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Dr. Abuzeid Dorda




IMAGE ABOVE: the Puppet Western Government assigned to Libya.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

(Moved from Jamal al-Kafali)

Ali Qatrani announced his suspension from the ‘Presidential Council of the Government of reconciliation’ announcing that he and a group of deputies were decided in a desolution of the puppet (so-termed) ‘government’. Under the puppet-state, Ali Qatrani would have headed Eastern Libya.

Fayez OS up suddenly after Algeria that left yesterday Abdul Hakim Belhaj.

Minister of State Omar Black statement on the suspension of his membership of the ‘Presidential Council on National Reconciliation Government’.

Thazirmugeh message to the crow flies:

EU puts Libyan file under the agenda of the foreign ministers for tomorrow in Brussels.



The severity of congestion Libyans traveling to Tunisia …
Tunisian gate being asked: treatment and only Siraj? .

Tunisian security intervened to stop a group from the corner tried to storm the hotel’s Presidential Council meeting in order to claim the Foreign Ministry for a candidate corner of the city …

Break into the Residence Hotel, which meets its customers by the ‘OS’ government to show Tunisian demonstrators and security intervenes.

The ‘OS’ puppet Libyan government will pay compensation to the text million Movenpick Hotel Tunisian against the destruction of the video recorded by surveillance cameras in the hotel that appears clashes Libyan activists fist and tearing clothes Aallfez Bkalamat obscene.
The hotel Ghemari Ramadan‘s lawyer said: “We do not Neptz Libyan government but we feel that this is a good compensation for what happened to our hotel by this Acharazm” ..
(* desert Lion *)

Scandals inventories against Tunisia Hotels.

“yesterday in Residence Gammarth hotel in Tunis gathering militia leaders in the hotel lobby waiting for an OS and daughters of the night waiting for tourists living in the hotel, was the image that combines national loss and loss of manhood and honor and chastity.”

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 new photos.

Are you aware of this and what to do in the government hotel?

And what it relates to the Brotherhood and the fighter?

And what is the reason they burned his home in Tripoli and stole all of the contents of his house?

And why is he wanted by the Brotherhood and the fighter?

His name is trading between the militias?

Is Brotherhood scheming to liquidate their children !!!

‘Room Zintan operations’

‘Rusaifa News’:

‘OS’ is opersting out of  TUNISIA !!!

Winner OS (puppet Western Government imposed upon Libya by UNO /NATO) Prime Minister al-Toaafikh being threatened by militias of CORNER and even Misurata !!!

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

الرصيفة الاخبارية
فائز السراج رئيس الحكومة التوافيقة يتعرض للتهديد من قبل مليشيات الزاوية ومصراته

‎ليبيافيا // السبب الرئيسي الذي يعرقل الأعلان عن حكومة التوافق.‎



‘Rouge Valley directly’, reporting:

Climbing title
Ahdhiro client Fawzia Ferjany it is a new project Huda Ben Amer, one of the characters that you configure its own recently rounded up and the raid or arrest anyone who opposes its dirt.

She and her husband “Faraj Mahdoa” where recently giving orders to capture the media ‘Badr al-Ralake al-Akora’.

Image includes Fawzia Ferjany Bzaivh girl Humaid.


الوادي الحمر مباشر

للتسلق عنوان

احذرو العميلة فوزية الفرجاني فهي مشروع هدى بن عامر جديد وهي من الشخصيات التي تقوم مؤخرا بتكوين ميليشية خاصة بها وتقوم بالقبض او مداهمة كل من يعارض سياستها القذرة هي وزوجها “فرج المهدوي” حيث قامت مؤخرا باعطاء اوامر للقبض علي الاعلامي بدر الرابحي العقوري

الصورة تضم فوزية الفرجاني بضايفة بنت احميد



Number of illegal immigrants and expatriate without probative exceeded the possibilities of illegal immigration device leaves the employment of all citizens, we hope to provide humanitarian aid to the crumbs to the pending deportation to their home countries.



electric shut-down

Ali power outages in several areas of the capital Tripoli. Continued power cuts to most areas of the capital. Interruption of electricity to the city of Tripoli lasted for more than five hours.


Citizen has been kidnapped, ‘Hamed Saleh Garin’, after Friday prayers. He is from Sabha and had a friend with him also from the south.They found his car and his cell after the bridge of Sawani.

‘Zintan operations room’ a partagé la publication de force supporting the security directorates of the western region and South Committee for the “200”.

‘Directorates support the security of the western region and the southern power of the Commission, “the 200” ‘ a ajouté 4 new photos.

Delivery of a stolen car from the ocean company, type (Miche Knot-weaving) dated 03/04/2014 / Tripoli, ‘Omar Ahmed Abolkasem.

The militias of Alklla Gianni Gneoh (el-MAHDI HARATINE) B.Mayormat kidnapping and Islamic identity neighborhood area.


Melcaat on alert in the capital, especially Abu Salim.

An explosion in one of the generators in the neighborhood area of ABU SALIM ‘victory’.

generator explodes at ABU SALIM victory


Vote lead hear a little while ago in the ‘Friday Market 11 July’.

Found dead commander Mlessxia deterrence client Colonel Nas al-Ssahela’ in  ‘Ain Zara’ area. He was been missing for more than two months.

Sabriyah clashes area and news of the death of the offender al-Guendh.





‘Room Zintan operations’ a partagé la vidéo de Jamal al-Kafali.

-2: 13

A Zintan Men //
Martyr, Allah willing, ‘Riyad Mansour Mohiuddin al-Cavala’ ..

I could not find the words and the position of non-lived Khoi Obouhvevh Aìal-Zintani Martyr Day with martyrdom and this short video for a serious poet words heartened in the right Habib was always a man ..

This is what the deployment Khoi Obouhvevh al-Zintani and his testimony 777
The reality is still in front of me, as if happening now //
Saying Martyr (Riad al-Cavala) Nansabh and God Hassiba
Before the battle of the intersection (hamlet), who was martyred in Allah’s mercy ..

We were standing together by side each clinic strengthens teeth and we decided it was pulling and say

“O Khota certification in Zintan Ali Khater Aardna our money and my friends, my testimony in the mouth of monsters Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar”

And we went and cited ‘Riad’, Allah’s mercy and captured his spirit and is mentioned certificates and tells us to defend the Zintan and its people without any penalty and no thanks.

Take some rifles and say it to my uncle or my uncle Khalifa spears al-Sakali I do not recall the name identifying it as the secretariat Amana Zintan in Arkabkm ..

Blessed are those who Nansabhm our death when Allah of the martyrs and to Allah the blood of these men Manbzl King of the whole world.

‎أحد رجال الزنتان // الشهيد بإذن الله رياض محي الدين منصور الكافالي .. لم أجد غير كلمات و موقف عاشه خوي أبوحذيفة الزنتاني مع الشهيد يوم إستشهاده وهذا الفيديو القصير لشاعر جاد بكلام يثلج صدورنا في حق حبيب كان دائما رجلاً.. #هذا ما نشر خوي @[100009359514070:2048:أبوحذيفة الزنتاني] و شهادته ٧٧٧ واقعه مازالت أمامي و كانها تحدث الان // مقوله الشهيد (رياض الكافالي) نحتسبه و الله حسيبه قبل معركه تقاطع (النجع) الذي استشهد فيها رحمه الله.. كنا واقفين معا بعضنا بجنب عياده تقوي للاسنان و كان يشد هممنا و #يقول (يا خوتي الشهاده في الزنتان علي خاطر اعرضنا و مالنا يا اصحابي الشهاده في فم حوش الله اكبر الله اكبر ) و ذهبنا و استشهد رياض رحمه الله و قبضت روحه و هو يذكر الشهادتين و يوصينا بالدفاع علي الزنتان و اهلها دون اي جزاء و لا شكور و يقول خدوا بندقيتي فهي لعمي خليفه او عمي الرماح الصاكالي لا اذكر اسم بتحديد فهي امانه كامانه الزنتان في ارقابكم.. فطوبي لموتنا الذين نحتسبهم عند الله من الشهداء و لله مانبذل دم هؤلاء الرجال بملك دنيا باسرها.‎

Access internal interim government minister to the city of ZINTAN

Access internal interim government minister to the city of ZINTAN.

Ministers in Zintan
We arrived to the city of Zintan Friday, Minister of Interior and Labour and Social Affairs and the President of the Transportation Authority in the interim government.

Minister of Interior and Labour and Social Affairs and the President of the Transportation Authority of the interim government arrive in ZINTAN, 4 Minister of Interior and Labour and Social Affairs and the President of the Transportation Authority of the interim government arrive in ZINTAN, 3 Minister of Interior and Labour and Social Affairs and the President of the Transportation Authority of the interim government arrive in ZINTAN, 2 Minister of Interior and Labour and Social Affairs and the President of the Transportation Authority of the interim government arrive in ZINTAN

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 new photos.
Members of the campaign (us hope) are visiting the city of Zintan and lecture awareness of male and female students in the Faculty of Science.

Arab Women Libyan After that enabled First of September Great Torre from the site of Assistant Secretary of the General People’s Congress, and secretariats of Information and Culture and the administrative control of the General People’s Committee, and site Assistant Secretary and Women’s Affairs in all the Basic People’s Congresses and Balhobeiat popular committees, and other sites decision and implementation.

“even if our assumption that the Zintan tribe has been reversed its agreement with the system because of the betrayal Barrani forms of locusts after bombardment by rockets by MISURATA,

but this does not give justification to disassociate itself from the historical ties with the tribe Warfalla in Bani Walid.”



‘Zintan operations room’ a ajouté 3 new photos.

Opened yesterday the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Municipal apparent Yafran (Aghannaimh) the efforts of the sons of the security establishment and the people of the region to park them after assigning an official commissioned by the interim government hailed existing ‘Bhdh Foundation special forces’ to storm the destructive phenomenas and foil any terrorist attempts.

There is the power of arrest and investigate and there are anti-terrorism forces.

Saluting downloaded bids around the intrusion and capture, and also cars from martial arts.

(Ahmed Akrout)


Visit the ‘interior minister in the interim government’ to the Municipality of al-Rajaban.



arrest of an armed group broke into the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital GHARYAN.

Passports branch manager kidnapping Captain Rua al-Msagheri in Gharyan


Zintan & Kklhalcil al-Askara al-Zintan..
seetm signing tomorrow or the day after tomorrow between Zintan and Kikla and the exchange of detainees between the two parties agreed on a neutral force, a force of steady until the establishment of security.

KIKLA fortifications

‘Room Zintan operations’:


Strength neutral steady receive their locations within Kikla, in preparation for the Implementation final agreement, and the signing of Zintan and Kikla items, followed by the withdrawal of all troops from the city of Kikla, and the exchange of detainees between the two parties;

and pledge not to capture identity and respect for the rights of the neighborhood and the return of residents to their homes and their property.

‘Zintan operations room’ a ajouté 3 new photos.


“Thank Allah my father thanks to him is righteous
Thanks to Allah Almighty

Today was the final signing between the towns of Zintan and Kikla.
In a good sign of good and righteous people about the fact that a comprehensive reconciliation to pervade the whole of the mountain and back, God willing, as was best.

The last will not be until all the displaced return to his home and his livelihood and his home.

If you do not have what you are saying, then say good or Feltsamt.
It was revived as one who has saved all mankind
And sedition dormant cursed God of Oiqdha.

We ask Allah to security and safety prevail over the country and to end the suffering of the people Walibi.
There is no good in the word you say is not received her pal you receive in hell seventy autumns.”

(Media spokesman for the city of Zintan: ‘Mahmoud al-Htoah’)

 ‘Room Zintan operations’:

In 2016
After finishing problematic Kikla and resolve
I hope all young people Zintan and youth and Rishvana and youth al-Rajaban and youth Chiaan and youth al-Noael and Mahamid and Tabou and al-Mgarhh, and Anyone who supported us from the tribes of youth, non-military, that Adao arms on the side and Aqahmo themselves, in the most prestigious universities and institutes:

Vhbabikm worth what is better than war and fighting.

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.

(If they incline to peace, incline, and trust in Allah, He is the Hearing, the Knowing)
The withdrawal of the joint force of Kikla last night Tida to the terms of the agreement with the elders Kikla.




Surman resort area

‘Melcaat al-Nmra’ arrested 20 people in front of a car market at a resort area.

Groups affiliated to ‘al-Qaeda’ and ‘Daash’, are trying to control the farm team which was for our deceased Kawaldi Hamidi, in the  al-Hachan area;

and the ‘region’s youth Asdonhm’ and the exchange of heavy fire between the two parties Lord Lester.
(* desert Lion *)


SABRATHA Close dirt road barriers Khatatba

Close dirt road barriers Khatatba in area Sabratha.




Abdul-Rahman Sowaihalli in uniform

‘Sowahilli militia’ movement of 25 prisoners from the city jail of Khalil

To an unknown destination.




Turkish Military Plane lands at MISURATA AIRPORT

This morning in a military plane landed at Misurata airport, coming from Turkey.

The withdrawal of militias from the gates after receiving news of the entry elements with members of the city’s potential for explosions within the city.



MUSICIAN‘ writes:

“Tawergha children and the elderly do not sleep the night from the cold in the camps is nothing wrong days will revolve against tyranny and the day will not remain alive to say one word to the intercession of the amnesty for militia of Misurata.”




The ChiaanTribe
The death of a citizen of the Republic

within the bank and the bank was heavily crowded, where the police beat one bullet inside the bank to High bullet slammed against the wall, causing the re-entry to settle at the top of one of the citizens.




Yankee bomber takes-off from carrier in Gulf of Sidra

Yankee bomber takes-off from carrier in Gulf of Sidra

starting bearer of ‘U.S. aircraft’ stationed within the territorial waters of the Libyan bombing of sites in the city of Sirte in preparation for the landing ground forces.
(” desert Lion “)

‘Daash’ terrorist organization in Sirte, being limited to the population of public buildings in order to claim apartment owners to pay a premium and only be pulled and allocated to another citizen.

‘Daash’ terrorist organization has to suspend ‘Mamed Amr al-Razali’  for 3 three hours in the city square with the words and wrote false witness against him. Attention guy sitting neighborhood.


‘Daash’ terrorist organization to evacuate the gate Ibn Sina hospital urgently of terrorist elements to see three armed vehicles of ‘DAASH’  give up the gate and heading towards Halls complex and Acadouko.

Faculty_Of_Nursing-Ibn_Sina_Medical_Complex, SIRTE



‘Daash’ arrested 4 young people in the ‘BATON’ suburb city:

1__Mustefa Mohammed Hoail
2__Adnan M’Barek Zadamh
3__Asamh Abdul-Rahman al-Shaibani
4__Mbbah Rahman to equinus.

Elements ‘Daash’ terrorist organization waging a campaign of raids and arrests of sync last night in the cities of Sirte, the suburb of BATON, and Bin Jawad; and abducted many of the young people mentioned areas.

The raids began at 2 campaign after midnight and the terrorist elements broke into the houses suddenly without asking the permission of its population, in the anxiety of children and women as they slept.


‘Rouge Valley directly’

SUICIDE Explosive belts which were in Hozat Kharijites in front Port Sidra ..


Elements of  ‘Daash’ displays the 3 Zawawi bodies they executed
1__ Khalid Abdul Bari Agherin
2__ Adam Saad Younis
3__ Osman senile key



The death of a child ‘Mamed Munir Zwaoa’
morning in Egypt,

The Child ‘Mohammed Zawawi’, was wounded by shrapnel as a result of the suicide bombing carried out by the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ during his attack on the eastern gate of Ras Lanauf.

Selfie red Hamada gathering rat-informers.


Snow in CASABLANCA, 18 JAN. 2016 Snow in CASABLANCA, 2 Snow in CASABLANCA, 1

This morning, SNOW in CASABLANCA:




Ncov my first time more powerful than the rats’ Prime Minister’s Council.

(rats ‘Municipal Council’ under orders from NATO, expelled the CASABLANCA / TOBRUK government).

Giving the TOBRUK government 24 hours to leave!!!

(* desert Lion *)

Dr. Abdul Salam al-Badri, Deputy Prime Minister of the ‘OS’ interim government leaves CASABLANCA, after threatening to kill him ….

The Dean of CASABLANCA Municipality:, tells us that the new ‘OS’ puppet-government expelled Abdullah al-Thani due to a lack of basic commodities and severe congestion in the city

‘Black Libyan resistance’, reporting:

To storm the headquarters of the body drafting the constitution in CASABLANCA (under Ali Tarhouni) of the central support and force residents and city employees stripped of their cars and personal purposes.

(* desert Lion *)

CASABLANCA protests against OS NATO insisting TOBUK employees leave, 2 CASABLANCA protests against OS NATO insisting TOBUK employees leave, 1

CASABLANCA protests against OS NATO insisting TOBRUK employees leave:

Again the ‘National Commercial Bank branch in Tobruk’ experiences congestion; because, Arabism Street shut by protesters in CASABLANCA protest against the deterioration of the situation and demands by NATO clients for employees to leave the TOBRUK government, because it did not provide liquidity in banks.

The escape of members of the Tobruk ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ interim government to Qrnadh area last night and slept in dormitories inside the mobile camp next to the prison after being expelled from CASABLANCA.



The killing of a leading rat ‘Shura Council Tawar’ of Benghazi ‘Daash’, ‘Yousef al-Jml, by the hands of the Libyan Army under General Hftar.

Hvevh al-Sartaoa, one rebel of ‘Nakba 17 February’, was killed today in the city of Benghazi.

‎ساعتين و بنمسحه !!! اصدار تنظيم الدولة الاسلامية (#داعش) الجديد من #بنغازي يقشعر له الابدان معسكرات تدريب و عمليات انتحارية و رسائل يتعودون بها الجيش و يجددون البيعة للبغدادي .... اعتقد ان هذا الاصدار داعش اليوم افضل هدية قدمها لنا التنظيم فقد قطع الشك باليقين و اثبت انه هو من يقاتل في كل المحاور ببنغازي بالفيديو و وضح لنا انه يستعين بالاجانب لتنفيذ عملياته الانتحارية واضعا كل من يقول ان من يقاتلهم الجيش ببنغازي هم الثوار في موقف اقل ما يوصف به مأساوي دعونا اليوم نتابع نشرات قناة النبأ و بانوراما و التناصح كيف سيسمون المقاتلين في بنغازي من انصار دولة البغدادي حسب هذا الاصدار التنظيم ورانا ان مقاتليه هم من اغتال الشهيد سالم عفاريت و حسب المقطع انه متواجد في كل من - #الليثي - #بو_عطني - #القوارشة - #الصابري - #وسط_البلاد السؤال هنا اين هم ثواركم في بنغازي اذا ؟!!!‎


Today the market of the Republic Bank branch clouds LD 300 ceiling and of course the whole dinars and who arranged Manzlh plotting his head.
Talat great old age crying is suspended Shi into account.
She said: Ray and rent expense Girls.
Suffice God and yes, the agent in of the reason.
(* desert Lion *)


Leaflets found at the al-Fateh University.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.


‘Word Us Now’

Two hours and Bnmsha !!!
The organization of the Islamic state of ‘DAASH’ issues a video of what they term the ‘new Benghazi’:

shrugged their chilling training of suicide bombers and sending messages to their camps to seek-out and destroy the Libyan Army, and renew their allegiance to ‘Baghdadi’ (Simon Elliott).
I think that this version by ‘Daash’ today, is the best gift given to us by the organization. It is clear-cut, and removes all doubt and proves that there is a fight in all axes in Benghazi. The video explains to us that DAASH uses Kharijites (foreigners) to carry out suicide operations.

Bearing all those who say that the Libyan Army fights (so-termed) ‘rebels’ in Benghazi, are less described as a tragic error of judgement.

Let’s stand today, following the news bulletins channel and panorama, and advising them how ‘Sasmon’ in Benghazi are fighters from ‘Ansar al-Baghdadi’ (‘ANSAR al-SHARIA’), according to the ‘Islamic State’ of this release.

‘Rana organization’ says his fighters were ‘assassinated martyrs’ (rather, ‘Salem demons’) and by section, they are found in all of:
– Laithi
– Bo Atunai
– Rulrhh
– al-Sabri
– St. al-Bulad.

The question here, is where they are ? if Thoarkm in Benghazi !!!


The fall of the shell deliberate before sunset prayers at a ‘mosque Qur’anic Center, Ms. Hafsa’ popular.

little material damage,

The arrival of a relief convoy to the headquarters of the Libyan Relief Commission Thursday evening loaded with Hawally 1,000 tons of food based on the agreement between the Libyan Authority and the Food of the United Nations .seetm on Monday the distribution of these substances under the food basket for each family of the prisoners displaced, according to the data in the body Base.



TOBRUK dust storm, 3 TOBRUK dust storm, 2 TOBRUK dust storm, 1

great ambience Tobruk.

National Commercial Bank branch in Tobruk




A fire in one of the stores al-Decharh militias Sufyan Abbas and locusts rockets and artillery launched on trends in the city;

and all the people out of their homes, especially in the vicinity of the blast site areas.

Hun, al-Jufra blast

Al afia Hospital Hunal-Afia Hospital in Hun, al-Jufra:


Allod, al-JUFRA, cutting cables


Cut columns and theft of electricity cables brass on the road in the al-Jufra area of Allod.






UBARI clashes

Killing one person and injuring seven others, including a child because of renewed clashes… Dead and wounded in the clashes taking place in the city since dawn today between tribes  Tuareg and Tabou.




 people of LANGUAGES (SOUTH LIBYA) carrying pictures of our LIVING commander

Greetings from the depths to the masses of popular ‘Languages’ ​​that came out on Sunday evening en masse, carrying pictures of our LIVING commander
(desert Lion)



Statement Valley are free life demand the release of prisoners in the prisons of darkness

And to declare their support for the formation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya and calls on all honest it home Palanzmam.

‘General Conference honorable Libyan tribes and cities 09/14/2015’
The first out and announce the political legitimacy of the green body and mind Saif Gaddafi, Secretary-General of the Conference of the Valley Life

When other objects political manufactured and promoted in the name of Saif such as the taller of the ‘Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya’, this messes and greed for power and charm and split the ranks of Light are free for this warn you of poison in the honey.

Ankanwa loving homeland if Olthmwa under the shadow of the conference as the first national achievement Great calculated p Light supporters and who was first assigned in Dr. Saif Islam, ‘Secretary General of the Conference’ when they ignore the fact this means that you are in fantasy and wish yourself in the inauguration of the Championships and several of greed unfortunately.

(Obn al-Mquaomh al-Libya)




Has composed a gang of four people from thieves evil-doers Sons of the Sacred entering cars exhibition Mounhah proximity Clips Island, next to the cemetery Manshayya where entered the gang claimed that they want to buy a car and rode one of the gang to run the car

and escape the Astadmt car fence the cemetery, after he was shot, where the gang, by pointing his gun at the owner of the show; but he bravely and Vrsenh heroes to defend his money, rather be shot, and killed one of the gang members and the rest escape like escape mice cornered.
(* desert Lion *)

Tlat brother suffered from Ubari residents of an armed robbery in the broad street after the withdrawal of salaries of Sabha were shooting them one of the brothers was wounded in the leg and his condition is serious: cut off the artery needs urgent surgery might lose his leg.
The second wounded in the thigh and the third his condition is good.
Lord saves our brothers in the south.
(* desert Lion *)

“Misurata militias sow strife in the south, at the instigation of Mali-Tuareg to fight the Libyans or incitement Tabou. Tabou-Chadians to fight the Tuareg Libyans and this ensures that the tribes of the south will not agree on expulsion from sites controlled.”





Copy to Persian community in Libya

Mohammed el-Daif

Saddam Hussein when he was rebuking Iran

If he were alive with him, it’s Galo ‘Wahhabi’ and ‘Daash’
And an agent of the Americans because they are fighting Iran!

‘Room Zintan operations’ a partagé la vidéo de Mohamed el-Daif.





Lockerbie Lawyer Ibrahim Ghwell: The West and NATO want to impose a government on Libya to carry-out their demands only.

Ibrahim al-Ghhwell wanted by Interpol
‘Wanted by Interpol’ Lawyer Ibrahim Ghwell through the life of the Egyptian program today calls for Egypt to benefit from the two million displaced Libyans who are on Egyptian territory and their support in the fight against terrorism that has swept Libya.

A 26 December 2015 clarification on the INTERPOL RED NOTICES: There seems to be confusion as to the Red Notices. It is an example of a Minister of Justice overstepping his portfolio with respect to the Libyan Prosecutor’s office and INTERPOL Red Notices. In April 2015, Mr. Ghwell noted that with an unverified document in a Libya Al Mostakbal article that ”Libya asks the Interpol officially to suspend all red notices against Libyan nationals.”

Two points need to be clarified. First, under Libyan Law, the Minister of Justice DOES NOT SUPERVISE the Libyan Judiciary or the Prosecutor’s office whether they are in Tripoli or Tobruk. The Libyan Judiciary and Prosecutor’s office are separate, equal, distinct entities from the Ministry of Justice. Secondly, under Libyan law, the Minister of Justice’s portfolio does NOT cover the INTERPOL red notices. Rather, the INTERPOL Red Notices are under the purview or the portfolio of the Investigation Department for the Libyan General Prosecutors Office – NOT the Minister of Justice’s office. Therefore, the Minister of Justice did generate a letter – but per Libyan law – he is not allowed to suspend or cancel the Interpol Red Notices without the request of the Investigation Department for the Libyan General Prosecutors Office. We note that the Minister of Justice did not have this request. (See insert)

We note that Mr. Al Ghwell’s article makes no reference to these nuances of Libyan law in this respect.

RED NOTICES Chief Prosecutor Al Sur «Libya Al-Mostakbal»’ – www_libya-al-mostakbal_org_news_clicked_75982
RED NOTICES Chief Prosecutor Al Sur «Libya Al-Mostakbal»’ – www_libya-al-mostakbal_org_news_clicked_75982 HERE
As such we have noted that that Ibrahim Al-Ghwel’s Red Notice was still on the INTERPOL site as of 5 June 2015. Seemingly suspended but not canceled. Confirming this on the 20th of May 2015 on Al Nabaa television channel, Siddek Al Sour, the Head of the Investigation Department for the Libyan General Prosecutors Office in Tripoli said of the Libya’s INTERPOL Red Notices, The Red Notices were not canceled, they are still in effect. Tobruk just froze them. On 24th of July 2015, we questioned if all Interpol notices had been cancelled. On the 27 July 2015, Libya Al Mostakbal reported that it was NOT officially suspended/cancelled – meaning as per Libyan law and within THEIR PORTFOLIO, the Prosecutor’s office had NOT requested their suspension/cancellation. Rather, Mr. Al Sour suggested that non-payment may have removed the INTERPOL RED NOTICES.

Finally, we reiterate again under Libyan Law the Minister of Justice does not supervise the Libyan Judiciary or the Prosecutor’s office and the INTERPOL red notices are not within his portfolio. Rather, the INTERPOL Red Notices –per Libyan Law – were within the portfolio of the Investigation Department for Libyan General Prosecutor’s office. Therefore, without the Investigation Department for Libyan General Prosecutor’s office request to suspend or cancel the Red Notices – which Mr. Al Sour did not give – the Minister of Justice’s letter is just a letter – as per Libyan Law.

As such we leave the original article as is when the INTERPOL Red Notices were suspended but not cancelled as noted in April 2015 by Mr. AL Ghwell. The rest of the article…

Finally, the relevant update to this article is that it seems that Mr. al- Ghwell has left The World Bank and Mr. al-Ghwell’s 31 May 2015 tweet. We think this says it all.

‪#‎Libya‬ needs to issue a general ‪#‎amnesty‬ to all those who supported ‪#‎Gaddafi‬ & needs it NOW …..

Hafed al-Ghwell (@HafedAlGhwell) 31 May 2015

#gaddafi hashtag on Twitter

19h ago @LibyanNewsBotEn tweeted: “A Terror State in Libya” – read what…



02 OCTOBER 2014

FILE – A French air force soldier on guard near a Hartford drone, at the Niamey military base, in Niger.


France is setting up a base in northern Niger as part of an operation aimed at stopping al-Qaida-linked militants from crisscrossing the Sahel-Sahara region between southern Libya and Mauritania, officials said.

Paris, which has led efforts to push back Islamists in the region since intervening in its former colony Mali last year, redeployed troops across West Africa earlier this year to form a counter-terrorism force.

Under the new plan, about 3,000 French troops are now operating out of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad – countries straddling the vast arid Sahel band – with the aim of stamping out Islamist fighters across the region. Another 1,000 soldiers are providing logistical support in Gabon and Senegal.

“A base is being set up in northern Niger with the throbbing headache of Libya in mind,” a French diplomat said.

Neither France nor Niger has said where the base will be but military sources in Niger said it was likely to be around Madama, a remote desert outpost in the northeast, where Niger already has some troops based.

French officials have repeated for several months they are concerned by events in Libya, warning that the political void in the north is creating favourable conditions for Islamist groups to regroup in the barren south of the country.

Diplomatic sources estimate about 300 fighters linked to al-Qaida’s North African arm AQIM, including a splinter group formed by veteran Islamist commander Mokhtar Belmokhtar, are operating in southern Libya, a key point on smuggling and trafficking routes across the region.

French and American drones are already operating out of Niger’s capital Niamey.

Echoing the French push to get assets closer to Libya, U.S. officials said last month that the United States was preparing to possibly redeploy its drones to Agadez, some 750 km (460 miles) to the northeast.

Three years after they launched airstrikes to help topple the Great Jamahiriya, Western powers including France have ruled out military intervention in Libya, fearing that it could further destabilize the situation given that countries across the region are backing different political and armed groups in Libya.

However, with France particularly exposed in the Sahel-Sahara region and its forces now engaged in a support role against Islamic State militants in Iraq, Paris is stepping up efforts to squeeze militants in the area.


The murder of a French citizen last week in neighboring Algeria by former AQIM militants who pledged allegiance to Islamic State also appears to have toughened Paris’ resolve.

“The approach to [fighting terrorism] is global,” army spokesman Gilles Jaron said on Thursday. “We are on the frontline in the Sahel-Sahara region and supporting in Iraq.”

The French operation, dubbed Barkhane after the name of a kind of sand dune formed by desert winds, has set up its headquarters in the Chadian capital N’Djamena, but also placed an outpost in northern Chad about 200 km from the Libyan border.

Jaron said the new Niger base was still being finalized, but would have capacity for as many as 200 soldiers with aerial support.

“The aim is to bring together areas that interest us. The transit points which terrorists are likely to use,” he said.

There have been some successes in recent weeks. Two diplomatic sources said Abou Aassim El-Mouhajir, a spokesman for Belmokhtar’s “Those Who Sign in Blood” brigade, was captured by French troops in August.

French media said he had been taken in Niger. Niger intelligence sources said French troops had passed through Madama around the time of the operation.

Jaron said four suspected militants were also captured on Sept. 24 near Gao in northern Mali, where France has handed the bulk of security control to U.N. MINUSMA peacekeeping forces.

At the same time there has been an increase in attacks on foreign troops in Mali, including the death of 10 Chadian soldiers in September.

The U.N.’s peacekeeping chief, Herve Ladsous, said last week that with many French troops leaving the north of Mali, U.N. forces were being targeted and finding it difficult to respond due to a lack of helicopters and special forces.

“It’s a problem that is being resolved. We want the MINUSMA to be up to scratch so we can focus on our number one job: getting rid of AQIM,” said a French defence ministry source.

France in early OCTOBER 2014 created a French base on the ground directly upon the Libyan border with Niger.


What will Be

Col. al-Qathafi portrait in Rome, 2

On ‘channel al-Jamahiriya’ bone you see soon:

Facts presented for the first time to meet with the Commander and officers of the ‘Liberal Unionists’ on the tenth anniversary of the Revolution


Preliminary reports indicate that the International Criminal Court closed file “Abdallah al-Senussi Sev al-Aslamu” because it does not have to represent the Libyan state; and automatically dropped the names from the list from the ‘international prosecution of Interpol’.

Abdullah Senussi


Moscow Libyan Embassy 01 July 2011


Moscow Libyan Embassy 01 July 2011

‘Nedal Nedal’, posts:


US studying exotic on ‘al-Qathafi’s hidden treasure’

11 Jan. 2016

“Information” is the first of its kind, but it has already raised controversy, leaving deep skepticism among experts. Possible that there is a secret behind former French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to intervene militarily in March 2011 against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA: the punishment imposed upon Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, who designed to launch the African currency (to replace the franc CFA), and thus it was threatening the French influence.

Telecom is just one of the information contained in the messages sent in the spring of 2011 Sidney Blumenthal to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that time used this former press adviser in an unofficial to her. This “information” about the hidden springs to Paris in Libya is another in a series of e-mail messages, which was unveiled late December as part of what was known scandal “Emile Gate” scandal-mail or emails to Hillary Clinton.

Doubts Experts:

The message dating back to light in April 2011 when the North Atlantic strikes against the Libyan regime began Pact. And it indicates the presence of a stock of gold (143 tons) and silver (143 tons also) – worth about 6.51€ billion -, accumulated by auspices of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, in order to launch al-Qathafi’s dream-project for an African currency.

African Gold dinar (2)

It was in late March, which is six weeks from the beginning of the Libyan uprising after, to send these goods to Sabha in the south-west.

Mr. Blumenthal offers anonymous sources, as of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s entourage. It reveals that these sources captivated him that “the French intelligence discovered the existence of the project” African currency, “shortly after the start of the Aarh.” This discovery was “one of the factors that influenced the Sarkozy’s decision to involve France in the war on Libya.”

But these data sends experts puzzling. Patrick Himesadh, a former diplomat in Libya between 2001 and 2004, and the author of a reference book entitled “In the heart of al-Qathafi’s Libya”, said:

“I am very cautious, and I have a lot of doubts about that.” Himesadh goes on to say:

Mu w Sarkozy in Niger 2007

Sarkozy‘s decision to intervene was taken on February 21, four days after the outbreak of the intifada, which means that it did not wait for the alleged discovery of the Plan of anti-French in Africa. Remained the central motivation for Sarkozy”

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy attends a meeting with regional authorities and unemployed people in Chateauroux, central France, January 27, 2009. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer (FRANCE)

(above) IMAGE: France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy attends a meeting with regional authorities and unemployed people in Chateauroux, central France, 27 January  2009. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer (FRANCE)

to restore France’s place among the Arab peoples “after slips by Michele Alliot-Marie in Tunisia”.



Mu sketched Image


“Black Libyan resistance”:
Hey folks redemption homeland brave unknown
What show Zim Iaotun if Pena alive
Ehna Dhanak and Ehna Fdak and ready Ehna


Libyan artist Mohamed Hassan has a new longing 2016.

al-Anbh leader Ba Khoi Mutasim reputation for last.

