Eid of the Prophet’s (PBUH) birth and death

 Mu ponders



“Generations will come after me Tqatlkm, but my life is: I will be longer than the life of Hanga [OMAR MUCKTAR]…”


(Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, Commander speaking)


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المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

سوف تأتي أجيال من بعدي تقاتلكم، أما أنا فحياتي سوف تكون أطول من حياة شانقي ..

(above) scene from ‘The Message’ (1977) totally financed, produced and filmed in Libya.

(BELOW) Abu Talib in Film ‘Muhammad’ (PBUH):

MAJID Majidi launches promo for new film “Muhammad”

“Muhammad” (PBUH)  is slated for a 2015 release

prophet_mohammad_iranianfilmdailyFilmmaker Majid Majidi (pictured), in the finishing stages of making his new film “Muhammad,” got interviewed recently and promoted his film’s message, saying, “I wanted to share and spread the right understanding of Islam.”

With an unheard-of budget and entire city sets built for the occasion, “Muhammad” has a lot riding on it. Majidi predictably gave a major promotional push for his film during the interview.

This is Iran’s biggest-budget production to this date. A whole town as well as a full-scale Mecca were recreated down to the most minute detail.

“It will pay back,” Majidi said. “This film is a step forward for Muslim cinema. This is an investment into the development of Muslim cinema.”

The Oscar-nominated Majidi added, “the film starts with [the prophet’s] adolescence, and childhood is shown through flashbacks. We chose the period before Muhammad became a prophet.” He also said, “this film contains no controversies and no differences between the Shia and the Sunni points of view.”

On the quandary of portraying the prophet’s face, something that is considered illegal according to Islamic tenets, he said “the face of the prophet is not shown in the film. By hiding his face I make it [the character] more intriguing for the viewer.”

“We’re going to help open your eyes to what Islam really is all about,” Majidi added. “We have a lot of positive things to share with the world, provided that the West is ready for such a dialogue. I think that Iran can have something someting strong to say through its arts and culture.”

“Muhammad” (PBUH)  is slated for a 2015 release in Iran. Of note, the presence of Sareh Bayat on the cast. A.R. Rahman of “Slumdog Millionaire” fame, has written the film’s original soundtrack (scroll down for images from the set).

THE BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE: A one billion+-strong captive audience of adherents to Islam is significant. Even if Team Majidi manages to stir controversy “Muhammad” will have a healthy run, with the best results predicted from home distribution sales. A well-produced DVD and Blu-Ray combo loaded with extras (“making of,” etc) could be quite the pot of gold. Film’s expected to have a limited theatrical release in the U.S. and Europe, unless “Muhammad” gains traction with any of the upcoming international film festivals (and with Majidi’s previous credentials, there’s a chance he will).

Article will be updated as more news becomes available – Ali Naderzad

WATCH the interview here


Blaming Islam for terrorism stems from Western Muslim phobia – Oscar-winning Iranian director

05 September  2014 10:30


Iranian film director Majid Majidi (AFP Photo/Frederic J. Brown)

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Islam in today’s Western world is often connected with violence and terror. Jihad is being waged in Iraq and Syria, extremists execute thousands – and claim they do it in the name of Allah. But does this religion deserve such a reputation, given its inherently peaceful nature? How do the events in the Middle East impact on attitudes towards Muslims living in Europe and the US? We posed these questions to Iranian film director, screen-writer and Oscar nominee, Majid Majidi.

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Sophie Shevardnadze: Your latest film project, “Prophet Mohammed” (PBUH) is the biggest and the most ambitious project in Iran’s cinematic history. Why did you decide to take on a subject this important?

Majid Majidi: In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

I would like to say that the issues pertaining to Islam are very important not only in the Muslim world, but in the West as well. I have been trying to do my very best to spread the proper understanding of Islam. It is most unfortunate that the true spirit of Islam has been distorted, to a great extent because of politics.

This is the reason why I wanted to make this film for the entire world rather than only for the Muslim world. I wanted to share and spread the right understanding of this religion, the right understanding of Islam through this film. Of course it is impossible to reveal the greatness of this religion in its entirety in just one film. But I did it to the very best of my ability.

SS: If I may – before we get to the larger picture, I want to ask you a few questions about the technicalities of this filmmaking. Now, the fact that this is the most expensive project in Iran’s cinematic history… does it add more responsibility on your shoulders, in times when Iran is burdened by sanctions?

MM: I am sure you know all too well that making a film is an expensive enterprise. Given the fact that there are 1 billion and 650 million Muslims in the world, and in view of all the developments connected to Islam which have taken place over the past decades, I believe that this kind of cost for this kind of project is completely justified and it will pay back. Both the Muslim world and the West will finally see the true face of Islam.

This film is a step forward for Muslim cinema. This is why we pulled some impressive resources right from the start. We built a large set, a whole town, we built a full-scale Mecca with every single detail, and this set can be used for another 30 years. Thus, our project also counts as an investment in the development of Muslim cinema.

SS: Well, you’re also saying that this film is an addition to Islamic cinema, but I’ve read there are some contradictions because it’s being filmed in a cradle of Shia faith, it’s being filmed in Iran – do you run into contradictions regarding that? Are you consulting Sunni scholars on that as well?

MM: Before I started shooting, I studied all of the existing Shia and Sunni source material. I talked to prominent scholars. I tried hard to find common points, everything that would be free of controversy. I deliberately chose that part of Prophet Muhammad’s life where Islam was still evolving as a religion: his childhood and adolescence, although the film starts with his adolescence, and the childhood is introduced through flashbacks. We chose the period before Muhammad became a prophet. I can say with all confidence that this film contains no controversies and no disagreements between the Shia and the Sunni points of view.

SS: But I also know that you cannot depict the Prophet’s face in the film – how will you get around that?

MM: Both Shia and Sunni scholars told me that showing the Prophet’s face would not constitute a sin, though it’s important that what is shown does not offend the holiness of the Prophet’s image. I make it a point to respect all people’s opinions and therefore I do not show the Prophet’s face in the film. On the other hand, I use this as a dramatic device, that is, by hiding the Prophet’s face I make it more intriguing for the viewer.

SS: So do you think those rare moments when we will actually see the Prophet’s face will be controversial for some? Do you think you will run into controversy because there is a depiction of Holy Prophet Mohammed?

MM: It’s a little complicated in Islam. Since there are no sources that would describe the Prophet’s face, people have a hard time picturing the way he looked. So I decided to respect the opinion of the public on this question. Even though Muslim theology doesn’t specifically prohibit showing the Prophet’s face, it’s better not to do it. There are radical people who are 100 percent against showing the Prophet’s face, they consider it a great sin. I didn’t want this issue to influence the film’s message. The main question for me is the question of Islam. That’s why I decided to avoid all these troubles that would only distract from the film’s main purpose.

SS: Mr Majidi, you have reiterated many times that Islam is a peaceful religion – but we see mass executions in Iraq, carried by the ISIS militants, Boko Haram terror in Nigeria, the bloody mall attack in Kenya – in your opinion, who is responsible for all of this violence?

MM: The past few decades saw a spread of forces that disseminate a false perception of Islam. It is what we know today as Islamophobia. It tends to attribute every terrorist act and every violent crime to Islam. And it is inseparable from the political discourse in today’s world. I believe this perception of Islam is dictated and politically motivated by the West.

I also believe that the current worldwide spread of violence and the daily emergence of new radical groups are the result of Western efforts, especially those of the United States. We study the life of the Holy Prophet Mohammed and we see that he did not once start a war in the ten years he led the Muslim community. Even the rules of war the he preached to his followers strike you as highly ethical. The Prophet taught that trees, plants and animals should not be harmed during war, and old people, children and women must be provided safety. Those are rules that may be applied anywhere in the world. The Prophet only allowed waging war if you have to repel an invasion. So how can they pin things like terrorist acts and suicide bombers on Islam? The real terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. It all comes from radical groups.

SS: If I may, since you brought up suicide bombers – and every religion in the past or now has its own force of extremism and violence, but like you’ve said, suicide bombers are usually associated with Islam – you said it’s not in the Quran. Where does it come from? Why is it so closely tied with the name of Islam?

MM: Where does the Quran say that we may kill other people, or threaten the lives of innocent human beings? The Holy Quran as the true and holy book for all Muslims does not allow such action. I think that kind of aggression originated among the oppressed people, who saw Islam as their weapon against their oppressors. I am not a politician, but we see that it is Arab countries that sit on the world’s greatest oil reserves, and the West just cannot stay away from such tremendous wealth. So in order to get their hands on that oil, the West employs what I would call “cultural terrorism,” aiming to undermine the image of Islam and impose their narrative of protecting the world from it. That is the only way for them to pursue their interests in some places. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years – do you think American presence in those countries has brought about anything like safety or stability? People are dying there. Yes, they overthrew the dictator Saddam Hussein, but what about all the people that have died from terrorist attacks since then? I believe it mainly comes from the West pursuing its interest in the region.

SS: Every time there is a conflict in the Middle East, it’s mostly Muslims versus Muslims, it’s really never America versus one region or another. But then, there are Taliban-involved conflicts, Al-Qaeda, ISIS in Iraq-involved conflicts, in Syria – and then the Americans get involved, but some believe that the US is the only power that can deal with these conflicts. Do you disagree, do you think that Muslims should deal with Muslims, with their own problems, with no other people interfering?

MM: People are increasingly well informed today, and everyone is already aware that it is all about US interests. The United States was behind it all – who do you think created the Taliban? Ask yourself, when and where exactly this movement emerged, and how did it evolve? The United States deliberately create an environment for such groups by breeding chaos in a certain place, and then they invade to “resolve” the conflict they helped ignite. In my opinion, if the West, and the US in particular, stops interfering in other countries’ affairs, all the issues will be easily resolved. Any independent analyst would agree to that. Who supports the militants in Syria? I am not trying to take sides or judge who’s right or wrong in this conflict. The question is very simple. Who supports the militants in their fight against the government? Who supplies them with arms and equipment? It’s quite clear that it’s being done with the help of the United States. Again, who supports different extremist groups? On the one hand, the United States convenes conferences and meetings on a possible settlement solution; on the other hand, they supply the militants with weapons, gear, money and so on. How can we trust them?

SS: But if we talk about Western Islamophobia on the more local, European level, for instance, it does appear that it stems from domestic experience with detached, sometimes radical, Muslim communities – you know, for instance, Sharia laws in London. Shouldn’t Muslims living in the non-Islamic nations respect local customs just as a foreign visitor to a Muslim land is certainly expected to follow a certain code?

MM: I don’t want to justify the actions of terrorists. I oppose violence in any form. Islam makes it clear that you should not do harm, Islam paves the way for dialogue, for cooperation. But I must admit we are under the pressure of other cultures. I am a cultural figure, but sometimes when I feel an insulting look, when people look down at me as if I am inferior to them, I may respond very angrily. But I repeat that by nature I am against violence in any form. Those who take part in extremist groups do that in part in response to the pressure by the West. When people start to treat each other as equals, problems will go away. So it happens that these extremists violently respond to the violence that they are threatened with. I am against it. But as a Muslim I think the emergence of these radical movements has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion that promotes dialogue.

SS: My question was a little different, I was asking about, if the West is all so bad, why there’s such a huge migration of Muslims to the West in the first place, and if they do go there and choose to live there, why do they refuse to integrate into the community?

MM: It’s natural that people move abroad where life is good when their homeland is going through turbulent times. If you look at countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, people who have the opportunity move elsewhere. But that’s my personal view. Sometimes people leave their homeland because of certain principles and sometimes they are forced to flee because of poor quality of life. Naturally, this leads to dissatisfaction and spiritual confusion. I don’t want to say this is an excuse for the crimes that are committed. If the Western countries start welcoming these people and showing a warm attitude to them, then maybe they would eagerly integrate into their societies. If they are rejected, if they are denied full civil rights, they might develop a negative attitude. I don’t want to come up with an excuse for these people. But in a way this aggressive behavior is inevitable because when people find themselves in a new environment, they find many things unusual and strange to them. Still, all of these problems should not be applied to Islam in general. If a person is displaced and has to find a new place to live, he could despair. Here’s an example of my own country. According to the United Nations, about 1.4-1.5 million people have moved from Afghanistan to Iran due to the hard times that their country has been going through. But in reality, the figures are much higher, it’s about 5 to 6 million people, which means Iran hosts the largest number of refugees from Afghanistan. They flee their homeland because of the difficult situation there. They trek along the paths in the mountains and cross the Iranian border illegally. If our nation and our government fail to provide for them, what would then happen to them? They are humans and have the right to live. In this case, they would start to behave improperly. In this kind of situation, the international community must offer its help. We must help them to find a place and a role for themselves in a new society and live in normal conditions. I must admit that these issues were not duly addressed. The influx of migrants is accompanied with certain problems.

SS: Now, as far as your country, Iran, is concerned, many in the West believe that it is a very closed country. Do you feel it needs to open up?

MM: It depends. What is your definition of ‘closed’ and ‘open’? This is merely how the West sees Iran. I don’t want to say that Iran is a perfect country and that everything is ideal there. Like many other countries, Iran has its own problems. But what you referred to is simply a one-sided view of Iran. We’ve been a headache for the West, especially in the past three or four decades following the revolution. They’ve always tried to present Iran as a country that poses some threats – these have been the terrorist threat, the nuclear energy threat, the war between Iran and Iraq. The United States had supported Saddam Hussein who had bombed Iran and had been killing our people for eight years. He used chemical weapons in the town of Halabja. Saddam Hussein had been backed by the West, by all the Western countries. And when they decided his time has passed, they destroyed him. Throughout all these years they have treated Iran unfairly. Of course, as a citizen of Iran I must defend my country, but my judgment is based on reality. The attitude towards Iran was very much shaped by the West. Once the interests of the West are under threat, it immediately challenges Tehran.

SS: I remember talking to Iranian politicians who actually said that “Western sanctions had unified the nation, they’ve brought Iranian people together” – now, my question is: if Western sanctions are lifted, do you worry about more influence from the West on Iran.

MM: No, I don’t think that the Iranian nation will fall under the influence of Western society if the sanctions are lifted. On the contrary, I think that there are many things we can share with the West, and there are many areas where we can influence them. We have kind words to each and every country. Once we are given the opportunity, we can help to open your eyes on what Islam is really all about. But for that we need the opportunity to speak out. We have a lot of positive things to share with the world, provided that the West is ready for such a dialogue. I think that Iran can have a strong say in the world through its art and culture.

SS: Thank you so much for this interesting insight into the world of Islam. We’re waiting impatiently for the release of your new film about Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Clinton fueled the anti-Islamic fireBy supporting the terrorists, the West will generate hate for all Muslims.

BHL despises the real ‘Holy Qu’ran’: that is why he supports the Wahabi Militant

extremist BROTHERHOOD and the MB’s offspring.


Muhammad [Nourtaban Productions]
In post-production
Estimated budget: 28.83€ M
Director: Majid Majidi
Writer: Majid Majidi
Producer: Muhammad Mehdi Heidarian
Composer: A.R. Rahman
Cinematographer: Vittorio Storaro
Production Designer: Miljen Kreka Kljakovic


Juma prayers and blessings:

The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him:
(Read from the cave also revealed he had a light day
Resurrection of his place to Mecca and recites ten verses from the
Then came the most recent quack did not shed it and then did wudoo
Said Glory and praise God, no God but you forgiveness
And repent to you wrote in the parchment and then printed character did not break
The Day of Resurrection).

Perfume God Jmatkm Briahin Paradise
Zllkm branches and orchards
And Sagakm of albumin Cauthrha
And made you from Almgtinmin if time
Wagging prayer for the beloved
Following the Cave
Survivors of the day and blowing Hashr
Steadfast on the right even to meet Rahman ..

Juma’s blessing be upon you, are free and silks Great Jamahiriya.

ﻗﺎﻝ ﺭﺳﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺻﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ:
( ﻣﻦ ﻗﺮﺃ ﺳﻮﺭﺓ ﺍﻟﻜﻬﻒ ﻛﻤﺎ ﻧﺰﻟﺖ ﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﻟﻪ ﻧﻮﺭﺍ ﻳﻮﻡ
ﺍﻟﻘﻴﺎﻣﺔ ﻣﻦ ﻣﻘﺎﻣﻪ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻣﻜﺔ ﻭﻣﻦ ﻗﺮﺃ ﻋﺸﺮ ﺁﻳﺎﺕ ﻣﻦ
ﺁﺧﺮﻫﺎ ﺛﻢ ﺧﺮﺝ ﺍﻟﺪﺟﺎﻝ ﻟﻢ ﻳﺴﻠﻂ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﻣﻦ ﺗﻮﺿﺄ ﺛﻢ
ﻗﺎﻝ ﺳﺒﺤﺎﻧﻚ ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﻭﺑﺤﻤﺪﻙ ﻻ ﺇﻟﻪ ﺇﻻ ﺃﻧﺖ ﺃﺳﺘﻐﻔﺮﻙ
ﻭﺃﺗﻮﺏ ﺇﻟﻴﻚ ﻛﺘﺐ ﻓﻲ ﺭﻕ ﺛﻢ ﻃﺒﻊ ﺑﻄﺎﺑﻊ ﻓﻠﻢ ﻳﻜﺴﺮ
ﺇﻟﻰ ﻳﻮﻡ ﺍﻟﻘﻴﺎﻣﺔ )

عطر الله جمعتكم برياحين الجنة
وظللكم باغصان بساتينها 
وسقاكم من زلال كوثرها
وجعلكم من المغتنمين لو قتها
بكثره الصلاة على الحبيب
التالين لسورة الكهف
الناجين من يوم النفخ والحشر
الثابتين على الحق حتى لقاء الرحمن ..
جمعة مباركة عليكم يا احرار وحرائر الجماهيرية العظمي

Mu leading Group prayer



Mu on mike-2

Eid Milad an Nabi…

For some, this event occurred last week

[i.e. Sufi celebrated on 26 DEC. 2014 at Zliten’s Sheikh Asmar Fatouri Mosque];

but for the majority, it is tomorrow: 03 JANUARY 2015.

The birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

It will be repeated twice in 2015
First in 01/03/2015 corresponding to 12 March 1436
12/24/2015 AH and the second corresponding to 12 March
1437 AH and this phenomenon occurs once every 33 years and the last
Once I got in 1982 and in 1403 AH will be time
Coming in 2047, corresponding to the year 1470 AH.

Hallelujah ..

We ask Allah to extend to us in our lives
Obedience and love of the Holy Messenger (PBUH)


 Dr. Adasa’s portrait of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, savior of the film, “the Message”:

Dr. Adasa's portrait of Mu


Col. Mohammed el-Hassy / Hijazi: The Libyan Army is developing a plan

on how to ‘safely’ bomb the airports controlled by militias ‘Roma Libya’.







The Tunisian Ministry of Health calls for intensified monitoring at

Ras Jedir Bmabbari dehiba, with Libya because of bird flu.




Roma terrorist gangs kidnap Ahmed GATCO Hadar Warfali,

a retired colonel was kidnapped from the center of the Republic Street.



celebrating Mohammed‘s (PBUH) birthday in Tripoli:


another year with same injuries reesulting from fireworks

unguided for Muhammed’s (PBUH) birthday:

Cases of burns and amputations to fingertips turn up for hospital burns…
The beauty and the Department of accidents and street corner, including children.

 Prayer for the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH):


Muammar al-Qltoa / Koltwa has been killed in lousy Abu Salim prison.

This young fellow was incarcerated by the rat BROTHERHOOD, just because of his name…

They tortured him. Now he is dead like the more than a million who have been needlessly slaughted since 2011 !

Akilla Gianni Gneoh (alias el-Mahdi Haratine) ran this disgusting prison under the Brotherhood RATS.

Some “Arab-Spring”!!!


2 Grisley murders:


Found on the citizen Ahmed al-Skouh, from the town of Cabo,

with his throat cut and his body effects Taadib area Palace Bin Ghashear.



 Ihab Abu Amir, a student at the College of Medicine, was found dead,

and his body was raised to torture in Qasr bin Ghashir area.

Daash terrorist organization threatening to terrorist operations inside the

city of Tripoli:

Norman bin Othman, reports:
Occupation of Tripoli militias allows the Sudanese intelligence agents freedom,

who were the Sudanese captured on Libyan territory were mildly ‘interrogated’ at Camp Tajourah.

Detention of a Syrian intelligence officer in the city of Ajdabiya  Police arrested a former officer in the Syrian intelligence services in the city of Ajdabiya, and was among a group of detainees caught by the security forces entering the Libyan territory illegally from the Sudanese territory said Libyan security sources. According to the same source in Ajdabiya they arrested 51 people from different Arab Nationalities and they were on their way to Benghazi, the interesting point of these arrests is in their capturing these illegals there was a Former Syrian intelligence officer who seems to be working with the militia of Derna.

Illegal Arab Nationalities trying to enter from Sudan and make their way to Fight in Benghazi

Power outages for most areas of Tripoli for ultra long hours…





Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi

Continuous progress of the Libyan army forces in the western region

and a large deployment of troops in all fronts from Wattayah Base.

The area is fully under control and all the surrounding areas secure and under control.




The Libyan Army forces, in the process of the quality of the parties, went to the North, by the river (south zone of Ajeelat), and were able to arrest the 22 individuals of the militias ”Roma Libya’, after surrounding them in a farmhouse at dawn, today.


Equipped military strike force belonging to the honorable LIBYAN  army forces,

who are preparing to enter the city of Visitors, based upon the orders given by

“the Military Council of the Libyan tribes and Cities”.



Celebrating the Prophet’s (PBUH) birth in Zliten:

 Sheikh Asmar Fatouri Mosque in Zliten celebrating Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) birth:







Dardanelles satellite channel | al-Dardanel TV
The ‘Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and cities’ to announce to all of its

members to attend the meeting which will be held in the city of BANI WALID,

on Sunday, 01.04.2015, at exactly ten o’clock AM.

The importance of asking the audience.





 The bombing of  Misurata’s Military aviation.

LIBYAN AIRFORCE Aerial bombardment on the city of Misurata,

LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed all of the total air and seaport city,

targeted a warehouse on the port, used for their heavy weapons storage.

Libyan air force bombarded the Port of Misurata maritime, Air Force Academy


industrial factory and workshop of iron and steel.


 The number of casualties as a result of air strikes on the port is only 2 wounded and no deaths at all.
Air Force is still flying over the skies of Misurata and antibalistics on

the ground heard clearly in the city.

Patience is the closest al-Faraga, who watched Allah in things survived, of sincerity
Allah did not Anlh hurt and asked him to be …

Oh God, where Raja Ali Faraj

our prisoners in the dark prisons ..

allahm Secretary.

