Prayers immunization
The name of God, and in God, and God, and God, there is no authority except from “God Almighty,” the name of God, the light

Prayers immunization

The name of God the Merciful is light, light, light is the name of God, the light, the name of God, who is the mastermind of things, and in the name of God who created the light from the light, Praise be to Allah who created light, and the light down onto the stage,

In the book of artifacts, in a publication a college degree, as much as possible at affordable prices as Mahpour Prophet, thankfully, a Baz mentioned, and is proud of the famous, and the thick and thin “and thanked God”, I ask you, oh God, oh Rehman O Rahim ya Halim O Cream O Old O Mdem O great God, oh my good manager and Akram Hope ya, what praise and praise, with his poverty on the one hand, and singing, and has a beautiful names, and I do not mind those who have sacrificed, not to mislead those who guided him, he said that in his possession what he wants, the Lord of Lords, and the neck of Miloud, with force majeure, and the greatness that can be imagined, the owner of this world and in the hereafter, and I ask Batiat Surat “s”,

The horror in Almkhav, and Balzacserv, and the stage, and the deployment of slavery, and the house of the world, and to raise the ceiling and sea Almsgior, and the moon, and the beam of the sun, and the light of day and the dark of night, Badawi, water, and wealth from the ground up, trees Bhviv, sky-high, and the earth landing, ” Sea Berrian, “wonders of the world, the morning light, Bmknon password, fulfilling your own custom and Sun Knowledge overnight, and the moon, and if followed, and today if Jlaga, day and night if cloaked, and the sky, construction, and land Loti, and the same, and others, Gore Palma , and piety, and returned from purifying it, and was disappointed stale, near the dimension of heaven and hell and the balance to some extent Badr thunder, lightning Blomat, and caveman Barakdh, shortly Islam, and Zamzam and foremost, and a pilgrimage to the “House of God, the Bible,”

Secret Joseph, stage Sinai, Surat “ice”, the prophets and apostles, new look Adam, the culmination of Eve, a new look, Ibrahim, Saleh Breddled, and his rod of Moses and the “Gospel of Jesus”, David Bzabor, Farrakhan of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the patch Idris, Noah’s Ark, the end Bsdrh paradise shelter, the Council saved, what happened before the spot death, hours after the reconstruction, and astronomy, which spins, Balsdor and the Whale and souls pure and worked, pens and what took place, and the stars, and went, and the letters of the Qur’an, Surat smoke, King Solomon wisely Luqman, a fair balance, fire seer, and the sinking of the floods, and unstable states, according to the weariness, the welfare of the near-term, work, and pray if increased, and eliminate them if hostels, and peace upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and save me, O God, my friendly,

The names of my so-called VD, “Hey Mujibur” Call maid Hood, oh Almistuhakan sociable in her death for ever, O brought us out of the womb to the survival and existence of Q is limited, my feed children Palmeod, my sincere promise and promises, Q sanctify his name Rocks Rock, O, O God, Mark showed me the evil of jinn and humans, the severity of the grip of death, and the mainland and the dark, dirt and depth, worms, identity, and Jam and planted, and the sword and Knuth, and spear and stabbed, and the dagger and Ottczat, and bow, and beat it, and toxic and Bit , and a knife, and the year, and seven biting, dog Nbana, and the wolf and moisturizing and the thief and his influence, and the ability to live, and Scorpio and Zjtha, and its subsidiaries and Avitha,

And ask God to Tevena of insecurity evil and Almnon, in every movement and stillness, and peace upon the Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet Muhammad, and save me from the evil of every harvest and fairy Gul Goulet, and Merida and the giant, and the devil, and Iblasc, and save me from the evil of every Lancy and humanity, and I hope that Tevena from the evil of discrimination between husband and wife, and the boy and his father, and the girl, her mother and her sister and her sister, and brother and sister, and avoid God my lesion and the scourge of evil and swords Indian, and spears sin, and arches of it and the stock disposal,

The war Djilmoudh, and bites of evil, God threw me all rosy, and Ivana crazy evil, from the evil of Satan and his followers, and his sons and aides and served Akkoush Tinoas hearing, legumes God billed him to seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, and belongs to the people, machine people, from the evil Obsessive – Whisperer, who whispers in the hearts of the people of Paradise and the people, and I ask the sanctity of this great verses, which Tvzena of all evils and Tvzena in all righteousness and the sea,

I ask you to make me the dignity of Gabriel, fear Israfil, and acceptance of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, “Oh God,” make me this immunization prestige and acceptance, hand sword equivalent of people loving each female and male, large and small, rich and poor, and the power, and the Prince , and Prince and consultant, and the owner and the Minister, God Almighty King,

And the creation of human beings, and the nation Rabia and harmful, and beat the horse, Olkiban dead, then turned to the sky and smoke, she says Katia earth, willingly or unwillingly, disobedient, come, O thousand between me and the children of Adam as draw between the sun and fire, O thousand between me and the hearts of the righteous and thy , and avoid me all fold reward and granted, and enchanting and charming, and all the traitor and a traitor,

I ask, my lifter sky inadvertently, and the land has expanded in the frozen water, and completed the mountaintops Blwahtad, and water drainage fee oh no suspect languages, oh no secret of the Sun, it seems, “Hey, the creator of” creating and verses, oh no secret that was hidden in the ground or in the sky, and this Tvzena of all evil there really is no god but God, and its weight in the balance, you’re everything, praise the Lord, “Lord of glory” to describe, and the peace of the senders and thank God.

Legitimacy of immunization

Thankfully, you (and we see come down from the Holy Quran as a healing and a mercy for the believers), and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says: “healing treatment Obeid-
Allah, God did not come down any disease,  but fell away from him, as with death and pyramid..”

 Legitimacy of immunization

صلاة التحصين

باسم الله، وفي الله، والله، والله، ليست هناك سلطة إلا من “الله سبحانه وتعالى”، باسم الله، وعلى ضوء

صلاة التحصين

باسم الله الرحمن الرحيم هو الضوء، والضوء، باسم الله هو الضوء، الضوء، باسم الله، الذي هو العقل المدبر للأمور، وتكون باسم الله الذي خلق النور من النور، الحمد لله الذي خلق النور، وأسفل الضوء على خشبة المسرح،

في الكتاب من القطع الأثرية، في منشور شهادة جامعية، قدر الإمكان بأسعار معقولة كما ماهبور النبي، والحمد لله، وهو باز المذكورة، وتفخر الشهيرة، وسميكة ورقيقة “وشكر يا الله”، أطلب لك، يا الله، يا رحمان يا رحيم يا حليم يا كريم يا قديم يا مديم يا كبيرة والله يا بلدي مدير جيد وأكرم يا أمل، ما المديح والثناء، مع بلده الفقر من ناحية، والغناء، ويحتوي أسماء جميلة، وأنا لا أمانع أولئك الذين ضحوا، لا تضليل أولئك الذين هداه، قال أنه في بلده امتلاك ما يريد، الرب لمجلس اللوردات، ورقبة ميلود، مع القوة القاهرة، والعظمة التي يمكن أن يتصور، المالك لهذا العالم وفي الآخرة، وأنا اسأل باتيات سورة “ق،

والرعب في المخاف، وبالزاتشرف، والمرحلة، والوزع من الرق، ودار العالم، ورفع السقف والبحر المسجيور، والقمر، وشعاع الشمس، والنور اليوم والظلام ليلة، بدوي، والمياه، والثروة من الألف إلى الياء، أشجار بهفيف، السماء العالية، والأرض المقصودة، “البحر بيريان”، عجائب العالم، ضوء الصباح، بمكنون كلمة المرور، الوفاء المخصصة الخاصة بك وشمس المعارف بين عشية وضحاها، والقمر، وإذا اتبعت، واليوم إذا جلاغا، النهار والليل إذا يغشاها، والسماء والبناء، والأرض وتى، ونفس، وآخرون، غور بالما، والتقوى، وعاد من تنقية عليه، وأصيب بخيبة أمل تالفة، قرب البعد السماء والجحيم والتوازن إلى حد ما بدر الرعد, البرق بلومات، ورجل الكهف بركده، بفتره الإسلام، وزمزم وقبل كل شيء، والحج إلى “بيت الله المقدس،

سر جوزيف، المرحلة سيناء، بسوره “الجليد”، الأنبياء والرسل، نظرة جديدة آدم، تتويجا لحواء، نظرة جديدة إبراهيم، صالح بريدليد، وعصاه موسى و “الإنجيل يسوع”، ديفيد بزابور، فرقان النبي محمد صلى الله عليه له، والتصحيح إدريس، نوح أرك، نهاية بسدره والجنة المأوى، المجلس المحفوظة، ما حدث قبل من بقعة عقوبة، بعد ساعات الإعمار، وعلم الفلك، الذي يدور، بالسدور والحوت والنفوس نقية وما عملت، والأقلام وما جرت، والنجوم، وذهب، وخطابات القرآن، بسوره دخان، الملك سليمان بحكمة لقمان، توازناً عادلاً، النار بصير، وغرق من الفيضانات، والدول غير المستقرة، وفقا للضجر، رفاه المدى القريب، والعمل، والصلاة إذا زاد، والقضاء عليها إذا النزل، وسلم على النبي محمد وآله وصحبه وحفظ لي، يا الله، يا ودود،

أسماء بلدي يسمى مرض جنسي، “يا مجيب” نداء خادمة هود، يا الميستوهاكان مؤنس في وفاتها لمن أي وقت مضى، يا جلبت لنا الخروج من الرحم إلى بقاء وجود س محدود، بلدي تغذية أطفال بالميود، يا صادق الوعد والوعود، س تقدس له اسم الصخور روك، يا، يا الله، اجعل بين لي الشر من الجن والبشر، شدة قبضة الموت، والبر الرئيسي والظلام، والأوساخ ودبث، والديدان، والهوية، ولجام ودست، والسيف وكانوث، والرمح وطعن، وخنجر وأوتشزاث، والقوس، وتغلب عليه، والسمية وخبايث، وسكين والسنة، وسبعة وعض، والكلب نبانه، والذئب وترطيب واللص ونفوذه، والعيش والقدرة، والعقرب وزجثا، وفروعها وأفيثا،

وأسأل الله أن تايفنا من انعدام الأمن الشر والمنون، في كل حركة وسكون، وسلم على النبي محمد والنبي محمد، واحفظ لي من شر كل الحصاد وجنية وغول غوليه، ومريدا والعملاقة، والشيطان، وأبليسش، واحفظ لي من شر كل لانسي والإنسانية، وآمل أن تايفنا من شر التمييز بين الزوج والزوجة، والصبي ووالده، والفتاة وأمها وشقيقتها وأختها، وشقيق والشقيقة، وتجنب الله لي آفة وآفة الشر والسيوف الهندية، والرماح الخطية، والأقواس منه والأسهم التخلص منها،

