The Battle for Humanity Begins



Libya 360°:
“tortilla con sal”

In September 2013, the Belfer Center of Harvard University published a study confirming that NATO’s war on Libya was based on downright falsehoods.

Libya has been the most representative case of North American and European sadism and hypocrisy. The opportune study in 2013 by Alan Kuperman of Harvard University’s Belfer Center concludes : “Libya’s 2011 uprising was never peaceful, but instead was armed and violent from the start. Muammar al-Qathafi did not target civilians or resort to indiscriminate force.” Kuperman adds, “NATO’s action magnified the conflict’s duration about sixfold, and its death toll at least sevenfold, while also exacerbating human rights abuses, humanitarian suffering, Islamic radicalism, and weapons proliferation in Libya and its neighbors. More than any other recent conflict, the sadistic aggression against Libya revealed the falsity not just of Western governments and corporate media but also of Western alternative media, progressive intellectuals and progressive movements. Along the whole length of the Western political spectrum the most distinguished political academic and intellectual leaders were mistaken in the most humiliating and shameful way.

The destruction of Libya shows the completely rotten reality underlying the false claims to moral and intellectual superiority of Western political culture. The contagion of baseless prejudices and rumours glibly treated as fact also extended to many majority world intellectuals. It was truly remarkable how many supposedly cultured, sophisticated individuals, knowing practically nothing about Libya, expressed an irrational antipathy against both the Libyan Jamahiriya and its architect Muammar al-Qathafi.

Only a few leaders, notably Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, showed the necessary wisdom to accurately assess what was happening. This is indisputable. So one obvious conclusion is to question the judgment of all those Western political leaders, intellectuals and many supposedly progressive movements, whatever their political label may be. The aggression against Libya has proven to be the graveyard of the credibility of public political and intellectual life in North America and Europe.

The UN showed itself yet again to be a reliable accomplice of aggression violating its most fundamental principles. Almost alone, it was the governments of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas who maintained a consistent and correct position based on an accurate assessment of the facts. When almost all other world political leaders failed so grossly on Libya, it is indeed interesting to look at why Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro and their ALBA colleagues got things right.

More than anyone those leaders and their colleagues like Nicolas Maduro, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa understand the meaning of the true history of mass struggle against the Western imperialist powers throughout the majority world. They were right about Libya.


Salem Bautells us on FB:
Aasenthan Mtabosh Army Muammar because he Khaddlh to knead.

I advise that they received without Resistance because the issue large Daash crawls every day, this is the right to knead be transformed Ptkhosroa war time this topic luck enemy Jdkm shape epiphyseal they ride on you and become ye ousted Be careful attention well of the four axes Dkhlinkm and Bafilaki Mtabosh the end All of them except

They are all only with you and God ‘ loves Muammar…

Muammar advise you to Ataatkhaddoa inappropriate decision handed-down at the Airport.


يازنتان متعبوش على جيش معمر لانه خدله لدلك انصحكم ان تسلموا دون مقاومة لان الموضوع كبير داعش يزحف كل يوم وهدا هو الحق لدلك شكلكم بتخسروا الحرب المرة هده حظ عدو جدكم شكله المشاشية بيركبوا عليكم وتصبح انتم ازلام انتبه انتباه جيدا من اربع محاور دخلينكم وبالفلاكي متعبوش على حد كلهم الا معاكم والله خضر يحب معمر ننصحكم لاتتخدوا قرار غير مناسب سلموا المطار

“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB COMMENTS:

Pages Almhboha and is funded as a catalyst to spread discord and division of the country and ignite the differences between the city and the city and between the neighbor and his neighbor

Some Adhana Andm writing graffiti is “provocative” They say you are afraid of the great God and we do not know as much fear Mankhav to this country and this people

We are about to write any writings Muftna until the Day of Resurrection not ask in front of God and the Glory of the Almighty as we did this

If it is lose Palmeajma books we have. Fighting is hating us and we will show them the fiercest fighting, make all kinds of Daashy each individual group of fighter think 100 times before entry to Libya. And make them graves and sober lesson to those who take it.

الصفحات المشبوها والممولة هى عامل مساعد على نشر الفتن وتقسيم البلاد وإشعال خلافات بين مدينة ومدينة وبين الجار وجاره

البعض يضنا عندم نكتب كتابات غير ” مستفزة” يقولون أنتم تخافون والله العظيم نحن لانعرف الخوف قدر مانخاف على هذا الوطن وهذا الشعب

نحن تبعد على كتابة اى كتابات مفتنة حتى يوم القيامة لانسأل أمام الله سبحان وتعالى هذا فيما فعلنا

وإن قامو بالمهاجما فذلك يكون كتبا علينا. القتال وهو كره لنا وسوف نريهم أشرس انواع القتال نجعل كل داعشى كل فرد من جماعة المقاتلة يفكر 100 مرة قبل دخول الى ليبيا .ونجعل لهم مقابر ويكونو عبرة لمن أعتبر

Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB gives us a new story:


I called my grandfather (RAFLA) told him, my grandfather lightning Aschenoa in airport road and lightning in Sawani and Lhalboss Albareh feared to Tripoli from the point of Spring Valley, and with them a battalion Mursi, Badr, Black Canyon, my grandfather animals all came and shield Aloescha where the offender and the protection money form days Soda Aagda Gaya, responded to my grandfather (RAFLA) told me Ehna Black of days who missed us pension Bnchovo and let each and every one is his given water they are God, what have men as appetizers Mfiruch just, and I have to eat them Bo Coordinates: know the Lord is one,

I told him, my grandfather (RAFLA) launched Zintan said our community Brigade reinforced Battalion Emhemed in QaaQa in response to my grandfather told me that our community is with Muammar al-Qathafi and with him under the command of Maj. T Matsama Ahawaikh excess, 

and to show the beating between the eyebrows:

know your community Wynn, Bahi, my grandfather send us flus pension we have money for Ramadan and banks Muskrh, told me Dop just send your supply, and Muammar al-Qathafi gave to the families of the Liberals and two dimensions pension Tkhmmoa Halba in the expense of Ramadan is Ayamat, 

but so was Ptaftroa where milk and bread Mesh Hathassoa omitted brought the boy and I have a Loya outlive Loya subvert God willing, the people help us, and outlive told him rocket O serious designers Tdharbwa omitted told me my grandfather and the right is no god but God, what Nqsalhm including story resolved salvation …

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

اتصلت بجدي قلت له يا جدي الصواعق يسخنوا في طريق المطار والصواعق في السواني والحلبوص البارح خشوا لطرابلس من جهة وادي الربيع ومعاهم كتيبة المرسي وبدر واسود الوادي يا جدي الحيوانات كلهم جؤنا ودرع الوسخي فيها المجرم وخـوه شكلها ايام سودة ياجدي جأية ، رد علي جدي قال لي احنا اسود من الايام اللي فاتت علينا معاش بنشوفوا وخلي كل واحد يعد رجاله ويرد المي وهم والله ما عندهم رجال كمشة مفروخ توا يا ولدي لما ياكلهم بو الاحداثيات يعرفوا ربي واحد ، قلت له يا جدي وشن الزنتان قالوا جماعتنا في اللواء المعزز وكتيبة امحمد في القعقاع رد علي جدي قال لي جماعتنا مع معمر القذافي وتحت آمرة الرائد خميس ماتسمع الشوايخ الزائدة ، ولما تشوف الضرب بين الحواجب تعرف جماعتك وين ، باهي يا جدي ابعث لنا فلوس معاش عندنا مصروف لرمضان والمصارف مصكرة ، قال لي غدوة توا نبعث لكم تموين واعطوا للعائلات الاحرار وبعدين معاش تخمموا هلبة في مصروف رمضان هي ايامات بس حتي كان بتفطروا فيها حليب وخبزة مش حاتحسوا بيها قربت يا ولد ولدي ويا تعمر ويا تخرب وان شاء الله الشعب يساعدنا وتعمر قلت له الصواريخ يا جدي مصممين تضربوا بيها قال لي جدي وحق لا اله الا الله ما نقصلهم منها القصة حسمت خلاص …


We have successfully sealed the “Holy Quran” on the spirit of the martyr Mutassim Billah-al-Muammar Gaddafi.
This declares him a Muslim Saint.

تم بحمد الله ختم القران الكريم على روح الشهيد #المعتصم #معمر #القذافى


The health of your breakfast and ALLAH accept your fasting and

prayers this JUMA of RAMADAN



ÚRGENT!: the presence in Morocco … tell the story of Abdul Salam Asmar
Translation of this Hadra brothers Bbadih Morocco Mhajah death appeared in the Sunni Ochow

safe in Libya Alebado, Obiq heart releases cry but as much as our Lord and God and the right Rada …


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, uncovers for us:

Corruption Intelligence Dean / Salem black agent the head of the affairs of coordination and follow-up director of the Department of Management in the era of Bouzid Dorda and work the Office of the popular Syrian colonel / Musa decent, agent the head of the affairs of public relations of the Department of Intelligence, and friend Salem el-Hasy. 

Colonel / Mustafa Noah (MB) agent head of the security issues Mottagad of the army and was a factor in a cafe area tourist city fled to Tunisia during the events and remained Hotel Palm Beach and sits Atsamer with a group of Libyans fleeing in a cafe Touareg luxury to day 21/8/2011, and claiming to be from the liberation of Tripoli from east to west, and has no State aware of the work of intelligence and security, and Hedda goes back to the statement about the bombing of the French Embassy. Vtfjerat Boston did not declare anything officials only after days and they said the investigation is still in Libya … Brotherhood’s Mustafa Noah said a terrorist act.

Colonel / Abdulsalam Awaj secretary-general of the device from affiliates of Abu Haraah Frckash and successor Hosni still in Hedda position my father called the secretary-general of the machine, one of the labels called Bouzid Dorda, someone fiddling and Playboy and Bezness first class and was behind the deal to rent a building Banzour value of 96 000 dinars per month for a period of years, extendable by Securities in administrative affairs of the device either a formal contract with the existing property owner or an existing building by 86 000 dinars per month, ie 120 000 dinars Cash Down.

Provider / forward on the Arab-Makki Office bags secrecy Resolution No. 36-date 12/10/2012 on 22/2/2011 after a speech Rue Rue fateful gathering a large number of security personnel in front of the outer office Bouzid Dorda and chanted in support of their leader appeared buried mentioned, including disease and yell Zintan mesh Juan drew the attention of Bouzid Dorda, and called him and asked him for his name and said the Arab-Makki Vhoudnh Bouzid said this topic father of our men, and supporters of al-Qathafi in Zintan.

Married to the daughter of one of the founders of the Anger Almthabh led global Moses zucchini Secretary of People’s Bureau is a breakaway in Ghana.

Provider / Nasser Saleh big head Affairs Office confidential archives headed device Resolution No. 358 date 16.12.2012 an employee of Information Management, which was headed Aboucharaah Frckash sent by Hedda latter to Germany in order to follow-up treatment wife Boucharaah and things family and the children in Germany and traveled to Britain and America to study

and Uah as an informant involved in the case just Abuchtoh famous in Germany. Provider / Solomon Almehroh head of the Office of the Under Moses decent one revolutionaries device and calculated areas Nafusa Mountains Almujdon Tripoli, but in previous years was part of the debt involved in the suppression of one uprisings youth Libya Raid /

Majdi Rajab Feki bureau chief missions headed by device resolution 226 date 08/09 / 2012 was one of the members of the Revolutionary Committees Mketbb student at the University of Nasser and the work of the State of Senegal, calculated on Moussa Koussa because he is a resident of Tajura, fawning like his brothers and Tariq Ahmed, a member of the administrative affairs, external security device.

Colonel / Hussein Mohammed Kahil office manager delegates the decision of 74 30/08/2012 friend and cherished friendship Abubakar Garah Mourning’s cousin, descriptive and aide buried Mutassim in suppressing the area of Sirte and Misrata to the east of action in Pakistan envoy of external security and was a specialist in the control of the Libyans who are in Pakistan Afghanistan, one of the department in Ajeelat which is still to the present day Hedda.

Muammar ups ship rode the “17 February ‘revolution’ “, after the so-called “liberation of Tripoli”.

Colonel / Jamal al-Mahdi Sadiq head office open source (public) 243 decision 11/09/2021 colonel, a graduate of the Military Academy Head of sources, information management, or rather to your external security, which my father was supplying named Yusef Shakir with all the information, images and news about anything against the “17 February ‘revolution’ ” which was decrepitude Padaah Alqnfod during the so-called ‘Revolution’, rode “ship 17 February ‘revolution’ ” after the so-called “liberation of Tripoli”.

Colonel / charity Tahar Ben Ayad, a legal advisor to Salem black 76 decision 30.8.2012 one advisor assistants for invited Alguenatri one follow Mussa Kusa and until the day of liberation of Tripoli is still working in his field of investigations and charges and Consulting, boarded a “ship 17 February ‘revolution’ “, after the (so-called) “liberation of Tripoli”, and even far not been summoned for interrogation because of his files and charges.

Provider / Sufian Ahanich Deputy Director of the Legal one advisers assistants for invited Alguenatri a follower of Moses zucchini and at the outbreak of the “17 February ‘revolution’ “, was working liaison office folk Argentina I do not know his position there of the revolution and because the process of completing the procedures for travel again and complete the duration Fund is red for your external security because he was close to Mussa Kusa: him Poh uncle Hanish.

Colonel / Abdulhakim Khalifa Karoash director of the North Africa Resolution No. 357 dated 12.16.2012 brother named Abdul Razak Karoash CEO and Nzureik tourist owned by one Akaddadfah Qahos WHDH company owns hotel and Nzureik which showed the defunct playing chess; and, after the bombing of the hotel by NATO No more comments.

Colonel / Abdul Razzaq Abul Qasim Grable, director of Africa Action as an informant in Dubai for years and was a specialist in the Libyan community in the UAE, and then in Botswana for four years, after the (so-called) “liberation of Tripoli”, came strongly from the cousins of Sabratha and went them directly to the area of trait Furjan where the archive device external security fully. He graciously protection Archive After Dzhab cousins contacted a number rebels Tripoli working device even assigns them to protect the archives and have group protection, and disease Abdul Razzaq procedures necessary to connect approaching ruling, at the time the Executive Office of the Military Council of Zintan Military Council of Tripoli; and get approved protection Archive accompanied by his group found him.. and became the ruling Nahi archive, which includes treasures of GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of al-Qathafi Alastboukhartah.

and brought with him his friends as they Walid Hqoarh one Awalh Moses zucchini and Arhomh follicular Adeel Abu Zaid Dorda, and disease in the sort Archive and deliver files the intelligence task to their owners with a strong influence in the “Libyan state”,

He has been rewarded and assumed management of Africa. Colonel / Khaled Ahmed al-Sharif, director of the Americas was nominated to work abroad in Jordan coincidence by Aboucharaah Frckash did not remain only two years and then was nominated to serve one of the areas of southern Sudan to supplement the remaining period, including the Department to combat heresy, in information management: THAT BEING one of the most dangerous sections, connected with external security, (which he created the reverse work abroad),

Class Balvashl in the management of one of the Libyan intelligence service departments and there are news that candidate to work in Germany.

Colonel / Ramalli Omar Mohammed, director of the Asia and Australia came from the latter can not be fair and non-national is still the director of administration.

Colonel / Ahmed Abu few, director of the Middle East, a graduate of the police academy and is calculated on the rebels Tajourah, and the granting of this post office, but pleasing to the area Tajourah.

Colonel / Salem Bashir Hamouda, director of training and Atahal member of the Revolutionary Committees student runway green Fateh University and someone who believes in thinking buried the marrow.

Provider / Riad express, director of protection and security figures defected and fled to his hometown Alrajaban and took command and became a field commander to be entered to Tripoli on 21 September, but in previous years was part of the debt involved in the suppression of one youth uprisings in Libya.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

فساد جهاز المخابرات عميد / سالم الاسود وكيل رئيس الجهاز لشئون التنسيق والمتابعة مدير ادارة الشئون الادارية في عهد بوزيد دوردة وعمل بمكتب الشعبي سوريا عقيد / موسي كريمة وكيل رئيس الجهاز لشئون العلاقات العامة من إدارة الاستخبارات وصديق سالم الحاسي عقيد / مصطفي نوح وكيل رئيس الجهاز للقضايا الامنية متقعد من الجيش وكان عامل في مقهى بمنطقة المدينة السياحية هرب الى تونس اثناء الاحداث وبقى بفندق بالم بيتش ويجلس ليتسامر مع مجموعة من الليبيين الهاربين في مقهى طوارق الفخم الى يوم 21/8/2011 ويدعي انه من قام بتحرير طرابلس من شرقها الى غربها ، وليس لديه اية دراية بالعمل المخابراتي والامني ، وهدا يعود الى تصريحه حول تفجير السفارة الفرنسية .فتفجيرات بوسطن لم يصرحوا بأي شئ المسئولين إلا بعد أيام وقالو مازال التحقيق…وفي ليبيا مصطفى نوح قال عمل ارهابي. عقيد / عبدالسلام العوج امين عام الجهاز من المحسوبين على ابو شعراية فركاش وخليفة حسني ولا يزال في هدا المنصب الدي يسمى أمين عام الجهاز وهو من تسميات المدعو بوزيد دوردة ، شخص تافه ومستهتر وبزناس درجة اولى وكان وراء صفقة ايجار مبنى بجنزور بقيمة 96 الف دينار شهريا ولمدة سنة قابلة للتمديد حسب الاوراق الموجودة بالشئون الادارية التابعة للجهاز اما العقد الرسمي الموجود لدى صاحب العقار او المبنى موجود به 86 الف دينار شهريا أي بمعني 120 الف دينار كاش داون . مقدم / على العربي المكي الامام مكتب الحقائب السرية رقم القرار 36 تاريخه 10 / 12 / 2012 بتاريخ 22/2/2011 بعد خطاب زنقة زنقة المشئوم تجمع عدد كبير من موظفي الامن الخارجي امام مكتب بوزيد دوردة وهتفوا لنصرة قائدهم المقبور ظهر المذكور من بينهم وبداء يصيح الزنتان مش خوان لفت انتباه بوزيد دورده ونادى عليه وسأله عن اسمه وقال على العربي المكي فحضنه بوزيد وقال هده ابوه من مناصري القذافي ومن رجالنا في الزنتان . متزوج من ابنة على الغضبان احد مؤسسي المثابة العالمية بقيادة موسى كوسة أمين المكتب الشعبي غير منشق في غانا. مقدم / ناصر صالح الكبير رئيس مكتب الشئون السرية والمحفوظات برئاسة الجهاز رقم القرار 358 تاريخه 16 / 12 / 2012 احد موظفي ادارة المعلومات التي كان يرأسها ابوشعراية فركاش بعث من قبل هدا الاخير الى المانيا من اجل متابعة علاج زوجة بوشعراية وامور العائلة والاولاد بالمانيا وسافر لبريطانيا وامريكا ليدرس وكمخبر واح المتورطين في قضية عادل ابوخطوة الشهيرة في المانيا. مقدم /سليمان المهروش رئيس مكتب لوكيل موسى كريمة احد ثوار الجهاز ومحسوب على مناطق جبل نفوسة الموجدون بطرابلس لكن في سنوات سابقة كان ضمن الدين شاركوا في قمع احد انتفاضات شباب ليبيا رائد / مجدي رجب الفقي رئيس مكتب البعثات برئاسة الجهاز قرار 226 تاريخه 09 / 08 / 2012 كان احد اعضاء مكتبب اللجان الثورية الطلابي بجامعة ناصر وعمل بدولة السنغال ومحسوب على موسى كوسه لانه من سكان تاجوراء ، متملق مثل إخوته طارق واحمد احد اعضاء الشئون الادارية بجهاز الامن الخارجي . عقيد / حسين محمد كحيل مدير مكتب المندوبين قرار 74 30 / 08 / 2012 صديق ويعتز بصداقة ابوبكر الجارح الحداد ابن عم صفية واحد معاوني المقبور المعتصم في قمع منطقة سرت ومصراتة من الشرق عمل في باكستان مبعوثا من الامن الخارجي وكان متخصص في مراقبة الليبيين الموجودون في باكستان وأفغانستان وهو من العجيلات التي لا تزال الى يومنا هدا معمر وبس ركب سفينة ثورة 17 فبراير بعد تحرير طرابلس. عقيد / جمال المهدي الصادق رئيس مكتب المصادر المفتوحة ( العلنية ) 243 قرار 11 / 09 / 2021 عقيد خريج الكلية العسكرية رئيس قسم المصادر بادارة المعلومات او بالاحرى بجهاز الامن الخارجي وهو الدي كان يمد المدعو شاكير بجميع المعلومات والصور والاخبار عن أي شي ضد ثورة 17 فبراير التي كانت تداع باداعة القنفود اثناء الثورة ، ركب سفينة ثورة 17 فبراير بعد تحرير طرابلس. عقيد / خيري الطاهر بن عياد مستشار قانوني لسالم الاسود 76 قرار 30 / 08 / 2012 احد المستشارين المساعدين للمدعو القنطري احد اتباع موسى كوسه وحتى يوم تحرير طرابلس لا زال يعمل في مجاله من تحقيقات وتهم واستشارات ، ركب سفينة ثورة 17 فبراير بعد تحرير طرابلس ، وحتى الان لم يتم استدعائه للتحقيق معه لما لديه من ملفات وتهم . مقدم / سفيان احنيتش نائب مدير الادارة القانونية احد المستشارين المساعدين للمدعو القنطري احد اتباع موسى كوسه وعند اندلاع ثورة 17 فبراير كان يعمل ضابط ارتباط بالمكتب الشعبي الارجنتين ولا اعرف موقفه هناك من الثورة ولان بصدد اتمام اجراءاته للسفر من جديد واكمال مدته يعتبر الصندوق الاحمر لجهاز الامن الخارجي لانه كان مقرب من موسى كوسه سلم بوه عمك حنيش. عقيد / عبدالحكيم خليفة قرواش مدير ادارة شمال افريقيا قرار رقم 357 بتاريخ 16 / 12 / 2012 شقيق المدعو عبد الرزاق قرواش المدير التنفيذي لشركة ونزريك السياحية التي يملكها احد القدادفة القحوص وهده الشركة تملك فندق ونزريك الذي ظهر فيه المقبور يلعب الشطرنج وبعدها قصف الفندق من قبل الناتو لا تعليق اكثر. عقيد / عبدالرزاق ابوالقاسم الغرابلي مدير ادارة افريقيا عمل كمخبر بدبي لسنوات وكان متخصص في الجالية الليبية في دولة الإمارات وبعدها في بتسوانا لمدة اربع سنوات بعد تحرير طرابلس جاء بقوة من ابناء عمومته من صبراته وذهب بهم مباشرة الى منطقة خلة الفرجان حيث يوجد ارشيف جهاز الامن الخارجي بالكامل وقام مشكورا بحماية الارشيف وبعد دذهاب ابناء عمومته اتصل بعدد ثوار طرابلس العاملين بالجهاز حتى يسند اليهم حماية الأرشيف وقاموا المجموعة بالحماية وبداء عبد الرزاق بالإجراءات اللازمة بالاتصال بالجهات الحاكمة آنذاك المكتب التنفيذي المجلس العسكري الزنتان المجلس العسكري طرابلس وتحصل على الموافقة بحماية الارشيف رفقة مجموعته الموجودة معه واصبح الحاكم الناهي في ارشيف يضم كنز من كنوز دولة القذافي الاستبخارتية واحضر معه اصدقاءه وهم وليد شقوارة احد عوالة موسى كوسة وارحومة الجريبي عديل ابوزيد دوردة وبداء في فرز الارشيف وتسليم الملفات الاستخبارتية المهمة الى اصحابها ذو النفوذ القوي ي الدولة الليبية، تم مكافأته وتولى ادارة افريقيا. عقيد / خالد احمد الشريف مدير ادارة الأمريكتين رشح بالعمل بالخارج بالاردن مصادفة من قبل ابوشعراية فركاش ولم يبقى الا سنتين وبعدها رشح للعمل بأحد مناطق جنوب السودان تكملة المدة المتبقية ومنها بقسم مكافحة الزندقة بإدارة المعلومات احد اخطر الأقسام بجهاز الأمن الخارجي الذي ابدع فيه عكس عمله بالخارج، صنف بالفاشل في ادارة احد إدارات جهاز المخابرات الليبية وهناك اخبار بانه مرشح للعمل في المانيا. عقيد / عمر محمد الرمالي مدير ادارة اسيا واستراليا من الاخير طلع غير نزيه وغير وطني ولا يزال مديرا للإدارة. عقيد / احمد ابو قليلة مدير ادارة الشرق الاوسط خريج كلية الشرطة ومحسوب على ثوار تاجوراء وما منح هذا المنصب منصبه الا ارضاء لمنطقة تاجوراء عقيد / سالم بشير حمودة مدير ادارة التدريب واتاهيل عضو اللجان الثورية الطلابية والمدرج الاخضر بجامعة الفاتح وشخص يؤمن بفكر المقبور للنخاع. مقدم / رياض اعراب مدير ادارة الحماية وامن الشخصيات انشق وهرب الى مدينته الرجبان وتولى القيادة واصبح قائد ميداني الى ان دخلوا الى طرابلس في يوم 21 رمضان ، لكن في سنوات سابقة كان ضمن الدين شاركوا في قمع احد انتفاضات شباب ليبيا .

PICTURE of the Veternarian, DR. Adeel Abu Zaid Dorda.

MUSA KUSA w Hillary Clinton:

MB’s Mustafa Noah, head of Rat LIBYA’s investigative “security” team (shown here with Salah Badi & Belhadj:










3,000 U.S. Marines are ready to intervene in Libya in the event of power dominated by terrorists
According to a confidential report for the Algerian intelligence

Gateway Africa – Newspapers

A report from Algerian security, described Balsra, has been submitted to the higher authorities in Algeria, a detailed diagnosis of the security situation in Algeria and Jawaraly countries near and medium term.

The report revealed that Algerian intelligence monitored the movements of U.S. troops in bases in southern Europe, especially Italy, is preparing to carry out special operations in Libya, whether they belong to the arrest of key figures required security for the American forces,

that have been identified sites, or evacuation Raaillagrbeyen of the Maghreb countries, in the case of deterioration or occurrence of a security breakdown, or the threat of clear and explicit. Abizaid report, which was published newspaper sunrise Algerian Today “Thursday,”

that the American forces under the command of forces skyrocket in Africa, and is interested Brsaddalawdhaa security in Libya and preparedness to intervene in the case of the control of the Salafists on the reins of power Filipaa, in addition to the protection of maritime navigation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Our source revealed that the Algerian forces monitored the movements of more than 3,000 U.S. troops, Soafa southern Italy, or northern Chad or moving freely in cutting off the Libyan coast.

And train these forces two years ago on contingency planning, whether for evacuation or protect sites important oil, and air traffic control, and these forces will be in Libya, that was able to control the militants of the ruling.

“Zero Hour” on FB, reporting:
Alnaúj the final declaration of the RAT volcano (Parliament) of Libya will be on 20 of Ramadan
[UN High Commissioner for Antakbat]
Means that there is a cover on Karth will occur during the results which will be announced and will cover my father Setstr Alkarth war on those that will occur in Duck today Bahada be Alandhar may go out the results and turn to me that war.

ساعة الصفر

انباء عن:
اعلان النائج النهائية للبركان(البرلمان) الليبي ستكون يوم 20 من رمضان
[ المفوضية العليا للإنتخبات ]
يعني ان هناك تغطية على كارته ستحدث خلال النتائج التي ستعلن وسيكون الغطاء الدي سيتستر على تلك الكارته الحرب التي ستحدث في داك اليوم بهادا تكون الانضار قد انصرفت عن النتائج والتفتت لي تلك الحرب

Continuation of electrical-outages for parts of all Libyan cities by government militias for long hours.

“The United Nations on Thursday evacuates staff from Libya because of the deteriorating security situation,”

Sky News:

The security situation in Atarabuls

West Achtmwa strong odor battles through tap their intelligence … will between militias in the capital Atarabuls …

UN evacuates dozens of foreign employees from Libya ..

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – A UN spokesman said Thursday that the United Nations has evacuated dozens of foreign employees in its mission in Libya because of the deteriorating security situation ..

He said, “Samir Ghattas,” a spokesman for mission support of the United Nations in Libya that the staff would return if the improved security situation did not disclose the number of employees who have left Libya ..

Omar Alkkly, re-emphasises what was reported yesterday:

Very confidential report
– Frantic contacts with elements of the Libyan belonging to organize Daash named Ali ‘hardness’ (SALABI) 

conducted by a representative of the
‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Abdel Hakim Belhadj, a representative of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

and the blessing of Mufti Sadiq
Gharyiani who is currently in Britain with Daash extremists from Syria and Iraq.


The resignation of the client, “Mahmoud Shammam” from the presidency of the Board of Directors Channel

(Libya Al-Ahrar each country)






“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar,” with much concern:
Please Publishing and warning all of anonymity in this list

To the Free Officers and honest people who are in Tripoli to take caution
There is a list of names found when supporters of evil and I hope Almzarat Filter change your places

and beware of lurking O blind their eyes on the Liberals and honorable Lord.


Issued a new list of ANSAR al-SHARIA of targeted killing and filter by what has been obtained from the paper found in one of the mosques in Benghazi content as follows:
User ancestors traitors in Benghazi • List their names bearded mercenaries “Salafist vaunted” by the name of # 40 ….
-1 Abdulsalam ŢăćŃĺ – Housing “Louhichi” First Infantry.
-2 Favor Asoeri – Housing “Syria Street,” the first pedestrian, and car broker.
-3 Bin Isa Dheifallah El-Hasy housing “Al-Salam neighborhood” near the gas station on the coastal road. Was a lieutenant in the nineties for help in a prison in Tripoli, one of the warriors idiots Salafis, now work in intelligence and information in Benghazi
-4 Alcadekke favor of “Brigade 319 – housing,” the Egyptian market “behind Amart Drs – Appearance bald head.
5 – Noureddine Nasr Bouchiha, the head of the youth Libya – Housing Laithi behind Dividers phones
-6 Ziad Haddad housing “side Mosque of Ibn Sinai” – Behind the backhaul in C – “military accounts” warrior.
-7 Wael Awami housing “Ben Younes” – side of the Rock mosque – was a young man in the years playing ball – when he entered the military police, known as Ali Almarjip, and entered in the doctrine of the delay, and is now a warrior in “military police”
Congratulations -8 Persian nickname “Aperic” police work in the port from the days of the tyrant to date and is now a fugitive in “outside Benghazi” housing Quiche popular “1.”
-9 Abubakar Ferjany housing “milkfish east versus E” nickname) Abu Talha Ferjany (work in the Navy, which now operates in Tripoli, one of the warriors.
-10 Ibrahim Alaftmana Marines and Lefty is permissible to kill the young unified housing “Street twenty and not sure”
-11 Captain Yasser exiled ordered department for help in the Directorate of housing “Laithi
-12 Khaled Madi housing “Louhichi” works in the defense force and fought in the Cyrenaica youth uniform.
-13 Issa Qadeeri housing, “Younis master” Valsaakh, and warrior.
-14 Alinvathi Tagouris housing “Buildings against the Egyptian market -” Guard my days Muammar Gaddafi and then joined the battalion February 17 and now spy with Thunderbolt and incited Muslims to kill ..
-15 Secretary Altaorga housing “Boatni and now a spy in the PSD with the traitor Sharia beauty Lamama.
-16 Move it in favor of “housing milkfish” Street pharmacy of the pioneers of allegiance Radwan mosque bookseller deferral and incites young people to kill and unified collaborator with members of the bolt.
-17 Tariq Saaiti “housing Bozgabh” pure Street – bookseller deferral and bookseller Albanian and printed in leaflets inciting the killing of Muslim youth.
-18 Mohammed Bushoal Warfali “housing Ben Younes,” shop owner Samarkand food of the pioneers of the Rock Mosque and the Mosque of Taiash and warrior and collaborator with arrows and with the internal group and the rebels who say they Mato Jeff (really).
-19 Ali Dabs “housing milkfish east” in the work of People’s Security and the former now gives in Mhazerat in Thunderbolt is a lawyer with Ayman Faitouri in Islamic Affairs in the Ministry of Interior.
-20 Akram stomping Drissi “pen in the court,” his brother Ashraf stomping in front of the preacher in Arqam small and committed group home and was on the days of the revolution does not say the rebels and outsiders to the martyrs as Jeff and (they really cadaver).
-21 Moataz Marwas His sermon attributed to Kamal Bzazh that displays Bstmrar in “Libya first” housing in Shebnah.
-22 Samir Awami “battalion holy formerly” The guards after Agee Saadi to Benghazi and after the fall of the battalion to join the first infantry battalion and then said sedition and committed home.
-23 Joseph Bouhger “housing Laithi” behind the confectioner Randa “armor formerly” room and now Libya rebels’ intelligence and Mendes and Spy ”
-24 Solomon Alakora “Madrih captain in the security of the group” The beauty of Lamama “So that we mentioned above.
-25 Age Alati “housing Sabri” Street police station against the “Brigade 319” criminal and clear.
-26 Azmi Albergthe “housing” Tokrh “commander in vital goals” and learned his home by the cameras.
-27 Walid al-Tayeb al-Sharif “Brigade 319” milkfish.
-28 Mohamed Salem, “White Brigade 319” milkfish.
-29 Salem al-Obeidi, “Brigade 319” milkfish.
-30 Munir Magbari “postponed Warrior” Brigade 319 “milkfish.”
-31 Majdi Altaorga “intelligence” milkfish.
-32 Miloud Faitouri “Al-Salam” Madrih security department for help.
-33 Beauty Lamama holder in the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and incites young people to kill other Elly have a religion, “Al-Salam neighborhood.”
-34 Ezzedine Altarhuni “Marines” Mr. Younis.
-35 Radwan Alodawi “internal security before,” Mr. Younis.
-36 Joseph Achouda “military police” Quiche.
-37 Ahmad paste “Catcher in the investigation gate Tatars” precise. Accommodation and precise hesitate to Benghazi.
-38 Osama sandy “Pepsi” Thunderbolt.
-39 Massoud Magbari “milkfish” guard.
-40 Mohamed Mahmoud Faitouri “housing” Shebna “319 Brigade.

Science has been the liquidation of No. 16 and 26 I hope to generalize to the rest of the names of caution before it’s too late.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

الرجاء النشر و تحذير كل من ذُكر إسمه في هذه القائمة

ﻗﺎﺋﻤﺔ ﺟﺪﻳﺪﺓ ﺗﺼﺪﺭ من انصار الشريعة ﻟﻠﻤﺴﺘﻬﺪﻓﻴﻦ ﺑﺎﻟﻘﺘﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﺼﻔﻴﺔ حسب ماتم الحصول عليها من ورقه وجدت في احدى المساجد في بنغازي مضمونها كما يلي:
ﻗﻮﺍﺋﻢ ﺍﻟﺨﻮﻧﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﻠﻔﻴﻦ ﻓﻲ ﺑﻨﻐﺎﺯﻱ • ﻗﺎﺋﻤﺔ ﺑﻬﺎ ﺃﺳﻤﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻤﻠﺘﺤﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﺗﺰﻗﺔ ” ﺃﺩﻋﻴﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﺴﻠﻔﻴﺔ ” ﺑﻬﺎ 40 ﺇﺳﻢ #… .
-1 ﻋﺒﺪﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ﻗﻤﻮﺭﺓ – ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺍﻟﻮﺣﻴﺸﻲ ” ﺍﻷﻭلى ﻣﺸﺎﺓ .
-2 ﺻﺎﻟﺢ ﺇﺳﻮﻳﺮﻱ – ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺷﺎﺭﻉ ﺳﻮﺭﻳﺎ ” ﺍﻷﻭلى ﻣﺸﺎﺓ , ﻭﺳﻤﺴﺎﺭ ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺍﺕ .
-3ﺑﻦ ﻋﻴﺴﻰ ﺿﻴﻒ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﺳﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺣﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ” ﺑﺎﻟﻘﺮﺏ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺤﻄﺔ ﺍﻟﻐﺎﺯ ﻋﻠﻲ ﻃﺮﻳﻖ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺣﻠﻲ . ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻼﺯﻡ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻨﺠﺪﺓ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺘﺴﻌﻴﻨﻴﺎﺕ ﺳﺠﻦ ﻓﻲ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﻭﻫﻮ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﺎﺭﺑﻴﻦ ﺍﻻﻏﺒﻴﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﺴﻠﻔﻴﻴﻦ , ﺍﻻﻥ ﻳﺸﺘﻐﻞ ﻓﻲ ﺟﻬﺎﺯ ﺍﻟﻤﺨﺎﺑﺮﺍﺕ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎﺕ ﻓﻲ ﺑﻨﻐﺎﺯﻱ
-4 ﺻﺎﻟﺢ ﺍﻟﻜﺎﺩﻳﻜﻲ ” ﻟﻮﺍﺀ 319 – ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺳﻮﻕ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺮﻳﺔ ” ﺧﻠﻒ ﻋﻤﺎﺭﺕ ﺍﻟﺪﻛﺎﺗﺮﺓ – ﺍﻟﻤﻈﻬﺮ ﺃﺻﻠع ﺍﻟﺮﺃﺱ .
5-نورالدين نصر بوشيحة رئيس منظمة شباب ليبيا – السكن الليثي خلف المقسمات الهواتف
-6 ﺯﻳﺎﺩ ﺍﻟﺤﺪﺍﺩ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺟﻨﺐ ﻣﺴﺠﺪ ﺍﺑﻦ ﺳﻴﻨﺎﺀ ” – ﺧﻠﻒ ﺍلجي ﻔﻲ ﺳﻲ – ” ﺍﻟﺤﺴﺍﺒﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻳﺔ ” ﻣﺤﺎﺭﺏ .
-7 ﻭﺍﺋﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﻮﺍﻣﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ “ﺑﻦ ﻳﻮﻧﺲ ” – ﺟﻨﺐ ﺟﺎﻣﻊ ﺍﻟﺼﺨﺮﺓ – ﻛﺎﻥ ﺷﺎﺏ ﻋﺎﻣﻲ ﻳﻠﻌﺐ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻜﺮﺓ -ﻋﻨﺪﻣﺎ ﺩﺧﻞ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻃﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻳﺔ , ﺗﻌﺮﻑ ﻋﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﺟﺌﺔ , ﻭﺩﺧﻞ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺬﻫﺐ ﺍﻻﺭﺟﺎﺀ , ﻭﻫﻮ ﺍﻻﻥ ﻣﺤﺎﺭﺏ ﻓﻲ ” ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻃﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻳﺔ ”
-8 ﻣﺒﺮﻭﻙ ﺍﻟﻔﺎﺭﺳﻲ ﺍﺳﻢ ﺍﻟﺸﻬﺮﺓ ” ﺇﺑﺮﻳﻚ ” ﻳﺸﺘﻐﻞ ﻓﻲ ﺷﺮﻃﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﻨﺎﺀ ﻣﻦ ﺃﻳﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻄﺎﻏﻴﺔ ﺇﻟﻲ ﺍﻷﻥ ﻭﻫﻮ ﺍﻻﻥ ﻫﺎﺭﺏ ﻓﻲ ” ﺧﺎﺭﺝ ﺑﻨﻐﺎﺯﻱ ” ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ﺍﻟﻜﻴﺶ ﺷﻌﺒﻴﺔ “1”
-9 ﺃﺑﻮﺑﻜﺮ ﺍﻟﻔﺮﺟﺎﻧﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺍﻟﺴﻠﻤﺎﻧﻲ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻗﻲ ﻣﻘﺎﺑﻞ ﺍﻟﺒﺮﻳﺪ ” ﺍﻟﻜﻨﻴﻪ ) ﺃﺑﻮ ﻃﻠﺤﺔ ﺍﻟﻔﺮﺟﺎﻧﻲ (ﻳﺸﺘﻐﻞ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺒﺤﺮﻳﻪ ﻭﻫﻮ ﺍﻷﻥ ﻳﺸﺘﻐﻞ ﻓﻲ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﻭﻫﻮ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﺎﺭﺑﻴﻦ .
-10 ﺇﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﻔﻄﻤﺎﻧﻲ ﻣﺸﺎﺓ ﺑﺤﺮﻳﺔ ﻭﻳﻔﺘﻲ ﺑﺠﻮﺍﺯ ﻗﺘﻞ ﺍﻟﺸﺒﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺣﺪ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺷﺎﺭﻉ ﻋﺸﺮﻳﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺲ ﺃﻛﻴﺪ ”
-11 ﺍﻟﻨﻘﻴﺐ ﻳﺎﺳﺮ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﻔﻲ ﺃﻣﺮ ﻗﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻨﺠﺪﺓ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﺭﻳﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺜﻲ
-12 ﺧﺎﻟﺪ ﻣﺎﺿﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺍﻟﻮﺣﻴﺸﻲ ” ﻳﻌﻤﻞ ﻓﻲ ﻗﻮﺓ ﺩﻓﺎﻉ ﺑﺮﻗﺔ ﻭﻳﺤﺎﺭﺏ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺸﺒﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺣﺪ .
-13 ﻋﻴﺴﻲ ﺍﻟﻘﺪﻳﺮﻱ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺳﻴﺪﻫﻢ ﻳﻮﻧﺲ ” ﻓﺍﻟﺼﺎﻋﻘﺔ ,ﻭﻣﺤﺎﺭﺏ .
-14 ﺍﻟﻨﻔﺎﺛﻲ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺟﻮﺭﻱ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ” ﻋﻤﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﻣﻘﺎﺑﻞ ﺳﻮﻕ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺮﻳﺔ–” ﺣﺮﺱ ﺑﻠﺪﻱ ﺃﻳﺎﻡ ﻣﻌﻤﺮ ﺍﻟﻘﺬﺍﻓﻲ ﺛﻢ ﺃﻟﺘﺤﻖ ﺑﻜﺘﻴﺒﺔ 17 ﻓﺒﺮﺍﻳﺮ ﻭﺍﻵﻥ ﺟﺎﺳﻮﺱ ﻣﻊ ﺍﻟﺼﺎﻋﻘﺔ ﻭﻳﺤﺮﺽ ﻋﻠﻲ ﻗﺘﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ ..
-15 ﺃﻣﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﻭﺭﻏﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻜﻦ ” ﺑﻮﻋﻄﻨﻲ ﻭﺍﻷﻥ ﺟﺎﺳﻮﺱ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺪﻳﺮﻳﺔ ﺍﻷﻣﻦ مع خائن الشريعة جمال العمامي .
-16 صالح أحركة “السكن السلماني” شارع الصيدلية من رواد مسجد بيعة الرضوان بائع كتب الإرجاء ويحرض على قتل الشباب الموحد ومتعاون مع أفراد الصاعقة .
-17 طارق السعيطي “السكن بوزغيبة” شارع لنقي – بائع كتب الإرجاء وصاحب مكتبة الألباني ويطبع في مطويات تحرض على قتل الشباب المسلم .
-18 محمد بوشوال الورفلي “السكن بن يونس” صاحب محل سمرقند للمواد الغذائية من رواد مسجد الصخرة ومسجد الطياش ومحارب ومتعاون مع الإزلام ومع جماعة الداخلي ويقول علي الثوار اللي ماتو أنهم جيف ( فعلا ) .
-19 علي دعبس “السكن السلماني الشرقي” يشتغل في الأمن الشعبي سابقا والأن يعطي في محاظرات في الصاعقة هو مع أيمن المحامي الفيتوري في الشؤون الإسلامية في الوزارة الداخلية .
-20 أكرم الدوس الدرسي “قلم في المحكمة” أخوه أشرف الدوس أمام وخطيب في الإرقم الصغير وجماعة ألزم بيتك وكان أيام الثورة إيقول علي الثوار خوارج وعلى الشهداء بأنهم جيف و (فعلا هم جيفه) .
-21 معتز مرواس صاحب الخطبة المنسوبة لكمال بزازة التي تعرض بستمرار في “ليبيا أولا” السكن في شبنة .
-22 سمير العوامي “كتيبة الفضيل سابقا” وكان حرس الساعدي بعد ما أجي لبنغازي وبعد سقوط الكتيبة أنضم لكتيبة أول مشاة وبعدها قال فتنة وألزم بيتك .
-23 يوسف بوحجر “السكن الليثي” خلف حلواني رنده “درع سابقا” و الأن غرفة ثوار ليبيا “استخبارات ومندس وجاسوس”
-24 سليمان العقوري “نقيب في مدرية الإمن من مجموعة “جمال العمامي” الذي ذكرناه فما سبق .
-25 عمر العاتي “السكن الصابري” شارع مقابل مركز الشرطة “اللواء 319 ” مجرم واضح .
-26 عزمي البرغثي “السكن” توكرة “آمر في الإهداف الحيوية” وللعلم منزله به كاميرات .
-27 وليد الطيب الشريف “اللواء 319 ” السلماني .
-28 محمد سالم الابيض “اللواء 319” السلماني .
-29 سالم العبيدي “اللواء 319” السلماني .
-30 منير المجبري “مرجئ محارب” اللواء 319 “السلماني” .
-31 مجدي التاورغي “استخبارات” السلماني .
-32 ميلود الفيتوري “حي السلام” قسم النجدة مدرية الإمن .
-33 جمال العمامي ماسك البحث الجنائي في المدرية ويحرض على قتل الشباب اللى عندهم غيره على الدين “حي السلام” .
-34 عزالدين الترهوني “مشاة بحرية” سيدي يونس .
-35 رضوان الوداوي “أمن داخلي سابقا” سيدي يونس .
-36 يوسف اشويهدي “شرطة عسكرية” الكيش .
-37 أحمد عجينة “ماسك التحقيق في بوابة التتار” برسس . السكن برسس ويتردد الى بنغازي .
-38 أسامة الرملي “الببسي” الصاعقة .
-39 مسعود المجبري “السلماني” الحراسة .
-40 محمد محمود الفيتوري “السكن” شبنة” اللواء 319 .
للعلم تم تصفية رقم 16 و 26 ارجو التعميم لباقي الاسماء الحيطة والحذر قبل فوات الاوان



News Libya urgent
Urgent Rafla announces its entry into the editing process at MITIGUA, with Zintan and declares the readiness with 30 000 honorable men as reference
اخبار ليبيا العاجلة
عاجل ورفلة تعلن انضمامها الي عملية تحرير امعتيقة مع الزنتان و تعلن جاهزية 30 الف رهن الاشارة

PICTURE: Speech for Rafla Youth 21 JULY 2011


Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, declares:

“The prayer keeps on indecency and evil and oppression,”

God bless the dawn prayer

Prayer is better than sleep.

Kaled Ail, on FB writes:


“Zintan to resort to Rishvana and Bani Walid to save themselves, and as soon as Valzentan

know before others the fate that awaits them unless Asarau Bannagz themselves no room for delay.”



“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB comments:

After the battle near the deduction in # Benghazi and the elimination of terrorist formations, became their sole aim Parliament to transfer the city of Tripoli and the fall of Tripoli into their hands

Their goal became kindling strife to win the battle in Tripoli want to bring back some of the cities in the war Losers

Want to get rid of and control over the national security apparatus.

Battle dignity Ali near the start of Tripoli years at the hands of the army battalions (Qaqaa – lightning)

Will not waver in deterring both tempted to prejudice Bthoratna and two army and police.

Airport Road will make it to the cemetery Jttzqm

May Forewarned is forearmed.

.# Important:-all sources indicate that the Organization of the brother and the international meeting of Turkey, pressure on the brother and Libya to resolve the battle at the world deaf contro e for roads, and moved the out-of-court Qatar and Turkey to make all other assistance lmlishi and wemlishi provided your permission to knock Kate IP Libyan army in Tripoli.

This was confirmed by the Egyptian journalists on movements of Mussel production and other militias and to control Tripoli and # public # brothers after the ysitaro hilghako all channels and Elvis and media wehilgho elections, parties and govern Libya with iron and fire.

Must for Libyan national wants a State of law and institutions want State Justice and freedom must be in with the forces of the national army, alqaq prepared and disciplined military move followed orders not ykhtavo Ministers and the Prime Minister and the President of the Conference and did not ykhtavo the Jordanian Ambassador to terrorist and ykhtavo diplomats Tunisians to terrorists… May God protect them from the outsiders and takfirists…


un commentaire  from “Zintan brigade QaaQa” on FB:

A salute to the brigade Asadon brigade stationed in Misurata is Harikna in each Xi military power, rejecting the project

and the country and western Aldaashy to Erahpy

Ihdhirohna of any force attacking Alljeic camps in Tripoli and any shot fired in their direction and we will fight with them

Icoln goal of targeting military camps and Tripoli airport is for the “fall of Tripoli” in the arrested terrorists.



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, continues to inform us of the

MB PLOT to take-over TRIPOLI and beyond:

How does Misurata intend to infiltrate Tripoli? ~

sneak inside the city while the people are distracted !

Answer the Misurata action plan to distract the people of Tripoli by The Come cut Albenzina the city, which led to serious overcrowding on the gas stations began citizen Trabelsi, whose only concern is to obtain the Jgma petrol ~ while the militias of Misrata sneak inside Tripoli payments of few even Atter the wrath of raging street Trabelsi Ali Misrata after the bloody events of Gharghour committed the most heinous crimes in Misurata right of the people of Tripoli insulation ~

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

كيف دخلت مزراطه لطرابلس؟~الجواب قامت مزراطه بعمل خطه محكمة لتلهي أهل طرابلس بها وهيا قطع البنزينا علي المدينة مما أدى إلي إزدحام شديد علي محطات الوقود وبدأ المواطن الطرابلسي همه الوحيد هو الحصول علي جغمة بنزينا~بينما قامت مليشيات مصراته بالتسلل داخل طرابلس بالدفعات القليله حتي لاثتير غضب الشارع الطرابلسي الناقم علي مصراته بعد أحداث غرغور الدامية التي إرتكبت فيها مصراته أبشع الجرائم في حق أبناء طرابلس العزل~

Forces of militia # vector to the capital from Misurata # Tripoli


A large force of militia Misurata Taathacd shortly before the gate Aldavnip and will be launched shortly to Tripoli Occupied



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, reports that:

Lhalboss (self-styled militia) and militia Hittin militia and the Badr Brigade and the volcano and the governor.
Misrata leave now and join the Ninewa marina before them to secure the “occupation” of Tripoli.



قناة ليبيا الوطنية: آمر درع المنطقة الغربية يعلن انضمام درع الغربية لعملية ما تعرف بتحرير #طرابلس للقبض على قوائم المطلوبين في اللواء 32 المعزز وكتيبة امحمد وغيرهم من المتطوعين.

Libya’s national channel: the commander of the western region Shield announce the accession process of the Western Shield know

what to edit # Tripoli to arrest their wanted lists in the green brigades and battalion enhanced 32 Emhemed and other volunteers.


The arrival of 300 military vehicles and 1,200 people from the so-called Brigades of the mountain last night to camp for transport path of the airport in Tripoli and reports of a large convoy headed to the capital within hours and declare a state of high alert in the entire camps in anticipation of any move to extremist groups in Tripoli Brigades …

The “MB RAT SHIELD” is coming to TRIPOLI  in FORCE !


Alllona missiles arrive from Misrata dawn today and focus in camp missiles Btajurae, knowing Haitham Tagouris to bomb the Airport Road and the TRIPOLI AIRPORT SECURITY camps of Brigades Qaqaa and Lightning, (and, especially their ammunition stores).

هيثم التاجوري (BELOW picture: HAITHIM TAGOURIS w/ the two, now deceased ‘humans’ brothers.)


Eyewitness: a convoy of Zintan Brigades, and all the cities of the mountain Arab, are collecting in line axis with Zintan Azizia, who are willing to go to camp for transport Airport Road Tripoli, to fight the Brotherhood..

“Zintan brigade QaaQa”

Today’s preparations armor battalion of the first brigade QaaQaa processing tank number 25 and number 10
Hlleke tracked …

# Operations


  Forces, the military council of Zintan and the cities of the mountain are preparing to move in the way of the link from the axis of Zintan and Aziziya in the move to transport Batriv airport to support the troops and Tknat Libyan army and places vital and prevent Tripoli from falling by threats and information planned for the fall of Tripoli in the hands of the brothers and the militant group.


“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, rightly pleads:

# Important: – All sources indicate that the organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood International at a meeting of Turkey’s pressure on the Brothers Libya to resolve the battle and control of the capital in every way, and moved intelligence Qatari and Turkish to provide all assistance to the militias, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the militia fighter to hit Ktaib Libyan army in Tripoli.

This was confirmed by the Egyptian journalists about the movements of militia Belhadj and the Brotherhood to control Tripoli and the establishment of # public # Brotherhood after Asatro Ahilgqo all channels and Elvis, media and Halgo elections, parties and will rule Libya with iron and fire ….

Every Libyan national wants the state of law and institutions, wants the state of justice and freedom must stand with the forces of the Cyrenaican National army, and lightning and Qaqaa military Brigades who have disciplined moving orders…

DO NOT adhere to the Ikhtafo Minister and the Prime Minister and President of the Conference who did not Ikhtafo Jordanian ambassador for a terrorist, and who did not Ikhtafo diplomats Tunisians for terrorists … RBI keeps them from Kharijites and Takfiris …


“Sleeping Lion”, reiiterates what the SONS OF SHEIKH ASMAR FATOURI, on FB, before told us:

Important Jaddatertibat large military last night Bmedinhzletn among a group of elements Tnzimalhadh and the Libyan Almqatlhomilisheat shield dirty (middle) attack on the city of Tripoli Alasbuaalmqubl and control the entire Alemrakzalehioah and joints of the state on the grounds Akharajktaúb Zintan from Tripoli and Knalmkhtt bigger than knead it

Sttmalesatrh at Tripoli airport Aldolemen before LIFG and Tnzimalhadh and declared an Islamic emirate ..

