Mu drawing by Ahmed Deep


 Are you with Mu’ammar and the Resistance ?



Lie dialogue diffusion ‘Misuratan channels’ unfortunately; and, an attempt to drag

the Army Valley Akahilh…

but as I have already promised, our dialogue is our motto, “Red Lead”.

(‘Rouge Valley directly’)



Stop flights on the lines of the African air to Italy and Germany as a result of the

withdrawal of Georgian company plane chartered by African airlines.


‘British Foreign Office’ is calling for British nationals in Libya to leave the country immediately via commercial transport. She explained that there is a significant threat to the exposure of citizens to terrorism, including kidnapping and random shooting operations, and bomb attacks.

(PICTURE: secret British army-men in Libya during 2011):

 According to a French agent, “French Defense Minister was in Riyadh on 04 January 2015, and confirmed that Libya will be invaded by both Britain and France, in 3 months in order to ensure oil to Israel”.


Turkey cancels all student VISAs from Misurata state…

Photos of warlords member of al-Qaeda (Abdul Hakim Belhadj)
And terrorist (HiSam bin Humaid) in one of the luxury hotels in Istanbul, Turkey

(1) Belhadj in Turkey





Tunisia announces the arrest of Libyan “Ibrahim Jamal Rahimi,”

which was previously distributed as a terrorist image is required.

Find someone holds Libyan nationality named “Jamal Ibrahim Moussa Rahimi”

and using a passport and fake identity and planning to carry out a terrorist operation.

Warning to travelers Libyans:

There are no fake money multiplied spin in the country of Tunisia, 

and private papers of 50 Tunisian dinars responded mind!


Ben Ghardane protests and the road is closed to trucks loaded

with goods destined for Libya.

Tunisia imposes visa to Libyans.




Daash now control gate control categorize pressures pomegranate east of the capital
Tripoli and the day to bring in container Pearls gate and learned there with them
Nationalities of the Tunisian and Egyptian nationalities and science in the daytime and in the Ikhtfo
Night Icomo inspection and horror of passers with the road.


Aajl..tarabuls (TRIPOLI):

Reports of injury called Omar Hassi in the Corinthia hotel and

transferred to ‘Misurata directory’

and not coming so far in the media and announce surviving another blast.



Electricity, “luminescent” cut from the Green Square,

and the withdrawal of ‘militias Nawasi’ fully of Raouf ‘hater’ cart.

Interruption of electricity to central Green Square, Tripoli and panic

and horror of the militias of the penitential deterrence “Abdul Rauf hater”

and withdrawal from Henaaaaak.
Hahahahah al-Rrrrrashh

CAMP 77:

Tank carriers moving toward the camp of 77 coming from the Airport Road.

Suspicious movements in the capital and mechanisms for the transfer of areas to another:

Suspicious truck moving used office goods and equipment to CAMP 77 in Tripoli:


WAHABI remove all street shrubery and Trees in TRIPOLI:

Vegetation removal basins and open Medan_al-Dzaúr, Tripoli,

in front of movement of Cars.



The presence of the body of a person slaughtered at the gate

Unidentified corpse back to the young man (Nasser Bin Hamed al-Orchweny), who was killed at the hands of ‘Roma Libya’ terrorist gangs and threw his body in the island Shaal pressures and torture marks and burns on his body and caliber bullet to the head, a resident of al-Zayat Borcvana area.
I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.


of the corresponding tobacco factory highway Bgot Servant Shaal.
(DAASH will exterminate all tobacco distributing and manufacturing in Libya.)

Photos to recover the body of a young man Got al-Shall area near

the ‘care home for boys’ in the capital Tripoli and the body

was moved to the ‘House of Mercy Hospital’ on Nook Street.

I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.

صور لانتشال جثة لشاب بمنطقة غوط الشعال بالقرب من دار رعاية البنين بالعاصمة طرابلس و نقل الجثمان الى دار الرحمة بمستشفى شارع الزواية
انا لله وان الية لراجعون

* مناضل العروبة *

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎. Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.


