Mu Ramadan blessings

Mu at Ramadan  Holy Ramadan 3

RAMADAN 2013 RAMADAN 5 RAMADAN 2 Ramadan mubarak Ramadan 3


the start of “RAMADAN”:

Bless you all

Ramadan presents the perfect opportunity to recharge our spiritual batteries for the year.

a very special Ramadan this year:

a Green Mosque for the Great Jamahiriya:


This is a very good example why Mu’ammar al-Qathafi insisted only on the Holy Qur’an, and no ‘HADATH’ or any texts written by men in power as the Ulami of the WAHHABI !


“DAASH” Prevent women from performing Tarawih prayers in mosques because of threats of: blowing up any mosque where women are present !!

Tarawih Ramadan Evening prayers at Mosque w woman


Palestinian Muslim women pray inside the Dome of the Rock Mosque, during the first Friday prayers of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in the ‘al-Aqsa Mosque’ ...

women offering first Friday prayers of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in the 'al-Aqsa Mosque', Jerusalem


The word of Sheikh Dokali world to the Libyan people

on the occasion of holy month of Ramadan this is the

right of religious discourse proper words Mufti this real state …

‎كلمة لفضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم الى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>هذا هو الخطاب الديني الصحيح السليم<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
هذا كلام مفتي دولة حقيقي ... الرجاء من الجميع المشاهدة ثم التعليق<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وكل عام وأنتم وأسركم والوطن بألف بخير.‎



‎كلمة فضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم إلى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك.  176\2015<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

word of Sheikh Dokali world to the Libyan people on the occasion of holy month of Ramadan

‘Room Operations Zintan’ 17 \ 06 \ 2015

كلمة لفضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم الى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

كلمة فضيلة الشيخ الدوكالي العالم إلى الشعب الليبي بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك. 176\2015






al-Soynet and the lattice and the landfill,

are all under the control of the honorable sons of AJEELAT.


 The reconciliation agreement between ‘Zintan and al-Rajaban’ accorded with Sabratha and Surman and Ajeelat, inside the city of Sabratha is sealed with the required signatures.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Enter one of the Army battalions from the sons of Ajeelat city, to their city, after the agreement signed in SABRATHA.

(‘Operations room’)

Our troops enter the city of Ajeelat In the meantime, amid very welcome by parents.

City Ajeelat under the control of our forces (but in reality,not entirety) and Gary deal with the remnants of Jertam and combing the city for the remaining rogues.

Some young people from the market area Andmona to the brigade Orouba fighter and there secretly track the militias want to hand itself on condition of Accessories.

‘Murad science science Dar’, writes:
“Aaohror Anchaouallah forward to my Lord Allah helps and Muammar and Libya over the ups and reactionary al-Mends.

Kaza Blanka, says:

“Guha Hlha, the Men of Muammar al-Qathafi”




Liberation 2012


The City is FREE !!!!!





News from inside Bani Walid, and Allah knows !

The release of the captive ‘Abdullah Barghouti’ from the militias corner prisons of 2012 ‘Resolution No. 7’ concerning Bani Walid
Thank Allah for his safety and the consequence for the rest of the family InshaAllah
(“The quake compassionate”)

PICTURE: The invasion and siege of BANI WALID led by Nuri Abu Busamein (BUSHMAN) 2012

Nuri Bushmin sends his troops to attack BANI WALID, first 2011




Libyan Colonel Confident Of Victory Over DAASH

Sky News on Benghazi

The commander of one of the key operations to rid Benghazi of Islamic State militants insists the eastern Libyan city is on the brink of victory in its battle against extremists.

Colonel Ali el-Mahdi, who is in charge of Operation Benina, told Sky News that he was confident of clearing the city of ‘DAASH’ fighters within eight weeks.

He was speaking as the sound of gunfire and mortar shelling rattled around us.

Sometimes the Libyan soldiers are close enough to see the long-bearded extremists in buildings opposite their positions.

The extremists once controlled large sections of Benghazi but are now holding out in only small pockets.

Benghazi is key. Then other parts will be easy (to clear),” Colonel el-Mahdi said.

Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced a US airstrike had struck a gathering of extremist commanders in Ajdabiya, a few hours drive away from Benghazi. The Libyan Airforce claims they made the strike ! ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ (now part of the ‘Daash’ organisation) denies that Moktar Belmoktar was killed. The USA has a habit of making false information distributed to the public.

It is the first time though, that there has been a public admission of a U.S. strike inside Libya since the CIA-led terrorist dominated ‘uprising’ in 2011, which toppled and destroyed the ‘Great Jamahiriya’.

It has certainly bolstered confidence on the front lines.

“Just ten days ago, this building, this area, was under their (DAASH / IS) control,” Colonel el-Mahdi said.

“But we have pushed them back.”

We are taken by the Libyan Army through streets with devastated buildings on either side.

“This is ‘Daash’ (I.S.), this is Daash, that is Daash,‘ the soldier driving us says over and over again, referring to the devastation left caused by I.S. (DAASH) extremists.

The sections of the city we saw are wrecked. Benghazi has taken a battering.

“Most of it is calm now,” says Colonel el-Mahdi.

Yet we were told, that because we are foreign journalists, the city is too unsafe for us to stay overnight,  or roam around unaccompanied by the Libyan Army.

The Libyan Army is supporting the internationally-recognised government based in nearby Tobruk. General Khalifa Hftar was made commander of the forces in March.

He is a controversial figure who was once Colonel al-Qathafi’s chief-of-staff, exiled,  then returning to Libya.

He is seen by many in the east as the sole potential military-saviour of a fragmented Libya. Hftar is loyal to the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab'[Council of Deputies]: the only ‘Governmental-body of deputies’ the international community recognises, which, as setup, is confined mostly to Tobruk, Casablanca (by the ABRAQ al-BAYDA International airport) and the environs.





‘Room Zintan operations’, reporting

Dr. Omar al-Qoara in Russia on 22 JUNE

al-Qoara athrk bakoh:

Dr. Omar al-Qoara in Russia on 22-JUNE to

discuss Russian-Libyan cooperation in the areas of

Information and Culture; and, will also discuss with

Russian officials about how fast to support the Libyan Army

in its battle fateful against terrorism and for

the liberation of the capital Tripoli from criminal gangs.

Omar al-Qoara word to Misurata and the Libyan people today:



The American Fundamentalists and the WAHHABI:

The Nurturing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and its consequences

The following is edited from “theburningbloggerofbedlam” of 10 APRIL 2015:

The highly suspect Navy Seals (so-called) ‘assassination of bin Laden, on 30 May 2011, was in fact ‘carried out’ on that exact date simply to bury the news of Muammar al-Qathafi’s youngest son and three infant grandchildren having been murdered in a NATO bombing on the same day; and, curiously, members of the Navy Seal team that carried out the (so-publicized) ‘hit’ on Bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan, were ‘themselves killed in an accident some months later’.

It brings to mind of the great Muammar al-Qathafi’s claims in 2011 that extremists sent back to Libya from America’s Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba were hugely involved in the bloody uprising against him. I had personally wondered for a long time why the US was keeping so many ‘terror suspects’ in Cuba (many of them without charge) for so long and, it turns out, subjecting them to torture in many instances; it seemed to serve little purpose other than to radicalise (or further inflame, in the case of those detainees who may have genuinely been terrorists) the detainees. By the same token, it was known that many of the armed rebels terrorising Syrian towns at the outset of the country’s ‘civil war’ were death-row inmates released from Saudi prisons. On the subject of Libya, however, it was also clear from multiple accounts that a number of the so-called ‘Libyan rebels’ were jihadists from the US Occupation of Iraq, quite possibly including ‘Camp Bucca’ inmates (it is also an established fact that many of the jihadists fighting against The Great Jamahiriya and al-Qathafi in Libya were then channeled into Syria to fight the Syrian government forces and therefore likely that some of these were what we now call ‘DAASH/ISIS/ISIL’).

It is entirely possible, given the evidence, that ‘Guantanamo detainees were deliberately sent back to Libya with a mission to unleash chaos in that country and paid-off attempt to murder al-Qathafi, and it is equally possible that ‘Camp Bucca’ was used to ferment the sectarian conflict in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East for the purposes of everything that has since followed in the region.

The Wahhabi ‘Islamic State’ and the ‘Zionist State’ can be argued to be different sides of a similar coin, both being creations of Western masterminds with a totally distorted (unbelievably mis-interpreted) sense of ‘religion’ and the truth; and both forcibly imposed onto lands that did not consent to their takeover.

‘Israel’ exists because groups of extremely powerful people and institutions think Biblical scripture is somehow a valid basis for modern nation-building and international Geo-politics. The ‘Islamic State’ of Iraq and the Levant exists because extremely powerful people and institutions, have supported and funded gang-members, criminals, mercenaries, jihadists and terrorists as a somehow  fair basis for mass murder.

Geo-political Zionism; specifically how right-wing (and mostly American) Christian Zionism is obsessed with ‘End Times’ fever and ‘the Rapture’ (completely ignoring the fact that the Book of Revelations had nothing to do with events two-thousands years in the future, but was a commentary on contemporary 1st century affairs in the Jewish/Roman world). This obsession may have somewhat informed the Neo-Con obsession with Biblical ‘Babylon’ (modern Iraq), but is also one of the chief reasons Israel is regarded as inviolable and beyond reproach: not because it is ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ as we’re repeatedly told, but because it fulfills Jewish religious expectations and simultaneously plays into Christian end-times expectations too.

In a horrendously perverse way, the criminal, terrorist enterprise that is ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ may be argued to have about as much ‘legitimacy’ as the State of Israel does: bear in mind that we’re looking at Israel right now as an established nation that has existed for some 70 years or so, but if we look at some of the turmoil, outcry and ‘birth pains’ that surrounded the original imposition of the Israeli state in Palestine in the early twentieth century, I tend to wonder if 70 years from now the fake, misguided ‘state’ that the psychopathic jihadists are illegally carving out in Syria  Iraq, and North Africa, will be an established, ‘protected’ state too; on future maps, right next to the imposed ‘Jewish homeland’ in former Palestine will we be looking at an imposed ‘Islamic homeland’ in what was formerly a multi-cultural Syria and Iraq and North Africa?

One thing I know, is that most of the people guiding and determining the Geo-political fabric of the world today, should be locked up in mental institutions.

The False ‘Christian/Zionist’ Fable of the temple Mount:


Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.

Mu’ammar Mohammed bin Abdul Salam Abu Hamid bin Humaid bin Minyar Nil Kadhafi Qahsa

(taken from an Essay by ROBERT A. NELSON)


the following is edited from:

“Sectarian Warfare: Is YEMEN Being Attacked to Protect aL-QAEDA…?”

Posted: 05 April 2015, by theburningbloggerofbedlam


(IT WAS NECESSARY TO EDIT, as the ‘original’ has numerous ‘errors’.)

As the Saudi-led coalition continues to drop bombs on Houthi targets in Yemen, involving outside forces and interests once again in a Middle Eastern civil war, there are several points and questions that emerge from behind the narrative of ‘Operation Decisive Storm’.

Yes, this is a proxy war led covertly by the USA, involving publicly the Saudi-aligned powers.

Within just the first few hours of these current Saudi-led attacks in Yemen, the raids hit positions in the country’s capital Sana’a and reportedly flattened a number of homes near the international airport — killing at least 18 civilians and wounding 24 others, according to Yemen’s Health Ministry. Saudi-owned ‘al-Arabiya News’ reported that the kingdom had deployed 100 fighter jets, 150,000 soldiers and other navy units in what is being called ‘Operation Decisive Storm’.

Just days before the Saudi bombing operations began, U.S. officials confirmed Washington had evacuated its remaining personnel from Yemen, including about 100 special operations forces, because of ‘deteriorating security’. This withdrawal marked a further reversal in America’s longstanding operations against al-Qaeda in Yemen, which just recently President Obama had been rather oddly declaring a great success. But then those kinds of grand statements utterly divorced from reality are to be expected; we could all laugh at George W. Bush’s statement about the great “success” of the Iraq War or Obama’s congratulations to Libyans for their ‘great victory for democracy’ in the 2011 ‘uprising’, were it not for the fact that none of of is funny.

Most extraordinary of all, The Washington Post reported on 17 March 2015, that the Pentagon had ‘lost sight of’ some 500 million dollars worth in ‘counter-terrorism aid’ given to Yemen. That’s quite a big thing to have ‘lost sight of’. Those with reasonably-functioning memories will recall how reminiscent this might be of DAASH/ISIS/ISIL’s appropriation of millions of dollars’ worth of American military hardware at the outset of their invasion of Iraq last summer – something that the U.S. appeared to do nothing to prevent.


Again, let’s just process this information: “the Pentagon is unable to account for more than million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen.” This means essentially military equipment and offensive weaponry, among other things. Where has all of that stuff gone?

Is, in fact, all of this missing U.S. military aid due to end up in the hands of al-Qaeda, just as that vast amount of U.S. military property ended up in the hands of DAASH/ISIS/ISIL last summer? And is this Saudi-led campaign in the process of essentially strengthening al-Qaeda in Yemen?

After years of deep involvement in the country (under the auspices of a prolonged ‘counter terrorism’ programme), the U.S. decided to withdraw its personnel from Yemen just days before the Saudi-led attacks begun.

So again, is Yemen being handed to al-Qaeda on a plate just as Iraq was handed to DAASH/ISIS/ISIL (which, as it happens, was beloved by numerous analysts to in fact simply *be* ‘al-Qaeda in Iraq’ anyway with just a simple name-change)? Is the Saudi-led coalition now bombing Yemen in order to protect Saudi Arabia’s and America’s al-Qaeda asset in the region? In fact, a more accurate description than ‘protecting’ al-Qaeda might be ‘saving’ al-Qaeda in Yemen.


al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is held to be the most active remaining strain of the extremist network; where al-Qaeda has been in decline elsewhere and DAASH/ISIS/ISIL has been in ascendancy as the dominant new ‘brand’ of militant Islamism, Yemen and AQAP has remained the al-Qaeda brand’s key stronghold. And in addition to al-Qaeda, DAASH/ISIS/ISIL also has a presence in Yemen now, which has been established since December and which complicates the scenario even further, making it even more dangerous a situation. You might recall that, among other things, the recent Charlie Hebdo attack was claimed to have been carried out by the Yemeni AQAP, with also one of the Kouachi brothers having allegedly cited Anwar al-Awlaki as a personal mentor. Anwar al-Awlaki, killed in a US drone-strike in Yemen in 2011, was the famous ‘American’ al-Qaeda operative, known to have been a CIA asset and known also to have dined at the White House.

Let’s look at this situation in Yemen properly; the Houthi (named) ‘rebels’, are engaged in campaign against al-Qaeda in Yemen. The recent Houthi siege of the presidential palace, which was a precursor to Saudi intervention in the country, was predicted by analysts to be a move foreshadowing an even more important showdown set to play out 74 miles east of the capital Sanaa, and in the al-Qaeda stronghold of Mareb, where the bulk of the country’s gas reserves are concentrated.

Two things immediately become clear when we observe what’s now happening; (1) the Saudi-led assaults on the Houthi rebels will vastly diminish the Houthis’ ability to combat al-Qaeda or to decisively push al-Qaeda out of the picture (as was reportedly on the verge of happening), and (2) that missing million dollars’ worth of US military aid may be finding its way to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and allowing al-Qaeda to launch a major offensive against the Houthis at some time in the near future and make itself dominant in the country.

These attacks are also attacks targeted at the enemies of Al-Qaeda in Yemen; and this coinciding with the Jar Jar Binks style ‘loss’ of million worth of American ‘military aid’ that is going to end up in the hands of al-Qaeda. If I was a betting type, I’d put my shekels on AQ being the beneficiaries of that whopping big whoopsy.

And if you think the idea of the U.S. and its allies militarily intervening to defend al-Qaeda is dubious, just cast your mind back to the farce (sorry, I mean ‘intervention’; no, sorry, I mean War Crime) in Libya in 2011, where NATO forces destroyed Libya’s infrastructure, destroyed the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA form of Direct Democracy in the once sovereign country, and essentially provided air-support for the al-Qaeda takeover of Libyan cities and territories: don’t be naive about any of that – that al-Qaeda takeover of Libyan towns and cities was *planned* and abetted by NATO. The fact that just in the last couple of days it has emerged that al-Qaeda has managed to break out an unspecified number of its members from a Yemeni prison (under the chaotic conditions caused by the Saudi air-strikes) clearly demonstrates the level of danger in Yemen while these Saudi-led attacks are going on: those with good memories might recall that incidents very similar to this occurred in Libya in the early days of the 2011 uprising, where there were orchestrated jail-breaks of al-Qaeda and other terrorist prisoners that the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ had behind bars.

But there’s still more to this situation now in Yemen. A story on RT’s website reports that the Houthi ‘rebels’ had just obtained secret Yemeni intelligence documents with details about US-backed counter-terrorism operations, including the names and locations of informants, this being originally reported in the Los Angeles Times which cited American officials as the source. 

Houthi victorious

The documents were apparently stolen when Houthi fighters took over the office of Yemen’s National Security Bureau in the country’s capital Sanaa, which was closely cooperating with the CIA on various ‘anti-terror missions’. 

The compromised files reportedly influenced President Obama’s decision to evacuate remaining US personnel from Yemen last weekend, including the 1,000 special operations forces. The evacuation from Yemen of course seriously undermines America’s operations (pro-reportedly) ‘against’ al-Qaeda in the region and might even be perceived as quitting the job; this being after years of repetitive drone-strikes and targeted assassinations that have effectively turned the civilian population against the U.S. and its allies due to the various instances of civilian casualties and ‘collateral damage’.

This report about the seizure of the National Security Bureau building emerged mere hours before Saudi Arabia announced it had launched military operations against Yemeni Houthis. A question arises: did these ‘rebels’ who seized the office discover something particularly damning in regard to the U.S. and the CIA’s operations? Something that provoked the rapid and complete withdrawal of US personnel and the immediate, surprise bombing operations by the Saudis and allegedly nine other countries? Given that there could be any number of particularly dirty CIA secrets regarding its activity in Yemen and in the broader region and its dealings with al-Qaeda, one has to wonder. There is also the implication that intelligence gleaned from this raid by the Houthi might have also found its way to Tehran. This situation now also has the potential to escalate into something much broader and much worse. It’s already further destabilising the already destabilised Middle East,

The Houthi are enemies of al-Qaeda, and are engaged in a campaign to destroy al-Qaeda in Yemen. al-Qaeda receives significant funding from within Saudi Arabia, which happens to be one of America’s and the West’s closest allies.

