Mu and the Holy Quran

Friday Juma blessings on all the Liberals. We ask you to pray for victory.
(The main Aladinm)

This is our victory


Please circulate ..

Of all the honorable …

Libyan Resistance request you inform all deluded by their families and friends and by all available means,
not to take up arms in the face of Resistance coming to liberate Libya from the traitors, agents and their religion which permitted the desercration of
Libyan sanctities and violated our sacred Libyan territory.
According to the Libyan (GREEN) Resistance, that the time has approached, after OUR SUPREME COMMANDER (by his study of the conditions and the situation) to purge Libya of foreign troops first

and not to the misguided ambition to condone (the foreign troops) or accept their existance.
We will face the Libyan militants only if they try to get in the way of the Resistance, performing /invoking acts against the preservation of our blood and national and social cohesion (which is the basis of Libya’s sons building something up in honorable families and loyal tribes) requiring our freedom and fighting with the Resistance,

which Taahidkm after he promised God, that the ruling Libya is an option for all Libyans to choose for themselves in judgment (just as you want after the liberation) and the stability of security (which was stolen by the Qatari religion) is restored to the dignity of Libya,

which was stolen by the Qatari country and their religion which now roams the land of the dearly honorable; and has humiliated Libyans by their rule
which is insulting to us Libyans.

Bgmanm them Libya! for Libyans are honorable; and in the shame of traitors customers, we must get ready to zero hour, as you would expect .

And God is greatest above the kid who abuses you (OVER THE AGGRESSORS)

O thou Maulana Vanasrna Aaalqom oppressors. (I am sharing with you that I am well.)

(Torrent Green)

The names of Allah

Mu 23JULY 2005 dialogue

Mu 03 JULY 2009 AU Summit ends ICC



An important statement from the Ministry of Finance interim government
Ministry denies financial Libyan government temporary altogether as stated in some media about the withdrawal of the interim government funds from the state reserve or the intention of the government borrowing from the World Bank confirms that this news completely naked on health and calls upon the ministry to citizens and the media for accuracy and to make sure of the news before it is published.

al-Qaeda in Libya

News correspondent says that now ..

In connection with the Director of the Office of vital targets, weapons: that the army does not equal not enough ..

The ANSAR al-SHARIA have weapons given to them by Turkey, USA and Qatar which far outweigh the weapons of the army.

(BELOW when Nuri Bushmin was in Kuwait):

Bushmin in Kuwait

Announced the Information Office of the National Conference year,
that Jordan had agreed to the release of the Libyan prisoner in Jordan, “Mohammed Saeed Hamad al-Drissi.”
And showed the king of Jordan – according to the Information Office of the National Conference –
agreed to request the President of the National Congress General Nuri Abushmin
and instructed the immediate release of the prisoner and enable it to return to Libya.
According to the Information Office of the “National Congress leader General Nuri Abushmin reviewed
with Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the subject of Libyan prisoners in Jordan, which led to the approval
of the king of Jordan, the release of the Libyan prisoner in question.”
meeting also dealt with the cooperation relations between Libya and Jordan
and ways to ensure the promotion and development in all fields,
and on the sidelines of the Arab-African Summit, which recently hosted the State of Kuwait.

Puppet ZAIDANE playing with UNO & NATO:

Libya Al-Mostakbal Libya future
Since minutes ..
A delegation from the UN Security Council to visit Libya early next January
Said the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said a delegation from the UN Security Council will visit Libya early next January to see the situation more closely. And expressed Ban Ki-moon, the UN is keen to pass Libya phase successfully and achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people in a democratic state sedentary life and to achieve development and stability.
It was agreed that Ban Ki-moon with Prime Minister Ali Zaidane during a meeting in the line from Paris, on Friday, to prepare the files relating to the situation so that the delegation to make decisions in the interest of the Libyan people and the Libyan state.




Tripoli ::: against Al Ittihad happened today …

A protest against the killing of people in the region.

Young people who burned tires and lock the way for Al Ittihad now,,,

they said they found people of a family killed in the meridional trait near the Yarmouk camp.


URGENT / / / temporary closing Tripoli Mitigua airport: just before the finish in front of airport Mitigua air traffic due to the exit plane airline of oil type Embraer 170 from the path of runway 29 at the airport … Praise be to Allah, and no human infections as well as the plane did not inflict any damage. The process is now taking out of the place where the plane landed it and drag it to the yard stopped the aircraft at the airport. Thank God for the safety of everyone.

Libyan Airlines

Exit aircraft carrier oil of the type Embraer 170 for runway 29 Airport Mitiga International nor casualties, as well as the plane did not inflict any damage to the effect that the Civil Aviation Libyan closure of the airport in the face of the ANC until done to derail the plane of the place, which docked in it and drag it to the yard stop the aircraft at the airport.

(BTW: THE YANKS NEVER FORGOT “WHEELUS AIR BASE” which they consider their property! They said they will do everything in their power to regain what is now MITIGUA International airport!)

Petrol crisis in Tripoli getting worse every day ..
Drivers sit-ins
Electrical outages
And other reasons that may not teach.


Libya civilian casualties in coalition raids

Writing Radionet 

Thursday, 24 March 2011 9:20 


The raids of the international coalition on the eastern outskirts of Tripoli last night, “targeted a residential area, making a large number of civilian deaths,” reported the official news agency Jana Jamahiriya.

“The bombing of the colonialist crusader aggressor in the region Tajourah in Tripoli have targeted a residential area, making a large number of civilian casualties,” the agency said citing a military source.

The agency said a “third coalition bombing had targeted rescuers who had to work to remove the dead and injured after the first two raids on a residential area Tajourah.”

Media Bureau local council Tajourah :::

Btajurae Shura Council condemns the blatant assault on the home of Mr. Mustafa arrival former member of the Shura Council, asking God’s praise and his safety and his family and calls for the competent authorities to investigate and expose the culprits and retribution

whom God save Libya and its people.


Jump to the mercy of God and the young Shadi Walid, one of the victims of criminals
Gharghour, having been in intensive care since his injury on 15 November
“I am God and to Him we return”


The death of 6 people and damaged 400 homes due to flooding in the Corner:

Sources of Social Affairs Branch in the corner that hit the city since last night until Friday morning to heavy rains followed by flooding in a number of districts of the city and caused the death of citizens of the population. The head of the branch of Social Affairs corner “Imad Faitouri” told the Libyan news that more than one district, the city’s exposure to flooding caused by heavy rainfall due to the lack of validity of the sewers, which caused the entry of rain water and sewage to the number of homes saluting reached high water in the streets to a meter and a half and inside homes to 80 cm.
He explained, “Faitouri” that the failure to provide possibilities exacerbated the problem and fully damaged about 400 houses in addition to a Angeravat in the streets and farms and a number of schools, mosques and public Almússat. The face of Mr. “Faitouri” appeal to the competent National Congress and the government to immediately intervene and provide the city with the necessary potential to address this problem. … (And)


New Libya ::: parents of students Antbho for your children from school canteens …. contributed publishing.
Colonel Ismail Akjh .. The head of the municipal guard / Tripoli
We carried on school canteens and we catch them from selling food such as biscuits and Moaz juices expired.
But the unfortunate incident .. In the past few days we’ve got a complaint from one of the schools reports the appearance of symptoms of the pupil after eating something from the school cafeteria and after the disclosure and verification show that based on the canteen gave the pupil (wine goblet) instead of a bowl of water.
ۈlڈ ڝۈlٻہ

Short circuit serving the whole family consists of 5 members of the father and

mother and three children last night the family of Hafiz Saeed fully Gulab housing

harcha South Gate harcha by Ben Youssef.

(Libya just)


Abu Salim Tripoli :::
Heard the sound of bombing in the area of ​​Abu Salim …



Confidential support and backing 42

Was arrested on a group in Spring Valley fill gasoline tanks in the large-capacity almost 3,000 liters,

strange thing they are entering into the gas station when it closed at night and Iqmon Ba Altaibh…



Rahibat ::: western mountain

Interruption of gas and fuel in the city two days and Mend Aasbb unknown …?
Channel Rahibat

Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Dawn today been arrested four young gunmen in the area stupid “turf” farms and Kano in possession

of grenades and Qadf “RPG” and light weapons on board a black car type Samsung.

After the surprise of residents of the area and asked about the reason for their presence among

the farms and in the narrow road!
Turns out they were from the village of Jebel Nafusa Kklh incident.

Has strayed heading to Tripoli, residents of the area Aldrebe returning from the mountain!!
It was handed over to the military police and the national army gate 27 west of Tripoli.


The great Rishvana / Great Warfalla Rishvana
Very Urgent,, regarding the gas cut

Youth and Rishvana ask Amazigh rude sit immediately, and not the destiny of barley

Alaabt Libyan sit sever an artery or arteries from everyday life with him

And, but,,,, will be cut by roads and Almnavd under the control of tribes and Rishvana

and the most prominent is the (gate 27, through Azizia, by Zahra, by Asabieh, by Qasr Ben Ghashir)

And this will not Istia one that passes from Tripoli to the corner and what is behind to Tunisia
Istia and not one that passes from Tripoli to the mountain and the trail to the south and Libya

In this statement, do not bear the tribes and Rishvana any excesses may occur as a result of

Jabali me any malice some Libyans them now because of the policies of arm-twisting who use them now

Fezo sit and not Tantzero wrath of the capital and the surrounding tribes,
Thsdo the subjects nor the anger and hatred of Anna will not come to you,

but trouble and problems, because we are brothers and we do not want strife

and do not want to cause trouble Číßă

Page and bear great Rishvana / Great Warfalla Rishvana
Full responsibility for this statement, which informed the Bay
Heads of local councils for most areas


The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana
27 novembre ·

Visit of a delegation from the tribe and Rishvana Council Local Tripoli and interview Sadat Badri and confirm the parking people and tribe Rishvana with the demands of the people of Tripoli
And from the door of the brothers and Takeda on national cohesion attended the Shura Council and the wise and institutions of civil society area and Rishvana delegation city of Tripoli, who went to the city of Benghazi in advance and condolences in the sons of the nation who Antgulw to the mercy of God in the tragic events in the city of Benghazi on 11/25/2013
This may be the delegation of the Shura Council and the wise Libya and civil society institutions and the Libyan non-governmental organizations and the Committee for National Dialogue, was like Rishvana in this delegation, Mr. Mohamed Mansour tourist and Mr. Salah benign Abokadirh Mr. Osman Lafi Sowaidan, was welcomed by the people of Benghazi
Dear participation of this delegation, which cross the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity has shed tears from the eyes as a result of this event great tragedy of the brothers as brothers across Benghazi folks on this visit a good gesture from the people of Tripoli Sbaqon understand and thank them for their condolences.
(Information Office of the Shura Council and Rishvana 26/11/2013)
delivery of Camp 27 to the Libyan army and the military police 22 NOVEMBER 2013:
Sameh Aziz in his book, the Ottoman Turks in North Africa
What did he say about the rebels in battle and Rishvana Gargaresh?
I’ve mentioned Sameh Aziz in his book The Ottoman Turks in North Africa in surprise Dhul Hijja 1268 AH …………..
came the new governor Mustafa Nuri Asha and ordered the arrest of emitters in passing mentioned jamming and isolate director Mansheya. ……. In the year 1271 AH Ghuma came to Tunisia after exiled to Constantinople and sent the governor appointed to the job, but he did not respond to his request …… Ghuma incline of Gharyan to the corner where parents enrolled him is that objects loyal to the state and the members of the council gathered in one of the houses did not Imknoh reach them …. It went to the corner and Rishvana and janzour located just three hours from Tripoli and was told that he join them to the recipe and it’s ready to march on Tripoli …
The parents and Rishvana janzour did not wait for the arrival of Ghuma but they have progressed even Gargaresh and what they were attacked by Asaker withdrew to janzour about the evening before sunset two hours joined them Ghuma and gave them valuable assistance, but they suffered huge losses withdrew Ghuma and his aides to the place named mil to object to two hours after janzour When stopped in Ghuma mil to the number of his aides Anov about twenty thousand …. Attacked Asaker village mil also long fighting days ended Banhzam Ghuma and his aides heading to the mountain in this recently sacked Mustafa Nuri Basha On 20 February 1272 came Osman Pasha replaced by the new governor, summoned Qasim Pasha, who was at Ghuma and form an army of regular soldiers and Orban and took with him Mr. Herman Consul Englishman who has familiarity with the war and joined the artistic forces Abdullah Pasha in a place called (b Alcdoh) at a distance of eleven hours of Tripoli and marched from there to the mountain and attacked Ghuma in turkeys.
Adam, N, ۅrh, P, Anaےm, h, RAR


The arrival of a group of young people from the city to the city of Surman corner and try to take the extraction of water from the city by force and transported to a corner of the city, but the city of Surman youth refused to do so and vacuums Mzaloa in the city and the city in dire need of them, and to this day the water company and sanitation works hard to transfer water from some areas where the accumulated ..

Announces … General Electric Company
For an emergency maintenance station west of Tripoli effort 220 kV
Which would entail a separate power supply stations
(Academy, a fisherman, fabric, Nasreddin apical, the area adjacent to the station west of Tripoli) and knead on Saturday 2013,12,7 m
Starting at 9:00 am to 16:00
Where will be linked to the new adapter voltage 220/30 kV
P it hopes to General Electric Company of Gentlemen citizens and residents
Areas mentioned discernible science Bdlk ….
The director of management control company General Electricity Mahmoud Warfali told “the atmosphere of the country” 
 for the continuation on Friday to stop the supply of fuel stations and Ruwais Alkahrbaúatin bed.
Abdulrahman Ciob Director of the Affairs, General stations invasive channel news says that he has learned from some of the workers in the field Mellita that the sit-in has been resolved, but the gas did not reach the station and because the field needs time and technical procedures and is expected to arrive at the station during the Twenty-four hours and that the station needs to be a day or two to re-run it and that is that the loads will continue to put long periods of time until it reaches the gas from the oil field Mellita.
Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas/ MIZDAH
Hedda is not true so unbelievably mean that the subject of the gas pipeline is still locked!!
I want to emphasized that the gas line a link between the field to fulfill the complex Mellitah passing station Ruwais has opened last night at 12 o’clock midnight and Kdlk I want to clarify something extends Hedda line for hundreds of kilometers, and needs to be two or 3 adjusts the pressure and filled the gas inside the tube and up to the station Ruwais to generate electricity .
Villarat owners thread investigate the exact transfer of news and science have been opened gas pipeline and oil pipeline Kdlk … And Kdlk to forget that the field was closed fulfill Mend months means needs to be a few days to Ischgl at maximum capacity, and I think the same thing Kdlk percentage station Ruwais means al-Libi Janas Raho mesh factory and Arakina Hua Lutfi fondness my time every time something needs to be
Mahtsr useful that after 4 or 5 days Baketar will testify improvement in electricity and Kdlk up production of the field to the normal level, and Li Hua 12 million cubic meters per day
(General Electric Company)
The Amazigh

Diversité linguistique  : L’amazigh à l’école

Depuis l’année scolaire 2003-2004, le nombre des établissements qui enseignent l’amazigh est passé de 317 à plus de 4.000. Et ce sont 15% des élèves qui ont bénéficié des cours d’amazigh, soit 545.000 élèves au total.

Linguistic Diversity: The Amazigh at school

Since the 2003-2004 school year, the number of schools teaching Amazigh increased from 317 to over 4,000. And it is 15% of students who have benefited from Amazigh courses or 545,000 students in total.

L’arabe demeure la langue officielle de l’État. L’État œuvre à la protection et au développement de la langue arabe, ainsi qu’à la promotion de son utilisation. De même, l’amazigh constitue une langue officielle de l’État, en tant que patrimoine commun à tous les Marocains sans exception. L’article n°5 de la nouvelle Constitution redonne à l’amazigh sa place dans la société marocaine. Et cela commence indéniablement par l’école.
L’enseignement de l’amazigh dans les établissements publics a commencé à se faire une place dans le système éducatif national depuis l’année scolaire 2003-2004.

C’est ainsi que le nombre des établissements qui enseignent cette langue est passé de 317 à plus de 4.000 et quelque 14.000 enseignants et 300 inspecteurs ont été formés pour veiller sur l’enseignement et l’encadrement de cette matière. Le ministère de l’éducation nationale a aussi assuré une formation pour 75 enseignants au sein des Centres de formation des instituteurs et a élaboré des livres scolaires  destinés à tous les niveaux du primaire. Dans les divers établissements publics, ce sont donc 15% des élèves qui ont bénéficié des cours d’amazigh, soit 545.000 élèves au total.
Toujours dans le cadre des efforts de promotion de ce «patrimoine commun», une convention a été signée, en avril dernier, entre le département de tutelle et l’Institut royal de la culture amazighe (IRCAM) pour renforcer la coopération bilatérale et appuyer le rôle de leur commission mixte dans le but d’améliorer l’enseignement de l’amazigh, souligne-t-on au ministère de l’éducation nationale.
Par ailleurs, le gouvernement d’Abdelilah Benkirane se penche actuellement sur l’élaboration d’une loi organique relative à la mise en œuvre de l’officialisation de la langue amazighe.
Le 16 juillet dernier au Parlement, répondant à une question orale à la Chambre des représentants sur «le renforcement de l’intégration de la langue amazighe dans le système éducatif», posée par le groupe du Parti de la justice et du développement, Mohamed El Ouafa, ministre de l’éducation nationale, a affirmé que cette loi permettra à l’amazigh, qui est un capital commun de l’ensemble des Marocains, d’assumer sa fonction en tant que langue officielle, aux côtés de l’arabe.
Cette loi organique, comme le précise la nouvelle Constitution, est censée définir le processus de mise en œuvre du caractère officiel de cette langue, ainsi que les modalités de son intégration dans l’enseignement et aux domaines prioritaires de la vie publique, et ce afin de lui permettre de remplir à terme sa fonction de langue officielle.

Arabic remains the official language of the State . The State works to protect and develop the Arabic language and the promotion of its use. Similarly, the Amazigh an official language of the state , as common to all Moroccans without exception heritage. Article No. 5 of the new Constitution gives the Amazigh place in Moroccan society. And it definitely starts with the school.
The teaching of Amazigh in public schools began to make a place in the national education system since the 2003-2004 school year. Thus the number of schools teaching the language has increased from 317 to over 4,000 and some 14,000 teachers and 300 inspectors have been trained to ensure the teaching and coaching of this material . The Ministry of Education has also provided training for 75 teachers in the teacher training centers and developed textbooks for all grades of primary school . In various public institutions, so they are 15 % of students who have benefited from Amazigh courses or 545,000 students in total.
Also as part of efforts to promote the “common heritage” , an agreement was signed in April between the supervisory department and the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM ) to enhance bilateral cooperation and support role of their Joint Commission in order to improve the teaching of Amazigh says it does the Department of Education .
Moreover, Abdelilah Benkirane of the government is currently considering the development of an organic law on the implementation of the formalization of the Amazigh language.
July 16th Parliament , responding to a question in the House of Representatives on ” strengthening the integration of the Amazigh language in the education system ” , submitted by the Group of the Party of Justice and Development, Mohamed El Ouafa , Minister of Education , said that the law will allow the Amazigh , which is a common asset of all Moroccans , to assume its role as an official language alongside Arabic.
This organic law, as stated in the new constitution is supposed to define the process of implementation of the official character of the language, and the terms of its integration into the teaching and priority areas of public life , in order enable it to fulfill its function term official language .

(Atika Haimoud Le : 2012-09-14 N° : 2765)


Kker a mmi-s umazigh !
I tij nnegh yuli-d,
Atas ayag’ ur -t-zrigh,
A gma nnuba nnegh tzzid.

A zzel an-as i Massinisa:
T amurt is tukwi-d ass a,
Win ur nebgh’ ad iqeddem,
Argaz ssegnegh yif izem.

In-as, in-as i-Yougurta:
Arraw-is ur-t-ttunn-ara,
Ttar ines d-a-t-id-rren,
Ism-is a-t-id-sekfen.

I Lkahina Icawiyen
A tin is ddan irgazen
I n-as ddin i-gh-d-gga
Di laâmer ur-ten-tett’ara.

S umeslay nnegh annili,
Azekka ad yif idelli,
Tamazight atgem atternu,
D asalas bwemteddu.

Seg durar durar id tekka tighri,
S amennugh nebda tikli,
Tura,tur’ulac akukru,
Annerrez wala anneknu.

Tamurt L-Lezzayer aâzizen
Fellam annefk idammen,
Igenni-m yeffegh-it usigna
Itij-im d lhuriya.

A lbaz n tiggureg yufgen,
Siwd sslam i watmaten,
Si terga Zeggwaght ar Siwa,
D-asif idammen a tarwa.


Debout fils d’Amazigh ou de liberté!
Notre soleil s’est bien levé,
Il y a longtemps qu’il s’est caché
Frères, notre tour est arrivé.

Cours dire à Massinissa, notre roi
Que son pays est aujourd’hui réveillé,
Quand à celui qui renie encore sa voix,
Qu’un seul de nous vaut plus qu’un révolté.

Dis, dis à Yugurtha notre Amazigh
Que ses enfants suivront sa lumière,
Qu’ils le vengeront,
Qu’ils deterreront son nom.

A la Kahina des Amazigh
Qui a guidé les hommes fiers,
Le pacte qu’elle nous a laissé,
Restera jusqu’à l’éternité.. .

Nous vivrons avec notre langue Tamazghite
Et demain sera meilleur qu’hier,
Le Amazigh croîtra et suivra son destin,
Car c’est le pilier de demain.

Des monts, est venu l’appel de la nation
Nous sommes partis pour le combat.
Maintenant, maintenant plus d’hésitation,
Nous briserons mais nous ne plierons pas.

Algérie, notre bien aimée,
Toi qui est notre destiné,
Ton ciel s’est éclairé,
Au soleil de la liberté.

Ô faucon, volant en liberté,
Salue bien nos frères ainés
De Rio de Oro à Siwa,
Enfants, le même sang nous unit à jamais…


Son standing Amazigh or freedom!
Our sun is up,
Long ago he hid
Brothers , our turn came .

During tell Masinissa , our king
That his country is now awake,
As for one who still denies his voice,
One of us is more than a rebel.

Say , tell Yugurtha our Amazigh
His children follow his light,
They retaliate ,
They dig up his name.

A  Amazigh Kahina
Who guided the proud men,
The pact she left us ,
Remain till eternity .. .

We live with our Tamazghite language
And tomorrow will be better than yesterday ,
Amazigh grow and follow his destiny,
Because it is the pillar of tomorrow.

Mountains , came the call of the nation
We started to fight.
Now, now no more hesitation ,
We will break but we do not will fold .

Algeria , our beloved,
You is our destiny ,
Your sky is illuminated ,
The sun of freedom.

O hawk , flying in freedom,
Well welcome our elder brothers
Rio de Oro in Siwa
Children, the same blood unites us forever …

IF THIS IS NOT EVIL than nothing is:
The demands of civil society institutions Tripoli under the GNC:
After a permit electricity company, which confirmed that the protesters Amazigh not Zalo lock the gas line on the station Ruwais electrical causing the survival of the capital Tripoli in complete darkness which continued throughout the past few weeks, and after what we have seen from the silence of the whole by the residents of the cities of the Amazigh in front of the actions of their children call on the Council Local residents of the capital Tripoli, and by doing the following
1 – cut off all supplies of goods supply stores of the capital and its suburbs for the cities of the Amazigh
2 – stop all financial transfers, including the salaries of the Central Bank of Libya to banks located in the cities of the Amazigh
3 – stop communications fully for all cities, including the Amazigh Services Allibiana and orbit
4 – stop services fully online for all cities Amazigh
5 – claim the power company disconnect the power supply to fully cities for Amazigh
And claim to take any other action aims to punish rogue and save the dignity of Tripoli and its people
(Civil society institutions Tripoli under the GNC)
Issued in Tripoli 12/06/2013


Black Ajeelat protection leader:

Participation from a friend page free Falcon department in Ajeelat

Isfahani triplets from cult free page {Falcon Alsqr in AJEELAT}

Intergrated into the marrow-bone.



Hearts insurer in God and mourns the presidency of the General Staff of the Army of the Libyan family
of the deceased (Col. Salah Faraj Bohlaiqah) ordered the martyrs
who moved to the corner of God’s mercy morning Friday, 06/12/2013
Following a “traffic accident” in the area that Boukran
God and to Him we return …

Pounded communication from the city of Sirte beloved’s offer condolences
From friends and employees of the battalion Galt and they told me that the city b
Overshadowed by grief over the deceased and raise black flags, and said
I ordered patrols in the 136 Infantry Battalion “Hussein broad”, that
Salah elderly crying in the streets, and he assured me that Salah did not hurt one.

And not being unfair to his heart and one on the homeland and the citizen, and he was defending us
And the city, and did not allow for a b infringed upon, and we also.
He is faithful to accept a consolation for our children, and told me “broad” about the position
That happened to them by employees of Galt assaulted his son in the past and
Were not his reaction, but he said to them,

“What Andich Born ăÚÇßă and your children
My children and my children, your children, “

and he had many positions in the city and
City of crying families of the deceased.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Details of the deceased “accident” “Salah Bohlaiqah”, the deceased was driving a car
Sunny leaden with him and his son Faraj may God prolong his age, and was succeeded by
Car entourage, and (b) area Boukran there Corvh 90 degrees and there
Drilled in the middle of the road tried to avoid the hole left in the car for
And the way it happened, no objection from the elimination of God and of God and I
I Him we return.

About :

Colonel killed near the Libyan city of Sirte in mysterious circumstances ..
Colonel killed «Salah Bohlaiqah» 136 infantry battalion commander of the Libyan National Army stationed on the borders of the city of Sirte, Libya controlled by militant groups since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

According to initial reports that the killing of Colonel coup came after the car in which he was traveling Heisha area west of Sirte late Thursday evening, 05 December  and the survival of his son ..

Authorities have not commented the official on the incident so far this and engaged the battalion led by Bohlaiqah many times with groups belonging to the base and the “Ansar al-Sharia”.
There was notably engagement last August that killed the Emir of Ansar al-Sharia called “Ahmed Walter”, “Abu Ali” and three other elements who rolled assassination attempts on Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah and his family…

after the last of which was targeted by the son of one week in the area, “Sabri” in Benghazi, in addition to targeting his house and burning his car a month ago in Buhedama Benghazi area also ..
(Russia Today)
Urgent: – Walid Ferjany from the heart of the event:

– I swear by Almighty God that the accident Salah Abouhliqh mastermind and that the crash site

was far Azelhakn auto tagging people, lose night after finding out the exit Rtlh put oils on the way.

He died he and his companions.

As stated above::

The effects of oil on the road, which toppled over the car, Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah which confirms the presence of an actor:

Colonel killed near the Libyan city of Sirte in mysterious

circumstances 12/6/2013 | 8:51 p.m. News Arab world

Colonel killed near the Libyan city of Sirte in mysterious circumstances :روسيا اليوم

Murdered today Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah the commander of the battalion “136 infantry” of the Libyan National Army stationed on the borders of the city of Sirte, Libya controlled by militant groups since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

According to initial reports that the killing of Colonel coup came after the car in which he was traveling Heisha area west of Sirte late Thursday evening, 05 December and the survival of his son. Official authorities have not commented on the incident yet.
This clashed battalion led by Bohlaiqah many times with groups of al-Qaeda “and” Ansar al-Sharia “there, most notably the clash last August, which killed the Emir of Ansar al-Sharia Ahmed called Walter” Abu Ali “and three other elements.
Rolled assassination attempts on Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah and his family then, most recently targeting his son one week before the Benghazi area Sabri, in addition to targeting his house and burning his car a month ago Buhedama Benghazi area also. Source: RT :روسيا اليوم

Salah Abu curl:

“Do not stop you from Tawergha no Tarek Mitri nor Ali Zaidan this land from you and you will pay the blood from her”

(About / / Nasser El Hawary)

“God gave and God is everything and take him to the amount of”
Belongs to God and we do not have something of ourselves to something we Obaid
What he has given us and to him what it is and take it to him, and not be us
Only be satisfied with his judgment on his servants and slaves is Latif b
And with all Asryan indigestion, P Saatic God b Alasrin
Only we have to “accept and praise and be patient,” was buried Colonel
Salah Bohlaiqah.
I am God, and to Him we return I
(Salem al-Obeidi)
News a partagé la photo de Canal Sirte on Facebook.Sirte withstand:O Allah, strike the oppressors oppressors, enemies of the law (ANSAR al-SHARIA) branch of Sirte vows child Shawarma and inventory Almafn Salah Bohlaiqah and their mercenaries slaughter describing them apostates,
even though they were in 2011 are fighting each other side “package Alkrnav” under NATO aircraft Cross and keeping tabs on his instructions.


Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province:

Urgent / in a telephone conversation now /
A friend advised me over the phone in Sirte
Festive now to Ansar al-Sharia on the occasion of the death of Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah
Come on … this Alchmt Sharia in non Ptla …..
God and blessing the agent ….
(T. Customary p)

Agency urgently Libya / each in Sirte celebrated the death of Sirte Bohlaiqah

(Agency urgently Libya) Private Sirte

According to the correspondent of the agency urgently to Libya in the city of Sirte

that most preachers of mosques in the city (affiliated with the “Ansar al-Sharia”)

called after Friday prayers, worshipers out in the march said it was “a victory for ANSAR al-SHARIA.” (eek!!)
An official source (who requested anonymity) to the reporter Agency urgently Libya

that the truth is that “Ansar al-Sharia” in the city of Sirte wanted to celebrate the death of

Colonel “Salah Bohlaiqah” who thwarted all their plans to control and monopolize the city of Sirte.
The number came from “Ansar al-Sharia” in this demonstration,

which roamed the streets of the city in their cars and Rayatem black.



