Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is the African King

Mu is the King of Africa

Mu greetings to all the free



“According to the latest statement from the Green Resistance,…presently is the desire to preserve the unity of all the tribes. The tribes have managed to form a LIBYAN Army (engaged with 250 thousand Green fighters) equipped with all military equipment. Right now they are moving around the Western and Southern cities to clean Libya from the colonialist invader.”

“Never wanted the Libyan invasion, they did not want a war, did not want the division of the country and poverty. Everyone in Libya and around the world knew that the mercenaries and terrorists who sent U.S. and NATO were not fighting for democracy and freedom, many Libyans were deceived Western conspirators fought for stealing and destroying a prosperous country, to convert the Great Jamahiriya, a government mass, into a mafia system ruling (so-called)  ‘government’, in  service only to an imperialist enemy who could care less about the populace …..”

(Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on the progress of the Resistance):



 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has the key to the City:

Mu has the key to the City

Room _ _ capital operations:



Zahra Bridge under tribal control.

But stiil: Please steep, as there are  snipers at most of the

mosques and buildings high above. 

Large concentrations of militias ‘Roma Libya’ children in front of the marble factory Bodoh between al-Bive and collector bin Zayed P  Zahra Bank, and also in front of the mosque itself.

and our response now ..

the meeting happened a little while ago in the corner, that the ‘children Ibouhmirh’ congregate al-An in the pitfalls Abossrh are arming Ba types of weapons NBK T and snipers and Ruldf Larbi G to enter the infantry of the globe (RISHVANA) Ba towards Ain Zahra and the ‘Khaled Ibn al-Waleed Ba School’ toward Korbh Slemyan …

Please caution Iaasud fronts and taken it full preparations
(“Desert Lion”)

عاجل وهام جدا الرجاء النشر علي أوسع النطاق… وردنا الان.. من اجتماع حصل قبل قليل في الزاوية أن أولاد أبوحميرة يتجمعون ألان في مطبات ابوصرة ويتم تسليحهم با انواع الأسلحة بي كي تي والقناصات والقوادف اربي جي للدخول مشاة من المعمورة با تجاه الزهراء ومن مدرسة خالد ابن الوليد با تجاه كوربة سلميان… الرجاء الحذر يااسود الجبهات وأخد الاستعدادات التامة
” أسد الصحراء “


’17 February’ terrorist militias stormed the house of “Joseph Smoaa”

trait al-Furjan district in Tripoli,

and you kill him in front of his wife and children


Criminal injury ‘Ayman Hamouda’,  one of the militiamen Brotherhood Knights of Janzour. He is now in intensive care.
Waits but does not neglect

اصابة الجرد ( أيمن حموده ) وهو احد افراد مليشيا خرفان جنزور وهو وهو الان فى العناية
يمهل ولا يهمل

News of the criminal injury of Alkkla Giani Agneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine):


Tripoli airport by tracking militia ‘Roma Libya’ propelled

propelled Dja military car bombing. Target gate propelled RPG militias belonging to the ‘Dawn Libya’ in the airport road:

airport road targeted by 'Roma Libya'

Escape pagan GNC Allaotunai Conference member

‘Khald al-Mhari’, through Tunis airport. The escape of the offender Khaled Mashri member customers Branch Conference of the CORNER, taking a flight from Tunisia to Turkey.


Looting defender ships from the naval base of Tripoli by militias
‘Roma Libya’ and moved them to the city of Misurata.

militias ‘Roma Libya’ arrest Egyptian Chen workers

in their campaign in Tripoli.



‘Roma Libya’ terrorist militia to prevent students from continuing study

in secondary Jafar Tayyar area Sawani and used as

warehouses for ammunition and platforms locusts.



Killed Inventory ‘Adel al-Ib’ which is criminal gangs CORNER.

4 killed in clashes between youth CORNER, and

Brotherhood militias in the streets of the terrorist Abu Obeida.


‘Roma Libya’ militias burned homes and a number of cars,

which led to the evacuation of residents from their homes

near the educational angle Hospital Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in the corner.


Violent explosions in the vicinity of the base MITIGUA.






(area and surrounds):
And our response now through the forearm to the intervention of the gift of the children there are four first gate gates in Elly enter the pressures Busaq aperture 4 cars 14.5 and sand berms .ualbwabh Altanih versus farm Mukhtar Ayad There are 3 cars launcher and 2 /14.5 note farm entrance harm to the road against the green market

and the gate Aiith vs. Farm Souissi family of three launchers and a number Attan ambulances and note that the entrance of this harm to the area Altanih hand Zitouna Mosque and the gate fourth compared to the gift of children wash station Moroccan farm there are 4 cars 14.5 and 2 rocket launchers and they put sand berms very high and there are not to exceed the 30 person people.

PICTURE: ‘Roma Libya’ militias are developing earth mounds


‘Roma Libya’ militias bombard with their missiles,

sites east of the city of al-AZIZIA. 

‘Roma Libya’ militias bombard axis Azizia missiles locusts

and violent explosions shake the region.




Armed clashes in the area Jnan Attiyh near Ajeelat.



Killing ‘channel news reporter’ named Ahmad Bushorab, south of the city center at Sabratha, in battles.







Citizens found the body ‘back torso’ belonging to an unidentified young man, who was shot down in a water well in the land of (Al yeast) in the mainland market Thursday, in the City of Five. There appeared to be on him, the effects of the severe Taadib. The body will be kept in the hospital until the completion of the procedures for the identification of the owner.



On the instructions of the RAT Director of Distribution Management Company Brega oil (at RAS LANAUF, CYRENAICA)

Brega Oil has stopped supplying fuel to the city of BANI WALID !!

(I TOLD YOU THAT THE WEST & USA are still behind and supporting the BROTHERHOOD [so-called] ‘Government of SALVATION’ of the defunct ALLAOTUNAI GNC Conference.)


Baan Qubaúl u Catie
04/08/2015 ten o’clock in the morning
Warning to the city of Misratah tyrant:

After the name of Allah the Merciful !

Tribes Valley beach warns the so-called wise men of Misratah and decision-makers where militias criminal in Tripoli.

We are tired of your war for power and kill the safe, and Thjerkm cities Libyan village writhed village and city writhed city and obliterate cities incurable you and may Azakmt your business noses even children Libya Aau and Oau that you Libya cancer and must be treated or eradicated, and another drug for the disease ironing, what you only patients psychologists and this is what you’re saying your work in security, but that Ngmkm or cut you fuel and medicine and food or kill you as you did in Torghae, Ptahjerha, and Adthamkm.

her charges would not and did not Taatpt even after five years and are only lies Kzpettmoha and Sedktamoha Bacolkm and is only the period up to have committed a massacre in Bani Walid and depopulation and raise the image Zeimkm who betrayed by you Mujahideen and Aadtm hate Pegrgor, massacre Linda her forehead under the MRA and hearing Libyans .olm leaves you Gyekm and Tgbarakm even Aouselkm to Tripoli again under the pretext of “liberation” airport

and come Besoarichkm and Ahakadkm that burned Tripoli and abandoned 100 000 or more in the holy month of Ramadan as you grow up you burn food Libyans is how always Threrkm, and soon Znbugm and the wrath of God upon you even Akmmeltm march ascending to Rishvana and will not Taatdjer where there is a bullet and not a missile killers sons

and Depopulation and Hariqan their homes and farms and not Lengai you where the animal is not installed and did not Tcetkino and not Traau in God impose nor years even increased revenge God in you

and Aouselkm to the mountain once again as the “liberation” until Zbpettm in the displacement of Kikla and sow discord among neighbors. Even united you all displaced every father and brother to jail and the owner of each animal and installed and Usbandokm and they are in a fight with you today …

and grew and Aba Tgaankm Btbekm but leading you to Sirte and to the east of them did not deliver you through the village until you’ve destroyed profiteers Libyans same argument

and are “investigation” did not know Thrron of of of what we’ve seen from Threrkm only destruction and ….

Shunnar increased at the wrath of God in you until you come south Tterco did the job and only Hgletoha and not only camp and Agtinmtamoh and after Acetkmalm control and the destiny even Astammeltm weapon Alkhbayt discord between the tribes.

then when you started the subservience. You provide the fuel and lunch and medicine, even if he commanded from his sleep Gatab cut livelihoods. …

What is the mentor you have your king Hitankm. And increased Jbrockm Libyans until you have begun to see humans Insects and suppose that the Southern slaves ….

you did not Tschirōhm in view only what you decide to do …

Ohuntm and you kill people in Bwabatkm under false pretenses and in people’s patience and betrayed her God,

and when shall fight you and the beach decided to live in dignity and take your opinion about you, hewn by all ways of life and not enough about this until you’ve destroyed the safe houses and villages and Qceftm of Mhantekm have increased Gyekm and Asthentekm.

Decided Illadkm displace ink on paper by a decision of Triki and Aldharat of Ashkdh to Edri and Hecda are playing the fate of Muslims evidences. God wanted but Aokhaddkm discernible Aziz competent people …

rejected the beach out of their homes and farms, and today you have not Taatdkhro including bullet and not a missile and me the same argument, “Liberation” and on the same Gyekm did not deliver a child you do not Shaybah and the injustice of overwhelmed and that the prostitute to increased and we are able to repelled Baden God upon him and unleash determination.

And that the right we realized the way he divided God and Allah, that your children did not come out to the beach to kill killed returned and Nqtan water from the country to die honorably or to live with honor and give the * year traitor * who said he received Heptna Mujahid Sheikh Colonel Mohammed bin Nile involving under a legitimate military and prisoners of the beach from his youth and gray hair and declares their fate and launching Sarhhm and that did not enter the lunch and medicine, fuel.

There will be among our response to it is true ideals O assassin O slain was post shall we see our women and children are conducting right and left and from Sater them Guenablkm but the mercy of God Almighty.

We say to the general Libyans to Tripoli and areas that drink from the river, especially as the Tzodo water before Dawn, Man-Made River completely and we are obliged to knead and will work al- Husaona system to al-Knpoat, and we all die.

The USA and our enemies did not keep us, but Hedda response we have formed teams to play Bhda work.

After Hedda publication to 24 hours if they did not enter the food, medicine and fuel, which have the right to stop him, and we Gesalt Misuratah and Adenbha and we know the fate of our prisoners and release them, “we will blow up the river extending from al-Husaona system and al-Canbwat to al-Chuirv to distributor bat Bani Walid.”
(Done by the young Shati al-Ohm.)

04/08/2015 at ten in the morning
8/4/2015 الساعة العاشرة صباحا
تحدير الي المدينة الطاغية مصراته
بعد بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
قبائل وادي الشاطيء تحذر ما يسمى عقلاء مصراته و أصحاب القرار فيها والمليشيات الاجرامية في طرابلس لقد سئمنا من حربكم على السلطة و قتلكم للامنين و تهجيركم للمدن الليبية قرية تلوى القرية و مدينة تلوى المدينة و تدميركم للمدن المستعصية عليكم و قد ازكمت أعمالكم الانوف حتى أطفال ليبيا اعو و وعو بأنكم سرطان ليبيا و يجب أن يعالج او يستأصل و آخر دواء للداء الكي، فما انتم إلا مرضى نفسيين و هذا ما تقوله أعمالكم في الأمنيين أما أن نحكمكم أو نقطع عليكم الوقود و الدواء و الغذاء أو نقتلكم كما فعلتم في تورغاء بتهجيرها و اتهامكم لها بتهم لن و لم تتبت حتى بعد خمس سنوات و ما هي إلا أكاذيب كذبتموها و صدقتموها بعقولكم وما هي إلا فترة حتى ارتكبتم مجزرة في بني وليد و تهجير سكانها ورفع صورة زعيمكم الذي خذل من قبلكم المجاهدين و اعدتم الكره بغرغور، مجزرة يندأ لها الجبين تحت مرأ ومسمع الليبين .ولم يترككم غيكم و تجبركم حتى اوصلكم إلى طرابلس من جديد بحجة “التحرير” المطار وما اتيتم بصواريخكم و احقادكم التي أحرقت طرابلس و هجرت 100 الف أو أكثر في شهر رمضان الكريم وأنتم تكبرون علي حرق قوت الليبيين فهكذا دائماً تحريركم، و ما لبث ذنبكم و سخط الله عليكم حتى اكملتم المسيرة صاعدين إلى ورشفانه و لن تتدخيرو فيها لا رصاصة و لا صاروخ قاتلين أبناءها و تهجير سكانها وحارقين بيوتها و مزارعها و لم ينجى منكم فيها دابة ولا مركوب ولم تستكينو و لم تراعو في الله فرض ولا سنة حتى زاد انتقام الله فيكم و اوصلكم إلى الجبل مرة أخري باسم “التحرير” حتى تسببتم في تهجير ككلة و زرع الفتنة بين الجيران. حتى اتحد عليكم كل مهجر وكل اب واخ لمسجون و صاحب كل دابة و مركوب وواجهوكم و هم في قتال معكم إلى اليوم …و زاد و ابا طغيانكم بدبكم إلا أن يقودكم إلى سرت و منها إلى الشرق ولم ينجي منكم طريق ولا قرية حتى دمرتم قوت الليبين بنفس الحجة و هي “التحري” فلم نعلم تحررون من من من فما رأيناه من تحريركم إلا الدمار والشنار ….فزاد سخط الله فيكم حتى وصلتم الجنوب فلم تتركو فيها وظيفة إلا و شغلتوها و لا معسكر إلا و اغتنمتموه و بعد استكمالم السيطرة عليه و على مقدراته حتى استعملتم سلاح الفتنة الخبيت بين القبائل فمتى بدا لكم الخنوع فيه. توفرون الوقود و الغداء و الدواء حتى إذا قام أمركم من نومه غاطب يقطع سبل العيش. …فما من ناصح لكم وقد ملككم شيطانكم. و زاد جبروتكم علي الليبيين حتى بدأتم ترون البشر حشرات و حسبتم أن الجنوب عبيد لكم ….فلم تستشيروهم في رأي إلا ما قررتم ان تفعلوا …أهنتم و قتلتم الناس في بواباتكم بحجج واهية و الناس في صبر و مسلمه أمرها لله و عندما وجب قتالكم و قررت الشاطيء أن تعيش بكرامة و تستقل برأيها عنكم ، قطعتم عنها جميع سبل الحياة و لم يكفيكم هذا حتى دمرتم بيوت الآمنين و قصفتم القرى و من مهانتكم لها زاد غيكم و استهانتكم. وقرر ضباضكم تهجيرها بحبر على ورق بقرار صادر من التريكي و الضراط من اشكده إلى إدري وهكدا تلعبون بمصير المسلمين تستهزئون . فأراد الله إلا أن يأخدكم اخد عزيز مقتدر…فرفض أهالي الشاطيء الخروج من منازلهم و مزارعهم و اليوم انتم لم تتدخرو فيهم رصاصة و لا صاروخ و بي نفس الحجة “التحرير” و على نفس غيكم لم يسلم منكم طفل ولا شيبة و أن الظلم لطغى، وان البغي لزاد ونحن لصده لقادرون بادن الله سبحانه عليه توكلنا واليه المصير.
و أن الحق أدركنا طريقه فقسم بالله و تالله أن لم يخرج أبنائكم من الشاطئ لنقتلهم قتل عاد و لنقطعن المياه عن البلاد لنموت بشرف أو أن نعيش بشرف و نمهل *الخائن العام *الذي قال إنه استلم شيبتنا الشيخ المجاهد العقيد محمد بن نايل المنطوي تحت شرعية الجيش و اسرى الشاطئ من شبابه وشيبه ويصرح عن مصيرهم وإطلاق سرحهم و أن لم يدخل الغداء و الدواء و الوقود ليكونن ردنا ينطبق عليه المثل يا قاتل يا مقتول وقد وجب الرد ونحن نرى نسائنا واطفالنا يجرون يمين ويساراً وما من ساتر لهم من قنابلكم الا رحمة الله سبحانه .
نقول الي الليبيين عامة والي طرابلس والمناطق التي تشرب من النهر خاصة ان تزودو بالمياه قبل ان نفجر النهر الصناعي بالكامل ونحن علي دلك لمرغمون وسيتم العمل من منظومة الحساونة الي الكنبوات ولنموت جميعا. علينا وعلي اعدائنا فلم يبقى لنا الا هدا الرد وقد شكلنا فرق لتقوم بهدا العمل .
وبعد هدا المنشور الي 24 ساعة اذا لم يدخل الغداء والدواء والوقود وهو من حقنا ويمنعه علينا حثالت مصراته وادنبها ونعرف مصير أسرانا وإطلاق سراحهم سنقوم بنسف النهر الممتد من منظومة الحساونة والكانبوات الي الشويرف الي موزع بن وليد .
حرر من قبل شباب الشاطي الأشم

Misurata yesterday was targeted by DAASH, the Shura mosque

in Tminh Bakadf RPG where they Omchglin Dskh zoom.


The arrival of a delegation from the Friday market to rats Misurata for the purpose of ‘reconciliation’,





picture: What was SIRTE INT. AIRPORT:
What was Sirte Airport

Misrata militias terrorist intensify patrols around the Sirte airport and trying to impose a curfew on the nearby neighborhoods of al-Qaida in the city of Sirte.

Ignition fire inside because of the fall of Sirte University One of the shells Ali
The University.

pictures of damage by shelling of SIRTE:

Shelling of SIRTE



Organiziation of Daash at Nofaliya, have confiscated car fuel,

and are now heading to baton.





Terrorist ‘Hassan Saleh Embarak al-Aftmana’, who was part of the  ’28 May militia’ was killed in battles at Laithi area,

the son of the so-called Minister of Awqaf named ‘Ambark al-Aftmana’.
HE was buried in TRIPOLI. 

Daash organizing terrorist state of Tripoli,

mourns called (Hassan al-Aftmana) Mubarak’s son al-Aftmana

famous “Bin Laden” founder ‘Militia 28’ dog and Minister of Awqaf,

in the Malfia Brotherhood Tripoli-government of ‘Roma Libya’,

who was killed in clashes in LAITHI, BENGHAZI.


Find unidentified bodies bearing signs of torture

and have his tongue  cut-out at Sidi Khalifa area.
There is no power but from God.



Found on the citizen, Hamida Issa Drissi, slaughtered in the area

did not Afattaúh dies at tuber, as he was in critical condition when found.




Arrived at the hospital, both Aouhadh Abdullah Mejri, and
Mohammed Abdulrahman Aouhadh, and they are in poor condition and they seem signs of torture and a male in the investigation that a group of armed Tabou has Bochttafhaa, and transferred to the Indian company, where they were beaten and tortured there.


Attack on ‘Misurata Melcaat third force’ stationed

at the entrance to the ‘Hospital 02 March’ Medical


Armed convoy from al-Jufra, has continued to the Melcaat terrorists,

consisting of tanks and armed 16 cars, all heading to Barak Chat’ai.


Barak Chat’ai Oooonaba uncertain after the control of the

241 Brigade and the people on all axes, a project north

Qira north and west of BARAK, at BARAK Base.

Targeting a mechanism for militias ‘Roma Libya’ perimeter base of Barak Chat’ai.


Renewed clashes in the center of the Beach Qira against terrorist al-Melcaat MISURATA BROTHERHOOD.

Consequences of the indiscriminate shelling Qira Barak Chat’ai area:




War in Yemen: Historic Prerequisites and Geopolitical Aspects

edited and excerpted from: Pyotr ISKENDEROV | 09.04.2015 | 00:00

Houthi rally

It is generally considered that bloody Russian-Turkish wars, the insurgencies in the Balkans and the contradictions in Europe that led to WWI made the Ottoman Empire collapse. Generally speaking it’s true. But there was another factor to influence the process. Diplomatic reports from Istanbul coming to Europe before the war informed about the situation in the Balkans and Yemen. The abrupt deterioration of the situation in Yemen directly threatened the interests of great powers – Great Britain and Germany.

The Yemeni territories making up part of the Ottoman Empire to great extent enjoyed self-rule and were also governed by Imam of Sana. The Imam led the most massive rebellion against the Ottoman Empire that lasted till WWI. Helmuth Johann Ludwig von Moltke, also known as Moltke the Younger, Chief of German General Staff, told his Austrian counterpart Franz Xaver Joseph Conrad Graf von Hötzendorf that Turkey was too weak to be considered as a military force to reckon with. According to him, previously it had been called a sick man of Europe, now it became a dying man of the continent. He wrote that as a state Turkey lost viability and was going through agony. In 1918 North Yemen (Sana) became an independent state. The Ottoman Empire collapsed. Ten years later Yemen signed a comprehensive friendship treaty with the Soviet Union which gave an impetus to developing political, trade and economic ties between the two countries.

The USSR has always supported Yemen while its neighbor –Saudi Arabia – has always been hostile. Territorial disputes cast a shadow over the relationship: Riyadh asserted claims to a large part of Yemen. The first (to become one of many) conflict between Yemen, an independent country, and Saudi Araba sparked in 1934.

Saudi Arabia not only attacked Yemen, it also regularly interfered into its internal affairs. Ahmad bin Yahya Hamidaddin, the penultimate king of Yemen, died in 1962 to be replaced by the Crown Prince Muhammad al-Badr.

In a week a military coup took place but the overthrown monarch was supported by Saudi Arabia.

During the civil war that followed the toppling of the Zaydi imamate in 1962, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supported the royalists in their bid to regain control of the north, while Britain still retained its protectorate of Aden.

Although a reconciliation avoided the kind of sectarian bloodshed that often follows such civil strife, the Saudis never stopped trying to influence the governance of its dirt-poor southern neighbor. 

Those days it was opposed not only by Yemeni guardsmen but also by elite units of Egyptian army siding with the opponents of monarchy. In 1967 South Yemen was proclaimed to be an independent state to complicate the situation in the south-western part of Arabia Peninsula. The tribal and ethnic contradictions were exacerbated by differences on foreign policy issues. South Yemen fully allied with the Soviet Union and ideology became a factor to widen the existing gaps.

Starting in the 1970s it was Saudi Arabia who bankrolled Yemen’s Ministry of Education to import ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Wahhabi teachers, thus teaching a whole generation of Yemeni youth an intolerant faith unlike that of the Zaydi and Shafi’i views that had evolved in relative harmony over a millennium. Rumors continue to circulate that Yemeni President al-Hamdi was assassinated in 1977 because he was attempting to unite the two Yemens, much to Saudi chagrin. The pattern was set early on: loyalty was purchased with Saudi riyals, especially in the north where there were tribal affinities across the national borders.

In 1990 the both states united but the contradictions remained. Riyadh intensified efforts to increase its regional influence. The 1991 Persian Gulf operation of international forces against Iraq was to large extent financed by Saudi Arabia. The West does not like to remember about it. In 2002-2003 the al-Aqsa Intifada, a military operation conducted by Israeli special services and supported by the United States, spread to the territory of Yemen. Civilians died as a result of missile strikes. Suzanne Nossel, a US human rights activist, said in the heat of presidential pre-election campaign in the United States, that the strikes enabled US leader George Bush to meet the situation head on and make Israeli enemies see what fate awaited them in the near future.

Yemen’s Houthis, a Zaydi sect of Shia Muslims, congregated themselves in the early 1990s as a secular progressive group of “Young Believers”.

As crusaders for peace they helped poor communities and organized youth camps in the northern Saada province. With President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s Government becoming increasingly repressive against any movement with a socialist connotation, the Houthi grew rapidly into an army of young men, soon becoming a dominating force in the North. They were seeking democracy, openly opposing the US-Saudi supported dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh (President of Yemen from 1978 – 2012), who was kept in power by Washington since 1978.

American-Saudi puppet Ali Abdullah Saleh (President of Yemen from 1978 - 2012)

The ‘Houthi’ organized a first uprising against the Saleh Government in 2004, but were defeated by Saleh’s brutal army with heavy backing by the Saudi tyrants. Under continuous popular (and Houthi) pressure, and with Washington’s nod, Saleh finally stepped down in February 2012, ceding power to his puppet-Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The Houthi, by now a large constituency of al-Qathafi ‘Green Book’ followers, attracted small parties and like-minded Muslim splinter groups to form a coalition. They merged into a huge mass movement against President Saleh in 2011.

29 August 2014, in the capital Sanaa, Houthi demonstration

Supporters of Shiite Zaidi ‘rebels’ hold up a portrait of the movements leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, during a demonstration demanding for the government to resign on 29 August 2014, in the capital Sanaa. (Photo: AFP-Mohammed Huwais)

Gradually, as the Yemeni government failed to provide security and properly run the affairs of the Arab country, the Ansarullah fighters started to take control of state matters to contain corruption and terror.

The Ansarullah fighters took control of Sana’a in September 2014 and are currently moving southward.

The ‘Houthi’ eventually succeeded in taking control by storming government buildings and and created a popular MAJLIS (replacing the puppet-‘parliment’) in January 2015.

Hadi freely resigned, stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by the Houthi Ansarullah movement, but the Yemeni puppet-‘parliament’ did not approve his resignation. Hadi fled to his native Aden and eventually received safe conduct from the monarchy ofSaudi Arabia.

The Houthi hastily formed a five-member ‘transitional’ government and intended to implement ‘peoples committees’ and ‘popular congresses’ and set-up a ‘direct democracy’ (styled after ‘The Great Jamahiriya’).

However, after the Washington-backed Saudi airstrikes on 25 March 2015, the leadership of Yemen is in a state uncertainty. The last thing Washington wants, in the strategic southern tip of the Arab Peninsula, is a democratic autonimous state.

The al-Saud regime unleashed its deadly air raids without a UN mandate against Yemen on 26 March 2015,  in an attempt to restore power to their puppet Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

Mualla is claimed by Wahabi-militants loyal to fugitive Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is now in neighboring Saudi Arabia.

The Ansarullah fighters of Yemen’s Houthi movement have made fresh gains in the southern port city of Aden despite ongoing airstrikes by Saudi Arabia.

Houthi fighters gather in the Crater district of the southern port city of Aden on 05 April 2015

 PICTURE: Houthi fighters gather in the Crater district of the southern port city of Aden on 05 April 2015

The revolutionaries reportedly advanced into the districts of Mualla and Qalwa’a in Aden on Sunday.

A local official, whose name was not mentioned in reports, confirmed the Ansarullah fighters’ advance on Mualla, saying ‘they captured the provincial government headquarters’.

The Ansarullah fighters also targeted a Wahabi-Saudi propaganda television station ‘loyal to Hadi’ in Aden, forcing the station off the air.

They fired mortar rounds at the Aden TV building, which was “damaged but there were no casualties,” aYemeni official at the former puppet-government-run channel told AFP.

The Houthi have been engaged in fierce clashes with al-Qaeda militants and the Hadi Wahabi-government remnants over the past two weeks.

ISIS /DAASH and al-Qaeda are both involved in the Yemen conflict. They represent the epitome of western created terror armies. They continue to be supported as well as fought by Washington and its western stooges. They supposedly are bombed by NATO and its Middle Eastern allies in disguise for western propaganda.

In reality they receive weapons and food deliveries from NATO and other western powers and are leading proxy wars for Washington – in Libya, Iraq, Syria – and, yes, in Yemen. ISIS helps keeping the US / NATO killing and cash machine alive and well.


The geopolitical risks engendered by the internal confrontation that has been lasting for many years and exacerbated by outside interference, especially from Saudi Arabia which wants Yemen to go under its control and become a zone of Saudi’s exclusive influence. A confrontation with Iran is not the only implication of Saudi’s policy. The goals pursued by Saudi Arabia go much farther than the neutralization of Yemeni Shiites. The kingdom wants to become a leading nation of regional NATO, the role to be played by the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.

The escalation of Yemeni conflict to the international level was used by the United States to its advantage as leverage at the talks held in Switzerland between the «Big Six» group and Iran on the Iranian nuclear program. In its turn, the framework agreement reached between the P5+1 and Iran with US blessing will become a trump card for a presidential candidate running on the Democratic Party ticket in the 2016 presidential race. Washington tries to take advantage of the situation and engage Iran in transatlantic projects as an instrument in the energy war waged against Russia. The Yemeni crisis reflects the whole range of contradictions in the Middle East. The conflict influences the events far beyond the region’s boundaries.

The air campaign against Yemen launched by Saudi Arabia and its allies is another phase in the process of changing geopolitical realities in the Middle East. Various regional forces take part in the activities that lead to reshaping state boundaries, arms race and gradual erosion of strategic alliances with the United States and the West in general. It all complicates the situation in the Middle East. New alliances may be formed to change the way the Middle East chess game is played.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sudan, and Qatar will more frequently resort to so-called «humanitarian interventions» ignoring the principles of territorial integrity and state sovereignty stated in basic international documents. It has become useless to refer to the United Nations Charter. The situation in the Middle East makes remember the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. The document emasculates the idea of hierarchically organized political community. The substance of this declaration is the «denial of independence which precluded the full enjoyment of fundamental human rights and that colonialism itself, no matter how Enlightened» (W. Bain, 2003, p.66). With the Declaration in force «An international hierarchy based on a state’s level of development was no longer applicable to the relations between states, and thus trusteeship was no longer considered a viable policy alternative.»

Yemen is defending herself

Empire or Empathy?

Blaming Iran for Shi’ite Unrest Throughout the Middle East


A few minutes exposure to U.S. cable news gives the viewer the impression that Iran is relentlessly carving out an empire in the Middle East. This is approximately as absurd as the proposition that Vladimir Putin is striving to recreate the empire of the tsars. Talking heads who never think to mention Israel’s wars of aggression since its inception (much less its nukes), or the pattern of NATO expansion (= U.S. imperial expansion) since the end of the Cold War, bristle with indignation at any reported shipment of Iranian arms to some Shiites (or anyone, really) somewhere, or any Russian effort to thwart the expansion of a hostile military alliance along their borders.

The fact is, Iran has not invaded another country since the 1730s, when Nader Shah waged war on both the Ottoman and Mughal empires and established an ephemeral empire stretching from the Caucasus to the Indus Valley. In modern times Iran has been the victim of repeated attacks and encroachments on its sovereignty—by Britain, tsarist Russia, the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union just after the Second World War, and Iraq (with U.S. blessing and support) from September 1980 to August 1988. But it has not directly attacked any of its neighbors.

In 1953 the U.S. itself engineered a coup in Iran against a democratically elected prime minister (to prevent his plans to nationalize the oil industry). It imposed on the Iranian people the brutal, tyrannical rule of the Shah up to 1979. In the latter year, in the most genuinely mass-based revolution in Islamic history, the Shah was overthrown. Ever since then the U.S. has held Iran in the cross hairs, applying economic sanctions, freezing its U.S. bank-holdings, even providing Iraq in the eighties with military aid and satellite intelligence as Saddam Hussein waged an aggressive war against his neighbor. All to punish the Iranian people for having the audacity to (at least try to) shuffle off the shackles of imperialist hegemony.

Recently, as the USA Today headline put it: “Arab League agrees on military force to combat Iran.” But why is it necessary for that league (of 22 U.S.-backed states) to combat this peaceful country? Because as Nabil Elaraby, the Egyptian who serves as its secretary-general, put it during a recent news conference, Iran has intervened “in many nations.”

But how has it intervened? By supporting with funds and weaponry south Lebanese forces fighting Israeli aggression and occupation? Why should the Arab League find anything wrong with that? Should the Arab League oppose Hizbollah, perhaps the most powerful political party in Lebanon, its support largely earned by forcing the Israeli occupiers out in 2000?

Has Iran intervened in Syria by supporting the internationally recognized Syrian government, as it fights an armed opposition dominated by al-Nusra al-Qaeda forces and the hideous Islamic State? If so, has it intervened more than the U.S.—which is barking orders to Bashar Assad to step down, supplying arms to the opposition (many now in the hands of ISIL), and openly boasting of its plans to create a mercenary force for Syrian regime change in Jordan?

The U.S. not so long ago threatened missile attacks on Syria, on the dubious pretext that the regime had used chemical weapons against its people and thus deserved such punishment as could only be properly inflicted by the “exceptional” nation and global policeman. Obama was at the verge of pulling the trigger when deft Russian diplomacy checked his hand. Has Iran ever behaved so irresponsibly as has the U.S.—in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen—Wherever it sets its feet?

Has Iran intervened in Iraq—that proud nation with a glorious past utterly destroyed and humiliated by the sadistic U.S. invasion and occupation, now facing the Islamic State nightmare that was obviously generated by the stupid smashing of the Baathist secular state—by assisting its regime (placed in power by the U.S., not Tehran) from the advancing ISIL crazies? And if it has, doesn’t the U.S. secretly welcome that intervention, because the troops it trained itself proved to be impotent in the face of the child-beheaders?

Has Iran intervened in Bahrain, a country where, during the Arab Spring of 2011, there were huge peaceful demonstrations crushed by Saudi troops? The opposition was rooted among Shiites, who constitute 65% of the island nation’s people, ruled by a Sunni monarch whose regime oppresses their faith. But there seems to be little evidence of Iranian involvement. It was hardly necessary. The discontent was and is born out of local circumstances.

Has Iran intervened in Yemen, a country whose modern history has been shaped by British, Saudi, and Soviet rivalries, and which has a complex ethnic-religious make-up that includes a huge Shiite minority population (maybe 35%) somewhat sympathetic to Shiite-ruled Iran? A country forced by the U.S. since late 2001 to cooperate with its “War on Terror” rejected (according to one poll) by 99% of the Yemeni population?

There may be some substance to the allegation that Tehran is materially supporting the Houthis. In 2013 the Iranian vessel Jihan 1 was seized off the Yemeni coast and the 9 crewmen on board arrested for smuggling. The cargo included Katyusha rockets, heat-seeking surface to air missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, explosives, ammunition and Iranian-made night vision goggles. But eight of the nine arrested were soon released, there were reports that the ship was bound for Somalia, and Iran denied any responsibility.

Of course, if Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are materially aiding the Houthi movement it shouldn’t surprise anybody. How many armed opposition movements has the United States supported, from the “Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front” defeated ignominiously in at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, to the Kurdish Democratic Party peshmerga in Iraq in the 1970s, to the Contras in Nicaragua and Mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 1980s, to the “National Transitional Council” in Libya in 2011 and today’s (small, disintegrating) “Free Syrian Army”?

Last September when Houthi forces took Sana’a (virtually without a fight, and with apparent widespread support), the Iranian regime and press were enthusiastic. They might have noted that a Houthi-dominated government would be a return to the status quo that existed between 1918 and 1962, when northern Yemen was governed by Shiite imams. They owed nothing to distant Iran and indeed from the 50s were beholden to Egypt for support.

But now Saudi Arabia—which in its fanatical intolerance of Shiite “heresy,” and in its fear of its own Shiite minority (maybe 25%) has even indicated its willingness to cooperate with Israel to topple the Tehran regime—wants to depict events in the neighboring nation as the result of a conspiracy by the Iranians in league with their fellow heretics.

The Saudi-led “coalition” that has amassed to fight the Houthi is a coalition of Sunnis who want to curb growing Shiite power in the region. That is the basic issue here. Iran is by far the largest Shiite-dominated state in the world, and while its foreign policy is not actually driven by a pan-Shiite strategy, it is depicted by Shia’s intransigent foes as the headquarters of Shiite advances everywhere in the world.

In fact the type of Shiism embraced by the Houthis (one of three forms of Shiism currently practiced in Yemen) differs substantially from the form prevalent in Iran. Most Yemeni Shiites are Zaidis; most Iranian Shiites are “Twelvers.” They have different ideas about the origins of religious authority, the roles of historical figures, and the concept of “occultation” (ghaybah) of the Mahdi. (This latter is a messianic figure descended from the Prophet who will eventually return to establish peace and justice in the world.)

The religious differences between them are as significant as those between Lutherans and Baptists, both of whom are Protestants (as opposed to Roman Catholics) but whom have not always been allies historically. To suggest that all Shiites from Afghanistan to Yemen are in cahoots to establish a new Persian Empire is just stupid.

Surely there is a serious fear factor here. Perhaps 25% of Saudi Arabia’s 16 million people are Shiite believers. They are concentrated in the oil rich east, in a swathe of territory facing the Shiite-majority island nation of Bahrain. Like those in Bahrain, they embrace the Twelver version of Shiism that prevails in Iran. (Zaidi and Ismaili Shiism flourish along the Yemeni border.) The Wahhabis governing Saudi Arabia have historically oppressed these minorities, even destroying their holy sites. Leading clerics in the theocratic state repeatedly denounce them publicly as apostates from Islam.

Last Thursday I read a headline: “Imam of the grand mosque in Mecca calls for all-out war against Shiites.”  According to the report, a Saudi Sunni cleric named Abdul Rahman al-Sudais has stated in a video clip, “Our war with Iran, say that out loud, is a war between Sunnis and Shiites. Our war with Iran…is truly sectarian. If it was not sectarian, we will make it sectarian… The Jews and cross [Christians], I swear by Allah that they will have their days…The prophet said that Rome will be conquered …Our disagreement with Rafidha [“rejectors,” a disparaging term for Shiites] will not be removed, nor our suicide to fight them… as long as they are on the face of the earth….”

That’s pretty unambiguous, I’d say.

This problem, you will say, has nothing to do with the U.S. And it shouldn’t. But it does! I keep hearing on CNN and MSNBC “Iran is believed to be supporting” the Houthi rebels in Yemen. “Is believed”? What does that mean? The same folks say “it is believed” Iran has a nuclear weapons program, although the entire U.S. intelligence community has repeatedly said they don’t think that’s true. “It is believed” should be translated, “We want you to believe.” It’s that simple.

By WHOM is it believed that Iran is supporting the Houthis? you want to ask. I cited above some inconclusive evidence. But here you have the voice of true conviction, the echo of a State Department talking point. How many would believe it if it weren’t repeated again and again, without substantiation?

In a leaked cable dated Dec. 9, 2009, U.S. ambassador to Yemen Stephen Seche reported matter-of-factly: “Contrary to ROYG [Republic of Yemen Government] claims that Iran is arming the Houthis, most analysts report that the Houthis obtain their weapons from the Yemeni black market and even from the ROYG itself.” Who profits from contending otherwise?

I suggest that those who see things in religious terms (like the Saudi leaders), and fear the prospect of religious pluralism within the Islamic world, and the reasonable empowerment of Shiites along the Arabian Peninsula littoral, benefit from a propaganda campaign that tars all Shiites with the brush of Iranian associations. Again, it is like the Cold War-era smearing of all kinds of people and movements with the charge that they had to be receiving Soviet or Chinese support. And those in this country who want to attack Iran, and always seeking justifications for such an attack, jumps at any Sunni accusation of Iranian (Shiite) “aggression” to build the case for U.S. moves against the Islamic Republic.

Of course the Shiites of Iran feel indignant at the oppression of their coreligionists in many countries in the Middle East. But are their responses a bid for empire, or statements and gestures of empathy? It’s not like the capitalists in Tehran and Masshad are profiting mightily from Iran’s support for allies in Syria, Lebanon or anywhere else.

The agreement announced April 2, between the 5+1 powers and Iran, is a significant step back from the U.S. road to war with Iran encouraged by the curiously paired Israelis and Saudis. It’s a signal that the neocons who have dominated U.S. foreign policy well into the Obama era, in alliance with buttheaded politicians rooted in the Christian-Zionist right, are becoming less able to vilify at will, spouting disinformation unchallenged to reach the goal they hardly endeavor to conceal: the total destruction of the status quo in the Muslim world, and its abject surrender to the U.S. Empire.

Still, with the odious Netanyahu spurring them on, they try. And this, strangely enough, means drawing on sensationalist Saudi charges of Iranian ties with regional Shiite communities. The sneering Zionist makes common cause with Salafists presiding over an anti-Semitic culture, versus a country that constitutionally insures its religious minorities representation in parliament.

Iran must be depicted as hell-bent on expansion, although there is little evidence for this. And even if the U.S. is backing off from the nuclear hysteria, conspicuously breaking with its Chicken Little fear-mongering ally on that point, it is still collaborating in the vilification of Iran as a fearsome empire-builder.

The well-educated youth of Iran tweet one another, sharing laughs about U.S. perceptions of their country and the manifest ignorance about their region prevailing in the west. They know their ayatollahs aren’t responsible for the Baathists in Syria, Hizbollah in Lebanon, the Bahraini activists or Yemen’s Houthi militants.

But they know the Manichaeans in Washington, whose brains are wired to think “Good vs. Evil,” are happy to take their cue from their Saudi Sunni friends who want to smash the Shiite presence whenever it gets uppity. They in turn guide the U.S. press, who will continue to tell its audience “it is believed” Iran is the root of all evil in the Middle East. And they’ll never betray the slightest knowledge of, or insight about, a significant historical conflict between religious communities in the Middle East.

GARY LEUPP is Professor of History at Tufts University, and holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Religion. He is the author of Servants, Shophands and Laborers in in the Cities of Tokugawa JapanMale Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan; and Interracial Intimacy in Japan: Western Men and Japanese Women, 1543-1900. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion, (AK Press). He can be reached at:

 PICTURE: Mu’ammar al-Qathafi on cover of an Iranian religious periodical

 Mu on cover of Iranian religious periodical

Shi'ite Houthi rebels watch a televised speech by their leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi in Sanaa
Houthi rally in Saana, Yemen

US-Sponsored Slow-Motion Genocide in Yemen


Washington planned war on Yemen months ago – preemptive naked aggression by any standard with Saudi-led proxies doing Obama’s dirty work.

Plus direct US involvement. Reports indicate one or more American warships shelled Yemeni targets. Israeli warplanes are involved.

Millions of Yemenis are experiencing the horrors of Obama’s terror wars – including willfully targeting residential areas, hospitals, schools, power facilities, Yemen’s largest food storage center and largest dairy plant, and other nonmilitary sites.

Noncombatant men, women and children are being murdered and maimed in cold blood. Bodies are piling up in streets.

Yemeni terror bombing survivors report the ground shaking beneath their feet.

An Uzbek citizen Russia airlifted to safety said

“(w)e couldn’t sleep for the last eight days.”

“We are thankful to Russia and (President) Putin for organizing the evacuation.

Russia was the only country (offering help). No one else has done that.”

A French evacuee called nightly terror-bombing impossible to bear. A Russian citizen airlifted out feared her children would die.

“The whole city (Sanaa) shook from all sides. That is what made me leave,” she said.

On April 7, Pentagon-controlled Stars and Stripes said Washington “is expediting arms deliveries to the Saudi-led coalition that is battling Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen, according to US officials.”

Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visiting Riyadh said “we have expedited weapons deliveries.”

“We have increased our intelligence sharing, and we have established a joint coordination planning cell in the Saudi operation center.”

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said “the US military continues to support the efforts of Saudi Arabia and some of their partners in the region to try to address the security situation along their border that they’re justifiably concerned about.”

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said shipments include “a combination of pre-existing orders made by our partner nations and some new requirements as they expend munitions.”

He gave no details on what’s shipped. Saying only “we’re working very closely with our partners there to get them what they need.”

Washington provides intelligence, air-refueling, logistical help and terror-bombing targets to strike – including residential and other nonmilitary areas murdering civilians.

On Wednesday, at least six children died and others were injured when Saudi warplanes terror-bombed a school in central Yemen.

UNICEF’s Julien Harneis said children “are being killed, maimed and forced to flee their homes, their health threatened and their education interrupted.”

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said many injured have no access to healthcare. The ICRC indicated it’s very hard delivering desperately needed medical supplies.

A spokesperson said if they don’t reach Yemen soon, many more people will die.

Over 100,000 Yemenis have been displaced. Others join them daily – fleeing for their lives, many with nowhere to go.

An ICRC spokesperson called conditions in Yemen’s southern port city Aden “catastrophic.”

It bears repeating. Obama’s war on Yemen is naked aggression by any standard.

International law expert Prof. Francis Boyle calls it a “case of raw, naked, brutal aggression.”

“It is about the United States, by means of its proxies and puppets Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), trying to reassert its control over Yemen because of its strategic location,” he explained.

“The only way there could be any type of lawful military intervention in Yemen is if it comes from the UN Security Council, and that so far hasn’t happened.”

UN Charter Article 2, paragraph 3 states:

“All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.”

According to paragraph 4:

“All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.”

Paragraph 7 states:

“Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter…”

Article 53 prohibits military force without Security Council authorization. None was forthcoming – nor will there be any. Russia and perhaps China won’t permit it.

Horrific ongoing crimes of war and against humanity are being committed. Catastrophic conditions worsen daily.

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter signaled possible greater US involvement saying al-Qaeda’s activities in Yemen are expanding.

It’s vying for greater power, he said. al-Qaeda is a US creation. It’s used as both ally and enemy in different conflict areas. Carter didn’t explain.

He ludicrously warned its “ambition (is) to strike Western targets and the United States.”

Will Washington get more directly involved in Yemen’s conflict it initiated? It remains to be seen.

One thing looks certain. Another US targeted country is being ravaged and destroyed.

Millions of lives are at risk. Many tens of thousands may die before fighting ends. It could continue for years.

A Final Comment

Russia urges resolving Yemen’s conflict diplomatically. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said waging it has no “international legal basis.”

“We were, of course…disappointed that the operation was launched without any consultations with the UN Security Council or any bilateral talks, and that our partners…post factum came to the Security Council and asked for the approval of their actions,”

he explained.

“We can’t do this, because it is a request to approve just one side of the conflict and to outlaw the other side.”

“Our position is different. Right now we are actively working with our Saudi and Egyptian colleagues, with other countries that are taking part in this operation, and are calling for a peaceful settlement.”

“To do this, both belligerents have to take certain steps: the Houthis should stop the combat operation in southern Yemen where there are attempts to capture new territories.”

“The ceasefire must be unconditional. The coalition must stop air strikes.”

“The forces, which confront the Houthis on the ground, also must join the ceasefire.”

“(A)ll parties must come to the negotiating table. This is not beyond our capabilities.”

“The capitals of the region’s countries, possible hosts for the talks, are currently being discussed.”

“They should be acceptable for all of Yemen’s parties and allow for the return to dialogue and peaceful initiatives.”

“The country is in need of national unity and new elections. We have seen all that in Ukraine.”

Obama didn’t wage proxy war on Yemen to quit – not until Washington regains control of its former client state.


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi looking at OBAMA at 2010 summit in Sirte.

Mu looking at OBAMA at 2010 summit in Sirte

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Visit his blog site at Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

DAY of Markings

Mu cheer

Green resistance prevails

“I leave you and I’ll tell you that the green flag will be flying to Libya from the far east to the far west and far north to the far south and the words of the men and Amani is not false.”

Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui says:  

“People throughout Libya – not only in Tripoli – must be able to live without fear…”

6:32 Akram Maikl … Hey Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
de Muammar Kadhafi room Aalbaltok

Jamal Zoubih says half of the Libyan people are still with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi,

and the catastrophe February 17 represent only 15%.
Most of the areas are converging to restore public ..

God, I hope Eachota Publishing
We are all one
Ndaaae youth resistor young conqueror Please work silently Qallkm necessary Tsouro clip in the name of region or city Leach this work possible reckless injury to yourself and other people working and you Matalm SUBJECT
And who makes an clip doing it in the name of Legion battalion group does not matter but I Atzkro names for areas Please Please
Nhanoa all of us and our unity and our strength Legion of Martyrs
No racism, stayed away from Tvkira Gerdany
We are all one
Mu Loves Us all

In 2011 alone,  There were  from 48 countries .. 17939 sorties .. 375 helicopter .. 7642 Land Force Joe .. 470 anti-Kadifah paid sniper-assassins ..

More than 110 Tomahawk missiles .. hundreds of  Thousands of mercenaries on the ground .. uncountable warships and cruisers…

All to eliminate one man named “Muammar al-Qathafi” ..

Salemoly and to “protect civilians.”




Minister of Labour: Close the oil crisis will lead to stop the salaries of excess staffing. Wednesday, 01/01/2014 – 21:00
Tripoli 01 January 2014 (and) – Minister of Labour and warned “Mohammed Soualem”, on Wednesday,

that the continuation of the crisis Close fields and oil ports will lead to stop the salaries of surplus staffing,

which includes large segments of society such as the elderly and job seekers.

He explained, “Soualem” in a press conference held this evening in Tripoli, to halt oil production would have

a negative impact on the Libyan economy and delayed the return of foreign companies to Libya

and lower rates of growth and employment policies as well as the disabled and training adopted by the ministry.

The minister called “Mohammed Soualem” all Libyans to work together to get out of this crisis as soon as possible.

Turning to the most important achievements of the ministry last year as the setting Labor Law Alternative Law No. 12,

and the establishment of Human Resources Development Fund, and the training of 24 thousand job seekers

in the field of computer languages ​​at home, and the organization of expatriate labor by contracting

with companies elicit labor from abroad. …


The end of the contracts involved in the militia shield the end of the day yesterday, 31/12/2013

Misurata Shield Militia in Tripoli fighting for no reason the civilians of Tripoli in OCTOBER 2013 who only protested their presence.
The MISRATANS ended up killing 53 innocents and more than 400+ were dangeously injured. Mass graves were found at various illegal”prisons” of theirs where they mercilessly tortured over the past 2 years whoever they pleased and abducted young women. They left their premises in worst than pig-stye states…with blood all over the place:



by: Hanan Salah

Misrata’s militias were among the first to move into Tripoli as the war drew to a close in 2011.

Misrata men are in the Libyan Shield Force linked to the defense ministry. They are a wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who rule over the country.
The Libya Shield Forces, are the militias who mainly hail from Misrata and who have been operating with impunity since the 2011 uprising. Their presence is particularly galling because of their reputation for abuse.

Libya’s president (and head of parliament) Nuri Abu Sahmain Bushmin deployed the Libya Shield Forces in the name of security, after a spate of assassinations and bombings in Tripoli.

This is only one of several disturbing changes. On August 5 the parliament granted Abu Sahmain Bushmin the authority to adopt “urgent and necessary measures” to restore security in the country.

These exceptional powers amount to an unofficial state of emergency, which Abu Sahmain Bushmin derogated to the minister of defense. They authorize “arresting criminals” and “establishing the rule of law.” But the decree does not state what lawful powers are given to the militias, when people can be arrested, who can arrest them or for how long they can be held. Nor does it specify the duration of this “temporary” phase. If regional practices are anything to go by, it could be years, not months.

Calls from activists from City visitors claim to collect signatures and withdraw confidence from the National Congress leader MB Nuri Bushmin of Misurata.
The GNC Libyan Shield (‘Muslim’ Brotherhhod) of Nuri Bushmin arrows invading BANI WALID backed by Qatari):

The Libyan Shield of Nuri Bushmin arrows invading BANI WALID

Nuri Bushman w John McCain

Pictured above is BUSHMIN with the real “ruler” of Libya, John McCAIN.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:
Calls from activists from City visitors claim to collect signatures and withdraw

confidence from the National Congress leader MB Nuri Bushmin of Misurata.


Amazigh in Zuwarah: yelling at Nuri A-Bushmin and demanding to bring down

the presidency of the National Conference year, after he is called a traitor to their cause.

Nuri Bushman w John McCain

Lake of the page Iaahrar …. ÔăćÎ Bomenaar

Hero Hussein Gammoudi captive Belkacem free
Prisoner Mujahid Sheikh Hassan Gammoudi Belkacem free:

one commander loyal comrades.




Vodafone Group in Libya, a British company Vodafone multinational specialized in providing services for mobile networks
The Internet Ptkhc Lee Libya Ostaatmar!

Means of salvation was not Libyana not over filled it not for NTT’s not idle gossip!

Science Vodafone Foundation to provide the best projects and services for mobile phones around the world!

Almgarhh tribe —-
Threaten to sit in front of the industrial river system
In the middle of the month of Jan.
In protest against the ill-treatment suffered by
(Abdullah Senoussi) inside the prison and denied access to him and in case of failure to meet their demands, which are considered legitimate demands and in accordance with the law and international customary Moaúik on human rights will lock the water until they are to meet their demands which are
1 – to allow him to visit, just like the rest of the prisoners
2 – presented to the Doctors specialize in knowing what is called the Ministry of Health and the United Nations and extract certified health certificate from the ministry
3 – treated humanely and not subjected to psychological pressure and Taadib ..



O angle Nbashrk mind …
At the dawn of yesterday’s bombing Tuesday was the monument to the revolution in the area of ​​the alleged customers Awlad Saqr ..
And at the dawn of the day was the bombing of the headquarters of the Association of clients
militias Awlad Issa non Mnhspin the honorable tribe Albulaazh:


Now: Corinthia, Rixos, tightening insurance by elements of the army against the backdrop of an attack by gunmen in the farmer.

Equipment within the militia LIFG “graduates of Oxford University branch Abu Salim”

for control of the capital Tripoli immediately withdraw confidence from the government Zaidane on Sunday.

Heavy deployment of military vehicles in Tripoli this morning.

Urgent and important:

bleeding 1600.

people of  “Ansar al-Sharia” … at the Mitigua airport.. agtimaa..

Inventory. Raof hater. today…, exit. queue..

Mitigua …To camp in Tajourah... will—- out. creations.

Green… they are our Army.
Jacking. people.. I, alantibah, yaharar. this was a trap by rats

I..Circulate ……I hope .. Circular. Publishing. Ali. All. Pages.’s Resistance.

# (Born leader)


Voice hit 14.5 pal and lead in the vicinity of Bab al-Aziziya.

THE Medical Student strike is over.The GNC granted their honest request:

Students Media Center – Media Center Student
# # Ham on the grant of financial:
Grant funds were transferred to the banks by the university, and the grant will be spent for the months of 10 and 11, only the month # 12 Vstsrv with Grant coming as a result of a deficit in the budget of the university.
Therefore, the grant will be # 400 dinars.

(Rector d. Civil outsider)
And quoting Union University students Tripoli

Still a number of people continuing to close a number of ministries and public companies in Tripoli.The continuation of the siege of Foreign Affairs building in the capital Tripoli by armed militias.
Comments should sit around the spark oil field as of Thursday morning for two weeks, subject to extension or cancellation by the government to implement the demands of the protesters after negotiations with the Minister of Defense .. ((Note that the spark field produces about 330 000 barrels per day and feeds the barn reservoirs company to Corner the oil refining ..)).
Unidentified ::::
Unidentified gunmen last night attack on the corner of the local council and they have to tamper with all its contents …….
# (Born Leader)


Gel Tripoli ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Urgent Tripoli and to confirm the news of the disappearance of weapons last night from the south of the city which is 8 missiles (Scud) and 45 missile (Milan thermal) and 300 rocket-propelled grenade type (Metingr) Portable Aketv and Aktar than 2000 ammunition box light, medium from Camp Old south of Tripoli. Specifically Camp Spring Valley, where it is not the first time I received and exposed to camps such as Hedda kind of theft or disappearance
Where in the beginning I do not want to say that the source story, but to clarify more in a phone call now at this late date insisted source for anonymity, a Mandarin Salah Ubaida ordered confidentiality of 17 February, the security of Tripoli and a member of the joint patrols, where I confirmed the theft and we are waiting for a statement from Mr. Colonel on senile spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff told me that each brought his voice told me that the Libyans as well as a letter to the President of the General Staff, a Mandkh briefed on the cover, according to him and to turn the force except in God
Thank you, Mr. Salah Ubaida one rebel city of Tripoli, a field commander during (so-called) “the war of liberation” to clarify the fact that some people want Nkerha and Tkzebha and denied.
Mutassim Faitouri – Qusay cabled.

Stresses suffered a militia camps south of Tripoli to the old robbery last night, and specifically
Camp Spring Valley, where it is not the first time that the camps are exposed to this kind of
Theft or disappearance.





News received shortly before Surman waiting for confirmation:
He has been dropped from a Yankee drone in the city of Surman was flying
at a low altitude was shot in a heavily shedding farms Surman.


And Rishvana
Killing one person from the family of the population Kulmoz Kerkozh at the Higher Institute of occupations
overall Balzhra releasing it in the head
News that the killer is Ahmed Orabi, Abojeelh Alsoiei of the globe.
Rally to the relatives of the deceased in preparation for an attack now.
# (Born Leader)
Robbery at a car company’s electricity distribution circle Zahra in the area south of Tina mil
It is the last car owned this circuit
In the new ... Elly Libby service maintenance to power lines or Kabana disqualify the idea of ​​his head






Aajaaaal department in Ajeelat:

Or three people were killed in Al-doarnah
Abdullah calves
Ayad Abdul Rahman Juma
One of the sons Edjalh
Shooting at them by unknown assailants and the presence of a car near a mosque Aldoarnah it Itar shooting.

Now department in Ajeelat

Injury called Rami Bacouche seriously injured was shot in the shoulder and abdomen

and killing one of his companions and the transfer of the hospital to Otrha beautiful and

so Otina attempting to rob a car to one of the citizens.




Close the road link between Tripoli and Gharyan.



The assassination of Abdul Hameed Al-mzoga one of the leaders fields Miciat Gharyan shot by unknown assailants.
# (Born Leader)



Image foreign debt been killed today on the coasts city of Sabratha:


President of the Council Aeltsiara survived to the western mountain area Alco \ “Musa Hassan Aazim \”,

from an assassination attempt early Wednesday in front of his house in the same area.

The head of the council that the unidentified stopped their car in front of his house at three o’clock in the morning

and once you hear the sound of the car to open the door to them and proceeded to shoot corrected and escaped \ “.

Added \” he was unable to know the people or car number and that opening report on the incident

at the police station area Alco \ “.

destination and police confirmed that the center they heard the sound of gunfire in the area.


Amazigh in Zuwarah:

yelling at Nuri A-Bushmin and demanding to bring down the presidency of the National Conference year

after he is called a traitor to their cause.


Citing news channel Brotherhood ::::
Found next to the bodies of foreigners complex Mellita.

The sound of a British man and a woman from New Zealand were found today near the Mellitah ..

Image of aliens who were killed :

Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas
Clarification by brother Hussein Ashour concerning oil field line lock fulfill ..
Close crude oil line from the sender field to fulfill passing Bnalot:
Do you know the Libyan people and these protesters that field fulfillment out of it Onbuban and Mottaghan compound Mellita,one of these lines to pump gas and other line to pump crude oil, and production from the well will be a mixture of oil and gasare separated in the field, and then be sent to the gas to the complex Mellita across gas pipelineand send crude oil through the pipeline of crude oil,in the case of the closure of pipeline pumping crude oil, and continued to pump gas from the tube the other meansthat the reservoirs in the field to fulfill will be filled with crude oil,and it even Aitoagaf gas pump must find a discharge of crude oil product.Altbarfah only in this case is sent to the torch and be burned,
and that the field is produced in about 30 000 barrels per day of crude oil,
even if we assume that the price of a barrel of which means it is burned three million dollars a day,
Rizk state and the people burn it
and told you national and God,
Iaotunaian Noadwa Nodh Unit and Save your country !


The head of the local council in favor of Nalut Salem that a group of members of the guard oil installations
blocking the line of crude oil passing through the city since yesterday,
demanding payment of overdue salaries since March 2013.
 NALUT protestors



le statut de “Bani Walid speak”:Embarking on the first phase of the establishment of the public arena,
which is located downtown Bani Walid specific market area
and contain flat grass and around the parking good sign and good
to show the city in the best form Thank you to all those efforts and constructive.
A tribute attached to them
Rabea Alfoghi (4 photos)

# Bani Walid _

Put the first layer of asphalt for the road link between the road and the new dual Aldahara main road in BANI WALID:



Flint Awami

Tawergha stain of stigma on the forehead of February

Cover for channel Libya Al-Ahrar to a fire at a camp Tawergha in Tripoli. A meeting with an old age than the 90 crying her house burned, then moved reporter to meet with the head of the local council and official camps said this is not the first fire, but the fifth or sixth said there was a family of deaf Can you hear but God of peace. When after those old said this cry for her burned here is a lounge with 7 people!! , And the same time her house in her hometown seared Tawergha. He also said in this frost does not know what to tell them understand now waiting for me to tell them where to lodge.
And ask the country is waging Sayer and they Heca!! God will not walk the country one iota as long as there are the likes of this old man, God is enough, and yes, the agent Valzalim thieves.



Atef Shelmani:
# Sirte
News talking about the assassination attempt, “Taher Ramadan,” the commander
Farouk battalion to the city of Sirte and the Secretary of the Commission
The security of the city.

Libyan news agency | |
Chairman of the Board of Sirte local calls protesters who they lock several vital facilities in the city
for a dialogue to discuss their demands rather than the interests of disabled people and the city.




News of the explosion in the city of Ajdabiya now ..



Assassinations arrived turf?
Survived dawn yesterday recruiter Khaled Said Horus of a failed assassination attempt
Carried out by unknown persons during the period of his shift gate Prairie Cemetery
next to the old second Sidi Khalifa, which is the first attempt to assassinate explicit in turf.


Unidentified people threw Gelatina on the door of the Arab market and there is no loss,

only a fraction of the crash of the door …….

When the news about the bombing of the Arab market as you said, that unknown persons threw

Gelatina at the door of the market, which led to the damaged part of the door and part of one

of the shops and it turns out that it is the people that their purpose is the theft and now the deployment of the place and secured ..


Sources say that he heard the sound of the Gelatina blast, which a lot is the voice of milkfish area
and there is no damage, thankfully.
Law students are demanding exemption Vice Dean
“Atmosphere of the country” –
Squatting student of law students at the University of Benghazi exemption Vice Dean of work and activate regulations college.
The Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Benghazi, Suleiman Ibrahim Alshata .
The college students I spoke to agreed with them on the activation of the regulations, saying the removal of the Vice-Dean and Dean have set is not for the students.
Alshata explained in a statement to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday that if there are complaints from students against any one of the members of the faculty or staff, they should be submitted to the President of the University, which is in turn a neutral committee to investigate the complaints.
And between Alshata that faculty members objected to the item to be updated, a part of the curriculum, which entered into a partial exam is not covered by the final exam, and faculty, according to the demand of the competence of the faculty member and the student is not.
Alshata confirmed that the annual examinations of the system will go ahead starting next week, to resume study in the quarterly system early next week for a week to supplement the lectures, which will be the week after the holiday.
It is worth mentioning that the sit-in students of the Faculty of Law of the quarterly system began over a week ago and is still continuing.
Imad al-Drissi, known as “Abu surgeon” works in the so-called unit securing the port of Benghazi,
and a members-Qaeda terrorist organization.