والحرب الجيلمودة، ولدغ من الشر، الله ألقي لي كل وردية، وأيفنا من الجنون الشر، من شر الشيطان ومعاونيه وأتباعه وأبنائه ومساعديه وخدم عكوش تينويس السمع، البقوليات الله وآزنا له بحثاً عن ملجأ في الرب للبشرية، وينتمي إلى الناس، آلة الناس، من شر الوسواس-الهامس، الذي يوسوس في قلوب الناس الجنة والناس، وأطلب من قدسية هذه الآيات عظيم، التي ثفيزنا من كل الشرور وثفيزنا في كل بر والبحر،

وأنا أطلب منك أن تجعلني كرامة غابرييل، ويخشى Israfil، والقبول من النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم، “يا الله”، تجعلني هذا التحصين الهيبة والقبول، ومن ناحية سيف يعادل الناس المحبة لكل الإناث والذكور، الكبيرة والصغيرة، الغنية والفقيرة، والسلطة، والأمير، والأمير وخبير استشاري، والمالك والوزير، شاء الله سبحانه وتعالى الملك،

وخلق البشر، والأمة ربيعة والضارة، وتغلبت الحصان، أولكيبان الميت، ثم تحولت إلى السماء والدخان، وقالت أنها ويقول كاتيا الأرض، طوعا أو كرها العصاة، أتينا يا الألف بين لي والأبناء لآدم كما ألفت بين الشمس والنار، يا ألف بين لي وقلوب الصالحين وخاصتك، وتجنب لي كل فأجر والممنوحة، وساحر وساحرة، وكل خائن وخائن،

وأنا اسأل يا رافع السماء عن غير قصد، والأراضي توسعت في المياه المجمدة، وأكملت قمم الجبال بالوهتاد، وتصريف المياه رسم يا لا مشتبه به من اللغات، أوه لا يخفي على أحد أنه يبدو، “يا خالق” خلق والآيات، أوه ليس سراً أن كانت مخبأة في الأرض أو في السماء، وهذا ثفيزنا من كل الشرور حقاً هناك لا آلة إلا الله، وثقلها في الميزان، أنت كل شيء، الثناء على الرب، “الرب المجد” لما يصفون، وسلام على المرسلين والحمد لله.

شرعية التحصين

والحمد لله، وأنت (ونحن نرى ينزل من القرآن ما شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين)، والصلاة والسلام على النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول: “شفاء علاج عبيد الله، الله سبحانه وتعالى لم يأت إلى أسفل أي مرض ولكن سقطت معه، لكن الموت والهرم.” شرعية التحصين

We are distributing leaflets on the streets of Tripoli.

Alhmahadhh Aunt divine HD Q 
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Collapse easy return power to the hair and runs made ​​(the decision of the death 
of the Nativity of the era and immortality to Hhadatma Alohrlr 
and crushing the courtyard of the traitors and agents

Helha atmosphere


Message from OUR LEADER:
Dear great Libyan people, you are now living a glorious hours, these are the pride of this glorious hours we are we now, all the people with us, we lead the world revolution against imperialism, against tyranny and I say for how long:

I’m not afraid of storms and sweeping term,, and the destruction of black altiaier,, I’m holding my house here in my tent

on the Forum, I am owner and maker of tomorrow
Here I am here I am here I am. ….

أيها الشعب الليبي العظيم ,,, إنك الان تعيش ساعات مجيدة , هذه هي العزه هذه هي الساعات المجيدة التي نحياها نحن الان,, كل الشعوب معنا نحن نقود الثورة العالمية ضد الإمبريالية ضد الطغيان وأنا أقول لـكمـ :

أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهيا تجتاح المدي,, ولا من الطيايير التي ترمي دماراً اسودا,,أنا صامد بيتي هنا في خيمتي في المنتدي ،،،،أنا صاحب الحق اليقين وصانع منه الغد
أنا هنا أنا هنا أنا هنا …..
O free countdown to zero hour has begun
Elan ya free Charcot resistance even the simplest thing

I began counting altnazi of zero hour, free

لقد بدأ العد التنازى لساعة الصفر يا احرار

O free countdown to zero hour has begun
Elan ya free Charcot Resistance even the simplest thing:
Soon soon make good Crumb … DJ mana to their regret they saved you
Nearby nearby, from nearby …. Aigikm Dowd covers the eye
Close to nearby yinhab the corks. And safe seem Lobach
Close to nearby yrzihm ashaat. … SwA bftan and oblivious
Close to nearby alhamkat service counters. Dean concludes that when aldeinin
Close to nearby alwahalat decoder …. Weibko in akhtahm wahalien
Nearby IBAN between data. And to Hays v illusion
Close to nearby ylven waktat …. Marar time saw them Radin
Close to nearby ylven saviat …. Khammam Sioux saw them savien
Close to nearby Mahn khatiat …. By alkhot saw them haftin
Close to nearby diaspora seek … Aigokm folk Kano ghayibeen
Aizih injustice I land groups. … It concludes million US
Malslom of the infidels were. … Aioud craving what Quale nostalgia
And Pat makivash Pat. What is joy received sad
Due to incitings alkhwat chok … The families of Kano ghayibeen
Weibkn in his sides Samrat. Weibko in his sides turbine
Ankani Al-khatani death. … And God’s Covenant Rana gayenقريب قريب بيطيب الفتات … انجوكم جي مانا نادمين
قريب قريب فجوارك ايبات …. ايجيكم دود بيغطي العين
قريب قريب ينهاب الفلات …. ومن لوباش نبدو سالمين
قريب قريب يرزيهم اسحات …. سوا بفطان ولا غافلين
قريب قريب جط الحامقات …. ويخلص دين عند الداينين
قريب قريب فك الواحلات …. ويبقو في اخطاهم واحليين
قريب ايبان بين الباينات ….. وتو اتبان قولت واهمين
قريب قريب يلفن واقطات …. مرار الوقت راهم رادين
قريب قريب يلفن سافيات …. كمام السو راهم سافيين
قريب قريب ماهن خاطيات …. طريق الخوت راهم حافطين
قريب قريب يلتم الشتات …. ايجوكم قوم كانو غايبين
ايزيح الظلم لي فالارض عات …. وتخلص فيه ملي ظالمين
مالسلوم للكفره وغات …. ايعود حنين ما كيفه حنين
ويرجع بات ماكيفاش بات ….. ويرجع فرح ما تلقا حزين
ويرجع خوك لحضان الخوات ….. الي فالاسر كانو غايبين
ويبقن في اكنافه سامرات …. ويبقو في اكنافه طاربين
انكاني حي خاطاني ممات …. وعهد الله رانا جايين

يا احرار العد التنازلى لساعة الصفر قد بدأ
الهمة يا احرار شاركو المقاومة ولو بابسط شئ


MUSICIAN writes:

Libyan} {savior …..
Amuses me greatly to see the initiatives of silly people can no longer tolerate the Libyan people to see their faces grim and deceit that has lost its luster, I wonder how to think these? How to be an initiative and there is no savior? Hola as Shaykh al-Shuhada Omar Mukhtar in negotiations with the invaders Magistrate Italians “You want what you want, but never Magistrates’ time.”
The owners of the initiatives now are the spitting image of the invaders Italians, the day it was the mujahideen fighting the decisive battles against colonialism Italian who was suffering from a lack of weapons and gear at the time and was waiting to send reinforcements to him from Rome, and entrepreneurs are also engaged with the Libyan people’s battle of the return of awareness and exposure filaments conspiracy and trying to Through their thoughts silly anesthesia and deceive the people once again to steal more money and send it to their accounts abroad.
In light of this confusion wondering Libyans from different political orientations is the savior? Some of regretful believe that Khalifa Haftar may fit so for being a general of the army the former Libyan before he defeated in Chad and captured, the vast majority in Libya believes that Almenkd is the return of the armed people and led to the liberation of Libya is Almenkd, and Hola tend very much to the Sons Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Evalonhm on it, and they have deeply convinced that al-Khaimah, Bab al-Aziziya able to return to Libya to her first.
Per the direction of justifications and beliefs but Almenkd himself is going to change all the events, beliefs and opinions, the talk in the absence of a savior is talking after his appearance, what I can confirm that the savior of Libya is not as Imam Mahdi resides in the cave of Samarra centuries ago by the novel Shiite, the savior of Libya reality around and not otherwise exist on the ground with the soldiers and the commander of his move to end this farce back to him alone, he knows how to move and when? ..
All indicators and news confirms that he put the finishing touches to start that do not stray too far from the ceremony finally, when I need the people to the Saviour’s mission was a lifesaver easy and affordable as the savior of the people and one nation does not get out of their agreement always, the Savior personally be and what he will do? These questions are no longer far their answers may not need answers because the sword believe news of books ………..
And still continues to play.
{ الموسيقار / musician}
{ المنقـذ الليبي }…..يضحكني كثيرا أن أشاهد مبادرات سخيفة من اشخاص لم يعد يحتمل الشعب الليبي ان يري وجوههم الكئيبة وخداعهم الذي فقد بريقه ، يا تري كيف يفكر هولاء ؟ كيف تكون هناك مبادرة وليس هناك منقـذ ؟ هولاء كما قال شيخ الشهداء عمر المختار في مفاوضات الصلح مع الغزاة الطليان ” انتم ما اردتم الصلح ابدا بل اردتم الوقت “.اصحاب المبادرات الان هم صورة طبق الاصل للغزاة الطليان ، يومها كان المجاهدون يخوضون معارك حاسمة ضد الاستعمار الايطالي الذي كان يعاني من قلة السلاح والعتاد انذاك وكان في انتظار ارسال التعزيزات له من روما ، وأصحاب المبادرات ايضا يخوض معهم الشعب الليبي معركة عودة الوعي وانكشاف خيوط المؤامرة ويحاولون من خلال افكارهم السخيفة تخدير وخداع الشعب مرة اخري لسرقة المزيد من الاموال وإرسالها الي حساباتهم في الخارج .في ظل هذا التخبط يتسائل الليبيون باختلاف توجهاتهم السياسية من هو المنقــذ ؟ البعض من النادمـين يعتقدون ان خلـيفة حفـتر قد يصلح لذلك لكونه جنرال من الجيش الليبي السابق قبل ان ينهزم في تشاد ويؤسر ، الاغلبية الكبري في ليبيا تؤمن بأن المنقد هو عودة الشعب المسلح ومن يقـوده في معركة تحرير ليبيا هو المنقـد ، وهولاء يميلون كثيراً الي انجال القائد معمر القذافي ويبايعونهم على ذلك ، ولديهم يقين جازم بأن الخيمة وباب العزيزية قادرة على العودة بليبيا الي سيـرتها الاولي .لكل اتجاه مبرراته وعقـائده ولكن المنقد نفسه هو من سوف يغير كل الاحداث والعقـائد والآراء، فالحديث في غياب المنقذ غير الحديث بعد ظهوره ، ما استطيع ان اؤكــده ان منـقذ ليبيا ليس كالإمام المهدي المنتظر يتواجد في مغارة سامراء منذ قرون حسب الرواية الشيعية ، منقـذ ليبيا حقيقة واقعة لا خلاف حولها ويتواجد على الارض مع جنوده وآمر تحركه لينهي هذه المهـزلة يعود له وحده فهو يعرف كيف يتحرك ومتي ؟..كل المؤشرات والأخبار تؤكد انه يضع اللمسات الاخيرة للبداية التي لا تبتعد كثيرا عن مراسم النهاية ، فمتي احتاج الشعب لمنقذ كانت مهمة المنـقذ سهلة وميسورة لان المـنقذ والشعب واحد والوطن لا يخرج عن اتفاقهم دائما ، المنـقذ شخصيا من يكون وماذا سيفعل ؟ هذه اسئلة لم تعد اجاباتها بعيدة وقد لا تحتاج الي اجابات لان السيـف اصـدق انـباء من الكتـب………..
ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }
ATI Arabs:We are now sure that 100% of all the sons February confessing deep in themselves that “Muammar al-Qathafi”
with whom he had every right to move when a military convoy, for the “Liberation of # Benghazi
consisting of armed criminal gangs”,  controlled it..
And that these gangs were supported from abroad;
and the Western military intervention in # Libya was only to
protect these armed-bands for the implementation of their own agenda. (I think it has now become clear to everyone.)
West, where he was known that the state was on its way to eliminate them Fujb rapid intervention by the failure of the scheme.