Lowliness of its borders …… But????!!!!!
Today subjected generator Hospital Bani Walid to try to sabotage would have had a disaster not for the goodness of God
and the efficiency of the maintenance staff … who direct our thanks to them in this blessed night.
About a month ago, suffered oxygen supply line and take care of your operations deliberate chainsaw to cut iron by some haters and enemies Nagaj been accepted and special batteries to run the generator for theft …?? He told me a working Bataiwara for the theft of number 2 of the vehicles for the transfer of patients .. (Crosh disabled) .. from the Department of Tawari .. and today offers the generator to try to sabotage of one of the people familiar with the development of the hospital because he knows full well that in the event of power failure will the generator automatically ends.
So to deliberately sabotage even lead to a disruption … and continued power outages for the entire hospital for about 10 minutes, but the grace of God was present .. there was not any case of the Department of Operations, or any state on a ventilator and that …. I found that the disaster struck ..
I draw my appeal to these unscrupulous people and humanity ..
There is no God but god,  if it ended up in the hospital or your business has been dismissed or have not been accepted into the hospital Hedda does not mean that the lives of the people to fight for what all this security for the article (the money) is not doing the killing of a citizen of the order as well as a thousand dinars, or some hundreds??? Atqo God in the lives of the people it is not a room to play or challenges ..
I conclude with this verse …
In the name of God the Merciful.
{They plot and plan of God, and God is the best of planners}
Almighty God




The arrest of an Egyptian citizen, has been killed by
Indian citizen citizen working with the University of Ajdabiya by
The competent authorities, after the body was found, “Mohammed
Najm al-Din, “the victim’s attic poked with a knife after
Armed robbery this evening

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi brought Benghazi life:

Benghazi between today and yesterday
– More than 8 cases of assassination
– Power outages for hours
– Interruption of Internet service “Wi-Max” for hours
– Sit company public services b entirety, which led to
Accumulation of garbage in the streets.

Benghazi ::: nationals Americans leave

American nationals in the School Rowland leaving the country
Suspended international school in Benghazi Rowland
work until further notice after the killing of one of the coaches.
He said one of the staff at the school that American nationals in Libya have left the school
with the school suspended its activities and is considered employees without work.
The coach of the school, the International Chemistry “Roland Smith” U.S. citizen assassinated
Thursday Dakkadosta Street.

Palestine killing and wounding another and stabbed Egyptian Benghazi

Security source said that the Palestinians called “T Fayyad safety” was killed in the area Sabri city of Benghazi in a shooting and injuring his cousin, “Abdul Rahman Hisham Fayad” severe head wound in a hospital intensive care room Galaa surgery and accidents.
The source said an Egyptian citizen injured in the industrial area Buhedama Benghazi in an armed robbery and was in critical condition as well.



A copy of the court yard demonstration (fourth group Adawiya)
Sponsored by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood‘s Ismail Salaabi,
Are manifestations such as demonstrations fourth Adawiya support and funds:

Meals and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and demands that the channels are shut down

Broadcasts from abroad (intended Liberal and Libya first) because they expose

(In assassinations and militias, they want to silence the truth even Ikmau
Other demands: 1)open fields for cashing in on their militias as they want to ..
and for 2) Zaidane to dismiss his support Thunderbolt and the army …!!!
Participate in the demonstration “employees Shield 1 and 2” and “battalion Rav God”, and
“The battalion Ansar al-Sharia” …

Unfortunately rebels Asubho played in the hands of the” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

Salafists demanding the overthrow of the

Government of Libya and

an end to the embargo on oil installations

Fri 06 Dec  2013 10:40 pm GMT

Benghazi (Libya) (Reuters) – protested about 300 Salafists in the coastal city of Benghazi in eastern Libya on Friday demanding the destruction of government and an end to strikes and sit-ins that stop exports of Libyan crude in the first sign of opposition to the public of the blockade imposed on the oil in the east of Libya’s oil-rich.

Controlled movement demanding regional autonomy to the largest two ports for the export of oil in Libya in Sidra and Ras Lanuf, both in the east of Libya, which is the source of about 60 percent of the wealth of Libya, a member of OPEC oil.

And stopped other groups demanding a greater share of oil wealth and the rights of other exports in the port of Tobruk in Harika in eastern Libya.

And destroyed the Libyan oil trade moves the main source of income and hard currency in the country, still reeling from two years of turmoil after the overthrow of of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

The protesters are Salafists who gathered in Benghazi, Libya’s second city banners calling for the liberalization of oil exports. And exposed the city every day Tqriya attacks and car bombs shot.

He accused Ismail Salaabi a prominent leader of the Salafist militia strikers to destroy the economy. He said that the Salafists have many demands but most importantly ending the siege imposed on the ports.

It consists of groups that surround ports of ex-combatants and other militias helped to overthrow the Great Jamahiriya.

(Radi oversaw preparation of the prospectus Arabic – Edit Ahmed Subhi al-Khalifa)

(Ayman Warfali)


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Through communicative approaching security forces and now the Thunderbolt,
there is no healthier than the combustion of city sports ….
And they were there and now there is no Xi …….
 Since few large fire inside the sports city of Benghazi and has been of commissioning national safety
and civil defense Benghazi and has been attending a number of ambulances immediately
and was put out the fire by civil defense and has informed
the individuals in charge of guarding the sports city of Benghazi
and belonging to the Directorate of Security Benghazi and specifically
the Department of assigning PSD Benghazi about the fire and was immediately
the presence of the Director of the Sports City to follow events on the ground
with the knowledge that the cause of the fire is unknown and did not result in casualties so far ~
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Chief of General Staff of the Army Allibay issue its decision to expel anyone found positive

for alcohol, drugs and Ba ordering a medical examination of each affiliated national army.

(St. parks Benghazi)

There are no health blew Mall area of ​​life, Mr. Hussein, !!
And what happened is burning a large number of garbage there …………..

(Mutassim Faitouri)


#بنغازي قبل قليل




Alqreis denies any support for the air base have built

Atmosphere of the countryLibyan Media Network – # LNM

Denied, spokesman for the Air Chiefs of Staff Joseph Alqreis receipt of any sums of money to support the two databases have built and Tobruk air, according to the Libyan interim government’s decision No. 730 for the year 2013.

Alqreis added that the government issued its decision No. 730 on the authorization of the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society to pay the amount of one million two hundred and fifty thousand dinars of their allocations to provide the requirements pertaining to the air base have built.

The requirements include machinery and equipment and transport required for the work we built air base, according to the decision.



Demonstrators in tuber assert that today the continuation of their disobedience and their demonstrations until all demands realized.


A loud explosion was caused by targeting a shop selling tobacco in the club Darns few minutes ago, and led to the explosion completely destroyed the shop and damaging some of the shops that side.

Explosion shakes the city now.

Failed attempt to blow up a car, “Abdul Basit bin imagination” during evening prayers at a mosque Darns Club, where eyewitnesses reported for non-explosion of the bomb, which was planted under the car, after he noticed some smoke billowed from the bottom of the car.

In today during sunset prayers the criminals put a bag of explosive under the car

Haji Abdul Basit bin imagination and gently but God did not explode ..

Suffice God and yes, the agent!

(Intelligence service tuber)



Libyan CIA-led uprising: An opening for al Qaeda and jihad?

By Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister, CNN
23 March  2011 8:34 a.m. EDT

“al-Qathafi has been quick to raise the specter of al Qaeda as the beneficiary of unrest in Libya, even claiming that it was drugging young Libyans into opposing his rule. The regime has also paraded a former member of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group who had allegedly been “captured” during fighting in Zawiyah.

While the regime’s claims may seem outlandish, a former leader of Libyan jihadists tells CNN that al Qaeda will seek to take advantage of chaos in Libya.

“If there is a power vacuum in Libya there will be an open market for al Qaeda,” says Noman Benotman, a former commander in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and one-time ally of Osama bin Laden. Some Western counter-terrorism officials fret that a prolonged civil war in Libya could open up space for al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda has already scented an opportunity. Its leading ideologue, Abu Yahya al-Libi — himself a Libyan — told Islamists in the country: “Store your weapons and do not relinquish them.” In an audio tape released on March 12, he said that “ousting these regimes is not the end in making a change.”

A week later the leader of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) had a similar message.

In an audiotape posted on Jihadist websites and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, Abu Musab Wadud told GREAT JAMAHIRIYA opponents: “We will be side-by-side with you, Allah willing.”

Until now, That may be wishful thinking. AQIM has in recent times been restricted to remote parts of Mali, Niger and Mauritania and has suffered leadership splits. Wadud may also have damaged his cause by predicting the United States and NATO would never help the rebels because they were the “source of the disaster.” But al Qaeda is nothing if not persistent.

And there is a long history of Islamist radicalization in Libya…

At the peak of the Iraqi insurgency, more jihadists per capita traveled to join al Qaeda in Iraq from Libya than from any other country. And according to al Qaeda records seized by the U.S. Army in Iraq, in 2006-07 more volunteers — a total of 53 — travelled to Iraq from Derna than any other city in the Arab world. And in the 1990s, Benotman’s group had tried to establish a safe haven in Derna, eventually being bombed into submission by the Libyan air force.

Which brings us back to the U.S. cable from 2008, in which an American diplomat who traveled to Derna, quoted a local businessman who had “likened young men in Derna to Bruce Willis’ character in the action picture ‘Die Hard,’ who stubbornly refused to die quietly. For them, resistance against coalition forces in Iraq is an important act of ‘jihad’ and a last act of defiance against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.”

“It’s jihad — it’s our duty, and you’re talking about people who don’t have much else to be proud of,” he said. Maybe that at last is changing.”

06 December 2013 (and
Libyan news agency ..

Re-armed militia pinned down outside Derna Ras Crescent

Oavad witnesses from the village, “the head of Crescent” located on the sea route west of the coastal city of Derna a distance of about 40 km, and that the movements of clear mechanisms, equipment and SUV’s armed militia were stationed in the city of Derna.
Witnesses observed the process of re-positioning after tightening the screws on the existence of these militias in Derna, after the popular movement that rejects her and continuing for six consecutive days lost when these groups Moaqaa many were inhabited.
According to eyewitnesses, the same groups defeated in the tuber had resorted to their village being the only and last resort in the region where there is a number of its members in this village.
Witnesses: movements and mechanisms for cars SUV armed militias belonging to the village head west crescent city of Derna
– According to eyewitnesses from the village of Ras al-Hilal, located on the sea route west of the coastal city of Derna a distance of about 40 km,
That the movements of clear mechanisms, equipment and SUV’s armed militia were stationed in the city of Derna.
Witnesses observed the process of re-positioning after tightening the screws on the existence of these militias in Derna, after the popular movement that rejects her and continuing for six consecutive days lost when these groups Moaqaa many were inhabited.
Tuber rule does not exclude even the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:
Car bombing ::
The Muslim Brotherhood leader and coordinator of the Justice Party building in the city of Derna Abdel Basset Frckash Barasi and the front of his home district of the east coast and sources report that the sound of the blast was very strong and led to severe damage Almtovh drive on the street
News Agency of Libya today
According to eyewitnesses, the same groups defeated in the tuber had resorted to their village being the only and last resort in the region where there is a number of its members in this village. … (And – tuber).

Commissioned Brigadier (Hamad key Alchloi) military governor of the city of Derna.

And Science Correspondent Libyan news agency in tuber from informed sources and related

mobility peaceful popular in the city, that the presidency of the General Staff has issued a decree

commissioned Brigadier (Hamad key Alchloi) military governor of the city.

The sources pointed out that the strength of regular military strength of the white/ CASABLANCA cities, and Cyrene, and Sousse, and spotted, and the dome, and Tobruk, Derna and the Martyrs Brigade, stationed now Mrtoph air base, all of which will be under the command of the military governor-designate.

The Brigadier Hamad key Alchloi is from the people of Derna and Tobruk residents, and had been nominated for the post of interior minister in the interim government before they can be assigned to the Dean Ashour Hoael.

The Brigadier “Hamad” is a former air base Kharouba, officers acclaimed biography good, people across the tuber has expressed satisfaction with the move despite their determination to continue their disobedience and mobility while achieving all of their demands.



DERNA CITY: (focal point is El Sahba Mosque)


(CNN) — The town of Derna is  a heap of Soviet-style concrete buildings in windswept corner of eastern Libya….

Derna's Nasser memorial -past no more Derna baida grain silo Derna Cornice Derna downtown Derna factory Derna shara el Giash Derna Shara el Jesh Derna square Derna the city Derna waterfall Derna_Coast

But it has a rich history — fought over and colonized since Roman times — and a stunning location on the Mediterranean. It has also gained a reputation as a hotbed of jihadists. And that has diplomats and analysts asking whether the unrest in Libya might provide an opening for al Qaeda and fellow travelers, just a short hop from Europe.

Derna even made it into U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by Wikileaks. A cable from 2008 describes it as a “wellspring of Libyan foreign fighters” for al Qaeda in Iraq.  The influence of veteran Libyan jihadists from Afghanistan all played a role in radicalizing a new generation.

“Other factors include a dearth of social outlets for young people, [and] local pride in Derna’s history as a locus of fierce opposition to occupation,” the cable said. “Most young men watched a mix of al-Jazeera news, religious sermons and western action films on English language satellite channels broadcast from the Gulf. The result was a heady mixture of violence, religious conservatism and hatred of U.S. policy in Iraq and Palestine.”

Derna Valley


The image of the forum’s first lawsuit youth under the auspices of the  “Gulf of Sidra” ‘s “Ansar al-Sharia”.




Abdul Hameed to Aperc cabled
Group announces the national movement for the city of Kufra held an important meeting between the wise and the Shura Council and the institutions of civil society to discuss the latest developments and the status of the city is under siege, which has the city of Kufra meeting will be after the evening prayer hall of the local council.

ۈlڈ ڝۈlٻہ  (MALTAIS)

airbase & agricultural field:
al-Kufra 3 al-Kufra
Kufra Resistance + Dr Yusuf Shakir: Tripoli Now Full Of Intel Agents …:

al-Jafra  (600 miles south of Tripoli)..

al-Jafra who assures us of what is happening out
The information contained says the bombing of two camps,

the number of unmanned aircraft to “Ansar al-Sharia” …

and, civilian targets in the city of Jafra 600 km south of Tripoli.



A shortage of cooking gas … @ @
The city of Sabha rut days a severe shortage of cooking gas does not have a
justifiable reason for it under the bed corrupt local council and the government failed
and the victim is the ordinary citizen ..!!
Resort to God and yes, the agent ..!!
Rain falling on a good night Sabha:
(Al-Sabha Times)
Sabha Hotel:

Witnessing the southern regions Opare, Sabha, and Jufrah now

for precipitation Ghaith beneficial ask God to make it rain down on us thanks to him and his mercy and his consent …

Not to be punished and discontent and drowned …


UN “help” in dealing with the effects of an explosion Barak seawall !

“Atmosphere of the country”Fathi Ismail

A team of experts ammunition in the United Nations to provide technical advice to the Libyan authorities about the treatment of the effects of the blast, which occurred in the Shati brac stores, as being the team assesses the state of the ammunition storage area at the camp.

A spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Ali senile to the atmosphere of the country to the Chiefs of Staff, called for the government with the help of experts from abroad to secure the subsidy in warehouses, for fear of transmission of the explosion Dshm and warehouses nearby.

And senile added that the government had asked the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya to help in the process of insurance, which in turn commissioned a number of experts who are in the Hun for the same purpose, and summoned a number of experts from abroad for the purpose of support and assistance.

He explained that among the senile options bombing bunkers this system under control to get rid of them as the most consuming and ancient relics.

For his part, President of the Section Advisory Group on arms and ammunition in the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya have Anjelbr yacht told him the location of the mission “The ammunition scattered in the storage areas for ammunition making it easier to loot and to treat individuals who are not trained with these munitions expose to the risk of explosion, which are the results fatal in most cases. ”

The store Barak Shati camp has seen an explosion in the twenty-eighth of last November, which killed 13 people, and wounded 13 others were injured.

The UN is working with the Ministry of Defense and military councils and rebel brigades some local control and provide advice on the inventory of weapons and ammunition, safe storage and control and weapons registration and removal of explosive remnants of war.

(Valley girl)




Libyan affairs in the international press

France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against terrorism in Libya

Algeria (Agencies)

According «Dawn» Algeria that France has asked Algeria recently, participation in a military role in Libya under the umbrella of anti-terrorist armed groups, the same demand made by the United States two months ago.

According to the same newspaper refused to Algeria, which was fighting a war on terror coast of Africa, comes a commitment to its principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

And added that France, which embraces today’s summit Alizes to peace and security in Africa, seeks to maintain its leadership in the continent brown on all fronts, diplomatic, economic and security, where there are still Paris look to its colonies ancient Africa as provinces affiliates, and from this perspective, the French authorities facing stiff competition between them and the rest of the major countries to dominate Africa, has applied to the Algerian authorities, to find a common mechanism for the coordination of security to “combat terrorism in Libya” that you know and deteriorating situation since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

(THIS IS THEIR EXCUSE to “intervene”–when we know they created the chaos, feed and spread weapons to the SALAFISTS and created al-Qaeda. It is the West’s means to rule over Africa, and in particular, now in LIBYA.)
According to the same newspaper, demand refers to the desire of France in another military intervention in North Africa and Libya, exactly, the endorsement of Algeria, which rejects such initiatives out of respect for the sovereignty of peoples and the application of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Building, met yesterday, and the French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, France on the eve of the summit to peace and security in Africa.

After a similar request from Washington and Paris on the eve of the summit security in Africa

France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against

“terrorism in Libya”

French Feet in Libya

I learned “dawn” of the high-level sources that France has asked Algeria recently, participation in a military role in Libya under the umbrella of anti-terrorist armed groups, the same demand made ​​by the United States two months ago.The rejection of Algeria, which was fighting a war on terror coast of Africa, a commitment to its principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of States. France is seeking that embraces today’s summit Alizes to peace and security in Africa, to maintain its leadership in the continent brown on all fronts, diplomatic, economic and security, where there are still Paris look to its colonies ancient Africa as provinces affiliates, and from this perspective, the French authorities, which face competition severe between them and the rest of the major countries to dominate Africa, has applied to the Algerian authorities, to find a common mechanism for the coordination of security to combat terrorism in Libya, known as the deteriorating situation since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

and refers the request to France’s desire to enter another military in North Africa and the exact Libya, the endorsement of Algeria, which rejects such initiatives out of respect for the sovereignty of peoples and the application of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Building, met yesterday, and the French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, France on the eve of the summit to peace and security in Africa.
(Fares breeze)

France agrees to help African countries to form a joint military force

Fri 06 Dec. 2013 9:15 pm GMT

PARIS (Reuters) – France agreed on Friday to help African countries in the formation of a joint military force to counter coups, wars and rebellions in the continent after Paris was forced to do a second military operation in Africa this year.

France sent troops to the Central African Republic on Friday after he got the support of the UN mission to stop the sectarian violence in the country with a population of 4.6 million people. This comes after a large French to take out the al Qaeda-linked fighters from northern Mali this year.

French President Francois Olond for about 40 leaders of Africa gathered in Paris to attend the two-day summit that the crisis in the Central African Republic showed the urgent need to move forward in the formation of “African standby power,” pledging that extends a helping hand in Paris.

He said that after stopping all attendees a minute’s silence on the African leader Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday “must be African lady destiny and this means that the take charge of its own security.”

And floated the idea of ​​the formation of the African force by more than ten years and is expected to begin its work in 2015, but stalled due to lack of formation materials and funds as well as disagreements about the structure of leadership.

In a joint statement was agreed upon at the meeting France has trained 20 thousand African troops in five years and providing military advisers to regional groupings in West and Central Africa, and most of its member states from the former French colonies.

With the aspiration of France to dispel the idea taken them as “Africa’s policeman” and also agreed to provide support in the formation of the command structure for the rapid response force and provide technical advice concerning the exchange of Air Force capabilities.

He said French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian “It’s not about providing the equipment as far as providing support in the areas of expertise, planning and logistics capabilities and joint use of the means of transport in order to allow for a rapid response force … to get ready for work.”

The Guinean President Alpha Conde in the Paris conference, “We are grateful to France but not the natures of things that have to intervene to save us, such as a firefighter after 50 years of independence.”

Across Conde hoped to be a major African countries such as South Africa, Algeria, Angola is now ready to provide logistical support is essential for the rapid response force. He added that most of the money needed to finance the force would come from Europe.

And given the success of the intervention force of the United Nations, composed of soldiers from South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi to crush the rebel movement, March 23 in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in hopes of a boost to the formation of an effective African military force.

But some African leaders have expressed skepticism, saying that the scarce financial resources available to make the continent to talk about “African solutions to African problems” premature.

Daniel Flynn and John Irish

(Abdel Moneim Drar preparation for Arab Bulletin – Edit Ahmed Hassan)

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France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against terrorism in Libya

06 ديسمبر 2013 | 08:36

 France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against terrorism in Libyaفرنسا-تغازل-الجزائر-للتدخل-عسكريا-باسم-مكافحة-الإرهاب-في-ليبيا.htm

Algeria (Agencies)
According «Dawn» Algeria that France has asked Algeria recently, participation in a military role in Libya under the umbrella of anti-terrorist armed groups, the same demand made by the United States two months ago.
According to the same newspaper refused to Algeria, which was fighting a war on terror coast of Africa, comes a commitment to its principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

And added that France, which embraces today’s summit Alizes to peace and security in Africa, seeks to maintain its leadership in the continent brown on all fronts, diplomatic, economic and security, where there are still Paris look to its colonies ancient Africa as provinces affiliates, and from this perspective, the French authorities facing stiff competition between them and the rest of the major countries to dominate Africa, has applied to the Algerian authorities, to find a common mechanism for the coordination of security to combat terrorism in Libya that you know and deteriorating situation since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
According to the same newspaper, demand refers to the desire of France in another military intervention in North Africa and Libya, exactly, the endorsement of Algeria, which rejects such initiatives out of respect for the sovereignty of peoples and the application of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Building, met yesterday, and the French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, France on the eve of the summit to peace and security in Africa.


Mu on mike 2


“It was a day from other days. I remember that on March 19 where 45 military powers attacked a country of 5 million Muslims and more. They were all kinds of modern weapons. They launched over 20,000 missiles at 5,000,000 people. 5 million people had been robbed of a leader, a great man, he was called Baba Muammar !

And Baba Muammar stood up to these people crossed with his 5 million. After 6 months of intense war, daily strikes on the people, Muammar and his people continued fighting.

Allah Akbar October 20 , a man of Sirte Ali Majid Al Andalus who looked so much like the Bab leader Muammar was lynched before the rebels without mercy or moral , devoid of any liver. They said claims and is Muammar because the shame was written on their foreheads .

That day Baba Muammar who was in South Libya made about him . Media orders of the empire did not speak, they preferred to obey the empire and they said that Muammar is dead.

The Libyan people who will resist day and night with the help of God appear inchallah the truth. But for now dry your tears , the one you showed was not Muammar al-Qathafi. -“

  • Muammar al-Qathafi is more than a true Muslim; he is a marabout and the MAHDI. He made an oath, since childhood, a total commitment to GOD/ALLAH. In no way, is anything of the Western death script as  revealed by Mansour Dou true. To know Muammar, his closest and most loyal to him, all know this. Muammar al-Qathafi serves Allah, and no one else. The Green Book and the Great Universal Green Charter of Human Rights (12 JUNE 1988) are pure, true and fully reveal the beauty of Mu’ammar al Qathafi. He will fulfill the prophesies of the Sheikh Asmar Brown of Zliten. The guardian angels have from early childhood on(ward), supernaturally protected him; and, miraculously have warned him of dangers. They “fed” and continue to “feed” him.…


    WHY they destroyed the Shrine of 15th Century Sheikh Abdulsalam ASMAR (brown) Fa…
    The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet

  • Photo  

    For all of you doubters and misinformed, Muammar al-Qathafi is the Supreme Comma…
    The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet

  • and ONE YEAR AGO:…


    MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI gives the world 4 Speeches of WARNINGS Today released throug…
    The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet



    MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI gives the world 4 Warning Speeches Today released through the…
    The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet

Mu and the Holy Quran

Amos Amos order for the Conference which voted unanimously, amid warm applause, to make the provisions of the SHARIA of the Holy Quran “text above the Constitution.”
I applaud this…as Mu’ammar al Qathafi declared on 02 March 1977…Within The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, doing away with the man-made “Constitution” in favor of the Holy Quaran as the LAW (SHARIA) and ONLY LAW for LIBYA.
عااجل عاااجل المؤتمر يصوت بالإجماع وسط التصفيق الحار على جعل نصوص الشريعة “نص فوق الدستور”
picture of The white horse of Peace  vs. the Dark force of hell (courtesy of Maria Nogera)
and here is the rider of the White Horse of peace:
“It is clear that this man is the Mahdi who will ride the white horse and judge by the Qur’an (with justice)
and with whom will be men with marks of prostration (zabiba) on their foreheads.”
I have people for their love secret of my heart
Cram are certain Brabham
They know I am sincere in their love
When they have heart
Villarb make paradise lodge them
Attend and their neighbor
Morning steadfastness and victory, God willing
Aaibina Leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
Love in his heart

Mu speaks

GREAT SON writes:I … I’m stainless ground I honor ….
I history and the national will I compromise impossible …. I do not know …
To accept them without victory alternative …. my honor and my dignity ..
Above the soil heroes do not accept the client …..
Vaasama O traitor Yamen taken Devil agent … Hear … I see with my left hand Raata see …
Yemeni my arm and my hand that I faced inevitably Sardik dead ..
Vaherb Silas did not come to you before you see him ahead of …
Vksma we Sntehr Earth Shubra Shubra and then you will not find an escape Seibel …
I am victorious in God and my faith in the Patriarch agreed illuminating …
Today, a prince will not benefit you or the birds Alobabil Your masters …
Tnfk your prayers will not be under the banner … God has Zarhak Almstnara ….
Allah is the greatest ….. Allah is the greatest … The curse on all supine client …
Steadfast ….. Firm …… With God’s help victors.

أنا المقاوم …أنا الارض أنا الشرف أنا التاريخ ….وعن وطني لن أساوم ….لا أعرف المستحيلَ … ولأرتضي بغير النصر بديلَ ….بلادي شرفي وكرامتي .. فوق ترابها أبطالاً لا يقبلون عميلَ ….. فاإسمع أيها الخائن يامن اتخذت الشيطان وكيلَ … إسمع … أنا راجع راجع بيدي اليسرى رايتي … وبيدي اليمني سلاحي إن واجهتني حتما سأرديك قتيلَ ..فاهرب قبل يأتيك سيلا لم ترى له قبيلَ … فقسماً اننا سنطهر الأرض شبراً شبراً وعندها لن تجد للهرب سيبلَ … أنا منتصرا بالله وإيماني في فلبي منيرا … فاليوم لن ينفعك أميراً ولا أسيادك طيور الأبابيلَ … ولن تنفعك صلاتك تحت رايتهم … فقد ظهرحق الله المستنيرا …. الله أكبر….. الله أكبر … واللعنة على كل منبطح عميلَ … صامدون ….. ثابتون …… وبعون الله منتصرون .


New Generation Technology Launches Service (Generation Wi-Fi)

Was held last Monday in celebration of the launch of the corner-generation technology generation Wi-Fi service at the University of corner ceremony was attended by a number of officials of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics.
Said Dr. Atef maritime Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics that this project was the result of an agreement between the Ministry of Communications and Informatics and the Ministry of Higher Education to support education in Libya by providing the latest techniques in Internet services to students Libyan universities and he soon will see this service at the universities of the cities five Sabha as well as the processing Service is currently in each of the cities and Gharyan, Misratah and white.
He said maritime torque and Ministry of Communications and Informatics to activate and develop mechanisms for telecommunications and informatics, and bearing in mind the needs of the state, and that the ministry will work hard and cooperation of everyone to provide all Matanajh cities of Libya, both for the development of telecommunications services and information and make life easier for all individuals, especially those who are in school believing that the Internet has become the most important means of educational and supportive God willing, will stand for all projects that will contribute to the elevation of our Libyan paper.


Libya: What’s behind the decision to arrest the work of the

embassies of Western countries?

Download audio material

Dialogue with the President of the World Rally for Libya united,

democratic and representative assembly of the Council of Libyan tribes Fatima Abu flames.

Interview: Nawaf Ibrahim.

Text of the interview:

QUESTION: Professor Fatima follow-up to the events in Libya, there is a lot that we can talk about in light of recent developments, but the most important development was reported that there are several Western embassies will stop its work in Libya how you read this decision and on what basis do you think comes?

A: This decision comes as a fruit of what planted the Western countries especially Western Europe and the United States and was with her what happened to them from direct interference in the internal affairs of Libya and Tdmerlibia, this comes after the outcome of the case of Libya, thanks to the intervention and support of what they called the revolution in Libya ,

and comes in light of the deterioration of security in the absence of full meaning of state in Libya, maybe this thing is not most importantly, the most important is the current situation in Libya or push these countries to take this decision this is what awaits them the Libyan people after it led him to a dark tunnel, has become a sought QBs of light in order to come out of this tunnel, and leave the Libyan people face a fate, and this is what his committee western countries and America itself is much less than it did to Libya or reaped by the Libyan people in general, regardless of whether a supporter of the former regime or from the supporter even to enter,

what is happening in Libya today is worse than bad, and put the least I can say it that it is a catastrophic situation in terms of security and political terms and in economic terms, but we are trying to follow the situation geographically at least over two or three days, especially after This precipitation amounts of rain, which will not be an exaggeration if we say that it completely flooded the capital after what sank Libya as a whole and especially the capital of the deterioration of security and the spread of armed militias and crimes every day and a complete absence of law and the meaning of the state. South Libyan witness fighting between various militias and explosion at a military base is very important that killed dozens.

