One More Day til the Big Surprise

 Mu Chairman of the African Union

From “GREAT SON” we have:

When he speaks fluent pen … Hears mind … He says to me continued resistance
When he speaks the tongue up to speak of the mind … He says to me continued to hold
When the whispers of the heart and mind says tomorrow, the last day …

Then it will not receive a telegram of condolences of Alritn!!!
Valsamud is Msavta between inhalation and exhalation ….

And then there will not be choking to death because he threatens every two honor my lungs the national {{}} is always my inspiration and expiratory.

Steadfast … Are firm … With God’s help victors ..


This video shows the prime reason why
Muammar al-Qathafi was considered a threat to Western World dominance:

It reveals Muammar’s vision of the Green Book for the entire world…which the good and loving people themselves would all eventually espouse…and HOW it was going to be peacefully done:

when I try to share it, I get the following message from FB!!:

“Votre message ne peut être envoyé car d’autres personnes ont signalé son contenu comme abusif.!!!”


The history of MU’ammar al-Qathafi’s Love of ISLAM:

Muammar al-Qathafi’s Plan as a Great Builder of Islamic Socialism

 (taken from: “al-Qathafi, an Introduction to, by  R-eva sistons” )

An Islamic socialism. Nationalism and religion.

“We reject the partisanship and we want to spread the spirit of Islam is tolerance and mutual understanding,” said Colonel al-Qathafi at a Conference organized by Le Monde in Paris in November 1973 … I think we should respect the nationalism and religions of others too, and consider in particular religions as sacred (..) A nationalism should not try to destroy another … Islam is here only to continue the efforts of mankind to achieve some social justice .. Judaism has neglected everything that is not himself. It is closed on religion itself …. Islam makes no distinction of race or color between men. “

(World Roland Delcour November 27, 1973)

Three months after the GREAT al-Fateh Revolution of Light, Muammar al-Qathafi declared:

“Islam has a universal vocation, it is the source of all progress … Socialism is the temporal instrument of the believer, the political expression of the divine teaching, the only way to achieve to Arab unity and precipitate the demise of imperialism, monopolies and Zionism which all seek to destroy the umma (community of believers and indivisible).”

(Jeandet  Christmas World 09/01/1976)


A mystical activism

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself, in April 1976, gave a speech in Misurata, where he defined the main task:

“Creating an Islamic Socialism, an offshoot of the Muslim nation based on the precepts of the Holy Quran away from exploitative capitalism and totalitarian communism” ….

And in his speech of 12 December 1979, he declared:

 “… Islam is more progressive than all revolutionary ideologies. It defines the norms of a society designed to serve the individual and the community he hath uncovered before all other principles of human rights and worker, the abolition of classes, etc. …And upon the principles of the Holy Quran,the Libyan revolution believes that Islamism inevitably grows to become socialist community. Indeed, the Muslim dogma is both gender equality and equal opportunities. Thus, socialism strictly follow an axis parallel to that of Islam. It is the temporal instrument of the believer, the political expression of the divine teaching, the only way to achieve Arab unity and precipitate the demise of imperialism, monopolies and Zionism all who seek to destroy Umma (the community of believers and indivisible).”

(The World Christmas Jeandet 01 September 1976.)


Re-Instill Respect for the Holy Qur’an throughout the world

 By acting as he did (initiating the World Islamic Call Society and advocating full respect of the Holy Qur’an), Muammar al-Qathafi issued a challenge to Islam, that amount of new responses to the modern world “.

(World-WIDE PB 18 April 1973)

Mu holy writ






the Libyan officials authorized to Washington track # Libya and # Abukhtalh

LITTLE BY LITTLE, all of the colonial Powers are back into LIBYA!


Italian Foreign propose intervention in Libya …

“Martha Dassault” Under the Italian Foreign Ministry let in the hearing before the front of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives European to enter a broad international and international plan similar to the Marshall Plan to pick up the Libya of “dislocation and the state of political paralysis and gang wars and lawlessness and terrorism”…

Italian Foreign: security chaos in Libya Somali-like situation
And the central authorities lost its authority over the country with a full spread of anarchy and lawlessness in various areas controlled by local militias with the outbreak of gang wars and terrorism, the situation was out of control and no longer capable of Directors.

Zaidane denies government involvement in facilitating the abduction wanted Libyans
Atmosphere of the country –

Prime Minister Ali denied Zaidane was quoted sources ” CNN that” that the Libyan officials authorized to Washington arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi and Abukhtalh , stressing that the Libyan government did not allow it and will not allow in the future.

Zaidane pointed to begin electronically monitor the border in cooperation with the Italian government Italian technology relies on aerial surveillance and electronic, pointing out that the surveillance start from Owaynat to Forum Algerian Libyan – Tunisian border .


In the name of God the Merciful
That on the day Tuesday, 10.29.2013 , and in the follow-up of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights to some prisons within the city of Tripoli , the FBI visited the Office of the Attorney General and asking about what has been in the files of some of the detainees in Ain Zara Alruyemi prison, the office reported that there are approximately 600 prisoners Mhalin to the Office of the Attorney General in the lists just so period nearly five months,

and the question about the reasons that hinder the complete investigation, the reply was that there are some reasons due to the prison where refuses to prison to refer the accused to achieve another reason is the lack of members on behalf of sufficient number to directly investigation, and is worth mentioning here that the Minister of Justice says there is a commission of inquiry formed and began its functions (O Mr. Minister, we hear Djajh do not see flour ), as we want to make clear is important is that there is an officer jailed played Ministry called ((( gift ))) practiced investigative functions with the prisoners whenever refined his so called by the Exhortation they were wronged and that their files do not contain sufficient evidence and then bring them back to the cell , and so we do not know the location of this person to express what are the powers and any right to achieve with the defendants and why this act , these questions must be answered by the Office Minister of Justice and transparently.

(Libyan Observatory for Human Rights)

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

The Supreme Council for the rebels Libya renews accused through his official Facebook of former Interior Minister Ashour Hoael

of being behind the bombings and their prior knowledge without taking any action.


Witnessed protests against the presence of Amr Moussa of the Arab League meeting

Arab member of parliament ……

Libyan Ibrahim witnessed objected to the presence of Amr Moussa without prescription.


صهد يحتج على حضور عمرو موسى لجلسة الجامعة العربيةبنت الوادي
عضو البرلمان العربي ……الليبي ابراهيم صهد يعترض على حضور عمرو موسي بدون صفة

Tariq Osman writes us:

Group of 94 member retreating from sessions the General National Congress issued a statement announcing the approval

of the presidency to put demands on the agenda of the next meeting next Sunday with the transfer of the sessions directly on the national channel Libya!!!!

The question is: are new Raiders to the next session?
And any door will be admitted?

Will will destroy the contents of the hall as usual?

NEW HEALTH SERVICES PLANNED as CATHOLIC  MEDICAL PERSONEL were forced to LEAVE LIBYA, the need arises for extended health services in LIBYA:

in addition to a group of clinics in Sabha experiencing weakness in the provision of health services , according to Zaidane .

In the same vein Zaidane noted that it was decided to establish a maternity hospitals in both Benghazi and Tripoli , Sabha and Misrata.



WikiLeaks Cyrenaica:

A secret agreement between the Chamber of Libya’s rebels and President of the General National Congress to transform the rebel leaders

to high-ranking military commanders and consider their contribution to the liberation of Libya as seniority 25 years in the military service.

