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Mu French report Dec. 2007

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Mu defiant of France

From Ben gardane withstand = God. Allah is the greatest.

God is greatest over the kid and not zoom rats may blood the blood of the innocent

and HTC offers women is one thing, free between Earth and sky:

Mu Forum

Word of the fire fighter Yosef Shakir
The intervention of the Mujahid Shaker/Helena/episode 1/17-11/13
Families of victims of the massacre was attributed-gargour
-He said that what happened in Tripoli was expected, if we go back a little backwards, that misratah were collected from the prosperous, Sirte, Libya, from different regions and were imported and the State’s eyes
-Said that in all his greedy Libya Misrata
-Called on Libyans to forget your you rat, you Moss said all Libyans in inspired only
-The withdraws the misratah unimaginable, has killed and displaced, tortured and raped men
–Almsarit by invading Lebanon, Walid said only for the comment form and his vendetta swehli over 100 years
-Cried of Sheikh sinile bin Walid almsarit killed four sons for no reason
-The almsarit want to convert Tripoli as the people displaced, tortured town on Earth, the needy and the poor and refugees
Almsarit warned of the fury of the Libyans, and invited them to read the date in the Tripoli insurmountable Turk and others
The tripolian they grined said about their canine tooth yesterday because they felt humiliated and tired of your attitude and your dirty
-Strongly attacked NATO ghariani and Mufti called with one eye and without the heart and lefty on behalf of the National Council (يالتواطؤ), the Mufti said a fatwa to kill innocents who took a nude hamilin olive branches demanding wage gap باءخراج
Speaking about the man we saw on our television screens since 3 IM, who was kidnapped and tortured for 63 days, said like many abducted and did not know anything about them
-The massacre the Majer 58 Shahid
-Addressed almsarit the Tripoli Bacillus and mentioned the steadfastness of Tripoli 8 months under NATO bombing and strong
The Libyan tribes warned said beware of feed they snored you dining yakbaelna Beck
-The share of broadcast channels algrzanet hosted two and Mohammed Abdel ATI Al-Rifai called the OWL and the second person named Mohamed belkheir, said Dr. on the first Patriot and knows a good biography is not an OWL and Hawk and what was truth as second person, said Dr. He fake and not telling the truth and have a witness in Ramadan in the same channel divided by God that he would not come out of Tripoli to take salaries of soldiers and yesterday came out in the channel says it didn’t take salaries. Dr. wrote This second person (Mohamed belkheir) told you who brag in military uniform (Thunderbolt) was first to protect officers stun the murder and to 110 all participated in the orifice and said let me tell you that you learn from kills and blows and know their camps and little baby in the bin Ghazi knows who they are (the killers and suicide). Dr. continued to speak to this person when talking about these victories were triumphs of فاءن under the command of NATO with respect to who took days 15 and 16.
He said that this person (Mohamed belkheir) still call and solicits the discord and attacking the abrahimalgdaran oil fields, is an intriguing second or third in the same way they attract bokhmadh Moroccan from Ajdabiya to knock aljadran to open the Council and Government to steal billions
-Said talk about torture former days, the word kadhdhabtum weshitantm former regime you cursed martyr Muammar Gaddafi, now where are you? a torture murder rape, raping men, not just women, heck you are honest
-Libyan tribes were invited to the intifada must rises Libyan tribes should know what is and what is plotted her opposite as in a letter to Erdogan, saying (o Seljuk Erdogan moved away from Libya, lift your hands black)
-The misratah not Libyan army but misratah importing weapons from Turkey as I seek her European Union do, Turkey contacted the Government and demanded it Webster’s case, they became members of the Government ydahron on television and they shame about the details of this case
The National Council said gangs appeared in 256 it is destined to be the Member of Congress tajoura Salah paddy
-District again abdelati Al-Rifai said he opposed at home, in one of the richer days wazbd for 3 hours and part of it was incorrect that exhibitors from home and was invited to the wrap around
-Addressed kheftr said that his historical responsibility to save the blood of Libyans
-The exquisite mouthful satisfaction but not Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli witnessed a long history, from the days of abandonment and the chosen capital
-The armor and Sam bin Humaid who killed 38 people attacked Libyan Cyrenaica and the cylinder charge to others (cohorts)
Almsarit said “history and recognize the date and the date the ruthless, a hundred years have passed and ttharon a comment
-Surprised siege of Tripoli by 256 mechanism
-He even took control of the militia was first explicitly release Government prisoners and know the number of prisoners and the jailed and the torturer and rapist
-Why all the violations recorded against anonymous?, mine owners contact are known and those bags are known and mined as well as car owners
With elaborate buzzes said Mujahid Shakir now driven campaign and psychological warfare from the output they rumored him buzzes with almsarit agreement to hand over camp Khamis and the attack on Tripoli. in this regard, Dr. Shakir said that this is not true and that a crystal clear buzzes and she condemns what is happening in Tripoli called for the evacuation of Tripoli of all militias and the Mufti of NATO wants to guide the people against the buzzes
-If the people of the town in this bitter cold and don’t visit for international organizations and not to the Government, despite all this ordeal is attacked from time to time to torture and kill some of them
-The Misratah and its airports and seaports and serves the States helped them in this shame while stifling built away then spoke and said why hate the Libyans and Ben gldtkem?(Town)
-Fully manage the Misratah and killing and destruction and disgrace in other areas, the attack on Ben Walid,  Khamis arguing then try FS.

الكلمة الناااااااااااااااار للمجاهد شاكير

ما جاء في مداخلة المجاهد شاكير /سلسلة هلنا/الحلقة الاولى/17-11-2013

-عزى عائلات ضحايا مجزرة غرغور

-قال ان ما حدث في طرابلس كان منتظرا,فلو رجعنا قليلا الى الوراء فنجد ان مصراتة كانت تجمع السلاح من مزدة وسرت ومن مختلف مناطق ليبيا وكانت تستورد السلاح والدولة مغمضة العينين

-قال ان مصراتة طامعة في كل ليبيا

– دعى الليبيين الى نسيان كلمة انت جرذ وانت طحلب وقال كل الليبيين في الهم سوى

-قال ان ماقامت به مصراتة يفوق الخيال,فقد قتلت وشردت وعذبت واغتصبت الرجال

-ذكر المصاريت بغزوهم لبن وليد وقال لا لشيء الا من اجل تعليق صورة السويحلي ولثأر له اكثر من 100 سنة

-بكى لشيخ طاعن في السن في بن وليد قتل المصاريت ابناءه الاربعة بدون اي سبب

-قال ان المصاريت يريدون تحويل الطرابلسية كأهل تاورغاء مشردين,معذبين في الارض ,محتاجين وفقراء ولاجئين

-حذر المصاريت من غضب الليبيين ودعاهم الى قراءة التاريخ اين كانت طرابلس عصية على الترك وغيرهم

-قال الطرابلسيين كشروا عن انيابهم البارحة لانهم احسوا بالمهانة وملوا من تصرفاتكم واعمالكم القذرة