Iran, like Syria and like pre-invasion Iraq, has never attacked America, or orchestrated terrorist activity against it. Yet Iran is labelled the ‘rogue state’ or ‘terrorist state’, the Saudis and Gulf States are permanently supported, and the Saudis with U.S. backing are now directly attacking the Houthi. Does that make any moral sense?

The ‘maintaining stability’ argument falls completely flat once we remind ourselves of what NATO did in Libya, what the US-led coalition did in Iraq, and what the various states covertly tried to do in Syria. All of that was the exact opposite of ‘maintaining stability’ and was in fact a policy of engineering chaos and conflict. The U.S. invaded Libya and other countries, as Iraq, and instigated a sectarian conflict, giving excessive power to one sect over the other, and then left:

By any logic, that is an utterly insane policy and it pretty much invited the kind of horrific backlash in Yemen as we’ve since seen in Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine, and in Libya.


Iran has condemned the Saudi intervention in Yemen, warning against “short-sighted games” by outside countries that would only lead to “bloodshed” and further loss of life. The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said,

“Military action from outside of Yemen against its territorial integrity and its people will have no other result than more bloodshed and more death.”

Calling for “urgent dialogue” among the Yemeni factions, …

“We have always warned countries from the region and the West to be careful and not enter short-sighted games and not go in the same direction as al-Qaeda and Daash.” 

This now becomes the fourth simultaneous civil war going on in the region along with Syria, Iraq and Libya, with also Egypt arguably already sliding towards its own internal sectarian crisis. A better reading of the situation, however, would be view to all of these crises as facets of the same broader ‘civil war’ arguably occurring as a result of ‘Wahhabi’ and ‘Zionist’ interactions and aspirations .

We’ve already seen how much spillover from the ‘intervention’ in Libya impacted life in Syria and how much spillover from the Syria conflict carried into Iraq, for example; the fighting in Yemen could easily spill over into neighbouring countries including Saudi Arabia itself, which could even eventually threaten Islam’s Holy Cities. The unfettered, loose canon that is ‘DAASH’ would also have the potential to involve itself in these conflicts and make matters even worse. That is a key point to bear in mind here: while the main party to  benefit from the Saudi-led assaults in Yemen is al-Qaeda, one of the main parties to benefit from all of this chaos and sectarian fighting in general is ‘DAASH’, which can *thrive* in these kinds of environments, just has it has thrived in Iraq and Syria.

These Proxy Wars have become an absolute catastrophe. One might ask, who are the Saudis ? 

The Saudis and the Gulf States are openly backing radical-WAHHABI elements fighting to overthrow the Syrian government. 

The Saudi, the Gulf States, Israel, the U.S, NATO, etc., have been arming and aiding proxy militias and terrorists.

This piece by F. William Engdahl should be read in its entirety, providing a fascinating insight into Yemen’s strategic and resource-based interest to various powers. In 2010, Engdahl wrote: ‘In addition to its geopolitical position as a major global oil transit chokepoint, Yemen is reported to hold some of the world’s greatest untapped oil reserves. Yemen’s Masila Basin and Shabwa Basin are reported by international oil companies to contain “world class discoveries.” France’s Total and several smaller international oil companies are engaged in developing Yemen’s oil production. The evidence suggests that the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence are moving to militarize a strategic chokepoint for the world’s oil flows…’



Yemen now faces a major humanitarian problem. Yemen is a dismally poor country; the poorest in fact in the Middle East, despite its apparent richness in natural resources. Those resources are almost certainly a factor in the chaos sweeping the country.

It also becomes increasingly difficult to look at these situations – in Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq, and Libya. We see the actualization of the famous Albert Pike prediction concerning the Third World War, which would be brought about by deliberate agitation of the Zionists and the Wahhabi-world. Some refute the legitimacy of the influential Freemasons spoken-of in Albert Pike’s letter, considered by some to be a forgery; but real or not, it seems to very neatly foresee what would come to pass over the course of three global conflicts, two of which have already occurred.

Again, looking at U.S. policy in Iraq, it seemed more or less *designed* to falsely agitate, amplify or otherwise play upon the sectarian divisions between the Sunni and Shiia populations (where none existed before): creating that situation may indeed have been one of the reasons the US invaded Iraq in the first place. Subsequent inconsistencies and lapses in logic regarding policy in the region might be viewed in the same way; fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen while arming and aiding Al-Qaeda in Libya, fighting (or so it is claimed) ‘Islamic State militants in Iraq’ while funding Wahhabi ‘rebels’ and extremists in Syria, empowering and propping up Wahhabi forces in Iraq while attacking ‘Shia’ groups in Yemen and demonising Iran…

The list of illogical, contradictory policies and actions goes on and on. Which either suggests an extraordinary level of incompetence or it suggests an orchestrated agenda. It’s clear that a sectarian conflict was orchestrated in Iraq and probably in Syria too. Yemen looks as if it is being used in the same way. The U.S.A. serves to keep the region and the societies in a continual state of destabilisation, inviting continual foreign intervention and involvement and ensuring that those societies don’t have the means to prosper, to build or to control their own resources: any such society that takes control of its own destiny and attains anything approaching self-sufficiency is sabotaged from the outside and put back into a state of dependency – thus the ‘intervention’ in Libya and the proxy war in Syria.

But more than that, as the author and researcher David Icke repeatedly observed:

“The Middle East is the center of the third global conflict they want to create; what they’re doing is creating the circumstances in the Middle East to create this conflict.”  One can hardly observe the crises continuously unfolding in the region now and see anything other than this prediction being played out.




 25 NOVEMBER 2002

‘Serving The Same Master’
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The headquarters of Islamic terrorism is London, England, where the Anglo-American Establishment sponsors the radical “’Muslim’ Brotherhood” in order to advance its long-term goal of plutocratic global dictatorship.

These globalists have fabricated a bogus “war on terror” to crush the remaining vestiges of nationalism and democracy in both Muslim countries and the West. Expect more incitements like the current “Miss World ” imbroglio to convince both sides the other endangers its way of life.

In a comprehensive report, the perceptive Hawaii-based researcher Peter Goodgame concludes:

“Osama bin Laden is not, nor has he ever been, the leader of the international Islamist movement which is directed by the International ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

Goodgame continues:

“Osama bin Laden has been used effectively as a figurehead for the Brotherhood’s militant branch to take responsibility for its atrocities, but he is not the mastermind… By the same token, the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is a tool by the British-based Globalists whose main objective is to overthrow the established world order and create a new one-world system of global governance.”

Goodgame cites former British Intelligence Officer, Dr. John Coleman, who says the Muslim Brotherhood is a secret freemason order set up by the great names of British Middle East Intelligence, T.E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and St. John Philby to “keep the Middle East backward so its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted.”

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood has been used to check nationalist movements led by such figures as Nasser, Bhutto and Khomeini in Iran, who tried to develop their countries.

Without the British,

“radical Islam would have remained the illegitimate, repressive minority movement that it has always been, and the Middle East would have remained stable and prosperous,” Goodgame says.

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is now a powerful faction in the global oligarchy. Goodgame cites Robert Drefuss, author of “Hostage to Khomeini” (1980):

“The real ‘Muslim’ Brothers are … the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.

And the Muslim Brotherhood is money. Together, the Brotherhood probably controls several tens of billions of dollars in immediate liquid assets, and controls billions more in …everything from oil trade and banking to drug-running, illegal arms merchandising, and gold and diamond smuggling. By allying with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans are not merely buying into a terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful and worldwide financial empire…”

By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.

The globalists have long been using wars to subvert, demoralize and destroy Western civilization.

They backed the Nazis and the Soviets in World War Two.

They created the Punch and Judy show that was the Cold War.

Who are they?

Also called the Illuminati, they represent a recrudescence of the alliance of Rothschild finance and European aristocracy secretly coordinated by a Satanic dogma hidden in freemasonry.

They plan a new feudalism that will impoverish the middle classes, depopulate and enslave the masses, and leave only the rich served by a technocracy. The whole world will resemble a repressive third world country governed by the IMF, UN and World Bank.

The globalists are headquartered in London and centered on the Rothschild-dominated Bank of England, MI-6 and the secretive Round Table society, which spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The American branches include the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA and the Rockefeller foundations which all ensure the American people continue to finance and enforce one-world tyranny. The Bush family has owed its prominence to this cabal ever since grandfather Prescott Bush helped arrange financing for Nazism.

Zionism is supposed to represent the “West” in this sham war with Islam. Americans are being groomed to become like Israelis, victims of daily acts of “Muslim terror.”

Last week, when another suicide bomber struck in Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu said,

“Whether the explosion takes place in Bali, Moscow, New York or Jerusalem we are all united in a war against a common terrorist enemy.”

According to Swiss journalist Richard Labeviere (“Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam” 2000) radical Islam is an essential “complementary enemy” to Zionism, which also seeks regional hegemony. According to the “Yinon Memorandum” (1982) Israel intends to splinter the Arab countries into several small cantons along ethnic lines. None of these will be able to challenge Israel, which, like the US is a disposable implement of the globalist agenda. (207)

The Palestinian terrorist “Hamas” movement is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Labeviere, it serves the interests of the Israeli right wing, and has received secret financial support from the Israeli “Shin Beth.” (203-205). Thus, Palestinian suicide bombers play straight into Ariel Sharon’s hand.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, “Muslim terrorist attacks” are an excuse to lay the foundations of a police state. These attacks, which could become nuclear or biological, might serve as a pretext to declare martial law, suspend elections and round up dissidents, i.e. anyone who is not buying the lie.

This may seem incomprehensible to Americans now when the economy is still being propped up. Once the U.S. has done the globalist’s dirty work, interest rates could rise and debt ridden Americans could be stripped of their assets, as they were in the Depression.

The Homeland Security Act is designed to control all U.S. law enforcement agencies so that elements in the CIA and Mossad can target Americans with impunity, like they did on 11 Sept. 2001. American agencies were designed to remain independent so they could serve as a check on each other.

The Act is also designed to allow George W. to place his henchmen in positions of control. Remember, he is a product of a secret Satanic cult, the “Skull and Bones.” This sounds gruesome but the Twentieth Century provided many precedents. The Illuminati was behind both Nazi and Communist mass slaughter and terror.

Our position is akin to the European Jews who disbelieved warnings of the holocaust.

There is even a provision in the Homeland Security Act against whistle blowers. Why?

Another provision allows mandatory vaccinations while giving vaccine manufacturers immunity from prosecution. Why?

The “Total Information Awareness” program will “red flag” troublemakers by monitoring all personal communications and financial transactions, even your library records. You didn’t attack the WTC. Why are you targeted?

What is the justification for this destruction of freedom, which Bush supposedly protects?

In 14 months since 11 Sept.2001, there has been not one Muslim terrorist attack in the US despite the bloody American invasion of Afghanistan. If “al-Qaeda” were capable of pulling off 11 Sept. 2001, don’t you think it would have planned an encore?

 In conclusion, mankind is in the clutches of a diabolical multi generational conspiracy. A Satanic, criminal cartel has subverted all social institutions and is slowly crafting a brutal global dictatorship. Our political and cultural leaders are witting and unwitting pawns. They are fabricating a phony war between Islam and the West in order to accomplish the degradation of both.

 (I realize this vision seems incredibly bleak. The mass media holds us in a powerful illusion of normalacy.)

Resistance reveals “WE ARE HERE” to Liberate Tripoli

Mu pen in hand

Statement early hours of this morning blessed. From the western region 01/09/2014


بيان المنطقة الغربية 09-01-2014

The Green Army is here now

Been released about the artist Joseph Ghiryani “Qezkizh”.

He is now among his family and friends



Word now Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armed terrorist groups coming from the east are now attacking the prison “Alhiah” (Police Academy) aimed at assassinating militant Abdullah Sanusi .. In a time when other groups protest in front of the headquarters of the Conference (Al-RIXOS)) to bring attention and blocked the road in front of the college now …
# (Born Leader)

A medical source that after the deterioration of the health status of Abdullah Senoussi, head of Libyan intelligence in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, where he entered a room care by two hours from now, and is now in good health and not the health of the news of his death and he is alive, where quoted some pages of social networking that he had died as a result of cancer and the Nude for health altogether this he said ….

The spokesman stressed the official Libyan Foundation for reform and rehabilitation
Prison plateau, Mr. “Atman Alqlala,” that the news of the death
Abdullah Sanusi shame about the health and the incorrect phrase and detailed
And said “Alqlala” in a statement that called Sanusi
Fine and in good health.

Senussi at his desk
{Director okay} did not type the two articles in a single day in the past, but the life of director requires writing and flare-ups in us feelings of sadness and joy, director Abdullah Senoussi’s okay man, described by his enemies in the West, the seed of the crown of security was able to eliminate the fiercest diseases in the world and will not be defeated in solitary injustice, The man making your safety and security, and his life was full of difficulties and carry for Libya everything and eventually sold it sneaks money to customers who they came to destroy the nation and its destruction, God with the Director no doubt in this and his God no one can oppress and What we’re saying today joke people well on the what he was doing Director in establishing security best proof of that ached transfer you that God loves his creation of the granulated first disallowed.


Back broadcast channel green again,,,,, thanks to God, and steadfast victorious, God willing,
# (Born Leader)

Green News Channel

Mnicolmn Pen Commander:
Khoi in saws just met her in the four streets Mlouhanhm pleasures specifically Aldrebe
This publication:
To our brothers and our people within our land beloved to me from now works with the militias, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, who wreaked havoc, you leave your weapons and commitment to your home and do not stand a row of our enemies and the enemies of our country, the date of Libya’s liberation is near .. In the past we used to say we were coming, and now we say we are in our land and are unhappy with what is happening in our country and we pledge to edit Libya will not Ntkhadl Nrahm will not stop us from our weapons and gear and men of what we can knead and we are sure of victory, but we see our eye Ba.
# (Born Leader)

Farhat Bin Guidara Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the former says:
1 – Libya has become under the control of an international mafia.
2 – The amount of two hundred and ninety-four billion six hundred million dollars and this amount was frozen before the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, which made it impossible for anyone of the Great Jamahiriya to withdraw any monetary value at all of it.
Months after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya, all of this money disappeared (in the amount of ninety billion and eight hundred million dollars under mysterious circumstances) which could not justify how the exchange or withdrawal took place, despite the fact that It disappeared totally before lifting the freeze.
3 – the disappearance of billions of dollars of Libyan assets by the Mafia ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ruling power which now runs Libya …
4 – and Libya on the verge of bankruptcy and has become a scary place of greed and all the nations of the world will witness unprecedented bankruptcy case …
5- Turkey and Qatar (hungry to take over Libya), have forecast of what is to come and collect the debt from Libya last month, Libya collapsing rapidly} Technically Qatar and Turkey OWN LIBYA……

(Gateway Libya)

Libya Telecom & Technology:
We would like to inform you that the type of WiMax internet service will be interrupted tomorrow, Thursday, 09 January 2014, and in order to improve the performance of the network and linked to the project NGBN, and will begin the process of improvement and the transfer of the service from 7:00 – 9:00, and the expected time for the completion of this task about one hour, and this interruption will affect the following cities:
(Street corner – Zone Tower of Tripoli – Gharyan – Terhana – five – Ghadames – Misrata – Ras Lanuf – Hun – Alfornaj – Friday Market – Tajura – Zlitin – Bani Walid – Sirte – Ubari – Brega – Ajdabiya – area Libyana Abusth).
Libyan Telephone Company announces stops and interruptions to telephone networks of orbit and Libyana for the towns of Bani Walid and Tarhaounah and part of the road to the airport and area Sawani.
(The news agency of the mountain
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
The Washington Post:
U.S. authorities intend the inclusion of Ansar al-Sharia in Derna and Benghazi and Tunisia on the black list of terrorist organizations. The newspaper pointed out that the branches of the group based in Derna and Benghazi. It quoted officials Amadtalaaan say that the procedure in question would apply to the Libyans: Ben Qmo, and Ahmad Abu Khtalh. According to the newspaper this action will lead to pressure on the group, cutting support for its activities through the freezing of funds, and funds of its leaders, and to prevent U.S. citizens and companies from dealing with them. According to the information sought to arrest America “Abu Khtalh” in the city of Benghazi, but “they abandoned it for fear that it raises unrest and destabilize the Libyan government”…
وهذا هو الكثير من هوكي، كما معروفة هذه الجماعات “الإرهابية” للعمل، ويدفعها، “حكومة الولايات المتحدة”
(THIS IS A LOT OF BULL, as these “terrorist” groups are known to work for, and be PAID by, the U.S. GOVERNMENT.)


Dozens of the elements of national power to resolve the dispute of the Libyan army gathered Thursday
in front of the headquarters of the National Congress to demand their salaries regardless.
Issued Associates of border guards and vital goals Thursday
Deprecation statement, expressing their rejection of the decision to retire from leadership
The national army, as demanded in their statement to them to extend the work and tasks
Chief of Staff of the border guards and vital goals until the current
The establishment of security and the issuance of the Constitution.
Ministry of Oil and Gas announces that the quantities of oil produced for Day January 6, 2014 amounted to 532 982 thousand barrels
Oil price exceeds daily production is beat them (532.982) briefs (49034344 dollars) {and this amount daily briefs} and then beat them in 365 Days brief amount sold in the year (U.S. )
Total production of crude oil during the day Tuesday, 07.01.2014 and amount of (546.108) a barrel, Image and this gradual increase comes after the resumption of production from the field is the spark of the company’s operations Acacus oil after comments by the sit-ins.
And tells you Haasir deficit in salaries!!!!




Please publication and dissemination of our sources are reliable in the Supreme Security Committee Almqji that rat Almqml will Rat Hashim humans taking out the group with pictures of the leader and raise green flags in Tripoli tomorrow and in the process of base to catch a free and honorable after joining them .. it warn both the Liberals and the silks inside Tripoli and beyond not taken it off and caution .. And God is my witness ….