Husamettin penitent through the capital confirmed information that father arrows went appeals Tarek Mitri,

head of the United Nations requested the idiocy to extend the duration of the Conference (1 year and 3 months) after the end of the age of the National Conference!!?


Retreating 94-member group of the National Congress.

Responds to request a return of the presidency of the National Conference on year to be back for sessions starting from the next session on Sunday based on the following:
1 – the national broadcast of the conference sessions directly to citizens
2 – Make items 10 within borings items of the next.

Some answers to questions from reporters:

We asked everyone inside the containment National Congress, without exception, all other parties.
There are no deals behind the withdrawal, as some claim because the withdrawal came to correct the course of the conference, as well as our demands are the same demands of the citizens.

“Abdulrahman Shalgam,” I did not note down any article and sue each
Of the publication of an article or b media said my name, and it will be Mr.
“Shalgam” on the channel of the capital on the evening at 10
Evening as she told me by the daughter of Mr. “Shalgham”.

Ibrahim Dabbashi representative of Libya to the United Nations says that the article (when Migm rats) are actually from the writings of Abdul Rahman Shalgam and his brainchild declared duration despite denying her the media, said Dabbashi position Abdulrahman Shalgam is the position stated some time ago, and he often Maevda about what the secrets in moments of Transfiguration, which is always going to be in, and then quickly amends for his remarks when he comes back to his senses and say the opposite, in a clear reference to the case of permanent sugar (Estascy & MATH) experienced by Abdulrahman .Shalgam these days.

Saloub read God against him despite his nose so pronounced by the fact he is servile series.

God said:

((Tell the truth and the falsehood that the falsehood was zhoka))


An article by Abdurahman Shalgam client traitor “when governing the rats”

When he describes the Libyans who went to oppose it in America and Britain diminutive canines. And groups to use religion as heretics. We laugh and believe that making fun of them. And when he warns that these do not have the values of their control and ready to use all means and all types of treason and would not hesitate to moment in alliance with infidels and to sell back home. When Moussa Koussa and Zeid Dorda on intelligence. Monitoring these and come up with information that I didn’t believe in. So I lived among them during the war that toppled the kadhafi was you an actor or one of the tools. Today after I got things to as she reached him and flew the drunkenness.
The idea emerged as the saying goes and what we see him from them and what they did at home. I have and I don’t pretend the courage but to stress that I wasn’t a hypocrite and I’m not from this gang and that one paralysis of them before God and the nation. Admitted to the Libyans that I missed, maybe for fear and hope. I have encountered difficult conditions and pressure of force majeure. I thought I had my yielding I can save the home. To Muammar al-Qathafi, who’ve certainly had its relevance extends more than 40 years and basically treated me with the utmost respect and gave me the positions I didn’t dream it. And give the nation the value defined by now .. We have been dealing with the world pride and dignity .. Unlike this humiliation that we see since the absence of Muammar Gaddafi. Some might say that Abdulrahman drunk and babbling these words ..

We were dealing with the world with pride and dignity. Reverse this humiliation that we see from the absence of Muammar al-Qathhafi.


Some might say that Abdul Rahman pissed and raving in this speech. Yes I have intoxicated me as she reached to my what do rats with the ship that was prolonged and people heaven her sail peak purity, they trespassed her, insulted her and anointed with dignity and I apologize here for rats because this heinous act be ashamed of rats and may it tells me you are yavalh and you were called West Crusader hand your country see men see delegate Syria hero. This comparison is unfair because Libya has oil and kadhafi who crack the West and humiliated them on more than one occasion denied them and around the Muslim and not continent bend and had to be broken and they were waiting for them, Shalgham spoke bin Halim and sons and brought on February 19, the ambassadors of Britain, America and tied up by good men, Mustafa Zahir, as well as Mr. Zaidane. And Mansour Saif El Nasr. And brought Bernard levy to Benghazi as well as my predecessor, Mr. Maqrief and his family and his brother-in-law Fayez Jibril sohad, I told them.
Then the decision was made before February 17, I’ll be back to explain it inshaallah on book writing and found deposited to my wife and my children to know the truth as well as Libyans. I find myself apologizing for my brothers and my colleagues who suffered imprisonment and torture in prisons rule in Tripoli. With all due respect I outbid them not cabled to Rahman. To Abdullah Sanussi.

[And Mansour Saif Al – Nasr .. And they brought with them Bernard Levy to Benghazi as well as my predecessors Mr. Maqrif and his family witnessed his brother Fayez Jibril it be before these .. Then that the decision was made ​​before February 17 , I will come back to explain it InshaAllah in a book written and concluded deposited to my wife and my children to know the truth as well as the Libyans .. I find myself I apologize to my brothers and my colleagues who suffered imprisonment and torture in prisons in Tripoli base .. They have every respect not Ozaid them from cabled to Abdulrahman .. To Abdullah Sanusi .. To AbuZayd to Bejad and the Aaty and Mr. Jadallah .. ]

And others. Esteemed loyal men as the martyr Abu Bakr Yunis and glory the debt alhenshiri. Perhaps the Libyans today Minutemen among those between State rats need walsalabi walsaksli weabalmgid Seif walkerghli, Emma wetatanaki, or Cape thief or cyber expert Abdullah thankless. As for ward in Misrata and tubers it happened and there is nothing wrong with respect to the respectable families but I mean residues of Janissary families that do not have assets not even accused of anti-Semitic because I say so and I know there are now saying that I also my grandfather came up with the Al-Ahbash (Ethipians) and settled and married from Fezzan and belonged to them.
This is not a fault but fault that does not admit the truth and do away with the others and hide the causes our spite to Muammar al-Qathafi,  who forced us to  ” Arabs live Arabs die Arabs say it loud “.  As they welcome him in the Mountain West. I am here not to praise Muammar al-Qathafi and his reign and his men, their pros and cons, as I am one of them.  But Libyan and us Street feel remorse and loneliness at home that his rats and stripped of everything and be ashamed even to belong to all of us without its denial

I am here I can not praise Muammar Gaddafi and his reign and his men have their advantages and disadvantages and I am one of them ..

But the street Libyan today and we all feel remorse and loneliness inside the homeland that wisdom rats and stripped of everything and ashamed even to belong to him and all of us without stubbornness say Aayom from the days of Muammar al-Qathafi until these gangs.

You may find this interview with Mr. Mustafa Abdaal Jalil with the Middle East recently.
You have my attention sincerity known him and his confession about the files we used excuses insulting Muammar arguments as AIDS and file Abu Salim and all of them received compensation rewarding and waiver voluntarily and now extorting the Libyan people as if they were heroes , while all of them convicted of crimes documented affecting the security of the nation and the best witness they are now in the street Libyan when they left prison. ! ! Even talking about the dialogue in the Congress of the People with Gaddafi touched on paper .. How al-Qathafi told him that he did not choose the right place to raise this issue and is calculated for al-Qathafi and this habit can carry all what Mr. Abdul Jalil said ministers

I’ve caught my eye charity known and recognized on the files we used a pretext to insult Muammar and arguments as AIDS and Ashley all received compensation paid and voluntary waiver I extort the Libyan people if heroes while all convicted of crimes affecting national security and documented evidence of their presence in the streets of Libya when they left prison. !! Even talking about the dialogue with al-Qathafi touched paper.

al-Qathafi told him how he picked the right place to put this topic is calculated to al-Qathafi and the usual carry all echoed Mr. Zahir continued to Minister
continued al-Qathafi who did not cut his tongue .. Talking about reconciliation put forward by Gaddafi  unless say Mr. Jalil that came out of our hands.  
Also, I am watching emphasized the role of Qatar and paid compensation of $ 1 million for AIDS patients on behalf of Europe after the consent of the parents with “thought that the Emir of Qatar recognize performance in the hands of the West.”.