-هاجم بشدة مفتي الناتو الغرياني وسماه ذو العين الواحدة وبدون قلب وقال انه يفتي نيابة عن المجلس الوطني(يالتواطؤ),قال المفتي افتى بقتل الابرياء الذين خرجوا بصدور عارية حاميلين اغصان الزيتون مطالبين باءخراج الفجرة

-تحدث عن الرجل الذي رايناه على شاشات التلفزيون منذ 3 ايم والذي اختطف وعذب لمدة 63 يوما وقال مثله كثيرين مختطفين ولا يعلم عنهم شيئا

-تحدث عن مجزرة ماجر التي ذهب ضحيتها 58 شهيد

-خاطب المصاريت وقال ان طرابلس عصية عليكم وذكرهم بصمود طرابلس 8 اشهر تحت قصف الناتو وجبروته

-حذر القبائل الليبية وقال احذروا ياقبائلنا من تغذى بخوك يتعشى بيك

-تحدث عن حصة بثت في احد القنوات الجرذانية استضافت شخصين وهما محمد عبد العاطي الرفاعي المدعو البومة والشخص الثاني يسمى محمد بلخير ,قال الدكتور بشان الاول انه وطني ويعرف سيرته جيدا وهو ليس ببومة وانما صقر وما يقوله كانت الحقيقة اما الشخص الثاني فقال عنه الدكتور انه مزيف ولا يقول الحقيقة وقد شاهده في رمضان في نفس القناة يقسم بالله انه لن يخرج من طرابلس حتى يأخذ مرتبات جنوده والبارحة خرج في القناة يقول انه لم يأخذ مرتبات جنوده.الدكتور خاطب هذا الشخص الثاني (محمد بلخير) وقال انت الذي تتفاخر بالبذلة العسكرية(الصاعقة) كان اولى لك ان تحمي ضباط الصاعقة الذي يغتالون ووصل عددهم الى 110 وكلهم شاركوا معك في هذه الفوهة وقال دعني اقول لك انك تعلم من يقتل ومن يفجر وتعرف معسكراتهم والطفل الصغير في بن غازي يعرف من هم(القتلة والمفجرون).واصل الدكتور مخاطبة هذا الشخص وقال عندما تتحدث عن الانتصارات فاءن هذه الانتصارات كانت تحت قيادة الناتو مع احترامي للذين خرجوا ايام 15و 16.

قال ان هذا الشخص(محمد بلخير) مازال يدعوا ويستدرج الى الفتنة ومهاجمة ابراهيمالجضران في حقول النفط,هي الفتنة الثانية او الثالثة وبنفس الطريقة وهي جذب بوخمادة مغربي من اجدابيا لضرب الجضران من اجل فتح المجلس والحكومة لسرقة المليارات

-قال تتحدثون عن التعذيب ايام النظام السابق,فقد كذبتم وشيطنتم النظام السابق وشتمتم الشهيد معمر القذافي والان اين انتم؟قتل تعذيب اغتصاب,اغتصاب الرجال وليس النساء فقط,تبا لكم ما انتم بشرفاء

-دعى القبائل الليبية الى الانتفاضة وقال يجب ان تنتفض القبائل الليبية يجب ان تعرف مالذي يجري ومالذي يحاك ضدهاكما وجه خطابا الى اردوغان قائلا(يا السلجوقي اردوغان ابتعد عن ليبيا,ارفع ايديك السوداء عنها)

-قال ان مصراتة وليس الجيش الليبي انما مصراتة تستورد السلاح من تركيا ولما ابغها الاتحاد الاوروبي بما تفعله,اتصلت تركيا بالحكومة وطالبتها بستر هذه القضية,فأصبح اعضاء الحكومة يضهرون في التلفاز وهم يستحون عن ذكر تفاصيل هذه القضية

-قال ان المجلس الوطني به عصابات واتضح ذلك في 256 الية متجهة الى تاجوراء على رأسها عضو المؤتمر صلاح بادي

-حي مرة ثانية عبد العاطي الرفاعي وقال انه كان معارضا في الداخل,ففي احد الايام ارغد وازبد لمدة 3 ساعات وجزء من كلامه غير صحيح المهم انه عارض من الداخل ودعى الى الالتفاف حوله

-خاطب خفتر وقال ان له مسؤولية تاريخية لحفظ دماء الليبيين

-قال ان طرابلس ليست البريوش وانما طرابلس لها عراقة والطرابلسية يشهد لهم من ايام الترك ولهذا اختيرت العاصمة

-قال ان الدروع ووسام بن حميد هم من قتل 38 ليبي وهم من هاجم سجن الكويفية والبستم التهمة للاخرين(يقصد الازلام)

-ذكر المصاريت وقال التاريخ وما ادراك مالتاريخ والتاريخ لا يرحم,مئة سنة مرت وتثأرون بتعليق صورة

-استغرب لحصار طرابلس من طرف 256 الية

-قال حتى وان سيطرت المليشيات كان اولى بالحكومة اطلاق صراح المساجين وتعرف عدد المساجين ومن المسجون ومن المعذب ومن المغتصب

-قال لماذا كل الانتهاكات تقيد ضد مجهول؟فأصحاب الالغام اللاصقة معروفون واصحاب الحقائب معروفون واصحاب السيارات الملغمة كذلك

-فيما يخض الزنتان قال المجاهد شاكير انه الان تقاد حملة وحرب نفسية عليها من خلال اخراج اشاعاة اتفاق الزنتان مع المصاريت من اجل تسليم معسكر خميس والهجوم على طرابلس.في هذا الشأن قال الدكتور شاكير ا ان هذا الامر غير صحيح وان بيان الزنتان واضح وضوح الشمس وقالت انها تدين مايحدث في طرابلس ودعوا الى اخلاء طرابلس من جميع المليشيات ومفتي الناتو يريد توجيه الناس ضد الزنتان

-تحدث عن حال اهل تاورغاء في هذا البرد القارس ولا زيارة للمنظمات الدولية ولا للحكومة ورغم كل هذه المحنة يتم الهجوم عليهم بين الفينة والاخرى من اجل تعذيبهم وجلدهم وقتل البعض منهم

-قال ان مصراتة امورها ومطاراتها وموانئها جيدة وتخدم الدول التي ساعدتها في هذا العار بينما تخنق بني جلدتها ثم خاطبهم وقال لماذا تكرهون الليبيين وبن جلدتكم؟(يقصد تاورغاء)

-قال ان مصراتة امورها تمام وتخلق قتل ودمار وعار في المناطق الاخرى,فتحدث عن الهجوم على بن وليد بحجة وجود خميس ثم محاولة خلق فتنة بين ورشفانة والزاوية والان يريدون طرابلس من اجل معتيقة لممارسة اعمالهم القذرة

-قال ان ليبيا على شفى حفرة من النار ومن الحرب الاهلية وملايين قطع السلاح موجودة في ليبيا

