A Blessing and Hope for the New Year 2015




(‘Brigade al-Mgarhh a scapegoat for the country’), posts:

Hey assigned in Arbatash ….
Aakecash did not ….
Single Ghabash ….
Who are you from Ahdash assigned …. ….
Assigned Mrbuha Aaam ….
And say the days ….
Nakba Ardjahm arrows ….
Elly their absence much exactly ….
And where Agchash …. and Zaidha state bastards ….. assigned ….
Say assigned land with you …. …. except you who bust years after Hiak ….
Trust in Allah willing, your Lord ….
Leszek gauze …. heroine fifth year Tash ….
Assigned ….
Assigned Aaam division ….
With Altroyn with demolition ….
With Alchtim with Darkening ….
With dispersion with Altkhmam ….
Balash and pocket ….
Good Elly Argith Madjah ….
Assigned …
Allah willing, in 2015 the best year for you and your loved ones all Arab faithful…

(Our Commander)

توكل يا عام اربعطاش ….
ولم اقشاش ….
وحيد غباش ….
اللي حالك من عام احداش …. توكل ….
توكل مربوحه ياعام ….
وقل ايام ….
النكبه وارجعهم الازلام ….
اللي غيبتهم موش تمام ….
وفيها إغشاش …. وزايدها دولة الاوباش ….. توكل ….
توكل برا قل معاك …. اللي سواك …. اعطب الاعوام بعد هضاك ….
توكل بإذن الله مولاك ….
يجيك بشاش …. بطلة عام الخامس طاش ….
توكل ….
توكل ياعام التقسيم ….
مع التروين مع التهديم ….
مع التشتيم مع التظليم ….
مع التشتيت مع التخميم ….
وجيب بلاش ….
الخير اللي ارجيته ماجاش ….
توكل …
ان شاء الله سنة 2015 سنة خير عليك وعلي كل أحبابك يارب.فداء#القائد


‘Black Libyan Resistance’, writes:
“New Year overlooking us by you, me peace and love,

and as long as you are in good health and wellness, Leader.

And what our principle and Lena.

We are staying at the time of the men until the green flag fluttering again

Oh God, make this country safe reassuring … .

Allah save the country and the people … Amen.

 Ajaned Libya, writes:

I often say, ‘our actions depend on our way to read the story’. If you read the story in the direction of those who claim to be the “masters of the world”, then your judgment will be oriented in the direction of what they tell you.

This is why, for example, some Africans, feeding with CNN, France 24 and Radio-Canada, still treat Muammar al-Qathafi, “terrorist”, “crazy”, “dictator” and whatever. Few Africans really know the story of this man, one of the largest, not to say the greatest political leader, that the world has known.

For example, how many Africans know that al-Qathafi’s Libya invested more in Africa than all the Western financial institutions (IMF, WB, Paris Club, etc.) together?

How many Congolese know that one of the reasons that led to the dismissal of the young Qadhafi to Sebha (in Fezzan) school is that it called a huge demonstration to protest against the assassination of Patrice Lumumba?

For example, how many Africans know that if the African State have stood at the entrance of the ‘Africom’ on the continent, it is because whenever the USA offered large sums of money to accept the ‘Africom’, al-Qathafi offered twice to dissuade them?
Why was al-Qathafi much opposed to the entry of Africom on the continent?

As noted in that regard the Cameroonians, this behavior of ‘the Guide of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’, was linked to the history of his country. Under King Idriss, (the puppet of the Anglo-saxons), the Kingdom of Libya was hosting several bases military American and British, including the base English El Adem, near Tobruk, and the basis of Wheelus Field near Tripoli, where stayed fifteen thousand agents technical, civilian and U.S. military. These States in an etat─ bases─ were used to supply the Israeli weapons, ammunition and food during ‘the War of Six Days’─ that’s not counting the decisive contribution of Libyan oil which enabled the tanks of Moshé Dayan to inflict an irreparable defeat to Arab States.

Nasser, the ‘Idol’ of al-Qathafi, even wanted to commit suicide. The younger Muammar kept a bad memory of this event; and it is for this reason that he would close these bases, once he and his Revolution succeed. –

Je le dis souvent : nos actions dépendent de notre manière à lire l’Histoire. Si vous lisez l’histoire dans le sens de ceux qui prétendent être les « maîtres du monde », alors votre jugement sera orienté dans le sens de ce qu’ils vous racontent. Voilà pourquoi, par exemple, certains Africains, s’alimentant auprès de CNN, France 24 ou Radio-Canada, traitent encore aujourd’hui Mouammar El Kadhafi, de « terroriste », de « fou », de « dictateur » et que sais-je encore.

Peu d’Africains connaissent réellement l’Histoire de cet homme, l’un des plus grands, pour ne pas dire le plus grand leader politique, que le monde ait connu. Combien d’Africains savent, par exemple, que la Libye de Kadhafi a plus investi en Afrique que toutes les institutions financières occidentales (FMI, BM, Club de Paris, etc.) réunies?

Combien de Congolais savent que l’une des raisons ayant mené au renvoi du jeune Kadhafi de l’École secondaire de Sebha (au Fezzan) est qu’il organisât une immense manifestation pour protester contre l’assassinat de Patrice Lumumba? Combien d’Africains savent, par exemple, que si les État africains ont résisté à l’entrée de l’Africom sur le continent, c’est parce qu’à chaque fois que les USA leur offraient des fortes sommes d’argent pour qu’ils acceptent l’Africom, Kadhafi offrait le double pour les en dissuader?

Pourquoi Kadhafi était-il autant opposé à l’entrée d’Africom sur le continent? Comme on l’a relevé en ce qui concerne les Camerounais, ce comportement du Guide de la Jamahiriya arabe libyenne, était lié à l’histoire de son pays. Sous le roi Idriss, le pantin des Anglo-saxons, le royaume de Libye hébergeait plusieurs bases militaires américaines et britanniques, notamment la base anglaise d’El Adem, près de Tobrouk, et la base de Wheelus Field près de Tripoli, où séjournaient quinze mille agents techniques, civils et militaires américains.

Ces bases─ des états dans un état─ ont servi au ravitaillement des Israéliens, en armes, en munitions et en vivres durant la guerre de six jours─ c’est sans compter l’apport déterminant du pétrole libyen qui permit aux tanks de Moshé Dayan d’infliger une irrémédiable défaite aux États arabes.

Nasser, « l’idole » de Kadhafi, a même voulu se suicider. Le jeune Mouammar gardera un mauvais souvenir de cet événement; et c’est pour cette raison qu’il fermerait ces bases une fois que lui et sa révolution réussissent.


Feeding electricity grid system crashes as a result of the industrial river but Chtbakat.


Please take caution and from this site
Main Site of ‘Libya telecom company’

(We declare them spying for MISURATA Brotherhood)

Brotherhood PROPAGANDA:

Zionists channel (the island) to promote media Militias ‘Roma Libya’

says the remains of the ‘so-called Army of the tribes’ !!!!


New Year reunion Anlmoa … in the land of the Great Nltamoa ….

Tell Ameyeeyeaan “steadfastness and fight”.

Steadfastness and fight; so, we will have that reunion, as Mu promises, in Green Square:



Customers Jermana Allaotunai Conference (GNC) to announce the withdrawal of

confidence from the ambassadors sneaks in France and Egypt and the UAE and

Germany and Gamah arabh.

Tripoli and the descent al-Tbroora:

Temperature is now in Tripoli 8 • c
God Be in Aoun both looking for the subsistence of his children in this cold.

Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014:

Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014. 3 Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014. 2 Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014


Strong winds and rain simple and snow on the city of Tripoli and its environs.


Tripoli safety and security:
Burglary lawyer Faisal car small area of Damascus neighborhood

by force of arms Hyundai Azera.

Hassi Batat Libyan embassies due to Tripoli.


The fall of a palm tree near the safety Andalus neighborhood bank

this morning as a result of the wind power cars.

fall of a tree in al-ANDULAS near Bank


Now back clashes in south axis angle of al-Taravin strong knock me all the weapons .. ..

Aaallahm support us pray O are free Libya honest ..

my brethren Banasr.




‘Zero hour’ on FB, says:

Kabylia Army Auadkm and Abashrkm say to you
Hedda glory day and we live hours Victory
Now we edit the land of thorns and Rishvana to Istrdadha of militias destroyed and then proceed from the Land and Rishvana steadfast. The liberation of Tripoli usurped
It will be the start of Rishvana and then our Tripoli goal !
But pray Aahlha


Heavy fighting in the area now of Bir al-Ghanum.






The closure of the ports of the corner, and Mellita, because of bad weather
National Oil Corporation announced the closure of the ports of the corner and Mellita petroleum, according to «Reuters», on Wednesday, due to bad weather, through which the northwest Libya area; it reached wind speeds in some areas, according to the interests of the Libyan Meteorology to 80 kilometers per hour.
As snow fell on the western mountain heights, in addition to heavy rains accompanied by a cold in most of the region.

The closure of the ports of the corner and Mellitah oilfields in the west of the country to shut the bad weather, nor shall oil ports are currently closed due to supplies from the fields stopped, and the longer the port corner is the main port in the country to import fuel.

la photo de ‎نحبك يا ليبيا الحبيبة‎.




Mellita Gas & Oil at ZUWARAH:

The closure of the ports of the corner and Mellita because of bad weather
National Oil Corporation announced the closure of the ports of the corner and Mellita petroleum, according to «Reuters», on Wednesday, due to bad weather, through which the northwest Libya area; it reached wind speeds in some areas, according to the interests of the Libyan Meteorology to 80 kilometers per hour.
As snow fell on the western mountain heights, in addition to heavy rains accompanied by a cold in most of the region.
Activating the work of 12 military zones, and move the 14 BROTHERHOOD RAT military battalions.



Violent clashes are now heavy artillery gun near the base Wattayah.

Libya near the al-Ash area. Urgent Libyan Air Force will bomb

military camp and strategic targets in al-ASH.

(picture of one of our jet fighters at WATTAYA BASE.)


Libyan Army forces managed by noon on New Year’s Day, to extend full control over the area al-Ash following violent clashes lasted over two consecutive days against militias ‘Roma Libya’, during which many fell dead and wounded from both sides.


Camp in al-ASH:

Army captures 5 members of the militia ‘Roma Libya’ area al-Ash.

In addition to the flock of 4 cars by Force.

Libyan Army reinforcements arrive and capture

the number of members of the ‘Roma Libya’ militias and armed

vehicles confiscated 4 axis Al-Ash.

EVIL Taser tribes (5 members of the militia ‘Roma Libya’) in al-Ash area,

two of them in good condition and two conscripts,

who for some, are a Ctaya addition to the four armed vehicles convescated.

EVIL TASER TRIBE rat camp in al-ASH.




Violent clashes between Libyan Army and ‘Roma Libya’ gangs,

south of the city of Ajeelat, 


and in the area of Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City.

Libyan army forces recaptured “4” armed cars from the militia called “rebels Tripoli” (an affiliate of “Dawn Libya“). The impact of the attack came upon the Kano battalion stationed south of Beautiful City.

Libyan Army now controls the area south of Beautiful City.





Snow White covers throughout the city of Tarhouna beloved:



Some monuments are exposed in the city of Bani Walid, Libya,

including the village (Old al-Rozkh) for assault and vandalism by unknown.




Release :
1 – Ali Saleh Aboutrika
2 – Abdul Salam Mohammed Znagher
3 – Ali Abubakar Sa’ad Abubakar.

Injustice of prisons and jails within ‘dark Air Force Academy Misurata’.

Praise be to God for their safety and Wishing the rest of the prisoners.

 Abduction (Omar pilgrims) Deputy Director of the Libyan

Foreign Bank in Misrata from Turkey.




Spokesman what is known as the Chamber of Sidra operations called Ali al-Hacebarh,

death toll from the militias of Misrata yesterday arrived Tuesday to 74 dead and 100 wounded.


Libyan airforce Warplanes over the city of Sirte, Allan area.

Dr. release (Ahmed Issa bin fitness al-Ovlje) by his captors after an absence of 52 days.

The bombing of the home of Tariq Mohammed al-Sakr,

one of the employees of the Furjan tribes under

Ibrahim al-Jdharan’s ‘Battalion 136 Infantry Galt’. (Without human damage.)



Room called ‘Sidra operations’ has messaged that is required

to get out of the people from Bin Jawad immediately.

Libyan airforce warplanes bombed the city Bin Jawad.

Libyan airforce Warplanes destroyed a convoy belonging

to the armed Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ at Bin Jawad.



million for the rehabilitation of Sidra tanks.


Norman Ben Othman honestly has reformed; and Dr. Billah held steadfast and brave to protect Libya and her natural wealth at BREGA:

وقد أصلحت نورمان بن عثمان بصراحة؛ وعقد الدكتور المهتدي بالله الصامد والشجاع لحماية ليبيا وثروتها الطبيعية في البريقة:


Elders and tribal elders Sirte Area Council raises «tribes of Sirte peace initiative»

to stop the fighting in the oil Crescent area.

Thanks to the rain, snow and tracked efforts honorable men home

fully extinguished the flames Port Sidra oil.

Firefighters of the oil companies, are celebrating the control of the oil tank fires in Sidra.

Elders and tribal elders Sirte Area Council has proposed handing all ports and oil sites to the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and considered the first official and final on oil wealth to all Libyans.

Problem is, the RAT BROTHERHOOD has siezed the ‘National Oil Corporation’, and it no longer belongs “to the people”, as the elders so-say.

The RAT BROTHERHOOD (TRIPOLI ‘govenment’) placed their own man, Mashallah Zawi, as chairman of the once ‘nationally-owned’ NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION (NOC),. They are challenging the internationally recognised ‘government’ of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni (based now in CASABLANCA / al-BAYDA).

So, I ask, who in their right mind will turn the keys over to NOC. That would be exactly like giving LIBYA totally over to criminal MISURATA...who are presently control the CENTRAL BANK of LIBYA…..which is precisely what MISURATA wants (and their corrupt elders have openly asked for) the Oil Crescent to be turned-over to MISURATA in full !




Power outages on the cities of Ajdabiya and Brega from the 4:00 pm to
date…Continued power outages from the city of Ajdabiya for a second day in a row.



Today found four bodies dumped dead beside the river area company of ‘Dai spring’ 

and amongst the bodies was a former military man, from the Libyan army, called Nasser Rashidi.

God and yes, the agent (SATAN).






Abduction (Abdullah Abdul Ghani Gaddafi) from the city of Sabha yesterday, residents of the project was stopped by ‘militias Suleiman children’; and wanted to unpack his car did not pass it to them and they beat him and now is reserved when militias Suleiman children.


Séa Following the shooting, and a clash between two gunmen in the neighborhood of Mahdia Sabha, has four students injured in a school bus, as the bus was passing, during armed clashes, where was also injured, the bus driver,

and note that one of the gunmen al-Mstpkin al-Ahtman was of the tribe, and the other was from the tribe al-Qoaúd.


French Defence Minister, “Jean-Yves Odrian” Libya become a haven for terrorist and the international community to move, saying that the solution should be as far as possible, to be found by the Libyans themselves ..

French troops in the north of Mali discovered through modern techniques, military vehicles and weapons and ammunition buried in the sands of the desert and the Bnbashha and take them out and detonate it on the spot.
Intelligence … confirms that these weapons and cars, mostly from Libya and have been smuggled or grab them and trafficking across by the Tuareg militias of financial terrorist leaders (Ahmed Ansari), and that that can roam freely between the borders of Libya, Mali, Chad.

This is the dirty game after what made Libya ruin thanks Jardan,

come to occupy in the name of fighting terrorism.

Something good and positive:
The arrest of 53 mercenaries entered Libya through the Sudanese border.

  • Generally, the French are with CHAD soldiers, who are also AGAINST GREEN LIBYA !

SLY FOX CORRUPT Nigerian president, calls for France’s rapid intervention in Libya,

‘to save them’ (SOUNDS LIKE 2011 ?) 

from ‘terrorist’ groups…

(“Oh, my master absence?, says ‘Black Libyan Resistance’)




Last week, the French were in (FEZZAN) / MURZUQ, with Chad troops.

Mourzouq est une oasis et une ville située au sud-ouest de la Libye. Cet important nœud de communications est le chef-lieu du district de Mourzouq et la deuxième agglomération en importance de la région du Fezzan.


First National Tabou Festival in Murzuq:

The Castle and an old mosque in Murzuq by Ben de Graaf Bierbrauwer:






French Defense Minister has visited the base under construction in ‘Madama’

(in northern Niger), extremely near the border with Libya.



Captain Egyptian fishermen lost contact with 200 Egyptian fishermen stranded in Libya for four days.




Palestinian artist Mahmoud Said (representative of the role of Khalid ibn al-Walid) in the protection of God.

He died at dawn yesterday, the Palestinian representative Mahmoud Said after struggle with the disease who did not give him a long time, and prayed on his body this afternoon in Khashoggi mosque in Beirut, to be buried in the “Palestine Martyrs” cemetery – Shatila.

Distinguish happy voice throaty and famous role Khalid ibn al-Walid in the movie “The Message”, and had been presented during his successful work of the series, movies film, most notably the series “Knight and Highlands” with the artist Samira Tawfiq, and the series “Secret strange” with Rashid mark, and the movie “deer “, and the work of a successful play, as a play” Clown “by Mohamed Maghout.

Mahmoud Said, was born in the Palestinian city of Jaffa in 1941, and moved in the age of seven, to live with his mother in the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon, while his brothers were struggling in the “Salvation Army” in defense of Palestine.

Strength of the Real Libyans


Mu seated in his Tent


Green al-Qathafi soldier PDF



BEWARE of forged 20 DINAR bills circulating !!!
(the new 2013 ’20-Dinar’ note LIBYAN)

Please beware of these counterfeit currency circulating in the market ten Libyan dinars category:

Human Rights Watch advises all countries to grant the right of Libyans temporary refuge

at least, as requiring States from stopping the imigration of

‘Libyans being forced to leave Libya’ at this difficult time;

because of the unstable security situation in the country.





Arrested 10 terrorist Libyans in Ras Worthy, by Tunisian security.

Dardanelle News:
Reporter Dardanelles:
an armed convoy went to Brigades militia affiliated

to the ‘Dawn Libya’ of Sowhailli, from Misrata, to RAS WORTHY head gate.

Forces for ‘Roma Libya’ are moving from ‘visitors’ and are heading  to Zaltan trend at RAS Worthy.


PICTURE: Abdul-Rahman Sowhailli of MISURATA:


Brotherhood Militias in Ras Jedir crossing are tearing

the passports of citizens of Beautiful City and Ajeelat areas !!
Please pay attention and caution.


(“Knight and Men”)






Tripoli – Airport Road camp for the displaced residents of Thorghae:

Injury Sheikh Omar Abdullah spring in his leg, destruction and injuries suffered by the people of the camp by the attack, which conscripts who by his Brotherhood gunmen stormed the camp and show releases lead and plentiful at the door of a room in one of the incisors.

Closed wanted to storm amid the screams of families cutter.

God is enough and yes, the agent (SATAN).

(“Knight and Men”)


Nawasi militia are killing the policeman, Bmntfah Hani,

of ‘just’ SADAK Gharyiani,  after raiding his home.






Full withdrawal of militias ‘Libya Roma’ from al-Azizia; and they  go to Sabratha and Dahmani angle (TRIPOLI), trying  to repel the Army tribal forces which came after the withdrawal of all the mechanics of Misratah.



Strong hit in the center of the quarries between South Azizia and Rishvana.

Citing ‘satellite channel Dardanelles | Aldardanel TV’: Armed clashes in the areas of

Hlgodh and quarries in Rishvana between tribal forces and militias ‘Dawn Libya,


Armed clashes in the quarries in the area of Rishvana between Tribal forces and the Brotherhood militias ‘Fjir Libya’.

and power outages in the area around the region.



“Black Libyan resistance”, reports:

These are the actions of ‘gangs Brotherhood of MISURATA’ upon

‘Zahra Hospital’ in Rishvana.

(* Militant Arabism *)






Violent clashes between tribal forces and militias “Roma Libya” areas

of the far south of the city of Surman.


Renewed bombardment aviation war on stationing armed vehicles belonging to

the ‘Roma Libya‘ site “perimeter Radio Aloetem southern city of Sabratha”,

and provide for tribal forces southeast of Ajeelat.


Today was buried 3 dead militias of Sabratha they
_1 Hussein key Krnav
_2 Osama Emhemed Abodbus
_3 Osman Samida Gharabli

Fallout 3 dead, 7 wounded militias Roma Libya clashes in South of Sabratha

with tribal forces.

LIBYAN airforce Warplanes Al-Gcef for the fourth time locations for ‘militias Roma Libya’ southeast of the city Ajeelat, and hearing voices Anti-aviation in an attempt by the militia to overthrow the warplanes.

Armed convoy of cars consists of more than 25 cars from ‘Misurata Brotherhood Militias’

and angled passes from the city of Sabratha, on the coastal road heading towards South Ajeelat.

al-Rjaaaaaaae taken it cautious:
A convoy of Kharijites mechanisms likely they from MISURATA, went west passed through

the city of Sabratha and their Srmanu number about 40 armed mechanisms.

(“Knight and Men”)


Zuwarah city almost depopulated after fleeing families to to Tunisia.