Finally, I applaud Mr. Jalil its readiness to work for the reconciliation among Libyans seriously.

And will be accepted as long as it is this transparency by a group of  Muammar because they are the heart of one man and have the issue of homeland want to keep it,

but the problem yaakhona Abdul Jalil will not find a partner to do the historical reconciliation needs home as long as rat control home.

Each rat with their rejoicing .. I record this recognition (note) that honesty and clarity that he (Muammar)  knew me and forgive me with which he knew about me,

and God will forgive me foregoing sin and Matakhr .
Rome  29 October 2013 citizen .. Abdulrahman Shalgam –

استنطقه الله غصباً عنه ورغماً عن أنفه لكي ينطق بالحقيقه وهو صاغراً ذليلاً..
قال الله تعالى:
(( وقل جاء الحق وزهق الباطل ان الباطل كان زهوقا ))
صدق الله العظيم
مقاله كتبها الخائن العميل عبدالرحمن شلقم بعنوان ” عندما يحكم الجرذان ”

عندما كان القذافي يصف الليبيين الذين ذهبوا ليعارضوه في أمريكا وبريطانيا كلاباً ضالة .. والمجموعات الي تستخدم الدين بأنهم زنادقة .. كنا نضحك ونعتقد أنه يسخر منهم .. وعندما كان يحذر بأن هؤلاء ليس لهم قيم تحكمهم وعلي إستعداد لإستخدام كل الوسائل وجميع انواع الخيانة ولن يترددوا لحظة بالتحالف مع الكفار وأن يبيعوا الوطن .. وعندما كان موسي كوسا ومن بعده أبوزيد دورده في المخابرات .. يرصدون هؤلاء ويأتوا بمعلومات لم أكن أصدق .. حتي عشت بين هؤلاء خلال الحرب التي اسقطت القذافي وقد كنت طرفاً فاعلاً فيها أو أحد أدواتها .. واليوم وبعد ما وصلت الأمور إلي ماوصلت إليه وطارت السكرة ..وظهرت الفكرة كما يقول المثل ومانراه من هؤلاء وما فعلوه في الوطن .. أجد لزاما ً علي وأنا هنا لا أدعي الشجاعة وإنما لأؤكد بأنني لم أكن منافقاً وأنني لست من هذه الشلل والعصابات وأتبرء منها أمام الله والوطن .. وأعترف أمام الليبيين بأنني أخطأت وربما خوفاً وطمعاً .. لقد واجهت ظروفاً صعبة وضغوطاً من أجهزة وقوة قاهرة .. وأعتقدت أنني برضوخي قد أستطيع إنقاذ الوطن .. وحتي معمر القذافي الذي ربطتني به صلة امتدت أكثر من أربعين سنة وعاملني بمنتهي الإحترام وأعطاني مناصب لم أكن احلم بها .. وأعطي الوطن قيمة عرفتها الأن .. فقد كنا نتعامل مع العالم بعزة وكرامة .. عكس هذا الذل الذي نراه منذ غياب معمر القذافي . قد يقول البعض بأن عبدالرحمن سكران ويهذي بهذا الكلام .. نعم لقد أسكرني ماوصلت إليه بلادي وما فعله الجرذان بهذه السفينة التي كانت شراعها تطاول السماء وشعبها قمة النقاء فخرقوها وأهانوها ومسحوا بكرامتها الأرض وأعتذر هنا للجرذان لأن هذا الفعل الشائن تخجل منه الجرذان وقد يقول لي أنت منهم يافالح وأنت استدعيت الغرب الصليبي ليدك بلدك أنظر إلي الرجال أنظر إلي مندوب سوريا البطل .. هذه مقارنة مجحفه لأن ليبيا فيها نفط وفيها القذافي الذي صدع الغرب وأهانهم في اكثر من مناسبة وحرم عليهم أفريقيا وحولها إلي قارة مسلمة ولا ينحني وكان لابد من كسره ثم هم لم يكونوا في إنتظار شلقم ليدعوهم فقد سبقني بن حليم وأولاده وأحضروا يوم 19 فبراير سفراء بريطانيا وأمريكا وربطوهم بالرجل الطيب مصطفي عبدالجليل وكذلك السيد زيدان .. ومنصور سيف النصر .. وأحضروا معهم برنار ليفي إلي بنغازي كذلك سبقني السيد المقريف وعائلته صهد وصهره فايز جبريل فمن أكون أمام هؤلاء .. ثم أن القرار اتخذ قبل 17 فبراير وسأعود لشرح ذلك إن شاءالله في كتاب خلصت من كتابته واودعته لزوجتي واولادي ليعرف الليبيين الحقيقة وكذلك.. أجد نفسي أعتذر لإخوتي وزملائي الذين يعانون السجن والتعذيب في سجون القاعدة في طرابلس .. ولهم كل الإحترام ولا أزايد عليهم من الزوي إلي عبدالرحمن .. إلي عبدالله السنوسي .. إلي أبوزيد إلي بجاد وعبدالعاطي والسيد وجاد الله .. وغيرهم .. من الرجال المحترمين الأوفياء كالشهيد أبوبكر يونس وعزالدين الهنشيري .. ولعل الليبيين اليوم يقارنون بين هؤلاء وبين دولة الجرذان بالحاج والصلابي والساقزلي وعبالمجيد سيف النصر والكرغلي والشركسي وطاطاناكي أو الكيب السارق أو الخبير الإلكتروني عبدالله ناكر . أما عن مايجري في مصراته ودرنة فحدث ولا حرج مع إحترامي للعائلات المحترمة وإنما أقصد بقايا الإنكشارية والعائلات التي لا أصول لها حتي لا أتهم بأنني معادي للسامية أقول ذلك وأعرف أن هناك الأن من ينعتني بأنني أيضاً جدي جاء مع الأحباش واستقر وتزوج من فزان العريقة وانتسب لهم .. وهذا ليس عيباً إنما العيب أن لا نعترف بالحقيقة ونقصي الأخرين ونخفي أسباب حقدنا علي معمر القذافي الذي أجبرنا أن نكونوا عرباً ” عرب نعيش عرب نموت عرب نقولها باعلي صوت ” .. كما كانوا يستقبلونه في الجبل الغربي . إنني هنا لا أمدح معمر القذافي وعهده ورجاله فلهم حسنات وسيئات وأنا واحد منهم .. وإنما الشارع الليبي اليوم وجميعنا نحس بالندم والوحشة داخل الوطن الذي حكمته الجرذان وجردوه من كل شئ وتخجل حتي أن تنتمي إليه وجميعنا بدون مكابرة نقول يايوم من أيام معمر القذافي حتي هذه العصابات ولعلكم شعرتم بذلك من لقاء السيد مصطفي عبداالجليل مع الشرق الأوسط اخيراً . لقد لفت إنتباهي صدقه المعروف عنه وأعترافه حول ملفات استخدمناها ذرائع لسب معمر وحجج كملف الإيدز وملف أبوسليم وجميعهم استلم تعويضاً مجزياً وتنازل طوعاً والأن يبتزون الشعب الليبي وكانهم أبطال بينما جميعهم محكومين بجرائم موثقة تمس أمن الوطن وخير شاهد وجودهم الأن في الشارع الليبي عندما غادروا السجن . !! حتي حديثه عن الحوار في مؤتمر الشعب مع القذافي لمست رقياً .. وكيف قال له القذافي بأنه لم يختر المكان المناسب لطرح هذا الموضوع ويحسب للقذافي وهذه عادته ان تحمل كل ماقاله السيد عبدالجليل واستمر وزيراً ولم يقطع القذافي الطاغية لسانه .. يتحدث عن المصالحة التي طرحها القذافي ومالم يقله السيد عبدالجليل بأن الأمر خرج من أيدينا ..كذلك وأنا أشاهد أكد دور قطر ودفعها تعويضات مليون دولار لمرضي الإيدز نيابة عن أوروبا بعد موافقة أولياء المصابين ” وفاتنا أن ندرك بأن أمير قطر أداء في يد الغرب ” .. وأخيراً أحيي السيد عبدالجليل علي استعداده في العمل من أجل مصالحة جدية بين الليبيين .. وسيكون مقبولاً طالما هو بهذه الشفافية من طرف جماعة معمر لأنهم علي قلب رجل واحد ولديهم قضية وطن يريدون الحفاظ عليه ولكن المشكلة ياأخونا عبدالجليل لن تجد شريكاً للقيام بهذه المصالحة التاريخية التي يحتاجها الوطن طالما الجرذان يتحكمون في الوطن .. وكل جرذ بما لديهم فرحون .. أسجل هذا الإعتراف بهذا الصدق والوضوح الذي يعرفه عني وليغفر الله لي ماتقدم من ذنبي وماتأخر .
روما 29 أكتوبر 2013 المواطن .. عبدالرحمن شلقم –