-حذر المصاريت وقال ان بضع الدبابات التي جمعتموها من مزدة وقطع السلاح والطيران الذي استوردتموه من تركيا والسجن الذي بنيتموه من اجل ممارسة سادية التعذيب فيه لن تكفيكم لان في ليبيا رجال فأحذروا

-سخر من الذين قالوا المهم الطاغية مات وقال هل هذه حرية؟

-قال ان مصراتة زرعت الكره والقتل وستجني ذلك

-حذر الشعب الليبي من الذين سببوا المأسي للشعب الليبي والان يحاولون الالتفاف تحت مسمى حكومة وطنية,حكومة وطنية مصغرة ومسميات اخرى وقال شمام ويا محمود جبريل العبوا غيرها ولو كنتم رجال لبقيتم داخل ليبيا وقاتلتم سياسيا واتحداكم ان تزوروا طرابلس,انت يا محمود جبريل وصفت قبيلتك بالمارقة والان تحاول الالتفاف عليها ولكن بن وليد فيها رجال وفيها مجلس حكيم

-في الاخير ترحم على جميع شهداء ليبيا

Guerdane = greeting Khzera to the most expensive banner fluttering algae in the sky because they are simply more honorable than rag Jardan the idiots.

I asked the right of the creator of heaven and earth that high Tervauha in the purest and cleanest air:

كم شخص مشتاف الي دخول الساحه الخضراء قريبا ومعه الرايات الخضراء وصور القائد,,ابت وجودك بهتاف ولايك,,

How person Mstav to enter the green arena soon, along with green flags and pictures commander, Apt you are a shout and Lake,


Our Mu forver

Greetings Lake O Zerrougui free struggled and resisted from your as Ahdnak the site thorn in Jardan:

Atef Clmany, reports:

There is some movement of the news pages that have been arrested
Of two days in the shooting incident, which exposed her patrols
A subsidiary of the Marines are from the Revolutionary Committees ..!!
I do not know where Ja this charge for the girl what
But “Girl Night” was with the driver who is shooting.

However patrols preliminary investigations it turned out that the driver has several
Precedents in the shooting on patrols and is still under investigation
To date, and when completed will be posted every detail clips
Video and Photos



Moataz Fall TV correspondent Liberal Libya:

No truth to the news channel reported, “now” about the assassination of “Badri Sadat” or kidnapped.

Sadat assassination Badri confounds good, a little while ago and confirmed by that
B good health, and news of the assassination of Abdul Wahid local block President
Ain Zara untrue

U.S. Special Operations Command Seeks to Train Libyan Forces
Source: WSJ

The head of the U.S. Special Operations Command said Saturday the military is negotiating with Libya to begin training its security forces, a step that would carve out a deeper role for American personnel in Africa’s unstable North.

Adm. William McRaven said the U.S. hopes to train between 5,000 and 7,000 conventional forces. Speaking at the Reagan Defense Forum in Simi Valley, Calif., Adm. McRaven also said there would likely be a parallel effort for special operation forces to train Libyan commandos.

“There is promise and risk,” Adm. McRaven said of the effort. He added that some of the people the U.S. would train don’t have the “most clean records.”

(meaning there are mostly SALAFISTS they are training!)

He didn’t elaborate, but Libya is crisscrossed by local militias that often have ties to extremist groups, and many of their members are likely to end up joining formally organized forces.

Still, Adm. McRaven said that training partner security forces is critical for America’s security.

“It is the best solution we can find,” Adm. McRaven said.

The U.S. had been looking for ways to step up training of Libyan forces since organizing the fall of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya.

Libyan affairs in the international press ·

NATO Secretary General announces alliance ‘s readiness to provide security advice to Libya

Agencies ::

Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the willingness of several teams belonging to the NATO security to provide advice and support for the rehabilitation of the military and security services in Libya. Fogh explained on the sidelines of a meeting of defense ministers of the European Union in Brussels today that the Libyan authorities have applied for support consultant in the field of supporting and strengthening the security and military capabilities … expressing his willingness to deal with this request. He added that the goal is to help Libya re-engineering its security sector and the ongoing coordination with the other parties and international organizations and individual countries .

The Ministry of Communications denies rumor blocking the social networking site Facebook.


 Colonel Abdel Razek Cbahi spokesman for the Ministry of Defence since few of the front of the Ministry of Defense!
العقيد عبدالرازق الشباهي المتحدث بأسم وزارة الدفاع منذ قليل من أمام وزارة الدفاع ..!


“Where did this National Army come From”?

By all Western News sources, Libya had no standing army. SUPPOSEDLY, That is why the Militias became all powerful…so this inquirer asks:

“The Libyans on the news was spread to the Libyan army in Tripoli have always heard about this army tractor and fully-equipped forces promised him in dreams, shows us today suddenly without prior anzarldergh we signed a mingled mix of joy and fear, the question arises of where came this army

Is its (1)components is a mixture or combination of Qaeda flavored modern army ?
or (2) return lmlishat shields Misrata new dress after TeXHer thief marks the distinguishing almsarth almkithh??
or (3) the left over remnant of the old Gaddafi Forces of the Great Jamahiriya???
or, (4) some foreign trained element, or men trained by foreign elements????

the Libyan national army we have the path of every Libyan issue of SI-double blade and the descendants of the leader of the army’s role is absent during this period and not to enable it to carry out its duty of extending security and settlement of the conflict in mesheshiya and buzzes, zawiya and Bani Walid worshvanh decision of misurata and Benghazi killing 7 and most recently the protection of Mr. Sean and prevent the theft of his underwear ,

Three are already we have our national army governors to God and then to home or a pipe dream at the dawn of the secrets of this

storyline first coup llaslamine power in Libya? ”

LIBYA DOES HAVE A STANDING ARMY reader. Do not you recall the incident at the Morocco Wall between Tarhounah and Bani Walid? where 35 young men were massacred in an ambush?

There were pictures posted of the training of this army in SUDAN.
This has nothing to do with the USA who promised (BUT WHO WANTS THEM ANYWAY?) to train young men and officers….They would be brainwashed if it was so , anyway.

No, this are healthy, young Libyan men who love their country and obedient to International Military Codes of Honor, AND are not subservient to the whims and politics of the GNC: This is a real army with the intent of serving Libya and includes many from formerly green tribes and municipalities.

Perhaps ZAIDANE was fearful to employ these men, for fear of a coup? He did cut down on almost 1500 of the officers and personel…and forced them into retirement. Others just quit beause they could not work with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ..
JUST keep up on the news…This army has been here; but the GNC restrained them before from doing the job these men were trained for!


More news about leaving the head of the General National Congress A-busshmin (arrows) to Kuwait.

Bushmin in the palaces of Kuwait and the Libyan people in mourning tents. # Libya

Advertising from the Ministry of the Interior ::

Interior Ministry calls on citizens not to demonstrate without prior permission from the ministry.