City of Zuwarah



illegal immigrants are recruited into DAASH terrorists ranks at ZUWARAH PORT:

‘Melcaat of Zuwarah’ calculated ‘Melcaat Roma Pippa’ to recruit to their troop numbers,

illegal immigration groups in Mdahirh today.




Was released today, 3 prisoners of Zliten, sons Cano Air Force Academy,

detainees of the jails of the terrorist militias of Misurata.

Praise be to God for their safety and the consequence for the rest of the prisoners.

(* Militant Arabism *)


Killing teacher “Reza Sheikh” in clashes between armed Brotherhood militias city center,

according to what was stated, that due to financial disputes between them,

one of the militias belonging to this topic.




More than 700 cars armed militias affiliated to the Misurata in the case of redeployment outside the city and fear of exposure to the bombing after warnings by Air Force bombed the locations of these terrorist militias.




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl: Haaaam ..
Hello There are confirmed from within the city of Misrata Information that
they have grabbed all prisoners been transferred from the prison in the city, to be used as human shields, from yesterday; and transferred to the Air Force Academy.

There is also now the arrival of the shipment of
Mustard gas and shipment of phosphorus, to the Air Force Academy college.

and even Istkhaddmo all to be readily used by the Misurati people and take
From prison, as human shields, because of the threat of Libyan ASirforce Commander Saqr Jeroshi.

For civilian Misurata been observed Alata 1_vriqh coming from Turkish country.

Joint movement from prison to the Air Force Academy from yesterday
There 2_ news stopped the study of the Day 12_15 and I hope the news posted widely.
On a larger scale even knows: Why do Misurata Crown knows that from
Inside Misurata, under their eyes, and they know all the movement they do ..

(“Resistor son Zliten”)

 The RAT ‘armor mechanisms’ trace Brotherhood’s “Central shield”  withdrawing from the south to the city of Misurata:





LIBYAN Airforce of the Army and military orders and discipline and figures ..
To the image coming to Aamilo in roquia aircraft and pilots.




LIBYAN AIR-FORCE bombing in the area Nofaliya
Aeka in the eastern region 130 kilometers east of Sirte.

Dozens injured elements of Tnzim al-Hhadh,

at Ibn Sina hospital after the bombing of Air camps on the area of Nofaliya.

Tnzim al-Hadh, at Ibn Sina hospital after the bombing of Air camps on the area of Nofaliya, SIRTE

The arrival of a number of RAT wounded and dead now to Sirte’s Ibn Sina Hospital, after being exposed to aerial bombardment of area Nofaliya.



heard explosions and shooting with medium weapons
And heavy:

Unidentified shoot immobilization when Maqrif Hospital

led to the fall of a member of al-Astaiagaf .. !!

Tahir Oraibi threw a 2 homemade bomb (Gelatinah) on the security al-Astaagaf point at the junction of facilities accidentally to Benghazi, before the electricity company; and has prosecuted and is now caught in the buildings, and two people were injured from the Department for help injured.

Was arrested ‘Tahir Oraibi’,  after he blew two Gelatinah, immobilizing Bmuftriq 

and  Benghazi Street, in front of the electricity company.



” ﻋﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﺰﺍﻳﺪﻱ ”

The assassination of Sheikh ‘Ali al-Zaidi’
shot by DAASH hired Kharijite assailants in front of Al-Nour mosque

set out in the city of Benghazi.

Demolition of the house of ‘Ahmed Magbari’, of the RAT ‘Leadership Council of the Rebels’, in the Benghazi housing area.

Grad rockets fall on a residential building in Benghazi.


Armed clashes behind the dairy factory in the area of Boatni.






LIBYAN AIR-FORCE Warplanes bombed sites for ‘supporters of evil’,

in the city of Derna.


Libya: WAHABI Extremists Terrorizing Derna Residents

27 nov. 2014

Derna’s ‘Islamic Youth Shura Council’ that pledged allegiance to DAASH /IS, drive along a road in eastern Libya on 03 October 2014.
© 2014 Reuters

Summary Executions, Public Floggings, No Rule of Law

(Beirut) – Armed militias that control the eastern city of Derna are terrorizing residents through summaryexecutions, public floggings, and other violent abuse. The abuses are taking place in the absence of state authorities and the rule of law. The groups include some that have affiliated with the extremist group Islamic State (also known as DAASH).

Human Rights Watch documented 3 apparent summary executions and at least 10 public floggings by the Islamic Youth Shura Council, an extremist group which publicly pledged allegiance to DAASH in November. Human Rights Watch also documented beheadings of three Derna residents in what appear to be war crimes, and dozens of seemingly politically motivated assassinations of public officials, judges and members of the security forces, and others, including women.

Extremist WAHABI-militias controlling Derna in the absence of any state authorities have unleashed a reign of terror against its inhabitants,” said Sarah Leah Whitson,

Middle East and North Africa director.

“Commanders should understand that they may face domestic or international prosecution for the grave rights abuses their forces are committing.”



Since May, an armed conflict between forces allied with the elected Libyan government based in Tobruk and led by General Khalifa Hftar, and WAHABI militias has engulfed eastern Libya. In and around Derna, in addition to the powerful Islamic Shura Youth Council, the militias include members of Ansar al-Sharia and the Abu Saleem Martyrs Brigade.

Human Rights Watch spoke with Derna residents who fled the city to escape persecution by WAHABI militias and in anticipation of an announced Army military offensive by forces allied to Libya’s elected government. One Derna activist, who said he left the city at the end of October after receiving death threats for speaking out against the militias, described Derna as “fully under the control of fundamentalists” who have imposed an extremist ideology, and enforced a WAHABI interpretation of Sharia law with public executions and floggings. He said extremist militias shared the same ideology and the only dispute between them related to the Islamic Youth Shura Council’s pledge of allegiance to DAASH /ISIS.

The United Nations should urgently establish an international commission of inquiry or similar mechanisms to investigate alleged war crimes and other serious violations with a view to ensuring future ACCOUNTABILITY, Human Rights Watch said.

Derna has had no significant presence of state authorities, including police and a functioning judiciary, since the end of the 2011 Geharr WAHABI-terrorist ‘revolution’ in Libya that toppled the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Since 2013, unidentified assailants in Derna have assassinated at least five judges and prosecutors, and two women – a former lawmaker and a former security official. Unidentified armed militias have also attacked and destroyed tombs in mosques, including Derna’s historic al-Sahaba Mosque, which extremists have repeatedly targeted since 2011.

The Libyan air force, allied with the elected government, has conducted air strikes against militia targets in Derna, Benghazi, and elsewhere, while the militias have mounted purported suicide and other attacks in Tobruk, al-Baida, and Benghazi.

NOTE (in red print here) correctly ADDED BY Mohammed al-Fateh:
(Adding in these war crimes they should add NATO’s crimes when they were bombing indiscriminate attacks all over the country killing over 100 000 civilians including children).

All parties to the conflict in Libya are required to abide by the laws of war. Certain serious violations of these laws, when committed with criminal intent, are war crimes. War crimes include “the passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all judicial guarantees which are generally recognized as indispensable.” Murder on a systematic or widespread scale when used as state policy or by an organized group is a crime against humanity.

Those who commit, order, assist, or have command responsibility for war crimes or crimes against humanity are subject to prosecution by domestic courts or the International Criminal Court (ICC). ****(Well ICC should take in account that the war crimes committed in Libya now are the result of F.U.K.US and NATO who they should also be charged for their illegal intervention killing thousands, murdering the leader of the country, using Depleted uranium, destroying the infrastructure of Libya, bombing hospitals killing injured people by the thousands.

Using cluster bombs which are forbidden by international law but they used them anyway killing thousand of people. Bombing Sirte for over two weeks and not allowing the Red Cross to enter to give food, medicine and whatever else was needed. The list is too long to write but if ICC decides to charge for war Crimes first in the list should be OBAMA, CLINTON, McCain, SUSAN RICE, CAMERON, HAGUE, SARKOZY, BERNARD LEVI, Ki Moon of the UN, ERDOGAN OF TURKEY, THE HOUSE OF SAUDI last but not the least HAMAD BIN KHALIFA AL-THANI of Qatar and of course lets not forget NATO COUNTRIES WHO BOMBED LIBYA TOGETHER  WITH THE CHIEF AT THE TIME ANDERS FOGH RASMUSSEN. Then the ICC can charge for war crimes that the Libyans did to each other.)


The Libyan authorities have shown themselves powerless or unwilling to investigate and prosecute those responsible for unlawful killings and other serious rights abuses in the country. International ACCOUNTABILITY efforts for serious crimes have stalled despite an existing ICC mandate in Libya and a UN Security Council resolution threatening individual sanctions. The UN Human Rights Council ended the mandate of its commission of inquiry into violations in Libya in 2012.

UN Security Council threats of sanctions become hollow if they are never acted upon,” Whitson said. “As each day passes, more people die and more opportunities to

reverse Libya’s downward spiral are being frittered away.”

Security Council and ICC

The ICC has jurisdiction over

Attacks, Abuses in Derna

Human Rights Watch spoke with Derna residents who witnessed militia members carrying out cruel punishments, including summary executions and floggings. Human Rights Watch also spoke with family members and friends of victims, and community activists, and reviewed available online content, including videos, photos, and statements.

An activist who recently fled Derna told Human Rights Watch on 13 November 2014, that the Islamic Youth Shura Council emerged in April, gradually took control of the city and created its own public administration to rule Derna. The group, which rejects democracy and only accepts Sharia law, established a Legal Committee for Dispute Resolution and Reconciliation and appointed judges to a new Islamic court who have interrogated, prosecuted, and pronounced sentence on those deemed to have offended against their strict interpretation of Sharia law. Information the Islamic Youth Shura Council published says it has also set up a body called theDiwan al-Hisbah to oversee the “promotion of virtue and prevention of vice,” as well as a bureau for education and its own “Islamic police” force. Derna residents told Human Rights Watch that some of the judges at the Islamic Court were foreign nationals.

Summary Executions

Derna residents said they witnessedmilitants of the Islamic Shura Youth Council carry out public executions of three men accused of murder in two separate incidents.On 27 July, militants of the group shot Al-Sanussi Nasri al-Huweidi, a Libyan, and an unidentified Egyptian national, for the alleged killing of Hamad Miloud al-Hassadi on 25 July. According to a witness, the family of the victim handed the two alleged killers to the Islamic Shura Youth Council, which interrogated and declared them guilty on the same day.

One witness said armed men belonging to the group took the two accused to Martyrs place at al-Sahaba Square at around 1:30 a.m., where a member of the group shot both the accused in the head, one with a single bullet and the other with two, after the victim’s family declined to shoot them:

The Shura Council, which now became DAASH / IS, hardly waited at all before executing the suspects. It all happened so fast within just two days. The sessions at the Islamic Court where people are interrogated and sentenced by a panel of three judges are not public. Usually, the court announces if it will carry out a death sentence beforehand. In this case the family of the victims refused to pardon the suspect, so the court carried out the sentence.

On 19 August , the Islamic Shura Youth Council oversaw the public execution of Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed, an Egyptian national, at a football stadium in western Derna, after accusing him of killing Khalid al-Drissi, a Libyan. In a six-minute video posted online, an unidentifiable masked man reads charges against the accused man, who is kneeling, blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back, on a plastic covered stretcher. The masked man first asks members of the victim’s family if they wish to pardon the alleged murderer and, when they refuse, hands a pistol to one of the family members, who shoots the accused man in the head, killing him.

Public Flogging

A Derna resident told Human Rights Watch on 18 November that he witnessed the public floggings of eight young men in Derna’s Old Mosque Square on 25 or 26 October. He said two masked men alternate in flogging the men:

Masked men from the Shura Council lined up eight young men at al-Sahaba Square and punished each with 40 whips after they were caught drinking alcoholic beverages at a “bachelor party”together with the groom. The council member starts by whipping the shoulders and then continues all the way down to the feet, 40 lashes. If an individual is caught drinking alcohol, they [Shura Council] will implement the “whipping punishment” [had al-Jald] on the spot.

Photographs and ACCOUNTS published by the Islamic Shura Youth Council on social media show two other public floggings in front of the Islamic Court. On each occasion, three men were flogged for allegedly drinking alcohol. Human Rights Watch was able to corroborate the floggings but not the dates on which they took place.


Human Rights Watch has tracked 250 cases of apparently politically motivated killings inDerna and Benghazi since the beginning of 2014. Thevictims included former and current members of the military and security agencies, as well as five judges and members of the public prosecution. In all cases, the killings were carried out by unidentified assailants. None of these unlawful killings have been investigated, and no one has been prosecuted or convicted for these crimes.

Mohamed Najib Hweidi, head of the appeals court for the Green Mountain region, was assassinated on 16 June 2013; Mohamed Khalifah al-Naas, deputy general prosecutor for the Green Mountain region was killed on 09 November 2013; Retired judge Youssef al-Kreimi died in Tunis on 24 December 2013 from wounds he sustained during an assassination attempt on 25 November 2013 in Derna; Abdelaziz al-Hassadi, Libya’s former general prosecutor, was assassinated on 08 February 2014; and former judge Mohamed Bouejeilah al-Mansouri was killed on 28 April  2014.

Unidentified assailants also targeted and killed two women, Fariha al-Barkawi and Salwa Yunis al-Hinaid, in 2014 in Derna in what appears to have been politically motivated assassinations. Two Derna residents, one an activist, said that the shooting death of a third woman in February only weeks after the killing of her husband, a former army officer, was not linked to politics but to a family dispute.

Unidentified assailants killed al-Barkawi, a former Derna city representative to the General National Congress (GNC), and a member of the National Forces Alliance, a political party with a non-Islamist agenda on 17 July. One of her relatives in Derna, who spoke to Human Rights Watch on 19 November, said al-Barkawi’s killing occurred five months after she resigned from the GNC, where she had called vocally for the presence of state authorities in Derna and criticized the WAHABI extremists. The relative said:

She was on her way to a market in western Shiha area to do some shopping for the month of Ramadan when she was killed by three bullets after her car was sprayed with a hail of bullets by a passing car with unidentified assailants. Although some passers-by tried to help her, it was too late. She died before she reached Al-Harish Hospital. There is no forensics examiner in Derna, so she was transferred to al-Bayda, which is 100 kilometers away and back the next day to be buried. The prosecutor’s offices are shut and the court was burned down early in 2011, during the revolution. There is no one who can investigate the killing.

Unidentified assailants gunned down al-Hinaid, a former employee of the state’s internal security apparatus under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, on 09 September 2014. A relative told Human Rights Watch on 19 November  that gunmen killed al-Hinaid at around 8 a.m. as she left her house to buy bread, a regular routine. Several bullets hit her, and she died on the spot. No one has claimed responsibility.

Kidnappings and Beheadings

On 01 November , a video statement by a group of nine masked young men, some of them armed, calling themselves Youth of Derna circulated on the social media. The statement pledged allegiance to the ‘Dignity military operation’ led by General Hftar, who had been reinstated with 16 other officers in November by the elected government, and recognized the authority of the elected MAJLIS al-NUWSAAB (House of Representatives) in Tobruk.

The group called on revolutionaries to take up arms and fight the “extremist militias in Derna including Ansar al-Sharia and DAASH / ISIS,” and threatened to avenge unlawful killings and other rights abuses of the preceding three years that they alleged the “’Muslim’ Brotherhood and extremist militias” had carried out, vowing to “show no mercy.”

The members of the group remain unidentified but they appear to have included at least one of three young men – Siraj Katish, Mohamed Btaou, and Mohamed al-Mismari – who were subsequently abducted in separate but seemingly coordinated incidents on November 5 in Derna. Their bodies were subsequently found in fields at Hisha, southern Derna. All three had been decapitated.

Derna residents identified al-Mismari as the likely spokesperson who appeared in the video, but Human Rights Watch was unable to confirm the identities of any of the nine youths. Derna residents said al-Mismari had spoken out against the WAHABI militias in a June interview but that Katish and Btaou had no known public profiles as activists.

A Derna resident told Human Rights Watch on 21 November ,that, unidentified armed men who arrived in three cars abducted Katish on 05 November as he stood in front of his house with three friends. A Derna resident familiar with the case told Human Rights Watch that on November 10 a shepherd alerted the Derna branch of the Red Crescent after finding the remains of two men, whose heads had been severed and were missing. The bodies were later identified by their families as those of Katish and Btaou. al-Mismari’s was then found in an adjacent field; his head had also been severed, according to a news report. Human Rights Watch could not confirm the circumstances surrounding the abduction and killing of al-Mismari.

No one has claimed responsibility for these abductions and killings,although local residents have told Human Rights Watch they believe WAHABI militants were responsible. One Derna resident who knew Katish said, “The WAHABI-extremists who pledged allegiance to DAASH / ISIS are de facto in control of the entire city, they are now the strongest group there and they control everything, so they are undoubtedly responsible for the beheadings.”

In another incident, gunmen killed Moataz Bouruaq al-Shalwi near his house on 13 November, according to a Derna resident who lives close by. Soon after, news circulated that militants of the ‘Islamic Youth Shura Council’ had detained three people alleged to have killed al-Shalwi. Activists and news sites suggested that they faced imminent execution by shooting if the victim’s family desired it. There has been no news of the three since.

A 28 May  news report said that the severed head of Abdul Moaz Turkawi, a Derna student who had previously challenged militia manning a checkpoint, was found in the compound of the city’s Al-Sahaba Mosque.


The Army Battalion 71, arrests

3 terrorists from Yemen belonging to the organization of Daash in Derna.

Reject stand at the gate and have been arrested and are being al-Thakev them.



old-farm AEKHI:

Arms and al-Dkhirh farm slip yesterday was transferred today

to the nearby airport of Hun old farm Aekhi



France tested its first nuclear bomb on the land of the Tuareg people in the Sahara Desert in 1960 – it was four times more powerful than the one America had inflicted on Hiroshima…
It was also in 1960 that Niger and Mali both became independent countries from their colonial master – but, in truth, France never did let go. It has cruelly continued to use Niger and Mali – both containing the Tuaregs unofficially recognised homeland of Azawad – as their playgrounds ever since.

Al-Jazeera UK has done a largely excellent three-part series titled ‘The Orphans of the Sahara’. Its three one-hour programmes tell the harrowing suffering of the Tuareg people of North Africa following the removal of Muammar al-Qathafi and the destruction of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

They show the brutal life that France has inflicted upon these people – in Niger, by stealing the wealth of the rich uranium mines for themselves, and in Mali, where an army general startling reveals how the government told the army to “leave al-Qaeda alone”… The war of ‘intervention’ by the West in 2013 was just another false flag operation.

(Despite some anti-al-Qathafi propaganda from the ‘al-Jazeera documentary makers’), the films tell the story of how much the Tuaregs miss al-Qathafi, and how life has changed for them now that he can no longer protect them – they have the lowest quality of life of any people on earth.

The Tuaregs are the indigenous people of the world’s largest desert – the Sahara. Their land of Azawad was divided by colonial history. al-Qathafi opened up his borders to them so that the herds of these pastoral people could flourish in Libya.
After Nato’s destruction of Libya in 2011, an act in which France played a huge part, a quarter of a million Tuareg workers and fighters were forced to leave the country and return to Niger – the poorest country on the planet.

They had been arrested, tortured and robbed of their money by Libyan rebels – and thrown out of their adopted home of Libya. They are now homeless and penniless. With no passports or papers, some risk their lives trying to return to the rebel-held country.
One brigade leader tells how most of his fighters were killed in the war, as well as his father. He grew up in Libya and speaks of his continual sadness that he does not know what to do with his life anymore.

All the Tuaregs benefited from al-Qathafi. They tell of how everything they built was because of him and that “we are crying for his loss”, says one.
But after the war, they found upon returning to Niger that climate change had made the area even more arid and lifeless, adding to the misery of the people and the starvation of their animals.

Despite being in an area of astounding natural resources – one of the most prosperous in the world – they are living in a “dying world of drought”. For Niger has one of the richest uranium mines ever found – but few benefits ever reach the people. So the Tuaregs remain poor and isolated.

They found there were no schools and no hospitals. For those lucky enough to discover water and pastures, some find that even the water-well is a four-hour walk away from their pastures. Makeshift wells are dangerous – with lethal sand collapses an ever-present threat.

For those who have to continue their search for water and pastures, distressing footage of their animals that have either starved to death or are on the brink of doing so is shown in graphic detail. Hundreds of thousands have already met this fate.
The north of Niger is where the country’s most precious resources are found – and the French ensure they have them.

The French took the uranium from the Tuaregs’ land here – and it made France strong and prosperous. It gave the French light – and for decades now, they have been dependent on Niger to continue this. But the Tuaregs see nothing of this prosperity…
“It makes our hearts burn that we don’t see even a little bit of this wealth”, says one.

The French nuclear company Areva works the mine, in the Arlit area of the Agadez region in northern Niger, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Shockingly, Areva even refuses to hire any Tuaregs to work for them. Instead, most of its workers are brought up from southern Niger – hundreds of kilometres away. This is how France regards the Tuaregs…

The mine produces millions of tons of radioactive waste – and it makes the Tuaregs sick with illness. It also causes nerve disorders.

