Mu, Operation desert lion PDF

27 MAY 2013:

Will this vision will be realized this year ?? .

We eagerly await this from happening….

Commandment Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar, the voice of martyr Billah

a soldier of THE RESISTANCE:

Green al-Qathafi soldier PDF



Of the national platform I invite you to pause Ezz Hmokh leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. Rmsena and our struggle .. in the swirling about the legitimacy Conference: tribes and day out in demonstrations throughout the beloved homeland.
We call and call at the inauguration of Saif al-Islam as General Secretary of the ‘Libyan Tribes & Cities’ Conference for the BPC (in lieu of al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi) our nation is wounded …

I do not Léon – not for a client OS colonialism – not for the ‘Allaotunai Conference’: pagan – not a jar –

Yes, the decision of the great people in the inauguration of Saif Islam as General Secretary of ‘BPC Conference’.
(“Knight and Men”)

Mu salutes us all


“MUSICIAN” tells us:

“others are saying that they just saw Mu’ammar al-Qathafi driving a ‘Land Cruiser’.

First Section of the men have stayed with the leader, and will remain until the end ;

and the second section of the ‘semiconductor of men’, left when the leader in a Landcruiser, became a heavy load….

Mu driving a Landcruiser

Muammar al-Qathafi has rejected all offers made to him out time events, so as not to Akhaddlkm not accept them today, one offer so as not to Tkhaddloh in his (so-called) ‘absence’.”

‘MUSICIAN‘ writes:

“Even if under, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi for the next hundred years leading the Resistance revolution in Libya, it will not change this in Shi natures of traitors Valahakad. They have in self deposits that do not, engaged in the words and deeds of men whatever it enforceable and effective.

There is no gloss of thought behind Mu’ammar al-Qathafi for his ‘returning to judge for the liberation of his homeland.’ This person, al-Qathafi, is no different from the priest in the religion misprision, to reach the glory of recognition for redeeming his country.

Everything will be back to what it was, the national anthem and the Green Flag, and Bab Azizia Boukimith. But we will not go back as we were. For we will be even more strong and less merciful. History will say it lists facts not myths that area in the desert of Sirte claims al-Osos was shining ones prestige as the sun shines from the sky.

Billah will re-enters his father injured house in ‘area No. 2 Sirte neighborhood of residential houses’, with moving feelings of fatherhood; and accelerates in linking forestry al-Dmadh on his son while he was sitting in a corner of history.


and the place writes ‘Supreme Commander of ministering field, commander homeland lived’.

Scenes like this and you want him to satisfy by virtue of the dwarves.”

(And still playing lead {musician} continues)

Helena new episode of the program to Dr. Yusuf Shakir 13/10/2015




UNO / NATO / EU and the ‘HOOD’:

LIBYA HAS BEEN BLACKMAILED..only by accepting Léon’s “accord”, will NATO not re-enter LIBYA by Force ! This was THEIR (UNO/ NATO) TERMS, not the Libyan people’s (who are totally against Léon and all that he and his Mafia-teams have contrived for Libya).

 the real UGLY Bernardino Léon

‘Libyan Knight’ comments:

“Turkey (supporting terrorism argument and directory)

Léon (the actual Spanish ruler who laughed at his interlocutors support for terrorist groups led by Belhadj, Flint, Sowahailli).

‘Dawn Libya’ (who burned oil and airports, universities and tore down houses) meet to ensure the unity government.

Visualize a ‘Government’ (composed of ‘BrotherHoods’ and ‘Islamic-fighters’), who puts a Spaniard to set security (‘Dawn Libya’), and with the support of Turkey

Who is there to lead the country and the people?


‘MUSICIAN’, comments:


“Léon gives promises in the form of a written document a general amnesty for the leaders of the rat

Militias for their crimes. But he does not know that the fires of justice tat rings in our hearts, is able to burn all the minimum charters. Léon gives the criminals amnesty, but condems to death the people loyal to the Great Jamahiriya !”


HFTAR and the LIBYA ARMY must join the RESISTANCE with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the PDF, to FIGHT THE ZIONIST UNO/BROTHERHOOD/EU & the USA !

(Under the new puppet-Government, the Libyan Army under Hftar has been disbanded in favor of the MISURATA MILITIAS !!!, and a bounty has been put on Hftar‘s head.)

Hftar and Mu

War Criminal Abdul-Rahman Sowahailli (and his nephew Ahmed Mietk with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) have been put in charge by Léon (and his Brotherhood Mafia-gang), to run and ‘rule’ over LIBYA !

No decent Libyan will stand for this !

March includes all tribes, Libyan Army and General Hftar, and Ada al-Hati

Allah save Libya…

Pray for the return of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’.

A new type of drug in schools … passed both know
Even if you do not have children in the school .. Parents should know that this type of drug. This type is known as “strawberry Food”.

Frightening things taking place in schools these days and warning parents and awareness. There is a kind of candy LCD traded among children resemble candy known Pferqatha mouth and voices crackling rejoice issued by the boys .. smells like strawberry … spread among children in school playgrounds. Chewed children thinking that they are candy and then transported to hospitals after eating in case of catastrophic. Also come flavored chocolate or peanut butter or cola Awalkrz or grapes or oranges.

Please teach your children not to accept any candy from strangers and from their friends (who may have taken it in turn
From someone), especially those to which they apply these specifications and teaching them to notify administrators and profile officials concerned immediately if that happens. Post awareness among everyone in the hope that we prevent this tragedy.
(“Knight and Men”)





WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Department of Defense (al-Aptajon) on Thursday,
erdogen-awards-gneoh-alias-mahdi-haratine Brotherhood Leaders in Tripoli (Haratine-Gneoh, Belhadj) terrorists-supporter-Erdogan and libyan-terrorist-el-Mahdi-Haratine (Giani Akkla Gneoh)
Yan meeting princes militias in control of the city of Tripoli ‘Abdalrav Karh’ and ‘Khaled al-Sharif’ and ‘Abdul Ghanni Alkkla Gneoh alias el-Mahdi Haratine, not special to meet with Léon to arrange to secure the “new” (HAH HAH!) Brotherhood ‘government’;

The criminal RATS running TRIPOLI, showing Khalid Sharif, all backed by al-Jazeera

and to facilitate only carry out its functions plan .. Behind the scenes met al-Mzkoan with ‘Brig Ahmed bin Nasser bin Jassem al-Thani’ (Chairman of the Qatari intelligence service), and ‘Hakan Fidan’ (head of Turkish intelligence “MTI”), as a backdrop to the series of assassinations, which affected the leaders and the leaders of the militias and smuggling Mafia-gangs in Tripoli…

TURKISH and Qatari assassins

and which saw the city of Tripoli assassinations and large-scale rally series a cross between smugglers for Migration, jealousy for ‘legitimacy’, and some of the ‘Dawn Libya’ militia leaders, and then the President of the National Congress, Mr. Nuri Abu Bushman, request of the President of Turkey and Qatar, that Atdechlo in secret investigations concerning those classified attacks of ‘quality’ (concept of operations) ,,

and formed a ‘commission of inquiry’, made up of nationals and Turkey, to investigate the elements, which ordered the assassinations al-Msgut in al-Furnaj area at the Tripoli Center;

and included experts reportedly saying, that it carried out the attack Hua dedicated team assassinations, and used ‘lethal and accurate weapons which do not exist in Libya’,

and all the evidence going to LF own Italian GIS and French special forces GIGN and German special forces SEK, where it has been said that they are ‘only affected by the issue Migrants’ !

Illegitimate and they are the only ones who possess weapons of quality and are able to enter Libyan territory easily, and implementation of quality processes systematically at the highest level of accuracy and technical ..

The President of the Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan, is concerned about it ,and has asked al-Hazeran meet changing insurance  of Tripoli plans (to send a specialized team to uncover spies and federal agents inside Libyan territory), which confirms the quality of operations in Tripoli.

It has reached the highest level of accuracy in implementation.