QUESTION: Professor Fatima situation in Libya is getting worse or is there some kind of changes, especially the Western countries had fully understood where I arrived in the country and where it came originally interests?

A: Actually, the situation in Libya is moving from bad to worse and the work of Western countries is to implement the least losses possible human at least, what interested is to protect embassies and resides in the embassies and consulates of its citizens, and we have grown accustomed to the west they may respect and prefer the life of the animal European tens of thousands of Third World countries as they call them,

and this is actually what Tbakohm and amply on the ground in Libya, Qcherq Libya is witnessing fighting and marches of the bodies and funerals transported every day, fighting between the so-called al-Ansar al-Sharia, or supporters of al-Qaeda or other extremists, and between Each of joining the army or the police and everyone knows who is behind this trend is fueled, direct intervention from Qatar and Turkey, and with the West and the United States of America, and I stress that, despite their claim dissatisfaction.

QUESTION: Professor Fatima but there are other misfortunes occurred in Libya, there are large amounts of precipitation of rain and landslides there to refugee camps also this is difficult and terrible?

A: This is not only because of the rain, and this is not the first time that the witness where Libya rainfall and flow of the valleys, but this was a tangible result of the direct intervention of NATO and as a result of the destruction of infrastructure because of the bombing of the Alliance claim the protection of civilians, two days ago witnessing the Libyan capital, the semi-state sinking Full, where cars float on the surface of the water, and the houses have stormed water, and schools sweep the streets and even highways became soaked day with water,

and refugee camps and special mention for refugee people of the city of Tawergha, who was their fate is the fruit of the protection of civilians, NATO in Libya, where they are today protection of civilians and where they are all the world what is happening in Libya? Ally all circumstances, unfortunately, including natural even today on the entire course of the Libyan people involved in this determination black unfortunately all segments of the Libyan people, civilian and military, and supporters and opponents, as they call them, and the world is watching.

 A video shows the man you killed with the voices of magnification “Allahu Akbar” ..
Published for the first time!!

There is no power but from God.

These gang and even suggest their clothes like Somalia!!
Ansar al-Sharia.!! … Al-Qaeda .. Islamist party .. Muslim Brothers and and and the names of all other paper one =
A video shows the man you killed with the voices of magnification “Allahu Akbar”

(Moroccan Youssef)
ينشر لأول مرة !!
لاحول ولاقوة الا بالله
هؤلاء عصابة وحتى ملابسهم توحى وكأنك بالصومال !!
أنصار الشريعة .!!… القاعدة .. حزب اسلامي .. اخوان مسلمين و و و من مسمّيات غيرها جميعهـا ورقة واحد =
فيديوا يوضّح لكـم قتل الانسان مع اصوات التكبير “الله اكبر” ..يوسف المغربي


(Photo of the day)
Nuri Bushmin with John McCain in Tripoli

These men have rocks in their head to adore (and eat lunch  with) a man who with OBAMA destroyed THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!


NATO has a plan to help the Libyan government
And announced the Secretary General of NATO, “Anders Fogh Rasmussen” that “NATO in the process of preparing for a plan to help the Libyan government on the restructuring of engineering and security services in the country.
He said, “Rasmussen” in Motmr a briefing on the sidelines of the NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on Wednesday to help the Libyan government will be through the establishment of small teams of coordination between NATO and the Libyan authorities in the security sector.
He said NATO Secretary-General that the “NATO” will extend a helping hand to many countries to build democracy and security agencies are held accountable, and that Libya could represent a practical model for it.
The foreign ministers of the “NATO” had discussed during their meeting the various aspects of the evolution of security and political situation in Libya in light of the continued registration of congestion in some areas of the country and sought Libyan government temporary to exert control over the facilities of the vital economic and deploy elements of the security forces irregular in cities.
REMEMBER, before, under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Libya owed not a cent to anyone, and GAVE loans to the world and charities, NOW:

Libya on the verge of economic disaster will increase the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar and the state may be unable to pay salaries and have to borrow from the World Bank and friendly countries to cover the deficit in the payment of salaries:

Central Bank of Libya denies the news reported by the Reuters news agency attributed to the Deputy Governor on Libya amount to spend seven billion dollars, and confirms the stability of the central bank put reserves
Tripoli 04 December 2013 (and) –

denied the Central Bank of Libya and the news reported by Reuters news agency attributed to the Deputy Governor on Libya

amount to spend seven billion dollars to compensate for the loss of oil revenues. A statement issued by the Information Office of the bank that despite the decline in oil revenues during the last three months, it has not been compromised precautions.
He said the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Libya, according to the statement that Matnolth media but it is talking about the low growth of reserves at the Central Bank of Libya from what it was previously, and that this decline has reached about 3 billion dollars due to declining oil revenues.
And called on the Central Bank of Libya, local media and foreign to the need for accuracy and credibility when you publish any information regarding the status of the monetary and financial support for the Libyan state due to the negative effects that may result from airing such news, confirming the stability of the development of reserves of the Central Bank of Libya.
The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan spent seven billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves has to overcome the effects of strikes oil and it will have to spend another billion this month to maintain the continued management of the affairs of the country.
Added to Mohammed Salem told Reuters that if the strikes continued by the armed militias and tribesmen in preventing exports the central bank will restrict access to dollars to protect the Libyan dinar currency has taught devaluation.
Salem said that Libya still has reserves worth 119 billion dollars, but it may erode quickly.
He was quoted as saying in an interview, “We are in a danger for the future., And will be affected by foreign exchange reserves strongly with the current situation. We spend from reserves
Salem said the reserves fell to billion since escalated strikes oil in the summer and it will fall another billion to 6 billion this month.
He Salem as saying that oil revenues will reach 63 billion Libyan dinars (51 billion dollars) by year-end low of 10 per cent of the target level in the budget of 70 billion dollars. He said that by the end of November, the central bank entered the coffers of billion.


Shortly before: write a street corner, a group of people of the area demanding the separation of the existing

telecommunications stop pumping gas to power plants.

(Maram Aboaisha)

Journal of Electronic Rabsa
Mohamed Salah Senoussi
Pumps are now running the pumping station in the bed soft and Tabot Siaart diesel

after the station was open bed of oil

Thankfully tidings and this news to me, I exist in the area of ​​the bed and sit next to the heart of the event.

The Weather Channel to me Libya Per-Ahrar


NEW storm hit the capital Tripoli and the western coast on Thursday

Talk about the news that Tripoli will go out on Friday after Asr prayer to ask the government

and the Congress to provide a solution to the problem of electricity and gasoline afflicting the capital.


Bombing of the shell (RPG) for the house of one of the members of the

Shura Council, Sheikh Mustafa Charge and thankfully no human damage.

Quoting the director of the Information Office of the Local Council Tajourah.




Hold the Supreme Council of the Amazigh Libyans held a press conference at noon,

Thursday at the headquarters of the National Congress –

The meeting ended in Aljuibih now
In Nalut and things are completely and power plant ((Ruwais)) which gives the power of Tripoli

and the surrounding area is now fully opened.
And things are good, and tomorrow at noon as they are ready for things artistic!
Greetings to the Council of the Amazigh

(Hatem Subhi)



Bani Walid receive a heroes reception black and tonight was greeted

by the hero Mujahid Fawzi Salem lamp Barrani after his release from prison Misrata outlaw.

We thank God for his safety and ask God to hasten the release of the rest of our children.



After  killing innocent civilians in cold blood, News about the release of Abdul Majid Aldharat,

following the deal concluded with Gharghour and the militia gangs at Mitiga airbase.

He has been “safely” transported back to Misrata!!!.

Question marks …..

Fishy situation some time ago at the airport in Misurata, aircraft landing / take off at 04:30 in the morning without passengers /?

(Gateway Libya)

Published page “from the center of Misrata Center Of Misurata“.

This picture, which is said to be a picture of the international airport of Misrata ..!!!!!!

MISURATA must Free the sheikh Muhammad al-Madani al-Churv:

بقلم الحر / واحة الصحراءأكبر سجين في العالم …

الشيخ العلامة “محمد المدني الشويرف ”

مواليد/ 8 رمضان 1348 هجرية .. الموافق 1930 م
تتلمذ على يد والده ( الشيخ منصور الشويرف ) فتعلم منه مبادئ القراءة والكتابة ، ثم ألتحق بالكتاب وعمره ( 6 سنوات ) لتعلم القرآن الكريم على يد المعلم (محمد بن رزق )، اكمل تعلم وحفظ القرآن الكريم وعمره ( 15 سنه ) بزاوية ( الشيخ عبد السلام الاسمر )،وبعد ذلك اتجه الى تعلم العلوم الاخرى فدرس (اللغة العربية ، العلوم الفقهية ، والنحو والصرف ) ( سنة 1945 ميلادي ) ومن مشائخه في هذه المرحلة الشيخ منصور ابو زبيدة ،الشيخ الطيب المصراتي ، الشيخ محمد بن حسين ، الشيخ ابوبكر حمير، الشيخ سليمان الزوبي ، وعدة مشائخ آخرين.
سافر الى مصر سنة 1952 ميلادي وألتحق بجامعة الأزهر وحصل على درجة الليسانس في علوم الشريعة سنة 1957 ميلادي .
رجع الى ارض الوطن عقب تخرجه وعُين مدرس بالمعهد الأسمري في (1957/11/10 م)
اشرف على اصدار اول جريدة تصدر عن المعهد الأسمري سنة 1957 ميلادي
نُدب للأشراف ومراقبة الإمتحانات بالمعهد الديني بالبيضاء سنة 1959 ميلادي
1960 تم تعيينه مديراً لمعهد ( احمد باشا بطرابلس.
1962 عُين مديراً للمعهد الديني بمدينة سبها .
عاد مديراً للمعهد الأسمري بزليتن 1965 ميلادي .
تم تعيينه رئساً لقسم الوعظ والأرشاد بالجامعة الإسلامية 1967 ميلادي .
عُين مديراً للوعظ والإرشاد بالهيئة العامة للأوقاف 1972 ميلادي.
كلف برئاسة اللجنة العليا على مسابقة القرآن الكريم ( سنة 1973 ,
حضر العديد من المؤتمرات الإسلامية الدولية في مختلف انحاء العالم الإسلامي .
1984 ميلادي اشتغل كموجه ديني على مستوى المعاهد الدينية والمدارس .
أُحيل الى التقاعد 1994 ميلادي,
درّس بالحرمين الشريفين (المسجد الحرام – المسجد النبوي) في جميع رحلاته للحج حتى سنة 1981.
ألقى دروساً مسجلة بالإذاعتين المرئية والمسموعة في الوعظ والإرشاد وشؤون الحج وفقه العبادات وبرامج مباشرة في الفتاوى.
ألقى الكثير من الدروس والمحاضرات والخطب وشارك في المناسبات والاحتفالات الدينية وافتتاح المساجد في أغلب مدن الجماهيرية.
رئيس تحرير مجلة الهدى الإسلامي من 1967 إلى أخر أعداد المجلة وكتب العديد من المقالات في الصحف والمجلات.
كلف بإنشاء وتأسيس الجامعة اللأسمرية بزليتن 1996 م
تم افتتاح الجامعة الأسمرية في ( ديسمبر 1996 ) وكلف رئيساً للجامعة الى غاية (عام 2001)
الان يقبع في سجون ليبيا وتتم محاكمته بتهمة انه ضد الناتو والتدخل الاجنبي وضد الفتنة واهلها

السيل الأخضر




Started yesterday evening prayers before angry crowds moving to strike the battalion light inside the fortified citadel in the garment factory previously been storming Ketyibh of four imaginary axes in speed by Aualh Almtrodh .^ ^
Then Thrko to cleanse the rest of the goals Goal As we mentioned earlier.
It is a building where the former People’s clash took place there and then Forest Scouts then home Alqovernm and Gedo where only women scream and then fled male ducks and secondary reform where everyone fled after resisting simple in the beginning, crushed Aualh Almtrodh quickly and calmly.

The Guardian: Libya people fighting international terrorism amid weakness ..


Special Forces Benghazi
Urgent ………………………..
There are people in the Buhedima Balrmih
And exited patrol special forces to arrest him.
Agency News – Benghazi – Correspondent
Company employees perform public services Benghazi yesterday morning an open sit-in all departments of the company.
And according to Mr. “Fathi Alakora” Prime Fund services company that employees will not begin their work until all their demands are met, which is the payment of their salaries, and provide possibilities of machinery and equipment and maintenance of the headquarters of the company that no longer fit to work in addition to the health insurance program.
And said “Alakora” E., NH has to address the Ministry of Local Government that these demands were ignored.
The company covers public services, Mr. Khalifa and Alkwyfah and have built, Alnoukah, and services for displaced
people in addition to the residential neighborhoods of Benghazi.
Agency News – Benghazi – Correspondent
Assassination “Hatem Mahmoud Juma Al Oraibi,” one officer Jawzar
Benghazi, the morning after the unidentified b targeted by bomb
Hand-type “Rommaneh” in his car.
Assassinations gnawing security in Libya
London-based Arab newspaper
The Libyan government renewed emphasis on its insistence to proceed with the termination of all armed manifestations in the cities and streets to rid the country of the irresponsible use of a weapon.
Wednesday assassinated by unidentified police officer in the Libyan city of Benghazi (east) threw a hand grenade at his car in front of his work, according to security sources and medical AFP.
A security source said that “unknown threw a hand grenade at a car the officer in the branch of the Department of Passports and Nationality in the city of Benghazi, Hatem F Oraibi in front of the headquarters of the branch in Gamal Abdel Nasser Street.”
The  Director of Information Office in Galaa Hospital for surgery, burns and accidents, Fadia Albergthe, saidthat “Oraibi arrived at the hospital alive but died of his wounds in the hospital.”
Tuesday evening and killed by unidentified citizen Mohamed Abdel Salam Riani in the city of Benghazi hit by several bullets in different parts of the body without knowing the reasons and motives.
The security source told AFP that “unknown Riani targeted in an area of ​​land in Benghazi Shebnah chased after him and shot at him with a barrage of bullets and escaped.”

A car bomb blast against the Court of Benghazi. Its driver
“Hatem Mohammed F”, who was in the employee’s passport, died as a result of this Burst

The arrival of an officer in the passport (Hatem Mahmoud Oraibi F) of the hospitalafter

being targeted with a bomb in front of the headquarters of the passport, has died now.

I am God and to Him we return ….

Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi

Reuter correspondent Firas Bosalum:
The demands of the people in Benghazi and Derna is Aktherr against terrorism, which is a claim the army and the police ..
“Atmosphere of the country”:Alternate affirmed the administrative center of Benghazi Medical Mohammed Aldrougui told “the atmosphere of the country” on Wednesday, the arrival of head of the presidential guard in Benghazi, Anwar stomping, to the hospital after targeting his car on the highway in Benghazi.He explained that Aldrougui Stomping is undergoing surgery on his leg after he lost the other in a bombing that targeted him, noting that his health condition is very critical.



# Tobruk,

The arrival of the Political Bureau and the Executive Office for the province of Cyrenaica, and some sheikhs and notables region to the city,

Derna Totsal protest and civil disobedience Derna

Continues citizens and residents of the city of Derna Associates of institutions of civil society gather in mass demonstrations in the streets and fields of the city, demanding the National Congress and the government to accelerate the activation of the army and police.
According to the correspondent of the News Agency of Libya in Derna that demonstrators gathered yesterday evening for the third consecutive day in front yard Sahaba Mosque, chanting slogans rejecting the presence of armed militias, launched in crowds of other people of the city towards the Hamza mosque.
The correspondent added that the numbers of other people of the city gathered in front of garment factory east coast to demand the departure of a battalion of light taken by the factory based in the city and the closure of the radio station that broadcasts from inside the battalion headquarters.


Between yesterday and today six explosions in the city of Derna, did not produce
Casualties and resulted in material losses, and demonstrations
Going on in the city of Derna wounded, and the assassination of an orphan for “Adli
Ashour Alajabiha “, a result of shooting by a car by
Unknown, with the proximity of a school reconcile with Shiha Western tuber.
In a telephone conversation with Mr. Now “Abdul Baset Bozhb“, is
With the best of what has been handed down for targeting his car untrue, and
The Bozhb” in an exclusive statement that the car similar to his car
This is by everyone for it my car, and said, “Bozhb” they b
Continue and there will be a demonstration on Friday in front of a mosque
# Derna
Agency news – Derna – Correspondent
A series of explosions rocked the city of Derna stillness Almentfezh
Against extremism and terrorism peacefully, in less than two hours
One evening, as the court building to the east coast
And three blasts targeted a car mosque imam and others
Demonstrators in cars.
Mr. Hafez car Bojamilh
Mr. Abdul Baset car Barasi
Mr. Salah Al Mansoori car
Concerning the second bombing that resulted in the bombing of a car type Kia Krenz at the
Tower Building next to the beach or leaves the car ownership in the name of Palestinian “wasp”
and Hraha Brother extender Bozhb time ago and the target is an “extender Bozhb” good Lord, Lord Aaawwadh.
Explosion targeted a car, “Abdul Baset Bozhb” a member of the local council of the city of Derna:

Five blasts from last night to this morning up to five explosions in the city of Derna

Agency news – Derna – Correspondent
Fall “Murad angular”, the first demonstrator in the city of Derna
B treacherous bullets lived his head killed him yesterday, and wounding girlfriend in the leg during their return from
Peaceful demonstration to their house to Ambouk area, and they are
Now at the city hospital..
Tuber ::::::::
The last bombing shakes the city center and is aimed at the Office of The Primary News Searchlight, a sixth bombing.


Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….
Assassination Adli Ashour Alajabiha (known as Adli Mopar) after a shooting by a taxi near a school Encode reconcile Bashihh Western tuber.

Happens in the tuber just before:


Since few loud explosion in the neighborhood of the east coast Bdrna, following the targeted car Salah Al Mansouri improvised explosive device led to the burning of the car completely,
He stated that Salah Al Mansouri is a former air defense officers. The source said that he was moved old lady, since few to the hospital in case of fainting, because of the severity of the shock of the explosion, near the home of Mrs. near the scene of the bombing.
As news of a large body of fire in a court building new tuber in the east coast, even though the building is vacant and has been closed since that was targeted for some time.
Libya’s international channel ::
The city of Derna witness in the meantime manifestations unprecedented among parents warn of a possible armed
clashes with Ansar al-Sharia at any moment.
Tuber .. Civil disobedience constant
Entered a state of civil disobedience in the city of Derna, east of Libya, on Wednesday, its fourth day, in protest at the presence of armed groups in the city, according to sources, “Sky News Arabia.”
The shops and markets closed their doors, as well as most of the institutions of government, what strikes paralyzed the city, according to our sources.
The population rose tuber rejection of armed manifestations and lawlessness, and experiencing the city since the days of demonstrations to demand the presence of the largest of the police and the army, in order to protect the population from armed groups.
The demonstration came out Tuesday to the shooting of the unknown, which led to the deaths of two people.
He was vice-chairman of the M.B. ruling Justice and construction in Libya, and the Director of the Office of the party in the tuber, Hassan Barasi, survived an assassination attempt Wednesday, is the first of its kind for politicians in this troubled country.
And experiencing the city of Derna case of an almost complete lack of military and security institutions, due to the adoption of a number of militants style physical liquidation of each belongs to these institutions, as well as civil society organizations and a number of activists.
One protester killed since few
Named Adly Ashour Alajabihy
The injury toddler invited drowsiness bullet but was discharged from hospital ČÇáÓáÇăĺ
(Mohammed Al Mansoori)
Tamimi area announces civil disobedience today and pause in solidarity with the people of Derna claimants army and police.




Agency news – godless – Correspondent

The President of the Military Council of Kufra, Colonel, “Hamid Suleiman”
The Libyan army on alert and security was given the command of the military aircraft to tour the poll to survey the area and
Track armed groups that have kidnapped b 5 elements of the Libyan army.

And the five elements of the military were exposed on Monday kidnapped by outlaw groups launched an armed attack on the central point of security Owaynat port on the Sudanese-Libyan border.

And Colonel “Suleiman Hamid,” that elements of the army kidnapped all residents of the city of Kufra and are “Khaled Attia Elhasy, Victor Abraham Magbari, Salah Mansour Bo Oamierh, Salah Amgeor, Mansour Sanusi Altarhuni.”

And favored Colonel “Hamid” to be the kidnapping as a reaction by smuggling gangs on successful military operation carried out by elements of the Libyan army, four days before they were able to capture during which four people, two of them to smugglers and other two Epiean carrying Chadian nationality.


Wounding one of the men charged with the protection of the safe transfer of funds car
B Ubari during an armed robbery at a car transporting amount
2 million dollars, from the deserts Bank branch to branch sunken
Beah girl

Exposed morning car transfer money (Bank of North Africa AGENCY Alqtron) for a robbery by an unknown, but the grace of God Almighty and thanks to the members of the Guardian accompanying car transfer the money to address the villainous gang and the gang fled and sought refuge in his client failed robbery.
(Allm and transfer the money to a car carrying amount of Atnan million Libyan dinars.)

Burglary transfer the money on a car carrying two million of the Bank of deserts and Ahlgrefah girl Beah
Sources of news for the city of Sabha by a group Mslhhbalsto movement of money on a car on the way to Sabha Ubari to sub-Sahara Bank girl and Beah Ahlgrefah and hijack the amount of (2) million and 300 thousand dollars
According to the deputy director of the bank branch deserts Bahlgrefah “good material. That the assault and robbery on a car transfer the money received from the Bank of Sabha and allocated to the sub-bank in each of the girl Beah and Ahlgrefah signed by the information available on the outskirts of the city of Sabha next agricultural departments and such access to the area of ​​the white band management to the Valley area as possible. Explained that according to the information Initial the armed group consisting of (3) Automobiles SUV opened fire on the car of protection, which was accompanied by a car money, which led to the exit out of the way and singling car of funds and theft of the entire amount of (2) two million dinars (300) three hundred thousand dollars .
The same source said the amount of 300 thousand dollars was held by one of the staff who was a car guard accompanying them, and sought refuge in the group on the impact of the escape, and said that the attack, injuring a motorist transfer of funds gunshot wound was his ministry is being processed center Sabha medical.

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Vote mortar explosion followed by shootings in the city of Sabha




There is news about the reason for the presence of Sam bin Humaid in Jordan.

He is there to seek a suspension and a release for a Libyan penitential prisoner.



Egypt decides to impose new customs duties port Salloum .. The Libyan government: We will respond similarly

Newspaper Liberation Egyptian:

Egyptian authorities began Bjmrk Salloum Land, early this month in the application of the decision

of the Council of Ministers adopted at its meeting in late October last year,

which provides for the imposition of customs duties on Libyans departures

and arrivals from Libya, as well as other nationalities by 105 LE.

The entry fee was raised Egyptians from 7 pounds to 10 pounds for the sons of Matrouh and 25 pounds for the people of other provinces.
Maj. Gen. Magdy director of the Land Balsalum This decision comes in light of the decisions of the package to boost the Egyptian national income.
On the other hand, an official source confirmed that the Libyan government now being study a decision similar to the Egyptian government’s decision by the Libyan authorities to impose tariffs of 150, equivalent to 150 Libyan Dinar on truckers only.
Ahmed Ajaj writes:
“hypotheses Izido even in cars Egyptian monarchy and Altticharah mesh is better than his main concern I Saaq to Egypt from Saa Almuammlh Amoagaf Les Ashahur service imposed on the Run the case.”


Egyptian authorities began Bjmrk Salloum land port early December of this application of the Egyptian Council of Ministers resolution on imposing customs duties on Libyan departures and arrivals from Libya and other nationalities.




Photos du journal
Poet success Masaeed memories blended memorable …

for Agaha never come … and images to provoke situations …

to slap oblivion .. to be seen on this picture-present ..

collected my children very dear Mr. Gadaffi blood with leader Muammar al-Qathafi ..

I call the first and second vulva Aaaaaaaaamin mercy ..:

and from 09 APRIL 2011:
Commander inspects one school in Tripoli by the French aviation broke the sound barrier for the terrified students to leave school for the chaos and rebellion then the Leader of lifting the morale of his students, teachers and all citizens who Althmoua him and Ahbuh.
Voir la traduction
Commander inspects one school in Tripoli and that NATO pilots tried
Break the sound barrier decide the horror and fear of the pupils and everyone love note to the commander

القائد يتفقد احد المدارس بطرابلس التي يقوم الطيران الفرنسي باختراق حاجز الصوت ليرعب الطلاب ليتركوا الدراسة لتعم الفوضي والعصيان عندها قام الأخ القائد من رفع معنويات التلاميد والمدرسين والمواطنين جميعا الذين التحموا معه وحبوه .
القائد يتفقد احد المدارس بطرابلس والتي حاول طياران الناتو
اختراق حاجز الصوت لبت الرعب والخوف للتلاميذ ونلاحظ حب الجميع للقائد


Is this really a very ancient pyramid?

just one of the many, now snow-free, Transantarctic “Mountains”

Stormy Mid-week

Mu finest

Mu thinking in contemplation

Flood is coming (FB) writes;
The Male Date of Libya, but not everyone has to stop frequently at the name of

Sheikh Sidi Abdul Salam brown Faitouri:

Oh .. Date
O Date Anselm p Liberals .. Sheikh boys in all countries
O thou ancient history .. Dom brown in his heart
O Date Alkhtaua forward .. Said and done, what is the word of
Join our word oh right .. Asmar said Believe In saying
O Date without Halkalam .. Bushra Saraa and Haam peace
O Date Agaha story .. And to tell the truth and lift the flag
Oh .. Date
O Date Halopash said .. Death Jahm appetizers Halonjaas
Oh preached their history .. Halaopash follows Galo fetish
O Date Asrdha story .. Second to none and the right end of the Dhalm
Hey Rahm history are a shame .. The book in which God Zhou Fire
Oh what Lehne history in his home .. The work of his hands triggered a beacon
Hey Tark they traveled aggression .. Darrow Shi infidel what Darash
Date of Type O Halstor .. Livigno riffraff due pleasure
Oh .. Date
O Date Quellahm words .. Asmar serious Higher substitute
O Date Dlm and holiday .. Day Vnahm on Ashvar iron
O Date Venaha completed .. Tripoli today how pit blood
Oh yes .. Date Vhemenaha The Vena corner and carefree Bashart
Hey today’s date funded Hyatt .. Ghost eye cell Azoarh
Oh we knew Aldbarh history .. Janzour Nstano of reference
Oh .. Date
O Date understands the world .. Yaala right after technical Aldhalm
O Date Tmenhm our prisoners .. Jay Faraj Dom God shine
Oh history of the word martyr .. Reassured reassured downright Nasra
Date O prophet commandment .. Nehna oversee what Landero calcareous
O history we have stated Secretary .. We raise the banner of victory for religion
Oh .. Date
O Call Date lighthouse p .. Asmar angle Dhawi Fanara
O Date Quellahm lines .. Date of Asmar in Old Ages
O Date reached his peace .. Hvad to Sheikh Jawad Cram
O record date Halstor .. Victory near Berdja light
Oh my history in the last .. God bless the good Alanami
Althelata dawn on 26/11/2013 m …
ذا ذكر تاريخ ليبيا , فلا يملك الجميع إلا التوقف كثيرا عند إسم الشيخ سيدي عبد السلام الأسمر الفيتورييـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ انسلم عـ الأحــــرار .. أولاد الشيخ في كـل الأقطـــــار
يا تاريخ أنت يا القديـــــــــم .. الأسمر دوم كلامه في الصميـم
يا تاريخ الخطاوي للأمــــــام .. قـــول وفعل ماهـــو غيــــر كلام
يا تاريخ كلمتنـــا الحـــــــق .. الاسمر قــــال وفي قــوله صدق
يا تاريخ دون هالكــــــــــلام .. البشرا ســــاراا وحيعم الســلام
يا تاريخ إحكيهـــــا الحكــاية .. وقـــــول الحق وأرفعهــــــا الرايةيـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ وذكر هالأوبــــــاش .. الموت جاهم كمشة هالأنجــاس
يا تاريخ بشرهـم بهــــــــم .. هالاوبـــــاش يلي قالـــــو صنم
يا تاريخ إسردهــا الحكـــاية .. يعلى الحق ولضالم نهــــــــــاية
يا تاريخ هم راهم العـــــــار .. وكتاب الله تشــــو فيــــه النــــار
يا تاريخ مــا يهنى في داره .. بعمل يديـــــه فجرهـــــــا منـارة
يا تارخ هـم عدوان ســــافر .. دارو شــــــي ما داراش كـــــافر
يا تاريخ اكتب هـالسطــور .. يفنــــــو اوبـــــاش ويرجع سـروريـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ قــوللهم كــــلامه .. الاسمـــــر جدي العالي مقـــامه
يا تاريخ دكرهـــم وعيــــد .. بيوم فنـــاهم على اشفار الحديد
يا تاريخ شفنــــــاهـا اتــم .. اليوم طرابلس كيــــف حفرة الدم
يا تاريخ فهمنـــــــاها نعم .. وشفنا الزاوية وبشــــــــارت الهم
يا تاريخ اليوم تمـــو حيـارة .. شبـح العيـــــن لخليـــــــة ازوارة
يا تاريخ عرفناها الدبــــارة .. من جنزور نستنـــــــو الاشـــــارة

يـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ يفهمهــا العـــالم .. يعلا الحــق بعــد فنية الضـــــالم
يا تاريخ طمنهم اسرانــــا .. جاي فــــــرج دوم الله معـانـــــــا
يا تاريخ كلمة للشهيــــد .. اطمان اطمان النصـــــــرا اكيـــــد
يا تاريخ نبيهــــا وصيـــــة .. نحنا اشراف ما انديـــــــرو السية
يا تاريخ قلنـاهــا أميــــن .. نرفــــع رايـــــــة النصر للديـــــن

يـــا تــاريـــخ ..
يا تاريخ احكي عـ المنارة .. زاويـــة الاسمر ضـــاوي فنــــارة
يا تاريخ قوللهم سطــــور .. تاريخ الاسمر في قديم العصــور
يا تاريخ وصل هـ الســلام .. لحفــــاد الشيخ لجــــواد لكـرام
يا تاريخ سجل هالسـطور .. النصــر قــرب وبيـــرجع النــــــور
يا تاريخ في أخر كلامــي .. صلى الله على خيـــــر الانــامي

فجر يوم الثلاتاء 26 / 11 / 2013 م …

28:20 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel titled (why we are against February), dated 11/25/2013 P

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 11/21/2013 P

Orientalist Russian Vyacheslav Matuszov spoke, saying:

“…Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi has very important positive feature, in-which he is able to gather representatives of tribes and agree on principles governing the activities of the Libyan state.