. Publishing widely oh free.
Born Leader:
1 – survival lieutenant Mohamed Saad Albergthe Navy special forces after an assassination attempt by
a masked Mtaderth near the bridge Buhedama Benghazi.
2 – The assassination of Colonel in Military Intelligence Abdulhakim Abaao after that was targeted
by unknown assailants shot, next to the Security Directorate of Benghazi. News that the people
of the deceased Astaano NATO to provide air cover.
Self-styled Special Forces ((Department of Investigation)) says two people were arrested
inside the University of Benghazi and U.S. nationality ..


Explosion in al-Salam neighborhood in disasters.




Observer navigational Libyan:
Found an unidentified body on a beach in Tobruk.


The kidnapping of a retired army officer continued to supply the military in the city of Derna #





The killing of Al-Ahly Benghazi player “Ali Akhchibh Gaddafi” in the city of

Sabha area Mansheya,

due to lead exposure left him by the gunmen, and on the back of a tribal problem

in the city of Sabha two weeks ago, not his fault in any trouble.

# Sabha …
Detailing the death of the late Ali Osman Akhchibh Gaddafi as he was leaving their house, which is located near the homes of family Triki was shot by a sniper from above the house of a family Triki and wounded gunshot to the chest under the heart and drove a wounded that arrived in front of the houses Turban in Mansheya and told them Anar who fired it was to resuscitate him to a hospital March 2 and, unfortunately, he died.
That to God and to Him we return.


Today with age have been condemned Apartment Abdullah bin Ali Nile shooters by a sniper from the Jardan Awlad Suleiman, which led to the destruction of the TV screen in the hall and knead the apartment due to the entry of lead inside the apartment ….
The apartment is located in Sabha Manshiyya
Is not there a deterrent to those bastards after they became brothers Iguenson honorable Akaddadfh inside their homes …
Suffice it, and yes, the agent.
Injury, one of the sons Akaddadfh tribe called (Ali Osman Akhchibh) by militias Aaulad Solomon is now in intensive care ……




24 JANIUARY 2013

Dr. Tahirul Qadri

Imran Khan is still an enigma for many Pakistanis. Accused by his detractors of being soft on Islamic extremists, Khan has always vehemently denied the allegations.

But just when everyone was waiting for the current coalition government led by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to complete its 5-year-term in March this year and announce fresh election, Dr. Tahirul Qadri appeared on the scene, waving his fist to lead a ‘long march’ to occupy Pakistan’s manicured capital, Islamabad, and turn that city into a Tahrir Square (the place where the so-called “Arab Spring” was launched in Egypt).

His sudden appearance and move took everyone by surprise. Most of his critics in the government, the opposition and the media were quick to denounce him as being yet another ploy and puppet of those sections of the country’s military-establishment and intelligence agencies who have been blamed time and time again for derailing democracy in Pakistan.

Ever since 1958, the military has thrice toppled civilian set-ups, accusing them of being corrupt and compromising Pakistan’s internal and external security.

However, each one of these military regimes fell and were replaced with democratic governments.

But this hasn’t meant the ouster of the military and its agencies as political players.





ATTACK on the young Libyan ARMY Training SOLDIER-CAMP PROGRAM in Turkey by “ANSAR al-SHARIA”  from Syria

4 young men die and innumerable are wounded!

Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV

# Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
Ansar al-Sharia in Syria have  made an armed attack on a special training camp Libyan army in Turkey,

resulting in the deaths of four members and many of the wounded.





 Rached Ghannouchi meeting and BHL, or Islamo-Zionism in


Rachid Barnat writes on 08 NOVEMBER 2013 11:34 :

“Ghannouchi, the uneducated, did not even realize that he is adept Wahabism which is fed served and serves colonialism: 
– English used it to dismantle the Ottoman Empire and then colonize the country wrested from Ottoman 
– Americans use it to keep under their control all the monarchies and their black gold manna, 
– The pétromoarques enriched their petrodollars, use it to dominate and colonize “Arab” republics whose people have just finished getting rid of their dictators! 
And if he is aware, this is even worse: it is a betrayal to Tunisia!

Wahabism SERVING Zionism! 


For those who wonder why Barack Hussein Obama supports so the “Muslim Brotherhood” is the stated goal of this guild is to rebuild and return to the Islamic Ummah and the Caliphate time.
This presupposes that there will be no borders within the Arab countries, there will be no Arab NATIONS …

Watch this video of the young Benjamin Netanyahu 28 years old and already fortiche geopolitical … to affirm and confirm the state of Israel throughout the Palestinian territory since the Ummah “brothers” there is more than nationality … therefore more Palestinian nationality and any Palestinian short!

It is a pillar of the Zionist strategy of talking about ONE Arab nation or Ummah, to say that the Palestinians do not need country, flag, national identity, as they have not need to be rooted in history …

You just rehouse!

And for this Ummah will do: In 80-90 years Jordan was a potential candidate for installation on its territory.
Other desert regions will do the Bedouin nomadic landless as say the Zionists who occupied an unpopulated territory, arguing their case to the UN for the granting of a country for the Jews of Europe after the Shoah!

Moreover, in recent years Barack Hussein Obama thinks Sinai in Egypt … to squeeze the people became cumbersome for the Zionists and trying to source in the world since the creation of Israel in 1948.

Interesting and hat to the young Benjamin Netanyahu!
That is why he approached Qatar and its protected the “Muslim Brotherhood” … they work in the direction of his thesis!
And once again comes to the rescue Wahabism colonialism!

And during this time our young people Jihad Nikah or explode for nothing … still the land of Islam killing Muslims!
Congratulations to the conqueror of Wahabism pétromonarchie and too bad for the morons who adopt “Salafi” jihadists “and other obscurantist!

07 November  2013
Levy and Ghannouchi


On August 15, Rached Ghannouchi met Bernard Henri Lévy in a Parisian hotel. The leader of the sect of the Muslim Brother met the apostle of Zionism few hours before seeing Beji Caid Essebsi in another hotel. May 6, 2013, we have devoted an entire article on this a priori alliance against nature, under the title “And here is the Wahabi-Zionism in all its splendor.”Here is the result and not the end!

When a few weeks ago, Bernard Henri Lévy was questioned on Europe 1 about the truth or falsehood of this meeting, he refused to confirm or deny. And that means everything. He actually met the head of the Salafist sect, along with Ameur Larayedh, a member of the ANS and brother of Ali Larayedh, who still serves as prime minister and leading boat the screenwriters who want to replace. One can guess why this fraternal meeting between Wahabism and Zionism.

Of Salafi-Zionism, we have already spoken several times. While this term may offend Muslims as well as Jews, even though the majority of the Jews of France, as the majority of Muslims also are deeply anti-Salafists, the term refers to a reality that nobody can deny: the alliance between the Zionists and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. This alliance is perfectly clear in Syria and Libya. It notes the secret Qatar. It is increasingly visible in Tunisia.

We still remember repetitive visits John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, in the first nine months that followed the fall of Ben Ali and the fake “murder” of al-Qathafi. We still remember the fraternal embrace between Hammadi Jebali and John McCain, Christian and yet hyper-Zionist, like most neocons, who played a key role in the destruction of Iraq.

We also remember the June 26, 2013, when a large delegation of the “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) went to Tunis. To refresh your memory, here’s what we wrote then.

“This delegation arrived in total stealth at the airport Tunis-Carthage where in the VIP lounge, she was greeted by six government members of the troika and two representatives of the Presidency. It is in a hotel Ghammarth that the first meetings were held with executives Enahhda. The next day it was the turn of a delegation of Ettakatol. In the evening of Friday, members of AIPAC have met three other senior representatives of the opposition parties that we do not yet know the names.Certainly, AIPAC is capable of uniting all the “lifeblood” of the Nation! ”

“While this Zionist organization has never been countries Tunisia, both chaired by Bourguiba than Ben Ali, his arrival in Tunis, under the hegemony of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood calls some gullible especially as the leader of this sect, Rached Ghannouchi, is part of its guests first. In response to the information disseminated by MosaïqueFM, the section of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Tunisia, Ennahda, denied in a statement today, have every relationships or contacts with APAIC. But heck why they consider it serious to have relationships with AIPAC? As we have said, this Zionist lobby is very respectable! These members love redskins Palestine and they advocate for the birth of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital! ”

We also remember the beginning of June 2013, when Rached Ghannouchi attended a seminar in Washington, alongside which a meeting between the former terrorist and AIPAC was organized. The organizer of this movement, which is not the first, is the Islamo-Zionist American, Rédouane Masmoudi. This wheeler chairs a think-tank funded by NGOs, including screens of the CIA. He says promote understanding between cultures and religions! That is to say, the consolidation of long-standing ties between the Muslim Brotherhood, masons and Zionists Brothers Brothers.

We finally remembers the ceremony organized by the Foreign Policy magazine in which Rached Ghannouchi received the distinction as “one of the greatest intellectuals of the Year 2011”, awarded by the American media. It was early December and 100 “major influential intellectuals” had received the same distinction. Among them, the war criminal Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Robert Gates, John McCain, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Muslim Brother Erdogan, the leader of the Libyan “revolution” Bernard Henri Lévy,

and a panel of other “prominent Arab personalities, such as the Muslim Brother Wadah Khanfar, Mustapha Barghouthi, Mohamed ElBaradei, and the two cyber-collaborators Egyptian Wael Ghonim and Tunisian Sami Ben Gharbia.Lacked more to this conglomerate Slim Amamou and Lina Ben Mhenni.

During this visit to Washington, Rached Ghannouchi took the opportunity to visit the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where he gave a lecture on his vision of Islam “moderate.” This institution is a very influential think tank which was founded in 1985 by Martin Indyk, former research fellow at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)!

Imagine that this Thursday, November 8, Rached Ghannouchi is already in Washington, where he was invited to a conference at Harvard! According to Maghreb Confidential No. 1084, October 31, 2013, “The president of Ennahda should also be discreet rendezvous in Washington, where Ennahda has lost a lot of support since his arrival in the business.” Help my brothers Zionists!!

The meeting of 15 August between Sheikh Tunisian ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Rabbi Zionist brothers were therefore not coincidental. It is indeed a Muslim-Zionist alliance which is the ancestor erdoganienne Turkey and Qatar-hamadien Mozza is the provider. No matter what Rached Ghannouchi think Jews, or what BHL think of Islam in general and Palestinians in particular. Did he not write, after the occupation of Libya, that sharia is a good thing for this country? No matter what think those two impostors, but they should worry about what people think lay Democrats and true humanist Jews and Muslims? Them, they know very well that the Muslim-Zionist alliance is ephemeral and only the Judeo-Christian-Islamic alliance is eternal.

Read also

Karim Zmerli  writes in MAY 2013:

The name of ASL, c ‘ is to say, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, barbaric Al Qaeda and offshore Islamo-terrorists (Chechens, Tunisians, Libyans, Saudis, Taliban, Australians, French, Belgians, English …) who responded to the call Jihad of Qaradaoui, Rached Ghannouchi and John McCain! 

in February 2011, the operation in which Tunisian cyber-collaborators were instrumental motor, Israeli services were already involved. In full coordination with the Wahabi emirate of Qatar, a Tunisian philosopher called Qatraël and the Turkish Islamist government, Israel militarily and logistically supported the “rebels”. Besides the destruction of Syria who stands up to him for half a century, Israel’s interest is obvious: revenge Hezbollah has inflicted a humiliating defeat in 2006, breaking the axis Tehran-Damascus-Beirut isolate Iran until the attack with his new Sunni allies.

The Tunisian government usurper, proposed by John McCain and Joe Lieberman, revised and corrected by Sheikh Hamad and Sheikha Mozza, has not responded to this aggression against Syria. Normal for a government sold and vassal, who was the first to break off diplomatic relations with Syria and Tunisia to host the first congress of Syrian traitors and mercenaries. 

This silence Tunisian government vassal is so unbearable that even the very serious site Kapitalis had to react in unusual terms: “Neither Moncef Marzouki, primarily responsible for the Tunisian diplomacy or larayedh Ali, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs depends, nor yet the Minister in charge of this department, Othman Jarandi career diplomat said, has thought fit to publish a statement, even laconic, to condemn, even lip and form, attack aviation Israeli military against the Centre for Scientific Research Jamraya, Damascus, in the night from Saturday to Sunday … Mr. Marzouki and larayedh they await instructions from the Emir of Qatar and his Foreign Minister to know the position to take ? ”

From the “Jasmine Revolution” that announced the “Arab Spring”, the Israeli had chosen their camp, the “democrats” against the “dictatorship” of “human rights” against the “tyranny”. So that people do not realize anything, the Muslim-Zionist propaganda persuaded the Arab public opinion that Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi are “agents of America” ​​and “Mossad agents”. That is to say, they have set their own treachery and their own imperialist-Zionist servility on their political opponents. With the help of cyber-collaborators, it was falsely said that Ben Ali and Mubarak fired on protesters with bullets of the Israeli army, IDF officers attended and advised al-Qathafi’s Great Jamahiriya Army against the mercenaries in Benghazi …

From the “Jasmine Revolution” in January 2011, everything was clear, however, for those who have little political experience and little knowledge of geopolitics. Things became even clearer when the number three al-Qaeda, Abdelhakim Belhadj, and the number 1 French Zionist Bernard Henri-Lévy put hand in hand to destroy Libya. This same incestuous couple continued his crusade against macabre Syria, hoping to finish his dirty work as quickly as possible to move to Algeria. But Syria, rulers and ruled, resisted. And it is because this great nation has endured, that Israel went from Hard Power to Soft Power …. and showing the open Islamo-Zionist alliance.

The powerful Zionist lobby AIPAC received in Tunisia

28 June , 2013 

by: Karim Zmerli

A delegation of ten people AIPAC arrived in Tunis Wednesday, June 26 for a visit to “work” three days. They have already met with representatives of the authorities and the opposition. The architect of this movement of AIPAC and its agenda in Tunisia is Islamo-Zionist Rédouane Masmoudi.This racketeer who pretends to be a political scientist said recently in Algiers: “I wish that Algeria is the model of Muslim democracy.”

Le puissant lobby sioniste AIPAC reçu en Tunisie
Except MosaïqueFM and today itself and Tanir Press yesterday, no Tunisian media has not talked about this visit AIPAC in Tunisia. The ten members of the powerful American Zionist organization are yet to Tunis since Wednesday 26 JuneTomorrow is Saturday and not Friday as some sites have announced that they should leave the country of the “Jasmine Revolution.” Why this Omerta? AIPAC is an organization yet quite respectable (see video)!According to our diplomatic channels, the delegation of the influential pro-Israel U.S. organization “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) arrived in total stealth at the airport Tunis-Carthage where in the VIP lounge It was hosted by six government members of the troika and two representatives of the Presidency. It is in a hotel Ghammarth that the first meetings were held with executives Enahhda. The next day it was the turn of a delegation of Ettakatol. In the evening of Friday, members of AIPAC have met three other senior representatives of the opposition parties that we do not yet know the names. Decidedly, AIPAC is capable of uniting all the “lifeblood” of the Nation!While the Zionist organization has never been countries Tunisia, both chaired by Bourguiba than Ben Ali, his arrival in Tunis, under the hegemony of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood calls some gullible especially as the chief this sect, Rached Ghannouchi, is part of its guests first. In response to the information disseminated by MosaïqueFM, the section of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Ennahda, denied in a statement today, have every relationships or contacts with APAIC.But heck why they consider it serious to have relationships with AIPAC? As we have said, this Zionist lobby is very respectable! These members love redskins Palestine and they advocate for the birth of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital!Rached Ghannouchi recall that participated, there are 15 days in a seminar in Washington, alongside which a meeting between the former terrorist and AIPAC was organized. The organizer of this movement, which is not the first, is the Islamo-Zionist American, Rédouane Masmoudi. This wheeler chairs a think-tank funded by NGOs, including screens of the CIA. He says promote understanding between cultures and religions!

That is to say, the consolidation of long-standing ties between the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, masons and Zionists Brothers Brothers. 


satan-by-jack-chick1 SATAN WANTS THE WORLD

Rumours, rumors, and more rumours!

Mu awaits in red room

Mu Green wow

Mu's hide-a-way

(PHOTO OF MUAMMAR al-Qathafi’s secret hide-a-way)

Bomb -caliber exposed to Almlae with discretion and clear of rats 20 Dec. 2012:

Elewa Assad in a confidential report very arrived the day of the final report to analyze

the DNA of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi.

Analysis Center in Sarajevo, and after more than analysis and discernible sample of DNA for Dr. Billah sure the DNA of the body,

which was believed to be the leader Muammar Gaddafi does not match the DNA of the leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim

has been approved center specializing in Sarajevo,

the largest center in the world on this result yesterday and forwarded it to the Libyan government

by revealing the fear of the spread God this news and great news for sure one hundred percent ….

(# Faris Abu Salim)


bloodmoon1      +       

EXPECTATIONS? or False Hope…

Tomorrow rare partial eclipse of the sun in Libya

Atmosphere of the country –

Said Director of the Office of Astronomy Center Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Mansour Ahqifa that a partial eclipse of the sun rarely happen tomorrow, Sunday afternoon , the Libyans will be able to view it with the naked eye .

The Ahqifa added that this eclipse called Balahjan or because it mixed two types of eclipse occurs starts Balhalqa then holistic and then back again annular However, in Libya will see partly by approximately 17 % .

The Ahqifa warned of the danger of looking at the sun during an eclipse with the naked eye because it causes damage to the eye, stressing the need for the use of filters or special glasses for this purpose.

The last total eclipse happened in Libya was in the twenty – ninth of March 2006 , where monitoring occurred in the south in the presence of centers and institutions specialized international space science .

The Return of Muammar al-Qathafi as Our Mahdi ?


A rare hybrid solar eclipse is set to take place this weekend, and such events are not simply coincidences of nature.
In 1967 and 1968 it was linked to the Six-Day War.
When the moon turns to blood, man’s redemption is near.
“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.” (Joel 2:31)
Acts 2 : “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness

and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”

On Sunday, November 3 , 2013 , there will be a partial eclipse , throat , and then total the sun at four in the afternoon until six o’clock in the evening
It is the most serious of its kind and one look at the sun may lead to retinal damage and blindness Express at the same time .. So please do not look at the sun at that time .

How the eclipse prayer ,,,

Praise be to Allaah and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah and his family upon the Eclipse prayer is said by Ibn qudaamah, and the other one to pray two rak’ahs, and deprived of the first start and seek refuge and reads the fatiha and surah Al-baqarah, or of in length, then kneeling, swim as far as God 100, then hauling it says: sami’a Allaahu Liman hamidah Lord and you praise, and then reads the fatiha and Imran or of in length, then kneeling as much as two-thirds of his kneeling, then remove it and hears praise and worship, perpetuates prostration, then The second rak’ah to read Surat women, then kneeling, swim

As much as two-thirds of the eulogy, then remove the light and table reads, then kneeling, prolongs without previous, then remove it and hears praise and worship, perpetuates. It is all better: in every rak’ah risings and prostrations, kneelings and readings, even prayed two rak’ahs as Eclipse prayers voluntary prayers right, in which six rkoaat in each rak’ah three rkoaat is true, all of this has received. Proof such as narrated by Al-bukhaari and Muslim from Aisha’s husband the Prophet said: she sink down the Sun in the life of the Prophet went to mosque row people behind it, the large vaktra Messenger of Allah peace be upon him read long and large, tall then kneeling kneeling down said sami’a Allaahu Liman hamidah, who was prostrate and read long read below first reading and then large kneeling knelt and is lower than the first bowing said sami’a Allaahu Liman hamidah Our Lord, you praise and then prostrated and then said in that afterlife rak’ah then completed four rak’ahs in the four prostrations and she be clear before the sun goes out then he commended God what is his and then are told Eitan ayatollahs don’t they sink down to the death of one of his life if they see those they frightened to pray, and God knows best.

Mansour Ahqifa that a partial eclipse of the sun rarely happen tomorrow, Sunday afternoon , the Libyans will be able to view it with the naked eye .

The Ahqifa added that this eclipse called Balahjan or because it mixed two types of eclipse occurs starts Balhalqa then holistic and then back again annular However,

in Libya will see partly by approximately 17 % .

The Ahqifa warned of the danger of looking at the sun during an eclipse with the naked eye because it causes damage to the eye, stressing the need for the use of filters or special glasses for this purpose.

Resurrection and the fire in the Qur’an mentioned the resurrection and Hell in the Holy rears:
1 – the fear of God
2 – Evaluating behavior
3 – Building self-monitoring
4 – peeve healing believers
5 – compassion from the punishment of God
6 – Maximize God
7 – get ready to meet God
8 – Do not deceived business
9 – quit transgressions of God
10 – apprehension and dread of it.

Eagles skeletal waited for them a lot in the coming days they Qaaadmon you …

¤¤الله. الوطن.القائد¤¤

♡ God, Libya . Homeland. Commander ♡

¤ ¤ ¤ Libya’s victorious 2013 ¤ ¤ ¤
Struggle continues ….

Mbrowoowowok Everyone has Mazaaaal to stainless and fixed on the even Alaaaan the principle
He succeeded with distinction in a test of patience and steadfastness
He says scientists have mastered patience will be able to master anything else in life.


“O Allah, I seek refuge in You from poverty and few and humiliation, and I seek refuge in You from the darker and darker.”
Congratulations to everyone Saber and stainless and .. Vpkm Great Jamahiriya will rise again.

We tell you …

We are determined to victory ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇
¤ ¤ ◆ Qahsa the ◆ ¤ ¤

# (Faris Abu Salim)

White Lion eating pumpkin stuffed with chicken at Ouwehands Dierenpark

Word Us Now:

Mhalaot Muslim Brotherhood repeated Heroes net services in Libya fear of Nov. 9,,,,

And the likelihood of a piece coming days,


Qaeda arming of Libya as a prelude to a long-term war

Reported yesterday newspaper “World Tribune ” American ” that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb stores a huge arsenal of surface to air missiles ” Sam “in Algeria , up to a thousand rockets , so quoting security sources based on intelligence reports about terrorism in North Africa and the the coast.
The report pointed out that the organization has also anti-tank missiles and a large quantity of assorted weapons , which is expected to use during the implementation of terrorist operations throughout the region .
According to the same source , the terrorists were able to obtain large amounts of sophisticated weapons in preparation to enter into a long-lasting war in North Africa , which is likely to be sourced from Libya , given the growing phenomenon of smuggling of weapons across the Libyan border to neighboring countries .
The report also said the U.S. operation carried out by the security services involved in Algeria a few days ago , where I managed to discover a huge arsenal of weapons hidden state of Illizi , near the border with Libya , which include sophisticated weapons mostly called shells on the shoulder, and targeting helicopters and aircraft flying at a low altitude , a process which is the largest in the last period given the military’s efforts in prosecuting terrorism and detect His hideouts in the process of conquest outlined endorsed by President Bouteflika weeks ago .
And suggested intelligence reports of America, to be al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb , has bought weapons from the armed militia , which controls the storage of arms of the Libyan regime before, pointing out that this huge inventory will be used to help the organization to expand regionally , in reference to neighboring countries, which are a target , such as Tunisia , which saw terrorist operations and wide in the recent period -style killing of a large number of officers Tunisians and members of the national Guard , along with twin suicide in each of Sousse and Monastir last Wednesday, that targeted tourist places in the country and that brings a large number of tourists foreigners.

أخبار المقاومة الليبية الباسلة وجرائم وفضائح الناتو

Hadar valid terrorist yesterday in the Friday sermon he said:

Unless we insist mujahideen in Libya .. Of intended Mujahideen in Libya??

الارهابي يسري الهدار امس فى خطبة الجمعة قال:اللهم انصر المجاهدين فى ليبيا .. من يقصد بالمجاهدين فى ليبيا ؟؟

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 10/30/2013 P

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in fallopian Alkhdhara, Al Khaimah on 10/26/2013

God, Muammar and Libya ups

Leader Muammar al-Qathafi

Here you are crawling around Muammar al-Qathafi Men, Women, Baby Girls follows with Muammar al-Qathafi ..

Revolution Muammar al-Qathafi glory .. I pride Libya for the Libyan people in the summit ..

who wants glory remembers the evacuation of the Italians, the evacuation of Americans.



Transfer to LIBYA NOW Libya now
P for:-

Certificate of Mr. p p

I swear to God three times I passed on my God, what I am saying Shahid
One of the members of the Council after the liberation of told me that Fawzi Pocket p received from Qatar 1000 gun silencer voice … And are curious about what it wants boktev in 1000 pistol silencer for editing and we do want to assassinate political figures.
And the information known now in Benghazi is that cuneiform was murdered with a gun silencer, and a young man who died of a soldier in the first infantry brigade was murdered with a gun silencer.
I swear by the Lord of the Ka’bah and against God who created the world in 6 days that my real and boktev and the brothers behind the filter, and boktev more than once attacked the army says army amamr was wants to sell all the land army and sow discord between the rebels and the people and make them serve the brotherhood …
And they make the decision to arrest Fattah Younes and handed to the infidels to kill him. Wakhergo rumor that traitor like their rumors now Zidane and Gabriel and any competitor in the rule of Libya. Weboktv is the chosen engraved now chosen gadellh to prove the army but continued them.
نقــلا عنـــــ LIBYA NOW ليبيا الآنعـــــــــاجـــــل :-شهــاده من السيد ع فاقسم بالله العظيم ثلاث مرات انى صادق فى كلامى والله على ما اقوله شهيد
ان احد اعضاء المجلس الانتقالي بعد تحرير قال لي أن فوزى بوكتـف استلم من قطــر 1000 مسدس كاتم صـوت … وأستغربنا ماذا يريد بوكتف فى 1000 مسدس كاتم صوت للتحرير وقلنا هل يريد اغتيال شخصيات سياسية .
والمعلومه التى يعلمها الان فى بنغازى هى ان المسماري تم اغتياله بمسدس كاتم صوت ، والشاب الذي مات من ايام جندى ف لواء الاول مشاة تم اغتياله بمسدس كاتم صوت .اقسم برب الكعبه وحق الله الذي خلق الدنيا فى 6 ايام ان كلامى حقيقي وان بوكتف والاخوان وراء تصفية الجيش ، وان بوكتف اكثر من مره يهاجم فى جيش ويقول جيش امعمر وكان يريد بيع كل اراضي جيش وهو من زرع الفتنه بين الثوار والشعب وجعلهم يخدمون الاخوان …
وهو من جعلهم يصدرون قرار بالقبض على عبدالفتاح يونس وتم تسليمه للتكفيريين ليقتلوه .. واخرجو أشاعة انه خائن مثل اشاعاتهم الان على زيدان وجبريل واى منافس لهم فى حكم ليبيا . وبوكتف هو من اختار المنقوش والان اختار جادلله حتى لا يبنو جيش الا تابع لهم .بنت الوادي

TURKEY & QATAR COVET N. AFRCA, and in Particular, LIBYA!

Urgent agency Libya / Istanbul – Mabrouka Hun
President of the Chamber of rebels Libya Libyan Abu Obeida angular and a member of the National Congress and the President of Homeland Union Abdul Rahman Asswehly meet Saturday in Istanbul with elements of the Turkish intelligence services and elements of the (so-called) “Free Syrian Army” to restore some elements of the Libyan militant Salafists fighting in Syria to Libya after Tlqo exercises in Syria and formed ties with extreme/terrorist Salafist elements present there .

This step comes after the alert prevail among radical Salafsts in Libya, following the arrest of U.S. intelligence for souble-agent honest Alriqiei nicknamed me Abu Anas Libyan mastermind of the attacks Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, where aims Salafists of Libya , who dominate the parliament to strengthen their ranks elements jihadi extremists in anticipation of the risks and challenges they will face in the coming period under reject popular Mighty them .

Forum sources say the recession Abdulrahman Asswehly and with him
Abu Obeida, a commander of the rebels room to Libya and former fighter in Yemen now
Exist in Turkey in meetings with Erdogan and regulation
Global Muslim Brotherhood ...

Libya’s cultural attaché in Qatar

Erdh in Shaking Tayyip last Louis Ozn,, Zna: D

الملحق الثقافي لليبيا في قطريــردح فى ردح طيب من الاخير لوي على وذن وذنة 😀

Qatar and Turkey aim to rule Libya in every way will not Aterco to Libya

Now they sow dissension and fleeing peace every day to Egypt.
Egypt suffers from Turkey and Qatar ..

Libya teachers threaten to strike to stop the study and work on the fifth of November (5-11-2013)

Urgent agency Libya / teachers’ union threatens strike and stop the study

Teachers union sources said General that Anakama intends to organize a strike
In the fifth of the month.
The aim of the union according to these sources to put pressure on the government to respond to the demands of increased salaries and health insurance.
It is noteworthy that teachers they previously With several the vigil and sit-ins in some areas advertisers demands very clearly without find any response from the government, they said.

Some Ministers have threatened to submit their resignations in the case of Zaidane insisted on the transfer of the government to Benghazi.


Supreme Council of the Touareg : our participation in the Constituent elections held in

the Conference decision tomorrow

“Atmosphere of the country” –

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council for Touareg Libya Mohamed Sidi Omar : The Council will make decisions regarding participation

in the elections for the Constituent Authority for drafting the Constitution. It will be produced by the light of the the meeting of the National Conference on Sunday.

Mr. Omar confirmed the country ‘s airspace on Saturday that the Council still supports dialogue between cultural components and the

National Congress and ” he will write a constitution for Libya without getting consensus among all parties , ” he said .

The Supreme Council of the Touareg Libya last week issued a statement announcing the withdrawal of its candidates and boycott the elections

for the Constituent Authority for drafting the constitution because of a dispute with the Conference on Article 30 on the way to vote on the

articles of the Constitution , according to Mr. Omar



Agency …

Exposure “Firas Bosalum“‘s horrific traffic accident to the airport road to the city of Tripoli, and resulted in the burning of his car, and did not hurt, “Firas” for any ill.



The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Appeared yesterday that the political situation in Libya is moving into a new phase, where it plans to a group of young people recently formed the so-called movement of November 9, and includes the different political currents, organizing mass demonstrations next week in various Libyan cities in protest at the efforts of the National Congress (parliament) to extend the mandate, which legally expire in February (Nawar) of the next year.

It also calls for the movement to oust the transitional government headed by Zaidane since November (dates) last year, and the appointment of a new government headed by a neutral figure does not belong to any of the existing parties and movements now in the political arena.

He noted Firas Bosalum, a spokesman for the movement said in remarks by telephone that the legal period for the National Conference, which is the highest political body in the country will end in February next year, pointing out that there are directions for one reason or another to extend the work of the Conference to 2015.
Said Firas: «the majority of the Libyan people dismissive of the extension form and substance, and we are a group of young people belong to the currents of liberal and Islamist and federal gathered for one purpose for the benefit of Libya, a rejection of the extension, and we are not affiliated with a», he added: «call and ask Initiative elect a national conference in New conjunction with Election Commission of sixty will develop the country’s next constitution. The former appeared in several similar movements and organizations have adopted the same demands, but their inability to mass crowd showed a clear division in the street about the future of the Libyan National Congress and the government. But Firas told Asharq Al-Awsat: We have direct contacts with everyone and seek to rally special and different, people should come out to support this call.
Firas launched a scathing attack against the National Congress and the transitional government, saying that the performance of the members of the Congress and the government is very bad in this period does not live up to the stage with Libya now. He continued: «That’s why we want to see a new conference and the formation of a new government headed by an independent national figure does not belong to any party and highly efficient. While officials have played down in the National Congress and the government of the importance of the popular movement, which intends this movement organized on the ninth of this month, said its spokesman told «Middle East»: «We hope people respond and we communicate with different regions and focus on youth and count it in various cities The focus will be on the capital, Tripoli, and added: «arrange for a mass popular demonstration of the Fourth pm to ten pm local time and there will be no sit-in, and will give a deadline for officials to respond to our demands, otherwise we turn to other steps to escalate. On the other hand, said an official in the transitional government headed by Ali Zaidan told Asharq Al-Awsat that some people take advantage of some of the problems faced by the work of the government or the political divisions that passes by the National Congress in order to jump on the legitimacy and its institutions.
The official, who asked not to be identified from the capital Tripoli: ‘We understand the public discontent, but it should not be up to a National Congress to drop the claim and the transitional government, Libya will enter a critical stage of chaos if this happened. The official revealed the direction within the Conference to reach a compromise formula between the various political parties and blocs in order to overcome the current political situation, and to avoid any shocks may not ominous, as he put it .. But members of the National Congress said however that they support the demands of the movement of November 9, although some of them may involve next week.
And raise new movement slogan «motionless starts to live Watan, while the number of members approached her official on the social networking site ‘Facebook’ to about 25 thousand subscribers. The group says in a defined: «motionless November 9 is a popular movement, which aims to save the country from the ongoing conflict between the spectra which missed by the principle of reconciliation and the public interest .. Mobility stems from the alleys and antique Libyan Apostle, due to revolution Jdhutha and puts them on the right track again, and added: «motionless includes all national and jealous, not driven by the interests of neither the position nor the thought of only the interests of the country in all its colors and constituents.
The National Congress is composed mainly of the 200-member top-notch institution in the political and constitutional Libya after the overthrow of Libya, following the intervention of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in February of 2011. And were expelled dozens of members after passing a law to prevent any political isolation has been associated in the past official ties with the regime of Colonel Gaddafi took any official or governmental positions in the Libyan state.
And suffer the Government of Zidane, consisting of about 29 ministerial portfolio of weakness evident in the re-imposition of prestige of the state and to achieve security and stability, where he was kidnapped Zidane himself for seven hours at gunpoint recently in the capital Tripoli by militias armed remain unpunished.
On the other hand, gunmen stormed the headquarters of the government and the Congress in the capital Tripoli and escalated assassinations and bombings, which affected the formal institutions and security and military figures, especially in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, which is the stronghold of the rebels against the public order. In the latest act of terrorism, was targeted yesterday cafe area parks in Benghazi by an explosive device resulted in serious damage to the front end of the destroyed cafe, furniture and equipment.



Explosions shake the stillness city of Tripoli, moments before

Quoting ::::::::: Voice newspaper Libya

In a graduation ceremony of police officers, which was held at the headquarters of college “plateau” in the past two days,

and despite the presence of a large number of officials, including Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and Hashim humans,

as well as Joseph carved, and in the precedent in the history protocols Global give the Chief of Staff Qatari signal graduation

this batch of Libyans officers without other Libyan leaders thoroughly by some center and others stupor of Libyan police recruits ..

Target for members belonging to the Martyrs Battalion Corner

A ticking time bomb kills soldier battalion element Green Square corner
Atmosphere of the country –

Spokesman Khaled corner Martyrs Brigade Akkari The death of the soldier, Walid al-Obeidi was the result of a ticking time bomb found in a car stopped

by a patrol’s Garyounis yesterday evening neighborhood.

Akkari explained the country’s airspace on Sunday, the patrol kept the car off the road until it reaches the dismantling explosives experts,

but it exploded after twenty-five minutes and hit one of the fragments Obeidi in head Vadt to his death.

The city of Benghazi has seen in recent times more than the bombing was most recently cafe area gardens on Saturday.

And the death of one of them, “Walid al-Obeidi,” The impact of the explosion.

(Osamaohna) radio program

Light-armed clash in time
Current between the device and vital targets unknown
Near the headquarters of the vital goals versus “Albodsirh”.

Correction for the news was targeting by an improvised explosive device and not
Using Shooting and archery was one of his companions , ” Walid ” The Lamb
Sac that of packaging in order to keep him from his companions , when discerned.
For the car that put the explosive device , P erupted faithful and wounded
Very seriously injured and killed on the spot .

Targeting a patrol of special forces ” Thunderbolt 21 “
Martyrs Corner , b Shooting dense front of Ahli Island , and
Killed , “ Walid Saleh Faraj al – Obeidi “ and injury
 Abdul Jalil Abdul Hamid Dan” who at the age of
27 – year – old , a resident of twenty Street , and his condition is dangerous and is
Now in intensive care.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al – Obeidi)

Fourth-year students at the Faculty of Medicine who tore the exam papers inside the tent Malnnin their rejection of what

they called prohibitive in the exam questions Alcolmanta:

(Depression forum)




News from Rishvana :::::::

Using agricultural turf shortly before

Out Qamath the group Icomot beat any one angular pass this way .. after the abduction of a person dumplings Collapse in the corner today:



The militia abducted a young Corner family authority in education from Sabratha / Ajeelat…

The youngster suffered a traffic accident in Ajeelat, and was then transfered to an emergency hospital outside, because of his deteriorating health.

This is not the first time that the militia of the Corner acts towards our young people.

(Young Ajeelat “Ajeelat Youth”)

MIZDAH (Melita OIL & GAS of Italy):

Amazigh sit Mellita compound of oil and gas.

Continuation sit rebels BAmazigh compound Mellita of oil and gas for the seventh day in a row,

was postponed stop pumping gas and process of shutting the compound even be considered

in the decision the National Conference on the demands of the Constitutional at its scheduled

to be held on Sunday, with the continuation prevent naval vessels from entering the port.

Libyan affairs in the international press
Libya .. Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou boycotting elections
After Parliament rejected the text of the compatibility between the cultural and linguistic components Libyan
Despite the decision of the Supreme National Committee for elections in Libya extend the period of registration of candidates for election to the constituent body , the Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou and Tawergha IDPs insist to boycott these elections.
The Supreme Council of the Amazigh that the reason for the boycott is the refusal of the text of the compatibility between the cultural and linguistic components Libya by Parliament.
In turn , the head of the national assembly Altbawi , Adam Altbawi , said that ” our participation in the elections of the constituent body known as the Commission on the sixtieth unconditional acceptance of the General National Congress compatibility project in the demands of the Amazigh Tuareg and Toubou in the session next Sunday .”
He Altbawi , in a statement for “Arabic. Net” that “what happens in the case of cultural components in Libya today is the crisis of homeland real point to the absence of political thought capable of building the state and realize the hopes of Libyan citizens on an equal footing , and on the basis of citizenship , not race, color, . ”
The elders demanded the Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou in a joint statement to amend Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration and adoption of the principle of consensus with regard to the cultural and linguistic components .
Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration issued in August 2011 to elect a constituent body consisting of 60 members equally between the three regions . This law was devoted only six seats for the cultural components , making it invokes and declares its rejection of this quota , speaking about the ” marginalization ” eligible .
Despite the issuance of Parliament at the end of last July , Law No. 18 on the cultural and linguistic components which recognized the three components and languages ​​taught in the approved curriculum in the areas of its existence, insists Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou , who make up a quarter of the population of Libya, on their position .
Nazho Tawergha refuse to participate
For their part, announced Nazho Tawergha more than once refusing to participate in the upcoming elections because of their suffering , which exceeded two years without a solution , according to expression . It is noteworthy that more than 40 thousand Torga living away from their homes after he signed forcibly deported because of conflicts between them and the people of Misrata against the backdrop of attacks some Altaorgeyen on Misrata days of the (so called, CIA-led) 17 February ‘Revolution’ .
The head of the local council Ptorghae the Abdul Rahman Alchukhak that the people of Tawergha would not participate in the election of the Commission sixtieth In the municipal elections as well.



Since few have a secret to protect the western border, which was formed from the period of young beautiful Racdalin

adjusts a group of militias corner which has Bsto and steal some cars, shepherds, torture and maltreatment corpses,

Kano about 3 cars armed Hdzoha and some people will be interrogated outran and warned us to enter (Alash )

and mass approaching the will Ntakto the border with the border.

(Channel Racdalin)



Electronic Technical College – Bani Walid

Access special services lab communications , who was burned last year , but the grace of God and the determination of all the young people

who are unable tongue expressed their thanks and then rebuild the lab again became a factor (composite special communications department )

and after reaching devices will be the official opening of the plant on Monday.

Incidentally This is the tip of the iceberg achievements of Dr. Abdul Salam a Dean Aljlaiti key that buffeted Siham Alavaqan from amateur servants

Alkraglh and malicious writing reports propagated dismissed by a decision of the Authority Allanizahh and Brotherhood Allaotunaih ..

Were is the testimony of his patriotism and integrity …..
From the door if faced with Mzmte of minus is testimony to me that I’m full .

Last Wednesday and after finished worshipers from evening prayers in several mosques in Bani Walid and Almrdom including the collector angle ( Abdul Nabi Boulkheir ) The people bearded , some from outside the city belong to so-called organization Ansar al-Sharia speeches during which they stamped state and government and called for people not to participate in elections for the next sixty Committee !
And immediately the intervention of some young Salafis and asked them to respect the mosque and exit quietly before it is too late and reproduce them people and become a thing of the past due to bad reputations among citizens, especially in Bani Walid … What was of them , but that went out calmly .. As a result, the circular to all mosques to prevent any lessons or religious sermons were politically or inside mosques, but with permission from endowments.

Adam 2 n :

Government infidel ! ! On the basis of Bernard Levy Sheikh Mosque in Paris?

And incite people to not Piech election what always in the arena he Khutem breastfeeding ” Ikhwan ! ! ” … Conversely , as long as the supporters of ” the devil” i

ncited the election not to know that the right thing in the opposite direction even with no conviction was originally the electoral process

in the chaos phantom Almlishiatih and current Herdmish .



Re-opening of a number of buildings of workers in Sirte
Atmosphere of the country

Said the director of the Information Office of the General Electric Company in Sirte Mohamed Salem:

It was on Friday the opening of a number of the company’s buildings and damaged the city during the War of 2011 after the maintenance and re-processing.

Salem added to the atmosphere of the country on Saturday that the buildings reopened is the administrative building of the branch of the

distribution company and the administrative building for consumer accounts branch of the company, Building B your employees the company General Electric branch of Sirte.

It is worth mentioning that the city of Sirte workers suffered significant damage during the War of 2011




Solidarity news agency ..

Re-closure of the oil port of Harika Btabriq

Urgent agency Libya / Tripoli ( Special ) – Reporter
Maqrief and Zubi favor of open oil ports at gunpoint

An official source from inside the Dome of the National Congress General reporter urgently to Libya in Tripoli that the Organic National Congress Suleiman Zubi , Ala Maqrief for the “circle of Benghazi” forward a proposal to the President of the National Congress , “Nuri Abu Shemenn “ requires the blessing of the decision of the Commission on the crisis, which headed ” Abdulwahab Kaid “ calculated the militant Islamic groups , which requires sending a force of Libyan army represented in Libya shield , to resolve the crisis shut down oil ports by force of arms in eastern Libya .

The source , who asked not to be named, said Alaa Makrif St. calculated on the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, described the position of the National Conference and the weak government against what he called ” blackmail” armed militias in eastern Libya who are blocking the oil fields and ports .

The Maqrief said that the report of the crisis, the conference committee who presented two days before the aggravation of the crisis suggests locally and internationally if the army did not intervene to resolve the crisis .

For his part, called Suleiman Zubi National Congress military intervention quickly what he described as squandering the wealth of the Libyan oil ports due to the closure , after the minister announced oil Bari Arousi that the Libyan state is losing daily approximately $ 130 million.

The Sunday session that brought together members of the Conference heads of local councils in the east of Libya ” Burqa “ ended in a violent brawl between supporters and opponents of the resolution, which he described as head of the local council Biar ” Hamdi Alamrna , ” signs of a civil war could lead to secession.

On the other hand refused to head guards oil installations, ” Idriss Abukhmadh “ the use of force against those blocking the oil ports , and warned Organic National Congress Alaa Maqrief and Suleiman Zubi of the consequences of the use of force against the sons of Cyrenaica , “he said ,” and threatened that he would be the first soldiers fighting shields in the city of Brega ” stronghold tribe Moroccans .”

The leaders of the movement had been declared federal corruption case mar file Libya’s oil led to the sale of oil without counters for Turkish and Russian companies , ” according to the documents ,” What caused them to suspend the export of oil in Libya until the revealed truths.
And exacerbated by the oil crisis when he announced Ibrahim Jdharan politburo chief of the region of Cyrenaica for a bribe worth thirty million dinars presented to his brother, Salem Jdharan by the Chairman of the Committee on Energy “Naji Mukhtar ” in order to end the oil crisis and the withdrawal of mobility Fed , which has become a thriving in the east and south of the country due to corruption which has spread in the successive governments of the (so-called) 17 February Revolution .
This and gently Tmoktlk ” eastern Libya “ amounted to 78% of Libyan oil exports , and there are five major ports ” Sidra and Ras Lanuf and Brega and Zueitina and Hariqa of the ” in addition to a large number of oil fields in the south-east of the country.


The operations room of the revolutionaries of Benghazi:
A new logo is originally provided a battalion order of Ibn said ((shield)) wants to simplify his influence in Benghazi after that follow the money from Tripoli.
I am a member of the shield has been meeting our sending for Pena and andamo us some members of battalion Raph God sahati and 17 September a selected groups borzish.
I as one of the members of the shield and went with them to the front and to Kufra and Saturday day entry on shield I wasn’t shooting did Sam Ibn Hamid baatai $ 13,000,
which was distributed to all awe I and some youth
And now that our bargaining that take altokat after two months will come down at ahasabtna as the mediator description


Prime Minister promised to come to Benghazi next weekend

“The atmosphere of the country”:
the national action group member said abdelhafiz ghoga Prime John promised to come to the city of Benghazi late next week to follow up the situation.

He said in his statement of Ghogha to countries on Friday that they do not accept the arrival of the Government and its Chairman is required to move
the Government ministries are important, both in terms of security, economic or other.

And Zaidane was quoted as saying by ghogha there will be a problem of a group of ministries to follow up the situation in Benghazi, and the Government
at its meeting Wednesday discussed the situation of the city.

The representatives of the national work group on a visit to the National Conference and met with the head of Government at his request.

Very important :::: Benghazi

Parents tribes in Benghazi blood is preparing for a big meeting in front of the headquarters of Libya Shield 1,

who was killed in front of the victims of Saturday at the hands of the criminal black bin Ahmad …….

This meeting comes in response to the open room of the so-called “room Libya rebels” and we will declare her innocence

Society of tribes each of hurling his son in this room, which is seeking to re-shields to Benghazi … Understanding in the solution of his own blood.

Family of kidnapped months ago Abdul Salam Mahdavi, came out in demonstrations to remind residents of the Benghazi case kidnapped.

RO expert “bomb” bag “found

B proximity of the new mall with gardens, was the target of the house
“Fakhri civil”, Channel Manager calculated on the current vision
Federal, was revealed the explosive device, which weighs “6 kilometers”, for
Using the existing surveillance camera at home.

Found an explosive device “bag” of nearly all “6 Kilo”
B proximity of the new mall by the end of the street gardens, and the elements
Explosive ordnance disposal device dismantled.

The Rotana palm gardens bombing the Mtfjerat portfolio and this initial image of the bombing after he received his developers several threats locks the place!

Threats and cafe owner arrived Rotana because there is no place for families
One place where mixing between families and must lock it …
The problem is that young people in a place and in a place where families mixing?
Rotana moved to group Almazinat and wedding halls and shops selling
Perfume, which was detonated

Here are unfortunately Benghazi wake of a new bombing targets this time Rotana Cafe.

area gardens (5 photos)
Photo bombing “Rotana Café” area parks in Benghazi morning:

smoke stand destroyed (good):


(a green resistance in the white City)

Casablanca demonstration demanding the overthrow National Congress and the government

Atmosphere for the country : a group of young pretended yesterday evening in the city of Casablanca to demand to drop the interim government and the General National Congress , and the formation of a government crisis and the country ‘s military junta .

He said one protester Kamal Ibrahim atmosphere of the country causes these demands , saying: “We got to the state of suffocation and Aisna not pay attention to the proposed initiatives out of the crisis , as the time passes sword and the National Congress and the government did not newcomers to solutions and tangible results .”

Ibrahim added that the demonstrators gathered under motionless termed ” the mobility of the first of November ,” which will continue protests until it reaches the change, stressing

that the movement does not belong to any political movement .

It is noteworthy that this is the first demonstration in the city of Casablanca that raise the slogan overthrow the interim government and the National Congress of the year.

Only in the city of white #:



Race Eryx:

Misurata celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Turkish Republic



From the results of illegal immigration from before a migraine Egypt ! !

Presented yesterday evening Friday 1 \ 11 \ 2013 young Akram Osman Alhewan Katani invited Algahda to the incident appalling,

where he was carrying three passengers, one of them Libyan nationality and others of Egyptian nationality and they drag the knife to the neck

of this young man and threw him on the highway and stole the car and fled

but wonders Almighty God that medic earlythis young man and his grandfather had a medic early and

Thank God he was still alive and young people who stole the car on their way heading to the city of Tobruk were subjected to a traffic accident

and had to flee the scene, was searching for them in the door olives and Praise have been arrested and are now present in battalion 71.

(Young people ‘s media capital)

Was arrested on a group that stole the car from city Kklh and including Tunisian nationality in ((Mntqhasadah))

(Secret Alcdoh -)




National Oil Corporation announces a new oil discovery in the Murzuq Sedimentary Basin

Foundation announced the national oil companies have “Spain’s Repsol, France’s Total, and OMV Australian made ​​a discovery new oil in the basin

of Murzuq sedimentary about 1000 kilometers south of Tripoli. Foundation said that the group mentioned made ​​this discovery by drilling one

exploratory wells Basin Murzuq a about 35 km east of the surface facilities to spark field. organization explained that in the well production

rate of about 513 barrels per day, at a depth of more than 4,500 feet.


The news agency – Sabha – reporter

The armed group attack on a police station , ” the camp of the new” b Sabha at noon on Friday on at the second and a half .

And the attack on the center, the intention of killing one of the individuals involved the murder of a person murdered yesterday,

and with which relatives of those who launched the attack on a police station Sabha.

But the killer was not imprisoned the center and a shooting occurred between police and insurgents ,

which led to the ignition of the Office of Archives and burned completely.

After that the armed group went to , safe Madrih National Sabha and clashed with guards present at the gate ,

and after the engagement , including their response and fleeing before the Directorate of without injury to remember.


Telecommunications outage infidels and Tazrbu of the
“Atmosphere of the country “-

Communications were cut off pace Libyana orbit and Internet services for the cities infidels and Tazrbu of the afternoon Friday .

The official telecommunications local council Kufra Abu Bakr Alaadh – told the atmosphere for the country that the Council suffers difficulty in

communicating with the Ministry of Communications to determine the cause of these repeated interruptions .

The Alaadh pointed out that the telecommunications company repaired the holidays , which was the reason for interruption of communications last week,

but the problem came back again .

The interruption of communications in the city of Kufra and Tazrbu repeated more than once in recent days after linking the two fiber optic project .


  BEE TERMINATION can spell the end of a thriving Mother Earth:
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Vladimir Putin: Monsanto Protection Act = WAR

Obama Media Sleeping Dog Lie SC

While I was listening to a recent interview with Graham Hancock about his new novel and his TED lecture, the startling claim was made that Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that war might be a necessary result of the Monsanto Protection Act.

I was skeptical, but did a little digging around, and it turns out the story checks out…

The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting last month with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.

According to these minutes, released in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (MNRE), Putin was so incensed over the Obama regimes refusal to discuss this grave matter that he refused for three hours to even meet with Kerry, who had traveled to Moscow on a scheduled diplomatic mission, but then relented so as to not cause an even greater rift between these two nations.

At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.

So grave has this situation become, the MNRE reports, the full European Commission (EC) this past week instituted a two-year precautionary ban (set to begin on 1 December 2013) on these “bee killing” pesticides following the lead of Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine, all of whom had previously banned these most dangerous of genetically altered organisms from being used on the continent.

Two of the most feared neonicotinoids being banned are Actara and Cruiser made by the Swiss global bio-tech seed and pesticide giant Syngenta AG which employs over 26,000 people in over 90 countries and ranks third in total global sales in the commercial agricultural seeds market.

Important to note, this report says, is that Syngenta, along with bio-tech giants Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and DuPont, now control nearly 100% of the global market for genetically modified pesticides, plants and seeds.

Also to note about Syngenta, this report continues, is that in 2012 it was criminally charged in Germany for concealing the fact that its genetically modified corn killed cattle, and settled a class-action lawsuit in the US for $105 million after it was discovered they had contaminated the drinking supply of some 52 million Americans in more than 2,000 water districts with its “gender-bending” herbicide Atrazine.

To how staggeringly frightful this situation is, the MNRE says, can be seen in the report issued this past March by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) wherein they warned our whole planet is in danger, and as we can, in part, read:

“As part of a study on impacts from the world’s most widely used class of insecticides, nicotine-like chemicals called neonicotinoids, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has called for a ban on their use as seed treatments and for the suspension of all applications pending an independent review of the products’ effects on birds, terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, and other wildlife.


“It is clear that these chemicals have the potential to affect entire food chains. The environmental persistence of the neonicotinoids, their propensity for runoff and for groundwater infiltration, and their cumulative and largely irreversible mode of action in invertebrates raise significant environmental concerns,” said Cynthia Palmer, co-author of the report and Pesticides Program Manager for ABC, one of the nation’s leading bird conservation organizations.

ABC commissioned world renowned environmental toxicologist Dr. Pierre Mineau to conduct the research. The 100-page report, “The Impact of the Nation’s Most Widely Used Insecticides on Birds,” reviews 200 studies on neonicotinoids including industry research obtained through the US Freedom of Information Act. The report evaluates the toxicological risk to birds and aquatic systems and includes extensive comparisons with the older pesticides that the neonicotinoids have replaced. The assessment concludes that the neonicotinoids are lethal to birds and to the aquatic systems on which they depend.

“A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird,” Palmer said. “Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid — called imidacloprid — can fatally poison a bird. And as little as 1/10th of a neonicotinoid-coated corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction.”

The new report concludes that neonicotinoid contamination levels in both surface- and ground water in the United States and around the world are already beyond the threshold found to kill many aquatic invertebrates.”


Quickly following this damning report, the MRNE says, a large group of group of American beekeepers and environmentalists sued the Obama regime over the continued use of these neonicotinoids stating: “We are taking the EPA to court for its failure to protect bees fro…

And to how bad the world’s agricultural system has really become due to these genetically modified plants, pesticides and seeds, this report continues, can be seen by the EC’s proposal this past week, following their ban on neonicotinoids, in which they plan to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with the European Union, and as we can, in part, read:

“Europe is rushing towards the good ol days circa 1939, 40… A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”

It’s called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.”

This MRNE report points out that even though this EC action may appear draconian, it is nevertheless necessary in order to purge the continent from continued contamination of these genetically bred “seed monstrosities.”

Most perplexing in all of this, the MRNE says, and which led to Putin’s anger at the US, has been the Obama regimes efforts to protect pesticide-producer profits over the catastrophic damaging being done to the environment, and as the Guardian News Service detailed in their 2 May article titled “US rejects EU claim of insecticide as prime reason for bee colony c…” and which, in part, says:

“The European Union voted this week for a two-year ban on a class o…

To the “truer” reason for the Obama regimes protection of these bio-tech giants destroying our world, the MRNE says, can be viewed in the report titled “How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?” and which, in part, says:

“After his victory in the 2008 election, Obama filled key posts with Monsanto people, in federal agencies that wield tremendous force in food issues, the USDA and the FDA: At the USDA, as the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center. As deputy commissioner of the FDA, the new food-safety-issues czar, the infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.”

Even worse, after Russia suspended the import and use of an Monsanto genetically modified corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage this past September, the Russia Today News Service reported on the Obama regimes response:

“The US House of Representatives quietly passed a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 last week – including a provision protecting genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks.

The rider, which is officially known as the Farmer Assurance Provision, has been derided by opponents of biotech lobbying as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” as it would strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.

The provision, also decried as a “biotech rider,” should have gone through the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees for review. Instead, no hearings were held, and the piece was evidently unknown to most Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate) prior to its approval as part of HR 993, the short-term funding bill that was approved to avoid a federal government shutdown.”

On 26 March, Obama quietly signed this “Monsanto Protection Act” into law thus ensuring the American people have no recourse against this bio-tech giant as they fall ill by the tens of millions, and many millions will surely end up dying in what this MRNE report calls the greatest agricultural apocalypse in human history as over 90% of feral (wild) bee population in the US has already died ….

Source: Political Blind Spot


apeman2502 writes us:


Obama does the best dupe imitation I have ever seen. maybe he is consciously so corrupt and ignorant. Wayne Madsen says it is now without a doubt proven Obama never attended Columbia University and was assembled from spare parts from his Rothschild/Communist father and CIA mother.

Obama sports an incredibly ignorant ‘swanky Frank Sinatra voice’ which he hides behind as he betrays America time after time. Meanwhile, congress just mewls and legislates protection from their individually earned rewards. The Sheeple? They just lap up the blood and demand more.

We better get this Obummer fool out and into a home before things get any worse. Putin is showing himself and Russia to be the good neighbours they were before the Rothschilds and Walker Bros. / Harriman funded Czar Nicholas’ overthrow. Monsanto’s destruction is met by congressional mewling, and submission. BP and BlackStone/BlackRock get the same royal treatment. They serve TheCity of London.



Israel hits Syrian military base – US official confirms

An Obama administration official told AP that the attack happened overnight on Thursday, but provided no details. Another security



Libya Telecom & Technology ::::::::::::

We would like to inform you that there is a break in the fiber optic cables coming in from London,

near the Strait of Gibraltar, which hurts to slow Internet connection, work is underway to repair the fiber optic cable in the coming days.



Dialogue on the reality of the Libyans in Tunisia and possible prospects:


HISTORY: 24 FEBR. 2011–

Muammar al-Qathafi calls in on Telephone explaining how it is al-Qaeda influencing youth with Ecstacy at the Eastern Ports, causing the trouble.



Putin  Qathafi

November 2, 2013, Saturday — “The Russians are coming”

“We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”—Russian President Vladimir Putin, open letter to the American people, September 11

Putin’s letter

Shortly after Pope Francis called for “a day of prayer and fasting for peace” on September 7, Russian’s president, Vladimir Putin, published an article in the New York Times entitled “A Plea for Caution From Russia: What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria.”

It appeared on September 11 (yes, the anniversary of 9/11).

“Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders,” Putin wrote. “It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.”

The Russian president went on to say: “If we can avoid force against Syria, this will improve the atmosphere in international affairs and strengthen mutual trust. It will be our shared success and open the door to cooperation on other critical issues.”

But it was the final line of his essay which was truly astonishing. He wrote: “There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

This appeal to “the Lord” and to “God” by the Russian president raised eyebrows worldwide, not least in Rome.

The Russian president was making a reference to a spiritual power, to God; the former KGB agent was speaking not about the forces of historical determinism, but about “blessings” from a personal divinity.

Putin’s Valdai talk

A few days later, on September 19, Putin spoke at an annual gathering to discuss Russia’s future in Valdai, Russia (near Novgorod).

“Putin urges Russians to return to values of religion,” was the title of an AP report by Neil Buckley, present at the meeting. “Vladimir Putin called on Russians to strengthen a new national identity based on conservative and traditional values such as the Orthodox church, warning that the West was facing a moral crisis.”

In his talk, Putin said: “A policy is being conducted of putting on the same level multi-child families and single-sex partnerships, belief in God and belief in Satan. The excesses of political correctness are leading to the point where people are talking seriously about registering parties whose goal is legalizing the propaganda of pedophilia.”

And Putin added: “People in many European countries are ashamed, and are afraid of talking about their religious convictions. [Religious] holidays are being taken away or called something else, shamefully hiding the essence of the holiday.”

So here we see the president of Russia lamenting the loss of public respect for religion, and religious holidays, in the West.

“Do not go down that road”

The Russians, increasingly, are warning the West that the road we are traveling down will lead to the type of society that the communists build in the Soviet Union. They are warning the West against going down that road. Urging us to stop and turn around…

We do invite all to attend our very special “Concert for Peace” in Rome, on Via della Conciliazione #4, at the Auditorium Conciliazione, on November 12, 2013, at 9 p.m. Entrance is free of charge, but we ask if possible that people reserve seats by replying to this email (first come first served).

If anyone would like more information about this important initiative, please write to me by replying to this email. –Robert Moynihan

and a bit of history:

On the evening Mohammed Gaddafi  (MUAMMAR al-Qathafi eldest son) and his family

were targeted with gunmen surrounding his new house,

21 AUGUST 2011, Mohammed contacted al-Jazeera.

Here is his coversation from then.
Remarkably, the Green Army came to the rescue bringing him and his family safely out and away.

The Fall of OBAMA and the Puppet GNC

Priestly Mu

A new image of the artist Mohamed Hassan revolution, we wish him continued good health and wellness:

(The main Administrator)

al-Fateh 1969:

Muammar al-Qathafi’s address to the London School of Economics 

“Muammar Gaddafi address to the ‘London School of Economics and Political Science’ (LSE), 21 December 2010

21 December 2010 – only months before the war on Libya – Muammar al-Qathafi was invited by the ‘London School of Economics and Political Science’ (LSE) – one of the foremost Social Science Universities in the world – to answer questions in a free context posed by the Students and Faculty, pertaining to the legendary Leader’s thoughts, ideas and visions on the solutions to the issues of today’s world.

Questions are raised pertaining to Libya, Wikileaks, Colonization, Liberation movements, Terrorism, the Lockerbie case, World Peace, the Warsaw Pact, Arab disunity, Africa, Brazil, Pakistan and more.

Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi reveals himself to be that rare Leader, who possesses an immense knowledge, insight of the problems of humanity and visions of their possible solution.”

  • This speech was made before Obama showed his “true colors” and Muammar thought at that time very well of him!!!
  • Prior this was available as a 6 part series:
  • LSE University of London

    U.S. Counterterror Policy Brought to You by Our Sponsor, Israel

    Returning to Washington’s considerations, what do you gain from a national policy toward the Arab world that is almost solely anchored in counterterror?

    I think we’re producing the Nasrallahs and Yassins of the next generation with every militant and innocent civilian we kill.

    To the extent that our own national security policy begins to resemble Israel’s, we come to resemble everything Israel has become.

    We become exemplars of the moral shortcuts and the sophistries used to justify the indefensible.

    We start down the slippery slope that has led Israel to 45 years of occupation and to a deadening corruption of values.

    Israel is not something we want to become.

    the time of a great global war begun, in part, by Israel…Commentaries are by various authors and researchers – as well as articles by Michael McClellan
    – on the general subject of Prophecy….composed on
    Thursday, 15 September 2011 5:20 PM, Completed and Posted 28 September 2011 1:40 AMbefore the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the MAHDI shall descend…And we shall hear His cry and roaring in the heavens before He appears….
    Also, we must ask WHAT is the nature of the war that is currently shaping up? WHO prepared the War with the Great Jamahiriya, and who has done so  to Palestine? and who is preparing the coming conflict with Egypt,  Iran and Syria and any nation foolish enough to ally with them? At this very moment ISRAEL, THE UNITED STATES, and at this time, to somewhat lesser degree, FRANCE and GREAT BRITAIN.THE WEST in other words.I believe the Iranians are sincere in their thanks for the recent rescuing of their seamen from Somali pirates by the United States Navy. Nor do I truly believe Iran wants a war, but feel they are being forced into one. It is, in fact, the Western powers … and especially “the powers that be” that are backing them … who are setting up this war. 

    The horrible war that in the West is prepared, the year ensuing will come the pestilence, so very
    horrible that young, old, nor beast [will survive], blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

    Iran declares war on European Union and Nato

    Nostradamus took from a Cistercian monk, Yves de Lessines, prior of the abbey of Cambron, on the border between France and Belgium, these words

    composed between 1323 and 1328  and are now found in Quatrain 1.19 ~

    The Gods will make it appear to mankind that they are the authors of a great conflict: Before heaven
    seen serene of sword and lance, so that upon the left hand will be the greater affliction.

    The year of war preparation began on St Minerva’s Day (Goddess of War) in March/April/May 2011 according to the astrological dating above in Quatrain 9.55. This included the Nato war on Libya, the covert Western support of their contrived ‘Arab Spring’ “protests” (including the rise of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood within Egypt), the Western support for the Syrian rebels being formed in Turkey, the UN sanctions against Iran, and the mobilisation of US forces in the Persian Gulf and now the push for by Israel. This all officially began in 2011 (although conceived in 2010 and prior).

    The actual devastation and death occurs during “the year ensuing” (the following year) which happens to be this year: 2012.


    It has long been planned by TPTB for a “phony Armageddon” in the Middle East to be waged for the purpose of setting up a phony Saviour/Messiah (being Barak Husein OBAMA) to rule the world. It is this person whom they will say fulfills the return of the Mayan god, Bolon Yokte. (read what Richard Hoagland wrote about the  modern day Mayans and the ritual they performed for OBAMA’s visit–whom they saw as the return of their “god”!!)



    Emperor Obama

    Mayan Indian Prophecy ~

    “The 13th Bak’tun will be finished on Four Ajaw, the Third of Uniiw (K’ank’in). It will occur.
    It will be the descent
     of Bolon Yokte K’uh to the (earth).”

    However, if it is a god indeed who “descends from the sky,” it strikes me as being very possible that their orchestrated conflict may provoke Allah/Yahweh’s wrath and things will go drastically wrong for this New World Order of the Zionista, and the so-called ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

    ALLAH / YAHWEH will muster the armies of the world into a terrible conflict, and will personally destroy both the enemy NATO nations and Satanic Yankee imperialist-led nations (as QATAR and Saudi ARABIA) with fire:
    “… and all his bands: and many people with thee. And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:
    “—and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes….”
    In other words, God shall use the conflict concocted by Israel, the US, and Western Europe against LIBYA and Syria  to drag the other two powerful nuclear nations of Russia and China into the war. He shall “put hooks into (their) jaws” and pull them into a great conflagration! They (Gog-Russia, Magog-China, Iran, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Turkey, the five Central Asian republics, Afghanistan, and others) shall go to war along with Israel and her Western allies…God is telling us this is going to get very personal. This is not figurative or symbolic. ALLAH / Yahweh shall, as in ancient times, personally command His armies in war and shall DEMONSTRATE HIS POWER so as to magnify and sanctify Himself. He shall use fire and the elements of Nature…
    This is why the kingdoms of the world have built underground cities and networks of tunnels to connect them. TPTB and the NATIONS OF EARTH KNOW HE IS COMING … AND WHAT HE IS BRINGING WITH HIM …
    Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger … Thou shalt be visited of the LORD of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire. And the multitude of all the nations that fight against THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA !
    The great nation in the ocean (GREAT BRITAIN) that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquake, storms and tidal wave. It will be divided and, in great part, submerged. This nation will also have many misfortunes at sea and lose its colonies.
     The great Empire of the West , across the Sea, who are a different Folk stock and origin (The United States of America), will be devastated by Earthquake, Storm and Flood. This Empire will suffer much Misfortune from the Sea. It will be divided into two islands and part of it will sink. The distant possession in the East (North Africa and the Middle east) will be lost through a Tiger (Saif) and a Lion (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi).”
    Forward to victory Saif the white Tiger

    Michael Gordon Scallion writes: “In my own dream of the future United States no other way could I find to describe it but as TWO LARGE ISLANDS seperated by a huge expanse of water dotted by a small number of tiny islands. I doubt there were more than twenty of the forty-eight mainland states remaining….”

    NOW, MY OWN COMMENT this day of 16 OCTOBER 2013:

    Wait as this week  all the green Forces have gathered upon the Plateau by Tripoli; 

    and, under General Khamis the golden, will soon descend upon Tripoli as a  triumphant conquering hoarde as never witnessed before in modern history!

    The Lord of Hosts
    32nd  Brigade of KhamisThe Armed People
    Mu terrific Mu the Lion
    Priestly Mu
    Muammar al-Qathafi returns openly soon:


Muammar al-Qathafi speech at Islamic Summit Conference in Lahore
02 FEBRUARY 1974, pt.1



SOME RELIGION as professed by ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD  !!!!!!:

# “Pain you will see” !_ religion???

Claim that they are applying the law  (misguided Sharia)!!!! —BUT AS YOU CAN WITNESS, they are the farthest people from anything religious!!


THIS whole scene is absurd…as the “Border patrols” are al-Qaeda and ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (as hired by the Rat GNC Government and the ARMOR SHIELDS of Misurata)!!!

Brussels – News
European Union decided to strengthen the work of the security mission in Libya ( Iobam – Libya) , which began its work in April last year.

A source at the Department of Crisis Management of the European External Action Service that the European mission , which includes forty element will receive early next month of December at the official headquarters and body for leadership in Tripoli, after remaining elements yet resident in a hotel in the Libyan capital.

The European Union believes that the frequency of the sinking of ships in the eyeball European shores of illegal immigrants to the continent via the Libyan territory , pushing European officials to intensify efforts to coordinate with the Libyan authorities to contain this phenomenon.

The source said European Union decided to intensify coordination driven with Libya in the field of management of external borders and control of land, sea and repel the flow of illegal immigration, he said, adding that by next March will reach the number of elements of the mission ( Iobam – Libya ), which now stands at 40 employees to 80 employees down to 111 employees at the end of next year , with a budget of about thirty million euros .

The source confirmed that the Union experts will rehabilitation of Libya elements and help the customs and border police and internal security services in that task.

The source said the European site ( Io – Abussrfer ) to the European Agency for external borders ( Frontex ) plans in turn to provide support to the task of European security in Libya and provide the necessary skills to her, he said, adding that the collapse of the situation makes the task execution ( Iobam – Libya) European very difficult.

The European Union has prepared a report on the security situation in Libya warned of the strong possibility of escalating cases of crime and kidnapping clashes between armed factions.

Prime Aljkumh Zaidane Demonstrator in his hometown and Dan:

The now defunct “ISLAMIC CALL SOCIETY” CENTER, founded by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, is now the new “home” for ALI ZAIDANE!!!

Private sources confirmed to us that Zaidane will move to the Islamic Call Society  Center to stay there after the bitter experience which he lived in the Corinthia Hotel.

Especially after several battalions of them claim the Corners and deterrence, shields and militias Gargour ability to secure through the coast.

and the city box. Will move and it will be under the protection of lightning special forces battalion.

Depression forum


A picture of special forces Ajnah the inside one of the houses NATO rats!.
NATO fear to your home Matkadir says not uttered by Mr. Leader.

Western-style of Democracy

Western Democracy

YANKS ready to Intervene for Zaidane!

TV news channel

London-based Arab newspaper: #

Libya brothers are stepping up their efforts to isolate the government on Zaidane # # after the feast.



Newsflash now clashes between anti-crime committee Airport Road and militias Mzrath the Chiefs of Staff.

Starting the series blackouts on most parts of Tripoli 3 days ago

Spokesman denied the operations room of the capital Tripoli Khaled Tmazina, what some of the media about the use of the zoo in the capital as a refuge for illegal immigration.

Tmazina said that there is no prison zoo regard to illegal immigration and added that the zoo in the capital Tripoli, there is the Office of specialized data only on illegal immigration.

It is noteworthy that the Libyan authorities stopped a day hundreds of people trying to enter Libya on illegal immigration

Comment …

Learned that the park dominant gang Gneoh Alkkla and has its own prison.

(Valley girl)

(Green blood)


احرار الجماهيرية على الفيس بوك

خبر عاجل الأن أشتباكات بين لجنة مكافحة الجريمة طريق المطار ومليشيات مزراطة رئاسة الأركان

دمي اخضر



For the clashes in the city of Surman was between two tribes, and by the grace of God this problem has been resolved.



Youth a Rishvana area and secure the road link between Tripoli and the western mountain areas and Gharyan for the second day in a row.




You have learned that WAC gas pipeline knead oil Mazla the locked yen, to this day, I mean the pipe coming

from the field to meet to Mellitah Complex stations to generate electricity:

God used it I have a headband Amazigh?!!

(Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas)




Pain mesmerize Ghariyani and the cross-local Channel Friday Market  ::

What exposed him Benghazi now is the result of accidents abandonment and expulsion of armor

They protect and provide security for the citizens , who were expelled shields are gangs

Theft and kidnapping and not residents of Benghazi and what is happening now in Benghazi is an act:

The hands of those who claim protection after the expulsion of the Order of bin Humaid and the occupation of camping ,

Must that recoils street in Benghazi and calls for re – entry shields and delivery tasks

City forces them with supporters of Islamic Sharia Council and form

The leadership of the city from the leaders of armor ….and get away on the regular army and police.

Traditional that you can not protect the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in front crawl



# Assassinations _ ..

Reported killed Colonel Embarak Saeed Faitouri after being found slaughtered in his car in ((Benghazi)),

Ahola, to the one and the only God …

News of the assassination of Colonel Juma Saleh Attia Alabbar .. !!!!! No details yet!

Aotaial Islam Farag Alsossaa to an explosive adhesive in his car near the bridge Nasrbmntqh Club Baraka Benghazi ..

This passenger-truck was roaming in front of the hospital minutes before the blast elite!!!:

Director Fahmi Shaeri in edema of God .. I am God and to Him we return ..

(Valley girl)

Zakaria F house burning Belhassen cabled tar by the people of their son who was killed in Leithy

Cast about the problem .. ” Burning houses one of the families in the Cast – Benghazi because of a problem between two families because of the death of one of the members of those families ” ..

Cause of the problem :

Aerkh was in a tent pleasures of razors and coal, to one owned by and Rafael Z. recently slain by Alzoyy came to them ( young ) and scuffle with them beat him
Great km protection money Zakaria , one of the Ansar al – Sharia after Jahm Pklash and threw the whole tent
Matt and one named Abdullah tar
الورفله burned cabled monsters … but cabled still conclude them once time speeding cars and thrown them
Now Saaa the than Almajory all Mobeian Cast invited advocates short
Blew up monsters to kill ( cabled ) him by burning, and now semi – Hua Fady

Quoting / Logic

Image of the security official in Benghazi Arab Boca talking about the security challenges!!!:


The death of a Libyan pilgrims to Arafat today from Prairie City Haj Mohammed Saad al-Hasi.

God and to Him we shall return
O Allah, ask good epilogue


Unity Bank branch exposure Ajeelat dawn today to burglary and theft of more than one million Libyan dinars.
According to informed sources, the process has easily as it seems has entered the perpetrators of the back door without bothering

Mstahedmin the key to the door, which did not find Investigators him any effects or sabotage the show to enter it by force,

in addition to the absence of guards bank six Alve under investigation to date with all of the bears a copy of the key to the back door of the bank.


Targeting Freedom Martyrs Brigade headquarters city of Casablanca, after
That the establishment of two cars by the unknown persons identity, b Shooting
Intensive and targeted Dana “RPG” and security alert
Now large green mountain bride.

(Urgent Salem al-Obeidi)


News of the outbreak of the fire to the White city (CASABLANCA)
On the ring road ..
To turn the force but from God

(Salem al-Obeidi)

A huge fire is now on the ring road in white (CASABLANCA) eats up part of the surrounding forest road .. Lord Lester, God willing ..



Urgent …

Burning of the local council and the police station city Rkdalin after killing Wines vendor in the city.



Heard a huge explosion in Sabha and the flight of NATO drones above the sky Sabha.


سماع دوي أنفجار ضخم في سبها وتحليق لطائرات الناتو بدون طيار فوق سماء سبها. 2

Flight hours before NATO drone above the sky Sabha:

Airline NATO drone above the skies Sabha now.


The arrest of vehicle tracking security committee in the city of Supreme Jufrah citizens are stealing and robbery them:


The West:

The West’s endless war on humanity : after Libya – Syria, Iran

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After Libya, the wealthy oligarchies of Europe and North America continue their centuries-old war on humanity, now attacking Syria and Iran. They and their regional allies will never concede an equitable share of the world’s economic resources to the impoverished global majority. The inevitable consequence of that strategic global reality is endless aggression by NATO countries and their allies against any foreign government or political movement that resists their will.

The experience of Libya demonstrates that whenever conditions permit, the anti-democratic Western oligarchies will always destroy independent countries whose governments try to compromise or negotiate. Like Libya, Iran and Syria have long historical experience of imperialist perfidy by the major Western imperial powers, the United States, Britain and France. So these countries are unlikely to give way to NATO country demands.

The Iranians took back control of their country after their Islamic revolution in 1979. In Syria, that fierce nationalism took a secular form under a socialist government. Iran and Syria have both sought to promote strong economic development while managing complex religious, cultural and ethnic diversity.

Syria – historical context

Syria, now with a population of over 23 million, became independent from France in 1946. The first two decades of independence for the new republic were marked by a succession of unstable governments. An experimental political union with Egypt in the late 1950s proved unsuccessful. In the end, the socialist Ba’ath party took power in 1963. Later, in 1970, Hafez al Assad became President, after an internal power struggle within the government.

Under the government of Hafez al Assad, Syria consolidated its transformation through strong economic growth based mainly on agriculture and oil. After 2000, when his son Bashar al Assad, became President, Syria continued to sustain strong economic performance. But recent attempts to implement liberal reforms in response to both internal opposition criticism and foreign pressure have had limited success. The United States and its allies have sought to exploit aggressively the very opportunities created by the Syrian government’s attempts at reform.

Syria has constantly been menaced by Zionist military aggression since Israel was founded in 1948 and has suffered air strikes from Israel at various times over the last decade. Israel’s invasion and occupation of neighbouring Lebanon in 1982, seriously threatened Syria’s interests. The Syrian government countered with a military intervention of its own. Israel’s occupation of south Lebanon only ended in 2000, after decades of bitter resistance largely organized by the Islamic political-military movement Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a key ally both of Syria and of Iran.

Parallel with the threat posed by Israel’s occupation of Lebanon, Syria has also constantly been threatened by Israel’s continued occupation of the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory captured by Israel in 1967 and held illegally ever since. That occupation was condemned in UN Resolution 497, one of numerous UN Resolutions contemptuously violated by Israel’s Zionist government under the protection of its main military allies, the United States, France and Britain. For all practical purposes, Israel has long been a de facto member of NATO. It was in this historical context that Syria maintained a significant military presence in Lebanon until 2005.

In February of that year a massive car bomb was used to murder leading Lebanese politician Rafik Hariri, a noted critic of Syria. The Western powers on the UN Security Council pushed for a Special Tribunal to investigate the murder. Hariri’s assassination was exploited by the NATO countries’ political allies in Lebanon and in the region to force Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon. Ever since then, the NATO countries and their regional allies, including Saudi Arabia and its fellow feudal monarchies in the Gulf States, have used the UN Special Tribunal to intimidate and threaten Syria and its regional allies, principally Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The UN Special Tribunal, after initially levelling suspicion against Syria, has recently shifted its aim to target Hezbollah. It has never considered very serious evidence that plausibly suggests Israeli involvement in Hariri’s murder. This behaviour by the UN Special Tribunal on Lebanon parallels very closely what happened with the dishonest politically motivated manipulation of the Lockerbie terrorist bombing investigation in the case of Libya.

Unlike Libya, but like Iran, Syria has found quite strong diplomatic support from Russia and China, as well as from Latin American countries including, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. While the NATO countries and their allies apply sanctions, Russia has recently signed arms deals with Syria in a clear practical sign that it rejects NATO country policy towards its regional allies, Syria and Iran. Russian diplomats have publicly condemned as counterproductive the sanctions applied to Syria.

China’s position is less clear-cut, given its heavy dependence on reliable oil supplies. Persistent US and allied country provocations may lead Iran to retaliate against sanctions by closing the strategically important Hormuz Strait. In this way, the NATO powers create uncertainty about the security of China’s oil supply and the stability of the oil price in international markets. What happens in Syria is directly relevant in terms of how it may affect Iran’s policy.

The recent visit of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Saudi Arabia, Qatar y the Arab Emirates was directly related to that dilemma. Clearly, it is the NATO powers and these local NATO allies who are provoking serious instability in the international oil markets. That instability may well hurt the US and Europe as much as their Asian rivals should Iran itself retaliate economically.

Syria’s Muslim neighbour, Turkey, has played a more complex double game over the years than the region’s feudal Arab tyrannies antagonistic to socialist Syria. It has tried to balance its regional interests as a major Central Asian Muslim power against its long standing aspirations to join the European Union and its status as a member of NATO. For some years, prior to the war against Libya, Turkey seemed to be interested in developing a strategic relationship with both Syria and Iran.

The Israeli 2010 attack on the Mavi Marmara vessel carrying peace activists to Palestine seemed to exacerbate Turkey’s differences with its NATO partners. But during the current crisis in Syria, Turkey has decisively supported NATO’s aggression against its neighbour. The government of Prime Minister Erdogan has permitted the establishment of terrorist groups attacking Syria from Turkish territory.

The Turkish government has also advocated and implemented damaging sanctions against Syria and its people as part of the increasingly sinister campaign to bring down the Syrian Ba’ath party government led by Bashar al Assad. But Turkey also has a strong interest in a stable relationship with Iran. Its complicated regional interests may ultimately force Prime Minister Erdogan to moderate Turkey’s current policy on Syria.

The Syrian crisis now

Disturbances began in Syria in January 2011 as part of a region-wide attempt by the NATO powers and their local allies to exploit popular pressure for political change. In March of that same year, events in the city of Deraa provoked dubious allegations of government forces shooting on unarmed protestors, just as happened in Libya. Terrorists encouraged, trained and supplied by Saudi Arabia and allies like Qatar and protected by Turkey, have attacked government security forces in Baniyas, Homs, and Hama, among other cities.

But popular support for the Syrian government and for President Assad remains over 50% despite a massive international disinformation campaign led by NATO country corporate media and human rights organization. The NATO powers and their regional allies have long sought to destabilize Syria’s independent socialist government. The pattern of their intervention is similar to that used to destroy Libya. They have encouraged, trained and supplied subversive terrorist groups, using a comprehensive psy-warfare campaign to both conceal and justify the extent of their aggressive intervention.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has again demonstrated beyond any doubt that he is an abject servant of the United States and its allies. He has dragged his office and the UN itself deep into disrepute as a blatant tool of colonial intervention around the world in the service of Western corporate elites. Under Ban Ki Moon, the UN organization is currently violating its own Charter, as it did in Libya, by working in complicity with NATO and the Arab League, dominated by Saudi Arabia, to guarantee the conditions necessary for military aggression against Syria, perhaps led by Turkey.

Imperial repression

The crisis in Syria results mainly not from popular calls for reform but from foreign pressure and intervention. The techniques used against Syria by the Western powers and their regional allies are far from new. They have been used over the last fifty years to brutalize and dehumanize the Palestinians, to demonize Cuba and North Korea and to justify an interminable programme of aggression around the world.

Now the NATO powers, with their long and shameful history of colonial conquest, have updated and refined that tool kit of imperial repression. Prior to Syria, they have used it against Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Haiti, Honduras, Ivory Coast and, most recently, Libya. The campaign always begins with extensive psychological warfare by the Western machinery of corporate media and non-governmental organizations to justify aggressive government measures against the target country.

The propaganda war always consists of exaggerated and distorted accusations of human rights violations, corruption and lack of democracy. These accusations usually escalate to include claims that the target country’s government provokes regional destabilization. When the conditions prepared by this psychological warfare permit, the aggression moves into the economic sphere with calls for sanctions, either legal or illegal.

After that phase of economic warfare, the next stage is one of armed subversion through local proxies. The loss of life provoked by that terrorist subversion can then be used to activate measures through the international legal system, if possible via the International Criminal Court, self-evidently a tool of Western imperialism. This whole process prepares the way for outright military intervention, proposed preferably to the UN Security Council by a regional body dominated by Western allies.

The Arab League served that purpose against Libya and is being used now in the NATO countries’ efforts to destroy Syria. It will almost certainly be used to complete preparations for the developing aggression against Iran. But Iran is a far more complex target than Syria because it is one of the biggest countries in the world both in territorial extension and with a population of over 70 million.


Iran’s history in the last century, common to most of the region, was one of colonial oppression and foreign exploitation. After the anti-democratic coup in 1953, the country endured over 25 years of neocolonial dependency, abetted by the dictatorship of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. Pahlavi was an unconditional NATO country ally in the mould of dictators like Anastasio Somoza, Sese Mobutu or Ferdinand Marcos. Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega often refers to the twin revolutions of 1979 to recall that both the Iranian and the Nicaraguan peoples liberated their countries from cruel dictatorship that same year.

Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the NATO powers supported Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s long war against Iran which lasted from 1980 to 1988. It is commonly forgotten that Syria was one of the only Arab countries to support Iran during that war. NATO’s regional allies, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf tyrannies, all fear Iran because it has a powerful government committed to regional change based on the ideals of its own Islamic revolution.

Despite Iran’s moderation of its revolutionary regional policy after the war with Iraq, it defends its sovereignty uncompromisingly. The cynical foreign policy of the NATO countries towards Iran has gone through various phases of uneasy accommodation, opportunism and hostility culminating in the current phase of outright aggression just short of armed conflict. The United States in particular has exploited Iran’s development of nuclear power as a cause for war.

Iran has sought to develop nuclear power since the 1950s. But the United States and Israel first began to exploit Iran’s nuclear power programme as pretext for aggressive sanctions in 2003, the same year as the NATO powers and their allies invaded Iraq on the false pretext that they feared Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The United States and its allies have consistently exploited the UN’s International Atomic Energy Authority politically against Iran, using its procedures to create pretexts for economic and military aggression.

The current IAEA Director General is Yukiya Amano, regarded as even more susceptible to pressure from the NATO country governments than his predecessor Mohamed al Baradei. Possible ways of attacking Iran’s nuclear program are openly discussed in the corporate Western media as part of the constant psychological warfare against Iran. Armed attacks have included terrorist assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists as well as other terrorist attacks facilitated by NATO’s de facto member Israel.

The notorious extreme hypocrisy of NATO country governments is has reached unprecedented extremes in the case of Iran. The NATO powers protect Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons program but attack Iran for developing peaceful nuclear power. They and their allies wage blatant terrorist war against Iran using terrorist organizations they themselves condemn such as the Mojahedin-e Khalq, just as they have used Al Qaeda in Lebanon, Libya and now Syria.

Similarly, the US and Israel have used their highly developed cyber-warfare capacity to sabotage Iran’s industrial and research capacity, using the Stuxnet worm malware to damage Iranian computer systems. This pattern of psychological warfare, bogus pretexts for aggression, economic sanctions and outright terrorism is used against every government targeted by the NATO country corporate elites and their allies. In the 1930s, similar behaviour by Germany and Italy was called by its true name – fascism.

However, Iran enjoys many advantages over Syria in terms of its ability to defend itself. The most obvious of those advantages is its size, both in terms of its territory and its population. It’s role as a major international provider of oil and gas to China and many other countries, complicates NATO country plans for a military attack. Over 30% of international oil supplies pass through the Hormuz Strait, controlled by Iran. Iran’s geography also works in its favour because, again, the narrow Hormuz Strait is a potentially dangerous trap for any attacking NATO naval forces.

Iran’s missile technology and capability is formidable. Its mastery of electronic warfare was evident in the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon. There, Iran’s ally Hezbollah effectively neutralized Israeli electronic warfare and constantly monitored Israeli military communications. For all these reasons, any attack on Iran will certainly be far more complex in its planning and execution and far more costly in financial terms and in terms of casualties for the aggressors than the wars against Afghanistan,Iraq or Libya.

Also, several powerful countries strongly reject NATO’s clear preparations for military aggression. Of those countries, Russia and China are the most forthright, but Brazil and India too have expressed their rejection of armed aggression. All these countries, in particular Russia and China understand very well that the aggression against Syria and Iran is how the Western powers of North America and Europe hope to arrest their relative decline in global power and influence, especially in relation to Asia.

For its part, India has a very strong trading relationship with Iran which supplies around 14% of India’s current total oil needs. India is also partnering Iran in a major gas pipeline project carrying Iranian gas as far as Pakistan. Although it has recently complied with US pressure to vote against Iran in the International Atomic Energy Authority over the matter of Iran’s nuclear programme, India supports Iran’s right to develop nuclear power.

India would be unlikely to take sides in any potential armed conflict between Iran and the NATO countries and their local allies. Likewise, Brazil has strongly supported Iran’s right to develop nuclear power and Dilma Rousseff is likely to maintain that position. In an interesting recent twist to regional complications, Turkey has refused to support new NATO country sanctions against Iran unauthorized by the UN.

This is emphatic confirmation that Iran is far from the caricature isolated pariah presented in the Western corporate media. It is easy to forget that Iran is a likely candidate to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Iran is engaged in major railway construction projects with SCO members Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

The SCO is made up of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, countries comprising almost a quarter of the world’s total population. Any attack on Iran, a large, influential regional power, will have extremely volatile and unpredictable effects on the world economy and devastating repercussions in the region. This reality may well lead more sober minds in the NATO countries to resist pressure from local allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia to unleash a military assault on Iran

Lessons from Libya

For their part, Iran and Syria may well be regretting the support they gave to NATO’s counter-revolutionary putsch and colonial war of aggression in Libya. NATO’s puppet NTC regime in Libya repaid Iran and Syria by closing the Syrian government embassy in Tripoli and recognising Syria’s own opposition SNC as Syria’s legitimate government. CEPRID’s Alberto Cruz has noted that British special forces even boast on their web site that they have armed and trained Libyan Al Qaeda fighters on Turkish territory to attack the Syrian people.

Libya’s recent experience has reinforced the long standing lesson that the North American and European oligarchs will always destroy independent countries who resist their will. The Libyan war also demonstrated that, paradoxically, Iran shares the NATO powers’ abandonment of the UN’s basic principles of non-aggression and self-determination of peoples. That abandonment permitted the disingenuous application of the ill-conceived principle of the Responsibility to Protect.

It led directly to the destruction of Libya, the current aggression against Syria and the developing military assault on Iran. Like Russia and China, Iran is now in part suffering the fallout from its support for the destruction of Libya. It is fair to argue that if Russia, China and Iran had defended the principle of non-aggression in the case of Libya, the NATO powers would never have been able to destabilize Syria so readily.

Iran’s failure to defend the UN’s founding principles was matched by the complete collapse of what is commonly referred to as the international Left. With very few exceptions, radical, progressive, anarchist and socialist opinion either openly supported NATO’s colonial war on Libya or washed their hands of it. Figures as diverse as Noam Chomsky, Ignacio Ramonet, Gilbert Achcar, Ramsy Baroud and Al Giordano, among many others, supported the pretext for the war against the Libyan government even though it clearly enjoyed majority support in the country.

The failure of the international Left was twofold, both moral and intellectual. The intellectual failure was one of Garbage In-Garbage Out. In their different ways, Chomsky, Ramonet, Giordano and the rest have in large part made their reputations by criticising the mechanisms that create mainstream opinion. On Libya, they uncritically accepted information produced in total consonance with the style and content of the major international corporate psy-warfare outlets.

That deep intellectual inauthenticity was matched by the international Left’s utter moral collapse in failing to defend Libya and its people against vicious colonial military aggression. In general, the international Left adopted a range of neocolonial positions. Those positions all shared the neocolonial assumption that their own culture and their own societies offered better models for people in Libya than the system most Libyans supported and which they had worked out for themselves.

No serious effort was made to support peaceful negotiations as proposed by the African Union and the ALBA countries. In North America, the Black Left’s support for the Libyan government was ignored. In Europe, prestigious left-wing media outlets like Rebelión censored opinion arguing against the Libyan CNT counter-revolutionary putsch.

The demonization of Muammar Ghaddafi and censorship by omission on the Left was indistinguishable from that in the corporate media. Anyone declaring solidarity with the Libyan government and its people was smeared as supporting dictatorship. Libya demonstrated that the systemic function of the intellectual-managerial class of the international Left is to camouflage their accommodation, complicity and ultimate legitimation of the very system they ostensibly reject.

They accepted false information totally in line with imperialist propaganda. They collaborated in the abandonment of the founding principles of the UN. They effectively accepted the aggressive introduction of the imperialist principle of Responsibility to Protect. Arguments about NATO’s conquest of Libya demonstrated that in North America and Europe. the international Left is essentially an agglomeration of fictions of varying effectiveness and relevance.

The utility of the fictions purveyed by the networks around individuals like Ramonet, Chomsky and the rest is that they serve as intermediaries with liberal progressive networks loyal to corporate capitalism and with the centres of imperial power itself. Measured by their ability to achieve significant political power, the North American and European varieties of Left fictions have lived with failure for decades. Their moral and intellectual collapse on Libya should have come as no surprise.

What has been and remains so striking is the extent of the international Left’s identification with the false rhetoric of the very structures they purport to criticize. For people in Nicaragua, that goes a long way in explaining the grudging recognition of the marked progress on behalf of the impoverished majority achieved under President Daniel Ortega’s government. Like Libya, Nicaragua too has been the victim of the class/cultural prejudices of the internacional neocolonial Left.

Implications for Latin America

Those prejudices have made it impossible for most of what passes for the Left in North America and Europe to remake themselves convincingly enough to win majority support despite the chronic economic crisis in their countries. The West’s systemic crisis threatens the future ability of the United States and its allies to project their power globally and put a brake on their relative decline against Asian countries like China and India. That is why NATO and its allies have destroyed Libya and now menace Syria and Iran .

Such a volatile international context presents enormous challenges to the peoples of Latin America and to their leaders. It demonstrates the strategic wisdom and tactical acumen of the political leadership of the ALBA countries in rapidly developing solidarity-based trade and development cooperation and in strengthening longer term regional integration. Clearly, Central America and the Caribbean are vulnerable targets of future aggression from the United States.

The United States and their allies supported the successful coups in Haiti and Honduras and were active in the attempted coups in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. They may well fail to overthrow the government in Syria and decide the odds are against them in the case of a military attack on Iran. Whether or not they attack Iran, the United States and its European allies are very likely to sharpen their aggressive stance against independent governments in Latin America.



Stop the interrogation of Abu Anas al – Libi , a hunger strike and drink

16/10/2013 , 09:15

He said U.S. officials familiar with a team of elite American investigators stopped questioning suspected militant linked to al -Qaeda arrested in Libya after he hit from food, drink , causing worsening health problems afflicting precedent .

A U.S. official said that U.S. investigators have not achieved little success in getting intelligence information from the suspect known as Abu Anas Libyan before they stop questioning when he was detained on board a ship for the U.S. Navy .

He denied Abu Anas al – Libi , whose original name impartial Alriqiei in federal court in New York on Tuesday charged with involvement in the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed more than 200 people in 1998.

(This is such bull, as Algeria intelligence proved to us that al-LIBI is a double agent working for  CIA...They needed an excuse to “stop interrogating him”!!)

The United-States abduct one of their ex-agents in Libya


President Obama gave the order to abduct Abu Anas al-Libi (whose real name is Nazih Abd al-Hamid al-Ruqhay), on October 6th 2013 in Libya. A Delta Force force succeeded without making any victims.

Even supposing that al-Libi were a legitimate target for the US, as claimed by Secretary of State John Kerry, this kidnapping constitutes a violation of international law and of Libyan sovereignty.

In 1995, this jihadist, who had joined Osama Bin Laden in the Sudan, participated in a failed attempt to assassinate Egyptian president Hosni Mubarack. He then found refuge in Doha (Qatar).

In 1996, the British secret services (MI5 and MI6) financed an Al-Qaïda cell to assassinate Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi [1]. Anas Al-Libi brokered the deal thereby receiving political asylum in the UK. He lived in Manchester until 2000 when he was charged by the US.

That same year, he was accused by the New York Southern District Court of having undertaken in 1993 the photographic reconnoitering that supposedly enabled, five years later, the 7 August 1988 attacks on the US embassies of Daar es-Salam and Nairobi, killing 12 Americans (and incidentally 214 other persons, in a total number of 5 000 non-American injured). When the “FBI’s Most Wanted Suspects” list was created in 2001, a 5 million dollar reward was offered for his capture.

Various sources maintain that he was detained in Iran from 2003 to 2012, upon which he returned to Libya. However, on the 6th of June 2007, Amnesty International claimed that he was actually held in a secret CIA prison [2].

In December 2010, the Libyan representative at the UN indicated that Al-Libi and his family had returned to their country, as part of a peace treaty negotiated by Saif el-Islam Kadhafi, under US control. With other Al-Qaeda members and under Abdelhakim Belhaj’s authority [3], he took part as of February 2011 (three months later) in NATO’s operations in Libya, leading to the overthrow of the Jamahiriya and to Muammar al-Gaddafi’s lynching. One of al-Libi’s son’s was killed in retaliation by the nationalists in October 2011.

Kidnapped by the US Secretary of Defence in Tripoli (Libya) on 6 October 2013, Abu Anas al-Libi was, according to the New York Times, transferred aboard the USS San Antonio, in theMediterranean sea, to be interrogated [4] outside of the US legal system [5], to be eventually be handed over to US justice authorities in a few weeks or months.

The USS San Antonio is a landing ship, and it’s holds have been transformed into a secret prison by the US Navy. The detainees are interrogated following a program based on Dr. Martin Seligman’s techniques [6]. The goal is not to extract information, but to condition the victims. Officially, President Barack Obama was supposed to have shut down these secret prisons and forbidden torture.

The United-States had not claimed responsibility for an abduction contravening international law since that of Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame on April 19th 2011 (which was made public two months later).

Alizée Ville

[1] « David Shayler: “I quit the British secret service when the MI6 decided to fund Osama bin Laden’s partners” », Voltaire Network, November 18th 2005.

[2] He appears as n°37 on the « USA : Off the Record. U.S. Responsibility for Enforced Disappearances in the “War on Terror” », Amnesty International, June 6th 2007.

[3] Abdelhakim Belhaj, Al-Qaïda’s number two during the wars against Libya and Syria, is a important collaborator of NATO. Cf. our dossier.

[4] “U.S. Said to Hold Qaeda Suspect on Navy Ship”, by Benjamin Wiser and Eric Schmitt, The New York Times, October 6th 2013.

[5] “How the U.S. Is Interrogating a Qaeda Suspect”, by Charlie Savage and Benjamin Weiser, The New York Times, October 7th 2013.

[6] « The secret behind Guantánamo », by Thierry Meyssan,Odnako/Voltaire Network, October 8th 2009.

Following President Obama’s lunch meeting with Senate Republicans on
Capitol Hill, Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins described the food
served and said the president was not able to eat since his “taster” was
not present.

OBAMA says he cannot eat without his food-taster

See, like the emperor’s of old, he thinks he will be poisoned and will kill his “servants” first!!!

Drones: More in Africa;

Drones and Proxies: The Expanding War Plans for North Africa

Drones and Proxies: The Expanding War Plans for North Africa

John Glaser, 02   October  2012

One of the biggest problems (and there are many) with the Obama administration’s drone program is that it targets unidentified individuals,

the vast majority of whom have not been shown to present any real threat to Americans. According to the recent academic study, Living Under Drones,

the number of ”high-level” targets killed as a percentage of total casualties is extremely low — about 2 percent. Much of the rest were deemed worthy

to be bombed because, according to the unaccountable drone war operatives, they demonstrated a certain “pattern of life,” which drone operators

could tell from a remote-control camera up in the sky is worth dying for.

That’s what makes the administration’s new war plans for North Africa so troubling. The WashingtonPost:

The White House has held a series of secret meetings in recent months to examine the threat posed by al-Qaeda’s franchise in North Africa and consider for the first time whether to prepare for unilateral strikes, U.S. officials said.

The deliberations reflect concern that al-Qaeda’s African affiliate has become more dangerous since gaining control of large pockets of territory in Mali and acquiring weapons from post-revolution Libya. The discussions predate the Sept. 11 attacks on U.S. compounds in Libya but gained urgency after the assaults there were linked to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM.

How much did we hear about the AQIM threat prior to the discretionary air war on Libya that started in March of last year? The instability and flood of Islamic extremists in Mali, apparently a focal point of the supposed AQIM threat, is itself a direct consequence of US interventionism in Libya. As the Post even explains, “the overthrow of dictator Moammar Gaddafi in Libya triggered a migration of African mercenaries and their weapons back to countries where al-Qaeda elements are based.”

Other “threats” in Africa, like the Nigerian Boko Haram or the al-Shabab network in Somalia are inflated threats that don’t seem to be able to make an impact in their own countries, never mind attack this one. The current policies are apt to come back to bite us, given the US-sponsored invasion of Somalia by Ethiopia in 2006 that helped give rise to the militant group al-Shabaab – now ironically justifying current interventions. Oddly, even the Obama administration has quietly acknowledged the fact that their military involvement in Somalia may create more problems than it solves, with one administration official telling the Washington Post in December there is a “concern that a broader campaign could turn al-Shabab from a regional menace into an adversary determined to carry out attacks on U.S. soil.”

So the Obama administration is currently debating whether to dramatically expand the drone war, or to use African proxy forces to do our fighting for us:

U.S. officials said the discussions have focused on ways to help regional militaries confront al-Qaeda but have also explored the possibility of direct U.S. intervention if the terrorist group continues unchecked…officials have begun to consider contingencies, including the question of “do we or don’t we” deploy drones.

Through the Pentagon’s Africa Command, the US is training and equipping militaries in countries including Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia in the name of preventing “terrorists from establishing sanctuaries.” The strategy appears irreconcilable with recent history, however, given the US-sponsored invasion of Somalia by Ethiopia in 2006 gave rise to the militant group al-Shabaab – now ironically justifying current interventions.

The strategy, which is beginning to span an entire continent, indicates a desire on the part of the national security establishment to avoid the high costs of thousands of occupation forces and lengthy nation building projects. Instead, military support to undemocratic regimes, dangerous proxy wars, drones, and covert military missions with a light footprint rule the day in America’s approach to Africa.

In other words, it is a strategy outside the jurisdiction of Congress and without the knowledge of the American people. Such strategies have led to tyranny, death, and blowback in the past. And there isn’t much indication it will be any different this time.

Attacks on U.S. Drones Shutter Benghazi Airport

The Benghazi Airport was closed overnight and remained closed for much of the day because of heavy anti-aircraft fire around the city by various factions

targeting the U.S drones that have been looming overhead.

One of the biggest problems (and there are many) with the Obama administration’s drone program is that it targets unidentified individuals,

the vast majority of whom have not been shown to present any real threat to Americans. According to the recent academic study,

Living Under Drones, the number of ”high-level” targets killed as a percentage of total casualties is extremely low — about 2 percent.

Much of the rest were deemed worthy to be bombed because, according to the unaccountable drone war operatives, they demonstrated a certain “pattern of life,”

which drone operators could tell from a remote-control camera up in the sky is worth dying for.

Obama Sends More Drones, Marines to Libya, But Did They Ever Leave?

The Obama administration has ordered military reinforcements to Libya following the attack on the U.S. consulate building this week,

but the truth is drones had never left Libya’s skies and U.S. Marines have been carrying out missions on the ground since the end of NATO’s war there last year.

Obama Sends More Drones, Marines to Libya, But Did They Ever Leave?

Apparently, there is nothing so permanent as a temporary US war

by John Glaser, September 13, 2012

The US suspects al-Qaeda affiliates were involved in starting the attack on the US consulate in Libya, which killed the American ambassador and three others, and has not only started an FBI investigation into the incident, but has ordered more drones to surveil Libya, as well as up to 50 additional US Marines and US warships equipped with Tomahawk missiles off the northern coast.

But the Defense Department toldWired‘s Danger Room that the drones never left, despite the fact that the NATO air war in Libya came to an end almost a year ago.

“Yes, we have been flying CAPs [combat air patrols] since the war ended,” said Army Lt. Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.

These have apparently been done for surveillance purposes with the consent of the new Libyan government.

Similarly, the 50 additional US Marines being sent to Libya won’t exactly be new. One of the four Americans killed in this week’s consulate attack told ABC News last month

he was working with the State Department on an intelligence mission to find  some of the hoards of weapons strewn about the country following the forceful overthrow of the Great Jamahiriya.

The late economist Milton Friedman was famous for saying that there is nothing so permanent as a government temporary program.

He was referring to domestic policies and bureaucracies, but the same principle applies here. When the US government engages in military action abroad,

the tendency is for such military engagements to remain open-ended, in keeping with America’s long history of spreading its military across the entire globe.

That’s what makes the administration’s new war plans for North Africa so troubling.

Will Track Gun Owners, Cellphones in U.S.

At home and abroad, the scope of the drone war is expanding and liberty is contracting.…

As the drone war expands in Africa, the DHS orders domestically deployed drones that can track gun owners and follow cellphone signals. by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Obama Gives Himself Permission to Kill

Obama has argued that he can kill Americans whose deaths he believes will keep us all safer, without any due process whatsoever.

No law authorizes that. His attorney general has argued that the president’s careful consideration of each target and the narrow use of deadly force are an adequate

and constitutional substitute for due process. No court has ever approved that. And his national security adviser has argued that the use of drones is humane

since they are “surgical” and only kill their targets. We know that is incorrect, as the folks who monitor all this say that 11 percent to 17 percent of the 2,300

drone-caused deaths have been those of innocent bystanders.

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Life as a U.S. Drone Operator: ‘It’s Like Playing a Video Game for Four Years’

“It is a lot like playing a video game,” a former Predator drone operator matter-of-factly admits to the artist Omer Fast.

“But playing the same video game four years straight on the same level.”

His bombs kill real people though and, he admits, often not the people he is aiming at.

Life as a US drone operator: ‘It’s like playing a video game for four years’

Artist Omer Fast looks at the military staff who fly drones from Nevada in a film being shown at the Imperial War Museum

Link to video: What the drone saw“It is a lot like playing a video game,” a former Predator drone operator matter-of-factly admits to the artist Omer Fast. “But playing the same video game four years straight on the same level.” His bombs kill real people though and, he admits, often not the people he is aiming at.The remarkable insight into the working life of one of the most modern of military operatives is provided in a 30-minute film that will be shown at theImperial War Museum in London from Monday, the first in a new programme of exhibitions under the title IWM Contemporary.The project is something of a departure for the museum in one way, although it has been commissioning and showing artists since the first world war. “The idea behind this strand is to present a consistent offer so people do identify us with contemporary art because it sometimes does get a bit lost,” said Sara Bevan, a curator in the art department. It will also allow the gallery to perhaps be more provocative and more reactive to contemporary events.The work by Fast, an Israel-born artist who lives and works in Berlin, is called 5,000 Feet is the Best, which takes its name from the optimum flight altitude of a Predator drone.Drones are pilotless aircraft operated remotely. According to data published by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism last December, there have been almost 1,200 drone strikes on suspected terrorists by US and British forces in the past five years on targets in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and, by the CIA, in Pakistan.Estimates as to how many have died vary, although a Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, said in February: “We’ve killed 4,700. Sometimes you hit innocent people, and I hate that, but we’re at war, and we’ve taken out some very senior members of al-Qaida.”The subject engenders fierce debate and the artist attempts to capture its complexities.What Fast’s film does brilliantly is evoke the weirdness of people in Nevada endlessly trawling foreign countries for “bad guys”, whom they then get permission to fire on.Fast interviews a former US air force drone operator who admits to making mistakes. “You see a lot of death,” he says before pondering why he carries on – perhaps because if it was not him then it might be some “new kid doing it badly”.

Bevan said Fast’s film was “a visually stunning piece of work”, which she got more out of every time she watched it, as she hopes visitors will, too.

Fast advertised online for drone operators, although the ad was subsequently shut down by the FBI and rather fewer operators came forward.

One was willing. Some of his testimony in the film is the real man, blurred. Elsewhere, an actor plays the operator talking to a journalist in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Bevan said one reason the Fast piece was chosen as the first IWM Contemporary exhibition was because drone warfare was such a “pressing, current issue”. The plan is to have three shows a year with two documentary photographers scheduled next.

“Contemporary art is a really good way of dealing with lots of issues around contemporary conflict, such as issues to do with conflict not being confined to geographical boundaries,” she said. “Art can deal better with the more intangible issues.”

The opening of IWM Contemporary coincides with the partial reopening of the museum itself, which has been shut for six months for major internal works including the building of new first world war galleries.

Although the main display spaces and atrium remain closed, the art galleries will reopen on Monday along with a Horrible Histories show on spies, A Family in Wartime display, the Holocaust exhibition, and Lord Ashcroft’s Victoria Cross gallery. The IWM is scheduled to open fully in summer 2014, coinciding with the centenary events marking the outbreak of the first world war.

• This article was amended on 1 August 2013 to remove references to the IWM having commissioned the Omer Fast work. It was commissioned by the Hermès Foundation, the Kadist Foundation, Dublin Contemporary and The Model, and is the first work to be chosen for display in the IWM Contemporary programme.

Drones and Death Lists: The New Face of Warfare

Iraq, correctly described as the the worst foreign policy disaster in American history, forced a brief rethink and brought to the fore Senator Barack Obama,

who obtained his margin of victory after incorrectly being seen as a peace candidate. Obama really only objected to the “wrong kind” of war, referring to Iraq,

though he considered Afghanistan to be somehow better and fully embraced humanitarian interventionism. And he also completed the job begun by

George W. Bush through institutionalizing an America at war everywhere and all the time. He did that by winding down from wars requiring invasion and

regime change that produced body bags coming home with America’s sons and daughters. He instead opted for low intensity often clandestine engagement

using intelligence and special ops resources that that could be employed with minimal oversight, no transparency, and no accountability.

When challenged in the courts over its covert wars, the White House invariably claims the state secrets privilege, effectively cutting off any judicial review.

One has to think that Dick Cheney would be delighted with what President Obama has accomplished. Which brings one to the means used to fight the

new style warfare: drones and assassination lists. As is frequently the case, technology produces innovations that completely change the nature of what is doable.

The FBI and NSA would not be able to read your emails and listen to your phone calls in real time if computer speed and storage capacity had not increased to

such an extent so as to make it possible. Recent media coverage confirms what many readers of already know. The United States has the technical

ability to monitor phone calls and computer generated messages all over the world and uses the information to create individual files supplemented with biometrics.

It has satellites that can see in the dark and pick up images of people moving on the ground. It can then target individuals or groups without any due process and

kill them with a missile fired from twelve thousand miles away.

Land of the Sheeple Watch: Medals For Killing Women and Children: Majority of Americans Support Drone Strikes

The Pentagon is to reward drone operators with medals, despite the fact that strikes have killed thousands of innocent civilians in Yemen and Pakistan;

and the majority of Americans will support the action. AP reports that the DoD is creating a new ribbon, called the Distinguished Warfare Medal that will be

awarded for “extra achievement” related to a military operation. This will encompass sitting at a computer console and pressing a button to release Hellfire

missiles from Predator drones hundreds and thousands of miles away. The AP report notes that the medal would become the fourth-highest ranking combat

decoration, placing above the Bronze Star, but below the Silver Star. The medal will be the first combat-award created by the Armed Forces since World War II.

Obama’s Secret Kill List — The Disposition Matrix

When contemplating the euphemisms that have slipped into the lexicon since 9/11, the adjective Orwellian is difficult to avoid.

But while such terms as extraordinary rendition, targeted killing and enhanced interrogation are universally known, and their true meanings –

kidnap, assassination, torture – widely understood, the disposition matrix has not yet gained such traction.

May 12, 2011

Tribute to New World Order Emperor Barack Obama

Filed under: Commentary — Peter Hebert @ 2:22 AM

This installment of On The Money with host Peter Hebert is a two hour special that contains archival 9/11 news clips and statement excerpts from people that include George Herbert Walker Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Milt Bearden of the Central Intelligence Agency, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, assassinated Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, former US Marine and anti war activist Ken O’Keefe, writer Christopher Bollyn, Deborah Lauter of the Anti-Defamation League, Mark Potek of the Southern Poverty Law Center, constitutional lawyer Michael Gross (formerly with the American Civil Liberties Union), former Director of Studies at the US Army War College Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Aaron Russo, Alex Jones, “IBM and the Holocaust” author Edwin Black, U.S. foreign and domestic policy analyst Webster Tarpley, Barack Obama, the “fat aussie bastard” from down under, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The topics include Project for a New American Century, 9/11, false flag operations, Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, the war on terror, anti-Semitism, the Israeli Mossad, RFID chips, the Council on Foreign Relations, media complicity in advancing state- and corporate-sponsored propaganda, and the New World Order. This survey of the events surrounding 9/11 and the war on terror rejects any one-sided narrative, but instead examines many of the dominant themes that drive the establishment’s and public’s diametrically opposed views concerning the many topics addressed.


“al-Qaeda” = CIA operatives to make caous & unstabilize governments (initialising “terror” to protract INTERVENTON and make “war”).
” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” works for the CIA.
Libya is a puppet state of the CIA & NATO.
Therefore, Obama is terrorist, who supports ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Qaeda as well as the GNC puppet Government he & witch-Queen Clinton installed upon Libya!

Wayne Madsen Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation

The Story of Obama: All in The Company

The Story of Obama: All in The Company (In Three Parts)

Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen Report
August 18, 2010

PART 1: The Story of Obama: All in The Company (Part I)

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the emergence of independent African leaders.

JPEG - 26.4 kb
From 1983-84, Barack Obama worked as Editor at Business Internation Corporation, a Business International Corporation, a known CIA front company.

President Obama’s own work in 1983 for Business International Corporation, a CIA front that conducted seminars with the world’s most powerful leaders and used journalists as agents abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage activities conducted by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960s post-coup Indonesia on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Center in 1965. Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and assist General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno.

Barack Obama, Sr., who met Dunham in 1959 in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii, had been part of what was described as an airlift of 280 East African students to the United States to attend various colleges — merely “aided” by a grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, according to a September 12, 1960, Reuters report from London. The airlift was a CIA operation to train and indoctrinate future agents of influence in Africa, which was becoming a battleground between the United States and the Soviet Union and China for influence among newly-independent and soon-to-be independent countries on the continent.

The airlift was condemned by the deputy leader of the opposition Kenyan African Democratic Union (KADU) as favoring certain tribes — the majority Kikuyus and minority Luos — over other tribes to favor the Kenyan African National Union (KANU), whose leader was Tom Mboya, the Kenyan nationalist and labor leader who selected Obama, Sr. for a scholarship at the University of Hawaii. Obama, Sr., who was already married with an infant son and pregnant wife in Kenya, married Dunham on Maui on February 2, 1961 and was also the university’s first African student. Dunham was three month’s pregnant with Barack Obama, Jr. at the time of her marriage to Obama, Sr.

JPEG - 26.7 kb
The CIA allegedly recruited Tom M’Boya in a heavily funded “selective liberation” programme to isolate Kenya’s founding President Jomo Kenyatta, who the American spy agency labelled as “unsafe.”

KADU deputy leader Masinda Muliro, according to Reuters, said KADU would send a delegation to the United States to investigate Kenyan students who received “gifts” from the Americans and “ensure that further gifts to Kenyan students are administered by people genuinely interested in Kenya’s development.’”

Mboya received a $100,000 grant for the airlift from the Kennedy Foundation after he turned down the same offer from the U.S. State Department, obviously concerned that direct U.S. assistance would look suspicious to pro-Communist Kenyan politicians who suspected Mboya of having CIA ties. The Airlift Africa project was underwritten by the Kennedy Foundation and the African-American Students Foundation. Obama, Sr. was not on the first airlift but a subsequent one. The airlift, organized by Mboya in 1959, included students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland.

Reuters also reported that Muliro charged that Africans were “disturbed and embittered” by the airlift of the selected students. Muliro “stated that “preferences were shown to two major tribes [Kikuyu and Luo] and many U.S.-bound students had failed preliminary and common entrance examinations, while some of those left behind held first-class certificates.”

Obama, Sr. was a friend of Mboya and a fellow Luo. After Mboya was assassinated in 1969, Obama, Sr. testified at the trial of his alleged assassin. Obama, Sr. claimed he was the target of a hit-and-run assassination attempt after his testimony.

JPEG - 70.7 kb
CIA-airlifted to Hawaii, Barack Obama Sr., with leis, stands with Stanley Dunham, President Obama’s grandfather, on his right.

Obama, Sr., who left Hawaii for Harvard in 1962, divorced Dunham in 1964. Obama, Sr. married a fellow Harvard student, Ruth Niedesand, a Jewish-American woman, who moved with him to Kenya and had two sons. They were later divorced. Obama, Sr. worked for the Kenyan Finance and Transport ministries as well as an oil firm. Obama, Sr. died in a 1982 car crash and his funeral was attended by leading Kenyan politicians, including future Foreign Minister Robert Ouko, who was murdered in 1990.

CIA files indicate that Mboya was an important agent-of-influence for the CIA, not only in Kenya but in all of Africa. A formerly Secret CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summary, dated November 19, 1959, states that Mboya served as a check on extremists at the second All-African People’s Conference (AAPC) in Tunis. The report states that “serious friction developed between Ghana’s Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah and Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya who cooperated effectively last December to check extremists at the AAPC’s first meeting in Accra.” The term “cooperated effectively” appears to indicate that Mboya was cooperating with the CIA, which filed the report from field operatives in Accra and Tunis. While “cooperating” with the CIA in Accra and Tunis, Mboya selected the father of the president of the United States to receive a scholarship and be airlifted to the University of Hawaii where he met and married President Obama’s mother.

An earlier CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summary, secret, and dated April 3, 1958, states that Mboya “still appears to be the most promising of the African leaders.” Another CIA weekly summary, secret and dated December 18, 1958, calls Mboya the Kenyan nationalist an “able and dynamic young chairman” of the People’s Convention party who was viewed as an opponent of “extremists” like Nkrumah, supported by “Sino-Soviet representatives.”

In a formerly Secret CIA report on the All-Africa Peoples Conference in 1961, dated November 1, 1961, Mboya’s conservatism, along with that of Taleb Slim of Tunisia, are contrasted to the leftist policies of Nkrumah and others. Pro-communists who were elected to the AAPC’s steering committee at the March 1961 Cairo conference, attended by Mboya, are identified in the report as Abdoulaye Diallo, AAPC Secretary General, of Senegal; Ahmed Bourmendjel of Algeria; Mario de Andrade of Angola; Ntau Mokhele of Basutoland; Kingue Abel of Cameroun; Antoine Kiwewa of Congo (Leopoldville); Kojo Botsio of Ghana; Ismail Toure of Guinea; T. O. Dosomu Johnson of Liberia; Modibo Diallo of Mali; Mahjoub Ben Seddik of Morocco; Djibo Bakari of Niger; Tunji Otegbeya of Nigeria; Kanyama Chiume of Nyasaland; Ali Abdullahi of Somalia; Tennyson Makiwane of South Africa, and Mohamed Fouad Galal of the United Arab Republic.

The only attendees in Cairo who were given a clean bill of health by the CIA were Mboya, who appears to have been a snitch for the agency, and Joshua Nkomo of Southern Rhodesia, B. Munanka of Tanganyika, Abdel Magid Shaker of Tunisia, and John Kakonge of Uganda.

Nkrumah would eventually be overthrown in a 1966 CIA-backed coup while he was on a state visit to China and North Vietnam. The CIA overthrow of Nkrumah followed by one year the agency’s overthrow of Sukarno, another coup that was connected to President Obama’s family on his mother’s side. There are suspicions that Mboya was assassinated in 1969 by Chinese agents working with anti-Mboya factions in the government of Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta in order to eliminate a pro-U.S. leading political leader in Africa. Upon Mboya’s death, every embassy in Nairobi flew its flag at half-mast except for one, the embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

JPEG - 26.8 kb
Jomo Kenyatta, first President of Kenya.

Mboya’s influence in the Kenyatta government would continue long after his death and while Obama, Sr. was still alive. In 1975, after the assassination of KANU politician Josiah Kariuki, a socialist who helped start KANU, along with Mboya and Obama, Sr., Kenyatta dismissed three rebellious cabinet ministers who “all had personal ties to either Kariuki or Tom Mboya.” This information is contained in CIA Staff Notes on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, formerly Top Secret Umbra, Handle via COMINT Channels, dated June 24, 1975. The intelligence in the report, based on its classification, indicate the information was derived from National Security Agency intercepts in Kenya. No one was ever charged in the assassination of Kariuki.

The intecepts of Mboya’s and Kariuki’s associates are an indication that the NSA and CIA also maintain intercepts on Barack Obama, Sr., who, as a non-U.S. person, would have been lawfully subject at the time to intercepts carried out by NSA and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

(Continued below)

PART 2: Special Report. The Story of Obama: All in The Company – Part II

In Part I of this WMR special report, we revealed the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-affiliated Airlift Africa project to provide college degrees to and gain influence over a group of 280 eastern and southern African students from soon-to-be independent African nations to counter similar programs established by the Soviet Union and China. Barack Obama Sr. was the first African student to attend the University of Hawaii. Obama Sr. and Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham met in a Russian language class in 1959 and they married in 1961.

The African airlift program was administered by Kenyan nationalist leader Tom Mboya, a fellow Luo tribe mentor and friend of the senior Obama. According to CIA documents described in Part I, Mboya also served the CIA in ensuring that pro-Soviet and pro-Chinese African nationalists were stymied in their attempt to dominate pan-African nationalist political, student, and labor movements.

One of Mboya’s chief opponents was Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, who was ousted in a CIA-inspired coup in 1966, one year before to Obama Sr’s son, Barack Obama, Jr. and his mother joined Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian who Obama’s mother met at the University of Hawaii in 1965, when President Obama was four years old.

In 1967, Obama and his mother joined her husband in Jakarta. In 1965, Lolo Soetoro had been called back from Hawaii by General Suharto to serve as an officer in the Indonesian military to help launch a bloody CIA-backed genocide of Indonesian Communists and Indonesian Chinese throughout the expansive country. Suharto consolidated his power in 1966, the same year that Barack Obama, Sr.’s friend, Mboya, had helped to rally pro-U.S. pan-African support for the CIA’s overthrow of Nkrumah in Ghana in 1966.

East-West Center, University of Hawaii,  and CIA coup against Sukarno

Ann Dunham met Soetoro at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii. The center had long been affiliated with CIA activities in the Asia-Pacific region. In 1965, the year that Dunham met and married Soetoro, the center saw a new chancellor take over. He was Howard P. Jones who served a record seven years, from 1958 to 1965, as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia. Jones was present in Jakarta as Suharto and his CIA-backed military officers planned the 1965 overthrow of Sukarno, who was seen, along with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), as allies of China.

When Jones was chancellor of the East-West Center, he wrote an article for the Washington Post, dated October 10, 1965, in which he defended Suharto’s overthrow of Sukarno. Jones was “invited” by the Post to comment on the Suharto coup, described as a “counter-coup” against the Communists. Jones charged that Suharto was merely responding to an earlier attempted Communist-led coup against Sukarno launched by Lt. Col. Untung, “a relatively unknown battalion commander in the palace guard.”

Jones’s article, which mirrored CIA situation reports from the U.S. embassy in Jakarta, continued by stating that the alleged leftist coup on September 30 ”came within an inch of succeeding through the assassination of six of the top military command. It might well have succeeded had not Defense Minister Nasution and a number of other senior generals also maked for assassination acted fast in a dramatic counter-coup.” Of course, what Jones did not inform the Post’s readers was that the Suharto “counter-coup” had been assisted with the strong help of the CIA.