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.

al-Ash (WESTERN REGION) demonstrations taking place in regions, and Ztun (NAFUSA) and Beautiful City (WESTERN REGION) in order to activate the ‘General Amnesty Law’.

demonstrations to free the Green (General Amnesty Law), 2 demonstrations to free the Green (General Amnesty Law), 1



‘Room Zintan operations’, reporting:

Today issued Resolution No. 1 for the ‘Presidential Council on the formation of a committee to conduct the implementation of the security arrangements under the Libyan political agreement.’

MB Misurata RATS who think they 'rule' LIBYA




The Commission, headed by Dean Corner / Abdul Rahman Imran long’, includes the following memberships:

1. Colonel – Ahmed Hammad Mohammed Abboud

2. Colonel – Omar Abdel-Salam Ahmed al-Hasnawi

3. Colonel – Younis Mohammed Fadhil al-Abdali

4. Colonel technician – the birth of Mohammed Mokhtar Anakash

5. colonel – Omar Mohammed Omar Zawehr

6. colonel – Abu Ali Belkacem Secretary hematoma

7. colonel – Mohammed Ibrahim Omar Chabon

8. colonel – Aouhadh Abdullah Aouhadh star

9. colonel – Mohammed Ibrahim Moussa Salem

10. Colonel – Ibrahim Masoud Mahfouz Abdullah

11. Police colonel – Khalid Mohammad Omar Seer

12. Police colonel – Hossein Nasr al-Wani

13. Submitted – just Mansoor Mohiuddin Ulkipala

14. Mekdm- Abdul Hakim M’Hamed Warfali key

15. Retired police colonel – Mahmoud Ibrahim Sharif Daou

16. Colonel retired sailor – M’Hamed Ali Mohamed al-Okha

17. legal adviser – Omar Abdel-Rahman al-Bahlul al-Jtalaoa


[the puppet ‘Presidential Council of the Government of National Reconciliation’, led by winner OS (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD RATS who think they ‘rule’ LIBYA) ]



Inspection campaign and the spread of Melcaat at the entrances and exits of Tripoli.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

 'Mosque Alsqa lounge' in TRIPOLI

Mahmoud al-Misrati published at his own expense

‘Nawasi militia force’ (led by ABDUL RAOUF CARTE) of dozens of Libyan families in Tripoli to cancel the joys of their daughters for having a lock tell-tale ‘Mosque Alsqa lounge’ and why ..

Nebo money Battalion bankrupt otherwise Nskroha ..ataaoh means
Win your men .. Aatrabuls of these tramps deter thieves war

[To N Evlhawwa]


Kidnapping ‘Mamed Amran Mamed Hlgom’, a student at the ‘Faculty of Economics’.

Unidentified gunmen targeted ‘Ali al-Hamdi’ mafia-style with a hail of bullets, outside his home, in the area ‘Sabriyah’ which killed him.

Shooting and sound of shooting in front of the ‘corner Street Hospital’.

Republic Bank branch of the University of stealing corner

The arrival of the Prince of the Daash terrorist organization into Tripoli. He is a person of Palestinian citizenship, claiming the name again of “Abu Obeida”; and he is currently in school at  Bosa-Limo-Gariba. He will give orders to start his phony call of Tripoli ‘Jihadi operations’, in order to declare ‘The Tripoli Declaration Emirate’ (of which he will coordinate as laison, between him and the Inventory of Gianni Gneoh Alkkla /el-Mahdi Haratine), who gave him in ‘hospitality’ a corse to enter Libya, and will provide a place for him and his ‘DAASH’ entourage, to be located mainly in Tripoli.

Gneoh 16

A freak accident on the highway this morning between House Thamer area and city dome crossroads (at the pinworm specifically).



The death of Sharif family of al-Furnaj area, resulting from the storage of gas cylinders.

The blast, which was heard in downtown due to launch powerful fireworks in the Omar al-Mukhtar Street, and improperly traded the news about the car bomb or a bag of explosives.

Cut power to several areas in Tripoli lasted for more than 3 hours.

Found the body of a young man from Ghargharesh, ‘Abd Amalik Ohamd’, of the age of 18. His place of residence was in ‘Got al-Shall’. 
‘Abd al-Mlk Ohamd Abdallah Qrbaj’ , was a 17-year-old. His body was  lying on the side of the road in Gargaresh area.

and a medical source confirmed from ‘Tripoli Medical Center’, that he was killed using white weapon (knife), digging on his chest phrase (Daash) using the tool sharp.

The release of the citizen ‘Hasin Alloh al-Faragana’ of the city of Sirte, who was kidnapped on Thursday, from the center of the city of Tripoli.

Stop the study at the Higher Institute of Medical Professions “Ibn Al-Nafees” as a result of deteriorating security.


headless body foung in Ain Zara.

Terrorist threats make it militias b Souk al-Jmah mobilize and activate the gate of the entrance area.

TRIPOLI's b. SOUK gate entrance, 2 TRIPOLI's b. SOUK gate entrance

Tripoli militia tremble with fear now, after threatening them by Amir of  Daash Islamic-State terrorists in ‘Trabulus’ (TRIPOLI as they call it). Q categorize Twitter account in what he called an earthquake.



al-Ator been the Hafez al-Misurati inside his house with his throat cut in al-Hill al-Cherqah area
(al-Sourh Paul Taliq)


The release of Dr. Mfattah al-Fragana, owner of ‘Hope Clinic’ of the area of Sal-Uh-Din after paying a ransom of 50 thousand dinars to his captors.



Road and rail Dahra completely encircled by militias after the death of deterrence ‘Misurati Plumntqh’.

The spread of intensive militias of deterrence in Dahra area.

‘Npil Mamed al-Buaha’ killed by Misurata Brotherhood militias stationed in the railroad’s headquarters in the (former) ‘Islamic Call Society’ building complex.

DAHRA, TRIPOLI militias are intense

They Launch Qadf Or Ba Ja in the air behind the Moulay Mohammed Mosque.

An armed group kidnapped a number of University students from ‘Tripoli University’, who were:
1. Samir Gammoudi of City CORNER.
2. Salem Madhoun of Jadu city (NAFUSA).
3. Mohammed Abu sound of Nalut city (NAFUSA).
4. Ashraf Baccouche from the city of Misurata (CENTRAL REGION).
5. Islam bulldozer from the city of Zuwarah (WESTERN REGION).


Melcat Tripoli impose a curfew in the area al-Qrh Bolli.





Beautiful demonstrations in activating the demands of the amnesty law and specifically directed toward our green prisoners.

Asbi’a the beginning of the supervision of the starting point for the march on the application of the amnesty law and the launch of gathering all the green prisoners from detention centers.

Asbi’a embarrass the supervision of the city in a demonstration for the release of green prisoners.

Demonstrations in the beautiful condemning terrorism and calling for activating the amnesty law and the release of green prisoners.


The City of GHARYAN

The closure of all banks in the city of Gharyan after receiving a threat to blow up the banks.




‘Room Zintan operations’:

Yes for the implementation of the ‘General Amnesty Law’.
Yes for the return of the displaced.
Yes to reconciliation.

Salah Mohammed:

“I hope with all my heart to be Zintan lesson and a byword for all Libyans and Arabs in the peace and amnesty …”


غرفة عمليات الزنتان

1 h ·

نعم لتنفيذ قانون العفو العام
نعم لعودة المهجرين
نعم للمصالحة

Large congestion within the City drawer because people throw shot by one of the sons of Zintan.

ZINTAN, 4 Zintan, 2 Zintan, 1 Zintan, 3

‘Room Zintan operations’:

A great tribute to all military, police and security men and young volunteers in the city of Zintan now in Albobat to secure the city in light of this cold and difficult weather ..

A great tribute to you and my Lord bless you and Araakm Aobtal Libya.

(Imad Offinek)

‘Zintan operations room’ a partagé la publication de ‘force supporting the security directorates of the western region and South Committee for the “200” ‘.

‘Directorates support the security of the western region and the southern power of the Commission, “the 200” ‘ a ajouté 10 nouvelles photos.

‘Directorates of security force support for the western and southern region’, HAVING the support of the ‘Military council of Zintan’, last night, began their campaign for detecting the violation of employment and counted.


‘Room Zintan operations’:

Moved ‘regions Libya’:

Know Your Country
Village layer:
Village land of Zintan in the middle of the desert western mountain located west of the West Village about 45 km south of Mizdah about 157 km, and at the end of the navigation Ghadames from the east, located on a high hill in the head knoll Mnkorp angle in the rock, and the rooms for residential students of the Holy Qur’an. Where many books in a separate compartment. The task of teaching the Holy Qur’an corner of the village and pilgrimage destination of the population of the desert, along the corner of the room. Built building good, Not buried where Mr. Mohamed Azhari, a well-known and Zintan Ofadilhm scientists.

He founded the corner, and so his name was written on the door of the room: –
Not my house admits not sorrow
Nor betray Besahbk time
Yes you Dar for each guest
If the place is fed Guest.

Population (2013): Total 2800 people
And the inhabitants of this village of Zintan tribe, and some homes Mnkorp in stone at the foot of the knoll in her head and her story mentioned in the book (Sheikh Tahir angular) “Jihad heroes”.

The new layer was built or what is known as popular in the early eighties on the right side of the valley opposite Steering angle, and the village hospital and clinic and a cultural center, a post office and the Faculty of Sharia and Law with the Western Mountain University; and a gas station in addition to the market complex “markets precedent” and a primary school and junior high school and high school and a mosque.

Founder layer angle:
Founder layer angle is Mr. Mohamed Azhari of Jeroh tribe of Zintan, did not come to al-Azhar, but the abundance of his knowledge nickname Mr. Mohammed Sanusi; because, it was his contemporaries Vlzimh title, and it hits his knowledge. Proverb is said (world class), that he has taken the flag on Mr. Mohammed Bin impervious in the corner of the world, and he became the Fatwa on the mountain for a long time.

God’s mercy, Azhari died about a year almost 1315 e.

Truffles market “mushroom truffles”
Mushroom truffles.
There is the largest market for Tervas in Libya layer at all, the main market for Tervas red Hamada high-quality and distinctive taste. Where collectors truffles sell their harvest to the traders at the crossroads layer and which are distributed over the entire regions of Libya and even beyond.
(Source \ Wikipedia)

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Delegation from the Sabha tribes ‘Qadhadhfa’ have gone up to Zintan.


 al-RAJABAN fights crime, 1

al-RAJABAN fights crime, 2

al-Rajaban youth meeting in support of ‘the Commission on the fight against crime’.

The adoption of the ‘Federation of Youth al-Rajaban’, in a meeting of a large group of young people from al-Rajaban to support the ‘Fight Crime Committee’, which in turn are doing a great job for the fight against crime and drug dealers and hashish and ecstasy.
(FM Radio al-Rajaban)


Has also been gathring in a protest in the city of al-Azizia demanding the return of displaced persons and the release of green prisoners.


‘Khalid Abuamad’ fighter called the expulsion of ‘Mamed Mahasn’ platform of popular demonstration, which was organized today in al-Azizia on the application of the amnesty law and the launch of all the green prisoners from Libya.



Demonstrations roam the cities and villages of Rishvana and demand the return of displaced persons and the release of prisoners and the activation of the amnesty law …

In today’s demonstration was including Maj. Gen.Amr Tntosh and fighter Khald Abuamad.







Racdalin greets Libyan Armed Forces, 2
Channel Great Jamahiriya
Out mass demonstrations in several regions demand the release of our green prisoners and the return of displaced persons at home and abroad
Nafusa Areas of Ztun, Rishvana; and RACDALIN (in the WESTERN REGION)


Clashes path of coastal and cultural complex in the city of Surman.

Killing “Abdallah al-Hzlol” and wounding eight others, in the clashes in the path of coastal city of Surman.

Most shops shut down as a result of the clashes. On the background of madinah kidnapped sons of Sharari.





36 Victims recovering in Tunisia


‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 5 nouvelles photos.
Visit wound terrorist bombing of Zliten ..
The former member of the National Conference for the city of Zliten Abdullah Joan accompanied by the Consul General of Libya, Tunisia Abdul Razzaq Obosninh and Ahmed Amari from the Libyan embassy in Tunis to visit the wounded from the terrorist bombing that targeted a training center for the Coast al-Soakhl in the city of Zliten

and has been providing the necessary treatment to them and the 36 of the number of wounded whom arrived to Tunisia .
We ask God to them a speedy recovery;

and Ntrahm Ali was martyred at the hands of the terrorist killers who invaded our country.

as the year-gate, the western entrance to the city of Zliten is closed; and they are now closing gate Dafniya east of Zliten.

An armed group close Gate Dafniya east of Zliten in protest at what they called ‘the passage of a convoy of the (puppet) government of National Reconciliation.’

‘MUSICIAN’ explains: “OS (puppet) government was looking for legitimacy in tents solace in Zliten !

O see how enough of blood and body parts to complete the quorum has the legitimacy of free blood and death without reason.”

There has turned traitor to Ahamada sons in Zliten.

Misurata militias were clashing with ‘the private convoy protection Sarraj district of al-Davnihotina’, as they were returning from the city of Zliten.

The Western Puppet ‘Customers’ are besieged in the city of Zliten, where the OS has been shut .


The news is Maaaaakd Misratah militias after asking for million, compared to the release of the OS.

“Those that are not released on the of OS Mhabarh we will intervene rapidly and submitting the band.”
(This is one of the Council of State and the protection of civilians and civilian OS just protect Libyan)

Directed helicopter to Misurata from Zliten to evacuate OS officials
(Haya de own the band said on France).

Rishvana has sent some aid and medical supplies to our people in the city of Zliten:

Rishvana has sent some aid and medical supplies to our people in the city of Zliten

Statement tribes Zliten Association regarding the terrorist bombing Tuesday Market area:

Truck Bomb At Libyan Security Training Camp Kills Dozens

 07 January 2016

Originally published on 07 January  2016 3:46 pm

A truck bomb exploded Thursday at a security training camp in the western Libyan city of Zliten, killing dozens of people and injuring more than 100 others.

The U.N. special representative to Libya, Martin Kobler, described the bombing as a suicide attack.

It’s one of the deadliest attacks in Libya. Local and international news reports on the death toll varied, with some saying at least 47 people were killed and others putting the number at 65.

“Hours after the blast, rescue crews at the scene had only managed to extract 60 bodies out of the wreckage, said a hospital spokesman, Moamar Kaddi. Libyan officials said they believed there might be dozens more dead,” The Associated Press says.

Two nearby hospitals put out urgent requests for blood donations, Libya’s LANA news wire reports.

‘DAASH’ immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, though AP says that “a local Islamic State affiliate has been trying to gain a foothold in Zliten, spreading westward from its central stronghold of Sirte along the North African country’s coast.”

NPR’s Leila Fadel reports that the explosion occurred amid intensified fighting at two oil terminals hundreds of miles to the east, “as the Islamic State extremist group tries to take control of the area. At least seven oil tanks have been set on fire in the fighting.”

Displaced policeman from the city of Sirte recognized Ai sleeper cells in the ‘Market Tuesday’ in  B. Zliten.

Most shops shut down in solidarity with the victims of the 

terrorist bombing in Zliten:

Found the body of a decapitated-man, in Sekka area, Mane of ‘Aan Zarh Ai’, as was written by the victim of ‘Abd Arahman al-Osea’ of Zliten.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.  Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.


dismantle car bomb

Dismantlisation of a car bomb, found in front of the ‘Faculty of Science’.

Close the coastal road near the ‘Clinic al-Chuirv’ in City of Five.


A car bomb at the gate al-Karem in Misurata:

Anfhar a picture of the car bomb in the city of Misurata.




Access ‘Mujahid Ahma Mamed Anbeh Aaboguenidh’ to the city of Bani Walid after being detained for two months by the militias of Daash, in the area of Nofaliya (by SIRTE).
Thank God for safety.

Yesterday was the release of the captive Mfattah Akaddava al-Kmiei after five years of captivity in the prison of ‘Misurata al-Cramah’.



'Libya company Municipality Branch', al-Chuirv

Dozens of protesters in front of ‘Libya company Municipality Branch al-Chuirv’, threatening to lock the industrial river system (GMMR) if they do not deliver Internet services for the region, within ten days.






‘Rabat mosque’ yesterday in Sirte, preaching one of the leaders of the ‘Daash’ terrorist organization, in a statement, said terrorism must be tyrants soldiers, according to the recipe, and threatening massive bombings inside the largest Libyan cities of Tripoli, and also Misurata and Zliten and City of Five.

An ‘Armed convoy belonging to the terrorist organization Daash’ has come out of Sirte and is spreading down the  south coastal road in ‘Buerat’ area, west of the city of Sirte (by 80 km).

Today did not move any armed vehicle belonging to a terrorist organization of ‘Daash’ in Sirte and the organization did not establish any gate or immobilization in the three entrances to the city of Sirte East and West and South as usual and terrorists disappeared from the streets and closed the headquarters of the so-called calculation and doors as well as the headquarters of the so-called Islamic Court. Daash terrorist organization transferred its headquarters compound of the halls and into the Gulf of Sirte Acadouko complex for conferences and short-known hospitality and for fear of the bombing halls complex and Acadouko.

LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed DAASH locations near the ‘Man-Made River Project’. 

Center bombing and thoroughly by LIBYAN AIRFORCE warplanes to SIRTE, where armed vehicles exist to regulate Daash terrorist bombed specific targets within the research complex adjacent rooms, Acadouko farm and loud explosions shake the region. And dozens of wounded and dead were taken to the ‘Ibn Sina hospital’ and a state of panic and fear dominate the present camps organization ‘Daash terrorist’ in the back west of Sirte area of ​​17 km and the evacuation of most of the individuals and armed mechanisms and moving south towards the valley of sweeping and arches and ambulatory.

4 LIBYAN AIRFORCE  warplanes launched an attack on a DAASH research farm and the port of Sirte armed, and destroyed the place and the arrival of dead and wounded mechanisms to Ibn Sina Hospital and a state of chaos and confusion permeated Who’s hospital. A large spread of the elements in the vicinity of ‘Daash’ Ibn Sina Hospital and the establishment of the first 3 Astaagafat near the commercial bank and the second at the main gate of the hospital and the third in front of the entrance to the Faculty of Human Medicine.

The site that the LIBYAN AIRFORCE bombed:

From research, this is a proven major farm operations used by the terrorist organization ‘Daash’, as a room link between them in Sirte, and to Bin Jawad . They used it as a communications center in the last attack on the oil ports, and also the second strike which hit the boats in the port of Sirte.

‘DAASH’ Sniper Abdallatif Ohamd Abdalhadi, nicknamed “Abu Anas immigrant” was exterminated by the young people of Sirte, after sunset prayers, in front of the sanatorium life.

A little while ago in front of a clinic and life in the same place where the ‘DAASH’-Sudanese sniper, a group of armed ‘DAASH’ congregate with their cars, and say “what Jinakm only slaughter and booby apostates…

O O slaves of tyrants and shouting loudly will take revenge for our brother Abu Anas immigrant.”
(Right to mesh them right on the Jardan to come out against the mass system !!!)


BIN JAWAD controlled by 'DAASH'

Bin Jawad Blams
‘Daash’ terrorist organization is the execution of a group of young people in the town of ‘Bin Jawad’ on charges of belonging to some of the security authorities, and these did not declare al-Asttabp to the organization, ans so were executed ! and execution of the initial number is 7 people slaughtered…



Spanish newspaper says that ‘NATO’ will bomb the oil ports if they are dominated by ‘Daash’.

‘Rouge Valley direct’ a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.

Oil Crescent protected by Guard Oil Installations, 4 Oil Crescent protected by Guard Oil Installations, 3 Oil Crescent protected by Guard Oil Installations, 2 Oil Crescent protected by Guard Oil Installations, 1
Eats her wanted a secret fighter returning from Crescent included the oil region after participating in battles against al-Sidra extreme ‘Daash’
And “re-concentration in the oil fields”.
South Eats her wanted area and patrolling large areas in case of any attack.

A tribute to the heroes.

‘Daash’ terrorist organization published a report entitled: “raiding Crescent oil”.


Clashes at Port Sidra, 2


Asthmara the remains of DAASH found during the day combing the surrounding area operations valley Akahilh:

Port Sidra bombing Tmrkzac Kharijite
Section does not miss …

‎#السدرة قصف تمركزات الخوارج مقطع لا يفوتكم ...‎


Among the dead organization ‘Daash’ during clashes last Thursday at ‘Port Sidra’, was a person who was working as an ‘Egyptian police officer’ ! 

He, Ahmed League, fought in the ranks of the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ and ‘Ahmed League’ had published (within the organization ‘Daash’) as his nickname being called “Aboumaaz al-Qrani”.

There were 19 tanks in Port Sidra. 9 have been burned by Misurata and 6 have been burned by DAASH state regulation of … Who burn the remaining 4?

Photo was taken on the first day of the clashes at Port Sidra

Clashes at Port Sidra, 1

Moment of engagement with Khorrgih in Port Sidra one axis and Black Guard Oil- installations Chlait DAASH ..
Sidra win !

‎السدرة . لحظة الاشتباك مع لخوررجية في السدرة لاحد المحاور و اسود حرس المنشات النفطيه و تشليط الدواعش .. السدره تنتصر‎



Arrested Inventory Ali al-Rajeha, reporter, and ‘Guenah al-Lenbh fountain’ in the oil field.



one of the clashes in PORT SIDRA

‎فيديو حصري لاحد اشتباكات السدرة‎


‘Rouge Valley directly’, reporting:

‘CID Colonel Salah Ahouidi’, in  Benghazi Hello:

Section exposure to attack from a group of outlaws have been stopped by the grace of God ..owalsbb attempt to take out a people of their right to set the order of the Parquet ..hat fled with their vehicles ..

There is no truth to the news which is trading about dependency of ‘Battalion 204′ or ‘Thunderbolt Special Forces’.
But these entities provided support sent Guo support us ..

autam custom al-Mthbn and will take legal action against them from being a deterrent !!!! ..ostqam state law, thanks to its youth stalagmite ..

ma I saw today heartened my chest where ‘all devices are united to defend the legitimacy of the state’ (TOBRUK).

We are able to repel any attack of any kind, at any time
Thanks, appreciation and respect for ‘all units of the Armed Forces and Security Services and Room Protection Zones, and military intelligence, and even our Green, which stood for the protection of section (CYRENAICA).
Things are now fully under control

.nsol Allah safety for all.

Safety teams were able to take full control of the fire in the tanks at Port Sidra and was completely put out the fire.

Fully fire control in the oil tanks in Port Sidra and al-Phippa Greetings and great for all firefighters.


‘Black Libyan resistance’ a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.
Allah bless the Champions firefighters at ‘Port Sidra‘; and ask Allah for their healing and Anhieddi including national.


reconnaissance aircraft flew in the skies of the city of Ras Lanauf.

Toddler ‘Mamed Zwaoa’ who at the age of a year and a half and was wounded in the bombing today to support ‘the gate at Ras Lanauf’, remains still in serious condition.


Brega illuminating Bahlha
After closing the Page Youth Brega by Jbh terrorism-mail
And Open a new page and Smhoa Brega illuminating Bahlha ..
Angulw two young people in the news and media differently from the rest of the pages.

Photo de ‎البريقة منورة بهلها‎.
البريقة منورة بهلها

‘Valley Rouge Directly’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.
Moved news

In an interview collect all of the Dean of the municipality of Brega, Mr. Driss Bouchmadh, and rat Captain Abdel Razek (key primarily responsible for the ambulance in MITIGUA airport)

has a major role in coordinating with the Dean of the municipality of Brega’s ‘provision of aviation for the transfer of wounded from Sidra’;

RAZEK was the person on the last ‘municipal council member Surman and rebels of Tripoli’. Razek has a big role in coordination with the ‘Dean of the municipality of Brega’ regarding the transfer of the wounded to the outside,  and will provide all the possibilities for the wounded.

Fulbright grants curfew from 11 pm until 7:00 pm and was suspended the study of all academic levels until further notice

and the displacement of some families to Ajdabiya, Brega and Benghazi.

Support for the gate at the top of Anoov

the gate at the top of Anoov, PORT SIDRA

(Image Gateway to support Ras Lanauf that was targeted yesterday by the terrorist organization of Daash)

between yesterday and today:
Our Green Champions of Cyrenaica

Our Green Champions of Cyrenaica

Terrorist elements belonging to the ‘terrorist organization of Daash’ are assessing the gates in different places in the coastal road from Brega even Ajdabiya.

Re-opening of the Port ‘Thuhayba’ balance in front of passengers after the protests in the back had stopped ‘Thuhayba’.




The conduct of a terrible accident on the road to Brega, in  Ajdabiya, which claimed the lives of four people (two women and two men).

Directed by ‘number 70 displaced families from the city of Tawergha ‘live in the municipality of Ajdabiya in al-Guenan area. The military has declared the region a military zone.

Ajdabiya controlled border guards on the gate 60, which was under the control of al-Mqji ‘DAASH’, which now have been thoroughly expelled from the gate.

GATE 60 of AJDABIYA cleaned completely of DAASH

Lord unites these heretics your side against the enemies of the homeland and the people,

AJDABIYA sandstorm, 2


Strong explosion rocks the al-Gulwz neighborhood in Ajdabiya within the ‘Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque’.

Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted morning separate locations for militias ‘Daash terrorist’ in Ajdabiya.

Review of ‘DAASH’ in the city of Ajdabiya.



A mortar shell fell near the Libyan hospital. A German family was near and combusted inside their car as a result of the fall of the shells.

mortar shells fall by Libyan Hospital, Benghazi, 2 mortar shells fall by Libyan Hospital, Benghazi, killing German family in their car mortar shells fall by Libyan Hospital, Benghazi, 1

Garbage is piling-up again:
Benghazi Garbage

Child Abdallah Arisa (a 15-year-old) pictured with a news channel reporter called‘Ali al-Rajeha’ (who was trained in DAASH camps by  Sabratha Melcaat fighters)…both were killed a week ago in clashes with the LIBYAN ARMY forces under General Hftar, in Benghazi.

1__ targeting Solomon al-Dharat stadium where the match is being held for ‘The National Union’.
2__guetly and wounded after mortar rounds on the camp’s displaced Tawergha sports city in Garyounes.

A picture of smoke billowed after al-Kasv air on the eastern axis:
smoke billowed after al-Kasv air on the eastern axis (BENGHAZI)


Targeting a power station in Buhedama north of Benghazi with ‘DAASH’ missiles this morning, which led to power cuts for several areas.

power station north of Benghazi hit by DAASH missiles

Fire put out in a power plant reservoir north of Benghazi.

Fire put out in a power plant reservoir north of Benghazi

Sunday morning found the body of policeman  ‘Mamed Ali  al-Choudy’ burned at power station N° 71 in Buhedama.



a combustion tank in the city of DERNA

One combustion fuel tanks steam station in the city of Derna.


The death of ‘Mny Agheita’, a member of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ for the dome after traffic accident.

in front of the ‘National Commercial Bank’ city of Tobruk:

Commercial Bank in TOBRUK, 2 Commercial Bank in TOBRUK, 1

‘Rouge Valley direct’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.

Stealing Libya’s gold in the south of Cyrenaica, by Soadin Ali Nigerian Chadian ,, ,, ,, Egyptian Hraamah open in its limitless is not a sovereign !!!






meeting between the 'Tuareg tribe' and 'Social Council Warfalla tribes in the south' and Communications commission

A meeting between the ‘Tuareg tribe’ and ‘Social Council Warfalla tribes in the south’

and the ‘Commission communication’ and ‘Social Council of tribes Warfalla’.



Patrol in front of a militia ‘skill Hotel’ fire on tribal-Atnan sons Qadhadhfa, which led to the diagnosed and subjected the car to the accident.

Find a newborn baby lying in front of a garden Mrkzsabha medical school in exchange for immortality.


Gunmen have killed the citizen Mamed Hassan al-Orvla, and wounding Hatm Khalifh Achtaoa al-Orvla, in the new area.



Madama northern Niger Castle Otkhaddha, has French soldiers at their base merely 50 km from the Libyan border:





The Prophet’s (PBUH) birth, and also celebration of Issa (Jesus): Muslims in Unity

Mu in Egypt


“Today there is a divide that we must acknowledge, and we must know who is deepening it. Perhaps it is colonialism—the enemy of Islam, the enemy of the Arabs, the enemy of the Persians—that is deepening it.…

They have divided Islam into two Islams, and there came to be Shi’ite Islam and Sunni Islam. This is a bid’a [heresy]…
When did Muhammad say: “I have brought you Shi’ite Islam and Sunni Islam?”…

They have now begun to group the Arabs against Iran and Iran against the Arabs, and then Shi’ites against Sunnis and Sunnis against Shi’ites.…

Are we Muslims, or are we Shi’ites and Sunnis?! For whose benefit is this? It is for the benefit of the “other” that we are speaking about, for the benefit of the enemy, for the benefit of colonialism.

“The period of fragmentation that I talked about, and the disintegration of the Abbasid Empire and its old age, is similar to the old age of the Arab and Islamic regimes we have today. At the beginning of the 10th century, the situation was like thisů

“The Fatimid state arose in the beginning of the 10th century, and it formed an umbrella over North Africa, and under its banner all of the tribal, denominational, political, and ethnic differences fused, and they all became one single Fatimid identity, which lasted 260 years and extended as far as the Arab East.

“After Mahdiya, Cairo was the capital of the Fatimid state, and it inherited the disintegrated Abbasid state, which had become weak at that point in timeů

“The Fatimid state came as a new, youthful power. Its name and origin are from Fatima Al-Zahra [Fatima ‘the Radiant’], and it produced Al-Azhar. [1] One of the historic citadels of the Fatimid state was Al-Azhar, and the name of Al-Azhar, in Egypt, is in reference to Fatima Al-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet. The Fatimid state’s name and origin were [also] from Fatima Al-Zahraů

“This grand Fatimid state generously allowed the existence of the mini-states in its interiorů They all became Fatimids, and there was stability.

“Now people say to us that the Shi’ites are in Iran and that Shi’ite means Persians, and Sunni means Arabs. This is a lie. This is deceit. Those who say this are ignoramuses who do not know history.

“To the contrary, the first Shi’ite state arose in North Africa. The Fatimid state was the first Shi’ite stateů”

“North Africa is Arab and Shi’ite”

“In North Africaů go anywhere and ask them about their customs and traditions. They are all Shi’ite customs and traditions.

“[They include] the celebration of the ‘Ashura, the sorrow on the ‘Ashura and the remembrance of the ‘Ashura and our lord [sayyidna] ‘Ali; the very extensive stories about our lord ‘Ali, and being the party of [tashayyu’l-] our lord ‘Ali.

“[The North Africans] do not know Mu’awiya [‘Ali’s rival and the founder of the Umayyad dynasty]. From Egypt to the Atlantic Ocean, there is not a single person named Mu’awiya. They are all named ‘Ali, Fatima, Khadija, Hassan, Hussein, etc.

“Since the [trend] today is religion, and [discussion of] who has the right to the Imamate, and what is the Imamate, and so forth – who has more right to the Imamate than the Prophet’s family [ahl al-bayt]? The Prophet’s family has more right than all of the rulers around today who are not from the Prophet’s family.

“When we come to religious authorityů have [people] not gotten themselves into a mess and said that the Sunnis are against the Shi’ites and the Arabs against the Persians? Who holds to this view? It is the foreign occupation and the Zionist settlement that brought this.

“Where did this come from? [But] as long as you are getting yourselves into a mess [by saying you are] Shi’ites and Sunnis, then go ahead, [but] the Shi’ites [then] are not Iran.”

“The Shi’ite Fatimid State Arose in North Africa, and We Want to Revive It”

“The Shi’ites are North Africaů We will [build] the modern, second Fatimid state, and its identity will be a Fatimid identity. The Arabs and the Amazigh Arabs will be fused in it, and the parties, the Left and the Right, the extremists, and the proponents of violence will be fused in it. All of them will become a single identity.

“The conflict in North Africa will end. The conflict in Algeria will end, and in Sudan, and the conflict in Egypt will end, and the conflict in the Sahara will end. Tribal, sectarian, and ethnic conflict will end, because we will have become Fatimids.

“We in North Africa are Arabs, and North Africa is 100% Arab. Those whom we say are ‘Amazigh’, are the original, unadulterated Arabs. The fact that France and Western colonialism say to them ‘you are not Arabs’ – whoever accepts this will bear his responsibility.

“North Africa is Arab and Shi’iteů The Shi’ite Fatimid state arose in North Africa, and not in Iran. We want to revive it once again. We direct a renewed call to all of the forces in the first Fatimid state to revive [it in] a modern, second Fatimid state – on the condition that it be free of all of the sectarian conflicts and [the debate about] the Imamate and [religious] rule [hakimiyya] and the sophistry of old.

“We are not interested anymore [whether] Ja’far Al-Sadiq delegated the Imamate to Musa Al-Kazim or to Isma’ilů [2] This matters [only] to Ja’far Al-Sadiq and Isma’il and Musa Al-Kazim, and they are gone, may Allah have mercy on them.

“[And we are not interested anymore] in who had more right to the Caliphate, ‘Ali or Mu’awiya. The Caliphate has nothing to do with religion, and this is a worldly struggle for rule. If they decided after the Prophet who would be ruler, it was because the Prophet was not a ruler. He was a prophet, that’s it, and then he passed on. He was a prophet, and he died, without a son, a successor, a regent [wasiy], [3] or a representative.

“But emotionally, we the Arabs, and all of the Muslims, are attached to ‘Ali. This means that all of the Arabs are Shi’ites. If a Shi’ite is one who is attached to ‘Ali, then all of the Arabs are Shi’ites. Where is the Arab who is against ‘Ali? There aren’t any.

“Take a poll in the entire Islamic and Arab world. Ask them: ‘Are you for Mu’awiya or for ‘Ali?’ They will tell you ”Ali’. Ask them: ‘Are you for Fatima Al-Zahra or someone else – the wife of Mu’awiya, Yazid, or someone else?’ They will say: ‘No, I am for Fatima Al-Zahra.’

“This means that they are the party [tashayyu’ l-] of the Prophet’s family, of Fatima and ‘Ali. All of the Arabs, all of the Muslims, are the party of ‘Ali. If being the party of ‘Ali means being Shi’ite, then we are all Shi’ites. This is true. This is our culture.”

“If Being Sunni Means That You Believe in Muhammad and His Sunna. Then the Iranians are Sunnis. Did the Iranians say to you: ‘We are against Muhammad’? No, they say: ‘Muhammad, peace be upon him, is our Prophet.’ [And if you ask them:] ‘Do you follow his sunna?’ they will say: ‘Of course, we follow his sunna.’ Then you are Sunnis? Yes, indeed.