One couple featured in the programme live near the mine. They feed their animals only on dry food – as the pasture makes their herds ill; when their precious livestock eat it, they die. A nearby well is so contaminated that nearly every animal that drank from it perished. Children drinking from it also became sick.
The factory is right in the middle of the Tuaregs’ pastureland. The nuclear materials kill animals that are exposed to them or cause others to become handicapped. One camel is shown barely able to stand after she drank water from the well near the mine – she then gave birth to a dead calf…
The man and his wife also had a baby of their own – but it was born with a deformity. They took it to the Somair Mining Company Hospital – convinced it was malformed due to the radioactive waste. Somair is the name of the mine and the company that Areva uses.

The doctors told them: “The radiation came out in your child”. The baby then died…
Disturbingly, the couple could not get a document about this event. After continuing to campaign, the hospital eventually agreed to issue a death certificate – but when they collected it, the pair was stunned to see that the cause of death – radiation – had been completely omitted…
Shortly afterwards, speaking on the telephone to the doctor, he told them: “That is something I cannot write down on paper. It is true the baby is dead from radiation – but I cannot write that. We cannot write the word radiation on anything”.
The medic added that the couple had not originally been given a death certificate “because no-one gets one if you mention verbally the word radiation”.
Following the loss of the child, the wife found she was experiencing pain in the womb. The Somair Mining Company Hospital refused to treat her – dozens of sick local Tuaregs are regularly turned away by them. They told her to go to the city hospital – but treatment there costs money. Money the Tuareg people, thanks to France, do not have.

Another woman in the same situation is paralysed from the chest down – but no one will tell her why. She died shortly after filming…
No full environmental study has ever been authorised for this area. No proper independent medical study has ever been done. No investigation into the nervous system disorders or premature deaths.
Areva did its own study and, of course, gave themselves a clear conscience, denying everything and absolving itself of any blame.

Horrifically, France is now set to DOUBLE its mining production in northern Niger – with another new mine planned for the French and their clients.
The Imouraren Mine, named after the company that Areva is using for it, will make this an even more poisoned and waterless land – as millions more tons of radioactive waste will be produced…

When suspected local al-Qaeda rebels kidnapped some Areva workers in 2010 – with some suspected Tuareg involvement – this was portrayed in Western media as some kind of terrorist act. The truth of why it happened was utterly covered up. The kidnappers only wanted 20-30% of the mining profits (the least they deserve)…
You can bet that none of the huge profits that will come from Imouraren will be going to the locals.

Precious resources are also why the French have control of Mali – the mineral rich northern region here is the least explored of the Tuaregs’ traditional homeland areas.
As well as being forced out of Libya in 2011 and into Niger, many Tuaregs also had no choice but to return to Mali – taking with them the weapons that they had used to try and defend Libya.

They went to the northern desert, another part of their desired Azawad state. They too, found it another isolated place, remote from any normal services. Their animals also starved to death and this situation continues. There is no development and no aid assistance from the Mali government.

The Tuaregs have not controlled Azawad since the old, French colonialist war, when France gave Tuareg land to Mali – without the consent of the Tuaregs.
The French slaughtered all their animals. They then paraded the severed human heads of Tuareg leaders…

Decades later, in 2012, the Tuaregs launched the biggest uprising seen in the Mali area in over a century. It was a renewed bid to establish their beloved homeland of Azawad – a fight that has been going on against Malian rule since 1957. But their forces, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), found their revolution hijacked by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM) and another rebel group, Ansar al-Dine.

Thanks to the war on Libya, Mali had become a powder keg in 2012.
The ensuing ‘intervention’ in Mali, by Britain and France in January 2013, was stated by Western politicians as a ‘necessary’ war to deal with the ‘threat of al-Qaeda’.
But, in truth, the Mali government lets al-Qaeda flourish in Mali.
The authorities even told an army general to “leave al-Qaeda alone”…
This is because the Mali government uses al-Qaeda as a bulwark against the Tuareg people and Azawad.

Drug smuggling is rife in Mali as the government secretly supports it – they use the profits from it to pay ethnic militias to keep on suppressing the Tuareg rebellion for Azawad.

(Although the programme does not mention it, the ‘intervention’ by the West was just another false flag operation – a covert war on the Tuaregs and Azawad – to keep them down and make sure France continues their colonial control. Due to the Islamists advance though, it has to be pointed out that some Tuaregs did briefly ‘side’ with the French. When Western media showed locals cheering the French, there were, in fact, not a Tuareg or an Arab amongst them)…

Paradoxically though, part of al-Qaeda is welcomed by some people !! – as they do provide clothes, charity provision etc. –including to those Tuaregs who really are desperate and in need of it.

But many people here see the country of Mali as just another extension of France…

The Tuaregs feel that the only way out for them and their animals is for Libya to be returned to al-Qathafi’s people.

(Lady Khamis)

Lady Khamis can be contacted at:






A recovered Belomou the horse, with happy owner Sine, after they went to the SPANA organisation in Mali for treatment for Belomou's wounds following a wagon accident.

  Summer 2014:

  In Mbera, in Mauritania – just across the border from Mali – stand 500,000 animals. They are trying to survive in the arid Sahara Desert – alongside 80,000 desperate people living in tents in a sprawling refugee camp.

  About 50,000 of the animals are equids – horses, donkeys and mules.

  Both the humans and their animals were displaced by the recent war in Mali – but the real reason that they are here actually goes a little further back; to the West’s war on Libya in 2011.

  The charity SPANA, which has its headquarters in London in the UK, is doing magnificent work helping these animals. In doing so, they are aiding their owners to survive too.

  SPANA’S chief executive, Jeremy Hulme, has reported in an excellent article he has written in the charity’s magazine, how the “fall of Colonel al-Qathafi” has caused “disastrous consequences” for the entire region.

  Although the article does not mention them by name, it is about the Tuareg people – who have fought so courageously to establish their beloved homeland of Azawad. But the West has continually thwarted this – via their corrupt African proxy leaders – to keep up the Western subversion of Africa and the colonial domination of Africa by France.

  This is why France played such a pivotal role in their covert invasion of Libya in 2011 and their more recent war on Mali. Both were ‘interventions’ that were actually false flag operations using al-Qaeda.

  Mu’ammar al-Qathafi had always been sympathetic to the freedom fighters of the Tuaregs and had sheltered many of them in Libya, giving them a home. Some of them were even recruited by al-Qathafi as bodyguards for him, or were trained to join his army.

  The Tuaregs stayed loyal to him in 2011 and fought for him. The West pretended they were ‘mercenaries’ and fomented ethnic tensions across Libya – ensuring innocent black people and immigrants were persecuted and slaughtered in huge numbers by NATO’s own real mercenary rebel army.

  This racism continues today.

  Tragically, the Libyan Tuaregs are homeless again – stateless and arrested by the new Libyan ‘government’ if they dare to cross back over the border into Libya.   

  Many went back to Mali to fight the traitorous Mali government and its army – but found their new revolution to establish Azawad hijacked by al-Qaeda.

  Returning to Hulme’s article, he reports how the situation in Mali, caused by the Libyan war, led to huge numbers of people migrating with their livestock to try and find safety and pasture. Many have ended up in Mbera.

  SPANA had already trained more than 150 tribesmen as animal health workers. A UN agreement had arranged that they all had to be former fighters with their own animals and living in the community.

  Their lives are an endless search for food and water. In helping horses and donkeys to survive and be healthy enough to work, their owners can then provide for both themselves and their families. For those who depend on an income from a working animal, a sick equid or camel means no food on the table for anyone…

  Therefore, for people living in sub-Saharan Africa, animals are as an important part of peoples’ lives as their own families.

  Tribesmen know that they must respect their animals. They revere their camels so much that they have 50 words in the Tamasheq language to describe all their different coat colours.

  Thanks to SPANA and their supporters, six water wells are being installed for the equids and other types of livestock living in the camp. If the people are to survive then so must their starving animals.

  But the people complain that, while they have food and water from UN aid: “There’s a long way to go before the West recognises the fundamental link between pastoralists and their animals, and the economic and political disasters that arise from standing back and watching animals die”.

  I ask: does the West really care? The UN should be helping animals, but if they do not want to help them, then at least they must understand that this only adds to their owners’ struggle to survive…

Troubled Sands upon Water and Oil



The one and only Muammar al-Qathafi









Alkonaini Fawzia publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger on FB”
Who is William Burns?

Deliberated media yesterday the news of the arrival of the invited William Burns, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs to Tripoli, Libya (attached to you a picture of the plane that gave the board mentioned which, as you can see military transport plane from Lockheed C-5 Galaxy which is parked at Tripoli International Airport yesterday before return hours

after arriving at the U.S. air base Sigoyena and the eastern island of Sicily,

the Italian saluting squadron stationed reconnaissance and espionage and electronic warfare U.S. B-3 Orion).

And I am confident and sure that many people do not know about this Alolliams something other than what I’ve ever had and the media about it, but the seriousness of this villain and his ilk …

I’ve seen my duty and pursuant Lima said Mr. Leader “salvation is returned by the Andrq” to tell the free and honest sons of Libyan tribes great and who are still on the covenant and

mobilizing their energies to day cleanse the nation of filth and Alangas, including the information I have about him.

Arrived Deputy U.S. Secretary of State William Burns to the Libyan capital Tripoli today to meet with senior NATO
shoes and dictated orders them from America, evil traitors and defeatists evil.



William Burns, an officer in the CIA work station Agency State of the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine, has been moved to the U.S. State Department (Office of the fight against terrorism), accompanied by his colleague and his colleague Paul Bremer, who was rewarded after the U.S. occupation of Iraq by appointing him governor of this Arab country.
After the failure of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in its attempt sinful to assassinate the leader of the revolution in 1985 (blew up a car that was believed that it was led by the Leader of the Revolution), and the failure of the U.S. government Reaganism also as well as during the raid on the house of the Brother Leader of the Revolution in TRIPOLI in 1986, this agency has to prepare a new plan in 1990, foreign was approved by U.S. President George Bush Sr. in 6 of the same year.
Under the plan on recruiting a group of spies Arabs to gather information about the movements of the Leader and his movements and the Libyan armed forces, especially the officers, particularly those working near the Leader or Online them abroad for any reason whatsoever, with particular emphasis on Online of them in Syria and Lebanon as well as for security General and other security agencies and the Libyan armed forces officers Libyan traitors in gathering information about the leader and the people armed and security forces are to take advantage of them later.
Entrusted with the task of Execution of this plan to Paul Bremer and his colleague, William Burns, and for that office was set up mainly in Bonn and two sub-offices first in Morocco and the second in Greece to supervise and follow up Tnqidha main office Bremer and Burns Panama Office Morocco was does he know station director of the Central Intelligence Morocco and the Office of Greece entrusted his administration for the U.S. military liaison to Lebanon.
Reports that were received from customers Moroccans and Tunisians (they were mostly from the elements women) who had sent them to Libya respond directly to mkt Bonn saluting the client travels to Bonn upon arrival in Morocco, coming from Libya and the role of the Office of Morocco was to provide logistical support only, while the customer reports Egyptians, Lebanese and walls, and who they send them to Libya, was first sent to the office of Athens, Greece, and then forwarded to the Office of Bonn.
It would have been the outcome of such a plan to recruit a group of traitors and spies led by each of the key Qurum and Abdul Salam Allowaar They are among a group of spies who had been unearthed in 1993 syphilis (the latter then recruited in Syria saluting it works within the range officers of the national leadership in that period, It is the only one of this group who has not been placed under arrest for being able to escape to Britain by Algeria).
This is William Burns gentlemen will I be honored and the other is appointed by the governor to Libya
after the failure of the United States and its allies and strategic defeat in Libya? Karam as his companion
and colleague, Paul Bremer, or what you see?
Keep up the resistance. . . And get ready for more battles with Asalbeyen new, Salibia twenty-first century.
The forward for the home.
By fawzi zertit







Left the Saudi Ambassador to Libya, Mohammed bin Mahmoud Al-Ali, the Libyan capital Tripoli,

on Thursday afternoon, returning to his country due to the instability of the security situation in Tripoli.




Video is very, very important
The first documented video about the effects of the bombing of the city of Tripoli Yesterday Katyusha rockets locusts {}

Which terrorized the people and afraid of women, children and the infirm and destroyed some houses and schools as it is in the attached video was done at five in the morning that

after the bombing, which was the road to the airport in Tripoli, in the vicinity of the new building of the U.S. Embassy 

and international channel a large body of news from news agencies almost certain and as rumored Kalak that the drone had attacked two vehicles carrying missiles locusts on a farm has been destroyed and the other one Achtbit between buildings and in spite of the past more than 20 hours on the episode did not hear that he had issued any official statement on the missiles do not locusts nor Drone.


فيديو هام جدا جدا
اول فيديو موثق عن اثار قصف مدينة طرابلس اليوم بصواريخ الجراد {الكاتيوشا}
التى روعت الاهالى وفزعت النساء والاطفال والعجزه ودمرت بعض البيوت والمدارس كما هو فى الفيديو المرفق وتم ذلك فى الساعة الخامسه فجرا هذا وبعد هذا القصف الذى تم فى طريق المطار بطرابلس فى محيط المبنى الجديد للسفاره الامريكيه وقناة الدوليه تواردت انباء من وكالات الانباء شبه مؤكده وكما يشاع كلك بان طائره بدون طيار قد هاجمت مركبتين يحملان صواريخ الجراد فى مزرعه وقد دمرت واحده والاخرى اختبئت بين المبانى وعلى الرغم من مضى اكثر من 20 ساعه على الحادثه لم نسمع بانه قد صدر اى بيان رسمى لا على صواريخ الجراد ولا على الطائره بدون طيار

Tech burn everything on FB remarks:
“Steadfastness woman”
Toulab claim if the wage had become downright Shi suggested the formation of a massacre

uniform uniforms became a massacre by massacre and guide you Gharghour God Yablady

God and yes, the agent in them Jardan savage.


A large convoy of military vehicles and armored blue written by the so-called Ministry of the Interior in Airport:


School administration al-Saladin in the area of Airport Road announces the suspension of classes in the school after an injury indiscriminate shelling of YANKEE Locusts missiles that hit the region, corresponding to the equestrian airport road in Tripoli at dawn today.

Whalley in Tripoli airport road conditions you have specifically launched.

Sounds of shooting with heavy weapons in # Tripoli airport road.


Two explosions heard.


Heavy fire in the vicinity of the complex administrative janzour before this afternoon, causing the suspension of work by the pool.




Were released pioneering “Salim Ali Abdulsalam Ajpal Gaddafi” from the prisons of the militias in the corner after a

months-long prison without trial.

Last week released militias city corner for 9 prisoners from the prisons of darkness ~ Aqaba to the rest of the prisoners.


Corner ::
The release of some prisoners from the prisons of the dark corner.
Wishing all prisoners Lord
The names of those released from prisons corner yesterday 04/22/2014:
1 – Hamza Mohamed Mohamed Aldovana .. City five.
2 – Salem Abdul Salam material .. Joseph City corner.
3 – Salem Ali Abdullah .. Sabha.
4 – Abdul Rahman Abdul Jalil Abdul Kader .. the city of Sirte.
5 – Mohamed Abdel Fattah Salem Trom .. Tajura.
And on 04/21/2014 .. was released the following:
1 – Ramzi Saleh Ali Dawi.
2 – Ahmed Farag Solomon Bogofah.
And on 20/04/2014 .. was released the following:
1 – Alaa Mostafa Mohammad Hanina resident in the corner.
2 – Salama Salem Abdullah Lajnef resident in Sorman.


Vote Lead shaking Abu Issa area west corner




Lock news Tripoli highway and re coming from the corner and its suburbs.



clashes near a market Alashoury and news about the death of one of them and move the injured for treatment.



YANKEE TRANSPORT JETS at the International Airport



Heart Hospital Btajurae shut due to lack of equipment and all the instability of the security situation.


The kidnapping of a businessman, “Mansouri certified” company owner Judy Food Industries and Bouksma million

claim by his captors to release him ..

and the kidnappers are demanding ransom worth five million dinars, compared to his release.



This week’s number 33 has been transferred from a prison inmate Mager and

presenting them to the public prosecutor at the Court of First Instance & Zliten.








A tragic car accident by way of Bani Walid /Tarhounah resulted in the death of

“Mahmoud Faitouri Qurmat Warfali” and 3 Jtt charred.









The assassination of the citizen as the mourning Faitouri Sirte anonymous bullet lodged in his chest in front

of the Ibn Sina Hospital in Sirte and Ahttaf news for young people who were with him are:
– Marwan Al-Zayani
– Anwar al-Amari







Tragedy added to the series of tragedies have occurred in Benghazi, Libya, where an armed person broke into the family home district,

housing and shoot all the family members, which led to their deaths all they are:
1 – Fajra Boubacar Ahrir Gaddafi Age 70
2 – Bahgat key Jahmi Age 45
3 – Abdullah Abdul Salam senile Age 23
4 – names Fawaz Bontihh Age 38
5 – Arrows Fawaz Bontihh Age 37
The injured girl is still the intensive care department, namely:
Eve Bahgat Muftah Jahmi Age 20 years.



Two bodies were found on the Benghazi area Rulrhh Syed Ali, one of the idyllic kidnapped nearly three days ago

and has launched in the head and other body has not been identified yet.



Finding the bodies region Rulrhh one of these Aljtth due to the poetic kidnapped Mndhu nearly three days, and the body found dumped and murdered by firing in the head with a weapon kind cartouche and the body other was not identified so far, and the body was decomposed completely due to a person wearing a red shirt and black shoes white striped.



The release of Abdel-Salam Ayad Albergthe and after paying a ransom of two million euros and mentions
that he is the man Albergthe businessman who was kidnapped Rulrhh area by gunmen.




Finding artist Ali Aldrnawi music in one of orchestras, slaughtered yesterday evening in the project Elsafcefh Benghazi.




(1) Assassination attempt (Ayad Mohammed Saleh Faraj) of what is called the Ministry of Defense

shot in the shoulder and the bottom of the hand in the area of Al-Sabri.

(2) Shooting near the restaurant area of the bale Sabri Benghazi and kill “,” Ghassan Bouraoui “cousin
political activist” pro Bouraoui.


  • Water sinking ground floor Hawari hospital in Benghazi.




Emirate Drnstan

Farce caliber!!!!!!
Soon building a wall of separation between male students and female students in

the courtyard of the University of Derna!

Militia “Martyrs of Abu Salim” accept insurance University tuber,

after the university administration bowed to the request of the Prince of the terrorist militia Salem Derby
Building a wall of separation between male students and female students in the courtyard of the university!


إمارة درنستان

مهزله من العيار الثقيل !!!!!!
قريبا بناء جدار فاصل بين الطلبة الذكور و الطالبات الإناث في باحة جامعة درنه!

ميليشيا “شهداء أبو سليم” تقبل بتأمين جامعة درنة، بعد ان رضخت إدارة الجامعة لطلب أمير الميليشيا الارهابي سالم دربي
ببناء جدار فاصل بين الطلبة الذكور و الطالبات الإناث في باحة الجامعة!

without heavy beard, on 12 AUGUST 2013:

al-Qaeda rat Salem Derby in front of the Homeland Security buried It tells the story of his release on the system
Misrata city of “martyrs” · Publiée le 12 août 2013
A rare video of Salem Derby battalion commander “Martyrs” Abu Salim

He stayed in the mountains on the run from a tuber buried 11 years, and after coming off of the mountain

See how addressing the internal security system and buried, the guy from the day footmen,

and tells how the “injustice that happened to them” and how it Rado Plus

9:38 a meeting with Sheikh Salem Derby about the security situation in Derna

سالم دربي من مواليد عام 1972،كان مطلوباً للنظام الليبى عام 1996 إبان الاحداث التى شهدتها مدينة درنة حيث لجأ للجبال رفقة بعض الشباب المطاردين من قبل الاجهزة الامنية وظل هناك حتى عام 2006،ليعود للحياة بمدينة درنة مجددا و يعمل فى الأعمال الحرة و يتزوج و له من الأبناء ثلاث.

يتحدث دربي عن الكتيبة و بداية تأسيسها حيث يقول : عندما وصلت جبهة القتال الى بن جواد ، خرجنا مع مجموعة من شباب درنه و اتفقنا معهم قبل كل شئ على أن ندرس المرحلة و من ثم يكون لنا قرار بخصوص الجبهة ، و بدأنا رحلتنا و توقفنا بمدينة بنغازى لزيارة بعض المصابين و من ثم واصلنا المسير الى اجدابيا و منها الى البريقة لنتوقف أخيراً فى راس لانوف و كان عددنا حينها 6 شباب موزعين بين سيارتين.

عند وصولنا للجبهة لاحظنا بأنها غير منظمة وتغلب عليها العشوائية مع وجود بعض من يريد الاستفادة من الحدث ليسرق و ينهب أو يستفيد كما تسول له نفسه ،و ألمنا عشوائية الشباب التى من خلالها تصطادهم الكتائب بكل سهولة فأغلبهم من دون سلاح.

تعرضنا لقصف عنيف فى راس لانوف فانسحبنا الى البريقة ليتواصل القصف و نتراجع حتى اجدابيا و هناك بدأت فكرة تشكيل الكتيبة حيث عزمنا على العودة الى مدينة درنه و البحث عن مجموعة من الشباب الذين لديهم الرغبة فى القتال و ننظم أنفسنا و نبحث عن الأسلحة و السيارات و نعود للمواجهة فى صورة أقوى.