Declaration of a state of extreme emergency in the Interior Ministry ..
Stop the administrative work of the police and everyone field work ..
Join the 50% of the public force to police # Gharyan, Tarhunah # and # Alqrbula to work in Tripoli tomorrow morning *****..

( Defense Ministry denies calling any troops from outside Tripoli.  
As the presidency of the General Staff denies that there are no orders to bring any forces from other military districts and military.)
power of the Tripoli Military Region is able to secure the city of Tripoli and fill any security vacuum .

Prisons and detention centers Almsarit in Tripoli
Prisons and detention centers Almsarit in Gharghour
Wines and drugs, instruments of torture and maltreatment in human beings
Tripoli uprising reveal the hidden.


# Black

سجون و معتقلات المصاريت فى غرغور
خمور و مخدرات و ادوات تعذيب و تنكيل بالبشر
انتفاضة طرابلس تكشف المستور#على_الاسود
Resistance operations room \ Rishvana \ Tarhuna \ Bani Walid 24 \ 24
Latest News …
And our response now that Brigadier General Faraj a force members of the armed people in the intervention of his program for the benefit of the channel green space on Monday evening, the militia Misrata did not come out of the capital Tripoli, but after he called Ali Zaidan head of the Libyan government handed over a check from the Central Bank of Libya worth 2 billion dollars …
They paid the price for killing the Libyan people well done Aamistord ..

أخر الاخبار …
وردنا الان ان العميد فرج أحد أفراد قوات الشعب المسلح في مداخلة له ببرنامج لمصلحة من على قناة الخضراء الفضائية مساء اليوم الاثنين, أن مليشيات مصراتة لم تخرج من العاصمة طرابلس الا بعد ان قام المدعو علي زيدان رئيس الحكومة الليبية بتسليمهم شيك من مصرف ليبيا المركزي بقيمة 2 مليار دولار…
دفع لهم ثمن قتلهم للشعب الليبي أحسنت يامستورد..



Tripoli: The security situation…

A state of fear and anticipation of something mysterious.
Military vehicles marked with the army deployed in the streets of Tripoli and Misrata shield in front

of the Camp goodness of religion and Hamza camp.
Ring Road and Spring Valley witnessed a clash between the militias of Misrata and the Friday Market.
Situation in Tajourah, such as what is the spread of tanks and heavy weapons along the way.

The situation in Tripoli portends a bloody war between the princes of the militias.

Artillery camp, received by the army (the Second Brigade and Battalion 155),

after the entry of militants from Tripoli and Adharamanm the fire in some facilities.

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

The Interior Ministry announced it is in continuous meetings with the heads of organs and departments to monitor the security situation

and continue to control and prevent any fallout after the unfortunate events in the city of Tripoli on Friday.

And the ministry announced in a statement, that, in order to communicate directly with the citizen and receive communications ministry

has allocated the following toll-free: 193-room main Tripoli – and the number 191 section for help – and 194 National Safety Authority.

Tripoli channel


News about the arrest of the five gunmen from the city within Tripoli and the situation in severe congestion within the city of five

news now and the determination of people gathered in the city to go to the power station to cut off electricity to the city of Tripoli until the detainees are delivered!!

Note: Then connect the five power station and warn them huddled’s determination to go to the station to lock for DC.

This is a list of those who were found in one of the headquarters of the militia withdrawing
1. Jamal Felt
2. Abu winner goods
3. Mohammed’s nephew skins Abdul Salam skins
And in addition to the person who did not know his identity after

(Radio Jawhara)

Summary of what happened at the head of the Libyan army, according to Maurdna now:

A total of militias that were protecting Headquarters Anda receiving orders to withdraw and out of Tripoli

beat and sabotaging headquarters and cracking and theft each Maeugd of property to the Libyan people

inside the compound and came out of it now after the despicable deeds.

Shortly before: stores customs, the arrest of the armed group that stole

from the stores, and were taken to Mitigua.


Meager beginning of the play of the planning Hardness and Abdel Hakim Belhaj for control of the capital.

After the departure of Misrata militias began, receipt of LFG militia fighter Abdul Hakim Belhaj Ali , DC
Play poorly Noah kidnapping intelligence remove the Vice President Ali Hardness and Abdul Hakim Ballhaj for charges

and falsely accuse arrest by Zintan and private control of the capital.
That began Hashim humans and follow the Libyan Fighting targeting “Misrata militia “to drive them out of the capital in order to govern their own capital.

We want the army and police only and do not want to take out the city of Misrata militias and keep militias belonging to other destinations

Defense Ministry denies calling any troops from outside Tripoli

The Ministry of Defense and the General Staff instructions to the commander of the military district of Tripoli to secure the entrances and exits of the city and the center of the city and put all military units area of ​​Tripoli under the command of the commander of Military Region with coordination also with the Ministry of Interior and Justice to work together and with continuous communication with the Ministry of Defence and Operations Management headed by staff.

As the presidency of the General Staff denies that there are no orders to bring any forces from other military districts and military power of the Tripoli Military Region is able to secure the city of Tripoli and fill any security vacuum .


But be patient we broiled, Commander of the God nfotwa and anavswa in the West, they gave up the oil ports skernaha and

we returned her fields and the outcome Friday but 45 people dead and 400 injured, Commander TRA saying this shattered

nation Anahi index on Friday blessed. And about God don’t miss Juma and received the bodies in the street don’t you she fried

we be or become soft needed almost 2 million Libyans Psou football.

Zoom o Commander given effect

Suddenly came up our army in the palace Ben Gasheer Bihama Tripoli …

Hallelujah ….

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News:

Rail Road, a convoy consisting of 40 military vehicles belonging to the army on its way to spread within the city.

Hashim humans:

In contact now with the operations room Chiefs of Staff said the commander of the room as follows:

force deployed now in Tripoli

is the power of systematic tracking of the army Libyan order of the commander of the military region of Tripoli and the decision

of the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Staff as follows Second Brigade Infantry and the Third Brigade Infantry and the

Fourth Brigade Infantry Battalion 161 and Battalion 155 and 121 battalion, military police and military prisons administration

and military intelligence and with the participation of the Libyan air force note that there is no part of this force any of the newly

formed formations and does not involve any troops or units were called in from outside Tripoli.

(Radio Jawhara)

in Hefei Btaluahm order now,

(Out an armed formation of the Airport Road and his return to Kklh the current time via the airport Gharyan.

خروج تشكيل مسلح من طريق المطار ورجوعه الي ككله الوقت الحالي عبر طريق المطار غريان.)

Subordination of the military force that entered Tripoli today and yesterday.

Sources wave Akhbar Libya from inside the Chiefs of Staff that the force that entered to secure the city of Tripoli today

and yesterday led by Brigadier General Hassan Abdullah ordered military force Tripoli and reports directly to

the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense and supported in the task force other headed by Colonel Faitouri Graybeal

from the area of ​​Qasr Ben Ghashir. It follows the Chiefs of Staff it has also mandated the evacuation of several sites

and camps that follow the Libyan army and controlled by the militias.