يرجى النشر والتعميم من مصادرنا الموثوقة في اللجنة الآمنية العليا المقملين أن الجرذ المقمل سيقوم الجرذ هاشم بشر بأخراج مجموعة تحمل صور القائد ورفع الآعلام الخضراء داخل طرابلس غدا وذلك في عملية حقيرة للقبض على الآحرار والشرفاء بعد الآنضمام اليهم ..عليه نحذر كل الآحرار والحرائر داخل طرابلس وخارجها بعدم الخروج وأخد الحذر .. والله على ما أقول شهيد….
I hope all the free believer in our cause to be published Hedda Althder.
To all students in all colleges in Tripoli and its suburbs discernible caution and steep because Tndeim rule lurks in you and I hope security men fully on track to repel any surprise attack of obscurantists supporters of al-Qaida today has Tsfit 3 guard, the university has been Alator Ali Aljtaat thrown inside campus.

Moved from:
“Libyan directly
Please fellow citizens of all travelers from Tripoli toward the Corner
Discernible caution after Gate 27. And those who can delay his departure for the morning best, especially families. Because of tension in the region.

We ask God for the safety of all.

# (Born Leader)

Operations room Mermaid:
Was closing the coastal road janzour. 

Janzour Media Center Media Center Janzour
Urgent now:
Janzour now closed the coastal road to protest the killing of youth janzour today at the hands of an armed gang.
Image Lock Street shops in 2000 following the murder and robbery.
National strength animated receive the task of securing the coastal road Janzour – Corner. 

Back to normal movement coastal road janzour closing night yesterday by some of the population against
the backdrop of the killing of two of the region’s youth at the hands of an armed group tried to steal
a car traveling in Kano.
(Gateway Libya)

on the PLATEAU:

Word now Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armed terrorist groups coming from the east are now attacking the prison

“Alhiah (Police Academy)”  aimed at assassinating militant Abdullah Sanusi .. In a time when other groups protest

in front of the headquarters of the Conference (Al-RIXOS) to bring attention and blocked the road in front of the college now …
# (Born Leader)

Mu will re-establish Tripoli soon for the people

Investigations earthquake:
Hotel Aaron Dahra Tripoli Street where officers met YESTERDAY from Qatar, Jordan, where some ministers in the government Jardan witnessing hotel hall meetings are confidential.
#( Born Leader)


Tripoli Medical Center
Lock department ambulance has been in Tripoli Medical Centre yesterday due to
beating Dr. alternate in section by an armed group, and his condition is very bad
and was transferred for treatment outside Libya.



U.of Tripoli renewed
Shortly before: the University of Tripoli, unidentified gunmen aboard two cars
(Samsung and Nissan Matmtin and without plates), they kidnap citizen.
Mohammed Emhemed Akecot … And his cousin .. Izz al-Din Mansour Akecot lost from last Monday.
They are residents of the plateau Badri Quraish .. ..
Near the back door of the University of Tripoli, on the one hand the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
and Muhammad taught Akecot driving a black Hummer Aarba reagents Lighting from the top,
and it was the last contact with the Izz al-Din 12 pm on Monday and was in time to call is in the plateau region.
“Atmosphere of the country”
The head of the Federation of Students at the University of Tripoli languages ​​”boycotted” the USTA Musab .
The study resumed on Thursday after the closure of the university on Wednesday, following a sit-university guards against the backdrop of the kidnapping of the two of them on Tuesday night because of their refusal to enter a student of the Faculty of Economics frequent car windshields tinted windows.
Sit-in today to students at the University of Tripoli because of the delayed onset of the grant for 10 months,
11, 12 and the presidency of the university says it will hit the grant for only two months because of a budget deficit.
Close has been boycotted by the University of Tripoli and the postponement of exams and will remain closed until
further notice, following the abduction of two university security on three o’clock at night!
(Student Media Center)
Dental students in Tripoli are organizing a protest in the university
“Atmosphere of the country “..
Dozens of students from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Tripoli, and a protest in front of the college on Thursday morning after more than two weeks Iglagahm College to protest what they called the dispute arising between the presidency of the university and faculty members, which ultimately affects the interest of the students as saying.
He told one of the organizers of the vigil and student Sam Abdul Majeed Bossuydh Bachelor fourth year student at the Faculty of Dentistry that the closure of the college comes protested the conditions experienced by the college in addition to the accumulation of payments per school year.
Bossuydh added that students who are currently in the vigil are from all stages and protesting against mismanagement and poor training centers, in addition to the non-distribution equipment on college students, despite its presence in the stores college.
Bossuydh pointed to the existence of differences between the college administration and faculty members, which had a negative impact on the process of study and weighed on the student, adding that the students tried to communicate with members of the university administration, but they were beaten so.
For his part, a fourth-year students are invited to a rare reasons for their protest is to collect a number of faculty members appointed at the university for two jobs at the same time pointing out that some faculty members are unanimous in their work between private and public universities.
Has shown one of the posts in the vigil, a student Dentistry third year that stopping the process of study at the university affects them understand stopped receiving lectures for nearly two months, which would be at the end of the year much pressure on them.
It is noteworthy that it is not the first time that the stop the study at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Tripoli, has seen previously completed several sit-ins, including one to change the management of the college.
Decline and fall of part of the University Road area, Mr. Masri .. And roads and streets are almost closed because of the suffocating crowds!
Jalal Hussein
Urgent. .
Orders from Tripoli air base built a transfer of military aircraft to Tripoli.
Court of Appeals Tripoli circle defer criminal prosecution of the Mujahideen prisoners ….
Captive “Baghdadi Mahmudi,”
plus the prisoner “carp Zhmul“, and the captive “Amer Tervas”
to the fifth month from February!
(God decoder families)
Coup truck ((Kanter)) in the road to the airport is not news about the presence of injuries.




Lock down the mountain road near the city of Shakshuk by militias Amazigh Gado ….
And do not allow cars to pass through the road in both directions …
Check point de Shakshuk sur la route nationale – une des entrée nord de Zintan.
And the burning of Poti pustule road …
Please circular and Publishing
(Channel Zintan Media)


Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
The news of the deaths have been confirmed now in Syrian Marwan Al Zahra Hospital, and was beaten
in the hospital lead by his comrades, and the tense situation in the Kerkozh some thing ……
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya.

Photos and news from Rishvana:
Morning found the body of Captain Mohsen Abdul Nabi Boshahyoh head of the municipal guard / Sawani at his ranch .….
From the news that he Balrmih Banzouraleom to Aterbth any link Borcvana a known felon ...
We ask Allah to forgive the deceased Ntgah this incident.
Photos and news from Rishvana
Cover WiMAX currently exist in Zahra
But you need some adjustments.
Photos and news from Rishvana
Mahmoud Mongoose:
Family killed last night robbery at their car in the airport road.


City department in Ajeelat
Department in Ajeelat: Now
The presence of portal fake street youth drunk tank “near Alcimafro” and hear the gunfire in the street ..
They impose families!
Please take caution.
 (Ramsey Arbash)
News department in Ajeelat (Ajeelat news)
Urgent now
News Achtpetkat now near neighborhood
Industrial between Rapid Intervention
The masked now
(Quoting symbolic Arbash)


The people of the sister Bmzdh protesting against the lack of water supply

Atmosphere of the country – Fatima Mohammed
Systems of the people of the sister Bmzdh yesterday morning, on Tuesday, a protest to express their dissatisfaction with the situation experienced by the region “and stop the marginalization of basic services,” in the words of one of the organizers of the vigil Khalifa Mohammed.
Mohammed said to the atmosphere of the country today that the demands of the people of the brotherly and neighboring areas is to provide sources for water supply and maintenance of wells suspended from work and find a solution to stop the Higher Institute of occupations and to provide a comprehensive overview of the hospital area.
Mohammed said that the region is facing a severe shortage of water, and that people are suffering in the water supply
as the closest area to provide exist in Mizdah, which lies about 60 kilometers from the sister.
Meanwhile, the head of the Steering Committee of local council Bmzdh Mohammed Hassan said the local council and the district council Aeltsiara They Send facilities coordinator area Mizdah regarding maintenance of the wells and the drilling of new wells.
Adding that he had been communicating with the water and sanitation company and public water wells enrolled failures but to no avail.
The body of Water Resources and the Ministry of Public Utilities decided in the middle of last year maintenance 5 wells have been frozen for nearly three years and the establishment of five tanks and delivered before the end of year 2013.
(JUST THINK! EVERYONE had an abundanceof clean RUNNING water under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA;
and they were working on stages 4 &5 of the Great Man-made River project, which came to a halt with the CIA NATO-led War.)


From private / College of Arts and Sciences Mslath Mqlfah popular since five days ago
where some Pham Acharadm region Bagaflha closure of doors and they did not welded
Bstta one yet open, and parked the study so far.


“Pacific Hadi Tahir Amperc”
Moved to the mercy of God Amperc Pacific team in the city of Zintan.

Mr. “Mohammad Ali Alokwak”, the head of the local council of Zintan
That team, “Hadi Tahir Amperc”, after his ill-health in
Very soon and unexpectedly, was killed by a tumor in the pancreas and
Stomach area in the advanced stages of the disease, according to the doctor’s report
Forensic, which led to his death, was to resuscitate him and he received treatment, has also been
Communicate with his family, and to the deteriorating security situation in the city of Tripoli, has been
Bring a doctor who specializes tumors of the city of Sabratha, and said “Alokwak” in
Special permit and exclusive, that the prosecution action will be taken and the police
Shift to Bani Walid or Sorman, as requested by his family.

Ntql to the mercy of God Captive Hero Amperc Pacific team in  prison. 

He was not tortured; and he died a natural death from Pacreatic and Stomach Cancer.

I am God and to Him we return
Will remain immortal in the pages of history in overseeing. And a symbol of steadfastness and meet the proud generations generation after generation. And will be attached to shame Bjladik who sold religion and the homeland and honor.

Funeral prayers will be held at the deceased home of “Pacific Amperc team” in a mosque

in the village of Bani Walid after Friday prayers tomorrow,

God willing … I am God and to Him we return …

Pacific Amperc team, deceased of BANI WALID, died in Zintan 09 JAN. 2014

Mr. “Hamid Hachani,” vice president of the local council
To the city of Surman, they are waiting for the body of the team, “Hadi Tahir
Amperc “, after the completion of the procedures and the number and cause of death report
Will be covered by the prosecution and elements of the police of the city of Zintan for transfer
To the city, “Sorman” to be buried among his family and relatives, and Deputy
Chairman of the local council, Mr. Sorman “Hachani” that the body of
Amperc not up to now to the city of Surman. (NO) TO BANI WALID instead:
A source familiar Procuratorate Surman, after their rhetoric on behalf of Zintan
For the transfer of the body of the team, “Hadi Tahir Amperc”, that the sons of
Team “Amperc,” asylum on behalf of Zintan to transfer the body of their father
To the city of Bani Walid, and that after he left them and will be
If buried dead in the city, “Bani Walid,” they said.
late Major General Hadi Tahir Amperc Warfali
the late Major General Hadi Tahir Amperc Warfali
I am God and to Him we return
The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla


{Solace in the noble values} ———————-

team after the death of Hadi Amperc man lost the noble values ​​of the greatest men, fulfilling accept condolences Amperc in the Pacific, as well as set up the courage dignity and Almrúh all tents consolation to accept condolences at this big guy in everything, throughout the events of February 17 was the team Hadi Amperc leads the room armed people on all fronts, and his voice was loud cracked lift the morale of his troops in all fronts,

the guy did not sleep, but minutes and is in communication continuing with all sectors of the armed people who need ammunition needs support everyone was related to the team Hadi Amperc who were his efforts outweigh the efforts of human beings, no matter how we tried to give the right of a man to defend the homeland, we can not the man was a miracle in everything, he was the leader Muammar Gaddafi is being with several contacts per day and the team was listening Binsat is contained in one sentence, “Tamam sir,”

was the leader Muammar Gaddafi knows very well that the fulfillment of its title team Pacific Amperc he left his leadership battle with the traitors and NATO in Libya, everyone had their morale goes down and aloof, but Pacific Amperc were his spirits always hugging the sky, the night of the first events in Tripoli on 2/20 team went to his office and was able to in the hours to return all of the institutions and organs of the state affected by the day flags false, to talk about the Pacific Amperc needs to folders and can not give it right all the articles of the world, has left us a man closer to the phenomenon of it to humans…

O national and you are today waiting for punishment, that we lose every day justifications diluted, let Maicon actual Pacific Amperc cry arcade-style and the Pacific Amperc must shed the blood of traitors.

And still continues to play:

{ في عزاء القيم السامية } ———————- بعد وفاة الفريق الهادي امبيرش فقدت القيم السامية رجل من اعظم رجالها ، الوفاء يتقبل التعازي في الهادي امبيرش وكذلك نصبت الشجاعة والكرامة والمرؤوة كلها خيم عزاء لقبول التعازي في هذا الرجل الكبير في كل شي ، طيلة احداث 17 فبراير كان الفريق الهادي امبيرش يقود غرفة الشعب المسلح على كل الجبهات وكان صوته الجهوري يصدع برفع معنويات جنوده في كل الجبهات ، الرجل كان لا ينام الا دقائق وهو في اتصالات مستمرة مع كل قطاعات الشعب المسلح من يحتاج ذخيرة من يحتاج دعم كان الجميع يتصل بالفريق الهادي امبيرش الذي كانت مجهوداته تفوق مجهودات البشر ، مهما حاولنا ان نعطي حق هذا الرجل في الدفاع عن وطنه فلن نستطيع فالرجل كان معجزة في كل شي ، كان القائد معمر القذافي يجري معه اتصالات عدة في اليوم الواحد وكان الفريق يستمع بانصات ويرد بعبارة واحدة ” تمام سيدي ” كان القائد معمر القذافي يعرف جيداً ان الوفاء عنوانه الفريق الهادي امبيرش فترك له قيادة المعركة مع الخونة والناتو في ليبيا ، الجميع كانت معنوياتهم تنخفض وتترفع الا الهادي امبيرش فكانت معنوياته دائما تعانق السماء ، ليلة الاحداث الاولي في طرابلس يوم 2/20 ذهب الفريق الي مكتبه واستطاع في ساعات اعادة كل مؤسسات واجهزة الدولة التي تاثرت يومها بالاعلام الكاذب ، الحديث عن الهادي امبيرش يحتاج الي مجلدات ولا يمكن ان تعطيه حقه كل مقالات الدنيا ، لقد رحل عنا رجل اقرب الي الظاهرة منه الي البشر.

فيك يا وطني وانت اليوم في انتظار العقاب ،

الذي نفقد كل يوم مبررات تخفيفه ، فليكن مايكون فعلي الهادي امبيرش تبكي البواكي وعلى الهادي امبيرش لا بد ان تسفك دماء الخونة . ————————– ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }

I hope Publishing Aadinm has released the chairman of the Real Estate Registry Authority Resolution No. 2014/4

commissioned on behalf of Mr. Abdul Jalil Alvacho long for the management of real estate registration Bani Walid ..

(Abdo Ahmidat)

# Çanakkale Dard _ News
A meeting was held at the Faculty of Agriculture of Bani Walid in the presence of faculty members
and members of the Council for Social and Rafla tribes and members of the Society for Peace to charity,
about the campaign volunteer for the cultivation of the olive tree:

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé

le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

Dear viewers attention note that after a few you will be on a date with a

special live program national campaign for the cultivation of the olive tree.

Publishing ..

Campaign 6 million olive cultivation
Under the auspices of both: – Youth Council for Social tribes and Rafla –

Peace Association for Philanthropy – Faculty of Agriculture

Hospital Bani Walid year
Oh esteemed head of the local council …. Let the hospital and would
And, as usual, our board and distinguished legal team and and and and and …. After the scandal .. approximately 630 000 Libyan dinars in compensation for the clinic ….
Mr. President of the Council of the passing of a new paper for the nomination and recommendation for the post of Director General of the Hospital Bani Walid Altanip time and for the same person called (p) and individually without reference to the members of the local council ….
My question here, O compassionate Father and compassionate on Bani Walid ..
– Is Hedda work stems from the side of caution on the public interest????
– Do you know any way by the hospital staff where this topic Taatkhadd decisions without reference to workers Bhda important facility???
– Have you visited a field hospital for the size of the change is clear?????
– Is Hedda person candidate Aktar efficient than the current manager??
– Is it your position as head of the local council and non-elected illegal gives you the right to control its resources????
– Pain is enough that you compensate the owner of the largest in terms of value in Bani Walid … while the compensator attic of the building is not worth more than one amount is very simple to maintain??????
– Is it because the current director was not subject to you in terms of dependency and provocation and financial dealings .. your orders were changed in you .. you do not have?? Because it follows the minister the power to you straight and not him??
– Was it not worthwhile to compensate the hospital due to being vandalized more than one of you to the clinic in two consecutive years????
One last question … through heroic attitudes which we hear from you in the local Aladaah???
Why you provided to hospital Bani Walid world???, Or is it in the event of a hospital setting will affect the stability knead negatively on the work of the clinic’s special to you???!!!!!
This topic a picture of the size of the compensation added to the value of removing waste???!

la photo de Wadena.

Bani Walid this morning after heavy showers of rain

The image of the FB page here Bani Walid Here:

Any charm any beauty hold him between Tnayak,, Vic creativity of nature and hardness of geography

and history Vtktml nobility of this myth is not repeated throughout history, but rarely:



update TODAY 09 JANUARY 2014:

This morning:

News Mkmadas:
The launch of the first international flight from the international airport of Sirte heading to the airport Sfax in Tunisia.

The population of the city of Sirte, suffering from the closure of banks in the city for lack of liquidity inside and today is the fifth day of closure.
And also the opening of the international airport of Sirte after maintenance and for the first time opens the day after 4 years of closing and was the first flight taking off from the airport, heading to Tunisia and will be the second trip to Saudi Arabia next Saturday …

Airport Sfax, Tunisia receives evening Algdamsih aircraft company in the first civilian passenger flight coming from the city of Sirte after the closure of the airport lasted for more than three years.