Laketaattercz axes entry follows _

1: – Using the coast as a follow Heretic Abdul Rauf cart

2_ coastal road Tajourah and Hitapah them under the control of Haitham Tagouris

3_ entry shield Bank in today Altanaltadhaik noose Ali al-Zintan Mnmntqh farmer and the way Aseraawalzizih

4_ entry force for al-Qaeda Manalahia wild and Qasr Ben Ghashir for Satrhali airport

5_ entry militias Mzrath of Mntqhslah religion and the project plateau and Althsanbalahia residential as DAT Ctavhscaneh high and start bombing Ashoaúaali Brigades Zintan to respond Alzentanbalmthel to stir public opinion against them and after finishing control over Trabulssetugeon city Zintan for Thgerhmqasra as Flo in the city Taorgaoualndhal .. Oh I amounted to bear witness.


Zintan brigade QaaQa” tells us:

Meeting of leaders of the rebels to stop all of Misurata:

Nouri Abu scaffold (Alkabu) – Mohammed Abushofah – Abdullah Al Rais – Tariq material – and others and Hear

Brotherhood delegate, Ibrahim bin Khalifa al-Zawawi Gashir, follows:
We know Ojndtkm can not Tstkhaddmona and you conduct Pena again and if you want the war in the month of Ramadan
The first place you should we mean is room Libya rebels must be shut down and the base Mitigua must liberate them from
Grip of Raouf “hater”carte and Haitham Tagouris and the rest of the warlords and terrorist Nhdrickm that any shot out against Zintan.

We’ll be in front of you and against you next to our friends and brothers in yesterday’s near the battlefront.
A tribute to those heroes

Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar

Ostt editing process Mitigua

ﻣﻮﺍﻗﻒ :
ﺍﺟﺘﻤﺎﻉ ﻗﺎﺩﺓ ﺛﻮﺍﺭ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﻭﻗﻒ ﻛﻞ ﻣﻦ :
ﻧﻮﺭﻯ ﺍﺑﻮ ﺷﻌﺎﻟﺔ ( ﺍﻟﻜﺎﺑﻮ ) – ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﺍﺑﻮﺷﻮﻓﺔ – ﻋﺒﺪﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺍﻳﺲ – ﻃﺎﺭﻕ ﻣﺎﺩﻱ – ﻭﺍﺧﺮﻳﻦ ﻭﺍﺳﻤﻌﻮﺍ
ﻣﻨﺪﻭﺏ ﺍﻻﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﺧﻠﻴﻔﺔ ﺍﻟﺰﻭﺍﻭﻱ ﺍﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺑﻦ ﻏﺸﻴﺮ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﻟﻲ :

ﻧﺤﻦ ﻧﻌﻠﻢ ﺃﺟﻨﺪﺗﻜﻢ ﻭﻻ ﻳﻤﻜﻦ ﺃﻥ ﺗﺴﺘﺨﺪﻣﻮﻧﺎ ﻭﺗﺠﺮﻭﺍ ﺑﻴﻨﺎ ﻣﺮﺓ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ ﻭﺍﺫﺍ ﺃﺭﺩﺗﻢ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﻓﻲ ﺷﻬﺮ ﺭﻣﻀﺎﻥ
ﻓﺎﻥ ﺃﻭﻝ ﻣﻜﺎﻥ ﻳﺠﺐ ﺃﻥ ﻧﻘﺼﺪﻩ ﻫﻮ ﻏﺮﻓﺔ ﺛﻮﺍﺭ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻭﻳﺠﺐ ﺍﻏﻼﻗﻬﺎ ﻭﻗﺎﻋﺪﺓ ﻣﻌﻴﺘﻴﻘﺔ ﻭﻳﺠﺐ ﺗﺤﺮﻳﺮﻫﺎ ﻣﻦ
ﻗﺒﻀﺔ ﻛﺎﺭﻩ ﻭﻫﻴﺜﻢ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺟﻮﺭﻱ ﻭﺑﺎﻗﻰ ﺯﻋﻤﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﺭﻫﺎﺑﻴﺔ ﻭﻧﺤﺪﺭﻛﻢ ﺃﻥ ﺃﻯ ﻃﻠﻘﺔ ﺗﺨﺮﺝ ﺿﺪ ﺍﻟﺰﻧﺘﺎﻥ
ﻓﻨﺤﻦ ﺳﻨﻜﻮﻥ ﺃﻣﺎﻣﻜﻢ ﻭﺿﺪﻛﻢ ﺑﺠﻮﺍﺭ ﺃﺻﺪﻗﺎﺋﻨﺎ ﻭﺍﺧﻮﺓ ﺍﻻﻣﺲ ﺍﻟﻘﺮﻳﺐ ﻓﻲ ﺟﺒﻬﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻘﺘﺎﻝ .
ﺗﺤﻴﺔ ﻟﻬﺆﻻﺀ ﺍﻻﺑﻄﺎﻝ

الله أكبر …الله أكبر

أستعدو لعملية تحرير معيتيقة



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, reports
عاااااااااااااااجااااااااااااال strong news …….
Akkla Gneoh dog offender corrupt ….. increased from earth mounds in Abu Salim
Pepsi factory or near Abu Salim Institute …. thus become (Salim East
Salim and West) welcomes you …. and forward Gneoh dog.


Can you believe that almost 5000 people love this MONSTER RAT MOTHER-KILLER?…/%D9%83%D9%84…/482626091826941

كلنا مع البطل عبد الغني غنيوه ضد مليشات الزنتان واتباعهم

كلنا مع البطل عبد الغني غنيوه ضد مليشات الزنتان واتباعهم الذين دمروا الاخظر واليابس ودمروا الحرث والنسل.

Organisation : 4 828 personnes aiment

Deployment of missiles in thermal Abu Salim plateau of militias Gneoh after receiving the shield Aloescha.




Snipers on the distribution of militias Akkla Gneoh imported from Turkey in knowing the military council of Misrata.


To all the caution of a group of snipers from the distribution and spread the capital’s caution is well

and please pay very close attention to their movements


Turkish Snipers sent into Tripoli by GNEOH when he went to MISURATA a few days ago.




Mzrath ………. Lhalboss battalion and a battalion of Hittin and the Badr Brigade and a battalion and a brigade of the volcano Mahgoub …. on the way to Tripoli to pit blood.

Ahmed Kling AmZlg tells us on FB, that:
Zintan military council and the western mountain forces restore the mountain to the west of Tripoli to hit the Brotherhood Qatar and Turkey convoy death:


More Zintan forces. Blood tends to pit the day yesterday.


“Zintan brigade QaaQa” on FB, reports:

Aaaaaaaagel now
Cyrenaican army operations room confirms that if the camps were attacked
Army in Tripoli, the Cyrenaican warplanes will bomb
Attackers and deters both tempted to prejudice Army Libya, although
Warplanes bombed targets will predetermined sites for terrorists
In Tripoli and surrounding areas.



Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kenya ordered its embassy staff in Libya to close

the embassy and leave.


A major fire in the Union Club management door bin Ghashir



4 was kidnapped by members of the militia Maysmh shield in Central Plateau through a project.  They are:
1 – Ismael Mahiche
2 – Abdullah bin Hamida
3 – Khaled Abu scaffold
4 – Ahmed Alosifr




“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB puposes this question:

Citizens Atfajion night near the market gate Abu Salim some policemen in civilian clothes and not their car license plates, and is written by the party that followed. Others wonder … Is it within the plan of the Ministry of Interior in keeping security or what?

Burning two cars in the Airport Road Junction Boutrbuls now and still rising flames.




“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”,on FB posts the
Statement of the sons of the “tribes Racdalin Hamda” & “City Beautiful” 

statement is very important:

We the sons of the tribes Rkdlin and around Nalan to the world AGENCY Naveed statement of the Popular Resistance Pei all Clamth and say we are ready Sidi commander mines to the Popular Forces complete readiness Sidi

and say to the traitors colonialism now Nrahm Sunday Leah from repentant and Reform only.

We say to Cabna Sidi Habib also said that the victory would be before the end of the year. Hedda Vafaraho Ayaaha Alabion… Commander will not be Akhaddkm will Nhrar Crusader colonialism from the Libyan national traitors.

We are ready and fully prepared Sidi Ntzar orders.
We are soldiers loyal Sidi free on 08/07/2014 marked, in Racdalin withstand.

بيان ابناء قبائل رقدلين حمدة الجميل بيان هام جدا نحن ابناء القبائل رقدلين وما حولها نعلان الى عالم كاله نويد بيان المقاومة الشعبية بى كل كلامته ونقول نحن مستعدون سيدى قائد غام الى قوات الشعبية كمل الاستعداد سيدى ونقول الى خونة الاستعمار الان نرحم الاحد ليا من تائب والاصلاح فقط ونقول الى الشعبنا حبيب كما قال سيدى ان النصر سيكون قبل نهاية هدا عام فافرحو ايايها اليبيون قائد لن يخدكم ابد وسوف نحرار الجماهرية من الاستعمار الصليبي القطرى الخونة فنحن مستعدون تمام الاستعداد سيدى ونتظار الاوامر فنحن جنود المخلصون سيدى حرر بتاريخ 8/7/2014أفرنجى بمدينة رقدلين الصمود





“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, reports on FB:

Enable members of the security department of the Central Branch Tarhounah this afternoon to repel the armed attack by gang Criminal, who were watching consignment of cash coming from the city of Tripoli to the city Tarhounah worth 6 Million Libyan dinars.

The criminal elements have fired shots at the bank and car patrols the Central Security associated with this consignment, in the streets of the four.

No. 2 Balqrbula resulting in his corruption
Car, making it the bank’s currency dropping off and put on board the cars of the Central Security, and the Police returned fire until they were safely out.

Ppalarsalih full without any injuries.
The ranks of the security men, the consignment was delivered to a full bank of the Republic Tarhounah.



“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB reporting:

Omar Mukhtar Almdhuna commander shield Libya – Western Brigade denies in a telephone conversation with the strength of the national channel
Western Shield with a process called ‘liberation of Tripoli’ and confirms that it’s suspicious movements Tarhounah  nor has our onion
Reiterating that the Western Shield does not move except by the citizen and his confidence Botunaitna—(LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH)

Forces, the military council of Zintan and the cities of the mountain are preparing to move in the way of the link from the axis of Zintan and Aziziya in the move to transport Batriv airport to support the troops and Tknat Libyan army and places vital and prevent Tripoli from falling by threats and information planned for the fall of Tripoli in the hands of the brothers and the militant group.





Today in the city of Mslath been shooting the prosecutor, “Saleh Abolgers” by the militias, “Suleiman sweeping” aka Bhearsh and Dallalk regarding file Creaser-slotter Hussein Usta. (My father was killed by the militias Mslath.)

Network papers Salafi-Libya

(Papers-msallata): an appointment with a lecture by Sheikh Nabil Bin Abdel-Qader El-Allah and jurisprudence-in msallata.







News unconfirmed reports of clashes in the barrier of the globe.





Musharraf station fuel Bir Ayad,

the assault on the citizen (Atif Bashir Suisse) by knife because of an altercation inside the station

resulted in the cutting veins vessels evacuated the victim to Tunisia for treatment.

Clashes in the city of Surman, killing two people and no information about the reasons for the clashes

Abdel Halim Belkacem, enlightens us:

Problems between people, one person died we call upon him for mercy and the other in the hospital there is congestion shift between two tribes call on God to guide the souls and counting on the wise men GBS sedition.


Surman problem it follows a brawl between the youth of the tribe and Mahajip Alaqrardah Mahajip died a young man from his family and they beat a young man who was killed inside even to take care of and beat the second person inside and the other is to take care of and also the people of the region have Ptkhaoev beat Balqguadiv and other weapons, wounding and home So far the situation is tense.

“Tibt evil”, says:
Ibdٱ mesh Heca story Alqradi boy who is the oppressor is the disease struck and killed Mahjoubi deflate the Klashen. Important level Orteuradh two died and the third in Tunisia and Otnyen Mhajip wounded. Intercostal Leicester subjects in this holy month and is injected into the blood.




Ibrahem Almadny (in defense of Zintan):

I see a lot of the pages mobilize and put poison in the honey against Zintan
Please please all calls to this topic in the same area and not the name of Zintan Thacrōh your problems in personal
Zintan and never will be as you want, but will remain as it is pride, pride and dignity
You want them as you kill the murderer incarcerating Sjntm as aggressive as Peggytm but Zintan Bokhalagaha not Bokhalaqkm
It has the sensitivity of Zintan or wants to fight Vlikhrj desert saluting no protector nor the people nor Manmy
And invites people enjoy the wealth of his country between parents and their children
Zintan has not closed the Ministries did not kidnap the Prime Minister did not assassinate outbursts are not people of their maximum
Not a law of the forced isolation and used Qatar of things,

did not support the Brotherhood and is the most important and Awaoa Qatar….

Important need unity, but to me Libby Zintan in fighting Valejrj into the desert and fight Fighting is not in
God’s people and to speak clearly-




Profile: Al-Zintan Revolutionaries’ Military Council

Profile: Al-Zintan Revolutionaries’ Military Council

,  13 June  2014
The coalition of Zintan Brigaders, under the umbrella organization of the Al-Zintan Revolutionaries’ Military Council, is considered to be the second strongest armed force in the country after the RAT MB Misrata militia groups. The Council was formed in 2011 and has 23 member militia groups which are organized into five brigades. These groups are based in the city of Zintan and the nearby Nafusa Mountains to the south of Tripoli. The most well-known brigades of the al-Zintan group is the Martyr Muhammad al-Madani Brigade, which has about 4,000 fighters, the Lightning, QaaQaa, and Enhanced 32nd Brigades.

The al-Zintani held and managed the Tripoli International Airport up until April 2012. Their current leader is Mukhtar Khalifah Shahub al-Andar Green, who previously served as a Libyan navy officer. The al-Zintan group opposes both Congress and Islamists, giving them cause to align with Hftar’s Cyrenaican National Army.  Two Zintani brigades attacked the national congress building in Tripoli two days after the Cyrenaican National Army attacked Islamic  holds in  Benghazi ( beginning  this May2014). They are now positioned across southwest Tripoli.

The Zintan Brigades have clashed with other MB city militias somewhat frequently and possess a good deal of artillery as well as armored cars. They wear army-style uniforms similar to those worn by regular forces and have a strong and efficient chain of command. Other assets include various forms of media, such as a satellite channel called Libya al-Watan, multiple websites, and pages on Facebook.

Channel Tajourah Free:



Really do not know Zintan their men and women and children are all brave and owners Nakhweh RBI keeps them and saves
All the cities of Libya, which has refused to injustice and restrictions and Lord bring us victory is near … and the great
Xanthan Iaared mountain Aaala
Bfal Ersank Come Shank
Zdta Gal in Libya Iagalah
And increased pride and your children Sbijank

(# Tagouris)

Equipment and a large rally of the military council of Zintan in preparation for any Breaking may occur:


“Zintan brigade QaaQa” on FB,asks:

What is their demand for fending off the extermination of Zintan Why??

Because Zintani are against the draft and against Qatar and Daash victory and a base for fighter “Brothers” !

They claim to a regional war and tribal ignorance Evolon want to state ……

Erdon delivery and the Declaration of the House and say we want a state!!

What are the results of the tribal warfare will be the loser everyone we saw tribal war between Cyrenaica and Misrata. They will ignite when the Red Valley I stopped for a capacity capable of.

Will become home to the ruins of a devastating resident and Jtt sons of the homeland …..

Tripoli will fall apart and become destructive.

Daash judge between supporters and heinous not living in the system, but living in ruins.

We observe the same battalions that killed the people want because Gharghour invasion of Tripoli urges indefinite liberation of Tripoli, Zintan!!!

Sacred Blood love …..

We maintain a diameter of blood every Muslim. They love the extermination of every Muslim….

ماهو مطلبهم يردون إبادة الزنتان لماذا؟؟ ﻷنها ضد مشروع قطر وضد داعش والنصرة ولقاعدة ﻷخوان والمقاتلة

إنهم يدعون على حرب جهوية قبلية جاهلية ويفولون نريد دولة …… لايردون التسليم وإعلان مجلس النواب ويقولون نريد دولة !!

ماهى نتائج الحرب القبلية سوف يكون الخاسر الجميع شاهدنا الحرب القبلية بين برقة ومصراتة كانت سوف تشتعل عند الوادى ﻷحمر لاكن توقفت بقدرة قادر

سوف يصبح وطن مدمر مقيم على ركام وجتث ابناء الوطن ….. سوف تسقط طرابلس وتصبح أشلاء مدمرة

فاحكم داعش وانصار الشنيعة لايعيشون فى نظام بل يعيشون فى خراب

نلاحظة نفس الكتائب التى قتلت أهالى غرغور تريد ﻷن إجتياح طرابلس تحث مسمى تحرير طرابلس من الزنتان !!!

يعشقون الدم الحرام ….. نحن نحافظ على قطره كل دم مسلم وهم يعشقون إبادة كل مسلم




 dirty MISURATA,


the BROTHERHOOD and the client Government in LIBYA:

Urgent ..

transfer all existing liquidity safes Central Bank of Libya to Mitigua base in TRIPOLI (THAT IS WHERE THE RAT GOVERNMENT IS STATIONED for the past few weeks) and then to the Central Bank branch Misurata !!

Misurata Main Branch

Misurata Industrial Fair, Near the high mousque
+218 51 62 9550
+218 51 62 9551
+218 51 62 0074
+218 51 62 9552
+218 51 62 9538
+218 51 62 9537
P.O. BOX: 78
Telex:20394 30191 BCDMSLY
Kaser Hamad Agency

Tax Free Market, near Misruata Sea Port
+218 51 62 2015
+218 51 62 2015




Story Bank North Africa

Theft was approximately 180 thousand dinars by a group of 12 people, accidentally wounding

Keeps company shot Tayeh is free and fled the amount and also two foreigners have been killed by

mistake, and keeps company was to resuscitate him but

Died in a hospital bin Sina

From Sirte Stalingrad:

The growing phenomenon of robberies of banks in the city of Sirte and almost daily guerrilla unknown.

God and Yes proxy
Detect theft who Sirte
Steal 500,000 Ramadan last Bank of North Africa
Theft of 100,000 of the Sahara Bank Abu Hadi a year ago and text
Theft of 53 million $ cable and the Central Bank of Libya dinar
Steal a million and a half of the Sahara Bank
Stealing million of Bank wemabash ydia them for that particular afraid atsra
People withdraw from her Fils
The theft of 300,000 have two days a
Before the events of stealing 26 million of Bank Republic Richie
And today the theft of MTD national commercial
Today, 180,000 to steal from Bank of North Africa your allegation on khtmo salvation after one of them died and the Bank still mansrksh
There is no power but from God.
من صفحة سرت ستالينجراد
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
كشف بالسرقات التي حدتت بسرت
سرقة 500الف رمضان الماضي من مصرف شمال افريقيا
سرقة 100 الف من مصرف الصحاري فرع ابو هادى قبل عام ونص
سرقة 53 مليون مابن دولار ودينار من مصرف ليبيا المركزي
سرقة مليون ونصف من مصرف الصحاري
سرقة مليون و700 الف من مصرف وماباش يديع عليهم لانه خاص وخايف
الناس تسحب فلوسها منه
سرقة 300الف ليهم يومين من احدي الشركات
وقبل الاحدات سرقة 26 مليون من مصرف الجمهوريه ابوهادي
وامس سرقة مليون دينار من مصرف التجاري الوطني
واليوم سرقو 180 الف من مصرف شمال اقريقيا زعمك اليوم ختمو خلاص بعد مات منهم واحد ولا في مصرف مزال مانسرقش
لاحول ولاقوة الا بالله

Most of the commercial banks operating in Sirte attached to their services in front of customers until further notice, and in solidarity with the rest of the banks that are exposed to robbery and theft.


Gunmen rob the Bank of the Republic Branch Brguen Valley beach today and steal one and a half million Libyan dinars.






Speeding car collide with a mourning tent in Benghazi Boukaiqis kill her brother and another person

and injuring more than 13 people last ten….

Facilities have been arrested owner of the car and fled the latter.


Tzmir Court of Benghazi at dawn today escaped from Hftar.


Libyan warplanes bombed sites Altcfhirien/KHARIJITES now in Benghazi.

Blackout on most Benghazi and explosions were still heard so far.

Benghazi DLF and salvation.

(Salem al-Zofri Marina battalion command: after reaching the edge of # Tripoli, says will start editing

from here and finish second in # Benghazi.)

سالم الزوفرى امر كتيبة المرسى بعد وصوله الى تخوم #طرابلس يقول ستكون بداية التحرير الثانية من هنا والنهاية في #بنغازي


Explosion of a bag of explosives in the wall of a school Abdel Razek senile .. # gardens.


The assassination of Colonel Ibrahim al-Drissi.


Achievements of “17 February”:

The destruction of Benghazi court this morning:






al-Qaeda Missile damage !!

Serious material damage in the passenger lounge at “HAVE- built new airport”, which has not yet opened after suffering a direct hit by a number of guided missiles from areas west of Benghazi, where al-Qaeda Tmrkzac note that the business is still going on in some parts of the hall, which is not yet complete.

Grad rockets fall on Npna International Airport, causing considerable material damage to the building by ANSAR al-SHARIA and the MILITIAS of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. 

News of the fall of more than a rocket on the homes we built in now.

Kidnapping Mahmoud Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi, the eldest son of Major General Suleiman al-Obeidi ..

Urgent … now the kidnapping of the son of Suleiman Mahmoud Obeidi ….

This is a case of kidnapping and second sons Suleiman Mahmoud

The first was the kidnapping of his son, Haitham and his brother the other day.





“Zintan brigade QaaQa”
Ba God Aashab Libya to Abe DERNA few days of this, God willing, our army in the eastern region will spend on the people of the Fire Dogs, led by Major General Suleiman Mahmoud Obeidi and his brigade creature Hftar was equipped force of 35 thousand troops.


O insist …. The people of the fire destroyed the dogs.








A source from al-Jufrah 4 people killed while trying to steal ammunition from a corrupted stores

located north of the city and Dan. 

Said a security source from the Jafra 4 people killed while trying to steal ammunition from a corrupted stores located north of the city and Dan, where they died in an explosion a quantity of gunpowder there as a result of the high temperature …….

# Dan










The killing of two of the Awlad Suleiman shortly before the ears of Morocco and the incident occurred in Mansheya.


Rats of militias Awlad Suleiman tribe Aljpayr shoot the young man:

“Gaddafi Saleh Salem Froggy” and endure serious injuries, and the fire as well as two people from the tribe of Awlad Suleiman tribe Almpaysh were near him and two sons David intruder and kill one of them and injuring the other, in the same place, , when you replace the tire’s family Froggy on the ring road, district Mansheya, Sabha,,

Lead does not discriminate between people or tribes, Aajerman.


Exposure patrol of the Awlad Suleiman “police station Gardah” Sabha fire.







“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” posts this for you to THINK-ABOUT:

Message to the people of Gaza and southern Lebanon:
* Did you know that the people of Gaza, rallied support for what they called the “revolutions”

of the “Arab Spring”in 2011.

And raised the flag of the Royal corrupt developed by the British officially informed of Libya.
* Did you know that they chanted against the leaders of Syria and Libya. Which have provided all the support with money, weapons and training fighters for decades. For the Palestinian cause. And have shouldered all the problems and crises and the blockade and distortion due to the admission of the Israeli entity.
* Did you know they applauded NATO was bombing Libyan cities. And kill civilians. Led by the Zionist Bernardleafa. And the participation of Israeli pilots. And direct support from the Israeli government.
* Did you know that the number of Palestinians who sheltered in the territory of Libya for several years and decades, and provided them with work and residence and acquisitions being the country of all the Arabs. Joined to the plight of February, and fought with her and gave her all the support.
* Did you know that the channels of the Palestinians and the Lebanese Al-Manar TV launched a media campaign against Libya. Echoed lied island of al-Qathafi mercenaries, and even rape. And trumpeted what it called Arab Spring revolutions.
* Did you know that Hezbollah, which claims to be fighting the Israeli entity and Daamth America. May support the plight of February planned by America and the Zionist led Bernardleafa. And even applauded by NATO, which kills families Mager. And Arada. The Abu Salim and Sirte and Bani Walid. The keepers of the Book of Allah in Brega. The Libyan army who gave martyrs in Palestine and southern Lebanon. And exceeded by sending fighters to Lebanon to fight with the U.S. Marines and the French against the Libyan army.
These are facts that we’ve seen and Aashinaha. And our hearts are torn pain. We carried on contracts where the secretariat of the nation. And endured for her all the difficulties and crises and conspiracies.
We expected that Ejnna donkeys Gulf. The Arab reactionary. And puppet regimes. But did not manage to Mindful days. Atanna that the Palestinians who lived and trained in Libya. They took political and material support us. And who flock successively on Tripoli parties and fronts, movements and individuals. They meet in a tent in Bab al-Aziziya and the lives of chanting knight. And were surprised that the Americans believe Qatar occupied. Which recognize and exchange visits secretly and openly with the Israeli entity. While lying mass which refuses to recognize and normalization. And declare enmity with this usurper entity of Palestine.
All of this narrative as a reminder only. But will never lead us to disbelieve the cause of Arabism. And defend. And carry its secretariat. And work for unity.
And will remain Qdayh Palestine is the central issue. Are beyond negotiation and Aaltsaleh not surrender. The project will carry the resistance of the Bab al-Aziziya and even the Far and Mesopotamia. Generation after generation.
Just keep these facts in front of absent and stupid and naive. And who deceived them Maamrt Crusader West vindictive. To break up the nation and killed symbols. And the preservation of the Israeli entity and securing its existence and its expansion and control of the entire region.
It teaches everyone, including the people of Gaza and southern Lebanon. Proponents of the nation’s Secretary of mass Arabism. Owners are not slogans. , Wholesale issues. But the owners of the attitudes and Twabut, principles and values. And carrying a sacred message they believe whatever suffered stab wounds treason and conspiracy. And realize that history tells us that all the apostles and prophets and companions and the righteous, thinkers and revolutionaries, betrayed and stabbed and killed some of the people closest to them. But they were victorious alive and dead.
The peace you have to Muammar al-Qathafi and all your supporters and Hawwaraak in all parts of the earth.
(# Pen Commander)

“Zero hour”, on FB adds:

Sorry Palestine …
Sorry Palestine yesterday, we say come on Palestine issue must come from the struggle to return to us and the lands of the Muslims today say we are now bombarding Gaza feels like restricting the case in Gaza and make us forget Palestine and who knows maybe tomorrow, say filling mouth the state of Israel and its sister die case.

Sorry Palestine missed secretary missed rights defender missed Muslims jealous of debt.

Sorry Palestine My country today where a prisoner-Sharif and the displaced and displaced Palestine.

Sorry we’ve become like you are suffering from oppressors.

Sorry Palestine Valensep Maad monopolized by you without the Worlds has bled blood years Iraq, Libya and Syria, where blood still dripped.

Sorry Palestine Our children today are also dying and did not find one says why kids are killing Muslims.

Sorry Palestine secretary missed missed missed leader was carrying the worries of the vulnerable.

Sorry Sorry, O Palestine electrode Holy Prophet Hunt anathemata what we promised we pay attention to the far-Sharif Sorry Palestine chivalry is dead and became the Arabs kill each other and they said no God commands us to fight the sons of Israel.

Sorry Palestine Kano kills leader in challenging them, thinking that they Secono survivors if the occupiers Ataau.

Sorry Palestine Vlvena of what concerns do not tolerate intentionally Tanasea Vaadhirana that the question of Palestine has missed us of the issue was solicitous missed leader and later silenced everyone.

رسالة إلى أهل غزة وجنوب لبنان
* هل تعلم بأن أهل غزة خرجوا في مسيرات تأييد لما أسموه بثورات الربيع العربي في 2011 . ورفعوا علم الملكية الفاسدة الذي وضعه الأنجليز علما رسميا لليبيا .
* هل تعلم أنهم هتفوا ضد قيادتي سوريا والجماهيرية . التي قدمتا كل الدعم بالمال والسلاح والتدريب والمقاتلين لعقود من الزمن . للقضية الفلسطينية . وتحملتا كل المشاكل والأزمات والحصار والتشويه بسبب عدم أعترافهم بالكيان الأسرائيلي .
* هل تعلم أنهم صفقوا للناتو الذي كان يقصف المدن الليبية . ويقتل المدنيين . بقياده الصهيوني برناردليفي . ومشاركة طيارين أسرائيليين . ودعم مباشر من الحكومة الأسرائيلية .
* هل تعلم أن عدد من الفلسطنيين الذي أوتهم ليبيا في أراضيها لعدة سنوات وعقود وأمنت لهم العمل والأقامة والتملك كونها بلد كل العرب . أنضموا لنكبة فبراير وقاتلوا معها وقدموا كل الدعم لها .
* هل تعلم أن قنوات الفلسطنيين الفضائية واللبنانية المنار شنت حملة أعلامية ضد الجماهيرية . ورددت كذب الجزيرة من كتائب القذافي وحتى المرتزقة والأغتصاب . وهللت لما أسمته ثورات الربيع العربي .
* هل تعلم أن حزب الله الذي يدعى أنه يقاتل الكيان الأسرائيلي وداعمته أمريكا . قد دعم نكبة فبراير التي خططت لها أمريكا وقادها الصهيوني برناردليفي . بل وصفق للناتو وهو يقتل عائلات ماجر . وعرادة . وبوسليم وسرت وبني وليد . وحفظة كتاب الله في البريقة . والجيش الليبي الذي قدم الشهداء في فلسطين وجنوب لبنان . وتعدى ذلك بأرسال مقاتلين من لبنان للقتال مع المارينز الأمريكي والفرنسي ضد الجيش الليبي .
هذه حقائق شاهدناها وعاشيناها . وقلوبنا تتمزق ألما . على عقود حملنا فيها أمانة الأمة . وتحملنا من أجلها كل المصاعب والأزمات والمؤامرات .
توقعنا أن يخوننا حمير الخليج . والرجعية العربية . والأنظمة العميلة . ولكن لم يدر في خلدنا يوما . أن يطعننا الفلسطنيين الذين عاشوا وتدربوا في ليبيا . وأخذوا الدعم السياسي والمادي منا . والذين كانوا يتوافدون تباعا على طرابلس أحزابا وجبهات وحركات وأفرادا . ويجتمعون في خيمة باب العزيزية ويهتفون بحياة فارسها . وأندهشنا بأن يصدقوا قطر المحتلة أمريكيا . والتي تعترف وتتبادل الزيارات سرا وعلنا مع الكيان الأسرائيلي . بينما يكذبون الجماهيرية التي ترفض الاعتراف والتطبيع . وتعلن العداء مع هذا الكيان المغتصب لفلسطين .
كل هذا السرد للتذكير فقط . ولكن لن يدفعنا أبدا بأن نكفر بقضية العروبة . والدفاع عنها . وحمل أمانتها . والعمل من أجل وحدتها .
وستبقى قضيىة فلسطين هي القضية المركزية . التي لاتقبل التفاوض ولاالتصالح ولا الأستسلام . وسنحمل مشروع المقاومة من باب العزيزية وحتى الأقصى والرافدين . جيل بعد جيل .
فقط نضع هذه الحقائق أمام المغيبين والأغبياء والسذج . والذين أنطلت عليهم مؤامرت الغرب الصليبي الحاقد . لتفتيت الأمة وقتل رموزها . والحفاظ على الكيان الأسرائيلي وتأمين وجوده وتمدده وسيطرته على كل المنطقة .
وليعلم الجميع بما فيهم أهل غزة وجنوب لبنان . أن أنصار أمين الأمة من جماهيرية العروبة . ليسوا أصحاب شعارات . وتجار قضايا . ولكنهم أصحاب مواقف وتوابث ومبادئ وقيم . ويحملون رسالة مقدسة يؤمنون بها مهما تعرضوا لطعنات الخيانة والتأمر . ويدركون بأن التاريخ يخبرنا بأن كل الرسل والأنبياء والصحابة والصالحين والمفكرين والثوريين . خانهم وطعنهم و قتل بعضهم من أقرب الناس أليهم . لكنهم أنتصروا أحياءا وأمواتا . فسلام عليك معمر القذافي وكل أنصارك وحوارييك في كل بقاع الأرض .

#قلم القائد

عذرا فلسطين…
عذرا فلسطين بالامس كنا نقول فلسطين هيا القضية هيا من وجب فيها الجهاد لتعود لنا ديار المسلمين واليوم اصبحنا نقول غزة تقصف وكاننا حصرنا القضية في غزة وتنسينا فلسطين ومن يدري ربما في الغد نقول بملء الفم دولة اسرائيل الشقيقة وتموت القضية
عذرا فلسطين غاب الامين غاب المدافع عن حقوق المسلمين غاب الغيور على الدين عذرا فلسطين فبلدي اليوم فيها الشريف اسير وفيها مهجرين ونازحين عذرا فلسطين اصبحنا مثلك نعاني من الظالمين
عذرا فلسطين فالنزيف ماعاد حكرا لك دون العالمين فقد نزفت العراق بالدم سنين وليبيا وسوريا مازال فيها الدم يسيل
عذرا فلسطين فاطفالنا اليوم هم ايضا يموتون ولم نجد احد يقول لماذا اطفال المسلمون يقتلون
عذرا فلسطين غاب الامين غاب الزعيم غاب من كان يحمل هموم المستضعفين
عذرا فلسطين عذرا يا مسرى الرسول الكريم هانت علينا الحرومات فما عدنا نلتفت للاقصى الشريف عذرا فلسطين ماتت النخوة واصبح العرب في بعضهم يقتلون وقالو لم يامرنا الله بقتال بني اسرائيل
عذرا فلسطين كانو اهلك في الزعيم يطعنون ظنا منهم بانهم سيكونو ناجين لو اطاعو المحتلين
عذرا فلسطين فلذينا من الهموم ما لا نطيق فاعذرينا ان تناسيا قصدا قضية فلسطين فلقد غاب عنا من كان بالقضية مهموم غاب الزعيم ومن بعده سيصمت الجميع



Warm Days of chaos




The Five Points for the Continuation of the Revolution

Source -by MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI

On 15 April 1973 at Zwara, the Leader of the Revolution, Bro. Muammar al-Qathafi delineated the basic philosophical concepts of his revolutionary theory. Implementation of this was to pave the road for the masses in Libya to assume authority, power and wealth. In his speech the Leader urged the “direct participation of the people in authority”. Reproduced below are salient features of that historic speech.


If we want the Revolution to continue, we have to start anew. But how?

First: Abrogate All Laws

All laws at present should be cancelled while revolutionary work will continue to lay down new measures. The new measures will be based on laws which are compatible with what is actually taking place. This does not mean any threat to the life and security of the people. That will never happen because we are Muslims and apply the Islamic law. If you apply the law of God, it is impossible to wrong any person or threaten his security.

Second: To Purge the Country of the sick Persons

It is inevitable to purge the country of all sick people. Three years have gone by since the inception of the First of September Revolution, and I had forbidden the arrest of any person who stood against the people. I tried with all means not to pay attention to such persons, hoping that they might be cured naturally although they have been intriguing against the people and against the revolutionary transformation. They intrigue against the revolutionary cause in one way of another. The person who stays at home and neglects his work, and the one who is appointed to a project and shows reluctance to take up his post… those persons intrigue against the people. This is a kind of intrigue as well as a sort of hindrance to the revolutionary transformation and betrayal of the people.

We have promulgated various laws which have not been carried out for no other reason but the desire to forget and forgive the past. What we do is different from what is taking place secretly under the Arab regimes. If we talk about Islam, it is because no other country adheres strictly to the essence of Islam like the Libyan Arab Republic. Likewise, if we talk about progressivism, the Libyan Arab Republic is more progressive than both the East and the West. The communists themselves testified that the popular progressive rule in our country does not exist in the communist world which claims progressive, popular rule. A delegation from North Korea said on visiting us: “Your popular, progressive rule is unique in the world. It exists neither in Korea, nor in Russia or China.”

Third: Freedom of the People

I think that freedom should be for all Libyan people and not for their enemies. If there are ten persons, freedom must be for nine at the expense of one and not vice-versa. This is the right rule and this is the “Shariat”. One of the principles on which democracy is based all over the world is that the minority must yield to the will of the majority.

Those people whose relatives died in the aeroplane event (The Libyan civil aeroplane shot down by the Israelis) which left no less effect on us, those people started to spread rumours, curse and call bad names everywhere. The right thing for those people to do, in my opinion, is to accept the challenge. They should be trained, armed and sent to join any Arab army or front… Three or five persons can be infiltrated into Palestine. If they want revenge, let them accept the challenge. But I know that they will not do that, for they only want to sit in cafes and spread rumours. Such logic is not accepted. I shall not allow anybody who is not able to accept the challenge to poison the people’s minds.

Instructions will be given to the minister of interior to purge any group of those sick people. If a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or the Islamic Liberation Party engages in clandestine activity, his activities will be considered sabotage against the Revolution which was triggered for the people.

There are some people whom I knew and forgave what they had committed. But they will not be allowed to continue poisoning the people’s minds. Freedom should be for the oppressed masses rather than for those who look down on the people, therefore we shall distribute arms among many sectors apart from the armed forces and the popular resistance. It is for the masses that we revolted, because they were deprived of freedom for more than 400 years. Arms will be distributed among the masses who believe in the First of September Revolution. This will be a new experiment.

While regimes are usually afraid of their peoples and recruit armies and police for their protection, I, on the contrary, shall arm the Libyan masses who believe in the First of September Revolution. But whoever stands against the Revolution will not be given arms. Arms will be used against him.
The whole people will, thus, become a popular resistance. I tell you that you should not depend on the armed forces to protect the Libyan soil. Libya is only protected when all the people carry arms and stand against any aggressor.

Fourth: Revolution Against Bureaucracy

Those who stay at home and become a barrier between the Revolution and the masses; those who leave their work if there is not a head to supervise over them; those who close the doors in the face of the citizens and put off their needs… all those belong to the bourgeois class-such a bureaucratic class necessitates the declaration of the administrative revolution. The masses whom I shall arm will destroy bureaucracy and do away with the barriers.

Every one of us is ready to carry arms, as we did on the First of September, and we are willing to take to the streets to defend the Revolution and to achieve Arab unity. We are ready to start anew so that the Revolution may continue as we planned. I do not care if all the masses become a force that destroys whatever stands in its way. I want the masses, for whom the Revolution took place, to come out victorious and be close to us.

Thus a revolution starts. Any bureaucratic person who says to any citizen, “come tomorrow”, or neglects his work, should expect a man from the street to come and revolt against him. What is really important is that the masses should eventually come out victorious.

I am aware of the fact that there is an administrative organ that stands as a barrier in the face of the masses. It grows day after day. Revolution should be declared against such a structure. Accordingly whoever wants to join our march should become a revolutionary but he who stands against us will be trodden by our feet. The First of September Revolution was not triggered for the mercenaries, but for the poor and oppressed Libyan masses.

If the people’s interests are lost in the offices, such offices should be destroyed for the sake of the people’s interests. If those interests are threatened by the government, down with that government, and long live the people.

Fifth: The Cultural Revolution

We declare to the whole world that the ideology of the First of September stems from the eternal message of Islam and from the Holy Quran. We are sure that we apply the sound ideology and the great humanitarian thought declared by the Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon His soul, who took the people out of darkness and led them to the light of Faith. We adhere to the Book of God, as we believe that there could not be any other ideology as solemn and as profound as the Book of God. I do not think that there is any thing more trusted by Man all over the world than the Book of God. That is why we apply that Book. Any different ideology from other books is regarded as misleading. Those who are called Beatles are sick. From where did they get the disease? From misleading and reactionary readings, be they Western or Eastern, Communism or Capitalism. The misleading reactionary readings have changed our young men into Beatles.

Those who want to stand against the revolution must be aware of the fact that the revolution will be as it was in the First of September Revolution. This means that we can accomplish all the revolutionary projects in the shortest possible time through the working forces of the people who are really interested in the revolution. Thus, the Libyan people will be the first people in the world to have triggered a unique revolution in history to carry arms, build themselves and reorganise their life on their territory.

The masses to whom I addressed the First Statement of the Revolution will march and take over responsibility. That necessitates that you stand by the leaders of the revolution to do away with the bourgeoisie, bureaucracy and corrupt thought; to carry arms; to build factories and roads; to farm the plantations, and be ready to sacrifice everything for the revolutionary transformation. That means that the people should bear the responsibility of ruling.

Only through your efforts can all these things be achieved and the battles won. If you fail to achieve them, our main objectives will not be realized.

Rahi Alawal 12, 1393 H. / 15 April 1973 AD



“Zintan brigade QaaQa” on FB, comments

“What we collected in 2011 was the hatred for one person [Mu’ammar al-Qathafi] and not the ‘love of the homeland'” (which we should have).

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

” ما جمعنا في 2011 هو كُره شخص وليس حُب وطن “

Hamza al-Megrahi, writes:
“Jmekm you .. But we love Jmanh Bladenh “love of the homeland and our leader” .. to become mesh Torah íÇÎćí Aqtnau Batoha country and Abto mouth and eluted Marito and Shi Shi in you God Haasir Mathelmo Beah Hatta in a dream.”

حمزة المقرحي
جمعكم انتم ..اما نحن جمعنه حب وطن وحب بلادنه وقائدنا ..الي صار مش تورة ياخوي اقتنعو بعتوها البلاد ولعبتو فاها ومزال ماريتو شي والله حيصير فيكم شي ماتحلمو بيه حتا في الحلم

Mhamed Mhamedacic, says
“Skit. Gave legitimacy to the West to destroy Libya.

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB posts:

Dr. Hamza fighter Thami:
Peace, mercy and blessings of God ….. All wondered why stop channel green truth, unfortunately, of what anyone considers himself Mnazl and take his wages for the work of media …

Libby blood Aaarafh personally did not Atkabl with him, but I know that guy worked all the effort and diligence to keep the continuity Channel .. but had to sell his property for it and his tribe are all rats and subjected to pressure and his family .. what media work remains outbidding and Rizk minimum fiddling harms All

.. section and copies of the Holy Quran and Face the truth ashamed rights of even the thought of defamation whole thing is currently only disagreement Ali the amount of three thousand dollars … reasonable and God human Athacm enter into conflict with those who have had a certain amount and friend Ali Khater need trivial and Lord of the universe to Anmlk from the wreckage of the world,

but Maysd our hunger and Lord of the universe huge amount compensated by the work of national ashamed rights of himself and his family to Afhawwa doors of worthlessness because you the biggest of them and people think you are in the level of liarits … and God.
أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

المناضل الدكتور حمزه التهامى
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ….. الكل يتساءل عن سبب توقف قناة الخضراء الحقيقه للاسف لما اي شخص يعتبر نفسه مناظل وياخذ اجره عن عمل اعلامي … ليبي الدم لااعرفه شخصيا ولم اتقابل معه ولكني اعلم ان الرجل اشتغل بكل جهد وكد ليحافظ علي استمرارية القناه ..بل اضطر الي بيع ممتلكاته من اجلها وقبيلته كلها جرذان وتعرض لضغوط هو واسرته .. لما العمل الاعلامي يبقى مزايدات ورزق دنيا تافه يسيء الى الكل ..قسم ومصاحف وفيس الحقيقه يخجل الانسان من حتى مجرد التفكير في التشهير الامر كله لايتعدي خلاف علي مبلغ ثلاثة الاف دولار …معقوله والله الانسان يتحشم يدخل في صراع مع من كان لهم معينا وصديقا علي خاطر حاجه تافهه ورب الكون لانملك من حطام الدنيا الا مايسد رمقنا ورب الكون مااخذنا اجره علي عمل وطني يخجل الانسان من نفسه ومن عائلته لاتفتحوا ابواب التفاهه لانكم اكبر منها والناس تظن انكم في مستوى المسؤليه …والله المستعان

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB posts:

Dr. Hamza fighter Thami:

Dr. Hamza Thami shortly before detonating a bomb on a public channel, and exposes the series director womanizer bearish known as Darzinov which displays the channels prostitution Alfberara Alnatoy .. and says that the director was working with us in the channel during the Libyan events,,,

Peace, mercy and blessings of God ….. All wondered why stop channel green truth, unfortunately, of what anyone considers himself Mnazl and take his wages for the work of media …

Libby blood Aaarafh personally did not Atkabl with him, but I know that guy worked all the effort and diligence to keep the continuity Channel .. but had to sell his property for it and his tribe are all rats and subjected to pressure and his family .. what media work remains outbidding and Rizk minimum fiddling harms All

.. section and copies of the Holy Quran and Face the truth ashamed rights of even the thought of defamation whole thing is currently only disagreement Ali the amount of three thousand dollars … reasonable and God human Athacm enter into conflict with those who have had a certain amount and friend Ali Khater need trivial and Lord of the universe to Anmlk from the wreckage of the world,

but Maysd our hunger and Lord of the universe huge amount compensated by the work of national ashamed rights of himself and his family to Afhawwa doors of worthlessness because you the biggest of them and people think you are in the level of liarits … and God.
أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

المناضل الدكتور حمزه التهامى
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ….. الكل يتساءل عن سبب توقف قناة الخضراء الحقيقه للاسف لما اي شخص يعتبر نفسه مناظل وياخذ اجره عن عمل اعلامي … ليبي الدم لااعرفه شخصيا ولم اتقابل معه ولكني اعلم ان الرجل اشتغل بكل جهد وكد ليحافظ علي استمرارية القناه ..بل اضطر الي بيع ممتلكاته من اجلها وقبيلته كلها جرذان وتعرض لضغوط هو واسرته .. لما العمل الاعلامي يبقى مزايدات ورزق دنيا تافه يسيء الى الكل ..قسم ومصاحف وفيس الحقيقه يخجل الانسان من حتى مجرد التفكير في التشهير الامر كله لايتعدي خلاف علي مبلغ ثلاثة الاف دولار …معقوله والله الانسان يتحشم يدخل في صراع مع من كان لهم معينا وصديقا علي خاطر حاجه تافهه ورب الكون لانملك من حطام الدنيا الا مايسد رمقنا ورب الكون مااخذنا اجره علي عمل وطني يخجل الانسان من نفسه ومن عائلته لاتفتحوا ابواب التفاهه لانكم اكبر منها والناس تظن انكم في مستوى المسؤليه …والله المستعان





“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, uncovers
Ashovoa theft and rooms Forums by militias under the name of a financial covenant not settled yet.

اشوفوا السرقة والغرف عيني عينك من قبل المليشيات تحت أسم عهد مالية لم تسوى بعد.


la vidéo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.

Celestial objects beyond Altcfhirien Kharijites under the name of religion and using young Libyans under the lure of money and brainwashing …………

Video leaked to the confessions of excommunicating who was arrested in a Meadow for 6 Aghtylat 21 – 06-2014


أجرام ما بعده أجرام التكفيريين الخوارج تحت أسم الدين و بأستخدام شباب ليبيين تحت أغراء المال و غسيل الدماغ …………
فيديو مسرب لاعترافات التكفيري الذي قبض عليه في ا
لمرج بـ 6 اغتيلات 21 – 06 – 2014

 courtesy of

Safia Al Yazaeeri Kaim:



The resignation of Attorney General Counsel Abdel Qadir Radwan and delivers tasks to

Peschici Ibrahim’s lawyer in Tripoli resume until the appointment of a new attorney general:


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB,uncovers another horror of mass murder of prisoners  in the Plateau:

The population of the plateau region near the project Alrabash
The emission of unpleasant odors do not significantly benefit him until Alnoalfd and closing doors

and the population is likely that the cause of these odors to burn the bodies of mankind.





Exclusive and on our responsibility
For news of the descent of Ukrainian aircraft today Tripoli International Airport today
Ukrainian Antonov 124 aircraft AN-124
Was loaded with armor and military electronic devices are very sophisticated military and a group of smart weapons that we did not know the number but the shipment purely military as part of a business deal with the so-called Libyan Defense Ministry to be used against Hftar , Rishvana, Zintan and the PDF.



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, prays for the:

Prisoners in prison Alruyemi # Tripoli
May God accept your prayers and your prayers and your families God FAFSA …



Gunmen attacked the residents of the State of Mzrath special place to sell auto

market area Friday in the city of Zliten, and shoot the owner and shot him dead,
And the citizen is dead (Mohamed Ramadan Dmejeh)







Photos in the Libyan tribes and Rafla

(Jardan NATO dogs Qatar)


Jarden of Mizdah, attempted to sneak into BANI WALID,

but they were arrested on the Rusaifa sidewalks.

#بنى #وليد
محاولة تسلل لجردان مزدة للمدينة وتم القبض عليهم من اشاوس الرصيفة


Tribute to Aabina Rseifeh Commandos was the grace of God and vim youth Bani Walid

foil infiltration attempt to the city of Bani Walid by Jardan Mzach was arrested.

Urgent appeal and very dangerous

To all security units inside Bani Walid immediately move immediately and taken it with all the speed and caution and full of caution and the youth of Bani Walid jealous Takhaddkm not immediately move their pity
Allah save Bani Walid







IBRAHIM al-JDHARAN is turned-over to the RATS, and NATO-client Libyan “authorities” (so-called) executive “government” announces return oil port of Ras Lanuf and Port Sidra to “state authority” !

Ibrahim’s  brother, Salem, was just murdered last week.


News conference tonight concerning al-Jdharan, at nine at night in the presence of the Prime Minister Mr. Abdullah bending.

Jdharan Abdullah Ibrahim and bending and agreed to open ports and the presence of Prime Minister Abdullah bending in the city, “Ras Lanuf” to announce the Government recognizes the ports of Sidra and Ras Lanuf petroleum.





Sam bin Humaid loses one of its legs

injury to al-Qaeda “Sam bin Humaid,” so-called “commander of the defense forces to Libya 1”

who are Allied with “Ansar al-Sharia” seriously injured in clashes with the Cyrenaican National army in Benghazi,

during the past few days, on the transfer
Outside of the track; and resulted in the amputation of one of his legs.


Unfortunately these images to the brain of a young man and his brother and a cousin of

them fell on them during a rocket bombardment, which was about two o’clock in the morning ..!
Location: in front of the University of Benghazi
The type of car the deceased God’s mercy on them, “Hyundai Intra”
God’s mercy on them deceased young people on their way to the house, if the missile

falling on them and drive them apart.



Assassinate Nasser bin Zbilh and shot “Michelin facilities” in Benghazi.

Amen … Nasser bin Zbilh and his companion who were Ogtalo moments before Nasser and actuation in CID


Today Almnazlh Megrahah girl suffered men to an assassination attempt by Jardan Paso Ahamdallah RBI Njaha them about God and God protect you Albhm Iagalah ***

no discussion in this thread.




Major General KHALIFA HFTAR HANISH Aukd killed 31 element of Ansar al-Sharia and the families of 7 others
In the quality process carried out by the forces of the Cyrenaican army “Aloutni flour factory” in the vicinity of Benghazi




Safwan Mohammad Siddiq Juweili working as a translator at the International Police “Interpol”

assassinated by gunmen in the path of the river area Laithi Benghazi. The Assassination of

Safwan Mohammad Siddiq Juweili ” where the unknown by a hail of bullets by way of the river.

They wanted people and noted that the victim by interpreter with a self-styled international police “Interpol”.


Was assassinated Thursday evening Safwan Mohammad Siddiq Juweili accidentally shot dead by

gunmen in the area of ​​the river Laithi Benghazi.

The military source confirmed for “gateway center” that Juweili working as a translator at the International Police “Interpol”, and that his body was transferred to Benghazi Medical Center.

In the same context, the source confirmed for “gateway center” that the Benghazi Medical Center received the body of Juweili after suffering a barrage of bullets killed him.




Assassination “Faraj Warfali” where the unidentified Balrmih it a hail of bullets and shot him dead Warfali The colonel of the air-defense ..



Since the assassination of Hakim Bujazah minutes 0.47 years in the eastern region of milkfish, one of the members of the special forces Thunderbolt.


Assassination “Congratulations Mahmoudi,” Mr. Hussein area, where unidentified Balrmih by a hail of bullets and was taken to hospital to resuscitate him, but he died before he arrived and noted that al-Mahmoudi was in front of and mosque imam Abu Bakr.


Finding 3 unidentified bodies completely decomposed, near the site of a former Italian concentration camp for the nomadic tribes that lived in Eastern Libya (Cyrenaica) during the Occupation. and were transported to a hospital Sellouk.

Sellouk by elsalhien


Attribution security Benghazi:
The arrest of Ali Rajab Al-adola ( علي رجب العدولي) near the Security Directorate

was handed over to the competent authorities-

Image Recep Al-adola Today


I am God and to him we shall return



Laundry rats said. 

Rats began to spread the washing each other

… Al-Ahli Club in handball and they are a very poor family and was a building of four roles of selling hashish and that Mahmoud now has a list of soldiers Thunderbolt battalion said.