Fire at the  ‘Agricultural Bank’ on Street Rasheed, in Tripoli ..


Government spokesman client Rat Hassi …

Agricultural Bank burned this morning due to a short circuit …. !!!
(Hehehehe you naive)


Fashloum and Duraibi Champions with 17.2 uprising against

the enemies of religion: ‘DAASH’ and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:

Closing by Fashloum hand corner Dahmani Angle, Tripoli ..


Urgent very strong and violent Jadda..an-Fajr now B. Tarabuls (TRIPOLI)..Libya.

Deserts bank robbery in the beginning of September street by an armed group.


Another Car bomb explosion:

The blast targeted the home of Ibrahim Bejad junta chief al-Andalus.

انفجار السياره المفخخه الذي حدث قبل قليل في مدينة ‫‏طرابلس‬

A car bomb explosion near the beach hotel in al-Andalus neighborhood in Tripoli

and Oooooanaba area indicate that the blast targeted the home of what they called Prime junta.


Shooting bracket inside the port of Tripoli.


 Shooting on rat-patrols ’11 June’ .

Clashes between militias of ‘Dawn Libya”, and the people in the street

corner on the back of these groups carry out arrests of some of the region’s youth.

Seen ambulances heavily in the coastal road. Clashes between the corner gangs and youth al-Hath, in the Borcvana area, after the killing of Jarden of the corner; and they blew-up an an armored-car last night.


Militias ‘Roma Libya’ bombing Nasiriyah area Borcvana.

Corner terrorist gangs waging an attack on the family of ‘Ibina al-Mjdhub’,

in the ‘Nasiriyah area’;  and burned their homes and farms

on the background of the arrest of a thief yesterday, from these criminal gangs.

Now light clashes between the LIBYAN ARMY and the Dawn Libya’ in the southern corner ..


Champions Got al-Shall and Gargaresh with 17.2 uprising against  the enemies of religion: “DAASH” and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, in Tripoli:


Ghargharesh blast area near the well-known fuel station B. al-Haron.

as I said before, the WEST, NATO and the UNO,

all work together with the evil ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood...

Here Bernardino Leon meets with the President of the

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party’, Mohammed Sawan ..

A group of people from Mmeltmin Jerabh Street raid the Jordan Embassy in Tripoli:

imitators of two security men assigned to protect them to an unknown destination.


RATS  changed name of MITIGUIA air-base to “Omar bin al-Aas”

name by their state regulation.

Daash controls the hater camp and dunking in MITIGUA now.

LIBYAN AIRFORCE is Continuously beating intermittent Mitigua,

about 14- and 23 Larbi Ji constant so far.

Hear the voices of powerful explosions near MITIGUA air-base.

Voices of intensive shooting inside the Mitigua air-base.

Car bomb explosion Hyundai taxi beside the Mitigua air-base.

A series of violent explosions shake the area around the Tajourah .

‘Tajoura Champions’ and Friday Market and Abu Salim with 17.2 uprising against ‘DAASH,

and the ‘enemies of religion (as the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is termed)’ in Tripoli.


Sheep Janzur militia surrounded the home of a member of the organization Daash,

‘Abdul Rahim precordial’, to protect him after the shooting at his home in Janzur,

one al-Daahien returning from Syria since the days.





Aajl..rmih dense now  on the Plateau.

Kidnapping ‘Nuri Bel Zanati’, the Director-up Office of the Ministry of Culture

and civil society, from his office in the ministry since Wednesday.


Essam Jehani:
‘National unity government’ based Madljh and eternal is back

to square one with the worst .. but reject and deplored ..

briqh looming because ‘the blood of the martyrs will not go Haba’..

an state talking ..!

RATS Jkumh proposal for a national unity government

was renamed ‘Al-Ouhd-hal-musratih’ good.

This Hatm ben Mossa, the Minister of Youth Libyan, government of national unity
Egyptians who actually believe they said “Palmaidy hear better than eagerness”:


al-ORBULA gate

Gruesome accident in al-Qoaah by al-Qrbula gate before the military police (breaker):





News of the approval of Tunisia on the next civil aircraft reception of ‘Zintan Airport’ to ‘Airports Tunisia’

and now Libya’s existing work with fonts to schedule daily or weekly trips to Tunisia in the near future.