Sukarno never blamed the Communists for the assassination of the army generals nor did the Indonesian Cabinet, where the second= and third-ranking leaders of the PKI were present. The possibility that the assassination of the generals was a CIA/Suharto “false flag” operation to affix blame on the PKI cannot be ruled out. Two days after Suharto’s coup, a CIA “rent-a-mob” burned down the PKI headquarters in Jakarta. As they marched past the U.S. Embassy, which was also the site of the CIA station, they yelled out, “Long live America!”

Untung later said that when he became aware that Suharto and the CIA were planning a coup on October 5, 1965 – Indonesian Armed Forces Day – forces loyal to him and Sukarno moved first. Jones described this as “typical Communist propaganda.” Suharto moved against Sukarno on October 1. Jones iterated that “there was not an iota of truth . . . in the accusation that the CIA was working against Sukarno.” History has proven otherwise. Jones accused the Communists of taking advantage of Sukarno’s failing health to beat out the other candidates to succeed him. The goal, according to Jones, was to have PKI boss D.N. Aidit succeed Sukarno. Sukarno did not die until 1970, while under house arrest.

A CIA paper, formerly classified Secret and undated, states “Sukarno would like to return to the status quo ante-coup. He has refused to condemn the PKI or the 30th September Movement [of Lt. Col. Untung]; instead, he calls for unity of Indonesia and asks that no vengeance be taken by one group against the other. But, he has not succeeded in forcing the Army to abandon its anti-PKI activities and, on the other hand, he has bowed to their demand by appointing its single candidate General Suharto as head of the Army.” Suharto and Barry Obama Soetoro’s step-father Lolo Soetoro would ignore Sukarno’s call for no vengeance, as hundreds of thousands of Indonesians would soon discover.

The mass murder by Suharto of Indonesian Chinese is seen in the CIA paper’s description of the Baperki Party: “the leftist Baperki Party, with its major strength in rural areas, is largely Chinese-Indonesian in membership.” A CIA Intelligence Memorandum, dated October 6, 1966 and formerly classified Secret, shows the extent of the CIA’s monitoring of the anti-Sukarno coup from various CIA agents assigned as liaisons to Suharto’s army units surrounding the Presidential Palace in Bogor and at various diplomatic posts around the country, including the U.S. Consulate in Medan, which was keeping track of leftists in that Sumatran city and, which, in an October 2, 1965, Intelligence Memo, reported to the CIA that the “Soviet consul-general in Medan has a plane standing by that could be used for evacuation of Soviet citizens from Sumatra.” The October 6 memo also warns against allowing Untung from developing a following in Central Java.

A CIA formerly Secret “Weekly Summary Special Report” on Indonesia, dated August 11, 1967, and titled “The New Order in Indonesia,” reports that in 1966, Indonesia re-aligned its economy in order to receive International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance. The CIA reports its is happy with the new triumvirate ruling Indonesia in 1967: Suharto, Foreign Minister Adam Malik, and the Sultan of Jogjakarta, who served as minister for economics and finance. The report also rejoices in the outlawing of the PKI, but states it “retains a significant following in East and Central Java,” where Ann Dunham Soetoro would largely concentrate her later efforts on behalf of USAID, the World Bank, and the Ford Foundation, all front activities for the CIA to “win the hearts and minds” of the Javanese farmers and artisans.

A CIA Intelligence Memorandum, formerly Secret and dated July 23, 1966, clearly sees the Muslim Nahdatul Ulama party {NU), the largest party in Indonesia and Muslim, as a natural ally of the United States and the Suharto regime. The report states that helped Suharto put down the Communists in the post-coup time frame, especially where the NU was strongest: East Java, where Obama’s mother would concentrate her activities, and North Sumatra and parts of Borneo. An April 29, 1966, formerly Secret CIA Intelligence Memorandum on the PKI states: “Moslem extremists in many instances outdid the army in hunting down and murdering members of the party [PKI] and its front groups.”

Dunham and Barry Soetoro in Jakarta and USAID front activities

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Dunham dropped out of the University of Hawaii in 1960 while pregnant with Barack Obama. Barack Obama Sr. left Hawaii in 1962 to study at Harvard. Dunham and Obama divorced in 1964. In the fall of 1961, Dunham enrolled at the University of Washington while caring for her infant son. Dunham was re-enrolled at the University of Hawaii from 1963 to 1966. Lolo Soetoro, who Dunham married in March 1965, departed Hawaii for Indonesia on July 20, 1965, some three months prior to the CIA’s coup against Sukarno. Soetoro, who served Suharto as an Army colonel, was clearly called back from the CIA-connected East-West Center to assist in the coup against Sukarno, one that would eventually cost the lives of some one million Indonesian citizens. It is a history that President Obama would like the press to ignore, which it certainly did during the 2008 primary and general election.

In 1967, after arriving in Indonesia with Obama, Jr., Dunham began teaching English at the American embassy in Jakarta, which also housed one of the largest CIA stations in Asia and had significant satellite stations in Surabaya in eastern Java and Medan on Sumatra. Jones left as East-West Center chancellor in 1968.

In fact, Obama’s mother was teaching English for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which was a major cover for CIA activities in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia, especially in Laos, South Vietnam, and Thailand. The USAID program was known as Lembaga Pendidikan Pembinaan Manajemen. Obama’s mother, painted as a free spirit and a “sixties child” by President Obama and people who claimed they knew her in Hawaii and Indonesia, had a curriculum vitae in Indonesia that contradicts the perception that Ann Dunham Soetoro was a “hippy.”

Dunham Soetoro’s Russian language training at the University of Hawaii may have been useful to the CIA in Indonesia. An August 2, 1966, formerly Secret memorandum from the National Security Council’s Executive Secretary Bromley Smith states that, in addition to Japan, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the Suharto coup was welcomed by the Soviet Union and its Eastern European allies because its created a non-aligned Indonesia that “represents an Asian counterweight to Communist China.” Records indicate that a number of CIA agents posted in Jakarta before and after the 1965 coup were, like Dunham Soetoro, conversant in Russian.

Dunham Soetoro worked for the elitist Ford Foundation, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Bank Rakyat (the majority government-owned People’s Bank of Indonesia), and the CIA-linked USAID while she lived in Indonesia and later, Pakistan.

USAID was involved in a number of CIA covert operations in Southeast Asia. The February 9, 1971, Washington Star reported that USAID officials in Laos were aware that rice supplied to the Laotian Army by USAID was being re-sold to North Vietnamese army divisions in the country. The report stated that the U.S. tolerated the USAID rice sales to the North Vietnamese since the Laotian Army units that sold the rice found themselves protected from Communist Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese attack. USAID and the CIA also used the supply of rice to force Laotian Meo tribesmen to support the United States in the war against the Communists. USAID funds programmed for civilians injured in the war in Laos and public health care were actually diverted for military purposes.

In 1971, the USAID-funded Center for Vietnamese Studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale was accused of being a CIA front. USAID-funded projects through the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA) — comprising the Universities of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Michigan State — were accused of being CIA front projects, including those for “agricultural education” in Indonesia, as well as other “projects” in Afghanistan, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand, and South Vietnam. The charge was made in 1971, the same year that Ann Dunham was working for USAID in the country.

In a July 10, 1971, New York Times report, USAID and the CIA were accused of “losing” $1.7 billion appropriated for the Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) program in South Vietnam. CORDS was part of the CIA’s Operation Phoenix program, which involved CIA assassination and torture of South Vietnamese village elders and Buddhist clerics. USAID money was also directed to the CIA’s proprietary airline in Southeast Asia, Air America. In Thailand, USAID funds for the Accelerated Rural Development Program in Thailand were actually masking a CIA anti-Communist counter-insurgency operation. USAID funds programmed for public works projects in East Pakistan in 1971 were used for East Pakistan’s military fortifications on its border with India, in the months before the outbreak of war with India, in contravention of U.S. law that prohibited USAID money for military purposes.

In 1972, USAID administrator Dr. John Hannah admitted to Metromedia News that USAID was being used as a cover for CIA covert operations in Laos. Hannah only admitted to Laos as a USAID cover for the CIA. However, it was also reported that USAID was being used by the CIA in Indonesia, Philippines, South Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea. USAID projects in Southeast Asia had to be approved by the Southeast Asian Development Advisory Group (SEADAG), an Asia Society group that was, in fact, answerable to the CIA.

The U.S. Food for Peace program, jointly administered by USAID and the Department of Agriculture, was found in 1972 to be used for military purposes in Cambodia, South Korea, Turkey, South Vietnam, Spain, Taiwan, and Greece. In 1972, USAID funneled aid money only to the southern part of North Yemen, in order to aid North Yemeni forces against the government of South Yemen, then ruled by a socialist government opposed to U.S. hegemony in the region.

One of the entities affiliated with the USAID work in Indonesia was the Asia Foundation, a 1950s creation formed with the help of the CIA to oppose the expansion of communism in Asia. The East-West Center guest house in Hawaii was funded by the Asia Foundation. The guest house is also where Barack Obama Sr. first stayed after his airlift from Kenya to Hawaii, arranged by the one of the CIA’s major agents of influence in Africa, Mboya.

Dunham would also travel to Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Thailand working on micro-financing projects. In 1965, Barack Obama Sr. returned to Kenya from Harvard, with another American wife. The senior Obama linked up with his old friend and the CIA’s “golden boy” Mboya and other fellow Luo politicians. The CIA station chief in Nairobi from 1964 to 1967 was Philip Cherry. In 1975, Cherry was the CIA station chief in Dacca, Bangladesh. Cherry was linked by the then-U.S. ambassador to Bangladesh, Eugene Booster, to the 1975 assassination of Bangladesh’s first president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and members of his family.

The hit on “Sheikh Mujib” and his family was reportedly ordered by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Bangladesh was also on the micro- and macro-financing travel itinerary of CIA-linked Ann Dunham.

CIA banking and Hawaii

Meanwhile, Dunham Soetoro’s mother, Madelyn Dunham, who raised young Obama when he returned to Hawaii in 1971 while his mother stayed in Indonesia, was the first female vice president at the Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu. Various CIA front entities used the bank. Madelyn Dunham handled escrow accounts used to make CIA payments to U.S.-supported Asian dictators like Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, South Vietnamese President Nguyen van Thieu, and President Suharto in Indonesia. In effect, the bank was engaged in money laundering for the CIA to covertly prop up its favored leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of the CIA’s major money laundering fronts in Honolulu was the firm of Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham & Wong (BBRDW). After the CIA allowed the firm to collapse in 1983  amid charges that BBRDW was merely a Ponzi scheme, Senator Daniel Inouye of the US Senate Intelligence Committee said the CIA’s role in the firm “wasn’t significant.” It would later be revealed that Inouye, who was one of the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’s best friends in the Senate, was lying. In fact, BBRDW was involved heavily in funding covert CIA programs throughout Asia, including economic espionage against Japan, providing arms for Afghan mujaheddin guerrillas in their war against the Soviets and covertly supplying weapons to Taiwan. One of BBRDW’s principals was John C. “Jack” Kindschi, who, before he retired in 1981, was the CIA station chief in Honolulu. BBRDW’s chairman Ron Rewald had a counterfeit college degree certificate provided for the wall of his office by the CIA’s forgery experts and his name was inserted in university records as an alumnus.

A false history for BBRDW was concocted by the CIA claiming the firm had operated in Hawaii since it was a territory. President Obama is currently plagued by allegations that he has fake college and university transcripts, a phony social security number issued in Connecticut, and other padded resume items. Did Hawaii’s fake BBRDW documents portend today’s questions about Obama’s past?

BBRDW conducted its business in the heart of Honolulu’s business district, where the Bank of Hawaii was located and where Obama grandmother Madelyn Dunham ran the escrow accounts. The bank would handle much of BBRDW’s covert financial transactions.

Obama/Soetoro and the “years of living dangerously” in Jakarta

It is clear that Dunham Soetoro and her Indonesian husband, President Obama’s step-father, were closely involved in the CIA’s operations to steer Indonesia away from the Sino-Soviet orbit during the “years of living dangerously” after the overthrow of Sukarno. WMR has discovered that some of the CIA’s top case officers were assigned to various official and non-official cover assignments in Indonesia during this time frame, including under the cover of USAID, the Peace Corps, and the U.S. Information Agency (USIA).

One of the closest CIA contacts for Suharto was former CIA Jakarta embassy officer Kent B. Crane. Crane was so close to Suharto after “retiring” from the CIA, he was reportedly one of the only “private” businessmen given an Indonesian diplomatic passport by Suharto’s government. Crane’s company, the Crane Group, was involved in supplying small arms to the military forces of the United States, Indonesia, and other nations. A foreign policy adviser to Vice President Spiro Agnew, Crane was later nominated as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia by President Ronald Reagan but the nomination was dead-on-arrival because of Crane’s dubious links to Suharto. The ambassadorship would instead go to John Holdridge, a close colleague of Kissinger. Holdridge was succeeded in Jakarta by Paul Wolfowitz.

Suharto’s cronies, who included Mochtar and James Riady of the Lippo Group, would later stand accused of funneling over $1 million of illegal foreign contributions to Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

President Obama has twice postponed official state visits to Indonesia, perhaps fearful of the attention such a trip would bring to the CIA connections of his mother and Indonesian step-father.

In the 1970s and 80s, Dunham was active in micro-loan projects for the Ford Foundation,  the CIA-linked East-West Center, and USAID in Indonesia. One of the individuals assigned to the U.S. embassy and helped barricade the compound during a violent anti-U.S. student demonstration during the 1965 Suharto coup against Sukarno was Dr. Gordon Donald, Jr. Assigned to the embassy’s Economic Section, Donald was responsible for USAID micro-financing for Indonesian farmers, the same project that Dunham Soetoro would work on for USAID in the 1970s, after her USAID job of teaching English in Indonesia. In a 1968 book, “Who’s Who in the CIA,” published in West Berlin, Donald is identified as a CIA officer who was also assigned to Lahore, Pakistan, where Dunham would eventually live for five years in the Hilton International Hotel while working on microfinancing for the Asian Development Bank.

Another “Who’s Who in the CIA” Jakarta alumnus is Robert F. Grealy, who later became the director for international relations for the Asia-Pacific for J P Morgan Chase and a director for the American-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce. J P Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon is being mentioned as a potential replacement for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, whose father, Peter Geithner, was the Ford Foundation’s Asia grant-selector who funneled the money to Ann Dunham’s Indonesian projects.

CIA Black Projects and Hawaii

While in Pakistan, Dunham’s son Barack visited her in 1980 and 1981. Obama visited Karachi, Lahore, and Hyderabad, India during his south Asia visits. It was during the time period that the CIA was beefing up its anti-Soviet operations in Afghanistan from Pakistan.

A January 31, 1958, heavily-redacted formerly Secret NOFORN [no foreign dissemination] memorandum for CIA Director Allen Dulles from the Deputy Assistant Director of the CIA for Research and Reports [name redacted] reports on a fact-finding mission to the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East from November 17 through December 21, 1957.

The CIA Office of Research and Reports (ORR) chief reports a meeting with the staff of retired Army General Jesmond Balmer, a senior CIA official in Hawaii, about requests by the Commander-in-Chief Pacific (CINCPAC) for “a number of detailed, time-consuming research studies.” The ORR chief then reports about a CIA “survey of students at the University of Hawaii who have both Chinese language and research ability.” The ORR chief also reports that at a South-East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) Counter Subversion Seminar at Baguio, Philippines held from November 26-29, 1957, the Economic Subcommittee discussed an “economic development fund” to combat “Sino-Soviet Bloc subversive activities in the area and a consideration of possible counter-measures which might be employed.”

The Thailand and Philippines delegations were pushing hard for U.S. funding for an economic development fund, which may have provided the impetus for later USAID projects in the region, including those with which Peter Geithner and Obama’s mother were intimately involved.

Although CIA geo-political covert operations at the University of Hawaii are well-documented, the agency’s darker side of research and MK-UKTRA type operations has not generally been associated with the University of Hawaii.

A series of formerly Confidential CIA memoranda, dated May 15, 1972, points to the involvement of both the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the CIA, and the University of Hawaii in the CIA’s behavioral science program. The memos are signed by then-Deputy Director of the CIA Bronson Tweedy, the chief of the Intelligence Community’s Program Review Group (PRG) [name redacted], and CIA Director Richard Helms. The subject of the memos is “ARPA Supported Research Relating to Intelligence Product,” The memo from the PRG chief discusses a conference held on May 11, 1972, attended by Lt. Col. Austin Kibler, ARPA’s Director of Behavioral Research. Kibler was the chief for ARPA research into behavior modification and remote viewing. Others mentioned in the PRG chief’s memo include CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence Edward Proctor, the CIA Deputy Director for Science and Technology Carl Duckett, and Director of the Office of National Estimates John Huizenga.

In 1973, after CIA Director James Schlesinger ordered a review of all CIA programs, the CIA developed a set of documents on various CIA programs collectively called the “Family Jewels.” Most of these documents were released in 2007 but it was also revealed that Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the CIA’s director of MKULTRA, the agency’s behavior modification, brainwashing, and drug testing component, had been ordered by Helms, before he resigned as CIA director, to be destroyed. Duckett, in one memo from Ben Evans of the CIA to CIA Director William Colby, dated May 8, 1973, conveys that he “thinks the Director would be ill-advised to say he is acquainted with this program,” meaning Gottlieb’s drug testing program under MKULKTRA.

Senior Gerald Ford administration officials, including Chief of Staff Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, ensured that after the production of the “Family Jewels” documents, no CIA revelations were made about CIA psychological behavior-altering programs, including MKULTRA and Project ARTICHOKE.

The May 15, 1972, set of memos appears to be related to the CIA’s initial research, code named SCANATE, in 1972 into psychic warfare, including the use of psychics for purposes of remote viewing espionage and mind control. The memo discussed Kibler from ARPA and “his contractor,” which was later discovered to be Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California.

In a memo from CIA Director Helms to, among others, Duckett, Huizenga, Proctor, and the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, which later inherited reote viewing from the CIA under the code name GRILL FLAME, Helms insists that ARPA had been supporting research into behavioral science and its potential for intelligence production ”for a number of years” at “M.I.T., Yale, the University of Michigan, U.C.L.A., andUniversity of Hawaii and other institutions as well as in corporate research facilities.”

The role of the University of Hawaii in CIA psych-war operations continues to this day.  The chief of research for DIA’s Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center (DCHC) Behavioral Sciences Program, Dr. Susan Brandon, who was reportedly involved in a covert program run by the American Psychological Association (APA), Rand Corporation, and the CIA to employ “enhanced interrogation” techniques, including sleep and sensory deprivation, intense pain, and extreme isolation on prisoners held at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan and other “black prisons,” received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Hawaii. Brandon also served as assistant director of Social, Behavioral, and Educational Sciences for the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the George W. Bush White House.

The CIA’s close connections to the University of Hawaii continued to the late 1970s, when the former President of the University of Hawaii from 1969 to 1974, Harlan Cleveland, was a special invited speaker at CIA headquarters on May 10, 1977. Cleveland served as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs from 1961 to 1965 and Lyndon Johnson’s ambassador to NATO from 1965 to 1969 before taking up his position at the University of Hawaii.

A CIA Director of Training memo dated May 21, 1971, reports on the active recruitment of a U.S. Marine officer who was entering graduate school at the University of Hawaii.

The Family of Obama and the CIA

There are volumes of written material on the CIA backgrounds of George H. W. Bush and CIA-related activities by his father and children, including former President George W. Bush. Barack Obama, on the other hand, cleverly masked his own CIA connections as well as those of his mother, father, step-father, and grandmother (there is very little known about Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, who was supposedly in the furniture business in Hawaii after serving in Europe during World War II). Presidents and vice presidents do not require security background checks, unlike other members of the federal government, to hold office. That job is left up to the press. In 2008, the press failed miserably in its duty to vet the man who would win the White House. With the ties of Obama’s parents to the University of Hawaii and its links to MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE, a nagging question remains: Is Barack Obama a real-life “Manchurian Candidate?”

(Continued below)

PART 3: August 19, 2010 — SPECIAL REPORT. The Story of Obama: All in the Company — Add one more Obama family member to the CIA payroll. Part III

WMR previously reported on the CIA links of President Obama’s mother, father, step-father, grandmother to the CIA. Not much is known about Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, who Obama mistakenly referred to as “his father” in two speeches, one recently to the Disabled American Veterans.

What is officially known about Stanley Armour Dunham is that he served with the 9th Air Force in Britain and France prior to and after the D-Day invasion. After the war, Dunham and his wife, Madelyn and his daughter Stanley Ann — Obama’s mother — moved to Berkeley, California; El Dorado, Kansas; Seattle; and Honolulu. Armour Dunham is said to have worked for a series of furniture stores.

Obama maintains that his mother and father first met in a Russian-language class at the University of Hawaii in 1959. However, a photograph has emerged of Stanley Armour welcoming Barack Obama, Sr., complete with traditional Hawaiian welcoming leis, from Kenya. Obama, Sr. was the only Kenyan student airlifted to Hawaii as part of the CIA-inspired Airlift Africa project that saw Obama and 279 other students from British eastern and southern African colonies brought to the United States for college degrees prior to their homelands gaining independence from Britain. The students were selected by Kenyan nationalist leader Tom Mboya who would later conduct surveillance for the CIA at pan-African nationalist meetings. Mboya was particularly focused on two African leaders who were seen as too close to the Sino-Soviet bloc, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Sekout Toure of Guinea.

Stanley Armour Dunham with Barack Obama, Sr. at welcoming ceremony to Hawaii. The presence of two US Navy personnel indicates the plane may have landed at Hickam Air Force Base, an indication of the U.S. government’s and CIA’s role in the Airlift Africa project.

The photograph of Armour Dunham with Barack Obama, Sr., indicates that the “furniture salesman” in Hawaii was, in fact, working with a CIA-funded project to rapidly educate aspiring politicians to serve in post-independence African governments to counter Soviet- and Chinese-backed political leaders in the region.

There is a strong reason to believe that Armour Dunham worked in the 1950s for the CIA in the Middle East. An FBI file on Armour Dunham existed but the bureau claimed it destroyed the file on May 1, 1997. Considering the sour relations between the FBI and CIA during the Cold War, it is likely that Armour Dunham was being monitored by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the same manner as a number of other CIA officials and agents were being surveilled. Similarly, the pre-1968 passport records of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, were destroyed by the State Department.

There is a photographic clue that the Dunhams may have been assigned by the CIA to Beirut, Lebanon in the early 1950s. A photograph of Obama’s mother and grandparents has emerged that shows Stanley Ann Dunham wearing what may be a school uniform with the insignia of “NdJ,” which stands for the College Notre-Dame de Jamhour, a private Jesuit Catholic French language school in Beirut, Lebanon. Graduates of the school include three former presidents of Lebanon, Amine Gemayel, Bashir Gemayel, and Charles Helou, all of whom maintained close relations with Washington.

Did Obama’s mother [left] go to a private school in Lebanon in the early 1950s while her father [middle] worked for the CIA in Beirut?

There is also the curious nature of President Obama’s Social Security Number, issued in Connecticut, a state where there is no other evidence of his ever being a resident. Adding to the mystery is a New York City address for a “male” named Stanley Ann Dunham,  235 E. 40th St Apt 8F, New York NY 10016-1747. The address is a few blocks away from the address of the Ford Foundation. Ann Dunham did work briefly in New York for the Ford Foundation.

On August 9, 2010, WMR reported, “In a December 19, 1971, article in the Boston Globe by Dan Pinck, [a historian and former OSS officer] titled ‘Is everyone in the CIA?’ it is alleged that identifying US Agency for International Development (USAID) officers as CIA agents was a ‘reasonably accurate accounting of certain leading operatives and associates of the CIA.’ President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro worked for USAID in rural Java in Indonesia. Pinck’s article was a review of a 1968 book, ‘Who’s Who in the CIA’ published in Berlin.”

WMR has obtained a rare copy of “Who’s Who in the CIA,” from England. The book, published in West Berlin in 1968, lists some 3,000 CIA agents and agents-of-influence around the world.

The book also contains a reference to one CIA operative whose area of primary place of operation was Mercer Island, Washington. He was retired Air Force General Don Zabriskie Zimmermann, who was the Chief Engineer for the Boeing Company in Seattle. Before retiring from the Air Force, Zimmermann was the Air Force Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Development in Foreign Countries. Ann Stanley Dunham reportedly graduated from Mercer Island High School in 1960 and met Obama later that year in a Russian language class after  her parents moved to Hawaii. Stanley Ann’s mother, Madelyn Dunham, worked at a Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas during World War II.

The book lists the number of CIA agents in countries during the 1950s and 60s where Obama’s father, mother, step-father Lolo Soetori, and allegedly, his grandmother and grandfather worked:


Jakarta   64

Surabaya  12

Medan  8

Hollandia  1


Nairobi  19

Mombassa  2


Beirut  61     (including one agent also assigned to Jakarta, Lahore, and Karachi and another assigned to Lahore)


Honolulu   6  (one agent also assigned to Canton Island and another was fluent in French, Stanley Ann Dunham spoke French, Urdu, Bahasa Indonesian, and she studied Javanese at the University of Hawaii, in addition to Russian).

COMMENTWe commend Wayne Madsen for his vast exposé of Barack Obama’s true background. Madsen will appear on the Alex Jones Show tomorrow THURSDAY AUGUST 19 at 1 PM EST / 12 NOON CST, to reveal even more bombshell details of his deep research into this matter. Tune in for this vital info andvisit the Wayne Madsen Report for further details.



Obama’s Impeachment And Trial For War Crimes

16 October  2013 by


On October 11, 2013, the 110-page Human Rights Watch report entitled “You Can Still See Their Blood” was published, in which it was found that Obama’s al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels have been engaged in nothing short of war crimes.

According to the report, in the Syrian province of Latakia,  Obama’s al-Qaeda rebels, accusing the residents in the surrounding villages of helping Syrian government forces, went on a murderous rampage beginning August 4, 2013. Over 200 civilians were slaughtered, including 57 women and 18 children. Entire families were decimated. Dozens of civilians were decapitated. In several villages, the residents were set on fire and burned alive. An eighty-year-old blind woman was shot dead in her bed. The victims were thrown into mass graves reminiscent of Hitler’s murderess SS traversing the countryside, leaving a wake of carnage.

The report rightly calls this “crimes against humanity”—“war crimes.” All under funding and with weapons supplied by Barack Hussein Obama.

We know that Obama has directed the CIA to not only fund and arm the al-Qaeda-linked  Syrian rebels, but is training them and has CIA agents embedded within their ranks. Obama therefore knew about the war crimes and covered it up and is therefore himself guilty of crimes against humanity.

After Obama is impeached for funding and arming terrorists, he should be brought before the International Criminal Court to answer for crimes against humanity and imprisoned for the rest of his life




16 Oct.   2013


Who were the ’Nazis’ who wrecked Libya and murdered vast numbers of Libyan woman and kids?

Britain deployed large numbers of soldiers to Libya, defence secretary Philip Hammond has revealed.

The British Forces Broadcasting Service said that 1 200 army officers took part in Operation Ellamy, the Ministry of Defence’s codename for the Libya conflict.

Previously, ministers claimed “a handful” of British Army officers would be sent to “advise” rebel commanders.

British soldiers were involved in Libya operations on the ground 

“At its peak, the UK had 2,300 personnel, 32 aircraft and four ships committed to the campaign in Libya.”

UK military starting Libya return

There have been reports of British troops being captured and killed in Libya.






A. Arabs

The so-called satellite news channel mobility news:

Algerian military operation that killed 9 terrorists gunmen southwest Libya.


ما يسمى قناة النبأ الفضائية تنقل خبر : عملية عسكرية جزائرية اسفرت عن مقتل 9 مسلحين ارهابيين جنوب غرب ليبيا.



Tunisian President issued a decree to pardon “17” prisoners Libya

Tunisian Presidency announced that the president, “Moncef Marzouki,”

issued a decree to pardon the “17” prisoners of Libya, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

According to the Libyan news agency, quoting a statement to the Consulate-General embassy in Libya in Tunisia,

Mohammed Ferjani and added that this amnesty for prisoners convicted in different cases prisons Tunisian was the result

of the efforts of the Department of Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and consulates plenary meetings in Tunis and Sfax.

Gave a security unit in Ben Guerdane on Wednesday morning arrested a young Tunisian intends to cross the border to Libya after committed murder last night area train from the state of Gafsa claimed the lives of young people from the region and the news agency quoted a Tunisian security source said thanks to a security plan based on the closure of an arbitrator ports for the entire border area of Ben Guerdane security unit has been able to arrest the killer of 23 – year – old Ben Guerdane city center . The young man confessed to the killing after his arrest Tunisian young man said he stabbed neighbor because of the differences between them justified his crime situation of sugar (ESTASCY) , which was at the time of the crime , according to his statements .

Mu smile of being pleased

Qu’est-ce un dimanche ! / What a Sunday !

My picture of Mu

03 octobre 2013,19:32 · Muammar al-Qathafi did not die were arrested in a convoy of pride and the person

who was arrested and killed not a leader Muammar al-Qathafi will not add more than that, although we have all the facts and Aladalh confirmed

and who Basedk incredible and who Maybee incredible just incredible day shows a particular costume what we have a Hanna Mack Zben and Vena our eyes .

This communication both are free Libya …..

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

03 octobre, 19:32 · معمر القذافي لم يموت ولم يقبض عليه في رتل العزة والشخص الذي قبض عليه وقتل ليس القائد معمر القذافي ولن نضيف اكثر من ذلك مع اننا لدينا كل الحقائق والادالة المؤكدة واللي بيصدق يصدق واللي مايبي يصدق توا يصدق يوم يشوف بعينه زي ما كنآ ا حنا مك ذبين وشفنا بعيوننا . هذا بلاغ لكل احرار ليبيا …..

معمر على قيد الحياة بالتأكيد.
3 octobre, 20:04 ·
Members of this page summit in steadfastness and pride and they have a well-established doctrine that Libya will only be as green as the leader Muammar Gaddafi ,

Libya salutes km and pulls on your hands, ye sons that prides itself on their own , you Agder in Libya … Forward and revolutionary struggle continues until victory , God willing …

Greeting to satellite channel Al Khaimah

Speech of Dr.  Hamza Thami on Green  channel, and the tent on 10/05/2013 P

Yamen to know Muammar al-Qathafi?….

Muammar al-Qathafi, the splendor and dignity. Muammar al-Qathafi glory and magnanimity.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s pride and parents. Muammar al-Qathafi Code and tender. Muammar al-Qathafi Shoumoukh and challenge.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s power and address. Muammar al-Qathafi’s power and victory. Muammar al-Qathafi era courage.

Muammar al-Qathafi’s revolution and progress and urbanization, the past and the future.
Did you know what we mean and to whom these descriptions rare ….. he Muammar al-Qathafi Bomynaar.

BBC 28 FEBR. interview

The commander said .. Resisted , even if no
Hear my voice … On the anniversary of the uprising 14
Dates …. We will resist all possibilities
Everyone will resist God at home
And abroad:
It will be on a global flag burning shame
And we receive your photos and Vidauatcm God
Day 14
It will be on the vigils in every
Around the world and also a day of marches
It will be on mass organizations correspondent
Human rights via the Internet.
Will not make the 14 anniversary of the uprising
Great pass unnoticed … To

You leader Muammar al-Qathafi and the Libyan people

Of a period of two days and in a mosque in Libya
When you open the Voluntary Fund found “Zrv”
And a sum of money, and has the ability, but in the middle of
The amount and found a paper written by the charity
The spirit of “Muammar al-Qathafi” ..

(Salem al-Obeidi and Atef Shelmani)

Zakat quorum Tripoli in Libya

Deployment of the Zakat Fund on his Libyan Platform Home that Zakat quorum is: 4431.05 d. ‘s.

(Valley girl)



Vahil satisfaction Album
Dr. Ahmed Chaibi Assistant Executive Director , General Electric Company confirms the continuation of lock of Amoda main gas line to

Ruwais stations and Corner, and five, & Misratah by a group of young mountain.
It is noteworthy that young people from Kapaau , castle and Gado and Nalut locked the main gas line since last Monday to protest the

lack constitutionalization Tamazight language.

Media Abdulwahab Ali Mellit said :

“Look out for the employees of the former LIFG and you will be seen most of what is happening in Libya.”
(see picture below of Abdul Hakim BelHadj):

The murder assassinations done to
the army, police and Thunderbolt today ..

And their blood Hllo ..

Tomorrow the MB rats will find another excuse .. and another fatwa .. Below you see the men of the MB ZAIDANE GOVERNMENT who Permit the blood of both disagreed ..

كما كفّـرو الجيش والشرطة والصاعقة اليوم .. وحللو دمآئهم .. غدآ سيجدون عذرآ آخر ..وفتوى آخرى .. تبيح دمـاء كل من يعارضهُم ..بنت الوادي


General National Congress cost the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood ” Ali Salaabi “ an adviser to file what is called justice and national reconciliation conference.” (HAH!)

Suleiman Zubi on  Libya first channel speaks only rat bull—:

Noman bin Othman, a member of the former LIFG Ali Al-Arabiya: –

The list is long and we expect more of Amlbh kidnappings and perhaps drone strikes on targets in Libya next period.

Salem al – Obeidi:

While tell homeland and forgotten cities not Taathmuna the chattering
The Patriots and selling helpless I like you , but the difference between us that sacral
Speakers and a silent Adzkm weak brandished your voices not to Italkm the the
Early death , Is there a death worse than death echo !


British Foreign Office 4617 people are international arrest warrants

4617 Libby wanted internationally multiple crimes are divided into groups

>> Extremist terrorist groups 2139
>> Groups of killing and kidnapping and torture of 1593
>> Groups have crimes , smuggling and piracy threats 885 people and armed robberies , blackmail and torture class Altanih

Foreign relations spokesman in Libya
Arish Saeed:

Mohammed Bu Sidra _ a member of the National Conference _ through communicative dial denies the rumors kidnapped news today …


Associated Press

News about trying to catch a member of the Conference ( Mohammed Bo Sidra )
By a special task force to be handed over to the United States

Community National Congress exhibitors for sale on the open market:

Barrel Qatar Mahmoud melon :

One of them told me, like convey me a serious secretly : LIFG is out of control Biya and Kaid is the actual Rayes of the country and they control the major aspects of the state , including the Central Bank of Libya and a number of media. Brotherhood and riding in the back seat Watt extremists are to discipline opponents . Are you among those who believe in it or he تشنيع Ali is nothing but a fighter ?

There are two members of the National Conference was tortured someone tortured for a week and bought filmed a nude and we went to visit him after being tortured and imprisoned and filmed and a member of the National Congress, Omar was with us and father his fibers the Member National Conference karbassi also was with us and after that see this scene in Domat today following his resignation


I swear to God Almighty I swear to God Almighty I swear by Almighty God that I did not lie at all ma2lt and I swear to God that the Conference is not ruling all Hua ma2lt him for theft and Hua I swear to God that the isolation imposed by force but the Prophet doomsday opponent that you lie. I swear by Almighty God that what is happening now is not for 42 in Gaddafi and say some oral and I’m from opponents of Gaddafi falls brothers,
TOUATI alaida divides the Koran and live on the first channel of Libya and challenging any member of Congress to come out and divide the right and denying what alaida is stripping the members of the Conference and the National Conference of extortion and Libya don’t judge but ruled by armed militias and that they stole him in the funeral three years beyond what was stolen during the reign of the tyrant and confirms that the brotherhood and Al-Qaida are spoiled everything confirms that the Brotherhood Members have paid MTD ltkhelid member of a specific problem and the political isolation was under threat The weapon it I think the guy swore he befriended the brothers and their horns will try that distorted the man because it shamed and expose their falseness and I say God bless you yagdaran on what you’re doing with the brothers



Fathi Ben Issa media:

132 member of the National Dates met (they rarely meet) are provoked described Touati Eida that some of them were filmed in Abu Ghraib way …

Not shaken them for the killing of Libyans hair every day …

Not motivated by the violation of the sovereignty of the homeland have sworn they were mother-in-law …

Only personal reputations are putting them …. Nudity types, the most intense and impartiality of the National !!

Word now been Touati Alaadh the family threatened by an armed group vowed the death Alaadh family their sons if they came out Touati on TV screens again.

Touati Alaadh the:

Silence on the scandals and abuses in Libya considered salaciousness .. Wi-person silent, he is a XXXX

Touati Alaadh the:

No one has the right to say to Muammar Gaddafi, a tyrant anymore, because we are the tyrants.

National Congress membership drops Touati Alaadh the
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

A spokesman for the General National Congress Omar Humaydan said the conference voted at today ‘s meeting to drop the membership Touati Alaadh of the General National Congress by 135 votes .

He noted Humaydan that members of Congress demanded the dropping membership Alaadh and hold him accountable on the back of his remarks by accusing the members of the conference, pointing out that the Chairman of the Committee legislative conference between the Alaadh absent from the presence of more than eight sessions , which allows members of Congress to vote on dropping its membership by Regulation Interior of the Conference .

It is noteworthy that the Libyan General National Congress voted , mid – September , to lift the immunity of Touati Alaadh the two others , to appear before the public prosecutor for investigation on charges of ” defamation and slander ” , made ​​by the MB party against them , “Justice and construction.”

Touati Alaeidah the channel Libya first says

“Killed in Benghazi are the rule, and the Brotherhood was Kevin Aajphm of
Even relax murder of the old army leadership and Icomo establishment
National Guard and Army continued their.”

Burqa now

Member of the National Congress General Touati Alaadh shortly before the channel Libya first out copy of the Koran on the air and divided by faith

and the Koran on the sincerity of each Mega him previously, adding that the conference does not govern any part of the country and that “militias”

are judged and that the injustice and abuses misses limit .

Grove Touati professes says
Word now : Touati Alaadh of the vows to reveal a lot of crimes and abuses carried out by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, as he put it
And comment on the dropping membership to the General National Congress became the only conference Brothers .

1 – National Congress less than bad .
2 – suggested the formation of the power to protect the Congress and the government, but rejected the idea .
3 – to prevent the live broadcast of the conference sessions to prevent the broadcast of scandals
4 – voted by a majority of more than 120 members to move the hearings to the white resolution was rejected .
5 – man does not die minus -day life and pause Ezz
6 – Supporters of Sharia national people and I call on them the application of Islamic law .
7 – Multi Photo blackmail members of Congress and the government has heard real ourself to a member who has been an act
8 – The solution is to bring down the National Congress and hold early elections
9 – Al-Qaeda militants and their presence fact working on the destruction of Libya and are seeking to stop the universities and life in LIBYA

(I SAY BAAA to both sides and bring back PEOPLE’S POWER! THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!)
Touati Alaadh the channel Libya Tv:

In serious information which he confirmed his previous statements regarding the kidnapping and torture of members and photographed in breach of conditions and abrasive for modesty and mentioned by name in battalion base Mitiga he has and apostasy information that in the past two days may have been kidnapped another member ,
He also said that what is happening now from the abduction of girls and try to intimidate them to block off the street and what happens to kill and assassinate the whole of making militant groups and al-Qaida and its purpose provocation to ask for a helping hand from the west, which is a key player in blocking composition of the army and police ,
Also stressed the need to dissolve the National Conference and the use of a crisis government runs the country while preparing the constitution , describing it as a reason it has reached Libya from the ruins and that its continuation would lead the country to the abyss.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Touati Alaadh the : –

Who have kidnapped and photographing members of the National Congress are a base Ameitaiqa group?

“Before you, you see the solution to the free majority who rose up against the NATO mercenaries “…

Arise from slumber km

The withdrawal of confidence from a member of the General National Congress , ” Touati
Alaeidah ” , now with 132 votes , by reason remarks
Multi striptease .

(Urgent Salem al – Obeidi)
Source of General Allaotunai Congress confirms channel Libya that some members of the international General Allaotunai Congress

today filed a request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister on the inventory Zaidane.



Quoting logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !!
Abdel Mawla Abdel Mawla

Oh good people call me now a friend and he told me that his cousin-old 19 years has been hijacked yesterday next to an Quiche

a resident of Buildings Quiche next to mail and kidnappers armed group traveling in a white Toyota type Luba and on the door

back Astkir Allam independence and disaster was kidnapped in front of people and it strongly arms.
For those who have any useful information about the kidnapping or Ha do not know or suspected hijackers including the kidnapping.

Please call 0927141039 and God does not waste the reward of the best work.

Middle East – Tripoli

Libya .. Abu Ghraib scandal is repeated against officials in the government and parliament

While standing constitutional and executive branches in Libya on the cusp of a new scandal involving blackmail senior officials across photographed in situations of breach of etiquette , 15 soldiers were killed yesterday and five others were wounded in the latest and deadliest attack of its kind against the forces of the Libyan army . The sources said a Libyan official said that «the point of stationing National Army Brigade second pedestrian area and شتاتة , more than 100 kilometers south-east of the Libyan capital Tripoli has been at dawn yesterday to an attack by unidentified gunmen killed twenty soldiers were killed or wounded » .
The Libyan sources quoted witnesses that the incident bore the imprint of al or extremist group , pointing out that the perpetrators grown after soldiers killed according to the novel some of the soldiers who survived the accident, which is the deadliest of its kind against an official military forces . The director of the hospital Tarhuna General Abdul Wahab Abdul Qader arrival of 15 bodies of victims of the accident to the hospital , while the news agency said , local public prosecutor came to the hospital and inspected the bodies and ordered to transmit them to the Tripoli Medical Center , and was transferred five cases that was hit were injured to a hospital Sbaah for treatment. Following the incident , the road was closed link between the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid fully in front of movement between the two cities . Colonel Ali said Shi chi , a spokesman for the Presidency of the pillars of the Libyan army , five cars attacked gate shall protect the army or Mataro her dead , pointing to send military units and more than a plane to search and reconnaissance and hunt the perpetrators . He said in his statement yesterday « to now we can not charge anyone, but certainly of offenders who are trying to send a message to young people not to join the army .. This process is purely a terrorist do not want the good and stability of the country .
Officials did not say who is responsible for the incident , noting that Islamic groups are active in the absence of a strong central government , and the Libyan armed forces are not able to fully establish security . And pledged to the presidency of the General Staff of the army to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice , as seen in a statement that these cowardly acts aimed at undermining security and sedition . The statement urged Libyan citizens in the areas adjacent to the scene to help the military forces in the arrest of criminals, and called on every citizen has the information that the arrested because submit them to the military authorities in the region.
He denounced the local chambers and the Shura Council in Bani Walid what they called the attack cowardly , and asked the state should assume their responsibilities through the activation of the army and the police, and the investigation into the incident to uncover the truth . And Mohammed Al Da’aki , Security Coordinator Council of Bani Walid, that the National Security Directorate, declared a state of emergency, and it is in permanent session with the rest of the city’s security apparatus .
He also announced two chambers , military and local Shura Council of Elders and the city of Tarhuna three days of mourning in the city, the martyrs of the army , and demanded a declaration of public mourning in Libya on the lives of the soldiers who represent all Libyan cities and regions . And exposed the Libyan security forces regularly attacks especially in the east of the country , while the authorities have failed to establish army and professional police , as they did not succeed in the arrest of those responsible for these attacks , which have contributed in giving armed militias feeling that they get away with it , and it is , which holds the Security Affairs in the country.

In Benghazi yesterday assassinated Ali Abdullah wig Doi , head of retired officers of the Libyan army , after it was launched by unidentified gunmen shot as he emerged from one of the cafes . The Colonel Abdullah Al – Zaidi , the spokesman for the joint security room , that the victim was part of the forces Thunderbolt has retired some time ago, but did not expose any other circumstances .
Furthermore, in what appeared to be an unprecedented scandal at all, said Alaadh Touati , a member of the National Congress and former president of the National Security Committee , said that gangs and militias control the capital Tripoli. He said in remarks to the channel « Libya first » Thursday evening « There are people responsible in the state of members of Congress and the government and others do them as he did in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq , has strip them and photographed and humiliated by militias . It was not immediately possible to contact the Attorney – Libi, who he reportedly currently visiting the Egyptian capital , while close to him told Al – Sharq al – Awsat , he feared an assassination operation or physical liquidation after his sudden and controversial .
الشرق الأوسط – طرابلس

ليبيا.. فضيحة أبو غريب تتكرر ضد مسؤولين في الحكومة والبرلمان

بينما تقف السلطتان الدستورية والتنفيذية في ليبيا على أعتاب فضيحة جديدة تتعلق بابتزاز كبار المسؤولين الرسميين عبر تصويرهم في أوضاع مخلة للآداب، لقي 15 جنديا مصرعهم أمس وأصيب خمسة آخرين في أحدث وأعنف هجوم من نوعه ضد قوات الجيش الليبي. وقالت مصادر ليبية رسمية إن «نقطة تمركز للجيش الوطني التابعة للواء الثاني مشاة بمنطقة وشتاتة على بعد أكثر من 100 كيلو متر جنوب شرقي العاصمة الليبية طرابلس قد تعرضت فجر أمس إلى هجوم من قبل مسلحين مجهولين أسفر عن سقوط عشرين جنديا ما بين قتيل وجريح».
ونقلت مصادر ليبية عن شهود عيان أن الحادث يحمل بصمة تنظيم أو جماعة متطرفة، لافتة إلى أن الجناة كبروا عقب قتل الجنود وفقا لرواية بعض الجنود الذين نجوا من الحادث الذي يعتبر الأعنف من نوعه ضد قوات عسكرية رسمية. وأكد مدير مستشفى ترهونة العام عبد الوهاب عبد القادر وصول 15 جثة من ضحايا الحادث إلى المستشفى، فيما قالت وكالة الأنباء المحلية إن النيابة العامة حضرت إلى المستشفى وعاينت الجثث وأمرت بإحالتها إلى مركز طرابلس الطبي، كما تم تحويل الحالات الخمس التي أصيبت بجروح متفاوتة إلى مستشفى السبيعة لتلقي العلاج. وإثر الحادث، تم إغلاق الطريق الرابط بين مدينتي ترهونة وبني وليد بالكامل أمام حركة التنقل بين المدينتين. وقال العقيد علي ا لشي خي، الناطق باسم رئاسة أركان الجيش الليبي، إن خمس سيارات هاجمت بوابة يتولى حمايتها الجيش وأ مطرو ها بالرصاص، مشيرا إلى إرسال وحدات عسكرية وأكثر من طائرة للبحث والاستطلاع ومطاردة الجناة. وأضاف في تصريحات له أمس «إلى الآن لا نستطيع توجيه الاتهام لأي جهة، لكن بالتأكيد الجناة من الذين يحاولون إرسال رسالة للشباب بعدم الالتحاق بالجيش.. هذه عملية إرهابية بحتة لا تريد الخير والاستقرار للبلاد».
ولم يذكر مسؤولون من هو المسؤول عن الحادث، علما بأن جماعات إسلامية تنشط في غياب حكومة مركزية قوية، والقوات المسلحة الليبية غير قادرة على إرساء الأمن بشكل كامل. وتعهدت رئاسة الأركان العامة للجيش بملاحقة الجناة وتقديمهم للعدالة، كما اعتبرت في بيان لها أن هذه الأعمال الجبانة هدفها زعزعة الأمن وإثارة الفتنة. وحث البيان المواطنين الليبيين في المناطق المجاورة لمكان الحادث على مساعدة القوات العسكرية في القبض على المجرمين، ودعت كل مواطن لديه معلومات تفيد في القبض عليهم لأن يتقدم بها إلى الجهات العسكرية في المنطقة.
واستنكر المجلسان المحلي والشورى بمدينة بني وليد ما وصفاه بالاعتداء الجبان، وطالبا الدولة بضرورة تحمل مسؤولياتها من خلال تفعيل الجيش والشرطة، والتحقيق في الواقعة لكشف الحقيقة. وقال محمد الدعيكي، منسق الشؤون الأمنية بمجلس بني وليد، إن مديرية الأمن الوطني أعلنت حالة الطوارئ، وأنها في انعقاد دائم مع باقي الأجهزة الأمنية بالمدينة.
كما أعلن المجلسان المحلي والعسكري ومجلس الحكماء والشورى بمدينة ترهونة الحداد ثلاثة أيام في المدينة على شهداء الجيش، وطالبوا بإعلان الحداد العام في ليبيا على أرواح الجنود الذين يمثلون كل المدن والمناطق الليبية. وتتعرض قوات الأمن الليبية بانتظام لهجمات خصوصا في شرق البلاد، فيما فشلت السلطات في تأسيس قوات جيش وشرطة محترفة، كما أنها لم تنجح في توقيف المسؤولين عن هذه الهجمات، مما أسهم في إعطاء الميليشيات المسلحة الشعور بأنها تفلت من العقاب، وأنها هي التي تتولى شؤون الأمن في البلاد.

وفي بنغازي اغتيل أمس علي عبد الله ا لمه دوي، رئيس عرفاء متقاعد من الجيش الليبي، بعدما أطلق عليه مسلحون مجهولون النار لدى خروجه من أحد المقاهي. وأوضح العقيد عبد الله الزايدي، الناطق الرسمي باسم الغرفة الأمنية المشتركة، أن المغدور كان من ضمن قوات الصاعقة وقد تقاعد منذ فترة، لكنه لم يفضح عن أي ملابسات أخرى.
إلى ذلك، وفي ما بدا أنه بمثابة فضيحة غير مسبوقة على الإطلاق، قال العيضة التواتي، عضو المؤتمر الوطني والرئيس السابق للجنة الأمن القومي، إن عصابات وميليشيات تسيطر على العاصمة طرابلس. وأضاف في تصريحات لقناة «ليبيا أولا» مساء أول من أمس «هناك ناس مسؤولة في الدولة من أعضاء المؤتمر والحكومة وغيرهم فعل فيهم كما فعل في سجن أبو غريب من العراق، تمت تعريتهم وتصويرهم وإهانتهم من قبل الميليشيات». ولم يتسن على الفور الاتصال بالنائب الليبي الذي تردد أنه يزور العاصمة المصرية حاليا، فيما قال مقربون منه لـ«الشرق الأوسط»، إنه يخشى تعرضه لعملية اغتيال أو تصفية جسدية عقب تصريحاته المفاجئة والمثيرة للجدل.



Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

You may have to contact the Prime Minister ‘s Office on the question tendentious and false rumors on the subject of cutting

through the pilgrims and lose by stealing the bus and all the passengers that the more than 100 pilgrims with their money and 3 thousand dollars as Zamo ! ! !
P has been answered us that the author , who have been stealing phone and some money from the driver car ” كنتر ” who deliver the excess baggage that the bus could not filed due to load ! ! !
As for amounts to 3 thousand dollars has been NFO that the government has allocated for these sums and pilgrims this Nude health.

When asked about the place and located ; in the local council has said Gharyan told them in Rishvana , did not mention the selection does not place and time! ! !



The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

Was held on Sunday morning , the military ceremony to pay tribute to the martyrs of duty sixteen of the national army who were assassinated by treachery and treason , they are guarding the home ground at the gate ” Maltese ” area of and Sheta six located between the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid .

And attended the memorial ceremony , and Mr. Defense Minister , ” Abdullah bending “ and Chief of General Staff of the Libyan army , ” Jadallah al – Obeidi ,” and a number of Libyan army officers and families of the martyrs and a crowd of citizens.

And the Secretary of Defense awarded “Abdullah bending ” , these men martyrs of God, pure and that their lives were a scapegoat for the safety and security of Libya.

And stressed , ” Abdullah bending ” in his speech at the memorial ceremony , the Ministry of Defense is moving forward in building its military , and the national army to protect the homeland and the citizen .

For his part , the President of the General Staff of the National Army , ” Jadallah al – Obeidi “ in his speech during the memorial ceremony , condolences to the members of the national army and the families of the martyrs who have joined convoys of martyrs of the revolution of February 17 . (FAKE “REVOLUTION”)

And said, ” Dadullah ,” Today we are satisfied and decree of Allaah , hearts possesses her sadness at parting our sons who were killed treacherously at the hands of the criminals who wreak mischief in the land , these men who have joined the ranks of the Libyan army in order to defend the homeland , and the protection of their people, Muslim , was the reward is to extend to them

the hand of treachery that you do not want security and stability of the homeland.

He stressed that these killers treacherous criminals will not escape the hand of justice , and whatever they do will not Atnon to proceed with the construction of our military and our nation .

About the heinous crime that took place in Maltese gate

This heinous crime is not Aarza her Muslim nor acceptable at all how those who accept them God said { And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein , and the wrath of God upon him, and prepared for him a great punishment } said peace be upon him in his farewell address in an interview with Ibn Abi reel said { …… What day is this said we Allah and his Messenger know said: he remained silent until we thought it his names-sake otherwise be named , said { Alice Day of Sacrifice } ? We said Yes, O Messenger of Allah ! Said { the your blood and money } Mohammed said and I think he and honor are Shame on you as sacred as this day in your country that in this month of yours and Stlqon Lord Fasalkm for your business is not Trdjan after me infidels { or astray } beat one another’s necks of some , but to reach the witness absent perhaps some informing him be dare him from some of the hearing and then said not reached } Narrated by Muslim
In an interview narrated by Imam Ahmed { still a believer in the expanse of religion unless it pours blood haram }
{ Said the first thing eliminated among the people on the Day of Resurrection in the blood } …
Then comes after all of the claims of Islam and kill unabated Those who flaunts these killers criminals spoilers in the ground but ran on their hearts and أعميت insight they do not see, and underestimated the pains of God and Oaidh lured by lower Vvst them lust for murder and bloodshed infallible I forbade the Prophet peace be upon him for institutes killed even if he is Muslim, let alone a Muslim prayer and pray testifies that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Whatever is actors and Atjahthm , the Snaahm This represents Elaaruahhm a stinking despicable and malicious hands stained
Each of their actions innocent Muslim
When we deny this heinous crime reject direct any toes charge to the city of Bani Walid good people by opportunists who have other purposes in the strife and Gerhavan these crimes swept across Libya and Bani Walid , like other cities of Libya infect their afflictions and undergo what defects matter
It also deny the closure of the road to the general public in the city The city where patients and those with other conditions who have dates in Mschkiet Tripoli
But we turn our charge to this state Almtfaragh and that did not put an end to these crimes after
Has yet to reach to the masterminds and perpetrators of these crimes There is no power except God Almighty

Convicted …..

Why Bani Walid …..?

Is it owns answer is sufficient and satisfactory to all Maihdt of rallying public opinion against Bani Walid …

knowing that there was no any evidence sufficient Taatpt involvement Bin Walid in Alhadth …

was that the distal and proximal knows that the gate is located within the administrative boundaries of Tarhounah … ?

Why close the road leading to bin Walid did not shut down the road to Tarhuna ..???

All channels and pages of the Web did not address the Tarhounah … as much as mentioned to Bani Walid.
Where lies the flaw ….???

Abdul Salam Zubaydah



Bani Walid is under siege for the ninth time in two years

There is no power except God Almighty

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

For the second day in a row militias belonging to shield Libya are closing by Bani Walid _ Tarhuna and prevent residents from using the road and you Barjallm forcing some of the behavior of other ways double take hours to get to Tripoli
Semi-government and the National Congress turn a blind eye on the subject as if they were carrying versatile city population of approximately 100 thousand inhabitants fault what happened takfiri militia assault on the Libyan Army soldiers yesterday in Maltese gate
It should also be noted that some of the elders and the elders of the city of Tarhuna had yesterday, opening the way for a couple of hours to come to a set of armor to Libya and re – closed again
So call on everyone to assume their responsibilities and rein in the militias that lock the way .

And convicted

Bani Walid surrounded again been shut down all Almnavd leading to the city were closed and blockaded by the Shield Libya, and young people are stationed on all axes of the city, seems to be threading the conspiracy hatched again and there are those who seek behind Bani Walid .. But tell them that the Bani Walid largest of you and will continue to tall Bohllaha the will not be able to Tercona, Loya Kabylie and Rafla in various regions of Libya moved so as not to develop this command does not allow for the decision and that the repeated massacres on our city,,,

When and Gedo tribes Come dam impregnable against their plans , which shameful
. Have begun the process of striking in some tribes
. Atbhoa O wise Bani Walid and wise Tarhuna
There is a conspiracy to fall between you and your neighbors by corrupt .. Them from Allah what they deserve

عندما وجدو القبائل هيا السد المنيع ضد مخططاتهم التى يندى لها الجبين
. بدأو فى عملية ضرب القبائل فى بعض
. اتبهوا يا عقلاء بنى وليد وعقلاء ترهونة
فهناك مؤامرة تحاك للوقوع بينكم وبين جيرانكم من قبل الفاسدين.. عليهم من الله ما يستحقون

بنت الوادي

Dr. Yusuf Shakir expose the conspiracy hatched on the city of Bani Walid ..10/05/2013

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Despite the fact that the murder of the officers is heartbreaking and painful
However , Alondal of Aaaoson of sedition and spreading rumors
We did not open a page only to be to show the right for the first Bani Walid , Libya Second .. Without Bani Walid , we were not in Libya mother ..

To fools who Athblon on the Bani Walid ..
Why do we kill officers of the gate ?
– Some of our children and our children ‘s Tarhunah our neighbors and the rest of the sons of the areas that describe the color b buzzing L. .. So why kill them .. This is the logic of response we want revenge !
– The second thing when your use Resolution No. 7 excuse us , and the process was respond revenge Ok why kill those who did not participate in the Implementation of the decision not released .. Originally that we will not target just the gate !
– The third to Dzmana that we are actors and thus be bandits no morals us .. When he did not steal their possessions of weapons , vehicles and ammunition ?
– It is important fourth
Why Nnfd not only as dawn operation which ran out of the U.S. Special Forces operation arrested a senior al-Qaeda ? ?
Is it to cover up , for example? ! !

Why did not you see you ‘re talking about nearly 200 officers who were liquidated within two years ? Or the 4 , 6 and 3 soldiers who were eliminated from near Sirte at the hands of al – Qaeda ?
Or for those soldiers in the Green Mountain Gateway ?
Or … Or ! ?

Enough ridiculous .. It is no longer a Asedkkm

Bani Walid lived a stumbling block against the militias access to the pyramid of power

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

The Soldier martyrs of Maltese Gate, Tarhounah

Photos of the martyrs , God willing , elements of the Libyan army brigade Deliberation
Libyan National Army elements of the Second Brigade of the Tripoli Military Region , which were targeted gate ” Maltese ” of the city Tarhuna God accept them mercy and Mark Gardens mole resting place I am God and to Him we return
Par: agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News
Photos: 14

صور الشهداء باذن الله من عناصر الجيش الليبي اللواء التاني (14 photos)


عناصر الجيش الوطني الليبي من اللواء الثاني التابع للمنطقة العسكرية طرابلس اللذين تم استهدافهم ببوابة ” المالطي ” التابعة لمدينة ترهونة اللهم تقبلهم برحمتك واجعل مثواهم جنات الخلد انــــا لله وانــــا اليــه راجعـــــون


A little while ago : Green Hospital , the arrival of wounded absolutely random at the airport bridge.
A little while ago : Bridge Airport Road , Airport Road, an armed group based indiscriminate firing and injured citizens in their cars .

For you, God …
To sedition publishers and hate and predators and Rafla tribe and the city of Bani Walid ….
Foolish apathy the not cure these diseases ….

The work treacherous that was displayed today [yesterday] at gate Maltese (and Sheta Te ) ( M Rashrash ) which is located 20 kilometers south of Tarhuna and forty kilometers north of Bani Walid any located within the administrative boundaries of the city of Tarhuna , to Orvlh and Bani Walid including two martyrs mercy of God all of us, and may they were all within the city of Bani Walid during the last period and did not affect the stock one on the contrary, they had many friends and loved ones inside the city and became and still fellow others live among the people of Bani Walid, and that is attacking members of the national army attack them everywhere of the homeland and Akadoa are unidentified and who does not want to build the army and the police is trying to divert them in various ways throughout the nation and is almost unknown, but rushing to catch a charge on the city of Bani Walid is another chapter of the chapters of this agenda, which is almost kill this country and sends it to the abyss , and not around and no power but from God ….

Information Office of Bani Walid


COC for the expulsion of the President of the National Congress Nouri Abu arrows and his deputy Almkhozom and MP Ibrahim witnessed the ceremony

Tappin martyrs camp of Saladin by the families and the families of the soldiers and officers who have fallen fire treachery yesterday while performing

their national duty gate Maltese located between the city of Tarhuna and the city of Bani Walid.

(Valley girl)

Of contribution has

Hello my brother , the addicted please publish this speech .. Dear brothers who died today at the gate are a people of the national army are working and guarding the road in order to pay for feeding their families nothing , mostly from Bani Walid and Tarhuna had their positions in Bani Walid war with Misratah
Aloraval participated in the defense of Bani Walid The group Tarhuna contented themselves with neutrality and stand up against unjust war on Bani Walid Believe me , brothers of killed today congregation Lord have mercy on the Muslim Brotherhood and militias Asswehly and Aldhirua to create sedition , they want to create strife by Prime Tarhuna Military Brotherhood Vhdhiroa this liar because he claimed the briefs and requests from Bani Walid extradition , he said , and of the crime are the Muslim Brotherhood and Aldhirua for the manufacture of a rift between Bani Walid and Tarhuna God O addicted I am sitting from the heart of the event and know small and large Brotherhood do not want to be kept Libya quiet and stable , but they want blood and blood to Aokhaddoa the oil and the people fight with him I hope to publish my widely and O I reached

A picture with his son , survivors of the Maltese gate incident which killed 16 military of Libyan army

Maanda Manicol is God and yes, the agent

(Valley girl)

Killer is al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

I demons Smanm the sitting Mbrdsh the and Lipo Adfuha in Ras Bani Walid is seeking the piece but rather seeks to charm and to burn Libya
Because the Bani Walid and with it all Libyans will not be silenced forever

The Libyan news agency today

Military funeral for the martyrs of the Libyan army .