“And they will come to us here, us the Muslim Arabs in North Africa, and ask: ‘Do you love ‘Ali?’ We will say: ‘Yes, we love ‘Ali.’ [They will ask:] ‘Do you love ‘Ali or Mu’awiya?’ We will say: ‘We love ‘Ali.’ Then you are Shi’ites.

“The Iranians are Sunnis, and we in North Africa are Shi’ites”

“The Shi’a Has Moved Now From Iran to North Africa, the Second Fatimid State Must Arise”

“The Arab rulers are now campaigning to satisfy the Americans and the occupation with a call to hate Iran, because Iran is producing an atomic bomb, and because Iran is such-and-such and the Persians are such-and-such – [all] this is in order to divide Islam in two. When you ask them: ‘Why do you hate Iran?’ they say: ‘Because it is Shi’ite.’

“No, no. We in North Africa are the modern, new Fatimid state. We are Shi’ites. That’s it, the Shi’a has moved now from Iran to North Africa. The second Fatimid state must arise.

“Enough, then, the dispute has ended.

“There won’t be an Arab Maghreb Union, or a non-Arab Maghreb Union. No longer will one be against the other, or will there be war one against the other, and borders. What borders? They don’t interest us.

“[In the] Fatimid state you can remain Egyptian, Libyan, Algerian, Tunisian, Mauritanian, Nigerien, Malian, and so on, and [you can] stay in Sudan, in the Fertile Crescent, in Jordan – but the identity will be a Fatimid identity.

“If rule is [in the hands of] the Prophet’s family, then no one has more right than the Fatimid state, which descends from Fatima al-Zahra. And if rule is a matter of worthiness, understanding, and democracy, then hand rule over to the peopleů and put an end to governments, kings, and presidents.

“If you bring Islam into politics, then the Prophet’s family has more right than all of you, oh you who take advantage of Islam. Who are you to rule in the name of Islam? If you want to rule in the name of Islam, then the Prophet’s family is most worthy and has more right.

“The Fatimid state grants freedom to everyone to worship in complete freedom. One is a Shafi’i, another a Maliki, another an Ismai’ili [Shi’ite], and another [follows the] Khawarij [KHARIJITES].

“In truth, all of the schools [of Islam] are forbidden innovations. It is clear what is permitted and what is forbidden, and Allah said: ‘Do not form groups and parties’. So why should we dispute? Over what?…

“How can we find one mosque that people say is Shi’ite, and another mosque that is Sunni ? ! Who holds this view ? In the days of the Prophet, was there a mosque for the Shi’ites and a mosque for the Sunnis?… They are all Allah’s mosques.

“Does one have a qibla to the right, and another to the left? Do they not all face the sacred house [i.e. the Ka’ba in Mecca]?

“The Two Holy Sites Are Mecca and Jerusalem”

“While we’re on the subject, the two holy sites are not the two that we say they are today. The two holy sites are Mecca and Jerusalem [and not Mecca and Medina].

“We thank our Persian brothers, who joined the party of the Prophet’s family and of ‘Ali. We thank them for joining [the supporters] of the Prophet’s family. This is a tremendous thing.

“I am amazed that people from the Prophet’s family, like [King ‘Abdullah] in Jordan for example, are against the Shi’a. What does the Shi’a mean? It means being the party of [tashayyu’ l-] the Prophet’s family. It means that we are the party of you, you there in Jordan. I am your party, when I am a Shi’ite in Iran.

“Look how they set us one against the other and enlisted some of us against others of usů” [4]

We Are Arabs, It Was Colonialism that Called Us Berbers

In an earlier speech on 01 March 2007, al-Qathafi denied the existence of a non-Arab Berber people in North Africa. He said that they were Amazigh, not ‘Berber’ !

“We set out from Yemen until we came here [to Libya]. We went by land, by land [barr barr], so they called us ‘Berbers’.

“We the Amazigh are the Arabs who came by land, by land [barr barr]. The Phoenicians, who are Arabs like us and came from the East, came on boats. They came to Phoenicia, and from Phoenicia started out from the coast [al-sahil al-sahil], whereas we came by land, by land [barr barr]. So we are the ‘by-land-by-land’ society, and colonialism came and said, ‘You are Berbers, a different people. You are not Arabs.’ They wanted to make us err concerning our history, our origin, and our civilization…

“The Amazigh [5] tribes died out a long time ago, since the days of the Kingdom of Numidia. These are tribes we don’t know at all. Perhaps they were Semitic or Eastern [tribes] who came [to the region], but they died out and are no more.

“Where are the tribes of Mishwash, Ribu, Libu, Samu, and Tihnu? We can’t even pronounce their names.

“The archaeologists and the astronomers say that these tribes died out during a 100-year drought. There was no rain in North Africa, and everyone died out, including the Amazigh tribes and the other tribes I mentioned who were all in North Africa – they all died out. The ‘Amazigh’ [barr barr] Arabs and the Phoenician [bahr bahr, i.e. “sea-sea”] Arabs arrived, and [then] the [other] Arabs came after Islam.

“Libya is for the Libyans. We will not tolerate in Libya any ethnic zealotry [shu’ubiyya]. No one can say ‘my origin is this, that, or the other’. Whoever says this is an agent of colonialism. This is ‘divide and rule’.

“The Israelis are seeking to Balkanize the Arab, Islamic, and African countries. European colonialism wants to divide North Africa and tear it to pieces.” [6]


[1] al-Zahra (“the Radiant”) is an epithet added by Shi’ites to the name of Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad and the wife of ‘Ali, and al-Azhar is the corresponding masculine form. Al-Azhar in Cairo, today one of the foremost bastions of Sunni orthodoxy, was originally established in the late 10th century by the Fatimids as an Isma’ili Shi’ite institution.

[2] Ja’far Al-Sadiq is considered by Shi’ites the sixth Imam; the question of the identity of his successor led to a split between Isma’ili Shi’ites (the Fatimids’ sect) and Twelver Shi’ites, the sect followed by most modern Shi’ites.

[3] Wasiy is the term Shi’ites use for ‘Ali in order to express his status as the rightful successor to Muhammad.

[4] Wikalat Al-Jamahiriya L’il-anba’, 01 April 2007.

[5] “Amazigh”, literally “one who is free”, is a term many ‘Amazigh’ prefer when referring to themselves.


[7] See

Speeches (March 2007) quoted in MEMRI Special Dispatch Series No. 1535 (06 April 2007) “In Overture to Iran, al-Qathafi Declares North Africa Shi’ite and Calls for Establishment of New Fatimid State”

Mu orator


‘Room Zintan operations’:

Uqba “Arabism”
Saladin “Kurdish”
Tariq ibn Ziyad “Tamazight”
Sahih Muslim ibn Muslim “north of Iran.”
Sheikh Mohammed al-Banian “Albania”
Khalid ibn al-Walid “Arabism”
These figures and leaders of Islamic leaders were standing for Allah and his religion and unification
It was not like today’s trend to ‘nationalism and ethnic affiliation’.This is the true Islam. These Martyrs died without (so-called) ‘religion’.

Oh Allah, make us al-Tabuthain Dink and united and guide us the straight path (just as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi constantly preached).


‘Imran Nakua’, comments:
‘Solomon Persian’, ‘Bilal al-Habash’, ‘Bukhari’, and many others…”

Mu preaching in Italian Mosque


Mu open Koran Mu oratory

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi celebrates the birthday of the Prophet [PBUH] in Kampala, Uganda and gives a lecture in the teachings of Islam.


al-Qathafi contributed to the making of the film, ‘The Message’ of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

‘The Message’ was financed and produced by Muammar al-Qathafi.

ISSA – JESUS, the Great Teacher & Prophet, who has never tasted ‘death’:


The soldiers took JUDAS ISCARIOT (who was miraculously transformed to look like Jesus / Issa)…

Please read the full ‘GOSPEL of Barnabas’–

“If Jesus/Issa was mortal at the time of Mohammed,  he would have followed Mohammed…” (MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI, quote)
Read the complete ‘Gospel of Barnabas’.



In any case, Jesus/Issa repeatedly told his apostles that Mohammed (PBUH) would be coming, after him…and who he was.





‘Knight Libyan’, writes:

“The main objective of the plot of the Arab Spring is to bring about chaos and the creation of failed states to distort and destroy national armies where the media tried to hack described (Ktaib Gaddafi in Libya. Lashkar-e-Mubarak in Egypt. Shabiha al-Assad in Syria. Thugs Saleh in Yemen).

He was able intensive media campaign to deceive a lot of people that have ratified. There were burned and insulted and Khount destroyed and isolated and imprisoned and killed.

It ended the scene, who described the time short of revolutionary, and that in fact a systematic chaos to achieve the objectives of the conspiracy.

The people woke up to a severe crisis of rampant crime, drugs, kidnapping and loss of sovereignty and the evolution of the scene of the disaster spread of terrorist groups that possessed arms and money and political support by the leaders of the revolution crept slogans of the pyramid of power.

In Egypt, the army was able to quickly pick up the mess and came back strongly to turn the tables on the whole plot and designed its Brotherhood ‘customers’ in prison after awakening massive popular demonstrations restored minds of awareness.

In Libya, after NATO Crusader intervention, there was confusion between external support and internal chaos and the media tried to continue to deceive the street, through ‘the rebels’ and the MB Armor-Shields, Zidane Army. Security committees.

The Libyan army, which has a strong track record of eliminating terrorist groups, now has to confront NATO.

Yemen is no different in the case of chaos led to the internal division fueled by overseas reached the fighting and enter the Gulf traveled. And the positive failure of all Yemeni to return to the dialogue table (which will merely result in the return of coach and specialist Bhacleth), the Yemeni Army and its Houthi leaders, are a factor which ensures the stability of Yemen.

Syria also in chaos and distortion and terrorism and external interference in the country. Enter the fierce urban warfare destroyed and abandoned millions. To get in the end to some frank remarks and some hint that the true ‘Syrian Army’ is to be the primary force to eliminate terrorism and restore security and stability.

Today those armies prove to be a national distinction and bravely faced the plot and did not undermine the determination of media distortion campaign; nor the denial of the multitudes deceived nor fleets abroad and has the historic duty. While the shame of those who stationed prosecuted for conspiracy and reneged on their covenant and oath.

The speech changed the street from the description (Ketaab and the soldiers and thugs and al-Bulatjh) to (Nebo army and police) after he tried to fire all the chaos cheated …

I said, my commander and ratified  Kd Tendmon Aom la Anf al-ndm.”


OBAMA's NWO Obama's 'new-world-order'

(see picture of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi right under the UNO building.)



kidnappers in Tripoli

The kidnapping of the citizen (Walid M’Barek al-Orchwena) born ‘Parwa al-Hillh’, from his home, and in front of his family. He is a married man with three children, and is a normal employee with a medium-health physical condition.


Emergency burns from celebrations, and are greeted with open eyes 95 cases ! Access wounded burn injuries and fireworks on the corner of Hospital Street and the inability of the medical staff at a hospital burns and beauty


Photos of new bombing ‘angle’ at Bo Mhmach:





moon over Zintan


‘Room Zintan operations’:

‘Support directorates of the western region and the security of the southern force 200’, has arrested 20 people on suspicion of belonging extremist groups.

‘Room Zintan operations’ a partagé la vidéo de Jamal al-Kafali.

Why launched a lion ..
This section of the training the last installment in the Zintani ‘battalion Lightning’ Balnkulaih before the war fighter, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Kharijites and al-Jhoyen populists and neo-al-Ancksharien, Ali Brigades al-Ehih and their destruction of the ‘International Tripoli airport’..

‎لماذا شنت عملية قسورة.. هذا مقطع لتدريبات الدفعة الأخيرة في كتيبة الصواعق بالنقلية قبل حرب المقاتلة والإخوان والخوارج والجهويين الشعبويين و الإنكشاريين الجدد علي كتائب الحيش ومطار وطرابلس العالمي.. هذا ما يخافه وعمل الخوارج و الإخوان و المجرمين لتشويهه بكل قوة و هو قيام جيش حقيقي محترف يضم كل شباب ليبيا.. هؤلاء الرجال صمدوا عام كامل ضد مخطط الغجر و لايزالون يمتشقون السلاح في مواقعهم ولن يهنأ لهم بال حتي يرمون بأوغاد المرشد و أتباع الفتي والبغدادي والمجرمين في عرض البحر.. #مطلبنا_جيش_وشرطة شاركوا الفيديو.‎


This is the fear and the work of the Kharijites and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and criminals to deform with full force and is a true professional Army includes all youth Libya ..

These guys have persevered against ‘Roma Libya’ for a full year’s of scheming; and still Amichqon arms in their positions and would not mind, they even congratulated them for throwing Boogad leader and followers of the boy, and al-Baghdadi and criminals at sea ..

(Mtbanna Jeic Hoshrth)

Video participated.

‘Room Zintan operations’:


From ‘Zintan International Airport’, greetings from the cadre of ‘airport security’.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Ihdt Vi al-Zintan

Closing shops merely with Ba sticks and chairs, are still in effect, as a result of all the peace and safety felt by the citizens within Zintan’s security Vallahm, thank you for this blessing !


Zintan Medical Center

‘Zintan Medical Center’:
A new private sector in the city of Zintan preparing full-sections deal with the opening in the next few days:




Clashes in the city of Surman resulting from the killing of ‘Slaman Mahjobe’*, a militia-Criterion.

Clashes between militias Aharaded Aamahajip with explosions heard inside the city.

*: The killing of a militiaman called ‘the Mahajip Slaman al-Tait Mahjob-Bachtbakat’,

came-on Tuesday night.




Zliten's 'Corner al-Aasamarah equipment Mosque', Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmari Fetouri to commemorate the Prophet's (PBUH) Birthday

Zliten’s ‘Corner al-Aasamarah equipment Mosque’, Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmari Fetouri to commemorate the Prophet’s (PBUH) Birthday.


My (Sheikh’s) Message to the NATO MB Mufti [SADEK GHARYIANI] ..:

If the celebration of the birth of the master of creation haram Mbda every innovation every innovation is misguidance !! It is the first not to disrupt the people’s interests and lock orbit, hospitals, government agencies disabled anniversary of his birth in the door !!

And never to Aodawa here to celebrate, but I wanted to clear !!
And the idea, is that after tomorrow, we will raise the green flags, and live up platforms and adorned squares, and speeches and organize a notification for all, to the memory of our  independence of the Kingdom of Libya [‘al-Fateh 1969, 01 SEPTEMBER’]!!

فيديو نادر جدا للقذافي في عام 1969

What say Dear Preacher ? Independence greatest generator or master objects !!
Dear Sirs ate more of prayer for the beloved Prophet (PBUH) brigade nation holder doomsday first player, to move the doors of paradise to enter his pelvis and Almhf us.

O Allah, bless him and recognition of a lot.

‘MUSICIAN’ COMMENTS (on the above):

“Senate in channel osmosis say you can not use the infidel, whatever the reasons, for not one case of the need to allow this act of falsehood as misconceived ‘religiousiosity’ not dervied from the ‘Holy Qur’an’. Glory to Allah, who prolonged the ages of the people know how much hypocrisy.”



 Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani Mark al-Chuirv' participates in the celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) inside the lighthouse at Asmari

‘Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani Mark al-Chuirv’ participates in the celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) inside the lighthouse at Asmari.





The death of ‘Ahmad Taib al-Zentate’, after shooting from a Toyota burning car, MAFIA STYLE.




Maltese Prime Minister Josep Moskat

Maltese Prime Minister Josep Moskat, has announced that country nationals are advised not to travel to Libya.



Afficher l'image d'origine

Battle d’Alep (ALEPPO, SYRIA), with a victorious Syrian Army.*


Qmh al-Mhazelh:

After Hronna of the situation in al-Epien (d’Alep, village in Syria/ Aleppo, Syria),

La citadelle et la ville d'Alep, Syrie

Jardan al-Tagah leave for ‘Burj al Arab Airport’ in Alexandria, Egypt.


*: Background:

Video- Russian strikes have helped weaken the rebels, Syrian troops were preparing to reclaim the old economic capital with massive aid from Iran and, making ambushes upon ‘Daash’ troops, untouched by bombing, as decided by Moscow.

The former Syrian economic capital of Aleppo, seems to have become, in recent times, the objective of both the brave Army and its allies, against Daash’. Several thousand Iranian soldiers would be ready to support the Syrian army offensive to reclaim the city in the hands of the evil insurgents, a coalition of the al-Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda and its Islamist allies. “The decision was taken” told Reuters, by a regional manager. This offensive runs parallel to the one launched in the Hama region, further east, by the Syrian Army in alliance with the Russian aviation.

The massive presence of Iranian troops in the region of Aleppo has been confirmed by the death last week of Iranian General Hossein Hamedani. He was killed in Qweires airport near Aleppo. The Revolutionary Guards, the original body, denounced the involvement of “terrorist Daash” in the death of Hamedani. The spokesman of the Revolutionary Guards has recognized on Iranian state television, that the senior officer had been “the last four years one of the most influential military advisers have played a critical role” in Syria.

The direct military involvement in Iran alongside the Syrian regime is not new. In the spring, the Iranian general Fahberi Mahdi, head of Fatimioun battalion had fallen in combat facing the Kharijites in the south. But today the mobilization of Iranian troops seems more massive. 5000 members of the al-Quds force would be deployed throughout Syria, in Aleppo as well as in the defense of Shiite villages in the south.

Between January and May 2015, 791 barrels fell on Aleppo, killing 860 civilians, including 24 children.



Terrorists are (so-termed) ‘religious based’ on “Wahhabism”, the official ‘religion’ of Saudi Arabia and holding the royal family. These groups had been used by Europeans in 1916 by France and England, when they “encouraged” the Arab tribes against Turkey in a terrorist war waged by the British spy “Lawrence of Arabia”. Then, with the Arab anti-colonial, anti-imperialist and secular revolution of the 50s, these religious groups were of no significant influence.

Recall that Bin Laden was of the royal family, was sent to Afghanistan to organize the Taliban against the former USSR, with arms and advisers to the CIA; and Saudi funding.

They have modern weapons, satellite and operational intelligence, medical equipment, replacements, vehicles, tanks and now say they have even an Air-force. And, where the oil goes, goes ‘DAASH’.

More than five years ago, the government of France embarked in destabilizing Syria to overthrow Assad’s democratic government, and restore a colonial project in the area. Such thinking, at this time, is pathetic. For it was associated with Turkey’s Erdogan and his project of “neo-Ottomanism” with imperial nostalgia; with the medieval, obscurantist and bloody Saudi monarchy and the emirate of Qatar, whose petrodollars “feed” European political campaigns. Recently the prestigious US magazine Foreign Policy, said: “Ridayh is the author of tragedy in Paris since 1970 by exporting terrorism”. The New York Times said: “Saudi Arabia is the white Daash“. French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that France had given, and is still giving weapons to the “Wahhabi Kharijites” and to SAUDI ARABIA. A confession of parts I relay testing!

The security and stability of the world is at stake and to ensure the same, we must be very precise on these issues of international terrorism and not to mislead public opinion with euphemisms like talking about (so-called) ‘moderate rebels’. More when we see the consequences of actions that occurred recently in France, Europe is on tenterhooks; and the Wahhabi are terrorizing the world [made by Wahhabi indoctrinated in schools supported in Europe by Saudi Arabia agents]. So, we must identify the enemy, if we really want very well ‘world peace’—or it it merely an explicit ?  

Former head of the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel: Is Daash the US enemy, not al-Asad ?. And especially considering that a recent report indicates that in the ranks of DAASH / ISIS are 23 Argentines and three Brazilians, which puts us in the eye of the storm.

Written by Carlos Pereyra Mele, director of ‘Geopolitical Dossier’.



  • A-1 ballistic missile Qaher Yemeni national production.

    A-1 ballistic missile Qaher Yemeni national production.

A Yemeni Qaher-1 ballistic missile impacted on Wednesday on a military base in Khamis Mushait, Asir, bordering Yemen.

This missile fired by the Army and the Yemeni popular movement Ansar-Allah reports Yemeni news agency Saba , has caused great destruction in the Saudi military facilities from which it was launched and possibly caused the death of some soldiers in Saudi Arabia.

This attack was carried out in response to the continuation of the Saudi air strikes being carried out despite the ceasefire between the parties that entered into force on 15 December.

SAUDI ARABIA still attacks civilians in Yemen, despite to cease-fire agreement

In the day today (Wednesday) Saudi fighter jets have carried out air strikes on different areas in the province of Al-Hudaydah (west) and, in addition to causing great destruction, have killed an unspecified number of Yemeni.

Saudis smoke from bombing in Yemen
Saudis smoke from bombing in Yemen .

Ridayh takes intense bombing of Yemen, mostly cause civilian deaths , and has deployed mercenaries and soldiers from other countries to try to take control of Yemen starting from its southern shores.

hgn / KTG / msf

‘Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’ said that the people of Yemen, through Islamic values, resist aggression against the tyrannical regime of Saudi Arabia and its mercenaries.

In a speech to mark the birth of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him), the leader of the Yemeni popular movement ‘Ansar-Allah’, ‘Abdul-Malik al-Houthi‘, said the Yemeni people continue to fight against the Saudis, Americans and Israelis.

The Yemeni leader also warned about the enemy plans to divide Muslims.

He said terrorist groups like EIIL takfiri group (‘Daash’, in Arabic) and al-Qaeda are tools of the enemies to divide Muslim nations.

International analyst ‘Mahmud Aid’ approaches the subject from Tucuman, Argentina, in an interview with HispanTV.

Abdal Malek al-Houthi speech on Prophet's (PBUH) birth and interview…/yemen-arabiasaudi-resistencia…

xsh / mrk

  • Yemeni fighters Ansarolá popular movement.

    Yemeni fighters of ‘Ansar-Allah’ popular movement.

More than 50,000 troops from the Yemeni Army, supported by the popular movement Ansar-Allah, prepare to launch large-scale attacks against strategic towns in southern Saudi Arabia.

As a first step, Yemeni troops break the defense lines of “the aggressors and mercenaries” in the border region of Jizan and Asir in the town, both in southwestern Saudi Arabia, and then seize strategic points south Arab kingdom, reported Wednesday the Iranian Fars news agency, citing a Yemeni military source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

With these operations, Yemeni forces plan to respond to the military offensive launched in March by Ridayh against Yemen without authorization from the United Nations (UN) in order to eliminate Ansar-Allah.

ftm / mla / mrk


Video: Russian War Planes Destroy Twenty-two ISIS Oil Tankers en Route to Turkey

In-depth Report:




The Russian warplanes destroyed two long convoys of ISIL’s oil tankers in the Homs province. The first convoy with at least 8 oil tankers and some other military vehicles was targeted by the Russian Air Force near the city of Palmyra. Militants accompanying the convoy were also killed in the air raid. The joint squadron of the Russian and Syrian frontline bombers also destroyed 14 oil tankers and their guards near Sukhnah.

According to the reports, the Russian and Syrian Air Forces have been focusing their efforts in the Homs province. The activity is aimed to support the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military operations and to cut the oil smuggling routes in the area.

The Syrian Air Force carried out sorties against gatherings and movements of the Jaish al-Fateh terrorist alliance in the area of the Khan Sheikhoun town. Several vehicles equipped with machineguns have been reportedly destroyed. The Syrian forces also exercised a special operation in the western side of town. Six terrorists were killed including Khaled al-Bahri, the leader of a terrorist group affiliated to al-Nusra.

Separately, the Syrian Air Force destroyed dens and fortified sites of Jaish al-Fateh terrorists in Kafar Zeta, Mourek and al-Lattamneh towns in the Hama province.

The SAA is conducting military operations to liberate the Jobar district of Damascus from terrorists. According to the reports, about 16 Jaysh al-Islam militants have been killed since yesterday. Meanwhile, the SAA conducted separate offensives in the Marj al-Sultan and al-Nashabiyeh villages near the capital. 14 members of the Jaysh al-Islam terrorist group were killed during the clashes.

On Monday, at least a dozen civilians were reportedly killed in two air raids by US military aircraft in the beleaguered northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The incident came only 3 days after a US airstrike hit the Iraqi army’s 3rd Division 55th Brigade near Fallujah and killed at least 10 Iraqi soldiers.

The Visionary who will Change our World

The Painting of our Mu

The Visionary who will Change our world:


Direct Democracy: The Secret of the Effectiveness of Peoples` Resistance to Imperialism

Vimeo video on direct democracy


the Visionary who will change the world

Mu marble bust

Sculptures with built-in speakers !


How would you like to own a range of porcelain speakers sculpted to represent Mu’ammar al-Qathafi or Vladimir Putin ?

They come in your choice of three sizes: 10 inches, 22 inches, or room-dominating 43 inches. Each one’s packed with a top-notch audio system comparable in scale to the size of the bust you’ve selected and compatible with nearly any smartphone, pumping your playlists of choice out of a speaker cover fit onto a slice off the dudes’ head.

If you’d rather jam out to a speaker shaped like yourself, they also offer a fully-customized version. You’ll have to be a mega-rich narcissist to go that route, though, considering it’ll set you back a cool 151,612.61€—a price that includes roundtrip travel to Moscow to be 3D-scanned, and in-person delivery of the finished setup.

 These are no disposal speakers to be hidden in the corner of a room behind a monitor however – these creamy white beauties are available in three different sizes – ranging in price from a wallet sapping 900 euros to a hernia inducing 29,900 euros.
Petter Hjelmberg from Sweden emailed us tonight to say “I found inspiration on KitGuru when doing research on a project. This project is something I’ve been working on the last year, I’ve been helping my friend and artist Petro Wodkins to produce a coupe of quite spectacular speakers.

The biggest measures 110 cm high and cost €29,900. They are expected to ship in December.”

So if you fancy adding a pair of porcelain speakers that look like Vladimir Putin or Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, is available in three different sizes each equipped with very different speaker technologies.

25cm (10″) SOP = €900

Fountek FR89EX 3″ Full Range

4 ohm

87.4dB 2.83V@1m

Neodymium Motor

Underhung motor design

5mm X-max (peak)

Low distortion

Coated aluminum cone

Cast aluminum chassis

Aluminum former and copper wire

55cm (1’10”) SOP = €2,900

Markaudio Alpair-10A Gold 6″ Full Range Gen 3, with Excursion Arrestor

Alpair 10 Gen.3

T/S date LMS V4 Anechoic:

Revc= 7.200 Ohm

Fo= 38.266 Hz

Sd= 8.825K mm2

Vas= 26.320 Ltr

Cms= 2.380m M/N

Mmd= 6.792 g

Mms= 7.269 g

BL= 5.772 TM

Qms= 1.930

Qes= 0.378

Qts= 0.316

Levc= 71.379u H

No= 0.378 %

SPLo= 87.988 dB

Xmax = 7.5mm (1 way with Arrestor)

Power = 30 watts nom.

110 cm (3’7) SOP = €29,900

BEYMA 12GA50 – 12″ Full Range

Nominal Basket Diameter 12″ / 300mm

Impedance 8 ohms

AES Power Rating 250 Watts

Program Power 500 Watts

Frequency Response 70Hz – 18kHz

Sensitivity (1W/1m) 102dB

Voice Coil Diameter 2″ / 52mm

Recom. Enclosure Volume .7-2.45 ft3 / 20-70 Liters

Voice Coil Length 9 mm

Air Gap Height 7 mm

X Damage (peak to peak) 24 mm

BL Factor 10 N/A

Magnetic Assembly Weight 6.1 lb. / 2.75 kg.

Mounting Information

Overall Diameter 12.3″ / 312mm

Bolt Circle Diameter 11.6″ / 294.5mm

Baffle Cutout Diameter-

– Front Mount 10.9″ / 277.5mm

– Rear Mount 11.02″ / 280mm

No. Of Mounting Holes 8

Volume Displaced By Driver 0.19 ft3 / 5.5 Liters

Overall Depth 5.47″ / 139mm

Net Weight 7.81 lb. / 3.55 kg.

Shipping Weight 8.81 lb. / 4 kg.

Resonant Frequency (fs) 90 Hz

Impedance (Re) 6.2 ohms

Coil Inductance (Le) 0.6 mH

Mechanical Q (Qms) 14.8

Electrical Factor (Qes) 1.26

Total Q (Qts) 1.16

Comp. Equivelant Vol. (Vas) 1.2 ft3 / 34 Liters

Voice Coil Overhang (Xmax) 2.0 mm

Surface Area of Cone (Sd)m2 0.053

Reference Efficiency 2.1%

Displacement Volume (Vd) 105 cm3

All of the pieces are numbered and signed by Petro Wodkins himself.

If you want to pre-order a pair head to the official website at

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He’d bet that Putin has already placed an order for himself.

You better really want one because they’re not cheap. The smallest of the bunch (10-inch) start at 1,102.64€ via


Mass media center:


     A statement from the Libyan resistance – A statement from the Libyan resistance

     de mass media center:


The main points of the statement emphasizes that the Resistance continues. We are ready to break into the prisons and bring out the prisoners. Call for demonstrations against the rat militias; and raise the images and slogans calling for freedom….

Dr. Abouzid Dorda:

Dr. Abouzid Dorda


al-Baghdadi al-Mahmudi:


‎البغدادي المحمودي:: "نحن نعرف المنطقة كويس" "#فرنسا اول من يكتوي بهذه النار"‎

“We know the area choise”
” France first brunt of this fire.”


Paris, 13 Friday 2015





23 November  2011



Saif Gaddafi with straight nose

Anonymous writes:

Schlera (white part of eyes):

Airplane Saif has lots of schlera showing above and below his iris.

Real Saif has minimal schlera showing above and below his iris cheeks.


Airplane Saif has different cheek labial lines (saggy)

Note the difference in demeanor:

Airplane Saif with bowed-subserviant shoulders.

Recall real Saif in car with Gadaffi supporters, leaning out of vehicle with demeanor of taunting the world.

Airplane Saif and prison Saif exude submissive demeanors.


Airplane Saif has different nose.


Airplane Saif ‘wide’ space between eyebrows.

also: The real Saif, has no circular mark on his upper forehead, as shown in the ‘captve’ Saif photos and videos.


Saif ?

‘Saif’ before capture

‘Saif’, after his (so-called) ‘capture’.



‘Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free’, comments:

A group of al-Tavhat Baiqrroa (rat-women) future of Libya …
What’s happening in front of us …?

group of al-Tavhat Baiqrroa rat-women



capital al-Furnaj Trabuls-uway-train Station


Masked gunmen stormed management missions in the area of ​​the capital al-Furnaj Trabuls-uway-train Staton. Not to mention, all the staff have been insulted and verbally abused by them.


Violent clashes now at RIXOS Side Hotel, headquarters of the Allaotunai Conference.

Hotel RIXOS 'Allaotunai Conference', Tripoli

The beginning of the sit-ins in Tripoli from doctors about unpaid wages and corruption in the so-called Ministry of Health, which led to public hospitals that provide services to citizens lock.
Of course this news courtesy of a group Muammar Madarc health in Libya.



An armed group kidnapped citizen, ‘Khaled Baccouche’ from his home region of Salah-Ud-Din; and he was taken to an unknown destination last evening.


The arrival of some ‘Daash’ from Sirte entering into the west of Tripoli CORNER.

Grad rocket before the fall of the few in the world:

Bank Republic at the CORNER yesterday; and congestion and a lack of liquidity.

There are bodies lying on the side of the road and it seems that they  died from severe torture because they were found handcuffed and with their faces covered with  garbage bags.

Hdhuma all together Ahan Biderioa wall of the cultural center !!!!
Hevcoa project-Jabbar, the project Ripper ..
Wayne towers and and and and.



‘Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free’, comments:

This rapid case in Tripoli after four years of glorious al-Mowoparkh.

Pictures of prisoners who then released yesterday at the ‘Academy of Graduate Studies in Janzour’




The kidnapping of the citizen ‘Muhammad Ali Alharf’, aged 42 years, Mtjoz.
Driving a Mercedes-type model 2000 color gray on his way back to the house in front of the rear gate of the University of Tripoli plateau Badri area at 23:30 pm on Sunday
It was kidnapped by three masked people before driving a car type Hyundai Verna
Whom has any information about or help to locate him, call: 0954836275


‘Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free’, tells us:
Warning to parents of students in the capital Tripoli
Gangs of men and women follow some militias in the capital abducting students to extort their families in order to get money for their release.
Please be careful.


‘Misurata militias’ kidnap citizen “Mohammed Ramadan Raddad”

kidnapped Qsr Bin Ghashir citizen 'Mohammed Ramadan Raddad'

and the theft of his car on Tuesday, one of the region’s population amulets in Qsr Bin Ghashir.

Found the body of a bearded man (aged about the end of the thirties) by the sea, just off the Allht of the capital Tripoli.




‘Room Zintan operations’:
 Zintan now: thunderstorm and very heavy rain
Oh God, make him Geetha Moghaitha Blessed Mraia useful harmless.

‘Room Zintan operations’ :

Minutes of the agreement between Rishvana and al-Zuwahra under the auspices of the ‘Commission on Reconciliation and Dialogue’ with al-Zintan, al-Rajaban, and al-Osabah.

Thank God my father by his grace on us is righteous.



‘Cane Petrhonh militia’ had kidnapped the child ‘Yousef Abdul dominant Huibi al-Naaja’ aged 14 years of al-Hillh Trabuls (school in TRIPOLI) almost two days ago and was found dead today and signs of torture upon him, in hospital Ali Omar Askar hospital in Asabieh.



Voices of shooting Asabieh and rally the ‘militia Mirghani’ area

for the militias Amqa of ‘Daash’.

Libyan Justice Minister Salah Mirghani and follow-up


The Industrial Complex / Espiaa

The industrial complex / Esbeia is considered as one of the leading industrial castles in the field of mechanical industries in Libya.

An area of land of 40 Hectares inside fences was allocated for the complex among which 15 Hectares covered and it includes the production units represented in the industrial workshops, and the remaining area represents the service units such as energy generation units, industrial water desalination in lands, fuel stations in addition to the roads and car parking, and there is a residential village for the workers in the complex consisting of 100 houses and also an integrated health center with all its medical equipment.

The industrial complex / Esbeia contains more than 2000 industrial machines and equipment distributed in four production workshops and five service ones, they are:

Mechanical Works Workshop

This workshop covers an area of 2.5 hectares and it includes many of multi specialties production lines such as lathing, indexing, drilling, grinding, welding, heat treatment and galvanization which enable it to manufacture all spare arts according to the international specifications and so the spare parts distinguished with special specifications.

Moulds and Tools Workshop

The industrial complex / Esbeia is distinguished with a property of self provision of moulds, tools and the necessities assisting the production, and for this purpose, a workshop of an area 1.4 hectares was constructed, provided with 2 hundred very accurate machines for manufacturing of moulds, tools and other operations required by the production process.

Foundry and forging Workshop

This workshop is located on an area of 1.6 hectares and it is competent in the production of the casts and forgings of various types and sizes.

This workshop is divided into two main sections, they are:

  • Foundry section: this section contains many of the lines, most important of which:

  • – Steel melting line.

