9:44 visionary leader Muammar al-Qathafi before the Egyptian judiciary in the acquittal of Hosni Mubarak
(de girl Laith il ya)

Mu for Mubarek

 The acquittal of Hosni Mubarak
01 December 2014
The acquittal Saturday of deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on charges of corruption and state murder is a statement by the presidency of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi: that it intends to carry through the counter-‘revolution’ [FAKE ‘Arab-Spring] and make a true Restoration, with no place for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood or any other Wahabi entity.


Mcharkh mn brid el-Safhh

(* Militant Arabism *)


Mcharkh abr brid el-Safhh:

“Black Libyan resistance”:

Ali still covenant · Nehna Hlha O our leader


(* Militant Arabism *)


New poet Akram Amaikl ..

Wayne what we say patient notify senior Bani Walid and Sirte

‘Black Libyan resistance’

Msakm homeland sized Dora beloved homeland Libya

Msakm pride and triumph over Aahrar-MISURATA,

who Tstbikun, now in these moments with client-militias.

Forward to Arjua !
(The rebellious son of the south steadfast)

PICTURE: typical MUSRATI Creepy-crud scum of the earth, ‘playing with fire’.:

compared to our beautiful ‘Great Jamahiriya’ soldier:

 Dr. Billah al-Qathafi


Fusion of the masses on the mass channel program with the media on behalf of the SOL 12/02/2014

Actually tried broken but remain just a failed attempt.

Proof that we are here; and everyone knows that broken and Zlna and Radwkhana and Khaddoana,

and our surrender of all the dreams.

You need a miracle to materialize section will Nhtz;

and, we will stay no matter how tall mountains shook the earth beneath our feet.

(“Knight and Men”)

ﻓــﻌــﻼ ﺣــﺎﻭﻟــﻮﺍ ﻛﺴــﺮﻧــﺎ ﻭﻟﻜﻨــﻬــﺎ ﺗــﺒﻘــﻰ ﻣــﺠــﺮﺩ
ﻣــﺤــﺎﻭﻟــﺔ ﻓﺎﺷﻠــﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺪﻟــﻴــﻞ ﺍﻧﻨــﺎ ﻧــﺤــﻦ ﻫــﻨــﺎ ﻭﻟﻴﻌﻠﻢ ﺍﻟــﺠﻤـﻴـﻊ ﺃﻥ ﻛــﺴـﺮﻧــﺎ ﻭﺫﻟــﻨــﺎ ﻭﺭﺿــﻮﺧــﻨــﺎ ﻭﺧـﻀـﻮﻋـﻨــﺎ ﻭﺍﺳﺘﺴﻼﻣــﻨــﺎ ﺟﻤـﻴـﻌـﻬـﺎ ﺃﺣــﻼﻡ ﺗــﺤــﺘـﺎﺝ ﻟـﻤـﻌـﺠــﺰﺓ ﻟﺘﺘﺤﻘﻖ ﻗــﺴﻤــﺎ ﻟــﻦ ﻧــﻬــﺘــﺰ ﻭﺳﻨﺒﻘــﻰ ﺟــﺒــﺎﻻ ﺷــﺎﻣــﺨــﺔ ﻣــﻬﻤــﺎ ﺯﻟــﺰﻟﺖ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ﻣــﻦ ﺗــﺤــﺖ ﺃﻗــﺪﺍﻣــﻨــﺎ

“فارس ورجال”

‘Black Libyan resistance’:
“news of the death of the late Abdul Latif Salem on page we published yesterday and today

God rest his soul and make him Lord of the brotherly people of paradise ..”



Brotherhood Melcaat Roma Libya controls the ‘Central Bank of Libya’.

Norman bin Othman, says:

Hysteria at the ‘Dawn Libya’ militias affect Mr. Saddik great former governor of the

Central Bank of Libya, where they accused of conspiring against the ‘government’ with external forces.


‘Black Libyan resistance’, tells us again:

New Style ‘Tnzim Daash terrorist’ bombings
Triggered explosives in Korans as a ‘new style’ of destruction, used by Daash terrorist operations against civilians.

Where ‘the security committee revealed in Diyala province’, the seizure of copies of the Holy Qu’ran with bombs, gunmen from the organization “Daash”, placed the explosive-Korans in mosques and in some stores for distribution, and later-on in villages and areas under their presence.

And Mr. Sadiq al-Husseini, the head of the security committee in the provincial council said:

“We have found these Korans, after our liberation of the regions, on Jalawla and Saadia Tmsheetna roads and in houses, for fear of ambushes by militants, some of which were completely trapped while others Muchka endings. “

He said al-Husseini “trapping betrays a criminal spirit underestimate all the shrines in order to reach their destructive-goals,

and what they did, is protracted to the Holy book of Allah,and the sacred religion of Islam”; and he pointed out that the “explosive ordinance disposal teams in the security establishment are addressing the noble Koran, which was Tfajikhha, in complex ways, (as well as a book of Allah in places that are not worthy of Bakdsath). ”
Husseini called “religious centers to condemn ‘the organization Daash’ (IS) which violates the sanctity and expropriated the innocent through bloody crimes, even using ‘the Holy Quran’ (which had not been delivered from annoyance, and sought to turn it into a ticking time bombs) to kill innocent people and worshipers in places of worship.”

(* Militant Arabism *)

أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة

اسلوب جديد #لتنظيم_داعش ألآرهابي في #التفجير
المصاحف المفخخة اسلوب جديد يتعبه داعش في عملياته الإرهابية بحق المدنيين. حيث كشفت اللجنة الأمنية في محافظة ديالى عن ضبط مصاحف مفخخة وضعها مسلحين من تنظيم ” داعش ” في الجوامع وفي بعض المخازن لتوزيعها فيما بعد على القرى والمناطق التي تقع تحت تواجدهم .و قال سيد صادق الحسيني، رئيس اللجنة الأمنية في مجلس المحافظة: لقد “عثرنا على هذه المصاحف بعد تحريرنا لمنطقتي السعدية وجلولاء وتمشيطنا الطرق والبيوت خوفا من كمائن المسلحين، وكان بعضها مفخخا بالكامل فيما كان البعض الآخر موشكا على النهايات”. وأضاف الحسيني ” التفخيخ ينمّ عن روح إجرامية تستهين بكل المقدسات من أجل الوصول إلى هدفها التدميري، وما فعلوه يعتبر تطاولا على كتاب الله الكريم وعلى الدين الإسلامي الحنيف “، وأشار إلى أن ” فرق معالجة المتفجرات في المؤسسة الأمنية هي من عالجت المصاحف الشريفة التي جرى تفخيخها وبطرق معقدة؛ فضلا عن وضع كتاب الله في أماكن لا تليق بقدسيته “. ودعا الحسيني “المراكز الدينية إلى إدانة جرائم تنظيم داعش التي انتهكت الحرمات واستباحت دماء الأبرياء، حتى المصاحف الشريفة لم تسلم من أذاهم وسعوا لتحويلها إلى قنابل موقوتة لقتل الأبرياء والمصلين في دور العبادة”.

* مناضل العروبة *

Access devices revealing explosives to Mtar brq.

TAKING Young teen-KIDS !
Daash al-Bulabl recruits to its ranks in Libya children..


“Black Libyan resistance”, comments:

‘Creations of 17 February’ (OUR unjustly prisoned of THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA):

That those who stole 400 billion, they have the gall to imprison and prosecute those

who collected and preserved LIBYA’s assets for decades, On charges of corruption, theft and waste of public money.
How Mazzika Come Heca helmets and vinegary. (Aahlosh Aahpal).
(Knight Libyan)

(* Militant Arabism *)

Our heroes in al-Melcaat prisons

‘Black Libyan resistance’, comments:
“Prison bars may rob the men their freedom
But fail to rob them their Qarhm and prestige.
Lord lifting the families of detainees in prisons of the al-Melcaat terrorists.”


= Prison bars may rob the men their freedom but unable to rob them and Qarhm and prestige.
= Martyrs in our hearts and our prisoners over our heads and the gun in our hands and our goal is the liberation of the country.
= You have the right to oppose, you want from this is not a betrayal, but that is opposed Muammar al-Qathafi, and you know it ;and the nation, and this is one particular treason.
= At the moment everyone became military fighter jets and capable leadership has become even think that NATO came at our request, and we are not,
I am surprised? ..
= We will not have the prisons in the future to this, O traitors do not count on remedial studies and reviews out of them.
= Struggles of the epidemic does not ask one about the size of the number of people who killed him because the killings here benefit and not harm.
= All in Libya wait vulva, including those who bought the most expensive ordeal, and the prices they considered a revolution, calling blessing.
= The most powerful weapon we have you can not reach him, and even if you come to him, will not know how he thinks Tstkhaddmoh Muammar al-Qathafi.
= Green triumphant march will not stop Valjrman may disturb passenger station but will not prevent the train from continuing on his way.
= Problem of Libya were not ‘the departure’ of Muammar al-Qathafi as the picture you traitors, the problem of Libya was ignorance in the estimation of the disastrous results of the supposed absence of the man.
= What SATAN did with our father Adam in paradise, is likewise what does sincere Gharyiani to Libyans in Libya, both of which are the subject of God’s wrath.
= Exit Saif al-Islam, and raise the green flag. Future events no longer need tabou (forbidden) astrology.
Valhadhar makes the future. Time will tell what makes al-Mkzb today vocalizing and yelling tomorrow to mark the events.

{And still playing the lead ‘musician’ continues … }

‘Black Libyan resistance’, comments:

(‘Constitution’ [!!!*] should you write the victorious cities)
Uttered by the ‘ignorant boob melon’ that crack our heads freedoms, democracy and civil society. Shouted him our people in Benghazi fill throats when they were deceived him through the island and free screen that he slept Fa.ostodjohadtha.

If we consider Mcoltk reference of the ‘constitution’ [!!!*] will be written Libya is NATO Rasmussen, Bernard Levy, Deborah Jones, Sam bin Humaid and Erdogan understand the real victors confession Kberkm Abdul Jalil.

If I went to him on the inside of the right to write the ‘constitution’ [!!!*] understanding of al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who control most of the joints of the State.

They are the ‘true revolutionaries’ who were leading the fighting fronts against the Libyan army for eight months as bin Humaid said.

And participation Emman al-Obeida that moved fleets Sarkozy Sergiwa which provoked the Arab and GCC Hmir.gamah conspiracy.

الفيديو هذا اهداء للجرذان جماعة من ﻻ يشكر قطر ههههههههههههه

“الزلزال الحنون”

Lire la vidéo


and Gharyiani who issue fatwas and Hred.llguetal versus checks from the treasury of Doha. And Salah Badi and Suehali and Zahawi, Sufian Ben Qmo who ‘liberated Tripoli’ and Sirte and Sabratha airport and tuber and al-Sabri, and Garyounes and Laithi. (!!!!!)

What if things turned upside down? Does the State in writing the ‘constitution’ will depend on the outcome of each battle or engagement. Once written by al-Sabri and Mrh.asalmana Quiche and again and again and again pond Belhadj and again and again Gneoh (MAHDI al-Harratine) and Ghaida Touati.

Just to know the mentality of those who are insane Khaddekm their West; and presented them for decades, that they are philosophers, experts and analysts, scientists and thinkers. In fact, they are ignorant of their shoes, which paid with the price of the rooms that intelligence recruited.

And because God commanded us to be patient until the right Infestations shows and reveals the truth.
Our patience until it became evident (as the sun in the fourth day of the victorious cities) Constitution to the argument that the strife healthy phenomenon…

and end Bouapjama Kotaite solutions stunning Jaudh Paltel in al-Mmermath …

 (*: MY COMMENT: The only Constitution the Libyan people agreed upon  on 02 MARCH 1977, was the ‘HOLY QU’RAN’–Anything else will NOT WORK FOR LIBYA. ONLY ALLAH is SUPREME !)

( ﺍﻟﺪﺳﺘﻮﺭ ﻻﺑﺪ ﺃﻥ ﺗﻜﺘﺒﻪ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺘﺼﺮﺓ )
ﻗﺎﻟﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺘﻮﻩ ﺍﻟﺠﺎﻫﻞ ﺷﻤﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺻﺪﻉ ﺭﺅﻭﺳﻨﺎ ﺑﺎﻟﺤﺮﻳﺎﺕ ﻭﺍﻟﺪﻳﻤﻘﺮﺍﻃﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺠﺘﻤﻊ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻧﻲ . ﻭﻫﺘﻒ ﻟﻪ ﺃﻫﻠﻨﺎ ﻓﻲ ﺑﻨﻐﺎﺯﻱ ﻣﻞﺀ ﺍﻟﺤﻨﺎﺟﺮ ﻋﻨﺪﻣﺎ ﻛﺎﻧﻮﺍ ﻣﺨﺪﻭﻋﻴﻦ ﺑﻪ ﻣﻦ ﺧﻼﻝ ﺷﺎﺷﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﺰﻳﺮﺓ ﻭﺍﻟﺤﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻳﻨﺎﻡ ﻓﻲ.ﺃﺳﺘﻮﺩﻳﻮﻫﺎﺗﻬﺎ .
ﺇﺫﺍ ﺃﻋﺘﺒﺮﻧﺎ ﻣﻘﻮﻟﺘﻚ ﻣﺮﺟﻌﻴﺔ ﻓﺄﻥ ﻣﻦ ﺳﻴﻜﺘﺐ ﺩﺳﺘﻮﺭ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻫﻮ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺗﻮ.ﻭﺭﺍﺳﻤﻮﺳﻦ ﻭﺑﺮﻧﺎﺭﺩﻟﻴﻔﻲ ﻭﺩﻳﺒﻮﺭﺍ ﻭﺣﻤﺪ ﻭﺍﺭﺩﻭﻏﺎﻥ ﻓﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺘﺼﺮﻳﻦ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﻴﻘﻴﻴﻦ ﺑﺈﻋﺘﺮﺍﻑ ﻛﺒﻴﺮﻛﻢ ﻋﺒﺪﺍﻟﺠﻠﻴﻞ . ﺃﻣﺎ ﺇﺫﺍ ﻗﺼﺪﺕ ﺑﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺪﺍﺧﻞ ﻓﺈﻥ ﻣﻦ ﻳﺤﻖ ﻟﻪ ﻛﺘﺎﺑﺔ ﺍﻟﺪﺳﺘﻮﺭ ﻓﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﻋﺪﺓ ﻭﺍﻹﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻳﺘﺤﻜﻤﻮﻥ ﻓﻲ ﻣﻌﻈﻢ ﻣﻔﺎﺻﻞ
ﺍﻟﺪﻭﻟﺔ . ﻭﻫﻢ ﺍﻟﺜﻮﺍﺭ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﻴﻘﻴﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻛﺎﻧﻮﺍ ﻳﻘﻮﺩﻭﻥ ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﺎﺕ ﻭﻳﻘﺎﺗﻠﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﻃﻴﻠﺔ ﺛﻤﺎﻧﻴﺔ ﺷﻬﻮﺭ ﻣﺜﻠﻤﺎ ﻗﺎﻝ ﺑﻦ ﺣﻤﻴﺪ . ﻭﺑﻤﺸﺎﺭﻛﺔ ﺇﻳﻤﺎﻥ.ﺍﻟﻌﺒﻴﺪﻱ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺣﺮﻛﺖ ﺃﺳﺎﻃﻴﻞ ﺳﺎﺭﻛﻮﺯﻱ ﻭﺳﺮﻗﻴﻮﺓ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺃﺳﺘﻔﺰﺕ ﺣﻤﻴﺮ.ﺍﻟﺠﺎﻣﻌﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻴﺔ ﻭﻣﺠﻠﺲ ﺍﻟﺘﺄﻣﺮ ﺍﻟﺨﻠﻴﺠﻲ ﻭﺍﻟﻐﺮﻳﺎﻧﻲ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺃﻓﺘﻲ ﻭﺣﺮﺽ.ﻟﻠﻘﺘﺎﻝ ﻣﻘﺎﺑﻞ ﺷﻴﻜﺎﺕ ﻣﻦ ﺧﺰﻳﻨﺔ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﺣﺔ . ﻭﺑﺎﺩﻱ ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﻭﺍﻟﺰﻫﺎﻭﻱ ﻭﺑﻦ ﻗﻤﻮ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﺣﺮﺭﻭﺍ ﻣﻄﺎﺭ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﻭﺳﺮﺕ ﻭﺻﺒﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﻭﺩﺭﻧﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺼﺎﺑﺮﻱ
ﻭﻗﺎﺭﻳﻮﻧﺲ ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻴﺜﻲ .
ﻭﻣﺎﺫﺍ ﻟﻮ ﺃﻧﻘﻠﺒﺖ ﺍﻷﻣﻮﺭ ﺭﺃﺳﺎ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻋﻘﺐ . ﻫﻞ ﺳﺘﻌﺘﻤﺪ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﻟﺔ ﻓﻲ ﻛﺘﺎﺑﺔ ﺍﻟﺪﺳﺘﻮﺭ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻧﺘﻴﺠﺔ ﻛﻞ ﻣﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺇﺷﺘﺒﺎﻙ . ﻣﺮﺓ ﻳﻜﺘﺒﻪ ﺍﻟﺼﺎﺑﺮﻱ ﻭﻣﺮﺓ.ﺍﻟﺴﻠﻤﺎﻧﻲ ﻭﻣﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﻜﻴﺶ ﻭﻣﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﺒﺮﻛﺔ ﻭﻣﺮﺓ ﺑﻠﺤﺎﺝ ﻭﻣﺮﺓ ﻏﻨﻴﻮﺓ ﻭﻣﺮﺓ ﻏﻴﺪﺍﺀ .
ﻓﻘﻂ ﻟﺘﻌﺮﻓﻮﺍ ﻋﻘﻠﻴﺔ ﻫﺆﻻﺀ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺘﻮﻫﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﺧﺪﻋﻜﻢ ﺍﻟﻐﺮﺏ ﺑﻬﻢ ﻭﻗﺪﻣﻬﻢ ﻃﻴﻠﺔ ﻋﻘﻮﺩ ﺑﺄﻧﻬﻢ ﻓﻼﺳﻔﺔ ﻭﺧﺒﺮﺍﺀ ﻭﻣﺤﻠﻠﻴﻦ ﻭﻋﻠﻤﺎﺀ ﻭﻣﻔﻜﺮﻳﻦ . ﻭﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﻴﻘﺔ ﻫﻢ ﺃﺟﻬﻞ ﻣﻦ ﺃﺣﺬﻳﺘﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﻳﻘﺒﻀﻮﻥ ﺛﻤﻨﻬﺎ ﻣﻦ ﻏﺮﻑ ﺍﻟﻤﺨﺎﺑﺮﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺟﻨﺪﺗﻬﻢ .
ﻭﻷﻥ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻣﺮﻧﺎ ﺑﺎﻟﺼﺒﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻹﺑﺘﻼﺀ ﺣﺘﻰ ﻳﻈﻬﺮ ﺍﻟﺤﻖ ﻭﻳﻜﺸﻒ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﻴﻘﺔ .
ﺻﺒﺮﻧﺎ ﺣﺘﻰ ﺃﺻﺒﺤﺖ ﻭﺍﺿﺤﺔ ﺟﻠﻴﺔ ﻛﺎﻟﺸﻤﺲ ﻓﻲ ﺭﺍﺑﻌﺔ ﺍﻟﻨﻬﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺩﺳﺘﻮﺭ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺘﺼﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﻰ ﻣﻘﻮﻟﺔ ﺍﻟﻘﻤﺎﻃﻲ ﺑﺄﻥ ﺍﻹﻗﺘﺘﺎﻝ ﻇﺎﻫﺮﺓ ﺻﺤﻴﺔ ﻭﻧﻬﺎﻳﺔ ﺑﺒﻴﺠﺎﻣﺎ ﻗﻄﻴﻂ ﻭﺣﻠﻮﻝ ﺟﻌﻮﺩﺓ ﺍﻟﻤﺬﻫﻠﺔ ﺑﺎﻟﺘﻞ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﻣﻴﻄﺔ …

“فارس ورجال”

(“Knight and Men”)

Ali F Aalghemati ‘Juma’, with disgusting lying melon Canteloupe Chenbh:

Every time we come out a person or group at the request of dialogue, national reconciliation under the roof of the goals of the (so-called) ‘revolution 17 February’,

what are your Lord, I think it’s Ahidvha.

The first goal was to destroy the social fabric of Libyan.
International monopolies and major oil companies would then sell Libya.

Displace half of the Libyan people in the outside and inside the home.

Libya was placed under the guardianship of the ‘colonial powers’.

That talking about ’17 February’ is a traitor to the nation with distinction;

and Ahawwar under one roof absolutely.

Forward to Arjua
(The rebellious son of the south steadfast)

Wonders of “17 February” …. # Bernard Levy became a Libyan, and  

Abdalslam Jaloud became Italian !!
(* Militant Arabism *)


Hassi Prime ‘Roma Libya gangs’ resigned Pending approval of  Matmr al-Amlae
Payne them Htaiw Llano for  Fjr libya Achao.
and is now Fjr MISURATA.

الحاسي رئيس عصابات غجر ليبيا قدم استقالته وفي انتظار موافقة #مؤتمر_العملاء
باين عليهم شلطو لانو #فجر_ليبيا اتشاو واصبح ألآن#فجر_مزراطة

* مناضل العروبة *

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Omar Hassi wants to resign
Hahahahaha done on the basis of the position you Shad ^ __ ^



Been monitoring the militia Roma Libya are as follows: –
Has been moved to 7 trucks were as follows: –

2 trucks carrying four missiles on each truck rockets.
2 trucks carrying rocket launch bases and on each truck 2 firing rules.
3 trucks of ammunition missiles locusts.
Trucks first embarked on the path Sabha Punjam Zamzam and now before sealer and trucks distant rocket carrier now exists between Jufrah and Apunjam.
Russian rocket motor vehicle rules absolutely white color and is covered.
For your information this land, a land of rockets used in the hit Tripoli airport last term, dangerous and blind to it without being Rdara and all on remote targets.
Air poll monitors and follow-up place of arrival and will be positioning to hit at the right time.

(* Militant Arabism *)
تم رصد مليشيات غجر ليبيا تقوم بما يلي :-
تم نقل على 7 شاحنات وكانت كالاتي :-
عدد 2 شاحنات تحمل 4 صواريخ على كل شاحنة صاروخين .
عدد 2 شاحنات تحمل قواعد اطلاق صواريخ وعلى كل شاحنه 2 قواعد اطلاق .
عدد 3 شاحنات ذخيرة لصواريخ الجراد .
الشاحنات اﻻولي سلكت طريق سبها بونجيم زمزم واﻻن قبل السداده والشاحنات حاملة الصواريخ البعيدة موجودة اﻻن مابين الجفرة وابونجيم .
السيارات روسية والصواريخ مركبه علي قواعد اﻻطلاق بيضاء اللون وغير مغطاة .
وللعلم استعملت هذه الصواريخ ارض ارض في ضرب مطار طرابلس المدة الماضية وخطيرة وعمياء ﻻنها بدون توجيه رداري والاطلاق علي اهداف بعيده .
والاستطلاع الجوي يقوم بمراقبة ومتابعة مكان وصولها وسيتم تحديد المواقع لضربها في الوقت المناسب .
* مناضل العروبة *



And congestion of the port Ras Igdir result of the displacement of the city of Sabratha and  visitors.

Brotherhood ‘Melcaat Roma Libya’ declares ‘state of the horn’ in the military positions.

Their visitors amid expectations is the start of the military operation of the LIBYAN ARMY

to liberate Ras Igdir / Jedir crossing:

 Cities of Zuwarah and Sabratha experiencing displacement and congestion now in crossing to Ras Igdir.


‘Roma Libya’ Dyer ambulance, one line on the cars into Tunisia …. ……



“Black Libyan resistance”, COMMENTS:

“Arrived in the rain prayers in Tripoli, poured rain in Qatar
Hovoa loyalty to amuse Wayne continued.”

صلوا صلاة الإستسقاء في #طرابلس صبت المطر في #قطر
شوفوا الولاء امتاعهم لوين واصل

* مناضل العروبة *

(* Militant Arabism *)

 Mn aakd lna alkhbr:

Violent explosion shakes throughout the capital Tripoli.



Abin al-Waten, comments:

“Oh God, what Cleanse home from rats al-Mskhin.”
اللهم ما طهر الوطن من الجرذان المسخين



“Black Libyan resistance”, informs us:

All MISURATA militia troops withdraw from the western region of all weapons and now congregate in TRIPOLI’s Spring Valley.

I mean they knew that MISURATA fire Hamra.
I mean MISURATA Khafo of Taieijer
I mean al-Mlacah in Hamad Palace.
Jack means eliminating Aatark Prayer.

And just Misurata Dilam darkness for fear of Taieijer

Aadayr Yalaqa …

(“The earthquake compassionate”)



The assassination of Mohammed Hadi godfather al-Rajabana, morning by several bullets.

The assassination of Mohammed Hadi voice, one of the elements of ‘the device intelligence’,

at the hands of Kharijite masked gunmen driving a dark car type Toyota showered him

with bullets center of the capital Tripoli in true gangland fashion,…and the # Adhu fled.

(* Militant Arabism *)


Picture of the Day prevalence of flag-raising organization of the ‘Islamic State of Daash’ on some utilities

and public roads and cars in the streets of  Aasma tarabuls’ (TRIPOLI).

The photographs were taken in the hours before the optical signal plateau at the  ‘Damascus neighborhood’.

From the point of my opinion flag of 17 February is no different from science of Daash.


(* Militant Arabism *)


Noman Ben Othman:

“British decided to send a ship to Tripoli in order to pull
their cars of the diplomatic mission there;
British evacuation ship
of course ‘ousted Rixos’ need to even understand the meaning of a century.”

‘Roma Libya militias’ threaten to target   Libyan Air-force  warplanes

flying over their cities. Oh Mark guile in Nharham.




Triv al-Mtar alan:

A convoy belonging to the BROTHERHOOD ‘Roma Libya’ Melcaat

exhibits on the highway;

and is likely that they were going to an island in the heart of the capital, Bab al-Aziziyah.



Lock the streets leading to the ‘Egyptian  Mr. Duran Island’ in the Capitol of Tripoli;
and set on fire by rubber-tires,  after the abduction of a young youth of the region,

called Mohammad Abdullah, by an armed group of ‘Roma Libya’.


Renewed clashes near the headquarters of the militants in the

inventory Abouhlama plateau Badri.

Ooooooonaba stating that Allan Air Force bombed ideological education camp at the

beginning of the eastern plateau next to the Social Security office.


Inventory Abu Halima after suffering a serious injury and is currently

attention given to hospital Mitigua-hanchallah be Jeff.

The news of the death of the commander of the militia, confidential support and backing ‘plateau branch’, in Tripoli nicknamed ‘Abu Halima’. Confirmation by a few wounds sustained yesterday after he was hit by gunmen. He is believed to be affiliated with a militia from Misurata after they Bavtkak headquarters militia backing plateau and combing their weapons and materiel and weapons.



Access communication meeting a number of colonels pilots at the base Mitigua.  The RAT squadron colonels are
Colonel Mohammed pilot Turkish fishing ..
Colonel Abdul pilot shot gift
Technician provider Said Musa happy.
Technical presenter Ali Ibrahim Ramadan.
Technician provider Mohamed Osman Altarhuni.
Submitted pilot Mohammed Ali Busafa.
Nuri pilot living an underground provider.

The meeting was with a select group of officers in the squadron in 1039 based Bmaatakih for the processing of two 39 Czech.
Sources escape of one of the pilots also reported after the Report of the meeting.

(* Militant Arabism *)


The spread of RAT military vehicles carrying anti-aviation

on the base perimeter at Mitigua Jawaahibad,

shortly before LIBYAN AIR-FORCE warplanes fly over several areas in the western region.


Mitigua criminal gangs fired anti-aircraft and density in different directions towards the atmosphere east of  Tripoli.


Entry number 35 cars armed support for BROTHERHOOD militias corner,
coming from the city of Tripoli to the corner, and number 4 Ambulance-cars.

Ambulances coastal accidentally pass continuously so far.

Access Number 3 dead, 9 injured to hospital corner tonight.

In clashes at Nasr Street, between militias criminal Abdul hater ‘cart’

and the region’s youth.

(* Militant Arabism *)


Allan lead voices heard in Victory Road.


Torching and down the road area of ​​Ras Hassan.

Tripoli good head now ..
And Ooooooooonaba for the region’s youth uprising
against Roma Melcaat Libya terror:


Atef Abdel Hafiz, a young ‘tourist’ population was killed in cold blood for the sake of robbery on his car.
He was driving from OS heading to Janzour and subjected to armed robbery and theft of his car and killed and thrown to the wayside.
God and yes agent.

Found the body of Mohammed Atef Abdel-Hafiz, of the population of the tourist Village,

lying on the road and with gunshot wounds.
To God and to him we shall return…


Voices of heavy weapons at the airport by hand precisely in what is called the
‘Interior Ministry’ after the Iron Bridge.


Large explosion rocks the city of Tripoli in particular Zenata shortly before.






al-Mitigua Gharbah:

The LIBYAN Air Force bombed (using several trace bombs)

upon ‘militias Roma Libya’ sites, at the center of Bir Sheep.


LIBYAN AIR-FORCE Warplanes bombed Libya Roma militias, in Bir al-GHANAM.

Violent clashes northern region Bir al-Ghanam and artillery mutually in these moments.



And Rishvana under siege:

I went today to Zahra five armed vehicles by 14.5 and cannon
Rode the bridge 27 through al-Hachan coming from Tripoli.
This continues to refrain from engaging Khaled Ramadan Abuamad prison

farm, of the groups taken by ‘Dawn Libya’ to detain youth and Rishvana.

With easy to suffer area and Isa children suffocating siege continues to be denied.
Residents of these areas to return to their homes, where are stationed gunmen
Amazigh and Janzour, in an easy gateway, which has also been since the days of

the closure by al-Hachan.

Easy, when dew plant water in order to prevent the people of the easy region
Refer to their homes.

(A member of the brigade and military Rishvana)





Oooooonaba about now clashes in the area Kerkozh Champions # Borcvana

God is greatest over Kidd aggressor.
Provide for tribal forces and army towards  Rishvana

تقدم لواء ورشفانة و الجيش الليبي صوب ‫#‏ورشفانه‬

الله اكبر و لله الحمد

Photo de ‎ورشفانة الحدث‎.
Photo de ‎ورشفانة الحدث‎.
Photo de ‎ورشفانة الحدث‎.


Oooooooonaba uncertain after the control of military forces

on the triangle  Mdakm al-Gamal southwest al-Azizia.






News of clashes in the area Khatatba.


al-Mitigua Gharbah:
Ooooooooonaba uncertain after that the LIBYAN Air-Force bombed sites for

‘Roma Libya militias’ in the area now, Ibokmash.


LIBYAN AIR-FORCE Warplanes fly over Surman, Sabratha and Ajeelat.

 Hear the sound of powerful explosions rocked easy al-Jafarah area and the Valley neighborhood and Hlgodh.


COMMENTS BY “Knight and Men” of the
‘Black Libyan resistance’:

 Jerzh ‘hangover’, Ghaida al-Touati (famous Bgidae Skype) is committed to fighting the people of her tribe in Tarhouna, and survey the city and “Azlamha” missiles with “locusts” (in case any of them Bader).

We move against ‘Roma Libya’ operation
Atrdoa Ali Haltavha launched Bnkhala comment you, O Helena Liberal …. !!!!
Milk acid on them Jerioat this pink greetings to all of you.

Makd mn qlb al-Haddt:
The continued influx of volunteers, members of armed forces who have not Ilthako in the former Chamber of the western region of the army operations. Volunteers from all coastal cities with different numbers ratios from one area to another.


Violent clashes between the Army and militias ‘Roma Libya’

in the south of the city of Ajeelat.

Tribal forces control of the camp in al-Ash, Ajeelat 

The arrival of reinforcements for the Army to ‘Maskar al-Ash’ shortly before.

al-Outn llonaba:

Picture taken today for military vehicles belonging to the city of armed youth of Ajeelat

who have automatically joined the LIBYAN Army.

Sun JAMAHIRIYA (mass):
عبداللطيف سالم الزيتوني

Which is died of Ajeelat named, Abdul Latif Salem Zitouni, was going so Eachd Supply

allah mercy to his family and his family endures. I hope Op page to publish news.

‘Black Libyan resistance’:
“news of the death of the late Abdul Latif Salem on page we published yesterday and today

God rest his soul and make him Lord of the brotherly people of paradise ..”

‘Btriv asahrawi’ is south of the city. It marks a moment to address the ‘Roma Libya militia’ attack (who were Haulo progressing towards Wattayah Air Base.)

‘Melcaat Roma Libya’ collapsed dramatically in the western region but is still able to attack, after Tqaibdhm heavy losses, even after successive failed attempts to control the base at al-Outih Jawah.

The situation in the western region very good and secure the al-Hadh al-Outih offers from

several axes of the Libyan army direction Ajeelat and Beautiful Cities, to the parties of Surman.

(* Militant Arabism *)


Air Force targeted sites Melcaat terrorism in the vicinity of the port of Zuwarah.

RAT BROTHERHOOD MILITIA at Zuwarah collects  Egyptian

workers at the port in order to use them as human shields !

The last video of the bombing of the arms and ammunition stores in the city of Zuwarah.


Store, which was bombed by the Air-Force in Zuwarah.

Oooooooonaba for the deaths as a result of aerial bombardment

and the situation engorged and locks most of the roads with sand barriers.

Bombing near the Zuwarah seaport by Libyan Air-Force warplanes

at the industrial zone; and, fumes rise heavily from the region.

Came this morning to the intensive aerial bombardment twice launched two military planes targeted stores supply goods and fishing port was ‘Taatkhaddh Melcaat Roma Libya’ headquarters. The initial Heselah indicate the fall of dead and injured others.

News of aerial bombardment of the area around a factory  Abu_kmac chemotherapy

in the city of Zuwarah confirmation.

Imal ola éml ..

Toll rises air raids carried out by the air force against ‘Melcaat LIBYA Roma’ sites, in Zuwarah, to 8 killed and 27 people wounded injuries of varying severity.

Weapons stores that were bombed in the town of Zuwarah by the Air Force:

مخازن الأسلحة التي تم قصفها في مدينة ‫#‏زوارة‬ من قبل سلاح الجو ..

* مناضل العروبة *

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.

Jacqui al-Khla aa al-Zuwarah:


Allan fierce battles in the spin axis of the quarries of Qria Nasser.

‘Black Libyan resistance’, reporting:

the bombing of sites ‘Roma Libya’ at Qria Nasser,

for the second time, by our Libyan Air-Force warplanes.


(A member of the brigade and military Rishvana )


Heavy clashes in front Blaslha cities  Surman and Sabratha between Army troops and militias Roma Libya.

Armed vehicles belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ located next to the optical signal in City of Surman.



‘Black Libyan resistance’, reporting:

# Mn brid el-Safhh:

LIBYAN AIR-Force Warplanes targeted three locations today, in the city of Misurata:

Brotherhood militias sponsoring terrorism in Libya and places targeted are: –
1) Air Force Academy.

2) Battalion beside the iron and steel.
3) Mechanisms to accumulate in the scrub area.
4) And the time of the air strike by the ears dinner.
5) darkness unusually camp on the airport area (and the total air and the region).

(* Militant Arabism *)

screwy !!

#دولة_تل_ابيب ( مصراطة ) شوفوا رعشة الخونة

* مناضل العروبة *


Cars belonging to Misurata you move air defense missiles from stores of alJufrah. 

The transfer of missiles and Dkhirh of the road and Ada zmzm to state of Misrata.


Target concentration of Misurata militias in base # Airborne beach

with a barrage of mortars and RPGs …





Close pro-road to and from Benghazi and Tripoli, specifically in the area Boukran and not the entry of goods from east to west because of the striking drivers in Ajdabiya;

and Misurata is still on the problem list.



BADR-CHIAAN-Alaoutian/Alfoqaan tribe SUFFERING:

The people of the cities of the tribe still Chiaan (# Tighe and # Badr) suffer
Almost complete interruption of Internet services and weakness in
Communications in general, with the continued interruption of fuel also #
Where he arrived barrel price, which is sold in the party to 30
Libyan dinars.
Where all cities suffer the western mountain this Maady crisis


(‘Stainless son Zliten’)


(gate Lock) and the Diaspora (and returns next foodstuffs) for the city.




# Airports Abraq (CYRENAICA / al-BAYDA) departments and Tobruk refuse

to receive flights from the airport Mitigua.


Confirmed spokesman Fawzi AD Mitigua International Airport, Tuesday, cancel ‘Buraq Air flight’ that was going to take off from ‘Mitigua airport’, sending ‘Abraq Airport’ (in CYRENAICA / al-BAYDA) and from there to Alexandria (EGYPT) and other air flights were to take off from ‘Tobruk’ to ‘Mitigua Airport‘.

AD said the cause of flight cancellations due to the refusal of airports ‘Abraq’ and ‘Tobruk’ authorities reception coming from ‘Mitigua airport’ planes all the Libyan national companies.

He reported that “airports departments ‘Abraq’ and ‘Tobruk’ has informed ‘the companies Libyan Airlines’, ‘African lines’ and ‘Bright company’, that they can not take them for trips Mqlah from ‘Mitigua Airport’.

AD and stressed that “the decision, not to receive flights from ‘al-mqlah Mitigua airport’ to these airports, is not clear yet for the ‘period of time’, for how long that decision will remain in place.”



Relief convoy from the people of generosity at Bna Oled to the people of the city of Benghazi 

who are displaced people in the city of Ajdabiya.

BROTHERHOOD / DAASH Militias Tnzim al-Hadh expound upon

the full control of the Man-Made River,

which is located south of the city of Ajdabiya, about 10 km reservoir:



The interruption # Libyana network, and now in orbit:

(“Resistor son Zliten“)

Back in communications for Ajdabiya, after outage, which the company has done for fear of more explosions after an explosion Directorate.

The car on the headquarters of Battalion 149 Infantry hours

from now but fled and information stating the initial injury of a member.

A bomb was found inside the car Belkrb from the Land Registry in Ajdabiya:

Targeting PSD car bombs and led to the occurrence of the wounded

numbered “7” according to preliminary statistics.

Casualties in the explosion of two car bombs Security Department.

Was found in a third car bomb !
Directorate of Ajdabiya security official confirmed to find third car bomb explosion near the scene of the two cars al-Mfajkhtin, just a few meters from the ‘Directorate for Security’ building, located about 160 km south of the city of Benghazi 

Converted failed bombing School Ouagadougou this morning.



Norman ben Othman, says:
Our sources confirm the existence of the ‘to be assassinated list’ of 150 Military men which will carry-out military assassinations in TRIPOLI and in Ajdabiya. They have  been assigned to some of the Kharijites, and thus carried out the two operations so far in Ajdabiya.


The Suluq police station to arrest a group of hallucinogenic grain traders in the area Ddina coming from Benghazi heading to Ajdabiya.

 Picture: al Hizam al Akhdar in SALUQ



Sporadic clashes in al-Sabri and Souk  al-Ihut and renewed violent clashes in Blon and  

Laithi University and heavy shelling with rockets.



A shell landed on a school district first 12 spring Laithi and caught fire inside the school.



Because of the ongoing clashes blackouts most of the areas.

Arrested 20 terrorists belonging to the organization Daash:



after the Millionth time proven a false report, finally Mohammaed ‘Boca’ Orabai is truly deceased !!!

Ooooooooooanaba from the famous to the inventory ‘Mohammed Boca Oraibi’ killed in the clashes between Grbe Benghazi Hftar Libyan Army forces against the Brotherhood / DAASH militias Tnzim al-Hadh:


Death of one of the elements of Daash day after the bombing
of a tank to the surface of the architecture, that was stationed

as a ‘sniper’ in the al-Sabri area:

One of mosques in al-Sabri, is destroyed as an effect of the clashes.
To turn the force but from God.


(* Militant Arabism *)

Heavy shelling in the area of al-Sabri entry called Hftar forces with tanks T72

and clashes now directly.

The killing of the terrorist, Anas Ferjany, a leader of the

‘Shura Council Daash’ at Benghazi, in clashes Rulrhh today.


The death of the so-called ‘Salam Faitouri’, today in battles axis of Garyounes.

An aide-leader of a battalion Farag_hko ‘ 17 Gahaar’

and also one of the leadingDaash’ of the ‘Shura Council of Benghazi’.


Heavy shelling and continuous al-Hauser guns and tanks on DAASH, by Haftar forces stationed in places within the area of Boatni.

Smoke rose from the street leading to the camps 319 and 36.

Hotel Noran from home …!

Pharmacy office hit stores and medical supply in Benghazi due to fires missiles

Following the fall of the five victims of a shell landed near Pharmacy Valley as a year.

Image of the late Anwar stomping, after the fall of the shell in the random ‘Benghazi eonc’ today and for information, that the late Anwar suffered a previous attempt failed assassination led to the amputation of his leg.
I am God and to Him we shall return.


(* Militant Arabism *)

Parents of victims of the bombing happened today at # Benghazi _eonc area.
We ask Allah to accept them rest in peace and rest in peace Eskinhm and inspire their families

and loved ones beautiful patience and fortitude.



Citizen Haitham Hun, a massacre victims Benghazi eonc today
I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.

(* Militant Arabism *)


al-Dhaah names of those who have been killed by a falling rocket Jarad Ben Younis area:

1. Ahmed Ibrahim Hun

2. Anwar Congratulations stomping.

3. Yahya Huni.

4. Osama Huni.

And 6 wounded, according to medical sources at the hospital

to evacuate and no unidentified bodies, he said …

I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.

Raid terrorist Ibrahim Khudhairi house of one of al-Qaeda in Ben Younes area.

raid home of terrorist, Ibrahim Khudhairi, one of the elements in the

Tnzi-malhadh, ‘Benghazi eonc area’, was found a sum of money 000 pounds

and bags of explosives, ammunition, weapons and walnuts travel for foreigners.


Banks return to work:

Tank shelling towards the port city center:


Canadian citizen kidnapped by DAASH at a farm in BLON.

Heavy artillery clashes taking place in the Blon between 204 battalion of tanks with keep them from Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh.



“WAHABI Homeland Security and intelligence work in Benghazi and Terrorist elements ended.”

‘Black Libyan resistance’, reflects on the past:

Gateway Arch, which divided Libya, east and west,

and if the Libyans wretch like you’re moving from state to state,

despite the claim that it is one of the Kingdom …..
This Maysay him NATO customer advocates ‘February dirty’.

They want Arjaana 42 years back, to the misery and americanism !!