President of the National Conference Nuri Abusshmin , climb the car after it was expelled from the memorial of the martyrs Salahuddin camp

by the families of soldiers and families of the martyrs:

A number of officials in the military and who attended the funeral today for soldiers who have been targeted by al Qaeda militants

We ask Allah to accept them mercy wide

And I am God and to Him we return:

The deceased ‘s funeral will be held due martyr Hussein Massoud Allotfi birthday today afternoon in a mosque in Nabi Boulkheir

N God but Him we return

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

The arrival of the body of the martyr Hussein Masoud birthday Lotfy Bani Walid, will be laid to rest this afternoon prayer allatafa cemetery in Bani Walid

I am God and to him we return. …We ask God to yghavrlh and soul
Oh God, forgive him and mercy.
And Akram catarrh.
And wash with water and ice and cold.
And conquer delay of sins and sins and purifies the white dress of impurity.

O the award favors charity.
And disadvantages oops and forgiveness.
God revealed to his grave luminance and light.
And Glade, joy and pleasure.

God sent down the coolness and peace.
Oh God, move it to the mercy of the darkness of the grave.
The light position role and inadequacies.

And of the hillside to his gardens of eternity.
In the Sidr thornless.
Karkur talh and composed.
The elongated.
And water spilled.
And many fruit.
Not broken, not banned.
Brushes and Freehand.
O Lord, make my playpen Lark gardens of paradise.
O white face.
And grant writing.
Pleased him.
Lane territory.
And his soul.
And on the right path.

O Lord make it who are on the right path as lightning.
O shaded him under your throne.
Day to keep only your shadow and does not rest until your face.
Nor is anathema to the Holy face.
Longing to meet you.

O gather under the banner of your Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
And the pure water of honest hand. Drinking upright his esophagus.
Then start for any thirst

And the language of intercession massenger.
Oh God, make the great Koran and intercede for him in his grave.
And witnesses him in the afterlife.
The argument of his Lord of the worlds.

O replacing them Dara good circuit and welcome good of his family and enter paradise, I charm him from the torment of the grave and the torment of the fire.
God am working as you are his and not dealing with it.
God am I reward him for charity, charity and forgiveness and pardon abuse.
God that was improved, z of attractions, though the offensive beyond its disadvantages.
God, insert it into the paradise it is not account prior discussion.
God, in unity and in Mademoiselle they thumb their noses at mentioning husband.
God, sent down a House blessed and you’re good houses.
God, sent down by friendly homes and the martyrs and the righteous and those good companion.
God, make my playpen Lark gardens of paradise, and not make it the fire pits.
God has opened the Tomb, extended his sight and lay the grave of paradise.
God am I charm him from the torment of the grave, and dry land on her sides.
God, hoping his grave and light and space.
God, that charity and nearby Fiqh charm alfiber and the torment of fire, and you folks meet and right so forgive him and mercy you oft.
God, that thy servant and the son of thy servant came out of the minimum capacity and his sweethearts and loved ones to the darkness of the grave and what is received.
God, it was seen that there is no God but you, that Muhammad is your servant and Messenger, you know.
O install it when question
O Allah, I beseech you to you divide your you advanced simultaneous and torment him
God, he came down and you are the best menzol and became poor to mercy and you goes on his punishment.
God in his mercy, and your satisfaction and charm relived his grave and the mercy of your torture even send him to paradise, o most merciful.
God, move it from slugs and narrow hillside to the gardens of eternity.
God, protect and esterification on display and not disgrace him on send “day of no benefit and no n transactions of God come to the healthy heart”
God, grant writing and his weight to balance the proven advantages path his feet and bring him in the highest heavens next to your lover wemstavak (PBUH).
God, safe from the horror the day of resurrection and of the Hall on the day of resurrection and make itself safe and reassuring his argument.
God, keep it in the belly of the Tomb reassuring when the certification of security and having your contentment is confident and the higher your score.
God, make the right Nora even send him a reassuring security in Newark.
God, see a look of satisfaction, consider him a look of satisfaction do not torment him never
God rest his soul in heaven and roomy, forgive him and have mercy yarhamn yarhaim and override the learning yaalim.
God, pardon him you that “pardons”
God, it came to your door and very poor with Marai, hard by your pardon and a your honoring that.
God the mercy encompasses all things, mercy mercy rest assured himself and recognized.
God, gather with devotion to Rahman.
God, gathering with the owners of the right and make peace you greet him owners right.
Dress of the skin by saying “eat and drink hnaea what you advanced in days.”
God, make it of who pleased in paradise where the flow as long as the heavens and the Earth.
God does not commend you and we calculate it as safe and good work, make him two gardens with Schwinn right when you said:
“And feared as Rob paradises”
God, the Prophet wemstavak and diplopia gathering under its banner and water from his noble drink sleep do not yzoma after all.
God, make it paradise Mole promised rewarded the kicks and their destiny as they will and the Lord promise and responsible.
God, he patiently scourge did not panic, just a Chester who carry out non-wages calculation
You “are carried out by non-wage expense he describes”
God that was a chapel, fthbenh on the right path day still.
God it was fasting you, insert it into a paradise for Al-Rayyan.
God it was following and listening to your book, the Koran and accompanied mercy of flames, and make it yarhamn
Up in heaven the last verse read or heard and the last character read by
God, guide to every character in the sweetness, so every word the dignity and no happiness in every soorah safety and each part kicks.
God of mercy, that he was a Muslim and forgive him, was a believer.
And insert it into the paradise it was your Prophet certified, allowing it to book your intoned.
God, forgive our neighborhood and our mortal and we have seen and our absent and all and all, we said and anthana.
God, you give life to him from us, I salute to Islam and I take one’s due in full him us, Tove on faith.
God does not deprive us of taxi and not misled, however.
God, have mercy on us if Wattana certainty, and the sweat of our brow, whining and nostalgic mug
God, have mercy on us if everybody gave up on us and we cried the doctor, beloved and abandoned us near and strange

وصول جثمان الشهيد حسين مسعود ميلاد اللطفي الى بني وليد و سيوارى الثرى صلاة عصر اليوم بمقبرة اللطفة في بني وليدإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون ….نسأل الله أن يغفرله ويرحمه
اللهم اغفر له وارحمه..
واكرم نزله ..
ووسع مدخله..
واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد..
ونقه من الذنوب والخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس..اللهم جازه بالحسنات إحسانا..
وبالسيئات عفواً وغفرانا..
اللهم أنزل على قبره الضياء والنور..
والفسحة والفرح والسرور..اللهم أنزل عليه بردا وسلاما..
اللهم انقله برحمتك من عتمة القبور..
إلى نور وسعة الدور والقصور…ومن ضيق اللحود الى جناتك جنات الخلود ..
في سدر مخضود..
وطلح منضود..
وظل ممدود..
وماء مسكوب..
وفاكهة كثيرة..
لا مقطوعة ولا ممنوعة..
وفرش مرفوعة ..
اللهم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة ..
اللهم بيض وجهه..
ويمّن كتابه..
ويسر حسابه..
وليّن ترابه..
وطيب ثراه..
وثبته على الصراط..اللهم اجعله ممن يمرون على الصراط كالبرق الخاطف..
اللهم اظله تحت ظل عرشك..
يوم لاظل إلاّ ظلك ولا باقٍ إلاّ وجهك..
ولا تحرمه النظر إلى وجهك الكريم..
والشوق إلى لقائك..اللهم احشره تحت لواء نبيك محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم..
واسقه من يده الشريفة الطاهرة.. شربة هنيئة مريئة..
لايظمئ بعدها أبدا..وبلغه شفاعة الحبيب المصطفى..
اللهم اجعل القرآن العظيم شفيعا له في قبره..
وشاهدا له في الآخرة..
وحجة له يارب العالمين..اللهم ابدله دارا خيرا من داره واهلا خيرا من اهله وادخله الجنة واعذه من عذاب القبر ومن عذاب النار .
اللـهـم عاملة بما انت اهله ولا تعامله بما هو اهله .
اللـهـم اجزه عن الاحسان إحسانا وعن الأساءة عفواً وغفراناً.
اللـهـم إن كان محسناً فزد من حسناته , وإن كان مسيئاً فتجاوز عن سيئاته .
اللـهـم ادخله الجنة من غير مناقشة حساب ولا سابقة عذاب .
اللـهـم اّنسه في وحدته وفي وحشته وفي غربته.
اللـهـم انزله منزلاً مباركا وانت خير المنزلين .
اللـهـم انزله منازل الصديقين والشهداء والصالحين وحسن اولئك رفيقا .
اللـهـم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة ,ولا تجعله حفرة من حفر النار .
اللـهـم افسح له في قبره مد بصره وافرش قبره من فراش الجنة .
اللـهـم اعذه من عذاب القبر ,وجاف ِالارض عن جنبيها .
اللـهـم املأ قبره بالرضا والنور والفسحة والسرور.
اللـهـم إنه فى ذمتك وحبل جوارك فقه فتنة الفبر وعذاب النار , وانت أهل الوفاء والحق فاغفر له وارحمه انك انت الغفور الرحيم.
اللـهـم انه عبدك وابن عبدك خرج من الدنيا وسعته ومحبوبيه وأحبائه إلي ظلمة القبر وماهو لاقته .
اللـهـم انه كان يشهد أنك لا إله الا انت وأن محمداً عبدك ورسولك وانت اعلم به.
اللهم ثبته عند السؤال
اللهم انا نتوسل بك اليك ونقسم بك عليك ان ترحمه ولا تعذبه
اللـهـم انه نَزَل بك وأنت خير منزول به واصبح فقير الي رحمتك وأنت غني عن عذابه .
اللـهـم اّته برحمتك ورضاك وقه فتنه القبر وعذابه و أّته برحمتك الامن من عذابك حتي تبعثه إلي جنتك يا أرحم الراحمين .
اللـهـم انقله من مواطن الدود وضيق اللحود إلي جنات الخلود .
اللـهـم إحمه تحت الارض واستره يوم العرض ولا تخزه يوم يبعثون “يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون إالا من أتي الله بقلب سليم”
اللـهـم يمن كتابه ويسر حسابه وثقل بالحسنات ميزانه وثبت علي الصراط اقدامه واسكنه في اعلي الجنات بجوار حبيبك ومصطفاك (صلي الله عليه وسلم) .
اللـهـم اّمنه من فزع يوم القيامة ومن هول يوم القيامة وأجعل نفسه أّمنة مطمئنة ولقنه حجته .
اللـهـم اجعله في بطن القبر مطمئن وعند قيام الاشهاد أمن وبجود رضوانك واثق وإلي أعلي درجاتك سابق .
اللـهـم اجعل عن يمينه نوراً حتي تبعثه اّمنً مطمئن في نور من نورك .
اللـهـم انظر اليه نظرة رضا فإن من تنظر إليه نظرة رضا لا تعذبه ابداً
اللـهـم أسكنه فسيح الجنان واغفر له يارحمن وارحم يارحيم وتجاوز عما تعلم ياعليم .
اللـهـم اعفو عنه فإنك القائل “ويعفو عن كثير”
اللـهـم انه جاء ببابك وأناخ بجنابك فَجْد عليه بعفوك وإكرامك وجود إحسانك .
اللـهـم إن رحمتك وسعت كل شيء فارحمه رحمة تطمئن بها نفسه وتقر به عينه .
اللـهـم احشره مع المتقين إلي الرحمن وفداً .
اللـهـم احشره مع اصحاب اليمين واجعل تحيته سلام لك من أصحاب اليمين .
اللـهـم بشره بقولك “كلوا واشربوا هنئياً بما أسلفتم في الايام الخالية” .
اللـهـم اجعله من الذين سعدوا في الجنة خالدين فيها مادامت السموات والارض .
اللـهـم لا نزكيه عليك ولكنا نحسبه انه اّمن وعمل صالحاً فاجعل له جنتين ذواتي أفنان بحق قولك:
“ولمن خاف مقام ربه جنتان”
اللـهـم شفع فيه نبينا ومصطفاك واحشره تحت لوائه واسقه من يده الشريفة شربة هنيئة لا يظمأ بعدها ابداُُ .
اللـهـم اجعله في جنة الخلد التي وعد المتقون كانت جزاءً ومصيراُ لهم ما يشاءون وكان علي ربك وعداُ ومسئولاً .
اللـهـم إنه صبر علي البلاء فلم يجزع فامنحه درجة الصابرين الذين يوفون اجورهم بغير حساب
فإنك القائل ” إنما يوفي الصابرون أجرهم بغير حساب ”
اللـهـم انه كان مصلي لك ,فثبنه علي الصراط يوم تزل الاقدام .
اللـهـم انه كان صائم لك , فأدخله الجنة من باب الريان.
اللـهـم انه كان لكتابك تالي وسامع فشفع فيه القراّن وارحمه من النيران ,واجعله يارحمن
يرتقي في الجنة إلي اّخر اّية قرأها أو سمعها وأخر حرف تلاه
اللـهـم ارزقه بكل حرف في القراّن حلاوة , وبكل كلمة كرامة وبكل اّية سعادة وبكل سورة سلامة وبكل جْزءٍ جَزاءً .
اللـهـم ارحمه فانه كان مسلم واغفر له فانه كان مؤمنً.
وادخله الجنه فانه كان بنبيك مصدقً وسامحه فانه كان لكتابك مرتل.
اللـهـم اغفر لحينا وميتنا وشاهدنا وغائبنا وصغيرنا وكبيرنا وذَكّرنَا وأنثانا .
اللـهـم من أحييته منا فأحيه علي الاسلام ومن توفيته منا فتوفه علي الايمان .
اللـهـم لا تحرمنا أجره ولا تضللنا بعده .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا اتانا اليقين ,وعرق منا الجبين ,كشر الانين والحنين
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا يئس منا الطبيب ,وبكي علينا الحبيب وتخلي عنا القريب والغريب
وارتفع النشيج والنحيب .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا اشتدت الكربات وتوالت الحسرات واطبقت الروعات وفاضت العبرات ,
وتكشفت العورات وتعطلت القوي والقدرات .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا بلغت التراقي وقيل من راق وتأكدت فجيعة الفراق للأهل والفراق
وقد حَمً القضاء فليس من واق
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا حملنا علي الاعناق ألي ربك يومئذ المساق وداعا ابديا للدور الاسواق والاقلام
والاوراق الي من تذل له الجباه والاعناق .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا ورينا التراب وغلقت القبور والابواب وانقض الاهل والاحباب فإذا الوحشة والوحدة وهول الحساب .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا فارقنا النعيم وانقطع النسيم وقيل ماغرك بربك الكريم
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا أقمنا للسؤال وخاننا المقال ولم ينفع جاه ولامال ولا عيال وقد حال الحال وليس الاّ فضل الكبير المتعال .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا نَسي اسمنا ودَرس رسمنا وأحاط بنا قسمنا ووسعنا .
اللـهـم ارحما اذا اَهملنا فلم يزرنا زائر ولم يذكرنا ذاكر ومالنا من قوة ولا ناصر فلا امل الا في القاهر القادر الغافر يامن اذا وعد وفي , واذا توعد عفا , وشفع يارب فينا حبيبنا المصطفي واجعلنا ممن صفا ووفا وبالله إكتفي يا ارحم الراحمين ياحي يا قيوم يا بديع السموات والارض ياذا الجلال والاكرام .
اللـهـم انه عبدك و ابن عبدك و ابن امتك مات و هو يشهد لك بالوحدانية و لرسولك بالشهادة فأغفر له إنك انت الغفار.
اللـهـم لا تحرمنا اجره ولا تفتنا بعده و اغفر لنا و له و اجمعنا معه في جنات النعيم يا رب العالمين .
اللـهـم انزل علي اهله الصبر والسلوان و ارضهم بقضائك.
اللـهـم ثبتهم علي القول الثابت في الحياه الدنيا وفي الاخره ويوم يقوم الاشهاد.
اللـهـم صلي وسلم وبارك علي سيدنا محمد وعلي اّله وصحبه وسلم إلي يوم الدين

Image of the funeral of the martyr Hussein the birth Allotfi in Bani Walid Mosque Nabi Boulkheir

We ask God to him steadiness when the question

Funeral due martyr Hussein Massoud birthday Allotfi city of Bani Walid mosque Mujahid Abdul Nabi well after that buffeted

the hands of the treachery and treason area Maltese in Tarhounah.

God’s mercy rest in peace and that God and to Him we shall return

(Valley girl)

Image Hajj Ramadan Falcon and the father of the martyr Hussein Falcon to one Mslaty elements of the Libyan army , which buffeted the hands of treachery in the Maltese gate in the city of Tarhuna

Oh God, forgive him and Rahma.

After that they were accused of sympathy and complicity with the people of Bani Walid and after many charges and the hint of being of ” algae ” and that they are of arrows and the remnants of a battalion Emhemed and General 23 booster , suddenly became members of the national army are important and Libyans for the militia shield Libya saluting been closed roads leading to Bani Walid New and prevent even ambulances from traffic and stop the supply of fuel Almdessna …
Military personnel innocent victims including the sons of the city of Bani Walid and we are the first sad and demand punishment of the killers , but the return to the starting point, for that matter was to Bani Walid relationship incident or not, it is important to close the roads and to review the militias and graduates prisons strength on pedestrians and citizens do not be surprised to support the National Congress for happens and issue another resolution repel the city at the behest of the Doha soldiers and Sheikha Mozah ….

Quoting / Bani Walid the tribes and Rafla capital

Militias receive orders from rat  Libya Shield shut down the road , where the final this Almlisheh the digging paved road in the form of a ditch near the Maltese shop .
Hated these days where even trimming the nails cut hair and the big wage is removing something harmful from the road
And ye, dogs shut roads was Non passers
God bless the army guards!

Before half an hour from now force for Central stationed shield
At the gate of the Maltese crawling up factory Alafah and you
B cracking paved road link between the city of Bani Walid and the west of the country
And has returned two ambulances from Bani Walid carrying emergency
Converted to the city of Tripoli, and Jordanian now.

Nah Dardanelles space …:

Urgent # Bani Walid _

Libya Shield militia stationed at the gate Maltese prevent the passage of ambulances from Bani Walid

carrying emergency situations and force them to return to the city




Urgent agency Libya / Ajdabiya – the reporter
Special source confirms the urgent told Libya that the oil port of Zueitina staff decide to create a new board of directors within the company,

has all the powers , followed by the oil ministry in the government of Cyrenaica , headed by Abed Rabbo Barasi .

News Agency – Italy – rebounds – Urgent

Message From ” Ibrahim Aljzeran “ in the name of the political bureau of Cyrenaica
Addressed to the Office of the Italian Foreign Relations , to arrange for a dialogue between the parties, and this translated message ” Mr. Renato Bfallo , and
Is the Commissioner of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Political Bureau tenderly for the purpose of coordination for

Congress delegation includes a representative of Cyrenaica with the authorities



Colonel Abdullah killed Barasi shot dead by unknown assailant.

Abdullah Al-Zaidi said the official spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi, killing pilot Colonel Abdullah Ahmad Zayed Barasi, after shooting by unknown assailants this morning this morning in Benghazi.

This has been said Director of the Information Office of Hospital Hawari Fadya of Benghazi for “a country ambience” (NEWSPAPAER) that Barasi died during the operation after a bullet to the left shoulder near the heart.

Referred to Benghazi witness months ago assassination operations officers and security men by unknown assailants.
Colonel pilot died , ” Abdullah Abu Zaid Barasi “ built air base in Benghazi after being shot this morning by unknown assailants in the Hawari area .
A security source said that the anonymous shot ” Barasi “ while he was on his way to his office in built air base , which led directly to his injuries was to

resuscitate him to Galaa Hospital but died of his wounds in the intensive care unit

Assassination Colonel Ahmed Abdullah Bouzid, this morning in the Hawari area.

Scroll to the mercy of God, since few pilot Colonel Ahmed Abdullah Bouzid , who was assassinated this morning I am God and to him we shall return ..

Benghazi – Correspondent
Benghazi local council demands that the Government Zaidane new emergency budget of up to one hundred million dinars ,

for the installation of surveillance cameras inside the city’s main streets .
Been thrown ” Gelatina ” near Eye Hospital
Specifically in the market for Vespers .

(Salem al – Obeidi)



And our response now:

– The people of the neighboring Lamamra for five driven Jardan the from their region after the Jardan assassination player and a former officer in the armed forces of the people, “Hussein USTA.”

– Having been expelled these Jardan now gather at the headquarters of as Tepthm object Opposite Agayzana School in nearby Ath entertaining area.

NOTE:  ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD are determined to get rid of all major army personel and officers. They do not want a repeat of what occured n Egypt on 230 JUNE 2013!and they do not want at all that Libya should have a standing army.
They have been performing assassinatins now for weeks, and have a “hit-list” and ofourse ZAIDANE’s government will do NOTHING TO STOP THIS, as it is totally controlled by the MB “JUSTICE & CONSTRUCTION” PARTY through Misurata…with Misurata MB Militias called the “ARMORED SHIELDS”!!! Aswerwally corruption condined 100%++++++



No truth to reports transmitted from explosions to the city of Tobruk
According to a security source to the security room of Tobruk.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)



. Valley Agency Dinar News:

Sabha – News

URGENT / dead and wounded in clashes in Sabha, and the city declared a state of emergency.

Sabha now
Mahdia Street shops closed by the residents of the area and parking most of my youth weapons.

Urgent Sabha …

Military vehicle Duckh machine gun fire on two of the Flash and AVI Sons broad babysit one was killed and the other is receiving treatment in the medical center Sabha now

Waiting for details



Our correspondent from the city of Jufrah ..

This Newsflash and I wish you publish And who knows any information it provides us with Beah (((today’s delegation arrived for Ajafrh in the Hun consists of 50 people U.S. and is currently present in the hotel oasis city of Hun))) P íÇŃíĘ who knows anything p topic This provides us with



Post image for MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public: special forces, mercenaries and unmanned vehicles

MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public: special forces, mercenaries and unmanned



Source: Guardian

The armed forces should seek to make British involvement in future wars more palatable to the public by reducing the public profile of repatriation ceremonies for casualties, according to a Ministry of Defence unit that formulates strategy.

Other suggestions made by the MoD thinktank in a discussion paper examining how to assuage “casualty averse” public opinioninclude the greater use of mercenaries and unmanned vehicles, as well as the SAS and other special forces, because it says losses sustained by the elite soldiers do not have the same impact on the public and press.

The document, written in November 2012 and obtained by the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act, discusses how public reaction to casualties can be influenced and recommends that the armed forces should have “a clear and constant information campaign in order to influence the major areas of press and public opinion”.

It says that to support such a campaign the MoD should consider a number of steps, one of which would be to “reduce the profile of the repatriation ceremonies” – an apparent reference to the processions of hearses carrying coffins draped in the union flag that were driven through towns near RAF bases where bodies were brought back.

For four years up to 2011, 345 servicemen killed in action were brought back to RAF Lyneham and driven through Royal Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire, in front of crowds of mourners. Since then, bodies have been repatriated via RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire, with hearses driven through nearby Carterton.

The MoD’s suggestion received a scathing reaction from some families of dead military personnel. Deborah Allbutt, whose husband Stephen was killed in a friendly fire incident in Iraq in 2003, described the proposals for repatriation ceremonies as “brushing the deaths under the carpet”.

She said: “They are fighting and giving their lives. Why should they be hidden away? It would be absolutely disgraceful.” Allbutt, with others, gained a landmark ruling this year that relatives of killed or injured soldiers can seek damages under human rights legislation.

The paper, by the MoD’s development, concepts and doctrine centre (DCDC), recommends taking steps to “reduce public sensitivity to the penalties inherent in military operations” and says the ministry should “inculcate an attitude that service may involve sacrifice and that such risks are knowingly and willingly undertaken as a matter of professional judgment”.

The paper amounts to what could be considered a prescient analysis of why the British public and MPs were so reluctant to support an attack on Syria. It also says that in any conflict the MoD should ensure that the reason for going to war is “clearly explained to the public”.

The eight-page paper argues that the military may have come to wrongly believe that the public, and as a result the government, has become more “risk averse” on the basis of recent campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“However, this assertion is based on recent, post-2000 experience and we are in danger of learning false lessons concerning the public’s attitude to military operations,” the paper, which has no named author, adds.

“Historically, once the public are convinced that they have a stake in the conflict they are prepared to endorse military risks and will accept casualties as the necessary consequence of the use of military force.”

To back this up, it cites “robust” public support for earlier conflicts – the Falklands war and operations in Northern Ireland between 1969 and 2007. “In those cases where the public is unconvinced of the relevance of the campaign to their wellbeing they are not prepared to condone military risk and are acutely sensitive to the level of casualties incurred.

“Neither the action in Iraq nor the operations in Afghanistan have enjoyed public support and we are in danger of learning a false lesson from the experience of the last 10 years.”

The report adds: “The public have become better informed and our opponents more sophisticated in the exploitation of the sources of information with the net result that convincing the nation of the need to run military risks has become more difficult but no less essential.”

Among other suggestions that could contend with worries about casualty numbers, the DCDC recommends a major investment in “autonomous systems for unmanned vehicles”, cyber-operations and the increased use of mercenaries, referred to as “contractors”.

Noting that the growth of private security companies has proceeded at a spectacular rate during the past 10 years, it adds: “Neither the media nor the public in the west appear to identify with contractors in the way that they do with their military personnel. Thus casualties from within the contractorised force are more acceptable in pursuit of military ends than those from among our own forces.”

Investing in greater numbers of special forces is also recommended. The paper suggests: “The public appear to have a more robust attitude to SF [special forces] losses.” In a reference to a May 1982 helicopter crash, it says: “The loss of 19 SAS soldiers in a single aircraft accident during the Falklands campaign did not arouse any significant comment.”

An MoD spokesman said: “It is entirely right that we publicly honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and there are no plans to change the way in which repatriation ceremonies are conducted. A key purpose of the development, concepts and doctrine centre is to produce research which tests and challenges established doctrine and its papers are designed to stimulate internal debate, not outline government policy or positions. To represent this paper as policy or a potential shift of policy is misleading.”

Joe Glenton, an anti-war activist and former soldier who spent five months in a military prison after refusing to serve a second tour in Afghanistan, said that lowering the profile of repatriations amounted to “hiding the bodies”.

It had also, effectively, already been underway from several years ago.

“We should recall they switched the route of repatriations from the very high profile Wootton Bassett and started again bringing bodies through RAF Brize Norton. In short, hiding the bodies,” he said.

“The public rightly is averse to young soldiers being maimed or wounded, and averse to dusty foreign adventures.”

Christopher Dandeker, a professor of military sociology at King’s College London, said that the issues raised in the paper were timely as the public had recently shown that they were unconvinced by what political elites wanted to do in relation to the use of force in Syria. It also made sense that the military would pay greater attention to the role of military families, who were becoming “a more politically active, questioning independent stakeholder in the military community”.

Ahmed Jehani / El Libya’s representative to the Criminal Court:

Lance Libya is not among the names formally requested his name is not included in the Interpol’s wanted list and therefore process captured in this way is called a Chtta Fa legally and formally violation of Libya’s sovereignty


Statement of the Government Zaidane Bkhbayan the government Zidane on Abu Anas Allibasos Abu Anas Libyan:

Urgent agency Libya / son ” Abu Anas , ” my father was kidnapped by Libyan Tripoli

Confirmed ” Abdullah Alriqiei ” son ” Abu Anas al – Libi ,” that his father was kidnapped they were talking with a Libyan accent circulating in Tripoli , he said.
The ” Alriqiei Son ” speaking in an interview via Nabaa news channel this afternoon and described kidnappers Palmltmin the who Hahmoua car

his father upon his return from the dawn prayer and took him to an unknown location.

Pentagon confirms that the process is carried out by commandos in Tripoli was in coordination with the Libyan government and the Libyan government denies it.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / ابن “ابو أنس ” من خطف ابي ليبيون ـ طرابلس
FB VIDEO:أكد “عبد الله الرقيعي” ابن “أبو أنس الليبي” أن من خطف اباه كانوا يتحدثون بلهجة ليبية متداولة في طرابلس على حد قوله.
وكان “الرقيعي الأبن” يتحدث في لقاء عبر قناة النباء الأخبارية ظهر اليوم ووصف الخاطفين بالملثمين الذي هاحموا سيارة والده لدى عودته من صلاة الفجر واقتادوه إلى مكان مجهول .
Abdullah honest Alriqiei son impartially Alriqiei or  Abu Anas al – Libi , which the U.S. government announced they arrested him , he now says
On the news channel that the group that had the arrest of his father is a Libyan American , not a two cars and a bus and زجاجها opaque andwithout plates.
Six o’clock in the morning . And let us know the henchmen first and breaking the glass of his car .

A member of the National Conference [who is also on the U.S. Wanted List] General Mohammed Bo Sidra:

“That exposed our children have been kidnapped and alienation across the seas. This calamity, the issue must be resolved

and Abu Anas is now out of the country and will be deported and probably arrived in New York and will be subjected to

questioning and we are now in front of violating the sovereignty and exposing the Libyan citizen to the danger and acted

strangers in our land as they wish.”

Sunday, October 6, 2013 10:44 PM EDT
U.S. Said to Hold Qaeda Suspect on Navy Ship

The accused operative for Al Qaeda seized by United States commandos in Libya over the weekend is being interrogated while in military custody on a Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, officials said. He is expected eventually to be sent to New York for criminal prosecution.
The fugitive, known as Abu Anas al-Libi, is seen as a potential intelligence gold mine, possessing perhaps two decades of information about Al Qaeda, from its early days under Osama bin Laden in Sudan to its more scattered elements today.
Abu Anas is being held aboard the U.S.S. San Antonio, a vessel brought in specifically for this mission, officials said.

 Atlanta, United States of America (CNN) – An official U.S. source, Sunday, that the leader of al-Qaeda, “Abu Anas al-Libi,” was transferred to a U.S. warship,

after being arrested in Libya special operation carried out by commandos of the elite U.S. Special Forces, known”Delta.”
(Delta Force)


 U.S. source: the arrest of Abu Anas al-Libi, the Libyan government was to know; (but ZAIDANE denies this)!

Arrest ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” : the government describes as kidnapping and others saw as a ” violation of sovereignty ”
Country ambiance – Faraj Garah

Libyan government demanded that the U.S. authorities to provide clarification on the arrest of the citizen ” Abu Anas al – Libi ,” and describing the process as ” kidnapping” in a statement on Sunday.

” International crime ”
He described the former Interior Minister Ashour Hoael process of ” international crime and a violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan ” Regardless of the justification, and a recognition from foreign countries to the inability of the government to extend its influence on the Libyan territory , adding to the atmosphere of a country that, in the event of continuing security situation as it is going to Libya likely ” violations ” of other countries , as he put it .

” Great insult ”
For his part, a researcher at the National Security Affairs Bashir willow for the ambiance of the country that the abduction of a Libyan citizen in his country by the United States is “insulting the major ,” surprising how occur Libya an international crisis in the former regime by refusing to hand over two Libyans accused in the case , ” Lockerbie “; while the arrest of the Libyan citizen by a foreign country like this?

“More congestion ”
National Forces Alliance was considered in a statement today that the attack will lead to more ” tension and negative repercussions ” in light of the proliferation of arms in the country , while impounded figures in the General National Congress from making any particular position .

Media reports have indicated that the United States was arrested on Saturday, the Libyan citizen Nazih Abdul Hamid , alias ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” in the capital Tripoli.

Ali On the Aspli:

Killed and murdered and kidnapped dozens, if not hundreds, supporters did not come out in demonstrations condemning the law, but when he was

arrested named Abu Anas al-Libi!! Apparently he is the only Muslim.

(Valley girl)

Image Source : Official website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

مصدر أمريكي: القبض على أبو أنس الليبي تم بمعرفة الحكومة الليبية

Network NBC NEWS U.S. stresses the unit commandos U.S. implementation of two simultaneous early Saturday morning was the first in Somalia

during which arrested the leader of the youth movement affiliated with al Qaeda , known as “Abu Zubayr ”

The second was in the capital Tripoli targeted through honest Alriqiei known as ” Abu Anas al – Libi ”

Word now :

Libya to help in the arrest of a number of militants wanted by the International Police (Interpol).
Where contribution arrested the Libyan security forces arrest 3 leading radical figures present on Libyan soil and attributed it is a member of the al-Qaeda group .

By statements son ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” on the news channel : –

Mlisheh from Tripoli helped the Special Unit of the U.S. Army in the arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi .

Omar Al – Hurra reporter Touati U.S.

Sources of Alhurra-TV
” Abu Anas al – Libi “ will be transferred to New York # to appear before the court that ” convicted “.

 Commander of backing militias Haytham Tagouris :

Obama will push the personally abducted price of citizen Abu Anas al – Libi . Word forces backing will be thunderously and unexpected.


The Globalization of NATO: Military Doctrine of Global Warfare

Global Research, 03 October  2013
THE GLOBALIZATION OF NATO Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Clarity Press (2012) Pages: 411 with complete index Now Available: Order directly from Global Research The world is enveloped in a blanket of perpetual conflict. Invasions, occupation, illicit sanctions, and regime change have become currencies and orders of the day.
One organization – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – is repeatedly, and very controversially, involved in some form or another in many of these conflicts led by the US and its allies. NATO spawned from the Cold War. Its existence was justified by Washington and Western Bloc politicians as a guarantor against any Soviet and Eastern Bloc invasion of Western Europe, but all along the Alliance served to cement Washington’s influence in Europe and continue what was actually America’s post-World War II occupation of the European continent.
In 1991 the raison d’être of the Soviet threat ended with the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Nevertheless NATO remains and continues to alarmingly expand eastward, antagonizing Russia and its ex-Soviet allies. China and Iran are also increasingly monitoring NATO’s moves as it comes into more frequent contact with them.
Yugoslavia was a turning point for the Atlantic Alliance and its mandate. The organization moved from the guise of a defensive posture into an offensive pose under the pretexts of humanitarianism.
Starting from Yugoslavia, NATO began its journey towards becoming a global military force. From its wars in the Balkans, it began to broaden its international area of operations outside of the Euro-Atlantic zone into the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean.
It has virtually turned the Mediterranean Sea into a NATO lake with the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, while it seeks to do the same to the Black Sea and gain a strategic foothold in the Caspian Sea region. The Gulf Security Initiative between NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council seeks to also dominate the Persian Gulf and to hem in Iran. Israel has become a de facto member of the military organization. At the same time, NATO vessels sail the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.
These warships are deployed off the coasts of Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen as part of NATO’s objectives to create a naval cordon of the seas controlling important strategic waterways and maritime transit routes. The Atlantic Alliance’s ultimate aim is to fix and fasten the American Empire.
NATO has clearly played an important role in complementing the US strategy for dominating Eurasia. This includes the encirclement of Russia, China, Iran, and their allies with a military ring subservient to Washington. The global missile shield project, the militarization of Japan, the insurgencies in Libya and Syria, the threats against Iran, and the formation of a NATO-like military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region are components of this colossal geopolitical project.
NATO’s globalization, however, is bringing together a new series of Eurasian counter-alliances with global linkages that stretch as far as Latin America. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have been formed by Russia, China, and their allies as shields against the US and NATO and as a means to challenge them. As the globalization of NATO unfolds the risks of nuclear war become more and more serious with the Atlantic Alliance headed towards a collision course with Russia, China, and Iran that could ignite World War III.


The Globalization of NATO

Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya ISBN: 978-0-9852710-2-2 Clarity Press Year: 2012 Pages: 411 with complete index

Global Research Editor’s Note We bring to the attention of our readers this important and timely book by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, award winning author, geopolitical analyst and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). This book analyses in detail the historical evolution of NATO’s post-Cold War mandate and military interventions. T

he author takes the reader across the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, to Central Asia and the Far East, through the “military corridors” of the Atlantic Alliance, the Pentagon and the Washington think tanks, where the new post-Cold War military doctrine of global warfare is decided upon. And from the formulation of military doctrine, Nazemroaya examines NATO’s mandate, its military campaigns, focusing on the geopolitical regions where Global NATO has extended its Worldwide grip.

The book from the outset examines the economic dimension of NATO’s military undertakings, how the latter support the imposition of deadly macroeconomic reforms on sovereign countries. War and globalization are intricately related. Economic globalization under the helm of Wall Street and the IMF is endorsed by a global military agenda.

Nazemroaya explores how dominant economic interests are supported by the “internationalization” of NATO as a military entity, which has extended its areas of jurisdiction from the European-North Atlantic region into new frontiers. “The Globalization of NATO” endorses and sustains the Worldwide imposition of neoliberal economic doctrine. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a man of tremendous courage and conviction. Having lived through the extensive NATO bombing raids of Tripoli at the height of NATO’s humanitarian” war on Libya, the lives of others within his entourage were always more important than his own life.

It is within this frame of mind and commitment, having witnessed firsthand the horrors of NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect”, that upon returning from Libya in September 2011, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya started working relentlessly on his manuscript. While the conclusions of Nazemroaya’s detailed analysis and investigation are by no means optimistic, this globally military agenda can be reversed when people around the world, in the true spirit of internationalism and national sovereignty, join hands in dismantling the NATO killing machine and its corporate sponsors.

That is why this book is an important landmark, a handbook for action. Through commitment, courage and truth at all levels of society, across the land, nationally and internationally, this process of “global militarization” described by Nazemroaya, can be forcefully reversed. At this critical juncture in our history, “the criminalization of war” is the avenue which must be sought, as a means to instating World peace.

Can the objective of World peace be achieved? In the words of former UN Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday, read Nazemroaya’s book “before it is too late.”

Michel Chossudovsky, Montreal, October 8, 2012


“The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is simply magnificent, erudite and devoid of the ethnocentrism to which one has become so accustomed from Western authors. The book deals with what doubtless are the most important and relevant issues of the day for all those committed to saving life and protecting Mother Earth from rampant human irresponsibility and crime. There is no other book that, at this particular time, I would most heartily endorse. I think Africans, Near Eastern peoples, Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Asians and Europeans generally and all the progressive Latin American countries of today will find a much needed reinforcement and support for their peaceful ideals in this excellent must-read book.”


Foreign Minister of Nicaragua (1979-1990) and President of the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (2008-2009): Managua, Nicaragua.

“We are far away from the principles and objectives for which the United Nations was created and the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal stipulating that some state actions can be considered crimes against peace. Nazemroaya’s book, in addition to reminding us that the role of the United Nations has been confiscated by NATO, elaborates the danger that the North Atlantic Treaty represents to world peace.”


Chairman of the United Nations Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries (2005-2011): Ferney-Voltaire, France.

“Through carefully documented research, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya analyzes the historical and geopolitical evolution of NATO from the Cold War to the post 9/11 US- led “Global War on Terrorism.” This book is a must read for those committed to reversing the tide of war and imperial conquest by the world’s foremost military machine.”


Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG): Montréal, Canada.

“A very timely book. Yes, US-led NATO is globalizing, like the US-led finance economy. No doubt also for it to protect the latter, the “free market.” It is a classical case of overstretch to help save the crumbling US Empire and Western influence in general, by countries most of whom are bankrupt by their own economic mismanagement. All their interventions share two characteristics. The conflicts could have been solved with a little patience and creativity, but NATO does not want solutions. It uses conflicts as raw material it can process into interventions to tell the world that it is the strongest in military terms. And, with the help of the mainstream media, it sees Hitler everywhere, in a Milosevic, a bin Laden, a Hussein, a Qaddafi, in Assad, insensitive to the enormous differences between all these cases. I hope this book will be read by very, very many who can turn this morbid fascination with violence into constructive conflict resolution.”


Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies and Sociology at the University of Oslo and Founder of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO), the Galtung- Institut, and the Transcend Network: Oslo, Norway.

“Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya’s prolific writings give us a comprehensive understanding of the character of the military thrust and it’s all out, no holds barred STRATEGIC plans and moves to invade, occupy and plunder the resources of nations, inflicting unprecedented barbaric acts on civilian populations. He is one of the prescient thinkers and writers of contemporary times who deserves to be read and acted upon by people with a conscience and concern for humanity’s future.”


Admiral and Chief of the Naval Staff of India (1996-1998): Mumbai, India.

“This is a book really necessary to understanding the role of NATO within the frame of long-term US strategy. The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya not only provides an articulate analysis on the Atlantic Alliance: it is the best modern text devoted to the hegemonic alliance. With this book Nazemroaya reconfirms his ability as a brilliant geopolitical analyst.”


President of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences/L’Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie (IsAG): Rome, Italy.

“Nazemroaya is an unbelievable prolific writer. What has often amazed many is his almost nonstop writing on extremely important issues for the contemporary world and his analysis about the globalization of NATO. What amazes many of us in other parts of the world are his seemingly limitless depth, breadth and the thoroughness of his knowledge that has been repeatedly appearing in his work. We are deeply indebted to Nazemroaya’s humble, tireless and invaluable contributions through his fearless, insightful and powerful writings.”


Editor-in-Chief of The 4th Media and Visiting Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University: Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

“The Journalists’ Press Club in Mexico is grateful and privileged to know a man who respects the written word and used it in an ethical way without another interest other than showing the reality about the other side of power in the world. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya gives voice to the “voiceless.” He can see the other side of the moon, the side without lights.”


Mexican Broadcaster and Secretary-General of the Mexican Press Club: Federal District of Mexico City, Mexico.

“With his very well documented analysis, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya has conducted a remarkable decryption of the strategies implemented by NATO – in the interests of the United States, the European Union and Israel – to expand its military grip on the world, ensure its control over energy resources and transit routes, and encircling the countries likely to be a barrier or a threat to its goals, whether it be Iran, Russia or China. Nazemroaya’s work is essential reading for those that want to understand what is being played out right now on the map in all the world’s trouble spots; Libya and Africa; Syria and the Middle East; the Persian Gulf and Eurasia.”

SILVIA CATTORI, Swiss political analyst and journalist: Geneva, Switzerland.

The Globalization of NATO

Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya ISBN: 978-0-9852710-2-2 Clarity Press Year: 2012 Pages: 411 with complete index



 Shura Renaissance rejects resignation of the government and clings Baltacisa

that before the start of the dialogue in Tunisia

à voir / To be Seen…

Victory knock drums *** It is not deaf hear it:

Muammar sees Victory

Mu sees victory

04 OCTOBER 2006:

Muammar al-Qathafi:

“We shall extend our hands in friendship, cooperate in war and build our Desert. We will live in peace, security and stability. This is the extended family of the people of the desert. We will carry arms under one condition, which is against an external act of aggression. We shall die for the Desert. Our blood will flow into its sands. We, however, will not give up one grain of its sands.”

EXCERPT from  the leader of the revolution leads Presidents and Muslims from different parts

of the world in prayer, and delivers

a speech in Timbuktu on the new challenge.


The method of operation of the US government and its handlers is to disarm countries even from protecting themselves from external acts of aggression. Not even a man from the desert of another country on another continent is safe from US Tyranny.

Mu handsome

Mu on a black horse

Mu honored in Italy

Mu is right. jpeg

Mu interviewd Mu pleased

Mu confident

Goodness of Muammar al-Qathafi

Mu addresses us from a table

–“Humanity now urgently needs a cry of justice which would return it to its senses and to its Creator…

We need to go back to God and turn away from evil…

Atomic bombs, missiles, biological weapons and aggression can only be the making of the Devil.”

Muammar al-Qathafi, At a conference on Euro-Arab relations in Tripoli in May 1973

Mu May 1973

The Company has signed Libya Telecom & Technology and Alcatel-Lucent French holding the implementation of the third phase

project to expand Internet service technology (ADSL 2)

Libya Telecom and Technology | ltt

How to adjust the chip Libya internet iPhone:

1 – When you insert a slide to your mobile device that you slide to send a serial number for your phone will automatically switch to the system’s

network to Libya and after the iPhone is

Send online service settings automatically, either on your computer or even in the event of change within a network device Libya iPhone.

2 – to enjoy the online service must be your device supports internet service.

3 – by sending the serial number of your device, or what is known as the IMEI, which is to know about the following formula by pressing the phone

from left to right # 06 # * to 1515, and you can receive your settings automatically.

4 – in some cases can not send settings to the device because the device can not be supported by us, because the manufacturer of your mobile phone

prohibit the use of your data so you can adjust your settings manually enter the following values ​​in your device.

WATER STOPAGE!! along Great Man-Made River Line from MIZDAH down to WAFA!!!

Ham …

Due to a breakdown at Melita station .. Cities Gemayel, Racdalin and Ztun suffer from water shortages.


(Think of the many blessings Libya had under the Great Jamahiriya!)


The presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan RAT army calls for retired military pensioners need to see the branches of military retirement administration Social Security Fund.

Calls for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan (rat) army retired military pensioners need to see the branches of the military retirement

administration Social Security box located near the headquarters of residence for pensions, according to the new position set forth in

Resolution No. 441 of the Council of Ministers. And called upon the presidency Messrs. retired from the military to speed communication

with the branches of military retirement administration Social Security Fund to the importance of the subject for the purpose of settling their situation.

The Libyan “General National Congress” voted today to approve the accession to the Protocol of the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer
Comment: We are able protect even Hathm the Bish protect the ozone layer!!!??

Urgent International Criminal Court

Requests the arrest of 208 describe themselves as revolutionaries

47 of them the name of Misrata accused of committing crimes against humanity in the war and after the war.

Libyan authorities receive news thunderbolt on their heads, and a Western state police identified their positions and the good of the Libyan authorities arrest

or that it will carry out the arrest.

The book also pointed to a number of locations, including Misurata, Tripoli, and regions in Benghazi, Derna and corner and described as places of torture.

There are unconfirmed news that the process of large wide against Libya will be implemented and that the countdown for the Implementation of it has already begun.

Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

/ / Security Council / Branch Libya / anti-crime agency

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl

America is now trying to get authorization from the rat MB GNC Libyan government to attack the nests of the rule that killed their spy (so-called

“ambassador” Stevens) in Benghazi, Libya last year of ephixiation (after the CIA spyhole was attacked and burned on 11 SEP 2012).

Noman Al-Atrash  informs us:

News from the recommendations of the Commission of Justice National Congress to lift the immunity of three members of the

implementation of the Conference of the request of the Attorney General to investigate charges of defamation.

Department of Civil Status – Libya
Will the media spokesman for the Civil Status Authority Mr. Joseph Kerkom the telephone intervention on Libya’s

international channel eight o’clock and will reveal the facts of the Libyan people and the secret of the onslaught

faced by the Civil Status Authority and those who stand behind them

Be on time,

God save Libya and its people…

Department of Civil Status interests of the media

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya declares
The process of renewing her … the beginning of the name and logo, passing thought and system configuration, management and regulation.


Fathi Salem adviser Ferjani on Libya first channel says that Zaidane has a science and information and the names

of the characters that carry out assassinations and bombings ..!!

Chairman of the Committee on National Security (Abdel Moneim easy):

Zaidane ignores national conference on the nomination of the Minister of Interior ..

Quoting LIbYA WeB

News uncertain Asswehly prepares a person from the nearest relatives instead of Zaidane,
Ahmed Omar Meitik Ali, I think this name according to the information
And Hua nephew Abdulrahman Asswehly and news from Misratah:

Unconfirmed news about the test Ahmed Omar Ameitik prime minister Zaidane place and there is a large consensus within the conference ..

For those who do not know Meitik he is the son sister Abdulrahman Asswehly (therefore, his nephew) and the resident in Tripoli.

Libya February ..

Abdulrahman Al Qaid brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi, someone mentality do not know, but the war in Afghanistan

And now chairs the meeting of the Libyan prime minister!!!!!

President of the Government (Ali Zaidane), at the press conference to raise the salaries of workers in the state according to the law 127, of those who

are subject to the Civil Service Law by 20%, and work according to the facilities available in the future to approve the allowances annual consistent

with the conditions of inflation, and the general conditions of the economy, and stressed Zaidane that

Moreover the family that have been approved will contribute in addition to this increase by 20 per cent, and will be added to the salary in the case of the

removal of subsidies commodity in improving the income of the Libyan citizen and living conditions, noting that the government continues to monitor

and study improve the income of the citizen whenever conditions state income year.
Zaidane also announced that the government adopted a number of projects related to infrastructure in each of Biar, and the dome, and

the western region of Surman to the Tunisian border, on water and sanitation, as these projects include the eastern region of untouched to the Valley of the threshold.
He revealed Zaidane for the agreement signed between the Ministry of Housing and the Bank of the Republic, to begin implementation of the lending housing,

in order to build homes, also said that the issue of lending across the bank of the nation, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing has

become the issue as possible, after the signing of the Framework Agreement between the two ie between the Ministry of Housing and Republic Bank.

Aaah! ANOTHER THING GOOD, at least:

National Congress of the achievements of “This is what I appreciated it!”!

Congress today issued a decree banning smoking in public places

(Valley girl)

Photo : ‎من انجازات المؤتمر الوطني " هذا اللي قدروا عليه " !!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>المؤتمر اصدر اليوم قرار بمنع التدخين في الاماكن العامة </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>بنت الوادي‎

The Ministry of Education and the Libyan
Not to require family booklet for Student Enrollment:

Bank of the Republic turned to Islamic banking

“Country ambiance” – Walid Sati reporting:

Confirmed Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya for Islamic banking Fathi punishment for the country’s airspace to the

General Assembly of the Bank of the Republic issued a decision to transfer the bank from conventional banking to Islamic banking

after a transition plan and its acceptance by the Board of Directors of the Bank.

He stated that the first gathering of all the transition committees for Islamic banking Bank of the Republic was held last Thursday,

during which the Bank’s review of the transformation plan and the requirements of this plan and solutions to their problems,

and the requirements of the transformation methodology and indicators of the success of this transformation.

Penalties considered that Bank of the Republic represents more than 40% of the banking sector, pointing out that the plan requires more

than 500 days to apply what did not encounter any problems.

It is noteworthy that the General National Congress had issued Law No. “46” for the year 2012 which includes the terms of the Islamic banking sector.


Ministry of Transport initiate the use of the balance of the road for trucks and heavy transport vehicles of new in pomegranate pressures gate:

(Valley girl)

Wonders and oddity: Chairman of the National Security Committee in the National Congress is thinking salafist former leader of the

Libyan Fighting Group and the brother of the second man in al-Qaeda, Abu Yahya al-Libi and surprised Alllippin the bombings and killings in the country!!


 Abdel Raouf hater on Libya’s international channel: Abdel Raouf hater of newspaper Libya Herald:

told Libya Herald:

“After what my pockets Tbra game of them”:

– Separated from Alnoa recommends a year and a half ago and noticed Ketar of things wrong there, Kano prisoners are treated in a bad way.

I was not satisfied with the Kano people are prevented from meeting me and see me.

– There are no 9 prisons in Mitigua base, there are only 2 first under the administration of prisons Hashim humans and the other under my administration

– Tbeita of the Supreme Security Committee and the Ministry of Interior and Defense, but I deal with sometimes without the permission of one because there is no one blame others.

(Valley girl)

I know important information ——————- Way to restore your phone to work after falling into the water:

U.S. Time magazine published sister told CNN a simple and easy way to save your phone from damage after falling water, Vtenbh the readers need

to probably calm the nerves and act quickly and Aakharaj the phone from water and dried quickly, especially when the phone falls in the toilet, for example.

You must remove your phone from the water and removing the battery quickly, and if they do not remove the battery, turn off the machine for work.

And then mobilize senior bowl is cooked, put the phone inside, then close the container in a court; to prevent air from entering, where rice is known for its high capacity to absorb water and moisture, and leave the device at least 24 hours, and then re-run


(Brothers and targeting education)

The opening of the Institute for Science legitimacy of the Dar al-Ifta Brotherhood
On Saturday was the opening of Institute of Science legitimacy of for Issuing

Fatwas Btageor the house termination in order to graduate new generations of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
الأخوان و إستهداف التعليمافتتاح معهد العلوم الشرعية التابع لدار الإفتاء الاخوانية
تم أمس السبت افتتاح معهد العلوم الشرعية التابع لدار الإفتاء بتاجوراء من اجل تخريج اجيال اخوانية جديدة.بنت الوادي

Oh Libyan your data and your personal records at risk .. Civil possible they received in Qatar ! !

Department of Civil Status – Libya
Important can post .. The Libyan people .. Please publication and dissemination

In a statement to the media spokesman interests of the Civil Status Mr. Joseph Kerkom the edifice that:

Exposed Civil Status Authority in these times to pressure large Electoral Commission , where he had asked the President of the Electoral Commission of Civil Status Authority data Libyan citizens quickly to prepare for the election of the Committee session and as usual , the Civil Status has to meet the call of national duty and held a meeting with the High Commission was agreement with them that is the link between the Electoral Commission and civil Status direct link between the two systems SERVER TO SERVER
Such cooperation, which happened with the banks and linked with the Civil Status system for the disbursement of family allowances and grants as well as filial who received cooperation with the municipal election commission
And receives the banks and the Committee on the municipal data of citizens in the name , age , sex, and the national number to do regardless family allowances as well as to prepare for the election lists Bledat and therefore give thanks for them and good cooperation
What happened with the Electoral Commission that it was agreed to give him the same data given by the Civil Status Authority to the Central Bank of Libya , as well as the municipal election committee and that what has been agreed upon at the meeting between stakeholders and the High Commission and was documented الاحتماع the Video

But after a while asked the Electoral Commission database Libyan citizens fully in the Civil Status and this data , such as the person ‘s name , age, and sex, and the names of his sons , ages and his wife’s name and age and the name of his father and mother, and cousins ​​, age and so on …
All data required delivered on a CD disk and in the fastest time , but bear Civil Status Authority consequences

And that’s where this data very serious and represent the national security of Libya and the sovereignty of the Libyan state The data can be displayed and grabs intelligence foreign and even the judge if requested data citizen in any case to come personally to the headquarters of the Civil Registry and watch the file in the registry and then returns the file in its place is not entitled to pull it out off the record

Therefore, it was the duty which requires the Department of Civil Status Authority and appreciation to the size of the Secretariat and the responsibility borne by existing and assumed
Was a total rejection of the cutter to give this data ” to anyone ” because giving this data is considered treason to God and the homeland and the citizen who entrusted interest them and this data represents the sovereignty of the Libyan state and identity of the Libyan citizen -Sharif in the case give it to anyone who had become vulnerable to intelligence and foreign violate the sovereignty of the Libyan state

Effective the Civil Status Authority announces to all Libyans that they are still continuing and sticking to its position despite the insistence of the Electoral Commission to do so and management has interest to meet with the Committee on National Security to the National Conference to put them in the picture and promised to find solutions for this but still the pressure continuously and is on the management of interest
O Allah, I have reached YOUR FRIENDS

Joseph Kerkom
Spokesman of the Civil Status Authority

ŰíĎÇÁ Touati:

Ktaib Jibril and the separatists and the most important will come out in civilian clothes, orders and directed of Jibril Ktaib wear civilian clothes and go out for the purpose of overthrowing the General National Congress

Tripoli will not kneel and political isolation will not fall, and you will soon you go to hell

Last of everything Takttoulh Narafoh.


Aaaaaajl .. Aaaaaajl

After the detention of its Greece for Haklh of Libyan oil and the threat of Transport Minister lock the Greek Embassy ..

now Greece are state detained Libyans Basportat and prevent them from traveling and return to Libyan families are stuck now in Greece.

# _ Gateway to Libya


Monday 16 – 9 – 2013 next official holiday on the occasion of “the anniversary of the martyrdom of one of the heroes

of the Libyan resistance against the colonizer Italian Afasssta, the martyr Sheikh Omar Mukhtar ...
And NATO customers they wanted to change this day and renamed Martyr’s Day … will not Atmso History


Students objected to the history books not to mention the famous battle

((unwelcome Paradise Jet declined)) and blur and ignore the infidels battles.

Blur his name history “chutzpah” p point line and Adolescent
Political and historical reference understand, and infidels history
Documented during the Italian invasion, will not blurs Jihad Allbibi the the as
Some want, education has become cheaper than the price of the ink that prints

(Salem al-Obeidi)

16-9 eighty-second anniversary of the martyrdom of Sheikh Omar Mukhtar hero martyrs

Declares the Information Office of the Ministry of Education of the masters of the teachers and students that tomorrow,


Monday, an official holiday on the occasion of the martyrdom of the hero Omar al-Mukhtar

The Ministry of Education determine tuition appointments and examinations for certificates of public primary and secondary education for the 2013-2014 academic year.

  • Declares the Information Office of the Ministry of Education of the masters of the teachers and students that tomorrow,

    Monday, an official holiday on the occasion of the martyrdom of the hero Omar al-Mukhtar.

    “LION of the Desert” produced by Muammar al-Qathafi (wherein is added additional dialogue to the script from personal knowledge):

    Lion of the Desert on Blu-ray

    (NOW THIS IS A REAL PARADOX, as the NATO puppets are the one to have kicked-out Muammar…so what do they think of this movie then?)


    The memory of martyrdom of Sheikh martyrs “Omar Mukhtar” at the hands of Italian occupation ..

    Omar Mucktar screensaver



The news agency – Zintan – reporter

Haj said “Ammar Boukraa” that the Zintan tribe and the people of Zintan
Wen disown each person has to destruction and the destruction and burning.
For homes in the drawer, and said, “Boukraa” that the people of Zintan will not
Ihamo any aggressor to life and property, as has been the issuance of a statement.
In this regard by the people of Zintan on Thursday evening, and confirmed
Haj “Ammar Boukraa” that all troops were withdrawn from the drawer,
And was sent relief for families who fled from the hell of clashes
That broke out between the sons of the two tribes on a Hot Tin, and regrets
For the deaths in the clashes with the cause of congestion, and
Recklessness of youth.

Algerian Sunrise “stampede towards the border shows Algerian Baldbdab” because Alatguetal between Xanthan of Zintan and the people of the tribe in a drawer ..

Image of the City drawer talking about the destruction of homes to Gramlh citizens by Xanthan drawer:

This image Houses Jeramlh in that drawer demolished by a group calculated on Zintan:

Photos of some of the victims City drawer of Jeramlh tribe (8 photos)
Vest to display images

*** A list of some of the names of the victims of the city from the drawer tribe, “Jermlh”:

1 – Mohammed Abubakar Faki, 72 years old.
2 – Eid Ramadan Ahmed, 51 years old.
3 – Munir Abdullah Mohammed al-Haj, 23 years old.
4 – Mohamed Mabrouk Zayed Al Taher, 20 years old.
5 – Abdullah Solomon Aatahir, 17 years old.
6 – Ali Abdullah Mohammed al-Haj, 17 years old.

*** List of wounded from the city drawer “Jermlh”:

1 – Abu Bakr Muhammad Faki, 37 years old.
2 – Hussein Taher al-Hashemi, 23 years old.
3 – Riad Sulaiman Bahos, 19 years old.

*** Physical damage:

Homes and scorched by been demolished Bakamil the 20 house.
Cars that have been completely burned 40 cars.
Trucks scorched the number 2 trucks.

Drawer … homes Jeramlh a demolished and moved her family of calculated Mlisheh p Zintan (5 photos):

Mu young colonel

Media quoting Isa satisfaction

# Libya: # Zintan issued a statement in which it disengages itself from the excesses

of her sons against civilians in the city # drawer

In the name of God the Merciful
Peace and prayer and the Lord of the senders and his family and companions
We the people of Zintan, dissociate ourselves from all happened acts of angry Lord of the Worlds in the city and does not advocate drawer

and do not protect every aggressor on lives and property, and condemn and Njerm the all boycotted by all the thief.
These heinous acts are not qualities of Zintan tribes that have a proud history in the stand against injustice and tyranny, a date in the ATD and

championing the underdog and keeping covenants and stand at the borders of God.
We declare today very clearly that we will not allow anyone, no matter how justified to distort the struggle of our ancestors and our children,

or that destroys our position and our excellent relations with the Libyan tribes and cities and follow those approved by Shara, law and social custom.
That the current conditions we are experiencing requires us that all Ntekatv to impose security and stability, and resorting to the law and

not leave unleashed or Nnqaz to the whims of souls and the devil so as not to be one of the losers.
(Our Lord stresses not take us as fools of us did)
(Lord wronged ourselves although not forgive us and mercy for NKU Nunn of the losers)

Zintan compatriots demonstrations against the excesses that occurred Ghadames the drawer in the city by affiliates Zintan

We the people of Zintan, dissociate ourselves from all happened acts of angry Lord of the Worlds in the city and does not advocate drawer and do not protect every aggressor on lives and property, and condemn and Njerm the all boycotted by all the thief.

(Our Lord stresses not take us as fools of us did).


Zintan compatriots demonstrations against the excesses that occurred Ghadames the drawer in the city by affiliates Zintan.


Is stronger Haj “Ammar Boukraa” one of the sheikhs and the Elders of Zintan, b
Committee of Wise Men and the SC and the wise men of the mountain, standing on the situation
In a drawer, and stop everything now, but tension still prevails
The region, and all the dead were buried, and the wise men of the mountain praying
Night to day, so that everyone enjoys peace.

She said the United Press news agency that the Algerian authorities Basman cross dozens of Libyans fleeing from armed confrontations that erupted Libyan drawer area and left dead and wounded.

The media reported Algerian Saturday, the Algerian authorities allowed at the level of the border gate of the city Aldbdab state of Illizi , enter the Libyans fleeing to Algeria after the events that have defined the city drawer Libya after an attack from armed groups from the area of ​​Zintan tribes Jeramna killed at least 10 people , mostly tribe Jeramna , sabotage and burning 15 houses in a drawer for tribes Jeramna and displacement of residents , most of whom fled towards the Algerian border .