التقينا مع الشباب فى درنه و قلنا لهم اذا وصلت الكتائب الى اجدابيا سنكون مستهدفين فهم قد يأتون الينا مباشرة عبر بوابة الــ200 ، لذا وجب علينا أن نستعد و نجمع السلاح و السيارات حتى نكون فى خط دفاعى أولاً.

و انضم معنا أكثر من 45 شاب و تحصلنا على قرابة 10 سيارات ، إضافة الى عدد قليل من الأسلحة الخفيفة ، فاتجهنا الى اجدابيا في حين كانت الكتائب قد دخلتها،و تلك الليلة توقفنا فى بنغازى و تابعنا الأحدث من هناك لظروف خارجة عن السيطرة.

و باليوم التالى كانت الكتائب تتجه الى مدينة بنغازى فى أرتال كبيرة ، مما أكد لنا أن المواجهة ستكون بالقرب من المدينة،فبعثنا مجموعة استطلاع الى قمينس و حاولنا أن نقوم بعملية لكن لم نستطع و عدنا الى بنغازى لتبدأ الكتائب قصفها للمدينة بالغراد و القذائف.

هنا بدأ الجميع يسأل ماذا سنفعل ، اتخذنا قراراً بموافقة الجميع أن نواجه الكتائب و نأخذ الطريق التى يطلق منها الجراد فالصواريخ ستسقط من خلفنا اذا ما سلكنا الطريق المباشر لها.

كانت الصواريخ تطلق من منطقة القوارشة و نظمنا أنفسنا حيث انقسمنا الى مجموعتين و بتوفيق الله شطرنا الكتائب الى نصفين تلك الليلة، ولا نخفى القول لو أننا رأينا حجم الرتل فى البداية ما كنا نظن أننا سنقدم على مواجهته و لكنها تساهيل و أسباب من الله.

في هذه المعركة قتل منا منصور الغيثى و هانى الشلوى كما أصيب أشرف بن جليل و شباب آخرين من مجموعة بنغازى التى كانت معنا وعلى رأسهم الشيخ راف الله السحاتى.

تحصلنا على مجموعة من السيارات و مجموعة من الأسلحة و شاحنة ذخيرة و سيارة جراد و قتل من الكتائب ما يقارب الــ12 شخص و تراجعت الكتائب الى الخارج قليلاً و بدأ حلف الناتو فى قصف الكتائب بنيران كثيفة.

تمركزت قوات القذافى فيما بعد فى اجدابيا ، و كنا نعمل على مواجهتها بشكل متقطع و العودة الى نقطة تمركزنا ، و يشارك معنا فى هذا الامر مجموعات اخرى من الشباب الثوار المختلطين ، و فى أحيان كثرة كنا نبحث بين السيارات على الشباب الذين هم من مجموعتنا ، و هنا انبثقت فكرة التسمية و اطلقنا على أنفسنا كتيبة شهداء أبوسليم درنه و كنا أول كتيبة فى هذه الثورة.

سبب التسمية إن اغلب شباب الكتيبة المنضم أليها قد تضرر من النظام البائد أو أن أحد أقاربه قد تضرر فأغلبهم قد سجن أو قتل أخاه أو والده فى سجن ابوسليم،و عندما الحقنا مدينة درنه باسم الكتيبة لم يكن هذا من باب التحيز و انما كان من باب التمييز لمجموعتنا لأن اسم الكتيبة لا نستطيع حصره فى مجموعتنا لأنه من المرجح ان تكون هناك كتيبة اخرى من بنغازى تحمل نفس الأسم.

تشكلت فيما بعد عدد من الكتائب الأخرى منها كتيبة 17 فبراير وكتيبة عمر المختار و كتيبة على الجابر و ألوية قطر و كتيبة غراد درنه و ثوار درنه.

كتيبة شهداء ابوسليم حالياً بها 350 مقاتل أغلبهم من مدينة درنه،كما ان البعض من شباب الكتائب الأخرى طلبوا منا أن نضمهم معنا فى الكتيبة لكننا رفضنا ذلك خوفاً من ان تحدث الفتنة.

يصف سالم دربي معركة اجدابيا الأولى بأشد المعارك ضراوة و يقول : إن الكتائب كانت تتمركز بقوة على بوابات اجدابيا و تسيطر عليها بالكامل مع فرض سيطرتها أيضاً على شارع طرابلس الحيوى بالمدينة ، و لم يكن للثوار من حيلة لاقتحام المدينة و الدخول فى حرب مدن مع الكتائب فكانوا يقصفوننا دائما بشدة و لا يستطيعون التقدم و يقتل منهم الكثير فى اغلب الأحيان.

كنا نظن ان الأمر سيستمر لوقت طويل ،حتى يسر الله لنا حيث جاءنا أخوين من اجدابيا هما ابراهيم و سالم الجضران و قالوا لنا أن هناك طريق صحراوى لا يعرفه الكثير إلا من أهل اجدابيا و الكتائب لا تتمركز فيه و يمكن من خلاله الدخول الى وسط المدينة، فقمنا بجولة استطلاع و صدقاً فلقد كان الممر يمهد لنا الدخول المباشر للمدينة و القتال مع الكتائب فى شكل حرب العصابات.

في تلك الأثناء كانت الكتائب تقصف بشدة الثوار المتمركزين على مسافات متباعدة فانسحبوا نتيجة لذلك ، و داخل المدينة كانت الكتائب تجهز العائلات للخروج فى مظاهرات تهتف للنظام.

سألنا الشباب عن رغبتهم فى القتال فأجمع الكل على الدخول الى المدينة عبر ذلك الممر و صلينا الظهر و العصر صلاة جمع تقديم و توكلنا على الله و دخلنا الى اجدابيا.

كانت كتيبتنا هى الوحيدة التى دخلت و وصلت حتى شارع طرابلس و انطلق الشباب يكبرون و يقاتلون جنود الكتائب،و من القصص التى حدثت معهم أن احد كتائب الثوار كانت محاصرة و قد نفذت ذخيرتها و قد قام الشباب بفك الحصار عنها.

دُحرت الكتائب و تراجعت حتى البوابة الغربية ، و قتلنا منهم الكثير كما تحصلنا على سيارات، و عندما أسدل الليل ستاره جاء أهالى المدينة و العديد من الثوار فخشينا أن يكون بينهم مندسين فانسحبنا.

في اليوم التالى انسحبت كتائب القذافى بشكل كبير الى بن جواد ، و قمنا بتمشيط اجدابيا ذلك اليوم ، و كانت القراءة التى امامنا أن نستمر فى المواجهة و نلاحق كتائب القذافى حتى اخر مستقر لها.

نحن حالياً متواجدين فى معسكر باجدابيا و لنا نقاط تمركز في منطقة الــ18 و التى منها نقصف مواقع كتائب القذفى باستمرار و نتقدم اليها في أحيان كثيرة حتى مشارف منطقة الأربعين و نكبدهم خسائر كبيرة.











Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Terrorism: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, THE FANATIC SMUGGLER

Mokhtar Balmokhtar, Abu Hamza al-Libi, whose real name Mohammed Abdullah al-Miqdad

by Lawrence Touchard
PRELIMINARY NOTE: a very condensed version of what follows, and I am the author,
was published by Jeune Afrique end of September 2012:
Here include the full study, updated January 30, 2013.
Photo Mokhtar Belmokhtar shown on the notice of Interpol search
Birth of a “vocation” and Afghanistan
Born in June 1972 in Ghardaia in Algeria, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, alias Khaled Abu al-Abbas (or, Laouar / Borgne) is fascinated by his own confession battles waged by the Soviet mujahedeen in the 1980s, in Afghanistan. In November 1989, Abdullah Azzam, mentor of Osama bin Laden, was killed in a suicide car bombing in Peshawar. His murder would mark the starting point of the ideological commitment Mokhtar Belmokhtar (Bin Laden is one of the possible suspects in the attack!). In 1990, when he was only 17 years old, he went to Saudi Arabia for lesser pilgrimage (‘Umrah, which can be done during any month of the year, preferably that of Ramadan, unlike pilgrimage, Hajj, which can only take place during the last month of the Muslim year), then, at 19, to Afghanistan, accompanied by three of its neighbors.
There, he spent a few months in 1991, the ranks of Islamist Hezb-i-Islami. The movement, led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, includes many foreign Muslim volunteers (between 10 000 and 12 000 over a period of ten years), located in the rear bases in Pakistan, engaged in civil war following the withdrawal of Moscow. Rumored that he himself is born in November 2007, MBM would have fought against the Soviet soldiers. What is the legend: they leave the country in February 1989, two years before the arrival of jihadist …! Also according to legend, he lost his eye in a fight, when in reality, he was wounded during a workout. He performs in training camps near Jalalabad, and Khalden near Khost, Afghanistan. He says he met Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (who became the leader of Al-Qaida in Iraq) during this period.
In the early 1990s, several countries (including Algeria) from which the foreign volunteers of Hez-i-Islami protest with Pakistan: they accuse of harboring potential terrorists. In April 1993, Islamabad finally reacts; Pakistani authorities arrested hundreds of volunteers and expelled many of them. Mokhtar Belmokhtar, he returned a few months before the end of 1992. Back that owes nothing to chance. Of course, he knows that the bloody civil war in Algeria, but it does not blind the steps of Algeria vis-à-vis Pakistan.
Back home, logically, he joined the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), at the height of the civil war. Enjoying relative autonomy, he set up the outline of a katiba – katiba Shahada – which quickly radiates beyond Algerian borders in the Sahara and the Sahel in general. He then joined the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), at its creation by Hassan Hattab in 1998. Jihad does not prevent embarking on lucrative traffic, including weapons, in favor of the GIA, then the GSPC; he then has 25 men. The chaos, especially in the south of the country, facilitates smuggling. Responsible for the assassination of several customs and border guards, Algeria condemned to death twice.
Between 1994 and 1995 he corresponded with several Islamist leaders installed in Sudan (some sources indicate that there would be made and that he met bin Laden, yet Mokhtar Belmokhtar yet quick to mention his glorious interviews and maintain its legend does not mention); nothing therefore confirmed with certainty. At that time, bin Laden lived in Khartoum, capital of Sudan … These contacts are worth Mokhtar Belmokhtar within the GSPC, jealousy and respect for each other.
With its reputation, experience fighter, as well as smuggling in which he reigns, Mokhtar Belmokhtar sees appoint emir of the GSPC zone 9 (southern Algeria and the Sahara). The enmity which, in all likelihood, already existed between the new emir and Abderrazak El Para, then turns into frank hatred. Abderrazak El Para does not accept to obey Mokhtar Belmokhtar, which he seems to take pleasure to send instructions to his subordinate! In July 2001, Mokhtar Belmokhtartransmet orders and he says come from Hassan Hattab, prescribing a quota cartridges – only 2000 – all formations of the area, with a request for transfer of all heavy weapons to the military command of the GSPC .Abderrazak refuses to comply with these guidelines. Denial that would have accompanied death threats against Mokhtar Belmokhtar! As for Hassan Hattab, he invites him to run. Abou Zeid, assistant el-Para supports the course and there is no shortage of encouraging its own lieutenant, Yahya Abu Hamame to encroach on the field of Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The GSPC is a basket of crabs Hassan Hattab (supported by Mokhtar Belmokhtar!) … Does not control, necessarily, more!
MBM, the GSPC and al-Qaida
In summer 2001, bin Laden delegated an envoy of Yemeni origin with the GSPC in order to take on the Algerian situation and determine if Al Qaeda could establish an operational area in the Sahel with the support of the GSPC. Abdelwahab Alwan, alias Abu Mohamed, the envoy in question, so leave Afghanistan to go to Yemen, where he won Ethiopia and Sudan, Niger and finally where it makes contact with Mokhtar Belmokhatar that he already knows. The head of the escort katiba into southern Algeria where he will meet the national emir of the GSPC.
Hassan Hattab, in principle, the national emir of the organization. In principle only: probably not informed of the meeting with the representative of bin Laden, it is not involved in this one! Mohamed Abou suggests that leaders are present to further establish the Sahel region by sharing zones of influence (in fact, avoiding quarrels).
He also stressed that it plans to meet later, Hassan Hattab. However, Abderrazak El Para maneuver to prevent the interview. Abou Mohamed returned to Afghanistan to report to bin Laden. He returned to Algeria in July 2002. This time, it seems to demand to see Hassan Hattab. Finally, the Algerian security forces slaughter Abou Mohamed on September 12 of the same year, without having managed to talk directly with Hassan Hattab.
“Novelty” by Abderrazak El Para, the emissary of Bin Laden has not resolved the dispute between El Para and Mokhtar Belmokhtar, which, in turn, did not wait for a hypothetical success of the mediation Yemen to root more in the Sahara and the Sahel with his men!
Mister Marlboro has long chosen as the desert area of ​​operation and traffic; equally fanatic smuggler, reconciling one and the other an equally elusive as is the character; somehow, Mokhtar Belmokhtar is a “von Ungern-Sternberg” jihadist individual to the edge of madness, able to unleash the bloodiest violence (beheading of Mauritanian soldiers Amenas) but also to be computer and sometimes sincere in its commitment to being power-hungry …
It was during these years that Mokhtar Belmokhtar earns its nickname “Mister Marlboro”, in reference to cigarette smuggling, but also weapons, 4×4, drugs, diamonds and migrants. Establish exactly who was the father of this nickname is difficult: services as Western Algerians who monitor, or smugglers and indigenous he works with information? And indeed, as part of its “trade” Mokhtar Belmokhtar crosses the region. He thus established close ties with the people, especially those new caravan routes ultimately little more different than those of yesteryear (4×4 have just replaced camels) feed the local economy undermined by droughts and absence of specific national development programs.
To sign the more “tacit agreement” between him and the local communities, Mokhtar Belmokhar following the initiative of one of his lieutenants, Ibrahim Ebi Isagh, Ghreigha his nom de guerre. He marries the daughters of local leaders and encourages men to imitate. Therefore, the Algerians are no longer perceived as strangers, but as members of the family.Marriages (four Mokhtar Belmokhtar) and what they represent in terms of tradition and weld each other, with all the advantages inherent to face the harshness of the Sahara, but more importantly, the various enemies. They also facilitate the smooth running of traffic that men manage Mokhtar Belmokhtar.
Mokhtar Belmokhtar also appears in contact with some Sahrawi Polisario Front (Frente Popular de Liberacion Saguia el-Hamra y Rio de Oro / Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Rio de Oro, which claims the independence of former Spanish Sahara, now Western Sahara, Moroccan territory). Besides being a source of regular income, traffic channels are much more cost parallel diplomacy, which involves a wide range of individuals (including members of the security forces), under which it appears be on good terms with everyone. In Mali, including Mokhtar Belmokhtar will soon benefit from a relative impunity.
Rivalries: Abderrazak El Para Abu Zeid
If aboriginal accept or appreciate it for the money injected into the local economy and its respect lifestyles, there is always something rotten in the Sahel emirate GSPC. Abderrazak El Para embarks on an escalation of actions, more or less improvised: in January 2003, he organized an ambush in Batna against an Algerian unit, killing 43 paratroopers.Between February and March, he “picked” several groups of foreign tourists, for a total of thirty-two. Mediates the operation considerably. However, behind the facade of a series of rapid and bold action lies … nothing. Abderrazak do not really know what to do with hostages, as it lacks the means to ensure that their supplies to keep an eye on; Algerian army release 17 May 13, 2003, the others will be released August 18, 2003 after payment of a ransom.
Anyway, even if the management of the hostages is not a great success, Abderrazak El Para is now known worldwide.At the same time, it strives to provide quantity of arms and ammunition to the direction of the organization. The issue is seen as more effective than Mokhtar Belmokhtar, dominate in everything and take center stage.
In Algeria, the situation does not turn either to the benefit of Mister Marlboro between July and August 2003, Nabil Sahraoui “replaces” Hassan Hattab head of GSPC. In reality, it forced him to resign, to the great satisfaction of Abderrazak El Para and his lieutenant, Abu Zeid. Reproaches accumulate against Mokhtar Belmokhtar, no longer protects Hassan Hattab isolated and reduced to sending communications on behalf of a GSPC it no longer runs. Many accuse him of paying more attention to his business as the cause, away, away from Algeria, where security forces are severe blows to militants. The undermining of Abderrazak El Para bear fruit, insulation gradually Mokhtar Belmokhtar kernel GSPC.
However, Mokhtar Belmokhtar makes moves: he vilifies his opponent for not shared equitably weapons captured during the ambush of Batna. Determined to have a territory at least as wide and rich (at least in terms of potential traffic) than Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Abderrazak El Para extends more his grip on the Niger and Chad. But impulsive where Mokhtar Belmokhtar shows thoughtful, he sees too large, with limited resources, especially since it does not have a native support for image Mister Marlboro. The Nigerian security forces and Chadian frequently hang its elements – more than Mokhtar Belmokhtar – until the day when the Chadians capture. Probably against reward, they secretly engaged to Libya, which transfers to Algeria! It is easy to guess the feeling of Mokhtar Belmokhtar learning neutralizing rival!
Tensions between Mokhtar Belmokhtar and the emir of the GSPC
In July 2004, the GSPC suffered another setback when the Algerian security forces slaughter Nabil Sahraoui in an ambush. Abdelmalek Droukdel minion Nabil Sahraoui, succeeded him. Internal controversy about Mokhtar Belmokhtar therefore not weaken. On the contrary, the refusal to recognize Mokhtar Belmokhtar Droukdel as head of the GSPC stirs!
The June 4, 2005 Mokhtar Belmokhtar loses his lieutenant, Ghreigha during the attack position Mauritanian Lemgheiti.“Afghan” Ghreigha has been “gray eminence” Mokhtar Belmokhtar immersive in its diplomacy with local communities.Both men were longtime friends and Mokhtar Belmokhtar was probably affected his death. According Mokhtar Belmokhtar, this attack named “Operation Badr Ghazouate” warning takes place in the Sahel, while the Americans fix their attention on the region, the one and the other conducting joint exercises (Flintlock 2005 and every other “Flintlock”to follow).
The same year, chooses Droukdel Abdelkader Benmessaoud (alias Abu Musab Daoud) – Mokhtar Belmokhtar friend – to oversee the 9th Zone! Given the antagonism between Droukdel and Mokhtar Belmokhtar this promotion Benmessaoud it comes to ease tensions between them (a kind of gesture of goodwill) or on the contrary, is it to isolate Mokhtar Belmokhtar in “corrupting “a friend of the latter? The decision to Abdelmalek Droukdel notes probably both: neither truly favorable or unfavorable to man totally cigarettes GSPC.
Reporting MBM?
Anyway, if it comes, apparently, to create a less poisonous atmosphere, Mokhtar Belmokhtar is not fooled. There also adds a certain weariness. Between 2006 and 2007, Mokhtar Belmokhtar and have accepted a truce with the Algerian and Malian authorities. The same year, begins the rumor that he is preparing to go to the Algerian authorities. It would then fled in the Tindouf area, a stronghold of the Frente. Fearing for his life, he would have benefited from an Algerian protection activists POLISARIO interposed against the GSPC … Also in 2007, he would have condemned the car bomb attack on April 11 in Algiers.
At the same time, Benmessaoud rejects allegiance to al-Qaida and alignment with al-Zarqawi Abu Musab guidelines decided by Droukdel without consultation. Probably influenced by the prospect of Mokhtar Belmokhtar abandon, too, the fight, he engages the Algerian authorities in July 2007 and had been replaced by Yahya Djouadi at the head of the emirate of Sahara-Sahel. As for the GSPC, it now goes by the name of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).
Thereafter, Mokhtar Belmokhtar assert himself that he never intended to go. Was it then a manipulation of Algerian security forces enjoying a difficult period for the GSPC / AQIM (Death of Sahraoui and difficult succession Droukdel disputed arrest Abderrazak El Para, surrender Abdelkader Benmessaoud. ..)? Or, Mokhtar Belmokhtar wants it then send a message to the leaders of the organization – a bluff, in fact – if the idea of eliminating does not go off in the minds of some (that of Droukdel in particular), then it is likely to affect the GSPC / AQIM, or even put at risk. Supporters before it could be defected in turn. In addition, he knows many secrets about the GSPC / AQIM and its leading members … On top finance its traffic movement while facilitating the supply of arms and ammunition.
Hypothesis to hold, therefore, especially as this implicit threat of reporting MBM implies an alternative: give autonomy to MBM. Alternative Benmessaoud which is to the messenger, indicating the Algerian security services that Le Borgne absolutely no plans to engage in the Algerian Justice, but he wants to retire in Mali … In his testimony reveals Benmessaoud Mokhtar Belmokhtar also love the desert.
In fact, this is the option chosen Droukdel if Mokhtar Belmokhtar does not recover its emir of the Sahara-Sahel Zone function, it now has a quasi independence, with a wide range of operations in the Sahel . Mokhtar Belmokhtar then hastens to show who is “the boss” in the region: its katiba is probably responsible for the kidnapping of eleven Mauritanian soldiers and a civilian auxiliary, September 14, 2008, on the border with Morocco. They are found decapitated, a week later. Way to indicate to the desert bandits and enemies, cheap and under the pretext of jihad, he can use violence. Vengeance, also, to pay Mauritanians death of his friend Ghreigha two years ago.
Opportunistic smuggler or jihadist wheeler?
Mokhtar Belmokhtar also sponsors a number of kidnappings of foreigners in northern Mali. The ransoms worth it to significantly increase the wealth of AQIM. In addition to the kidnappings, it increases its participation in the trades that exist in its area of ​​influence. In this respect, the safety of the drug that comes from South America via Nigeria is a lucrative activity. This does not prevent him from declaring a Muslim media in late 2011: “The trafficking or selling drugs, even infidels earth is prohibited in the laws of Allah, and it is clear and indisputable” .
In another interview at the beginning of 2012, this time it evokes beheadings Mauritanian soldiers and admits that this is error for which Droukdel is also intervened: “As for the fact that some soldiers are killed in this way, it is something that we have not accepted when we were informed. We consider that this is a mistake as there was in all the wars and instructions were given by my brother the emir of Abu Musab Abdelwadoud organization (Droukdel) more repeat such acts 1 . “ In the same exchange, he finally denies being involved in drug trafficking, echoing what he explained in late 2011.
Very cleverly, Mokhtar Belmokhtar avoids confrontation with the Malian security forces. It also uses methods that are proven for thousands of years: corruption, bribes and more subtle than brutal (decapitation Mauritanian soldiers, executed or not by the men of his katiba, is an “example” that encourages threats not to challenge). Thus he created over the years, a climate conducive to the cohabitation between his group and Malian forces. It transforms the Mali into a sanctuary where local authorities do not care where indigenous and bring him a crucial logistical support. Therefore, it can easily ensure the protection of convoys to illegal shipments transiting its area, sources of regular income, and hold hostages, including “trade” provides a significant financial side.
Malian crisis
In March 2012, Le Borgne password eighteen days in Libya, probably to take contact with local Islamists and possibly to recruit men. Obviously, he buys weapons in an area that does not already missing, which now add stocks Gaddafi.Observers also reported its frequent presence in Gao, where he often sees Oumar Ould Hamaha a whimsical leaders MUJAO. On site, it seems rally to his cause Mohamed Lamine Becheneb, alias Taher, his “VRP” to traffic with Libya which is also leader of the Movement of the Sons of the Sahara to the Islamic Justice (MSJI).
Beginning in April 2012, Mister Marlboro meeting other Islamic leaders and imams of the city, Timbuktu. On May 24, a new meeting is held. Through Nabil Makhloufi, new head of the Sahara-Sahel zone AQIM, but mostly outfall Abdelmalek Droukdel, all agree to operate together, with a distribution of spheres of influence between Algerian leaders katibas of AQIM, the Mauritanian MUJAO, and nomadic (mostly Tuareg) Ansar Eddine.
End of June 2012, information MNLA give to the death of an RPG-7 rocket, fired by an officer of the Tuareg movement had reached its 4×4. However, on July 7 it belies the rumor speaking in a statement. Meanwhile, he mediates between the elements of AQIM, the MUJAO and MNLA following clashes Gao who see the defeat of the MNLA. He strives with all his authority to calm the game Hypocritically Besides, since on the one hand, his men seem to have fought alongside those of MUJAO, and secondly, the MNLA not then have much political and military weight in the region. Act as a referee between communities is its image as a major player in the jihadist “camp” more than the true interests of the protagonist.
Significantly, Iyad Ag Ghaly, head of Ansar Din, yet likely to be close to Mokhtar Belmokhtar, especially because the two men stood side by side in negotiations for the release of hostages, seems to discuss with Abu Zeid preferably. Attitude which confirms that Mokhtar Belmokhtar is not as representative within the organization. Already tried in the past to disarm, Mokhtar Belmokhtar stands therefore more easily AQIM over months, approaching a first time MUJAO Oumar Ould Hamaha, including MBM married, some years ago, a niece.
Taken away with AQIM
December 2012; AK103 acquired in Libya side Mokhtar Belmokhtar Announces it is movement, Signatories by the Blood
Early December 2012, Borgne announcement in a video he took away with AQIM, and the creation of his own,Signatories blood, which some see as a simple change of name katiba he commanded before. With its two to three hundred men, he wants to contribute to the sustainability of sharia in northern Mali. He also stressed his intention to“respond to any military intervention in Mali.” When the video of the end of 2012, in fact, the break with AQIM is probably already consumed for several months, while he is in Libya . But if MBM wants to impose its “new” group, he must strike hard. Action magnitude, focusing the attention of the media, allow it to stand out from other terrorists in the region.
Hostage taking Amenas: indirect success Mokhtar Belmokhtar
This “big blow”, it occurs with the planning of the operation Abdel Rahim al-Mauritani, as it was named. The nature of the objective remains vague: just take hostages (including, perhaps, the CEO of British Petroleum) by attacking a bus connecting the gas site Amenas, Algeria, or, s ‘seize hostages and blow up the site? Anyway, the operation was launched January 16, 2013 at dawn. The next day, the Algerian security forces involved. Balance sheet thirty-eight hostages were killed, and most of the terrorists, who commanded Bencheneb which, it seems, the commando.
For the jihadists, it is at first a failure: three or four frames near MBM killed, not one hostage was taken to Mali (and in fact, neither a human shield or ransom) … Yet this failure turns in stride near-success, thanks to the media: Most observers and journalists are not within the relative poverty of the planning of the operation, or the inability of terrorists achieve their objective (s) (s), more through lack of preparation on their side as absolute efficiency of Algerian security forces (I explain here: http://conops-mil.blogspot.fr/2013/01/terrorisme-in-amenas- operation-so-bien.html ). On the contrary, the action is described as “carefully planned operation” …
Moreover, despite the losses, Mokhtar Belmokhtar won several indirect success: first, always through the media, it can easily spread his speech to stir up trouble on the responsibility for the death of the hostages (if, on the form, some Algerian options are questionable on the merits, the intervention of the security forces was the only right decision). In addition, it offers a “media facelift” erasing his image as a drug dealer, weapons and cigarettes to become a formidable jihadist defender of Sharia … Ambition must not only calculation: despite what he criticize his rivals, MBM seems truly pious and capable of fanaticism.
January 20, Nouakchott Information Agency, which has already served as a relay for terrorists throughout the crisis, receives a press Mokhtar Belmokhtar, in which he accuses Algiers for taking decisions “led to the elimination hostages. “The next day, the voice of the spokesman of the Signatories by Blood, Hacen Khalil Ould aka Joulaybib, MBM threatens threatens France and the countries involved in the operation to reclaim the north Mali: “I hope the France realizes that there will be tens of Khaled Mohammed Merah and Kelkal. The attack Amenas is only the beginning. “
What ambitions?
Mokhtar Belmokhtar appears clearly enemy of all those who came running in northern Mali to dislodge Islamists and put an end to Sharia. His approach is probably part of a religious logic underestimate the fanaticism of the individual will perceive as a mere bandit would be a mistake. On several occasions, MBM has demonstrated its fighting fervor in Afghanistan, Mauritania with decapitation Malian prisoners … With an operation like Amenas, it becomes the de facto figurehead for jihadists in the region, and thus to Somehow their chief holy war.
However, Belmokhtar is also a bandit. The rule that gives it Amenas, assures power reconstitute as “big boss” smuggling networks that made his fortune. At one time or another, especially under the weight of public opinion, France will reduce the volume of its device. African forces remain more or less vulnerable to corruption or coercion, which does not represent the same obstacle to its “commercial activities”. These may be resumed at the expense of Mali …
Unless MBM should be killed or captured before it: many people who now want his skin, including his own camp. To maintain maintenance icts position, because it must rallies, or at least, comparisons with other armed groups, use the jihadist rhetoric enjoying media notoriety, hit enemies while Avoiding setbacks in order not to arouse Doubts on the hand of His Men … and survive .
1 Al-wisal, January 13, 2012 Lawrence Touchard