Correction of the news by the explosion happened
The bombing of a drone by eyewitnesses / /

Baldkhirh explosion-laden car in the city and Dan, in Jufrah region led to the deaths of four people,

was identified on two of them, namely:
Abubakar small Aboud
(Ahmed Hawks)



al-Jufrah killed 4 people “to show and two carrying African citizenship” in the bombing of ammunition

when they attempt to take some of the ammunition stores Paederus died on the track.








Employees of the guard oil installations southern sector declare cessation of pumping oil from fields in the oil ports.



FOREIGN delagations in LIBYA:

120 local employees, Embassy of Libya in London!!!
92 local staff of the embassy of Libya, Malaysia!!!
61 local employees Embassy of Libya in the Philippines!!!
103 local employees of the embassy of Libya, Turkey!!!
And the list goes on ..

and the number of employees has increased four-fold embassies .. with the increase of their salaries to 10 thousand euros per month is the housing allowance and electricity, cars and trips.
What those working Alhgej!!!???

Embassies in Libya
– Algeria – Tripoli
– Argentina – Tripoli
– Austria – Tripoli
– Azerbaijan – Tripoli
– Bangladesh – Tripoli
– Belarus – Tripoli
– Belgium – Tripoli
– Bosnia and Herzegovina – Tripoli
– Brazil – Tripoli
– Bulgaria – Tripoli
– Burkina Faso – Tripoli
– Canada – Tripoli
– China – Tripoli
– Croatia – Tripoli
– Cuba – Tripoli
– Cyprus – Tripoli
– Czech Republic – Tripoli
– Egypt – Tripoli
– France – Tripoli
– Germany – Tripoli
– Ghana – Tripoli
– Greece – Tripoli
– Guinea – Tripoli
– Hungary – Tripoli
– India – Tripoli
– Indonesia – Tripoli
– Iran – Tripoli
– Iraq – Tripoli
– Italy – Tripoli
– Japan – Tripoli
– Jordan – Tripoli
– Kazakhstan – Tripoli
– Kenya – Tripoli
– Korea (Republic) – Tripoli
– Lebanon – Tripoli
– Lesotho – Tripoli
– Madagascar – Tripoli
– Malaysia – Tripoli
– Mali – Tripoli
– Malta – Tripoli
– Mauritania – Tripoli
– Morocco – Tripoli
– Netherlands – Tripoli
– Nigeria – Tripoli
– Pakistan – Tripoli
– Philippines – Tripoli
– Poland – Tripoli
– Portugal – Tripoli
– Qatar – Tripoli
– Romania – Tripoli
– Russia – Tripoli
– Saudi Arabia – Tripoli
– Senegal – Tripoli
– Serbia – Tripoli
– Sierra Leone – Tripoli
– Slovakia – Tripoli
– South Africa – Tripoli
– Spain – Tripoli
– Sudan – Tripoli
– Switzerland – Tripoli
– Syria – Tripoli
– Thailand – Tripoli
– Tunisia – Tripoli
– Turkey – Tripoli
– Uganda – Tripoli
– Ukraine – Tripoli
– United Arab Emirates – Tripoli
– United Kingdom – Tripoli
– United States – Tripoli
– Venezuela – Tripoli
– Vietnam – Tripoli
– Yemen – Tripoli
– Zambia – Tripoli
– Zimbabwe – Tripoli

Consulates in Libya
– Bulgaria – Benghazi, Consulate
– Egypt – Benghazi, Consulate General
– Italy – Benghazi, Consulate General
– Malta – Benghazi, Consulate General
– Norway – Tripoli, Consulate
– Poland – Benghazi, Consulate General
– Sweden – Benghazi, Consulate
– Syria – Benghazi, Consulate General
– Tunisia – Benghazi, Consulate
– Turkey – Benghazi, Consulate General

Other Representations in Libya
– Denmark – Tripoli, Representative Office





Qatar opened their Embassy in Israel, and as a commercial exchange, gifted the Israelis with a permanent reduction of fares on Qatar Airways.
# Siege on Gaza
# _ Lie and hypocrisy _ Qatar

A cleaner Libya?



“ZERO HOUR” on FB, says:


صلوا على سيد الخلق اجمعين




“Not for the fierce attack on the Arab world from the West”, on FB, comments:

Exposed the plot strands … and objectives of stage … and the scenario of war, but the dignity of
Alhfterah!!! ..

. And seemed evident mandate of Moza Freemasonry and governed by the fate of Libya with the help of NATO evil Masonic Lodge and the traitors and agents who paved the way for the occupation of Libya, after the failure of expected it seemed clear from the outset of this Alhfter!!! The goal became evident as a process of settling of accounts and other trick for the people of Libya did not see any sign of the destruction of the nests of terrorism in the country which is declared and known!!! What was all this but Tkih and pilgrimage to desperation Hftar Bosaadh to assist him in the elimination of hotbeds of crime so he said, and this of course is not the goal … As we learned in advance that such a Hollywood wars to extend the stay of the colonists to the depletion of the country’s wealth may remain for years to no end!!!!!!!

After the announcement of the positions of Libyan tribes supporting the legitimate demands for the return of the displaced and the liberation of the prisoners and that the green flag banner of pride and pride is our flag .. came to this disappointing the hopes and aspirations of the customers and their masters West … and this Velstta O are free and silks light to confront the smear campaign and perhaps a new war
against Libya and its leader Martyr fasting Muammar al-Qathafi where called him a lie!!!

… it is of Jewish origin and the thief of funds of the Libyan people and squandering their money in Africa, and after the fall of the Libyan emerged facts refute all lies, Freemasonry and trumpets Zionism in Libya after the catastrophe of Al Mason and fall ((dreams)) due to the awakening of the sons Libyan people and uncover the plot
It has become clear … Bhtanhm lies and truth …

and as you can see their presence on Libyan territory in reality Mezri painful falls on the people … Allibay Hotels in Libya and control of the reins of .. ((rob the Libyan people doubles weakened. theft of Libyan oil and gas. filtering clients Council Freemason. carry out assassinations against army and police. carry out bombings. implementation of the kidnapping. implementation of rape. implementation of theft. implementation stop salaries. implementation of an armed robbery. implementation of torture in secret prisons and the public. executions beheading. covert alliance Rats with Misrata led Freemasonry under the supervision of Bernard Levy, Chairman of the Masonic Lodge in Libya. carry out assassinations against media and journalists)) and psychological state, visible after the catastrophe of February Freemasonry in Libya!!!

Let’s leave of Atracson in the fields of Al February lions waiting to return them safe and secure .. after participating in Zebah and kill the sons of the armed people must m cool and dismembering their bodies and torturing them .. and today are demanding what contributed to its loss Flanterchm for liberation Mozah and its client Haftar .. or wait NATO Btiorh Alobabil!!!. remember all Ya February
When Khafattm religion and Nkttm Bahodgkm and your oath and transgressed, and Waleetm enemies of God and the homeland of the Jews, Christians and Astnasrtm Baljuj criminals and barbarians … Altcfhirien oppressors of Brotherhood and al-Qaida and militant groups and revolutionaries Osmeetmohm falsely because they follow the Masons,

We say to you today that we are proud of our survival on our pledge to God and His Messenger and the guardian who Aahidnah did not come up with it and did not lose our honor and our dignity or betray our department, which divided by the holy book of God, which is not done wrong in the hands of his successor

We know our way and no longer have a choice ..

لا للهجمة الشرسة على العالم العربى من الغرب

لا للهجمة الشرسة على العالم العربى من الغرب

أنكشفت خيوط المؤامرة… وأهداف المرحلة …وسيناريو حرب الا كرامة
.وبدى واضحا للعيان ولايه موزه الماسونية وتحكمها فى مصير ليبيا بمعاونة حلف الشر الماسونى والخونة والعملاء الذين مهدوا الطريق لأحتلال ليبيا وبعد فشل متوقع بدا واضحا منذ البداية لهذا الحفتر!!! وأصبح الهدف جليا أنها عملية تصفية حسابات وخدعة أخرى لأبناء الجماهيرية لم نرى أى مؤشر على تدمير أوكار الارهاب فى البلاد وهى معلنة ومعروفة!!!وما كان هذا كله الا تكئة وحجه ليستنجد حفتر بأسيادة لمعاونتة فى القضاء على البؤر الاجرامية على حد زعمة وهذا طبعا ليس الهدف…فكما تعلمنا سلفا أن هذة حروب هوليودية لتمديد بقاء المستعمرين لاستنفاذ ثروات البلاد قد تظل لسنوات لا تنتهى!!!!!!!
وبعد أعلان مواقف القبائل الليبية المؤيدة للشرعية ومطالبها لعودة المهجرين وتحرير الأسرى وأن تكون الراية الخضراء راية العزه والكبرياء هى رايتنا ..فجاء هذا مخيبا لامال وطموحات العملاء وأسيادهم الغرب…وعلى هذا فلستعدوا يا احرار وحرائر الفاتح لمواجهة حملة تشوية وربما حرب جديدة على ليبيا وقائدها الشهيد الصائم معمر القذافى حيث نعتوه كذبا…أنه من أصل يهودي وسارق لأموال الشعب الليبي وتبذير اموالهم في افريقيا ، وبعد سقوط الجماهيرية ظهرت الحقائق تفند كافة الاكاذيب الماسونية وأبواقهم الصهيونية في ليبيا بعد نكبة آل ماسون وسقوط (( احلامهم )) بسبب الصحوة من ابناء الشعب الليبي وكشف المؤامرة
وبات واضحا …كذبهم وبهتانهم …والحقيقة كما ترون تواجدهم على الاراضى الليبية فى واقعا مزرى اليم يقع على عاتق أبناء الشعب الليبيى… في فنادق ليبيا وسيطرتهم على زمام الامور .. المتمثلة في (( سرقة اموال الشعب الليبي بأضعاف مضعفة .سرقة النفط والغاز الليبي . تصفية عملاء المجلس الماسوني . تنفيذ اغتيالات ضد الجيش والشرطة . تنفيذ تفجيرات . تنفيذ خطف . تنفيذ اغتصاب . تنفيذ سرقة . تنفيذ ايقاف مرتبات . تنفيذ سطو مسلح . تنفيذ التعذيب في السجون السرية والعلنية . تنفيذ اعدامات بقطع الرؤوس . تحالف خفي بين  ومصراتة بقيادة الماسونية بأشراف برنارد رئيس المحفل الماسوني في ليبيا . تنفيذ اغتيالات ضد الاعلاميين والصحفيين )) وحاله نفسية ظاهرة للعيان بعد نكبة فبراير الماسونية في ليبيا !!!
ولنترك من يتراقصون فى الميادين من أل فبراير الاسود ينتظرون من يعود لهم بالامن والامان..بعد أن شاركوا فى زبح وقتل أبناء الشعب المسلح بد م بارد والتمثيل بجثثهم والتنكيل بها ..واليوم يطالبون بما ساهموا فى ضياعة فلنتركهم لتحررهم موزه وعميلها حفتر..أو ينتظروا النيتو بطيورة الابابيل !!!.تذكروا يا أل فبراير
حينما خالفتم دينكم ونكثتم بعهودكم وقسمكم وخنتم ، وواليتم أعداء الله والوطن

ونحن نقول لكم اليوم بأننا نفخر ببقائنا على عهدنا لله ورسوله وولي الأمر الذي عاهدناه ولم نخرج عليه ولم نفقد شرفنا وكرامتنا أو نخون قسمنا الذي قسمناه على كتاب الله الكريم الذي لا يأتيه الباطل من بين يديه ولا من خلفه

ونحن نعرف طريقنا ولم يعد أمامنا خيار..


EVIL al-Qaeda (with their twisted) propaganda Statement, issued

“Two o’clock Great Jamahiriya (mass)”, on FB, reports that

Al Qaeda came-out of silence, and called for Libyans to fight the forces of Major General Hftar.

Called al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to the Libyans fighting against Major General Khalifa Hftar, which has waged a campaign against Salafist militias in eastern Libya, and said he was “fighting radical-Islam.” Major General Hftar has launched an attack last month on the Salafi militias in Benghazi in a process dubbed “Operation Dignity”.

The statement, published by the organization on a number of Islamic sites on the Internet: “We call on our people from the tribes of Libya proud to innocence of the traitor Hftar, and to prevent their children from smear the blood of their brothers who defend their security, seeking to apply the law of the Lord, despite the blockade and distortion imposed on them.”

The statement said “the footsteps culprit (Egyptian President-elect Abdel Fattah) Sisi, and with the support of him and the head of infidelity America, and the money states plots Gulf .. and complicity clear of the apostate government in Algeria, to falter, the traitor, Major General Khalifa Hftar, stepson America in Libya and its servant obedient , into a war against RADICAL Islam under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and the killing of the youth of ANSAR al-SHARIA arbitration claimants, under the guise of cleansing Libya of extremist groups and extremists. “

The statement added that “the criminal aggression Hftar on our people and our brothers in Libya, is in fact a cruciform scheme to bury the project implementation of “Sharia” in the bud and to impose their own curriculum blasphemous to Salafi in Libya.” It considered the Libyan authorities Hftar out about the law, but that win the support units of the regular army and air force, and says he aims to eliminate “terrorism” in the city of Benghazi. And impose militias dominated by Salafi rulings in Libya since the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Hftar promises to eliminate SALAFI in Libya and stop foreign interference in the sovereign affairs of Libya.

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood has their own LIBYAN TV series of madness:

 la vidéo de Salah M Ben Amer.

two o’clock Great Jamahiriya (mass), on FB a partagé la vidéo de Salah M Ben Amer.

The other face of MB Saleh Makhzoom second deputy to the National Conference before “17 February” ..

الوجه الأخر لصالح مخزوم النائب الثاني بالمؤتمر الوطني قبل 17 فبراير ..

A private plane carrying four Libyan ministers in one, go up dramatically CairoClarify and official confirmation and our responsibility
For news of the four ministers tiding: Here and here named after communicating with the Egyptian journalist who conveyed the news
1)* Libyan Foreign Minister, Muhammad Abdul Aziz

(here pictured with Germany‘s Hoxhaj is rat “Libyan Foreign Minister”, Muhammad Abdul Aziz):

2)* Minister of Culture and Civil Society called “beloved Secretary”

3)* Minister of Health, Ms.Noureddine Doghmane

4) * Transport Minister,  Abdulkadir Ahmed 






Attempt complete control of the port of Ras # Igdir.








“Zero hour”, on FB REPORTING:
And our response Movdna far from the city of Tripoli

Ba clash there as our correspondent told us

that was the closure of a road near the Bab al-Aziziya.


out of the car armed missiles near the camp of Brigade 32 enhanced. Its destination was not known where this until at Latest News





Out the mechanics of the armed Mitigua and the black flags.


FROM 20 FEBR. 2013:

Youth Forum and girls
20 février 2013

Urgent to all battalions
To all brigades and police and army and every street and house and City
We do not want to generalize
Here are the following: –

The owner of this picture (NATO RAT) is the dropping of the plane in the eastern region, which attacked the convoy before the intervention of NATO and by Maouseltna of information. He is in Tripoli, followed by battalions of a sense that he Landes between the rebels ..

Fenrid of young people to bring any information about this traitor and locate him in any battalion with you in these men home page to receive information and to arrest him when the availability of information

May Allah reward us richly rewarded and all those who seek to serve the nation and purify it from

the traitors who are lurking Tltkhh their hands with the blood of martyrs

God is the greatest

Youth Forum and girls



Outlaw Akkla Gneoh said Zintan, after arriving the plundering Armor/shield, they wore abayas and Thajabua.

المجرم غنيوة قال الزنتان بعد وصلوا الدروع لبسوا عبايات وتحجبوا



Spread fishy, predicts the occurrence of something in Tripoli,

as QaaQa forces spread into various parts of Tripoli. 

Photo : TRIPOLI:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Spread fishy, predicts the occurrence of something in Tripoli, as QaaQa forces spread into various parts of Tripoli.


“Zero hour”, on FB tells us:
Wholesale clothing stores owners Elly have, caftans (lifts) usually marketed by wekonat in Caftans

worn by Zintani Raho looked wear including pence, and

seemed to confuse those NSA and men, and those of the pond in the armor of Misratah



الي اصحاب محلات ملابس الجملة اللي عندهم قفاطين وقونات يرفع يسوقهم في الزنتان راهو بدوا يلبسوا فيهم نسا ورجال ، والبركة في درع مصراته .


Security award for Balgrarat clashes in the Friday Market until now, resulted

in killing one person and wounding five, as a consequence supposedly, of a dispute between two families.



An intensive inspection of the cars on the island and Aldrebe Cimafro gypsum.




Tripoli = blackouts and demonstration of the Bank of the Republic of staff salary increases …..

Demonstration to the staff of the Bank of the Republic in Tripoli Atalibo salary increase…

one or hanged and one mind in sweet.

News of the disappearance of “Tariq Hun” Channel Manager Libya national and St news channel for workers kidnapped after he refused to transfer a press conference for Ahmed Meitik held tonight [seizing the headquarters of the prime minister, after Abdullah bending left to Egypt on a working visit], with the help of MB forces shield middle and room Libya rebels.


“Zintan brigadeQaaQa”, on FB, comments:

What happened last night Spenario storm the headquarters of the prime minister ,

but what is the scenario like what is happening in the movies.

The process of breaking into a military power and prime minister.

For the science building ‘s prime minister -free does not do anything and there is no force by the security.

Bending and his government did not deliver today Mzalt Baamalha the inside and the outside.


Means viewers last night of breaking into the scenario by which shields her Meitik

and we came out flat in the building of the prime minister usurped !

Scenario of break-ins to movies Hillwood happens every day.

What to do to accomplish that , ” commander ” Meitik and shields to break into the building of Ministers,

and the Government has not received anything from the Mzalt is going to work !


لواء القعقاع الزنتان

ماحدث ليلة البارحه من سبناريو إقتحام مقر رئاسة الوزراء ماهو الا سناريو مثل مايحدث فى ﻷفلام

عملية إقتحام وقوة عسكرية ورئاسة وزراء

وللعلم مبنى رئاسة وزراء خالى لايوجد به اى شى ولا توجد به اى قوة امنية

الثنى لم يسلم وحكومته مزالت اليوم تقوم باأعمالها فى داخل والخارج

يعنى مشاهد ليلة البارحه من سناريو إقتحام من قبل الدروع التى أمرها معيتيق وخرج لنا فى تلفاز من مبنى رئاسة الوزراء المغتصبة !

سناريو ﻷقتحامات افلام هيلوود كل يوم يحدث

ما ﻷنجاز الذى فعله “القائد” معيتيق ودروعه من إقتحام مبنى الوزراء ولحكومة لم تسلم شئ ومزالت هى من تسير ﻷعمال !





THE LIES concerning

Mukhtar Fernana al-Akhdar Green, in the NATO /WASHINGTON TV-Film SERIES “Drajnov”:

reprint from 10 FEBRUARY 2014:

Altaúr chosen green

Qatar began horns and trumpets Brotherhood to launch a media campaign through the new film fabricated by the visually impaired and self-insight … was discernible cut some sections of the video and some of the charges on the Tlsik Altaúr Hero Commando gave my father and still serves in Libya, Mukhtar Fernana al-Akhdar Green

Everyone knows who is chosen green Altaúr Hero City of Zintan and was a pioneer of the first people in Altorh glorious ….

And now began some pages that belong to the Brotherhood to launch an attack with the purpose of media distortion Altoar Alhakqan bits and sow discord between some areas in Libya through the presentation of a video clip after Fbrkih and dubbed to be the viewer like a real …

Arkm honored (barru) covered the most enjoyable and Bushmin disappearance Fashloum.

Belhadj and shame in the evangelical and nights navigator
The shame and disgrace …… etc.

We Menbrna Hedda tell them remain black Black and dogs remain dogs, my brothers and follow the horns Qatar Avenh ..


التائر المختار الاخضربدأت ابواق قطر وابواق الاخوان بشن حملة اعلامية جديدة من خلال فيلم مفبرك من قبل ضعاف النفس وضعاف البصيرة … وتم اخد وقص من بعض المقاطع الفيديو وتلسيق بعض التهم علي التائر البطل المغوار الدي قدم ولازال يقدم في ليبيا ….الكل يعرف من هو المختار الاخضر التائر البطل من مدينة الزنتان وكان من اولا الناس السباقة في التورة المجيدة ….والان بدأت بعض الصفحات المحسوبة علي الاخوان بشن هجوم اعلامي الغاية منه تشويه التوار الحققين وبت وزرع الفتن بين بعض المناطق في ليبيا من خلال عرض مقطع فيديو بعد دبلجته وفبركته ليكون للمشاهد كانه حقيقي …

بروا غطوا عاركم امتع بوسهمين وتوار فشلوم

وعار بلحاج في الانجلية والليالي الملاح

وعار وعار ……الخ

ونحن من منبرنا هدا نقول لهم تبقى الاسود اسود وتبقى الكلاب كلاب يا اتباع الاخوان وابواق قطر العافنه..


the FILM series “Drajnov”:

WARNING: THIS FILM SERIES COMES FROM and by Washington and NATO 20 févr. 2014 – on Libya.
the largest propaganda production in the history of the Libyan drama
Located in 15 episodes and the duration of each episode hour TV “45 Minutes” ..

Depicts a series Drajnov stories a group of families and personalities Libyan differ in terms of social status and proximity to “power” in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and the gap that occurs in this social milieu after the CIA-led “revolution” and divide Libyan society as a result of the repercussions of the so-called “revolution” and the continuation of this division and entry to another stage after their (supposed) “success of the revolution'”, where he became the divisions more visible and more influential with different centers of power within the community ..

And Aldrajnov is a Russian sniper rifle and is considered the most famous sniper rifles in the world and choosing this name for the work to see the relationship drama plot within the work itself, which appears in several scenes are important and central to the inside.

Written by: Siraj Huwaydi
Directed by: Osama Rizk
Product: Walid Lafi

Production: Eye Foundation for the press and media, and Art Production 2014 Libya
LicenceLicence YouTube standard

the FILM series “Drajnov”:

the largest production in the history of the Libyan drama

Libyan homeland – particularly

In a press conference held Hotel skills in Tripoli was announced to begin filming the series Drajnov work written by Siraj Huwaydi and directed by Osama Rizk and co-production between the Foundation Eye Media Group AMG media .. and as stated in the press conference, the series will be the largest production in the history of drama Libya and the most daring and chronicle the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA era and post fake 17 FEBRUARY “revolution” and beyond in terms of social and affected by the so-called “17 FEBRUARY ‘revolution’ ” and its aftermath will be drawing on some Arab representatives known, 

but they will speak dialect Libya has Tlqo courses in it .. and as stated in the press conference also will take a photograph of work for nearly two months and will be displayed in Ramadan next ..

As for the title of the series “Drajnov” It is by the author Siraj Huwaydi name of a Russian sniper rifle

is considered the most famous sniper rifles and choosing this name has a meaning in the plot of the series itself.

for a show of ANGER by ZINTANI over this ridiculous production, which turned-out to be a

propaganda element only from the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, with very little truth)

The newest dumbfest from the ‘Muslim? Brotherhood !


Mohamed Abdel Salam.

On the morning of the day Sunday, 1. 6. 2014 with what Adopted by the Municipal Council of Zintan from the activation of the Directorate of | to national security inn policemen into the streets of the city of Zintan and undertook the work assigned to them.

Fastbashr people see them, and it raised the joy and elation faces .. this is a normal situation for the country (finally!)..

formal institutions received the respect of everyone that runs from the law and working literally and orderly ..

However Antlaguethm launched Youth and the Scout Movement Asafhounam Ahdonhm roses and cold fresh water blessed God in everyone’s efforts ..

It is hoped them and informed citizen is a real bond to raise the morale and gain confidence.



 ANSAR al-SHARIA are Supporting Akkla Gneoh and Raouf hater in an attack on # Rishvana and lost in exhibitions.

(Member # angle).








Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar, on FB:  

   Aaaaaaaajl news about the movement of a convoy of Jews heading from Misurata tribe

to glory and pride. Actual Liberal discernible caution,

Column that has passed since few of the geographical area along the plateau toward the center of the country

contains ten cars of 14.5 and a car with a gun trace forces shields for Misurata.






“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB:

Urgent … Loud explosions heard now the southern side of the city of Zliten and NATO aircraft flying in the skies of the city now.





Aaarb at a meeting in MISURATA of engraved and some princes Militias of terror-






Day # Friday and Atfqo MB and rebel-rats discussing several points in an attempt to perturb Bani Walid, again.

Using Interface Language Al-Akora and one r u say I Werfalli named Akeilah Abuaod.



A major fire spread in the Green Mountain caused by US targeting drones.

NATO, ZIONISTA and MSM spreading same lies about Hftar and the “CYRENAICA NATIONAL ARMY”, as they did about Muammar and the “Armed people’s Forces of the Great Jamahiriya” in 2011:

Mohammed SMN:
# What if Tstgrbuc Zzarh channel and news Nschern news Hftar said the forces stormed the houses and rape !
The island and spread the news in the news on the basis of the army shelling civilians in Benghazi today !
# Liars






Young Buhedima besieging terrorist group Atkhaddt mosque as a refuge.


commandos graduated in columns dispersed in Benghazi to meet the Ansar al-Sharia

 smoke rising in the sky intensely Benghazi and the sounds of clashes and continuous bending Jalpinh

to Sunday Market

 Elly & Peder statement in Benghazi just Alclaksat Chorna

 Benghazi bombed with all kinds of weapons and channels in February,

promiscuous dormant er plain Libya Hurah O Levy and Hbd and Sarkozy.

Kdaúv mortar fall profusely police stations in Benghazi.
Meet the urgent use of anti-aircraft dropping aircraft guns and dignity ~ locusts

and Alhauser tamping headquarters & parties.

fulfill strong Salam Derby and his al-Qaeda militias.

 drones bombed convoys of Ansar al-Sharia.

Air dignity bombed several sites belonging to the fulfillment of the most important “camp 17 February “.

voices heard now locusts across the city of Benghazi .

“dignity” used warplanes to bomb fulfill ~ and fulfill shown violent bombardment locust and Alhauser.


Commander of the Air Force confirms Cyrenaican forces control 80% of the field of operations in Benghazi.


Benghazi = Mnhs, rockets and bombing and death.

Elsafhhndaaae urgent mail from each population Rulrhh and Sidi Faraj and Hawari Alrjaaae evacuate homes.

Benghazi residents call channels Alfberaria Atpacon of terrorism and al-Qaida and the bombing at their homes.

Adel al-Jaafari, writes:
Dancing Ezgrton pain pain pain arriving on a British flag, America, France, Qatar, and the EU flag.

Thanks to them before the court in Benghazi.


The high number of dead and wounded in clashes in Benghazi.



The bombing of a police station Rulrhh after it has been burned the past few days by ANSAR al-SHARIA.
The blast, which occurred shortly before the area Rulrhh:

UnideBenghazi = Mnhs, rockets and bombing and deathntified Bermaah have a bag of explosives on a police station Rulrhh …..



The death of his master called “collective well-being” after a torpedo hit his head area Quiche

Bamarat camel eggs beside the clinic Quiche.




Innocent people in Benghazi die from NATO bombing:


Civilian casualties caused by ferocious clashes in the city of Benghazi





Renewed clashes now in Garyounes.


The detention of a number of families actually inside the house the students inside the

campus of the University of Garyounis: (al-Qaeda are using them as human-shields.)

1) Was arrested on an ambulance carrying ammo in Garyounes.

2) Was arrested on a number of Ansar al-Sharia  in Garyounes fry;

and they were suicide bombers to blow themselves up amid the army arrested Atina.



Body Found Suhaib gift slaughtered and murdered by five bullets
Maclbash hands and entered his car, a white Chevy type project Elsafsfah
It is noted that the victim of a kidnapped promised by the day the body was moved to the center
Benghazi Medical

Company e-mail and communications cut off communications service for the

Security Directorate of Benghazi pretext (the accumulation of debt) !


There are still ongoing clashes between troops Hftar against ANSAR al-Sharia 

and postponement of high school exams in Benghazi to Hedda today …



Airport Road in Benghazi now … free of humans and a state of terror in control of the city’s population.

Airport Road in Benghazi



Shooting bracket on Galaa Hospital.

Hospital Galaa
Last specialist for the wounded (15) between the Mediterranean and their critical and the death toll

to reach (8) Dead add a list of the previous five.
Ali Saleh Tuberculoid / ambulance driver.
Abdel-Salam Sadeq al-Obeidi / special forces Thunderbolt.









“Zero hour”, on FB, reports:

News of the pilots who are honest, smuggled planes from the airbase of Mitigua (captive),

and orientation to the airbase of Tobruk, to join with the Cyrenaica National Army in its war against terrorism.


Heard a very strong explosion shakes Tageore now.


Car Tracking “ANSAR al-Sharia in tuber, now, roam the streets of the tuber,

and calling through loudspeakers to Jihad Calls you to Benghazi !


Attempt offers a total of # Derna follow them to control the way

to the TUBER:


Stealing an ambulance from the hospital by force of arms the city of Derna,

which is controlled by the heretics and Altkvrien.










“Zero hour”, on FB, reports:
And our response to a telephone call from a few of our correspondent popular Jufrah that was kidnapped a young man named Milad al-Rubaie of the population of the city of (WAD)Dan has been kidnapped by a group of masked, in region agricultural city.

He was questioned if he was carrying weapons or not, and whether known officers working the “armed people”, and then lose his release by asking ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood officers and non-commissioned officers.

Please, soldiers of the armed people popular in Jufrah:  they should take caution.







Perturbing the # Sabha and the same Manshiyya # and # Gardah.
Send some light weapons and ammunition to some of their Ansar al-Sharia supporters in # Benghazi


The days March on…

(02:00 01 FEBRUARY 2014):


“I call on the masses of the Libyan people, men and women out in the demonstration Magdy Rady new squares and streets in all the cities and villages and oases, and tell you do not be afraid of one, you people, you are the owners of the right, you are the people of the country, and the world’s media will be present with you, and no one can they shoot you, you pretend peacefully in front of the world and advertisers for your will, good cheer, rose up, get out of the streets, downed dogs NATO anti Great Revolution, 

and evaluated the people power demonstrations and sit-ins and civil disobedience and fierce fighting, the conditions in Libya unbearable, and the people with his hand solution.”

(Brother Leader of the Revolution, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)
01 FEBRUARY 2014

ادعو جماهير الشعب الليبي رجالا ونساء للخروج في مظاهرة مليونية جديدة في الميادين والساحات والشوارع في كل المدن والقرى والواحات ، واقول لكم لا تخافوا من احد ، انتم الشعب ، انتم اصحاب الحق ، انتم اهل البلاد ، وسائط الاعلام العالميه سوف تكون موجودة معكم ، ولا يستطيع احد ان يطلق النار عليكم ،انتم تتظاهرون سلميآ امام العالم ومعلنين عن ارادتكم ، تشجعوا ، انتفضوا ، اخرجوا للشوارع ، اسقطوا كلاب الناتو المضادة لثورة الفاتح العظيم ، وقيموا سلطة الشعب بالمظاهرات والاعتصامات والعصيان المدني والقتال العنيف ، ان الاحوال في ليبيا لا تحتمل ،، والشعب بيده الحل .

الاخ قائد الثورة

عدو الاستسلام



UGLY RAT, HASHIM MOHAMMED ALKDKADRat climber Capt. Hashim Mohammed Alkdkad was in front of Brega for 4 months and was fighting in the Rat Army.A Graduate of the Naval Academy military, he belongs to Aldvaza human tribe. After the fall of Tripoli, he became an rat-Spy Informant: giving information about the members of the forces of the armed people (THE GREEN ARMY), volunteers and now is giving the names of the free Green Army and those who are green in the Western mountains of Rishvana and the department in Ajeelat, as well as in the southern city of Sabha.In Tripoli, he rats on those of residential address within the Salahuddin neighborhood of flowers. He is one of the people
whom the ZAIDANE GNC “government” made collaborators; and this traitor works with
“the course of human Dvaza” in France.
..الجرذ المتسلق النقيب هاشم محمد الكدكاد كان في جبهة البريقة لمدة 4 شهور وكان يقاتل في الجرذان .خريجة الاكاديمية البحرية العسكرية ينتمي الى الضفاذع البشرية وبعد سقوط طرابلس اصبح يعطي في المعلومات عن افراد قوات الشعب المسلح والمتطوعين والان يقوم باعطاء اسماء احرار ورشفانة والعجيلات وسبها .عنوان السكن صلاح الدين حي الزهور.وهو واحد من الاشخاص التي اخترتهم حكومة العملاء والخونة في دورة تدريبية للضفاذع البشرية في فرنسا.



Publication of the PDF Green was found last night in the streets of Tripoli
and alleys in the highway and into the corridors of the Al-Fateh University.

One leaflets that have been distributed inside Tripoli:

Whispers his family Halter Rahim
Almería deadline Allahhah Great Socialist  Jamahiriya

into the hands of mothers for him to Ellhler Hedda appearance Hos for Les stolen
Alqasp them to go dictated to Aalahilt Say for fear Talhan
and the continuation of blood Alls on land bases Allahhah honey leopards Is it
easy (full of Alnell before God and the law and hope mace Top
Maar Ahosar Gaddafi t Knowing the nation’s nightlife and resistance leader Helen them
because the palace of the most important inevitably Fe – you stand his parents Council
against men Mufao meh to understand Sue P crushed HLA mercy and apartments
have been the willing, Azem Gado n in Mufao Meh In secrets to the palace leopards
for the disease to you to stop the bloodshed Allahhah and revenge them Allhien 0

and damaged the most important not to shop Hon professions and Hsdh let it be Z to Dhah HLA
Jelloun nor the heart

of this Haha)
0 p for their homeland would not if her Han by Hogg times Aaleghan (
UTC Shhaareault. nor Siaha ee 1 over and Joohaakha not a
potential vector Linh Nur 0 Waigani transient Bcesp Ahans S). No Council Leh, pagan Hlnnnf Fa. No No
AA as. Reduces. A small. 0 E decoder 0.0 did.
, And 0 is not. Qgah, AA. – Not 0. . Bh,

GREAT SON writes:To all those who rejoiced in the victory of rats NATO and its agents on the ground and Heniohm so .. To all of the forgotten and forgotten souls of the martyrs and the blood that fell by Hola and their masters
To all of the joy and sang and danced as dance sneaks under the banner of shame and disgrace
Here they are dancing under this flag stained with the blood of our sons and brothers of the righteous ..
To our brothers and sisters who are still Let them all the love, respect and appreciation …
Respect for God or the martyr’s blood has been shed by her son Hola who were fighting fronts in a row with a description of mercenaries Bernard Levy … Today, they stand at sporting events, and under this banner that brought death and destruction to our people and our villages and cities …
For God honored the sacrifices of the honorable promised that the nation and the commander on the constants, including our flag and our national anthem green commend Allahu Akbar
Respect the blood of our brothers and groans of our mothers and the agony and suffering of our detainees Musharddin everywhere
God’s little constants respected and honorable fighters loyal to the banner and anthem
Otherwise, I will have to cancel my connection Mtosva you and my friendship with you and I hope that you accept this Besdra welcomed, I have no doubt in Tunaitkm or your honor, but we resist for homeland and constants can not never give them up no matter what it cost us the blood and sacrifices
Greetings to all of you
الى كل الذين فرحوا بفوز جرذان الناتو وعملاءه على الارض وهنئوهم بذلك .. الى كل من نسى وتناسى ارواح الشهداء والدماء التي سقطت بواسطة هولاء واسيادهم
الى كل من فرح وغنى ورقص مثلما رقص الخونه تحت رايات الخزي والعار والشنار
وها هم يرقصون تحت هذه الراية الملطخة بدماء ابناءنا واخوتنا الابرار ..
الى اخوتنا واخواتنا الذين مازلنا نكن لهم كل المحبة والاحترام والتقدير …بالله عليكم احترموا ام الشهيد الذي سال دم ابنها بواسطة هولاء الذين كانوا في الجبهات يقاتلون صفا لصف مع مرتزقة برنالد ليفي … واليوم يقفون في المحافل الرياضيه وتحت هذه الراية التي جلبت الدمار والموت لاهلنا وقرانا ومدننا …
بالله عليكم احترموا تضحيات الشرفاء التي عاهدت الوطن والقائد على الثوابت ومنها رايتنا الخضراء ونشيدنا الوطني نشيد الله اكبر
احترموا دماء اخواننا وأهات امهاتنا وعذاب معتقلينا ومعاناة مشردينا في كل مكان
بالله عليكم احترموا قليلا ثوابت الشرفاء والمناضلين المخلصين لرايتهم ونشيدهموالا سأضطر متأسفا الى إلغاء ارتباطي بكم وصداقتي معكم وارجوا ان تتقبلوا هذا بصدرا رحب فانا لا اشك في وطنيتكم او شرفكم ولكن نحن نقاوم من اجل وطن وثوابت لايمكن ان نتنازل عنها ابدا مهما كلفنا ذلك من دماء وتضحياتتحياتي لكم جميعاأبن العظمــى

Scandal in the State of tykes caliber Altqil


Qatari officers detained in Tripoli by order of the Minister of the Interior

Carried out hours before the joint security raid on the headquarters of housing officers were present inside the identities of Qataris Libyan forged and the common security of arrest by order of the Interior Minister.

The one member of the band that they were under surveillance for some time Toalhukanoenzddon prisons in some cases they were investigating with the detainees Baltoatie with Libyan guards for some prisons will be detained those involved in this matter after the conclusion of the investigation.

About 50 prisoners escape from self-styled institution reform and rehabilitation of plaster

and knead the main door of the institution this morning …
And knead to coincide with the opening of the cells to distribute breakfast …

Jardan and now are trying to limit the names of Harbin circulating them and diction arrested ..

For your information this topic is not the first time …

Libby in front of the headquarters of the RATS National Congress tonight ..
Icollkm: Live out romance with grievances and loss fugitive and recommends the wax ..
And Qallkm what Qanash loss, but in this Turkana
ليبي قدّام مقر المؤتمر الوطني الليلة .. يقوللكم : عيشوا الرومانسية مع الظلامات والضي الهارب وينصحكم بالشمع .. وقاللكم ما لقيناش الضي الا في التركينة هذه هههه ..




28 janvier 2014
Field Commander Hero Mr. Issa Riani head of the ZINTAN local council, was assassinated when he was charged with insulting the cool walking around his car to inspect the conditions of the city Hua and his companions where he was subjected to a hail of bullets from an unidentified car and seriously injured his companions injured ..

I am God, and to Him we return, we ask God to accept it from him martyrs and inspires his family patience and solace ..



Zintan’s revolutionaries warn of releasing Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

01 JANUARY 2013

Zintan’s revolutionaries or the so-called Zintan’s Military Council warned of releasing Saif al-Islam Gaddafi if the government insisted on its request to extradite a revolutionary leader named Hassan Tatataki.

According to a document intended to Zintan’s revolutionaries dated on 12/23/2012 and signed by chief of Zintan’s military council Mokhtar Khelifa Chaoub, the council criticized the government for putting Hassan Tatataki’s name in the black list.

If the government puts pressure, the council which detains Saif al Islam said it will release Gaddafi’s son.

Tatataki is a well-known businessman in Libya. He has Libyan, Turkish and Egyptian nationalities. The government wanted him after it found out he had transferred Lockerbie compensation during the Great Jamahiriya.

Tatanaki was close to Saif El Islam and Abdellah Sanoussi, Libyan intelligence chief in the Gaddafi administration. Because of that, they showed dissatisfaction over the government’s request and warned of releasing Saif al Islam.

Sources say revolutionaries are serious about their warning although the man played a big role in promoting the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA‘s reputation.

Tatanaki is chairman of the Libyan oil drilling company Challenger LTD and owner of Libya Channel.

( / 01.01.2013)

Zintan Versus the World

Why a small town in Libya refuses to give up custody of the revolution’s most high-profile prisoner.

(The photo above shows Saif in the Zintan courtroom in May 2013.)

ZINTAN, Libya:

The Nafusa Mountains rise dramatically from the rocky wastes of the northern Sahara. The road, hitherto arrow-straight, begins to twist as it gains altitude, and you find yourself looking down from the window of your car into canyons dotted with tamarisk and date palms. Finally you reach the edge of the plateau, and from there it’s just a few minutes into the center of Zintan, pop. 40,000.

Zintan, with its whitewashed farmhouses and quiet mosques, is not the kind of the place that usually stands at the center of global controversies.

“We love the Sahara,” Alajmi Ali Ahmed al-Atiri told me. “We are desert people.”

I had come to Zintan to hear Atiri’s take on the issue that has placed his town in an unlikely international spotlight.

Atiri still vividly remembers the day when he and his men made their mark on the history of their country. It was the NOVEMBER of 2011.

Atiri was commanding a Zintani militia unit patrolling a remote region along the country’s southern border with Niger.

Atiri set up a nighttime ambush on a smuggler’s road. Sure enough, his fighters soon surprised two cars that quickly became mired in the dunes. They captured the occupants, one of whom, Atiri noticed, was trying to hide his face.

The reason soon became apparent: He was Saif al-Islam Qathafi.

As soon as he realized that the jig was up, Saif made an odd request:

“The first thing he asked was, ‘Kill me. Please kill me,'” Atiri recalls. “I told him that because we caught him unarmed,

we weren’t going to kill him.” Islamic law, Atiri says, didn’t allow his men to take vengeance on a defenseless captive.

Before the revolution, Saif, liked to boast about his degree from the “London School of Economics”.

As the CIA-led “uprising” began, the cosmopolitan veneer quickly fell away. Saif made many speeches

aimed at the opponents of his father and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Since his capture in that moonlit ambush in the Sahara, Saif has remained in the custody of the Zintani, who are now holding him at an undisclosed location in the city. The Zintani have refused to hand him over to anyone else, including the central government in Tripoli — and it is their insistence on this point that has sparked their feud with the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Hague-based international tribunal created in 2002 (SUPPOSEDLY) to try war crimes and crimes against humanity. The ICC is designed to exercise jurisdiction in situations where countries are unable to ensure proper judicial procedures on their own. Libya would certainly seem to fit the bill, given the continuing weakness of its central government, the lack of security, and the problems faced by the country’s post-revolutionary judicial system. So the court has ruled that Libya should hand Saif over. [THIS IS BULL: the ICC would butcher SAIF. It was the UNO who started the “WAR” in the first place; and the ICC is the arm of the UNO.]

But the Zintani aren’t buying it — and they’ve shown little willingness to compromise. Last year, when Saif’s ICC-appointed Australian defense lawyer, Melinda Taylor, showed up to consult with her client, the Zintani ended up detaining her and three of her colleagues for almost a month. Taylor shared the details of her ordeal with the Australian press and other media. The Zintani had a somewhat harder time getting

their version of events out to the world.

But if you want it, Atiri is the man to ask. Today, his militia is in charge of the prison where Saif is being held, effectively making him Saif’s jailer-in-chief. Atiri says that the position of the Zintani is simple: They want to see Saif get a fair trial, but they don’t think that can happen in Tripoli. They’re convinced that it’s possible in Zintan (though they don’t have much to say about the details of how it would take place).

The problem, the Zintani argue, is that the central government in the capital is paralyzed, corrupt, and riven by faction.

In Atiri’s telling, the post-revolutionary government is riddled with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”When you give Saif al-Islam a trial, there are many people in the Libyan government and the GNC [the General National Council, the interim legislature] who would be incriminated by the things he says,” says Atiri. “Saif will get a fair trial in Zintan. There are no political parties fighting over policy here.” Atiri also notes that his town will be happy to allow Saif to be tried under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice of Zintan. [SAIF ALREADY HAD A FAIR TRIAL BEFORE ZINTAN ELDERS IN DECEMBER 2011, and was acquitted of all charges against him, then.]

The Zintani are fully prepared to do the trial themselves.

Moreover, he argues, Zintan’s security situation is strictly under control. The local government and its security force

enjoy the full support of the close-knit community, and the city has been almost entirely free of violent incidents since the end of the

CIA-led uprising (in OCTOBER 2011).

The Zintanis are quick to insist that they’re happy to provide access to Saif’s defense lawyers (or, at least, the public defenders appointed to his case in Tripoli). They also say that they’re taking care to ensure humane living conditions for their illustrious prisoner — including TV, plenty of reading material, and air conditioning. They do note, however, that he is being held in isolation from other prisoners, though they refuse to elaborate on the details for security reasons. (The precise location or nature of his custody in Zintan remains a secret.)

the government in Tripoli probably doesn’t have the will (or the troops) to go in and take Saif away from his captors.

Men who’ve spent their lives eking a living from the Sahara are not the kind to give up easily.

AFP/Getty Images





een thought ·
The banner of “STAR and iHilal”
Five-pointed star and crescent were logo banner State after a late Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. And have nothing to do with an open mind Islam first – and at the entry of the forces of the Ottoman Empire to North Africa – were regions or countries of that time were not known composition of countries which are now (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco – Mauritania) until Egypt were not present-day Egypt – but is compelling goats or marquee Amr ibn al-Aas.
Vsatrt Turkish state on the northern coast of Africa, including Libya and this before the family loan Manlih in Tripoli and Derna, which ruled from 1711 to the twentieth century – preferred insides Libyan free from the control of foreign influence until the entry of the Italians, which forced the Arab tribes to surrender through the camps and so in 1929 and remained a handful with a small commander Omar Mukhtar resist until the last battle, a battle Aslenth or energy after what has been visiting Mr. Rafi Ansari shrine in the corner Beida in the morning or backpack 11 – 09 – 1931.
The argument for the CCCP companions Omar Mukhtar still spread by people and say: my blood RIPE without Chaib – this after Matalb including Sheikh to go (told them after Mhacrh Italian forces convoy: This mesh your day Aadhanaa – just go (the enemy of the enemy) …. wanted to Sheikh Omar preservation of the lives Althelp Kulaigah of brave people who crowded around him in that glorious day – and this reminds me of the good old Bartel.
As for the province of Cyrenaica is the province of historic Old undoubtedly and founded the movement Senussi own way of Sufism in about 1843 in the corner Beida and near the tomb of Sir Rafe or Roaf ibn Thabit al-Ansari – where he was in agreement with the family Alqurmanli, which ruled in the cities and villages of the coast (which was Track of the Ottoman Empire, at least administratively … Valraah red and Bahlalha and Ndjemtha is the banner of the Ottoman State is not related to First Islamic heritage – Fraah Umayyads and Abbasids and the Fatimids and the Mamluks are all different as well as the crescent on the domes of mosques was not in the states that preceded the Ottomans ..
States find that they are now under Turkish rule are all taken to the same media by the crescent and star
Such as Egypt by Gamal Abdel Nasser – Libya before the Conqueror – Tunisia – Algeria. And those who influenced the culture of the Turkish state, such as Mauritania and other Vatkhaddt this logo on the basis of a religious slogan.
This red flag crescent and star of taken officially banner State between (1844 – 1923) and we do not deny the greatness of this Muslim country and learned the Libyan Arab people did not fight such succession like Mafl Al Saud in the so-called Arab Spring first formulation and planning client England Lawrence – or the Safavid state in Iran. Note that the acting in Cyrenaica were Aajabun in taxes from the population and the tribes of Cyrenaica against their will, and history shows that the population of this province and this witness and multiple stories …
If the difference in color between him and the only banner Senussi – now say science Burka … It is not the case but was aware of the nationals of the Ottoman Turkish state in Burqa – and the story Ttaker such knowledge of the French mandate in 1935, which flies the opposition proxy of Freemasonry and Zionism and colonialism is based on the original flag of Syria.
We are not against the Turkish people – but a question of dignity and awareness of the political and historical that we will not allow customers to another thought and other national, even though we agree on many things related to the canons of faith and religion. The Turkish rule but it is now a national rule.
And Turkish peoples of Eastern societies more fanatics to their nationality, their language, their culture and their government are interested in re “glories Alasmalen” in the occupation of the Arab states economically or so-called b Neocolonialism – neo-colonialism …..
Thought Green (Page)



Citizen killed in his car by gunmen shot dead near a mosque in the eye Alkahila Ministry shortly before.




The Misurata militias  are in Tmanhunt air base to inspect farms;

and with their stealing cousins of al-Qaeda, are going into its suburbs to live their lap.

And the owners of these farms Athmuna their support for the youth of the popular Resistance,

including the farm of Ahmed Eshtewi Warfali.


LORD, protect MAJOR-GENERAL al-SAADI Kadafi and the GREEN RESISTANCE, now in KUFRA:A flat poet:
I feel Aladinm Rat Symbol and is managed in the publication ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Hadath chills
God and I felt Beah wavering and God and nearby Leger paralysis Haladinm Rat Almafn ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺSymbol of the news
Their pages Jermanah
“News of the Libyan revolution urgent”News says:Saadi in Kufra and there Ertl of cronies and roaming the streets with green flags….Thoughts move to the rebels rightful infidels by tamping now rocket…

1 April 1435 – 02/01/201401:34 PM

“Le Figaro”: “commando” U.S. disguised as a Bedouin faces “Al Qaeda” in Libya

"Le Figaro": "commando" U.S. disguised as a Bedouin faces "Al Qaeda" in Libya
Previously (Reuters)
The newspaper “Le Figaro” the French, on Saturday, that the elements of the American commandos currently resides in southern Libya.
The agency quoted the “Middle East News” for the French newspaper that U.S. special forces intervened on the ground in the south of Libya against GREAT JAMAHIRIYA loyalists, which is worrisome to France.

It quoted “Le Figaro” for French military source as saying that since the end of last year are located Modular elements of “Delta” disguised in the garb of a nomadic, and they train Libyan special forces on the hunt [SUPPOSEDLY] for elements of “Al Qaeda” in the south of Libya.

The source added – which the newspaper did not reveal his name – that the United States believes that the risk of disintegration of the south of Libya that are larger than the dissolved through the air.

The source said the French military – according to “Le Figaro” – to be mixed teams located in the south of Libya

has been strengthened by drones and other means of air reconnaissance, and that you select the suspected convoys in the south of Libya.

The same source said that the elements of the American commandos are approaching this from the goal on a four-wheel drive cars, and often leaves Americans with Libyan elements dealing with.

 outskirts of Kufra:
Green TV Channel Green TV
News of violent armed clashes in the southern city of the agricultural bed of the GMMR.

Aaaaaaaagel ::: :::
Now is the heavy bombardment on the field Balrajmat torch oil and electricity company nearby, and led to the
occurrence of the bombing damage in the property and thankfully did not record any loss of life.
And constant bombardment so far …
This talk will be sure and we will bring you all the latest developments as soon as we get them.

al-Kufra 3

Channel Zintan on Facebook
Dad answered the call home …. How deserve Lake his letter, which he sent to me by


Channel Zintan on Facebook
And our response now …….In a statement, Mr. Moktar Andar Green chosen vice chairman of the Zintan military force when the move this morning:
(Assure everyone that we are here to help restore stability and Tmint folks, and we will not be party to any tribal dispute, and will let the opportunity for solutions Social tribal differences, and we will not use weapons, but for the home and preserve it,
we’ll be on the lookout for both imagine that Roads cut or kill or assault or fighting to restore the country away from the system of crime and abuse).
(Omar Matouk)
This is Moktar Andar Green, former General under Muammmar al-Qathafi air-Command before the War.
already Xanthan have joined the People’s Resistance….We will see what Moktar does when he gets there…


Mukhtar al-Akhdar (GREEN) vice president of the military council of Zintan said shortly before the Zintan local channel “that forces the military council of Zintan did not find in the south any of the reported Libyan gangs or Chadian, and the entire process is simply a play to tarnish the image of Tabu and brave Taureg. The central government of Zaidane wants to wipe these people out [genocide].””Can not be crossed ‘militias in February’, but a step in the city and the looting and pillage and vandalism .. and this is what happened within the city of Sabha in the South and in department of Ajeelat in our Northwest Green Mountains…
Admitted, as a member of the military council, rule Tmanhunt that many of the violations committed against parents who lived about Tmanhunt in Sabha after what they called ‘the Liberation’ and within the residential neighborhood adjacent to the base, was looted by Misurata (ZAIDANE’s) militia ..
It is of course their militias, which they have since the days of marching as a national army.”مختار الاخضر نائب رئيس المجلس العسكري الزنتان يقول قبل قليل على قناة الزنتان المحلية ” ان قوات المجلس العسكري الزنتان لم تجد ازلام في الجنوب الليبي او عصابات تشادية , والعملية بكاملها لا تعدو ان تكون مسرحية لتشويه صورة قبيلة التبو وثوارها الاشاوسلايمكن أن تخطوا مليشيات فبراير خطوة في مدينة إلا وقامت بالنهب والسلب والتخريب ..وهذا ماحدث في مدينة العجيلات ومدينة سبها ..
حيث إعترف عضو المجلس العسكري بقاعدة تمنهنت أن العديد من الإنتهاكات أرتكبت في حق أهال تمنهنت في سبها بعد ما أسماه التحرير كما أن الحي السكني المحاذي للقاعدة تعرض للنهب من قبل مليشيات ..
وهي طبعا مليشياتهم التي كانوا منذ أيام يسوقون لها على أنها الجيش الوطني .
Meeting on Saturday 1/2/2014 collection sheikhs and notables tribes city of Sebha and sheikhs and Zintan military
council of Zintan regarding finding agreement to resolve all the thorny problems and accumulated within the city.
Areas to all things going well, thank God.
Girls sound Hrjanat of Zintan what Abosh Atalaao from the airport and eluted hehehehe good Akaddam.
بنات سليمة حرجانات من الزنتان ما يبوش يطلعو من المطار ههههه ومزال الخير القدام


The young BRAZILIAN, Kelly Moreira, mistakenly writes on “FaceBook”:

The Libyan people passed and is passing through difficult times. Tough times are an opportunity to learn to value what really matters in our lives and change our way of seeing the world, changing our mental state. May God enable the Libyan people to reshape their worldview and give them the courage to choose and do what will bring them a more peaceful and dignified living.
This is my reply to her, who obviously innocently, misunderstands, because of her Western brainwashed mentality:

reshape their world view? This is not right. Libyans are scared skinny to embrace what they know is right: The Third Universal Theory. They want it; but are not permitted to attend Popular Congressess or People’s Committtees as they desire. They are horse-whipped and taken to prisons. Anyone who stands up against their puppet Western-NATO “government” is bombed or beaten. They cannot exercise the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER of Human Rights (which they all agreed upon on 12 June 1988) or apply the beautiful Green Book. Wahabi/SALAFISM is taught in their children’s schools. Malkite shrines are bombed and torched—even their Holy Qurans were changed to defective translations (and all World Islamic Call editions that were printed under the Great Jamahiriya, were burned)….
Alcohol is available and made enticing on TV commmercials aimed at the young–as well as perverted sex. Drugs are commonplace where before they did not exist…even Satanic Rituals have been introduced. Devout are shot and slaughtered as they leave holy mosques…and a fake Mufti was given to them by NATO (SADAK GHARYIANI) who by God’s law is neither a Mufti or a Holy man..and does not possess the correct lineage to be a Mufti or leader….

