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Muammar speaks as IMAM leader

Now the time has come to the ears of dawn prayers in local time for the occupied city of Tripoli God accept your prayers and prayer everyone


Per flag .. State per .. thought .. Legislation per ..
Green knee .. Libyan .. Think commander .. Holy Quran!

Mu rising

32nd Brigade enhanced

Now struggles Brother on the Green Channel sends a message to the Libyans there 17 HOURS AGO: ..

“We are coming and no one will come from abroad to set you free…”

THE GREEN ARMY PEOPLE’s RESISTANCE is located inside our beloved land…and will soon make the Rat’s knees bend!

Or the growth of T. (General Khamis)
الان الاخ كفاح على قناة الخضراء يوجه رسالة لليبيين..لايوجد هناك قادمون ولن يأتي احد من الخارج ليحرركم
موجودون داخل أرضنا الحبيبة هذي بلادناااا ونحنا فيها لن نستسلم نتصر
أو نمو ت

Mu in Tripoli Victory

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings .. every day are getting challenged steadfastness and insistence on the victory .. we are the owners of the right and legitimacy .. Manwayatna the high hugging همات the sky … فالنصر is soon Iaahrar the and حرائر the Great Jamahiriya and the banner of pride Hatrverw high Whisk in the granule Great Jamahiriya.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ..كل يوم نزداد صمود وتحدى واصرار على الانتصار ..فنحن اصحاب الحق والشرعيه ..معنواياتنا عاليه تعانق همات السماء … فالنصر بات قريبا يااحرار وحرائر الجماهيريه العظمى وراية العزة حاترفرف خفاقة عاليه فى جماهيريتنا الحبيبيه ….

Mu leader

Dr Hamza Abuschgner Thami 31 JULY  2013

He said,if Khamis is dead show all the libyans his dead body, and 10 doctors will be from Qadafa tribe and 20 doctors from the rats

should be….

If according to the rats Muammar is dead, show us the dead body.

And tell us why was his video made by a mobile despite of so many media channels in libya!


Mujahid Hamza intervention on 31/07/2013

voted for Libya

Talked about Gen. Khamis, leader Muammar al-Qathafi on A_i_hadahma or tactful Ihma alive, regarding T said Dr. he told cited Vsalina upon you who prayed him (in the presence of Dr. Musa Ibrahim and Dr. Ahmed Alrahim and Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the presence of the people of Bin Walid at the funeral buried Many of the martyrs who were killed pounding NATO) and the two days after the channel view displays the bar with him and how his death, I called my family leader and asked me Acav tape immediately and delete or prosecution against the channel, at first we thought it offend martyr or kind of like that, after the battle Bin Walid dig his grave rats (Gen. T) فبم find his body and asked the doctor also answer stays with you

About the commander said Dr. Hamza does not want you to Tsedkola not lie Hamza but used the minds of the right of Libyans and tribe Alqmazfah to know the fate of this man, troubled cited this legged it is supposed to be a corpse, Fine body of this man? Aatbroo Ne crazy and Cyruna, is it reasonable to Muammar al-Qathafi, who Harepetth 48 countries and all the world was filled radio stations throughout the 8 months it reasonable that neither conceived nor radio and Ahdhoasour the only mobile phone? Secondly, the doctor who wrote the report for the death of the leader died and suddenly died So what reason? Answer a third stays with you why the government refuses Committee set up by the United Nations for the detection and investigation of the body? Fourth, this challenge to the government that did not have a form in itself, choose a family leader or someone from the tribe Alqmazfah for 10 doctors from Doctors Without Borders and reveal the body (check my father if any) and announced at a press conference publicly that the body of the leader V. Without leaks, which says gene is identical Wu and without leaks that Mu’tasim said to rats that Falcon Athni it, does not solve the puzzle, but Doctors Without Borders and the challenge to show the government and put an end to talk deployed and says Muammar is dead, let the word that Qatar spotted call the leader and what went to the scene and found the tea Hakhan and Commander did not find him and let the words he km commander spoke to T. and let the words he saw the district Commander and showed the corpse of Physicians and completed in the Libyan street debate

صوت ليبيا

تحدث عن الجنرال خميس والقائد معمر القذافي بخصوص استشهادهما او بقا ئهما على قيد الحياة ،بخصوص خميس قال الدكتور انه قيل لنا استشهد فصلينا عليه وكنت ممن صلى عليه(بحضور الدكتور موسى ابراهيم والدكتور احمد الراهيم والدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي وبحضور اهالي بن وليد في جنازة دفن فيها العديد من الشهداء الذين استشهدوا بقصف الناتو) وبعد يومين قامت قناة الراي بعرض شريط عنه وكيفية استشهاده،فاتصلت بي عائلة القائد وطلبت مني اقاف الشريط فورا ومسحه او المتابعة القضائية ضد القناة،في البداية ظننا انها اساءة الى الشهيد او نوع من هذا القبيل،بعد معركة بن وليد حفر الجرذان قبره(الجنرال خميس) فبم يجدوا جثته وسالوا الطبيب ايضا والجواب يبقى عندكم

بخصوص القائد قال الدكتور حمزة لا اريدكم ان تصدقولا ولا تكذبوا حمزة ولكن استخدموا عقولكم،من حق الليبيين وقبيلة القذاذفة ان تعرف مصير هذا الرجل،فاءن استشهد هذا ارجل فمن المفروض ان تكون فيه جثة،فاين جثة هذا الرجل؟اعتبرو ني مجانين وسايرونا،هل من المعقول ان معمر القذافي الذي حاربته ٤٨ دولة وكل اذاعات العالم كان شغلها طيلة ٨ اشهر فهل من المعقول ان لا تصوره ولا اذاعة واحدةويصور بالهاتف النقال فقط؟ ثانيا الطبيب الذي كتب التقرير عن وفاة القائد مات وفجاة مات اذن ما السبب؟الجواب يبقى عندكم ثالثا لماذا ترفض الحكومة اللجنة التي شكلتها الامم المتحدة للكشف والتحقيق عن الجثمان؟ رابعا هذا تحدي للحكومة ان لم يكن لها شكل في نفسها،تختار عائلة القائد او شخص من قبيلة القذاذفة ل 10 اطباء من اطباء بلا حدود وتكشف عن الجثة (فحص الدي ان اي) وتعلن في مؤتمر صحفي علني ان الجثة للقائد خامسا بلا التسريبات التي تقول ان الجينات غير مطابقة ووو وبلا تسريبات ان المعتصم قال للجرذان ان الصقر اتهنيت عليه،لا يحل اللغز الا اطباء بلا حدود واتحدى ان تظهر الحكومة وتضع حد للاحاديث المنتشرة وتقول ان معمر مات ،اتركوا كلام ان قطر رصدت مكالمة القائد ولما اتجهت الى المكان وجدت الشاي شاخن والقائد لم تجده واتركوا كلام من قال انه كلم القائد وكلم خميس واتركوا كلام من قال انه راى القائد حي واظهروا الجثة للاطباء وانهوا الجدال في الشارع الليبي

Translated from GREAT SON on FB:

Mujahid Hamza intervention on 31/07/2013

Talked about Gen. Khamis, leader Muammar Gaddafi on A_i_hadahma or بقائهما alive, On the point T said Dr. he told cited Vsalina upon you who prayed him (in the presence of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the presence of the people of Bin Walid at the funeral buried where many of the martyrs who were killed pounding NATO) and the two days after the channel view displays the bar with him and how his death, I called my family leader and asked me Acav tape immediately and delete or prosecution against the channel, at first we thought it offend martyr or kind of like that, after the battle of Ben Walid dig his grave rats (Gen. T) did not find his body and asked the doctor also answer stays with you

About the commander said Dr. Hamza does not want you to Tsedkola not lie Hamza but used the minds of the right of Libyans and tribe Alqmazfah to know the fate of this man, troubled cited this legged it is supposed to be a corpse, Fine body of this man? Aattabrona crazy and Cyruna, is it reasonable Muammar Gaddafi, who Harepetth 48 countries and all the world was filled radio stations throughout the 8 months it reasonable that neither conceived nor radio and Ahdhoasour the only mobile phone?
Secondly, the doctor who wrote the report for the death of the leader died and suddenly died So what reason? Answer stays with you
Third, why the government refuses Committee set up by the United Nations for the detection and investigation of the body?
Fourth, this challenge that the government did not have the same form in, choose a family leader or someone of Alqmazfah tribe for 10 doctors from Doctors Without Borders and reveal the body (check that any parents) and declare publicly at a news conference that the body of the leader
V. Without leaks, which says that genes do not match, Wu and without leaks that Mu’tasim said to rats that Falcon Athni it, does not solve the puzzle, but Doctors Without Borders and the challenge to show the government and put an end to talk deployed and says Muammar is dead, let the word that Qatar spotted call the leader and what went to the scene and found tea Hakhan and the commander did not find him and let the words than he km commander spoke to T and let the words from said he saw the district commander and showed the corpse of Physicians and completed in the Libyan street debate

مداخلة المجاهد حمزة يوم 31-7-2013


تحدث عن الجنرال خميس والقائد معمر القذافي بخصوص استشهادهما او بقائهما على قيد الحياة ،فبخصوص خميس قال الدكتور انه قيل لنا استشهد فصلينا عليه وكنت ممن صلى عليه(بحضور الدكتور موسى ابراهيم والدكتور احمد ابراهيم والدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي وبحضور اهالي بن وليد في جنازة دفن فيها العديد من الشهداء الذين استشهدوا بقصف الناتو) وبعد يومين قامت قناة الراي بعرض شريط عنه وكيفية استشهاده،فاتصلت بي عائلة القائد وطلبت مني اقاف الشريط فورا ومسحه او المتابعة القضائية ضد القناة،في البداية ظننا انها اساءة الى الشهيد او نوع من هذا القبيل،بعد معركة بن وليد حفر الجرذان قبره(الجنرال خميس) فلم يجدوا جثته وسالوا الطبيب ايضا والجواب يبقى عندكم

بخصوص القائد قال الدكتور حمزة لا اريدكم ان تصدقولا ولا تكذبوا حمزة ولكن استخدموا عقولكم،من حق الليبيين وقبيلة القذاذفة ان تعرف مصير هذا الرجل،فاءن استشهد هذا ارجل فمن المفروض ان تكون فيه جثة،فاين جثة هذا الرجل؟اعتبرونا مجانين وسايرونا،هل من المعقول ان معمر القذافي الذي حاربته ٤٨ دولة وكل اذاعات العالم كان شغلها طيلة ٨ اشهر فهل من المعقول ان لا تصوره ولا اذاعة واحدةويصور بالهاتف النقال فقط؟
ثانيا الطبيب الذي كتب التقرير عن وفاة القائد مات وفجاة مات اذن ما السبب؟الجواب يبقى عندكم
ثالثا لماذا ترفض الحكومة اللجنة التي شكلتها الامم المتحدة للكشف والتحقيق عن الجثمان؟
رابعا هذا تحدي للحكومة ان لم يكن لها شكل في نفسها،تختار عائلة القائد او شخص من قبيلة القذاذفة ل 10 اطباء من اطباء بلا حدود وتكشف عن الجثة (فحص الدي ان اي) وتعلن في مؤتمر صحفي علني ان الجثة للقائد 
خامسا بلا التسريبات التي تقول ان الجينات غير مطابقة ووو وبلا تسريبات ان المعتصم قال للجرذان ان الصقر اتهنيت عليه،لا يحل اللغز الا اطباء بلا حدود واتحدى ان تظهر الحكومة وتضع حد للاحاديث المنتشرة وتقول ان معمر مات ،اتركوا كلام ان قطر رصدت مكالمة القائد ولما اتجهت الى المكان وجدت الشاي شاخن والقائد لم تجده واتركوا كلام من قال انه كلم القائد وكلم خميس واتركوا كلام من قال انه راى القائد حي واظهروا الجثة للاطباء وانهوا الجدال في الشارع الليبي.

Mu Commander

Dr. Hanza Abuschgner Thami on 28 JULY 2013

صوت ليبيا

Voice Libya

With regard to word Mujahid Hamza in the green channel on 07/28/2013

He said that the SPLM has nothing to do with the commander’s family nor resistance nor the Libyan people and the list of its members present has no objection to publish that he wanted the Libyan people and you will see the names contained therein

At the same topic (SPLM) called fields to channel neutrality and take the news from the source and avoid mis which occurred when the island

Male names who تقاضوا funds (grants monthly) from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and made an instrument number 9,250,444 on 09/29/2012 under Letter No. 12-445 dated 9 months of 2012, released instrument Abasm the Mohamed Sawan head of the ruling Justice and under construction to help burdens extra Ali Bin Fahad Al-Hajri, Assistant Foreign Minister the country and the list includes:

Nizar Ahmed Youssef Kawan – Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Milad Hussein – Abdul Rahman Abdul Majeed Aldpiani – Majed Mohammed small farmer – Salah Mohamed Hussein modding – safe Faraj Khalifa rainy – Saleh Mohammed Almkhozom good – Hoda Abdel Latif Aut – Mohamed Ahmed Arish – Mona Belkacem Omar _ Khaled Ammar Mishri – Mohamed Imran Birthday Merghem – Arab Fathi Abdel-Kader Saleh – Amina Omar Ibrahim Mahgoub – Zeb Belkacem Ibrahim بعيو – Mohammed Muammar Abdullah Diab – Fawzia Abdel Salam Ahmed Kordan – Abdel the Ibrahim Ismail ÇáŐÝŃÇäí peace

With regard to power outages Qan Alaarb electricity company engineer Bokra on Asan said Dr. unreasonable to cut off electricity on Libya, but for one reason is neglect and corruption, the Libyan war and the engineer said yesterday partners (Lafraarien) approaching a real civil war

Talked about some Almhazel and said that the military police in Ben Ghazi most of them militants and chaired Gulab (Broker sheep) named Ahmed Fakhri was imprisoned in Abu Salim

Said Dr. farce, too, in the Central Bank of Pia connects great friend Misrata militias (for fear of demonstrators) and the movement of money through two cars of Libyans pressures Alshall to Misratah

Of farce also Dr. said that in the face in front of the Libyans in Libya’s international channel, Touati faces Mishri says that the ruling Justice and sells construction oil smuggling to calculate the Brotherhood help Arousi and oil minister, because he continued to Brothers after supply disable Adeddat the

Of farce also said Dr. storming the prime minister today by rats Tajura and Misratah

Farce, Dr. The demonstrators are calling for a system and the system drops plopped also, but there is no system originally

Request of the Liberals who are in Egypt took Awakening and careful because Egypt made a 72-hour deadline for closure of the Salloum crossing and then will travel to Egypt via sea or air


فيما يخص كلمة المجاهد حمزة في قناة الخضراء يوم 28-7-2013قال ان الحركة الشعبية لا علاقة لها لا بعائلة القائد ولا بالمقاومة ولا بالشعب الليبي وقائمة اعضاءها موجودة عنده ولا مانع في نشرها ان اراد الشعب الليبي وسترون الاسماء الموجودة فيهاوفي نفس الموضوع (الحركة الشعبية)دعى قناة الميادين الى الحياد و اخذ الخبر من المصدر وتجنب الخطاء الذي وقعت فيه الجزيرةذكر اسماء الذين تقاضوا اموال(منح شهرية) من قطر والامارات وقدم رقم الصك وهو 9250444 بتاريخ 29-9-2012 بموجب رسالة رقم 12-445 مؤرخة في شهر 9 من سنة 2012,صدر الصك باءسم محمد صوان رئيس حزب العدالة والبناء تحت بند مساعدة اعباء اضافية من على بن فهد الهاجري مساعد وزير الخارجية القطري والقائمة تضم:

نزار احمد يوسف كعوان-محمود عبد العزيز ميلاد حسين-عبد الرحمن عبد المجيد الدبياني-ماجد محمد الصغير الفلاح-صلاح محمد حسين الشعيب-امنة فرج خليفة مطير-صالح محمد المخزوم الصالح-هدى عبد اللطيف عوط-محمد احمد عريش-منى بلقاسم عمر_خالد عمار المشري-محمد عمران ميلاد مرغم-فتحي العربي عبد القادر صالح-امينة عمر المحجوب ابراهيم-زيب بلقاسم ابراهيم بعيو-محمد معمر عبد الله دياب-فوزية عبد السلام احمد كردان-عبد السلام ابراهيم اسماعيل الصفراني

فيما يخص انقطاع الكهرباء قاءن الاعرب بشركة الكهرباء المهندس بوكرع قال على اسان الدكتور من غير المعقول ان ينقطع الكهرباء على ليبيا الا لسبب واحد وهو الاهمال والفساد والحرب الليبية وقال المهندس ان شركاء الامس(الفرايريين) يقتربون من حرب اهلية حقيقية

تحدث عن بعض المهزل وقال ان الشرطة العسكرية في بن غازي معظمهما من المتشددين ويتراسها جلاب( سمسار غنم )يدعى احمد الفاخري كان مسجون في بوسليم

قال الدكتور من المهازل ايضا ,في مصرف لبيا المركزي يتصل الصديق الكبير بمليشيات مصراتة(خوفا من المتظاهرين) وتنقل اموال الليبيين عبر سيارتين من غوط الشعال الى مصراتة

من المهازل ايضا قال الدكتور انه في مواجهة امام الليبيين في قناة ليبيا الدولية,التواتي يواجه المشري ويقول ان حزب العدالة والبناء تبيع النفط بالتهريب لحساب الاخوان بمساعدة العروسي وزير النفط لانه تابع للاخوان وذلك بعد تعطيل عددات التزويد

من المهازل ايضا قال الدكتور اقتحام مجلس رئاسة الوزراء اليوم من طرف جرذان تاجوراء ومصراتة

من المهازل قال الدكتور ان المتظاهرين ينادون يسقط النظام والنظام ساقط ايضا بل لا يوجد نظام اصلا

طلب من الاحرار المتواجدين في مصر اخذ اليقضة والحذر لان مصر قدمت مهلة 72 ساعة لاغلاق معبر السلوم وبعدها سيتم السفر الى مصر عبر البحر او الجو

Greeting to men men .. Patient steadfast القابضين the embers of sleeping on the soil of the homeland and يلتحفون Basmaúh and يكتوون بجمر enemies day and night

Glories of this day
Glory this day and raced on the glories and the glories of this day for tresses Free libya Ihamo of the Qaid fire

Part in the Lord of the subjects who revealed the snow over the hills we will stay on our pledge to wear white under the soil

Pass this on to your profile:

Words rock Aidob from girl Tstgat of injustice this time and what happened in Libya expressive words in which you write to Sir commander that يسامحها …
Please posting rut Sister words in your pages ..
Mind Aahasso Halnas and the health of their hearts and their country’s Inodo:



Very dangerous and very important :::
In a statement issued today, 07/31/2013, Sheikh Abdullah bin Saud Al Thani, Governor of Qatar Central Bank in response to a statement Hisham Ramez Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, in which he said that the Muslim Brotherhood did not deposit two billion dollars get them from Libya Central Bank of Egypt as well as the same amount from the Qatari government bank governor said Qatar ((We are dealing with governments, not people, and when they were providing depository country Egypt was dealing with the elected government of the people, and no room for any manipulation in this and Mlbg two billion feet of the Egyptian government by Libya intervened Sheikh Hamad Amir at the time and asked the brothers Libyans help Egypt amount of two billion dollars to prevent the collapse of the Egyptian economic and brothers in Libya responded to the demand of Sheikh Hamad was transferred amount to the Central Bank of Egypt immediately and the Secretariat of the intervention of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, President of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Islamic preacher Sheikh Ali hardness to accelerate filing of the amount of the Central Bank of Egypt and Lama announced by Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt is illogical words and we consider it unacceptable blackmail and will deal with it as a robbery and an international monument and Qatar will never compromise on their money))

Declares the Central Bank of Libya, the masters of our valued citizens that the deadline for receipt of grant grievances millennial dinars is on 15 August 2013 branches and departments of the Central Bank of Libya.