What happened today in Rishvana:
Melcaat corner chasing one folks Rishvana in the cortex area and follows him to the door of his house in order to steal his car type Toyota 27 Medil 2012 after Dkhalo their farm for the car became Mshidah hassle and fight, Kano militia members are determined to steal the car, Vatsalo folks Farm me their families and their neighbors from in order to support them and then Ahjmo al-Melcaat Ali was killed and three of them members of the families of the five members of them and completely burn their car

Then Ahjmo Melcaat corner on the homes of the children of the war drum and burn more than 13 home until now random shelling and mortar me continuously until now has more than 3 hours and cited more than 9 youth and Rishvana defend their homes and their families.






The death of ‘Hafez Abu Bakr’ and to ‘Abdul Razak bin Yusuf’ of ‘Fajr Libya’

within the tank after the explosion today at Wattaya.


Violent clashes in the area of Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City.

The bombing by LIBYAN AIRFORCE COPTER Flight vertical, of the sites of

Melcaat terrorists in al-Akrbeh-jnob south of Beautiful City with the progress

of the LIBYAN ARMY, south Adaah al-Aitham b  of Sabratha.

LIBYAN ARMY managed to repel the attack militias in an

attempt to advance in Akrabieah axis of this process and

ended with the fall dead in the ranks of the militia

and the families of a person belonging to the city of Sabratha.


View large numbers of ambulances in the beautiful heading to the city of Zuwarah,

transporting the wounded and dead militias ‘Roma Libya’ from the axis of Akrabieah.


LIBYAN ARMY destroyed the armed car carrying a weapon of medium type,

and injury to a tank in the center of Beautiful City.

Ooooooooonaba for a large division of gangs ‘Roma Libya’ in the center of Beautiful City,

and the withdrawal of continued strength of Misurata.

Clashes with small arms and medium-sized area of ​​Abu Arada, southeast of Beautiful City.

Armed clashes between LIBYAN ARMY and militias ‘Roma Libya’,

southwest of the city of Ajeelat.

3 dead, 6 wounded follow militias ‘Roma Libya’ after fighting south of the city of Ajeelat.
Their Dead are:
_1 Inventory Hassan Ramadan Alahrh – Misurata
_2 Inventory Rahman Masrati – Tripoli
_3 Inventory Adnan Abul Qasim Kayal – Tighe
_1 Inventory Ibrahim Mustafa Aburawi
_2 Inventory Hamza Zubi
_3 Inventory Mustafa material
_4 Inventory Hadi Ibrahim Ghazal
_5 Inventory Abubakar Mohammed Chaouch
_6 Inventory Abdulhakim Sherah

Violent clashes heavy guns axis southwest of city of Ajeelat,

between Aqbaúl Libyan Army forces and militias ‘Roma Libya’.


Violent clashes with heavy weapons and medium near Camp  ‘Om Hoichhjnob’,

(‘camp Shuyesheh’ ) by the City Ajeelat.

Intensification of the fighting axis Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City;

and the axis of Suenah and Shuyesheh, south of Ajeelat.

The increasing number of displaced people on the outskirts of the city of Ajeelat,

as a result of the intensity of the fighting today with heavy weapons.



Fire in a house belonging to Abdul-Mutallab Husseini (object) in Surman,

by the electric petition, led to  the death of six of his children.

Verily, Allah and to Him we shall return.



Violent clashes in the area of ​​al-Maleh, in Racdalin;

and, killed Thelat Jardan of militias ‘Roma Libya’.






Photos of the sabotage done to the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER

damage to the GMMR at BANI WALID

actually line in the ‘Valley Gbin’, causing water outages for the residents of the city of Bani Walid.




ROMA LIBYA’  in MISURATA, are now being bombarded by the LIBYAN AIRFORCE.