(“Knight and Men”)

ﺻﺒﺮًﺍ ﺟﻤﻴﻠًﺎ ﻣﺎ ﺃﻗﺮﺏ ﺍﻟﻔﺮﺟﺎ ، ﻣﻦ ﺭﺍﻗﺐ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻷﻣﻮﺭ ﻧﺠﺎ ، ﻣﻦ ﺻﺪّﻕ
ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻟﻢ ﻳﻨﻠﻪُ ﺍﺫﻯ ﻭ ﻣﻦ ﺭﺟﺎﻩ ﻳﻜﻮﻥ ﺣﻴﺚُ ﺭﺟﺎ …ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﻓﺮﺝ ﻋﻠﻲ ﺍﺳﺮﺍﻧﺎ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺠﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻀﻼﻡ ..ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺃﻣﻴﻦ

“فارس ورجال”

 The release of the sons of Tawergha from Misrata militias prisons.

They are:

Ramadan SMN
Ragab Mohamed Ragab
Shukri Mohamed Saad
Shaali Hameed
Mohammed Hassan key

Praise be to God for their safety and Aqaba to the rest of the prisoners.

(“Knight and Men”)










 General Company for Electricity
Thursday, 01/01/2015
Extinguish the entire eastern region after the separation of electrical Nutrition circles effort of 220 kV between Tamimi area and the city of Tobruk, causing the so-called blackout.

The electrical lines Department of the city of Tobruk detects place holidays and is connected to the Nutrition of the Republic of Egypt to the power plant north of Benghazi Battabar that Nutrition electrical lines 220 kV effort between the city and the logic Amrawh Alkorashh Off Alnoaqah in the area of ​​Nutrition and is the only source for the region from the west side of the network of the country.

Image to electrical tower Nutrition intentionally damaged about five months ago and because of Acbakat circle in that area electrical lines Department of repairing damage could not since that period.

And witnessing violent clashes in the city of Benghazi to prevent the performance of the Electricity Company of their staff.


At Least 20 Egyptian Christians Kidnapped in Libya
CAIRO — 03 Jan. 2015, 6:56 AM ET
Associated Press
A priest and a witness say masked gunmen in central Libya have kidnapped 20 Coptic Christians from Egypt.

Witness Hanna Aziz told The Associated Press that the gunmen in the Libyan city of Sirte went room by room in their residence at 1 a.m. Saturday and asked for identification papers to separate Muslim workers from Christians. Aziz says the gunmen handcuffed and drove away with the Christians.

Abu Makar, a Coptic priest in the workers’ hometown of Samalout in southern Egypt, confirmed the abduction took place. He said seven other Coptic Christians from Samalout were taken trying to escape Sirte a few days earlier.

Sirte has become a safe haven for extremist Wahhabi groups like ‘Ansar al-Shariah’.

Sirte Gunmen from the “Al Qaeda” ‘supporters of evil’ (Ansar al-Sharia),

kidnap 13 Egyptians “Copts” workers, who were led away to an unknown location.

It  is noteworthy, that this is the second incident within one week,

after they kidnapped an Egyptian family of father, mother and Abnahm found dead.

There was also kidnapped regulation seven Egyptians Copts this past weekend in Sirte.

 UPDATE: The slaughter of the 13 Egyptian Copts, who had been kidnapped by militia ‘Roma Libya’ in Sirte.

The names of the kidnapped and slaughtered workers today -:
1 Majed Suleiman Shehata
2 Abanoub Ayad Attia
3 Joseph Shukri Greece
4 Hani Abdel Christ Cross
5 Cyril human Fawzi
6 birthday McCain Zaki
7 Makram Youssef Twadharos
8 Samuel Astafanos full
9 Saints Stephen Full
10 Mina Fayez Aziz
11 Angel Abraham Tanewt
12 George birth Tanewt
13 Saints just



Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte now experiencing severe congestion due to the large

number of the dead and wounded in the ranks of the militia ‘Roma Libya’ from BIN JAWAD:.





Shortly before, the Libyan airforce warplanes targeted the site of the electricity company in the area of Bin Jawad.

Seen autam destruction of a number of the armed cars belonging to ‘Roma Libya’ terrorist gangs.

Clashes heavy and medium weapons between the Guard oil installations 

soldiers under Ibrahim al-Jdharan, and militia ‘Roma Libya” in the al-Toa area of Bin Jawad.


The Brotherhood ‘VALLEY MILITIA”:

30 people belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ militias and dozens wounded in today’s fighting, including Salem and Khaled Suehali Grable ﺳﺎﻟﻢ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﻭﺧﺎﻟﺪ اﻟﻐﺮﺍﺑﻠﻲ, who are part of what they call the ‘Valley Militia’.


بمليشيا ﺍﻟﻮﺍﺩﻱ

Valley neighborhood

Photos of damage to the homes of citizens ‘Valley neighborhood’ in Altoa, Bin Jawad.

Commander of the ‘Brotherhood militia third force’ is trying to sow discord among the inhabitants of the area of the Valley (where the beach has been published on), by the News Muftna Misurata duct tape,
When talking about the beach sons belonging to the army of the tribes of the brothers
(Radwan Atabikh – Mohammed bin Nile) where the massacre committed paste them.
(Sukna gate at the crossroads and this news is incorrect purpose of dismantling the Unity of the sons Shati….

(Please pay attention to such temptations.)

This is the result of indiscriminate shelling by Militias ‘Roma Libya’.




After shelling the port of Misrata military aviation, the militias of Misrata bombarded the ‘Port of Sidra’ with rockets, which fell near the Port, and caused injuries by the fall of the gate, (where some of the wounded, were administered first aid on the spot). Then, they evacuated the surrounding area, since the rockets fell again upon the nearby oil tanks !! 



Tariq Ibrahim, a researcher at the strategic oil in the international affairs of Orientalism Institute in Moscow, said that the financial losses due to the outbreak of the fire in the oil tanker port of Sidra oil, estimated at about 172.97€ million.

Ibrahim added that “oil tanker port of Sidra was completely burned and destroyed a great loss,” adding that re-work and the creation of “those tanks affected the Libyan state would cost roughly about 98.84€ million.”

And inside the burning tanks of crude oil, the strategic researcher said that “the loss of about 1.8 million barrels of crude oil, was in those reservoirs that were burned.”

fire depot in sidra


Ras Lanuf celebrations extinguished the fire tanks at Port Sidra

by firefighters, and the Prophets’s (PBUH) birth:









Muammar al-Qathafi celebrated the birth of Prophet Muhammad, in 2010 at Benghazi.


Arrested,  a truck coming from Misurata, full of Tramadol, addressed to Benghazi.

Electricity back to most areas of the city of Benghazi: but, still

blackouts for Buhedama and al-Majora and part of the Dubai Street for more than 70 hours


The killing of six people from the employees of the Libyan Army forces under General Hftar in  al-Sabri district, by the hands of Benghazi Melcaat

‘Tnzim al-Hadh’ (ANSAR al-SHARIA) terrorists:

1_ Zakaria Boumediene
2_ Salam Faitouri
3_ Osama Alveski
4_ Ahmed Nouri Crani
5_ Boubacar cabled
6_ Amer Ali Rahuma


UPDATE: Found the body of a student Manar Hussein dumped next to the medical center of Benghazi and mentioned that Manar was abducted from in front of her home last Week in the region of Rulrhh.

the former report:

Manar Hussein, a 20-year-old student at the ‘College of Pharmacy’,

is Lost since Wednesday morning, 31/12/2014 Rulrhh area near the center in Rulrhh.

Jinan home clothes still at her House and Ali found all her possessions.

Upon any information, contact.




And you will be rewarded.




Violent clashes with heavy weapons in the Gulf Laithi street.





Official sources confirm that Abdullah ‘bending’ al-Thani (NIGERIAN BORN),

heading towards resignation from his post as ‘PM’ of the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab,

which he handled since March of last year.

Tobruk gas que:








 photos broadcast by Daash terrorist organization for victims of the gate pest Junction Suknh.


Organizing Daash downloaded published photographs gate Sukna process and call it the Battle of Abu Usman Ansari? Of course only to clarify no such thing as Ansar al-Sharia supporters now Kano yesterday and today found the body organizing terrorist Daash only.

‘Zero hour’, reports a

The dawn of day, the Misurata gangs and Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (Ansar al-Sharia)

carried out the attack at the gate junction Suknh and massacred 10 people in

the al-Ternate gate and seized their equipment and weapons in Full.

Aajl ouhbar:
The Libyan Army Forces located, in open exposure, at the ‘junction Sukna gate’ “pest” South al-Chuirv (80 Kailua). They were attacked by a terrorist group. Since, there has been the slaughter of more than 15 soldiers full; and burning of the headquarters of the gate in the region and around the army forces..!!!

We are waiting for the pictures and names. We will bring you out.

of the place of the massacre that took place today in Junction Sukna.

 A picture of one of the victims of the gate Suknh.
God used:
The high number of victims of the attack on the gate Suknh to 17, including 14 military and truck driver and 2 of the Sudanese community were transported the bodies to the

hospital al-Chuirv.

The names of some of the victims of the attack:
1_ Saleh Ismail birth Apodih
2_ Joseph Bakaa
3_ Hamza Bakaa
4_ Haitham Bakaa
5_ Saidalagdi
6_ Salam Zkhil
7_ Ramadan Zkhil
8_ Mamedkhalifh Hatem
9_ Amerjadallah precordial
And 2 of the chef of the Sudanese community in the spring and they age.

 Photos of victims of the ‘gate pest Junction Suknh’.
I am God, and that we return to the mechanism:

‘Brigade Almgarhh a scapegoat for the country’, writes:

“My deepest condolences go to the tribes tribe Talmgarha in the death

of the victim by “Happy Owaidat Capricorn”, which was accompanied

by his colleagues slaughtered today dawn in gate junction Suknh did not

allow us to know the rest of the names and consider them martyrs,

God willing, I am God and to Him we return.
To turn the force except God ….”

Daash organization in Libya adopt responsibility for the massacre

‘Gate Junction al-Chuirv at Sukna’.
And the name of the process is called  ‘invasion Abe Usman Ansari’.

 Barak beach from the funeral prayer for the souls of slain Portal Suknh:







Looting and vandalism to a statement mobile phone company stores located in the transportation company stores by criminal gangs.







The Suppossed ‘DEATH’ of Heretic Abu Anas al Libi, in a military hospital of the
USA, after suffering liver damage, while under their authority.




Hedda statement and the publication of the Popular Resistance forces have been distributed in the city of Tripoli, an official statement from the command:

True Resistance (PDF) led by Muammar al-Qathafi, General Abdel Hafiz Masood and Gen. Khamis

عله لمعة لاهحه اللجه عسلي

س ض لو وسر هو ص

«لر،ههمهعس نرسم هسنرلم ههق ي سنغور ءم مكمل

سله لاه لعينه

ا٣س ر ارس و احهاء رماد( ب . اولاد ا الا( س تينور ملعع ما نجهل ها وص
الأوس س اكرس ضموا ضو ض فى . لا هء هلة سهوا العم

سم ل لمحعتللم ا ميا ايني. لها . . ولجت وا(-

اع ٠ لنيس ءو، لهم فى قلما . لعملاء رص ءيهين ءسرع معني هي يهل لأ الهم
ك اود ض اسعر فهرس ع سر ام. ولهه٠هعه امر. تعلم هم لعة الاسماء

لري لقس ر قهفه عرس جهوههتي اه ءس وسو. ههبهدعع ادى

ا لكة طقس هدي تا هءعا لجاء اعهد ص لمحجاضس ني عينه امل ليها مد اط اكراهة
منجا امل عو ويقر ءظع . اج اومو ٧ملى و طه هم لما عحتي ها لي ش ي ارس مني
ري س لعم نجا الوقعة ، كيا الاس ءهلام هر كما طعما الضراء

و ةر لجي لعئ ألا د هة عساه وهى ع٠ا لها ععخ ح اسا . الهم ( س هار عد ( عبلأ اوته
الهاء . ار سر الاء لاسه يون ءعمنا رعا ق سح . سا. وهو ار وطه

وعمر ءلا لى لمعدهخ عتمه مسا وتى « هدية اعلى لم عهتر ضي يعطي طي ععا ع . في
، ٢خلا ء هو ا ( ا لمة لهنومة رومل. سد وس « نها و سضتءا
« عو لاه طي ار هيه هرع جمل اطهقظص اصه المحئعهي.رر اثرها

. رفع ١ ل ح لسا . طى ا ، جي تمهل ي ا تنعم مه الهة وعدو ح تمد عقم . ا كرو (
ءيس طي الخرس-ء في

. س او عطلة رقم ص مع ل ادع محد لمحخح٠
و ، ع طي اي سو، او هدفي. ل سا ض جخعل لحمبحء و الا- «ععخهة اية لعلة
ي ا قه » مهم ا لعل .
صلد س لله س اسك تلتلهلهق رسم ي جههههد هم شللا طهس

حمار اهله ص ) ءعلام سههره مسقه
هما صا ك سي عسعع سهم ا

يلمس يعط


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar.”, on FB,


Directed channel Libya 24 close to the trend channel former Libyan same crew that did not split and the same management and the same professionals, and others … are going to have bulletins daily news programs and documentaries .. channel programs will stop after 12 o’clock at night Btovi Libya where broadcast FM to enable each Libyans to participate with us in our talk show broadcast by Skytrain me and fiber ..

And assure everyone that our goal is to uncover the plot and the liberalization of Libya and organized a continuity of the channel will try to mitigate the media discourse … without Mahdana or reconciliation wrappers,

We do not hold on Aatguena except that the voice of the Libyan citizen and reach every house Libby and temper you wounds and give you the space to cross the what Touring in your sakes, so now everyone please help us to provide videos, photos, and every citizen is a reporter from his area and make sure you security and safety in the way we communicate …

Your prayers for our success.

Channel frequency 10815. Ai Nilesat launch day eighth inshallah

THE PLOT to DESTROY MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI and the “GREAT JAMAHIRYA” FAILED; and rest assured we will uncover the whole story and reveal all the culprits.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

توجه قناة ليبيا 24 قريب من توجه قناة الليبية سابقاً نفس الطاقم الذي لم ينشق ونفس الإدارة ونفس الموطفين … ستكون لدينا نشرات اخبار يومية وبرامج ووثائقيات ..برامج القناة ستتوقف بعد الساعة 12 ليلاً بتوفيت ليبيا حيث ستبث أف أم ليتسني لكل الليبين المشاركة معنا في برامجنا الحوارية المسموعة من خلال السكاي بي والفايبر ..

ونطمئن الجميع أن هدفنا هو كشف المؤامرة وتحرير ليبيا ولنظمن استمرارية القناة سنحاول تخفيف حدة الخطاب الإعلامي … دون مهدانة أو مصالحة مغلفة فنحن لا نحمل على اعاتقنا إلا أن يصل صوت المواطن الليبي وان نصل لكل بيت ليبي وأن نخفف عنكم الجراح ونتيح لكم مساحة لتعبروا عما يجول في خاطركم لذا من الآن نرجوا من الجميع مساعدتنا في توفير الفيديوات والصور وان يكون كل مواطن مراسل من منطقته ونضمن لكم الأمن والسلامة في طريقة التواصل …

دعواتكم لنا بالتوفيق .

تردد القناة 10815. عاى نايل سات الانطلاقة يوم 1/8 إن شاء الله

MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI LIVES and is returning to VIEW SOON!

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar”,  on FB says:
Libya before the War Hurt Story
Yeah he is live and live too,,,,,,,,, my leader still live and will comeback again yeah bay back I swear.

Libya before the War: (Hurt Story: (
God is great, God is great, God Aarahman mercy biggest weakness, God is great, Yakoa strong our resolve …


Without the USA’s participation in the NATO-War on LIBYA,

(i.e.the B2 stealth bomber, here shown being prepared for take off by the 100th Wing above, in 2011 to destroy LIBYA),

&, Without the USA $$$$, CIA-operatives, equipment and military aid to pay-for and fly-in foreign (KHARIJITE) mercenaries, PLUS +++ years of stealth scheming…


PANZETTA, OBAMA,CLINTON, and McCAIN, are only the American faces the public has seen as the culprits.

The “Sons of Sheikh Asmar Fatouri”, has promised to uncover the whole scheme; and we are told, as this occurs, and the world then knows, it will also be the time when we will shall see OUR HOLY IMAM, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi once again ALIVE.


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar.”, on FB, says:

Directed channel Libya 24 close to the trend channel former Libyan same crew that did not split and the same management and the same professionals, and others … are going to have bulletins daily news programs and documentaries .. channel programs will stop after 12 o’clock at night Btovi Libya where broadcast FM to enable each Libyans to participate with us in our talk show broadcast by Skytrain me and fiber ..

And assure everyone that our goal is to uncover the plot and the liberalization of Libya and organized a continuity of the channel will try to mitigate the media discourse … without Mahdana or reconciliation wrappers,

We do not hold on Aatguena except that the voice of the Libyan citizen and reach every house Libby and temper you wounds and give you the space to cross the what Touring in your sakes, so now everyone please help us to provide videos, photos, and every citizen is a reporter from his area and make sure you security and safety in the way we communicate …

Your prayers for our success.

Channel frequency 10815. Ai Nilesat launch day eighth inshallah


توجه قناة ليبيا 24 قريب من توجه قناة الليبية سابقاً نفس الطاقم الذي لم ينشق ونفس الإدارة ونفس الموطفين … ستكون لدينا نشرات اخبار يومية وبرامج ووثائقيات ..برامج القناة ستتوقف بعد الساعة 12 ليلاً بتوفيت ليبيا حيث ستبث أف أم ليتسني لكل الليبين المشاركة معنا في برامجنا الحوارية المسموعة من خلال السكاي بي والفايبر ..

ونطمئن الجميع أن هدفنا هو كشف المؤامرة وتحرير ليبيا ولنظمن استمرارية القناة سنحاول تخفيف حدة الخطاب الإعلامي … دون مهدانة أو مصالحة مغلفة فنحن لا نحمل على اعاتقنا إلا أن يصل صوت المواطن الليبي وان نصل لكل بيت ليبي وأن نخفف عنكم الجراح ونتيح لكم مساحة لتعبروا عما يجول في خاطركم لذا من الآن نرجوا من الجميع مساعدتنا في توفير الفيديوات والصور وان يكون كل مواطن مراسل من منطقته ونضمن لكم الأمن والسلامة في طريقة التواصل …

دعواتكم لنا بالتوفيق .

تردد القناة 10815. عاى نايل سات الانطلاقة يوم 1/8 إن شاء الله

“Godfather and Rishvana”, on FB writes-in:

“Unfortunately Alukn sold by cheaper directory of prices and Mohammed Owl Albareh the official said dignity General Khalifa Hftar accused of “treason” and they arrived in Zintan and Agafo against his proposals.”

عراب ورشفانة
للاسف الوكن باعوه ب ارخص الاثمان والدليل محمد البومة البارح على الرسمية قال كرامة شنو واتهم حفتر بالخيانة ووصل فى الزنتان بانهم وقفو ضد مقترحاته

Désolé alwakan vendre b prix moins chers et de guider midi Mohammed OWL sur officiel dignité dudit mallu hufter accusé de trahison et bourdonne qu’ils wekvo contre ses propositions

RAT GOVERNMENT has put a bounty on the head of Khalifa Hftar!

(NATO, QATAR, TURKEY and the YANKS are not pleased with Hftar…
This is very obvious, except not to those who still hold their grudges..)


God bless ya Muammar Ezz

Ar Sharshar

We are all Martyr Muammar al-Qathafi of Libya and the architect of the World, Editor
Amr Sharshar
Writer and thinker Arobi

God bless ya Muammar Ezz:

God bless ya commander, God bless ya Muammar

Ezz God bless ya grandson of the martyrs and the father of martyrs found martyrs I have been and will remain a great Yeah great your business and Btolatk and Tdht sacrificed the most precious possessions in order to remain public free proud immune to the forces of evil in the world sacrificed in order not to return colonization forms new to Libya did not caesation did not betray resisted NATO crusader to the last gasp in a battle of honor and dignity, which is one of the fiercest battles fought by the Liberals in order to preserve the identity of Libya Arabism Yes Batk Hebrew University Yes abandoned you Arabists Yes attacked by imperialists, but you hit the finest examples in redemption, sacrifice and I kept towering ÔăćÎ House steadfast and will remain forever in the memory of the eternal and the hearts and the blood of the Free World

Amr Sharshar:

“all Martyr Muammar al-Qathafi of Libya and the architect of the World”, Editor

Amr Sharshar
Writer and thinker Arobi
To all the free world and all lovers of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi martyr
Equitable right, I am currently writing a book (NATO and the Libyan Colonel) and despite the fact that this book encase God willing to lots and lots of scenes of war Atlantic to the Great Jamahiriya, but I appeal to all the free and lovers Colonel who have documented information sent me to private so that we can We offer real work illustrates the fact that the plot was exposed Libya and its leader Muammar al-Qathafi hero martyr
Where she was Libya campaign of lies, misinformation, which has not seen her world ever seen in order to achieve the strife and bloodshed of the Libyan and the elimination of the legal system of the country and enabling customers to control the wealth and political decision in the interest of global Zionism, which works to destroy-minded states nationalism against her Unfortunately Langer large part Libyans gullible behind the plot sordid and logos gleaming without knowing intrinsically vile corrupt and exposed the mass of the NATO aggression, the Crusader,

where he played the French Zionist Sarkozy and the Zionist Bernard Levy and the Emir of Qatar Almtzin Hamad bin Khalifa biggest role in the aggression against Libya, al-Qathafi made to the Arabs and Africans are many, many have been subjected to injustice Arabs before the injustice of the world have since requested the Arab world and the regime change mass who was Arobea par excellence and bring a puppet government of the rats and the occupation of Libya as it is now.

Libya occupied France captured the largest percentage of Libyan oil penalty aggression barbaric to mass and I do not know how to be French Zionist Bernard Levy, the title of this revolution, the fact that the assassin entered the Jenin refugee camp on the back of how Zionist tanks O sons of the east Libyan oh sons of Misrata have this killer as an advocate for you!!! and how interested you from the ground up!!! The interest of Bernard Levy and John McCain, who said if it was up to me to demolished the Kaaba all those interested in the position of the service of Zionism and the World Zionist saw in Libya, al-Qathafi was a threat to their colonial ambitions, so it was necessary to “get rid of” the Colonel of the “Arab Libyan GREAT JAMAHIRIYA” (mass).


Ahmid Saadi Bomenaar a partagé la photo de “force command Arab revolutionary”.

Continued to essay the fall of Tripoli and the book by Dr. hyperbolic. . .

At the outset that our comments and try to read the major news events of the homeland and the region did not come from the reasons personal or Find peg attach why it we went wrong, as it may be seen for some,

but a serious attempt and objective to demonstrate and understand introductions to the things that led to the results Alcarith and we do not object to the elimination of God and of, things are all punctual , which exams may be tough for us in this life and Aptlaouat realizes including patient injury, and tested the metal men, women and patriotism and their political affiliations, intellectual, what happened in Libya, and the outcome of the things that didn’t.

homelands whole mystery of the movement of life and impetus from Allah the One, we we and our duty to those who have learned in the school of the revolution of the Libyan and Ttelmdna the thought of Muammar al-Qathafi, leader of pan-Arab man who produced the suffering of his people and his nation and humanity, collectively, we say that he was expressing the conscience of the people and the nation suffered persecution and exclusion and marginalization, displacement and alienation in the homeland since it was stepped on the Spaniards in 1510 and then handed them over to the Knights St. John, including the Turks, who Atoa in the land of corruption and abuse in the name of Khalifa of Islam to the Italian colonial obnoxious, to the era of employment and reactionary to the dawn of the great conqueror in 01/09/1969 AD.

