Call Libya ..dr. Hamza Thami .. God damn shame what works for 30/01/2015 Account
de Libya green

Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami ..ashm Commander 01/02/2015
de Libya green

Revolutionary Committees based on the mass of the ideology integrated and precise “theorizing and thought and viable,” the Revolutionary Committees physical body orderly and accurate spirit of the people, if the people missed the revolutionary committees die, revolutionary committees, such as the fish in the sea Fbhrha people who “Tkhalguet the presence and growth and

The Revolutionary Committees entity creed People: ‘People for the revolutionary committees is “sacred” and the sanctity of the people is derived from the doctrine of the “Revolutionary Committees” faith “advocacy and Altbashria” revolutionary Valgan carrying Bushra era of rule by the people, Mr. Free

and offer people the revolutionary call pure popular revolution that occur revolutionary change Valgan no revolutionary change on behalf of the people it is you turn the lawsuit and missionary Change the popular masses Kicking in the doctrine of the revolutionary committees are synthesized in the social reality and the popular masses imposed by the Revolutionary People’s creative and innovative work.

The people are their own movers, and the people are the real power and the people is the owner of all the rights that robbed him and enable the revolutionary committees of knowing how the process to recover their rights revolutionary Valgan can not be the popular masses, as we have demonstrated in previous episodes is not the task of the revolutionary committees took power by is the power of the people and basket reactionary him Bostdaaffh and Astgvalh, the revolutionary committees provide people the human “power and wealth and arms, however, the people,”

and play their role in providing “deep knowledge and a statement of concepts contained in the Green Book”; and, offers the Revolutionary Committees on “how the process of ‘People’s Revolution’, in which the popular masses that “organize themselves to become strong.”

The power of the people to organize themselves and be the party the strongest of any popular masses to organize themselves, revolutionary Valgan “to let people know their strength” in them and the underlying, and the weakness of all anti-people forces show they are part of the people

and All people are the “revolutionary Valgan enables people to control the senses to control the mind and the rest of the senses of sight and heard of and all the senses and enable them to see the great potential of the revolutionary committees everywhere enables people to enable the masses of the people in each community to know the secret of “weakness and the mystery of their own power”, to enable themselves to know “the weakness of the People’s opponents of” reactionary imperialism (for the rest Titles anti-people, rather than for the people) “,

whether they are an individual or a few groups or gangs or countries,” and the fact that weakness in front of people, whatever the strength of arm, the living force of the Revolutionary Committees movement of people to the physical aspects of sensory tangible in people power by the reactionary and its allies and masters Bastdaaffha “differentiating – Baltgyib sensory and mental and psychological and spiritual – and manipulation Balaklaat and manipulation of information and knowledge and concepts and control thus in behavior –

and their unfortunate manipulation of the psychology of people and (for them to) control the emotions (of the masses), by intimidation and bullying and terrorism visual and auditory and mental and psychological and behavioral – and, by the monopoly of knowledge and information (MSM), and to control the size and the amount of flow of people and consisting of social quality of men and women and children and young people, and of alcohol use- which also enables people to know oriented and systematic methods pursued by the reactionary and headed to control the peoples throughout history,

and yet, through the “loosening” of national and national cohesion and national social loyalty and religious levels of activity of regional and tribal and regional less in social importance for the component Social – also reveals and exposes how the ‘reactionary manipulating religion’ and control it for the sake of a few or individual, (rather than a very divine religion-oriented people and emancipation of all the forces) who want to control the people whether or recruited by Satan and his servants, and his foot with which it progresses.

Revolutionary movement then is very aware and clear and correct and sound and her way,  and had to make their way to advance on the path forward and transcend boil top so people can people to trace and walk on the revolutionary path popular mass leading up to “freedom and happiness”,

the revolutionary movement is doing its part in the preface to this path. People when identifies a goal and direction and path and the right way and the right, which will enable it to end Schq way and displace all the obstacles encountered.

Whatever stumbling compartments in front and Stla and crashing strength of the Libyan People’s that are capable of the crash hardest dictatorships, and the world has witnessed the power of the people.

This enables Muammar al-Qathafi  in His argument al-Mamgh, founder of the revolutionary committees, of the organization of many of the revolutionary forces in the world, and enables the overthrow of several systems “dictatorship and fascism and in front of the whole world,

although When (the world’s NWO dictatorships) were at the height of their powers;
and was able to destroy the leadership of revolutionary and popular Committees, and was the cause of much conflict.

At the height of the external support and sanctuaries were imperialism and Zionism and was far back in outbreaks of intolerance against the popular masses in their own countries; and its systems were very Aotai and aggression and brutality aggressive and terrorising;

and the world has witnessed the establishment of a GREAT JAMAHIRIYA through Muammar al-Qathafi ,and his holy inspred thoughts, which as organized, smashed “Shah Iran and the empire and Nimeiri and Mahmath…

and two months systems were far back in the aggression against their own people and was cruelty beyond all imagine it, “a police repressive anti strongly against any freedom of the people”

The ‘3rd system’ also enables Muammar al-Qathafi‘s revolutionary call for the People to destroy traditional systems “continental” such as the ‘Soviet Union’; and expected that before the collapse of years and tried to Marxism save itself, after the “Green Book”‘s appearance and analysis,

but they were earlier disintegration and fall of the importance of national factors; and the spiritual and the power of their impact, and managed to Nature analysis “Aharboih” systems that are based on the “capitalist individual” and attempts to survive, in spite of the end of each viability and continued existence, and all grow artificial factors and lack of continuing its production and renewal after the explosion of knowledge and the growing mental capacity of the individual, and the community and the popular masses within capitalist societies, and the growing communication and capacity to communicate between people factors (all which has become infinitesimal and started trying all the dominant governments executive on political systems), save presence of people’s awareness which has been growing everywhere in the world.

It has exceeded the possibilities and capabilities of control and centralized control and the class of the ruling regimes recruit millions of blindness in the humanities to try to contain human sex as a whole and as parts and components,

but all attempts to go unheeded Khaba strewn and are not about her and do not force and do not find in front of only the brutal logic practiced through the long centuries of oppression; and is iron and fire and destruction and sabotage, murder and bloodshed. They try to stay  (in power) in spite of all the yard factors revealed by Muammar al-Qathafi in his ‘Green Book’, (which enables erosion “deficit and infertility and an end to” all the instruments without the people and the end of the age as the end of an era of “dinosaurs).

The revolutionary committees is a carrying reassurance to Vkarha and carrying confidence in thinking and approach and based on its people and rows progressing as one and HP capacity al-Tbashria and deal with the teacher the people, and the Creator, and is creative and capable, and who is able..

It has been left to him (al-Qathafi), that he has all the qualities of deification, that Allah has given to humans, without having to create other Illustrious humans to be ‘his successor’

and all confidence in him (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi), because of the gift and all elements of “secrets” creative “is not an individual or a lack of whatever, who has to ‘replace the people’ and solve people shop,  and called the divinity of heresy, and practice of them who ago about without God Almighty.

And that there was Thala. It is not only for the people Faymann revolutionary committees “sanctify” the people which God has sanctified, that gave them the gift of “Shura” of the popular masses that were created by the contemporary history for the benefit of the peoples, in the intellectual and political thoughts of “Muammar al-Qathafi”.

His head start to be without all Revolution leaders in the world as the owner of the mass theory, which sits to the people and to the ‘authority of the people’ and people’s socialism and the ‘power of the people’ and the ‘greatness of the people’ and the ‘people’s revolution’, the Revolutionary Committees inspired belief in the ideology of the creative:

The  creative, who can the people of the bombing of the creative abilities and creative everywhere Valgan revolutionary spread everywhere organize themselves in finite groups, at a young age and are governed by the thought of one; and one theory and create ‘revolutionary programs’ in narrow ranges, and small in every mosque, to the outbreak of ‘a genuine religious cultural revolution’

which prevents the heresy of deification in the name of religion, onto the people, and prevents the exploitation of religion to rule and living an underground by to control the “psychological and concepts and mentality and ideas of the people” (until control their behavior in their curricula)

and detailed intricacies “Valgan revolutionary returning people to the origin of the Book  The Holy Qu’ran and Scripture) and tight verses and the statement is not unequivocal; and declared ALLAH to the people, without a broker or without any agents (the ‘phony’ cross prophets) who advocate the ‘Haddat’

and missionaries and teachers only to the relationship after the death of the prophets among the people of Allah; and not because people except for the origin of “Book” that of the honorable of Allah’s prophets, an ‘utmost GUIDE for the people to return to the origins’

and  (the Great Jamahiriya) is a “paradise”, (instead of seduction, to be admitted to hell in this life and Hereafter), and Allah is here to teach them their religion and the essence of the fact of what is ‘worldly’ of the beginning of creation until the Day of Resurrection “to take over people’s face and debt to ALLAH, and NOT Satan (or his soldiers and servants of greedy people who ‘ruled’ the people and made deification of themselves).

The Revolutionary Committees in each enabled, found the adoption of revolutionary cells; and composed and the complexity of its intention to call ‘a preaching of the right with all certainty; and thereby enable the people (giving them knowledge for themselves9 no-longer silenced and enslaved and controlled.

The Revolutionary Committees progressing rows in every sphere of life, is to give a good example to the people, in thinking and good consensus to enable the people through their own sweat of how to be strong ! And enable them to develop plans for themselves, and according to circumstances, in order to be ‘popular free masses’ which can not be controlled, nor taken-into ‘the control whatever force opponents weak in the truth which do not have any faith’,
but solely on ‘the force of arms’ seeking to deify humans, as they want people to ‘rely on them and submit to then to undergo along with the subservience powers of ‘anti-freedom’ (and they who want you to be in misery and pain and unforgiving agony).

بقلم هشام عراب‏ > ‏

بقلم هشام عراب&اللجان الثورية (5) لمواجهة الرجعية الفكر الثوري و الحركة و القدرة على التطبيق الثوري .

تم الإرسال في ٠٣‏/٠٢‏/٢٠١٥ ٦:٢٤ ص بواسطة abn aljamahiriya   [ تم تحديث ٠٣‏/٠٢‏/٢٠١٥ ٦:٢٤ ص ]

اللجان الثورية تستند لفكرها الجماهيري المتكامل و الدقيق ” تنظير و فكر و قابلية للتطبيق ” ، اللجان الثورية جسد مادي منظم و دقيق روحه الشعب ، فلو غاب الشعب عن اللجان الثورية تموت ، اللجان الثورية مثل السمكة في البحر فبحرها شعبها الذي ” تخلقت فيه وجودا و نمو و 

أستمرار ، اللجان الثورية كيان عقيدته الشعب فالناس بالنسبة للجان الثورية ” مقدسة ” و قدسية الناس مستمدة من عقيدة اللجان الثورية العقيدة ” الدعوية و التبشرية ” فاللجان الثورية تحمل بشرى عصر حكم الشعب السيد الحر و تقدم للناس الدعوة الثورية الخالصة بالثورة الشعبية التي تحدث التغيير الثوري فاللجان الثورية لا تغير بالنيابة عن الناس بل هي تقوم بدورها الدعوي و التبشيري فالتغيير تقوم الجماهير الشعبية فالتحرر في عقيدة اللجان الثورية يتم تخليقه في الواقع الاجتماعي و تفرضه الجماهير الشعبية بالعمل الثوري الشعبي الخلاق و المبدع .

فالشعب هو المبدع و الشعب هو القوة الحقيقية و الشعب هو صاحب كل الحقوق التي سلبت منه و تمكنه اللجان الثورية من معرفة الكيفية العملية لأسترداد حقوقه فاللجان الثورية لا يمكن أن تكون هي الجماهير الشعبية كما بينا ذلك في الحلقات السابقة فليس من مهام اللجان الثورية تولى السلطة التي هي سلطة الشعب و سلتها الرجعية منه بأستضعافه و استغفاله ، اللجان الثورية تقدم للشعب البٌشرى ” السلطة و الثروة و السلاح بيد الشعب ” و تقوم بدورها في تقديم ” عميق المعرفة و بيان المفاهيم التي تضمنها الكتاب الأخضر ” و تقدم اللجان الثورية ” الكيفية العملية للثورة الشعبية للجماهير الشعبية التي ” تنظم نفسها لتصبح قوية ” فالقوة للشعب بتنظيم نفسه و تكون هي الطرف الأقوى أي الجماهير الشعبية بتنظيم نفسها ، فاللجان الثورية ” تمكن الناس من معرفة قوتها ” الموجودة فيها و الكامنة ، و تبين ضعف كل القوى المعادية للشعب لأنها جزء من الشعب و الشعب هو الكل ” فاللجان الثورية تمكّن الناس من السيطرة على حواسها من السيطرة على عقلها و باقي حواسها من بصرها و من سمعها و من كل حواسها و تمكنها من معرفة القدرات العظيمة الكامنة فيها ، اللجان الثورية في كل مكان تمكن الناس تمكن الجماهير الشعبية في كل المجتمع من معرفة سر ” ضعفها و سر قوتها ” تمكنها من معرفة ” ضعف خصوم الشعب من ” رجعية و أمبريالية و باقي المسميات المعادية للشعب و للناس ” سواء كانوا فرد أو قلة أو جماعات أو عصابات او دول ” و حقيقة ضعفها أمام الشعب مهما كان قوة تسليحها ، القوة الحية اللجان الثورية تنقل للناس الجوانب المادية الحسية الملموسة في قوة الناس التي قامت الرجعية و حلفائها و اسيادها بإستضعافها ” بالتفريق – بالتغييب الحسي و العقلي و النفسي و الروحي – و التلاعب بالعقليات و التلاعب بالمعلومات و المعارف و المفاهيم و بالتحكم بالتالي في السلوك – و التلاعب بنفسية الناس و السيطرة على عواطفها بالتخويف و الإرعاب و الإرهاب البصري و السمعي و العقلي و النفسي و السلوكي – و احتكار المعارف و المعلومات و السيطرة على حجم و كمية تدفقها للشعب و مكونه الاجتماعي النوعي من رجال و نساء و اطفال و شباب و كهول – كما تمكن الشعب من معرفة الأساليب الموجهة و الممنهجة التي تتبعها الرجعية و أربابها للسيطرة على الشعوب عبر التاريخ و حتى الآن من خلال ” خلخلة ” الترابط القومي و الوطني و الولاء الاجتماعي القومي و الديني لمستويات أقليمية و قبلية و جهوية أقل في أهميتها الاجتماعية بالنسبة للمكون الاجتماعي – كما تكشف و تعري كيف تقوم الرجعية بالتلاعب بالدين و التحكم فيه لمصلحة قلة أو فرد بدلا من غاية الدين الرباني الموجه للناس و انعتاقها من كل قوى تريد السيطرة على الناس سواء كان الشيطان أو جنده و عبيده و رجله التي يتقدم بها .
الحركة الثورية عندها غاية بينة و واضحة و صحيحة و سليمة و لها وسيلة و عليها أن تشق الطريق لتتقدم على الدرب إلى الأمام و تسمو غلى أعلى حتى تتمكن الناس من شعبها لأقتفاء أثرها و السير على الدرب الثوري الشعبي الجماهيري المؤدي لغاية ” الحرية و السعادة ” ، الحركة الثورية تقوم بدورها في التمهيد لهذا الدرب فالناس عندما تتبين لها الغاية و الإتجاه و الدرب و السبيل الصحيح و السليم الذي سيمكنها من الغاية ستشق طريقها و تزيح كل العوائق التي تعترضها مهما كانت حجرات العثرة امامها و ستكرها و تحطمها بقوتها الجماهيرية و الشعبية التي هي قادرة على تحطم اعتى الدكتاتوريات و قد شهد العالم على قوة الشعوب .
و تمكن معمر القذافي صاحب الحجة الذامغة مؤسس اللجان الثورية من تنظيم العديد من القوة الثورية في العالم و تمكن من الأطاحة بعدة أنظمة ” دكتاتورية و فاشية و أمام العالم كله بالرغم من أنها كانت في أوج قوتها و تمكن من قيادة صراع تحطيمها ثوريا و شعبيا و كانت في أوج الدعم الخارجي لها و كانت محميات أمبريالية و صهيونية و كانت فاشيات موغلة في التعصب ضد الجماهير الشعبية في بلدانها و كانت منظوماتها غاية في العتي و العدوان و الشراسة و العدوانية و الوحشية و قد شهد العالم على قيام معمر القذافي بأفكاره و تنظيمه بتحطيم ” شاه أيران و أمبراطوريته و النميري و محميته و و هما اشهر أنظمة كانت موغلة في العدوان على شعوبها و كانت قسوتها تفوق كل تصور فهي أنظمة ” بوليسية قمعية معادية بشدة لحرية الشعب ” كما تمكن معمر القذافي من الدعوة الثورية الشعبية لتحطيم منظومات تقليدية ” قارية ” مثل الأتحاد السوفيتي و توقع ذلك قبل أنهياره بسنوات و حاولت الماركسية أنقاذ نفسها بعد ظهور الكتاب الأخضر و تحليلاته و لكنها كانت أسبق للتفكك و السقوط لأهمية العوامل القومية و الروحية و قوة أثرها ، و تمكن من تحليل الطبيعة ” الحربوية ” للأنظمة التي تستند على ” راسمالية الفرد ” و محاولاتها البقاء بالرغم من نهاية كل مقومات بقاء و استمرار وجودها و كل عوامل نموها المصطنع و أنعدام امكانية أستمرار أنتاجها و تجديدها بعد الإنفجار المعرفي و تنامي القدرات العقلية للفرد و الجماعة و الجماهير الشعبية داخل المجتمعات الرأسمالية و تنامي عوامل الأتصال و القدرات على التواصل بين الناس و التي صارت متناهية في الصغر و التي تحاول كل الحكومات المسيطرة تنفيذيا على النظم السياسية أنقاذ وجودها من وعي الناس المتنامي في كل مكان من العالم بشكل فاق أمكانيات و قدرات السيطرة و التحكم المركزي و الطبقي فالأنظمة الحاكمة تجند الملايين من العماء في العلوم الأنسانية لمحاولة أحتواء الجنس البشري ككل و كاجزاء و مكونات و لكن كل محاولاتها تذهب أدراج الرياح كهباء منثور و هي لا حول لها و لا قوة و لا تجد امامها إلا منطقها الوحشي الذي مارسته عبر القرون الطويلة و هو القمع بالحديد و النار و التدمير و التخريب و القتل و سفك الدماء في محاولة للبقاء بالرغم من كل عوامل الفناء التي كشفها معمر القذافي في كتابه الأخضر و الذي تمكن من تعرية ” عجز و عقم و نهاية ” كل ادوات الحكم من دون الشعب و نهاية عصرها كما نهاية عصر ” الديناصورات ، أن اللجان الثورية و هي تحمل الطمأنينة لفكارها و تحمل الثقة في فكرها و منهجها و تستند لشعبها و تتقدم الصفوف بصفة واحدة و هب الصفة التبشرية و تتعامل مع الشعب معلم و مبدع و خلاق و قادر و مستطيع و تركن له بأنه يحمل كل صفات التآله التي منحها الله للأنسان من دون خلقه الأخر مبجلا الإنسان ليكون خليفة له و عن ثقة فيه لأنه من وهبه كل مقومات ” أسرار ” الخلاقة ” فلا يملك فرد أو قلة مهما كان أن يحل محل الناس و يحل محل البشر و يدعى الالوهية و ممارسة الزندقة عليهم من دون الله سبحانه و تعالى .
و أن كان هناك تآله فأنه لا يكون إلا للشعب فإيمان اللجان الثورية ” يقدس ” الشعب الذي قدسه الله بأنه أهدى لهم هبة ” الشورى ” الشعبية الجماهيرية التي أبدعها في التاريخ المعاصر لصالح الشعوب في الفكر السياسي المفكر ” معمر القذافي ” ليكون صاحب السبق من دون كل قادة الثورة في العالم بانه صاحب النظرية الجماهيرية التي تركن للشعب و لسلطة الشعب و اشتراكية الشعب و قوة الشعب و عظمة الشعب و ثورة الشعب ، اللجان الثورية تستلهم إيمانها من فكرها المبدع الخلاق الذي يمكن الشعب من تفجير قدراته الخلاقة و المبدعة في كل مكان فاللجان الثورية تنتشر في كل مكان تنظم نفسها في مجموعات متناهية في الصغر و يحكمها فكر واحد و نظرية واحدة و تخلق البرامج الثورية في نطاقاتها الضيقة و الصغيرة في كل مسجد لتفجر ثورة ثقافية دينية حقيقية تمنع الزندقة من التآله باسم الدين على الناس و تمنع استغلال الدين للحكم و التواري به للسيطرة على ” نفسية و مفاهيم و عقلية و افكار الناس ” حتى يتم التحكم في مناهج سلوكياتهم في حياتهم و دقائقها التفصيلية ” فاللجان الثورية تعود بالناس لأصل الكتاب و محكم الأيات و البيان الذي لا مواربة فيه و المعلن من الله للناس بدون وسيط او وكيل و عبر انبياء دعاة و هداة و مبشرين و معلمين فقط لتكون العلاقة بعد وفاة الانبياء بين الناس و الله و لا يرجع الناس إلا لأصل ” الكتاب ” الذي نزله الله على الأنبياء بغاية هداية الناس للعودة للأصل و هو ” الجنة ” بدلا من الغواية لأدخالهم للجحيم في الدنيا و الأخرة ، و ليعلمهم الله دينهم و جوهر حقيقة دنياهم من بدء الخلق إلى يوم القيامة ” لتسلم الناس وجهها و دينها لله و ليس للشيطان أو لجنده و عبيده من البشر الطامعون في حكم الناس و التآله عليهم ، اللجان الثورية في كل مكن تتواجد فيه تبني خلايا ثورية و تتكون و تعقد عزمها للدعوة و التبشير بالحق اليقين و تمكين الناس من المعرفة لذواتهم المغيبة و المستعبدة و المسيطر عليها ، اللجان الثورية تتقدم الصفوف في كل مجال من مجالات الحياة لتعطى القدوة الحسنة للناس في التفكير و حسن الإجماع لتتمكن الناس من معرقة كيف تكون قوية ؟! و تمكنها من وضع الخطط لنفسها و بحسب ظروفها حتى تكون الجماهير الشعبية حرة لا يمكن السيطرة عليها و التحكم فيها مهما كانت قوة خصومها الضعفاء في الحقيقة و لا يملكون إلا قوة السلاح و السعى للتآله على البشر و يريدون من الناس الركون لهم و الخضوع و الخنوع للقوى المعادية للحرية و التي تريد لهم الالام و الشقاء و البؤس و العذاب .





Belhadj in Sweden



“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa” on FB, comments:

America wants to create Daash in Libya.

Forget ‘Brotherhood and Roma crimes’ at the airport, Tripoli and Benghazi, the Middle beloved

and Bani Walid and Rishvana Aziz and South and West…

Austria wants us to do ‘Melcaat Roma’ and ‘Brotherhood’ and fighter !!

Oh no. USA. Allah opens the mesh to the ruins of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and Aonhm creates ‘Daash’ bank has US backing.

We will fight the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ and the Dawn Libya’ and the extremists and supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA) and follow-Baghdadi all steadfastness and without tolerance of those who have committed a crime against Libyan mankind.

(Allah is the greatest)
لواء القعقاع الزنتان

امريكا تريد خلق داعش في ليبيا
لننسي جرائم الاخوان والغجر في المطار وطرابلس وبنغازي والشرق الحبيب وبني وليد و ورشفانة والجنوب والغرب العزيز
تريدنا نمسا نفعل ملشيات الغجر ولاخوان والمقاتلة
لا يا. USA. يفتح الله مش لإنقاض الإخوان واعونهم تخلق داعش بنكها امريكيا
نحن سوف نحارب الإخوان والفجر والمتطرفين وأنصار الشر واتباع البغدادي بكل صمود ودون تسامح مع من أجرم
الله أكبر


Tribute to young people stationed Bamehat base Wattaya, in this atmosphere in the center of Akrabieah,

Ajeelat and the South and South of Sabratha, In the center of the camp or Shuyesheh, In the center of

Mellita GAS (ZUWARAH) and south of Surman and

in the Nafusa: well south of the sheep, and the corner and all axes of the maximum heights of the mountain

to the maximum Coast.

Greetings evening






Room Western Region Operations:
Victory is approaching in al-Ash and Beautiful City, Racdalin:

Armed Forces of the Army support and strength.

‘Roma Libya’ in retreat  when Akrabieah, Beautiful City, and Rkdalin, and al-Ash.

The Chamber of source operations “Uqba” – Wattaya:
Progress today the Armed Forces of the entire members of staff support and strength in all axes:
Axis Al-Ash..
Akrabieah. and Beautiful City /western axis, including
southwest  of Ajeelat.

Attribution was warplanes
Allah is great God is great ……

“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa”, posts:

Allah is the greatest !

Mc Mego:
Direct contact with the Deputy Commandant of the ‘Operating Room’ at Wattaya.

Bharv Alouhd too great a loss as Decker I am destroying the mechanics of me

‘Dawn Libya’ axis al-Ash sheep mechanics; and closing in on the militias

and Bharv one told me that the militia is dying and our strikes fatigued them. They are in the final breath.

Army troops are making a very big progress today and the morale of the Libyan army troops

and supporting elevated and come only days and ends the story of the Western Region.
(The victory comes only from Allah.)

Direct contact ‘adjutant room Wattaya operations’:
The collapse of the ‘Roma Libya’ in all Western themes now
Aviation and Air Force bombed sites for ‘Roma Libya’ carefully.

[Ahmed Akrout]

Western Region only a matter of days

and closed the subject of the Western Region great victory
Today, significant progress in all axes and the recovery of many verses gear and weapons.

This is a picture of the second tank, which he retrieved his army of support and strength to the military arsenal:

The spoils of the day
Mc Mego
Evening Al-Khearer
Left Harbin fur or three soldiers Ajelboha of Sowatarham and come good
Support of the army force


‘Roma Libya’ escape from many sites the western region and now in retreat.


As human beings Atkm this day in advance of the Armed Forces
God is great ……

we want to enlarge embracing the sky
MC Mego
Allah is great and Manasr only from God
Progress of the army in the center of al-Ash was to inflict heavy losses on the enemy of life,

mechanisms, according to preliminary outcome …

then retrieve seven armed vehicles and some of the mechanisms and tractor fuel tank,

and some of the weapons and then al-Dkhaúr also damaged in the mechanics of the number 4
Operating room.

Praise and thank Allah for your victory this day and ALLAH save everyone.
Prostration of thanks to God
Allah is great.

الحمد وشكر الله على نصرك هذا اليوم واللهم احفظ الجميع

سجدة شكر الله

والله أكبر


Saraya great progress, “Nasr perdition” axis of al-Ash
Allah is Great !



Base “Uqba” – Wattaya

General Staff of the Army of Libya.

aircraft at Wattaya airbase:




Italy evacuates nationals and employees Mellita company and transferred

to Mitigua airport to leave Libya,

Because of the problem of “carp”.

Private jet Maltese are now in the oil field to meet the evacuation of foreign workers

belonging to him and the company Mellitah gas.
Downright from the movie “carp”.


URGENT: Libyan air force bombed three belonging to the militia, “Dawn Libya” sites zone Akrabieah.





8 killed Libyans and number two Ghanaians and two Filipinos in the number

of armed attack on the oil fieldcarp south of the city of Sirte.




important Daash in tuber…

Army leader Hftar defeated ‘Dawn Libya’s, Chief of Staff.

Hahaha, oh shame on you ‘al-Ghajar (17 FEBRUARY) Libya’.

(Khalifa Hftar was a member of the Revolutionary Council that deposed of the

puppet Idriss Senussi based dynasty of 1951-1969.)