(* Militant Arabism *)





The dismissal of a number of ambassadors and staff  by the Libyan Majlis al-Nuwaab, Including, those in Belarus, Turkey, Italy, Malta, Malaysia, Kuwait and Serbia.


Mahmoud al-Masrati
Italy expels named (Mahmoud yolk al-Masrati) Ambassador gang Hassi from its territory.

محمود صفار المصراتي


Norman ben Othman, reports:

“Terrorist and Sam abd zad … is the same as ‘Nabil Abu Anbari’, Emir of  Daash in North Africa, and is now located at tuber….

Call me a high-ranking security official and confirmed that my words about the presence of Abu Nabil Prince al-Daash in tuber is the same as the findings of the country’s intelligence and lifting his hat.”






Specifically … Suknh … the ‘Dawn Libya’ forces are  withdrawing
Heavy weapons from spacious Sukna tanks and other armor ..


Abin Alwaten, on FB informs us:

“US ambassador in Algeria, said there will be air war from both sides. Said in his speech last week, and the peoples of  MISURATA have fast Sudanese team which does maintenance work for aircraft in al-Jufrah.

and no one wants to hear why not tamping these planes in the hangar maintenance Sual unanswered by the Army !

a rat writes on FB:

“I left on Saturday with my ‘vertical Tayrh Mei 35’, from  Jufra, repaired and took off,

carrying a pilot and crew Swadny (SUDANESE TECHNICIANS) technician to ‘Misurata Airport’ !!”

أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة

من بريد الصفحة…..
غادرت يوم السبت الطايرة العمودية مى 35 من الجفرة بعد اصلاحها واقلعت وعلى متنها طيار سوادنى وطاقم فنى الى مطار مصراته

“فارس ورجال”


al-Rjaaaaaa publication and circulation:
Taarh type MiG-25 interceptor processing in base al-Karzabiah were brought in some parts of Jufrah, and pilot of Misratah, for use by ‘militias Roma Libya’ in the bombing of Tripoli.

أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة

من بريد الصفحة…..
الرجااااااء النشر والتعميم
تجهيز طايرة نوع ميج 25 اعتراضية ف قاعدة القرضابيه وتم جلب بعض قطع غيار من الجفرة وطيار من مصراته لاستعمالها من قبل مليشيات غجر ليبيا ف قصف طرابلس

“فارس ورجال”


After the maintenance of the aircraft type Sakhuy 25,  militias affiliated to the ‘Roma Libya’ began to experiment and made several sorties on ‘al-Jufrah base’ for launching, and then giving them to Misurata.

‘Roma Libya’ gangs to withdraw heavy weapons from the broad shields Sukna tanks and other.







Of the page written …..

Sabotage ‘Tmanhunt Airport’ (main runway) full sabotage by militants ‘Roma Libya’, fearing for his use in the future by the LIBYAN ARMY…



and Kdlk airstrip at ‘Barak base’ was vandalized by using the mechanics of heavy drilling.


‘Roma Libya’ militias  are sending trucks carrying missiles from Sabha to Misrata-

MISURATA RAT AIR-defense System from SABHA

Air defense system fortune far from Sabha and cattle towards  Misuratah.




Image of the car (Ahmed Salim Yusuf Al-Amari) who is killed-in
And his friend (Saif Salam birth Arhovernm al-Mchaa)

Night, Yesterday and are residents of the city of Sabha Mahdia – radio condominium.
To turn and no power except with Allah.
To God and to Him we return.

The deaths of two young men (Ahmed Salim Warfali,from the tribe Werfalli,) and (Saif Salam al-Mchaa, an Epiphyseal) from the front of the Municipal Guard tank Mahdia after he was shooting them by someone unknown car.  .

.. Haba God and yes, the agent (SATAN).




Security coordination Algerian and Tunisian to prevent terrorist militias

from escaping to the western border of Libya.




These days, meetings are held in the Tunisian capital between

the leaders of the Tuareg and Tabou tribes.
Quotient between the parties to resolve the conflict in southern Libya.








Citizens and angry staff beating the named ‘Mamed Agheirani’, the former Libyan ambassador, who was sacked as ambassador to Libya in the Jordanian capital, Amman,

and who served as foreign minister in the customer’s inventory ‘Government’ of Hassi.

Asabonh, he suffered minor injuries during his visit today to the building as ‘cultural attaché’, after his day yesterday, to open a personal bank account at the ‘Pennek al-Ascan Jordanian Embassy’, in order to ‘transfer funds to this account’ as far as confirmation of high-level employees.

Video exclusive Libyans beating Ali, Mamed Agheirani  former Libyan Ambassador in Jordan.



Morocco refuses to grant the Libyan delegation a visa to participate
At the Global Forum on Human Rights

(“Resistor son Zliten“)

Green Charter
human rights
Human Rights for the Third Millenium
Inspired by the Proclamation of the Great Green Charter for Human Rights on 12th June, 1988, the first Human Rights Charter to be issued by the people gathered in popular congresses, signalling the end of the era of the republics and the dawn of the era of the masses, as well as a new advancement in the definition of human rights.
Led by the Green Book, guide of humanity for the total deliverance from the power of individuals, classes, clans, tribes or parties, and the path towards the establishment of a society for all where all human beings are free and equal in the exercise of power and in the possession of wealth and arms.
Convinced that the rights of Man, cannot be the gift of a person nor exist in societies where exploitation and tyranny are practised, and can only be achieved by the victory of the popular masses over their oppressors and the disappearance of regimes which annihilate freedom,
that the establishment of the power of the popular masses will consolidate their existence on earth, when the sovereignty of the people will be exercised directly through legislative popular congresses and executive people’s committees
that human rights cannot be guaranteed in a world where there exist governors and governed, masters and slaves, rich and poor
Aware that human misery cannot disappear, nor human rights be affirmed, except by building a world where the people hold the power, the wealth and the arms; a world where governments and armies will disappear, and where communities, peoples and nations will be rid of all danger of war, a world of peace, respect, agreement and co-operation
On the basis of the above, the Green Charter International was formed to link men and women around the world who wish to achieve, promote and defend the true Human Rights and freedoms of this new age, the era of the masses, which were proclaimed by the free people, gathered in popular congresses in the Great Green Charter of Human Rights as the following:
1. Democracy is the power of the people, not only the expression of the people. We declare that power belongs to the people. It is exercised directly, without intermediary or representatives in the popular congresses and the people’s committees.

2. We consider the life of the individual sacred and protect it. We forbid its alienation. Imprisonment can only be exercised against those for whom liberty constitutes a danger or a contamination of others. The aim of punishment is to renew society, to protect its human values and its interests. We proscribe punishments which attack the dignity and the integrity of the human being, such as forced labour or long-term imprisonment. We proscribe all attacks, physical or mental, on the person of the prisoner. We condemn all speculations and experiments of any kind upon prisoners. Punishment is personal and suffered by the individual following a criminal act on which it is necessarily contingent. The punishment and its consequences cannot extend to the family nor the persons close to the criminal. “One only commits evil to one’s own detriment and nobody will assume what he has not committed”.

3. We are, in times of peace, free inall our movements and in the choice of our residence.

4. Citizenship is a sacred right. Nobody can be deprived of it or have it removed.

5. We forbid clandestine action and recourse to force in all its forms, violence, terrorism and sabotage. These acts constitute a betrayal of the values and principles of the Jamahiriya, which affirms the sovereignty of the individual in the popular congresses, guaranteeing the right to express opinions publicly. We reject and condemn violence as a means of imposing ideas and opinions. We adopt democratic dialogue as the only method of debate and consider any hostile relation towards the Jamahiriya linked to a foreign instance, whatever its form, as high treason against it.

6. We are free to form unions, trade unions and leagues to defend our professional interests.

7. We are free in our private acts and our personal relations. Nobody can involve themselves therein, except at a complaint from one of the partners concerned or if the act and the relation attack or are prejudicial to society, or if they are contrary to its values.

8. We consider the life of the human being to be sacred and protect it. Our objective is to abolish capital punishment. To this end, the death penalty can only be exercised against an individual whose existence constitutes a danger or is deleterious to society. The person condemned to death may request that his sentence be lightened or, instead of his life, offer a personal tribute. The court may commute the penalty if this decision is not prejudicial to society or if it is not contrary to human values. We condemn the application of the execution of capital punishment by repugnant methods, such as the electric chair, the use of toxic gas or injections.

9. The Jamahiriya guarantees the right to plead and the independence of the judicial system. Each of its members is entitled to a fair and complete trial.

10. Our judgments are based on sacred law, religion or custom, the terms of which are stable, unchangeable and for which there can be no substitute. We declare that religion is an absolute belief in the divinity and a sacred spiritual value. It is personal to each person and common to everyone. It is a direct relationship with the Creator, without intermediary. We proscribe its monopoly and its exploitation for purposes of subversion, fanaticism, sectarianism, partisan spirit and fratricidal war.

11. The Jamahiriya guarantees the right to work. It is a right and a duty for everyone, in the limits of one’s personal effort or in association with others. Everybody has the right to exercise the work of their choice. The Jamahiriya is one of partners and not one of paid employees. Ownership, the fruit of labour, is sacred and protected, it can only be attacked in the public interest and with fair compensation. The Jamahiriya is free from the slavery of salaries, stating the right of everybody over their labour and production. Only those who produce consume.

12. We are liberated from any feudalism. The land is nobody’s property. Each person has the right to exploit it and to benefit from it by labour, agriculture or animal-keeping, throughout one’s life, that of one’s heirs, and within the limits of personal effort and the satisfaction of needs.

13. We are free from any rent. A house belongs to the person who lives in it. It enjoys a sacred immunity in respect of rights of neighbourhood: “your close neighbours or distant neighbours”. The residence cannot be used to harm society.

14. The Jamahiriya is united. It guarantees everyone a worthy and prosperous life and a developed state of health, so as to achieve a society of healthy people. It guarantees protection of childhood, motherhood, old age and of invalids. The Jamahiriya is the guardian of all those who do not have a guardian.

15. Education and knowledge are natural rights for everyone. Any individual has the right to choose the education and the knowledge which suits them, without imposed constraint or orientation.

16. The Jamahiriya is the society of goodness and of noble values. It considers ideals and human principles sacred. Its aim is a humanitarian society where aggression, war, exploitation and terrorism will be banished and where there will be no difference between great and small. All nations, all peoples, and all national communities have the right to live free, according to their options and the principles of self-determination. They have the right to establish their national entity. Minorities have the right to safeguard their entity and their heritage. The legitimate aspirations of the latter cannot be repressed. Neither can they be assimilated by force into one or several different nations or national communities.

17. We affirm the right of each person to profit from the benefits, the advantages, the values and the principles which are obtained by the harmony, cohesion, union, affinity and the affection of the family, the tribe, the nation and humanity. To this end, we work to establish the natural national entity of our nation and support all those who fight to achieve this aim. We reject any segregation between men due to their colour, their race, their religion or their culture.

18. We protect liberty. We defend it everywhere in the world. We support the oppressed, and encourage all peoples to confront injustice, oppression, exploitation and colonialism. We encourage them to combat imperialism, racism and fascism, in accordance with the principle of the collective struggle of peoples against the enemies of liberty.

19. The Jamahiriya is a society of splendour and fulfilment. It guarantees each person the right of thought, creation and innovation. The Jamahiriya works for the development of the sciences, the arts and literature. It guarantees they will be disseminated among the popular masses so as to prohibit any monopoly on them.

20. We affirm the sacred right to be born into a coherent family, where motherhood, fatherhood and brotherhood prevail. Fulfilment of the human being is only in compliance with his nature if it is assured by natural motherhood and feeding. The child must be brought up by its mother.

21. We are, men or women, equal in everything which is human. The distinction of rights between men and women is a flagrant injustice which nothing justifies. We proclaim that marriage is a fair association between two equal partners. Nobody can conclude a marriage contract by constraint, nor divorce in any other way than by mutual consent or by a fair judgement. It is unfair to dispossess the children of their mother, and the mother of her home.

22. We consider servants as the slaves of modern times, enslaved by their masters. No law governs their situation, and they have no guarantee nor protection. They live under the arbitrary nature of their masters, and are victims of tyranny. They are forced, by necessity and in order to survive, to carry out work which ridicules their dignity and human feelings. For this reason, we proscribe recourse to servants in the home. The house must be maintained by its owners.

23. We are convinced that peace between nations can guarantee them prosperity, abundance and harmony. We call for an end to the trade of arms and their manufacture for purposes of exploitation. The arms industry constitutes a waste of wealth of societies, a burden on individual taxpayers, causing the spread of destruction and annihilation in the world.

24. We call for the suppression of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons and any other means of massive extermination and destruction. We call for elimination of all the existing stocks, for the preservation of humanity from the dangers represented by the waste from nuclear power stations.

25. We undertake to protect our society and political system based on popular power. We also undertake to safeguard its values, principles and interests. We regard collective defence as the only means to preserve them. We think that the defence of the Jamahiriya is the responsibility of every citizen, man or woman. Nobody can have a substitute when confronted with death.

26. We commit ourselves to the bases of this charter. We do not allow them to be infringed and forbid ourselves any act contrary to the principles and rights that it guarantees. Each person has the right to plead under the law for the purpose of reparation of any attacks on the rights and liberties that it announces.

27.We offer the world The Green Book, the guide and path of emancipation for the acquisition of liberty. We announce to the popular masses the advent of a new age, when corrupt regimes will be abolished and from which any trace of tyranny and exploitation will be removed.






‘Black Libyan resistance’, writes:

Finally AWAKE
Quoting the ‘New York Times’, in the USA:

(picture: Mohammed BAAO & BELHADJ)
Inventory age al-Sanka says that ‘al-Daash /IS terrorists’ resides in the capital, Tripoli,

represented in the ‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’, which manages the leadership of Tripoli.

(* Militant Arabism *)



Michel Luc avec Gadhafi photo

Michel Luc avec le grande photo de Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

01 SEPTEMBER 1989:



Our armed men under the “Military Council of the Libyan Tribes and Cities”

at least now, the Resistance does not have to hide anymore ! as we are now accepted as part of the Armed Forces,

helping to clean-up Libya from the evil BROTHERHOOD and their KHARIJITES mercenaries….

MB Shield Central says



“Astagro Zintan fighter jet to hit us”! !!”

(and of this you can be asured of, demons !)

PICTURE: Lightning Brigade Zintan Air Command, under GAMAL ABEL.

The 32nd enhanced Civil Brigade of Zintan Xanthan:


General Khalifa Belkacem Hftar Hassani in holy traditional-Libyan garb:



Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi, informs us about
Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Libya Media Satellite TV

The actions were taken regarding the national channels and State-financed livelihood of the Libyan people after their returning control of the rogue and terrorist groups were two and report the main reason and the media sponsor for the invasion of Tripoli and destruction and the displacement of people and the law will be long them all.

Libya TV broadcasts news and commentary about Libya. Libya TV is based in Doha, Qatar and was set up in 2011.
الصفحه الرسمية – الرائد عماد الطرابلسي

تم أتخاد الأجراءات بخصوص قناتي الوطنية و الرسمية التابعة للدولة و الممولة بأرزاق الشعب الليبي بقفلهما بعد أن تم السيطرة عليهما من قبل مجموعات أرهابية مارقة و كانت هاتين و النبأ السبب الرئيسي و الراعي الأعلامي لعملية غزو طرابلس و تدميرها و تهجير أهلها و القانون سيطالهم جميعاُ .


13 December 2012 • 1:19PM

Any serious investigation of Libya would have to look closely at the role of Abdel Hakim Belhadj, the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and, after the overthrow ofthe Great Jamahiriya, became the commander of the Tripoli Military Council. As the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, he is the superior of Bin Qumu, head of Ansar al-Sharia, and WiSam bin Hamid, head of Libya Shield.

Belhadj previously fought with Osama bin Laden from 1988 to 1992 in Afghanistan. He then moved to Sudan with Osama bin Laden. The LIFG was founded in the early 1990s with the intention of overthrowing The Great Jamahiriya.

MI6 approached the LIFG in 1995 to carry out a coup against The Great Jamahiriya. After the coup, and four assassination attempts against Mu’ammar al-Qathafi failed, Balhajd again left Libya. In 2004, he was captured in Asia by the CIA and the British and rendered to Libya, where he was jailed in the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli.

In 2007, al-Zawahiri, second-in-command of Al-Qaeda, reported that the LIFG had “merged” with Al-Qaeda.

In 2010, Belhadj and 233 other members of the LIFG were released following a speech by Saif Ghaddafi.
Despite the fact that the LIFG had been designated by the UN, the U.S. State Department, and the U.K. as a terrorist organization, the LIFG under Belhadj was used to carry out the coup against The Great Jamahiriya.

Soon after entering Tripoli, Belhadj was named the commander of the Tripoli Military Council, in charge of, among other things, providing security for all of the foreign embassies, including that of the U.S..

In the spring of 2012 he ‘stepped down’ from this position.

According to documents obtained and released by former Muslim Brotherhood member Walid Shoebat, as reported by, an array of records provided to Libyan expatriates from sources inside the Libyan government establish that al-Qaeda operatives in Libya are facilitating the passage of jihadists through Libya to Syria. Specifically, Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayad, the brother of Al-Qaeda leader Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in Pakistan in June 2012 by a U.S. drone attack, now works in the Libyan Interior Ministry in charge of Border Control and Strategic Institutions. The position allows him to arrange open-border passage for al-Qaeda operatives, facilitating not only the flow of terrorists into Libya, but also al-Qaeda efforts to transport terrorists and weapons into Syria from Libya via Turkey.

Furthermore, Shoebat reports that Abdel Hakim Belhadj is the al-Qaeda operative that the Libyan expatriates claim is the principal organizer of all the al-Qaeda groups throughout the Sahel Maghreb.

Belhadj broke his silence on Radio Darnah on the Samir Shalwi program, one day after Stevens was killed, proclaiming:

“I am indeed a member of the fighting in Jemmah Islamiyah; I’m proud of it; I will not deny that. For this, I have spent the best years of my life in the prisons, under torture, and I’m still a member of this group. I will not give up on its edicts. Everyone must know this in the West, before the East. I’ve committed Jihad operations in all parts of the globe from Morrocco to Yemen to Somalia to Algeria, even to Afghanistan and Pakistan. I give great respect to Sheik Ayman al-Zawahri and to the first teacher, Abu Musaab al-Zarkawi. I was saddened when Hassan al-Qaidi in Pakistan was martyred.

“Me and my brothers Sheik Khalid al-Sharif, Sheik Al-Mahdi, Al-Haradi, Sheik Hassem, Baher, Abdul Rauf, Karah have formed a committee in Tripoli and we will not allow any foreigner, no matter who he is, to dictate what we do.

“We give thanks to the Mujahed, Sheik Ismail al-Salabi, for his daring proclamation to the Darnah television station, and we tell him that we are with you in every word you spoke, that there is no place for America, Great Britain and all the West in Libya. Libya is a nation of Islam and Jihad.

“The light of Islam will shine forth from it despite the noses of everyone. The weapons are here and the Mujahideen from every corner of the earth are here with us and we have all the weaponry that was prohibited before with us now. We will not hesitate to use it against anyone who touches the land of Libya and that is the end of this discussion.”

picture: Belhadj shown with Ali ‘hardness” Salabi and Saif al-Islam



محمد بويصير المستشار السياسي لعملية الكرامة على العربية يؤكد قيام السلاح الجوي الليبي بتوجيه ضربات جوية على المليشيات التى تقصف المدنيين في طرابلس .. وعن طريق طائرات سوخوي 23 الروسية الموجوده لـدي الجيش الليبي منذ عهـد القذافي وهى طائرات حديثة بها رؤية ليلية ..



Presidency corner air of the presidency of the General Staff confirms that the bombardment launched by aviation fighter last night and targeted camps presence forces the so-called “dawn of Libya” was by bombs and missiles, smart targeted by laser from a height of flight estimated at 15 kilometers;

and adds that nowhere at hand within Libya,  owns this amount of ammunition. And, there is no airport, and no one of Libya origin, who is able to perform such an operation of precision bombing, which occured last night …


Noor al-Huda, informs us:

Mohammed Buisier political adviser to the “process of dignity to the Arab Air Force”

confirms that the Libyan air strikes on MB militias, which were bombed in

Tripoli .. were done by 23 Russian Sukhoi aircraft, held by the Libyan army since the

GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. They are a modern aircraft with night vision ..

Noor Alhuda:
محمد بويصير المستشار السياسي لعملية الكرامة على العربية يؤكد قيام السلاح الجوي الليبي بتوجيه ضربات جوية على المليشيات التى تقصف المدنيين في طرابلس .. وعن طريق طائرات سوخوي 23 الروسية الموجوده لـدي الجيش الليبي منذ عهـد القذافي وهى طائرات حديثة بها رؤية ليلية ..

لصفحه الرسمية – الرائد عماد الطرابلسي‬







“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

Allah is the greatest.

Troops advancing in all axes and Melcaat Kharijites Misrata and from them withdraw from all axes



Pilot bombed by Alsکh Masکr military intelligence headquarters of the Brotherhood MISURATA and destroy their weapons and Dkhیrthm.

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

And we reiterate that we are committed to the decision of the House of Representatives elected by the people and the decision of the General Staff of the presidency on a cease-fire…

and we will respond to anyone who tries to attack or the bombing of civilians and targeted a.

This is to confirm and for all
And God bless





“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:
According to letters addressed between the MB Libyan authorities and the moon was Nilesat Blocked.

Libya’s official channel
Libya’s national channel ... and usually bettered Libya for children
And channel block of Misrata.

News channel blocks Brotherhood branch “Misrata”


Misrata space.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”

How to form the Transitional Council and what are the criteria for the selection of its members?
How was the decision taken?
The beginning of the plot
Complete control of terror and assassination of Abdel Fattah Younes
The relationship between the Board and the Executive Office
The formation of militias terrorism
Many of the secrets of the Transitional Council
Triqboha on Zintan TV channel tomorrow at ten in the evening for a private meeting with my guest,

Dr. Mukhtar Controversal member Transitional Council
Frequency 11137 h


aL-Zintan FM on USTREAM: قناة متنوعة اجتماعية ثقافية …
Vidéo pour “ZINTAN TV CHANNEL”►►
قناة متنوعة اجتماعية ثقافية سياسية ترفيهية تنبع من ثراتنا الاصيل بعيدا عن القبلية والجهوية ترتقي بكم وتستمر بتواصلكم.

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Jalil with Erdogen

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
  •  again Erdogen and Jalil

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

     more Jalil in Turkey

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Judge Jalil and Bernard Henri-Levy

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Sarkozy and Jalil

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Abdullah Jalil and Abdul Raouf ‘hater’

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    CIA infiltarator, murderer of General Younis and others

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Judge Abdul Mustafa Jalil is also a polygamist pig. He is also MB, and a pathological liar.

  •  mustafa-abdel-jalil here w Abdel Fateh Younes, whom he later murdered.

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

     al-Zintan Media Center

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Jalil and Obama

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    JALIL with Hague

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

     Jalil and MB Mustafa Noah

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

    Jalil with the MB in prayer (including ERDOGEN)

  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

     Jalil and Clinton

Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

“Zero hour” on FB, posts a photo for us, of
RAT Mohamed Khalid Abdulaati Tgaifa who was a member of the national power


in a confrontation with the “banner and Rishvana and tribal forces”:



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

We are moving according to plans and fixed strategy depends on the protection of civilians

and the protection of the first places and vital areas of Libya.

Then according to the number of information happens availability eliminate al-Melcaat ideological era,

which track the Kharijites and teams Zlalh and atonement Al-Mnhitan authorities in Libya.

Allah is the greatest and thank God.

Re Abdullah “denier” (ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ) on Nazim tartar

la vidéo de LibaFia to Ebavaa.

Amehasn vows denier (ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ):

“I’ll spend if you had this last work in my life.”

امحيسن يتوعد ناكر

“سأقضي عليك ولو كان هذا آخر عمل في حياتي”





RAS IGDIR crossing into TUNISIA

Closure of Libyan-Tunisian border (Ras worth – offset).
News about the closure of Libyan airspace.







Violent clashes in the vicinity of Tripoli International Airport


Neighborhood of COTTAGES / HUTS:

God and yes, the agent in you Aaehud Misurata






Call: for good people and well-known
Hospice in Got al-Shall donations to the needy … Gdaúah materials ….
water … kits elderly
The substances to Nasr Mosque Street 10.
Or call 0927428849

نداء : لأهل الخير والمعروف
دار العجزه في غوط الشعال محتاجين الى تبرعات…مواد غدائية….ماء …مستلزمات كبار السن
تسلم المواد لمسجد النصر بشارع 10 .
او الاتصال علي 0927428849

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi
Shelling on the area to ignite pressures of gangs before the invasion of Tripoli ….
Question: Why are bombarded Got al-Shall area ? , though he does not by any camp

or any battalion headquarters, only populated area full of … !!!!!





Electricity – Libya GECOL

Arab Contractors station was hit area Creamy directly to the injury of his shell are heading for power outages

on Crown Street and part of the area Creamy.


evidence that Misrata hit TRIPOLI with mustard gas, which it obtained from Mkhazan Jufrah.

“Honorable Libya to lock pages Brotherhood”:

After the interruption of fuel and electricity you air !!!!!!!

 Rockets fired by militia manatee Janzour and mobile power graduated from Janzour fall destination

and gateway OS gypsum and its environs.

Group west of Tripoli Chmo in gas !!!!

I do not Aladinm other recumbent form and Anto Ôäć Chmo?


Rockets fired by militia manatee Janzour and mobile power graduated from Janzour fall destination and gateway OS gypsum and its environs.

Bombarded by gangs of SALAH BADI (Paddy) west of Tripoli, and in particular the regions of gypsum and Creamy
Missiles by the gas leads to suffocation and severe, and the inability to open the eyes.

To protect from gas Khermal, put cut onions with the nose and cut cloth be thick and wet Blme and drinking milk cool.


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Janzour P (1) P textile factory (2) in the camp opposite the factory Alturnat ... as well as in family homes Frndh (Suleiman Khater Street) from the east and the west …. and the homes of the children of ambiguity in Qusaybah and Alhaannbh …. and that all of Guenidy Nagy and his group (P resident Janzour) Istamilo basements in their homes to store weapons and ammunition,

all bombed.

Brigade and military Rishvana:
Captured Mohamed Khalid AbdulaatiBattalion Jidyan Janzur
Been stepping …

# Of Oa_Rishvana_alaskara



Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Abu Obeida MB militias and shield and some Western bands calculated on the far corner bombed area mil

and al-Hachan and his gospel rockets and mortars locusts ..


Shields gangs and militias Abu Obeida angular stealing bank deserts mil and transporting tanks to the corner:


Air strike on one of the areas that contain the corner Abu servants.

Shortly before warplanes bombed al-Dkhirh in corner stores.

The fall of the number of missiles near Locust Street Hospital burns corner.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

Grad rockets fall in the street corner and Riasih

Rockets in the area of ​​CKhalifa and street corner and street cedi.

Shen Qllkm Bakri Lord saves citizens.

To turn the power but in God.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl … :::
# Martyrdom [man and his wife pregnant] now and science guy ..

# Musrati of the population of Republic Street as a result ..

Targeted in a street corner because of the bombing of Misrata Melcaat.

# Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel … :::
The arrival of cases among civilians to hospitals in Tripoli, a result of injuries Bczaah by rockets fired from Melcaat Misrata to Tripoli.


شوفو مغتصبات مزراتة شنى كاتبين على الاكل لي يهودهم في طرابلس

Lire la vidéo


MISURATA MILITIAS WASTE OF MONEY, and needless destruction / death

Page third alternative for us ….
Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, & civil 32 – Alternative:

“Menen Mmeltha Misurata Come Bash mean missiles Hadi uniforms ….”


and who do you think is supplying them with all these weapons and ammo and Rockets and their launchers,

and their tanks and all means of WMD????

Aaaaaallahm I reached Aaaaaallahm P testify:
The arrival of a large number of rockets large type and length of terrible Pearls of Spring Valley by the

Jews Mzraaath al-Malomaat.

According to the initial length of the rocket Pearls 16 meters and a number of trucks al-Dkhirh and a number of civil al-Searaat without metal Ouhaat
Arjowoowoowo Aaaaalnscher Aaaaaaaaseraa and post Aaalmnchor.







Spring Valley, TRIPOLI




“Honorable Libya to block pages Brotherhood”, unfortunately informs us that
Abu Ubaida gangs succeed in destroying a bridge 27 after heavy shelling by Tardtlh region Bushmin.

(Thank you for your support of the Chamber of rebels pizza)


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi:

The control of the Libyan army forces on the rear gate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

next to the equestrian and arrested three of the city of Gharyan Guenasian ..

(# Operations)

Spokesman for the First Brigade “Qaqaa” Tariq Aghannaa:
The outcome of clashes today 19 August 2014

The end of the Battle of the axis of the General Staff after the control of the Libyan army forces

on the bridge and the gate of the presidential equestrian and the withdrawal of forces to the farmer

behind the MB  shields of the General Staff.

Where the forces of the Libyan army circumvent MB Shield Forces Central behind the oil tanks,

and has clashed with the troops stationed there and Qaibdthm losses in gear,

Complete control of the rebels neighborhood cottages on the neighborhood and defeat

the militias Gneoh where it came from Axis OS.

did not witness battles except for some skirmishes miserable by moving forces.

The outcome of today:
Army Martyrs Martyrs 4 and 9 wounded.

Military statement:
Military Council of the Libyan tribes and cities announce that forces Libyan tribes be able to secure the building of the General Staff Headquarters of equestrian path of the airport and because the troops were combing the Libyan tribes and secure the neighboring farms of the Kharijites and Takfiris.

(Room operations forces tribes and Libyan cities.)



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”

This is a waste Kharijites Misrata

Equestrian axis

“Place for Men”

God Akpro Praise God

Allah is the greatest and thank God.

A picture of what Dkrnah yesterday regarding the injury of 27 Bridge Jardan Interface Language:

the 27 Bridge completely destroyed after targeted with

heavy artillery al-Hauser 155 by militias Abu servants angular …

Gary combing axis equestrian after the destruction of the Kharijites in this axis.

Excommunicating Interface Language bombards Bridge 27 and destroys the bridge completely.

Allah is the greatest victories on the day equestrian Allahu Akbar…

# Acharkh_ama_llkahraba

Contractors and wounding adapter adapter voltage 30 kV equestrian who Igdian the following areas: –

Sidi Salim Crown Street areas adjacent to the family market areas adjacent to the equestrian camp

supply road to the airport because of clashes in the region and the injuries were directly.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

Bridge Equestrian:

18/08/2014 during the day in the Clash of the axis of the equestrian.

Advanced 2 verses to follow Melcaat Misrata Bridge Equestrian in Dhan them followers Seen in this site

Olyatan arrived at the checkpoint

Checkpoint: good Eachal

Members of the Militia: Hurray

It turns out they al-Ayatan Melcaat of Misrata and Qau at the checkpoint ^ __ ^

4 families were members of an Islamic transaction was Maammmelthm

Sheep were al-Ayatan and arms

And Allah is the greatest.

كوبرى الفروسية :

يوم 18.8.2014 فى أثناء إشتباك محور الفروسية

تقدمت 2 الايات تتبع ملشيات مصراتة الى كوبرى الفروسية فى ضن منهم تواجد اتباعهم فى هذا الموقع

وصلت ﻷلياتان عند نقطة التفتيش

نقطة التفتيش :خير ياخال

افراد المليشية : يا هلا

لقد إتضح إنهم الاياتان من ملشيات مصراتة و وقعو فى نقطة التفتيش ^__^

تم أسر 4 افراد تم معامملتهم معاملة إسلامية

وتم غنم الاياتان و السلاح

والله أكبر


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel …. :::
Now far rockets fall in the OS and at the gate of gypsum and ring al-Talt

Operations room “are free five battalion”

God is great, God is great, God is great, and thankfully

Enables the praise of God our young brave evening complete the process of quality “3” in the five coastal road #
Specifically through Anakazh were damaged in the praise of God is affiliated to the two gangs Misrata

and killed three of the gang members
And the wounding of 0.2

al-Thelata free today on 2014 \ 8 \ 20

The victory, but the patience of an hour.



The fall of the mortar plateau region caused material damage and panic of civilians:









Honorable Libya to Block pages Brotherhood



Brigade and military Rishvana

The bombing of the factory globe juices by the militias of the angular Interface Language.

(# Of Oa_Rishvana_alaskara)


Continue the bombardment of heavy weapons on me:
al-Baronah. The globe. Kerkozh. Tuibih. Alhachan
God Nsil Safety





“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”

Mail from your Page

Hello how are you Thank you Mujahdatkm and Barak God in you Bellahi’ve got news Etbik published by the aircraft to the bombed yesterday, was sourced hater and sage Belhadj and Abu servants and the militias of Misrata in order to Agto on the number of dead to me Mato and currently some of the sources and Mkhraben home Galo aircraft follows bombed out of Bani Walid and will reply suffused Fa íÇŃíĘ publish her story and Vic sure Page spark green and Hello

(Sheikh girl)





“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”

Rahu Hayat Hayat ….
And free Afuahq Hinat affectionately calling for Jawad Moto
Biography changer free and you told God he died benevolent God ..
Asmah Awayed and compassion and neighborly
Egik of them wound to Aasiaat …
Who have Aaloutn Dima other Ajwad Ervdo Valaab rejection Pat ..
Ajwad Evzaaolk Rhett was difficult Aaceng regiments regiments premises ..
Today Berhm displaced and that Goirh and Metrda who died after them …
Khaddthm death and Machaor Sherah and Ankan Haoratna our banners ..
Rahu Hayat Hayat ….
I am God and to him we shall return.
We ask God to them the highest paradise
Please pray for the martyrs of the homeland understanding of all Libyan tribes


(Sheikh girl)


Zliten put sand and oils and Navth on the road to block the MB SHIELD militias.


Withdrawal shortly before a military convoy coming from the city of Tripoli
And transit far from the city of Zliten ...





“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:
According to letters addressed between the MB Libyan authorities and the moon was Nilesat Blocked.

Libya’s ‘official’ channel
Libya’s national channel … and usually bettered Libya for children
And channel block of Misrata.

News channel blocks Brotherhood branch “Misrata”.

Misrata space.

Channel was shut Mzrath.

“Zero hour”, on FB, reports that
Dirty MISURATA immersed deaf and dumb from online to enter their war;

After that recruited mercenaries and children in wars.

Here today and set a dangerous precedent recruit deaf and dumb and people with special needs in their dirty war on Tripoli.

This person named Khaled Sati whole battalion commander of the deaf and dumb.


مزراته تزج بالصم والبكم المتواجدين فيها للحرب

بعد ان جندت المرتزقة والاطفال في حروبها هاهي اليوم وفي سابقة خطيرة تجند الصم والبكم وذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة في حربهم القذرة على طرابلس فهذا الشخص اسمه خالد ساطي آمر كتيبة كلها من الصم والبكم









Wayne residents Boatni Is it true control of the army and supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA) to retreat Laithi.

Clashes with heavy weapons in Boatni and Hawari under the bombardment of Libyan air force |

MB rockets indiscriminately at civilian houses.


The ANSAR al-SHARIA bombing of one of the shops near the clinic Tariq last night:






Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

# Drnh_aleom:

# Execution by beheading:

young man in the playground in front of the headmaster Darns Bdrna people,

in implementation of the rule of the MB WAHABI “Sharia Court” in the tuber.

There is no power but from God upon the great












What happened to the Floating hotel for the Reps, on the shore-Front of Tobruk ?

Floating Hotel, docked in Tobruk, for HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

From the heart of the event is now
House of Representatives to stop all financial benefits of his deputies was received as follows Am.o National Congress refuses to hold its meeting in the hotel Alaaúm.oan Members Mtuaqon refused to stay at this hotel, because of the high cost, which is estimated at 40,000 euros a day #
And Members agree to relinquish all privileges because the situation in the country does not allow such and they are performing their work
Pure for God and the homeland.

Most members have returned from leave and that the Board is considering changing the Law of the Fatwa and military law concerning the appointment of Chief of General Staff and Vice President.



Determination with Allah beside Us

Mu saying 'wonderful'


and the Media laughed!

Mu asks why are the people so blind to the truth


Dedicate of the page to each Nzlh ululated when NATO bombed innocent and safe cities.
Creativity, and they can print rag shame him.




Tomorrow will announce a statement on the satellite channel Al Khadra the Supreme Council of the noble tribes.


“Saif al-Arab Legion martyr for the Liberation of Libya”, on FB announces:

This is the text of the ad, which aired on the green and we say that tomorrow to sight a close

Triqbo statement tomorrow evening, God willing, on the green screen.
Libyan tribes of ancient noble Mujahid said, she will not be deterred by anything, God willing.

(picture is from Supreme Council of TRIBES August 2011, when over 500 tribes met in TRIPOLI

to announce full support for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Muammar al-Qathafi) A tribute to the noble tribes of Libya posed by the banner Ezz green flag which refuses reconciliation

with the traitors in form and substance.



all martyrs are heroes:



Bannars for MARTYRS, both the pure fasting-Living and the deceased dead…
Saif al-Arab Legion martyr for the Liberation of Libya:








Page 219 Legion securityWorld Health Organization confirmed and human rights organizations who visited Libya that NATO forces
had used chemical, nuclear and biological weapons internationally banned in the war on Libya. These were the assertions contained in their investigation, which they did with the pilots belonging to NATO who refused orders to take off Bttiyarathm Alemczuna these dangerous weapons on human health and the environment and also lose by taking samples from a waste weapons, tanks, vehicles and bodies and more samples of soil from the Libyan cities that were the fields of the war in this events and located in the Libyan state, such as Ajdabiya and Crescent Oilfield Libyan city of Sirte and Bani Walid and Tawergha, Tripoli and all trials and tests have proved that NATO used these weapons in its war on Libya and confirmed these sources that these cities have been saturated home run this Alaslhalh dangerous to humans and the environment, which turned it into cities unfit for settlement of civil and confirmed that these cities will not even suitable for grazing and agriculture after the saturation of these dangerous weapons on humansand the environment has classified these organizations these cities territorial Alambah result of the presence of these toxic substances that overlapping in the ground that are easily inhaled with dust from the movement in this cities.The more injuries and more spread of these toxins in the city of Sirte and Tawergha and Brega and Ajdabiya and Aqeel Bani Walid, Tripoli and Zintan.This was the research confirmed the presence of white phosphorus and depleted uranium and chemical weapons internationally banned, which will remain at these sites for several generations to come.(219 m)اكدت منظمة الصحة العالمية ومنظمات حقوق الانسان التى زارت ليبيا ان قوات الناتو استخدموا الاسلحة الكيماوية والبيولوجية المحرمة دوليا في حربها على ليبيا
وكانت هذه التأكيدات وردت في تحقيقاتهم التى قاموا بها مع الطيارين التابعين لحلف الناتو الذين رفضوا الاوامر بالاقلاع بطياراتهم المشونة بهذه الاسلحة الخطيرة على صحة الانسان والبيئة وايضاً قامو بأخذ عينات من بقاية الاسلحة والدبابات والاليات والجثث وعينات اخرى من التربة من المدن الليبية التى كانت ميادين للحرب في هذه الاحداث والواقعة في الدولة الليبية مثل اجدابيا والهلال النفطى الليبي ومدينة سرت وبن وليد وتاورغاء وطرابلس وكانت كل التجارب والفحوصات اثبتت ان حلف الناتو استخدم هذه الاسلحة في حربها على ليبيا واكدت هذه المصادر ان هذه المدن قد تشبعت ارضها بهذه الاسلحلة الخطيرة على الانسان والبيئة التى حولتها الى مدن غير صالحة للاستيطان المدني واكدت ان هذه المدن لن تصلح حتى للرعي والزراعة بعد تشبعها بهذه الاسلحة الخطيرة على الانسان والبيئة وقد صنفة هذه المنظمات هذه المدن بالاراضي المبؤة نتيجة لوجود هذه المواد السامة التى تداخلة في باطن الارض التى من السهل استنشاقها مع الغبار الناتج عن الحركة في هذه المدن
وكان اكثر الاصابات واكثر انتشار لهذه السموم في مدينة سرت وتاورغاء والبريقة واجدابيا والعقيلة وبن وليد وطرابلس والزنتان
وكانت هذه البحوث اكدت وجود الفسفور الابيض واليورانيوم المنضب والاسلحة الكيماوية المحرمة دوليا والتى سوف تبقى في هذه المواقع لعدة اجيال قادمة.


  • and lest we forget, THE GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER, poisoned also with depleted uranium—
    unfit for any life to drink now for billions of years!
    Where Muammar al-Qathafi brought LIFE, NATO brought DEATH and destruction:


Two more big RATS whom the USA, O Belhadj, thinks will be ruling LIBYA:


Camp 27 is controlled by extremist SALAFI groups and al-Qaida flags fluttering above it
Also sleeper cells in each of Sabratha and department in Ajeelat.
It seems that the conference would not leave until the pagan delivers the power of these groups to Belhadj, which is mobilized in force.
The cities spree shame became silent watching the situation as if they settled in Libya for the whole of the Constitution and the language.
Other cities in support of these groups, believing that they will fight “Cronies” (pro-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) honorable,

and secularists in this way.
They do not know that they will be an absolute evil to them and to the country.





Ambassadors are leaving after the other, in contrast terrible silence of Congress pagan outgoing.

Also the growing power of the strange groups“Salafi” extremist, and their access to weapons and ammunition,

and a quantity of abnormal cars from TUBER—

all out of coverage !


Publishing and Circular
“Media Committee Ktibhrjal the current situation”

Badr Kadhafi, reporting:

“Hannscherh and talk to me, I have just issued a seer personally issued a personal mesh of any face.

To both Helena and Khotna in Tripoli Mermaid Hvata on the blood of our women and our elders and our children.
I recommend all families where there are the elderly, children and the elderly and women
To go to the south of Libya and keep the young people to protect homes and property.
Hedda and the alarm is to preserve the blood that would flow by the war militias battling for power.

And I repeat, not for the seriousness of the situation and the large number of blood that collect in this topic War.

I am what I wrote Hedda publication and a witness to the Lord my words:
Publishing reason to fear Helena in Tripoli.

Allah and I bear witness that he Hedda steering me. I, Badr Kadhafi, and not of any other.