He explained the Central Bank of Libya – said in a statement, that this action was taken to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 65 for the year 2013 and to extend the duration of the amounts due to the exchange period – 6 – six months commencing from
From the date of 15.02.2013.

Touati Eida on Libya:

“first I have several documents to prove that Qatar
Intervene in Libya, and I have documents proving that the construction of justice and they are the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood customers receiving money from Qatar.
Qatar will not leave Libya in the same, and I tell the Libyans Mecheri God will not Aradw the rule of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, sooner or later you will Tanthon.”

Lock Port Zueitina and Sidra and Harika and Ras Lanuf and stopped most of the oil fields, including the fields key such as a field fountain, field hopes, field Gallo, the field of the bed, the field of Oasis, the field of elephant, field Aldahara, field meet “cut off oil pipeline between Mellitah and meet “!!

Minister of Oil and Gas Dr Abdul Bari Arousi: Libya’s production of oil has become 30% due to the closure of a number of gunmen oil ports

Dar Al-Fatwa Calls guard oil installations to decipher sit and cautions that the sit-in to stop the oil or any vital service does not solve the religiously because it is harmful to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the government pockets we are not sincere Even Hikhkm the Gharyani fils.
NATO Mufti in Libya

News about the closure of several oil fields. Young eastern region after making sure that the oil is sold and

counters parked and its Tdhb funds to personal accounts.
Forward Iaahrarrrr the oil سكروا Qatar فرانسا !

this your oil, our oil and oil all Libyans …

Still current oil production is below pre-war levels, the suffering frequent sector strikes and protests in different parts of the country, according to Oil Minister Abdul Baari Arousi. It must be remembered that thousands of barrels of oil are stolen daily by NATO and the U.S.

Nasser Aujali:

Why did not you get caught signatory signatory Oil Ministry ? Throughout this period, or one of the militia leaders speak about the sale of Libyan oil in special accounts without counters to calculate the amount of oil ..
Even after some workers revealed the scandal committed a lot of revolutionary claims and national silence … !!!

Intrusion and control of the oil refinery of the company’s Libyan Arab Emirates

Takeover of armed militias “Aljdharan” on the oil refinery of the company’s Libyan Arab Emirates and today has elements of these militias control of the office building of the company have been suspended all activities of the company, despite efforts led by the Union of workers of the company as well as managing the company into the early morning hours of the day in order to clarify the implications of this matter and its implications, whether from the side economic or environmental or legal but to live by those who advocate for the Aama personal interest the eyes of these young people and we are sorry for such young people who undoubtedly had deceived them and pictures of them they are claiming rights project for them and despite what We heard from the youth to the extent of death threats and publicity arms in the face of users of the company this morning from engineers and financial and Adarein and technicians, but the users of the company تحلوا patience and decided to return and meeting elsewhere to discuss the matter and pondering where to then lose the company every day worth 22 million dollars every hour delay of vectors present in the various ports almost 10 thousand dollars in order to God, O Libya

Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas

The workers shut down bed field, the largest oil field in North Africa .. They will not be back until oil production counters are installed and open a serious and immediate investigation
The conviction and imprisonment of criminals.

Prepare just bash Chhtwa the Libyans!

Minister of Oil and Gas Abdul Bari Arousi / / / /

– Port Closed Azwaitah to until now which يغدي 100 thousand barrels per day
– Shut down the port of Sidra and Ras Lanuf and الذان produce 600 thousand barrels per day
By armed groups by force under the pretext that they have demands and we are in
Communicate with them
– Today the sympathy of a group of established oil and guards shut down the port
Tobruk (Hariqa) of oil.
– Continue in this matter has very serious consequences.
– Shut down these ports affect the feed power plants to generate energy
– The only port that works now is the port corner.

Two days ago were kidnapped son Colonel Mohammed Eshteiwi Director Military Accounts Department of the tourist area and the required ransom not released ten million dinars .. Son of Muhammad Eshteiwi Mesh player at Real Madrid Paso Pooh player in the whole army fils.


statut de ‎ثورة الفاتح‎.



Ivory (from our own sources. Soldiers Bo Minyar)
To whom it may concern
There is confirmed information very 100% stating that it had been the transfer of all members of the armed people who have been their families since Almham 2011 from prisons Benghazi to several places, including in Tripoli, most of whom were imprisoned in jails Ameitikh, the reservation they were separated civilians from them in the prisons of Ain Zara and Tadjourah and Wadi spring and the airport road and the angle and the Soane and the farmer, but they kept on the number of other prisoners in Benghazi because they يخصون Benghazi,and there is an agreement between the Jardan, in the event of any movement against these Jardan and their existing in the country, will use these prisoners Kadrua mankind to face any danger يداهمهم of Resistance fighters,,,,,,,,,I hope further investigation in Tripoli, and try to find out the whereabouts of the prisoners and their numbers and names can save it, I hope publication and dissemination, investigation and let us know what offers have,,, and you have our sincere thanks
Media Committee of the men of the current situation battalion.
عاجـــ(من مصادرنا الخاصه .جنود بو منيار )ــــــــــــــــــل
الى من يهمه الامر
هناك معلومات مؤكدة جداً 100% تفيد بأنه تم نقل كل افراد الشعب المسلح الذين تم اسرهم منذُ العام المشؤم 2011 من سجون بنغازي الى عدة اماكن من بينها في طرابلس واغلبهم تم سجنهم في سجون امعيتيقة ، للتحفظ عليهم وتم فصل المدنيين عنهم في سجون عين زارة وتاجورة ووادي الربيع وطريق المطار والزاوية ومنطقة السواني والفلاح الا انهم ابقوا على عدد اخر من الاسرى في بنغازي لانهم يخصون بنغازي ،، وهناك اتفاق ابرم بين الجردان ، في حالة حدوث اي حركة ضد هؤلاء الجردان ونظامهم القائم في البلاد ، سوف يستخدمون هؤلاء الاسرى كادروع بشرية لمواجهة اي خطر يداهمهم من رجال المقاومة ،،،،،،،،، ارجوا زيادة التحري في طرابلس ومحاولة معرفة اماكن تواجد الاسرى واعدادهم واسمائهم ان توفر ذلك ، ، ارجوا النشر والتعميم والتحري وابلاغنا بما توفر لديكم ،،، ولكم منا جزيل الشكر
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي

Channel Owaynat on Facebook | |

Based on events that occur region Owaynat this period of robbery by force and the threat of arms and terrorize the citizens security.
Within the framework of establishing security: –
Mr. briefing \ Mustafa Amghar the Knduwih head of the military council Owaynat that as part of the formation of a joint security area room performs all security operations and the establishment of the gates at the entrances to the area and we will support this room each مانستطيع of material and moral possibilities that contribute to the restoration of security. As citizens required to cooperate fully with the room and contact them in case of watching for any threat to the security of the region.

Will be allocated telephone numbers of the room to report any emergency.




Urgent .. The main points of the press conference Prime Aloza Ali Zaidane, a group of Ministers and that took a little while ago ..
Zaidane: stop the production of Zueitina port of Sidra and Brega and Ras Lanuf leaving only the oil exported from the port only corner ..
Zaidane: oil income dropped to 30% which is affecting the budget ..
Oil Minister Dr.. Abdalbari Arousi: ports closed by gunmen have personal demands and we are in contact with them.
Laroussi: from suspended production employees of the Ministry of internal demand بمرتباتهم and another group of guards oil installations in solidarity with their boss, who resigned.
Laroussi: is strange .. A large force in large numbers to affiliated facilities allow guards to a small number of ports and lock the oil fields ..
Laroussi: production Libya today fell to 330 thousand barrels per day out of 1.45 million barrels ..
Laroussi: lock ports deprive oil we import fuel and its derivatives ..
Laroussi: sold metered oil on ships and on the ground, and there are measurable and administration oversees the inspection.
Laroussi: Port Sidra fully destroyed Aadadath the oil during the “liberation war” and we stop in front of two solutions either for export or work in a rudimentary way, a decision taken by the previous government.
Arousi .. Snkadhi anyone who wants to distort Picture minister or who wants to distort the reputation of the Ministry of Oil and Gas National Oil Corporation.

Media Fathi Ben Issa:

“Zaidane is now clearly recognized at the press conference have prevented us rebel groups to form an effective security apparatus to protect the country!!
This يقلها not spoken Zaidane media!!”


The most prominent kidnappings, assassination and sabotage in 2013 up to the moment and the list of those who were murdered and kidnapped ************************************ *********
* On July 28 / are assassination of Major General Abdul Fattah Younis and his companion in Benghazi
On March _ / Colonel was assassinated (Mohammed الحاسي) Bdrna
On June _ / judge was assassinated Chancellor (F Gazoa) Benghazi
* In August _ / was the assassination of Brigadier (Mohamed Fitouri) – responsible for military ammunition and weaponry – in Benghazi
* In August _ / Colonel was assassinated military intelligence (Suleiman Bozyredh) in Benghazi
On September _ / Dean was assassinated military intelligence (F Alcadekke) in Benghazi
On September _ / assassination was an officer in the Air Force Badr al-Obeidi in Benghazi
On November _ / retired colonel was assassinated (Abdel Karim الورفلي) in Benghazi
On November _ / values ​​were the assassination of Sheikh Ansari Mosque (Abdullah Alvesa) Benghazi
On November _ / Guard officer was assassinated municipal (Younis Shalawi), in Derna
* In _ Despmr / was the assassination of Colonel (Faraj Darsi) Director of the Security Directorate of Benghazi
On December _ / investigations officer was assassinated (Fakhiri Awad) in Abyar
On January _ / President was kidnapped CID Benghazi Security Directorate (Abdel Salam المهدوي) is still kidnapped
On January _ / cop was assassinated Benghazi Security Directorate (Salah Alozyre) in Benghazi
* On April _ / police officer was assassinated agricultural (Mohammed القابسي) in Derna
On June _ / judge was assassinated Chancellor (Mohammed Howaidy) Bdrna
* June 26 / Colonel was assassinated in military intelligence (F Masrati) in Benghazi
* July 15 / colonel was assassinated air defense (Fathi Lamama) Bdrna
* July 19 / Colonel was assassinated Air Force pilot (Akila al-Obeidi) near Benghazi
* July 21 / retired colonel was assassinated (Abdel Latif Mozainy) in Derna
* July 26 / was assassinated Colonel Salem Mohammed large.
* July 26 / lawyer was assassinated and political analyst Abdul Salam cuneiform.
* July 26 / was assassinated Colonel Mohammed Abdul Rahim speech Friday 2013 in the city of Benghazi.
* July 26 / was assassinated Colonel Mohammad المسلاتي, Friday, 2013 in the city of Tripoli.
* On July 30 assassination of Benghazi protection force commander of the battalion February 17 Ahmed Faraj Albornawi, and nicknamed the “aberration”, and the survival of his sons after the bombing of his car on Tuesday, 30/7 before the Maghrib prayer the eastern region of milkfish “Land guard.”
* On July 30 assassination of the commander of Libya Shield forces in the city of Derna, Colonel Adnan Alnobar.
There are one result of any crime for the sake of secrecy on the outcome of the investigation and hide the identity of the perpetrator.

– The assassination of Colonel Adnan Alnueasiri the armor battalion commander Libya in the tuber.
– Killed Abdullah Arvidh, a military police personnel Misurata.
– Car bombing targeting Colonel Special Forces Congratulations to Mohammed al-Obeidi in Benghazi

A summary of some of the events: –
1 – the continuing power outages for long hours up to 6 hours in various cities of Libya, especially the capital Tripoli
2 – bombing targeting a police station pond in Benghazi.
3 – bombing targets Courts Complex in the city of Sirte.
4 – a car bombing near the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli.
5 – The assassination of a member of staff of Homeland Security device Misurata on Monday in the city.
6 – The assassination of two army officers in the city of Derna.
7 – three murders in the city of Derna previous days.
8 – rocket kind Arbjee was prompt Corinthia hotel, but hit the architecture, and form a party hit the car in the capital.
9 – Page Libyan Arab Airlines remember pull-old craft of Libyan Arab Airlines Fokker 27 of the old airport in Tripoli Square outside the airport and do not provide information on the Altes pulled the plane and no where to be escorted ..!!
10 – down the road in the Bab bin Gashir, in protest at Katra frequent power outages in the capital.
11 – The assassination of Judge Najib Howaidy in the tuber.
12 – acts of sabotage and theft of 66 industrial district station Sirte by outlaw gang station 66 that feed the industrial district of Sirte.
13 – UAE embassy was targeted Tripoli Bakazfa the RPG of the two cars April Cunha Msilvrh and the Toyota Camry dated 07/25/2013.
14 – vacant prison “‫ # Alkwyfah” guest east of Benghazi after fleeing late Friday evening, the estimated number of guests between 800 to 1,300 prisoners between criminal and politicians after the Libyan war 27/07/2013.
15 – exposed the company “Libyana” Street Omar al-Mukhtar to fire by 3 unknown persons in a car without plates and are white in color type “Hyundai for the clean and jerk” and resulted from this incident, two cases of under these circumstances a child did not exceed the age of 7 years.
16 – the first blast near the North Benghazi Court on Sunday 07/28/2013.
17 – a very powerful explosion after Morocco’s ears directly targeted Court Benghazi God and yes, the agent and the curse of God on them on Sunday, 28.07.2013.
18 – storm the headquarters of the Civil Status Authority in Arab culture, architecture Gamal Abdel Nasser street in Benghazi at dawn today 29.07.2013.
19 – a car bombing colonel in the Navy and taken to the hospital in critical condition 29/02/2013.
20 – armed clashes in the city of Sirte between battalion witnessed the corner and between the armed group killed two people and wounding five others 29/07/2013.
21 – a series of explosions in the city of Benghazi 07.29.2013.

Major “Salem Alguenida” refuses to deliver the headquarters of the General Staff to the President appointed Major General Staff “Abdel Salam Jadallah.”

Sources said the Agency Major General “Salem Guenida” Chief of Staff-designate refused to hand over the management and headquarters staff in Tripoli to the chief of staff appointed by the National Congress of the year, which was promoted to the rank of Major General, “Abdulsalam Jadallah” The chief of staff faces opposition from members of the Libyan Army officers being calculated on the State of Qatar and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

Quoting | | Mermaid Agency







Held yesterday a meeting of rebel battalion Tripoli to discuss the plans and possibilities for an attack on a

camp of Yarmouk Civil battalion headquarters ..



Of the daily crimes registered at the Directorate of National Security in Tripoli ..:

On 2013.07.31 at 19:15 received a tip from a police station Al-Andalus was expressed by a group of unidentified people armed with a weapon type of identity “NBK T” as well as a Kalashnikov rifle in a car type Miche Lancer dark gray color without glass plates stealing a car carrying Center Panel No. 002 745 Police Type Hyundai Santa Fe color white and red led (e. c. p), accompanied by t. (p x. m. m) by force of arms area Gharghour near Polyclinic infertility

and at 19:30 pm and received signal by telephone from alternate achievement Center Police Airport Road that the same group mentioned stealing car center bearing the number plate 002 445 Police Type Hyundai Santa Fe color white and red led t. p. (a m. A), accompanied by a policeman (m. A) by force of arms area Gharghour near the compound clinics infertility

and when 23:00 pm and received a telephone signal from the alternate achieve the industrial district police station that the same group mentioned stealing a car belonging to the deity and the National Safety at 23:05 and received a telephone signal from the alternate achievement by the airport police station that the same group of stealing dual type Miche car color white license plate number 3279 belonging to the Army Chiefs of Staff of the Joint Operations force of arms Gharghour area near the compound of infertility clinics …

An armed gang stormed Sawani Court of First Instance on Thursday afternoon during the determination of the police jurisdiction of the Court for the transfer of prisoners held there on a bus to another place ~ in an attempt of this gang to free some prisoners from the grip of the police #

Where attacked a car (Toyota Tundra), the seat of the Court in absence Taaaam for security elements ~!! This resulted in the theft of a car (Toyota 24) loaded with 14.5 # In addition to the theft of the car, which was filled with prisoners ~!! Been stolen, including in respect of prisoners and take it to an unknown location,

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that he spoke similar acts ~ It is strange that all the previous times were occur in broad Alnhaaaar in the ~!! Which puts many question marks residents of the area about twice or for the transfer of security (insecurity) in the region so to speak ~!!

(Quoting channel Sawani on Facebook)

Libya talks
From inside Tripoli Security Directorate was yesterday night to steal cars for 7 security patrols during their passage Gharghour area by militias in the region Gharghour.

Doha battalion .. One Misrata militia Jews stationed in Tripoli:

Students and demonstration will begin the first students of the University of Tripoli to demand security
Walk from the University of even Alricksos the Q11 evening of 05 August 2013
Under the name of peace movement

Tripoli News Revolution: –

Abduction Colonel Hamed الحاسي from the by gunmen after his motorcade region objected Sellouk and killed three of his bodyguards.

hear the sound of an explosion in the area of Abu Salim.


Only God Can I have a Multi prophet is published:
I residents of Abu Salim today Gary poor footmen great age walk a Bashab his money from the bank of the Republic

in the arena green withdraw the amount of 4,600 dinars and pollen Berouh in one becomes it in the bank of العصبات

armed on the way Li arrived at Bab Azizia Derso 3 Sirat him and Qvoh and Nzlolh Pei arms and beat him and كسرو

the car and Khaddo the sprayer us his money all and Qalolh if Matattiyh pain and Nguetloc after beating Atahm

and spirit of the poor in the case of Libya Hadi time.

And Rafla resilience to withstand

Urgent .. Colonel exposure “Abdulsalam Mansouri” head of the Center the municipal بجنزور Guard west of the capital Tripoli for the shooting and armed robbery ..