Khalifa Hftar is a member of the revolutionary council that deposed of the Idriss Senussi based dynasty of (1951-1969)

update: 16:12, 02 June 2014 Monday

audio recording of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi with family Hftar 2005 in Egypt.

Muammar al-Qathafi is no hypocrite; he LIVES the HOLY QURAN in his every word

and deed, which is completely within his heart..

A rare audio recording of Muammar al-Qathafi with family of Khalifa Hftar:
18 MARCH 2005
Green thought (·الفكر الأخضر)
Commenting on the tape of a dialogue between
the Leader of the Revolution Muammar al-Qathafi and the son of Hftar.
Feat Mu’ammar al-Qathafi not to oppress one historically and socially
and confirmed its worth and leadership Ahtra …
(Ajoutée à YOU-TUBE sur le 26 mai 2014)
Commenting on the tape of a dialogue between

the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Al-Qathafi, and the son of Hftar.

Libyan General Haftar to follow in Al-Sisi's footsteps

Libyan General Hftar to follow in al-Sisi‘s footsteps

Former leader of the Libyan ground forces and current  General Khalifa Hftar said that he had never met Egyptian coup leader Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, but he is to follow in his footsteps, Egyptian newspaper, al-Masry Al-Youm’, reported on Friday-

“I have never met Marshal Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi,” said Hftar, “but our feelings meet on a single goal –

the war on terrorism and to maintain our Arabic identity.

Therefore, all past estrangement in Egyptian-Libyan relations must meltdown.”

He continued: “al-Sisi is a reputable person. I like his respect of the great former Egyptian leaders such as Gamal Abdul-Nasser.”

Such remarks are considered a first for Hftar in wake of the Egyptian elections, in which initial results have showed that al-Sisi achieved

an easy victory against his sole competitor Hamdeen Sabahi.

‘al-Masry Al-Youm’ said it received Hftar‘s remarks several hours before the military operation launched on Wednesday against

the 17 February Brigades, who are affiliated with the Libyan Shura Council in Benghazi and Derna.

Hftar expected that al-Sisi’s victory would lead to “common co-operation to face foreign interference in Libya, which has become an open space for everyone. He said that Libya’s natural resources make it everyone’s aspiration. “We need Egypt to help us to face these aspirations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hftar’s spokesman Colonel Mohamed al-Hijazi (el-Hassy) expressed his happiness about al-Sisi’s expected victory in the presidential elections.

Speaking to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, al-Hijazi (el-Hassy) said: “Hftar is going to follow in the footsteps of Marshal Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi .

al-Sisi succeeded in a difficult mission – regaining Egypt from the hands of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

Hftar has recently delivered several remarks, which have been widely applauded by Egyptian media, especially the remarks which criticise the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Hftar said: “My goal is to clean Libya of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood... I will hand over Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders who have fled to Libya.” He also said that he has been preparing for his plan, called “Dignity Operation,” for more than two years, to rid Libya of NATO’s puppets and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.




PICTURE: Bernardino Leon with Nouri Busamein (ABU BUSHMAN)

Monday, 02 February 2015
By the son of Libya’s bar & the United Nations a party to the conflict and not a broker !!
To that seen in Libya today from the devastation and the absence of the state and its organs and the loss of security and safety basis for the right of all people on earth, before the human rights of expression and alleged democratic, civilian Allepieon who intervened,

The so-called United Nations for them and protect them as water came in the Security Council resolutions, “the horror” of international under No. 1970.1973 suffer forced displacement and deprivation, even the lowest of their rights to life and the right to self-determination, which came in the international charters and conventions on human rights.

United Nations resolutions through the Security Council expressed the will of the agendas and interests of the major powers colonial violated the sovereignty and independence of Libya blatant intervention that lasted more than eight months, and the planes and warships of NATO bombing in the structures of civil and military infrastructure and kill Libyans wholesale.

Today, and through our support mission issued the statement after the other, and stresses that dialogue is the solution to stop the state of collapse experienced by the Libyan state and the people, where the United Nations and the Security Council aggressive in the spring of 2011 ?? !!

Sometimes they Libya has a state organs and resources financial and economic capital billions at home and abroad, was the organization’s position to insist on the destruction of the capabilities of the Libyans and the end of an independent state and respected among the nations of the earth evidenced by the three major international summits collected most of the rulers and kings and heads of the world, the Arab and African, and European pre-war Shortly, the day during any war the African Union appealed to those nations need to stop the war on Libya and its people, but the ultra-colonialism racists, who snapped up the historic opportunity to overthrow the revolutionary political system hostile to dominate and advocate for issues and freedom of peoples, threw those al-Andat wall display, and show today and after these lean years, McCain and their allies capable of signing these regional and local agents of colonialism.

The talk about the dialogue and its necessity to the Rescue Libya from collapse in the Dictionary of these, is ACTUALLY to save the ’17February’ plot (not only because of the alleged their dialogue, seeking him to unify ‘February liberals’ to pick colonizer customers who were raised in nurseries of them, and a group of political Islam Trojans in the first decade of the twenty-first century contrast other).

The desired dialogue, which is set to Libya to serious road will not come from those who drew the plans to destroy the legacy of peoples to freedom and dignity (in the first place), and they turned on the national leadership in Libya and Iraq and al-Kongoa ((for Mumba)) and assassinated Salvador Allende, the president-elect, and plotted on the national popular revolutions that peoples leaders to gain their freedom and sovereignty usurped.

((Son of Libya bar))

الاثنين، 2 فبراير، 2015
بقلم ابن ليبيا البار &الأمم المتحدة طرفاً في الصراع وليست وسيط !!
أن ما تشهده ليبيا اليوم من دمار وغياب للدولة وأجهزتها وفقدان للأمن والأمان الحق الأساس لكل الناس على وجه البسيطة ، قبل حقوق الانسان في التعبير والديمقراطية المزعومة ، الليبييون المدنيون الذين تدخلت مايسمى بالأمم المتحدة من أجلهم ولحمايتهم كماء جاء في قرارات مجلس الأمن ” الرعب ” الدولي تحت رقم 1970 ، 1973 يعانون التهجير القسري والحرمان حتى من أدنى حقوقهم في الحياة والحق في تقرير المصير التي جاءت في المواثيق والعهود الدولية لحقوق الانسان .
بقرارات الأمم المتحدة من خلال مجلس الأمن المعبر عن إرادة واجندات ومصالح الدول الكبرى الأستعمارية أنتهكت سيادة وأستقلال ليبيا بالتدخل السافر التي أستمر الى أكثر من ثمانية أشهر ،وطائرات وبوارج حلف الناتو تقصف في البنى التحتية المدنية والعسكرية وتقتل الليبيين بالجملة .
واليوم ومن خلال بعثة الدعم تصدَّر لنا البيان تلو الآخر ،وتؤكد ان الحوار هو الحل لإيقاف حالة الانهيار التي تعيشها ليبيا الدولة والشعب ،اين كانت الأمم المتحدة ومجلس الامن العدواني في ربيع عام 2011 ؟؟!! حينا كانت ليبيا لديها دولة وأجهزة وموارد أقتصادية ورساميل مالية بالمليارات في الداخل والخارج ، كان موقف هذه المنظمة الأصرار على تدمير مقدرات الليبيين وانهاء دولتهم المستقلة والمحترمة بين أمم الأرض بدليل أنعقاد ثلاتة قمم دولية جمعت معظم حُكام وملوك ورؤساء العالم ، العربي والأفريقي ، والاوربي قبل شن الحرب بقليل ، يومها أي خلال الحرب ناشد الاتحاد الأفريقي تلك الأمم بضرورة إيقاف الحرب على ليبيا وعلى شعبها ، لكن غلاة الأستعمار العنصريون ، والذين أقتنصوا الفرصة التاريخية لإسقاط النظام السياسي الثوري المعادي للهيمنة والمناصر لقضايا وحرية الشعوب ،رموا بتلك النداءت عرض الحائط ، و تبين اليوم وبعد مرور هذه السنوات العجاف ، ماكان يضمره هؤلاء وحلفائهم الأقليميين والمحليين عملاء الاستعمار .
فالحديث عن الحوار وضرورته لإنقاد ليبيا من الأنهيار في قاموس هؤلاء ، هو أنقاذ مؤامرة فبراير ليس إلا ، لان حوارهم المزعوم ، يسعون به إلى توحيد لملمة فبراير الليبراليون عملاء المستعمر والذين تربوا في أحضانه منهم ، وجماعة الأسلام السياسي حصان طروادة في العشرية الأولى للقرن الواحد والعشرين النقيض الاخر .
أما الحوار المنشود الذي يرد ليبيا إلى جادة الطريق فلن يأتي من الذين رسموا المخططات لتدمير ميراث الشعوب في الحرية والكرامة وأنقضوا على قيادتها الوطنية في ليبيا والعراق والكونغوا (( لمومبا )) وأغتالوا السلفادور الليندي الرئيس المنتخب ، وتأمروا على الثورات الشعبية الوطنية التي قادة الشعوب لنيل حريتها وسيادتها المغتصبة .
(( أبن ليبيا البار ))



A Society running Amouk


 The Triumph of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

 Picture (BELOW): Mu’ammar al-Qathafi explaining what real al-Jihad means, entitles and who can only declare it.

Beware, Beware! steadfastness until victory.

Muammar ups to the last breath.


The drawing below is by Alan Lee, created for The Great Universal Green Charter of Human Rights, 12 June 1988,

composed by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:


 This is a Defensive War to COMBAT Agression…while the blood of the Martyrs and the people are crying-out  for help in

desparation against an EVIL IMPOSED UPON THEM by force and beyond their will. The Libyan people did not start this “war”;

the Kharijites and Western Powers (filled with envy and hate) initiated it from  amongst their greedy desires, and love of “power”.

Hftar said that

the ” ’69 September al-Fateh” was a true REVOLUTION of the people…







Called Hftar: will expand the battles against the militants in all parts of Libya.

 News that the head of the General Intelligence Salem Elhasy resigned.

سالم الحاسي




Access Salem Elhasy Libyan intelligence director to Benghazi after submitting Astqaalth in Tripoli.



Sky News Arabia



Supreme Court sets June 9 to decide on the appeal against the election Meitik

I wanted the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court on June 9 to consider this issue in the appeal on the constitutionality of the election of Ahmed Meitik head of government, and the court heard in its Thursday morning for the arguments of the defense, and on behalf of the veto.


Supreme Court held in Libya that the election of Ahmed Meitik prime minister is “illegal”, and after a session dedicated to discuss the matter Thursday. The defense team presented Meitik immediately Astniava judgment whichwas broadcast on television….

Meitik was elected with the support of MISURATA Salafi, in a session marred by a controversial mess. The income Meitik Prime Minister’s Office on Monday night under guard, and held the first meeting of his cabinet there, after forcing their presence when bending went to Egypt on business, in order to impose a “fait accompli” on the ground,

Bending explained (the crease, who took power on the back of the escape of Ali Zaidane former Prime Minister), that the transfer of power to Meitik “will need to be a court decision on the validity of his election.”

PICTURE: MISURATA MB gangland take-over over the Prime Minister’s Office:



“Zero hour” on FB, comments:
Hftar says: “What happens to the Libyan women today,
seen from abroad, is a disgrace to the so-called ‘February Revolution’ .

The streets have become the streets of Libyan her name, and what she got in history.”

Thank God, my Lord and the revelation of truth on his tongue, and said that the “February ‘Revolution ‘” roamed the shame and robbed of their dignity, who today look upon Bastards.

حفتر يقول : ما يحدث للنساء الليبيات في الخارج هو عار على ثورة فبراير , أصبح لديهم شوارع إسمها شوارع الليبيات وعمرها ما حصلت في التاريخ .
والحمدلله ربي كشف الحق على لسانه وصرح بأن ثورة فبراير جابت العار وسلبت منهم الكرامة اللي اليوم يبحثوا عليها الأنذال .




Do you want to know what it will be like when law and order breaks down ?
when people turn on each other, and when people forget ALLAH and there is no one to depend on except for those in your inner circle?






# Libya occupied:
the Libyan capital Tripoli # for the third day in a row: severe congestion at petrol stations and some banks suspended due to lack of liquidity and high looted recognized in supply commodities and foodstuffs with the electricity outage for several hours continuously!!

In 1992, this happened to Sarejvo. It has already begun in Tripoli:



Most people are not even aware, that many gas stations don’t have the ability to be connected to generators — meaning their pumps can’t run when the power is out…So how useful are those two tiny EMPTY gas cans in the garage which we bought while stocking up on other supplies?

We’ve got gallons of water stockpiled, a box full of batteries in the storage, first aid kits, toiletries and shelves full of nonperishable foodstuffs—-but how many are still unprepared? when TRIPOLI’s lights go permanently out?…and we have been forewarned by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the PLF, that this will certainly happen during the liberation process of Tripoli.


no will there no access to the net even if one has battery back-up:


Power outages on some housing area Boucetta due to an explosion, “electrical adapter” in the region tonight.

Electric hub



from SUDAN:

The rotten “fruits” of Belhadj‘s visit yesterday:

Plane from Sudan loaded with weapons and ammunition and landed in Mitigua and is a subsidiary of Abdul Hakim Belhaj—to be used by the Brotherhood, LFG/al-Qaeda and vaious other SALAFI groups

and will be used to fight against the Cyrenaica National-Army, the Green Resistance, Rishvana, Zintan Brigades and major-General Hftar.

Containers of weapons out of the base in the direction of Mitigua armor battalions stationed in the Central district of Salah al-Din in the capital Tripoli.

“Zero hour”, on FB writes:

In a time when the city of Tripoli, a number of explosions.
The LIFG spawn new arms shipment coming from Sudan and Serbia, where he met earlier in the Emir Fighting Group Abdulhakim Belhadj _ with a number of political and military figures in Sudan, led by the Sudanese president. _ Omar Hassan al-Bashir _ have ended the arms deal pilgrim coming from Serbia by his brother’s military attaché in Serbia.


By Syed Tours
Omar al-Bashir replace Hamad to be Sudan substitute for Qatar has become Omar al-Bashir acting on behalf of Qatar’s sponsorship of terrorism after it narrowed down to Qatar Btguet Gulf and warn the rulers of the Gulf of Qatar has been agreed between Qatar and Sudan that graze Sudan Brotherhood and the Mujahideen as they called them has Qatar to grant Sudan billions for the implementation of the planned national and contract deals secret weapons and guidance for Sudan to move to Libya to help Abdul Hakim Belhaj and al-Qaida and is sponsored by Turks.

From here reveal the dimensions of the chart, which wounded the deaths in Egypt, Syria, and became Libya is the station that Sabda including the collection of rows and directing planned to neighboring countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and here we must cut through the supply of weapons which moved from Sudan to Libya and the Libyan people to rise up now demanding Libyan tribes to take serious steps towards the establishment of the Government of fighting terrorism and the re-release of the prisoners in the jails.

Jamahiriya to the militias and the Libyan tribes officially ask for help from Egypt and Algeria, is worth mentioning that Algeria began besieging the terrorists on its borders with Libya and Egypt caught on its borders
——————- God …. home ———————— master Tours.

(now who is the USA fooling?…The Yanks are gloating in all this bloodshed—“Fighting terrorists” !! HAH HAH….

THANK GOODNESS, Khalifa Hftar has woken up to the right side of things and is defying the

MB GANG of Meitik, al-Qaeda groups led by Belhadj, the USA [who call him a “rogue-general”]

and the CIA [who are supporting the terrorists]...)


Out a wide range of cars political bodies in the way of the coast towards the airport base Mitigua,

as if they were in a mass exodus…

خروج مجموعة كبيرة من سيارات الهيئات السياسية في طريق الشط باتجاة مطار قاعدة معتيقة .


and there is another group heading out of the

old Camp Yarmouk site to the west of the pass in front of 27.
وكانهم في نزوح جماعى وهناك مجموعة اخرى متجة الى الغرب تمر من امام 27

Shooting the voices in different parts of the capital Tripoli.



Powerful explosion shakes the capital Tripoli:

Initial reports about the explosion shortly before
An attack targeting the home of Hashim humans. 

Explosion Friday market is targeting the home of the Palestinian Rat Hashim humans
Supreme Security Committee Chairman However, unfortunately the house does not
have a hit single with the house next door.



A car bomb stormed the home of Hashim humans (were blown full house),

and the terrible situation in the Friday Market. 

9 houses collapse adjacent to the home of Hashim humans, after a massive car bomb targeted the humans’ home.and power outages for most of Friday Market, and revive the market situation is tragic.

and news about the bombing of a full house.

Picture of the “humans family”, Hashim in center, their “home” targeted.

Hashim Adhany Bh mmmmmmmm???????? Nntdhar confirmation






and even back then, the struggle began…

(illustration by Alan Lee of the Children of Hurin)





Reported finding 30 bodies follow the so-called Ansar al-Sharia in the basement of the home

of the Crown in Benghazi,

as well as the electronic system used to spy on citizens and officials calls.


“Rapid intervention forces”

Thunderbolt surrounding Hotel bohorr al-Khirat belkaml. (hotel Geleanp Blcaml)

And reasons unknown even now..

ساعة الصفر

قوات التدخل السريع الصاعقة تحاصر فندق جليانة بلكامل .. والاسباب مجهولة حتی الان

(PICTURE SHOW the “rapid interervention unit” in Cairo, which The Benghazi Thunderbolt intervention unit is modeled after):



Abduction of Colonel called “Jawad Mansour Mansour,” retired Air Force and his son in the neighborhood peace.

kidanppings at Farm in Sidi Faraj


 Injuring two people shot by gunman inside a hospital Galaa



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, reporting
Military source confirmed special forces stun they found the workers trapped in a farm area of Sidi Faraj this morning and confirmed the source also said the workers were terrified and Khaúevin bombardment He also stressed that the workers in good health has been robbed all them of money and their personal and their number 9 Egyptians and 4 Chadians and 3 Sudanan




“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB:

assassination attempt, “Masood Mohammed Majid Warfali,” where he was subjected to a hail of bullets

by unidentified residential district No. 2 injured his influence with a number of releases and has been

to the hospital to resuscitate him.



Warplanes bombed some sites in Qnfodh



Household storage explosion in Benghazi as a result of the bombing

Form follows bombards squint-



The fall of indiscriminate rockets of Ansar al-Sharia into several houses in the area have built the city of Benghazi
and reports of civilian casualties.

Heavy bombardment rockets at the “Have- built airport” in Benghazi
Deaths by shelling
1) Mohammed Alabbar, and 2) his  brother, Salem Alabbar, editor of the News of Benghazi
An exchange of rocket and artillery shelling between the forces Hftar and Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi



The displacement of the people of the city from the “have built”airport area, to the projects in A-Byar and the turf,

because of the severity of indiscriminate shelling.




Militias called “Azmi Albergthe” Chen are attacked by missiles and locusts of ANSAR al-SHARIA on the air base Benina now

entrance to Hospital:

الناطقة باسم مستشفى الجلاء فادية البرغثي أكدت أن جميع الحالات مستقرة وتجاوزت مرحلة الخطر (photo: )

كشف المستور‎ a partagé la vidéo de ‎همام البرعصي‎ : ‎خطير جدا . من قتل عزمي البرغثي .#شير وافضح‎.

Uncover the hidden a partagé la vidéo de Hammam truongxv: very dangerous. Kill Azmi elbarghati.

# SharePoint and debunk.

Very dangerous. Kill Azmi elbarghati. # SharePoint and debunk

02: 47

Humam truongxv avec Joseph Aaron et autres personnes 11

Official ANSAR al-Sharia Mohammed Al-Zahawi says in the presentation on # radio # atmosphere that Captain Mike elbarghati contact them for dialogue and ending the discord was a dinner with them but be stunned by his disappearance and then

خطير جدا . من قتل عزمي البرغثي .#شير وافضح

مسؤول أنصار الشريعة محمد الزهاوي يقول في مداخلة على ‫#‏راديو‬ ‫#‏أجواء‬ إن النقيب عزمي البرغثي اتصل بهم من أجل الحوار وإنهاء الفتنة وكان على موعد عشاء معهم إلا أنهم تفاجؤوا باختفائه ومن ثم الإعلان عن قتله .

Azmi el-Barghati dead sea battles
Captain Gordon el-Barghati guards the vital objectives killed in mysterious circumstances in the region of Sidi Faraj in Benghazi.

Captain Gordon el-Barghati
Killed in mysterious circumstances Monday, Captain Gordon elbarghati, Commander of the guards of vital objectives.

El-Barghati was born in 1981, and from Tocra/TOKRH, air defense officers, and after the outbreak of the revolution of 17 July featuring strongly.

The late el-Barghati joined special forces in Sabha under the command of Colonel “nice” Buchmadah then go to guard vital objectives, a protection unit airport built, after which the work is to the machine at the level of the eastern region, and fought terrorism and extremists, and joined operation dignity before killing yesterday in Sidi Faraj.

النقيب عزمي البرغثي (photo: )







The bombing causing a huge shake the city of Derna now.


Military aircraft bombed a military site continued for extremists west of the city of Derna.









Sisi does good for Egypt and Libya

SiSi supports CYRENAICA NATIONAL ARMY in its clean-up

Egyptian President “Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,” ordering the Egyptian Ministry of Health

devote all its potential for the treatment of any Libyan soldier at the expense of the Egyptian state.

Support for the Libyan army against extremists and is monitoring the Egyptian border and is well

secured to prevent the flow of terrorists from Egypt to Libya





Father Charles de Foucauld was beatified 13 November 2011 in the Vatican City by Pope Benedict XVI. Algeria, the country in which the French hermit died, accepted an invitation to officially participate in the ceremony.

Roman Catholic practice requires a miracle for beatification, with an additional one required for canonisation into sainthood. In the case of de Foucauld, theologians attribute the miraculous healing of a woman ill with cancer to him.

De Foucauld, who died in 1916, is the founder of the Little Brothers of Jesus and inspired the birth of ten religious congregations and eight spiritual life associations throughout the world.

  • [Getty Images] Pope Benedict XVI shakes hands with a Touareg at the 13 November 2011 beatification ceremony

  • for Father Charles de Foucauld at St Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican City. (He was a Pope, unlike other Popes..honoring beatification upon a man who was unlike any other Christian which Muslims knew…)

“Father de Foucuald died a martyr in December 1916”

Where le père Charles de Foucauld lived in Algeria:

the interior Where le père Charles de Foucauld lived in Algeria:

Born in Strasbourg, France, on 15 September 1858 into a noble family, de Foucauld first chose the military life. After a disordered life in military service from 1876 to 1886,

he rediscovered his faith at age 28. He was ordained a priest in 1901 and settled in Tamanrasset in 1905.

De Foucauld wrote treatises on Amazigh grammar and a French-Amazigh dictionary gathered and translated Touareg poems and songs, described Touareg customs and practices in minute detail with a wealth of drawings, and translated the Bible into Amazight.

The priest never tried to convert the Touareg to Catholicism. “He lived like them, he melted into the Touareg way of life, becoming Touareg himself, “according to members of the “Little Brothers of Jesus”.

“I am here, not to convert the Touareg, but to try to understand them,” he said.



Ami des Touaregs (1904 à 1916)

Le 13 janvier 1904, Charles part chez les Touaregs.

He approached Islam with respect. Muslims helped him rediscover his faith during a military expedition to Morocco. At the end of the stint, he converted to the Catholic faith at the Church of Saint Augustine in Paris.

He was accidentally killed by a 15-year-old charged with guarding him while he was held hostage by a group of looters from Libya.

Nearly a century after his death, the hermitage of de Foucauld remains a destination highly valued by pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Sitting atop Assekrem Mountain, it offers one of the most beautiful sunset views in the world, with the fairy-tale landscape of the Hoggar mountain chain.

The Little Brothers of Jesus have always kept the hermitage open and are determined to continue the ways of its founder, never converting any Muslim, garnering respect from the local population and the many tourists for whom an ascent of Assekrem constitutes one of the principle attractions of tours organised around the Hoggar plateau.


Le Hoggar à mains nus

Les reliefs de l’Assekrem offrent aux grimpeurs un terrain de jeu unique, à l’ombre de la pointe de Foucauld.

Les reliefs de l’Assekrem offrent aux grimpeurs un terrain de jeu unique, à l’ombre de la pointe de Foucauld. (Le Figaro Magazine)

Le Hoggar à mains nus 20090612PHOWWW00229

La cordée conduite par Daniel Du Lac descend en rappel du sommet de la Takouba après l’ouverture de la voie Direct Medica.

La cordée conduite par Daniel Du Lac descend en rappel du sommet de la Takouba après l’ouverture de la voie Direct Medica.

Les reliefs de l’Assekrem offrent aux grimpeurs un terrain de jeu unique, à l’ombre de la pointe de Foucauld.

Les reliefs de l’Assekrem offrent aux grimpeurs un terrain de jeu unique, à l’ombre de la pointe de Foucauld.

Pose d’un rappel pour atteindre le pied de la Takouba. A plus d’une journée de marche de leur campement, les grimpeurs évoluent en autonomie dans l’univers stérile du Hoggar algérien.

Pose d’un rappel pour atteindre le pied de la Takouba. A plus d’une journée de marche de leur campement, les grimpeurs évoluent en autonomie dans l’univers stérile du Hoggar algérien. (Le Figaro Magazine)

«La Pesanteur et la Grâce»… Le titre du livre de Simone Weil, qui aurait plu au père Charles de Foucauld, définit bien le principe de l’escalade de bloc (ci-dessus : dans la région de Tesnou).

«La Pesanteur et la Grâce»… Le titre du livre de Simone Weil, qui aurait plu au père Charles de Foucauld, définit bien le principe de l’escalade de bloc (ci-dessus : dans la région de Tesnou).

Dans les blocs granitiques de la région de Mertoutek, Hoggar central, Daniel Du Lac mesure l’insoutenable légèreté de l’être.

Dans les blocs granitiques de la région de Mertoutek, Hoggar central, Daniel Du Lac mesure l’insoutenable légèreté de l’être.

Au crépuscule, au sommet de la Takouba, l’équipe découvre les pitons plantés par Mazeaud et Berardini en 1966.

Au crépuscule, au sommet de la Takouba, l’équipe découvre les pitons plantés par Mazeaud et Berardini en 1966. (Le Figaro Magazine)

Le feu, le thé, la nuit étoilée, ingrédients éternels des bivouacs touaregs.

Le feu, le thé, la nuit étoilée, ingrédients éternels des bivouacs touaregs.

Marche d’approche vers les falaises de Tissalatine. Les chameaux portent les 200 mètres de cordes et la quincaillerie : mousquetons et pitons.

Marche d’approche vers les falaises de Tissalatine. Les chameaux portent les 200 mètres de cordes et la quincaillerie : mousquetons et pitons.

Sur les immenses dalles de Tesnou, Sylvain Tesson assure Daniel Du Lac dans une voie du 7edegré.

Sur les immenses dalles de Tesnou, Sylvain Tesson assure Daniel Du Lac dans une voie du 7edegré.


(Le Figaro Magazine)

Vues de l’abri en pierres sèches dans lequel le père Charles de Foucauld s’enferma pour prier et travailler à son dictionnaire françai- stamachek

Vues de l’abri en pierres sèches dans lequel le père Charles de Foucauld s’enferma pour prier et travailler à son dictionnaire françai- stamachek


(Le Figaro Magazine)


*Le Sahara algérien vu du ciel

Vue de l’espace, la Terre est belle. Depuis les premières images de la Terre sur son orbite prises le 14 août 1959 par le satellite américain Explorer 6.