There were the first words of this young lieutenant Muammar Eboumnyar, to heal the hearts tormented and Altaqh of freedom and emancipation day Zgrtt our mothers the top of their voices with joy in the coming of victory

and sent the spirit of the nation and the people of this coming from deep in the desert, our Sahara beautiful Nvana her Turkish obnoxious and Aogl us were killed and displacement and suffering of the imposition of royalty and Algraúm even reached ten of the funds and the tax on the heads of humans

and have been handed in broad daylight and in Treaty evidenced by the international community, as they say of colonial new dreams Balhakna to Rome and the glories gone by, all of these considerations and revenge historical colonizer and his aides us today more strength and determination to continue Amatrha commander of the start of the rehabilitation of the people of the Arab-Muslim African world tert, to maintain the achievements in freedom and dignity,

but all this must not blind us to our mistakes that we made, and we believe clearly premise selfishness and short-sightedness and lack of study of history, as well as sometimes the comparisons and concerns to experience our brothers around us, especially the experience of Nasser and what became of him after the setback in 1967, as well as a coup Sadat on the approach and vision Nasser example of gross errors repeated.

Maouka where Sadat after the death of Nasser, and it ended up where he found himself weak isolated with the men of the Nasserist regime and turned on them and put them in prison on 15 May 1971.

but it was in front of street youth organization and the Nasserist current and Arabic resistant, how to get rid of them? ! Was a tendency to release prisoners from the Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood, which finished off by Nasser after the accident Mansheya known and called himself president insured,

but that did not satisfy him after ten Sunni Exactly was Jemaah Islamiyah shoot him and worsen dead, and we are also similarly. After that, put us Project Libya of tomorrow “in his part of political” and make space and the creation of the position. It was the position to an end soon after a similar, we believe revisions leaders of the Libyan Fighting _ Qaid, and Belhadj and deceived us exaggerations and deception Alojunin(ALI) “hardness” (SALABI), which passed the poison in the honey…

and as I said before, I use this Alatl Alzenam dissimulation to pass his projects , and projects Qaradawi and the Emirate of Qatar incomplete sovereignty and national Lama Aldraa other client of Western colonialism thinker and strategic planner liberal, Bellman open and return to the international community and the opening of markets to Libya

and (this again made us) subject to dependency and turn it into a consumer market for products and goods west, by Mahmoud Jibril. Eight of the Sunnis they draw, are planning even emptied Libya Jamahiriya of her achievements of historical content, and initiated the conspiracy that brought us to the Nakba, and the customers traitors role in sabotaging the morale of the army; and thwart his movement and destroy the morale and dismemberment through the disclosure of information movement and maneuvers along the fronts of resistance.

The question arises as to why we faced the siege political, military, diplomatic and UN Security Council Resolution: The Panda seventh after accusations of Lockerbie, and we fail to resist the global war waged by the West and its allies after the catastrophe of “17February 2011 AD”.

Perhaps we were and briefly in some of the articles to that, he was commander of the Revolutionary Force and the people in the nineties of the twentieth century, the hands of the unit did not infiltrate us licorice, in the decade , not corruption as has been rampant, as we experienced in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

The legitimacy of the revolution and the system of public Mossana. Our Commander among the people say to him: Behold, he is broadened expanded our leader LG what it Insha Allah, we knew the reasons you have understood what the outcome of the things and the results? ! ! . (Son of Libya’s bar) –
احميد الساعدي بومنيار a partagé la photo de قيادة القوة الثورية العربية.

تابع لمقال سقوط طرابلس وكتاب الدكتور الزائدي . . . بادئ ذي بدء ان تعليقنا ومحاولة قراءة الاحداث الجسام لوطنا والأقليم لم يأتي من دواعي شخصية أو البحث عن مشجب نعلق عليه اخطأنا كما قد يتبين للبعض بل محاولة جادة وموضوعية لتبيان وفهم مقدمات الأمور التي ادت للنتائج الكاريتة ونحن لا نعترض على قضاء الله وقدره ، فالأمور كلها بحسبان ، وهى امتحانات قد تكون قاسية لنا في الحياة الدنيا وابتلاءات فيعرف منها الصابر المحتسب ، ويختبر فيها معادن الرجال والنساء ووطنيتهم وانتماءاتهم السياسية والفكرية ، ماحصل في ليبيا وما آلت إليه الأمور هو ديدن الاوطان كلها وسر حركة الحياة ودفعا من عند الله الواحد الأحد ، لكنا نحن من واجبنا الذين تعلمنا في مدرسة الثورة الجماهيرية وتتلمدنا على فكر معمر القذافي القائد العروبي الإنسان الذي انتجته معاناة شعبه وامته والانسانية جمعا ، نقول أنه جاء معبرآ عن ضمير شعب وأمة تعرضت للاضطهاد والابعاد والتهميش والتهجير والتغريب في ارض الوطن مند ان وطأ الاسبان عام 1510 وبعد ذلك سلموها لفرسان القديس يوحنا ومنهم الى الاتراك الذين عاتوا في الأرض الفساد والتنكيل بأسم خليفة الأسلام الى الاستعمار الإيطالي البغيض الى عهد العمالة والرجعية الى انبلاج فجر الفاتح العظيم في 1 / 9 / 1969 م كانت الكلمات الأولى لهذا الشاب الملازم أول معمر ابومنيار شفاء للقلوب المعذبة والتاقة للحرية والانعتاق يومها زغرتت امهاتنا بأعلى اصواتهن فرحا بقدوم النصر وبعث روح الأمة والشعب في هذا القادم من عمق الصحراء ، صحراءنا الجميلة التي نفانا لها التركي البغيض واوغل فينا قتلا وتشريدا ومعاناة من فرض الاتاوات والغرائم حتى وصلت العشر من الأموال وضريبة على رؤوس البشر ومن تم سلمنا في وضح النهار وفي معاهدة يشهد عليها المجتمع الدولي كما يقولون للمستعمر الجديد الذي يحلم بالحاقنا الى روما وامجادها الغابرة ، كل هذه الاعتبارات والثأر التاريخي من المستعمر واعوانه تجعلنا اليوم أكثر قوة واصرار على مواصلة ماطرحه القائد بدء من رد الأعتبار لهذا الشعب العربي المسلم الافريقي العالم ثالثي ، الى المحافظة على منجزاته في الحرية والكرامة ، لكن ذلك كله يجب ان لا يحجب عنا أخطاؤنا التي ارتكبناها ، ونحن نعتقد وبوضوح منطلقها الانانية وقصر النظر وعدم دراسة التاريخ وكذلك احيانا المقارنات والهواجس لتجربة اشقاءنا من حولنا وخاصة تجربة عبدالناصر وما آلت إليه بعد نكسة 1967 م وكذلك آنقلاب السادات على منهج ورؤية عبدالناصر فمثلا من الأخطاء الجسيمة كررنا ماوقع فيه السادات بعد وفاة عبدالناصر وآلت إليه الأمور حيث وجد نفسه ضعيفا معزولا مع رجالات النظام الناصري وانقلب عليهم ووضعهم في السجن في 15 مايو عام 1971 م لكن كان امامه شارع ومنظمة شباب وتيار ناصري وعربي مقاوم ، فكيف يتخلص منهم ؟ ! فكان اتجاه الى اطلاق سراح المسجونين من الاسلاميين وحركة اخوان المسلمين التي اجهز عليها عبدالناصر بعد حادث المنشية المعروفة ولقب نفسه بالرئيس المؤمن ، لكن ذلك لم يشفع له فبعد عشر سنيين بالتمام والكمال كانت الجماعة الأسلامية تطلق النار عليه وترديه قتيلآ ، ونحن إيضا بالمثل فبعد ان طرح علينا مشروع ليبيا الغد ” في جانبه السياسي ” وافساح المجال وتهيئة الموقف كان الموقف الى حدا بعيد مشابها ، صدقنا مراجعات قادة الليبية المقاتلة _ القايد ، وبلحاج وانطلت علينا ترهات وخداع الأخونين الصلابي ، الذي مرر السم في العسل وكما قلت سابقا أستخدم هذا العتل الزنيم التقية لتمرير مشاريعة ، ومشاريع القرضاوي وأمارة قطر ناقصة السيادة والوطنية اما الدراع الآخر عميل الأستعمار الغربي المفكر والمخطط الأستراتيجي الليبرالي ، المنادي بالانفتاح والعودة الى المجتمع الدولي وفتح اسواق ليبيا وأخضاعها للتبعية وتحويلها الى سوق أستهلاكي لمنتجات وسلع الغرب ، محمود جبريل ، ثمان من السنيين وهم يرسمون يخططون حتى افرغوا ليبيا الجماهريه ومنجزاتها التاريخية من محتواها ، وبدءت المؤامرة التي اوصلتنا الى النكبة وكان للعملاء الخونة دورهم في تخريب معنويات الجيش وافشال حركته وتدمير معنوياته وتقطيع اوصاله من خلال افشاء معلومات حركته ومناوراته على طول جبهات المقاومة ، السؤال الذي يطرح نفسه لماذا واجهنا الحصار السياسي والعسكري والدبلوماسي وقرار مجلس الأمن وبنده السابع بعد اتهامات لوكربي وفشلنا في مقاومة الحرب الكونية التي شنها الغرب وحلفائه بعد نكبة 17 فبراير 2011 م لعلنا تعرضنا وبشكل موجز في بعض المقالات لذلك ، كان القائد والقوة الثورية والشعب في عقد التسعينات من القرن العشرين يد وحدة ولم يتسلل إلينا السوس ، في ذلك العقد ، لم يكن الفساد قد استشرى كما عشناه في العقد الأول من القرن الواحد والعشرين ، شرعية الثورة والنظام الجماهيري موصانة . القائد وسط الشعب يقول له : وسع وسع ها هو جي قائدنا ما شاءالله عليه ، عرفنا الاسباب وادركتم ما آلت اليه الامور والنتائج ؟ ! ! .( أبن ليبيا البار ) —






“Senile senile”, writes on FB
“Anyone opening the door of foreign aid received by France and Qatar in the mountain

opened for the destruction of Libya and we are where we lived.”

الشيخي الشيخي
اي شخص فتح باب المساعدات الخارجيه واستقبل فرنسا وقطر في الجبل فتح باب خراب ليبيا وضعنا يلي عشنا فيه
Quelqu’un d’ouvert pour l’aide étrangère, France et le Qatar se sont réunis à la montagne ouverte pour les ravages de la Libye nous sommes où nous vivions.

RAT Government militias raise the price of fuel oil in Libya.


The price of gasoline will be 450 dirhams per liter beginning from the date of 15 August 2014,

with the addition of the value of the next support.
Every citizen has the system by the national number.


Emad Libya, writes on FB:

God and cheap 45 Histmr smuggling because in Tunisia Shi Iderioha 1.48 less 1.30 Maad start the gain


in smuggling because the transfer Distance Maad Atkhalsm.


Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, posts:

Libyan Interior Ministry
Ministry emphasizes that the special operations force is the power of affiliates, and affiliates of officers and non-commissioned officers and members of.
The figures have arranged regular, is charged with the tasks of securing the capital Tripoli, and the extension

of security when doing Crises such as the fuel crisis and others.
And requests the ministry of gentlemen citizens need to cooperate with such a force trained and equipped for
Maintaining security, and calls upon all the security agencies of the Ministry or Department of Defense

coordination and communication
With such force as to ensure security control and the maintenance of security.


Secretary Panetta praised the Libyan peoples courage and strength and said that they were in inspiration to the entire region.

PICTURE: Panetta congradulates Mukhtar Fernana Andar Green:





Hospital shut down due to lack of educational corner in medicine and medical equipment ….


Shooting in the capital Tripoli Ben Achour result of a quarrel between citizens after breakfast.








Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB pleads:
Oh God, who wants Libya ill so make his plot in his throat
And I will get it in the destroyed
Oh God, you Bamufsudain in the ground, they do not Aadzonk
Oh God, reveal to them and make them an example for considering
O Allah, destroy the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda and Ubaida banana and Mark guile in Nharham
Secretary of the Lord of the Worlds



Zintan brigade QaaQ”, on FB, gives An incoming message:

An invitation to all young people within the city of Zintan and outside the city to come and wrap

and cooperation in the construction of the city

Cities to Atbina “only one at the hands of their children” to develop the city’s high efficiency

and trendy city Baalchukl arrangement required under the banner “_ Zintan capital _ Mountain”

The implementation of the primers, which contracted from Mufred to be completed in the coming years.

# Mainstay of our young nation.

رسالة واردة :

دعوة إلى كافة شباب مدينة الزنتان داخل المدينة وخارجها القدوم وﻷلتفاف والتعاون فى بناء المدينة

فالمدن لاتبناء” إلا بسواعد أبنائها ” لتطوير المدينة بالكفاءة العالية والعصرية وترتيب المدينة باالشكل المطلوب تحث شعار ” الزنتان_عاصمة_الجبل”

وتنفيذ المشارع المتعاقد عليها التى من المفرض أن تنجز فى السنوات القادمة

#شبابنا عماد ﻷمة

“ZINTAN BRIGADE, QaaQa”, on FB, inquires:

“Among the projects studied erected a hotel on the views of the mountain on the edge Marikm this project??”








Called the assassination of Imad Fazzani, in Benghazi



There is no God but Allah

Colonel killed on senile spokesman for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army have been

assassinated outside of a prayer in the mosque in the city of Benghazi.


Assassination Air Force Colonel “Ali senile” after leaving evening prayers at a mosque area Quiche in Benghazi



Memories and Resistance: we will never compromise the truth

Mu has the dignity of a lion



17/ 215 / 227
“To those who did not Evsdhm oil .. who are the most expensive of that caught up in battles are not due to who their authenticity .. deeper than the roots of the regional .. and their will is stronger than the will of colonialism corruption who wants them and wants them to retreat .. who committed volunteer consciously and the will and courage .. and realized that this confrontation is true .. and that this is the correct position of history, ” leader of the Revolution ..
“The era of the masses actively crawling toward us after the era of republics inflame feelings .. and dazzling eyes . , But he preaches as far as the real freedom for the masses .. and happy emancipation from the shackles of governance tools .. It portends waned era of chaos and demagoguery after him , that did not relapse new Democracy , which is the power of the people .. and return power to the individual or class or tribe or sect or party, ” leader of the Revolution ..
” The road is hard and long and will fall all of the revolutionary claims , and will not remain in the field , but the real revolutionaries who believed in the principles of the revolution and its ideology ,” Leader of the Revolution ..

” إلى الذين لم يفسدهم النفط .. الذين هم أغلى من أن يزج بهم في معارك ليست واجبة .. إلى الذين أصالتهم أعمق من جذور الإقليمية .. و إرادتهم أقوى من إرادة الإستعمار الذي يريد لهم الفساد و يريد لهم الإنكفاء .. الذين أقدموا على التطوع بوعي و إرادة و شجاعة .. و أدركوا أن هذه هي المواجهة الحقة .. و أن هذا هو الموقف الصحيح من التاريخ ” .. قائد الثورة
” إن عصر الجماهير وهو يزحف حثيثاً نحونا بعد عصر الجمهوريات يلهب المشاعر .. و يبهر الأبصار . و لكنه بقدر ما يبشر به من حرية حقيقية للجماهير ..و انعتاق سعيد من قيود أدوات الحكم .. فهو ينذر بمجئ عصر الفوضى و الغوغائية من بعده ، ان لم تنتكس الديمقراطية الجديدة التي هي سلطة الشعب .. و تعود سلطة الفرد أو الطبقة أو القبيلة أو الطائفة أو الحزب” .. قائد الثورة
” إن الطريق شاق و طويل و سوف يسقط كل من يدعي الثورية ، و لن يبقى في الميدان إلا الثوريون الحقيقيون الذين أمنوا بمبادئ الثورة و عقيدتها ” .. قائد الثورة
” إلى الذين لم يفسدهم النفط .. الذين هم أغلى من أن يزج بهم في معارك ليست واجبة .. إلى الذين أصالتهم أعمق من جذور الإقليمية .. و إرادتهم أقوى من إرادة الإستعمار الذي يريد لهم الفساد و يريد لهم الإنكفاء .. الذين أقدموا على التطوع بوعي و إرادة و شجاعة .. و أدركوا أن هذه هي المواجهة الحقة .. و أن هذا هو الموقف الصحيح من التاريخ ” .. قائد الثورة

منتدى الفكر الأخضر – الإذاعة
منبر لرواد النظرية العالمية الثالثة إلى الذين لم يفسدهم النفط الذين هم…



(Last words of our Commander)
(Living Dead 07)

“Huda battle Kalismakov and is not a battle of heavy weapons ..
Manotm free .. free .. free victory faith trust in God ..

and morale high Khalokm .. men .. what maimed Date Helena Tejebwa ..

What I think people do not think of you .. Forward Forward .. withstand. Withstand .. and to victory.”



Mu contempleting


 The decisive battle of liberation is near, NATO and the U.S

are caught in the criminal labyrinth ….



Green Book from Hans Cany:



Victory is now on our fingertips.

Sir, sir world Horsehair, by GADDAFI SNIPER:

“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, on FB:




” “To those who did not Evsdhm oil .. who are the most expensive of that caught up in battles are not due to who their authenticity .. deeper than the roots of the regional .. and their will is stronger than the will of colonialism corruption who wants them and wants them to retreat .. who committed volunteer consciously and the will and courage .. and realized that this confrontation is true .. and that this is the correct position of history.
“The era of the masses actively crawling toward us after the era of republics inflame feelings .. and dazzling eyes., But he preaches as far as the real freedom for the masses .. and happy emancipation from the shackles of governance tools .. It portends waned era of chaos and demagoguery after him, that did not relapse New Democracy, which is the power of the people .. and return power to the individual or class or tribe or sect or party.
“The road is hard and long and will fall all claims of revolutionary, and will not remain in the field, but the real revolutionaries who believed in the principles of the revolution and its ideology.

(Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, Leader of the Revolution)






BEWARE: Some women can be terrorists too:




Congratulations to you, O Libya occupied
مبروك عليك يا ليبيا المحتلة


28-29 / April / 1915
The writer all aspects of the battle and the circumstances surrounding the period of occurrence and the real role of each leaders Libyans them away from the hype and persistence in inflating some roles side by some leaders, pursued by some of the talk about the battle and credited to non-family, saluting addresses Alakecat role of both leaders, Ahmed Seif El-Nasr and Nabi Boulkheir will Mahmoudi and Ramadan Sowaihili and Saleh Alotyoshi and Saifuddin Sanusi carp victor bin Sultan al-Saadi and other.
Book battle Alkarzabip (28 to 29 April 1915)
Alkarzabip 28-29 / April / 1915 intake writer all aspects of the battle and the circumstances surrounding the period of occurrence and the real role of Libyans in which both leaders away from the hype.


Shooting reported at the base of Alkarzabip air now. 99 anniversary of the Battle of Alkarzabip Dkry coalescence of tribes
dishonest Jihad Italian occupation in the greatest historical battle and which cited a lot of Ajaddedna and was one of the
greatest epics of jihad and struggle and has immortalized in the glorious pages of history …….
(picture: Restored shrine of the Battle of Alkarzabip Dkry 99 years ago) (BANI WALID)
Book battle Alkarzabip (28 to 29 April 1915)
كتاب معركة القرضابية ( 28-29 ابريل 1915 )
القرضــــــــــــــابية 28-29/ابريل/1915 تناول الكاتب كل جوانب المعركة…

On this evening (time 18:00) in the notorious year of 2011, Muammar al-Qathafi,with family and friends,

were having their evening meal at the small home of his youngest son, SAIF al-Arab.

Missiles bombarded the small bung-a-low.

By providence, and angelic promptings, Muammar went out to feed the pet deer and animals. But his son and three grandchildren and a few neighbors were not as well “protected” and they lost their lives to the Yankee bombing.

“IT JUST HAPPENED” that this was also the time of OBAMA’s fake-capture of bin Laden

(who was dead since 2001). That smotherered the news of the real event.

Despite all this, the following evening, Muammar al-Qathafi went on television in remembrance of the “battle of Alkarzabip” . He gave a long and heart-felt speech.

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free a partagé un lien.

On this day, the Italians defeated the Libyans battle of Alkarzabip 29 – 4-1915.

They have suffered the biggest defeat since their invasion of Libya in 1911

On the grounds that one of the greatest battle Alkarzabip pages by the Libyan people in the record of the Holy Jihad against the Italian occupiers
They are known as the battle of national unity in which all the people of Libya, as they formed the beginning of the defeat of Alaataliaan,
Following this battle, the Italian garrisons fell one after the other and by the middle of August of the same year in which they occurred battle of Alkarzabip did not stay, however, the Italians, but the cities of Tripoli and five

God be upon you, O ye 17 Aalaaar Wayne glories of ancestors!!!
Hunt’s blood on you and your fathers and ancestors Batm the country and the nation and the master of the glory of ancestors!!
Where you have received Libya!!!! Gendarmerie down with al-Qaeda and Qatar Almqmlh
What will you say to your grandchildren that you Batm history of the ancestors risked freedom and fake dollar salary and how Aisha Dubai!!
Ancestors defeated the Italians and the land liberated from Njusthm
O ye men of rugged Libya Thafattm colonized with Italian and you opened the doors of his Libya
Damn you and Hakartkm necks, but hey Hakra
We Thank God blessed us with insight and to fulfill to get us out of Nanna Knight School of Arabism and Jihad leader Muammar al-Qathafi, sir
Woe to the nation laughed ignorance of Nations.

Brother Muammar al-Qathafi’s speech on “the anniversary of the Battle of Alkarzabip”. In the speech, Mu’ammar pleads for Peace, and reaches out to the enemy, in an futile attempt to end the agression against him and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
In moments of throwing the commander of the speech was targeted building radio
and numbering buildings around it in a cowardly attempt by the Crusaders Algdarien to assassinate Leader Avhalhm God …
The very next day, on 30 APRIL 2011:

On 30 April, Reuters reported that

Shattered glass litters the carpet at the Libyan Down’s Syndrome Society, and dust covers pictures of grinning children that adorn the hallway, thrown into darkness by a NATO strike … The force of the blast blew in windows and doors in the parent-funded school for children with Down’s Syndrome and officials said it damaged an orphanage on the floor above … Inside the school, the power had been knocked out by the strikes, the floor was wet because of a leaking pipe and desks were covered in glass and debris.

NATO‘s destruction of the “Center for Down’s Syndrome in Tripoli” (in a building that was certified an historical treasure by the “UN ATIquities Committtee of Historical Sites”

NATO offered no compensation. “Seddigh’s school prepared children with Down’s Syndrome up to the age of 6 to go to normal schools,
giving them speech therapy, handicrafts and sports sessions and teaching them to read and write. It handles 50 to 60 children a day.”
Central Bank of Libya to stop foreign remittances in hard currency
Abdullah Bending (QUOTE):

Central Bank governor Masrati behaves like an absolute ruler of Libya.”