Today, the main task for any leader Libby regardless of the manner in which it arrived at the helm, is to follow the footsteps of the Libyan leader. And therefore should be harmony between the races in the country, tailored to the interests of all tribes and groups who act uncontrollably today in Libya, and should apply the principle of mutual tolerance. This means that, regardless of the positions taken by this tribe or that person during the civil war, they should remove all the charges against them and remove the entire responsibility. Without a national consensus, the destructive processes that can be seen now in the country, will increase and this would would be a major threat not only to Libya itself, but many of the neighboring countries.

In theory, this all sounds good and true. But, you think the Libyan media halo Masrati, which they describe so far in Libya as a presenter for the beloved leader Muammar Gaddafi, that the implementation of this scenario would be almost impossible, she said in this regard, saying:

Download audio material

In any case, should be based on the Libyans themselves, and if the people themselves are not willing to eliminate the chaos and the internal order of the house, it is unlikely that this can be done by an exotic destination abroad.”

Dialogue with the Libyan media known halo Masrati

Dialogue with the Libyan media known halo Masrati

 Interview: Imad parasite

Download audio material

.Dialogue with the Libyan media halo Masrati known about the latest developments of the situation in Libya



UN to send guard force to Libya
November 27, 2013 10:17 PM
Agence France Presse
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks during a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, about an international peace conference aimed at ending Syria's civil war, November 25, 2013. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks during a news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, about an international peace conference aimed at ending Syria’s civil war, November 25, 2013. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

UNITED NATIONS, United States: The United Nations is to send a 235-strong special force to Libya to protect UN staff because of increasing attacks in the country, officials said Wednesday.

The UN Security Council has agreed a request by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to send the force, China’s UN ambassador Liu Jieyi said.

Ban said in a letter to the council that UN staff are “at increased risk of attack” because of worsening tensions and “the lack of reliable national security forces.”

The force, probably to be taken from UN peacekeeping missions, would guard the UN base in Tripoli. “This would act as a deterrent against extremist elements who are not welcoming of foreign personnel,” Ban commented.

He added that the guards could also help evacuate the more than 200 staff in the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

The mission has been helping with a political transition in Libya.

China’s ambassador told reporters that as Security Council president

for November he had sent a letter to Ban agreeing to the force.

Channel capital Tripoli
Those who participated in the killing of Libyans and they have detailed information about the killings and assassinations that occur in each of Derna, Benghazi and eastern Libya in general, and we will provide you lists, respectively …
1 – Sufyan bin his people
2 – Mohammed bin Sufyan his people
3 – Ali bin Tahir Mouse
4 – Reza cock poetic
5 – Siraj Mohammed legion Dhokh
6 – Mahmoud Bashar al-Drissi
7 – Salah Rajab Dnico
8 – Hamza Agrebel
9 – Salem Tiger Palestinian doctor
10 – Hassan Al Mansouri Bozhb
11 – Boogie Ayad Azaatoot
12 – Muhammad Aldriue
13 – Abdul Hakim Al Awar Alhsaada
14 – Salem Alfbaúla Bo points
15 – Aldisekh Mansouri
16 – Majdi Murad seven
17 – share Ghaithi
18 – Hamad Bu Sfith
19 – share Alfabsa
20 – Saqr Gabésien
21 – Hashim Mozah


23 General cleaning company in a protest in front of the headquarters of the National Congress:

Reporter atmosphere of the country”:

a protest now in front of the National Congress for twenty-three subsidiary of General Services claim the salaries of the month of September, October and November.

Quoting \ logic:
Sidor after a meeting half an hour from now, almost between the local ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood falling legitimacy of Benghazi and members of the National Congress for the city at the Institute of Social Service Center next to Fwyhat note that the meeting secret and unspoken
And to make sure it will be of a conspiracy against the national army and for the benefit of the terrorist organization.
Bo Sidra and Zoppi and are Jaudh
Khaled Sherif, head of the “Libyan Fighting Group”* previously met with a delegation of the BRITISH military.

*: DVSN of “Ansar al-SHARIA”/ “al-QAEDA”…
and see ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ/ “ALI HARDNESS” (center) of this picture too.BTW: Khaled Sherif has abducted, tortured and murderd young girls in TRIPOLI.The LFG spoke with and welcomed John McCAIN a few months back ! and the idiot GNC is now calling for “negotiations”!!! (How does one “negotiate” with insane murderers????)
عــــــــــــــــــــــــاجل …
“Would not we shed the blood of the Libyan easily Tripoli”
(quote of ZAIDANE) The head of the government Almaqto “Ali Zaidane,” who was speaking shortly before a news conference in Tripoli:
will offer the shedding of the blood of the Libyan easily, but we will if we have what we have and the dictates of our duty as a government.
meanwhile, al-ANSAR al-SHARIA thinks they are going away scott-free AFTER THE “AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA” cause CHAOS, BLOODSHED and destruction, the ask for “SAFE PASSAGE OUT” !!!!!Urgent _ # _ special source: Ansar al-Sharia ask the government for safe passage out of Benghazi and pull them weapons !!(Media center for the youth of the capital)خالد الشريف رئيس الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة سابقا يلتقي مع وفد عسكري انجليزيبنت الوادي
Pilgrim” the commander of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb
Published yesterday what was said (leaks) to achieve security with the U.S., “Abu Anas Libyan” he told investigators: “The Hakim Belhaj” is the official leader of al-Qaeda operations in the Islamic Maghreb.

Pilgrim” the commander of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb

Published yesterday what was said (leaks) to achieve security with the U.S., “Abu Anas Libyan” he told investigators: “The Hakim Belhaj” is the official leader of al-Qaeda operations in the Islamic Maghreb.


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO (FB GROUP)

[God loves and understands Aduch!!! Are we no jealousy on Islam]

Zionist John McCain, owner of the famous statement in which he said
” If it were up to demolished the Kaaba”
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a supporter of the Islamic State (and SALAFIST LFG/al-QAEDA)
Monday’s meeting contrary to logic and the Islamic faith and the betrayal of God and the
Prophet (PBUH).


Noureddine Bouchiha:

Abdul Hakim Belhaj plan to bring all armed formations in Tripoli that belong to other cities … Let me Tripoli is Tripoli Council elected Brotherhood of others who tops the scene from the days of the Transitional Council

Abdul Hakim Belhaj was planning for that matter in Turkey out of trouble and away from the lead … Having completed the first plan , which witnessed a spontaneous people of Tripoli to bring out the militias Gharghour Here now playing the game to the city of Zintan and other

Go out strong scenario for pasting charge in Zintan!

After Prime Almkhabart return my father runs when Abdel Hakim Belhaj , the Libyan state and no evidence of this that he had traveled to Turkey for the master, Abdul Hakim Belhaj has been met to receive orders from him

When Rdjao was there in the car Antdharhm to Taktafhm ( ( Machae God Zintan then intelligence largest of intelligence itself) ) and snatched Alzzouz the

Kidnappers They blooded Bar and their faces Melih mean … Infdhu in law Bhaddaverh …. To the extent that they and Agafo in Alcimafro he red ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ … WHDH chances of one of the abductees he opens the door and says, Hello and escape them and kidnappers appointed laugh and cry and eye Maigdroush Aiderio something ….

Dimensions kidnappers, they said no … Nrfoh Senthaaaan Bash knows us from Zintan Hahah

And a day later … Kidnappers of Zintan Nad conscience and Skhvhm to Khatuwenh .. ( ( Deputy Prime Almkhabart ) ) .. And Qalolh overland spirit Samehnak the Hahah

Then he came up in the news channel directly and said Zintan Khtfinu , and Owok supreme Owok Khtfinu

( ( Ali from Tdgo ? ? ? Ali poor people O Kdaben ? ? ? … But whatever Adero Lord Fadgm and to him a little Aklbs know your plan to take control of Tripoli O Mqji ) )

Mazal Akaddam greatest Libyan O ..
Tripoli channel

Meager beginning of the play of the planning Hardness and Abdel Hakim Belhaj for control of the capital.

After the departure of Misrata militias began, receipt of LFG militia fighter Abdul Hakim Belhaj Ali , DC
Play poorly Noah kidnapping intelligence remove the Vice President Ali Hardness and Abdul Hakim Ballhaj for charges and falsely accuse arrest by Zintan and private control of the capital.

That began Hashim humans and follow the “Libyan Fighting Group”

targeting “Misrata militia “to drive them out of the capital in order to govern their own capital.

We want the army and police only and do not want to take out the city of Misrata militias and keep militias belonging to other destinations
قناة طرابلس

بداية مسرحية هزيلة من تخطيط الصلابي وعبد الحكيم بالحاج للسيطرة علي العاصمة

بعد خروج مليشيات مصراتة بدأت خطة خروج مليشيات الزنتان و استلام مليشيات المقاتلة التابعة لعبد الحكيم بالحاج علي العاصمة

مسرحية هزيلة اختطاف نائب رئيس الاستخبارات بإخراج من علي الصلابي و عبد الحكيم باللحاج لتوجيه التهم الي الزنتان وللانفراد بالسيطرة علي العاصمة

نريد جيش و شرطة فقط و لانريد اخراج مليشيات مدينة مصراتة و ابقاء مليشيات تابعة لجهات اخري

ولهذا بدأ هاشم بشر و اتباع الليبية المقاتلة باستهداف مليشيات مصراتة لإخراجهم من العاصمة لكي يحكموا العاصمة بمفردهم

نورالدين بوشيحة

خطة عبدالحكيم بالحاج لاخراج جميع التشكيلات المسلحه في طرابلس التي تنتمي للمدن الاخري … لينفرد بي طرابلس هو ومجلس طرابلس الاخواني الغير منتخب والذي يتصدر المشهد من ايام المجلس الانتقالي

كان عبدالحكيم بالحاج يخطط لهذا الامر في تركيا بعيدا عن المشاكل وبعيدا عن الرصاص … وبعد ان اكتملت الخطه الاولي والتي شهدت عفوية اهل طرابلس لاخراج مليشيات غرغور هاهو الان يلعب اللعبه لمدينة الزنتان وغيرها

فاخرج سيناريو قوي ليلصق التهمة بمدينة الزنتان

بعد عودة رئيس المخابارت الدي يشتغل عند عبد الحكيم بالحاج وليس الدولة الليبية والدليل علي هدا انه سافر الي تركيا لملاقات سيده عبدالحكيم بالحاج لتلقي الاوامر منه

وعندما رجعو كانت هناك سيارة في انتضارهم لتخطفهم ((ماشاء الله الزنتان عندها مخابرات اكبر من المخابرات نفسها)) وخطفوهم الزوز

الخاطفين وهم بدم بار وجوهم مليح يعني … ينفذو في القانون بحدافيره …. لدرجة انهم وقفو في السيمافرو لانه احمر ههههههه … وهده فرصه لاحد المختطفين انه يفتح الباب ويقول السلام عليكم ويهرب منهم والخاطفين عين تضحك وعين تبكي ومايقدروش ايديرو شيء ….

بعدين الخاطفين قالو لا … نرفعوه للزنتاااان باش يعرفنا من الزنتان ههههه

وبعدها بيوم … الخاطفين من الزنتان ناض ضميرهم وسخفهم الي خاطفينه ..((نائب رئيس المخابارت )) .. وقالوله برا روح سامحناك ههههه

وبعدها هو طلع في قناة النبأ مباشر وقال الزنتان خطفوني ووووك عليا ووووك خطفوني

(( علي من تضحكو ؟؟؟ علي الشعب المسكين يا كدابين ؟؟؟ … لكن مهما اديرو ربي فاضحكم والي عنده شوية عقلبس يعرف خطتكم للسيطره علي طرابلس يا مقملين ))

مزال القدام اعظم يا ليبيين ..


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New 0.96€ billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party

Abdullah thankless to free Libya on channel Libya Al-Ahrar city of Zintan:

“A large meeting is coming between Misrata and (?) ZINTAN REVOLUTIONARIES after these events happening in Tripoli.
What is occuring is a coup of the Brotherhood and their cohorts of the ‘revolution’; and the ‘revolutionaries’ plan to take control of Tripoli.
Where you die they head KINTU scene Wayne was Badri Sadat….who wants to drive the rebels from their capital and the parties have submitted to them. Almtdahrine are deceived by their leaders.
Badri Sadat. Eat in exquisite mouthful satisfaction thasab your soul with fear elatris…..”

#عبــدالله_نــــاكر علي قناة ليبيا الأحـــرار من مدينة الزنتان :

أين كنتو أنتم يامن تتصدرون المشهد وأين كان سادات البدري .. يريدون اخراج الثوار من عاصمتهم التي حررهو وقدمو الاطراف .. المتضاهرين مخدوعين من قبل من قادتهم ..

اجتماع كبير قادم بين ثوار مصراتة والزنتان بعد احداث طرابلس وما يحدث في طرابلس هو انقلاب من الاخوان والازلام على الثورة والثوار للسيطرة على طرابلس

عبدالله ناكر علي ليبيا الاحرار
للسادات البدري … تاكل في البريوش تحساب روحك بتخوف التريس

Abdullalh thankless (BELHADJ) is BLAMING MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI again for the violence !

as Hahim humans promises excellence and says “We are returning and we are strong”!! making slogans with his cohorts and Mu’ammar !

عبدالله ناكر:: الجيش الي طلع في ليلة وضحها هدو جماعة هشام بشر مايكبوش عليكم
لكن نوعدكم ان نحن عائدون وبقوة شوف طرابلس بعد خروج الثوار الحيوط كلها مخربشة بهتافات الازلام وجماعة معمر

Ali hardness (BELHADJ) shortly before the Liberal channel:

“All the blame on the government, and I had previously interacted with Zaidane and I have it set up a committee headed by a dialogue with these Abdulwahab Kayed and Sami al-Saadi!!”

علي الصلابي قبل قليل علي قناة الاحرار :

اللوم كله علي الحكومه وانا سبق وان تحاورت مع زيدان وأشرت عليه بتشكيل لجنه حوار مع هؤلاء يرأسها عبدالوهاب القايد وسامي الساعدي!!

OBAMA is al-Qaeda

Very urgent and very important ::

Very urgent and very important ::

Leak Mend

It has been two days since “the report prepared by the Office of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane” was received by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry (during his recent meeting in connection with the FBI Alavdralah investigations  of the detainee Libyan Abu Anas Libi ,  now in the USA).

Zaidane asked Kerry to help the Libyan government to arrest or liquidate of some of the names received in the report (which was prepared in a two-page edition as follows) :

So admitted (impartialy)

Alriqiei aka Abu Anas Libi, that the Libyan warlords of al Qaeda gain, when they accede to the recent request of Abdul Hakim Belhadj.

they are:
Mohammed Zahawi, Ismail Sallabi, Oribi Boca, Ahmed Abuchthalh , Osama Salaabi, Mohammed Kilani, Khaled Mashri, Ghani Alkkla, Haitham Tagouris, Abdul Rauf-hater, Salah Briki, Khalid Basir, Sohail Sadiq Ghiryani (son of thee NATO Mufti),

in addition to members of the Jemaah Islamiah Fighter (Libyan Fighting Group), they are:
Khaled al-Sharif, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense Libyan Dawadi,
added Abu Anas,  that the Libyan Abdulhakim Belhadj asked Prime Minister of the Renaissance Party in Tunisia to help get rid of some of the leaders of the security for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA / “GADDAFI FRIENDS” who are present in Tunisia in return to support the movement of the “Renaissance” financially and logistically in control of Tunisia,
and actually was done and sent Belhadj labeled (Haitham Tagouris) accompanied by a Crusade group to Tunisia managed to kidnap an official Homeland Security former Libyan capital Milad Daman from the heart of the Tunisian capital and transfer him to Tripoli accompanied by some wanted by the Islamic organizations in Libya, has asked Ghannouchi of Belhadj to help get rid of some of the icons Tunisian at variance with his movement, led by a thought of the Communist Chokri Belaid, and some men of the Tunisian army was Haitham Tagouris and his band, which includes Khalid Basir and five members of the deadline to do several operations in Tunisia (the most important success in the assassination of Shokri Belaid )     and others in the process described both types at the time, and go beyond this dissemination
Within this group of Algerian leaders within the territory to target gas compound and some Algerian security officers, which this time was led by Khaled Al-Basir  ordering the leaders of the Algerian Salafist Movements.
Decker Abu Anas Libyan thought that you are working with al-Qaeda in Libya  to regulate cluster (allowing for a very narrow knowledge) to identify new regulators who have especially large and formal institutions which dominate political and economic life in Libya and remembrance that both Abdulwahab commander Mohammed Abussdrh and Solomon Zoubih [Sulieman Zubie] follow the organization and hold positions of  the presidency in Libya;  as well as the person named Solomon Forte who tabbed organizations to pursue its member detainees in other countries, seeking to release them, that the members of the organization of the Libyan Presidency provide financial coverage ,and have done so,  successfully,  exporting this purpose through legislation!
He also said Belhadj (and support diagonal) creates a secret  Islamic army inside Libya (to be an alternative official military as well as official security);
and that Qatar aims to embrace their continued control over Libya , making the West need Qatar for its role in whatever happened Asthmav to Western interests in Libyaand Decker Al-Qaeda (under the guise of the Taliban) to open an office Thmtal him in Doha, in order for Qatar to make it work (under its authority)  to secure the island’s Arabic Wahhabism tenure and Saudi Arabia specificly,
as well as admitted Abouans, that Libya is now considered Alcan Albvel and is their economically supportive large base (after their decline of activity within Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq , Somalia, Yemen, and Mali).
There has never been, for this organization, such a recovery and control of the states, as has happened with Libya, the report concluded.

تسرب مند يومين من مكتب رئيس الوزراء الليبي علي زيدان تقرير كان قد استلمة من وزير الخارجيه الامريكي جون كيري في لقائه الاخير بخصوص التحقيقات التي تقوم بها FBI مكتب التحقيقات الافدراليه الامريكيه مع المعتقل الليبي ابو انس الليبي وطلب كيري مساعدة الحكومة الليبية في القبض او تصفية بعض الاسماء التي وردت بالتقرير وقد جاء في التقرير والذي اعد في صفحتين الاتي ((( اعترف نزيه الرقيعي الملقب ابو انس الليبي ان امراء حرب ليبيين انظموا الي تنظيم القاعدة اخيراً بطلب من عبدالحكيم بلحاج وهم محمد الزهاوي ،، اسماعيل الصلابي ،، عريبي بوكا ،، احمد ابوخثاله ،، اسامة الصلابي ،، محمد الكيلاني ،، خالد المشري ،، عبدالغني الككلي ،، هيثم التاجوري ،، عبدالرؤوف كاره ،، هاشم بشر ،، صلاح البريكي ،، خالد البصير ،، سهيل الصادق الغرياني ابن المفتي ،، بالاضافة الي اعضاء بالجماعة الاسلامية المقاتله وهم خالد الشريف وكيل وزارة الدفاع الليبية والدوادي ،،، واضاف ابو انس الليبي إن عبدالحكيم بلحاج طلب من رئيس حزب النهضه في تونس المساعدة في التخلص من بعض قيادات امنية لنظام القذافي متواجدة بتونس مقابل مساندة حركة النهضه مادياً ولوجستياً في السيطرة على تونس وفعلاً تم ذلك وارسل بلحاج المسمى ( هيثم التاجوري ) رفقة مجموعة جهادية لتونس تمكنت من خطف مسئول الامن الداخلي السابق بالعاصمة الليبية ميلاد دامان من قلب العاصمة التونسية ونقله لطرابلس رفقة بعض المطلوبين لدى تنظيمات اسلاميه بليبيا ،، وقد طلب الغنوشي من بلحاج المساعدة في التخلص من بعض الرموز التونسيه التي تختلف ايدوجياً مع حركته وعلى رأسهم ذو الفكر الشيوعي شكري بلعيد وبعض رجالات الجيش التونسي وكان هيثم التاجوري وفرقته التي تضم خالد البصير وخمسة اعضاء في الموعد للقيام بعدة عمليات بتونس اهمها النجاح في اغتيال شكري بلعيد واخرين في عملية وصفت بنوعيه في ذلك الوقت وانتقل بعدها نشاط هذه الفرقه للاراضي الجزائريه لتستهدف مجمع الغاز وبعض رجال الامن الجزائري وهذه المرة كانت بقيادة خالد البصير تحت إمرت قيادات جزائريه اسلاميه ،،، دكر ابو انس الليبي ان الفكر الذي تعمل به القاعدة في ليبيا هو تنظيم عنقودي يسمح بمعرفة ضيقه جداً لتحديد المنظمين الجدد لها وخاصة بالمؤسسات الرسميه الكبيرة والتي تسيطر على مناحي الحياة السياسيه والاقتصادية بليبيا ودكر ان كلاً من عبدالوهاب القائد ومحمد ابوسدره وسليمان زوبيه يتبعون التنظيم ويتقلدون وظائف بالرئاسة الليبية وكذلك شخص يدعى سليمان فورتيه كلفه التنظيم بمتابعة اعضائه المعتقلين بالدول الاخرى والسعي للافراج عليهم على ان يقوم اعضاء التنظيم بالرئاسه الليبية توفير التغطيه الماليه له لذلك من خلال تشريعات يصدرونها لهذا الغرض !! اضاف ايضاً ان بلحاج وبدعم قطري يقوم بانشاء جيش اسلامي سري داخل ليبيا ليكون بديل الجيش الرسمي وكذلك الحال للامن وان قطر تهدف من ذلك استمرار سيطرتها على ليبيا وجعل الغرب يحتاج لدورها كل ما حصل استهذاف لمصالح غربيه بليبيا ودكر ان تنظيم القاعدة وتحت ستار حركة طالبان فتح مكتب ثمتيل له بالدوحة سعياً من قطر لجعله يعمل تحت سلطتها لتضييق الخناق على الفكر الوهابي بالجزيرة العربيه وتحديداً بالسعودية ،، كذلك اعترف ابوانس ان ليبيا الان تعتبر الكان البذيل والدعم الاقتصادي الكبير للقاعدة بعد انحصار نشاطها في افغانستان والباكستان والعراق والصومال واليمن ومالي وانه لم يسبق لهذا التنظيم الانتعاش والسيطرة على دوله كما حصل معه بليبيا )) انتهى التقرير .

Events of Tripoli and Benghazi
For Tripoli, they suffer from the excesses and Artkabat militias imported from abroad such as Misrata and other militias, and the formal expulsion of the tension eased, say formal because they went out and returned themselves as militias dressed in what is called the army ..
The Benghazi, it’s different, militias committed abuses and acts of murder and terrorism, such as “supporters of Sharia” and others, are people of Benghazi, and can not be expelled to the outside .. In this measure should not be Tripoli and Benghazi scale of one .. The solution of stripping the militias of their weapons, but can it? ..
(Ali Chendeb Handb)



Sit all the staff of Al-Fateh Tower on Wednesday, and the disruption of all Alosinseerat in the tower, and entered the embassies in this sit-in, noting that the staff of embassies, including Alabritanyh and Maltese and Canadian,,, attended today was they want to begin their work, but Tfajioa resolution constellation that There is no work today and there was a sit-in,,,

Tower light now:

برج الفاتح الان …:

Labor unions support giving a chance to the government on armed formations
Atmosphere of the country –
The President of the Federation of Workers sector oil and gas Louay Daoud said Wednesday that the unions and the unions agreed yesterday with the Tripoli Local Council to give an opportunity for the government to prove its credibility towards the armed formations in the capital Tripoli.
David explained to the ambiance baladan unions and trade unions will announce on Thursday a statement on civil disobedience in Tripoli.
Between David and that a committee was formed at the level of Tripoli, made up of labor unions to monitor the sites that will be delivered by armed formations.
He pointed out that the unions are taking a crucial decision on the termination of the control of armed groups on the oil ports Mounqth Central.
David stressed that the union does not have any of the commandments of the National Congress, the public or from the government or local councils.
The Union of Workers oil and gas sector had demanded yesterday the first workers’ located within the city of Tripoli to continue in the major civil disobedience until all armed formations out of the capital.
The head of Tripoli local council announced on Thursday the continuation of civil disobedience until the last piece of weaponry out of the capital Tripoli.

The production of electricity at the lowest level Tripoli

Said Minister of Electricity and Chairman of the Committee on the implementation of resolutions 27 and 53, “Ali Mahariv” at a press conference now: electricity production in this period at the lowest level, today’s production does not exceed 4600 MB, and the first reason as a result of the closure of some of the gas pipeline.

Alassema TV channel capital
Carried out air traffic controllers at Tripoli International Airport first phase of the strike dates to delay takeoff trips … Threatening to paralyze the arrival of aviation and the closure of Libyan airspace beginning from the first of next December in the event of failure to meet their demands for improving their financial situation …


The bombing of the shrine Murad Agha Btajurae
“Atmosphere of the country” –
The Director of the Office of the effects of Tajourah Mohammed Al-Amari bombing of the tomb of the Ottoman commander Murad Agha Btajurae by unknown assailants blew up on Wednesday, and said that “the damage to the shrine Murad Agha Mosque eloquent led to the demolition of the walls and the dome.”
Ammari added to the “atmosphere of the country”, “the actors that they blew up the shrine users explosives after they failed to Nbashh.”
Ammari explained that investigations are underway, adding that the mosque by the cameras may be photographed actors.
The observer described the effects of the bombing of Tripoli F Qrassa Murad Agha Mosque, which is one of the mosques and historical monuments, illegal work and illegal, adding that the mosque, which dates back to its founding year 1551 is protected by law and the effects of historic cities.
He accused the Director of the Media Center Btajurae Nouri Chaouch of what he called “Salafist extremist groups that aim to blur the Libyan identity and cultural heritage of Libya” and added that these groups do not have the courage to do this act in broad daylight.
On the other hand Ammari Office torque effects on the restoration of the shrine and said it will be next to him with stones scattered through the assistance of Bmmermmin effects of interest and a historical cities.

The director of the Information Office of the Local Council Tajourah, Haitham Al Ammari, showed for “atmosphere for the country” this morning’s bombing of the tomb of the Ottoman commander Murad Agha Btajurae  at dawn.
The SALAFIST bombing of the 16th Century shrine Murad Agha mosque in Tajourah and dig the grave before dawn today.

  Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Exhume the tomb next to the Murad Agha mosque this morning ..:

There is no power but from God.


Turkish ambassador visits the scene of the bombing Murad Agha mosque!!!!!!:
Turkish ambassador visited the scene of the bombing of the shrine Murad Agha and signs of anger on his face while
Ambassador tried to stay away from the media and could only watch from the ruins of the shrine outside the precincts of the mosque.
Page Libyan News

It is the Mosque of Murad Agha which is considered one of the most important mosques that exist in Libya for the reasons of time and the personality of the man who established it in the middle of the sixteenth century.

It was Murad Agha the Turkish officer who was sent to Tajourah in 1551 by the Ottoman Sultan to help the Libyans bring an end to the rule of the Knights of St. John in Tripoli that started in 1510.

Murad Agha, the word agha means commander, established his headquarters and command at Tajourah so he could keep a close eye on what was going on behind the walls of the present day Old City of Tripoli.

With the help of the Ottoman navy Tripoli was conquered 14 August 1551. Murad Agha was appointed the first Ottoman Wali, governor, of the new Ottoman province on the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Tripoli is called “Tripoli the West” or ‘Turabuls Al-Gharrb’ in Arabic as it is currently known. It is named Tripoli of the West in order to differentiate between it and the other Tripoli that is also located on the Mediterranean coast in Lebanon.

Instead of building a fortress in Tajourah, which was his original plan, Murad Agha decided to build a mosque that has remain as such until today.

Using a design by famous architects of the Maghreb, supervision of Tunisian engineers and with more than 300 slaves from the Knight of St. John this magnificent holy place was constructed.

The mosque has 48 marble columns, probably brought from the ruins of Leptis Magna, two hundred kilometers east of Tripoli, surmounted by a series of arches, horseshoe style, supporting the vaults.