Depuis, on n’a pas cessé de l’observer sous toutes ses coutures en améliorant considérablement la qualité et la résolution des images prises par des satellites artificiels, dont le nombre dépasse les 2600. Et les missions sont aussi nombreuses que diverses. La plus célèbre des images est «la bille bleue» prise le 7 décembre 1972 par l’équipage d’Apollo 17.

Les satellites étaient destinés d’abord à l’espionnage militaire, puis aussi à l’usage économique comme, en 1972, l’estimation de la récolte céréalière de l’URSS avec le lancement du premier Landsat américain. La première image satellite en temps réel a été prise par le satellite américain KH-11 en 1977 et, depuis, la photo satellite est mise gratuitement à la disposition du public par la NASA. Aujourd’hui, de nombreux pays ont des agences et des programmes d’imagerie satellitaire pour disposer de photos selon leurs besoins. L’Algérie a placé en orbite deux satellites (Alsat 1 et 2) essentiellement destinés à la gestion des ressources naturelles, comme la couverture forestière du pays.

L’agence spatiale européenne a lancé, en 2002, le programme Envisat qui est le plus gros satellite d’observation de la Terre jamais conçu. En décembre dernier, Envisat a pris une photo du Sahara algérien qu’elle a rendue publique récemment ; on y voit une partie du centre du Maroc, depuis les rivages de l’océan Atlantique à l’ouest jusqu’aux monts de l’Atlas saharien et les régions arides qui s’étendent vers l’intérieur. Les sommets couverts de neige des monts du Haut-Atlas marocain séparent le versant atlantique du Maroc de l’influence du climat désertique venu du Sahara. Plus à l’intérieur des terres, on peut voir les sables du désert.

Le Sahara s’étend inexorablement vers le sud, rendant de larges territoires stériles. L’un des nombreux apports des satellites d’observation de la Terre est la possibilité de surveiller les changements comme la désertification ou la dégradation des sols, qu’elles soient causées par les activités humaines ou le changement climatique.(El Watan-17.02.2012.)

**Braconnage scientifique d’un chercheur français au Tassili

Dans les colonnes du jeurnal (1), nous avions présenté la grande expédition archéologique qui, en novembre 2009, avait gagné le Tassili n’Ajjer.

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 » /></a></strong></span></p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p><span style=


Objectif : la datation de centaines de milliers de peintures et gravures rupestres de ce site classé par l’Unesco au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité. Par la suite, nous avions informé des résultats préliminaires de cette recherche à partir de leur publication dans la revue internationale Sahara (n° 21/2010).


Tout semblait aller pour le mieux dans cette extraordinaire aventure qui se distinguait triplement : comme «la plus grande entreprise archéologique menée en Algérie depuis l’indépendance et sans doute avant» ; par l’utilisation de technologies ultramodernes de datation, sur le terrain et en laboratoire ;

enfin par le fait que la réussite du projet permettrait à l’Algérie de devenir le premier pays du Sud à dater son art pariétal, ce que des pays avancés n’ont pu réaliser que récemment.

Mais le sérieux et l’enthousiasme qui marquaient l’envol de cette entreprise ont pris du plomb dans l’aile avec des agissements que l’on pourrait qualifier de braconnage scientifique. Un chercheur français est venu troubler ce beau et grand projet de recherche au risque d’étendre les dégâts à son cadre institutionnel et diplomatique :

l’accord bilatéral signé en 2004 par les ministres des Affaires étrangères algérien et français qui envisageait même une extension de la recherche à l’Ahaggar et à l’Atlas saharien.

Au départ, l’expédition de 2009, véritable «caravane du savoir», était partie d’un bon pied : 45 hommes et femmes, dont 15 chercheurs de différentes disciplines, une équipe de guides du parc du Tassili, une vingtaine d’âniers, une cinquantaine de bêtes de somme pour acheminer, à 1000 m d’altitude, dans un relief accidenté, vivres et matériel et, surtout, 500 kilos d’équipements scientifiques et techniques. Respectant ses engagements, la partie algérienne n’a pas lésiné sur la prise en charge humaine et logistique. De même, les chercheurs n’ont pas ménagé leurs efforts. On était au comble de l’optimisme et la communauté scientifique internationale accueillait le projet avec un grand intérêt. La deuxième étape, dite de laboratoire, avait confirmé l’esprit de coopération scientifique qui avait présidé à l’élaboration du projet ainsi que la mobilisation importante de part et d’autre.

Côté algérien : le CNRPAH (Centre national de recherches en préhistoire, anthropologie et histoire), les Parcs nationaux du Tassili et de l’Ahaggar, la wilaya de Djanet… Côté français : plusieurs structures rattachées au CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), dont le Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l’environnement de Paris, des instituts ou centres de physique appliquée à l’archéologie, étude des archéomatériaux, etc. «Le choix d’une coopération avec les scientifiques français s’explique par leur avancée dans les recherches sur l’art rupestre, dans leur pays mais aussi dans le monde», avions-nous relevé alors.
La publication précitée dans la revue Sahara avait confirmé la dynamique engagée, de même qu’un état d’esprit positif.

L’équipe y rendait compte de l’avancement des travaux et signalait des perspectives importantes liées à la poursuite des analyses. Tout allait pour le mieux avant que Jean Loïc Le Quellec, faisant office de responsable de l’équipe française (car jamais nommé par sa tutelle comme prévu par les accords), ne décide de faire cavalier seul en publiant deux textes sur les résultats du projet :

un article dans la revue française Nouvelles de l’Archéologie (n°120-121, sept. 2010) dans un dossier sur la coopération archéologique française à l’étranger, puis un résumé de communication envoyé au 13e Congrès de l’Association archéologique panafricaine de préhistoire (nov. 2010, Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar), résumé dont il niera l’existence malgré sa publication dans le programme de ce congrès sur le Net !

Pour la préhistorienne Malika Hachid, chef de projet, il ne s’agit, ni plus, ni moins, que de «publications sauvages». En effet, l’article 7.2 de la convention CNRPAH-CNRS, issue de l’accord-cadre, relatif aux publications et communications, précise clairement qu’elles doivent être validées communément. Au-delà de cette disposition, la déontologie universelle et séculaire veut qu’un chercheur engagé dans une équipe ne peut, à lui seul, confisquer un travail commun.

En réaction, le ministère algérien de la Culture décide, en mai 2011, de suspendre le projet en attendant des explications du CNRS et en exigeant une réunion extraordinaire entre celui-ci et son vis-à-vis algérien, le CNRPAH. Parallèlement, Malika Hachid adresse un mail à tous les chercheurs algériens et français, de même qu’à la direction du parc national du Tassili, pour les en informer. J. L. Le Quellec diffuse alors un mail adressé aux chercheurs du projet dans lequel il attribue la suspension à la «défaillance survenue du côté algérien : l’incapacité du pays d’assurer la sécurité des ressortissants étrangers, ce qui a conduit le ministère français des Affaires étrangères à déconseiller formellement tout déplacement dans le sud et même le nord du pays où des attentats surviennent chaque semaine». Ulcérée, Malika Hachid, qui nous a montré ce message, se souvient de l’accueil accordé à l’équipe française et des bonnes conditions de circulation, de sécurité et de travail dans lesquelles s’est déroulée la mission. On peut d’ailleurs s’interroger sur le fait que J.L.L.Q. ait attendu d’être mis en cause pour en parler !

Cela conduit le ministère algérien des Affaires étrangères à convoquer, en novembre 2011, le premier conseiller de l’ambassade de France à Alger pour lui faire part de sa protestation. La représentation diplomatique transmet cette dernière à qui de droit. Mais, côté CNRS, aucune réaction n’est signalée, pas plus qu’une tentative de contact avec la partie algérienne et, encore moins, semble-t-il, de rappel à l’ordre du trublion. Un silence radio qui, sans doute, encourage ce dernier à récidiver avec une publication dans une revue américaine, la Quaternary Geochronology (n° XXX, 2012). Poursuivant son entreprise d’accaparement de données scientifiques inédites, il s’étale à nouveau dans une émission de France-Culture, en mars 2012, annonçant la pseudo datation des peintures rupestres du Tassili-n-Ajjer, à l’insu des chercheurs algériens et français du projet comme des institutions algériennes concernées.

Pour Malika Hachid, «il faut imaginer la même situation en sens inverse : par exemple, un projet de recherche sur la célèbre grotte Chauvet en France, sur laquelle des chercheurs algériens publieraient des éléments scientifiques inédits interprétés sans la contribution de leurs collègues français. Il faut imaginer une protestation du ministère français des Affaires étrangères signifiée au premier conseiller de l’ambassade d’Algérie à Paris et restée sans effet. Il faut imaginer que la France ait été la dernière à apprendre par une radio algérienne et un chercheur algérien que les peintures de la grotte Chauvet avaient, enfin, été datées !».

Le CNRS ne réagit pas aux demandes d’explication, attitude qui confirme un «désintérêt» manifesté depuis le début du projet. En dehors du versement de sa part budgétaire en 2009, il n’a jamais tenté d’entrer en contact avec son vis-à-vis, le CNRPAH, en dépit des relances de ce dernier par l’intermédiaire de son chef de projet, ni même montré une volonté, du moins de convenance, de suivre le projet. Même la réunion d’étape, prévue contractuellement, au bout de deux années, n’a pu se tenir. Notre source précise même que le SCAC (Service de coopération et d’action culturelle) de l’ambassade de France a dû, plusieurs fois, suppléer à l’absence du CNRS.

Sur suggestion du SCAC, Malika Hachid écrit à Patrice Bourdelais, directeur de l’Institut des Sciences humaines et Sociales (rattaché au CNRS). Celui-ci, dans une lettre datée du 8 juillet 2011, assure son interlocutrice qu’il a convoqué J.L.LQ. et que celui-ci ne fait plus partie du projet de recherche. Constatant que cette lettre ne faisait pas mention des infractions aux accords bipartites, ni aux propos tenus sur l’Algérie, Malika Hachid adresse un second courrier demeuré sans réponse. Et les récidives précitées se poursuivent.
La préhistorienne envoie un message circulaire sous le titre «Alerte à l’escroquerie scientifique». En réponse, l’intéressé crie à la calomnie et à la diffamation. Dans un message, cosigné par Norbert Mercier et Micher Grenet, autres membres de l’équipe, il affirme, à propos d’un article, qu’il «est absolument faux d’affirmer que l’un de nous l’aurait rédigé seul». Il ajoute que «conformément à son rôle dans le projet, Mme Hachid est citée en troisième auteur», sans préciser que cela s’est fait à son insu et qu’il décide ainsi de hiérarchiser les rôles.

Il conclut en affirmant qu’un mail et un courrier, avec copie de l’article, ont été adressés à la préhistorienne, sans réponse de celle-ci. Hachid affirme qu’elle n’a jamais reçu la lettre et le mail dirigé sur une ancienne boîte désactivée, ce que Mercier a reconnu. Pour autant, l’absence de réponse de Malika Hachid autorisait-il l’utilisation d’un travail commun et le nom de la chercheuse ? Sachant, de plus, que la convention était déjà suspendue ! Malika Hachid nous signale, à titre d’exemple, que Lucile Beck, chimiste, a respecté cette suspension à propos d’un article qu’elle avait pourtant achevé.

Aussi, qu’est-ce qui a bien pu entraîner un tel comportement de la part d’un chercheur comme Le Quellec, parfaitement au fait des usages scientifiques et même préfacier d’un livre intitulé Halte au pillage ?(2) Le pousser à dénigrer et écarter la contribution d’Ali Amara et Abdelkader Heddouche, géomorphologues-préhistoriens au CNRPAH et spécialistes de la préhistoire nord-africaine depuis plus de 30 ans, quand lui-même est mythologue et donc étranger aux analyses géologiques, géomorphologiques et stratigraphiques ? A utiliser le travail de la géologue Safia Agsous, alors même qu’elle procédait aux comparaisons avec les stratigraphies de Tadrart Akakus (Libye) de chercheurs italiens dont J.J.LQ. avait contesté le souhait de l’Algérie de les inviter à collaborer au projet ?

Malika Hachid voit dans ce comportement des desseins inavoués : «L’importance des données stratigraphiques et des datations résident dans le fait qu’elles peuvent indiquer un âge relatif des peintures rupestres, un patrimoine emblématique qui a valu au Tassili-n-Ajjer d’être inscrit sur la liste du Patrimoine mondial de l’humanité en raison du témoignage qu’il porte sur une brillante civilisation saharienne dont on sait maintenant qu’elle fut aussi ancienne que celle du Croissant Fertile, au Proche-Orient, celle qui a introduit les innovations fondamentales du Néolithique en Europe. En les interprétant seul et sans les compétences requises, l’intéressé entendait orienter les résultats vers sa propre thèse sur leur ancienneté, soit pas plus de 6000 ans d’âge.

Pourtant, dans l’état actuel des connaissances, la communauté scientifique internationale sait pertinemment qu’il existe d’autres thèses, celles de la chronologie très longue (supérieure à 10 000 ans) et celle de la chronologie longue (égale à environ 10 000 ans). La gravité de cet acte réside donc dans le fait qu’outre le mépris des chercheurs algériens, il frôle l’idéologie puisque son but est visiblement de rajeunir les civilisations africaines». Elle ajoute : «Ce comportement déshonore la recherche française et ses institutions qui comptent, heureusement, des chercheurs honnêtes et très proches de l’Algérie. Des chercheurs français, et pas des moindres, des chercheurs maghrébins, africains et européens n’ont pas manqué de nous manifester leur profond désaccord avec de tels agissements». Dans une déclaration commune, les chercheurs algériens(3), «refusent que, sous couvert scientifique, on puisse impunément manipuler l’histoire de leur pays».

Très récemment, Slimane Hachi a été contacté par l’Institut des Sciences humaines et Sociales, qui souhaite organiser la réunion de travail tant attendue. Selon son interlocuteur, le CNRS a pris acte des faits survenus et des instructions seraient immédiatement données à Le Quellec pour mettre fin à ses agissements. La diplomatie, la science et la raison ont-elles fini par l’emporter ? Le Tassili, empli de mystères, attendait le savoir. Il n’avait pas besoin de scandale. (El Watan-14.04.2012.)
-1- Lire El Watan, Arts & Lettres, du 21 nov. 2009 et du 5 fév. 2011.
-2- «Halte au Pillage» sous la direction de Grégory Compagnon. Editions Errance, 2011.
-3- Malika Hachid, préhistorienne, Chef de Projet. Ali Amara, géomorphologue-préhistorien. Abdelkader Heddouche, géomorphologue-préhistorien. Safia Agsous, géologue. Souhila Merzoug, paléontologue. Hocine Sahnoun, préhistorien.

JUMA blessings in a time of terror

سُبحانَ اللہّ وُ بحِمدهَ عددَ خلقہٌ ورضَا نفسہّ وزنة عرشہ ومداد كلماتہٌ ، سُبحانَ اللہّ وُ بحِمده سبحان الله العظيم
Glory and praise Allہ number Khalqہ satisfaction Nevsہ talents Arhہ and outrigger Kellmatہ, Allہ Glory Hallelujah and praise the great.

Jmatkm O blessed are free, but patience and Manasr hour.


Director of the so-called abduction channel Libya official Atina leaving Friday prayers

Mu reaching out

ثأر Muammar al-Gaddafi 69, on FB:
Because we have mastered the work silently … Hmllona button intentions

When we choose this silence does not necessarily mean that we do not Smajtna or aware of what is going on around us, or we do not have Manfolh both publish articles Alvesbuqueh .. but the satisfaction of our desire to explore the depth and the other in the depths of his character to realize exposing

We are fighting in the media and on the ground .. So we are … we live in a world that does not respect but mighty …. Ahdnakm ….

So be as steadfast and confident Firm
Group …. (126) v t is ready …..
(Popular Forces operations room)

“Zero hour”proclaims:
Our cause will not die .. there are men preparing and organizing themselves for the liberation of Libya.

Violence, Instability, Torture 
and Deaths in Libya

By Stephen Lendman
10-8-13Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter, destruction, instability and human misery follow.Today’s Libya reflects Washington’s deplorable legacy. North Africa’s most developed country was ravaged and destroyed.
Anarchical charnel house conditions replaced listed 16 things Libyans lost. They include:(1) free electricity(2) interest free loans from state-owned banks(3) homes considered a human right(4) 60,000 dinars (36,613.94€) given newlyweds to begin married life, buy a home, and start a family(5) free healthcare and education(6) free land, facilities, equipment, seeds or livestock for Libyan farmers(7) government funded education and healthcare abroad as well as 1,684.24€ monthly for expenses(8) 50% of cost subsidies for car purchases

(9) gasoline at 0.14 cents per liter (about 53 cents per gallon)

(10) freedom from IMF tyranny and other external debt bondage

(11) average salary compensation paid graduates until jobs were found

(12) a percent of oil revenue automatically credited to individual citizen bank accounts

(13) 3,661.39€ given new mothers

(14) practically free bread; 40 loaves cost 0.15 cents

(15) 25% of Libyans have college degrees; literacy under the  GREAT JAMAHIRIYA rose from 25% to 83%

(16) his monumental Great Man-Made River (GMMR) project

It made the desert bloom. It provided free water. al-Qathafi called it the 8th wonder of the world. He did so for good reason.

It developed an ocean-sized aquifer beneath Libyan sands. It was a decades-long work in progress.

In 2011, NATO bombed connecting pipelines and infrastructure. Depleted uranium weapons were used.

Doing so irradiated clean, fresh water.Free supplies no longer exist. Western profiteers intend exploiting them for bottom line priorities.Predatory capitalism works this way. Ordinary people are exploited for profit. They lose out entirely. Libyans can explain best.Dystopian harshness replaced North Africa’s most developed country. Doing so added another crime of war, against humanity and genocide to America’s rap sheet.Obama bears full responsibility. He thrives on war. He wages one after another. He’s got more targets in mind. Libyans won’t ever forgive him.They’ve got good reason not to. Things won’t ever be the same. Perhaps future generations will regain what they lost. Green resistance hopes one day to restore it.Violent dystopian dysfunction reflects today’s Libya. Militia gangs control local areas. The entire populated north is a battleground.Central governance is more illusion than reality. Near-term prospects are grim. A new UN report explains more. It’s titled “Torture and Deaths in Detention in Libya.”It explains what Western media ignore. It’s ongoing, widespread and horrific.International law prohibits torture and other forms of abuse at all times, under all circumstances, with no allowed exceptions.

It’s official US and Israeli policy. In Libya, it’s out-of control. In April 2013, Libya’s pseudo-government passed legislation criminalizing torture, forced disappearances and discrimination.

In September, another law requires all conflict-related detainees released or referred to the public prosecutor within 90 days.

It doesn’t matter. Torture and other forms of abuse persist. It’s commonplace to extract confessions. Detainees are denied access to counsel. Family member rarely get to see them.

An estimated 8,000 are affected. They’re brutalized lawlessly. It happens largely out of sight and mind.

In September 2011, Security Council Resolution 2009 established UNSMIL (UN Support Mission in Libya). On March 14, 2013, SC Resolution 2095 extended its mandate another 12 months.

From late 2011 to more recently, it reported 27 torture related deaths. True numbers are likely higher. Other deaths weren’t investigated.

Detention centers nominally are under government control. Local militia gangs effectively run them.

They do whatever they want. They’re waging war on suspected GREAT JAMAHIRIYA loyalists.UNSMIL’s more involved in militarized occupation than peacekeeping. It’s more part of the problem and related ones than the solution.It’s true wherever Blue Helmets show up. They’re supposed to restore order, enforce peace, maintain security, and help transition to stable normality.They’re imperial enforcers. They fuel conflict. They commit serious human rights abuses. They’re involved in sex trafficking and other crimes. They’re complicit in what they’re mandated to prevent.In its World Report 2012: Libya, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said:Post-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA  prison conditions are “sub-standard, with overcrowding, inadequate food and water,and consistent reports about abuse, including beatings (and) use of electric shock.”Investigator Sidney Kwiram said HRW documented “ongoing torture” used “to force confessions or for punishment.”HRW omitted saying most detainees are alleged GREAT JAMAHIRIYA loyalists.An Amnesty International (AI) report headlined “Libya: Deaths of detainees amid widespread torture,” saying:

Libyan detainees were tortured and abused. Some died. Victims were pro-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA loyalists. AI met detainees “in and around Tripoli, Misrata and Gharyan.”

Torture marks were visible. They included “open wounds on the head, limbs, back and other parts of the body.”

They’re inflicted “by officially recognized military and security entities, as well as a multitude of armed militias operating outside any legal framework.”

AI called it “horrifying to find that there has been no progress to stop the use of torture.”

“We are not aware of any proper investigations into (these cases), and neither the survivors or relatives of those who have died in detention have had any recourse to justice or redress for what they have suffered.”

“While many detainees have described their experiences of torture to us, some have proved too scared to speak – fearing harsher torture” by doing so. Instead, they just showed their wounds.

They came from being “suspended in contorted positions, beaten for hours with whips, cables, plastic hoses, metal chains and bars and wooden sticks, and given electric shocks with live wires and Taser-like electro-shock weapons.”

Injuries AI saw confirmed detainee testimonies. So did medical reports. Victims had no legal representation. They confessed to stop pain.

One detainee told AI:

“This morning they took me for interrogation upstairs. Five men in plain clothes took turns beating and whipping me.”

“They suspended me from the top of the door by my wrists for about an hour and kept beating me. They also kicked me.”

Another said he was beaten on wounds sustained weeks earlier, adding:

“Yesterday they beat me with electric cables while my hands were cuffed behind my back and my feet were bound together.”

“They threatened to send me back to the militia (that) captured me, who would kill me.”

Others died from torture-inflicted injuries. Deep bruises and open wounds confirmed it. It’s unclear how many were affected.

Perhaps dozens or more died this way.Little is done to stop it. Dysfunctional conditions exist. Dismissiveness lets innocent thousands suffer in harsh confinement.Doing so reflects reality in today’s Libya. Heart of darkness lawless viciousness describes things. Pseudo-government
does little to change them. Nor does UNSMIL. Rule of law in Libya doesn’t exist.An estimated 37 detention facilities operate nationwide. With few exceptions, militia gangs control them. They do whatever they want.They do it without oversight. They get away with torture, other forms of abuse and murder.Victims are abducted from homes, workplaces, on streets, and at checkpoints. Doing so is arbitrary. It’s lawless.
Due process, judicial fairness and proper redress don’t exist.Ali Mas’ud death reflected others. A preliminary forensic report said “death (was) caused by a cerebral bleeding and cardiac arrest.””The corpse had several traumatic bruises. The death was caused by beatings and torture.”Abdelhakim Belaid al-Tajuri died on route to hospitalization. Forensic analysis said he “died as a result of widespread
injuries to his body and bleeding inside the head cavity.”His face was badly swollen. Injuries were clearly visible. His hands and feet showed evidence of torture.

GREAT JAMAHIRIYA era 1991 Law No. 20 on the Promotion of Freedoms stated:

“No one can be deprived of his freedom, searched or questioned unless he has been charged with committing an act that is punishable by law, pursuant to an order issued by a competent court, and in accordance with the conditions and time limits specified by law.”

Article 30 of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA‘s Code of Criminal Procedure required security officers to have an official competent authority-issued warrant authorizing arrest and detention.

Article 31 afforded detainees the right to challenge why they were held.

Article 106 mandated the right of counsel during criminal interrogations. Article 321 authorized providing legal representation if defendants had none.

Article 26 limited referring suspects for General Prosecution to 48 hours. For crimes against the state, it was seven days.

Article 435 mandated 10 years imprisonment for “any public official who order(ed) the torture of or tortures an accused.”

Articles 379 – 381 ordered up to one year in prison for “causing harm to another person leading to a sickness.”

Two years were mandated if it was life-threatening or caused paralysis for less than 40 days.

Five years were ordered in case of incurable illness, loss of body part or functioning organ, or other disability.

That was then. This is now. Anarchic viciousness replaced GREAT JAMAHIRIYA era law and order.

As signatory to the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), Libya is obligated to prevent these type abuses. So is UNSMIL as an occupying authority.

ICCPR’s Article 7 enshrines the right to life, stating:

“Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.”

Article 7 states:

“No person shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Article 10 states:

“All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person.”

Other fundamental international laws have similar provisions. Under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, as signatory, agreed to enforce them.

Little or nothing is done today. Innocent victims suffer horrifically. Torture and other forms of abuse persist. Law and order are figures of speech.

Obama bears full responsibility. He transformed sovereign Libya into dystopian hell. Out-of-control horrific conditions reflect today’s reality.

Green resistance struggles for freedom. It remains a distant dream.



GREAT SON writes:

Appeal to all human rights organizations in the world appeal to organizations defending the human race appeal to appeal to the civilized world
Each of the atom carries mercy in his heart for the consideration of how women are treated in Libyan prisons Kharijites Jardan NATO state prisons Misrata
More than 4,000 women and girl detained in secret prisons without any charge !


We have not heard from them brag and we look
Every day in the name of freedom and democracy that Alfberaaria Etjraa even a reference to them as if they are not human beings even animals then
Organizations defend their fault but Hola only refused to zoom in and dance to NATO, this topic girl image to a Libyan imprisoned in a prison
Misrata, which is a NATO Jardan cut her hair under the force of arms Is this topic courage and manhood Aajrdaan NATO Tstrgelon
Women God and yes, the agent in you Aajrdaan NATO and Otbekm
(Steadfast for your blood)

And occurs more in the prisons of darkness ..!!!
((This movable contact from a reliable source))
Since hours ago and precisely 20:00 pm, received some telephone from the head of one of the organizations I know in advance and years ago and have heard during this call to one of the inmates in prison “new” in Tripoli.
Lee recounted prison conditions frightening!!
Crying and she tells the story of one of the inmates who hanged herself recently .. she cried and tells the story of smashing the face of one of the inmates, “Baldbash” .. tell if the prisoners in the cold and the desecration and insult to human dignity with words and surprise inspections of hours of sleep .. and Troy’s treatment jailers friendly to Alzarh and imprisoned on charges of non-earning project of other nationalities .. and how is the treatment of the imprisoned jailers Kthmtha is .. and how jailers screaming:
“That prostitutes are human beings .. The antennae, are not only animals.”
One of the inmates her health got to the point of collapse and the testimony of the hospital with the warden insists on keeping them in a room 2 meters in 2 meter “solitary confinement.”
Even though the charge of the inmate and it is “Altahlbh” .. any human being can not accept and justify the indecent assault and rape and torture and humiliation of the human being, let alone a female .. so he is not pleased by God .. The skeptics before they have any denial should go to jail and stand at the reality and confirm what I wrote and I heard after that supplied them with details and names and numbers willing ..
Those who advocated that women are free in Libya and the other which calls for freedom of women in Libya .. But it was best suited to you Search for “respect and dignity of women” before this and that .. or are you just a “handful cowardly and false”?
“Freedom is the possibility of humans can live without it .. The value of respect is not bestowed by God to man, but after that he created directly” and those who refuse to respect the rights God has for him until he became a demon diet.
Oh God, Oh God, I hit, I witness.

Hahdo Mataatard his Libyan women from rape, torture and violation of human privacy by criminal gangs in the prisons

of the terrorist Alfberaaria dark tails and clients NATO mercenaries Levy and Sarkozy Bisexual and Qtraúal Masonic Jewish Zionist-Crusader ..


شاهدو ماتتعرض له المرأة الليبية من أغتصاب وتعذيب وأنتهاك الحرمة البشرية من قبل العصابات الاجرامية الارهابية الفبرايرية في سجون الظلام عملاء الناتو أذيال ومرتزقة ليفي وسركوزي المخنث وقطرائيل الماسونية اليهودية الصهيونية الصليبية ..