Khaven Ayasbaya Jtkm mountain battalion Nassien that Sidra Mobeih Breakers
Pictures from the center of Misratah and exporter of Khaksylasmhanrst

خافن ياصبايا جتكم كتيبة الجبال وناسيين ان السدرة معبية كسارات

الصور من وسط مصراته والمصدر لخعقسىلاسمحنرسث

الوادي الحمر مباشر

Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.
Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.
Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.
Photo de ‎الوادي الحمر مباشر‎.





I hope our backup of all Mtaatbaana add the page backup because

if we will move close Home al-Yalaanaatih:




“We suggest in Cyrenaica after the end of the wars in both Bin Jawad, Benghazi and Derna,
that each of the following cities are under military surveillance at least a period of not less than 3 years:

‘Tuber -Benghazi-Casablanca-Ajdabiya-Infidel’.

Who is In favor of it.? “

Must be secured: through the Desert Road 200 is not this way continue

to cause concern for the city of Ajdabiya and Central region,

supplies were still graduated from the tuber through Benghazi ..

Photos directly from the maritime hub of time precisely

8:11 am, SUNDAY 01 FEBRUARY 2015:


(la Ilhawwar ma al-Guetlh)

image view from ‘Rouge Valley directly’:

Cyrenaica channel close to the front of the eye passing:


The arrival of the bodies of two brothers, Ziad and Firas Mustafa Mabsoot to Misurata
After finding them.

a draft Lord, southeast Sirte dead. BELOW is a picture of the 2 brothers.


Daash controlled clinics Sirte complex and prevent the mixing

of men and women, and prevent doctors from men treating women, and vice versa !!

The orders of the commander of the Oil Installations Guard service,
Mr. Ibrahim al-Jdharan, .. prevents photography on the front lines or download

video clips on ‘Facebook’ from ‘Valley Front Akahilh’ strictly prohibited

except for ‘media entities authorized by the operating room’ ..

One of the sick fools of Misurata, threatens:
Lama says that ‘Ibrahim al-Jdharan’ must leave-out of the ports,

or they (THE MISURATI) will burn the oil.


‎احد سفهاء مصراته<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يقول اما ان يخرج ابراهيم جضران من الموانئ او نحرق النفط‎


احد سفهاء مصراته
يقول اما ان يخرج ابراهيم جضران من الموانئ او نحرق النفط

IBRAHIM al-JDHARAN, commander of the ‘Guard Oil installations‘,

in a visit to the axis maritime; and he gave some instructions and some of the themes,

with those stationed in that axis.
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)

Abduction of Salam Bouchiha, colonel vice president of the Guards Oil installations:

‘Rouge Valley directly’, insists:

“We deny that there has been , and we say, that there will be no discussions taking place

as rumored in ‘Facebook’, among a group of MISURATA with facilities ‘Oil Guard’ leaders.
Accordingly, we note that any statement will be issued on ‘channel Tenderly’ and to our esteemed.”


‘Tabu Champions’ belonging to the Guard Oil Installations
in ‘the valley Okahilh’.
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)


Greetings from the front Sidra front of Benghazi and eye passing

and all those who participated in the fighting against

the enemies of the nation and religion, whether military or

civilian Page ‘directly Rouge Valley’:


Ngdaah Blessings while stationed in front of Sidra …

Allegations of heroes stationed in the fronts in light of the extreme cold.

Maritime hub today …
Despite sitting waves frost .. from  Asmitrowo

weather conditions on the CRESCENT OIL FRONTS of Cyrenaica:

Each person writes weather conditions in his city
(Fa sudrh al-Sava qtana)


Saturday morning followed by a convoy of Misurata criminal gangs composed

of 14 armed car with homemade rockets, passes

‘Valley Rouge’ vector platforms to Bin Jawad.



News of the request militias ‘Roma Libya’ withdrawal from Bin Jawad without shelling aviation; and Libyan Army forces under Hftar give a condition to agree: only if  MISURATA would leave their vehicles and their equipment behind them, and not return with them to Misurata.

Front fighters Bin Jawad and Game al-Bash
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)

– ‎en train de jouer ‎الباصة‎.


