir Shah had brought back from his Indian campaign had been transferred to the mosques of Imam Husayn and Imam Ali together with his own wealth. Now, the enormous wealth that has accumulated in the former has been exciting the Wahhabis’ avidity for some time.

They have been continuously dreaming of looting that town [Karbala] and were so sure of success that their creditors fixed the debt payment to the happy day when their hopes would come true. That day came at last…12,000 Wahhabis suddenly attacked the mosque of Imam Husayn; after seizing more spoils than they had ever seized after their greatest victories, they put everything to fire and sword…The elderly, women, and children—everybody died by the barbarians’ sword. Besides, it is said that whenever they saw a pregnant woman, they disemboweled her and left the fetus on the mother’s bleeding corpse. Their cruelty could not be satisfied, they did not cease their murders and blood flowed like water. As a result of the bloody catastrophe, more than 4000 people perished. The Wahhabis carried off their plunder on the backs of 4000 camels. After the plunder and murders they destroyed the Imam’s shrine and converted it into a trench of abomination and blood. They inflicted the greatest damage on the minarets and the domes, believing those structures were made of gold bricks.” [Rosseau, Description, pp. 74–75]


Another near-contemporary source, Uthman b. Abd Allah b. Bishr (d. 1872) in his Unwan al-Majd fi Tarikh Najd (Riyadh, 1982), written from the Saudi-Wahhabi perspective, gives a similar account: “In the year 1802, Ibn Sa’ud made for Karbala with his victorious army, famous pedigree horses, all the settled people and Bedouin of Najd, the people of Janub, Hijaz, Tihama and others…The  Wahhabis surrounded Karbala and took it by storm. They killed most of the people in the houses and the markets. They destroyed the dome above al-Husayn’s grave. They took away everything they saw in the shrine and near it, including the coverlet decorated with emeralds, sapphires and pearls which covered the grave. They took away everything they found in the town—possessions, arms, clothes, fabric, gold, silver, and precious books. One cannot even enumerate the spoils! They stayed there for just one morning and left after midday, taking away all the possessions. Nearly 2000 people were killed in Karbala.” (Ibn Bishr, Unwan al-Majd, Vol. 1, pp. 121–122)

Many of these details are corroborated by other contemporary sources, both Muslim and non-Muslim, which also emphasize how thousands of Muslims were slaughtered by the Wahhabis in Karbala, which was largely undefended and unprepared for such an onslaught.

Significantly, the sack of Karbala demonstrates the way in which the motives of the Saudi state—accumulation of wealth—and the motives of the Wahhabis—and destroying shrines—went hand in hand. Religious fanaticism and worldly power were, thus, not viewed as incompatible and a union between the two lay at the very foundation of the Saudi state (and remains so to this day). The process of Wahhabi conquest elsewhere, notably in Ta’if and the Hijaz, had followed a similar pattern to Karbala. Although the Saudi-Wahhabis were defeated shortly thereafter (around 1818) by the Ottomans and Muhammad Ali Pasha’s dynasty in Egypt, they experienced a resurgence later in the century.

Map where it all began




By the early twentieth century, the Wahhabi-Saudi state, led by Abd al-Aziz b. Sa’ud (r. 1926–1953), was revived. After seizing most the Arabian peninsula from its rivals, it successfully managed to capture the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, where—to the absolute horror and disgust of the world’s Muslims—the shrines and tombs of the most prominent Companions and Family of the Prophet were systematically destroyed. The Jannat al-Baqī‘ (Medina) and Jannat al-Mu‘alla (Mecca) cemeteries, where these revered individuals were buried, was levelled and numerous historical sites irreparably damaged.

The area outside the sanctuary of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina—which for centuries was described by travelers as being among the most beautiful and most visited part of the Islamic world—was made into a flattened desert (and remains so today). This was also the fate of the remainder of the Hijaz. Historical sites were cemented over or dynamited, shrines were levelled, and formerly sacred ground was transformed into lucrative real estate that became the foundation of hotels and shopping malls. Historical images of Jannatul Baqi’ (individuals buried here include the wives of the Prophet, al-Abbas b. Abd al-Muttalib, Fatima b. Asad, prominent members of the Prophet’s family [including Fatima al-Zahra’, al-Hasan b. Ali, ‘Ali b. al-Husayn, Muhammad al-Baqir, Ja’far al-Sadiq], and prominent Companions of the Prophet including Uthman b. ‘Affan (third caliph), Jabir b. Abd Allah al-Ansari, Zayd b. Thabit,  Suhayb al-Rumi, al-Miqdad b. al-Aswad, ‘Urwa b. al-Zubayr, Abul Haytham b. al-Tihan, ‘Abd al-Rahman b. ‘Awf, Sa‘id b. Zayd, Sa‘d b. Abi Waqqas, ‘Uthman b. Ma’zoun, Abd Allah ibn Mas‘ud and Abd Allah b. Umm Maktum): 29587_78329593_158mabbs 4

Jannatul Baqi’ after the destruction: baqee3bwJannatul_Baqi_Madinah644556901_origEgyptian_News_About_Demolition(Egyptian newspaper headline expressing outrage the day after the demolitions in Medina: “The Saudis destroy the shrines of the Noble Companions!”)

Historical images of Jannatul Mu’alla in Mecca (where the Prophet’s wife and first Muslim convert, Khadija b. Khuwaylid, is buried along with other prominent Companions and sacred personages): Janatul Mala.tifprevious-tomb-of-lady-khadija-muallaJannatul Mu’alla today: Jannat_Mualla_Present

The major historical relics from the earliest years of Islam through the classic period and into the Ottoman centuries were systematically destroyed in order to accommodate both Wahhabi ideology and aggressive capitalism. In fact, this process continues to this day, as has been documented by numerous sources

In addition to the destruction it has wrought in the holy cities of Islam in the Hijaz, Wahhabism has also had a major impact beyond the confines of the Arabian peninsula during the 20th and 21st centuries. Various militants, inspired by Wahhabi ideology, have been particularly aggressive on the point of violent iconoclasm and opposition to traditional (Sunni as well as Shi‘i) Muslim reverence for saints and shrines. The example of ISIS in Syria, Libya and Iraq are only part of the picture. From Timbuktu

to Somalia

 to Pakistan

and Afghanistan

 various militant organizations have destroyed hundreds of shrines, ripped down cultural monuments, and subjected the historical and religious heritage of the Islamic world to systematic destruction. In 2012, the shrine of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq (d. 1492), one of the most important North African Muslim mystics, had his tomb in Misrata (Libya) destroyed and his body exhumed. The images of the shrine and mosque before the destruction and after: 32425604295168_434136619962077_260555017_nIn many of these cases, and specifically with the recent destruction by ISIS in Mosul, these militants have invoked the teachings of Muhammad b. ‘Abd al-Wahhab (and his successors) in justifying their destruction of tombs and shrines. However, it is important to remember that this is not merely the revival of an eighteenth-century phenomenon but, rather, is the product of a very modern jihadist mentality. No longer armed with mere axes and primitive gunpowder, but with bulldozers and sophisticated explosives, these militants have been able to destroy historical sites and shrines at an alarmingly quicker and more effective pace than their predecessors. libyan-islamist-hardliners-use

Armed, also, with the favorite device of jihadists everywhere—the video camera—ISIS has been able to transform the business of destroying traditional Islamic sites, seen as embodying the old “corrupt” order, into a spectacle which is broadcast across the world, magnifying their influence and power. The fact that a group of individuals can, in the space of two weeks, destroy the heritage of the past 2000 years (as they have done in Mosul) and, within minutes, proudly distribute the footage for the entire world to see is an illustration of the frightening capabilities of modern terrorism.