Qatar and Turkey's involvement in Libya

More than 50 armed militia from the city of Misurata announce their ‘willingness’ to secure government inventory Bernardino Léon in Tripoli

Gates and review more than fifty mechanism between Toyota and Sierra Leone written on it ‘Nawasi armored cars’ (ABDUL-RAOUF ‘HATER’ CARTE) and a review in hand by the railroad and the center of Tripoli.

Gate in front of the Secretariat of Agriculture University Road after the bridge orbit.

And gate in Cimafro who enters the university Aaseraa hand and hand al-RIXOS (HOTEL) other hand gate and door and gate al-Azizia Ottoman palaces from the back side; and other portals and periodicals. …



‘MUSICIAN’ comments:



“if the Libyan people and agreed to the arrival of the Italian army to protect them from the militias, it means that the Omar al-Mukhtar was a gang leader and that his death sentence in accordance with the principles of justice and the provisions of law and this is the mother of scandals.”

Italian soldiers

Italy declares its readiness take over ‘securing’ the Libyan capital Tripoli with their soldiers!


Brigade military bulldozer Rishvana targets at sea against the ‘Sidi Bilal Besaad camp’ was carrying weapons and Dechair heading from the city of Tripoli’s CORNER.


‘Ahmed Nouri Sharidi’ of Tajourah:

‘Room Zintan operations’:


The kidnapping of activist ‘Ahmed Nouri Sharidi’ in Tajourah, less than ten days ago, did not announce any quarter or Militia claiming responsibility for his abduction.

and forcibly hide from his family and his family ..

Fingered refers only to militias Haitham Tagouris and Karh and (el-Madhi Haratine) Gianni Akkla Gneoh as having had kidnapped him.

particularly as it was a lot of communication and participation with all direct programs in a number of radio and audio channels ..

Sharidi was born in Tajourah, in 1964, and was known for demanding the army and police in the area to be no-longer controlled by the militias. He had participated in all the anti-militia demonstrations in the capital ..

The Father of three children, his mother died three days after he was kidnapped .. !!!

Maoksy their hearts on them the curses of Allah.


Hope post Thread Perhaps the message help in decoding captured.

was Raouf Hater's militias, now for the new Libyan Army, an armored vehicle

NAWASI Militia, at the ‘door Tajoura’, of the terrorist Abdul Raouf Cart stormed the Teachers Training College in Tripoli.

and witnesses said, that ten armed cars by anti-aircraft entered the ‘College Square’ and the elements of the militia began firing shots into the air, causing panic.

and students who exalted terrorism Asrakhhn what made some parents walk to the ‘College Square’ to protect their daughters,

and the elements of the militia’s argument was that they were ‘chasing wanted people’ within the college,
(“Knight and Men”)

‘Adnan Aly al-Hachany al-Haddad’ (25 yearsof age and a resident of Sirte N°2), has been kidnapped by Melcaat Inventory (el-Mahdi Haratine) Akkla Gianni Gneoh, in Plateau Project.


Voices of shootings in the Abu Salim area.


Flights to Istanbul:

Photos of terrorists who fled from Syria (after Russian strikes upon them) …
are making today trips to Instanbul, Turkey, via  MITIGUA AIRPORT.

The popular market, ‘Qubl Kulail’, had a convection fire:

Vehicles belonging to the ‘armed militia of Misurata’ gathered in Salah-Hud-Din area.

Voices launchers hear Nizqh now in ‘Spring Valley’, and ‘Ain Zara’.

A severe shortage of gasoline in the city of Tripoli and the surrounding areas omitted.

Hit citizen ‘Mohammed al-Mzogy’ severely beaten at the hands of Wahhabi extremeists outside of the Salafi mosque in ‘Boucif children Arada area of Tripoli’, for his use of the rosary inside the mosque.



News of clashes in the region Got al-Shall.

Rats deterrence belonging to a terrorist ‘Hater’ Itahjmon the area
Got al-Shall under the pretext of arresting drug dealers.



‘Room Zintan operations’:

O people of Kikla, Gharyan, and ‘the castle’:

Sheik's castle at KIKLA, Nafusa WESTERN Green Mouuntains
Ask yourself who started the attack on the convoys of Zintan, flying to Tripoli and Gdrtm them in the month of Ramadan…

Ask yourselves from burning houses and stole from al-Rajaban and Zintan in Tripoli….

Ask yourselves from dawn through the Valley of Tamarisk link between Tripoli and Montenegro in order to cut the road from Zintan and al-Rajaban.

Osolo yourselves from the Magistrate refused the right neighborhood and insisted that fighting Bhanb falsehood and advocates Misurata  and Aouhl Kikla military barracks.

Ojibwa to these questions, and you’ll find out why the Libyan Army went to enter the village of Kikla, (of which you want to build within  them in order to invade  Zintan and al-Rajaban your neighbors).

And that the date of record.


Cut off telephone links for Mizdah and its environs.




General Omar Tntosh and the Libyan Army in the Western Region

The arrival of General Omar Tntosh to the long area to oversee the readiness and arming the Libyan Army (Arab armed) forces in the entire western region.


General Omar Tntosh, channel ‘Libya First’:

“The (so-called) ‘harmonic government’ was agreed on by Western countries only; and it does not match the Libyan people at all.”




Fire at AJEELAT General Hospital and Central School in the city center, after the fall of two rockets fell upon them yesterday.




Sowahailli Militia enter the CITY of FIVE

Entry mechanisms belonging to the ‘Saraya Sowahailli militia’ of the new Puppet-RAT GOVERNMENT, go into the City of Five.

Melcaat Sowahailli now controls City of Five Mbina.


Page console from ‘Zero hour’ (on FB), to the town of Bani Walid:

public and private ‘al-Tejekh tribe’: death of Haj ‘al-Hmala Abdul- Rahman al-Tejekh’.

BANI WALID monastic

We are asking Allah that he makes it (as a mole) to the Gardens of Paradise . ….




The release of the 10 crew of the Russian tanker detained in MISURATA, Libya since last month.






‘Daash’ terrorist erect the surface to surface missile group at the entrances

to the city from all sides.


‘Daash’ terrorist organization announces

the opening of their (so-called) ‘Sharia’ court in the city of Sirte.

Continued communication outages, and lack of fuel and to close banks and a severe shortage of medical materials and Foods !

and after control by the organization ‘Daash’, the city of Sirte for more than two months already !


Violent clashes with heavy weapons in Laithi, Sidi Faraj, and Hawari.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ sites axis Sidi Faraj and Boatni.


random shells fired by ‘DAASH’ causing an explosion of two houses in the area of Laithi, during Tfajakhha by ‘DAASH’.


One 'Champions' henchmen Daash, SAM bin Humaid

The offender Sam bin Humaid threatens to constantly bombard ‘HAVE-BUILT airport’ with artillery and rockets even warplanes.

Sam bin Humaid, 3
Random shells fall on the area ‘Have-built’:
a Aanaba for damage and human.

Using 'Have-built airport' of Benghazi, safety 100%


‘Daash’ terrorist organization targeting missiles at  ‘Have-built Airport’, has led to the deaths and injuries of Libyan Army forces (under General Hftar) stationed there. (The Libyan Airforce is stationed out of ‘Have-Built’ airbase.)

'Have-built' Air Base, Benghazi

‘Daash’ terrorist organization slaughtered of two of the ‘Tanks  Battalion 204’, after they were captured in clashes yesterday. They were ‘cosmic Ojaili’ and ‘Mohammed Dhikar Ferjani’.

Colonel al-Mahdi el-Bergthe battalion command 204 tanks (second right) with his soldiers in Palawan


Random shells fall near Quiche Square demonstrators in Benghazi.

Benghazi launches today the real spark civil revolution of Quiche yard plot to bring down ’17 February’. With the masses meadow, Casablanca, Tobruk, al-Azizia, Ajeelat, Beautiful City, Zintan, Bani Walid, and al-Rajaban.