This image, free
The beginning of the debate and deplore the delay

MAJ_GEN. al-SAADI begins his day

 MAJ-GEN. al-SAADI al-Qathafi’s airplaneZero hour on FBOne of the aircraft purchased by Major General Al-SaadiIt
is the fastest and most powerful in the disguise of U.S. aircraft; but,  it is of Russian-make.
 MAJ-GEN. SAADI al-Qathafi's airplane
احدى الطائرات التى اشتراها اللواء الساعدىوهى اسرع واقوى فى التخفى من الطائرات الامريكية
وهى روسية الصنع

SAADI's drone

One of the unmanned Russian plane bought by Gen. Saadi
God is greatest over the aggressor.
Hedda last thing he bought Major General al-Saadi is now in Libya’s territorial waters
God is greatest above the Kid aggressor

(BELOW) picture of  Gen. al-SAADI’s barge with air-landing strip:
SAADI's barge with air-landing strip

13/01/2014, 19:14
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يوسف شاكير

Download audio material

Dialogue with Yusuf Shakir – an expert on Libyan affairs

Interview: Fahim Surani

Text of the interview:

QUESTION: Professor Youssef said that Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane announced that he will be a cabinet reshuffle within a few days, the move seems to be in the context of containment criticized opponents who are demanding a vote of Parliament to withdraw confidence from him amid escalating unrest in Libya, and my question beginning to Holiness Is this a change in government is configurable Or it could come in contact with and secured shift happens in a serious crisis situation in Libya during this period?

Answer: It can not happen a radical transformation, and the only thing to be a single package the departure of the government and the National Council for that theoretically National Council is linked to militias who feeds the ministry ministers, therefore there is no avail, and will not be of any avail to change any pattern of political behavior this government or state-building in Libya or try out the bottleneck.

QUESTION: Professor Joseph also follow in the recent period there is a very serious challenge facing the government in dealing with the militants, who control months ago at the ports of oil in eastern Libya, this thing has led in the end to stop the export of crude oil, thereby depriving the country of revenue vitality, the behavior of armed groups Armed not lead to the conclusion that there is no central authority in Libya, but there is a multiplicity of authorities and states within a state?

A: The government is trying to circumvent the open field, the spark, the subject gives the impression of additional government weak and failed state, but the real issue is not the original crisis in Libya.

Crisis in Libya are armed groups continue to show her face to control Libya completely, since yesterday Benghazi trapping entirely by these groups in all cities and all the villages and all the traffic lights where, all of which are under siege, therefore this government will not be able to do something neither she nor the National Council and they have to leave .

Q: You will not be able to do something and it leave with the National Council, but your opinion follower of the developments in Libya is not doing so would result in the absence of decisiveness to the outbreak of clashes across Libya, particularly as it relates to the sovereignty and respect to source vital for the budget, namely Oil?

A: The confrontation is coming no suspicion which will not exceed weeks because the owners agendas do not want any solution to the crisis, and the people who talk about the political vacuum there is a Supreme Court constitutional possible to fill this void, and there is also a Supreme Council of the tribes as possible to fill this void, but it will not however, only be confrontations.

From June 2011:



A picture of a defense minister with his son Mohammed after his capture decoding of abductees:

Abdullatif bending,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I can now confirm the news to find our son Mohammed Abdullah bending is in good condition between his family has held a telephone Boukhalh and assured me that with him, and that Mohammed is in good health. It is noteworthy that Muhammad son of the Minister of Defense aged 27 years has been kidnapped months ago by an unknown and there is no information on how to edit, or the party that was being held has thankfully who returned to his family unharmed please be this conclusion grief in Libya are all that restores all the abductees to their families safely
(Libyan Republic)

Mohammed bending son and defense minister after decoding captured abductees….
محمد الثني ابن وزير الدفاع بعد فك أسره من المختطفين
The arrival of more than 300 people from the rebels in eastern Libya “Burqa” a little while ago at Tripoli airport tomorrow to enter in open-ended sit in front of the headquarters of the National Congress to demand the overthrow know what the interim government headed by Ali Zaidane.

Congress has been besieged pagan and random shooting in the air

by the protesters and the government to drop the piece Zaidane proxy.

Summary .. Press conference of the prime minister …
– Condolences to the family of the victim Hassan Aldroaa Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry
– Condolences to a member of the Conference for the city of Sabha in the death of her husband and

daughter in a traffic accident and the death of the driver yesterday ..

Been a member of the National Congress for the city of Sabha, Ms.
Fatima Sevenfold to a tragic car accident, near the city of
Gharyan hit resulted in fractures and bruises and moved to mercy
God, her husband and her daughter in this incident, I am God, and to Him we return, and
It is noteworthy that Ms. “Sibai” Oh my block….
– Activity start the national dialogue on 15 January 2014 ..
– 20 thousand police who have been trained disappeared, when Ntalbhm not find them ..
– Ending the closure of the oil fields is entrusted to the wise ..
– Please leaders of politics and the institutions of civil society that does not leave the country in a political vacuum ..
– We could not achieve the completion of the security situation in the case ..
Members of Congress are threatening them with weapons to prevent them from attending the conference sessions.

Arabic LONDON TIMES page on Libya  :

Hashim humans:
There is no truth at all to the news of the kidnapping or disappearance of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Salah al-Marghani a fine and well-being have been contacted by a few minutes ago and denied all the rumors in particular …

This was the FALSE REPORT:

The abduction of Mr. Salah Elmarghani and Minister of Justice, where he told me, a security source from Tripoli on the I Minister kidnapping did not explain the source for details of the kidnapping as water that yesterday’s Sunday they unidentified kidnap Mr. Faisal light head office to integrate the rebels to a judicial police Sunday afternoon in front of the clinic brothers in Tripoli . This, according to him.



 Cornish Tripoli this morning.

Hit by a car belonging to Libya to write prepaid cards bearing the company orbit valued at more than 42 thousand dinars, and fixed phone cards worth 2,000 dinars to the robbery by an armed group mil area on the road between the cities of Tripoli and the corner.
219 m

Little Carol:

Operations room Mermaid
Problematic in Fashloum in front of the Great Mosque specifically shooting and the burning of homes and injured two people were transported to the hospital ..

Grande Mosque, Tripoli

The kidnapping of the Office of the integration of the rebels judicial police in Tripoli, “Faisal key Dou”,

which took place in front of a clinic Ahttafh brothers in the area Aleneuvliyn on Saturday at 8:30

and so far no information about him.

The kidnapping of the Office of the integration of the rebels judicial police in Tripoli, “Faisal key Dou”,

which took place in front of a clinic Ahttafh brothers in the area Aleneuvliyn on Saturday at 8:30 and so far no information about him.


Today in prison Mitigua, when called Hathem Tagouris in

the morning, and very one of the prisoners hanged a great age,

and had been employed previously policeman ….

And also received information that the person who has very Omotaiqh hanged in prison today, in the morning,

his name in favor of precordial and 40-year-old resident trait Furjan; and was imprisoned in solitary confinement,

and hanged himself from a lot of torture.

Congress and the knowledge of the government knows what is happening with all. Why the silence?

Abdulrahman Aldoahish citizen killed and injured Hatem El-Badri
after a shooting of an unidentified car market area Saturday ~


The abduction of the President of the Local fisherman Municipality janzour Haj Ibrahim Al-Hajjaji Mansouri was kidnapped by armed gangs and demand a ransom for his release, with the knowledge that the Haj Ibrahim Imam Mosque ask God Almighty to undo his captivity and that keeps it in order to preserve its slaves and the source said that he was abducted after prayers Dinner.



The abduction of the Five City girl, aged 17 and was not found.




Now department in Ajeelat
Local council department in Ajeelat buys five ambulances to the hospital department in Ajeelat year
And supports the security room and common amount of money of one million dinars as a down payment.



Arrested a gang of drug dealers .. hallucination pills. Consists of a girl from the city Tarhounah

and a young man from the city of Tripoli and another of the city of Sabratha.

Was arrested from ox secret Alheih Sabratha.

Even the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The salvation of the world roamed Mavera.


The sound of a plane over the area of Rishvana and Tripoli for hours …

Reportedly now
Kidnapping Ibrahim Khalifa Al-Hajjaji local council head hunter
Kidnappers demanded a million.
(Channel globe)
Photos and news from Rishvana
The withdrawal of all hospital workers Zahra after leaving the group in charge of maintaining security of hospital.


According to preliminary information that Shibley lion managed to escape from the destination in the area or near Ifrane Jersan.
Has warned the concerned authorities after informing the owner Alhiblin for the loss of the two,

has warned parents that Cbiljin scouting in the region and its environs,

especially after reports of Afterashma number of sheep in the area or Jersan Aghannaima.

Sheep on the Road
Western Mountain :: Um Jersan
Warning :::
News of the existence of a number Atnan of cubs Assad led fled Asahabha. .
They roam in the area of ​​Um Jersan and its suburbs, and news Afterasha a group of sheep
in Um Jersan and also area Aghannaima, and Gary purely released from the region’s youth ..
Ali everyone discernible precaution and steep ..