A water well (sweet water, still in use) and a bracer were built in the middle. In the yard outside, you can see the minaret (square shaped, reminding the Tukambia) which you can climb, with only 105 steps. This gives you rather a magnificent view.

Along with the mosque Murad Agha constructed a Kor’an Madrassa {school}.

Later after the death of the commander a mausoleum protecting his grave was constructed.

It took one year to construct the mosque from 1552 to 1553 and as the years passed good

care of the mosque have preserved this milestone which you can admire with just a stop over in Tajourah.

Destruction of the mosque, “Murad Agha” on the outskirts of the Libyan capital Tripoli
TRIPOLI (AFP) – Unidentified dawn Wednesday Murad Agha shrine, located in the eastern suburb of Tajourah Libyan capital Tripoli, after several months of calm in a campaign of attacks by SALAFISTs against the shrines, which considered it contrary to the teachings of Islam “Bida”. (BULL!)
It was the bombing of the shrine Murad Agha mosque beside the fact of the same name in honor of the first governor of the Ottoman Tripoli, explosives planted by unknown persons in the shrine, according to the photographer, according to AFP.
Witnesses at the scene said the blast occurred at four in the morning of Wednesday.
And Murad Agha is the first to deliver power in Ottoman Libya during the period from 1551 to 1553 after the liberation of Tripoli from the Knights of St. John (Spain), was the most important work of building the Grand Mosque in Tajourah named after him and was buried near him.
The mosque and the tomb of Murad Agha, which includes a statue of the most important features of Tripoli and the oldest is characterized by the beauty of the mosque and shrine Amarthma Islamic.
The Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane condemned  the assault, stressing the historical character of the target teacher and vowing to arrest the attackers and bring them to justice.
He told “eternal regret and severe censure and denunciation and condemnation of what happened in the Murad Agha mosque Btajurae I would like to express its deep regret and extreme indignation of the people of the State of Tajourah and Turkey friendly and brotherly (..) to this shameful event.”
“The hands of the hands of terrorism and backwardness and barbarism stretching hands day after day for the demolition of the nation’s memory and saved including tamper-year history, which reflects the history of Libya.”
In the March / March were destroyed shrine of Sufi Sidi Mohamed Andalusian (fifteenth century) in Tajourah bombing.
Since the overthrow of Muammar al-Qathafi’s vision of his people’s  GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, there has been destroyed many shrines in Libya by SALAFISTs bulldozers or explosives.
It is that these Salafists think these shrines, constructed in honor of the souls of the forefathers considered good role models, constitute “a kind of trap” in God.

Kharijites also in Tripoli

Been raking the saint’s tomb good “Sheikh Boucif” Devin area in the Arada Friday Market and 4 graves were dug up and the demolition of surrounding the dome.
In the cemetery, which was named in his name, “Sir Boucif cemetery” as he calls the people of Arada market Friday Mend centuries.


Back militias Gneoh full based mechanisms to support the militias cart and preached to him on the way ..
Of course, under the name of the NRF.
The militias Gneoh yesterday’s kidnapping of Subhi Suheim from his home in Abu Salim:
One of the rebels and Tripoli residents of Abu Salim and his family are now my attack on the camp,
Li retrieve their son after Talbo the government to do something and the government did not bother Plummer final.



According to plans, the presidency of the General Staff and the defense and interior ministries, a number of military units of the Fourth Infantry Brigade in cooperation with the National Security Directorate Aljafarah spread in different entrances and exits of cities, streets and fields Aljafarah area. &


Aziziya – A number of military units of the Fourth Infantry Brigade in cooperation with the National Security Directorate Aljafarah spread in different entrances and exits of cities, streets and fields Aljafarah area in accordance with plans by the Presidency of the General Staff and the defense and interior ministries.

These units also set up several gates in various parts of this region, which included both Agheiran and Janzour and Creamy and Zahra and Sawani and Aziziya.

A number of employees of the Fourth Infantry Brigade and employees of the National Security Directorate Aljafarah that the process of securing the area are going well and according to plans developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the defense and interior ministries.

As parents alive in interviews with a reporter and Libyan News Agency, members of the national army and national security, expressing their confidence in the security forces to secure the area. Aziziya.




Thus they are philanthropists in the Rishvana.

Was the return of the car, which was in the area of ​​the robbery Alhachan last Saturday

and to be followed for the installation of Huawei WiMAX.

We ask Allah safety and security, and we thank all those who helped in the return of the car
And special thanks to a secret Tina watchful eyes and Rishvana.

Photos and news from Rishvana



Bmasratp happen …

The awakening of the city: an attack on a meeting of some members of the local council and the Shura Misrata yesterday 26/11/2013 AD and expelled them from the venue of the meeting at a hotel Technical College? ? It is known that the idea of the councils and applied the idea of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the Arab countries Altbroory.

It seems that the Brotherhood pension desirable Behm in Misrata forever? The next few days are full of surprises ….. Libyan followers!

Urgent news channel:
Local and shura Misrata conference call for members of the citizens of the city to return to their jobs.
Meeting of the employees of the room Libya rebels from some cities
B Industrial Zone City of Misurata(Salem al-Obeidi)



mardi-for the first time in the history of the hospital Bani Walid year since it opened access Jhazatnevs Industrial for baby boomers who knows with the public (born nursery) and will enter service at the beginning of next week
– This has also arrived on a respirator for adults and which is one of the latest ventilatory in the world for the year 2103 as well as a respirator laptop runs on 12-volt power and Kdlk 220 volt user-friendly used to transfer patients between Avsam hospital and are also mounted on the ambulance or plane a Ahdt devices in the world.
– Monitor vital functions of baby boomers (blood pressure / ECG / pulse / measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood / breath rate per minute)
– Monitor your vital functions surgical devices, which is distinct from the normal measuring the proportion of carbon dioxide in the blood of the patient during anesthesia.
– Suction fluids mobile device (suction) number (4)
– Suction device fluids special operations Number 1
– Device in order to cut electric sophisticated special operations (Multifunctional)
– Systems ECG sophisticated ECG (the display) number (4)
While waiting for the arrival of a medical Furnishing in the middle of next month, represented in
– Family detect and chairs birth
– Special vehicles to distribute medicine to patients without the need to return to room preparation
– Special vehicles to transfer medical equipment
– Special vehicles to transfer oxygen cylinders
– Carts alopecia save supplies anesthesia in the operating room
– Chairs blood donation
– Tables within the nursing departments
– Wheelchairs for Clinics
Work is underway now to paint the hospital from home and abroad approved by the colors in the original map of the hospital
These achievements are thanks to God Almighty and Osma unknown soldiers who pray day and night service to their families in Bani Walid and in response to the beloved heroes of the keyboard and Facebook pages who Azakmthm smell of paint
As we pray to God Almighty to inspire the workers of the hospital administration and medical components, medical technicians and help guide them to the right, and what is good for people and country, and ignorant of the balance of their good deeds.
Note: All of these were purchased equipment from the hospital’s budget for the year 2013
Addicted o.t
للرجوع الى غرفة التحضير
– عربات خاصة بنقل المعدات الطبية
– عربات خاصة بنقل اسطوانات الاكسجين
– عربات حاصة بحفظ لوازم التخدير في غرفة العمليات
– كراسي التبرع بالدم
– طاولات تمريض داخل الاقسام
– كراسي متحركة للعيادات
وجاري العمل الان على طلاء المستشفى من الداخل والخارج حسب الالوان المعتمدة في خريطة المستشفى الاصليةوهذه الانجازات هي بفضل الله عز وجل ومن ثما الجنود المجهولين الذين يصلون الليل بالنهار خدمة لاهلهم في بني وليد الحبيبة وردا على ابطال لوحة المفاتيح وصفحات الفيس بوك الذين ازكمتهم رائحة الطلاء
كما نتضرع الى الله العلي القدير ان يلهم العاملين بالمستشفى من ادارة وعناصر طبية وطبية مساعدة وفنيين الصواب وان يوفقهم الى ما فيه خير العباد والبلاد وان يجهلها في ميزان حسناتهم .
ملاحظة : تم شراء كل هذه المعدات من ميزانية المستشفى للعام 2013 م
أدمن o.t



Is confirmed Battalion 136 Infantry, “Ali Sadiq,” the b
Elements of the battalion was to have mobile patrols by city
Sirte has been found in feed bags of explosives
Ready for detonation by neighborhood “beam of water” on the road
Western coastal eastern bridge, and said sincere
The special permit by explosives placed by the same method
That have been developed by the explosives that were discovered by Proximity
Of water tanks Sirte days ago, (PLACED BY ANSAR al-SHARIA Militia) !



Ali Asbali:
Press conference of the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica
tomorrow at 4 pm, will be transferred to the news channel.
Executive Office – Cyrenaica province
President declares the executive office (Cyrenaica province).
Mr. Abdul Hamid Abed Rabbo Asheib Barasi.
That it would hold a press conference on Thursday, 28/11/2013
At four o’clock in the afternoon on Masrah by the Prime Minister on Zaidane with
respect to the province of Cyrenaica and oil fields ..

The closing of the ports oil to take responsibility:

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,”

“The government is patient and there is no room for waiting, and insist on the closure of the oil ports him to take responsibility.”


Brega Oil Marketing
Office denies media and union workers Brega Oil Marketing Company news picket users to move the company’s headquarters in the corner where the sit-in site is limited to users of warehouse corner.


Plumes of smoke behind victory Radio Road and fire trucks heading for the place.

(The news agency of the mountain)



Agency urgently Libya / Video brawl and killed two students at the University of Omar Al-Mukhtar
————————————————– —————————-
Students went on strike Omar Mukhtar University City branch of white-outs to protest the killing of two students on campus.
The students stressed that the strike will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, demanding to activate the guard inside the university campus.
For its part, the management suspended Omar Mukhtar University study in the city of Casablanca to further notice.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو شجار ومقتل 2 من الطلبة بجامعة عمر المختار
——————————————————————————أضرب طلاب جامعة عمر المختار فرع مدينة البيضاء عن الدراسة إحتجاجا على مقتل إثنين من الطلبة داخل الحرم الجامعي .
وأكد الطلاب أن الإضراب سيستمر يومي الإربعاء والخميس مطالبين بتفعيل الحرس الجامعي داخل الجامعة .
ومن جهتها علقت إدارة جامعة عمر المختار الدراسة في مدينة البيضاء إلى إشعار أخر .

(University of Omar Mukhtar – white)

The study declares stop all colleges .. Starting today and until further notice …

Alassema TV channel capital:
Students went on strike Omar Mukhtar University City branch of white-outs to protest the killing of two students on campus
The students stressed that the strike will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, demanding to activate the guard inside the university campus …..


Murder of a retired officer of the Thunderbolt (Salem Alhawwaz to customary) this morning
Salem Alhawwaz of Prairie City, and went on in the early morning, Li Benghazi Msandt colleagues in Thunderbolt.
And when he went his sons insisted on not going, but he told them, and I quote ((Manabash Naseeb Rvaguety Broaham Prophet monuments we walk with them)).


A large crowd is moving from one area to camp Louhichi Thunderbolt in Benghazi.

Please keep in mind…


Nouveaux affrontements entre l'armée et les militants libyen

Fresh clashes between the Libyan army and militants, “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi Death toll from clashes in Benghazi to 14 people ..

The army announces the horn Libyan prime minister:

the armed groups out of the cities and the delivery of arms.

According to security sources and residents that the new clashes between the Libyan army and Islamist fighters broke out in three areas in Benghazi on Tuesday night 26 November 2013 .

A security source said that the new clashes began when he threw the elements of the SALAFIST group “Ansar al-Sharia” bomb on a patrol of the Special Forces. It should be noted that the confrontations that took place between the Libyan army and militants, “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi on Monday night November 25, killed 14 people and wounded 49.

The correspondent in Tripoli that the security situation in Libya is still deteriorating, especially in Benghazi, which is witnessing almost daily assassinations targeting members of the military and police, most recently Tuesday it fired someone masked fire on a member of the SS which led to his death, in response colleagues slain and shot the gunman and killed him on the spot. :روسيا اليوم

Alawakir tribe mourns her son, who was killed today Benghazi:
BenghaziLibyan Media Network – # LNM
Adjective tribe Alawakir (house of mourning) her son a special forces soldiers “Thunderbolt” which betrayed by the forces of evil after the chase from the Palace long near the project (No. 3), and follow him and then shoot him and kill him, which led to the derailment of his car to the side of the the road, and a car collision type Knot-weaving carrying amount of cement.
Urgent – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Target missile in the way of the gate Bohadi.
It is noted that the gate follow the national army and there have been instances resuscitate him to the hospital.
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá :: / targeting Lt. Col. Abdul Salam Faitouri front of the headquarters of Benghazi Thunderbolt
and now the image of the central care, and that what is happening in Benghazi wounded …
The arrest of a person holding a pomegranate and inside the hospital Galaa now.
A hand grenade inside the observation section! Benghazi
Sit physicians and medical workers to help Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents in Benghazi after someone opened yesterday grenade type “pomegranate” within the department Almlaahth.
Eyewitnesses to a Special Forces “Thunderbolt” intervention and deal with the situation and the person detained holder grenade and shooting happened in the corridors leading to the information desk shattered completely.
Hani Al Oraibi:
this picture inside the hospital Galaa surgery and accidents / Benghazi yesterday, Wednesday, 2013 1127
where someone opened a hand grenade (Rommaneh) in the Department of Almlaahth The members of the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) interaction with him and happened exchange of fire in the corridors of the hospital
and the fall of Glass Informative fully.
The currently existing among special forces Thunderbolt:
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.


Security facilities and installations Benghazi:

Hospital Galaa now access Josmanin one of the members of the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) Salem Mohamed Mahmoud Arafa Alhawwaz head,

The second Mohammed Hamad Ali Hadad is not recognized rank, where they were murdered in the way of Mr. Khalifa was transferred to Benghazi Medical Center.

Filter special forces men “Thunderbolt”, by Sir b
Khalifa morning and they head Sergeants “Mohamed Mahmoud Salem
Alhawwaz, “and the officer” Mohammed Hamad Ali Al-Haddad, “after it has
B liquidated lead left
The assassination of Colonel “Adel Mohammad on senile”‘s’s police
Military to Benghazi
(Salem al-Obeidi)
(Navy special forces
 Agency urgently Libya / Navy mourns officers
Adjective Chiefs of Staff of the Navy commissioned officer sergeants head unit “Adel Mohammad Ali senile” employees of a naval forces after it was targeted this morning as he left his home on his way to the base of the marine Benghazi.
The God we shall return to him though
Mourn the RO and just Senile,
One of the employees of the Navy after he was targeted today as he left his home on his way towards the naval base.)
Murder of a retired officer of the Thunderbolt (Salem Alhawwaz to customary) this morning
Salem Alhawwaz of Prairie City, and went on in the early morning, Li Benghazi Msandt colleagues in Thunderbolt.
And when he went his sons insisted on not going, but he told them, and I quote ((Manabash Naseeb Rvaguety Broaham Prophet monuments we walk with them))
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The assassination of a colonel in the police, agricultural (Adel Mohammad Ali Senile) bullets, has reached the deceased to the hospital.
# Clarify
I apologize for the recipe and dependency “Adel Mohammad Ali senile” was
Military reservists and returned to service in the Navy after the call, and
Was the head of the officers and was assassinated by area Laithi morning.
From God
Benghazi has been found on the Jenin behind the clinic Marwa. Eluted child alive …
الله المستعان
بنغازي تم العثور علي جنين خلف مصحة المروة .الطفلة مزال حية…

Benghazi local council and members of the National Congress for the city meet at the Institute of Social Service Center next to Fwyhat note that the meeting secret and unspoken.

AFTER THE “AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA” cause CHAOS, BLOODSHED and destruction, the ask for “SAFE PASSAGE OUT” !!!!!

Urgent _ # _ special source: Ansar al-Sharia ask the government for safe passage out of Benghazi and pull them weapons !!

(Media center for the youth of the capital)
All they will do is regroup and change clothes and join the FAKE armed services!!!
Nothing will change; and no justice will be served—only pointing to more terror to ome in the near future!…as is MISURATA right now doing!

Nqlas witnesses now the blast is an explosion booth area of ​​the land to the city of Benghazi to blame …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Benghazi :::::::
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::::
Anfjarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very very very violent area parks .………………
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.




Taqi al-Din Alchloi:

Now I came back from the site of an explosion in the eastern coast of the tuber, like any explosion, another explosion in material damage, pity the great amount of panic that hit women and men and children, everything was confusing.

The car was pinned in the corner and no one could put out the raging fire therein, but after that lose by being pulled out of the street to be able to extinguish it, also unfortunate that everyone is wondering about the identity of the target and what worked in the past, and if they find for themselves a justification for what happened and relieves grief .. Suffice it, and yes, the agent.

Chairman of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” at a news conference now in tuber exist several battalions and illegal armed formations and we did not forget the tuber.

Zaidane confirms the existence of a plan that includes the city of Derna and calls for people serious pause.
The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” There is a security plan will include Derna soon and that his government has provided demanded Congress to approve million for its implementation. (There is a security plan will include Derna soon and that his government has provided demanded Congress to approve 184.94€ million for its implementation.)
He added, “Zaidane”, who was speaking shortly before a news conference in Tripoli that the people of Derna to have a role like other cities and also noted that the battalions outside the law messing with security there.


Statement of innocence Albrasp tribe called Mahmud Barasi, congressman & leader of al-ANSAR al-SHARIA in the Islamic Caliphate of Libya  in the tuber:

Derna today’s demonstration for students of school age and income Usta in civil disobedience:

School students Wasti age out in Mdahirat to in order to claim the army, police, security and safety and also a school intifada but unfortunately are threatened students and repressed and so beat them and give them their files and,

unfortunately, also one of the brothers brandishing his weapon in the face of the students because they Aatsamu peacefully and Aglqo road and Qallahm Nehna just Ndero our revolution and Ntbako the law of God on the basis of Nehna Jews.

When my nation to Yahoo Lech silent Heca request Atadhu and adult silent Lech This negative.

#درنة …

طلبه مدرسه اسطي عمر يخرجون في مضاهرات لاجل المطالبة بالجيش والشرطه والامن والامان وايضا مدرسه الانتفاضه لكن للاسف يتم تهديد الطلبه وقمعهم وذلك بضربهم واعطائهم ملفاتهم وللاسف ايضا احد الاخوه يشهر سلاحه في وجه الطلبه لانهم اعتصمو سلميا واغلقو الطريق وقاللهم نحنا توه نديرو ثورتنا ونطبقو شرع الله علي اساس نحنا يهود. لعند امتي ياهو ليش ساكتين هكي طلبه يتأذو والكبار ساكتين ليش هذه السلبيه.

(Media Center tuber)

 Three bodies found in tuber suspected to stun.
العثور على ثلاث جثث في درنة يشتبه بإنتمائهم للصاعقة

( م )
Newsflash (channel Russia Today)
Russian expert online in the Bulletin of the channel Russia Today specializes in Islamist militant groups said (Libya has entered a new war with the groups do not have the ethics of the Libyans prepare for Abad these as Allbibin fatally life and said Oadhae will not be safe in their presence and the army and Libyan security Declaration of readiness and Turi in the Middle Libyan every minute, because these groups are groups of reprisal)

Today was a protest in solidarity with the Social Solidarity Fund _ tuber
A rejection of the marginalized and the decision of joining Fund tuber to the city of the dome .. This Office activated cadres of staff of the city of Derna are able to service their city Vdrnh city of science, management and refused Employees of the Fund except to say we serve our children with special needs and school deaf and dumb and correlative Down and other widows and the needy ..

Rejection of the decision to admit Social Solidarity Fund tuber to the dome.

 City Biar announce civil disobedience.
مدينه الابيار تعلن العصيان المدني .
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya:
Officers targeted the house of a municipal guard in tuber since few.
Urgent: the bombing of the headquarters of the security backing Mrtoph area 40 km east of the city of Derna …




Blackouts city Gallo first areas fed from a field station Alhoandy bed {}

This is the first signs of the sit-in,

which will bring the problems of these areas ..!!


Sabha / Traffic on gas cylinders
And the local council Sabha reassure citizens and says that the gas cylinders are available and covers the needs of the city, but the reason for the shortage is the spread of the phenomenon by the brokerage, and requires them to cooperate with the security authorities in the seizure and in the performance of their work assigned to them.


Escalation of the sit-bed plant threatens the interruption of electricity
“Atmosphere of the country “– the bed area –

Thursday evening was the escalation of the sit-in by protesters, Tabu area residents Rbeana inspired Shora Qderfa infidels

and not to allow cars and diesel fuel to enter the station electric bed which threatens the interruption of electricity.

Escalation of the protest
A spokesman for the protesters Muhammad Altbawi told  “the atmosphere of the country” that has been an escalation of the protest today after five days of peaceful sit-in has not been responsive to our demands by the government.

He added that he was Altbawi communicate with the Director of the Office of the Presidency of cabinets Rashid Abseka attic and put forward three demands we have not received any response so far by the government or any action, pointing out that if the government did not respond to the escalation of the current escalation of the protest will be located more in the coming days.

Put loads
For his part, Director of the station bed gas Hashim al-Maliki that the sit-in has a direct impact on the station, and if the will is put loads in a first stage, pointing out that the station produces nearly five hundred megawatts, which feed the main grid of the head of Igdir to Amsaad and cities in the south-east Gallo and Awjila and Ajkrh and infidels and Tazerbo.

Maliki told “the atmosphere of the country” on Tuesday that the plant will continue to produce electricity for a maximum of four days from today, in addition to offering loads to be able to production this period.

It is noteworthy that the demands of the protesters to be Rbeana area municipality that is the provision of electricity, water, and open an office to shy Shora Qderfa infidels and which areas inhabited by Tabu.

Eye on the South
Squatting, Tabu, bed blocking the station’s generating
Electricity and road, which connects the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo
B cities and regions of the north, demanding the government is implementing a number of
“Rights” School Hospital Bank, and feature demands
Adoption of the Municipal Council’s area Rbeana
Rbeana displaced residents are demanding to return to their area
After the recent events that have occurred to the region.
(Salem al-Obeidi)


This time increasing congestion in the city of Kufra because of the closure of the torch route, where protesters shut down about 60 car.
.. And the rebels are preparing to resolve the matter and get out …
Also there is a brief meeting to be held in the city on the island with all in these moments that hold all of the local council and the military council and the rebel princes and sheikhs ..!!
(Mustafa Shaker)
Heathens …
Was an hour before the evacuation now cars that were stopped yesterday in the torch by Tabu …. Been evacuated only cars that were outside of the city of Kufra, which headed for Benghazi Lama cars destined city of Kufra and trucks, which belong to a field station Alhoandy bed to remain suspended until now ..!!


Special Forces :: statement :: Barak air base

Colonel Mohammed Matouk Hasnawi commander of the air base Barak told Vsanaa huge explosion occurred before dawn Thursday, 28/11/2011 Now in warehouses Aldkhirh of the base. Result exceeded outlaws them.
And warn citizens from approaching the site of the explosion …….

Army ammunition looted in the south of the Libyan Ubari
Reported preliminary information that a group of armed men looted last night and this morning a large amount of ammunition and weapons from ammunition stores in the area, which includes Barak beach about 15 Dshma for storing arms and ammunition.


Center for Special Needs b Ubari, resumes this morning
Currency after the completion of maintenance and provide all the hardware in it, after it has
Stolen during the war in Libya
(Salem al-Obeidi)


One-line staff Alavrgih informs us that the aircraft owned by the company may turn out to be hardware in the near future ..
He said one of rationing in the lines of the African planes new lines and already purchased the company is working improperly and that directing them for short trips unauthorized by ICAO, IATA, an engineer told us that the aircraft take off from Tripoli to Misurata distance can not allow the plane to go it due to its proximity and that will cause glitches in engines that can not operate properly during the flight,
engineer told us that these distances prevent Organization Tairat “IATA” and that what caused the damage to Ojhrh plane’s engines, and also said he went to the director of the company, “Forte “who ordered Btser flights Company from Tripoli to Misurata his hometown without Webley any attention to what stated by the engineers, and said they had to report to them about the seriousness of these trips and what caused the damage to the plane together with a report of the” IATA “, but they were met not Alambalh by the administration, and this indicated that the aircraft engineer may turn out to be hardware in the near future if the situation continues as it is now to Hua.


map of islamic sites

Ancient Islamic Sites In Libya

According to an official map showing the archaeological sites in Libya, the Islamic period is defined to begin from 641 AD to 1800 AD. The most ancient sites are located along the coast. These sites are as follows:


  • Sabratha
  • Tripoli
  • Gharyan
  • Leptis Magna
  • Misuratha
  • Sert
  • Old Sert
  • Sultan
  • Ben Jawwad
  • Ajdabiyah
  • Benghazi
  • Almerj
  • Albayda
  • Cyrene
  • Darnah
  • Tobruk
  • Aljaghboub
  • Alkufrah
  • Awjla
  • Bounjeem
  • Ghadames
  • Sabha
  • Ubari
  • Ghat

Ajdabiyah (Ajdabya)

The Ajdabiyah area appears to have been a major Islamic centre during the early Islamic period in Libya, when the Fatimids began to arrive in Libya. Excavations at Tokra show that the ancient town was among the Cyrenaican sites occupied by the Muslims during the 8th century.

Other Islamic sites in Cyrenaica include the remains of a number of forts at several sites including Kharouba, Medinat Buhindia and Cyrene; a round tower discovered at Sidi Kherbish in Benghazi; and two baths one in Cyrene and the other in Derna.

One of the oldest Islamic inscriptions yet found in Libya (in Tripolitania) came from the tombstone of Bayan ibn al-Haythan. The stone was dated to 862 AD and was written in simple Kufic.


Ajdabiyah Fatimid Mosque Remains

fragments from the Ajdabya Fatimid mosque
A corner section, inscriptions and fragments from the Ajdabiyah Fatimid Mosque.

The remains of the Ajdabiyah mosque date back to the Fatimid period (10th Century AD). The courtyard is surrounded by a single arcade, while the sanctuary facade is made of massive piers that have semi-circular niches, very much characteristic of the Fatimids. The aisles in the mosque run perpendicular to the qibla (the direction towards Mecca which Muslims must face when they pray). Many of the stone inscriptions found in this mosque are now housed in Cyrene Museum, in Cyrenaica. The above middle inscription records a “waqf” and is dated to 932 AD.


The Ajdabiyah Fatimid Fortress Palace

Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace
Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace

The Ajdabiyah Fortress Palace, built by the Fatimids during the 10th century, has a rectangular base 33 metres long and 25 metres wide, with circular corner towers, and with more towers in between each two corners. The palace is regarded as one of the most important 10th century monuments in the whole of North Africa. It has a grand entrance complex, leading to a central courtyard 14 metres square, at the end of which located a suit of rooms. The central room had a semi-domed apse and columns, which with the elaborate entrance to the structure indicate that the palace could have belonged to an important Fatimid Caliph or Ruler. It has been suggested that the palace may have once served as a rest house for the Fatimid Caliph al-Mu’izz while he was on his way to Cairo in 972 AD, but this cannot be confirmed and it was probably based on historical data. Currently the palace is mostly in ruins. But according to Pacho, who visited he palace in 1824 AD, the structure had more walls and most of the corner towers were present in his engraving, with damaged roofs and surrounded by rubble. All it remains today is what you see in the above photo (taken in 2009 by a member  of our team).



Umm Al-Barakeem

ancient mosque in Ben Jawwad

The remains of an ancient mosque in Umm Al-Barakeem, about 9 kilometres north-east of Ben Jawwad.


As-SultanAs-Sultan is a small Libyan village located about 50 km east of Sert, which was also known as “the ancient city of Sert”. The village was anciently known as Iscinia and Macomades, which the locals now call Medina (The City). The site has a little museum (Assultan Museum) housing some of Libya’s Islamic heritage, including Islamic exhibits from the ancient mosque, oil lamps, and some information about the history of the Arabic Kufi style of writing, dating back from the period when the city served the Fatimid rulers (the sultans) with a strategic command point, ideally located between Libya’s three provinces: Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan. islamic exhibits from As-sultan museumdevelopment of Arabic calligraphy: writing styles and  information from a board in the museumThis board from As-Sultan Museum gives some information about Arabic calligraphy, its types and development, particularly the Kufi style of Arabic writing. According to this board Arabic calligraphy was derived from the Nabataeans ( الأنباط ‎), also a Semitic people whose capital city was then Petra, in Jordan. The board shows some historical information about the origin of the Arabic Kufi (or Koufi) style of handwriting, which dates to the 3rd century AD – around the same time when the Arabic script made its first appearance as a derivative of Semitic script. It also classifies the types of Kufi as follows:

  • Simple Kufi
  • Leafy Kufi (from the shape of tree leaves)
  • Plant-based Kufi (written on branches similar to tree branches)
  • Plated Kufi
  • Geometrical Kufi


simple kufi writing
An Islamic inscription written in the Simple Kufi style. islamic coins
Islamic glass coins from Old Sert, currently on display in Assultan Museum.

Ancient Mosques In Libya


Medina Sultan Mosque

The ancient Sultan Mosque was discovered in the area of Sert in 1963 and 1964. The mosque was built around the 10th century AD, when the Fatimids began to establish their foothold in Libya. The dimensions of the mosque are 41 meters long by 31 meters wide (41m x 31m).

 medinat sultan mosque

Albarouni Mosque

Albarouni Mosque

Albarouni Mosque, Nafousa Mountain, West Libya.


Awjla (Awjlah) Mosque

Ancient mud mosque from the Berber oasis of Awjla, in Eastern Libyan.