Presented the President of the Municipal Guard Center Libyan janzour area in the Libyan capital Tripoli, Colonel Abdul Salam Al Mansoori to the assault and armed robbery while going to perform the work, where a group of Libyan armed outlaws shot him and forcing him to get out of his car and stolen ..
Guard sources said the Libyan farmyard today that Colonel Al Mansoori was shot in his right side and is now lying in a hospital Libyan accidents.
She added that the armed group to capture his own weapon, a Kalashnikov type as well as money and mobile هواتفه ..


A fire broke out Management and Administration Authority of the بجنزور army
It was thankfully put out the fire by the officers and non-commissioned officers in charge of guarding and protection.

From inside the Security Directorate of Tripoli
Yesterday at night to steal cars for 7 security
Periodicals during their passage area Gharghour
By militias in
Gharghour area.

aircraft in the skies of Tripoli at low altitude.

Escape of more than 20 prisoners on behalf of Sawani Tripoli!

Urgent ..Armed militia attacking Court Sawani and the release of 14 prisoners and
confiscated the judicial police cars inside the garage court .. Source channel Sawani on Facebook.

Airport Road armed group of armed robbery and has stolen
Aktar than 50 SUV from Hamza Training Center Airport Road.

God Tsamehohna the O are free to speak sharply times provocative times Mordant but Nthmilo some of when

Ndtlaqo in Green Square, God willing, and Ndkirkm for forgiveness and pray.


Day 14-10 dates -2011 output the people AboSaleem and plateau بصدورهم and simple weapons to face aggression and everyone was trained on the trail of the Popular Resistance .. But since the project back to us coming and is hypnosis Libyan people Magnattsaa the rumors coming from overseas armies tractor show those rumors exactly every three months on a regular basis and all of the Rouge to those rumors of an elite must Ihaspu the charges hit the morale of the Libyan people

Gwaly Ali wrote on 14-10-2011 and the story coming ::

God ratified O Admin words 100% true, and I reflect on the situation this day commander said Atalaao and Matseposh country Vidin Jardan Almqji free to plateau and Saleem are answered the call and Kano in a timely and خرجو issuance nude face dogs NATO and then Talaaolna Bakadmon and God’s great if Samao words of the leader of what he said all cleansed area itself Rahm Rdjao the country in 3 days only Mesh close Nskro the the three years and a bad case of the abuses
يوم 14-10 التمور -2011 خرج اهالي ابوسليم والهضبه بصدورهم واسلحتهم البسيطه لمواجة العدوان والكل كان على دربهم على درب المقاومة الشعبية .. ولكن منذ ان ظهر لنا مشروع قادمون ويتم تنويم الشعب الليبي مغناطسيا بإشاعات القادمون من الخارج بجيوش جراره تظهر تلك الاشاعات بالضبط كل ثلاثة اشهر بشكل منتظم وكل من روج لتلك الاشاعات من النخبة يجب ان يحاسبو بتهمة ضرب الروح المعنوية للشعب الليبي

Gwaly Ali كتب عن 14-10-2011 وقصة قادمون ::

والله صدقت يا ادمن كلامك صحيح 100% وانا نتفكر فيه الموقف هدا يومها القائد قال اطلعو وماتسيبوش البلاد فيدين الجردان المقملين احرار الهضبة وابوسليم هم من لبى النداء وكانو في الموعد وخرجو بصدور عارية للمواجهة كلاب الناتو وبعدها طلعولنا بالقادمون والله العظيم لو سمعو كلام القائد لما قال كل منطقة تطهر نفسها راهم رجعو البلاد في 3 ايام فقط مش قريب نصكرو على ثلاثة سنوات والحال من سيئ لاسواء


  • dirty MISURATA:

Now 6 explosions camp (Crescent header), the spectrum me Zjul the country Oslahh new to the camp and specifically to MISRATA and are bombing by the Zintan tribe Mujahid, the spectrum me use of Alaslahh of the them …



    الأحكام الصادرة من يهود مزراطة في معتقالاتهم اليوم بحق الأسرى .. الاحكام الصادرة اليوم من محكمة استئناف مصراتة محكمة الاستئناف مصراتة تصدر حكم الاعدام في حق كل من : 1 – أحمد محمد إبراهيم منصور حضورياً : بالاعدام (تعزيرا) أي بموجب قانون العقوبات الليبية . 2 – وليد عبد القادر دينون حضورياً : بالاعدام (قصاصاً) اي نسبتا للقصاص وتشريع الدين الاسلامي . 3 – عبدالرحمن عبدالحميد عبدالله حضورياً : بالحبس 5 سنوات والحرمان من الحقوق المدنية طيلة فترة الحكم وسنة بعد نفاذ الحكم . 4 – فرج على ابراهيم منصور حضورياً : عن التهمة الثالثة الموجهة له بالحبس 3 سنوات وغرامة 200ديناراً – وبالحبس 3 سنوات اخرى عن التهمة الاولى الموجهة له والحرمان من الحقوق المدنية طيلة فترة الحكم وسنة بعد نفاذ الحكم . 5 – مراد ابراهيم بن نايل حضورياً : بالحبس 3 سنوات ومصادرة السلاح الموجود بحوزته . 6 – الساعدي المبروك بن نايل حكم غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً . 7 – ضو ابراهيم محمد منصور حضوريا : بالحبس 5 سنوات وغرامة 50 دينارا وبالحرمان من الحقوق المدنية طيلة فترة الحكم وسنة بعد نفاذ الحكم . 8 – مفتاح عامر المهدي اوحيدة غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً . 9 – محمد سالم المهدي اوحيدة غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً . 10 محمد الفيتوري المهدي اوحيدة غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً .
    Durée : 5:31

    Scandal Court Misrata.

    As the Court of Appeals Misrata judge ruled the provisions of varying range of including Saadi carp bin Nile sentenced in absentia: death retribution, and the fact that al-Saadi in edema of God and has died at the end of 2011.
    Dou also Ibrahim Mohamed Mansour, who is said to be in his presence, and 5 years in prison and a fine of 50, Vdo has died outside his home Mounhih the city of Sabha on 19. 9. 2011.

    The news agency – Misratah

    Assassinate Khaled Rafidah and was intended assassination Abdullah Rufayda,

    of which the prisoner transfer Batal Ahmed Ibrahim trial.

    Misratah assassination ordered prison Mohamed Ali Kerkom this morning.

    Killed Abdullah Arvidh, a military police personnel Misurata.

    Ibrahim house money,” he Misratah Court,
    Sentenced the accused, “Ahmed Ebrahim,” by firing
    B Bullets charge of incitement to secure the state and sedition and broadcast
    The Civil War, and note that “Ahmad Ibrahim,” one of the men
    Muammar Gaddafi’s “regime”, and he was arrested on 20 – 10 – 2011
    B city of Sirte.


    Dr. intervention Hamza Thami about the unjust sentence against militant Ahmed APRA by alfath4everON-AIR
    alfath4everON-AIR | Other | TRIPOLI, LY

    مداخلة الدكتور حمزة التهامي حول الحكم الجائر ضد المناضل احمد ابرا by alfath4everON-AIR
    alfath4everON-AIR | Other | TRIPOLI, LY

    Nasser El Hawary:

    “Down with all the provisions announced by the right of prisoners in Misrata, sentenced to death and life imprisonment, the right of people did not get fair trial guarantees, crushed to Hola tyrants, who prove every day that they, issue of injustice and aggression to the Libyans, we must intervene Supreme Court to stop the implementation of each of those provisions unfair, until conditions are met and the guarantees of a fair trial.”

    Thus be men
    By :: girl Alqmazfah:

    At the time overturned the balance of wisdom and logic of the mind and mixed leaves, overshadowed by the truth, and changed the goals and objectives, and lost morality, and زوت meanings, and replaced by the words, and changed values, and faded principles and fell norms, and distorted religion, and destroyed constants!! !
    Bringing the wolf shepherd and criminal Mujahid and the client Thaer and slain martyrs and suicide bomber hero and martyr mercenary and theft Trophy and nudity Fashion and injustice justice and fighting brotherhood and duty legitimate and colonialism edit, became Alroidp Mufti and Senators and their flesh is poisoned, and Sheikh dignified مفتن and a liar, and his imprisonment decision inevitable, drinking alcohol and became flaunting taboos in front of people’s personal freedom, and became a bitch fallen dishonest chaste.
    Males become men, and men avid الأفذاذ under the grip Bastards suffer agony and the horrors of prison, humiliation Etjron and humiliation, suffering and abandonment dimension …..
    And no doubt that these criminals who issued the death sentence on Geert Men Libya are victims of genes genetic, it is impossible to be genes genes Arab native pursue path of Islam religion tolerant religion of love and pardon the religion of justice and dignity and morality and Mrah goodness and support the oppressed and defending the land and supply , all of the events and indicators, facts and signs indicate that the genes genes sodomites, the Mongols and the Tatars, the Magi and the Israelis.
    They do not hold of Islam and Arabism only their names.
    What we see today is not nothing but Islam is the mirror image of the Israeli trial to invalidate the Palestinians and U.S. courts against fighters for human rights
    فالإبطال, and the mujahideen, and activists, clergy tolerant, and avid الأفذاذ the all numbers are within the cells of semiconductor men cuckold
    It is not every male men, and male animals
    Men are tough measure of manhood have no boundaries it for them, obedience to God and stability on the right and catch the embers of the faith, and above the word only God but Allah, manhood ethics and principles and values ​​and the feet and the courage and Mrah, the means to fulfill manhood covenants ……
    Either semiconductor men believe that women confined to manhood and virility, and a beard adorns the face, and Muscle barged, and along Potiphera, Had Thus the meaning of manhood that most of the Jews and Christians, men ……
    Every these الأفذاذ the story is totally different from the other, but there is a common factor between them and is the love of the homeland and desperate defending it, was a major crime is unforgivable to them and will satisfy their jailers only one with something and is silencing the voice of right so Isdh not this love
    أفذاذ severe breathing injustice and inside their cells …..
    أفذاذ Oshidad Tbthoa on the right and never back down with him and they are in the enviable position …..
    أفذاذ tough changed features the legendary بصمودهم world …..
    أفذاذ tough was their day a memorable day and historically, how if you put this unjust sentence …..
    أفذاذ tough that killed them will only kill men will add another lesson from the lessons of the struggle and the struggle of which will not be able to oldest academies and universities around the world to teach, and will make us are getting insistence and determination to continue this way and strongly put pressure on our wounds so as not to feel pain and do not listen to our voice. ….
    أفذاذ tough would turn after their death to martyrs issues …..
    Not slept the eyes of cowards

    هكذا تكون الرجـــــــــــال
    بقلم :: بنت القذاذفة
    في زمن انقلبت فيه موازين الحكمة و منطق العقل و أختلطت الأوراق ، وتاهت الحقيقة ، وتغيرت المقاصد والأهداف ، و ضاعت الأخلاق ، و زوت المعاني ، و أستبدلت الكلمات ،وتبدلت القيم ، و تلاشت المبادئ و سقطت الأعراف ، و شوه الدين ، ودمرت الثوابت !!!
    فأصبح الذئب راعيا و المجـرم مجـاهد و العميـل ثائـر والقتيـل شهيـدا والمنتحر بطل والشهيد مرتزق والسرقة غنيمة والعري موضة و الظلم عدالة وقتال الأخوة واجــب شرعيا و الأستعمار تحرير ، أصبح الرويبضة مفتى و شيخا و لحمه مسموم ، و الشيخ الوقور مفتن و كاذب و سجنه قرار محتوم ،أصبح شرب الخمر و التباهي بالمحرمات أمام الناس حرية شخصية ، و أصبحت العاهرة الساقطة شريفه عفيفة.
    أصبح الذكور رجالا ،،،، و الرجال الأشداء الأفذاذ تحت قبضة الأنذال يعانون العذاب و ويلات السجون و يتجرعون الذل و الأهانة ، و يقاسون البعد و الهجر…..
    و بلا شك بان هؤلاء المجرمين الذى صدور حكم الإعدام على خيرت رجال ليبيا هم ضحايا للجينات الوراثية ، من المستحيل إن تكون جيناتهم جينات عربية أصلية ينتهجون منهج الإسلام الدين السمح دين المحبة و العفو دين العدل والكرامة و الأخلاق و مرؤة والخير ونصرة المظلوم والدفاع عن الأرض والعرض، كل الأحداث و المؤشرات و الوقائع و دلالات تشير بان جيناتهم جينات قوم لوط و المغول و التتار و المجوس و الإسرائيليين .
    فهم لا يحملون من الإسلام و العروبة إلا أسماءهم فقط .
    فما نراه اليوم ليس من الإسلام شئ بل هو صورة مطابقة للمحاكمة الإسرائيلية للإبطال الفلسطينيين و محاكم الأمريكية ضد المناضلين من أجل حقوق الأنسان
    فالإبطال ، و المجاهدين ، و المناضلين ، و رجال الدين السمح ، و الأفذاذ الأشداء كلهم أصبحوا أرقام داخل زنازين أشباه الرجال الديوث
    فليس كل ذكر رجلا ،، و للحيوانات ذكور
    فالرجال الاشداء مقياس الرجولة عندهم لا حدود له فهى بالنسبة لهم، طاعة الله و ثبات على الحق و قبض على الجمر من أجل الدين، و أعلاه كلمة إلا اله إلا الله ، الرجولة أخلاق و مبادئ و قيم و إقدام و شجاعة و مرؤة ،الرجولة تعني الوفاء بالعهود……
    إما أشباه الرجال يعتقدون بان الرجولة تقتصر على المرأة و الفحولة ، و لحيه يزين بها وجه ، و عضل مفتول ، و طول فارع ، فلو كانت الرجولة هكذا معنى ذلك أغلب اليهود و النصارى رجالا ……
    فكل هؤلاء الأفذاذ قصة تختلف أختلافا كليا عن الأخر و لكن هناك عامل مشترك بينهم و هو حب الوطن و دفاعهم المستميت عليه، فكانت جريمتهم كبرى لا يغتفر لهم و لن يرضى سجانيهم إلا بشئ واحد و هو إسكات صوت الحق حتى لا يصدح بهذا الحب
    أفذاذ أشداء يتنفسون الغبن داخل زنازينهم …..
    أفذاذ أشداد تبثوا على الحق و لم يتراجعوا عنه أبدا و هم فى موقف لا يحسد عليه…..
    أفذاذ أشداء غيروا ملامح العالم بصمودهم الأسطوري …..
    أفذاذ أشداء فكان يوم أسرهم يوماً مشهوداً وتاريخياً ، فكيف لو نفذ فيهم هذا الحكم الظالم…..
    أفذاذ أشداء أن قتلوهم فلن يقتلوا إلا رجالا سيضيفون درسا أخر من دروس الكفاح و نضال التى لن تستطيع أعرق أكاديميات و جامعات العالم تدريسه ، و سيجعلنا نزداد إصرار و عزيمة على مواصلة هذة الطريق و نضغط بقوة على جراحنا حتى لا نشعر بالألم و لا يسمعوا صوتنا …..
    أفذاذ أشداء سيتحولون بعد موتهم الى شهداء قضايا …..
    فلا نامت أعين الجبناء

    Muammar al-Qathafi  & Shiek Ibrahim

    دكتور مصطفي الزايدي يكتب
    انتقد البعض طرحنا في تبنى مشروع المقاومة السلمية واعتبروها نقيصة تصيب العمل الوطني ،انا لا اؤمن بجدوى المقاومة العنيفة وحدها لماضارها المجتمعية ولأنها خيار القلة التي لا تمتلك سندا من الجماهير من جانب ، ولأنها لا تحقق دائما نتائج على الارض ، المقاومة السلمية اكثر نجاعة في تجاوز الازمات وتحقيق الانتصار الحاسم وهي لا تعنى المهادنة ولا الصفح و لا التصالح مع العدو كما يتوقع البعض ،انها تعني مقاومته والانتصار عليه بالوسائل السلمية ، ولقد كان القائد رحمه الله حريصا على المقاومة السلمية بالجماهير وتحاشى قدر الامكان استخدام القوة في التعامل مع الازمة الا اضطرارا ،ولعل حرصه على تسيير المسيرات الشعبية الى مصراته والبريقة صورة من صور تلك الاليه .
    محمد مرسى وحكم الاخوان في مصر سقط في ايام معدودات بعمل سلمى بحت ،ودون اطلاق رصاصة واحده ، حيت زحف اكثر من ثلاثين مليونا من المصريين ، فذهب مرسى وجماعته في لمح البصر ،لو استخدمت القوة لإسقاطه لكان الثمن فادحا .
    هذا ليس اختراع منّى انه المنهج الجماهيري في التفكير، ان الجماهير العزلاء تستطيع ان تحدث التغيير وهى اقوى من اية قوة ، انه زمن الثورة الشعبية.
    ولان هذا المنهج الثوري السلمى يزعج المنتفعين من فبراير فلقد كتب خليل الكوافى احد رموز ودعاة الفتنة ،مستهزئا بمقالتنا حول استحقاقات الانتفاضة المتواصلة للشعب الليبي ضد سلطة المليشيات المفروضة والمدعومة من الخارج ، ولان فاقد الشيء لا يعطيه ، لجاء السيد الكوافي لاستحضار استوانه قديمة مشروخة للسيناريو الدرامي الذى شارك هو وجماعة جبهة الإنقاذ في اعداده ضدي في اوائل الثمانينات من القرن الماضي لدوافع سياسية ليس الا ، ورغم سذاجة المشهد وسخف الاستدلال الا انّى اساله ، لنسلم جدلا بتلك القصة التي اوردها مستندا الى مقالة صفحة صديقه” ليبيا المستقبل” وقصاصات جمعت وفبركت من هنا وهناك صحيحة وهو يعلم انها من نسج الخيال ، فإنها تحكى عن حدث وقع افتراضيا قبل نصف قرن، فما قوله في التصفيات التي يشهدها الليبيون اليوم و في العشر الاواسط من شهر رمضان 2013 والتي طالت الجميع وانهار الدم التي تسيل يوميا وسياسة التفجيرات الارهابية والخطف ،ناهيك عن القمع والتعذيب والتشريد ، والتبجح علنا من قادة المليشيات بالتصفيات الجسدية لمعارضي فبراير وهى جرائم يعاقب عليه القانون في كل الشرائع؟ .
    نحن يا سيد كوافى في القرن الواحد والعشرين فما قولك في حال ليبيا اليوم ،ودع الامس بخيره وشره للمؤرخين ،فكيف تنهى عن منكر وتغمض عيناك عن افعال تستحى من فعلها الشياطين وما تعليقك على الحكم الجائر الظالم الذى اصدرته مليشيات مصراته اليوم 31 ناصر 2013 ضد الكاتب المناضل اخى احمد ابراهيم فرج الله كربه والهمة الصبر والعزيمة ورفاقه لا لشيء الا لكونهم ضد منهج فبراير الذي راي الليبيون حقيقته .
    فعلا ان لم تستحى فافعل ما شئت!! .
    اما احمد ابراهيم ورفاقه فهم من حكموا على اعداء الوطن بالإعدام ، فالحكم الصادر بحقهم هو صورة اخرى لحكم السفاح جريسيانى على عمر المختار ،وسيكون هذا اليوم يوما مشهودا فبي التاريخ الليبي كما كان 16 سبتمبر ، امّا احمد ابراهيم ورفاقه الشجعان فهم انما يؤدون واجبهم الشرعي والوطني وهم موقنون بان الاعمار بيد العلى القدير وإن الموت مدرك للجميع اينما كانوا فلم يخشوه ، وهم محتسبون عند الله عز وجل الذى لا يظلم عنده احد .
    هم بين اقبية التعذيب وأروقة محاكم التفتيش فضحوا عدالة فبراير البغيض وبينوا حجم حقد أتباعه على ليبيا والليبيين . فنالوا الحسنيين، فلقد انتصروا بصبرهم وجلدهم على شياطين الانس الفبرايريين ، وقد ينالوا الشهادة لينعموا في جنة الخلد مع الانبياء والصدقين .
    سلام عليك يا أخى احمد وسلام على رفاقك المعذبين وسلام على الشهداء اجمعين ، وقل ربى ارحمهم جميعا فانت الرحمن الرحيم وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل.
    مصطفى الزائدي
    حركة المقاومة الليب

    Ahmed Ibrahim: Silence of the Lambs

    Posted: 2013/08/01
    From: Mathaba.net
    Prisoner of conscience Ahmed Ibrahim the Secretary of the World Green Book Research Center and former Secretary of the People`s Committee for Education has been sentenced to death


    Adam King


    The western media, echoed by media the world over, simply and lazily echoes the false charges of a kangaroo court in Misurata, Libya, against a popular figure of their age-old hated rival city of Sirte, Dr Ahmed Ibrahim. They echo the charges that Ibrahim murdered a family and that he incited Sirte to fight against the Misurata-based rebels who were fighting against the Jamahiriya government which had firm support in Sirte.