“Zero hour”:

Very serious and very important :::

text call leaked from the point of security for eavesdropping on the phones Bashir Kabta

and Mohammed Sawan has dated 05/02/2014 was literally as follows:

((Bashir Kabta :: Mohammed How are you and Fraser rotate on the subject of the Italians? / /

Mohammed Sawan: : Sheikh Bashir God delivers you doing as you like and how parents :: Bashir Kabta Thankfully / /

commode :: asked the Italian ambassador and Benjls Treaty duration Gaah to put the building blocks of the last, God willing, but Yashik Foreign Then Preference large Shore Alliance and the Community Emirates Mokhtrginha expert Qatari Ambassador for several observations must rush out by / /

Kabta :: I know that and Wenta Dr Ali and I asked for the transfer Fawzi Aboktf of place and commissioning work within the Foreign Affairs and met him and clarified his tasks that must be carried out within the ministry and asked the President of the Conference set some people the Foreign Ministry today talked with Abu arrows and told me he had ordered Foreign Minister appointed immediately / /

commode :: lived Yashik actually foreign presence where weak and, unfortunately, our community now flock to embassies abroad and left the ministry empty /

Bashir ::: affiliation dogmatic lack the self-interest is predominant, but still the conditions available to fix this flaw and even Abdulsalam Wenta that Alzvaa weak and its Minister weak and is infiltrated by the tails Haftar and asked him to prepare lists Palmhkuk them and so far has not referred me /

commode :: actually Alzvaa weak presence us out, but it is not already present, Abdullah place greater than / /

Kabta :: generally does not have a Ministry of Defence originally and when there The Hzt found originally Per Hazth talk / /

commode :: ratified Sheikh Bashir Edvaa until now / /

Bashir :: interested in the subject of the Italians because it is very important has been tied to them by Abdul Rahman and the Rome conference was to agree on principles of hubs debate / /

commode :: fully and things under the control of God / /

:: bye Bashir Mohammed Tell me if there is a new / /

:: commode in keeping God does not care about))

خطير جداً وهام للغايه ::: نص مكالمة سربت من جهة امنية لتنصت عن هواتف بشير الكبتي ومحمد صوان تمت بتاريخ 5 / 2 / 2014 كانت حرفياً كألاتي (( بشير الكبتي :: محمد كيف حالك وايش درت في موضوع الطليان ؟ // محمد صوان :: شيخ بشير الله يسلم حالك كيفك وكيف الاهل :: بشير الكبتي الحمد لله // صوان :: طلبت السفير الايطالي وبنجلس معاه المدة الجايه لوضع اللبنات الاخيره باذن الله بس ياشيخ الخارجيه عندها ميول كبير شور التحالف وجماعة الامارات مخترقينها خبري السفير القطري عن عدة ملاحظات ويجب الاخد بها // الكبتي :: اعرف ذلك وقالي الدكتور علي وانا طلبت نقل فوزي ابوكتف من مكانه وتكليف بالعمل داخل الخارجية والتقيت به ووضحت له المهام التي يجب ان يقوم بها داخل الوزاره وطلبت من رئيس المؤتمر تعيين بعض الاشخاص بالخارجيه واليوم كلمني ابو سهمين واخبرني انه أمر وزير الخارجيه بتعيينهم فوراً // صوان :: عشت ياشيخ فعلاً الخارجيه حضورنا فيها ضعيف وللاسف جماعتنا تتكالب على السفارات بالخارج وتركت الوزاره خاويه / بشير ::: الانتماء العقائدي ينقصهم والمصلحه الشخصيه هي الغالبه بس لازالت الظروف متاحه لاصلاح هذا الخلل وحتى عبدالسلام قالي ان الذفاع ضعيفه ووزيرها ضعيف وهي مخترقه من قبل اذناب حفتر وطلبت منه اعداد قوائم بالمشكوك فيهم ولغايه الان لم يحيلها لي / صوان :: فعلاً الذفاع ضعيف التواجد لنا بها بل هي ليست موجوده اصلاً وعبدالله المكان اكبر منه // الكبتي :: عموماً لايوجد وزاره للدفاع اصلاً وعندما توجد ان حذث ووجدت اصلاً لكل حاذثه حديث // صوان :: صدقت شيخ بشير لادفاع لغاية الان // بشير :: اهتم بموضوع الطليان لانه مهم جداً وتم الربط معهم عن طريق عبدالرحمن ومؤتمر روما تم الاتفاق على مبأدي ومحاور النقاش // صوان :: تمام والامور تحت السيطره باذن الله // بشير :: مع السلامه محمد ولو هناك جديد خبرني // صوان :: في حفظ الله ولا يهمك ))
EUROPE / Italy trains Libyan soldiers against migrants
Date de publication sur Tlaxcala : 26/01/2014
Original: Italia addestra militari libici contro i migranti
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Italy trains Libyan soldiers against migrants
Antonio Mazzeo
Traduit par  Francesco Giannatiempo
Edité par  John Catalinotto

The first contingent of Libyan soldiers are already in Italy for training, mainly with the purpose of surveillance and repelling the migratory flow. What’s involved are 340 men undergoing out a 14-weeks training course at Cassino (Frosinone – Latium), with the Italian Army 80th Regiment doing the volunteer training.

The operation is the result of the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between Italy and Libya in the Defense sector, signed in Rome on the 28th May 2012. According to the spokesman of the Italian Ministry of  Defense, the training courses provide for the “education in Italy of several groups, staggered over time, and coming from the Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan regions”. The drilling programme- managed by a mixed staff  belonging to Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri-  is, furthermore, part of the initiatives for “reconstructing” the Libyan armed and security forces, as stated during the G8 summit that took place at Lough Erne (Northern Ireland), in June 2013. Specifically, both Italy and Great  Britain committed themselves to train 2.000 Libyan soldiers per year; 6.000 troops  will be trained in the United States, while France will be involved in the police forces training.
The operations will be carried out partly in Libya itself by a team integrated in the Italian Mission in Libya (MIL, Missione Italiana in Libia) – officially launched on October 1,   2013 as an “evolution” of Operation “Cyrene”, that was started after the fall of the Muammar Gadhafi  regime. Actually, the MIL provides for a considerable increase of the staff to employ (up to a hundred people); for its  operational goal, “The  Italian Mission in Libya has the authority to arrange, lead and coordinate the drilling, supporting and consultancy activities in the Defence sector”, as explained by the Chief of Staff, Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli. “It is divided into a permanent jointcore element  and  an ad hoc element made up of mobile teams, to train and support depending on the need identified by the Libyan armed forces from time to time”. The strategic escalation  of Italy’s new presence in Libya is backed up by the financial resources put into play by the Letta Government: while in the former nine months of 2013, “Cyrene” cost  7.5 million Euros, during the last  quarter October-December the MIL mission burned up   more than 5 million.

The first significant training activities in Libya were  started in December 2012, when about twenty police officers were admitted to a four-week  course arranged by the Carabinieri. corps The subjects discussed: “managing public order, operational intervention techniques, check point, searches, arrests, handling and using weapons, first aid, bodyguard and protection, self-defense, combating improvised explosive  devices, etc.”. Over the whole of 2013, there followed further courses planned and managed by a training mission consisting of officers and  non-commissioned officers belonging to the 2nd Mobile Brigade of Carabinieri. The Carabinieri corps also supervised also the training of the Libyan “public order batallions” and of the Border Guard which is responsible for borders and national strategic sites.

About thirty soldiers of the new-formed border guard were dispatched to a 10 weeks training course at Coespu (Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units) in Vicenza – that is the training school of police forces of African and Asian countries, run by the Carabinieri, but also used by specialized staff of Africom – the USA military command for African operations. During the spring of 2013, another  thirty Border Guard and Libyan Police officers took part in a course about the “conventional explosive clearance” and in a course about the “maintenance” of the “Pumas” — armoured aircrafts for transport and fight — at the Engineer Corps and at the Army Logistic Headquarters in Velletri (Rome), –  . Twenty of those aircraft, produced by the Fiat Iveco-Oto Melara consortium, were delivered “free of charge” to Libyans on February 6, 2013, during the visit of the former Minister of Defence – Admiral Di Paola. On that date, Italy and Libya reached a provisional agreement over the future programmes for military units and police forces drilling, and, as Di Paola explained, “for cooperation – even technological – in the activities for the control of illegal immigration, for a national support for reconstruction of the naval sector, for surveillance and integrated control of the state boundaries”.

In order to strengthen Italy-Libya relations, a group of Libyan Navy representatives, in July 2013 was hosted  at the Navy Academy in Livorno, at the Navy helicopter base in Luni and at the  Mine Countermeasures Forces Headquarters (COMFORDRAG) in La Spezia. And, at the end of October, Tripoli’s authorities announced that  they intended to renew the collaboration with Rome and with the Selex ES (Finmeccanica group) factory in order to install radar surveillance and electronic monitoring systems for  the Libya coastline and  the Niger, Chad and Sudan borders costing Eur 300 million.

The contract was signed on October 7, 2009 during the Muammar Gheddafi regime, but it was broken in 2011 after the payment of only Eur 150 million. Selex ES, in partnership with GEM Elettronica, is to provide for the installation of a Land Scout  radar network “able even to detect  groups of people moving about on foot”, and will carry out the training of Libyan operators and maintenance workers. According to the specialized website Analisi Difesa [Defense Analysis], Libyans intend to equip themselves with an unspecified “aerial monitoring of the frontiers” that would include the buying of the “Falco”, also manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Selex.

“Italian military experts to Libya”: on the board the names of the most famous Italian military defeats inthe two world wars of the twentieth centuryEnzo Apicella, 2011

That pilotless aerial vehicles are considered the new technological frontier for the wars against migrants and migration launched by the Libyan and Italian armed forces, was proven by the last “technical agreement” of bilateral cooperation signed in Rome on November28, 2013,  by the two Ministers of Defence, Mario Mauro and Abdullah Al-Thinni. This memorandum authorizes the use of remote-flying Italian aircraft for missions supporting the Libyan authorities for  the “control activities” of the country’s southern border. What is involved are the  Predator drones, property of the 32th Formation  of the Air Force Base in Amendola (Foggia), re-deployed at Sigonella and Trapani-Birgi  (Sicily) during the operation “Mare Nostrum” for control and surveillance of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to the Predators, the immigrants’ transport vehicles will be intercepted when moving through the Sahara desert; and the Libyan troops  will be able to promptly intervene  in order  to jail and deport them before they can reach the coastal towns.

Still according to what the Italian Ministry of Defense said at the end of the bilateral summit last November 28: “With the perspective of a development of the capacity of  the maritime  surveillance and security system, the possibility emerged for the Libyan officers to be taken on board  Italian naval units  engaged  in the operation “Mare Nostrum”, as well as  to start training courses up over  the use of  the V-RMTC (Virtual Maritime Traffic Centre)”. That is, the Letta Government  is trying to allow troops  from  a country black-listed for  human rights violations  to participate, on board of the amphibious assault ship “San Marco” and on the other Italian rocket frigates, in the (illegitimate) operations for identification and the (even more illegitimate) interrogations of all those who are to be “saved” in the Sicily Strait, being.

The “San Marco”amphibious assault  ship

“With the drawing up of the new agreements between the Libyan Minister of Defense and Mario Mauro, the true target of the ‘Mare Nostrum’ mission comes to light; [a mission] less and less humanitarian”, commented the jurist Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo of Palermo University. “Together  with the already operative Ministry of  Internal Affairs officials it could be possible for the Libyan police officers to be taken on board, with devastating effects on the fate of the shipwrecked persons picked up in the sea – everyone of them potential asylum seekers, and exposed more and more to the risk of violent identification and to the consequent repulsion to Libya. Therefore, what happened  in 2009 could reoccur, when the Italian Financial Police drove dozens of immigrants back to Libya. For these actions Italy has already been condemned by the European Court for Human Rights in 2012”.

Photos and video: courtesy of the Italian Ministry of Defence

CONFERENCE THIEVES and embezzlers:

Named (beloved secretary) the expulsion of all his companions after the leak of a document of the Internet Taatbut returning it does not have a national number and the news buy a house Sarraj district of more than 2 million text
For your information the first Helms to the ministry received sage Alqaúda and Fawzi Alkahila and Qallahm Kndrta Parwqh and Betty Ehrhr in the water and Roashna Nuts and within a year became the owners of millions

المدعو (الحبيب الامين) يقوم بطرد كل مرافقيه بعد تسرب وثيقة للانترنت تتبث انه من العائدون ولا يملك رقم وطني وخبر شرائه منزل بمنطقة السراج باكثر من 2 مليون ونص
لعلمكم اول ماجاء للوزارة استقبل حكيم القائدي وفوزي الكحيلي وقاللهم كندرتي مشروقة وبيتي يهرهر في المياة ورواشنة مكسرات وخلال سنة صار من اصحاب الملايين

“Zero hour” says:

Tmina opportunity now in Libya Atlantic ..
Elly Thoughts recorded Hollywood movies free on the ground
As the assets …………. ………

“News heroic Libyan Resistance and crimes and scandals NATO on FB”:The client traitor Khalifa Hftar channel Libya wicked moments before / / / /- Snaqbd the Abu Zaidane and arrows (NURI ABU BUSHMIN) because they are blind to the legitimate
and they have caused strife and give the money to groups outside the law.- Count on the people first and foremost and count on military forces and is under ordered us fully- The only thing that concerns us is the country’s security at home and the return of the Libyans who are
fed a shield in the land of exile and want to return to their country in Aashoa.
حلم العملاء الخونه ////الخائن حفتر يتحدث
 There are reports saying that would address Hftar on channel Libya first.SAM bin HUMAID IS DEAD!
The news of the assassination of Wissam bin Humaid 100/99
28 FEBRUARY 2014



Hear the voices of lead in different areas of the capital

The al-QATHAFI TOWER tripoli



Young looked out of Martyrs’ Square on their way to the door bin Ghashir now,
continuing demonstrations in the field of door bin Ghashir in Tripoli to demand the departure of the conference

and solidarity with the city of Benghazi and the region’s youth volunteer to protect the protesters:

Continuous demonstrations in Bab ben Gasheer near the conference client.

Now the direction of the demonstrators to the hotel Al-RIXOS…

Protesters blocked the roads leading to the Rixos after a steady drumbeat of news about the arrival of a convoy

of Mitigua to disperse them.

The closure of some roads in Tripoli:

Some of the guards open fire Jardan conference in the face of protesters.

Reported clashes in front of the headquarters of the conference and the situation is unknown so far.

Aircraft Qtrilah ((QATARI country)) in the absence of the Libyan state client deployment aircraft for the

cultivation of TEAR GAS clouds

over the capital and to block demonstrations condemning the extension of the conference Wati # Libya # Qtraúal

Exposed Almwamrh despicable and behind the traitors and agents
The Qatari aircraft in the absence of the Libyan state
The deployment of aircraft for the cultivation of clouds over the capital and
So as to obstruct the demonstrations condemning the extension of the conference ..
Er .. knowing that every hour rain cost chieftains Qatar
Million dollars …

Cracking banner Conference pagan:

In front of Congress


من أمام المؤتمر

The walls of the conference client:

Close the door by Ben Ghashir and by Salim and through and through Gurji Got Alshall by the people of the areas.

Engorged situation in front of Hotel Al-RIXOS now …

image shows the departure of the demonstrators Almtabann Conference rats.

Prevent a group of young people set fire to tires in the street in front of Al-RIXOS.

Jeep has a black color with shooting at the demonstrators when the island was captured by the quivers.

Pages Jardanih:
Aaaaaajl now a group of 20 people in the street shouting b: Come Ncdoa rats .. and how Nrdo Zmaaaan-

Burning car type pocket .. by protesters after the driver opened fire in Benghazi p ..


حرق سيارة نوع جيب من قبل المتظاهرين بعد ان قام سائقها باطلاق النار ع في بنغازي ..

The spread of armored vehicles to transport soldiers brings them aware of the ANSAR al-SHARIA on the gate Rulrhh now :

RAT Military vehicles now. Dramatically .. in the vicinity. Airport road .. island .. Al-Rixos door bin Ghashir ….
Heavy weapon hear shots in the air in the break-Saadi (previously), the headquarters of a battalion belonging to the MB militia shield Libya (currently), after protesters besieged the conference Allaotunai.

Huge MB RAT “shield forces Libya” coming from Gharyan are on the move to support the Conference Allaotunai and crush the protestors.


shortly before


Forces belonging to the Khalifa Haftar and in coordination with the brigade QaaQa Al-zentani extended its control fully to Tripoli International Airport and take over the country a military plane loaded with weapons and ammunition
landed at the airport to refuel and were incitements toward the militia’s base.
The resumption of the coup in Libya after postponed for technical reasons Hahaha Hfterha and Toagafhash


Tripoli airport plane from the Gulf “is likely country QATAR” or “Emirati” landing landing Tripoli Airport were destined for the airport Mitigua ... and when inspected and found Bdkhaúr loaded with weapons and large quantities .. locked airport and air traffic currently disabled by Saraya Zintani:

TRIPOLI AIRPORT ROAD  is secured by ZINTANI. Lock the airport road by Al-mtdahiran.

Ablsqr Garah reports:
Room will now common security in the arrest of the Liberal Airport Road Inspirations huts and some other areas, and downright news and martyr of God on Macol hope discernible caution and steep and publishing on a broader scale

The Zintan commander at Tripoli INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Mukhtar al-Akhdar Green, tells me his men will join an army once it’s properly formed, but that for now they have the right to remain in place.

‘Duty of protection’

“The martyrs with me sacrificed their blood and souls to defend the nation”, he says.

“We have a duty to protect the airport. The nation is still in danger. If we leave, there will be problems here. The people who complain about us, are jealous because we’re doing a good job.”


Moved from channel Friday Market:
The escape of a member of Congress pagan Jalal Cbo status of market Friday.
The closure of the road by tires. Ministry appointed the main street, near the five streets.
 Highway locked tires.

Next to the optical signal Club Union 02.28.2014
عاجلبجانب الاشارة الضوئية نادي الاتحاد28/02/2014



Power outages for the cities of Tarhounah and Damani-angle (TRIPOLI)  for more than 15 continuous hours today ….





Urgent: the exchange of fire between the youth of the region cafe jewel in the Ain Zara, near the station Alkerkna.

TRIPOLI mosque 2 in Ain ZARA


Department in Ajeelat
Chamber of self-styled security Ajeelat notify the Office of the department in Ajeelat nuts not to issue or renew Walnuts
But after traveling back to the security room Ajeelat ..



Colonel Mansour Mozainy says the channel Libya first
The Transitional Council form Bernard Levy as he wants
Says that the number who were in Brega no more than five thousands are not all fighters including Msariq
Room has been formed by the rebels and Qatar have been put Alsaqzle
NATO says that came from in order to protect the interests of Israel
Says that what happened was a conspiracy was clear from the outset.

News refers to supporters gathered legitimacy in Benghazi and Aldhab Khalifa Hftar

to house and arrested him.

The news that the forces that support CIA Khalifa Hftar controlled THUNDERBOLT crossing Ola Amsaad dawn today. There are instructions issued to the operations room rebels headed by Shaban gift orders issued by Abdul Salam Jadallah, the need to arrest Khalifa Haftar,  Hamid Hassi, Hamid Boulkheir, Ahmed tar, and Ahmed Banni, dead or alive.:

Dawn attack on a police station Azwaitina by an armed group were seized two of them were to control the situation …


Demonstrators gathered and holding photographs of the client
Hftar and calling for the government to drop the Conference, etc.



The assassination of Colonel air defense “Nice Massoud Albergthe” shot shortly before.

Almtdahiron in Benghazi holding photographs of the client Hftar.


Alcadaky assassination of an element in the first infantry brigade in Benghazi has been the assassination

in front of his home region Alkwyfah.

Khalifa Hftar out crowds in Benghazi after Tugeo home: Urgent front of a house Khalifa Hftar only in Libya

and the delegation of the People Laugh !

video of people laughing in front of the Benghazi residene of Khalifa Hftar:
عاجل امام منزل خليفة حفتر فقط في ليبيا واضحك تفويض الشعب

RAT PUPPET GOVERNMENT declares a state of Emergency in BENGHAZI.

Twenty Street:

Down the road near the island of housing now.


Emphasis was placed on the closure of Benina airport fully.

Life expectancy
URGENT!launched in Benina Airport flights
Are they closed the prophet go back this week, landing from Egypt to Libya.




Was burning home a leading militant groups in the city of Derna shortly before.



Urgent and very important ………
To both the Liberals and Silks in Tunisia attention and taken it prudent and steep in the game’s ability and base of clients NATO

to hit the Liberals of our young people who are in Tunisia was the dawn of the day

the entry of ten girls Lippiat infected with AIDS rotten God and you with the knowledge that he was distributing girls Tunis,

Sousse and other cities O wherever God was I witness to all of our children and steep steep then it is certain that they Stban

many despicable methods of fishing and the involvement of the Liberal Okarhn to God and Ayyad.
Please everyone Publishing and generalization of the seriousness of the matter ..
(News from a reliable source)

Suspicious purity


A killer? Photo: DPA
Doctors criticized for ‘cannabis can kill’ study
Updated: 26 Feb 2014 11:31 GMT+01:00

UPDATE: German researchers who claimed in a study that cannabis can be deadly, have faced criticism from those addicted, for exaggerating the dangers of marijuana.

Researchers in Düsseldorf, North-Rhine Westphalia, claimed to have discovered the first cannabis-related deaths after performing a post-mortem examinations on 15 people whose deaths were linked to the drug.

They believe two of those deaths could not have been caused by anything other than cannabis, according to a study published in Forensic Science International this month under the title “Sudden unexpected death under acute influence of cannabis”.

But on Wednesday the German Association for Drugs and Addiction (FDR), which is based in Hannover, told The Local the study did not help educate people about the dangers of the drug.

“Cannabis does not paralyze the breathing or the heart,” head of the FDR Jost Leune said. “Deaths due to cannabis use are usually accidents that are not caused by the substance, but to the circumstances of use.”

Leune added the dangers of marijuana were “exaggerated” and it was less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

It estimated that three million people in Germany used cannabis.

According to the study, one of the men who died was an athletic 28-year-old found dead by his girlfriend next to an ashtray containing cigarette paper and marijuana. The autopsy found that there were no pre-existing medical conditions.

The second case was a healthy 23-year-old man.

Benno Hartung from the University Hospital in Düsseldorf said he and his colleagues performed autopsies and toxicological tests to rule out other causes of death such as liver disease and alcohol use.

“It’s a diagnosis of exclusion so you have to rule out all other possibilities,” Hartung told New Scientist.

Hartung claims that the two deaths from cardiac arrhythmia were directly the results of cannabis use, with marijuana apparently causing a sudden change in heartbeat.

The 36-year-old admitted it was “a very rare event” but recommended that other researchers now investigate deaths involving marijuana.

“Even though it may be rare, I hope others investigate death by cannabis intoxication in other cities. Particularly in light of the increased use of cannabis for pain relief,” he told New Scientist.

Doctors criticized for 'cannabis can kill' study


Mu brilliant

Holy prayer, Mu

Mu’ammar Mohamed Abdel Salam Abu Minyar al-Qathafi:

“Muammar al-Qathafi is not a president. He is the leader of the revolution, the ‘revolution’ means for him to sacrifice forever and ever until the end of the age. This is my country, the nation of my ancestors and your ancestors, Grsenaha our hands with the blood of our ancestors and Sagenaha.
If I’ve got the position; if I head, to be thrown resignation on the faces of these germs, but I do not have any position. I resigned from them; as, I have no need of them. I’ve got a gun. I will fight to the last drop of my blood and the Libyan people with me. .”

معمر القذافي ليس رئيسا ، هو قائد ثورة ، والثورة تعني التضحية دائما وأبدا حتى نهاية العمر . هذه بلادي ؛ بلاد أجدادي وأجدادكم ، غرسناها بيدنا وسقيناها بدماء أجدادنا . .
(سالم فارس القذافي)
أنا لو عندي منصب ؛ لو أني رئيس ، لكنت رميت الإستقالة على وجوه هذه الجراثيم ، لكن أنا ليس عندي منصب ؛ ليس عندي حاجة استقيل منها ، أنا عندي بندقية ؛ أنا سأقاتل إلى آخر قطرة من دمي ومعي الشعب الليبي . .

 “GREAT SON”:Guys home and endure .. Guys challenge, fortitude and manhood ..
God Almighty says in an airtight download .. In the name of God the Merciful ……
If Tspkm bad rejoice though it Tsberoa and guile fatwa does not hurt anything ..
Almighty God Victory but the patience of an hour Yamen believed your right to live in a natural majestically over your land
and dignity and pride …
Trust that you are winning, even if you met and assailed the United Althabton O believers that you Tnadilon for the homeland and the principles and history of …
We are stronger our faith .. We are the strongest Bazaúmana.
We are stronger because we are free to possess our will and our choice in life …
We are not like them and followed the owners of different ideologies and interests of physical and chairs and luxury fleeting …
We have the values ​​of the constants and the history of shining white letters written in blood Tahir of fine fragrance …
Does not matter we will win time and time.
We are continuing to struggle in this will never stop this nonsense and these threats ..
Victory we created inside us …
And our souls insurer, whatever the sacrifices worth serious homeland and principles deserve …
History is worth .. And freedom are worth .. The possibility of yielding to despair in our resolve and determination ..
The possibility of bowing and Alacetkan blood in the veins that take place in our veins ..
No place for compromise in the name of cheap home in our minds …
We will win despite the tragedies and grief and destruction …
We will win despite the conspiracies and intrigues and ruin … We will win and we are confident ..
History will write us than these days we who Lua back passage and sold their oath and distorted history and never will be …
It will not be under any name … Our weapon is the companion … The cause is the home …
And our ideal and our symbol is our leader Muammar al-Qathafi …
Our history is the blood of our ancestors and our innocent martyrs aromatic pure ….
And is our way of doing your duty …
Our goal and our goal is the freedom of the country and re-glory and pride and façade …
We will not surrender .. Will not give up .. Will not kneel ..
On this earth making the Champions Mlahama historic cowards taught how to be a jihad and how to be men …
We have God’s help in a natural extension of this heroic epics honorable ..
Vdmena is not more precious than the blood of our martyrs and heroes of the righteous and pure ..
Steadfast … Firm … With God’s help victors !
رفاق الوطن والصمود .. رفاق التحدي والثبات والرجولة .. يقول الله عز وجل في محكم تنزيله .. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم …… وإن تصبكم سيئة يفرحوا بها وإن تصبروا وتتقوا لا يضركم كيدهم شيئا .. صدق الله العظيم إنما النصر صبر ساعه يامن أمنتم بحقكم الطبيعي في العيش فوق أرضكم بشموخ وعزة وكبرياء … ثقوا انكم منتصرون ولو اجتمعت وتكالبت عليكم الامم ايها الثابتون المؤمنون بأنكم تناضلون من اجل وطن ومبادئ وتاريخ … نحن الاقوى بإيماننا .. نحن الاقوى بعزائمنا
نحن الاقوى لاننا احرار نمتلك إرادتنا وخيارنا في الحياة … نحن لسنا مثلهم تبع واصحاب ايدلوجيات مختلفة ومصالح ماديه وكراسي وترف زائل … نحن نمتلك قيم وثوابت وتاريخ ناصع البياض حروفه مكتوبه بالدم الطاهر الزكي العطر … سننتصر ولا يهمنا الوقت والزمان
لاننا مستمرون في نضالنا هذا ولن توقفنا ابداً هذه الترهات وهذه التهديدات .. النصر صنعناه في دواخلنا … وأرواحنا مؤمنه به مهما كانت التضحيات جسيمة فالوطن يستحق والمبادئ تستحق … والتاريخ يستحق .. والحرية تستحق .. لامكان لليأس والرضوخ في عزيمتنا وإصرارنا .. لامكان للركوع والاستكان في أوردة الدماء التي تجري في عروقنا .. لا مكان للمساومة الرخيصة بأسم الوطن في عقولنا … سننتصر رغم المأسي والاحزان وهذا الدمار … سننتصر رغم المؤامرات والدسائس والخراب … سننتصر ونحن واثقون ..
ولن يكتب التاريخ عنا يوما اننا من هولاء الذين ولوا الدبر وباعوا ثوابتهم وقسمهم وتاريخهم ابدا لن يكون هذا… ولن يكون تحت اي مسمى كان … سلاحنا هو الرفيق … وقضيتنا هي الوطن … وقدوتنا ورمزنا هو قائدنا معمر القذافي … وتاريخنا هو دماء اجدادنا وشهدائنا الابرار العطره النقيه …. وطريقنا هو القيام بالواجب … وغايتنا وهدفنا هي حرية الوطن وإعادة مجده وكبريائه وشموخه … لن نستسلم .. لن نيأس .. لن نركع ..على هذه الارض صنع الابطال ملاحما تاريخيه لقنت الجبناء كيف يكون الجهاد وكيف تكون الرجال … ونحن لها بعون الله في امتداد طبيعي لهذه الملاحم البطولية المشرفه .. فدماءنا ليست أغلى من دماء شهدائنا وأبطالنا الابرار الاطهار ..صامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون
Salem Knight al-Qathafi:

Perhaps your morning mixed with the revelations of the Holy Quran to keep you from Satan,
to enlighten you and Green Bammer Rahman. .
عسى صباحك ممزوج بآيات القرآن ؛ تحفظك من الشيطان ؛ وتنور لك دربك بامر الرحمان . .