Pictures .. «middle gate» accompany fighter helicopter during a mission over the OIL CRESCENT.
In fact, the first of its kind Libyan Air Force agrees to a reporter «middle gate» filming ...

Aerial photographs of the sites Misurata forces in each of Bin Jawad

and onwards picked lens center gate newspaper has been some sites

that are stationed by these militias by the Air Force to target:

Pictures .. «middle gate» accompany fighter helicopter during a mission over the Oil Crescent
Sidra – Gateway center: Osama Gard | Sunday 1 فبراير 2015, 2:11 PM

بالصور.. «بوابة الوسط» ترافق مروحية مقاتلة خلال مهمة فوق الهلال النفطي

السدرة – بوابة الوسط: أسامة الجارد | الأحد 1 فبراير 2015, 2:11 PM


Reporter «middle gate» Osama Gard aboard military aircraft (center gate)
Accompanied «middle» a subsidiary of the Libyan air force helicopters, during a combat mission in the oil region Crescent gate, for the first time allows the Air Force to a press reporter to board an airplane, and live imaging of combat operations in the oil Crescent area.

مراسل «بوابة ا

لوسط» أسامة الجارد على متن طائرة الجيش (بوابة الوسط)

رافقت «بوابة الوسط» إحدى الطائرات العمودية التابعة لسلاح الجو الليبي، خلال مهمة قتالية في منطقة الهلال النفطي، ولأول مرة يسمح سلاح الجو لمراسل صحفي بالصعود إلى الطائرة، وتصوير حي لعمليات قتالية في منطقة الهلال النفطي.

BIN JAWAD report, 2 (copter)

The helicopter accompanied by «middle gate» takeoff time (center gate)
The plane took off the helicopter type «Mi 8», from a small airstrips suitable for the implementation of tasks, including securing work reconnaissance, transport and ambulance groups, one of the older aircraft owned by the Libyan Air Force, and used for the purpose of military transport, but after clashes Sidra conducted by some development by Air Force technicians to become a reconnaissance fighter aircraft.

صورة التقطها مراسل الوسط لبن جواد من على متن الطائرة (بوابة الوسط)

وقال قائد الطائرة لـ «بوابة الوسط»: إن هذه الطلعة لم تكن الأولى منذ اندلاع الاشتباكات بين حرس المنشآت النفطية التابع لرئاسة الأركان العامة، ومقاتلي «فجر ليبيا»، مضيفًا: «في العادة يأتي خروج الطائرة بعد الضربات التي تنفذها الطائرات المقاتلة الـ «ميج 21» والـ «ميج 35» كاستطلاع، وجمع معلومات والتحقق مما يحدث على الأرض مباشرة بعد ضرب الأهداف المنتقاة».

– See more at: http://www.alwasat.ly/ar/news/libya/59210/#sthash.3LuHmtCL.dpuf

BIN JAWAD report, 3, city of BIN JAWAD

 Bin Jawad photos in the middle of a reporter on board the plane off the plane al-Jeicouhan «08 May » of the runway, the first task for «middle gate» is taking pictures of the round windows of the plane, where small communities appeared similar.

بن جواد في صورة التقطها مراسل الوسط من على متن طائرة الجيش

وحين انطلقت الطائرة «مي 8» من على مدرج الإقلاعِ، كانت المهمة الأولى لـ «بوابة الوسط» هي التقاط الصور من نافذات الطائرة المستديرة، حيث ظهرت التجمعات السكانية صغيرة متشابهة.

BIN JAWAD report, 4

A crew prepares for combat mission (center gate) and the optimal one pm The helicopter flew over the so-called «Campo river» (4 km east of the town of Bin Jawad), suddenly stopped in the sky, said a military crew: «The This place is the first place to explore the concentration of militants (the dawn of Libya), where you can see military vehicles movement and Sowatarham dirt clearly through the hole down the plane », while resorted crew armament to address each other in sign language because of the high noise intensity resulting from the aircraft engines.