Al-Liby was Thought to Be a CIA ‘Double Agent’

14 OCTOBER 2013

Editor’s Note: Al-Liby  captured  2002: Anas al-Liby was one of the FBI’s list of most-wanted. He was captured in eastern Afghanistan in January 2002.The 38-year-old Libyan had been living in the UK and is linked by the Americans to the US embassy bombings in Africa.

Source: World Meets Us

“The operation to capture al-Liby on Libyan soil by U.S. Special Forces, who were disguised as Arabs and spoke Arabic dialects, came as quite a surprise. Most intelligence services operating in the region had believed al-Liby to be a double agent – which went a long way to explaining why the Americans had failed to target him for more than two years. … The security services of other countries believed that the United States had either placed al-Liby under observation to gather as much intelligence as possible, or had been secretly collaborating with him.”

By Mohammad ben Ahmad

 Translated By Lina Barakat

 October 14, 2013

Algeria – El Khabar – Original Article (Arabic)
The operation to capture Abu Anas al-Liby on Libyan soil by U.S. Special Forces, who were disguised as Arabs and spoke Arabic dialects, came as quite a surprise. Most intelligence services operating in the region had believed al-Liby to be a double agent – which went a long way to explaining why the Americans had failed to target him for more than two years, despite being aware he was in Tripoli. According to a well-informed source, al-Liby had been put under CIA surveillance a year and a half ago.Most of the security and intelligence services operating in North Africa were aware that al-Qaeda leader Abu Anas al-Liby, born Nazih Abd al-Hamid al- Ruqhay, had found refuge inside Libya. An Algerian security source has revealed to al-Khabar that during the closing days of the [Libyan War], Muammar Qaddafi’s security apparatus had informed neighboring countries that a number of senior al-Qaeda figures had returned to Libya from Iraq and Afghanistan, and that Abu Anas al-Liby was one of them, having returned in 2011.

He told us that the United States wasn’t the only country to know of his whereabouts. The security services of other countries, including Mali and Mauritania, were also aware he was in Libya, and believed that the United States had either placed al-Liby under observation to gather as much intelligence as possible from him relating to al-Qaeda in North Africa, or had been secretly collaborating with him.

Our well-informed source revealed that Qaddafi’s agents had told all neighboring countries that the fugitive enjoyed the protection of Salafist revolutionaries in Libya, and that it was “implausible such information had not fallen into the hands of the CIA, which was actively engaged during the war against Qaddafi, and had to be aware of a bargain struck with Qaddafi to bring al-Liby’s family to Libya, as well as of the death of one of his relatives during a clash with Qaddafi forces just days before Tripoli fell into rebel hands.”

Some observers believe that al-Liby’a arrest and deportation to the United States came as part of a military response to the attack against a shopping mall in Kenya, which was carried out by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group, which has claimed responsibility. Abu-Anas al-Liby has been charged by the United States with being one of the masterminds behind the 1998 bombings that targeted American embassies in East Africa.

Migrants arrive at Hay Wharf in Valletta aboard a patrol boat on October 12, the day after their boat sank. (Matthew Mirabelli/AFP/Getty Images)



EU Tightens Its Grip on the Mediterranean

16 OCTOBER 2013

October 16, 2013  •  From

Roughly 400 immigrants have died in shipwrecks over the last two weeks.

The EU is using this as an excuse to beef up surveillance of the Mediterranean Sea and open up an intelligence base in Libya.

Source: The Trumpet

The European Parliament approved a new “big brother” surveillance program for the Mediterranean Sea on October 10, after an overcrowded boat full of migrants sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa, killing 359. The new program, eurosur, is marketed as the solution to the tragedy. In reality, it is nothing of the sort.

Spiegel Online called the program “precisely the kind of monitoring apparatus America’s NSA intelligence service might dream up.” They titled their article: “EU Plans Big Brother System in Mediterranean.”

The program establishes drones and satellites to keep a vigilant watch on the Mediterranean, aided by offshore sensors and other intelligence equipment. It also includes a system for the EU to share this information.

Britain wanted to give the U.S. access to this intelligence, but the plan was blocked by the rest of the EU. That fact alone shows who America’s real friend in Europe is—no matter how much the American administration tries to curry favor with France and Germany.

Official estimates put the total price tag at €244 million (us$311 million). But the Heinrich Böll Foundation claims this is hugely underestimated: It puts the figure at €874 million ($1.19 billion). Given the EU’s history of massively underestimating the cost of important projects—especially intelligence projects—the latter figure is more likely to be correct. The lower figure, however, makes it easier to sell to the public.

As Spiegel points out, however, the surveillance program “doesn’t offer ways to save people like those killed in the deadly incident.” Deutsche Welle writes that “at its core, the European Border Surveillance System (eurosur) has nothing to do with the tragedy off the Italian coast—it was pure coincidence that the parliamentary vote on eurosur has come up now.”

eurosur has been in the works since 2008. European officials are using the migrant deaths to sell a project they were planning on implementing anyway. It also makes it look like they’re doing something to confront the problem of migrant deaths.

Immigration truly is a problem for EU nations. The EU’s liberal human rights laws and liberal courts make it hard to deport illegal immigrants once they make it to an EU nation. At the same time, voters don’t want the immigrants, and the governments, especially of southern Europe, can’t afford them. It is in the EU’s interest to find these boats before they enter EU territorial waters, so they can be returned to their country of origin more easily. The new program could help control immigration in that way.

But immigration isn’t the ultimate issue. The important point here, from a geopolitical point of view, is that the EU is extending its control over the Mediterranean Sea and into North Africa.

Another program, thinly disguised as an anti-immigration effort, is eubam Libya. Scheduled to be fully operational by December 1, eubam is a group whose stated aim is to help Libya manage its border and train its customs officials. When up to full strength in March, it will have 111 EU staff, 54 local staff members, and the same number of bodyguards. EU Observer described its staff as “a team of heavily guarded men.” While it will help prevent would-be emigrants from leaving Libya illegally, its real purpose, as EU Observer writes, is that “the new HQ in Tripoli will become an EU intelligence asset.”