Do you mean Libyans MUST CONFORM to Western sick ideologies? Must they throw away Allah’s laws and embrace an imposed upon them “Constitution” made by carnal-minded men?

No, Libyans must NOT reshape their thinking, Kelly—IT IS THE WEST who must change!


Christella Bernardene Krebs:
unfortunately, you are still thinking “Western”…I mean no ill by this…but you must understand that it is NOT the Libyan people who must “change”; BUT RATHER THE WEST !

Kelly Moreira:
Change the bad thinks i mean. Change bad situation.

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
THAT IS WHAT the Resistance is doing SUCCESSFULLY:

Kelly Moreira:
I know resistance is working…
Because this i am praying
The lybian people are very important to me.

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
Yes indeed—The Resistance is strong…and with prayer can be triumphant…God is the factor—The Resistance and Libyan people may be small in comparison to Western forces and peoples, but the Libyans have Allah beside them…GOD IS NOT WITH THE WEST.

Kelly Moreira:
God is with all people that believe in Him.
With faith people.

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
The Western leaders do NOT believe in God..

Kelly Moreira:
Only God knows the heart.

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
If they did, they would NOT be doing what they are doing and have done for so long…

Kelly Moreira:
I cant judge this…
The people are strange
But God knows the heart and mind
Because this HE is the only and one we have to Believe

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
Do you mean OBAMA, or CAMERON really have “heart”..that God could work through these morons who only know power, greed, etc?
They are deciples of SATAN, not God

Kelly Moreira:
They are only men… When a person is with power do bad things
Only with God man and women can be good

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
yes, such power corrupts—

Kelly Moreira:
Yes. Only God can makes us good.

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
ALI ZAIDANE is totally corrupted by what he perceives as his “power”—But only God and free devout people to God, possess any REAL POWER.

Kelly Moreira:
Yes. All this men are poor men… Because this we have not hate but pray

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
Muammar taught the Libyan people well…They know the
truth… and prayer is most important of all.

Kelly Moreira:
Lybian people will be free to choise what they want

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
YES, PRAY—This is what the Resistance and Muammar has asked us, over and over, to do—That they may have the power of God with them—and not the greed and arrogance of men…

Kelly Moreira:

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
They want their Great Jamahiriya back, Kelly—have not you read the Green Book as I asked of you?

Kelly Moreira:
I am reading. Is difficult to me understand somethings but I am reading and thinking…
I will post my observations about The Green Book in the group.
But please, dont be angry with me.. I am really trying to understand the Arabic World..
The Green World

Christella Bernardene Krebs:
But is is more than the ARABIC WORLD…It is what God wants: Honesty, LOVE and decency!

and the truth…Muammar al-Qathafi  is a messenger of God.



The role of France and Qatar in Libya on false “revolution” in February and Criminal sparks outrage in the international community

French court heard on Wednesday in Paris, the affidavit of former political leader of Libya, who Claimed That He was tortured by the French in Tripoli in 2011.

This happened after acceptance for consideration of the request of the former president of the Libyan revolutionary committees Quick, one of the pillars of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, served at the court of France, Claimed I was tortured by the French.

Audition and show the role of the Emirate of Qatar During the events of the “Libyan” revolution [against] Which Gives rise to many questions for the “International community” against “human rights.”

The lawyer for former Libyan official Eric Motter in a press release, said to the French judge yesterday That he met with Dahishem to accept the terms of the legal complaint. Libya The former politician, said the torture I was subjected to in the fall of 2011, and That These tortures were “French and Qataris,” after the fall of Gaddafi in a hotel in Tripoli after converting it into a prison.

Dahish Explained That I gave to the French judge the exact description of the four Frenchmen who Were Questioned, the three men and a woman.

Observers Say That if the fact of torture test can reveal the number of such “operations” that took place in Libya During the events of “February”. (by NATO attacks and occupation -. )

Under this Case, the applicant Mentioned campaign finance charges, which Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi gave to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

Third French channel, on Wednesday, offered Preferred audio excerpts from the interview of the Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, from 2011, who addressed the issue of the financing of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

“France 3″ Recorded an interview in Tripoli, four days before the start of Western military attacks led to the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in October 2011.

al-Qathafi said in an audio recording, “Sarkozy has a Mental disorder, and was eager for the presidency. We gave the money That allowed him to win.”


File a lawsuit in the Court of Criminal African
Reports that Professor Zakaria Mohammed Idris lecturer at several African universities and a group of African Jurists concerned about trends in Africa are going to file a lawsuit against the institutions of the Libyan state, which take account of the killing of Libyan Africans in the south of Libya, and the murder of civilians defenseless blacks.
Source / French newspaper Afikaaroh
# Saahnasr


An invitation to everyone to come by tomorrow at 11 in front of the Libyan Embassy, Avenue Mohamed v in Tunisia’s capital
Publish, please

ليبيا تناديكم نحن لا نستسلم نموت أو ننتصر
كونوا في الموعد يوم السبت إن شاء الله …


Tunisian security assaulted and arrested activists who protested against the agents of NATO in Libya

02/01/2014 demonstration today in front of People’s Bureau in Tunis for our people in the south
and the department in Ajeelat and Rishvana steadfast and beaten aviation and heavy weapons by NATO rats.

A special list of Arab nationals
Tunisian security today attacked a group of activists, nationalists, leftists and independents who have answered a call to the list of

Arab nationals to stand in protest against clients NATO in Libya, in front of the Libyan embassy in Tunis ..

After the success of the vigil, the protestors were attacked by security who assaulted them with beatings and sticks as they came to arrest the activists who are on a list of Arab nationals in Tunisia, said Mr. Saleh Albdrousha ..


Demonstration 1 feb in front of People’s Bureau in Tunis for our people in the south and the department in Ajeelat and Rishvana steadfast and beaten Btaiaran gases by proxy
 Demonstration 1 feb in front of People’s Bureau in Tunis for our people in the south and
the department in Ajeelat and Rishvana steadfast and beaten Btaiaran gases by proxy


2014/2/1 التظاهره اليوم امام المكتب الشعبي في تونس العاصمه من اجل اهلنا في الجنوب والعجيلات وورشفانه الصامدين وضربهم بالطياران والغازات من طرف الحطومه العميله




Security alert in Sousse after stopping an armed group

Witnessed Sousse Friday afternoon a state of security alert following the success of the National Guard troops in the overthrow of 4 people including a girl of gunmen aboard a car carrying an Algerian mining panel after a chase.

According to preliminary data reported by radio jewel that, after receiving information that confirms presence car area sir lives of the Bouficha on board armed individuals, turned the band’s security center guards Bouficha were chasing the car and warn a gunshot wound but it did not comply with the standing, then got out armed person making Security officers were forced to shoot and resulted in the injury of one of the four Alanfar.

A security source said that the car was carrying a girl and three youths aged between 25 and 30 years old who are dual nationals from Tunisia and Algeria. It should be noted that the injured person was taken to hospital Sahloul to receive first aid.

Tunisia has become a hotbed of global espionage agencies, and the presence of 12 centers to train jihadists

تونس أصبحت مرتعا لوكالات التجسس العالمية و تواجد 12 مركزا لتدريب تونس أصبحت مرتعا لوكالات التجسس العالمية و تواجد 12 مركزا لتدريب جهاديين

Durée : 2:06



Liberals preach in Egypt that there are national figures and its weight and its relations with Egypt are searching on the subject of the establishment of the displaced whose term of their passports and residence because of the rats to prevent the renewal of their passports, but inside Libya in order to capture the Liberal …. And Nbcrkm imminent solution to radically with the Egyptian government sister.


al-Qathafi landed by parachute over the Suez Canal front inflamed: –

In the October War of 1973, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the leader Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, jumping by umbrellas above boycotted the Suez Canal front inflamed to participate in the fighting along the Egyptian forces, this is a great topic and a long and full details, written in the records of the proceedings of Diary of Staff General Egyptian in time of war ..

Gadhafi, young warrior young colonel Muammar autographed young officer Mu the young revolutionary
– In 1982 defines Dt Syrian forces in Lebanon to strikes overwhelmingly by the Israeli army superior, the impact of such a strike suffered land formations Syrian acute shortage of armor, the impact knocked Syria all the doors of Gulf oil to help to bridge that gap killer but did not find to hear or tell her if the word Welcome, I’ve closed the in her face all the doors Gulf, until you can not understanding only by the Israeli enemy,

despite the apathy located between al-Qathafi and Hafez al-Assad, the latter to explain the position of general military forces Armed Syrian leader Muammar al-Qathafi, al-Qathafi, Assad’s exactly my brother President Ma gap required of me, Assad Muammar, we have fast connections with Moscow for immediate access to 300 tanks, half of the T-72,

but the Russians asked us to be a payment in cash and in advance before conducting shipping, al-Qathafi Lion Saisalkm payment within 24 hours, as well as Saisalkm delegation Libyan military coordination and consultation with you to determine the urgent needs of the Syrian army, contracted to Libya with black market traders in Lebanon in order to buy 250 Bldoz American-made meets the requirements of the military as a gift to the Syrian army, is supposed to be an angel Armored Brigade Globally, from 4 to 6 bulldozer by the time the band has only Syrian armored bulldozer and type 2 Russian backward.

– That Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi has provided the Palestinian resistance with all requirements of fighting weapon, money and training and the opening of its camps and offices on the territory of Libya, I tell you about Muammar al-Qathafi, who insisted that the brother leader, a brother is not the king nor prince of no master but Abdullah poor,

Many announcements and Turkey nukes

General Command of the People’s Armed Resistance:
Operations Room Tripoli Mermaid and the river:
Calls upon the Leaders of the Resistance from the operations room,
for Tripoli’s Liberalisation Quality operations.
The Plan within the capital usurped
[saluting these operations fall under the liberalization plan for Tripoli named “dawn Billah”]
and calls upon all the operations room Tripoli brothers citizens:
1 – Please do not go out at the start of liberalization of the capital in order to preserve your lives.
2 – Please all of the Mujahideen Resistance and maintain the lives and public and private property.

3 – We ask fellow citizens to embrace the Resistance and help them move into neighborhoods.

Glory to the martyrs and the righteous pride of Resistance heroes, and

We say to you as our commander  Hero Muammar al-Qathafi says:
“Dear cowards will not Troau steadfast Tripoli.
(Operations room Tripoli Mermaid and the river)
(Dawn Billah)
القيادة العامة المقاومة الشعبية المسلحة: غرفة عمليات طرابلس عروس البحر والنهر
يهيب قادة المقاومة فى غرفة عمليات طرابلس عن بداء العمليات النوعية داخل العاصمة المغتصبة حيت تندرج هده العمليات تحت خطت تحرير طرابلس( فجر المعتصم بالله)
وتهيب غرفة عمليات طرابلس لكل الاخوة المواطنيين:
1-الرجاء عدم الخروج عند بداء عمليات التحرير العاصمة ودلك حفاظا على ارواحهم
2- الرجاء من كل المقاومين والمجاهدين المحافضة على الارواح والممتلاكات العامة والخاصة
3-نرجو من الاخوة المواطنيين احتظان المقاومين ومساعدتهم فى التحرك داخل الاحياء
المجد للشهداء الابرار والفخر للمقاومين الابطال
ونقول لكم كما قال القائد البطل معمر القدافى ايها الجبناء لن تروعو طرابلس الصامدة
غرفة عمليات طرابلس عروس البحر والنهر(فجر المعتصم بالله)الرجاء النشر والتعميم
Please publishing and Circulate

MUSICIAN writes:

{Almertjvon on Facebook}

order to win will no doubt be on the list of spirits faith in victory and be based on this doctrine convinced that

you are defending the right in the last fight,

or may not be then right at home, stock sentiment you have should be closed, because the victory is not paper money earned in the morning and losing in the evening: The victory at the Battle of the right is the crack of dawn and the departure of the dark, so you should be your convictions and the disappearance of news for you does not mean you lose the battle; but it does mean, that the surprises that you will hear the biggest of all your expectations.

You are assured that in Libya these days happens a lot a lot of scenes of victory at the hands of a hero who does not want your praise.


However, remain your spirits high until the war ends in victory. Described the liberation of the country, gave them Manotm high. They pay their lives in order to be liberated homeland and live in dignity and pride, of controlling the morale high.

Resist the devil within himself who whispers to him the triumph of falsehood.

Who believes in the existence of God for him to believe that the right will prevail and that the meeting in Green Square every honorable scenes of God’s promise to championing the oppressed.
And still continues playing the lead…

{musician }

{ المرتجفون في الفيسبوك } ————————— لكي تنتصر لا بد ان تكون معنوياتك قائمة على العقيدة في النصر وان تكون هذه العقيدة مبنية على اقتناع بآنك تدافع عن الحق في معركة آخيرة ، يكون او لا يكون بعدها الحق في وطنك ، بورصة المعنويات لديك يجب ان تقفل ، لان النصر ليس ورقة نقدية تكسبها في الصباح وتخسرها في المساء , النصر في معركة الحق هو بزوغ الفجر ورحيل الظلام ، هكذا يجب ان تكون قناعاتك واختفاء الاخبار عنك لا يعني انك تخسر المعركة بل يعني ان المفاجأت التي سوف تسمعها اكبر من كل توقعاتك ، تآكدوا ان في ليبيا هذه الايام يحدث الكثير الكثير من مشاهد النصر على يد الابطال الذين لا يريدون منك الآ ان تظل معنوياتك عالية حتي تنتهي الحرب بالنصر المبين وتحرير الوطن ، اعطوهم معنوياتكم العالية فهم يدفعون ارواحهم في سبيل ان يتحرر الوطن وان تعيشوا في عزة وكرامـة ، من يتحكم في معنوياته عالية يقاوم الشيطان داخل نفسه الذي يوسوس له بانتصار الباطل ، من يؤمن بوجود الله عليه ان يؤمن ان الحق سوف ينتصر وان اللقاء في الساحة الخضراء لكل الشرفاء من مشاهد وعد الله بنصرة المظلومين . —————————– ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

RE-APPEARANCE of MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI VERY SOON!Media Committee of the battalion men Alzer current P
(E (for publication and dissemination Messaging) or
Pan to the Libyan people Sharif patient cleats Moguen victory of God and the Reappearance near.
We promise you the end of the day Wednesday Bmphajih from the center and south of the Libyan Sabha specifically
WHDH sudden gift of the Libyan Resistance and dishonest men to all the sons of the Libyan people
God is great and above Kid aggressors.اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظر ف الحالي
هــــــــ((للنشر والتعميم الفوري )ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــام
الى عموم الشعب الليبي الشريف الصابر المرابط الموقن بنصر الله وفرجه القريب
نعدكم بنهاية اليوم الاربعاء بمفاجئه من وسط الجنوب الليبي ومن سبها تحديدا وهده المفاجئه هدية من المقاومه الليبيه الشريفه ومن رجالها الى كل ابناء الشعب الليبي
والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدين
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
–Volcano Zliten says:
“God is greatest above the aggressors Kid
Hallah that soon, Lord of the Worlds !”

Disclaimer Per Libby free Sharif believer in Allah’s victory
Good evening

Brothers and sisters
Even áÇĘÖíÚ details and the full truth of the war to liberate the south
I would like to tell you the following

Customers fully swallowed the bait
Our battle is not Sabha and what happened where it was a clear message for all those who question the abilities
Wait a surprise that will shake the whole world !

And remember that the war trick.
ساعة الصفر

تنويه لكل ليبي حر شريف مؤمن بنصر الله
مساء الخير

اخواني واخواتي
حتى لاتضيع التفاصيل والحقيقة الكاملة لحرب تحرير الجنوب
اود ان اقول لكم التالي

العملاء ابتلعوا الطعم بالكامل
معركتنا ليست سبها وماحدث فيها كان رسالة واضحة لكل من يشكك في قدراتنا
انتظروا المفاجأة التي ستهز العالم بأسره

وتذكروا ان الحرب خدعة


Hello, I want this posted in the widest.There is a question as to my leadership of the Resistanceand the credibility of the Resistance…question the pages with the word leader Muammar al-Qathafi is very clear.It is psychological warfare,and even supposing they braided that they entered into Sabha,
did you know what goes on there ? ordo you view TV Chahdo TV wetkolo?Salvation is everything to everyone.
One must Trust in the Resistance and in the leadership of the Resistance,But the absence of your faith in God is strongwaarvo, “we lost” !We are confident that our approach to this war brings victory,and victory comes only from God Almighty. Do you know why the practice of the media war,
when the video output information is adrift of the war fighter, in the name of getting there,
on behalf of the SOL a side road of Tmanhunt ,mad Jardan and Astano Al Jazeera:
Crazy rats wastano with Al Jazeera, who taught them what they are to do so much so that they stick to
belief of the collapse of the legitimate leader Muammar al-Qathafi.walrih Pur green for this to everyone who harms of this shock !REST IN PEACE “al-Jazeera” (from shock of this topic) !السلام عليكم ارجو النشر في أوسع نطاق
هناك مجموعه تشكك بالمقاومه وبي قيادة المقاومه وهناك من يشكك بمصدقية الصفحات المقاومه مع ان كلام القائد معمر القدافي واضح جدا انها حرب نفسيه وحتى ولو فرضنا جدلن انهم دخلو الى سبها هل انتم تعرفون مادا يحصل هناك ام انكم تشاهدو التلفزيون وتقولو خلاص تم كل شي افيقو من الصدمات الجردنيه وثقو في المقاومه وفي قيادة المقاومه وخلو ايمانكم بالله قوي واعرفو اننا مدخلنا حرب خاسره اننا واثقون بنصر وما النصر الا من عند الله عز وجل هل عرفتم السبب من هدي الحرب الاعلاميه عندما خرج فيديو المناضل باسم الصول وهو جنب طريق تنمهنت جن جنون الجردان واستعنو بقناة الجزيره وعلمتهم مادا يفعلون حتى ينهار من يتمسك بشرعية القائد معمر القدافي والريه الخظراء فلهدا افيقو من هده الصدمه

Immediate news channel Jermanah: one of the leaders of rats, said a little while ago on the air and they are surrounded by supporters of the former regime and bullets and shells heaped on them from all Hzb and towards the withdrawal of some of the rats from the intensity of the strikes on them.

Statement of the victory of the Saadi Brigade of silks and Magdat Great Jamahiriya :

“Zero hour” writes:
Amsho their channels and Tacdo he Tmanhunt where Khot martyr Billah Elly Fort Brega Aktar of six months and bombing it from the air, land and sea
Farrukh yogurt graveyard Fezzan Astoabo thing hada Kois and Phyto flags and the enemy very soon Anlqo torrent of channels and programs is green and Sau quantity Xue Paso


Hey are free Pennekdblkm videos Elly exposure including channels Jardan First Sabha by Maicolon it no life in it completely dead, no schools or shops are open and the image offered by their channels of children out of school a reasonable Atina routers major of its kind Bimshaw school and two in the last period and less war Mamchoc schools Bimshawa Atina major confrontations and God and the salvation of the case

Zero hour” writes us:
It’s peaceful resistance role?

To all honest and are free Libya victorious in God?

Took part in the resistance honest with your brethren Black fronts (b (civil disobedience)) Ahrjohm in front of the world .. Paralyzing the state already dead?
And persuaded Nadmon solidarity with you boys against NATO?
Libya close to the pressures of falsehood?
Every minute that passes without resistance? Loss Naaaaaaaaaaa?
You Hlha NATO and not boys? Jet Tdna welcome heaven?
From tomorrow ((holiday)) that pleases God Say Iaaaaaaaaaaaaarb near victory.
(Libyan national)


By / Knight
The only intelligent
War trick .. War rumor .. War Propaganda
War .. News fabricated and incorrect information
War .. Psychic before they are military
War .. An information before they are field
War .. Wisdom and intelligence and skill before they are courageous
War .. Secret and sudden and focused and not visible and clear
War .. Planning and readiness and accuracy, not reaction and recklessness
War .. Determination and will and faith, not revenge and spoils and gains
War .. How, not how much
War .. Command and control rather than improvisational
War .. Mobilization and operations and not random
War .. Patience and endure and are not sure urgency and desperation and frustration
War .. Victory with minimal losses, not Nasr losing everything
War .. Time enough for the numbers and the appropriate place to do the right moment to break into
War .. Take advantage of all the material and moral factors and customized
shum hgwtv



Alert to the west are free from the client Abu arrows

Please publishing broadest:



The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana
The dream of the devil in Paradise Haha people said no to the extension of his—-
(Libby and Rishvana)

Alert to the west are free from the client Abu arrows

Please publishing broadest:

no more Allaotunai Conference, no more GNC: “THE PEOPLE SAY NO” to the extension!

“International Red Cross”, “medical personnel” in Libya does not work out of fear for her life,

and the Libyan government have failed to provide security even to herself.

Bombed civilians in Sabha and the Rishvana and families displaced and Tripoli Farhana Jermanbalfl team win the hearts of people died!

Sartaoah commander:
Oh Lord, I Nstodek resistance fighters in Sabha and other cities, keep them in your eye that Atnam Iaaaaallah and insist extending them Soldiers from you Iaaaarb O Ahvdahm and slotted thrown Iaaaarb understand what went only to cleanse our country of impurity clients traitors who Damro our country and displaced our people and wreaked where Alvesaad O response Kidd customers traitors to Nharham and scattered the toss and putting them in horror Gulwooppem and beat them defeat the evil followers of Jews from Misrata.




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel :::
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya:
Two bodies were found dumped beside the sea in Ghargaresh them showing signs of torture
and identify them after they found the sons and Rishvana.


Najat interior minister in charge of “friend Abdulkarim” of an assassination attempt
while passing through the airport to Tripoli. Assassination attempt Siddiq Abdul-Karim,
Minister of the Interior in charge of what is known.
Ambulance waxing cattle come from Misrata to Tripoli.
Drone aircraft in the skies of the capital # Tripoli now.




Black history department in Ajeelat writing in a book home with the blood of their sons and Fethiye them Salute

to Black and Rishvana and both put his hand on the palm of his hand for the freedom and dignity of the nation.


Found three people dead and tortured them raised on the outskirts of the city after the announcement.

of the department in Ajeelat abducted by armed militias that were attacking the city Mend days.



I hope our brothers in caution and Rishvana of treachery militias.



News of honorable Tarhounah battling the powerful  rats.





Found an unidentified body in the Benghazi area Qmins dumped in the sea

and murdered six shots and hands tied by “Klabashat”.

We are now in a battle and we completely trust the leadership of whatever comes out
The fight media have a field tours and several themes
Who would you not have the patience to sit and war Please Eachd Mottaki and by himself
The fight her tactics and strategies overseen by the military elite of military expertise
Hedda and tell everyone Sabra beautiful and God

Fire station north of Benghazi double leads to power outages to revive most of Benghazi,

due out one of the largest generating units in the General Electric Company for work,

and expected, to increase the number of Saat Chapter programmed electric power for the city.






Kidnapping a number of sheikhs and notables Murzuq city when they came out of the city of Sabha

and on their way to the city of Murzuq.


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 Autoplay (video starts playing automatically)


Message from Khokm. Ali Mahdi accent. Son, Major General Ali accent may God protect him

“The right is no god but God hugging morale
Heaven … ”
– In your opinion, Is Driving the historic
She was able to defy the most powerful military force
In the world) NATO (for eight months
Will be able to a group of villains Nile
– Does the leadership in order to determine a stupid place
Presence or presence goals k) Tnhenmt
And others!!! (
We know very well that the enemy can fly
Switch to the area to have the ashes of the piece
Change the style of combat to the valiant resistance
And change tactics.
– We are in the case of the attack and not defense ..
We will fight where available loophole available fatal
To the enemy so that the whole earth, and we have
Us the whole time.
– Will not stand up in a certain area so as not to be
Identified as a target.
– The enemy crowd of thousands of mercenaries direction
North Sabha can not get
Anything and not one gun., But men
Resistance Asttawa destruction mechanisms and killed
Last but not least:
In the near term and the Nohzmanm
Long-term Nohzmanm Vanasr help us
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings .

URGENT :: Vanguards battalion (bird Alobabil) of the 32 intervention brigade now on the outskirts of Sabha.
Continued engagement within the city and the high morale of our men.
One of the sons was kidnapped tribe Alqmazvh is Ahcene Admin Sanusi,
a resident of Mansheya by tribe Awlad Asilyman evening.
Media Committee of the battalion men Alzer current P
(E (for publication and dissemination Messaging) or
Pan to the Libyan people Sharif patient cleats Moguen victory of God and the reappearance near.
We promise you the end of the day Wednesday Bmphajih from the center and south of the Libyan Sabha specifically
WHDH sudden gift of the Libyan Resistance and dishonest men to all the sons of the Libyan people
God is great and above Kid aggressors
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
More than 40 channels and hundreds of pages Alfberaaria.
Practicing lies and deception and is able to tell the truth,
which she says.
“Editor south of the traitors and agents, and under the control of the noble tribes.”
Apprenticeship at the hands of the island will not only be a liar. It was followed by Bernard Levy would only be naive and stupid Morra it.
Wars, military plans and not Faspockah News and photographing: dance in front of the cameras.
Hey news channel are free to those who do not know Come clone channel sow its Director Wadah Khanfar told you a valuable start editing Sabha that the news channel is room for intelligence operations Village.

الساعة 1 ليلا 29.1.2014

Now a little while ago in front of the air base Tmanhunt Sabha under the control of the Provisional People’s Forces:
The continuation of the flight of aircraft to the south of Libya.
Ivory (Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation) for
The rebuttal Tkdaba for his clients NATO published on their pages and on their flags misleading
Entry of armed militias to the base Tmhunt Military
The images that have come on to broadcast images belonging to the General Company
in the city of Hun when Thsid Qqguathm and their militias
Nor the authenticity of the pictures broadcast on their channels misguided
God is great and above Kid aggressors.
Rats Msourinlk group people in the middle of the desert and clear buildings or shops form a camp for displaced people outside Sabha, raising important rag independence and Junbhm army Allaotunai and Enqzoa We are Glad
Bah and Rona video of the castle and knight battalion and Tmanhunt Hotel and Africa and Central Sabha and finish this whole????
The problem is that the video from the angle of the base unit and a tight screen Agtoha try as much as possible of the rat is about 15 turnoff in the picture.
T-respected minds Germankm even lying !
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
God and the largest and thankfully
Resistance is now in the People’s Libyan Sabha turn of Mo Qa defense to the site of the attack and sweeping dozens of deaths of bearded and Altkveareran been capturing a lot of members of the armed militias
The battle is still ongoing and complete control of the honorable men of the Libyan Resistance.
God is great and above Kid aggressors.
Now the Libyan resistance ambushed clients NATO sixth Infantry Brigade on the outskirts of Sabha was Tkebedhm
significant loss of life and gear sheep were a lot of weapons and ammunition.
And over the radio now
Call Astgaúh of client inventory NATO Colonel Alsukna requested support ÚÇĚáĺ
God is great and above Kid aggressors
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
The credibility / important / urgent and
Inventory Ashour told Ahawaal Tmanhunt base …. The strange thing there is not a remnant of ammunition
((empty envelope)) who Ameherni that the war in order to recover under the base more than 10 days with
all these forces besieged the base tractor imposed mean ((double Ali may Peck ))
Mean number of supposedly ousted at least 2,000 people, even if we assume they have a few dozen,
it gives the assumption that forces shields very weak in terms of combat and Ayda does not even prisoners killed by cronies???????
Users need Mashvc
The series continues Matvhm Shi.
“Zero hour” writes:Khvaiaaaaaaaaa Tmanhunt …. Brega South Tahir?
Resolve the issue? The honorable sons of the Liberal and Libya victorious in God?
Had incline victorious, God willing, and God consummated his promise? The first war defeated media channels lying? And not media channels?
Devoid Manotm hugging sky-high? Salvation hostile Madrq where? Hlha day and Gabn to Athar?
You are you God? But patience Manasr hour? Pray for the Mujahideen PDF tribes conjunctiva with him?
The faint hearted ((Menhsmon)) remained saw their channels and Fberkatha meager?
War trick? .. Irreversible .. Our country and where we are .. Victory or martyrdom important duty done?
And tomorrow to sight a close? It’s a glorious hours. East and west north and south .. The south was the spark and return them .. Forward O Fsaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Do not return to slavery.
The nature of the south of Libya is in the interest of the honorable resistance, not only ask you to pray for,
because they know what they are doing and when.
URGENT :: battalion Mutassim and Saraya Tigers Libya belonging to Jean-denominated popular now waging
a massive attack on Misurata rats that are trying to access Tmanhunt of the Sahara and farms.
1. Operations room Resistance give orders to the troops to withdraw from the popular base Tmanhunt and Qoirh money after the use of Turkish air bombing with nuclear B61-11 bombs (given to the Turks through an agreement with the USA) sites edited Crown other reasons can not now Todhaha2. Every youth armed resistance and the car was fine and we challenge the rats Atalaao threw a shot at the base3. Battle is not and will not end after the coming days to explain everything sponsorFree Manotm elevated victorious, God willing…(PICTURE SHOWS a B61-11)
the B61-11, developed during the Clinton administration. The B61-11 bunker busters are fully operational, The B61-11 has apparently been tested “resulting in its acceptance as a standard stockpile item”. It has been cleared for battlefield use.INFO:

B61-11 NEP Thermonuclear Bomb

History of the B61 Thermonuclear Bomb

The B-61 thermonuclear bomb, first produced in 1966, is described as a light weight nuclear device. Its construction essentially extends the technology of the older version of tactical nuclear warheads. (for further details see, .

The B61-11 earth-penetrating version of the B61 was developed in the immediate wake of the Cold War under the Clinton administration. It was configured initially to have a “low” 10 kiloton yield, 66.6 percent of a Hiroshima bomb, for (post-Cold War) battlefield operations:

”In October 1993, Harold Smith, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Atomic Energy, sought approval to develop an alternative to the B53 high-yield nuclear bomb, which was the principal “bunker buster” weapon in the U.S. arsenal. The B53 was also the heaviest payload nuke in use, weighing 8,900 pounds, and only deployable from the B-52 bombers. Under the guise of “weapons modernization,” Smith was pushing the development of the B61-Mod 11.

… The B61-11 was developed and put into the stockpile without full-scale nuclear tests. Some critics have maintained that the B61-11 is a new nuclear weapon, but the US has said all along that the B61-11 is not new, but a modification of older B61s to give the weapon an earth-penetrating capability to destroy buried targets….”


The B61-11 was intended for the Middle East. The Clinton administration had in fact threatened to use it against Libya, suggesting that Libya’s alleged underground chemical weapons facility at Tarhunah “might be a target of the then-newly deployed B61-11 earth-penetrating nuclear weapon.” ( The Record (Bergen County, NJ) February 23, 2003.)

Military documents distinguish between the NEP and the “mini-nuke” which are nuclear weapons with a yield of less than 10 kilotons (two thirds of a Hiroshima bomb). The NEP can have a yield of up to a 1000 kilotons, or seventy times a Hiroshima bomb.

This distinction between mini-nukes and NEPs is in many regard misleading. In practice there is no dividing line. We are broadly dealing with the same type of weaponry: the B61-11 has several “available yields”, ranging from “low yields” of less than one kiloton, to mid-range and up to the 1000 kiloton bomb. In all cases, the radioactive fallout is devastating. Moreover, the B61 series of thermonuclear weapons includes several models with distinct specifications: the B61-11, the B61-3, B61- 4, B61-7 and B61-10. Each of these bombs has several “available yields”.

What is contemplated for theater use is the “low yield” 10 kt bomb, two thirds of a Hiroshima bomb.

Mini-Nukes in Conventional War Theaters

There are indications that the Bush administration does not exclude using thermonuclear bunker buster bombs in the Middle East war theater. These weapons were specifically developed for use in post Cold War “conventional conflicts with third world nations”.

In October 2001, in the immediate wake of 9/11, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld envisaged the use of the B61-11 in Afghanistan. The targets were Al Qaeda cave bunkers in the Tora Bora mountains.

Rumsfeld stated at the time that while the “conventional” bunker buster bombs “‘are going to be able to do the job’, … he did not rule out the eventual use of nuclear weapons.” (Quoted in the Houston Chronicle, 20 October 2001, italics added.)

The use of the B61-11 was also contemplated during the 2003 bombing and invasion of Iraq. In this regard, the B61-11 was described as “a precise, earth-penetrating low-yield nuclear weapon against high-value underground targets”, which included Saddam Hussein’s underground bunkers:

”If Saddam was arguably the highest value target in Iraq, then a good case could be made for using a nuclear weapon like the B61-11 to assure killing him and decapitating the regime” (.Defense News, December 8, 2003).

Turkey drops B-61-11 nuclear bombs  onTmanhunt base in South Libya
  • A B-2A bomber releases a test version of the new B61-11 gravity bomb over the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, November 20, 1996“Safe for Civilians”The B61-11 is categorized as a “deep earth penetrating bomb” capable of “destroying the deepest and most hardened of underground bunkers, which the conventional warheads are not capable of doing”. The B61-11s can be delivered in much same way as the conventional bunker buster bomb, from a B-2. a 5B-2 stealth bomber or from an F-16 aircraft.
    “military officials and leaders of America’s nuclear weapon laboratories are urging the US to develop a new generation of precision low-yield nuclear weapons… which could be used in conventional conflicts with third-world nations.Critics argue that adding low-yield warheads to the world’s nuclear inventory simply makes their eventual use more likely.
    In fact, a 1994 law currently prohibits the nuclear laboratories from undertaking research and development that could lead to a precision nuclear weapon of less than 5 kilotons (KT), because “low-yield nuclear weapons blur the distinction between nuclear and conventional war.”… Senate Republicans John Warner (R-VA) and Wayne Allard (R-CO) buried a small provision in the 2001 Defense Authorization Bill that would have overturned these earlier restrictions… Senators Warner and Allard imagine these nuclear weapons could be used in small-scale conventional conflicts against rogue dictators, while leaving most of the civilian population untouched.
    As one anonymous former Pentagon official put it to the Washington Post last spring, “What’s needed now is something that can threaten a bunker tunneled under 300 meters of granite without killing the surrounding civilian population.” Statements like these promote the illusion that nuclear weapons could be used in ways which minimize their “collateral damage,” making them acceptable tools to be used like conventional weapons.”
    (See / click v54nl, italics added)In an utterly twisted logic, the nuclear bunker buster bomb is presented as an instrument of peace-making and regime change, which will enhance global security. It is intended to curb the dangers of WMD proliferation by “nonstate organizations (terrorist, criminal)” and “rogue states”. Pentagon propaganda has carefully distorted the nature of this bomb.The B61-11 is casually described as causing an underground explosion without threatening “the surrounding civilian population”.The Pentagon has blurred the distinction between conventional battlefield weapons and nuclear bombs. Already during the Clinton Administration, the Pentagon was calling for the use of the “nuclear” B61-11 bunker buster bomb, suggesting that because it was “underground”, there was no toxic radioactive fallout which could affect civilians.

    The Bush administration has gone one step further in defining the use of tactical nuclear weapons, which are now part of America’s preemptive arsenal. Essentially they are described defensive weapons. Under the preemptive nuclear doctrine, they are specifically identified for use in conventional war theaters.

    The Pentagon claims that the use of the B61-11 minimizes the risks of “collateral damage”. According to US. military planners, “potential adversaries” are hiding their WMDs in “fortified bunkers” below more than 100 feet of concrete. Yet test results indicate that the low yield B61-11 has never penetrated more than 20 feet below the ground (See also The Independent. 23 October 2003) :

    “The earth-penetrating capability of the B61-11 is fairly limited. … Tests show it penetrates only 20 feet or so into dry earth when dropped from an altitude of 40,000 feet. … Any attempt to use it in an urban environment would result in massive civilian casualties. Even at the low end of its 0.3-300 kiloton yield range, the nuclear blast will simply blow out a huge crater of radioactive material, creating a lethal gamma-radiation field over a large area ” (Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapons by Robert W. Nelson,Federation of American Scientists, 2001 ).

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
     one of the nuke bombs dropped on Tmanhunt Base and Qoirh money BY THE TURKS!
  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
     In accordance with “NATO strike plans”, these tactical nuclear weapons are acceptable to be used in the War with Libya (2011).
  • Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
     The stockpiling and deployment of tactical B61 (including the B61-11 earth penetrating warhead) in these five “non-nuclear states” are intended for targets in the Middle East. In accordance with “NATO strike plans”, these thermonuclear B61 bunker buster bombs (stockpiled by the “non-nuclear states”) could be launched….
  • “The approximately 480 nuclear bombs in Europe [350 according to 2007 estimate] are intended for use in accordance with NATO nuclear strike plans, the report asserts, against targets…in the Middle East….Tactical nuclear weapons are in essence slated to be used against non-nuclear states in the middle East. Their use was employed against Libya in 2011.

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
The news reports LIE about ZAIDANE’s government retaking Tmanhunt Base, as no human can safely enter it at present. All Resistance are safe away from harms reach of it; and still have it surrounded as to no breeches are capable by ground.
The enemy is trying to cross broadcast footage from the outskirts of Sabha or the pocket of their pockets and possible unknown emphasis on access to Sabha which is located in the part of the psychological war failed, and did not and will not achieve anything of lying and disinformation is a few hours of ecstasy false and break out the battles, and the tombs of those who defend the government corruption and corrupt in the so-called National Conference on the doors … Kerr then fled the fighting and not fighting retain sites do not affect the Manuetkm as they wish.
Michel Chossudovsky   

Published time: 10 April  2013 14:23

The US had originally supplied some 480 B61 thermonuclear bombs to these five “non-nuclear states”, as well as to the United Kingdom, which is categorized as a Nuclear Weapons State (NWS). (See map below)

RNEP: The Follow-On To B61-11RNEP: The Follow-On To B61-11

Casually disregarded by the Vienna based UN Nuclear Watchdog (IAEA), the US has actively contributed to the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Western Europe and Turkey. While, some of these bombs were decommissioned as a result of political pressures, particularly in Belgium and Germany, the US –in liaison with NATO– has launched a multi-billion dollar modernisation program of its tactical nuclear weapons arsenal.

According to the National Resources Defense Council (August 2007), the number of B61 nuclear bombs in Europe has been reduced from 480 to 350, following the removal of 130 bombs from the Ramstein airbase in Germany.

As part of this European stockpiling and deployment, Turkey, which is a partner of the US-led coalition against Iran along with Israel, possesses some 90 thermonuclear B61 bunker buster bombs at the Incirlik air base. (National Resources Defense Council, Nuclear Weapons in Europe, February 2005). This is all the more significant in view of the “reconciliation” and renewed bilateral military cooperation between Ankara and Tel Aviv in the wake of President Obama’s March visit to Israel.

The stockpiling and deployment of tactical B61 (including the B61-11 earth penetrating warhead) in these five “non-nuclear states” are intended for targets in the Middle East.  In accordance with  “NATO strike plans”, these thermonuclear B61 bunker buster bombs (stockpiled by the “non-nuclear states”) could be launched….

“The approximately 480 nuclear bombs in Europe [350 according to 2007 estimate] are intended for use in accordance with NATO nuclear strike plans, the report asserts, against targets…in the Middle East….”

The report shows for the first time how many U.S. nuclear bombs are earmarked for delivery by non-nuclear NATO countries. In times of war, under certain circumstances, up to 180 of the 480 nuclear bombs would be handed over to Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey for delivery by their national air forces. No other nuclear power or military alliance has nuclear weapons earmarked for delivery by non-nuclear countries.”

Nuclear Information Project, The B61-11 The Birth of A Nuclear BombNuclear Information Project, The B61-11 The Birth of A Nuclear BombWhile political pressures have been exerted in recent years towards decommissioning the stockpile of tactical nuclear weapons, the arsenal of B61 bunker buster bombs with nuclear warheads remains fully operational. In the case of a conflict with Iran, mini nukes in the five non nuclear states would be actively deployed in liaison with NATO, which has fully endorsed the doctrine of nuclear pre-emption. According to the Pentagon:… keeping these weapons in Europe is that they allow NATO members to participate in shaping alliance nuclear policy [i.e. pre-emptive nuclear doctrine]. In this view, transatlantic ties are strengthened when the risks and costs of deploying and securing nuclear weapons are shared between the US and the respective host nations. (Quoted in “Parting words: Gates and tactical nuclear weapons in Europe”Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 14 July 2011)

Modernising the Mini-Nukes Arsenal

The decommissioning of the B61 nukes stockpiled in Western Europe and Turkey is a smokescreen. The European tactical nuclear weapons project is not being phased out as some reports have suggested. Quite the opposite. In 2010,  the US National Nuclear Security Administration initiated a program “to refurbish and extend the life of the B61 bomb” at an initial estimated cost of 4 billion dollars (Ibid). By 2012, the mini nukes refurbishing program had skyrocketed to 7.31€ billion. (US Department of Defence, Case Independent Cost Assessment for B61 LEP, Washington,  July 13, 2012)

Described by the Federation of American Scientists, as “a gold plated nuclear bomb project”, this initiative consists in modernizing the existing pre-emptive nuclear arsenal of B61 tactical nuclear weapons deployed in the five undeclared nuclear states. Moreover, a new version of the B61 bunker buster bomb is envisaged: the B61-12. The latter is to be developed for deployment in Western Europe and Turkey with the backing of NATO and the German government, (Federation of American Scientists, November 2012).

The Obama administration and Congress have pushed the program forward despite the enormous cost … of refurbishing such complex weapons … Advocates, including the Obama administration..

Germany: Nuclear Weapons Producer

Among the five “undeclared nuclear states”“Germany remains the most heavily nuclearized country with three nuclear bases (two of which are fully operational) and may store as many as 150 [B61 bunker buster ] bombs” (National Resources Defense Council, Nuclear Weapons in Europe. In accordance with “NATO strike plans”, these tactical nuclear weapons are also targeted at the Middle East.

While Germany is not categorized officially as a nuclear weapons state, it produces nuclear warheads for the French Navy. It stockpiles tactical nuclear weapons (Made in America) and it has the capabilities of delivering nuclear weapons. Moreover,  The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company – EADS , a Franco-German-Spanish  joint venture, controlled by the powerful Daimler Group is Europe’s second largest military producer, supplying France’s M51 nuclear missile.

Germany imports and deploys tactical nuclear weapons from the US. EADS produces nuclear warheads which are exported to France. Yet Germany is classified as a non-nuclear state.

Dangerous Cross Roads

The tactical nuclear weapons deployed by the five non declared nuclear states are under national command and could be used in a pre-emptive US-NATO sponsored nuclear attack against Iran.

Tactical nuclear weapons are also deployed by Israel.

While it is unlikely that nuclear weapons would be used at the outset of an attack, they could be envisaged as part of a scenario of military escalation.

It is, therefore, important that public opinion in Western Europe, Turkey and Israel be made aware of the consequences of pre-emptive warfare and that political pressures be exerted on the governments of these 5 countries, with a view to blocking the deployment of the B61 nuclear warheads in their respective military bases as well as withdrawing outright from ongoing US-NATO pre-emptive war plans directed against Iran.

Tactical nuclear weapons are in essence slated to be used against non-nuclear states in the middle East. Their use was contemplated in both the Iraq war in 2003 as well against Libya in 2011.

Pseudo Reporting by West and bribeing teenage boys to do their dirtywork

Thumb's-up screensaver

Mu Holy Imam


{Smear campaign miserable}

– These days, you will hear from the news fabricated and deceptive Maivkirkm same false news, which was free to the client Arab media channels and channels west conspirator in 2011,

This time the campaign is directed to a person Commander of the Libyan revolution, which describes their news today that a serial killer does not assess the weight of the privilege and violates the Libyan symptoms?

The important question to know the truth about these lies, lies in why Chen campaign now?

And why someone Leader Muammar al-Qathafi?

It used this lies in the past?

Fierce campaign being waged on the Leader of the Revolution today have two reasons:

the first: popular uprising in Libya and condensing Libyan tribes about the thought of Muammar al-Qathafi,

and the second reason is: the increase in supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi, even among Libyans who were in favor of the events of “17February” and even those who nominate in Libya today Balnadamin.

It was not the focus of the campaign to honor damned claw row Libyan tribes noble honor, which is below the red line of death.

These lies have been used in the past to tarnish the image of the armed people and accused him of raping women in Misrata and the war ended and did not hear a mirror and one of Misratah raped and published all organizations concerned with human rights reports later confirm that one of the women have been raped in Misurata appeared semiconductor men stateless honor in Misurata to say In their pages and their channels, that they used this lie to get rid of Altagah; and that lying is permissible in war !

This makes me address my question to them: is it in order as so you are willing to sell your honor permission as to why you fight?

Grab the old State Hillary Clinton in this lie, and made it into an international public opinion, and everyone was the day of the infidels and traitors believes that God does not exist.

It is the triumph of falsehood be convinced he has the doctrine that God does not exist and that the basis of life of falsehood and its injustice.

Three years ago and did not see the victim of rape and one of the victims of rape Bab al-Aziziya as you say, and even the Revolutionary Guard officers who were interrogated told me personally that they were forced confessions are not from their own words, only for their release.

The operations room of birth in the College of Medicine, which did not use, was equipped for Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi, who was pregnant with her daughter Amal, was the security situation day requires that give birth to Dr. in a place not frequented by people at the time; became, the doubt which is the principle and ask for a certificate in this regard from Dr. Aisha Per Muammar Gaddafiafi, all Libyans about this incident.

In the end, dare you give me the names of violators Misurata give you the names of the settlements of the Bab al-Aziziya, will not give me Shi Shi, will not give you a loss, because the thing does not give him.

– And still continues playing the lead,
{musician }
{ حملة تشـويه بائسـة }

– هذه الايـام سوف تسمعون من الاخبار الملفقة والمخادعة مايذكركم بنفس الاخبار الكاذبة التي كانت تتردد في قنوات الاعلام العربية العميلة وقنوات الغرب المتآمر عام 2011 ،

هذه المرة الحملة موجهة لشخص قائد الثورة الليبية والتي تصفه اخبارهم اليوم بآنه سفاح ولا يقيم وزن للشرف وينتهك اعراض الليبيات ؟

السؤال المهم لمعرفة حقيقة هذه الاكاذيب يكمن في لماذا تشن الحملة الان ؟

ولماذا شخص القائد معمر القذافي ؟

ومن استخدم هذه الاكاذيب في الماضي ؟

الحملة الشرسة التي تشن على قائد الثورة اليوم لها سببين الاول الانتفاضة الشعبية في ليبيا وتكاثف القبائل الليبية حول فكر معمر القذافي والسبب الثاني ازدياد انصار معمر القذافي حتي في أوساط الليبين الذين كانوا مؤيدين لأحداث 17 فبراير والذين يسموا في ليبيا اليوم بالنادمين ،

وكان لا بد من تركيز الحملة اللعينة على الشرف لشق صف القبائل الليبية الشريفة التي تعتبر الشرف خط احمر دونه الموت ،

هذه الاكاذيب استخدمت في الماضي لتشويه صورة الشعب المسلح واتهامه باغتصاب النساء في مصراته وانتهت الحرب ولم نسمع بمرآة واحدة من مصراته اغتصبت ونشرت كل المنظمات التي تهتم بحقوق الانسان تقارير بعد ذلك تؤكد ان احد من النسوة لم تغتصب في مصراته وظهر أشباه الرجال عديمي الشرف في مصراته ليقولوا في قنواتهم و صفحاتهم انهم استخدموا هذه الكذبة للتخلص من التاغية والكذب في الحروب جائز ،

وهذا يجعلني اتوجه لهم بسؤال في محله اذ كنتم على استعداد لبيع شرفكم اذن على ماذا تحاربون ؟

تلقفت العجوز في الخارجية الامريكية هيلاري كلينتون هذه الكذبة وصنعت منها راي عام عالمي وكان الجميع يومها من الكفرة والخونة يعتقد ان الله غير موجود ،

فمن يقتنع بانتصار الباطل تكون لديه عقيدة بأن الله غير موجود وان الحياة اساسها الباطل ونظامها الظلم ،

منذ ثلاثة سنوات ولم نري ضحية اغتصاب واحدة من ضحايا اغتصاب باب العزيزية كما تقولون وحتي ضابطات الحرس الثوري اللاتي تم التحقيق معهم قالوا لي شخصياً انهم اجبروا على اعترافات ليست من اقوالهم مقابل اطلاق سراحهم ،

وغرفة عمليات الولادة في كلية الطب التي لم تستخدم كانت مجهزة للدكتور عائشة معمر القذافي التي كانت حامل بي ابنتها امل وكان الوضع الامني يومها يقتضي ان تنجب الدكتورة في مكان لا يتردد عليه الناس في زمن صار الشك فيه هو المبدأ واطلب شهادة في هذا المقام من الدكتورة عائشة معمر القذافي لكل الليبين حول هذه الواقعة ،

في النهاية اتحداكم اعطوني اسماء مغتصبات مصراته اعطيكم اسماء مغتصبات باب العزيزية ، لن تعطوني شي ولن اعطيكم شي لان فاقد الشي لا يعطيـه .

— ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

“Gibraltar Falcon” presents:God is.(The homeland and Of our duty ):Greetings Honorable tribute glory and free greeting for honest resistance.Gallant greeting people be wrongfully by the optimistic child.Greetings is the best supplication elders, the elderly and the elderly and disadvantaged DOA of Hua Libby who loves this country whom will never betray, We peoples of the South, saw you, the people of Ajeelat: you line up welazaltm.They write epics and tournaments… We are not defending the regions but stand on Libya, because Its our legal and legitimate duty.We have martyrs and we will not shrink from 12,000 and will not surrender and We will protect the Resistance of honest people and there will be retributionBut not by traitors and customer walsrakin or the new global terrorism, backed by the West and America. (Gibbets will suspend you; for you not only cheat, but, you have betrayed, Our Commander of the homeland and all her people)

You made Libya a joke to the world ! We were in peak glory, glory and pride.

As we now are judges, in our sovereign country today, you will see everything you destroyed…

and you have now fallen by the fair and gallant Resistance. we are in our hour of GLORY. We are the flood-attack, erasing the public shame you brought upon our hands in our land. We are honest workers, citizens, engineers, doctors and experts; and, all minds to re-build our Home and we ask the following of you.

1. respect for the military orders issued by the General command of the resistance

2-activate the intelligence security services, internal security and external security and the police both spectrum and municipal guard

3. be there for after full liberalization and all are equal under Libyan law

4 no rape or assault or murder or liquidation of this atrocity is the implementation of the death penalty in front of the masses

5 assemble the weapon and return to state stores by tribal elders

Larger role for elders 6_ tribal elders to solve all outstanding problems and grievances and reconciliation between the people of Libya and granted large powers

7_ code of honor among all tribes in Libya sealed blood to end these extravaganzas

Finally I like to mention to intifadah close, get ready, we are free to go out this time for God and country and duty.

طارق الصقر
الله .. الوطن .. الواجب

تحية الشرفاء تحية المجد والصمود تحية الاحرار للمقاومه الشريفه الباسله تحية الشعب الذي انقهر ظلما وعدوانا تحية الاطفال المستبشرين خيرا بقادم افضل دعاء الشيوخ والعجائز وكبار السن والمحرومين دعاء من كل من هوا ليبي ويحب هذا التراب الذي لم ولن نخونه اهلنا في الجنوب اهلنا في ورشفانه اهلنا في العجيلات سطرتم ولازالتم تسطرون الملاحم والبطولات فنحن لاندافع عن مناطقنا بل ندافع على ليبيا لانه من واجبنا الشرعي والقانوني قدمنا شهداء ولازالنا نقدم ولن نتراجع ولن نستسلم وستحمي المقاومه الشريفه الشعب الليبي ولن يكون القصاص الا من الخونه والعملاء والسراقين واصحاب الارهاب العالمي الجديد المدعوم من الغرب وامريكا فالمشانق ستعلق لكم لانكم لم تخونوا قائد لانكم خنتم وطن وشعب وجعلتم من ليبيا اضحوكه امام العالم بعدما كنا في قمة الشموخ والمجد والعزه عندما كنا نحن من نحكم في بلادنا واليوم ترون كل شي امامكم وواقعكم الي المقاومه الشريفه الباسله ونحن في ساعات مجيده واقتراب الطوفان الاخضر من الهجوم لمسح عار ال فبراير وبناء الجماهيريه من جديد بايدينا نحن من ابناء الوطن الشرفاء عمال ومهندسين ودكاتره وخبراء وكل العقول النيره من اجل بناء الوطن بعرقنا ودمنا نطلب منكم الاتي .