    – Non ferric materials (such as copper and aluminum) casting line.

  • Forging section

    This section produces the forgings and semi manufactured materials and it contains No. (4) main forging line and a horizontal forging line by the closed forging technology and another free vertical forging line.

In addition to the technology of manufacturing the nuclei and manufacturing the wooden and metal patterns used in the pouring process.

Non Metallic (Rubber) Materials Manufacturing workshop

This workshop consist of many halls allocated for weighing and preparation of the raw materials involved in the production of the rubber industries and so lines for mixing, cutting and pressing the rubber, and the workshop produces No. (22) different types of mixtures of high quality specifications for the main program for manufacturing of seals.

Training and Vocational Rehabilitation Center

Due to the great and continuous need of the complex to training and rehabilitation of the technical and administrative cadres, raising the efficiency of the workers and convoying the scientific development, the complex was provided with the training and rehabilitation center which act for assuring its needs in various specialties of lathing – indexing – grinding – welding – carpentry – forging – electricity – filing – general mechanics and it contains No. (108) various machines and it contains No. (8) study classes of capacity (165) trainees provided with illustration means and the center is also provided with a scientific library in addition to a special class for vocational safety and a sport games hall, and it is capable to conduct technological technical courses for external authorities in various specialization where it is capable to follow up the scientific forums and lectures, carrying out the industrial researches and supervision of the graduation projects inside the complex by the students of the universities and higher institutes.

The complex also contains a number of laboratories belonged to the quality control management for controlling the quality of the products during the production processes, they are as follows:

  1. The central laboratory for calibration of the measurement instruments: it contains equipment for calibrating the measurement supplies and equipment used for the control of the production quality.

  2. Mechanical laboratory: for testing the mechanical properties.

  3. Chemical laboratory: for carrying out all the chemical tests.

  4. Galvanizing laboratory: for testing the chemical solutions and control of the Galvanized parts.

  5. Spectrum analysis laboratory: for analyzing the various metals for recognition of the chemical compositions thereof.

  6. Foundry sand laboratory: for testing the samples of sand used in casting and so testing the used mixtures of sand.

  7. Rubber laboratory: for testing the rubber mixtures in respect to their chemical composition and the mechanical properties and the extent of their resistance to the natural circumstances.





Tnzim ‘Daash’ adopts the mandate of Tripoli militias targeting ‘Roma Libya’ at the ‘Air Defense College Gate’ car bomb in City of Five.




Terrorists order evacuation of Sirte home

Yesterday, Tnzim ‘Daash militia’ stormed a house belonging to ‘Abdul Nabi Abdul Qadir Dbnon’, and order him to vacate his house within 24 hours.


 Misuratah militias prevent cargo trucks heading to the city
Sirte, from entering the city.

Daash organization through local radio, calls shopkeepers
to pay retail tax imposed on them for the benefit of the Court of Tax calculation.



flour covers-up arms shipment, 2

flour covers-up arms shipment

A truck supposedly carrying flour, really has inside an arms shipment coming from the West for ‘al-Sharia/DAASH’, is heading toward Benghazi.





A rat-convoy of armed vehicles passing about 50 cars an hour before now passed through the school by side ‘victory Bdzezh Fatih’ district and then my ‘al-Soadin Street’, and turned me Sakra.

(Note: all cars Matmat and loss afloat.)

I hope attention to all the Liberal ..
(“Knight and Men”)





Search stepped up for Serb embassy staff snatched in Libya

Security services on Monday stepped up efforts to locate two Serbian embassy staffers kidnapped the previous day in the Libyan coastal city of Sabratha, an Islamist stronghold.

“The investigation goes on. The state of alert raised on Sunday is still in place. We are actively searching for the two kidnapped Serbs,” said an official of Sabratha’s military council in charge of security.

“We’ve found a car which could belong to the kidnappers and we are still questioning the Libyan chauffeur of the two Serbs,” he told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The foreign ministry in Belgrade said the two embassy employees, a man and a woman, were snatched in Sabratha, 70 kilometres (42 miles) west of Tripoli, from a convoy of cars headed to the Tunisian border.

The pair were named as Sladjana Stankovic, in charge of communications, and her embassy driver, Jovica Stepic.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has said Belgrade had “no information” about the identity of the kidnappers.

Serbia’s ambassador Oliver Potezica who witnessed the incident told Serbian media that masked assailants had “provoked an accident, hitting one of the embassy cars from the back” to carry out the abductions.

One attacker had opened fire on a Libyan national in the convoy and hit him in the leg.

Sabratha’s municipal council, on its Facebook page, criticised the Serbian ambassador for having failed to give advance notice to local authorities of their travel plans.

This had allowed the kidnapping to take place, it said, adding that the council did not have any information on the kidnapped pair’s state of health or where they were being held.

In contrast, “once local authorities had been informed… security was provided to escort the Serbian ambassador and his delegation safely” to the border crossing with Tunisia, it said.

A militia alliance including Wahhabi-Islamists overran Tripoli in August 2014, establishing a rival government and parliament that forced the internationally recognised administration to flee to the country’s remote east in Tobruk and Casablanca.

Belgrade maintains an embassy in Tripoli and Serbian citizens, mostly doctors and other medical staff as well as construction workers, have been working in Libya for decades due to close bilateral relations during the Great Jamahiriya.

Sabratha is on the edge of a region known as Jefara, which analysts say is home to many imported (Kharijite) extremists which make a living from smuggling and trafficking.

In June, after a Tunisian student armed with an assault rifle mowed down 38 tourists at a beach resort in his country, Tunisia’s secretary of state for security said the shooter had been trained in Sabratha.

Serbia sent a team of experts to seek the release of its embassy staff kidnapped in Libya.




 Putin and al-Qathafi

After Being Checkmated on His Support of ISIS in Syria by Vladimir Putin, Obama Bringing Hundreds of Thousands of Them to the U.S.A.

About Tony Elliott

I am an established writer with articles in over 20 publications of differing topics Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy I was hired for. I also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990’s. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin Prophecy, Enviroclowns: The Climate Change Circus, Strange Sounds: A Research Report

ISIS (DAASH) is a CIA-Mossad creation

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has decided to go after ISIS in Syria, since Barack Obama not only refuses to fight terrorist organizations, but has been supporting them since taking office.

If you follow world events and politics, you know the Arab Spring riots across the Mid-East in 2010 resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood taking power in Egypt for a short time, until the people there revolted and kicked them out. The whole uprising was a direct result of American influence by the CIA and US funding and arms supplies to various terrorist organizations to seize control of legitimate state governments.

In 2011, we witnessed the invasion of Libya by NATO forces, led by the US and designed specifically to dispose of Muammar al-Qathafi and destroy the Great Jamahiriya and replace Libya with an al-Qaeda government. The (so-called) ‘rebels’ fighting the the Great Jamahiriya were al-Qaeda terrorists.

In 2012, President Obama and John McCain tried every trick in the book to gain approval to bomb the Assad government in Syria to help their terrorist buddies gain control of the government. Terrorist factions fighting in Syria to oust the Assad government consisted of various groups from the Muslim Brotherhood to Al Qaeda.

Since the Obama Administration was unable to gain enough support for the bombing campaign, he then began a massive support of these terrorist factions in the form of sending them billions of US dollars, billions in arms and equipment and military training in Jordan in 2012. Even going as far as dropping them supplies disguised as mistakes were carried out. The Obama Administration even helped on the battlefield by bombing Syrian government targets for them.

Today, we know these Syrian terrorist rebels as ISIS. Thus, we should have a clear understanding that ISIS is Obama’s army from the top down, hence why the Obama Administration refuses to fight them.

These facts bring us to our recent problem of the mostly Syrian refugee crisis of which it is estimated that over one million fled their country seeking asylum in mostly Europe and the United States. Ironically, most of these so called refugees are men between 18 and 35 years of age. What this tells us is most of these refugees are, in reality, ISIS and other terrorist organization fighters.

The sudden massive exodus of these terrorists is happening because the Obama Administration had to make sure his army of terrorists was evacuated from Syria before the Russian military obliterated them.

Now, Obama wants to assure that the US will absorb over a hundred thousand of these false refugees.

With Russia now entering the fight against terrorism in the form of military intervention in Syria, the Obama Administration’s 7 years of supporting them and creating their own terrorist organization in the form of ISIS has come to an end.

Now, the President wants the American people to pay the price by allowing a massive invasion of ISIS soldiers into the US under the guise of refugees.


Exactly the same had been done to the peace loving people of the Muslim world. They were considering such practices by the US as one of the worst results of unilateral world power. Therefore when Vladimir Putin announced that he will not allow the United States, ‘NATO’ and their allies to remove the legitimate Syrian government, the people, especially those of the Muslim world who were trapped on both sides, felt a great relief.

The Muslim who was liberal but living close to the West was considered a potential threat, therefore, they were, in all probability going to be killed.

Thus when Russia decided to return via a disconnected role on the international scene, it was welcomed by many who measured it as a long awaited breakthrough.

The Russian President in his historical speech at ‘UNGA’, exclaimed that ‘everyone knows that ISIS was a specially created force for their own personal vested interest’. Saudi Arabia is a financial supporter of ISIS and weapons were provided by the US. Many were even claiming that so called Syrian rebellions fighting against the Syrian government had received training from Israeli commandos and were fighting alongside ISIS. Even today there are reports that the ISIS militants escaping from Mujahedeen fighter launches Stinger missile in Afganistan.

Syria are being giving refuge in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, though many ISIS culprits it is believed are heading towards Mosul in Iraq. While everyone knows that the British and US army and their fighter planes were provided to fight ISIS a number of months ago, then how is that ISIS members are confidently going back to Mosul and other Iraqi areas which are not yet in their control? Why are the British and US army not attacking them en route to Mosul?

It is now very obvious that ‘ISIS’, the ‘Taliban’ and ‘al-Qaeda’ will also be used against Russia in the Middle East, Afghanistan, South East and Central Asia, one way or another.

The US President has already extended the time period of the US and NATO Army occupation in Afghanistan. On the second day of this announcement, the Russian President stated that he will deploy 80,000 Russian Army troops around the Afghanistan border in Tajikistan, as he has demonstrated a fear that terrorists from Afghanistan may slip into Central Asian countries and ultimately become a threat to Russian interests. Despite this, it is still not known what the US will do in this respect. The United States may take action as a result, but it is beyond doubt a new Cold War has started and that the world will be divided into two groups. Despite this there will be no ideological War between the two superpowers but that of principle values which will be defined by each according to their own interests. But it could not be ignored that another voice will always be there to be heard lest it fall “on deaf ears.”

Courtesy: Sattar Rind





“The second phase of the ‘Cold War’ started on 30 September 2015 when Vladimir Putin gave his speech at the ‘United Nations General Assembly’ (‘UNGA’).”

by Steven MacMillan

03 October 2015

Putin also points out that ISIS did not just magically appear out of thin air, but the group was, “forged as a tool against ‘undesirable’ (to the USA) regimes”:

“Besides, the Islamic State itself did not just come from nowhere; it was also initially forged as a tool against undesirable ( for U.S. policy) regimes.”

Putin stated that,

“we cannot allow these criminals who have already tasted blood to return back home and continue their evil doings…

Russia has always been consistently fighting against terrorism in all its forms. Today, we provide military and technical assistance both to Iraq and Syria and many other countries of the region who are fighting terrorist groups.

We think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government and its armed forces, who are valiantly fighting terrorism face to face.

We should finally acknowledge that no one but President Assad’s armed forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria”

The Russia President stated the solution to the scourge of ISIS is to,

“create a genuinely broad international coalition against terrorism” in accordance with “international law”, which “similar to the anti-Hitler coalition, could unite a broad range of forces”.

“The desire to explore new geopolitical areas is still present among some of our colleagues,” Putin said.

“First they continued their policy of expanding NATO,” he said, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, “they offered post-Soviet countries a false choice – either to be with the West or with the East.

Sooner or later this logic of confrontation was bound to spark off a grave geopolitical crisis.

This is exactly what happened in Ukraine where the discontent of the population with the current authorities was used and a military coup was orchestrated from outside that triggered civil war as a result.”

Russia’s leader maintained that the solution to the Ukrainian crisis is,

“through the full and faithful implementation of the Minsk accords“.

“We are confident that only through full and faithful implementation of the Minsk agreements of 12 February 2015, can we put an end to the bloodshed and find a way out of the deadlock.

Ukraine’s territorial integrity cannot be ensured by threats and the force of arms. What is needed is a genuine consideration of the interests and rights of people in the Donbass region, and respect for their choice.”

What is blatantly clear from listening to both leaders’ speeches is that the moral leader of the world resides in Russia.

Putin refuses to shake the devil-OBAMA's hand

PICTURE ABOVE: Putin refuses to shake the devil-OBAMA‘s hand

a9334-putingaddafiPutin Qathafi



Secret Pentagon Report Reveals U.S.A. “Created” ‘DAASH’ As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad

Tyler Durden's picture

From the first sudden, and quite dramatic, appearance of the fanatical Islamic group known as ISIS which was largely unheard of until a year ago, on the world’s stage and which promptly replaced the worn out and tired al-Qaeda as the world’s terrorist bogeyman, we suggested that the “straight to beheading YouTube clip” purpose behind the Saudi Arabia-funded Islamic State was a simple one: use the Jihadists as the vehicle of choice to achieve a political goal: depose of Syria’s president Assad, who for years has stood in the way of a critical Qatari natural gas pipeline, one which could dethrone Russia as Europe’s dominant – and belligerent – source of energy, reaching an interim climax with the unsuccessful Mediterranean Sea military build up of 2013, which nearly resulted in quasi-world war.

The narrative and the plotline were so transparent, even Russia saw right through them. Recall from September of last year:

If the West bombs Islamic State militants in Syria without consulting Damascus, LiveLeak reports that the anti-ISIS alliance may use the occasion to launch airstrikes against President Bashar Assad’s forces, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Clearly comprehending that Obama’s new strategy against ISIS in Syria is all about pushing the Qatar pipeline through (as was the impetus behind the 2013 intervention push), Russia is pushing back noting that the it isusing ISIS as a pretext for bombing Syrian government forcesand warning that “such a development would lead to a huge escalation of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa.”

But it’s one thing to speculate; it’s something entirely different to have hard proof.

And while speculation was rife that just like the CIA-funded al Qaeda had been used as a facade by the US to achieve its own geopolitical and national interests over the past two decades, so ISIS was nothing more than al Qaeda 2.0, there was no actual evidence of just this.

That may all have changed now when a declassified secret US government document obtained by the public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

According to investigative reporter Nafeez Ahmed in Medium, the “leaked document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, despite anticipating that doing so could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to the newly declassified US document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of the strategy, but described this outcome as a strategic opportunity to “isolate the Syrian regime.” 

And not just that: as we reported last week, now that ISIS is running around the middle east, cutting people’s heads of in 1080p quality and Hollywood-quality (perhaps literally) video, the US has a credible justification to sell billions worth of modern, sophisticated weapons in the region in order to “modernize” and “replenish” the weapons of such US allies as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq.

But that the US military-industrial complex is a winner every time war breaks out anywhere in the world (usually with the assistance of the CIA) is clear to everyone by now. What wasn’t clear is just how the US predetermined the current course of events in the middle east.

Now, thanks to the following declassified report, we have a far better understanding of not only how current events in the middle east came to be, but what America’s puppermaster role leading up to it all, was. 

From Nafeez Ahmed: Secret Pentagon report reveals West saw ISIS as strategic asset Anti-ISIS coalition knowingly sponsored violent extremists to ‘isolate’ Assad, rollback ‘Shia expansion’, originally posted in Medium.


The revelations contradict the official line of Western government on their policies in Syria, and raise disturbing questions about secret Western support for violent extremists abroad, while using the burgeoning threat of terror to justify excessive mass surveillance and crackdowns on civil liberties at home.

Among the batch of documents obtained by Judicial Watch through a federal lawsuit, released earlier this week, is a US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document then classified as “secret,” dated 12th August 2012.

The DIA provides military intelligence in support of planners, policymakers and operations for the US Department of Defense and intelligence community.

So far, media reporting has focused on the evidence that the Obama administration knew of arms supplies from a Libyan terrorist stronghold to rebels in Syria.

Some outlets have reported the US intelligence community’s internal prediction of the rise of ISIS. Yet none have accurately acknowledged the disturbing details exposing how the West knowingly fostered a sectarian, al-Qaeda-driven rebellion in Syria.

Charles Shoebridge, a former British Army and Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism intelligence officer, said:

“Given the political leanings of the organisation that obtained these documents, it’s unsurprising that the main emphasis given to them thus far has been an attempt to embarrass Hillary Clinton regarding what was known about the attack on the US ‘consulate’ (spy and gun-running center) in Benghazi in 2012. However, the documents also contain far less publicized revelations that raise vitally important questions of the West’s governments and media in their support of Syria’s rebellion.”

The West’s Wahabbi-‘Islamists’:

The newly declassified DIA document from 2012 confirms that the main component of the anti-Assad ‘rebel’ forces by this time comprised Wahhabi-Islamist insurgents affiliated to groups that would lead to the emergence of ISIS/DAASH. Despite this, these groups were to continue receiving support from Western militaries and their regional allies.

Noting that the Wahhabi [sic], the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and AQI [al-Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,” the document states that “the West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support the opposition,” while Russia, China and Iran “support the [Assad] regime.”

The 7-page DIA document states that al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the precursor to the ‘Islamic State in Iraq,’ (ISI) which became the ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,’ “supported the Syrian opposition from the beginning, both ideologically and through the media.”

The formerly secret Pentagon report notes that the “rise of the insurgency in Syria” has increasingly taken a “sectarian direction,” attracting diverse support from Sunni “religious and tribal powers” across the region.

In a section titled ‘The Future Assumptions of the Crisis,’ the DIA report predicts that while Assad’s regime will survive, retaining control over Syrian territory, the crisis will continue to escalate “into proxy war.”

The document also recommends the creation of “safe havens under international sheltering, similar to what transpired in Libya when Benghazi was chosen as the command centre for the temporary government.”

In Libya, anti-Great Jamahiriya rebels, most of whom were al-Qaeda affiliated militias, were protected by NATO ‘safe havens’ (aka ‘no fly zones’).

‘Supporting powers want’ ISIS entity

In a strikingly prescient prediction, the Pentagon document explicitlyforecasts the probable declaration of “an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.”

Nevertheless, “Western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey are supporting these efforts” by Syrian “opposition forces” fighting to “control the eastern areas (Hasaka and Der Zor), adjacent to Western Iraqi provinces (Mosul and Anbar)”:

“… there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Wahabi Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).”

The secret Pentagon document thus provides extraordinary confirmation that the US-led coalition currently fighting ISIS, had three years ago welcomed the emergence of an extremist “Wahhabi Principality” in the region as a way to undermine Assad, and block off the strategic expansion of Iran. Crucially, Iraq is labeled as an integral part of this “Shia expansion.”

The establishment of such a “Wahhabi Principality” in eastern Syria, the DIA document asserts, is “exactly” what the “supporting powers to the [Syrian] opposition want.” Earlier on, the document repeatedly describes those “supporting powers” as “the West, Gulf countries, and Turkey.”

Further on, the document reveals that Pentagon analysts were acutely aware of the dire risks of this strategy, yet ploughed ahead anyway.

The establishment of such a “Wahhabi Principality” in eastern Syria, it says, would create “the ideal atmosphere for AQI to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi.” Last summer, ISIS conquered Mosul in Iraq, and just this month has also taken control of Ramadi.

Such a quasi-state entity will provide:

“… a renewed momentum under the presumption of unifying the jihad among Sunni Iraq and Syria, and the rest of the Sunnis in the Arab world against what it considers one enemy. ISI could also declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq and the protection of territory.”

The 2012 DIA document is an Intelligence Information Report (IIR), not a “finally evaluated intelligence” assessment, but its contents are vetted before distribution. The report was circulated throughout the US intelligence community, including to the State Department, Central Command, the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA, FBI, among other agencies.

In response to my questions about the strategy, the British government simply denied the Pentagon report’s startling revelations of deliberate Western sponsorship of violent extremists in Syria. A British Foreign Office spokesperson said:

“AQ and ISIL are proscribed terrorist organisations. The UK opposes all forms of terrorism. AQ, ISIL, and their affiliates pose a direct threat to the UK’s national security. We are part of a military and political coalition to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria, and are working with international partners to counter the threat from AQ and other terrorist groups in that region. In Syria we have always supported those moderate opposition groups who oppose the tyranny of Assad and the brutality of the extremists.”

The DIA did not respond to request for comment.

Strategic asset for regime-change

Security analyst Shoebridge, however, who has tracked Western support for Islamist terrorists in Syria since the beginning of the war, pointed out that the secret Pentagon intelligence report exposes fatal contradictions at the heart of official pronunciations:

“Throughout the early years of the Syria crisis, the US and UK governments, and almost universally the West’s mainstream media, promoted Syria’s rebels as moderate, liberal, secular, democratic, and therefore deserving of the West’s support. Given that these documents wholly undermine this assessment, it’s significant that the West’s media has now, despite their immense significance, almost entirely ignored them.”

According to Brad Hoff, a former US Marine who served during the early years of the Iraq War and as a 9/11 first responder at the Marine Corps Headquarters in Battalion Quantico from 2000 to 2004, the just released Pentagon report for the first time provides stunning affirmation that:

“US intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a US strategic asset.”

Hoff, who is managing editor of Levant Report — ?an online publication run by Texas-based educators who have direct experience of the Middle East?—?points out that the DIA document “matter-of-factly” states that the rise of such an extremist Wahhabi political entity in the region offers a “tool for regime change in Syria.”

The DIA intelligence report shows, he said, that the rise of ISIS only became possible in the context of the Syrian insurgency?—?“there is no mention of US troop withdrawal from Iraq as a catalyst for Islamic State’s rise, which is the contention of innumerable politicians and pundits.” The report demonstrates that:

“The establishment of a ‘Wahhabi Principality’ in Eastern Syria is ‘exactly’ what the external powers supporting the opposition want (identified as ‘the West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey’) in order to weaken the Assad government.”

The rise of a Wahhabi quasi-state entity that might expand into Iraq, and fracture that country, was therefore clearly foreseen by US intelligence as likely?—?but nevertheless strategically useful?—?blowback from the West’s commitment to “isolating Syria.”


Critics of the US-led strategy in the region have repeatedly raised questions about the role of coalition allies in intentionally providing extensive support to Islamist terrorist groups in the drive to destabilize the Assad regime in Syria.

The conventional wisdom is that the US government did not retain sufficient oversight on the funding to anti-Assad rebel groups, which was supposed to be monitored and vetted to ensure that only ‘moderate’ groups were supported.

However, the newly declassified Pentagon report proves unambiguously that years before ISIS launched its concerted offensive against Iraq, the US intelligence community was fully aware that Islamist militants constituted the core of Syria’s sectarian insurgency.

Despite that, the Pentagon continued to support the Islamist insurgency, even while anticipating the probability that doing so would establish an extremist Wahhabi stronghold in Syria and Iraq.

As Shoebridge told me, “The documents show that not only did the US government at the latest by August 2012 know the true extremist nature and likely outcome of Syria’s rebellion”?—?namely, the emergence of ISIS?—?“but that this was considered an advantage for US foreign policy. This also suggests a decision to spend years in an effort to deliberately mislead the West’s public, via a compliant media, into believing that Syria’s rebellion was overwhelmingly ‘moderate.’”

Annie Machon, a former MI5 intelligence officer who blew the whistle in the 1990s on MI6 funding of al-Qaeda to assassinate Libya’s spiritual-leader Colonel al-Qathafi, similarly said of the revelations:

“This is no surprise to me. Within individual countries there are always multiple intelligence agencies with competing agendas.”

She explained that MI6’s Libya operation in 1996, which resulted in the deaths of innocent people, “happened at precisely the time when MI5 was setting up a new section to investigate al-Qaeda.”

This strategy was repeated on a grand scale in the 2011 NATO intervention in Libya, said Machon, where the CIA and MI6 were:

“… supporting the very same Libyan groups, resulting in a failed state, mass murder, displacement and anarchy. So the idea that elements of the American military-security complex have enabled the development of ISIS after their failed attempt to get NATO to once again ‘intervene’ is part of an established pattern. And they remain indifferent to the sheer scale of human suffering that is unleashed as a result of such game-playing.”

Divide and rule

Several US government officials have conceded that their closest allies in the anti-ISIS coalition were funding violent extremist Islamist groups that became integral to ISIS.

US Vice President Joe Biden, for instance, admitted last year that Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Turkey had funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to Islamist rebels in Syria that metamorphosed into ISIS.

But he did not admit what this internal Pentagon document demonstrates?—?that the entire covert strategy was sanctioned and supervised by the US, Britain, France, Israel and other Western powers.

The strategy appears to fit a policy scenario identified by a recent US Army-commissioned RAND Corp report.

The report, published four years before the DIA document, called for the US “to capitalise on the Shia-Sunni conflict by taking the side of the conservative Sunni regimes in a decisive fashion and working with them against all Shiite empowerment movements in the Muslim world.”

The US would need to contain “Iranian power and influence” in the Gulf by “shoring up the traditional Sunni regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan.” Simultaneously, the US must maintain “a strong strategic relationship with the Iraqi Shiite government” despite its Iran alliance.

The RAND report confirmed that the “divide and rule” strategy was already being deployed “to create divisions in the jihadist camp. Today in Iraq such a strategy is being used at the tactical level.”

The report observed that the US was forming “temporary alliances” with al-Qaeda affiliated “nationalist insurgent groups” that have fought the US for four years in the form of “weapons and cash.” Although these nationalists “have cooperated with al-Qaeda against US forces,” they are now being supported to exploit “the common threat that al-Qaeda now poses to both parties.”

The 2012 DIA document, however, further shows that while sponsoring purportedly former al-Qaeda insurgents in Iraq to counter al-Qaeda, Western governments were simultaneously arming al-Qaeda insurgents in Syria.

The revelation from an internal US intelligence document that the very US-led coalition supposedly fighting ‘Islamic State’ today, knowingly created ISIS in the first place, raises troubling questions about recent government efforts to justify the expansion of state anti-terror powers.

In the wake of the rise of ISIS, intrusive new measures to combat extremism including mass surveillance, the Orwellian ‘prevent duty’ and even plans to enable government censorship of broadcasters, are being pursued on both sides of the Atlantic, much of which disproportionately targets activists, journalists and ethnic minorities, especially Muslims.

Yet the new Pentagon report reveals that, contrary to Western government claims, the primary cause of the threat comes from their own deeply misguided policies of secretly sponsoring Islamist terrorism for dubious geopolitical purposes.

Dr Nafeez Ahmed is an investigative journalist, bestselling author and international security scholar. A former Guardian writer, he writes the ‘System Shift’ column for VICE’s Motherboard, and is also a columnist for Middle East Eye. He is the winner of a 2015 Project Censored Award, known as the ‘Alternative Pulitzer Prize’, for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for his Guardian work, and was selected in the Evening Standard’s ‘Power 1,000’ most globally influential Londoners.

Nafeez has also written for The Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Scotsman, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, Quartz, Prospect, New Statesman, Le Monde diplomatique, New Internationalist, Counterpunch, Truthout, among others. He is the author of A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save It (2010), and the scifi thriller novel ZERO POINT, among other books. His work on the root causes and covert operations linked to international terrorism officially contributed to the 9/11 Commission and the 7/7 Coroner’s Inquest.


Art depicts leaders with caricatures.

A series of sculptures captures past and present world leaders as 

deranged living caricatures, by Marie-Lou Desmeules..

Making of “David Cameron”, using paper, acrylic paint, plastic on a model:

David Cameron
by Marie-Lou Desmeules | 2014
C-print | 118,9cm x 84,1 cm | edition 1/5

Nicolas Sarkozy
by Marie-Lou Desmeules | 2014

C-print | 118,9cm x 84,1 cm | edition 1/5

Barack Obama

by Marie-Lou Desmeules | 2014
C-print | 118,9cm x 84,1 cm | edition 1/5




NATO / ”BROTHERHOOD Sheikh al-Qaradawi, has begun issuing poisonous fatwas:





  • Yemeni troops fire on enemy targets

Yemeni forces have managed to release new military areas occupied by terrorists and mercenaries of Al Saud regime in the province of Marib (center).

Yemeni regain their Marib province

The release of these areas was made Saturday in the framework of operations carried out by the revolutionary committees of Yemen, who by launching rocket and mortar attacks against Saudi mercenaries and takfiríes elements have regained control of several military points in Marib He announced Abu Hesam al-Zaidi, a member of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Yemen.

He has also explained that the Yemeni forces have made significant progress in the said province, which so far have released several buildings and military points.

In this regard, he stressed that the Saudi fighters have made so far eight flights near Marib in order to hinder the advance of the Yemeni forces, however, their attacks have only caused collateral damage.

For his part, Saleh al-Samad, head of the political council of the Yemeni popular movement Ansarolá, said this Saturday that the Yemeni people to trust Allah, should strive to increase their power and strength on the battlefield, and this way, he said, must avoid the illusion that the United Nations (UN) to take steps to end the Saudi aggression against Sanaa.

Yemeni successful in retaking their Marib Province
Large explosion in the mountains near Sanaa, capital of Yemen after a Saudi air raid.

“If the international community was determined to reduce the pain of the Yemeni nation and would have done by taking measures such as avoiding aggression and lifting the military siege”, he has criticized Al-Samad.

In this context, he asserted that the silence regarding violations of the regime of Riyadh, provides an opportunity for the Saudis to get more achievements in the field and neutralizes attempts to awaken consciences to reject the aggression of Al Saud.

In his view, respect the Yemeni people demanding an end to the attacks, lifting the military siege, punishment of criminals and a political solution to the conflict can resolve the crisis in their country.

Referring to the progress of Yemeni forces against the regime of Saudi Arabia, he said that more than eight months of attacks against Yemen, shows that it is impossible to impose pressures the people of Yemen.

In recent days the Yemeni army and Ansarolá have intensified their offensive against the invading forces and taken their revenge attacks to the border regions of Jizan (southwest of Saudi Arabia) and Najran (territory south of the Arab kingdom).

So far, the Saudi military campaign against Yemen, which began on March 26 without the backing of the UN, has killed at least 6090 Yemenis among them 1698 children and 1038 women , and left more than 13,500 wounded, according to figures announced by the Civil Coalition Yemen.

FDD / KTG / nal


Mu Ramadan blessings

Mu at Ramadan  Holy Ramadan 3

RAMADAN 2013 RAMADAN 5 RAMADAN 2 Ramadan mubarak Ramadan 3


the start of “RAMADAN”:

Bless you all

Ramadan presents the perfect opportunity to recharge our spiritual batteries for the year.

a very special Ramadan this year:

a Green Mosque for the Great Jamahiriya:


This is a very good example why Mu’ammar al-Qathafi insisted only on the Holy Qur’an, and no ‘HADATH’ or any texts written by men in power as the Ulami of the WAHHABI !


“DAASH” Prevent women from performing Tarawih prayers in mosques because of threats of: blowing up any mosque where women are present !!

Tarawih Ramadan Evening prayers at Mosque w woman


Palestinian Muslim women pray inside the Dome of the Rock Mosque, during the first Friday prayers of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in the ‘al-Aqsa Mosque’ ...

women offering first Friday prayers of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in the 'al-Aqsa Mosque', Jerusalem


The word of Sheikh Dokali world to the Libyan people

on the occasion of holy month of Ramadan this is the

right of religious discourse proper words Mufti this real state …

‎كلمة لفضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم الى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>هذا هو الخطاب الديني الصحيح السليم<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
هذا كلام مفتي دولة حقيقي ... الرجاء من الجميع المشاهدة ثم التعليق<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وكل عام وأنتم وأسركم والوطن بألف بخير.‎



‎كلمة فضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم إلى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك.  176\2015<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

word of Sheikh Dokali world to the Libyan people on the occasion of holy month of Ramadan

‘Room Operations Zintan’ 17 \ 06 \ 2015

كلمة لفضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم الى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

كلمة فضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم إلى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك. 176\2015






al-Soynet and the lattice and the landfill,

are all under the control of the honorable sons of AJEELAT.


 The reconciliation agreement between ‘Zintan and al-Rajaban’ accorded with Sabratha and Surman and Ajeelat, inside the city of Sabratha is sealed with the required signatures.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Enter one of the Army battalions from the sons of Ajeelat city, to their city, after the agreement signed in SABRATHA.

(‘Operations room’)

Our troops enter the city of Ajeelat In the meantime, amid very welcome by parents.

City Ajeelat under the control of our forces (but in reality,not entirety) and Gary deal with the remnants of Jertam and combing the city for the remaining rogues.

Some young people from the market area Andmona to the brigade Orouba fighter and there secretly track the militias want to hand itself on condition of Accessories.

‘Murad science science Dar’, writes:
“Aaohror Anchaouallah forward to my Lord Allah helps and Muammar and Libya over the ups and reactionary al-Mends.

Kaza Blanka, says:

“Guha Hlha, the Men of Muammar al-Qathafi”




Liberation 2012


The City is FREE !!!!!





News from inside Bani Walid, and Allah knows !

The release of the captive ‘Abdullah Barghouti’ from the militias corner prisons of 2012 ‘Resolution No. 7’ concerning Bani Walid
Thank Allah for his safety and the consequence for the rest of the family InshaAllah
(“The quake compassionate”)

PICTURE: The invasion and siege of BANI WALID led by Nuri Abu Busamein (BUSHMAN) 2012

Nuri Bushmin sends his troops to attack BANI WALID, first 2011




Libyan Colonel Confident Of Victory Over DAASH

Sky News on Benghazi

The commander of one of the key operations to rid Benghazi of Islamic State militants insists the eastern Libyan city is on the brink of victory in its battle against extremists.

Colonel Ali el-Mahdi, who is in charge of Operation Benina, told Sky News that he was confident of clearing the city of ‘DAASH’ fighters within eight weeks.

He was speaking as the sound of gunfire and mortar shelling rattled around us.

Sometimes the Libyan soldiers are close enough to see the long-bearded extremists in buildings opposite their positions.

The extremists once controlled large sections of Benghazi but are now holding out in only small pockets.

Benghazi is key. Then other parts will be easy (to clear),” Colonel el-Mahdi said.

Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced a US airstrike had struck a gathering of extremist commanders in Ajdabiya, a few hours drive away from Benghazi. The Libyan Airforce claims they made the strike ! ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ (now part of the ‘Daash’ organisation) denies that Moktar Belmoktar was killed. The USA has a habit of making false information distributed to the public.

It is the first time though, that there has been a public admission of a U.S. strike inside Libya since the CIA-led terrorist dominated ‘uprising’ in 2011, which toppled and destroyed the ‘Great Jamahiriya’.