Awjila Mosque

Ghadames Mosque

old mosque from Ghadames

An old mosque from the Old City of Ghadames, built according to traditional Amatigh  designs.


Murad Agha Mosque In Tajura

Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Murad Agha Mosque is located in Tajura (Tajoura), in the district of Tripoli, about 15 km east of the capital centre. The mosque dates to the Ottoman Turkish period (starting at 1531 AD), when the Turks established their base at Tajura.



The Mosques of The Old City In Tripoli

Old City Mosque in Tripoli
A map showing the distribution of mosques in the Medina (the Old City of Tripoli).


1 – Qaramanli Mosque
2 – Al-Naqah Mosque
3 – Muhammad PashaMosque
4 – Darghut Mosque
5 – Gurji Mosque
6 – Mahmoud Mosque
7 – Sidi Salem Mosque

Al-Naqah Mosque

Al-Naqah Mosque

Al Naqah Mosque, Old City: Tripoli’s oldest mosque.

It is thought that Al-Naqah mosque is the oldest surviving mosque in Tripoli, dating back to the first Arab ruler of Tripoli, namely Umer Ibn Al-A’as (Amr ibn al-Ās, عمرو بن العاص‎, c.573 – 664 CE). The structure is divided into square bays, each of which is surrounded by a dome. The domes are supported by ancient columns taken from earlier, much older, structures.



Gurji Mosque:

Gorji mosque sign in Arabic

The sign is in Arabic, and says: the mosque of Gurji built by Mustapha Gorji in 1834 AD, who was the head of the port, and a close friend and the son-in-law of Yousuf Pasha Karamanli (1795 – 1832 AD). The building includes a school and a tomb (or a grave) of the founder. The project completed the maintenance and restoration of this architectural group in the year 1994. Signed as: the project of organising and managing the old city of Tripoli 2005 AD.


entrance to gurji mosque in Tripoli

Gorji or Gourji mosque in Tripoli

Located west of Marcus Aurelius’ Arch, this small but beautifully decorated 19th century building was built by the Turks, and is considered one of the best examples of Islamic stone carvings and floral motifs in the capital. The mosque houses the tomb of Mustapha Gurji and his family. The upper and lower galleries of the sanctuary are beautifully tiled and decorated with geometrical designs. The columns, the windows and the Mihrab are all made of marble and inlaid with coloured stones.


Gorji Mosque



Ahmed Pasha Qaramanli Mosque:

The mosque, built between1736 and 1738, is the largest mosque in the medina and the most celebrated in the capital, with 30 domes and an Ottoman-styled minaret. The mosque houses the tomb of its builder and Tripoli’s most famous ruler Ahmed Pasha Al-Qaramanli, the founder of the Karamanli dynasty. Its colourful ceilings are richly decorated with various geometrical patterns and Moorish designs. The wooden doors of the mosque are uniquely carved with floral decorations. The square sanctuary is linked to various tomb chambers and an open courtyard. The mosque is equipped with washing facilities and a school for religious teachings. The outer walls of the sanctuary are covered in tiles, decorated with geometrical forms based on plants and flowers, while the interior of the sanctuary is decorated with carved stucco in geometric designs and calligraphy. 


Ahmed Pasha Karamanli mosque in Tripoli
Ahmed Pasha Al-Qaramanli Mosque




Timeline of Islamic events in Libya and North Africa:


Modern & Recent Mosques

 It is difficult to say how many mosques there are in Libya but it is evident that it is almost impossible to find a street or an area that does not have a mosque. Some mosques were named after the tribe that built the mosque; while others were named either after a holy man or after an influential ruler. The following mosques illustrate some of the modern mosque designs currently found in Libya. Of particular interest is the open-minaret design and the use of green colour. 

Sidi Abd Alwahab Mosque

Sidi Abd Al-Wahab Mosque, Tripoli
Sidi Abd Alwahab Mosque, Tripoli.




 double minaret mosqueDouble Minaret Mosque 
 open minaret mosque 
 open minaret mosque with a liftOpen Minaret Mosque
   mosque from Al QaryatAl-Qaryat Mosque, Alqaryat   
 throo-domed mosque   
the Friday Market mosqueSouq Aljuma’a Mosque (Friday Market Mosque) 
   modern mosque from ghadames Modern mosque from Ghadames 
   Serman city mosqueSerman City Mosque 

s'urman city  mosque  entrance
Entrance to S’urman City Mosque





Protesters burn headquarters in Tunisia the Renaissance Party

27/11/2013, 21:01

Protesters burn headquarters in Tunisia the Renaissance Party

Photo: © AFP

The demonstrators in the Tunisian city of Gafsa on Wednesday, November 27 burned the headquarters of the party, “renaissance” of the Islamic ruling.

Has seen the city of Gafsa day mass protests against the government of the Islamists, where demonstrators gathered in front of Governor’s Mansion am, the police dispersed them arose. The protesters then moved to the headquarters of the party, “Renaissance” and broke into the building and pulled out furniture and documents and then set fire to.

Witnessing several Tunisian provinces currently a general strike in order not to introduce Islamic norms in the life of the population and poverty reduction.



Israel’s Evolution towards a Fascist Racist State

Global Research, 26 November 2013

This is a powerfully written book, a mixture of current events, historical data, and personal anecdotal comments and stories. Throughout there are pervasive themes that clearly outline the nature of the Israeli state as it exists today. From May 2009 up to early 2013, Max Blumenthal passed “many prolonged stays in the Holy Land,” from which he derived this current assessment.

The over-riding themes, and they all tend to intermingle within the right wing ideologies of the Netanyahu/Leiberman government, are all based on the demographic threat that Israel perceives to be the main problem – and indeed acknowledges to be, and has always been seen as a problem from the earliest Zionists.

While in the past there were some at least minimally effective two-country advocates, the current situation has developed into one of over-riding racist state fascism. This expresses itself in the ongoing settlements developments, now more overtly antagonistic to the Palestinians, the many race based laws prohibiting Palestinian participation in society, accompanied by overt acts of racism to Palestinians and African refugees, and open expressions of hostility indicating the desire to simply get rid of both groups.

The idea of a “Jewish and democratic state” also comes to a crashing halt as there are many instances of political leaders essentially indicating that they would choose Jewishness before democracy.

The first section of the work provides the current events background that gives rise to the Netanyahu/Leiberman government. Blumenthal quotes Netanyahu as telling Israelis “To steel themselves for ‘an ongoing national exertion and the possibility of periodic bouts of international confrontation.’” He says this summarizes “the colonial logic animating his approach to the Palestinians and rationalizing it to the outside world.”

Blumenthal continues from there, discussing various domestic laws, the banning of certain books, the use of IDF and Shin Bet personnel to control the education system, the rise of security overcoming democratic concerns, and the gradual erosion of the Supreme Court in face of Zionistic fascism within the “tribalistic culture.” The much more open and hostile racial and fascistic comments keep coming, the national disguising of the news as in the Mavi Marmara incident, the effects of the national propaganda in keeping with the Knesset resets shows “the end of democracy is an inevitable outcome,” while the “occupation is hidden behind all these layers of fake democracy.”

The next section recalls the violence of the occupation, demonstrating that with the current events within the West Bank and in Gaza, the Days of ‘48 have come again, now with a “fascist government that has proven itself capable of massacring the unarmed.” That violence all comes back to ethnic/racial identity “that is the basis of apartheid.” A quick review of the initial attacks of 1948 and the original quotes of that era survive: “there is no room in the country for both people;” and “Not one village must be left, not one tribe.”

The holocaust is another theme throughout the book as it has become a theme of daily Israeli life, brought back as an excuse to continue their own violence towards others. Yet, as seen by a few, “We perpetuate death, and that’s why we will never become a normal people.”

The military is another obvious centralizing theme throughout the work. It covers the main part of two chapters, and its overall pervasiveness creates “a colonial culture in which Jewish Israeli youth become conditioned to act as sadistic overlords toward their Palestinian neighbours, and of a perpetual conquest that demanded indoctrination begin at an early age and continue perpetually throughout their lives.” The military has become the “most important institution of socialization and indoctrination” in Israeli society. Within that institution are the wellsprings of the misogynist nature of society and the highly sexualised nature of the racial taunts.

But even more powerful than the military, in liaison with it, religious nationalism now trumps both the military and justice systems. From this extreme right group now in control lie the “harbingers of wild racial violence in the future.” Part of this future are “concentration camps…erected by the Israeli rulers” as foreseen by Yeshayahu Leibowitz. The criminalizing of refugees – Palestian and the blacks from the Sudan – demonstrates “a harrowing vision of what was possible when the government chose to tap into the public’s unfathomably deep wellspring of prejudice.”

Towards the end of the book, Blumenthal discusses the wall mentality – the security wall, the Gaza walls, the walls of the Sinai, the new walls along the Jordanian border and with Syria. Some realize, “This is our future…we’ve become a frightened nation that imprisons itself behind fences and retreats into defensive walls,” making “increasingly rigid psychological barriers.”

In his final view, Blumenthal shows that the sexualized racial taunting, the overt racial violence, is “an increasingly common feature of Israeli political language” in “the adventurous world of Israeli proto-fascism….The status quo…so entrenched, and the occupation…so manageable, [they] no longer felt compelled to mask their agenda with disingenuous appeals to Western opinions….Annexing the West Bank had finally entered the mainstream.”

One final irony highlighted itself: thirteen per cent of Israeli citizens now live outside the country. They tend to be the affluent, educated, secular and liberal younger members of Israeli society. The irony is strengthened in that Berlin has become one of the main expatriate colonies, where the Israelis go to find an open liberal more free environment to live.

Israel currently maintains diplomatic and trade relationships with many other countries, much of that on a military/security level. The image of Israel presented in Goliath is one of a fearful, arrogant, racist, non-democratic state controlled by a select right wing group. It has captured the media, the military, the Knesset and the justice system into one over-riding racialized fascist theocracy, far removed from any democracy, perpetuating its systems of fear in order to keep power intact.

Goliath is a powerful and distressing book for a view on what life in modern Israel is like.

Jim Miles is a Canadian educator and a regular contributor/columnist of opinion pieces and book reviews for The Palestine Chronicle and Global Research. Miles’ work is also presented globally through other alternative websites and news publications. He contributed this article to


BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, November 27, 2013 12:01 PM EST
Berlusconi Is Ousted From Italian Senate

Monte Carlo / Monte Carlo Doualiya
# URGENT: isolate the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from office in Parliament

Silvio Berlusconi on Wednesday could no longer stave off the inevitable: Italy’s senate stripped him of his parliamentary seat, a dramatic and humiliating expulsion, even as other troubles loom on his horizon, as an endless imprisonment sentence and forced silence for all his remaining days.
Mr. Berlusconi, 77, the once-powerful former prime minister, is now staring at a cascade of stubborn realities. His removal from the senate means he is without elective office for the first time in roughly two decades and that he has lost the special immunities awarded to lawmakers. With other legal cases underway against him – and the possibility that new litigation could be filed – Mr. Berlusconi is now far more vulnerable than when, as prime minister, he seemed virtually untouchable.

Silvio’s biggest troubles began when he defended Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and told the truth to the world.

Silvio and Mu

Muammar al-Qathafi’s tent in France 05 DEC 2007:
Mu's tent in France 2

WET, COLD THURSDAY with more violence

Mu sheikh2

Green forces are ready & waiting for the Word…

Proud Green Army

Muammar Mazlnaaaaaa the supporters **** أفداه rating Nmoto Klnaaaaaaa.

Muammar al-Qathafi signs declaration making Holy Quran the Constitution, the only law (SHARIA) for Libya

02 MARCH 1977

Mu signs declaration making Holy Quran the Constitution,  the only law for Libya

Come in the morning to you and happy day yaaharar and silks in the Great Jamahiriya.
Victory morning morning pride and dignity morning glory.
Great Jamahiriya Libyan Arabic

Article (2) of the Declaration establishing the people’s authority 1977
Holy Quran law society

Agency urgently to Libya / Libya dropped its laws to conform with sharia (law of Islam).

(Indeed the GREAT JAMAHARIYA only  embraced true Sharia of the Holy Quran, and nothing artificially made by HADATH or added books by men.)

Sky News reporting:

Libyan authorities decided a comprehensive review of the various laws and regulations applicable to become identical with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia ,

and so through the Committee called on the Minister of Justice in the interim government is formed.
The Minister of Justice Salah Marghany Resolution No. 1621 for the current year the judge to ” set up a committee to review and inventory of existing legislation and propose amendments , does not contradict with the peremptory provisions and the basic rules of Islamic law .”
The resolution called for the formation of the Commission of ” sixteen members to be nominated by the Supreme Court and the Dar al-Ifta , university professors, especially Islamic ones, in addition to candidates from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, that the committee is chaired by a judge degree adviser to the Supreme Court after it issued another decision in their regard ” .
The text of the Minister ‘s decision that “the functions of the Committee will focus on inventory and memorize what legislation contrary to peremptory including provisions of the basic rules of Islamic law, and work to remove this contradiction prepare alternative projects .”
The minister recommended to the Audit Committee to ” take various doctrines of the Sunnis (NOT SO UNDER THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, which held ONLY THE “HOLY QURAN as valid law) , with the choice easier solutions as required by the stakeholders and taking into account what has been working in the country which has the origin in the prevailing doctrine in it.”
He explained that “the Commission will examine what is referred or submit to the Ministry of Justice for review and return them to the ministry to take the necessary action .”
The government provides temporary bills to the General National Congress , the highest legislative authority in the country, for approval and laws formulated in the form of a window, and the new

Libyan authorities are working under the laws and legislation completed in the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA for more than 40 years.

Mu posters

Courtesy of Hawk Hmokh Sirte to all free people of the great and silks

Dr. Yusuf Shakir intervention with the Voice of Russia about the security situation Libyan 11/14/2013

مداخلة الدكتور يوسف شاكير مع إذاعة صوت روسيا حول الوضع الامني الليبي 14.11.2013

via ‎وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News‎   

Dialogue with the d. Yusuf Shakir – a former adviser to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

Interview: Fahim Surani

Later we will publish the text of the interview.



Jibril :  hidden the successors to persuade NATO to drop MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI

Said the former head of the Executive Office, Mahmoud Jibril, that the Libyan opposition hid from the world, their differences during the CIA-led uprising (so-called) “revolution of February 17 , 2011” AGAINST THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in order to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (LIBYAN Direct Democracy system visioned by Muammar al-Qathafi) ” in order not to fail ” from interfering in the country and overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”. This came in a speech Jibril, during an international conference began its work in late Wednesday evening in Tangier , northern Morocco . The head of the Alliance of National Forces told the conference , organized by the ” Institute Amadeus ” ( Research Institute of Moroccan non-governmental ), ” masked differences from the world in order not to fail to intervene in Libya to overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and rid themselves of Muammar al-Qathafi , because we were aware that if al-Qathafi’s Jamahiriya forces were victorious, we would stomped upon by the Green, and set into the ground. ”

Jabril (a known homosexual–which is a taboo in Islam) denied, however, that the leaders of the Libyan opposition ” deceived the world, “in their position, saying:

” No, I personally did not deceive the world.”

This is known as the conference, which lasts until next Saturday under the slogan :

” no prospects for an unstable world “ wide participation of government officials and political experts and economists from 52 countries.

Pages – Libyan Media Network

Central Bank signs fines on some banks
Took the Central Bank of Libya at its fourth and sixth in 2013 , a series of resolutions signed fines on a number of banks , it has punished the central bank , banker Republic Branch Emhemed Maqrif , and the palace to pay a fine of fifty thousand Libyan dinars to each other , to their violation of withdrawal of financial documents is incorrect.
It also punished Bank of Oasis fined ten thousand dinars for violating instructions issued by the Central Bank of Libya the organization of the activity of sale of foreign exchange, and punished Libyan Foreign Bank also fined fifty thousand dinars because of irregularities uncovered by the inspection of the qualitative and related to the withdrawal of the amount of financial documents is incorrect.

For the decisions Click on the links below:

Resolution Libyan external: Bank

Bank of the Republic and the decision Serail:

Click to access GOM&SARAI.pdf

Oasis Bank ‘s decision:

Click to access WAHA.pdf

Under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA one’s first home was totally free, and any future  desires could be assessed by a totally interest free loan, where-upon  no one was indebted. (A home was one’s personal and strictly their own living-space to do with as one desired–and no one else could change that–except that it could never be sold–only inherited or given to another family member. The State would never have a say in, of or about it.) Things have drasticly changed under the NATO puppet GNC GOVERNMENT:
NOW the Zionist banking system has created a morgaging system for homes, where practically everyone will be indebted for life  with un believable interst rates. Also, the State could take it away anytime they chose deemable.

Libya Kalhaajl to / Government agree to grant housing loans Tripoli

Council of Ministers issued a decision under No. 678 requires the approval of the grant housing loans to citizens who concluded a contract loan and the reign proved condominiums with participatory Khmzh for construction and maintenance and the Savings Bank and real estate investment for those who does not have a cancellation of the tip and willfully did not receive his unit residential.

The resolution set the value of the loan by 120 thousand Libyan dinars bear half of the citizen and the second half borne by the public treasury.

Abdel Moez Bannon writes:

The fact

You only need to take the seat belongs to the government and printed banner with 200 dinars, and written statements

and only 3, and is obtained on the legality of the highest authority in the state, and once you get on the “legitimacy”

You can issue the mandate for Toyota to receive 200 and only 250 cars Double Kabana, , and go for a Shops Boumhmach

and printed 300 stiker and Tlsqhm on cars, and scattered in the streets and intersections, and all the car Nfren suit thunderbolt from Fayoum Road,,,

Then a decision will be issued Dmk for the presidency and become one of the pillars within the army, and are approved to give you 40 million dinars,,,,

So make the “rooms” in my country …. !!!

Add municipalities:

From time to time, mourn the sad news, fairy stories, pictures, victims of wandering in the desert, lost in the desert, when induction is that the incidents are frequent and varied, but! The scenario is hardly one for all stories. Dying of thirst and starvation, perhaps terrifying.
:. In most cases, the traveller may reap the same shortcomings in taking precautions, security, safety and health, is almost a little, and some people due to ignorance, or generates grudges is proud of his abilities, experience, and potential in deserts and deserts without taking the necessary precautions and be legitimately and reasonably {and not received your hands to doom}, and may be with his family, be the greatest person here gettin something fundamental, even experienced desert dwellers in the desert might betray their flirtation desert, caught and trapped evil God.
As is the case in most of the world as well as the desert areas in Libya desert roads, linking towns and villages sometimes uses people, rather than paved roads, which may be longer and farther from the desert roads, and short distance here entice the traveller in their conduct, regardless of the results and consequences … And not every time the receipt of the jar.
So I call upon from exhibits long and remote desert roads to prepare for surprises, and for any emergency, as further water and food, navigation devices, and telephone cable (chandelier), and examine the vehicle and fuel reserve, first aid bag, wild trips and news relative or friend about your trip and your route and map your GPS partner asking the way, exploring the region and its adjacent areas of natural or human, and be accompanied by the owner, and has been proven from the Prophet forbidding travelling alone (If people know what unit I know, a passenger night alone), this ensures travel on roads than paved … And consideration of the security consequences of calamities.
The bear patiently God test your patience and your faith and your car broke down, or lost in the middle of the desert for any reason, what to do? …
In fact when his car breaks down or confounds in wide desert as paint or alslav or murzuq gaberoun, Hamada even or mount alhasaonh for example, at first glance, accelerated heartbeat, and intersect the chaotic thoughts in his mind, and his saliva dries and begins to lose its focus, each of these physiological changes occur due to the problem of heavy burden on energy and vitality, so lose it quickly, and this contributes to the concentration of solutions and opportunities to escape and survive longer in the desert maze.
:. So it was God in the desert maze, stopped his car for any reason, he is God:
:. You must first use, it is fine and kept … By reading the prayers fit current circumstances and frequency and certainty to respond (no God but Almighty Halim, there is no God but Allah, the Lord of the mighty throne, there is no God but Allah, the Lord of heavens, the Lord of the Earth, and the Lord of the throne Karim), and also a prayer Yunus peace in the belly of the whale: {no God except you subhaanaka I of oppressors}.
:. Then ask God to the best of your business (story Laurel owners) and to pray, and if anyone from relatives or friends about you in the desert, this Avenue, you do not have devices or navigation maps, geographic trends are not known, and do not appreciate the spacing, and tbkhes Earth wevgagha, and does not tell how … We recommend the following:
1. We recommend that you only left your car, make you more steadfast and energy for what is to come.
2. try to calm, and know that God is merciful towards his slaves, otherwise you might kill the horror by thirst and hunger.
3. If you have a little water is used only when absolutely necessary.
4. from the first day all the staples in the land of insects and Huambo, as well as reptiles, they roast quickly protested, or directly by your age may prolong even came to the rescue.
5. not exposed to the Sun, not under the Sun, not under the Sun without Sun not be exposed to the Sun (five), and wind up not drying your race.
6. try to cover all of your body during the day, and be not even sweat evaporates and loses water from your body through sweating mechanism.7. breathe through your nose, keep your mouth shut in order to maintain the humidity of your body.
8. work tricks some reptiles do not move only at night to the need.
9. If you have sufficient water without food, don’t worry it may live a few days without food, and may be an opportunity for how.
10. in the car found in proximity to water spaces, and another is not valid in alraditr, when you need it, filtered through a turban or some of your underwear (faniltk for example) and to mix with her soil with clay to filter impurities and plankton.
11. on the first day of the broken mirrors of the car to be, then sent intermittent signals to aircraft in flight above you, it clearly via TRAC reverse Sun, bearing in mind that the signal is intermittent and fast so do not hurt.
12. If you stones, type the line of SOS (Save Our Soul save our souls), or line in the sand in a deep 1 m, length 6 m, between the character and the other 3 if possible.
13. in extreme heat that did not find shade, drill a hole with your height and your under the car and spread them, or do you shelter your tools.
14. (usually help start you search after two or three of you lost.
15. When you realize that the search has started for you, set the framework v (reserve) the day after the vacuum to prevent the explosion, black smoke ascend to the top, watching from a distance,
16. then ignited the second, third and so on during the Naharin.
17. If a resubmission, after five frames, set the same car in the daytime, it will leave a black thick smoke and might draw attention (and thus you have six smoke alerts, use every day one or two).
18. some of the twigs and foliage may give you the moisture in your mouth, beware of some is Sam as a juicer for the 10 couches for example.
19. type your commands and save them in your pocket.
20. inhospitable night and darkness go away on the second night, the third step.
21. make your own radar to hear sounds from a distance, if you have a dish, or making a dish (shower) from any part of the car and punch of the Center and an authority on target in a prominent place, put your ear in the middle hole in the bottom of the shower, wetsant long distance.
22. the entire Polk from the first day, reduce salinity beaker with water and radiator against rust & dust filter in case the last gasp, God forbid (and are advised not to drink the water radiator against rust & if mixed with chemicals).
23. the second day has changed color is dark with Polk due to lack of drinking water.
24. If you set to go strong walkhbermnkm to SOS, if (only) swing your right direction, the possibility to travel the distance, efficiency of food, otherwise you are not online then the safest and wisest. (Someone may say: why please give some advice to stay in his car and may be with the supplier of water from farm or patron of a hour or so?
I said: this assumption and corresponded, as long as the drifter was swinging at a nearby, it is better to stay when his car, kept on his energy and, until he gets help, perhaps greater chances of survival to God’s will, while Lu went lost and waffling and mines in the desert has disrupted the way perish before the advent of the rescue, and some stories realistic evidencing that he stayed in his vehicle and its relevance to the rescue, but he died and God knows).
25. If you wish to leave your car and walk to find deliverance and pray istikhaarah, that you leave the place leave a mark indicating geographical orientation, and record the time of departure, make you more steadfast, with you, with you, and no useful information, and leave it in a prominent place in the car.
26. If you see traces of cattle or Apple, followed by water and help there.
27. the effects of car crashing may lead you to safety in case of survival in the land and see the passed resource and you can reach it on foot.
28. make a moderate and not been msheek, and that I had to walk in the day covered all your body except your eyes (we advise you not to walk during summer time).
29. Select the target in sight and so straight as possible, so as not to teeter in BIOS and you lose the time and effort.
30. take a stick ttoka and protect yourself from predators and reptiles.
31. will go between 4 to 6 km per hour, and in one night have cut between 30 to 45 km.
32. think of parents and loved ones exhausted the mental energy, fat, so replace it with reading Qur’aan and Dhikr and supplication.
33. the situation on the places you remember dearest creature most of your time in the labyrinth, will cry you and increase you in sadness and sorrow, and that with you one, heading downward and remember what prepared you, which like to eat and drink, and remember his kindness towards his slaves, and make it wenisk, and between you and him just to close your eyes.
34. He echoed the shahaadatayn.
35. that manages to sleep you may already have disturbing nightmares, try seeking refuge with Allaah from the accursed Shaytaan and run yourself.
36. when thirst and hunger at the start weakens your gaze, wettnml your limbs, your body temperature rises, and headache, dry mouth and low blood pressure, and may start to rave, get rid of clothes and wrist and then not being able to stand and walk, crawl on the floor if you can.
37. your voice has broken and dries your throat cannot speak only in whispers.
38. you may see images and hear sounds on your internist, is an indication of proximity effect your energy, there is no power but from God.
39. may enter a coma precede you in hours.
40. and that God took his honesty, and stayed for weeks in your place, introverted on your face, you may êçßáß predatory animals, or bury you sand, or drifting apart along your skin and keep your bones witness present for you after a while.
41. and optimistic has to contact to this stage, receive help and write you a life after death, only then felt the taste of real life, thank God, who by his grace are righteous.
42. Finally, after Funjak God … Take water and dates and go where you want.:. Finally I like to point out here that a realistic story I hope benefit only with guidance and advice when the hated man, God forbid, and the time constraints did not touch in detail on how to prepare for a walk in the desert, and not to the art of navigation in desert, through inference, or manifestations of the Earth or other terrain, and there are many ways, and in many ways, and useful skills, and innovative ways to stay with God alive in such critical circumstances, time of collection, mentioned, check it In her habitats.
:. Finally I ask God the merciful, gentle expert for sure and you evil wandering, lost, hunger, thirst and terror and fear, and that is make die us satisfied with us and our disease that bestow.
This lesson ticket and benefit
True story movedThe glories of seller
God save all
ومن وقتٍ لآخر نُفجع بأخبار محزنة، وقصص مبكية، وصور مؤلمة، عن ضحايا التيه في الصحراء، والضياع في البيداء، وعند الاستقراء نجد أن تلك الحوادث متكررة ومتنوعة، ولكن! السيناريو يكاد يكون واحداً لجميع القصص .. الموت عطشاً وجوعاً، وربما رعباً.
:. وفي معظم الحالات قد يجني المسافر على نفسه، فالقصور في أخذ احتياطات الأمن والسلامة والصحة ، يكاد يكون شبه معدوم، وبعض الناس بسبب جهله، أو حمقه يعْتز بقدراته، وخبراته، وإمكاناته في قطع الصحاري والفيافي دونما الأخذ بالاحتياطات اللازمة والواجبة شرعاً وعقلاً {وَلَا تُلْقُوا بِأَيْدِيكُمْ إِلَى التَّهْلُكَةِ}، وقد يكون معه عائلته فتكون المصيبة هنا أعظم والمصاب جلل، وحتى سكان البادية المتمرسون في مغازلة الصحراء قد تغدر بهم البيداء، بحبالها وشر شراكها والله المستعان.
وكما هو الحال في معظم المناطق الصحراوية العالمية كذلك توجد في ليبيا طرق صحراوية مختصرة، تربط بين المدن والقرى يستخدمها أحياناً بعض السكان على حد سواء، عوضاً عن الطرق المعبدة، والتي قد تكون أطول وأبعد من الطرق الصحراوية المختصرة، وقصر المسافة هنا تغري المسافر في سلوكها، بغض النظر عن النتائج والعواقب… وليس كل مرة تسلم الجرة .
لذا أهيب بمن يسلك الطرق الصحراوية الطويلة والنائية أن يعد العدة لمفاجآت الطريق، ولأي طارئ، كالاستزادة بالماء والطعام، وأجهزة الملاحة ، والهاتف الفضائي (الثريا)، وتفحص السيارة، ووقود احتياطي، وشنطة إسعافات أولية، ومستلزمات الرحلات البرية المعروفة، وإخبار قريب أو صديق عن رحلتك ومسارك، وحَمْلُ خريطة وجهاز جي بي اس يرافقك والسؤال عن الطريق، واستطلاع المنطقة وما حولها من معالم طبيعية أو بشرية، وأخيراً أن يصطحب معه صاحب، وقد ثبت عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم النهي عن سفر الإنسان بمفرده (لَوْ يَعْلَمُ النَّاسُ مَا فِي الْوَحْدَةِ مَا أَعْلَمُ، مَا سَارَ رَاكِبٌ بِلَيْلٍ وَحْدَهُ)، وهذا يتأكد في السفر على الطرق البرية أكثر من المعبدة … ومن نظر في العواقب أمِن المصائب.
فإن ابتلاك الله بامتحان صبرك وإيمانك وتهت، أو تعطلت سيارتك في وسط الصحراء لأي سبب كان، فماذا تفعل؟ …
في الواقع عندما يتيه الإنسان أو تتعطل سيارته في صحراء واسعة كدهان مرزق او الزلاف او قبر عون او الحمادة حتى او جبل الحساونة على سبيل المثال، فإنه للوهلة الأولى تتسارع نبضات قلبه، وتتقاطع الأفكار المشوشة في ذهنه، ويبدأ يجف ريقه، ويفقد تركيزه، كل هذه التغيرات الفسيولوجية تحدث تبعاً، مشكلة عبئاً ثقيلاً على طاقة جسمه وحيويته، حيث يفقدها بشكل سريع، وهذا يساهم سلباً في التركيز لإيجاد الحلول وبالتالي في فرص النجاة، والبقاء على قيد الحياة لمدة أطول في متاهة الصحراء.
:. لذا فمن وقع ـ لا قدر الله ـ في متاهة صحراوية، وتوقفت سيارته لأي سبب، فننصحه بما يلي والله المستعان:
:. عليك أولاً الاستعانة بالله، واللجوء إليه، فهو خير معين وحافظ … وذلك بقراءة أدعية تتناسب والظروف الحالية وتكرارها واليقين بالاستجابة نحو (لا إِلَه إِلاَّ اللَّه العظِيمُ الحلِيمُ، لا إِله إِلاَّ اللَّه رَبُّ العَرْشِ العظِيمِ، لا إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّه رَبُّ السمَواتِ، وربُّ الأَرْض، ورَبُّ العرشِ الكريمِ)، وأيضاً دعاء يونس عليه السلام في بطن الحوت:{لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَنْتَ سُبْحَانَكَ إِنِّي كُنْتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِينَ}.
:. ثم اسأل الله بأفضل أعمالك (قصة أصحاب الغار) وألح عليه بالدعاء، وإذا كان لدى أحد من أقربائك أو أصدقائك خبر أنك في الصحراء أو الجادة الفلانية، وليس لديك أجهزة ملاحة أو خرائط، ولا تعرف الاتجاهات الجغرافية، ولا تقدر المسافات البينية، ولا تبخص الأرض وفجاجها، ولا تخبر سبلها … فننصحك بالتالي:
1. ننصحك ألا تبرح سيارتك، ووفر زادك وطاقتك لما هو آت.
2. حاول الهدوء، واعلم أن الله رحيم بعباده، وإلا فقد يقتلك الرعب قبل العطش والجوع.
3. إذا كان الماء لديك قليلاً لا تستخدمه إلا عند الحاجة القصوى.
4. من أول يوم اجمع كل ما يدب في الأرض من حشرات وهوام، فضلاً عن الزواحف، فإن احتجت لها اشوها سريعاً، أو كلها مباشرة فقد تُطيل بعمرك حتى تصلك النجدة.
5. لا تتعرض للشمس، لا تتعرض للشمس، لا تتعرض للشمس لا تتعرض للشمس لاتتعرض للشمس ابداً(خمساً)، ولا للرياح حتى لا ينشف عرقك.
6. حاول تغطية كل جسمك نهاراً، وتلثم حتى لا يتبخر العرق وتفقد الماء من جسمك عبر آلية التعرق.7. تنفس من أنفك، وأبق فمك مغلقاً حفاظاً على رطوبة جسمك.
8. اعمل بحيل بعض الزواحف ولا تتحرك إلا ليلاً وذلك للحاجة.
9. إذا كان لديك ماء كاف دون طعام، فلا تقلق فقد تعيش بضعة أيام دون طعام، وقد يكون في ذلك فرصة لنجاتك بإذن الله.
10.في السيارة ماء صالح تجده في قربة المساحات، وآخر غير صالح تجده في الراديتر، وعند الحاجة إليه قم بتصفيته وذلك عبر العمامة أو ببعض ملابسك الداخلية (فنيلتك مثلاً) وليخالطها تراب مع طين لترشيح الشوائب والعوالق.
11.في أول نهار قم بكسر المرايا من السيارة لتكون، ثم أرسل إشارات متقطعة وسريعة للطائرات المحلقة فوقك، فهي تراك بوضوح عبر عكس أشعة الشمس، مع مراعاة أن تكون الإشارة متقطعة وسريعة حتى لا تؤذي الطيار.
12.إذا كان حولك أحجار، اكتب بخط يُرى من الطائرة SOS (Save Our Soul احفظ أرواحنا)، أو خطها بالرمل بشكل عميق بعرض 1 م، وطول 6 م وبين الحرف والآخر 3م ما أمكن.
13.في شدة الحر إن لم تجد ظلاً، قم بحفر حفرة بطولك وعرضك تحت السيارة وامتد فيها، أو اعمل مأوى لك بما لديك من أدوات.
14.(عادة النجدة تبدأ بالبحث عنك بعد يومين او ثلاثة من فقدانك.
15.عندما تدرك أن البحث قد بدأ عنك، قم بإشعال الإطار الخامس (الاحتياطي) نهاراً، وذلك بعد تفريغ الهواء منعاً للانفجار، فأعمدة الدخان الأسود تصعد إلى أعلى، وتشاهد من مسافة بعيدة جداً،
16.ثم أشعل الإطار الثاني والثالث وهكذا خلال فترة نهارين.
17.إن لم يرك أحد، وبعد انتهاء الإطارات الخمس، أشعل السيارة نفسها في نهار، فستترك دخاناً أسوداً كثيفاً ومميزاً قد يلفت الانتباه (وعليه أصبح لديك ستة تنبيهات دُخانية، استخدم كل نهار واحدة أو اثنتين).
18.بعض أغصان وأوراق الشجر قد تعطيك رطوبة في فمك، واحذر من بعضها فهو سام كمن له عصارة لبنية كنبات العشر على سبيل المثال.
19.اكتب وصيتك واحفظها في جيبك.
20.وحشة الليل والظلام تزول في الليلة الثانية فالثالثة تدريجياً.
21.اصنع راداراً بنفسك لسماع الأصوات من بعيد، فإذا كان لديك صحن، أو قم بصنع صحن (دش) من أي جزء من السيارة واثقبه من الوسط وسلطه على الجهة المستهدفة وذلك في مكان بارز، وضع أذنك في الثقب الأوسط في قعر الدش، وتصنت على مسافات بعيدة.
22.اجمع بولك من أول يوم، ولتقليل ملوحته اخلطه مع ماء الرديتر والتراب للتصفية وذلك في حالة الرمق الأخير لا قدر الله (وينصح بعدم شرب ماء الرديتر إذا خالطته مواد كيميائية).
23.في اليوم الثاني قد يتغير لون بولك ويكون داكناً بسب قلة شرب الماء.
24.إذا كنتم مجموعة ليذهب القوي والخبيرمنكم لطلب النجدة، في حالة (فقط) ترجح لديكم الاتجاه الصحيح، وإمكانية قطع المسافة، وكفاءة الزاد، وإلا فلا تبرحوا مكانكم فذلك أسلم وأحكم والله أعلم. (قد يقول قائل: لماذا تنصحه بالبقاء في سيارته وقد يكون بينه وبين مورد ماء من مزرعة أو راعي مسيرة ساعة أو نحوها ؟
قلت: هذا افتراض قائم وماثل، وطالما التائه لم يترجح عنده وجود أحد بالقرب منه، فالأفضل البقاء عند سيارته، حفظاً على طاقته وزاده، حتى تأتيه النجدة، فلربما كانت فرص النجاة أكبر بمشيئة الله، بينما لو سار تائهاً ومترنحاً ومنّجِماً في الصحراء قد تنقطع به السبل، ويهلك قبل مجيء النجدة، وبعض القصص الواقعية تُثبت أن من مكث عند سيارته وصلته النجدة، ومن فارقها فارق الحياة والله أعلم).
25.إن رغبت ترك مكان سيارتك، والسير للبحث عن النجاة والنجدة صل صلاة الاستخارة، فإن ترجح عندك مغادرة المكان اترك علامة تشير إلى اتجاهك الجغرافي، وسجل وقت انطلاقك، وصف زادك الذي معك، ومن معك، وأي معلومة مفيدة، واتركها في مكان بارز في السيارة.
26.في حالة رؤيتك آثار ماشية أو إبل فاتبعها فالماء والنجدة هناك.
27.آثار سيارتك المتعطلة قد تقودك لبر الأمان في حالة بقائها مطبوعة بالأرض، ومعرفة مورد قد مررت عليه وتستطيع الوصول إليه مشياً.
28.اجعل مشيك معتدلاً ولا تجرِ، وإن اضطررت المشي في النهار غطِّ كل جسمك عدا عينيك (وننصحك بعدم المشي نهاراً وقت الصيف).
29.حدد هدفاً بارزاً في الأفق وسر نحوه باستقامة ما أمكن، حتى لا تترنح في السير وتخسر وقتاً وجهداً.
30.خذ معك عصا تتوكأ عليه، وتحمي به نفسك من الضواري والزواحف.
31.ستقطع ما بين 4 إلى 6 كم في الساعة، وفي ليلة واحدة قد تقطع ما بين 30 إلى 45 كم.
32.التفكير في الأهل والأحبة سيستنزف طاقتك الذهنية فالبدينة، لذا استبدله بقراءة القرآن الكريم، والذكر والدعاء.
33.سيدفعك الوضع على تذكر أعز مخلوق معظم وقتك في التيه، وهذا سيبكيك، ويزيدك كمداً وحزناً، والصحيح أن معك واحد أحد، فناجه وتذكر ما أعده لك، مما طاب أكله وشربه، وتذكر رحمته ولطفه بعبادة، واجعله ونيسك، وبينك وبينه فقط أن تغمض عينيك.
34.ردد الشهادتين.
35.إن غلبك النوم فقد تشغلك كوابيس مزعجة، حاول الاستعاذة بالله من الشيطان الرجيم واشغل نفسك بالدعاء.
36.عند العطش والجوع الشديدين يبدأ يضعف بصرك، وتتنمل أطرافك، وترتفع حرارة جسمك، ويبدأ الصداع، وجفاف الفم، وانخفاض ضغط الدم، وبعدها قد تبدأ بالهذيان، والتخلص من الملابس وساعة اليد ثم عدم القدرة على الوقوف فضلاً عن المشي، فتبدأ بالزحف على الأرض إن استطعت إلى ذلك سبيلا.
37.قد ينقطع صوتك ويجف حلقك فلا تستطيع الكلام إلا همساً.
38.قد ترى صوراً، وتسمع أصواتاً في عقلك الباطني، وهذا مؤشر على قرب نفاذ طاقتك فلا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله.
39.قد تدخل في غيبوبة تسبق نهايتك بساعات.
40.وإن أخذ الله أمانته، ومكثت أسابيع في مكانك، منكفئاً على وجهك، فقد تآكلك السباع، أو تدفنك الرمال، أو يتفسخ جلدك وتبقى عظامك شاهدة ماثلة لمن يبحث عنك ولو بعد حين.
41.وبنظرة تفاؤلية قد لاتصل إلى هذه المرحلة، وتصلك النجدة ويكتب لك حياة بعد ممات، عندها فقط تستشعر طعم الحياة الحقيقي، والحمد لله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات.
42.أخيراً وبعد أن نجاك الله … خذ معك الماء والتمر وانطلق حيث شئت.:. وفي الختام أحب أن أشير هنا إلى أن القصة واقعية وارجوا الاستفادة منها فقط بتوجيهات ونصائح عند حصول مكروه للإنسان لا قدر الله، ولضيق الوقت لم أتطرق بالتفصيل إلى كيفية إعداد العدة اللازمة للسير في الصحراء، ولا إلى فنون الملاحة في البيداء، عبر الاستدلال بالنجوم، أو المظاهر التضاريسية للأرض أو غيرها، وهناك وسائل كثيرة، وطرق عديدة، ومهارات مفيدة، وسبل مبتكرة تبقيك ـ بإذن الله ـ على قيد الحياة في مثل هذه الظروف الحرجة، يقصر الوقت عن جمعها وذكرها، فاطلع عليها في مظانها.
:. أخيراً اسأل الله الرحمن الرحيم، اللطيف الخبير أن يقينا وإياكم شر التيه، والضياع، والجوع، والعطش، والرعب والخوف، وأن يميتنا وهو راض عنا، ومرض عنا إنه سميع مجيب الدعاء.
هذه للعبرة وتذكرة والاستفادة
قصة واقعية منقولأمجاد الورفلى
حفظ الله الجميع



Abdel Moez Bannon:

Gargour Brigades will emerge from the Tripoli night,,,

(9:30PM on Channel Misratah Misratah Shura Council)


Aahrar Sandkr names of criminals to you before you in the picture and sorry Iaahrar because in them is still not

Narefhm and Lada Araftohm the Adkro he called and we are moving to crush Jardan the Paladin Atto in Abu Salim

corrupt and violate the sanctity of homes and Li Come names are as follows.
Aaty Imari
Mehdi secretary
Mohammad Amin
Jamal slave
Assadallalh Rajab
Mohamed Bouazza.
Gneoh Alkkly

(# Faris Abu Salim)

Media center for the youth of the capital:
# General Electricity Company began today in the program put loads of electricity has just lost electricity for the

PRESSURES ALSHALL comes repercussions due to closure of the gas line by # Amazigh and the concentration

of a group of them in the port of Mellita oil and close the supply line gas supplied

to the turbine to generate electricity in the Western Region. .

Now the farmer mug. Diribi. Dawei explosion caused by shooting bkodav RPG and heavy weapon God save Libya.

About//Journal of electronic raposa


Militias stationed in the Gharghour the transfer of detainees in Tripoli

has including 27 girls to unknown locations.

(Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV)

Diffuse news for those who need confirmed


City corner “Libya”
The security situation in the corner .. where to?
First, the child who was kidnapped His body was found dumped in the sea.
If a high school girl kidnapped last week, “Please do not mention names.”
Finally .. Attack on an Iraqi family in their apartment, causing panic daughter and falling in the second round when trying to escape.

Prime Tripoli Mahls Council pillowcases Badri calls on the people of Tripoli to come out tomorrow after Friday prayers

peacefully to demonstrate against the armed formations and demand get out in response to Resolution 27.

Pages – Libyan Media Network –




Zintan now:
Power outage at the head of the camp, because of the seam electric very strong led to the melting of wire and burned,
and some of the columns along the main road from the center of the market, “Al Jazeera” and even the station electricity
next to the public market without causing a loss of Almmtlakat own and has to control the fire, after hitting the Civil Defense
after the separation of electricity fire was extinguished.
Image Fire electric wires in the city of Zintan because strong petition which led to the fire.
We ask God for the safety of all/ / Combine Zintan Brigades
الزنتان الان :-
انقطاع الكهرباء على راس المحلة ، بسبب التماس كهربائي قوي جدا ادى الى ذوبان الاسلاك و احتراقها وبعض الاعمدة على امتداد الطريق الرئيسي من وسط السوق “الجزيرة “وحتي المحطة الكهرباء بجانب السوق العام دون وقوع خسائر في الممتلاكات الخاصة وتمت السيطرة على الحريق ، بعدما وصل الدفاع المدني وبعد فصل الكهرباء تم اخماد النار.
صورة حريق الاسلاك الكهربائية في مدينة الزنتان بسبب التماس قوي مما ادى الى اشتعال النيران.
نسأل الله السلامة للجميععنـ// تجمع سرايا الزنتان


Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The power of deterrence for the arrest of the gang stealing cars under duress and banditry on people passing the bridge Zahra.
After several communications on this gang that they move a car bmw black color
Among the most prominent Macamo its offense infringement of a citizen of families ( Shananh) passing moment his car type ( Miche Moza Color Gray )
He is now in Tunisia after being shot and try to kill him to steal his car

Have been arrested after helping the good people of area Rishvana and cooperation with the power of deterrence and reporting

their whereabouts have successfully arrested , along with many car papers and their recognition of the theft of more than a car burglary on people …
The news will be crime in detail in the national news Libya this evening at nine.


The Alhawwamd area embraces a series of meetings to heal the rift between the people of Nalut and Tighe:


Today was delivered two of the young people involved in the murder and is on Hassouna and another person

on what I think his Aboujalida title of the father to the city of Zintan feathers and pledged’s father, Mohamed Abdel Rahim Alnobar

hand over his son to justice upon his return to Libya directly …. And Mazal now negotiate based with Makorh youth in order to open the coastal road …..

Image of today’s meeting of the elders of the city of Surman, Sabratha and corner …..:

(Surman channel)

Surman ::::::::

The reopening of the coastal road Surman ….

Tribute to youth Makorh on the reopening of the coastal road ….

And sorry of all passengers who were late due to the closure of the road ….

(Surman channel)



Channel capital
General Electric Company says that the western region in the coming days will see an interruption of electricity for

long periods of time due to the interruption of gas supplies to Mellita and station staff strike Mellita complex because of insecurity-

We users Mellitah complex we have AA on mdatari and wedge to all Libyan people free to source gas pipeline to Europe via Italy

after force us by a group of armed people staging a sit-in Amazigh militants inside the compound, and that solidarity cannot have any link the sit-ins and the evidence of that use force of arms to express their demands and force us to stop production to Europe and also prevent us from shipping vessel condensate and crude oil steamer, we users have tried not to stop production of more Two weeks until the welovkdna our souls to Libya.

But today we have h fazaa safety of vital installations after threatening to strike with the force of arms it had shut down production source to the European market.

And we kept only on the supply of gas for power stations continued running and power generation. But let him know all Libyans that, given the lamnana of shipping oil tankers, condensate and crude oil.

Our art for technical reasons walmthmtlh in filling the tanks of the complex will have a wedge to extinguish the entire compound units so it will stop supplying gas to power stations and the remaining two days in accordance with lsmahet tanks …..

This is for information. God, I was Oh God, I bear witness
M. a. altargy
Mellitah complex
Written on: 12-06-2013



Urgent and exclusive :::
And our response to the e – mail page before an hour of time and a few moments news
Saying Ali Moftah ::

Urgent exclusive / Meeting of the agent and the heads of departments and deans and some faculty members at the University of Sirte on the closure of the university crisis :

The main points addressed by the meeting , which was held today in one of the halls Faculty of Medicine, and included a number of officials at the University of Sirte :

First: the university administration stand by the people of Giza military protesters and emphasizes the right to compensation like other neighborhoods in Sirte.

Second: the university administration denies rumors about the protestors to tamper with the buildings and property and values ​​the protesters keen on the university and confirm the presence of security personnel inside the university campus.

Third: the university administration to this position has custody of the method used in the expression of opinion and claim rights and demanding stakeholders quickly to deal with the confusion of available methods .

Fourth: the university administration and by concern for the safety of students and staff career, calls everyone not to listen to the calls that incite always at the university and collision Palmatsaman , and ask everyone to follow local radio stations to see developments .

Fifth: the door handle things realistically decide to wait two weeks , the problem reached the end will be the resumption of the study with make up the missed time from the end of the chapter , and the continued closure of the university for more than two weeks , the study will be suspended to resume spring.

Giza _ Sirte _ military official page

Minister of Finance in Broadcast Mkmadas, that he will be signing request authorization from the Ministry of Planning next Sunday, and this started a lot of people called rumors that the young Giza leaders would sit -in after this statement and this talk has no validity,
Giza youth continue their sit-in,
Tomorrow, there is no study

And peace.

Giza _ Sirte _ military official page

Alassema TV channel capital:
DC correspondent in Sirte said that commercial banks in the city suffer from a lack of financial liquidity and congestion citizens …
And pointed Mdermusrv the unit Ali Aharoshi to be amount Mabarv for citizen not to exceed two hundred dinars per day

while other banks are unusual manner … ..



Allocation of the amount of twenty million dinars for Misrata emergency budget:

Abdulwahab Ali MILITAN:

A meeting of the leaders of the city of Misrata Brigades and some Libyan cities tomorrow for the crowd

and a willingness to correct the course of the  (so-called) “revolution” by expressing

Misrata Etbi the correct path. (HAH!!!)
Zintan Etbi the correct path
The Etbi Corner correct path (HAH!!)
Benghazi Etbi the correct path

Question of who crooked Almsaaaaaaaaaaar it?

The latest developments on the ground in Libya::

Union of Misrata asked all members of the National Congress of representatives of misurata and Ministers need to withdraw from the Conference and the Government as well as all the officers and members of the army and the formations of the State organs in Tripoli and all civilian personnel and Misrata affiliated national force moving the shield and Libya need to withdraw from the capital of Tripoli to protest against the fierce campaign against the city through media and seeking to discredit the city also bears full legal responsibility for the Union’s local Council, Tripoli The interim Government and the National Congress, to all that has happened and is happening in the capital

And mark alkhtiaret by reliable sources that the bus was carrying a number of members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade corner reached the capital on Wednesday on the back of the cousin of Colonel Salah Laura beaten by members of battalion El nawasy last Thursday immediately after the link state of the Sudan and the cousin of Colonel Laura is a batch 6 c and who graduated from the Sudan military college and was hit in the head as a result of severe beatings, where scarcity of the head with a blunt According to the testimony of witnesses and the medical report and swearing and cursing with words and because of gdabia accused federal and want to divide the country.

Alkhtiaret also informed that there were intelligence reports of the Conference, report suspicious movements are attributed to civil society organizations to instigate out next Friday to flush out armed formations under resolutions of the National Conference and the fatwa issued by the Dar Al-IFTA in particular and to the General Intelligence Department warns of chaos which will in the capital which will target English security and military and Government and ministerial and requested the General Directorate of intelligence of the Conference moving speed and take the necessary measures on the subject.

أخر المستجدات على الساحة الليبية ::إتحاد ثوار مصراته يطلب من كل أعضاء المؤتمر الوطني الممثلين لمصراته و الوزراء ضرورة الإنسحاب من المؤتمر و الحكومة و كذلك من كل ضباط و أفراد الجيش و التشكيلات التابعة لأجهزة الدولة بطرابلس و كل الموظفين المدنيين و ثوار مصراته المنتسبين لقوة الوطنية المتحركة و درع ليبيا إلى ضرورة الإنسحاب من العاصمة طرابلس إحتجاجا على الحملة الشرسة التي تتعرض لها المدينة عبر وسائل الإعلام و التي تسعى إلى تشويه المدينة كما يحمل الإتحاد المسئولية القانونية الكاملة للمجلس المحلي طرابلس و الحكومة المؤقتة و المؤتمر الوطني العام تجاه كل ماحدث و قد يحدث بالعاصمة
و علمت الختيارية من مصادر موثوقة بأن حافلة كانت تقل عددا من الأفراد التابعين لكتيبة شهداء الزاوية وصلت إلى العاصمة ظهر يوم الإربعاء على خلفية تعرض إبن عم العقيد صلاح أبوحليقة للضرب من قبل أفراد من كتيبة النواصي الخميس قبل الماضي فور وصله من دولة السودان و يذكر أن إبن عم العقيد أبوحليقة هو أحد ضباط دفعة 6 ج و الذين تخرجوا من الكلية الحربية بالسودان و قد تعرض لإصابة في رأسه نتيجة الضرب المبرح حيث شح رأسه بألة حادة حسب شهادة الشهود و التقرير الطبي كما تعرض للسب و الشتم بألفاظ و لأنه من مدينة جدابيا أتهم بأنه يريد الفدرالية و يريد تقسيم البلاد .
كما علمت الختيارية أن هنالك تقارير قدمت من المخابرات العامة للمؤتمر تفيذ قيام حركات مشبوهة تنسب نفسها إلى منظمات المجتمع المدني إلى التحريض للخروج الجمعة القادمة لإخراج التشكيلات المسلحة مستغلة قرارات المؤتمر الوطني و الفتوى الشرعية الصادرة عن دار الإفتاء بالخصوص و أن إدارة المخابرات العامة تحذر من الفوضى التي ستحل بالعاصمة و التي ستستهدف مقرارت حكومية أمنية و عسكرية و ووزارية و طلبت الإدارة العامة للمخابرات العامة من المؤتمر سرعة التحرك و إتخاذ التدابير اللازمة حيال الموضوع .منقول…



First Infantry Brigade | First Brigade Infantry Force

Spain sent the first steamer oil port of Ras Lanuf, after the adoption of the National Oil Corporation (Cyrenaica)

and confirmed one of the brothers of the Political Bureau that Spain has asked the management of the enterprise first sale steamer

recognition implicit Office of Cyrenaica political and said that the vessel is equipped with three warships to protect them ..

On the other hand Mr. Al-Jdharan stressed that Britain asked for self-protection to open its embassy in Benghazi and the return

of diplomats who left the capital and went to Cyrenaica.
(T. Customary p)


Important statement , the Harika Marina Workers Union Tobruk on the sit within Mesfah :

Union workers Marsa Hariqa and Tobruk refinery
Arabian Gulf Oil
Statement users Marsa Hariqa and Tobruk refinery
In the name of God the Merciful

Based on meeting users Marsa Hariqa and Tobruk refinery on Wednesday 11/13/2013 with site workers’ union due to the conditions experienced by the site of Tobruk today not allow users to perform their work by a group of protesters within the site

Gentlemen decided to present the following :

1 – for the difficult and dangerous work in such circumstances will be turned off Tobruk refinery for work that day.

2 – bearing gentlemen sitters full responsibility for everything that happens within the site these days.

3 – will not be operating until after the demonstrators out of the roads leading to the workplace

That’s where Tobruk site is not directly related to the decisions of the appointment.

Peace be upon you ,, ,,,,
Union workers Marsa Hariqa and Tobruk refinery


Libyan Arab Airlines

African Holding Company made ​​the decision to change the Board of Directors Libyan Airlines and the headquarters

of the Department of Libyan Airlines was previously established in the city of Benghazi and raise the company’s capital

after the annexation of the company for training and international aviation science …

Thunderbolt car exploded near of Shehadalh people Salmani district.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News

apologize for the transfer of a car bombing news for Thunderbolt
In the eastern Alsalmanie .. STORY Julatinh Onazguet
Of the car are no human or material damage.
(Special Forces)
Channel Tripoli District Capitol:
Aaaaaaaaagel .. عاااااااااجل

Colonel Nice Bouchmadeh the reserve it calls the “Thunderbolt”

News Ingaza:

News about the arrival of a ship to port Bohorr Al-khirat on board 350 vehicles to support Thunderbolt and Special Forces

convoy from entering the news of the Thunderbolt port Astellamha.


The assassination of “customary Omar” in front of a mosque after evening prayers directly
It is noted that customary former internal security officer and assassination was
Front Noor Mosque new set of Benghazi.

Mr. Omar’s assassination customary in Laithi area – was working to a former Homeland Security.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Who have been arrested have killed Omar customary Laithi area, knowing that they were driving a black jeep

and they are now inside the camp forces stun …

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Urgent :::

Quoting a resident of the area Laithi ::::
Shooting voices strong at the crossroads Laithi the very next Princess Hall and stun forces spread place ….

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Benghazi shortly before ::::::

Assassination, “Ahmed Hamouda” a Special Forces men Thunderbolt
After exposure to lead left in immobilization B Street Dubai,
Shortly before, Hasbi God and yes, the agent !

(Urgent # Salem al-Obeidi)

In the early morning hours, specifically at
Fourth in the morning.
There was an army patrol stationed in the Libyan
One of the points in the city of Benghazi and there were patrols
A “for revolutionaries room for Libya” before the army and point them
Bridge came Car type Kia color of the white point of the bridge
The shooting army patrols have been answered
And went out to catch the vehicle patrols and patrols were
Learning and the quality of the rebels and the room but when the car chase
It became clear that the rebels withdrew room full of glam is not the First time.

Assassination “key Faraj Mohammed Faitouri”, after targeting his car
B IED by the proximity of milkfish mail this morning, and it is
Former military from the inhabitants of the land of Quraish Benghazi:

Sheikh Fadel the Faraj Faitouri key base built a mosque preacher Sheikh the gown area Sabri corner displays

the last period of the threat by an extremist group and Qdfuh disbelief and he has to leave the mosque and

the day he was assassinated blew up his car improvised explosive device in his car.

The death of an elderly man,  key Faraj Mohammed Faitouri”, died of his wounds after the bombing of his car in the western area of ​​milkfish in the E Street:

Assassination “key Faraj Mohammed Faitouri”, following the bombing of his car
Milkfish Benghazi area

Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi

The arrival of the body of the brother / key Faraj Mohammed Faitouri after he was assassinated improvised

explosive device in his car at an milkfish, said one of his relatives that he was a former military then preacher

collector base built before and after events Freelancers, a resident of the land of Quraish, “I am God and to Him we return”

Rounds “NBK T” intervention appeared “Ahmed Hamouda Salem,
Hamouda “and settle down with his heart, and is a Special Forces men
“Thunderbolt”, was stationed by immobilization by the proximity of the island
of illegal-leaflets Street, Dubai, and mentions that the young may Taradw for Shooting
Of the same entity that has been sniping “Ahmed” them two days ago.

God and yes agent, and God’s mercy

(Salem al-Obeidi)




Emphasized the South ‘s military ruler Brigadier ” Golden Emhemed ” , that
Sabha oil depot prescribed its doors after to solve the problem of access
Protestors are included


Accident car carrying illegal immigrants to the south -Libi, proximity
Gate 400 North Tazrbu , yield killed Soadenei and Bangladeshi
Immigrant and wounding 19


Alexander Beck reports:

al-Qathafi pictures everywhere in the city!

God's Blessings

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Tribe, “Alawagelh” scattered in the area Awjila and Mageorha announces boycott of the elections committee session due to

lack of representation in the National Congress elections and lack of representation in the election of the Commission session.