Masrawy “CAREER BUILDER” site got a copy of the report of the Commissioners of the state administrative court of the State Council, and recently released in a lawsuit to recover the money from the Libyan Egypt, and the report included a surprise, as it came it was proven that the Libyan government had not made the basis of a request to the Egyptian government the freezing of Libyan assets and the recovery of smuggled into Egypt, and in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, signed by the two countries (Egypt and Libya).

The report confirmed” that it is stable it had to be to accept the lawsuit to be filed by a recipe in the sense that the lifter lawsuit at the center of a legal relation to the subject of the dispute and would be empowered by the right to stay the proceedings and conducted before the courts, whether natural or juristic person, and where that character in the case is the ability of a person to appear before the court in the suit as plaintiff or as a defendant, it is for the individual being originally or as an agent, which is for the administrative authority the fact that the defendant owner of competence in the expression of an administrative body, and on that adjective clause to direct the proceedings before the court.

The report pointed out that the requirement of interest that should be considered to accept the cancellation suit should be available from the time of suit, and to continue doing so separates the final and therefore no longer interested in initially or during the course of the lawsuit became a case is inadmissible.

The report added that through the facts of the case at hand, the requests for the prosecutor is to stop the implementation of the cancellation of the decision on the administrative negative refrain from freeze all Libyan assets in Egypt and identified their subjects and its limitation in the Act No. 36 of 2012, issued by the Libyan National Transitional Council, as amended Law No. 47 for the year 2012 as a prelude to be returned to the Libyan government, and the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, signed by both Libya and Egypt.

The report pointed out that in terms of the lesson of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption that the authorities of the States signatories to this agreement are entrusted to take any proceedings pursuant to that agreement, which means that the recognized authorities in the countries in that Convention to be the owner of such in making any judicial action or make a request for judicial assistance.

The report emphasized that the Libyan authorities did not send any requests for assistance concerning the freezing of funds of the former members of the Libyan regime in Egypt, as it is from the book Kabt head office of international cooperation.

He said the report of the Commissioners” that the plaintiff does not represent the Libyan authorities and that it is merely a only legal representative of Transparency Society of Libya, the latter do not represent the Libyan authorities do not authorize such status to the plaintiff prosecution for the Libyan authorities to take any legal action to implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption,

Since he did not give there is stating that his personal interest direct legal in the case, or that the contested decision has touched or impact in the interest of legal or physical or moral, or that the prosecutor at the center of a special legal, or legal status, especially, for the decision impugned , where concerned his claim to freeze Libyan assets in Egypt, which identified Libyan law firms and their subjects’ limited and therefore do not affect decisions in the interest of legal or physical or literary those except those including the plaintiff, who is not among those listed in the Libyan law No. 36 for the year 2012 as amended by Law No. 47 of 2012 neither of them die of any link does not close or from afar, and then the requirement of capacity and interest for the prosecutor to request cancellation of the contested decision is not available.

The report concluded the recommendation of the Administrative Court not filed of irrelevant and interest, so as to not provide the Libyan government asked to recover their money from Egypt.

مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام

حصل موقع ”مصراوي” على نسخة من تقرير هيئة مفوضي الدولة بمحكمة القضاء الإداري بمجلس الدولة، والصادر مؤخرًا في دعوى استرداد الأموال الليبية من مصر، وتضمن التقرير مفاجأة، حيث جاء به أنه ثبت أن الحكومة الليبية لم تتقدم من الأساس إلى الحكومة المصرية بطلب تجميد واسترداد الأموال الليبية المهربة إلى مصر، وفقًا لأحكام اتفاقية الأمم المتحدة لمكافحة الفساد الموقع عليها من قبل البلدين (مصر وليبيا).

وأكد التقرير ”أنه من المستقر عليه أنه يتعين لقبول الدعوى أن تكون مقامة من ذي صفة بمعنى أن يكون رافع الدعوى في مركز قانوني يتصل بموضوع النزاع ومن شأنه أن يخوله الحق في إقامة الدعوى ومباشرتها أمام القضاءـ سواء كان شخصًا طبيعيًا أم معنويًا، وحيث أن الصفة في الدعوى هي قدرة الشخص على المثول أمام القضاء في الدعوى كمدعي أو كمدعي عليه، فهي بالنسبة للفرد كونه أصلًا أو وكيلًا، وهي بالنسبة للجهة الإدارية كون المدعي عليه صاحب الاختصاص في التعبير عن الجهة الإدارية، وعلى ذلك فالصفة شرط لمباشرة الدعوى أمام القضاء.

وأوضح التقرير أن شرط المصلحة الواجب توافره لقبول دعوى الإلغاء يتعين أن يتوافر من وقت رفع الدعوى وأن يستمر قيامه حتى يفصل فيها نهائيًا وبالتالي فإن انتفت المصلحة في بادئ الأمر أو أثناء سير الدعوى أصبحت الدعوى غير مقبولة.

وأضاف التقرير أنه من خلال وقائع الدعوى الماثلة فإن طلبات المدعي تتلخص في وقف تنفيذ وإلغاء قرار جهة الإداري السلبي بالامتناع عن تجميد كافة الأموال الليبية الموجودة في مصر والمحددة اشخاصها وشركاتها على سبيل الحصر في القانون رقم 36 لسنة 2012، الصادر من المجلس الوطني الانتقالي الليبي، والمعدل بالقانون رقم 47 لسنة 2012 تمهيدًا لإرجاعها للحكومة الليبية، وذلك تنفيذًا لاتفاقية الأمم المتحدة لمكافحة الفساد الموقع عليها من كل من ليبيا ومصر.

وأشار التقرير إلى أنه من حيث أن المستفاد من اتفاقية الأمم المتحدة لمكافحة الفساد أن سلطات الدول الموقعة على هذه الاتفاقية هي المنوط بها اتخاذ أية إجراءات قضائية تنفيذا لتلك الاتفاقية وهو ما يعني أن السلطات المعترف بها في الدول في تلك الاتفاقية تكون هي صاحبة الصفة في اتخاذ أي إجراء قضائي أو تقديم طلب المساعدة القضائية.

وأكد التقرير أن السلطات الليبية لم ترسل أي طلبات مساعدة بشأن تجميد أموال أفراد النظام الليبي السابق في مصر كما هو قابت من كتاب رئيس مكتب التعاون الدولي.

وأضاف تقرير المفوضين ”أن المدعي لا يُمثل السلطات الليبية وأنه لا يعدو أن يكون سوى الممثل القانوني لجمعية الشفافية الليبية، وهذه الأخيرة لا تمثل السلطات الليبية فلا تخول تلك الصفة للمدعي النيابة عن السلطات الليبية في اتخاذ أي إجراء قضائي تنفيذًا لاتفاقية الأمم المتحدة لمكافحة الفساد، وحيث أنه لم يقدم ثمة ما يفيد أن له مصلحة شخصية قانونية مباشرة في الدعوى، أو أن القرار المطعون فيه قد مس أو أثر في مصلحة قانونية أو مادية أو أدبية، أو أن المدعي في مركز قانوني خاص، أو حالة قانونية خاصة، بالنسبة للقرار المطعون فيه، حيث تعلقت دعواه بتجميد الأموال الليبية الموجودة في مصر، والتي حدد القانون الليبي شركاتها وأشخاصها على سبيل الحصر وبالتالي لا تؤثر القرارات في مصلحة قانونية أو مادية أو أدبية لمن عدا هؤلاء ومن بينهم المدعي الذي هو ليس من بين هؤلاء الواردة أسمائهم في القانون الليبي رقم 36 لسنة 2012 والمعدل بالقانون رقم 47 لسنة 2012ولا يمت لهم بأية صلة لا من قريب ولا من بعيد، ومن ثم فإن شرط الصفة والمصلحة بالنسبة للمدعي في طلب إلغاء القرار المطعون فيه يكون غير متوافر.

وانتهى التقرير إلى توصية محكمة القضاء الإداري بعدم قبول الدعوى لرفعها من غير ذي صفة ومصلحة، وذلك لعدم تقديم الحكومة الليبية طلب لاسترداد أموالها من مصر.

News from the incoming storm the conference hall by the battalion after Boca candidate Ahmed Meitik the second candidate Omar Hassi.
Congress raised the storming of the pagan country today.

Photos of the Conference Jermana after conquerable.

It seems that the Tartars over here ..!!!
أثار اقتحام المؤتمر الوثني القطري اليوم
Abdel-Moneim little head the so-called National Security Committee as a result of the damage caused by the
Conference witnessed the exchange of fire inside today is the only material damage was the smashed glass headquarters Conference.
International channel Libya:
Our sources: batons and scuffles broke out between members of the conference, outgoing and an armed group stormed the headquarters.

Conference headquarters evacuated after trying to break into Boca and shoot. 

Boca finished the Conference Hall and the reason he Jay Libby Elhasy head of the government!

 GPC basic Elvis Bucky free

Its stores enough about the issue of displaced. 
Dear villains
F tourist on channel Libya first offered .. reception displaced outside of Libya, in agreement with the international community!!

(These are the ones who RAN-AWAY from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA when things began to “get tough”…

They are no “examples” to their children and families.)

They sought refuge with Europe,… and from Americans sought aid (even though The Great Jamahiriya Army

was helping, both financially and physically, all those who remained steadfast).


Obama said: “And we’re supporting the efforts of international organizations to evacuate people as well.”

Obama made the announcement as an internationally backed airlift began, with more than 50 flights. At the same time, a tent city sprang up in Tunisia’s barren borderlands as relief agencies worked to provide shelter for tens of thousands fleeing unrest in Libya.

Egypt, France, Italy and the United Kingdom all contributed to the airlift, working with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM)…for those who feel threatened in Libya and want to leave.

Obama emphasized the ongoing U.S. commitment to that effort, but also underscored what must be the final outcome to this mounting crisis.

“The violence must stop. Muammar Qadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead, and he must leave,” Obama said.
The U.N. General Assembly voted March 1 to suspend Libya from the Human Rights Council because of the government’s retaliatory actions. After the vote, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “The international community is speaking with one voice and our message is unmistakable: These violations of universal rights are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration has contributed 1.45€ million to the IOM assistance efforts. The U.S.

Agency for International Development has pledged 7.23€ million to assist the victims of the violence and the United Nations is tapping its Central Emergency Response Fund for 3.61€ million to scale up humanitarian efforts on the Libyan-Tunisian border.
(ALL OF THIS JUST WAS PANIC AND LIES, created from the Yankee terrorism. Many who wee able bodied, but weak of stamina, fell for it all: HOOK,line & sinker, and still do—that is why they are in agreement with the so-called “International Community”!)

Patroit Jafara, says correctly:
“This inventory does not represent his tribe.”






14 APRIL 1986:
Fourth Most destructive airstrike recorded in History:

“Process Aldrado Canyon”, the United States of America in the process claiming
“the elimination of terrorist operations targeting the United States and based in Libya base”, so it hired American troops air

in Britain to bomb Libya using the one of the most aircraft speed at a low level from the ground.

In spite of the EVIL and unwarrented ATTACK (on false pretenses that Muammar al-Qathafi ordered a bombing of a Berlin

yankee disco-club—proven to be a false-flag) of the United States, …but that the task was very difficult because of the
resistance of the Libyan air force and their system.

Still, the American planes were able to reach the points target for bombing at Bab Aziziya (the home of Muammar al-Qathafi) and Mr. Balaj (a children’s hospital) and Tripoli airport.



The major American attempt to stifle Al-Fateh revolution was that of 1986, namely the military aggression waged by hundreds of planes against Tripoli, Benghazi and the residence of the Leader of the Revolution, Muammar al-Qathafi. Residential areas were bombed in a deluded attempt to terrorize Libyan citizens and goad them into ridding themselves of their revolutionary leadership.

America, ultimately, did succeed in its attempts at portraying Libya as the leader of the forces hostile to the West and a dangerous supporter of liberation movements in the Third World. It imposed collective political and economic sanctions on Libya and managed to rally the support of some States for its military aggression, including Britain, Spain, France, and Italy.

In January 1986 al-Qathafi proclaimed a “line of death” across the Gulf of Sidra, warning that if American ships or planes crossed that line they would be destroyed.

01 February 1986: The deadline by which all Americans citizens are required to end any cooperation with Libya and leave the country. The deadline was set by President Ronald Regan’s administration which one month later ordered its navy to attack Libya.

In March the U.S. responded with Operation Prairie Fire, consisting of 45 ships and 200 planes. Aircraft from the Sixth Fleet’s three carriers, Saratoga, Coral Sea and America, made forays across the “line of death.” Then three surface vessels crossed the line, supported by planes overhead and Los Angeles-class attack submarines beneath the surface.

On Monday, March 24, the Libyans fired several SA-5 surface-to-air missiles, but none came close to hitting an American target because they were diverted by jamming devices carried by EA-6B Prowler aircraft. Vice Admiral Frank Kelso, Sixth Fleet’s commander, waited until dark to respond. A pair of A-6 Intruders from the America hit a Libyan attack boat with HARMs (high-speed anti-radiation missiles). Several more Libyan vessels venturing near the fleet the following morning were struck, with one confirmed destroyed.
March 24, 1986: The United States carried out a military air and sea attack on the Gulf of Sirte and other targets. Three air planes participated in the attack.
March 25, 1986: The United States Navy planes in the Mediterranean bombarded some civilian targets in the Gulf of Sirte and a Libyan Coast Guard boat killing some civilians and injuring scores of Libyans.
The Sirte and Tripoli coasts were severely damaged.

Reagan congratulated the airmen and sailors of the Sixth Fleet, some of whom wore “Terrorist Buster” t-shirts and buttons, for a job well done, and on Thursday, 28 March 1986, the naval “exercises” were concluded. There were no American casualties; 106 Libyan civilians, mostly young children, had been killed….

On March 30, 1986, the Egyptian newspaper “Al Ahram” published an article stating that the United States had three times asked Egypt to wage a military action against Libya but that Egypt had refused to do so.

31 March 1986: The major government-run newspaper in Egypt “Al-Ahram” reported that the United States proposed to Egypt three times that year that Egypt and the US should conduct a joint military attack against Libya.

The argument of the American Administration for this blatant aggression was that Libya was responsible for a terrorist act against a Berlin night-club** which killed one American and wounded others.

Jonathan Azaziah writes:
“On April 5th, 1986, the final stages of Operation Trojan came to fruition when a disco club in Berlin was bombed, leaving one American soldier and a Turkish woman dead, in addition to severely wounding of 229 others.”

The discotheque bombing, was blamed by Americans on Libya without any true evidence what-so-ever.]

Washington persisted in its claim that Libya was responsible for the Berlin incident and provided its European allies with what it alleged to be conclusive proof. Based on this, the United States started a far-reaching campaign to mobilize Western and American public opinion and set its allies against Libya.

After the collapse of East Germany in 1989 and the seizure of the files of German intelligence, it was revealed that the blowing up of the night-club was planned by the East German Intelligence Service in cooperation with the German Organization of the Red Brigade. It was reaffirmed by Herr Wolf, the head of the Intelligence Service, when he was apprehended and questioned by (West) German and American intelligence. A heinous false flag blamed on Libya, the 1986 bombing of the La Belle disco was an extensive Mossad operation which was carried out with assistance from its allies in the CIA. This information, which would have exonerated Libya, was kept secret, not only because America wished to protect its “credibility”, but also because it wished to persist in its schemes against Libya.

On 07 April, Reagan met with his chief aides to discuss another attack against al-Qathafi and the Great Jamahiriya. “The president had maps all over the floor of the Oval Office,” recalled Edwin Meese III, U.S. Attorney General and Reagan’s close friend, in order to select potential targets. These included airbases at Tripoli and Benine, naval bases at Taranbulas and Benghazi, a terrorist training camp at Sidi Balal, and the Bab al Aziaya barracks where Gaddafi often stayed in a Bedouin tent equipped with telephones, heaters and a television set.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher signed off on the use of British bases in the operation, but Spain and France refused to grant American warplanes overflight permission; this meant the planes would have to fly 2,800 miles to reach their targets, and be refueled five times in the air. Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi spoke for many European leaders who refused to assist the USA and Britain in the attack.


(An F-111F in flight over the Gulf of Sirte)

On 14 April 1986 at 17:36 Greenwich Mean Time, twenty four F-111Fs of the USAF 48th Tactical Fighter Wing took off from the Royal Air Force base at Lakenheath, England. Twenty eight refueling tankers took to the air from bases at Mildenhall and Fairford, while five EF-111 Ravens equipped with high-tech jamming equipment soared skyward from a fourth base. Operation El Dorado Canyon was underway. The target: Libya. The American aircraft roaring through the English skies that evening were embarked on what would become the longest fighter combat mission in the history of military aviation, and the first major USAF combat mission in more than a decade.
(An F-111F in flight over the Gulf of Sirte)

The United States launched major air raids against Libya:

On the evening of Monday, 14 April 1986, as the F-111s from the British bases joined a dozen A-6 strike aircraft launched from the carriers Coral Sea and America and thundered through Libyan anti-aircraft fire to drop more than 60 tons of laser-guided bombs on five targets.

US warplanes struck Tripoli at 2 am. They bombed the Gaddafi family residence,

Five F-111s hit al-Qathafi’s barracks compound with sixteen 2,000-lb. Paveway II gravity bombs. Five more American warplanes struck the military sector of the Tripoli International Airport. Army barracks and an airfield at Benina and the naval port at Sidi Bilal were also bombed. The raid lasted eleven minutes. Four Libyan MIG-23 interceptors, five Il-76 transports and two Mi-8 Hip helicopters were destroyed. Libyan radio reported many casualties, including Gaddafi’s 18-month-old adopted daughter Hana. An F-111 was destroyed by a Libyan SAM (surface-to-air missile); pilot Captain Fernando Ribas-Dominicci and weapons system officer Captain Paul Lorence were killed.
A total of 137 people, mostly civilian children, died in this raid, including Muammar Qaddafi’s 18-month old adopted daughter StepHANie, and wounding several of his family members [Toddlers Saif al Arab and Khamis had shrapnel and burns from head to toe and were months in intensive care; Muammar’s wife Safya had internal injuries ending her ability to bear children].

In addition, dozens were wounded, [including two of  al-Qathafi’s young sons]. The French, Swiss, Romanian and Iranian embassies were damaged. So were Japanese and Austrian diplomatic residences.

Dozens of residential buildings were also damaged or destroyed. Libya’s Central Hospital reported up to 100 people needing treatment for serious injuries, including infants.

Alonee Jamahiriya writes:
“The US planes also bombed a civilian apartment complex, miles from any military targets, killing dozens of children as they slept. I helped place flowers on the graves of these children in the Martyrs Cemetery located in the middle of the old Italian race track in Tripoli.”

The murder of Qaddafi’s daughter and so many other innocent Libyans was designed to boost Mossad’s image in the international intelligence community and display to the Arab/Islamic world that the United States stood with the Zionist entity, or more accurately, that the USA stood wherever the Zionist entity told it to stand. Muammar al-Qathafi was acutely aware of the deception that led to the murder of his child and the arrogance of the powers attempting to break him and the Libyan nation. Qathafi didn’t budge and his Resistance didn’t end.”

In Britain, Prime Minister Thatcher was roundly criticized for going against the advice of her cabinet and supporting the American strike. In the House of Commons she stood firm — like a “lioness in a den of Daniels,” said the London Times — against shouts of disapproval from opposition members. The Iron Lady felt she owed Reagan for U.S. support during the Falklands War.

For a time there was widespread concern that terrorist revenge attacks would occur on American soil, and experts warned that the U.S. was woefully unprepared to deal with such a contingency. The attacks never came.

According to American Secretary Shultz*, the Reagan administration’s leading proponent of strong action against Libya, Muammar al-Qathafi “retreated into the desert”, after the United States bombed his Jamahiriya (including al-Qathafi’s home compound of Bab Azaiya) killing over 100 innocent in Tripoli alone and thousands injured. An Arab diplomat told Donald Gregg, U.S.national security adviser to Vice-President George Bush, that when al-Qathafi was seen “carrying the body of his dead child out of the wreckage, he lost all stature because it as shown that he couldn’t protect his family,” from the evils of the USA.




The British media have been gagged from reporting sensational courtroom evidence of former MI5 spy David Shayler, including his alleged proof that the British secret service paid 195,171.32€ for al Qaeda terrorists to assassinate Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi in 1986.

In its efforts to contain Mr Shayler’s allegations to the privacy of the court, the government has even stopped the media from reporting its successful attempt to win a gag order.

The decision by an Old Bailey judge to stop the media from reporting parts of Mr Shayler’s evidence came on Monday after two senior ministers, David Blunkett and Jack Straw, signed Public Interest Immunity certificates.

The certificates, which were submitted to the court, insisted that the media and the public leave the court if the activities of the security and intelligence agencies were raised by the defence.

THIS IS THE LIE that President REAGAN perpetuated:

U.S. President Ronald Reagan justified the attacks by accusing Libya of direct responsibility for terrorism directed against the United States and Americans. In his speech, said two hours after the attack of TV broadcasting,

“When our citizens are attacked or abused anywhere in the world on the direct orders of hostile regimes, we will refund while I’m in this position.”

(YOU CAN READ MORE in the COMMENTS section, under:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=290801757701505&set=a.157905070991175.32493.100003150495041&type=3&theater )




Militias inventory Bock client enters the center of Tripoli today Occupied 04/28/2014
مليشيات الجرد بوك العميل تدخل اليوم وسط طرابلس المحتله 28/04/2014



Bock militias customer enters today’s central Tripoli Occupied 04/28/2014
مليشيات بوك العميل تدخل اليوم وسط طرابلس المحتله 28/04/2014


Fire service and civil defense in Tripoli Aggulwn the building until further notice and camped in front of him until their demands ..


((Now Lord)) staff of the courts of the north and the south and Tripoli Alastniav electricity cut them up and stop working
out in protest against the non-respondents to the increase in salaries like the members of judicial bodies.





Reported sporadic mortar janzour area.



The death of an elderly woman was shot dead because of an altercation near the intersection of El Haj and the Friday Market.

Algrarat Friday market Tripoli to hear the voices of the lead then to the other is a problem or a melee

between my family and the beak Algrara still ongoing.


Body Found submitted “Taher Ibruishh” was found dead inside a car Friday Market district anchored in the
Libyan capital Tripoli and the effects of the phenomenon of torture ..



All the Liberal Almujdan in Tripoli discernible caution and common sense of the new Alboppe

located in Got Alshall by the leadership of the inventory Almqml Bag are stationed in simmering Got Alshall.

علي جميع الاحرار الموجدين في طرابلس اخد الحيطه و الحذر من البوبه الجديد الموجود في غوط الشعال به قيادة الجرد المقمل الشنطه هم متمركزين في تجيش غوط الشعال .