Lech Tawergha
Was arrested on both ..
Mahmoud Farag Al Ammari
Mohammed Saeed Imran
Where they were arrested by military police portal Hun
And are now at the headquarters of the military police Hon.
Science are two of the displaced Tawergha.

How long must they be made to suffer?



ATI Arabs repeorts to us:

The arrival of French Defence Minister on the eve of the day of the city with his accompanying delegation ..


Aaaaaaar Libya Gerdanha writes:

Contribution by the surgeon and a national
After Oato Libyan nationality of the Jewish Mossad agent Bernard Levy previously today dedicate French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Ordian outfit Almzrati and proud of filming with him and continue to shame and betrayal in the city sold the honor of their daughters in order to come occupier.

عاااااار ليبيا من جردانها

مُساهمة من طرف جراح وطنية ا
بعد ما أعطو الجنسية الليبية لليهودي عميل الموساد برنارد ليفي سابقا اليوم يهدون وزير الدفاع الفرنسي جان إيف لورديان الزي المزراطي ويفتخرون بالتصوير معه ويستمر العار والخيانة في مدينة باعت شرف بناتها لكي يأتي المحتل



Allahu Akbar
Was the acquittal and immediate release of Ali (7) Persons from prison Mager today.
O decode all the families of prisoners and detainees, Lord of the Worlds.


Libyan cabinet minister shot dead in hometown

Published time: January 12, 2014 09:50

A man walks past a house which was destroyed during fighting between pro and anti-Gaddafi fighters in Sirt November 19, 2011. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem) A man walks past a house which was destroyed during fighting between pro and anti-Gaddafi fighters in Sirt 19 November 2011. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

Libya’s deputy industry minister has been killed while visiting his hometown of Sirte, situated to the east of the capital, Tripoli.

It’s the first killing of a member of Libya’s transitional government.

“They opened fire from another car while he was driving, he was shot multiple times,” an official told Reuters on conditions of anonymity. “Later, they found explosives attached to his car. The theory is, the bomb failed, so they shot him instead.”

“Hassan Al-Droui was killed by unknown attackers overnight, during a visit to his native city of Sirte,” a security official also told the AFP news agency.

Al-Droui was an ex-member of the National Transitional Council, the political arm of the 2011 uprising.

The location of his assassination, the town of Sirte, was where the final battle in Libya’s civil war panned out.

Since then, Libya has experienced a harsh situation in its ongoing lawlessness.

The same day as Minister Hassan Al-Droui was killed, at least 15 died in clashes between rival tribesmen in the country’s south, in the city of Sabha. This violence marks the deadliest point since the tribes agreed on a ceasefire about two years ago.

And it hasn’t been a long time since the last major surge of violence in the war-torn country.

In November, clashes between the Libyan army and Islamist militia killed up to fourteen people and injured dozens in the eastern city of Benghazi, said the Libyan Ministry of Health. The country’s armed forces have been fighting to control the influence of Ansar al-Sharia, a hardline Islamist group, which the US designated a terrorist organization last week.

Throughout the year, insurgents and various militia groups also targeted ministries in Tripoli, and even besieged the Foreign Ministry and the Justice Ministry back in May, challenging the government and demanding the resignations of Great Jamahiriya loyalists.

End the sit-government administrative complex in Sirte, by
Citizens, after the intervention of elders and imams Branch of the Ministry of Awqaf
Sirte after the closure of all the administrative headquarters complex because of
Sit-in, and it was noteworthy that the sit-in protest at Maosvoh
The failure of the local council in Sirte and his failure to achieve security
And stability in the city.
Pilot landing now Sirte airport and the landing on Mr. Zaidane and now is on his way to the funeral:
Mr. Hassan Aldroaa area No. 2 and about with her for nearly 50 the number of car type lioness and surround the entire area.
Mr. Ali Zaidane when he came out of the funeral:
Mr. Hassan Aldroaa in Sirte region’s No. 2, a group of youths in the area Bermaah Qazvin
RPG sky in an expression of anger at what is happening in the Libyan state, and the inaction of the officials to do anything …… …
Quoting from one of the region’s population …..


Supreme Military Council of Cyrenaica
The attempted assassination of Mr. Salem Buhedama a personnel management and Cyrenaica Military Council Comrade personal Ezzedine Alokwak and after the failure of the assassination attempt was to contact him and offered (BRIBE)

him a sum of money in return for the move away from Ezzedine Alokwak general coordinator of the Military

Council of Cyrenaica.


Salem al-Obeidi:

Colonel “Basheer Abdul Kader,” ordered the security room to Ajdabiya.

What appeared in the media and channels, tuned for 54 migrants Illegally on their way to support the ongoing conflict in the southern cities Libya, an incorrect phrase and detailed, and said, “Kader” in SMC now, that these immigrants deported immediate deportation .

And the godless ones to Owaynat and then Chad, because device Illegal immigration is not able to house them or provide for them,

and Is transferred and deport immigrants deported immediately to Bladenhm, as Colonel face “Bashir Abdul Kadir,” ordered the security room Ajdabiya Gauntlet to the media that transmits irresponsible remarks.

For unauthorized persons to give official statements. #

(Exclusive # Ajdabiya)


The commander of the so-called operations room Libya rebels in Benghazi, “Mohammed Oraibi” famous as the “Boca” in a telephone conversation with the channel capital threatens of Tripoli, specifically in front of the Almutmr pagan year, and gives the National Congress until next Sunday that if it is not to topple the government, it is going to get on all the Minister of use of force.
Beautiful in their oil Deghigahm

Mr. assassination attempt: Mustafa Habib Jirari area Drianh ..
Here are the details the story :::::
Mr. Mustafa is: Minister of Air Transport in Transitional Council previously, director of the airport built a previously ….
Mr. Muszvy out of the funeral in the region and was going to his home, he noted that there are two cars Mtoukftan at the door of the house, who lives by the ((near the seashore)) and two cars of the type ((one of a kind black pocket, and the type of car Opel 4 * 4 as well as the black color)), and when he approached his home have begun Balrmih him, his sons went out of the house with haste and exchanged gunfire ((note that the Sons military army)) and thankfully no one was hurt and Paddy was arrested on two of these criminals and has been Drianh handed over to the Council and the Directorate of Security Report has been so ………

The arrest of more than 100 illegal immigrants of different nationalities in the city of Benghazi by the Preventive Security Service.
15 bodies from the National Army are sent to Benghazi.
The attempted assassination of Mustafa Habib Transport Minister Air-day executive office
and director of the airport, where we built previously held again near Drianh.
Aaaaaaagel …. The type of car Toyota has Fjah Balrmih on patrol lightning strike zone neighborhood of
peace and injured periodic Mr. \ key Shukri Mohammed 42 years old and was taken to
hospital and his condition is good, thank God …

Tunnel Street gardens Bbahama:

A robbery occurred in the area of ​​the tunnel Street gardens Bbahama today at 7:45 .. by Mohammed Kallal.
After that lose four armed men attacked and beaten by Mohammed Kallal and steal his car at gunpoint and fled Adhu …..
Knowing I vehicle tracking company Sirte, Hyundai Elantra and type and color of white …
There is no power but from God. And God and yes, the agent
(Street gardens Benghazi)
Salem al-Obeidi This morning the assassination, “Waleed Ali Jaballah Drissi,” a Special Forces, “Thunderbolt”, shortly before the close of Market Arab unity, “the Egyptian”, was shot dead by unknown assailants after The car deployment of three treacherous bullets lodged in his neck And shot dead # Benghazi
Atef Shelmani:
Car “Chevrolet” leaden person who got out firing
Bullets on the treacherous Walid Jaballah Drissi “continued Forces
Private stun moved on its impact to the mercy of God
The person fled away.
The crime near the market, “the Egyptian”
Atef Shelmani · 336
# Pnina
Shooting with heavy weapons from an unknown destination near the airport in time
Current and patrols by lightning on its way to the scene.
Students Media Center – Media Center Student
# Libya # Benghazi honors Dr. ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Badri Vittori “for earning a doctorate in medicine
from France and give him a medal in the European specialty diseases, infertility.
(Media quoting Issa satisfaction)

What is happening in the neighborhood of Peace Now, the voices of lead and the bombing is a personal problem between two tribes and the Moroccan Warfali, where someone Werfalli to kill someone Moroccan and spin now clashes, including the area near the market Doreen.

This was confirmed by the source ………

Targeting the police station alkwyfah, a grenade
Type “Romana”, without causing the blast casualties
Or material, according to a security source in the city
P to alkwyfah police station was blown up in full.


bombing in al-Salam neighborhood Gelatina Arkh.
There is no truth to the news Quivah Center bombing and the false news across pages is a liar …..
Targeting a patrol of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, shortly before
By unknown on board Dodge, near the base
Air, without causing targeting about casualties or damage
Remember, and meanwhile special forces were combing the area.




Injury to a child Abul Qasim Abu Bakr Abul Qasim Abokhozam shot in the head in Sabha and state now stable.

Gado channel on Facebook:
Yesterday, near the Chadian opposition forces to intervene Sabha and clashing with the Awlad Suleiman.
Today Awlad Suleiman agree to a truce with Tabu for 72 hours.
News about the failure of the truce between the army and Chadian forces in the final moments after the rejection of notables boys Solomon in item Signature latter to be a truce between Tabu and the children of Solomon because it is not a tribal war … and the insistence of the Tabu to be with the children of Solomon in order to Athbto as a war tribe between two tribes and not between the state and foreign forces, as is happening now.
Is not there a strange contradiction where Chadian opposition splintered ground and Belathm means.
The local council held an emergency meeting Sabha sit
And issue a statement about the events Sabha ::
Sabha – a special “Germa” 14/01/2014
Hold the President and members of the local council Dahr Sabha on Monday held an emergency meeting at the headquarters of the local council to follow the events Kafi city of Sabha. As a result of the meeting Sdro the following statement:
In light of the unfortunate events that took place in the city that killed 31 people killed and 55 wounded and still suffering continuing to now and in the time in which we find the apparent absence of Mr. Prime Minister and members of the National Congress for the city of Sabha and members of Congress in general for these unfortunate events and who have not bothered to come to the city and stand on the events of what happened Unfortunate shameful.
In this regard, we hold Mr. Prime Minister Ali Zaidane all what happened and will happen in the city of Sabha has claimed the lives of security officials and terrorize despite our demand to Mr. Prime Minister, and his warning of the deteriorating security situation and find solutions to the security of the entire South.
We call on the interim government to assume full responsibility and direct intervention and stand on the truth and in the case with the city of Sabha and put a solution to stop the pox of conflicts that occur in the city from time to time, which have negatively impacted on the process of construction and development in the southern city of Sebha and in full.
The news agency “Germa – Adel Ahmed”

13 janvier
The cities of Sabha
Now: the channel of Libya national recitation statement cease-fire between the warring parties in the city of Sabha by a delegation of reconciliation at the level of Libya and with the participation of the Tuareg brothers, and said the statement in full agreement for a cease-fire, as of today, Monday.
The Elders delegation meeting with a delegation of elders from Tabu Sabha and Murzuq Da’uki camp and talk about the recent events in Sabha causes and Tdaeitha and access solutions to satisfy all parties and bloodshed.
And wise men waiting for a delegation of notables from Opare Touareg next to be held to the wise to the efforts of reconciliation
The meeting will resume after the battalion Da’uki era established only when the Elders Sabha and Touareg.
And tried to contact the Elders Sabha Military Region Busafa order to discuss with him in this regard, but they were unable to communicate with him and had earlier been Fodahm discuss with Tabu …….. Pending the outcome of the meeting after age
Free special newspaper Sabha:
God helped them in their quest, and for the good Ovgahm.