Has allowed the legal procedures to enter the holders of passports normally , while authorities have taken at the state level an exceptional measure of allowing families that reached the gate and which do not possess the documents , which undertakes Algerian families receiving the families of Libyan , mostly from relatives and acquaintances , have signed the pledge of sheltering people and take responsibility follow their movements in the region , a procedure previously applied with the events of the border after the fall of the defunct regime .

The authorities allowed the passage of tourist vehicles without utilitarian , which were kept at the level of the security interests of the portal border , and went all the families that allowed entry to stay with relatives and acquaintances at the city level border state of Illizi and neighboring states , while there have been no new cases of displacement towards the gate Aldbdab .

The media reported that the unremitting efforts take place at the level of Libyan territory led by elders and notables to quell the discord that erupted drawer area , in which even the elders and notables of the Algerian Aldbdab area .

– Drawer – Correspondent

Monitoring the number of people killed in the conflict between the total tribal favoritism
Zintan, and drawer residents of Jeramlh is 3 dead from Zintan
And 9 of Jeramlh, including two mentally sick, elderly sheikh
At the age of 88 lean with Yeh grandson, and utter his last breath under
The ruins of his house, and seventeen were monitored home been Tahedimam.

News Agency

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Algerian Aldbdab gate, which lies 100 kilometers from the city of drawer packed with displaced persons,



Urgent Gharyan municipality imposes taxes and restore public order to pay Taxes

and determine the number of tax declarations

Gharyan Municipality has announced that it has done the general taxation system of the Libyan state and municipality attributed Gharyan

number of definitions tax to the Editor tax office as it had contracted with a number of local banks and will open the door to outside investment banking.

The municipality also added as Sthdz any car traveling within the administrative borders does not prove the owner to pay the customs tax

Libyan state tax and the progress of the annual car on public roads a tax licenses.

Dean said that the municipal time of chaos is over forever and now everyone must adhere to and that starts from the same.

And Dean promised municipal bit Naveed large and giant projects and wide within the city also confirmed in an interview

today that this topic is the city during 4 years Seetmny if possessed by the Libyan foreign domicile inside.

Description that the municipality is working day and night and there are signs of soon age Alnha for all projects will be carried out away

from the general state funds, and Arab and foreign investors, foreign banks and promise you that this city will change that quickly in just four years.



Zintani citizens Protecting Libyan beaches from foreign Oil entrepeneurs:



Mr. Amin told us issuance of civil registry Tarhounah, that instructions had been issued to him to stop work

in all its offices and its branches (branches and offices Tarhuna) As of noon today 09/15/2013



Tripoli airport road

14 text intended car over the bridge district cottages on the homes of the corresponding point of the bridge or workshops

required with people Artaab and exit and escape the car after the shooting is not about God every night for the same STORY

archery and Qguadf and suicide and follows him somewhat in the neighborhood of cottages connects sure.

Network Libya. ::. LIbYA WeB

Alassema TV channel capital
URGENT: hear the sound of a huge explosion in the vicinity of the airport road in Tripoli.

Abu Salim ..

For Oslam page

One of the victims offender Agnjoh the Alkkly

At exactly eleven o’clock this morning 09/14/2013 brought to the hospital in the treatment of burns in Tripoli,

one of the prisons dirty “Ghani Alkkla of the the” (Gneoh) a result of exposure to severe facial burns and all the

body after poured acid (Alachdwa a) by one of the dogs junta Night yesterday when attempting to assault her

and resist him, and have been giving it some medicine and returned to prison after refusing to Gneoh left the

hospital and confirmed mentioned that serious violations carried out by the rebels Azh against Silks Council Saleem

military Mthmtlh in the rape and transferred to breaks outside the Council and pin them in the morning to the detainee.

Network Libya. ::. LIbYA WeB

News night Ruldf and bombings

Called Gneoh (Abdul Ghani Alkkla) Abat pour in maintenance to the area neighborhood huts that could not enter terrorize the people

throwing Ruldf above the buildings and buildings and, of course, good Almthelt following good bridge iron

because they Miqdroush Akhco the inside of the neighborhood,

Gneoh wants to pay the people of the district cottages price because they Ex atmosphere against him from the neighborhood cottages to Salim

peaceful demonstration denouncing Banfe and killed prisoners.

Confidential yesterday spotted two cars type Miche Lancer white person bearded came down from the car

and he threw Qadf in the air were shooting in the air and kissed his car over the bridge

(designed by 14 text on buildings opposite the Mtlt workshops inhabited by Lybia poor families)
believe that God does not see them bats of darkness, who do not face but throwing Bzlmanm

and the fleeing fugitives:  this is Gneoh (someone graduate of Ain ​​Zara prisons)

who has the power and recruiting young people to control and impose his rule on the weak.

Note that the concerned tribe (Rishvana):
And Thmtha participation in marches millions were suspended to “Khaled Al-Sharif,” the National Guard.

Question, even though it was the biggest gangster treated her with the law and is not that pour them Alachdoa the

Per Bicol launched more than God and yes agent Huhtoa clean Revolution Elly died honorable ..

Urgent ..
Hear the sound of a huge explosion in the vicinity of the airport road in the Libyan capital Tripoli.



Kidnapping case

Name: Marwa Alhoush lamp was born in 1991
Married. And Rishvanah
Accommodation: Draft plateau behind Abu Salim Rabash

Was hijacked on 08/30/2013

A taxi Khaddt and Dahph to her family’s home has been hijacked by the rapid armed gang in a Azera Qnthih-car without plates

there are in the middle of the antenna back and Atjho the direction Tajora

From defects please call 0927731094

حـالة خطـفالإسم : مروة مصباح الهوش مواليد 1991
متزوجة . ورشفانية
السكن : مشروع الهضبة خلف رابش أبوسليمتم خطفها يوم 30/08/2013أخدت تاكسي و داهبة لمنزل عائلتها تم خطفها على السريع من قبل عصابة مسلحة في سيارة آزيرا قنطشية بدون لوحات توجد بها هوائي في المنتصف من الخلف واتجهو اتجاه تاجوراءمن يعتر عليها أرجو الاتصال على الرقم 0927731094


News of the arrest of the perpetrators of the bombing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Benghazi in the western gate _ Prairie City.

Assassinations –

Survived a military air defense continued Benghazi named “Ahmed Merghany birthday” last night of an assassination

attempt when unidentified called the fire which led to the injuries of varying severity.
He said a security source (who preferred anonymity) that six masked men driving three cars Two type “Hovrli”

and the third type of “Elantra” shot “Merghany” in the area “Almajora” near the clinic “brotherhood”

wounding him several rounds move on impact of the hospital.

The news agency – Benghazi –


“Mohammed Vkiran”, Director of the Information Office of the Follow-up Committee of Libyan political prisoners abroad, offers his resignation today.

Firas Bosalum “Reuters reporter”:Quoting a private sources :: armed clashes in the city of Sabha that left six people dead and several wounded so far ..
Clashes between elements of the tribes of the children Solomon and Al_husaona of the takeover background of a
member of one of the tribes to follow the battalion headquarters to one of the other members of the tribe ..
This comes after the “crisis committee” National Congress appoint an individual of the Libyan Fighting Group,
formerly head of the Supreme Security Committee Bsabha ..Chairman of the National Security Committee in the National Congress
is thinking jihadist former leader of the Libyan Fighting Group and the brother of the second man in al-Qaeda, Abu Yahya al-Libi —

Blast, which is now heard Dana “RPG” I do not know
The launch, cropped above the pedestrian Special Forces camp
Navy without being recorded casualties or damage.

Said a spokesman for the joint security room in Benghazi Abdullah Zaidi:

The explosion occurred Friday evening in the Quiche area of the city targeted a car citizens, causing no victims:

Hamza Fakhri:

Last night clashes in Benghazi – that’s all there is -:
The family of the late Ayman Darsi, who was killed in a brawl late Ramadan knew Wayne frequented killer of their brother

and surrounded the building and firing in the air even bowed and turned himself in them ….

Did not kill or torture him – handed him over to the Joint Security Committee.

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Now two days before he heard the sound of a big explosion, followed by sounds
Shooting dense and then intermittent, bothered a lot and did not know
One where it came from that sound, or what caused the explosion, shooting, and
It became clear that the demobilization of the weapon by some militants affiliated
Armed battalions, experimenting and light romp down their arms, and
Also heavy in the early morning hours, without taking into account citizens
And no time, the reasons for processing until the weapon.

Spokesman room common security Benghazi Colonel Abdullah Zaidi in an intervention shortly before the channel Libya Tv

denies what was said Jaudh about the arrest of some suspects in the bombings and assassinations recent in Benghazi,

says Jaudh for him to say what he wants is there in Tripoli and Nhna here on the ground Indeed and not Jaudh.

(Valley girl)

US Drone detonated again:

A car exploded in Benghazi suspected of carrying munitions
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Accidental explosion airport road intersection Laithi and Benghazi Gulf Street, for a car believed to be carrying ammunition,

has resulted in the explosion
The death of the driver.

It also did not reach the security services for the identity of the driver due to the severity of the explosion,
And the disappearance of landmarks function to it.

A spokesman for the joint security room Abdullah hyperbolic    as reported in “atmosphere of the country”:

A car exploded on Saturday evening, Airport Road

in the intersection Laithi level and Street Gulf in Benghazi, believed to be carrying ammunition, has resulted in the explosion and the death of the driver.

Hyperbolic added that the investigation has not yet reached to find out the identity of the driver due to the severity of the explosion,

and disappearance function monuments, he did not damage other place.

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Stressed, “Walid customary” of the media office for non-immigration
B legitimacy that prisoners were deported illegal immigration who
Haulo flee yesterday jailed b b city of Benghazi neighborhood
Sports City and numbered “542” illegal immigrants
To Barak the beach for deported to Bladenhm after that.

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Arrest a person suspected, that he had to guard was killed
Pasta factory b Benghazi, who was killed by a treacherous bullet and was
Burning a corpse, and was found on his body this afternoon to Benghazi.

The news agency – Benghazi

A security source confirmed break into the unknown for headquarters of Benghazi passports, and
Has been stolen materials intended for passports and a sum of money
Was monitored in the Treasury’s financial headquarters, and visa Sticrker,
And the same source confirmed that it has forwarded all members of the rotation
CID and interrogated.



Cyrenaica and the federal 16/09
Preparations for demonstration by leaps and bounds and provide connectors, flags, posters …

and most of the areas participation of delegations great.



14 septembre 2013 19:27
Green Mountain forest exposed eastern Libya to leveling operations widely to the division of land and sell it and build on them and burning logs and converted into charcoal, which led to a decline in vegetation and encroachment of buildings and harming the environment.


تتعرض غابات الجبل الأخضر شرقي ليبيا لعمليات تجريف على نطاق واسع بغرض تقسيم الأراضي وبيعها والبناء عليها وحرق
جذوع الأشجار وتحويلها إلى فحم، وهو ما أدى إلى انحسار الغطاء النباتي وزحف المباني والإضرار بالبيئة.
Burka denies Youth Council to reach agreement on the sit-in decoder for the stalled oil ports

Aaaaaaaaaaagel Burqa ..
Aljdharan and Bushmin peaceful negotiations did not succeed and it is bound to escalate military armor by the eastern region that

have expressed their willingness to break up the sit ..

Liberal channel Libya

Refuted the spokesman of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica Osama Oraibi what is stated in health Albban attributed to the territory of Cyrenaica,

on the office reached an agreement with the government spends broke up the sit-ins around the oil fields.

Khalid Shakshak member of the ruling MB “Justice and Construction” and Chairman of the Audit Bureau:

“the documentary cycle and

control mechanisms on crude oil export operations in ports located in the Crescent area do not allow shipment of oil or crude oil

smuggling illegally through those ports.”   !!!

The court said in a statement (that although the systems and counters the ports of export of oil need to renew and qualify

to become more efficient) but that does not diminish the accuracy of the measurement methods currently used in the conduct

of the oil Libyan crude source, and that these methods internationally certified and followed in most oil-producing countries.  !

Voice Cyrenaica


6 prisoners arrested
45 prisoners escape from prison in Ajdabiya after setting fire inside the prison. This came after the family of one of the prisoners

attacked the prison to release one of their relatives, causing a mess the place, evacuated prisoners escaped others. Was arrested on 6 of the escaped prisoners.




I Maandich comment on this Brotherhood, which calls for ensuring the rights of the Jews and their return to Libya

Libyan army cars spent millions play with kids Misratah in sand and Ikmeon the contests There is no power but from God Libyan funds controlled by a stray children and youth …
This is the original link for those who want to make sure ..

A trip to the city of Misratah long relationship with friends SUV 09/13/2013



Martyrs pride convoy 09/15/2011

1 – Ibrahim Nasr al – Najjar Alkhatri Gaddafi
2 – Mohammed Saad Nagar Alkhatri , Gaddafi
3 – Abujeelh key Mohammed Alkhatri Gaddafi
4 – Ahmed Abdel Hadi Ibochwihh the Gaddafi
5 – Ahmed Younis Obushoish of Gaddafi
6 – Shibani behind God Capricorn Gaddafi
7 – Khaled Owaidat of God Almagdobe the neighbor Gaddafi
8 – Khalid Mohammed Abdullah Onizh Gaddafi
9 – Salem Ali Abdullah bin Nile , Gaddafi
10 – Reham Khalifa Alchipunah of Gaddafi
11 – Aisha Gaddafi Khalifa Alchipunah ,
12 – Vintage Massoud Khalifa Alchipunah of the Gaddafi
13 – Najat Abdul Rahim Jabbar Qahsa , Gaddafi
14 – Tarek Mohammed Sharif Al Suwaidi Gaddafi
15 – Abdel Basset Abu Bakr light Aldalbh the Gaddafi
16 – Abdul Rahman Qahsa Gaddafi
17 – Abdullah of Zarouk Ahnich Toumi Gaddafi
18 – Abdullah Mokhtar birthday , Almagdobe Gaddafi
19 – Nasser Al Suwaidi Gaddafi
20 – on Ali Alkhatri group Gaddafi
21 – Ali Mohamed Belkacem Trchana Gaddafi
22 – Emad Omujahd the Oajabil Alkhatri Gaddafi
23 – Omar Mohammed Mhammed Derbah Gaddafi
24 – Imran Dbnon the Nabi Gaddafi
25 – Isa Ali and nautical Nice Gaddafi
26 – Ghaith adequate Alsklol Gaddafi
27 – Fathi Omar key Swedish Gaddafi
28 – Nasser Omar key Swedish Gaddafi
29 – Farag Abdlali Aljba El Rey Gaddafi
30 – Faraj Abdullah Gaddafi group
31 – lamp Abdullah group Gaddafi
32 – Muhammad Ali al – Sanusi Swedish Ghoul
33 – Mahmoud key lamp Hillel Gaddafi
34 – Nasser Ali Bin Nile carp Gaddafi
35 – Ashraf Ali Al Amari
36 – The Key to Amari
37 – Ali Mohammed Al-Amari
38 – The Key to Salem Altaib Amari ( Ahubaiqh )
39 – Abdel Salam Faraj Altaib Amari ( protoplasm )
40 – Faraj Arhomh Abusksakh Slimani
41 – Youssef Erhomh the Abusksakh Slimani
42 – Ali Hassan Erhomh ,
43 – Hani Ganjan the adequate
44 – Hamad Khamis Salem Alor Valley
45 – Zayed Hamza Abdullah Alor Valley
46 – Hassan Mohammed Dzea , Aldroaa Alor Valley
47 – Ibrahim to mainland
48 – Osama Alinkaa the
49 – Belkassem the mourning
50 – Hassan Dheifallah
51 – Emad Dheifallah
52 – Samir Saadoun al – Ramadan
53 – Salah Belaïd the Zarqa Ferjani
54 – Abdullah Faraj Ameitik ,
55 – Key Ppelmada the
56 – Abdel Salam Vakec
57 – Ramadan Mhammed the wife of Slimani ( missing)
58 – Ibrahim humans Slimani
59 – Abdel Salam Omar Gaddafi Almagdobe ( missing)
60 – Abdel Salam Al – Haj Alor Valley
61 – Ibrahim Saleh Gaddafi
a good portion of Muammar’s cousins and Alqmazfah tribe were murdered by NATO and the rats with them.

were not there 87 martyrs and more than 103 seriously maimed for life–and many more wounded?

Asham el-watan site has tons of pictures of the tragedy, bombings and the martyrs.
“We will continue to publish photos and names of the martyrs of the Libyan heroes until they reach their mercy and forgiveness sky.And not just today, but every day I Sail Green’ll Powered on deployment day and all the tribes of Libya and has the image of a martyr sends and I sa published today will be a special pictures of the martyrs of Sirte and naturally in this anniversary will be most of the martyrs of the tribe Alqmazvh h developed under the most 10 lines because downright in other martyrs from other tribes and Mottagoloh impartial nor marginalized tribe, User will not be downloaded lists of names of the tribes because of the martyred martyred for the sake of Libya was cited for his tribe so on the anniversary of the massacre, I hope you send the picture of the martyrs on this day in commemoration of their memory and God bless martyrs and duty SPA they rest in peace….”
Sirte – More than 55 people – were killed NATO aircraft bombed Ntrahm them and Nansabhm when God Martyrs
Sirte martyrs are preparing to commemorate the martyrdom of 57 civilians in the neighborhood of the martyrs No. 2
aircraft bombarded Christians – NATO crusader on residential neighborhoods ..
God have mercy on the martyrs of the Libyan marrow due Martyrs and brought them into His paradise gather us their God in eternal paradise with Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.



Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Urgent: the bombing of the “booth” for the sale of cigarettes in the city of Derna and no news of casualties.


Teachers … City of Tobruk … Profess … The next Sunday, corresponding to: 15 – 9 – 2013 … Is the beginning of the sit – in ..

After that they sent their demands to the ministry … The ministry but not the lives of those who advocate …
And demands are …… :::::
Legitimate demands claimed by a teacher ( Tobruk, teachers )
1. A salary increase of 100%
2. Raise teaching Moreover even be a difference between the teacher in charge of the table and is charged according to the amount of

quotas does not deprive them either school or administrative Diwan not deducted throughout the year.
3. Comprehensive health insurance inside and outside Libya.

4. Address the problems of teachers to take account of their circumstances and feel more job stability and security so that they can

innovation in the field of teaching and giving right to optimally profession which is compatible with the latest teaching methods.
5. The enactment of laws that protect the teacher against any attack upon the establishment of the Department of Legal Affairs within the school administrative staff .
6. Give permission to the coordinators of the areas of education granting promotions teachers and prevent stopped or delayed activation

and unit personnel regarding the affairs of the teacher and other files .
7. Open Office to follow up and monitor the curriculum.
8. Ensure the participation of all teachers during the selection of the functions of supervision , monitoring and follow up examinations inside and outside Libya.
9. The establishment of courses for teachers outside of Libya to raise their efficiency so as to keep pace with the global educational development .
10. Accelerate the exchange of teachers ‘ salaries and appointment contracts by sector need them .
11. Accelerate the establishment of modern schools and the completion of stalled projects and the elimination of zinc and schools to reduce

the density per student in the classroom .
12. Provision of infrastructure within the school buildings in terms of form and view the school building in accordance with international

standards and including approves the educational process for all students ( Proper them – people with special needs ) and connecting schools to

Internet networks and all the requirements of the educational process .
13. Updated science labs , computer and English language and equipped with the latest technical equipment .
14. Reconsideration of private education in terms of controls and standards of student mobility between the public and private sectors .
15. Claim end of service benefits for all teachers and administrators.
16. Reconsider the retirement age for teachers.
17. Standardization of transit exams stages of primary and secondary education in the region or municipality with the payment of bonuses to

teachers in charge of examinations committees for transport stages .
18. Interest in providing a sufficient number of guards educational institutions .
19. Interest in the first grades of basic education in terms of the selection of capacity of teachers and administrators in accordance with the

regulations and standards to ensure a sound educational foundation for each student.
20. Allowing teachers to establish cultural associations and private residential teacher . 21. Reconsider the map of Educational Inspection Department , in terms of inspection visits .
22. Open Office to follow up on hygiene in schools and support as they need in addition to follow-up school canteens .
23. Attention to kindergarten and be subordination to the state to help first – grade students to practice and learn the new curriculum and the establishment of its own buildings .

Free channel Cyrenaica


Suspension of classes in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Omar Mukhtar Derna
Country ambiance Ahmed Faitouri reporting:

Said the spokesman Omar Mukhtar University branch of tuber Jibril Aldepana the the day Saturday he was suspended

study at the Faculty of Arts at the university indefinitely because of the destruction that came to college libraries and halls by unknown assailants.

And explained Aldepana  to “the country ambiance” (MISURATA NEWSPAPER) that the college exams postponed on Saturday, which was

supposed to take place today for students who failed in the first round, pointing out that the offices of the college and furniture was destroyed and completely trashing.

It is noteworthy that Omar Mukhtar University branch tuber had been subjected to several attacks and incursions in recent months.


Newsflash ….

Sound of a huge explosion breaks the silence 48 hours of silence the sound of explosions in the tuber.

(The tuber Media Center for Libya)

Attempt to assassinate Colonel Ahmed Merghany birthday in Benghazi and serious injuries, one of the officers

who were involved air defense 96 years in the battles of the armed people against Alzenazqh in tuber ..

Newsflash …

News of a car bombing in the door of Tobruk, Derna, and news about injuries and one was taken to the hospital.

Newsflash …

Has been confirmed news of a car bombing Obashich day after day in the door of Tobruk, Derna _

improvised explosive planted under his car (Almtsiaubaishe in the picture) detonated by remote control,

allowing the transfer to a hospital Tobruk medical due to the lack of hospitals extended intention tuber

was amputated leg Alimna and still his condition is stable even write this words.

Note _ old images of himself and his car hit by bullets after a while.
A country ambience
Confirmed the country’s environment correspondent in Derna today that the battalion commander Libya hawks dissolved

Faraj Al Mansouri (Alepeshabash) of injured today after his car bombing in the city of Derna.




Urgent: the killing of “Ahmed Ezzedine Benaifah” son of the deputy head of the local council Sabha
In the clashes against the backdrop of an armed conflict on one of the camps.


News of the existence of clashes near of the castle Bsabha between militias belonging to shield the Southern

District Fezzan and militias are free and militias of the Sea of ​​religion and the main reason that religion wants Sea capturing battalion site.


From my own sources …

Clashes in Sabha between shield Libya and battalion are free Fezzan to camp near the castle Sabha and battalion Fares

previously this camp follows the Shield forces to Libya hurry Ahmed al-Hasnawi and then turning the clash before me

because Aamr shield from the tribe Al_husawneh and battalion are free Fezzan Bhrralden her from Awlad Asilyman ..


Sabha – special – (Germa) 09/15/2013

Killing three elements of the clerks shield Libya for the Southern District headquarters located near Castle Sabha

by the clash happened with the battalion are free Fezzan The source close to the Germa that the death toll from the

elements shield Libya for the Southern District is three dead until this.

(excuse me, but the Green Army  are Fezzen and they fight the MB GNC Shield militias who want to control South Libya)

Sabha cook … clashes Germanah and reported deaths and dozens of wounded

Oh God smite evil-doers Balza to Maine and brought us out of them safely.

The news agency – Sabha – reporter

Cautious calm hangs over the city of Sabha morning, after a night
Grinding capacity by a Hot Tin clashes, which resulted in
Three people were killed and another awkward, with the proximity of the castle, between
Gunmen’s armor battalion Libya for the Southern District, and a battalion free
Fezzan, also moved another force for Libya to shield the Southern District of
Beach and Ubari toward Sabha.
The final outcome of the clashes yesterday two dead and several wounded
The picture of the dead Ahmad Izz al-Din Stoere Master of one of the victims of the clash, which happened near the castle was born in 93 and still a student

There is no power but from God.

Thread was dissolved customary Bahi Mahe the orphan goalkeeper in the tribe care home ? Suffering and turn except God
Today and since this morning I got the call that the defendant ( the director of the care of orphans ) in the case of torture,

child orphaned ( support ), is in the public prosecutor for investigation into the incident , I went to the place and inquired

about the subject, and the winds blew do not blow vessels, was informed that the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The prosecutor ( Mehta Rennes ) What are they doing ? I learned then that it began to take a customary turn and family pressure ,

In this Alhzat the Hub is no small number of institutions of civil society , and we have combined vigil in front of the prosecution ,

but bad in the topic you shock the release of the accused, pending further investigation . It is expected to return to a previous work .
When we discussed with the chief prosecutor and the prosecutor – it was an excuse worse than guilt – they told us , you know, that

do not have prisons (and this is a lie ), and that the accused her figure social status ( on the basis that that the torture spouse ),

and that the child is old 11-year request for the release of the accused ( the evil scourge laughs ) and sealed their words that the

subject of such a man is excused because it edgy and treats an orphan like his sons … We have we as a civil society institutions

informing them that we will not leave the subject and we will connect our voice to all international organizations.
Behold, I do I appeal to all segments of society, including civil society organizations after the meetings and coordination to follow up on this terrible event .

(Hicham Fathi)

ORPHANS BURNED (as punishment) !!

Free newspaper Sabha

Director of Care for Orphans –— white – a child is punishable guests Balki fire last night

Note that ironing is a spoon in front of them are heated.
(There is no power except with Allah.)

White was arrested today in the director of the city’s Orphans charges to punish children, orphans, the spectrum Pkém fire.
The images were leaked from inside the house Orphans have been published on the Internet showed signs of torture on the bodies of children guests.
After preliminary investigations have been released director of Orphans bail and tomorrow will be submitted to the Public Prosecution.

(Image for one of the children who have been punished Balki fire)


Three deaths of employees of Libya to shield the Southern District and
Number of injuries, after the outbreak of an armed clash in
Bride south Sabha with battalion free Fezzan, also moved
206 Armor Battalion Libya for the Southern District Ubari and 202 infantry battalion
From the beach, to support Libya to shield the Southern District, where
The city of Sabha clashes on a Hot Tin pm
Today proximity to the Castle, and the hospital received Sabha
The number of those infected, and congestion is still the master of the situation.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

The causes of the clashes in Sabha _

is Libya’s refusal to shield the former headquarters of the hawks delivery to the sixth brigade,

after the issuance of the orders of the military rulers to vacate office and handed over to the Sixth Brigade.Vachtbact shield forces

with the sixth brigade and three people were killed and several wounded and still the situation in case of congestion.

(News Agency Libyan RAT army)

South’s military ruler did not anticipate events and has been allocated Headquarters
Disputed now in Sabha, and a tentative agreement now between the Trevi
And conditions by Libya to shield the Southern District.

It seems the military headquarters
Because they are the injured party in this fight, and the lack of response from the free Fezzan even
Now Moaagafh, where fighting has resulted in two dead and several wounded.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Parents of pupils sit Sukna Primary School for Girls. Congestion due to the number of pupils in the classroom.

Where more than 50 students in some classes. And demanding the opening of the new school in the neighborhood of the airport.




Egyptian media:
MB supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, isolated setting fire to a library of Mohamed Hassanein Heikal,

which contains about eighteen thousand books, including copies of single and rare manuscripts, as well as thousands of historical documents.


Obama for treason Obama LOST his citizenship by not registering for Selective Service



Obama for treason Obama LOST his citizenship by not registering for Selective Service

The matador’s bright red cape and his agile moves to anger and tire the animal are the outstanding metaphor used by Attorney W. L. Albert. Moore, Jr., who is bringing an Amicus Curiae in support of lead appellant L. Dean Johnson in the request for an Alabama Supreme Court oral argument in yet another case dismissed by lower courts in the Barack Obama eligibility saga.
Moore ( no relation to Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore) is a nationally certified fraud attorney who has a completely new angle on the American political nightmare that just will not die. Moore told CiR in a very lengthy phone interview on September 3 that the real issue is not the eligibility clause (2-1-5, US Constitution), but the fact that Obama would not or did not register for Selective Service, thereby signifying his LOSS of US CITIZENSHIP! The issue is not Obama’s status at birth–Obama probably is an NBC–but rather, his abrogation of US CITIZENSHIP, Moore said.

The longtime lawyer extended his metaphor by adding that Obama handlers are more than willing to let truth seekers twist in the wind by running at the false red flags of lack of natural born citizenship status and other sidebars of this unbelievable case. The crux of this case is a little known noun called fealty. Of Old French linguistic derivation, fealty asks “does Obama have allegiance to serve the United States of America?”
Absent the impanelment of a grand jury with its subsequent subpoena powers, Moore doubts he has the ability to obtain epithelial evidence of just who is the father of Barack Obama (nee Barry Soetoro)! Moore is of the opinion that the sitting president may just well have NBC status and that Obama very well could be the direct offspring of the man named as the Obama grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Other web commentators have brought up this theory (i.e. that the grandfather is really the father, the mother is really the 1/2 sister, and Toots, Obama’s beloved grandmother who died shortly before her grandson’s first inauguration as U.S. President, was the only true legacy grandparent!!)
Here is Attorney Moore’s outline of his Amicus Curiae: 1. Status at birth was verifiable by the statements of Dr. Chiyome Fukino, M.D., former director of Hawaii’s Department of Health. She said: “Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics. . .have personally seen and verified that the (HDoH) has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record. . .”
Part 2 of the Amicus Curiae alleges for court deliberation that by refusing to register for U.S. Selective Service, Barry Soetoro-Barack Obama relinquished his U.S. citizenship status! The original birth certificate allegedly was amended by a second birth certificate to reflect the young man’s adoption by Stanley Ann Dunham’s new husband, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro.
By the way, Soetoro-Obama had to be listed as an Indonesian citizen to be registered in the elementary school system in that Islamic country.
Incidentally if epithelial evidence can ascertain that President Obama is not now, nor ever has been, an Afro-American, the blow done to the media, the Democrats, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Black Grievance Industry (BGI) will be palpable, to say the least!
Now, Attorney Moore further alleges that not only did Soetoro-Obama fail to register for Selective Service; the now Commander in Chief allegedly entered the United States as Barry Soetoro under an Indonesian visa at or around 1983. This five year time frame, 1980-1985, are called the “lost” years by researchers unable to tract this very cosmopolitan young man. “Obama admitted his loss of American citizenship when he failed to apply for Selective Service,” says Attorney Moore. No evidence of repatriation apparently has ever surfaced!
A Part II analysis of the Moore interview will follow.


Continuity of Military Agenda: Syria Catastrophe Engineered Under Bush,

Executed Verbatim Under Obama

Global Research, 13 September  2013

The rise of Al Qaeda in Syria and the predictable bloodbath that followed is the documented work of US, Israel, & Saudi Arabia.

Tens of thousands of deaths, devastated cities, and the scattering of terrified Syrian minorities add up to a catastrophe that has unfolded in Syria over the last 2 years. International organizations including the UN call it the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century, and despite this, have put little effort into tracking down the actual genesis of the conflict, the key players perpetuating the violence, and in prescribing the obvious solutions to this conflict. With a recent initiative by Russia and Syria blunting the West’s pro-war drive, Western propagandists have attempted to reassert their crumbling narrative regarding the conflict, past, present, and future.

The Genesis of Syria’s Conflict

We are told by Western politicians and Western media houses that the conflict in Syria began with a spontaneous “peaceful,” “pro-democracy” uprising influenced by similar demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt. We are told that these peaceful protests were brutally crushed by the Syrian government and resulted in the militarization of the so-called “opposition.”

This is a verified lie.

In an April 2011 AFP report, Michael Posner, the assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor, admitted that [emphasis added]:

“US government has budgeted $50 million in the last two years [starting in 2009] to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments.”The report went on to admit that the US (emphasis added) “organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world. A session held in the Middle East about six weeks ago gathered activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon who returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there.” Posner would add, “They went back and there’s a ripple effect.”

Not only were the protests in Syria planned, funded, and directed by the US State Department, years before the so-called “Arab Spring” began, but so were the alleged protests that “triggered” events in Syria – namely similarly engineered protests in Tunisia, Egypt, and the violent US-led subversion carried out in Libya.

What’s more disturbing is that the US-engineered “protests” were not designed to overthrow targeted governments, but instead to serve as a smokescreen for similarly pre-planned armed subversion. As early as 2007, under then President George Bush, the arming, funding, and otherwise supporting of sectarian extremists across the Middle East to undermine Lebanon, Syria, and Iran was put into motion.

Admissions by administration officials, intelligence agents, and the very militant groups the US was funding and preparing for armed subversion in 2007 were documented in Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker extensive 9-page report, ”The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” In it he would state clearly that:

“To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.”

Six years later, it could not be more obvious that indeed, militants aligned to Al Qaeda have been armed, equipped, and unleashed in an unprecedented wave of US-Saudi-Israeli state-sponsored terrorism against Syria and neighboring Lebanon. With safe havens in NATO-member Turkey, US-occupied Jordan, and pouring in from Saudi-friendly regions of Lebanon, it could not be clearer who is behind the rise and perpetuation of Al Qaeda in Syria.

And even in Hersh’s 2007 report, “The Redirection,” it is made clear that the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia had already begun financing and preparing the sectarian extremist “Muslim Brotherhood” in Syria for the upcoming sectarian bloodbath the West had on the drawing board. Hersh would report:

“[Walid] Jumblatt then told me that he had met with Vice-President Cheney in Washington last fall to discuss, among other issues, the possibility of undermining Assad. He and his colleagues advised Cheney that, if the United States does try to move against Syria, members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood would be “the ones to talk to,” Jumblatt said.”

The article would continue by explaining how already in 2007 US and Saudi backing had begun benefiting the Brotherhood:

“There is evidence that the Administration’s redirection strategy has already benefitted the Brotherhood. The Syrian National Salvation Front is a coalition of opposition groups whose principal members are a faction led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian Vice-President who defected in 2005, and the Brotherhood. A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, “The Americans have provided both political and financial support. The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.” He said that Khaddam, who now lives in Paris, was getting money from Saudi Arabia, with the knowledge of the White House. (In 2005, a delegation of the Front’s members met with officials from the National Security Council, according to press reports.) A former White House official told me that the Saudis had provided members of the Front with travel documents.”

And yet today, the West feigns ignorance to what they claim is the inexplicable, unfortunate, “unforeseeable” rise and perpetuation of Al Qaeda and their defacto political arm, the sectarian Muslim Brotherhood.

Who’s Behind Al Qaeda in SyriaAl Qaeda in Syria constitutes the summation of the so-called “opposition.” Despite rhetoric of the contrary, all credible reports actually citing evidence, including sources from across the West, have determined that Al Qaeda is the “opposition.”

The New York Times would literally proclaim in their April 2013 article, “Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy,” that:

Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.

The West has admitted throughout the conflict that it, along with its regional axis, including Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, have been funneling in hundreds of millions of dollars, equipment, and thousands of tons of arms at a time to militants operating in and along Syria’s borders.

In the Telegraph’s March 2013 article titled, “US and Europe in ‘major airlift of arms to Syrian rebels through Zagreb’,” it is reported:

It claimed 3,000 tons of weapons dating back to the former Yugoslavia have been sent in 75 planeloads from Zagreb airport to the rebels, largely via Jordan since November
The story confirmed the origins of ex-Yugoslav weapons seen in growing numbers in rebel hands in online videos, as described last month by The Daily Telegraph and other newspapers, but suggests far bigger quantities than previously suspected.
The shipments were allegedly paid for by Saudi Arabia at the bidding of the United States, with assistance on supplying the weapons organised through Turkey and Jordan, Syria’s neighbours. But the report added that as well as from Croatia, weapons came “from several other European countries including Britain”, without specifying if they were British-supplied or British-procured arms.
British military advisers however are known to be operating in countries bordering Syria alongside French and Americans, offering training to rebel leaders and former Syrian army officers. The Americans are also believed to be providing training on securing chemical weapons sites inside Syria.

The New York Times in their March 2013 article titled, “Arms Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With C.I.A. Aid,” admits that:

With help from the C.I.A., Arab governments and Turkey have sharply increased their military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters in recent months, expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of rebel commanders.

The airlift, which began on a small scale in early 2012 and continued intermittently through last fall, expanded into a steady and much heavier flow late last year, the data shows. It has grown to include more than 160 military cargo flights by Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari military-style cargo planes landing at Esenboga Airport near Ankara, and, to a lesser degree, at other Turkish and Jordanian airports.

And now, the US fully admits that the CIA and US State Department are openly arming, funding, and equipping fighters in Syria. The Washington Post’s September 2013 article, “U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels,” admits:

The CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels in Syria, ending months of delay in lethal aid that had been promised by the Obama administration, according to U.S. officials and Syrian figures. The shipments began streaming into the country over the past two weeks, along with separate deliveries by the State Department of vehicles and other gear — a flow of material that marks a major escalation of the U.S. role in Syria’s civil war.

Clearly, based on previous admissions, claiming this is a “major escalation” is a verifiable lie. The US has already sent the total summation of material support to terrorists operating in Syria over the past 2-3 years it could possibly muster – recent admissions are solely for public consumption. The failure of this material support to turn the tide in the fighting is precisely what triggered the recent fabrications of chemical weapons use in Syria and the subsequent, Iraq-esque attempt to justify direct US military intervention.

One must wonder, how if the US has been funding “moderate rebel groups,” to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, and arming them with thousands of tons of weaponry at a time, has Al Qaeda still emerged as the prominent militant group inside Syria? How has Al Qaeda managed to raise the funds and execute this unprecedented logistical feat of a multinational invasion of Syria if the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, and Qatar are solely funding “moderates?” Bake sales and carpooling?

Clearly there were never any “moderates.” And just as was plotted under Bush in 2007, extremists – Al Qaeda extremists – were intentionally armed, funded, and funneled into Syria to destabilize the nation through a sectarian bloodbath starting in 2011 under the Obama administration and callously portrayed as a “pro-democracy” uprising “brutally crushed” by the “evil Assad regime.”

The US’ direct, premeditated support of sectarian extremists starting in 2007 and continuing up to and including today, not only solves the “mystery” of Al Qaeda’s perpetuation in Syria, it also exposes the fraud of Western democracy – where two diametrically opposed presidents carried out a singular geopolitical agenda, merely behind the cover of their respective rhetorical right/left political platforms. The American people were never really given a choice despite the illusion of “elections” and “political representation.”

Israel’s Role: The Silent Accomplice and Unilateral Warmonger

Perhaps the most dangerous, and yet-to-be-played card in the West’s hand, is Israel. Israel poses as a silent observer of the Syrian conflict – taking military action unilaterally in what it tenuously claims is preemptive “self-defense.” In reality, it is part of a joint US-Saudi-Israeli axis that has sought to undermine and overthrow Syria and Iran since at least 2007.

Israel is playing a very specific role to keep it isolated from the West and its Arab partners in the region for as long as possible – both to lend extremist forces operating in and around Syria legitimacy they otherwise would not have with overt Israeli backing, as well as to portray Israel as the “victim” of staged or intentionally provoked attacks from within Syria, Lebanon and even Iran. Such “victimization” would allow Israel to retaliate and give Western nations desperately needed justification to also intervene and save their failed proxy war.

This is not mere speculation, but rather a conclusion based on documented policy papers produced by the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution, one of many think-tanks engineering US-Saudi-Israeli policy.

One such policy paper, the 2009 Brookings ”Which Path to Persia?“ report, explicitly states the compartmentalized role Israel would serve in planned subversion and aggression versus Iran and how Israel could offer the West a “foot in the door” to wider military intervention in the region. It states [emphasis added]:

“…it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.) ” –page 84-85, Which Path to Perisa?, Brookings Institution.


“Israel appears to have done extensive planning and practice for such a strike already, and its aircraft are probably already based as close to Iran as possible. as such, Israel might be able to launch the strike in a matter of weeks or even days, depending on what weather and intelligence conditions it felt it needed. Moreover, since Israel would have much less of a need (or even interest) in securing regional support for the operation, Jerusalem probably would feel less motivated to wait for an Iranian provocation before attacking. In short, Israel could move very fast to implement this option if both Israeli and American leaders wanted it to happen.

However, as noted in the previous chapter, the airstrikes themselves are really just the start of this policy. Again, the Iranians would doubtless rebuild their nuclear sites. They would probably retaliate against Israel, and they might retaliate against the United States, too (which might create a pretext for American airstrikes or even an invasion).” –page 91, Which Path to Perisa?, Brookings Institution.

Similar calls to use Israel, and its regional partner, NATO-member Turkey, to conduct similar provocations versus Syria have been made by Brookings more recently in a report titled, “Assessing Options for Regime Change, Brookings Institution.”

In the report, Brookings describes how Israeli efforts in the south of Syria, combined with Turkey’s aligning of vast amounts of weapons and troops along its border to the north, could help effect violent regime change in Syria:

“In addition, Israel’s intelligence services have a strong knowledge of Syria, as well as assets within the Syrian regime that could be used to subvert the regime’s power base and press for Asad’s removal. Israel could posture forces on or near the Golan Heights and, in so doing, might divert regime forces from suppressing the opposition. This posture may conjure fears in the Asad regime of a multi-front war, particularly if Turkey is willing to do the same on its border and if the Syrian opposition is being fed a steady diet of arms and training. Such a mobilization could perhaps persuade Syria’s military leadership to oust Asad in order to preserve itself. Advocates argue this additional pressure could tip the balance against Asad inside Syria, if other forces were aligned properly.” –page 6, Assessing Options for Regime Change, Brookings Institution.

Israel then, still maintaining this posture and attempting to distance itself from the current political struggle over Syria may still be planning intentional or even staged provocations. A recent warning from Russia involving a false flag attack carried out by terrorists inside Syria against Israel provides a very plausible scenario that would give Israel rhetorical justification to strike Syria in hopes of starting a wider war involving pre-positioned Western forces now on standby.American “Exceptionalism:” The rotting fruits of dead empires, Hitler’s Germany, and racist British imperialism

In a recent speech made by US President Barack Obama, he claimed that the United States was “exceptional,” echoing the delusions of grandeur of corporate-financier interests and the think-tank policy makers in their orbit. “American Exceptionalism,” proclaims that the US is somehow different than all other nations, and by inference, better. It gives the United States the ability to circumvent international law it itself has contrived, to do as it wills both within and beyond its borders, because it “knows better” than the rest of the world.

Its standing alone on the issue of Syria, with even the American public rejecting wholly the concept of another war based on clearly fabricated evidence, shows just where the wellspring of “American Exceptionalism” lies – among the corporate financier elite who invented it.

It is a revolting concept that echos the racist imperialism of Britannia and the unhinged belligerence of Nazi Germany, used to justify the violation of human rights through the subjugation by invasion, occupation and wholesale exploitation of other nations. It seeks to justify what evidence, reason, logic, and global consensus has otherwise opposed, and is the last rhetorical resort for a crumbling empire unable to justify its actions any other way.

A nation basing its actions upon the world stage through such justifications is a dangerous one that depends on the illusion of its superiority. As that illusion crumbles, it will seek to reassert it through increasingly desperate and abhorrent mechanisms. This includes false flag attacks to trigger wars where it can justify the flexing of its military might, and thus scare the international community back in line.

With the West pledging to continue the arming and funding of terrorists in Syria, thus jeopardizing the safety of UN inspectors who will eventually attempt to survey, secure, and neutralize Syria’s chemical weapons, we can see there is no genuine intent to end the violence in Syria with anything less than regime change in favor of Western interests.

The goal was never humanitarian in nature, only the propaganda used to perpetuate the conflict was “humanitarian.” A nation that would intentionally create a humanitarian catastrophe to then use as a pretext for further war is a nation exceptional only in regards to the depths of its own depravity. Like their historical predecessors citing “superiority” and “exceptionalism,” the interests driving America now are destined for their own ignominious place upon the scrap heap of history. The question is, how much damage will they cause between now and then?



Eye on Mahrosa

Explained Colonel Staff of war “Ahmed Mohammed,” military spokesman
During a press conference held by the headquarters of the inquiries,
Sunday, for the detection of security operations in the Sinai that most

Weapons seized in Sinai coming smuggled from Libya.

He added: “We will not go back from the Sinai, but after the elimination of terrorist outposts
And takfirist.

Egypt, the capital of human history and the cradle of civilizations, Egypt never were not
And will be an infidel state, as some claim, and defeat terrorism.

Postpone the re-trial of Mubarak and his two sons and his interior minister in the case of killing of demonstrators

Postpone the re-trial of Mubarak and his two sons and his interior minister in the case of killing of demonstrators:

I decided north of Cairo Criminal Court on 14 September / postpone the seventh meeting of the re-trial of former President Hosni Mubarak and a number of his close associates to 19 October / October. The court also ordered to stop the live broadcast and the prohibition of the publication of the proceedings of these meetings called by the media “trial of the century.” The list of defendants in this case includes, in addition to Hosni Mubarak, his two sons Alaa and Gamal, and former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and 6 of his top aides, and fugitive businessman Hussein Salem. And presented in their charges, including the killing of peaceful protesters during the events of the January 25 Revolution / January 2011. It is scheduled to be held the next sessions of the trial days 19, 20 and 21 of the next month. It was to adjourn the trial in order to hear the testimony of a number of officials, past and present, including Maj. Gen. Murad Muwafi Director General Intelligence Previously, Mustafa Abdul Nabi, chairman of the National Security, the Minister of Petroleum current Sherif Ismail, General Staff of the Hassan Ruwaini commander of the Central Military former. :روسيا اليوم



Amir escape Ansar al-Sharia from Tunisia to Libya

Quoting security sources informed that Saif Abdullah bin Hussein the leader of Ansar al-Sharia outlawed fled to Libya,

relying on evidence from the point of Tataouine and income to Libya from the point of desert close to the border crossing

dehiba border and was accompanied in this way evidence is calculated on the Salafi jihadist actuation milestone in State Tataouine.
He also stressed the same source that Abu Ayaz was received procession of cars SUVs belonging to Ansar al-Sharia in Libya

carrying gunmen and transfer to the city of Nalut, including wire procession route Desert towards the city of Ifrane, including

to the city of Misratah port where the wire coastal road in the direction of Benghazi and from there to tuber

which is considered one of the strongholds of the Salafi movement in Libya, where there are a number of camps in which trained foreigners, including Tunisians.




OBAMA tries devious Cover while LIBYA burns

a righteous Mu

Muammar glorious

Mu adjust glasses


Arish Saeed WRITES:

Zaidane threatens bombing to fly any ship steals (oil), and the Ministry of Oil announces force majeure in the ports (oil) and Chiefs of Staff mobilize its navy so as not to steal drums (oil), and the Department of Defense instruct bombardment without reference to those approaching from the ports (oil ).

And data to ignite a war does not keep and do not devastating for the sale of (oil) and a number of young people gently ascend the situation and declare a political office and enter into a confrontation on the pretext of selling (oil) from the dot counters, and accusations and counter-accusations between the government and its opponents are caused by (Petroleum)
But … Of those who steal a child smile attacked his father? Of blood shed in Benghazi? Of explosions shaking the pillars of national? To do justice to the oppressed, Torga return and Alawyneh and other displaced areas in the national? From threaten aviation bombardment to end the fighting and violation of privacy and placements in my country?

Uses of force majeure against the dark birds who رملوا completed and were killed because they were in Qaddafi’s rule only tortured? Allow bombardment without reference to those who violate national sovereignty and on the edge of its limits?

Beloved of the South, Derna and Benghazi and raises the fear on the streets of the capital and other cities in my country? Of for rogue Aa Buthain?
Or become a (oil) we have more expensive than the blood of the sons and national ..??!!!

Tanker Jamahiriya Alkarzabih of scouring the seas Maltese flag ..

Tanker Jamahiriya Alkarzabih of one of the tankers National Company for Maritime Transport is dedicated to the shipping of crude oil and marketing of the Maltese-flagged it!! With the company logo of national maritime transport them and still sail crane was aware of Libya before the war on Libya in 2011 .. But now they are scouring the Libyan territorial waters and ship crude oil from Libyan ports under the name Alkarzabih and the slogan of the General Company for Maritime Transport, but the Maltese-flagged ..

Italian OLYMPIA bulldozer and poaching process “and steal the wealth Libyan navy” in the territorial waters Jamahiriya “Baltapt”

An imminent confrontation with the Islamists in Libya

Source: Translation: Mackie Mammeri newspaper The Guardian date: 27 August 2013

Benghazi Green




Cyrenaica administrative limits!

Apply federal affair that our Father in nearby one day, because this state which covers an area of ​​almost half the continent Uriah but not built on this foundation …! But what to Hzth of strange maneuvers started Ttafoa on the surface these days are trying to change the geographical map of the territory of Cyrenaica .. One of them said: “possible applicable federalism but much needed three federations possible even ten or fifteen or …..” for the territory
Burqa no one can change the geographical boundaries and no one can give just imagine distort simple ..

The so-called Libya today formed the Federation of three states and by this union in 1951 there is no such thing as Libya and that there was nothing called Libya in the history of the Mughal in toe word rubber starting from the Nile River to the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) only division of the ancient world in writings “Hurdot” that the three continents of the world: Asia, Europe, Libya, ..

Libya came here as a synonym for the continent of Africa today sees Author “Oreck Bates” in writing values ​​(Allepieon the Weavers) 1914 Libya’s borders were up in the south to Somalia, Ethiopia and to the west embodied in Niger and Mali … etc. ..

And even takes us not talk each socket but the context of our conversation came from the door of the geographical boundaries of the Cyrenaica did not come and Walid for a moment or coincidence ..

Province of Cyrenaica was the result of interactions, for example: parking Sheikh Boucif Yassin and asked to speak at the conference sessions Barqawi in an important issue when commissioning of the Boundary Commission and he told the Commission: Do not hide you, O Honourable Members that the tribe Moroccans large tribe and part of them lived west of the extent that made him the Italian government line between Cyrenaica and Tripoli In fact this limit, which is the arch is not the normal limit of the region of Cyrenaica, but put the time of judgment of  Fash-Leste for reasons of colonial and administrative because in fact reduce the original Cyrenaica was up to Boirat Goldfinch every area from Ajdabiya east to Boirat Goldfinch west know Moroccans area.

Has affected this situation tribe Moroccans as it divided into two sections within the borders of Cyrenaica and a section outside her which protested it always Tribe has not seen judges and I know that a delegation from Moroccans living west of the current limits will attend to here to protest (*) what is understood from the words of Sheikh / Boucif Yassin said the historical arc is not reducing natural Reducing is ZAAFARANIYA palace built by Sheikh / Kilani Alatyosh in the second Ottoman objective ..

The Grandfather told me the mercy of God I am the limits of Cyrenaica Taboha Roos (1) and already a committee was formed to demarcate the border with Tripoli and my cousin said Haj / wife-help: all members included: Boucif Yassin, Abdulla-help, Ali Pasha AI Abdiah ..

And Mr. Omar Alnkhtar was Sheikh Almjadin in Cyrenaica has the word e Mathur are:

“tenderly House and Ark Roagaha” .. And God is the before and after …

(Osama Gard)

حدود برقة الادارية !ستطبق الفدرالية شأنا ان ابينا فى يوم من الايام القريبة لان هذه الدولة التى تبلغ مساحتها مساحة نصف قارة اوريا تقريبا لا تبنى إلا على هذه الاساس…! لكن ما لحظته من مناورات غريبة بدأت تطفوا على السطح هذه الايام هى محاولة تغير الخارطة الجغرافية لإقليم بـــرقة .. احدهم قال : ” ممكن انطبق الفدرالية لكن موش لازم بثلاثة فيدراليات ممكن حتى عشرة او خمسة عشرة او….. ” بالنسبة لإقليم
برقة لا يستطيع احد تغير حدوده الجغرافية و لا احد يستطيع اعطاء مجرد تصور بسيط فى تحريفه .. ما يسمى ليبيا اليوم تكونت باتحاد ثلاثة دول و قبل هذا الاتحاد عام 1951م لا يوجد شيء اسمه ليبيا و ان كان هناك شيء اسمه ليبيا فى التاريخ الموغل فى القدم فهى كلمة مطاطة تبدأ من نهر النيل الى اعمدة هرقل ( جبل طارق ) فحسب تقسيم العالم القديم فى كتابات ” هيردوت ” ان قارات العالم ثلاثة : اسيا , اوربا , ليبيا,.. ليبيا هنا جاءت كمرادف لقارة افريقيا اليوم فيرى الكاتب ” اوريك بيتس ” فى كتابة القيم ( الليبييون الشرقيون ) سنة 1914م ان حدود ليبيا كانت تصل جنوبا الى الصومال و اثيوبيا و من ناحية الغرب تظم النيجر ومالى…الخ.. و حتى لا ياخذنا الحديث كل مأخذ انما سياق حديثنا جاء من باب ان الحدود الجغرافية لبرقة لم ياتى و ليد للحظة او بصدفة .. اقليم برقة جاء نتيجة تجاذبات منها على سبيل المثال : وقوف الشيخ بوسيف ياسين وطلب أن يتكلم فى جلسات المؤتمر البرقاوى في مسألة هامة عند تكليف للجنة ترسيم الحدود وقال مخاطباً للهيئة : لا يخفي عليكم يا حضرات الأعضاء أن قبيلة المغاربة قبيلة كبيرة وقسم منها يقطن غربي الحد الذي جعلته الحكومة الإيطالية فاصلاً بين برقة وطرابلس وفي الواقع هذا الحد الذي هو القوس ليس هو الحد الطبيعي لاقليم برقة بل وضع زمن الحكم الفاشيستي لأسباب استعمارية و ادارية لأن في الحقيقة الحد الأصلي لبرقة كان يصل إلى بويرات الحسون وكل المنطقة الممتدة من اجدابيا شرقاً إلى بويرات الحسون غرباً تعرف بمنطقة المغاربة. وقد أضر هذا الوضع بقبيلة المغاربة إذ أنه قسمها قسمين قسماً داخل حدود برقة وقسماً خارجهاً عنها الأمر الذي احتجت عليه دائماً القبيلة ولم ترضاه وأني أعلم أن وفداً من المغاربة القاطنين غربي الحدود الحالية سيحضر إلى هنا للاحتجاج (*) ما يفهم من كلام الشيخ / بوسيف ياسين ان القوس التاريخى ليس هو الحد فالحد الطبيعى هو قصر الزعفرانية الذى بناة الشيخ / الكيلانى الاطيوش فى الهد العثمانى الثانى .. فقد حدثنى جدى رحمة الله انا حدود برقة طابوها رووس (1) و بالفعل تم تشكيل للجنة ترسيم الحدود مع طرابلس و قال ابن عمى الحاج / عقيلة بالعون : ضمت كل من الاعضاء : بوسيف ياسين , عبداللة بالعون , على باشا العابدية .. و كان السيد عمر النختار شيخ المجادين فى برقة لديه كلمة ماثورة هى :” برقة بيت و زوية رواقها “.. و لله الامر من قبل و من بعد … اسامة الجارد

Libyan oil exports fell by 70% with the control of armed groups on the head ports. A. B
Tensions in Libya, finally, because of intense movements of irregular militias in different parts of the country, while trying to groups opposed to the central authority to stop exporting oil to the outside. And increasing fears in a time when neighboring Egypt open confrontation between the security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood, and opted for armed groups to seize Libyan President seaports through which transport crude oil to the European and world capitals, in order to put pressure on the government of Tripoli. This comes at a time when studying regional leaders in Cyrenaica and Fezzan separation from the center, while the insurgents to mobilize supporters and supporters in different parts of Libya. With the decline in Libyan oil exports by 70%, the government threatened to restore power ports, which could lead to the outbreak of armed conflict between armed militias and security forces, the conflict could spark a civil war in a country dominated by tribal customs.

In the meantime, there is the Libyan capital, jittery, and now hear the sound of bullets are commonplace in recent times. The diplomats watching as is the case with ordinary Libyans, the situation with great concern, especially after the call to the President of the General Conference, Nuri Abushmin, the spread of militias in parts of Tripoli, to thwart any attempt of the coup, according to what the leaders of these armed groups. This action prompted the main opposition party – the Alliance of National Forces – to boycott meetings of the Conference, followed by a small ethnic parties, leaving the ruling Justice and construction at the head of the government on the verge of collapse. The diplomat in Tripoli says that «the conference basically collapsed. A few days ago, he resigned and Interior Minister Mohammad Khalifeh from office, accusing Prime Minister Ali Zaidan not provide adequate support for him to carry out his duties. And contributed to the resignation of the minister that followed the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Awad Alpracej, to weaken the government and authority significantly. And the adoption of Zidane firm policy with the militants angry, and warned of the use of force to compel them to leave the vital ports, also warned Zidane foreign companies that vessels will be exposed to shelling if bought oil from the armed groups, said «if approached any vessel, not concluded a contract with the national oil company, of ports will be bombed from the air and sea.

Says insurgents who occupy the ports in the territory of Tabarka, which exports most of Libyan oil, they سيتصدون any attack by irregular forces. However, the threat of government shelling of foreign tankers provoked outrage in Western circles and international. In that says analyst specializing in oil affairs, John Hamilton, «it is very annoying for the international companies that have interests in Libya, it is a problem. The roots of the current dispute to claim Tabarka Transitional Council, which is led by former Libyan nearby King Sheikh Ahmed al-Sanusi, autonomy. And representatives from the county was left Tripoli earlier. And Libya faces the prospect of a comprehensive blockade of its oil resources after the support of the leaders of the Fezzan region – actually in the south – to the demands of Tabarka. In a related context, the Berber activists, western Libya, cutting off one of the three pipes that carry oil to the north, residents of the western mountains likely move to not receiving financial support from the Tripoli government and threatening to cut off the supply completely. And a representative of the tribe says Tobo attended a meeting in the Fezzan region, did not disclose his name, «We do not want to deal with the current government led by the Muslim Brotherhood, he said, adding, ‘We are going to create an alliance with the Tabarka because we have things in common with them.

And accuse the ruling Justice and Construction creates strength «shield Libya» in parallel with the regular army. This comes at a time when most Libyans opposed to segregation law, which aims to exclude officials of the era (the late leader Muammar) Gaddafi’s army and police and the government, in a time when tattered rumors that elements of the Islamists they who will place employees excluded. Even the loyalty of the small army of Libya is uncertain, it is unlikely to accept the separation of leaders. Meanwhile, the growing tension between the various parties does not extend the authority of Tripoli to more than 100 kilometers to the west, any more than a little coastal town of Misratah. The residents of Tripoli was starting to feel exhausted because of the ongoing clashes night and fierce power struggle.

Ali seeks Tarhuni, who headed the Ministry of Oil of the rebels, to mediate between the warring factions in order to find a compromise formula that satisfies all parties. Tarhuni say who resides in the United States, «we have a crisis, and security must be a priority of the government now. Analysts have warned the Libyan government of failing to wheel power management, as called for accelerated to find common ground and the way the rule appropriate, because the new Libya built from nothing, in the absence of the necessary institutions and bodies over 40 years of dictatorial rule. Says CEO of security consulting firm «Henderson risk», Dunkin Pulvnt, that «civil society is weak, Valdktatoria do not promote prosperity, therefore, to reach a reliable mechanisms whereby community management is considered extremely difficult. The current crisis comes on the second anniversary of the end of the revolution in 2011, when Tripoli fell to rebel forces, however with the help of NATO.

With unemployment rising, frustration will remain prevalent in all parts of the country. This is due to the failure of the Islamists and the Alliance of national forces to work together. It also promises the embodiment of the new constitution failed, amid disagreements over the authority of the regions and the role of law in the drafting of new laws.