Oh God, Protect the Liberals and honorable !
Multiply the oppressors and oppressors; and come out of the Liberal ones safe and sound.
(Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation)

للنشر والتعميم
((اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبةرجال الظرف الحالي ))
بدر القدافي
والكلام الي حننشره توا صادر مني انا شخصيا وهو رائي شخصي ومش صادر من اي جهه .
الى كل هلنا وخوتنا في طرابلس عروس البحر حفاطا على دماء نسائنا وشيوخنا واطفالنا
انا ننصح كل العائلات التي يوجد بها كبار السن واطفال وعجائز ونساء
بالتوجه الى الجنوب الليبي وابقاء الشباب لحماية المنازل والممتلكات
وهدا التنبيه هو حفاظا على دماء التي ستسيل جراء حرب المليشيات المتناحره على السلطه
واكرر لولا خطورة الوضع وكثرة الدماء التي حتسيل في هده الحرب
انا ماكنت كتبت هدا المنشور وربي شاهد على كلامي
سبب النشر خوفا على هلنا في طرابلس
واشهد الله انه هدا التوجيه مني انا بدر القدافي وليس من اي جهه اخرى
اللهم احمى الاحرار والشرفاء
واضرب الظالمين بالظالمين واخرج الاحرار منها سالمين امنين
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي


WARNING ABOUT THE INVASION of SALAFI RATS all OVER TRIPOLI:It also went on saying that the organization and will be announced during a period of limited control over the central region.Following news from the pages of  “each revolution of shame”:
Places and headquarters that would travel with troops Salem Derby and Boca, which will enter a Misurata currently getaway
to the city of Tripoli on Sunday as saying some accompanying them
1 – the headquarters of the General Staff on Airport Road.
2 – Tripoli International Airport.
3 – headquarters of the Islamic Call Society.
4 – Transmission headquarters on Airport Road.
5 – Yarmouk camp Saladin.
6 – Camp April 7.
9 – Riqath tourist village.
10 – the club’s headquarters Libyan cars and trips.
11 – the company’s headquarters in the village of Alancat public Albuaiche Bgot Alshall.
12 – headquarters of the anti-drug Baldrebe.
13 – Mitiga air base.
14 – Haitham headquarters Tagouris forest ostrich
(219 m)
الخبر التالي من صفحات آل ثورة العار
الأماكن والمقرات التي ستتوجه لها قوات سالم الدربي وبوكا والتي ستتجمع في مصراته حاليا للإنطلاق لمدينة طرابلس يوم الأحد حسب ما يقوله بعض المرافقين لهم
1 – مقر رئاسة الأركـان العـامة بطريق المطار.
2 – مطــار طرابلــس الـدولـي .
3- مقر جمعية الدعوة الإسلامية .
4 – مقر النقـلـيـة بطريق المطار .
5 – معسكر اليرمـوك بصلاح الدين .
6 – معسكر 7 أبريل .
9 – قــريـــة الريقاتة السياحية .
10- مقر النادي الليبي للسيارات والرحلات .
11 – مقر شركة الإنشآت العامة بقرية البوعيشي بغوط الشعال .
12 – مقر مكـافـحـة المخـدرات بالـدريبي.
13 – قاعدة معيتيقة الجوية .
14 – مقر هيثم التاجوري بغابة النعام
(219 م)




RAT LEADER Salem Joha to adjust the “security” in the capital Lybia:

 “Zero hour” on FB contemplates:

Why should the ordinary citizen that is now a shadow of this topic drums
Pealed for war
First, each firm conviction that in order to book and reconstruction in God’s hands, it was completed for him
However, it’s a fierce one God.

Tanya on everyone to pray for convinced that resistance and jihad is an obligation on all Libyans now to protect Tripoli.

Come interface Libya and represent all Libyans, not only of interest to the people of Tripoli. Tripoli interface

all Libyan tribes and the control of extremist groups and customers by the stain will be forever and ever.

Fastta to defend Libya prepared to testify, and I love to meet God, God loved meeting
And we’re on the right Baden God
…And welcome paradise Jet Atdny.


The praise of God and sponsorship returned to his family student Mohammed bin Isa Al-Sharif after being kidnapped

for 12 days and returned for ransom worth 150,000 dinars
It was under torture, beatings, starvation, and said that many of the kidnapped in the same place, and it was the length of the kidnapping eyes closed.
We ask for the safety of all innocent and God is enough, and yes, the agent.
(219 m)




on a police station Gardah Valley beach and killed one of the prisoners is a “Ali Omar Alahtmana”

and wounding two policemen and all the prisoners escape.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s authorities to withdraw their representatives and diplomatic missions of Libya.

Theft of a weapon and security vehicles, thanks to the glories of the Portuguese embassy by “17 February”.
Nor to the news of the kidnapping of Health Alsfber Portuguese.

Warnings for all periodicals not to go to the airport and through the island and Agheiran Got Alshall.



Voices of bullets and shells perimeter road to the airport, and lead Banzour.

the Liberals in janzour provide us with Ihdt there.




Shooting bracket in the OS and panic among the people.




Heavy fire region of Abu Salim and the initial news refers to a confrontation with an armed group that does not

know its source attempted to enter the area.





The armed group attacked the Green Hospital in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

an armed attack on the hospital shortly before the green.




Angry citizens are coming out now and in the Fashloum Alnofleeyen against the influx of

terrorists From eastern Libya to Tripoli ...




Leave the Canadian embassy charge d’affaires in Libya occupied.









Ivory (the movements of their base, in  Sabratha)) for
“Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation”:

Initiated militias to move from their base of Sabratha, led by Omar Mukhtar excommunicating.





Beautiful goal and Radalin,
To control the Libyan-Tunisian border there.






Severe congestion in the city of Zliten of what the Misurata militia and followers of Zliten of

kidnapping, robbery and terrorize the people inside the city.



dirty, dirty MISURATA:



(Ahmed Ibrahim pictured here with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)

and Sheikh ALCHURIV and other holy men:

Misrata militias, the execution of 21 detainees were shot and we could not know

the names of the “martyrs of religion” has been liquidated within prisons armed militias Misratan !!


Important ……
Sheikh Alchuirv civil trial when the judge says if you want to govern justly so make “swab” among us,
and dig the graves of those who fought on both sides, but of his body did not decompose,
find that he is thus a martyr, by text of the law.
You must not judge any word…





Heavy fire Jaddaaaaaa downtown Sirte.
The deaths of Ahmed Mahmoud Siwi in clashes between militia shield Sirte Libya and supporters of vice.

Walker change al-Qaida in Sirte turned him back from the project and led me out of fear of the bombing after the

arrival of Mokhtar Belmokhtar to the city of Sirte. Changed the headquarters of al-Qaida in Sirte from

Mntfah back to the project “My Valley” for fear of the bombing, after the arrival of Mokhtar Belmokhtar

to the city of Sirte.

Try a so-called “Ansar al-Sharia” for control of the port of  Sirte and the total spread around the road leading

to the port and renewed clashes between them and a group of Central shield.



What is occuring in Tripoli is also happening in Benghazi !


Shortly before an unknown person in a car threw Gelatinh the wedding tent in an area near a school Laithi silver wedding anniversary of Mohammed’s family Drissi and there is no damage to praise God and fled. 

Was found this morning in the city area # Laithi the Opel car bomb type red color close-friendly school,
which would have taken place by the so-called elections meager ..



Shortly before the explosion in the region of Sidi Akharabich in the house inhabited by the Egyptians and

there is no human damage.





Rat killing of Abdul Rahman al-Feki impact accident happened today Paljfrh a field commander in the militia third force,
It also killed a militia force the third died of his wounds, a rat (M’hamed Marwan Ali Hussein) when he was

heading to Sabha from Jafra, and injured rat Basheer Abdullah Hadi.









“Two o’clock mass”,on FB, retells:

Party “workers” Algerian: the people chose Bouteflika’s “refusal” to jump into the unknown,

Considered the Secretary General of the party “workers” Algerian Louisa Hanoun, today, that the Algerian presidential election results represent a victory for the Algerian nation, stressing that he did not shed a drop of blood and did not sink in Algeria spiral of chaos and instability.She affectionate – in a press conference that the results of this election is a victory for the nation of Algeria and the struggle of the party (workers) for democracy, adding that Algeria did not sink into chaos and instability, as is not bloodshed, and pointed out that the Algerian people and through the choice expressed by refused to do a leap into the unknown.

The Secretary General of the party “workers” Algerian, that the option of the Algerian people to elect

an independent candidate Abdelaziz Bouteflika for a fourth term, but is an option refuge and Mquaomata and defense
in order to maintain stability and peace, national sovereignty and prevent the country into chaos and instability, adding that the election of the citizens of (Bouteflika) was clear and do not put any field in front of blackmail and manipulate the fate and future of the country.She drew affectionate greeting, to maturity and political awareness shown by the Algerian citizen during the elections, pointing out that the majority of the people to give priority to maintain peace and stability, while the demand for democratic political change has been postponed without abandoning it, describing the election as was legitimate and not dust them and unmarked fraud.

حزب “العمال” الجزائري: الشعب اختار بوتفليقة لـ”رفضه” القفز نحو المجهول,,اعتبرت الأمينة العامة لحزب “العمال” الجزائري لويزة حنون، اليوم، أن نتائج الانتخابات الرئاسية الجزائرية تمثل انتصارا للأمة الجزائرية، مشددة على أنه لم تراق نقطة دم ولم تغرق الجزائر في دوامة الفوضى وعدم الاستقرار.
وأكدت حنون- في ندوة صحفيةـ أن نتائج هذه الانتخابات هي انتصار للأمة الجزائرية ولنضال حزب (العمال) من أجل الديمقراطية، مضيفة أن الجزائر لم تغرق في الفوضى وعدم الاستقرار، كما لم تتم إراقة الدماء، وأشارت إلى أن الشعب الجزائري ومن خلال الاختيار الذى عبر عنه رفض القيام بقفزة نحو المجهول.
وأشارت الأمينة العامة لحزب “العمال” الجزائري، إلى أن خيار الشعب الجزائري بانتخاب المرشح المستقل عبدالعزيز بوتفليقة لفترة رئاسية رابعة إنما هو خيار ملجأ ومقاوماتي ودفاعي من أجل الحفاظ على الاستقرار والسلم والسيادة الوطنية وتفادي وقوع البلاد في دوامة الفوضى وعدم الاستقرار، مضيفة أن انتخاب المواطنين لـ(بوتفليقة) كان واضحا وصريحا ولا يضع أي مجال أمام الابتزازات والتلاعب بمصير ومستقبل البلاد.
ووجهت حنون التحية، إلى النضج والوعى السياسي الذى أظهره المواطن الجزائري خلال الانتخابات، موضحة أن أغلبية الشعب منح الأولوية للحفاظ على السلم والاستقرار، أما مطلب التغيير السياسي الديمقراطي فقد تم تأجيله دون التخلي عنه، واصفة الانتخابات بأنها كانت شرعية ولا غبار عليها ولم يشبها التزوير.

In honor of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and Boudeflika of Algeria:







The death of a student Libyan Military Academy Sudanese military
Ali Asbiei due to harsh training.





Agreement humiliating to Qatar implementation document, Riyadh, to expel, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and drive him to one of the countries Turkey, Tunisia, Sudan, and the expulsion, 0.15, of the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, including, Emirati, and, 0.2, , Saudis and the rest of Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and stop the attack channel, Al Jazeera,

the countries of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and work to prevent opponents of Egyptians who are in Qatar from Salafists from boarding platforms and halt incitement to Field Marshal, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the most important Matsrb of agreement sponsored by the State of Kuwait on Thursday, 

and it seems from the terms of the agreement that the states of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain would not agree to return their ambassadors to Doha even implement the recent agreement in full, document Riyadh,,.,

and it seems that the Doha found herself trapped in a tight angle in front of threats to escalate the largest of the Gulf states and Egypt to implement the terms of agreement, humiliating, after media leaks from inside the Amiri Diwan in Qatar.

Mistakenly pronounced dead last month, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, continues to make mischied in LIBYA,

where he is presently staying, and has alled all Salafi to come to LIBYA and join Abdul Hakim Belhadj’s Islamic Army.

from 02 FEBR. 2014:

UAE summons Qatar envoy over Qaradawi’s remarks

(Wam) / 2 February 2014

Foreign Ministry expresses protest over Egyptian scholar’s Friday sermon aired through Al Jazeera TV.

The UAE foreign ministry on Sunday summoned Faris Al Nuaimi, Ambassador of Qatar to the UAE, and expressed its protest over the offensive remarks made by Egyptian scholar Yousuf Al Qaradawi against the UAE during a Friday sermon aired on Al Jazeera TV.

Dr Anwer Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, in a protest note handed over to the Qatari envoy, said the UAE government and people are unhappy about what Qaradawi uttered against the UAE via the official TV of a sisterly and a neighbouring country.

He added: “We have been waiting for our neighbour to express its clear criticism to such defaming words and to guarantee that such offence would not happen again.”

“As the UAE fully respects the freedom of speech, it rejects any words that stir violence and hatred. But, regretfully, though we exercised self-control and kept calm, we have not received any response from our brothers in Qatar.”

Gargash went on to say: “Despite continuous high-level calls between the two countries, the UAE could not yield anything but an official statement, which failed to indicate a clear stand, which rejects what appeared in Qaradawi’s address and guarantees that it will not occur again.”

“We have tried to contain such a situation in order to maintain the fraternal ties between both countries, yet we had no option but to take such an unprecedented step in our GCC relationships,” he said.

اتفاق مذل لقطر بتنفيذ وثيقة ,, الرياض ,, يقضي بطرد ,, يوسف القرضاوي ,,وابعاده الى احدى الدول تركيا او تونس او السودان , وطرد ,, 15 ,, من قيادات الاخوان المسلمين من بينهم ,, اماراتيون ,, و ,, 2 ,, سعوديون والباقي من البحرين واليمن ومصر ووقف هجوم قناة ,, الجزيرة ,, على دول السعودية والامارات ومصر والبحرين والعمل على منع المعارضين المصريين الموجودين في قطر من الاسلاميين من اعتلاء المنابر ووقف التحريض على المشير ,, عبد الفتاح السيسي ,, هذا اهم ماتسرب من اتفاق رعته دولة الكويت يوم الخميس ويبدوا من بنود الاتفاق ان دول السعودية والامارات والبحرين لن توافق على عودة سفرائها الى الدوحة حتى تنفذ الأخيرة الاتفاق كاملا ,, وثيقة الرياض ,,.ويبدوا ان الدوحة وجدت نفسها محصورة في زاوية ضيقة امام تهديدات بتصعيد اكبر من دول الخليج ومصر لتنفذ اتفاق بشروط ,, مذلة ,, بعد تسربها للاعلام من داخل الديوان الاميري في قطر.

Qaradawi’s Fatwa to Kill al-Qathafi (English Subtitles)
23 févr. 2011
Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi’s decree to kill Muammar A-Qathafi.


The personification of EVIL: Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi





“Zero hour”, on FB comments:

Why is obtained chaos (the Arab Spring) in each of the (Libya – Egypt – Yemen – Syria – Tunisia)
Did not occur in other countries …
Because of these countries rejected U.S. hegemony and Alsoynet them and did not allow for the existence

of military bases on its territory or consent in the invasion of Iraq.

was the Aqaba big split in the Arab World (New Middle East) Audo to the principles of Freemasonry domination,

and read what is written in it …

you’ve destroyed your country your hands and became a Muslim kills a Muslim brother Arab spring Hedda …

Yes, it’s spring .. America and the Zionists and the destruction of the Arab world


Mu and his 219th Battalion

Mu Green Banner

Greetings from the tribe of the children of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown to Libyan tribes noble
remaining at the time of al-Fateh Revolution and its leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
Important statement Per-Ahrar ~ hope that you conceal the full and non-transfer news of the Popular Resistance for whatever reason ~and any news published on the Facebook pages and the internet for popular resistance is a publisher of news traitor to the fatherland nor blame but himself ~and to forward the revolutionary struggle continuously ~The statement was issued from the Association of honest tribes of Libya for the Liberation of the Great Jamahiriya ~ please & Publishingأولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر&بيان هام لكل الأحرار~نرجوا منكم التكتم التام وعدم نقل أخبار المقاومه الشعبية مهما كانت الأسباب~وأي خبر ينشر علي صفحات الفيس بوك والإنترنت يخص المقاومه الشعبية يعتبر ناشر الخبر خائن للوطن ولا يلوم إلا نفسه~وإلي الأمام والكفاح الثوري مستمر~صدر البيان من رابطة قبائل ليبيا الشريفه لتحرير الجماهيرية العظمي~نرجوا النشر
أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر:Wherever you find clients find infidelity & NATO.
Gren Mean Almrabet:
We are not and will not betray the covenant and leave our Covenant Dom Saeron Muammar ups.

Any one does not like the Kabyle is a rat and a traitor to the nation and the customer of NATO ~
to the honest tribes of Libya.أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمرتحية من قبيلة أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر إلي القبائل الليبية الشريفة الباقية علي عهد ثورة الفاتح وقائدها الزعيم معمر القذافيGren Mean Almrabet
نحن على العهد لم ولن نخون ونخلف بالعهد دوم سأيرون معمرأي واحد لا يحب القبيلية يعتبر جرذ وخائن للوطن وعميل للناتو~تحية لقبائل ليبيا الشريفه
تحية من قبيلة أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر إلي القبائل الليبية الشريفة الباقية علي عهد ثورة الفاتح وقائدها الزعيم معمر القذافي
أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر
Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar:
We show a video crawl Ali Jardan in the city of Zliten:
In response to the call of the brother leader crawls in his historic speech:

نعرض فيديو الزحف علي الجردان في مدينة زليتنتلبية لنداء الاخ القائد بالزحف في خطابة التاريخي

Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar:
O that time back days ~ day Ahdit Ajerman Bmrtkh Hvian ~ and you’re in the front row right ~ what Hsalch to any rat ~
but Tfajrt drugs in rats Mjmaanha drugs Relief.I will answer you, O Average White ~ Musmus mouth Balzahr before he speaks to the children of Sheikh ~
trust and make sure that the children of Sheikh were the first people Tsdo rats day boarded the collector Bazh abscess ~
For tribal Libya without tribes saw Shen became the ~ and learned that rats are Elly what Aahbuh Tribal ~
I consider you claimed Tahjerz ~ Tahlob you mean and mean Astjerzt betrayed ~
You are sure of the tribe claimed the parents consider you a rat ~ ~ night spirit Astadlk thick Maastadk best ~ O & rat.سأرد عليك يا متوسط الأبيض~مصمص فمك بالزهر قبل ما تتكلم علي أولاد الشيخ~ثق وتأكد أن أولاد الشيخ هما أول أشخاص تصدو للجرذان يوم طلعوا من جامع البازه الخراجه~وبالنسبه للقبلية ليبيا بدون قبائل شفت شن صار فيها~وللعلم أن الجرذان هما اللي ما يحبوش القبلية~أنا راح أعتبرك طحلجرذ~يعني كنت طحلوب وإستجرذت يعني خنت~أنت أكيد من قبيلة الأهالي~راح إعتبرك جرذ~يلا روح إصطادلك سمكه أحسن~ماإصطادك يا جرذهذا جرذ يا مجدي فوتهThis rat O Majdi Vute
I hope life
Hlha brood Sheikh history will not forget Blasa Ndkr Here
Born Zliten, writes:
God God AadeneiaaaaaaaaaaaaJoseph Warfali, writes:
Guiding the Qaaaomo until victory, God willing.
نعرض فيديو الزحف علي الجردان في مدينة زليتنتلبية لنداء الاخ القائد بالزحف في خطابة التاريخي

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Victory salute each are free home

For God’s sake, then for the home must pick ourselves up

We passed the anniversary Altalth Western intervention still supporters of Kadhafi scattered at home and abroad must retrace our strength must be retrace our dignity must be retrace Jamahiriya.

We must retrace our security and our safety must be retrace our pride and our dignity and the possibility of traitors among us and the customers we are from we’ve endured and Asalna steadfast for their homeland love for handed social for the doctrine of life for God and the homeland do not want to make the mistakes previous.

When it gave them our necks and the necks of our people do not want the likes of money and fame; but want to love God and then home, then people. We do not want parties and allied.

We want our ,who is a measure of responsibility, because we want to build the right and proper for its powerful being united.

And we do not want polemics past because we will not look behind us and look forward to all the Libyan brothers living among them in peace and loving.

Wood Nnbd revenge Ndgz on social reconciliation by the National. We want men stage of the toughest stages after the devastation and who trust in God, that they will flee when they hear the first raised by our military hero who still did not throw their arms and Mmichgah for their homeland to betrayed him.

Semiconductor men and customers and made our country and our leader as an offering to the West. We did not write that we have to be humiliated or subservient or afraid. We were men.

The time of escape from the escape and the Khan of Khan defected from the split. We were we in the field, we did not learn of treason even to those who gave us a drink of water. We did not have an agenda or students Gah or money, but we made ourselves Qrbanna to the homeland, dear to our hearts.

You are oh Libyans from Thdodn. Your fate and the fate of your security and social peace and public safety: you are brothers and Atdawa sedition Tafrqkm again and be as the leader of men loyal to the Anzl one or Nhan one or Ngtsb Arzak one

and treat the captive as we have learned from the Book of Allah and enacted, and let the Salafist sheikhs to be with us in the front right and ditch the return of the citizen to the bosom of the nation and a call for all to be Libya.

Come inspiration and our destination and save it and be its Atmy better than before and we Men Men Men Principles and honor and morality and homeland yelling to everyone and everyone wants (to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces lion, and Khamis, desert Muammar al-Qathafi men home and we Rjalak !

Be sure that all of Libya will be a way for us to injustice and will let the people of Hua tried traitors and agents (who are loyal to the infidel West and America).

God then home and then the people.


ساعة الصفر

تحية النصر لكل احرار الوطن

لاجل الله ثم الوطن لابد ان ننهض

مرت علينا الذكرى التالثه للتدخل الغربي ولايزال انصار القدافي مشتتون في الداخل والخارج لابد ان نسترجع قوتنا لابد ان نسترجع كرامتنا لابد ان نسترجع جماهيرتنا لابد ان نسترجع امننأ وأماننا لابد ان نسترجع عزتنا وكرامتنا ولامكان للخونه بيننا والعملاء فنحن من صمدنا ولازالنا صامدون لاجل وطن نحبه لاجل سلمنا الاجتماعي لاجل عقيدة الحياة لاجل الله ثم الاوطان لانريد ان نرتكب اخطائنا السابقه عندما سلمناهم رقابنا ورقاب شعبنا لانريد من يحب المال والشهره نريد من يحب الله ثم الوطن ثم الشعب لانريد احزاب وتحالفت نريد قائدا يكون على قدر المسئوليه لاننا نريد البناء الصحيح والسليم للدوله القويه المتحده ولانريد مهاترات الماضي لاننا لن ننظر خلفنا وننظر الي الامام والليبيون اخوه يتعايشون بينهم بسلام ومحبه وود ننبد الانتقام والثأر نضغظ على المصالحه الاجتماعيه قبل الوطنيه نريد رجال مرحله من اصعب المراحل بعد الخراب وثقوا بالله انهم سيهربون عندما يسمعون اول ربته لجيشنا البطل الذي لازال لم يرمي السلاح وممتشقه لاجل وطن خانوه اشباه الرجال والعملاء وقدموا وطننا وقائدنا قربانا للغرب لم تكتب علينا ان نكون اذلال او خانعين او خائفين فكنا رجال فزمن هرب من هرب وخان من خان وانشق من انشق فكنا نحن في الميدان لاننا لم نتعلم الخيانه حتى لمن اعطانا شربة ماء لم يكن لدينا اجنده او طلاب جاه او مال بل قدمنا انفسنا قرباننا للوطن الغالي على قلوبنا فأنتم يا ليبيون من تحدودن مصيركم ومصير أمنكم الاجتماعي والسلم والامان العام انتم اخوه ولاتدعوا الفتنه تفرقكم من جديد وكونوا مثل القائد رجالا اوفياء لانذل احدا او نهان احدا او نغتصب ارزاق احد ونعامل الاسير بما تعلمنا من كتاب الله وسنته ودعوه لشيوخ السلفيه ان يكونوا معنا في جبهة الحق وخندق ارجاع المواطن لحضن الوطن ودعوه للجميع ان تكون ليبيا هيا الهامنا ومبتغانا وانقاذه وتكون دوله عطمى افضل من ذي قبل ونحن رجال رجال رجال مبادي وشرف واخلاق ووطن يستغيث بالجميع ويريد الجميع ( الي القائد الاعلى للقوات المسلحه أسد الصحراء خميس معمر القدافي نحن رجال الوطن ورجالاك فكن متأكد ان ليبيا للجميع ولن يكون للظلم طريقا لنا وسندع الشعب هوا من يحاكم الخونه والعملاء الموالون للغرب وامريكا الكافره ) الله ثم الوطن ثم الشعب .




Asks many of the features of the roadmap.
Here is (can be implemented in a few months if it met the hearts of the free and the band renounced internal):

Imposed O are free to convince the Libyan tribes inside to coordinate with her sons-in-exile and choose each tribe ten leaders of the variety (youth and elders, men and women, civilian and military officials with experience and ordinary citizens) in order to be the collective leadership of the organization of political will oversee the work resistor including work field.

These leaders, selected in a democratic and social must be equipped to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the personal: a life in exile + emerging media and diplomatic (meaning nudity Rusk) + exposure to prosecutions and others. Any leadership does not wish to bear the consequences of driving withdraws and leaves the opportunity for those who bear the consequences.

And must provide young entrants, and ordinary citizens of the owners of the bright minds and hearts the courage to do the job in equilibrium with the most experienced leaders in the Libyan state, and in order to inject new blood into the body resistance.

Ten of each tribe (and Enqsoa increase by the size of the tribe and internal circumstances + representatives of the resistance groups) meaning 300 or more leadership from the major tribes in Libya Paso. They can form a political action – a successful field because they really will be the exact voice of their constuencies from all Libyan Almojta.

It is also impossible to treason, selling and deviation to choose such a popular choice, and if the thought of an individual in the betrayal of his tribe, there is resistance and the rest of the leaders and hundreds order Ekshvoh Erdauh and replace him.

Remains the following:
1. Agreement on the principles and objectives of the resistance and its mechanisms in written form and declared to the world so that the world respects us and hear us because our national project complete and convincing.

2. Expect all these leaders on a code of honor “not to seek authority” and “not to seek wealth” and “reject any personal privilege in the future Libya.” This Charter is a public and registered. Thus ensuring that each of the leaders transparent and honest and do not seek to rule at the expense of the case.

3. Distributed geographically leaders on several continents and countries so as not to blockade the Liberals in the hole unit as is the case now.

4. The provision of material resources of the resistance by donations of hundreds of thousands of families under the direct supervision of the free Libyan tribes monthly amount is very small (for example, 5 Libyan dinars per family), which means a great support for the resistance.

5. Start a program of mass political resistance (call states), and media (expose “17 February”), and human rights activists (to defend our prisoners), and in the field (field work) needed by the country and the requirements of the domestic and international situation. Taking into account the work quietly and form a secret.

6. Free tribes have the right to review the performance of these leaders and isolate and change and provide new leadership when necessary. If the organization remains the political and security of individuals vary.

7. This organization does not accept any political concessions in our case (the rights of the martyrs, prisoners, exiles, the form of the state, restitution for Fateh Revolution, Libyan territorial integrity, national sovereignty, and others). The steps are important political discussion with the tribes in the interior and make decisions accordingly. Thus, we make sure that does not leave our future and the future of our children and our nation in the hands of even a political organization itself.

If we all agreed on this Fbamkanna to achieve all the previous steps in a few Shore. But the condition is that we all agree.

Which prevent this map of verification in the past is the refusal of the resistance movements field, and convinced many of the Liberal superhighway very resistant, and think only in Venice, and the rejection of political action and as a floundering and cowardice, and uncertainties, and sensitivities between individuals and tribes honest, and make the problem of “governance” and ” power “on the problem of retrieving Libya, questioning the leadership and distrust Liberals, and refused to cooperate on the basis of dredge tribal, family or personal. (This is what I experienced day to day)

Is it time to absorb the lesson of stumbled in the past two and a half years and we go forward?

You are of you decide this, not me.

Thank you.

طالبني الكثيرون بملامح لخارطة طريق.
هاهي (يمكن تنفيذها في خلال شهور قليلة لو اجتمعت قلوب الأحرار ونبذوا الفرقة الداخلية):

المفروض يا أحرار أن نقنع القبائل الليبية بالداخل أن تنسق مع أبنائها في المنفى وتختار كل قبيلة عشر قيادات متنوعة (شباب وشيوخ، رجال ونساء، مدنيين وعسكريين، مسؤولين ذوي خبرة ومواطنين عاديين) لكي يكونوا القيادة الجماعية للمنظمة السياسية التي ستشرف على العمل المقاوم بما فيه العمل الميداني.

هذه القيادات المختارة بشكل ديقراطي واجتماعي يجب أن تجهز أنفسها للتضحية الشخصية من أجل القضية: حياة في المنفى + الظهور الاعلامي والدبلوماسي (معناها عرِّي راسك) + التعرض للملاحقات وغيرها. أي قيادي لا يرغب في تحمل تبعات القيادة ينسحب ويترك الفرصة لمن يتحمل التبعات.

ويجب تقديم الشباب الجدد, والمواطنين البسطاء من أصحاب العقول النيرة والقلوب الشجاعة لكي يقوموا بعمل توازن مع القياديين الأكثر خبرة في الدولة الليبية ولكي يضخوا دماء جديدة في جسد المقاومة.

عشرة من كل قبيلة (يزيدوا وينقصوا حسب حجم القبيلة وظروفها الداخلية + ممثلين عن مجموعات المقاومة) معناها 300 قيادي أو أكثر من القبائل الكبرى في ليبيا بس. هؤلاء يستطيعون تشكيل عمل سياسي-ميداني ناجح لأنهم يمثلون حقاً كل المجتع الليبي.

كما أنه يستحيل الخيانة والبيع والانحراف علي اختيار شعبي مثل هذا الاختيار، فإذا فكر فرد في الخيانة فإن هناك من قبيلته ومن رجال المقاومة وبقية القيادات المئات لكي يكشفوه ويردعوه ويحلوا محله.

يبقى بعد ذلك الآتي:
1. الاتفاق على مبادئ المقاومة وأهدافها وآلياتها بشكل مكتوب ومعلن أمام العالم حتى يحترمنا العالم ويسمع منا لأن مشروعنا الوطني مكتمل ومقنع.

2. توقع كل هذه القيادات على ميثاق شرف بــ “عدم السعي للسلطة” و “عدم السعي للثروة” و “رفض أي امتياز شخصي في ليبيا المستقبل”. وهذا الميثاق يكون علنياً ومسجلاً. وبهذا نضمن أن كل القيادات شفافة وصادقة ولا تسعى للحكم على حساب القضية.

3. توزيع القيادات جغرافياً على عدة دول وقارات حتى لا يتم حصار الأحرار في حفرة وحدة مثلما هو حاصل الآن.

4. توفير الإمكانات المادية للمقاومة عن طريق تبرعات مئات الآلاف من العائلات الحرة بإشراف مباشر من القبائل الليبية بمبلغ شهري ضئيل جدا (مثلا 5 دينار ليبي لكل أسرة) مما يعني دعم كبير للمقاومة.

5. البدء في برنامج المقاومة الشامل سياسياً (الاتصال بالدول)، وإعلامياً (فضح فبراير)، وحقوقياً (الدفاع عن أسرانا)، وميدانياً (العمل الميداني) حسب حاجة الوطن ومتطلبات الظرف المحلي والدولي. مع مراعاة العمل بهدوء وشكل سري.

6. يكون للقبائل الحرة الحق في مراجعة آداء هؤلاء القيادات وعزلها وتغييرها وتقديم قيادات جديدة متى لزم الأمر. إذا المنظمة السياسية تبقى هي الضمان والأفراد يتغيرون.

7. لا تقوم هذه المنظمة السياسية بقبول أي تنازلات في قضيتنا (حقوق الشهداء، الأسرى، المنفيين، شكل الدولة، رد الاعتبار لثورة الفاتح، وحدة التراب الليبي، السيادة الوطنية، وغيرها). ويتم نقاش الخطوات السياسية المهمة مع القبائل في الداخل واتخاذ القرارات وفقاً لذلك. وبهذا نضمن أن لا نترك مستقبلنا ومستقبل أولادنا ووطننا في يد أحد حتى المنظمة السياسية نفسها.

لو اتفقنا كلنا على هذا فبإمكاننا أن نحقق كل الخطوات السابقة في شور قليلة. ولكن الشرط هو أن نتفق جميعا.

الذي منع هذه الخارطة من التحقق في الماضي هو رفضها من تيارات المقاومة الميدانية، واقتناع الكثيرين من الأحرار بالطريق السريع جداً للمقاومة، والتفكير فقط في البندقية، ورفض العمل السياسي واعتباره تخاذلاً وجبناً، والشكوك والحساسيات بين الأفراد والقبائل الشريفة، وتقديم مشكلة “الحكم” و “السلطة” على مشكلة استرجاع ليبيا، والتشكيك في القيادات وتخوين الأحرار، ورفض التعاون على أساس نعرات قبلية أو أسرية أو شخصية. (هذا ما عشته يوماً بيوم)

هل حان الوقت لكي نستوعب الدرس من تعثرنا في السنتين ونصف الماضيتين وننطلق للأمام؟

أنتم من تقررون هذا وليس أنا.


19 mars
“Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation”:

In response to what you prefer, by Dr. Moussa Ibrahim

First – that the Libyan people have the potential and the possibilities to be the master of himself and Hedda also used and lived it over a period of 42 years of glory and pride under Shoumoukh and under the leadership of its history is honored by all of free world

Tanya – political structure exists and is composed of the elders of all the tribes Allipe
And Hedda structure and is under the supervision of the Libyan leadership legitimacy

Thirdly – Doctor Ibrahim that you’re not aware of the existence of a fierce resistance to the command does not mean that the Lao presence to lead the resistance
Why we went out and Bhda time statements Fireworks

Fourthly – Aalamuat neighborhoods by the fact Sttfaji and we hope to be a joyous sudden you.
19 mars
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي :

ردا على ما تفضل به دكتور موسى ابراهيم

اولا- ان الشعب الليبي لديه طاقات وامكانيات ليكون سيد نفسه وهدا كما تعودنا وعشنا عليه على فتره 42 سنه من العز والشموخ والكبرياء تحت ظل قياده تاريخها يتشرف بها كل احرار العالم

تانيا- الهيكل السياسي موجود ويتكون من شيوخ كل القبائل الليبه
وهدا الهيكل باشراف وامر من القياده الليبيه الشرعيه

ثالثا- يا دكتور ابراهيم ان كنت لا علم لك بوجود قياده للمقاومه فهدا لا يعني ان لاو جود لقياده مقاومه
ولمادا خرجت علينا بهدا الوقت بتصريحات ناريه

رابعا – االاموات الاحياء حقيقه ستتفاجئ بها ونتمنى ان تكون المفاجئه مفرحه لك


The discrediting of democracy”


Foreword by Manuel Galiana

Design : Fernando Lutz
Layout: Manuel Q.
Collection: Hellenic
White paper 90g .
Pages: 146
Size: 21 x 13.5 cm
Paperback ( stitched ) with flaps 8 cm
P.V.P. : 14.5 €
( Shipping not included )

ISBN: 978-84-940846-7-6
Order from:

Sabadell -CAM : 0081 3176 22 0006048819

The “Arab Spring” in general and the war in Libya in particular are stellar events of 2011, along with the supposedly spontaneous protest movements taking place throughout the West. Unlike Iraq, Libya have not seen the masses shouting ” No to war” . There are several reasons . One of the most important is that the war in Libya does not attack the interests of the capitalist oligarchy of France, but defends . The other is misinformation : according to our media , the Arab world has decided ” perrofláuticamente ” who wants to be a Democrat as his ” admired ” great men of the West, and Gaddafi was merely a ” tyrant ” who had to tear down . But perhaps it was not Saddam Hussein ? And you do not remain Mohamed VI ( … ) and Saudi King Abdullah ? And what about the dictatorships of Qatar , Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain? Why NATO attacked Libya and why is armed , in record time, a strange “rebel” movement , much of which is not even Libyan ?
(Eduardo Velasco , abstract introduction )


I – Tragedy in the Mare Nostrum
II – Colonial Projects in Africa: Italy and Russia
III – King Idris and the Green Revolution
IV – Mighty lord Is oil : al-Qathafi ‘s oil policy
V – Standard of living and social policies in Libya GREAT JAMAHIRIYA
VI – The Water Problem : solved
VII – The Identity Issues : al-Qathafi and the Libyan tribes
VIII – al-Qathafi and religion
IX – Libyan-sponsored terrorism
X – The failure of Arabism and success of Pan-Africanism : The United States of Africa
XI – The Gold Dinar and domain – Africa : The connection Strauss- Kahn and Libya ” Des – gadafización

” the Libyan financial system and profit from the war.
XII – Those behind the war in Libya
XIII – Who are ” Libyan rebels “?
XIV – The War Begins
XV – North Atlantic Terrorist Organization : War crimes of NATO in Libya
XVI – Libya in the Grand Chessboard: Mediterranean atlantización
XVII – Future of Libya and next steps of Atlanticism in Africa: Spain and Algeria
XVIII – Africom and Atlanticist project for Africa
XIX – Conclusions

El descrédito de la democracia
Prólogo de Manuel Galiana
Diseño: Fernando Lutz
Maquetación: Manuel Q.
Colección: Helénica
Papel blanco 90gr.
Páginas: 146
Tamaño: 21 x 13’5 cm
Edición en rústica (cosido) con solapas de 8 cm
P.V.P.: 14’5 €
(Gastos de envío no incluidos)
ISBN: 978-84-940846-7-6 
Sabadell-CAM: 0081 3176 22 0006048819
La Primavera Árabe en general y la Guerra de Libia en particular, son los acontecimientos estelares del 2011, junto con los movimientos de protesta supuestamente espontáneos que están teniendo lugar en todo Occidente. A diferencia de Iraq, con Libia no se han visto a las masas populares gritando “No a la guerra”. Existen varios motivos. Uno de los más importantes es que la Guerra de Libia no ataca a los intereses de la oligarquía capitalista de Francia, sino que los defiende. El otro es la desinformación: según nuestros medios de comunicación, el mundo árabe ha decidido “perrofláuticamente” que quiere ser demócrata como sus “admirados” prohombres de Occidente, y Gadafi era simplemente un “sátrapa” que había que derribar. Pero ¿acaso no lo era Saddam Hussein? ¿Y no lo siguen siendo Mohamed VI (…) y el rey saudí Abdulá? ¿Y qué pasa con las dictaduras de Qatar, Kuwait, Emiratos Árabes Unidos y Bahréin? ¿Por qué ha atacado la OTAN a Libia y por qué se ha armado, en tiempo récord, un extraño movimiento “rebelde”, que en buena parte no es ni siquiera libio?
(Eduardo Velasco, extracto introducción)
I – Tragedia en el Mare Nostrum                                   
II – Proyectos coloniales en África: Italia y Rusia                
III – El rey Idris y la Revolución Verde                       
IV – Poderoso caballero es don petróleo: La política petrolera de Gadafi
V – Nivel de vida en Libia y políticas sociales de Gadafi      
VI – El problema del Agua: resuelto                             
VII – La cuestión identitaria: Gadafi y las tribus libias         
VIII – Gadafi y la religión                                    
IX – Terrorismo patrocinado por Libia                        
X – El fracaso del panarabismo y el éxito del Panafricanismo: Los Estados Unidos de África
XI – El Dinar-Oro y el dominio de África : La conexión Strauss-Kahn y Libia “Des-gadafización” del sistema financiero Libio y rentabilidad de la guerra.
XII – Quienes están detrás de la guerra de Libia                    
XIII – ¿Quiénes son “los rebeldes libios”?                                
XIV – Comienza la guerra                                    
XV – Organización Terrorista del Atlántico Norte: Crímenes de guerra de la OTAN en Libia            
XVI – Libia en el gran tablero: La atlantización del Mediterraneo                        
XVII – Futuro de Libia y próximos pasos del atlantismo en África: España y Argelia                          
XVIII – Africom y el proyecto atlantista para África 
XIX – Conclusiones   

“ZERO HOUR” ON FB:Reem majestic headstrong Al_husnawiyeh.

This is the best solution, but the characters in it figures sophisticated and knowledgeable and Aknha invisible to many Liberals still operate in complete secrecy and silence, and we call on those figures Let worthy personalities and Ahgaha led political scene … I hope that my message had reached Íaadinm … and forward , and God is the greatest above Kid aggressor …

After consultation with the Liberals about the political entity:

We decided to work for free in a referendum several large pages .. so that each nominate one person figures that establish political entity abroad.

The figures are more consensus it will be asking them to work on the foundation immediately .. Any slackening of the public would consider the weakness of everyone

بعد التشاور مع الاحرار بخصوص الكيان السياسي :

قررنا عمل استفتاء للاحرار في عدة صفحات كبيرة .. بحيث كل شخص يرشح احد الشخصيات التي تؤسس الكيان السياسي بالخارج.

واكثر شخصيات يتم الاجماع عليها سيتم مطالبتهم بالعمل على التأسيس فورا .. واي تباطئ ستعتبره الجماهير تخاذل من الجميع

جموح الريم الحسناويه الشامخه
هذا أفضل حل بس الشخصيات فيه شخصيات ذات حنكة ودراية ولاكنها غير مرئية للكثير من الأحرار لازالت تعمل في سرية تامة وصمت، ونحن نطالب بتلك الشخصيات فهيا أجدر الشخصيات وأحقها بقيادة المشهد السياسي… أتمنى أن تكون رسالتي قد وصلت ياأدمن… وإلى الأمام،، والله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي…

الإسراع في اغتيال اللواء حفتر وتم هذا في مصراته عن طريق السفيرة الامريكية في ليبيا كان الاجتماع في مصراته وطلبت فيه سرعة اغتيال اللواء حفتر وسيطرة مصراته علي سرت والجفره حتي نتمكن من التقسيم ليبيا وتنظم مصراته الي فزان وتصبح عاصمة الإقليم والله هذا الكلام صحيح احذروا ياليبين اخر ورقة لإنقاذ ليبيا اللواء حفتر يجب الوقوف ومساندته لضرب العملاء والإرهاب.