The use of spectacle and “creative destruction” is, in many ways, as significant and far-reaching an act as the destruction of a shrine itself. It is the fact that the latter act can be reproduced across time and space that enables it to be far more effective in conveying the terrifying implications of the political power of the new “caliphate.”_76074959_023036572-1ISIS_mosques (2)0,,17760742_303,00

Further reading Primary Sources

Anonymous (18th-century), Lam‘ al-Shihab fi Sirat Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (Beirut, 1967). Available as a PDF upon request.

Uthman ibn Abd Allah ibn Bishr, Unwan al-Majd fi Tarikh Najd (Riyadh, 1982)

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J.B. Rousseau, Description du Pachalik de Baghdad Suivie d’une Notice Historique sur les Wahabis (Paris, 1809)

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Alexei Vassiliev, The History of Saudi Arabia (New York, 2000)


  1. Syed Mazharul Haq

    A memorable document to show how the mentally distorted WAHABIs, are now a laughing stock of the West, destroying the reminiscence of the rich history of Islam, its global rise and of those heroes who contributed to its glory . The WAHABI,s are so Jahel, they do not know how human history, including religion and rich cultures were built and evolved over time; They misinterpreted the famous Ayet of Quran ” Innal- Laha la Yughaur maa be quomi….. hatta yughauru maa bey anfusuhum ( suraa_- Raad).. ( Allah will not change the (destiney of a nation unless they( the people) change (with the times) their heart and respond to the needs of the Time. Instead of preserving the foundation , they unwisely creating a new edifice of Islam on a dilapidated Foundation, May Allah protect Islam
    Dada (SMH)

Demolition of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown Fatouri in Zliten, shrine and Holy Mosque….
Demolition and blow up and overthrow and destruction
by the WAHHABI “DAASH”..
ALLAH’s curse be upon them for Eternity


A ‘War on Terror’?

These are excerpts from:

‘The Plight of Northern Yemen: A Life of Conflict, Dust and Ruins’

By Alexander Smoltczyk in Saada

02 FEBR. 2011 11:18

The Houthi are a tribe of Hashemites, which makes them descendants of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Their religion, Zaidism, is a branch of Shia Islam, but their rituals are very similar to those of Sunni Muslims. Houthis and Sunnis pray in the same mosques.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi said to be a leader, one must be a decendant of Fatima, otherwise their leadership is not only invalid, but doomed to failure.

The conflict has been fanned by Yemen’s mighty neighbor Saudi Arabia, which has tried to spread its own warped WAHHABI interprtation, in the region.

The “war on terror.” is the justification leading to the use of US weapons, supplied for the fight against al-Qaeda, in the war against the Houthi.

(PICTURE) Yemeni soldier in Saada:

Reportage, Alexander Smoltczyk, Nord-Jemen

Reportage, Alexander Smoltczyk, Nord-Jemen

Yemen is the only Arab country to have signed the 1951 UN convention on refugees. “The poorest are the most hospitable,” Georgieva says. Yemen, the poorest of all Arab countries, grants asylum to all civil war refugees. There are many of them in this part of the world.

Every week, Somali refugees land on the coast of the Gulf of Aden. Ethiopians are smuggled into the country, with women and children.


Popular Committees of Yemen

Statement issued by the ‘People’s Committees’ of the Yemeni revolution

Statement issued by the People's Committees of the Yemeni revolution

To the great sons of the Yemeni people,

Now, while the brave Yemeni people live delight great historic victory that has been eagerly awaited for decades and after all the great sacrifices made by the martyrs of the revolution of all segments of society and that pushed Yemen to the gate of a new era full of hope and the light but the forces of darkness and corruption that have long become accustomed to steal and looting people’s property,  which felt extreme danger after the will of the people cut off their hands contaminated with corruption; this fragmentation is still corrupt practice work, which it used to loot and steal and intimidate people the gangs has retro-corruption and security situation and taking advantage of special policy undergone by the country raiding on people’s homes and on public and private property, as well as some satellite channels and looted and vandalized by the  name of the revolution and the revolutionaries in order to discredit the revolution and the revolutionaries and wasting the martyrs’ blood that flowed in order to get rid of those corrupt tyrant fragmentation.

That is why the People’s Committees of the revolution of Yemen declares innocence of all those vandalizing business and also declares its strong condemnation of it. And confirm that these bands do not have any organizational links to the popular committees of the revolution of Yemen. They do not have any link has not from nearby and not far from but this is a criminal gang obeys by corrupt-known fragmentation. We also condemn the plots, which aims to give up the security forces to carry out its duties in maintaining security and maintain public and private property. We call on all elements of our security services and we call you to undertake its historical role in providing security and maintaining people’s property because it is in order to preserve the revolution, which is the most important accomplishment achieved by the Yemeni people.  The People’s Committees will interfere with full capacity to prevent such acts of sabotage and maintain security throughout the country, especially in the beloved capital Sanaa.

We also reiterate our call for all residents of the capital Sanaa to communicate with the headquarters of the People’s Committees of the following phone numbers: 777851717, 777581717, 777023456 and report any robbery and looting of property.

It is Allah’s reconciling 23/9/2014

People’s Committees of the revolution of Yemen – Sanaa

Abdul Malik al-Houthi, 2

Full text of the speech ‘commander march Quranic Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi’ on Sunday, 19 April 2015

I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Dieting
Praise be to Allah, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah King the right set forth and testify that the Prophet Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger, the prophets of God ring prayers be upon him and his family of divine and God bless his family for elected.

Our great people Yemeni brothers and sisters, peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

Beginning draw greeting of love and cherished, appreciation and admiration of Yemen for our people great in the great steadfastness great and persistence of this people-Aziz proud people hard not broken his will did not dissuade them his intention size brutal aggression, which was targeted in each Mekdarth and all lifestyles targeted Yemeni man in his child killing and killing women big and kill small and killed , and targeted residential neighborhoods targeted cities, villages and countryside and targeted all abilities and all the elements of economic life, etc.,

this aggression against its large size did not impair the determination of this people, but Zadeh parents was hard and the steadfastness and constancy witness this fortitude and witness to this steadfastness this attitude of the people who did not fall back one iota, did not raise the flag of surrender did not announce his weakness or incapacity or surrender or Khanuah but was honor bar,

so the kids that reflect the resilience and determination incoming honest and iron and steel positions and determination never relents, the kids in this people who are of the first objectives of this aggression since the first raid him, they were in their determination in their speeches in the greatest firmness and steadfastness steadfastness and courage of those aggressors who Jbnoa that enter this aggression alone Fastogroa armies from here and there and also rented the base and hired the mercenaries of various countries of the world.

This is a great position to demonstrate honestly that the great Yemeni people is Yemen faith, this concrete faith in the dignity of this people this faith tangible in the strength of the will of the people of this faith, which actually was not a people that hold this level nor he holds faith in God and holds faith the justice of his cause.