Local Council of Sirte, announces the masters of the population of citizens
Buildings thousands neighborhood housing units, to come to the headquarters of the Council
Aeltsiara Rabat, and bring the family booklet and ID card
To complete the procedures to receive compensation instruments and the Council will ensure
Local Sirte, at his own expense processing of all Jewelry
The new file every citizen affected, due to the presence of files, the first in
At the headquarters of the Council, and to close the government headquarters because of the sit-ins
Hindered to reach them

BEFORE NATO, Sirte had thousands of new homes and apartments in the making (and all work on these projects STOPPED with the NATO bombings):

Muammar al-Qathafi's Urban park project for 2009 SIRTE URBAN PARK PROJECT 2 Sirte, Urban Park aerial view



puppet-rat Ali Zaidane ..
“Since the beginning of the crisis, oil ports we decided to wait in order to preserve the sanctity of the blood of the Libyan and left the door open to mediation and tribal elders and dignitaries including Chancellor Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who asked me and President of the Conference in the past to wait and leave the opportunity for mediation .. But what happened in the recent period is a dangerous thing and I am President of the Conference agreed that the situation can not be tolerated and “we will take the” necessary measures to end this crisis, and the state is able to finish this game!”
Ali Zaidane threatens to plunge into the Sea any oil tankers bound for ports controlled by the
people’s “POLITICAL BUREAU of the Province of Cyrenaica”.  Oil Minister Abdul Bari Arousi
on Wednesday that Libya will sue any foreign company trying to buy oil from the eastern ports controlled
by the Political Bureau of the province of Cyrenaica  who must stop dealing with those companies.

Laroussi said to Reuters,
“… any company dealing with the armed groups which closes oil ports Snkadhiha and cooperation with them will be banned in the future.
“I will not be like any of those companies market in Libya and warn all international companies and small to deal with the armed groups.”
He added that OPEC member country produces about 650 thousand barrels of oil per day, including 510 thousand barrels a day being exported. The remainder would be used to feed the refineries of Corner and Tobruk.


Shortly before the channel now: –
The spread of heavy security because of many large groups of “Ansar al-Sharia”.
Urgent: – serious …….
Noman bin Othman, the channel Libya Liberal saying: –
A meeting last Thursday of the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia
In Benghazi and were Alentijtah very bad, where Oalno
It must be eliminated Thunderbolt in Benghazi, and must
That there is no force in Benghazi army they
Preparing for a major attack on the camp of the Thunderbolt …
I’m aspects of advice to the young supporters of Sharia Trajau
For your home, do not Trajau Tato opportunity for the West to
Intervenes in Libya, not Tato chances of terrorism that dominates
On your home, Libya, in front of you you will be pro bono
God then your people because you are such acts Sthrkon Libya.

News from the explosion of smoke booth near the Bank of Unity field next to the mosque Arkas …….

News of another explosion booth area Ahumaidh smoke near the building of the Municipal Guard old .……..
News from the explosion of the booth area, Mr. Younis Club stores next to the north and
specifically next to replace discounted prices for women’s clothing and the source
said the blast shattered the shop interface ……..

Salem al-Obeidi reports:

Body Found citizenship “Aisha key al-Zaidi,” whereabouts
And set up security source confirmed that the deceased was born in 1961, and
It seems that she is deceased a few days ago, after it has been contacted
Reporting and access to her home and found departest life.

Men Special Forces “Thunderbolt” immediately transferred to the body of citizenship
Been found since she died 7 days, Taradw poisoning of smell, and
Tlqo initial hospital treatment in 1200 and was put deceased Aisha
Key al-Zaidi to bring out the death certificate, and was transferred to the Hospital
Galaa, a tribute to these men who give up without charge and that
Was outside its jurisdiction, and I hope to guide her son, who did not ask for
The deceased mother a week ago, God suffices, and yes, the agent.

Type Hyundai car bombing and the amputation of a man driver
Atriv rapidly near the Hijaz Street
So far no information about the owner of the car!!


Exposure citizen “Mohammed Fathi Yusuf Bushoiqir”, to launch
Lead Sabri district, and has been to the hospital to resuscitate him Galaa
And do not remember details about the cause of injury.

A traffic accident on the highway in Benghazi, resulting in
The death of Egyptian citizen, citizenship, and affects two injured threat
And they are now receiving treatment hospital evacuation and the person who
Shocked fled.


Agency News – Benghazi – Correspondent
The elements of the device and the dismantling of the Abolition of Benghazi and explosives investigations
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” dismantle the bag “bag”, and put
In front of the house, “Mustafa Abdul Salam small,” one of the men forces
Private area Laithi city of Benghazi, and the security source confirmed that
Weighing up to “6” Kilo.

Qusay cabled:
Says the news about the kidnapping of Mr. Moataz Bouachrine His group Bouachrine for sweets and juices largest group of its kind in Benghazi ….. after less than four days of the kidnapping of the owner of Mr. Sami Zuhri “Palestinian citizenship”Scheherazade Musorati ….. and Musorati Beirut in Benghazi . 
Mr. Sami Zuhri “Palestinian citizenship”after payment of a ransom of 3 million dinars to the kidnappers.
God knows no Otkd of news.

In this photo Mustafa Kadekke military in the Marines who were injured on Wednesday 201 418 Street in the military police Buhedama Hua now in the operating room hospital Hawari Benghazi are conducting an operation by the Doctors of general surgery and orthopedics and vascular surgery Adeolh speedy recovery this image before entering the operating room in the Department of Radiology has been Nscheralsourh after approval Mustafa:

(Hani Al Oraibi. Official media Hawari hospital)

Thieves greed prior to  getting the  child Radwan Almzoga  back home:

Agreed to the gang that kidnapped Radwan with Mr. Mohammed that is delivered amount of 500,000 Libyan dinars over the phone and got it already went Mr. Mohammed and with him 300,000 dinars ((This is only the amount that was collected)) went a couple of days and said to him, then hand over the money outside the city Benghazi and will be delivered after your son, Mr. Muhammad went and handed over the money in place, based on what they told him and put the money in a place that pointed to the phone and it was agreed that he Throwaway that will be delivered to his son, but to this day has not been delivered to his family any Radwan it scam and said many of the Facebook pages that there is a campaign to raise another dinars article is winding these gang exploit such campaigns greed and money in this campaign is basically agreed …..
How can this happen ((Father Poor afraid for his son)) exploit the faint-hearted, and not about power but not God Almighty …..

Still,later all ended well:

The release of the abducted child, “Radwan Mohamed Almzoga”, and
Is now in the arms of his parents, by special permission of his family and
Child “Radwan”, aged 6 years, a healthy
Good and thankfully, and mentions that he was released since the half
Only hours.




The release of the ship “Oxandera” commercial after the Boguetaadha
Zdik “Martyrs of Tobruk” from the “send thee” to the base of Tobruk
Navy, after an investigation with the crew, which includes 10 people, and has been
Signing a pledge, as security source confirmed special forces infantry
Freedom of the city of Tobruk is now in a special permit, and noted the same source
The ship trademarks and Togo-flagged and carry Lebanese citizenship
Was arrested because of the entry of Libyan territorial waters without
Authorized, and the reason for its presence in that region.

Agency urgently Libya / stop radio transmitter Tobruk for Anwar al-Sharif

Tobruk radio stopped broadcasting due to a malfunction in the radio equipment,

which did not happen for a long time despite the claim to the Department of Broadcasting Ministry of Information

and the local council to provide a helping hand..


Destruction of the building housing the shops in the street Brega, a new link between the street Amghar Street and Market Street _ and this building is said to be for “the punching my palm” and has shops and scarves and furniture.

(AD Media tuber)

Car explosion in Ajpalh area beside the tuber Workshop Khaled Sassi to repair the tire
and is a subsidiary of the master: Sheikh Khalil, according to the source, and it works sector
health and thankfully there is no damage to human …….


Two days before the abduction of Mr. Mansouri Abgaith

a member of the committee of disputes between the tribes for the city of Derna ….

So far, his fate Mjhowol where kidnapped in front of his home

and saw them people Encode Taxi omitted four masked people.

(Media Center tuber Libya)





Team of the Brotherhood includes several prominent figures, including Nizar Kawan “junk” in favor of Makhzoom Lamine Belhadj, Harizi and others toured several cities in the south of Libya, including:
Languages, Sabha, Murzuq, Alqtron
Trying to extend the Marketing Conference and buy some receivables and persuade them to join some
of the characters and their nomination
to be the new interface for the institutions of the state legislature and Atidah.
(Omar Alqoira)


Martyr, God willing (Hamid Khalifa Briki) A Champions Sabha who did not cite Aradw

colonialism in Misrata after a brutal bombing cruciate ..
# (Born Leader)

Conqueror never Statement 9:01 tribes southern region No. 1-2014
de Conqueror never il ya 1 jour200 vues statement tribes of the southern region No. 1204

Signs of crisis “in the bread” Bsabha, due to the shortage in supply of flour to bakeries.
(Al-Sabha Free)
Hear the sounds of shooting in dense Sabha still going on more than a quarter of an hour.
Witnesses assert that the shooting was in the direction of Hotel Africa in the last round or for the latter,
and news about the fire.
(Free newspaper Sabha)

Reason besieged commander of Military Region Sabha Emhemed

Colonel Abdul Hafeez Ayat Busevy in the area Tragn by Tabu is:

a demand to hand over military personnel belonging to him, and he went to

Busevy Tragn area and the Murzuq to attend the closing ceremony

of the cycle of human development officers for the area. An armed group of the

Tabu area is surrounded Sabha Military Colonel Abdul Emhemed Alhfbz Busafa

in Tragn in military headquarters there.

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Tabu sons of the desert:
Belonging to an armed group opened fire on the Zhoyat
A neighborhood Akaddrfa shot bullet while he was in the petrol station.
It is a great age named Mr. / Yahya Mahmoud Cali.
And was hit in the leg and was Qderfa ambulance to a clinic and his condition is stable up to this moment.
It was ascertained that the person sought by Tabu is actually “Mansour Black” militia leader right,
and news of Tabu wise mediate between the group and the besieged Busevy to release trapped.
The signs of a breakthrough in the mediation.
We bring you new developments
(Free special newspaper Sabha)


Mr. “Redco pond and that” Tabu did not surround the area is
Military Bsabha Mr. “Mohammed Busafa”, in Tragn, and
“And Redco” in a statement and exclusive, that is what happened person
Called “Mansour Black” did not stand on the point of immobilization and has
Balrmih on one of the men, and Mr. “Busafa” and the wise
And wise people are trying to end the problem, and Tabu calling me
Accounting this person.

The witness from his family ……..???

Chadian camps in the Libyan cities, Askaryoha paid in salaries of the Libyan state.

Chadian President warns of recent state visits to Libya of the consequences of silence about what is happening in the south of Libya.

Warned Chadian President “Idriss Deby” of the consequences of what is happening in the south of the Libyan Mtahedna Aldmt Libyan state, calling the Libyan people to realize the truth and take note before it is too late. The “Debbie” in a press statement that the Chadian gangs of outlaws and the authority of the state Chadian trained in camps in southern Libya and is preparing for an attack on Chad Badyshl attempt to overthrow the president, “Debbie” a few months ago. The president said, “Debbie,” a lot of detail in his remarks about the Chadian armed groups by incubating the south of Libya when he spoke about alcoholism training and confirmed as follows:

1 – Rbeana camp has a large number of Chadians and trained at the highest level.

2 – camp bed and has a Chadian salaried from the ZAIDANE GNC Libyan puppet state under the “pretext” that they are “protecting” the Libyan oil fields.

3 – Station Camp Klnjh a confluence of hashish smugglers, and there is no point him out Chadians are outside the control of the Chadian state believe the passage of cannabis dealers coming from Algeria and Egypt.

4 – Whig camp and has the large numbers of Chadians outlaws and the authority of the state who live in the mountains of the Chadian Tbsta believe the passage of traders coming from Almkhdhirat Klnjh to capture money from the gangs prevalent in the south of Libya. There is no doubt that the word of Chadian President is very dangerous and threatens the national security of Libya at heart, but you seeking relevant agencies to verify and make sure this information and take them what it takes to keep the country and its people from the evils of these bands?
Chadian President warns of recent state visits to Libya of the consequences of silence about what is happening in the south of Libya.


When Muammar was in ITALIA:

MALI-300x300  Post image for As War Lingers in Mali, Western Powers Target its Natural Resources

France’s intervention in the West African nation of Mali under Operation Serval drove Islamic groups associated with Al-Qaeda out of Northern Mali in February 2013. When the Tuareg rebellion occurred in early 2012, it was against the Malian government led by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) for the independence of Northern Mali also known as Azawad. There were also Islamic groups such as the Ansar Dine and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) who originally helped the MNLA. Eventually both Islamist groups turned on the MNLA forcing them out and creating a Sharia based Northern Mali. The government of Mali requested foreign assistance to re-take the north and France answered the call. France restored Mali’s government back to power.

France’s military incursion with Western support was described as a “humanitarian intervention” which resulted in a race for Mali’s natural resources. That was the plan after all. New drilling contracts have just been established after Mali’s civil war was contained by the French military with the backing of the United Kingdom and the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). The collaboration of Western powers just opened up Mali for business. A new press release by Legend Gold of Vancouver, BC Canada states the intention of gold mine drilling in several regions of Mali. The press release titled ‘Legend Gold Announces Signing of Drilling Contracts for Exploration in Mali’ stated exactly what areas of Mali will be extracted for gold by the new drilling contracts:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Jan. 6, 2014) – Legend Gold Corp. (the “Company” or “Legend Gold”) (TSX VENTURE:LGN) is pleased to announce the commencement of drilling for the season. Legend Gold has contracted for a minimum of 5,000 m of reverse circulation (RC) drilling and 10,000 m of air core (AC) drilling for the Diba and Lankafla projects in western Mali and the Mougnina project in southern Mali. 

In western Mali, Legend Gold plans to explore for extensions to the Diba-Badiazila resource which contains 234,000 oz at 1.67 g/t gold of indicated and 26,700 oz of inferred mineralization at 1.9 g/t at 0.8 g/t gold cutoff (AMEC’s NI 43-101 compliant Technical Report, August 2013). There remain a number of gaps in the AMEC resource which can be in-filled by a number of shallow RC holes to bring the oxide resource from the indicated and inferred categories to measured and indicated. The oxide resource evaluated to date extends to about 50 m below the surface. A minimum of 3,000 m of RC drilling will be used to infill gaps in the existing resource as well as testing the immediate on-strike extensions of the Diba deposit. Analysis of previous results derived from drilling completed by Etruscan Resources in 2009 suggests that additional resources remain to be discovered on-strike from the known mineralization, along a 2 km long soil auger geochemistry anomaly to the northwest. Several lines of RC and core holes drilled by Etruscan Resources about 1.5 km to the NNW of Diba yielded multiple mineralized intervals which warrant follow up drilling.

Preliminary results of a ground gravity survey on the Lankalfa project area suggest that areas that have been drilled previously warrant additional exploration. New and upgraded targets revealed by the final interpretation of the gravity survey will also be included in the 2,000 m of RC drilling planned for Lankafla.

In southern Mali, exploration by Legend Gold on the Mougnina exploration license, some twenty kilometers north of the Syama mine, has mapped a series of ancient artisanal workings which are coincident with soil auger gold anomalies. The ancient workings appear to be on splays off the same fault system that controls mineralization at the Syama mine. At least 5,000 m of AC drilling are planned to test the soil auger gold anomalies and artisanal workings.

The drill program is expected to commence in early February 2014.

Douglas Perkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Legend Gold stated, “The data review and project ranking that took place over the past three months is now complete and the technical team has chosen their priorities for the current drilling season. Given the current state of the exploration business, Legend Gold was able to obtain some very competitive quotes for meters. We look forward to announcing the results as soon as they are available.” 

On 18 December 2013 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it would financially assist Mali in a press release ‘IMF Executive Board Approves New Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for Mali and 6.75€ Million Disbursement’ regarding Mali’s economic potential with help from external financial resources. The institution which is based in Washington DC announced what the new arraignments will provide to the war torn country:

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a new arrangement under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) for Mali for an amount equivalent to SDR 30 million (about 33.89€ million or 32 percent of quota). The approval enables the immediate disbursement of an amount equivalent to SDR 6 million (about 6.75€ million).

The authorities’ program is designed to reduce balance-of-payments vulnerabilities and lay foundations for stronger, more inclusive growth. Reform efforts are focused on tax policy and revenue administration, public financial management and improving the business environment.

The IMF imposes debts on nations and forces its governments to cut back on social services such as education and medical care in order to pay back the debt. An article written by Arthur MacEwan which was published on Third World Network titled ‘Economic debacle in Argentina: The IMF strikes again’describes how IMF policies affected Argentina’s economy:

During 2001 the Argentine recession grew rapidly deeper. Although the IMF pumped in additional funds, it provided these funds on the condition that the Argentine government would entirely eliminate its budget deficit. With the economy in a nose-dive and tax revenues plummeting, the only way to balance the budget was to drastically cut government spending. Yet, in doing so, the government was both eviscerating social programmes and reducing overall demand. In mid-December, the government announced that it would cut the salaries of public employees by 20% and reduce pension payments. At the same time, as the worsening crisis raised fears that the peso would be devalued, the government moved to prevent people from trading their pesos for dollars; it promulgated a regulation limiting bank withdrawals. These steps were the final straws, and in the week before Christmas, all hell broke loose.

According to an online African news source admits an increase in foreign investments and believes that Mali will experience growth “Mali is expected to benefit from relatively stable external conditions in the near term. The region’s prospects are favorable. Sub-Saharan Africa is set to enjoy continued robust growth driven by strong investment in infrastructure and productive capacity, and by rising inflows of foreign direct investment and other financing opportunities” which is further from the truth. RT News reported on 10 June 2013 what does foreign investment in the gold industry mean for Malian citizens and especially for those who work in the gold mines:

War-worn Mali has tripled its gold exports over the last decade, though the rising profits are being funneled outside what is one of the world’s poorest countries: Foreign corporations appear to be taking over one of Mali’s few thriving industries. Mali, Africa’s third-largest gold producer, has just announced it expects to double annual gold output over the next five years to 100 tons.

Malian officials claim the gold-abundant south has been untouched by the military conflict between government troops and Tuareg insurgents in the north, which prompted an intervention by France in January. The promise of gold has lured investors into one of Mali’s most profitable industries.