“Our patience and the patience of an hour until Nsbero Asnen *****

In the heart, carrying Auajjaah and Aallah reliant *****

Petrdjaa Aaazmy A great and if after a while.”

صبرنا صبر ساعه ونصبرو حتى اسنين *****وفي القلب حاملين اوجاعه وعالله متوكلين *****وبترجعي ياعظمى عظيمه لو بعد حين

The Libyan people did not fall Madame morale high and his heart beat with love commander patriotism battle did not stop the martyrdom of heroes Amtal Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, and Billah Gaddafi and imprisoned Libyan leadership disease of Saif al-Islam and Abdullah Senoussi and Abu Zeid Aldorda and Libyan Army officers heroes and others from our brave soldiers Mzelna continuing to guidance national cause our ambition to provide everything Ghali and cheap to achieve the desired
Let your faith in God and a large free faith in victory and downright victorious, God willing.

الشعب الليبي لم يسقط مدام معنوياته عاليه وقلبه ينبض بحب القائد وحب الوطن المعركة لم تتوقف عند استشهاد الابطال امتال ابوبكر يونس جابر و المعتصم بالله القدافي وسجن القياده الليبيه بداء من سيف الاسلام وعبدالله السنوسي وابوزيد الدورده وضباط الجيش الليبي الابطال وغيرهم من جنودنا البواسل مزلنا مستمرين في هدي القضيه الوطنيه طموحنا تقديم كل ماهو غالي ورخيص تجاه تحقيق المطلوب
خلي ايمانكم بالله كبير وخلو ايمانكم في النصر اكيد و باذن الله منتصرين .

a Resistance copter:

Resistance in the desert:

RESISTANCE TANK and munitions:




Netherlands refuses to grant a visa for Abdulwahab Kaid!
Netherlands refuses to grant the member General National Congress (Abdulwahab Al Qaid) visa to its territory for the purpose of treatment
It says that (undesirable lands) because there are documents and reports that confirm his relationship with al-Qaeda!

Abu Yahya al-Libi alias  Abdulwahab al-Kaid:

Abu Yahya al-Libi

Picture shows France’s Gerard Longuet avec le ministre de la Défense libyen M. Oussama Al JUWEILI:


(The LIBYAN PEOPLES are bright and have been severely wounded. LIBYAN MEMORY IS NOT SHORT LIKE THE WEST.


al-Juweili … Haftar live pipe dreams:

And is made from the sale of the Libyan army in Chad Year 86 and 87
Responsible Juweili militias are on the chaos in Libya …..

but Juweili, NOT forgotten, is the one whose Cheranoa militias, under the name of the “rebels” and their Minister, are those who shed the following innoent LIBYAN BLOOD:….
Juweili was the commander of the militia and the Minister of the epiphyseal shelling with heavy weapons and toxic gases and died where about 80 people from the sons of epiphyseal.
HISTORY: a man of Gharyan was stabbed and left naked in a vegetable market 80 km south of Tripoli between Assaba and Gharyan. Fighters Martyrs Brigade of Gharyan strongly responded with rockets and machine guns … Bilan, several dead and prisoners of both sides. The “interim Prime Minister Abdurrahim al- Keib”, the Defence Minister Osama al- Juweili and NATO mufti Sadeq al- Gharyani had made a so-called “move to negotiate a ceasefire.”

Weapons Two killed in clash Antarmilisi Libya
Monday 16 January 2012 16:20:30
After The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, often clashes antarmilisi weapons in Libya (Photo:
TRIPOLI ( – A clash over the weekend took place between rival armed militia on the outskirts of Libya. The shootout incident killed at least two people and injuring 40 others.Each armed militias firing rockets and machine guns firing in Gharyan city about 80 miles from the capital Tripoli. Libya. The fighting in Gharyan is broken since Friday (13/1) and continued sporadically throughout the weekend.Militia who are determined Assabia remained loyal to Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. They refused stripped, although they had to resort to violence once. On Sunday (15/1) yesterday, a delegation of tribal elders arrived in Gharyan in an attempt to mediate the dispute and negotiate a prisoner exchange. Unfortunately, this attempt also failed and the situation remains tense in Gharyan.Libyan interim government did not remain silent in the face of this problem. The day after armed clashes broke out, the Libyan Defense Minister Osama al-Juweili visited the city to arbitrate. However, Defence Minister al-Juweili efforts failed.The government had also offered to mediate to reconcile the two sides, but the attempt failed. Local government officials told the BBC on Monday (16/1), stating that they are powerless to control revolutionary group trying to disarm the pro-Muammar al-Qathafi GREAT JAMAHIRIYA forces. As known earlier, Libya’s interim government asked various armed groups in the country to hand over their weapons and give them the option to join the national army. However, so far the government’s appeal and the offer has not produced results. (Sya)

Unfortunately , torture was found in the prisons of the National Transition Council (NTC) led by Osama al-Juweili, against the former loyalists to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. (Human rights are not supposed-to-be “one-sided”.)

Minister Juweili led the militias which attacked the Bani Walid in early 2012 by Resolution No. 7.

Minister Juweili’s militias bombed the Beautiful City and Racdalin. 

Minister Juweili’s militias in Kufra and Sebha, gave rise to events that killed more than 500 people in 2012 …



Khtirjadda important and we hope to generalize … scandal that has rocked the Al-Jazeera ..

Raghad Saddam Hussein Muhammad Krishan accused of being an intelligence officer.

Revealed “Raghad” daughter of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the martyr, today, that a security adviser to Saddam Hussein, told her that the Tunisian journalist Muhammad Krishan group is currently in Al-Jazeera is an intelligence officer without mentioning the machine intelligence to which it belongs.
Raghad said according to Web site and surrounding Arab citing Spanish newspaper “El Pais” Spanish, that her father had been refusing to talk to Al-Jazeera after the information leaked by the Russian intelligence service, stating that the Al-Jazeera channel intelligence mission is to ignite sedition within the Arab countries.
Raghad did not provide, according to the article, more details about the device that belongs to him Muhammad Krishan, but confirmed its possession of documents condemning Krishan and some journalists of the channel and which will be submitted in a timely manner.
Citing Raghad manner captured Taha Yassin Ramadan by journalist island Yousef Sharif, who was on a date with him in the city of Mosul, which is a monument to him in ambush, where he brought with him a group of men claimed that they are working with him in the Al-Jazeera and it turned out they were agents of “the CIA. Aye . any “special forces came to arrest him.
05 NOVEMBER 2011:

Al- Jazeera and al- Qaida, the creatures of the CIA and Mossad
During a session of the Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators ( COPEAM , Jordan 20 and 21 April 2007), Mohamed Abassa , consultant in audio-visual communication, delivered a report to officials and experts from the public radio and television stations in the Mediterranean region .
The speaker was almost lynched by Jordanian security services and owed his salvation to the protection of the European delegates and especially the French. The Arab delegates , including delegates from North Africa, they were not prepared, nor accustomed to this kind of technical discourse on Arab television audiences , and more, on their perception of Arab public opinion.

All the more so that the arguments and evidence presented by the rapporteur, to indicate the failure of the Arab and North African TV , came from a survey of euro -Mediterranean EU-funded by COPEAM , and covered thirteen major cities, including seven Arab capitals , the Mediterranean.

Delegates from Arab and North African countries did not accept the idea that they were using the modern techniques of the 20th century to establish and maintain the socio-political feuds since the Middle Ages. It is as if , in their time , the lazy king , Dagobert in the head, Joanna the Mad , Charles V, Louis XIV , Marie Antoinette, Napoleon , disponessero unlimited TV , radio and digital to maintain their power of autocrats.

It was at this point in his speech that the sound and the translations were cut . It was at this point that the sympathetic representative of the Queen hastily left the room , followed , of course, by the representative of the king, by the Minister of his state. It ‘s true, for the history and anecdotes, that the Algerian delegate, HHC, incidentally CEO of ENTV and seemed a protest timidly , with a pout , a small but symbolic protest. The mass had been said , the lecturer provocative and irritating to the tranquility of the Arabs was expelled . Without appeal. Even by the Algerian delegates.

The communication of Abassa Mohamed, who seemed very sorry to the leaders of the Arab television , all present in Amman, was characterized by episodes unusual and quite revealing of the mentality of the Arab broadcasters , when it affects the quality and content of their broadcasts : Simultaneous translation was brutally interrupted ( Arabic and English) and simply canceled the debate.

Here are some excerpts of this communication dedicated , among other things , al-Jazeera of Qatar, which we find today , rather late , the guidelines Zionists. This network TV has always been active in the defense of the strategic interests of Israel, the Mossad and the CIA. The facts indicate that this clear direction , are verifiable at any time, in all the issues addressed by the rapporteur. Very curious and very significantly , the qualifications of a member of the Scientific Council and the COPEAM were taken to Abassa, immediately after the conference. As always, the Mossad , the murderess of Mohamed Boudia , check out the situation . Al-Qaida, al- Jazeera , the arms armed and media Mossade the CIA, are always in circulation.

Behind al- Jazeera:

The private television channel in Qatar was founded in 1996 and funded by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani with its own funds, namely those of the state, since it is known that the state is him and he is the state.
This network performs at the moment of listening enjoyment that no other transnational Arab television , or other, has been able to achieve , to date , more than 45 million viewers around the world , and especially in the Arab world . But we must dampen this performance , because a viewer can also be counted as a listener from 2 to 10 times, in different types of public, that is an actual government of individuals , which is closer to about 18 million persons aged 16 years and over , for band d’audience. This performance is reached , beyond information and documentaries that remain the exclusive monopoly of al- Jazeera.

The two weights and two measures of Al- Jazeera:

It should be noted , furthermore, that outside of the Arabic speaking community that settled in Europe , the hearing of the network, in the version in Arabic, is almost zero in European homes in the north of the Mediterranean.

First question. How can it be , that this network often gives account of human rights violations in most of the Arab and / or Muslim, and do not say nothing, absolutely nothing , about the challenges to these rights in the emirate of Qatar, where is this TV , or in other emirates friends? How is it that the feudal and theocratic regimes Arab and / or Muslim friends of His Majesty Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al- Thani , said the Magnificent, are never criticized by this network , so careful elsewhere, and even more so in the Arab world?

We must remember that in the emirate of Qatar, after God, is Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani the same man who deposed from the throne his father to come to power. In this paradise called Qatar, where Al-Jazeera does not impute anything. In Qatar there is no opposition , no political parties, trade unions, free press, NGOs , human rights, society , association , rights for women. The woman has the official status of flavored meat: the only authorized functions make babies and pleasure.

We must also remember that the other network in Qatar , Qatar TV, half-sister of al- Jazeera , said throughout the day and throughout the year, the endless joy of living under the reign of His indisputable Great Majesty Sheikh Hamad ibn Khalifa al- Thani chosen by God to this feature, and reminds us of His Majesty teledivinità . It is also , incidentally, a great friend of Algeria , with rich links that only our fat geese , rather than diplomacy, know how to create and maintain.

Friends Qatari Bouteflika regularly to hunt geese and gazelles Algerian , in spite of national laws with the help of Walis and Algerian police . The Algerian ministers of the interior and the environment do not see anything to complain about. Who would dare to say to the President of RADP to keep on your underwear or the emir to stop defecating on Algeria ?

Some are already planning to curb the hysteria cathodic network of Qatar, denying his master , the Emir facetious , his Algerian dessert of geese . Rather than make a good TV Arab , let’s try this reprisal of the geese , but I’m content , because of my doubts that this could happen. Let the goose ; aim the belly , not the head or the heart, but to no avail, they do not.

The choices iconoclastic al-Jazeera:

Second question . Why al- Jazeera often attacks only those Arab and / or Muslim whose positions are still to Israel ? Why al- Jazeera regularly attacks in Algeria and at specific times : when the relations are strained with Morocco, Algeria and the United States , when Islamists have fought , when Islam is in decline. Who gains in supporting the terrorists and to maintain a permanent climate of violence in Algeria?

Obviously, the United States and Israel who benefit from this criminal trade , which is to always try to weaken Algeria, and try to force it in the imperialist – Zionist . Forcing the creation of AFRICOM, the exact replica of al- Qaida, to dominate the Sahel , the great dream of Israel. This is the strategic goal of the network Israeli – Qatari in his frequent campaigns against Algeria.

Third question.:

Since no Israeli television audiences in the world in general and in the Arab countries in particular , the official discourse of the state of Israel is a much better audience using al- Jazeera , rather than their own networks in the world. How else to explain these recurring possibility that al- Jazeera gives , every day, to the politicians and the Israeli military , in order to speak directly to Arab viewers ? During the last invasion of Lebanon, the Israeli ministers intervened every day, and live , on this network , often several times a day , up to 4 times the Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni, up to 8 times a day the minister Israeli Defense Amir Peretz . It ‘s a coincidence? It ‘s really a coincidence?

During this invasion , four special envoys of Qatar intervened directly and freely live from Israel. Knowing the total control and the information block by the Israeli army in times of crisis , even in its own media , it is a big surprise that such confidence , that freedom of speech and movement , are granted spontaneously to a TV network known as wire -Arab and pro- Islamist.

The clever propaganda of the US- Zionist laboratories has made this television channel, a TV network apparently anti-Israeli and anti- American , popular and credible in Arab houses , it being understood that the national TV audience of Arabic is almost zero, in most of these countries.

Most of the scoop and other multimedia tricks of great success, and you do not know today the true origin , they do not really just functions of media , but to suborn the Arab viewer with a spirit of seductive beat , make believe the Arab masses that al- Jazeera sides with the causes of the Arab peoples which, of course, is strictly false. In contrast, the bottom line expresses essentially the American – Zionist vision into a package and a professional almost perfect camouflage . It is also true that the aging and obsolescence of Arab TV contribute significantly to the success of al-Jazeera.

Fourth question . Knowing also that the emirate has strong relations with Israel in the political, military, diplomatic , security and trade , even knowing that the great Sheikh Hamad ibn Khalifa al-Thani offered its territory, its sea ports and military bases U.S. to commit the greatest genocide of this century against the Iraqi people ( 800,000 deaths to date) , it can be assumed that the channel al- Jazeera is nothing more than yet another tax, another infamy ultimately committed even by average , the excellence of the Israeli- Qatari relations . It should be noted, moreover, that the personal safety of the emir and his family is assured at all times by officials and Israeli officials. The Israeli liaison office in Qatar, is more important than all the embassies of Arab and Islamic countries in Doha. Surprising ? No. To his shot, and the young prince turned to big Israeli mercenaries to seize the throne of his father.

Let us also remember the salacious story that the emirate of Qatar receives throughout the year , the U.S. military permission from the operations in the region ( Iraq and Afghanistan) , who are playing at the rest of the warrior with five prostitutes in Egypt, Hosni offers from Mubarak as Egyptian contribution to the war effort in the war against terrorism. 146.24€ million to the Mubarak family and associates. But , as always, are the Saudis to pay the bill as a contribution to raise the morale of Allied troops who protect the kingdom.

It ‘ also true that those who complain of this TV network , rather late , however , had used or allowed to be done, not bad for a television in their respective countries . This is the first and only requirement to contain and limit the damage from this TV network , which have been discovered , today , only the nuances and bonds proved , that the TV network has essentially with the Mossad and the CIA – NED.

Fifth and final question . This being officially private TV network , how do you survive commercially with so much ease and so many ways ? Clearly , advertising revenues seem paltry compared to its enormous costs. Who pays the difference or , in other words, who supports and contributes to the network TV ? The Mossad ? The CIA ? His Majesty the Emir in charge ? All three ?

Everything leads us to believe that the winners of this network TV political influence high income , are the sponsors and donors occult , never declared. As a pro facade , also pushed with the most comprehensive geographic coverage of the planet earth, to cover events , requires considerable technical and financial means , that the modest commercial revenues do not cover the chain . Far from it . This is the first deception on the merchandise, which consists of make believe and increase in the Arab viewers: that the miracle that is called al-Jazeera exists only thanks to the talent and boldness of fifty journalists genius. Too big , too short explanation. The miracle that is called al-Jazeera, in substance and essentially exists thanks to the evil geniuses in the Mossad and the CIA, and nothing else.

The rest, all the rest is blah facade camouflaged and thrown over the eyes of the poor Arab viewers , tossed and torn between the false seductions of the Mossad and the CIA – NED , through al- Jazeera , and the horrors of the cathode and the Maghreb Arab dictatorships , who desperately want to stay in power. This is what reminds us daily of the ENTV and its Siamese twin of the worst dictatorships . We just have to be indignant ? Of course not. We must act.

Translation by Alessandro Lattanzio – SitoAurora

Samedi 5 novembre 2011

El-Djazira TV et Al-Qaïda, créations prouvées de la CIA et du Mossad.


Lors d’une session d’une Conférence permanente de l’audiovisuel méditerranéen (Copeam, Jordanie 20, 21 avril 2007), Mohamed Abassa, expert consultant en communication audiovisuelle, a donné une conférence devant les responsables et experts des télévisions et radios publiques du pourtour méditerranéen.

Le conférencier a failli être lynché par les services de sécurité jordaniens et ne dut son salut qu’à la protection des délégués européens et plus spécialement français. Les délégués arabes, délégués maghrébins compris, n’étaient guère préparés ni habitués à ce genre de discours technique sur l’audience des TV arabes et bien plus sur leurs perceptions par les opinions publiques arabes. D’autant que les arguments et preuves avancées par le conférencier pour établir la faillite des TV arabes et maghrébines sortaient d’un sondage euro-méditerranéen, financé par la Copeam et l’UE, portant sur treize grandes villes méditerranéennes dont sept capitales arabes. Les délégués arabes et maghrébins n’acceptaient pas l’idée démontrée qu’ils utilisaient les modernités techniques du 20ème siècle pour asseoir et poursuivre les féodalités sociales et politiques du moyen âge. C’est exactement comme si, en leurs temps respectifs, les rois fainéants, Dagobert en tête, Jeanne la folle, Charles Quint,  Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, Napoléon, disposaient sans partage de la TV, des radios et du numérique pour asseoir leur pouvoir d’autocrates. C’est à ce moment précis de l’intervention que le son et les traductions furent coupés. C’est à ce moment précis que la sympathique représentante de la reine quitta précipitamment la salle suivie, bien évidemment, par le représentant du roi, ministre de son état. Il est vrai, pour l’histoire et l’anecdote, que le délégué algérien, HHC, accessoirement DG de l’ENTV, protesta un petit chouia en faisant une petite moue, mais vraiment petite, de protestation symbolique. La messe était dite ; le conférencier provocateur et dérangeur des tranquillités arabes fut exclu. Sans appel. Pas même des délégués algériens.

La communication de Mohamed Abassa, qui semblait fortement déplaire aux dirigeants des télévisions arabes tous présents à Amman, a été émaillée d’incidents inhabituels et assez révélateurs de l’état d’esprit des broadcasters arabes dès lors qu’on touche à la qualité et aux contenus de leurs télés: la traduction simultanée a été brutalement interrompue (arabe et anglais) et le débat tout simplement déprogrammé.

Voici quelques extraits de cette communication consacrée, entre autres, à la chaîne qatarie El-Djazira dont on découvre aujourd’hui et assez tardivement les orientations sionistes. Cette chaîne a toujours roulé pour la défense des intérêts stratégiques d’Israël, du Mossad et de la CIA. Les faits démonstratifs de cette orientation avérée sont vérifiables à tout moment et sur l’ensemble des thèmes récurrents abordés par le conférencier. Très curieusement et très significativement, les qualités de membre du conseil scientifique et d’adhérent de la Copeam  ont été retirées à M. Abassa, juste après cette conférence. Comme quoi, le Mossad, assassin de Mohamed Boudia, veille toujours au grain. Al-Qaïda, El-Djezira, le bras armé et le bras médiatique du Mossad et de la CIA sont toujours là.

Les dessous de la chaîne El-Djezira

La chaîne privée qatarie a été créée et financée en 1996 par l’émir du Qatar Cheikh Hamad Ibn Khalifa Al Thani sur ses fonds propres, c’est-à-dire sur ceux de l’Etat étant connu que l’Etat c’est lui et lui c’est l’Etat.

Cette chaîne réalise actuellement des performances d’audience qu’aucune télévision transnationale arabe ou autre n’a pu atteindre à ce jour ; plus de 45 millions de téléspectateurs dans le monde et, plus spécialement dans le monde arabe. Mais il faudra nuancer ces performances car un même téléspectateur peut être comptabilisé en audiences cumulées de 2 à 10 fois pour différentes audiences soit un public effectif d’individus regardant qui avoisinerait les 18 millions d’individus de 16 ans et plus par communauté d’audience. Cette performance est atteinte, hors information et documentaires exclusifs qui restent le monopole d’El-Djazira.

Le deux poids, deux mesures d’El Djazira 

Il faut signaler aussi qu’en dehors des communautés arabophones installées en Europe, l’audience de cette chaîne dans sa version arabe reste quasi nulle dans les foyers européens du nord méditerranéen.

Première interrogation.Comment se peut-il, se fait-il que cette chaîne soit souvent comptable des atteintes aux droits de l’homme dans la plupart des pays arabes et/ou musulmans et ne dise rien, strictement rien, sur les atteintes à ces mêmes droits dans l’émirat qatari où vit cette chaîne ou dans les autres émirats amis ? Comment se fait-il que les régimes théocratiques et féodaux arabes et/ou musulmans amis de Sa Majesté Cheikh Hamad Ibn Khalifa Al Thani dit le magnifique ne sont jamais critiqués par cette chaîne si regardante ailleurs et plus encore dans le monde arabe ?

Il faut rappeler que dans l’émirat du Qatar, après Dieu, il y a Cheikh Hamad Ibn Khalifa Al Thani, celui là même qui a destitué son propre père du trône pour s’offrir le pouvoir. Dans ce paradis appelé Qatar et auquel El-Djazira ne reproche strictement rien. Au Qatar il n’y a pas d’opposition, pas de partis politiques, pas de syndicats, pas de presse libre, pas d’ONG, pas de droits de l’Homme, pas de société civile, pas d’associations, pas de droits de la femme. La femme a le statut officiel de viande parfumée autorisée aux seules fonctions de donner des enfants et du plaisir.

Il faut rappeler aussi que l’autre chaîne qatarie Qatar TV, la demi-soeur d’El-Djazira, raconte à longueur de journée et à longueur d’année le bonheur infini de vivre sous le règne indiscutable de Sa très grande Majesté Cheikh Hamad Ibn Khalifa Al Thani, élu de Dieu à cette fonction comme nous le rappelle la divine télé de Sa Majesté. Il est aussi, accessoirement, un grand ami de l’Algérie par les riches liens que seules nos grasses outardes, plus que la diplomatie, savent créer et entretenir.

Les amis qataris de Bouteflika viennent régulièrement chasser l’outarde et la gazelle algériennes au mépris des lois nationales avec l’aide des Walis et de la maréchaussée algérienne. Les ministres algériens de l’intérieur et de l’environnement n’y voyant strictement rien à redire. Qui oserait dire au Président de la RADP de fermer sa braguette ou à l’Emir d’arrêter de déféquer sur l’Algérie ?

Certains pensent déjà à réfréner les hystéries cathodiques de la chaîne qatarie en privant son maître, l’Emir facétieux  de son dessert d’outardes algériennes. Plutôt que faire de bonnes TV arabes, essayons ces représailles outardières ; mais étais-je contenu par mes doutes qu’il en serait ainsi. Essayons l’outarde ; visons le ventre ; pas la tête ni le cœur ; peine perdue; ils n’en ont pas.

Les choix iconoclastes d’El-Djazira

Deuxième interrogation. Pourquoi El-Djazira s’attaque souvent aux seuls pays arabes et/ou musulmans dont les positions sont fermes avec Israël ? Pourquoi El-Djazira attaque régulièrement l’Algérie et à des moments précis: quand les relations algériennes sont tendues avec le Maroc ou avec les USA, quand les islamistes reçoivent des coups, quand l’islamisme décline. Qui donc gagne à soutenir les terroristes et à maintenir un climat de violence permanent en Algérie ? De toute évidence, ce sont les USA et Israël qui gagnent à ce commerce criminel qui consiste à tenter toujours de fragiliser l’Algérie pour tenter de la faire entrer de force dans le camp impérialo-sioniste. Le forcing pour créer l’Africom, l’exacte réplique d’El-Qaida, pour dominer tout le Sahel ; le grand rêve d’Israël.  C’est le but stratégique  de la chaîne israélo-qatarie dans ses fréquentes campagnes contre l’Algérie.

Troisième interrogation. L’audience de la télévision israélienne étant nulle dans le monde en général et dans les pays arabes en particulier, le discours officiel de l’Etat israélien trouve bien meilleure audience en utilisant El-Djazira plutôt que ses propres réseaux dans le monde. Sinon comment expliquer ces facilités récurrentes qu’El-Djazira accorde tous les jours aux politiques et militaires israéliens pour s’adresser directement aux téléspectateurs arabes ? Durant la dernière invasion du Liban, des ministres israéliens intervenaient tous les jours et en direct dans cette chaîne, certains plusieurs fois par jour, jusqu’à 4 fois comme la ministre de AE Mme Tzipi Livni, jusqu’à 8 fois par jour pour le ministre israélien de la Défense M. Amir Peretz. Est-ce un hasard ? Est-ce vraiment un hasard ? Durant cette invasion, quatre envoyés spéciaux de la chaîne qatarie intervenaient directement et librement en direct à partir d’Israël. Connaissant le contrôle et le verrouillage total de l’information par l’armée israélienne en période de crise y compris sur ses propres médias, il est plus qu’étonnant qu’une telle confiance, une telle liberté de parole et de mouvement soient accordées aussi spontanément à une chaîne réputée pro-arabe et pro-islamiste. La propagande savante des laboratoires américano-sionistes a fait de cette télévision une chaîne d’apparence anti-israélienne et antiaméricaine pour la rendre populaire et crédible dans les chaumières arabes étant entendu que l’audience des TV nationales arabes est quasi nulle dans la plupart de ces pays.