It has certainly bolstered confidence on the front lines.

“Just ten days ago, this building, this area, was under their (DAASH / IS) control,” Colonel el-Mahdi said.

“But we have pushed them back.”

We are taken by the Libyan Army through streets with devastated buildings on either side.

“This is ‘Daash’ (I.S.), this is Daash, that is Daash,‘ the soldier driving us says over and over again, referring to the devastation left caused by I.S. (DAASH) extremists.

The sections of the city we saw are wrecked. Benghazi has taken a battering.

“Most of it is calm now,” says Colonel el-Mahdi.

Yet we were told, that because we are foreign journalists, the city is too unsafe for us to stay overnight,  or roam around unaccompanied by the Libyan Army.

The Libyan Army is supporting the internationally-recognised government based in nearby Tobruk. General Khalifa Hftar was made commander of the forces in March.

He is a controversial figure who was once Colonel al-Qathafi’s chief-of-staff, exiled,  then returning to Libya.

He is seen by many in the east as the sole potential military-saviour of a fragmented Libya. Hftar is loyal to the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab'[Council of Deputies]: the only ‘Governmental-body of deputies’ the international community recognises, which, as setup, is confined mostly to Tobruk, Casablanca (by the ABRAQ al-BAYDA International airport) and the environs.





‘Room Zintan operations’, reporting

Dr. Omar al-Qoara in Russia on 22 JUNE

al-Qoara athrk bakoh:

Dr. Omar al-Qoara in Russia on 22-JUNE to

discuss Russian-Libyan cooperation in the areas of

Information and Culture; and, will also discuss with

Russian officials about how fast to support the Libyan Army

in its battle fateful against terrorism and for

the liberation of the capital Tripoli from criminal gangs.

Omar al-Qoara word to Misurata and the Libyan people today:



The American Fundamentalists and the WAHHABI:

The Nurturing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and its consequences

The following is edited from “theburningbloggerofbedlam” of 10 APRIL 2015:

The highly suspect Navy Seals (so-called) ‘assassination of bin Laden, on 30 May 2011, was in fact ‘carried out’ on that exact date simply to bury the news of Muammar al-Qathafi’s youngest son and three infant grandchildren having been murdered in a NATO bombing on the same day; and, curiously, members of the Navy Seal team that carried out the (so-publicized) ‘hit’ on Bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan, were ‘themselves killed in an accident some months later’.

It brings to mind of the great Muammar al-Qathafi’s claims in 2011 that extremists sent back to Libya from America’s Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba were hugely involved in the bloody uprising against him. I had personally wondered for a long time why the US was keeping so many ‘terror suspects’ in Cuba (many of them without charge) for so long and, it turns out, subjecting them to torture in many instances; it seemed to serve little purpose other than to radicalise (or further inflame, in the case of those detainees who may have genuinely been terrorists) the detainees. By the same token, it was known that many of the armed rebels terrorising Syrian towns at the outset of the country’s ‘civil war’ were death-row inmates released from Saudi prisons. On the subject of Libya, however, it was also clear from multiple accounts that a number of the so-called ‘Libyan rebels’ were jihadists from the US Occupation of Iraq, quite possibly including ‘Camp Bucca’ inmates (it is also an established fact that many of the jihadists fighting against The Great Jamahiriya and al-Qathafi in Libya were then channeled into Syria to fight the Syrian government forces and therefore likely that some of these were what we now call ‘DAASH/ISIS/ISIL’).

It is entirely possible, given the evidence, that ‘Guantanamo detainees were deliberately sent back to Libya with a mission to unleash chaos in that country and paid-off attempt to murder al-Qathafi, and it is equally possible that ‘Camp Bucca’ was used to ferment the sectarian conflict in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East for the purposes of everything that has since followed in the region.

The Wahhabi ‘Islamic State’ and the ‘Zionist State’ can be argued to be different sides of a similar coin, both being creations of Western masterminds with a totally distorted (unbelievably mis-interpreted) sense of ‘religion’ and the truth; and both forcibly imposed onto lands that did not consent to their takeover.

‘Israel’ exists because groups of extremely powerful people and institutions think Biblical scripture is somehow a valid basis for modern nation-building and international Geo-politics. The ‘Islamic State’ of Iraq and the Levant exists because extremely powerful people and institutions, have supported and funded gang-members, criminals, mercenaries, jihadists and terrorists as a somehow  fair basis for mass murder.

Geo-political Zionism; specifically how right-wing (and mostly American) Christian Zionism is obsessed with ‘End Times’ fever and ‘the Rapture’ (completely ignoring the fact that the Book of Revelations had nothing to do with events two-thousands years in the future, but was a commentary on contemporary 1st century affairs in the Jewish/Roman world). This obsession may have somewhat informed the Neo-Con obsession with Biblical ‘Babylon’ (modern Iraq), but is also one of the chief reasons Israel is regarded as inviolable and beyond reproach: not because it is ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ as we’re repeatedly told, but because it fulfills Jewish religious expectations and simultaneously plays into Christian end-times expectations too.

In a horrendously perverse way, the criminal, terrorist enterprise that is ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ may be argued to have about as much ‘legitimacy’ as the State of Israel does: bear in mind that we’re looking at Israel right now as an established nation that has existed for some 70 years or so, but if we look at some of the turmoil, outcry and ‘birth pains’ that surrounded the original imposition of the Israeli state in Palestine in the early twentieth century, I tend to wonder if 70 years from now the fake, misguided ‘state’ that the psychopathic jihadists are illegally carving out in Syria  Iraq, and North Africa, will be an established, ‘protected’ state too; on future maps, right next to the imposed ‘Jewish homeland’ in former Palestine will we be looking at an imposed ‘Islamic homeland’ in what was formerly a multi-cultural Syria and Iraq and North Africa?

One thing I know, is that most of the people guiding and determining the Geo-political fabric of the world today, should be locked up in mental institutions.

The False ‘Christian/Zionist’ Fable of the temple Mount:


Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

Mu’ammar Mohammed bin Abdul Salam Abu Hamid bin Humaid bin Minyar Nil Kadhafi Qahsa

(taken from an Essay by ROBERT A. NELSON)


the following is edited from:

“Sectarian Warfare: Is YEMEN Being Attacked to Protect aL-QAEDA…?”

Posted: 05 April 2015, by theburningbloggerofbedlam


(IT WAS NECESSARY TO EDIT, as the ‘original’ has numerous ‘errors’.)

As the Saudi-led coalition continues to drop bombs on Houthi targets in Yemen, involving outside forces and interests once again in a Middle Eastern civil war, there are several points and questions that emerge from behind the narrative of ‘Operation Decisive Storm’.

Yes, this is a proxy war led covertly by the USA, involving publicly the Saudi-aligned powers.

Within just the first few hours of these current Saudi-led attacks in Yemen, the raids hit positions in the country’s capital Sana’a and reportedly flattened a number of homes near the international airport — killing at least 18 civilians and wounding 24 others, according to Yemen’s Health Ministry. Saudi-owned ‘al-Arabiya News’ reported that the kingdom had deployed 100 fighter jets, 150,000 soldiers and other navy units in what is being called ‘Operation Decisive Storm’.

Just days before the Saudi bombing operations began, U.S. officials confirmed Washington had evacuated its remaining personnel from Yemen, including about 100 special operations forces, because of ‘deteriorating security’. This withdrawal marked a further reversal in America’s longstanding operations against al-Qaeda in Yemen, which just recently President Obama had been rather oddly declaring a great success. But then those kinds of grand statements utterly divorced from reality are to be expected; we could all laugh at George W. Bush’s statement about the great “success” of the Iraq War or Obama’s congratulations to Libyans for their ‘great victory for democracy’ in the 2011 ‘uprising’, were it not for the fact that none of of is funny.

Most extraordinary of all, The Washington Post reported on 17 March 2015, that the Pentagon had ‘lost sight of’ some 500 million dollars worth in ‘counter-terrorism aid’ given to Yemen. That’s quite a big thing to have ‘lost sight of’. Those with reasonably-functioning memories will recall how reminiscent this might be of DAASH/ISIS/ISIL’s appropriation of millions of dollars’ worth of American military hardware at the outset of their invasion of Iraq last summer – something that the U.S. appeared to do nothing to prevent.


Again, let’s just process this information: “the Pentagon is unable to account for more than million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen.” This means essentially military equipment and offensive weaponry, among other things. Where has all of that stuff gone?

Is, in fact, all of this missing U.S. military aid due to end up in the hands of al-Qaeda, just as that vast amount of U.S. military property ended up in the hands of DAASH/ISIS/ISIL last summer? And is this Saudi-led campaign in the process of essentially strengthening al-Qaeda in Yemen?

After years of deep involvement in the country (under the auspices of a prolonged ‘counter terrorism’ programme), the U.S. decided to withdraw its personnel from Yemen just days before the Saudi-led attacks begun.

So again, is Yemen being handed to al-Qaeda on a plate just as Iraq was handed to DAASH/ISIS/ISIL (which, as it happens, was beloved by numerous analysts to in fact simply *be* ‘al-Qaeda in Iraq’ anyway with just a simple name-change)? Is the Saudi-led coalition now bombing Yemen in order to protect Saudi Arabia’s and America’s al-Qaeda asset in the region? In fact, a more accurate description than ‘protecting’ al-Qaeda might be ‘saving’ al-Qaeda in Yemen.


al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is held to be the most active remaining strain of the extremist network; where al-Qaeda has been in decline elsewhere and DAASH/ISIS/ISIL has been in ascendancy as the dominant new ‘brand’ of militant Islamism, Yemen and AQAP has remained the al-Qaeda brand’s key stronghold. And in addition to al-Qaeda, DAASH/ISIS/ISIL also has a presence in Yemen now, which has been established since December and which complicates the scenario even further, making it even more dangerous a situation. You might recall that, among other things, the recent Charlie Hebdo attack was claimed to have been carried out by the Yemeni AQAP, with also one of the Kouachi brothers having allegedly cited Anwar al-Awlaki as a personal mentor. Anwar al-Awlaki, killed in a US drone-strike in Yemen in 2011, was the famous ‘American’ al-Qaeda operative, known to have been a CIA asset and known also to have dined at the White House.

Let’s look at this situation in Yemen properly; the Houthi (named) ‘rebels’, are engaged in campaign against al-Qaeda in Yemen. The recent Houthi siege of the presidential palace, which was a precursor to Saudi intervention in the country, was predicted by analysts to be a move foreshadowing an even more important showdown set to play out 74 miles east of the capital Sanaa, and in the al-Qaeda stronghold of Mareb, where the bulk of the country’s gas reserves are concentrated.

Two things immediately become clear when we observe what’s now happening; (1) the Saudi-led assaults on the Houthi rebels will vastly diminish the Houthis’ ability to combat al-Qaeda or to decisively push al-Qaeda out of the picture (as was reportedly on the verge of happening), and (2) that missing million dollars’ worth of US military aid may be finding its way to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and allowing al-Qaeda to launch a major offensive against the Houthis at some time in the near future and make itself dominant in the country.

These attacks are also attacks targeted at the enemies of Al-Qaeda in Yemen; and this coinciding with the Jar Jar Binks style ‘loss’ of million worth of American ‘military aid’ that is going to end up in the hands of al-Qaeda. If I was a betting type, I’d put my shekels on AQ being the beneficiaries of that whopping big whoopsy.

And if you think the idea of the U.S. and its allies militarily intervening to defend al-Qaeda is dubious, just cast your mind back to the farce (sorry, I mean ‘intervention’; no, sorry, I mean War Crime) in Libya in 2011, where NATO forces destroyed Libya’s infrastructure, destroyed the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA form of Direct Democracy in the once sovereign country, and essentially provided air-support for the al-Qaeda takeover of Libyan cities and territories: don’t be naive about any of that – that al-Qaeda takeover of Libyan towns and cities was *planned* and abetted by NATO. The fact that just in the last couple of days it has emerged that al-Qaeda has managed to break out an unspecified number of its members from a Yemeni prison (under the chaotic conditions caused by the Saudi air-strikes) clearly demonstrates the level of danger in Yemen while these Saudi-led attacks are going on: those with good memories might recall that incidents very similar to this occurred in Libya in the early days of the 2011 uprising, where there were orchestrated jail-breaks of al-Qaeda and other terrorist prisoners that the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ had behind bars.

But there’s still more to this situation now in Yemen. A story on RT’s website reports that the Houthi ‘rebels’ had just obtained secret Yemeni intelligence documents with details about US-backed counter-terrorism operations, including the names and locations of informants, this being originally reported in the Los Angeles Times which cited American officials as the source. 

Houthi victorious

The documents were apparently stolen when Houthi fighters took over the office of Yemen’s National Security Bureau in the country’s capital Sanaa, which was closely cooperating with the CIA on various ‘anti-terror missions’. 

The compromised files reportedly influenced President Obama’s decision to evacuate remaining US personnel from Yemen last weekend, including the 1,000 special operations forces. The evacuation from Yemen of course seriously undermines America’s operations (pro-reportedly) ‘against’ al-Qaeda in the region and might even be perceived as quitting the job; this being after years of repetitive drone-strikes and targeted assassinations that have effectively turned the civilian population against the U.S. and its allies due to the various instances of civilian casualties and ‘collateral damage’.

This report about the seizure of the National Security Bureau building emerged mere hours before Saudi Arabia announced it had launched military operations against Yemeni Houthis. A question arises: did these ‘rebels’ who seized the office discover something particularly damning in regard to the U.S. and the CIA’s operations? Something that provoked the rapid and complete withdrawal of US personnel and the immediate, surprise bombing operations by the Saudis and allegedly nine other countries? Given that there could be any number of particularly dirty CIA secrets regarding its activity in Yemen and in the broader region and its dealings with al-Qaeda, one has to wonder. There is also the implication that intelligence gleaned from this raid by the Houthi might have also found its way to Tehran. This situation now also has the potential to escalate into something much broader and much worse. It’s already further destabilising the already destabilised Middle East,

The Houthi are enemies of al-Qaeda, and are engaged in a campaign to destroy al-Qaeda in Yemen. al-Qaeda receives significant funding from within Saudi Arabia, which happens to be one of America’s and the West’s closest allies.

Iran, like Syria and like pre-invasion Iraq, has never attacked America, or orchestrated terrorist activity against it. Yet Iran is labelled the ‘rogue state’ or ‘terrorist state’, the Saudis and Gulf States are permanently supported, and the Saudis with U.S. backing are now directly attacking the Houthi. Does that make any moral sense?

The ‘maintaining stability’ argument falls completely flat once we remind ourselves of what NATO did in Libya, what the US-led coalition did in Iraq, and what the various states covertly tried to do in Syria. All of that was the exact opposite of ‘maintaining stability’ and was in fact a policy of engineering chaos and conflict. The U.S. invaded Libya and other countries, as Iraq, and instigated a sectarian conflict, giving excessive power to one sect over the other, and then left:

By any logic, that is an utterly insane policy and it pretty much invited the kind of horrific backlash in Yemen as we’ve since seen in Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine, and in Libya.


Iran has condemned the Saudi intervention in Yemen, warning against “short-sighted games” by outside countries that would only lead to “bloodshed” and further loss of life. The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said,

“Military action from outside of Yemen against its territorial integrity and its people will have no other result than more bloodshed and more death.”

Calling for “urgent dialogue” among the Yemeni factions, …

“We have always warned countries from the region and the West to be careful and not enter short-sighted games and not go in the same direction as al-Qaeda and Daash.” 

This now becomes the fourth simultaneous civil war going on in the region along with Syria, Iraq and Libya, with also Egypt arguably already sliding towards its own internal sectarian crisis. A better reading of the situation, however, would be view to all of these crises as facets of the same broader ‘civil war’ arguably occurring as a result of ‘Wahhabi’ and ‘Zionist’ interactions and aspirations .

We’ve already seen how much spillover from the ‘intervention’ in Libya impacted life in Syria and how much spillover from the Syria conflict carried into Iraq, for example; the fighting in Yemen could easily spill over into neighbouring countries including Saudi Arabia itself, which could even eventually threaten Islam’s Holy Cities. The unfettered, loose canon that is ‘DAASH’ would also have the potential to involve itself in these conflicts and make matters even worse. That is a key point to bear in mind here: while the main party to  benefit from the Saudi-led assaults in Yemen is al-Qaeda, one of the main parties to benefit from all of this chaos and sectarian fighting in general is ‘DAASH’, which can *thrive* in these kinds of environments, just has it has thrived in Iraq and Syria.

These Proxy Wars have become an absolute catastrophe. One might ask, who are the Saudis ? 

The Saudis and the Gulf States are openly backing radical-WAHHABI elements fighting to overthrow the Syrian government. 

The Saudi, the Gulf States, Israel, the U.S, NATO, etc., have been arming and aiding proxy militias and terrorists.

This piece by F. William Engdahl should be read in its entirety, providing a fascinating insight into Yemen’s strategic and resource-based interest to various powers. In 2010, Engdahl wrote: ‘In addition to its geopolitical position as a major global oil transit chokepoint, Yemen is reported to hold some of the world’s greatest untapped oil reserves. Yemen’s Masila Basin and Shabwa Basin are reported by international oil companies to contain “world class discoveries.” France’s Total and several smaller international oil companies are engaged in developing Yemen’s oil production. The evidence suggests that the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence are moving to militarize a strategic chokepoint for the world’s oil flows…’



Yemen now faces a major humanitarian problem. Yemen is a dismally poor country; the poorest in fact in the Middle East, despite its apparent richness in natural resources. Those resources are almost certainly a factor in the chaos sweeping the country.

It also becomes increasingly difficult to look at these situations – in Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq, and Libya. We see the actualization of the famous Albert Pike prediction concerning the Third World War, which would be brought about by deliberate agitation of the Zionists and the Wahhabi-world. Some refute the legitimacy of the influential Freemasons spoken-of in Albert Pike’s letter, considered by some to be a forgery; but real or not, it seems to very neatly foresee what would come to pass over the course of three global conflicts, two of which have already occurred.

Again, looking at U.S. policy in Iraq, it seemed more or less *designed* to falsely agitate, amplify or otherwise play upon the sectarian divisions between the Sunni and Shiia populations (where none existed before): creating that situation may indeed have been one of the reasons the US invaded Iraq in the first place. Subsequent inconsistencies and lapses in logic regarding policy in the region might be viewed in the same way; fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen while arming and aiding Al-Qaeda in Libya, fighting (or so it is claimed) ‘Islamic State militants in Iraq’ while funding Wahhabi ‘rebels’ and extremists in Syria, empowering and propping up Wahhabi forces in Iraq while attacking ‘Shia’ groups in Yemen and demonising Iran…

The list of illogical, contradictory policies and actions goes on and on. Which either suggests an extraordinary level of incompetence or it suggests an orchestrated agenda. It’s clear that a sectarian conflict was orchestrated in Iraq and probably in Syria too. Yemen looks as if it is being used in the same way. The U.S.A. serves to keep the region and the societies in a continual state of destabilisation, inviting continual foreign intervention and involvement and ensuring that those societies don’t have the means to prosper, to build or to control their own resources: any such society that takes control of its own destiny and attains anything approaching self-sufficiency is sabotaged from the outside and put back into a state of dependency – thus the ‘intervention’ in Libya and the proxy war in Syria.

But more than that, as the author and researcher David Icke repeatedly observed:

“The Middle East is the center of the third global conflict they want to create; what they’re doing is creating the circumstances in the Middle East to create this conflict.”  One can hardly observe the crises continuously unfolding in the region now and see anything other than this prediction being played out.




 25 NOVEMBER 2002

‘Serving The Same Master’
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The headquarters of Islamic terrorism is London, England, where the Anglo-American Establishment sponsors the radical “’Muslim’ Brotherhood” in order to advance its long-term goal of plutocratic global dictatorship.

These globalists have fabricated a bogus “war on terror” to crush the remaining vestiges of nationalism and democracy in both Muslim countries and the West. Expect more incitements like the current “Miss World ” imbroglio to convince both sides the other endangers its way of life.

In a comprehensive report, the perceptive Hawaii-based researcher Peter Goodgame concludes:

“Osama bin Laden is not, nor has he ever been, the leader of the international Islamist movement which is directed by the International ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

Goodgame continues:

“Osama bin Laden has been used effectively as a figurehead for the Brotherhood’s militant branch to take responsibility for its atrocities, but he is not the mastermind… By the same token, the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is a tool by the British-based Globalists whose main objective is to overthrow the established world order and create a new one-world system of global governance.”

Goodgame cites former British Intelligence Officer, Dr. John Coleman, who says the Muslim Brotherhood is a secret freemason order set up by the great names of British Middle East Intelligence, T.E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and St. John Philby to “keep the Middle East backward so its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted.”

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood has been used to check nationalist movements led by such figures as Nasser, Bhutto and Khomeini in Iran, who tried to develop their countries.

Without the British,

“radical Islam would have remained the illegitimate, repressive minority movement that it has always been, and the Middle East would have remained stable and prosperous,” Goodgame says.

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is now a powerful faction in the global oligarchy. Goodgame cites Robert Drefuss, author of “Hostage to Khomeini” (1980):

“The real ‘Muslim’ Brothers are … the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.

And the Muslim Brotherhood is money. Together, the Brotherhood probably controls several tens of billions of dollars in immediate liquid assets, and controls billions more in …everything from oil trade and banking to drug-running, illegal arms merchandising, and gold and diamond smuggling. By allying with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans are not merely buying into a terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful and worldwide financial empire…”

By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.

The globalists have long been using wars to subvert, demoralize and destroy Western civilization.

They backed the Nazis and the Soviets in World War Two.

They created the Punch and Judy show that was the Cold War.

Who are they?

Also called the Illuminati, they represent a recrudescence of the alliance of Rothschild finance and European aristocracy secretly coordinated by a Satanic dogma hidden in freemasonry.

They plan a new feudalism that will impoverish the middle classes, depopulate and enslave the masses, and leave only the rich served by a technocracy. The whole world will resemble a repressive third world country governed by the IMF, UN and World Bank.

The globalists are headquartered in London and centered on the Rothschild-dominated Bank of England, MI-6 and the secretive Round Table society, which spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The American branches include the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA and the Rockefeller foundations which all ensure the American people continue to finance and enforce one-world tyranny. The Bush family has owed its prominence to this cabal ever since grandfather Prescott Bush helped arrange financing for Nazism.

Zionism is supposed to represent the “West” in this sham war with Islam. Americans are being groomed to become like Israelis, victims of daily acts of “Muslim terror.”

Last week, when another suicide bomber struck in Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu said,

“Whether the explosion takes place in Bali, Moscow, New York or Jerusalem we are all united in a war against a common terrorist enemy.”

According to Swiss journalist Richard Labeviere (“Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam” 2000) radical Islam is an essential “complementary enemy” to Zionism, which also seeks regional hegemony. According to the “Yinon Memorandum” (1982) Israel intends to splinter the Arab countries into several small cantons along ethnic lines. None of these will be able to challenge Israel, which, like the US is a disposable implement of the globalist agenda. (207)

The Palestinian terrorist “Hamas” movement is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Labeviere, it serves the interests of the Israeli right wing, and has received secret financial support from the Israeli “Shin Beth.” (203-205). Thus, Palestinian suicide bombers play straight into Ariel Sharon’s hand.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, “Muslim terrorist attacks” are an excuse to lay the foundations of a police state. These attacks, which could become nuclear or biological, might serve as a pretext to declare martial law, suspend elections and round up dissidents, i.e. anyone who is not buying the lie.

This may seem incomprehensible to Americans now when the economy is still being propped up. Once the U.S. has done the globalist’s dirty work, interest rates could rise and debt ridden Americans could be stripped of their assets, as they were in the Depression.

The Homeland Security Act is designed to control all U.S. law enforcement agencies so that elements in the CIA and Mossad can target Americans with impunity, like they did on 11 Sept. 2001. American agencies were designed to remain independent so they could serve as a check on each other.

The Act is also designed to allow George W. to place his henchmen in positions of control. Remember, he is a product of a secret Satanic cult, the “Skull and Bones.” This sounds gruesome but the Twentieth Century provided many precedents. The Illuminati was behind both Nazi and Communist mass slaughter and terror.

Our position is akin to the European Jews who disbelieved warnings of the holocaust.

There is even a provision in the Homeland Security Act against whistle blowers. Why?

Another provision allows mandatory vaccinations while giving vaccine manufacturers immunity from prosecution. Why?

The “Total Information Awareness” program will “red flag” troublemakers by monitoring all personal communications and financial transactions, even your library records. You didn’t attack the WTC. Why are you targeted?

What is the justification for this destruction of freedom, which Bush supposedly protects?

In 14 months since 11 Sept.2001, there has been not one Muslim terrorist attack in the US despite the bloody American invasion of Afghanistan. If “al-Qaeda” were capable of pulling off 11 Sept. 2001, don’t you think it would have planned an encore?

 In conclusion, mankind is in the clutches of a diabolical multi generational conspiracy. A Satanic, criminal cartel has subverted all social institutions and is slowly crafting a brutal global dictatorship. Our political and cultural leaders are witting and unwitting pawns. They are fabricating a phony war between Islam and the West in order to accomplish the degradation of both.

 (I realize this vision seems incredibly bleak. The mass media holds us in a powerful illusion of normalacy.)

Special Juma Blessings Upon Our Commander

Mu prays


May this be a very special Juma Friday, with all the possible blessings Allah can bestow upon our honorable Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: health, longevity and the miracle of the Great Jamahiriya.…( a model for our world ).

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Religion and ideology By JAN HJÄRPE
Mu ‘ammar al-Kadhdhāfī, Islam and the “Third International Theory”
…I have chosen another example for this study, the Great Jamahiriya and its leader since the al-Fateh revolution of 01 September 1969, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

Here we find a reinterpretation of Islam and an explicit attempt to make this form of Islam the basis of a political ideology, the “Third International Theory”. The Great Jamahiriya claims to be the model state, the Utopia, of the practical application of this ideology, in its institutions and in its political actions.

When the Libyan monarchy was overthrown in the bloodless REVOLUTION of Light (al-Fateh) 01 Sep-tember 1969, the consequences were not only the constitutional changes, but a totally new policy, a policy which has been regarded as surprising and abstruse. al-Qathafi characterized the process of changes as a “cultural revolution”, and the world outside noticed at least two features thereof: the application of Quranic precepts in the criminal courts and the eagerness
to establish Arabic as an international language.
The transformation in the domestic policy is also called a “popular revolution” and its goal appears to be an almost corporativistic society’. al-Qathafi’s speech at Zwara on 16 April 1973, is regarded as the beginning of the “popular revolution”. The function of the “direct democrazy” and the political institutions in the Great Jamahiriya, falls outside the scope of this study, and I refer to H. Habib’s book on Libyan politics.*(8).

P. 58:
I intend to discuss here the connection between religion and ideology, the way in which Islam as a religion is applied, reinterpreted and transformed into a political ideology, by supplying the principles of Libyan policy, the “Third International Theory”.

2. Sources
The main sources of this study are information books and booklets issued by the Libyan Ministry of Information and Culture, speeches and writings by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself, and some collec-tions of newspaper interviews with him. I give a detailed list of those quoted in the study:
A. Information books and booklets issued by the Libyan Ministry of Information and Culture: The Revolution of 1st September, the fourth Anniversary, Benghazi, 1973. [Abbrev.: Revolution 1973] The Popular Revolution, Fundamentals & Objectives, Tripoli, January 1974. [Revolution 19746] La Revolution en Marche, Tripoli (?), September 1974. [Revolution 1974c] 1st September Revolution Achievements, 5th Anniversary, Tripoli, 1974.
[Revolution 1974a] “The popular revolution” is described by al-Qathafi 1974, 113 ff, cf. the booklet Revolu-tion, 1974b, 1 ff.
8: Cf. Habib 1 ff, cf. Human 31 ff,
and, as for al-Qathafi’s view on other constitutions, al-Qathafi 1976b, 1 ff.

p. 59
The Human March in the Libyian Arab Republic, Rome, 1976; Masīrat al-insān fi-l-djumhūrīyat al-`arabīyat al-lībīya. [Human] at-Taharruk as-siyāsī al-`arabīyat al-lībīya fī ittidjāh asr al- djamāhīr, Tripoli, 1976 [at-taharruk]
B. Speeches and writings by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: Allocution du Président Mu’ammar al-Qathafi et les responsables de l’informa- tion et des cadres de l’USA au Caire Portant sur la Religion, le Natio- nalisme et les problèmes s’y référant 5 Moharram 1393 H, 8 Février 1973, Tripoli, s.a. [al-Qathafi s.a. a] Discours du frere (sic!) président du conseil du commamdement (sic!) de la revolution tenu au complexe sportif
« al-Qathafi » à Lahore 25 Février 1974, Tripoli, s.a. [al-Qathafi.a.b] Discours du colonel Mu’ammar al-Qathafi… en Tunisie, Tripoli, s.a. [al-Qathafi s.a.c] Mu’ammar al-Qathafial-Kitāb al-Akhdar, al-awwal, Tripoli (?), 1976.
[al-Qathafi 1976b] Kadīyat ad-din fī-l-`ālam al-mu’āsir min akwāl al-akh Tripoli (?), 1976. [al-Qathafi 1976a] To this we may add the ex tempore speech by al-Qathafi on religion and ideology at the Muslim-Christian Dialogue seminar at Tripoli, the 2nd of February 19769.
[al-Qathafi 1976c] C. Collections of interviews with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi from newspapers and periodicals: Discourses by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, Chairman of R.C.C., published in the Arab and International Press, S.l., 1975. [al-Qathafi 1975]
9: I had the opportunity to listen to the speech at Tripoli and to observe al-Qathafi as an orator, (cf. Hjärpe 93f.)


The Paris Symposium, the intellectual meeting between the East and the West10, Beirut, s.a. [al-Qathafi s.a.d] Thus spoke Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, Beirut, 1974 [al-Qathafi 1974]

3. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi on history (philosophy of history)

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi was born in 1942, into al-Kadhādhifa, a nomadic tribe claiming descent from the Prophet Muhammad”, and his parents are still bedouin. Thus his ancestry befits an Arab nationalist, in that he is both bedouin and sharīf.
A characteristic feature of his outlook is the appreciation of the moral values of the simple life of the bedouin and a certain contempt for the decadence of the coastal cities (12).
In one of the interviews, he tells us about his childhood’s world of ideas (13), with chivalry (muruwwa) as the leitmotif and ‘Alī ibn Abī JIB as the great hero”. He learned to read at home from the Holy Quran, but his formal school educa-tion began only in 1954:
al-Qathafi attended military school in Libya in 1963-66 and in England in 1966. In 1967 he began to study history at university (15). He was of course already politically active at that time. There is a close connection between al-Qathafi’s “philosophy of history”, his view of religion and his political behaviour.
al-Qathafi declares that the main factors in history, the moving or driving forces, are religion and nationalism, “conflicts between religions, as well as between nationalisms, form his-tory” (16). “The two principal factors in the formation of our history, the history of mankind, are nationalism and religion.'”(17)

10: The symposium was at Plaza Hotel in Paris, the 24th of November 1973.
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P.61 Religion and ideology
All other factors are considered secondary to these two”. The thesis is of course mainly directed against the Marxist interpretation of history. I quote:

“When I read history, I do not find that the movement of history is deter-mined by an economic factor disguised by nationalism or veiled in religion. History very clearly shows that its movement is a national and religious con-flict.” (19)
During the “Paris Symposium” a question was asked about the ‘Atatürk revolution in Turkey’, indicating that it contradicted al-Qathafi’s view on history. As an example of his analysis I quote his answer:

“The Turkish nation’s movement before ‘Atatürk’ was a religious one which influenced world history. ‘Atatürk’ came at a time when the national factor was starting to play its role. So, his movement was a nationalist one, which consequently affected the nation’s or the area’s destiny. The religious idea may appear again strongly in Turkey, and Turkey’s history may enter the religious stage. This stage is now evident. I believe there are signs and im-pulses for returning to Islam and revolutionizing The Turkish condition in accordance with Islam, and consequently for entering the stage of religious interaction. Thus, history is witnessing a movement between religion and nationalism. This is my analysis to the ‘Atatürk movement’. It is a nationalist movement and an assertion to my interpretation of history which is moved by religion and nationalism. Europe went through those stages in a religious period, and it was divided and fought for religion. It also went through a nationalist period, and it was divided and fought for nationalism. Those stages alternate continually. Nationalism and religion will once again play their role in the Soviet Union, and this conflict enters into the determinateness of history. That is why the Soviet Union tries to remove the religious and nationalist factors to avoid this certainty or determinateness.”

P. 62
(20): al-Qathafi finds many examples in modern history. The division of India into Pakistan and the Indian Republic had religious overtones, the partition of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh was caused by antagonism between different nationalities (21),
the civil war in Yemen was caused by religion—one group is called “progressive”, the other “reactionary”, but the true ground of the conflict is the old animosity between Zaydites and Shi’ites (22),
and “is the existence of the Israelis in Palestine due to any economic reason? Is there oil? Is there gold? This is again a religious, national conflict . . . Now, experts and pilots leave the nice life in other countries and come for religious and national purposes and reasons to fight the Arabs” (23).
Since he regards Palestine as belonging to the Arabs, he concludes that “[. . 1 the conflict between Israel and us is natural and is one of the laws of nature” (24).
4. “The Third International Theory” “Since reading history has shown us that nationalism and religion are the factors that shape history, we must take them into account and respect nationalism and hallow religion.”(25)
The practical consequence of al-Qathafi’s interpretation of history is that he makes nationalism and religion the ultimate norms for every political decision. Wars and suffering will disappear if we can solve the problem of conflict between religions and nationalisms (26). In Libya’s foreign policy this involves support for several nationalist movements (e.g. the I.R.A.) (27) and for organisations aiming at the practical application of religion, while in her domestic policy it means the application of “Arabism” and the Islamic Sharī’a. The behaviour which results has its intellectual counterpart in a political programme or ideology, called the “Third International Theory” (28). It is named the “Third” Theory as it is supposed to supersede both the liberalism—capitalism of the West and the Marxist communism of the East. The Libyan nation “found the Western system based on exploitation, by individuals of the community where the rule says ‘Survival of the strongest’, which has reduced society to a collection of broken families, torn apart by crime, vice and degeneration of all values. Our nation also studied the eastern system based on exploitation of individuals by a party in the name of the dictatorship of class, where human beings have no freedom and are subject to absolute materialist ideas which contradict with human values” (29).