In an exclusive statement from Sheikh Salem Erhomh Allmaty newspaper Sabha Sabha about free events:
The session this evening and includes both chieftains and elders of the tribe and Sabha Rafla with a delegation of notables
Tawaruq Sabha and Ubari. Taiory in the area and the presence of representatives of the Tabu of Murzuq and Sabha.
Tabu pledged during a cease-fire unilaterally for 72 hours so as to open the door to dialogue to find a final solution
to the crisis to prevent a repeat of what happened again.
Free special newspaper Sabha:

Vote heavy weapons shaking the pillars of Sabha, which confirms the failure of the truce and the return of clashes.

In a telephone conversation now confirmed by a source familiar with the city of Sabha are now fighting back,

he said, and are now being my heavy weapons clashes in the Indian company and Taiora this neighborhood

as reported by the source / Sabha ….

Oh God, inject the blood of Muslims!

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Sits a meeting in the city of Sabha now, featuring the Elders and sheikhs and
Security officials as the city, at the headquarters of the Directorate of safe Sabha.
Sauaakm detail immediately after the meeting.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Mkmadas FM
Issa Abdul Majeed
France says on channel 24 I what is happening in the south is a struggle against the Iraqi Tabu and it will
demand the intervention of foreign Ida has strengthened the national army bombed the Chadian Tabu
that you want to access Sabha.
newspaper Sabha Free:
A group of armed Balrmih homes inhabited by Toubou calligraphers in the street …
And launch Qadf RPG Kosha, wounding or three of its workers.
And a group of Tabu closed street.
Car Nasser Hassan Musa Alakea Hasnawi which stained with his blood as a result
of indiscriminate shooting carried out by armed gangs targeting to the Shura neighborhood
passers by infidels in the new (Swedish) and resulted in the injury in his leg
and was taken to hospital and is now in good condition:

“Atmosphere of the country”:

A member of the force shield Central Abdullah presenter for “the atmosphere of the country” that the power of the shield stationed in Hun currently transporting the wounded to hospitals in Misrata ambulance, explaining that the force costly military ruler Bsabha but they did not enter the city waiting for permission from the Ministry of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The arrival of an ambulance plane to the airport Mitigua coming from the city of Sabha carrying a number of wounded violent clashes witnessed by the city.
Gary and distributed to hospitals Tripoli.
Allit Warfali neonatal on the basis of Tripoli where hospitals ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

And the arrival of two dead to the hospital Sabha: They Huwaydi Mohammed Abdullah Ali and Adam intruder ..

tef Shelmani #


The number of deaths to 31 people and wounded more than 50 injured At the present time is to discuss the crisis in the south of the Libyan Conference.

After an hour from now, will report the details of the intelligence on South and specifically’re not clarify if there is a

Libyan militias Participate in these events or not.

Urgent godless
Now is shelling neighborhoods Tabu infidels by militia from the tribe Azwaia.

Qusay cabled:
# Heathens
The attack on the headquarters of the military intelligence with heavy weapons by gunmen and clashes with heavy weapons now revolve.


Urgent Sabha and Kufra:

Clashes in Kufra and interruption of fuel and basic materials Foods city.

Armed clashes in both cities with weapons of all kinds.

Qusay cabled:
Aaaaaajl Heathens
According to a source familiar about the increasing area of ​​the clashes in Kufra larger and the use of heavy weapons after the withdrawal of gunmen from the district shura and offensive 3-axis, a street Bushoq market and building military intelligence and Gary dealing with them and are responding to them strongly by units of the national army and rebels of the city that also was received from the source




Aaaaaaaaaaagel confirmed news from the heart of the event:
It was agreed to a cease-fire between the children of Solomon and Tabu for (3 days) under the auspices of the Tuareg tribe, and then will come the reconciliation meeting between the two parties in the presence of the governor and Reconciliation Commission
And look elders and notables Tuareg Jahazeetm full national army to enter the area of ​​Ubari (Brigade Tienda) and battalion Tenere intervene to prevent any penetration of the truce between the two parties.



Algeria seizes Libyan arms shipment

Monday, 13 January 2014 18:13
Algerian flag

The Algerian army intercepted a shipment of arms believed to be coming from Libya, Algeria’s Al-Nahar Al-Jadid newspaper reported on Monday. The shipment in question was reportedly travelling through Algeria when the army intercepted it near the Illizi desert, which is in the south-eastern part of the country near to the border with Libya.

According to the newspaper, a special army unit seized 32 mortar rounds and three anti-aircraft missiles, bombs and explosives. The newspaper quoted a security official who claimed that nearly seven people have been detained and are being investigated about the shipment. The official added that the Algerian security authorities have been following this particular operation for a while now.

Adjust the Algerian army shipment anti-aircraft missiles, bombs, explosives were smuggled from Libya
The newspaper reported the day the new Algerian newspapers Monday that the strength of competent Algerian army seized thirty-two mortar rounds and three anti-aircraft missiles, the desert state of Illizi, near the border with Libya …. The newspaper quoted Algerian security source said that the number of those arrested in this operation approximately Seven people were being interrogated.


Muammar shines After deGAULLE

By Sami Abraham

However, the truth is not in it, and it is in that Colonel Gaddafi wanted to apply the ideas that started out by French General Charles de Gaulle when he announced in the sixties of the last century, the war on Banknotes Having listened to the twinkling says that the panel of paintings the artist Raphael offered for sale Bedouin and pushed the price to pay Russian oil and gold, against which Ihsla did not pay them while the U.S. package valued at ten thousand dollars was from his share.

Gaddafi renews proposed the idea of de Gaulle

When de Gaulle aware that this amount does not exceed the ultimate value of as the real value of the U.S. currency of bills equal to three cents just said then that France will abandon Securities green and will return in the international accounts to deal with gold.

I thought other countries also as the golden standard that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was the primary initiator to move away from the dollar in the international accounts calling on Arab and African countries to abandon the deal and by the adoption of a new unified currency based on the gold dinar.

Gaddafi has the determination to issue a new currency solo so dependent on reserve so that only the golden Libyan ends as he is the “feed Digaliyn Alourguian” and suggested Gaddafi on the basis of this new currency consolidated to form a unified Arab nation African population of more than 200 million people.

And supported by many of the leaders of the Arab countries (Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen, and others) and the majority of African countries such suggestions unnerving the United States and the European Union and formed to have a negative feedback very pushed them to a rapprochement with Libyan leader and convince him to abandon these ideas, but he did not Agier his mind and remained steadfast to that accelerated events and declared war on Libya under the guise of protecting human rights and try to grab Libyan oil from the Libyan leader.

However, the fact that the aggression on Libya is that Colonel Gaddafi tried to repeat what was started by General de Gaulle to leave the area Banknotes and return to the base of the golden coins that any attempted attack on the holiest shrines to the contemporary world, namely the interests of the global banking system.

Other countries reconsider proposals Gaddafi

It was not Gaddafi’s only wishing to adopt the gold metal basis of the national currency, but took the owners of Swiss banks are interested in gold have been in 2011 put forward a parliamentary initiative in the Swiss National Council on the introduction of unit additional cash, a “gold franc” to trading for the currency generally able to protect the franc paper from fever buy foreign investors to the Swiss franc in the event of a sharp decline in the value of the dollar or the euro.

Increasingly, today’s trend towards returning to the base Alzhbay even in America In Utah America was recognized in 2011, the legality of trading gold bullion, silver and other precious metals as currency payable also plans several other states, including Carolina and Kansas to join this initiative as it is very important to have a citizens the freedom to choose the currency entirely contrary the fact that today’s global financial system based on the benefits of any credit it is based on nothing, and the world should realize that.

Experts believe that these measures which might be considered a formality, but it shows at the same time losing the confidence of the American currency paper “dollar” teetering and fiscal policy lame for the United States to the resort system backup federal and central banks in the world in order to eliminate this desire by using gold and precious metals Trading in cash to reduce the value of gold deliberately so as not to be able to precious metals to compete dollar paper.

The loss means Secretary to protect the value of the life of one of the dilemmas of contemporary economic and lose Banknotes This feature is clearly over nearly two thousand years ago and even before 40-50 years ago gold was considered the most important way to save the currency interchangeable.

America exported inflation to the developing countries

But today being the exchange of goods according to the currency loses value daily gradually comes this situation in favor of the rich who dominate the financial activities of the World which is estimated at 250 trillion dollars any more than increase the size of the GDP Global 360 percent of it in other words, that the volume of gold mined in the whole world no more than 170 thousand tons and its current value does not exceed 7 trillion dollars is evidence that the bulk of the capital in the world do not have a real value in the fact that the global financial system based on the enormous size of the debt.

On the other hand prints financial regulator the U.S. annually and one trillion dollars to cover the budget deficit and to support the balance of the country’s banking and the fear of a negative impact on the price of the dollar and a positive effect on the price of gold based system Reserve Federal sell gold through financial institutions benefiting three (JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs) by buy bonds replaced gold bullion gold at discounted prices and then sold these alloys in the Asian market, thus achieving astronomical profits on the one hand and the protection of the dangers for dollar by the other hand.

The issuance of the U.S. currency this massive amounts can not last forever and must be set off inflation this day in the value of the dollar and the United States is still able to control it by exporting it to countries dealing in dollars and especially developing ones is evidence that there is a competition underway between the West which is based on the paper currency and the Middle who tries to rely on gold no doubt that there is an elite in the West is fully aware that the destruction of the countries that are trying to protect their wealth will not prevent the sun from fading paper currency.

Common European army, illusion or reality?
04 AUGUST 2013

Source: Adevarul


Politically speaking, here, very briefly, stages of development of this project. After the end of the Second World War, on March 4, 1947, France and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Dunkuerque the formula alliance and mutual assistance against a possible German attack in response to the defeat in war (having memory German reaction after the Treaty of Versailles after the first world war).