Secondly also draw praise and appreciation to all the free position in this world that supported this people and stood in solidarity with the people and with this country and condemned the aggression and refused to aggression humanitarian situation right moral position in every sense of the word, and this is hoped all the honorable and free in this world of all those who belong to justice and stand right position so that the stand position in the face of brutal aggression targeting the people of bounty and Arabic Aziz, a Muslim country without any right position at the forefront of those at the grassroots level and the outstanding position is right for Hezbollah.

Here appreciate the positions of all who stood at the level of states at the level of the currents at the level of people all are free this world, we appreciate them that this position aggression over the 24 day from the beginning marked by brutality did not patronize any sanctity of sanctities everything in Yemen was targeted for this child aggression Sheikh and men and women capabilities and the necessities of life in this nation schools and mosques hospitals, markets and shops airports all ports was the goal of this aggression which Orbabh and its leaders that it is for this people say how can this any naive and silly this logic,

do you when you targeting this people Tstahedvouna in all its provinces in all cities and in all villages Tstahedvouna in his life and his livelihood In all the elements of his life is this for him, this logic ridiculous and unacceptable and strange for those who commit the most heinous crimes that they say the most ridiculous speech

and lie to say and be non Mntqan final, this less they might say The justifications Asoukunha in an attempt to market their aggression and legitimize their aggression brutal Alazloum they are all flimsy because there are a large number of facts great truths obvious facts obvious that reveal the falsity of their claims and their justifications and explain it’s just a flimsy unfounded.

At the forefront of these facts, the fact that they are sufficient on their own to refute Those statements and allegations and justifications of this fact is represented in the US role in this Israeli aggression and attitude of it, the American role in this aggression is a prominent instrumental role in this aggression a key role in this aggression America is the authorized a that point, and he this aggression that is if not that it is the authority of the authorized and destination and sponsored this aggression has it in all its details in all operating rooms there are US trained this aggression America is in fact the case is of runs this aggression, namely that unleashed to its customers and its hands criminal to move in this aggression that is clear and declared by the Americans and Besides the Saudi regime.

Americans revealed the truth about the role that they are doing .. Americans revealed the truth about the role that they are doing at the level of the act directly aggression their planes spy on children in Yemen kill American bombs and missiles the US and US aircraft, whether it was, however, the Saudi system of whom or what was in their hands they are and engaged him murder and crime and murder.

Americans revealed they were from identify targets bombed every child every residential facilities each house or a house every shop or market every mosque targeted in this country is the identification of Americans, the ones who identified the Saudi regime identified his goals to take his beating her they oversaw the beating process and Pales- tine Saudi Valenazem It is a soldier and servant of the Americans.

The Israeli position is also unspoken and explicit and clear that he supports this aggression and rejoice in it and is supported and is considered common to him with the Saudi regime’s interest if this aggression on the head with America and behind Israel this fact alone is sufficient to refute all the allegations and fabrications and statements, when another comes and says that this aggression in order to protect Arab national security any absurdity of such a logic Is aggression on the head with America openly and clarity and behind Israel Balmkhov and publicly and explicitly one can not deny it, but man denies necessities Is Odwan in this way could be to protect Araba, National Security.

Do America and Israel will sponsor and manage and support the aggression to protect Arab national security, Are America and israel is safe and reliable and who trusts them and adopted by the Arab national security protection and Yemen, Are America and Israel is the party that Otmanh Arabs and Artamoa in nurseries to protect them from Yemen, because Yemen is a danger to the Arabs, ie, the Arab identity of these that are in In the bosom of America bosom of Israel this talk is not the health of his words and Lahi Nude void fallen.

Yemen and the Yemeni people that the right to bet upon the Arabs to protect their national security also when some come to say that this aggression to protect the Two Holy Mosques Is America Is Zionists Are the Israelis could be they have interest and the pursuit of the initiative in this way the level of this aggression to protect the Two Holy Mosques, you will be America and be Israel is at the forefront position for the protection of the Two Holy Mosques.

This speech in which ill even to the Two Holy Mosques abuse to Islamic sanctities disservice to Islam himself this is false and plopped absurd in every sense of Alkelmh, Israel will not be that supports the position that protects the Two Holy Mosques and Tadi publicly blessed and clearly America will not be is behind the act in order to Protection of the Two Holy Mosques, if not the greatest threat to the Two Holy Mosques is Israel and lackeys of Israel and agents of Israel and America,

it is so we find and see and hear the whole world how the volatility of the facts and how they reflect the facts and how shopping statements false and which are not explained invalidity not clear from the invalidity of such allegations against Thus aggression where America is leading and managing and order and directed and in which Israel when Israel started Blessed supports support the rest rejoice for this aggression is also when they say that the aim of this aggression re Yemen to the Arab fold Is America might be interested with Israel this blessed aggression of Israel’s pro-Israel, backed by Israel Is is the one who will restore Yemen to the Arabian any lap Arabic cuddling this that agents upon leaders in which the prominent where Mentors in which the core are the Americans and the Zionists and Israelis have become any lap Arabic Hma, This is the lap of employment This is the lap Alaratme under service and the feet of America and Israel, but it is understood inevitably that Arabism the real Islam, which have their origin and their source values ​​and their source of morality will never be in any way under the tutelage of Israel and the blessing of Israel and America under the leadership of the others are from should return to the real real Arabism Arabism will not be there under the American umbrella and in the Israeli cuddling.

But the real sincere compelling in that they want to re-Yemen to Israeli cuddling to the American lap to lap labor that they want and that which is compatible with this overwhelming American role and the Israeli attitude true also of the important facts that reveal the barbaric aggression and that no legitimacy and it is false falsehood and brutality is aimed at children in Yemen and women hundreds of children were killed in a number of provinces and a large number of women A_i_hdn also targeting all elements of life and all the categories in this country aimed at military targets citizens aimed at government institutions targeted shops targeted factories aimed at all the capabilities of this country, this reveals that this aggression criminal no legitimacy and that those who support this aggression or support this aggression in any form states and governments currents figures components party systems are involved when God Almighty in all the blood that was shed they supported the deaths of these hundreds of children and women are in favor of targeting an entire people caught trying to enemies that prevent him until food and even medicine and even the humanitarian needs are in a position where Attabqon perfectly with the Israeli position and with the US position.

I ask especially from trying to Eetmzaroa religion Can Israel be the standard of the right when the position completely identical with the Israeli position without any criticism is fully congruence Do you think that you are in the right position Does Israel is the criterion of the right to this, justice and God enough that you know that your positions void and that you in the same trench with Israel and America who support this aggression position no more than Netanyahu’s position on the attitude of the Israelis on the position of the Americans this enough that people see the facts have resulted in the morning the one who eyes this is sufficient to separate and divide and differentiate between those who may be confused by the things or the fact suspect it matters who supported this aggression did as Israel are supported and backed Israel are blessed

and Israel blessed they rejoiced and Israel rejoiced and in front of every crime Israel rejoice they rejoice whenever fell more blood and shed more blood from the blood of Muslims Yemeni Arabs Liberals Israel rejoice and are glad, Israel Blessed They bless Israel considers the protection of national security, they say the same to say and therefore the situation serious issue there is a great responsibility for moral, religious, and before God Almighty on the separation of worship doomsday issue is not never easy to be human in favor of aggression aimed at the entire people of aggression in which the most heinous crimes What can be committed He says that some of those who count themselves as religious, when asked about their support for the aggression kills hundreds of children killed women any guilt to them and targeting Muslim people unjustly.