Pay tribute to the Libyan people the great steadfast and patient,
Greeting the righteous martyrs Ketbo blood Epic address…
Tribute to the heroic prisoners who paint their suffering through the salvation of the people.

Frequently national call for all strong needed to escalate the struggle to bring down the conspiracy and the restoration of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ as a sovereign independent state

and responsible in the regional and international surroundings, and the sovereignty of the Libyan-people.”

(Mustafa hyperbolic)
16. 10.2015

Benghazi Green Uprising, 1


“Benghazi refused to Akedzhaa next convoy of surgeons from all across Libya, to disarm the cancer-tumor from her liver, to pay today’s price tumor spread in all the members of her body.”


‘Musician’ asks:

“as Mnatm green banner of the rise in Quiche Square.

Stop the missiles that are falling over the houses of innocent people in Quiche,

O O traitors Shaddad prospects.”





The arrest of the most prominent leading role in organization of ‘Daash’, called ‘Murad seven’, after an armed confrontation lasting for hours, inside a residential neighborhood.

Was executed, the terrorist of ‘DAASH’, named ‘Murad sba’, since few in canned farmyard.

Dead and wounded in the bombing of a boat by mistake by Western Naval Forces West of TUBER.


Pharmacy delivery truck

‘Daash’ terrorist organization confiscated a shipment of medicinal-drugs originally headed for a hospital in Tobruk.





Sandstorm accompanied by strong winds on Opunjam area lasted about 5 minutes what led to the uprooting of a large part of ‘the bishop of the station’ and a large tree fell to the outstation equipment,  cracking coatings penetration, and cut off access lines in and out of Zamzam and Abu Najim Opunjam Hun.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

Medium weapons clashes between armed militias at area of Hun in al-Jufra.




Greeted GREEN pilgrims during the Bhagat ceremony in Lanuages on Sunday

Greeted GREEN pilgrims during the ‘Bhagat ceremony’ in Lanuages on Sunday.



al-KUFRA kharijites surrender

Photos group of mercenaries militants Sudanese and Chadian opposition and the number nine gunmen to surrender to one of the sites after closing in on them by the defenders of the men from the soil of the homeland.

Relief convoy coming from Gallo City was on its way to
‘The City of infidels’ in al-Kufra. The ‘Tazerbo’ entered the town last night after a Chadian armed group prevented them from continuing their passage to al-Kufra.



The new neighborhood schools in Sabha, have attached a study there until further notice ..


in protest against an ‘armed militia’ who stormed the headquarters of the ‘unit of veterinary health center’ in the neighborhood, and took it as their base of operations !

VET CENTER taken over by Terrorist Militia

Robbery ‘Ali Bashir’ Secretary of the population Gardah (SABHA), as he was dismantling his car this morning.





“Tgayat (offered me a bribe of) 400 billion from the Gulf states to change my attitude!, and Akny not Asaom on humanitarian,
and we created for peace !!”



French President Francois Hollande:

“We tried to escalate in the face of Putin’s money. We heard afford hearing.”

 Pirate FrançoisHollande

(The harsh tone of Hollande).


Putin w sub


“If you want to stop the bombardment of organizations that Tzmoha
Moderate, but what you bring down Russian aircraft and then Feltqa war.
Do you ask the Russian state and when you bomb that destroyed the Arab country Libya.”


putin-erdogan-car-sultan Putin vs Erdogen Putin and Erdogen, 1

‘Knight Libyan’, writes :

Bear tame al-Sjawq

Russian Bear Putin sends signals to the Turkish moron (ERDOGEN) that he also mastered the hunt-prey from thousands of kilometers away, to win his battles

also fluent in political maneuvers because it is an ancient school graduate intelligence.

Breakthrough Turkish airspace was serious and strong message, especially as they were on the brigade al-Oskndoren who knows the Russian bear grave historic truth being occupied Syrian territory from Turkey since 1939.

The message penetrate the atmosphere that if Turkey did not stop supporting terrorist groups secretly, and did not close its borders to the terrorists, the Russian bear a good reader of the history of the region, will support the open Brigade occupied Iskenderun file.

And has the ability to be settled in favor of the Syrians in the United Nations, including the presence of have powered the Eastern bloc and the BRICS group

or militarily settled Balsuhui Kleber and the system of the Caspian Sea. Iskenderun and his fate will be like the Crimea, which ended in the defeat of his opponents and exit conducting tails defeat.

Task successfully penetrate Sukhoi par excellence. Istanbul fool to not understand the message, and is terrified. And contented himself with watching the West (Action) amazement. And go to the restoration of Syrian cities in high spirits.

Pigs, provided only crying in the Gulf Drifter …


‘Daash’ announce the second man in the killing, with an audio recording in their hoodlum organization:

and vows to defeat in Russia in Syria.

DAASH exectes Iraqi citizen in Iraq


“Russia” and accuses expose “the United States and Britain” that they provided members of State Regulation terrorists of “Daash”, with innumerable cars. Toyota is demanding “a real investigation, rather than written stories”.


Russia, including some of the positions which we have seen of abandonment or absence of positions, at different stages, for some of the events in the Arab region. Regardless of the justification
But throughout its history it has never become accustomed to lying.
To find the most vulnerable people, or the target close to Russia, in hopes to return to the international arena ,to end the unipolar who tamper with the interests of the people and destabilized it underhanded, by controlling of its ways.

Because the Russians have Aakzbon Ntqgua fact that the West did not say it, but timidly and will not dare to even saying, that the Wahhabi-Arabs and even some Libyans, were accomplices with the Western system and policies.

The content of the Russian message. It is that Libya fell to a Western Evil Greedy plot. Russia has been shot down, for wants to stop the spread chaos. Those who participated in the overthrow of the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’, are either traitors or Amadhok the West. More importantly, it is an indication that Libya was a safety valve (strong in the region with its system and its wise leadership). The region was not only stabile, its stabilized. And that the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ strategy, will not be far away from our (RUSSIA’s) strategy.

The conclusion of the dupes .. Forget flashy logos and zoom deceptive and panting behind the illusion. The whole world knows the truth, as we teach. And what has been said of the Russians, and some Western leaders in some of the leaks and notes, will be taught in history classes in all its details in the curriculum Bcoahidh, and his arguments.

You will be just stupid in these details. Get up from Spatk before Egervk torrent truth; and your use of those who rode on your back and (GfK) before the others …

(‘Knight Libyan’)
“Knight and Men”





Sudan sends heavy weaponry, mercenaries to DAASH in Sirte


finally admits her mercenary ‘REBELS’ ARE FIGHTING ALONG WITH THE TERRORISTS AND ‘DAASH’ IN LIBYA; AND THAT BASHIR is supporting them.

Brotherhood leaders HAMAD and BASHIR (QATAR and SUDAN) at Arab summit

Sudanese President Amr al-Bashir, reveals the presence of Sudanese ‘rebels’ fighting with terrorist groups in Libya and the State of South Sudan.

Ya Salam actually the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ has become a farce thanks Jardan
Anchallah fulfill the Bazkm O traitors…

(‘Militant Arabism’)

picture of the planes sold to ‘Roma Libya’ from Sudan:



The House of Saud laudets Bernardino Léon and the ‘accord’ dumped on LIBYA…
The SAUDIIS and the ‘HOODS’


el-Saud welcome to reaching an agreement to form a ‘national unity government’ in Libya.
(After Khrepettoha O tails Zionists)

Indeed. Léon dialogue failed after the loss of a full year of panting and fantasies
Internationally (clear to dodge all the United Nations and slag envoys and insult
West Libyan ambassadors for each matter)
Arab (full deficit and Otbthb stage.

They are among conspirator incites and supports to increase the crisis, such as Qatar and the UAE and the horns and tools Ataathrk only at the behest of the West.. Egypt has its problems. And Algeria distance itself in order to preserve its security. The university paid and under orders at lightning speed abolished the decision of the Arab force after Western Communications).