However, residents have decried the news, as they feel they will benefit little from the country’s newfound riches. Thousands are employed as ‘traditional miners’ in the town of Yanfolila in southern Mali, the epicenter of the country’s gold rush. Traditional mining is a near-medieval process in which Malian workers dig holes approximately the size of their own bodies using only primitive picks – their gold mines. Without a proper geological survey, workers are essentially hoping to get lucky. The narrow shafts go as deep down as 60 meters, the equivalent of a 15- to 20-story building 

French intervention in Mali had nothing to do with the welfare of the Malian people. It was about the natural resources it has including gold, uranium and oil. With gold demand increasing among nations throughout the world, it is no surprise that the Western powers would intervene in any internal conflict in a resource rich country in the African continent. The French government has interests in Mali. That interest is in natural resources as Katrin Sold of the German Council on Foreign Relations stated in 2013“In the long term, France has interests in securing resources in the Sahel – particularly oil and uranium, which the French energy company Areva has been extracting for decades in neighboring Niger”. Mali has abundant natural resources. The civil war intensified through a western backed military coup with Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo who was trained by the United States lead a coup against democratically-elected government of Amadou Toumani Touré after the Tuareg Rebellion in Northern Mali. Western Institutions and corporations wasted no time in acquiring natural resources during Mali’s crises. Divide and conquer and then accumulate the resources was the was the Western government’s intentions. During a speech by French President Francois Hollande on February 2nd, 2013 after France intervened in Mali, hypocrisy took hold when he said:

France stands alongside you, not to serve any particular interest – we have none –, to protect this or that faction, or in favour of this or that Malian party… No, we stand alongside you for the sake of the whole of Mali and for West Africa. We’re fighting here to ensure Mali lives in peace and democracy. And you’ve presented the best image today, through your warmth and fervour, after your pain throughout those months when fanaticism held sway in northern Mali.

We’re fighting as brothers – Malians, French, Africans – because I haven’t forgotten that when France herself was attacked, when she was seeking support and allies, when her territorial integrity was threatened, who came along? It was Africa; it was Mali. Thank you, thank you, Mali. Today we’re repaying our debt to you…

Mali is the country that has to repay its debts to the IMF and its western powers through its natural resources, not France. A loan from the IMF  is guaranteed to create more debt for the Malian people.  As Western powers such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and France continue to intervene in third world countries for their own interests, it seems like Mali is under their control for the long term pushing China out as a potential business partner with the Malian government. France and AFRICOM are expanding its intervention policies throughout Africa because it is about the resources, besides; the West has been intervening in Africa for the past 500 +years that only resulted in more wars and extreme poverty for the African people.

France remains ‘Africa’s gendarme’

Wednesday 08th, January 2014 / 19:23 Written by 

French in N. Afriica

As the intervention in Mali was deemed a success by the international community, France is withdrawing most of its soldiers but has launched another operation in the Central African Republic, opines Frankie Taggart

A YEAR after dispatching warplanes and troops to repel an incursion in Mali, France is fighting in another of
its former colonies, demonstrating it is destined to play reluctant “gendarme” in Africa, say analysts.
With the Mali intervention deemed a success by the international community, France is withdrawing most of its soldiers but has launched another operation in the Central African Republic (CAR) to stop escalating inter-communal religious conflict.
France’s Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has welcomed the achievements of Operation Serval, launched on January 11, 2013 to drive militants linked to Al Qaeda out of Timbuktu and Mali’s other northern cities.
The country has been “liberated” and the mission’s success was “universally recognised in the international arena”, he said on a New Year’s Eve visit to Mali.
But he struck a more solemn tone two days later in Bangui, where the principal task was to boost the morale of troops bogged down in the quagmire of the CAR crisis.
About 7,000 French soldiers have been deployed in UN-backed military and humanitarian missions in Mali and the CAR.
“Broadly, you’d say — and this has been the case for quite some time — that France finds itself obliged to intervene and is, despite itself, the gendarme of Africa,” said Bruno Tertrais of the Paris-based Foundation for Strategic Research. With nearly 6,000 men permanently stationed across the continent, France is uniquely placed to act quickly when law and order breaks down and regimes collapse.
Its deployment is organised around two main poles, Libreville in the west (940 troops), and Djibouti in the east (2,000) and it also has troops in Chad (950), Senegal (350) and Ivory Coast (450), as well as special forces stationed notably in Niger.
With the gradual return to stability in Mali, the emergence of the CAR crisis and the more general threat of terrorism across the vast, ungovernable Sahel region, France is in the process of redrawing its military presence across Africa.
“I’m seeing the heads of state to discuss with them how we will in the coming months… reorganise and expand our presence geographically in Africa,” Le Drian said last week in Bangui.
France intervened in Africa 19 times between 1962 and 1995, often to sway a state’s internal politics under the murky “francafrique” system put in place by Charles de Gaulle to maintain political and business interests in the former colonies.
But it began to adopt a more multilateral approach under Jacques Chirac’s 1995 to 2007 presidency, eschewing political meddling in favour of backing United Nations and African Union peacekeeping operations when crises arose.
In 2003 and 2008, France led European Union operations respectively to combat rebels in north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and to secure the Central African and Chadian borders with Sudan’s Darfur region.
France went into Ivory Coast in 2011 to help fighters loyal to election winner Alassane Ouattara arrest defeated former president Laurent Gbagbo and in the same year led an intervention in Libya.
Current President Francois Hollande underlined the new approach in a speech to Senegal’s parliament in October 2012, vowing that the days of francafrique were over. (HAH!)
Post image for EU Draws Up Plans to Send Troops to Central Africa
EU Draws Up Plans to Send Troops to Central Africa
08JANUARY 2014
Source: WSJ

Draft plans for a European Union military mission in the Central African Republic envisage the deployment of hundreds of ground troops to buttress African and French forces struggling to prevent a bloodbath there, according to diplomats briefed on the proposal.

Under pressure from France, EU leaders last month asked the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, to draw up options for an EU intervention in the country to support French and African troops already there.

However, while EU member states backed a similar mission to Mali last year in just a couple months, some EU diplomats have been more skeptical about the goals of this mission, suggesting it could take longer to reach consensus—if one is reached at all.

Any mission would need to be approved by all 28 EU member states. Baronness Ashton is to present her plan for initial review on Jan. 20.

France, the country’s former colonial ruler, deployed 1,600 troops in December to support an African Union peacekeeping force there. The United Nations authorized the mission to stabilize the country, which has been ravaged by a cycle of revenge killings between Muslims and Christians.

Under the EU proposal, an EU military force, once approved, “would deploy rapidly” to the Central African Republic, the diplomats cited the paper as saying. The force would be composed of at least one battalion, which usually amounts to around 500 troops.

The plans, which were circulated to member states on Wednesday, present two options for the EU mission once it establishes a base near the airport outside the capital of Bangui, the diplomats said.

Both would free up French troops to focus on their mission of disarming militias and ending the violence.

One option would see an EU force deploy in selected towns mainly in the west of the country, carrying out patrols across a swath of territory. One of the diplomats said this could help secure a humanitarian corridor where internally displaced refugees can find a haven.

A second option would be to help secure the area in and around Bangui in coordination with other international forces, the diplomats said.

EU officials say the bloc could move in a matter of weeks to agree on the mission if there is broad consensus behind the plans. The paper suggests using the same fast-track process that allowed the training force for Mali’s army to be approved within a couple of months.

However, while the Mali mission succeeded in pushing back an offensive by al Qaeda-linked Islamist insurgents in that country’s north, the violence in the Central African Republic has been less clearly defined.

Many member states have yet to articulate their position, but will have a first discussion on Friday.

While Belgium has said it may send troops, other countries have ruled out doing so, including the U.K., although it is already offering logistical support.

Any EU mission would in any case help France with the financial burden of stabilizing the situation in the country.

The diplomats said the paper sets a mission goal of allowing a successful handover of security to the African force or to a future U.N.-mandated mission. The paper also commits the EU to design a “broader package” of humanitarian, development and state-building assistance for the country.

Stacy Meichtry contributed to this article.



Quoting channel Alrajaban on Facebook:
A spokesman for the local council Alrajaban Ramadan Mas’ud The Joint Security Committee Balrajaban
managed to arrest the Libyan citizen accused of abducting two Tunisians
He stressed that Masood was accused of referring to the center of the National Security Balrajaban for interrogation,
adding that the hostages Alattnin condition and good health.

Les colonialistes et la crise actuelle / The Colonialists and the Present Crisis


This publication is distributed in Tripoli today asked that Taatmanoa it well what does it say??? Knowing that he had why large ربكه and very powerful for جردان ————
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – Mujahideen forces
Get ready for the Liberation of Libya …
O sons of great people Karim good hospitable brave hero, O sons of Libya O Ahvaz chosen Iaahl the Quran and the Sunnah – peace, mercy and blessings of God —
God Almighty says – In the name of God the Merciful (van with hardship comes ease that with hardship comes ease) great truth of God’s say you ought to تستعدوا chastity with pride and pride under your wise led قائدكم Hero Muslim unified in God Colonel Muammar Bo Minyar Gaddafi, O sons of our heroic people you know from be Muammar Gaddafi and what are the qualities Muslim brave Sadek Amin intrepid not afraid to blame the nation in support of the right —
O sons and our dear leader withdrew in order to return not only to the Aaaudanshab to stop the bloodshed and the destruction of Alelad pulled so people realize that this war is nothing but a conspiracy satanic intended to plunder the earth and indecent assault and destroy Islam withdrew to come back and find people has raised in front of his eyes curtain and pulled to come back and find the people had returned without a fight and looted and Aantqam and احقد and spend not quackery pulled Kyi back and find people hates injustice and tyranny and subservience to the West unjust hates the Arabs withdrew in order to return to find people Lancia hatred among the people to one Eshrekaya, and not Western supporters nor opponents of Libyan Muslim brother, the sons of one blood there is no difference between an Arab and outlandish, only to fear ———
brothers want to preach that Libya will raise the banner of pride and victory soon, God willing, without any resistance and inform you that all Libyan cities, including Misrata under complete control and ستنتفض in the zero hour in order to be liberated from Atabat recent past shameful and also I want to inform you that international opinion, whether European or African or the U.S. has become a positive thanks to God and the wise leadership and, God willing, ستنتفض country Zero Hour will enter your army Mujahid hero of all entrances, whether land or sea or air and willing سندخلها safe to enter our beloved prophet Muhammad صلعم Mecca and want to Ntmn brothers who tricked Bayhoum by the Board of shame at the zero hour,
committed home will Asak hated and if you have entered into Operations is SEWEN whether to kill or steal or sabotage or any work makes people want revenge you have to search for a place hid it for a morning editing and victory and zero hour and then present yourself to the nearest center to Ihamok then bring to justice and also want to preach the Libyan people that the leadership will bring with all the possibilities needed by the Libyan people, whether material or moral and learned that the state institutions ready all for doing business with the beginning of the dawn of liberation, God willing For instance, you will enter all the possibilities needed by the health sector of ambulances and medicines and hospitals Mobile will come with victory, God willing, as well as education and the economy and all other sectors and also will enter the frozen funds and other by victory, God willing —- God bless and close to victory, God willing.”


هذا منشور وزع في طرابلس اليوم يطلب ان تتمعنوا فيه جيدا ماذا يقول ؟؟؟ مع العلم بأنه قد سبب ربكه كبيره وقويه جدا للجردان ————
الجماهيريه العربيه الليبيه الشعبيه الاشتراكيه العظمي -قوات المجاهدين
يا ابناء الشعب العظيم الكريم الطيب المضياف الشجاع البطل يا ابناء ليبيا يا احفاذ المختار يااهل القرأن والسنه – السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته —
قال تعالي – بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (فان مع العسر يسرا ان مع العسر يسرا ) صدق الله العظيم نقول لكم يجب عليكم ان تستعدوا للفرج بكل فخر واعتزازا بقيادتكم الحكيمه بقيادة قائدكم البطل المسلم الموحد بالله العقيد معمر بو منيار القذافي يا ابناء شعبنا البطل انتم تعرفون من يكون معمر القذافي وما هي صفاته مسلم شجاع صادق امين مقدام لا يخاف لومة الامه في نصرة الحق — يا ابناء وطننا الغالي القائد انسحب لكي يعود لا لكي لايعودانسحب ليكف سفك الدماء وتدمير اليلاد انسحب لكي يدرك الشعب ان هذه الحرب ماهي الا مؤامره شيطانيه المراد منها نهب الارض وهتك العرض وتدمير الاسلام انسحب ليعود ويجد الشعب قد رفع من امام عينيه الستار وانسحب ليعود ويجد الشعب قد عاد بدون قتال ولا نهب ولاانتقام ولاحقد ولانفاق ولا دجل انسحب لكيي يعود ويجد الشعب يبغض الظلم والطغيان والتبعيه للغرب الظالم الكاره للعرب انسحب لكي يعود ليجد الشعب نسا الحقد والكراهيه بين ابناء الشعب الواحد لاشرقيه ولا غربيه ولا مؤيد ولا معارض الليبيون اخوه مسلمون ابناء الدم الواحد فلا فرق بين عربي ولا اعجمي الا بتقوي —- —– اخوتي نريد ان نبشر ان ليبيا سوف ترفع راية العزه والنصر قريبا باذن الله دون اي مقاومه ونعلمكم ان كل المدن الليبيه بما فيها مصراته تحت السيطره التامه وستنتفض في ساعة الصفر لكي تتحرر من عتابات الماضي القريب المخزي وايضا اريد ان اعلمكم بان الراي الدولي سواء الاوربي او الافريقي او الامريكي قد اصبح ايجابي بفضل الله والقياده الحكيمه وباذن الله ستنتفض البلاد في ساعة الصفر وسوف يدخل جيشكم المجاهد البطل من جميع المداخل سواء بري او بحري او جوي وباذن سندخلها امنين لدخول نبينا الحبيب محمد صلعم مكه المكرمه ونريد ان نطمن اخواننا الذين غرر بيهم من قبل مجلس العار عند ساعة الصفر الزم بيتك ولن يصيك مكروه واذا كنت قد دخلت في عمليات غير سويه سواء كانت قتل او سرقه او تخريب او اي عمل يجعل الناس تريد الانتقام منك عليك ان تبحث عن مكان تختبي فيه لصباح التحرير والنصر وساعة الصفر ثم تقدم نفسك لاقرب مركز لكي يحموك ثم تقدم للعداله وايضا نريد تبشير الشعب الليبي بان القياده الحكيمه سوف تجلب معها كل الامكانيات التي يحتاجها الشعب الليبي سواء كانت ماديه او معنويه وللعلم ان مؤسسات الدوله جاهزه كلها لتمارس اعمالها مع بداية فجر التحرير ان شاء الله فعلي سبيل المثال سوف تدخل كل الامكانيات التي يحتاجها قطاع الصحه من سيارات اسعاف وادويه ومستشفيات متنقله ستدخل مع النصر باذن الله وكذلك التعليم والاقتصاد وكل القطاعات الاخري وايضا سوف تدخل الاموال المجمده وغيرها بحلول النصر ان شاء الله —- والله الموفق والنصر قريب ان شاء الله تعالى .

Mu loving and good

Muammar “Free Brother” Bo Mynaer Leader.

Free Shall on راياتة, ……… How Dr. with unqualified!
(Addiction% leader Guards%)
Mu Free Brother

Mu and Bashar Assad

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .. تحية شكر وتقدير لاحرار الجماهيرية العظمى .
نحتاج الى إعادة تعريف كلمات شائعة ..الحرية ،القمع ،العدالة ،الظلم ،الوطنية ، العمالة، الشهادة،الطغيان . الديمقراطية ،الدكتاتورية، ونميزها على بعضها ليمكن فهم المشهد الليبى على حقيقته ..ولتسمى الأشياء بمسمياتها الحقيقية …ويعرف الناس معانى القمع والتعديب والقهر وإنعدام الأمن …
فى ليبيا الحرة يقتل الناس كالحشرات ..ويمثل بأجساد الأبرياء وهم أحياء وكأنها مصنوعة من طين …يسمى الوطنيون المخلصين مجرمين ويمجد العملاء …يؤله القتلة ويهان الشهداء الذين ضحوا بأرواحهم فداء للوطن…ويذل الرجال المحترمين والشيوخ تحت غطاء ضوضاء ليبيا حرة !!…فى ليبيا الحرة أصبح للعدالة أكثر من وجه ، حيث الحكم قبل المداولة والتهمة جاهزة بمعايير العدالة الإنتقالية المظبوطة لمعاقبة الشرفاء …السرقة العلنية مشروعة بقانون ثورة فبراير فليبيا فى منهجهم حق مطلق للثوار كيفما جاءوا …صكوك المفتى ولجنة النزاهة جاهزة لترفع مقامات بعض الناس وتنزل آخرىن …فى الليل يسود الأمن لأن الناس لا يتجولون بسبب الأمان المفرط . وفى النهار يتعطل العمل بسبب الإعتصامات ظمانا لجودة الاداء …
بين التضليل والتضليل يقبع طابور من المرتشين همهم أن ينسى الناس عهد الأمن والرخاء…عشرات الحمقى يحشون أفواهم بكلمات جوفا مدفوعة الثمن، من قبيل الطاغية ،والطغيان ،وابوسلبم ،وألأزلام . وليبيا حرة …وارفع رأسك فوق….على الأرض يقبع الاف مؤلفة فى السجون يسامون أبشع أنواع العذاب لان أحدهم أوشى بهم أن بهواتفهم صورة ما … فى اليومين الماضيين أنتشر فيديو لشاب ليبى توهم أن يرفع راسه ويطلق العنان للسانه فكانت فوهات البنادق تدك اجسادهم فى مشهد مقزز تقشعر من رؤيته الابدان ..
حجم التعديب فى ليبيا فاق جرائم أبوغريب ..ببساطة لآن المخطط لمؤامرة تدمير ليبيا هم داتهم من نفد خطة تدمير العراق وبنفس التكتيك مع إختلاف بسيط فى التبريرات، لكن الشعار الذى رفع كان تماما كالشعار الذى رفع فى ليبيا.. تحرير العراق ، والحرة العراقية ،ومجلس الحكم ،وإجثثات البعث والحرب الطائفية والقتل على الهوية . السيناريو نفذ حرفيا فى ليبيا ،فلا غرابة أن تتكرر ماساة ابو غريب ،لآنها جزء من النص .
يقتل الناس فى بنغازى ودرنه سرت وبنى وليد وتاورغاء وزلطن وكل المناطق الشريفة . ولا يبحث على الجناة …لكن الجنوب يعلن فجأة وبدون مقدمات منطقة عسكرية مغلقة بدريعة ألأمن ..(على مين ) هل من أجل عيون أهل الجنوب الذين يعيشون فى ظلام دامس منذ التحرير !!على رآى جماعة فبراير ، ام لتأمين قواعد التدخل الغربى ضد القاعدة فى مالى والصحراء الكبرى ؟…هل حقا لمنع الهجرة غير الشرعية التى يتعايش منها قادة المليشيات الفبرايرية فى الجنوب ،ام لضرب إمدادات القاعدة فى الساحل والصحراء ؟…هل من يراقب الجنوب طائرات المنقوش ام طائرات الناتو بطيارين وبدونهم .
ليبيا حرة والجيش الوطنى يحمى الجنوب وزيدان يهدد ويتوعد مبنيين على المجهول وانه سيضرب بيد من حديد !! لكن زيدان ربما نسى نفسه ولم ينتبه إلى السؤال ،أين الجيش الوطنى أصلا ليحمى نفسه أولا قبل أن يحمى الجنوب .
المهم ليبيا حرة حتى فى ظل التدخل الأجنبى فيها …خود وإلا خلى . وليس امامنا إلا الدعاء الى الله العلى القدير السميع العليم أن اللهم تبث علينا عقولنا لنتعايش مع مصابنا ،ونتجاوز محنتنا . ونسال الله النصر القريب على عملاء الناتو …
باسم الصول