AQIM: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Khaled Abu al-Abbas (or, Laouar /

Borgne) the trafficker

03/10/2012 11:05 By L. Touchard, B. Ahmed, Ch Ouazani
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, leader of one of two main katibas Mali.
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, leader of one of two main katibas Mali. © DR

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Algerian, 40, is the head of one of the two main katibas Mali.

Mokhtar Belmokhtar , or history of Hajj went wrong. Teen, young leaves his Mokhtar Algeriahome in 1990 to travel to Saudi Arabia, where he performed the minor pilgrimage. There are then only 18 years old. Fascinated by the struggles of the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviet occupation, he decided to also lead the jihad.Accompanied by three friends, he flew to Afghanistan a year later.

There, he joined the fundamentalist Hezb-e-Islami led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Belmokhtar built his legend. The fanatic aspiring to have met Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (who became the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq): impossible to verify. He lost his eye in fighting against the Soviets: the latest Russian tanks left the mountains of Afghanistan in February 1989, so it is more likely an injury during training. Anyway, Belmokhtar dream to return home. Hezb-e-Islami has enlisted many foreign fighters and enjoys strong complicity in Pakistan. Algeria called upon Islamabad to intervene. This was done in April 1993 when the Pakistani police arrested and deported several hundred people. But the young jihadist is gone.

“Le Borgne”

Back home, in late 1992, it enjoys relative autonomy, set up a stamped katiba Armed Islamic Group (GIA), which quickly radiates beyond Algerian borders in the Sahara. In 1998, he joined the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC). It was during these years that “Borgne” wins its other nickname, Mister Marlboro, with reference to cigarette smuggling, arms, 4×4, drugs, diamonds and migrants … he established. Difficult to establish who was the father of this nickname intelligence services or Aboriginal he works with … Anyway, its juicy traffic allow her to travel throughout the region to build a war chest and develop special relationships with people – including traditional leaders and some members of the security forces – along the caravan routes.

But the businessman has not only supporters within the GSPC, especially after the fall of Hassan Hattab, in August 2003 It arouses jealousy -. Rivalries with Abderrazak El Para are at their peak – and the controversy over its causes attachment to religious values. Its parade: root and hide in the Malian desert, moving constantly with his katiba, avoid confrontations with the army, marry girls local leaders … and distribute the money to buy the silence of some, the complicity of others. So he turns northern Mali into a sanctuary where he can easily protect convoys, and where he can be free from the control of Droukdel. It can also act as “boss intractable.” This is probably his katiba who is responsible for the kidnapping and execution of 11 Mauritanian soldiers in September 2008. “We believe this is an error and instructions were given by my brother, Emir Abu Musab Abdelwadoud [Emir Droukdel, Ed], never to repeat such acts, “he said in January.


At the same time, the outbreak of the Tuareg rebellion forced him to position. In March 2012, he spent three weeks in Libya, in particular, buy weapons. In April and May 2012, he met at least twice in Timbuktu, the leaders of Ansar Dine movement and those of the Movement for the uniqueness and jihad in West Africa (Mujao). He already knows Iyad Ag Ghali likely to have probably rubbed in negotiations for the release of hostages. Hamada Ould Mohamed Kheirou is a former comrade in AQIM. All are assigned roles and areas of influence.

In desert fox, Mokhtar Belmokhtar known to be essential, or at least ignored. Does this mean recoverable? The sincerity of his jihadist commitment is questionable, some experts believe so. Not sure that Algeria – where he was sentenced to death in absentia – and Mauritania are of this opinion. The other possibility would be to disconnect the AQIM, against serious guarantees. Leaves to neutralize once the crisis is resolved …


Laurent Touchard Baba Ahmed (Bamako), Cherif Ouazani




What is the story of the Egyptian army in the free zone near the Libyan city of Derna Salloum Egyptian border?!
After that overlapped information and media statements and speculation about the so-called Army of Egypt free in Libya .. Where is the truth?!
Military experts say Egyptians, they’re just terrorist groups scattered inside the camps small in the desert of Libya’s eastern and southern regions, and that these groups if formed as they claim army bears the name of Egypt, the one battalion of the Egyptian army is able to wipe them out easily inside Libya before thinking to penetrate the Egyptian border Bank in the words of Major General Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim, and all the talk about free Egypt Army, or the Army stationed Mauritanian terrorist Balmokhtar Mokhtar, who dreamed of establishing the Army of Islam free, just terrorist organizations linked to al-Qaeda, the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

In explaining the truth of the matter, says the political and militant al-Libi, Hassan Salahuddin Tata Naki, the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in collaboration with Al-Qaeda, Deshna Egyptian army free in Libya, funded by Qatar and Turkey, and established this army military parade in the field of companions city of Derna Libya, participated Ismail Sallabi, leader of al-Qaeda, in the parade and raise the black flag, and the aim of the military alleged to target military zone Egyptian Bank, and the destruction of units Egypt fighting in the city of Marsa Matrouh, and probably extends to destroy it to other areas in Egypt, such as Cairo International Airport, and El Nozha Airport, and other Alohdf of antibiotics, and this attracts the Egyptian army a number of free Africans, and pay them money as mercenaries, and this is a response to the decision of the former Egyptian Defense Minister Field Marshal Sisi formation of rapid reaction forces ..
Monitor suspicious movements:
Sources sovereign’s “Arabs Today” that the organs of the National Security Intelligence, and Military Intelligence Service monitored the efforts and movements, al-Qaeda, the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to form the Egyptian army free in Libya, for the implementation of the scheme spread chaos in Egypt by targeting public places, and the storming of the prison, and carry out assassinations of public figures and political, and the top of the list, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi before the end of the presidential elections!! The sources said the sovereign,


I’ve already spotted the Egyptian intelligence service, the beginning of the idea of ​​the formation of the Egyptian army free in the month of November last year, after a breakthrough meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul on November 2, 2013 under the title “How to legitimacy in Egypt”, including representatives of the Turkish intelligence and country and American, German, British, in the presence of the leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the well-known businessman Malik Hasan, a representative of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, and released by the conference recommendations, including, exercise economic pressure on Egypt – and the formation of the Egyptian army free style free army in Syria, despite his failure, and the idea was put forward Malik Hasan, pointing at the meeting, that the international organization of theMuslim’ Brotherhood and in agreement with Al-Qaeda and a number of Salafi groups, seeking to form an army, and identify sources of funding and arming, and that the leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood fugitive currently in Gaza, Mahmoud Ezzat, will be the spiritual leader of the Egyptian army free, which is communicates with Ayman al-Zawahiri to plan the formation of the army, and that takes Qaeda leader providing elements of the army of jihadists and coaches to be the nucleus of the FSA, at the end of the Istanbul meeting met with representatives of the desirability of the idea intelligence agencies and approved!!


Coordinate intelligence:
The sources said the sovereign responsible, that called Abu Ubaidah al-Libi, Chairman of the Chamber Libya rebels is currently act as the link between the groups, the so-called Egyptian army free and foreign intelligence agencies, to obtain information on Egypt and the movements of the Egyptian army at the border, and on the basis of this information has been division of terrorist groups or free army to 3 camps in the areas of: Fattatih, and the Gulf of papyrus, and the desert of Zamzam, and the trained leaders of terrorist al-Qaeda, among them according to what has been detected, the terrorist Sharif Alrezvani, Abdul Baset Azzouz adviser Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Nasser Alhouca, whereas Heavy weapons are shipped to the camps, funded by Turkish diagonal, which is the largest share of funding, along with funding from the International Organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the weapons were found in the stores of the Libyan army, which was seized after the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!!
In response to a question about the overlap of information so far, about the reality of what is called the Egyptian army free in Libya, said a senior security official:


The security services sovereign of the General Intelligence and Military Intelligence, has spotted already the movements of the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in collaboration with Al-Qaeda, for the formation of this army , a mere attempts, but in fact the image of terrorist movements within Libya, under the circumstances of the current security deteriorating, and experienced by the brotherly Libyan people, is the movement of a number of elements of the organizations and terrorist groups,


and Titles “Shaw Media” using the name of Egypt in order to draw attention , as happened in Syria and Iraq under the name of the FSA, or the Islamic Army, but all of what is going on Libyan territory under the follow-up and monitoring of our security sovereign, not the monitoring and follow-up only, and even prosecution, too, because our national security will not stay in the case of anticipation and defense within our borders , but in the case of calls for pre-emptive attack, and perhaps hit one of the most important dens of Ansar al-Sunna in Benghazi, just a message to those terrorist groups ..


He said the security official: There is no army free as they claim, but there are terrorist groups belong to the base and the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, financed and armed and trained , but to be told that there is an army freely, the matter does not come from the mere statements of its goals, if there is such a free army is destroyed and crushed inside Libya, is affordable for our armed forces that monitor our borders and defend, and have the right to defend, intervene outside our borders also

If there are dangers threaten us, and will not wait, of course, has happened like this in the era of the late President Anwar Sadat in the late seventies, when he stepped in our forces in the movement of “discipline” and deter a quick response to al-Qathafi’s comments, but there are in Libya now terrorist groups have been formed by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and supporting al Qaeda, and these terrorist groups of mercenaries and extremist groups and call them Salafists, and they seem to think they are “nucleus” of so-called Army of Egypt’s free, and this is not true on the ground, we face a terrorist war of organizations and international terrorist groups, the groups are central of the Brotherhood, from which the groups are not centralized trying to spread chaos and terror inside the Egyptian street, has been assigned “Nizar Kawan” by the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,


led by such groups inside Libya, the head of the Justice and the National Conference of the Libyan General, and is known for his inside circles Brotherhood as a penitential to the bone, and correlates Ikhwan Egypt have common interests, and had worked as a correspondent for Al-Jazeera inside Libya, as well as that of his father was a member of a ceremony private Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, was therefore “Nizar Kawan” a valuable catch for the organization of the International Brotherhood of proximity of the Libyan regime before and after the revolution!! The terrorist group the most dangerous is the “organization stationed” and founded the terrorist Mauritanian Mokhtar Balmokhtar known as the “one-eyed” after the transfer activity of the Sahara Desert in Mali to the east of Libya, drawing a thousand fighters of different nationalities, to form a so-called “Army stationed,”


and most of the members of the organization stationed from Mali and Algeria, and the “Balmokhtar” the formation of the Shura Council stationed from 6 leaders prior to al Qaeda presently in charge of the responsibility to coordinate with other groups, in the hope of forming the “Army Almrbtin” or Islamic Army free, and seeks to implement the instructions of the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to enter Egypt and implementation processes terrorist attacks against the army and police, and carry out bombings to derail the presidential election .. He said the security official: the movements of international terrorist, Mukhtar Balmokhtar, under the monitoring and follow-up, and since that Baiath terrorist groups that used to belong to al-Qaeda, the establishment of a new group of three organizations: They are a group Balmokhtar, The masked group, the Tawhid and Jihad group, joined in one group called “stationed” led by Mokhtar Balmokhtar, and the aim of establishing an Islamic Emirate stretching from Moretnania to Egypt, and the Sinai-based!!


He says Mansour al-Qawasmi, a leader of former Salafist and was a companion to him in Afghanistan that “Belmokhtar” came to Libya can not escape from the pursuits of security in Mali only, but because he believes that the project of the Islamic Emirate, which has long dreamed of, the time that we were together in Afghanistan, began show the features of the new conjunction with the control of armed militias in Libya, and the presence of elements loyal to him among Libya rebels, some of whom helped him to enter Libya,


and provided him and his arms and helped them to enter Egypt through the corridors they control, and succeeded Egyptian security services in the arrest of those cells in the Siwa Oasis, and the Sinai, and the desert of the Eastern Province and the other, a security operations was not announced until now for security reasons and to prosecute other elements crept into Egypt, and is assisted by Mokhtar Balmokhtar, Abu Hamza al-Libi, whose real name Mohammed Abdullah al-Miqdad, has already been for him to travel for jihad in Afghanistan, and returned with the Libyan revolution to lead a group of Amazigh!
Failed project:
Says the leadership of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, former senior, and Islamic thinker Dr. Kamal Helbawi:


The draft of the Egyptian army (is) free, whatever name it, a failed project of the foundation, Egypt is not Iraq, and Syria, and Somalia, and Libya, who lives a struggle not find it resolved by today , As for the destruction of and behind the project of the Egyptian army (is) free, it is expected for several reasons, including the arms of the many lethal controlled by extremists in Libya, and also of intolerance and hatred among extremists, including the feeding of Foreign Affairs of the conflict, and certainly behind them, NATO, America and the Zionist movement which is trying to implement Mkhtttha across dupes whatever their affiliations and beliefs!!