Also this aggression reveals that the Saudi regime is posing a risk to the people of Yemen Yemeni people that did not constitute a risk to any Arab country never nor any Arab people or Muslim never Yemeni people is authentic people in the values ​​and ethical not aggressive people nor a criminal is the people of civilization and the people morality and the people of values ​​now unfolded the facts now, which is the risk of Ho, is the Saudi regime already and not allegations about premeditated intentions mysteries breasts and souls are not there already aggression perpetrated by this system with others on the Yemeni people, which is a civilization, morality and the people of values ​​and originality people demonstrated that this system also carries a deep hostility of the Yemeni people regime hostile to this people malice against this people too proud and Itagtros on the Yemeni people despise this people to flout the blood of this people, therefore this hatred emerged in tyranny and tyranny in the indiscriminate killing in the comprehensive targeting of this country Yemen Bklh under fire circle and targeting this reveals hatred blind grudge hatred for arrogance and popped the case of arrogance and arrogance and bullying and arrogance, arrogance and condescension and contempt of Yemen for our people in the aggression as they are doing and what they say this is clear from pursuing what they say and see and watch what they do, any legitimacy of any legitimacy to the aggression Thus aggression expresses hatred for injustice for arrogance for selfish arrogance no legitimacy Obda, With regard to the political problem in the country are an internal affair.

Saudi regime does not have the right in any way nor any capacity to interfere in our business we Yemenis us this this this this country alone our system this is our part we determine our destiny we choose our government we decide as a people of Yemeni decide how our system be Government have all these political details are like the special Yemeni Saudi regime comes to intervene in this matter is unjust intervention and this invalidates this intervention, a violator of the sovereignty and dignity of this country people never own thing.

When we return to the political arena, we find that the dialogue was based basically there was a dialogue in this country before the aggression with respect to political affairs with regard to power under the auspices of the United Nations dialogue through its envoy, who was distinguished in Yemen even when the start of the aggression was still present in Yemen popular revolution was more interest in this dialogue and more by the attention and more keen on the political consensus of all the other ingredients and there was no reluctance or disobey of the popular revolution in relation to this dialogue,

but there has been actively pursued very hard to reach political consensus with all the components inside this country It was observed during this process of dialogue that external hand seeks to prevent access to the political consensus on a solution satisfactory to all parties in the interests of all the ingredients this was clear and was a senior and was tangible and the political powers whenever coincided solutions to key issues and addresses of the task, leaving only details came this External role of the hamper and freezes and tries to prevent the completion of an agreement was known that what is needed is to stall and delay because there was something else going on there was the preparation for the aggression is in full swing the process of walking and moving in full swing and it is required in the internal situation in Yemen hindering access to the solution until processed the forces of aggression, led by the Saudi regime to implement its aggression.

This was tangible we were expecting or thought that their goal is only disruption we did not expect that they are determined to embark on such aggression we were expecting that they want the country to collapse as a result of the vacuum in power and as a result of the crisis and the problem but the goal was greater than that invade this country and occupy this country and to subject this country again under their feet and their dominance If the existing dialogue in the country under the auspices of UN and began the aggression and Jamal bin Omar in Sanaa was preparing his exit after the aggression only with difficulty as a result of the aggression problem were not in the popular revolution was not in ‘Ansar Allah’ Created and their allies did not there is any problem they are interested in dialogue, who returned the success of the dialogue even completed their equipment aggression Atdhawwa now the Saudi regime and with the Saudi regime also popular revolution with all its components other political forces took into account significantly.

They even having achieved a historic achievement for the country has not been resolved is the authority did not you set Prime officials and government and other even turned to the political components to negotiate with them and dialogue with them even with counterrevolutionary political components stretched out their hands for all interacted with everyone made a point of understanding with everyone in order to reach a solution, and in I assure that it has damaged the country because other political forces did not positively Taatat as much What was a positive revolution components and thus remained the vacuum-based and the other was they want to begin their aggression in the case of the vacuum itself therefore instructed to some hands and people who are clients for them in some of the political components to obstruct success comes up aggression in the vacuum stage even affect the nature of the response to this aggression and this is clear .

I assure that the popular revolution with all its components took into account other political forces did not account for not finding any of the parties but some of the parties that were working on that affect the course of the course of the dialogue process of dialogue and its success and if there is not any of the parties unfairness or also the maximum was not The problem on the part of the popular revolution in the components it has to protect state institutions from collapse and bottom of this good this positive attitude of others who have made the protection of components Revolution of state institutions,

which was the impending collapse and was prone to looting, looting and attacks made it a problem they position the erroneous addition and certainly the face of al-Qaeda was a matter of the inevitability of an actual need in the sense that in the current situation and the situation the former as well as if leaving the area and evacuated the scene of the base to move as replace her there really was a disaster for the fallen Yemen Bklh under-Qaeda dominance later made the protection of the state institutions and the address of the base so as not to seize are all state institutions have made this a big problem and condemnation and demanding yet stopping them today they demand the evacuation of these institutions in the sense why the sense of exposing the full risk and looting demand a halt in front of the base and addressing the sense of what he wanted us to leave open the control of al-Qaida in full on the country field.

This is unacceptable in addition to the allegations ridiculous to occupy provinces also regard to the situation in the south is known that there was still a precondition move before we move a revolution popular and an army popular and Kgan there was a prior move to base this move resulted in the seizure of large areas takeover also on the number of military brigades and this certainly does not represent a problem when the Saudi regime because required for him is this fall Yemen under the control of al Qaeda that al-Qaeda shed on Yemenis to slaughter and kill and destroy life Bklha he moves the base in the south to take over the areas of military and brigades and becomes her hand Yemeni military capabilities were not representing any problem also and the Alliance Hadi al-Qaeda and move with the base and move the rented militias Saudi money to al-Qaeda and when the Army and People’s Committees move and after the heinous crimes was such a crime Sanaa in mosques and crime pilgrimage with respect to soldiers and crime Aden with respect to the soldiers in the special security forces have set up minimum and did not Iqaduha and trying to provoke Some in the south and trying to portray the move, which aims to address the base which is a threat to the south and to the north and to the Yemeni rights in any spot was in any province.

Was trying to make the issue a problem and it is the invasion and occupation of the south and Asttheroa other in the south or hold deals with some of the characters to launch positions were those personalities condoned or turned a blind eye or ignored what the al-Qaeda there and play in the former militia Hadi But now the main The role in the South is the base of allowing the base control of Mukalla and control of the military brigade stationed there is the Saudi regime today from the most important thing is keen upon aerial bombardment is to help al-Qaida in the south and in the rest of the regions to move and to be able to control the military brigades and to be able to control the areas as part of the goal of a major basis of the objectives of the aggression on Yemen is to enable the base of the new to take over this country and to make the Yemenis at the mercy of al-Qaeda and kill target.

Now we say to the brothers in the south We are not invaders, we are of you and you are us and we say that we are always ready always to reach out to our brothers in the south to cooperate with them in defeating al-Qaeda and to cooperate with them in the face of any foreign invasion and we are ready to give them field to have them basically the role and be the ones.