Close-Fateh University boycotted by the day by the inhabitants of the region following the increasing
kidnappings in the region and most recently the kidnapping of citizen Abdul Rahman USTA day yesterday.
The kidnapping of a student from Al Fateh University today.






SALAFI smashing columns ancient churches in the city of Shahat.
(219 m)






Image from the hunter and specifically on the coastal road took a picture this evening:


Salah Valley militia opened fire randomly on protesters in the tent coastal road hunter, and stole their cars.


Youth hunter and Alhachan they sit peacefully next to the coastal road, the spectrum erect a tent on the side of the road
and the road is open and traffic Tabaip but suddenly comes militias Salah Valley and the indiscriminate weapon to beat protestors.




Department in Ajeelat:

Break into the security room in the so-called City department in Ajeelat. 

The burning of ballot boxes so-called elections department in Ajeelat municipality.



Protesters blocked the main road south link between Tripoli and the mountain, demanding the release
by the abducted from their families in one of the areas in Tripoli.


Close the road link between the capital Tripoli and Al-Azizia when Zahra Bridge by unknown.







The explosion of a car early Sunday in Zliten Street Smio middle of the city, 

yesterday evening was a car bombing of an Egyptian Christian Copt on Asmao Street in the city of Zliten ~


al-Qaida starts its operations in the city of Zliten !!

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

عاجل~مساء الأمس تم تفجير سيارة شخص مصري مسيحي في شارع إسميو في مدينة زليتن~تنظيم القاعده يبدأ عملياته في مدينة زليتن







Been released, Col. Younis al-Mansouri Ahmid Warfali yesterday from the prisons of Misrata after three years of injustice.



Belkacem Kezit member of Congress Wati says:
The first two armed groups loyal to the MISURATA prime ministerial candidate Ahmed Meitik, and other being pro-life candidate El-Hasy. They clashed in front of the headquarters of the conference and supporters from MISURATA threatened every one who not with MISURATA. MB/MISURATA “candidates (backers of Meitik) had to be elected to Congress, or “else” (ZAPP!!) !


“GPC basic Elvis Bucky free” on FB announces:

Congress ended its validity Alaotunai vote to choose a new prime minister, succeeding bending…
Alpine group conference all Yeboah appointed Prime Minister of play kilo of rice and okra, Crown wins to pull the country.
Atkm Tel Jaudh all of you to some of you.
Conference Allaotunai elect Meitik nephew Ahmed Abdulrahman Sowaihili member of the conference as prime minister !!
Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ their oil in Deghigahm

Shufu pages rats after news of the appointment of the new prime minister, a section in God Dharbhm foil.
Ihsaboha democratic right, Talaatlhm zucchini stuffed ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ
Tkpieeyeeyeeyeier O Raahieddiaan.

puffed-up new Prime Minister Ahmed rats new Meitik vows to build a new tower in

Misurata bears his name as the beginning of good to any Jay.
And large rat O thou Weah




“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year” on FB:

Armed organization threatens to kill activists, journalists, writers and security men in eastern Libya.


Cyrenaica rebel, Osama Gard, writes:
“Many issues and topics of urgency, and speculation and many scenarios, and some of the other challenges, waiting for the citizen and the country to some extent only, will be the focus of the program ‘Evening New’ on channel, editing Egyptian, this evening to fully ninth with Sheikh ‘symbolic Romaih.’ ., and the importance of the issues raised in the federal system for building new Libya.”

219 m
Fragmentation and the gang coordinating insulation mobilize morning 28/04/2014 to stand in front of the Supreme Court

to protest the appeals political isolation and the threat of the Supreme Court of a ruling contrary to their aspirations

and to intimidate members of the judiciary.


Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court decides to re-hearing on the issues of the appeals filed by members of the judicial bodies against the law of political isolation and number 6 appeals to the hearing Monday, 26.05.2014 AD, after the rejection of the lawyer in charge of the State Litigation replace diary defense or withdrawn from the court and refusing to bow to threats coordinating political isolation in particular, and to assign the new defense.




Subjected Bank of Commerce and Development Branch of Sirte to try an armed robbery last night.






The RAT head of theso called “local council Ajdabiya”, Salem Abdullah Moussa Subaihi, member of the LIFG,

sends a letter to the same request to the custody of the financial 150 thousand dinars

Just say this to launch it in God??????????????

مايسمي بــ المجلس المحلي أجدابيا سالم موسي عبدالله الصبيحي عضو في الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة يرسل خطاب لنفسه لطلب عهدة مالية 150 ألف دينار
توا هذا شن يقولوا عليه بالله ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ 
“GPC basic Elvis Bucky free”, on FB, says
Written 150 000 dinars and no more, but Blerqam 150 million.



“Zero hour” on FB, informs us:
After the bombing of the camp gate Thunderbolt (stun) in Benghazi now?

Last call .. you have no choice?

However, joining the honorable national resistance?

I only champion of the Champions calamity February or did not participate with the result and the one you killed? Murdered?

And Jarrrrrrry implementation and accurately just arrived to prepare a percentage in Benghazi and Derna and the cord on the tractor? Both fought in the Valley of the bird and the largest single Bdrna he called to exist in the first list have to understand .. ((wanted)) have Pinhma apostasy and blasphemy? And fight the Mujahideen?

The second list to understand the rest of the military officers and personnel in the army and police as they call them ((List rabbits)) with respect to them .. who begrudge that they are safe and did not participate in the fight ((sinner Ras trimming not Iababa Stay in wait for you simply do not only mean only one thing Filter the army and the police,

but they will not allow the Islamic Army protector of home ((which is the name of the right word I want to void)) is ready from all corners of the earth .. permission? Iaakhotna in the army and police, what are you waiting and you know this bitter truth?

And live in fear and terror every minute I’ve Hsahs Vanzmoa right to your brothers in the resistance, which God willing will cleanse Libya sooner victorious in God and God is for it before and after God, Oh God, I testify amounted to.

ساعة الصفر

بعد تفجير بوابة معسكر الصاعقة بنغازى الان ؟

النداء الاخير ..لا خيار لكم ؟

الا الانظمام الى المقاومة الوطنية الشريفة ؟ سوى كنت بطل من ابطال نكبة فبراير او لم تشارك بها النتيجة واحدة انت مقتول ؟ مقتول ؟ وجارررررررى التنفيذ وبدقة فقط وصلوا أ الى الاعداد المئوية فى بنغازى و درنة والحبل على الجرار ؟ فكل من حاربهم فى وادى الطير وكرسة بدرنة اسماهم موجودة لديهم فى القائمة الاولى .. فهم (( مطلوبين )) لديهم بنهمة الردة والكفر ؟ ومحاربة المجاهدين ؟
اما القائمة الثانية فهم باقى الظباط والافراد فى الجيش والشرطة ما يسمونهم (( قائمة الارانب )) مع الاحترام لهم ..الذين يضنون انهم فى امان ولم يشاركوا فى قتالهم (( خاطى راس وقص لا يابابا خليك فى الانتظار لانك ببساطة لا تعنى الا شىء واحد فقط تصفية الجيش والشرطة فهم لن يسمحوا الا بالجيش الاسلامى حامى الديار (( وهو مسمى بكلمة حق اريد بها باطل ))وهو جاهز من كل اصقاع الارض .. اذنا ؟ يااخوتنا فى الجيش والشرطة ماذا تنتظرون وانتم تعرفون هذه الحقيقة المرة ؟
وتعيشون الخوف والرعب فى كل دقيقة لقد حصحص الحق فانظموا الى اخوتكم فى المقاومة والتى بأذن الله سوف تطهر ليبيا المنتصرة بالله عاجلا غير اجل ولله الامر من قبل ومن بعد اللهم اشهد اللهم انى بلغت



According to medical and security sources that the suicide car bomber killed two and wounded two others
in a military camp in Benghazi in eastern Libya, on Tuesday.
The source inside the camp of the Army Special Forces:
The car may be exploded at the gate.
Two dead and several wounded in the forces of the bolt after a suicide attack Nfdh unknown in the city of Benghazi last night.


Street closure of twenty burning car place now.



Masked gunmen kidnapped a girl in her twenties from the city center of Benghazi, near the building of the Islamic Dawa where eyewitness said that masked have to take them by force of arms and in front of everyone’s eyes, where the girl was in a state of disrepair and is scream and say hijacked but to no avail assistance.
ملثمون مسلحون قاموا بأختطاف فتاة في العشرينيات من عمرها وسط مدينة بنغازي بالقرب من مبنى الدعوة الأسلامية حيث ذكر شاهد عيان بأن الملثمون قاموا بأخذها بقوة السلاح وامام أعين الجميع حيث كانت الفتاة في حالة يرثى لها و هي تصرخ وتقول مخطوفة ولكن دون جدوى من المساعدة
 They are using these kidnapped young women in Syria as SALAFIST CONCUBINES and illegal plural Marriages beyond the will and consent of the kidnapped women.
The death of the young man ((Faisal Mohammed of Morocco)) in the twenties
By unknown assailants riding in a bus blue Benghazi.

BASIC PEOPLE’s CONGRESS ELVIS BUCKY FREE, writes to inform us again:

Prison Alkwyfah
The one Almsgen hung himself in one of the wards in the room and this incident took place this morning in the prison Alkwyfah.
This is not the first incident I’ve repeated this case more than once,
and there are people aware of the oppressed in prison without trial and that the absence of the judiciary.



Lack of liquidity crisis in the banks of the city of Derna # enter its second week and citizens appealing
to the government to intervene.
On the basis of Bideriolkm solution ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ


ازمة نقص السيولة في مصارف مدينة #درنة تدخل اسبوعها الثاني و المواطنون يناشدون الحكومة بالتدخل.
على اساس بيديرولكم حل ههههههههههههههه




The kidnapping of the son of former Finance Minister “Suleiman Mohammed Suleiman Abdul Salam”

at the age of 19 in one area Dop outskirts of Sabha and 800,000 ransom demand for his release.


OBAMA YANKEE REGIME’s cover-up of Yankee CIA Intelligence working with SALAFIST groups in Libya and Egypt, arming and funding them, to overthrow BASHAR ASSAD in Syria, and to control Libya…and that the “Blue Mountain Group” (U.K. operated) was not reliable.“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, on FB, REPORTS:

Revealed lady U.S. business and a puppet of the CIA (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Libya for critical information about the science of administration of U.S. President “Barack Obama” and intelligence, the arrival of weapons and foreign funds into the hands of groups affiliated with al-Qaeda Sleht in the country and that this was prior to the attack on the headquarters of the U.S. spy complex and so-called “consulate” in Benghazi.

Terrorist leaders in LibyaThe client chose “Annie” Casma pseudonym to her, in a special statement to the website “The Blaze” American, she was a close relationship with Ambassador “Stevens” and met him on several occasions during the period of their presence in Libya, with the aim of collecting information on behalf of the CIA and the FBI, leaders and al-Qaeda leaders operating within the country.

She added, “Annie” that the U.S. administration suffers from a disconnect between senior elected officials and the president, “Barack Obama” in relation to the reality of Libya, saying that the rebels were not only a group of terrorists, backed by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, pointing out that the fact that the U.S. administration has been aggressive in Enhanced support for the rebels was puzzling to her.Expose the company “Blue Mountain”On this separation, explained, “Annie” that the U.S. State Department has issued multiple warnings not to employ security company British that were already tasked to “protect” the American Spy-ambassador in Libya, but did not hear a warnings were ignored, according to documents and e-mail messages.

She noted that the “group Blue Mountain” is the security company, which had a U.S. so-called “Consulate” (spy complex) night attack 11September 2012, the company had lost in earlier decades locked in Tripoli due to its failure to meet the international standards required, according to documents obtained by the organization “Jadeschal Watch” province.

On 07 June 2012, revealed an e-mail that “Jairo Saravia,” regional security officer, U.S. State Department in Tripoli, warned that the group Blue Mountain did not have a good track record in this work were canceled many contracts with major companies.

He said, “Saravia” in the e-mail message directed to external: “According to recent information obtained by, the group Blue Mountain security is not licensed by the Libyan government to provide security services here and I would recommend it after being used to provide security for any of our facilities in Libya.”

Concern the role of “Ansar al-Sharia”

Group revealed e-mails between officials of the U.S. State Department in Libya that the ministry was aware of the problems of licensing insurance company, “Blue Mountain.” The Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “Gerlach painful” that the concerns were not about external security capability of the company, but about the Libyan government’s response when learning to employ foreign company Blue Mountain.

According to news reports, the company has worked “Blue Mountain” in Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan and other regions all over the world, and claimed the company’s website that it consists of a group of security professionals and Dhi special forces backgrounds.

He acknowledged a security contractors in remarks to the site, that the company has hired about 20 guards Libya had received only minimal training, so it has not been trained to protect themselves against terrorists Muslhieddin.

He explained that the site and the death of the Spy-ambassador, “Stevens” is one part of the mystery that the administration of U.S. President “Obama” still disguised in the ashes of Benghazi.

The spokeswoman for the U.S. State then, “Victoria Nuland,” has denied the U.S. government contracted with the company “Blue Mountain”, at a press conference in 2012.

But it turned out that the small company had received 783 thousand dollars from the U.S. State Department to secure the consulate in Libya.


Down memory Lane:

Muammar al-Qathafi and Fidel Castro in 1977:

The War the West has HIDDEN from the World

Resistance fine and joyful surprises Antzerowoowoo Aahrar and Astadowoowo rubble

for an hour and the emergence of mass liberation Fjrrrr !

Ezz El Arab media:
{{{{Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and Aaaaaaaaaaagel}}}} {{{{Alandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Alakhieeyeaier}}}} Per Libyan tribes and the words of history and the history of Aarahm because it records in everythingbut unforgettable and now make this speech in order to not be there is an argument loyalty tribe after today will not hear of any tribe excuse after today

and say explicitly ((brethren in the south and in the Rishvana In the department in Al Ojailat whole reel her father families, children, women, youth and men fighting on all fronts and you are asleep and Ttafrjohn the enemy all were Bani Walid yesterday, today Here the role Ali and Rishvana and department in Al Ojailat and southern tribes and tomorrow Tarhunah and Alnoael and Chiaan and Rkdalin and Ztun and Sabratha and Surman and Qasr Ben Ghashir (aspects of the four) and Zliten and five Asabah and epiphyseal and Sirte and tribes Burka all Arab Indeed, for Unlom p Tawergha or Rullish or Riaineh Western because they are displaced and displaced and even uncertain that their youth and their men Mmelthmoun with us in the fight and defend the supply and honor as a war against the tribes dishonest Arab and remnants of the Turks and led by the Muslim Brotherhood

and supporters of evil and rule to control the people and the country turned out now evident that in “February” the biggest lie: is not a revolution but Athuar. It is a major plot on the Arab world in general and Libya special because it is the Arab presence and break up everything at home and it’s great strife and they support them fatwas sheikhs tribulations of Al-Qaradawi and SADAK Gharyiani and others.

Iaabina badiha Iaabina villages Iaabina ancient cities endowed to defend the supply and the honor and the nation and the future of your sons is here sounded the hours of work and the “salvation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Zmrthm and shields” who were killed slaves and ruined the country and Aathoa in the land—

of corruption three years and Libya are suffering, and you Ttafrjohn.

Is it possible for this and we slaughter every day assassinations, bombings, rapes and prisons and jails and wars of extermination and mesmerized between tribes and between families and neighbors ?…..

It withholds now become satisfied and flip and a partner in the plot …

We Ankhun not threatening, but because our country, and our country sank and people killed, Is Responsive…

ساعة الصفر

الاعلامي عز العرب
{{{{ هااااااااااااااام وعااااااااااجل }}}} {{{{ النداااااااااااااااء اﻻخيييييييير }}}} لكل القبائل الليبيه وكلام للتاريخ والتاريخ لايرحم لانه يسجل في كل شئ ولاينسي والان نوجه هذا الكلام لكي لاتكون هناك حجه لائ قبيله بعد اليوم ولن يسمع من اي قبيله عذر بعد اليوم ونقول بصريح العبارة (( اخوتكم في الجنوب وفي ورشفانه وفي العجيلات كلها علي بكرة ابيها عائلات واطفال ونساء وشباب ورجال تقاتل في الجبهات وانتم نائمون وتتفرجون علي عدوكم جميعا فكانت بني وليد بالامس واليوم هاهو الدور علي ورشفانه والعجيلات وقبائل الجنوب وغدا ترهونه والنوايل والصيعان ورقدالين وزلطن وصبراته وصرمان وقصر بن غشير (النواحي الاربعه ) وزليتن والخمس والاصابعه والمشاشيه وسرت وقبائل برقه العربيه جميعا وفي الحقيقه لانلوم ع تاورغاء او القواليش او الرياينه الغربيه لانهم مهجرين ونازحين بل ومؤكد ان شبابهم ورجالهم ملتحمون معنا في القتال والدفاع علي العرض والشرف انها حرب علي القبائل الشريفه والعربيه من بقايا الاتراك وبقياده الاخوان وانصار الشر والقاعده للسيطرة علي الشعب والوطن فتبين الان جليا واضحا ان فبراير اكبر كذبه ليست ثورة ولاثوار انها مؤامره كبري علي الوطن العربي عامه وليبيا خاصه لانها الوجود العربي وتفتيت كل شئ في الوطن وانها فتنه كبري وانهم يدعمونها بفتاوي مشائخ الفتن من القرضاوي والغرياني وغيرهم ياابناء الباديه ياابناء القري ياابناء المدن العريقه هبوا للدفاع علي العرض والشرف والوطن ومستقبل ابناءكم هاقد دقت ساعه العمل والخلاص من الاخوان وزمرتهم ودروعهم الذين قتلوا العباد وخربوا البلاد واعاثوا في الارض الفساد ثلاث سنوات وليبيا تعاني وانتم تتفرجون هل يعقل هذا و نحن نذبح كل يوم اغتيالات وتفجيرات واغتصابات وسجون ومعتقلات وحروب اباده وفتن بين القبائل وبين العائلات والجيران …..فمن لايقوم الان يصبح راضيا ومتخاذلا وشريكا في المؤامره …نحن لانخون ولا نهدد ولكن لان وطننا وبلادنا غرقت وشعبنا قتل فهل من مجيب

  PRAISE BE TO ALLAH, Lord of all the Universe!

GREAT SON writes:

I do solemnly swear that of the nation and the people perished before Hola rats and traitors and agents are the politicians Almsison Hola …
Owners of big bellies and freaks mundane, certificates and paper dubbed …
I swear to God they are fork that hinder our victory …
Hola, who believe that they are the only ones who are capable of understanding and analysis and detection …
Hola who see us every day and ask their sojourn in the philosophical pretext of bloodshed and to give the impression that the permanent home is going to hell and of promises, but … So they can put their project thus political subservient which was drafted by the same hands that destroyed the home and violated the blood supply and legalized
Any right politicians Dear Honorable evacuation talking about this settlement and national cohesion with the Astbdltm now nominated Balfberarion instead of traitors and agents … And no blood is not talkin ‘blood of the martyrs blood???
Are not they are rip covenants and refused to shake hands with the hands of their brothers that stretched them to save the home before entering into this sordid plot and they refuse it and scorn Bashitanhm NATO.

By what right and any right talking Yamen purely voices in front of the leader and you Thtvon spirit and blood Nvidk Yakaúdna …
Dear Almtnazlon any right for the constants that we’ve endured for it, killing and displacing our children and our parents and our brothers without sin of their own, but they defended their land, their honor and dignity ….
Or you may have forgotten the greater country valued policy defeatists Actors suspicious at this critical juncture that the suffering of the homeland and the citizen …
What is this then waived only justification to accept the terms of the West Bergoekm We know perfectly well aware of the fact and the agreements from which the political establishment Jbhattkm declared as part of their resistance Tkhaddon just like ordinary chameleon who recite the day as many times as interest and interest.
Laggards question each day and those who were with us yesterday Thtvon and singing in the Green Square and in front of the leader … Mass .. Authority and popularity .. Muammar is Amen nationalism!!!!
Where is the power of the people in Trgm who are trying to put in your data now and Halolkm this miserable???
Where Ahodgkm commander who you trust and honesty when Slmkm him swear that he will remain the leader is a legitimacy to it,
or you were the symbol Tnavqon???
Where to greet those green flag which Cservtm by a fluttering high in all the capitals of the world that Astqubltkm
where Kamboson and politicians in the tasks of national and revolutionary leader who Anzaatm his legitimacy now????
Where is your concern for blood when NATO bombed and destroyed homes and cities, and the blood of your sons and brothers bleed in each division and the Valley and you are you arguing steadfast ..
Or is it that by steadfastness was interest on the premise victory only at the time of the stature abound and the better chance of theft and corruption????
In short Aashmaz prospects …
You do not interest you as much as the blood of the martyrs of interest to you your money and your accounts …
You do not interest you as much as constants Maémkm go back and live under the banner of CNF and shame …
You do not concern you that people power Aatleetm through which sovereign positions as much as Maémkm your palaces and farms and Mentzhatkm corrupt …
In the end, I say … History will not have mercy will not have mercy never never
Each tribute to the simple honest Alankiee loyal to the nation and the leader and martyrs
Armed resistance is the way a solution … It will tamping strongholds wrong solution wherever and wherever …
Keep up the Resistance, even if it did not hear my voice … Tamam sir ..
We will continue to make these historical epics that Rwinha the blood of our sons and brothers ..
Sntsamar convoys followed by convoys of heroes to worship the way to victory and restitution Amosobh
Yes sir and drivers Sntsamar … Not slept the eyes of cowards … Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar
We’ve endured the steadfastness of men …. And here we are winning the Champions victory.
اقسم جازما بأن من هلك الوطن والعباد قبل هولاء الجرذان والخونه والعملاء هم هولاء الساسه المسيسون … اصحاب البطون الكبيره والنزوات الدنيوية والشهادات والورقية المدبلجة …اقسم بالله انهم هم الشوكة التي تعيق انتصارنا … هولاء الذين يعتقدون بانهم هم وحدهم القادرين على الفهم والتحليل والكشف … هولاء الذين ينظرون علينا كل يوم ويطرحون في حلولهم الفلسفيه بحجة حقن الدماء والايحاء الدائم بان الوطن ذاهب الى الهاويه والا عوده … حتى يتمكنوا بالتالي من طرح مشروعهم السياسي الخانع والذي تمت صياغته بواسطة نفس الايادي التي دمرت الوطن وهتكت العرض واباحت الدماءبأي حق ايها السياسيون المحترمون الاجلاء تتحدثون عن هذه التسوية واللحمة الوطنية مع من استبدلتم الان تسميتهم بالفبراريون بدل الخونه والعملاء … وعن اي دم تتحدثون أليس دم الشهداء دم ؟؟؟ اليسوا هم من مزق العهود ورفض مصافحة ايادي اخوانهم التي امتدت لهم لحفظ الوطن قبل الدخول في هذه المؤامرة الدنيئة وأبوا ذلك واستكبروا بشيطانهم الناتو
بأي حق وعن اي حق تتكلمون يامن بحت اصواتكم امام القائد وانتم تهتفون بالروح والدم نفيدك ياقائدنا … بأي حق ايها المتنازلون عن الثوابت التي صمدنا من اجلها وقتل وشرد ابناءنا وأبائنا واخواننا دون ذنبا اقترفوه الا انهم دافعوا عن ارضهم وشرفهم وكرامتهم…. أم انكم قد نسيتم ياسادة السياسة الكرام المتخاذلين اصحاب الادوار المشبوهه في هذا الظرف الحرج الذي يعانيه الوطن والمواطن … ثم ماهذا التنازل الا مبرر بقبول شروط الغرب برجوعكم ونحن نعلم تمام المعرفه وندرك حقيقة الاتفاقيات التي تم من خلالها تأسيس جبهاتكم السياسية المعلنه في اطار مقاومة تخدعون بها البسطاء تماما مثل الحرباء التي تتلون في اليوم عدة مرات حسب المصلحة والفائدة
سؤال لكل المتخاذلون اليوم والذين كانوا بالامس تهتفون معنا ويغنون في الساحة الخضراء وامام القائد … جماهيرية .. سلطة شعبية ..ومعمر هو امين امين القومية !!!!
أين هي سلطة الشعب في طرحكم الذي تحاولون طرحه الان في بياناتكم وحلولكم البائسة هذه ؟؟؟
أين عهودكم للقائد الذي وثق بكم وسلمكم الامانه عندما اقسمتم له بأنه سيقى هو القائد وهو الشرعيه وهو الرمز أم انكم كنتم تنافقون ؟؟؟
أين تحيتكم لتلك الراية الخضراء التي تشرفتم بها وهي ترفرف عاليا في كل عواصم العالم التي استقبلتكم فيها كامبعثون وسياسيون في مهام وطنيه وثوريه من القائد الذي انزعتم عنه الشرعية الان ؟؟؟؟
أين حرصكم على الدماء عندما كان الناتو يقصف ويدمر البيوت والمدن ودماء اخوتكم وأبنائكم تنزف في كل شعبة ووادي وانتم كنتم بحجة الصامدون .. ام ان صمودكم كان حسب المصلحة على فرضيه النصر فقط في ذلك الوقت لتزدادوا مكانة وحظوظ اوفر للسرقة والفساد ؟؟؟؟
باختصار ياشذاذ الافاق …
أنتم لا يهمكم دماء الشهداء بقدر ما تهمكم اموالكم وحساباتكم …
انتم لا تهمكم الثوابت بقدر مايهمكم الرجوع والعيش تحت كنف وراية الخزي والعار …
انتم لا تهمكم سلطة الشعب التي اعتليتم من خلالها المناصب السياديه بقدر مايهمكم قصوركم ومزارعكم ومنتزهاتكم الفاسدة …