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Religion and ideology
I do not intend to expound the details of the “Third Theory”, but we shall consider the way in which the “Theory” is connected with Islam. One declares explicitly that the “Third Theory” is based on religion and na-tionalism (30). It is obvious, however, that the concept of religion and what it implies is Islamic in essence. What is the role of religion (Islam) in the “Third International Theory”? The following theological concept plays a considerable role in the formulations of the booklets on the “Third Theory”, and they are without doubt fundamental for Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself:

1. The oneness of ALLAH who governs the Universe”.

2. “The Heavenly Books” (Holy Quran, Bible [=Indjīl, The Gospel], Torah), as the sources for “unequivocal answers”. The Holy Quran is the absolute norm, the infallible authority, while human philosophies are subject to error.
3. The creation of Man and Universe by Allah, and Man as God’s khalīfa on earth. (32) (cf. Sura 2: 30/28).
4. The resurrection and the Day of Judgement and immortality. The faith in these constitutes religion as the source of moral obligation. (33).
5. The eternity of struggle between right and wrong and the inevitability of Allah’s predestination”.

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Point 4 is the most important.

I quote:
“The Third International Theory emphasizes moral obligation as an im-portant element in a civilised community, in personal dealings and inter-national relations. Such a moral obligation, in view of the Third Inter-national Theory, cannot be achieved without faith. Religion creates a moral deterrent in individuals and communities. Such a moral obligation `forces good work and prevents evil’ .”(35) (cf. Sura 3: 104/100, 110/106).
It is often emphasized that Man needs religion (36). As for the practical application it is explicitly stated that the social rela-tions between individuals and between individual, family and state shall be in accordance with the Islamic Sharī’a (37). To “respect nationalism and hallow religion”, means, in the case of Libya, to stress the Arabism and to apply Islamic morals. This process is called a “cultural revolution” and includes an ardent endeavour to eradi-cate “corrupted and foreign ideas and concepts” and prevent the infiltra-tion of such ideas from both East and West (38).

We read in one of the book-lets:
“Books which contained such corrupt thoughts had to be burned because their contents opposed our revolutionary trend, and contradicted our religion and noble Arab heritage.” (39)

And in another:

“The Arab Libyan has realized that it is necessary to liquidate colonialism and its aftermath in order to reconstruct his country.”
Liquors were banned. Bars and night clubs were closed. Measures were taken to cleanse the Arab Islamic environment of imported malpractices and debauchery. All laws have been reviewed and rewritten in accordance with the Islamic Law (Sharī’a). This does not mean that the Arab Libyan rejects modern trend of thought. He is just sifting and filtering them to choose what suits his heritage and needs .(40)

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Religion and ideology

The Arabism of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is also reflected in his own and the other leaders’ social behaviour (41).

We can also mention one example of his extreme nationalism: Libya does not celebrate the First of May as a Workers’ day, as al-Qathafi wants a special Arab national workers’ day and not an international one (42).
The “sectarianism” of Islam is a serious problem, as we know, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, if not in Libya, and al-Qathafi believes that this “sec-tarianism” will cease to exist if the principle of nationalism is applied (43). The pride in Arab nationality includes pride in the history and cultures of all the Semitic (aka. ‘ARAB’) peoples of antiquity;
“Semitic” is often replaced by “Arab” so that the “Arabs” include the Accadians, the Phoenicians and Carthaginians etc.(44). “Arabism”, according to al-Qathafi always implies work for Arab unity (shu`b arabī wāhid, “one Arab people”), and this is one of the most important points in his policy”, the unity of all Arabs, Muslims and Christians; the tendency to local nationalism, Egyptian, Iraqi or Palestinian, is a violation of this principle. I shall illustrate with a quotation from an interview.

The journalist provokingly asks whether Mu’ammar al-Qathafi would like those Arab presidents who are afraid of Arab unity to be over-thrown, and he answers:

“If this ensures the achievement of unity, why not?! The Arab Nation should unite whatever the sacrifices may be. Unity is the only solution. It is the only way out of this desperate situation.”(46)

The centre of the Arab Nation must be Egypt, Cairo being the capital of both Arabism and Islam (47), and al-Qathafi’s ideal of Arab unity and its confrontation with the policy of Egypt is one of the main factors in the complicated political pattern in the Arab world today. We may also notice that the dependence of the Libyan 01 September revolution on the “mother” revolution of July 23rd (1952) in Egypt and on the “Leader-Teacher” Nasser is often underlined in the speeches of al-Qathafi (48).

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The former Libyian ‘president’ (REMEMBER THIS IS THE TIME OF PRESIDENT JALOUD) emphasizes that political parties and factions have seriously harmed the Muslims, and therefore political parties (“fac-tionalism”), are forbidden in Libya, regarded as treason and punishable with death (49).

The “Third Universal Theory” seeks to “hallow religion”, and this is one reason why al-Qathafi opposes communism, and even speaks of a “Holy war” (djihād) against it (50).
We read in one of the pamphlets:
“For the Moslem, religion is everything; and he cannot be cordial to a communist at the expense of religion. How can a man feel confidence about a communist’s moral standards when he does not believe in God?” ( 51)
In an interview in the Yugoslavian paper Zagreb (29th April 1974), Mu’ammar al-Qathafi says of the Muslims in Yugoslavia:

“So long as Islam is respected and sanctified and left to grow, so long in return the friendship and affection between Yugoslavia and ourselves will continue to develop progressively.” (52)
The quotation also illustrates the pan-Islamistic principle in the application of the “Third Universal Theory”. Economic and political help is given to Muslims and to Islamic institutions all over the world”, and pan-Islamism is some-times designated as a “Holy war” (54). The solidarity of all Muslims is especially accentuated outside the Arab world, e.g. in al-Qathafi’s speech in Lahore (25th Febr. 1974) (55).

5. Islam reinterpreted and applied:
“We must differentiate between Islam and the ways it is practiced by Muslims.” (66)
In this way Mu’ammar al-Qathafi expresses a thesis common to all the reform movements, namely the distinction between “true” Islam and WAHHABI-Islam, as an empirical historical and sociological phenomenon. The goal of WAHHABISM is to substitute (at true Islam’s expense) their falsified version (for the which has hitherto dominated) (57).

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P. 67
Religion and ideology

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is especially anxious to emphasize that true Islam is in favour of modern science and technical and social progress (58).
“If Islam . .. [had been correctly] understood from the beginning, it would have been a real scientific, technological revolution. Unfortunately, Islam was understood in a very simple ordinary manner, so simple that when electricity was discovered it was thought to be anti-religion. When the moon was explored, there was wide-spread disapproval. This is a misunderstanding of Islam. Islam says that all things are created in pairs . . . (cf. Sura 36: 36). This is in line with the negative and positive and the northern and southern we know. Electricity, for example, consists of negative and positive poles.” (59)
Verses from the Holy Quran are interpreted as supporting modern social principles:
the verse “O mankind, we created you from a single pair of male and female” (Sura 49: 13 a) referring to equality of men and women, and “Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah, is he who is the most righteous of you” (Sura 49: 13 b) to racial and national equality—and so on (60).
As for the application of Islam and Islamic principles today, al-Qathafi takes an important step:
The binding norm is of course the ‘Holy Quran”, but this must be solely the Holy Quran without tafsīr, without the traditional exegesis (i.e. THE HADATH). He speaks explicitly of a “Sola scriptura” principle, because of the impossibility of distinguishing between true and falsified a-hādīth (traditions) (62). This principle will eliminate the problem of “sectarianism” in Islam according to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi; and “practical solutions will then be found for the performance of religious duties”, fasting, praying etc., in the conditions of the modern world.

This belief presumes that the Holy Quran is not ambiguous. An important point in al-Qathafi’s concept of religion is his distinction
between the “divine” Islam and the “historical” WAHHABI-Islam (65)—not to be confused with the distinction “true” and empirical Islam. The “divine” Islam, witnessed by the Holy Quran, is the monotheism of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and all the Prophets, while the “historical” Islam embodies only the reli-gion and revelations of Muhammad (much of which has been distorted by the Hadith, and other works composed by the power-minded Wahhabi-Ulami).

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The basis of the “Third Universal Theory” is, according to al-Qathafi, to be found in the “divine” Islam, so that this Theory should also be adopted by Christians and Jews. But the Muslim believes in all the Prophets, and when the Christian (and the Jew) denies the prophethood of Muhammad there is a defect in his faith (66). He is convinced that Jews and Christians manipulated the Scriptures, and al-Qathafi compares (and not without reason) the Gospels with the Islamic Hadīth literature (67). The conversion of atheists to “divine” Islam, to the worship of God alone, is regarded as a common interest for both Christians and Muslims (68). —Say: 0 People of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah; that we associate no Partners with Him; that we erect not, from among ourselves lords and patrons other than Allah’, says the Quran (Sura 3:64/57).

By this, we understand, the worship of big powers, the worship of Lenin, and even the ‘worship’ of Muhammad whom we consider only a Prophet […]”(69)

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P. 69
Religion and ideology

One saying of al-Qathafi is very revealing:

“Islam […] is a secular reli-gion”. In this sentence we find the definition of the transformation of religion into a political ideology: “[…] Islam itself is a secular religion: the Holy Quran deals with the economic, social and political order, with war, peace, peacemaking, treatment of prisoners, personal conditions and laws, neighbourhood and interrelations of societies. In addition and above all, it regulates man’s relationship with God. Originally, Islam is a secular religion, and therefore there is no secularism in Islam. If some Arab countries have spoken of secularism and
declared their belief in it, this is attributable to a misunderstanding of Islam in the period of Islam’s decline [. . .] [Islam] regulates economic life for both the individual and society [. . .] It regulates defense of the individual and the state [. . .] It regulates relations between nations. Islam has not disregarded any economic, political, military or social aspect: it has regulated them all [.. .](70) [. . .] Our state revives Islam [. ..] There is absolutely no contradiction between socialism and Islam. Actually, the more we revive Islam the more we will be emphasizing the basics of social justice which itself is socialism.” (71)

We may emphasize that by “socialism” al-Qathafi does not mean socialism in the western sense (72), since for instance private ownership (if non-exploiting) is safeguarded, and inheritance regulated according to the Islamic Sharī`a (73).

The work for the practical application—or institutionalization—of Islam in Libya is governed by the Higher Council for National Guidance, the first meeting of which took place on November 2lst 1972 (74). The basis of National Guidance is explicitly said to be Islam, but, as we can see from the following quotation, a purifieded and reinterpreted Islam, in the tradition of the ancient prophets and original intent of the scripture:
“We need to reoffer Islam as a complete philosophy and general framework governing the relationship of the citizen with God and society and as a general picture of life as it should be. This way the citizen is armed by a genuine understanding of Islam in its religious moral and spiritual values against falsehoods and materialism. There are many ways to achieve this including providing the citizen with spiritual and cultural needs as exemplified in the Holy Qur’an,
Sunna traditions and Moslem legacy is respected, in addition to the revival of Moslem spiritual and moral principles, like the desire for jihad, the rejec-tion of negative attitudes and dependence, against seeking the means of personal-power, working instead for the fostering of the family and the promulgation of Islam throughout the world and the reconsideration of legislation in force in the light of Moslem Sharī’a.” (75)

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Islam is hallowed, acts against the precepts of religion are punished (76), the Sharī a is applied (77), national liberation movements are regarded as djihād and supported”, at international conferences.

Libya has demanded the suppression of drugs and strong drinks (78) etc. The aim of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and its leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is to create in Libya a “revolutionary ex-ample”, a model for an Arab Islamic state” and for the entire world, the practical application of Islam in political and social life, an Islam regarded as a “secular religion”.


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Religion and ideology 71 Laoust, H., 1971a, Ibn `Abd al-Wahhāb. El 3.
— 1971 b, Ibn Taymiyya. El 3. Revolution, 1973, The Revolution of 1st September, the Fourth Anniversary. Benghazi.
— 1974a, 1st September Revolution Achievements, 5th Anniversary. Tripoli.
— 1974b, The Popular Revolution, Fundamentals & Objectives. Tripoli.
— 1974c, La Revolution en Marche. Tripoli (?). Séminaire, 1976, Séminaire du dialogue Islamo-Chrétien, Tripoli 1-6 Safar 1396/1-6 Février 1976. Recommandations et résolutions. Tripoli. at-taharruk, 1976, at-taharruk as-siyāsī lī-l-djumhuriyyat al-‘arabiyyat al-lībiyya fi ittidjāh ‘aṣr al-djamāhīr. Tripoli. Watt, W., 1956, Muhammad at Medina. Oxford.
— 1961, Islam and the Integration of Society. London.

‎عندما تحدث القذافي عام 2007 عما سيحصل في ليبيا في عام 2011<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
السؤال...؟؟<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
لمادة خطابات الطاغي تسبق الزمن<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
هل كان هذه الكافر يري بعين الله‎

خطابات الطاغي تسبق الزمن


1 476 vues

عندما تحدث القذافي عام 2007 عما سيحصل في ليبيا في عام 2011
لمادة خطابات الطاغي تسبق الزمن
هل كان هذه الكافر يري بعين الله

The ‘children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’ a partagé la vidéo de ‘eye Rafla in every place and time’.

Allah bless Aataga … Akhkhkhkhkh Aazemn?

‘Rafla eye in every place and time’:
When al-Qathafi spoke in 2007 of what will happen in Libya in 2011
Question … ??
Article overwhelming letters precede time
Was this being an infidel, to see into Allah ?

‘Rafla eye in every place and time’:
Do you know of you ….?
Abaya and how al-Qathafi was Mguet-atkm !
“17 FEBRUARY” have the curse of Allah and His Messenger (PBUH),

as you know, and you Matpettm ..

SARKOZY, BHL and EU bastards subservient to SATAN

‎انتقام الله........(والله عزيز ذو انتقام)‎

والله عزيز ذو انتقام


‘The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’ a partagé la vidéo de ‘poet Ibn Badr – Official’.
Suffice Allah and yes, the agent (SATAN)..

انتقام الله……..(والله عزيز ذو انتقام)





‘Zintan Neto ground’, informs us:

Now strong clashes between the Libyan Army (with her tribal supporting forces) against the ‘Roma Libya’ areas

and told you a little lipo Magistrate:

meaning Tripoli ‘Friday Aahfrh blood’ !






Ahto Aatric gives loans to channel  Zintan, and urgently soon, we will show the pleasures of Council Beida al-Lahad

Channel frequency Aadinm

(takbier funerals)

حطو ياتريس على قناة الزنتان وقرو العاجل متع المجلس
بيدا اللهيد



‘Zintan Neto ground’, reports:
Members of ‘the battalion at the center of Zintan Martyrs Fnaitees’ to support the Libyan Army.

Lord dampers requires him to eat and decide their feet, Lord.




‘Zintan Neto ground’, reports & comments:

And our response now…

A meeting between the leaders of the Western region of the Libyan Army Forces and the forces supporting the camp of the Fourth Brigade yesterday, after what has been a bombardment by the pilots of ‘Roma Libya’ and clashes today,

 Your prayers  are asked for our Libyan Army.



‘Zintan Neto ground’:

It declared the rebels of ‘Zintan Military Council’ in a statement that the expensive of the Council has the power to expel today Thursday, 28/05/2015 vandals who approached the security field to base Wattayah.

Many groups, were destroyed and a number of armed tank cars.
The council said that while it remind residents of the nearby areas to assume their responsibilities to prevent terrorists from using their land as a pass through, we tell them that our patience has begun to be at an excess, which forces us to take other measures. We are not responsible for the negative consequences.

Provide the joint forces of the Army and the forces supporting, in the axes of Wattaya, and we inflicted those militias affiliated to ‘Dawn Libya’ amongst the Amazigh, with heavy losses.

(Operations room)


‘Zintan Neto ground’, reporting:

Allah is great and thankfully ..

Significant progress Libyan Army support and strength to him in all axes and special Wattaya axis and the morale of the Libyan army Champions support and force him high and is okay in all axes.

Allah is great and thankfully ..

call for their support of the ‘Libyan Army’ and supporting forces in the Western Region.









‘Rouge Valley directly’, warns us:

Mohammed of the Chadian population surnamed ..’Rndh slave’ ..

He is one of the wounded in al-Sabri.

Information that there is Wahhabi terrorist-infiltration onto the streets of Benghazi, in order to carry out terrorist operations,

Please take all cautionary means.

Random shells fall on the land area wires caused the deaths of a mother and son!


Benina between the steadfastness and the fall of al-Karzabih (GHARDABIYA) Airport (in SIRTE) to ‘DAASH’ ...

Probe hopes Jahlha to know why we say that (gently/Cyrenaica troops are a dust protector).

Pictures of Benina:



Obama’s Gun-Running Operation: Weapons and Support for “Islamic Terrorists” in Syria and Iraq. “Create Constructive Chaos” and “Redraw the Map of the Middle East”

By Julie Lévesque

Global Research, May 28, 2015

Url of this article:

OBAMA's corrupt Syrian plan

Newly disclosed Pentagon documents prove what we’ve known for a while now: the Obama administration knew as early as 2012 that weapons were being sent from Benghazi, Libya, to rebels in Syria.

The U.S. government also knew at the time that:

“the Wahhabi-terrorists, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and [Al Qaeda in Iraq were] the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria and Libya.”

But did they just “know” or was it part of the plan?

These official documents of the Obama administration add to the large amount of evidence proving that the actual chaos and havoc wreaked by extremist groups in the Middle East was deliberately created by the U.S. and its allies and is not the result of a “failed foreign policy”.

Judicial Watch recently revealed:

The DoD documents also contain the first official documentation that the Obama administration knew that weapons were being shipped from the Port of Benghazi to rebel troops in Syria. An October 2012 report confirms:

Weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles were shipped from the port of Benghazi, Libya to the Port of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria. The weapons shipped during late-August 2012 were Sniper rifles, RPG’s, and 125 mm and 155mm howitzers missiles.

During the immediate aftermath of, and following the uncertainty caused by the CIA, in the destruction of the Great Jamahiriya in October 2011 and up until early September of 2012, weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles located in Benghazi, Libya were shipped from the port of Benghazi, Libya to the ports of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria. The Syrian ports were chosen due to the small amount of cargo traffic transiting these two ports. The ships used to transport the weapons were medium-sized and able to hold 10 or less shipping containers of cargo.

The heavily redacted document does not disclose who was shipping the weapons. (Benghazi Scandal: Obama Administration Knew Weapons Were Being Sent to Al-Qaeda in Syria, New Documents Show, Judicial Watch18 May 2015)

Although the documents do not reveal who was responsible for sending weapons to Syria, it is quite obvious from the language used in the documents that it was a US initiative and the CIA presence in Benghazi at the time suggests that US intelligence was behind this gun-running operation.

LIBYA's Tripoli 'mayor' el-MAHDI HARATINE training insurrectionists, in Syria

PICTURE above shows LIBYA’s Tripoli ‘mayor’ el-MAHDI HARATINE training insurrectionists, in Syria, as also did Abdul Hakim Belhadj, the TRIPOLI ‘governor’.

Picture below: USA Ambassador, Deborah Jones, with el-Mahdi Haratine and the TRIPOLI-MISURATA RATS
Deborah Jones w el-Mahdi Haratine and the TRIPOLI-MISURATA RATS

Libyan Terrorists in Syria

On 11 September  2012, the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was attacked. Four people were killed, including the (so-called) U.S. ‘Ambassador’-spy Chris Stevens (actually an American espionage spy) and two CIA officers.

In August 2013, Business Insider reported :

The Agency, for its part, doesn’t want anyone knowing what it was doing in the Libyan port city.

On Thursday Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston of CNN reported that the CIA “is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret.”

Sources told CNN that 35 Americans were in Benghazi that night — 21 of whom were working out of the annex — and that several were wounded, some seriously.

One source said: “You have no idea the amount of pressure being brought to bear on anyone with knowledge of this operation.”

Among the questions are whether CIA missteps contributed to the security failure in Benghazi and, more importantly, whether the Agency’s Benghazi operation had anything to do with reported heavy weapons shipments from the local port to Syrian rebels.

In short, the CIA operation is the most intriguing thing about Benghazi. (Michael B. Kelley and Geoffrey Ingersoll,Intrigue Surrounding The Secret CIA Operation In Benghazi Is Not Going Away, Business Insider, August 3, 2013)

Last January, the Citizens Commission on Benghazi concluded that the “Obama White House and the State Department under the management of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “changed sides” (HAH! HAH…really?) in the war on terror’ in 2011 by implementing a policy of facilitating the delivery of weapons to the al-Qaida-dominated rebel militias in Libya attempting to kill Muammar Qathafi and destroy the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”, WND reported.

WND added that

“several members of the commission have disclosed their finding that the mission of Christopher Stevens, prior to the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and during Stevens’ time as ‘U.S. ambassador’, was the management of a secret gun-running program operated out of the Benghazi compound, and an extensive CIA-spy network.” (Jerome R. Corsi,Libya: U.S. Generals Conclude Obama Backed Al-Qaida and Operated a Secret Gun-Running Program in Benghazi, WND, 20 January 2015)

We’ve also known for several years that Western special operations forces were on the ground training rebels to fight against Assad.

In January 2012, Michel Chossudovsky reported:

Several articles in the British media confirm that British Special Forces are training Syrian rebels.

The underlying pattern is similar to that of Libya where British SAS were on the ground prior to the launching of NATO’s military intervention.

A ‘Responsibility’ to ‘Protect’ (R2P) NATO intervention (HAH,HAH) ‘modelled on Libya’ is contemplated… The reports confirm that British military and intelligence operatives are already on the ground inside Syria. (Michel Chossudovsky,

SYRIA: British Special Forces, CIA and MI6 Supporting Armed Insurgency. NATO Intervention Contemplated,

Global Research, 07 January 2012)

Even CNN reported back in 2012 that rebels were being trained by defense contractors to handle chemical weapons:

The US and some of its European allies “are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria,” according to “a senior US official and several senior diplomats,” CNNreports.

The US-funded training is going on inside Syria, as well as in neighboring Turkey and Jordan and “involves how to monitor and secure stockpiles and handle weapons sites and materials,” according to CNN. US Defense Contractors Training Syrian Rebels to Handle Chemical Weapons

Bashar Al-Assad, USA target

Bashar Al-Assad Is The Target

The deadly chemical weapons were later used against Syrian soldiers and civilians. The U.S. government and the Western mainstream media tried to blame President Assad, but a UN investigation later concluded that it was the rebels who had used the chemical weapons.

Another official document from 2012 revealed by Judicial Watch indicates that the “growing sectarian direction of the war was predicted to have dire consequences for Iraq, which included the “grave danger” of the rise of ISIS:

This creates the ideal atmosphere for AQI [al Qaeda Iraq] to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi, and will provide a renewed momentum under the presumption of unifying the jihad among Sunni Iraq and Syria, and the rest of the Sunnis in the Arab world against what it considers one enemy, the dissenters. ISI could also declare an Islamic state through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq and the protection of its territory. (Judicial Watch, op., cit.)

The U.S. did exactly what was needed to create “the ideal atmosphere” for Mosul and Ramadi to fall and for ISIS to declare an “Islamic state”.

With the fall of Mosul last June, the recent fall of Ramadi in Iraq and numerous reports about the U.S. delivering weapons and ammunition to ISIS, the recently disclosed official documents show once more that the U.S. gun-running operation created “the ideal atmosphere” for Al Qaeda Iraq and “the rise of ISIS” in the region. The war against the so-called Islamic State can thus only be a flatout lie.

The following articles pertain to the U.S. delivery of weapons to ISIS while it was supposedly fighting it:

U.S. Airdrops Weapons to ISIS as Iraqi Army Makes Gains

Delivery of US Weapons and Ammunition to ISIS: Iraqi Commander Wiretaps ISIS Communications with US Military

Terrorists Supported by America: U.S. Helicopter Delivering Weapons to the Islamic State (ISIS), Shot Down by Iraqi “Popular Forces”

Iraqi Army Allegedly Downs A US Helicopter For Providing Weapons To ISIS: Report

As a solution to the problem they created, with full knowledge of the consequences, the U.S. and its allies offered a military intervention with the stated intent of fighting the enemy they had created while covertly supporting it in order to sustain the war, for the greatest benefit of defense contractors and Israel, which has the a lot to gain in the dismantlement of neighboring states.

The purpose of this “constructive chaos” is nothing less than to redraw the map of the region and create a “New Middle East.”

As Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya explained back in 2006:

The term “New Middle East” was introduced to the world in June 2006 in Tel Aviv by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who was credited by the Western media for coining the term) in replacement of the older and more imposing term, the “Greater Middle East.”

This shift in foreign policy phraseology coincided with the inauguration of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean. The term and conceptualization of the “New Middle East,” was subsequently heralded by the U.S. Secretary of State and the Israeli Prime Minister at the height of the Anglo-American sponsored Israeli siege of Lebanon. Prime Minister Olmert and Secretary Rice had informed the international media that a project for a “New Middle East” was being launched from Lebanon.

This announcement was a confirmation of an Anglo-American-Israeli “military roadmap” in the Middle East. This project, which has been in the planning stages for several years, consists in creating an arc of instability, chaos, and violence extending from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and the borders of NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan.

The “New Middle East” project was introduced publicly by Washington and Tel Aviv with the expectation that Lebanon would be the pressure point for realigning the whole Middle East and thereby unleashing the forces of “constructive chaos.” This “constructive chaos” –which generates conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region– would in turn be used so that the United States, Britain, and Israel could redraw the map of the Middle East in accordance with their geo-strategic needs and objectives. (Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”, Global Research, November 2006)


Note: The above map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters. It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006, Peters is a retired colonel of the U.S. National War Academy. (Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006). Although the map does not officially reflect Pentagon doctrine, it has been used in a training program at NATO’s Defense College for senior military officers. This map, as well as other similar maps, has most probably been used at the National War Academy as well as in military planning circles (Mahdi D. Nazemroaya).

All the evidence is there to prove ISIS and their ilks are instruments of U.S.-NATO-Israel foreign policy.

How long can the Western mainstream media ignore this overwhelming evidence that the U.S. and its allies are supporting the entities they claim to be be fighting in the Middle East without totally losing the very little credibility it has left?

Looking at the situation, Joachim Hagopian argues that the war on ISIS is just for show since its “enemy” is only gaining territory:

The US led coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq have failed to stop the Islamic State’s expansion. Four months ago it was noted that since the US air campaign began last August, the Islamic State has doubled its space in Syria, controlling more than one third of the country’s territory. In the same way that the US predator drone warfare policy has only caused more hatred against America in the nations it’s been deployed against in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, the same reverse effect is occurring in Syria where residents are increasingly sympathetic to Islamic State. Additionally, Syrian opposition groups bitterly complain that the US led coalition forces fail to coordinate dropping bombs with the rebels, thus not permitting them any tactical advantage in driving IS back. It’s as if the air strikes are more for show than to actually neutralize the enemy. (Joachim Hagopian,The US-Islamic State Dance: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back – By Design, Global Research, 19 May  2015)

This war on ISIS is just another disastrous endeavor for populations in the Middle East, another military intervention under a false pretext, another lie to divide and conquer. And once more, the Western mainstream media has failed to report the truth.

Below is a selection of articles on this topic.


U.S. General: “We Helped Build ISIS” – Islamic State Obtained Weapons from U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Paul Joseph Watson, 03 September 2014

U.S. Efforts to Arm Jihadis in Syria: The Scandal Behind the Benghazi Undercover CIA Facility, Washington’s Blog, 15 , 2014

CIA Gun-running, Qatar-Libya-Syria, Phil Greaves, 09 August  2013

Benghazi, US-NATO Sponsored Base of Operations for Al Qaeda, Tony Cartalucci, 21October  2012

Resurgence of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Fuelled by Saudi Arabia, Zayd Alisa, 03 March 2014

More Evidence of Israel’s Dirty Role in the Syrian Proxy War, Steven MacMillan, 18 May  2015






Ali Khamenei 27 MAY 2015

Ali Khamenei 27 MAY 2015, 2

Ayatollah Khamenei in a meeting with (IRAN) ‘Majlis’ Speaker and MPs:

29 MAY 2015 Ali Khamenei addresses the Iranian MAJLIS
– If domestic potential is being used, it becomes easy to solve nuclear issue; if we increase the domestic power other issues will be solved too.
– Our stance on nuclear issue is what we stated publicly. The exact same points are being said to officials; these are our basic stance.
– I know that we are facing a lack of resources and sanctions had an impact on this; the solution is to economize and observe financial discipline.

27 MAY 2015 Ali Khamenei addresses the Iranian MAJLIS, 2


The Wheels go Round and Round

Mu trace


Mu prays over Tripoli


Oh Allah, on a Friday night
It rained on the poor ☆☆ sustenance ”
☆☆ rained on the well-being of patients
It rained on the conversion of sinners ☆☆
Rained on ☆☆ pray for forgiveness forgiveness
It rained on the victory of the oppressed ☆☆ ”
It rained on vulnerable ☆☆ force
Dawei ☆☆ our wounds and our pain mm
He supported our ranks and succeeded ☆☆ our purposes
And we set the Dink ☆☆

Showered al-Inarahmh and remission.
(“Knight and Men”)


ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﻤﻌﺔ
ﺍ ﺃﻣﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻔﻘﺮﺍﺀ ☆☆ ﺭﺯﻗــــــﺎ “
ﺃﻣﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﺿﻰ ☆☆ ﻋﺎﻓﻴﺔ
ﺃﻣﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﺻﻴﻦ ☆☆ ﻫﺪﺍﻳﺔ
ﺃﻣﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻐﻔﺮﻳﻦ ☆☆ ﻣﻐﻔﺮﺓ
ﺃﻣﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﻈﻠﻮﻣﻴﻦ ☆☆ ﻧﺼﺮﺍ “
ﺃﻣﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻀﻌﻔﻴﻦ ☆☆ ﻗﻮﺓ
ﺩﺍﻭﻱ ﺟﺮﺍﺣﻨﺎ ☆☆ ﻭﻟﻤﻠﻢ ﺁﻵﻣﻨﺎ
ﻭﺃﻳﺪ ﺻﻔﻮﻓﻨﺎ ☆☆ ﻭﻧﺠﺢ ﻣﻘﺎﺻﺪﻧﺎ
ﻭﺛﺒﺘﻨﺎ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺩﻳﻨﻚ ☆☆
ﻭﺃﻣﻄﺮ عليناﺭﺣﻤﺔ ﻭﻣﻐﻔﺮﻩ

“فارس ورجال”

Ahmed Mohamed al-Zentani:

Who are you?

Yamen claim national (fat cats) and in Ahrarna fronts
Shall make your count yourselves will enjoy Baorezag the Libyan people and you and your children your in hotels, cities and live in all cities in the world, lives Allergd and al-Fajfajh al-Kdabh Baarozk.

The Libyan people are not ashamed, as you are of yourselves; and, you who lived in the shadow of Sir leader and under the legitimate Libyan umbrella.

and now You want to stand with those in the fronts are giving their lives for the redemption of homeland and the people and the Great Jamahiriya and you claim you are you still on al-Ambda; but, you are a Andal Batm home against all the personal interests.

and Annso than provided for that package their lives and are our martyrs and our prisoners and displaced people from the Liberal and Silks who understand that the patriots who did not Atakro of our  homeland, and the citizen who provided for that package, and still provide for Jamahiriya (so beloved) Service…

I would like to tell you that the great conqueror are free from all segments of society. Mzalo give their lives in the nation and we do not need you and tell you you, Tz 1.001 million visits.

And also say that the Great Jamahiriya will return, as it was the best result of the Great Conqueror on whose wings Gsbn Sthacbon you and each of you shame for what you did.

Green will return. Our flag fluttering in the wind on the high land of the free and the land of the first mass led by the commander of the People’s Armed Resistance and his sons are free and Great Conqueror.

O you fat cats, We tell you that the curse of Allah is upon you !!

Allah and Mu’ammar and Libya,

and that the family of Sir leader, and our great conqueror ups, are free (for another reappearance) of the same honorable Greatness.

احمد محمد الزنتانى‎ 

مــــــــــــن أنتـــــــــــــــــم
يامن تدعون الوطنية ( القطط السمان ) واحرارنا في الجبهـــــــــــــات
تحسبون انفسكم تنعمون باأرزاق الشعب الليبي وأنتم وابنائكم تتمتعون في الفنادق والمدن وتعيشون في كافة مدن العالم بحياة الرغد والفخفخة الكدابة باارزق الشعب الليبي ألا تخجلون من أنفسكم وانتم كنتم تعيشون بظل سيدي القائد وتحت مظلة الشرعية الليبية والان لاتريدون الوقوف مع من هم في الجبهات يقدمون حياتهم فداء للوطن والشعب والجماهيرية العظمي وانتم تدعون انكم مازلتم على المبداء وأنما انتم عبارة عن أندال بعتم الوطن مقابل مصالحكم الشخصية ولاننسو من قدمو حياتهم وهم شهدائنا ومعتقلينا والمهجرين من الاحرار والحرائر فهم الوطنيون الذين لم يتاخرو عن خدمة الوطن والمواطن الذين قدمو ولايزالون يقدمون من اجل جماهيريتنا الحبيبة
فأنني اود ان اقول لكم أن احرار الفاتح العظيم من كافة فئات المجتمع مزالو يقدمون حياتهم فداء للوطن ولسنا بحاجة اليكم وأقول لكم طز فيكم مليون الف مرة
وأيضا اقول ان جماهيريتنا ستعود كما كانت واحسن بفعل سواعد الفاتح العظيم غصبن عنكم وستحاسبون كل منكم عما فعلتموه
ستعود رايتنا الخضراء خفاقة عاليا على ارض الحرية ارض اول جماهيرية وبقيادة قائد المقاومة الشعبية المسلحة وأبناءه واحرار الفاتح العظيم
وياايها القطط السمان اقول لكم لعنة الله عليـــــــــــــــكم
اللـــــــــــــــــــــه ومعمـــــــــــــر وليبـــــــــــــيا وعائــــــــــلة سيـــــدي القـــائد واحــــــرار الفـــــــــــاتح العظيــــم وبــــس لااخــــــــــر نفـــــــــــس


imprisoned by evil TRIPOLI – MISURATA WAHHABI insurgents:
Dr Abouzad Dorda, imprisoned by TRIPOLI - MISURATA WAHHABI insurgents



Dr Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi Speaks in Daash Court 20 May 2015


Dr. Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi Describes His Torture at the Hands of Daash Prison Guards

Lawyer Congratulations Krashid:

Dr. Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi was tortured
Tunisia -bwabh Africa News

Tunisian lawyer Mabrouk Krashid confirmed that the former Libyan National Secretary of the ‘General People’s Committee’, Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi was a victim of torture during the suspension, adding that al-Mahmoudi confirmed yesterday this issue during the last session of his trial.

He held Congratulations Krashid in remarks to Radio “mosaic” of the Tunisian own, the Tunisian government responsibility, saying that the defense and sent in writing to the RAT ‘Council of People’s Congress’ to open an investigation into his extradition conditions as is headed by Bmktob Ministry particular that al-Baghdadi to be tried in a military barracks, by the ‘unrecognized Brotherhood government of Justice’, (internationally)’, as he put it.