Congress (and stupid and hired Msalehyan) but my Lord Marhm
Dignity (unable to achieve anything on the ground. So that triumphed in Benghazi, there are dozens of cities dominated by terrorism and armed gangs and the need for many years and billions of money compared to the Maoanajth of Zmn.oomkanyat in Benghazi)


Alternative for ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab government’, will be a ‘Brotherhood’ disaster. The data for the dignity and promises of new operations and new appointments will not be made little triumph.

Popular and controversial amid constant congestion and worsening crises of electricity so that the bread and salary and fuel.

Also the West succeeded in prolonging the crisis and will continue to be the ‘puppet government is trying to give it legitimacy’ formality; but, it lacks the capabilities and safety mechanisms amidst its mosaic of regional-terrorist militias,

and other other matters of self-interest have penetrated and became known how to manage a game of pressure and blackmail and use.

It is evident that everyone is going on in a vicious circle, and ranges in the same place Bmsknat, and promises turned out to be a pipe dream, starting from transitional to the temporary, and even (so-called) ‘harmonic governments’, are not only fragile, but are racing by everyone, to plunder the funds for their persomal use and knowledge (as a temporary lack of oversight and accountability institutions), with a ‘mock’ judiciary façade of ‘law’.

So Mahal .. The solution is the Libyan people. Swirling around the inside of the Libyan Army and re-real Bkiedath in coordination with one another, a battle kicks off in all regions of Libya.

And make ‘the tribes of the Conference’, leading the transitional phase,  after the end of the formal ‘Council of Tobruk’ (MAJLIS al-Nuwaab).

By the West’s abolition of the green-flag and ‘Allah over all’ anthem, disputed popularly is even then impossible for the homeland to recover around such a referendum.

These bold and courageous steps to cut the road in front of all the conspirators internally and externally, must be applied to put everyone on the right track;

but by everything else, these foreign, alien-relievers largely have prolonged the crisis, and the destruction of more losses, and the loss of time and effort just …

(‘Knight Libyan’)

Ofcourse ‘Roma Libya’ militias supports ‘the self-styled government of hypocrisy’ led by Fayez OS…because they are all ‘HOODS’ !



Algeria declares that its border with Libya will remain open for humanitarian reasons.

There congradulated a front for the issuance of the terrorist ‘DAASH’ organizations, for their “victorious” ‘Daash’ terrorist factions striving hard row in each of the Yemen, Libya and Algeria.



young radicals entering in from Tunisia

250 Tunisian terrorists belonging to the terrorist organization ‘Daash’, have moved to Libya since the start of Russian operations.
This Jerusalem defiled by pigs Zionists, my dogs, I was right to fire on you, Mo right on every single stop with the ‘plight of 17 February’ and still tells about Nfssoa, son of Libya Rak, what differentiated from ‘DAASH’.

O swore allegiance to your home country.


Melcaat group Sabratha kidnappers, and one from Ben Guerdane, yesterday Ashan heck drunk way



Close by the link between the RAS Worthy and the head of Ben Guerdane al-Zacharh ..

Tunisian security arrested “Hasin al-Zuda”, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha, at the ‘Airport Qirtaj-ata’ (CARTHAGE AIRPORT) in the Tunis capital.


The release of the terrorist ‘Hussein Thawadi’, leader of the Libyan Fighting group (loyal to their base) and the dean of the municipality of Sabratha, held in Tunisia, for the release of 57 Tunisian workers in Libya.

PICTURE: Hasin al-Zuda, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha, after visiting Turkey:
Hasin al-Zuda, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha after visiting Turkey

Carthage airport in Tunis

The release of detainees in Tunisia, from Sabratha
who have been detained by Melcaat Sabratha, coming after the arrest of the mayor of Sabratha, by Tunisian police

after evidence of his involvement in the recruitment of terrorists from Tunisia (whom he takes to Sabratha).



The ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’ have destroyed the second warship in the Red Sea at Bab al-Mandab area with a sea-surface missile.

The Yemeni forces keep also shooting down the Saudi American spy drones of different types.


SAUDI SPY-drone downed by Yemeni

In other hand, the Yemeni forces are keeping advance inside the land
Saudi in Jizan, Najran and Asir .. inside its cities and villages,

Yemeni successful in stopping SAUDI advancing forces

Yemeni successful in stopping SAUDI advancing forces, 2

destroying the Saudi vehicles (American made) of different types.


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a ajouté 5 nouvelles photos.


Today in my home province (Dhamar) against the Sauid American aggression.

The people are still in the full readiness everywhere in Yemen.

Don’t worry .. Don’t let the American Media makes your view about Yemen or any other country !

Look carefully and deeply, and you will see everything going to the best result, by the grace of Allah .. who always supports oppressed people who defend themselves (The right Jihad).


REVOLUTIONARY COMMITTEE Leader, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi:



Keep going. Be brave and Strong. Lose people through martyrdom but Never lose grip of winners. Attach strongly with Allah set.
_ Young sons region withstand the withdrawal of the Directorate of Eyal Srih Omran province  declare Astefaffhm with the Sons of Yemen support The tribe and Adhenwn morning millions to sign the Campaign Document tribal honor

(News of the Yemeni revolution – youth withstand “Change Square” of Yemen:

Youth withstand | District Directorate pull Eyal Srih Amran governorate sons declare Astefaffhm with ‘the Sons of Yemen’ in support of the tribe and Adhenwn morning millions to sign a document of honor tribal campaign ..)

Breaking & very Important:-
A new speech for the leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed AbdulMalek al-Houthi tonight at 7:30 pm, 4;30 GMT.
Be tuned for the important speech, dear brothers and sisters.
It is the 52nd anniversary of 14 October 1963 Revolution which defeated out the Britain invaders from Yemen.


Yemeni Armed Forces announce the firing of a Scud missile targeting Khamis Moshait Airbase in southern Saudi Arabia. A scud missile launched from Yemen to “King Khalid” air base at ‘Khamis Meshait’ in Asir, where Israel moved its missile to there.

A video for launching a scud missile early in the morning,
from Yemen to “King Khalid” Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir.

Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase.

The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli “boeing 747” transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait.

The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.
A video for launching a #scud missile early in the morning, from Yemen to “King Khalid” Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir. Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase. The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli “boeing 747” transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait. The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.
A scud missile from Yemen to Kham

A video for launching a #scud missile early in the morning, from Yemen to "King Khalid" Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir. Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase. The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli "boeing 747" transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait. The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.

A scud missile from Yemen to Kham

Green struggle mail
Yemeni Army hits SAUDI BASE

Yemeni army announced the launch of ballistic missile hits a Saudi military base in the heart of the Kingdom




Yemeni forces shot down an F16 war plane at Ghamer in Sa’ada province with a guided missile.



…And it Continues….


(ABOVE) QATARI RATS greet Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

Plot of the Americans and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood demons ….. !!!
(“Knight and Men”)

A trip by a head of state rats Léon to Misurata and Tripoli for consultations on the Secretary of the Interior and Minister of Defense and shame to the Government of the names put forward for the defense:
● called Yousef Mangoush.
The names put forward for the Interior:
● called Ashour Hoael.
● named Abdelhakim Belhadj.

Bernardino Léon Gross and Belhadj, best pals
Foreign names put forward:
Ebric Souissi named ambassador to Libya in Poland.
● called Kikhia currently ambassador.
● called Mohammed Abdulaziz al-Zentani Foreign Minister Ali Zaidane with Rat.
● called Mohammed Doma member resigned from ‘Allaotunai Conference’.
It is possible to visit Misratah and most likely it will not enter into Tripoli after Riisalematmr ‘Allaotunai’ threats….
What a shame shame after a government formed by Léon temperament.
(“Knight and Men”)


Hachtaq for publication ..
>>> # To N_ndf_llmstghlin <<<

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

هاشتاق للنشر..