Clarification from the RAT prime minister regarding access to military units of the Libyan army to the capital Tripoli:

The start of the spread of the army units in Tripoli:

Libyan army cars enter the capital Tripoli

11 June  Friday Market

 Deployment of the army in Tripoli:
انتشار الجيش داخل طرابلس

For metastatic army today in some places in the capital

They are members of the uniformed carrying military figures are subject to military law and discipline of the military police
And Thsalo Ali training and Takrjo courses, including some time ago and now have been landing on the street led by Colonel Faitouri Graybeal

(Mermaid operations room)

National Army forces. Accumulate in the Military College for Girls ..

Girl’s College Omar Mukhtar / Tripoli

Reporter atmosphere for the country: One of the elements of the army called an RPG mistake

when he cleans his weapon at the Faculty of girls towards the sea.

Round within Gharghour area after the deployment of military forces (4 photos):

Denied Chiefs of Staff spokesman

(Ali Aspli of the “country ambiance” reports)
storm the headquarters of the General Staff in the area of ​​the airport road by armed groups,

and said that what is happening there are clashes in front of the headquarters, without a storming operation.

Dr. Ragheb carp / health sector official to Tripoli Local Council:

Recent statistics for the bloody events of Friday until now:

= Total number of casualties 518 infected
= Number of deaths 47 deaths
= Number of 88 cases are still housed in hospitals and clinics
= Number of cases, including 14 in intensive care
= Yesterday been deport number 60 the case of Tunisia
= Now there are 22 other cases in the air on its way to Tunisia
= There is coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the wounded to transfer a number of

cases that require advanced care to European countries

Channel capital:

Libya channel first ….

Tears and blood and people crying martyrs massacre Gharghour:

Henw our guilt, growth Abieodhana and Henw Abieodhana, this carefree days Ranasci al-Qathafi !

Was Ataiblhm what feared Tripoli Almsarit the all Shi them even from pizza Aderlhm. .
My beautiful yesterday Rdolha the shot hit her son Thank Misratah:
على قناة ليبيا أولا ….

دموع و دماء و بكاء أهالي شهداء مجزرة غرغور :

شنو ذنبنا و منو بيعوضنا و شنو بيعوضنا , هذا الهم ما ريناشي ايام القذافي


The Chairman of the interim government, accompanied by a number of ministers on Monday evening

and condolences to the people and people with (Aisha sincere) who died after being infected in the events area Gharghour last Friday and calculate the martyrs, God willing.

A vigil for students of the University of Tripoli:

From the University of Tripoli / vigil for students and university workers, and denounced by which the events on Friday

and Saturday in Tripoli, and also demanding the evacuation of the capital of the weapon:


Martyrs University of Tripoli in the massacre of November 15, b # Gharghour:

Abdul Ati Alzendah – College of Human Medicine
Loay Alharatne – College of Human Medicine
Mahmoud Alodan – Faculty of Economics
Abdul Rahman Qaam – Medical College of Technology
Abdul Aziz ibn Musa – Faculty of Agriculture
Akram الشارف – Faculty of Sciences
Aisha Sadiq – Faculty of Law
Marwa Amer – Faculty of Languages
Wael Zawary – Faculty of Economics
Abdul Majeed Alzelitni – Medical College of Technology
We ask God have mercy and forgiveness

Sit Algeria Square for a third day in a row …

The requirement:
Yes, the army and the police only.


MONEY ROLLING /BRIBERY by ZAIDANE…Good cover the conflict in Gharghour!!!
reality conflict Gharghour:

The truth that is known to everyone that the disagreement that occurred in the area is because unlike Gharghour of Sadat Al Badri, Chairman of the Tripoli local, Salah paddy Member National Conference from Benghazi and King tobacts the Canal Zone Gharghour, accompanied by militias of Misratah.

And a problem that Zaidane’s press Minister of tourism when it announced her resignation after the killing of Abdul Salam Al-mismari of Benghazi accompanied by Culture Minister and is very close to the notes these days Ali Zaidane.
Zaidane’s press Minister and given a fictional camp Bab Al-aziziya and the removal of remnants of the camp only reached 12 million walbedri Sadat had captured a general hygiene and allocated him and known to everyone how Exchange charge with Zaidane during the previous period following mfetl Madhu..
When Sadat wanted to clean the headquarters of State cars and public property rejected Salah Paddy only after receiving a large sum of 12 million is over,

to Sadat, paid $ 2800 for a young Mansoura region to find driah and blocking the project after receiving a part of the value of the contract is two-thirds of the amount.
And here the problems began publicly surfaced and expanded patch differences and Culture Minister tried to combine the subject as of yet,

Salah Paddy refused because of disagreements with his beloved brother were cut €€€€€€€s !!
And why not implement lkorlr Mardom with archive since last 5 months !!

(Tarabulsih Losing/Ministry of tourism)


Electricity company workers in charge of maintenance of electricity in the region “Gharghour” of assert the existence of bodies dumped in one of the buildings.


Mermaid operations room:
Was shortly before the delivery of weapons and vehicles that have been stolen from the headquarters of the 101 infantry battalion

during the storming by the militias calculated on Misrata two days ago,

(the local council Tajourah)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel from the heart of the event now,,,

Not the Implementation of the Convention fully until this moment
The state of alert and warned at the dividing line between the two parties …

Chairman of the local council Tajourah denies traded and news related to clashes between

the army and the National Youth Tajura area .

Chairman of the Board denied domestic Tajourah ” Izz al-Din clich “ afternoon news circulating on the pages of social networking sites

and related clashes between the army and the National Youth Tajourah deployed in the area several axes in the region . And ” clich ” in

a statement to the media, the official Libyan did not have a local council Tajourah or security leaders and revolutionaries prior knowledge

to enter the forces of the Army Libyan to secure Tripoli, which resulted in a misunderstanding, and a fire warning in the air not only did

not fall any injuries on both sides . He pointed out that this confusion is resolved in time after it was discovered that these forces of the national army.

What happened in detail in the Wye just before spring

Lock through the valley of the island palace spring to Ztarnh Gate South Tajourah and prevent citizens

from the entire road traffic that has been developed for the exit of the armed groups affiliated to Misratah even to Aihadth

cases of theft or looting was also reported yesterday.
According to the agreement to come out of every 20 cars going the exact way hoist the white flag up to get out of Tajourah.

The first convoy veered off the road allotted and has access to one of the farms belonging to one of the sons of Asswehly.
After what has been monitored by the rebels Tajourah been engagement with and control of the situation and asked after they said he Dilo road.