المحامي مبروك كرشيد: البغدادي المحمودي تعرّض للتعذيب

تونس -بوابة إفريقيا الإخبارية

أكد المحامي التونسي مبروك كرشيد بأن رئيس الوزراء الليبي السابق البغدادي المحمودي كان ضحية للتعذيب خلال إيقافه، مضيفا أن المحمودي أكد أمس هذه المسألة خلال جلسة محاكمته الأخيرة.

وحمّل مبروك كرشيد في تصريحات لإذاعة “موزاييك” التونسية الخاصة ،لحكومة التونسية المسؤولية، قائلا إن هيئة الدفاع وجهت مكتوبا إلى مجلس نواب الشعب لفتح تحقيق في ظروف تسليمه كما توجهت بمكتوب لوزارة العدل خاصة أن البغدادي تتم محاكمته في ثكنة عسكرية من طرف حكومة غير معترف بها دوليا، على حد تعبيره.

كلمة الدكتور البغدادي المحمودي أمام محكمة المليشيات20-5-2015




colin-clive-frankenstein-1930 for clandestine prisons in Janzour, Tripoli
A total of prisoners from one clandestine secret prison at Janzour East, which are supervised by gangs Guenidy, have escaped, and now there is a hunt for those housing prisoners. May the Lord protect them and keeps them safe.
(“Knight and Men”)

USA / CIA-style torture tanks:

typical horror cell in East Janzour, they are converted from al-Qathafi's secret tunnels, into prison cells

typical horror cell in East Janzour, they are converted from al-Qathafi’s secret tunnels, into prison cells. A mother, was convinced that the militias were ‘going around murdering children’, and abducting teenage girls….

NAZI inherited Psychological and physical measures are used on detainees in order to disrupt Circadian rhythms and an individual’s perceptions…and this they learned from Americans, as many of the KHARIJITES who are the prominent base of these militias, were detainees themselves at ‘Guantanam’ and ‘Abu Garhib’ of the Yanks.

Remember the pictures of filthe and torture when Misurata militias were originally cleaned from Gharghour,Tripoli in Nov/ DEC. 2013. They said they would come back; and they surely did in July 2014, when the ‘Dawn Libya” militias fully took over Tripoli.

Violence, terror and corruption are hallmarks of the Misurata Militias in TRIPOLI:





Gharyan, Ifrane and MIZDAH global Google view

The ‘MIZDAH ammunition Store’ exploded and rocked the city of Mizdah. There is news of significant damage in the homes of citizens, and injuries to residents..

Mizdah in Libya (general) (region) with it’s 26,107 habitants. It is about 101 mi (or 162 km) South of Tripoli.

Attack on an Ammunition Depot ?

This depot is in the desert, for stored munitions of a military base up the road. With DUE WARNING GIVEN AHEAD OF TIME, Doctors in Mizdah said that many people, presuming the depot was hit by the Airforce, have been displaced and removed from nearby homes. Uncountable tons of damaged munitions now coat the depot.

At least 20 explosions were heard from the depot. At the depot, the team witnessed or heard at least 20 more in less than three hours. Medical staff members were treating several patients for wounds suffered by the explosions.



Central Committee of the epiphyseal tribes, in Mizdah:

Central Committee of the epiphyseal tribes, in Mizdah







Ms. killed “Fawzia Boukhcam” in the spacious area due to the indiscriminate bullets.

(THIS IS A ‘STOCK-PHOTO’. IT IS NOT an actual picture of what is happening in LAITHI, BENGHAZI now.)






PICTURE: Houthi – Yemeni ‘People’s Committees’ and Army defending Yemen

Houthi - Yemeni 'People's Committees' and Army defending Yemen


Army managed the ‘People’s Committees’ of control over the strategic ‘Mountain Bride’, and cleansed the whole area of al-Qaeda and militia reform.


Photos of ‘Mount bride’ in the strategic province of Taiz, after the Army and ‘People’s Committees’ thoroughly cleansed the area of al-Qaeda and Daash reform ..

Signs of victory coming in from the border:

Army and People’s Committees in control of the Saudi military al-Mazab site and destroy its mechanisms.

– And the flight of the Saudi army soldiers from the site Barbran after its destruction by the tribesmen and ‘People’s Committees’ military Tqman.

– Killing two officers and the Saudis and the destruction of military Tqman snake. (In fact between smudge area and cans site.)

Yahya Ali Sharif, reporting:

Allah is great we took al-Mazab and Aezzaiba, and unfortunately, killed a child, and wound three others; but  fled fifty thousand between an officer and a soldier in Brapran and Srsran and the destruction of 400 set between the military and civilian Walkman in Hanash.

Your blessings Lord at this  site.  So a revolution, and not Balash fiftieth day Nqcefhm and Ndmarham. Kill them victories BARBIE, wins you praise!

it is important this year Snhj freebee as long as Saudi Arabia and became aware Baaydina ‘Bs’ customers who flee there Work points door Riyadh, Jeddah and Meskuhm.

Please, Zlhan, make sure that the strategic interest al-Sbreh came and went in a seismic response, which Ahmana him from the beginning of the aggression.

Army and ‘People’s Committees’ are in total control of the Saudi military ‘al-Mazab’ site and destroyed all their mechanisms of war.

The channel will show scenes from the rally site after the Army took control of the ‘People’s Committees’ of them ….


Army and ‘People’s Committees’ declare control of the area after russet of DAASH and our cleansing of traitors and agents of Satan century.

And advancing toward the level Badmguetl and the arrest of a large number of those infidels named al-Qaeda elements DAASH.

(Secretary-news network)


‘Secretary-news network’, reports:

DAASH-WAHHABI targeting of mosques and worshipers during prayer performance ..

A bomb exploded in a mosque shouting in the capital Sanaa during Friday prayers; which the infidels placed at the tip of the mosque and resulted in the injury of five people …

DAASH is excommunicating those convicted of them ..

And they must be uprooted from the point on the ground ..

The decription of the below video, is biased-Western-propaganda and very terrible…“GOVERNMENT-LOYALISTS” (as the British reporter described this), are the SAUDI /USA terrorist imposed government. 24 SEPTEMBER gave a people’s revolution in Yemen…if anything, the Houthi are loyal to the indigenous Yemeni people...the Hadi ex-government are imposed colonialists.





village of al-QADEEH in QATIF  province

The Shi-ite ‘IMAM ALI mosque’ was blown-up today by a WAHHABI SUICIDE BOMBER and his associates Salool !

Maniac DAASH bomber exploded his bomb belt during prayers honouring revered Shi’ite figure.

Bomber was named on pro-Islamic State accounts as ‘Abu Ali al-Zahrani’.

Horror: Saudi men gather around debris following a blast inside a mosque, in the mainly Shi'ite Saudi Gulf coastal town of Qatif, 400 kms east of Riyadh

Horror: Saudi men gather around debris following a blast inside a mosque, in the mainly Shi’ite Saudi Gulf coastal town of Qatif, 400 kms east of Riyadh.

Abu Ali al-Zahrani, who allegedly blew himself up at a mosque in Saudi Arabia Saudi men gather around debris following a blast inside a mosque, in the mainly Shiite Saudi Gulf coastal town of Qatif, 400 kms east of Riyadh

Terror attack: A photograph posted on social media showed the mutilated body of a young man, said to be the bomber. He was named as Abu Ali al-Zahrani (left) and pictured online by DAASH supporters

The Saudi Interior Ministry, calling the attack an act of terrorism, said the bomber detonated a suicide belt hidden under his clothes, causing a number of people to be ‘martyred or wounded’. 

‘We were doing the first part of the prayers when we heard the blast,’ worshipper Kamal Jaafar Hassan told Reuters by telephone from the scene.

Destruction: One witness described a huge explosion at the Imam Ali mosque in the village of al-Qadeeh in Qatif province where more than 150 people were praying

Destruction: One witness described a huge explosion at the Imam Ali mosque in the village of al-Qadeeh in Qatif province where more than 150 people were praying

Qatif hospital issued an urgent call for blood donations and called in off-duty staff to cope with the high number of casualties, the activist said.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, the first to target Shi’ite Muslims in Saudi Arabia since November when gunmen killed at least eight people in an attack on a Shi’ite religious anniversary celebration.

Pictures posted online showed his mutilated body at site of the explosion

PUBLISHED: 14:47 GMT, 22 May 2015 | UPDATED: 18:59 GMT, 22 May 2015

A DAASH suicide bomber, blew himself up at a Shi’ite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia during Friday prayers, killing around 20 people and wounding more than 70 others.

One witness described a huge explosion at the ‘Imam Ali’ mosque in the village of al-Qadeeh in Qatif province where more than 150 people were praying.

A photograph posted on social media showed the mutilated body of a young man, said to be the bomber.

He was named as Abu Ali al-Zahrani and pictured by Islamic State supporters online. The group has claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter.

Scroll down for video

Horror: Saudi men gather around debris following a blast inside a mosque, in the mainly Shi’ite Saudi Gulf coastal town of Qatif, 400 kms east of Riyadh
Horror: Saudi men gather around debris following a blast inside a mosque, in the mainly Shi’ite Saudi Gulf coastal town of Qatif, 400 kms east of Riyadh

‘Abu Ali al-Zahrani,’ who allegedly blew himself up at a mosque in the Shiite Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi men gather around debris following a blast inside a mosque, in the mainly Shiite Saudi Gulf coastal town of Qatif, 400 kms east of Riyadh
Terror attack: A photograph posted on social media showed the mutilated body of a young man, said to be the bomber. He was named as ‘Abu Ali al-Zahrani’ (left) and pictured online by DAASH supporters

Other pictures showed ambulances and bloodied victims being taken away on stretchers.

A local activist, Naseema al-Sada, said the bomber targeted worshippers as they were commemorating the birth of ‘Imam Hussain’, a revered figure among Shi’ites.

People gather around an ambulance following a suicide attack on the Shi'ite Imam Ali mosque in Saudi Arabia

People gather around an ambulance following a suicide attack on the Shi’ite Imam Ali mosque in Saudi Arabia

A hospital official told Reuters by telephone that ‘around 20 people’ were killed in the attack and more than 50 were under treatment at the hospital, some of them suffering from serious injuries.

He said that a number of other people had been treated and sent home.

In April, Saudi Arabia said it was on high alert for a possible attacks on oil installations or shopping malls.






DAASH USA trained and supplied


News from Russia Today channel
What Osdjkm O Arabs …. !!!

Iraq has viewed an American plane with markings of the logo of the USA based ‘Banzl Supply’, which has given martial-supplies at places under the control of ‘Daash’. A place was raided by the Iraqi Army and has already found weapons with sophisticated US military equipment. Witnesses said that the plane, rather than bombarding DAASH (as Yankee news media reported), flew-in supplies; and that this is rather proof that Yankees are supporting them …


These are not bombs. They are USA manufactured Heavy Military equipment, falling down on DAASH strongholds:


The 4th Media » The ISIS is America’s Dream Rebel Army

US policy paper reveals desire for…


Tony Cartalucci | Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 3:53

Terrorists Supported by America: U.S. Helicopter Delivering Weapons to the Islamic State (DAASH), Shot Down by Iraqi “Popular Forces”

In-depth Report:

US Apache Helicopter massacring Iraqis

The Iraqi popular forces who shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for the ISIL forces in Al-Baqdadi region released the photos of the shot down chopper through the Internet.

A group of Iraqi popular forces known as al-Hashad al-Shabi shot down the US Army helicopter that was carrying weapons for the ISIL in the western parts of al-Baqdadi region in al-Anbar province on Thursday.

Last week, Head of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee Hakem al-Zameli announced that the helicopters of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition were dropping weapons and foodstuff for the ISIL terrorists in the Southern parts of Tikrit.

He underscored that he had documents and photos showing that the US Apache helicopters airdropped foodstuff and weapons for the ISIL.

On Friday the Iraqi security forces regained control of al-Baghdadi district from the ISIL terrorists.

“Iraqi security forces seized control of al-Shohadaa neighborhood and 13 Daesh (ISIL) militants were killed in the clashes,” Lt. Saoud al-Ibeidi said.

Iraqi forces on February 18 managed to end ISIL’s 10-day siege of al-Baghdadi district’s residential area and killed about 150 terrorists, according to police sources.

Last Monday, a senior lawmaker disclosed that Iraq’s army had shot down two British planes as they were carrying weapons for the ISIL terrorists in Al-Anbar province.

“The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL,” al-Zameli said, according to a Monday report of the Arabic-language information center of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.

He said the Iraqi parliament has asked London for explanations in this regard.

The senior Iraqi legislator further unveiled that the government in Baghdad is receiving daily reports from people and security forces in al-Anbar province on numerous flights by the US-led coalition planes that airdrop weapons and supplies for ISIL in terrorist-held areas.

The Iraqi lawmaker further noted the cause of such western aids to the terrorist group, and explained that the US prefers a chaotic situation in Anbar Province which is near the cities of Karbala and Baghdad as it does not want the ISIL crisis to come to an end.

Earlier today, a senior Iraqi provincial official lashed out at the western countries and their regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, revealing that US and Israeli-made weapons have been discovered from the areas purged of ISIL terrorists.

“We have discovered weapons made in the US, European countries and Israel from the areas liberated from ISIL’s control in al-Baqdadi region,” the Al-Ahad news website quoted Head of al-Anbar Provincial Council Khalaf Tarmouz as saying.

He noted that the weapons made by the European countries and Israel were discovered from the terrorists in the Eastern parts of the city of Ramadi.

al-Zameli had also disclosed in January that the anti-ISIL coalition’s planes have dropped weapons and foodstuff for DAASH in Salahuddin, al-Anbar and Diyala provinces.

al-Zameli underlined that the coalition is the main cause of DAASH’s survival in Iraq.

“There are proofs and evidence for the US-led coalition’s military aid to DAASH terrorists through air (dropped cargoes),” he told FNA in January.

He noted that the members of his committee have already proved that the US planes have dropped advanced weaponry, including anti-aircraft weapons, for DAASH, and that it has set up an investigation committee to probe into the matter.

“The US drops weapons for the ISIL on the excuse of not knowing about the whereabouts of the ISIL positions and it is trying to distort the reality with its allegations.

He noted that the committee had collected the data and the evidence provided by eyewitnesses, including Iraqi army officers and the popular forces, and said, “These documents are given to the investigation committee … and the necessary measures will be taken to protect the Iraqi airspace.”

Also in January, another senior Iraqi legislator reiterated that the US-led coalition is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in Iraq.

“The international coalition is only an excuse for protecting the ISIL and helping the terrorist group with equipment and weapons,” Jome Divan, who is member of the al-Sadr bloc in the Iraqi parliament, said.

He said the coalition’s support for the ISIL is now evident to everyone, and continued, “The coalition has not targeted ISIL’s main positions in Iraq.”

In late December, Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission MP disclosed that a US plane supplied the ISIL terrorist organization with arms and ammunition in Salahuddin province.

MP Majid al-Gharawi stated that the available information pointed out that US planes are supplying ISIL organization, not only in Salahuddin province, but also other provinces, Iraq TradeLink reported.

He added that the US and the international coalition are “not serious in fighting against the ISIL organization, because they have the technological power to determine the presence of ISIL gunmen and destroy them in one month”.

Gharawi added that “the US is trying to expand the time of the war against the ISIL to get guarantees from the Iraqi government to have its bases in Mosul and Anbar provinces.”

Salahuddin security commission also disclosed that “unknown planes threw arms and ammunition to the ISIL gunmen Southeast of Tikrit city”.

Also in Late December, a senior Iraqi lawmaker raised doubts about the seriousness of the anti-ISIL coalition led by the US, and said that the terrorist group still received aids dropped by unidentified aircraft.

“The international coalition is not serious about air strikes on ISIL terrorists and is even seeking to take out the popular (voluntary) forces from the battlefield against the Takfiris so that the problem with ISIL remains unsolved in the near future,” Nahlah al-Hababi told FNA.

“The ISIL terrorists are still receiving aids from unidentified fighter jets in Iraq and Syria,” she added.

Hababi said that the coalition’s precise airstrikes are launched only in those areas where the Kurdish Pishmarga forces are present, while military strikes in other regions are not so much precise.

In late December, the US-led coalition dropped aids to the Takfiri militants in an area North of Baghdad.

Field sources in Iraq told al-Manar that the international coalition airplanes dropped aids to the terrorist militants in Balad, an area which lies in Salahuddin province North of Baghdad.

In October, a high-ranking Iranian commander also slammed the US for providing aid supplies to ISIL, adding that the US claims that the weapons were mistakenly airdropped to ISIL were untrue.

“The US and the so-called anti-ISIL coalition claim that they have launched a campaign against this terrorist and criminal group – while supplying them with weapons, food and medicine in Jalawla region (a town in Diyala Governorate, Iraq). This explicitly displays the falsity of the coalition’s and the US’ claims,” Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said.

The US claimed that it had airdropped weapons and medical aid to Kurdish fighters confronting the ISIL in Kobani, near the Turkish border in Northern Syria.

The US Defense Department said that it had airdropped 28 bundles of weapons and supplies, but one of them did not make it into the hands of the Kurdish fighters.

Video footage later showed that some of the weapons that the US airdropped were taken by ISIL militants.

The Iranian commander insisted that the US had the necessary intelligence about ISIL’s deployment in the region and that their claims to have mistakenly airdropped weapons to them are as unlikely as they are untrue.


Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL

Fars News Agency, 23 February 2015

Source: ISIS executes a person who videotaped unidentified aircraft landing brought aid to terrorists 

Shafaq News, 22 February 2015



Chilling !

Dubbed ‘Caliphate Cubs’, the children appear to be little more than 10 years of age….

This group of Young Bosnian- nationalised Americans, sent fire-arms, money, accessories, camouflage uniforms, rifle scope and military boots to aid fellow Bosnian native Ramo Pazara who had joined DAASH in Syria in May 2013.

The younsters are all either naturalized American citizens or have refugee or legal resident status.

Five from the group have been arrested as ‘juvinile deliquents’ in the USA. One is currently oversees, and on the run.

The Universal Green Charter and the Third Universal Theory in Action despite the WAHHABI and ZIONISTA

Third Universal Theory




Green outfit for Mu
قانون رقم 20 لسنة 1991 م بشأن تعزيز الحرية

مؤتمر الشعب العام

تنفيذا ً لقرارات المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية في دور انعقادها العادي الثاني لسنة 1397 و.ر الموافق 1988 م والتي صاغها الملتقى العام للمؤتمرات الشعبية واللجان الشعبية ( مؤتمر الشعب العام ) في دور انعقاده العادي الخامس عشر في الفترة من 25 رجب إلى 2 شعبان 1398 و.ر الموافق من 2 المريخ إلى 1989 م ، وقرارات المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية في دور انعقادها العادي الثاني لعام 1400 و.ر الموافق 1990 م والتي صاغها الملتقى العام للمؤتمرات الشعبية واللجان الشعبية والنقابات والاتحادات والروابط المهنية ( مؤتمر الشعب العام ) في دور انعقاده العادي في الفترة من 29 ذي القعدة إلى 5 من ذي الحجة 1400 و.ر الموافق 11 إلى 17 من شهر الصيف 1991 م.
وبعد الاطلاع على إعلان قيام سلطة الشعب .
وعلى الوثيقة الخضراء الكبرى لحقوق الإنسان في عصر الجماهير .
وعلى المواثيق والعهود الدولية لحقوق الإنسان وحرياته الأساسية .
وعلى القانون رقم (9) لسنة 84 م في شأن تنظيم المؤتمرات الشعبية .
وعلى قرارات المؤتمرات الشعبية والتجمعات بالخارج .
صيغ القانون الآتي :

مادة (1)
المواطنون في الجماهيرية العظمى – ذكورا ً وأناثا ً ، أحرار متساوون في الحقوق لا يجوز المساس بحقوقهم .

مادة (2)
لكل مواطن الحق في ممارسة السلطة وتقرير مصيره في المؤتمرات الشعبية واللجان الشعبية ، ولا يجوز حرمانه من عضويتها أو من الاختيار لأماناتها متى توافرت الشروط المقررة لذلك.

مادة (3)
الدفاع عن الوطن حق وشرف ، لا يجوز أن يحرم منه أي مواطن أو مواطنة .

مادة (4)
الحياة حق طبيعي لكل إنسان ، فلا يجوز تطبيق عقوبة الإعدام إلا قصاصاً، أو على من تشكل حياته خطراً أو فسادا ً للمجتمع .
ويحق للجاني طلب تخفيف العقوبة بأنواع من الفدية مقابل الحفاظ على حياته ، ويجوز للمحكمة قبول ذلك ما لم يكن ذلك ضارا ً بالمجتمع أو منافيا ً للشعور الإنساني .

مادة (5)
الدين علاقة مباشرة مع الخالق دون وسيط ، ومحرم ادعاء احتكار الدين أو استغلاله في أي غرض.

مادة (6)
سلامة البدن حق لكل إنسان ويحظر إجراء التجارب العلمية على جسد إنسان حي إلا بتطوعه .

مادة (7)
التعامل المعادي للمجتمع مع الخارج خيانة كبرى .

مادة (8)
لكل مواطن الحق في التعبير عن آرائه و أفكاره والجهر بها في المؤتمرات الشعبية وفي وسائل الاعلام الجماهيرية ، ولا يُسأل المواطن عن ممارسة هذا الحق إلا اذا استغله للنيل من سلطة الشعب أو لأغراض شخصية .
وتحظر الدعوة للأفكار والآراء سرا ً أو محاولة نشرها أو فرضها على الغير بالاغراء أو بالقوة أو بالإرهاب أو بالتزييف .

مادة (9)
المواطنون أحرار في إنشاء النقابات والاتحادات والروابط المهنية والاجتماعية والجمعيات الخيرية والانضام إليها لحماية مصالحهم أو تحقيق الأغراض المشروعة التي أنشئت من أجلها .

مادة (10)
مواطن حر في اختيار العمل الذي يناسبه بمفرده أو بالمشاركة مع غيره دون استغلال لجهد الغير ودون أن يلحق ضررا ً ماديا ً أو معنويا ً بالآخرين .

مادة (11)
لكل مواطن الحق في التمتع بنتاج عمله ولا يجوز الاقتطاع من ناتج العمل الا بمقدار ما يفرضه القانون للمساهمة في الأعباء العامة أو نظير ما يقدمه إليه المجتمع من خدمات .

مادة (12)
الملكية الخاصة مقدسة يحظر المساس بها إذا كانت ناتجة عن سبب مشروع ودون استغلال للآخرين ودون الاضرار بهم ماديا ً أو معنويا ً ، ويحظر استخدامها بشكل مناف للنظام والآداب العامة ، ولا يجوز نزع الملكية الخاصة إلا لأغراض المنفعة العامة ولقاء تعويض عادل .

مادة (13)
لكل مواطن حق في الانتفاع بالأرض طيلة حياته وحياة ورثته شغلا ً وزراعة ورعيا ً لإشباع حاجاته في حدود جهده ودون استغلال للغير ، ولا يجوز حرمانه من هذا الحق إلا إذا تسبب في إفساد تلك الأرض أو عطل استغلالها .

مادة (14)
لا يجوز سلب أو تقييد حرية أي إنسان أو تفتيشه أو استجوابه إلا في حالة اتهامه بارتكاب فعل معاقب عليه قانونا ً وبأمر من جهة قضائية مختصة وفي الأحوال والمدد المبينة في القانون .
ويكون العزل الاحتياطي في مكان معلوم يحضر به ذوو المتهم ولأقصر مدة لازمة للتحقيق وحفظ الدليل .

مادة (15)
سرية المراسلات مكفولة ، فلا تجوز مراقبتها إلا في أحوال ضيقة تقتضيها ضرورات أمن المجتمع وبعد الحصول على إذن بذلك من جهة قضائية .

مادة (16)
للحياة الخاصة حرمة ، ويحظر التدخل فيها إلا إذا شكلت مساسا ً بالنظام والآداب العامة أو ضررا ً بالآخرين أو إذا اشتكى أحد أطرافها .

مادة (17)
المتهم بريء إلى أن تثبت إدانته بحكم قضائي ، ومع ذلك يجوز اتخاذ الإجراءات القانونية ضده ما دام متهما ً . ويحظر إخضاع المتهم لأي نوع من أنواع التعذيب الجسدي أو النفسي أو معاملته بصورة قاسية أو مهينة أو ماسة بالكرامة الإنسانية .

مادة (18)
تستهدف العقوبة الإصلاح والتقويم والتأهيل والتربية والتأديب والعظة .

مادة (19)
للمساكن حرمة فلا يجوز دخولها أو مراقبتها أو تفتيشها إلا إذا استغلت في إخفاء جريمة أو إيواء مجرمين أو للضرر بالآخرين ماديا ً أو معنويا ً أو إذا استخدمت لأغراض منافية للآداب والتقاليد الاجتماعية بشكل ظاهر ، وفي غير حالات التلبس والاستغاثة لا يجوز دخول البيوت إلا بإذن من جهة مختصة بذلك قانونا ً .

مادة (20)
لكل مواطن وقت السلم حرية التنقل واختيار مكان إقامته ، وله مغادرة الجماهيرية العظمى والعودة إليها متى شاء .
واستثناء من حكم الفقرة السابقة يجوز للمحكمة المختصة إصدار أوامر منع مؤقتة من مغادرة الجماهيرية العظمى .

مادة (21)
الجماهيرية العظمى ملاذ المضطهدين والمناضلين في سبيل الحرية فلا يجوز تسليم اللاجئين منهم لحماها إلى أية جهة .

مادة (22)
حرية الاختراع والابتكار والإبداع مكفولة في حدود النظام والآداب العامة ما لم تكـن ضارة ماديا ً أو معنويا ً.

مادة (23)
لكل مواطن الحق في التعليم والمعرفة واختيار العلم الذي يناسبه ويحظر احتكار المعرفة أو تزييفها لأي سبب .

مادة (24)
لكل مواطن الحق في الرعاية الاجتماعية والضمان الاجتماعي ، فالمجتمع ولي من لا ولي له يحمي المحتاجين والمسنين والعجزة واليتامى ويضمن لغير القادرين على العمل لأسباب خارجة عن إرادتهم وسائل العيش الكريم .

مادة (25)
لكل مواطن ومواطنة الحق في تكوين أسرة أساسها عقد النكاح القائم على رضا الطرفين ولا ينحل إلا برضاهما أو بحكم من محكمة مختصة .

مادة (26)
الحضانة حق الأم ما دامت أهلاً لذلك فلا يجوز حرمان الأم من أطفالها وحرمان الأطفال من أمهم .

مادة (27)
للمرأة الحاضنة حق البقاء في بيت الزوجية مدة الحضانة ، وللرجل حق الاحتفاظ بممتلكاته الشخصية .
ولا يجوز أن يتخذ البيت أو محتوياته أو جزء منه مقابلا ً للطلاق أو الخلع أو داخلا ً في تقديرات مؤخر الصداق .

مادة (28)
للمرأة الحق في العمل الذي يناسبها وألا توضع في موضع يضطرها للعمل بما لا يناسب طبيعتها .

مادة (29)
يحظر استخدام الأطفال في مزاولة أعمال لا تناسب قدراتهم أو تعوق نموهم الطبيعي أو تلحق الضرر بأخلاقهم أو صحتهم سواء كان ذلك من طرف ذويهم أو غيرهم .

مادة (30)

لكل شخص الحق في الالتجاء إلى القضاء وفقاً للقانون،وتؤمن له المحكمة كافة الضمانات اللازمة بما فيها المحامي وله حق الاستعانة بمحام يختاره من خارج المحكمة ويتحمل نفقته.

مادة (31)
القضاة مستقلون لا سلطان عليهم في إحكامهم لغير القانون

مادة (32)

لا يجوز لأي جهة عامة تجاوز اختصاصها والتدخل في أمور غير مكلفة بها، كما لايجوز لأي جهة التدخل في شؤون الضبط القضائي إلا إذا كانت مخولة بذلك قانوناً.

مادة (33)

الأموال والمرافق العامة ملك للمجتمع ، فلا يجوز استخدامها في غير الوجوه المخصصة لها من طرف الشعب.

والوظيفة العامة خدمة للمجتمع ، يحظر استغلالها واستعمال الصفة المستمدة منها لتحقيق أغراض غير مشروعة.

مادة (34)

لا تخضع الحقوق الواردة في هذا القانون للتقادم أو الانتقاص ولا التنازل عنها.

مادة (35)

أحكام هذا القانون أساسية ، ولا يجوز أن يصدر ما يخالفها ، ويعدل كل ما يتعارض معها من تشريعات.

مادة (36)

يفقد التمتع بمزايا هذا القانون كل شخص استعمل طريقة غير قانونية في تحقيق أغراضه.

مادة (37)

يعاقب على الأفعال المجرمة طبقاً لأحكام هذا القانون بالعقوبات المنصوص عليها في قانون العقوبات والقوانين المكملة له التي تصدر تطبيقاً لأحكام الوثيقة الخضراء الكبرى لحقوق الإنسان في عصر الجماهير.

مادة (38)

ينشر هذا القانون في الجريدة الرسمية وفي وسائل الإعلام المختلفة، ويعمل به من تاريخ نشره في الجريدة الرسمية.

مؤتمر الشعب العام
صدر في :22 صفر 1401 و.ر
الموافق : 1 الفاتح 1991 م





TRIUMP of being a true green Muslim The GREEN BOOK Mu's vision of a Green Worldgreen Flag Mu head


Yemen Houthi for Mu Houthi love Mu, 2 Amar al-Ohol, Houthi of Yemen



The United States has created and entrenched a narrow worldview, espousing an attitude that all land and peoples belong to America to use and abuse, to pillage and plunder.



The Ongoing Filthe of the FRENCH REPUBLIC:
Hollande  attends a summit of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 05 May  2015


Earlier in the day, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had said his country and the kingdom were currently working on “20 projects, which may represent several billion euros.”

“These are extremely important prospects that show that the partnership is moving at a new speed with some concrete results,” the French minister added.

French President Francois Hollande has expressed support for Saudi Arabia’s brutal military aggression against Yemen a day after Paris sold 6.3-billion-euro (USD-seven-billion) worth of fighter jets to Qatar.

Addressing a meeting of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) on Tuesday, the French leader said the Riyadh regime could count on the European country’s support in its military campaign against Yemen.

The [P]GCC’s Tuesday summit focused on options to counter the ongoing advance of the Green ‘Popular Committees’, backed by Houthi Ansar-Allah fighters, in Yemen.

During Hollande’s Monday visit to Doha, France signed a deal with Qatar to sell the monarchy 24 Rafale fighter jets worth 6.3 billion euros (6.28€ billion) to the Persian Gulf state.

(PICTURE)Hollande stands beside Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud during the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Riyadh 05 May 2015

Hollande stands beside Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud during the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Riyadh 05 May 2015


2 WAHABI LEADERS, Obama and Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdul Aziz

This Unholy Union was also predicted by Issa (Jesus) in the ‘Gospel of Barnabas’…

Gospel of Barnabas actual picture



Mu in Palestine


Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, 2

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movementreferred to the developments in Iraq, saying the US is seeking to split Iraq under the pretext of fighting the ISIL Takfiri group.

“After the IS [ISIL] seized control of Mosul and started threatening the rest of the provinces and the region, a US-led international coalition was formed to fight it. Back then we said that the US is not serious in fighting the IS [ISIL] and that it would utilize the threat of the IS [ISIL] in the region to realize its own scheme for the region. We said that the US has a scheme to fragment these regions on sectarian and ethnic basis — Arabs, Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites,” Nasrallah added.

Nowadays, the Americans have revealed their true intentions through their attempt to bestow legitimacy on the fragmentation of Iraq, and this is what the US Congress is trying to do, he noted.

The draft of a US annual defense bill, which was released on 27 April 2015 by the House Armed Services Committee, urges the US government to recognize separate Kurdish and Sunni states and provide them with at least 25 percent of the USD-715-million aid money allegedly planned to be given to the Iraqi government to help it fight the ISIL terrorist group.

The draft bill also says the figure could even amount to 60 percent of the money, about 384.68€ million.

The bill mandates that “the Kurdish Peshmerga, the Sunni tribal security forces with a national security mission, and the Iraqi Sunni National Guard be deemed a country,” adding that doing so “would allow these security forces to directly receive assistance from the United States.”

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah quote




Saudi Arabia targets Yemen to save Wahhabism: Pundit

The ongoing War is aimed at the ongoing advance of the ‘Popular Committees’ backed by GREEN Houthi Ansarullah fighters, in Yemen (who follow the ‘Third Universal Theory’ of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi of Libya).

The [P]GCC’s Tuesday summit focused on options to counter the ongoing advance of the Popular Committees, backed by Houthi ‘Ansar-Allah’ fighters, in Yemen.

PICTURE: ‘Kitab al-Akhdar’ of Muammar al-Qathafi is for everyone who fears and loves Allah.

'The Green Book' (Kitab al-Akhdar) of Muammar al-Qathafi

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 6:18PM

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, delivers a speech on the latest developments in the Middle East on May 5, 2015.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, delivers a speech on the latest developments in the Middle East on 05 May  2015.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, says the al-Saud regime has failed to achieve its goals in its brutal military aggression against the Yemeni nation.

“Tell me about a single objective that has been achieved. Has Saudi Arabia restored their puppet ‘so-called legitimacy’ in Yemen? Has it managed to prevent the expansion of the Yemeni army and popular committees? Has it confiscated the arms of Ansarullah? Has it been able to return [former fugitive-puppet Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh] Mansur Hadi to his country?” Nasrallah asked in a televised address on the latest developments in the region on Tuesday.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, 3

Riyadh launched its military aggression against its southern neighbor on March 26 – without a United Nations mandate – in a bid to undermine Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement and to restore power to their puppet Hadi, a staunch ally of Saudis.

Saudi soldiers fire artillery towards the border with Yemen, 21 April 2015. © AP

The Hezbollah chief rejected as lies the Riyadh regime’s claims of victory in the war on Yemen, asking, “Do Arab citizens accept such deception and misinformation? As an Arab citizen I want information about the objectives that were allegedly realized.”

He further said the Saudi kingdom seeks to gain dominance over Yemen by launching a bloody war on the neighboring nation, saying, “Have they managed to achieve their real objective by restoring their hegemony over Yemen?”

He lauded Yemeni people’s resistance against the Saudi aggression, saying Riyadh could not weaken the Yemenis.

“We are before a clear and obvious Saudi failure and a clear Yemeni victory. This is the result of the firmness and steadfastness of the Yemenis,” the Hezbollah chief said.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, 1

On 21 April 2015, Riyadh announced the end of the first phase of its military operation, but airstrikes have continued with Saudi bombers targeting different areas across the country in a new phase.

area on Faj Attan Hill and Aser mountain following a Saudi airstrike on 06 April 2015 in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a

area on Faj Attan Hill and Aser mountain following a Saudi airstrike on 06 April 2015 in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a

The Saudis claim the airstrikes only target military positions. However, reports show civilians and infrastructure in civilian areas are being attacked. Recent reports also show Saudis have used cluster munitions in the northern province of Sa’ada.