    They don’t even comment on his abduction and torture these past years and even now when he is sentenced to death by a “court” in Misrata, they still don’t mention it. Nor the thousands of others being abused in prisons not fit as dog kennels. Human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, remain silent. This is one of the reasons AI became known as Amnesia International for its false reports on the Libya war.

    At least Human Rights Watch had the balls to come out with an investigation and publish the fact that Muammar al-Qathafi was not hiding in a sewer, and that the old man who was captured along with others was brutally murdered by these same purveyors of injustice which have been holding Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, subjecting him to ridicule (search YouTube videos proudly uploaded his captors) and now sentenced to death.

    What are the real reasons for the sentencing to death of Dr Ahmed Ibrahim? The reasons are extremely damning, not so much for the Misratans and reactionary Libyan islamists and their various cohorts, but damning to the entire academic world in the west, as well as the human rights organizations and media. It is because he is from Sirte and is a gentleman and a scholar.

    He was a director of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, based in Tripoli, an academic institution on a par with universities which held symposiums world wide as well as academic conferences and publications on this democratic ideology.

    The Centre was one of the first targets in the 2011 bombing by NATO, wrecking half the centre and believed to have killed 8 people in the bombing. NATO, for the uninitiated, is the US-led alliance of military forces from North America and Western Europe but which has also been joined by some Arab Gulf kingdoms and other subserviant pro-US regimes as the armed forces of the “New World Order”.

    For those who are new to Libya, there is a centuries old hatred by the people of Misrata against the people of Sirte. Ahmed Ibrahim was “tried” after being held captive and tortured, on false charges, and naturally given the prejudice and hatred against all who had any association with Gaddafi (he is a distant relative, as are most people in Sirte), he was sentenced to death on July 31, 2013, by Misrata Court.

    But he is not dead yet. We can hardly expect the world media who have proven themselves to be presstitutes to the US-led New World Order of the banker elites, nor can we expect the lame human rights organizations to take any action. They have clearly become enemies of the people world wide and should be handled as such. But we should hold academia to account to be informed and educated.

    Dr Ahmed Ibrahim was one of those rare academics in the world who bravely espoused an alternative theory of direct democracy, natural socialism and national harmony, as summed up in The Green Book  ideology ascribed to by all those now languishing in jails.

    Please support the efforts to raise this issue in front of university leaders and academics. For those who can organize a campaign, as the Australian co-director of the same Green Book Center I am still alive and able to speak in front of audiences on this issue as well as the Libya human rights situation in general.

    If Ahmed Ibrahim is put to death it will not only be his murderers who are held to account but those lambs who were silent. The wolves in sheep’s clothing, the western media, are doing their job. But the academics and real human rights defenders must do theirs, otherwise all will be led like lambs to the slaughter, if the New World Order is coming to you too, and all laws and logic will be suspended.

    ية(ح م ل)  
    Sorry, O ¤ Al law February to Ayatervon the Will saw your days animals subject to the laws of humanity?
    Has been sentenced to death by firing squad on the prisoner Ahmed Ibrahim Although he is a civilian, not military, this may not be ¤ Supreme Security Committee headed by anything named Hashim humans is a civilian, not military, this is not permitted.
    And all militias disbanded and fun in the country, all the owners of precedents and drug dealers and people are being killed daily and publicly in front of everyone and القاتلون free at large and arrest them is impossible and this is not permitted and shoplifters criminals only are they all immunities that protect them and prevent accountability Oazaaajhm and this is not permitted and became both HP and bear are the owners this positions may not be ¤ Wu etcetera excesses that not be considered and countless and اوجود law ¤ ¤ state will live tykes ¤ ¤ ¤
    (lawyer leader)
    عـفـوا أيـهـا الـقـانـون¤ آل فـبـراير لايـعـتـرفـون بـك فـهـل رأيت يـومـا حـيـوانـات تـخـضـع لـقـوانـيـن بـشـريـه؟ فـلقد تم إصدار حكم بالاعدام رمـيـا بالرصاص على الأسير احمد ابراهيم بالرغـم من انه رجل مدني وليس عـسكريـا وهـذا لايـجـوز ¤ واللـجنـة ألامنية العليا يترأسـهـا شئ يدعى هاشم بشـر وهو مدني وليس عسكـريـا وهذا لايـجـوز . وجميع المليشيات التى تسرح وتمرح في البلاد جميعهم اصحاب سوابق وتجار مخدرات والناس يقتلون يوميا وعلى الملأ امام الجميع والقاتلون أحرار طلقاء والقبض عليهم أمر مستحيل وهذا لايـجـوز والسارقون المجرمون فقط هم من لديهم كافة الحصانات التي تحميهم وتمنع مسائلتهم أوازعاجهم وهذا لايـجوز واصبح كل من هب ودب هم اصحاب مناصب وهذا لايجوز ¤ وووو الى أخره من التجاوزات التي لاتعـد ولاتحصى ولاوجود للقـانـون ¤¤ فتـحـيـا دولـة الـحـقـراء ¤¤¤ مـحـامـيـة الـقـائـد..

    Word now: Assassination in Misratah!!

    Abdulwahab مليطان, reporter channel Libya Al Ahrar:

    Abdullah‘s assassination Rafidah head of the military police knew this day after the Asr prayer in Misratah!!

    There are daily assassinations in Misratah, but Jews there يتكتمون about these assassinations
    Last assassinations took place the day after the Asr prayer has been اغيتال military head of the police knew

    Misurata Abdullah Arvidh,

    All camp Falah 07/31/2013 full story

    The story aftershocks old in attacking the camp by Mlishat Misratah stationed Pegrgor where the morning at 07:30 entered the camp two cars carrying the first badge Supreme Security Committee of Tripoli and the second police car entered the camp and took from them harassing a resident of the camp and then to Wadhwa fled out of the camp and صوبوا weapons towards the gate of the camp and have started to shoot thick went Folks am Mdaouran went out a group of young people and they pursue cars and those where Wadhwa fled away from the camp, then they have parents with clasps the way Moody in front of the camp to protest against what happened to them stood a passing “Kkla residents Tripoli “Balchager with parents and the taking out his gun in their faces, what was the locals only surround and beat him and took him to the camp and arrested and booked his weapon and documents فحضر relative of his was settled position but were kept his weapon and his papers, here increased Choc residents in the street to protest Famer someone else” Musrati ” uttered the words racism and Nabih front of parents and families what expanded people only beaten Ibraha ground after about 15:00 pm has one of the cars of heavy weapons بالرماية the camp farmer from a distance not far and Balqguadf “RBG”, thank God, did not claim the lives but injuries fragment a kids camp and later found that these cars are militias Misratah stationed in the neighborhood Gharghour then withdrew, knowing that the members of the local council turned to more than one hand and the local council of Tripoli and everyone simply by saying “There is no power but from God,” although some actors carrying capacity executive in Tripoli and its environs and information Allowadh to, uh, put the issue in the National Congress has been the lack of understanding of such attacks in the coming days … But hopefully from my family and care should be taken in all their movements in Tripoli and thank you to all of do his utmost to stop the bleeding blood Altaorga …

    أحداث مخيم الفلاح 31/07/2013 القصـــــــــة كاملـــــــةللقصة توابع قديمة في مهاجمة المخيم من قبل مليشات مصراته المتمركزة بغرغور حيث قامت صباح اليوم عند الساعة 07:30 دخلت للمخيم سيارتين تحمل الأولى شارة اللجنة الأمنية العليا طرابلس والثانية سيارة للشرطة دخلتا للمخيم وقاموا من فيها بمضايقة أحد قاطني المخيم ثم لادوا بالفرار خارج المخيم وصوبوا أسلحتهم نحو بوابة المخيم وبدأو في إطلاق النار الكثيف خرجوا الاهالي صباحاً مدعورين فخرجوا مجموعة من الشباب وقاموا بملاحقة السيارات ومن فيهم حيث لادوا بالفرار بعيداً عن المخيم ، بعد ذلك قاموا الأهالي بأغلاق الطريق مودي من أمام المخيم للاحتجاج على الذي حدث لهم فقام أحد المارين ” ككلي من سكان طرابلس ” بالتشاجر مع الاهالي وقام بأخراج سلاحه في وجوههم فما كان من الاهالي إلا محاصرته وضربه وأخذه إلى داخل المخيم واعتقاله وحجز سلاحه ومستنداته فحضر قريب له وتم تسويه الموقف ولكن تم الأحتفاظ بسلاحه وأوراقه ، هنا زاد خوج الاهالي في الشارع للأحتجاج فمر شخصاً أخر ” مصراتي ” تلفظ بعبارات عنصرية ونابئة أمام الأهالي والعائلات فما وسع الناس إلا ضربه أبراحه أرضاً بعد حوالي الساعة 15:00 مساءً قامت إحدى سيارات السلاح الثقيل بالرماية على المخيم الفلاح من مسافة ليست ببعيدة وبالقوادف ” RBG ” والحمد لله لم تزهق أرواح ولكن أصابات شظية أحد الاطفال في المخيم وتبيّن فيما بعد أن هذه السيارات هي لمليشيات مصراته المتمركزة في حي غرغور ثم أنسحبت ، مع العلم إن اعضاء المجلس المحلي اتجهوا إلى أكثر من جهة وللمجلس المحلي طرابلس والكل يكتفي بقول ” لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله ” رغم أن بعض الجهات تحمل الصفة التنفيذية في طرابلس وضواحيها والمعلومات الوادة إلي إه تم طرح الموضوع في المؤتمر الوطني وتم التفاهم على عدم حدوث مثل هذه الأعتدائات في الأيام القادمة … ولكن نأمل من أهلي أخذ الحيطة والحذر في كل تحركاتهم في طرابلس وشكرا لكل من بذل جهده في أيقاف نزيف الدم التاورغي …عماد إرقيعةlibyan Network for Human Rights

    (Imad Argiah)

    The fact that at the height of summer rain on Misurata ….

    Qatari aircraft on the sky of Misrata drag-and-grown Libyan ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is paid the value of agriculture clouds on Misrata skies to rains in the summer, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood might get the money from the sale of Libyan oil without counters
    It also has some militias Almusratih the interception by cumulus clouds en route to the city …….. And converted by force of arms to Misrata in order to forcibly summer rains fall on Misrata

    By: Ntihh The

    (No alliance – not for brothers)



    Besbasa Uh oh my .. Implant :: Besbasa launch of the times and read just Morocco close Besbasa the the ::: we read in the book of Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi, Khalid Sharif, who supervised him hardness and entitled Corrective Studies in the concept of jihad and judge people ::: ::: implant launched Shaklak Pttzlq O Besbasa and sell case ::
    Besbasa :::: not O implant ČÓ, I know the size of hypocrisy prophet who when Belhadj and hardness and how deceived Saif al-Islam in this speech.
    Implant :: danger O Besbasa of the hardness mesh you have a family companion in the center of Libyans Jihad cell shows you continued hardness Mnyn a family their origin ::::
    Besbasa :::: I asked him Illagrsh he told me Misratah mixture of people of several races in which of them Turks, Armenians, Circassians and Jews all races Mesh have known in their countries of origin continued :::
    ::: Aasatr this implant so reasonable in their home countries originally Maandhm you a disaster O Besbasa, but launch Mazzika on family hardness ::::
    Besbasa ::: told me Hdhum the belong to Abdullah Bin Abi Salool,, the first grandfather who was mesmerizing between immigrants and supporters in the city and told me Ali hardness climber has the same thinking and behavior :::
    Implant :::: God, O Besbasa waging told you on Fortaa and Asswehly and Alraeid and Paddy :: Besbasa ::: told me Asswehly this family Unknown origin precisely because they resorted in ships trade and settled the coast and Fortaa and broadband and Paddy Hdhum Makhltin to leave, Jews, Armenians and Greeks important O Misratah implant this Mavera even 10% and this shows علاش Maandhm mercy does not belong to Libya and Libyans ::: ::: implant immemorial, God willing, and fire loose ::: Besbasa :: and close O Baalta, the ….

    بسباســــــــــي اه يا بلادي .. غرسة :: بسباسي شن تقرأ من العصر وتوا المغرب قريب بسباسي ::: نقرأ في كتاب عبدالحكيم بلحاج وسامي الساعدي وخالد الشريف اللي اشرف عليه الصلابي وعنوانه دراسات تصحيحية في مفهوم الجهاد والحكم على الناس ::: غرسة ::: وشن شكلك بتتسلق يا بسباسي وتبيع قضيتك ::
    بسباسي :::: لا يا غرسة بس انا نبي نعرف حجم النفاق اللي عند بلحاج والصلابي وكيف خدعوا سيف الاسلام بهذا الكلام .
    غرسة :: خطرها يا بسباسي على عائلة الصلابي مش عندك صاحبك في مركز جهاد الليبين خليه يشوف لك اصل عائلة الصلابي منين اصلهم ::::
    بسباسي :::: سألته ياغرسة قال لي مصراته خليط من البشر من عدة اجناس فيه منهم اتراك وارمن وشركس ويهود وكلها اجناس مش معروفة لها اصل في اوطانهم الاصلية :::
    غرسة ::: ياساتر معقولة حتي في بلدانهم ماعندهم اصلا عليك كارثة يا بسباسي لكن شن قالك على عائلة الصلابي ::::
    بسباسي ::: قال لي هذوم ينتموا الي عبدالله بن ابي سلول جدهم الاول اللي كان يفتن بين المهاجرين والانصار في المدينة وقال لي علي الصلابي طالع له نفس التفكير والتصرفات :::
    غرسة :::: يا الله يا بسباسي وشن قالك على فورتيا والسويحلى والرعيض وبادي :: بسباسي ::: قال لي السويحلي هذه عائلة مش معروف اصلها بالضبط لانها جأت في سفن التجارة وسكنوا الساحل وفورتيا والعريض وبادي هذوم مخلطين من ترك ويهود وارمن واغريق المهم يا غرسة مصراته هذه مافيها حتي 10% ليبين وهذا علاش ماعندهم رحمة ولا انتماء الي ليبيا والليبين ::: غرسة ::: سحيقة ان شاء الله ونار طليقة ::: بسباسي :: وقريب يا بعلتي ….



    Dardanelles channel

    Prisoners Balsoana the car smuggling by an armed group.

    Religious ceremony to commemorate the lives of the martyrs of Bani Walid. Mosque of “Aldlol”,.
    Adnan Alnobary who betrayed him today at the hands of al-Qaeda in Derna .. With his sons, which one of them came out of the hospital and second bullet يستخرجون the it!!

    Tuber ….

    Unidentified masked Yesterday Bdrna intercepted Sector Director of Education city of dirt Professor “Attia Faraj Bin Nasser” افتكاك car traveling owned by the Ministry of Education. He said Mr. Attia Bin Nasser that masked booster elements with Kalashnikov rifles and sticks they Bavtkak the electric car from him when he was on his way to the headquarters of the sector to attend a meeting of managers secondary schools.

    – The assassination of Colonel Adnan Alnueasiri the armor battalion commander Libya in the tuber.
    City of Derna affects assassination Lt. Col. Adnan Alnobar, who participated in the war, the destruction of Libya!!

    Derna, the assassination of Colonel / Adnan Alnueasiri, since few in Derna, near the bridge of the garrison.
    Alnobar is the first city of Derna officers who announced their joining of the rats in front of a crowd of rats,

    one of those who participated in the fighting against the legitimate….

    Aaaaaajl and Haaaaaaam and Khtiaier:Forming operations room Libya rebels … In Tobruk,!!Oil-based InstituteZakrrrrraArefanha Sean rebel operations room??Means new militias belonging to Qatar.



    the population attacked a camp of NATO mercenaries and seized war material, NATO bandits fled.

    Melita Oil and Gas: execution and the burning of crude oil in the field to meet by the closure of the oil line
    link between Hamada red and complex coastal Melita:

    Mellita company for oil and gas
    Deficit ratio in the Libyan oil exports exceed 70%

    Lock Port Zueitina and Sidra and Harika and Ras Lanuf and stopped most of the oil fields, including the fields key such as a field fountain, field hopes, field Gallo, the field of the bed, the field of Oasis, the field of elephant, field Aldahara, field meet “cut off oil pipeline between Mellitah and meet “!!


    Magistrates Commission between the cities Kklh and Rullish holds in Kklh meeting to heal the rift between the two parties. Thursday, 1 August 2013 (13:30:0)
    Kklh August 1, 2013 (and) – Magistrates Committee held between the cities Kklh and Rullish – emanating from the National Unity Forum Western Region Balhawwamd of – meeting in Kklh, to heal the rift between the two parties. According to the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for National Unity Forum Western Region “Khaled Old” – Libyan news agency – that the Committee agreed to continue their meetings after the Eid al-Fitr in a move aimed at entrenching the values ​​of tolerance and reconciliation and achieve national reconciliation among Libyans. … (And) …







    From only kills jailed in Libya from a massacre in Benghazi, gives nine hundred million dinars this case,

    your government with the criminal and Sam bin Humaid.



    Now the assassination of inventory (Ahmed Mukhtar Alsoiei) which is a battalion (EPA)

    Benghazi one of his bodyguards were killed.