Group emerging market Sunday start shooting Tajourah rebels Bakoazv mortars and heavy weapons

And the other group on the island palace you shooting on patrols to rebels Algrarat and the occurrence of injuries among young people
Now underway reciprocity

(Mermaid operations room)

Sites where the militias:

Group camp Hamza from the eastern region 65 inventory
Armed groups claiming to support task force near camp Hamza
Local Council split Farhat near the tomb of Mr. Hussein, 20 count
The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Abu Salim near Sidi Hussein armed group 45 inventory
Within company ojneph near Mr. Hussein 12 armed with rifles klashan inventory only
Misurata farm opened battalion Treki 20 inventory
Highland Council blouse track someone named Tung near Green hospital
Secret Abdel Moneim Al-Kilani to farm good big airport follow the higher security Committee
The volcano and the infantry battalion airport road
Civil camp of Yarmouk battalion
The external security office Ain Zara
QaQaa homeland security tiller near Petaling Jaya
Rats of DOI prefixes known to sons Marten anti-drug headquarters aldoribi
The black battalion home Abu Bakr Yunis airport road
Assemble the other …
Battalion well world
Battalion before the General Prosecutor Tajourah:
Other intelligence headquarters and mail ghot Al shaal to heavy.
Farm leader airport road by a group of armed East 25 people.
Abdullah Senussi farm airport road by rats 15 and Friday Market
Islamic Call Society of Tripoli revolutionaries gathered.
The Turkish company draft Ashley near farm 35 easy inventory and heavy weapons

Misurata conquest in front of battalion Yarmouk camp 35 inventory and heavy weapons.

The Jerusalem battalion near the Office of Lee and the control they have heavy weapons.
Misurata cranks battalion near the Yarmouk camp, there are 37 and weapons inventory
Abu Salim Council, known as B. Gneoh in its mobilization of about 40 vehicles and heavy weapons and inventory
Masoud robkh Al-Saraj area battalion near the pedestrian bridge in one of the homes of the cohorts and heavy weapons
Battalion Security Commission Mahjoub’s home region of Sidra by 30 different weapons inventory
Shalgam battalion area near the Yarmouk camp Ammi
The plateau Council of 72 inventories and heavy weapons
The Muslim Quarter 12 inventory Office of criminal investigation already
Council draft Abu Salim near camp Hamza by 17 inventory
# (Earthquake)


Closing the roads leading to the camps of Yarmouk and minors please everyone not to approach the place.

(N Mermaid operations)

Salah al-Din

Misratah Jews are still messing in Tripoli,

shortly before the sons of Salah al-Din area and Gedo three bodies back to their children abducted

by militias Misrata two days ago and the case of severe congestion in the region now.


Caution alert Please circular to all the gates of Tripoli and Tajourah
Focus on the outside of the ambulance Tripoli and Dhba to Misrata.  Please inspect all Ambulances and make sure that the people

who are the Lisu detainees because they arrested them and raise them me MISURATA ……
Please of total deployed to access and inspect the cars from the heart of Hadath ……...
Please circular ..

A g i

Salah al-Din: Image of young Salah al-Din they Aggon some mechanisms military and militias have

Orteuro Tzlmiha directly to the Secretary of Defense :


Using coast shortly before … Columns of the Friday Market destined to Salah al-Din.

Aaaaaajl too: – from the heart of events

A little while ago at the exit convoy Misrata Brigades of Salah al-Din by limiting Ben Gasheer has in the back

of the car belonging to a family Misrata bound miss number 7 people:
For information only Misrata militias exist within the camps of Tripoli, specifically a camp in Salah al-Din after Khallet Alforjan.,

And in large numbers.
And Ertalem exist in the area of ​​Qara Bolle heavy machinery and witnesses Zkro.

they Tags for convoys in Anakazh area Kadmafa a westerly direction.

Mermaid operations room:

On closing the road
Start your columns Misratah cars belonging to him today
The same route of the security gate Ztarnh
According to the agreement with the White flag-raising when you exit
Is expected to be out another car today if walked out as planned.


Khela Ben Aoun, is the area between the market Sunday Qasr Ben Ghashir and Salah al-Din, and there are a number of camps.

To militias in Qasr Bin Ghashir GO yesterday to Misratah have changed their cars black Bseart the Army Venah lunchtime walker to Tripoli.

Clashes in the Salah al-Din (through the thorns) among a group based in Villa named Abdullah Osman and

after that they establish gate placebo terrorized people.

One camp of Misrata and has the great strength.

Urgent #
An armed convoy of Misurata militia estimated to number 60 car coming out of the armed a trait vector Alforjan for Qasr Bin Ghashir now.

Saladin, Ibn al-Nafis, by thorns, by Sidra, shut down the road leading to the place of tension and engagement.

Mobilize large among the inhabitants of the plateau and Salim and the closure of the road link between the plateau Salah al-Din

and the possibility of a major attack of the people after the fall of the dead and wounded.

Anger and congestion of the people of Salah al-Din area and landing to the streets to besiege and the expulsion of Misurata

militia stationed in the house of Abdullah Osman Gaddafi after the abduction of three of their children one and having slain am,,,
# Earthquake

Average heavy fire with heavy weapons by the hour from now in Salah al-Din area in Tripoli and the arrival of ambulances to the region:

Expeditionary forces of the Interior Ministry received optical signal gate Salah-al-Din …

And re-open the road link plateau Salah-al-Din.

Control youth Tripoli in Salah al-Din Ali battalion headquarters, who found out the mechanics and armored

vehicles left while fleeing militias and waiting for the power of the national army and the General Staff headquarters to receive the full mechanisms ..

(Channel Tripoli DC)


Traffic signal Spring Valley, the sound of heavy shots in place.

Cease-fire in Spring Valley
And the issuance of orders to withdraw to the FridayMarket, rebels from the place of is Saraya support and backing

(N Mermaid operations)

Now Flights Low
– Distribution of Securities on the family market of foodstuffs to lock it is and the rest of the shops located in the area near where Zintan airport security militia were

formerly gathered.

Hearing with a powerful explosion in the vicinity of angle Al-dahmani.


From the channel Alnabaalajuanjah:
The bombing of a house rat Abdul Rahman Sowaihili in Tripoli.

Urgent Ain Zara

Hello …

I have a shop versus farm Abdulrahman Asswehly in Ain Zara and just from Dqaig Khc convoy of nearly 13 cars

Makhlth including 14.5 feared for Hawwazh lightning fast and the first car in them and unsure of which to Annie lip with my

own eyes the offender Faraj Asswehly is Saraya Asswehly to was in college girls and passengers in a lioness Kahla armored

marketed Beah Siraj Alchouda to the protection money is a warrior battalion back to in Gharghour and dwell in

Andalus Bhadda neighborhood just Shati just from 10 Dqaig became speech this ..

I hope Joe Alpine attention they Biderioa wrap does not need.