The attacks have so far killed over 1,200 Yemenis, including many women and children, and injured thousands of others.

Riyadh declared the end of “Decisive Storm” operation against Yemen and announced the beginning of a new phase dubbed “Operation Restoring Hope.”

“The launch of Operation Renewal of Hope was an attempt to cover up for the failure of the first round of the war against Yemen,” Sayyed NasrAllah stressed.

He further criticized Saudi Arabia and its backers in the aggression against Yemen for their hypocrisy in the war and blocking humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people.

“They claimed that they want to fight terrorism but they are offering arms to al-Qaeda and bombing the popular committees to prevent them from reaching the regions where al-Qaida is operating. They have prevented any humanitarian aid from reaching Yemen,” he stressed.

Nasrallah added that the main reason behind the assault on Yemen is “that Saudi Arabia is seeking hegemony.”

He further praised the victories by Yemeni people, calling on the international community to step up efforts to help the Yemenis.

“The world has a responsibility to confront this aggression’s repercussions at the humanitarian level,” the Hezbollah chief added, condemning Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Yemeni and destroying the infrastructure of the country.

He said, “Exerting pressure by killing children and women is a futile policy.”



Thursday, 26 March 2015 9:31AM

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ralph Schoenman, political commentator and author of “Hidden History of Zionism” from Berkeley, to discuss the aerial assault by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen.

The al-Arabiya News Channel reported on Thursday that Saudi Arabia has deployed “100 fighter jets, 150,000 soldiers and other navy units” for its war on Yemen.

According to Yemeni sources, the ongoing Saudi airstrikes on Yemen claimed the lives of at least 13 civilians, with more deaths feared.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry has announced that 6 Persian Gulf nations along with 4 unnamed countries have participated in the coordinated attacks on Yemen, Schoenman tells Press TV, adding that the United States has cooperated in the offensives by providing Saudi Arabia with “logistical and intelligence” support.

The analyst points out that the attack is an imperial onslaught for the Saudi dominance and control over Yemen as well as the region.

“They are coordinating in this very particular time when the [nuclear] negotiations between the United States and Iran are coming to a conclusion,” he noted.

Referring to the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, Schoenman says the Shia Houthis are the target of the attacks as they have been objecting to the Saudi interference in their country’s affairs.

There is no evidence of any enthusiasm for the Saudi invasion of Yemen among the population at large, Schoenman concludes.


Tuesday 05 May 2015 6:27AM

Saudi military vehicles patrol near the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border, in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Jizan Province, April 13, 2015. (© AFP)

Saudi military vehicles patrol near the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border, in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Jizan Province, April 13, 2015. (© AFP)

A report says armed Yemeni tribesmen have taken control of four military posts in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Citing Yemeni sources, the Lebanese Al-Manar channel reported on Tuesday that members of Yemeni tribes entered Saudi soil from Yemen’s northwestern Sa’ada Province and took control of the military posts in Najran and Jazan regions.

The report added that several Saudi troops were detained by the Yemeni tribesmen as well.

Riyadh has not commented on the report.

The development comes amid the continuation of Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen.

Yemeni media say different areas of Sa’ada were hit by 50 rockets overnight. Earlier, Hajjah Province came under attack.

On Monday, dozens of people were reportedly killed or injured in airstrikes on the southern province of Ibb.

Elsewhere in the southern Aden Province, an airport was hit more than 150 times.

houses destroyed in an overnight Saudi airstrike on a residential area in Saan, Yemen, a child digs for his family
A Yemeni man grabs a child by his clothes as he searches for survivors under the rubble from the houses destroyed in an overnight Saudi airstrike on a residential area in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, 01 May 2015. (© AFP)


Saudi’s non-stop war on Yemen has severely destroyed the country’s infrastructure, making the delivery of humanitarian aid nearly impossible.

International rights groups are warning of a huge humanitarian catastrophe if the relief operations come to a halt.

In Saudi Arabia’s bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement

and retain puppet-control over Yemen, evidence shows Saudi Arabia has used

cluster munitions in Sa’ada in recent weeks.

Press TV Interview: Saudis Attack Yemen With US Arms

Click on Link Below to Listen:

USA is reason war exists against Yemen

US-backed Saudi Forces Dropped Cluster Bombs on Yemeni Villages

Cluster Bombs and Civilian Lives: "Efficient Killing", Profits and Human Rights

War planes with the US-backed, Saudi-led Arab war coalition dropped illegal cluster munitions amongst several groups of villages in northern Yemen, a report released this week by Human Rights Watch found.

Human Rights Watch found remnants of BLU 108 canisters, fired from a CBU 105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon, in the al-Safraa area of Yemen’s Sadaa province. Evidence of extensive cluster bomb use was found on a plateau less than 1 kilometer away from “four to six village clusters,” inhabited by thousands of people each, HRW found. The alleged use of illegal weapons was corroborated by video footage, photographs, and analysis of satellite imagery.

“These weapons should never be used under any circumstances. Saudi Arabia and other coalition members – and the supplier, the US – are flouting the global standard that rejects cluster munitions because of their long-term threat to civilians,”

according to Human Rights Watch arms director Steve Goose.

“Saudi-led cluster munition airstrikes have been hitting areas near villages, putting local people in danger.”

The Sensor Fuzed cluster weapon systems works by spreading four submunitions across a target area, each of which then automatically identifies and locks onto a potential target such as a vehicle or structure. The bomblets themselves are geared to explode above ground for maximum effect, and are tailored to generate a downward explosive force that cover the target and surrounding area in hot shrapnel and flames. The US government has transferred the CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE in recent years, and the weapons were manufactured by an American firm, Textron Systems Corporation.

Cluster munitions have been banned by an international treaty signed in 2008 treaty called the Convention on Cluster Munitions, signed in Dublin by over 100 governments. Saudi Arabia, US, and the recently deposed US and Saudi-backed Yemen government were among the small number of ultra-militarist governments that refused to sign a 2008 agreement between 118 countries seeking to ban cluster bombs.

In comments to AFP Sunday, Pentagon official defended sale of cluster bombs on grounds that all states purchasing cluster weapons are required to sign agreements not to use the weapons in areas “where civilians are known to be present.”

Sensor Fuzed model used against villagers in northern Yemen was first deployed by the US military during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Incendiary and chemical weapons such as white phosophorous, which was dropped on civilians areas indiscriminately during the 2004 US punitive assault against the population of the Baghdad suburb of Falljuah, and napalm, widely used in US imperialism’s war against Vietnam, are typically deployed using cluster systems.

Thousands of tons worth of cluster munitions were dropped on Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos by the US Air Force and Navy during the 1960s and 1970s. The US dropped some 260 million bomblets on Laos between 1964 and 1973, some 80 million are estimated to have not exploded, remaining dispersed across the land. Civilians and especially children are regularly killed by explosives leftover from the US war, including cluster bombs and mines, themselves frequently deployed via cluster systems.

US forces also dropped thousands of cluster bombs, including a total of more than 200,000 submunitions, during 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. During an after the 2003 “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” the US led assault deployed more than 2 million submunitions against targets inside Iraq. The NATO powers also used the illegal weapons during the bombing of Yugoslavia by the Clinton administration at the end of the 1990s.

Many cluster munitions carry a cache of hundreds and even thousands of smaller submunitions, which in many cases do not explode immediately and become effective land minds.

Cluster weapons often combine both “anti-personnel” bomblets (designed to kill and maim individual human targets) with “anti-armor” ones (designed to destroy tanks and armored vehicles). The widespread pattern of small explosions that the submunitions produce has earned the weapons the military nickname of “popcorn” and “fire crackers.” Chemical and incendiary weapons including white phosphorus and napalm are often deployed via cluster systems.

Cluster munitions were first deployed on a large scale during the Second World War, by both the Nazi regime and the “democratic” imperialist powers. Nazi forces used the so-called “butterfly bomb,” named for the shape of the container after it had released its submunitions, against both civilian and military targets. Cluster-type systems were used by the US and allied imperialist governments to blanket urban areas in Germany and Japan with flammable explosions, a tactic geared to produce massive firestorms.

Israel and US are top producers of cluster bombs worldwide. As many as 30 countries may have received cluster munitions from the US totaling hundreds of thousands. According to some estimates, Israel used as many as 4 million submunitions against Lebanon during the 1978 invasion and the protracted occupation that followed.

There are signs that the Saudis and the Gulf monarchies are further escalating their savage military actions against Yemen.

Saudi had vowed a ceasefire and political deal to end the war on April 21, but strikes by the coalition began again the very next day, and has since greatly intensified its bombing runs against cities and towns across the country. New contingents of ground troops trained by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are reported to be in Yemen, where they are engaging in combat with the Houthis. The deployments may be the opening phase of a Saudi ground invasion.

Large areas of the country have already been laid waste by the fighting on the ground between militant groups and weeks of heavy bombing by the Saudi-led alliance. At least 1,200 killed and 5,000 wounded by bombing campaign, according to World Health Organization statistics. Aid groups state that the real death toll may be much higher, but conditions on the ground make it impossible to get an accurate count at present.

Saudi planes have carried out 70 percent of strikes against Yemen, according to a spokesman for the Saudi coalition. In this, the Saudis have received extensive and growing support from the US military, which has surveilled targets and providing logistical support in coordination with the Saudi-led coalition, in addition to providing billions of dollars worth of up to date US made military hardware.

The Obama administration is working closely with sections of the Saudi, Gulf and Iranian elites in an effort to forge a comprehensive political settlement that will re-stabilize US imperialism’s hegemonic position in the Middle East. Yemen’s population is being treated as a bargaining chip in the process, with all parties seeking to utilize the growing bloodbath to strengthen their positions against rivals in the regional and global arenas.

Henderson says “the Saudis wouldn’t be able to do what they’re doing in Yemen without arms coming in from the US.”

Political commentator Dean Henderson believes that Saudi Arabia would not be able to continue its aggression in Yemen if the US stopped arming the kingdom.

Henderson made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Monday when asked about the remarks by a Pentagon official in support of supplies of cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia, which has used them in Yemen against civilians.

“It’s no surprise, it’s just the continuation of this military industrial complex that survives by control over oil in the Middle East,” Henderson said, noting “this relationship we have with the Saudis is all based on oil extraction.”

“The Saudis wouldn’t be able to do what they’re doing in Yemen without arms coming in from the US enabling them to do that,” he opined.

He said US weapons manufacturers are going to “sell anything and everything they can to the Saudis and really anybody else that wants to buy it, it’s just the way it is, these people have no morals they have no problems about supporting dictatorships as long as they get a check for some weapons.”

The reason why Saudi Arabia and certain other Arab countries stay in power is the weapons the US sends “into the region and the thing would be the same for the Israelis, they would not survive a day without the US weaponry and the help they get from the West.”

“They just arm these people to the teeth, they get any kind of weaponry they want, they aren’t necessarily allowed to operate those weapons if they are too advanced, then you’ll see US personnel are operating those weapons, operating the command control systems in those countries.”

Human Rights Watch said on Sunday that Saudi forces used US-supplied cluster bombs against civilians in Yemen.

The rights group said it had evidence that the cluster munitions, which are prohibited by a 2008 treaty adopted by more than 100 countries, were used at least twice in Saada province in Yemen’s northern mountains in recent weeks.

“We take all accounts of civilian deaths due to the ongoing hostilities in Yemen very seriously,” the Defense Department official said.

The United States is providing logistical and intelligence support to Saudi airstrikes in Yemen.



Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Russian deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African

Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (R) and Russian deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov

An Iranian deputy foreign minister and his Russian counterpart have called for a halt to Saudi Arabia’s onslaught on Yemen so that humanitarian aid could be sent to the war-torn country.

In a phone conversation on Tuesday, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov  also stressed the need for a political solution in Yemen.

They also expressed their concerns over a surge of terrorist activity in the Arab country. (USA and her allies have been dropping arms and ammo to the al-Qaeda groups.)

Both diplomats went on to reaffirm their countries’ mutual support for negotiations among all concerned parties in the Yemen conflict at a location accepted by those involved in the crisis.

Saudi Arabia is continuing its brutal airstrikes against Yemen despite the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the impoverished country.

Saudi Arabia has also been blocking aid to Yemen.

Last month, it prevented two Iranian civilian planes from delivering medical aid and foodstuff to the Yemeni people.



The Saudi military campaign has claimed the lives of over 1,000 people so far and injured several thousand others. Hundreds of women and children are among the victims, according to the United Nations health agency.


Sun 29 March 2015 5:45PM

Saana airport, 26 MARCH 2015, hundreds of Yemeni buried alive

(© AFP) Saana airport, 26 MARCH 2015, hundreds of Yemeni buried alive.


Thursday, 26 March 2015 10:13AM


A Yemeni man stands above debris at the site of a Saudi air strike near Sanaa Airport on March 26, 2015. © AFP

Press TV has conducted an interview with Seif Da’na, professor at the University of Wisconsin from Chicago, for his take on the airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemeni people.

Da’na warned that the assault might amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen, because the attackers have no right to enter the Yemeni airspace in the first place, let alone kill innocent children and civilians.

At least 13 civilians, including women and children, were killed in the Saudi-led air raids overnight, a Yemeni source said.

“Just last month, a resolution that was proposed by the Saudis and other countries in the region to the Security Council failed to pass. So there is no international legitimacy,” the analyst maintains.

He further argued, “The only kind of legitimacy they claim to have is that they have consulted with the US and they have the US support and some sort of green light from the US, but such  coordination with the US doesn’t give any legitimacy to such an act.”

Da’na also ruled out some media propaganda which say Yemenis welcome such attacks by the Saudis, noting that the Yemeni people would basically condemn such intervention as nobody wants other countries to invade their country.


The Pashtuni




The Pashtun, or Pushtun, are a race of warriors who live primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They consist of about sixty tribes, each with its own territory. Although their origin is unclear, their legends say that they are the descendants of Afghana, grandson of King Saul.

Malak (Malik) Afghana

Afghana (born ~ 1000 BC), also known as Malak Afghana was according to Afghan (Pukhtun/Pashtun) tribal traditions a Bani Israel (Israelite) prince and is the legendary progenitor of the Pashtun people (Afghans).

The word Afghan is considered to be derived from his name.

House of King Saul [Hazrat Talut]

According to the Tanakh, Saul was the son of Kish (Bible), of the family of the Matrites, and a member of the tribe of Benjamin, one of the twelve [12 Tribes of Israel].

[ bibleverse |1|Samuel|9:1-2|, |1|Samuel|10:21|, |1|Samuel|14:51|, |Acts|13:21|]
He came from Gibeah.

Saul married Ahinoam, daughter of Ahimaaz. They had four sons and two daughters. The sons were Jonathan (Samuel), Abinadab, Malchishua and Ish-bosheth. Their daughters were named Merab and Michal.

[bibleverse|1|Samuel|14:51|] lists three sons – Jonathan, and Ishvi, and Malchi-shua – and the two daughters. But see also [bibleverse|2|Samuel|2:8| & |1|Chronicles|8:33|]

Saul also had a concubine named Rizpah, daughter of Aiah, who bore him two sons, Armoni and Mephibosheth. [bibleverse|2|Samuel|21:8|]

Saul was slain at the Battle of Mount Gilboa [bibleverse|1|Samuel|31:3-6|, |1|Chronicles|10:3-6|], and was buried in Zelah, Judea, in the region of Benjamin in modern-day Israel. [bibleverse|2|Samuel|21:14|]
When Saul first became king, he followed Samuel’s bidding. Eventually, as Saul disobeyed God, God told Samuel to anoint a new king.

Afghan oral traditions, legends and Historian and scholars especially Muslim writers suggest that King Saul [Talut] had five sons not four. The fifth being Irmia (Jeremia).

Malik Afghana

Afghana always referred to as Malak (Hebrew for leader or king). Malak Afghana was the grandson of king Saul (Talut). Afghana was the son of Irmia (Jeremia), and Irmia (Jeremia) in turn was the son of Saul (Talut).

It is mentioned that Afghana was orphaned at a young age, and brought up by king David. When Solomon became king, Afghana was promoted as the commander-in-chief of the army.

Additionally, he is also credited with the building of the first temple [Beyt/Bayt al Muqaddis].

Malak Afghana, grandson of Malak (King) Saul (Talut) who was King Solomon’s Commander-in-Chief, and builder of his temple in BC 1005.

The son of Berkia was Afghan (or Afghana), and the son of Irmia was …Afghana made frequent excursions to the mountains, ….

According to Tadhkirat al-Muluk, Malik Afghan sought refuge and safe haven in the place known as Takht-i-Sulaiman and generations later, Qays ‘Abd al-Rashid a descendant of Malik Afghan embraced Islam.

Qais Abdur Rashid

Qais Abdur Rashid (575 – 661) also known as Kesh, Qesh and Imraul Qais is the legendary ancestor of the Afghan (Pashtun) race, the first Ethnic Pashtun who travelled to[Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia during the early days of Islam.

Qais Abdur Rashid’s pedigree ascended in a series of thirty-seven degrees to King Talut (Saul) through Afghana.


According to legend, Malak Afghana after his death was buried in Ghowr, Afghanistan.

In other folklore however, Qais Abdur Rashid in his old age, when he felt his time was near, asked his sons, to bury him in the Sulaiman Mountains (Zhob) at the spot where his ancestor Malak Afghana was buried.

Pashtuns are from the “Lost Tribes of Israel” thus JEWS! They have origin in the ancient tribes of Israel / Anthropologist finds many similarities – SFGate

Quote- According to Shalva Weil, there is considerable body of evidence suggesting that the Pathan ethnic group, is one of the fabled “10 lost tribes” of ancient Israel. Indeed, as recently as half a century ago, Pathan tribesmen themselves claimed that they were descended from wandering Jews.

The Pashtun have played an important role in the history of their region. From their community have come Muslim rulers, administrators, and soldiers. While many have moved out of the highlands in search of an easier life on the plains, their mountainous homeland continues to be their citadel of strength and freedom.

The Pashtun are said to be elegant, colorfully attired, hospitable, considerate, fierce in hatred, and kind in friendship. Though very dedicated to their religious beliefs, they are also fond of pleasure. They are known for their marksmanship and their love of honor.

What are Their Lives Like?
Most of the Pashtun live in southern and central Asia. Their homes lie along a chain of barren, rugged mountains (the Indus and the Hindu Kush) and the Syistan Plateau of Iran. Large Pashtun communities can also be found in ten other countries.

At the core of Pashtun society is the extended family. Each family group owns its land and lives in a fortified residence called a qala. Every qala is divided into two areas: a general living area and the private living quarters. A high wall in the middle separates the two areas.

Distinctive tribal customs and traditions also form an integral part of Pashtun society. The true essence of their culture can be seen in the “code of ethics” that they live by. This unwritten code is called Pushtunwali (“the way of the Pushtun”), and is close to the heart of every Pashtun.

Pushtunwali is followed religiously, and it includes the following practices: melmastia (hospitality and protection to every guest); nanawati (the right of a fugitive to seek refuge, and acceptance of his bona fide offer of peace); badal (the right of blood feuds or revenge); tureh (bravery); sabat (steadfastness); imandari (righteousness); ‘isteqamat (persistence); ghayrat (defense of property and honor); and namoos (defense of one’s women).

Pashtun men usually wear sleeveless, embroidered vests over long sleeved, cotton shirts that are buttoned at one shoulder and hung over baggy trousers. They also wear unique turbans which are tied in such a way to indicate tribal identity. In certain inaccessible regions, rifles, pistols, knives, and other weapons are considered essential items of dress. The women wear basically the same type clothing as the men, but they generally use more colorful material.

The Pashtun tribes range from the highly educated who live in cities to tent-dwelling nomads. Although their societies are based on tribal traditions, the Pashtun who live in cities or villages have a different attitude towards social status than do the nomads. This is because the villages are made up of both Pashtun and non-Pashtun peoples. In most cases, the Pashtun are the landowners.

Members of the wealthier Pashtun families will occasionally farm or tend the animals but they will not engage in any other occupation within the village. The men usually perform the more difficult tasks outside the home, while the women are responsible for the things within the home.

Traditionally, inheritances are divided equally among all the sons. The daughters are usually excluded, in spite of the clear teachings in the Koran concerning such matters. A daftari is a man who possesses a share in the tribal lands and has a voice in tribal councils. Such a person is regarded with high esteem in Pashtun society.

What are Their Beliefs?
The majority of Pashtun are Muslims. Islam came to them as a great liberating and unifying force, freeing them from the cult of Brahminism and the harshness of Buddhism. For this reason, their underlying faith and steadfast devotion to Islam are very strong.

Fiercely hostile to British rule, the Faqir of Ipi whose real name was Mirza Ali Khan, made an impassioned call for holy war.”

Pukhtoonistan and Faqir of Ipi

Faqir of Ipi (Mirza Ali Khan–his real name) was born in 1897 in a hamlet called Kurta (Maddi Khel) at a distance of about one kilometer from Khajuri Camp on the Bannu-Miranshah Road. He belonged to the famous Turi Khel clan of the Wazir tribe of North Waziristan Agency of Turi Khel: he came from Bangal Khel subsection of Maddi Khel section. He was a descendant of Musa Darwesh, commonly known as Musa Nikeh (Musa, the grandfather).
His father Sheikh Arsala Khan and grandfather Mohammad Ayaz Khan were highly religious men of the area. It was but natural that young Mirza Ali Khan bore a conspicuous religious stamp on his personality. Like other tribal children, Mirza Ali Khan got his early education in Arabic, Persian, Pushto and Urdu from his father and the village Mullah. He was twelve when his father died leaving a family of seven, consisting of his mother, three younger brothers and three sisters. After the death of the village Mullah, he moved to the nearby Daur country Hasso Khel and Haidar Khel- in pursuit of Knowledge. There Maulvi Manay Jan Daur and Maulvi Alam Khan IPI Daur Taught him.

Getting basic knowledge in teb (Homeopathy) and theology, Mirza Ali Khan went to Nurar Village in Bannu Tehsil, where he spent some years with Maulvi Gul Kheodad, a prominent leader of the Khilafat Movement. As his thirst for knowledge could not be quenched in those traditional local centers of learning, he continued his search for a true teacher and a guide. He went to various Khanqahs and madrassahs of contemporary saints and scholars of Peshawar, Kohat, Khost and Jalabad. It was at Jalabad that he became a Mureed of Sayed Hassan, commonly known as Naqib Sahib of Jalabad, a prominent Sufi and Gadi Nashin of the Qadariyya order in Afghanistan. Impressed by the piety and obedience of Mirza Ali Khan, Naqib Sahib bestowed upon him his robe of lieutenancy. Thus in the company of Naqib Sahib, Mirza Ali Khan reconstructed his religious and temporal thoughts and decided to go back to his native village.

In Afghanistan, Mirza Ali khan had the opportunity of meeting Qari Hayat-ud-Din alias Sherdad Bannuchi who had migrated to Afghanistan along with his family during the Hijrat Movement of 1920. Upon the requests of his friends, Mirza Ali Khan entered the wedlock with his daughter. He left Afghanistan along with his wife and returned to his native hamlet in Waziristan. On his arrival, some Daurs of village Ipi invited him to their village for permanent settlement. Mirza Ali Khan accepted the invitation and shifted with his family to Ipi. Inhabitants of Ipi gifted him a house and a mosque. He busied himself in imparting religious education and spiritual guidance to poor illiterate people. Hence, the mosque became a centre of knowledge in theology and blessing in spiritualism in Waziristan and the surrounding areas. It was after his arrival from Afghanistan that Mirza Ali Khan performed Hajj.

Political Life
Waziristan was a chronic problem for the British administration in the Frontier province. It was but natural that after coming to Waziristan, Mirza Ali Khan could not remain unsusceptible and indifferent to politics at the provincial as well as all India level. His own approach to the Indian political cauldron was two pronged. In that he seemed bogged down in political duality, if not in character dichotomy, as his detractors would make us believe.

He could not help siding with the swarajist elements in the province. Most of them happened to be in the Congress camp, e.g., the Khudai Khidmatgars and the Jamiat-ul-Ulama. This extremist anti-British group, which was more in line with the Congress rather than with the Muslim League, easily gained the support of Mirza Ali Khan. The former gave him all out backing as long as he could mobilise his followers against the British Forces in Waziristan. This was one anti-British (Raj) and that of a freedom fighter who believed most in military power than in political solutions.
Another aspect of Mirza Ali Khan’s political life was that even when he supported Congress for its struggles for freedom, he seemed to the Congressites like a rank communalist. In all the religious and political brawls between Hindus and Muslims, he sided with his co-religious group for which he was accused of preaching communalism. In communal incidents like that of the Shaheed Ganj Mosque in Lahore, Nationalist leaders of the Frontier province like Abdul Ghaffar Khan adopted non-communalist stance and advocated Hindu-Muslim unity, whereas Mirza Ali Khan came out openly against what seemed to him as the Hindus hate for Muslims.
His contemporary critics, both Hindus and Muslims, could not understand the two conflicting stances of Mirza Ali Khan. While he supported the Congress movement despite his animosity towards Hindus in their communal tussle with Muslims, he stood firmly beside his co-religionists in defence of the Muslim rights and honour although he was not in favour of the Muslim League.
To ignite communal frenzy, and as bad luck would always have it in such circumstances, an incident took place that worsened further the communal tension between hindus and Muslims in the province. It engulfed the entire Bannu District and drew attention of Muslims and Hindus all over India. It involved the ruling Congress Party led by Doctor Khan Sahib and the opposition Muslim League led by Sardar Aurangzeb khan so much that the latter used the incident as a propaganda tool against the former in the Frontier Province.

The case of Islam Bibi

In March 1936, however, came the turning point in the Faqir’s career. The incident was the trial case of the so-called ‘Islam Bibi’,the crisis was triggered by the conversion and marriage of a 15-year-old Hindu girl Ram Kori, named and known as Islam Bibi, to a Pashtun school teacher Syed Amir Noor Ali Shah of Bannu. A minor girl still, the British Resident of Waziristan and the Brigade Commander Bannu applied strong political pressure on the Torikhel and Madda Khel Waziris for the release of the girl. The next morning two companies of Tochi Scouts surrounded the village holding Islam Bibi, and a flight of fully armed RAF Audaxes circled overhead in a show of force. The tribal elders acceded to the Political Agent’s plea to allow Islam Bibi to declare her decision in front of a Jirga comprising both sides. Before such a Jirga could be arranged, however, the Deputy Commissioner of Bannu, with the concurrence of the NWFP Government, somehow managed to whisk Islam Bibi and her parents away into the interior of the Punjab.
The school teacher was accused of abduction and arrested. The case reached the court in Bannu city ‘amid a blaze of publicity.’ The trial magistrate found no evidence to suggest that Islam Bibi left her home under compulsion. Noor Ali Shah’s claim to the girl’s custody was dismissed as he could not prove ‘legal marriage’. He received two years imprisonment for abduction. This verdict proved the trigger for the Faqir. “In 1937, the tribesmen rose in rebellion against the British forces, in response to a call for jihad by the Faqir of Ipi, a tribal leader who exercised both religious and temporal powers. The tribal insurrection started after the British forces engineered the escape of a Hindu girl kidnapped by a young Pashtun and taken to Waziristan. The girl had reportedly converted to Islam and taken the name of Islam Bibi before marrying the boy. The British authorities somehow managed to whisk away the girl and the incident was taken as an unforgivable insult to the tribal elders. Fiercely hostile to British rule, the Faqir of Ipi whose real name was Mirza Ali Khan, made an impassioned call for holy war.”

The emergence of Pakistan as an independent state revived the old question of the Durand Line which had not been clearly demarcated in certain areas. In July 1947, the Kabul Government sent a note to London, demanded that “the Pukhtoons and Baluchis should be given the choice to opt either for indepence or for a union with Afghanistan.”
Some of the Frontier nationalist leaders like Abdul Ghaffar Khan and his partymen who had fought against the Britishers as foreign intruders, showed no desire to become a part of the new state of Pakistan. On June 21,1947, Abdul Ghaffar Khan convened a party meeting at Bannu and the following resolution, called the Bannu resolution, was passed.
“A joint meeting of the Frontier Jirga (Frontier provincial committee), members of the Assembly, Commanders of the Khudai Khidmatgars and the Zalme Pukhtoon was held on the 21st of June, 1947 at Bunnu with Khan Amir Mohammad Khan in the chair. This joint session unanimously decided that here in this country (NWFP) an independent Government of all the Pukhtoons shall be established, the constitution of which will be based on Islamic principles of democracy, equality and social justice. This session appealed to all pakhdtoons to unite together on one platform to achieve this noble aim and not to bow before the power of anybody except that of the Pukhtoon.”
At a big public meeting the following day, Abdul Ghaffar Khan declared that the Frontier Congress would not take part in the proposed Referendum.
On 12thMay, 1948, the Faqir of Ipi published and issued an anti Pakistan poster from his headquarters in Gurwek. In that poster, he claimed that “Pakistan was a creation of the British and Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a British agent.” He further declared that he would start an operation against the Government of Pakistan.
On 15th June, Abdul Ghaffar khan was arrested near Bahader Khel when he was on his way to the southern districts. Charges of sedition and the planning to declare an independent Pukhtoonistan state in cooperation with the Faqir of Ipi were leveled against him. The next day he was put on a summary trial under section 40 of the Frontier crimes Regulations by the Deputy commissioner Kohat. On refusing to furnish security for good behaviour, he was sentenced to three years of rigorous imprisonment.
The Frontier government issued a long press communiqué charging that the Faqir of Ipi with a small group of hostile men, on June 15, (1948) started attacking a few posts in North Waziristan. The coincidence of this hostile action by the Faqir of Ipi with the appearance of Abdul Ghaffar Khan at Bannu, ostensibly on a propaganda tour, suggested a clear and close liaison between the two in their endeavour to foment unrest in the North West Frontier. Faridullah Shah, who had served as political Agent in North Waziristan Agency, strongly denied that there ever was any link between the two.
Whether or not Abdul Ghaffar Khan was guilty, remains open to research. The Faqir of Ipi, however, had already identified himself actively with the Afghan sponsored “Pukhtoonistan Movement”, and the Pakistan Government appeared to had some reason to believe that coordinated Indian and Afghan attacks were planned on the respective borders in the spring of 1948.
I.I. Chandrigar, the then Ambassador of Pakistan at Kabul, reported in May 1949, that “for a long time, the Faqir of Ipi had been aspiring to become the King of Waziristan, He, therefore, did not view with favour the establishment of Pakistan, as the establishment of this great Muslim State was bound to frustrate his ambitions. Afghan Government saw in him an ally, who would be useful in creating trouble for Pakistan and continued to help him with money, food-grains…arms and ammunitions. With the deterioration of relations between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue, the Indian Embassy appeared on the scene and was believed to have helped the Faqir of Ipi with money. In the earlier part of the year, there was a four-pronged offensive strategy against Pakistan from the Afghan Government, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan his party in the North West Frontier Province, the Faqir of Ipi and the Government of India acting as instigators and suppliers of money through the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

On 12 August 1949 a number of Afridi tribesmen and their Sarishta party met at Tirah Bagh, the center of their homeland. The flag of “Independent Pukhtoonistan” approved by the “Pukhtoonistan National Assembly”(Tirah branch) published addressed to all the people of Pukhtoonistan, to the entire Muslim world and particularly to Afghanistan, to all Pukhtoons living abroad and to the United Nations Organization. Their proclamation ran as:
“We the Tira branch of the National Assembly of Pukhtoonistan, having formed the first nucleus of a free and democratic Muslim Government amidst the lofty mountains of Tirah, hereby express the hope that with the help of Almighty Allah and freedom loving Pukhtoons, this young plant will in a short time grow into a sturdy and fruitful tree, which will not only benefit Pukhtoonistan (from Chitral to Baluchistan and from Khyber and Bolan to the banks of Indus )but will also fulfill its obligation towards the progress and peace of the world.”
Over a broadcast from Radio Kabul, this proclamation was greeted with great enthusiasm in Afghanistan when the Government announced that it was extending immediate recognition and support. In the same month, a jirga of the different tribes of Wazirstan visited Kabul with the consent of the Faqir of Ipi. The jirga was assured by the Afghan authorities of all sorts of help.
In order to propagate the idea of Pukhtoonistan, the Faqir of Ipi published pushto pamphlets and a Pushto newspaper, “THE GHAZI” from Gurwek. Maulana Mohammad Waris Shah, Mulana Habib-ur-Rehman, Mulana Din Mohammad, Babu Kaji Khan, and Mohammad Zahir shah were on the editorial board of the paper. Following is a translation of the “GHAZI” dated 9th December, 1949:
“From 15 August 1947, when the British appointed Mr. Jinnah as the Governor – General of Pakistan, the Pir of Manki, Pir of Zakori, Doctor Khan Sahib, Abdul Ghaffar Khan and other prominent figures amongst Pukhtoons raised their voice for the introduction of Shariat and freedom for Pukhtoonistan. But against these demands, intending to bring Pukhtoons under slavery with the help of gold and bayonets, the so-called Islamic Government began to promote the religion of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani, and continued the enforcement of the British supremacy…. Pukhtoons are like one body and cannot be divided into two. Generosity and sense of honour is the heritage of Pukhtoons.
They also have the sharpest sword in their possession. Despite 14 years of continued bombardment by the Britishers the people of Waziristan did not accept slavery, being courageous, like the Faqir of Ipi who did not flee from the battlefield during the past 14 years. However two are the major defects (I) the introduction of man-made laws, and (II) encroachment upon the legal rights of Pukhtoons. We will either achieve freedom or will bring distruction for the whole of the country. Long live Pukhtoonistan, Long live Afghanistan.”
Meetings of various tribes of Waziristan, Khattaks, Marwats, Bhittanis, Turis and Bannuchis were held on January11, 12 and 15,1950 for the election of Pukhtoonistan National Assembly (Waziristan Branch) and its President. The Assembly thus elected unanimously decided to have the Faqir of Ipi as its first president. In that capacity the Faqir demanded the withdrawal of Pakistani forces from the Pukhtoon territories to free the land of seven million Pukhtoons, otherwise they will be themselves responsible for its consequences. He also appealed to the United Nations for recognition of Pukhtoonistan and requested the Afghan authorities for its publicity.
Under his presidentship there existed, as it was claimed, departments with several functions of the “state.” His departmental heads lived with him in Gurwek. The Faqir claimed control over an area of 5,0 00 square miles centering on Gurwek, but actually manage to assert his authority in considerably less than 500 square miles There is an evidence”, says Mazhar Ali Shah, “that the Faqir of Ipi used to