La majorité des scoops et autres artifices médiatiques à grands succès et dont on ignore à ce jour l’origine réelle ont en réalité pour seules fonctions médiatiques, celles de suborner le téléspectateur arabe dans un esprit de battue séductrice, faire accroire aux masses arabes qu’El-Djazira roule pour les causes des peuples arabes, ce qui, naturellement, est strictement faux. Au contraire, le fond de sa ligne exprime pour l’essentiel le point de vue américano-sioniste dans un emballage et un camouflage professionnels presque parfaits. Il est vrai par ailleurs que la sénescence et la désuétude des TV arabes contribuent pour beaucoup dans les réussites d’audience d’El-Djazira.

Quatrième interrogation. Sachant par ailleurs que l’émirat entretient de solides relations avec Israël sur les plans politique, militaire, diplomatique, sécuritaire et commercial, sachant aussi que le grand Cheikh Hamad Ibn Khalifa Al Thani a offert son territoire, ses ports et ses bases militaires aux Américains pour perpétrer le plus grand génocide de ce siècle contre le peuple irakien (800 000 morts à ce jour), il est permis de penser que la chaîne El-Djazira n’est rien d’autre qu’une autre contribution, une autre infamie parachevant, par les médias aussi, l’excellence des relations israélo-qataries. Précisons aussi que la sécurité personnelle de l’émir et de sa famille est assurée en permanence par des agents et des officiers israéliens. Le bureau de liaison d’Israël au Qatar est plus important que l’ensemble des ambassades des pays arabes et islamiques à Doha. Etonnant ? Non. Pour faire son coup d’Etat, le jeune et gros prince a fait appel à des mercenaires israéliens pour s’emparer du trône de son père.

Rappelons aussi pour l’anecdote salace que l’émirat du Qatar reçoit à longueur d’année  des  permissionnaires militaires américains en opération dans la région (Irak et Afghanistan) venus jouer au repos du guerrier auprès de cinq mille prostituées égyptiennes offertes par Hosni Moubarek en guise de contribution égyptienne à l’effort de guerre antiterroriste. Cela rapporte semble-t-il plus de 200 millions de dollars à la famille Moubarek et associés. Mais, comme toujours, ce sont les Saoudiens qui payent la facture comme contribution au relèvement du moral des troupes alliées qui protègent le royaume.

Il est vrai aussi que ceux qui se plaignent de cette chaîne, assez tardivement du reste, l’ayant utilisé à faire ou à laisser faire de moins mauvaises télévisions dans leurs pays respectifs. C’est la première et seule condition pour contenir et limiter les dégâts ravageurs de cette chaîne dont on découvre aujourd’hui seulement les nuisances et les ancrages avérés qu’elle a essentiellement avec le Mossad et la NED-CIA.

5ème et finale interrogation. Cette chaîne étant officiellement de statut privé, comment fait-elle pour survivre commercialement avec autant d’aisance  et de moyens ? D’évidence, ses recettes publicitaires semblent dérisoires comparées à ses immenses charges de fonctionnement. Qui paye la différence ou, en d’autres termes, qui soutient et finance la chaîne ? Le Mossad ? La CIA ? Sa majesté l’émir régnant ? Les trois ? Tout porte à croire que les gagnants politiques de cette chaîne à haut rendement d’influence sont les sponsors et les soutenants financiers cachés, jamais déclarés. Car, un professionnalisme de façade aussi poussé avec  un maillage géographique  aussi complet de la planète terre pour la couverture de l’événement nécessitent des moyens techniques et financiers considérables que les modestes recettes commerciales de la chaîne ne suffisent pas à couvrir. Loin s’en faudrait. C’est cela la première tromperie sur la marchandise qui consiste à faire croire et accroire aux téléspectateurs arabes que le miracle nommé El-Djazira tient aux seuls talents et audaces d’une cinquantaine de journalistes de génie. Trop gros, trop court comme explication. Le miracle nommé El-Djazira tient seulement et essentiellement aux génies diaboliques cumulés du Mossad et de la CIA et à rien d’autre. Le reste, tout le reste, c’est du blabla d’habillage et de camouflage jetés aux yeux des pauvres téléspectateurs arabes ballotés et  tiraillés entre les fausses séductions du Mossad et de la NED-CIA au travers d’El-Djazira et les horreurs cathodiques des dictatures arabes et maghrébines voulant à tout prix se maintenir au pouvoir. C’est ce que nous rappellent tous les jours l’ENTV et ses sœurs siamoises des dictatures du pire. Nous suffit-il de nous en indigner ? Assurément pas. Il nous agir.

Mohamed Abassa



Mermaid operations.
We note that all the way open since the morning after the intervention of the wise …..
Where the lock Highway logic Algrarat by young people from the region last night.

Arrests by ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ militia waged fierce Allamuslimn against uniformed military personnel

in Tripoli and its environs.

15:02 Video of arrest and investigation of a child with a lightning Green Hospital in Tripoli
de Rusaifa News 

close the highway in the Tripoli area Algrarat now.

Hear the voices of weapons in parts of Tripoli.

Saqr and Rafla:
Bedouins Ascheno transport and coming Alrksus and Yarmouk.

Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency
Urgent. Armed militias attacking homes in the Libyan army officers in Tripoli crash and its contents. Macdh this Agency correspondent in Tripoli said. Officers who have been targeting homes of colonel. Khaled Fathi world. Colonel. Favor Alnami. Colonel. Nuri al-Salem Eshtewi. Has shattered armed militias contents of houses and assaulted residents of the officers on the orders of the President of the National Congress of General and Minister of Defense. Noteworthy that the military police refused to implement the arrest warrants issued arrest Hola officers. Saturday, 15 February 2014 AD .
Both the arrest of Colonel “Khaled Fathi world,” Colonel “Nuri al-Salem Eshtewi”
Assault and vandalism home Colonel “in favor of Alnami” was also on the attack
Two other houses, but unfortunately did not allow us to know the names of the owners of these

The return of the missing Nuri Alchamle to his home in Tripoli, after he was detained at a militia terrorist “legitimacy”:



City department in Ajeelat
Abdel Basset Dou iceberg ..
Residents of the area furnaces, whose body was found yesterday near a hospital outpatient department in Ajeelat with “signs of torture”, after merely a few hours from whence he was taken by gunmen in front of his home, according to the citizens of the region ..


Photos and news from Rishvana

Looting of the contents of the headquarters of the secret in the first corner after the cessation of hostilities.


Wi-Max Internet available for some:

Gemayel and Racdalin been Btovq of God activate Wi-Max in these cities.

world internet



Mahmoud Jibril, the client incites gangs Misrata on Tawergha



Hospital Bani Walid year
For reasons of public interest
Because of the Living situation of security which country is going through and what we hear every day from the news disturbing and alarming affecting the work of hospitals and Otqmh medical staff was most recently hijacking born of section births hospital green and repeated attacks on hospital staff and theft .. which was most recently the theft of a laptop from one of the doctors and the theft of a mobile device from one of the patients and the theft of a receiver visible and Kdlk attempt of some abusers stick some posters inside the corridors of the hospital to create some confusion Media In strayed absence of the element of security and failing to perform the work .. it has initiated the hospital’s administration installed a system Kamrat control inside and outside the hospital and within the permitted areas by law in an attempt to prevent the recurrence of events like this topic .. and not, as alleged by some short-sighted that the purpose of which is to monitor workers??!!
Where he was in the event of theft or assault will be the hospital’s administration to hand over tapes recorded video to the competent authorities to deal with aggressors or to hold them accountable .. socially by their parents and loved ones ….
Calls upon the administration Messrs. citizens to maintain the integrity of such devices which ensure the safety of everyone and not to listen to Hakadin to promote religion is so …
As he was lost in the chaos and the absence of many career staff for their work, while the situation is now in the hospital needs to condensing hands strayed .. In the presence of a huge cadre functional estimated in the hundreds while practicing Alddin work much less …
The administration has decided to adopt the system of signing attendance (fingerprint smart) where there is no room for Mahabat and nepotism and payroll system will be tied to the discount is automatically …. note that this topic such as strict instructions have been issued by the Ministry of Health Mend a time not so long ago
Source .. hospital management …
From our side we squeeze tightly to work hard and hope that the gentlemen of citizens and residents the full support and understanding of the current situation ..
May God grant everyone ..





Associates of a municipal guard Ajdabiya organize a protest in front of the device in the city.
Benghazi February 15, 2014 (and) – Systems Associates of Ajdabiya a municipal guard and vigil in front of the device in Ajdabiya, demanding the support device and to provide them with the physical possibilities and salary increases like the third party, and activating the role of the device. He appealed to the protesters during the Agafthm that they organized the last two days and the Ministry of Local Government to achieve their demands quickly so that they can direct their best picture, advertisers freeze the device to work while achieving demands. …
(Wall – Ajdabiya)


Murdered 21 people in Benghazi during 1 month, and 8 people Aghtylo during the current month 2.

Novel citizen of Merdah kidnapped in Benghazi after it was
Decoder family by rapid intervention and arrest
His captors.
A video clip of an elderly man from the city of Eats her wanted it tells the story of being abducted by two people in the city of Benghazi, was arrested by the perpetrators (DRU) of the Chamber of common security Benghazi.

رواية مواطن من مرداة مختطف بمدينة بنغازي بعد أن تم
فك أسرة من قبل التدخل السريـــــع و إلقاء القبض على
خاطفيه .

مقطع فيديو لرجل مسن من مدينة مرادة يروي فيه قصة اختطافة من قبل شخصين في مدينة بنغازي وتم قبض علي الجناة من قبل (وحدة التدخل السريع) التابعة للغرفة الأمنية المشتركة بنغازي .

Salem al-Obeidi:
So far no news of the missing plane and the ground was swallowed
The center of considerable concern in the operating rooms, which tracks the subject of plane
No trace of her in the land and not the sea!
The news agency Fassato
Carry the people of the vertical plane missing since last Thursday, which was on a business trip from the port of Sidra to the city of Sabha and on board five military air force Libya’s interim government and the Ministry of Defence and the chief of staff of the Libyan army and the chief of staff of the Air Force and guard oil installations full responsibility for their silence about the incident. He warned a statement issued by the people of the plane responsible parties to take firm positions and as a surprise not move for this incident. And gave the people of this plane bodies thirteen hours of the date of issuing this statement to take a stand and supportive of the people.

Urgent channel Libya villains:

Named Colonel Abdullah Naji junta chief Brega …

Confirms the news to find the wreckage of the missing MI_35 three days where it was found on the wreckage of the plane in the area of Umm Algrnic northwest area mental note that the crew made up of five officers and the plane lost after leaving the oil port of Sidra minutes and officers are.

Street gardens Benghazi

Cracking Up ATM Bank Republic gardens:





Allmoatn killed Joseph Nayed Jazawi at the hands of satanic-militias in the Solomon (SULIEMAN) boys.

Militias belonging to Azhoyh Vulkiprh yesterday targeted a car with three young men died Bakadf Arbjee person

diagnosed Atnan not eloquent in the way of Qderfa and burned their car (they are from Althbo).

Warplanes over the skies Sabha now,,,,

The militias have Jerdanih in gate money Aqoirh morning abducted ….
1 Omar Ibrahim Khalaf Allah
2 Kilani birth Kilani
Guilt is not only because they are of the tribe Almgarhh steadfast Mujahid series and still capture a continuous identity.
There is no power but from God Almighty
Tortured to death, Yousef Nayed Jazawi children, at the hands of militias Solomon (SULIEMAN) in Sabha.
Taadib home of Joseph Nayed Jazawi in Sabha by militias Awlad Suleiman
The killing of domicile (Joseph Nayed Jazawi) and Hoaskara regular rank of head unit known (t. P.)
And follows a military police brigade sixth at the hands of militias Girls sound was arrested p …

Put the Castle directly into the hands of the MISURATA MB RATS of “SHIELD”!!!

Libya militias Shield third force receive site Battalion Knight and Castle Sabha.
Tabu channel on Facebook
This time, the second is the delivery of airport Sabha International and Almaaqa vital to the national army by the rebels Tabu after the expulsion of militias Awlad Sulayman of them, and every time it is delivered to the Army National Ollsaakh Awalhakm military and we find them they are handed over to the Awlad Suleiman in a second day and returning the ball, and sending in Sebha In amok , surely there is a trick, but Tabu ignore it and assume good faith, but the third time will not be so, and as they say the third fixed.
The proliferation of heavy weapons and vehicles 14.5 Tqilh approximately 40 cars in the area in front of mil market Khadra
The news says that the primary reason is the abduction of a brother, Sheikh Masood black and nephew by a gang of Kerkozh area and a ransom demand, led by the so-called criminal (Alsoiei), a cousin of one Asabourtoat boys Salah Valley

انتشار كثيف لسيارات 14.5 واسلحة تقيلة مايقارب 40سيارة في منطقة الماية امام سوق الخضرا
وانباء اولية تقول ان السبب هو اختطاف اخ الشيخ مسعود الاسود وابن اخيه من قبل عصابة من منطقة قرقوزة وطلب فديه بقيادة مجرم يسمي (الصويعي)وهو ابن عم الصبورطوات واحد صبيان صلاح وادي

Libya | France 24 | Isa Abdul Majid, one of the leaders Tabu:
Loyalty in the Libyan parliament is the center of al-Qaeda in Libya

The Congress  is working on the ethnic cleansing of the TPU to control the oil and the southern border:

ليبيا | فرانس24 | عيسى عبد المجيد ـ احد قادة التبو:
كتلة الوفاء في البرلمان الليبي هي مركز القاعدة في ليبيا و هي من تعمل على التطهير العرقي للتبو للسيطرة على النفط و الحدود الجنوبية.15-2-2014


Tabu channel on Facebook
Azhoyh militias in Kufra yesterday targeted a car with three young men died Bakadf Arbjee person
diagnosed Atnan not eloquent in the way of Qderfa and burned their car.


02 February 2012
Libya: Lack of transparency
Between resistance and probable new U.S. intervention?

If everything seems to be back to normal in terms of political power in Tunisia, it is clearly not the case in Libya.

1. wars in Libya

The former rebels refuse to disarm and are independent militias who make their own law on territories they determine at their discretion. Burrs are not absent. In fact former loyalists to Colonel Gal-Qathafi clan and who apparently helped the rebellion to the page of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA would turn renamed in Gharyan Military Council (NMC) with Colonel Ahmed Omar Ibrahim al-Fakhi. Seeking to disarm the regular army of the National Transitional Council has managed to capture some elements of CMG but soon it was retaliation. Apparently, a man of Gharyan was stabbed and left naked in a vegetable market 80 km south of Tripoli between Assaba and Gharyan. Fighters Martyrs Brigade of Gharyan strongly responded with rockets and machine guns … Bilan, several dead and prisoners of both sides. Supposedly, to calm things down, the interim Prime Minister Abdurrahim al-Keib, the Defence Minister Osama al-Juweili and NATO mufti Sadeq al-Gharyani had decided to move to negotiate a ceasefire. Unfortunately, torture was found in the prisons of the National Transition Council (NTC), against the former “pro-Gaddafi”/ GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Loyalists. Human rights are not supposed-to-be   “one-sided”.

Nobody should underestimate the independence of municipal entities inherited an existing form of direct democracy at the time of Muammar al-Qathafi, named appropriately, THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Also is the head of the civilian board of the town of Gharyan, Ibrahim Omar Saadi, who sent negotiators to Tripoli for two-day talks which led to a temporary cease fire 15 January 2012 accompanied by exchanges of prisoners. The underlying problem is not resolved. How people in Gharyan will deliver their own brothers or sisters residing in the town that has supported the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA system in the past? This is the challenge of how to stop retaliation to rebuild the peace that arises Libya NTC.

2. The refusal of intelligent African palaver NATO

It is important not to pay attention to the Western phobia,

although English which often sees in Libya and often throughout the Arab world, the emergence of a war between the supporters of SALAFI Islam and WICS Islam. Western Islamophobia often has its corollary in the Arab world. There is a occidentalophobie (see Francophobia) in the case of Libya.

NATO has therefore merely eliminate what bothers and let the Libyans cope with relational local imbroglio which unfortunately remains a mystery to those Western leaders who have overstepped the UN resolution which never authorized NATO is organized to kill an individual and his network to change a political system.

The solution of the African Union was playable but was denied by NATO. The “after al-Qathafi” is not set. The risk of civil war is very real if militias are not disarmed. But the solution is not a disarmament by force but through negotiations. Smart African palaver remains the solution in African areas where relational and community life remain a constant, well beyond religious differences, ethnic and between pro-Western and pro-Arab.

3. Loss of credibility of the “National Transitional Council”

The President of the CNT Moustapha Abdel Jalil and several Board members came to Benghazi to explain the new electoral law drafted by the NTC in preparation for the election in June 2012 a constituent assembly and composition of the Commission.

The problem is that the NTC seems to have lost its credibility and trust with the people has been eroded in a very short time mainly for reasons of corruption and arbitration favoring Western interests. Thus the headquarters of the National Transitional Council (NTC) in Benghazi, seat of the uprising in eastern Libya, was ransacked by angry protesters 21 January 2012. When the head of NTC came out to try to calm down, it was copiously booed by the protesters, plastic bottles were thrown. So disillusionment. There was even talk of removal of the head as the deposed regime that NTC members because there is no transparency in the puppet-governance of the CNT. The silence of NATO and Western countries who “bore the banner of democracy” is distressing.

The West and particularly France, including the French Ministry of Defence, no longer speaks of “engagement of wills” and “the urgency of protecting” especially the imbroglio of Syria and Iran embarrasses and occupies the Community.

4. New emerging resistance

Objections to the CNT can be found paradoxically in Misrata and Benghazi, and many former loyalists to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA seem to find proof in the lack of transparency of the CNT. The “RESISTANCE” enjoys significant support among ethnic groups such as the Tuareg and Amazigue who are marginalized by the CNT. Faced with this new “green strength” that is organized against “the CNT and Al-Qaeda,” the NTC has not found other ways that seek U.S. assistance and rumors that 12,000 U.S. troops could be deployed in Libya …. A new invasion as in Iraq would be prepared? Lessons from the past are struggling to serve strategic wisdom.

Dr. Yves Ekoué Amaïzo,
Group Director of thinking, acting and “Afrology influence”
23 January  2012

1. AFP (2012). “Libya clashes end with prisoner swap, ceasefire” in “France24″, 16January 2012, see <;, accede 22 January 2012.

2. BBC Africa (2011). “Libya militia leader ‘tortured and killed in detention”, in “BBC Africa”, 18 January 2012, see <; accessed 22 January 2012

3. Rijka novel (2011). “Libya for peace, the war continues,” in, 20 January 2012, see: <;, accessed 22 January 2012.

Des guerres en Libye

Les ex-rebelles refusent de rendre les armes et constituent des milices indépendantes qui font leur propre loi sur des territoires qu’ils déterminent à leur guise. Les bavures ne sont pas absentes. En fait des anciens loyalistes au clan du Colonel Kadhafi et qui ont apparemment aidé la rébellion à faire tourner la page de l’ère Kadhafi seraient rebaptisés en Conseil militaire de Gharyan (CNG) avec le Colonel Ahmed Omar Ibrahim Al-Fakhi. En cherchant à les désarmer, l’armée régulière du Conseil National de Transition a réussi à capturer quelques éléments du CMG mais rapidement, ce furent des représailles. Apparemment, un homme de Gharyan aurait été poignardé et laissé nu dans un marché aux légumes à 80 km au sud de Tripoli entre Assaba et Gharyan. Les combattants de la Brigade des Martyrs de Gharyan ont vivement répliqué avec des roquettes et des mitrailleuses… Bilan, plusieurs morts et des prisonniers de part et d’autre. Pour calmer le jeu, le Premier ministre intérimaire Abdurrahim al-Keib, le ministre de la Défense Osama al-Juweili et un Mufti libyen Sadeq al-Gharyani ont dû se déplacer pour négocier un cessez le feu. Malheureusement, des tortures ont été constatées dans les prisons du conseil national de Transition (CNT) , ce envers les anciens pro-kadhafistes . Les droits humains ne sont pas à sens unique.
Personne ne doit sous-estimer l’indépendance des entités communales héritée d’une forme de démocratie directe existante au temps de Mouammar Kadhafi. Aussi c’est le chef du conseil civil de la commune de Gharyan, Ibrahim Omar Saadi, qui a envoyé des négociateurs à Tripoli pour des négociations de deux jours qui ont abouti à un cessez le feu provisoire le 15 janvier 2012 assorti d’échanges de prisonniers. Le problème de fond n’est pas réglé. Comment les habitants de Gharyan vont livrer leurs propres frères ou sœurs résidant dans la commune qui a soutenu le système Kadhafi par le passé ? C’est tout le challenge de savoir arrêter les représailles pour reconstruire la paix qui se pose à la Libye du CNT.

Phoney Insurrection!

There was a special full moon out last night, very, very bright too!

Mu’Ammar al-Qathafi is our Holy IMAM:

Bring back the Great Jamahiriya for the Salvation of our ailing planet,

Please ALLAH! (BUT BY THINE HOLY WILL and blessings !)

The Virtues of Jumu’ah (Friday)

1 . The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Friday is the best of days. It was on this day that Hadrat Aadam alayhis salaam was created, it was on this day that he was granted entry into jannah, it was on this day that he was removed from jannah (which became the cause for man’s existence in this universe, and which is a great blessing), and the day of resurrection will also take place on this day.” (Sahih Muslim)

2 . It is related from Imam Ahmad rahmatullahialayh that he said that in certain aspects the rank of the night of Jumu’ah is even higher than Laylatul Qadr. One of the reasons for this is that it was on this night that The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) appeared in the womb of his mother. Prophet Muhammad’s appearance in this world was a cause of so much good and blessings both in this world and in the hereafter that they cannot be enumerated.

3 . The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes dua in it, his dua will definitely be accepted.” 

4 . The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Of all the days, Friday is the most virtuous. It is on this day that the trumpet will be blown. Send abundant durood upon me on Fridays because they are presented to me on that day.” The Sahabah radiallahu anhum asked: “O The Prophet Muhammad! How will they be presented to you when even your bones will not be present after your death?” The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) replied: “Allah Ta’ala has made the earth haraam upon the prophets forever.” (Abu Daud)

5 . The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The word“shaahid” refers to Friday. There is no day more virtuous than Friday. There is such an hour in this day that no Muslim will make dua in it except that his dua will be accepted. And he does not seek protection from anything except that Allah Ta’ala will grant him protection.” (Tirmidhi)
The word “shaahid” appears in Surah Burooj. Allah Ta’ala has taken an oath of that day. He says in the Quran: “By the sky in which there are constellations .By the promised day (of judgement). By the day that witnesses (Friday), and the day that is witnessed (day of Arafah).

6 . The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Friday is the “mother” of all days and the most virtuous in the sight of Allah Ta’ala. In the sight of Allah Ta’ala it has more greatness than Eid ul-Fitrand Eid ul-Ad’haa.” (Ibn Majah)

7 . The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The Muslim who passes away on the night or during the day of Friday, Allah Ta’ala saves him from the punishment of the grave.” (Tirmidhi)

8 . Once Hadrat Ibne Abbas radiallahu anhu recited the following verse: “This day, I have completed your Deen for you.” A Jew was sitting near him. On hearing this verse being recited he remarked: “If this verse was revealed to us, we would have celebrated that day as a day of eid.” Ibne Abbas radiallahu anhu replied: “This verse was revealed on two eids, i. e . on the day of jumu’ah and the day of arafah.” In other words, what is the need for us to make that day into a day of eid when it was already a day of two eids?

9 . The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) used to say that the night of jumu’ah is a lustrous night, and the day of jumu’ah is a lustrous day. (Mishkaat)

10 . Every afternoon, the heat of jahannam is increased. However, through the blessings of jumu’ah, this will not be done on Fridays.

11 . On one Friday, The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “O Muslims! Allah Ta’ala has made this day a day of eid. Whoever has perfume should apply it, and use themiswaak.” (Ibn Majah)

Mu victory Speech fo al-SAADI

(above): Muammar al-Qathafi’s victory speech for his son, al-SAADI (football).

Maj-Gen SAADI hero



Zaidane (is not the first time it has become accustomed your ways)

German client Zaidane at a press conference on the channel Libya wicked ..

Denies what came in the statement of American customer Hftar ..

And confirms that things are under control (as usual) and that things are going well ..

And calls for his militia to prepare for his defense and his government.:

“dirty Libyan people will not pass it to you this time our advance and insisting on the victory did not stop him the martyrdom of leader Muammar Gaddafi nor Billah has not stopped the arrest of Abdullah Senoussi or other State symbols Roanakm yesterday are making fake joy Pettmtheleh missing child boobies and sincerity that today lie.”


Lying if we said we consider a new Saheeh tell you that we are all project certificate and Snfda home and

our lives Sntehr home from scum like you.
My home today Triqson see you dance your parents slaughtered Bokavepkm and we are winning.

خصوص ما قاله زيدان عن استلام النائب العام عبدالله منصور نقول لك يا زيدان ليست المرة الأولى فقد تعودنا اساليبكم القذرة الشعب الليبي لن يمررها لكم هذه المرة زحفنا واصرارنا على النصر لم يوقفه استشهاد القائد معمر القذافي ولا المعتصم بالله لم يوقفه القبض على عبدالله السنوسي ولا غيره من رموز الدوله رأيناكم بالأمس تصنعون فرحة مزيفه بتمثيلية الطفل المفقود التي صدقها المغفلون واليوم تكذبون كذبة جديده ولو قلنا نعتبرها صحيحه نقول لكم كلنا مشروع شهادة وسنفدي الوطن بأرواحنا وسنطهر الوطن من امثالكم يا حثالة الوطن اليوم نراكم ترقصون رقصة الديك المذبوح وبأكاذيبكم نحن ننتصر.

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Sweeter joke and who we are used to from channels “17 Gahaar” all Mtasir a great need in the state Giebo news,

about the arrest of one of the symbols for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA !

As TPU Tkdbo Giroux little Bish Germankm Asedkokm ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

Dog Qatar Abdul Hakim Belhadj, now rat channel Fezzan face inverted and afraid and Arash now ..

Abdul Hakim Belhaj
On the channel rat ((Fezzan)) calls for “national reconciliation” !!! (HAH HAH!)
He said the displaced people abroad who fly the flag and came up in a march staged him he calls them to his home

and spoke to him a specific.

(I Look charity group)

Anklab traitor Hftar does not represent me, the Conference Allaotunai does not represent me,
and the Government of Ali Zaidane is imported Thmtlna …
Athurh for anything non-al-Fateh Revolution ….
and forward the revolutionary struggle and constant…
Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely!
انكلاب الخائن حفتـــــــر لا يمثلني والمؤتمر اللاوطني لا يمثلني وحكومة زيدان المستوردة لا ثمتلني …لاثورة غير ثورة الفاتح ….وإلى الأمام والكفاح الثوري مستمراللهم اضرب الظالمين بالظالمين واخرجنا من بينهم سالمين

News Libyan Armed Resistance:
Allah is the greatest.

We are the generation of the leader and ally Nasr Baden God…

and the promise of good Hilt here;

and we will start to crawl two million !

Fa your tidings determined to win; and will not be deterred anything with God’s help.

To the eyes of the customer Anamt. And soon we will shake their entity with a Great surprise.