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings .. Acknowledgements greeting for free to the Great Jamahiriya.
We need to redefine common words .. freedom, oppression, justice, injustice, national, employment certificate, tyranny. Democracy, dictatorship, and Nmesha on each of the Libyan landscape can be understood for what it is .. but called a spade a spade … real and people know the meaning of the repression, التعديب and oppression and insecurity …
The Free Libya kills people كالحشرات .. The bodies of innocent people alive like made of clay … the so-called patriots loyal criminals and glorifies customers … idolizes killers and insulted the martyrs who sacrificed their lives redemption of the homeland … and humiliate men respected and Senate under the cover of noise Libya free !! … free in Libya to justice has become more than the face, where the referee before the deliberation and the charge ready the transitional justice Mazboot criteria to punish honest … theft legitimate public law of the February Revolution of Libya in their approach is an absolute right for whatever came revolutionaries … Mufti instruments and Integrity Committee ready to lift some people shrines and descend others … in night prevails security because people do not wander due to excessive security. In the day hang the work because of the sit-ins ظمانا to quality performance …
Between misinformation and disinformation lies a queue of venal hum that people forget the era of security and prosperity … tens of fools stuffing silenced words جوفا and paid the price, such as the tyrant, tyranny, and Abusslpm, and arrows. Libya free … and lift your head up …. on the ground lies thousands and thousands in prisons يسامون the worst kinds of torment because someone O’Shea them to their image of what phones … In the past two days has spread to the video of the young Libby just to lift his head and unleash his tongue was the barrel of a gun tamping their bodies in the sickening sight to see him chilling ..
Volume التعديب in Libya exceeded the Abu Ghraib crimes .. simply because the chart to plot the destruction Libya are Dathm of the plan to destroy Iraq ran out the same tactic with little difference in the justifications, but the logo raise was totally emblem of the lifting in Libya .. The liberation of Iraq, and free Iraq, and the Governing Council, and Baath Ajtthat and sectarian war and murder of identity. Scenario literally carried out in Libya, it is not surprising that repeated tragedy of Abu Ghraib, they are part of the text.
Kills people in Benghazi and Derna Sirte and Bani Walid and Tawergha and Ztun all noble areas. Not looking for offenders … but the South announces suddenly and without warning closed military zone Bdraah the security .. (Maine) Is it for the eyes of the people of the south living in total darkness since the liberation!! February on the opinion of a group, or to secure Western intervention against the rules Al Qaeda in Mali and the Sahara? … You really have to prevent illegal immigration, which coexists militias Alfberaaria the leaders in the south, or to hit the supply of al-Qaeda in the Sahel and Sahara? … Is watching south chiselled planes or NATO manned aircraft without them.
Libya free and the national army that protects the south and Zidane threatens and threatens the two buildings to the unknown and he will strike with an iron fist!! But Zidane might have forgotten himself and did not pay attention to the question, where the national army originally to protect himself first before that protects the south.
It is important for a free Libya even under foreign intervention … Take on only acetic. And we have not only pray to God Almighty Hearing that God We broadcast our minds to live with Massaibna, and go beyond our plight. And ask God near victory over NATO clients …

God willing, will end this farce and scandals uncle nearby and returns the banner of glory and pride and magnanimity to Arjuowoowoowoowoowoowoa to humiliating our choice and one colonial resistance until victory
More recently green Trbuls the .. Egerdan … ردوها publicly that all you can … Returning .. all the power of the Green Square … … Rap Hours a victory ..!!!

As assetsWithstand morning morning morning victory morale high


Mu Great Victories

Great victories Aeshrfa the evening

Hpetk and watched the mass is my Lord
Dear and Gomorrah ups

(Admona 4)

Bbaho filled withstand the challenge and victory

Filter جردين them following the phantom next to the General People’s Committee by rail /
Greetings to me all of the base Saher and stainless us and p مشارفه victory.

 Mu so very proud

The Signs of God: Third Universal Theory (in Perspective) – Part 1
Posted: 2013/05/20
From: Mathaba
Wilhelm Reich pointed out the necessity of GOD/ALLAH within our lives in his book Ether, God and Devil. God is indespensable.
By Shumile Arif
The “Green Book” is the work of a sage, not a politician

“Boxing and wrestling are evidence that mankind has not rid itself of all savage behaviour. Inevitably it will come to an end when humanity ascends the ladder of civilization. Human sacrifice and pistol duels were familiar practices in previous stages of human evolution. However, those savage practices came to an end years ago. People now laugh at themselves and regret such acts. This will be the fate of boxing and wrestling after tens or hundreds of years. The more the people become civilized and sophisticated, the more they are able to ward off both the performance and the encouragement of these practices.”


“The Qur’anic view of the destiny of man is partly biological,” the blessed Allama Muhammad Iqbal pointed out. Going even further, the Holy Qur’an guides us through the cosmic perspective on man. The Holy Qur’an takes account of, but does not restrict its focus on moral, psychological or social spheres but extends far beyond and takes account of the biological and cosmic spheres.

The true teachings of Jesus Christ have been suppressed and distorted for centuries. Any unbiased book of religious historiography by a Christian, Jewish or Muslim scholar will disclose this fact to us.
Marx falsely asserted that religion is the opium of the people. Marx’s negative judgment on religion has been proven wrong and a total failure.

The Holy Qur’an remains unchanged. Unlike the Bible, no one has been able to conclusively deny the authenticity of the Holy Qur’an. This point has been established in a work of religious historiography, the History of the Qur’anic Text.

The fact that the prophetic revelation has been authentically recorded in the Holy Qur’an puts Islam in a different situation from Christianity. When Iqbal intended to rediscover the vital nature of religion, all he had to do was to return to the Holy Qur’an. But when Leo Tolstoy attempted the same task, he had to reconstruct the Gospel itself.

It is in this inability (or unwillingness?) to appreciate the unique position of Islam that the true Eurocentrism of free-thinkers reveals itself. And not only that. The free-thinkers here converge with the orthodox since neither is willing to appreciate the vital process of prophetic revelation that constitutes religion. Rather, they tend to view religion as a fixed creed of anthropomorphic ideology. In doing this, they entwine religion with ideas of their own. Just like the orthodox, Marx saw in Islam nothing but fatalism. No wonder, in approaching the question of life rather than theological or historical questions, Tolstoy and Iqbal had to situate their respective projects against both the orthodox and the free-thinker. This rediscovery of the Revolutionary teachings of sages like Muammar al-Qathafi (mainly), [and other “men” as Iqbal, Tolstoy and Reich] is the road to the Third Universal Theory: It is there for one to experience in perspective.

Part 2

Posted: 2013/05/21
From: Mathaba
Religion is not a fixed creed of anthropomorphic ideology

Shumile Arif

Religion is not a fixed creed of anthropomorphic ideology. It is a vital process of prophetic revelations. The Holy Qur’an is the greatest proof of this. Once this has been understood, we are finally moving towards a fruitful approach.

The free-thinking Karl Marx saw in Islam nothing but fatalism.

Marx could have got rid of this Hegelian error if only he had taken his favorite poet Goethe’s West-Oriental Divan more seriously – Goethe understood far better what appeared to Marx as fatalism contained in the very word “Islam.” Goethe’s understanding was far more keen:

“If Islam means surrender to God’s will, then all of us live and die in Islam.”

This was much like Leo Tolstoy’s insistence that God is the knowledge of life and knowledge is the light of life. God is light. Indeed, Islam is a way of life.

Goethe was almost as important in Iqbal’s understanding of the spirit of the Qur’an as a Muslim sage.

Iqbal and Tolstoy took a vital approach towards religion. Not theological or historical questions, but the question of life was truly important for both of them.

There are three epistemological sources of Marxism: classical German philosophy, English political economy and French socialism. It comes from what were then considered the three most advanced European countries. With this Eurocentric background, it is no wonder that Marxism is unable to raise correct questions in its encounter with Islam.

Marxism failed to raise correct questions about Islam. This point is very important. Vygotsky had pointed out that the importance of Marxism lies not in a given set of statements or ideas but in its ability to raise correct questions. This is precisely where it fails in its approach towards Islam. Let me elaborate what I mean.

When we are dealing with two different and apparently contradictory phenomenon such as thinking and speech, we must employ a distinct method of analysis. This method consists not in dividing these inter-functional relations into their elements but into their units.

In Vygostky’s view, the wrong “method analyses complex psychological wholes into elements. It may be compared to the chemical analysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen, neither of which possesses the properties of the whole and each of which possesses properties not present in the whole. The student applying this method in looking for the explanation of some property of water why it extinguishes fire, for example, will find to his surprise that hydrogen burns and oxygen sustains fire. These discoveries will not help him much in solving the problem. Psychology winds up in the same kind of dead end when it analyses verbal thought into its components, thought and word, and studies them in isolation from each other. In the course of analysis, the original properties of verbal thought have disappeared. Nothing is left to the investigator but to search out the mechanical interaction of the two elements in the hope of reconstructing, in a purely speculative way, the vanished properties of the whole.”

The supposed antithesis between progressive and religious thinking is very similarly grounded methodologically. Complex wholes are divided into elements. God, mysticism (etc.) as elements of religious thinking are juxtaposed against modernity, enlightenment (etc.) as elements of progressive thinking.

The problem here lies in the method. This method of analysis of elements should be replaced by what Vygotsky calls analysis into units. “By unit we mean a product of analysis which, unlike elements, retains all the basic properties of the whole and which cannot be further divided without losing them. Not the chemical composition of water but its molecules and their behaviour is the key to the understanding of the properties of water. The true unit of biological analysis is the living cell, possessing the basic properties of the living organism.

“What is the unit of verbal thought that meets these requirements? We believe that it can be found in the internal aspect of the word, in word meaning.”

Since the kernel of Marxian thinking remains lost within the shell of Hegelian speech, it is important to liberate the kernel of thinking from the shell of speech. This task cannot be undertaken if we base our analysis on elements of thought and word – the way is to base our analysis on the internal aspect of the word, on word meaning.

This means that we must not be led astray by Hegelian words like materialism and idealism. We must focus on their meaning and the meaning of materialism in Marx’s thinking was vitalism and that of idealism was mechanicalism. We must not get confused by Marx’s tendency to use Hegelian words. We must move ahead of Marx by getting rid of Hegelian speech and instead calling things by their proper names.

Once we decide to call things by their proper names, we learn that the fundamental question of philosophy is not the antithesis between materialism and idealism but that between vitalism and mechanicalism. The question of life is central question of philosophy.

But if philosophy remains stubbornly blind to this new perspective, then I declare that I am not writing philosophy. What I am writing is poetical philosophy.

At least one philosopher Will Durant had acknowledged that the materialism-idealism antithesis is not the fundamental question of all philosophical thought but is merely the central problem of a last few hundred years of European philosophy.

It is only by ridding ourselves of the materialism-idealism antithesis and placing the vitalism-mechanicalism debate as the fundamental question of philosophy that we are able to get rid of an epistemological Eurocentrism.

It is only by applying a vital approach towards Islam that we can make a genuine headway in our understanding of religion. Once we have succeed in not only raising but finally acknowledging the question of life as the fundamental question, only then we are able to get rid of (any kind of) provincialism and genuinely moving towards the Third Universal Theory, in its proper Perspective.



“Eurocentrism closed Marxist eyes towards the Qur’an’s revolutionary contribution to global civilization. Iqbal pointed out that the spirit of the Qur’an was essentially anti-classical. The Platonic spirit of ancient Greece – that distorted the Christ’s teachings into the canonized gospels and other books of the New Testament – was very remote from the Qur’anic spirit.

While it explicitly dissociates Christ’s teachings from the Old Testament tradition, the Gospel according to Leo Tolstoy records prophetic revelations which are equally remote from the classical spirit of ancient Greece and Rome.”

Poster designed by Comrádaí Nico.

Poster designed by Comrádaí Nico.


Astoa Astoa Iaahrar Hadi, a gift from the brother leader Bo Minyar ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Shani think it
Addiction (Patrol Leader)

And Muammar ups!

Mu the one and only
Mazna ruined suitable …… The أملح people …. Of armed Gadi يابال,
(Addiction% leader Guards%)
Mu beyond elegant teacher

Mu, undoubtably the Mahdi

Muammar al-Qathafi is undoubtably the Mahdi:

Madness is not present in the Jamahiriya system which is exactly the solution all Libyans are again looking for only this time they are being asked to find it for themselves rather than have it handed yet again as a gift from above by the brave hands and actions of the few such as Muammar al-Qathafi.

That Libya should be under Islamic Law again as Libyans are Muslim should not be under dispute. This entails a recognition of the Holy Quran as the Law of Society.

That Libya does not need any other man-made constitution that will only be used by one group to oppress another, should also be accepted, even though this is the case in the Great Jamahiriya.

That the human rights of the Green Charter are advanced and accepted by the majority of Libyans should also be accepted even if this was the result of Libyans gathered in thousands of people’s conferences in 1988, so let them gather again to confirm it in thousands of people’s conferences in 2013.

That there should be no political parties, no division of Libya and that all Libyans should share their abundant resources since there is more than enough to make everyone a king with a population of only four million Libyans and two million foreigners including American-Libyans, be again agreed upon once again.

That therefore there should be Libyan People’s Conferences where the Libyan people legislate and People’s Committees nominated according to capability to execute those decisions, be accepted once again, even if in the past these did not function to 100% capacity, so let it be this time, call them Libyan Muslim Conferences if it makes you feel better.

That the General People’s Congresses and the General People’s Committees are the ideal gathering place of all the above conferences and committees and not a sham General National Congress and ‘Government’, let this be accepted and rename it to Libyan People’s Congresses and Libyan General Committees if that makes you feel better- Remember Muammar al-Qathafi’s Vision, as implementing an era of justice, democracy, socialism, peace and abundance.

Otherwise, the blind hatred caused by a few greedy capitalist vultures, against an entire Truth (simple jealousy, because this TRUTH was spoken through the voice of Muammar al-Qathafi), is thus a foolish act of throwing out the baby in the bathwater; and it will cause you to continue to fail and mourn.

Democracy has but one face and one method: People’s Conferences and People’s Committees. The law of society in the Great Jamahiriya is the Holy Qur’an. There are no parties and sects in Islam, all Muslims are one body. All power, all wealth and all arms in the hands of the people. No freedom in need. The house to its owner.

Anything that al-Qathafi advocated, anything that the Libyan people legislated without the American-Libyan minority who were still stuck abroad in the west, must all be rediscovered again. Let us get back on track to take that power, wealth and arms including knowledge, back into our hands. It just cannot be avoided that The “Green Book” will be rediscovered or revived since it is both the simplist and fullest collection of truisms of which there can be no other way found. Only the Third Universal Theory has the ability to salvage our ailing planet.

 N.African horseman
Abdullah Sanusi family: the actual rule in Libya armed groups  
By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 21 مايو, 2013 | 16:46The Gaddafi International News Agency – statements.Criticized the family of the head of Libyan intelligence Abdullah al-Senussi, what she said about practices that are exposed inside the prison, noting that guarantees the accused and guarantees of a fair trial is the only outlet for the truth, and this can not be achieved in a country ruled by armed gangs, and that the current government in Libya New do not have to order the same thing. came in Pian got “news Moscow,” a copy of it, adding that based on the report visit the “Human Rights Watch” on April 15 / April 2013 to the prison, which arrested the Abdullah Sanusi; different what is stated in the report completely different from what was said by the Observatory Libyan Human Rights on their visit to Sanusi. The statement criticized the report of the Observatory of Libya’s human rights, and claim that the conditions of his detention is good, and it does not complain about anything, noting that a spokesman for the Mauritanian government, had confirmed Libyan authorities have provided guarantees of a fair trial for him. said in a statement: “Here we wonder whether this Convention kind of serious or are they just lose the political and diplomatic devoid Per legitimacy, especially that the defense could not even be found on its content.”the statement noted that the visit by the organization on 04/15/2013 dealt with the right of defense and the legal safeguards for Abdullah Sanusi, and conditions of detention, and to allow his family to visit. was a complaint Sanusi key is not to allow him to see a lawyer since his extradition on September 5 / September 2012. Where he told Human Rights واتش: “I asked a lawyer in the second or third day after my arrival here in Libya. Did not see or speak to a lawyer yet.” he told again of the organization that he did not meet a lawyer did not notify the accusations official attributed to him over eight months in detention in Libya, stressing For the third time he was referred to the judge once a month to review the decision of detention. Each time the judge extended his detention, he said: “During those meetings, asked a judge to let me meet my family has requested a lawyer but to no avail.”
كتيبة النهار الاسودرساله هامة من الدكتور حمزة التهاميالي من يخصه الامر 19-5-2013

alfath4everON-AIR | Other from TRIPOLI, LY
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتههذه رسالة هامة من الدكتور حمزة التهامي ارجو الشر من فضلك
رساله هامة من الدكتور حمزة التهامي الي من يخصه الامر 19-5-2013 by alfath4everON-AIR
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رساله هامة من الدكتور حمزة التهامي الي من يخصه الامر 19-5-2013
by alfath4everON-AIR

Abbreviation word Dr. Hamza: After the peace and Islamic greetings / /

Is ((text singled for Asad ground))

Of religion trying to contact each men الحقيقين Ahdro Ahdro and us to you by men for men and black for the Black and Falcons Hawks attention and الحدر, confidentiality, and soon, God willing, in all the points total for one and one for all Areen protected black a, for the cubs to graduate, but for hunting when there is fishing is to inform you .. … Please ………………… For Al Areen Angader but for Ahdro fishing and Ataatqgua in any one … you الاست ……….. Cdo access units .. oil wells closed HBC Shin in the field slip Balrajmat and foreigners Itbako and Agro Hfalla and this phone call from the heart of the event .. . confirm the arrival of groups known conventional way ..