Saada pay the price …
On behalf of the Yemeni people ten years ago to the day,
Saada submitted convoys of martyrs, which is locked in a battle of pride and dignity and Shoumoukh and independence from the tutelage of Saud, which committed genocide, war crimes, crimes,
It killed her on behalf of their masters Mtoagdon Al Saud in Riyadh today,
Today, it fought a battle against the Al Saud Saada, Yemen Baanevshm after falling Their equipment inside, and they fled to them,
Not for the steadfastness of Saada, there would have been a revolution and Atgier,
Saada Besmudha dropped inheritance and brought down the regime, and dropped the clients and mercenaries,
Saada night threatened Bajraim genocide, and its people are displaced,
But because of Saada Abwaki nor the media nor activists, lamenting them as lamenting on the other, otherwise we saw hundreds of articles and appeals bleed Saada Saada Saada kill perish.
Saada and not Baantzar sympathy one will fall all the criminals and tyrants steadfast defiance of a tall, are accustomed to patience and steadfastness.

(Abdulwahab Tar)


Secretary-news network

Despair and confusion and stupidity and folly …
Since the beginning of the aggression claimed that the targets of aggression targeting and destruction and defeat what they called Houthi militias ..

Vastahedvo all governorates of the Sovereign State, and destroyed infrastructure and camps, Government Buildings, vitality and bombed and destroyed the houses on the heads of their inhabitants and have committed the most heinous crimes and disrupted electricity and telecommunications and bombed airports and ports, factories, grain silos, schools, hospitals, mosques, institutes and tankers food and destroyed public roads, bridges and prevented the entry of any aid, food, oil and surrounded the popular Yemeni full land, sea and air …. and they targeted the Yemeni people and destroyed fully all the elements of life …

All this under the pretext of law and targeting what they called ‘Houthi militias’ …
Yet all that failed miserably failed and they could not achieve any goal …
Yemeni people proud and steadfast and still …

Today, after all of that failure … the enemy is trying to cover their failure in the same previous failure and confusion and despair …

Where spokesman said that the enemy Sauomraki Saada has become a military target …..

Also the same justification for targeting the former and defeat what they called ‘Houthi militias’ ..
Nothing new in the aggression …

As they failed and will fail from an earlier they break today …
And Salazmanm failure and despair and confusion even broken their aggression ..
Because the enemy works the same stupid and foolish and with the same tools as well …
Foolish not know whenever they have committed a new massacre of the more drowned in more failure

And it increased the fierceness and wrath of Allah and the nation of Yemen and the people on them ….

And, Allah willing, Snaziq Slol and his soldiers, and their allies exponentially Maqoh, which the Yemeni people …

Green Houthi

‘Secretary-news network’

Bhamdallah Almighty ..
Yemeni tribes were able to control the strategic ‘mountain Tuilq’

and cleansing of the entire site Slol army and all his weapons Ngnm

In Taiz:

Army managed the ‘People’s Committees of al-Satr’ on another point of DAASH militias and reform in the sixtieth line.

In Marib:

Army and People’s Committees Champions continue to progress and Istron finest leagues in the fields of pride and honor in the face of defeat and DAASH basal elements Marib province and achieve significant progress in clearing areas around the city of Marib and Sana’a Marib secure line.





Secretary-news network


SAADA day’s review:
Saada tall Besmudha and its people and are resistant to all tempted to prejudice its people and that Satan would not be more heinous than ever.
The outcome of most of aggression Sauomraki the province of Saada on Friday for 8-5-2015m until the moment:
– Targeted enemy southwestern areas of the province by more than fifty missile
– More than 25 raids on the enemy to flight training session included the following regions: the tomb of the martyr leader of neighboring houses, Alqaoh, porch, houses and a school Paljmamh Omar bin Abdul Aziz, towels, key, Alhzb, the Hajji, licensed. And an oven for baking Maran area …
– Raid targeted the historic Bab al-Yemen raid and the other on the rest of the PTC to destroy the communications network in the entire province and led to the isolation from the world of Saada.
– 9 raids Airline aggression on different parts Directorate Razih
– 2 raids on the city of Saada.
– Rocket and artillery on Mount Saudi tiger and a village demolished with 23 rockets and mortar bombs, including gas.

The latest developments in the crimes of the Zionist aggression on Sauomraki Yemen since mid-night and until this moment:

In Sanaa:

Air aggression Sauomraki targeted Renaissance neighborhood B.Gartin honestly capital Sanaa shortly before.

In the province of Saada:

Saudi-based enemy forces fired in the epic 10 rockets at the site al-Hsamh Directorate apparent border area

As the bombing of 15 missile parts and Shada and al-Hsamh and al-Mlahiz and bluish on the one hand pressing Mount

As the aviation enemy target area motto – Razih and flight intensively on the border.

In Dhamar Province:

Air aggression targeted strongholds relics in the village of al-Mjhashh Directorate Middle Mount.

In Hajjah Governorate:

Aggression artillery shelling on the camp area Palmzark.

Citizens and confirmed in the province, they are steadfast and will not be broken before any threat of aggression by the Zionist Sauamraki ..
Each Yemen Saada and Yemen Saada each certificate and all lovers
And they will know what it means Saada and regret when the enemy does not work remorse.

Sauomraki Zionist enemy to continue committing crimes and targeting elements of the right to life of the Yemeni people to the ground and a man of the 44th day in a row …
What some statistical committed aggression to this day since Saturday morning until the moment …

Sauomraki enemy commits genocide now in the province of Saada
Bombing hysterical and crazy random phosphorous bombs and toxic like never heard before shaking all homes in the level …
Being Allah and yes, the agent (SATAN)…
(Sinsr Qqrn Hetan)

The city of Saada in northern Yemen was almost completely destroyed in six wars and still lies in ruins. People live among the rubble…




Bhamdallah Almighty …
It enables the Army and ‘People’s Committees’

of cleansing the city of el-Arish after the defeat of satisfaction

elements DAASH and tails enemy Sauomraki and full control of the city …
Your prayers for the Mujahideen success and victory …




Secretary-news network a ajouté 7 nouvelles photos.

The side of the rally popular anger and rejection of the crimes of the Zionist enemy Sauomraki and the siege of the Yemeni people steadfast …
And the era that came out this day Friday in Sana’a Sana’a under the title:
(The siege and aggression, genocide of the herb)

Participants expressed the angry chants revolutionary rejection of the crimes of aggression and the targeting of civilian residential areas, airports and crime siege and the killing of civilians capable of dropping the throne of the House of Saud
A statement that the aggressor disease march in front of the world and a failure subdued and this hysteria and madness, but the bankruptcy of the US Saudi regime arrogant guide.

The statement stressed the right of Yemenis in the face of unjust aggression by all means available.

The statement called on the international community and humanitarian organizations and international bodies to download Msalataha about the continuation of the brutal aggression and his insistence on preventing food, medicine and oil derivatives on the entire Yemeni people.

Expressing gratitude to the Yemeni people for each of the supported people and supported in the face of this continued aggression.


a Different prospective, without LIES

Mu militaire

 Iranian Leader Khamenei


Khemenei says America is trying to bury Iran

#4838 – Iranian Leader Khamenei:

Death to America; Obama Is Trying to Turn Our People against the Regime

IRINN TV (Iran) – 21 March  2015 – 04:09


 Camoplaged canvas housing for LIBYAN ARMY military SUVs:

Camoplaged canvas housing for military SUVs




Repost from:

Hello I am Eachoa of the ‘epiphyseal’.