    Colonel “Ali Saleh Ferjani” 136 infantry battalion command area
    Central, received his son, “Saleh” Dahr today and who was abducted
    A few days ago in front of his house, and found him last night by
    Security room Benghazi.

    Car Colonel Mabrouk al-Obeidi, who was targeted by a few after he left the mosque:

    Targeting car retired Colonel “Congratulations Mohammed al-Obeidi”
    , منطفة the gardens in front of el-Ansari, and has been a shift
    To the hospital and the leg was amputated, and the Colonel, “al-Obeidi,” continued
    National Army’s Special Forces.

    Peace to you
    Today Benghazi Ehtifun the
    Cyrenaica worthy Mejiha betrayed Bo inventory Mgtiha
    And my God news for sure 100% 100%.

    Body was found this morning in citizen’s Elsafsfah project
    “Faisal القماطي”, and is a young age, and did not have any
    Sawa fault that his mother “Naima drunk”! Was in the Revolutionary Committees,
    Kidnapped 6 days ago and was tortured over days and clear torture
    His body.

    To register call diversion Ismail Salaabi, threatening Abdul Salam cuneiform (now deceased) liquidation



    Ham now: Western Region

    Spread an intensive جردان security in Sabratha west gate Palace Alalalgah and Khuwaildi Dahmane gate east of Sabratha and Sorman Semaphore and gate الحرشه gate steady and Cimafro warranty on the coastal corner .. Please Liberal discernible caution ..

    Medical Center in Sabratha:
    NEWS still holds for this summer (old Report from 20 MARCH when Spring began):



    Minister of Oil and Gas Abdul Bari Arousi / / / /

    – Port Closed Azwaitah to until now which يغدي 100 thousand barrels per day
    – Shut down the port of Sidra and Ras Lanuf and الذان produce 600 thousand barrels per day
    By armed groups by force under the pretext that they have demands and we are in
    Communicate with them
    – Today the sympathy of a group of established oil and guards shut down the port
    Tobruk (Hariqa) of oil.
    – Continue in this matter has very serious consequences.
    – Shut down these ports affect the feed power plants to generate energy
    – The only port that works now is the port corner.

    – Cider and Ras Lanuf: Oil Workers Cider plants and Ras Lanuf in Libya have begun a strike

    and taking months without receiving their salaries.



    There are leaks Chaa to there are efforts to peace between Abouhliqh and al-Qaeda

    In Sirte sponsored many notables of the city and personalities that have

    Acceptance by both parties .. In other news almost certainly say that the leaders of supporters

    Sharia ((base)) exploit these Alambardh of trying to collect leaves

    The advantage of this period to you Bembagth the Thunderbolt Battalion 21 ((Martyrs

    Angle)) seems to Colonel Salah بوحليقة, ordered the battalion knows what is going well

    He and his companions is well aware that these malicious traffic ((base))

    Himha treachery …. Caution caution my brothers and Ataatkhazloa in support of Noah

    Libyan army battalion 21 Thunderbolt …..

    (WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

    URGENT :: Ansar al-Sharia in Sirte large spread my side park mechanics Tqilh and Misurata

    number one side coffee Mhammed large spread my mechanisms Tqilh the

    Sirte violent clashes between the supporters of al-Sharia (al-Qaeda) and the battalion

    of Salah Abu curl: there is a crash and a violent attack by one battalion of Colonel Abu corner

    curl on the Ansar al-Sharia in Sirte by the popular new behind the gas station, according to

    residents of the area of attack was fierce and used in the crash, heavy weapons and lasted

    nearly an hour and a witness said no serious injuries in the ranks of Ansar al-Sharia.

    Today Sirte Hospital Link infected of fry supporters “Sharia” live fire in the leg from the heart of the event source.



    Free newspaper Sabha

    Libya’s oil escapes to the outside without the expense and we are in the south, soon we will have to use firewood for cooking gas shortage (and they already have been without electric totally for months)!

    NIOSH aircraft arrival yesterday evening at the airport Sabha loaded Baaslhh,

    the military equipment was received by of VPL Maj. Gen. VI of the RAT Solomon and Sons existence of military ruler.

    Urgent … The arrival of a plane from Misratah loaded with different types of ammunition to Sabha to arm the RAT Solomon Sons Brigades, which is overseen by a certain religion Sea one of the leaders in the south shields and accused of smuggling equipment and machinery to neighboring African countries.



    Word now :: Egyptian Embassy stopped granting visas to Libyans.


    Muammar and Bashear ASSAD of Syria.
    Gaddafi and Ceauşescu: Heroes راية معمر الخضراء من اجل كل العالم


A Weekend to Watch


وينهم جماعة معمر غيروا يجونا احنا نطلعوا معاهم حديث الناس في طرابلس الليلة ….

And ينهم group Muammar changed Itjona the ÇÍäÇ, Ntalawa with them modern people in Tripoli tonight ….

* New attempts to close the Green Channel: Criminals who run the Libyan government are scared of the truth that emits the Green channel of resistance from Egypt, have sent a document to the Attorney General in Libya this morning to demand that the authorities in Egypt violate freedom of information and prohibit the issuance of the green channel in Nilesat.



–  After destroying the millions of beautiful editions of the HOLY QURAN  printed by the World Islamic Call Society (Institutionalised by Muammar al-Qathafi), NATO and CIA have released a version of the “Quran” completely distorted: it’s a shame the distribution of 156,000 copies of their first edition of the “Koran Libya” full of perversion of the word of God Almighty Surat verse 56 floors, replaced by what word “permanent” in verse the word “guide.”

We are not surprised by these actions of the people who killed their brothers under the microscope to NATO aircraft unfaithful


Tripoli neighborhoods fully preparing for the docking of the Libyan people’s uprising ….

Popular Guard return strongly in his own way will deal with the militias, kidnapping, murder and robbery ….

And Rafla Knights set God Mmelthmoun together Upcoming Revolution.
Green light: ” Bayhoum يامولاي gather us ÇÍäÇ the invite and you Samana.”

Returning O Libya this promise to the men of the nation ….

Green Channel and Dr. Hamza in pages Nadmon 

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl for publication: Hamza Thami directs the word of the great Libyan people via TV Green
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/GREENLIBYAN FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ABN.LY

I liked the idea of friendly page Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

أيه عرب A.ARABS

We need urgently to unite .. And prompt talk of brotherhood former Liberal officials abroad … Why do not you open representative offices abroad for the Libyan people … This does not cost a thing, but the costs of a very simple … And be representations in more than one country, for example, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria … And that there be a Commission official speaking on behalf of the media are free of the Libyan people is composed of some of the Facebook pages of reliable and green channel … Green channel, which should take them well and not make it Kaluotaob only for songs and videos.

Personally .. Every day for getting Fakhri and my love for the leader Muammar Gaddafi Code .. For he realized what Sienyh the people while months sayings famous “Stendmon the Day whereon neither remorse”










URGENT: Mohamed Badie escape to Libya and accused the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood بتهريبهMohamed Badie
20 July2013
6:10:54 PM
11th day of RAMADAN 1434
From: 20 hours, 22 minutes, 32 secondshttp://alnaharegypt.com/upload/press/13/07/20/1374336938222.jpg
Public prosecutor ordered Hisham Barakat, annexing the communication submitted by human rights activist Amr Farouk activist against both Dr. Osama Yassin, Minister of Youth earlier, the Islamic preacher, Safwat Hegazy, and Essam Sultan, vice president of the Wasat Party, and Essam el-Erian, Mohamed Beltagy, to other communications which are being tested on charges of collaborating with the organization’s members states of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.He accused the author, who carry No. 1537 for the year 2013 complained in their right of collaborating with the international organization to smuggle general guide of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie to Libya, and that the leaders of the Egyptian army aborted attempts and plans, calling to refer all communications, which accuses the leaders of the Brotherhood of collaborating to the prosecution.
Daytime | Urgent: Mohamed Badie escape to Libya and accused the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood بتهريبه
Dr. Osama Yassin, and former Minister of Youth, and Islamic preacher Safwat Hegazy, Essam Sultan, vice president of the party …
جريدة النهار المصرية صحيفة تصدر عن شركة الوقائع العربية للصحافة والنشر، وقد صدر العدد الأول من الجريدة الورقية بتاريخ 14 فبراير 2007، ويتولى الأستاذ أسامة شرشر موقع رئيس مجلس الإدارة ورئيس التحرير، بينما يتولى الكاتب الصحفي شعبان خليفة منصب رئيس التحرير التنفيذي، وتضم الجريدة


News from inside the National Conference National Committee from entering the year Mohammed Badi guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt to Libya after the bombing the Amsaad border gate on Sunday morning and is now online on Libyan soil.
Where a group of terrorists from blowing up the gate Brotherhood and chase, so that the security men Badi from entering # Libya

(Valley girl)



Urgent.Were distributed detection includes all officers of the armed people concerning:
military intelligence and two internal security and external to the cells of the Libyan Fighting Group and Ansar al-Sharia for the Implementation of orders بتصفيتهم the physically in all Libyan cities ….

National Security Committee in the National Conference decides to create a new device instead of armor, a National peacekeeping troops!!

Thieves yesterday, today’s enemies

واحدة من 200 مدرعة “همفي الأمريكية” التي تسلمتها المليشيات الليبية هذا الاسبوع.One of the 200 Humvees delivered to the Libyan militias this week

Ali Zaidane threatens Zintan battalions & militias, saying that the government was not interested in confrontation with some of the armed groups, but it seems he did not inevitable confrontation with them.

RAT PM Ali Zaidane says:

“Libyan blood shed with ease and indiscretion, during the government has tried to meet most of the crises that do not raise arms against the Libyans, and will continue this as much as we can, but it will not last long and will be a confrontation.”

* The criminal Goberno Libya NATO recognizes that many products sold in the country are counterfeit, spurious or stolen origin.


 Filter is to a document that specifies the names of 251 interior ministry employees to be laid off


Aladdin’s uncle Tripoli live in total darkness and the people bemoan the days of Muammar Gaddafi,,,, it’s God’s will, O Sinbad.


(Remember under the Great Jamahiriya, Libya was self productive and had an abundance of FREE electric for everyone)

Libya State سترهن sovereignty “thanks” to the built February the World Bank.

Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy is discussing with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ways of cooperation in the field of electricity where it was stated the official website of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy on the internet that the two sides discussed during the meeting, the possibility to take advantage of Libya from technical assistance to raise the efficiency of the electricity sector and the use of fuels of all kinds for the production of electric power generation from during the preparation of the technical feasibility studies. The meeting also addressed the development of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development a comprehensive economic study shows the values of consumption and prices and government subsidies for electricity. .

URGENT :: Electricity Company and the general budget exposed to the largest theft in history Organization Libyan and even at the level of the world.

Generators worth 1000,000,000 (($ 1 billion)) suffer from defects in manufacturing, separating after the time of the operation, a value sufficient to create a 5 power stations Tkve need to Libya’s energy and sell for 100 years to come to extend the coast, land and sea across the country and presented to the assuming that Libya 60 million, industry list.

The source said a technical engineer from within the company General Electric generator that was discovered by the manufacturer defects and separated from the service after a short period of operation.

And this minister failed you say why, although he is clean pre-position it is a new form and the efficiency and management experience

Bhaltrivh become if Libyan families and Sahor breakfast on the dark no one can deny this, this is what has brought us to February of good and and return to the days of ignorance.

And Link, Minister of Electricity!!!!!!!!!

Libya is now in the absence of electricity has become like walking Alvhma will turn into a cinder ….

If significant congestion experienced by the residents of the capital Tripoli, under the impact of the explosions and the escape of electricity ….

Company staff Zueitina protesters فتحو the gas line that electricity minister said that the cause in the interruption of gas on Most zones Libya’s since the days and so far continued in the voltage drop.!!!!!!!!

– U.S. rats suffered claim that the Libyan people are stealing electricity in daylight: The U.S. company General Electric has installed electricitybusiness in Libya after NATO has destroyed the country’s electrical installations.

General Electric now threatens to cut off power supply to the Libyans.

The manager of consumer services department said that all users that use electricity in their homes should bill per month.

The threat has been as a result of that many families have not paid.

The company has stated that next week will cut the light to the Libyans who have fallen behind on their payments and must pay a fine to reconnect.

 It is important to remember that the light was free Libya and Libyans consume a lot of electricity because of the high temperatures all have air conditioning, a TV, washing machines, and large refrigerators and freezers to store food.

Will NATO to Libya, Libyan ALL the money disappears, robs oil and its benefits and now they are forced to pay basic expenses owned oil Libyans paid … the next thing I hear is that Libya is in economic crisis and that owes much money to the U.S. …

Recall that now the Libyans are in the month of Ramadan, which means total fasting throughout the day without air conditioning is very hard to bear. Do not think the government ever cut light Jamahiriyah ANYONE outside Libya or immigrant because humanity was before money. But the West has come and you have to destroy, steal, damage, create crisis and all the suffering discomfort possible.

Who are really terrorists?

If significant congestion experienced by the residents of the capital Tripoli, under the impact of the explosions and the escape of electricity…
News from inside the Great Man-Made River Project confirms the possibility of escape of water from the capital Tripoli as a result of weakness in the electricity grid system Mount Al_husaona.
Lace front of Sirte plunged in darkness ….

Electricity |

After the outage once every day we entered the second stage of the day series of blackouts to become twice a day ..
The first was the second morning .. and after breakfast before they drink my coffee yet ..
‫ # Electricity
‫ # Libya
‫ # Siam Subuh and Lille

(Nizar Abu Vena)

Sabha live in total darkness and other southern cities since the days of living in a state of permanent interruption of electricity ….
LIMITS ARE LIMITS: Time scheduled to uprise!|

 Urgent .. Said an engineer who works in the National Oil Corporation that most of Libya’s oil fields in need of urgent maintenance organization could not do Shi result leaving foreign companies due to lack of security would run these fields without maintenance problems by costing billions of dollars ….

Gunmen stormed Zueitina port:  Gunmen stormed on Tuesday and demanded Zueitina port employees to stop working  He was quoted by Reuters news agency engineer at the port as saying “the group came and asked to stop operations. A ship bound for Italy is packed with oil and had to negotiate with them to allow it to continue packed. It was difficult to convince, but the boat is filling with oil. everything else stops working. “  the agency did not remember the nature of the demands made ​​by the protest group.

The Zueitina port and a number of facilities and other oil fields have been exposed to the incursions and sit down to work many times, that have a significant impact on the export and energy to produce electricity.

Sale of gas cylinders outside the warehouses in the country of oil and gas, which has become a simple citizen Drudge bought from the market at exorbitant prices

February = Good Guy!!









The practice of torture against prisoners of Great Jamahiriya loyalists
Conditions in Libyan prisons was one of the most controversial topics in Libya, after being suspended MSF work in Misrata, saying that her doctors have faced patients were suffering …


With funding from the Swiss government Misrata establish a new store of weapons capable of storing about 200 tons of explosive material and commissioned its construction and the amount of $ 200,000, and the Armory this enhanced and concrete surfaces surrounded by sand Psoatr and a series of dirt hills

I thought that gave Ali hardness is a gift for the dog to meet and learn from him when he knew he Misrati eased the lives of the poor dog.









Janzour |

The armed militia attacked the station transmitter audio channel Libya national in Janzour stop broadcasting station for the southern Mediterranean countries.

جنزور |ميليشيا مسلحة تقوم بالاعتداء على محطة الارسال المسموع لقناة ليبيا الوطنية في جنزور يوقف البث الإذاعي للمحطة لدول جنوب البحر المتوسط.

Corner |

The continued deadlock in the work of the Department of Obstetrics and childbirth education corner of the hospital sixth Turala day due to security breaches and exposure to one of the doctors section.

(Ahmed Louhichi )

Urgent ..Hear heavy fire in Gharghour now ….

Aladdin’s uncle Tripoli live in total darkness and the people bemoan the days of Muammar Gaddafi,,,, it’s God’s will, O Sinbad.

If significant congestion experienced by the residents of the capital Tripoli, under the impact of the explosions and the escape of electricity…
News from inside the Great Man-Made River Project confirms the possibility of escape of water from the capital Tripoli as a result of weakness in the electricity grid system Mount Al_husaona.

* On Friday morning, a group of masked men broke through the camp of the third brigade of infantry in Spring Valley and the news still being kept secret so that people do not see the fragility of the situation in the capital – a great number of “police” stormed the camp and beaten by soldiers and seized two armored vehicles Toyota Car and seized weapons – Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers, and went, and no one  tried to stop them.

The Western Mountain News Agency

Image directly now the coastal road from pomegranate pressures directed Auto Group is composed of the number one gun 106 and Tlath the 14.5 cars carrying the name of Misrata to Tripoli:

I am God and to Him we return,

Today found the body of dawn in the neighborhood of cottages formerly belonging to someone from the Zintan tribe killed by the militias of Misrata and the person claims clank of the residents of the neighborhood.

4 car bombs exploded near the airport, the goal was to eliminate a convoy of military chiefs of ratverments “rebels”. In the panic the de facto government has been forced to declare that all is well, it is unknown whether some ratverments were liquidated.


Abdulsalam  Masoudi vice president of the so-called Abu Salim Office of Security Committee was released, and seven of the Zintan militias and of them Salah Geweili, in the first hours of the morning ..









So spend and becomes our people displaced since more than three years:
Brought them out the people of infidelity and to the people of disbelief from their homes, women, elders and children.

Image for Sheikh Torga we got the news that he had died in the camp after suffering with the disease.

| Fact Sheet and revolutionaries NATO crimes in Libya |

What sin Hola older .. They have no guilt never will write history and the curse of the reason for in Hola exit from their homes curse of Allah you, O جردان of










Urgent …

Assassination of Colonel Abdullatif Amdaoy Al Obeidi Mozainy this morning in front of his house in the tuber.

Media clang

Aaaaaaagel tuber on waxing :::: assassination retired colonel / Abdul Latif Amdawi Mozainy border sector II ordered the Libyan army. Launch lead him this morning —-

Colonel امراجع the Oraibi climb next train death of tuber احقاف ….

Libyan children in tuber ايفتش the in Alknaess in Ramadan!!


Today Sunday, 07.21.2013 twelfth of Ramadan powerful explosion shake the city of Derna when ears Morocco Time breakfast area of ​​the eastern coast of the whereabouts of and Idriss Awami house without causing damage to human and harbors clear of the people due to the lack of security and safety in the tuber.

Media tuber










Zintan riders

Did not accept Colonel Mukhtar Fernana solace in his son and said the time consolation will all know ….









Lace front of Sirte plunged in darkness ….









Killing “Osama Altarhuni” in the region of Sidi Younis after his car targeted improvised explosive device such as the Maghrib prayer
For information “Osama” a civil servant in the security of the University of Benghazi.
Attempted assassination of Fathi Al-Kilani Brigade is Benina air base while leaving the prayer Morocco Balkwyfah and taken to a hospital Galaa his wounds.