ههههه ولو ع بعضهم ^ـ^ اللهم اضرب الظالمين بالظالمين


On Saturday, God willing, corresponding to 22_3_2014 four o’clock pm:
Family will fighter Abdullah al-Senussi and his supporters and supporters of

human rights vigil in the area Alchuirv Living

situation against arbitrary arrest and joins it from inhuman treatment without a fair trial amid the rule of criminal militias …

يوم السبت ان شاء الله الموافق 22_3_2014 الساعة الرابعة عصرا
ستقوم اسرة المناضل عبد الله السنوسي وانصاره وانصار حقوق الانسان بوقفة احتجاجية في منطقة الشويرف ضد ضروف اعتقاله التعسفية وما يلاقيه من معاملة لا إنسانية دون محاكمة عادلة وسط حكم المليشيات الاجرامي…

In the uprising Sabha and the Rishvana and department in Ajeelat ~ received us news that rats kept animate marches in favor of the legitimacy of the commander Bish know Liberals and strike out on them ~ Unfortunately, the Liberal spread in the news and increased Cheops people ~ rats seen in the rumors and the Liberals spread and Asedko ~ actually rats Njajoa and suppressed the uprising with the help of Some Ahrarna dupes and ordered them to knock on the ~ I swear to Almighty God for the rats were not rumors Snhsmha in our favor and Stop ~

Astfiko rumors

في إنتفاضة سبها و ورشفانة والعجيلات~وردت علينا أخبار بأن الجرذان راح يديروا مسيرات مؤيدة لشرعية القائد بيش يعرفوا الأحرار ويقبضوا عليهم~وللأسف أن الأحرار ينشروا في هذه الأخبار وزادوا خوفو الشعب~الجرذان يطلعوا في الإشاعات والأحرار ينشروا ويصدقو ~فعلا الجرذان نججوا وأخمدوا هذه الإنتفاضه بمساعدة بعض أحرارنا المغفلين والمغلوب عن أمرهم~أقسم بالله العظيم لولا إشاعات الجرذان كنا سنحسمها في شهر لصالحنا~إستفيقو وكفاكم إشاعات

Did not Muammar al-Qathafi accomplish this ?


“I hope that the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men in the country, and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Holy Qur’an, which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness…”

Mu at prayers in Versailles 05 DEC 2007

Napoléoné writes,”The religion of the Prophet, PBUH (which I love).” What was more even astonishing to see,

the Commander-in-Chief himself (Napoléoné) fulfill religious functions, which used to fall to the Pasha (Mufti)…

Has not Muammar al-Qathafi done this as well?

Mu leads prayer with Large group 2



ساعة الصفر
From their pages …. Burka free channelAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and dangerous: -Accelerate the assassination of Major General Hftar was this in Misratah by the U.S. ambassador in Libya was meeting in Misurata and requested the speed of the assassination of Major General Hftar and control of Misurata Ali Sirte and Jafra so we can partition Libya and organize Misurata to Fezzan and become the capital of the region and of God this is true Beware Aalippin another paper for the Salvation of Libya, Major General Hftar must stand up and support for the striking customers and terrorism.Hehehehe if each p ^ ^ O smite oppressors oppressors.ساعة الصفرمن صفحاتهــــــــم …. قناة برقه حرةعاااااااااااااااااااجل و خطير :-الإسراع في اغتيال اللواء حفتر وتم هذا في مصراته عن طريق السفيرة الامريكية في ليبيا كان الاجتماع في مصراته وطلبت فيه سرعة اغتيال اللواء حفتر وسيطرة مصراته علي سرت والجفره حتي نتمكن من التقسيم ليبيا وتنظم مصراته الي فزان وتصبح عاصمة الإقليم والله هذا الكلام صحيح احذروا ياليبين اخر ورقة لإنقاذ ليبيا اللواء حفتر يجب الوقوف ومساندته لضرب العملاء والإرهاب.ههههه ولو ع بعضهم ^ـ^ اللهم اضرب الظالمين بالظالمين


“Lioness fierce predators” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger” on FB:

Very important

Terrorist training camps in Libya supervised and funded by Qatar.

Said a source familiar with the city Misurata, that within the Libyan state, Qatar operates three camps to train fighters

Aldavnip area west of the city and the coastal Misurata, mostly from Yemen and the Gulf States.

The source estimated the number five Alv 5000 Mtozein trainee at the three camps have to get the source Hedda number of refueling services company supplying this topic camps meals Foods.

The source said the existence of the Office of Intelligence within the CSF Misurata sea port and base Misurata Airborne oversees this topic ofoffices to receive training..

It targeted young people and take them directly to the camps, and most of them are coming through Turkey.

And that this topic camps guarded.
اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةa publié sur‎حمزه ابوخنجر

هــــــــــــــــام جـــــــــــــدا

معسكرات لتدريب الارهابيين فى ليبيا تشرف عليها وتمولها قطرائيل

افاد مصدر مطلع من مدينة مزراته الليبيه ان دولة قطرائيل تدير ثلاث معسكرات لتدريب المقاتلين بمنطقة الدافنيه غرب مدينة مزراته الساحليه وان اغلبهم من اليمن ودول الخليج

وقد قدر المصدر العدد بخمسة الااف 5000 متدرب متوزعين على المعسكرات الثلاثه وقد تحصل المصدر على هدا الرقم من شركة خدمات تموينيه تزود هده المعسكرات بالوجبات الغدائيه

كما افاد المصدر بوجود مكتب للمخابرات القطريه داخل ميناء مزراته البحري وقاعدة مزراته الجويه

تشرف هده المكاتب على استقبال الشباب المستهدف بالتدريب ونقلهم مباشرة الى المعسكرات وان اغلبهم قادمون عن طريق تركيا

وان هده المعسكرات تخضع لحراسه مشدده

Corrective information we received says:

The Swedish people of Syrian origin. Of course it Syrian Asadi. Haitham named Mercy arrived in Tripoli today.

This follows the Swedish terrorist Turkish intelligence mission load the weapon under the supervision of Mohammed battalion in Pune to Turkey and then re-distributed to the inflamed areas in Syria, Assad to feed terrorists.
معلومة صحيحية وصلتنا تقول:

ان شخص سويدي من اصل سوري . طبعا منه سوري اسدي. اسمه هيثم رحمة وصل اليوم الى طرابلس .

هذا السويدي الارهابي يتبع المخابرات التركية مهمته تحميل السلاح تحت اشراف كتيبة محمد بونى الى تركيا ومن ثم يعاد توزيعها على المناطق الملتهبة في سوريا الاسد لتغذية الارهابيين

ABDULLAH bending is Nigerian:

Abdullah bending is Nigerian


From the laugh oh oh traitors pawns However, America
That was thou, O Tarek Mitri Jaen
Your past and garlanded with treason
Albeit Ban Ki-moon, however, the Americans Pawn
The sword of Damocles on any country that says to الالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالالا
What is the Qetwa Queer Mufti and bending Lobo centuries Toklohm task

The only right they forgot Piedqkm inside to steal the oil out of their way and under their supervision

and how to give them a dime of commission

Damn you and Ahakadkm and Tmekm O rugged men
Wi benefit of the Libyan people
For when you have just suspended salaries
After that it was the Libyan people come down and spoiled his salary before last month several days
Became even stop columnists in gasoline stations and furnaces
You Tsrkoa in oil
And Bachrtkm Galamirkah who responded to the Korean steamer is not love in the eyes of black
But because the sale of Libyan oil outside Satrtkm

But believe me Halhal lasts
Suggested Nstrdoa our legitimacy and our wealth and our flag and our oil
Ye to the International Criminal Court … and you Agazzamkm at home

————————————————– —————–
Urgent ….

Now envoy to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman to Libya and the President of the United Nations Office of the State of Libya declares Mr. Tarek Mitri told channel France 24 /:

I have met with the head of the religious establishment in Libya, Dr. Sadiq Ghiryani as well as Dr. Ali hardness as one of the Elders of Libya and we discussed the subject of a referral to control the fields and Libyan ports by some renegades to the United Nations to adopt an international resolution criminalizing the act prohibits the sale of oil outside the legitimate institutions of the state

It was agreed to recommend that Mr. Abdullah bending Libyan Prime Minister, Mr. Nuri Abusshmin president of the National Congress of Libya

And it really was a referral and a decision to do so by the international organization in order to preserve a source of income Libyan citizen and prevent criminal gangs from the control of the destiny of this country member at the United Nations}}





Shut down the port of Tripoli, and knead for maritime security precautions

after hearing collects Zintan to Tripoli.


Permalien de l'image intégrée

Stop all flights Atrbuls International Airport and close ! Tunisair and Egyptian

and African lines and Libyan Airlines announces suspended its flights from the airport

in Tripoli after the fall of shells, mortar, on the airport runway. Friday, 21 March2014 AD.

Tripoli International Airport runway number 9 being damaged due to mortar fire causing the cancellation of all flights.
Who is known as the Minister of Transport:the bombing in Tripoli airport runway was a roadside bomb detonated by remote control.—

Unidentified kidnap a staff of the Tunisian embassy in Tripoli:
Exposure morning Friday, 21 March  2014 an employee of the Tunisian embassy in Tripoli,
Sheikh Mohammed was kidnapped by unknown assailants.
He and his father, Sheikh Hamadi in a statement to the news of the kidnapping of his son, mosaic,
pointing out that the Tunisian Ambassador in Tripoli assured and assured him that efforts are continuing to
locate him and find out the identity of the kidnappers.
The attempted assassination of the officer (Mamed al-hmaly) of the free city of Tripoli Badkhruge from the naval base.
Attempt to assassinate Colonel “Mohammed Alhmala” the Navy of
Tripoli after his release from the naval base.


News about the arrival of three unidentified bodies to a hospital in Tripoli street corner today.
Found the body of a citizen (Arafa Fathi Da’aki Warfali) 21 years old lying dead and the missing three days ago in the city of Tripoli.


News about the so-called abduction and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior resigned
Bahlul fishing.area of ​​Tajourah by gunmen in
Tripoli, according to a source familiar with the “interim” government.




حقيقة مايحدث في قاعدة معتيقة….

حقيقة مايحدث في قاعدة معتيقة….

ابـــن الفاتــح

“ZERO HOUR” comments:

“Ogneoh still playing inside the home and Zintan, following goals record.”

ZINTANI swore to  clean the Mitigua airbase of all KHARJITES, SALAFI and terrorists.



Bani Walid assault on the Valley Flower Kindergarten, children Bkadifah RBG.

De l’album : Photos du journal
De ‎صفحة الجحفل الأمني 219‎
ببنى وليد الاعتداء على روضة زهرة الوادي للأطفال بقديفة RBG.

(Page 219 Legion security)




Found on Wednesday, the body of a female, forty area east of the city of Sirte.

It is the city of Sirte steadfastness and in front of the door of a mosque in Rabat for me, Sirte,

was a picture of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi and no writing under the picture, that this leader Crown favor:



“Lioness fierce predators” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger” on FB:

Ibrahim Aljdharan militias clashing with medium weapons battalion to the

so-called Hassan al-Jaber ordering inventory Colonel Mohammed Bogverh,

In an attempt to storm the camp apse Ajdabiya, which has a one of the largest stores of weapons and ammunition.

In the “city of Ajdabiya air defense force” charged between Cyrenaica and rat “battalion Jazeera”

because Bogfer battalion commander Hassan Jaber of Casablanca;and there is strength Cyrenaica want to break into the battalion and some of them Azhoyh tribe protects “Jazeera”,and medium weapons and Tkulaih on both sides …
Cyrenaica forces give a deadline for the withdrawal of two hours Bogfer shields and militias led by Boca Oraibi
apse of the camp and the Committee of Benghazi reconciliation to resolve the crisis and the intervention of the elders and sages.


Bit now directly from Ajdabiya to forces in Cyrenaica,  Cyrenaica channel.

Targets, following heavy weapons.
Began armed clashes between militia defense force and Cyrenaica Apogver militias

affiliated to the militia armor) now in Ajdabiya.
High unit clashes and gunfire from heavy weapons and continuous explosions shaking the city.

Login booklet island belonging to a guard oil installations led by Alumblyxiaoa Bokh Oraibi,

along with another battalion of Hinniyah area and stationed inside Ajdabiya. 

Cyrenaica forces give a deadline for the withdrawal of two hours Bogfer shields and militias led by Boca Oraibi

apse of the camp and the Committee of Benghazi reconciliation to resolve the crisis and the intervention of the elders and sages.

The arrival of ten wound to a hospital Maqrif Baagdabia, Following the clashes between troops of CYRENAICA
and militias of Misrata  ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
 Salem Jdharan GS news channel of the base now says in Ajdabiya clashes between armed brigades and the blood is now bleeding and casualties within half an hour they people of Ajdabiya and its suburbs and MB MISURATA militias shields.
2 dead, 4 wound outcome of the clashes so far, and Advanced Aljdharan.
Renewed fighting in Ajdabiya between Jardan walls and Alpine Jdharan that control of the situation nor the health
of the families of a group of sheep and Jdharan 9 cars.
Ajdabiya entry booklet island belonging to a guard oil installations led by Bokh Oraibi, along with another battalion of Hinniyah area and stationed inside Ajdabiya and Jdharan Imalhm until nine o’clock today .. and the Joint Chiefs of Staff descendant anyone from approaching the island from a battalion of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Now the shells fall on houses and wounding four houses and injuring five civilians, even now the situation is very Mezri
and clashes are still going on between all of Jdharan room operations and the eastern region under the command of
Colonel Mohammed Bogfer.
High number of casualties among citizens Bagdabia to 20 injured, including 10 children age not to exceed 14 years
Boca declares that he is not a party to the dispute and that it carried out the attack are wise Amazb Lobo Bouchtale large crowd and the support of terrorist,al-Qaeda rat and Plateau prison curator, Khaled al-Sharif.



Death, “Ibrahim Abdullah Bovenarh” a central support personnel morning
Friday of his wounds after being subjected to the assassination two days before the Hawari area

in the city of Benghazi by unknown gunmen.

Sources within the Ministry of Oil and Gas Benghazi was closed yesterday based National Oil Corporation and Kmalk Benghazi branch closure and the Ministry of Oil and Gas Branch of Benghazi before the trainees belonging to the National Oil Corporation claim their appointment to the oil companies of the State.

As one of the protesters said that if he did not comply with the oil minister to their demands, they would hand over the headquarters, which switched them off for the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica and al-Jdharan.



Nice assassination favor Jazawi where he was found dead inside his car in front of a secondary police Derna.




Urgent :::
Within the field of Ghanaian “
Belonging to the ground forces, border guards and vital targets announced its split from the

Joint Chiefs of Staff and the accession to guard oil installations and Defense Force Gently (Cyrenaica).

Confirmed official of rejection of defamation in his name for indicators on impact and 7 Brigades, including one Mgehvlh Anzmt officially Defence Force Gently of Cyrenaica which is estimated strength of about four hundred car armed with medium and heavy was affiliated to the chief of staff and is now ‘presence south Jufrah just kilometers west slip after trading news gathering militias Shield Central Higher Institute and the city of Dan.

And this has closed “Defense Force tenderly” all the western and southern axes in order to preserve its non-official of any breach of ideological gangs from the valley as far north as the Red fields camel and south Herog.

عـــــــــــــــــــــــــاجل :::
من داخل حقل الغاني”
قوات بريه تابعة لحرس الحدود والاهداف الحيوية تعلن أنشقاقها عن رئاسة الأركان وانضمامها لحرس المنشآت النفطية وقوة دفاع برقه
أكد مسؤل رفض التشهير بأسمة عن أنظمام 7 سرايا منها واحده مجحفله انظمت رسمياً لقوة دفاع برقه وهي تقدر قوتها بحوالي أربعمائة سيارة مسلحة بأسلحة متوسطة وثقيلة كانت تابعة لرئاسة الاركان وهي الآن متواجده جنوب الجفرة على بعد كيلو مترات غرب زلة بعد تداول أنباء عن تجمع لمليشيات درع الوسطي بالمعهد العالي بمدينة ودان
وبهذا قد أغلقت قوة دفاع برقة كل المحاور الغربية والجنوبية لها حفاظاً علي أي اختراق غير مسؤل من

Le mosque de Dan dans le district d’Al Djoufrah:




The announcement of a Council for Social tribe Alqmadfah .. (Fezzan area)

In the name of God the Merciful (O you people Anachnakakm from a male and a female and made you into nations
and tribes so that the sight of God that God knows expert)
Almighty God
Announces tribe Alqmadfah Fezzan region formed as a council of elders and socially tribe elders, consists of 55 members, representing all branches of the tribe, has met the Council’s social tribe decided the following: –
1 – The Social Council of the tribe is the legitimate representative of her and expressed in all Misdr reported from the literature and obligations with all tribes and other components, and legal entities, which authorized the dialogue and debate in all Maitalq the affairs of the tribe, and public affairs, and is Misdr it binding on all members of the tribe and void any behavior by an individual or group of individuals claiming to represent the tribe to speak in its name or in any of the Shan Hanha from outside the Council
2 – make up a small committee from among the members of the Social Council consists of 17 members are entrusted with the task of daily follow-up and continuing all the issues that concerned members of the tribe and their basic rights and their property with other tribes, and legal entities, through the legal and customary and considered to be in permanent session to this topic task.
3 – scheduled Board selects from among its members.
4 – Board selects spokesperson in his name his representative to talk to the media and to respond to any inquiry in any affairs of the tribe.
5 – The Council shall have its own position on the social networking The publication of the Council’s resolutions and declarations and statements and its agreements and related activities of social activism with other tribes, and legal entities.
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
[Council for Social tribe Alqmadfah (Fezzan area) ]
Released 03/20/2014 P

اعلان تشكيل المجلس الاجتماعي لقبيلة القذادفة ..(بمنطقة فزان)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (ياأيها الناس اناخلنقاكم من ذكر وانثى وجعلناكم شعوبا وقبائل لتعارفوا ان اكرمكم عند الله اتقاكم ان ألله عليم خبير)
صدق الله العظيم

تعلن قبيلة القذادفة بمنطقة فزان بانها شكلت مجلساً اجتماعياً من شيوخ واعيان القبيلة ، يتكون من (55) عضواً ممثلاً لجميع فروع القبيلة ، وقد اجتمع المجلس الاجتماعي للقبيلة وقرر مايلي :-
1 – يعتبر المجلس الاجتماعي للقبيلة هو الممثل الشرعي لها والمعبر عنها في جميع مايصدر عنها من ادبيات والتزامات مع جميع القبائل والمكونات الاخرى ، والجهات الاعتبارية وهو المخول بالحوار والنقاش في كل مايتعلق بشئون القبيلة ، والشان العام ، ويعتبر مايصدر عنه ملزماً لجميع افراد القبيلة ويقع باطلاً اي تصرف يقوم به فرد او مجموعة افراد تدعي تمثيل القبيلة او التحدث باسمها في اي شان من شؤنها من خارج المجلس
2 – تشكل لجنة مصغرة من بين اعضاء المجلس الاجتماعي تتكون من (17) عضواً تناط بها مهمة المتابعة اليومية والمستمرة لكل القضايا التي تتعلق بافراد القبيلة وحقوقهم الاساسية وممتلكاتهم مع القبائل الاخرى ، والجهات الاعتبارية ، بالطرق القانونية والعرفية وتعتبر في حالة انعقاد دائم لهده المهمة .
3 – يختار المجلس مقرراً له من بين اعضائه.
4 – يختار المجلس ناطقاً رسمياً باسمه ينوب عنه في الحديث لوسائل الاعلام والرد على اي استفسار في اي شأن من شئون القبيلة.
5 – يكون للمجلس موقعاً خاص به على شبكة التواصل الاجتماعي يتولى نشر قرارات المجلس واعلاناته وبياناته واتفاقياته وكل مايتعلق بنشاطه الاجتماعي مع القبائل الاخرى والجهات الاعتبارية .

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

المجلس الاجتماعي لقبيلة القذادفة (بمنطقة فزان)
صدر 20/ 3 / 2014 ف



YEOWW, disgusting! XXXX
De François Hollande à Homosexualité et Socialisme1. Genre, PMA, etc – Les engagements de François Hollande auprès d’”Homosexualité et Socialisme”
Civitas entame une série de vidéos pédagogiques pour dénoncer la politique anti-familiale du gouvernement. Chaque vidéo aura la particularité d’analyser un document officiel. Voici la meilleure réplique au déni de Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Vincent Peillon et consorts. Des documents officiels montrés au public par Alain Escada qui en souligne les parties les plus significatives. Dans cette première vidéo, c’est un document publié par Homosexualité et Socialisme qui est livré aux internautes. Ce document, ce sont les 17 engagements de François Hollande auprès d’Homosexualité et Socialisme. Première vidéo à voir ici2. Instruction à domicile – L’UMP a retiré sa proposition de loi (lire ici)

3. 22 mars – Manifestation à Cologne – Halte à la sexualisation forcée des enfants (infos ici)

4. Théorie du genre – Alain Escada continue sa tournée de conférences
20 mars à Lyon, 56 Bd d’Inkermann, 6ème, 20 heures
28 mars à Villechauve (près de Vendôme) à “La Lune et les Feux”, 11 rue Pasteur, 20 heures
11 avril à Nancy-Houdemont, Hôtel Arcole, ZAC des Egrez, 20 heures

De François Hollande à Homosexualité et Socialisme
1. Genre, PMA, etc – Les engagements de François Hollande auprès d’”Homosexualité et Socialisme”
Civitas entame une série de vidéos pédagogiques pour dénoncer la politique anti-familiale du gouvernement. Chaque vidéo aura la particularité d’analyser un document officiel. Voici la meilleure réplique au déni de Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Vincent Peillon et consorts. Des documents officiels montrés au public par Alain Escada qui en souligne les parties les plus significatives. Dans cette première vidéo, c’est un document publié par Homosexualité et Socialisme qui est livré aux internautes. Ce document, ce sont les 17 engagements de François Hollande auprès d’Homosexualité et Socialisme.   Première vidéo à voir ici
2. Instruction à domicile – L’UMP a retiré sa proposition de loi (lire ici)3. 22 mars – Manifestation à Cologne – Halte à la sexualisation forcée des enfants (infos ici)4. Théorie du genre – Alain Escada continue sa tournée de conférences
20 mars à Lyon, 56 Bd d’Inkermann, 6ème, 20 heures
28 mars à Villechauve (près de Vendôme) à “La Lune et les Feux”, 11 rue Pasteur, 20 heures
11 avril à Nancy-Houdemont, Hôtel Arcole, ZAC des Egrez, 20 heures

Civitas – 17 rue des Chasseurs à 95100 Argenteuil



Please Publishing
Jordanian poisoned juice (caution)


Khouna and Venezuela as the assets you hold him peace
My friend, the esteemed president of the Venezuelan Parliament will be opened next week

Tagafah Foundation in the name of the Commander Muammar al-Qathafi, in Venezuela ….

lived assets on behalf of the Conqueror …

Mu & Chavez in honor




This topic is weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq??????

enriches YANKEE OBAMA, off of Iraqi citizens money!



Gunmen kidnap Friday evening, the sons of Egyptian province of Minya, namely “Waleed Khalifa Mahdi” and

“Mohammed Khalifa Al Mahdi” the Sunday market area Petrhona and demanding ransom of 100,000 dinars versus released ..
Been kidnapped by Waleed Khalifa al-Mahdi and Mohammed Khalifa Al-Mahdi insisting prostitution area of the province of Minya Sunday market and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of 100 000 dinars, compared release.

Egyptian newspaper on the seventh day

تم خطف كل من وليد خليفة المهدي ومحمد خليفة المهدي مصرين الجنسية محافظة المنيا من منطقة سوق الأحد ويطالب الخاطفين بفدية 100 الف دينار مقابل الإفراج عنهم

وكالة أنباء ليبيا
مـسلحـون يـختطفـون مساء الجمعة مـصريين من أبـناء مـحافـظة المنيا وهما “ولـيد خليفة مهدي” و”محمد خليفة مهدي” بمنطقة سوق الأحد بترهونة ويـطالبون بـفدية مـالية قـدرها 100.000 ألف دينار مقابل إطلاق سراحهمـا ..
صحيفة اليوم السابع المصرية



49,000,000 Maintenance based Libyan embassy in Turkey by the government of Jardan Almqji.

Sassy Sunday!


“ZERO HOUR” proclaims


“Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation”:

The beginning of the rain drop and this drop down and embraced Libyan soil.

This will be the beginning of great news of the triumph & victory of the people’s will against the forces of reaction and imperial colonialism.

(The human patient)
We, as we promised you, we would be still victorious !
We possess High-caliber Effectiveness ; and within days, will be the beginning of the victory of the liberation.

Yes, God willing, liberation.

God is great and above Kid aggressors
(“Media Committee of the battalion men in the current situation”)

ساعة الصفر

اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
ان بداية الغيث قطره وان هده القطره سقطت وعانقت تراب الجماهيريه الليبيه .وهناك اخبار ستكون بداية لانتصار ارادة الشعب على قوى الرجعيه وادناب الاستعمار
( وبشر الصابرين ) نحن كما عاهدناكم كنا ولا زلنا وسنكون
نبشركم بخبر من العيار الثقيل خلال ايام سيكون بداية لانتصار التحرير انشالله
والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدين
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي

Mu cloud of Victory

Why are there similarities in thought of Muammar al-Qathafi and Napoléoné Bonaparté ?

“Did Napoléoné convert to Islam ?”

by Pippa Bartolotti

There are one or two references to the conversion to Islam by Napoleon Bonaparte. The official French newspaper of the time –1798 — carried an account of Napoleon’s conversion and mentions his Muslim name, “Aly Napoleon Bonaparte”. Napoleon is also quoted (in Christian Cherfils: “Bonaparte et Islam” *) as saying that he would like to establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Quran. [A more recent reference is in the book “Satanic Voices” by David Pidcock.]

Napoleon traveled widely and was well read. As the Emperor of France he was continually searching for ways in which he could strengthen his country, and had a deep knowledge of Shari’ah Law….

In 1807, February 9, Napoleon issued a rabbinical Fatwa prohibiting usury (the charging of interest). Upon being shown a table of interest charges, he reflected for a while and made the following comment:

“The deadly facts herein revealed, lead me to wonder that this monster, interest, has not devoured the whole human race. It would have done so long ago if bankruptcy and revolutions had not acted as counter poisons.” (Lincoln: Money Martyred; Omni Publications 1935).
In the build up to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 on June 18, western bankers were pitched against Napoleon; if he won, they would be out of business. If Britain lost, the value of English coinage would plummet. If Britain was victorious, the value of the currency would increase.

The prosperity of the Rothschilds rested upon backing the right horse in the Napoleonic wars and developing close relations with one or more of the warring governments involved. In January 1814 the Rothschilds contracted to supply the Duke of Wellington with the monthly hundred thousand pounds sterling in ready cash to continue paying his armies to wage war against Napoleon. They became the disburser of subsidies to the German, Austrian, Belgian, and Russian allies.

The four Rothschild brothers developed a network of agents, shippers, and couriers to transport gold — and information — criss-crossing the frontiers of Europe buying, selling, and transporting millions of coins.

The private intelligence service so gathered enabled Nathan Rothschild to receive the news of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo a full day ahead of the British government’s official messengers. At the London Stock Exchange, Rothschild dumped hundreds of thousands of British guineas on the market. Guessing that he had prior knowledge of a Wellington defeat at Waterloo, other investors were in a panic to sell. At its lowest price, and shortly before the official news about Wellington’s victory arrived in London, Rothschild bought the currency he had just sold, and the value of the guinea skyrocketed. His fortune multiplied twenty times on that one day.

Nathan gained so much that by 1825–6 he was able to supply enough coin to the Bank of England to enable it to avert a liquidity crisis.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act created a consortium of privately held associated banks called the Federal Reserve Bank. The largest shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank were Rothschild’s of London holding 57% of the stock not available for public trading. It is difficult to track the exact ownership of these banks, however, the Rothschilds may have assets in the trillions.

What would have happened had Napoleon not converted to Islam, or at the very least, not prescribed Islamic and non-usurious banking practices for France? Would the Rothschild family not have been so interested in the outcome of Waterloo? And what might have happened if Napoleon had won? (An unlikely event considering the entire European aristocracy and most of the banking families were pitted against him.)

Would we now be living in a world whereby money could be borrowed without interest? We would not be facing a national debt which allows the bankers their huge bonuses and the ordinary people the bill for it all.

Some aspects of Shariah Law still exist in the French constitution based on the Code Napoleone.
Excerpts only from: “Napoleon, an admirer of Islam and its Prophet”
By Paul-Eric Blanrue
Napoleon, an admirer of Islam and its Prophet
By Paul-Eric Blanrue

The truth and the reality of the conversion to Islam by Napoleoné Bonaparté… here are some excerpts from the authentic thought of the Emperor on spirituality.

Napoleon wrote: “That which is superior in Mahomet, is that in ten years he conquered half the globe, while nearly three hundred years of Christianity to establish.”

In his correspondence, in the chapter “Observations on the tragedy of Mahomet,” Napoleon wrote: “He has destroyed the false gods, overthrew the temple idols in half the world, spread more than anyone the knowledge of one God in the universe … Muhammad was a great man, fearless soldier …. Great captain, eloquent, statesman, he created his homeland and regeneration in the middle of the deserts of Arabia a new people and a new power. ”

Count Las Cases Memorial in St. Helena, tells an interesting anecdote: “At dinner, the Emperor said curious things about Egypt, touching one of the chapters, he had dictated the religion, customs etc.. (…) “There are spirtual rewards among faithful Muslims: the hours with blue eyes, smiling groves, rivers of milk and hence he concluded, in between the two religions, that one could say that one was a threat, she [Christianity as we know it today] appears later as the religion of fear; the other [Islam in its Malakite purified state, as Muamar al-Qathafi tries to expound upon], on the contrary, was a promise, and became the religion of the attractions. ”

“The ‘confessions’ of Napoleon Bonaparte on Islam”
Published 03 September 2012 by Chuck
Napoleon Bonaparte lot speechifying on major issues in his life, particularly when it forced on the island of St. Helena exile. The caged lion for example presented its opinions and beliefs vis-à-vis religion, or rather religions. Islam, whom he met during his expedition in Egypt, is obviously the one he felt most closely.

Napoleon Bonaparte really comes into contact for the first time with Islam in 1798, during the Egyptian campaign (1798-1801). Upon his arrival, he shows himself intrigued by the culture of the country and especially in the Muslim tradition, the call to prayer and Koranic teachings.

Bonaparte is actually fascinated by the person of Mohammed and touched by religious fervor. In a letter dated 28 August 1798, he confided to Sheikh El-Messiri: “General Kleber reports to me your ways, and I am satisfied. (…) I hope that is not the time where I can meet all the wise and educated men of the country soon and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Al-Quran, which are the only true and that can only be enjoyed by men. “(Letter to Sheikh El-Messiri (11 Fructidor VI), Correspondence of Napoleon, Napoleon Bonaparte, ed. H. Plon, 1861, vol. 4, Part Part No. 3148, p. 420).

Confessions of St. Helena

Bonaparte, Napoleon became the first, gives back to Catholicism a true place in society. Not by conviction as evidenced by his violent attitude example with Pope Pius VII, but interest. In a letter, he says in effect that “A society without religion is like a ship without a compass.” (ONE MUST NOTE THAT MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI HAS STATED THE SAME THING.)

Islam seems to disappear from his remarks during his reign, but also re-appeared during his exile on the island of Saint Helena (1815-1821).

There, he has the time to go back on his life and philosophy on a variety of topics. During a match, present in the Journal de Sainte Hélène, he speaks of the three monotheisms. Firstly, it considers that the Jews were wrong to want to keep the message of Moses to confine their “race to elect of God. ” In addition, he admires Jesus but regrets that Christianity was recovered by “a group of politicians Rome” to control the people, and has distorted the oneness of God: “Then they gave to God partners . They were now three in one “.

At the end of its reasoning, the deposed emperor comes to Islam, which he describes as such: “And finally, at some point in history, there appeared a man named Muhammad. And this man said the same thing that Moses, Jesus, and other prophets:

“there is only One God. That was the message of Islam. Islam is the true religion. More people will read and become smarter, they become familiar with the logic and reasoning. They abandon the idols, or rituals that support polytheism, and they recognize that there is only One God. And therefore, I hope that the time will soon where Islam predominates in the world. ”
(Correspondence of Napoleon 1 -. Unpublished Diary of Saint Helena, 1815-1818 (Gal Baron Gourgaud), Napoleon Bonaparte, ed Comon et cie, 1847, t 5, Religious Affairs, p 518.). Earlier in the even “Journal of Saint Helena dictated to General Gouraud”, it is even possible to read “I prefer the religion of Muhammad….”
(Diary of St. Helena from 1815 to 1818, Napoleon Bonaparte, ed. Flammarion, 1947, vol. 2, Part 28 August 1817, p. 226).

Napoleon Bonaparte and Islam …
This small section has its place and in this study, and in this phase of conclusion, despite your astonishment. You’ll quickly understand why. When I was young, in school, that I would be interested to know the views of the Emperor of France on Islam. It would have been interesting to know that he took the time, several times during his Egyptian campaign and especially during his
final visit to St Helena, to write and to write his views on the religion of Islam.
On this rock in the middle of the Atlantic, Napoleon then had no interest to reveal their preferences for the Muslim religion, and yet he did. Historians did not discuss this aspect of the personality of this icon of the French nation. Why?

“The sources of napoleon code and the civil code”
Jean Joseph Delsol. 1867. “Elementary Explanation of the Code Napoleon.” Paris: Librairie Council of State, 12.
He will return to the Civil Code thereafter to be slightly modified in order to achieve its modern and current form:

The French Civil Code Napoleon seems to be heavily inspired by Sharia, says Christian Cherfils*:
“The influence of the Arabic-Islamic thought on European thought, was not limited to philosophy, poetry or methodology, but it is also found in European legislation. Thinkers argue that the NAPOLEONIC CODE was inspired by the N. African Malikite doctrines (just as is Muammar al-Qathafi’s total thinking), by saying, ‘Malakite Doctrine calls us , because of the nature of the relationship we do with the Arabs of Africa.
Therefore, the French government awarded Dr. Peyron, care to translate: ‘The Abstract Fiqh’, its original author being al-Khalil Isaak bin Yakoub, who died in 1442.”

(This book is very well known in academic and religious circles within the Magreb…)

During the campaign of the Napoleonic army in Egypt, the French emperor knew almost the Islamic Shariah. We refer here to the work of Christian Cherfils entitled “Bonaparte and Islam”* which contains details in this direction.

Corsican born Emperor of France (1769-1821)
“Islam attack especially idolaters there is no other god but God , and Muhammad is his prophet, is the foundation of Islam , it was the most important point : spend the great truth announced Moses and confirmed by Jesus. (…) There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet.
(…) I am, and Muslim unit ( that ) I glorify the Prophet . (…) I hope that the time will soon when I can unite all the wise and educated men of the country and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Koran ( Islam – nes ) , which are only true and which alone can make men happy . ”
( Excerpts from ” Correspondence of Napoleoné Volume V Part No. 4287 of 17/7/1799 : profession of faith , see also Exhibit No. 3148 , and the work of Christian Cherfils ” Bonaparté and Islam ” – Pedone Ed – Paris – 1914 – p 81 – . 127)

Napoléoné added that “more people will read and become smarter, they become familiar with the logic and reasoning. They abandon the idols, or rituals that support polytheism, and they recognize that there is that One God. And therefore I hope that the
time will not be long when Islam will dominate the world, because the world ….. it will prevail.”

Thus spoke the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ref. Concept: – Correspondence of Napoleon 1:
Volume V, P518. Correspondence of Napoleon 1: Part No. 3148 novel Diary of Saint Helena, 1815-1818 (Gal Baron Gourgaud) Additional references: see bibliography at the end.

These are specific sources, verifiable, assessment of Islam by Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.

His predictions are held today before our eyes. That is why we are interested in here.

In Annex I states that in “Correspondence of Napoleon 1”, Volume V, P518 “Correspondence and Memory on the internal administration from 1798 to 1799”, the part No. 4287 of 17 July 1799,
Napoleon Bonaparte also officially pronounce its declaration of faith in Islam. And the same
information also appears in another work (Nakoula): his profession
faith in Arabic (I have the photostat), translated and published by Mr. Desgranges senior official secretary and interpreter,

and printed in 1839 at the Royal Printing – p130 and 131.

God possesses the secrets of the soul, says the Holy Quran.
Bonaparte should be considered Muslim, since he has said and written!

Christian Cherfils (Author), James Gibb-Stuart (Translator) (Editor), Brigitte Farncoise Bresson (Editor)

Christian Cherfils entitled “Bonaparte and Islam”*
*:Then these historic National Archives of War, we never will see make the headlines! If not here, in this book,

you will have little chance to read it. My references are all verifiable and official yet!

Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar/أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر :

I have news of a bomb & O Conqueror free ~ Gary emphasis Paso & (FALSE RUMOR!)

& I apologize to our followers to spread the news of a bomb shortly after the confirmation and Gary ~

news is smuggled out of prison, Major General Al-Saadi of ~

confirmed the news and the news came just a rumor Vis ~ apologize to you, my free light ~

Lord bless you and Samehohna

& Morning of victory and challenge and steadfastness morning ~

~ pride and dignity and your enemy Nharkm Congratulations Mhloc ~
Lord bless you, O & free Conqueror.&عندي خبر قنبله يا أحرار الفاتح~جاري التأكيد بس&&صباح النصر والتحدي والصمود~صباح العزه والكرامه~نهاركم مبروك وعدوكم مهلوك~ربي يحفظكم يا أحرار الفاتح&


Lioness fierce predators
a publié sur
Hamza Abuchnger

Hada Elly minus O rugged men
You Win Jatk audacity and Ttgbd name Sirte

Sirte is the biggest you Asiak O Khit

Hear me, O vile Zain
Libyan Mnrduha
Khadra our flag and banner

The commander, Sir & Sons are the only ones who lead Libyan Resistance.

And the capital of Libya are: Sirte withstand challenge

And presently teaches Algaab.
اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةa publié sur‎حمزه ابوخنجر

هادا اللي ناقص يا عرة الرجال
انت وين جاتك الجراة وتتجبد اسم سرت

سرت اكبر منك ومن اسياك يا خيث

اسمعني زين يا حقير
الجماهيرية منردوها
والراية الخضرا رايتنا

وسيدي القائد واولاده هم بس اللي يحكموا ليبيا

وعاصمة الجماهيرية العظمى هي : سرت الصمود والتحدي

والحاضر يعلم الغايب


From 9:22 dared say? This is not reasonable?
de Elhoudra green

21 FEBR. 2014

1:39 redemption Libya of what Tris Attiyna

12 FEBR. 2014
de Elhoudra Green


قريب فرج ربي
Prime Wikileaks:
Muammar al-Qathafi spoiled Israel from joining the project of the European Union (sysem).06/15/2013 threatened the head of WikiLeaks Julian Assange EU for not standing with him against the United States and Britain.Assange said in a statement that “the project al-Qathafi” spoiled Israel from joining the European system, of which the sending of aid ship Ankara, and make Israel get bogged down and lose the stability of the flag of the European Union.And that the reason for the war in Libya, was the demand upon the European Union, of al-Qathafi demandin gold-for-oil, not currency.He added that the filaments game “Aloivz children are to take out al-Qathafi from Africa”.He said that Britain holds 90 billion pounds of funds reap Libya.
And that Britain banned the Egyptian army from helping al-Qathafi.With regard to Turkey, NATO said bargained on the European Common Market to participate in the war in Libya. He explained that Qatar paid 50 million dollars for a steal against the leadership system of the Libyan army.And that the UAE condemns Libya with 47 billion dollars of Libyan investments.He added that Switzerland Ioroa 9 million stolen from Libyan bank accounts and 37 others and helped people belonging to the system and split the money after dividing Atina Libyan crisis to join the new regime in Libya and was appointed ambassador in Belgium.He said that Mussa Kusa, without doubt, was the murderer of Imam Mussa al-Sadr in agreement between Lebanon and the United Kingdom ..

And that Muammar al-Qathafi had nothing to do with Mussa al-Sadr’s death (only metal element sudden everyone).

Tell A car and ceremonies for Bakaddafa were sold in Italy for 11.16€ million euros and former friend of the buyer and seller of a coastal city near Tripoli.

With regard to Russia, said Russia sent Andar, (Chad secret as Stqcefha) aircraft if it continues to enter the south of Libya, an area of Russian influence. la traduction


رئيس ويكيليكس :القدافي افسد مشروع انضمام اسرائيل للمنظومة الأوروبية2013-06-15 هدد رئيس منظمة ويكيليكس جوليان آسانج الأتحاد الاوروبي لعدم وقوفهم معه ضد الولايات المتحدة الامريكية و بريطانياوقال اسانج في تصريحات إن القدافي افسد مشروع انضمام اسرائيل للمنظومة الأوروبية وهو من قام بارسال سفينة مساعدات انقرة وجعل اسرائيل تتورط وتخسر علم الأستقرار من الأتحاد الاوروبي .وان سبب حرب ليبيا هي مطالبة القدافي للأتحاد الاوروبي ذهب مقابل النفط وليس عملة .واضاف ان خيوط لعبة اطفال الأيذز هي من اجل اخراج القدافي من افريقيا .وقال ان بريطانيا تملك 90 مليار جني استرليني من اموال ليبيا .
وان بريطانيا منعت الجيش المصري من مساعدة القدافي .وبخصوص تركيا , قال ساومت الحلف الاطلسي على السوق الاوروبية المشتركة للأشتراك في حرب ليبيا . واوضح ان قطر دفعت 50 مليون دولار لأحد القيادات مقابل سرقة منظومة الجيش الليبي .وان دولة الأمارات تدين لليبيا بـــ47 مليار دولار استثمارات ليبية .واضاف ان سويسرا سرقت 9 مليون يوروا من الحسابات البنكية الليبية و37 أخرين وساعدها شخص تابع للنظام وانشق بعد قسمة الاموال اتناء الازمة الليبية ليلتحق بالنظام الجديد في ليبيا وعين سفير في بلجيكا .وقال ان موسى كوسى هو منفذ جريمة القتل للامام موسى الصدر بأتفاق بين لبنان وبريطانيا ..

وليس للقدافي اي علاقة بمقتله سوى عنصر المفاجئة متل الجميع .

واخبر ان سيارة المراسم الخاصه بالقدافي تم بيعها في ايطاليا بمبلغ 15.5 مليون يورو والمشتري صديق سابق له والبائع من مدينة ساحلية قرب طرابلس .

وبخصوص روسيا قال ان روسيا وجهت اندار لتشاد سريا بأنها ستقصفها بالطائرات اذا استمرت بالدخول للجنوب الليبي وهي منطقة نفوذ روسية



Closing port Ras Jedir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia again.




ZINTANI plan on cleaning out MITIGUA Airbase, and stopping the flow of Illegal Arms to the Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and all the RATS:

Mitigua base has become a base for the export of arms and reception at the level of Arab States and the World
Weapons from Qatar, Turkey and other … and to waste the blood of the Libyans at the behest of Qatar.


former Wheelus-AB now MITIGUA

vow to stop this from being!)


Spread patrols and gates belonging to the Zintan fighters and military vehicles bearing the

logo of battalions 303 and 306 in the Airport Road neighborhood cottages. Urgent & ~

Outlaw Ignaoh bomb in the neighborhood of cottages Braszmat rockets now.