“The Washington Post :

” Qatar is losing its influence in the Middle East and in 2013 in her setbacks

MAN of Qatar

Said the newspaper ” Washington Post ” of America, the State of Qatar rich in natural gas received harsh lessons in 2013 , which was full of losses for her hand, it seeks influence in the Middle East , with the fading momentum of the Arab Spring .
The newspaper , in the context of a report published Thursday on its website, that the small Gulf state has sought in order to have a greater role in the Middle East , but it suffered setbacks .
The newspaper said that Qatar, the smallest little state of Connecticut U.S. – for years a dream big dreams She wanted to host events of global sports and building a network of universities and major museums and penetration in regional politics , modify and manipulate them to reshape the Arab world as you like.
The newspaper said that things are not going well at the moment for the priority of the last , if the 2011 Year victories for Qatar – with high flag to the flag rebels Libya due to flammable revolution supported by diagonal and praised the protesters Egyptians in Tahrir Square to its channel space ” island ” – is 2013 First losses.
The newspaper pointed out that Qatar is exposed to a setback with the subordination of the Arab Spring , which came Islamist governments in Egypt , Tunisia and enabled the new people of governance in the region , to the re – imposition of power on the part of influential veterans with gravity in the region.
The newspaper pointed to overthrow Qatar allies in Egypt, ” the Muslim Brotherhood ” and to find the new military rulers to finance and allies in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – Qatar ‘s competitors in the region.
She noted , ” The Washington Post ” that Saudi Arabia publicly assumed command of the efforts of GCC support for Syria’s rebels – an issue that Qatar was the first defended them – after the state has angered the small Western and Arab allies by sending aid to Islamist militants.
The newspaper pointed out that in Tunisia , the liberal opposition has sought to disparage the elected Islamic government as them Boukadami the diameter , while the inside diameter accused Libya of supporting extremist militias at the expense of national unity.
The newspaper pointed out that even the 2022 World Cup , he became subject to scientific scrutiny in recent weeks after detection of the newspaper ” The Guardian” unveiled the British scandal working conditions for migrant labor in Qatar.
The newspaper added that , according to a spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Badr Abdel Atti the entire region feel Dgb about Qatar, and explained that if was Qataris care about their image , it is important for them to see this issue to be addressed in a serious manner .
The newspaper found that However, if prompted an increase in the sense of anti- Qatar to avoid any divisions at the highest levels of the Qatar Emiri family – or even among its citizens – this is something around discreetly in court between high – rise buildings Doha .
The same newspaper had published an editorial strong month ago, accusing the Qatar supported jihadist groups extremist in Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria at a time the United States and other Western countries to confront these Aljamaatat and prevent the arrival of any supply financial or military have to strengthen the groups factions, the moderate Islamist and secular Other.

Stubborn stubborn … so that was Qatar rally Abon mobilized the national God, O only Ansdwa the land from the new ancestor.

عنيد عنيد…حتى ان كان قطر حشدت تحشيد ابعون الله يا وطني الوحيد انسيدوا الارض من جد وجديد .




Channel capital
(Reuters) – Urgent: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says that his country has agreed to train about 1,000 Libyan

security element in the fight against terrorism, and maybe there will be a need for the French military presence in Libya near Mali (HAH!!)

[BTW: MALI is nowhere near the Libyan border!! This is more western “front” LIES!!!]


When God’s servants are rejected

This is Mu

The al-Fateh  Revolution of light 1969
De Patrick Holming:
Beware of the propaganda directed towards Muammar Gaddafi, Libya and against other countries and other leaders targeted by the US.In the case of Gaddafi there exists official US documents that prove that he was deliberately demonized: A 1985 report by the “National Security Centre” stated that if it was not possible to kill Qaddafi, “an operation must be worked out against him with an accuracy never before encountered by Libya since the toppling of the monarchy in September 1969.”
The same year (1985) an article appeared in “The Washington Post”, stating that President Reagan had “empowered the CIA to implement a secret operation to destroy the Libyan regime headed by Colonel Qaddafi”.
2004 by World Islamic Peoples Leadership:
“…In September, 1985, “The National Security Centre” drew up a report entitled “The Principle of Qaddafi.” This report explained that Libyan interests ran counter to those of the United States and that Libyan policies “pose a danger to American security and to NATO plans” and even to some Arab countries friendly to the United States. The report added that if it was not possible to shoot Qaddafi, “an operation must be worked out against him with accuracy never before encountered by Libya since the toppling of the monarchy in September 1969.”
On the 13th of January, 1988, the American magazine “Newsweek” published an article entitled “Six Strategic Points,” referring to the six points outlined by a second ranking official at the National Security Council and endorsed by that Council. These were the following:
Project President Qaddafi as a negative personality on the international scene, and slander him so as to create a public opinion within the United States and at the world level that would support any American project hostile to him.
Continue the persistent demand that the Western allies oppose Libya at political, economic, and military levels.
Threaten to boycott the countries which refuse to boycott Libya even if that boycott involves the cessation of American military transaction with some allies such as France and Belgium.
Mobilize all forces hostile to Colonel Qaddafi, and finance, equip, and encourage his enemies.
Invite all the countries of the world to exercise a strict control over Libyan diplomats, even if it involves the violation of their diplomatic immunity.
Organize a military operation against Libya.
On 03 November 1985, an article appeared “The Washington Post”, written by Bob Woodward, the journalist who revealed the Watergate scandal in l972 which brought about the resignation of President Nixon. This article contained information on a report drawn up by the CIA stating that President Reagan had empowered the CIA to implement a secret operation to destroy the Libyan regime headed by Colonel Qaddafi and that the plan included providing assistance to other countries in North Africa and the Middle East. On 30 March 1986, the Egyptian newspaper “Al Ahram” published an article stating that the United States had three times asked Egypt to wage a military action against Libya but that Egypt had refused to do so….”
These policies sanctioned by US-President Reagan led to the demonization of Muammar Qaddafi and attempts to connect him with terrorism. (In reality, the opposite was true: Reagan was guilty of several acts of terrorism – among them an attack on Libya in 1986).
According to an official document by the US government, army department, with the title “Psychological Operations” (2005), a war against a country “is facilitated if its leadership can be portrayed as a dictatorship”.
The demonization and slander of Gaddafi has been ongoing even after his diasppearance. For example, Gaddafi is claimed to have misused and stolen Libyan assets. This meanwhile it is in reality Western banks and leaders that have “frozen” or stolen these assets. Gaddafi himself lived a simple life and preferred to live in a tent. In contrast, the Western and especially the Arab leaders, that attacked Libya, live highly opulent lives. Libya had a high HDI. Human Development Index, HDI, is a measurement by the UN for the quality of life in a country, measuring income, education and healthcare. In fact, Libya “under Gaddafi/(rather, THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA)” had the highest HDI in Africa, higher than the oil rich Saudi Arabia and higher even than Russia. Also human rights and social, religious and political freedoms of Libya, “under Gaddafi”, were praised by the UN in a major report released January 2011.
Disgusting are the recent accusations about sex-slavery. Such accusations are spread when a person cannot defend himself. Suffice it to say that there are enough credible witnesses who state the exact opposite to be true concerning Gaddafi. “Gaddafi raped his bodyguards and his nurses”? These bodyguards, were women with a first-class martial arts training and guns and his nurses gave him pills and medicines. Gaddafi raped the women who were entrusted to protect his life? It is enough to use common sense, without listening to witnesses stating the opposite, to realize that this accusation is based on lies and propaganda.
It is interesting that Reagan claimed explicitly that “The Green Book” was a threat to US-allies and that it was a reason to oppose him! US-Allies Saudi Arabia and Gulf states are feudal Monarchies. It is clear that a political system where all people of the country get together to discuss and decide national and international issues runs contrary to a feudal Monarchical system!
“Democracy is not the management of the government by the people, it is the management of the people by the people.”~Muammar al-Qathafi
Beware of the green channel page on Facebook breached because they put in links to penetrate
Libyan Brotherhood leader Mr. Abdul Razak Al-Aradi threatening in his article today .. If the thought of Libyans in the removal of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the fate of Libya will be the new Somalia ..
Jamal Justice: Show ‘calling’ triumph of art over radical elements of Islam:
Last creations young Libyan … He put the home air conditioner in the car:
– Remarks by Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami:

Central Bank of Libya announced that the total amount of money for a family premium in various Libyan banks exceeded billion Libyan dinars so far
Announced the Central Bank of Libya said on Sunday that the total amount of money for a premium family that have been deposited in various banks in Libya exceeded one billion Libyan dinars yet. A statement issued by the Central Bank of Libya obtained Libyan news agency a copy of it – that amounts financial Madaah in the all banks amounted to (100.538 t 189.1) billion Libyan dinars until the day Sunday, the fourteenth of the month of July. The following values ​​of the deposit as well as family in the following banks: – Arab Commercial Bank deposit (2216800) Libyan dinars, and 2%. 0. – National Commercial Bank (206545100) Libyan dinars, and 4%. 17 – Bank Arab consensus (6.2901 million) and%% 5.0 – Trade and Development Bank (26.2159 million) and accounted for 2.2% – Bank of the Republic (389 227 200) and%% 7.32 – agricultural bank (3.8065 million) and%% 3.0 – Bank Serail (160 600 ) and accounted for 0.0% – deserts Bank (145 093 600) and 2%. 12 – United Bank (186300), and accounted for 0.0% – Bank Average (1.1419 million) and%% 1.0 – Bank Oasis (4.1645 million) and%% 4.0 – Bank Unit (301 385 700) and the rate of 3% .25 – Bank of fulfillment (547 800) and accounted for 0.0% – Bank of North Africa (102 334 000) and of 6.8% – Central Bank of Libya (222 100) and accounted for 0.0% ..


Libby free
Hello Ramadan Karim God Eachota Aallippin that Tnschero this news from sources Mukdh message who Allgy which Zaidane establishment of the National Guard lied in a lie from sources within the government Zidane leaves Taatbut that Aloom given to looked at sending a group of National Guard and an initial budget of $ 3 billion U.S. dollars earmarked for equipping the national Guard and large groups of Brotherhood leaders are flocking Ali Zaidane Office and chiselled and secret meetings in one of the farms (breaks) between carved and الاسلامين of the likes of Khalid Sharif, Belhadj, until the two countries Oh, I reached and peace and mercy of God
ليبي حر
السلام عليكم رمضان كريم بالله ياخوتي يالليبين ان تنشرو هدا الخبر من مصادر موكده الرسالة اللي اللغى بموجبها زيدان انشاء الحرس الوطني كذب في كذب من مصادر داخل حكومة زيدان اوراق تتبث ان الاومر اعطت للبدا في ايفاد مجموعة من الحرس الوطني وان ميزانية اولية قدرها 3 مليارات دولار امريكي رصدت لتجهيز جهاز الحرس الوطني وان مجموعات كبيرة من قيادات الاخوان تتوافد علي مكتب زيدان والمنقوش وان اجتماعات سرية في احد المزارع (استراحات ) بين المنقوش والاسلامين امثال خالد الشريف وبلحاج وحتى القطرين اللهم اني بلغت والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

 Western Mountain NewsEach something observers picture: the visual processing of the control room of the cities of Libya and will soon begin work:

Masry Al-Youm
El-Baradei oath in front of interim vice president for international relations:

RAT Prime Minister and Minister of Electricity at a press conference now

Improve the situation in the middle of Ramadan last sit-ins stopped.
The citizen who does not pay his bills than 3 years for him to be patient we do not ask the impossible.

There is a surplus in the eastern region for the production of energy and we distributed the western region.
Fire fighting operations in the western region are equally of the existing shortage of energy production.

New station will enter the work today in Zliten, and the day after tomorrow at five.
Only about 5% of the citizens have paid for them in 2012.

Total debt of General Electric Company 4 billion.
Stealing electricity from the “main line” has become habits!.

Tens of millions of cables and wires steal, if it happened this in another country for network collapsed.
We face the problem of thefts and ongoing attacks per day in Ramadan and it is Ramadan.

We lost about 600 MW in Kufra, and need to be experts, but the company refrained because of security fears.
We have some problems exist in the unit Zueitina, you need to German experts refrained from visits to security fears.

Sit in the gas shortage caused by less than half, causing the need to put loads and electrical parts.
A lot of talk about the problem of power outages, and recall by saying no blackouts.

Not only Nbga face of God and safety and security for the people of Libya, and that security has not been achieved in Tripoli will be difficult matter to rest.
The balance of power in Tripoli important, and eager to fill the security vacuum elements of the army and police.

Ministerial Committee will develop a roadmap for the evacuation of Tripoli armed formations in contact with the local city council.

RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidan:

When plundering goods stores Arzak by citizens who claim they were rebels.

When cut electricity cables and copper molds and fall Towers high-pressure melted down and sold to countries abroad.

When you close the gas line and oil supply connected to a public network for electricity due to the sacking of manager in the company.

When I say one of the employees in the company I am what I care about my salary and country Felthriq.

To Atsngrbu cut electricity for two hours!

RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane now in a press conference:

“National Guard does not have any tendencies or political affiliation (HAH! ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD), will be taken into account at the stage of acceptance..”

Prime Minister Ali Zaidane: “We’ll lift subsidies on goods and replace them with the support cash in the pockets of citizens because Item switch to support security is prohibited and we are facing big problems in the fight against smuggling!”
– The colonialists and Their servants in Libya, U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones AGREES the U.S. mercenaries entry under the pretext of Protecting its consulates:  The de facto government of Libya is not interested in creating a new army, is Involved With Their love of NATO and the U.S. to create a parallel force of mercenaries, to Which is Committed with England to train 10 thousand “rebels” who enjoyed Impunity
– The colonialists and Their servants in Libya, U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones AGREES the U.S. mercenaries entry under the pretext of Protecting its consulates:  The de facto government of Libya is not interested in creating a new army, is Involved With Their love of NATO and the U.S. to create a parallel force of mercenaries, to Which is Committed with England to train 10 thousand “rebels” who enjoyed Impunity

Vehicle belonging to the Bank of the Republic overturned and corner where he died 3 bank staff:

Janzour …

Deviated shocking than two days on the road turf. Janzour .. Toyota car Pooh خشت in the car Hadi Miche Geelant and died a Almichy driver in the case ..

Numerous police on the morning of Thursday, recogida outside the headquarters of the security office in protest against suffering frequent attacks, and against marginalization faced by security workers, and lack of respect for him, “the other”. The protesters Demanded to activate the security guards in every city, and the withdrawal of armed robberies, the activation of the Libyan army. They Also Demanded the government to Provide all necessary conditions for employees of Police Departments to carry out Their Duties to the fullest, and to enact laws and Regulations That rigan the work of the polic
– The elders of the town of Zintan pacify conflict with Gharyan
The struggle Between Zintan and Gharyan, Seems to have dimmed, after the Council of Elders and the City Agreed to reduce Tensions That Arose after the capture of 13 vehicles with weapons bound for Tripoli from Garyan.
Zintantsy in response to the capture on Saturday called Garyants number in Tripoli. Officials from Both Sides said the agency LANA “, who were concerned to avoid bloodshed.” The exchange of prisoners took place on Sunday, and Both parties have confirmed That Their prisoners are not subjected to “beatings or torture.” Furthermore, “denied there was a shootout That Between the forces of the parties.” 13 It is clear That the conflict Also zintanskih Also vehicles were recovered.
The agreement was signed Among the elderly, Despite The negative misuratyan Garyants like to Participate in a conference of “national”, held on Saturday in Zintane to Consider the problem of statehood. The conference Attracted tribal leaders and cities of Libya. There was a discussion on the issue of reconciliation Between the tribes and cities in conflict, as well as issues of “security” Especially in Tripoli and Benghazi.
Participants called for “the dissolution of political parties and restore the role of the police and the Libyan army.” (Just as p resident Poussin – … Today “once again urged us” not to raise rates “and” not to break inflation ” Clown Img)
Also There was criticism of the failure of established constitutional process BHK Declaration “constitutional” the PNS. The meeting Also Criticized the monopoly of political parties (as in RFii -. PER) and associations and political blocs on national and political decisions, and relatively safe . Many Delegates said the company was “disappointed” the political process and the “safety” of the local and “national”.
The meeting Also Noted the lack of “national” and unbiased view of the decisions of “Libya” [against] the revolutionaries, battalions, and the unit of “security” and armed conflict “forces” “worked” for the “liberation of Libya . ” They Also Talked about the rampant moral corruption, financial and administrative of the country, and the absence of a national program to revive the economy and “return to development.”(They have Ayfonchika sat in a meeting of the Council of Ministers, or in the middle Poussin its “credulous” -??. Per)
It was Agreed That The most important objective of the meeting was the creation of a “” marital status, constitutional democracy poimeet opportunity to combine all Libyans to various social and political views, as part of the “principles and values” “justice and citizenship.
The meeting was finally Emphasized “the contribution of cities and the Libyan tribes in the resolution of Differences and Tensions and” accelerate the process of creating a “political state” and work “to create a national program for charter Libyan tribes and cities to Strengthen national unity, through a transitional phase, “” as soon as possible and at Book early cost “(what happened:.” through a transitional phase as soon as possible “As Poussin … -” will do, but after the next election ” – per). Just hours later zintanskie elders were Able to Demonstrate the effectiveness of the method when it reached an agreement With Their Counterparts in Gharyan.

Hospital Bani Walid year
First Ghaith drop …….
And our response to your mail to some doctors working at the hospital some joyful news review of the following ..
The opening of laparoscopic surgery department at the hospital .. and conduct laparoscopic gallbladder removal ..
As well as a mastectomy for laparoscopic appendectomy redundant and this process is a precedent in the history of the hospital …
And also to return the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to work normally and a caesarean section and the low level of transfer cases to a minimum 8 months ago …
As evidenced by the hospital maintenance work these days, and internal processing of some of the places allocated for doctors and nursing bedrooms and rest requirements and provide some foreigners ….
As is this topic contracted days with a group of doctors in the field of anesthesia and surgical care and internal medicine in the Department of Tawari of which came into force which starts after the end of the holy month due to Living situation for doctors ..
And we looked at the hands of the new administration and hope which continue بهدا approach and attention next to the provision of services ……
WHDH some pictures of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and excess medicines laparoscopic surgery carried out by doctors from the sons of the city of Bani Walid from inside the operating room has given us some doctors .



– Benghazi: Internal security of former Colonel Gaddafi, Hamid Buruk This Afternoon was killed by a loud bang on your car.
“The incident occurred in the area Kvarsha in Benghazi at 5:30 pm” – said the Spokesman of the Joint Chiefs of Security Bureau agency LANA Mohamed Hijazi, Buruk was taken to Benghazi Medical Center, but died there “.* We arrive reports That the international airport was surrounded by more than 120 vehicles of armed men, the reason is unknown
* Anarchy and chaos in Benghazi, insecurity of Civilians


Cuneiform combustion plant for the city of Benghazi salons logic Laithi

* Anarchy and chaos in Benghazi, insecurity of Civilians
Sirte Their banks close doors tomorrow to protest insecurity and theft to Their headquarters by armed …
Armed Groups at dawn near the refinery and Prevent the entry and exit of vehicles.
TuberStealing and burning stores Omar Mukhtar University tuber this morning,

Explosion in the tuber ….

Today in Derna explosion was heard near the blue lounge Yamamah “the western entrance to the tuber” liability Zgat voice of lead

It is important we went to the place and we have identified the site of the explosion inside the Green Mountain company previously explosion was a mortar shell was detonated by an explosive small (such as amateur experience) _ and was shooting reaction of the population of the region express their resentment of the absurd explosion.

– Sabha: hospital is closed for lack of security, it is Reported that 4 Civilians were kidnapped by bandits Tohareg of NATO

To God and to Him we return
The killing of Mohammed Saleh Abed Tamami in gate Agheilanah by unknown is heading to Tripoli with his family and his father to visit his brother, where he was stopped and lowered from the car and killed him in cold blood There is no power but from God

We wish at this campus and months this holy month that less than murder, but noticed ازديادها not only about power but from God

God injection of Muslim blood.

Free newspaper Sabha.

Urgent … Sabha

There are reports of suspicious Sudanese plane landed in the city of Sabha for a certain class not sure what bearing this plane, neighboring governments deal with Nfod individuals and tribes, and does not deal with the state and consider it a serious violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan state ..

Libya February ….

Stolen police car Camry kind of inside National Tlamn headquarters Sabha by force of arms

Page coalition of rebels 17 February Sabha

Tabu to protect the Libyan gate Nigerian border Toum.:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Libya

Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation discuss with Tunisian Ambassador how to deliver a number of Libyan prisoners convicted in criminal cases in Tunisia to Libya

Tripoli, 14 July 2013

Seized a Tunisian border guards last two days, two truckloads of about 5 thousand pieces fireworks plug mandate were coming from Libya.

The source said an official team border of the National Guard Tunisian Bmatmdah Mareth that the trucks were coming from the top is worth the mandate of civilians and tried to pass through the COR Marth, explaining that the material reserved worth about (800) thousand dinars were smuggled from Libya to distribute the markets of Tunisia during the Eid al-Fitr.

The same source added that the smugglers took advantage of breakfast time for a smuggling operation, explaining that the border guards have confirmed information about this process.

Libia S.O.S
Muammar al-Qathafi was ridiculed for many things…..his fondness for camels milk was one of those things. He had camels specifically for their milk. barbara walters should now eat her words (with a glass of camels milk) after reading this article about the nutritional benefits of camels milk.

Camel Milk Inhibits Growth of Colon Cancer and other Health Potentials


If the idea of drinking camel milk seems strange to you, how about camel milk as medicine? Scientists have found that a component of camel milk may play a significant role in colon cancer, a disease that is diagnosed in more than 102,000 people per year in the United States alone.

What’s special about camel milk?

Camels may not be plentiful in the United States (there are about 3,000, according to the American Camel Coalition), but in many parts of Africa and the Middle East, they are a common sight. Although they are a mode of transportation, camels also are a source of nutritious milk and, in recent years, that milk has been the subject of research for medicinal purposes.

One such use came to light in a new study in which researchers found that a component of camel milk, called lactoferrin, may stop the growth of colon cancer cells. Lactoferrin has antioxidant properties and also binds with iron, which could prevent DNA damage associated with cancer development.



PER GLASS: 120 calories, 5.8g fat.


Camel’s milk is lower in fat and cholesterol than cow’s milk, but contains five times as much vitamin C. Studies in India show it contains high levels of insulin and is helpful to people with type 2 diabetes. In India, it is used to treat a range of illnesses. Although it contains lactose, it has lower amounts than cow’s milk. As yet unavailable in Britain, but Harrods is said to be interested in stocking it.


Rather watery and salty — an acquired taste.

Most people may not have been too familiar with camel milk. But it turns out this milk has many benefits for the body and have a better nutrient content that is known as a ‘superfood’.
Camel milk has been widely consumed in almost all Arab countries, this milk tastes slightly saltier than other milk and is often produced as cheese.



UN organizations dealing with food (Food and Agriculture Organisation / FAO) said that camel milk is rich in vitamin B note, C and iron content 10 times faster than that of cow’s milk.
In addition to mineral and vitamin contents are high, research has shown that antibodies contained in the alleged camel milk could help fight cancer, HIV, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and hepatitis C.

“Camel milk could be a useful addition to food because it contains calcium and vitamin B and has a saturated fat content less than cow’s milk,” said a spokesman from the British Nutrition Foundation.
Another advantage of camel milk is not contain two powerful allergens that have been found in cow’s milk, and has a component of the immune system that may provide benefits to children who are allergic to milk and other foods.

Potential components of the immune system in camel milk is expected to help fight some diseases. The researchers speculate that the small size of immunoglobulin or antibodies found in camel milk is more easily allow it to target the disease-causing foreign substances (antigens) that damage a person’s immune system.

Dr. Reuven Yagil, an expert on the physiology of Israel who conducted the study for 5 years said that camel milk can be overcome autoimmune disorders that suppress the immune system of a person.
But it still needed further research, because scientific evidence that there has not been enough to prove the effectiveness of camel milk in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.


Until recently, it was a felony to sell camel milk in the U.S. In April 2009, Dr. Hinkle introduced a proposal to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Committee on Interstate Milk Shipments in Orlando, Florida. The proposal was to change the law to allow the “camelids” to be included in the dairy laws governing the sale of milk. Dr. Hinkle gave an impassioned speech before the committee:

“How would you feel if your loved one was afflicted with diabetes and was very ill from the drugs prescribed for the diabetes? (A high amount of individuals react negatively to the diabetic medication.) How would you feel seeing a loved one lose an arm or a leg and eventually their life to diabetes when just a small amount of camel milk could supply all the insulin they might need daily? (There are 52 units of insulin per liter of camel milk.)

“What a joy it would be to see your autistic child act normally with just a little camel milk on a daily basis. The health benefits for diabetes, autism, cancer, and many more illnesses are endless. Please pass this proposal and allow us to begin the long road to getting camel milk here and to finally conducting medically supervised studies here in the U.S.”

The proposal was passed. Dr. Hinkle says that this will now open the door for the testing of camel samples so that it can meet the FDA standards and for camel dairies to be set up here in the U.S.

Investigation into the possible role of camel milk in fighting cancer is new. Among the few previous studies of the anticancer potential of camel milk is a 2012 article appearing in the Journal of Biomedicine & Biotechnology noting that camel milk triggered a process that inhibited proliferation and survival of both human liver and breast cancer cell lines.

What role might the milk from camels have in the fight against cancer? It is still much too early to tell, but researchers will likely continue their quest to uncover the potential of camel milk in colon cancer as well as other forms of the disease.

Research by Habib  et al. in the Food Chemistry journal examined the functional properties of camel milk  lactoferrin the main iron binding protein of the milk

56% decline in cancer growth

The researchers applied camel milk lactoferrin to HCT-116 colon cancer cells and found high concentrations of between 3mg/ml and 5mg/ml demonstrated a 56% decline of growth after 2 days. Lower concentration below 1mg/ml did not inhibit cell growth.

Camel milk is permitted for human consumption in Europe, but only a select few processors meet the safety requirements to export into the EU.

A study published in 2012 by the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology states that camel milk (but not bovine milk) induced cancer cell death in HepG2 and MCF7 and oxidative stress mediated mechanisms. The scientists believe this could explain the anecdotal evidence for the successful use of camel milk in the treatment of various medical conditions. Another study published by BMC Immunology explored camel whey protein on diabetic mice and demonstrated the benefits of improving the healing and closure of diabetic wounds and restoring the immune response.

The Journal of Allergy and Asthma Proceeding published a study in which children who had allergies to cow’s milk were tested for reactions to camel milk. They discovered that 80 percent of children were not allergic to camel’s milk making it a viable alternative to cow’s milk.

Food Chemistry published an article in which phospholipids of human milk, cow’s milk, mare milk and camel milk were compared. Camel milk had the highest content of phospholipids and can be among the considered types of milk for infants and toddlers who need alternatives or fortifiers and suggested it could be used for functional food for adults as well.


Alzheimer’s Study With Camel Milk

Dr. Hinkle has just completed a six-month study with a small group of Alzheimer’s patients and camel milk. Dr. Hinkle worked with nine patients who were all in early stages of Alzheimer’s and the results “were very promising,” states Dr. Hinkle.

Dr. Hinkle used a specific protocol that she developed in combination with the camel milk. “The results were evident within a few weeks,” states Dr. Hinkle. The following positive results were noted in all the patients:

Sleep patterns improved.
Eating habits improved.
Patients became more vocal and interacted with others more and were able to participate in conversations as well as remember conversations from previous days.
There was less confusion, less repetition, less aggression and less mood swings
within the first month.
Patients were able to complete tasks and remain on target until tasks were completed.
Memory recall improved when patients were asked to remember specific dates or events.
Physical activity improved.

“I am very pleased with the results of the study,” states Dr. Hinkle. “But we need to see what the long-term benefits will be with patients and we also need to work with specialists involving a long-term study with more patients so that we may track those patients for several years. We know from recent research completed that camel milk antibodies are able to cross the brain barrier and therefore we can piggyback specific supplements and medications, etc., with each patient to cross the brain barrier in order to work toward improving the symptoms and to hopefully stop the progression of Alzheimer’s,” says Dr. Hinkle.

Lyme Disease Patients Experience Benefits of Camel Milk

Dr. Hinkle has been working with Lyme disease patients for the last three years and the results have been impressive for many of the patients. Patients see joint pain decrease, sleep patterns improve, gut issues improve, rashes disappear and the ability to think clearly improves as “brain fog” lifts. Lyme patients are on antibiotics, which destroy much of the good gut flora, and the camel milk helps in keeping it in balance. Camel milk is known for its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Dr. Hinkle is studying the effects of the milk on the Lyme spirochetes. She utilizes a specific protocol with the milk to increase the opportunity for more favorable results. Dr. Hinkle’s approach works to weaken the spirochetes so that more positive results are experienced by patients as the milk also provides support to the immune system. The results have been amazing.

Hepatitis Patients See Normal Liver Enzyme Panels on Camel Milk

Dr. Hinkle has been very pleased with the results she is seeing with hepatitis patients on the camel milk. She has witnessed case after case of hepatitis patients whose liver enzymes have been normal for the first time in years while on the milk. One 80-year-old patient’s test results were normal after 40 years of elevated liver enzymes after being on the milk for only two weeks. “The story is the same over and over and I am looking forward to working with more hepatitis patients and their doctors to hopefully give them a brighter future for their health.” Dr. Hinkle cautions that each case is different and that more studies need to be completed with larger groups of individuals. She is seeking funding for a long-term study on the effects of the camel milk in treating hepatitis and expects to see the same positive results she has noted so far. “The antiviral properties in the milk seem to dissipate the inflammation of the liver and the milk also provides many of the nutrients needed for healthy liver function,” states Dr. Hinkle.


 Mu’ammar gives advice on eating legumes and vegetable to stay healthy:
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