I remark that page in Facebook called ‘operations room epiphyseal’:

this page al-Adinm of Amazigh, and where I wanted to alert of these pages, to Elvis Bouquet.

The Lord saves home.

They call the Zintan “cells”, and the ‘Libyan Army’ as “Hftar’s dignity parade” who are in alliance with the ‘ousted-regime cronies’ and the ‘slave-tribes’..and they say “the last invasion of Tripoli ‘attempt’ by them” !!

BEWARE of the sites you get your information from. Many are propaganda sites for “ROMA / FAJR LIBYA” and the Brotherhood ‘s so-called ” ‘government’ of Salvation” of OMAR HASSI !!

BAD SITE:غرفة-عمليات-المشاشية-الاحتاطية?ref=br_rs

Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات المشاشية الاحتاطية‎.
غرفة عمليات المشاشية الاحتاطية


 Hadeel Shaaban Surman Hazh on the second ranking

on the world in memorizing the ‘Holy Quran’.




 The President of the TRIPOLI based ‘Supreme Court’,  Libya Judge Kamal Bashir Dahan,

(which nullified the meetings of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ in Tobruk),

has fled to Turkey, as he submitted his resignation. 


 ‘judge Kamal paint’ went to Turkey


“ZINTAN BRIGADES QaQaa”, tells us:

Tdhan Saraya al-Baghdadi and Abu Obeida affiliated with the ‘Dawn Libya’ Melcaat, are hunkering down behind civilians, in the TRIPOLI-CORNER. We will deliver them to tell them to you who does not have a safe place in Libya.

Libyan Army forces advancing direction of the corner Psonad youth corner and elements of the army in the city and the decline and collapse in the ranks of ‘Dawn Libya’ as well as the “Brigades of Abu Obeida Tzim ‘Islamic’-State of Baghdadi”.

Yes, in God and good people in a corner Aamllona effort to assign the Libyan Army together with Saraya, to assign to eliminate ‘Dawn Libya’ and Saraya  parts from the al-Baghdadi ‘Islamic’-State regulation (DAASH).
(Da’a llahm lon)

Armed clashes inside the angle between the Liberal youth corner,

and the remnants of the Abu Obeida militias who fled the fighting fronts.

‘State regulation Daash’, has gathered Brigades Abu Obeida

to force residents lock corner shops and the colleges. Saraya Abu Obeida of the Baghdadi and elements ‘Dawn Libya’, Ikmona pressure on the people of the corner and lock everything shelter among civilians.

This book was found when you follow al-Baghdadi in the

South CORNER. It means ‘waging We Petkvrona’:

“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa”, informs us:

There are two sites belonging to the “Dawn Libya” ‘s southern corner
One site, where there are large quantities of WINES, 

and hashish, and a CD Music archive…

The second site, is written on the wall of the ‘Islamic-State regulation of Daash ‘Iabgdada’, where are torched any books for the Kharijites in contradiction with their interpretation of the Sunnah.

Two different locations !!! What is this contradiction ?
And specific speech deny everything Motq Pavedioat…


Just Fashloum Talat pleasures of Hashish, and Xanthan ousted

and Qatar to launch ………

Water outages:

cottages, Plateau neighborhood, Mansoura

and some other areas of the capital Tripoli.

Water cuts from the area of ​​cottages neighborhood

and its meaning in the electricity (because many houses

receive their water with an electric pump)…

TRIPOLI, cottages (huts) area




‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs us,:

Citing ‘Room Zintan Operations’:
Proceeds losses ‘Dawn Libya’ groups of terrorists, in ‘Bir Honey’ zone and south of TRIPOLI-CORNER, (of which were)
4 killed, 7 injured and the piece after the fall of the missile accurately  mortar in place of the concentration of Brotherhood MISURATA militias.

Allah Hama neighborhood home … your prayers…

Allah cbr
Nqla an al-Rosa
Army crushes militia Abu Obeida near Bir Honey

and the village of Nasser and well Haouissa and come

on in some areas of challenge and great progress of the

Libyan Army in the region Chleyeeyeeyet.

Siege on Brigades Abu Obeida (of DAASH’s Baghdadi) and

Melcaat ‘Dawn Libya’ who are now on 3 axes, working together.


Zintan this morning, showing the penonema of a ‘Vhlom labh’:

Interceptor aircraft of the Libyan Air Force, is flying over the Libyan atmosphere of western Zintan al-Jabel-Nafusa.


And the flight of the Misurata Brotherhood’s new popular L-39 aircraft, which bombed “al-Rajaban” this morning !
(see picture)

Omar Matouk, reports:

The L39 plane belonging to the Kharijites, this  morning

dropped bombs on the main road near the popular

Martyrs Tabashan (new al-Rajaban), …

no damage, thanks to Allah !

‘Dawn Libya’ jet fighters launched fresh airstrikes today

against targets in Zintan, Kikla, Bir Ghanem and around Wattaya airbase.


The Libyan army‘s historical Commander, General Omar Tantoish was killed in al-Aziziya region in western Libya.

al-AZIZIA, 3

General Omar Tntoush, chief of the western operation’s room of the Libyan Army,

was killed during the latest attempt to free Tripoli. He was buried in the eastern city to Tobruk yesterday.



LIBYAN AIRFORCE operation jet fighters also carried out an airstrikes

on the ‘Fajr Libya’ camp in Gharyan. No casualties reported in the airstrikes.





“Schori rebels Sirte Council of the ‘Baghdadi Islamic-State’ “

threatens to slaughter al-Roidp Nazim Taiara Sfinh;


and he is one of the slaves of money and the power and Togat.



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs and asks of us, to:

Praise Allah, and Allah for everything Kadeer !

When there was established an alliance between ‘Daash’ and the ‘lechery’ in the attack on ‘carp Bahi Oil fields’, the organization of ‘Daash’ slaughtered eight of the ‘Oil Guard Installations’ servicemen.

‘Dawn Libya’ organization at that time, had a dispute with the ‘Islamic-State regulation’ (DAASH).

Vatnzim ‘Dawn Libya’ demanded that both the ‘Islamic-State regulation’ and ‘Ansar al-Sharia’, are to be ordered under ‘Dawn Libya’.
The ‘Islamic-State’ (DAASH), wants to regulate on the contrary ‘Dawn Libya’, to be under Islamic-State regulation (DAASH).

Allah beat oppressors in some time; and it became split between some…



 Misurata accuses displaced Benghazi madinah destabilize

its security* and to graduate out of the city.


 PICTURE (above) The real new Police Force crewe of security for Benghazi




 Libyan government demanding a formal request to the Arab states assign NATO Arab forces legitimacy in Libya to eliminate ‘Islamic’ state regulation (DAASH) and Saraya al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia and its allies to re-Libyan legitimacy and stability of the country.

 After an agreement between the Arab leaders and the powers of the Arab joint Arab coalition, the Arab world  favors Saleh Issa’s request; and,  assigns legitimacy to the Libyan ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, and supports initiatives to maintain the stability of Libya, with an emphasis dialogue with the opposing Wahabi armed groups.

BUT, Can the UNO be trusted to keep their ‘word’ ???