In 1948, the Treaty of Brussels, the birth of the Western European Union, complete with Allied command structure. West European countries (except Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Austria) with the United States and Canada signed the North Atlantic Treaty, defensive military organization which, since 1951, during the Korean War, is North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In the early ’50s, they try and make the European Defence Community (France, Italy, Germany plus Benelux countries), a treaty signed but never entered into force due to the position of General de Gaulle which estimated that such a union would lead to a loss of partial disposal of sovereignty and control. This leads to new negotiations which ends by creating WEU (Western European Union policy).

In 1996, the WEU receives from NATO mission to establish a European security and defense identity within NATO principle that was later replaced by common defense and security policy . Lisbon Treaty EU transfers all powers WEU. On 16 December 2002 signed a strategic partnership agreement between the EU and NATO (Berlin Plus agreement) allowing EU access to NATO resources and structures and the use of operational capabilities and allied command structures.

On January 1, 2003 start in Bosnia-Herzegovina first European civilian crisis management operation, and a few months later, in March 2003, the European military force field replace NATO troops in Macedonia by EUFOR Concordia. On June 12 RP Congo begins in another mission, ARTEMIS, the first outside the Berlin Plus. In July 2004 created the European Defence Agency and on July 17, 2004 in Georgia starts operation EUJUST THEMIS, the first joint operation of the EU to defend the rule of law values. On 20 February 2009, the European Parliament is in favor of establishing a “European armed forces synchronized (SAFE – syncronized Armed Forces Europe).” Common defense and security policy including the progressive framing of a common Union defense policy. Will lead to a common defense since the European Council, acting unanimously, decides to do so.

Article 42 of the EU Treaty The problem is that currently there is an institution of the European army, and all operations are based on the forces provided by national armies, gathered in various formulas whose genesis dates back to the early 90s. These include: EUROCORPS (quick reaction force) with units composed of German, Belgian, Spanish, French and Luxembourg, EUROMAFOR grouping naval units Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese as well as the air forces of Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands as part of the European Air Group . In addition, there is also a European Gendarmerie Force ( EuroGendFor or FGE ) which brings together police forces with military status: Spanish Civil Guard, French Gendarmerie, the Italian Carabinieri, Gendarmerie Royal Dutch, Portuguese Republican National Guard and Romanian Gendarmerie.

Attention, we emphasize again that these entities, at least at this moment, are distinct from the EU, and the legal basis for action is primarily bilateral or multilateral agreements nature. The decision to move forward on the establishment of a European army line is obviously a political one and goes along with a system of unification and standardization of the production of armaments. Things are not as simple political decision must be accompanied by a very complex legal framework to first determine the status of European soldier, the command and control the terms under which the Member States will be obliged to contribute to military units and provide logistical support necessary.

If until now, participation in the groups of fighting was on a voluntary basis, a political decision in favor of European army will set obligativitatera not only to participate, but will also set the competitiveness of troops and equipment, which is particularly difficult for some countries only afford second hand type facilities … Remaining politically, European decision should be accompanied by a set of definitions governing the types of intervention, operations or partnerships that can engage future European army. This means that, again in partnership with NATO, will talk about what their focus areas of these organizations outside their territories “conventional power”, so the more important as there is an exponential increase in asymmetric risks and a trend of increasingly marked by destabilizing areas of strategic importance for the European and global economy. projection will discuss joint or separate forces in such areas of mutual support in separate missions.

It may be, if it happens, a logical response to the continuous pressure of the Americans, eager to see their European allies meeting in a competitive and technologically powerful military formula, which would ease the effort of maintaining traditional U.S. security umbrella concentrated in this case only strategic bases, especially in politically nucleare.Tot, such a step would be essential in defining European identity and credibility, visible support for the status to which they aspire, namely geo-strategic player. But the key lies in the quality and performance of the defense industry and the opportunity to see that they could put together some of the production capacity and could start the process of standardization.

Do you recall how much Mu’ammar admired Charles deGaulle?

deGaulle as president [1958-69 during the Fifth Republic], revised the constitution to provide for presidential control of foreign and military policy, granted independence to Algeria and the African colonies, and restored the nation’s economic health.

QUOTE: “The truth is that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat the attempts by French General de Gaulle to abandon the use of U.S. junk paper money called “dollars” and return to gold, i.e. he attempts to attack the chief power of modern parasitic Zio Democracy – the banking system….”

Herein is an excerpt from
Jim Fetzer

” It began in 2005, when Iran announced it would form its own International Oil Bourse (IOB), the first phase of which opened in 2008. The IOB is an international exchange that allows international oil, gas, and petroleum products to be traded using a basket of currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Then in November 2007 at a major OPEC meeting,

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for a “credible and good currency to take over U.S. dollar’s role and to serve oil trades”. He also called the dollar “a worthless piece of paper.” The following month, Iran—consistently ranked as either the third or fourth biggest oil producer in the world—announced that it had requested all payments for its oil be made in currencies other than dollars.

The latest round of U.S. sanctions targets countries that do business with Iran’s Central Bank, which, combined with the U.S. and EU oil embargoes, should in theory shut down Iran’s ability to export oil and thus force it to abandon its nuclear program by crippling its economy. But instead, Iran is successfully negotiating oil sales via accepting gold, individual national currencies like China’s renmimbi, and direct bartering.

Other countries that have abandoned the petro-dollar have also not fared well in their relations with the United States, including Iraq in late 2000 and Libya introduced the gold dinar in 2011. It isn’t rocket science to infer that our invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the bombing of Libya have followed in their wake:

Since gold yuan coinage was announced by China, talks about the gold standard had been brought up in the Middle East. The main initiator of non-payment in dollars and euros is the Leader and Guide of the Revolution in Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. He called on Arab and African world to adopt a single current – the gold dinar.

On this financial basis, Colonel Gaddafi offered to create a single African state with Arab and Black African population numbering 200 million people. The idea of creating a single gold currency and uniting the countries of Africa into one powerful federal system has been actively supported during the last year by a number of Arabic and almost all African states. Democracy-infested South Africa and the Arab League were opposed to the idea.

The US and the EU reacted very negatively to such a initiative. According to a French Zio “president” Sarkozy, “the Libyans have set on the financial security of mankind.” Repeated calls by the Leader of the Libyan Revolution yields some results: Gaddafi has made more and more steps aimed at creating a United Africa.

Two false arguments have been invented to cover up the true reason for the present Zio-Christian Crusade against Libya: officially – “to defend human rights” and unofficially – an attempt to steal oil from the Libyan people. Both of these arguments do not hold up to scrutiny. The truth is that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat the attempts by French General de Gaulle to abandon the use of U.S. junk paper money called “dollars” and return to gold, i.e. he attempts to attack the chief power of modern parasitic Zio Democracy – the banking system….
Just as Gaddafi was benefitting the people of Libya and promoting the best interests of the African continent, Iran has the potential to benefit the people of the world–but at immense cost to the profit margin of the gas and oil industry, which suggests the real reasons why the US is targeting Iran.”


. Libya is Africa’s largest exporter of oil, 1.7 million tons a day,
which quickly was reduced to 300-400,000 ton due to US-NATO bombing.
Libya exports 80% of its oil: 80% of that to several EU lands (32%
Italy, 14% Germany, 10% France); 10% China; 5% USA.

2. Gaddafi has been preparing to launch a gold dinar for oil trade with
all of Africa’s 200 million people and other countries interested.
French President Nickola Sarkozi called this, “a threat for financial
security of mankind”. Much of France’s wealth—more than any other
colonial-imperialist power—comes from exploiting Africa.

3. Central Bank of Libya is 100% owned by state (since 1956) and is thus outside of multinational corporation control (BIS-Banking International Settlement rules for private interests). The state can finance its own projects and do so without interest rates

4. Gaddafi-Central Bank used 24.2€ billion, without interest rates, to
build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

5. The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite with 220.04€ million of the276.51€ cost. It started up for all Africa, December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of 366.73€ million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means much less cost for telephones and other communication systems.

Some of the numbers above vary a bit from web site to web site but all are relatively close.
.. .. {Nigerien Chadian-Libyan relations throughout history} .. ..

(Episode VI)

Exploded the Algerian revolution in 1954 in early November, and continued to grow and grow, has been unable to France in spite of all methods of oppression and abuse, torture, arson and genocide to suppress this revolution, came Gen. (de Gaulle) to rule, and think out of France this mess that took place where the rest of the from the face of France.
France, which has been able to deviate from Tunisia revolution and granted independence internally pleased with him Bourguiba, and deviate Morocco return of Sultan Mohammed V from exile.
Saw (de Gaulle) to hold a referendum in countries that fall under the control of France yes or no .. Any Yes for independence from France, or No to independence, Niger and Chad voted yes to independence in 1960 and be in the Chad Parliament and Council met to decide the constitution and decide the system of government, science, language, and religion.
France has been behind the scenes manages events, especially when she occupied Chad and Niger cared Paljnobien Negroes, and introduced thousands of them in the Christian religion, and taught them the French language, and enabled them to governance, unlike northerners Arabs, who Nasaboha hostility and Qatloha, and considered access to schools Muharram.
In the House of Parliament .. Southerners saw that French be the language of the country, but the North refused to do so, and Rooa be the language of the country is Arabic, especially since those who speak English are more numerous than who do not يتكلمونها, also called Banzmam Chad to the Arab League.
Stepped in France, and imposed the French language on the colonies, including Chad, and left northerners from the Council and قاطعوه, and Amichqgua arms and formed Liberation Front (Varawlina), and took refuge in the father (Cockney and Dai) to Libya, as he was governor (Dai) Vohanh French, went immigrants to Libya and settled in the corner, where he studied his son (cockney) in Libyan schools, and took refuge in a lot of northerners to Libya, and began working in a lot of business, and infiltrating their areas, to support the revolution that was raging sometimes and dim other times.
Libya was condescend to northerners, as of Libyan assets, and all of them follow the way Senussi, whose King Idriss patron after the migration Mujahid Ahmed Sharif, and handed over leadership to him, not northern Chad alone, follows this way, but it was northern Nigeria comes his superiors to Libya , to consult King Idris and taking the opinion of it, and يتبركون visit as Sheikh way, and it was (Ahmedou Aobilo) leaders of northern Nigeria comes to Libya between now and then for this reason, too,

and Libya was turning a blind eye to enter the citizens of northern Chad into its territory, and out of them to provide Baltmwen, and work in Libya and to provide supporting their families and their movement was not in my knowledge that Libya had supported the movement (Varawlina) arms in the days of the kingdom, unlike the position of the revolution Algeria, which was backed with money and weapons, and even training, as well as the Tunisian revolution, which did not take long by the time as agreed Habib Bourguiba, the internal granted independence instead of supporting the continuity of the revolution for Algeria revolution and thus detect the back of the Algerian revolution, the French, with the support of the Tunisian people stay for the Algerian revolution.
In the meantime .. Was the revolution of northern Chad piety and fade as conditions in the region, has been unable to Alhsolaly support which makes it Tzhfly capital, especially that France supports the central government, which erected in (N’Djamena), Arab countries all is not interested in the Arabs, and not the Arab identity of Chad and Niger or Mali, but the ones with Governments in whatever form or orientation, and it is known that the financial or rather the north of Mali, was in contact with Libya, and the relationship with the Mujahideen Libyans in Chad and Niger, and fought the French in coordination with the Libyans, and he (Abdeen Alkinte), one of the leaders of Jihad in northern Mali, visited الجغبوب and coordinated with the leadership of the Senussi movement.
Fighting continued in the north of Mali with continued fighting in northern Chad and Niger, and when weakened the resistance in these two countries, weakened in northern Mali, and took the French on them, and they made the Arabs and the Touareg and Toubou, in the north of Niger, Chad, Mali, military zones, are treated cruelly and oppression and murder, torture and displacement, and even when I resigned Mali, in a referendum yes or no, in 1960, and chaired (Modibo Keita) continued to northern Mali military zone, measured where the population is all forms of torture, murder and displacement, railed northern Mali in 1963, led by Prince (Zaid Ibn Tahir ) and Prince (Mohammad Ali Ansari) the injustice which is located on their fellow citizens, and the revolution when Algeria’s independence that they support it and there was a group from the leadership of the Liberation Front of Algeria, residing in northern Mali, where supported by the Touareg and Arabs, of whom (Ahmed familiar (f) Abdulaziz Bouteflika), who was named the kinetic (Kader financial).