And our response has just been suspended service in Galaa Hospital after an assault on one of the security men radiology department staff with weapons and smashing room:

An attempt to storm the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi and suspended the afternoon of the day of an armed group affiliated to militias Taattalib the Bmrtbaatha and claims that another militia I got مرتباتها and they still were expelled after stun forces intervened and Guard Headquarters

(Mahmoud Boras)

A car bomb explosion in the region of Sidi Younes.

Explosion front gate Alkwyfah

Solidarity news – Benghazi

Building was the military police in the area Alkwyfah city of Benghazi on Saturday, to attack Bakazv RPG without causing damage mankind. A security source said that unidentified targeted azan time Morocco Gate Building military police, causing damage to the gate, in addition to a car belonging to the goals vital was found near the gate. referred to as the gate of the headquarters of the military police is a common gateway between the military police and a vital objectives in charge of plant protection electricity Alkwyfah.

during breakfast … azan Special | TV Benghazi | 20 \ 7 \ 2013

he ordered periodic charge “Mohammed البرغثى” that has been shed bag exploded at the gate of Alkwyfah by unknown assailants during the azan breakfast this Saturday resulted in minor injuries among soldiers and led to the destruction of the type of car Toyota “Flying Carpet “loaded weapon type 23. The البرغثى stressed that it is not the first time that the target of the military police in the performance of their duty National at checkpoints to the entrances of the city of Benghazi.

Hachalala Chkalala
This video from Benghazi came to me I do not know that it exists on the net or not, but I debut was seeing … It Video Jtt and the remains of the martyrs of the armed people who are endowed with and answered the call of duty to save the inhabitants of the eastern region of Libya’s armed gangs for Takfirists and al-Qaeda and NATO forces infidel بقصفهم under the applause and enlarge the Libyans, unfortunately. رحمكم God and the right will take Buterkm of the NATO and traitors NATO … God is above the aggressor Kid:


هذا الفيديو جائني من بنغازي ولا اعلم ان كان موجود على النت او لا لكني اول مرة اشاهده… وهو فيديو لجتث واشلاء شهداء الشعب المسلح الذين هبوا ولبوا نداء الواجب لإنقاذ سكان المنطقة الشرقية في ليبيا من العصابات المسلحة التابعة للتكفيريين والقاعدة وقامت قوات الناتو الكافرة بقصفهم تحت تصفيق وتكبير الليبيين للأسف. رحمكم الله وحق الله سوف نأخذ بثأركم من الناتو ومن خونة الناتو… والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي


A collection of 7,700 gold, silver and bronze, known as the Treasure of Benghazi, was stolen drilling a concrete slab to an underground angular National Bank of Commerce Benghazi where they kept the collection. Many items date from the time of Alexander the Great and it is impossible to assess the value of the collection unless it knows that a Greek part of Carthage was sold recently by the maximum price of $ 268,000.

Scrapping Benghazi Treasure, Flight intervened shortly after the burning of the bank, in May, making believe that it was an incident resulting from the rebellion against the great Jamahiriya while in reality, the theft was particularly well planned. Having broken metal boxes and locks popped wooden boxes, carefully thieves took everything, leaving out the objects of lesser value.

Fifty small monuments and figurines of bronze, glass and ivory as well as a small amount of gems also missing. For Hafez Wald, Archaeologist Libyan King’s College London, the flight covers all brands of professional thieves “may be as good a job of the interior, as it has been carried out by people who knew what they were after.”

So far, nothing had been reported on the looting by the National Transitional Council, met then Benghazi, fearing negative publicity, but the new minister of antiquities, a, in July, UNESCO warned privately. Khaled Mohammed Al-according, professor in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Benghazi, said that the Islamic gold coins and Greek have recently appeared in the gold market in Benghazi. An Egyptian newspaper reported that a farmer has tried to smuggle 503 pieces of gold and 7.5 cm figurine gold from Alexandria port, fueling rumors that this would be part of the stolen treasure.

Treasures of the Temple of Artemis Interpol has been launched but the track is dead because archaeologists think it will be difficult to recover the objects if they have left the country. Serenalla Ensoli, Italian archaeologist at the University of Naples, and Libyan antiques specialist,believes that the loss of these objects is “invaluable, because they are irreplaceable.

The collection had not been studied and is a great loss for Libyan heritage ». Most of the Benghazi treasures was discovered between 1917 and 1922 in the temple of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt, in Kyrenia, an ancient Greek colony and Roman, now Shahat. The territory was given to Cleopatra by Marc-Antoine. Some of the pieces have been affected to around 570 BC. One side covers the stem of a silphium, medicinal plant that was believed to have healing powers. The other side describes the God Jupiter Upholding horn sheep.

Libya News

Tonight was the assassination of Colonel “Ureybi امرآجع” in ‫

# of Benghazi, the faceless, they are not recognized.

Benghazi |

Victim Colonel Aviator “Akila Miloud Hussein al-Obeidi,” the commander
Search and rescue air defense Benghazi, were not his enemies, and
May Ahturna how the killers, but what was absent the deceased was in
Consolation associate with dirt victim its “Lamama” and said a word, and student
State retribution from the killers who are honest filter
The national army, and it seems that the reason the victim’s liquidation
Which in its history are advised to whiteness and did not have enemies and no problems.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Assassination Colonel امراجع the Oraibi.

Now in the neighborhood of the explosion Laithi.

Eastern Region |

A source familiar from the tribe of slaves, that the sheikhs would not interfere
This time and will leave the reins to young people, and their response will be
A cruel person who Bgdr members of their tribe and officers of the national army.

(Mukhtar al-Ghoul)










– West aims to quash the identity and culture of Libya: denounce the massive theft of cultural heritage. Comparison by lot between Iraq and Libya does not stop at only outdoor war activities, the killings, the failure of the death of Saddam or the disposal of Muammar al-Qathafi, the looting of natural resources, but extends to the culture and looting of antiquities that are trying to hide.This looting has been described as the largest in the history archaeology.











On thresholds Tripoli __

In stampede Traffic now,, فليأخذ All arrangements and warns impulsive __ and our people Tayyibis ask God for their safety.

Have looked conflict Alcasr to fork Khawarej, and will not come out of it any of them Salem .. Follow-up observation and viewing pleasure is didn Liberals.

On the threshold of Tripoli fall harvested corruption Jujha of the Glmanha __ [Long live the green arena. ]

And the earth shall inherit our righteous __ Servants and the heirs of the earth Amarha validity Zaraoha life ___ patrons and Libya for the Libyans, and Commander Crown led wholes.

Our appointment waxing emerging from the center of the masses eager to identify new line of death.

Libya’s victorious 2013

(By Amazigh Stmbri)

Ifrane channel on Facebook:

Sources confirmed ..

Presented to the National Conference of the Supreme Council for the Amazigh Libya 4 proposals to resolve the crisis, which اختلقها conference on the rights of Libyan Amazigh and identity .. The Supreme Council of the Amazigh Libya studied.

Demonstration in Ifrane denouncing the law constituent body was

To Ibiaaleom:

a country ambience: residents of systems in the city of Ifrane Jebel Nafusa Friday demonstration denounced the election of the Constituent the Authority Act which will elect the Constitution Drafting Committee.

He said one of the organizers of the demonstration, Mohammad Omar on Saturday for the country’s airspace to the demands of the demonstrators are agreeing on a mechanism to ensure “cultural rights,” noting that they raised slogans demanding the demarcation of the Amazigh language and culture.

He also explained that the demonstration involving areas Kklh and castle, pointing to the possibility to organize another demonstration in Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Council of the Amazigh issued a statement in which it threatened civil disobedience beginning of July 23, if an agreement is reached on the Law of the founding of the Authority.

Amazigh want the language of the official languages ​​in the state means instead of Indore Office of English or French translation Indore Translation Office Zouari or Naluti or Gado or Yfran and times Indore office Tbawi was I treated in Alqtron O Schenk days blacks and salvation …

The fate of Libya’s new constitution uniforms fate of the Constitution of menial Weird in the end Baaklh ass ..








Firefighters workers have gone on strike after they were attacked by armed mercenaries assaulted them and stole trucks and material assistance, they demand more protection.

(see my post for 17 JULY under MIZDAH )



– Adzhelate : Visitors last night at the new theme park in Adzhelate were deliberately targeted children. He was taken out of the black BMW car and led to the death of the girl Chelabi Bat-Nur and wounding her father ..

The lack of security have made entertainment fields of battle our children.









– Sabha: There are reports of a plane suspected of Sudan, who landed in the city of Sabha, I am not sure that the relationship of the aircraft reflects neighboring governments against individuals and tribes, without the participation of the “State”, and I think this is a serious violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan “state”. ..

The group of rats Oulad Suleiman shoot an RPG at the houses of citizens in Nasiriya, Sabha

Urgent Sabha

Kidnapping of Mohamed Aouhadh Mejri Sabha Airport manager and Assistant Mnfd of the airport Abdul Karim Ali Aouhadh by an armed group tracking free Fezzan and the battalion has been transferred to an unknown destination without knowing the reasons noted Ban Mohamed Aouhadh-Mejri has shown for Dguatat from order to submit his resignation.

Libyan news Sabha International Airport
For the second day in a row Evql Sabha International Airport doors and tower for aircraft and passengers protest the lack of security, the security services and nuts where Taradw to fire during the performance of their duties.

Sabha live in total darkness and other southern cities since the days of living in a state of permanent interruption of electricity ….
LIMITS ARE LIMITS: Time scheduled to uprise!|









Another photograph taken morning to Mnfd the Omsaad – Peace Gate

The bombing of the port border Amsaad between ‫ # Libya and Egypt ‫ # news of the escape guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Muhammad Badi to Libya immediately after the bombing.

Egypt’s State Security artist to work on and the army in the streets and terrorists Libyans changed Atjahm from Egypt to Turkey ….

Bombing Gate of to Amsaad port Peace with Egypt:

Incoming news the Amsaad hand that was blown port Amsaad border between Libya and Egypt, by the smugglers, according to the news that the Libyan border free of any occurrence of the guards ..
The Egyptian army guarding the other side of the port from the Egyptian side ….

Whole army guarding Bnghazastan and empty borders of the State of the guards, who stole stole government and who escaped fled, and rats to San their situation:
Not important good Jay Lahu Atokm the bonus booklet family ..

The bombing of the gate accidentally Amsaadbwabh trace border gate of the port, which is now empty on عروشها, and the Egyptian army guarding in the corresponding Djihh.

Gate port Amsaad Peace ..

Minister of the Interior This should be called to investigate immediately and be dismissed on the deteriorating security situation By downright مزري is behind these acts downright because my brothers ..

Chaos assistant port border اوجود to manifestations of state

A port source said, “Who controls the port now some people who do not have any legal status or the military assistant, and they do not follow any official.”
He added that “this happens after several months of tuning things do, while ensured some army units to protect the port and running the business do, but after the intervention of some arguing that the military is in charge of these matters and their demands for the return of the police and immigration and customs for the port, has been harassed and threatened by all means, show that the goal of these is the return of the port of chaos taking place nearly a month ago. ”
The same source that the Interior Ministry to اوجود her, and that some of the loyal security men trying to contact the Minister of Interior new, but did not find a response to their calls, or demands, pointing out that the government if they did not rush to find a solution to this port, which has become a conduit for illegal immigration and the entry of materials food and people without health supervision, will be disastrous effects on the country. ”
Source and carry full responsibility for the new Minister of the Interior, which according to him did not see him any action with respect to this matter.
















Completion of 95% of the ultimate suspense in Mecca and running within days
Executing company has worked to double the number of workers in the project to speed achievement

Sunday 12 Ramadan 1434 AH – July 21, 2013
Arabic. Net
And the percentage of achievement in the work of the day as Haram al-Makki commentator dedicated to people with special needs and the elderly to 95%, where he entered the ultimate in advanced stages of implementation, without affecting the performance or Umrah prayers at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
According to the newspaper “Okaz” has signed an official source in the company executing the project completed within the next few days, indicating that the company is executing the project has worked to double the number of workers in the project to speed completion.
He explained that the increase in workers helped to raise the pace of work in the ultimate commentator, referring to the near completion of the business and run it through the next few days.

“We did not stay on the completion of the open field in front of people with special needs and the elderly to perform wandering through the ultimate suspense only a few days, after the work is nearing the end what have been completed by 95%.”
Absorptive capacity of up to 1,500 per hour Careers.
For his part, President-General for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al Sudais, the readiness of the day and his willingness to accommodate الطائفين, explaining that he was left of the project, only the finishing touches to start off as planned, indicating that the absorptive capacity of the مطاف temporary provision for people with special needs up to 1500 Careers in time, having been designed in the form of circular ring adjacent to the gallery of the old and the supervisor of the Kaaba display 12:00 and height 13 m, and to separate the movement of persons with disabilities and الطائفين in the saucer for the duration of the implementation of the project ultimately the main final, noting that ultimately temporary consists of two floors, one will be linked with the level of the first round, which consists of sub-major entrances, in addition to the emergency exit.
On the other hand, said the commander of the security of the Haram al-Sharif, Major General Yahya bin Assistant Zahrani, that the leadership of the security of the campus and developed a plan integrated security is concerned Palmtaf suspense, so that it is easier to use up while it runs easily and conveniently by the categories that have been allocated up to perform Mnaskha in an atmosphere Rohani without harassment or contention.
إنجاز 95% من المطاف المعلق في مكة وتشغيله خلال أيام
الشركة المنفذة عملت على مضاعفة أعداد العاملين في المشروع لسرعة الإنجاز

الأحد 12 رمضان 1434هـ – 21 يوليو 2013م
وصلت نسبة الإنجاز في أعمال المطاف المعلق بالحرم المكي المخصص لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة وكبار السن إلى 95%، حيث دخل المطاف في مراحل متقدمة من التنفيذ، دون أن يؤثر ذلك على أداء الصلوات أو العمرة في الحرم المكي.
وبحسب صحيفة “عكاظ” فقد توقع مصدر مسؤول في الشركة المنفذة للمشروع الانتهاء خلال الأيام القليلة القادمة، مبيناً أن الشركة المنفذة للمشروع عملت على مضاعفة أعداد العاملين في المشروع لسرعة الإنجاز.
وأوضح أن زيادة العمال ساعدت في رفع وتيرة العمل في المطاف المعلق، مشيراً إلى قرب الانتهاء من الأعمال فيه وتشغيله خلال الأيام القليلة القادمة.

وأضاف “لم يبق على الانتهاء من فتح المجال أمام ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة وكبار السن لأداء الطواف عبر المطاف المعلق سوى أيام معدودة، بعد أن شارف العمل على النهاية وتم إنجاز ما نسبته 95%”.
الطاقة الاستيعابية تصل لـ1500 طائف في الساعة
من جهته أكد الرئيس العام لشؤون المسجد الحرام والمسجد النبوي الدكتور عبدالرحمن بن عبدالعزيز السديس، جاهزية المطاف واستعداده لاستيعاب الطائفين، موضحاً أنه لم يتبق من المشروع سوى اللمسات الأخيرة ليبدأ تشغيله وفق ما خطط له، مبيناً أن الطاقة الاستيعابية للمطاف المؤقت المخصص لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة تصل إلى 1500 طائف في الساعة، بعد أن تم تصميمه على شكل حلقة دائرية محاذية للرواق القديم ومشرف على الكعبة بعرض 12م وارتفاع 13م، وذلك لفصل الحركة بين المعوقين والطائفين في منطقة الصحن طيلة مدة تنفيذ مشروع المطاف الرئيسي والنهائي، مبيناً أن المطاف المؤقت يتكون من طابقين، أحدهما سيتم ربطه مع مستوى الدور الأول والذي يتكون من مدخلين رئيسي وفرعي، إضافة إلى مخرج طوارئ.
من ناحية أخرى، أوضح قائد أمن الحرم المكي الشريف اللواء يحيى بن مساعد الزهراني، أن قيادة أمن الحرم وضعت خطة أمنية متكاملة تختص بالمطاف المعلق، بحيث يتم تسهيل استخدام المطاف أثناء تشغيله بكل يسر وسهولة من قبل الفئات التي خصص لها المطاف لكي تؤدي مناسكها في جو روحاني دون مضايقات أو تزاحم.










And team death of Mikhail Kalashnikov at the age of 98 in Moscow, a Kalashnikov rifle inventor

tous à bientôt finalisé / All to be Finalised soon

Leader of the Nation

Juma Blessings

((((The demands of the Libyan people to move and the Intifada)))
1 _ an Ad Resistance Leadership via international channels.
2_ spokesperson label and the name of Resistance and personal appearances on TV.
3_ formation of popular committees mission work revolutionary direction of the Libyan people and coordination with the tribes, guide them and direct guarantees

from the Leadership to be moving in all areas of he tribes scared to themselves to Aasirlha the costume مصار in and Rafla in Taorga.
4_ and most importantly directing a letter from the Leader of the Resistance, Muammar al-Qathafi and the announcement of the popular movement

and the uprising and give directive to move.
5_ this requirement mothers of martyrs and Galabh our young people, which is that the People’s Armed Forces primitive action and show something tangible on the ground.
WHDH Come on things that have been deduced through communication, audit and research with all young people are saying to Libya and they are all the same thing and the same demands to move (and this ray street and demands, regardless of the things that we know and we hold ourselves).
(((((مطالب الشعب الليبي للتحرك والانتفاضه )))
1 _ اعلان المقاومه عن قيادتها عبر قنوات عالميه

2_ تسمية متحدث رسمي وشخصي باسم المقاومه وظهوره على التلفزيون

3_ تشكيل لجان شعبيه مهمتها العمل التوجيه الثوري للشعب الليبي والتنسيق مع القبائل وارشادها وتوجيهها بضمانات من القياده ان يكون التحرك في كل المناطق لانه القبائل خايفه على نفسها ان يصيرلها زي مصار في ورفله وفي تاورغا

4_ والاهم توجيه خطاب من قائد المقاومه معمر القذافي
واعلان الحراك الشعبي
والانتفاضه واعطاء ايعاز بالتحرك

5_وهدا مطلب امهات الشهداء وغاليبة شبابنا وهو ان تبداء قوات الشعب المسلح بالتحرك واظهار شي ملموس على الارض
وهده هيا الامور التي تم استنتاجها من خلال الاتصالات والتدقيق والبحث فيما يقوله كل شباب ليبيا وكلهم نفس الكلام ونفس المطالب للتحرك (وهدا راي الشارع ومطالبه بغض النظر عن الامور التي نعرفها ونحتفظ بها لانفسنا))

Mu reading a memo

Saif al-Islam

Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi speaks:

“You can fool all of the people all of the time, but not the Libyan people even for a while. We know the truth and we fight for it, just as we were meant to do. We know what’s right and we live for it, that’s why we stand firm and tall.