أحد أفراد طاقم الطائرة يستعد للمهمة القتالية (بوابة الوسط)

وعلى تمام الساعة الواحدة ظهرًا كانت المروحية حلقت فوق ما يعرف بـ «كامبو النهر» (4 كم شرق بلدة بن جواد)، وتوقفت فجأة في السماء، وقال أحد العسكريين من طاقم الطائرة: «إن هذا المكان أول مكان لاستطلاع تمركز مسلحي (فجر ليبيا)، حيث يمكن مشاهدة حركة آلياتهم العسكرية وسواترهم الترابية بوضوح من خلال الفتحة أسفل الطائرة»، فيما لجأ أفراد طاقم التسليح إلى مخاطبة بعضهم البعض بلغة الإشارة بسبب شدة الضجيج العالي الناتج عن محركات الطائرة.

BIN JAWAD report, 5

From inside the helicopter by dealing with the objectives on the ground (center gate) and began the combat mission when the person in charge gave contacting radio permission directing strikes were evacuated throwing explosive bombs and mortars over the sites where «dawn Libya» troops stationed in the regions of Campo river and crushers (South East Bin Jawad) by members of armaments belonging to the Air Force.

من داخل المروحية خلال التعامل مع أهداف على الأرض (بوابة الوسط)

وبدأت المهمة القتالية حين أعطى الشخص المكلف بالاتصال بالراديو الإذن بتوجيه الضربات تم على إثرها إلقاء القنابل المتفجرة وقذائف الهاون فوق المواقع التي تمركزت فيها قوات «فجر ليبيا» في منطقتي كامبو النهر والكسارات (جنوب شرق بن جواد) من قبل أفراد التسليح التابعين لسلاح الجو.

BIN JAWAD report, 6

Crew inspecting military sites «dawn Libya» (center gate)
The bombing was met immediately launch of the anti-aircraft forces (‘Dawn Libya’) toward the plane, then the plane targeted by thermal rocket comes one of the houses in the town of Bin Jawad, but their rocket exploded at a height of 2 kilometers before reaching the plane because of flight outside the range of their missile.

طاقم الطائرة العسكرية يتفقد مواقع «فجر ليبيا» (بوابة الوسط)

وقوبل القصف على الفور بإطلاق المضادات الأرضية التابعة لقوات (فجر ليبيا) باتجاه الطائرة، ثم استُهدفت الطائرة بواسطة صاروخ حراري مصدره أحد المنازل ببلدة بن جواد، غير أن الصاروخ انفجر على ارتفاع 2 كيلومتر قبل وصوله الطائرة بسبب تحليقها خارج مدى الصاروخ.

BIN JAWAD report, 7

Combat commander of the operation following the results (center gate)
A military source confirmed the air force -rvd anonymity for reasons related to its security al-Chksa- that the aim of the strikes, which he described as «surgical strikes» is to deter «Dawn Libya» forces, again and prevent progress towards the oil ports.

He continued: «The quality strikes launched by the Air Force does not target only military bases, depots or especially active ones ammunition».

قائد العملية القتالية يتابع نتائجها (بوابة الوسط)

وأكد مصدر عسكري بسلاح الجو -رفض ذكر اسمه لأسباب تتعلق بأمنه الشخصي- أن الهدف من الضربات التي وصفها بـ «الضربات الجراحية» هو ردع قوات «فجر ليبيا»، ومنعها مجددًا من التقدم صوب الموانئ النفطية.

وتابع: «إن الضربات النوعية التي يشنها سلاح الجو لا تستهدف إلا قواعد عسكرية، أو مستودعات ذخيرة خصوصًا النشطة منها».

BIN JAWAD report, 8 aerial view

آثار قصف نفذته الطائرة المقاتلة فوق منطقة الهلال النفطي (بوابة الوسط)

وكان مصدر عسكري أوضح في تقرير سابق لـ «بوابة الوسط» أن «الطلعات الجوية تصيب أهدافها بدقة، رغم التكتيكات التي يتبعها المسلحون ومنها التمركز بين المدنيين».

وشدّد المصدر نفسه على أن «سلاح الجو يتفادى أي أهداف يمكن أن تسبب أضرارًا للمدنيين حتى ولو كان الهدف يدخل ضمن الأهداف المشروعة».