وفي النهايه اقول … ان التاريخ لن يرحم ابدا ابدا لن يرحم
كل التحية للشرفاء الانقياء البسطاء الاوفياء للوطن والقائد والشهداء

المقاومة المسلحة هي الطريق وهي الحل … وسوف تدك معاقل الباطل اينما حل وحيثما كان … استمروا في المقاومة حتى وان لم تسمعوا صوتي … تمام سيدي .. سنستمر في صنع هذه الملاحم التاريخية التي روينها بدماء ابناءنا واخوتنا .. سنتسمر قوافل تعقبها قوافل من الابطال لنعبد الطريق نحو النصر واسترداد الحقوق المغصوبة
نعم سيدي وقائدي سنتسمر … ولا نامت اعين الجبناء … الله اكبر … الله اكبر … الله اكبر

صمدنا صمود الرجال …. وها نحن ننتصر انتصار الابطال

Farewell to our brave deceased today:

Oh God, forgive our martyrs and to be merciful and placed them roomy Jnatk and decide our brave

soldiers of the popular forces, and come down on them tranquility and serenity, wisdom and

discernment and terrified the enemy and come down on them fear and worry and panic and

earthquake ground from under their feet.

For 60 000 martyrs of our armed forces ……. Must uprising
Tripoli Mermaid … Stantvd on all of lawful display.

THE EVIL AXIS FORCES which FOUGHT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ARMY in 2011 and are still heavily involved in the “LIBYAN-CONFLICT”:Khashin hell with those of the country and our heads and slug Jardan and God Almighty without NATO Maverm footmen and guide you to this = employees of the armed people was a great army ..

Because he fought against NATO and its collaborators: * the forces involved in the plight of February 17:

– 25000 of elite soldiers Arabs (Qatar – UAE – Jordan – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Sudan) –12,500 Special Forces soldier belonging to the NATO (Legion African French army – Major Arab Army FA – U.S. Special Forces – Malta – Italy – Turkey) –

mercenaries follow-Qaeda and Alakhunjah as follows: * 1200 Afghan * 800 Chechen * 1300 Algerian * 400 Lebanese * 2200 Tunisian * 15000 Egyptian * 1000 Sudanese * 3200 Gulf * 250 Yemeni * Uribe 400 * 600 Turkish –

300 fighter aircraft and bombers – 50 aircraft Arab (Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Jordan) – 250 helicopter – 12 AWACS aircraft, including: * 4 * Saudi planes Number 2 nuclear submarine aircraft carriers * 4 * 16 * 12 frigate battleship * 8 * 25 submarines normal Coast Guard ship * 5 supply vessels and Bureau – in addition to the three Arab countries neighboring Libya, and put all its potential military and logistics at the disposal of pawns February 17 and these countries are Tunisia and Sudan

Are not we a great army … ?! It is from the Arab armies fought like all these cosmic force …

Acknowledge my debt Jardan channels.
Say you Ardjao me back a little bit
When he was with them 48 states and all the weapons and aviation did not stand one hour and was with them in the field of forces, backed by the West Sea Joe Land
The Antro me what they

Today, how to control the country …..
Do not believe them, but the owners of weak hearts
[* Sniper *]

(No alternative to the Liberation of Libya)

Resilience to hold out until victory … Greetings leader (shehab libya):

For publication and circulation immediately and soon

Libyan Arabic Jamahiriya:
(To whom it may concern, the Libyan people) that
Wave 3 and call for the Libyan people and the wise men and wise al-Zentan regarding captive Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi
Please take the report into account.
We appreciate all the circumstances for the Libyans, but this is what it happening, may explain the Resistance but will recognize the fact,

because Al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood could not hide their actions much,
because most young people now engaged with them and clear them will abandon goals and join their families who fled their base acts
and will remember the acts of Al-Qaeda, as they saw him here will be two-third not Libya, Resistance and invalidate them
true communities of Al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood almtaslmine, each will disappear
Manifestations of other blocs, here you will be fighting between two flags: just a green flag, or, the banner of Al-Qaeda and terrorism.
And moodiness for everyone that Misurata is geographical and regional movaha a billion kilometers; and this that I found on the map or boundary and sovereignty of the Libyan Jamahiriya
We know all the Liberal wallibin that there are several ongoing meetings and operating rooms were created from great and friendly States
and very impressive on the international scene and discuss how to enter Libya 

and cleared of Al-Qaeda and international terrorism,

and this information will be translated on the ground into action effectively and forayed into (but invisible to the public) and will be a great surprise for everyone including America and Europeand all these States

are now waiting the results of the Libyan Resistance movement which forayed into the actual plot.

Regarding captive Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi:
And the speech wave llzentan
M single options: tullus buzzes.
The first option handed Dr. Saif al-Islam prisoner to the International Criminal Court (and would be in a weak position to the Libyan people)…
Option and is the choice of Libya and Libya’s release of captive Dr. Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi : 
[this be buzzes chosen meat with the rest of the tribal fair.]
The third option is joining the buzzes down and hand over the captive Seif Al-Islam to them:
this was worthy of all the buzzes. I will have mercy them rule they are the first targets Al-Qaeda tinges all Libyan people;
and you will not find any Pro you…
The ball is in your court; and we recommend that every minute after the issuance of this statement,
will be upon you and time is not in the interests of anyone except members of the Honorable Libya.
(The media Committee of the battalion’s men currently)
Released on 26-01-2014
للنشر والتعميم الفور ي والعاجل
الجماهيريه العربيه الليبيه الشعبيه الاشتراكيه العظمى
بيــ( الى من يهمه الامر والى عموم الشعب الليبي الشريف)ــــــــان
الكلمه الموجه رقم 3 والموجه لعامه الشعب الليبي ولحكماء وعقلاء النزنتان بخصوص الاسير سيف الاسلام معمر القدافي
نرجوا اخد التقرير بعين الاعتبار.
نحن نقدر كل الظروف بالنسبة لليبيين ولكن هذا ماسوف يحدث ، قد يفسرون ذلك من المقاومة ولكن سوف يدركون حقيقة الامر ، لان القاعدة والاخوان لايستطيعون اخفاء افعالهم كثيراً ، لان اغلب الشباب الان منخرط معهم وعندما تتضح لهم اهدافهم سوف يتخلون عنهم ويلتحقون بأهلهم الذين هربوا من افعال القاعدة بهم ، وسوف يذكرون ماشاهدوه من افعال القاعدة ، وهنا سوف تكون ليبيا بين طرفين لا ثالث لهم ، المقاومة وابطالها الحقيقيون وجماعات القاعدة والاخوان المتأسلمين ، وسوف تختفي كل مظاهر التكتلات الاخرى ، وهنا سوف يكون القتال بين رايتان فقط وهي الراية الخضراء ، وراية القاعدة والارهاب
ونكد للجميع بأن مدينة مصراته سيكون موفعها الجغرافي والاقليمي على بعد مليار من الكيلو مترات وهدا ان وجدت على الخريطه الليبيه او الحدود وسيادة الجماهيريه العظمى
ونعلم جميع الاحرار والليبين بانه هناك عدة اجتماعات متواصله وغرف عمليات تم انشائها من دول كبرى ودول صديقه ومؤثره جدا على المشهد الدولي ويناقشون كيفيه الدخول الى ليبيا وتطهيرها من القاعده والارهاب الدولي المنتشر وهدا المعلومات ستترجم على الارض الى افعال وبدءت فعليا ولكن غير مرئيه للعموم وسوف تكون مفاجئه كبرى للجميع ومن فيهم امريكا واروبا وجميع هده الدول ينتظرون الان نتائج حراك المقاومه الليبيه الشعبيه التي بدءت على فعليا على الارض
بخصوص الاسير سيف الاسلام معمر القدافي
والكلام موجه للزنتان
اما م الزنتان تلاث خيارات وحيده :-
الخيار الاول تسليم الاسير الدكتور سيف الاسلام الى محكمة الجنايات الدوليه وسيكونون في موقف ضعيف امام الشعب الليبي
الخيار التاني وهو خيار ليبيا ومصلحة ليبيا وهو اطلاق سراح الاسير الدكتور سيف الاسلام معمر القدافي وبهدا تكون الزنتان اختارت اللحمه مع باقي القبائل الشريفه
الخيار الثالث وهو انضمام الزنتان الى القاعده وتسليم الاسير سيف الاسلام اليهم وبهدا قد حكموا على كل شي في الزنتان اولا لن ترحمهم القاعده وهم اول اهداف القاعده وتاني الشعب اليبي جميعا ولن تجدوا اي مناصر لكم
والكره الان في ملعبكم ونحن ننصحكم بأن كل دقيقه بعد اصدار هدا البيان ستنحسب عليكم والوقت ليس في صالح احد الا ابناء ليبيا الشرفاء
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
صدر بتاريخ 26-1-2014


the leadership of the “People’s Armed Forces of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”:

Ahbab and loyal to the sound of the voice and the right of Libyans

I ask you to pray for the dear Canutona Hamza Thami
Today the date of his surgery.

Hoping God that culminated in the operation a complete success.

And overlooks we master media as soon as possible
And stronger than before the traitors and climbers and fat cats.

The right of your name, O Lord, Shafi
Affey heal and Hamza Thami and tirelessly his operation a success
You all things, O Lord of the Worlds.
الى احباب واوفياء صوت الحق وصوت الليبيين

ارجو منكم الدعاء ل دكتونا الغالي حمزة التهامي
غدا موعد عمليته الجراحية

راجية من الله تعالى ان تكلل العملية بالنجاح التام

وان يطل علينا سيد الاعلاميين باسرع وقت ممكن
واقوى من قبل على الخونة والمتسلقين والقطط السمان

يا رب بحق اسمك الشافي
اشفي وعافي حمزة التهامي وكلل عمليته بالنجاح
انك على كل شيء قدير يا رب العالمين

Liberal Ntmn
That Dr. Mujahid Hamzah
My traumatic process has succeeded ….
(Praise God for your safety, my hero)
(* Sniper *)

News Libyan armed Resistance:

Green Green TV satellite channel

Dr. Hamza Touhami brought greetings to all free and all asking about us and say box that BiH succeeded and process is in good health.

اخبار المقاومة الليبية المسلحة

قناة الخضراء الفضائية Green TV

الدكتور حمزة التهامي يوجه التحية لجميع الاحرار ولكل من يسأل عنا ويقوللكم ان العملية نجحت والحمدلله وهو في صحة جيدة ..

قناة الخضراء الفضائية Green TV

الدكتور حمزة التهامي يوجه التحية لجميع الاحرار ولكل من يسأل عنا ويقوللكم ان العملية نجحت والحمدلله وهو في صحة جيدة ..
Mujahideen fine and morale hugging the sky…
(God and Muammar and Libya ups)
* (Sniper) *

O God, my neighborhood, my Qayyum Aadla majesty and Cram
O, O mighty strong O compelling enemies ..
Victory to our brothers the mujahideen all over the Great Jamahiriya
And be of help to them and decide on their feet and hit a throw
(Carefree secretary)

* Sniper *

Green Army fighter



Ambulances cattle Gaya on Tripoli from the west.

News about military preparations of tribes and Rafla pride and Tarhounah to enter Tripoli

and we can not place the secret Decker.
Zero hour writes:
Hallelujah Hallelujah and praise the great.

Zero hour informs us:
Urgent and very important for every Liberal ..

Please cancel Aajabatkm page after Libyan political dialogue control of Tripoli’s security committee, headed by Hashim humans on published materials on the page and follow the comments by the Liberal and then arrested.

Electrical Power outages at several districts in Tripoli.

Electrical black-out

Hashim Humans 6

Haaaam very dangerous :

leaked a phone call from a Libyan intelligence has the head of a branch Supreme Security Committee Hashim humans and a person named Otbaiqa/ Atabaiqa

(turned out he Aladinm main page political dialogue and the owner of the page thrust literally)

Hello Cheikhna. How are you and the state of the family?, Lord’s okay,,,
Hashim humans:
welcome your professor Atabaiqa and long champion of the right, how is the young? all Lord’s okay ::

Thankfully Sheikh Hashim all Beslmoa you and invites you all the best, saw all the pages would attack you and the rebels, and I spoke to each Alazmnyh to form a work cell to respond to pages misinformation and thwart what they want from a distortion of your good self and Khouna Haitham Tagouris,

Hola dogs barking Maandhm something special pages FCC pages of the Eastern Region and God baccarat to a statement Tharihm you sick,, ::
Hashim humans:

beings have the right to a total of Tafhen especially page urgent Benghazi and pages Zintan Tfhik plus Bbachrp rice sell their home,

I sat for matter and anti-I served others Are dogs ::
Hashim humans:
dunk to matter because the number of participants propagation and turned over public opinion, you bastards,

and I worked for you. A money transfer can be found in the same bank and distributed reward young people

who Maak vinegary become active ::
God bless you and I spoke to Azmnah dialogue try to penetrate the participants in the page and you turn them

information and Ze time you who missed monastery necessary ::: ::
Hashim humans:
do not care about, but give me accurate information, and I appreciate the teams in Benghazi where we work even.

Salvation agreed and Lord Maihrmena you Sheikh :::

Hashim humans:
in God Save Khouna and Nthatv later and Matnssa bank,, ::

Thanked Ghali RBI Adomk Lena))
text call keys on 1/26/2014 third hour fifteen minutes pm incoming Britain Liverpool to Tripoli, Libya.
(The hour of victory)




Thank God, thousands of young people from all Rishvana ready for jihad and sacrifice, and enthusiastic and morale is high above; tell you, the sons and Rishvana and our fellow Libyans We are with you, and will not let you down, live in Rishvana Aljafarah and Libya and die there; Aljafarah and Libya Masebenhash for Turk and not Italians Aabal Nsebouha’s remnants, and edged Saaa mercenaries heretics Goodenough uniforms Haddow; morale is high, thanks to God and our youth; God willing, my Lord Mark and Rishvana and Libya, a country safer.


This is one of dozens of houses destroyed by criminal gangs in the corner (TRIPOLI) Bossrh

هذا احد بيوت من العشرات التي دمرتها عصابات الزاوية الإجرامية في مهذا احد بيوت من العشرات التي دمرتها عصابات الزاوية الإجرامية في منطقة بوصرة


MUSICIAN  writes:{And} Amatsmaaaah in the department in Ajeelat:

No one can deny that he did not listen to the Libyan women are honest in the city department in Ajeelat that screamed the loudest voice and Amatsmaaaah after being flattened missiles and launchers injustice mosques and houses in the department in Ajeelat and killed children, women and elderly, honest woman agitate you, determination and noble values, O Liberal Libyans, Calls you on behalf of masculinity and courage The Tnkaddoa Silks of the department in Ajeelat  Tnkaddoa of injustice infidels Almsttren religion.

Who heard the screams of the women who slept in the street with silks department in Ajeelat and their children in the freezing cold and did not move him to know that he has lost Nakhweh manhood and scared men in adversity, on behalf Billah pronounced in order to invite you to Amuriyah other Brega again where the sword believe news of books, what guilt Silks who bombed their homes and their children with missiles and tanks, no locusts this Islam which bombards his supporters innocent? How do we allow a handful of extremist groups of all brothels earth to kill Hraúrna in the department in Ajeelat and enter into their sanctities Is Matt Billah us? .
The Prophet said that good in my nation to the hour and this is the same Al faza’a and magnanimity and masculinity in the victory of the oppressed, wherever they are, my HSS honorable to call out to you the certificate ajaylat is calling all nabbers, don’t be late for duty is a necessary Sharia and legitimate; so,
fight them punish God Bslagm heal them understand Category transgressing that killed companion Ammar bin Yasir signed in two rows and killed in Silks department in Ajeelat Let us Nahrawan another kill all the Kharijites mirror and say to the noble in the department in Ajeelat to pick what we have wronged woman alive.
And still continues playing the lead…
{musician }

Dardanelles channel satellite Aldardanel |
# Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
The death of the commander of the armed militias in
Department in Ajeelat Abdul Baset Bouhafah” after
Injured in clashes yesterday, mentions
He  is one of the instigators of the attack on
Department in Ajeelat and destroyed by the militias



One spy van in the city of Zliten:





believe me
Global criminal Zionist Bernard Levy has entered into Misrata and  says he is there

“with my Jewish Misrata friends with me to fight against al-Qathafi”.

الصهيوني المجرم العالمي برنارد ليفي لقد دخلت الي مصراتة ومعي اصدقائي اليهود للقتال ضد القذافي
Zionist “Bernard Levy” entered Misrata with friends to fight Gaddafi soldiers
Zionist “Bernard Levy,” and say it in front of the world is fully aware that this is a Jew and says:
Entered the Libyan city of Misrata to fight my friends and I to fight Gaddafi soldiers to liberate the city of them ..
الصهيونى “برنارد ليفي” يقولها و امام العالم الذي يدرك تماماً هذا اليهودي و هو يقول :دخلت الى مدينة مصراتة الليبية للقتال انا و اصدقائي لقتال جنود القذافي لتحرير المدينة منهم ..

Urgent to spread and generalize the Balfour Declaration New rats Awlad Suleiman Aahdo shortly before their masters in MISURATA,  annexation of the territory of Fezzan to Misrata under the name of a new province, the center and the capital of Misratah and Atfqo the survival and the concentration of militias in Misrata Sabha after “its liberation from the arrows” in their words !!!!!


Bushmin and the National Congress of Misrata rebels are demanding to come
To Tripoli to “protect the conference on 07-2 2014″….
News Sowaihili intervention in an attempt to persuade the rebels
Misurata to come to Tripoli to “protect the National Congress “…



The resignation of a member of what is known as local council of Bani Walid F Gmad from office.





The killing of four people from the pagan army and injuring seven others in clashes with gunmen area bed.




Supporters Eboumnyar:
Sabra Sabra Aalepien God willing release.

Exchange to launch Narbin commandos and Ansarhetan [Sharia] in front of the hospital and the fall of Galaa

@ 5 dead so far from both sides.

Mohammad Ali senile assassinated in Benghazi, which continued Bmaysmy

military intelligence Badatalaq Naralih in the tikka.

Water began to be interrupted for several neighborhoods in Benghazi due to stop

pumping water Great Manmade River in the south.

The Great Rafla great Werflla
Moved from the page and now Rafla
Urgent …
Declares the founding committee of the brigade Rusaifa Benghazi to all members of the tribe and Rafla need to come to the NLD headquarters in Benghazi to register their names and engage in a brigade Rusaifa, also asks all members of the tribe Almnspitn former and current to different battalions immediate withdrawal of them, and join the brigade Rusaifa in compliance with the instructions of the Tribal Council and Rafla, note that the force would be under the command of Major General and a reference board and Rafla tribes in Bani Walid from now on must of all the sons and Rafla in the eastern cities of Sirte from the west to the east Amsaad. . . . . . . . . . Daytime characters


USA is supplying Turkey with equipment and Atomics (B53 uranium tipped bombs). Then this is moved out of Ankara by air.The Turks now have many war planes and heavy military equipment and ammo going in and out of JUFRA airbase, …which then NATO pilots go out to bomb SABHA.
Urgent hole for publication and dissemination.
(There suspicious movements of Turkish planes at the base of Jafra,

the day dawn, and there are stories saying that the pilots diagonals rule.)(picture of the al-JUFRAH airbase)

Jardan Misurata move a convoy of Jafra toward Sabha and the presence of a convoy in Alchuirv.




God is greatest above the aggressor Kid
Destroyed 17 vehicles rats Misurata was heading to the city of Sabha by the Popular Resistance for the Champions
Snthfez secret place and timing ambush-
There is a suspicious movements to NATO mercenaries through the use of airport Opare and radio advertising
as a “relief and medicines to the population Sabha” (LIARS!) ...
Obviously there is a crowd of military forces by air in an attempt to circumvent the Liberals in the seawall and Sabha.
God be the news is not true, O are free
Far out moments before a military aircraft from the base of Jafra bombed city of Sebha
Plane traitors and Alamle bombing in the city of Sabha in the evening:
طائرة الخونة والعملااء تقصف في مدينة سبها اليوم عند المساء

Zero hour writes:

Thia thanked me and respect for the Champions fierce popular resistance ..
Was destroyed a convoy of NATO Jardan me …..
(We do not want to place safety Decker Champions)
God is great and above Kid aggressors.
(* Sniper *)

Camp April 7 Sabha


سبها معسكر7ابريل (كتيبة النهار الاسود) 27-01-2014 لمتابعة اخر الاخبار والفيديوات الحصرية تابعونا علي صفحة ناس بوك اضغط هنا
يرجي من الجميع المساهمة في نشر الصفحة الاحتياطيةناس بوك
Durée : 1:48
Announces booklet Black Fezzan positioned at the City first spark Sabha will be targeting all of Njadda
on the plate of his car  (Targah).Word mass media has distorted any kind of savior and Ali Zaidane (who is sure of himself) Jardan February to retain his portrait mineral as it is

and everyone cleaning word Aljmaherth immediately will be suspended from any car in Albobat Affiliated to PDF.