So, even in our darkest hour, our souls will not falter, and our hearts will not wither, for we know that one day, the sun will rise and shine upon our heads, and justice will triumph over your barbarism. We are here to stay. We are here to fight. We are here to live. We are here to win, and nothing can stop us now!!!!!!!”

Khotna Liberal alert today communication system has been installed to monitor the Internet, and phone …….. Specifically, place Almotaigah the (sparkling)
We hope the Liberal Khotna discernible precaution and Alhaddar topic of utmost importance;


With you, brother, we live the glories Commander:


Evening in the streets of Rome


A great O # Libya

Perhaps nights Our group gathered days oh # Libya.
I returned home full of feelings love, Alhaninn and printed above the soil great immortal kiss. Thus speaks to us back home. Not in words, but directly to our souls. When we listen to the voice of the nation, we would rather listen to the voice of the sacred presence. In the attended shut words, we do not need only to be at the height of the completion of our senses. The homeland is driven by all of and shows its manifestations in all the things around us.

Gomaa blessing to all the people # Libyan Arabic to everyone in all parts of the earth:

عـــظـــيــمــه يـا #ليــــــبــــيا

عسى الليالي التي فرقـتـنا أن تجمعنـا يومـا يا #لــــيبيــــا.
عدت إلى الوطن مملوءا بمشاعر الحب والحنينن وطبعت فوق ترابه العظيم قُبلة خالدة. هكذا يتحدث إلينا الوطن. ليس بالكلمات وإنما مباشرة إلى أرواحنا. إننا عندما نستمع إلى صوت الوطن، فإننا إنما نستمع إلى صوت الحضور المقدّس. وفي حضرته تخرس الكلمات، ولا نحتاج إلا إلى أن نكون في ذروة اكتمال حواسّنا. فالوطن هو الذي يحرّكنا جميعا ويظهر تجليّاته في كلّ الأشياء من حولنا.

جمعه مباركه لكل شعب #الليبي الي لكل فرد عربي في كل بقاع الأرض

Admin Saqr Alcdoh
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=533929216668374Libyan political dialogue ::: reports
Report shocking and catastrophic for human rights and freedoms in Libya provided Allaqi.
Allaqi confirms the existence of approximately one million Libyan abroad and confirms the increasing torture, kidnappings and secret prisons.
تقرير مروّع وكارثي عن الحريات وحقوق الانسان في ليبيا يقدمه العلاقي.
العلاقي يؤكد وجود مايقارب من مليون ليبي بالخارج ويؤكد ازدياد التعذيب والخطف والسجون السرية.

Mohammed Allaqi President of the National Council for Public Freedoms and Human Rights:

the human rights situation in Libya is very bad cases of kidnapping, torture and reached a level that can not be tolerated

and the National Congress still Atlkk in the issue of transitional justice law!

(Admonh pride Rishvana the)


1969 mercy and Noor Ali, Mr. Billah Gaddafi

And 1969’s mercy and Noor Ali martyrs of duty and volunteers who taxpayers from the earth and supply

And 1969, the patience of the displaced

And 1969’s patience on our prisoners oppressed

And 1969 greet each steadfast and unwavering

Light as long as Nora who guided and fire and hell and the volcano of assault and God is above Kid aggressor.

(Supreme Commander)

1969 رحمه ونور علي سيدي المعتصم بالله القذافي

و1969 رحمه ونور علي شهداء الواجب والمتطوعين الذين دافعو عن الارض والعرض

و 1969 صبر علي المهجرين

و 1969 صبر علي اسرانا المظلومين

و1969 تحيه لكل الصامدين والثابتين

ودام الفاتح نورا لمن يهتدي ونارا وجحيما وبركانا علي من يعتدي والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

القائد الأعلي


(see yesterday’s post):
An invitation to return people of Western Riyaana to their city after an agreement with the sheikhs

and senior Zintan tribe and the National Reconciliation Commission before the holy month of Ramadan.

 Read me hot Knights Zintan

(Saqr janzour)

اغاني ليبية — ابناء الزنتان “خود الرساله alzentan libya

Music Libyan – Zintan sons “Take on Message”

Heart and Rishvana of Albban came to us the next …?

(Admin Saqr janzour)

Khalhen Mfajrna Aicoln us … I bow Nsktwa and our actions Atrna the
(Adam Saqr Diaspora n)

28 juin 2013 08:15
2 video ..
Wedding and Rishvana horses ..
Video tired when this prophet you think in the comments .. And who shows him a copy yet manages post ..


الفيديو 2 ..
من افراح ورشفانه بالخيول ..
الفيديو تعبت فيه لهذا نبي رايكم في تعليق.. واللي يبي منه نسخة في صفحته يدير مشاركه..

Western Mountain News

Major General Salem Guenida says:

“Zaidane is the person who hinders army building and did not arrive Shi of the budget 2013 for the army.”


Ali Zaidane bribes an agreement with Tabu tribes to protect the oil fields instead of Zintan and exchange them $ 35 million, from a source familiar with

From a very reliable source ….
Yesterday in جيهات the and related Palmchacheh areas to interfere with them against Zintan …
المشاشية reply was Zapper them ….
They said, and I quote …. Yes they are tougher enemies but Nstdaf not our enemy …
We we fight with them face-to-face just do not get with any party against Zintan.
We are neutral and will not interfere in one and a limit in our region do not want anyone to planting new strife between us.
And stamped the word Zintan and Lena Knights pride they first enemy ….
Do you speak arrived xanthan and rejuvenated.

من مصدر موثوق جدا ….
امس في جيهات و مناطق تتصل بالمشاشية للتدخل معهم ضد الزنتان …
فكان رد المشاشية صاعق لهم ….
قالو بالحرف الواحد…. نعم هم اشد الاعداء لكن لا نستضعف عدونا …
نحن نتقاتل معهم وجه لوجه فقط لا ندخل مع اي طرف ضد الزنتان
نحن محايدين و لم ولن نتدخل في احد و نحد في منطقتنا لانريد لاحد ان يزرع فتنه جديدة بيننا.
وختمها بكلمه الزنتان فرسان و لينا الفخر انهم عدونا الاول….
هل الكلام وصل للزنتان و شبابها.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

God is great above the aggressor Kid

God for the oppressed best supporter

I certainty and armed Savtda

My light of truth shines in the hands of

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is great

God is above the aggressor

Oh this world Otala and Listen

Army Aloaada came wanting Musraei the

Right will be featured Bmdfie

If consumed will courtyards with me

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is greatest

God is above the aggressor

Tell me Woe to the colonist

And God is above the treacherous arrogant

God is great oh my

And take بناصية, modulator Admoury

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is greatest

الله أكبر الله اكبرالله أكبر فوق كيد المعتديالله للمظلوم خير مؤيدأنا باليقين وبالسلاح سأفتديبلدي ونور الحق يسطع في يديقولوا معي قولوا معي

الله الله الله أكبر

الله فوق المعتدي

يا هذه الدنيا أطِّلي واسمعي

جيش الأعادي جاء يبغي مصرعي

بالحق سوف أرده وبمدفعي

فإذا فنيت فسوف أفنيه معي

قولوا معي قولوا معي

الله الله الله اكبر

الله فوق المعتدي

قولوا معى الويل للمستعمر

والله فوق الغادر المتكبر

الله اكبر يا بلادى كبرى

وخذى بناصية المغير ودمرى

قولوا معى قولوا معى

الله الله الله اكبر



Of Page-mail.


I hope publication and dissemination of importance:

People in Tripoli and especially families could leave Tripoli Vlegaderha in the fastest time,
We have confirmed information that militias and gangs controlling on Tripoli mobilize and preparing and Sttqatl among them
And the citizens who are able to protect their homes and belongings they formed popular committees to protect their neighborhoods.


Start now in the battle Gargour between Almzarat of the Zintan.

Anfjaaaaaaaaaaaaaar very strong heard in Tajora.
Agneoh closes roads in Abu Saleem and publishes a number of
Cars carrying 14.5.
Blockings Bakery victory until Salim Island and closing of the road
Front capital Pharmacy ……


A statement of the so-called Tripoli local council regarding the recent events:

Situation is now in Abu Salim spread to 14 cars and text from informant victory to the island of Abu Salim and by Mascara has also been closing the road in this topic

next moments Health Institute front capital Pharmacy!!!

Now fear in the heart of Abu Salim shops closed and few human movement and 14 cars exist Bactrh

and the text people carrying Qguadf of the RPG and screens in the streets and burned cars on roads and Mscrin the streets ..

real description of what is going on now is a state of war.

Tripoli .. Capital and not spoil them grappling militias ..!!
Admin Saqr Alcdoh
More than 150 car 14.5, 23 and 106 provide the market Friday entrances and equipped military vehicles in the Mitigua Airbase now.
Lock entrances to Tripoli from all جيهات now by the militias of Tripoli
And mobilize mechanisms coming from the airport Mitiqua towards the Abu Salim.

Out a group of wounded residents of the capital Tripoli, in a field demonstration
Algeria on Thursday evening,’s claim to the disappearance of the armed manifestations
Of the capital Tripoli.

Urgent Tripoli:

Jardan Ndmoa pause protest arena green .. After Friday prayers .. A rejection of what happened in Abu Salim area .. And claim to resolve the problem battalions p basis of tribal sense healthier (Zintan against) and accuse them of being Admon among its ranks arrows on end Dlm … Enhanced from 32 Brigade and Maqrif … And trying to call Tripoli residents to get out and this measure جردان Gnjoh and loyal Almsarit them and market جردان pursuit and the Council of Tripoli …

عاجل طرابلس :

الجردان نضموا وقفة إحتجاج فالساحة الخضراء .. بعد صلاة الجمعة.. رفضا لما حدث بمنطقة أبوسليم .. ومطالبة بحل الكتائب المشكلة ع أساس قبلي بمعنى اصح ( ضد الزنتان ) ويتهمونهم بانهم يضمون بين صفوفها الازلام على حد دكرهم … من اللواء 32 معزز والمقريف … ويحاولون دعوة سكان طرابلس للخروج وهدا بتدبير جردان غنيوه والمصاريت المواليين لهم وجردان سوق السعي ومجلس طرابلس …

Shut down the highway after the bridge Zenata towards the west of Tripoli!!

Friday Market:


Youth the Bei Bei Iagnhh Abu Salim Bay.
Admin 313

Exclusive scenes to break into the people of Abu Salim of the offender Gnjoh the Council to follow up on new always Subscribe canal and continued our Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/Alestekhbarat.Allibiya the

The (good) Spokesman for xanthan on Libya’s international …

Youth Brigades backing on the orders of Interior Minister attacked the 24 Infantry Battalion which is a military contingent of military numbers,

and they بالرماية the image of Civil Shaheed Mohamed shot and they burned.

The right words and hungry Libyan O

The sacking of defense minister after he said Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثي that the error is from the interior minister who gave the orders to Saraya backing the Commission’s security Supreme attack on the Battalion 24 Infantry of the Army National After protested البرغثي the decision of the Interior Minister Mohammed Sheikh, decided البرغثي resign and leave the office …

Information from one of the relatives of Abdul Ghani Alkkly aka (Gnjoh)


Champion from Libya February

Inventory / Abdel Ghani Alkkly aka (Gnjoh)
Level Scientific / secondary school certificate
Current job / confidential commander 11 Supreme Committee phantom Salim (حكمدار the Abu Salim area with 300 thousand inhabitants)
Occupation before the revolution of February 17 / drug dealer that has a hatred of the police, the judiciary and the assumption of storming the Ministry of Justice in what is known revolution signatory signatory to approve the law of segregation
His achievements after 17 February
Share siege of the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Finance and himself assaulted the Minister of Justice
Under his administration’s secret prisons outside the authority of the state where torture and financial extortion, rape and murder.
Despite سطوته and tyranny on the young men and women and children of Tripoli, but he escaped wet Kjerz and hid in base Ameitikh when approached camping,

5 cars to Zintan revolutionaries made ​​to arrest him.

Did you know that Gnjoh drug dealer and a drunkard …
Did you know that Gnjoh killed his mother in 1994 …
Did you know that Gnjoh cutting off the hands of his sister, and caused her to block when he returned to the house while intoxicated …
Did you know that Gnjoh hampered parents …
Is this stinking represents youth Tripoli … of course not
Is this stinking secret 11 commander of Qatar Supreme Committee will provide the safety and security of the citizen … of course not
Did you know that this is the Stinking and his gang took siege of the ministries and the Ministry of the Interior, Justice, Finance and the attack on the Minister of Justice in collaboration with the stinking hater and his gang, backed from Misratah ..
Did you know that these bands are besieging National Congress and usurp its members impose on the conference to issue decisions by force
Did you know that Gnjoh has not learned the secret prisons until the government ..
Did you know that prisons Gnjoh exceeded the Abu Ghraib prison in the torture and rape of men ..
And God is witness to what I say …

(Admin Saquaoui)

Salim the … Gneoh morning they said Gah chronic diarrhea…

Inventory Nizar Kawan visit the inventory Gneoh in the burning headquarters yesterday!!


FB Video presents a strong debut yesterday clashes AboSaleem the
Euphoria of young people and the people of Saleem escape when a song or Agnjoh not waging named this

ادمن الدكتور 



فرحة عارمة من شباب و اهالي ابوسليم عند هروب اغنية او اغنيوه ولا شن اسمه هذا

Durée : 0:50

Salim before Friday prayers:

..Qatari armor scattered Cimafro the harsh plateau and confusion exists in front of college and there are some people gathered near Council Agneoh which was burned.

Certainly, we will see the day the elders of sedition screaming on the platforms to incite the people to go out in demonstrations.

Abdullah (Hamid Belhadj) thankless says the National Conference of God be in a Libyan His help smooth and lock ……………….

Abdullah thankless said before Matfatho file Abdullah Sanusi Afatho, file
Abdel-Fattah Younis

RIM and addicted Rishvana.

Abdullah ungrateful ….

106 company you got the adoption of a placebo in one day and $ 5 million per company …..

Sacking of defense minister rats Mohamed Bargty of the office after clashes in Tripoli yesterday (see yesterday’s post).

Bridge June 11, the concentration of heavy weapons it with the presence of قناصات and night vision speakers.

Salem Derby (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD & al-QAEDA) indicted indirectly to Hfter in the assassination of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis
Salem derby the previous command to Abu Salim Martyrs’ Brigade Drnhaly Libya Ahrar channel

The killing of Abdel-Fattah Younis is the one who wants to replace him in the office, one of his now marketed for the presidency of the RAT  Army Staff!

Ayman civil nephew of martyr Muhammad al-Madani:

– We went to the Prime Minister when we abuse and the meeting is guaranteed and you told us the army and I do not have the ability to these militias ideological

and told us not to publish the meeting on the grounds that President Per Libyans.

– Ayman civil confirms that they were ready to withdraw from Tripoli
And the formation of a single army, provided that the total out of Tripoli.

NATO-MUFTI (pro-Misurata/Qatar) Sadek Garyiani:

Aaaaaajl Jaddaaaaa

And dangerous since the moments ended Mufti of Libya Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani of statement singled out by channel Friday market local and broadcast channels in Misratah and dirt in which he said ((Praise be to Allah that our victory in our revolution blessed, Praise be to Allah who Astafana recruited him to raise the banner of Islam in our country glorious and liberated from disbelief and slavery, God said in an airtight Holy Book (ear to those who fight because they do wrong, and that God is the victory of the omnipotent driven from their homes unjustly only because they say our Lord God and if you do not pay God’s people to each other for the demolished silos and Sell prayers and mosques stating the name of Allah much and Inasrn God of victory that God is strong Aziz) that ماقامت him yesterday militia outside of the state of the killing and Tzmir in the area of ​​Abu Salim in Tripoli and killing and expulsion of the rebels from their homes and offices Lahu work Danny does not accept the legitimacy of God that never This group, which came from the uttermost parts of the west of Tripoli Rebekah ousted and gangs regime collapsed want to return us to the pre-revolution blessed by God and therefore fight this category transgressing became a chore, but ordered a legitimate requirements of the current stage of the country and complacency with them is the loss of the country and the displacement of the slaves ({Fight punish God, your hands and pricks and you against them and heal the breasts of folk who are believers}
Via each Libya rebels come Jihad date of the new God Nasirkm nor Naseer them), peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

عاااااجل جداااااوخطير مند لحظات انتهى مفتي ليبيا الشيخ الصادق الغرياني من تصريح خص به قناة سوق الجمعه المحليه وتم بثه في قنوات مصراته ودرنه قال فيه (( الحمد لله رب العالمين الذي نصرنا في ثورتنا المباركه ، الحمد لله رب العالمين الذي اصطفانا جند له لرفع راية الاسلام في بلادنا المجيده وحررنا من الكفر والعبوديه ،، قال الله في محكم كتابه العزيز ( أُذِنَ لِلَّذِينَ يُقاتَلُونَ بِأَنَّهُمْ ظُلِمُوا وَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلى نَصْرِهِمْ لَقَدِيرٌ * الَّذِينَ أُخْرِجُوا مِنْ دِيارِهِمْ بِغَيْرِ حَقٍّ إِلاَّ أَنْ يَقُولُوا رَبُّنَا اللَّهُ وَ لَوْ لا دَفْعُ اللَّهِ النَّاسَ بَعْضَهُمْ بِبَعْضٍ لَهُدِّمَتْ صَوامِعُ وَ بِيَعٌ وَ صَلَواتٌ وَ مَساجِدُ يُذْكَرُ فِيهَا اسْمُ اللَّهِ كَثِيراً وَ لَيَنْصُرَنَّ اللَّهُ مَنْ يَنْصُرُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَقَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ ) ان ماقامت به يوم امس مليشيا خارجه عن الدوله من قتل وتذمير في منطقة ابي سليم بطرابلس وقتلها وطردها للثوار من ديارهم ومكاتبهم لاهو عمل دني لا تقبله شرعية الله ابداً ان هذه المجموعة التي قدمت من اقاصي الغرب الي طرابلس رفقة ازلام وعصابات النظام المنهار تريد ان ترجع بنا الي ماقبل ثورتنا التي باركها الله وعليه فأن قتال هذه الفئه الباغيه صار واجباً بل امراً شرعياً تتطلبه المرحله الراهنه للبلاد والتهاون معهم هو ضياع للبلاد وتشريد للعباد ( {قَاتِلُوهُمْ يُعَذِّبْهُمُ اللّهُ بِأَيْدِيكُمْ وَيُخْزِهِمْ وَيَنصُرْكُمْ عَلَيْهِمْ وَيَشْفِ صُدُورَ قَوْمٍ مُّؤْمِنِينَ }
فيا كل ثوار ليبيا حان موعد الجهاد من جديد والله نصيركم ولا نصير لهم ) والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


Guenida added (SEE YESTERDAY’S POST ON DEFENSE BUDGET) that he was moving the army to protect the city’s ports and camps, calling for citizens with the help of the army because of its potential “weak” !!! – he said.