The EU has requested a private security company to man the headquarters. The firm must provide “high quality security situation analysis” and give “security reports daily, weekly, monthly and six-monthly.” Those leading the security mission must be pre-cleared to handle files classified as “EU SECRET”—the second highest level of secrecy officially used by the EU. eubam will be equipped with 18 bullet-proof jeeps and have clearance to travel around the country and to open field offices.

In April 2011Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned that Iran was trying to gain power over the Mediterranean and Red Seas. In that article, he wrote that “Germany and the Vatican probably see Iran’s strategy better than any power outside the Middle East.” He warned that Europe would prepare to confront Iran.

Exactly a year later, he warned that “Northern Africa is turning into a battleground with enormously important prophetic implications.” He described how Europe and Iran were quietly vying for control of the region and the resources it contains.

That’s what eubam Libya and eurosur are about. eubam gives the EU a foot in the door in Libya, an opportunity to influence the government, and a base it can use to keep an eye on the terrorist groups moving in to fill the power vacuum.

eurosur allows the EU to confront smuggling and cross-border crime. But European leaders must also be worried about terrorists crossing into Europe, either via the land borders, or in small craft in the Mediterranean. eurosur will help the EU keep the most detailed and comprehensive watch ever over the EU’s borders.

Europe is taking offensive measures against the spread of SALAFISM in Africa through its military deployment in Mali and now in the Central African Republic. eurosur is a defensive counterpart to these efforts.

Europe is awake to the threat that SALAFISM poses to the vital trade networks and resources in and around the Mediterranean. It also sees that it can no longer depend on the U.S. to contain that threat, so the EU is dealing with it personally.

Europe has obviously become more aggressive and assertive in North Africa and the Near East, areas it considers part of its sphere of influence.

Watch for this trend to continue as Europe prepares to confront SALAFISM.. ▪




(quoting WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Urgent ::::: :::::

NATO, “NATO” raid yesterday on a weapons store Span area north of the city of what is known at the Corner (confidential victory)
The human damage has not been revealed.


Basher Alwerfally:

God alone stay
Go to the mercy of God hero Mujahid Mohammed Amri song Alalorfli…. after suffering

The period past Gate Maltese by criminal gangs armed and was transferred to the Tunisian territory

for the purpose of treatment and perform several operations, but a quirk of fate that he died.

Ask God to accept it rest in peace and insert it rest in peace .. Pray for him mercy and forgiveness.




Statement users spark field | |

In the name of God the Merciful

Statement users a spark on the field to stop production date : – 10/27/2013

We surfers field spark Today, we forced the wedge to all people LIBYAN free to stop production field spark after force us by protesters who claim to be camped sit peacefully, but it turned out after Mfawdthm with the Department field spark, it does not has any link to the sit-ins, peaceful and the best evidence so they use force of arms to express their demands and force us to stop production , and we tried to users does not shut down production until to Ovqdna the souls for the sake of Libya.

But in order to preserve us on the safety of installations vital yet threatened with bombing by force of arms it we were forced to stop production in order to preserve the capabilities of the people LIBYAN free and hold the responsibility of it to those who voted for them in the National Congress and the government to reform the country, but Otaatdh us the opposite and sorry again for the people LIBYAN free .. .

And lasted for a free Libya and glory and immortality to the martyrs

Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings:

Field spark users

The (LONDON) Times: Renegade which suffocates exports to Libya oil

An article in The Times newspaper , prepared by Anthony Lloyd of Ajdabiya in Libya entitled ” Renegade , which suffocates the Libyan oil exports strengthens its efforts to reach the power.”
The paper says that Ibrahim Aljdharan , the man who impedes depend on Libya ‘s oil exports , valued at billions of dollars, has intensified a power dispute with Tripoli to establish a new regional government east of the country .
The paper says that the measure adopted Aljdharan , a 32 – year – old , who was a former commander of the guard oil installations , has raised international concern about oil supplies in the world.
The paper says that about $ 7.5 billion of Libyan oil export revenues lost since the summer due to strikes and armed operations in production facilities .
It adds that the political conflict hit reform and rescue operations in Libya economic paralysis , despite the fact that Libya has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. The newspaper notes that the Libyan economy depends on the oil sector by 95 percent .
The paper says that Declaration Aljdharan of deepening the split between eastern and western Libya where he was appointed a ministerial council composed of 22 ministers in gently.
The paper says that Aljdharan claims that he controls the armed forces comprised of 20 thousand people, and adds that the historical dispute invests in the eastern region of knowledge as Cyrenaica.

(Libyan affairs in the international press)


Lock Mleeta complex gas by constant Amazigh 10/30/2013

Continuation of the sit-in Amazigh rebels Mellita compound of oil and gas for the fourth day in a row, was postponed stop pumping gas

and shut down the complex process even be considered in the decision of the National Conference on the constitutional demands,

with the continuation of preventing vessels from entering the harbor.



Pictures and News of Rishvana

About the explosion, which happened in the world this afternoon

Fall launcher shell or lobster on a farm Belaid Faitouri the Orabi did not cause any material damage
Shell coming from the eastern side.



False federal Gharyiani describes the separatists Tripoli

Libyan said NATO Mufti Sheikh the “sincere Gharyiani” that the declaration of the province of Cyrenaica not a federal announcement, but is a declaration of the Republic within a state.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Chairman of the Board province of Cyrenaica “Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi”

disowned of the Political Bureau of the province

and the government the problem before him and the process of closing the oil ports.

Zaidane describes the government of Cyrenaica as THE OUTLAWS about the law:

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” in a press conference held shortly before Tripoli, that it formed a “government of Cyrenaica”

are people who are outlaws and the RAT Libyan Constitution.

Fields crisis
The Prime Minister said that it had been agreed on the resumption of oil exports , either on Saturday or Sunday arrivals , he said in a press conference on Wednesday that the agreement was through the initiative of the local council of Tobruk, some elders of the region in addition to a number of leaders of the Guard installations….

Zaidane said he decided to set up an oil refinery with a capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day in the Tobruk area ,

Feras Bosalum

“For Tobruk on Sunday or Monday Stistanf export, and will it mean to be it,” (Mr. Ali Zaidane at a press conference today)

“It seems that the Prime Minister met with people who do not represent the striking image that imagined until now not

clear it is still the option of resuming export a remote possibility,”

a senior official of the Arabian Gulf in the oil port of Harika told Reuters by telephone.

Ibrahim Jdharan, Oil Marketing Master in favor of the province of Cyrenaica:


“Harika port of oil will only open when the Politburo agrees and meet our requests ..”

Will open next week as head of the local council of Tobruk and the Prime Minister.

Urgent agency Libya / use of force to end the closure of the oil fields of Tripoli

Wednesday 10/30/2013 held emergency consultations and lengthy between the Presidency of the General National Congress

and the prime minister and the leaders of rebel operations room to Libya to discuss ways to implement the solution and the use of

military force to end the closure of the oil fields, oil Crescent area .
The consultations came immediately following the issuance of the Attorney General ‘s Office recently issued arrest warrants for two brothers,

Salem and Ibrahim Jdharan and some of their friends and in turn completed procedures to inform the international police Interpol and

officially received a copy of those notes International red .
Page predicted the Supreme Council for Libya rebels to be the next few hours full of surprises.