1_ احترام الاوامر العسكريه الصادره من القياده العامه للمقاومه

2_ تفعيل الاجهزه الامنيه الاستخبارات الامن الداخلي والامن الخارجي والشرطه بكل اطيافها والحرس البلدي

3_ لايكون هناك مقابل بعد انتهاء التحرير الكامل والكل سواسيه تحت القانون الليبي

4_ عدم انتهاك الحرمات او التعدي على الاشخاص او القتل او التصفيه ومن يعمل هذا الفعل الشنيع يكون تنفيد عقوبة الاعدام امام الجماهير

5_ تجميع السلاح بدون مقابل وعودته الي مخازن الدوله باشراف حكماء القبائل

6_ الدور الاكبر لحكماء القبائل والشيوخ من اجل حل كل المشكلات العالقه ورد المظالم والصلح بين الشعب الليبي وتمنح لهم صلاحيات كبيره

7_ ميثاق شرف بين كل قبائل ليبيا يبصم بالدم لانهاء هذه المهازل

واخيرا احب ان انوه ان الانتفاضه قريبه فاستعدوا يا احرار لاننا نخرج هذه المره من اجل الله والوطن والواجب

GREAT SON writes:We believe in God the Almighty who is capable of giving us victory, and our support for Him and all is set right,
and certainty and faith in our hearts and our patience, persistence and determination.We don’t believe in only one thing … That which is taken by force can only be retrieved by force. And other HPA scattered …We have a reliable leader and with resilience and fighting, there will be a cleansing … And we also, (always just as we said) as much as what helm death and our duty towards the Great Jamahiriya nation: WE offer dignity and history …Let go of all political entities that try to fit the political mold. Resistance brings us out of the maze of concessions and compromises which lead to hell.
And politicians and intellectuals who go to philosophise upon us, in the name of national and bloodshed, our homes are like an laparoscopic template: BECAUSE we are tired of hearing these lies, and refuse to go to hell with them.And will not undue and forever will adhere to the parameters and principles that we made for her by our blood: So “go to hell”. We go to data liberation organizations’s founding as a home opposed to your hell.And you go all trumpets calling for reconciliation and assignor and the trembling: YOU go to hell.Just as we owe it to the leader in the days of prosperity, pride and resilience. We are naahidh to the Resistance and steadfastness until victory.Our legitimacy is leader Muammar Al-Qadhafi and nothing but Muammar al-Qathafi. His words and his orders are a permanent platform for us in his presence or in his absence.Never give up … Will not tear up the Covenants and conventions … Will not negotiate or rest or compromise.
We will not sell the blood of the martyrs in the name of reconciliation and collusion with heretics and blood Assassin.
Will it be us only, people’s power …

And he wants other go to give it a clear position instead of the almrawaghat and allvdaih in the name of policy implications and case …Fey Hey fans of chairs and politics!!

Thank God that sometimes we watch Berry leaves upon dripping paper, followed by meaningless paper…

We stood up with the Resistance as men. … We win the triumph of heroes.

نحن لا نؤمن الا بالله العلي العظيم القادر على نصرنا ومؤازرتنا لانه عزة وجل هو من ثبتنا على الحق واليقين وقذف بالايمان في قلوبنا ورزقنا بالصبر والثبات والعزيمة
نحن لا نؤمن الا بشئ واحد فقط وهو ما أخذ بالقوة لا يسترد الا بالقوة … وغير ذلك هبأ منثورا ….
قائدنا اوصانا بالثبات والصمود والقتال والتطهير … وسنبقى كذلك دوما فمثلما قال نحن لايهمنا الموت بقدر مايهمنا الواجب نحو الوطن والعرض والكرامة والتاريخ …
ولتذهب كل الكيانات السياسيه التي تحاول احتواء المقاومة في قالب سياسي يدخلنا الى متاهات التنازلات والمساومات الى الجحيم
وليذهب الساسة والمفكرون الذي يتفلسفون علينا بأسم الوطنية وحقن الدماء والوطن في قالب تنظيري سئمنا سماعه الى الجحيم
وليذهب كل من تراجع عن ثوابته ومبادئه التي قدمنا من اجلها الدماء الى الجحيم ولتذهب كل البيانات التأسيسيه لمنظمات التحرير بأسم الوطن الى الجحيم
ولتذهب كل الابواق الداعيه للمصالحة والمتنازله والمرتعشه الى الجحيم
ومثلما عاهدنا القائد في ايام الرخاء والعزة بالتحدي والصمود … ها نحن نعاهده من جديد بالمقاومة والثبات حتى النصر ..
شرعيتنا الدائمة هي القائد معمر القذافي ولا شي غير معمر القذافي .. كلامه وأوامره هي منهاج عمل دائم لنا في وجوده وغيابه

لن نتنازل … لن نمزق العهود والمواثيق … لن نفاوض او نستكين او نساوم
لن نبيع دماء الشهداء بأسم المصالحة والتواطؤ مع زنادقة العصر وسفاكي الدماء
ولن يكون بيننا الا السلاح والقوة … ومن يريد غير ذلك يذهب اليهم وليكن موقفه واضحا بدلا من هذه المراواغات والايحاءات اللفضيه بأسم السياسة والوطن والقضية …يا عشاق الكراسي والسياسة

والحمد الله الذي احيانا لنشاهد اوراق التوت وهي تتساقط ورقة تتلوها ورقه

صمدنا صمود الرجال …. وها نحن ننتصر انتصار الابطال


THE USA IS BRAINWASHING THE WORLD and training their soldiers. This is their deployment.
This comes directly from the US STATE DEPARTMENT and Armed Forces of the USA.

Remember, that this scenario was created prior to the real CIA/NATO-led Libyan War of 2011.

JUST SUBSTITUTE “ATTICA” for LIBYA” and you will see the exact same thing being carried out at this moment upon LIBYA

and the Lies the Press is supposedly reporting to the World!:

credit: U.S. Army/The Economist:


The Middle Eastern nation of Attica has seen better days. The radical Islamic Congress of Attica seeks to destabilize the Attican government and install an oppressive theocratic regime. Meanwhile, the Ellisian Army has sent in mechanized elements as precursor to a full invasion. The Islamic Brotherhood for Jihad would like to establish a terrorist base of operations in the region, from which it can launch transnational attacks.

To deal with this, the U.S. Army has been deployed to work alongside Attican security forces to stop the insurgency, secure Attica’s porous borders, strengthen its tenuous state, and deny haven to terrorists. Working against the U.S.-Attican alliance is the Wolf Brigade, an eight-man cyber-warfare cell capable of disrupting communications and networked electronics. The WIN-T is a command-and-control system that allows critical information to be sent across the battlefield through such devices as Nett Warrior field-capable smartphones.

The “hostile forces” represent “Gaddafi’s soldiers”. 

The Defense Department expects future threats to the interests of the Unites States and Europe to appear a lot like “the war in Attica”—hybrid, with conventional forces, CRIMINAL FORCES, TERRORIST forces, and intelligence services WORKING TOGETHER to topple governments and repel “external threats”.

“The crisis in Attica” is part of the Network Integration Evaluation, now a bi-annual exercise at White Sands Missile Range (USA), which evaluates military communications hardware in the field.
The training simulation is for wars the U.S. Army expects to fight now and in the future. The Network Integration Evaluation also puts the U.S. Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical to the test.


The leader of the nation FB PAGE:Dahab from the country in hell we’re not sure ..Who Uoridonna to come to terms with them are going in the country to the path, but promises ….Unfortunately, the politicians were the only ones who propose and dictated on us and on the same project failed rejected already by usand why we always should provide concessions abandon and torture, and kill and Nstabdb and we have to forget that Owners homeland accept what we are askedbecause we ousted and follow Sidi commander to allow us to stay on condition deaf dumb and either we are in Ndharhm boutiques rogue and terrorists and bandits ææææææ …Is that what they call a reconciliation is not God that for us a state of humiliationand our decision is not will not Nsaleh not Nsaleh willing wills and the parents of the parents of politicians stakeholders,we double our cause is clear and understandable is …… Liberation of the country from traitors and agents of all and most importantly …

we will not be, but as he said Sidi leader will stay steadfast and will continue the resistance and we will liberate Libya home house house house house Rue Rue inch inch steadfast .. .. .. steadfast and victorious, God willing.

زعيم الامه الامه

من دهب بالبلاد الى الهاويه أكيد لسنا نحن.. الذين يوريدوننا ان نتصالح معهم هم من سيذهب بالبلاد الى طريق الا عوده ….وللاسف الساسه فقد وحدهم من يقترح ويملى علينا وعلى نفسه هذا المشروع الفاشل المرفوض أصلاً من قبلنا ولماذا نحن دائماً من يجب أن يقدم التنازلات نهجر ونعذب ونقتل ونستعبدب وعلينا ان ننسى ان اصحاب وطن نرضى بما يطلب منا لاننا ازلام واتباع سيدى القائد كى يسمح لنا بالبقاء بشرط صماً بكماً واما فنحن فى نضرهم عصبات مارقه وارهابيين وقطاع طرق وووووو…اهذا ما يسمونه مصالحة لا والله انه بالنسبه لنا ذل ومهانه وقرارنا هو لا لن نصالح لن نصالح شاء من شاء واباء من اباء من الساسه اصحاب المصالح المزدوجة فنحن قضيتنا واضحه ومفهومه هى…… تحرير الوطن من الخونه والعملاء وكل من والاهم …نحن لن نكون الا كما قال سيدى القائد سنبقى صامدون وسنستمر فالمقاومة وسنحرر ليبيا الوطن بيت بيت دار دار زنقة زنقة شبر شبر ..صامدون ..ثابتون..وبأذن الله منتصرون

From the operations room boys Emhemed Fassi:

“Steadfastness woman” writes:

Name of the revolution and the honor of belonging
The name of the martyrs marching on the path to shine your light on our path in the darkness of the evening
On behalf of languishing in the jails of the enemy
On behalf of were displaced from their homes and do not Ioasém thousand consolation
Call a national overview of all the Liberal :::
We call on the Liberal to cut the road in front of all the lurking and who are trying to track the letter and the path of mass resistance to their personal interests and the second step towards defeating every client call a traitor in our name and on behalf of the principles of the glorious revolution in the original does not know the meaning :::::
ĆĎăĘă and O are free as long as the homeland
Steadfastness and kill them.

“Zero hour”  on FB gives us
Every member of RAT Congress and one whose name and number before him:
Mr. Haddad ……….. 0914614219
Saleh Younis …………. 0919898188
Mohammed Arish ……….. 0912155852
Ibtisam Astih ……… 0925716557
Moncef of the dome ……… 0919898253
Ali pots .. Minister of families of martyrs ….. 0912209934
Amtir safe …….. 0919898182
Minister of Health …….. 0912209916
Tawfiq Shuhaibi …….. 0919898260
Hussein Jazawi ………. 0912207204
Khaled Mashri …………. 0919898169
Saleh Jaudh …………….. 0919898161
Magda farmer ………….. 0919898176
Ramadan Zrmouh … Minister wounded ….. 0912209953
Souad Sultan ……….. 0919898150
Said Alkhtala …………. 0919898167
Suleiman Haj ………….. 0919898126
Saleh Sabratha ……….. 0919898254
Abdel Aal al-Drissi ……… 0919931714
Emigrated commander ………………. 0917772334
Osman mentioned ……………. 0919898082
Abubakar Hamouda ……………. 0919898054
Ola Sanusi …………… 0912111111
Ali Sha’ala for epiphyseal …………. 0914532526
Alqreis Mohammed Ali Zaidan Director, Office of ………. 0912209925
Mohammed caused ……………… 0926893672
Abdullah Joan …………….. 0918815004
Abato Msjat, but the rest of the cabinet Rahwooowohm Antzero
Human Rights Watch says that the decision of the RAT National Congress banning some television stations was a violation of freedom of expression and the Provisional Constitutional Declaration in Libya…. (Ha Haaaaa!)
Please beware of resistance than these people who are among the ranks:
Tafrjo Ali channels rats and Tjo to Facebook Tqt Taatbaku in the comments so is the subject ofAs you
what lies Talmto of laps to capture Moussa Ibrahim and GENERAL KHAMIS and the first on the basis of
yesterday Kabdan Al-Saadi and Abdullah Mansour !! (UGH!!)Leadership and dampers to the south Mibokm Tfhmu
Shi mesh Maipú Afarahokm not even because the rats do not mesh without understanding Shi …
Zeido Tafrjo on their channels and Cololy Shani things Sabha came Mesh Arefanhm Anto nor Cheney and anti-God knew how to reach an understanding ăÚÇßă nor TPU Dr. Moussa Ibrahim Atalaalkm every day Icollkm Sabha Tmanhunt safe safe safe Opare Jufrah under control soon
KERMIT says:
“It’s not easy being green.”:



Please publishing and Circular
Seen a black car, reinforced by members of the masked and pistols silencer for the liquidation of members of a particular seen a few days ago and yesterday area project plateau was the liquidation of a group of individuals and Nghe.
An individual of Death, one of the Tell the incident and the car, and its days are coming will be stationed in areas near to Abu Salim and Green Mountain and other areas please parents when View any car opaque strange shape and suspicious in any of these regions stop and check what’s inside the car, this way you have to go out and disappear in a manner unknown unknown
Please intensify guard areas and God save our children and our parents.


Green TV Channel Green TV:
Of mail page.

I broke into armed criminal gangs masked face houses security of my family Abu Salim withstand been kidnapped all young people as well as their parents were beating them up and cursing did not observe the presence of women and children did not respect even the sanctity of homes and the intrusion on exactly 12 o’clock at night

and it was concentration Aktar the sons department in Ajeelat from my family Abu Salim and at this time did not know of the actor and where they took our people and our brothers, sons of Abu Salim and learned from were kidnapped sons of Abu Salim did not have a hand in anything, whose only fault that they are fathers and mothers and Ojut supporters commander Hero Muammar al-Qathafi,

who stood against NATO and not liked the customers and treason selling home for themselves (as your God, O sons of this nation wounded).

This shameful act that yoke on Xi, it shows the weakness and fear of my father is coming

and we hope to God the Almighty, to save Abanana higher than all the evil that they reach their brethren Almjhdan heroes are freed.


“Zero hour” on FB, informs us:
Urgent .. God and yes, the agent

To God and to Him we return to God’s mercy.

Aantql one Liberal Aacaws inside prisons, torture Bmlisheat Corner Martyr God willing:

Ragab Mohamed Suef under Aaaltaveb

(Aom God bless his soul rest in peace rifled.)

ZINTAN Security at the Tripoli Airport fight ZAIDANE’s Militias :
Now clashes at Tripoli airport, and shut down the airport gate angle.

(between the Zaidane militias and the Zintan airport security militia.)


Publishing and Circular

Certain information
From inside the secret meeting of some militia leaders Jerdanih inside the camp (without mentioning the name of the camp)

resolved to the military coup and arrested all politicians and members of the Conference Allaotunai for treason (lactually are CIA labor for the West, or others to support the legitimate green) as has been accused by some members of Congress Allaotunai previously….

Exchange of charges between the customer and Jardan and the sharp differences among them have made every one of them rallying his mercenaries (the militias that are moving money) and showcases his strength on the other, and everybody is waiting for the right opportunity to Angzaz on government institutions in major cities to be under and prominence.

Increased intensity differences between militia leaders and officers Allajeic Allaotunai and “climbers” reached the threat of liquidation.

Altkvrien readiness of the Islamic Emirate in Derna, Benghazi

Eachotna caution in the land of thorns and Rrrrrishvana there is armed convoy with
heavy weapons coming from the highway heading to Janzour.
(RBI saves seven Tabowoowool)





“Zero hour” on FB  tells us:This person Idaa Mohammed Aoun is entered me and Rishvana Bartel and hater of Hua Draa left me a hater Abdul Rauf,
who killed Ketar sons and Rishvana withstand income, along with brother who killed him dampers cart Ihsabh Saybh ..
The Friday market of Hua lives in Algrart and Hedda his own inventory 0912221016
This is when he entered an armored vehicle and was the first car that killed the brother of a hater was outside the car roof
Hedda Hua person of the arrest of Ali and Muhannad Abouhlalh Abdulkuddous Azmim and Mohammad Khalil and
Magdi Khalil and Abdulaati snake and Abdulrahman Khweldi
And others
Ketar sons and seven drums Rishvana
Hey free Donkm Les ..


(For all actual forayed into war))
To pan the Libyan people:-
The events now at home forced behind the armed militias that shows publicly visible to everyone so (crazy to understand everything and note everything))

After the failure of the exhausted armed militias to rein in the popular uprising in different regions of Libya usurped,the RATS
Issued and ordered from Turkey and Qatar and Saudi Arabia to Al-Qaeda to move-in to end a popular uprising.

In the city of Ajeeat, were PLANTED IN THE LAST MONTH OR SO, AN INFLUX of infidel Kharijites quite noticeable; and they are in the foreground and behind the armed militias.

The killing of the sons of Libya are of many different nationalities.
Al-Qaida is now moving and announce themselves publicly, no longer silent for the great Libyan tribes.

Into Al-Ajeelat came a million and two hundred thousand to do the work for the ethnic cleansing of all popular cities.
All of them coming the city of Ajeelat, whether they are the woman, child or an Ajeelat elder or young person, they arrested immediately by Zaidae’s government: and then are harassed by throwing their tortured bodies and filtering them in the garbage !!!

Call the Libyans appealed to tribesmen appealed to all human rights associations
Where are you … …Now pleads and invokes Ajeelat welcome !!
Where are you … … … … ….And in the history of your fathers..
Where are you men? … … … … ….Do you actually want them to be or become completely, in the detention camps and the diaspora ???
Libya has become a joke wemskhrh.

Thank you and a thousand thanks
Thanks to everyone !


26 janvier
Good God, I ask you in this life and the hereafter. God, I ask you forgiveness and wellness in religious and civil dniay and Mali, o my private parts and ester roaati, o Lord, keep out of my hands and from the rear, on the right and on the North and from above me and I seek refuge with the Majesty of the Undertow assassinated
26 janvier
Good God, I ask you in this life and the hereafter. God, I ask you forgiveness and wellness in religious and civil dniay and Mali, o my private parts and ester roaati, o Lord, keep out of my hands and from the rear, on the right and on the North and from above me and I seek refuge with the Majesty of the Undertow assassinated.26 janvier
اللهم إني اسألك العافية في الدنيا والآخرة. اللهم إني أسألك العفو والعافية في ديني ودنياي وأهلي ومالي, اللهم استر عوراتي وآمن روعاتي, اللهم احفظني من بين يدي ومن خلفي وعن يميني وعن شمالي ومن فوقي وأعوذ بعظمتك أن أغتال من تحتي


Channel Zintan on Facebook
And our response now …….
In a statement, Mr. Moktar Andar Green chosen vice chairman of the Zintan military force when the move this morning:
(Assure everyone that we are here to help restore stability and Tmint folks, and we will not be party to any tribal dispute, and will let the opportunity for solutions Social tribal differences, and we will not use weapons, but for the home and preserve it,
we’ll be on the lookout for both imagine that Roads cut or kill or assault or fighting to restore the country away from the system of crime and abuse)
(Omar Matouk)
This is Moktar Andar Green, former General under Muammmar al-Qathafi air-Command before the War.
already Xanthan have joined the People’s Resistance*….Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
ZAIDANE’s Defense Minister denies any force assigned to go to the southern region…We will see what Moktar does when he gets there…
Ivory (liberation struggle) for
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
God and the largest and thankfully
Join an entire battalion of armed militias to the Popular Resistance full promised and materiel and Afradaha and surrender voluntarily to the forces armed people and volunteers were handed their vehicles Military was Altdfik by the technical staff of the popular resistance of the Alketornej in terms of tracking or Continue through electronic devices owned by the Popular Resistance.
God is great and above Kid aggressors

GOOD STORY from 08 OCTOBER 2011:


Said and Diana


The sand tables more … Kadhafi.jpg

Muammar al-Qathafi 


634 miles away in the North West there is a man writing in a notebook he carries with him in the middle of the city on fire …

Daily newspaper after Night 08 October 2011

Sirte my city again just now I watched you … just before the night here has colors similar to tagelmout worn by Tuareg Tribesmen in all places of our transhumance between black and indigo purple stained blood red when the sun is our god Horus abandon us to our dramas obscurity … Once again I imagined you draped your palms with light floating foliage similar to the brides veils around you with bushes of jasmine and bougainvillea refreshed light rustling over your port where the green and white red ocher colored dots of small fishing boats and thy thousands of seabirds wings tossed my hometown Sirte … you don ‘ are more than a body to shreds of blackened rags barely covering your wounds obscene and your belly excised again a thousand times torn by a band of killers rut … How accept to see you and my city and I do not sleep there and die in the river that your panic punctured pipelines made ​​up to my knees in places … The fiery rain splashes yet established any piece of your quarters and split each window is an open wound and a pink pomegranate seed bare in an oven where the glass background …

My hometown Sirte your flesh comes the crash sparks and not a minute falls without one of their missiles away with fine pliers watchmaker your thighs young marine mare … orgies of ultraviolet sparks are accomplished in when the feast bombing soothes a moment the guests sitting in front of their screens trying to monitor our agony … Something rises in my throat after the number of explosions I counted 23 became one stroke unbearable my ears scratched and I support my hands on at the same time as the smell of gasoline burned tire iron like lava heated liquid asphalt and fire eucalyptus makes me want an ice orangeade … Yaouah ! … I do not know if I screamed or if the raid fortresses winged trapped inside my head a scream that never come out more … It’s not going to stop! It does not stop and there are days and nights that we crawl with animals buried inside the pipes that made ​​their way to the sea before us between the islands of plowed land with gardens become wastelands sand spice gaping intestines …

I saw there are more than five days of it just before dusk adds to his dismay brand monstrous braziers bands rats thousands resurface point really low intensity explosions and form columns of refugees breathless port management … They rode trampled by calling small children surrounded by the insolent sirens screaming and rushed into tiny leaps to the absurd result of their terror as the water will finally quiet swollen corpses … They were in unconscious heap where I overwhelmed with loneliness absent hero at the time of the final defeat to the sea has always been on us the effect of a magnet and a delicious promise of renewal … It does s’ not stop them … The birds who have the wisdom omens azure went before … I did not choose to leave you my city and none of those who piled in cars the little they could carry has decided to abandon you to the terror of gutting and looting …Sirte-before-the-guerre.PNG

But who can resist the desire to achieve more and more huge engulfing the whole body clawing the investing his breath rot fade and acrid homes to escape the destruction programmed running every second that s’ lamp … Who can demand her belly sex of his legs from his lungs are ready to crush the dislocation while while we rushed to reach by any means of witchcraft the end of this Hell Yes … that’s it … Who can require more than we have already supported without knowing the abominable constant death grazed thousand times per hour … As long as the giant street from 1September crater was not open as countless mouths land tortured by a burst of its primordial pain trying to stop this crime Hamou and I have had good … We stood in our insistence on the promise that we would reinvent every morning not feed our flesh goddess of the exodus …220px-Sirte.jpg

Son of transhumance by our fathers that we were not given the taste of honey Saharan track we did not want to leave Sirte imagine that the thirst for even greater freedom … There are a few months everything was ready for me partners continue my development in groundwater hydrology and confront notions that I had acquired mapping with other students from sub-Saharan Africa in London. Those like me who worked to create the plans our underground water city knew that nothing would be denied us what Iman touched the goddess of water if c Syrtecharniershabitations.jpgwretch that which had grown up in the world of sovereign thirst … Hamou aged a few more years was with most of our peers born in the oasis of Al-Jufrah Al Kufra Sebha or Mourzouk passionate research on the Nubian aquifer surprising that we imagine such a drilled underground pool cemented and decorated similar to Egyptian fountains mosaics Siwa and Farafra … A trained under the earth gods fish from our ancestors sacred temple of the ocean our way … Our country was master of a fabulous hidden world where all life and reborn presence of tree leaves and fruit long after they had lit the fire and it is this force which they wanted to deprive us …

We were the children of Tuareg Berber tribes whose fathers had chosen to leave the ephemeral remains of khaïma and curiosity accepted no boundary to its unalterable prowl … We are delighted once readings schoolmasters whose mission us to discover in the pages of books objects of our laughter and our lust this space burns and intoxications buried where we experienced our first quests … On Hamada Al Hamra Fezzan sand fire that ran between our toes became the magic of the story and the words of the storyteller as valuable as grains of semolina taguella and we learned that each well where we drank was a magical resurgence of mother earth nomadic Have Sahara ours And … our country with as uncertain as the cavalcade distraught pursued by singing dunes tobols lived to the rhythm of this profound and eternal pulsation which animated his body even beat sources that countries that were our brothers of shifting boundaries much water as blood …

Miracle oasis of childhood arose the mad project of Great Man-Made River, which then resembled a kind of dream linking the most remote areas as our citadel of Sirte and Al-Kufra oasis far the generous The waters … bathed the body of sand Did Sahara traced a second territory hustling arbitrary marks Winners warriors we could not see or capture … They were the fruit of his fertile mind which had so long nourished people Egypt from Sudan and Chad ours and we’re the son of Africa who were going to draw the secret tracks … Taken by the size of a mission that was beyond us statues of Roman gods of Leptis Magna _libye_leptis_magna_therm_500_.jpgHamou and our comrades were directed to the business of the hydraulic industry and was re   stereo alone with my pencils and my plans as valuable as papyrus scrolls … I pulled a silent glory shared by my father saw me as a worthy descendant of scholarly Babylon …

There are a few months … wondering why the fathers of this wild country with heavy dreams devoured by thirsty white breasts offer their son to take the fetish role divining African countries?Do you know that we live in a land that is not cut by any river and that we ignore lapping swirls on the verges pecked reeds? Camel-in-the-eau.jpg

Who does not know what it is that he never saw the abundant waters across the floodplain fed humus feeder and lay deep in the marshes and mangroves in the ocean knows nothing of thirst … This land will be that of water researchers and not gold diggers. It does not stop … It’s been hours it seems qu’hamou piled inside his car over his wife and three small bags of dates and breads plus two blue plastic drums twenty liters filled with water quickly stacked … Business thrown into the chaos to reach the checkpoint at the exit of the town yet only permitted towards Hun and Al Jufrah before nightfall … Hamou insisted while his Baya Women gathered clothes and children’s toys in the basket braided alfa trying to hide his dismay for me to ride with them in the car …

– There was plenty of room for the three of us … you’re not gonna stay here … they will raze the city and those who will escape will be their slaves and women their maids … you know what they want …

Without ever decided anything about these struggles that tore us all now I knew what they wanted and we who had just Tuareg peoples we have long demented plans of those for whom the earth is a lust and people who live an object of exchange or enslavement … I do not forget that I am a distant son of negro slaves and mine were chained to the caravan Darb el-Arbain …

– You know what they want … eh repeated Hamou her soft voice that grew to anger when we talked about it … they will just capture him alive and they deliver it to those who have invaded the land of ours? there are a hundred years … you know … you know! …

– No … no … Hamou I do not think they will live … Amenay … this is how my father called him with the respect that door to the son of the moon and the sun … I thought his voice we spoke in the middle of the disaster there … but I did not know what time we live …

– “Everyone should be aware that the government of Libya is the Libyan government … that power belongs to the men and women of the People’s Committees and the Popular Conferences in Libya …

– This government by the people will never fall and will not fail. It represents millions of Libyans and this is why it can not fall. Whoever says that my government has fallen is just ridiculous … this is a joke! …Man-in-blanc.jpg

– I do not have a government … therefore the government can not fall …

– When 2,000 tribes met and declared that only the Libyan people represent Libya is that it’s not said enough?

– The Libyan people are here and it is with me … nobody can represent us … So no legitimacy is given to something else and nobody else … the power belongs to the people! All Libyans are members of the Committees of the People! Everything else is wrong! …

– What is happening now in Libya is a joke that can only take place because of the r   aids of NATO that will not last forever … When they leave … leave as traitors … We are ready to die for the power of the people! This is what we support and what our martyrs have argued … ”

Voice haunted me and I could not understand how I do with what I felt when it was all over and the very life of this man over him depended … And the sound of the voice of my dead father came back to me constantly … Amenay Amenay … …

– Hamou … I do not know if we do leave our city, but if we stay they will kill us without even asking the question of who we are …

– That’s why you can not stay in this chaos … it does not make sense … Come there room … must go … children are afraid … we can not wait any longer! …

But I refused … two men in a car that is always already suspect …

– Hamou And thou hast forgotten the color of my skin … You know they are merciless for the Negroes son of trafficking and child survivors of caravans Darb el-Arbain who had to walk forty days in the desert before? being dragged down markets Assiut on the Nile for sale amid sheep and hair …

Hamou did not meet … We were never left us since we shared our teenage cravings and our ideal of fraternal Africa in the streets of Sirte and then smoking shisha at Cafe Niamey …

– You have a Hamou family … I’m alone and I walk along the main street which crosses the city from one side we climb so often happy bands to the beach where wrinkles sprinkled ocher sand white sand make and unmake herds of small dunes … I will walk and I will not be afraid …

– You remember Hamou … bitter smell of eucalyptus planted Tawargha fields … There are so few years that we ran wild with the salt harvest that drove us in its folds the summer and then we went up the port where fishing boats poured their cargo of fish at our feet … I’ll walk as if this time of happiness was not behind us …

– In the evening when I got home my mother who used to caress my mane guarding the sticky wetness of the sea immediately knew where I was … Neither she nor my father have never not understood more your parents also what attracted us to this side of the country from which he could only arise unhappiness and disillusionment … I’ll walk and none of that is not theirs … They take the city but Hamou we do not remove it from our memories of familiar things …

After qu’Hamou I have hugged our eyes gave all they could give the second one and not another because it was likely that we would have no other second like this … Our eyes knew that Al-Jufrah where he intended to return with his family was more distant from us now that the caves of Akakkus with canoes Niger River drawn red earth that surprise travelers oasis … Far from him because the road was trapped and cut in many places by the army of conquerors and away from me because the way I was going to Ammon Siwa.jpg

prendre headed towards Tobruk and the Egyptian border that if all went well I bifurquerais Marsa Matrouh to push me in the sands of another desert to the oasis of Siwa … There my uncle Asulil the brother of my mother a old sedentary nomadic was the guardian of the Temple of Ammon he was visiting tourists and the rest of the days it applied to guess what meant the signs drawn on the walls half eaten away by the sands …

To be continued …

Jeudi 3 novembre 2011

  Les tables de sable suite… Kadhafi.jpg

A Mouamar Kadhafi


A 634 kilomètres de là au Nord‑Ouest il y a un homme qui écrit dans un cahier qu’il emporte avec lui au milieu de la ville en feu…

Journal du jour d’après Nuit du 8 octobre 2011

Syrte ma ville une fois encore tout à l’heure je t’ai regardée… juste avant que la nuit qui a ici des couleurs semblables aux tagelmout que portent les Berbères Touaregs sur tous les lieux de notre transhumance entre le violet noir et l’indigo teinté de rouge sang quand l’astre qui est notre dieu Horus nous abandonne à nos drames de l’obscur… Une fois encore je t’ai imaginée drapée de tes palmiers aux feuillages flottant légers pareils à des voiles de mariées autour de toi avec des buissons de jasmins et de bougainvillées rafraîchis de lumière bruissant au‑dessus de ton port où ballottaient les points rouges verts et blancs teintés d’ocre des petites barques de pêche et tes milliers d’ailes d’oiseaux marins… Syrte ma ville tu n’es plus qu’une dépouille aux lambeaux de linges noircis couvrant à peine tes plaies obscènes et ton ventre excisé à nouveau mille fois déchiré par une troupe de tueurs en rut… Comment accepter de te voir ainsi ma ville et ne pas me coucher là et mourir dans le fleuve affolé que tes canalisations crevées fait monter jusqu’à mes genoux par endroits… La pluie ardente éclabousse le moindre morceau encore dressé de tes quartiers fendus et chaque fenêtre est une plaie vive et rose un pépin de grenade dénudé dans un four où son verre fond…

Syrte ma ville ta chair est livrée aux étincelles du fracas et pas une minute ne tombe sans qu’un de leurs missiles n’écarte avec ses tenailles fines d’horloger tes cuisses de jeune jument marine… Des orgies de flammèches ultraviolettes s’accomplissent au moment où le festin des bombardements apaise un instant les convives assis devant leurs écrans en train de surveiller notre agonie… Quelque chose remonte dans ma gorge après que le nombre d’explosions j’en ai compté 23 soit devenu d’un seul coup insupportable pour mes oreilles égratignées et j’appuie mes paumes dessus en même temps que l’odeur d’essence de pneus brûlés de fer chauffé comme de la lave d’asphalte liquide et de brasier d’eucalyptus me donne envie d’une orangeade glacée… Yaouah !… Je ne sais pas si j’ai crié ou si ce dernier raid des forteresses ailées a piégé à l’intérieur de ma tête un hurlement qui n’en sortira jamais plus… Ça ne va pas s’arrêter ! Ça ne s’arrête pas et il y a des jours et des nuits que nous rampons avec les bêtes enfouies à l’intérieur des canalisations qui ont pris le chemin de la mer bien avant nous entre les îlots de terre labourée des jardins devenus friches dont le sable épice les intestins béants…

J’ai vu il y a plus de cinq jours de ça juste avant que le crépuscule ajoute son désarroi flambant aux braseros monstrueux des bandes de rats par milliers resurgir au point vraiment bas de l’intensité des déflagrations et former des colonnes de réfugiés haletantes en direction du port… Ils se chevauchaient piétinaient en appelant de petits cris d’enfants encerclés par les sirènes insolentes et se ruaient en bonds minuscules vers l’issue absurde à leur terreur car l’eau en fera des cadavres gonflés enfin paisibles… Ils allaient en amas inconscients là où je vais accablé de la solitude des héros absents à l’heure de la défaite finale vers la mer qui a toujours eu sur nous l’effet d’un aimant délicieux et d’une promesse de recommencement…  Ça ne s’arrête pas… Les oiseaux eux qui ont la sagesse des présages de l’azur sont partis bien avant… Je n’ai pas choisi de te quitter ma ville et aucun de ceux qui ont entassé à bord des voitures le peu de choses qu’ils pouvaient emporter n’a décidé de t’abandonner à la terreur de l’éventrement et du pillage… Syrte-avant-la-guerre.PNG

Mais qui peut parvenir à résister au désir de plus en plus énorme engloutissant le corps entier le griffant l’investissant de son souffle de pourriture fade et de foyers âcres d’échapper à cet anéantissement programmé en cours d’exécution à chaque seconde qui s’abat… Qui peut exiger de son ventre de son sexe de ses jambes de ses poumons d’être prêts à l’écrasement à la dislocation alors que tout en nous se rue afin de toucher par n’importe quel moyen de sorcellerie la fin de cet enfer… Oui c’est ça… Qui peut exiger de nous plus que nous avons déjà supporté sans connaître l’abominable constance de la mort frôlée mille fois par heure… Tant que le cratère géant de la rue du 1erseptembre ne s’était pas ouvert comme une des innombrables bouches de la terre torturée par un sursaut de sa douleur primordiale cherchant à faire cesser ce crime Hamou et moi nous avons tenu bon… Nous avons tenu bon dans notre obstination à la promesse que nous refaisions chaque matin de ne pas nourrir de notre chair la déesse de l’exode… 220px-Sirte.jpg

Fils de la transhumance par nos pères qui ne nous ont pas donné le goût de miel de la piste saharienne nous ne voulions imaginer quitter Syrte que par la soif d’une liberté plus grande encore… Il y a quelques mois tout était prêt pour que je parte poursuivre mon perfectionnement en hydrologie souterraine et confronter les notions que j’avais acquises en cartographie avec d’autres étudiants des pays de l’Afrique subsaharienne à Londres. Ceux qui comme moi travaillaient à créer les plans de notre cité aquatique souterraine savaient que rien ne nous serait refusé de ce qui touchait Iman la déesse des eaux si c Syrtecharniershabitations.jpghère à celui qui avait grandi dans le monde de la soif souveraine… Hamou âgé de quelques années de plus était avec la plupart de nos camarades nés dans les oasis d’Al‑Jufrah d’Al‑Kufrah de Sebha ou de Mourzouk passionné par les recherches sur l’étonnant aquifère de Nubie que nous imaginions telle une piscine souterraine forée cimentée et décorée de mosaïques semblables à celles des fontaines égyptiennes de Siwa et de Farafra… Un temple sacré dressé dessous la terre aux dieux poissons nos ancêtres venus de l’océan à notre rencontre… Notre pays était maître d’un fabuleux monde caché d’où renaîtrait toute vie et toute présence de feuilles d’arbres et de fruits bien après l’incendie qu’ils avaient allumé et c’est de cette force dont ils voulaient nous priver…

Nous étions les enfants de tribus berbères touarègues dont les pères avaient choisi de quitter la demeure éphémère de la khaïma et notre curiosité n’acceptait aucune frontière à son inaltérable vagabondage… Nous nous sommes enchantés aussitôt des lectures des maîtres d’école qui avaient pour mission de nous faire découvrir parmi les pages des livres objets de nos rires et de notre convoitise cet espace de brûlures et d’ivresses enfouies où nous avions vécu nos premières quêtes… D’Hamada Al‑Hamra au Fezzan le sable de feu qui coulait entre nos doigts de pieds devenait par la magie du récit et la parole du conteur aussi précieux que les grains de semoule de la taguella et nous apprenions que chaque puits où nous avions bu était une des résurgences magiques de la terre mère des nomades As‑Sahara la nôtre… Et notre pays avec ses frontières mouvantes aussi incertaines que la cavalcade affolée des dunes poursuivies par le chant des tobols vivait au rythme de cette pulsation profonde et éternelle qui animait son corps du même battement de sources que celui des pays qui étaient nos frères d’eau autant que de sang…

Du miracle des oasis de notre enfance a surgi le projet insensé de la Great Man-Made River qui ressemblait alors à une sorte de rêve reliant entre elles les régions les plus éloignées comme notre citadelle de Syrte et Al‑Koufra l’oasis lointaine la généreuse… Les eaux qui baignaient le corps de sable d’As‑Sahara traçaient un second territoire bousculant les marques arbitraires des guerriers vainqueurs qu’on ne pouvait ni voir ni capturer… Elles étaient le fruit de son âme fertile qui avait si longtemps nourri les peuples d’Egypte du Soudan du Tchad et le nôtre et c’est nous les fils d’Afrique qui allions en dessiner les pistes secrètes… Pris par la grandeur d’une mission qui nous élevait au‑delà des statues des dieux romains de Leptis Magna _libye_leptis_magna_therm_500_.jpgHamou et nos camarades s’étaient dirigés vers les métiers de l’industrie hydraulique et j’étais re sté seul avec mes crayons et mes plans aussi précieux que les rouleaux de papyrus… J’en tirais une gloire silencieuse partagée par mon père qui voyait en moi un digne descendant de la savante Babylone…

Il y a quelques mois… qui se demande pourquoi les pères de ce pays sauvage aux lourdes mamelles blanches dévoré par les songes de la soif offrent à leurs fils de reprendre le rôle fétiche de sourcier en pays africains? Savez‑vous que nous vivons sur une terre qui n’est creusée par aucun fleuve et que nous ignorons les clapotis des remous au bord des berges picorées de roseaux ?

Qui ne sait pas ce que c’est que de n’avoir jamais vu les eaux abondantes traverser les plaines inondées nourries de l’humus nourricier et se jeter au creux des marais et des mangroves dans l’océan ignore tout de la soif… Cette terre sera celle des chercheurs d’eau et non plus des chercheurs d’or. Ça ne s’arrête pas… Cela fait des heures il me semble qu’hamou a entassé à l’intérieur de sa voiture par‑dessus sa femme et les trois petits les sacs de dattes et de pains plus les deux bidons en plastique bleu de vingt litres remplis d’eau… Les affaires vite empilées jetées dans le chaos pour arriver au check point à la sortie de la ville la seule encore autorisée en direction de Hun et d’Al Jufrah avant la nuit… Hamou avait insisté pendant que Baya sa femme rassemblait les vêtements et les jouets des enfants dans le couffin d’alfa tressé en essayant de cacher son désarroi pour que je monte avec eux dans l’auto…

‑ Il y a bien assez de place pour nous trois… tu ne vas pas rester ici… ils vont raser la ville et ceux qui en réchapperont seront leurs esclaves et les femmes leurs servantes… tu sais ce qu’ils veulent…

Sans avoir jamais décidé quoi que ce soit au sujet de ces luttes qui nous déchiraient tous désormais je savais ce qu’ils voulaient et nous autres qui venions des peuples touaregs nous connaissons depuis longtemps les projets déments de ceux pour qui la terre est une convoitise et les populations qui l’habitent un objet d’échange ou d’asservissement… Je n’oublie pas que je suis un lointain fils d’esclaves nègres et que les miens ont été enchaînés à la caravane de Darb­ el‑Arbain…

‑ Tu sais ce qu’ils veulent hein ?… a répété Hamou de sa voix douce qui enflait jusqu’à la colère quand nous parlions de ça justement… ils vont le capturer vivant et ils le livreront à ceux qui ont envahi la terre des nôtres il y a cent ans… tu le sais… tu le sais !…

‑ Non… Hamou non… je ne crois pas qu’ils le prendront vivant… Amenay… c’est ainsi que le nommait mon père avec le respect qu’on porte au fils de la lune et du soleil… je songeais à sa voix qui nous parlait au milieu du désastre il y a… mais je ne savais plus dans quel temps nous vivons…

‑ “  Tous devraient être conscients que le gouvernement de Libye est le gouvernement Jamahiriya… que le pouvoir appartient aux hommes et aux femmes des Comités du Peuple et des Conférences Populaires en Libye…

‑ Ce gouvernement par le peuple ne tombera jamais et n’échouera pas. Il représente les millions de Libyens et c’est la raison pour laquelle il ne peut pas tomber. Quiconque dit que mon gouvernement est tombé est juste ridicule… c’est une blague !…Homme-en-blanc.jpg

‑ Je n’ai pas de gouvernement… de ce fait ce gouvernement ne peut pas tomber…

‑ Quand 2000 tribus se sont rencontrées et ont déclaré que seul le peuple libyen représente la Libye est-ce que cela n’en dit pas suffisamment ?

‑ Le peuple Libyen est ici et il est avec moi… personne ne peut nous représenter… Alors aucune légitimité n’est donnée à autre chose et à personne d’autre… le pouvoir appartient au peuple ! Tous les libyens sont membres des Comités du Peuple ! Tout le reste est faux !…

‑ Ce qui arrive maintenant en Libye est une farce qui ne peut avoir lieu qu’en raison des r aids de NATO qui ne dureront pas éternellement… Quand ils partiront… les traîtres partiront aussi… Nous sommes prêts à mourir pour le pouvoir du peuple ! C’est ce que nous soutenons et ce que nos martyrs ont soutenu… ”

La voix m’obsédait et je n’arrivais pas à comprendre comment me débrouiller avec ce que je ressentais alors que tout était consommé et que la vie même de cet homme ne dépendait plus de lui… Et le son de la voix de mon père mort me revenait sans cesse… Amenay… Amenay…

‑ Hamou… je ne sais pas si nous faisons bien de quitter notre ville mais si nous restons ils nous tueront sans même se poser la question de savoir qui nous sommes…

‑ C’est pour ça que tu ne peux pas rester dans ce chaos… ça n’a pas de sens !… Viens il y a de la place… il faut partir… les enfants ont peur… on ne peut pas attendre plus longtemps…

Mais j’ai refusé… deux hommes dans une voiture c’est forcément suspect déjà…

‑ Et puis Hamou tu as oublié la couleur de ma peau ?… Tu sais qu’ils sont sans pitié pour les Négros les fils de la traite et les enfants survivants des caravanes de Darb el‑Arbain qui devaient marcher quarante jours dans le désert avant d’être traînés jusqu’aux marchés d’Assiout sur les bords du Nil pour la vente au milieu des moutons et des cheveux…

Hamou ne répondait pas… Nous ne nous étions jamais quittés depuis que nous avions partagé nos fringales adolescentes et notre idéal d’une Afrique fraternelle dans les rues de Syrte et ensuite en fumant la chicha au Café Niamey…

‑ Tu as une famille Hamou… moi je suis seul et je vais marcher le long de la grande rue qui traverse la ville de part en part que nous avons remontée si souvent en bandes heureuses jusqu’à la plage où des rides de sable ocre saupoudré de sable blanc font et défont des troupeaux de petites dunes… Je vais marcher et je n’aurai pas peur…

‑ Tu te souviens Hamou… l’odeur amère des champs plantés d’eucalyptus de Tawargha… Il y a si peu d’années que nous courions ivres de la moisson salée qui nous roulait dans ses plis l’été et nous allions ensuite jusqu’au port où les bateaux de pêche déversaient leur cargaison de poissons à nos pieds… Je vais marcher comme si ce temps du bonheur n’était pas derrière nous…

‑ Le soir quand je rentrais à la maison ma mère qui avait l’habitude de caresser ma tignasse qui gardait la moiteur poisseuse de la mer savait tout de suite d’où je venais… Ni elle ni mon père n’ont jamais compris pas plus que tes parents d’ailleurs ce qui nous attirait de ce côté‑là du pays d’où il ne pouvait surgir que du malheur et du désenchantement… Je vais marcher et rien de tout ça ne leur appartient… Ils prendront la ville Hamou mais ils ne nous retirerons pas de nos souvenirs des choses familières…

Après qu’Hamou m’ait serré dans ses bras nos regards ont donné tout ce qu’ils pouvaient donner à cette seconde‑là et pas une autre car il était probable que nous n’aurions pas d’autre seconde comme celle‑ci… Nos regards savaient que l’oasis d’Al‑Jufrah où il comptait retourner avec les siens était plus éloignée de nous désormais que les grottes de l’Akakkus avec les pirogues du fleuve Niger dessinées à la terre rouge qui surprennent les voyageurs… Loin de lui car la route était piégée et coupée à de nombreux endroits par l’armée des conquérants et loin de moi car le chemin que  Ammon-Siwa.jpg

j’allais pre ndre se dirigeait vers Tobrouk et la frontière égyptienne où si tout allait bien je bifurquerais à Marsa Matrouh pour m’enfoncer dans les sables d’un autre désert jusqu’à l’oasis de Siwa… Là mon oncle Asulil le frère de ma mère un vieux nomade sédentarisé était le gardien du Temple d’Ammon qu’il faisait visiter aux touristes et le reste des jours il s’appliquait à deviner ce que voulaient dire les signes tracés sur les murailles à moitié rongées par les sables…

A suivre… 



(E about what we promised Bay yesterday and promised and promised to right) or
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation: –

Resistance has launched a furious offensive Allipe popular sites Misratan militiaswere Tkebedhm big losses in different regions.
Sheep were more than 40 military vehicles and medium and heavy Dkhaúr Among the dead or mislead their clients

did not exceed 16 years of age. Many of them were captured and through investigations with prisoners.
The militias armed by tempting them with money and give them for each day a thousand dinars,

compared to participate in the killing of the sons of Libyan tribes.
(((O Nbcrkm Misurata militias annihilation))
God is great and above Kid aggressors.

(Badr al-Qathafi 28/01/2014 corresponding to Tuesday)

After interrogating prisoners of bands “February”:
Admitted that they get cheques worth 5,000 Libyan dinars to go to fight in the South
And die called a martyr by instrument of the respected Mufti Gharyiani saved God.
150, 000,000 million price for mercenaries who fight now in the South
This number is enough to build hundreds of homes to the Libyans living in the open.
No matter it is to defeat the cohorts and the triumph may whatever cost.
But is it really that mercenaries may be able to defeat cohorts?
This is a point which will not answer him except cohorts themselves.
(Amjad yalibia)

(WE are marking a calendar after Muammar al-Qathafi, to honor him in our Liberation of the Great Jamahiriya.)




Colonel Nice Bouchmadh order the release of the arrested farmer Nasser Al_husona



Urgent :::: of Derna

Drone Explosion* targeted a car is what is known as organized army of the Islamic State of Libya.

(*Likely that the targeting of the drone.)



House who were burned yesterday in Jufrah
The House Hua me a young man from the tribe Akaddadfah
Weft (Alomlh).
Guidance of my list of pointers who burned the house:
1 / Mustafa thirsty (Bude)
2 / Tariq Aekhi (pimp for Msarit)
3 / Kamal Karodh
4 / Hatem Qrenqguo
Erjoowoo publishing widely.




NATO uses small Nukes on Tabu at lower Tmanhunt Square:

Djibo shield the middle and upper and lower Tmanhunt Sqa you TPU nuclear bomb Bish Atkhcoha.

Green TV Channel Green TV
Pen Green.

Information Minister visits the base Jufrah air essayed through filming some planes terrorism and the threat of

folks Sabha medially, evidence of the weakness and bankruptcy and not Asttathm do something of what is happening in Sabha,

as well as the interaction channel Misrata, Showing forces heading to Sabha; BUT, IN REALITY, there is nothing on the ground! So all is fake photography and terrorism: the media trying to scare the Resistance in Sabha by displays such as these muscles Alalamih (which really are empty).

The ZAIDANE “GOVERNMENT” will not do anything and no longer has the ability to enable themselves to control the popular revolution on Aldilm Alfberara in the south of Libya. The people of the south are free and will not be ever enslaved human beings (whatever the nature these who are now free).

DISINFORMATION is publicised in the West:


Akzbosh what you and my God Qaadin and steadfast and rats Jifam in the desert south Tndfn
the help of God Madsh Taatfaragoa Azat lying on young rats radio stations
popular resistance of the noble tribes Astrona now epics of honor, pride and dignity.
Arfo morale and Adeolhm victory over Almertzka you follow NATO.
Mnsourin and with God’s help we are right and they are wrong.


Important Jaddaa ….

in this topic meantime will try to collect the largest possible number of photos and videos of the areas in the south completely and transfer to Misrata to the work of editing and other.

The informative on the south and photographed it was edited and killed sheep and entry areas, one after the other to

hit the morale flags Alcadb as Flo in Green Square

Hedda Bengan with the aid of Turkey and France in photoshop and animated media and

spreading the news Kadba Alqubz the figures in the resistance,

the absence of your faith in God …. great Haddara of war and media, forgery and you in Bani Walid proof ….

fake army

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l):
We categorically deny all news circulating about rats occupying base Tmanhunt .. We emphasize that al-Qaeda is still around,and will be removed under the control of the Guard and the popular Resistance forces ..
We ask everyone to please not pay attention to the “horns of rats” blasting false news reports.

During World War II, the Allies famously tricked Hitler into believing that the First United States Army Group would invade France at Pas-de-Calais. The real invasion, of course, came at Normandy, and the First United States Army Group did not take part—mostly because it didn’t actually exist.

Fake military units aren’t the only thing the military is good at inventing.

To help prepare soldiers for the overwhelming nature of invading a country where the language is unknown and the culture is mostly alien, the U.S. Army, NATO and puppet leaders invent large-scale tales and use psy-ops on their recruits, mercenaries and young poor, ill-educated soldiers. The give them computer war games and repeated smear campaign stories; and enhance their ability to have power over the helpless. They feed them a scenario of fortune , riches and a wealthy future —if they nicely cooperate….If they do not, they are shown the results of “traitor-soldiers” incarcerated for life or executed as “traitors to their country”.

“ZERO HOUR” on FB writes:
Urgent. Tam crush of criminal militias in Sabha now.

Ya know smolts are free from the fear of Misratah Khco Qua God in the desert Cololhm what Fish Shilat gasoline in the desert.

Sartaoah commander adds:

Oh Lord, I Nstodek resistance fighters in Sabha and other cities, keep them in your eye that Atnam Iaaaaallah and insist extending them Soldiers from you Iaaaarb O Ahvdahm and slotted thrown Iaaaarb understand what went only to cleanse our country of impurity clients traitors who Damro our country

and displaced our people and wreaked wherever they went only decay, the kid customers sneaks to thwart the plot and scatter them and toss fear in their hearts and beat them evil defeat following the Jews from Misrata and other traitors who Sandu this surge almnkooobh.

Youth Caucus Sebha Qadhadhfa (on FB):

God of God the greatest.
Matters with excellent BiH and everything fully and Admission specialist ( Acceptance of the prize of master) for control of the cam, for positioning and morale suffered s samaa and high and preparations there are surprises.
Alshradm are batohm almsarit of mercenaries 12 Miu distorted in news was the grace of God, unity of the armpit.

Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest.

تجمع شباب القذاذفة سبهاالله اكبــر الله اكبــر ..
الامــور بفضل الله ممتازة والحمدلله وكل شي تمام وابناء
القب ائ تسيطــر
على كامــل مواقعها والمعنويات تعانــق السمــاء والاستعدادات عاليــة وهناك مفاجأت بإذن الله .
الشرادم يلي بعتوهم المزاريط من مرتزقة 28 مياو مشو في خبر كان بفضل الله وعزيمـة الابطــال .
الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد .

“ZERO HOUR” on FB writes:

“Hedda some of Mehrat Brigade 32 booster O Jardan Zihua have submitted, as though Tris.”

تجمع شباب القذاذفة سبها

الله اكبــر الله اكبــر ..
الامــور بفضل الله ممتازة والحمدلله وكل شي تمام وابناء
القب ائ تسيطــر
على كامــل مواقعها والمعنويات تعانــق السمــاء والاستعدادات عاليــة وهناك مفاجأت بإذن الله .
الشرادم يلي بعتوهم المزاريط من مرتزقة 28 مياو مشو في خبر كان بفضل الله وعزيمـة الابطــال .
الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد .

  • طارق الصقر

    الله .. الوطن .. الواجبتحية الشرفاء تحية المجد والصمود تحية الاحرار للمقاومه الشريفه الباسله تحية الشعب الذي انقهر ظلما وعدوانا تحية الاطفال المستبشرين خيرا بقادم افضل دعاء الشيوخ والعجائز وكبار السن والمحرومين دعاء من كل من هوا ليبي ويحب هذا التراب الذي لم ولن نخونه اهلنا في الجنوب اهلنا في ورشفانه اهلنا في العجيلات سطرتم ولازالتم تسطرون الملاحم والبطولات فنحن لاندافع عن مناطقنا بل ندافع على ليبيا لانه من واجبنا الشرعي والقانوني قدمنا شهداء ولازالنا نقدم ولن نتراجع ولن نستسلم وستحمي المقاومه الشريفه الشعب الليبي ولن يكون القصاص الا من الخونه والعملاء والسراقين واصحاب الارهاب العالمي الجديد المدعوم من الغرب وامريكا فالمشانق ستعلق لكم لانكم لم تخونوا قائد لانكم خنتم وطن وشعب وجعلتم من ليبيا اضحوكه امام العالم بعدما كنا في قمة الشموخ والمجد والعزه عندما كنا نحن من نحكم في بلادنا واليوم ترون كل شي امامكم وواقعكم الي المقاومه الشريفه الباسله ونحن في ساعات مجيده واقتراب الطوفان الاخضر من الهجوم لمسح عار ال فبراير وبناء الجماهيريه من جديد بايدينا نحن من ابناء الوطن الشرفاء عمال ومهندسين ودكاتره وخبراء وكل العقول النيره من اجل بناء الوطن بعرقنا ودمنا نطلب منكم الاتي .1_ احترام الاوامر العسكريه الصادره من القياده العامه للمقاومه2_ تفعيل الاجهزه الامنيه الاستخبارات الامن الداخلي والامن الخارجي والشرطه بكل اطيافها والحرس البلدي3_ لايكون هناك مقابل بعد انتهاء التحرير الكامل والكل سواسيه تحت القانون الليبي4_ عدم انتهاك الحرمات او التعدي على الاشخاص او القتل او التصفيه ومن يعمل هذا الفعل الشنيع يكون تنفيد عقوبة الاعدام امام الجماهير5_ تجميع السلاح بدون مقابل وعودته الي مخازن الدوله باشراف حكماء القبائل6_ الدور الاكبر لحكماء القبائل والشيوخ من اجل حل كل المشكلات العالقه ورد المظالم والصلح بين الشعب الليبي وتمنح لهم صلاحيات كبيره7_ ميثاق شرف بين كل قبائل ليبيا يبصم بالدم لانهاء هذه المهازل

    واخيرا احب ان انوه ان الانتفاضه قريبه فاستعدوا يا احرار لاننا نخرج هذه المره من اجل الله والوطن والواجب

Appeal No. (2)
Libyan tribes of the south of languages ​​to the infidels and to Alchuirv Jufrah and Sabha to the mountains Tbsta >>>
In the name of God the Merciful (We opened you opened indicating ** to forgive you for what God offers past and future sins are blesses you and guide you straight path ** and Anasrk God’s victory dear) Almighty God and prayers and peace be upon His messengers to Tuareg tribes in the south of the Libyan beloved tribes Tabu southern Libyan lover of peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you, O descendants of Tariq ibn Ziyad Loya men, women and girls Tuareg guys, women and Tabu tribes south of the Libyan beloved Inadekm and Ihamlkm your responsibility historic contribution and participation in the battles of honor and dignity to cleanse Sabha from militias shame and humiliation militias, death and filth militias falsehood and Khurj disbelief about religion to cleanse Sabha of these militias and deter militias coming from Misurata and May 28, and others. Accuracy hour work ….
Accuracy hour Jihad ….
The accuracy of the hour of victory ….
Accuracy hour splendor and dignity, O sons of Tuareg grandchildren and Tariq ibn Ziyad, O sons of Tabu tribes Sharif you now is the moment of enrollment forces People’s tribal people honest immediately and urgently to engage in battles against convoys heading to Sabha militias to cleared of these gangs.
In conclusion, we followed the Council’s statement of social tribes and Rafla issued on Sunday on 01.26.2014 and that the tribes emphasize the statement welcomes him and demanding tribes and Rafla and Rafla pride and dignity and heroism urges you to enter in the battlefields fighting jihad for God to cleanse our country from the filth and Alangas and illegitimate children and the Kharijites and rats. ) If Allah is not often you …..
(God is great and God but God and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah, peace and God’s mercy and blessings.).
[The Libyan tribes south of languages ​​to the infidels and to Alchuirv Jufrah and Sabha to the mountains Tbsta]
* Publishing and circular on a wider scale.

نداء رقم (2)

من قبائل الجنوب الليبي من غات إلى الكفرة ومن الشويرف إلى الجفرة ومن سبها إلى جبال تبستي>>>

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (إِنَّا فَتَحْنَا لَكَ فَتْحًا مُّبِينًا ** لِيَغْفِرَ لَكَ اللَّهُ مَا تَقَدَّمَ مِن ذَنبِكَ وَمَا تَأَخَّرَ وَيُتِمَّ نِعْمَتَهُ عَلَيْكَ وَيَهْدِيَكَ صِرَاطًا مُّسْتَقِيمًا ** وَيَنصُرَكَ اللَّهُ نَصْرًا عَزِيزًا ) صدق الله العظيم وصلاة والسلام على أشرف المرسلين إلى قبائل الطوارق بالجنوب الليبي الحبيب إلى قبائل التبــو بالجنوب الليبـي الحبيب السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا أحفاد طارق بن زياد ويا رجال ونساء وبنات قبائل الطوارق يارجال ونساء وقبائل التبو الجنوب الليبي الحبيب يناديكم ويحملكم مسئوليتكم التاريخية للمساهمة والمشاركة في معارك الشرف والكرامة لتطهير سبها من مليشيات العار والذل والمهانة مليشيات الموت والقذارة مليشيات الباطل و الكفر الخورج عن الدين لتطهير سبها من هذه المليشيات وردع المليشيات القادمة من مصراته و 28 مايو وغيرهم . دقة ساعة العمل…. دقة ساعة الجهاد …. دقة ساعة النصر …. دقة ساعة العز والكرامة يا أبناء قبائل الطوارق أحفاد وطارق بن زياد يا أبنــــــــاء قبائـــــــل التبــــــــــو الشريــــف عليكم الآن ومن هذه اللحظة ال آلتحاق بالقوات الشعبية لأبناء القبائل الشريفة فوراً وبشكل عاجل للدخول في معارك ضد الأرتال المتوجه إلى سبها من المليشيات لتطهيرها من هذه العصابات . وفي الختام تابعنا بيان المجلس الاجتماعي من لقبائل ورفلة الصادر يوم الأحد بتاريخ 26-01-2014 وأن قبائلنا تؤكد على ما جاء في البيان وترحب به وتطالب قبائل ورفلة ورفلة العزه والكرامة والبطولة تطالبكم بدخول في ميادين المعارك معارك الجهاد في سبيل الله لتطهير بلادنا من الدنس والأنجاس و أولاد الحرام والخوارج والجرذان . ﴿إِنْ يَنْصُرْكُمُ اللَّهُ فَلا غَالِبَ لَكُمْ …..﴾ والله أكبر ولا اله الأ الله محمد رسول الله والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .
قبائل الجنوب الليبي من غات إلى الكفرة ومن الشويرف إلى الجفرة ومن سبها إلى جبال تبستي

**النشر والتعميم على اوسع نطاق .

Urgent. RAT Warplanes (happily) mistakenly bombed a convoy of (their own) Misurata militias in the south of Libya.
. الطيران الحربي يقصف عن طريق الخطأ رتل لمليشيات مصراته في الجنوب الليبي .

F Hvouh:  

killed the commander of Saraya support forces, and backing from the city of Misrata near Smono,

at the hands of the Provisional People’s tribes, and the escape of Saraya himelf into the desert.

مقتل جمعة شفوح آمر سرايا الدعم والاسناد مصراته بالقرب من مدينة سمنو على يد القوات الشعبية المؤقتة للقبائل وفرار السرايا التابعة له في الصحراء .
UPDATE 30 JAN 2014:
Armed militias stormed the safe houses in the area Smono and random arrests of youth and taken to unknown locations.

RAT column was crushed militia near Southern town of Smono by the Provisional People’s forces:

RAT column was crushed militia near Southern town of Smono by the Provisional People's forces

Urgent: –
 “ZERO HOUR” writes
BECAUSE of the destruction of the Convoy, RAT Warplanes bombed the main power plant in the city of Smono
completely and have thus disrupted electricity for the entire south of Libya.
Liberal insure that the popular forces and militants in the south of the Libyan Istron epics history
against prostitutes tyrants and apostates Aqaibdounam heavy losses in lives and equipment ..
We call Ahrarna Hraúrna and to pray for them to victory ..
Forward O Fezzan ..
The struggle for liberation of the Great Jamahiriya (on FB): 
The arrival of hordes of black desert Taurags and join the people’s forces for the defence of the proposed
occupation of Fezzan by Misrati Jews.
Taureg Army coming to save Fezzan:
(Admin 11)
The Libyan resistance movement (h m l) informs us:Urgent Fort Sabha is now free of NATO agents who were stationed in Sabha Castle.
In order to preserve the heritage , the Resistance did not pound or bomb al-Attar Castle. TODAY, the Castle was cleared
of all  NATO personel and the green flag was hoisted up and the Castle has now been returned to the brooding Sabha mass,
and blessed into being a Holy House.God above kid aggressorحركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)
عاجــــــــــــــــــــــــــل قلعة سبها بعدما فر العملاء وتمركزوا في قلعة سبها وحفاظا على التراث وعلى الاتار الليبيه لم يتم قصف القلعه من قبل المقاومه واليوم تحديدا تم تطهير القلعه من عملاء الناتو وتم تعليق الرايه الخضراء فوقها وعادت للحضن والبيت الجماهيري والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

“ZERO HOUR” on FB informs us:

Ivory (Sabha: “Battle of Liberation”)

Today the religion fell dead at the feet of the “Libyan Resistance of noble parents” were with the queues almsalhah almsaratet different nationalities militias and mercenaries:
25 country citizenship and military ranks, including colonels
13 yhamlo of Sudanese nationality
20 Egyptian nationality
5 Afghan nationality
3 Syrian nationals of Qatar and Gulf clients
And the number of people killed in the NATO clients beyond a 500 people who have sold their honour, their land, their honour and their juggernaut’s Jews wadnab of colonialism
As part of our promise and promise to God
((They will give to drink individuality eroded footprints Shurayfah Libyan resistance strikes))
Peace to you, pride of the nation
Peace to you, my men home
Peace to you Oh leader lying by God
And God grew up kid aggressors.

Baden God Triqbo us on the channel fields intervention Stadium as the assets directly from Sabha.
Frequency encoding 11392 27500 v

“al-Fateh” on FB:
From the heart of the event and solid information:

1. full control over the castle al-Arrat of Sabha.

2. was pushing back militias who tried to approach the Sabha and was prosecuted and the number 9

including a field commander of the militia of Misurata and destruction of a large number of mechanisms.

3. Tmanhunt Airbase the Rats could not approach. The base is completely safe from tampering.

Base Tmanhunt under the complete control of all the popular forces stationed in temporary locations 

4. hundreds of tribes from across the South came to support and defend the Earth. (RIGHT OUT OF LORD OF THE RINGS!!)

And God is above the kid’s attackers.

The arrival of a good convoy of Zintan area Sukna.
(The Civil Brigade 32 car armed).

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Xanthan joins the forces of the Provisional People of the South!

Very very urgent .. Xanthan is now officially part of the Resistance.
Join “the battalions of the military council of Xanthan Forces Provisional People in the south” 

full number and material.

Perfect ambush performed by our heroes brave Hsalo the Jardan Almzarat and Jardan corner was to Trdjaém after Smono
Gore ĘÚÇáć to Moowoowo Jivkm Aajerdan ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

“ZERO HOUR” of FB informs: :

27 janvier
News that the military force that came out of Jufrah and want access Sabha was followed by the destruction and the rest fled due to Ajafrh
Lord Victory resistance in all throughout the mass…

Important Notice Please brothers citizens not to pass through the ring to Brady circular secondary to security reasons
Rats city of Sebha Gardah rats rats rats secondary Brady rats Mansheya of Altmama
Are doing a wonderful plan to secure the city and secure way Modah to the headquarters of the Sixth Brigade of the road completely Momen condominium Brady to the reservoir area with secondary.
Spread set on the roofs of buildings and the deployment of more than 32 armed mechanism in the road and the secondary reservoir and a large group of rats.
Please take the resistance of young science.
(Zero hour)
Ivory (Sabha …. battle of liberation) for
Among today’s debt fell dead under the feet of the Libyan resistance men and religion were dishonest with convoys
Almsalha Misratan militias and mercenaries of different nationalities. –
25 hold Qatari citizenship and military ranks, including Colonels
13 Ihamlo n Sudanese nationality
20 Egyptian citizenship
5 of Afghan nationality
3 hold Syrian citizenship of Qatar and the Gulf clients
The death toll from NATO clients exceed a 500 of these deaths have sold their honor, their honor,
their land and their masters of the tyrant Jews and colonialism Adnab.
As we promised and promised right ÇäÔÇááĺ
((Stsagon individually eroded feet and blows the Libyan resistance dishonest))
Peace to you, Nakhweh home
Peace to you, my homeland men
Peace thee, O leader Mansora with God’s help
God and larger over Kidd aggressors.

The readiness of the three legions desert to participate in a battle with PDF which is now waiting for the signal

from the top leadership of the Libyan resistance.

Victory Now


Move very, very large group of supporters of the rats to the south and now they are present between the Ubari and Owaynat near field of the elephant please have a means of communication to members of the Popular Resistance inform them so …
Our source of private
(Hopefully alarm and circular and Publishing)
(picture shows UBARI hostels and town in background):


“Zero hour” on FB informs us:

On Al-Arabiya event ..
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hamza president of the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies … Says ..
Libya where 14 leading al-Qaeda, led by ..
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, …… (owner of the news channel) ..

Abdullah Hakim BelHadj, al-Qaeda
There are training camps for the base ..

The leader of one of the battalions Abouhvefah commander of the Libyan and Egyptian. There 1000 under Training
Infiltration of them 14 and one across the border between the Egyptian and Libyan and Syrian
To blow Alexandria Security Directorate at the same time as the bombing of the Cairo Security Directorate
I have been arrested
Groups linked to al Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
Unfortunately, the exchange has .. and Egypt have the right to deal with these
American kidnapped Abu Anas Libyan and Egypt have the right to do business with anti-terrorism law:

Training camps for the free Egyptian army in the east of Libya
Includes Egyptians, Africans and other nationalities
The Western Sahara is preparing to swallow rats
It has already swallowed Desert Fox Rommel
Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ and obvious difference, of course
There is no comparison between the rat and fox !

(Moved from, the “Arab nationalist movement Alsisawih”)

Day of Civil Disobedience

Mu saves

تقرير من الدكتور ” يوسف أمين شاكير” عن ليبيا

The FB Bogger, GREAT SON, writes:
To the desperate, frustrated sons of the nation who are not honest people disagree on the sincerity of their intentions and their steadfastness ..I remind you and remind myself the words of the prophet Abu Bakr Siddiq died when his friend and the owner of the Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah Mustafa peace be upon him …Dear people of the van was worshiped Muhammad Muhammad had died and those who worship God, the God of the neighborhood Emmott …And also remind the commandment leader Mujahid symbol of life for each green militant leader Muammar al-Qathafi said when you continue to resist, even if you have not obeyed my voice ..And if he tells us that home to you and you and me, the biggest of any commander Cservh certificate at any moment …

As if to say to you also that I am one of you to Edith and Ahabay and you must supplement the supervisor and the journey of struggle to defend your land and your honor and your dignity and your history and your glory Benitomoh Padma which your fathers and ancestors …

Like us also say that the nation is not limited to a person or a fighter, but only one is the home crowd and Paljmua Yahya and win …

Hence, I say unto you, honorable … We Nndhal for a cause we believe Baadaltha and fairness .. We believe that we are on the right and downright belief in victory, God willing …

We believe that this earth able to have heroes bones, which leads the crowd towards the pride and glory as she gave birth, the martyrs Sheikh Omar Mukhtar, the leader Mujahid and steadfast Colonel, Muammar al-Qathafi,
Brothers, who believes that the victor will inevitably Aantzer zero hour Althabton our time, we are all zero hours …

We determine Atnina watch all considerations as much as Mayanina performance of our national duty, fortitude and steadfastness and certainty that we are victorious … We are those towering mountains that do not wind Tzazzaa

No matter how intense strength and Auasfha surges … We are safe, saying the Almighty …
{And Ezzati and Jalali Onasrnk even after a while} Almighty God

Abide proved Vksma Him who sent Muhammad to the right you will inevitably victorious

We’ve endured the steadfastness of men …

And here we are winning the Champions victory.But yes, Muammar al-Qathafi is very much Alive..despite what the West and even some well intentioned people, are saying. He lives, he breathes, he is with us in every sense of the word, not just euphemerically.
Mais oui, Mouammar Kadhafi-est très vivante .. malgré ce que l’Occident et même des gens bien intentionnés, ont à dire. Il vit, il respire, il est avec nous dans tous les sens du mot, et pas seulement symboliquement.

ولكن نعم، معمر القذافي لا يزال حيا جدا .. رغم ما في الغرب وحتى بعض الناس حسنة النية، يقولون. يعيش، وقال انه يتنفس، فهو معنا في كل معنى الكلمة، وليس فقط رمزية.

Look crusader infidel colonizer vindictive enemy of God and Islam Haala are piled

from Sidi Ali leader Muammar al-Qathafi and Ostbaho land supply and killed a

nd expelled the Libyan people and destroyed and looted and occupied the country by traitors and agents of rats ..

Each end of the unjust and totally traitor client account …????

أنظروا الصليبي الكافر المستعمر الحاقد عدو الله والاسلام هاؤلاء هم من من تكالب علي سيدي القائد معمر القدافي وأستباحو الارض والعرض وقتلوا وشردوا الشعب الليبي ودمروا ونهبوا وأحتلوا الوطن بواسطة الخونة والعملاء الجرذان .. ولكل ظالم نهاية ولكلي خائن عميل حساب…؟؟؟؟
I hope Publishing broadest
Is the interpretation of what is happening in Libya now!!
Under Chapter VII of Estrada and banned weapons and here Aldkhaúr of newly handled by the abusers!!
Grazing of these militias and Echtdhanha!!
To provide them with weapons and gear for the management of this losing wars!!
It conflicting interests of international, regional and local in the state did not see them,but the loss of everything began their souls and not ending with sovereignty!!FB VIDEO:
وارجو النشر على اوسع نطاق
هل من تفسير لما يحدث في ليبيا الآن !!
تحت البند السابع وممنوعين من استراد السلاح وهاهي الدخائر المؤرخة حديثاً تتداولها أيدي العابثين!!
من يرعي هذه المليشيات ويختضنها !!
من يمدها بالسلاح والعتاد لادارة هذا الحروب الخاسرة!!
انها مصالح متضاربة دولية واقليمية ومحلية فى دولة لم يري منها الا ضياع كل شئ بدأً بالارواح وليس انتهاءاً بالسيادة !!
Yasmine Shaibani writes:
Lying to the destruction of a sovereign state and a fake rumor of the media that “this ruling dictator bombards his own people by plane” to rush the world to adopt a resolution for NATO intervention to protect these civilians, although the evidence and the information is false and incorrect and the fact still amazed to the speed of what happened in 2011, after a handful of those who have sold their consciences and Achtlqo these lies to Neil the prestige of the homeland and the destruction of Libya of conspiring with the West greedy and manipulated people across screens lying and falsehood wrong information and exaggerated.What happened has shown the conspiracy against Libya lies and was a reason to kill people and destroy the army and the displacement of a million and increases the Libyans has become many people live diaspora inside Libya and abroad, and many people in prisons …

to increase the land of Libya hate and malice to get to the limits of tampering homeland between sullen and thief and a simple citizen afraid that what is happening today in the city of Sabha, which is exposed to aerial bombardment by order of the Prime Minister of Libya, who made the remarks in front of screens informed to be a German importer who ordered murder in public, …

Is not this a crime Jamah Arabs and Aahih UN Aacil Security, right Matqom by planes Libyan government similar to what has accused him of what they said al-Qathafi did, and order your meeting documented all the hatred and hatred in a jiffy and without Troy for your contribution to kill people and make it suffer the poorest and homeless and killed.

What is happening today in Sabha humanitarian disaster by all accounts is not a shame to shut Arabs Kqomeon and politicians are honest, intellectuals and media figures for these crimes that occur in Libya and how they allow and justify themselves to believe after all this messing that what happened in Libya, the revolution and the revolutionaries and ratify that it was against injustice and tyranny. .

But Taatsalon for which Chahant now occurs from this ill-fated revolution. You Besmtkm and Taiedkm them Stardon also ruin your own and tampering and Stsahmua naively bring chaos and colonialism in your countries and the entire region.

I think we’re through Mashahdnah Many of the Arabs who participated and carried out this diabolical alliance under the name of Rabi revolutions have become exposed to the Arab peoples. Although these countries in implementing the agenda and they paid customers and Mendson entity in the nation.

Vsabha biggest cities of Libya in the south being bombed by government Zidane friend Bernard-Henri Levy Zionist, today slaughtered men, women and children in the same manner that killed NATO Libyans send the plane and Bawarjh the pretext of protecting civilians, is it not bombed in Sabha today civilians as well, and by the importing government did not know how to run the country and made it the land is sacked and looted did not achieve any security and safety of Libyan citizens also not the despotic tyrant. As if this double standard, O world. It lives in the Sabha also people who have rights, and human beings of flesh and blood and I have to have humanitarian protection.

In short, what I’m seeing today in my country, which powers met unjust in the world in 2011 these forces that are trying hard not to allow us to know the people and expose the reality to them, and Libya because of the lie has become a country of violations of humanitarian exceeded every conceivable and Sabha today whether variation that occurred between tribal or supporters of the Great Jamahiriya or the rebels in February of NATO are not given the right of this government imported bombed the city and terrorize women and children and the deliberate killing ..

Libya, which has become a hotbed for each ado, hate, rivalry and murder three years ago .. Fmaihdt Sabha today in another crime recorded in the pages of the futility of humanity and the world silently and another shameful bias permanent forces of evil which expropriated all laws, concepts and norms to achieve its ambitions .. Unfortunately still feel that built national are still unable to understand what happened to us, but what a dirty game called February Revolution colonial blessing. When will reveal the truth Dear Libyan people and you can remove the cover and absorb that what happened is nothing but a plot to make it your home country and the remains of the theater ambitions … only then humanity will prevail in the national.

ياسمين الشيباني
بكذبه تم تدمير دولة ذات سيادة وإشاعة هذا إعلاميا بأن هذا الحاكم الدكتاتور يقصف شعبه بالطائرات ليهرع العالم للاستصدار قرار لتدخل حلف الناتو لحمايه هؤلاء المدنيين رغم ان الأدلة والمعلومات كاذبه وغير صحيحة وحقيقة لازالت مندهشة لسرعة ماحدث في 2011 بعد قيام حفنة ممن باعوا ضمائرهم واختلقو هذه الأكاذيب لنيل من هيبة وطن ولتدمير ليبيا بالتأمر مع الغرب الطامع وتلاعبوا بالشعب عبر شاشات الكذب والزيف بالمعلومات الخاطئة والمبالغ فيها. ماحدث أبان المؤامرة على ليبيا من الأكاذيب وكان سببا في قتل شعب وتدمير جيش وتهجير مليون ويزيد من الليبين فقد أصبح الكثيرين يعيشون الشتات داخل ليبيا وخارجها والكثيرون في السجون … لتزداد ارض ليبيا كرها وحقدا لنصل الي حدود العبث بالوطن ما بين حاقد وسارق ومواطن بسيط خائف ان ما يحدث اليوم في مدينه سبها التي تتعرض للقصف الجوي بأمر من رئيس وزراء ليبيا الذي صرح بذلك امام شاشات إعلامه ليكون الألماني المستورد الذي يأمر بالقتل في العلن، أليس هذه جريمة ياجامعة العرب وياهئية الامم المتحدة ويامجلس الأمن، أليس ماتقوم بها طائرات الحكومة الليبية شبيه بما اتهمت به الراحل القذافي وكان اجتماعكم تأمر موثق بكل الحقد والكره في لمح البصر ودون تروي لتساهموا في قتل شعب وجعله يعاني فقرا وتشريدا وقتلا.
ان ما يحدث اليوم في سبها كارثة إنسانية بكل المقاييس أليس عيبا ان يصمت العرب كقوميون وسياسيون شرفاء ومثقفون واعلاميون عن هذه الجرائم التي تحدث في ليبيا وكيف يسمحون ويبررون لانفسهم تصديق بعد كل هذا العبث بأن الذي حدث في ليبيا ثورة وثوار والتصديق بأنها كانت ضد الظلم والطغيان.. الا تتسألون عن الذي تشاهدنه الان ويحدث من هذه الثورة المشئومه. انتم بصمتكم وتأيدكم لهم ستعرضون بلدانكم ايضا للخراب والعبث وستساهموا بسذاجة فى احلال الفوضى والاستعمار فى دولكم وفي المنطقة كلها. أعتقد أننا ﻣﻦ ﺧﻼل ماشاهدناه فالكثير من العرب الذين شاركوا وقاموا بهذا اﻟﺘﺤﺎﻟﻒ اﻟﺸﯿﻄﺎﻧﻲ ﺗﺤﺖ ﻣﺴﻤﻰ رﺑﯿﻊ اﻟﺜﻮرات اصبحوا مكشوفين للشعوب العربية. وإن هذه الدول تنفذ في أجندة مدفوعة الثمن وانهم عملاء ومندسون في كيان الامة.
فسبها اكبر مدن ليبيا في الجنوب تتعرض للقصف من قبل حكومة زيدان صديق برنارد هنري ليفي الصهيوني، اليوم يذبح رجال ونساء وأطفال بنفس الكيفية التي قتل بها حلف الناتو الليبين بطائراته وبوارجه بحجة حماية المدنيين أليس من يقصف في سبها اليوم مدنيين ايضا، ومن قبل حكومة مستورده لم تعرف كيف تدير البلاد وجعلت منها ارض مستباحة ومنهوبه لم تحقق اي أمن وأمان للمواطن الليبي أليست ايضا طاغية مستبدة. اذا لما هذا الكيل بمكيالين أيها العالم. فمن يعيش في سبها ايضا أناس لهم حقوق وبشر من لحم ودم ويتحتم علي الانسانية حمايتهم.
وباختصار، ان ما اراه اليوم في بلدي التي اجتمعت القوى الظالمة في العالم عليها في 2011 هذه القوي التي تحاول جاهدة بعدم السماح لنا بأن نعلم الشعوب ونكشف حقيقتها لهم ،، وان ليبيا بسبب كذبة أصبحت بلد الانتهاكات الانسانية التي فاقت كل تصور وأن سبها اليوم سواء كان الاختلاف الذي حدث فيها قبلي او بين مؤيدين للراحل القذافي او من ثوار فبراير الناتو لاتعطي الحق لهذه الحكومة المستوردة بقصف المدينة وترويع الاطفال والنساء والقتل المتعمد.. ليبيا التي صارت مرتع لكل اللغط والكره والتناحر والقتل منذ ثلاثة أعوام.. فمايحدث في سبها اليوم جريمة اخري تسجل في صفحات عبث الانسانية العالمية وبصمت مخجل اخر وتحيز دائم للقوي الشر التي استباحت كل القوانين والمفاهيم والأعراف لتحقق أطماعها.. وللأسف لازالت اشعر بأن بني وطني لازالوا غير قادرين علي فهم ان ماحدث لنا ماهو الا لعبة قذرة اسمها ثورة فبراير بمباركة استعمارية. فمتي تكشف الحقيقة ايها الشعب الليبي وتتمكن من إزالة الغطاء وتستوعب ان ماحدث ليس الا مؤامرة لتجعل من وطنك أشلاء ومسرح لأطماعهم … حينها فقط ستنتصر الانسانية في وطني.
كاتبة ليبية



Inventory traitor Abuscna (ABDUL JUDGE JALIL) announce his defection from the outburst and Gahaar Bernard Levy; and sniffing
and bolt Germanh and ask the Libyan people joining the forces of Muammar.
لجرد الخائن ابوشنة يعلن انشقاقه عن فورة قهاير وبرنالد ليفي وينشق عن جرذانه و يطلب من الشعب الليبى الانظمام الى قوات معمر .


While the entire town of Libyans  have risen against the oppression of NATO and its puppet government.

The situation is quite difficult because NATO is releasing toxic gases on civilians.

Some drones fly over towns and launching a gas that causes suffocation and burns.

The hospitals Zahra of RISHVANA,  Tripoli and Benghazi are receiving Libyans in a serious condition after receiving gas over their body and inhaled air.

At the same time NATO bombed indiscriminately from the air and by means heavy weapons at the Libyan population.




Important statement of the Popular Resistance # Tripoli
In the name of God the Merciful
(God punish killers hands and helps heal them and heal the breasts of folk who are believers
and goes rage of their hearts and repent to God wills, and Allah is Knowing, Wise)
Almighty God!
Troops armed people and PDF to our people captured disadvantaged in our capital wounded occupied by heretics
oppressors and militias brothers mischief and criminal gangs:
the brothers and sons in the armed forces will not abandon you
and the capital of the glories and will not give up on Green Square, which has long Browse by people armed
and Commander top, and Tpahim in front of the world Moor stomata protectors mass.
we, and God willing, around the corner from KD forts traitors and agents and the eradication of malignant tumors
planted by colonialism in Tripoli bride river and the sea.
Soon, God willing, will replace an hour of salvation and emancipation Sinbalij the dawn of freedom,
which exploded Ziah from the south.
We will bring security and safety with the help of God, supported the people and soldiers armed Billath systems who are not loyal to them,
but to God and the nation and protect the people and the sovereignty of the country by land, sea and air.
We are going back to security, of which you have missed , and the will of the extracted you, Snstrdja your rights that were taken,
and Pkramtkm raped.
We’ll save the symptoms that have violated. It will not deter us to continue editing, only raise the sky, which extended and giving us victory,
a right; and, we are the owners of the right.
And promise before God, that I do not like by virtue of our country, and the way you rule authority.
and you decide your fate by agreement of the entire people Bakbaúlh Mujahid honest, after the liberation and the extension of full control of land, sea and air.
and God is the best.
(Say work soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger and the believers)
And forward the revolutionary struggle continues.
(People’s Armed Forces and the Popular Defence Forces)
Free on 26 May 2014 fire syphilis.

#بيان هام المقاومة الشعبية #طرابلس

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
(قاتلوهم يعذبهم الله بأيديكم ويخزهم وينصركم عليهم ويشف صدور قوم مؤمنين ويذهب غيظ قلوبهم ويتوب الله على من يشاء والله عليم حكيم)
صدق الله العظيم

من قوات الشعب المسلح وقوات الدفاع الشعبي إلى أهلنا المأسورين المغبونين في عاصمتنا الجريحة المحتلة من قبل الزنادقة الظالمين ومليشيات الأخوان المفسدين والعصابات الإجرامية ، إن إخوانكم وأبناءكم في القوات المسلحة لن يتخلوا عنكم وعن عاصمة الأمجاد ولن يتخلوا عن الساحة الخضراء التي لطالما أستعرض فيها أبناء الشعب المسلح والقائد الأعلى ، وتباهيتم أمام العالم بأسود الثغور حماة الجماهيرية ، إننا وبإذن الله قاب قوسين أو أدنى من دك حصون الخونة والعملاء واستئصال الأورام الخبيثة التي زرعها الاستعمار في طرابلس عروس النهر والبحر ، قريبا بإذن الله ستحل ساعة الخلاص والإنعتاق سينبلج فجر الحرية الذي أنفجر ضياءه من الجنوب ، سنأتي بالأمن والأمان بعون الله ، ساندوا أبناء الشعب المسلح بضباطه وجنوده النظامين الذين لا ولاء لهم إلا لله والوطن وحماية الشعب وسيادة الوطن برا وبحرا وجوا . سنعود بالأمن الذي غاب عنكم ، وبإرادة انتزعت منكم ،سنسترجع حقوقكم التي سلبت، وبكرامتكم التي اغتصبت، سنحفظ الأعراض التي انتهكت ، لن يثنينا على مواصلة التحرير إلا من رفع السماء وهو مددنا و ناصرنا وهو الحق ونحن أصحاب الحق ، و نعاهدكم أمام الله أن لا شأن لنا بحكم البلاد وطريقة الحكم أنتم السلطة وأنتم من تقررون مصيركم بإتفاق كامل أبناء الشعب بقبائله المجاهدة الشريفة ، بعد التحرير وبسط السيطرة الكاملة برا وبحرا وجوا ، والله ولي التوفيق .
(وَقُلِ إعْمَلُوا فَسَيَرَى اللَّهُ عَمَلَكُمْ وَرَسُولُهُ وَالْمُؤْمِنُونَ)

وإلى الأمام والكفاح الثوري مستمر.
قوات الشعب المسلح وقوات الدفاع الشعبي

حرر بتاريخ 26 أي النار 2014 إفرنجي .

O coming to Tripoli … To our home for our kids to Khotna ..

جايين يا طرابلس … لديارنا لصغارنا لخوتنا ..

Durée : 2:25 FB VIDEO


1:22 Misurata militias Jews burn camp in Tawergha janzour,,

MISURATA MILITIAS burn TAWERGHA CAMP in Janzour, Tripoli w ammo provided by USA & NATO:

MISURATA MILITIAS burn TAWERGHA CAMP in Janzour, Tripoli w ammo provided by USA & NATO

Jews Misurata burn camp in Tawergha janzour,,

There is no power but from God, but Astt revenge for an hour PowerPoint Presentation.



الحريق فى جنزور
 —-Kamel Chaawa informs us:
Important and urgent circular reporting and I hope to reach in the Liberal and Rishvana,and the great God and I received this information from a private free of Ahrarna trusted and steadfast Resistance :::::information from inside the base of a Mitigua Ahrarna among their ranks and this is very dangerous ..Jardan at the base with the help of experts, trapping and mining the mechanisms of whom are now booby-trapped

the mechanics of armed and non-armed to leave the battlefield areas and Rishvana and detonated by remote control,

so you blew mechanism ĘĚĎćäĺÇ strange and left on the battlefield,

or left Jardan and fur them because they Kmain by Jardan. These ambushes al-Qaeda,,,

(please Circular and attention).



Young Liberal tearing legend February Jardan NATO strike amid ASTBrazilian central Astnejadhm Balboles
Please contribute to the deployment of video
They responded
من الشباب الاحرار يمزقون خرفة فبراير ويضربون جردان الناتو
وسط استنجادهم بالبوليس البرازيلي
يرجي المساهمة في نشر الفيديو
ردوا عليهم


And our response Alaan:
There is confirmed information that there are serious consultations among a group of tribes dishonest, topped and Rafla and epiphyseal and Asabah and Awlad Brik and Alrgiat and tribes Qara poly Zliten and Chiaan and Ma’daan and Tribes of the East both Alawakir and Moroccans and Buntingand the subject is open to anyone who participates from tribes that given this topic tribes 72-hour deadline for the militias and the government:
The Congress and the House of Fatwa, to stop the trapping and killing of children, women, the elderly and the genocide war unabated and incitement to murder and exploitation of religion to kill our people in all of Rishvana and department in Ajeelat and Sabha Wada did not stop knead announce this topic tribes after this topic Lead time she would not sit still and it will enter the fight with all our strength and will open fronts limitless and will transform into hell Libyan soil under their feet, and then it will not be decisive,but bowed to the home of the project to kill him and his family and genocide Baatart wealth and seize all destinies and conspiracy on the identity ….
(The hour of victory)


and WERSHFANA tribes completely!!!

Inventory Hashim humans shortly before the news channel:

After the statement tribes and Rafla last night and the counter-revolutionary (as described), has become a national duty to renew Resolution No. 7 again

and the invasion of Bani Walid and the arrest of members of the council of social out, and, if necessary to make Bani Walid military zone free of any manifestations.

Seen civil and the same case for the tribe and Rishvana The department in Ajeelat will not prolong our patience on these rogue cities that seek to destroy Libya and foil the February Revolution glorious ..

He preached that he had phoned staff and explained to him the importance of the subject and the seriousness of the situation where the understanding of the chief of staff and of expressing his willingness to stand with the rebels to purge those cities subject to decisions of the National Congress !!

Hashim humans has told the President of the Conference Nuri Abusshmin (who is the other major supporter of the idea of “cleaning those rogue cities”)

“and the next two days will be a turning point In Libya, ‘God willing’ ..”*


(*: DISGRACE FOR HIM TO USE ALLAH’s name in vain!)

سبها الأن | Sebha Now

الجرد هاشم بشر قبل قليل على قناة النبأ

بعد بيان قبائل ورفله ليلة البارحه والمعادي للثورة (حسب وصفه) صار واجب وطني تجديد القرار رقم 7 مرة اخرى واجتياح بني وليد والقبض على اعضاء المجلس الإجتماعي بها ،، وإن لزم الأمر جعل بني وليد منطقة عسكرية خاليه من اية مظاهر تواجد المدني ونفس الحال لقبيلة ورشفانه والعجيلات فلن يطيل صبرنا على هذه المدن المارقه التي تسعى لتدمير ليبيا وافشال ثورة فبراير المجيدة .. واضاف بشر إنه قد اتصل برئيس الاركان وأوضح له أهمية الموضوع وخطورة الأوضاع حيث تفهم رئيس الأركان وابدئ استعداده للوقوف مع الثوار لتطهير تلك المدن شريطة صدور قرارات من المؤتمر الوطني وقد ابلغت رئيس المؤتمر نوري ابوسهمين وهو الاخر ايد فكرة تنظيف تلك المدن المارقة واليومين القادمين ستكون نقطة تحول في ليبيا باذن الله ..

ســـــــــــــــــــاعة النصر




Maya mourning mourning
Quote you what is happening in the region of the lattice department in Ajeelat:

they entered they Good-enough rebels massacred in some men with a knife and Aasroa

others and burning homes after stealing women and children screaming and crying, terrified …....

I hope the publishing world knows what he’s doing these Kharijites.


 Akram Omaikl of Oh hello committees including the Liberal Khotna supervision and Rishvana
Network Muammar Bomenaar media
Visit us at our social networking Facebook
Warfali Albdora 01


Urgent now be equipped with weapons and Altqilh locust attack Ali and Rishvana.

When interrupted News .. And things calm down and be silent .. Know that calm before the storm ..
Zero hour writes:
Please beware, my free :::
Sawani to users through a gate in front of tight checks camp seventh of April by NATO rebels who are in the camp,,,,

And Rishvana
Is one of the oldest tribes of Libya, most notably in Tripoli notorious resistant to the authorities of the Ottoman and Italian colonization

and still its original plain Azizia (easy Aljafarah) and its city Azizia (Alcdoh) are described and Rishvana as tribe combine my recipe assembly urban and rural at the same time as formed small farms (Sawani) and Benoit homes in coastal areas stretching from the Gargaresh area Godaúm corner passing zones Agheiran and janzour and fisherman and mil and areas near or adjacent Kalhachan and his Gospel and Hinashir and Zahra Ameria, Nasiriyah, where they worked in agriculture in the areas of rainfed agriculture in the seasons of plowing and harvesting in the valley Alheirh

and well Coca Bajafarh and Rishvana (easy Azizia ), where they go out on a temporary basis to these areas.

هي من أقدم القبائل الليبية وأشهرها في طرابلس أشتهرت بمقاومتها للسلطات العثمانية والإستعمار الإيطالي ومازال موقعها الأصلي سهل العزيزية (سهل الجفارة) ومركزها مدينة العزيزية (الكدوة) وتوصف ورشفانة بأنها قبيلة تجمع بين صفتي التجمع الحضري والريفي في الوقت نفسه حيث كونوا مزارع صغيرة (السواني) وبنوا المنازل في المناطق الساحلية الممتدة من منطقة قرقارش إلى منطقة جودائم بالزاوية مروراً بمناطق الغيران وجنزور وصياد والماية والمناطق المحادية أو المجاورة لها كالحشان وإنجيلة والهناشير والزهراء والعامرية والناصرية وحيث أشتغلوا بالزراعة في المناطق الزراعة البعلية في مواسم الحرث والحصاد في وادي الهيرة وبئر كوكا بجفارة ورشفانة (سهل العزيزية) حيث يخرجون بصفة مؤقتة لهذه المناطق .


Alorvleon ..
Post-nuclear statement of the Council for Social and Rafla tribes, not as before .. Libyan events and accelerates towards a new dawn, the curtain falls on the stage of Conference Allaotunai, NATO and the rebels swept into the dustbin of history ..
Acclaim said after the statement and Rafla .. But the sound of guns:


Song Munawar Aawada dinars Yashik valleys lyric new work

أغنية منور ياوادي دينار ياشيخ الوديان عمل غنائي جديد


Urgent Sirte ::::::::::
Full interruption of electricity in Sirte, as well as the network and alert Libyana
full views of the city’s security Jerdnyh ……..
Zero hour  writes:
Urgent splendor of Sirte
Sirte rose up and become red fire and ashes Rmas on both beg him himself
A tribute to the heroes of Sirte withstand
(Mukul Haniyeh of Gaddafi)
Greetings my youthSirte fierce Resistance and known what they Aazaid end
and a tribute to complement the big greeting from the Liberal youth Sabha.
For your information in the image will be used in weapons as Khazoouk of traitors and customers:


Urgent news for the passage of a convoy from the Abu Najim coming from the direction of Mzrath  to  Jufrah.





 Warning Ahrarna O my brothers and Yamen Tdhon yourselves for us and for our dear homeland in frontNews confirmed that it was installed GPS tracking devices for each vehicle in order to loot the joint force Ihddo place and turned them Ahdro Iksvoha aviation and far stores your weapons and Charkosh Behm in front Lin Ttacdo they are free from the tracking devices ……Please spread the warning in the broadest(The hour of victory)
تحدير يا اخواني يا احرارنا ويامن تضحون بانفسكم من اجلنا واجل الوطن الغالي في الجبهةانباء مؤكدة انه تم تركيب اجهزة تعقب GPS لكل المركبات القوة المشتركة الغنائم لكي يحددو مكانها ويقصفوها بالطيران احدرو حولوهم وبعيد مخازن اسلحتكم وما تشاركوش بيهم في الجبهة لين تتاكدو من خلوهم من اجهزة التعقب ……يرجى نشر التحذير فى اوسع نطاقســـــــاعة النصر

Sabha now | Sebha Now a partagé la vidéo de resistance Libyan People |

PU Men Minyar revolutionthe conqueror of September, 2011.
Ttiyarn NATO bombing of the city of Sabha, Li hour ago

قصف طيارن الناتو لى مدينة سبها قبل ساعةســــــاعة النصر
طيران جردانى قبل قليل يقصف فى سبها

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and urgent

Brother kidnapped, last night in the Ant Street Mounhih – Sabha
Each of the named Mohammed Dahmani Werfalli – Nasser Abdul Jalil Messaoudi Soleimani stop the car (Jawad Awad Mishri Abdullah Gaddafi by force of arms and voices zooming occurred bushing and congestion and the audience), most of the house Altmama Awlad Suleiman and especially Hassan and Mohammed lameness and their children were taken hostage at an unknown location, but in if reached for any additional information you will Ibosha immediately.
From the spot on which the kidnapping of citizen Jawad and God is my witness.

We hope to generalize to all youth Resistance and not work according to the instructions issued by the Mchakh tribes.

(The hour of victory)



Elgiabu Ramadan inspirationally writes us:

Hey Dr Fatima,

[Dr. Fatima Ahamroch:
who has belittled the Green Resistance, calling them “comical toy revolutionary soldiers”],

to be the triumph of a party and we reject the invasion of you who participated in it along with the jokes Libya and they have been caught in the national Rzilth do not want to lose our home to become a hotbed for Olaoamrakyin and their agents from extremists . We want to recover the state September Nicomha and make it democratic actual application and not the theoretical,We want equal rights of all Libyan citizens and all men and women , we want every citizen voice , whether male or female , who wants to claim that it is coming from God, let us go to God , and he wants the Hereafter and Horyatea Glmanha and let him hustling her life,

we want all the merit and all the freedom and safety and the well-off because the afterlife knowing God and we humans , like other human beings , but we want and we do not want our partners Oroamrakjon Gulf or share it or govern us in it.

Feltkm war between right and wrong between the nation and agents of colonialism and cheek , but not the war do not keep be devastating and fearful is not worth his life among humans.

It’s a battle between advocates of the death and the advocates of life , advocates of virtue and advocates of immorality , between believers in God the Lord of Being and Nothingness, and believers in God the Lord of Mecca stone house Saudi, between believers neighborhood Gayoom believers in God and the Lord of death, murder, torture and destruction of life on earth.

يا دكتورة فاطمة , لابد من إنتصار طرف ونحن الرافضين للغزو الذي أنت شاركت فيه جنبًا إلى جنب مع مهابيل ليبيا وإنغمسوا في رذيلته الوطنية لا نريد بأن نفقد وطننا ليصبح مرتعًا للأولاوأمريكيين وعملائهم من المتطرفين . نريد إسترداد دولة سبتمبر لنقوّمها ولنجعلها ديموقراطية التطبيق الفعلي وليس النظري , نريد المساواة في الحقوق بين جميع المواطنين الليبيين وجميع الرجال والنساء , نريد لكل مواطن صوت سواءً كان ذكر أم أنثى , ومن يريد أن يدعي بأنه آتٍ من عند الله فليذهب إلى الله , ومن يريد الآخرة وحورياتها وغلمانها فليذهب مسرعًا لها فنحن نريد الحياة الدنيا بكل محاسنها وكل الحرية والأمان فيها ورغيد العيش لأن الآخرة علمها عند الله وما نحن إلاّ بشر كبقية البشر نريد وطننا ولا نريد شركاء أوروأمريكيون أو خليجيون يشاركوننا فيه أو يحكموننا فيه . فلتكم حرب بين الحق والباطل بين الوطن وعملاء الأستعمار وخده , ولتكن حرب لا تبقي ولا تذر والخائف لا يستحق حياته بين البشر , إنها معركة بين دعاة الموت ودعاة الحياة , دعاة الفضيلة ودعاة الرذيلة , بين المؤمنين بالله رب الوجود والعدم والمؤمنين بالله رب مكة بيت الحجر السعودي , بين المؤمنين بالحي القيوم والمؤمنين بالله رب الموت والقتل والتعذيب والدمار للحياة على وجه الأرض .

Almandil happiest Zhio announce the popular uprising against the “17 February calamity” has begun in all Libyan cities
01/24/2014 channel 24 FRANCE…

The Libyan Resistance  released a statement urging Libyans who were deceived or what naively believed the invading enemy,  to now surrender. Libyan Resistance People’s  ensures their safety and will be well  treated according to international standards and peace.*

Msakm joys and triumphs … Now begin the psychological warfare furiously by rats traumatized between the denial of our victory and the fabrication of lies and fabrications images would launch upon a fierce war so be steadfast either outlast strongly in front of a storm rumors or you Stnksron you now from his hand to locate. Every according morale and intelligence it was confident steadfast and high spirits will Aziz the same place and at the height of the summit was reluctant humiliated frustrating it would be despised and weak and place under the foot of victory and glory and pride for us despised rats and Atsgua to understand Ohaathm Iharbounkm psychologically but losers mass ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ triumph lawyer throwing:

There is no more “LIBYAN GOVERNMENT”!! THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of the PEOPLE HAVE MADE VICTORY, although this will completely denied by the West and the Press, THE GNC is no longer in existance and green reigns now. Now has begun the psychological war and the continued bombings by NATO, who will NOT ACCEPT THEIR DEFEAT!

The following is the sick STUPIDITY that Dr. Dr. Fatima Ahamroch posted!!


“We call on the Libyan authorities to act wisely and deal with all outlaws the balance of justice and one, and that is not biased in the ranks of the oppressors on the pretext that they are revolutionaries!
The government and the Congress and the Libyan people (of all sects: Fberaarien and loyalists of the former regime) that seek to stop the bloodshed and extinguish the fire of sedition, instead of beating the drums of civil war.”
God save Libya.
Dr. Fatima Ahamroch

FIRST of all:  IT WAS NOT A CIVIL WAR !! and The RAT puppet Congress and the so-called “authorities” DO NOT EXIST ANY MORE: THEY HAVE FLED; 

and most important, there is GREEN VICTORY today…and Elgiabu Ramadan is more than 100%++++ right in what he has expressed.


Did you know @ @

Jardan NATO was paying 184.28€ million .. In order to disrupt the green channel.

To everyone and anyone who asks for green channel say:

Channel that God will passionately unexpected will come upon them suddenly and will be charged the direct transport of areas within the Great Jamahiriya and we will reveal the facts on the ground …

As I say that the channel crews and technicians were distributed in most parts of the mass and Sabde live broadcast and we will program the first good morning mass.

Thank God, and the situation in all regions and axes and men’s increasing popular resistance and international cooperation and international communication increases.

This Atmn to everyone and ask them to pray for the removal of fear from the hearts begin to disobedience in all regions, especially Tripoli …

For the rest of the interview.

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Tennis hav Ha Hamr her Dsamh spoiled perished
Lee. Kulaiqith to Gdakha Hllna
Las citizens Wyatt (KHE
Alla to the reality of limited Ahidik
Can you solve the killer of Gail E Gah Lal Tnlotfvha
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‘s Gehggq) of N, Itnnsths to Come Ehgdild.

Mu message 24 JAN 2014

Mise en ligne le 18 mars 2011
al-Qathafi says that the word democracy is made up of two syllables the first
Demo .. And its meaning in Arabic .. forever
And the second
karase .. And its meaning in Arabic .. seat
Meaning to become permanent positions
And calls on Arab rulers to be like him, and calls for sober people govern themselves


YESTERDAY’s image of Liberation. Since then,  the Resistance has declared Victory:

Word Ahmad Gadaf-a-Dam blood on what is happening in Libya:

كلمة أحمد قذاف الدم بشأن ما يحدث في ليبيا
Will not kneel only to God.Official page Bashaier satellite channel,,,,, Page Alolh been infiltrated by Jardan …..then the honorable retrieved and closed permanently.FB site and video removed by rats and FB:FB site and video removed by rats and FBBashaier satellite channel Bashaiyr tv
Channel Bashaier Alvzaih thought the green channel and the channel resistance of the Libyan Frequency 11137 horizontal on the Nilesat satellite.

Praise be to Allah, and then open the channel “# omens” Ali frequency Aiia: 

11137 / / 27500 / / H Horizontal

Please contribute to the publication and dissemination …………………………
Of the General Command of the popular resistance to all battalions of the armed forces and the people located in the following areas and the roads leading to the south of Libya
It is as follows : –
First … The road to the south of the east of Sirte to any Jufrah to the south.

Second … The road to the south from the north to any of Heisha Apunjam to Jufrah to the south.
Thirdly … Moada the road to the south from the north-west direction of any of Mizdah to Qurayyat to Alchuirv and Shatty to the south.
Fourth … Secondary road leading from the center of the stopper to bin Walid and Ashimikh to the people and to the south .
To all existing and battalions stationed on the implementation of these trends Ajeraútkm literally following orders :
– Increase raise Astaadadatkm and provide mutatis your needs and combat ration to fight the fiercest battles for the home.
Ajeraúkm and not to draw the attention of the enemy any manifestation of your equipment and hidden and camouflaged perfectly natural lives pretending to exercise the task entrusted to you now is just intelligence . And Ajeraúkm activate Mkhpericm and deployed on a very large scale
And let us know all the moves hostile flying to the south and the lack of resistance now in order to preserve the integrity and let them Afradkm foray and lure them towards the south until reaching the places Almottagv from all the above-mentioned methods .
On any battalion pass by hostile forces to the south from any direction of the trends previously mentioned , to equip itself to move and have ordered that the recipient of the leadership of the resistance will be sent to you so it’s soon approaching enemy forces to the point pounce agreed upon from all directions and besiege and destroy it and cut way back and not access support them from the enemy.
Ajeraútkm the implementation of the foregoing literally …… ……………

Victorious , God willing Almighty ……….. Son Conqueror

Multiply the O’s Liberation Army
“Today clarion
“My purity purge”
Army beat us, O Rahman “all faith”
What unforgiving row Akhawan
“Nboha Tola fire
“They have not .. And destroyed Adwank destruction ..