ما هي حكاية جيش مصر الحر في منطقة درنة الليبية قرب مدينة السلوم الحدودية المصرية ؟!
بعد أن تداخلت المعلومات والتكهنات والتصريحات الإعلامية حول ما يسمى بجيش مصر الحر في ليبيا.. أين الحقيقة ؟!
يقول خبراء عسكريون مصريون، انهم مجرد مجموعات إرهابية متفرقة داخل معسكرات صغيرة في صحراء ليبيا الشرقية والجنوبية، وأن هذه المجموعات لو شكّلت كما يزعمون جيشا يحمل اسم مصر، فإن كتيبة واحدة من الجيش المصري قادرة على تصفيتهم بسهولة داخل ليبيا قبل التفكير في اختراق الحدود المصرية الغربية ــ حسب تعبير اللواء محمود عبد الرحيم ــ وأن كل ما يقال عن جيش مصر الحر، أو جيش المرابطين للإرهابي الموريتاني مختار بالمختار، الذي يحلم بتأسيس جيش الإسلام الحر، مجرد تنظيمات إرهابية مرتبطة بتنظيم القاعدة، وبالتنظيم الدولي للإخوان.
وفي توضيحه لحقيقة الأمر، يقول السياسي والمناضل الليبي، حسن صلاح الدين طاطا ناكي، إن التنظيم الدولي للإخوان المسلمين بالتعاون مع تنظيم القاعدة، دشنا الجيش المصري الحر في ليبيا، تموله إيران وقطر وتركيا، وأقام هذا الجيش عرضا عسكريا في ميدان الصحابة بمدينة درنة الليبية، وشارك إسماعيل الصلابي، القيادي بتنظيم القاعدة، في العرض العسكري ورفع الراية السوداء، ويهدف هذا الجيش المزعوم إلى إستهداف المنطقة العسكرية المصرية الغربية، وتدمير وحدات مصر القتالية في مدينة مرسى مطروح، وربما يمتد تدميره لمناطق أخرى بمصر مثل مطار القاهرة الدولي، ومطار النزهة، وغيرها من الأهدف الحيوية، ويستقطب هذا الجيش المصري الحر عددا من الأفارقة، ويدفع لهم الأموال كمرتزقة، وهذا رد على قرار وزير الدفاع المصري السابق المشير السيسي بتشكيل قوات التدخل السريع..
رصد التحركات المشبوهة
وكشفت مصادر سيادية لـ “العرب اليوم” أن أجهزة الأمن القومي ــ المخابرات العامة ، والمخابرات الحربية ــ رصدت مساعي وتحركات، تنظيم القاعدة، والتنظيم الدولي لجماعة الإخوان، لتشكيل الجيش المصري الحر في ليبيا، لتنفيذ مخطط إشاعة الفوضى في مصر من خلال إستهداف أماكن عامة، واقتحام السجون، وتنفيذ اغتيالات لشخصيات عامة وسياسية، وعلى رأس القائمة المشير عبد الفتاح السيسي قبل أن تنتهي الإنتخابات الرئاسية !! وقالت المصادر السيادية، لقد سبق أن رصدت المخابرات العامة المصرية، بداية فكرة تشكيل الجيش المصري الحر في شهر نوفمبر / تشرين الثاني الماضي، بعد اختراق اجتماع عقد في مدينة اسطنبول التركية يوم 2 نوفمبر2013 تحت عنوان كيفية إعادة الشرعية في مصر، وضم ممثلين للمخابرات التركية والقطرية والأمريكية والألمانية والبريطانية، بحضور القيادي الإخواني ورجل الأعمال المعروف حسن مالك، ممثلا عن التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، وصدر عن المؤتمر توصيات من بينها، ممارسة الضغوط الإقتصادية على مصر -، وتشكيل جيش مصر الحر على غرار الجيش الحر في سورية برغم فشله، وكانت الفكرة قد طرحها حسن مالك، موضحا في الإجتماع، أن التنظيم الدولي للإخوان وبالاتفاق مع تنظيم القاعدة وعدد من المجموعات الجهادية، يسعون لتشكيل هذا الجيش، وتحديد مصادر تمويله وتسليحه، وأن القيادي الإخواني الهارب حاليا في غزة، محمود عزت، سيكون هو القائد الروحي للجيش المصري الحر، الذي يتواصل مع أيمن الظواهري لوضع خطة تشكيل الجيش، وأن يتولى زعيم تنظيم القاعدة توفير عناصر الجيش من الجهاديين والمدربين ليكونوا نواة الجيش الحر، وفي نهاية اجتماع اسطنبول لاقت الفكرة استحسان ممثلى أجهزة المخابرات ووافقوا عليها !!
تنسيق مخابراتي
وقالت المصادر السيادية المسؤولة، ان المدعو أبو عبيدة الليبي، رئيس غرفة ثوار ليبيا هو من يقوم حاليا بدور حلقة الوصل بين مجموعات ما يسمى بــ الجيش المصري الحر وأجهزة المخابرات الأجنبية، للحصول على المعلومات الخاصة بمصر وتحركات الجيش المصري على الحدود، وبناء على هذه المعلومات تم تقسيم المجموعات الإرهابية أو الجيش الحر إلى 3 معسكرات في مناطق: الفتاتيح، وخليج البردي، وصحراء زمزم، ويقوم بتدريبها قيادات إرهابية بتنظيم القاعدة، ومن بينهم حسب ما تم رصده، الإرهابي شريف الرضواني، وعبد الباسط عزوز مستشار أيمن الظواهري، وناصر الحوشي، أما عن الإسلحة الثقيلة فيتم شحنها إلى تلك المعسكرات، بتمويل قطري تركي، وهي الحصة الأكبر من التمويل، إلى جانب تمويل من التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، وهي أسلحة كانت موجودة في مخازن الجيش الليبي والتي تم الإستيلاء عليها بعد سقوط نظام القذافي!!
وفي رده على التساؤل حول تداخل المعلومات حتى الآن، حول حقيقة ما يسمى بالجيش المصري الحر في ليبيا، قال مسؤول أمني كبير: إن الأجهزة الأمنية السيادية من المخابرات العامة والمخابرات الحربية، قد رصدت بالفعل تحركات التنظيم الدولي للإخوان بالتعاون مع تنظيم القاعدة، لتشكيل هذا الجيش، وهى مجرد محاولات، ولكن في حقيقة الأمر فإن صورة التحركات الإرهابية داخل ليبيا، وفي ظل ظروفها الأمنية الحالية المتدهورة، والتي يعاني منها الشعب الليبي الشقيق، هي تحركات عدد من عناصر التنظيمات والجماعات الإرهابية، والمسميات “شو إعلامي” باستخدام اسم مصر لكي يلفت الإنتباه، كما حدث في سورية والعراق تحت مسمى الجيش الحر، أو الجيش الإسلامي، ولكن كل ما يجرى على الأراضي الليبية تحت المتابعة والرصد من أجهزتنا الأمنية السيادية، وليس رصدا ومتابعة فقط، بل والملاحقة أيضا، لأن أمننا القومي لن يبقى في حالة الترقب والدفاع داخل حدودنا، بل في حالة تستدعي الهجوم الاستباقي، ولعل ضرب أحد أهم أوكار تنظيم أنصار السنة داخل بنغازي، مجرد رسالة لتلك المجموعات الإرهابية.. وأضاف المسؤول الأمني: ليس هناك جيش حر كما يدّعون، ولكن هناك مجموعات إرهابية تنتمي للقاعدة والتنظيم الدولي للإخوان، تمويلا وتسليحا وتدريبا، أما أن يقال ان هناك جيشا حرا، فالأمر لا يخرج عن مجرد تصريحات لها أهدافها، فإذا كان هناك مثل هذا الجيش الحر فإن تدميره وسحقه داخل ليبيا، أمر ميسور بالنسبة لقواتنا المسلحة التي ترصد حدودنا وتدافع عنها، ولها الحق أن تدافع وتتدخل خارج حدودنا أيضا، إذا كانت هناك مخاطر تهددنا، ولن ننتظر بالطبع، وقد حدث مثل هذا في عهد الرئيس الراحل أنور السادات في آواخر السبعينيات،حين تدخلت قواتنا في حركة “تأديب” وردع سريعة، ردا على تصريحات القذافي، ولكن هناك في ليبيا حاليا مجموعات إرهابية تم تشكيلها من قبل الإخوان وبدعم القاعدة، وهذه المجموعات الإرهابية من المرتزقة والتكفيريين ومن يطلقون عليهم جهاديين، وهم يتصورون أنهم “نواة” ما يسمى بجيش مصر الحر، وهذا غير صحيح على أرض الواقع، فنحن نواجه حربا إرهابية من تنظيمات وجماعات إرهابية دولية، وهي تعتبر المجموعات المركزية التابعة لتنظيم الإخوان، التي انبثقت عنها مجموعات لا مركزية تحاول إشاعة الفوضى والرعب داخل الشارع المصري، وتم تكليف “نزار كعوان” من قبل التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، بقيادة هذه المجموعات داخل ليبيا، وهو رئيس كتلة العدالة والبناء بالمؤتمر الوطني العام الليبي، ومعروف عنه داخل الأوساط الإخوانية بأنه تكفيري حتى النخاع، وتربطة بإخوان مصر مصالح مشتركة، وسبق له أن عمل مراسلا لقناة الجزيرة داخل ليبيا، فضلا عن أن أبيه كان أحد أفراد جهاز المراسم الخاص بالزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي، ولذلك كان “نزار كعوان” صيدا ثمينا بالنسبة للتنظيم الدولي للإخوان لقربه من النظام الليبي قبل الثورة وبعدها !! والمجموعة الإرهابية الأخطر هي “تنظيم المرابطين” وأسسها الإرهابي الموريتاني مختار بالمختار المعروف بـ “الأعور” بعد أن نقل نشاطه من الصحراء الكبرى في مالي إلى شرق ليبيا، مستعينا بألف مقاتل من جنسيات مختلفة، لتشكيل ما يطلق عليه “جيش المرابطين”، وأغلب أعضاء تنظيم المرابطين من مالي والجزائر، وقام “بالمختار” بتشكيل مجلس شورى المرابطين من 6 قيادات سابقة بتنظيم القاعدة يتولون حاليا مسؤولية التنسيق مع الجماعات الأخرى، على أمل تشكيل “جيش المربطين” أو الجيش الإسلامي الحر، ويسعى لتنفيذ تعليمات التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، بدخول مصر وتنفيذ عمليات إرهابية ضد الجيش والشرطة، وتنفيذ تفجيرات لإفشال الإنتخابات الرئاسية.. وأضاف المسؤول الأمني: تحركات الإرهابي الدولي، مختار بالمختار، تحت الرصد والمتابعة، ومنذ أن بايعته الجماعات الإرهابية التي كانت تتبع تنظيم القاعدة، على تأسيس جماعة جديدة تضم ثلاثة تنظيمات: وهم جماعة بالمختار، وجماعة الملثمين، وجماعة التوحيد والجهاد، إنضمت في جماعة واحدة أطلق عليها “المرابطون” بزعامة مختار بالمختار، وبهدف تأسيس إمارة إسلامية تمتد من موريتنانيا إلى مصر، ومقرها سيناء !! ويقول منصور القواسمي، القيادي الجهادي السابق ــ وكان رفيقا له في أفغانستان ــ إن “بلمختار” جاء إلى ليبيا ليس هربا من الملاحقات الأمنية في مالي فقط، ولكن لأنه يرى أن مشروع الإمارة الإسلامية التي طالما حلم به، وقت إن كنا سويا في أفغانستان، بدأت تظهر ملامحه من جديد بالتزامن مع سيطرة المليشيات المسلحة في ليبيا، ووجود عناصر موالية له بين صفوف ثوار ليبيا، وبعضهم ساعده في دخول ليبيا، ووفروا له ولمجموعته السلاح وساعدوهم في دخول مصر عبر الممرات التي يسيطرون عليها، ونجحت أجهزة الأمن المصرية في القبض على تلك الخلايا في واحة سيوة، وسيناء، وصحراء محافظة الشرقية وغيرها، وهي عمليات أمنية لم يعلن عنها حتى الآن لأسباب أمنية وملاحقة عناصر أخرى تسللت داخل مصر، ويعاون مختار بالمختار، أبو حمزة الليبي واسمه الحقيقي محمد عبدالله المقداد، وقد سبق له السفر للجهاد في أفغانستان، وعاد مع قيام الثورة الليبية ليقود مجموعة من الأمازيغ !
مشروع فاشل
يقول القيادي الإخواني البارز السابق، والمفكر الإسلامي الدكتور كمال الهلباوي: إن مشروع الجيش المصري (غير) الحر، مهما كانت تسميته، مشروع فاشل من أساسه، فمصر غير العراق، وغير سورية، وغير الصومال، وغير ليبيا التي تعيش صراعا لا يجد من يحسمه اليوم، أما عن الدمار من وراء مشروع الجيش المصري (غير) الحر، فهو متوقع لعدة أسباب، منها الأسلحة الكثيرة الفتاكة التي يسيطر عليها المتطرفون في ليبيا، ومنها أيضا التعصب والكراهية لدى المتطرفين، ومنها التغذية الخارجية للصراع، وبالتأكيد يقف وراءها، الناتو وأمريكا والحركة الصهيونية التي تحاول تنفيذ مخططتها عبر المغفلين أيا كانت انتماءاتهم ومعتقداتهم!!



Tunisian Foreign Minister Manji Hamidi confirms that the government is studying the possibility to conclude

an agreement with Libya for the exchange of prisoners, in order to increase the chances of the release
of the kidnapped secretary.
captive Nutria:
Under the Great Jamahiriya, prisons were closing, and all wildlife thrived—even the Nutria:



Alert against the use of baby milk type for future French crown made by Algeria

containing the germs of serious health workers according to the statement.
We hope publication and dissemination of alarm protection for all.







Abraham Zelthom” fighters a “battalion of immigrants,” a Libyan killed by the Syrian army Brive Latakia 






Resistance reveals “WE ARE HERE” to Liberate Tripoli

Mu pen in hand

Statement early hours of this morning blessed. From the western region 01/09/2014


بيان المنطقة الغربية 09-01-2014

The Green Army is here now

Been released about the artist Joseph Ghiryani “Qezkizh”.

He is now among his family and friends



Word now Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armed terrorist groups coming from the east are now attacking the prison “Alhiah” (Police Academy) aimed at assassinating militant Abdullah Sanusi .. In a time when other groups protest in front of the headquarters of the Conference (Al-RIXOS)) to bring attention and blocked the road in front of the college now …
# (Born Leader)

A medical source that after the deterioration of the health status of Abdullah Senoussi, head of Libyan intelligence in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, where he entered a room care by two hours from now, and is now in good health and not the health of the news of his death and he is alive, where quoted some pages of social networking that he had died as a result of cancer and the Nude for health altogether this he said ….

The spokesman stressed the official Libyan Foundation for reform and rehabilitation
Prison plateau, Mr. “Atman Alqlala,” that the news of the death
Abdullah Sanusi shame about the health and the incorrect phrase and detailed
And said “Alqlala” in a statement that called Sanusi
Fine and in good health.

Senussi at his desk
{Director okay} did not type the two articles in a single day in the past, but the life of director requires writing and flare-ups in us feelings of sadness and joy, director Abdullah Senoussi’s okay man, described by his enemies in the West, the seed of the crown of security was able to eliminate the fiercest diseases in the world and will not be defeated in solitary injustice, The man making your safety and security, and his life was full of difficulties and carry for Libya everything and eventually sold it sneaks money to customers who they came to destroy the nation and its destruction, God with the Director no doubt in this and his God no one can oppress and What we’re saying today joke people well on the what he was doing Director in establishing security best proof of that ached transfer you that God loves his creation of the granulated first disallowed.


Back broadcast channel green again,,,,, thanks to God, and steadfast victorious, God willing,
# (Born Leader)

Green News Channel

Mnicolmn Pen Commander:
Khoi in saws just met her in the four streets Mlouhanhm pleasures specifically Aldrebe
This publication:
To our brothers and our people within our land beloved to me from now works with the militias, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, who wreaked havoc, you leave your weapons and commitment to your home and do not stand a row of our enemies and the enemies of our country, the date of Libya’s liberation is near .. In the past we used to say we were coming, and now we say we are in our land and are unhappy with what is happening in our country and we pledge to edit Libya will not Ntkhadl Nrahm will not stop us from our weapons and gear and men of what we can knead and we are sure of victory, but we see our eye Ba.
# (Born Leader)

Farhat Bin Guidara Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the former says:
1 – Libya has become under the control of an international mafia.
2 – The amount of two hundred and ninety-four billion six hundred million dollars and this amount was frozen before the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, which made it impossible for anyone of the Great Jamahiriya to withdraw any monetary value at all of it.
Months after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya, all of this money disappeared (in the amount of ninety billion and eight hundred million dollars under mysterious circumstances) which could not justify how the exchange or withdrawal took place, despite the fact that It disappeared totally before lifting the freeze.
3 – the disappearance of billions of dollars of Libyan assets by the Mafia ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ruling power which now runs Libya …
4 – and Libya on the verge of bankruptcy and has become a scary place of greed and all the nations of the world will witness unprecedented bankruptcy case …
5- Turkey and Qatar (hungry to take over Libya), have forecast of what is to come and collect the debt from Libya last month, Libya collapsing rapidly} Technically Qatar and Turkey OWN LIBYA……

(Gateway Libya)

Libya Telecom & Technology:
We would like to inform you that the type of WiMax internet service will be interrupted tomorrow, Thursday, 09 January 2014, and in order to improve the performance of the network and linked to the project NGBN, and will begin the process of improvement and the transfer of the service from 7:00 – 9:00, and the expected time for the completion of this task about one hour, and this interruption will affect the following cities:
(Street corner – Zone Tower of Tripoli – Gharyan – Terhana – five – Ghadames – Misrata – Ras Lanuf – Hun – Alfornaj – Friday Market – Tajura – Zlitin – Bani Walid – Sirte – Ubari – Brega – Ajdabiya – area Libyana Abusth).
Libyan Telephone Company announces stops and interruptions to telephone networks of orbit and Libyana for the towns of Bani Walid and Tarhaounah and part of the road to the airport and area Sawani.
(The news agency of the mountain
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
The Washington Post:
U.S. authorities intend the inclusion of Ansar al-Sharia in Derna and Benghazi and Tunisia on the black list of terrorist organizations. The newspaper pointed out that the branches of the group based in Derna and Benghazi. It quoted officials Amadtalaaan say that the procedure in question would apply to the Libyans: Ben Qmo, and Ahmad Abu Khtalh. According to the newspaper this action will lead to pressure on the group, cutting support for its activities through the freezing of funds, and funds of its leaders, and to prevent U.S. citizens and companies from dealing with them. According to the information sought to arrest America “Abu Khtalh” in the city of Benghazi, but “they abandoned it for fear that it raises unrest and destabilize the Libyan government”…
وهذا هو الكثير من هوكي، كما معروفة هذه الجماعات “الإرهابية” للعمل، ويدفعها، “حكومة الولايات المتحدة”
(THIS IS A LOT OF BULL, as these “terrorist” groups are known to work for, and be PAID by, the U.S. GOVERNMENT.)


Dozens of the elements of national power to resolve the dispute of the Libyan army gathered Thursday
in front of the headquarters of the National Congress to demand their salaries regardless.
Issued Associates of border guards and vital goals Thursday
Deprecation statement, expressing their rejection of the decision to retire from leadership
The national army, as demanded in their statement to them to extend the work and tasks
Chief of Staff of the border guards and vital goals until the current
The establishment of security and the issuance of the Constitution.
Ministry of Oil and Gas announces that the quantities of oil produced for Day January 6, 2014 amounted to 532 982 thousand barrels
Oil price exceeds daily production is beat them (532.982) briefs (49034344 dollars) {and this amount daily briefs} and then beat them in 365 Days brief amount sold in the year (U.S. )
Total production of crude oil during the day Tuesday, 07.01.2014 and amount of (546.108) a barrel, Image and this gradual increase comes after the resumption of production from the field is the spark of the company’s operations Acacus oil after comments by the sit-ins.
And tells you Haasir deficit in salaries!!!!




Please publication and dissemination of our sources are reliable in the Supreme Security Committee Almqji that rat Almqml will Rat Hashim humans taking out the group with pictures of the leader and raise green flags in Tripoli tomorrow and in the process of base to catch a free and honorable after joining them .. it warn both the Liberals and the silks inside Tripoli and beyond not taken it off and caution .. And God is my witness ….

يرجى النشر والتعميم من مصادرنا الموثوقة في اللجنة الآمنية العليا المقملين أن الجرذ المقمل سيقوم الجرذ هاشم بشر بأخراج مجموعة تحمل صور القائد ورفع الآعلام الخضراء داخل طرابلس غدا وذلك في عملية حقيرة للقبض على الآحرار والشرفاء بعد الآنضمام اليهم ..عليه نحذر كل الآحرار والحرائر داخل طرابلس وخارجها بعدم الخروج وأخد الحذر .. والله على ما أقول شهيد….
I hope all the free believer in our cause to be published Hedda Althder.
To all students in all colleges in Tripoli and its suburbs discernible caution and steep because Tndeim rule lurks in you and I hope security men fully on track to repel any surprise attack of obscurantists supporters of al-Qaida today has Tsfit 3 guard, the university has been Alator Ali Aljtaat thrown inside campus.

Moved from:
“Libyan directly
Please fellow citizens of all travelers from Tripoli toward the Corner
Discernible caution after Gate 27. And those who can delay his departure for the morning best, especially families. Because of tension in the region.

We ask God for the safety of all.

# (Born Leader)

Operations room Mermaid:
Was closing the coastal road janzour. 

Janzour Media Center Media Center Janzour
Urgent now:
Janzour now closed the coastal road to protest the killing of youth janzour today at the hands of an armed gang.
Image Lock Street shops in 2000 following the murder and robbery.
National strength animated receive the task of securing the coastal road Janzour – Corner. 

Back to normal movement coastal road janzour closing night yesterday by some of the population against
the backdrop of the killing of two of the region’s youth at the hands of an armed group tried to steal
a car traveling in Kano.
(Gateway Libya)

on the PLATEAU:

Word now Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armed terrorist groups coming from the east are now attacking the prison

“Alhiah (Police Academy)”  aimed at assassinating militant Abdullah Sanusi .. In a time when other groups protest

in front of the headquarters of the Conference (Al-RIXOS) to bring attention and blocked the road in front of the college now …
# (Born Leader)

Mu will re-establish Tripoli soon for the people

Investigations earthquake:
Hotel Aaron Dahra Tripoli Street where officers met YESTERDAY from Qatar, Jordan, where some ministers in the government Jardan witnessing hotel hall meetings are confidential.
#( Born Leader)


Tripoli Medical Center
Lock department ambulance has been in Tripoli Medical Centre yesterday due to
beating Dr. alternate in section by an armed group, and his condition is very bad
and was transferred for treatment outside Libya.