يذكر أن عدد الطلعات التي نفذها سلاح الجو فوق منطقة الهلال النفطي، والتي تنوعت بين عمليات استطلاعية وقتالية بلغت 174 طلعة خلال الفترة من 13 ديسمبر 2014 إلى 30 يناير 2015، وفق مصدر بغرفة عمليات سلاح الجو.



Morning, from ‘Valley Rouge directly’

Rouge Valley’ directly · Mankin ^^ times leads to a sense of 😛

الوادي الحمر مباشر

من الخـطوط الأمآمية لجبهـة بن جوآد  P:


  Part of the clashes and Adi ploy
Exclusive video footage
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)


‎جزء من اشتبآكآت وآدي كـحيـله<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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الوادي الحمر مباشر‎


Dkhakhin Haatat ! After the Libyan Airforce air-strike at Bin Jawad.
This is the so-called Valsonah ^^.

MISURATA, in breech of their agreement, on

Saturday morning followed by a convoy of Misurata criminal gangs

composed of 14 armed car with homemade rockets passes Valley Rouge vector platforms to Bin Jawad.

Thus, the Libyan Airforce, made an air-strike at Bin Jawad.

video from ‘Rouge Valley directly’ news report:

‎من الخـطوط الأمآمية لجبهـة بن جوآد<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


From the front lines of Bin Jawad
(al-Oada ahamr mbacr)


Misurata’s ‘Zliten militia’, pulled out of Bin Jawad full materiel from cars
And tanks;

and ‘militia leaders in Misurata’ are in meetings since yesterday.
Today, accoring to al-Jdharan, they are in a condition to completely withdraw to Sirte:

Not Tqcefhm pilots and and any mechanisms of their ‘army’.


‘Valley Rouge Directly’ soldiers on the front




Renewed clashes with heavy weapons in front of Sidra and terrorist militias ‘sunrise’

trying to target sites near Ras Lanuf by bulldozers from the sea.

Campaign of mass arrests in ‘Ras Lanuf Ancksharien’.
(You need to house your aunt Ma’lek Shi aspiration.)

 Scout team today in Ras Lanuf team receives Scouts of Benghazi

on the anniversary of the founding of the 61 scouts in Libya and the

20th anniversary in Ras Lanuf.


One of the elders of Cyrenaica province in the Tripoli region,

where there was an ‘anti Oqamo’ meeting of the federation.

I wish you could be Sheikh Abdul Salam Abdulaati, a member of invitees into the ‘Geneva dialogue’, to grab Cyrenaica province rights.


‎أحد شيوخ اقليم برقة في اقليم طرابلس حيث أقامو إجتماع مناهض للفيدرالية.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>ياريت يكون الشيخ عبدالسلام عبدالعاطي أحد الأعضاء المدعوين في حوار جنيف لإنتزاع حقوق إقليم برقة‎


أحد شيوخ اقليم برقة في اقليم طرابلس حيث أقامو إجتماع مناهض للفيدرالية.

ياريت يكون الشيخ عبدالسلام عبدالعاطي أحد الأعضاء المدعوين في حوار جنيف لإنتزاع حقوق إقليم برقة

‘Rouge Valley directly’, eulogises Captain Azmi Ayyad el-Barghati:

A tribute to the man who fought terrorism since 2012 and was a lump in the throat of the Kharijites
He was under the command of Colonel Nice Bouchmadh. He broke into the shield of HiSam bin Humaid in 2013 and brought under control in just one day .. which became a ‘shield bin Humaid’, Kharijites Benghazi ..

foundations Barss gate and brought her little support, but has become a gateway counted her Kharijites thousand account and cut the road between the Kharijites tuber The Kharijites Benghazi ..

He was a military captain, but from the early claimants and defenders of Cyrenaica and rights looted ..

He participated in many quality processes. Directed clashes leading Thunderbolt men in Benghazi and Sidi Khalifa Bactepth .. .. .. battalion vital goals and then he became a field commander for Operation Dignity in 2014

Even passed away .. and Nsil Allah that is acceptable to the martyrs ..
Image of the hero:


Aaalak shame and salvation: Airlift to Libya to help

those affected by food shortages in the city of al-Abraq.