(The eighth):

Erupted revolution in Libya in 1969, and was one of the first concerns stand with the liberation movements in the world, and to support Islam and Muslims and support the Arabs and the Arabic language, and in this framework has supported the movement (Varawlina) and the Chadian President (Tumblbaa) visited Tripoli in part to improve relations between the two countries, and to mediate Libyan between the movement of Varawlina in the north and between the Chadian government and recognition of entitlement to Libya in the bar ouzo, the Chadian president to waive him, and returning the border to its original capital Mountains Tibesti and withdraw his administration of ouzo and have been delivered to Libya, and convinced of the Chadian President Islam decided announcement is Islam,

and the settlement of the situation with the Arabs and Muslims in the north, and the Allepieon support (Tumblbaa) for 44.01€ million in aid for the country’s economy in Chad, is that France does not يرضيها convergence Libyan Chadian what that returned Tumblbaa to Chad even orchestrated a coup against him and returned things in Libyan relations Chadian to Mrbaha first, and after another coups in Chad and stood with France coups and against convergence Libyan Chadian, and stood Libya with Liberation Front (Varawlina), and the supporting financially and logistically, France has supported the Chadian government which came into office and ejaculated military forces backed by aviation in Chad, and saw Allepieon support Liberation Front Varawlina support larger,

and moving Libyan forces to support the front and to enter Chad to advocate for Arabs, Muslims, and this was one of the mistakes that occurred in which the Libyan leadership, as it was supposed to support the movement and lack of access directly in the war, and was able to Libyan forces to reach the capital of Chad (N’Djamena) and focus Cockney and Dai, president of Chad and seashell history that the commander of Libyan forces which seized control of Chad led by General Abdkabar Sharif, who killed his grandfather in معكرة appointed Kalka in 1907 against the French defense Chad, as there are hundreds of soldiers and officers of the grandsons of the Mujahideen Libyans against France in Chad ..

However, France summoned Cockney to visit and there are said to ask the Libyan forces withdraw from Chad, after announcing that the union with Libya before that and in front of the reaction forces withdrew Libyan withdrawal is the first of its kind in history in terms of speed, who had managed forces, including ownership of heavy equipment to cut Saharan due to Libya in the sea a week, and it was Hussein Habre rival Cockney and dissident movement lurks in the Sudanese border with Chad came with his forces backed by France and Sudan, he was able to seize on the Chadian capital and expelled Cockney and Dai from power, and Hussein Habre Goran, who have feuds with Alqmazvh, and is now the president of Chad.
deGaulle was right!

Post image for Common European army, illusion or reality?
Common European army, illusion or reality?
04 AUGUST 2013

Source: Adevarul


Politically speaking, here, very briefly, stages of development of this project. After the end of the Second World War, on March 4, 1947, France and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Dunkuerque the formula alliance and mutual assistance against a possible German attack in response to the defeat in war (having memory German reaction after the Treaty of Versailles after the first world war).

In 1948, the Treaty of Brussels, the birth of the Western European Union, complete with Allied command structure. West European countries (except Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Austria) with the United States and Canada signed the North Atlantic Treaty, defensive military organization which, since 1951, during the Korean War, is North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In the early ’50s, they try and make the European Defence Community (France, Italy, Germany plus Benelux countries), a treaty signed but never entered into force due to the position of General de Gaulle which estimated that such a union would lead to a loss of partial disposal of sovereignty and control. This leads to new negotiations which ends by creating WEU (Western European Union policy).

In 1996, the WEU receives from NATO mission to establish a European security and defense identity within NATO principle that was later replaced by common defense and security policy . Lisbon Treaty EU transfers all powers WEU. On 16 December 2002 signed a strategic partnership agreement between the EU and NATO (Berlin Plus agreement) allowing EU access to NATO resources and structures and the use of operational capabilities and allied command structures. On January 1, 2003 start in Bosnia-Herzegovina first European civilian crisis management operation, and a few months later, in March 2003, the European military force field replace NATO troops in Macedonia by EUFOR Concordia. On June 12 RP Congo begins in another mission, ARTEMIS, the first outside the Berlin Plus. In July 2004 created the European Defence Agency and on July 17, 2004 in Georgia starts operation EUJUST THEMIS, the first joint operation of the EU to defend the rule of law values. On 20 February 2009, the European Parliament is in favor of establishing a “European armed forces synchronized (SAFE – syncronized Armed Forces Europe).” Common defense and security policy including the progressive framing of a common Union defense policy. Will lead to a common defense since the European Council, acting unanimously, decides to do so.

Article 42 of the EU Treaty The problem is that currently there is an institution of the European army, and all operations are based on the forces provided by national armies, gathered in various formulas whose genesis dates back to the early 90s. These include: EUROCORPS (quick reaction force) with units composed of German, Belgian, Spanish, French and Luxembourg, EUROMAFOR grouping naval units Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese as well as the air forces of Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands as part of the European Air Group . In addition, there is also a European Gendarmerie Force ( EuroGendFor or FGE ) which brings together police forces with military status: Spanish Civil Guard, French Gendarmerie, the Italian Carabinieri, Gendarmerie Royal Dutch, Portuguese Republican National Guard and Romanian Gendarmerie.

Attention, we emphasize again that these entities, at least at this moment, are distinct from the EU, and the legal basis for action is primarily bilateral or multilateral agreements nature. The decision to move forward on the establishment of a European army line is obviously a political one and goes along with a system of unification and standardization of the production of armaments. Things are not as simple political decision must be accompanied by a very complex legal framework to first determine the status of European soldier, the command and control the terms under which the Member States will be obliged to contribute to military units and provide logistical support necessary.

If until now, participation in the groups of fighting was on a voluntary basis, a political decision in favor of European army will set obligativitatera not only to participate, but will also set the competitiveness of troops and equipment, which is particularly difficult for some countries only afford second hand type facilities … Remaining politically, European decision should be accompanied by a set of definitions governing the types of intervention, operations or partnerships that can engage future European army. This means that, again in partnership with NATO, will talk about what their focus areas of these organizations outside their territories “conventional power”, so the more important as there is an exponential increase in asymmetric risks and a trend of increasingly marked by destabilizing areas of strategic importance for the European and global economy. projection will discuss joint or separate forces in such areas of mutual support in separate missions.

It may be, if it happens, a logical response to the continuous pressure of the Americans, eager to see their European allies meeting in a competitive and technologically powerful military formula, which would ease the effort of maintaining traditional U.S. security umbrella concentrated in this case only strategic bases, especially in politically nucleare.Tot, such a step would be essential in defining European identity and credibility, visible support for the status to which they aspire, namely geo-strategic player. But the key lies in the quality and performance of the defense industry and the opportunity to see that they could put together some of the production capacity and could start the process of standardization.

When it Rains, it POURS!!

Mu courageous

Ganiral, gold Mufajh that will shock Ketergraba:

27:31 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 28 112 013 P

France 24:
Operations room Libya rebels slowed National Congress 10 days to withdraw confidence from Zaidane
and formation of a government crisis.
Black leader to protect the department in Al AJEELAT (FB GROUP):
Section pride and majesty of God
I’ll be loyal to the Islamic religion
And patriotic Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
I would be loyal to the legitimacy of Colonel Muammar
Ground will not scalp Alondal government imported, even at my neck cut
Ground will not be without green flag that symbolizes the color of my paradise
Banner me and my God Nciv largest over Kidd aggressor
Nchema for my
God then home and then the supreme commander of the armed forces of the People
And God is my witness.
قسما بعزة وجلالة الله
سأكون مخلصـــــا لدينـي الإسلامي
ولوطنـــي الجماهيريـه العربيـه الليبيـــه الشعبيــه الإشتراكيـــه العظمـــي
وسأكون مخلصــــا للشرعيـــــة معمــــر العقيد
ولن أرضـــي بفروة الأندال الحكومـة المستورده ولو علي قطع عنقـــــي
ولن أرضـــي بغيــر الرايــة الخضــراء التي ترمـز بي لون الجنــه
رايـــة لي بــــلادي ونشيذ الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي
نشيذا لبـلادي
الله ثم الوطن ثم القائد الأعلـــي لقوات الشعب المسلح
والله علي ما أقول شهيد
(THEY BURN the Scripture of the Holy BOOK / HOLY QURAN,
or just randomly take sentences out of context to suit their personal agendas!)

Libya detains 3 ships carrying illegal immigrants to Europe

EPA photo
Gave the Coast Guard in Libya arrested Friday on three ships bound for Europe, carrying nearly 300 illegal immigrants, according to this Reuters news agency, quoting Libyan state media. Most of the immigrants from Mali, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal and other countries of sub-Saharan Africa.
already sunk at the beginning of October:October trawler carrying 500 people from African countries off the coast of Italian island of Lampedusa, which has become lately a haven for thousands of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. As a result, 366 people were killed, including women and children.—
News Aviation Libyan Libyan Aviation News :::::::
Urgent and Important: The strike was postponed staff air traffic control
until the end of the month due to the interests of travelers, and everyone
knows that all the legitimate demands 100% and we’ll display it later.

Agency urgently Libya / Turkish implementation plan for the assassination of Thunderbolt Colonel “Nice” Bouchmadh

A source of high-level Libyan In exclusive statements to “gate Vito” information about the arrival of a Palestinian group affiliated to Fatah movement, to the port “Misrata” on board the cargo truck arrived from Turkey during the past few days, in order to arrange for the assassination of the commander of the special forces of Libya – Thunderbolt – Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh.”