Problems Brquaouih the

Zubair :

“nothing to do with the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica and his
President denied what is known as the Transitional Council of Cyrenaica Zubair Ahmed al – Sanusi any relationship of the events that took place in Ras Lanuf , and the resulting declaration of the establishment of what is known as the Political Bureau Cyrenaica, and set up by the government . Sanusi added to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday we tried with the declared political office to come out to see one, but Tantua and insisted on the implementation of the vision , and that ‘s what did not agree with him . Sanusi stressed that calls for the Federal Union but according to the agreed project , and across the political struggle that can be supported by the Friends of Libya , or the United Nations , faithful and honorable people of Libya , as he put it . Sanusi also denied what appeared in the international news media intention of the Council to make public any legislative or executive institutions at the moment, explaining that “the struggle ” for the federal system peacefully and through legal avenues . It is noteworthy that what is known of the Political Bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica announced the formation of his government last Thursday .”


Al Qaeda in Prairie City

Tails outsiders followers of al-Qaeda, bin Laden and al-Zawahiri Alwan, hoist the black flag over the school in Umm Mtimis, near the city of turf.
The wrote a threat stemmed from the belief deviant stamped a society that is more Muslim them.
The threat which they are not responsible for any student who enters the school after 10 days or from the lowered flag.
They may want a hotel school Kharijites from Afghanistan, Tunisia and other countries.

الخوارج أتباع القاعدة ذيول ابن لادن والظواهري وعلوان يرفعون العلم الأسود فوق مدرسة بمنطقة أم مطيميس بالقرب من مدينة المرج .
وقد كتبوا تهديدا نبع من اعتقادهم المنحرف بتكفير المجتمع الذي هو أكثر إسلاما منهم .
التهديد فيه أنهم غير مسؤولين عن أي طالب يدخل المدرسة بعد 10 أيام أو من يقوم بإنزال العلم .
ولعلهم يريدون المدرسة فندقا للخوارج من أفغانستان وتونس وغيرها من البلدان .



Industrial Zones Authority transfer from Benghazi to Tripoli this day!!

Poor is Benghazi, taker of them all were only Aterco to bombings and assassinations.


– Problematic Omar Street bin Aas between one of the elements of a room Libya rebels
And others resulted in five people wounded.

– In front of a clinic Marwa problematic by the citizens and employees of the room
Libya rebels, wounding four people, one of them in the case of

– Arrived in Galaa Hospital two wounded by gunshots in
Immobilization point to the region of Sidi Hussein.

Arrest of nine people by special forces “Thunderbolt”
Five Neighborhood Clinic sugar Mr. Hussein, and four b Almajora in the
Drunk, accused of shooting cases that reached the Galaa
Last night and in the early morning hours.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Explosives experts of the joint security room Benghazi they annul the effect of an explosive device composed of Qubltin and type of

TNT explosive materials intended for remote bombing found today in the women’s beauty salon “decorated” area Sir Akharbich in Benghazi.

Agency urgently to Libya … the arrest of the accused put an explosive device Benaazi the

Competent security devices dropped yesterday evening and in collaboration with some neighborhood residents “Land Agherih” urban Benghazi,

arrested a person develops an explosive device adhesive car air force officer the “coastal Said”.
Having known “coastal” on the person accused of the officer reported that he observed some time ago that this person has always maintained Mlazmte while praying in the mosque.



Of wounded protesters blocking the western gate of Ajdabiya

Atmosphere of the country

Ten of the injured closed the western gate of the city of Ajdabiya on Wednesday.

The deputy chairman of the local council Ajdabiya ” key Alcadekke ” atmosphere for the country that the protesters who shut the gate Bank are themselves stormed the National Congress in the twenty-second of October.

And on the demands of the protesters explained , ” Alcadekke , ” they are demanding fast , financial Tfweidathm Exchange , rehabilitation them after being expelled from Congress and change the current Commission for the wounded.

And added , ” Alcadekke ” that the local council dialogue with the protesters to end the closure of the road did not reach a result , and that the Committee of Wise Men in the region are trying to reach a solution with the protesters .

Referred to as closing the gate itself occurred in the city on previous occasions for different reasons.

Wounded city of Ajdabiya city’s blocking the entrance to claim their rights:


جرحى مدينة اجدابيا يغلقون المدخل الخاص بالمدينة للمطالبة بحقوقهم




Children and students from the city of Zliten stage sit-in in front of government headquarters to demand the construction of the city’s schools have alternative schools

that were destroyed during the so-called “war of liberation”.

أطفال وطلاب من مدينة زليتن يعتصمون أمام مقر رئاسة الحكومة للمطالبة ببناء مدارس لهم بالمدينة بديلاً عن مدارسهم التي دُمِرت خلال حرب التحرير.


“A country ambience”  reports:

Battalion spokesman 136 Sirte Khalifa Allowahh, to the “atmosphere for the country”:

had been found on the driver of the car

that was carrying the money were stolen idly and that investigations were under way with him.

“The atmosphere of the country” –

Zaidane says that the stolen money in the car Sirte Bank of Libya will be retrieved within hours.



Shooting center operations department languages ​​General Hospital:

This morning on Wednesday, was assaulted on the operations department hospital languages ​​General firing shots within the department

because of Rvdhalataba an operation for a patient with firing a bullet resulted in almost 40 fragment, which became clear after tests that

he is suffering from infectious (hepatitis) and the reaction of the people of the patient using a weapon and firing bullets and a threat both

in the hospital bombing of the hospital building, which led to the evacuation of the entire hospital.



Urgent Misrata :::::::

Explosion in the western entrance to the city of Misratah.

( Source: Top Drift channel’s)

Word now
About the car that exploded near the western entrance to Misrata was due to launch a rocket launcher on the car theme “Chinese” and not a car bomb ...!!
Which caused in a car explosion in front of him without the occurrence of any human damage or any damage to the gateway western …

NOT A CAR BOMB!!! and no human damage…IT WAS A YANKEE DRONE!

Misrata ::: details of the bombing incident at the gate Aldavnih km recounted Musrati ..

Comment: I hear the flyer drone bass first hear the car without this amazing ^ __ ^

No religion Brotherhood ^ __ ^

Altremadol convicted him!!!!

After the militias from Misratah to kidnap Dr. Khalid Latif was released today and shows bruises on his face where he was assaulted …

Dr. Khalid Latif is the Director of Planning at the Ministry of Health reason for the abduction is planning to build a new hospital in the city of Sirte as also in the city of Bani Walid.



Health facilities
The Prime Minister emphasized that the government authorized the Ministry of Health to begin the implementation of Tobruk hospital by U.S. company Texas ,




Urgent. .. News from the burning of the local council in the city of the entire baton.

(Free newspaper Sabha)


The Ministry of Oil and Gas
Prime Minister Ali Zaidane says he decided to establish a refinery Btabriq capacity of 300 thousand barrels,

and also set up a refinery Other card Baubare 50 thousand barrels for domestic consumption.


Anfajad the export of oil from Libya to the amount of 90 thousand barrels a day just is not.

And Zarhalinvt denies accounts “Reuters” on the quantity of oil exports
A country ambience

Denied the Director General of Planning and follow-up at the Ministry of Oil and Gas Samir Kamal on Wednesday to the report published by Reuters

news agency accounts on Libya ‘s oil exports drop to ninety thousand barrels per day .

Kamal explained to the atmosphere of the country that the quantities of exportable oil in Libya at least at the moment up to the 120 to 130 thousand barrels per day .