The only forward and Tory constant struggle.

South of the Libyan assure that the south is under control and there is no any creatures Jerdanih

just some hidden pockets and is still an ongoing process of cleansing.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaam very, very (for all Libyans)

The so-called Brigade sixth Bsabha For your information Aalepien he followed the terrorist Abdul Wahab commander’s brother Abohristi Libi, who belongs to al Qaeda who shape and pay him the money

and the possibilities from the treasury of the armor of the amounts they had received a 900 million and with the youth of the Awlad Suleiman and young Hasouna and youth Fsasenh Agrohm money and laughed them jihad and washed them with their brains and Amohm money and now profess to rumors that Alqmazvh want revenge on the Awlad Suleiman
and this lie; and conflict on-going in the south is a conflict or a war between all the tribes of the south against these outlaws and custom and immorality of these criminals (who carry out the agendas of the supporters of the fry and the base and agendas Brotherhood criminals service for “al-Qaeda” and the organization of the “International Brotherhood” Almtaslim supported by Erdogan and Qatar …
They are the same terrorists who are fighting and Rishvana and accepted by the Department in Ajeelat, who fought Bani Walid: Baawamr Alajuanjah of the Conference and the Government of Dubl blade …..

I hope Publishing, to know all the Libyans and the whole world.

(The hour of victory)

Those who do not know ..
Army Sabha in Awlad Suleiman, as follows:
Sixth Infantry Brigade Awlad Suleiman (fire battalion fire was named for a Mpaysh) and ordered him Ahmid Attaybe Soleimani.
Battalion Emhemed mark of Awlad Suleiman, and ordered her to Soleimani invited Allam.
Saif Tabala special battalion Baltmamh of Awlad Suleiman.
Battalion Balharidat private right of Awlad Suleiman Mansour and ordered black.
Awlad Suleiman, the military intelligence and Maskha Bhrralden Sharaydi Slimani ….


Security Committee Awlad Suleiman and her commander Yahya al-‘Alam Almiasa.
Backing the security Awlad Suleiman, formerly based in the outer track Bhrralden Slimani.
Commercial Bank of Awlad Suleiman and porte-born Saif Al-Nasr was born before Alzoam GS entire south.
Agriculture Mksminha Alharidat including Ahvav Sharaydi and entourage.
Dispensary Mansheya fishplates Soleimani.
The local council was fishplates Soleimani.
Council Mansheya Maskinh Awlad Suleiman.
Military Council fishplates Soleimani.
Even al-Qaeda in Sabha in the Awlad Suleiman Mtemtl Farouk battalion following her commander Massoud serious and Abed Mpaysh.
You Aaarb Sabha following Tmoto Ahan Awlad Suleiman launched a collectors T Narafo each Kowoas ..!!

Volcano Zliten tells us:
The rest of the Kabyle share Jebbeh with Awlad Suleiman Vqz.

Camp April 7 Sabha

I am God and to him we shall return:
Been martyred hero Maj. Mohammed Abdel-Moneim Emhemed Ajtilaoy Gaddafi is someone

else Zletuny in the Indian company as a result of a mine explosion.

Image of the hero martyr Abdel Moneim Emhemed Ajtilaoy:

  DAHAB SHATI  camp,

Confirmed information about the so-called Ahmed Aoun Alzentani a resident of the area know as Dahab Shati camp,

located to the area know me last night and asked Almujdan inside the camp leaving immediately

and said that there Mlishat for xanthan Hedda would come to the camp.
(Today Nhano traitors among you, O)


A force for secrecy
Quraish to come from Zintan reticule
To smuggle a group under siege .. Asked Omar
Now chosen Assistance Force Once the author
Now off the power of the Western Brigade
Support for up to Aeetmkn criminals
Escape .. There are still shooting
Intermittent South Taiaria.
Filter has been Chairman of the Board Riyaana Albareh at night named Issa holsters.


of lower Egypt beloved Walt:

Onzero here they are free nation Hahm men or men minimum beloved Egypt, which he said the Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, the pulsating heart of the nation.
I wish all Members Ischofoa this video

Lord grant us victory on terrorism and the Kharijites and the people of sedition.

أنظرو هاهم أحرار الامة هاهم الرجال رجال أم الدنيا مصر الحبيبة التي قال عليها القائد معمر القدافي قلب الامة النابض
يا ريت كل الأعضاء يشوفوا الفيديو هذاربنا ينصرنا على الإرهاب و الخوارج و أهل الفتنة


Internet Spy
All pages of the honorable resistance to all of the lives and safety of charge to all Mqaomina Mushtaq green banner of anyone who wants to ask how the victory of God in your prayers to be with the resistance and Aiken them. While ye them, not with them ..
The enemies deliberately Astfsazakm Tkhvoa for all your papers and this is not something for your interest, but in their favor .. Wlosmanm from now on to publish any news Atqoumoua joyful or sad news of our heroes on the ground, no matter how simple. . The safety of our men who put their lives at risk on the ground much more important than happiness and cheer up Alvesbokyin names delusional unsuspecting owners in their homes and the center of their parents.
Please let the heroes are working safely and the results will be known at the end of the world as a whole, we are not ready for the new loss in order not to bear some of the responsibility for the dissemination of news Almtsraein Vhafzawa the safety of your children …..

إلى جميع صفحات المقاومة الشريفه إلى كل من تهمه حياة وسلامة مقاومينا إلى كل مشتاق للراية الخضراء لكل من يريد النصر كيف تطلبون من الله سبحانه في دعائكم بأن يكون مع المقاومين ولايكن عليهم .في الوقت الذي تكونوا أنتم عليهم وليس معهم ..
إن اعدائكم يتعمدون استفزازكم لتكشفوا عن جميع أوراقكم وهذا شئ ليس لصالحكم ولكنه لصالحهم .. فلوسمحتم من الأن فصاعدا لاتقوموا بنشر أي خبر مفرح أو محزن من اخبار ابطالنا على الأرض مهما كان بسيطا . . فسلامة رجالنا الذين يعرضون حياتهم للخطر على أرض الواقع أهم بكثير من سعادة و رفع معنويات الفيسبوكيين اصحاب الاسماء الوهميه الامنين في بيوتهم ووسط أهلهم .
رجاءا اتركوا الابطال يشتغلون بسلام والنتائج سيعرفها العالم بأسره في النهاية فنحن لسنا مستعدين لخسارة جديده من أجل عدم تحمل مسؤلية بعض المتسرعين لنشر الأخبار فحافظوا على سلامة ابنائكم…..

Hey hey are free Op thread:
Yamen Tcolo we Nhaaft Ali Mujahideen ….
Please, do not post anything on the meeting.
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 Disclaimer of Youth Resistance
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Some pages will not impose the news
I am one of inventories carried me The short one on youth resistance.
My Decker and lose all of their information
Anicol love.
First. Shi download information to decide whatever. Guidance is not one of morality resistance.
Tanya. Ban me from the Copts them through the girls have nothing to do my resistance.
Talt Shi .s.ahidin Resistance rightful Ketar withholds them to contact me my wives and their families, even to himself and his associates shall be subjected to me the danger …
(Protect carefree youth resistance and take them support and insist on Aaadahm)
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تنويه من شباب المقاومه
لبعض الصفحات
لن بعض الصفحات تقوم بانزال خبر
انا احد الجردات قامت بي الابلغ علي احد شباب المقاومه.
وقامو بي دكر كل معلوماتها
نحب انقول .
اول .شي تنزيل المعلومات علي البت مهما كانت. هدي ليست من اخلاق المقاومه.
تانيا . بان من يقوم بي القبط عليهم من خلال البنات ليس لهم علاقه بي المقاومه.
تالت شي انامجاهدين المقاومه الحقيقين الكتير منهم لايقوم بي الاتصال بي زوجاتهم واهلهم حتي لايعرض نفسه ورفاقه لي الخطر …
(الهم احمي شباب المقاومه وكن لهم سند وانصرهم علي اعداهم)


Network correspondents E.W.A
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
I have a message of peace and a member of the Syrian Arab Army:
After the peace …
Big salute to the popular forces of Libya, we have our hearts PRESIDENT: Good Bthrkatkm revolutionary, we Antapekm Bghtmam and call you a great victory, we were sure that our fellow Libyans do not sleep on the dirt, Gaddafi was educating men and not Jardan, granted, you T.
And we will regain our homelands of the Zionists and terrorism, all of al Qaeda fleeing from hearing voices feet of the Syrian army and the national defense forces
Salami reached all the families and all the Libyan resistance fighters
We Antapekm on the ground
You will hear good news soon in Syria and Libya
God is great above the aggressor Kid
Humaid Salem
Live the Syrian army


Juma Friday Blessings


Lord as Friday
And Friday the good days have
Write to us good Saad has failed our hearts
Lord to you through grant soon waiting in ADA preached
ۆ slaves ask Nick heal in ambulance service are
ۆ slaves hope Thy mercy in have mercy
And the slaves hope you achieve the aspirations of not failing
MOM of a Lord

ربـي إنّها الجّمـعَة
والجمعة مـِن خير الأيام عندك
فـاكتَب لـنا الخّيرَ فيـھا ۆأسّعِدْ فيھا قّلوبَنا
رّبـي إنّ لَكْ عّبـادٌا ينَتظّرونَ فرجاً قَريباً فـبشّرهمْ
ۆ عّبادٌا يَسألـونَكْ شفاءً فـعّافـِهّمْ
ۆ عّبادٌا يّرجونَ رحّمَتكَ فـارّحَمهّمْ
وعّبادٌا يّرجونَ منكَ تَحقيق أماني فلا تخْذلهم
آَميـــــن يــــا رب

Shi sweeter and sweeter surprise Jtna the morning of the day is what you expect actually the nicest things that which comes coincidence:


26:27 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 27 112 013 P

27:53 Aldkinor word Hamza Thami in the green channel on 23/11/2013 P

“Helena program,” Dr. Yusuf Shakir first episode of the program of Helena 18-11

Muammar al-Qathafi Against Imperialism:
Mu against Imperialism

Publications récentes coming deluge

Important statement of the Free Officers Movement ..

In the name of God the Merciful
Statement of the Free Officers Movement
The Free Officers Movement is following our valiant resistance of the armies of darkness parked at home .. Can not fail to revive the population of our capital Tripoli proud to gift audiences and crept brave and sacrificing her youth bounties for final salvation and near, God willing.
And that such a move is a complement to a glorious day Last day it came out youth Benghazi to expel the gangs remaining remnants of NATO and refused to tribes Libya noble be driven by the Government of the Rixos client and control the destiny of the nation, even back to his family’s government legitimacy by the people and did not make the circles the West did not gain its legitimacy from missiles crusader alliance.
In an hour like this can not forget to salute units armed people that are this time assume their responsibilities in Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha to protect the people and to address his enemies and remind each with vision that these weapons were stolen from the camps of the armed forces will be topped Alsaddae will go these thieves to hell and will keep the dust of this home for all without exclusion or marginalization or injustice and that the Libyans Liberals will not rest their pal and one million displaced from their families abroad and seven-tenth a family in prisons and looted the wealth of this country from importing government came out west .. Back and arms looted from the camps to serve the people and the people’s army.
We assure all those who are skeptical about the ability of our people out of this mess and contrived and planned colonization in circles .. They do not know metal this people and its ability creative sublimation, tolerance and rise above pettiness and crush enemies Illusionist and armed with tanks or Tlhvo falsely religion, which is innocent of them and Sntehr Islam from the filth and Alarjas who Alloa Jews and Christians in their war against their Muslim brothers and Ostqowa states colonial Trdnaha and line people battles of history, the struggle against the Turks and Italians and demonstrated that the colonization project failed completely Kzhv these sacrifices these young people to drive out the remnants of the Rixos NATO and the beautiful streets of our country and we face the bright Aziz.
We also Aahidnakm monitor and trace those who sold their home and are trying once again to call the crusader alliance, and this is an indication that the treason taking place in their veins and do not know that we will not allow them this time .. And that the solution is in the hands of the Libyans who will not hesitate to make all the concessions for the nation pride, unity, and will forgive all of us for the last and we are all ready for reconciliation if it’s for these noble goals.
Finally warn the enemies of the people that would be amazing Bthna if they returned to their transgression.
Oh masses of our people, we have devoted our lives and we are determined is certain and reached our readiness to work at any moment you need them for men true to their covenant with God, some have died, some of them expected and changed swapped .. Almighty God.
This is what has recruited ourselves and God is the greatest.
(Free Officers Movement)
Tripoli 11/29/2013
Aljamaherya S Coming et 29 autres personnes aiment ça.

What is true only true God, decimated and destroyed them and support your soldiers

on the bolt of Aadahm .

Mu in Perfect form



Libyans lost money in bonuses and thefts and this only a sample of the practices of the thieves in Libya

Resignation of the head of the so-called fugitive Joseph b pillars of the Islamic Army.



GREEN Square has become a lake at the beginning of the rains, what will happen if the rains

came profusely with a large flag that meteorologist says it is possible the coming days that Libya will witness a storm of rain,

Anes Yala :::
Cimafroa Gurji
Reference to the existence of the National Safety Authority’s family in a car submerged
in the island of tuberculosis ask for help and was immediately moved to help teams there ..
National Safety Authority


The arrival of cars and men suction band emergency public services Banzour device
to suction rain water and open roads. God bless them and may God give them all the best.

Tripoli sink rainwater ..
National Safety Authority Tripoli ::::::::::::
Sinking Hotel Galaa rainwater and asked one of the cabinet ministers and without
confirmation is believed to be the Minister of Environment and civil defense request to siphon water.
But we do not have the suction pump, but one will be the residence of the minister last place men would go to him after the Holocaust Tripoli homes of ordinary citizens
The citizen is more important than the government and the Congress who did not care, but their interests and their pockets.
National Safety Authority Tripoli
Aaaaaaagel :::::: Tripoli
Some houses sinking logic Got Alshall a result of rainfall and civil defense men out to homes suction pump to remove water.



United Nations:
Spokesman for the UN peacekeeping forces:
The approval of the Security Council to send troops to Libya Otkhaddnah will be mixed for both sexes and the problem of all the countries of Africa, Asia and Oroaba,,, and the next phase that intensified the situation even more, there will be regiments “to protect civilians and eliminate terrorism and militant groups” (SO YOU SAY!! LIARS!)

Tripoli and the arrival of a British assault ship to Tripoli and on board
Minister for the British Armed Forces `Marc Francois` and `head of the joint operations team and David Kaabual.

SO WHY ARE THE BRITISH MILITARY THERE??? if the following is true:

The British Embassy suspended operations in Libya

Tripoli – Elaf – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

In light of that seen in Libya from the violence and chaos and the rise of the influence of the militias, suspended British embassy in Tripoli with the exception of their work visas will continue to be issued through the Office of the Embassy of the status of the oases. The British Embassy has announced a temporary suspension of operations in Libya due to “the lack of basic services in the vicinity of its headquarters in the capital Tripoli,” seems to be a major cause of insecurity.

British embassy said, in a statement published on its front page in the site, “Facebook”, said the process of issuing visas will be exempt from the suspension, it will continue to be issued through the Office of the Embassy of the status of the oases. She explained: “Because of the lack of basic services in Tripoli Tower British Embassy has temporarily suspended its services.”

Mark Francois MoD Portrait.jpg   Minister of State for the Armed Forces

This was planned since June 2013:

The DIILS team was comprised of a DIILS International Operations Officer
for implementation of “International Humanitarian Law”, domestic and international military

operations and the importance of complying with human rights law and international humanitarian

law across the spectrum of military conflict.  It features interactive discussions, case studies and

practical exercises, including an updated presentation on the Law of Armed Conflict with embedded

videos and legal references….


under the WORLD PROPAGANDA GUISE of  a ministerial visit from the U.K:

29 novembre 2013
photo Royal Navy

photo Royal Navy

28 November 2013 Ministry of Defence

HMS Bulwark has visited the Libyan port of Tripoli in support of a ministerial visit from the UK.

The ship, which is part of the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group (RFTG) and has been taking part in the Cougar 13 deployment, called in to Tripoli to support a visit by UK Minister for the Armed Forces Mark Francois and provided the platform for a UK Trade and Industry event.

Twelve British firms presented a range of services – including border security systems, explosive ordnance disposal, legal advice and services and specialist advice on education – to visitors from the Libyan Prime Minister’s office as well as representatives from the Libyan Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence.

Talking about his visit to the defence security and industry event hosted on HMS Bulwark, Mr Francois said:

I would like to reiterate the British government’s support for the Libyan authorities in rebuilding its security structures. Well-equipped and well-trained personnel are vital to deal with today’s security challenges.

Co-operation between Libya and the UK in this field is a growing element of our increasingly close bilateral relationship.

While in Libya, Commodore Paddy McAlpine, Commander United Kingdom Task Group, and Captain Andrew Burns, commanding officer of HMS Bulwark, took the opportunity to visit the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Navy and the commanding officer of Tripoli Naval Base.

Michael Aron and Mark Francois are shown around HMS Bulwark
His Excellency Mr Michael Aron and Mark Francois are shown around HMS Bulwark by Captain Andrew Burns [Picture: Leading Airman (Photographer) Arron Hoare, Crown copyright]

Commodore McAlpine said:

We have been very warmly welcomed during this important visit to Tripoli in support of the Minister for the Armed Forces. Our presence here reaffirmed the Royal Navy’s commitment to Libya’s transition to a stable and lasting democracy.

Our connection with the Libyan Navy stretches back to the 1960s and I am confident we will continue to be trusted and close maritime partners.

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Libya, His Excellency Mr Michael Aron, hosted a reception on board HMS Bulwark for a number of senior government and military leaders including the Minister for Defence, Chief of Joint Operations of the Libyan Armed Forces, Chief of Staff of the Libyan Navy and Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army.

HMS Bulwark has been deployed since August and has conducted maritime and amphibious exercises with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, and recently visited Karachi in Pakistan.

The Cougar 13 deployment has been operating in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Gulf, and around the Horn of Africa.

It involves exercising with partner nations and shows the UK Armed Forces’ capacity to project an effective maritime component anywhere in the world as part of the RFTG.

The RFTG is the UK’s high readiness maritime force, comprising ships, submarines, aircraft and a landing force of Royal Marines held at short notice to act in response to any contingency tasking if required.



La Marine et l'Aviation royales canadiennes prennent part en novembre et décembre aux exercices Amalgam Dart du Norad où aviateurs, soldats et marins travaillent ensemble à tester un système rapidement déployable de défense du continent (Archives/ARC)

Still awaiting the 500 000 UNO TROOPS!!



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Jaddaaaaaa

In published news CNN now: The leaked document received by the puppet-RAT Prime Minister of Libya from the U.S. government about the confessions of terrorist honest Alriqiei (Abu Anas al-Libi). A Guide to penetrate the Libyan government by Al-Qaeda SALAFISTS, and the weakness of Zaidane in “securing Mayhal him of information” that will affect you on the evaluation of America.
Zaidane’s abuses causing a seriously grave mayhem situation as being witnessed by Libya now (which, unfortunately, emphasizes the need for outside military intervention in Libya and the international UNO Resolution).

The original directive called only for 250 (235) troops.:

Libyan Foreign: team guarding the United Nations Mission will not exceed his duties
Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Libyan UN working group, consisting of 235 element for the protection of the United Nations Mission based in Libya, will not exceed the mission entrusted to it to others.
The UN Security Council had approved the request of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to send a team of 235 to Tripoli element for the protection of the United Nations Mission based.
The ministry said in a statement Friday that the escort team, which was announced the Security Council is limited to the protection of its offices and the establishment of the members of the United Nations in Libya.
The statement added that, according to the agreement signed between the United Nations and Libya, it is entitled to provide security for its mission when it considers it important.
(“White-man speaks with forked tongue.”)
Concerns about the decision of the Security Council on the protection team of the United Nations
Atmosphere of the country – Nostalgia DrissiRaised the approval of the Security Council on the request of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to send a team of 235 to Tripoli element for the protection of the United Nations Mission-based concerns and different reactions.The Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement on Friday that the escort team, which was announced the Security Council, is limited to the protection of its offices and the headquarters of the establishment of the members of the United Nations in Libya.

The director of the Office of Information and Press Ministry Said Black atmosphere of the country, said that the team will not exceed the task entrusted to the other, adding that according to the agreement signed between the United Nations and Libya, it is entitled to provide security for its mission when it considers it important.

Is normal
He said national security expert Abdullah Masoud, the United Nations sent a team to guard the headquarters is normal, adding that it is also right to bring guarding embassies of their countries, provided they do not exceed the traditions and norms of international law.

He explained that Massoud Libya does not have the option at that as still under Chapter VII, stressing the need to keep these guards inside their headquarters and wearing civilian clothes and not to be the owners of the Blue Helmets “peacekeeping forces”.

The beginning of the intervention
Masood and feared that these elements be the beginning of the intervention of the United Nations in Libya, adding that, if signed by the deployment of these elements outside the headquarters in charge of protecting them would meet face by opponents of the foreign security presence in Libya.

Functions of the mission
For his part, former planning minister in the transitional government Atawaijr Issa, said that the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya did not achieve a lot of tasks that came for her in spite of its assistance in the elections of the National Conference of the year.

He adds Atawaijr: the mission was unable to help Congress to abide by the road map drawn by the Constitutional Declaration, in addition to the lack of government in helping them make appropriate decisions with respect to the conduct of the transitional phase.

The Atawaijr the need to reconsider in this mission either to provide the functions of a real benefit of the people, or there was no need for the establishment of the headquarters of a large and multi-guard, pointing out that he can dispense with the work of the mission if officials saw it in Libya.

Apprehensive Atawaijr be seen the Libyan people to the decision to send foreign elements to guard the headquarters of the United Nations Mission that foreign intervention, believing that this will introduce security risk, and felt that the United Nations would consider this matter carefully before taking it.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations will send a formal letter to inform the Libyan authorities with all necessary formalities to send a team freshman guard approval by the regulations and norms of international law, according to United on behalf of the mission.


29 novembre 2013
Libye: l'ONU envoie une unité spéciale pour protéger ses installations

29 novembre 2013 Par RFI

Le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies a donné son feu vert, mercredi 28 novembre, pour l’envoie de 235 hommes en Libye, après une demande du secrétaire général, Ban Ki-moon. Il s’agit d’une unité spéciale pour protéger les infrastructures et le personnel de sa mission dans le pays (Manul). Dans son courrier, Ban Ki-moon explique que le personnel onusien est sous la menace accrue d’attaques en raison des tensions à Tripoli et du manque de forces de sécurité nationales fiables.