مواجهة وشيكة مع الإسلاميين في ليبيا
المصدر: ترجمة: مكي معمري عن صحيفة «الغارديان» التاريخ: 27 أغسطس 2013صادرات النفط الليبية تراجعت بنسبة 70% مع سيطرة مجموعات مسلحة على موانئ رئيسة. أ.ب
اشتد التوتر في ليبيا، أخيراً، بسبب التحركات المكثفة للميليشيات غير النظامية في مناطق مختلفة من البلاد، في حين تحاول جماعات مناوئة للسلطة المركزية وقف تصدير النفط إلى الخارج. وتتزايد المخاوف في الوقت الذي تشهد فيه مصر المجاورة مواجهة مفتوحة بين قوات الأمن وجماعة الإخوان، واختارت مجموعات مسلحة ليبية الاستيلاء على موانئ بحرية رئيسة يتم من خلالها نقل النفط الخام إلى العواصم الأوروبية والعالمية، من أجل الضغط على حكومة طرابلس. ويأتي ذلك في الوقت الذي يدرس فيه زعماء في إقليمي برقة وفزان الانفصال عن الوسط، في حين يقوم المسلحون بحشد المناصرين والمؤيدين في أرجاء متفرقة من ليبيا. ومع تراجع صادرات النفط الليبية بنسبة 70%، هددت الحكومة باستعادة الموانئ بالقوة، الأمر الذي قد يؤدي إلى نشوب نزاع مسلح بين الميليشيات المسلحة وقوات الأمن، النزاع الذي قد يشعل حرباً أهلية في بلد تسودها الأعراف القبلية.وفي غضون ذلك، يسود العاصمة الليبية توتر شديد، وبات سماع دوي الرصاص أمراً مألوفاً في الآونة الأخيرة. ويراقب الدبلوماسيون كما هي حال الليبيين البسطاء، الوضع بقلق شديد، خصوصاً بعد استدعاء رئيس المؤتمر العام، نوري أبوسحمين، ميليشيات للانتشار في أنحاء طرابلس، لإحباط أي محاولة للانقلاب، حسب ما قاله قادة تلك المجموعات المسلحة. ودفع هذا الإجراء حزب المعارضة الرئيس – تحالف القوى الوطنية – لمقاطعة اجتماعات المؤتمر، تلته أحزاب عرقية صغيرة، تاركة حزب العدالة والبناء على رأس الحكومة على وشك الانهيار. ويقول دبلوماسي في طرابلس ان «المؤتمر انهار أساساً». وقبل أيام، استقال وزير الداخلية محمد خليفة من منصبه، متهماً رئيس الوزراء علي زيدان بعدم تقديم الدعم الكافي له للقيام بمهامه. وساهمت استقالة الوزير التي تلت استقالة نائب رئيس الوزراء عوض البراسي، في إضعاف الحكومة وسلطتها بشكل كبير. وتبنى زيدان سياسة حازمة مع المسلحين الغاضبين، وحذر من استخدام القوة لإجبارهم على مغادرة الموانئ الحيوية، كما حذر زيدان الشركات الأجنبية بأن سفنها ستتعرض للقصف إذا اشترت النفط من المجموعات المسلحة، وقال «إذا اقتربت أي سفينة، لم تبرم عقداً مع شركة النفط الوطنية، من الموانئ فسيتم قصفها من الجو والبحر».يقول المسلحون الذين يحتلون موانئ في إقليم طبرقة، التي تصدر أغلب النفط الليبي، انهم سيتصدون لأي هجوم من قبل القوات النظامية. إلا أن تهديد الحكومة بقصف الناقلات الأجنبية أثار غضباً في الأوساط الغربية والدولية. وفي ذلك يقول المحلل المتخصص في شؤون النفط، جون هاملتون، «انه أمر مزعج للغاية بالنسبة للشركات الدولية التي لديها مصالح في ليبيا، إنها مشكلة». وتعود جذور الخلاف الجاري إلى مطالبة مجلس طبرقة الانتقالي، الذي يقوده قريب الملك الليبي السابق الشيخ أحمد السنوسي، بالاستقلال الذاتي. وكان ممثلون عن الإقليم غادروا طرابلس في وقت سابق. وتواجه ليبيا احتمال حصار شامل لمواردها النفطية بعد دعم قادة إقليم فزان – الواقع جنوباً – لمطالب طبرقة. وفي سياق متصل، قام ناشطون من البربر، غرب ليبيا، بقطع أحد الأنابيب الثلاثة التي تنقل النفط إلى الشمال، ويرجح سكان الجبال الغربية هذه الخطوة إلى عدم تلقيهم الدعم المالي من حكومة طرابلس ويهددون بقطع الإمداد بشكل كامل. ويقول ممثل عن قبيلة طوبو حضر اجتماعا في إقليم فزان، لم يكشف عن اسمه، «لا نريد أن نتعامل مع حكومة يقودها حاليا (الإخوان المسلمون)»، مضيفا، «نحن بصدد إنشاء تحالف مع طبرقة لأن لدينا اشياء مشتركة معهم».ويتهم حزب العدالة والبناء بإنشاء قوة «درع ليبيا» بالموازاة مع الجيش النظامي. ويأتي ذلك في الوقت الذي يعارض فيه أغلب الليبيين قانون العزل، الذي يهدف لاستبعاد مسؤولي عهد (الزعيم الراحل معمر) القذافي من الجيش والشرطة والحكومة، في الوقت الذي تترد فيه شائعات بأن عناصر من الإسلاميين هم الذين سيحلون مكان الموظفين المستبعدين. وحتى ولاء جيش ليبيا الصغير ليس مؤكداً، فمن غير المرجح أن يقبل قادته إنهاء خدماتهم. وفي غضون تزايد التوتر بين الأطراف المختلفة لا تمتد سلطة طرابلس إلى أكثر من 100 كيلومتر غرباً، أي تتجاوز مدينة مصراته الساحلية بقليل. أما سكان طرابلس فقد بدأوا يشعرون بالإنهاك بسبب تواصل الاشتباكات الليلية والنزاع الشرس على السلطة.ويسعى علي ترهوني، الذي ترأس وزارة النفط التابعة للثوار، التوسط بين الفصائل المتنازعة من أجل إيجاد صيغة توافقية ترضي جميع الأطراف. ويقول ترهوني الذي يقيم في الولايات المتحدة، «لدينا أزمة، والأمن يجب أن يكون أولوية الحكومة الآن». وحذر محللون الحكومة الليبية من الإخفاق في إدارة عجلة الحكم، كما دعوا إلى الإسراع لإيجاد أرضية مشتركة وطريقة حكم مناسبة، لأن ليبيا الجديدة تبنى من لا شيء، في ظل غياب المؤسسات والهيئات الضرورية على مدى 40 عاماً من الحكم الدكتاتوري. ويقول المدير التنفيذي لشركة الاستشارات الأمنية «هندرسون ريسك»، دانكن بولفنت، إن «المجتمع المدني ضعيف، فالدكتاتورية لا تشجع على ازدهاره، لذا فإن التوصل إلى آليات يمكن الاعتماد عليها وإدارة المجتمع بواسطتها يعتبر أمر في غاية الصعوبة». وتأتي هذه الأزمة الحالية في الذكرى الثانية لانتهاء الثورة في 2011، عندما سقطت طرابلس بيد قوات المتمردين بمساعدة حلف شمال الاطلسي.ومع ارتفاع معدلات البطالة، فإن الإحباط سيبقى السائد في جميع أنحاء البلاد. ويعود ذلك لفشل الإسلاميين وتحالف القوى الوطنية في العمل معاً. كما أن وعود تجسيد الدستور الجديد فشلت، وسط خلافات حول سلطة الأقاليم ودور الشريعة في صياغة القوانين الجديدة.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (د. موسى إبراهيم)

في عيد الثورة الخضراء الرابع والأربعين
شتان بين العبيد والأحرار
معمر القذافي وجد ليبيا محتلة بقواعد عسكرية أجنبية هي الأكبر والأكثر تسليحاً في العالم فأمرهم جميعاً بالخروج من أرض الوطن الطاهر دون مماطلة. فأصبحت ليبيا به عربية مسلمة ذات سيادة.
ثوار الناتو هتفوا وصفقوا وغنوا وتحزموا بأردية النساء ليحتل الناتو ليبيا من جديد، وينهب نفطها، ويغتصب قرارها وسيادتها، ويغير هويتها.المجد لك يامعمر
والخزي لثوار الناتولتهنأ روحك بسلام في ذكرى ثورتك العظيمة، ثورة العطاء والكرامة.ونحن على عهدك ياقائدنا حتى نموت أو نستشهد أو نسجن…. أو، بإذن الله، ننتصر.

Holiday Green Revolution and forty-fourth
Big difference between slaves and free
Muammar Gaddafi found Libya occupied the rules of the foreign military is the largest and most heavily armed in the world and jetties are all out of the ointment homeland Taher without procrastination. Libya became a sovereign Arab Muslim.
NATO rebels shouted and clapped and sang and Thsmoa Bardet women to occupy the NATO Libya again, and plunder its oil, and usurps the resolution and sovereignty, and change its identity.

Glory to you Aamuammr
And shame to NATO rebels

Congratulated soul in peace in memory of great Thortk, the tender and dignity revolution.

We on your Yakaúdna custom until we die or cite or weave n …. Or, God willing, we win.

Merghany: We started arrangements for the release of the daughter of Sanusi

Solidarity News Agency

The Minister of Justice, the government the Salah Marghany interim, on Monday, August 26, the start of the order of procedures for the release of the daughter of the head of the former Gaddafi regime intelligence, Abdullah Senussi.

And explained Marghany – in a press conference held today in the capital Tripoli – the daughter of Abdullah Sanusi and called Anoud met governed by the duration, which amounts to 10 months and will be released as soon as the stomach in particular procedures.

It is noteworthy that Anoud Abdullah Senussi was seized by security agents last October after infiltration to Libya, coming from Algeria through another country’s passport Libby forged under number 512 265 as (Anoud Abdullah Mohammed) while leaving in the early hours Hotel Cleopatra area Aldahara center the capital Tripoli.

It should also be noted that Sanusi was tried on charges of illegally infiltrate and Libyan authorities allowed her to visit her father – the head of Gaddafi’s intelligence and the other lies is in a prison on multiple charges – during the period of incarceration.


Gulf Oil Company most of the fields are now parked and will be closed most of the fields, including the field obelisk soon.
Because the reservoirs on the whole coast is full, and stop you will lose many wells brought pressure will fall out and you need to Amra expensive to return to production.



The Libyan news agency today


Unconfirmed news about the resignation of General Manager of Libyan Arab Airlines
Khalid bin Elewa accept his resignation and open an investigation file with the Director of the Benghazi area Riad Allthe in Tripoli

because of the corruption cases of financial and administrative irregularities:

Minister of Electricity high pressure and current Ouati demanding National Congress to declare a state of emergency ..Is unaware of the presence of janaabah that emergency declared in each house Libby, a bakery, a hospital since Aptltna the Weird struggle of the Moho and the alleged rescue and but mirrored emergency make people run away from home dark to the unjust streets ..The minister thus became directly responsible for the grave “injustice and only darkness” if the law in Libya normal or emergency emergency as it remained a minister for an hour and not years ..

The writer Mohammad Omar after yo ..

Continuing power outages on some parts of Libya for more than five hours.



◄ Tajourah police station ..
On 2013.08.27 reportedly communication effect brought to a hospital in Tripoli’s central both named (m. N. A) age 31 years

old resident فشلوم infected with a live bullet to the chest and called (a. A. O) 19-year resident of Tajourah and called (m) aged 55

years resident Tajura and called (n. A.. b. m) 21 years old resident of Tajura and called (a. b. m) 27 years old resident of Tajourah

and called (p. m. Q) age 27 years old resident of Tajourah and called (m. p) 20 years old resident of Tajourah all of them with gunshot

wounds on the occasion of joy Tajourah area by unknown persons identity ..

Limited flood water day sanitation Bamarat the area of ​​industrial research Tajourah

Referred mentioning it’s not the first time and Tajourah region suffers from lack of infrastructure to divert water health through

pipes to the sea or recycling centers, where they are no open pipes on the sea and the Lao presence of the Center for recycling sewage water!!



Zintan riders

Immediate capital channel
Zintan blocking the oil fields in protest against the existing conditions and the deterioration of security.

Zintan  blocking the field of the elephant and the spark and Hamada protest against the deteriorating security situation in Libya.



All thanks to all members of the the Hawks Prairie fighter battalion affiliated to guard oil installations,

stationed at the port of Ras Lanuf oil profiteers protect Libyans who had stolen and sold without the counters.-. Ras Lanuf

Ploy as a pretext for continuing dialogue Zidane in power
Asked “Zaidane” and “Fri Aotaiqh” of the political blocs or the elites, etc. sit at the table of dialogue and at this time is a dialogue

for dialogue will not lead to the result as long as the reasons for the imbalance is sit at the dialogue table …?! What he wants,

“Zaidane” of this dialogue is to gain time and give it the same again to mislead the street at home and the international

community after he lost all justification for its presence in power, I am now widely inclusive dialogue and will probably

continue this dialogue centuries of time .. And dialogue will be used as an excuse in a televised every meeting and Ijzim so

from now: “to give an opportunity for the dialogue, we will wait emerge from the results of the dialogue, the dialogue

committee will be … to ăÇÔÇÁ God.

(Osama Gard)

Channel Vision displays the mass demonstrations Brega pro to announce the historic Ras Lanuf
Kono days we prefer you soon will determine the date major demonstration in Benghazi to announce the support of Ras Lanuf

Libyan tribemen

# Today resides sheikhs and notables, mayors and politicians of slaves Bagdabia tribe in support of them to declare Ras Lanuf historical

and blessing of the Political Bureau…

For the next plan

 PERSONALLY, I’d rather see this:
 The Green Banner
 than this:

We all Ibrahim Aljdharan to extract human Cyrenaica
Is preparing for an expanded meeting of the boards of the Supreme rebels in all cities and villages of Cyrenaica, in the next few days, in order to work on the establishment of “Supreme Council of the rebels tenderly” elect, disengagement with the “Supreme Council of the rebels of Libya” who rule over it category Brotherhood of just Altarhuni to ÔáÉ shields and others.
On the Aspli

Cyrenaica Mosque


News weekly of mobility

Held in Ajdabiya afternoon, last Friday approved “08/23/2013” meeting included a number of elders and notables of the

mountain tribes of green free Abe “Aash mainland – Sense – the Bunting – Hamad boys – invited Fayed – slaves” and

Mr. Head Office political province of Cyrenaica and a number of dignitaries and notables city of Ajdabiya,

and was at the meeting discuss the status of the territory of Cyrenaica and reunited young Cyrenaica

statement which was announced in the city of Ras Lanuf on “08/17/2013”

The meeting ended with the support and full support for all what is stated in the Declaration of Ras Lanuf.


A statement of the Supreme Council for the rebels Marg, pro-Ad Ras Lanuf and shut down the export of oil

and the holy of the Political Bureau of the region of Cyrenaica:

Allahu Akbar O Aobeidat,
In response to a all horizons tried to promote rumors about the meeting of the tribe of slaves in region Aziat on Ras Lanuf

on it stands against the Advertising and stands against Siddiq carp …

Tribe of slaves led by Sheikh Boharih support the mobility of Ras Lanuf and are granted the right to dispose of their son Ghaithi friendly bar ….

On Tuesday, the delegation will arrive tribe of slaves to Ras Lanuf to meet the head of the political bureau Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan,

and Mr. Ghaithi friend to hand over custody of the Council of Cyrenaica province ..

Essam Jehani:

Systematic exclusion, the plot threads are expected to address the next day!! Referendum on the federal around the corner!!

Created attendance is absent from the scene of the head noses Will scarecrow expel the countryside to them and planted

by the heads of sedition, which has become a nightmare! Or to weak tribal circumvent within Benghazi!! New faces will lead

the Libyan scene and the next Barqawi Is qualities will carry national and efficiency or will be dominated by tribal and

territorial quotas? Perhaps the map and the constitutional document of principles and elaborate is what dispel all fears!

Ajdabiya land of jihad you will write history they sponsor and incubator for a statement top historical noses?

Cyrenaica and urban capital of Benghazi where you are!!!

Slogans that we receive and that opened the way for dissemination to encourage and to view the best posts on the Council of Cyrenaica province to CSG



From the daily communications bulletin accidents Department of Homeland Security Tripoli on 2013.08.27 ..
► Police Alfornaj the ..
On 2013.08.26 signal received phone calls from an alternate Tripoli Medical Center that brought each of the named (e. Q. A)

28 years old resident Alfornaj and called (a. A.. A) 25 years old resident head Hassan called (a. B. N) 25 years resident mug of

inside Alruyemi prison with gunshot wounds ..

◄ plateau police station ..
On 2013.08.27 reportedly expressed communication bring to Highland General Hospital named (. S. P.) Damascus neighborhood

resident injured by a live bullet to the shoulder and the right foot by an unidentified person ..

Abduction citizen and wounding his two brothers with a bullet in front of his home to the capital
Tripoli neighborhood of Damascus, at the hands of an unknown armed rounded up
Citizen took him “Saleh Suleiman idiosyncratic” for an unknown destination.

News of the kidnapping “Dr. Saleh Suleiman idiosyncratic” the former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, in front of his house in

“neighborhood of Damascus, and taken to an unknown location by unknown gunmen.


D. Ahamroch: members of the formation (RAT Security Committee) involved in the kidnapping and intimidation of staff from the Ministry of Health

D. Ahamroch: Abdullah thankless did not provide me protection and I’m not a member of the party

D. Ahamroch: members of the formation (RAT Security Committee) involved in the kidnapping and intimidation of staff from the Ministry of Health

د.الحمروش: أفراد من تشكيل (اللجنة الأمنية) مشتركين في خطف وترهيب موظفين من وزارة الصحة

د.الحمروش: أفراد من تشكيل (اللجنة الأمنية) مشتركين في خطف وترهيب موظفين من وزارة الصحة

( م )

All the Ain Zara Alruyemi prison Tripoli …

Sorry, dear brothers involved with us in our delay the news because I was busy inside the prison and let the story looks like it was inside the prison strike for eating by the detainees and knead by the death of Reserve and Amendment Calls, injustice and delay in the prosecution and Dahab prison director Heetm house money into sections to discuss the detainees

and the threatened them and was angry arrested because no one feels their Pmaienon been attacked on Heetm house of money and stopped him by force on the wall of the prison, a Majabur force because there is no Reserve had no loving to ill-treatment with them and was always utter them verbally unethical
and Another Joe arrested sectional after it was burned section first and the Department of deliberation and the Department of Altalt and smashing doors and there was a door separating the sections and the administration when they got him arrested the guards beat them shot their weapons Klashen Cove, machine guns and wounded on Atrha 2 killed and 25 wounded, and they set Heetm house money and religion follow Confidential 45 and religion,
we talked about them in the past and was this topic Group Come serving in this day and they want to re scenario prison Salim was wounded one guard is Ahmed Samida a brother Ashraf Samida. My father is afraid of it Heetm Masrati and challenge Justice Minister Salah Marghany to meet Ba to detainees individually without the presence of Heetm Masrati nor any member of the guard
and we will inform you Organizations International technicians wanted in international courts Is it possible for you to use to kill the detainees dead are in a peaceful protest Are you are aware Matcolo for Abu Salim prison and what happened when one person deceased is a person of the Tuareg and will soon Nuaokm pictures positions religion been killed and even with Baden God and God on what to say Shahid.

(Absi Tayson)

Channel capital Tripoli

From Page Mail

نداااااااااااااااااااااااااء Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel

The girl / sky Bashir Mohamed Almazi …
And described its image missing since yesterday …
Please recognize on this Alotflhomen and found it to communicate on the following numbers ….
(It has handsomely rewarded) ….
May God reward you with a thousand good
Please post and publish this image
Note: I have found missing by posting their pictures on Facebook there’s participated frequency to Olha be in balance ÍÓäÇĘß



Monitor crew from the city of Benghazi is made and shipped livestock were reported
Was arrested in the city of Sirte, where it docked today in Sirte
The second opened at noon, and Cambodia-flagged and owned
Lebanese businessman, and Almwaci not conform to specifications, and are
Also do not have procedures for access Sirte, and the port of Sirte ineligible
Receive such shipments, also was informed of inspection bodies
Veterinary and quarantine are located, and the ongoing investigation.

Tribute to the soldier and observer navigational volunteer who works tirelessly
To monitor all suspicious movements b territorial waters.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Radio Sirte exposed to destruction at the hands of unknown

Exposed Radio Free Sirte, on Monday, to theft and vandalism of some equipment and stopped broadcasting at 11:00.
An official source said that the local council unidentified entered smashed and radio broadcasting equipment, pointing

out that the Student Council to provide the necessary protection to the radio in the evening and night, noting that radio

enters strangers more than once have nothing to do work inside the radio.

(Solidarity news agency – ÚŇÇáĎíä Ahmed Secretary)

The news agency – Sirte – reporter

A team from the Department of Chemistry of the Presidency of the Defence Staff Air Monday morning visit to the camp site formerly missiles sweeping area after receiving reports from parents that there gases emitted from the site.

And Mr. “Yusuf Abdulhafeez” representative of the local council sweeping specialist who accompanied the team that this site contains an oxidizing gas rockets at a high degree of risk to the lives of the citizens of that region.

He said in a statement, that the specialized team will work during his visit to get rid and remove these oxidizing substances and transported out of the area, pointing out that this site contains (18) tanks for gas oxidized, and accompanied the team during his visit to a representative of the battalion Martyrs corner of the Army Libyan .

And a team from the Organization of Alhandi international cap to remove the mines and explosive remnants of war, has warned area residents from approaching the site in question during his visit in April to the presence of hazardous substances.



Did you know that tenderly from the year 644 AD
Did you know that Qatar was founded in 1970

Did you know that the martyrs gently against the invasion Taliani
Most of Qatar’s population ten times

Did you know that the Benghazi area greater than the area of Qatar
Did you know that the white population of the largest number of people of Qatar

Did you know that oil and gas tenderly over Qatar Oil and Gas

How can we Qatar dogs O Qatar dogs.
هل تعلم ان بــــرقــــــة من من عام 644 ميلادى
هل تعلم ان قــــطـــــــر تأسست فى عام 1970

هل تعلم ان شهــــداء بـرقــــة ضد الغزو الطليانى
اكثر من عدد سكـــــــــان قطــــــــر بعشرة مرات

هل تعلم ان مساحة بنغازى اكبر من مساحة قطـر
هل تعلم ان سكان البيضاء اكبر عدد من سكان قطر

هل تعلم ان نفط وغاز برقة اكثر من نفط و غاز قطر

فكيف نكون كلاب لقطر يا كلاب قطر.

The Libyan news agency today

These are the names of some mosques in Benghazi, which turned into rooms processes and Mthabat to supporters of al-Qaeda:
– Abu Talha Ansari
– Abu Ayyub al-Ansari
– Awzai. Repentance
– Soda Bint Zama
– Imam Malik in the land Zoaoh,
– Sufian Revolutionary milkfish

The opening sections of birth, dialysis and esoteric Benghazi Medical Center
Atmosphere of the country – Fathi Ismail

Head of Medical Affairs, said the Benghazi Medical Center Khaled Lafi country ambiance that the center has furnishing three innings of the second tower at the center.

Lafi said he opened the fifth and sixth rounds for the Department of Internal Medicine, and that work is now under way to end the business of the rest of the roles

of the tower during the month, after the provision of the required number of nurses.

Lafi also stressed that the opening of the clinic and operating rooms, Department of birth will be the beginning of next week, and the rooms allocated for the birth will be opened within two weeks.

And Khalid Lafi explained that dialysis center contains 16 device will be ready next week, and it will help ease the pressure on the Eastern Region.

It is noteworthy that medical services in the city of Benghazi has seen a marked deterioration, after repeated security breaches at many hospitals over the past period.

Close Galaa Hospital emergency department and Hawari
Country ambiance – Alaa Darsi:

Continue to close hospital emergency departments “Galaa” and the “Hawari” in Benghazi, because of the deteriorating security situation and the repeated attacks on the working crews.

The hospital director said Galaa Moneim Shakir:

“The official did not define the issue of security in Galaa Hospital any attention,”

referring to the inability of workers to perform their jobs in a life-threatening risk.

For his part, the spokesman _ Media as Hawari _ Hospital Hani Laaribi that section is still closed after the assault incident on medical items and medical assistance.

It is noteworthy that a hospital emergency department Hawari busiest witnessed before closing, following the closure of Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents due Omnayh problems.

Ham … Prevent Abdul Ati al-Obeidi family to visit him despite the existence of

Written permission from the Attorney General with the permission of the visit, the Khalid Sharif

Preventing them from visiting and expel evil dismissed without any consideration of the Attorney General, but

And assaulted beat one Ahqaae the al-Obeidi, who tried to stick to

Law for the completion of the visit.



Draws a large convoy of wildebeast recommends angle …

Question:  Why head of a battalion convoy of wildebeast recommends to the city to secure the Corner boundary between Alzoawih

and Rishvana ?
I do not think or alcohol dealers caught in the Corner!!! Is it possible to have the legitimacy and mandate from the

chief of staff??

Coming hours will show the truth …

(Rishvana page)

A security alert about a convoy of wildebeast, recommends the coast and way out all Altqilh mechanisms

And pinned down on the road and bridge Person Above.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya


Was arrested on 4 Youth Misrata carrying Msdsas the both inside and Rishvana in a civilian car in Using Alhachan a after Althiq with them and photographed in a video ..

They said we are not coming to spy but a lot what we heard Ali and Rishvana we say let’s get to know the tribe and Rishvana, God knows Bnoyerm,

it is important after the investigation has been handed over to the F tourist where handed over to the administration military police Tripoli

and reached Chiefs of Staff this incident .. I do not know what happened after this you ..

I do not know why people are not convinced the land of thorns ..


Committee of Wise Men and SC Palmchacheh hold now hold an emergency meeting in the city of Nook in order to reach a solution

between reality shapes corner and Rishvana the injection and for the blood of Muslims and then will move on to and Rishvana and will not leave until you reach a final solution that satisfies all parties

The doctrine of God and to Mafany Salah country and the people and what is best for reconciliation between Muslims ..

M A. To Mchacheh the Media

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya
Urgent special
In this topic gasp ended meeting my father’s collection of notables, Rishvana and angle and some tribal areas and it was agreed

on an immediate cease-fire and the force that will be deployed in the administrative border is the Libyan army, not armor.

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

Said Haj “blind Salem” a senior sheikhs Nafusa Mountains and
City Gado, it is now the meantime the corner and Rishvana embraced
Magistrates and was agreed on a cease-fire, and the exchange of corpses and
And will be the deployment of a comma so as not Itensy the the one tampering or publish
Temptations this period until the end of the crisis with perfect form, and will be
There is a meeting tomorrow to complete the what initiated sheikhs and wise
Who until the late hours of the night and early morning hours, did not
Ojtmaathm ends so everyone sleeps with peace.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim WRITES US:

NATO gangs crimes against our people in and Rishvana increase of hatred Bible that is going on in the hearts and consciences, and adds to the historical balance for the Liberal Orishvana. There will come a day when regret who gave Kiedhm up to NATO and the base for the Muslim Brotherhood.
Are these crimes are increasing the cohesion of noble tribes, and make all the free “blood brothers” and “brothers in revenge.”

If NATO gangs minimum sense of patriotism to have made the nation a space for dialogue, tolerance, or remorse, but without love map, nor homeland compass, nor the identity of belonging to this land.

جرائم عصابات الناتو ضد أهلنا في ورشفانة تزيد من الحقد المقدس الذي يعتمل في القلوب والضمائر، وتضيف للرصيد التاريخي لورشفانة الأحرار. وسيأتي يوم يندم فيه الذين سلموا قيادهم للناتو وللقاعدة وللإخوان المسلمين.
هم بهذه الجرائم يزيدون من تلاحم قبائلنا الشريفة، ويصنعون من كل الأحرار “إخوة في الدم” و “إخوة في الثأر”.

لو كان لعصابات الناتو أدنى إحساس بالوطنية لجعلوا من الوطن مساحة للحوار أو التسامح أو الندم، ولكنهم بلا خريطة محبة، ولا بوصلة وطن، ولا هوية انتماء لهذه الأرض.

Albuminuria and Rishvana Jamahiriya Wershfana Tribe Libya

In recognition of the interests of the country has been the praise of God to agree on reconciliation between Rishvana and angle and ensure the main item of the meeting is to agree on a cease-fire without condition or under between neighbors bloodshed has been approved in an atmosphere of brotherhood and harmony and harmony that holds the reconciliation committee to resolve outstanding issues meeting was attended by members of the Forum of National Unity in the Western Region, sheikhs and notables of Zintan Kklh the epiphyseal Gado and, Alrajaban and Ifrane and Misurata and the Nafusa Mountains, Bedouins and Boucif and Sons castle, العجيلات and Rahibat and Alhawwamd.

Shura Council Information Office
And Rishvana 26/08/2013

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

And Rishvana: Password Shura Council and Rishvana of
In the name of God the Merciful
And peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers, welcome باهلنا and neighbors of the sons of the corner as we welcome the conciliation commission and make parents and Rishvana to the city corner deepest condolences with lost of their sons and attribute ourselves as we lost from our people and from Rishvana and the angle we parents and one tribe and Anhar that we are apart from the corner which we have blood relationship and affinity understand the brothers and sisters of our children and we are brothers and sisters of their children also linked economic relations continuous and helpful to neighbors and we were one day organize an administrative one, Ntman on the word of the Shura Council corner and encouraging you as you said, we are all approaching our children, that we inhabit this earth vast and we have to share our residence on these termites from all of Libya. That the eye tears and the heart weeps, it is not dead Brges us from both sides, we look for a city corner she was the mother of the tribes easy Alajafar of.We are one of the tribes Fbanna long history days of hardship and prosperity, we do not have any intrigue against our brothers from the corner has initiated a cease-fire because that loss to the nation Vhaddara of intrigues and tribulations because Libya needs us and we fear that Talna future generations about what’s happening now and we need to preserve the revolution. We wish success for all and offer thanks to all the tribes present and Ntman their and, God Sanctioned matter, the best penalty in their work.
Shura Council Information Office
And Rishvana 26/08/2013

The picture below was on display in the pages of the corner
Describes one Asri, Rishvana, Hoa sound
The image to the left newly captured describes the torture practiced Asri and Rishvana in the corner by the militias outlaws.

(Quoting / channel globe)

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya


The arrival of a large convoy now by third parties that are going to camp 27

After the meeting, which was in the far corner of the second meeting of the planet,

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya


F tourist: it was agreed to a cease-fire and exchange of prisoners and Aljttt and now entering the military police battalion in the administrative

boundaries Thunderbolt between Rishvana and angle, and refuse entry to these areas armor ..

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Youth and Rishvana from the heart of the event

GIVES dignitaries and elders, the government and the National Congress until midnight me complete peace otherwise they decided

indiscriminate shelling of cities and to revive the corner, where they said we respected the truce فاوقفنا rocket crayfish from the back of

respect for them and appreciated me their role me Johadeh and they still throw Akaddaúv, they said, this last warning ..

God save our country



The Ministry of Education and the Libyan ·

Principals in Bani Walid discuss preparations and preparations for the new academic year

Bani Walid August 26, 2013 (and) – Customize the first preparatory meeting for the academic year 2013-2014 held by Principals in Bani Walid,

to review and discuss the requirements and needs of the new academic year, in addition to bottlenecks and difficulties in the educational

process and ways to overcome them. The meeting – which was held on the eve of Sunday Theatre School Sana Mheidly city of Bani Walid

in the presence of Director of the Office of Public Education in the city, Mr. “Khaled Salem,” the adviser interest technologies and maintenance of

educational facilities, the Ministry of Education Mr. “just Juma Amer” – the needs of school equipment and furniture and maintenance

required by these educational institutions before the start of the new academic year. The interest of educational technology consultant –

the reporter Libyan news agency Beni Walid – that is doing its best interest, according to have been allocated from the budget for

this year to provide the requirements of schools in various cities of Libya.


Statement of the Third Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Tuareg tribes,

which observers described as the first of its kind of the subtraction serious aspect of the dire reality of Fezzan, Libya generally.
Fethiye obeisance for Distinguished elderly who Astatheroa higher interest on personal interests.

(Quoting Tuareg channel)



Sabha Times 2

Onavat odors in Sabha .. @ @

Harass residents of the city Sabha Onavat the Dell odors by the collapse of sewage dam Bsabha previously and was now stifling odors and cause Bakteria and epidemiology and disease which (eye disease rampant in Sabha now so citizens).
In strayed a complete absence of the state apparatus, both the water company and sanitation Bsabha or the shame Sabha when it will get rid of the rut Alroih unpleasant and malicious Dell Epidemiology ..
God and yes agent:

Free newspaper Sabha

Areas or rabbits – Humera – Msagoan – Zuwaila – untouched – scheduler – Turbo Zuwara for no their coverage of the third day in a row because of the theft of

trans feeds Alantenh the hyphen from Sabha to these areas.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Please note that he has been down the road that connects the agricultural areas neighboring girl negative Altnachemh Waller Guibh but indefinitely
This shutdown was in the process of establishing security on farms. Located on the Y Walk the road

We are also Talmo will receive in the coming months, Eid al-Adha and the road was closed by the people of the area Altnachemh to preserve the livelihood of residents

We hope the people of the surrounding areas welcome delirious idea all brothers

And God help the person as long as a person in his brother Awni

Brother Mohammed Alorgma
Girl Beah newspaper – Valley deadlines
Free newspaper Sabha



Abdel fattah al-sisi sends high ranking intelligence commander to threaten the Amir of Qatar…
Finding out that Qatar is actively supporting the armed branches of the Muslim

Abdel fattah al-sisi sends high ranking intelligence commander to threaten the Amir of Qatar

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

21 AUGUST  2013 9:34 PM

Finding out that Qatar is actively supporting the armed branches of the Muslim’ Brotherhood with money and sensitive military grade intelligence equipment,

General Abdel fattah al-sisi is taking the lead and sends a direct threat to the head of Qatar – the Amir Al Thani.

General Al-Sisi had given Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani an ultimatum to cut immediately all activity of aiding the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

The struggle of Al-sisi’s forces with the Muslim’ Brotherhood is not getting less difficult. Although most of the chief leaders and administrators of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are arrested and the sit-ins have been dispersed, The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood keeps struggling to regain power. While their leaders are now in Jail, many high and mid level members of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are now gaining strength and are operating with less limitations and restrictions from the more seasoned leaders.

Such a change can lead on one hand to reckless moves that will expose even more brotherhood members and weaken the movement but on the other hand it can also lead to much Ambitious attacks including onGeneral Al-Sisi himself. The Egyptian intelligence services as well as Mabahith Amn ad-Dawla (Secret police) have arrested a few foreign citizens from different Muslim countries that have been meeting with mid level Brotherhood members, providing them with money and electronic equipment. The foreign citizens have tied themselves in the investigations to a person called Doctor Rashed. According to the description of the person along with his cell-phone and places where they met with him the Egyptian intelligence concluded that Doctor Rashsed is really Ziyad Al Imam, a chief covert operations commander of Qatar’s State Security.

Ziyad al Imam is also known as Abu-Fadi from his days in the mukhabarat.

Along with the large amounts of money transferred to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood members, a military grade electronic devices were handed to the Brotherhood members. The device included a special radio that is able to tap to encrypted police and military communication transmissions including rotating key encryption technology. Another device was a cellphone location obfuscation kit that can be deployed on multiple sites in a 5 kilometer radius and prevent security services from location the location of a cellphone by routing the call through the devices spread around the area and using devices in the area as proxies. Such devices can allow the brotherhood new leaders to evade from the radar of the Egyptian security forces. Without eyes and ears tracking the new leadership Al-Sisi may find himself chasing dangerous ghosts.

badieobamaAbu mazen hamas egypt

Related news:
Information from intelligence service of another Arab country led to the arrest of Mohammed Badie in Egypt
Two divisions of the Egyptian army (divisions 2 and 9) entered Cairo and are about to enforce the month-long state of emergency

announced today. Gunfire killed at least 8 police man in Cairo and unknown number of Muslim brotherhood members.

Obama’s administration supports the Muslim brotherhood and threaten Al-Sisi with sanctions.

Egyptian soldiers severely injured, Some Muslim-Brotherhood supporters celebrated
a sheikh zweid and Al-Toma, Egypt – two cities, two sides battling, two different versions
Mohammed Badie, Rashad Bayoumi and Khairat al-Shater will be brought to trial in criminal court at the end of August
Mabahith Amn ad-Dawla penetrated Morsi supporters sit-ins
Abu Mazen supports Al-Sisi and reveals how deep Hamas is involved in terror inside Egypt
The CIA ordered to shut down USA Embassies and consulates including the ones in Egypt and Israel
Large scale DDOS attack on CIA-NEWS.COM site after publishing a news article about the Islamic brotherhood in Egypt
Clashes in Egypt continues – Some Morsi supporters will turn back to terrorism
Who are you Ahmed al muslimani?
Adel el khayat is one of the organizers of the huge support rally for Mohamed Morsi
Islamic brotherhood in Egypt starts a murderous campaign against the liberal movement

Very dangerous – CIA: Sisi sends a stern warning to the Emir of Qatar, Tamim

Site “CIA – News” American interested in the news of the CIA, “the CIA, the first team Fattah al-Sisi sent a strong warning to the ruler of Qatar Sheikh” Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, “warning him of interfering in the affairs of Egypt, after the information that pointed to the parking Qatar behind the violence done by the Muslim Brotherhood in the country.
The site that the confessions of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been arrested recently, revealed the involvement of Qatar in supporting and financing the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that “Ziad Imam”, known as “Abu Fadi” director of clandestine operations in the state security apparatus country is responsible for the planning and moving elements of the Brotherhood’s armed Egypt.
Sisi sent a senior intelligence official to the ruler of Qatar, to ينذره the seriousness of what you are doing Qatari security services in Egypt, and given a deadline to stop the support received from Doha Brotherhood and urgently stop the violence.
Has reached the Egyptian police and national security to know that information grave after Disengagement Aatsami fourth Adawiya and the Renaissance, and the arrest of a large number of foreigners and investigate them confessed that they are receiving support from the state security apparatus country to work in Egypt and help the Muslim Brotherhood, and Onhma throw commands from someone calling himself ” Dr. Rashid. ”
And immediately the manna devices to search information and make sure that Dr. Rashid is only “Ziad Imam”, also known as Abu Fadi, who manages covert operations in the state security apparatus in Qatar.
The report added that Ziad forward has a mobile network and contacts with elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and he has plans and maps, a which runs operations and issue directives.
And The Abu Fadi financing operations and the transfer of funds to the Muslim Brotherhood, and found the security services with some of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was captured by the electronic devices modern, and a radio special captures the blades and messages Egyptian police and pick up military communications, and another device in which you can jamming on mobile phones up to a distance 10 miles, along with electronic devices confusion and can prevent access to sites and presence of cellular phones and these devices allow the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to escape from the control radar or other modes of electronic surveillance.

Sisi of EGYPT sends a warning to Qatar!!

Site “CIA – News” American interested in the news of the CIA, “the CIA,

the first team Fattah al-Sisi sent a strong warning to the

ruler of Qatar Sheikh” Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, “warning him of interfering in the affairs of Egypt, after the information that

pointed to the parking Qatar and behind the violence which is implemented in the country Brotherhood.



Teacher: I challenge to prove our use of a chemical attack will serve the western groups linked to

“al-Qaeda” without achieving a balance of power

27.08.2013 | 13:59 Middle East News  AFP

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem Said Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem that his country has a national interest in disclosure of the truth about what happened in Gota, defying all of the direct charge of the Syrian army using chemical weapons to submit any proof of that.

The teacher at a press conference on August 27 / August that his U.S. counterpart, John Kerry contact with him last Thursday “after the break two and a half year was newly friendly and I told him that we have a national interest in disclosure of the truth about what happened in Gota.”

With regard to the work of the UN mission on the investigation into allegations of the use of chemical weapons, the teacher explained that the inquiry did not ask at the outset orientation to East Gouta and select the opposition coalition 4 locations The United Nations has asked the Syrian authorities to go for inspection.

He stressed that his country and immediately agreed to the request, pointing out that Syrian forces can not remove the effects of chemotherapy because they fall under the control of armed groups.

The teacher that the Syrian authorities have agreed to provide all the facilities and ensure the security of the investigative mission in the areas under the control of the Syrian army, pointing out that the mission asked “to go to the areas controlled by armed groups, and when they wanted access to Joppeoa opened fire on their cars were not able to follow their tours in areas of armed because armed groups did not agree to guarantee their security. ”

Teacher: Chemical pretext to launch an attack on Syria lackluster and inaccurate And take the teacher to excuse the use of chemotherapy to wage war against Syria “inaccurate and dimmer if the goal of the campaign moral influence on the Syrian people understand the wrong .. assure residents Damascus that very military effort of the armed forces now is to ensure their safety.”

The teacher said that if “the balance of the Turkish leadership was upset because of what happened in Egypt will increase this imbalance deeper because of what is happening in Syria,” adding that “Jordan has no interest or for his people to strike Syria.”

The teacher considered that the meeting of the chiefs of staff in Jordan was ten “service for Israel even if it did not participate,” he said, adding “we have suffered a lot from the Jordanian border and we are keen on the Jordanian people .. you Bzhennina no idea to hit Jordan to come with Patriot missiles.”

Teacher: questioning the intentions of Washington and Russians trust friends The Syrian minister added that “from the outset question the U.S. intentions toward the Geneva conference and said to friends trust you, but Russians do not trust the United States because it does not want a political solution, and the reason is simple Israel does not want a solution, but want the continuation of violence and terrorism.”

The teacher pointed out that the Syrian coordination on the Russian “political level is almost almost daily and historical bilateral relations, strategic and Russia is part of the steadfastness of Syria or dust on the relations between the two countries.” Commenting on what he said his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov earlier that Russia would not fight one, the teacher said, “What do you expect to say and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia in such a suitable ..

Do you want to reach cosmic war to our land?!”. The teacher added that the Syrian government also full coordination with the “Iran and they know that what is happening in Syria and Iraq is the implementation of the policy drawn since 2009 to reach Tehran.”

Teacher: In the event of an attack we have two options, either to surrender or to defend ourselves The teacher said, “I do not want to assert absolutely an American war on Syria and if I got us two options strike will defend ourselves with the means available and Snfaji the world,” explaining that the strike will not affect the ongoing military effort currently in Gouta “.

The teacher described the United States and its allies to anticipate the results of the Commission’s investigation, “something wondrous understand from Select Committee and its functions,” adding “we are living in the era of the closest thing to a society where the woods talking about international law and Ikhrkonh.”

The teacher stressed that the timing of the subject chemical gains came after the Syrian army on the ground and pre-emptive strikes which protected the population of Damascus and that the current momentum in Gota continue. He emphasized that we have evidence of the use of chemical and insurgents we will reveal them in a timely manner and especially in Gouta.

RSS Print Geography :روسيا اليوم


Reuters: the so-called Syrian opposition rebels NATO provided for the proposed West places to hit Syria!!!


Holland will emphasize the limited participation of France in possible military action in Syria

Holland: We decided to increase our military support for Syrian opposition French President:

civil war in Syria threatens peace in the world Saud al-Faisal calls for “an international firm position” to stop the tragedy in Syria Egyptian Foreign Minister:

We condemn the use of chemotherapy in Syria and the UN Security Council to determine how to respond Netanyahu: Israel will not be a party to the Syrian conflict but would respond strongly to any possible attack American channel, quoting a government source: the possibility of air strikes on Syria, starting from Thursday Hagel: ready to strike Syria if Obama is so Teacher:

Chemical pretext to launch an attack on Syria lackluster and inaccurate Teacher: If there was a strike we will defend ourselves with the means available and Snfaji the world British Prime Minister calls on parliament to hold an emergency meeting on Syria next Thursday Teacher: challenge whatever the authorities to prove the use of chemical weapons Teacher: We agreed to ensure the security of the mission in the areas controlled by the Syrian army Teacher: United Nations set 4 sites for inspection at the request of the opposition coalition Teacher:

We have an interest in the disclosure of the truth about the use of chemical British government: We have a plan for a military operation against Syria Russian Foreign Ministry: attempts to find a pretext for military intervention in Syria away from the Security Council could lead to disaster Russian Foreign Ministry: Washington’s decision to postpone a meeting of the Hague encourages the Syrian opposition not to compromise Moscow regrets the postponement of Washington Hague meeting on Syria Libya .. Dead and wounded in renewed clashes in the corner A senior security official was killed and his driver in armed attack Bangochea the Kerry: Syria’s decision to allow international inspectors to enter Syria came late and did not have any credibility Kerry:

We will give evidence Alandalm using Syrian chemical weapons in the coming days Kerry: There is firm evidence of the use of the chemical by the Syrian regime Putin discusses with Cameron, the situation in Syria UN: did not specify who fired on the investigative mission in Syria UN inspectors return to Damascus after a meeting with victims of the alleged chemical attack in Medmah Sham Lavrov: Russia will not enter into a war against a Lavrov: regime change in Syria will not lead to an end to the civil war Lavrov: look with concern to Paris and London’s remarks about the possibility of intervention in Syria without a Security Council resolution Lavrov: the case of hysteria about the use of chemical Syria aimed at foiling “Geneva -2” Lavrov: Western countries did not provide evidence on the use of chemical weapons Haig: intervention in Syria is possible without the support of the Security Council has unanimously Haig: UN Security Council did not deal with the Syrian crisis responsibility Paris:

We have not made a decision on military intervention in Syria Hyundai Motor lose about $ 9 billion due to the strike Del Bosque defends Casillas .. Real fans urging him to leave! Spalletti: Hulk is not for sale .. We are not interested in the services of Cardozo Federer and Sharapova the highest paid in the world of tennis players Cameron: the military operation in Syria should be limitedCarney: Obama continue consultations on Syria during this week and the decision has not been taken yetWhite House renews accused Damascus in the use of chemotherapy in Gota Holland will emphasize the limited participation of France in possible military action in Syria 27.08.2013 |

18:25 Middle East News PPPFont Size AFP CHRISTIAN HARTMANN Holland will emphasize the limited participation of France in possible military action in Syria According to Agence France-Presse that French President Francois Hollande will confirm on August 27 / August his country’s participation in possible military action in Syria.

She added that this review will be limited to take the form of support for the United States, which will spearhead it. The agency confirmed that Holland will explain the position of France afternoon, especially the objectives of the allied military intervention, in his annual speech on foreign policy to be delivered before a meeting of the ambassadors of France abroad, which will be held in Paris.

The president told the French newspaper “Le Parisien” that “everything will be decided this week,” regarding Syria, adding that the options ranging from “strengthening of international sanctions to air strikes, through arming the opposition,” the Syrians. :روسيا اليوم


EVIL EMPIRE U.S. officially blows in Syria during the hours

American destroyers waiting for Obama ordered to begin operations in Syria

08/26/2013, 20:59
Voice of Russia

Waiting destroyers of the United States Marine Corps stationed in the Mediterranean Sea a decision by President Barack Obama on the start of the military operation in Syria, according to the channel, “NBC’s” America today, Monday, August 26 / August.

The U.S. administration confirmed earlier they almost do not doubt that the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons in Syria.

The Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel, in turn, that the United States is still considering all possible options for dealing with reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The minister said that management أباما analyze intelligence information related to the chemical attack in Syria and will not act before getting the facts.

He pointed to the defense minister that any decision would be taken with the consent of the international partners.


Iraq opposes the use of its airspace or territory for military intervention in Syria

08/26/2013, 21:26
Voice of Russia

Iraq has declared his opposition to the use of its airspace or territory for the implementation of a possible military operation against Syria.

The spokesman said Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday, August 26 / August: “We are opposed to any use of Iraqi airspace to attack our neighbors.”

The statement came against the backdrop of the statements of some representatives of Western countries about the possibility of military intervention in the Syrian crisis.


Document surfaces ahead of criminal trial of ousted leaders

Official Morsi government document: “Direction of Grants and Gifts for 2013,” submitted by Hamad bin Jasim bin Jabor Al Thani, former Qatari prime minister and foreign affairs minister

A  question apparently being raised in next week’s trial in Cairo of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders facing criminal charges is this: Was the Obama administration paying bribes as large as $850,000 a year to the Morsi government that were distributed by top ministerial level officials to Muslim Brotherhood leaders, with the direct involvement of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo?

WND is in possession of an official document from inside the Morsi government that lends credibility to a report published in Arabic by an Egyptian newspaper in Cairo that lists the charges brought by the current military-controlled government against Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

As seen above, WND has obtained official records from the deposed Morsi government in Egypt, with signatures, documenting monthly “gifts” paid to Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt by the former prime minister and foreign minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani.

The document was seized from Egyptian government offices in Cairo when the Morsi government was deposed by the military July 3.

As translated by former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, the monthly “gifts” listed in the document amount to bribes paid by the Morsi government to leading Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt, including an annual payment of $750,000 to $850,000 in U.S. dollars.

Shoebat explained to WND the names listed on the Egyptian government document correspond to information the Egyptian newspaper Almesryoon has just published in Egypt reporting that the Cairo district attorney’s office has begun investigating alleged bribes the U.S. has paid through its embassy in Cairo to the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to the newspaper: “A judicial source stated that the Attorney General Hisham Barakat received during the past few days a number of filed complaints accusing the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and leaders of the centrist party of receiving bribes thinly disguised as ‘gifts’ paid through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.”

The sources of the complaint stated that among those receiving bribes paid in U.S. dollars from the U.S. include:

  • Mohamed Badie, general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • Khairat Al-Shater, deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and businessman;
  • Mohamed Beltagy, the deputy head of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party in Egypt, and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood group, Essam el-Erian;
  • Abu Ela Mady, head of the Wasat Party; and
  • Essam Sultan, deputy head of the Wasat Party.

“What this document suggests,” Shoebot explained to WND, “is that the report the Egyptian newspaper Almesryoon published in Cairo may be correct in that it appears the U.S. government was paying monthly bribes in U.S. dollars, with payments as large as $85,000 a month, to top Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, with the money being passed from the United States through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to the Morsi government.”

Shoebat stressed to WND that the signatures seen in the document mean it could be used as evidence in the upcoming trials of key Muslim Brotherhood leaders, slated to begin Aug. 25 in Cairo.

Shoebat also noted that the names listed in the document match the names in the Egyptian newspaper Almesryoon, including Mohamed Beltagy.

Reading closely the Almesryoon report, Shoebat concluded the document is likely to be among the evidence the current government of Egypt plans to introduce in its prosecution of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

The charges being brought in Cairo next week include not only bribes being taken in U.S. dollars from the U.S. Embassy, but also murders and assassinations, prison escapes, sniping at and the indiscriminate killing of demonstrators, and spying or being a double-agent collaborating with foreign governments, including both the U.S. and Qatar.

“The criminal charge being reported against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Cairo suggest these are major trials about to start,” Shoebat explained to WND.

“And with government documents entered into evidence, like the one WND is publishing, the criminal charges will likely be construed as capital offenses, with death by hanging the likely sentence.”


Strategy may include embarrassing White House

Published: 1 day ago


 OBAMA: He is the Eternal eating Worm who has no end to his appetite!

OBAMA is responsible for the deaths, displacement, and maiming of man and animal more than anyone else throughout human history!


The evidence is mounting that the military government currently ruling Egypt has decided to embarrass the Obama administration as part of a strategy to suppress Muslim Brotherhood activity in Egypt.

Last week, WND reported that Tehani al-Gebali, the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, gave a speech and participated in an interview broadcast on Egyptian television that identified Malik Obama, the Kenyan half-brother of President Obama, as “a major architect” managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In the speech, Gebali said she would like “open files” to expose nations like the United States that are resisting the current military-controlled government of Egypt by continuing to support “terrorist” groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The Egyptian people are astounded,” wrote Coptic Egyptian author Michael Armanious in an article titled “Egyptians Bewildered Over Support for the Muslim Brotherhood,” published by the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council. “They simply do not understand the Obama Administration’s efforts to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to power.”

Armanious puzzled over why the Obama administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood when the result of the “Arab Spring” was to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and elect Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohamed Morsi as president June 30, 2012.

“In an effort to make some sense of the Obama Administration’s policies, Amr Adeeb, a prominent Egyptian commentator, argues that the U.S. is helping the Muslim Brotherhood to achieve power, in order to turn Egypt into a magnet for jihadist fighters,” Armanious continued. “The goal, Adeeb states, is to turn Egypt into another Syria or Afghanistan and discredit Islamism as a viable political movement.”

Armanious argued the theory helped explain why the Obama administration has continued to side with the Muslim Brotherhood.

“To Westerners, this may seem like a bizarre conspiracy theory, but for Egyptians it helps explain why the U.S. government is supporting an organization that has openly declared jihad against the West, engaged in threats of war with Israel and Ethiopia, demolished dozens of ancient historic churches, set hospitals on fire, and murdered Christians in the streets. The Muslim Brotherhood has no respect for the rule of law, but the Obama Administration treats the Egyptian military that removed the group from power as a threat to democracy itself.”

Armanious charged that Morsi and his supporters utilized undemocratic measures to gain and hold onto power, citing as proof of his claim that on the day of Morsi’s election as president, the Muslim Brotherhood stopped thousands of Coptic Christians from voting.

Armanious wrote:

Morsi also straightforwardly stated that he was recreating an Islamic “Caliphate.” He pardoned and freed hard-line Islamists – including Anwar Sadat’s killers – and allowed them to have an Islamic political party, contrary to the constitution, which bans religious parties. When Morsi spoke to audiences, hard-line Islamists sat in the front row, demonstrating that these people were his political base.

To buttress the support of this base, Morsi released members of Gamaa al-Islamiyya, founded by the “Blind Sheikh,” Omar Abdel-Rahman, who attempted the first World Trade Center attack. This group, considered a terrorist organization by the United States, killed over 60 tourists in Luxor in 1997. That history did not stop Morsi from appointing one of its members governor of Luxor, over the objection of local residents who are dependent on tourism for their livelihood. Nor did it stop him from assigning another member of this group as Minister of Culture. With these decisions, Morsi delivered a final blow to Egypt’s tourism industry.

Concluding his article, Armonious noted many Egyptians are asking: “Why is the U.S. Administration siding with the forces of oppression in their country and assisting with its transformation into a failed state under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood?”

Egypt cracks down on Muslim Brotherhood

Last week in Cairo, the government arrested Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ahmad Aref along with some 75 executive members of the group, according to Egypt’s interior ministry.

“Mohamed El-Beltagy, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, was targeted in several provinces, but security forces failed to arrest him,” said sources in Egypt’s judiciary, speaking to the Arabic-language newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat on the condition of anonymity.

Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that the steps come within the framework of the security services’ efforts to pursue the Brotherhood’s executive leaders and organizational offices, as well members who had arrest warrants issued against them.

The English-language Daily News in Cairo independently reported last week that security forces in Egypt arrested a number of senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood in a campaign of arrests that followed the dispersal of sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nehda Square.

The Daily Times further reported Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Ali Kamal accused supporters of the change of power that unseated Morsi as seeking to “settle accounts” by arresting the supreme guide of the group, Mohamed Badie, and other senior members.

“It is well-known that all the charges brought against the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and … the Freedom and Justice Party … are implausible fabricated charges with no legally acceptable evidence,” he said on the group’s website.

Prominent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood Safwat Hegazy was arrested early Wednesday morning near Marsa Matrouh. The Ministry of Interior said it apprehended Hegazy, who had changed his appearance, as he attempted to cross into Libya through Egypt’s western border.

According to the Daily Times report, Safwat Hegazy was accused of inciting violence and killing.

The campaign the Egyptian government is waging against the Muslim Brotherhood appears to be effective.

Reuters reported that mass protests called by the Muslim Brotherhood for last Friday failed to materialize as the movement “reeled from a bloody army crackdown on followers of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

Troops and police had taken what Reuters called “low-key security measures” before the “Friends of Martyrs” processions that the Muslim Brotherhood had planned to launch from 28 mosques in the capital after weekly prayers.

But midday prayers were canceled last Friday at some Cairo mosques. and there were few signs of major demonstrations unfolding in the city.

Publiée le 27 août 2013

The evidence is mounting that the military government currently ruling Egypt has decided to embarrass the Obama administration as part of a strategy to suppress Muslim Brotherhood activity in Egypt.

Last week, WND reported that Tehani al-Gebali, the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, gave a speech and participated in an interview broadcast on Egyptian television that identified Malik Obama, the Kenyan half-brother of President Obama, as “a major architect” managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in

In the speech, Gebali said she would like “open files” to expose nations like the United States that are resisting the current military-controlled government of Egypt by continuing to support “terrorist” groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The Egyptian people are astounded,” wrote Coptic Egyptian author Michael Armanious in an article titled “Egyptians Bewildered Over Support for the Muslim Brotherhood,” published by the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council. “They simply do not understand the Obama Administration’s efforts to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to power.”

Armanious puzzled over why the Obama administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood when the result of the “Arab Spring” was to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and elect Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohamed Morsi as president June 30, 2012.

“In an effort to make some sense of the Obama Administration’s policies, Amr Adeeb, a prominent Egyptian commentator, argues that the U.S. is helping the Muslim Brotherhood to achieve power, in order to turn Egypt into a magnet for jihadist fighters,” Armanious continued. “The goal, Adeeb states, is to turn Egypt into another Syria or Afghanistan and discredit Islamism as a viable political movement.”

Armanious argued the theory helped explain why the Obama administration has continued to side with the Muslim Brotherhood.…

OBAMA's funding of MB terrorism

U.S. Was Offering `Enourmous` Sums of Money for Chemical Weapon Attack

Posted: 2013/08/27
From: Mathaba
The CEO of Britam Defense addressed in an internal email showing his company was offered `enormous sums` of money by the U.S. to deliver a Chemical Weapon to the opposition terrorist groups in Syria, that would be of identical stock held by the Assad regime, in order to blame a `false flag` chemical attack on his government. That attack has now happened on innocent children, with British-U.S. fingerprints.In an Email in our possession, David Goulding “Business Development Manager” of Britam Defense, mentioned the offer to his CEO, Phil Doughty (passport pictured above), based in the UAE which has become a center for managing the overthrow of regimes to the benefit of terrorists allied to the Anglo-American Zionist elites.

From: “David Goulding” <>
To: “‘Phillip Doughty'” <>
Subject: Syrian Issue
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 15:57:16 -0000


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards


David Goulding | Business Development Director
Marvic House, Bishop’s Road, London, SW6 7AD, United Kingdom
t :+ 44 (0)20 7610 0111 dl:+44 (0)1522 754 361 m: + 44 (0)7817 981 237
e :  <> |

The Email and a trove of other documents in our possession were leaked onto public networks by an ethical hacker who broke into the Britam Defense company’s web server.

The files include much concerning Iran and Iraq as well as Syria and include passport scans of Ukrainians. The Ukrainians are suspected to be on the payroll of Britam and possible willing mercenaries for the commission of the “chemical weapons false flag” requested by the Americans for the “enormous” sums of money offered to Britam Defence’s Business Development Manager.

The trove of files reveal Britam’s internet systems, passwords, staff and “VIP guest” emails, as well as contracts with the notorious Halliburton and KBR, as well as BP among others.

Passport scans with details of decidedly unsavoury looking mercenaries from Britain, Ireland, Ukraine, Bosnia, USA, Czech Republic and Iraq are among the many passport copies which were stored on the Bitram servers and contained in the files which were downloaded by the hacker.

In the wake of the recent horrific incidents in Syria which were conveniently times for a “UN inspection” visit, and with the U.S. on the defensive over the Snowden leaks, these archives, first revealed some months ago, are again circulating on the Internet.

A concerted effort is being made to shut down locations hosting the files, with most links to file sharing services used now showing blank. However other services which are harder to shut down or intimidate are continuing to provide access to the files for those more technically skilled who can download the trove.

More evidence of slain U.S. ambassador’s secret activities by AARON KLEIN JERUSALEM –A Libyan weapons dealer from a group hired to provide security to the U.S. mission in Benghazi told Reuters he has helpedship weapons from Benghazi to the rebels fighting in Syria.
According to informed Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND on multiple occasions, the Benghazi mission wasa planning headquarters for coordinating aid, including weapons distribution, to the jihadist-led rebels.
 Christopher Stevens himself played a central role in arming rebels and recruiting jihadists to fight Assad, according to Egyptian security officials.In November 2012, Middle Eastern security sources further described both the U.S. mission and nearby CIA annex in Benghazi as the main intelligence and planning center for U.S. aid to the rebels, which was being coordinated with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.Many rebel fighters are openly members of terrorist organizations, including al-Qaida.The information may help determine what motivated the deadly attacks in Benghazi.

In an interview with Reuters published Tuesday, Libyan warlord Abdul Basit Haroun declared he is behind some of the biggest shipments of weapons from Libya to Syria. Most of the weapons were sent to Turkey, where they were then smuggled into neighboring Syria, he said.

Haroun explained he sent a massive weapons shipment from the port in Benghazi in August 2012, days before the attack on the U.S. compound. The weapons were smuggled into Syria aboard a Libyan ship that landed in Turkey purportedly to deliver humanitarian aid.

Ismail Salabi, a commander of the February 17 Brigade, told Reuters that Haroun was a member of the Brigade until he quit to form his own brigade.

The February 17 Brigade provided external security to the attacked Benghazi U.S. compound, including the villa where Stevens lived when he was in Benghazi. Stevens held his last meeting with a Turkish diplomat in the compound and ultimately died there in the attack.

The February 17 Brigade is part of the al-Qaida-linked Ansar Al-Sharia, a militia that advocates the strict implementation of Islamic law in Libya and elsewhere.

Ansar al-Sharia initially used Internet forums and social media to claim responsibility for the Benghazi attack. Later, a spokesman for the group denied it was behind the attack.

Witnesses told reporters they saw vehicles with the group’s logo at the scene of the Sept. 11 attack and that gunmen fighting at the compound had stated they were part of Ansar al-Sharia.

Some witnesses said they saw Ahmed Abu Khattala, a commander of Ansar al-Sharia, leading the attack. Contacted by news media, Khattala denied that he was at the scene.

Meanwhile, a Libyan official speaking to Reuters said he had allowed weapons to leave the port of Benghazi for Syria.


Haroun told Reuters he runs the weapons smuggling operation with an associate, who helps him coordinate about a dozen people in Libyan cities collecting weapons for Syria.

Last month, WND reported the U.S. Benghazi compound was involved in weapons collection efforts.

In a largely unnoticed speech to a think tank seven months before the Benghazi attack, a top State Department official described an unprecedented multi-million-dollar U.S. effort to secure anti-aircraft weapons in Libya after the fall of Gadhafi’s regime.

The official, Andrew J. Shapiro, assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, said U.S. experts were fully coordinating the collection efforts with the Libyan opposition.

He said the efforts were taking place in Benghazi, where a leading U.S. expert was deployed.

In January, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed the efforts when she told Congress the CIA was leading a “concerted effort to try to track down and find and recover … MANPADS” looted from Gadhafi’s stockpiles.

Haroun did not mention any U.S. involvement in his weapons dealings.

However, last March the New York Times reported the CIA had worked with rebel commanders to coordinate the shipment of arms to the Syrian rebels since early 2012.

Last year, Business Insider alleged a connection between Stevens and a reported September shipment of SA-7 MANPADS and rocket-propelled grenades from Benghazi to Syria through Turkey.

Syrian rebels then reportedly began shooting down Syrian military helicopters with SA-7s.

Stevens’ last meeting on the night of the Benghazi attack was with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin.

One source told Fox News that Stevens was in Benghazi “to negotiate a weapons transfer in an effort to get SA-7 missiles out of the hands of Libya-based extremists.”