Met in Cairo, Ban Ki-moon, and Bernardino Lyon-Gros (Brotherhood-envoy of the United Nations), with the chancellor Saleh Issa, Chief Secretary of the ‘Chamber of Deputies’ (‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ of Tobruk) and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Libyan Army (Hftar). The U.N. made for two pledge; and reassure the Chancellor, that, all the nations of the world, will support the legitimate Libyan al-Mthmtlh, being the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’,

and Morocco dialogue now confirms, that any results decided, will first have to be approved by the board of the authority of ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ (as they are the sovereign legitimacy, in the Libyan country).

PICTURE: remember the fraud ‘responsibility to protect’ (HAH)

 Salam textual, reporting:

The name of God the Merciful…

We arrived safely last night for the city of Cairo on the way back to the homeland after the end of the Arab League Council at the summit level, has been an extraordinary summit sense of the word in terms of the Arab situation, regional and global ,,

decision on Libya was good and no custody of him, except for the state one which is Qatar…

The decision to establish the power of the Arab defense is an important step towards a joint Arab action and a major shift in the concept of Arab national security.

There were also many economic decisions and social and political .. the atmosphere was a good and what was lacking the summit, but the presence of a chair Syria vacant …

Also met with the Libyan delegation and on the sidelines of the summit, Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations and Mr. Leon his Brotherhood Special Envoy to Libya, has been transparent dialogue and frank dialogue and Hur are going through Libya …

Allah save Libya !




The Houthis appeal not only to the tradition-minded tribal Yemenis – but modern ones as well. As one supporter who lived out of Yemen for over a decade said,

“We seek safety, justice, independence, rule and order. Sadaa was a haven  for drug smugglers and human trafficking to Saudi Arabia, now with Ansar Allah [the Houthi], it has become the safest place in Yemen. Electricity and water is better than anywhere in Yemen, and Ansar Allah has helped farmers build dams and make organic fertilizers.

a Saada, Yemeni man harvests pomegranates from his village farm, 25 August 2013, thanks solely to the Houthi, enacting a program following that of Muammar al-Qathafi in South eastern Libya. Saada is well known as one of the most fertile provinces in Yemen; in order to avoid western influence, the Houthis have helped farmers develop organic fertilizers.]

Rise of the Houthis


In Yemen we take pride in our guns, just as they do in the USA. Ansar Allah had made it clear that you can decorate yourself with guns but you will be punished if you misuse this privilege. al-Qaeda has been wiped out from all areas under Ansar Allah control…

Give Yemeni people safety and security and they will give their full support.”


Saudis act at behest of US imperialism: Pundit

Press TV has conducted an interview with Joe Iosbaker, a political commentator from Chicago, to discuss Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen.

Iosbaker argues that the United States government should also be blamed for Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemen, because the Saudis will not act without consulting with “master” Washington.

He also believes that if the Saudis attempt to go inside Yemen, they will find themselves in a quagmire because the Yemeni people are battle-hardened.

Iosbaker further says the Saudi government is acting at the behest of US imperialism, adding Riyadh thinks the invasion of Yemen will be feasible with the support of its allies but it will eventually learn a hard lesson that the people will never stop struggling for what is just.



Yemeni men wearing military fatigue and loyal to the Ansarullah movement:
Yemeni men wearing military fatigue and loyal to the Ansarullah movement

Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen have been clouded by a massive propaganda campaign which doesn’t stand up to the facts.

The oft-repeated claim is that Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi is the ‘legitimate’ president of Yemen, and must be accepted as such by Yemenis. Hadi came into office after a farcical one-man election forced down Yemenis’ throats by the Saudis and the US after the ouster of the one-time dictator-president Ali Abdullah Saleh. That many Yemenis were dissatisfied with this process was of little consequence to its backers. Ever since the appointment of Hadi as president, Yemenis have not backed down from the desire to see their revolution reach a conclusion that is satisfactory for all.

Yemeni nation will not go backward

Even if we do accept Hadi as president, the image of him landing in Riyadh looking well rested, relaxed, and happy as his people endure sleepless nights of airstrikes does not do much to further his legitimacy in the eyes of Yemenis themselves. A legitimate leader is meant to lead all his people, not just his supporters, something Hadi had never been able to comprehend nor act upon. In the manic effort to control the narrative, the Houthis and others, including the army, who oppose Hadi’s rule, as in the case of the majority of Bahrainis who protest against the monarchy, are labeled as foreign ‘stooges,’ as if anyone who opposes the installed president must be serving an outside power. That Hadi himself reiterates this notion does not bode well for him as a leader of all Yemenis. He cannot serve his country, if that is his real intention, if he only wants quiet submission to him and his policies. That was Ali Abdullah Saleh’s niche form of rule, and Yemenis rejected that, so contrary to what Hadi may desire, the people are not willing to go backward.

demonstration in Ta’izz on March 29, 2015 against the Saudi invasion of Yemen
Houthi fighters and supporters take part in a demonstration in Ta’izz on March 29, 2015 against the Saudi invasion of Yemen. © AFP

Beyond that, there is the hypocrisy of nations that have united with Saudi Arabia in the attacks on Yemen. Where is there such united front when it comes to freeing the long-suffering Palestinian people? To add to the absurdity, the man meant to represent Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas, has also supported the attacks on Yemen.

In addition, though Saudi Arabia and others in this ‘coalition’ claim moral authority over Yemen by wanting to see its ‘legitimate’ President Hadi put back in his place and freeing the country of foreign ‘stooges,’ within their own borders, such countries continue their dictatorial ways. That none of the countries in this coalition is democratic, while they preach to Yemenis to accept their farcical version of democracy, can only be understated as hypocritical.

For dictators days are numbered

The dictators of the region want nothing more than the return to the old way of doing things. One can imagine them huddled around talking about the good ol’ days when the peoples of the region silently bowed to them and did not question their rule. These men must realize that those days are long gone. Even if they are today, and for the next weeks, months, years, able to scare, torture, and kill enough people to gain the submission they demand, their days are numbered. The people of the region know that they have been deprived of rights and freedoms for long enough.

Much applause has been heard from extra-regional actors regarding the Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen. There is praise being leveled about how the ‘Arabs are now taking their affairs into their own hands.’ Through this feel-good talk, one stark reality stands out. When announcing the beginning of the airstrikes, the Saudi ambassador to the US quite specifically said that this was done after consultations with the US. What kind of Arab-led mission needs consultations with an outside power? And is that why the Arab dictatorships have never done anything worthy for Palestine; because of a certain US disapproval of any such notion?

The cheers from the West, even Israel, since the Saudi-led airstrikes began may raise the uncomfortable question in many people’s minds as to whose bidding this ‘coalition’ is really doing. Though most blame must be put on the shoulders of regional countries for the dismal state of the region vis-à-vis the spread of ISIL or others as well as the horrendous human rights violations by state actors, it is just as true that the West has used this chaos to further its interests, especially in protecting Israel.

Any chants of wanting to promote democracy and freedom heard from countries where corporate interests and lobby groups twist and turn politicians into submission, are empty, at best. If there was a genuine interest in having the peoples’ voices heard, there would have been more calls for neutral dialogue in Yemen, not an attack to force people into submission.

None of the above is to say that Yemen should be predestined to fall into any one specific group’s rule. Yemenis must not fall into the trap of once again becoming part of a nation that is nothing more than a proxy satellite state of its more powerful neighbors.