An armed group stormed the office Attiya Mohammed al-Obeidi agent is called the Ministry of Labour,

and expel him from his office after receiving the decision of exempting him from his job by the Minister of Labor,

Mohammad Soualem.

Attack on the building of what is known as prime minister by a group of protesters have been subjected to damage

to the building, was then break up the demonstrators by force.

The closure of the main gate of the company “Libyana Mobile Phone” in Tripoli, for fear of Zintani gunmen

who seized control, after the decision to disband their militias and taking them out of the capital.


URGENT: cars belonging to the rats near the college girls stopped cars and inspect Tripoli.


9 officers were freed from inside the “house Gaddaf-dam Howitzer blood in Andalus district”

[which was converted into a make-shift prison by the RATS]..

greet me the news and top Çáĺăĺ sure sure sure sure, rats night full Ataito in wireless Mavhmu Shi …..

God is greatest above the aggressor Kid ..



Hedda Hua Imiolh Iaahrar Zliten then you have it.

From Khanb sought to sell meat of donkeys to people on the basis of flesh Apple to the officer and the boat and

horses minimum Lacey this Hua dog, Munir Cthati,who stole all the contents of the university Alasamarah which estimated price tag in the millions, and the story is not millions Iaajuta STORY is in history and Wu????
من خانب سعي الي بيع لحم الحمير للناس علي أساس لحم أبل الي ضابط ولبوات وخيل دنيا يسي هذا هوا الكلب منير الشطشاطي من سرق جميع محتويات الجامعه الاسمريه والتي يقدر سعرها بالملايين والقصه ليست الملايين يااخوتي القصه هي في التاريخ وووو????

 Lord, forgive and have mercy and you’re good & merciful
& ~ Urgent hearing voices wailing and Ayat in the homes of rats in the city of Zlitan after hearing the death
of 53 of the city of Zliten rats who died in battle in the fields of oil.
Rusaifa news message Abdullah Nakrala City Zliten 03/16/2014
de Rusaifa NEWS:
Urgent Rat & ~ Ahmed Futaisi ordered RAT militia Martyrs Zliten subjected to severe beatings of members of the militias of Misrata in Sirte, where ~ broke his hand and is now one of the clinics in Misrata receives treatment ~ page source voice & CYRENAICA.




Militias body armor (Misrata MB so-named “LIBYAN SHIELD” militias) based on a car robbery citizen, including the sums of up to 7,000 Libyan dinars on the island of saffron in Sirte.

And the “bookseller Saadi” also burned the headquarters of the “martyrs brigade and battalion corner Taqrvat”

a-Bohadi in the area.

News about the delivery of Sirte airport meantime airport staff Alkarzabip
And the RAT local council of Sirte, by Misurata MB Shield Central Tmsheeth after burning parts of it.
Withdrawal of militias from Misurata a-Bohadi in Sirte under the blows of the forces Cyrenaica.

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”  informs us:
~ Urgent withdrawal of militias rats tribe Zliten parents and their followers in  Sirte ~ Source Channel International


My father was the number of soldiers at the airport in Sirte ride down more than 500 soldiers to fight with

Almzarat against Middle. The descent of Turkish soldiers and Italians at the airport in Sirte.

Urgent international channel Libya:
The withdrawal of some of the Zliten “RAT Brigade Shield Central” area of ​​Sirte. 

[see al-JUFRA below]



A tribute to the men and Rafla Liberal add today, Russia’s ambassador who recognises the state of Cyrenaica.

Cyrenaica will have nothing todo with a government that is headed and run by hard-core criminals, and operated by the ‘Muslim’ (Wahabi) Brotherhood. To permit these criminals the control of the natural resources, is funding terrorism.

“Rebellious Cyrenaica, Cyrenaica rebel”, Osama Gard writes truthfully:
“Let go unity in sixty artful it is Mosova
Surprised at some of the gullible in the province who are still talking to the “national, and national unity, and the country is a red line, and Libya read with two sides,” and other banalities pain tell them enough about what happened to the Torgah? Pain enough about what happened to the tribes and Rafla in decision RFM 7? Pain enough about what happened in the Rishvana? Pain enough about what happened in Sirte? Pain enough about their attempts to enter the region? ..
And how long you Tercadwa behind the mirage and illusion?”

Urgent (Defence Force Cyrenaica):

Southern fields under the influence of a full “defense forces Cyrenaica”.

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” informs us:

Ham & ~ head Hamad located in the Valley Rouge, and does not, as is rumored now,  sit in Misurata ~
guide for the West and the Middle tightens.

and Almlacah in Ras Al Hamad ~

(Publishing & Circulate)

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, says:
Valley Rouge, and I’m sure my words and who has pretty much ask him.
Libyan national,  writes:
Hamad, the head of the baton to the area between the ninetieth


Sam bin Humaid was sent to Ajdabiya to be an assassin for the “new” Allaotunai Congress….

He has already made two attemps on Rabo Barrasi !

al-Jdharan, who is considered by the West and the “new” government as an “outlaw” (with a bounty posted) is the major target:

WisSam bin Humaid fugitive killer of 53 youths of Benghazi, along with Alumblyxiaoa racial Salah Badi, are two sides of the same coin. The first deputy chairman of the Chamber of terrorist revolutionaries Brotherhood and the second, thanks to the corrupt Congress expired and Vaaha daughter became head of military intelligence, and now Defense Minister under Nigerioan Abdullah bending, in the “new 17 February Libya”.

وسام بن حميد المجرم الهارب قاتل شباب بنغازي ومعه المليشياوي العنصري صلاح بادي وجهان لعملة واحدة الاول نائب رئيس غرفة ثوار الاخوان الارهابية والثاني بفضل المؤتمر الفاسد المنتهية صلاحيته وفايحه بنته اصبح رئيس الاستخبارات العسكرية في ليبيا الجديدة
منورين فبراير والله

(picture of Sam and Badi)

Cyrenaica will have nothing todo with a government that is headed and run by hard-core criminals, and operated by the ‘Muslim’ (Wahabi) Brotherhood. To permit these criminals the control of the natural resources, is funding terrorism.


The explosion of the gas pipeline vector of Ras Lanuf to the steel factory near Misrata area east of the city of Sirte baton.



Finding the bodies of unidentified area Qnfodh was transferred to Benghazi hospital medical.

The Director of the Office of Information Galaa hospital in Benghazi on Sunday Fadia Albergthe

“closure of the hospital as a result of storming Saturday night, by an armed group”.

Najat Hassan Mohamed, wife of pilot Buaqilh Barasi, in an assassination attempt after his car improvised explosion

adhesives planted in his car near the Children’s Hospital in Benghazi, which continued for air defense.



European oil tanker is preparing to enter the port of Tobruk, oil, and preparations are

underway for the tanker load of crude oil.

Bird flu cases began to appear in Tobruk..
reminder: This was the largest office of so-called UNO humanitarian “vacinations” given out this year…

somehing “buggy” put into the vacines?



Slip – al-Jufra
Images of the control of the “third force MB shield Libya” on a field in the Ghanaian slip,,,,,,
upon which Cyrenaica forces ease their way through unnoticed, after seeing the “rebel forces”,
without any gunfire of resistance.

Slip in the field

14 .. 2 car armed rocket launchers .. 2 .. 106 cannon large number of ammunition .. a large number of light weapons.

(Defence Force Cyrenaica)

Regain strength Cyrenaica oil fields in the slip and grab the 19 car belonging to the armed militias of Misrata
and capturing its members fully.

“19 March” carrying a black memory between Cyrenaica and Tripoli ..
Moroccan Salah:

Where the mufti of the 53 who have been killed in the fields of slip, militias Brotherhood fooled them and paid for them,

is not one of the motives is a fatwa Mufti testimony of defense force fights tenderly (CYRENAICA)!!?

We want a response from the Mufti and the people of Zlitan to Iktso of the Antichrist Gharyiani.

[see SIRTE, above]





Lioness fierce predators
a publié sur
Hamza Abuchnger:Almgarhh tribe mourns her children:
Atman Ferjany Bobbar and Osama Saleh Hadi
Osman died because of the late Kadifah Aalmenzl and the late Osama in the street
what Samao Bakaddifah enemy Bashovo they become Rmap.
Osama note of activists and Atman Born cited protection money days of the war.
Lord have mercy Arahmhma and mess-upXXXGirls Solomon
Photos de ‎اللبوة الشرسة المفترسة‎
De ‎اللبوة الشرسة المفترسة‎
تنعي قبيلة المقارحة اولادها : عتمان الفرجاني بوبيصر واسامة صالح الهاديالمرحوم عثمان توفى بسبب قديفة عالمنزل والمرحوم اسامة في الشارع لما سمعو بالقديفة عدو بشوفو صارت عليهم رمابعلما اسامة من المناضلين وعتمان ولد خوه استشهد ايام حرب الجنوبربي يرحمهما برحمته الواسعة واللعنة على بنات سليمان
Sabha _ Alqmazvh …
1_ met sheikhs Alqmazgah and Tabu with a group of tribes in the Fatih district, was agreed on a deadline for the expiry of the time limit if the conditions are not .. Execution
2_ for armed clashes over the past three days between the sons of Alqvev and armed militias etc was attacked last night by militias Girls Boucif …
3_ killed .. (Nasrhalifa lamp Gaddafi) .. and injury .. (Ghaith Al-Shaibani) … and kidnapping (Saad Alsgiraldakulai Hocn Gaddafi and Saddam and Gaddafi Yunus Ismail) .. reciprocating in the property of the people of the tribe residents of the neighborhood
4_ our prisoners of 2 Girls dog ..
5_ are untrue to the news that the tribe sheikhs delivery because of the death of young people on the circular Mahdia … because of the killing is not known.
6_ kill civilians are sons Asheira .. a .. person .. Kaidi and killed by a member of the Egyptian labor .. and killed 2 of Magherha.


Clasps spark oil field
Closed Sunday evening gunmen spark field, which is located in the south-west of the country and resulted in the
stoppage of oil in the western region and fully experiencing the meantime, the city of Tripoli from lack of fuel,
and there is congestion at petrol stations.


Zaidi Otgy O statelet of Qatar
Support the terrorists and extremist groups Almtaslim

And conspiratorial against Islam and Muslims and countries Resistance
But God will not erase We have raised

Snsamad every thought and we will fight terror
Sheikh and all Glamorous

Oh revenge big banana and Farrakha Abhiyan and her husband, deposed Mule
The account became big among us
Arhali we told you about our land and Smona
Ante and determined to Americanize us

We are ready for you

Media sources revealed, unveiled on information that confirms hosting the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics Doha”, on Saturday, a conference of the organization of the international ‘Muslim (WAHABI) Brotherhood, over two days, the conference will include a number of international figures belonging to the group, including active Brotherhood Karman, the former general manager of network Al Jazeera Wadah Khanfar, in addition to the deputy director of the center of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader Tariq Ramadan, who will deliver the closing speech.

It is noteworthy site “Global Muslim Brother Hood Watch” American, that Wadah Khanfar, in addition to his previously on the island, “has links to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, especially Hamas,” as a member of the governing body of the group, “the International Crisis”, an association of American works former official for the Middle East and North Africa Robert Malley, who was appointed recently in the U.S. National Security Council.

The Karman, Vivid site specialist to monitor the affairs of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, it is the relationship with the “Reform Party” Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, while highlighting an article in the magazine “Foreign Policy” which describes the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi isolated as “Mandela the Arab world,” and appeals to “the need to stand by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in their fight for ‘democracy’ (UGH!!).”

And the site is that the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics,” which was established in January (January 2012) and is headed by “a leader in the international regulation of Brothers” (Ramadan) is a “Meet the distinguished between the latter and another leader in the international regulation is Yusuf al-Qaradawi, especially since Ramadan on Balkarzawi close relationship through the World Association of Muslim Scholars. ”

It describes the site that the establishment of the center was one of a series of research centers established by the college Qatar Islamic Studies, and the celebration of the launch of the center, according to the site, ran organized in collaboration with five American universities, including Georgetown University, and the two associations belonging to Al-Qaradawi and the “Global Center for Renewal and Guidance” British a specialist in Islamic education, which is headed by Abdullah Omar Nassef, the latter, according to a site, is headed in the same time, “the World Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief” in Egypt, which is an umbrella for 86 Muslim organization, most of them linked to the Brotherhood, and is sponsored by Hamas financially , it also supports al-Qaeda.
Qatar hosts a conference today for the organization of the International Brotherhood
Media sources revealed, unveiled on information that confirms hosting ‘Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics Doha’, on Saturday, a conference of the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, over two days, the conference will include a number of prominent …

زيدي اطغي يا دويلة قطر
وادعمي الارهابيين التكفيريين المتأسلمين

وتآمري على الاسلام والمسلمين والدول المقاومة
لكن والله لن تمحي اثرنا

سنصمد وسنقاتل كل فكر ارهابي
وكل شيخ فتان

ثارنا كبيرة يا موزة وفرخها البهيم وزوجها المخلوع البغل
والحساب صار كبير بيننا
قلنا لك ارحلي عن سمنا وارضنا
وانتي مصرة على تآمرك علينا

ونحن لك بالمرصاد


كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة”، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات الدولية المنتمية للجماعة، من بينهم الناشطة الإخوانية توكل كرمان، والمدير العام السابق لشبكة الجزيرة وضاح خنفر، إضافة إلى نائب مدير المركز القيادي الإخواني طارق رمضان الذي سيلقي الكلمة الختامية.

ويذكر موقع “جلوبل مسلم براذر هود ووتش” الأمريكي، أن وضاح خنفر، إلى جانب عمله سابقًا في الجزيرة، “لديه صلات بالإخوان المسلمين، ولاسيما بحركة حماس”، كما أنه عضو في الهيئة الإدارية لمجموعة “الأزمات الدولية”، وهي جمعية أمريكية يعمل بها المسئول السابق عن برنامج الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا روبرت مالي، والذي تم تعيينه حديثًا في مجلس الأمن الوطني الأمريكي.

أما توكل كرمان، فيفيد الموقع المتخصص برصد شئون الإخوان، أنها على علاقة مع “حزب الإصلاح” اليمني الإخواني، في حين يسلط الضوء على مقال لها في مجلة “فورين بوليسي” الذي تصف فيه الرئيس المصري المعزول محمد مرسي بـ”مانديلا العالم العربي”، وتناشد بـ”ضرورة الوقوف إلى جانب الإخوان في معركتهم من أجل الديمقراطية”.

ويعتبر الموقع أن “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق” الذي تأسس في يناير (كانون الثاني) 2012 ويترأسه “القيادي في التنظيم الدولي للإخوان” (رمضان) يشكل “لقاء مميزًا بين هذا الأخير وقيادي آخر في التنظيم الدولي هو يوسف القرضاوي، لاسيما وأن رمضان على علاقة وثيقة بالقرضاوي من خلال الاتحاد العالمي للعلماء المسلمين”.

ويصف الموقع بأن إنشاء المركز كان واحدًا من سلسلة مراكز أبحاث أنشأتها الكلية القطرية للدراسات الإسلامية، أما الاحتفال بانطلاق المركز، بحسب الموقع، فجرى تنظيمه بالتعاون مع 5 جامعات أمريكية، من بينها جامعة جورج تاون، وجمعيتان تابعتان للقرضاوي و”المركز العالمي للتجديد والترشيد” البريطاني المتخصص في التربية الإسلامية والذي يترأسه عبد الله عمر ناصف، وهذا الأخير، بحسب ما جاء في الموقع، يترأس في الوقت نفسه “المجلس الإسلامي العالمي للدعوة والإغاثة” في مصر، الذي يعتبر بمثابة مظلة لـ86 منظمة إسلامية، غالبيتها مرتبطة بالإخوان، وتقوم برعاية حماس ماديا، كما أنها تدعم تنظيم القاعدة.
قطر تستضيف اليوم مؤتمرًا للتنظيم الدولي للإخوان
كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة ‘مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة’، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات …

Lioness fierce predators a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger:

Another picture taken from the video gathered a team of extremists going to the State of Qatar

to receive the exact sciences in homeland sabotage and betrayal.

صورة اخرى مأخوذة من فيديو تجمع فريق من المتطرفين ذاهبين الى دولة قطر الشقيقة لتلقى العلوم الدقيقة في تخريب الاوطان و الخيانة


(see above so-called “meeting”!)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel very very dangerous (expressed delegate UNESCO with the Libyan state in a statement to the channel France 24 Mend moments that the organization’s office received information about the militia armed broke into the museum Saraya red central city of Tripoli,

the Libyan dawn on 03/13/2014 and stole pieces of historical relics,

mainly nymphs: The three that have been Astradjaha from Italy Mend years where they were transported through the airport Mitigua, Tripoli to the State of Qatar by the commander of one militant groups Libyan named Abdul Hakim Belhadj, who accompanied them on the methane plane that came from Qatar for this purpose,

according to the organization’s information to more than fifteen gunman broke into the museum led by Hashim humans and Haitham Tagouris. They transported cutting effects on methane Astjlapt truck for this purpose under the pretext of restoration of cracks obtained by machining the archaeological museum guards briefing mentioned))

(PLEASE NOTE that neiher Haitham Tagouris nor WasSam Bin Humaid are dead as was earlier reported.)
زيدي اطغي يا دويلة قطر
وادعمي الارهابيين التكفيريين المتأسلمينوتآمري على الاسلام والمسلمين والدول المقاومة
لكن والله لن تمحي اثرناسنصمد وسنقاتل كل فكر ارهابي
وكل شيخ فتانثارنا كبيرة يا موزة وفرخها البهيم وزوجها المخلوع البغل
والحساب صار كبير بيننا
قلنا لك ارحلي عن سمنا وارضنا
وانتي مصرة على تآمرك عليناونحن لك بالمرصاد….كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة”، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات الدولية المنتمية للجماعة، من بينهم الناشطة الإخوانية توكل كرمان، والمدير العام السابق لشبكة الجزيرة وضاح خنفر، إضافة إلى نائب مدير المركز القيادي الإخواني طارق رمضان الذي سيلقي الكلمة الختامية.ويذكر موقع “جلوبل مسلم براذر هود ووتش” الأمريكي، أن وضاح خنفر، إلى جانب عمله سابقًا في الجزيرة، “لديه صلات بالإخوان المسلمين، ولاسيما بحركة حماس”، كما أنه عضو في الهيئة الإدارية لمجموعة “الأزمات الدولية”، وهي جمعية أمريكية يعمل بها المسئول السابق عن برنامج الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا روبرت مالي، والذي تم تعيينه حديثًا في مجلس الأمن الوطني الأمريكي.أما توكل كرمان، فيفيد الموقع المتخصص برصد شئون الإخوان، أنها على علاقة مع “حزب الإصلاح” اليمني الإخواني، في حين يسلط الضوء على مقال لها في مجلة “فورين بوليسي” الذي تصف فيه الرئيس المصري المعزول محمد مرسي بـ”مانديلا العالم العربي”، وتناشد بـ”ضرورة الوقوف إلى جانب الإخوان في معركتهم من أجل الديمقراطية”.ويعتبر الموقع أن “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق” الذي تأسس في يناير (كانون الثاني) 2012 ويترأسه “القيادي في التنظيم الدولي للإخوان” (رمضان) يشكل “لقاء مميزًا بين هذا الأخير وقيادي آخر في التنظيم الدولي هو يوسف القرضاوي، لاسيما وأن رمضان على علاقة وثيقة بالقرضاوي من خلال الاتحاد العالمي للعلماء المسلمين”.

ويصف الموقع بأن إنشاء المركز كان واحدًا من سلسلة مراكز أبحاث أنشأتها الكلية القطرية للدراسات الإسلامية، أما الاحتفال بانطلاق المركز، بحسب الموقع، فجرى تنظيمه بالتعاون مع 5 جامعات أمريكية، من بينها جامعة جورج تاون، وجمعيتان تابعتان للقرضاوي و”المركز العالمي للتجديد والترشيد” البريطاني المتخصص في التربية الإسلامية والذي يترأسه عبد الله عمر ناصف، وهذا الأخير، بحسب ما جاء في الموقع، يترأس في الوقت نفسه “المجلس الإسلامي العالمي للدعوة والإغاثة” في مصر، الذي يعتبر بمثابة مظلة لـ86 منظمة إسلامية، غالبيتها مرتبطة بالإخوان، وتقوم برعاية حماس ماديا، كما أنها تدعم تنظيم القاعدة.
قطر تستضيف اليوم مؤتمرًا للتنظيم الدولي للإخوان
كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة ‘مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة’، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات …

علم قطر

Qatar hosts a conference today for the organization of the “International Brotherhood”
Qatar hosts a conference today for the organization of the International Brotherhood
www.vetogate.comMedia sources revealed, unveiled on information that confirms hosting the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics Doha”, on Saturday, a conference of the organization of the international Muslim Brotherhood, over two days, the conference will include a number of international figures belonging to the group, including active Brotherhood Karman, the former general manager of network Al Jazeera Wadah Khanfar, in addition to the deputy director of the center of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Tariq Ramadan, who will deliver the closing speech.
It is noteworthy site “Global Muslim Brother Hood Watch” American, that Wadah Khanfar, in addition to his previously on the island, “has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, especially Hamas,” as a member of the governing body of the group, “the International Crisis”, an association of American works former official for the Middle East and North Africa Robert Malley, who was appointed recently in the U.S. National Security Council.
The Karman, Vivid site specialist to monitor the affairs of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is the relationship with the “Reform Party” Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, while highlighting an article in the magazine “Foreign Policy” which describes the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi isolated as “Mandela the Arab world,” and appeals to “the need to stand by the Muslim Brotherhood in their fight for democracy.”
And the site is that the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics,” which was established in January (January 2012) and is headed by “a leader in the international regulation of Brothers” (Ramadan) is a “Meet the distinguished between the latter and another leader in the international regulation is Yusuf al-Qaradawi, especially since Ramadan on Balkarzawi close relationship through the World Association of Muslim Scholars. “
It describes the site that the establishment of the center was one of a series of research centers established by the college Qatar Islamic Studies, and the celebration of the launch of the center, according to the site, ran organized in collaboration with five American universities, including Georgetown University, and the two associations belonging to Al-Qaradawi and the “Global Center for Renewal and Guidance” British a specialist in Islamic education, which is headed by Abdullah Omar Nassef, the latter, according to a site, is headed in the same time, “the World Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief” in Egypt, which is an umbrella for 86 Muslim organization, most of them linked to the Brotherhood, and is sponsored by Hamas financially , it also supports al-Qaeda.
A copy of the manual Tabaahalrabott.
كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة”، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات الدولية المنتمية للجماعة، من بينهم الناشطة الإخوانية توكل كرمان، والمدير العام السابق لشبكة الجزيرة وضاح خنفر، إضافة إلى نائب مدير المركز القيادي الإخواني طارق رمضان الذي سيلقي الكلمة الختامية.
ويذكر موقع “جلوبل مسلم براذر هود ووتش” الأمريكي، أن وضاح خنفر، إلى جانب عمله سابقًا في الجزيرة، “لديه صلات بالإخوان المسلمين، ولاسيما بحركة حماس”، كما أنه عضو في الهيئة الإدارية لمجموعة “الأزمات الدولية”، وهي جمعية أمريكية يعمل بها المسئول السابق عن برنامج الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا روبرت مالي، والذي تم تعيينه حديثًا في مجلس الأمن الوطني الأمريكي.
أما توكل كرمان، فيفيد الموقع المتخصص برصد شئون الإخوان، أنها على علاقة مع “حزب الإصلاح” اليمني الإخواني، في حين يسلط الضوء على مقال لها في مجلة “فورين بوليسي” الذي تصف فيه الرئيس المصري المعزول محمد مرسي بـ”مانديلا العالم العربي”، وتناشد بـ”ضرورة الوقوف إلى جانب الإخوان في معركتهم من أجل الديمقراطية”.
ويعتبر الموقع أن “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق” الذي تأسس في يناير (كانون الثاني) 2012 ويترأسه “القيادي في التنظيم الدولي للإخوان” (رمضان) يشكل “لقاء مميزًا بين هذا الأخير وقيادي آخر في التنظيم الدولي هو يوسف القرضاوي، لاسيما وأن رمضان على علاقة وثيقة بالقرضاوي من خلال الاتحاد العالمي للعلماء المسلمين”.
ويصف الموقع بأن إنشاء المركز كان واحدًا من سلسلة مراكز أبحاث أنشأتها الكلية القطرية للدراسات الإسلامية، أما الاحتفال بانطلاق المركز، بحسب الموقع، فجرى تنظيمه بالتعاون مع 5 جامعات أمريكية، من بينها جامعة جورج تاون، وجمعيتان تابعتان للقرضاوي و”المركز العالمي للتجديد والترشيد” البريطاني المتخصص في التربية الإسلامية والذي يترأسه عبد الله عمر ناصف، وهذا الأخير، بحسب ما جاء في الموقع، يترأس في الوقت نفسه “المجلس الإسلامي العالمي للدعوة والإغاثة” في مصر، الذي يعتبر بمثابة مظلة لـ86 منظمة إسلامية، غالبيتها مرتبطة بالإخوان، وتقوم برعاية حماس ماديا، كما أنها تدعم تنظيم القاعدة.


Algerian army announce the elimination of “terrorists” two east of the capital, and suspected they came from Libya.



Muhammad Jibril is no longer ambassador from Libya to the Arab Republic of Egypt. He was sacked!

Another weekend where CYRENAICA TRIUMPHS


In the name of God the Merciful
And prayers and peace be upon Ashraf senders
Statement faction “resistance Basmno”

To the Libyan people, free and resistant to liberate Libya


We are staying even Nva all of us and our grandchildren until victory or martyrdom

and forward and light and never

Revolutionary Struggle faction constant
(“resistance Basmno”) ….

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على اشرف المرسلين
بيان فصيل المقاومة بسمنو

إلى الشعب الليبي الحر والمقاوم لتحرير ليبيا إننا على العهد باقون ولو نفنا جميعا نحن واحفادنا حتى النصر او الاستشهاد والى الامام والفاتح ابدا والكفاح الثوري مستمر فصيل المقاومة بسمنو….

Mu is so very loved
اخبار المقاومة الليبية المسلحة /News Libyan armed Resistance

Era is loyal and all the people that we Allliba Sharif Ali moving onto the path of  liberation until it is completely the land of the Great Jamahiriya, totally  cleared of filth and Alangas. We will see the sincerity of days return;
and we will teach those who have done wrong, and anything they overturned, will be restored ..
Go Forward, and the Revolutionary Struggle  is constant.
عهد الاوفياء هو وكافة الشعب اللليبي الشريف باننا علي الدرب سائرون الي اكتمال تحرير ارض الجماهيرية العظمي ، وتطهيرها من الدنس والانجاس ، وستشهد الايام صدق وعدنا ، وسيعلم الذين ظلموا اي منقلب ينقلبون .. والي الامام ، والكفاح الثوري مستمر

Saadi “received” does not have details, because Hanna mass inside, NOT OUTSIDE.( We wonder why we have not received any details of Al-Saadi to Hanna in the Jamahiriya on the inside !)

One call to an alkburdat and “phantom evidence” (PROBABALY FAKE) then being !
Walken this promise me o rats

Word to one group and Kabjordat ‘evidence phantom Vkona’:

Let the tresses remain intact and serve…

For me, my room operations Maidrnha French and American intelligence, being under Bab al-Aziziya and the instructions of Arafanha Tgium of Gadi

God, everything is known Mesh Mesh Nqgualkm war with them

Together foreign troops and al-Qaida and abandonment and atonement and foreigners

Patience, patience, patience Paso.

تسلم الساعدي لايوجد التفاصيل لدينا لان حنا داخل الجماهيرية ليس خارجها

الكلمة واحدة الي جماعة الكبيوردات و البينات الوهمية فكونا

خلي تريس باقية تخدم و علي حالها

الكن هدا وعد مني يا جردان

العين بالعين والسن بالسن وبادي اظالم

بالنسبة لي غرفة عمليات لي مايدرنها المخابرات الفرنسية و امريكية لي تحت باب العزيزية عرفينها و تعلميات تجيكم من غادي

والله كل شي معروف مش نقوالكم الحرب مش معهم

معا القوات الاجنبية و تنظيم القاعدة و الهجر و التكفير و الاجانب

الصبر الصبر الصبر بس

MUSICIAN writes:

Women in the Thought of Muammar al-Qathafi

Women were not in time leader Muammar al-Qathafi need day celebrated as a feast, because her days were all holidays, a woman was one of the pillars of the thought of Muammar al-Qathafi and was present strongly in all state institutions, civil and military, even legislation governing the rights of women were issued the rights of her privilege to avoid all the grievances of the community, which was imposed on the mirror.

At that time Budaiya not imprison women, torture or kill whatever intellectually with the doctrines of the system, the Great Revolution made men for the sake of Libya and the rights of all the oppressed and the woman was at the forefront of the concerns of men of the revolution and its ideology, but today there is no existence of women’s rights, it tortures and violates displayed in prisons at the hands of militias and mercenaries, and they want to have that celebrating is really the tragedy.

Riqptna religion in national liberation and the return of happiness and joy to our mothers and sisters and wives and every woman feel a burning sensation of oppression and injustice, God willing, a date will not Nkhalafh to come back as a woman’s life were all holidays.

And still continues playing the lead


المرأة في فكر معمر القذافي

لم تكن المرأة في زمن القائد معمر القذافي بحاجة الى يوم تحتفل به كعيد لان ايامها كانت كلها اعياد ، فالمرأة كانت من مرتكزات فكر معمر القذافي وكانت موجودة بقوة في كل مؤسسات الدولة المدنية منها والعسكرية ، حتى التشريعات المنظمة لحقوق المرأة كانت تصدر بحقوق امتياز لها حتى تتجنب كل مظالم المجتمع التي كانت تفرض على المرآة .

في ذلك الزمن البديع لم تسجن المرأة او تعذب او تقتـل مهما اختلفت فكرياً مع عقائـد النظام ، ثورة الفاتح العظيم صنعها الرجال من اجل ليبيا وحقوق كل المظلومين والمرأة كانت في صدارة اهتمامات رجال الثورة وفكرها ، اما اليوم فلا وجود لحقوق المرأة فهي تعذب وينتهك عرضها في السجون على يد المليشيات والمرتزقة ويريدون لها ان تحتفل بعيد هو في الحقيقة قمـة المأساة .

في رقبتنا دين تحرير الوطن وعودة البهجة والفرح الي امهاتنا وأخواتنا وزوجاتنا وكل امرأة تشعر بحرقة القهر والظلم وهو موعد بأذن الله لن نخلفه لتعود حياة المرأة كما كانت كلها اعيـاد .

ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

women feel at ease around Muammar

Mujahid fighter, Hamza Thami, okay, thank God!
In a telephone conversation with “Page Tech burn everything” a little while ago ..confirmed that mujahid fighter, Hamza Thami, is fine and in good health and in safety,and health to broadcast propaganda machine Jardan in particular,
and is only part of a media campaign cheaply waged these days. Jardan, in an attempt to
discredit the determination of the free, and their desire to foil morale …
‫ # girl _ Conqueror ‬

God’s curse on the Almqji traitors Hedda. Mahdr him compassionate Father Habib millions Muammar al-Qathafi:

لعنة الله علي المقملين الخونه هدا ماحدر منه الاب الحنون حبيب الملايين معمر القدافي
Greeting to members of the armed people
Greetings dear to our prisoners in the prisons of the oppressors of the Jews of Libya
Salute to the martyrs of the flag Khadra
Salute to supporters and loyal leader Muammar al-Qathafi

“God inspired the safe Khansa descriptive patience.”
Iaaaaaaaaarb Aalim,,,,,

“اللهم ألهم امنا الخنساء صفية الصبر”
يااااااااارب يالعالمين،،،،،

"اللهم ألهم امنا الخنساء صفية الصبر"<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يااااااااارب يالعالمين،،،،،<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
SAADI al-Qathafi long shot

Very important and we hope to generalize :::
please circulate:::

Niger trades her guests and deals with a Government of terrorism!!!.

My, what she has  now done!

Niger’s recently degeneration (and demeaner), has handed the son of leader Muammar al-Qathafi, who has a history of humanitarian positions,

and indignation  towards  illegal profiling….

Interpol dropped all charges on Gen. Saadi al-Gaddafi

Human rights condemns extradition and delivery of Gen. al-Saadi to State criminals in Libya,

and considered it a personal vendetta and hatred of the people of Kano yesterday.
And several Arab sites, including the Egyptian and Tunisian, confirm that Libya is not a state but it is a horror scene

of manslaughter without mercy, and torture for the human body.

Captive General al-Saadi al-Gaddafi of great Kiffa delivery controversy on Syrian and Arab positions on how to deliver major General after 3 years.

Russian Analyst accuses Niger Playe trade in human beings and that Niger is rated, and  has been classified by the delivery of Saadi, as a state to deal with terrorism; and Niger paid sums of money to deliver humanitarian refugees to the judgement of her State of Law .

He also expressed some artists and Amordan in twitter and YouTube for watching videos, suggesting that it helped Muammar al-Qathafi; and accused NATO of personal vehemence against the Gaddafi Family, to not take revenge and hatred on the family of leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

This world view bless ya rats, we launched the clients we senior as you please refer to yourself under foot!

SAADI interview

النيجر تتاجر بضيوفها وتتعامل مع حكومة الإرهاب !!!..

لقد أتار ما فعلته دولة النيجر مؤخراً من انحطاط ودناءة بتسليم ابن القائد معمر القذافي الذي يشهد له التاريخ مواقفه الإنسانية تجاهها سخط العالم وشخصياته الاعتبارية ..

هــــــــام جدا ونرجو التعميم:::
الانتربول اسقط كل التهم المتعقله باللواء الساعدي معمر القدافيومنطمات حقوق االانسان تدين تسليم اللواء الساعدي الى دولة الاجرام في ليبيا المحتلة وتعتبر انه ثار وحقد شخصي من اشخاص كانو بالامس لاشي واصبحو في السلطه
وعدة مواقع عربيه منها مصريه وتونسيه تؤكد ان ليبيا ليست دوله انمــا مسرح رعب يتم فيه القتل بدون رحمه والتعذيب للجسد البشري..الاسير اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي اتار جدلا كبير على مواقع سوريه وعربيه على كيفة تسليم اللواء بعد 3سنوات
ومحلل روسي يتهم النيجر بتجــارة البشر وتم تصنيف النيجر لبفعل تسليم الساعدي على انها دوله تتعامل مع الارهاب و انها مقابل مبالغ من المال عملت على تسليم لاجئ انساني لدوله لايحكمها قانونكما عبر بعض الفنانين والمغردين في التويتر واليوتيوب عن مشاهدة الفيديو الذي يشتم فيه الساعدي معمر القدافي واتهموا بما ثوار الناتو يالمرضى الحاقدين وانه ليس لهم هدف الا الثار والحقــد على عائلة القائد معمر القذافيهذا راي العالم فيكم يا جرذان يا عملاء شن دخلنا كان نحنا كبار وانتم تشوفوا في نفسكم تحت الاقدام!!

An exclusive interview with Russia Today on behalf of the SOL
The Liberals Alhaddat about delivery abroad illegally under the auspices of a French country ..

and Bdkh money Balumblyart uncontrollably ..

and conferences overseas customers (ROME CONFERENCE 05 MARCH 2014 +) use the name of the Libyan

people for the benefit of foreign agendas seeking to divide Libya ….

scheduling an interview the next day Al-thelata ..

Oh heartbreak at the time, the time was commander of a request from the President of Niger walks delivers his soul to the military police at Abu Salim Raho came without debate.

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:
SADISTIC Zaidane malicious and spiteful and adores the devastation and destruction.




Urgent on the official channel:
Closure of the coastal road leading to the Domani Angle Janzour.


(TAJOURAH at nightime, photo taken 14 DEC 2012)

Find 3 bodies were burned near factory truck north of the Tajourah in Tripoli and were not identified.

There is no power but from God.

FOLLOWING is from 2011:




GPC basic Elvis Bucky free on FB:

Zintan are exporting truffles because of marginalization ..

Balkhch Mosque in north ZINTAN.



God is great … brings the voice of right now calling for evening prayers local time for the city of # Sirte and its environs …

Greeting to Sirte expensive
Youth Caucus Sirte withstand
Falcon Garah a partagé une statut de Youth Caucus Sirte withstand.
Newsflash ‫# Sirte


Back young Nasr Mohamed Mahmoud Alomla Gaddafi
My father then kidnapped by the so-called Battalion 136 Infantry “Galt”
And charged me suspicious charges and baseless !
Hspena God and yes, the agent ….

Now a fire in a car on the junction Alsoaoh, and devoured the car on fire in the city of Sirte Blcaml.

Greeting to Sirte expensive
Youth Caucus Sirte withstand © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Please caution: The militias now from the tribe of Al Furjan in the city of Sirte on the arrest of the

Liberal tribe Alqmazfah and this news certainly please caution Iaaaaaaa youth tribe Alqmazfah

and it is important and in Gaaaaaaah Hello Khokm al-Qathafi lofty.

An official source:

the Political Bureau of the Cyrenaica province now controlled on the basis of Sirte flights.




Chairman of the National Congress asks Prime Minister Ali Zaidane address the group so-called “Friends of Libya” to impose a naval blockade on the Crescent Almaana oil in the oil.

Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Qahreinn Almzarat:

Libya – part of the celebration, “Executive Office of the province of Cyrenaica” on the occasion of the start of oil exports.
Good morning libya news /LibyaGood Morning Libya is part of the celebration of “The Office ...

Pages came from the province of Tahabuls developed:

al-Qathafi was intended Shido Al-jdharan .. Mesh Shido rats!

.. Some people in the heart of the heart, O Church

And Salemli Aalsahh Khadra and love names were ^ ^ (Colonel)

صفحات اقليم طحابُلس خرجت عن طورها:القذافي كان يقصد شدو الجضران .. مش شدو الجرذان !بع .. اللي في القلب في القلب يا كنيسةوسلملي عالساحة الخضرا و الحب الأولاني ^^ ( الأخ العقيد)

Publiée le 22 sept. 2013

Publiée le 22 sept. 2013
The most prominent Aljdharan fact bribery millions provided by the State to lift the siege on the oil fields that

are stolen from the Government and co-chaired Zaidane and chairman of the National Energy Conference.

ابرز الجضران حقيقة الرشوه بالملايين التي قدمتها الدوله لفك الحصار علي حقول النفط التي يتم سرقتها من الحكومه وعلي رئسها زيدان ورئيس لجنة الطاقة بالمؤتمر الوطني

 Hahahaha Al-jdharan exposes Zaidane and exposes insisted h pile corrupt

Matmrellmketb political province of Cyrenaica about the bribery scandal that pops

‘WAHABI’ Brotherhood and Zaidane:
The most prominent Al-jdharan fact bribery millions provided by the State to lift the siege on the oil fields that are stolen from the Government and …

هههههههه الجضران يفضح زيدان ويفضح الحhكومه الفاسده

مؤتمرللمكتب السياسي للاقليم برقة حول فضيحة الرشوة التي دفعها الاخوان وزيدان
ابرز الجضران حقيقة الرشوه بالملايين التي قدمتها الدوله لفك الحصار علي حقول النفط التي يتم سرقتها من الحكومه وعلي…

Jdharan announce publicly exported oil and ports open for foreign companies to buy oil.

“Zero hour” well comments:
God willing, is al-Jdharan composite counters at the port, at least what we Boshdouk laughs and Eachd barrels increase.

Defense Minister in the Office Exec tenderly confirms that the

missile system Alfolqa that have been installed in the Crescent oil, is capable of

shooting down a military plane trying to bombard Bakharc oil entering Almaana oil.

Al-jdharan and the Poli Bureau of Cyrenaica celebrates on the air directly,  their  first sale  oil shipment.
The deal has Talaat ship from the port of Sidra >>> flew bathroom and Sfiqi O tonsil. Oil tanker safely

out of the port of Sidra after packaged oil.
Senate Cyrenaica and members of the Executive Office and the Political Bureau and the beginning of the

celebration of the export of the first shipment of oil from the port of Sidra.

The puppet mouthpieces of Tripoli sing that the shipment breach of the rule of Libyan …

Anto Khalato where the rule after three years, my Mtaaan arena Khadra!

(picture taken at Ras Lanauf landing)
Port of Sidra:
Port of Sidra 08 MARCH 2014
A shell landed near the ship dock Korean port of Sidra in eastern Libya.
A group of bulldozers and on the prevention of armed Mtnha Korean tanker out of which still exist within the port of Sidra.
Still steamship Korean header in the Port of Ras noses receives in oil cargo million barrels to meet tomorrow morning
until full cargo of crude oil:
Sources for “Arab”:
Steamboat oil left the North Korean port of Sidra Libyan loaded with oil ....


Sam Bin-Humaid blamed for terrorist foil!!!

There is information that the Bulls February Avsdo deal for the sale of oil tanker carrying North Korean flag:
We have arrived from reliable sources that Ben and Sam bin-Humaid (supposedly deceased from former reports!) and Boca Arab and Abdullah denier (ABDULLAH hakim BELHADJ), Freight carried out the wrapping on a tanker at sea.

Where Abdullah denier (ABDULLAH hakim BELHADJ) and Sam bin Humaid considered as a mechanical conveyor, drives and disable the Boca West considered as a technical change oils, empty motor oil, and Abdallah denier (ABDULLAH hakim BELHADJ) considered as a technical electrons jamming radar own supertanker.

Thus disrupted tanker and spoiled the deal. The conviction of the Foreign Ministry of North Korea is that this was a deliberate attack on their oil tanker. The investigation is still underway in Thread

هناك معلومات تفيد بأن ثيران فبراير أفسدو صفقة بيع النفط للناقلة التى تحمل علم كوريا الشمالية
فقد وصلنا من مصادر موثوقه أن وسام بن حمبد وبوكا العربى وعبدالله ناكر قاموا بعملية إلتفاف بحرى على الناقلة وهى فى عرض البحر . حيث قام وسام بن حميد بإعتباره ميكانيكى بتعطيل محركات الناقلة وقام بوكا الغربى بإعتباره فنى تغيير زيوت بإفراغ زيوت المحركات وقام عبدالله ناكر بإعتباره فنى إلكترونات بالتشويش على اجهزة الرادار الخاصة بالناقلة . وهكذا تعطلت الناقلة وفسدت الصفقه . وقد أدانة وزارة خارجية كوريا الشمالية هذا الهجوم المتعمد على ناقلتها . ومازال التحقيق جارى فى الموضوع

Benina air base and the base of Tobruk and Sirte base Alkarzabip refuses to implement the orders of the General Staff of sorties
to warn Korean oil tanker moored in the port of Sidra.