‘Largest weapons shipment’

Fox News may find another one of its exclusive reports vindicated.

In October 2012, Fox News reported the Libyan-flagged vessel Al Entisar, which means “The Victory,” was received in the Turkish port of Iskenderun, 35 miles from the Syrian border, just five days before Stevens was killed.

The shipment, disguised as humanitarian aid, was described as the largest consignment of weapons headed for Syria’s rebels.

Fox News reported the shipment “may have some link to the Sept. 11 terror attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.”

That shipment seems to be the one described by Haroun in his Reuters article.

Both Haroun and his associate described an August 2012 shipment with weapons hidden among about 460 metric tons of aid destined for Syrian refugees.

A recent U.N. report appears to confirm that weapons were hidden in the Al Entisar.

A U.N. Panel found that the loading port for the shipment was Benghazi, that the exporter was “a relief organization based in Benghazi” and the consignee was the same Islamic foundation based in Turkey that Haroun told Reuters had helped with documentation.

Clinton misled?

Meanwhile, earlier this month Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told CNN: “I’ve actually always suspected that, although I have no evidence, that maybe we were facilitating arms leaving Libya going through Turkey into Syria. … Were they trying to obscure that there was an arms operation going on at the CIA annex? I’m not sure exactly what was going on, but I think questions ought to be asked and answered.”

In January, in the Benghazi hearings, Paul asked Clinton about weapons shipments to Turkey, as WND reported.

Paul asked Clinton: “Is the U. S. involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?

“To Turkey?” Clinton asked. “I will have to take that question for the record. Nobody has ever raised that with me.”

Continued Paul: “It’s been in news reports that ships have been leaving from Libya and that may have weapons, and what I’d like to know is the annex that was close by, were they involved with procuring, buying, selling, obtaining weapons, and were any of these weapons being transferred to other countries, any countries, Turkey included?”

Clinton replied, “Well, senator, you’ll have to direct that question to the agency that ran the annex. I will see what information is available.”

“You’re saying you don’t know?” asked Paul.

“I do not know,” Clinton said. “I don’t have any information on that.”

With additional research by Joshua Klein.




Contrary evidence arises as U.S. considers punishing Assad regime


NEW YORK – As the U.S. considers a response to what it calls a chemical weapon attack by Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime that killed hundreds of civilians, reliable Middle Eastern sources say they have evidence the culprits actually were the rebel forces trying to take over the government.

Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Assad government Monday of covering up the use of chemical weapons in “a cowardly crime” and a “moral obscenity” that shocked the world’s conscience. Kerry claimed the Obama administration had “undeniable” evidence “that the Assad government was culpable in the use of chemical weapons on civilians” in the Aug. 21 attack in Damascus suburbs.

Reports that the Obama administration is considering a military strike against the Assad government continued to circulate Monday. Meanwhile, U.N. weapon inspectors in Syria were fired upon by snipers as they attempted to investigate the site of the Aug. 21 attack.

Assad has rejected charges that his government forces used chemical weapons as “preposterous” and “completely politicized,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

He argues Syrian forces were in the targeted area.

“How is it possible that any country would use chemical weapons, or any weapons of mass destruction, in an area where its own forces are located?” Assad asked in the interview with Izvestia, according to a translation provided by Syria’s official news agency and published by the Los Angeles Times.

“This is preposterous! These accusations are completely politicized and come on the back of the advances made by the Syrian Army against the terrorists.”

Rebel attack?

With the assistance of former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, WND has assembled evidence from various Middle Eastern sources that cast doubt on Obama administration claims the Assad government is responsible for last week’s attack.

A video posted on YouTube, embedded below, shows Free Syrian Army, or FSA, rebel forces launching a Sarin gas attack on a Syrian village.

Another video posted on YouTube shows what appears to be Syrian rebel forces loading a canister of nerve gas on a rocket to fire presumably at civilians and possibly government forces.

As seen below, a screen capture from the video shows rebel civilian forces placing a suspicious blue canister on top of a rocket-launching device.

A separate YouTube video from Syrian television shows a government-captured arsenal of what appears to be nerve gas weapons seized from a rebel stronghold in Jobar, Syria.

The image below shows canisters in the seized rebel arsenal from Jobar that appear to resemble the canister launched by rebel forces in the first image above.

Syrian TV news report of rebel weapons seized in Jobar, Syria

A close-up from the Syrian television news report, seen below, shows a chemical agent identified as having been made by a “Saudi factory.”

Syrian TV news report showing chemical agents identified as manufactured in Saudi Arabia

A report from the Russian Arabic-language channel RT Arabic shows captured rebel arsenals apparently with chemical agents manufactured in Saudi Arabia and gas masks, supporting Russian claims that the rebels are the culprits in the alleged chemical attack.

On Aug. 23, hosted an audio recording of a phone call broadcast on Syrian TV between a terrorist affiliated with the rebel civilian militia “Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion” in Homs, Syria, and his Saudi Arabian boss, identified as “Abulbasit.” The phone call indicates rebel-affiliated terrorists in Syria, not the Assad government, launched the chemical weapons attack in Deir Ballba in the Homs, Syria, countryside.

The terrorist said his group, which comprises 200 terrorists escaped from al-Bayadah to al-Daar al-Kabera through a tunnel, needed to buy weapons to attack Homs.

The Saudi financier, who was in Cairo, asked the Syrian terrorists to give details about his group and how it will receive the money. The Saudi admitted his support to terrorists in Daraa and the Damascus countryside. The Syrian terrorist told him that one of the achievements of his “battalion” was the use of chemical weapons in Deir Ballba.

The recorded phone call disclosed the cooperation between two terrorist groups in Syria to bring two bottles of Sarin Gas from the Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus.

Russian media sources have consistently reported Syrian military have discovered rebel warehouses containing chemical weapons agents and have documented rebel chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian civilians the military.


 American channel, quoting a government source: the possibility of air strikes on Syria, starting from Thursday

American channel, quoting a government source: the possibility of air strikes on Syria, starting from Tuesday 27.08.2013 | 16:01

French President: civil war in Syria threatens peace in the world Saud al-Faisal calls for “an international firm position” to stop the tragedy in Syria Egyptian Foreign Minister: We condemn the use of chemotherapy in Syria and the UN Security Council to determine how to respond Netanyahu: Israel will not be a party to the Syrian conflict but would respond strongly to any possible attack American channel, quoting a government source:

the possibility of air strikes on Syria, starting from Thursday Hagel: ready to strike Syria if Obama is so Teacher: Chemical pretext to launch an attack on Syria lackluster and inaccurate Teacher: If there was a strike we will defend ourselves with the means available and Snfaji the world British Prime Minister calls on parliament to hold an emergency meeting on Syria next Thursday Teacher: challenge whatever the authorities to prove the use of chemical weapons Teacher:

We agreed to ensure the security of the mission in the areas controlled by the Syrian army Teacher: United Nations set 4 sites for inspection at the request of the opposition coalition Teacher: We have an interest in the disclosure of the truth about the use of chemical British government:

We have a plan for a military operation against Syria Russian Foreign Ministry: attempts to find a pretext for military intervention in Syria away from the Security Council could lead to disaster Russian Foreign Ministry: Washington’s decision to postpone a meeting of the Hague encourages the Syrian opposition not to compromise Moscow regrets the postponement of Washington Hague meeting on Syria Libya .. Dead and wounded in renewed clashes in the corner A senior security official was killed and his driver in armed attack Bangochea the


Syria’s decision to allow international inspectors to enter Syria came late and did not have any credibility Kerry: We will give evidence Alandalm using Syrian chemical weapons in the coming days Kerry: There is firm evidence of the use of the chemical by the Syrian regime Putin discusses with Cameron, the situation in Syria UN:

did not specify who fired on the investigative mission in Syria UN inspectors return to Damascus after a meeting with victims of the alleged chemical attack in Medmah Sham Lavrov: Russia will not enter into a war against a Lavrov: regime change in Syria will not lead to an end to the civil war Lavrov: look with concern to Paris and London’s remarks about the possibility of intervention in Syria without a Security Council resolution Lavrov: the case of hysteria about the use of chemical Syria aimed at foiling “Geneva -2”

Lavrov: Western countries did not provide evidence on the use of chemical weapons Haig: intervention in Syria is possible without the support of the Security Council has unanimously Haig: UN Security Council did not deal with the Syrian crisis responsibility Paris:

We have not made a decision on military intervention in Syria Hyundai Motor lose about $ 9 billion due to the strike Del Bosque defends Casillas ..

Real fans urging him to leave! Spalletti: Hulk is not for sale ..

We are not interested in the services of Cardozo Federer and Sharapova the highest paid in the world of tennis players


Obama continue consultations on Syria during this week and the decision has not been taken yetWhite House renews accused Damascus in the use of chemotherapy in GotaHolland: We decided to increase our military support for Syrian opposition American channel, quoting a government source:

the possibility of air strikes on Syria, starting from Thursday 27.08.2013 | 16:01 Middle East News PPPFont Size AFP American channel, quoting a government source: the possibility of air strikes on Syria, starting from Thursday Has paid the U.S. Air Force strikes into Syrian territory, it may start from Thursday August 29 / August, according to the channel, “NBC News,” CNN quoted a U.S. government source. The source said that the strikes may be paid over the course of three days, they will be limited to certain and Stsedf targets.

Earlier, sources said that the Western powers had informed the Syrian opposition as a blow against the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during the day, according to sources attending a meeting between Western envoys and representatives of the Syrian National Coalition held in Istanbul.

The news agency “Reuters” one of the sources that the opposition had received clear assurances that the process intended to prevent “asylum regime of Bashar al-Assad” of a new chemical to use,


will take place during the coming days, as they (Western countries) will continue its preparations for the negotiations in Geneva.

The meeting was held in a hotel in central Istanbul and attended by senior representatives of the Syrian opposition, including the

head of the Syrian National Coalition Ahmed Jarba, and envoys from 11 countries of the group “Friends of Syria”, including the U.S. ambassador in Syria Robert Ford. Source: Agencies :روسيا اليوم Russia Today


“ready to strike Syria if Obama is so.”

27.08.2013 | 16:36
U.S. official: 4 destroyers in the Mediterranean are preparing to bomb Syria within hours
Tuesday, 27 August 2013 – 01:59
Latest News:
The Independent: air raids approaching U.S. pledged a British military action within two weeks
آخر تحديث: الاثنين، 26 أغسطس/ آب، 2013، 02:20 GMT
Raafat Ibrahim wroteSaid a senior official at the Ministry of Defense, at dawn on Tuesday, the four destroyers belonging to the U.S. Navy on standby to carry out any orders directed her within hours. said the source, who preferred anonymity said in a statement to the network “CNN” if the need arises, the destroyers can perform tasks related to Syria at the same time, which can provide protection for Israel. official added that the U.S. military on alert in case the president decided the U.S. to take military decision, pointing out that “if he chooses President Obama a military options will be implemented. between the source it and the door keep the options open There is no timetable for the return of the destructive USS Mahan of the nation, but the orders of the commander of the Sixth Fleet kept them in the Mediterranean Sea until after the arrival destroyer USS Ramage, which is supposed to replace the destroyer Mahan. It is noteworthy that these statements come at a time that ended when President Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, meeting him in Jordan, in which he addressed the situation in Syria in particular, and the repercussions of the arrival of the conflict to neighboring countries and have a negative impact on regional security.
اليوم السابع | مسئول أمريكى: 4 مدمرات بالبحر المتوسط تستعد لقصف سوريا خلال ساعات
قال مسئول رفيع بوزارة الدفاع الأمريكية، فجر اليوم الثلاثاء، إن أربع مدمرات تابعة للبحرية الأمريكية على أهبة الاستعداد لتنفيذ أى أوامر توجه لها خلال ساعات.

Seventh Day | U.S. official: 4 YANKEE destroyers in the Mediterranean are preparing to bomb Syria within hours

Mu and Bashar Assad

Dragon’s Teeth

Every year and everyone is fine
And our Elly Ndoroa good in it all after the feast
Forgive me was Gltt not failed to right what extent
Large moss

This was a beautiful thought from Khemenai of IRAN on the last Eid of MUBARAK:

Will Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar voice martyr Billah.

Muat Sheikh Asmar rituals in Zlitan 24 AUG.2012

Mu at Sheikh Asmar rituals, 2 of 24 AUG 2012

Mu at Sheikh Asmar rituals, 3 of 24 AUG 2012

Green Flag at al-Asmar mosque in Zlitan

The presence of a religious shrine of Sidi Abdul Salam Al Asmar in the presence of Muammar al-Qathafi, in ZLITEN.

Muammar al-Qathafi at the Shiek Asmar tomb rituals in ZLITEN.

Mu writes upon tablet

Mu Paris 03 DEC. 2007

Here is your chance to SHOOT THE BULL

the pages of attack in 26//8//213
#اليوم #الثاني 26//8//2013 ((يوم صفحات قنوات الفتنة و الكذب 1 )).
عدد المعجبين 300 الف تسمح بالصور في التعليقات
2-Al Jazeera English
مليون و سبع مئة الف معجب
3-الصفحة الرسمية لقناة الجزيرة …هذه بالذات عليكم بها ما تقصروش معاها بكل
عدد المعجبين 4 مليون معجب .
4-bbc world news
3 مليون و سبع مئة الف .
.6-قناة العربية
3 مليون معجب و سبع مئة الف .
7-قناة روسيا اليوم .
سبع مئة الف معجب .



Khamis Gaddafi, 2013 _ a rare clip of the Golden General

Green Love bouquet
.A documentary film about the guards Gaddafi-In


WiMAX project in Ath entertaining:

After the efforts of the local council and correspondence to specialists subject of communications in Libya ..

Was signed today the creation of 3 stations to the network (Wi-Max) in the city after positioning by the Commission’s

implementing the communications and technology company via satellite to cover the largest possible area of the city ..

This will start the actual work in the installation of the stations at the beginning of next week, according to the supervising engineer told us ..

The city of Ath entertaining lacked network (WiMAX) in the past with the weakness of other means to connect to the Internet …

Information Office of the Local Council of ATH entertaining.


Ahlam al-Obeidi tells us:

Aljdharan obtained the documents condemns theft of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood returns

Oil, which is the wealth of the people Alleppey ... And severe confusion in the ranks

Criminals, thieves of our rights …

Dirty MISURATA is in strong Control of LIBYA:


The appointment of Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Musa (commander shield Mzrath “Central”), an aide to Army Chief of Staff Abdul Salam al-Obeidi ..
Order Almzarat the

Mtz Matthew became the principles, rights and freedoms is put to the dialogue and discussion, including
– Reconciliation.
– Issuing the Constitution.
– To justice and activate the judiciary.
– The return of the displaced.
– Cancel exclusion and laws that ترسخه.
– Accounting corrupt and criminals before and after February 17.
– Activation of the army and the police and the abolition of all the parallel security services.
The most important question of who wants to negotiate about these things axiom agreed in all societies Wallis those plaintiffs for Thorgih ..
Is not certain cities in Libya gripped the arms abandoned and Akhtaft of the killed and tortured and stealing money and suspended

the Constitution and the practice of exclusion.
To be more explicitly Is not Misrata on top of these entities
Alice called Islamic currents, led by Mufti, they hamper the activation of these axioms.
Lal There tune marriage fun between these parties and these currents.
This frankness considers many stirring strife in Libya, and I’ll tell if Mantes claim rights and calls her rapist what is called sedition from doing the acts
Leave your answer.

Albarghothee Ben Matref

Resignation of a member of City National Congress Tazrbu

Doma resign for reasons of “health” and confirms the inability of Congress to perform its functions
A member of the National Conference announced for the year Tazrbu Mohamed Abdel Karim Doma, his resignation on

Sunday of the conference, citing health reasons for what he described as “the poor performance of the conference,” according to the recipe.

Doma said the atmosphere of the country today, it is certain that the National Conference will not be able to accomplish

the tasks entrusted to him during the remaining period, pointing out that he failed with members of Congress to work to

speed up the work of the Conference.

Doma added that he had contacted the local council for the Tazrbu region to inform the individual candidate who

followed from the area, until it starts receiving procedures for the seat only Tazrbu Conference.

Long ago we no longer hear anything about “decentralization extended” Fourth World theory,

and economic capitals, agricultural and tourist! And spatial development! And the mayor of 99!!I

went inclusion Waller Layyeh as went lamp Hbhon the Elms over Wen and Almtlpon her, but Aas h,

but a true, mobility Federal rest of what is left of honest people who are defending him and they are many and growing every day.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully

Summary Meeting of slaves in area Aziat (The word Sheikh Boharih adviser tribe of slaves) to give legitimacy to their son’s

bar carp friend Bo Hamad and the full support and broad to Asnrjaa human tenderly stolen:

Minister Electricity “Mahariv” explains the National Conference obstacles faced by his ministry during this period

and the last period and requests of the National Congress give the government extraordinary powers to declare

a state of emergency in the country as a result of the proliferation of weapons and the chaos and insecurity ..
Clarify and Minister of Electricity of the constraints faced by his ministry for the National Conference
Minister Electricity “Mahariv” explains the National Conference obstacles faced by his ministry during this period and the last period and requests of the National Congress give the government extraordinary powers to declare a state of emergency in the country as a result of the proliferation of weapons and the chaos and insecurity …

And I am with him on the subject of the state of emergency


وزير الكهرباء ” محيريق ” يوضح للمؤتمر الوطني المعوقات التي تتعرض له وزارته خلال هذه الفترة والفترة الماضية ويطلب من المؤتمر الوطني منح الحكومة صلاحيات استثنائية واعلان حالة الطوارئ في البلاد نتيجة لانتشار السلاح والفوضى وانعدام الامن ..

وزير الكهرباء ” محيريق ” يوضح للمؤتمر الوطني المعوقات التي تتعرض له وزارته خلال هذه الفترة والفترة الماضية ويطلب من المؤتمر الوطني منح الحكومة صلاحيات استثنائية واعلان حالة الطوارئ في البلاد نتيجة لانتشار السلاح والفوضى وانعدام الامن …وأني معاه في موضوع حالة الطوارئحُســــآم






Mlisheh armed pervades prison Alruyemi and sounds heavy gunfire and reports of some of the victims of the prisoners.

Specific source confirmed the judicial police Tripoli, that the movement
Rebellion within prison “Alruyemi”, which resulted in injuries among 9
Prisoners and policemen, and the situation was brought under control, as
Said a source familiar with the other hand that the movement since yesterday,
When the guests decided to go on a hunger strike and their demand
Accelerate a fair trial or kill them instead of imprisonment
Without trial or activate the judiciary.

After the announcement of the Dardanelles news channel prisoners’ strike in prison Alruyemi been released about a group of

young people released from the prosecution of a long time …. and disease process of transferring prisoners and presenting them

to the public prosecutor of the reel, God willing … and science .. Hola prisoners them 3 years Fa prison has not been brought

before a prosecutor and conduct serious negotiations now with the Director of the Office of the Attorney General and

negotiate with prisoners jailed Alruyemi now …..

Milan forever WRITES:

“As long as Mico, but clicking íÇŃíĘ rest of the prison Aiderioha Bish Atnkd Haw Meh and eliminate Hia was in it spend originally

reasonable Attorney General of the White Hia get out of the white clock km and Emeti arrive here after conducting Venjal coffee

and only bowl Shahi and spacy and not least two and Xue Hdersh meted out the clock and one salvation always fulfilled Hia was

the time in Libya originally for one and only accepted Aleesh Benghazi Mavi where advisers and lawyers Nin Atjibwa one of the

white and the imposition of Tboh Hia impose it lives in Benghazi and only clock seven ICON in his office,

God willing Asagd Alesall five dawn haram and God Hecy.”

Independent thought says:

” God save the Liberal…”

(Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV )

Tripoli: Bank Commercial Branch Aldahara:
An armed group consists of four people had stormed the commercial bank near the bus station previously Aldahara,

and the group to enter the bank and shut the door and book a bank manager. Did Itensa us to learn more and the

purpose of breaking into the bank.

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter:

Brawl resulted in the death of “Ahmad small”, a member of the Office of the investigation
And arrested b janzour, after the bullet lodged in his head claimed
B his life.

A little while ago in the area of ​​Durr Libby failed attempt by a gang Try it robbery on a Libyan citizen and took his car

forced However, he survived miraculously after a barrage of bullets and saved people of the area to them, “Note

robberies are not in remote areas and farms .. we seen in the way busy year!! “.. God save Libya.

(Media center for the youth of the capital)




Download the first tanker in Marsa Brega in Libya since 09 August 2013

_ Gateway to Libya


25 août 2013 02:01
So do not forget young rat rebels in the city of Ajdabiya

حتى لا ننسى ام الثوار في مدينة اجدابيا
  Zaidane day risk guessed that everyone claims to dialogue ….!!!
We went out and on his right hand, Tarek Mitri, the UN envoy in Libya and Kinh tell us the world with me and Ali left Juma Aotaigah and Kin Libya does not there is Mnazl only companion Saif al-Islam, Second Deputy Chairman of the Conference resigned collected Aotaigah the ..!!
Why dialogue now ..?
Is that oil closed after became an opportunity for dialogue?
Where dialogue what was happening before closing the oil?
Where the dialogue when he signed injustice and exclusion tenderly?
Any dialogue when we were in dire need of those who turn us Ahaorna?After that the pens have been lifted Zaidane came to open the us yard dialogue.Delayed, Mr. Minister … Fbergah no longer have time for dialogue after losing lots and lots …Cyrenaica has taken its decisions and ملمت leaves in her career was launched blessed her ÇĺáĺÇ this journey …..
Time is a sword that did not go Qtek and Cyrenaica has remedied the time and no longer tolerate the wait ….Aatdhirana severe for Tarek Mitri and invited Zaidane and collected Aotaigah ..
(Ahlam al-Obeidi)Negotiations between Cyrenaica and Tripoli How to be?
The true story, which recounted media mail for the determination of the Tripoli government as he was known in Libya previously conductednegotiations with the regional government of Cyrenaica of the Chairman of the Board province Mr. “Ahmed Zubair” and head of the politicaldepartment “Ibrahim Aljzeran” there must be negotiations negotiations conditional and be this way:
1 – overseeing the negotiations will be under the direct supervision of the UN Office and Mbdian be an indirect negotiation between the two parties,but will have the endeavors of the committee in charge of the United Nations, to listen to the parties each end even Taathy theappropriate atmosphere to negotiate
2 – For the region’s president and head of the political department of the region of Cyrenaica should not accept any mediation of Libyan partiesfrom the inside or the outside tribes of the west or south, this is the fate of the entire province, people may not be courtesy
3 – need a referendum province and under the direct supervision by the Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in other words:

Do not supervise anyone from home in what was formerly known in Libya on this referendum .. In other words, not to accept any Libyan official

in the referendum circles even if it was just an ordinary person sentry Kahveci or interpreter has to be removed from this process

Osama Gard

Even if we started the national dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations would be the fastest national dialogue and the most successful national reconciliation
Because the other party does not have a case to defend, but dripped drool for oil and strategic resources Cyrenaica
While the residents of Cyrenaica have deep and historical issue, citing Jihad great over the years and through 100 years ago, from combatting the Italians…

Cyrenaica face was refined and smiled ….. Prevail good morning Aatipk the
Cyrenaica Hbob the cloud Tensm ….. Prevail in goodness and righteousness prevail
Cyrenaica اتقول and national Maitksm ….. Cyrenaica is the key to Alrkah
Cyrenaica generosity in Hlha Amgesm …… Each Mnzam in tons and Mah
How Shahat Ja human beings Ahacm ……. where he lived bandage wounds
How many drivers for Hlha Tasm …….. feet riding Dsana and the grinding
RAD good in goodness Atksm …….. It is rad of evil Skna and grinding.

Central may turn to the federal, but not vice versa.
Ziad al-Issawi


We all Ibrahim Aljdharan to extract human Cyrenaica on FB:

Federal National Alliance Federal
It can be said that the increase in the Federal National Alliance delegation of the Political Bureau gently reassuring results came

for the proper administration of the office of the current stage and his vision for the future management of the province

and the most important points made in the meeting were as follows.
1 – will be concluded soon to declare a statement about the administrative work of the province and powers of the Political Bureau

and the Executive and the Shura Council.
2 – in Cyrenaica weapons would be exclusively in the hands of the defense force gently and only Federal Army.
3 – will be concluded to use the offices of global experience in the administration in order to help in the administration of the province.
4 – No export after oil and we expect support and public support to proceed faithful and strength Zidane is not stopping us.
5 – to no room for quotas, competence and experience are the only measure of choice at this stage.
6 – There will be a maximum Defence Force Discipline tenderly and no room for chaos.
7 – we will benefit from the experience of Yugoslavia and Kosovo in the integration of the rebels and insurgents.
8 – all the comments we receive (Politburo) is the result of everyone’s keenness to this movement, which McCann only after exhausting all

opportunities with the government and political conference he was not short.
Of Cyrenaica, Libya breakthrough goal

Soon …

Cyrenaica Defence Force is composed of 50 thousand professional fighter
Dar Al-Fatwa gently away from the party and personal interests
Senate Cyrenaica which represents all segments of Cyrenaica
Government of educated young people working for the development of Cyrenaica
Three media channels especially Berqh and free newspapers
Office Accounting independent powers of the national group
Back and police centers and courts to work
Back companies deactivated until the project is completed

Gift Abbaah the

Head noses
Congratulations to each Barqawi charge case Barquaouih and the cherished identity Barquaouih the …

We are in the process of work and we are not in the discussion stage Fbadro us in the age of your territory and contributed to the renaissance …
Cyrenaica face was refined and Tabassum prevail good morning Aatipk the,

Appeal in personal Barquaouih which defends the rights of the larva
Is ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood despicable method despicable …….

Sdshan … ousted Chadian …. … Zgd …. separatists …. robbers!!!

Salute to all those who defend the legitimate rights Cyrenaica, shame, shame
Central dogs and dogs Qatar adequate and who hate Cyrenaica

Burqa Burqa and men largest you and Kidikm to the …

(Issa Oraibi)

Long ago we no longer hear anything about “decentralization extended” Fourth World theory, and economic capitals,

agricultural and tourist! And spatial development! And the mayor of 99!!I went inclusion Waller Layyeh as went lamp

Hbhon the Elms over Wen and Almtlpon her, but Aas h, but a true, mobility Federal rest of what is left of honest people

who are defending him and they are many and growing every day.



Common security room Benghazi:

the arrest of three people of Arab nationalities, after armed clashes with them, carrying-out bomb attacks and car bombings in the city.

Piece bearing No. naval military for international navigation
247141755 you to stop the supply of Libyan oil Bmrfa Mellita OIL & GAS.
Libyan news agency family demanding Chiefs of Staff and the Ministry of Defence
B interpretation of military supply cut foreign oil.

Were monitored by observers from Benghazi navigation.

Member of the General National Congress “Huda Banaani” demanding President
Conference under the mandate given to him that a decision for
Benghazi, such as Tripoli’s decision up commissioning armor because security in
Benghazi would not be without armor.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Spokesman for the security room Benghazi denies arrest of the perpetrators of the bombing of the Egyptian consulate ..

(Naturally they would not, as they are MB  too!)

What happened yesterday, today is a tragedy magnify to the people of the city of Benghazi yesterday, at the entrance to the

city of Sousse was Dr. Alsnvaz his car he and his family consisting of his daughter, which is now in the prime of youth and his

wife were on their way to Maatkd to enjoy the views of Sousse beautiful stood a group of people drove the dark and dark

Besdmanm when he stopped a man to inspect his car he Hola murderers and criminals and cowards guidance disarmed

him and beat him and took his wife and daughter left him and after that sick with fatigue searching for them returned to his

family and the people of his wife to tell them the incident had directed the charges of improper words and NATO “e” you

if you are a man of what they took from you in broad daylight what was Dr. teeth Alsnvaz but entered his room and he

committed suicide. There is no power but from God …..

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ
(Bader profit)

Adjust the ambulance on the way Almkhila used as a communications room

Date: Monday, 26 August 2013 16:22
Managed security band belonging to the city dome, on Sunday, from the ambulance control on communications equipment through Almkhila were destined to the east of the country.
A security source confirmed continued security of the dome preferred anonymity for “solidarity news agency that” the car in its general form as an ambulance car looks both in terms of color or write on the car, and also the presence of optical signals on that function.
The source added after the vehicle is stopped and the question of who and from any location and purpose of the trip turned out to members of the security situation suspiciously فأمروا of the بالترجل, was searched the car Fujduha fitted with contacts variety and found out some of the documents the function not to be used as a car ambulance, pointing out that the people and the car referred to the concerned authorities to take necessary.



Cleaning operations continue to Peace Association
Mis à jour: il y a 3 heures
Youth Association Peace continues to charity and youth town of Bani Walid continuous cleaning operations to the entrances of the

city of Bani Walid and order as follows:

1 entrance to the city of Bani Walid, on the one hand and JD Valley.
2 entrance to the city of Bani Walid on Vdraj.
3 entrance to the city of Bani Walid on the Military Factory 51.
4 Clean Club Aldahara athlete social Altagafa.
5 Clean Airport Road landfill and provide a large trash tanker near the junction.
Note that cleaning operations carried out by the City Youth Bani Walid without the help of any party-state within the city not even

Environmental Protection Agency because of a dispute happening between the administration of the device and staff,

but always Bani Walid rise thanks to God Almighty and thanks to its youth jealous of the people of the city.
God save Bani Walid, Libya, from every evil, and according to God rejuvenated for the good of the country and the people.

تواصل شباب جمعية السلام للاعمال الخيرية وشباب مدينة بني وليد عمليات النظافة المستمرة لمداخل مدينة بني وليد والترتيب كالاتي:
1 مدخل مدينة بني وليد من جهة وادي دينار.
2 مدخل مدينة بني وليد من جهة فدراج.
3 مدخل مدينة بني وليد من جهة مصنع 51 الحربي.
4 تنظيف نادي الظهرة الرياضي التقافي الاجتماعي.
5 تنظيف مكب طريق المطار وتوفير ناقلة قمامة كبيرة بالقرب من مفترق الطرق.
علما بان عمليات النظافة يقوم بها شباب مدينة بني وليد دون المساعدة من اي جهة تابعة للدولة داخل المدينة ولا حتي جهاز حماية البيئة بسبب الخلاف الحاصل بين ادارة الجهاز والموظفين ولكن دائما بني وليد ترتقي بفضل الله عز وجل ثم بفضل شبابها الغيورين من ابناء المدينة.
حفظ الله بني وليد وليبيا من كل شر ووفق الله شبابها لما فيه خير البلاد والعباد



Of international sources: continue mediation efforts between the brothers in the Corner and and Rishvana

by the Council of Elders of Libya and the elders and sheikhs Zintan and Yafran and Rahibat and Gado

and news to reach a new agreement eliminates a final cease-fire in the evening.

(Globe channel)

God lousy This was the last of Misratah shields looked to in Rishvana the I Nnhq ya lousy

Channel and Rishvana on Facebook:

Les hour Rudeineh and the degree of unity
And Rishvana urgent,,,,,,,, and Rishvana urgent,,,,,,,,, according to reports from the areas of tension between Rishvana and Corner

to display the homes of civilians in Rishvana targeted artillery and rockets locusts by militias corner-backed militias from Misrata

and Friday Market and Tajora The attacks so far killed Chkans, mother and her baby, and wounding 33 people were injured,

mostly injuries eloquent and destroyed more than 10 houses over the heads residents and these proceeds initial casualties

were civilians who targeted aggression militias elected government!! The attack is still ongoing and we bring you the news ….

Amna Ali Golo writes:

” Zaidane Mule T-spirit in the field of Tripoli that war Sovh move there and then Akalp sit covered with your hands.

God Mana silent until we draw the war to the capital Bash Onarafoh how to kill Helena reasonable neighbor woman,

her baby baby got Mekdrch Ttal from the place of the bombing even came to her rocket explodedis her child and Chta our youth wounded….

launched guilt and Rishvana Aazeidan Iabgl ČÓ it Ksart Okhcom;; God Khcmk Hinsr the hands and Rishvana

and Alnzart who to Absam Hrkpohm lenses for your eyes Aamremc;;; Lotte soul to rockets and تلقاهم hand

and pocket NATO… been the salvation of Maadsh benefit ShiI have lift salvation war war;; play Bvelk the brighter

O mule NATO, blood KhooT in your neck and respond close Aanzl the Iamsrati Aaamal. Uttered Ali’s grandfather’s grandfather

grandfather grandfather Aaclab Liberal forbid;;; Ndtlaqo in blood crawl hole Gary.”

Faisal Al says:

” I ami suffering and turn Aballah and God, I doubt they have to show they’re the owners of different nationalities and Maverm are blood Libby free.”

Clarify ……….
For news published since few in our on young people who were injured in the mil been confirmed Zahra Hospital

that they are in good condition, and praise be to Allah.
(Addicted bin Faraj)

Media channels Swingers of Zbilh media are not carrying any form of war between

And Rishvana the MB Corner militias, murderers and wounded hundreds.

Fierce fighting continues between brothers and Rishvana and corner
Oh inject blood and united ranks and Qena temptations and hidden ….

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

As a result childish acts of MB militias corner ..
Quoting page:
Happening in the Corner only Medical College
Calls for students in all medical colleges at the University of corner
College of Human Medicine – Faculty of Dentistry – Medical College of Technology – Faculty of Pharmacy
Postponed exams until the stabilization of the situation in the city due to the inability of students to attend.

Urgent -:
Number 7 was destroyed houses and wounded 29, mostly women, children and Aja Ir; 2 killed by shelling by criminal gangs.
Not around and do not force only in God; peace, O Lord, O Lord of the ladder.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Injury of a number of young mil now on the coastal road by Libya’s armor at Camp 27. Who were front triangle mil.

We will bring you the names Rhett will get them.

MISRATA and MB RATS seek only extermination of RISHVANA…do not let them fool you–There is no sincere parlé for peace.

(THAT IS JUST A façade)!

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

A few hours ago

After the advent of Libya to shield the Naval Academy so

she set them from Misrata attacking Ali refugees of Tawergha ..

where sobriety of Defense decided withdrawing all Musrati from there where I came back 20 cars loaded with heavy weapons to Tripoli.

Urgent Rishvana: – A delegation from Shura Council and Rishvana of heading for Jaddaim to meet with the

Reconciliation committee with representatives from the corner to try to resolve the dispute. 08/26/2013.

Hearts locked decree of God and advancing the agency dinars Valley News deepest condolences and sincere sympathy to the tribes

and Rishvana of the martyrs who have fallen in defense of the land and honor against the tyranny of lawless militias.

Oh God, forgive them Loire flesh and Mark Paradise homes all.

This is the largest they can do the bombing from afar.  The fronts are not they do not they are not men.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya


All last night is launching Akaddaúv exchange until the morning so the young people to enter the Abossrh in the corner and burn junta ..

Brotherhood pages and National MB Militia pin failure to put down RISHVANA, because of the “laxity” of the Corner Militia “Security” Shields:

And Rishvana candle will not be extinguished:



Wounding 26 white citizen in the city of salmonella bacteria
By eating one of the city’s restaurants by contaminated food, and
Out 6 cases after receiving treatment and still 20 cases within
White Hospital.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Tarhounah wed a day heroes,
Extend our heartfelt condolences but congratulations to the family of the late (Hero Ali Alaptor Zgdani),

which amounts to a 60-year-old has passed away in a dark prison in Tripoli

Wen Ansabh martyr of God and God resting his family and his family patience and solace
Picture: Tarhuna wed one of its heroes …… Extend our heartfelt condolences but congratulations to the family of the late

(Hero Ali Alaptor Zgdani), which amounts to a 60-year-old has passed away in a prison in the dark,, Tripoli and Wen Ansabh

the martyr when God resting place God has inspired his family and his family patience and solace,



Atmosphere for the country …

Said the spokesman of the Security Directorate Sabha Mohammed Daabo country ambiance, the

Directorate of dawn on Sunday came under mortar attack “RPGs” by unknown assailants, wounding 11 workers at the Directorate.

Eleven police officers were killed in an armed attack on a main police station in the southwestern Libyan

city of Sebha, security sources said.

Sebha Police Headquarters was attacked with rockets and machine guns, sources added.



General Command of the Army: terrorists‘ possession of chemical materials is

clear-cut evidence of their use of chemical weapons

Damascus, (SANA) – The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said in a statementthat the armed forces seized Saturday morning in Jobar suburb in Damascus countryside a warehouse containing raw materials for making chemical weapons and protective masks and large amounts of medicines used for treating inhalation of poisonous chemical materials.

The statement stressed that the possession of such chemical materials by the armed terrorist groups is clear-cut evidence of their use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people and the armed forces, and it confirms the involvement of foreign sides in providing terrorists with all requirements for using chemical weapons.

“Using chemical weapons against our people and army by the armed terrorist groups proves the state of bankruptcy these groups have been suffering because of the severe blows they receive by our brave soldiers,” the statement added.



“Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists

Global Research, 25 August 2013

The “evidence” upon which the West is propping up its narrative of the Syrian government using chemical weapons against large numbers of civilians hinges so far entirely on claims made by “Doctors Without Borders.” In the New York Times article, “Signs of Chemical Attack Detailed by Aid Group,” it is reported:

An international aid group said Saturday that medical centers it supported near the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack near Damascus received more than 3,000 patients showing symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic nerve agents on the morning of the reported attack.

Of those, 355 died, said the group, Doctors Without Borders.

The statement is the first issued by an international organization working in Syria about the attack on Wednesday in the suburbs northeast of Damascus, the capital.

While it is often described by the Western media as “independent,” nothing could be further from the truth.

To begin with, Doctors Without Borders is fully funded by the very same corporate financier interests behind Wall Street and London’s collective foreign policy, including regime change in Syria and neighboring Iran. Doctors Without Borders’ own annual report (2010 report can be accessed here), includes as financial donors, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and a myriad of other corporate-financier interests.

Doctors Without Borders also features bankers upon its Board of Advisers including Elizabeth Beshel Robinson of Goldman Sachs.

Complicating further Doctors Without Borders so-called “independ” and “aid” claims is the fact that their medical facilities are set up in terrorist held regions of Syria, especially along Syria’s northern border with NATO-member Turkey. In an interview with NPR, Doctors Without Borders’ Stephen Cornish revealed the nature of his organization’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, where he explains that aid is being sent to regions outside of the Syrian government’s control, and that his organization is in fact setting up facilities in these areas. Cornish admits [emphasis added]:

Over the past months, we’ve had a surgery that was opened inside a cave. We’ve had another that was opened in a chicken farm, a third one in a house. And these structures, we’ve tried to outfit them as best as we can with enough modern technology and with full medical teams. They originally were dealing mainly with combatant injuries and people who were – civilians who were directly affected by the conflict.

In other words, the Wall Street-funded organization is providing support for militants armed and funded by the West and its regional allies, most of whom are revealed to be foreign fighters, affiliated with or directly belonging to Al Qaeda and its defacto political wing, the Muslim Brotherhood. This so-called “international aid” organization is in actuality yet another cog in the covert military machine being turned against Syria and serves the role as a medical battalion.

The “hospitals” in Damascus being supported by Doctors Without Borders are in areas now under threat of being retaken by government forces, and it’s these facilities that the Western media is drawing on for “evidence” that first, a chemical attack took place, and second, that it was the government who carried it out. What the Western media is not telling their audiences, is that even Doctors Without Borders admits their own team members are not present at these medical facilities and have only been sending supplies to them – in other words, this evidence is hearsay emanating from terrorist held areas, merely dressed up and spun as actual evidence from a so-called “reputable” international organization.

In Doctors Without Borders’ own official statement, it was reported that:

Since 2012, MSF has built a strong and reliable collaboration with medical networks, hospitals and medical points in the Damascus governorate, and has been providing them with drugs, medical equipment and technical support. Due to significant security risks, MSF staff members have not been able to access the facilities.

It was further explained that:

“MSF can neither scientifically confirm the cause of these symptoms nor establish who is responsible for the attack,” said Dr. Janssens.

It is most likely hoped that the vast majority of those reading their news simply take the compromised Western media for their word and never bother to read what Doctors Without Borders actually is doing in Syria or what they even really said regarding the most recent incident.

A similar routine was used in Libya where Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International spent their legitimacy attempting to create a pretext for Western military intervention there.

Zero Hedge
25 August  2013

Newton’s third law strikes again.

Yesterday, when describing the latest US developments in the Syrian “liberation” and “WMD elimination” we pointed out that the “use of war as a culmination point to end a depression is nothing new. Just look at the first Great Depression. And just like then, the only cost to perpetuate the myth of the Keynesian and monetarist religion and the pillaged wealth of the 0.01% status quo elite, will be a few hundred thousand innocent men, women and children. Or, as they are known in the Beltway, collateral damage. That is, unless, Putin decides to retaliate.

Moments ago Interfax reported that Russia is starting to pre-emptively, for now, retaliate.

Russia can increase its military presence in the Mediterranean in the case of the possible enlargement of the U.S. naval grouping in the region in the event of the aggravation of the situation in Syria, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov believes.

“Russia can increase its naval grouping in the Mediterranean as a reply measure. I think that nothing else remains to prevent the development of the factor of aggression,” he said to Interfax-AVN on Saturday commenting on media reports of the possible increase in U.S. naval presence in the Mediterranean.

In his opinion, Russia should point out to the world the most crying violations of the UN Charter concerning Egypt and especially Syria.

“We should be speaking more strongly of noninterference in the internal affairs of Syria,” Ivashov said.

He said that deliveries of Russian defense systems to the Syrian armed forces could become a lever of influencing the United States and of averting the threat of an attack on Syria.

Will Obama’s misreading of the “New Normal” geopolitical balance of power, in which America is rapidly relegating itself from global superpower status and in which Putin most certainly does not see himself as inferior to the US, yet in which there is no actual game theoretical winner if everyone defects (but lots and lots of losers,except for the Fed) force America into a milltary confrontation from which there is no easy and simple way out?

We will find out over the next several days.

Armed Opponents in Syria Admit Use of Chemical Weapons
Members of mercenary and radical Muslim groups fighting in Syria to topple the government, aided by foreign powers, admitted to be in possession of chemical w…

    Visit to watch videos related to Ben Swann, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Alex Jones, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Adam Kokesh, J…
  • This is a video about the ongoing conflict in syria and how the United States has decided to fund Al-Qaeda in Syria. Today United States embassies were close…

    It’s extremely ironic for the US State Department to be issuing travel alerts for US citizens in the Middle East and North Africa the same week we learn that the Pentagon is contracting with Al Qaeda and Taliban supporters to carry out Afghan reconstruction projects.
  •| Kerry admitted that there were “many al Qaeda leaders now operating in Syria”


    23 août 2013 06:37

    The meaning of the federal..

    Believe me, that did not stop the sons of Libya to the heart of one man calling for equality and unity by the federal system will be divided Libya,

    then I am afraid that there is no escape from the killing of a Muslim to his Muslim brother for grime minimum.

    Fear God and do not oppress yourselves and stand for the religion of God and the Justice and Equality between the sons

    of Libya per consolidated before divided Tndbon on your actions and God I’m not ousted or God,

    what am until a deal to Muammar or God, the great Manny secular versa Islamic law, without death and

    God Libyan citizen is very normal,

    but I see that the rights of Cyrenaica robbed and I see that if you did not apply equal Stan drag the country into sedition ominous.
    Allah Almighty says in the Holy Book (And whoever kills a believer intentionally,

    his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath of God upon him, and prepared for him a great punishment)
    And says the Apostle Pray God be upon him (and my hand to killed believer greatest at the God of the demise of the world).


    معنى الفدرالية
    صدقوني ان لم يقف ابناء ليبيا على قلب رجل واحد ينادون بالمساواة والوحدة بواسطة النظام الفدرالي ستنقسم ليبيا وحينها اخاف ان لا يكون هناك مفر من قتل المسلم لاخيه المسلم من اجل وسخ دنيا اتقوا الله ولا تظلموا انفسكم وقوموا من اجل دين لله ثم العدل والمساواة بين ابناء ليبيا الواحدة الموحدة قبل ان تنقسم وتندبون على افعالكم والله لست ازلام او الله ما عمري حتى صفقة لمعمر او والله العظيم ماني علماني بالعكس الشريعة الاسلامية دونها الموت والله مواطن ليبي عادي جداً ولكن ارى ان حقوق برقة سلبت وارى انه اذا لم تطبق المساواة ستنجر البلاد الى فتنة لا تحمد عقباها
    يقول الله عز وجل في كتابه العزيز ( وَمَنْ يَقْتُلْ مُؤْمِناً مُتَعَمِّداً فَجَزَاؤُهُ جَهَنَّمُ خَالِداً فِيهَا وَغَضِبَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَلَعَنَهُ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُ عَذَاباً عَظِيماً )
    ويقول الرسول صلّ الله عليه وسلم( والذي نفسي بيده لقتل مؤمن أعظم عند الله من زوال الدنيا )


    ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD definition can be easily applied to OBAMA as well:

    A reasonable definition:
    Pages claiming her love for Islam and it is anti-secular
    Take their names to defend the law and arbitration
    Practiced all kinds of defamation and insults and lies…


    (This Never this is not our Islam,
    But sneaky yen name of religion Kalakhu the Muslims their destination access to power.)

    أ يعقل
    صفحات تدعي حبها للاسلام وأنها معادية للعلمانيين
    تتخذ من اسمائها الدفاع عن الشريعة وتحكيمها
    تمارس كل انواع السب والقذف والشتم والكذب

    ابداً ليس هذا هو اسلامنا
    بل متستر ين بأسم الدين كالاخو ان المسلمين غايتهم الوصول الى السلطة


  Mu smiles for us 2

We need to have Muammar al-Qathafi Smiling for us again…

And the struggle CONTINUES!

LIGHT vs the Dragon of the West

Mu in Light  

Green Warrior of the Desert


and do not forget OUR MARTYRS: Dr. Billah




Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News

The introduction of new vaccines to Libya
Country ambiance – Ahmed Azaaeljk the

The director of Information Department of the Ministry of Health Ammar Mohammed today to the country ambiance

The Ministry of Health will enter the beginning of the middle of next month of October, new vaccinations for children.

Mohammed added that this Omassala includes vaccinations against bacterial pneumonia and Ajeelah (rotavirus)

and human serum tumor Hamidi (HPV) for girls in the age of fifteen
(presuming that the child will be raped or is sexuall impure!!)

, which reduces the incidence of cancers of the uterus, pointing out that vaccinations will be preceded by advertising campaigns and awareness.

Referred to as the benefit of these vaccines was born the first of August of this year, waiting to start work in mid-October.

For parents:

There are some (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD-led) mosques spread thought mislead me a penance
Altcfhirien consider that the state government and the army of infidels and thus analyze the killing of members of the army and police

and NOT BELIEVE, but the legitimacy of courts according to their way
We hope parents not to enroll their children in such mosques, but the question of portfolio and prefers to be older and are known for their tender.
(Muhammad Ali)

لاولياء الامور
هناك بعض المساجد انتشر فيها فكر تضليل ي وهو التكفير
التكفيريين يعتبرون ان الدولة حكومة وجيش كافرة وبذلك يحللون قتل افراد الجيش والشرطة ولايؤمنون الا بمحاكم شرعية وفقا لطريقتهم
نأمل من اولياء الامور عدم تسجيل اطفالهم بمثل هذه المساجد بل السؤال عن المحفظ ويفضل ان يكون من كبار السن والمشهود لهم بالعطاء
محمد علي

General National Congress looking mandated head a new government to replace the current president Ali Zaidane …

Speak on Amazigh rights respectfully
And speak tenderly all rights arrogance

Woe to you, O servants of oil.
(Issa Oraibi)

يتكلمون على حقوق الامزايغ بكل احترام
ويتكلمون على حقوق برقة بكل غطرسةتبا لكم يا عبيد النفط.
عيسى العريبي

Question:  National Congress and the Zaidane government controls what?

Benghazi assassinations and bombings…
Tuber-is officially al-Qaeda .
Tawergha are displaced.
Bani Walid outside the scope of coverage…
Mount Nefoussa followed Supreme Amazigh Council.
Misratah independent state under Bernard Levy.
Corner follows MB orders to exterminate Rishvana.
Crescent’s oil is with  the Federalists.
Tripoli divided between Zintan  and MB shields of Misratah.
Fezzan is still follow the Great Jamahiriya.

Is of you sitting????

(Issa Oraibi)


Issa Oraibi explains:

For salaries even exist Months 12-2013 in the Bank
Central Libya within the the enjoyable 66 billion budget on Zaidane …

But if the budget has been stealing such as nutria budget, the 86 billion
Or theft of the 7 billion Elly said by the former Chief of Staff
Salem or Alguenidy 2 billion Elly reached Brotherhood
In Egypt, or 900 million Elly was give it room to Libya rebels:

Means that the oil stoppage story salary depends centralized. This is a lie.
Interruption of oil stop theft Elly without counters …………

(Valley girl)

Essam Jehani explains to us:

Attempt to extrapolate the time of the next near to separate molecules of events and, as happened in the past, especially the uprising of “August 17 (OF CYRENAICA)”
and the statement of the head noses historical against messing homeland and steal the wealth under the pretext of legitimacy counterfeit, after threatening and intimidating change discourse to the failed attempts of the calm and the other of bribery and Other to buy some

if the few to come out against all motionless for injustice, every day progressing the tribes Barquaouih to bless the mobility and even its sons paid for it.
The next step and no room has only to the negotiating table for the higher interests of the nation after the failure of the other party his plans childish frivolous and that they might not know that until now did not come out Barquaouion all Krutem Winning

and to achieve the objectives of the (CYRENAICA) uprising there is no room for the other party, but to bow or escalation of entry in the case of confusion chaotic and that will lead to enter the territory of Fezzan

and a large part of the territory of Tripoli mobility against a group chaos (band Thirty Thieves) and are indicators were extrapolated and confirmation, an ear and may Nserb one of these cards is to achieve a comprehensive budget nutria

and where I went and private 2 billion grant to Egypt!!



*Dead and four wounded in an armed clash in the Hospital Abu Salim accidents, killed one person and four

others wounded as a result of the exchange of fire in Abu Salim  Hospital in Tripoli today, causing panic

patients and doctors in the hospital.

*Militias affiliated to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood attacked the headquarters newspaper  of the new Libya in

Tripoli, The headquarters of the newspaper for new Libya daily in Tripoli, unknown persons  broke into the

headquarters they stole and destroyed some of its contents, after the publication of an article hostile to

the Muslim Brotherhood, and fingered the militia heading to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya.

Location that was grabbing him and divided and the cause of the dispute, which led to Achtpkak
N 32 ° 49’16 .22 ”
E 13 ° 11’19 .24 ”
Accident Hospital Salim

Person was killed and four others wounded as a result of the exchange of fire in Abu Salim accidents Hospital in Tripoli today

On the evening of Friday, killing Bader Mohammad Sadiq Alkkla continued to confidential 11 and wounding two others favor and sincere They also belonging to the same secrecy as a result of the exchange of fire and cause personal dispute between members of the secret of the Office of Abu Salim security committee, headed by the criminal “named Abdul Ghani Alkkla” Gneoh and confidential 11 on a piece of land in the project, “the former intelligence camp” where the camp was divided into several pieces and the dispute led to fighting among themselves

(Valley girl)

The confidential support and backing 42 for the arrest of a gang in the area of ​​Ain ​​Zara and specifically mosque Alkahily

and this gang is famous in thAin Zara Ba burglary and also Aatervo the Bsergt cattle.


Quoting Media Center page for the youth of the capital

Urgent …

Connected to the radio mane in the religious program not find Libyans and screaming tells the incident occurred shortly before

the couple have Kia Suda dark Tariqh 5 Libya Khtafo girl from the road and Atjho towards the road leading to the University

before the eyes of the people and the girl scream nor from transponder where you Aalippin you died in us Xinhua and virility

considered sisters, daughters, wives became kidnapping in broad daylight before the eyes of the people
O minimum Asturna and so on and refer the girl to her family safe.
نقلا عن صفحة المركز الاعلامي لشباب العاصمة


متصل على راديو لبدة في برنامج ديني يست نجد الليبين ويصرخ يروي حادثه حدثت قبل قليل شابان عندهم سيارة كيا سودا

مظلمه طارقه 5 ليبيا خطفو بنت من على الطريق واتجهو نحو الطريق المتجه للجامعة امام اعين الناس والبنت تصرخ ولا من

مستجيب اين انتم ياليبين هل ماتت فينا النخوة والرجوله اعتبروها اخواتكم بناتكم زوجاتكم اصبح الخطف جهارا نهارا امام اعين الناس
اللهم استرنا دنيا واخره وارجع البنت لاهلها سالمه



Denied, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry for the appointment and research Jaddallah the Shalawi current health news

about the discovery of uranium reserves in the mountain west, pointing out that the last discovery of the material was in the

era of the eighties in the Tibesti region near Kufra (SW LIBYA).


URGENT: discovery of uranium & plutonium ore reserves announced Muehlegg French

They discovered the radioactive uranium reserves 237 in giant blocks and so far is the purest and larger in the Black Valley in eastern western mountain chain and Tghader purity Bnza Ore plutonium.

The cost extracted because of its purity and its proximity to the surface is the cheapest yet the company and demanded permission to allow it to begin extraction operations and projects described the strategy and stressed that this element and raw this topic specifications will cost less progress 16 million Ioroa, per gram.

The head of the research team that Lada extraction operations began, they will sign contracts for the sale and extract for 100 years to come…

A source in the so-called Ministry of Mineral Resources Libya Tstaa the sale of Kilwa 8 to 24 grams of raw this topic a day and will be entered Libya billion per day of uranium only.

Western countries flock to Libya to win the natural wealth …..

French company announced Muehlegg the presence of large amounts of uranium reserves in the

Black Valley Basin in eastern sector of the Green western Nafusa mountain chain:

Reserves have been discovered radioactive uranium 237 in giant blocks and so far is the purest and larger in the Black Valley in the east of the western

mountain chain and has great purity compared Bnza the Ir plutonium.
And cost extracted are cheaper because of its purity and its proximity to the surface, so far the company and demanded permission to allow it to begin extraction operations
Projects and described the strategy and stressed that this element and raw this topic specifications would cost at least 16 million Ioroa per gram.
The head of the research team that Lada extraction operations began, they will sign contracts for the sale and extract for 100 years to come
A source in the Ministry of Mineral Altroh that Libya could sell from 8 to 24 Kilwa gram of raw this topic a day and will be entered Libya billion per day of uranium only

And a number of companies are flocking subsidiaries of foreign governments against the backdrop of the discovery of uranium and Canadian delegation arrived in Tripoli yesterday evening and another

delegation arrives the day today
And heading to the Black Valley

Canadian embassy Mmtl confirmed that a delegation of 50 people from the note and uranium industry specialists came yesterday evening from Canada to begin today to

determine the cause of the discovery of huge reserves of uranium ready percent-63-74% of normal industry
The head of the administration exploration in French Mlio_ that this type of uranium that there is in this way Hua is very rare in the world and recorded only 4 cases and

no small proportions of up to 3 kg.
And this amount is attributed to the Black Valley region due to the volcanic chain dormant interview layer Almajma the gels in the ground and it seems that in the erosion

huge amount of material locked and remained squeezed through a period of time in millions of years to become in the end LEAD in the way
Region specified Plutonium remains the massive amounts of material first essential for the production of clean energy in the world.
The delegation of the company sufficient that this topic quantities of energy production hemisphere millions of years without interruption or even a lack of capacity.
Essam Alaib, contact the Canadian Embassy officer in the commercial attache

On the other hand, some military said the Black Valley area is very dangerous and the level of depth up to 2,300 meters in some areas, it’s also an area known summer heat

and winter and can not be approached them and there are area has been used in some plant operations Association.
Ali Coordinator Clmana Office Industrial Research

Khaled Hungary Lacey of Mineral Resources:
Bureau of Mineral Resources Statistics
This area is registered in the archive and records of the State as a very dangerous and forbidden to approach them only points of approvals and military company of military engineers and specialists Julujia
And had not an easy thing which Taatbaal to the municipality of western mountain is located specifically in the north-west of Gharyan adjacent to and east of the mountain range Navosh and an area estimated at 313 square kilometers and depths of up to 3,000 kilometers of the active substance, and the surface area.

 Come igneous rocks and types of coal and guidance of the region permanent release of heat Winter and summer do not live in any living organism not approaching the perimeter of thing reptiles or birds

(Valley girl)

General Electric Company ..

According to General Electric Company that the fire, which occurred adapter number “1” station “Alawyneh” 66 kV. F. at 1:00 am

on Saturday morning 2013.08.24 caused by a group of unidentified armed throw the number “2” grenades on the adapter to

destroy the tower caused the installer to exit the 11 kV cables. F. of the converter as well as corruption in coolers where the

converter output of the converter oil fire broke out in the body of the adapter fully and cause of this fire in the elimination

of the converter full capacity of 20 MVA ..

A power plant Balawyneh explosion in the western Mountain Jabal, Explosion caused by an act of sabotage

destroying terminal Alawyneh Western mountain in the first hours at dawn today. Cutting the power supply

to large areas of Jabal, especially Riyaana Bank, the Aghannaama, the Castle and parts of the Yefren.

Press sources reported that the station being attacked with explosives blew today and strenuous efforts

performed by engineers General Company Electricity to restore electricity via alternative routes until the

station is fixed which suffered significant damage from the attack of vandalism ..

Electricity is still cut off from large areas of Jabal Mountain since the dawn of the day.


Very Haaaaaaam
On youth and Rishvana truck drivers and transport vehicles coming from Tunisia caution in not to enter the city of angle because

they Sikdon them as prisoners of war so they have to walk other ways to reach Rishvana or send us an e-page to be coordination

between them and the Liberals from the rest of the other regions
(Addicted bin Faraj)

Shut down the coastal road between Tripoli and the Western Region, Eyewitnesses said that MB Libya Shield militia

warn people of traffic from the coastal road at this time, which is the road between Bridge 27 and Bridge 17,

where there are clashes and branded Banifah between Zawia and Rishvana the result to state MB control

over the two regions.

and  the MB government of ZAIDANE & BUSHMAN blames RISHVANA!!!:

Children victims of the fighting taking place between the Zawiya and Rishvana, One of the victims of the ongoing clashes between Zawiya and Rishvana the child Majd Abdullah Souissi, injured in the battle Abossrh.

*Three dead and eight wounded during clashes between Zawiya and the Rishvana, Tribal sources said that sporadic clashes since yesterday between the tribes Zawiya  and Rishvana the south-west of the Libyan capital Tripoli, killing 3 militants and wounding 8 others, four of them in serious condition.

The sources said that the clashes took place when a group a subsidiary of Rishvana armed guards attacked Hospital of the globe and they belong to the Zawiya, and they opened fire on them and captured a group.

Usually occur tribal fighting between tribes Nook city west of Tripoli, and the tribe Rishvana southwest of Tripoli, after fighting ends of national reconciliation efforts.

The source said the Diwan of the presidency of the so-called General National Congress (interim parliament), the National Congress leader Nuri Bushmin ended, yesterday evening, a meeting included Oaaana from the tribes in the presence of some ministers and MPs army commanders Libyan militias to resolve the crisis.

The meeting ended commissioned military forces broke up the dispute and arrested 31 people wanted by the public prosecutor, accused of acts of theft of army camps and cut through the present area of ​​the year tribe Rishvana, according to the same source.

Unidentified gunmen stormed recently, tracking camps Libyan Army militia were stealing the contents of arms and ammunition and mechanisms.

And between the same source, who preferred anonymity, said that the reconciliation efforts underway to resolve the dispute based on the basis of extradition with the judiciary and all those who are found against him condemnation from the two tribes.

*Zawiya militias  killing citizens along the coastal road, Has one of the gates today in Zawiya the militias opened fire on a speeding car and did not stop it because they believe that the autonomic car were from the parties to the conflict with Rishvana …  But later they found that the car was on its way to Tunisia and the condition was urgent with a patient  from Tarhuna about 60 years old and named Faraj Mohamed Mahfouz. Unfortunately, this shooting led to the death of the patient Mohammed , injuring the driver and the others who were accompanying him were seriously injured, citing the impact to Zahra Hospital.



Quoting newspaper of the country ….

“Unknown” organization championing ‘al-Qathafi’ “threatens” military operations to restore Great Jamahiriya legitimacy to Libya..

Called for a secret organization in New Libya calculated on the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel Muammar Qathafi, his supporters to assemble and prepare

a prelude of what he described as “zero hour” for military action was imminent against the Libyan authorities, while the (RAT) Conference adopted the

general national “parliament,” the boss Nouri Abu arrows series of resolutions sudden concerning security arrangements and the development of the

military institution. The Libyan sources said that the bloody clashes in which heavy weapons were used and medium suddenly erupted west of the

capital Tripoli between gunmen belonging to the city and the corner and neighboring Rishvana, led to the fall of the dead and dozens wounded.

Triki said Mustafa, a member of the (RAT) National Conference, said that the clashes erupted when a group a subsidiary of Rishvana armed guards “attacked”


the “Hospital of the Globe”. they (THE RAT MILITIAS) belong to the Corner, and they opened fire on them and captured a group of them.

Did not interfere with the Libyan army forces immediately to stop these clashes, note that the road between Tripoli and Zawiya recently

witnessed a state of lawlessness and gunmen attacking army camps, in addition to the theft of cars and an assault on the citizens.

The head of the organization calling itself the “Free Officers Movement”, which carries the rank of Colonel, according to the newspaper report,

“the Arab world” Libyan electronic, “The zero hour was close,” calling on his supporters to commit to the tasks assigned to them without excess

or negligence, secure sites Strategic and maintain them, “threatened” ad