Any country which believes that it can rule over another without consequence and question is mistaken. Let the Yemeni people deal with their own issues. No force upon them from outside will win their hearts and minds towards an end goal determined for them from the outside. These Brotherhood dictators must end their blood-shed, reflect on their own dictatorial-rule upon people they have suppressed for too long. The people must unite to remove these Wahabi dictators.

crater left following an airstrike on March 28, 2015 in Sana’a on the third day of the Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen
People gather around a crater left following an airstrike on March 28, 2015 in Sana’a on the third day of the Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen. © AFP

Two thoughts in conclusion: The elephant in the room over Yemen is the fight against al-Qaeda. While it is clear where the ideology of extremist groups in the region stems from, support for them has recently not remained solely ideological, expanding into training, funding, and logistics. The Houthis’ efforts to fight al-Qaeda, a group which both Saudi Arabia and the US claim they are against (but in reality, they support!), and the war against them raises several questions. Why is it that the Saudis have chosen to attack those against the installed Hadi government and not al-Qaeda? Who is the bigger threat to the kingdom and its dictator-allies? The answer lies in what is the greater threat to the Saudi dynasty, created by the British Empire, and feeds the whole Wahabi-Islamic world and its terror.


Fog rolls over a home decorated with the photo of former leader Hussein al Houthi in the mountain village of Marran in Saada, Yemen, 27 March  2014. Marran is the home village of former leader Hussein al Houthi, who took refuge in the mountain caves with his family and close personal friends, who nearly all died protecting him.

Rise of the Houthis

Yemeni men shout the Houthi slogan – al Sarkha (The Scream) – in the cave where former leader Hussein al Houthi was killed in Marran, Saada, Yemen, March 27, 2014. Many of al Houthi’s friends were shot down from surrounding cliffs, others crushed when the cave collapsed on top of them. Marran is now a pilgrimage site for thousands of supporters each year.

Rise of the Houthis




For years the Houthi have been fighting the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who want to change Houthi traditions, life and living the Holy Qu’ran..Houthi do not sufficate their women in burkas, nor do they practice polygamy and any of the other distorted practices propagandised by the WAHABI orders…

Girl’s schools proliferate throughout Saada, and Houthi women are given special roles in the media and leadership among their gender.

Saudiis do not even permit women to drive a car, etc.

Saudi Arabia finances the Brotherhood and other Wahabi –as does the USA.

It is a sour mark on the el-Saud dynasty, if the indigenous Houthi are to remain taking care of their own sovereign affairs. This threatens Saudi Arabia in particular.

Yes, the West have made it into a Sunni vs Shi-ite conflict…but it really goes deeper…with the fACT THAT WAHABI /ZIONISM, AND THE NWO, MEAN TO DOMINATE THE ENTIRE EARTH..AND DESTROY ALL OPPOSITION TO THEIR SATANIC SCHEMES.
HOUTHI just want to be able to live free on their own ancestral lands, and live an honest good life, as Allah has wished for them.

The reason for the War now on Yemen…just remember what happened in 2011 especially to ‘The Great Jamahiriya’…I need not say any more. The truth is plain for itself for anyone who is not under the veil.

The Houthi’s appeal not only to the tradition-minded tribal Yemenis – but modern ones as well. As one supporter who lived out of Yemen for over a decade said,

“We seek safety, justice, independence, rule and order. Sadaa was a haven for drug smugglers and human trafficking to Saudi Arabia, now with Ansar Allah [the Houthis], it has become the safest place in Yemen. Electricity and water is better than anywhere in Yemen, and Ansar Allah has helped farmers build dams and make organic fertilizers.

In Yemen we take pride in our guns, just as they do in the USA. Ansar Allah had made it clear that you can decorate yourself with guns but you will be punished if you misuse this privilege. Al-Qaeda has been wiped out from all areas under Ansar Allah control…

Give Yemeni people safety and security and they will give their full support.”

The Houthis are a majority throughout northern Yemen, but particularly in Saada and the Old City of Sana’a. Many locals appreciate they provide security and organize community gatherings.


Rise of the HouthisTwo young girls walk home in the Old City of Saada, 25 March  2014. Much of Saada was destroyed in the last war, in 2009, but the Houthi have taken great pains to repair the Old City, and have poured investment into restoration of the region and job growth.

The director of the school at Saada, Yemen, praised the Houthi support of schools and education,

saying since they’ve gained control of the province,

supplies to the school and quality of education have improved.


Community gathering in a Houthi-majority neighborhood in the Old City of Sana’a, 26 January 2013

Rise of the Houthis

“Women’s role in society can’t be separated from men’s role, they have one combined role. Woman and man are one entity, there isno difference between them except their sex.”

These are the words of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi, given in a speech commemorating the birthday of Fatima, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s daughter, on 20 April 2014.

In numerous speeches, al-Houthi has portrayed women as a basic element in the process of building the country and improving society. Statements given by multiple members of the Houthi Political Office seem to support women’s rights and condemn any actions oppressing women.

al-Houthi seems to think there isn’t a problem with women’s rights in Yemen. Rather, in his view, Zionism of taking advantage of the women’s rights movement to create conflict.

“Zionism tends to present women as if they are in an isolated world away from men and then they raise disputes and conflicts between them to make women think that they are oppressed and have to fight to get their rights,” he said in the same speech in April 2014.

During the National Dialogue Conference, in which nine of the 37 Houthi representatives were women, the group backed a 30 percent quota for women in government. And in the Constitutional Drafting Committee they voted in favor of a law to set a legal age for girls to get married.

“There is a fierce media war in the country. Ansar Allah [the Houthis] are targeted by those who don’t want good for the country,” says Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Houthi Political Office in Sana’a.

He claims the group is fully supportive of women’s rights, and denies allegations made by opponents that claim otherwise. “They come up with lies and make up stories just to defame Ansar Allah by saying that Ansar Allah are trying to get into people’s personal freedoms like banning women from driving or imposing dress codes.” (THAT IS A TOTAL LIE; it is the Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and other WAHABI groups which seek restrictions upon women.)

Ammat al-Mujib al-Qahoom, a female Houthi representative to the NDC, also says that what has been reported against the Houthi regarding the way they treat women is a part of the media war against the group.

“Women in Sa’ada and in all the governorates controlled by Ansar Allah have their full freedoms to drive cars and to go out with or without a mahram. We are not Salafis. Ansar Allah don’t get into peoples’ own businesses in general and women’s businesses in particular,” she told the reporters.

al-Qahoom said that she and other female Houthi politicians who represented the Houthis in the NDC haven’t been asked by the leadership of the Houthis to not drive cars or to go out with a mahram. “I and other female Houthi politicians and activists drive our own cars freely and we go out without a mahram. We usually drive our cars to the Political Office of Ansar Allah without facing any objection from the leadership of the Political Office.”

al-Bukhaiti said the Houthi do not—in any official capacity—tell women in the capital or any other governorate to stop driving if they are unaccompanied by a mahram. “Ansar Allah has never asked women to stop driving cars without a mahram, whoever says so is telling a lie. People can judge for themselves. Women drive cars freely in the capital,” he said.

BTW: also do you note the date this ‘War on Yemen’ began ?

It seems the Yanks adore their war godess ‘Minerva.’

It is same day they attacked Iraq and Libya as well….