Moments in this topic are installed hoses to pump oil from the ship to North Korea is exporting oil port of Ras Lanuf.
The slaughter of four camels in the enamel export for the benefit of Cyrenaica. Bhbhawwa Aallippin Jaykm good.
Minister of Staff said the rats do not have the possibility to hit the tanker … and the official Navy Tlfonh locked and air bases ..
The Middle refuses to implement the orders. Talaat vessel safety Mobeih oil and Zaidane is still going on in the chief of staff, his telephone is locked do not know is the chief of staff or taxi drivers.
الباخرة طلعت بالسلامة معبية نفط وزيدان مازال يدور في رئيس الاركان تليفونه مقفل مش عارف هو رئيس اركان ولا سواق تاكسي .
Crescent oil in Cyrenaica and tanks surrounded Balhauser.

Number 75 tanks and 40 artillery Hauser encircle the crescent oil. 
Mazzika room pizza cost the rebels surrounded the tanker Korean sea.


An armed group near the gate of the seizure of the Alkorashh 6 Police cars were heading to the Security Directorate of the coast. Libyan puppet-“government” threatens military response steamer wants Dissident gunmen Middle export of oil on board. Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Defense General Conference Alaotunai client Belkacem Dberz Gary dealing with the North Korean port of tanker Sidra militarily by the Air Force and Navy.
Zaidane prudery says that chief of staff tracking room Libya rebels and a bunch of martyrs in the conference and this is responsible for the failure in the bombing of a steamer in the oil port of Sidra.

Of refusing to sell oil
FHWA refuses to leave the guardianship of CSF.

Boshdouk message to Zaidane after threatening to bomb the tanker, which is another Jake O Muammh survey.

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팬틈 훅씨°틈、、폐/표흠흩
띤곤근렘후낭 m「={*썰빼쪼 미」띤총빼[놨써:“)

^: ‘ 、 、 뚫꽈 뇽l덮빠ll
:씨썰「냅”。밴』}밴{:{}} 빼혔벤핸빼몄몄닭듐싸빼빼밴

회 비춘는폐체 빽돋

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Hftar was defeated in the Valley of Doom, will he win in the Rouge Valley ?


Murder of a retired colonel in the internal security in Benghazi claims Muhammad Talobh.



Decline in military aviation bears the number 3669717 and the state of deadlock
Now on Saturday at five am local time

Plane landed southwest of Tobruk area lies about 128 miles

And you Coordinates

N 30 214822
E 22 27 4157

هبوط طيران عسكري يحمل رقم 3669717 وبحالة توقف تام
الان بتاريخ اليوم السبت الساعة الخامسة صباحا بالتوقيت المحليهبطت طائرة جنوب غرب منطقة طبرق تبعد بحوالي 128 ميلواليكم الاحداثياتN 30 214822
E 22 27 4157


Tim’s photo on Libya story in Pravda:



In a trifecta of Banking Cartel victories, the US is still bombing innocent people, and torturing others, while destroying their production of food, clean water, and electrical power, along with poisoning environments for billions of years with depleting uranium – all now fronted by Mr. Barack Obama.

In a world where news means propaganda, transparency means secrecy, liberation means slavery, sustainability means death, terrorist means patriot, democracy means imperialism, change means more of the same, and promises mean lies, Mr. Obama must feel right at home.

The indiscriminate and brutal American terror bombings in Libya’s civilian areas are but one example of Obama’s dark intentions to deceive all those who have believed his lies.

Supported by the Banking Cartel’s media, Libya’s Muammar al-Qathafi was portrayed as a mad tyrant and

bloody dictator who had to be removed from life.

A former thorn in the side of the Luciferian Banking Cartel.

On closer inspection, however, we discover that Muammar al-Qathafi’s main “crime” was to operate his country independent of the tight financial orbit owned and rigorously controlled by the International Banking/Monetary Cartel.

The government of Libya had its own wholly owned central bank that issued loans to its people free of interest, as riba (usury) was not permitted in Libya.

Beyond the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, most Libyan families owned both a house and a car.

Before the fifty-two daily bombings began, The Great Jamahiriya gave free health care and education to its people, and enjoyed a literacy rate of over 80 percent.

Prior to the continual US/NATO bombings of Libya, life expectancy there was seventy-five years, the highest in Africa, and about 10 percent above the world average.

Preceding the US-led air attacks, there was little to no unemployment in Libya. It was a nation that had the highest gross domestic product in Africa, with less than 5% of its population classified as poor.

The Axis of Prey.

Libya, a hot, dry, dusty country, under the  leadership of Muammar al-Qathafi, completed what was known as the largest infrastructure project in the world. A man-made, underground river was created that provided drinking water to 70 percent of the Libyan people and held the potential of turning wastelands into farmlands – that is, until US/NATO bombs destroyed its pumping stations.

Back in 1991, at the gala opening of the Great Man-made River project, Muammar al-Qathafi said to the invited

dignitaries and assembled crowd,

“After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double. The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.”

His words were prophetic.

Then after laying waste to the nation’s water and electricity, US/NATO forces went after Libya’s largest food supply – its camels.

For many decades, beginning in the summer, thousands of camels made a three-month journey from the grasslands of Libya to metropolitan markets, where the animals were sold for food.

These camel migrations were bombed into bloody chunks of meat and bone amid the screams of painfully dying animals.

This wanton slaughter of thousands of camels in the deserts, where the food rotted, denied the Libyan people their major food source.

The excuse offered by the Cartel’s Western media for this barbarity?

“The camels were carrying weaponry to support those loyal to Muammer al-Qathafi.”

This absurd lie is easy to see through when one realizes that the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA‘s Libyan army troops could

transport weapons all over their country in a matter of days, not months, with airplanes and vehicles, not camels.

Death and destruction of all life forms are the hallmarks of the US/NATO military forces that are imperiously controlled

led by the Luciferian International Monetary/Banking Cartel.

Now, with the awful destruction of not only Libya but Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Gaza, all once free and independent countries, it will take decades to come close to the affluence those countries once prospered with, prior to our atomic bombing of them with deadly depleting uranium.

In fact, the long-term prospects for the entire Middle East do not bode well as the whole region has been turned into a radioactive hot-land and will remain so for billions of years. For no tactical or strategic reasons, DU (depleting uranium) has been employed in the US/NATO and Israeli bombings throughout the Middle East.

Clearly, Mr. Obama is guilty of war crimes. Even Jay Leno said, “The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree … and think 25 to life would be appropriate.”

But still, the Western corporate press calls our insane international crimes against humanity   “humanitarian interventions.”

In response, surely the Arabs of the Middle East  are saying, “Do us a favor, Mr. Obama, do us no more favors.”

If our government has derived its powers from the consent of the governed, then the governed are as insane and amoral as those who lead our country.

Many Americans, however, are rising from their sickbeds of fear and ignorance and riding the noble horses of truth and enlightenment.

A Rasmussen poll tells us that a mere 17 percent of US voters believe the federal government has the consent of the governed – a basic precept in any democracy. Not only have Americans lost their sacred republic, now we don’t even have a democracy.

And in such an upside down world, President Obama is allowed to keep his Nobel Peace Prize. Can someone please explain that to me? Is it because Obama has brought “peace” to so many people by killing them?

President John F. Kennedy said, “Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.”

Americans have the right to demand of a president who has won the Nobel Peace Prize that he end our unholy wars, not expand them.

Peace, without war or domination, is a child, delicate and precious – one we should not deceive or abuse.

The US-led butchery in the Middle East has been so savage that no American can any longer be proud of their country or its pathologically lying president.

While most Americans continue to search for their disappearing bling-bling, they are unaware of our awful bomb-bang bombs we have inflicted and still are inflicting on millions of people.

Observe the atrocities committed on the edges of empire, as these crimes against humanity will migrate to the center of the empire.

When a president engages in unilateral wars of foreign aggression, he admits his inadequacy in diplomacy.

According to the Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact, President Obama has already broken over nineteen of his campaign promises. Was the man merely ignorant of what a president can actually accomplish, or is Obama simply a congenital liar? The evidence seems to point to the fact that Mr. Obama is a serial liar – perhaps something he cannot help but be.

French workmen in the 1800s protested against their working conditions by throwing their wooden shoes, called “sabots,” into machinery. From the French word sabots has come the English words sabotage and saboteur.

A saboteur is a person who commits or practices underhanded interference in a plant, factory, or nation, especially during war.

Under the above definition, little George Bush and the mendacious Barack Obama both qualify as secret saboteurs of the American

tradition of fair play, while both have pretended to protect our security, with their torture of human life.

Of all the US crimes committed during the Bush/Obama administrations, the torture of human life is the most shockingly hideous –

the most difficult to forgive.

Obama does seem to be the most effective purveyor of evil with his smile and charming ways.

The great French author, Alex de Tocqueville traveled extensively throughout America during the first third of the nineteenth century. He wrote: “America is great because she is good, and if she ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

Since World War II, the US military has been guilty of torturing noncombatants with the strategically unnecessary bombings of civilians and their infrastructures. But the wanton killing and wounding of innocents, or the denial of their essentials and services, such as food, water, fuel, electrical, and plumbing facilities, do not begin to compare with the brutal, personalized, one-on-one tortures now practiced by the United States of America.

The corporate media tries to convince us that “enhanced interrogations” are not torture and the destruction of countries brings them democracy.

American soldiers and airmen who believe they are bringing democracy to Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan should be told what Voltaire said on the subject: “Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

The rudest awakening to the real Barack Obama may be his continuation and advancement of the heinous torture policies of his predecessor – the demonic little George Bush, the Lesser.

The promises of Obama to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and to respect the restrictions of the Geneva Convention (while he reviewed American torture techniques) have all come to nothing other than more broken promises.

 The Obama Era: When Hope Became Despair

Amy Goodman, on her “Democracy Now!” Internet show, interviewed political investigator Jeremy Scahill. He reported that during the first Obama administration, the US began using a notorious military police unit that regularly brutalized unarmed prisoners, including the “gang beating” of them, breaking their bones, gouging their eyes and dousing them with toxic chemicals.

Even Harper’s magazine writer Scott Horton states that he has obtained specific corroboration (from a highly credible military officer with firsthand knowledge) of Iraqi men, women and children being raped, sodomized, and boiled alive by our sons, our US soldiers in Abu Ghraib; and of Libyans  in the MISURATA counterpart prison of Abu Ghraib (built with Yankee assistance).

Keep in mind that the above tortures took place in front of witnesses. But, as reported in the Washington Post, there seem to be a number of secret prisons where special torture techniques are carried out by the CIA, with nary a witness allowed.

And by Special Order of President Bush, and not repealed by President Obama, the CIA does not have to reveal to anyone who these prisoners are or what happens to them behind the heavy impenetrable walls of roughly 170 US prisons around the world. Not satisfied with torturing detainees, US officials also seem to want to leave relatives and friends of the detainees in a state of perpetual worry and misery, wondering what happened to their loved ones.

Abu Ghraib sections off men from their wives and children, and children from their mothers, except when children are being tortured in front of their parents. Same for the prisons in Misurata, Libya,  and  the horrible one on Tripoli’s plateau (once a Libyan Army training camp, converted now into a POLITICAL PRISON) led by terrorist Khaled Shariff (a known  rapist and pediphiler).

Is there a dark ghost of evil that haunts Mr. Obama’s every presidential action?

Give us some answers, Mr. Obama. Insist that your teleprompter writers print your messages in large letters, making it easy for you to read your answers to us.

The International Monetary/Banking Cartel that politically controls our government has long practiced incrementalism. Each tyrannical step of the Cartel builds on the last, cumulatively, and each step appears logical to those who are unable to think beyond what they have been told by the authorities and the Cartel’s corporate media.

Torture was a crucial issue while Bush was president, but it is now not much discussed in polite company, lest one be called a racist by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for even criticizing a black president. The SPLC claims to hate hate, but it obviously loves the torture of human life.

Are we to close off our minds to the thousands of constant screams of agony from around the world? Will we continue to take refuge in such nebulous terms as Enhanced Interrogations, Harsh Interrogations, Rough Interrogations, or an Alternate Set of Procedures?

The Kafkaesque nightmare of the endless enhanced interrogations practiced by our US intelligence agents on defenseless human beings cannot easily be imagined; therefore, some of us are completely convinced that savage, inhuman, American-torture practices do not exist.

The US cruelties on what must be called political prisoners – the “scientific” experiments in torture, the wholesale executions – tax the credulity of most Americans. But to do anything about reversing this shameful, ignoble situation, we must first know of its existence.

The aims of sadistic governmental torturers and their propagandists in the media are completely irreconcilable with those of us who are horrified by torture. There must be no compromise with our demands to completely end the evil practice of torturing human life, as the torture of any sentient being, or any justification of it, is the lowest from of human depravity.

Nothing begins to compare with Obama’s role in expanding the utterly psychopathic practice of torturing human life, something we should not do to dogs or any of God’s creatures.

Now after all the years of our fraudulent war on terror and its attendant war crimes, Americans find themselves in an expanding police state, one that shows no signs of contracting.

Being a Cartel puppet may prevent you from being able to end such tyranny, with its torture practices, but outrageous indulgences do not become you or our nation. In good taste, Mr. Obama, you should probably reconsider all those many dinner parties, laden with Wagyu steaks (at 144.79€ per serving), with the best wines and aperitifs, all on the heels of America’s most expensive inaugural celebration in history.

(OBAMA), You campaigned on shutting down the torture-prison of Guantanamo before being elected in November of 2008, but as president, you never did so. In your National Defense University speech, you claimed your efforts to shut-down Gitmo were stopped by powers greater than yourself.

Regarding torture, you stated, “In some cases, I think we compromised our values by using  torture to interrogate our enemies and detaining individuals in a way that ran counter to the rule of law.”

With respect to your use of domestic drones, you stated, “For the record, I do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any US citizen – with a drone, or with a shotgun –  without due process, nor should any President deploy armed drones over US soil.”

I also want to thank you for telling us how we have lost so many of our freedoms here at home, when you said,

“We must define the nature and scope of this struggle or else it will define us. We have to be mindful of James Madison’s warning that no nation could preserve its freedoms in the mist of continual warfare.”

We need real men of substance…not puppets of their hidden and dark masters.



British Intelligence Advisor: Obama Born In Kenya In 1960

Publiée le 26 févr. 2014

British Intelligence Advisor Barrister Michael Shrimpton reported Obama’s purported mom was not pregnant in 1961 and that Obama was born in Kenya in 1960. He said Kenya was under British intelligence files and that Obama’s father ran guns for the Mau Mau. He then dropped a bombshell claiming the CIA did covert DNA testing on Obama at a fundraising dinner and the test came back with no match to the claimed grandparents. Shrimpton said Rudy Giuliani’s people knew and sat on the intelligence and further stated he spoke with Hillary Clinton’s people and that they were quite interested.

Battling NATO again

Mu he is our Supreme Commander



Intervention of a member of the armed forces of the people in the south speaking to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi – 25/01/2014.

Very important for publication.
مداخلة من احد افراد قوات الشعب المسلح في الجنوب – 25-1-2014 . هاممداخلة من احد افراد قوات الشعب المسلح في الجنوب – 25-1-2014 . هام جدا للنشر .
THERE ARE JUST SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE PREVENTING THE TRUTH THAT MU’AMMAR IS VERY MUCH ALIVE AND HAS BEEN STRUGGLING THESE PAST 2 1/2 years as CO-ORDINATOR and SUPREME COMMANDER of the GREEN RESISTANCE and the People’s Armed Forces of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Go through all my posts and pictures here and on my FB journal of photos and you will hear Muammar himself say he is alive and struggling and what is happening really in LIBYA now.


Appeal No. (1) of our people in the city of Tripoli and its environsIn the name of God the Merciful
Our people in our capital usurped stricken
And you Taatriqbon dawn that long Antzertoh
And you Taatdharon Almighty God to be released from you KrpetkmHahm men home Iedkon bastions of apostasy by the power of God to Atgahr
And continue their advance from one city to another for the dignity and honorIaahlna in Tripoli and its environs
Tripoli bride river and the sea around it and villains into a big prison
We urge you to all of you men and women of all ages to get involved with full force in the success of civil disobedience, which begins with starting on Sunday
01/26/2014Iaahlna in Tripoli and its environs
The participation in this disobedience will facilitate the way for the brothers to get you to cleanse the capital of filth and AlangasEach staff honorable them to stay in their homes
They all students drop out of school curricula to lying and hypocrisy
Each shop owners shut their shops
All workers in factories and production units and service them to stay in their homesOnly hospitals, clinics, health centers and bakeries that should workThe contribution to the success of civil disobedience is the guide and Tunaitkm zeal and dignity and honor

Forward Iaahlna and we promise to come soon, God willing, to embrace victory in Green Square

Office guidance and mass mobilization.

النداء رقم (1) لاهلنا في مدينة طرابلس وضواحيها

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اهلنا في عاصمتنا السليبة المنكوبة
وانتم تترقبون الفجر الذي انتظرتوه طويلاً
وانتم تتضرعون لله العلي القدير ان يفرج عنكم كربتكم

هاهم رجال الوطن يدكون معاقل الردة بقوة الله التي لاتقهر
ويواصلون زحفهم من مدينة لاخرى من اجل الكرامة والشرف

يااهلنا في طرابلس وضواحيها
طرابلس عروس النهر والبحر والتي حولها الاوغاد الى سجن كبير
نناشدكم جميعكم رجال ونساء من مختلف الاعمار ان تشاركوا بكل قوة في انجاح العصيان المدني الذي يبداء اعتباراً من يوم الاحد الموافق

يااهلنا في طرابلس وضواحيها
ان مشاركتكم في هذا العصيان سوف يسهل الطريق لاخوتكم للوصول اليكم لتطهير العاصمة من الدنس والانجاس

كل الموظفين الشرفاء عليهم البقاء في بيوتهم
كل الطلاب عليهم التوقف عن الدراسة لمناهج الكذب والنفاق
كل اصحاب المحلات عليهم اغلاق محلاتهم
كل العاملين بالشركات والوحدات الانتاجية والخدمية عليهم البقاء في منازلهم

فقط المستشفيات والمصحات والمراكز الصحية والمخابز هي التي يجب ان تعمل

ان مساهمتكم في انجاح العصيان المدني هي دليل وطنيتكم وغيرتكم على الكرامة والشرف

الى الامام يااهلنا واننا نعدكم بالقدوم قريباً ان شاء الله لنعانق النصر في الساحة الخضراء

مكتب التوجيه والتعبئة الجماهيرية

O supported Ahrarna victory from you soon, and decoding the families of prisoners
in the prisons of the Liberal traitors
and enemies of the religion of the occupiers, O Lord of the Worlds:

A Summery of what ocurred in Libya up until YESTERDAY from
Pen Green.
(Assess the general situation of the war to liberate Libya)
1 – Alta Alfberara client all of its military in defense and withdrawal from all regions and cities Regional evidence semi liberate all of southern Libya and most of the outskirts of Libya and its cities medium where there are no forces to remember with his attempts to concentrate his forces in the largest cities such as Sabha fallen, with some pockets of desperately trying to save them

and nappy on the capital Tripoli and the major cities and the location strategic focus where Alta forces after the withdrawal and leave the secondary cities after drained and losses continuing from the People’s War in all magazines.
2 – Alta is trying to negotiate a conciliation and so to gain time, which Assr to invalid.
3 – Alta tries to prove that the government picks up the pieces Alrgia or replace it theatrically after the collapse of the central body and a split of their authority in what is called the National Congress and the government after the liberation of the south

(as we saw mass requests isolating Zaidane and the other opposite and the withdrawal of ministers and other government collapsed).
Type the war after this stage turn into a guerrilla war and then turn into a war, then war sites moving to urban warfare and fortifications and then to the broad global war that starts …

After that paves the Resistance of the masses out to battle. The National People’s extensive Alta crushes them completely.

ليبيا اليوم
القلم الاخضر.
تقييم الوضع العام لحرب تحرير ليبيا
1- العدوا الفبراري العميل بكل مكوناتة العسكرية في حاله دفاع و انسحاب من كل المناطق والمدن الاقليمة بدليل شبة تحرر كل الجنوب الليبي واغلب اطراف ليبيا ومدنها المتوسطة التي لا توجد فيها قوات تذكر مع محاولاته تركيز قواتة في اكبر المدن مثل سبها الساقطة مع وجود بعض الجيوب التي تحاول يائسة ان تحفظ عليها و الحفاض على العاصمة طرابلس والمدن الرئيسة والموقع الإستراتجية التي يركز فيها العدوا قواتة بعد انسحابة وترك المدن الثانوية بعد استنزافه وخسائره المستمرة من الحرب الشعبية في كل المجلات 2- العدوا يحاول ان يفاوض بالصلح وغير ذلك لكسب الوقت الذي يسسر لغير صالحة 3- العدوا يحاول ان يثبت ويلملم الحكومة الرجيع او استبدلها بشكل مسرحي بعد انهيار الجسم المركزي وانقسام سلطتهم فيما يسمى المؤتمر الوطني والحكومة بعد تحرير الجنوب كما شاهدنا كتلة تطلب بعزل زيدان واخرى عكس ذلك وانسحاب وزراء وغيرهم من حكومة منهارة.
نوع الحرب بعد هذه المرحلة تتحول الى حرب عصابات وبعد ذلك تتحول الى حرب متحركة ثم حرب مواقع الى حرب مدن والتحصينات ثم الى الحرب الشاملة الواسعة التي تنطلق بعد ان تمهد المقاومة للجماهير الخروج الى المعركة الشعبية الوطنية الواسعة التي فيها العدوا يسحق بالكامل.

EXACTLY 24 hours ago:


Private network correspondents E.W.A:
After communication with the channel fields
Triqboowoa night at exactly eleven o’clock evening to meet directly with

Brother Hafiz Mansour, a member of the Libyan People’s National Movement
In a dialogue about the ongoing developments in Libya

Return of the supporters of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi strongly on the Libyan arena.

بدأ الانتفاضة الشعبية ضد نكبة فبراير في كل المدن الليبية 24/1/2014 فرانسا24
قصّيِدةْ للِقّآئِد معمر_القذّافي . .
قصّيِدةْ للِقّآئِد معمر_القذّافي . .


Implementation and management of a Great Man Made River announce stops fields bed and Tazerbo wells

producing water as a result of power outages in the region.

Interruption coverage Libyana and Amadar on some areas in Libya ...

News resistance People’s Libyan Free:

Can include Matalaatla channel adjusts the frequency and saucer is true

and I am in search Oolkm Talaatla 11137 H 27500.


Publiée le 21 janv. 2014 ….EASTERN PROVINCE 17 JANUARY 2014

#Libya-#Jamahiriya: #Declaration of the Green #Resistance in the #Libyan_Eastern_Provinces. #17_01_2014 ~ #January_17_2014
#Green_Resistance prepares the decisive battle while the #Zion-American-Takfiri enemy is defeated in #Syria-Iraq


Reliable sources from inside Libya report that the Southern part of #Libya has been LIBERATED from #fake-Islamic Extremist Armed Gangs, #Al-Qaeda, TRAITOR “rebel” #Rats and the puppet government put in place by #NATO against the will of the #people_of_Libya.

The Libyan people are taking back their sovereignty and their country. The people of Libya and the Libyan tribes again demand that the UN/NATO/US stay OUT of their country and their OUT of their affairs

The Free #Libyan_resistance green flag flies in splendor and dignity in the following cities: #Tobruk #Amsaad #City Dome #City Tamimi #White #City Afattaúh #Prairie City #Talmith #Aldersah #Drianh #Alakorah #Precise #Biar #Sellouk #Ajdabiya #Alumblytanih #Qmins #Brega #Ras_Lanuf #Sellouk #Ddina #Sabah Many other cities — most neighborhoods under control of the free #Green_Libyans

Never wanted the Libyan invasion, did not want a war, did not want the division of the country and poverty.

Everyone in Libya and around the world knew that the mercenaries and terrorists who sent U.S. and #NATO were not fighting for democracy and freedom, many Libyans were deceived.

Western conspirators fought for stealing and destroying a prosperous country, to convert the Great Jamahiriya, to a government mass mafias in government service imperialist enemy ….

#Sirte: Deputy Minister of Industry of Libya, #Hassan #al-Drouhin, was shot dead on Saturday night in the city of #Sirte.
Authorities said the attack came hours after at least 19 people died and 20 others were injured in tribal clashes in the south.
According to the international journalist Eloy Pardo, the Arab Spring that has plunged the country into chaos and no solution is emerging in the near future.

#Sabha: Tough battles are being fought in Sabha between rival gangs of mercenaries and soldiers of the General Staff of the rats in these early hours of the morning, now, near the city of Sabha in the last three days, they have been killed more than 200 rats and 180 wounds. The Resistance fail to seize the contradiction and to implement more liberated zones.

May God Bless all the Green freedom fighters in #Libya.


We would stay here 27 June 2013 23:46
Gift from Libya page today to all independents and silks everywhere …..
أهداء من صفحة ليبيا اليوم الى جميع الاحرار والحرائر في كل مكان…..



The al-Qaeda work for the CIA. OBAMA employs-Qaeda to do their dirty work. This was FRANCE and the USA’s public excuse to enter Libya!

The shaddowknows writes correctly:

“Furthermore, the entire “anti-terrorism” rationale for the Patriot Act, the wars in Iraq and against other Muslim nations, and the NSA spying is bogus. It is just a replacement for the bogus Cold War that came to an end when the Soviet Union imploded from its own contradictions and Communist China became our bank.

After already working together for years, CIA-created terrorist organizations al-Qaeda ….
And as many who comment here have demonstrated, Al Qaeda and the Muslim terrorists were created by the same intelligence agencies that now justify their dirty work by the existence of what they created in the first place.”

Intelligence reports arrive from the Green Resistance that reveal that NATO through its de facto Vischey ZAIDANE/GNC

government in Libya are paying 12 thousand dinars per Mercenaries and Traitors to fight against the Resistance.

Intelligence report of paying mercenaries to kill, p2 24 JAN. 2014 Intelligence report of paying mercenaries to kill, p1 24 JAN. 2014



It’s reported of two loud explosions that have rocked the capital after intense clashes.

So far, at least 50 dead, over 185 injured in fighting in the eastern part of the capital Tripoli.

City martyr convulsed 6000 to lead and the rest of the tribes are honorable decisive battle ..

Hovoa barbarism and the method of deployment stupid villains and I challenge them to walk south Mesh sitting in the raid with Wattayah
شوفوا همجيتهم وطريقة انتشارهم اغبياء واوغاد انا نتحداهم يمشوا للجنوب مش قاعدين عاقدين في الوطيه
 Please discernible caution Iaaahrar Tripoli militias Rakpthm shiver in front of the harsh military college (prison), please caution militias Amdayrin Popat Alcimafro in front of and in front of the college is important Jardan Jaém horror spreadtheir vehicle is undescribable.

Libya Today

In the name of God the Merciful

{Aaatha self reassuring Return to your Lord satisfied satisfactory Vadkhala in Ebadi and ÇĎÎáí Committees}.

Hearts insurer in God and move forward to our brother of Sheikh (Ahmed Ali Abossoh)

And to his brothers, and all the family stones in the death of the late, God willing, and his father, who passed away after an illness.

Taking attribute this family, we looked at their hands Daian God that is acceptable to bestow His mercy and forgiveness, where he was not allowed to our brother Sheikh Ali attend the funeral of his father, who is languishing in the prisons of traitors customers and that he was tortured during the past few days asking the Almighty that the FAFSA was captured and released him and all our prisoners.
I am God and to Him we return.



Intensification of fighting and now the city of St. Tarhounah and fall of the number of wounded.

Martyrdom Hamid Fathi Ramadan in battle Tarhounah. 

Now now clashes in Tarhounah.

Ezz Tarhounah glory

Tarhounah withstand between members of the tribe Alnaajh and between the free and honorable tribe Almargnh Free dishonest and with it are free and honest Tarhounah in Tarhunah the market

and the number of deaths so far 6 cases and the number of wounded 35 wounded (the source of the heart of the event Tarhounah).




Children and civilians from the Werfella and RAFLA tribes were murdered by mercenaries

and militias during the bombing from NATO  and the U.S. by air and land.

Murders of civilians, of the children and women in Rishvana carried out by the militias shields.

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya

declare the killing of rat Abu Sifaw, whom they have named as the commander of the militia of Ifrane in RISHVANA:



A special greeting to the Champions and Black department in Ajeelat and their special appeal of their leaders.

A special appeal to the triangle Champions department in Ajeelat 24 JANUARY  2014

تحيه خاصه لابطال واسود العجيلات ولهم نداء خاص من قادتهم
نداء خاص لمثلث الابطال العجيلات 24 1 2014

Department in Ajeelat withstand:

Back now an urgent bombing on residential neighborhoods in the department in Ajeelat.

YANKEE RATS burn the houses of the citizens, peformed by their KHARJITE paid militia,

rat traitors and undercover CIA agents (who are swarming in Sabratha where many American covert CIA are living). 

(pictured are the Ansar al Sharia of SABRATHA)

The al-Qaeda work for the CIA. OBAMA employs-Qaeda to do their dirty work. This was FRANCE and the USA’s public excuse to enter Libya!

Theshaddowknows writes correctly:

“Furthermore, the entire “anti-terrorism” rationale for the Patriot Act, the wars in Iraq and against other Muslim nations (aka.LIBYA),

and the NSA spying is bogus. It is just a replacement for the bogus Cold War that came to an end when the Soviet Union imploded

from its own contradictions and Communist China became our bank.

After already working together for years, CIA-created terrorist organizations al-Qaeda ….
And as many who comment here have demonstrated, Al Qaeda and the Muslim terrorists were created by the same intelligence

agencies that now justify their dirty work by the existence of what they created in the first place.”



11 deaths allegedly between Zintan militias and tribesmen Garamna.



ZLITEN and Tarhouna have been completely scoured of any remaining rats. Many arrests were made, freely volunteered,
of the culprits who faned “gullibility”. They will be treated by international moral conduct codes; and are totally safe from harm.



Important warning to our people in Sirte there presence known devices to spy on calls in Sirte
and everyone discernible caution.
I ask all members to post news up to everyone.
God is greatest above the aggressor and Kid Manasr only from God.


. Statement of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla 01/26/2014

Statement of the Council for Social tribes Rovlh 26 12 014,
About the tragic events taking place in the bloody Libya home.
To listen and download my mother 3,
. Direct broadcast room leader / Muammar Gaddafi.

Bloody on the dramatic events taking place in Libya home

The Green Dragon, my dogs NATO ………………….
The Bani Walid, my dogs Qatar …………………………..

Allahu Akbar … The content of the statement

Not to recognize the government Jerdanih meager and Conference collapsed
Orvlh and will not stand idly by regarding what is happening in Sabha and Orishvana and department in Al Ojailat …
Hlha O Rafla Hlha …. Oh God, that your victory and promised

Statement of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla 01/26/2014
Statement of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla on 01/26/2014 Bloody dramatic events taking place in Libya home.

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
Tribe and Rishvanaallibah
Response now
Oh addicted to this publication helmets and announced it, the group of Rafla and the Rishvana and Makhlth Habsam Naji Guenida
To all the sons and Rafla especially Rafla and Tripoli, and any person other tribes, if you have any extent “missing” in Halummen or in events with ĺĐí who became Khotna and Rishvana, for walks (Villa Naji Guenida) militia leader in janzour.
I swear to God, then I swear to God Raho Habis people of our time is this, and it is not Rafla and Rafla, and what Hlhm Andhmh aware Behm.
In the two and they were Rafla Vajtn of janzour been arrested and imprisoned in a villa Naji Guenida.
The reason for writing this publication, I have a friend from yesterday was missing, and when he was searched in all militias Mlqoshi centers, and today only threw occlusive (Naji Guenida).
When the boy climbed from custody, said the people, and I find cooped ăÚÇí.
The boy swear divides and Ajni who said: Habis headed fully mostly girls, and the reason they threw a picture when Muammar them alone.
Do not be reached .. Oh God, I witness



URGENT :: screen channel Bashaier:

Prairie City is now convulsed and currently clashes downtown,

Violent clashes are now in front of the hospital and the initial news of deaths

And led the country

(The picture shown is from 2013 of the devastating fires that occurred from Obama’s drones during 2013 all over forest green areas of Libya. Pictured here is in the area of Prairie City where the fire went as far as the shopping Mall. )


Media sources from the east of Libya for the bombing of the Turkish consulate in Benghazi

Indeed, the bombing of a mosque in the area Awzai Laithi city of Benghazi at dawn today result in

considerable material damage, and came this act of revolutionaries satisfy NATO Zionist Bernard Levy,

commander of 17 of February.



News Resistance People’s Libyan Free:
The arrival of the RAT so-called Minister Aldlaa (defense) to the city of Jafra ….

ROUTE Jafra to Sabha

We hope all honorable not to go this route as of dawn tomorrow …..
(Chamber of Popular Forces)

Any young noble tribes and the tribe has been notified Alqmadfah Mujahid no gates at
Jafra arrest me coming from young people and to the south by the defeatists in the city of Jufrah,
along with people from the rats of the children of Solomon housing Sabha is reporting them
to arrest them. Please take caution caution.
Hope Publishing circular widest…
(The hour of victory)






Youth of all the noble tribes are flocking to the city of Sabha in the thousands to

join the forces of the Provisional People’s tribes ..

The Tuareg Commandos guard and block the entrance to the city of Sabha to secure the city.

Msarit 65 car in the direction of Sabha by Smono and 35 cars off the road junction Suknh went out
of Suknh clock -15-7 evening number 1 tank 1/106 / and the rest launchers +23 +14
Post and distributed Baaaajl me he has connections and connects to speak.


Youth Resistance able to arrest four armed vehicles in the area Zlav south beach (BARAK CHAT’AI) now …..

Funerals for the deceased:

Haj Ali, one of the elders of the tribe Alfruja Alqmazvh of Sabha clears land Paljrdan and talking about

al-Fateh Revolution and wipe the earth inventory Nabila (Belhadj).


الحاج علي الفروجي أحد شيوخ قبيلة القذاذفه من سبها يمسح الأرض بالجردان ويتحدث عن ثورة الفاتح ويمسح الأرض بالجرد نبيله بالحاج
Jaquem Jaquem border guards Jaquem stemmed commander gift Athz all mankind.Oh rats, as though the storm Tris ĘÚÇáć

جاكم جاكم حرس الحدود جاكم ونبعت للقائد هديه اتهز كل البشريه يا جرذان كانكم تريس تعالو عالحدود


NATO militias Atpacon Kufra.
Kufra put us in a hole militias Allen.

ميليشيات الناتو يتباكون الكفرة الكفرة حطونا في حفرةميليشيات الناتو يتباكون الكفرة الكفرة حطونا في حفرة
 The channel # Hebrew Blattsal with one of the hijackers of Egyptian diplomats

قناة #العبريه تقوم بلاتصال مع أحد الخاطفين للدبلوماسيين المصريين.



– The face of criminal “the de facto Government from NATO in Libya”

Can anyone imagine that  people voluntarily choose to be with a man who has a different nationality to their own country? Especially a person of one of the countries that are bombing them, attacking, destroying, killing …

I think seeing your passport is further proof of lies under which we live in the West regarding the “humanitarian aid” to Libya. He is a dirty liar with unscrupulous job.

This man does not work for the Libyans, it would be his duty as if it were actually the Libyan Prime Minister, works for the aggressor countries, toensure the signing of contracts, the entry of Western troops, and yet always with the help of Al Qaeda, Islamic extremists and mercenaries to do the dirty work.

Many will say that the world has always been so. Well, it is true that there has always been bad people, psychopathic murderers and such, but it is also true that many cultures have developed and grown without torture, steal and kill.

How is it possible that with so many international laws, many humanitarian organizations and theoretically reconciling theory however this is the bad people you have in your hands to follow his interests above the lives of millions of people?

Universities licensed to thousands of journalists each year and yet the truth has so few who are able to say it.

How can you despise the wisdom of the elders and placed in our inept governments who have no language skills to be able to relate internationally, as it is required?.

From my view at this time it seems the world learns how to kill more, like to cheat more, as more and are not used to manipulate the experience, history, scientific knowledge for a better world. NO ONE would live MUCH BETTER BUT ALSO WOULD BE MUCH CHEAPER AND EASY.



Expected to unveil the terrorist head room rats Libya called Shaaban gift known as Abu Ubaida arrested in Egypt, about the relationship between Brothers Libya bombings that happen in Egypt and support for terrorists with money and weapons.

Ezz El Arab media:

Urgent Egyptian government slowed government Algmel Ali Zaidan three days

that untangled prisoner Annex Egyptian embassy

and only then will handle its own way with terrorist groups, outlaw Balibia carried Pachtzafh and Dkrt that Member Brotherhood terrorist Conference Allaotunai terrorist Qatari Turkish zone corner is a member of his gang Brotherhood of lose Boukzv man

Annex embassy employee Egypt and Egypt demanding the extradition of a man

and it also delivered the gang members and a member of the conference to the Brotherhood Alkhazv to the Egyptian government for trial in Egypt.
الاعلامي عز العرب
عاجل الحكومة المصرية تمهل حكومة الغميل علي زيدان ثلاثة ايام بان تفك اسير المحلق بالسفارة المصرية والا بعدها سوف تتعامل بطريقتها مع الجماعات الارهابية الخارجة عن القانون باليبيا التي قامت باختظافه ودكرت ان العضو الاخواني الارهابي بالمؤتمر اللاوطني الارهابي القطري التركي عن منطقة الزاوية هو وافراد عصابته الاخوانيه من قامو بخظف رجل مصر الموظف بالملحق بالسفارة وتطالب بتسليم رجل مصر اليها وايضا تسليم افراد العصابة والعضو الي بالمؤتمر الاخواني الخاظف الى الحكومة المصرية لمحاكمتهم بمصر

Egyptian youth planned to organize an angry demonstration tomorrow in front of the Libyan Embassy in Cairo, after repeated incidents of infringement on the Egyptians in Libya, the latest abduction of administrative attache at the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli.

News Resistance People’s Libyan Free

URGENT: Rat Ghiryani just one of the leaders of the so-called room Libya rebels :

“If Egypt did not release all” Shaaban gift “We will take some security measures, and our response will be strong”:

Libya  rat Gunmen kidnap Egyptian ambassador.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirms kidnapping of Administrative attaché of the Egyptian embassy in Libya by rats.

Egypt summoned the Libyan ambassador in Cairo and threatened with expulsion if released launches militias administrative attache at the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli.


_ of _ Cameras Observer
Special and exclusive .. _ Video _ the bombing of the Cairo Security Directorate _ _
from surveillance cameras.
خاص وحصري.. _فيديو_ تفجير مديرية _أمن القاهرة_ من كاميرات المراقب
خاص وحصري.. _فيديو_ تفجير مديرية _أمن القاهرة_ من كاميرات المراقبة



Protests against NATO bombings in LIBYA:



The commander of the Italian Air Force who participated in the bombing of

innocent people in Libya in 2011, has died in a helicopter crash.


Soon two years!!

Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)
Forward to victory

Forward … until victory, God Almighty

Mu greets us

Whoopie and Allah bless our Green hero soldiers to be triumphant!

The largest gathering of the great conqueror rebels * Salim and plateau *

Soon the People’s Armed Forces will invade Tripoli, led by General, golden KHAMIS al-Gaddafi and forward the revolutionary struggle continues until victory

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15 OCT. 2015

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Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only):

“I congratulate all the Liberals on the occasion of Eid al-Adha every year and you Taibin re God be upon you health and blessings
I also congratulating special Ahrarna the and Hraúrna the oppressed in the Diaspora
Aidkm will be with us within the next Great, God willing,

Greetings to all”

Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced that Eid prayers will be on tomorrow at 07:05 am .. 07:30 Tripoli, Benghazi.

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Branch # Tripoli notes to the Eid prayer will be at exactly 7:45 am, God willing,


our dear  veternarian prisoner, Dr. Dorda:


How END Big O ?

# Colonel will!

Faris Abu Salim

Libyan Leaks: More Secret Documents Reveal Obama’s failure in Libya


Exclusive Walid Shoebat Bombshell

Barack Obama’s claim to election fame – that Al-Qaeda has been destroyed – needs a reality check, according to a group of anti-Al Qaeda Libyans in exile. “We beg to differ,” they exclaimed. “Obama gift-wrapped Libya, handed it over to Al-Qaeda, and we can prove it.”

The group stated they have come into possession of some highly classified documents that in their view, “will bring the Obama Administration down.” They were not bluffing; they provided the first installments of official classified documents which we provided in some of our previous reporting.“The rest,” they say, “will be provided when Mitt Romney is in office. His election is our only hope for humanity,” they said.

These documents include evidence of highly sophisticated weaponry provided to jihadists which leads them to doubt that any solutions will take place under what they called “The Obama regime”.

We have come into the possession of an array of records obtained from top-level sources inside the Libyan government. They include passports of Al-Qaeda operatives and identifications of terrorists from many nations—Chad, Egypt and Pakistan to name a few—which are now all camped in Libya as they enter by crossing borders guarded and managed officially by what they called “government appointed Al-Qaeda leaders.”

This explains why the drafts of two letters on September 11th expressing worry that the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was under ‘troubling’ surveillance and that the Libyan government failed to fulfill requests for additional security. “It wasn’t failure,” these pro-U.S. agents said, “but the Libyan government’s mafia-like system, subordinate to Al-Qaeda and installed with the blessings of the Obama administration that is responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi,” they said.

The wealth of intelligence includes countless documents, which we will soon turn over to the National Center For Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. They show evidence of bribes [see image up] by the government to top-officials, weapons dealing, and bank siphoning by al-Qaeda operatives, to include copies of bank transactions that illustrate the subordination of the newly established Libyan government to Al-Qaeda. These included Bin Laden’s personal driver Sufyan Gammou and Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed, the brother of the recently captured Abu Yahya al-Libi. Qayed was officially put in charge of Libyan border control. This arrangement is responsible for the passage of large amounts of Al-Qaeda operatives into Libya.

In one classified document (see image up) it stated that, “…it was commissioned that Fadlallah Haran Musa is to head the centers of the National Security Fares in Barqa [east of Libya] (NOW CYRENAICA) and to also commission Khalid Atiyeh to be his assistant.” These two, according to our sources, are “Islamist operatives connected to Al-Qaeda.”

Sufyan Gammu of Ansar Al-Sharia in Derna (white cap and long beard) is one of the most wanted men from Al-Qaeda. He used to be the special driver for Usama Bin Laden and is now roaming free in Libya, protected by the government.

Salem Al-Barrani Dirbi

Salem Al-Barrani Dirbi of Al-Qaeda is now the leader of Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade, which was kept in check by the previous regime, spoke openly in this video (wearing blue), telling his story about how he is now free from the previous regime after having lived in hiding in the mountains since 1996; he boasts about living freely in Benghazi today.