>>> #لن_ندفع_للمستغلين <<<

شارك المنشور


“DAASH” ready to ‘take-over’:



Gathered a group of employees of the organization of the Islamic state of ‘DAASH’ for the towns for Sabratha, corner, and in the vicinity of the port of Misurata. They are waiting for the starting across the bulldozers to the city of Benghazi.




Tiran al-Brac


Travel to Tunisia on Libyan passports conditions are as follows

1 are not accepted and the green passport issued in the year 2014. Travel

2 are not accepted new passport-mail and written statements by hand.

3 are not accepted Green Passport, which is the date of issuance more than 8 years.

4 should not exceed the age of traveling with the passport with the mother or with the father for five years. And children who have age greater than 5 years must have a passport own travel.

5 are not accepted passport (green), which was renovated in 2014, the duration over a year.

6 must be Bhawwaz traveling and that there is a number to be stamped on

Figure automated.

Based on these conditions.

(Please travelers gentlemen abide by these points so as not to pin them from Carthage Airport.)


[“Knight and Men”]

Radio Mosaique FM Tunisia:

Tunis Carthage Airport :

suspicious object in tuning package on board a Libyan plane.


Tunisian rotten eggs trying to be sold in Libya

‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 2 nouvelles photos.

We have successfully captured a shipment of the next rotten eggs from Tunisia to Libya

Mow truck loaded with Libyan my rotten eggs by the security band in the corner was heading to Tripoli, entered the health of the crossing with forged papers.

after it has been reported to him via the page RAS IGDIR (header Ajdir Facebook) crossing run by the youth of the city of Ben Guerdane, Tunisia

and invite them to continue to expose these thieves, criminals

and you pay from God and salute and respect from all the people of Libya ..

Thanks for men Patriots.









The reopening of the ‘coastal road’, which has been closed, after CORNER militias protested the need for unpaid wages, not issued to them for several months.


Arrested ‘Cbr mjerm’ of Janzour from an area within the administrative boundaries of the area al-Jafarah Day (yesterday). He is accused of burning Mnazl of Rishvana.

(“Knight and Men”)

B.afrenaj region’s seven day Tripoli.
(“Knight and Men”)


The kidnapping of a young girl claims Maram Ahmed Abdullah Mizdah of is recalled optical area (Alcimafro) gypsum in the Libyan capital Tripoli, where the girl, aged fifteen-year-old born in 2000 was kidnapped after he left her parents’ home directly ten o’clock this morning this number and the girl’s father in the case has been viewed anywhere
Please circular signifier Ali Sher good as actors in the goodness




Camels in Zintan
children of Zintan

Foreig nas away from the war; and Jaddalayat Policy:

cycling in Zintan

Life inside of Zintan

Lens: Photos by ‘Mohammed Leo’

The Zintani horsemen:

The Zintani horsemen





Evil lurking to stab good in the back
The killing of ‘Sheikh Naji Ali Majidi’, imam of a mosque in times Hachana.
(“Knight and Men”)




lost electric and communications

Continued uninterrupted all means of communication for the city of Sirte, the fourteenth day in a row.

‘Daash’ terrorist organization devoted formerly General People’s Congress building, which is located behind the complex halls and Acadouko based the so-called Office of calculation and creates a prison in one of the halls on the ground floor of the building.


News of the bombing by Libyan warplanes to sites of Daash in the Nofaliya area.


battling war tanks


Violent clashes taking place in the city of Benghazi with tanks between rival militias al-Fberaarah power.






Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

The truth about the number of “Marib operation” injures:
300 killed (Saudis, UAE, Bahrinis and loyal Yemenis).
770 wounded.

This is confirmed by military Yemeni sources, and now by Saudi sources.

Qatar‬ announced sending forces to Yemen‬ with its full military equipments.

Qatar is a patsy for the USA. It harbors the largest American airbase, Al Udeid, in the entire world…and technically, it was Qatar who financed the “Libyan” CIA-led ‘uprising’ in 2011.





Saudi Arabia issued a prison sentence and whipping against a Yemeni citizen who supports ‘Ansar Allah’ while he was on pilgrimage in Mecca !

This is a video for him inside Mecca .. which belongs to all Muslims, not only Saudis !!

Is Saudi Arabia allowed to do that against him ??


Saudi Arabia is obstructing Yemenis of Hajj.

‘Yemeni Ministry of Endowments’ said.

Endowments confirm the unresponsiveness of the Saudi side with demands on his 1436 pilgrimage season


[07 / September / 2015]
Sana’a (Saba) –

 Ministry of Endowments and Guidance issued today explanatory statement on the latest action with the Saudi side on the pilgrimage season for the current year .. confirmed the absence of any replies or indications that Saudi authorities have responded to the demands made by the ministry.

The ministry said in a statement received by Yemen News Agency (SABA) a copy of it, “he had not been officially response from the Saudi side to the demands made by the ministry, and we have received only promises and assurances from some parties and leaders involved in Hajj Affairs in the Kingdom contradict each other, have we got to the last days of the month of Dhul There are tasks still remaining related pilgrims services and the need for weeks to complete, which shows beyond any doubt the lack of response from the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of the affairs of the pilgrims, and will lead to the obstruction of the performance of pilgrims Yemeni Hajj this year. “

The ministry confirmed that it has developed all internal and external arrangements for the Hajj season in 1436 AH and effort and dedication unrivaled, in spite of all the many and enormous obstacles, and under exceptional conditions extremely complex, has been communicating with the Saudi side since early on the completion of the procedures and services provided to Yemeni pilgrims have been demanding the observance of the situation extraordinary through which our country to be able to pilgrims Yemenis from performing Hajj this year with ease, and committed to the ministry of the Saudi side to implement all the safeguards and procedures and conditions that require implementation in order to perform Yemeni rituals with ease, but he is not responding to yet.

The ministry said in a statement that it worked – and will Doma- and never on that statute and pilgrimage remains and other religious rituals are far from political conflicts .. pointing out that the leadership of the ministry and stakeholders in the Hajj and Umrah sector has made strenuous efforts for the sake of security of pilgrims registered investigate the performance one of his obligatory year has spared no effort to do so.

She expressed thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the Hajj and Umrah sector ministry and all its employees for their efforts and dedication unrivaled for the sake of the pilgrims service under this extraordinary situation through which our country .. also expressed thanks to all those who contributed in order to overcome the obstacles in front of the Yemeni pilgrims both from within the country or from abroad.

The ministry praised the majority of the approved facilities for gathering point for efforts except a few of them that have hurt the rights of Yemeni pilgrims and vowed that the ministry held them accountable.

She reassured the Ministry of Endowments and Guidance brothers pilgrims to the Hajj and Umrah sector has worked since the early to preserve their rights and money paid to agencies, through the supply of those Muslim amounts of them to their own in the bank accounts and have recovered from it or any of its branches and have recovered from the bank directly whenever they wish and without any intermediary .. he confirmed that he will have the priority in the Hajj next year in Hal- Allah forbid, failure to complete the pilgrimage season in 1436 his actions .. wishing everyone be patient and sensor circumstance that our country is going through.

The statement reads as follows:

Statement of the Ministry of Endowments and Guidance text Yemeni pilgrims about the procedures and the actions of Hajj season of 1436 AH

Due to act by our religious and national responsibility to facilitate the work of the Hajj and Umrah procedures and enable wishing Yemenis from performing the Hajj this season 1436 e easily and conveniently under the extraordinary situation through which our country this year, we have worked and we followed with great interest what was done by the ministry, it represented Hajj and Umrah sector of redouble efforts in critical times and exceptional conditions are no longer obvious one, and despite a lot of big and enormous obstacles that have been taken, but all the steps and procedures and business entrusted to the ministry distinction unrivaled and which ones the following:

1. completion of last season, filter and evaluate the performance of companies, enterprises and those involved in it.

2. preparation, arranging and processing of the work of the season, including the signing of the agreements relating to his 1436 pilgrimage season with the Saudi side in a timely manner so precisely and March 2015.