On the oil production amounts current time , Kamal said that the amount of the current time oil production amounted to approximately 250 thousand barrels per day after the closure of the spark oil field , pointing out that the spark field produces about 300 thousand barrels per day.

It is noteworthy that the spark oil field is witnessing a sit-in for a fifth day by some residents of the cities of Ubari and Owaynat, with a capacity of 50 thousand barrels in Ubari for domestic consumption.

which led to the suspension of pumping oil in the twenty – seventh of October due to security concerns of the field by the statements of spark oil field manager for the ambiance of the country .

And suffers the oil and gas sector in Libya disorders of the production processes as a result of protests by armed groups which led to daily losses estimated at 100 million dollars a day , according to the ministry ‘s remarks .



An ambitious development. Of large-scale investments.


“Neglected by Western businessmen, forgotten in international economic statistics, Libya, with its 2 million inhabitants, seemed doomed, there are a few more years of underdevelopment. Today, the country has the highest income per capita in Africa.

The grandiose building projects industrial complex multiply.

This money (oil), Libya has an urgent need to rapidly develop its economy. With the backdrop of a goal: Do not depend solely on oil sales.

The new five-year development plan, which covers the period 1976-1980 … The main effort is Agriculture .. The goal: Fertilize 700,000 ha … Libyan basement, in addition to oil, contains another treasure, water … Now, in the oasis of Kufra, 10,000 ha of alfalfa, wheat and barley, emerging desert.  On the coast … it is expected the implementation of 20,000 farms.

Second development, industry … Libya in his cartoons projects projects steel complex. The reserves of iron ore in the country are considerable: 5% of the estimated global resources.

The electrical equipment appears the second largest industrial concerns. This will include more than 20 conventional power plants.

More than $ 4 billion will be spent on housing, nearly 2 billion expansion of universities … and $ 1.3 billion in road construction … The World Jean-Michel Quatrepoint, 1 September 1976

Mr. Friouna Secretary Plan: “Over the past decade, we have restructured the economy to be self-sufficient in key areas … and we have laid the foundation for industrial development we will ensure the post-oil We built 200,000 housing -. and expect much for the next 5 years – 99% of enrolled children increased to 4.5 the number of hospital beds per 100 people . We cover our needs, wool, leather, fodder, flour, cement, bricks, plastic pipes while in 1970 our production in all these areas was no “…. Uncompleted projects will continue, while others will emerge … (As) the establishment of heavy industries. Finally, the road network (3000 Kms on average per year for ten years) will be completed and will link all parts of the country, will begin while a railway line from the Tunisian border to Tripoli …

(World PB, 30 December 1980)


as seen in this video interview with Muammar al-Qathafi:

Irrigate the desert 

 When we’ve been there, in 1973, the work had just begun amidst a landscape of sand, rocks and hills. Today, the hills – shaved – have disappeared, and 24,000 ha developed have a green appearance. The complex, with easy access through a network of 300 km of paved roads, tree-lined, was divided into four zones each with its “center”, with the main commodities: Mosque, school, café, market , clinic, post office, library, cooperative …

Like a thousand other farmers settled there … (It) is rated free house, cow, sheep twenty, fifty chickens, five hives, a tractor and needed to grow its share of 26 ha equipment.


Prepare the “post-oil”

…… 60 km away, near the city of Homs, renovating, we visit a cement plant, a desalination plant, sea water and other agricultural project, even more ambitious, built around the dam of Wadi Kaam that did not exist there seven years. In the South, the culture round – the circles of irrigated acres in the desert – practiced Kufra increased from 5,000 to 40,000 ha and is expected to triple by the end of the five-year plan from 1981 to 1985 …. Impressive record of which holds some figures pitches: 103 projects in 10 years, 400 million trees planted half survived 10 million head of sheep before 1975 against 5 million currently to 1.5 million in 1970. The country holds its consumption of fruits and vegetables and hopes to export due to increased greenhouse.

Unlike many countries in the Third World who have neglected agriculture, Libya has focused on this sector does not ignore the industry. Leaders admit that many projects are not “profitable by Western standards,” but they feel they have to prepare the “post-oil” by transforming the environment and attitudes.

(World PB, December 30, 1980)

“The Great Man Made River”: A pipeline network of 3,500 kms.Courrier International 6.11.2003.

Photo of a reservoir

The largest artificial river


The Garden on the Moon

“Unique … this project is the most exciting contemporary period in agriculture …. It will sheep farming in ways pioneering an unprecedented scale in the world … “

(Specialists American firm Tipton and Kalmbach …).

“We must build this country with oil money in anticipation of the day when the black gold runs out. Should be that we have a solid and permanent economy in which agriculture plays a vital role. Must also we produce enough to meet local demand ”  

(M. Gououd, Minister of State for Agricultural Development).

(World PB, 19 April 1973)



Tripoli also has nuclear ambitions … but the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has always, however, said its peaceful nuclear intentions. Libya has also signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-proliferation and concluded in July with the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards agreement placing under international control of all Libyan nuclear activities.

(The World,  09 January 1981.)




Sousse: SALAFIST suicide bombing and an attempt to blow up the tomb of Bourguiba

Arab News – Tunisia – Munther Balziafa , Ahmad Cleaner – the oldest man to blow himself up on Wednesday ,

in front of one of the major hotels in the area tourist in Sousse (LIBYAN TUNISIAN BORDER), Tunisia . According to the radio ,

” Jewel FM ” based in the city of Sousse , the young man was carrying a suicide vest packed with explosives and

ignited in front of the hotel ” Riadh Palms ,” while the Tunisian security forces foiled attempt to blow up

the tomb of the first president of Tunisia , Habib Bourguiba , in the city of Monastir .

In this bombing , the terrorist operations have witnessed a remarkable development by reaching the Tunisian cities , and began planning to target sectors and economic development important in the country , especially the vital tourism sector and influential in the Tunisian economy .
It is noteworthy that the city of Sousse was known as the year 1986 hotel bombings , then accused the movement of ” Islamic trend ,” a movement ” renaissance ” now.
This is the first time it is targeting hotel in Tunisia since the revolution that toppled former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali , about three years ago .
The Interior Ministry said the Tunisian in a statement that one of the persons brown skin oldest Wednesday to commit suicide in Sousse by blow himself up in one of the city’s beaches , stressing that ” there is no damage or casualties , the search continued to find out the reasons and causes of the accident .”
Witnesses said the “Arab Net,” ” The suicide bomber tried to enter the Riadh Palms Hotel from the back door on the seashore, is that the elements of protection in the hotel had prevented him from after he complained in his order , oldest to blow himself up .
According to eyewitnesses spoke of ” Arab . Net ” the bombing occurred was strong and the latest panic among the population and workers in the tourist area , but it did not result in a material or human losses .
On the other hand , was quoted by Radio ” Jewel FM ” local ” security forces had foiled a suicide mausoleum of the late President Habib Bourguiba Monastir state near Sousse on the east coast .”
Security source said that the Tunisian security forces arrested a suicide bomber was trying to blow up the tomb of Bourguiba in Monastir .

The oldest person to blow himself up in Sousse Corniche, this morning, Wednesday, 30 October 2013,
A person named Hamad Clinical Galilean bin Ramadan was born in 1992 Thoroughbred the Zahrouni District of Tunis.

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Channel

Saadi life : my son tried to go to Syria via Libya, but security forces prevented him

Carried the mother of the young Tunisian Ayman al – Saadi Ms. Saadi life and the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior to what oldest son, Ayman al – Saadi on Wednesday morning of the attempted bombing of the tomb of the late President Habib Bourguiba.