Displacement of more than sixty families from ‘Buhedama area’ (BENGHAZI)

to the city of AJDABIYA.

Information sources from the town of Ajdabiya in the displacement of more than 60 families from the area of Buhedama in the Benghazi, to the city of Ajdabiya because of heavy fighting between the forces of the Brotherhood  Revolutionary Council of Benghazi.

(PICTURE: Ajdabiya Construction Camp, temporary housing for displaced.)

more than 60 families from the area of Buhedama in the Benghazi, to the city of Ajdabiya

Separation (BREAK in transmissions) ‘Libyana network Mudbna’ in  Ajdabiya,

on suspicion of a car bomb in the city.

The burning of a large amount of cigarettes expired and corrupt
goods from Tripoli, (where it was coming from), and was destined for Ajdabiya. 

Transporters were arrested in Oqaila gate.

To clarify the way they came from the south, because the materials

through the coastal road is closed, and under the clashes.
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)

… Called the assassination of Sheikh Mahdi Abdul Rahim,

Director of Endowments, attempt by DAASH injured on the track in the hand

and the man was taken to hospital for treatment.



‎اهداء هذه الأغنية من قناة برقة إلى مدينة بنغازي وكل أهالي بنغازي..‎


اهداء هذه الأغنية من قناة برقة إلى مدينة بنغازي وكل أهالي بنغازي..

The company ‘Harvest’, this Saturday, on 31.01.2015, has
delivered 30 000 flour bags, to balance prices Fund.

And that stature will direct go into the receipt of Bakeries in Benghazi.
‘Company harvest’ did not stop the manufacture of flour.

It recognize continuously the needs of the people, and helped to provide all the requirements exactly for Benghazi-east, accurately. ‘Harvest’ is one of the best types of flour, by
the testimony of the owners of bakeries.

This Sanitary plant, and its employees, work strictly by the laws of Allah.

Trucks loaded with ‘Harvest’ flour:

Benghazi ‘Harvest’ Flour plant:

Harvest Flour, on the road in Benghazi:

Libyan Airforce Warplanes over Benghazi now ..

The kidnapping of a girl at the age of 17 years in Benghazi.

Sudanese national was arrested in al-Sabri district

is fighting with al -DAASH al-Arhabiy:

Armed clashes in the areas al-Sabri and Laithi.

The LIBYAN ARMY under Hftar, is using heavy artillery.


Libyan Airforce warplanes targeted a munitions stores

for terrorists in the public market at Laithi area.

Now revolve fierce fighting near the public market at Laithi and plumes of black smoke.


Adjust two car bombs and abrogation before the bombing ..



Boudmar, reporting:
Random shells falling on the land and families within Shebna now.


‘Ansar al-Sharia bombing’ gathered at the University of Benghazi.

Mortar is random and deliberate on the dollar neighborhood

Mortar rounds on one of the buildings in the Benghazi area Ruwaisat.

al-Osorh on a bag of explosives B. al-Ruwaisat.


Electricity Hospital «Hawari» station injured in the eastern city of Benghazi

from the ‘Roma Libya’ random shelling, which led to the outbreak of a fire

and burned out, without causing any human damage.

The ‘Saraya al-Faruq’ of the terrorist organization al-Hawari area Daash:
'Saraya al-Faruq' of the DAASH organization al-Hawari, 3










Found the bodies of trace elements, so-called ‘third force of MISURATA’, slain inside their car, by the “Islamic state” in northern and southern Libyan ‘Valley al-Lod’.





DAASH Terrorists are bombing Ubari Airport

There is now the news talk about the power of DAASH pounding at the airport.





One militia sound Girls killed in Sabha while trying to theft Abdalkavi neighborhood.


 Heathens adjust expired food items ..






Sime Lozanica 8

Libyan students in Serbia demonstrating on Friday to protest

the expulsion of the embassy a few days ago and demanding their financial dues.