3. have been approved list of required cost of each pilgrim and a reduction from last year at all levels in recognition of the situation experienced by the Yemeni citizens during this period where it was reducing the amount of 1320 SAR of the costs required in the Premier level and the amount of SR 800 in the first level and the amount of SR 500 Saudi economic level.

4. Review the instructions and controls recording Ahadja c and the development of requirements and specifications to be provided to pilgrims by Almvugh installations and stakeholders were announced deadlines so in accordance with the regulations, instructions, agreements and instructions issued by the ministry and the Saudi authorities.

5. The quota distribution for the Republic of Yemen the number of pilgrims from all over the governorates of the Republic by the census each province proportion and fit.

6. it was announced that all the installations and which succeeded in the past to assess the enlarged business and call Yemeni citizens who wish to perform the obligatory registration in accordance with the instructions, conditions and controls, which announced in detail in the official media.

7. The development and modernization of processing and automated system for all work on the pilgrimage and the provision of equipment and automated systems to cope with the developments required by the concerned authorities in the Kingdom.

8. The coordination and sign the statements and agreements with Yemen Airways and the preparation of the required conditions and controls of wild tanker companies wishing to participate and the transfer of pilgrims and put all the arrangements related thereto and announced officially.

9. Applicants have been registered so that the supply of which amounts to the bank on behalf of all pilgrims on the unit was upgraded data through the automated system then your pilgrimage imposed system eBook track work done by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

10. The regulators names assigned to their complete Abram and document services contracts in the holy land procedures, which include representatives from accredited facilities to participate in the Altvoaj and specialists involved from the ministry (of Hajj and Umrah sector) was the follow-up of the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi request passports visa to be able to arrange the pilgrims Services lift in the holy land since early this regard we have been communicating through various means and explained to them the need to accelerate in so little time but unfortunately no response or reply to it at all.

11. was prepared coupes official mission as is the case and the usual in each year as the preparation and processing supervisors and supervisory committees of the Office of the affairs of pilgrims Yemen assigned to them greeted pilgrims in ports service and service delivery in housing, camps, transportation and supervision services business and others.

12. The development of appropriate solutions to problematic and constraints that exist within the Republic of Yemen in order to achieve full implementation of facilities for business communication and coordination with all concerned parties in the Republic of Yemen.

13. have been communicating with the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Foundation Raft and General Cars Syndicate and stakeholders since early times, and over the past months on the order of all services related Bhaggag Yemen for this season and that was through direct meetings by competent leaders and stakeholders in the ministry or through letters written or through the means of communication and various communication or via the Consulate of the Republic of Yemen in Jeddah, including communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom and the Saudi Embassy in Yemen, represented by the Saudi Ambassador and Consul General of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sana’a and so on to make all the arrangements for the Bhaggag Yemen and services required for submission to the pilgrims and make the necessary arrangements for that since Times early and we asked to observe the extraordinary situation through which our country to be able to pilgrims Yemenis perform the Hajj this season, easily and without any constraints and committed to the ministry of the Saudi side to implement all the guarantees and procedures and conditions that require implementation in order to perform the pilgrims Yemeni rituals smoothly and without obstacles and those claims that have been submitted to the concerned authorities in the Kingdom as follows:

1. speed up the marking passports organizers entrusted their services and the conclusion of the processing and documentation of special agreements, transportation and subsistence housing and other services in accordance with the agreements signed with the Saudi side.

2. provide us with the necessary passports of pilgrims to mark and identify the consulate or the appropriate office to implement that automatically arrangements in the absence of the Saudi Embassy and the lack of its presence in the Republic of Yemen.

3. In light of the extraordinary situation through which our country has claim to exempt Yemen from the conditions that have been added to the track-mail this season for the first time and the acceptance of pilgrims filed data across the track and the issuance of approvals similar to pilgrims last year and to provide specialists in the Hajj and Umrah sector power to the system as usual.

4. Identify and open land and air ports to a gathering point for pilgrims through these ports in accordance with the agreements signed.

5. allow the transfer of own funds through banks which are dealt with in each year, which represents the value of housing services, transportation and subsistence between feelings and camp services and employers’ groups, agents, and other services related to the total number of pilgrims Yemeni pilgrims services.

6 – has the claim and the communication on the development of appropriate solutions to those issues and others through a shared vision and taking into account the exceptional situation this season 1436 e

The Ministry has represented the Hajj and Umrah sector coordination with the Yemeni consulate in Jeddah and all parties concerned and responsible leaders at all levels to communicate with the leaders concerned in Saudi Arabia several months ago and until this date.
7. In order to facilitate and overcome the obstacles in front of the pilgrims were approved all proposals and requirements provided by the Saudi side, it has also been giving full cooperation to prepare the various issues and develop solutions for any problem in order to enable pilgrims Yemenis from performing obligatory after that the ministry has completed all the procedures and arrangements and preparations for it .

But unfortunately is not officially respond to something that so far what has been received is promises and assurances from some parties and leaders concerned for the Hajj in Saudi contradict each other with the passage of time has passed for many months and we are waiting for those promises and time was running hour after hour and left a lot of tasks and services related to the pilgrims services in the holy land and is still pending. The need to accomplish weeks and today we are in the last days of the month of a node is that the data and the rationale is clear and beyond any doubt deliberately bodies concerned with Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia in the stall and delay and obstruction in front of the performance of pilgrims Yemeni Hajj this year and have to bear the religious and historical responsibility for it and prevent Yemeni pilgrims to perform the rituals of the ordinance.

We emphasize that the ministry will also always worked and never on that pilgrimage and religious rituals remain a far cry from conflicts and political differences at all levels internally and externally and committed to this without the influence of any party.

We also emphasize our thanks and appreciation to the Gaza Hajj and Umrah ministry’s various leaders and officials and Mokhtsih on religious and national role filled it with great sacrifice and selfless dedication and unrivaled for the sake of the pilgrims service under the exceptional situation in every sense of the word.

We also emphasize the thanks and appreciation of the various leaders and those who contributed to it, whether actors and institutions within the Republic or abroad, and we thank the most accredited facilities to participate in the gathering point for pilgrims Yemenis who have contributed to an active contribution towards the service of pilgrims and ensure the performance of their obligatory smoothly and easily as we have to draw from During this clarification, hope and the gospel of citizens who have applied for registration to perform the obligatory prayers that the leadership of the ministry and stakeholders in the Hajj and Umrah sector have done everything in their power to achieve Omnatkm to perform the Hajj this year and did not spare no effort for the sake of it.

We hope that our children and our brothers and our sons pilgrims to be patient worked Hajj and Umrah sector to preserve your rights and money paid to the bank through the supply of funds on behalf of each pilgrim separately It is your right be restored through the bank directly and from any branch of the bank without intermediary in accordance with the voucher registration and notification supply and assure you that it will be a priority during the pilgrimage next year, God willing, those who have registered this year, without exception.
We ask everyone to be patient and deliver it to Allah and ask Allah to write us and you pay and reward.

Saba (SANA’A)

Hadj pilgrimage

الأوقاف تؤكد عدم تجاوب الجانب السعودي مع مطالبها بشأن موسم الحج 1436هـ


صنعاء – سبأنت:

أصدرت وزارة الأوقاف والإرشاد اليوم بياناً توضيحياً حول آخر ما توصلت إليه من إجراءات مع الجانب السعودي بشأن موسم الحج للعام الجاري.. مؤكدة عدم وجود أي ردود أو مؤشرات تدل على تجاوب السلطات السعودية مع المطالب المقدمة من الوزارة.

وقالت الوزارة في بيان تلقت وكالة الأنباء اليمنية (سبأ) نسخة منه ” إنه لم يتم الرد رسمياً من الجانب السعودي على المطالب التي تقدمت بها الوزارة، وما تلقيناه مجرد وعود وتطمينات من بعض الجهات والقيادات المعنية في شؤون الحج في المملكة تناقض بعضها بعضاً، وقد وصلنا إلى الأيام الأخيرة من شهر ذي القعدة وهناك مهام لا زالت متبقية متعلقة بخدمات الحجاج وتحتاج لأسابيع لإنجازها، الأمر الذي يدل وبما لا يدع مجالاً للشك عدم التجاوب من قبل الجهات المعنية في المملكة بشؤون الحجاج، وسيؤدي إلى عرقلة أداء الحجاج اليمنيين للفريضة هذا العام” .