(Channel Tripoli DC)

Please deployment of all , to keep the spirit of your Muslim brother
Important Warning

Kidnapping and murder of identity
Since yesterday and communications coming in Tripoli between the sons of their sons were kidnapped , an official in the gates farmer and the airport road and the arrest and disappearance of all of Hua of this topic has been mentioned areas Rescue group and there are now enforced disappearance and archived data news that they are killed by firing squad
People are ….
Hala sincere and her mother, Samia Mohamed Dahmani angle population
Alaa Hadi bin Abdullah population market Friday , 20 September
Mahmoud Alcorpu from residents Friday 20 Ramadan market
Riad Aldake from residents Friday market near the mosque Takith
Nice Fathi Abu Aisha cemetery was Annagadh after the seizure of his car and reminded the frightening news that al-Salah Badi the kidnapping of families , women , and there are 13 girls disappeared from the date Friday

There is a family were reported completely disappeared gate bridge their existing Misrata Brigades after Gharghour area have reservations on her name and bring you details


URGENT: Gunmen Protesters storm Libyan Fatwa controlled by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

# (Earthquake)

Out a large military convoy continued to Misurata’s Mitigua militias and will roam the city of Tripoli.

Over the convoy of Agayazh Island heading to the path of images.
# (Earthquake)

Hear the gunfire in the neighborhood of Damascus, as a result of a brawl inside what is known as the

Military Council Damascus neighborhood with an armed group of the region and the shooting in the place shortly before.

Police bulldozers begin to remove the piles of dirt from the streets of Tripoli and open blinks

(T-Wayne Kano car demolition Dasinhm!!!)

Cleaning the main road opposite the brief military in a sit-in place.

A marked police deployments in the areas of the center of Tripoli:

Start removing barriers and cleaning railway road near the RAT prime minister with the continued closure of the other ways the center of the capital Tripoli.

Image bombing in Almajora at Very Much River:

Please circular and Publishing

Fayez charity Boulkheir of Mansoura population by ID card data

Now is in the hospital street corner and thought he was abducted since Friday.

Channel Tripoli DC
Out an armed formation of the Airport Road and his return to Kklh the moment via airport Gharyan the road.


Customs guards Cars retrieval Tripoli

Informed sources said the agency urgently to Libya had been retrieved cars
Customs guards that were stolen from warehouses afternoon.




Media Center visitors


Picked up some of the Facebook pages of false news about gas leaks in Zuwarah, and we would like to assure our people that the visitors safe

and untrue as recounted by some of the pages, which seeks to spread rumors and create chaos …


Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

::::: Warning important :::::

To passers brothers from coastal and Rishvana, Hope your honor a lack of traffic tomorrow, and in order to preserve your security and your life.
Because tomorrow the date the expulsion of criminal gangs terrorist “Dir’iya” from Camp 27 that the kidnapping young Rishvana and killed Tazbém.

And God knows



Log in 10 military vehicles which are equipped with 14.5 and with them a total of civilian cars Ajeelat by Aalzeramgah …
And believed to be from the City Corner ..
Uncertain and news quoting an eyewitness.

Channel Ajeelat

Been a few Intelligence Bureau official killed in Ajeelat steadfast inventory Yusuf al-Atrash. To the enemy



Rave Ben Guerdane = from accept the challenge to our competition the truth Chbana of Jamahiriya / mass  thought:


Maintenance logic Riaineh Western (6 photos)
Work is still in full swing in the western Riaineh region in order to improve water services and electricity in the region before the onset of winter


(ABOVE) ficiary of the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER system being completed.

The news agency – Hun – reporter

Mnzboa threw force Libya to shield Hun arrest of a group are stealing irrigation pumps project

“Shot Put” agricultural farms and citizens in the region.

Sources of strength Shield Bhon to elements of the power to arrest this group,

which includes four people red-handed with their crime, referred to the concerned authorities for interrogation.



Important Announcement

Declares Bani Walid hospital wanted to contract with a specialist
(Diseases and kidney dialysis) and to assist in the follow-up cases in the hospital laundry ..

at the rate of two visits per month at the very least …..
Those who are interested in providing assistance messaging on your mail or come to the headquarters of the administration …
God does not waste the reward of the best work ..

(Health addicted)



Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings

Aaagel and exclusive post:

Was shortly before the meeting was the head of the local council includes Sirte ,
And members of the six committee and Ashrwon 26 , and representatives from the military Giza ,
Were it to agree on several points
1 – to come tomorrow to 26 to Giza committee with military engineers 2 of Giza military
2 – to be fully cash the check first and not on the two groups,
3 – attached sit for a period of 10 days that did not happen Shi any ( exchange Altauziat to ) sit resumes
4 – There is a family does not have shelter, food and clothing , and now this family resident in the secretariats , assigned to the local council and he will really care about and rental housing them for a period of 6 months

Now began to open the road
Time tomorrow at the University of Sirte and the open road

This is all an understanding of the people of Giza military families in Sirte
Fearing for the semester from loss

Source Page : Giza _ Sirte _ military official page



Misratah fights Tawergha
Misratah fights Sirte
Misratah fights Bani Walid
Misratah fights Tarhuna
Misratah fights Cyrenaica
Misratah fights Rishvana
Misratah fights Zintan
Misurata fights Tripoli
Misratah fights Tajourah

Misrata will be fighting Misratah soon!!
(Agency Dinar NEWS)

Jews Mzrath, will announce federal:

Misrata local council condemns what he described as fierce campaign that exposed the city through the media ..

(What Atafrco on their sinister channels and only the conquerors lbc length of time and we Tagayn dogs.)

Channel Misratah / We have videos that Qatar has funded this attack!!


(REALLY, & WHAT ABOUT TURKEY, where you brains just  had a diplomatic meeting with????)

Misratah today:

Sick people celebrating murder and death in Tripoli!!!

Anhron camels with joy the arrival of their children from the Great Battle Gharghour

Who has a car Mkhnoppe open channel Misratah Two times treated / meted?




Guard oil installations
Media Office – 2 | 4

Spokesman for the Guard oil installations and Walid Hassan denies what I said a little while ago Channel Libya free from armed attack occurs area Ajdabiya.

the confidentiality of belonging to a Crescent branch oil and stressed that the elements of the device in each region Crescent Oil

performing their duties to the fullest and that any units of the branch was not exposed any attack or a military confrontation and student Walid channel management

to exercise accuracy and make sure any information prior to publication

and that the Guard and oil installations across spokesman ready for any inquiry from all channels and newspapers whenever they wanted.


Urgent turf ….Protesters stand some streets in Prairie radio broadcast light outage Brotherhood in the meadow that follow the endowments, after the destruction of the building by protesters angry ..
  • # Prairie convulsed the Brotherhood astray and Zpanihm
    Broadcast radio and light outage Brotherhood that follow the endowments, after the destruction of the building by angry protesters in the turf.
    Urgent agency Libya Meadow – reporter
  • ANTI-Salafists “advocates better”, stormed the headquarters of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the turf, and closing the headquarters of the local council of the group with red wax..
    ALI ASPLI, reporting:
    Angry demonstrators heading to the Turkish Council of the Brotherhood turf.
    Four officers from the criminal investigation likely to receive death threats from Al-Qaeda: (1) Faraj Calily Darsi, (2) Abdul Hameed Al-husnona,  
    (3)   Muhammad  Alice, and ( 4) Tariq Qezkizh.