God is great and above the aggressor Kid.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel

URGENT: mobility does not extend to announce shortly before the data through

his consecutive broadcast in Green Square for the launch of civil disobedience in the entire territory of Libya:

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Majeed Alzentute member of the National Congress of the outgoing submit his resignation over the air via satellite Libya Per Liberal and says he will submit it tomorrow morning for the conference officially and that the conference Aloutnielrahil for power and respect for the Libyan people who came out to us with cards red and refusing to extend explaining that the has a sense of conscience or of members that do not keep in the National Conference last year, days out of respect for the will of the Libyan people.:



cut power to the Green Square in Tripoli and pretending that the group numbers of naysayers to extend their conference pagan. ‫ # 

NATO putting her 2 cents in:


Friday Market, Tripoli
The beginning of the heating, hearing voices Mazad 14 aircraft in the skies.

(after-all, no one can “expel” her “pets”!!!)

13 FEBRUARY 2014:

Hftar’s Libyan Military Coup – Failed CIA False Flag Operation
Submitted by Joanne Moriarity on Fri, 02/14/2014 – 12:12pm

Ok, lets start with a little history about Khalifa Belqasim Hftar aka General Haftar. Khalifa Haftar has been a known traitor to Libya since he defected from his country , moved to Virginia and joined the CIA after the Libyan war with Chad in late 1986 (he had been a spy for Chad).

The CIA financed his gang of militias that were later to try and take down the Libyan government in a failed attempt in 2001. The reason being amongst other things the lack of support of the Libyan people and tribes. The Libyan people had a good life and were not interested in a war or a new government or destabilization of any kind.

Having failed, Mr. Haftar returned to his home base near Langley, VA and remained there until the fake Arab Spring was sprung and NATO blew up Libya. At that time, Mr. Haftar gladly returned to Libya and was put in charge (by the CIA) of the Al Qaeda rebel mercenary forces invading Libya. Mr. Haftar of course was happy to take part in any looting of Libya and any power he could take for himself as the government of Libya was destroyed by the outside forces of NATO. Last year his son robbed a bank in Libya, just part of his on going “justice” for the country he supposedly loves so much.

Jumping forward to the current situation. There was NO military coup in Libya today. There was nothing, period.

All of Haftar’s claims are completely false. First of all, the Libyan people ALL know this man as a traitor to their country and they do not follow him or his “gang of 12”. He is a CIA shill. Because the Libyan Tribes and all patriotic Libyans are against the General National Congress and it’s criminal Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda members they are effecting the downfall of that foreign body in their country. This is happening and everyday they get stronger and have more support both from inside and outside Libya.

So, the CIA – in all of it’s corrupt wisdom – thought they would get a jump on the inevitable and put their guy in charge.

Simply put they replace Ali Zaidane (spy for Germany) with Khalifa Haftar (spy for USA). This is their game.

To date there has been nothing said in the western media about the legitimate over throw of the puppet government by the Libyan people. The Libyan patriots have been clawing their country back from the hands of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and the CIA. So, the first news to hit the west, was their attempt at a coup via their “bought and paid for” media.

This proven to be “unintelligent” organization is still under the delusion that their media can tell any lie and it will be eaten by the public. Their lying media has been discredited so often that it is now a worthless propaganda machine.

News of the fall of the Building in Tripoli Street in the well.

Shufu coup nor Balash ** ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ
In general alert “to a room of bulls Libya” Tripoli:

Reuters News Libya Reuters:

Hamid Elhasy official spokesman of the Libyan army:

All members of the Libyan army officers and fronts under the command of General Command Army brigade

headed by Khalifa Hftar, because this is not a “coup”.
In Libya, there is no system to make a “coup” from, and Conference is
Illegal since the day 07-02.

We are with the will of the Libyan army and the
Libyan people; and await for the mandate of the Libyan people ..

Channel in Libya first:
Password Haftar now through contact with the channel Libya first in which he said:
We are aware that the people watching the position of the officers and troops of the Libyan army
Libyan Army officers Atkhadd his decision to stand on the side of the people.
Mobility is not a military coup but a step to correct the path to save the nation.
Can not sleep, and the nation is exposed to the risk of (disappearing) erase the harm
of Libyan assets from their base either illegal immigration or displacement and displacement inside and outside the home.
Protecting the homeland and its ruins is legitimate.
Justice and the law is the legitimate expressed by the people in the squares every day.
People will not give legitimacy to those who only protects certain people.
Did not show any signs of them to save the people
Conference against the police and army.
Coup argument is contained in the words of the conference and Aljkumh outgoing refunded by the people.
This is not a state to be held by the coup.
Congress is surrounded by thousands of soldiers to protect him and is judged either we, we the people to protect them.
Now soldiers and non-commissioned officers and officers are now everywhere and all the armed forces with us and
do not want to define, but you will know the coming hours, the people’s support.
The armed forces are present and will be under the banner of the army and is with us.
Working hour pealed and move towards the future may start.
The people are the only legitimate.
In response to Zaidane, it would not comment because it is a man tough conditions and subjected to a very
serious attempt Atert on his psyche and I hope to move away from the screen and not comment because this topic is not his arena.
I salute the people of Libya from the heart because there are a rift between the ranks and we know his demands
We have no particular ambition and we are in the service of the people and Hedda we know and trust him
There are some elements of good and bad at the conference
People reject the conference and they have to leave quickly, we opened the way for them to escape
Soon you will see the army of Libyan people
Assure the people that the army with him (in spirit and in blood) and he held his reference.”
What you say to Zaidane‘s remarks on the arrest warrant issued in connection with you?
Aaaah Ali Zaidane has experience in the subject of arrests
((Menbich and speak in
symptoms and Amaaha laugh hahahahaha))
O Allah case

Photos “first coup Hftar”:

Major General Khalifa Hfter roadmap consists of five main points, namely:
1_ establishment of an interim governing body, headed by the President of the Supreme Judicial
2_ the governing body to choose the national figure to head the interim government
3_ the formation of the National Defense Council continued to the Presidency for the protection of the state and the organization to take up arms
4_ immediate activation of the Judiciary and judicial institutions and seizure, Execution of transitional justice and activation of national reconciliation and the return of displaced persons to their homeland
5_ is the National Congress and the interim government to rule the freezer as well as former Constitutional Declaration
This is NOT the Great Jamahiriya which technically is STILL IN EXISTANCE until the people actually reject in a BPC:

Statement coup Haftar bubble media feel the pulse on the street Libyan
Does not have the ability to defend its coup.

Hamid Elhasy confirms Hftar control forces and forces the institutions of Libya.
Source al-Arabiya ******

Al-Arabiya, (puppet-tool) quoting:

Forces Khalifa Hftar Announces control over key facilities in Tripoli.


There is no truth to reports of a coup and not a communication breakdown in the city of Tripoli,

as stated in the channel ((Hebrew)) Arab:So I appreciate announce the coup story …. mesh here,,,
Do you have a story’s ability to protect and Anqlapk and Wu etc.
Haftar exploits the descent of the day the people to overthrow the National Congress!!! 
Rats salvation blood seared pension knew how to hand Bitlawa Asagto Conference of shame
and hand Talolhm Rat Hftar you shame.
The Lat and Lat Haha
Vote heavy shooting in the corner Dahmani Angle- Tripoli. 
Zizou denies coup Haftar news on Al-Arabiya said were given orders to arrest Hftar.Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Khst eachOn Al-Arabiya event inventory and Defense Minister threatens Khalifa Hftar and denies any control to Hftar in Tripoli or other.
Armed vehicles heading towards the UAE embassy in Tripoli, and believe that the so-called Hftar exists inside.
Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely.
Taraaabuls now:
Demonstrators are turning to Allaotunai Congress for storming force and militia now withdraw my Lord Lester and salvation
There Ktah by side Amaraat by Almtaaar processed in Nevshaaa now processed in Arabaaat bearing the text of 14 and 32 now
Steep and my brothers Aaajp.
Gunmen storm the Al-Arabiya office in Tripoli.


2:26 Video clashes City corner 13 FEBRUARY 2014:
de Rusaifa News

Killed 5 people and wounded 15 others on February 13 as a result of armed tribal clashes in the west corner

of the Libyan capital Tripoli. According to the Libyan news agency that five people were killed and 15 others injured,

in clashes armed tribal in the corner, pointing out that the clashes broke out against the backdrop of clashes last

night in GREEN Square  in the city, which in turn led to the deaths of a number of people and wounding others.

The agency said the situation is now calm in the city. Source: RT +

5 personnes ont été tuées dans des affrontements dans le coin Libye
al-Fateh 69 reports today:

Assassination of Salah Al Najma Club coach football in front of the door of the club
Sources news about the assassination of Salah al-Sharif coach football star quintet in front of the door of the club. Did not give any information about the sources of that the assassination.

Exposure to players and administrative team Ahli Tripoli attacked and beaten.

According to news sources for exposure to players and administrative team Ahli Tripoli was attacked and beaten by the army and the police forces of Finance.

Everything is very quiet in Tripoli so quiet that you can hear a pin fall down waiting for the storm to come as we say here in Libya. The only thing that is moving in Tripoli are the UN TRUCKS with their special units checking the streets.




Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya:

News from the closure of the coastal road mil area shortly before and did not know the reasons.
Now shut down the coastal road area mil and a group tracking room rats Libya branch corner group

Interface Language, and with them the traitor rat Salah Valley closure of all openings Elly between
roads coastal and the provocation for the sons and Rishvana and we will reply to you
Aaclab Brotherhood and rats and tomorrow to sight a close.


Brotherhood militia firing on a peaceful demonstration in Mslath



After battling Jardan El Hammadi and Gradan Awlad Aftysa belonging to the detainee Mager Bzletn,

The backpressure release of the detainees are all open doors in front of them and out of detainees Defiance in the other,

but some of them did not get out because of their emphasis they does something to them and must get out by the prosecution, as well as some of the accused crimes personal and direct our parents Baxtoa Editors of the detainee …

WHDH some of the names of the prisoners escaped yesterday from religion prisons Jardan in Zliten when quarreled Jardan in some God protected them wherever they found a hurdle for the rest: –

1. Recep Belaid birth Fulayfel
2. Samir Belaid birth Fulayfel
3. Aisha Ali Mohamed Akaddar
4. Salem Omar Ibrahim Bedaiwi
5. Faraj Faraj Salim Aoun
6. Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Salem Algrara
7. Omar Mohammed Mounir Alhweij
8. Ezzedine Ibrahim Mahmoud Saad
9. Jamal Mohammed Ashour gift
10. Ayman Abdel Salam Omar Arhomh
11. Ali Omar birth Qmo
12. Hussain Ahmed Makhzoom Adamisho
13. Ramadan Abdul Hameed Bin Hindi
14. Mohammed Fathallah Abdullah Alhweij
15. Abdasameea Ahmed Belaid Abdasameea
16. Mohammed Omar Mansour Alati
17. Gibran Faraj Ashour Hassouna
18. Ezzedine Faraj Ali al-Zubaidi
19. Muhannad key Alaaoas
20. Hamza Shaban Ramadan Alkhcherma
21. Imran Ali Faraj Aldjarod
22. Ibrahim Ramadan Ibrahim pomegranate
23. Yusuf Hassan Ibrahim pond
24. Ramzi Ali Salem Bedaiwi
25. Mohammed Ibrahim Hablo Noasr
26. Ramadan Abdulsalam Emhemed Gosail
27. Abdul Hameed Mohammed Ashour Alati
28. Mustafa Ahmed Belaid Abdasameea
29. Abdulsalam Abubakar Mohammed with light
30. Mohammed Faraj Ali Toumi
31. Khaled Jamal Ben Younes
32. As Mohammed Ali Amoirbe
33. Khaled Khalifa Alillaa
34. Ali Attia birth Krnavh
35. Muammar Mohammed bin Faraj
36. Muttalib Mohammed Ali Abdu
37. Ismail Ahmed Eshtewi Akaddar
38. Hamid Faraj Hablo Hablo
39. Key gift key Arioh
40. Key Ahmed Mohamed Azaaloc
41. Hamza Mohammed Faitouri Trchana
42. Yusuf Ali Mohammed Akaddar
43. Hamza Abdul Qader Mohammed Alhweij
44. Emhemed F key sieve
45. Gift Faraj Hussein Bin Sulaiman
46. Khaled Abdulsalam birth cords
47. Salah Mohammed Salem Al Haddad
48. Mohammed Mohammed burned Zarouk
49. Emhemed Bashir key Aldgdog
50. Ayman Ali Mahdi Hkurb
51. Abdulrahman Mohammed Omran Shoshan
52. Ali Ali Abdulaati cantaloupe
53. Khalifa Mansour Attia Dhurh
54. Mohammed Mohammed Milad Azhoynk
55. Ismail Mohamed intruder Soaad
56. Mohammed Ahmed thanked Emhemed
57. Key Faraj Mohammed Al-Amari
58. Musa Omar Rajab Hamid
59. Attiya Mohammed Haj Abdul Salam al-Atrash
60. Hilal Ibrahim Faraj coastal
61. Imad Abdul Salam Futaisi
62. Khaled Ali Salem Aljaddaima
63. Imad Ramadan Ibrahim Osman
64. Omar Faraj Omar Saud
65. Jibril gift Hussein Bin Sulaiman
66. Salem Mohammed Milad Jeroshi
67. Abdulrahman Abdullah Tahir Hazel
68. Walid Ahmed Da’duc
69. Abu Zeid Omar Abdul-Jabbar birth
70. Salim Salim key Apodib
71. Muhammad Salim lamp Ibouhger
72. Talal Mohammed Ali Elzimzam
73. Abdul Salam Mohammed Faraj Alati
74. Salah Mohammed Salameh Dehom
75. Mohammed Fathi Faitouri Alati
76. Ismail Mohamed Ragab Ashour
77. Ali Mohamed Ali Qmo

Dirty MISURATA must feed their hunger for torture and blood

and to sell human organs on the black-market!

Reports that the battalion Come From July 9 to open the doors of the prison Mager ~
and severe congestion within the city of Zliten.Shooting & thick on the walls of the prison Mager ~ and ambulances to enter the prison ~ Lord & Save us Ahrarna !
The following Reuters news report is a propagated lie to cover for MISURATA stealing prisoners to torture:
“Council spokesman Zliten | escape of 92 prisoners from the prison of the city, “Zliten”, east of the Libyan capital Tripoli”

ZERO HOUR” rightly comments:
“It seems it’s a lie to hide the crime occurred filter against these prisoners, we have been during the past two days, we noted that the militias of Misrata and Atbaaha took away a number of these prisoners to an unknown location.”

News of the MISURATA attack on the prison Mager dawn and taken away by force,

the number of prisoners to the city of Misratah to torture !
 News of the fall of the Martyrs of Ahrarna who escaped from prison after shooting Mager them by
militias Almottagrzna within the city of Zliten.
Urgent news about the arrest of seven people from Ahrarna who escaped from a prison Mager
by militias Almottagrzna within the city of Zliten.
Urgent access ambulances coming from Mager to the hospital Zliten ~ please make sure of the Free…
there is news about the torture of prisoners, prison Mager remaining inside the prison by militias Almottagrzna.
July 9 & battalion controlled area Mager fully reported killed one of the four members of the battalion
in the streets of Mager.
Sniper Zliten:

“The news is true and the news about the death of an inventory of Awlad Ahamada.”

(Photo of Mager “prison” in ZLITEN)
All the prisoners were out of prison Mager in Zliten.
Hear the voices of heavy weapons within the city of Zliten ….
And self-styled battalion July 9 controls the entire area Mager and news about the death of one of the four
members of the battalion in the streets of Mager
As Dkrna previously said that he opened the doors of the prison families are Jardan and not be free to avenge Jardan others,
and I think now is a clash between Jardan Cadah and rats Futaisi
dirty MISURATA‘s plans for ZLITEN:MB RAT LIBYA “Shield” militias threaten to crush the city of Zliten to control her, and to annex ZLITEN as part of the Military District of Misratah.
The spread of the gates in the city of Zliten Jermanah to prevent MISURATA MB SHIELDS from doing their planned dirty-works.
Rtal Germanah Misurata interference to the city of Zliten now taken it all Liberals caution.


NATO Warplanes
In the sky of the city of Sirte withstand:



Demonstrations are now in CASABLANCA (white) and Tobruk and Benghazi


To declare their support for the brigade Khalifa Haftar and announced that the conference rapist legitimacy of 7-2 …

and CASABLANCA (white) slogans now are: –

District upon you, my brothers, Haftar sitting on the ground ..

Nebo Haftar Wayne Ajém, Willem Brotherhood and Tarém ..

Kaaml upheld the city’s Hftar CASABLANCA (White) support of General Hftar, who resides there now.

Urgent Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Clarion fully in the ranks of the rats in each of Benghazi and CASABLANCA (white) now.


Clarion support of General Hftar fully in the ranks of the rats! STUPIDS!!

The expulsion of the news channel of al-Jazeera in front of the Tibesti Hotel these moments ..

Ahmed Khalifa

طرد طاقم الجزيرة من امام تبستي :: احمد خليفة


Ali al-Obeidi exposure to shootings outside his home

by unidentified gunmen who was injured in the chest area.

Colonel survive, “Ali al-Obeidi,” an assassination attempt by unknown.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Special Forces Thunderbolt save a girl from the city of attempted kidnapping
A military source confirmed the special forces “Thunderbolt” that the elements
Investigations special forces rescued girl suffered a kidnapping attempt
Buhedama area shortly before the city of Benghazi, and the source said
In a statement that the girl who suffered a kidnapping attempt
Toussaint drive a car and tried to unidentified traveling in a car Mazda
Unnecessary elements hijacked intervened investigation and if the perpetrators fled.



Image .. Tawfiq Shuhaibi member resigned from the membership of the Conference of the outgoing participate evening the people of his city of Tobruk in demonstrations opposed to the extension and that after resigning in writing and formally Conference.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:

 In Tobruk airport they caught a Qatari plane which was forced to land in Tobruk because of a malfunction and when searched they found military arms all the crew was arrested.

Abed Rabbo confirms the reservation on the arms shipment was on its way to the base

Colonel, “Ibrahim Abed Rabbo” is the base of Tobruk air in a statement
Special that was kept on the arms shipment was on its way to
Ameitikh air base Thursday evening yesterday, as was the reservation
The person who was going to send these weapons from the base of Tobruk
Air and said, “Abed Rabbo” in his statement that he was released the plane
And crew accompanying her yesterday evening and was taken Binathm and investigations
Ongoing and did not end until this moment, and will clarify the Amur
In the next few hours.

Gerdanih military leaders from the eastern region now meets at the base of Tobruk .. Air ..
And talk about a statement ..
Will be issued after hours
Almnkalp pledge allegiance to Major General Khalifa Haftar Chief of Staff of the Eastern Region
Source: Radio Tobruk local …



Urgent / militia boys do Suleiman smuggling weapons from the desert to the battalion Knight self-styled

battalion brigade is located right next to Zraab Mansheya approx.

Family of Tawergha live in the secondary militias Misurata existing Bsabha arrest Lord family and one of his

daughters and taken to an unknown location. The militias and the angels of Girls sound reporting Alagae

of Tawergha families in the city to satisfy our masters Almzraat.
Being God and you, oh yes, the agent of darkness

Treacherous time
God and yes, the agent


Tabu tribes in control of the international airport of Sebha all sites Alastairatjah important in all the cities of the

south of Libya and closing the southern border of Sudan, Chad and Niger to help clarify things in the country.

Urgent Tabu in control of the vital centers in the south were closed border crossings with Chad, Niger and Sudan until

we know the situation in the country.

Wounding a number of militias Musharana of what is known as Awlad Suleiman Brigade VI; while attempting to occupation of the airport Sabha Toubou rebels, but they returned dragging the tails of disappointment to their hideouts and civilian
airport currently under the control of the military and the rebels Champions Tabu.
The infected currently in Misurata:
1 Hussein Salih Mahdi Huwaidi Soleimani
2 Mahmoud Hussein Bzhoh Soleimani
3 Mohammad Soleimani Almsheeti
4 Sanusi Mohammed Hassan Soleimani
And in critical condition.
The fall of the mortar on the District Ornithological Sabha which led to the death habitat Chhae blastoma Altbawi, 
63 years and the source of the fire battalion Knight controlled by gangs Awlad Suleiman.
Asma Mohammed
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá eyewitness confirmed to us that the children of Solomon practicing witchcraft and Caudh Bcitaan
and will help them and they are Bzven camels
and live in Ramlet aliens after 40 Market Street area Mansheya.
For all the Liberal fortified by reading the Holy Quran in general and especially Sura and a lot of prayers for the Prophet:
The best prayer and peace In the name of God the Merciful
(and we made what worked pursuant Fjalnh vain scattered)
Almighty God.
Please Publishing and Circular
13 février, 16:30
Was arrested on one tribe Almgarhh (SE Ahmudh Hamad al-Megrahi) was arrested by the evening last night went
Atina city seawall by militias Almzarat located at the base of Tmanhunt he is now Tmanhunt base ….


Demonstrations in two cities and Murzuq Alqtron against the extension of the National Conference
Exit demonstrations rejecting the extension of the Murzuq and Opare and Alqtron the south of Libya.


By media halo Masrati:

Yes, we have been delivered, “Abdullah Mansour,” according to the deal paid from the budget of the Libyan people, including pro-and anti-February, and I come back I remember it genocide and nothing else, so Muasher Alfberiren of the still susceptible because they are in a row Alamadhok them that the list of death and genocide will not stop at Greens.

Today may be our role and your role tomorrow, but end up eating white bull” because the masters of February and symbols and the Freemasons have a scheme, they must be implemented and this scheme will not stop at the end of the current green and, God willing, will not end.
So Muasher moles of each of February, if we were not such Okhalaqkm and our adherence to God and our religion to make us news of assassination Rmozakm Alfberaaria without paying we Greens one dollar addresses to gloat in all our news.
How many character was escorted to Libya is one of the symbols of the former regime against the billions and millions and how much of a figure regarded as symbols of February was assassinated without a price, and without that keeps them said little .. Even our prisoners and that the weakness of some Mnhtamohm this great honor and made them their national symbols, but what about the So you were killed in cold blood Fajbr assassination published Sajph with death and buried with the burial of the owner said ..
Despite the unhappiness and worries how much we conquerors.
Had we really just ousted and Obaid Tagah what you Tqaibdtm bother negotiations and consultations, and instead deals to Ostgelbna highest bidder .. Even as we Nmthen silence and we are committed to inaction deceive daggers threatening lives and nightmares plague the ruling and needles tingling of the last remaining in the consciences of this that you have consciences originally and remain we are witnesses of the times on the massacre of the nation and its loss and corruption tightly So in annihilate us slaughter of virtue and the killing of the truth and falsification of history and mislead the right and, God willing, you would not be that God is with us and is a good saver.

curity service, the former deploying message of a bitch Ghaidaa Skype to Colonel Abdullah Mansour ..

After Chwt it yesterday and was showered with insults ..

Oqraa this bitch beg to Mr. Abdullah Mansour .. To know how it is in February Foundling and whore ..!!

أعضاء من جهاز الامن الداخلي السابق يقومون بنشر رسالة من العاهرة غيداء سكاي بي الى العقيد عبدالله المنصور .. بعد ان تشفت فيه بالامس و انهالت عليه شتائم .. أقراءوا استجداء هذه العاهرة للسيد عبدالله المنصور .. لتعرفوا كم هي فبراير لقيطة و عاهرة ..!!

UPDATE, it is true!

Rats defenders Niger 500 million dollars Ashan Abdullah Mansour,

and the country suffers from a severe shortage of liquidity.

God and the authenticity of her guardian Niger!!!!!!!

“Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi”

“To all of the suggestions I am with the tribes on the right or void
To both slept on the money
Each of your hand to his head in the dirt as if the Neutral means and is believed to be safe is to void
Delivery Savior Abdullah Mansour was behind his cousins ​​and his tribe scum.

Seif …

All of you threatened to extradite your silence and your money will not be a lifeline start working on the return home

is of gives you safety and security … God Save the remaining of it.”

khasos What Zaidane for the receipt of the Attorney General Abdullah Mansour tell you !

Niger government is thinking only of the DINARS $$$$$:

Niger’s government to extradite Abdullah Mansour government customers for 365.6€million.

Niger can happily cross Abdallah Mansour for $$$$. He was a former adviser to Muammar al-Qathafi.

He fled to Niger, under escort by Tuareg chief Aghali Alambo. Mansour lives at his own expense near Niamey, where he has a villa on the Plateau nearby Kano Koira.
Free to move about, he was seen in the finest establishments in Marrakech.
Muammar al-Qathafi and Abdullah Mansour:

Muammar and Abdullah Mansour

Rats defenders Niger 500 million dollars Ashan Abdullah Mansour, and the country suffers from a severe shortage of liquidity!
God and the authenticity of her guardian Niger!!!!!!!

khasos What Zaidane for the receipt of the Attorney General Abdullah Mansour tell you:

Azzouz Gharbaoui tells us the truth:
(“Battalion revenge Sirte fighter”)
Aaaaaaagel :::
In a telephone call to one of honest people in Niger, are untrue when recounted by the media shaded
for the arrest of Brigadier Abdullah Mansour, as usual, continue to lie and fabrication so inflamed
public opinion and blinding vision on the subject of coup Jardan on each …
Vabrigad in good health and in a safe place .. ….
The story of the arrest of Abdullah Mansour fighter
The fighter Abdullah Mansour, was suffering from exposure to impermeable severe VSAT condition
and is brought from headquarters parents him to the hospital for treatment Vtm sales there
because there is a hospital, Dr. Libby Gerdany was the author him of some mercenaries Nigerians
were kidnapped from the hospital and handed over to one Jardan
and Hua in case of fainting Tam and has a pledge of million.
God and yes, the agent
Sharp disagreement between the Awlad Suleiman Hroah and Awlad Suleiman in Sabha, against the backdrop of the involvement of Ghaith Abdul Majid Seif al-Nasr and called the owner km channel Fezzan in the plot delivery Maj. Gen. Abdullah Mansour
to militias in Tripoli.
Who lay down what the night animate coup ..Yes, we have been delivered , ” Abdullah Mansour ,” according to the deal paid from the budget of the Libyan people , including pro-and anti- February , and I come back I remember it genocide and nothing else , so Muasher Alfberiren of the still susceptible because they are in a row Alamadhok them,
that the list of death and genocide will not stop at Greens Today may be our role and your role tomorrow “,
but end up eating white bull ” because the pillow February and symbols and the Freemasons have a scheme:
They must be implemented and this scheme will not stop at the end of the current green and , God willing, will not end .
So Muasher moles of each of February, if we were not such Okhalaqkm and our adherence to God and our religion
to make us news of assassination Rmozakm Alfberaaria without paying we Greens one dollar addresses to gloat in all our news .
How many character was escorted to Libya is one of the symbols of the former regime against the billions and millions and how much of a figure regarded as symbols of February was assassinated without a price , and without that keeps them said little ..
Even our prisoners and that the weakness of some Mnhtamohm this great honor and made them their national symbols,
but what about the so you were killed in cold blood Fajbr assassination published Sajph with death and buried with the
burial of the owner said ..
Despite the unhappiness and worries how much we conquerors .
Had we really just ousted and Obaid Tagah what you Tqaibdtm bother negotiations and consultations,
and instead deals to Ostgelbna highest bidder ..
Even as we Nmthen silence and we are committed to inaction deceive daggers threatening lives and nightmares plague the ruling and needles tingling of the last remaining in the consciences of this that you have consciences originally and remain we are witnesses of the times on the massacre of the nation and its loss and corruption tightly.
So in annihilate us slaughter of virtue and the killing of the truth and falsification of history and mislead the right and,
God willing, you would not be that God is with us and is a good saver.