وأكدت الوزارة أنها قامت بوضع جميع الترتيبات الداخلية والخارجية لأعمال موسم الحج 1436هـ وبجهد وتفانٍ منقطع النظير، رغم كل المعوقات الكثيرة والهائلة، وفي ظل أوضاع استثنائية بالغة التعقيد، وتم التواصل مع الجانب السعودي منذ وقت مبكر بشأن استكمال الإجراءات والخدمات المقدمة للحجاج اليمنيين وتم مطالبته بمراعاة الوضع الاستثنائي الذي تمر به بلادنا ليتمكن الحجاج اليمنيون من أداء النُسك هذا العام بكل سهولة ويُسر، والتزمت الوزارة للجانب السعودي بتنفيذ جميع الضمانات والإجراءات والشروط التي يتطلب تنفيذها في سبيل أداء اليمنيين للمناسك بكل سهولة ويسر، إلا انه لم يتم التجاوب معها حتى الآن.

واوضحت الوزارة في بيانها إنها عملت – وستعمل دوما- وأبداً على أن تظل فريضة والحج وغيرها من الشعائر الدينية بعيدة كل البعد عن الصراعات السياسية.. مشيرة إلى أن قيادة الوزارة والمعنيين في قطاع الحج والعمرة قد بذلوا جهوداً مضنية في سبيل تحقيق أمنية الحجاج المسجلين في أداء الفريضة له1ا العام ولم تدخر جهداً في سبيل ذلك.

وعبرت عن شكرها وتقديرها لقيادة قطاع الحج والعمرة بالوزارة وجميع العاملين فيه على ما بذلوه من جهود وتفانٍ منقطع النظير في سبيل خدمة حجاج بيت الله الحرام في ظل هذا الوضع الاستثنائي الذي تمر به بلادنا.. كما عبرت عن شكرها لجميع الجهات التي ساهمت في سبيل تذليل العقبات أمام الحجاج اليمنيين سواء من داخل الوطن أو من خارجه.

وثمنت الوزارة جهود معظم المنشآت المعتمدة للتفويج باستثناء القليل منها التي أضرت بحقوق الحجاج اليمنيين والتي توعدت الوزارة بمحاسبتها.

وطمأنت وزارة الأوقاف والإرشاد الإخوة الحجاج بأن قطاع الحج والعمرة قد عمل ومنذ وقت مبكر على الحفاظ على حقوقهم وأموالهم المدفوعة للوكالات، من خلال توريد تلك المبالغ المسلمة منهم إلى حسابات خاصة بهم في البنك ولهم استردادها منه أو أي من فروعه ولهم استردادها من البنك مباشرة متى شاؤوا ودون أي وسيط .. مؤكدة بأنه ستكون لهم الأولوية في الحج خلال العام القادم في حال- لا سمح الله- عدم استكمال إجراءات موسم الحج 1436هـ.. متمنية من الجميع التحلي بالصبر واستشعار الظرف الذي تمر به بلادنا.

وفيما يلي نص البيان :

نص بيان وزارة الأوقاف والإرشاد حول إجراءات الحجاج اليمنيين وأعمال الحج لموسم 1436ه

نظرا لما تمليه علينا المسئولية الدينية والوطنية لتسهيل إجراءات أعمال الحج والعمرة وتمكين الراغبين من اليمنيين من أداء فريضة الحج خلال هذا الموسم 1436هـ بسهولة ويسر في ظل الوضع الاستثنائي الذي تمر به بلادنا هذا العام فقد عملنا وتابعنا باهتمام بالغ ما قامت به الوزارة ممثلة بقطاع الحج والعمرة من جهود مضاعفة وفي أوقات حرجة وأوضاع استثنائية لم تعد تخفى على احد، ورغم الكثير من المعوقات الكبيرة والهائلة أمام ذلك إلا تم اتخاذ كل الإجراءات والخطوات والأعمال المناطة بالوزارة بتميز منقطع النظير والتي منها الآتي :

1. استكمال تصفية أعمال الموسم الماضي وتقييم أداء الشركات والمنشآت والجهات المشاركة فيه .

2. الإعداد والترتيب والتجهيز لأعمال الموسم بما في ذلك توقيع الاتفاقيات المتعلقة بموسم حج 1436 هـ مع الجانب السعودي في المواعيد المحددة لذلك وبالتحديد شهر مارس 2015 م .

3. تم إقرار قائمة التكاليف المطلوبة من كل حاج وبتخفيض عن العام الماضي في كل المستويات تقديراً للوضع الذي يعيشه المواطن اليمني خلال هذه الفترة حيث تم تخفيض مبلغ 1320 ريال سعودي من التكاليف المطلوبة في المستوى الممتاز ومبلغ 800 ريال سعودي في المستوى الأول و مبلغ 500 ريال سعودي من المستوى الاقتصادي .

4. تم مراجعة تعليمات وضوابط تسجيل الحجا ج ووضع الشروط والمواصفات المطلوب تقديمها للحجاج من قبل المنشآت المفوجة والجهات المعنية وتم الإعلان عن المواعيد الزمنية المحددة لذلك طبقاً للضوابط والتعليمات والاتفاقيات والتعليمات الصادرة عن الوزارة والسلطات السعودية .

5. تم توزيع الحصة المحددة للجمهورية اليمنية من أعداد الحجاج على جميع محافظات الجمهورية حسب التعداد السكاني لكل محافظة نسبة وتناسب .

6. تم الإعلان عن كل ذلك وعن المنشآت التي نجحت في تقييم أعمال الموسع الماضي ودعوة المواطنين اليمنيين الراغبين بأداء الفريضة بالتسجيل وفقاً للتعليمات والشروط والضوابط التي أعلنت تفصيلاً في وسائل الإعلام الرسمية .

7. تم تطوير وتحديث وتجهيز النظام الآلي لجميع الأعمال المتعلقة بالحج وتوفير التجهيزات والأنظمة الآلية بما يتواكب مع المستجدات المطلوبة من قبل الجهات المعنية في المملكة .

8. تم التنسيق وتوقيع المحاضر والاتفاقيات مع الخطوط الجوية اليمنية وإعداد الشروط والضوابط المطلوبة من الشركات الناقلة البرية والراغبة بالمشاركة بنقل الحجاج ووضعت جميع الترتيبات المتعلقة بذلك وأعلن عنها رسمياً .

9. تم تسجيل المتقدمين بذلك والتي منها توريد المبالغ إلى البنك باسم كل حاج على حدة وتم رفع البيانات عبر النظام الآلي ثم المسار الاليكتروني الخاص بنظام الحج المفروض العمل به من قبل وزارة الحج بالمملكة .

10. تم رفع أسماء المنظمين المناط بهم استكمال إجراءات أبرام وتوثيق عقود الخدمات في الأراضي المقدسة والذي يشملون ممثلين عن المنشآت المعتمدة للمشاركة في التفويج ومختصين معنيين من الوزارة (قطاع الحج والعمرة) وتم متابعة وزارة الحج في المملكة بطلب تأشيرة جوازاتهم ليتمكنوا من القيام بترتيب خدمات الحجاج في الأراضي المقدسة منذ وقت مبكر وتم التواصل بهذا الشأن بمختلف الوسائل وشرحنا لهم ضرورة الإسراع في ذلك لضيق الوقت إلا انه وللأسف لم يتم التجاوب أو الرد على ذلك على الإطلاق .

11. تم إعداد كشوفات البعثة الرسمية كما هو متبع ومعتاد في كل عام كما تم إعداد وتجهيز المشرفين واللجان الإشرافية التابعين لمكتب شئون حجاج اليمن المناط بهم خدمة استقبال الحجاج في المنافذ وتقديم الخدمات في المساكن والمخيمات والنقل وخدمات الإشراف على الأعمال وغيرها .