(Admona 4)

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The Libyan satellite channel Al Khaimah
Withstand evening, viewers tomorrow with the help of God The time Aiith is Libya us a new episode of the series

Nadmon ÇŃĚćÇ deployment and follow-up,,, Note questions have an answer that we بجهدنا and everything beautiful in his time,,, Be with us.

News that the President of the National Congress client inventory Mohammed Maqrief will resign today

God Eachdk that Hallah Matlhak submit your resignation Lord retired from aspiration world Aamqrv the Eachaún God curse you minimum etc:

National Congress member Mohamed Ammari confirms lighthouse site that

Dr. Maqrief will submit his resignation on Tuesday 28/5/2013 in a speech to the General National Congress.

The move comes in anticipation of the decision covered by insulation as “one of the ousted former regime who have contributed to disrupt the Libyan political life,” according to the terms of political isolation law.

 Mohamed Maqrif head of the Libyan National Congress will resign next week

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 21 مايو, 2013 | 10:06

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

According to a member of the so-called Libyan National Congress General Abdulsalam corner of the National Congress

leader Mohammed Maqrif intends to submit his resignation before the end of the month.
Corner said that “the President of the National Conference will resign at the end of this month,” expressing his “Tkhenh

that Maqrif served as Chairman of the Audit Bureau in the reign of the late Colonel Gaddafi, it is possible to be covered

by the decision of political isolation.”
Corner explained that “the President of the National Conference may Ciecmlh law by insulation career and not behavioral,”

noting that “the law of political isolation entrusted body is working on its application is decide which of covered by the law.”
He said that “the law is twofold, first related to the job, and this is easy to apply, except that the second aspect of behavior

difficult task on the Commission, because it is difficult to predict.”

Inventory Lawyer Abdel Salam cuneiform: I say to the German importer Ali Zaidane ::

Benghazi if your government waited, conference Azh to sank in and around الصوملة.
I tell him that Benghazi is launched cry of condemnation of Qatar and lackeys Qatar,
Not interested to resent Qatari ambassador or characterized with rage,
Benghazi bombings that swept across Libya will not find an honorable Libya does not realize the seriousness of the country is clear intervention in Libya.
But to say that you did not clarify the respective evidence of Qatar’s intervention in Libya, this stems from either fooling or consciously disregard for citizens,
Or caving in to pressure underwent her.

Benghazi, Libya and all you say:

Astakimoa or Astqiloa Qatar occupies Libya .. Qatar and behind everything that happens in Libya.

The death of the rat Media Khalifa Abdul Salam Amoh after car accident
Heartbreaking this afternoon ………… AA brought monasteries right
Just know right from wrong and the oppressor and the oppressed

Oh Achmath …. Zallahm the nation on obedience and توفنا the Muslims
Oh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamin


(To God and to Him we shall return) ….

Today and Tamam 7.30 when the bus was allocated to transport personnel device Investment water Mount Al_husaona الجفارة of the river Great Manmade heading to the headquarters of the device Baiwieshh exposed to gang masked and they stop the bus and when you try the driver to escape from the gang they firing on them, resulting in the death of brother (Ahmed Krnas) in the case when the bullet pierced his head this gets under shame revolution and mass فتبا them and their revolution …

Awad Barasi admits that the first Infantry Brigade is a militia

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 16:43

The Gaddafi International News Agency – statements.

Awad Barasi electricity minister says in a news conference: that the first infantry brigade is

illegal does not follow the chief of staff and associate him is a group of militias

and requires them returning to their barracks and leave their weapons and then return to their homes.

Meanwhile, a great portion of Libya is in total blackout with no electric for days now!

URGENT / / /

Libyan slip فالجنوب the residents have to stop the production of oil from the field Zueitina demanding appointed like other tribes … The rope on the tractor …

Libyan Resistance send text messages to citizens via local area networks

By News on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 05:11

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

I arrived many text messages (SMS) to the citizens evening via local area networks “Libyana mobile phone and new orbit”

and its content incitement free and honorable Resistance and leadership you turn and lead the Resistance to the fullest.

and this led to joy in the ranks of free people and a resistor and raised the terror and fear in the hearts of the traitors and agents.


Overflights by military aircraft on some Western actors Maan air today Amsjb and مضبب and rain was اتصب Ashbh launch Biderioa of Amsaúb
Give you Asheiqh of.


(I told you that the Yankees were all over Libya in huge numbers)


So they are swarming all over Tripoli, Benghazi and the Nafusa Green Western Mountains, Derna and now Brega!!!

Now been landing planes loaded with my Alammerakia forces commandos were lowered to now 126 U.S. troops by Pentagon officials were specifically ride down in Brega, the spectrum of the oil protection me الليبيي
(3 addiction)



The spread of tanks and armored vehicles in the streets.

Imbalance car towards the gate of the camp is called Balsaakh Benghazi and colliding cars rats, prompting the rats to shooting them they believe as you mean to attack them ((afraid of their own shadows,,, Abbou you and God)), injuring a woman inside the car was taken to a hospital Galaa immediately,,,,,, oh God you if my brother commander …..,,,, shooting led to the injury of this lady that called (Ghada Ahmed Abdel molar, Barasi) twice in the pelvis and spine very critical condition!

Stun forces in Benghazi targeting whole family.
Shortly before the family car which have been shooting in front of the camp Thunderbolt

Performance in the injury (Ghada Ahmed Abdel molar, Barasi)

Two bullets and solved a critical and now under process.

By News on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 02:31

Benghazi: the girl’s death Ghada Ahmed Abdel molar Barasi by the forces of Thunderbolt.

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 16:18

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

The death of the girl child (Ghada Ahmed Abdel molar, Barasi) over 15 years ago few inside the hospital in Benghazi

after exposure to two shots in the basin of the camp guards Thunderbolt yesterday after he was shot on the family car for the night.

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

The battalion Thunderbolt in Benghazi night of committing a heinous crime

against the family of a Libyan, where the بالرماية the car (BMW) black color inside the whole family, which led

to a collision with a car military front gate of Camp Thunderbolt. 

shot injuring Mrs. (Ghada Ahmed Abdel Barasi molar)

Two bullets in the pelvis and spine in a very critical condition.


 The discovery of a new mass grave in Benghazi

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 21:43

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Discovered the locals in Benghazi mass grave containing a number of bodies and Abulgo public prosecutor immediately and in turn confirmed the finding cemetery area Hawari city.

research team moved to place the cemetery, showing the presence of human bones Active unidentified, is believed to be the detainees were in prisons militias criminal. 

added the team that has been initiated in starting work to extract the bodies in the cemetery as a first stage, to be a criminal and medical team in the second phase sampling and DNA “DNA” to get to know the owners and determine the circumstances of their deaths.


Benghazi: the abduction of journalist Ibrahim reporter gift المجبري the French news agency

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 21:02

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Media sources confirm the kidnapping of journalist Ibrahim gift المجبري the correspondent of Agence France-Presse this morning in Benghazi by unknown assailants.

Benghazi: the abduction of journalist Ibrahim reporter gift المجبري the French news agency

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 21:02




The demolition of the shrine sir Balatrh in Tarhuna by SALAFIST extremists

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 21 مايو, 2013 | 16:16

The Gaddafi International News AgencyTarhuna.

Was last night infringement Ali shrine holy man Balatrh logic of the deaf popular Tarhuna before Altkvrin customers NATO.

Was shortly before the bombing of the shrine Mr. Atrash with Algelatinh bombs, was on the impact of the destruction of the cemetery next to her ….

God curse them, resulting in damage to the cemetery next to it.



Tawergha residents camped in front of the General National Congress in Tripoli 05/19/2013

By News on Sunday, 19 May 2013 | 18:25

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Tawergha residents displaced students residing in the Western Region non Craeihalemtemthelh authorities General National Congress and the interim government address the cause fateful openly and the right to return to their city. The coordinator of elders and sages Tawergha the western region, “Hussein Abu Bakr Herque” during the sit-in people’s Sunday in front of the headquarters of the National Congress general in Tripoli, we call on the National Congress in its meeting today to make arrangements, all of which ensure the return and avoid the negatives that may occur in particular, and the Declaration of Tawergha City disaster. And added, “Herque” we demand the formation of a security committee of the national army to protect the city and its inhabitants during the return and stability .. Stressing the need to support the local council Tawergha financially on the provision of essential needs during the return of the people of the city in “06/25/2013.”
said a member of the National Congress general Magda farmer that the members of the conference agreement compound upon their return, but the disputed within the Dome of the Conference is the case return you would be safe in light of the proliferation of weapons Will return the elderly and children, women only, or all parents.
has also added the farmer that the National General would continue to discuss the matter in the evening session of the day in an attempt to break a final decision bears the responsibility of the National Conference year and the interim government.
: المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:

Side of the sit-in forcibly displaced from the people of Tawergha in front of the General National Congress, to confirm the right of return to their homeland and the land of their fathers and grandfathers … we will get back to you soon, God willing Aard ancestors … God is greater, thankfully!
Tawergha residents displaced students residing in the Western Region non Craeihalemtemthelh authorities General National Congress and the interim government address the crucial cause in public and the right to return to their city

. The coordinator of elders and sages Tawergha the western region, “Hussein Abu Bakr Herque” during the sit-in people’s Sunday in front of the headquarters of the National Congress general in Tripoli, we call on the National Congress in its meeting today to make arrangements, all of which ensure the return and avoid the negatives that may occur in particular, and the Declaration of Tawergha City disaster. And added, “Herque” we demand the formation of a security committee of the national army to protect the city and its inhabitants during the return and stability .. Stressing the need to support the local council Tawergha financially on the provision of essential needs during the return of residents to the city in “25/6/2013”.
According to a member of the National Conference General Magda farmer that the members of the conference complex agreement upon their return, but the disputed within Conference dome is if they return you would be safe in light of the spread of weapons and whether the Senate back, children, women only, or all parents.
The farmer added that the General National Congress will continue to discuss the matter in the evening session of the day in an attempt to break a final decision bears the responsibility the General National Congress and the interim government.

(Admona 4)


RBI released on our people and Khotna in Tawergha fed Bayhoum with the case …
And Libyans God Ghalib them convicted armed until a demonstration appreciate Anzmoha..



We live hours .dہ the ۄsaaہ victory was near my Tripoli Aaarۄs the sea Sۄv the new coating Alakhڞr ..:
نّحْنّ نّعَيْشٌ سُآعَآتْ مـَجَيْدِﮩ ۄسُآعَﮩ آلَنّصَرَ قِدِ آقِتْرَبِتْ يْآ طٌرَآبِلَسُ يْآعَرَۄسُ آلَبِحْرَ سُۄفْ تْلَبِيْسُ آلَآخِڞرَ مـَنّ جَدِيْدِ ..

 USA control on the road to Tripoli airport

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 21:09

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

A group of gunmen in civilian clothes and civilian vehicles, carrying personal weapons (Klashen and RPG) they close the road towards the airport in Tripoli, near the bridge Qasr Ben Ghashir specifically. 
and headed force of militia Chiefs of Staff and a battalion lightning to open the airport road according to the source.

News about the disappearance of a number of military officers Almtkhadelan of Tripoli … Initial news indicate they were kidnapped by one of shields Almilxiaoah the …!!

 Trial of members of the Libyan National Congress some Vdihthm in Villa prostitution:

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 22:07

News Agency Gaddafi International Tripoli. 

called “Rat Palestinian Akram fetus” a member of Congress for five, and so-called agent and the oil ministry rat Ghiryani 

and lover girls night spokesman Attorney General Bisexual Barh, their offer was on the prosecution to absorb the anger of the street after Vdihthm and capture them in a breach of Grocery Stores in Zenata Tripoli area inside Villa filled بالعاهرات of foreign nationalities.

Appear in the picture has been halo flying “draw”!!

Security committee refuses to release the adulterer Taha Barh following Villa prostitution scandal


The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

The criminal branch Tripoli rejects Supreme Public Prosecutor orders for the release of the prosecutor accused Taha Barh and in Villa prostitution case Zenata area.

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 21 مايو, 2013 | 16:4


Important Notice concerned by the required attention and implementation:
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Posted a new message: “رساله هامة من الدكتور حمزة التهامي الي من يخصه الامر 19-5-2013”

Important Notice concerned by the required attention and implementation:(Admin} 2) | Other from TRIPOLI, LY
Other | TRIPOLI,

Very important,,,
Please publication and dissemination by not buying these food commodities.:




IN THIS CASE, THE ITALIANS ARE ACTING AS FULL COLONIALISTA:.a few months back, the Italians took full control over the Melita Gas Facility located in the Green NAfusa Western Mountains. Prior, the company had agreements with the Great Jamahiriya to work the land’s gas field—BUT NOT TO OWN IT! Zintani were hired as the Security for the Plant….NOW THEY ARE CALLING THE ZINTANI CRIMINALS for trying to get their land back from the Colonialist Italians, and rightfully take-back what belongs to the Zintan peoples (NOT THE ITALIANS). /مجموعة-مسلحة-تعتدي-فجر-اليوم-على-مجمع-م/

Of armed assaults at dawn today on Mellita industrial complex.

Tripoli, the Libyan news agency ..
A group of armed outlaws Monday morning, assaulting Mellita industrial complex.
According to sources place the media under the chairmanship of General Staff and the Libyan news agency, that the armed assault on a compound Mellita industrial, wounding the commander of the battalion (103) Colonel, “Gomaa Abdel Jalil and a soldier battalion of the Western military in charge of securing and protecting the compound, in addition to theft (20) motor vehicle.
The sources pointed out that the necessary measures have been taken by the Chiefs of Staff about the attack, including the issuance of orders to move and air force combing the area to hunt down the perpetrators, and conducting reconnaissance operations, and dealing with any suspicious target. The Chiefs of Staff also issued orders for each of the Western Military Region, and Libya Shield “Western Brigade” to prosecute and trapping force the aggressor, and handle all resolved, as well as assigning military power of the presidency to secure and protect the Mellitah industrial complex.
According to the same sources, the force responsible for the protection of the compound has avoided dealing directly with the armed aggressor this group in order to avoid damage that may damage the industrial complex, and the region and its inhabitants.
The sources pointed out that this attack has not caused any damage to the complex and its components.

Urgent since few: reciprocal clashes between the military police and the security committee at the gate entrance to the turf, injuring one in turf Hospital currently ..


ولكن هذا هو الزنتان الأرض، وليس الإيطالية، والبداية كانت الزنتان حراس الأمن للمنشأة حتى استغرق المستعمرين السيطرة الكاملة على أكثر من ذلك.

But this is Zintan land, and not Italian, and initially Zintan were the security guards of the facility (until the colonists took full control over it.)


عــــــــــاجـــــل // قناة الراي 3 الأيطالية

مجموعة من الزنتان هاجمت مجمع مليتة الصناعي للغاز ، وأطلقت الرصاص على الموجودين ، وسرقت 20 سيارة من السيارات الخاصة للمنشأة .

و قالت المحطة الأيطالية الراي 3 وهي حكومية تتبع لرئاسة الوزراء الأيطالية بأن مجموعة خارجة عن القانون اطلقت النار على المجمع وسرقت عدد من ممتلكاته .

ورئيس المصالح الأيطالية الخارجية روبيرتوا داليما ، يقول أذا لم تستطيع الحكومة الليبية حماية مصالحنا لا بأس في ذلك وسنرسل قوة لحماية مصالحنا في ليبيا ، وسنرسل قوة بالأشتراك مع السلطات الليبية للقضاء على هؤلاء الرعاع الخارجين عن القانون ، وتتبعت أجهزتنا مكان تواجدهم .

ونحن على أتصال بالسلطات الليبية لأسترداد الممتلكات المسروقة وألا سنهاجم اللصوص في كهفهم ونطبق عليهم الجبال التي يختبؤون داخلها ، وأنه لأمر مخزيء بعد كل المعاناة التي شهدتها ليبيا لتنتهي الأمر بوجود مجموعات من قطاع الطرق والرعاع ، ولقد أخبرنا السلطات بأماكن وجود المعدات .

ولكن نحن لن ننتظر طويلاً وقد أرسلنا وحدات عسكرية لحماية المنشأة مبدئياً وعلى معداتنا وألياتنا الرجوع والعودة الي مقارها وأماكنها ومازلنا ننتظر الرد من السلطات الليبية ، وقد نقفل المشروع في الفترة القادمة بالكامل ، حيث أنه مكلف جداً وأحتمال انفجار تلك المنشأة ستسبب كارثة للجميع ، وعلى أحد ان يلقن الرعاع الدين هاجموا الموظفين والمنشأة درساً ويبدوا أننا من سيفعل ، حيت أن هذه المجموعة الخارجة عن القانون والتي محسوبة على منطقة الزنتان الجبلية فعلت هذه الساخافات للمرة الرابعة على التوالي .

URGENT / / channel Rai 3 Italian

Group of Zintan attacked the compound Mellita industrial gas and fired bullets at present, 20 cars were stolen from private cars for the facility.

And the Italian station said Rai 3 They governmental tracking of the Italian prime minister that the outlawed group opened fire on the compound and stole a number of his possessions.

The head of Italian interests Foreign Rupertwa D’Alema, says if you can not the Libyan government to protect our interests is nothing wrong in it and we’ll send a force to protect our interests in Libya, and we will force jointly with the Libyan authorities to eliminate these rabble outlaws, and traced our devices whereabouts.

We are in touch with the authorities of Libya to recover stolen property and do not we will attack the thieves in their cave and apply them mountains hiding inside it, and that is Mkhoze after all the suffering witnessed by Libya to end it the existence of groups of bandits and the mob, and I have told the authorities about the whereabouts of the equipment.

But we will not wait long has sent military units to protect the facility initially and on our equipment and our machinery back and return to their headquarters and locations are still waiting for a reply from the Libyan authorities, and close the project in the coming period in full, as it is too expensive and the potential explosion of the facility would cause a disaster for all, and the one that teaches religion mob attacked the staff and established a lesson and it seems that we are going to do, saluting that this outlaw group which is calculated on the mountainous area of ​​Zintan did this Alsakavat for the fourth time in a row.

Armed attack on troops guarding the compound Mellita oil and grab some of their vehicles.  Troops were guarding the compound Mellita oil.
The national (RAT) army in the city of Sabratha, on Monday morning, was attacked by an armed group. A source from inside the compound for “news agency solidarity” that an armed group attacked and hijacked the national army stationed around the compound Mellita oil. Source added that this group was stolen about 12 vehicles from army troops, without army to address them so as not to Rodham any order address.