Bloody confrontations

Mu brilliant

Gadhafi and son, Saif


O Allah, open to the mujahideen resistance Liberal doors, and remove their difficulties … and Kid Spend them wolves, and all hypocrite and a liar .. O Collect hearts and necks around them … your strength, O Lord, and Hap .. O Link on their hearts and proved their feet … and hit and throw them towards their minds and make them tight respite from all …


مراسلة للفارس من داخل الوطن الجريحالأفراد والعائلات التي شاركت في نكبة فبراير . تمر بحالة نفسية صعبة . الكثير منهم نادمون . بعضهم يجاهر بها للمقربين . والأخر يكتمها حسرة في قلبه لكنها ظاهرة وواضحة على ملامح وجوههم .في أحاديث المناسبات الأجتماعية . لم يعد هناك من يتكلم بحماس على فبراير . بل الكثير ناقم عليها . وناقم من تصرفات قادتها . ويصفهم بالمجرمين والسراق . ويتكلمون بوضوح بأنه تم الضحك عليهم .يلاحظ بشكل ملفت أن كل العائلات التي ناصرت فبراير فقدت أحد أو بعض ابنائها أو بناتها في حوادث مختلفة . اما موت بالخطأ برصاصة طائشة . أو في معارك ومشاجرات . أو في حوادث سير . أو خطف وتعذيب . ومنهم من هم مختفي حتى هذه اللحظة ولايعلم عنه شي .

الأخطر من كل ذلك والمسكوت عنه . لكنه يتداول خفية . هو أن عدد كبير من الشباب والفتيات مصابون بأمراض وأوبئة . وخاصة مرض الأيدز الذي أنتشر بشكل مخيف . وهناك مناطق ناصرت فبراير منذ البداية سكانها يرتجفون من تفشي هذا المرض . ومنهم من حاول العلاج بالخارج وبتكاليف باهضة . لكن لم يتغير شي . والناس مرعوبة .

حوادث متفرقة حصلت . بأن بعضهم قالها بصوت عالي في وسط الحضور ونتحفظ عن ذكر الأماكن ( ياريت يولي معمر ) مع العلم أنهم كانوا من أكبر المناصرين لفبراير .

الشباب والفتيات يتداولون صور وخطب القائد معمر القذافي وسيف الأسلام ويضعونها نغمات وعلنا في بعض الأماكن . أيضا ينتقون اللباس والأكسسوارات وكل شي باللون الأخضر . ومعطم الليبيين يتابعون قناة الخضراء في البيوت وحتى الادارات والمؤسسات . وبعض المدراء يعلم ذلك ويكتفي بالصمت .

أخيرا .. معظم الناس ولن نبالغ أذا قلنا نسبة 90% من الناس هم ناقمون على فبراير . بل ومستعدين للمشاركة في تطهير البلاد من مجرميها وأعادة الشرعية الجماهيرية وعلمها الأخضر وأمنها وسيادتها وكرامتها للمواطن .

Messages Fares from inside the home wounded:

Individuals and families who participated in the Nakba February Going through a difficult psychological condition. Many of them regret. Some of those close to them openly. And the other Ictmha heartbreak in his heart, but the phenomenon and clear on the features of their faces.

Conversations in social events. There is no longer speaks enthusiastically of the February But many indignant them. And indignant by the actions of its leaders. And describe them as criminals and thieves. And speak clearly that he was laughing at them.

Notes dramatically that all families who have lost a February championed or some of her sons or daughters in different incidents. The death accidentally by a stray bullet. Or in battles and quarrels. Or in traffic accidents. Or kidnapped and tortured. Some of them are Hidden until this moment, did not know about Shi.

The most dangerous of all, and untold story. But hidden trades. Is that a large number of young men and women are infected with diseases and epidemics. Especially the spread of AIDS, which is scary. There are areas in February championed since the start shivering inhabitants of an outbreak. Some of them tried to treatment abroad and the cost of expensive. But something has changed. The people are terrified.

Isolated incidents got. That some of them uttered loudly in the middle of the audience and have reservations about the places mentioned (I wish you could give Muammar) with the knowledge that they were one of the biggest supporters of the February

Young men and women are trading pictures and speeches leader Muammar Gaddafi and Saif al-Islam and put tones and openly in some places. Also weeded dress and accessories, everything is green. Matm Libyans and follow the green channel in homes and even departments and institutions. Some managers know this and only silence.

Finally .. Most people will not be an exaggeration if we say 90% of people are disgruntled on February And even willing to participate in the cleansing of the country and re-Mejrmiha legitimacy and the Libyan green flag and its security, sovereignty and dignity of the citizen.

Failure is never as scary as regret.

Shops sit for an hour before the 2-day commander of the night ..
And just with the whole evening prayers Tskr bidet people who are afraid of what Sayer in the country ..
God Aaazmy released.
Green TV Channel Green TV:Today we see most of the people will not be an exaggeration if we say 90% of supporters are disgruntled 17 February,
to February And even willing to participate in cleansing the country of Mejrmiha and re legitimacy, Libyan and flag green, security, sovereignty and dignity of the citizen, today demonstrated the vision for the supporters of 17 February  and Asubho are well aware of their Jardan who was Iksdhm leader Muammar al-Qathafi today only they can answer the question, commander of you?
اليوم نرى معظم الناس ولن نبالغ أذا قلنا نسبة 90% من انصار 17فبراير هم ناقمون على فبراير . بل ومستعدين للمشاركة في تطهير البلاد من مجرميها وأعادة الشرعية ،الجماهيرية ورايتها الخضراء وأمنها وسيادتها وكرامتها للمواطن اليوم اتضحت الرؤيا لأنصار 17 فبراير واصبحو يدركون جيدا من هم الجردان الذين كان يقصدهم القائد معمر القذافي اليوم فقط يستطيعون الأجابة على سؤال القائد من انتم؟عدو الإستسلام


Miniature stud helmets Testament 17:03

Convenant Gift of the spirit of the hero martyr Dr. Billah Gaddafi.
de Frasin helmets Testament


SKIP THE TITLE—BUT WATCH THIS VIDEO—even if you think you know all the explanations—

this includes those explanations but ties all things together—enlightening for sure!

“Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)” on FACEBOOK
Deny the news of the death of Dr. Hamza Thami .. Oh and Libya Bock Sadkm of rumors ..


12 févr. 2014
Video of the child the joy of the people kidnapped from hospital green Tripoli
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Rusaifa Media Network
Radioa Rusaifa FM
Rusaifa-media video and audio



RAT CONGRESS  cut the internet online on most of the surrounding towns,

including the cities of Tripoli and Rishvana .

Lien urgently for a number of members of Congress
In the name of God the Merciful
To the Libyan people, the Great ..
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
In response to the demands of our great people who came out on 02/07/2014 refusing to extend the work of the National Congress and the roadmap approved by.
Aware of the seriousness of the stage with the country as a result of the failure of the National Conference in the year to do some constitutional requirements in a timely manner and in accordance with the constitutional declaration, which has led to the emergence of political and economic crisis sharply.
And our commitment to what we committed upon our people to maintain the path of democratic and peaceful transfer of power.
Through our follow-up of the events and the gradual evolution that Azarmen during which the country is heading towards a serious and significant junctures.
Inspired by the experiences of previous internal and external event where the intransigence of those who took power and clung to it despite demands from the people for them to give them up and the consequent destruction of the country.
So all consider ourselves we had finished the period specified us NCP year and upon which has been our election in accordance with the Declaration of constitutional, and we announce to our honorable stability of our biased to him and to his choices and he did not return for this decision, and we call for a freeze on the work of the National Congress and call early elections.
1 – Adel Abdul Hameed Crchara
2 – emigrated Mohammed Kayed
3 – Abdul Razzaq al-Mahdi Azwain
4 – F Alsoiei Sayeh
5 – Mohammed Abdul Kader Pietro
6 – Mr. Mohammed Musa fasting
7 – Tahir Ali pyramid
8 – sincere Abuaaúhh Kasher
9 – Taoufik Ben Brik Shuhaibi
10 – Mohammed Ansari Net
11 – Abdul Hameed Dou Alkhnjara
12 – Mohammed Abubakar Abdulkadir
13 – Abdel Salam Abdullah Anasih
14 – Khalid Charge
15 – Ahmed Salem bin Suweid
16 – Ibrahim Ali Souayah
17 – Zidane lamp Abdullah
God save Libya
Issued in Tripoli on 13/02/2014


The state of salvation finished in Hait feared him what end Hahaha
Defense Minister retract his remarks on the coup and says he was just an ordinary meeting.


One compromise Baldye and the second and third gas bargained compromise oil and weapons fourth

and the sixth and the eighth tribe Gabe not there who knows that Libya above all bargains.


Fire inside Maskaraldvaa air trait Furjan
And a column of smoke rising from it without knowing the reasons so far…



Last Night,

1 – angle / killing two people and wounding a third serious injuries as a result of the exchange of gunfire.

Gate 27 by the corner of Tripoli thorough inspection and a personal car to Ivkohatoul without papers
were downloaded 5 families of their cars that their papers are not complete. Please Circular


Loya angle Nbashrk mind ..
Corner of criminals fighting each other and in some Icefo
Zadhm him, O Lord
Dear Lord Eachdhm taken it a capable and swallow Behm ground and curse in this world before the Hereafter Amen.
The Lord preserves are free corner helpless before a handful of puppets.((Allah is Mighty, with a vengeance)) Almighty God

Clashes now in the corner with all heavy weapons and lock the main road and shops.

Violent clashes now all the weapons inside the crowded streets of the corner.
Populations among a group of militias warring because of a problem killed on the track two Mend last night,

and now we still have not been able to find out the total number of dead and wounded because of lock roads

and streets and the coastal road and the state of Da’r between the people and the displacement of most of them

to Hiding inside Hostels corner ..

“Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)” on FB:
Severe congestion between rats corner after the killing of the rat “paste” ..

Munir’s body paste commander Omar Mukhtar secret corner.

Which bodes Other tours of fighting between militias rats.

Video clashes city corner

Statistics number of deaths received by the hospital corner educational
12 cases of deaths.
Wounded 22 wounded injuries vary from simple to medium and serious.
Dr Mohammed Baseer, head of the hospital.

Urgent violent clashes in the city of corner Althagaiqa weapons and launchers and machine guns

and led to the death of a person who was going out of his car shot in head
Clashes between tribes and Albulaazza Saqr boys against boys paste.

Shutdown signal Omar Mukhtar Street corner and explosions and clashes are very violent.

Zoom in mosques corner now ..
O Allah, destroy them in Mark Tkberhm

Congestion petrol stations in Tripoli due to suspension of refinery corner..

Insurance is getting tight all day around the headquarters of the sessions Almatmralutna “Rixos” in Tripoli,

where he was brought extra concrete barriers, and containers to close the roads leading to it.

RATS GHEOH and Raof hater give out BIBES AGAIN!!!

Militias hater and Gneoh give 1,500 dinars for each young versus disembarking in Algeria Square demonstration

tomorrow, and must say “yes” to the extension of the (illegal) rat CONGRESS.

GNEOH evil of Salim, Tripoli 




Moved news ………………….. “Adhan approached to leave”  on FB

Urgent: –

Mukhtar Fernana al-Akhdar Green, vice president of the military council of Zintan: –

Mukhtar al-Akhdar (GREEN) vice president of the military council of Zintan

There are those who want the return of dictatorship and repression of the Libyan people and we
Will not be silent about this.

Now happens conflict GS power and now they want the suppression of the Libyan people.

We will not accept this and God Senshakh crush
And we will defend the Libyan people with full force,

the Taatsaron
The power and the money, money Juzu Judhu Bank of Libya
Central, will live on farming and Agriculture

but from today
We say to the Libyan people Atmino no men will Bhamaitkm.

But we still say peace and we say we want to warn of spilling innocent blood and the suppression of Libyans ..


And next Friday, we will hear what he (Mukhtar Fernana al-Akhdar Green) wants of the Libyan people.

خبر منقول………………….. اضن اقتربت جمعة الرحيلعـــــــاجــــل :-مختار الاخضر نائب رئيس المجلس العسكري الزنتــان :-هناك من يريد عودة الدكتاتورية وقمع الشعب الليبي ونحن
لن نسكت عن هذا ، الان يحدث صراع ع السلطه والان يريدون
قمع الشعب الليبي لن نرضي بهذا والله سنسحقه سحق
وسندافع على الشعب الليبي بكل قوة ، تتصارعون على
السلطه وعلى الاموال ، خوذوا الاموال خوذو مصرف ليبيا
المركزي ، سنعيش على الفلاحة والزراعه لكن من اليوم
نقول للشعب الليبي اطمئنو يوجد رجال سيقومون بحمايتكم
ولكن مازلنا نقول السلم ونقول نحن الدماء نحذر من يريد
قمع الليبين .. والجمعة القادمة سوف تسمعون ماذا يريد الشعب الليبى

The Vice Chairman of the Zintan Military council warns Al Qaeda,(all criminal extremist militias) the General National Congress and any other suppressor of freedom, that any attempt to harm the Libyan people will be met with the full force, money and power from the Zintan tribe. This statement is made in response to the threat from the GNC (criminal puppet government) to the people of Libya that if they take to the streets they will be fired upon with weapons and killed.

Now all the people of Libya are against this impotent government filled with Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, etc. This GNC has robbed the Libyan people, made criminal acts legal, committed atrocities against the people, kept 2 million Libyans in exile and 1 million homeless. There is nothing but failure and corruption now in Libya and the people will not stand for this, the tribes will not stand for this, Libya will rise again through her people to a safe and prosperous country. God Bless the great Libyan Patriotic resistance – God Speed.

بيان المجلس العسكري الزنتان يتلوه “مختار الاخضر” نائب رئيس المجلس العسكري الزنتــان

هناك من يريد عودة الدكتاتورية وقمع الشعب الليبي ونحن لن نسكت عن هذا ، الان يحدث صراع ع السلطه والان يريدون قمع الشعب الليبي لن نرضي بهذا والله سنسحقه سحق وسندافع على الشعب الليبي بكل قوة ، تتصارعون على السلطه وعلى الاموال ، خوذوا الاموال خوذو مصرف ليبيا المركزي ، سنعيش على الفلاحة والزراعه لكن من اليوم نقول للشعب الليبي اطمئنو يوجد رجال سيقومون بحمايتكم ولكن مازلنا نقول السلم ونقول نحن الدماء نحذر من يريد
قمع الليبين .



two girls found dead in Ain Zara Mguetolten. The two girls who found them in the eye Mqtolatn visited have been killed in prison Alruyemi Iqiadh named Haitham house money and kill the person who claims to work Asamadh was born in prison and anyone skeptical Alkamirat Photos of entry and exit.



message from
Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar on FB: 
Observer navigational Libyan / / / /
Urgent Nalut and Ghadames area now …
On the day dawn on Thursday at two in the morning for the third time are monitoring … Bana seems airstrip official foreign bodies on Libyan territory
Where the Minister of Defense of all this
Corresponding to 02/13/2014
Been monitoring military aircraft (SAR Aircraft) MMSI: 168304716
Landed and parked on the far region of the Libyan-Tunisian border, away from the desert road from Ghadames Nalut only 10 km
A military aircraft for shipment, espionage and logistics operations
And you Coordinates
Latitude / Longitude: 30.99525 / 10.35629
Type: SAR Aircraft
You, O God, Libya
المراقب الملاحي الليبي ////عاجل بمنطقة غدامس ونالوت الان …بتاريخ اليوم فجر يوم الخميس الساعة الثانية صباحا للمرة الثالثة يتم الرصد … يبدوا بانة مهبط رسمي لجهات اجنبية علي الاراضي الليبية
اين وزير الدفاع من كل هذا
الموافق 13-2-2014
تم رصد طائرة عسكرية(SAR Aircraft ) MMSI:168304716
هبطت ومتوقفة الان بمنطقة علي الحدود الليبية التونسية بالصحراء تبعد عن الطريق الممتد من غدامس نالوت مسافة 10 كيلومتر فقط
وهي طائرات عسكرية للشحن والتجسس والعمليات اللوجستية
واليكم الاحداثيات
خط العرض / خط الطول: 30.99525 / 10.35629
Type: SAR Aircraft
لك الله يا ليبيا


DEATH under torture in MISURATA PRISON

The arrival of the body of the martyr “Mohammed Abdulaziz zircon Almnsley” to the city of Bani Walid,

after filtered under torture in the prisons of militias Misurata.God and to Him we return


Isa bin Isa .. ordered prison Tminh
Mohammed Boulifa (Pune) prison Tmana
Hassan Boulifa Tmana prison ..
Nawal carp Warfali Tmana prison ..
Just Gahnni .. prison Tmana
Ali Gilani .. ordered prison security committee
Mohammed Budge Security Committee ..
Hamza Ge Security Committee
Ahmed secretary of the security committee
Emhemed Rhomhalganh security
Ahmed Attia Security Committee
Ali Hamza diskette .. Aldharat lose investigated with zircon captive and tortured dogs to Chrin including investigators
In people were Kyi from outside the prison Tadb in zircon, but Manarafohm deceased was telling them, and Kano Isawmo

where Ali Hochehem in Misurata exchange for the release ..

and they had a clip-les-in demonstrations against the decision

of seven was cursing in Gifthm Imran and Hedda reason enough to kill him, and God is tell Shahid.

(A message from Libyan citizen)

عيسى بن عيسى..امر سجن طمينه
محمد بوليفة(فلونة) سجن طمينة
حسن بوليفة..سجن طمينة
المبروك النوال الورفلي..سجن طمينة
عادل الجاهوني..سجن طمينة
علي الجيلاني..امر سجن اللجنة الامنية
محمد بادج..اللجنة الامنية
حمزه وقه اللجنة الامنية
احمد الامين اللجنة الامنية
امحمد رحومهاللجنة الامنية
احمد عطيه اللجنة الامنية
علي قريصة..حمزة الضراط قامو بالتحقيق مع الاسير زرقون والكلاب لخرين عذبوه بما فيهم المحققين
وفي ناس كانت تجي من خارج السجن تعدب في زرقون بس مانعرفوهم المرحوم كان يحكي عنهم ،، وكانو يساومو فيه علي حوشهم في مصراته مقابل الافراج ..وكان عندهم مقطع ليه في مظاهرات ضد قرار سبعه كان يسب في جيفتهم عمران وهدا سبب كافي لقتله والله على ما اقول شهيد
رسالة من مواطن ليبي
Mendkulail in hospitals in France, the death of the rat Masrati (Abdullah Mahiche) aka my expert ¤
Hoahd criminals and Misurata, which was shot in the head in Ahdat, Sabha ..




assassination of Prime sergeant first “Osama Alakora” on after being so close to shooting three bullets treacherous.

Filter has Mdergsm security company Libyana
In Benghazi, along with the company Ahdalsaúqan.

Urgent: – Mukul reason for the killing, director of security at the company for a statement
Filter has been director of security in the company of a statement he had decided to
Lock the system that has Camp February 17 and has
Militias in Sidi Faraj, and doing all the way
The interception of communications …
Watching in the military and mobile phones politicians
In Benghazi, and they get their places so easily
Assassinated, and the system in the camp headed by February 17
Ben Hariz, a spy on phones is close
Ismail Salaabi, swear by Almighty God that the word
God is real and what I’m saying martyr ..


Burning office building educational Benghazi
Center is in the region of Al Sabri.
Full dawn today.

Assassination official security company Libyana “Mohammed Alamrna” and his companion,
“Mohammed Almchaa” after shooting the company’s headquarters in Dubai Street in Benghazi by unknown.



Indian engineer killed and another wounded at dawn today by Misrata militias are currently stationed
at the headquarters of the General Company for the development of administrative centers in the area Paljfrh Hun …




What is actually happening in Sabha:

Since more than a month after the shooting on a young Kaddafa ( son of the wife, in the Kaddafa tribes of Sabha ) at the gate under the control of Awlad Suleiman as a result of an argument (because of the blackout of his car and then catch up with him in the operating room) and remove device Altakazir and Tdhrjh on the stairs at the sight of everyone ‘s reply was the people of the slain to kill nearby killer ( Triki ) in front of his house .

Since then, the two tribes in the clash and sniper even went so far as to kill ( Mansour black ) in Tragn by Tabu because they are brothers Kaddafa bin Aqeel from his mother, and it was black , accompanied by Ayat Busafa, the commander in Sabha. This resulted in an increase in violence , killing and burning Awlad Suleiman houses of Tabu and transgressed in the killing. The reaction Tabu, powerful aid of Baltbo Al-ak-ihobdot Achtbakathm with ( Awlad Suleiman and with them the tribe commanding military ) under the legitimacy of the Libyan army , and they are not tribal and rebel determine their position … etc. .

At the same time, the problem of the Awlad Suleiman Tribe with ( the people of the dead ) Alqmazfah standing and the continuation of revenge, murder and shooting in the neighborhood.

The loss of the Awlad Suleiman youth with Tabu increased discontent on Alqmazfah and transgressed in hit and burned their homes. What led to the provocation and the emergence of a third party ( Mjmuahkadmon ) and was saved from the Awlad Suleiman by Fbspbha who joined all of his point of view being a national and are greedy or scared or hater or a climber.

It was truly a world committed to neutrality; but, then the advent of Misurata after the withdrawal of their understanding of the truth: The victim’s tribe Alqmazfah once defended their homes and described it as a clash with outlaws or confrontation with gunmen and burning houses every hour.

Arrest any Kaddafa Aalhoah. Alqmazfah stated the young kaddafa was dead and we are citizens under the puppet state; but we will defend ourselves until the last person.

And Awlad Suleiman stated Alqmazfah going to finish all of them with “the weapon”. He appears under the guise of the ousted at war; does not even dare to defend them one or redress anything.

They are now subjected to “the decision of 7” under the glare of Libyans and please God; then awakening in Misurata .

“I swear I am not a Kaddafa” was quoted truth to Libyans analogy ( Vbulsana and that is the weakest of faith ).

حقيقة ما يحصل في سبها

منذ اكثر من شهر بعد الرماية على شاب قذافي(بن عقيلة)في بوابة تحت سيطرة اولاد سليمان نتيجة مشادة بسبب تعتيم سيارته ثم اللحاق به في غرفة العمليات ونزع جهاز التخذير وتدحرجه على الدرج على مرأى من الجميع فكان رد اهل المقتول بقتل قريب القاتل (التريكي) أمام منزله. ومن وقتها والقبيلتين في اشتباك وقنص حتى وصل الأمر بقتل(منصور الاسود) في تراغن من قبل التبو لأنهم اخوة القذافي(بن عقيل)من امه وكان الاسود برفقة (العياط البوسيفي) آمر سبها.نتج عن هذا زيادة حدة العنف والقتل وحرق اولاد سليمان بيوت التبو واسرفوا في قتلهم.ردة فعل التبو قوية مستعينين بالتبو التشاديةوبدأت اشتباكاتهم مع (اولاد سليمان ومعهم قبيلة الآمر العسكري) تحت شرعية الجيش الليبي وأنها ليست قبلية وعلى الثوار تحديد موقفهم…الخ.وفي نفس الوقت كان مشكل اولاد سليمان مع (اهل القتيل) القذاذفة قائماً واستمرار الثأر والقتل والرماية في الاحياء. وخسارة اولاد سليمان لشبابهم مع التبو زادت من سخطهم على القذاذفة واسرفوا في ضرب بيوتهم وحرقها. ما أدى لاستفزاز وظهور طرف ثالث (مجموعةالقادمون) وكانت من أنقذ اولاد سليمان فبسببها انضم كل من وجهة نظره كان وطني او طامع او خائف او كاره او متسلق . ومن عالم بالحقيقة التزم الحياد. ثم مجيء مصراتة وانسحاب الزنتان بعد فهمهم الحقيقة. والضحية قبيلة القذاذفة متى ما دافعوا عن بيوتهم وصفوا (ازلام) او اشتباك مع خارجين عن القانون او مواجهة مع مسلحين وحرق البيوت كل ساعة .واعتقال أي قذافي عالهوية.القذاذفة صرحوا القذافي مات ونحن مواطنين تحت الدولة ولكن سندافع عن انفسنا حتى اخر فرد. واولاد سليمان صرحوا سننهي القذاذفة بكل سلاح .ويحدث ذلك تحت غطاء (حرب ازلام ) حتى لا يجرؤ أحد على الدفاع عنهم او انصافهم وهم الآن يتعرضون لقرار7 تحت مرآى ومسمع الليبيين والرجاء في الله ثم صحوة مصراتة. أقسم أني لست قذافي ونقلت الحقيقة لليبيين قياسا على (فبلسانه وذلك أضعف الإيمان) .

Last Night Two people were killed after a shell landed on a residential neighborhood Bnizqh Mahdia.
Rocket landed near the oil depot Sabha, which led to all professionals, and others to the exit and the closure of the warehouse …
2 mortar fall on March 2 Hospital in Sabha and injuring a cleaner African American and his health is very critical.
Clashes revolve around the military airport now.


The killing of citizens, “Moses Alomla pole, and Anqaja on Emhemed Alomla” after a shell landed on the
Fatih district of Mahdia area in the city of Sabha ….
Kdaúv mortars fall in the secondary near the hospital March 02 with the presence of clashes.
SOUTH LIBYA alliance with HFTAR?Very important
Not only the legality and legitimacy of the Great Jamahiriya, and our leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
After control of the base in Tmanhunt after the events caused by the escape of the military governor,
Colonel Mohammed Busafa rat, and a very mobile laptops Ohz what he found,
Hftar encounters some sheikhs and tribal elders and explain to them what has reached Libya alhoraa of murder and chaos, and the proliferation of weapons and advise them to do a collaboration with him Bnqlab military to control the chaos in February .. THE HEALTH OF LIBYA:a Collaboration between (former RAT) GENERAL HFTAR and the supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA is proposed!
هـــام جداً
لا شرعية الا شرعية الجماهيرية العظمـــى والقائد معمر القذافي .
بعد السيطرة على قاعده تمنهنت في احداث سببها بعد هروب الحاكم العسكري الجرذ العقيد محمد البوسيفي وجدا جهاز الاب توب المحمول وهذ ما وجد فيه
لقائات حفتر ببعض مشائخ واعيان القبائل ويشرح لهم ما وصلت اليه ليبيا الحره من قتل وفوضى وانتشار سلاح وينصحهم بالتعاون معه للقيام بنقلاب عسكري للسيطرة على فوضى فبراير ..


Aaaaaajl very
In an interview the channel first Moroccan with Major General Khalid Salim Al-Absi,
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Almakhalah Moroccan
in which he said :
We have adopted a visa for Libyan citizens to enter the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco Embassy in Libya, after increasing the number of people who hold passports Libyan fraudulent come to the Kingdom in one month.From 2014 set more than two hundred and eighty-five people Airport Mohammed V passports Lybia # not # Arab # originally each of # Pakistan # Chechnya # and Mozambique, as well as # Afghan # and Bnqladich, as informed the Libyan authorities so immediately and told us that was changed passport Libyan Old to # Joazaktrona However #and Mend # week only set more than # Twenty people have # passport # new # Algeria # Egypt # Palestine and some of them wanted by the Moroccan authorities and prohibited from Zjul Lands kingdom surrounded by the Libyan authorities so that Akzt health and safety procedures for passports seizedand then slow and Akzt it counterfeit passports and yet still of been caught at the headquarters of the judicial awaiting deportation to Libya or their countries, this mess procedural personal documents to the Libyans are made us Ntkhadd decision to get a visa for Zjul of the kingdom

until they took control of the Libyan authorities to state and measures the sovereign has Regarding travel documents and travel between states and the elimination of this phenomenon, which negatively affected the security situation of the Maghreb countries, which are linked Botvakiet Omnia among them.