Also noteworthy is Abdul Baset Azzouz. Known for his vicious and cunning abilities, he was the first adviser to Ayman Al-Zawahiri and became the leader of Al-Qaeda in Derna, Libya. He can be seen in this video, giving his testimony from Libya (wearing yellow). Azzouz can even be seen recruiting entire communities in Libya to join the jihadists.

Abdul Baset Azzouz

Then you have Abdul Hakim Al-Hassadi ,member of the Jama’at Islamiyeh fighting forces in Libya, who left in 1995 out of fear of the previous Great Jamahiriya. He fled to Afghanistan where he stayed until he returned in 2011, with the blessings of the Obama administration and NATO forces.

Abdul Hakim Al-Hassadi

Al-Hassadi was accompanied by Muftah Al-Dawadi , who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda after carrying out terrorist operations in Sabrata; he has now become the main conduit to facilitate the production of false travel documents for terrorists.

Muftah Al-Dawadi

Perhaps most troubling is Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed, the brother of Abu Bakr Hassan Qayed (aka Abu Yahya al-Libi), the number 2 man in Al-Qaeda who was killed by U.S. drones. In the photo to the left, Wahhab is seen to the right and his now deceased brother to the left. Abdul Wahhab now works in the Libyan Interior Ministry in charge of Border Control and Strategic Institutions in Libya.

عبدالوهاب القايدي

Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed

There is also Sami Mustafa Khalil Al-Sa’di (on right), who obtained his degree in Sharia from Pakistan in 1999. He is now a member of The Assembly of Scholars in Libya after being released from Abu Salim prison on August 20th, 2011 for his membership in Al-Qaeda. He currently holds the position of Guardian of The Martyrs Families in Libya.

We also

have Sadik Belhaj (far left in photo) and Al-Sadeek Al-Ghaythi (near left) – leaders of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and formerly close associates of Bin Laden – in charge of border security who were given large sums of money to create a special, separate force outside of the government’s reach by the ministry of defense and by what the Obama administration considers to be a moderate leader, Abdul Hakim Belhaj, who recently broke his silence on Radio Darnah on the Samir Shalwi program one day after Stevens was killed, according to pro-Qaddafi/Great Jamahiriya Loyalists dissidents whose claims (here and here). This appearance was also confirmed by Congressman Mike Rogers. (CORRECTION on 1/17/13: While we correctly identified Al-Sadeek Al-Ghaythi as being in charge of border security.

[the photo up we identified as being of him, is incorrect. That photo is actually of the late Mokhtar Belmokhtar. We regret the error.]

On the program, Belhaj allegedly said the following:

“I am indeed a member of the fighting in Jemmah Islamiyah; I’m proud of it; I will not deny that. For this, I have spent the best years of my life in the prisons, under torture and I’m still a member of this group. I will not give up on its edicts. Everyone must know this in the West, before the East. I’ve committed Jihad operations in all parts of the globe from Morrocco to Yemen to Somalia to Algeria, even to Afghanistan and Pakistan. I give great respect to Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahri and to the first teacher, Abu Musaab al-Zarkawi. I was saddened when Hassan al-Qaidi in Pakistan was martyred.

Me and my brothers Sheikh Khalid al-Sharif, Sheikh Al-Mahdi, Al-Haradi, Sheikh Hassem, Baher, Abdul Rauf, Karah have formed a committee in Tripoli and we will not allow any foreigner, no matter who he is, to dictate what we do. We give thanks to the Mujahed, Sheikh Ismail al-Salabi, for his daring proclamation to the Darnah television station and we tell him that we are with you in every word you spoke, that there is no place for America, Great Britain, and all the West in Libya. Libya is a nation of Islam and Jihad. The light of Islam will shine forth from it despite the noses of everyone. The weapons are here and the Mujahideen from every corner of the earth are here with us and we have all the weaponry – that was prohibited before – with us now. We will not hesitate to use it against anyone who touches the land of Libya and that is the end of this discussion.”

Abdul Hakim Belhaj

The weapons Belhaj (up) spoke about were referenced in a document Obama signed in March of 2011, a secret order known as a Presidential “finding” that authorized support for the rebel jihadism, which now could easily include an additional 20,000 missiles in Libya. According to our sources who were in Libya, the numbers are tenfold: “The Russian ambassador in Libya informed us its really 200,000 missiles.”

The Washington Post also reported:

“It’s almost a certitude that at least part” of the Libyan opposition includes members of al-Qaeda, said Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA analyst and adviser to President Obama. Riedel said that anti-Gaddafi/ anti-Great Jamahiriya elements in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi have had “very close associations with al-Qaeda” dating back years….I would hope that we now have a good sense of the opposition in Libya and can say that this is 2 percent, not 20 percent,” Riedel said. “If we don’t, then we are running the risk of helping to bring to power a regime that could be very dangerous.”

Several documents officially tie Belhaj to the leadership in Libya, to the support of him by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to his funding of the rebels in Syria, and more. As we reported previously, Belhaj is a known terrorist who was also in U.S. custody at Guantanamo. The Obama administration allowed him into Libya during the war to oust Great Jamahiriya.

Obama seemed to have no objection to Belhaj’s leadership position after the revolution. The classified documents reveal that Belhaj actually controls most of the Libyan government, which are puppets under the control of the Islamists. The Obama administration is knowingly supporting Al-Qaeda control in Libya and North Africa.

We have even obtained Belhaj’s fraudulent passport (pictured above) as well as a document showing one of his smuggling operations of 16 kilos of gold (above), which was seized by the Turkish government at the Istanbul Airport. This letter from Belhaj, includes his appeal to the Turkish government to return 16 kilos of gold seized when his runner was making a connecting flight to Qatar to fund Jihadists. According to our sources, the gold was ultimately returned, successfully arrived in Qatar, and was used to fund the rebels in Syria.

Salem Al-Shaykhi

Salem Al-Shaykhi  is another who was released from Abu Salim prison after serving two years (1986-1988) for his Al-Qaeda affiliation. Now, the Libyan government has appointed him as head of the Islamic Waqf.

Recent photos  of armed vehicles of Al-Qaeda operatives in Darnah city say it all (translations of Arabic signs / banners beneath each photo):

(Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade – Yes to Sharia, no to corrupt secularists)


(Libya is Muslim, our people are Muslim, and Islam needs to rule them)

West Point study identifies Darnah as:

“…the corridor which goes from Benghazi to Tobruk… which represents one of the greatest concentrations of jihadi terrorists to be found anywhere in the world, and by some measures can be regarded as the leading source of suicide bombers anywhere on the planet. Darnah, with one terrorist fighter sent into Iraq to kill Americans for every 1,000 to 1,500 persons of population, emerges as suicide bomber heaven, easily surpassing the closest competitor, which was Riyad, Saudi Arabia.”

The Al-Qaeda support coming from the newly installed governments is not only in Libya, but in Tunisia as well, as one report reveals (translated from Arabic):

“The entire region, including Tunisia, is falling to al-Qaeda and its supporters. The U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia met with Sibsi and showed him documents that convict them of financial dealings in weapons to support terrorism in Asia and North Africa. Ambassador said he would turn documents over to the ICC, showing they were attempting to liquidate political opposition by using the Justice system. Fingers are pointing to Justice Minister Nurdeen Bahiri.”

This is the typical modus operandi in which terrorist groups join al-Qaeda. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which has been led by Abdel Hakim Belhaj, had an increasingly cooperative relationship with al-Qaeda. The two groups officially joined together in 2007, the same year Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri referred to Belhaj as a ‘brother’.

It is high time that America learns about the Libyan Islamist rebel regime, which is claimed by Obama to represent “a democratic and humanitarian alternative” to the Great Jamahiriya; that is utterly false. As the West Point study reports:

“Today, it is clear that the United States is providing modern weapons for the Libyan rebels through Saudi Arabia and across the Egyptian border with the active assistance of the Egyptian army and of the newly installed pro-US Egyptian military junta. This is a direct violation of UN Security Council resolution 1973, which calls for a complete arms embargo on Libya.”

Our contacts provided photos of genetic mutations caused by such weapons. The victims of these crimes against humanity include women who are treated at rape centers and are the targets of an official order by religious leaders that bans women from travel unattended. An imaged copy of the edict (pictured down) from the official Libyan NATO  Mufti Sadeq Abdul Rahman Al-Gharyiani reads:”Women are not allowed travel without a consort… either by plane or in a car.” This document also has the official seal of the transitional government.

”Women are not allowed travel without a consort… either by plane or in a car.”

Appointing Libyan fighters to oust the Great Jamahiriya was akin to appointing the same individuals with the same ideology as Al-Qaeda. That ideology was established by the fighting groups that were involved in the Afghan-Russian war. It was these groups that were aided by NATO forces and supported by the Obama administration, which wanted the removal of the Great Jamahiriya.

According to West Point authors Joseph Felter and Brian Fishman, Saudi Arabia was most prolific when it came to sheer numbers of jihadis sent to combat the United States and other coalition members in Iraq during the time frame in question.

Yet, president Obama’s Wahhabist family in Kenya sends recruits to the most virulent and extremist Wahhabi Sharia schools of theology in Saudi Arabia known to produce terrorists while illegally using president Obama’s name to raise the necessary funds from the United States, all under the false pretense that these funds go to help AIDS victims and other humanitarian efforts. This is an ironclad case, which includes the testimony of Musa Ismail Obama (Barack’s cousin), that the Obama Empire extended its influence all over Africa and Saudi Arabia, strictly to expand Islamic extremism across the globe.

With the utter silence from the western mainstream media, history will definitely record the United States’ Middle Eastern influence in the halls of shame.

Today, Libya is in a state complete anarchy. There is no law and order, militias and gangs of terrorists control the cities. The Government of Libya installed by Obama is Al-Qaeda. The perpetrators of the 9/11/01 attacks are now in control of the largest oil-producing nation in Africa and Obama handed it to them. Al-Qaeda resided in 2 countries before Obama became president. It now resides in 30 countries and totally owns one – among the richest of all – LIBYA.


Patterns: Benghazi, Tripoli and Kidnapping


Note: The following report shall be introduced as Addendum L to Ironclad: Egypt involved in Benghazi Attacks. It is intended to demonstrate a pattern of behavior with Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Islamists. That pattern involves kidnapping for the sole purpose of releasing high value targets captured by the U.S. and the west.

Kidnapping to free the Blind Sheikh and al Libi?Kidnapping to free the Blind Sheikh and al Libi?

An Islamic group in Libya is calling for U.S. journalists to be kidnapped and used in an effort to secure the release of Abu Anas al Libi, who is wanted for his role in the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Al Libi was captured in Tripoli, Libya by U.S. Special Forces on October 5th. Five days later, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane was abducted by Islamists and held for several hours, (which the West made it appear to be in response to Al Libi’s capture but was actually to stand trial for bribary and corruption in the government).

Here is what Bill Gertz of WFB wrote about this latest development:

The most serious threat included a posting on Facebook warning that U.S. journalists in the country will be kidnapped and used to try and exchange them for Abu Anas al Libi, who was snatched by commandos on Saturday in the Libyan capital.

Most of the threats appeared on the Facebook page “We are all Nazih al Rugai”—another name used by al Libi. The site was opened Oct. 6 and closed on Wednesday.

Other Libyan Islamists issued threats to target U.S. interests in North Africa, Malta, and Italy. The group Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly posted the statement on Facebook and said the attacks would be in retaliation for the “treacherous abduction” of al Libi.

Islamists also called for mass demonstrations outside the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.{emphasis ours}

The excerpts from Gertz’s article above are potentially very important because they may establish a pattern of behavior within the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. Take notice of the obscure and previously unknown name of the group that wants to use kidnapped journalists in a prisoner swap for al Libi; it goes by the name Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly. Had it gone by the name Ansar Al-Sharia, for example, we’d have something quite interesting indeed but if both groups are identified as Muslim Brotherhood extensions, we still do.

Consider the parallels between al Libi and Omar Abdul Rahman (the “Blind Sheikh”). Both are highly regarded by the Brotherhood and forces loyal to it. On June 5-6, 2012, a group identifying itself as the Imprisoned Omar Abdul Rahman Brigades attacked the U.S. Special Mission Compound (SMC) that was ultimately attacked on 9/11/12. The charter of this group can be found in its name; it wants the “Blind Sheikh” released. The lead terrorist in that June 5th attack is believed to have been Tarek Taha Abu Al-Azm and that attack was allegedly in response to the killing of Al-Qaeda No. 2, Abu Yahya al Libi one day earlier.

If the “Blind Sheikh” brigades and Al-Qaeda are all that different, why did the former seek to avenge the death of a leader belonging to the latter? The answer: they’re both Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Gertz, Islamists were called to perform “mass demonstrations outside the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli” for the purpose of demanding al Libi’s release. This leads to EXHIBIT Z from our“Ironclad” Report.

For months prior to the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi, protesters were outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo demanding the release of the “Blind Sheikh”. As our EXHIBIT Z points out, CNN was at the scene of these protests with the Blind Sheikh’s son and Mohammed al-Zawahiri, the brother of Al-Qaeda’s number 1, Ayman al-Zawahiri on the morning of the attack on that embassy and the SMC in Benghazi.

Yet, despite this, CNN did not report that the attack on the embassy later that day or the SMC in Benghazi later that night may have had something to do with the “Blind Sheikh” (See EXHIBIT Z3). CNN, along with the White House, parroted the notion that both attacks were in response to a video.

Check out Ansar Al-Sharia’s reaction to the capture of al Libi, via WFB:

The Libyan jihadist group Ansar al Sharia, that has been linked by U.S. officials to the September 2012 terror attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, denounced the al Libi operation but did not issue a direct threat against the United States, a U.S. official said.

However, Ansar al Sharia criticized the Libyan government for weakness in allowing the operation and called for a major campaign to seek al Libi’s release. {emphasis ours}

So, why would a group that was behind the murder of four Americans – one an Ambassador – suddenly be exercising calm, compared to the reaction of the obscure Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly, which is calling for the kidnapping of American journalists to get al Libi released? Could it be that doing as Al Ruqayat is doing might connect a few dots relative to Ansar Al-Sharia’s willingness to use hostages to seek the release of high value prisoners like the “Blind Sheikh” and al Libi?

At a minimum, Ansar Al-Sharia and Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly have found common cause, which fits right in with the premise that both groups are simply extensions of the Muslim Brotherhood, the same Muslim Brotherhood that was leading Egypt at the time of the Benghazi attack and the U.S. Embassy attack in Cairo earlier that day.

There are far too many unanswered questions when it comes to what happened in Benghazi but when it comes to the reaction of Islamists to the capture of al Libi, it would seem that we may be establishing a pattern of behavior that might lend credence to the possibility that the Benghazi attack was about a kidnapping operation gone bad.


Libby parliamentary threatens to freeze the membership of some members if the monopoly Abushmin continued decisions of the Conference

A member of the Libyan General National Congress (parliament), Abubakar Abdulkadir that some members of Congress in connection freeze their membership in the event of continuing the policy of the presidency of the National Conference for what it is. The newspaper (the new Libya) said on Monday, citing statements by Abdul Qadir, that many of the members in the process of freezing their membership in the case of the continuation of the policy of Nuri Abu arrows, an actor and a decision on the rest of the members, and the continuation of the current powers and authority


Page, DC
Ali Zaidane said that the situation will change after the feast will be used Residents addressed the powers that one does not come demanding the right to his son in the case of murder by the state …Abdullah thankless at the last meeting, Les said after the feast Congress and the government out ….Touati Alaadh the said after the feast Libyan people Hikhrj the Aalmatmr corrupt and Bitlauhm ….Mohammed Bouksiqis threatened to conference Aloovernmh in the case not to correct the conditions of Libya and the implementation of demands of Hevdham people leaves the Americans and the French, Germans, Italians and Turks, led by Qatar ….Shen is the scenario to expect after the feast becomes only …Shi Shi!!!
صفحة العاصمة
……………………………….علي زيدان صرح ان الوضع سيتغير بعد العيد وسيتم استخدام القوى وخاطب الاهالي بأن لا يأتي احد يطالب بحق ابنه في حالة قتل من قبل الدولة …عبدالله ناكر في اخر لقاء ليه قال بعد العيد الحكومة والمؤتمر out ….التواتي العيضة قال بعد العيد الشعب الليبي حيخرج عالمؤتمر الفاسد وبيطلعوهم ….محمد بوقصيقيص هدد المؤتمر الوحكومة في حالة عدم تصحيح اوضاع ليبيا وتنفيذ مطالب الشعب حيفضحهم بأوراق الامريكان والفرنسيين والالمان والطليان والاتراك وعلى رأسهم قطر ….شن هو السيناريو الي تتوقعوا يصير بعد العيد والا …شي شي !!!



Tripoli / Al-Andalus

Car Hyundai lens type random you baller protect the front-mail Andalus neighborhood evacuated two people were killed

immediately and the baller protection on other car next to the car park next to the mosque Bin Fadl of this escape.

The person who was targeted Andalus neighborhood shortly before his name Atef Alvkina.

At  least two citizens were killed in al – Andalus neighborhood in Tripoli after an unidentified car opened fire on them and motives are still unknown.
Since the small car Mazda 323 type leaden without color plates targeting one of the citizens was taken to a hospital street corner, and the operation

took place near the car collector Alsqa and the 3 gunmen ..

Problematic in a market Friday between the region’s youth El Ogail data and voices heard before the shooting, God willing, good.

Lead targeting both the left ” Atef Vkina ” and the ” Khaled Bacouche ”
B Al – Andalus , during أشتباكهم with unidentified Hyundai car and b
Was arrested on an infected criminals because someone was arrested inside
Hospital , and others were caught in front of the clinic paradise with their car
That Kanu use in armed robberies by the city of Tripoli .

# Tripoli

Mermaid operations room

Aahal Friday Market News killed Atnan of deterrence in the street El Ogail data “Arada clinic” deterrence now lengthy Qin place

Channel capital
Government appoints Colonel Mohammed Souissi Chief Justice of the Supreme Security Committee Chairman of the Security

Directorate of Tripoli, succeeding Colonel Mahmoud Al-Sharif.

Urgent #
The house of a member of the National Conference of Tripoli Nizar Kawan fire a rocket hit his house shot RPG is not known yet of casualties or not #



News the first day of Eid al – Adha

– Deaths and injuries in clashes with heavy weapons between Mahmoud Sons and Nalut mountain west .

An armed clash erupted between gunmen from Nalut and other Alhawwamd
And citizen reported killed , ” Emad Mansour al – Mahmoudi ,” and still
Engorged situation , and the Elders of the mountain trying to control, and did not أتحصل
Official sources from both sides , but one of the Elders of the mountain .


And Rishvana ….

Free and Rishvana to feel safe from the Sawani road to Azizia to all the brothers work Popat and official checkpoints and special inspection

of opaque glass holders to maintain security and safety for all passers brothers accidentally Azizia …… Every year, you okay

(Secret Alcdoh)




The people of the city of Benghazi by pouring the blood of sacrifice in the way an expression of grief and size killings

witnessed in the city and were the Motunaian masses chanting (and Link Aamuammr and dependents Benghazi Hjalh):


Urgent Urgent Benghazi

I am God and to Him we return

Moved to the mercy of God Tariq Faraj soldier Khaled Alakora , housing in the neighborhood peace
And the death of another person to grasped Dinala the Alakora
The wounded so far:
Tariq Alzentani housing in the neighborhood peace
Munir Faraj housing in al-Salam neighborhood

The story is as follows :
Young as Einin the Maskin Tokh and Bgtthm two kind Toyota Fjah the cars tinted glass Aqthmou camp and extinguish loss them and Ktefoa the young following Hmaa now wound Kano because they do not carry weapons
Periodic and when I came back following the late Tariq and Dinala Raoúa friends Taahieddin on the ground and Hatian criminals guns over the heads of their friends and they attacked their car in order to Asttohm were bullets of treachery waiting of these Elmejrmyin the masked

Knowing that the story of my brother , because the monsters of the late Tariq close to us in al-Salam neighborhood behind the bakery Dali

Mnicoowoowol of t . Barasi

Targeting booth’s sales rose by proximity to the clinic Marwa City
Benghazi, causing no casualties, and resulted in losses

The bombing of the kiosk who compared for Marwa clinic, and damaged the clinic interface dramatically ..

FILE for Marwa clinic after the bombing near the clinic Benghazi

Booth for bombing a clinic Marwa

And the strength of the explosion lead to the fall of Glass Sanatorium Marwa on some patients

  • عااااااااااااااااااااااجل

    تفجير كشك مقابل لمصحة المروة

    وقوة التفجير تؤدي الي سقوط زجاج مصحة المروة علي بعض المرضي

    Urgent …

    Clashes in Benghazi news now .. and set on fire in several commercial possibility.

  • This is the case even in the holidays bone …Benghazi take its stake now and pay the price ..May Tgon the Day whereon neither remorse ..
  • FLASH huge fire in Benghazi now ..
    Flammable conflagration the brushes object Bswoowoouk the manufacturer Badriyah city of Benghazi now ..
  • Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only):
     Flammable conflagration market brushes object Badriyah area city of Benghazi ..
    One of the largest malls in the city ..
  • Six cases of suffocation and reached to Galaa Benghazi hospital, after
    Fire to mattresses market next to “the Egyptian market,” and
    Out all the cases after treatment, and are the owners of the shops
    Who Haulo save what can be saved without interest and now the roof of the building
    Falling and rising flames, and not to control the fire
    And civil defense cars and lightning, and the port of Benghazi trying to put out
    Fire, but to no avail.Fire in the furniture market near the mosque Badriyah ..
  • Fire brushes near Shops Badriyah market Benghazi shortly before.

Malta has evacuated their Benghazi consolate:

Malta manifested consul of the city of Benghazi

News sources reported that Malta has postponed its consul in Benghazi after receiving its diplomatic mission there to terrorist threats.

Assassination Dean: Imad Salam  of Mahdavi in Sabri after leaving the area of the Eid prayers at a mosque Interface Language’m surgeon

Urgent Benghazi

– found 4 Army officers with their throats slit in Benghazi …

Gunmen kill Libya air force officer in Benghazi

BENGHAZAI, Libya (AFP) — A Libyan air force officer was killed and another security forces member badly wounded on Sunday in two separate attacks in the eastern city of Benghazi, an official said.

“Unidentified assailants opened fire on Abdelfattah al-Ryani, an air force officer, in the Al-Hadaek region of Benghazi,” Colonel Abdullah al-Zaidi of the security services told AFP.

The officer “died after being struck by bullets in the head and chest,” he added.

In the other attack, Abdessalam al-Dursi, a colonel in a police anti-drugs unit, was gravely wounded when a bomb planted in his car exploded.

Officials at Benghazi’s Al-Jala hospital said Dursi suffered serious leg injuries and that his condition was “critical.”

Aaaaaaaajl O addicted and publish quickly ::

Today has been dawn killed bodyguards and a group of wounded soldiers from Battalion 147 Infantry at Camp Guard facilities in

Budzirh when beak exactly dead and one named Tariq Faraj Alakora of Al-Salam and other Mesh Aref name but sure even he

Denali Alakora. So far Unknown offender, but cars I found scorched and murder indicate the way it is one of the extremist militant groups

And one person to be a very good neighbor and

God and yes agent

Quoted Akram Altlesi, and Solomon Slaoui
News about the assassination of Brigadier “Imad “, as rumored , a security source confirmed
Now that there is no Dean named ” Emad” in the history of the Libyan army , and
News untrue , and will be sure of a doctor after a few sources .

Colonel the “Jalil Altarhuni” 147 infantry battalion command that
Filter has both “Fattah Alhmala Muhammad” and “Tariq
Faraj Khalid Alakora “of Men’s National Army personnel battalion
147 infantry to the main gate to the headquarters of a booklet morning charges
B Ras beak b city of Benghazi Mgdoren wounded, having
Tech Bill HMO liquidated by unknown assailants as said, “Altarhuni”
B he fell a number of wounded after Ashe Tbakem with offenders, and
Burial ceremony will be after this afternoon by Hawari cemetery.
أكد العقيد ” عبدالجليل الترهوني” أمر كتيبة 147 مُشاة بـ أنه
تمت تصفية كــلاً من ” عبدالفتاح الهمالي محمد ” و ” طــارق
فرج خالد العقوري” من رجال الجيش الوطني التابعين لـ كتيبة
147 مشاة بـ البوابــــة الرئيسة بـ مقر كتيب تهم صبيحه اليوم
بـ راس المنقار بـ مدينة ا لمغدوريـن بنغازي الجريــحــه ، بعد أن
تم تك بيل همو تصفيتهم من قبل مجهولين كما قال ” الترهوني”
بـ أنه سقط عدد من الجرحـــى بعد أش تباكهم مـــع الجناه ، و
مراسم الدفن ستكون بعد عصر اليوم بـ مقبرة الهواري .

حصري سالم العبيدي




News Agency Libyan army
The arrest of vehicle tracking security committee in the city of Supreme Jufrah citizens are stealing and robbery them,,



The arrival of Abu Anas al – Libi to the United States .. The start of his trial Tuesday

Abu Anas al – Libi , a senior al – Qaeda (DOUBLE AGENT)

The U.S. official said Abu Anas al – Libi , suspected of belonging to al-Qaeda, who was arrested by U.S. special forces in Libya , last week, came to the United States to face criminal charges.

Suspected of involvement fair Alriqiei , which is known as Abu Anas al – Libi , the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 , killing 224 civilians .

The U.S. special force arrested « al – Libi in the streets of Tripoli , on October 5 , and secretly transferred to naval vessel in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea , where he took a team of investigators questioning.

The head of the federal prosecutors in Manhattan said that « al – Libi will appear before court on Tuesday.



Russian President Vladimir Putin, a letter of appeal.

Dear Mr. President,

We ask you to cancel or modify the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On Measures to Implement Resolution 1970 of the Security Council of the United Nations February 26, 2011″ for all applications Presidential Decree.

Due to the adoption of Resolution 1970 of the Security Council of the United Nations February 26, 2011, Provides for the use of a number of limitations on the Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree two companies introduce a number of restrictions on Libya and Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and members of his family.
March 17, 2011 the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 ADOPTED, which Authorized military intervention Libya Effectively and complete destruction. Under the guise of “no fly zone”, NATO aircraft bombed the peaceful town of Libya and destroyed civilian property and infrastructure.

Now we see That the country was prosperous before. In Libya, there is virtually no power, his place was taken by the government, which is not popular. In the country has no laws in many cities in Libya’s rampant gang radical jihadis and mercenaries of the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

Russia has always been synonymous With The main positions of peace and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. But we can not ignore the fact of direct genocide against the Libyan people.
Security Council on the Proposed AND ADOPTED Russia to June 20 statement demanding an end to Human rights violations in Libya, in particular, the use of torture and extra-judicial Executions of people.

“The members of the Security Council condemned the acts of torture and abuse That Occur in illegal detention centers in Libya,” – the document says.

UN Security Council emphasizes That “the practice of torture and extrajudicial killings are unacceptable.”Countries of the Security Council of the UN Also called on the Libyan Authorities to investigate all Human rights violations in the country and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Remember what will soon be two years since the 29 Citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are languishing in a Libyan prison under fabricated militants, but overturned by the Court of charges Libya.
The situation in Libya, With each passing day more and more out of control. The Russian government has the right to cancel the sanctions’ against Muammar Gaddafi’s family to continue with the relatives of Libyan respected to resolve peacefully through dialogue Between Negotiations and all the patriotic forces of the situation in the country.

We Asked them to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On Measures to Implement Resolution 1970 of February 26, 2011, the Security Council of the UN”, With all accessories the decree, and to initiate a direct Dialogue with all political forces in Libya, in the interests of peace and security of the Libyan people.

Western politicians do not deny That the main objective of the Libyan war is the physical removal of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the Natural Control of Libya’s resources and the establishment of a pro-Western regime.

source: Nicholas Sologubovsky. HTTP: / /

People’s Committees and Popular Congresses must be permitted to reassemble!

STATES and militias Libya: Blood on the Sand

by Mustafa Elzaidi (and slightly EDITED for  better claifiation of terminologies herein used):

Mu attends a People's Committeee

Where is Libya heading today? A question is raised after the military intervention of NATO was able to overthrow the revolutionary GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, led by the leader Muammar al-Qathafi and the attempt to impose an interim authority in accordance with Western standards. But, as is always the case, false premises lead to false results. The West, perhaps under the influence of the false tears of Abdul Rahman Shalgam, did not pay enough attention to the details of political and social situation in Libya.

Libya emerged exhausted from the Italian colonial period in the middle of the last century where it was subjected to genocide and displacement operations and the resettling of Italians in place of the Libyans. The country suffered three great famines: in 1923, 1936 and 1947 as a result of a long stage of oppression and ethnic/tribal cleansing practiced by the Turks along a period of more than five centuries.

The victorious countries in World War II attempted to subject Libya as a colony of one of the defeated Axis countries to their control politically and economically. Thus, they set up a puppet regime that kept the interests of the victorious nations in the form of direct military bases and unlimited economic and political influence.

However, the case of the national consciousness in the Arab region brought about by the national revolution of Egypt has spread to Libya, where a progressive revolution broke out led by the Free Unionist Officers’ Movement headed by the leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

The First of September Revolution (Al Fateh Revolution) worked to build a modern independent state: it evacuated the foreign bases and the Italian settlers; nationalized the major sources of wealth “oil and banks”; and executed plans to bring about economic and social development through the expansion of schooling, the development of infrastructure and the search for alternative sources for oil. It also conducted, since the mid-seventies, an experiment to involve citizens in the political process through the project of direct democracy. However, due to its domestic, regional and international policies Libya was set on a collision course with the west.
Muammar Gaddafi was classified as the number one enemy of the Western colonial project and was subjected to continuous attempts of elimination, the most important of which was the direct military aggression in 1986 to kill him.

At the outbreak of unrest in Tunisia at the end of 2010, the forces hostile to the Al Fateh Revolution availed themselves of the opportunity to form a local alliance from ex-prisoners Islamists, liberals and some tribes in Cyrenaica, but mostly from Misurata to face up to their “17 February  ‘Revolution’ “. The Alliance managed to get media and financial support from the major Gulf States associated with the West to spark a civil war in February 2011 that was successful in dragging the major powers to direct military intervention.

Despite the full state of siege imposed on the country and limited resources and without regional or international support, Libya managed to withstand for a long period of time in the face of the military operations of NATO and its allies. But in the end, the firepower of NATO was capable of resolving the battle….

more than a year and a half of the occupation of Cyrenaica, one may raise the question: What are the results of those events in Libya today?

One look at the political and social reality in Libya illustrates a status of total chaos, and dispersion into small separate States. Every city and region is managed in practice independently through rival militia boards. In the city of Tripoli alone, there are more than 19 military councils
that have nothing to do with one another. The cities are disconnected: the city of Alzentan has nothing to do with Gheryan city, nor does the city of Zwara relate to the city of Aljmeil, nor has Derna City any relations with Albeidha City. Despite being adjacent cities, militia-guarded gates separate them from each other totally.

The General National Congress (Interim Puppet “Government”) do not exist on the ground. Their essential mission is to disburse funds to these militias and to issue arbitrary laws against Great Jamahiriya / al-Qathafi supporters.

According to 2006 statistics, the population of Libya is 5,250,000, with more than 537,000 now refugees in Tunisia, as reported by Mr. Jamal Jernaz, ambassador of Libya in Tunisia. Egypt’s official statistics, with respect to the number of displaced Libyans, point to about 850,000
citizens. Mr. Ali Al Sallabi, de facto ruler of Libya from behind the curtain, said in an interview in the Libyan state television that the number of displaced Libyans emigrating from the paradise of the alleged “revolution” is more than 1.5 million. According to him, there are 25,000 Libyan asylum seekers in Italy alone, while the Libyans in Chad, Niger and Mali are almost a quarter of a million; in Algeria, Morocco and Jordan the number is more than 150,000 at the very least.

Does the talk about democracy and human rights mean to empty Libya from its population for the simple fact that most of them are pro GREAT JAMAHIRIYA / al-Qathafi?

In an exchange with Mr. Feltman, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State in Tunisia on July 16, 2011, in an attempt to find a political solution to the Libyan crisis, I told him that the leading forces behind the military operations waged against the legitimate State in Libya is the al-Qaeda
Organization. I know that the Americans received our assertion cynically and did not pay any attention to it. The events today confirm that the backbone of the armed militia in control of Libya is the al-Qaeda groups. Mr. Abdul Hakim Alhsadi or Abdul Basit Azouz in Derna City are
not alone; they have colleagues scattered all over the country. As vital operatives of the government Al Sedik Algheiti is Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, Al Hadi Alkhadhrawi is Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, while Mustafa Alsaqizli and Abdullah Dawadi are in charge of the Veterans Affairs. The Security Committees and Military Councils around the country are littered with other associates of theirs: Ismail Al Sallabi and Fawzi Abuktef are pivotal members of the Security Committee in Benghazi, and Abdel-Wahab Qaid, a brother of Hassan Qaid “Abu Yahya al-Libi,” is head of the Security Committee in the south, while Ali Ishtewi and his companions control the Security Committee of Syrte. In the Tripoli area, the Security Committee is headed by Abdel-Raouf Kara and Abdul Wahab Gnifid, the Security Committee of the city of Tarhuna is chaired by Abdul Aleem Saedi, while Embarek Alftmani aka “Bin Laden” is in charge of the Security Committee of Bin Walid.

The Military Council of GHARYAN & THE WESTER REGION is headed by Alijmi Alaitri and Taher Al Jdei. These Qaida operatives are not less important than Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Nabil Saadi, all of whom are al Qaeda veterans who fought in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Iraq. No matter how the Western powers tried to turn a blind eye on these details or were deluded into the possibility of absorbing such individuals into a fake political process, the fact remains that they are quick-paced to strengthen Al-Qaeda in what they call the Islamic Maghreb, starting with the formation of an Al Qaida nucleus in Tunisia, the reviving and arming of Al Qaeda in Egypt and expansion in the sub-Saharan area.

As we have already warned the world, the Libyan society is a tribal society where the Italian colonialism and the Turkish before it left, as we have tribal feuds that the Al Fateh Revolution tried to bridge. Recent events had enough fuel to stoke them and revive the already warned world, where the historical alliance between the Gaddafa/ Alqmazfah tribes, the Rafla, Werfalla and Algromathi (of Zintan) tribes are on one side against the Turlish-Zionista jews of Misurata on the other,  between the tribes of Nalut and the tribes of Al Siaan, and among the tribes of Zwara and the tribes of Aljmeil. However, the most serious outcome of these events was the unprecedented ethnic/tribal cleansing never witnessed in Libyan history. All the people of Tawergha were forced to abandon their homes in Tawergha for being of black skin by the adjacent city of Misurata, where the majority of the population is of Turkish origin. An ethnic war broke out between the Tobu on one side, and the Zweia tribes and Awlad Soleiman on the other side, in Kufra and Sebha, and between the Tuareg and the inhabitants of Ghadames.

The conflict between the east of the country and the west is also looming and the war drums began to beat as heavily as ever. The process of declaring Cyrenaica an independent state is in full swing, and the forces of Barqa are stationed since more than one month in the Red Valley
area which is the boundary between Cyrenaica and Tripoli.The result of NATO’s operations in Libya is visibly clear and could be characterized as total chaos; armed militias everywhere; financial, media and military momentum to Al Qaeda Organization; and a country on the brink of civil war. The government appointed by NATO is a sham, needed for media and publicity, while the alleged elections are not practically possible in light of the dysfunctional security situation, unless it is merely a play to distract public opinion.

By means of his limited private fortune, Bin Laden was successful in forming an organization that threatened world security and peace, the leaders of the west mocked Libya’s request to capture Bin Laden in the early years of the beginning of his activity. How would it be the case if Abdul Hakim Belhadj, Abdel Basset Azzouz and their groups established their base, propelled by this huge amount of money that Muammar al-Qathafi wanted to save for the future Libyan generations, in this vast Libyan Desert, overlooking Europe from the south and the African forest from the north? There is no doubt that a nightmare awaits the world.

The Libyan crisis can be solved now, but time will make it the more complex… Now the majority of Libyan men and women are against al Qaeda and its militias and policies. They are ready to resist it, but they lack assistance and support. The Libyans are able to choose a democratic tool to manage their affairs under their own Great Jamahiriya system if they were given the opportunity to freely determine their own destiny away from the influence of the militias.

The world intervened under the pretext of protection of civilians, but all reports published by international organizations and human rights groups and truth commissions confirm that there were no systematic killings of civilians, or acts of rape and that it is nothing more than pre-planned media lies intended to topple the revolutionary regime in Libya.

Today, those killed in Libya since the removal of the Great Jamahiriya until now exceed 900,000.

Pro – western International human rights organizations talk about imaginary numbers of detainees ( exceeding 30,000) in secret prisons run by armed teenagers with no moral or legal controls, where all forms of torture and persecution are practiced against innocent people, and where the detainees are considered guilty until proven innocent.

t. The judicial system is absolutely broken, and ex-criminals are in charge of security. For example, the Medina Police Station in Tripoli, one of the biggest police stations in the capital is managed by a former prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking. Thus is the case in other cities.

The Libyan scene today: more than a third of the population is forced to relocate abroad … Entire cities and tribes are displaced at home … People are treated according to their tribal identities, and not because they are Libyan nationals … Libya is practically a disassembled, devastated State: no laws, no security, no safety. Is not this sufficient justification for international intervention to protect civilians and to protect the rights of individuals and the defense of freedoms?

The (planted intothe Great Jamahiriya along with Musa Kusa, Mamoud Jabril and Judge Jalil) CIA-operative Shalgam’s false tears, which he shed in the Security Council, deceived the world and I am sure that he regrets them if he still has some degree of humanity. It is about time that the conscience of the world—moved by the rivers of blood flowing from the Libyan men, women and children— and the pain of millions who suffer from oppression, discrimination and displacement in order to correct what political mistakes he committed, the price of which was paid by the innocent people of the major Libyan tribes such as Tawergha, Meshashia, Gadadfa, Tobo, Wershefana, Werfalla and Tarhuna.

 The Libyans must achieve self-determination without pressure and be able to  work their Great Jamhiriya system of direct democracy, without external interference and to secure their future according to their requirements and desires.

Prof. Mustafa Elzaidi
Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Libya


The people already have a direct democratic system by which they use their own Popular Congresses and People’s Committees to legislate and take care of all matters

And once again, I tell you all, that it was NOT “Gaddafi’s Regime” but rather the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (People’s Power of the Masses) which NATO, and the Wahabist/Salafists supposedly “overthrew”….It still exists, as the people themselves never dissolved their powers.

Endgame for the Corrupt and EVIL

Mu over all


المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

Approached the end of chapters theatrical farce in Libya, get ready to start good ..

اقتربت نهاية فصول مسرحية المهزلة في ليبيا ، استعدوا للبداية الحسنة

Shi the Shi understanding of the Libyan

Afandi Khamas Muammar Gaddafi Eboumnyar,
Does not appear in the media, but a full military Bkievth
Was built this young man under the supervision of Sidi Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Libyan military, training is and his companions outside the Libyan state and studied military science and within, he returned to Libya, green and start building a brigade from the beginning to become a Major General 32 booster, teamed to this brigade of many young people to Libya between officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers and administrators and technicians-day safety and security in the Great Jamahiriya and I said majority of it, God willing, a great God, and parables this young man who baffled Alktherin of enemies enjoy this young secrecy absolute in his social, political and military, a young man disciplined military, even in his life away from the political
The Brigade 32 of the hold military formations numbers and systemic and the ability to arms, a killer brigade led by Mandarin as he likes a lot and described with courage and without air cover and let me that we grant Brigade officers and soldiers and led Mandarin Thursday (KHAMIS) Muammar Gaddafi and Sam courage to Makedmoh and Maigdmonh until this moment, God alone .

 Mu's plea
الأفندي خميس معمر ابومنيار القذافي
لم يظهر في الاعلام الا وهو بقيافته العسكرية التامه
كان يبنى هذا الشاب باشراف من سيدى العقيد معمر القذافي القائد الاعلى لقوات المسلحة الليبية عسكريا , تدرب هو ورفاقه خارج الدولة الليبية ودرس العلوم العسكرية وداخلها , رجع لليبيا الخضراء وبدء يبني لواء من البداية حتى اصبح اللواء 32 معزز , انظم لهذا اللواء العديد من شباب ليبيا من بين ضباط وضباط صف وجنود واداريين وفنيين ايام الامن والامان بالجماهيرية العظمى وقلت العظمى لانها باذن الله عظمى بالله ثم بامثال هذا الشاب الذي حير الكثرين من الاعداء يتمتع هذا الشاب بسرية مطلقة في حياته الاجتماعيه والسياسية والعسكرية ,شاب منضبط عسكريا حتى في حياته البعيدة عن السياسية
كان اللواء 32 من اقدر التشكيلات العسكرية اعدادا وجهازيه وقدرة على التسلح , قاتل اللواء بقيادة الافندي كما يحب الكثير وصفه بكل شجاعه وبـــــــــــدون غطاء جوي واسمحوا لي بان نقوم بمنح اللواء ضباطا وجنودا وبقيادة الافندي خميس معمر القذافي وسام الشجاعه على ماقدموه ومايقدمونه حتى هذه اللحظه باذن الله وحده .

Green Resistance seen in Sahel Desert:



FALSE RUMOR: ZAIDANE not abducted!

In a telephone call to a source familiar with the presidency of Ministers now, been
Refute the news of abduction of the prime minister, “Ali Zaidan”, saluting
Greeted at the airport and taking him to his place of residence and is best
And good health.

ZAIDANE asked for the return of NATO, now he got  NATO BACK!

NEW threat to the group “Nhna free Rana Ha!”!!

NATO strikes in the newly permitted in Libyan war .. 27 thousand blow 50% of them in the city of Misrata, and 10% of them in

and around Brega, and the rest in and around the capital, Tripoli, and some sites in the south ...

(Free channel Cyrenaica)


The Minister of Education, through the channel of Libya’s international

On the people that Icomo the rearing of their children in order to maintain the integrity of the school seats because there are

some schools not behold students and but there are other creatures.

Libya February

Missing home and abroad births:

Colonel Nice Bouchmadh the stresses during a telephone call resolution Chiefs of Staff appointed commander of the special forces at the level of Libya.


Urgent ..Kidnapping of Dr. Tahir Turkey Alzentani and wounding his brother Sadiq Turkish Alzentani seriously wounded by an armed group in the way of Azizia.


Saad Dinala:
According to my sources from Tripoli
Intervention force from

Zintan to lift the siege on the three officers trapped in the hotel Middle eternal capital Tripoli. 