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Seal Quran:

Oh God, grant me the strength to resist myself, and the courage to face twice, and certainty to accept my fate,

and satisfaction to relax my mind, and understanding to reassure my heart.

اميرة السلام•الرائد ركن حرب الآسد•

اضرب يا جيش التحرير

„اليوم نفير
„بلادي طهرها تطهير„
اضربهم يا جيش الرحمن ”بكل ايمان”
ما ترحم صف الخوان
”نبوها تولع نيران
”عليهم غير .. ودمر عدوانك تدمير ..

We say the words of the Prophet Haaaaaaaam
Me all the pages of Resistance
The first thing I say prophet resistance ended in Facebook
Resistance is now looked on the ground
For me the pages of Resistance
Maeve knew the mind processes give the orders on Facebook …
Some pages
My dad says Mtal news came down just before
Ali units gathered around City Jufrah Labelling Group B Wayne Moukahaaa. You Tenbho in Jardan Bish Istt ….
Or on the news of my father’s inn in some pages
Ali Liberals who are in Sabha income revive them Jardan me out
To my mind that in the heat of his heart on his base with Jardan
Tani Shi Ye Tenbho in Jardan mesh Liberal …..
Or news about our heroes in Tripoli and Douhahaaaaaa
For God Hfattkm God Vkonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of storytelling on Facebook
Resistance youth have contact with some across the Libyan
And continuing to the resistance does not return   …



Fatwa issued an advisory opinion from the corrupt NATO MUFTI trouble maker SADAK Gharyiani, declaring war on legitimate supporters of green and allow the bombing of civilians in Sabha, Rishvana, and department in Ajeelat; and he calls for Libyans fighting among themselves again (Muslim blood, which the Prophet [PBUH] warned us specifically against!!).
  • “Zero hour” writes:Told you the false Taliani spoke and said Adrbu supporters of al-Qathafi iron fistChino him to return the Iaahrar Ha eyed Antichrist


Citing news agency Solidarity:
Media sources confirm that the Egyptian authorities detain President of the Chamber of Libya rebels known as Shaaban Shaaban gift angular.

From Egypt

The news that Egyptian authorities arrested Shaaban gift known as “Abu Obaida Libyan” head room rats Libya

The news agency SolidarityNargis Ghiryani:
A source of operating room Libya rebels, on Friday, that the Egyptian authorities have arrested President of the Chamber Shaaban gift while he was in Cairo.
He added the source for “news agency solidarity” that is not recognized until the moment the reasons which led to the arrest of a gift and taken to an unknown location.
The operations room Libya rebels one of the battalions under the flag of the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army.
 Lafrasin Greens News 
Urgent.Egyptian authorities allowed the Abu Ubaida angular contact his family
to check on him and the Egyptian authorities to quickly disconnect the call after the belief that he sent a secret code of his group.
did not understand the Egyptian authorities—-
Namely, Moi to all those people in the street Althelolh..
CORPSE à do-do maintainent!!Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠHaj Ghaith Ghiryani who Khtafo duration of sight in front of Blon .. 70 years .. And diabetic,
Guo and his body dumped on the signs of torture!




“Islamic Front of Derna”:
Today, God willing times from the 1 to 4 am
You will hear the voices of explosions pounded the defenses of the puppet government in Tripoli

God save our fighters and heroes endorsed the victory of his own

We promised that we have and that we’ve won.

Tripoli mosques conquerors zooming specifically, Mr. Khalifa street corner ….

News resistance People’s Libyan Free:

City martyr convulsed 6000 to lead and the rest of the tribes are honorable decisive battle ..


Tribes satellite channel

Signed Friday morning a huge explosion in the area of ​​the bridge Tajourah Balqab Industrial Research Center.

ياقائد ثورتنا على دربك طوالي…
يامخلي رايتنا خفاقا في العالي



Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
# Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
Armed clashes in the city of Tarhounah.

Clashes in the city was kidnapped and Tarhunah Ramadan Chaibi and assuming the militias of Misrata.
(Son Conqueror)

News Network Libya green:
I swear including raising the sky that all that is written in this page 100% real.
Tarhounah this morning, a group of children of Alnaajh kidnap someone from a family of well-known Alemragna loyalty to the homeland and the Libyan leader’s family Vgillt Alemragna of these continuous provocations Acharadm Louhichi lost followers and slaves Misrata Jews ..
Then decided sons Alemragna put an end to this family of rogue response to their size and naturally picked up all the young arms and Tnado of every inch in Tarhounah. There is a great post from other families such as the family and the family of Trchana Hamrouni and others ..
Lose the expulsion of these bastards and the demolition of their homes ..
Child died after a family Alemragna indiscriminate shelling from afar ..
Fur family Alanaajh from their homes, leaving behind their wives and their children,
but family Alemragna dealt with all the families and tribal custom to now now still clashes
and eluted did not specify the scene in Tarhounah constantly cleansing Tarhounah
or just to join the uprising of the Libyan people ..
A thousand greetings to each family did not accept the injustice ..
This is the reality of what is going on in the dust Tarhouna Sharif.


A message to the Beautiful who are free, and Racdlin: ask the Liberal move and not to refer to the climbers

who claim they Antdharon instructions from Major General Valloa instruction issued to you Mindua

week ago and did not dwell moved.




Department in Ajeelat split me two sides good Western point of Oriental Liberal Etwajdzn in the western corner of the city either Jardan corner and Sabratha and visitors, steady and Surman Amdayrin Popat in Djihh Eastern and sing in Wayne end Jay from the west and Elly are long and the new and the lattice and the landfill and Aljafarah and the girl’s head and Alvrich and Icomo Ba arrested. Please Hey steep Aahrar Elly present in the western corner of the department in Ajeelat.

Greeting to Ashaws triangle Champions department in Ajeelat epics written in terms of a jihad – 
in the department in Ajeelat.


اهداء الي اشاوس مثلث الابطال العجيلات وهي تسطر ملاحم الجهاد — في العجيلات.



Only four of the young people in our youth and the arrest of the offender Rishvana Mohammed

paste of the Duckh captured from and without any damage.
A tribute to the heroes …. inventory and inventory behind GOD IS GREAT ABOVE THE AGGRESSOR.

After the escape of columns aggressors from battlefields
Group hid in a factory Alaageor .. It was pursued and captured them from families fled from them fled ..
Sheep were many of their vehicles
God is great .. Allahu Akbar
Now celebratory victory marches described and we bring you video of the bridge 27 ..

Allahu Akbar
Champions tribe Chiaan country convulsed the armed militias.
Other tribes Feltenvd.


The Libyan Resistance  released a statement urging Libyans who were deceived or what naively believed the invading enemy,  to now surrender. Libyan Resistance People’s  ensures their safety and will be well  treated according to international standards and peace.*

Spokesman of the Shura Council and Rishvana Bo Aoueigila Seif El-Nasr:
– User received on behalf of 200 people wanted.
– *: Agreed to be arrested for the most wanted by the police stations.
The Cilh Shura and Rishvana has met with the Council and local councils Tripoli Tripoli
and the Council of Sub-Azizia and some councils of the mountain yesterday to discuss the
repercussions of the current events in the region and Rishvana.
URGENT | even houses of God have not been spared the brutality of the crimes of armed terrorist Almelcaat
This is what NATO rebels in the mosque of Ali bin Abi Talib in dotted mil b # and Rishvana:

Green TV Channel Green TV


The arrival of 8 cases of suffocation to Zahra Hospital Ajraouasthaddam Sroaik gas in indiscriminate shelling of the area

and Rishvana by armed militias.
Reporting new genocide in Libya: criminal gangs ruling in serving Libya NATO and the U.S. are using mustard gas in its bombing in RISHVANA (as well as already seen in the SOUTH by QATAR) come the report from Al Zahra hospital doctors certifying the infestation of innocent civilians.

The use of mustard gas by armed gangs against Rishvana area and there are cases infected in Al Zahra Hospital.

Militias, terrorist use of poison gas to try to control the # and Rishvana.

The attack was the Champions Rishvana today battalion Alguenida Grad rockets

and Allah is the greatest.

(picture: Shell Arada, RISHVANA)

(picture: Shell Arada, RISHVANA)

Electricity was cut off to part of the area and now Rishvana.

Aaaaaaaajl of one free and Rishvana now
God is great and thankfully the news and I saw myself downright
The arrest of the hardest criminals in the corner …. arrest of killing
Dozens of army and volunteers and was tortured prisoners
The arrest of the offender Munir paste and God is now in the hands of the Liberal
Awlad Embarak ... God is greatest above the aggressor Kid ..


Please Alnscherwaltamim Jardan Misratans last night and with them Jardan of Tarhounah and walking around with them across Tarhounah and Ydlewnhm the homes of Liberal

and it was agreed that tonight 24/01/2014 Power will come from the city of Misurata to catch them all, and the one on the end without Cocraroach order
not to teach them one of the very arrival of Misurata.

Quoting / / Mslath – (so named by them) “the cradle of the Republic” :::

Men gate russet due any citizen Mslaty vector to five in order to maintain the integrity ….

Those who ask about the reason:
The reason is that the people of the area blessings Bmslath complained of room security Mslath because of a busy Magen and sounds music high and so I went on the spot groups of the national army and Saraya backing led security room Mslath and raided the place, which is a break out the number of 60 people in the drunk of them Tarhounah and blessings and five and Misurata means Mtkhalth …

This is what led to what has happened today.

Ibrahim Shati:
Tarhunah country wise people who actually Khaifa p homeland and Hatta who Tofu them

with the tyrant just made sure he was tricked. Behm two Thrko door of fear GS home saves Tarhounah.
Lord God and the city of history and the true national not like pumice Elly on Behm Hamza and Damro towns.

Jardan Misratans now in Jufrah, are preparing themselves to enter the Sabha under the cover of Joy!

The power that came from Misurata to the city (and Dan) the number of cars 23 cars which are stationed outside the city
Command prompt from the (operating room Sabha) to Kabylia noble in the city and Dan handled

Misrata Militias preparing rockets against free SABHA:



Tribes satellite channel

The clashes in the city of Zliten Mager. THIS IS A REPEAT OF 2011 !!


NATO Massacres of Civilians Aimed at “Cleansing” the Libyan People’s Resistance

Many of the journalists from NATO countries held meetings on how to disseminate the news.

NATO claims categorically that the areas bombed were “legitimate” military targets and that there is no evidence of civilian casualties.

This statement is false and in total contradiction with realities on the ground including photographic and film evidence (see the photographs below).

Areas in Zliten and Majer (Mager) were bombed by NATO for strategic reasons. The bombing of civilian areas is tied to the planning of NATO’s offensive against the Green Resistance.

The Libyan clans in these areas have made it clear that they would fight the General National Congress and ZAIDANE should its

forces try to move westward against Tripoli from their position in Misurata. NATO deliberately bombed these areas “to clear the way” .

Thousands of people also came to the funerals of the victims of the NATO / QATARI attacks.

Green TV Satellite Channel was also jammeded by NATO. This was part of NATO’s efforts to contain information from coming out of Libya regarding the realities of the war.

NATO is running out of steam and the GNC has collapsed.

NATO’s killing of civilians is intended to force the Libyan population into surrendering. The “Responsibility to Protect” is an utter shame.

In 2011 NATO left many boatloads of migrants and refugees escaping Libya, to die in the Mediterranean Sea.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has sent a team to Tripoli from its head office in New York, supposedly to investigate. George Soros heads the HRW, and is known to liaise with the U.S. State Department.

NATO which has also announced that it will attack civilian sites as it did in 2011, to force the populace into submission.

Copyright © 2014 Global Research
new protests against NATO:

Dead civilians in Zliten Hospital.  

While in fact harming civilians, NATO‘s aim to decide the fate of Libya and who its government will be is a violation of international law. Indeed, the situation is a clear instance of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Libya.

It is a violation of the right of the Libyan people to decide their own affairs, and affirm their national right to sovereignty from all outside interference.

NATO mission is exposed as an imperialist project it is while it is facing an ever-greater united front of the Libyan people against it. Across the country, Libyans are protesting against NATO and the GNC government of ALI ZAIDANE.

Various sources report that the Libyan people are increasingly mobilizing against NATO and its puppet-regime across the country. While demonstrations have been taking place for weeks in government-held areas, protests and even fighting have now begun to erupt. Libyans across the country are rebelling against them and their foreign backer NATO. Falsely made to appear deceased, Col. Gadhafi has re-called on people to rise up against the foreign occupation.

In Tripoli, Sabha and other areas, mass demonstrations against NATO and their GNC puppet-“government” have been reported for weeks now. In recent developments, the movement against NATO and her puppets, including their stronghold Benghazi. According to Global Research, people in Benghazi, Derna and Tobruk have taken to the streets denouncing NATO and the armed gangs of militias they installed, while fighting has actually broken out in some areas. A peaceful unity march from Al-Sabaa was attacked in Gwaleesh with aerial support by NATO and QATAR. 

Picture of ZLITEN’s al-ASMAR PLAZA:



Dr. Fatima Ahamroch:
Today has been intercepted a convoy of medical aid to the Society of Peace Bin Walid,

traveling from Bani Walid to a hospital Venus, and forced to return by the gunmen.
This is a repeat of what happened in 2012 during the events of Bin Walid, was then returned oxygen cylinders flying from a supply of the central Ministry of Health to a hospital bin Walid, in addition to intercept the ambulance which was carrying the first wounded to the Tripoli Medical Center gracious and abuse Alysaúgaha addition to the kidnapping of a wounded !!!






Special Forces Benghazi

Injury to a Special Forces Thunderbolt soldier in clashes in the region of al-Hawari.
“Atmosphere of the country”
The official media Hawari hospital, “Hani Al Oraibi:”

The members of a “Special Forces Thunderbolt”died the day after his arrival to the hospital

after being injured in clashes in Sidi Faraj.

Safi Menafi:
Began motionless very much in Benghazi and now clashes with heavy weapons between

militias Rav God Alshata and Thunderbolt in Hawari.


“Farces of February” collapsed announcer asks a member of the Conference is not a national solution

to the problem of bombings and assassinations ..

This member of Congress replied amazing answer …

He said the solution to the bombings by what each person riding in his car degrades Tel Alemraamith

was ÎÔ the whole meaning of the hill riding and hill walking, even if it means Mkhch explosives ..

This is “February” and damned Germanha God’s curse on them:

Urgent. Sarah’s skin. Member of the Commission on Security strong for the first time reveals plan for securing Benghazi!

Special and exclusive white now … Jaudh favor of a member of the National Security Committee reveals for the first time about the security plan, which reduces the bombings and assassinations in the city of Benghazi in particular, then implemented throughout Libya beloved. The answer to the question: Broadcaster through the channel of Libya I. Do you put a security plan to reduce assassinations and bombings in the city of Benghazi? Jaudh answered with confidence and yes, every home in the city of Benghazi buy (Tel) and before that running puts his cars (the hill) inside Almaramith and make sure that there is something inside the ensure the safety of content (Almaramith) puts his trust in God. This is with regard to the bombings to assassinations still studying the plan in court, such as the plan to secure (Sweetie) Libya.

Icon – Design
To ensure your safety and the safety of your family,
follow these steps with world-renowned expert in the field of explosives: Saleh Jaudh
I wish you safety,
Addicted: Gentle Man –

How to protect yourself from the terrorist bombings by Salah Jaudhi:


كيف تحمي نفسك من التفجيرات الأرهابيةانــشـرهـــا


Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ


Two assassinated this morning in the city of Derna, two intelligence officer,

Colonel Saleh Computer and policeman Salah Al Mansouri Boukdr ……….. I am God and to him we shall return.

 a tank was destroyed by the Resistance.

and many armored vehicles were captured from rats  who refused to surrender

and thus were put to the sword by their own law.





ZAIDANE Government warplanes to the customers with heavy aerial bombardments

of the city of Sabha to Maholahibosh to open the way for al-Qaeda and extremist groups backed Misrata.

(Son Conqueror)

1:13 shelling of civilians in Sabha by the Government of customers
(de girl milk)

Dogs NATO bombing Sabhabaltaúrat !!!

The martyrdom of the hero knight / Masoud Hamad Al Hamri
In the battle to liberate Sabha,,,,,,,,
for him God Aalmtkhazlin Tris Atamot and Tris time very seriously and fell down history Sgelhaalikm God’s curse on you shame the longest-old was understood Aaaar longest of age. Glory to Hola men who Maujroa not sold and greet each of the shadow of Ali Testament …. Resistance Day moved Dayra account for everything and Mtoklh Ali God Mesh Mnuklh Ali hands trembling. Donkm Aakhunh joined up with Almenbtahin God’s curse upon the curse of God be upon you. Glory to the martyrs of the glory of the Champions ye Yamtkhadelan Donkm shaved Chenbatkm and Deroa so sweet and Mkiqoa Khirlkm with respect to the silks who supervised all Mtkhadl and Ashraf from every player on the ropes women feet of you and Maujrt today battling Bbandkietha and women passengers on the Alarbatash and Atalath Twenty Sabha and Ghadames and Rishvana .. do not know how Tris lying next to your wives and displaced not Adkhalo this topic hour Bellman calls but who Treaty God Miglab Miglab Paso endowed Andrm victory God and history Mirahm / national grand.

Inventory was Achtzaf Abdul Alhfat Gogha for seven hours and was Urgent …

Hottest Awlad Suleiman honorable declare Anzmamanm the ranks of the SPLA in Sabha ...

God is great and thankfully.

Ivory (operations room popular forces – # Sabha) for

To the entire population and area residents and around # Gardah
To all residents and residents in and around # Manshiyya
To all residents in the camp # five Altmanin and around
In order to preserve your souls you to evacuate the places mentioned before tomorrow morning Saturday, 01/25/2014
Dear brothers your safety is important to us and our priority Please Come Atid and compliance.
Room operations forces popular Sabha. . . . Issued on 24.01.2014

Jardan Sabha bombing in locust point Manshia to target civilians … Mark Kiedkm in Nhrkm Aajerdan

Heroes of the Popular Defence destroying Zbaptan mercenaries Kharijites Sabha.

These tanks who destroyed the UPDF in the way of agricultural near the airport before 4-5 days.

Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
Was before the hour destroyed two tanks of traitors within their last stronghold in the battalion Knight desert by forces armed people and Maad rats only 3 tanks and Heetm destroy them upon arrival Ahaddathiathen teams surveyed and prepared to receive the announcement liberation of the south Garieyeeyeeyeeyeayiba forward O Rvagueta P Sabha spark:


Interruption of electricity to the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo



Abu Guenchert Foundation flags, media arm of Ansar al-Sharia is banned in Tunisia, a message said the group has received from the leader known in Jihadist Salafist movement Jordanian Omar Mahmoud Othman famous by his nickname, “Abu Qatada the Palestinian” from his prison in the capital Alardnaheman, where the trial before the State Security Court of Jordan on terrorism charges.
And accused Abu Qatada in his siding with the Islamic Renaissance Movement to secularists, saying: “It has been estimated that the group is on the renaissance of this extreme ignorance, I expect you to become right through to its rule and its conflict with the secular are approximately us (…), they instead I went away from us to the point of secularists, have been on a jag-fold from taking hurt us a way to accept the religion of the infidels of the Americans and Europeans, and Renaissance have learned runner secularists in Tunisia for Islam, and I learned a runner Europe for Muslims, but did not Tantsah not Thtd, but I went to take off more of Registration Islam until they accepted Islam, not the law of laws in Tunisia, I do not know what is left of them, they claim they want the war from behind the establishment of Islam. “
And called Abu Qatada “Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia” to the “Declaration of corruption and misguidance” Renaissance Movement invitation only without entering into a physical struggle with her, saying: “As is the Renaissance with you has shown the political leaders you hostility, and allied themselves with the secularists against you, but they became the spearhead Against this call please do not hesitate to declare their corruption and misguided, and we were and continue to finish the fight Muslim or hostile, standing on the side of the people of Islam against heretics secularists against the infidels, the infidels and apostates, even if it was contrary to us, but what I did renaissance but it is a bias class enemies of the Muslims against fellow Muslims , Valmuaq them on this his rule of Fight recognized for his conversion to Islam and is known with you, and I ask you to independence in advocacy and non Joined today by any title only ((Ansar al-Sharia)) then this happened Fbla announcement, this after estimating interest, this is the safest to call today so as not to flock by the wolves. “
He also called in the same context to declare a “war on secularists, saying:” Then you severity and cruelty as you can on the secular heretics with you, I do not know of a Muslim country of screaming hostility religion of these as they are with you in Turkey and Iran, and now almost brothers in Egypt are causing In their declaration of hostility to Islam. “
And praised Abu Qatada in his message on what he called a “clarion Tunisian youth to Damascus” to fight within the jihadist groups there, saying: “I have learned that a lot of young people concerning you may jeered jihad to Syria Sham and this is, Mahmoud Mubarak, and I’ve learned that Sheikh Abu Ayaz God save violates these young people in the general alarm there so as not to leave Tunisia without an invitation and do not care, and it is close, a good many of you have sought both cases. “
However, the scene jihadist has denied some of the fighters what he called “radical,” adding, saying: “But Adsna some of the turnoff toward you to Syria, the Levant and they are few and members of those stresses because of the Hamas youth and their rush, and I was pleased news, many of them from the militants, and they knew the brunt ignorance, has experienced a lot of them. “
As a student of Abu Qatada elements of Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia to work together and coordinate with the “jihadists in Libya,” saying: if Twasaltm with your brothers in Libya that is better so you will be one hand in the advocacy and cooperation, this is with the scientific fact that fraternity ancients in Libya became Caster fragments, and varied stranded a lot, “in reference to the leaders of abandoning Aljmaah Libyan jihadist fighter from the curriculum after revisions, led by the emir, Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the year 2008 during the reign of The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
أبو قنشرت مؤسسة البيارق،الذراع الاعلامي لجماعة أنصار الشريعة المحظورة في تونس،رسالة قالت ان الجماعة قد تلقتها من القيادي المعروف في التيار السلفي الجهادي الأردني عمر محمود عثمان الشهير بكنيته “أبو قتادة الفلسطيني” من سجنه بالعاصمة الاردنية عمان ،حيث يحاكم أمام محكمة أمن الدولة الأردنية بتهم تتعلق بالارهاب.و اتهم أبو قتادة في رسالته حركة النهضة الاسلامية بالانحياز الى العلمانيين قائلا :” لقد كان تقديري أن جماعة النهضة على غير هذا الجهل الشديد، فإني كنت أتوقع أن تصير إلى الحق من خلال حكمها وصراعها مع العلمانيين فتقترب إلينا(…)فإنها بدل ذلك ذهبت بعيداً عنا إلى جهة العلمانيين، وقد جرت على سنن أمثالها من اتخاذ إيذائنا سبيلاً للقبول في دين الكافرين من الأمريكان والأوروبيين، والنهضة قد علمت عداء العلمانيين في تونس للإسلام، وعلمت عداء أوروبا للمسلمين لكنها لم تنتصح ولم تهتد، بل ذهبت إلى خلع المزيد من الإنتساب للإسلام حتى أنها قبلت عدم الإسلام شريعة القوانين في تونس، فلا أدري ما بقي لهم من زعمهم أنهم في حرب يريدون من ورائها إقامة الإسلام.”و دعا أبو قتادة “أنصار الشريعة في تونس” الى “إعلان فساد وضلالة” حركة النهضة بالدعوة فقط دون الدخول في مادي صراع معها ،قائلا : ” أما أمر النهضة عندكم فقد أظهر القادة السياسيون لكم العداء، وتحالفوا مع العلمانيين ضدكم، بل صاروا رأس حربة ضد هذه الدعوة فلا تترددوا في إعلان فسادهم وضلالهم، وإننا كنا ومازلنا ننهى أن يحارب مسلم أو يعادى وهو يقف في صف أهل الإسلام ضد الزنادقة العلمانيين وضد الكفرة المشركين والمرتدين حتى لو كان مخالفاً لنا لكن ما فعلته النهضة إنما هو الإنحياز لصف أعداء المسلمين ضد إخوانهم المسلمين، فالموافق لهم على هذا له حكم من حارب المسلم من أجل اسلامه وهو معروف عندكم، وأنا أطلب منكم الإستقلال في الدعوة وعدم الإلتحاق اليوم بأي عنوان سوى ((أنصار الشريعة)) فإن حصل هذا فبلا إعلان، هذا بعد تقدير المصلحة، فإن هذا هو الأسلم للدعوة اليوم حتى لا تتكالب عليها الذئاب.”كما دعا في ذات السياق الى اعلان “الحرب على العلمانيين قائلا : ” ثم عليكم بالشدة والقسوة ما استطعتم على العلمانيين الزنادقة عندكم، فإني لا أعلم من بلاد المسلمين من يصرخ بعداء الدين من هؤلاء كما هم عندكم وفي تركيا وإيران، والآن يكاد إخوانهم في مصر يلحقون بهم في إعلان العداء للإسلام”.و أثنى أبو قتادة في رسالته على ما سماه “نفير الشباب التونسي الى الشام” للقتال ضمن الجماعات الجهادية هناك قائلا : ” ولقد علمت أن الكثير من الشباب من جهتكم قد نفروا إلى الجهاد إلى سوريا الشام وهذا أمر محمود مبارك، ولقد علمت أن الشيخ أبا عياض حفظه الله يخالف هؤلاء الشباب في النفير العام هناك حتى لا تترك تونس بلا دعوة ولا عناية، والأمر قريب، فإن الخير عندكم كثير يسع الحالين”.غير أن المنظر الجهادي قد أنكر على بعض المقاتلين ما أسماه “التشدد” ،مشيرا بالقول :” لكن ساءني بعض من نفر من جهتكم إلى سوريا الشام وهم قلة وأفراد فيهم تشدد بسبب حماس الشباب واندفاعهم، كما سرني أخبار كثير منهم من المجاهدين، وهؤلاء يعلمون وطأة الجاهلية، وقد عاشها الكثير منهم.”كما طالب أبو قتادة عناصر أنصار الشريعة بتونس الى العمل المشترك و التنسيق مع “الجهاديين في ليبيا” قائلا : ولو تواصلتم مع إخوانكم في ليبيا فهذا خير حتى تكونوا يداً واحدة في الدعوة والتعاون، فهذا مع علمي أن الأخوة القدماء في ليبيا صاروا شذر مذر، واختلفت بهم السبل كثيرا ” في اشارة منه الى تخلي قادة الجماعاة الليبية المقاتلة عن المنهج الجهادي بعد المراجعات التي قادتها أميرها عبد الحكيم بالحاج العام 2008 ابان عهد القذافي.و عمر محمود عثمان ، مواليد 1960 في بيت لحم التابعة للضفة الغربية ، و يكنى بأبي قتادة متهم بالإرهاب من قبل عدة بلدان حول العالم كما ضم اسمه ضمن القرار الدولي رقم 1267 الصادر من مجلس الأمن الدولي التابع للأمم المتحدة الذي صدر في عام 1999م والذي يختص بالأفراد والمؤسسات التي ترتبط بحركة القاعدة أو حركة طالبان.و يعتبر مطلوباً من قبل حكومات الأردن، الجزائر، بلجيكا، فرنسا، الولايات المتحدة، إسبانيا، ألمانيا وإيطاليا. وأشرف المنظر الإسلامي على إصدار عدة مجلات منها “الفجر” و”المنهاج”. كما أصدر كتاباً ينظر فيه ويؤسس للحركة السلفية الجهادية وهو يصنف ضمن “أقوى ما كتب في التعريف بالحركة السلفية الجهادية وفي تفسير وتبرير أفكارها ورؤاها”.في 7 جويلية 2013 أعيد إلى الأردن إثر اتفاقية مع بريطانيا صدّق عليها البرلمان الأردني تكفل محاكمة مستقلة لأبي قتادة.تادة ينقد النهضة و يحرض على العلمانيين في تونس
Security expert: setback terrorist groups in Tunisia warns of reprisals
Said the former National Gua

And noted security expert told the Facts Online that the “silence” of this trend does not necessarily mean falling and but remains the country’s Tunisian hot area and is open to all scenarios of terrorist considering that these Islamist militant organizations follow the style Ascending in the implementation of their criminal operations, adding that the protests recent border towns like Kasserine and Gafsa was a golden opportunity for these elements even penetrate the center of the popular urban neighborhoods to carry out terrorist plots recorded in which its presence and announces its presence.
And in comments on the recent terrorist attacks in Egypt today detonated an explosive device and a car bomb inside the residential areas deemed Alzermedina there a big difference between that seen in Egypt, Tunisia, and especially at the political level in addition to the different number of supporters Takfirism represents the difference between the two countries in the the quality of the operations carried out by these groups, pointing out that the Tunisian street awareness and security system were solid safety valve prevented a disaster would have been paid in the country towards a dark tunnel as he put it.

rd Colonel Ali Alzermedina on Friday 24 January 2014 that the hard thing with the relevant authorities indicates that terrorist groups in Tunisia is witnessing a psychological setback historical view of the recent security successes in thwarting a large number of criminal operations, along with the arrest of most of the leaders in Tunisia and Algeria, stressing the need to reserve from this setback as it represents a gateway to reprisals embodied in explosive belts and car bombs and taken by the parties to this way of jihad and struggle against private security institutions and that they were trained and mastered her portrayal of Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

Depression Forum:
The Tunisian government expresses its deep concern the flow of large numbers of Libyan citizens across the port head
Igdir the past two days, where the number of Libyans who crossed into Tunisia 5000 Libyan citizen during the twenty-four hour past!

Ras is worth crossing this morning ..

Worth mentioning that leave mid-year school holiday complemented / mean imposed unwind mesh seen :



More blood on the Road and smoke in the sky

Mu on telephone

Mu thoughtful




Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
The resignation of Foreign Minister of Libya from his post in protest at what is happening

in the country from bleeding of the blood and the bombing of civilians and Tqaas authorities

represented at the Conference and the government. 

* Resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs “Libya”
in protest against the new genocide and what is happening in the country

with bloodshed and civilians with bombs. He is accompanied by 5 other

ministers fearful of being eliminated as traitors dogs to the motherland

also waive.

Escape and splits in the ranks of the traitors / /
Client Salem Elhasy Libyan intelligence chief issued a circular for each client Libyan ports not travel any government official or treacherous Libyan General Conference Allaotunai without security clearance from the Department of General Intelligence information and Althotik.
Affordable Arab relates:
Aaelloukt I meet you in the Division of security clearances for travel outside the Libyan Astordolha to one of America’s aspiring Hatta streets of Libya T reasonable intelligence the most important organ in the state on the head united the U.S. and the nationality of God that the source of the Libyan national.


• By the logic of customer anger bright ———–
Vysourh desperate miserable trickle yesterday afternoon Abusshmin Vymaholh to save face –
and try to show himself that he is able to persuade the Libyans that things are okay! None
Disturb life in Libya -this appeared to utter uglier Bushmin
To justify the crimes committed against the honorable sons of the Liberal Libya
In the department in Ajeelat,  Rishvana and South Taher and other
Free Zones of the original glorious history – appeared to describe
Champions of being honorable rogue bandits, outlaws all
Law distort the image of their families and their tribes -you forgot this
The client that those who are attacking safe areas
And burning houses and shelling houses on the heads of her children
Regional militias are outlawed practiced all
Violations of international certificates, not least because of the report
Human Rights Watch last -that Bushmin and those like him
Who accepted the flags of France and the United States and Qatar in the arena
Green and cheered for Levy and McCain and Anbtahoa to Sarkozy
Hrolloa and photo ops with them and their daughters Hakra
Qatar – and sat in the banquet of food with the bombing of their children
And destroyed their land and violated display – and jogs daily to receive
U.S. Ambassador orders -those are distorted the image of his family
The tribe will not write them in the pages of history, but traitors
The customers — The sons of the noble tribes Her history
Majid, who fought under the green flag and fought
For customers and NATO crimes with courage and valor –
Stroa supervisor and a history to them and their tribes – are heroes in Libya
In the south, the beloved and Rishvana stepping up – and the department in Ajeelat
The challenge of manhood – and Bani Walid Jihad and magnanimity – will
Asgelhm history in letters of gold thread In
Supervising -and will enjoy martyrs Bjnat mole – either
Bushmin and likes In the dustbin of history because they are clients with distinction
Exercised all kinds of hypocrisy, lies and deception – and Tlenoa
Chameleon and sold the home for their personal interests –
And here they are today desperately trying to laugh at the people
Libyan and play Basta minds and forgot that the people will not Walibi
Fools by these words he knows the finer things
Fully aware of what is happening in Libya and throughout the Bushmin that

Go to Sabha and addresses of Libyans Castle Sabha directly
If words were honest and has a corn manhood but knows
Well that South) coals of fire red (by tribes and men
Black honorable and brave resistance to injustice —- hour
And the right to time to do the voice of right and Saalo soon
God Almighty knows who wronged any return overturn

Song will remain Abusshmin title for logic customers.

• بقلم الغضب الساطع ﻣﻨﻄﻖ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻼﺀ ———–ﻓﻰﺻﻮﺭﺓ ﻳﺎﺋﺴﺔ ﺑﺎﺋﺴﺔ ﻫﺰﻳﻠﺔ ﻇﻬﺮ ﺍﺑﻮﺳﻬﻤﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺒﺎﺭﺣﺔ ﻓﻰﻣﺤﺎﻭﻟﺔ ﻟﺤﻔﻆ ﻣﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻮﺟﻪ — ﻭﻣﺤﺎﻭﻟﺔ ﻻﻇﻬﺎﺭ ﻧﻔﺴﻪ ﺑﺎﻧﻪ ﻗﺎﺩﺭ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻗﻨﺎﻉ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻻﻣﻮﺭ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺎﻳﺮﺍﻡ ﻻﺷﻰﺀ
ﻳﻌﻜﺮ ﺍﻟﺤﻴﺎﺓ ﻓﻰ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ — ﻇﻬﺮ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﺒﻮﺳﻬﻤﻴﻦ ﻟﻴﻨﻄﻖ ﻗﺒﺤﺎ
ﻭﻟﻴﺒﺮﺭ ﺟﺮﺍﺋﻢ ﺗﺮﺗﻜﺐ ﺿﺪ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻓﺎﺀ ﺍﻻﺣﺮﺍﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺑﻨﺎﺀ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ
ﻓﻰ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻌﺠﻴﻼﺕ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﻨﻮﺏ ﺍﻟﻄﺎﻫﺮ ﻭﻏﻴﺮﻩ ﻣﻦ
ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺎﻃﻖ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺓ ﺫﺍﺕ ﺍﻻﺻﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﺎﺭﻳﺦ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﻴﺪ — ﻇﻬﺮ ﻟﻴﺼﻒ
ﺍﻻﺑﻄﺎﻝ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻓﺎﺀ ﺑﺎﻧﻬﻢ ﻣﺎﺭﻗﻴﻦ ﻗﻄﺎﻉ ﻃﺮﻕ ﺧﺎﺭﺟﻴﻦ ﻋﻦ
ﺍﻟﻘﺎﻧﻮﻥ ﻳﺸﻮﻫﻮﻥ ﺻﻮﺭﺓ ﺍﻫﻠﻬﻢ ﻭﻗﺒﺎﺋﻠﻬﻢ — ﻫﻞ ﻧﺴﻰ ﻫﺬﺍ
ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻴﻞ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻭﻟﺌﻚ ﺍﻟﺬﻯﻦ ﻳﻬﺎﺟﻤﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺎﻃﻖ ﺍﻻﻣﻨﺔ
ﻭﻳﺤﺮﻗﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺎﺯﻝ ﻭﻳﻘﺼﻔﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﺒﻴﻮﺕ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺭﺅﻭﺱ ﺍﻃﻔﺎﻟﻬﺎ
ﻫﻢ ﻣﻴﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺟﻬﻮﻳﺔ ﺧﺎﺭﺟﺔ ﻋﻦ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﻧﻮﻥ ﻣﺎﺭﺳﺖ ﻛﻞ
ﺍﻻﻧﺘﻬﺎﻛﺎﺕ ﺑﺸﻬﺎﺩﺍﺕ ﺩﻭﻟﻴﺔ ﻭﻟﻴﺲ ﺍﺩﻝ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺫﻟﻚ ﻣﻦ ﺗﻘﺮﻳﺮ
ﻫﻴﻮﻣﻦ ﺭﺍﻳﺘﺲ ﻭﺗﺶ ﺍﻻﺧﻴﺮ — ﺍﻥ ﺑﻮﺳﻬﻤﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﻣﺜﺎﻟﻪ ﺍﻭﻟﺌﻚ
ﺍﻟﻠﺬﻳﻦ ﻗﺒﻠﻮﺍ ﺭﺍﻳﺎﺕ ﻓﺮﻧﺴﺎ ﻭﺍﻣﺮﻳﻜﺎ ﻭﻗﻄﺮ ﻓﻰ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺣﺔ
ﺍﻟﺨﻀﺮﺍﺀ ﻭﻫﻠﻠﻮﺍ ﻟﻠﻴﻔﻨﻰ ﻭﻣﺎﻛﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﻧﺒﻄﺤﻮﺍ ﻟﺴﺮﻛﻮﺯﻯ
ﻭﻫﺮﻭﻟﻮﺍ ﻻﻟﺘﻘﺎﻁ ﺍﻟﺼﻮﺭ ﺍﻟﺘﺬﻛﺎﺭﻳﺔ ﻟﻬﻢ ﻭﺑﻨﺎﺗﻬﻢ ﻣﻊ ﺣﻘﺮﺍﺀ
ﻗﻄﺮ — ﻭﺟﻠﺴﻮﺍ ﻓﻰ ﻣﺎﺩﺏ ﺍﻟﻐﺬﺍﺀ ﻣﻊ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺼﻒ ﺍﺑﻨﺎﺀﻫﻢ
ﻭﺩﻣﺮ ﺍﺭﺿﻬﻢ ﻭﺍﻧﺘﻬﻚ ﻋﺮﺿﻬﻢ –ﻭﻳﻬﺮﻭﻝ ﻳﻮﻣﻴﺎ ﻟﺘﻠﻘﻰ
ﺍﻭﺍﻣﺮ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﻴﺮﺓ ﺍﻻﻣﺮﻳﻜﻴﺔ –ﺍﻭﻟﺌﻚ ﻫﻢ ﻣﻦ ﺷﻮﻩ ﺻﻮﺭﺓ ﺍﻫﻠﻪ
ﻭﻗﺒﻴﻠﺘﻪ ﻭﻟﻦ ﻳﻜﺘﺒﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺭﻳﺦ ﺍﻻ ﻓﻰ ﺻﻔﺤﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺨﻮﻧﺔ
ﻭﺍﻟﻌﻤﻼﺀ — ﺍﻣﺎ ﺍﺑﻨﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻘﺒﺎﺋﻞ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻳﻔﺔ ﺻﺎﺣﺒﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺭﻳﺦ
ﺍﻟﻤﺠﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻠﺬﻳﻦ ﻗﺎﺗﻠﻮﺍ ﺗﺤﺖ ﺍﻟﺮﺍﻳﺔ ﺍﻟﺨﻀﺮﺍﺀ ﻭﺗﺼﺪﻭﺍ
ﻟﻠﻌﻤﻼﺀ ﻭﻟﺠﺮﺍﺋﻢ ﺍﻟﺤﻠﻒ ﺍﻻﻃﻠﺴﻰ ﺑﻜﻞ ﺷﺠﺎﻋﺔ ﻭﺑﺴﺎﻟﺔ —
ﻭﺳﻄﺮﻭﺍ ﺗﺎﺭﻳﺨﺎ ﻣﺸﺮﻓﺎ ﻟﻬﻢ ﻭﻗﺒﺎﺋﻠﻬﻢ– ﻫﻢ ﺍﺑﻄﺎﻝ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻓﻰ
ﺍﻟﺠﻨﻮﺏ ﺍﻟﺤﺒﻴﺐ ﻭﻓﻰ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ ﺍﻟﺸﻤﻮﺥ — ﻭﺍﻟﻌﺠﻴﻼﺕ
ﺍﻟﺘﺤﺪﻯ ﻭﺍﻟﺮﺟﻮﻟﺔ –ﻭﺑﻨﻰ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﺍﻟﺠﻬﺎﺩ ﻭﺍﻟﺸﻬﺎﻣﺔ — ﺳﻮﻑ
ﻳﺴﺠﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺭﻳﺦ ﺑﺤﺮﻭﻑ ﻣﻦ ﺫﻫﺐ ﻭﻓﻰ ﺍﻟﺼﻔﺤﺎﺕ
ﺍﻟﻤﺸﺮﻓﺔ — ﻭﺳﻴﻨﻌﻢ ﺷﻬﺪﺍﺀﻫﻢ ﺑﺠﻨﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺨﻠﺪ — ﺍﻣﺎ
ﺍﻟﺒﻮﺳﻬﻤﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﻣﺜﺎﻟﻪ ﻓﻔﻰ ﻣﺰﺑﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺭﻳﺦ ﻻﻧﻬﻢ ﻋﻤﻼﺀ ﺑﺎﻣﺘﻴﺎﺯ
ﻣﺎﺭﺳﻮﺍ ﻛﻞ ﺍﻧﻮﺍﻉ ﺍﻟﻨﻔﺎﻕ ﻭﺍﻟﻜﺬﺏ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﻀﻠﻴﻞ– ﻭﺗﻠﻮﻧﻮﺍ
ﻛﺎﻟﺤﺮﺑﺎﺀ ﻭﺑﺎﻋﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻦ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺟﻞ ﻣﺼﺎﻟﺤﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺸﺨﺼﻴﺔ —
ﻭﻫﺎﻫﻢ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻳﺤﺎﻭﻟﻮﻥ ﻳﺎﺋﺴﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﻀﺤﻚ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺸﻌﺐ
ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻌﺐ ﺑﻌﻘﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﺒﺴﻄﺎ ﻭﻧﺴﻮﺍ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺸﻌﺐ ﺍﻟﻴﺒﻲ ﻟﻦ
ﺗﻨﻄﻠﻰ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﻜﻠﻤﺎﺕ ﻭﻫﻮ ﻳﻌﺮﻑ ﺍﺩﻕ ﺍﻻﻣﻮﺭ ﻭﻋﻠﻰ
ﺩﺭﺍﻳﺔ ﺗﺎﻣﺔ ﺑﻤﺎ ﻳﺤﺪﺙ ﻓﻰ ﺭﺑﻮﻉ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻭﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺒﻮﺳﻬﻤﻴﻦ ﺍﻥ
ﻳﺬﻫﺐ ﺍﻟﻰ ﺳﺒﻬﺎ ﻭﻳﺨﺎﻃﺐ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﻣﻦ ﻗﻠﻌﺔ ﺳﺒﻬﺎ ﻣﺒﺎﺷﺮﺓ
ﺍﺫﺍ ﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﻛﻠﻤﺎﺗﻪ ﺻﺎﺩﻗﺔ ﻭﻟﺪﻳﻪ ﺫﺭﺓ ﺭﺟﻮﻟﺔ ﻭﻟﻜﻨﻪ ﻳﻌﺮﻑ
ﺟﻴﺪﺍ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺠﻨﻮﺏ )ﺟﻤﺮ ﻧﺎﺭ ﺣﻤﺮﺍﺀ ( ﺑﻔﻌﻞ ﺍﻟﻘﺒﺎﺋﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﺮﺟﺎﻝ
ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻓﺎﺀ ﻭﺍﺳﻮﺩ ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺎﻭﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﺒﻮﺍﺳﻞ —- ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻈﻠﻢ ﺳﺎﻋﺔ
ﻭﺍﻟﺤﻖ ﺍﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﻰ ﻗﻴﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﻋﺔ ﻭﺳﻴﻌﻠﻮﺍ ﺻﻮﺕ ﺍﻟﺤﻖ ﻗﺮﻳﺒﺎ
ﺑﺎﺫﻥ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺗﻌﺎﻟﻰ ﻭﻳﻌﻠﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﺬﻳﻦ ﻇﻠﻤﻮﺍ ﺍﻯ ﻣﻨﻘﻠﺐ ﻳﻨﻘﻠﺒﻮﻥ
—-ﻭﺳﺘﺒﻘﻰ ﻛﻠﻤﺎﺕ ﺍﺑﻮﺳﻬﻤﻴﻦ ﻋﻨﻮﺍﻧﺎ ﻟﻤﻨﻄﻖ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻼﺀ



After the failure of their militias against the Friday Market in Tajourah, Adallal tribe, Rishvana,
Elders and sages Friday Market and Tajourah,  ask’s Zaidane’s “National Council of terrorists” for Misrata military intervention and their support to go up against the tribes and Rishvana ..

And Misrata Military Council rejects.

God does not Misurata NATO nor hostile expedient for one and Misurata Gayh Torrent began rumbling you ..

Now hear urgent bombings in the capital Tripoli and cut electricity to the entire Qrfarh.

Urgent .. Out of all the commodities markets and Mhalat Wholesale Foods in Tripoli.

God is great ..
Shields was defeated Qatar and Turkey dogs from the axis 27 and suffered heavy losses and retreated to the bridge and the coastal road ..
Aaaaaaaajl now ……
Urgent .. Out of all the commodities markets and Mhalat Wholesale Foods in Tripoli.
Shopkeepers in the city began in Tripoli Lock Street shops and Rasheed Omar Mukhtar after Smam for columns of Tarhounah coming down towards Tripoli and reinforcements in front of Hotel al-RIXOS
and give Aloom RAT aircraft to strike any columns graduated from Tarhounah …
It is uncertain to speak of someone Jardan 100/100
Jardan Mzrath Ejehzo in several military vehicles for Dhab Tarhounah to capture what they wanted Icoln Spread.
O are free on a wider range.
 Salim clashes reason that inventory Gneoh Alkkly the Liberals attacking the houses to catch Alylahrar residents of the area and they responded with machine guns on Wednesday night.


Fighting on the front and Janzour. (JANZOUR turf):
Was defeated militias Jardan hand turf.

Jardan expelled people of the city and the turf where Eetmrkazho in public places

for the purpose of attacking and Rishvana weapons Altqilh.

Allahu Akbar … Enlarge ups
Men Land thorns Istron epics and blow up the tank, which was bombed from the axis of turf and killed them,
and the sheep of the number of vehicles accompanying the gangs of terror,
death and darkness-backed puppet government and the traitors ..
God, if Antrava reply for me, my Israeli Jews.
The land of thorns and Oaara.
Shortly before
The occurrence of Kadifah in serous cemetery Azaaoana in Janzour.



Zintani Black and Rishvana fighting on five fronts:
Front Bridge 27 
Front Sawani and Creamy
Front globe (RISHVANA)
Front and janzour turf (TRIPOLI).
Fighting on the outskirts of the capital TRIPOLI.

God Cbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Lord Black of Zintan is one of us now and Rishvana
(S dissented battalion tracking Mlsycheat fully armed and joining its equipment and its members.

of Popular Forces and docked with the defenders of the city and Rishvana
God and the largest and thankfully.


LIBYE ! URGENT ! : Vidéo des conséquences des bombardement par les avions de guerre du régime du Qatar, le 21 Janvier 2014, sur la ville de Werchefana. Les avions de combat du Qatar ont bombardé les quartiers populaires de la ville de Werechefana et de la ville de Sebha en Libye pour soutenir le Régime libyen en proie à un sérieux soulèvement populaire de contestation depuis une semaine. Les civils libyens demandent aux Organismes de Défense des Droit Humains d’agir, afin de prendre la défense de la population bombardée en ce moment par les avions du régime du Qatar qui massacrent les libyens avec l’autorisation et la collaboration du Régime d’occupation de la Libye.
Durée : 1:05
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ************ God is greatest over the victim
Just call I received from the hospital and medical Bulgony that inventory in the cart
and take care of them and seen Oatqdsh Dayrn-sufficient to protect him and not.
Revealing and complete confidentiality
Tribute to Osod and Rishvana Champions
Moved from. A. ‘s.
The withdrawal of militias affiliated to shield Libya and attacking the people and of the entire axis Rishvana turf ..
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá, indiscriminate shelling and prohibited weapons from up to 4 axes zone pressures Abu Ali’s leg
and the bombing of his gospel and the globe, and the children Issa.
Bridge 27 is now witnessing fierce battles of Black and Ashaws and Rishvana seven drums
God is greatest above the aggressor Kid—-Powerful war now raging in the area Alhachan, and indiscriminate shelling houses and civilians with heavy weapons,
The fiercest battles of the kind now in the spin axis Alhachan and 27 black and written in terms of the seven drums of glory
and defeat the rats and NATO Rishvana Hlhaaaaa before, let alone if the drumbeat of
God and the largest over Kidd aggressors and forward.
And Rishvana Jihad ……..

((Quality of operations in the south of the Libyan editor)) on Thursday 23/01/2014
The praise of God and of his own preferred popular resistance forces at dawn today ambushed tight

militia Misratan been capturing a lot of its members and retain
Sheep were a lot of weapons, vehicles, armed with full ammunition and material.
God is great and above Kid aggressors.

iAllahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Victory in the axes and Rishvana.Pen Green:
To break the attack on Rishvana seven Atabol must be opened dozens of fronts on the different axes of inside and Rishvana to divide Alta into smaller units to work with better makes concentration on the axis with specific work to drag it to the inside in some neighborhoods and regions and cordoned off from the back in the form of Kmchat Walkman and destroy but to seize her stomach and Aslaanha war and rapid movement of cars and move from one place to another to divert them, as the attack on the status of forces of different possible Astthm and divides them and dragging them to a different Athahat …
As for the shelling of locust from afar marks to their inability to access and achieve something and bombed only to civilians, which is what makes these gangs under penalty of condemnation and hatred of the masses for them, human rights and malice extra are not allowed to state in February that are the largest tribes of the western region pounding like this barbarian.
Ashaws and Rishvana ask Liberal evacuate the electricity company and the surrounding area where the fuel tanks will be directly targeted
This is a reaction to the siege of the city and the lack of primary medical services to treat the wounded.
Sons and sons and Rishvana turbidity brave hunter in the area of ​​Laurel targeting a convoy coming from Tripoli Balqoazv vector to Bridge 27, after locking Rishvana brave sons and brothers with turbidity coastal road to prevent supplies coming from Tripoli,,,
اهداء الى ورشفانة الصمود

(Publishing and urgent circular) Thursday 23/01/2014 8:00 pm
E (to the men of the resistance in the region of Central and Western) or
Resistance People’s Libyan honest(So for those who fight because they have wronged and God on the power to the victory [39], who were driven from their homes unjustly only because they believe in God but do not push God’s people to each other for the silos were demolished and the sale and prayers, mosques, stating the name of Allah much Inasrn God that God Inzareth strong Aziz) Almighty God
To all factions of the Popular Resistance honest in the central and western region please everyone dealing directly and ambushes any convoy of armed Miciat vector of the South or the western region and open fronts ÚÇĚáĺ
You peace to my country men
God is great and above being the aggressors.
Soldiers of the ” ‘Popular Defense Force’ of the Great Jamahiriya” praying at Dawn to defend their country
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and Rishvana
Jardan bombing on civilians locust-sufficient by NATO Jardan
The news of the deaths of 16 Jardan.
Tgyev was commander Jardan Nalut Mustafa Kamal in Rishvana seven drums.
Mend hours of the morning and very violent artillery shelling on mil Alhachan globe and all heavy weapons and high density fire and destroyed a number of houses and burning farms and shops ..
The destruction of dozens of houses over the heads of their inhabitants by the shelling of armor Qatar and grandsons Turks who hate the Arab tribes …
Mil globe Alhachan Zahra .. Receives thousands of rockets in 6 hours ..
And our heroes in the mil and Tina responding to gangs and forced them retreat
Damn you Eachona nation and God will not only strengthen our resolve to victory in Otz government traitors and Conference Brotherhood.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God … I hope you download this news … I am a person in the area and Rishvana a result of the siege of the area and prevent ambulances from the wounded and dead fronds … Vnasiha families near – oil reservoirs through the airport – and – electricity company, located next to the bridge 17 – to abandon their homes because if we increased the blockade will force us to Tfjarhama.
Blahjtna (Bnfjro reservoirs and electricity company locust)
Arjuowoowowokm Publishing … So as not to kill innocent people, one of the sisters reported the story I said, we publish in My pulque extent publishes Maaya and Ischofh warn people.

Green TV Channel Green TV:
Sheep have been in the early morning hours .. and Amaaha two Dkhirh … Natdr for Decker place ..

Green TV Channel Green TV
Heavy shelling [locusts shells and mortars are now most areas] and Rishvana to kill children and women by the Armed militias.

ZAIDANE's Rats lay siege on RISHVANA


God is great ..
 Now hit very violent in the department in Ajeelat # Janan give him
Jihad is now ongoing within the city department in Ajeelat triangle heroes ..
Heavy shelling and random
Balrajmat Alachaouc our heroes and defenders dealing with sitting Almentqmin the Emir of carrion Dabbashi of Sabratha ..
Where docking Bachotkm department in Ajeelat Aahlna western region ..
Ezz men pause and history will not have mercy on one.

Posted by الفاتح ابدا مباشر .
It’s Reported of fierce fighting, tens of NATO rats Have Been eliminated. 
Department in Ajeelat now.



Bani Walid Ezz
Ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae urgently on all foreigners to leave the country immediately

and from now we do not assume any responsibility on the soil of a foreign public.
I hope to generalize the widest.