And life – Saadi said that her son was planning to go to Syria for jihad there , but was prevented from traveling by security units to leave after that house several times trying to cross the border to Libya surreptitiously to no avail .

The said Saadi life ” was on the Interior Ministry arrested since the last period ,” saying that her son was follow up by security units without constipation .

Tunisian Interior Ministry:

arrest 5 Salafist terrorist elements linked to the events of Sousse and Monastir.

_ Interior Tunisian arrest 5 Salafist suspects in the bombing of the tourist resort of Sousse and the attempted bombing of the tomb of Bourguiba in Monastir,

also a ministry spokesman said that these persons linked to Salafist “al Ansar al-Sharia”.

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Agency urgently to Libya / smuggling of weapons through the port and weigher Thuhayba Tunisia

Seen crossing Thuhayba and balance that connects the cities Nafusa Mountains in the south of Tunisia booked

many weapons that were smuggled from Libya into Tunisian territory .
And a Tunisian security source said the crossing of the security forces able to detect two pistols and a quantity

of ammunition to the Tunisians returning from Libya, where weapons were confiscated and Almhpohan was referred to the investigation.
It also managed to reserve a machine gun – type rifles and a quantity of ammunition on board a Libyan car .
Not far from crossing Thuhayba balanced arrested patrol the border guards Tunisian two Libyans gunmen in

military area on the Tunisian side of the border, and released her after her interrogation and verify that they

rebel assigned to patrol the border and they entered the Tunisian territory on the face of error.

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Chanel

Tunisian morning newspaper :

escaped from prison Mornag .. And trained in 2011 in Libya .. Captured on the black box of the terrorist groups in Tunisia

Al « morning» from security sources informed that he frequented in the circles of security strongly that the units dealing with terrorism National Guard may be suspended during the week Alvart named Ahmed Beauvais one of the most wanted terrorists to justice in a series of criminal cases terrorist relating to the assassination of martyrs Shokri Belaid and Mohammed Brahman and arms smuggling from Libya to Tunisia and stored both civilians and Almnehlh , during the process of combing extensive انتظمت Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, following the armed confrontation between the terrorist group and national Guard troops and ended with the martyrdom of two officers, a captain and a lieutenant and four officers and killing one of the terrorists.

Between taking data reported

While not confirmed security agencies responsible information or denies the our sources suggested that Ahmad Beauvais nicknamed » Shawkaani » between affiliates of these currents hardline religious under arrest and search Butkna National Guard Balauana center discreetly severe and tight security due to the seriousness of the detainee , who described the black-box for groups terrorist Tunisia , and is likely these data provide information about the relationship between Ahmad Beauvais terrorist slain in the events Qublat called Lutfi Zein one of the most dangerous terrorists involved in the assassination of martyrs Brahman and Belaid , and thus the relationship Beauvais set Qublat extended turn with a group Sidi Ali Ben Aoun through several evidence material notably Inspector reported in car events Qublat and found suspicious bomb in the house in Sidi Ali Ben Aoun.

And Ahmed Beauvais was born October 13, 1967 oblique dangerous issued in this regard five saws inspection four of them for belonging to a terrorist group known Psoabgah justice in many of the misdemeanors and felonies most serious maintenance and consumption , possession and ownership structure of trafficking narcotic substance listed in the table » b » and the formation of a gang spoilers for the supply of a narcotic substance Add to violence, has been jailed in the same period which have deposited a group of Solomon, which is likely to be Beauvais known then nickname Holyos may deal with the former regime and Bolesh political control group inside the prison , but this information has not been confirmed that fled the accused from prison suspended during events of the revolution and remained in hiding impersonating several identities , most notably Ahmed Rouissi ( for the correct title Beauvais ) and Ahmed al-Jabali , Ahmed bin Mohamed Mohamed Ben Omar Rouissi the case that the identity is Ahmed bin Mohammed Beauvais ..

Shawkaani .. Black Box

According to some security information , this terrorist seeded security is very serious known Bm’zajh violent extremism and religious affiliation of the current Salafi jihadist via an alias ( Shawkaani ), after it was in the nineties fortune teller reads the horoscope and towers under the nickname of Holyos, but after the revolution merged directly into the extremist currents and infiltration in September 2011 to Libya, where he joined the battalion martyrs of May 28 in control of the barrier of the stopper subsidiary of Bani Walid (Libya) in the period between September 4, 2011 and 20 October 2011 and received military training in the martial arts and the use of firearms before returning infiltrators to Tunisia after the elections October 23, 2011

involved in assassinations and planning terrorist acts in Tunisia is wanted by the governor of the first investigation bureau XIII Baptdaúah Tunisia to the case to the commission of terrorist offenses and to join the organization has to do with those crimes and the use of the name and code inadvertently definition of organized terrorist and its members and its activity and join outside the territory of the Republic to such an organization and the use of territory of the Republic to recruit a group of people in order to commit a terrorist act outside the territory of the Republic and the use of the dust of the Republic to carry out preparatory to the commission of a terrorist crimes

and to provide information for the benefit of persons with a view to helping to commit terrorist offenses and preparation shop for the meeting of the members are involved with terrorist offenses and donate and raise funds directly intended to finance people and activities related to terrorist offenses and join in the soil of the Republic to organize taken from terrorism and means to achieve its objectives to receive military training with intent to commit terrorist crimes and the use of territory of the Republic to recruit and train a group of people intent to commit a terrorist act within the territory of the Republic and the provision of weapons and explosives , ammunition and other materials , equipment, fixtures similar to the benefit of the organization has to do with terrorist offenses

and preparation shop for the meeting of its members and helping to shelter and hide them and raise money with the knowledge that the purpose of financing the organization has to do with terrorist offenses a crime resulting in death and conspiracy to internal state security and abuse intended to switch the state and carry people to kill each other with weapons and exciting Tunisian commotion dust and willful killing of a human with predecessors Aladmar the introduction of firearms intended for military operations and ammunition to carry and transfer and participate in it.

And knows the accused – who has not yet certain news get past the bodies responsible – black-box for groups jihadist terrorist in Tunis, has been able to agents of the Counter-Terrorism months ago to reserve his personal computer and some of his letters for during the search in the case of the armory of Medenine , but the reserved area and according to the rumors disappeared in conditions Mstrabh , which raises more questions .. Conceals ? Why hid ? What refer once again to talk about the parallel security or suspicious relations between some security and jihadists ..




Jabril: our grievance progress on the issue of fishermen imprisoned in Aswan
Atmosphere of the country –

Libyan ambassador in Cairo, Mohammed Fayez Jibril ‘s lawyer said Wednesday that the embassy provide for the grievance on the issue of fishermen Libyans imprisoned Egyptian Aswan .

Jabril explained to the atmosphere of the country , that the Egyptian military court allows grievance before the decision to ratify before the military ruler , explaining that the military ruler has the freedom of choice of acceptance or rejection .

Jabril pointed out that the charges against the fishermen related to cross the Egyptian border illegally , in addition to possession of firearms , he said , adding that the embassy is now working through official and legal means for a pardon by the military ruler before approving the decision.

The Egyptian military court had sentenced the beginning of this week was sentenced to three Libyans entered Egyptian territory by mistake in the course of their fishing trip by Jabril.



Palestinian Fawzy Boktef, the commander of the rebels room to diplomatic ..
Rat Libya’s ambassador to Uganda’s new in his office in Kampala.

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