An armed group attacked the largest oil complex in Libya and seize a number of mechanisms

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 20:59

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Western Region.

Attacked by a group of Libyan armed, on Monday, largest oil to export gas to Europe, west of the capital Tripoli, and captured 20 vehicles an armed him. 
presidency said Staff Libyan army said in a statement, said that a group of Libyan armed attacked the industrial complex of oil in the Mellita 160 km west of Tripoli, and run the company (ENI) الإيطلية, and I used to battalion guarding its own, which led to the injury commander of the battalion and a member of the guard were wounded. 
statement said that gunmen seized 20 motor vehicles belonging to the company. 
According to the so-called under the chairmanship of Staff in a statement that the attack took place in the early hours of the morning, and they ordered the Air Force to move combing the area to hunt down the perpetrators, and conducting reconnaissance, and dealing with any goal suspicious. 
explained that the force charged with protecting the compound avoided dealing armed direct with the group aggressor in order to avoid damage industrial complex, and the region and its inhabitants. 
complex is located within 22 kilometers east of civil Zorah, and an area of about 355 hectares includes processing facilities of oil and gas, and also tanks to store crude oil and liquid products other, as well as export facilities, one of the most important achievements of the Revolution great. 
and the complex processes gas and condensate produced, up capacity total to 695 million cubic feet of recoverable gas for export, and 31,000 barrels of condensate and liquefied gas, and 450 metric tons of sulfur steel.



A very important and urgent / / / /

Now terrorist Ismail Salaabi, professes verbatim from Adaah of the Islamic Emirate of Derna, saying …

{Go forth Khvava and heavies, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah is better for you if you know} …

{O Prophet, strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be firm against them and their abode hell} …

Follow with interest Mataatnolh the global media infidels desire to descend on the land of Libya Islamic and fight our brothers the Mujahideen under the pretext of revenge killing of the U.S. ambassador in the city of Benghazi … We say to these infidel enemies of Islam, the land of Libya will be Mcyprtkm as was the cemetery for by you from the infidels and Libya will be the second Iraq you and we Brigades of the Mujahideen Islamists declare this day the war on all your interests in our country and will not leave you home made put it your feet dirty … God said in an airtight downloaded …

[Fight God will punish them by your hands and pricks and you against them and heal the breasts of folk who are believers (14) and goes peeve hearts and repent God] …

The U.S. ambassador was ambassador was not in the embassy was in the building intelligence American to spy on the Mujahideen and killed him was a chore and a jihad for God’s sake and tell the government client to put your hand in the hand of the Jews and the Christians against the Mujahideen will not pass peacefully and will نعاملكم treatment of infidels and outsiders will not Faint Libya never. ..

God said (O you who believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians some parents of some parents if any of you it’s them) …

And you you became of them right you jihad and I address my words to NATO and France private and tell them that kill the brothers the Mujahideen in Mali will not let it go unpunished and the punishment of Asir and to all the Mujahideen in all across Libya it was time jihad and burn the ground under the feet follow the infidels and prepare to face war Asalabiah which announced We … Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, “God Maulana nor sire you, our dead in Paradise, and قتلاكم in the fire, … and urge the dirt on themselves, and not to them on their expectations and mismanagement cunning … our brothers the Mujahideen proved صابروا of our appointment with the victory))

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings:

United States begins military intervention in Libya

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 21 مايو, 2013 | 10:15

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Agencies.

Force of Marines landing on the green mountain .. and reconnaissance aircraft on tuber 

Security sources reported that the United States dropped combat units belonging to the Marines through umbrellas on some areas in the mountain Alohir eastern Libya while starting these elements in the implementation of clashes with limited jihadists .. at a time flying a reconnaissance aircraft is small in size over Derna and Benghazi in eastern Libya and at intervals different in order to identify targets to be destroyed in Derna and Benghazi. 

According to sources, the difference combat of the unit, “the security team to combat terrorism” of the Marines to secure U.S. facilities in Libya began the process of clashes on a limited scale with some of the jihadists in areas of eastern Libya .. The sources pointed out that this process came after the two types of coordination with leaders of the Libyan army, which remained silent until now. 

were U.S. military leaders have discussed a few days ago, the options for the arrest of perpetrators of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi or eliminate them .. Sources U.S. security that the plans will be implemented through a variety of actions, including the transfer of U.S. troops land into Libya to perform the operation. 

Moreover cert United States by air jets are small-sized drones to collect intelligence information on the location of the jihadist groups and elements affiliated with al Qaeda to set goals potential that may be related to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi,



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl: Misratah

Storming an armed group masked to clinics Complex next to hotel
Goz teak was the attack on the existing medical staff .. And the expulsion of
Patients who are inside the compound were cracking Mahtwayate
… Now a group of army but not national and surrounded the building and prevent
Entry or exit of the complex and a low flight since this morning
Over Misrata and ماتفهم something the.



ÚÇÇÇĚá Sabha …
Jerdnasr Almgayera الورفلي ….
Assaults Ali Nouri Abdulsalam Faitouri Amuri Kdafa ….
And injured by a bullet and was in serious condition …
And now in the operating room …
O Allah, heal …

Now meeting the Central Bank of Libya Sabha to announce stops working

Area south banks as a result of today’s events at the Republic Bank, which killed a bank customer after being killed directly by someone within the bank … the absence of the state security with the loose shocking …! Where O Abba state, and Where, O sons of the south …. .!

There is no power but from God / / / /

Today Mr. F was killed Abodzr biology teacher from Tragn area Dbha in the way Sabha (retired and serving farms in farm Bsabha) … Traitors and subjected him and stole his son’s car … Knowing they wounded his two sons Monday and they are now concentrated attention given … And all this in Graar Gahaar …. Rejoice O rats Tragn the … Brutally honest,,,

Urgent city of Sabha …………..

Armed robbery in a flurry Gahaar ..??

Killing one Palestinian nationality for the purpose of robbery was kill him and discernible amount of money Menna

was shooting on Buffy the group of Palestinians citizenship in neighboring farms hotel mountain Bsabha and now the

rest of his group in Sabha Medical Center and were in serious condition ..

Libyan south (Murzuq) / the / /

Today shop was attacked Hajj Hassan Shaaban by gunmen from the Toubou … Where 3 cars came from Tabu to replace Hajj Hassan Shaaban was get them out of the shop is and who was with him from working in the shop and they Abdulmutallab Shaaban one expats to Murzuq
And get them out of the shop after shop threw several divorces Klashen the cove and the abduction of the two to an unknown destination …



Tunisia: the advent of groups belonging to Ansar al-Sharia from Libya amid heavy influx

By News on Monday, 20 مايو, 2013 | 02:55

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tunisia.

The arrival of groups belonging to Ansar al-Sharia from Libya after passing the limits of the Tunisian-Libyan.
despite the heavy presence of units of the security of Tunisia at the border with Libya, flowed into large numbers of Ansar al-Sharia into the territory of Tunisia.
since the Libyan side negligent on the issue of border control, no army or security apparatus effectively in Libya has the ability to cope with such cases.

A young Tunisian killed in clashes between police and supporters of Sharia in the capital.

By News on Sunday, 19 May 2013 | 20:12



Nalut requesting protection for the coastal way link between Tripoli and the mountain
Of gangs ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ ……… reasonable Aanalot the Eattoar Aachaouc Wayne Wayne courage and manhood, but Amst with NATO …….

The Yankees have now fully taken over Libya..Last week it was troops of thousands running all over and giving orders/arrests in TRIPOLI and Benghazi—now they are all over the GREEN WESTERN NAFUSA MOUNTAINS where the ZIONIST JEWS have created a base.


Libya: landing force of Marines on the green mountain parachute
Saida Online: News Lebanon and the world in a specialized news site.
Libya: landing force of Marines on the green mountain parachute


Email News

Asaad Ombah Abokulaih

Said Asaad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent press statements for a number of radio stations world, especially the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section and the location of Sidon Online sources report the middle Libyan citing news has been circulating widely among Libyans and quoting eyewitnesses dawn on Sunday, May 19 , 2013 According to the flight of reconnaissance planes, a small-sized city of Derna in eastern Libya and aircraft flight to identify targets to be destroyed in the city of Derna and Benghazi in eastern Libya said Asaad Aboqilh by another transport witnesses to violent confrontations and chases small arms fire took place at dawn today in some areas and Caves Green Mountain in eastern Libya between gunmen believed to be from al-Qaeda and groups of unidentified armed believed to be U.S. Marines was landed paragliding on some parts of the Green Mountain and violent confrontations are now circulating between the base and the Marines are likely to release an official statement in the coming hours for authorities Libyan confirm or deny that information of NAVYseals.
 The other TRUTH is, they are trying to wipe-out the ZINTAN (who number less than 45 000) as they are an obstacle in the Yankee OCCUPATION of Libya…(as the YANKS, Qatar and ISRAEL have so contracted with MISURATA).

 Asaad Aboqilh saying worth Baldkr that the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of the Masses as envisioned by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, fell by a CIA -led insurrection beginning on seventeenth of February 2011 with the help of a large and powerful from NATO, which who CLAIMS THEY killed Gaddafi indirectly Day on Thursday, 20 October 2011 when it was bombed a convoy of cars Gaddafi city Sirte on the battlefield at about (6:30 GMT) by plane Predator American unmanned aircraft «Mirage» French which enabled rebel forces from constipation Gaddafi and had reached the age of 69 years and killed him dead and representation his body and bury it and his companions in an unknown location.  

Alharif Alharifمنتدى الليبيين معا:

امريكيا …تعتقد انها تضحك علي الليبيين….نحن نعلم جيدا ان مايحدث في ليبيا خلفه الاستخبارات المركزيه الامريكيه بجميع فروعها ومكاتبها….بل واجندتها المتمثلين في افراد وعصابات القاعده التكفيريه وغيرهم من الكلاب الظاله…وطبعا امريكيا اليوم لها الف دريعه وحجه لدخول ليبيا ابتداء من قصة تاورغاء وحقها في العوده كما يقول الامريكان مرورا بموضوع السفير الي عدم رضا الامريكان عن الوضع الحالي بسبب انتشار المليشيات وما يقومون به من انتهاك لحقوق الانسان…اما سخرية امريكيا علي الليبيين فهيا كالتالي…تقول امريكيا عبر وسائل الاعلام انها حددت اهدافها في كل من بنغازي ودرنه وعدت مناطق تابعه للقاعده…وهذا يعتبر ايعاز واضح من قبل الاستخبارات الامريكيا لتغيير الاماكن التي يرتادها افراد القاعده والانخراط داخل المدن بحجة مطاردتهم داخل المدن لاحقا..ومن هنا سيبداء الاحتلال رسميا دون اي اعتراض من الليبيين ..وسترمي امريكيا بالكره في كل الاتجاهات حتى تمتلك ارضيت الملعب بالكامل…وما كل تلك الانفجارات والقتل والسرقه الا مخطط يقوم به افراد الاستخبارات المتواجده علي الارض حتى يوافق الجميع علي دخول الامريكان بشكل مقنع للجميع..

“Americans … think they laugh Libyans …. We know very well that what is happening in Libya was succeeded by the CIA in all its branches and offices …. but its agenda goals of individuals and gangs base takfirist and other dogs Zalh … and of course the U.S. today havethousand Draah and pilgrimage to enter Libya from the story of Tawergha and the right to return, says Americans passing through the subject of Ambassador to dissatisfaction with the Americans about the current situation because of the proliferation of militias and what they are doing to the violation of human rights … the irony U.S. Libyans So go ahead as follows … says U.S.through the media, it had identified its goals in each of Benghazi and Derna promised areas of al-Qaeda …

This is the directive is clear by the intelligence Alammerakia to change places frequented by members of the base and engaging in cities under the pretext of chasing them inside the cities later .. Hence Sabda occupation officially without any objectionLibyans .. U.S. will aim the ball in all directions even has fully satisfied the pitch … and all those explosions, murder and theft, but the scheme carried out by intelligence personnel stationed on the ground until everyone agrees on the Americans convincingly entry for all ..”


Ingrate to his father, Hamad recognizes that NATO is destroyed Libya

Hamad server Sailiyah and العيديد client recognizes all Zionists brazen that NATO  has destroyed Libya under the lie to edit!
This person is reflected in which all the states of shame and treachery, conspiracy and say in the words of for Aantala but the dupes and repeating slogans not and will not be applied in his you Aakazb of imprisoned poet Nabataean life imprisonment …

حمد خادم السيلية والعيديد عميل الصهاينة يعترف بكل صفاقة ان الناتو هو من دمر ليبيا تحت اكذوبة تحريرها
هذا الشخص تتجلى فيه كل ايات الخزي والغدر والتأمر ويقول في كلام لاينطلي الا على مغفلين ويردد شعارات لم ولن يطبقها في بلده انت ياكاذب من سجنت شاعر نبطي بالمؤبد…

: UN weapons left over from the conflict in Libya, may be used in the killing of elephants in central Africa

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 21 مايو, 2013 | 10:11

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Agencies.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United Nations said on Monday that armed groups in Central Africa, using sophisticated weapons – some perhaps remnants of the civil war in Libya – to kill elephants for ivory.
In a report submitted to the UN Security Council, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the poaching of elephants has become a growing concern in security, especially in Cameroon and the Central African Republic, Chad and Gabon.
He added that the illegal trade of ivory may be an important source of funding for armed groups, including the rebel Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army, led by fugitive warlord Joseph Kony.
The report stated that “it is also concerns that fishermen are using more sophisticated weapons and force some of them believed to be coming from the repercussions of the conflict in Libya.”
Ban said that more than 11 thousand Phil in Menkaba Reserve in northeastern Gabon was killed in the period from 2004 to 2013, while fishermen were killed in Chad in March 86 villas, including 33 female elephant pregnant within a week.
In Cameroon, killing more than 300 Phil over the last two months of last year in the protected BUPA national Nezha.
He said that “the situation is very serious, prompting authorities in some countries such as Cameroon to issue a decision based on the national army as well as to law enforcement agencies and system to prosecute poachers.”
UN officials say Altjh that rising Asian demand for ivory helps the growing phenomenon of poaching of elephants.



Excepts from Castro’s comments to graduating medical students. They’re headlined “Message from Fidel: To the graduates of Victoria de Giron Institute of Basic Sciences and Preclinical Studies.”

“Allow me to recall that five decades ago, during a public event in the presence of the first students of this prestigious institution, some from other universities and students at nursing colleges, this educational institute was inaugurated in response to the criminal action on the part of the neighboring empire, to take away, as it did with promises of visas and employment, the majority of the country’s 6,000 doctors.”

“The Victoria de Girón Institute of Basic Sciences and Preclinical Studies marked the beginning of our massive training of doctors.”

“I congratulate everyone on this 50th anniversary and, in particular, the founding members of the Victoria de Girón Institute of Basic Sciences and Preclinical Studies, who merit special congratulations.”

“They have honored those who, more than 50 years ago and at the cost of countless lives, demonstrated, to the powerful yanki empire, the response which anyone who might attempt to enslave our people would receive.”

“I hope you will continue harvesting successes in the noble and humane task to which you have dedicated your lives.”


Fidel Castro Ruz
17 October 2012″

Fidel Castro, world revolutionary leader and hero of the Free Territory in the Americas



Fight for the Future ( aux contacts 22:03
À :


A teenager outside Boston is locked up right now. He’s held without bail, charged as a terrorist, and faces 20 years in prison. All for posting some lyrics online. After you read his story, you may never post on Facebook again.

It sounds like an Onion article, but it’s happening in Methuen, MA. Cameron D’Ambrosio is 18 and by all accounts a pretty typical teenager who likes music, video games, and girls. He’s an aspiring rapper and goes by the name “Cammy Dee” in his YouTube videos.

On May 1st, Cam allegedly posted some lyrics to a rap he was writing on Facebook. It contained a vague reference to the Boston Marathon bombing and political speech calling the Whitehouse a “federal house of horrors.” Cam was arrested on the street and has been held without bail ever since. He’s charged with making “Terroristic Threats” for his artistic and political free speech.

We’ve already seen an overwhelming response to this action. Can you share this with your friends and family to help get Cam free and protect online freedoms for generations to come?

Help us send a message to the District Attorney that no one should ever go to jail for rapping about politics online. Cam is locked up right now and needs our help. Click here to take action to demand his release and protect the First Amendment.

Full disclosure, I live in Boston. I was here with my family and young child during the lock-down after the Marathon bombing. I know that people are on edge. But it’s imperative that we NEVER let anyone use the tragedy that happened here to undermine our basic rights to freedom of expression. Censorship will never make us safer.

Cam’s lyrics didn’t threaten any specific person or group of people, didn’t claim that Cam had a weapon, and weren’t intended to cause the evacuation or disruption of anything (which are the requirements that the post would have to meet to count as a “terroristic threat.”) Furthermore, a search of Cam’s house found no explosives, no weapons, nothing. The cops just confiscated his computer and an X-Box. Anyone who has listened to music since Wu Tang Clan can easily interpret Cam’s post as fairly standard rap metaphor and braggadocio. Still, a judge ordered him held without bail for the next three months while he awaits trial.

But Methuen is a small town. If authorities there get wind that there is national attention on this case, they’ll have to reconsider their terrible decision to prosecute a teenager as a terrorist for exercising his freedom of speech. Will you add your voice?

Thanks team. Protecting free speech requires constant vigilance. We know this may seem like a small local issue, but it’s close to home for us here in Boston and we want to make sure that this case doesn’t set a precedent that chills free speech online.

Thanks for all that you do,

Evan Greer
Fight for the Future & Center for Rights

Don’t forget you can!

After you read this kid’s story, you’ll think twice about what you post on Facebook.

(And that’s the problem.)

Meet Cameron D’Ambrosio. He’s 18 and lives in a small town outside Boston. He wants to be a rapper and calls himself “Cammy Dee” in his YouTube videos.

Oh, and he’s been locked up without bail for weeks — facing terrorism charges and 20 years in prison — all for something he posted on Facebook.

On May 1st, Cam was skipping school and messing around online. He posted some lyrics that included a vague reference to the Boston Marathon Bombing and called the Whitehouse a “federal house of horror.” Shortly after that he was arrested and charged with Communicating a Terrorist Threat, a felony that carries 20 years in prison.




Muammar & young sons.