ZHOYAT Madmen of the South try attacking again the Great Agricultural Field Beds:

Urgent ……… All day bed / 23 \ 1 \ 2014 p. The third time in a row, but they were unsuccessful .. Mr.: Idris Mohammed, spokesman protection force bed tried to groups tribe armed all the elements of the tribe Zhoyat which calls itself (front Libyan fighter) and another called itself (b battalion island) launched a strong attack on the fields bed but ..

were repulsed, although they tried on two axes and were able to overcome them and forced them to retreat and withdraw again. And have returned to their hideouts as usual .. Following the clashes that led to the fall of the three towers of electricity. Which is likely to blackout most areas of oases …

Some areas of eastern ………………………

Stressed the elders and chieftains and tribal area oases … Acts of responsibility lies on the Altakrabh ..

tribe armed groups from Zhoyat .. Our sources from the heart of the event ..

Full interruption of electrical current from the bed areas and Tazerbo and infidels as a result of interruption of a high-voltage cables near the transfer station west region of the bed as a result of the ongoing armed clashes in the area of ​​the bed ..

This is expected to be affected by this river system Outage also in the coming hours …..

Osamaohna) radio program
# Haaam _ ÚÇÇÇĚá
Stop the industrial area of ​​the river system from the bed of the river to pump water to the cities of the Libyan coast
and will stop the water from the coastal cities within 48 hours due to power outages for well pumps
from yesterday because of the clashes there.
Means tenderly (CYRENAICA) after 48 hours in randomized Water and electricity. 



Cefaaaaaaaaaaaahat of traitors and العملااااااااااااااااااااااااااء :::
Urgent and very dangerous
# 3 persons arrested by the CID after the bombing yesterday at the crossroads after suspecting their Laithi
Where Lt. (m. P) that after investigations admit one person arrested
They follow the room revolutionaries and cars that are out shooting and bombing graduated from Camp February 17.
Lt. (m. P) news agency said one of the people admit very serious information about assassinations and shields and battalion commanders involved in the subject where they Oatervo some of the names involved in the operations room of them:
Someone called Geleanp and Salim Ahmed Ahdash Magbari and Boca Oraibi and sound Nbus and some of the characters Thfezo the names of the non-completion of threading issue.
Lt. (m. P) that this case will turn public opinion will reveal a lot of facts to the people of Benghazi and blood parents who Talthm hands of treachery and that people were transferred to a “Thunderbolt” to take action when necessary.



attempted murder of Ahmid Issa Alomla Gaddafi last night

and arrested two persons from the tribe Alqmazfah children

before the age of rats Hon.

(Because Alhaddat in mobile please every precaution Liberal and steep and not giving out any information over the phone)

My brothers and sisters in other middle Safety In haste makes waste War trick Walker provided no

Tensaqo behind emotions Esberna Val_husm three years will not be in three hours or three days without

losses and victims Mufrowoowoowod morale is high, but their victory and Adeowoowoo Abazn God.





Guidance Ezz forces in the south and Zeido Kdbo Aajerdan sewage is exempt:


“Ask the pages that are published
News of the city of Sabha and I’m having entered the city, clashes Please make sure your sources in the transport News
Liberal Ntmn that not Tell A healthier for the existence of any clash entered the city, and I am the city of Sabha under a legitimate leader and under the hands of our valiant.”

(* Sniper *)

Sabha under the control of the popular forces, not leaving them only Gardah new neighborhood, which is still the remnants of rats, Taatdra civilians Knight filed

Ali collection are free Sabha and Charfaúha supporters of Fateh supporters and PDF that Icomo run zooming

in all the mosques of Sabha to celebrate the achievement of victory and the completion of

operations within the first spark Sabha.
Forward and fight Tory constant

(media committee Battalion Black Fezzan fighter PDF)

Mahdi Ali but writes:
“In my name and in the name Nagaba honorable who embrace the resistance and Amdunha all means escalation and endurance and all the reasons decisive victory and apron, I say to Jardan NATO – driven out of our land unconditionally and handed over to Libya to its people legitimate resistance valiant armed and unarmed otherwise will remain the resistance and rising – and rising performance of the blessed, pour their strength severe Even on Raaskm Ahrobkm conducting an inevitable manhandled and loss and curse of God curse you blasphemers does not work on Madhirthm oppressors and curse them and their poor house.”


Post of Khokm silencer

Bin Walid yesterday, today, and Rishvanaiabat Arabs Eachhrb corners
Aasenthan … my words to prompt Moshcol Sanhla fueled Boukok in the field
Číßă Ashah and tell Khianaakb Turks and after the floor Talaantabak Laura de l’Epau Mslanhams bin Walid and today Rishvanaiabat Arabs Eachhrb Erkanhiasiaan ….

Judhu a Alhdhirmatamnoa of Khan ………

Rah and the news of the day and I find Aybanmahoush carapace in Sama Djanhcef sea Malhmc Omannaoyenkm nucleolus reduce Dianhams bin Walid and today Rishvanaiabat Arabs Eachhrb Erkanhiatarhuni ..

Matcol launched my income they Fatunjula says Misurata loved Itjoneptakhz yours agent of Alahananhar Aouselok limit and Tqsrdoe …

Moktoppem clear and Mnanoanaams bin Walid and today Rishvanaiabat Arabs O Taahat Erkanhiabuagelh ….

and Orem, Ben Naylockl Qubelhoasibaa and Mashay No Boukelhomzrua me and Hassnaoui famous Mkanhuaraahi Gelawi inhabitants in Aasiherakm Ptbakoa in life Tabanaams bin Walid and today Rishvanaiabat Arabs Eachhrb Erkanhia Soleimani ….

and al-Qathafi and Anyanicol Aavzana ….

Juzu my words and the words of Maaninaoyenkm Lin will vanquish Aldvanhomari and Wafi and Hey Aamaadanaakb Turks Karhina Mbadanaams bin Walid and today Rishvanaiabat Arabs Eachhrb Arkanhia Gharyan .… even Aicoloamalcmh Omanlkn tip for our Lord Rahmanr Arabs fought Amidst Be Amaanat Vh agent and gravity p Almizanukl grass grow, but what Vmkanhiabussefa and Aaasibaaorajabana ….. oh …..

Saafa Mahoush of Mzifatzaafeilkhalaf I see our history and your ally Ranarani and you Tkonhalivimayom Salloum Tleghanakl enemy tribe .. Out Arabtarichha Traelhocho in her news launched Taoelhmkhtt large Turks are Anoanakan Matdmoa grade Schenk to Alhaly every Arab Wayne was Mkanhams and Rafla and today Rishvanaiabat Arabs Eachhrb Erkanhia Awlad Akharas …

and Honioherifi Matcol _khasasmani few custom Hovoqaystarichkm what Onalt it Khianhoutariqa and Tbawi Maigblo Altdnasdmohm ăÚÇßă right are Jalanaams and Rafla and today Rishvanaiabat O Arabs Taahat Erkanhia.e.a Burka … You Qublvzall day Alcherqhmacolh abandoned Aloutnellbashmrgahotcoloa Ehna Manhmiloa Allaghanehrahi today Maad Drgahlibia where Arabs and only Hihleyanaams bani Walid and today Rishvanaiabat Arabs Eachhrb staff.

Seven Atabol Dguen sounded footmen .. In time and it Anhsm
Shot an urgent statement in the news .. Jack O carefree swore allegiance to the blood

(Dedicate poet homeland Sabhawi)

مشاركة من خوكم كاتم الصوت
ﺍﻣﺲ ﺑﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎﺧﺎﺭﺑﺎﺕ ﺃﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪ
ﻳﺎﺯﻧﺘﺎﻥ …ﻛﻼﻣﻲ ﻣﻮﺟﻪ ﻣﻮﺵﻗﻮﻝ ﻟﺴﺎﻥﻫﻠﻲ ﻏﺬﺍﻩ ﺑﺨﻮﻙ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻥ
ﺑﻴﻜﻢ ﻋﺸﺎﻩ ﻭﻣﺎ ﺗﻘﻮﻟﻮﺍ ﺧﻴﺎﻧﻪﻋﻘﺐ ﺍﻷﺗﺮﺍﻙ ﻭﻋﻘﺐ ﻟﻠﻄﻠﻴﺎﻥﻃﺎﺑﻖ ﻭﺭﺍ ﻃﺎﺑﻖ ﺍﻳﺒﻮﺍ ﻣﺴﻼﻧﻪﺍﻣﺲ ﺑﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎﺧﺎﺭﺑﺎﺕ ﺃﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺻﻴﻌﺎﻥ….ﺧﻮﺫﻭ ﺍ ﺍﻟﺤﺬﺭﻣﺎﺗﺎﻣﻨﻮﺍ ﻣﻦ ﺧﺎﻥ………ﺭﺍﻩ ﻭﺧﺒﺮ ﻭﺍﺟﺪ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﺍﻳﺒﺎﻥﻣﺎﻫﻮﺵ ﺩﺭﻗﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻤﺎ ﺩﺧﺎﻧﻪﺻﻒ ﺍﻟﺒﺤﺮ ﻭﻣﺎﻟﻬﻤﺶ ﺃﻣﺎﻥﻧﺎﻭﻳﻴﻨﻜﻢ ﻧﻮﻳﺔ ﺇﻗﻼﻝ ﺩﻳﺎﻧﻪﺍﻣﺲ ﺑﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎﺧﺎﺭﺑﺎﺕ ﺃﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺗﺮﻫﻮﻧﻲ..ﻣﺎﺗﻘﻮﻝ ﺷﻦ ﺩﺧﻠﻲ ﻭﻫﻢ ﻓﺎﺗﻮﻧﻲﻭﻻ ﺗﻘﻮﻝ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﻪ ﺃﺣﺒﺎﺏ ﻳﺠﻮﻧﻲﺑﺘﺎﺧﺬ ﻧﺼﻴﺒﻚ ﻛﻴﻞ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻹﻫﺎﻧﺔﻧﻬﺎﺭ ﻳﻮﺻﻠﻮﻙ ﻧﻘﺼﺮ ﻭﺗﻘﺼﺮﺩﻭﻧﻲ…ﻣﻜﺘﻮﺑﻬﻢ ﻭﺍﺿﺢ ﻭﻣﻦﻋﻨﻮﺍﻧﻪﺍﻣﺲ ﺑﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎ ﻃﺎﻳﺤﺎﺕ ﺃﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻮﻋﺠﻴﻠﻪ ….ﻭﻭﺭﻳﻤﻪ ﻭﺑﻦ ﻧﺎﻳﻞﻭﻛﻞ ﻗﺒﻴﻠﻪﻭﺍﺻﻴﺒﻌﻲ ﻭﻣﺸﺎﻱ ﻻ ﺑﻮﻗﻴﻠﻪﻭﻣﺰﺭﻭﻉ ﻱ ﻭﺣﺴﻨﺎﻭﻱ ﺷﻬﻴﺮ ﻣﻜﺎﻧﻪﻭﺍﺭﻳﺎﺣﻲ ﺟﻼﻭﻱ ﺳﻜﻨﺘﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻋﺴﻴﻠﻪﺭﺍﻛﻢ ﺑﺘﺒﻘﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺣﻴﺎﺓ ﺗﻌﺒﺎﻧﻪﺍﻣﺲ ﺑﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎﺧﺎﺭﺑﺎﺕ ﺃﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎ ﺳﻠﻴﻤﺎﻧﻲ ….ﻭﻗﺬﺍﻓﻲ ﻭﺣﺘﻰﺍﻧﻘﻮﻝ ﻳﺎﻓﺰﺍﻧﻲ….ﺧﻮﺫﻭﺍ ﻛﻼﻣﻲ ﻭﻟﻠﻜﻼﻡ ﻣﻌﺎﻧﻲﻧﺎﻭﻳﻴﻨﻜﻢ ﻟﻴﻦ ﻳﻐﻠﺒﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﺪﻓﺎﻧﻪﻭﻋﻤﺎﺭﻱ ﻭﻭﺍﻓﻲ ﻭﻫﻴﻪ ﻳﺎﻣﻌﺪﺍﻧﻲﻋﻘﺐ ﺍﻷﺗﺮﺍﻙ ﻛﺎﺭﻫﻴﻨﺎ ﻣﺒﺪﺍﻧﺎﺍﻣﺲ ﺑﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎﺧﺎﺭﺑﺎﺕ ﺍﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎ ﻏﺮﻳﺎﻥ ….ﺣﺘﻰ ﺍﻳﻘﻮﻟﻮﺍﻣﺎﻟﻜﻤﺶ ﺃﻣﺎﻥﻟﻜﻦ ﻧﺼﻴﺤﻪ ﻟﺮﺑﻨﺎ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤﺎﻥﺭ ﺍﻛﻢ ﻓﻮﺳﻂ ﻋﺮﺏ ﻛﻮﻧﻮﺍ ﻣﻌﺎﻧﺎﻁ ﻓﺢ ﻛﻴﻠﻬﺎ ﻭﺍﻟﺜﻘﻞ ﻉ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺰﺍﻥﻭﻛﻞ ﻋﺸﺐ ﻣﺎ ﻳﻨﺒﺖ ﺍﻻ ﻓﻤﻜﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻮﺳﻴﻔﻲ …..ﻭﻳﺎﺍﺻﻴﺒﻌﻲﻭﺭﺟﺒﺎﻧﻲ ﻭﻳﺎ ﺍﻟﺴﻌﻴﻔﻲ…..ﻣﺎﻫﻮﺵ ﻣﻦ ﻋﻨﺪﻱ ﻣﺰﻳﻔﻪﺗﺰﻳﻴﻔﻲﻟﻠﺨﻠﻒ ﺍﻧﻈﺮ ﺗﺎﺭﻳﺨﻨﺎ ﻭﺭﺍﻧﺎﺭﺍﻧﻲ ﺣﻠﻴﻔﻚ ﻭﺍﻧﺖ ﺗﻜﻮﻥﺣﻠﻴﻔﻲﻣﺎﻳﻮﻡ ﺳﻠﻮﻡ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﻭ ﺗﻠﻘﺎﻧﺎﻛﻞ ﻗﺒﻴﻠﻪ.. ﻣﻦ ﺍﺻﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏﺗﺎﺭﻳﺨﻬﺎ ﺗﺮﻋﻴﻠﻪﻭﺗﺸﻮ ﻑ ﻫﺎ ﺍﻟﺨﺒﺮ ﺷﻦ ﺗﺎﻭﻳﻠﻪﻣﺨﻄﻂ ﻛﺒﻴﺮ ﻻﺗﺮﺍﻙ ﻫﻢ ﻋﻨﻮﺍﻧﻪﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﺎﺗﻀﻤﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﺼﻒ ﺷﻴﻨﻚ ﻟﻴﻠﻪﻋﻠﻰ ﻛﻞ ﻋﺮﺑﻲ ﻭﻳﻦ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻜﺎﻧﻪﺍﻣﺲ ﻭﺭﻓﻠﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎﺧﺎﺭﺑﺎﺕ ﺃﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎ ﺍﻭﻻﺩ ﺍﺧﺮﻳﺺ…ﻭﻫﻮﻧﻲﻭﺷﺮﻳﻔﻲ ﻣﺎﺗﻘﻮﻝ ﺧﺼﻴﺺﻣﺎﻧﻲ ﻗﻠﻴﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﻑ ﺷﻮﻑﻭﻗﻴﺲﺗﺎﺭﻳﺨﻜﻢ ﻣﺎ ﺃﻧﻌﻠﺖ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﺧﻴﺎﻧﻪﻭﺗﺎﺭﻗﻲ ﻭﺗﺒﺎﻭﻱ ﻣﺎﻳﻘﺒﻠﻮ ﺍﻟﺘﺪﻧﻴﺲﺿﻤﻮﻫﻢ ﻣﻌﺎﻛﻢ ﺣﻖ ﻫﻢ ﻳﺎﻻﻧﺎﺍﻣﺲ ﻭﺭﻓﻠﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎ ﻃﺎﻳﺤﺎﺕ ﺃﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺳﻌﺎﺩﻱ ﺑﺮﻗﻪ… ﺍﻧﺘﻢ ﻗﺒﻞﻓﺰﺍﻋﻪ ﻧﻬﺎﺭ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻗﻪﻣﻌﻘﻮﻟﻪ ﺗﺨﻠﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻦﻟﻠﺒﺸﻤﺮﻗﻪﻭﺗﻘﻮﻟﻮﺍ ﺍﺣﻨﺎ ﻣﺎﻧﺤﻤﻠﻮﺍ ﺍﻻﻫﺎﻧﻪﺭﺍﻫﻲ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻣﺎﻋﺎﺩ ﻓﻴﻬﺎ ﺩﺭﻗﻪﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻟﻠﻌﺮﺏ ﻭﺇﻻ ﻟﺸﻴﺸﻠﻴﺎﻧﻪﺍﻣﺲ ﺑﻦ ﻭﻟﻴﺪ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﻪﻳﺎﺑﻴﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻳﺎﺧﺎﺭﺑﺎﺕ ﺍﺭﻛﺎﻧﻪ
The rats boys Slemyan wed Liberals were stealing houses Alqmadfah which is located next door and houses Almsergh (House Hamad Fadhil – Abdulaziz Lamine – the birth of Survivor – the house of the family of Zenker – houses invited Akhchibh – the house of Abdul Rahim Sultan) these acts Jardan and tells you Awlad Asilyman Tris I speak on Jardan of them, but not until Hiappanhm what Enhohm until they Kifam.
Subject to conclude debt and Les shrugged off debt and Rah Men.
There processing power of Misurata heading to Sabha by Jafra by mercenaries of them Somalis:

-Sufficient bombing on civilians after the announcement of the popular forces control of the city.

بيان رقم 3 لقوات الدفاع الشعبي

Martyrdom on Gaddafi’s Sabha.

Sabha first spark / / toll Sabhaaa today …. operations room of the popular defense forces,

1 – 46 killed inventory of militias and the subsequent Awlad Suleiman.

2 – wound large groups we can not identify

3 – 6 were arrested a family until now.

4 – 6 cars were destroyed tank 1 and 2 and in the ambulance car missing (to watch let us know).

5 – has been cleared bunkers and ammunition stores in full.

For Pdf armed popular Sabha ...
1 – the martyrdom of the hero Ferjany Megrahi.
2 – the martyrdom of the hero Khaled Aouhadh Gaddafi
3 – 5 people wounded heroes belonging to the People’s Armed Forces.
4 – hit several houses in the neighborhood Kafi without human damage
5 – wounding several houses in the Fatih district without human damage
6 – wounding several houses in the neighborhood of Nasiriyah without any human damage
7 – Sheep 2 tanks.
8 – 3 sheep wagons lobster splitter
9 – Sheep car launcher.
10 – Sheep Number 1 car and 23 car 14.50
11 – Sheep Dkhaúr many different weapons, including mustard gas.

Confessions of the first states to control popular forces Sabha

People in the armed forces gate Alqoirh now.

(God is greatest above the aggressor Kid)

Using screws to stop the advance of the enemy:
The easiest types of resistance are free O

Katro spikes in the road to block the advance of the enemy …

Screws are manufactured from Tel 6 so as to be dressed as a man your parents

or screws 10 Wayne what Thdfha Atja standing ..

Guidance of movement is very effective because they cause a hole in the tires ..

And poured oil and Nafezh burned in the streets in front of columns Jardan.

I hope Publishing broadest and I hope the Liberal discernible into the subject seriously.

Pdf base in Tmanhunt:
Takeda to Dkrna previously … Hamad called the Black Death Slimani (Shreidi),
the father of my father Mansour black and then kill him in Tragn by Althbo.
Channel Allaotunaih Libya on the basis of direct transfer of Mdayrh Sabha and the reporter
from the studio need not know, and asks the caller to launch Sayer with you in Sabha!!
Hamad was killed Inventory black Sabha now in God and the largest
Indiscriminate shelling and arms up to the Forbidden Zone pressures Abu leg,,,
Now from inside the base Nmnhunt In Hedda morning brave sons and EP full control of the Knight … Enthusiasm and morale sky hugging chanting row booth (Nehna Akalt Kraeina … Aasabha Wayne Atnadina) (Ali Khot Khot our encounter .. what governs us Mzrati) tribute to those brave religion regain the dignity of Libya with courage and defiance.
Now local Radio Sabha:
The national anthem, “God is greater far above the aggressor Kid”.
Sabha colored green again:
LYING Tkediba national channel it says of the Sabha situation, that the  national army has re-captured Sabha shortly before !:


From now bring you good tidings Sabha الصموووووووووووووووووووووود / / /
Aaaaaaaajl Sabha from now …..

Maaaakd very heart of the event ….

has control over the castle and the entire battalion and brigade headquarters Knight VI and all vital facilities and camps, checkpoints and Sabha are now fully under the control of the armed forces of the people and a large group of boys Solomon Anzmoa of resistance popular.
Of X-rays which propagated tribe Awlad Suleiman I tribe Akaddadafah kill their children by the owners of the neighborhood arrested a group of armed Awlad Suleiman in the neighborhood of the new by Akhut victim (Hassan Buaqil Akaddaver) and after what has been contact Belhadj (Abu Bakr Omar Younis Abu Khurais) and his son (Mahmoud Omar Abu Bakr Younis Khurais) my father received the Awlad Suleiman youth and their families have been Trgiahm me yesterday at night and young religion was sent back to their families were:
1 – Abu Yusuf Ali Abu moments moments
2 – Mukhtar Ahmed Abu Bakr Abu moments
It was united with them Werfalli and Tani Asilymana Mayas

(Neo-lithic Past) SOUTH-WESTERN LIBYA:
Sand field in southwestern Libya, filling what appears to be ancient inland sea with sand-filled paleo-channel. (Imaged from Google Earth.)

Note UBARI, SABHA and Muzurq in the Ancient Lake‘s vacinity.

February 17 Youth Gargaresh tourist Abo Nawas neighborhood of Andalus
Operation Desert Fox

Forces backing and support, which moved today by the military council of Zintan in support of the troops will be deployed in the previous race in Ramla Ocean Sabha from the north-west and the western and southwestern any of the Valley Shatty Valley north to south on the road to deadlines Sabha – Ubari.

Forces, the military council of Misrata in the coming hours will begin to spread from the east and

southeast of the city of Sabha to complete the entire episode by multiplying the collar of the city and then ………………

God knows launched goin and Lester joined the Russians as long as God.


Mu Paris again Dec 2007

Fighting for all Life on Earth and Beyond

“Morning victory and stepping up the challenge and all the supporters and fans thought the green sir Supreme Commander Muammar Qathafi Ibomenaar of the beloved land of the South.
“صباح النصر والتحدي والشموخ علي كل أنصار الفكر الأخضر وعشاق سيدي القائد الأعلي معمر أبومنيار القذافي من ارض الجنوب الحبيبة

(photo and message by: GADDAFI SNIPER on FACEBOOK)

Muammar and his glorious smile

le statut de ليبيا اليوم.

We will not get into the house by the sanctity of … Would not violate the sanctity of one … One will not kill …

Larmor your weapons in front of your house, and you only safety … Income from home is security …
We are not like rats … We do not want bloodshed … Cause the nation and its liberation from the traitors and agents
نحن لن ندخل بيت به حرمات … لن ننتهك حرمة احد … لن نقتل احد … ارمو سلاحكم امام بيوتكم فقط وعليكم الامان … من دخل بيتة فهو أمن …
لسنا مثل الجرذان … لانريد سفك دماء … قضيتنا الوطن و تحريره من الخونة والعملاء


The widest deployment:

The topic is serious and very important.

Please do not transfer any so-called “news,” especially the news of infidels!

(SUCH NEWS is not only deceiving and propaganda; but its intent is to bring down the morale of the Green in heart.)

Resolve the issue / / 01.20.2014
I hope all of the Liberals and Khasta times in this topic wraps for News resistance
Khasta and the South ..
Forward to Arjoa ..
(Falcon Garah ÔăćÎ Sirte)

Dr. Hamza Thami now on channel announces green and confirms that the hero, Major General Engineer Saadi Gaddafi is leading the battle in the mass inside .

and confirms that the south under the control of the whole Libyan Liberal honorable, and that they are arresting Otz in the Brotherhood and the traitors and agents.

Jubilation amid all the houses in the Free Libya after the announcement of the entry, Major General Al-Saadi Gaddafi to Libyan territories with units of the armed people.

A kiss on the forehead of each of us a hero of the market Thursday Achristl and respects the four ..
God is greatest above the aggressor Kid.NOW EVEN al-JAZEERA ADMITS THAT MU’AMMAR LIVES!Wonderful condition p island and salvationKhco O are free and Shufu
Sow / Photos # Muammar al-Qathafi and the green flags back
De voice displaced Libyans in the world

الخنزيرة صور معمر القدافي والرايات الخضراء تعود

20 JANUARY 2014″Zero hour” writesAaalrjaa publishing until Tkatro of Da’aae of resistanceJoke resistance (Oh God, I Ostodek free and youth)Resistance on the ground Oh God:

They are determined to liberate this country from the filth and Alangas.

O Be them nor were they O Ahrshm eyes that never sleeps.

O shot thrown and insist on the enemies of Islam, O God,

O God,

O God, we invite you Basmaúk Beautiful Jendk to come down from heaven.


;ااالرجااء النشر حتي تكترو من الدعااء للمقاومين
.دعاء المقاومة(اللهم أني أستودعك أحرار وشباب المقاومة على الأرض اللهم أنهم عازمين على تحرير هذا الوطن من الدنس والانجاس اللهم كن لهم ولا تكن عليهم اللهم أحرسهم بعينك التي لا تنام اللهم سدد رميهم وانصرهم على الأعداء الإسلام يا الله يا الله يا الله ندعوك باسمائك الحسنى ان تنزل جندك من السماء)اللهم أمين


Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
Aaaaaaagel Now
Resistance commander issued orders for processing to enter into the land mass
And now confine ourselves to these human Liberals
Will not mention the details of the secret.
Rang rang hour work-hour victory irreversible forward.

Reassured that the Liberal morale high and hugging the sky and all what is happening now is the work of deliberate,

controlled and did not start anything yet ..
Everything in its time and sweeter Matatro Baishi Tqgua in your leadership and God willing, able to Victory.

(E to all Liberals and all the honorable Libyans) or
1_ to all Liberal inform you that the resistance in Sabha extremely excellent and above what is perceived by
the mind, and there are surprises and we promised we talked about now Jardan they lived extremely Mansdomin
2 – all free to let you know that what was done by the Libyan resistance limit this topic the moment and continues to come on stage heating only
3 – to Jajmaa military units deployed affiliated to the People’s Armed Forces to prepare for Execution of orders of the High Command of resistance
4_ to all Liberal what you can do now is pray for the resistance and not to use any communication tool for Qsqs areas of engagement and Hedda if your anxiety to maintain the progress of the process of liberalization
God is great and above Kid victim
From (Ktibhrjal the current situation)

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on the green channel 19 on any fire in 2014

20 JAN. 2014

Clashes strong now in the Fatih district Pepin Champions resistance militias and NATO,

were dealing with more than one target and snipe dozens of Jardan NATO and God is greatest above the aggressor Kid.

The first list of five Jardan
Jardan will teach any return overturn soon and we (the five battalion combat)
Ntrsdkm everywhere and even know my father in your homes soon Osev Nshakkm
important if you have any of the weapons will not Taatsouro What we have.
God all mighty Xi
And God is greatest over the victim and traitors
1. Salem F Ferjany
2. Siraj Mohammed Abu tinge
3. Khalid Mohammed Abu tinge
4. Mohammed Ali Al Amari
5. Zakaria Eshtewi
6. Abdullah Saleh Alyahyo
7. Abdel Hadi Almarkhiya
8. Jamal Idris
9. Khalil Idris
10. Bashir bin Rayha
11. Faisal Gate
12. Essam Gate. Inventory beefy
13. Mohamed Nassef
14. Osama Ramadan Aljuhaoy
15. Mahmoud Ramadan Aljuhaoy
16. Mohammed Ramadan Aljuhaoy
17. Abdel Hadi Mohammed Demansia
18. Khaled Roman
19. The Roman sword
20. Moataz Hussein Bin Ismail
21. Mutassim Hussein Bin Ismail
22. Abdullah Faraj free
23. Faraj free
24. Fair free
25. Fathi F hyena
26. Ashour Boubacar Sinan
27. Bari Azim Demansia Murad Sinan


for obstruction of calcareous Satellite Te Ture ee 8 a 
Q, Hecos Nqaa, what «, surfaces Hathlsk Bakhlnla 
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refined to demolish our thanks and our progress Sukm together. 
enemy Hood who and lumen and Alaauh n a 
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«seen a year. rear families allowed 
Amhas, perhaps. PIL Ahaia á p high - h. Ahaar perhaps p. Mham 5 Aaha Jahm whispered they are., Ahmha 0, compiled format 5 hey 
heard .. - Qaayha., Etha. da. machinery »Hshaasahanae 0 Mmamaaaah 0 Wareham 2 
- Asa of like Ali - Ans - rushed - counting p - Maha Assem . - p 0 0 Hamaaasam. T. them 
SSH - a ...... (...) Se - Dahan for EHS - Mhas «Mhaholhhm 
their work - for - his mother. 
gave him - survey BSU

Libyan pro al-Qathafi – Al Jamahirya – Green Television Channel – Online TV Live 24 hours.


The one named Nazim Tayyari Zaamatk, ZAIDANE’s  media-head: and threatening and threatening to deport three million Egyptians from Libya to Egypt if the channel Skerc green is not taken off of the Egyptian Nile SAT within 48 hours and promises break of country relations with Egypt …. 

ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ scared rats.

The beginning of the flight of collaborators and traitors out of Libya.

Baden God a few hours and you will declare liberation of the south Taher Vathia criminal gangs

to the brave heroes of the resistance men crawling Holy.

Aaaaaajl: Taatna battalion of the Knights of commandos approaching the entrance Sabha southwest

toward the desert to enter the camp Mansheya ..




Knights of Janzour:

Knights of Janzour

“Saif al-Arab Legion martyr for the Liberation of Libya” (FB PAGE):
I hope the warning …

Marches in Janzour green flags carried out by militias,  Knights Janzour in areas Janzour for our Martyrs.

Abdul Jalil is disingenuous and purposes of the arrest of the Liberal…


Salem al-Obeidi

A source with high-level South Korean Embassy, ​​abduction Extension
Trade Embassy Mr. “Han Sukwu” on Sunday evening, on the
Reach out militants during “Sukwu” from the embassy area Gargaresh
And confirmed the same source in his statement, that the gunmen intercepted Supplement
And forced him to get out of his car and they kidnapped him in a private car.
Then they left the embassy vehicle and also the driver of the Libyan, and fled.

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya:

Influx of columns from the Friday market and Tajourah and corner, and these convoys believes it is able to enter the area.


You connect to the heads of regular military battalions involved in securing the coastal road. Of which: – 121 122 127, 133 151 155, 161 166 189, a pedestrian, has told me that they are against participation in the fighting, and that leads the fight were “Altaobein” room Libya rebels, and armor Qatar, and forces common security, and attribution, and the Knights of janzour, and other vice Akhawan.
And they may Akhbro called Abdelsalam Jadallah boy Boktef external client and Qatar in Libya.
And that their insurance only coastal road, and they’re rejecting it.

Handsome Russian writes:
Hey Op I’m from janzour for the Knights are all 35 rat I mean someone launched Thsabhm 1000 age of puberty and boarded a total of walkers to bridge 27 and back ar my father returned, and the rest janzour Masharki only in securing specific regions janzour of Grass and others were closed Mnavd and Rishvana, archery has become of Makhal janzour bash Matt Tuba to work in turf (PRAIRIE).


URGENT: Dr. Najat Mohammed Toumi candidate for the committee of sixty. Assassination attempt blew up his car

in the area of ​​Ben Ashour # Tripoli.

(Source: Channel Capital)

Operations room Mermaid:
Doctors emergency department Tripoli Medical Center pinning their sit-in and return to work to receive
any emergency cases from all over Libya, it is converted to the center ..

Chairman of the Board Jardan Sabha boxed in the new neighborhood and yelling and saying:

“the ousted regime have lists of wanted” >>>

( I Marit Shi )

رئيس مجلس جردان سبها محاصر في حي الجديد ويستغيث ويقول ازلام النظام لديهم قوائم مطلوبين >>> انا ماريت شيادمن مكرر_

Green channel Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel
God is the greatest .. Members of the “Security Committee and the so-called Fourth Brigade combat crime”

and handed over their weapons to the dignitaries and notables Rishvana tribe in exchange for dropping out safely:

PICTURE of the FORMER WAHABI MAFIA CRIME LORDS (MAFIA) named as “ANTI CRIME COMMITTEE” of the GNC  in Janzour- GAVE UP and LEFT under safe withdrawal agreement.


WAHABI MAFIA CRIME LORDS  named as ANTI CRIME COMMITTEE in Janzour-The escape of many elements of the Supreme Security Committee to Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey.

Jardan of pages, I hope steep,
It was revealed the names of the criminals in the surrounding regions of Tripoli and began combing
Zahra, RISHVANA group, Nasiriyah
1 – Obaid Alhalala …… And has a key instigator in external support.
2 – Anwar Zahaf.
3 – Saad bin Osman Miloud … Representative of the resistance in the region and receives in external support.
4 – Saber Al-Amari bin Osman ….. Partner cousin Saad.
5 – Fawzi Mohammed Pharaoh.
6 – Ben Mabrouk Salah Osman.
7 – Ramadan Ayad Alinkh.
8 – Mohammed Ayad Alinkh.
9 – Ayad Alinkh lamp.
10 – Adel Sultan Faraj.
11 – Saad Badr Arab …… Criminal and thief.
12 – Amer Faraj Dokali.
13 – Sam Mukhtar Sultan.
14 – Mustafa Sultan Mokhtar.
15 – Haitham Al Mansouri on the war.
16 – Essam Miloud Zadar.
17 – Riad on Da’aki.
18 – Ayman bin Osman Al-Amari.
19 – Adel Miloud war.
20 – Mukhtar lamp Wolf …. Nicknamed (itch).
21 – Osama bin Yahya lamp Sowaidan …………. Killer.
22 – Mohammed Mazen Daou Wolf ….. Nicknamed (Bakirh).
23 – Ahmed lamp Matouk Wolf.
24 – Arab Wolf & Sons.
25 – Successful Ramadan War.
26 – Saad successful hyena.
27 – Omar Mohammed spouse.
28 – Murad Masood Alqublawi …… Nicknamed (Hanash)
29 – Ajehedr sons.
30 – Alambrk Abouhlalh Faraj and his brothers.
Ibrahim Shati writes:
27 hours before the text of a gift from me to the dupes who are being Behm (pic below):
(People’s Guard)

Hey guys, DC Nboha Night crucial guys plateau and Salim inspired cottages and the road to the airport and Aldrebe inspired Islamic Got Alshall and door bin Ghashir and through the fence and the street corner, Salahuddin and project and Ammi and Qasr Ben Ghashir move in quality processes such as raising green flags and pictures of the leader and the torching Stto ranks Jeradan and they are free Agro and Woodrow.

Attempt to assassinate Khaled Almejrab prison director Mitgua (Ameitikh) today …

with God’s help close your death, God willing.


Embassy of Serbia are free to hoist the green flag on them Btaadhm declaration of legitimacy.

Ambassador: Oliver Potežica joomplu:803
Address: Kvart Ben Ašur, Abdal Ben Salam
P.O.Box 1087
Phone: + 21821 / 333-54-04,
+ 21821 / 333-33-92,
+ 21821 / 333-08-19,
+ 21821 / 362-32-05,
+ 21821 / 362-32-06
Fax: + 21821 / 333-41-14,
+ 21821 / 362-32-07
Web site:

reen FLAG hoisted over Serbian Tripoli Embassy:



Eattoar pizza, brioche Aajerdan Tripoli Riho souls Khirlkm and Maatmho me and Rishvana not Tqrbu Jehtha

accumulated Mahien me a large tribe and then less, and then tresses and Ancdo Jardan corner Nin Rishvana

growth have returned and who lost ..
Jardan corner Tahramt they Tripoli and Dima Saarlhm kidnapping and Altroben ….

and antennae Iabreouchet Btaatahram you corner and Tunisia look Temczulha was Vtaiarh haraam coastal road hostile Chmo Sntha ..



12 NOVEMER 2011



Military convoy of tanks and heavy weapons vector for Rishvana ...(3 PHOTOS)


Tribes and Rafla says her ::::

In the name of God the Merciful and prayers and peace be upon His prophets and messengers
The longer …..

God says the name of God the Merciful)) So for those who fight because they have wronged and God on the power to the victory (39), who were driven from their homes unjustly only because they believe in God but do not push God’s people to each other for the silos were demolished and the sale and prayers, mosques, stating the name of Allah much Inasrn God that God Inzareth strong Aziz ((.

On the basis of unity of purpose and determination and underline the role of the supervisor played by the tribes and Rishvana seven drums and our belief in the inevitability of standing to the side of right and justice

and advocate for the oppressed and aggrieved and oppressed the tribes and Rafla a sequence of events experienced by the country for books Yousefha what is happening from the distortion of the facts and blur the identity of the Libyan and the absence of the voice of reason conscience and the absence of state institutions and the predominance of the gangs and militias Almusharana the tribes noble in the south and in the plain area Oajafarh

the tribes and Rafla all models at home and abroad will not stand idle in front of the displacement, ethnic cleansing and they announce to everyone that any infringement of the sanctity of Libyans in general and the sanctity of the area and Rishvana particular is a red line and they will spare no effort to advocate for her brothers in the noble tribes and Rishvana and that any attack on those tribes is an attack on the tribes and Rafla and peace
Issued on the day … Sunday … 01/19/2014



Rishvana operations room and declares curfew from eighth night until seven am to until further notice.
It is contrary to bear Msolath.

And the glory of the Almighty greeting and congratulations to me and Helena Rishvana victory that crushed Beah dogs NATO and Qatar after trying to feed factory entry point and shoot there and steal 450 thousandths of a factory was crushed from the Black Coast and advertising Nasr seven drums they insist God, oh God.

Genocide tribe to fly the flag for their chosen
NATO choose to follow the lifting of U.S. media and the French and English
Chose to follow the base to fly the flag of atonement, and the killing of Muslims…
Today Rishvana is bombed front sight and earshot of the world in order to raise the flag chosen

by an international resolution Mlishawi Asabbate
Nothingness to tears Shalgam and there is no Security Council resolutions, what happens

to the bombing and shelling Sabha by ZAIDANE’s planes and Zaidane bring tanks and locust upon Rishvana.

To publish and disseminate
We hope that you Althblg
The angle of attack and you want to Rishvana now
Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarb Liberal Victory
Tris and Rishvana Satro camp on the 27th and chiming Leh Leh
Surprise after an hour on the border, God willing,
Follow us Bdeghih minutes and moments victory, God willing


Now Jardan Zliten from the tribe of the people Jayben cars SUV and the 12 new car to put the weapon
before it entered a few Zliten and God Aajerdan Black fate we follow all Thrkatkm accurately
welcomed Analmokm real meaning of liberation:


Basit Haroun:
Millions have been looted in Sirte was liquidated militias that are killing the sons of the Libyan people ..
The detective and expert quest for criminal offenses and that the mission of the conference
to investigate this theft is a member of the conference since he joined briefly (Mohammed BoSidra)
and I say to you Aalepien will not show any result of this theft.
South was moving the battle for Sirte capital Champions Ventdharohna.


Haj release / birthday sentences.

Was a prisoner at the militias of Misrata and had been arrested while fighting

with the sons of Bani Walid. We thank God for his safety and ask God to undo the families of the rest .. Amen.



RAT German Zaidane vows to “clean up” oil facilities in eastern Libya.

(Zero hour)

Aaaaaaaaagel and 100% for sure …….

Air bases, airports, pilots in the eastern cities refuse to participate in the bombing of our people

in the south and even refuse to transfer their planes Jufrah ….

Did not I tell you that the Libyans have discovered the trick and that Libya is witnessing an awakening public would

wash the dust of her ordeal, and the tribes of eastern Libya, but now will not biased in favor of the nation ….
God stationed neighborhood and Saada …
God Kebailna neighborhood …
Neighborhood men of God ..



Emphasis was placed on the explosion ..Been targeted special room to pass
Bmuftriq bank management. A man was injured securely minor injuries and was transferred to the Hospital.

Tendmیrh mountain
Green flags flutter in the tank Tendmیrh slot banditry and Alco supervision of the mountain Maکm HBO forward.



Department investigations troops manage to stun the arrest of 4 people outlaws, where he has one Balrmih the National Security Directorate Benghazi, and two of them in possession of a homemade bomb type Gelatunaih and the fourth person was arrested in acts of sabotage.


Al Djoufrah (JUFRA):

AIRPORTS in al-Jufrah Airports in Jufra

Clashes strong now in the airport Jufrah and semi-control resistance.
 Clashes inside Jufrah now now now-

Champions slip honorable now they join forces with honest Jufrah to cut any way trying to reach me south
and lock airport Psoatr dirt and damaging all devices now ..
 Urgent ….
Out of a convoy heading to the eastern region of Jufrah and then to Sabha
We do not know his place now required, so shall stimulation and generalize the widest.
People armed forces which attacked the convoy of Brigadier General Ahmed tar Jufrah
going to take over all existing Balrtl cars loaded with weapons and ammunition.
(Gen. Megrahi)



A picture of a Chinook aircraft which was shot down by Mujahideen heroes in the south of Libya:

ÚÇÇÇĚá :: untrue to what appeared in some of the pages about the convoy out of Mzrath me to go to the south,

after the communications Zamzam and Punjam Ben Walid and Heisha and Jafra ….. but it was Peggy from Alvdhaaae …
We Hlhaaaa .…. The glory near Aovernmaaaa.

Green TV Channel Green TV:
Directed Misrata convoy composed of 100 vehicles heading to Sabha through the valley of my
And suffered the
Other cars 28 and 19, armed with a car
They Arbatash and text and 23
And the rest of Maalihn Shi and Dmnhen
2 ambulances
Please caution and reporting

Champions Jufrah and Charfaúha now besieging Misurata militias are now ubiquitous in the region …..

The news went from 35 cars to be rescued after he gave them Aloamc 50 million.

Latest news from Tabu:
News about commissioning a pool and Redco secure air base Tmanhunt.

Find weapons in relief funds sent by the United Arab Emirates to the base “Tmanhunt” Southern Libya

Channel Fezzan satellite Libya, continues to practice a policy of ambiguity year about what is happening in the south of the Libyan developments promising to defeat NATO and agents dens labor to earn the rapist to the homelands and do not deal with the information neutrality and transparency, and is what is the notification directed hostile to the aspirations of radical change and the return of the legitimate stolen and the expulsion of the invaders and occupiers and their stooges


Western bombings hit the area of ​​the stones were playing four children, two of whom died and two were in stable condition.

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Zero hour:# # Popular Forces
The popular forces of Libyan confirm it outside residential areas, but Jardan directing nozzles aircraft machine guns
to civilians are the masters of their inability to fight the battle.
(Battalion, brigade)
 SABHA is in RED
Raise white flags over the homes of some of the Awlad Suleiman tribe, Sabha in the city
has not seen any cases of retaliation or raids on houses of the sons of the tribe at all.
Base Tmanhunt back under the control of the Mujahideen forces.
# _ The son of Colonel

Forces Provisional People for tribes to regain control of the airport extension Tmanhunt South Sabha

and the families of all the members of the militia stationed at the camp. Been confirmed Tmanhunt control

of the base and is now under the control of the popular forces.
God is great above the aggressor Kid.


God is great above the aggressor Kid .. Greeted the people of the south to the hordes forces pain
God is great above the aggressor Kid .. Greeted the people of the south to the hordes of popular resistance forces afternoon 01/20/2014

الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي .. استقبال اهالي الجنوب لجحافل قوات المقاومه الشعبيه عصر اليوم 20/1/2014
ZAIDANE’s “Military ruler”, General Busevy,  fled Sabha and during Ndharath .. Howo You Raji Take on your glasses:General Busevy

God is great above the aggressor Kid
Landing was aware of the shame of all schools in the area Riyaana and raise the green flag.
Taureg camp
 Hana al-Shaibani:
Call each Liberals and silks ..
On behalf of the nation and the name of the people of the struggling people of our dear homeland ..
We call on all free to the crowd and presence tomorrow in front of the UN headquarters at exactly at 11:00 .. it condemned the style of repression that the government is doing Almistodh clients Qtraúl the sons of the homeland rapist in the south precious and Orishvana Alsamuh and the rest of Almentvdh to shame those customers; we are demanding to bring down the so-called “legitimacy Mathompsa bad government and Congress Alaotunai “..
Accordingly, we are the sons of the homeland in the Diaspora invite all displaced people in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Britain, Germany and ……. etc. ..
To come out tomorrow, and advancing the right word to support the Mujahideen heroes at home ..
Call of Duty Inadekm ye Hlha shrugged off by the drumbeat ..
And forward .. Jihad until victory and God is great above the aggressor Kid
I hope circular and publishing with thanks ..
(Sister Hana al-Shaibani)
21 on Tuesday. 1. In 2014 there will be vigils to condemn the crimes committed in Jnoibna beloved Sabha
in both British street scene Aldaonq 10 in London at 2:45 pm # In Nasr City / Cairo at 11:00 in front
of the headquarters of the United Nations
Protests # Crimes Against civilians in Sebha tomorrow 21/01/2014
2:45 p.m in Downing street 10, London
11:00 a.m in Nasr city, Cairo, in front of the the UN headquarters
Media # Hana al-Shaibani in front of the UN headquarters now #
Side of the stand
Almjhreinn forcibly removed from their beloved declare to the whole world in front of the UN building in Cairo,
they are still on the shade and the commander of the martyr and the banner is a banner Ezz banner of Muammar al-Qathafi.
A salute to the honest in Egypt on Agafthm and more Poses and more victories …
Roa and the world, and they had delivered your voice Nehna sons of Muammar al-Qathafi glory and pride …. / / / /
Photo de ‎ليبيا اليوم‎.
Photo de ‎ليبيا اليوم‎.
Photo de ‎ليبيا اليوم‎.
Photo de ‎ليبيا اليوم‎.
Photo de ‎ليبيا اليوم‎.
Photo de ‎ليبيا اليوم‎.


Libya’s ambassador in Germany, announced his defection from government customers in February and join the voice of the voice of the youth right resistor in Sabha.

Address Libyan Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Podbielskiallee 42
14195 Berlin
Telephone (+49) 30 200 59 60
Telefax (+49) 30 200 596 99
Office Hours
Head of Mission Mr Bashir M. M. Massli, Chargé d’Affaires a.i.






Control of the crossing of Ras Igdir for hours just mean black people entering the armed Almtoagda in Tunisia to the battlefields ..

and will be a great addition tip the scales …
(Libya Today)
Urgent: the influx of large numbers of RAT Libyans crossing of Ras worth as a result of the conflict in Libya and the deterioration of the situation.

Saw the head is worth crossing the border between Libya and Tunisia this evening to defend the case of large arrivals of Libyan territory, according to a news Radio Tataouine. Therefore a result of the tense situation and the sharpening of the conflict between the government and supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi, a few days ago.

Ras Jedir 1

Do not deny nor confirmed the news of the killing of inventory Shawarma,
US Congressman Ron Paul


JNN 16 Nov 2012 Washington : Rep. Ron Paul, the iconic libertarian congressman from Texas,
has delivered a speech what will most likely be his final address to Congress . He criticized the US…

JNN 16 Nov 2012 Washington : Rep. Ron Paul, the iconic libertarian congressman from Texas, has delivered a speech what will most likely be his final address to Congress .He criticized the US Government of its Corruption, bent on promoting wars, undermining liberties, and assassinating those it considers terrorists.

In a sprawling, 52-minute speech to the House chamber, Paul lambasted U.S. government, politicians and special interests, declaring that the U.S. people must return to virtue before the government allows them to be free, and that the Constitution has failed to limit the scope of an authoritarian bureaucracy.

“Our Constitution, which was intended to limit government power and abuse, has failed,” Paul said. “The Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people. The current crisis reflects that their concerns were justified.”

For the retiring Republican, 77, the “current crisis” isn’t quite what it is for other members of Congress, who routinely use that word to describe the economic recession that followed the 2008 financial crash. To the Texas Republican, that’s part of it, but the causes are deeper, and it’s also a crisis of governmental authoritarianism and the vanishing of personal liberty.

“If it’s not accepted that big government, fiat money, ignoring liberty, central economic planning, welfarism, and warfarism caused our crisis, we can expect a continuous and dangerous march toward corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our liberties,” said Paul, an obstetrician-gynecologist by training.

The problem isn’t just government’s size, but its use of force, both in starting preemptive wars and as it coerces U.S. citizens with police power. To Paul, this is the fault of Americans who no longer prioritize liberty, and it will lead to the unraveling of orderly society unless people change.

“Restraining aggressive behavior is one thing, but legalizing a government monopoly for initiating aggression can only lead to exhausting liberty associated with chaos, anger and the breakdown of civil society,” Paul said. “We now have a standing army of armed bureaucrats in the TSA, CIA, FBI, Fish and Wildlife, FEMA, IRS, Corp of Engineers, etc., numbering over 100,000 civil society.”

More than coercive, to Paul the government is also corrupt: “All branches of our government today are controlled by individuals who use their power to undermine liberty and enhance the welfare/warfare state-and frequently their own wealth and power,” he said.

Throughout his speech, Paul questioned not only the fundamental health of America’s social compact, but specifics like fiat money, the power of the Federal Reserve, the PATRIOT Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act modifications, undeclared war, the illegalization of medical marijuana, mandatory sentencing requirements for drug crimes, the illegalization of hemp, TSA searches, federal debt and borrowing, the White House’s authority to assassinate those it declares terrorists, the legalization of detaining U.S. citizens for national-security purposes, the political power of AIPAC, and the regulation of light bulbs and toilets in people’s homes.

For Paul, the list of grievances is long, and he might not have accomplished much in Congress: “In many ways, according to conventional wisdom, my off-and-on career in Congress, from 1976 to 2012, accomplished very little,” he said. “No named legislation, no named federal buildings or highways, thank goodness. In spite of my efforts, the government has grown exponentially, taxes remain excessive, and the prolific increase of incomprehensible regulations continues. Wars are constant and pursued without congressional declaration.”

In thinking about the champions of liberty, his lesson is a bitter one: “History has shown that the masses have been quite receptive to the promises of authoritarians which are rarely if ever fulfilled,” but his prescription is hopeful.

Paul left the podium, for the last time, offering an “answer” to all of these problems: that people should choose liberty and limit government, and seek change within themselves.

“The number one responsibility for each of us is to change ourselves with hope that others will follow,” Paul said, urging an end to two motives that have hindered U.S. society: envy and intolerance.

“I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out the plain truth of things. The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people worldwide, is to pursue the cause of liberty. If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land.” ABC OTUS News.

US Congressman Dennis Kucinich


JNN 17 Nov 2012  Washington D.C :

On 15 November 2012 Congressman Dennis Kucinich was granted permission

to address the U.S. House of Representatives for one minute.

And in Just this short time the figures…

JNN 17 Nov 2012  Washington D.C :

On 15 November 2012 Congressman Dennis Kucinich was granted permission to address the U.S. House of Representatives for one minute. And in Just this short time the figures revealed by him , regarding the Drone attacks were Drastic .

“American drones in Pakistan have killed as many as 3,378 people. Drones in Yemen have killed as many as 1,952 people. Drones inSomalia have killed as many as 170 people. We’ve not declared war on any of these nations, but our weapons have killed innocent civilians in all of them. Highly reputable research shows that the number of high-level targets killed as a percentage of total casualties is estimated at about 2 percent.”

“According to The Washington Post, the Obama administration is working on efforts to institutionalize the practice of targeted killings by unmanned drones abroad. The volume of these killings challenges the morality and the legality of the attacks. We are creating a precedent for other nations that are developing the same technology. China has just unveiled a new drone”, he said.

“The drone program has thus far been conducted with no oversight from Congress or any judicial body. Congress has a constitutional responsibility to ensure that programs that are being conducted in the name of our Nation are legal, transparent, and accountable. We are holding a briefing tomorrow about this exact matter”, said Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The US Drone and their War against Terrorism have created a Hatred for US , among common Persons of these countries specially which are being Hit by drones attacks ,which is even in violation of the International Borders and sovereignity of any Independent country , and in General the Common Public of these countries are the worst enemies of Nations lIke Germany, Japan , Russia, China , Pakistan , Iran, Cuba , Venezula , and a lot of other countries.

The time has come that the US think tanks should start thinking , to do some thing good and Positive for the common Interest of these and other Nations , that before they are the Most Hated Nation of the World , and they are Isolated . As the US is also starting to lose the Power and Might it once had , and now with the weaken Economy and Recessions , they should do some Positive steps , that they can survive , in the changing world .

As if they become Isolated and Every countries , starts closing its doors for them , then it will be a disaster for whole of the US Nation , and they will be confined to Just North America , and even will not be possible for them to open routes to South America .

As it is also very heart Breaking that even with all these details publicized , the Human Rights Organisation , who say they fight for Global Human Rights , have kept a Mum over these Basic Human Right Violations by US , and Now People have also been of the view that these NGO , who are working in the Name of Human Rights and Protecting Nature and other causes are just Under cover , working for the US and CIA Interests and their aim is not providing relief to the common public , but to gather Information and Data for them.