Selon le secrétaire général des Nations unies, Ban Ki-moon, cette force aura un rôle dissuasif contre les extrémistes hostiles au personnel étranger.

Le feu vert du Conseil survient dans un contexte dégradé en Libye, notamment pour les diplomates.

Début octobre, l’ambassade de Russie avait évacué son personnel après l’attaque de son bâtiment par des manifestants. Par ailleurs, l’attentat contre la représentation française, en avril, avait entraîné soit un renfort de la sécurité des chancelleries occidentales, soit un retrait partiel.

Selon une source onusienne à Tripoli, cette unité était réclamée depuis plusieurs mois comme conséquence du climat général, de la faiblesse des forces libyennes mais aussi de la protection de la Mission d’appuie des Nations unies en Libye, jugée insuffisante. Or, les contraintes budgétaires et administratives avaient retardé le projet.

Sur les 235 hommes, la moitié environ seront des gardes armés et les autres gèreront la logistique et l’administration interne.

Tous seront cantonnés dans les locaux de la mission à Tripoli pour protéger les infrastructures, les deux cents employés et pour gérer une évacuation éventuelle.

A part une bombe lancée contre un convoi l’an dernier, la Manul dit ne pas avoir reçu de menaces récentes.

Même si la mission subit régulièrement des dégradations contre ses véhicules ou encore des insultes dans la rue, « C’est la routine pour nous », confie une source.

Council of the University of Tripoli, deciding to resume the study of all colleges starting on # next Saturday.

# Tripoli November 28, 2013 (and #) – Tripoli University Council decided to resume classes in all colleges starting on Saturday, corresponding to the thirtieth month of November. The Council stressed in a statement received by the Libyan news agency said Thursday that a copy of the components of the university is following the efforts made in order to implement the decision of the National Congress to evacuate from Tripoli armed formations highly prized national spirit shown by those who were quick to respond to the demands of the Libyan street. The Council also stressed the continued monitoring of the components of the university to those who linger in implementation or trying to circumvent the will of the people that it will not be delayed in returning to the peaceful movement until the implementation of the resolution, away from all the political pressure.

Students Media Center – Media Center Student ::::::::
Mohammed irresistible character – President of the Federation University Students Tripoli Constituent
To secure some disobedience to continue in the second week and you have some of the reasons that made us continue: –
– Failure to implement the decision to evacuate 27 of Tripoli armed formations.
– We continue to emphasize our position and we are against all armed formations from all the cities, without exception, and we have not come up against a certain city.
– To emphasize that despite the fierce media campaign that we’ve had, they did not Tdafna or discourage us to continue to achieve our demand.
– The main reason is the lack of security within the university and this Mstglna it throughout this week, has promised Colonel Mohammed Souissi, Director of Security Tripoli that the security will be available starting from tomorrow, Saturday.
We decided to go back study, despite the fact that demand has not been achieved fully and still there are formations did not come out of Tripoli because we Rina that the paper pressure to suspend the study is no longer as strong as they were and the government failed to be exploited well, where we relied on the words of the Minister of Defense, who said he gave all formations to last Thursday Frina he take us back in the case study, this would weaken the position of the minister in front of armed formations and the street will lose a large part of its momentum.
So we decided to return the study now because this is the maximum length we can stop the study where and compensated later without problems and we decided that we will continue the movement in other ways, including demonstrations at the university and there will be a demonstration tomorrow cutter with a start, and now we organized our ranks with the rest of the unions of teachers and staff in the oil and gas and electricity engineers The pilots and air traffic controllers and other deportees to do mass mobility in case of non-implementation of the government for this decision.
And God is able to do that and to reconcile.


National Oil Corporation hired an oil tanker to transport crude oil from the port of Brega (RAS LANAUF/CYRENAICA) refinery to the Corner (TRIPOLI) to ensure the continued operation of the refinery at the Corner in Tripoli ..

Atmosphere of the country
Correspondent atmosphere of the country,
that the flight was delayed this morning for about a time at Tripoli International Airport because of a strike of air traffic controllers observers, noting that the process of registration and boarding took place at the time that the passengers stayed for about an hour after that inside the plane before departure.



News department in Al Ojailat /Al Ajeelat news
Arbash killed one of the sons and the sons of one Gmq
Unfortunately murder in the department in AJEELAT returned strongly to the square
Lord guide our youth and our people Ihvd !



On Friday, a shocking incident occurred in the area east of the twentieth walked between two cars, one of Sirte and the other from the south and were carrying two families and the death toll was ten of the parties where the family died of Sirte fully and number six four children and parents … has been their ministry to Hospital Ibn Sina, but all cases died before reaching the hospital ….

I am God and to him we shall return.

The death of ten people from two families, one from Sirte and the other from the south
Today and Friday, 11/29/2013 at twelve o’clock noon traffic accident happened in the twentieth east of Sirte, which resulted in the deaths of ten people from two families, one from Sirte and the other from the south, and the family of Sirte:
1_ Nuri Mohammed Abdul Salam Mohammed Mansour star
2_ 3_ 4_ flower Mohammed Abdul Salam Mohammed Nuri Nuri Mohammed Alaa Mohammed
5_ 6_ 7_ nostalgia Nuri Mohammed feature Nuri Muhammad,
and the family that either of the South:
1_ Hassan foot Ubaida
2_ 3_ foot flower Hassan Jibril Hassan foot,
Hedda did not survive the accident, only two children faith and Mohammed Hassan. We ask Allah to accept them rest in peace, and inspire their parents beautiful patience and fortitude, I am God and to Him we return.




Against the Brotherhood in Libya

Demonstrations against the Brotherhood 

MOSQUE Jafar Marg today and the expulsion of forward
Brotherhood “Imam” Safrani by angry demonstrators, chanting: –
Yalajuan Dbashkm mo .. Prairie Attrtchkm want.



مظاهرات ضد الاخوان امام مسجد جعفر بالمرج اليوم وطرد الامام الاخواني الصفراني من قبل متظاهرين غاضبين، وهم يرددون : لمو يالاخوان دبشكم .. المرج تريد اتطرطشكم .
Demonstrations against the Brotherhood in front of a mosque Jafla Marg
Demonstrations against the Brotherhood imam Jafar Marg today and the
expulsion of forward Brotherhood Safrani by angry demonstrators,
chanting: mo Yalajuan Dbashkm .. Prairie Attrtchkm want.


News channel mobility

demonstration of dozens of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the city of white against the FTC 

and ignore the thousands of demonstrators demanding the army and the police in front of the “Benghazi Tibesti”.

In the absence of media channels Immorality
Far from the front of the Tibesti
Manby end Jørna .. We know the Lord and know my religion ….



Salem al-Obeidi:
First trips to the events of Benghazi wounded at least six people
Benghazi to Greece, and to ensure the hospital for treatment and transferred
And will be directed by cases in which treatment is not available in Libya.
Metin … Metin .. Sawa and God just two dimensions.
Benghazi protesters insist p demonstrations and numbers on the rise.

Urgent ::::::: Benghazi ::::::::::

What you have heard from a few of the voices of lead is an attack on the headquarters of the path of the

river and stun Sauaakm the rest of the information.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Through communicative administrative affairs at the University of Benghazi confirmed that there is no holiday tomorrow ………

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Activists and civil society organizations in Benghazi calling for demonstrations on Friday afternoon
in front of the Tibesti Hotel to delegate Thunderbolt Special Forces and the Libyan army mandate full protection over the city of Benghazi.
The beginning of the assembly in front of Hotel Tibesti now in Benghazi in a demonstration entitled authorizing military people against terrorism.
Network TV Libya LTN
# # Now reportedly dropped commandos capture of the bombing in front of the Tibesti.
Photos of the bombing shortly before the demonstration in front of the Tibesti Hotel in Benghazi
Balsaakh ordered investigations: the attack on the headquarters of the lightning strike by unknown black Kia car and that the indiscriminate firing bullets at the door of the camp, and thankfully has been one anonymous leg injury and has surrounded ……
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Reporter Sereni: 3 hurt in blast amid demonstrations in Benghazi.
Urgent :::::::::
Who Balrmih bomb Michie banana white and witnesses say they Mmelthieddin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Mr. investigations ordered special forces says ::
I’m me, and a very large force on our way to the place and we will demonstrate to the protection of the demonstration and is still ongoing.
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Security room Benghazi – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
We have videos of interrogation sessions with all the criminals who hold them special forces
and marines and wait until the ear is the display,
And learned that every one was Dyer soul hero Bmejr handed over to the camp stun sat crying
and documented the whole video clips and entertain the same Pomegranate entertain Galaa Elly before yesterday.
Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Urgent / Benghazi now
3 cars to chase Mjoat terrorist entered the Benghazi area by Biar
Someone Toyota feat … and everlasting life …. Please Miche Mozah reporting in case of suspicion
T. Customary p
Newspaper (Benghazi today):
Rulrhh clashes in the gate. Now … Please citizens to stay away from areas of clashes.

Salem al-Obeidi:
Assassination Mohammed Shukri Warfali,” a brigade employees
First Infantry previously, and employees of a Special Forces
Thunderbolt currently, after being subjected to a shooting in front of left
B Buhedama his home area, and is known for slain by Muhammad b
Baha. The assassination of a member of the First Infantry Battalion

and now has reached the corpse to the hospital in 1200.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

I would like to tell you good morning, but with this news this morning any :::::::::::
1 – the arrival of the morning Galaa Hospital policeman killed ..
2 – and 3 members of the arrival of Thunderbolt gunshot wounds and was in critical condition.
3 – the arrival of the body of an unknown young age in the head in an infected area Alzerieih.
4 – the morning a group of people dressed in military uniforms anonymous Balrmih citizens on the island of market Friday.
5 – The assassination of Abdul Rahim Mohammed Taher Awami military continued to the Security Directorate of the population of Benghazi area Alkwyfah morning on the road (sea Sabri)
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Spokesman room common security in Benghazi submitted Ibrahim al-Shara: military death toll in Benghazi on Thursday, four, three of whom were killed in an ambush in “C-Khalifa” (35 km east of Benghazi) They are Marines, and the other was killed in the area Sabri of the First Brigade infantry ..
Killed in Benghazi this morning, Abdul Rahim Awami help of police in clashes with gunmen.

A Benghazi, capitale de la Cyrénaïque, trois militaires ont péri dans les combats qui ont éclaté lorsqu’une voiture remplie d’armes et d’explosifs a été stoppée à un barrage, a déclaré Wanis Boukhmada, commandant des forces spéciales de l’armée dans la ville. Les miliciens islamistes qui se trouvaient dans le véhicule étaient également en possession d’une forte somme en argent liquide.

Jeudi matin, un militaire a également été abattu par des inconnus dans un autre secteur de la ville.

“Nous sommes aussi musulmans”

Des responsables de l’armée sont intervenus à la télévision nationale pour demander aux islamistes et à tous les miliciens de rendre les armes et d’engager le dialogue.

“Frères d’Ansar al Charia, vous êtes musulmans et nous le sommes aussi. Nous n’avons pas de divergences sur la religion (…) mais ne cherchez pas à imposer quelque chose qui n’a rien à voir avec cette religion”,

a dit Salah Obeïdi, commandant des forces armées dans l’est.

Urgent from Benghazi ….

The issuance of a new hit-list for the entire naval base officers Benghazi after visiting German (Ali Zaidane) naval base Benghazi


New military speedboat boosts Benghazi naval force
(Libya Herald 25/06/13)

Benghazi Naval Base has acquired a new French-made speedboat as part of a move to upgrade its fleet and help protect Libya’s coastline. The naval vessels already stationed in Benghazi’s marine basin all sounded their horns to welcome the new arrival, named ‘Janzour,’ at a ceremony to mark the occasion. The 20-metre long, four-metre wide vessel can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. It is one of two military speedboats ordered by the Libyan Navy as part a fleet rejuvenation plan to upgrade equipment to protect the country’s coastline, according to the head of the Benghazi Marine Base press office, Colonel Mehdi Abu-Khamada. The second speedboat, named ‘Ekrima’ has been stationed at Tobruk Naval Base. These vessels, Abu-Khamada said, will provide protection to the country’s eastern shores. The two boats are part of a 50-vessel order signed with French manufacturer Sillinger at the Tripoli Military Fair in January this year. The company recently delivered 30 semi-rigid fast patrol boats, which put on a high-speed display in Tripoli harbour.

(Ayman Amzein)


CIA Base in Benghazi, Libya

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was the first to unmask the spooks. “Point of order! Point of order!” he called out as a State Department security official, seated in front of an aerial photo of the U.S. facilities in Benghazi. “We’re getting into classified issues that deal with sources and methods that would be totally inappropriate in an open forum such as this.”
A State Department official assured him that the material was “entirely unclassified” and that the photo was from a commercial satellite. “I totally object to the use of that photo,” Chaffetz continued. He went on to say that “I was told specifically while I was in Libya I could not and should not ever talk about what you’re showing here today.”
Now that Chaffetz had alerted potential bad guys that something valuable was in the photo, the chairman, Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), attempted to lock the barn door through which the horse had just bolted. “I would direct that that chart be taken down,” he said, although it already had been on C-SPAN. “In this hearing room, we’re not going to point out details of what may still in fact be a facility of the United States government or more facilities.”

CIA Base in Benghazi, Libya

Below, New York Times, September 20, 2012, did not identify the Second Compound as a CIA base.[Image]
Following four images, August 22, 2011, Google Earth/DigitalGlobe[Image]
Coordinates: 32° 3’25.57″N, 20° 5’15.98″E[Image]


Targeting the main gate of the camp of the Special Forces
“Thunderbolt”, with a barrage of “NBK T” from afar
It also has been targeting point immobilization subsidiary of Special Forces
Near the camp ground Alkuadak b b Dana RPG
Without causing the explosion and shooting casualties.
# Urgent _ (Salem al-Obeidi)
 White Falcon Salem al-Obeidi
Special Forces _ Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Point targeting special forces specifically Crossroads Land Alkuadak Bcntp:
type mine launchers and tanks RBG is within the vicinity of the point
has been answered and dealt with as necessary and no anything else …
Libyan special forces – Thunderbolt
(Things are now under control and nothing worth mentioning not to mention God)…
National Security Directorate Benghazi
Security alert in the streets of Benghazi ….
We hope that the citizens need to be their homes and not to listen to malicious rumors that exploit the bloodshed …
God save the men home and save Libya …
Stun Benghazi
Call is very important to the people of the city of Benghazi honorable
Ali owns all of Dkhaúr mild, medium or heavy from the people of the city of Benghazi
to fly tomorrow morning to camp Thunderbolt and shall hand them ...
Your brothers in the Thunderbolt who care for your security Amadhieddin with their blood and their lives
need all the bullets Tkhoznnounaa without interest in your homes
Please circular and publishing widely.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi:

“We have not had any case of clashes commandos or civilians so far.”

Mutassim Faitouri:
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::

The clashes at the crossroads Cuadak.
Photos of the gate and now stun the security situation and no Shi,,,,,,

Stun forces are still chasing the car in which the firing at the crossroads Alkuadak and Kia Spectra are black and two out and the person next to the driver with his foot and car Esbnah now entered the area Laithi.

The type of car Lancer has Balrmih on security personnel Bmuftriq Children’s Hospital and was arrested by the security backing and it turns out that the person driving the car and beaten in the case of wine ((drunk)).

(Mutassim Faitouri)




Ali Asbali:
Council of Elders of the Council of Elders of Benghazi, Tobruk seeds in order to open the port Harika ..
The patient is dead Mottaki.



Newsflash ….
Office Bouhmra bombing at the bottom of the valley with a small tuber ago.
(AD Media tuber Libya)
Channel Derna:


Summary statement of Abu Bakr secret to the people of the city of Derna distributed today mosques tuber.

We decided the following:
1 – We declare our innocence and our rejection of the conference, the government and considered traitors and Nsnfem in the list of enemies of the nation.
2 – We emphasize that he will be targeting any intervention or continued military presence of the government in the city of Derna.
3 – all of that helped the government in its war on religion, enabled her to seize control of the special police and army that we have them and we packed it Atkhaddna decision in targeting and striking their necks.
4 – advise people of the city of Derna and Ndlm that democracy is the reason for where we are today to go lower and the loss of religion and the spread of corruption, Fendauhm for a boycott of this demonstration and to prevent their children from walking behind the Muslim Brotherhood who want pushing the general public where the rhythm between the people and their children under the pretext of security and safety and the argument of the large number of assassinations “It is well known to everyone that the secret Abu Bakr did not target the general public but targeted police and military personnel, especially the officers who were trying to strengthen the government and help them in their war on us, and this is evidenced by our”
5 – that all participants from civil society organizations, or the Muslim Brotherhood or police officers or the military or the internal security or intelligence Okan who knows his bayonet debt due or mockery something of the Quran and Sunnah or Aojaj to fight or trying to fight us and calls so he replaced target one will be protected, and we remind them that we are with them in this city, although the demonstrations all under our gaze and we know what’s going on where and plotted against us.

Now graduated manifestations in the field of death and condemnation companions Fella security ..
The piece after Maogd posters Ali Mosque companions threaten to get out of manifestations of murder
and not to enter the army for City.
Mrauge News:
The damage to the financial sector at the headquarters of the local council today:


Demonstrations in the tuber began after Friday prayers and some roamed the city’s streets, and settled in front of Sahaba Mosque, demanding security and safety for refusing to assassinations and bombings in the tuber.


The information department Gallo
عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل now and quoting the Minister of Culture beloved secretary:

“The time is now tuber (1.40) after midnight:
The bombing of the headquarters of a network of civil society Bdrna membership, which includes more than 70 civil society organizations. Bombing by Mjholiyn!! Headquarters targeted object architecture populated illusion horror severe condition

and citizens trying to put out the fire. “




29 novembre 2013
Libye: l'explosion d'un dépôt d'armes fait 40 morts

 Barak General Hospital

The arrival of 13 bodies Hedda morning to General Hospital Barak said that there is a group under Alannagad (Allah and to Him we shall return)

Tabu sons of the desert:
Outlaw, who has a young Balrmih Tabu named Magdi Youssef nicknamed “Karada” a resident of Sakra.

We hope you and our brothers not to cover up the criminal Hedda and handed over until things do not thing for taking another turn.

Sabha today

I hope the brothers citizens in Sabha who did not return to their homes after the lodge the night wherever they are processes of shooting from cars armed are random pat in place waxing trust in God and about the hospital situation in which serious desire killers filter any infected up to the hospital in the absence of any force to deter any gunman from entering.

All the injuries and urgent medical cases do go to a hospital Barak.

Free newspaper Sabha
Hospital medical Sabha .. ÍÓĘŰíË

29.11.2013 Romandie.com (ats)

L’explosion d’un dépôt de munitions dans le Sud libyen a fait plus de 40 morts jeudi, a annoncé un responsable des forces de sécurité. A Benghazi, dans l’est du pays, quatre soldats ont été tués dans de nouveaux affrontements entre l’armée et des miliciens islamistes.

A Brak al Chati, près de la ville de Sebha, dans le Sud désertique, une quarantaine de personnes, des Libyens et des étrangers, ont pénétré dans un dépôt de l’armée pour voler des munitions lorsqu’une explosion s’est produite. Le bilan d’une quarantaine de morts pourrait s’alourdir car le site était toujours durant la nuit la proie des flammes, a dit le responsable.


The escape of more than 40 inmates from a prison in the central Sabha.Tabu channel on Facebook:
Agency urgently Libya / video news channel now for the escape of 40 prisoners from Sabha
Now news channel for the escape of 40 prisoners after gunmen stormed a prison in the city of Sabha yesterday.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو خبر قناة الآن عن فرار 40 سجينا من سبها
خبر قناة الآن عن فرار ٤٠ سجينا إثر اقتحام مسلحين لسجن في مدينة سبها يوم أمس.

Unknown person car Hyundai Elantra model 2012 white color without the metal plate; does Balrmih some citizens of Tabu in the city of Sabha was initially in Broad Street, where threw citizen Abdulsalam Issa Altpauy and was hit in the leg and burning his car; and the second was in the District Alskrp in front of shops outlined injured Mohammed mage mage Altpauy in the leg and at least two died of Osaddaqaúh were with him in the car;
The dead are ..
1 – the best Jamal Ahmed Zoe 17 years
2 – Key Hassan Amri Hassnaoui 19 years
Today: the death of a member of the tribe Awlad Suleiman city of Sabha as a result of a murder carried out in accordance with the Almteward a member of the tribe Altbwa, was on the track, killing three people from the tribe Altbwa, and rumored that killed three of the tribe Altbwa killed fault for not their relationship with the killer,
God save Libya and its people and injection the blood of Muslims.
Still ongoing clashes between Tabu and Awlad Suleiman against the backdrop of the killing of a member of the Tabu capita Awlad Suleiman tribe, the people of the deceased person to kill another, Tabu and still clashes and fighting continuously until this moment.
News almost certain Tabu stationed in Sabha central hospital
And prevented cars from rescue the injured. (Witnesses)
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá infidels ………
Shooting the voices of my heavy weapons now in the direction of Madrih security ...


Libyan Embassy in Jordan:


Virtual Mirage

Foreign Aid to Libya – and Border Security

Fox News reported (LINK HERE) that at roughly the same time President Obama called Qaddafi a threat to his own people, President Obama lobbied Congress to give the Libyans 1.26€ million.


Qaddafi and U.S. Funding? Foreign Aid Under Scrutiny Amid Mideast Unrest

By William La Jeunesse

Published March 24, 2011

Qaddafi Politics

Muammar al-Qathafi talks to a large crowd in Bab El Azizia, Libya.AP 2011.

While President Obama calls Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi “a threat to his own people” (UGH, that really is what OBAMA is!!), just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for al-Qathafi’s military to 1.26€ million.

According to State Department figures, the money was earmarked to train Libyan military officers, improve its air force, secure its borders and to counter terrorism.

If this seems contradictory, welcome to the world of U.S. foreign aid, where billions of tax dollars go to people we don’t like and nations some say don’t need the help. The latest unrest has drawn renewed scrutiny to these policies. “I’m not saying you can justify each and every one of these expenditures, but you have to be able to look at it from a strategic perspective and they could well be justified,” said John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. “Military training for officers from various countries all around the world has historically been a very good investment for the U.S. We get to know officers as they go through their career path. We train them in notions like civilian control of the military. It hasn’t been perfect, but for relatively small expenditures of money it can pay real benefits.”

 The State Department said Wednesday it had suspended U.S. military aid to Libya “a few weeks ago.”
I need to repeat this:
According to Fox News, just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for Qaddafi’s military to 1.26€ million. According to State Department figures, the money was earmarked to train Libyan military officers, improve its air force,secure its borders and to counter terrorism.
Ok, maybe I’m slow (because I believe in God, guns and the Constitution). But, as I understand the POLICY of the Obama regime –>  While the US Border is porous and our ineffective border security plan allows Mexican cartel narcoterrorists to cross with tons of illegal narcotic products, and allows millions of illegal aliens to cross every month, we  were  still  giving money to LIBYA for border security. Is that what this regime proposed, a month before we attacked them?  In what universe does that make any sense to anyone?




SAIF made whole