U.of Tripoli renewed
Shortly before: the University of Tripoli, unidentified gunmen aboard two cars
(Samsung and Nissan Matmtin and without plates), they kidnap citizen.
Mohammed Emhemed Akecot … And his cousin .. Izz al-Din Mansour Akecot lost from last Monday.
They are residents of the plateau Badri Quraish .. ..
Near the back door of the University of Tripoli, on the one hand the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
and Muhammad taught Akecot driving a black Hummer Aarba reagents Lighting from the top,
and it was the last contact with the Izz al-Din 12 pm on Monday and was in time to call is in the plateau region.
“Atmosphere of the country”
The head of the Federation of Students at the University of Tripoli languages ​​”boycotted” the USTA Musab .
The study resumed on Thursday after the closure of the university on Wednesday, following a sit-university guards against the backdrop of the kidnapping of the two of them on Tuesday night because of their refusal to enter a student of the Faculty of Economics frequent car windshields tinted windows.
Sit-in today to students at the University of Tripoli because of the delayed onset of the grant for 10 months,
11, 12 and the presidency of the university says it will hit the grant for only two months because of a budget deficit.
Close has been boycotted by the University of Tripoli and the postponement of exams and will remain closed until
further notice, following the abduction of two university security on three o’clock at night!
(Student Media Center)
Dental students in Tripoli are organizing a protest in the university
“Atmosphere of the country “..
Dozens of students from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Tripoli, and a protest in front of the college on Thursday morning after more than two weeks Iglagahm College to protest what they called the dispute arising between the presidency of the university and faculty members, which ultimately affects the interest of the students as saying.
He told one of the organizers of the vigil and student Sam Abdul Majeed Bossuydh Bachelor fourth year student at the Faculty of Dentistry that the closure of the college comes protested the conditions experienced by the college in addition to the accumulation of payments per school year.
Bossuydh added that students who are currently in the vigil are from all stages and protesting against mismanagement and poor training centers, in addition to the non-distribution equipment on college students, despite its presence in the stores college.
Bossuydh pointed to the existence of differences between the college administration and faculty members, which had a negative impact on the process of study and weighed on the student, adding that the students tried to communicate with members of the university administration, but they were beaten so.
For his part, a fourth-year students are invited to a rare reasons for their protest is to collect a number of faculty members appointed at the university for two jobs at the same time pointing out that some faculty members are unanimous in their work between private and public universities.
Has shown one of the posts in the vigil, a student Dentistry third year that stopping the process of study at the university affects them understand stopped receiving lectures for nearly two months, which would be at the end of the year much pressure on them.
It is noteworthy that it is not the first time that the stop the study at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Tripoli, has seen previously completed several sit-ins, including one to change the management of the college.
Decline and fall of part of the University Road area, Mr. Masri .. And roads and streets are almost closed because of the suffocating crowds!
Jalal Hussein
Urgent. .
Orders from Tripoli air base built a transfer of military aircraft to Tripoli.
Court of Appeals Tripoli circle defer criminal prosecution of the Mujahideen prisoners ….
Captive “Baghdadi Mahmudi,”
plus the prisoner “carp Zhmul“, and the captive “Amer Tervas”
to the fifth month from February!
(God decoder families)
Coup truck ((Kanter)) in the road to the airport is not news about the presence of injuries.




Lock down the mountain road near the city of Shakshuk by militias Amazigh Gado ….
And do not allow cars to pass through the road in both directions …
Check point de Shakshuk sur la route nationale – une des entrée nord de Zintan.
And the burning of Poti pustule road …
Please circular and Publishing
(Channel Zintan Media)


Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
The news of the deaths have been confirmed now in Syrian Marwan Al Zahra Hospital, and was beaten
in the hospital lead by his comrades, and the tense situation in the Kerkozh some thing ……
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya.

Photos and news from Rishvana:
Morning found the body of Captain Mohsen Abdul Nabi Boshahyoh head of the municipal guard / Sawani at his ranch .….
From the news that he Balrmih Banzouraleom to Aterbth any link Borcvana a known felon ...
We ask Allah to forgive the deceased Ntgah this incident.
Photos and news from Rishvana
Cover WiMAX currently exist in Zahra
But you need some adjustments.
Photos and news from Rishvana
Mahmoud Mongoose:
Family killed last night robbery at their car in the airport road.


City department in Ajeelat
Department in Ajeelat: Now
The presence of portal fake street youth drunk tank “near Alcimafro” and hear the gunfire in the street ..
They impose families!
Please take caution.
 (Ramsey Arbash)
News department in Ajeelat (Ajeelat news)
Urgent now
News Achtpetkat now near neighborhood
Industrial between Rapid Intervention
The masked now
(Quoting symbolic Arbash)


The people of the sister Bmzdh protesting against the lack of water supply

Atmosphere of the country – Fatima Mohammed
Systems of the people of the sister Bmzdh yesterday morning, on Tuesday, a protest to express their dissatisfaction with the situation experienced by the region “and stop the marginalization of basic services,” in the words of one of the organizers of the vigil Khalifa Mohammed.
Mohammed said to the atmosphere of the country today that the demands of the people of the brotherly and neighboring areas is to provide sources for water supply and maintenance of wells suspended from work and find a solution to stop the Higher Institute of occupations and to provide a comprehensive overview of the hospital area.
Mohammed said that the region is facing a severe shortage of water, and that people are suffering in the water supply
as the closest area to provide exist in Mizdah, which lies about 60 kilometers from the sister.
Meanwhile, the head of the Steering Committee of local council Bmzdh Mohammed Hassan said the local council and the district council Aeltsiara They Send facilities coordinator area Mizdah regarding maintenance of the wells and the drilling of new wells.
Adding that he had been communicating with the water and sanitation company and public water wells enrolled failures but to no avail.
The body of Water Resources and the Ministry of Public Utilities decided in the middle of last year maintenance 5 wells have been frozen for nearly three years and the establishment of five tanks and delivered before the end of year 2013.
(JUST THINK! EVERYONE had an abundanceof clean RUNNING water under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA;
and they were working on stages 4 &5 of the Great Man-made River project, which came to a halt with the CIA NATO-led War.)


From private / College of Arts and Sciences Mslath Mqlfah popular since five days ago
where some Pham Acharadm region Bagaflha closure of doors and they did not welded
Bstta one yet open, and parked the study so far.


“Pacific Hadi Tahir Amperc”
Moved to the mercy of God Amperc Pacific team in the city of Zintan.

Mr. “Mohammad Ali Alokwak”, the head of the local council of Zintan
That team, “Hadi Tahir Amperc”, after his ill-health in
Very soon and unexpectedly, was killed by a tumor in the pancreas and
Stomach area in the advanced stages of the disease, according to the doctor’s report
Forensic, which led to his death, was to resuscitate him and he received treatment, has also been
Communicate with his family, and to the deteriorating security situation in the city of Tripoli, has been
Bring a doctor who specializes tumors of the city of Sabratha, and said “Alokwak” in
Special permit and exclusive, that the prosecution action will be taken and the police
Shift to Bani Walid or Sorman, as requested by his family.

Ntql to the mercy of God Captive Hero Amperc Pacific team in  prison. 

He was not tortured; and he died a natural death from Pacreatic and Stomach Cancer.

I am God and to Him we return
Will remain immortal in the pages of history in overseeing. And a symbol of steadfastness and meet the proud generations generation after generation. And will be attached to shame Bjladik who sold religion and the homeland and honor.

Funeral prayers will be held at the deceased home of “Pacific Amperc team” in a mosque

in the village of Bani Walid after Friday prayers tomorrow,

God willing … I am God and to Him we return …

Pacific Amperc team, deceased of BANI WALID, died in Zintan 09 JAN. 2014

Mr. “Hamid Hachani,” vice president of the local council
To the city of Surman, they are waiting for the body of the team, “Hadi Tahir
Amperc “, after the completion of the procedures and the number and cause of death report
Will be covered by the prosecution and elements of the police of the city of Zintan for transfer
To the city, “Sorman” to be buried among his family and relatives, and Deputy
Chairman of the local council, Mr. Sorman “Hachani” that the body of
Amperc not up to now to the city of Surman. (NO) TO BANI WALID instead:
A source familiar Procuratorate Surman, after their rhetoric on behalf of Zintan
For the transfer of the body of the team, “Hadi Tahir Amperc”, that the sons of
Team “Amperc,” asylum on behalf of Zintan to transfer the body of their father
To the city of Bani Walid, and that after he left them and will be
If buried dead in the city, “Bani Walid,” they said.
late Major General Hadi Tahir Amperc Warfali
the late Major General Hadi Tahir Amperc Warfali
I am God and to Him we return
The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla


{Solace in the noble values} ———————-

team after the death of Hadi Amperc man lost the noble values ​​of the greatest men, fulfilling accept condolences Amperc in the Pacific, as well as set up the courage dignity and Almrúh all tents consolation to accept condolences at this big guy in everything, throughout the events of February 17 was the team Hadi Amperc leads the room armed people on all fronts, and his voice was loud cracked lift the morale of his troops in all fronts,

the guy did not sleep, but minutes and is in communication continuing with all sectors of the armed people who need ammunition needs support everyone was related to the team Hadi Amperc who were his efforts outweigh the efforts of human beings, no matter how we tried to give the right of a man to defend the homeland, we can not the man was a miracle in everything, he was the leader Muammar Gaddafi is being with several contacts per day and the team was listening Binsat is contained in one sentence, “Tamam sir,”

was the leader Muammar Gaddafi knows very well that the fulfillment of its title team Pacific Amperc he left his leadership battle with the traitors and NATO in Libya, everyone had their morale goes down and aloof, but Pacific Amperc were his spirits always hugging the sky, the night of the first events in Tripoli on 2/20 team went to his office and was able to in the hours to return all of the institutions and organs of the state affected by the day flags false, to talk about the Pacific Amperc needs to folders and can not give it right all the articles of the world, has left us a man closer to the phenomenon of it to humans…

O national and you are today waiting for punishment, that we lose every day justifications diluted, let Maicon actual Pacific Amperc cry arcade-style and the Pacific Amperc must shed the blood of traitors.

And still continues to play:

{ في عزاء القيم السامية } ———————- بعد وفاة الفريق الهادي امبيرش فقدت القيم السامية رجل من اعظم رجالها ، الوفاء يتقبل التعازي في الهادي امبيرش وكذلك نصبت الشجاعة والكرامة والمرؤوة كلها خيم عزاء لقبول التعازي في هذا الرجل الكبير في كل شي ، طيلة احداث 17 فبراير كان الفريق الهادي امبيرش يقود غرفة الشعب المسلح على كل الجبهات وكان صوته الجهوري يصدع برفع معنويات جنوده في كل الجبهات ، الرجل كان لا ينام الا دقائق وهو في اتصالات مستمرة مع كل قطاعات الشعب المسلح من يحتاج ذخيرة من يحتاج دعم كان الجميع يتصل بالفريق الهادي امبيرش الذي كانت مجهوداته تفوق مجهودات البشر ، مهما حاولنا ان نعطي حق هذا الرجل في الدفاع عن وطنه فلن نستطيع فالرجل كان معجزة في كل شي ، كان القائد معمر القذافي يجري معه اتصالات عدة في اليوم الواحد وكان الفريق يستمع بانصات ويرد بعبارة واحدة ” تمام سيدي ” كان القائد معمر القذافي يعرف جيداً ان الوفاء عنوانه الفريق الهادي امبيرش فترك له قيادة المعركة مع الخونة والناتو في ليبيا ، الجميع كانت معنوياتهم تنخفض وتترفع الا الهادي امبيرش فكانت معنوياته دائما تعانق السماء ، ليلة الاحداث الاولي في طرابلس يوم 2/20 ذهب الفريق الي مكتبه واستطاع في ساعات اعادة كل مؤسسات واجهزة الدولة التي تاثرت يومها بالاعلام الكاذب ، الحديث عن الهادي امبيرش يحتاج الي مجلدات ولا يمكن ان تعطيه حقه كل مقالات الدنيا ، لقد رحل عنا رجل اقرب الي الظاهرة منه الي البشر.

فيك يا وطني وانت اليوم في انتظار العقاب ،

الذي نفقد كل يوم مبررات تخفيفه ، فليكن مايكون فعلي الهادي امبيرش تبكي البواكي وعلى الهادي امبيرش لا بد ان تسفك دماء الخونة . ————————– ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }

I hope Publishing Aadinm has released the chairman of the Real Estate Registry Authority Resolution No. 2014/4

commissioned on behalf of Mr. Abdul Jalil Alvacho long for the management of real estate registration Bani Walid ..

(Abdo Ahmidat)

# Çanakkale Dard _ News
A meeting was held at the Faculty of Agriculture of Bani Walid in the presence of faculty members
and members of the Council for Social and Rafla tribes and members of the Society for Peace to charity,
about the campaign volunteer for the cultivation of the olive tree:

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé

le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

Dear viewers attention note that after a few you will be on a date with a

special live program national campaign for the cultivation of the olive tree.

Publishing ..

Campaign 6 million olive cultivation
Under the auspices of both: – Youth Council for Social tribes and Rafla –

Peace Association for Philanthropy – Faculty of Agriculture

Hospital Bani Walid year
Oh esteemed head of the local council …. Let the hospital and would
And, as usual, our board and distinguished legal team and and and and and …. After the scandal .. approximately 630 000 Libyan dinars in compensation for the clinic ….
Mr. President of the Council of the passing of a new paper for the nomination and recommendation for the post of Director General of the Hospital Bani Walid Altanip time and for the same person called (p) and individually without reference to the members of the local council ….
My question here, O compassionate Father and compassionate on Bani Walid ..
– Is Hedda work stems from the side of caution on the public interest????
– Do you know any way by the hospital staff where this topic Taatkhadd decisions without reference to workers Bhda important facility???
– Have you visited a field hospital for the size of the change is clear?????
– Is Hedda person candidate Aktar efficient than the current manager??
– Is it your position as head of the local council and non-elected illegal gives you the right to control its resources????
– Pain is enough that you compensate the owner of the largest in terms of value in Bani Walid … while the compensator attic of the building is not worth more than one amount is very simple to maintain??????
– Is it because the current director was not subject to you in terms of dependency and provocation and financial dealings .. your orders were changed in you .. you do not have?? Because it follows the minister the power to you straight and not him??
– Was it not worthwhile to compensate the hospital due to being vandalized more than one of you to the clinic in two consecutive years????
One last question … through heroic attitudes which we hear from you in the local Aladaah???
Why you provided to hospital Bani Walid world???, Or is it in the event of a hospital setting will affect the stability knead negatively on the work of the clinic’s special to you???!!!!!
This topic a picture of the size of the compensation added to the value of removing waste???!

la photo de Wadena.

Bani Walid this morning after heavy showers of rain

The image of the FB page here Bani Walid Here:


Any charm any beauty hold him between Tnayak,, Vic creativity of nature and hardness of geography

and history Vtktml nobility of this myth is not repeated throughout history, but rarely:



update TODAY 09 JANUARY 2014:

This morning:

News Mkmadas:
The launch of the first international flight from the international airport of Sirte heading to the airport Sfax in Tunisia.

The population of the city of Sirte, suffering from the closure of banks in the city for lack of liquidity inside and today is the fifth day of closure.
And also the opening of the international airport of Sirte after maintenance and for the first time opens the day after 4 years of closing and was the first flight taking off from the airport, heading to Tunisia and will be the second trip to Saudi Arabia next Saturday …

Airport Sfax, Tunisia receives evening Algdamsih aircraft company in the first civilian passenger flight coming from the city of Sirte after the closure of the airport lasted for more than three years.

Local Council of Sirte, announces the masters of the population of citizens
Buildings thousands neighborhood housing units, to come to the headquarters of the Council
Aeltsiara Rabat, and bring the family booklet and ID card
To complete the procedures to receive compensation instruments and the Council will ensure
Local Sirte, at his own expense processing of all Jewelry
The new file every citizen affected, due to the presence of files, the first in
At the headquarters of the Council, and to close the government headquarters because of the sit-ins
Hindered to reach them

BEFORE NATO, Sirte had thousands of new homes and apartments in the making (and all work on these projects STOPPED with the NATO bombings):

Muammar al-Qathafi's Urban park project for 2009 SIRTE URBAN PARK PROJECT 2 Sirte, Urban Park aerial view



puppet-rat Ali Zaidane ..
“Since the beginning of the crisis, oil ports we decided to wait in order to preserve the sanctity of the blood of the Libyan and left the door open to mediation and tribal elders and dignitaries including Chancellor Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who asked me and President of the Conference in the past to wait and leave the opportunity for mediation .. But what happened in the recent period is a dangerous thing and I am President of the Conference agreed that the situation can not be tolerated and “we will take the” necessary measures to end this crisis, and the state is able to finish this game!”
Ali Zaidane threatens to plunge into the Sea any oil tankers bound for ports controlled by the
people’s “POLITICAL BUREAU of the Province of Cyrenaica”.  Oil Minister Abdul Bari Arousi
on Wednesday that Libya will sue any foreign company trying to buy oil from the eastern ports controlled
by the Political Bureau of the province of Cyrenaica  who must stop dealing with those companies.

Laroussi said to Reuters,
“… any company dealing with the armed groups which closes oil ports Snkadhiha and cooperation with them will be banned in the future.
“I will not be like any of those companies market in Libya and warn all international companies and small to deal with the armed groups.”
He added that OPEC member country produces about 650 thousand barrels of oil per day, including 510 thousand barrels a day being exported. The remainder would be used to feed the refineries of Corner and Tobruk.


Shortly before the channel now: –
The spread of heavy security because of many large groups of “Ansar al-Sharia”.
Urgent: – serious …….
Noman bin Othman, the channel Libya Liberal saying: –
A meeting last Thursday of the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia
In Benghazi and were Alentijtah very bad, where Oalno
It must be eliminated Thunderbolt in Benghazi, and must
That there is no force in Benghazi army they
Preparing for a major attack on the camp of the Thunderbolt …
I’m aspects of advice to the young supporters of Sharia Trajau
For your home, do not Trajau Tato opportunity for the West to
Intervenes in Libya, not Tato chances of terrorism that dominates
On your home, Libya, in front of you you will be pro bono
God then your people because you are such acts Sthrkon Libya.

News from the explosion of smoke booth near the Bank of Unity field next to the mosque Arkas …….

News of another explosion booth area Ahumaidh smoke near the building of the Municipal Guard old .……..
News from the explosion of the booth area, Mr. Younis Club stores next to the north and
specifically next to replace discounted prices for women’s clothing and the source
said the blast shattered the shop interface ……..

Salem al-Obeidi reports:

Body Found citizenship “Aisha key al-Zaidi,” whereabouts
And set up security source confirmed that the deceased was born in 1961, and
It seems that she is deceased a few days ago, after it has been contacted
Reporting and access to her home and found departest life.

Men Special Forces “Thunderbolt” immediately transferred to the body of citizenship
Been found since she died 7 days, Taradw poisoning of smell, and
Tlqo initial hospital treatment in 1200 and was put deceased Aisha
Key al-Zaidi to bring out the death certificate, and was transferred to the Hospital
Galaa, a tribute to these men who give up without charge and that
Was outside its jurisdiction, and I hope to guide her son, who did not ask for
The deceased mother a week ago, God suffices, and yes, the agent.

Type Hyundai car bombing and the amputation of a man driver
Atriv rapidly near the Hijaz Street
So far no information about the owner of the car!!


Exposure citizen “Mohammed Fathi Yusuf Bushoiqir”, to launch
Lead Sabri district, and has been to the hospital to resuscitate him Galaa
And do not remember details about the cause of injury.

A traffic accident on the highway in Benghazi, resulting in
The death of Egyptian citizen, citizenship, and affects two injured threat
And they are now receiving treatment hospital evacuation and the person who
Shocked fled.


Agency News – Benghazi – Correspondent
The elements of the device and the dismantling of the Abolition of Benghazi and explosives investigations
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” dismantle the bag “bag”, and put
In front of the house, “Mustafa Abdul Salam small,” one of the men forces
Private area Laithi city of Benghazi, and the security source confirmed that
Weighing up to “6” Kilo.

Qusay cabled:
Says the news about the kidnapping of Mr. Moataz Bouachrine His group Bouachrine for sweets and juices largest group of its kind in Benghazi ….. after less than four days of the kidnapping of the owner of Mr. Sami Zuhri “Palestinian citizenship”Scheherazade Musorati ….. and Musorati Beirut in Benghazi . 
Mr. Sami Zuhri “Palestinian citizenship”after payment of a ransom of 3 million dinars to the kidnappers.
God knows no Otkd of news.