    Recent news from Prairie uprising against the Brotherhood is that it’s been burning building endowments and Dar Al-Fatwa and radio of the Brothers in full,

    after crushed and destroyed all its contents .. Prevent imaging fear on young demonstrators from treachery, but promised that pictures tomorrow Anouselna.


The news agency – White

Philippine Health carried out the crew in charge of the hospital the morning of
Today as white, strike and demanded terminate his contract as a result of the attack on them by the security men,

“Support Central” in charge guarding Almscvy.

And endeavors by the Council of Elders of the white and the hospital administration to resolve the confusion

and Philippine crew satisfaction and provide him security guarantees to reverse his decision, and this strike comes as a result of repeated T-esteem
And a security breakdown suffered by the hospital.


Jump to the mercy of God, “and Sam Persian happy,” who is
Sixteen-year-old and is the driver for a car escort
President of the Chamber’s security Colonel, “Abdullah Saat j” during
Targeted by the proximity of a school brigades freedom green brigades
Urgent … News for the bombing near the island of Dubai street!!!

New bombing near a school brigades .. The perpetrator was arrested, where he was wearing a “wear special forces”
There is also at least 3 injured:


(ABOVE) Children’s studying at a school near the scene of the explosion that occurred this morning in Benghazi

Injury “key Ibrahim Abdullah,” one of the military officers accounts
And a security guard head room Benghazi “Abdullah Saaiti” and
The case of the “key” a bit tricky due to the explosion that has been
Targeted faithful, by the proximity of the green brigades due to injury artery
Neck, and the rest of the soldiers in stable condition some things according to the source
And they are medical in Marwa clinic, and initial reports confirm the transfer to Galaa

Najat military ruler in Benghazi Colonel Abdullah Saaiti, the assassination attempt in the blast,

which occurred shortly before the Almajora area Bbngare by a car bomb was detonated by remote control as the convoy passed Saaiti

Arrived Galaa Hospital is now one of the guards, Colonel (Abdullah Saaiti) brother / key Ibrahim Abdullah

after he was injured in different parts as a result of the explosion which occurred this morning for a car Colonel

and his condition is stable … We ask God to heal.



Urgent – special international: survival of the military ruler in Benghazi Colonel Abdullah Saaiti, the assassination attempt in the blast,

which occurred shortly before the Almajora area Bbngare by a car bomb was detonated by remote control as the convoy passed Saaiti.

News on the blast, which was heard a short while ago in islandof illegal leaflets and was targeted by Colonel Abdullah Saaiti.

Bombing injuring Saaiti, in his left leg and is now in the hospital and his good and his driver killed.

Colonel Abdullah car Saaty military governor of Benghazi after targeting his motorcade car bomb p bombing resulted in a leg injury but Colonel good health


Infected with key Ibrahim Abdullah

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Exit firefighting cars .. Of the lightning strike to the center of the city,
Where there is a communication from a fire in the New Dawn School

and news from burned Eaaaaml of yesterday in the night.

(El gardens Benghazi)

Flight to airline now Holkpetr in the skies of Benghazi after a convoy

of military governor of Benghazi Colonel Abdullah Saaiti, a car bomb !

URGENT: Colonel Abdullah Saaiti:

“still have a life and will not die Alabsaotai will not retract what I particularly which Ali hardness and I sacrifice for this nation!”


9 photos!

Very, very urgent :::

Not the health of the news burning restaurant Kudo.
What happened is there was a quarrel between two Vahdhm leave his car in front of the restaurant and fled Bring a group of young and they burned the car.
Means burning car and not the restaurant.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.



Tobruk confirms its readiness to open all their camps and their potential

and harnessed to train the army and police.



A security alert in Sabha .


Blood Bank staff Sabha organize a protest on
Background of the events of Good Friday, and the citizens of Sabha donate
B blood in order to send it to the city of Tripoli, which has seen
Bloody events and claimed the lives of 44 people killed and 470 injured.

(Salem al-Obeidi)


 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=674128685953965&set=vb.212604708773034&type=2&theaterUrgent agency Libya / military vehicles and heavy gunfire in SabhaSome activists monitoring last night a number of vehicles belonging to the armed militias activists called it “religion Sea Slimani militias.”
The activists said that these militias roam in the city and shoot density which has irritated the city’s population.
Some activists interpreted these actions as an attempt of “religion Sea Slimani militias” to express its support for the Misrata militias they say.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / عربات عسكرية وإطلاق نار كثيف في سبها
رصد بعض الناشطين الليلة البارحة عددا من العربات المسلحة تعود لمليشيات أسماها الناشطون “مليشيات بحر الدين السليماني”.
وقال الناشطون أن هذه المليشيات تتجول في المدينة وتطلق النار بكثافة مما ازعج سكان المدينة.
وفسر بعض الناشطين هذه التصرفات بأنها محاولة من “مليشيات بحر الدين السليماني” للتعبير عن دعمها لمليشيات مصراته على حد زعمهم.
Important Alert to every Liberal in the city of Sabha
The girl rats will Suleiman intensive patrolling inside the city and its purpose Liberal arrest of noble tribes and transmit the discord
within the city and spread to the south under the control of the arrows as they seek to heart scales in Libya, beginning from the south …..
Please all the Liberals take caution

تنبيه هام إلى كل الأحرار في مدينة سبها
سوف يقوم جرذان بنت سليمان بدوريات مكثفة داخل المدينة والغرض منه إلقاء القبض على الأحرار من القبائل الشريفة وبث الفتنة داخل المدينة وإشاعة أن الجنوب تحت سيطرة الأزلام وهم يسعون إلى قلب الموازين في ليبيا بداية من الجنوب …..
نرجوا من كل الأحرار اخذ الحيطة والحذر


Kufra exclusive

Deviated conduct causing injury to the citizen “on Hamdo “b caliber
Firearm, due to the sharp debate between citizen Tbawi and last of the tribe cabled
B Kufra their car after a collision, in the citizen Altbawi
B pulling his weapon in bullet came out of the error and wounding citizen
Mar and his condition is stable now, and the situation is calm in Kufra and the owner
From the tribe cabled car waiting for the arrival of the national army until
Legal action

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Fish possibility of exceeding visit Misrata O Nasi O, the threshold of acetic Nicoloa their ability once in your life like what became of Kuwait

Sea Beach Ben Guerdane invites you to handler:



11/18/2013 | 01:18

Mubarak described Saddam as “insane” .. al-Qathafi was supporting the Iraqi opposition and the Kurds:

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On al-Qathafi, Zebari said:

“Our relationship with al-Qathafi and old document dating back to the eighties and it supports the Iraqi opposition, Kurds, and gives us money.”

He said that al-Qathafi gave a lengthy speech Turning to the situation in Iraq and the Americans, and said,

“They came with people Nsbohem the rulers and officials, and we know that Saddam was crazy, and this did not improve the act;

but this is not an excuse for what the Americans have done.”

http://arabic.rt.com/news/634133/ :روسيا اليوم