It is said that the three officers from the city of Casablanca in the Green Mountain area (now part of territory CYRENAICA)

was surrounded by an armed group and exchanged with them shooting, and did not reach far into the reasons for this thing called.

Green Mountain newspaper –

News is uncertain about trapping three white officers from the city of CASABLANCA by the militia in the city of Tripoli in Sunrise Hotel Gamal Abdel Nasser Street,

off of Omar al-Mukhtar Street in the city of Tripoli
The officers are: Saleh Mokhtar Barasi .. The Ayman his Barasi taste .. Yahya Sama
And now there is congestion in the White City because of this issue

Page: Urgent Benghazi

This is a list of cases of kidnappings taking place in the capital Tripoli # these days ..
And 15 girls access to the Tripoli Medical Hospital, mostly deceased as a result of dose narcotic yesterday.
  • وصول 15 فتاة لمستشفى طرابلس الطبي أغلبها متوفي نتيجة جرعه مخدره البارحة.


    عاااااااااجل very ::: now near the center of infertility treatment Airport Road, the clinic collected predecessor was intercepted

    a car carrying the family of favor Miloud good by SUV Toyota and car type Miche Baishe Lancer blue and Altiota white and

    the red bar where he was dropping off one of the girls citizenmentioned by force after publicity arms in the face of her father,

    the girl was taken to an unknown destination, and the girl called survival benefit Miloud demanded Faculty of the

    Higher Institute of Management.

    عاااااااااجل جداً ::: الأن قرب مركز علاج العقم بطريق المطار ،، العيادة المجمعه سابقه تم اعتراض سيارة تقل عائلة المواطن صالح ميلود الطيب من قبل سيارة دفع رباعي تيوتا وسيارة نوع متشي بيشي لانسر زرقاء اللون والتيوتا بيضاء وبها شريط احمر حيث تم انزال احدى بنات المواطن المذكور بالقوة بعد اشهار السلاح في وجه والدها وتم نقل الفتاة لجهة غير معلومه ،، والفتاة تدعى نجاة صالح ميلود طالبه بكلية بالمعهد العالي للادارة

    Publishing and circular …

    The brothers heads of households you pay attention to your daughters, “women” issue of kidnapping has become an obsession for security services

    in the capital Tripoli and the large number of cases is not mostly found, raising the proportion of emergency in these devices …

    (The main Admin)

    And witness from her family

    Hashim humans: –

    Public Administration spokesman for against Abdulhakim Albulazi crime confirms that the administration has received

    three reports of students hijackers during this week were the latest student who was abducted from the street in front

    of the Institute of victory Ibn al-Haytham, which amounts to a 17-year-old ..
    (Libya Per Liberals)

    Albulazi: the fight against crime has received three reports of cases of abduction of students

    Libya Per Liberals :

    A spokesman for the fight against crime, “Abdul Hakim Albulazi” to correspondent in Tripoli, that the administration has received three reports

    of the students hijackers during this week, the most recent case of the student who was snatched from the street victory in front of the Institute

    of Ibn al-Haytham and aged 17 years, in addition to another case Bgot the Alshall where that investigation and search Gary them, while another

    was liberated was kidnapped for a few hours, comes after the national Security Directorate denied via her Facebook page received any

    communication about the abduction of girls and schoolgirls.

    32 cases of kidnapping in Tripoli within 15 days, including 12 females

    Fathi Ben Issa:
    Msjul security criticizes media and dub Balftan!! Why? Because the teacher went out to media channels said that 40 cases were kidnapped in Tripoli

    during the month of September … Individual and they Almsjul to report Mqnt-the number 32 ČÓ cases within 15 days Mesh month and that most

    of them GO Su not together after abduction of course!!

    (The Glamorous true media)

    Causing the water cut of Tripoli kidnaps women again

    A recent episode upstart rebels (Haitham Tagouris) after being kidnapped the son of Defense Minister Abdullah crease.

    Kidnaps lawyer Soraya Issa Mohammed from her home in the project plateau Tripoli on Althelata 23 \ 9 5.30 at gunpoint in front of her children and

  • intimidate children and leave them alone with the knowledge that she was pregnant in the month of deliberation,,,,
  • cars they slogan room common security subsidiaries me Heetm Tagouris .(/ / Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya)

    – That (kidnapping) in Tripoli (for girls young and old) and up (children)?!
    In two days, 47 cases of abduction do not want to send our children to study salvation Enough is enough.
    – Powered media in the Ministry of Education (Tripoli) quarreled with the broadcaster Libya Ahrar?!
    God and yes agent – à Tripoli.

     Unless pervades Mitigua base and Gharghour area Security in constant danger, kidnapping ….
    -أن (الخطف) في طرابلس (للبنات الصغار والكبار) وحتى(الاولاد )؟!
    في يومين 47حالة أختطاف لانريد أرسال أبنائنا الى الدراسة خلاص طفح الكيل .
    -ومسؤل الاعلامي بوزارة التعليم في (طرابلس) يتشاجر مع مذيعة ليبيا الاحرار ؟!
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
    Agency urgently to Yiba the / Tripoli
    Two days ago Saguetna the predestination to help a dear man assailed by a herd of wolves and few Mstgullac or for Mstrgel transfer data ..
    I had gone together with Aziz on behalf of the man as the deaf and dumb and you ‘re tongue who uttered and heard , who hears and
    even worked as a translator him and while we were sitting in the waiting house . I was embezzled from time to time and the other for
    a little girl initiated a slender pale swollen eyelids erratic sight rub your fingers was Zbkhen was re- shot several times and another ..
    And as she was sitting was paid Bsacaha the younger forward and backward as if trying to Altarahj in game.Came to her man seems to be her father,
    it for them Taqbila been discernible comprising the chest until he almost that j strangled been started crying and crying bitterly painful Tdmii the hearts ..
    Attracted me the position and I am appalled what I see from the rattle and laws of the girl child and her father crying .. Moments passed Keldahr but
    curiosity prompted me to question one guards what Ihdt the guard told me : It’s been hijacked since the 5 days ! !
    Gesture to the question : Where was and how Aataroa them
    Guard answered : It is ten years and she was abducted by a school belonging to her .. Abizaid said the hijackers after doing Alovail and embarrassed
    by the devil to doWas in the fifth day of her abduction has done wine headed Adehb his senses and he fell and slept a deep sleep in the rest located
    in atonic place in Tripoli .. And when he became hungry and thirsty and suffering from the mother of the girl willing her destiny to flee the farm nearby,
    what that entered the farm until Artemt in the bosom of the farm owner and اخدت bring about his hand a Tstgat him that Eachdha to Abhe
    When the scan that farms condition and Halle what was felt in her body and her dress torn Itar bloodGrant from his place in haste, and he delivered them to the police station , who in turn told for Alator for the kidnapped child ..Police moved in and began to eye the place together with a group of ” rebels ” and the owner of the farm d them from imminent hangoutwhere police found the kidnapper covered in deep sleep

    Other moments passed was a group of police entered the company of a man seems in Allatiniat of the old handcuffed ..

    Prosecutor summoned the girl and indicated her hand to him the girl was transferred to the hospital ..

    I came back to my house and all my anger and wrath on what the pw us ! !

    وكالة عاجل لييبا / طرابلس

    منذ يومين ساقتني الاقدار لمساعدة رجل عزيز تكالبت عليه قطيع من الذئاب وبضعة مستغولات او لنقل مسترجل ات .. كنت قد ذهبت بمعية الرجل العزيز للنيابة باعتباره اصم وابكم وكنت لسانه الذي ينطق وسمعه الذي يسمع بل وعملت مترجما له وفيما كنا جلوسا في دار الانتظار. كنت اختلس بين الفينة والاخرى لطفلة صغيرة بدءت شاحبة نحيلة متورمة الاجفان زائغة البصر تفرك اصابعها تم تسبكهن تم تعيد الكرة مرات ومرات اخرى .. وفيما هي جالسة كانت تدفع بساقاها الصغيرتين نحو الامام والخلف وكانها تحاول التارحج في لعبتها.

    جائها رجلا يبدوا انه ابيها فانها ل عليها تقبيلا تم اخد يضمها لصدره حتى كاد ان ي خنقها تم شرع يبكي ويصرخ بحرقة مؤلمة تدميء القلوب .. شدني الموقف وهالني ما ارى من حشرجة وانين الطفلة وبكاء ابيها .. مرت لحظات كالدهر لكن فضولي دفعني لسؤال احد الحراس عما يحدت قال لي الحرس : انها كانت مخطوفة مند 5 ايام !!
    بادرته بالسؤال : اين كانت وكيف عتروا عليها
    اجابني الحرس : انها تبلغ العشر سنوات واختطفت من طريق المدرسة وهي عائدة لبيتها .. تم اردف ان خاطفا بعد ان فعل بها الافاعيل وما يستحي الشيطان من فعله

    كان في اليوم الخامس من اختطافها قد فعل الخمر براسه وادهب صوابه فوقع ونام نوما عميقا في تلك الاستراحة الواقعة في مكان نائي بطرابلس .. ولما استبد الجوع والعطش وما تعانيه من الام تلك الطفلة شاء لها القدر ان تفر للمزرعة المجاورة فما ان دخلت لتلك المزرعة حتى ارتمت في حضن صاحب المزرعة واخدت تجره من يده وهي تستغيت به ان ياخدها لاءبيها فلما تفحص ذاك المزارع حالتها وهاله ما رئى في بدنها وفستانها الممزق واتار الدماء فيها

    هب من مكانه مسرعا وقام بتسليمها لمركز الشرطة الذي بدوره ابلغ عن العتور عن الطفلة المخطوفة .. تحركت الشرطة وانطلقت لعين المكان بمعية مجموعة من “الثوار” وصاحب المزرعة الذي د لهم عن مكان الاستراحة داهمة الشرطة المكان فوجدوا الخاطف يغط في نوم عميق

    مرت لحظات اخرى تم دخل مجموعة من الشرطة بصحبة رجل يبدوا في التلاثينيات من العمر مقيد اليدين .. استدعى وكيل النيابة الطفلة واشارت بيدها اليه تم نقلت الفتاة للمستشفى ..

    رجعت لبيتي وكلي حنق وغضب على ما ال اليه حا لنا !!

    بنت الوادي

    Fathi Ben Issa journalist:

    What doctor told me the confidence I received humanitarian Mo Asia invalids in my father …

    Gunmen stormed the house of Dean in the security apparatus and take him and his wife from inside Fadharbonh House was severely

    beaten in front and then take them absent three hours to get back has they did evil Alovail the making to Aagd word

    diluted to move it to you .. House in the center of Tripoli!!!


The so-called militia Tripoli rebels stormed the home of Dean in the national security last night and beat him in front of his wife was transferred

to an unknown location and taken his wife to another place was freed after being raped by drunken militia members …

  • Fire one of the region of Ain ​​Zara stores through the Arboretum last night:


    Ogail data.

    Jet group of armed and feared corner of the reticle and demolished monsters Owaidat the following how Benh.
    Of hours 7 Sobh,,, then Antv Dou a people of the region and marched ambush and free the car 14 where 3 people

    have fled the rest, and the people of the region marched gate p coastline and they saddled the people from the corner

    of course such behavior error ČÓ God Ghalib Mavi solution Thani



    Say Media Khaled Almher,

    Demonstrators in the port of Zueitina announce next week for New Users Board is separate from the public administrations

    in Tripoli and embark in the management of the port and the oil fields of the company Zueitina previously.



Important to clarify
On Saturday, 09/21/2013 ..

murder occurred in the city of to AJeelat killer of a Jeelat, surname Alstaoa and the title of the debate partner

lose stealing a car innocent citizens from Sabriyah area of the angle during a robbery in front of the place where he was murdered

vegetables down the goods to the shop jumped defendants to the car and Onzla murdered, but murdered Quaomanma and told

them Cheek Numismatic not Takhdhu my car because I Astrozk which car was kind of <Toyota Fjah> .. it happened between them

pulling hands and then made ​​a robbers opened fire on slain in his shoulder once and the other in the stomach where the second

lodged in his liver and died on impact, noting that the slain is from the Liberal ..

  • The lattice to Ajeelat morning

    Victor Abed:
    An armed terrorist militia from entering the area of ​​the lattice steady and various weapons used information on the demolition of two houses,

    the number of dead and injured is unknown force has been formed from the people of the region armed with sticks and batons militia expelled

    folks lattice ready Dazzling accused amid the silence of the state despite the flag.

    (Quoting the pages Ajeelat)

    Situation Atazm the Tani between the Ajeelat corner and Skrōha roads with earth .. Who Walker Aljeelat it Aogel gait, God, who has knowledge

    that lets Sayer exactly Icollna the Baldat who dwell in the lattice, or close to it.

    Ajeelat today:
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel shortly before

    Fire school bathroom tourism.

    Channel Ajeelat on Facebook:

    Shut down the entrances to Ajeelat piles of dirt while keeping one car corridor in anticipation of any emergency may occur and

    the presence of police cars next to them.

    God saves the Ajeelat and its people

    The story of clashes in the Ajeelat

    An armed group from the demolished house corner sons Owaidat lattice to ajeelat the area at 7 sparking provoke people aJeelat

    Faqamo clasps the entrances Ajil data to prevent these excesses which defied almost daily
    Was booked 3 vehicles a Arbatash weapon text:

  • __________________

  • The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

  • Urgent ..The bombing of the court building in the city shortly before the dome.
  • There will be a vigil tree Square on the evening
    Exactly five o’clock, and will raise the demands of the demonstrators and is
    A commission of inquiry neutral in the case of ports, uncovering the facts and announcing to the people accountable and accountingAlmkhte whatever even if the power and bribery cases and waste of public money and announce the results of investigations into the

    assassinations of Benghazi, and disclose the identity of the criminals Alert National Congress that he (Libby) and does not apply to global issues.

    For illustration Dome Security Directorate headquarters and police and prosecutors Center
    Court and all licenses within a single wall, but what has been
    Target Directorate and a police station, the headquarters has since maintained
    Just three months earlier and was to send them threats
    They targeted and was targeted on Friday.

    Targeting Security Directorate dome shortly before
    Colonel “Younis mourning” battalion command Ibrahim Bakar, it
    Was targeting the headquarters of the Security Directorate dome and the dome of the police station
    By a terrorist group.

  • Koba National Security Center after being blown up by supporters of al-Sharia  group dawn of this day and was killed in the bombing one person
  • and wounded two, all of them Egyptian workers trapped in the center.

  • Police dome Center bombing by car bomb
    Hyundai type which led to the crash of the eastern facade of the center
    And damaged the building of the restaurant next door to the center after it
    Wounding three Egyptian workers were slightly injured and their condition now
    Here is a picture from the site of the blast.

    (Valley girl)

    # _ Gateway to Libya

    Square vigil tree in Benghazi pm today calls for the activation of the judiciary and to claim an independent commission of inquiry into the events taking place in Libya.



    Salem Jdharan:

    “Ali Zaidan came from Germany to Libya on business and see the second to the country ..”

  • Urgent
سالم جضران شقيق ابراهيم جضران يوجه كلمة قاسية في آعيان طرابلس الذين قدموا له للتوسل من اجل فتح المؤاني النفطية
  • Salem‘s brother Jdharan Ibrahim Jdharan directs a cruel word to Tripoli dignitaries

  • who came to him to beg in order to open the oil Almaana.

  •  ______________________________

  • Warn Travelers are advised that pitfalls of dirt got into the main road languages ​​Owaynat to 40 km of languages ​​as a result of soil erosion

    on the road year as a result of torrential rains and runoff warn Travelers are advised that got in the way collapses main languages

    ​​Owaynat near enough crazy (Aadinan) result of runoff floods ..
    We wish safety for all.

    Announcement for “psychiatric clinic” in Bani Walid.

    In collaboration with the World Health Organization, the Al-Razi Hospital for psychiatric and neurological send a psychiatrist to the city of Bani Walid (health center market) on Saturday of each week. I hope the announcement of the news so that the largest number of patients to take advantage of this free weekly clinic.

    D. Abdullah Fnaire,




    The emergence of cases of bluetongue disease in some sheep in Sirte

    Spotted the animal health department in Sirte cases for some sheep bluetongue disease. The Director of Administration, “Saad Siwi” the reporter Libyan news agency that the cases that have been monitored zones were long and Alsoaoh, stressing that it has not monitored any case in other regions. He stressed, “Siwi” that a specialized committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine next Saturday will visit to the region to curb the spread of the disease. The Director of the Department of Animal Health in Sirte that the disease does not have any damage to human life and well known to all educators. The area of Sirte and its environs there are about 750 thousand head of sheep and goats, according to the latest statistics of the sector.
    Source Libyan news agency


    dirty MISURATA:

  • An official source at the Central Bank of Libya who declined to be named, told Quds Press complained from the control of militias Misratah
  • on all departments in the bank and keep the local council Misratah Bcod system accounts and foreign transfers conducted by the bank
  • and the source confirmed that much of the data is changed from time to time in the accounts the bank and through the use of the
  • bank’s system and between the hands of frivolous in Misratah do not know subordination me any party source confirmed that the
  • governor knows these measures, but can not be announced or demanding an end to her …
  • Libyan leader

    Libyan source : Turkey truck quoted chemicals from Syria to Misrata with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood for burial desert Alchuirv

    Libyan official revealed former senior in an exclusive statement to “veto” information confirming that Turkey is sending a merchant ship loaded with gases
    Toxic chemical to the sea port of Misrata in Libya.
    According to the source , it is believed that these substances Turkey aims to hide them being related to what happened in Syria on the use of chemical weapons in
    Algottin and accused the regime of Syrian President Bashar al -Assad, and Turkey is seeking to hide after being withdrawn from the Syrian opposition , which handed over
    In an earlier time , ” spokesman also claimed the source . ”
    The source for ” veto ” that the shipment arrived in Turkish Misrata, Libya , and the city militia affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood
    In Libya, discharged over trucks central mobility armed convoy accompanied by an ambulance , was transferred to the south in the Libyan desert near the area
    Called ” Alchuirv . ”
    It is noteworthy that Misrata, Libya controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood to the extent paid Libyans launch named ” fourth Adaweya the the Libya ” Due to the density
    Brotherhood elements .

    (Addicted to ” 3 “)

    ﻣﺼﺪﺭ ﻟﻴﺒﻲ: ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﻧﻘﻠﺖ ﺷﺎﺣﻨﺔ ﻣﻮﺍﺩ ﻛﻴﻤﺎﻭﻳﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺳﻮﺭﻳﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺑﻤﻌﺎﻭﻧﺔ ﺍﻹﺧوان لدفنها بصحراء الشويرف

    ﻛﺸﻒ ﻣﺴﺌﻮﻝ ﻟﻴﺒﻲ ﺳﺎﺑﻖ ﺭﻓﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻮﻱ ﻓﻲ ﺗﺼﺮﻳﺤﺎﺕ ﺧﺎﺻﺔ ﻟـ” ﻓﻴﺘﻮ” ﻣﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎﺕ ﺗﺆﻛﺪ ﻗﻴﺎﻡ ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﺑﺈﺭﺳﺎﻝ ﺳﻔﻴﻨﺔ ﺗﺠﺎﺭﻳﺔ ﻣﺤﻤﻠﺔ ﺑﻐﺎﺯﺍﺕ
    ﻛﻴﻤﺎﻭﻳﺔ ﺳﺎﻣﺔ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻣﻴﻨﺎﺀ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺍﻟﺒﺤﺮﻱ ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ .
    ﻭﻃﺒﻘﺎ ﻟﻠﻤﺼﺪﺭ، ﻳﻌﺘﻘﺪ ﺃﻥ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﺩ ﺗﻬﺪﻑ ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺇﺧﻔﺎﺋﻬﺎ ﻛﻮﻧﻬﺎ ﻟﻬﺎ ﻋﻼﻗﺔ ﺑﻤﺎ ﺣﺪﺙ ﻓﻲ ﺳﻮﺭﻳﺎ ﺑﺸﺄﻥ ﺍﺳﺘﺨﺪﺍﻡ ﺍﻷﺳﻠﺤﺔ ﺍﻟﻜﻴﻤﺎﻭﻳﺔ ﻓﻲ
    ﺍﻟﻐﻮﻃﺘﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺘﻬﻢ ﺑﻬﺎ ﻧﻈﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﺮﺋﻴﺲ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﺭﻱ ﺑﺸﺎﺭ ﺍﻷﺳﺪ، ﻭﺗﺴﻌﻰ ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺇﺧﻔﺎﺋﻬﺎ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺃﻥ ﺳﺤﺒﺘﻬﺎ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺎﺭﺿﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﺭﻳﺔ، ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺳﻠﻤﺘﻬﺎ ﻟﻬﺎ
    ﻓﻲ ﻭﻗﺘﺎ ﺳﺎﺑﻖ “ﻛﻤﺎ ﺯﻋﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺪﺭ ﺍﻟﻤﺘﺤﺪﺙ .”
    ﻭﺃﻛﺪ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺪﺭ ﻟـ” ﻓﻴﺘﻮ” ﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﺸﺤﻨﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﺮﻛﻴﺔ ﻭﺻﻠﺖ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ، ﻭﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﻣﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻳﻨﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﺴﻮﺑﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻹﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ
    ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ، ﺑﺘﻔﺮﻳﻐﻬﺎ ﻓﻮﻕ ﺷﺎﺣﻨﺎﺕ ﻭﺳﻂ ﺣﺮﺍﻳﺔ ﺭﺗﻞ ﻣﺴﻠﺢ ﺑﻤﺼﺎﺣﺒﺔ ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺓ ﺃﺳﻌﺎﻑ، ﻭﺗﻢ ﻧﻘﻠﻬﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﺠﻨﻮﺏ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺼﺤﺮﺍﺀ ﻗﺮﺏ ﻣﻨﻄﻘﺔ
    ﺗﺴﻤﻲ ” ﺍﻟﺸﻮﻳﺮﻑ .”
    ﻳﺸﺎﺭ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺃﻥ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ ﻳﺴﻴﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻹﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﻟﺪﺭﺟﺔ ﺩﻓﻌﺖ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻦ ﺇﻃﻼﻕ ﺍﺳﻤﻪ ” ﺭﺍﺑﻌﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﻭﻳﺔ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ” ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ ﻧﻈﺮﺍ ﻟﻜﺜﺎﻓﺔ ﺗﻮﺍﺟﺪ
    ﻋﻨﺎﺻﺮ ﺍﻹﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﺑﻬﺎ .


    From the heart of the Accident and Emergency Hospital Misratah ..

    The arrival of seven of Battalion 154 injuries to the hospital.

    And the death of one of the individuals injured in the head .. following clashes between members of the battalion.

    Between the young gunmen were prevent them from Altsatrib the Tripoli Street ..

    (Rafi Bacouche)

    Referrals to demonstrate on Friday to demand the army, police and support Battalion 154 that follow the army and stand against militias.

    Shortly before the clash between the 154 battalion and some young people from Misrata.

    Chaos dominates the center of the city of Misratah after the massacre last night in the 154 battalion.

    and TURKEY is importing (directly to MISURATA) waterpipes too—which were totally illegal in the Great Jamahiriya!!

 I bought my grandfather Misratah withstand dust instead of Alinvh I told him this is a new categorized sacred …
 Chta housewife Mix sugar with soil and Misratah during prepare for Basbousa the so as not Taatfterh the Basbousa when taking them
out of the Kosha because it will withstand even put honey .. Channel Fatafeet …ختي ربة البيت اخلطي السكر بتراب مصراته اثناء اعدادك للبسبوسة حتي لا تتفترش البسبوسة عند اخراجها من ا لكوشة لانها سوف تصمد حتي وضع العسل عليها .. قناة فتافيت ..


The spread of rats in Libya

eerily HahahTo Ibiastan>

phenomenon of the spread of rats in the city of Tobruk eerily


ليبياستان > ظاهرة إنتشار الجرذان في مدينة طبرق بشكل مخيف


Today SEPTEMBER 26, 2013. We declare Fezzan an independent Federal Zone, this is black Libyan people’s Republic.
Every green resistance in other parts of rebel occupied, can move South.

Agency urgently to Yiba the / abduction director of channel Fezzan Séa

Denied a beach notables “Mohammed Hamed”

What happened traded on the selection of “Nuri A. To Gwiza the” president of the

Fezzan region, adding to the atmosphere of the country that is falling the announcement of the President of the Region,

and the political body and the composition of the military council within four days.

A number of colleagues in Séa that colleague “Mukhtar Khaled Omar,” the chairman of Fezzan satellite channel today

has been kidnapped by an armed group … We ask God to bring him back safe and sound, O Lord.

(Valley girl)


Alassema TV channel capital
Murzuq city is suffering from an acute shortage of fuel petrol three days ago
Because of the failure to provide the only gas station in the city by the warehouse southern region through which the stations are supplied …

Which led to the rise in the price of a liter to one dinars on the black market.


Quoting / / FLASH Benghazi

Connections will be disconnected from the stopper to Jufrah fully Sirte this triangle
Where there is a convoy of nuclear waste Misratah’s completely true news

I asked God Almighty publish this article on blogging in order to save Libya
Nuclear buried here in Libya’s nuclear waste in Libya believed that speak a lie, why allow people to approach,

or the media and the pits which Tervgahm and the black flag raised on the queue …
ÇŃĚćßă for religion for the sake of Libya, please FAKE AMERICAN God is the most important news of the nuclear

waste that bury you in Libya and not to sever contacts news is nuclear waste your children carcinogenesis 100 years before
I hope even forcing the government publishing or the Alpina graduated Chiefs of Staff arrived voice to all Libyans.



Alassema TV channel capital

Security forces Ras Jedir border crossing lock port since last Tuesday …

The commander of the secret absentee martyr Jamal Osman Secretary that the reason for the closure of the crossing back

the Libyans what he suffered the indignities against the backdrop of a brawl between young Libyans and Tunisians ….
For his part, the Director of Ras Jedir Mohammed port bulldozer as a small meeting was held between the security services

of the Directorate of the port … Culminated in the agreement to allow the return of citizens of the two countries …

He pointed out that it was discussed with the Tunisian side in this regard ….



1985 Muammar al-Qathafi in Morocco:


pt. 1
pt. 2:
pt. 3:
pt. 4:

pt. 5:


“It is a simple life, and yet it is not, for he lives in a world of satellite technology, the modern equilvalent of the radio systems that obsessed him as a junior army officer, listening to everyone, but accountable to no one but God, with no interest in wealth, drugs, smoking or alcohol, few of the ordinary vices (so far as one can tell), as much a family man as any other, and totally removed from the day-today pressures that beset political leaders. A man whi can quite literally appear from nowhere, and just as easily vanish.”

(END of p 292: “Gadaffi: The Desert Mystic”)



A “Nuclear-Free Zone” in the Middle East? Why Israel will not Join the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Global Research, September 27, 2013

Iran’s New President Hassan Rouhani has requested that Israel to sign and become a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as he spoke for a second time at the United Nation General Assembly. “As long as nuclear weapons exist, the threat of their use exists,” Rouhani said, citing the American bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Rouhani is calling for “nuclear-free zone” in the Middle East. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that had not and will not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel would use nuclear weapons if it felt it was threatened by any nation in the Middle East.

The nuclear capability of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) defensive capabilities just reached another plateau this past April. It purchased its 5th nuclear submarine that can be deployed anywhere in the world with first strike capability. The Israel News Agency reported that Israel purchased a fifth Dolphin class submarine called the “INS Rahav” from Germany. The article headlined “Israel Launches Ninth Submarine, Ready To Strike Iran Nuclear Weapons.” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “The submarines are a strong, strategic tool for the IDF. The State of Israel is ready to act anytime, anywhere – on land, sea and air – in order to ensure the security of Israel’s citizens.” The submarines are equipped with Israeli-designed Popeye missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. It is no secret that Israel has nuclear weapons. Some estimates suggest that Israel has between 100 and 400 nuclear weapons. No one knows exactly how many nuclear bombs Israel possesses, but we do know they have the capability to produce them at a moment’s notice.

Mordechai Vanunu, a former Israeli technician at the Dimona nuclear research center in the Negev desert exposed Israel’s nuclear program to the world in the 1986 Sunday Times (UK). Vanunu was kidnapped in Italy by Mossad agents and brought to Israel to face an Israeli court. He was convicted and imprisoned for more than 18 years at Shikma Prison in Ashkelon, Israel. Half of his prison term was in solitary confinement. He was eventually released in 2004. Since then, Vanunu has been arrested and even imprisoned for violating his parole. He was also arrested for trying to leave Israel at one time. Former Israeli Prime Minister and Noble Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres said “he was a traitor to this country”.

Since Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; the Dimona Nuclear Research center is not subject to inspections from the international community such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). According to the Federation of American Scientists in a 2007 report, Israel has between 75 and 400 nuclear warheads, but some estimates have their nuclear warheads at less than 200. It is also known that Israel has the ability to deliver them by intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a range of 5,500 kilometers or 3,400 miles, the Jericho III missile named after the biblical city of Jericho, various aircrafts and of course submarines. The report stated the following:

By the late 1990s the U.S. Intelligence Community estimated that Israel possessed between 75-130 weapons, based on production estimates. The stockpile would certainly include warheads for mobile Jericho-1 and Jericho-2 missiles, as well as bombs for Israeli aircraft, and may include other tactical nuclear weapons of various types. Some published estimates even claimed that Israel might have as many as 400 nuclear weapons by the late 1990s. We believe these numbers are exaggerated, and that Israel’s nuclear weapons inventory may include less than 100 nuclear weapons. Stockpiled plutonium could be used to build additional weapons if so decided

Israel’s nuclear program began after World War II. Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion once said “What Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Teller, the three of them are Jews, made for the United States, could also be done by scientists in Israel, for their own people”. David Ben-Gurion wanted to establish a Jewish State with a military force that would repel an attack by any of its adversaries especially in the Arab world. Ben-Gurion’s speech to the elected assembly of Palestine Jews on October 2nd, 1947 made it clear on the intentions of a new Jewish state:

Political developments have swept us on to a momentous parting of the ways – from Mandate to independence. Today, beyond our ceaseless work in immigration, settlement and campaign, we are set three blazing tasks, whereof fulfillment will condition our perpetuity: defense, a Jewish State and Arab-Jewish Cupertino, in that order of importance and urgency.

Security is our chief problem. I do not minimize the virtue of statehood even within something less than all the territory of the Land of Israel on either bank of the Jordan; but security comes unarguably first. It dominated our concerns since the Yishuv [Jewish community in Palestine] began from the start of colonization we knew we must, in the main, guarantee it ourselves. But recent upsets and upheavals in Palestine, in the Middle East and in the wide world, and in British and international politics as well, magnify it from a local problem of current safety into Zionism’s hinge of destiny. In scope, in intensity, in purport, it is entirely different now. Just think of the new factors that invest the problem with a political significance of unprecedented gravity – and I could add a dozen others: the anti-Zionist policy pursued by the Mandatory Government during the past ten years, the obliteration of European Jewry with the willing aid of the acknowledged leader of the Palestine Arabs, the establishment of an Arab League active and united only in combating Zionism, Bevin’s ugly war against the Jews, the crisis in Britain and its political and economic aftermath, the creation of armed forces in the neighboring States, the intrusion of the Arab Legion. And not a single Jewish unit exists.

We can stand up to any aggression launched from Palestine or its border, but more in potential than yet in fact. The conversion from potential to actual is now our major, blinding headache. It will mean the swiftest, widest mobilization, here and abroad, of capacity to organize, of our resources in economics and manpower, our science and technology, our civic sense. It must be an all-out effort, sparing no man.

Several months later on May 14th, 1948, the state of Israel became a reality with David Ben-Gurion as its first Prime Minister. Ben-Gurion, Executive head of the World Zionist Organization in 1946 until 1956 and the head of the influential Weizmann Institute of Science and DefenseMinistry Scientist Ernest David Bergmann recruited Jewish Scientists from abroad during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Israel recruited and funded Jewish scientists to help Israel establish a nuclear program. By 1949, the Israel Defense Forces Science Corps or ‘Hemed Gimmel’ was in search of Uranium in the Negev Desert, but only small amounts were discovered in phosphate deposits. Hemed Gimmel financed several students to study nuclear technology overseas. One of the students attended the University of Chicago to study under Enrico Fermi, who developed the Chicago Pile-1, the first nuclear reactor. Fermi also made scientific contributions to nuclear, quantum and particle physics among others.

By the late 1950s Shimon Peres had established LEKEM, or the ‘Science liaison Bureau’ a new intelligence service that would search for technology, materials and equipment needed for Israel’s nuclear program.

By 1952, Hemed Gimmel was under Israel’s Ministry of Defense to become the Division of Research and Infrastructure (EMET). By June 1952, The Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) was established with Ernest David Bergmann as the first chairman. Hemed Gimmel was renamed Machon 4 which became the “chief laboratory” of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). France was a major partner for Israel’s nuclear program. France also sold weapons to Israel. The France-Israel relationship was instrumental in the development of the Dimona Nuclear Research Center. Israel signed American President Dwight Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace, an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation between the U.S. and Israel along with Turkey to build a“small swimming pool research reactor” at Nachal Soreq.

It was the first step to building the Dimona nuclear research center in the Negev desert in collaboration with France who faced political turmoil in its former colonies in North Africa. Israel also faced Arab hostilities in the Middle East, so the cooperation on matters regarding new military technology complemented each other. On March 20, 1957 a public signing ceremony to build a “small swimming-pool research reactor” took place between France and Israel. But the reality was that France and Israel collaborated to build a larger facility at Dimona. In‘Israel and the Bomb’ by Avner Cohen, he describes Ben Gurion’s ambitious plan regarding Israel’s nuclear program was advanced through the Atoms for Peace Initiative:

With the return of Ben Gurion to power in 1955, nuclear energy became a matter of national priority. Ben Gurion gave political backing and financial support to those in the Ministry of Defense who were committed to promoting nuclear energy-Peres, Bergmann, Mardor, and the nuclear enthusiasts at Machon 4. There was also a change in the international climate concerning nuclear energy, in the wake of Eisenhower’s December 1953 Atoms-for-Peace initiative. Until then, nuclear energy in the United States, Canada, and Britain, the three major countries dealing with nuclear energy, was largely closed to other countries. The Atoms for Peace Initiative made nuclear energy technology available to the rest of the world.

The United States under President Eisenhower allowed Israel to seek a nuclear program that would advance its defense capabilities militarily. By 1958, the construction of the Negev Nuclear Research Center located in the Negev desert in secret through the Protocol of Sevres agreement. It was a secret agreement between Israel, France and Great Britain at Sevres, France to overthrow Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser through an invasion of Egypt after Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. Four days after the Sèvres meeting, Israeli forces invaded Egyptian territory. French and British forces invaded shortly after they vetoed a US sponsored UN Security Council resolution under the guise that they would separate both Israeli and Egyptian forces after Egypt refused their call to withdraw from the Suez Canal.

In 1958, Charles de Gaulle became President of France. Almost immediately after he assumed office, he wanted to end France’s assistance to Israel’s nuclear program. He would only support Israel’s nuclear program if international inspectors were allowed to inspect Dimona and that Israel would declare that its nuclear program was for peaceful purposes and that under no circumstances reprocess plutonium. Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres negotiated with the French government allowing a window of opportunity for French companies to continue its work until 1966 with the Israeli government. Israel also had declared its nuclear program was “peaceful”.

BBC News received secret documents that the British government also supported Israel’s nuclear program by sending illegal and restricted materials that started in the 1950′s. In 1961, the Ben-Gurion informed the Canadian government that a pilot plutonium-separation plant would be built at the Dimona facility. By 1962, the nuclear reactor at Dimona went “critical” meaning a critical mass with a small amount of fissile material was needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. Shortly after, Israel secretly acquired more than 90 tons of uranium oxide (yellowcake) from Argentina to fuel the reactor. By 1965 the Israeli reprocessing plant was completed and ready to convert the reactor’s fuel rods into weapons grade plutonium for a nuclear bomb. After the Six-Day War, Israel went live producing nuclear weapons. A new era began in the Middle East. One that was a dangerous step to a nuclear disaster if Israel decided to use its nuclear weapons against an Arab country.

In Seymour M. Hersh’s ‘The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy’ stated the concerns Israel’s leaders had, especially Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion if they did not obtain nuclear weapons. Hersh wrote:

“What is Israel?” he was quoted by an aide as asking. “. . . Only a small spot. One dot! How can it survive in this Arab world?” Ben-Gurion believed that he understood Arab character and was persuaded that as long as Arabs thought they could destroy the Jewish state, there would be no peace and no recognition of Israel. Many Israelis, survivors of the Holocaust, came to believe in ein brera, or “no alternative,” the doctrine that Israel was surrounded by implacable enemies and therefore had no choice but to strike out. In their view, Hitler and Nasser were interchangeable.

For these Israelis, a nuclear arsenal was essential to the survival of the state. In public speeches throughout the 1950s, Ben Gurion repeatedly linked Israel’s security to its progress in science. “Our security and independence require that more young people devote themselves to science and research, atomic and electronic research, research of solar energy . . . and the like,” he told the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, in November 1955.

Ernst Bergmann explicitly articulated the ein brera fears in a letter two years later: “I am convinced . . . that the State of Israel needs a defense research program of its own, so that we shall never again be as lambs led to the slaughter.”

Ben-Gurion, Shimon Peres, and Ernst Bergmann believed that Israel’s independent arsenal finally could provide what President Eisenhower would not—the nuclear umbrella.

Israel’s nuclear program was built on the belief that it had “no alternative” but to build a nuclear weapon to deter Arab aggression. Their experience with the Holocaust justifies their intentions on maintaining their nuclear weapons. Israel’s believes that another Holocaust can be prevented, this time not from Germany but from Iran. But many Israeli’s during the development stages of nuclear weapons were not keen on obtaining a nuclear bomb because of the Holocaust:

Less compelling to the military men was the moral argument against the bomb raised by some on the left and in academia: that the Jewish people, victims of the Holocaust, had an obligation to prevent the degeneration of the Arab-Israeli dispute into a war of mass destruction” Stated Hersh. “ Those who held that view did not underestimate the danger of a conventional arms race, but believed that, as Simha Flapan, their passionate spokesman, wrote, “the qualitative advantages of Israel—social cohesion and organization, education and technical skills, intelligence and moral incentive—can be brought into play only in a conventional war fought by men.”

Another aspect of Israel’s foreign policy one should consider is the ‘Samson Option,’ a policy that calls for a retaliation using nuclear weapons against an enemy who threatens the Jewish homeland of its existence. Hersh explains:

Dimona’s supporters had convinced most of the leadership that only nuclear weapons could provide the absolute and final deterrent to the Arab threat, and only nuclear weapons could convince the Arabs—who were bolstered by rapidly growing Soviet economic and military aid—that they must renounce all plans for military conquest of Israel and agree to a peace settlement. With a nuclear arsenal there would be no more Masadas in Israel’s history, a reference to the decision of more than nine hundred Jewish defenders—known as the Zealots—to commit suicide in A.D. 73 rather than endure defeat at the hands of the Romans.

In its place, argued the nuclear advocates, would be the Samson Option. Samson, according to the Bible, had been captured by the Philistines after a bloody fight and put on display, with his eyes torn out, for public entertainment in Dagon’s Temple in Gaza. He asked God to give him back his strength for the last time and cried out, “Let my soul die with the Philistines.” With that, he pushed apart the temple pillars, bringing down the roof and killing himself and his enemies. For Israel’s nuclear advocates, the Samson Option became another way of saying “Never again.”

[In a 1976 essay in Commentary, Norman Podhoretz accurately summarized the pronuclear argument in describing what Israel would do if abandoned by the United States and overrun by Arabs: “The Israelis would fight . . . with conventional weapons for as long as they could, and if the tide were turning decisively against them, and if help in the form of resupply from the United States or any other guarantors were not forthcoming, it is safe to predict that they would fight with nuclear weapons in the end. … It used to be said that the Israelis had a Masada complex . . .but if the Israelis are to be understood in terms of a ‘complex’ involving suicide rather than surrender and rooted in a relevant precedent of Jewish history, the example of Sarnson, whose suicide brought about the destruction of his enemies, would be more appropriate than Masada, where in committing suicide the Zealots killed only themselves and took no Romans with them.” Podhoretz, asked years later about his essay, said that his conclusions about the Samson Option were just that—his conclusions, and not based on any specific information from Israelis or anyone else about Israel’s nuclear capability.]

In a White House press conference on May 18, 2009, US President Barack Obama’s concern about “the potential pursuit of a nuclear weapon by Iran.” The United States and other Western nations have not announced any plans to disarm Israel’s nuclear weapons but rather focused its attention on Iran’s nuclear program. Obama said “Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon would not only be a threat to Israel and a threat to the United States, but would be profoundly destabilizing in the international community as a whole and could set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.” Israel already won the arms race in the Middle East. What is to stop Israel’s “Zealot” mentality from using nuclear weapons in the Middle East? Israel has threatened Iran in the past.

In a 2006 interview with Reuters former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres “the president of Iran should remember that Iran can also be wiped off the map.” It was a response after a false claim Israel and its allies made on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comment in a 2005 speech at the Ministry of Interior conference hall in Tehran called “The World without Zionism” when he said Israel must be“wiped off the map” which was misinterpreted. Earlier this year, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said that the US and Israel would take action against Iran, “I don’t see it as a binary kind of situation: either they [the Iranians] turn nuclear or we have a fully fledged war the size of the Iraqi war or even the war in Afghanistan,” Barak continued “What we basically say is that if worse comes to worst, there should be a readiness and an ability to launch a surgical operation that will delay them by a significant time frame and probably convince them that it won’t work because the world is determined to block them.” Rouhani is seeking negotiations that would put Iran, the United States and Israel on a path to a peaceful resolution. One that will recognize Iran’s right to a “peaceful” nuclear program for its country so that they can export more oil and use the revenues it earned for the benefit of the Iranian people. But do not expect any significant breakthrough between Iran and the US/Israel alliance that seeks to dominate the Middle East politically, economically and militarily.

The Obama administration is not seeking any negotiations with Iran unless they stop its nuclear program which will not happen. Iran will insist that they are signatories to the NPT and have an “inalienable right” to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Israel will not be a signatory to the NPT because “This resolution is deeply flawed and hypocritical. It ignores the realities of the Middle East and the real threats facing the region and the entire world” according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Another reason Israel will not sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty is because they are victims of the Holocaust which is why they have violated hundreds of U.N. Security Council resolutions and has used chemical weapons on the Palestinians. The talks between Iran and the US that will be held in Geneva will fail come this October because the US wants to dominate Iran. Iran has its principles it will stand by, but so will the US on Israel’s behalf. The US and its staunch allies want Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza strip and the West Bank and every nation on earth under their rule. That is the plan.