In this photo Mustafa Kadekke military in the Marines who were injured on Wednesday 201 418 Street in the military police Buhedama Hua now in the operating room hospital Hawari Benghazi are conducting an operation by the Doctors of general surgery and orthopedics and vascular surgery Adeolh speedy recovery this image before entering the operating room in the Department of Radiology has been Nscheralsourh after approval Mustafa:

(Hani Al Oraibi. Official media Hawari hospital)

Thieves greed prior to  getting the  child Radwan Almzoga  back home:

Agreed to the gang that kidnapped Radwan with Mr. Mohammed that is delivered amount of 500,000 Libyan dinars over the phone and got it already went Mr. Mohammed and with him 300,000 dinars ((This is only the amount that was collected)) went a couple of days and said to him, then hand over the money outside the city Benghazi and will be delivered after your son, Mr. Muhammad went and handed over the money in place, based on what they told him and put the money in a place that pointed to the phone and it was agreed that he Throwaway that will be delivered to his son, but to this day has not been delivered to his family any Radwan it scam and said many of the Facebook pages that there is a campaign to raise another dinars article is winding these gang exploit such campaigns greed and money in this campaign is basically agreed …..
How can this happen ((Father Poor afraid for his son)) exploit the faint-hearted, and not about power but not God Almighty …..

Still,later all ended well:

The release of the abducted child, “Radwan Mohamed Almzoga”, and
Is now in the arms of his parents, by special permission of his family and
Child “Radwan”, aged 6 years, a healthy
Good and thankfully, and mentions that he was released since the half
Only hours.




The release of the ship “Oxandera” commercial after the Boguetaadha
Zdik “Martyrs of Tobruk” from the “send thee” to the base of Tobruk
Navy, after an investigation with the crew, which includes 10 people, and has been
Signing a pledge, as security source confirmed special forces infantry
Freedom of the city of Tobruk is now in a special permit, and noted the same source
The ship trademarks and Togo-flagged and carry Lebanese citizenship
Was arrested because of the entry of Libyan territorial waters without
Authorized, and the reason for its presence in that region.

Agency urgently Libya / stop radio transmitter Tobruk for Anwar al-Sharif

Tobruk radio stopped broadcasting due to a malfunction in the radio equipment,

which did not happen for a long time despite the claim to the Department of Broadcasting Ministry of Information

and the local council to provide a helping hand..


Destruction of the building housing the shops in the street Brega, a new link between the street Amghar Street and Market Street _ and this building is said to be for “the punching my palm” and has shops and scarves and furniture.

(AD Media tuber)

Car explosion in Ajpalh area beside the tuber Workshop Khaled Sassi to repair the tire
and is a subsidiary of the master: Sheikh Khalil, according to the source, and it works sector
health and thankfully there is no damage to human …….


Two days before the abduction of Mr. Mansouri Abgaith

a member of the committee of disputes between the tribes for the city of Derna ….

So far, his fate Mjhowol where kidnapped in front of his home

and saw them people Encode Taxi omitted four masked people.

(Media Center tuber Libya)





Team of the Brotherhood includes several prominent figures, including Nizar Kawan “junk” in favor of Makhzoom Lamine Belhadj, Harizi and others toured several cities in the south of Libya, including:
Languages, Sabha, Murzuq, Alqtron
Trying to extend the Marketing Conference and buy some receivables and persuade them to join some
of the characters and their nomination
to be the new interface for the institutions of the state legislature and Atidah.
(Omar Alqoira)


Martyr, God willing (Hamid Khalifa Briki) A Champions Sabha who did not cite Aradw

colonialism in Misrata after a brutal bombing cruciate ..
# (Born Leader)

Conqueror never Statement 9:01 tribes southern region No. 1-2014
de Conqueror never il ya 1 jour200 vues statement tribes of the southern region No. 1204

Signs of crisis “in the bread” Bsabha, due to the shortage in supply of flour to bakeries.
(Al-Sabha Free)
Hear the sounds of shooting in dense Sabha still going on more than a quarter of an hour.
Witnesses assert that the shooting was in the direction of Hotel Africa in the last round or for the latter,
and news about the fire.
(Free newspaper Sabha)

Reason besieged commander of Military Region Sabha Emhemed

Colonel Abdul Hafeez Ayat Busevy in the area Tragn by Tabu is:

a demand to hand over military personnel belonging to him, and he went to

Busevy Tragn area and the Murzuq to attend the closing ceremony

of the cycle of human development officers for the area. An armed group of the

Tabu area is surrounded Sabha Military Colonel Abdul Emhemed Alhfbz Busafa

in Tragn in military headquarters there.

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Tabu sons of the desert:
Belonging to an armed group opened fire on the Zhoyat
A neighborhood Akaddrfa shot bullet while he was in the petrol station.
It is a great age named Mr. / Yahya Mahmoud Cali.
And was hit in the leg and was Qderfa ambulance to a clinic and his condition is stable up to this moment.
It was ascertained that the person sought by Tabu is actually “Mansour Black” militia leader right,
and news of Tabu wise mediate between the group and the besieged Busevy to release trapped.
The signs of a breakthrough in the mediation.
We bring you new developments
(Free special newspaper Sabha)


Mr. “Redco pond and that” Tabu did not surround the area is
Military Bsabha Mr. “Mohammed Busafa”, in Tragn, and
“And Redco” in a statement and exclusive, that is what happened person
Called “Mansour Black” did not stand on the point of immobilization and has
Balrmih on one of the men, and Mr. “Busafa” and the wise
And wise people are trying to end the problem, and Tabu calling me
Accounting this person.

The witness from his family ……..???

Chadian camps in the Libyan cities, Askaryoha paid in salaries of the Libyan state.

Chadian President warns of recent state visits to Libya of the consequences of silence about what is happening in the south of Libya.

Warned Chadian President “Idriss Deby” of the consequences of what is happening in the south of the Libyan Mtahedna Aldmt Libyan state, calling the Libyan people to realize the truth and take note before it is too late. The “Debbie” in a press statement that the Chadian gangs of outlaws and the authority of the state Chadian trained in camps in southern Libya and is preparing for an attack on Chad Badyshl attempt to overthrow the president, “Debbie” a few months ago. The president said, “Debbie,” a lot of detail in his remarks about the Chadian armed groups by incubating the south of Libya when he spoke about alcoholism training and confirmed as follows:

1 – Rbeana camp has a large number of Chadians and trained at the highest level.

2 – camp bed and has a Chadian salaried from the ZAIDANE GNC Libyan puppet state under the “pretext” that they are “protecting” the Libyan oil fields.

3 – Station Camp Klnjh a confluence of hashish smugglers, and there is no point him out Chadians are outside the control of the Chadian state believe the passage of cannabis dealers coming from Algeria and Egypt.

4 – Whig camp and has the large numbers of Chadians outlaws and the authority of the state who live in the mountains of the Chadian Tbsta believe the passage of traders coming from Almkhdhirat Klnjh to capture money from the gangs prevalent in the south of Libya. There is no doubt that the word of Chadian President is very dangerous and threatens the national security of Libya at heart, but you seeking relevant agencies to verify and make sure this information and take them what it takes to keep the country and its people from the evils of these bands?
Chadian President warns of recent state visits to Libya of the consequences of silence about what is happening in the south of Libya.


When Muammar was in ITALIA:

MALI-300x300  Post image for As War Lingers in Mali, Western Powers Target its Natural Resources

France’s intervention in the West African nation of Mali under Operation Serval drove Islamic groups associated with Al-Qaeda out of Northern Mali in February 2013. When the Tuareg rebellion occurred in early 2012, it was against the Malian government led by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) for the independence of Northern Mali also known as Azawad. There were also Islamic groups such as the Ansar Dine and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) who originally helped the MNLA. Eventually both Islamist groups turned on the MNLA forcing them out and creating a Sharia based Northern Mali. The government of Mali requested foreign assistance to re-take the north and France answered the call. France restored Mali’s government back to power.

France’s military incursion with Western support was described as a “humanitarian intervention” which resulted in a race for Mali’s natural resources. That was the plan after all. New drilling contracts have just been established after Mali’s civil war was contained by the French military with the backing of the United Kingdom and the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). The collaboration of Western powers just opened up Mali for business. A new press release by Legend Gold of Vancouver, BC Canada states the intention of gold mine drilling in several regions of Mali. The press release titled ‘Legend Gold Announces Signing of Drilling Contracts for Exploration in Mali’ stated exactly what areas of Mali will be extracted for gold by the new drilling contracts:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Jan. 6, 2014) – Legend Gold Corp. (the “Company” or “Legend Gold”) (TSX VENTURE:LGN) is pleased to announce the commencement of drilling for the season. Legend Gold has contracted for a minimum of 5,000 m of reverse circulation (RC) drilling and 10,000 m of air core (AC) drilling for the Diba and Lankafla projects in western Mali and the Mougnina project in southern Mali. 

In western Mali, Legend Gold plans to explore for extensions to the Diba-Badiazila resource which contains 234,000 oz at 1.67 g/t gold of indicated and 26,700 oz of inferred mineralization at 1.9 g/t at 0.8 g/t gold cutoff (AMEC’s NI 43-101 compliant Technical Report, August 2013). There remain a number of gaps in the AMEC resource which can be in-filled by a number of shallow RC holes to bring the oxide resource from the indicated and inferred categories to measured and indicated. The oxide resource evaluated to date extends to about 50 m below the surface. A minimum of 3,000 m of RC drilling will be used to infill gaps in the existing resource as well as testing the immediate on-strike extensions of the Diba deposit. Analysis of previous results derived from drilling completed by Etruscan Resources in 2009 suggests that additional resources remain to be discovered on-strike from the known mineralization, along a 2 km long soil auger geochemistry anomaly to the northwest. Several lines of RC and core holes drilled by Etruscan Resources about 1.5 km to the NNW of Diba yielded multiple mineralized intervals which warrant follow up drilling.

Preliminary results of a ground gravity survey on the Lankalfa project area suggest that areas that have been drilled previously warrant additional exploration. New and upgraded targets revealed by the final interpretation of the gravity survey will also be included in the 2,000 m of RC drilling planned for Lankafla.

In southern Mali, exploration by Legend Gold on the Mougnina exploration license, some twenty kilometers north of the Syama mine, has mapped a series of ancient artisanal workings which are coincident with soil auger gold anomalies. The ancient workings appear to be on splays off the same fault system that controls mineralization at the Syama mine. At least 5,000 m of AC drilling are planned to test the soil auger gold anomalies and artisanal workings.

The drill program is expected to commence in early February 2014.

Douglas Perkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Legend Gold stated, “The data review and project ranking that took place over the past three months is now complete and the technical team has chosen their priorities for the current drilling season. Given the current state of the exploration business, Legend Gold was able to obtain some very competitive quotes for meters. We look forward to announcing the results as soon as they are available.” 

On 18 December 2013 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it would financially assist Mali in a press release ‘IMF Executive Board Approves New Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for Mali and 6.75€ Million Disbursement’ regarding Mali’s economic potential with help from external financial resources. The institution which is based in Washington DC announced what the new arraignments will provide to the war torn country:

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a new arrangement under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) for Mali for an amount equivalent to SDR 30 million (about 33.89€ million or 32 percent of quota). The approval enables the immediate disbursement of an amount equivalent to SDR 6 million (about 6.75€ million).

The authorities’ program is designed to reduce balance-of-payments vulnerabilities and lay foundations for stronger, more inclusive growth. Reform efforts are focused on tax policy and revenue administration, public financial management and improving the business environment.

The IMF imposes debts on nations and forces its governments to cut back on social services such as education and medical care in order to pay back the debt. An article written by Arthur MacEwan which was published on Third World Network titled ‘Economic debacle in Argentina: The IMF strikes again’describes how IMF policies affected Argentina’s economy:

During 2001 the Argentine recession grew rapidly deeper. Although the IMF pumped in additional funds, it provided these funds on the condition that the Argentine government would entirely eliminate its budget deficit. With the economy in a nose-dive and tax revenues plummeting, the only way to balance the budget was to drastically cut government spending. Yet, in doing so, the government was both eviscerating social programmes and reducing overall demand. In mid-December, the government announced that it would cut the salaries of public employees by 20% and reduce pension payments. At the same time, as the worsening crisis raised fears that the peso would be devalued, the government moved to prevent people from trading their pesos for dollars; it promulgated a regulation limiting bank withdrawals. These steps were the final straws, and in the week before Christmas, all hell broke loose.

According to www.allafrica.com an online African news source admits an increase in foreign investments and believes that Mali will experience growth “Mali is expected to benefit from relatively stable external conditions in the near term. The region’s prospects are favorable. Sub-Saharan Africa is set to enjoy continued robust growth driven by strong investment in infrastructure and productive capacity, and by rising inflows of foreign direct investment and other financing opportunities” which is further from the truth. RT News reported on 10 June 2013 what does foreign investment in the gold industry mean for Malian citizens and especially for those who work in the gold mines:

War-worn Mali has tripled its gold exports over the last decade, though the rising profits are being funneled outside what is one of the world’s poorest countries: Foreign corporations appear to be taking over one of Mali’s few thriving industries. Mali, Africa’s third-largest gold producer, has just announced it expects to double annual gold output over the next five years to 100 tons.

Malian officials claim the gold-abundant south has been untouched by the military conflict between government troops and Tuareg insurgents in the north, which prompted an intervention by France in January. The promise of gold has lured investors into one of Mali’s most profitable industries.

However, residents have decried the news, as they feel they will benefit little from the country’s newfound riches. Thousands are employed as ‘traditional miners’ in the town of Yanfolila in southern Mali, the epicenter of the country’s gold rush. Traditional mining is a near-medieval process in which Malian workers dig holes approximately the size of their own bodies using only primitive picks – their gold mines. Without a proper geological survey, workers are essentially hoping to get lucky. The narrow shafts go as deep down as 60 meters, the equivalent of a 15- to 20-story building 

French intervention in Mali had nothing to do with the welfare of the Malian people. It was about the natural resources it has including gold, uranium and oil. With gold demand increasing among nations throughout the world, it is no surprise that the Western powers would intervene in any internal conflict in a resource rich country in the African continent. The French government has interests in Mali. That interest is in natural resources as Katrin Sold of the German Council on Foreign Relations stated in 2013“In the long term, France has interests in securing resources in the Sahel – particularly oil and uranium, which the French energy company Areva has been extracting for decades in neighboring Niger”. Mali has abundant natural resources. The civil war intensified through a western backed military coup with Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo who was trained by the United States lead a coup against democratically-elected government of Amadou Toumani Touré after the Tuareg Rebellion in Northern Mali. Western Institutions and corporations wasted no time in acquiring natural resources during Mali’s crises. Divide and conquer and then accumulate the resources was the was the Western government’s intentions. During a speech by French President Francois Hollande on February 2nd, 2013 after France intervened in Mali, hypocrisy took hold when he said:

France stands alongside you, not to serve any particular interest – we have none –, to protect this or that faction, or in favour of this or that Malian party… No, we stand alongside you for the sake of the whole of Mali and for West Africa. We’re fighting here to ensure Mali lives in peace and democracy. And you’ve presented the best image today, through your warmth and fervour, after your pain throughout those months when fanaticism held sway in northern Mali.

We’re fighting as brothers – Malians, French, Africans – because I haven’t forgotten that when France herself was attacked, when she was seeking support and allies, when her territorial integrity was threatened, who came along? It was Africa; it was Mali. Thank you, thank you, Mali. Today we’re repaying our debt to you…

Mali is the country that has to repay its debts to the IMF and its western powers through its natural resources, not France. A loan from the IMF  is guaranteed to create more debt for the Malian people.  As Western powers such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and France continue to intervene in third world countries for their own interests, it seems like Mali is under their control for the long term pushing China out as a potential business partner with the Malian government. France and AFRICOM are expanding its intervention policies throughout Africa because it is about the resources, besides; the West has been intervening in Africa for the past 500 +years that only resulted in more wars and extreme poverty for the African people.

France remains ‘Africa’s gendarme’

Wednesday 08th, January 2014 / 19:23 Written by 

French in N. Afriica

As the intervention in Mali was deemed a success by the international community, France is withdrawing most of its soldiers but has launched another operation in the Central African Republic, opines Frankie Taggart

A YEAR after dispatching warplanes and troops to repel an incursion in Mali, France is fighting in another of
its former colonies, demonstrating it is destined to play reluctant “gendarme” in Africa, say analysts.
With the Mali intervention deemed a success by the international community, France is withdrawing most of its soldiers but has launched another operation in the Central African Republic (CAR) to stop escalating inter-communal religious conflict.
France’s Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has welcomed the achievements of Operation Serval, launched on January 11, 2013 to drive militants linked to Al Qaeda out of Timbuktu and Mali’s other northern cities.
The country has been “liberated” and the mission’s success was “universally recognised in the international arena”, he said on a New Year’s Eve visit to Mali.
But he struck a more solemn tone two days later in Bangui, where the principal task was to boost the morale of troops bogged down in the quagmire of the CAR crisis.
About 7,000 French soldiers have been deployed in UN-backed military and humanitarian missions in Mali and the CAR.
“Broadly, you’d say — and this has been the case for quite some time — that France finds itself obliged to intervene and is, despite itself, the gendarme of Africa,” said Bruno Tertrais of the Paris-based Foundation for Strategic Research. With nearly 6,000 men permanently stationed across the continent, France is uniquely placed to act quickly when law and order breaks down and regimes collapse.
Its deployment is organised around two main poles, Libreville in the west (940 troops), and Djibouti in the east (2,000) and it also has troops in Chad (950), Senegal (350) and Ivory Coast (450), as well as special forces stationed notably in Niger.
With the gradual return to stability in Mali, the emergence of the CAR crisis and the more general threat of terrorism across the vast, ungovernable Sahel region, France is in the process of redrawing its military presence across Africa.
“I’m seeing the heads of state to discuss with them how we will in the coming months… reorganise and expand our presence geographically in Africa,” Le Drian said last week in Bangui.
France intervened in Africa 19 times between 1962 and 1995, often to sway a state’s internal politics under the murky “francafrique” system put in place by Charles de Gaulle to maintain political and business interests in the former colonies.
But it began to adopt a more multilateral approach under Jacques Chirac’s 1995 to 2007 presidency, eschewing political meddling in favour of backing United Nations and African Union peacekeeping operations when crises arose.
In 2003 and 2008, France led European Union operations respectively to combat rebels in north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and to secure the Central African and Chadian borders with Sudan’s Darfur region.
France went into Ivory Coast in 2011 to help fighters loyal to election winner Alassane Ouattara arrest defeated former president Laurent Gbagbo and in the same year led an intervention in Libya.
Current President Francois Hollande underlined the new approach in a speech to Senegal’s parliament in October 2012, vowing that the days of francafrique were over. (HAH!)

Post image for EU Draws Up Plans to Send Troops to Central Africa
EU Draws Up Plans to Send Troops to Central Africa
08JANUARY 2014
Source: WSJ

Draft plans for a European Union military mission in the Central African Republic envisage the deployment of hundreds of ground troops to buttress African and French forces struggling to prevent a bloodbath there, according to diplomats briefed on the proposal.

Under pressure from France, EU leaders last month asked the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, to draw up options for an EU intervention in the country to support French and African troops already there.

However, while EU member states backed a similar mission to Mali last year in just a couple months, some EU diplomats have been more skeptical about the goals of this mission, suggesting it could take longer to reach consensus—if one is reached at all.

Any mission would need to be approved by all 28 EU member states. Baronness Ashton is to present her plan for initial review on Jan. 20.

France, the country’s former colonial ruler, deployed 1,600 troops in December to support an African Union peacekeeping force there. The United Nations authorized the mission to stabilize the country, which has been ravaged by a cycle of revenge killings between Muslims and Christians.

Under the EU proposal, an EU military force, once approved, “would deploy rapidly” to the Central African Republic, the diplomats cited the paper as saying. The force would be composed of at least one battalion, which usually amounts to around 500 troops.

The plans, which were circulated to member states on Wednesday, present two options for the EU mission once it establishes a base near the airport outside the capital of Bangui, the diplomats said.

Both would free up French troops to focus on their mission of disarming militias and ending the violence.

One option would see an EU force deploy in selected towns mainly in the west of the country, carrying out patrols across a swath of territory. One of the diplomats said this could help secure a humanitarian corridor where internally displaced refugees can find a haven.

A second option would be to help secure the area in and around Bangui in coordination with other international forces, the diplomats said.

EU officials say the bloc could move in a matter of weeks to agree on the mission if there is broad consensus behind the plans. The paper suggests using the same fast-track process that allowed the training force for Mali’s army to be approved within a couple of months.

However, while the Mali mission succeeded in pushing back an offensive by al Qaeda-linked Islamist insurgents in that country’s north, the violence in the Central African Republic has been less clearly defined.

Many member states have yet to articulate their position, but will have a first discussion on Friday.

While Belgium has said it may send troops, other countries have ruled out doing so, including the U.K., although it is already offering logistical support.

Any EU mission would in any case help France with the financial burden of stabilizing the situation in the country.

The diplomats said the paper sets a mission goal of allowing a successful handover of security to the African force or to a future U.N.-mandated mission. The paper also commits the EU to design a “broader package” of humanitarian, development and state-building assistance for the country.

Stacy Meichtry contributed to this article.



Quoting channel Alrajaban on Facebook:
A spokesman for the local council Alrajaban Ramadan Mas’ud The Joint Security Committee Balrajaban
managed to arrest the Libyan citizen accused of abducting two Tunisians
He stressed that Masood was accused of referring to the center of the National Security Balrajaban for interrogation,
adding that the hostages Alattnin condition and good health.