The Chief of Staff-designate Salem Guenida was may face charges for the Prime Minister to intervene in the military and non-payment of the budget, and that at the hearing by the National Conference of the year last Sunday.




زليطن became Colombia???

Admonh Phoenix and Rhqana


Libyan political dialogue :: militias crimes in Zliten
In the plight of August 23, 2012, has been stolen and burn the contents of our FM radio for a boys owner Sheikh brown …. Alumblyxiaoa Abdel Raouf Mohamed mast says:

No car graduated weapon without my permission .. .. Claims that the arrows are robbed and burned our radio and to know him including theft,

video demonstrates that stole the radio and burn our country forces are led by Alumblyxiaoa, Abdel Raouf mast (nickname Abdel Hater):

Asmar operations room

في نكبة 23 أغسطس 2012، تمت سرقة وحرق محتويات راديو بلادنا إف إم لمالكه أحد أولاد الشيخ الأسمر …. المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف محمد الصاري يقول: لاتوجد سيارة سلاح تخرج بدون إذني .. .. يدعي أن الأزلام هم من سرقوا وحرقوا راديو بلادنا وأن لاعلم له بمن سرقه، الفيديو يوضح أن من قام بسرقة وحرق راديو بلادنا هي القوات التي يتزعمها المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف الصاري غرفة عمليات الاسمر
Durée : 7:12

Plain Tnaqra of two sides of Libya???
RIM and addicted Rishvana

Voir la traduction
((Colorless climber biography of modesty))
Name: Abdel Azim bin Njie.
Surname: Abu Libya.
Fame in Zliten: Alchkh.
City: Zliten – Libya.
Mental state: a sense of grandeur.
Before the revolution of February 17:
– Secretary of the Association of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science.
– Coordinator of the revolutionary المثابة Zliten.
– Member of the Supreme Committee for the celebrations of April 7 and has certificates of thanks and appreciation, in particular.
– Member of the formation of fulfilling the security of the Combat guys Alqirdafa.
– Studious to actively participate in forums held by the ideological Revolutionary Committees Movement since the first university forum 1992 and read a telegram covenant and pledge sent Qirdafa.
– The father Haj companion on bin Njie general coordinator of the revolutionary Almthabat Zliten.
– On February 17, wrote on his Aalves Community ((in the eye you Weah Libyan Muammar free and Nfdoh Bdinma)).
After the revolution of February 17:
– Spokesperson Zliten rebels.
– Spokesperson Libya Shield forces Zliten, headed by his uncle Abdul Raouf mast.
– Member of the Committee support the revolution in Syria.
– Attendance and participation and speeches and sermons in all the celebrations of revolution of February 17.

My advice to the Libyans:
Who wants to learn the art of climbing and jumping فليقرأ the biography of this creature he has the face of health is unmatched in the world rather than that insinuates his head in the dirt disgrace and shame still topping the platforms and deliver speeches and words There is no power except God Almighty.

And soon, very soon:

Coming with a very large archive where lots and lots of scandals semiconductor revolutionaries and semiconductor men.

We have more.

Tip today:

If you want to publish a rumor in Libya at lightning speed and unbelievable people saying for HVAC mast and turn Christkiha for Chkh that Christak around a story and put some spices and considered spread and smelt Rihtha.

Praise be to God who has made enemies of the fools and idiots.


Treatment Colonel Abdul Razak Qadara on the expense of the armed people after being shot in the attack on Misrata and still Ben Guidara resident Tunisia and assesses the red nights.

Blood martyrs Emcich the drain.

Some dwarves try and Almthabat graduates and revolutionary guys Alqirdafa and Homeland Security Ochaouih tarnish the image of Professor Omar after he announced his position explicitly against gangs and mafias revolution and demand the rule of law will publish you successively About Us him and some of his compositions.

Another GOOD GUY martyred:

Name: Osama bin Qadara.
City: Zliten – Libya.
Son: Maj. Gen. Abdul Razak bin Guidara fugitive to Tunisia and injured in front of Misrata during his attack on the area Zureiq Misurata.
Occupation previously: Kadhafi Brigades.
Current job: Tripoli airport.
Revolutionary protection: Nuri Vraiwan.:

And document Taatbut the injury Osama bin Qadara and treated at the hospital during his participation attack on Misrata injury and is still evident in his face.

Note: utilized to document the rest of the other names that have participated attack on Misrata.
Blood martyrs Emcich the drain:

M’Hamed Embarak Mhammed, MARTYR.

(posted in “Sister Erjalklna the Martyr Muammar Gaddafi Libya builder and editor of the world“)M’Hamed Embarak Mhammed killed during his participation in the liberation of prisoners from the prison militia faction Agneoh Alkkla in the neighborhood of Abu Saleem.

مقتل امحمد امبارك امحمد اثناء مشاركته في تحرير معتقلين من سجن مليشيا يتزعمها اغنيوة الككلي في حي ابوسليم



Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Libya news today … Benghazi – Urgent

Bu Sidra Mdayr served Melih Halummen

Will emerge cars Ansar al-Sharia those who deny the army and police uniformity black flags “Flags Rule” to roam the streets of Benghazi after age!!

(Valley girl)
Rule in Benghazi review Masmoh of the martial arts and sword to cut off the neck.

Celebration of al-Qaida in Benghazi!!!!

Ansar al-Sharia launches second Gathering in support of  (false) WASHABI/SALAFI style ofIslamic sharia law in Benghazi under the banner of a step towards a state of Islam ..!!!

Lock Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents Benghazi because of NATO rebel assault on the doctor inside the hospital.

Khobar – Benghazi – a special report news agency

Hospital evacuation and problematic doctor with a member of the Special Forces

What happened between Arafa President Saleh who Anhaz age of between 35 and
45 and one of the doctors Galaa Hospital, by reason behind patient
A big topic, it was assumed that his condition has improved and come out of the
Hospital and then found drenched in blood has narrated from his mouth.

When commissioned special forces “Thunderbolt”, to protect the hospital
Evacuation and secured, came armed group want abduction of a
Patients, and named “Spring Alsberati”, by force of arms, a man
Carries an infected bullet came out, and was very critical condition, and in
Time the group tried taking by force, troops intervened
Private, occurred Shooting them and the patient was returned “Alsberati”
And the other from time to time be traffic upon by men “Thunderbolt”
Even know what the cause of trying to kidnap him and taking by force of arms,
And did not tell them anything, but it of Haulo taking are Itarodnh
And his condition was improving.

Days before now doctor came and log out for “Alsberati”, and
And said that his condition was stable, and does not need to stay in hospital,
And when one of the workers entered and Jeddah steeped in blood, directed by
From his mouth, and the income of a member of the special forces “Thunderbolt” President
Arafa “fit”, and argued with the doctor regarding the patient, who
He died with his secret, and but Arafa President “favor” I did not ride roughshod
The doctor and did not raise his hand, what happened is the only altercation
Between them.

And note that the security room has to investigate with President Arafa
“Invalid”, and changed the group that she believed hospital
And what is known about the “fit” a wise man and not a young man, and he performed
B corpse dead Agra when he sees one in the morgue.

Chief of Staff Salem Aguenida: –

The assassination of Colonel (F Masrati) a member of the General Intelligence in Benghazi is undoubtedly one of the consequences of past events.

Unfortunately, because Colonel F Masrati is promising from the intelligence report about the attack and stun youth killed in Benghazi and usually

are written off the name author of the report before submitting it to the conference … But this did not happen .. Some members of Congress leaked the name to militia leaders.

Because he is exposing some of them and their involvement in crimes ..



Yana Aassob Massabelk **** over Adhor Joad horses
Adam Parent n



In the name of God the Merciful

Back Mujahid Sheikh Saif Lafi from the city of Misrata, which resided in the country for between his family and his cousins ​​to the city of Zliten and to all the children of Sheikh invoices and Amayem and honorable Friday and the other components of Zliten consult with him and obey his orders and not go out on his instructions and instructions Mujahid Menem Alsaddaaa and Allah is the before and after.

Glory to the martyrs God save Libya.
Mujahid Sheikh Saif Lafi

(dirty) Misratah Tfajtém TPU launched from the latter.???





Libya – preventing Tawergha residents displaced from returning

(Tripoli) – The Human Rights Watch said today on the Libyan authorities to allow residents of Tawergha displaced persons to return to their homes safely. Local authorities have in Ajdabiya re-group of the population of Tawergha on June 25 / June 2013 from where they came. Some of them left Benghazi in a convoy of about 40 vehicles heading to Tawergha, which is located at a distance of 750 km to the west, and then prevented from passing in Ajdabiya, 150 kilometers from Benghazi.

Tawergha residents fled their village in August / August 2011 with the approach of armed fighters from the nearby city of Misrata from Tawergha. There are about 35 thousand inhabitants of Tawergha distributed throughout Libya armed groups have prevented them from Misrata to return. Misratah groups accuse Tawergha residents armed fighting in the ranks of Gaddafi’s forces during the 2011 conflict of committing war crimes in Misrata.

She told Human Rights Watch that while he understood that some people of Misratah may have a desire to justice for crimes committed against them by some individuals, it does not give them the right to prevent the right of return for displaced people. The systematic forced displacement or practices widely which is implemented as a matter of policy – as in this case – may amount to a crime against humanity.

Said Eric Goldstein, deputy executive director of the Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch: “There agglomeration Full fallen hostage to the crimes alleged that the lack of it have been committed. Burden is now on the shoulders of the government, to end this collective punishment by ensuring the ability of residents of Tawergha on fully exercise their right to return home eventually. ”

Over recent weeks, the government warned and warned by tribal and religious leaders and the United Nations Mission in Libya of mono initiative Herald Tawergha residents to return to their homes in June 25. Government and others said they were concerned about the potential for clashes with groups opposed to the return of the people of Tawergha.

Local the Tawergha Council decided – which is the main body responsible for the Tawergha displaced population – to postpone the return process. But a small group of residents of Tawergha, driven partly concerned about having a plan in the process of preparing to resettle permanently in a place other than Tawergha, they began to return. Have been barred by the local authorities in Ajdabiya. Local officials appear to have taken their actions in agreement with the central government, which خشت of attacks on the convoy by groups of Misrata, according to a person from the convoy attended meetings with local authorities told Human Rights Watch.

Visited by Human Rights and Tawergha Watch the regularly in 2011 and 2012 and reviewed satellite images of the destruction of the city in several subsequent stages. Researchers monitor the work of extensive burning and looting of residential and commercial buildings in most areas of the city, from the intentional burning and demolition of the buildings after the fighting stopped in mid-2011, in an apparent attempt to prevent Tawergha residents from returning to their homes. The government is unwilling or unable to intervene to end the state refused to return adopted by the militias of Misrata, about the return of the people of Tawergha.

Eric Goldstein said: “prevent people from returning to their homes is tantamount to detain them.” He continued: “The authorities should not let them return to their homes, but also have to ensure their safety during the trip and after returning to there.”



Average lead and ambulances hear in the middle of Sabha ..

Mu the teacher explains

Both are free of Homeland Security who are in Sabha taken it caution because it is جردان of beards group

and with them the Egyptians and Ethiopians to catch
Ali Liberal, and present in the conference hall new residential neighborhood in Sabha.

(Supreme Commander)

لكل احرار الأمن الداخلي الموجودين في سبها أخد الحيطه والحذر لأن فيه جردان من جماعة اللحي ومعاهم مصريين واثيوبيين للقبض
علي الاحرار ، وموجودين في قاعة مؤتمر الجديد حي سكني في سبها.القائد الأعلي

Now an explosion in the city of Sabhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a car bomb in Purdy now.

Sabha newspaper ….
Where bodies under Alannagad the day third day nor life, no calls and no local council nor the so-called government moved residents:


On what Khrti Qatar landed his son in power and rolls rats who in Libya, the Supreme Security Committee looked in confusion and clashes and everyone Libby solved and dismantled.

من يوم ما خرتيت قطر حط ولده في السلطة و فات الجرذان اللي في ليبيا, بدت اللجنة الامنية العليا في تخبط واشتباكات والكل يبي حلها وتفكيكها.

Great rock deaf writes:

O losses O Abouapn, how Ruskm was raised and proud with the great leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

you became followed اوباش of Qatar, Kingdom of bananas and the whole world laughed you

العظمي صخرة صماء يا خساره يا ليببين كم كانت روءسكم مرفوعه وشامخه مع القائد العظيم معمر القذافي اصبحتم تبع لاوباش قطر ،مملكة الموز وكل العالم ضحك عليكم

ان الذي يحدث في ليبيا من تقتيل وتدمير لا يخدم الأطراف المتنازعه ولا المقاومة بل يخدم المخطط المعروف التي صنعه المخطط الصهيوامريكى لأعادة تشكيل الدول العربية وتجزئتها من دول الى دويلات صغيره وأعلان دولة إسرائيل الكبرئ من النيل الى الفرات وكل الثروات التى تملكها هذه الدويلات المتصارعة تحت النفود الأسرائيلى وكل هذا لا يتم إلا بزرع الفوضة الخلاقة وتتبيث الاحقاد الدمويه والقبلية والعرقية والطائفية والعقائدية ومن الوهم السياسي والغباء أن تعتقد بأن سيأتي يومآ ما ستنتهي الدخيره لطرفين متناحرين فالاثنان يتلقون دعم للامحدود من دولة قطر و دولة الامارات…الرجا التفكير جيدآ واللجوء الى الحوار والرجوع الى حضن القبائل التى غيبت لان سلاحكم الوحيد هو الوحدة فعدوكم الاول في ليبيا هو الصهيوامريكيا وعملائهم من الخونة والاوغاد كلامى موجه الى جميع الليبيين بجميع الاطياف القبلية والعرقية والطائفية والعقائدية والفكرية
وان الذي يحدث وبأختصار هو صراع الاخوان ضد الجيش وكلاهما مدعوم ينفد اجندات خاصة ممنهجه , الأخوان مدعومون من قطر والجيش مدعوم من الامارات.
الرجاء مشاركة هذا المقال ,,,’’’’,,,’’’’,,,أدمن قناص ورشفانه

That which is happening in Libya, killing and destruction does not serve the disputing parties nor the resistance but serves scheme known that the author planned Alzioomriki to reshape the Arab countries and fragmentation of states to small states and the declaration of the state of Israel Kabri from the Nile to the Euphrates and all the wealth owned by the states competing under Nafud Israeliall of this is not only planting Alfodh creative and Taatbeth grudges vessels and tribal, ethnic, sectarian and ideological and the illusion of political and stupid to think that will come someday will end Aldkhirh for parties rival فالاثنان receiving support for Amehdod of the State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates … Please think well and resort to dialogue and return tobosom of the tribes which disappeared because your weapons only is the first Fdokm unit in Libya is Alzioamrakia and their customers from the traitors and villains my words addressed to all Libyans in all walks of tribal, ethnic and sectarian and ideological and intellectual
And that which occurs in short is a struggle against the army and the Brotherhood, both powered running out private agendas systematic, backed by Qatar Brotherhood and the army supported by the United Arab Emirates.
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EVIL YANKEE CIA began the transfer of arms shipments to Jordan in order to be delivered to the Syrian opposition

(Admonh pride Rishvana the)



28 JUNE 2013 BY  

Edward Snowden, as an NSA contractor at the mega-corporation Booz Allen Hamilton, discovered a program called PRISM, where Internet and phone giants like Verizon, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are feeding literally trillions of electronic communications into a mega database shared by the National Security Administration and GCHQ, General Communications Headquarters—the British equivalent of the NSA.

What exactly are they collecting? Recordings of phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, Skype, credit card transactions, even your banking records!  They not only know who you are, but where you are: Your smart phone’s GPS coordinates are being collected by the trillions along with the content of your phone calls.

What does Barack Hussein Obama think about the NSA in bed with corporations gorging themselves with every imaginable piece of data on American citizens? He doesn’t try to hide it—in fact he’s proud of it, touting it as necessary to protect us as a result of his endless war on terrorism. Finding it necessary to nullify the Fourth Amendment. In effect nullifying the Constitution!

The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini famously said that the definition of fascism is the merger of state and corporate power.

And that is exactly what has occurred with the government in bed with mega-corporations and so-called “contractors” like  Booz Allen Hamilton, which is just one of literally dozens, if not hundreds of “contractors” that the U.S. and British government use to spy on the world.

Booz Allen Hamilton has been portrayed as an innocent party in the spying controversy, but they are far from innocent. As is apparent from a cursory look at who goes in and out of the government-corporate revolving door, they are virtually indistinguishable from the U.S. government, the NSA, and CIA.  Where does  the government begin and the private company end? They are literally indistinguishable.

Of the thirty thousand or so employees of Booz Allen Hamilton and its parent company The Carlyle Group, most are former NSA and CIA employees. And why not? The government and the corporate world have become virtually indistinguishable under Barack Hussein Obama.

These are just a few of the crème de la crème passing through the government-corporate revolving door atBooz Allen Hamilton:

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence who famously lied to Congress about collecting and archiving every single phone call made by Americans, is a former Booz Allen Hamilton executive.

James Woolsey, a former CIA director, is currently a high ranking executive.

Frank Carlucci, owner of the Booz Allen Hamilton parent company The Carlyle Group, was the Deputy Director of the CIA under Carter. Yes, the government-corporate connection goes way back!

This is just a short list. The Carlyle Group and Booz Allen Hamilton are literally gorged with former NSA and CIA employees. Barack Hussein Obama has taken Mussolini’s fascist state-corporate merger to a new level!

Oh, but this is just the beginning.

According to the Guardian—the publication that has broken virtually all of the Edward Snowden revelations—what we initially learned about the scope of the U.S./UK government’s snooping on American and British citizens pales in comparison to what has now been revealed.

Per the Guardian:

Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world’s phone calls and internet traffic and has started to process vast streams of sensitive personal information which it is sharing with its American partner, the National Security Agency.

This bears repeating: The NSA and GCHQ are collecting, archiving, and analyzing the world’s phone calls and internet traffic: that is, the vast majority of the citizens of the world are being spied on by the American and British governments: Hundreds of millions of people worldwide!

Having access to this vast amount of information is a recipe for abuse of power:  power over information means power over individuals. Citizens worldwide. A global fascism. A precursor to a one-world dictatorship.

Barack Hussein is the embodiment of Mussolini’s definition of fascism. But he is beyond Mussolini. In fact, he is beyond Hitler. He is the 21st century’s Der Führer on a worldwide scale, collecting information on every single person on the face of the earth in order to keep them under his thumb, in order to control them, to punish them, and more than likely ultimately to kill them.  “Der Führer” Barack Hussein Obama must be stopped. Americans put a stop to Hitler, and Americans will have to put a stop to Barack Hussein Obama. Impeachment must begin nowToday.



Al Ahram: the accumulation of more than 900 truck Salloum land port Egypt .. Pending to allow it to pass in the direction of Port Assistant Libya.


Great from the day of his birth…
Allah knows Our Leader…

Great from the day of his birth