12. تم وضع الحلول المناسبة للإشكالات والمعوقات القائمة داخل الجمهورية اليمنية بما يحقق التسهيلات الكاملة لتنفيذ الأعمال بالتواصل والتنسيق مع كافة الجهات المعنية داخل الجمهورية اليمنية .

13. تم التواصل مع وزارة الحج بالمملكة ومؤسسة الطوافة والنقابة العامة للسيارات والجهات المعنية منذ أوقات مبكرة وعلى مدى الأشهر الماضية بشأن ترتيب كافة الخدمات المتعلقة بحجاج اليمن لهذا الموسم وكان ذلك من خلال اللقاءات المباشرة من قبل القيادات المختصة والمعنيين في الوزارة أو من خلال الخطابات المكتوبة أو عبر وسائل الاتصالات والتواصل المختلفة أو عبر قنصلية الجمهورية اليمنية في جدة بما في ذلك التواصل مع وزارة الخارجية بالمملكة والسفارة السعودية في اليمن ممثلة بالسفير السعودي والقنصل العام لسفارة المملكة بصنعاء وذلك بشأن إجراء كافة الترتيبات المتعلقة بحجاج اليمن والخدمات المطلوبة تقديمها للحجاج وإجراء الترتيبات اللازمة لذلك منذ أوقات مبكرة وطالبنا بمراعاة الوضع الاستثنائي الذي تمر به بلادنا ليتمكن الحجاج اليمنيين من أداء الفريضة هذا الموسم بسهولة ويسر وبدون أي معوقات والتزمت الوزارة للجانب السعودي بتنفيذ كل الضمانات والإجراءات والشروط التي يتطلب تنفيذها في سبيل أداء الحجاج اليمنيين المناسك بيسر وسهولة وبدون معوقات ومن تلك المطالبات التي تم تقديمها للجهات المعنية في المملكة الآتي :

1- الإسراع في تأشير جوازات المنظمين المناط بهم تجهيز الخدمات وإبرام وتوثيق الاتفاقيات الخاصة بخدمات السكن والنقل والإعاشة وغيرها وفقا للاتفاقيات الموقعة مع الجانب السعودي.

2- موافاتنا بالترتيبات اللازمة لتأشير جوازات الحجاج وتحديد القنصلية أو المكاتب المناسبة لتنفيذ ذلك آليا في ظل غياب السفارة السعودية وعدم تواجدها داخل الجمهورية اليمنية .

3- في ظل الوضع الاستثنائي الذي تمر به بلادنا تمت المطالبة بإعفاء اليمن من الشروط التي أضيفت إلى المسار الإلكتروني هذا الموسم لأول مرة وقبول بيانات الحجاج المرفوعة عبر المسار وإصدار الموافقات للحجاج مماثلة بالعام الماضي وموافاة المختصين في قطاع الحج والعمرة بصلاحية النظام كما هو معتاد .

4- تحديد وفتح المنافذ البرية والجوية لتفويج الحجاج عبر تلك المنافذ وفقا للاتفاقيات الموقعة .

5- السماح بتحويل المبالغ الخاصة بخدمات الحجاج عبر البنوك التي يتم التعامل معها في كل عام والتي تمثل قيمة خدمات السكن والإعاشة والنقل بين المشاعر وخدمات المخيمات وأرباب الطوائف والوكلاء وغيرها من الخدمات المتعلقة بإجمالي عدد الحجاج اليمنيين.

6 – تمت المطالبة والتواصل بشأن وضع الحلول المناسبة لتلك القضايا وغيرها من خلال رؤية مشتركة ومراعاة الوضع الاستثنائي هذا الموسم 1436هـ

وقد عملت الوزارة ممثلة بقطاع الحج والعمرة التنسيق مع القنصلية اليمنية بجدة وكافة الجهات والقيادات المعنية والمسؤولة بمختلف مستوياتها للتواصل مع القيادات المعنية في المملكة العربية السعودية منذ عدة أشهر وحتى هذا التاريخ .
7- من أجل تسهيل وتذليل العوائق أمام الحجاج تمت الموافقة على جميع المقترحات والاشتراطات المقدمة من الجانب السعودي ، كما تم إبداء الاستعداد الكامل التعاون في مختلف القضايا ووضع الحلول لأي مشكلة في سبيل تمكين الحجاج اليمنيين من أداء الفريضة بعد أن استكملت الوزارة كل الإجراءات والترتيبات والاستعدادات لذلك .

ولكن للأسف الشديد لم يتم الرد رسميا على شيء من ذلك حتى الآن وما تم تلقيه هو وعود وتطمينات من بعض الجهات والقيادات المعنية لشؤون الحج في المملكة تناقض بعضها بعضا مع مرور الأيام وقد مرت أشهر عديدة ونحن ننتظر تلك الوعود والوقت يضيق ساعة بعد ساعة وبقي الكثير من المهام والخدمات المتعلقة بخدمات الحجاج في الأراضي المقدسة وما زالت معلقة حتى الآن وتحتاج لإنجازها أسابيع ونحن اليوم في الأيام الأخيرة من شهر ذي العقدة ومن تلك المعطيات والحيثيات يتضح وبما لا يدع مجالا للشك تعمد الجهات المعنية بشؤون الحج والعمرة في السعودية في المماطلة والتأخير والعرقلة أمام أداء الحجاج اليمنيين للفريضة هذا العام وعليهم تحمل المسؤولية الدينية والتاريخية عن ذلك وعن منع الحجاج اليمنيين من أداء مناسك الفريضة.

ونؤكد أن الوزارة عملت كما ستعمل دوما وأبدا على أن تظل فريضة الحج والشعائر الدينية بعيدة كل البعد عن الصراعات والاختلافات السياسية بمختلف مستوياتها داخليا وخارجيا والتزمت بهذا دون تأثير أي طرف كان .

كما نؤكد شكرنا وتقديرنا لقطاع الحج والعمرة بالوزارة بمختلف قياداته ومسؤوليه ومختصية على الدور الديني والوطني الذي أدوه بتضحيات كبيرة وإنكار للذات وتفاني منقطع النظير في سبيل خدمة حجاج بيت الله الحرام في ظل وضع استثنائي بكل ما تعنيه الكلمة من معنى.

كما نؤكد على الشكر والتقدير لمختلف القيادات والجهات التي ساهمت في ذلك سواء كانت جهات ومؤسسات داخل الجمهورية أو خارجها ونخص بالشكر معظم المنشآت المعتمدة للمشاركة في تفويج الحجاج اليمنيين الذين ساهموا إسهاما فاعلا في سبيل خدمة الحجاج والحرص على أدائهم الفريضة بيسر وسهولة كما يتوجب علينا أن نوجه من خلال هذا توضيح ورجاء وبشارة للمواطنين الذين تقدموا للتسجيل لأداء الفريضة أن قيادة الوزارة والمعنيين في قطاع الحج والعمرة قد عملوا كل ما في وسعهم لتحقيق أمنيتكم في أداء الفريضة هذا العام ولم يألوا جهدا في سبيل ذلك .

ونرجو من أبنائنا وإخواننا وأبنائنا الحجاج أن يتحلوا بالصبر وقد عمل قطاع الحج والعمرة بالحفاظ على حقوقكم وأموالكم المدفوعة إلى البنك من خلال توريد مبالغ باسم كل حاج على حدة ومن حقكم استعادتها من خلال البنك مباشرة ومن أي فرع من فروع البنك دون وسيط وفقا لقسيمة التسجيل وإشعار التوريد ، كما نؤكد لكم أنه ستكون الأولوية الحج خلال العام القادم إن شاء الله لمن سجلوا هذا العام بدون استثناء .
ونرجو من الجميع التحلي بالصبر وتسليم الأمر لله ونسأل الله أن يكتب لنا ولكم الأجر والمثوبة .



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