The source confirmed a “veto”, who declined to be named, that the plan to assassinate Colonel Nice Bouchmadh, was placed inside the corridors of Turkish intelligence, with funding from the State of Qatar, and is based on the implementation of elements of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, was an elaborate scheme for this group, armed with weapons Turkish high precision, in addition to tracking devices and spy and eavesdrop high quality.

The source pointed out that this group, trained to carry out assassinations and physical liquidation, either through hunting or trapping cars, and detonated by remote control.

He pointed out that the truck Turkey that arrived on board of this group, I got the port of Misrata following the return of “Abdul Hakim Belhadj,” leader of the group, the Libyan Islamic Turkey, accompanied by “Mustafa Noah,” deputy head of the intelligence service, who claimed he was kidnapped after his return in order to obscure the visit, which came in With a tense atmosphere in the capital Tripoli and the aim of the visit is Mlan.

He stressed that he has been monitoring the arrival of this armed group affiliated to Hamas, the Palestinian close to the State of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, which adopts plans, political and military now have intelligence agency, Turkish Prime Minister, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” explaining that it was to decipher this visit, and it turns out the significance of events contrived that occurred at the hands of militias “Gharghour” in Tripoli, the capital, which aimed to move the security situation in Benghazi later, the bloody events resulting from the address commandos led “Nice Bouchmadh”, against a militia organization  called  the “Ansar al-Sharia” SALAFIST MOVEMENT.

The source expressed concern over the escalation of the bloody clash in Benghazi, in the coming days in order to pay special forces commander, presence and appearing regularly in order to facilitate the process of assassination.

The source stressed “veto” that there are elements within the Mendsh commandos are now leaking dates of movements “Bouchmadh” to facilitate the process followed, and the process is likely to be assassinated by a sniper professional, after failing to booby-trapping his car because of the security guards stationed around it.

He added that the assassination of the commander of the Libyan special forces, was agreed upon after the rise in popularity of the man inside the popular, causing panic among the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya of a repeat of the Egyptian scenario, after the intervention of the army and the overthrow of his Brotherhood of power.

He stressed that the axis of Turkey and Qatar, adopted the theory of compensation for loss of the parent organization of the group in Egypt and Tunisia in decline, over Libyan territory, and that there is a process of coming together now with the international organization of the group to turn Libya into the house of money to political Islam in the region.

It is noteworthy that the Libyan army is witnessing assassinations at a high level amid the ranks of leadership, and exceeded the number of leaders that has filtered barrier officer percent during the past two months, in addition to the overthrow of a large number through early retirement.


Dirty MISURATA SENT FOR, AND HAS NOW RECEIVED, an assassination squad from Turkey!!

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:

Black Panther and Black Pearl are all titles were fired on until yesterday and Nice Abouchmadh and melted snow

and that the turf and came up just Bouchmadh Zakkar in the door of a mosque….We told you that the mesh and Nice Bouchmadh Qdha mesh, mesh we told you that the traitor of his colleagues in the armed people can not stand with the people in any circumstances is difficult.


Abdel Moez Bannon _ Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Did you know that impulse army officers who graduated from Sudan after two years training,
has been received death threats, even though they did not receive their military after …



Imposed election candidates not to have a committee session electoral code. For example. Bo Sidra candidate for the Department of Benghazi code ass, Saleh Jaudh candidate for the Department of Benghazi code wireless Khrbut, Abdulwahab Kaid candidate for the Department of Tripoli code gorillas, Mustafa Noah candidate for circuit Got Alshall symbol of man-Erian, Abdul Hakim Belhadj, a candidate for the Department of Zanata code of the banana, Abdul Rauf cart candidate Friday Market circle symbol Tess goats, Souad Sultan candidate for the Department of Tripoli code Pomegranate, emigrated Qaid candidate for the Department of Ben Achour code oleander, Salah Badi candidate for the Department of Misurata code airbrush,

Green candidate selected by the Department of Zintan code Dazza, Abdullah denier candidate for circuit Zintan code sunglasses, Hashim humans candidate for the Department of Tripoli code juice,

Haitham Tagouris candidate circle Tajourah code Elzimzamat, sincere Gharyiani candidate for the Department of Tajourah code Alovi dog, facilitated to make known to you people bash ..

مفروض المرشحين لا انتخابات لجنة الستين يكون لهم رمز انتخابي . مثـلا . بوسدرة مرشح عن دائرة بنغازي رمز الحمار ، صالح جعودة مرشح عن دائرة بنغازي رمز لاسلكي خربوط ، عبدالوهاب قايد مرشح عن دائرة طرابلس رمز الغوريلا ، مصطفي نوح مرشح عن دائرة غوط الشعال رمز الرجل العريان ، عبدالحكيم بلحاج مرشح عن دائرة زناته رمز الموزة ، عبدالرؤوف كارة مرشح عن دائرة سوق الجمعة رمز تيس المعيز ، سعاد سلطان مرشح عن دائرة طرابلس رمز الرمانة ، هاجر القايد مرشح عن دائرة بن عاشور رمز الدفلة ، صلاح بادي مرشح عن دائرة مصراته رمز البخاخة ، مختار الاخضر مرشح عن دائرة الزنتان رمز الدزة ، عبدالله ناكر مرشح عن دائرة الزنتان رمز النظارة الشمسية ، هاشم بشر مرشح عن دائرة طرابلس رمز العصير ، هيثم التاجوري مرشح دائرة تاجوراء رمز الزمزامات ، الصادق الغرياني مرشح عن دائرة تاجوراء رمز الكلب الوفئ ، سهلوا على الشعب باش يعرفكم ..
Sufian Qmo to channel capital to say:
“who drinks wine Thump are “al-Alsar al-Sharia”… “and who smokes hashish are  Afghan Yuli Aamir extremist group….

and ” ‘democratic’ America are Akharjtk from Guantanamo prison; and ‘democratic’ Libya of tomorrow are Akharjtk of Abu Slim prison.

سفيان قمو على قناة العاصمة يقول : من يشرب الخمر يجلد من انصار الشريعة ..” واللي يشرب الحشيش الافغاني يولي آمير جماعة متطرفة .
يا سفيان بن قمو ديمقراطية امريكا هي من اخرجتك من سجن غوانتاناموا وديمقراطية ليبيا الغد هي من
On the capital: Sufian Alqovernm: Do not rub me the Ansar al-Sharia…Religion clearly heard and obeyed .. Killer kills robber cut his hand and adulterer stoned and so .. What and who runs what Leger Shi Shi .. Submitted to the crime nor the punishment expected him to ignore this ..Question .. why Malaysia has succeeded Taliban was not successful ..
Taliban war has not been exposed Malaysia ..For the government and Congress Are they destined end or not .. View the words of any one book a year and I know he is an infidel them or not ..Despite the charges against me, but that does not rub me the Ansar al-Sharia and do not know you have nationalities or not .. The rumors launches graduate of Homeland Security and the Revolutionary Committees ..
على العاصمة : سفيان القومه : لا احتكاك لي بأنصار الشريعةالدين واضح سمعنا واطعنا .. القاتل يقتل السارق تقطع يده والزاني يرجم وهكذا .. واللي ما يدير شي ما يجيه شي .. المقدم على الجريمة يتوقع العقوبة ولا عليه ان يتجاهل هذا ..سؤال ..لماذا نجحت ماليزيا ولم تنجح طالبان ..
طالبان تعرضت للحرب ولم تتعرض ماليزيا ..بالنسبة للحكومة والمؤتمر هل هم كافرون او لا .. اعرض كلام اي احد على الكتاب والسنة ومنها اعرف انه كافر او لا ..برغم التهم الموجهة لي الا ان لا احتكاك لي بانصار الشريعة ولا اعرف هل عندهم جنسيات او لا ..


Black leader to protect the department in Ajeelat (FB GROUP):
Important Information “Know Your Enemy”
This room Ariasha Shaaban gift (angular Interface Language)
Brown-skinned residents of harcha went to Yemen in the middle of the first set up when Altsniat Sheikh kissed on the outskirts of Saada Yamina married and has two children, divorced him because of the refusal of its people she went to Libya.
Astvaz of interference Engineer Saadi, Sheikh Abdul Majid Zaidani to return Behm of Yemen due to the harsh living conditions and harassment, tighten the screws by Yemeni authorities on them a decade ago …
Was identified as the owner of a fatwa in the corner and harcha Astvaz and assembly of the Libyan who was present in Yemen within the Islamic groups …Was appointed in Qatar for fatwas Murabaha banking system and worked in Egypt with one of the banks in which they invest their money Qatar to attend a graduate degree in jurisprudence in one of the Egyptian universities ….Known in the events that attract a lot behind the corner of the population and harcha, steady and Sabriyah and Goddaúm and Surman and Sabratha and department in Al Ajeelat and Abe Issa to fight in the ranks of followers who are in NATO and the mountain ….And he ran a network of cells in the corner and those areas through the exchange of information across the Thuraya phone that provided by the princes of those factions and to assist in the smuggling of arms into those areas …Knew him has a direct relationship Pamir Qtraúal former leaders and troops Alqtraúalah …

Where they are in direct contact with them to determine the conditions of the situation and coordination in the arrival of military support, material and reporting processes required in military air fronts to undermine the elements of the armed people …

A strong relationship Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Hashim Bashir and Ali hardness.

He is said to His shield the military the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the Western Region.


from  :

It is to be remembered that the overthrow of Libya started after the release from prisons in early 2011 *1: of thousands of violent extremists and psychopaths, who then hijacked a demonstration by Egyptian workers in support of the uprising in Egypt, and conspired with sniper sharp-shooters supplied by Israel and France who shot demonstrators in the head to whip the crowd into a frenzy, believing them to be security forces.

The crowd then marched on a local police station, the police fled leaving behind weapons, as police in the Libyan Jamahiriya were trained that they are an “extension of the people” and never in opposition to them. The crowd manipulated by the criminal elements with an agenda already planned by Israel, France and Britain’s intelligence services, then proceeded thus fully armed, and marched on a local military base.

The same occurred at the military base and now armed with heavy weapons and with their ranks swelled by hundreds of violent prisoners who they sprung free from the prison, the military too fled leaving behind stores of heavy weapons which were for the defense of Libya against foreign invasion and threats. In a matter of days Benghazi was thus taken over without any counter attack as confusion reigned.

At the same time over the coming days in the fateful February 2011 plot the western and Arab hostile media broadcast lies that had circulated from unverified Twitter accounts that the Libyan Air Force was bombing Benghazi. Although these claims were proven by satellite images provided by Russia showing that no flights at all took place during the period with clear skies, the population thus confused were neutralized.

For the next 8 months NATO bombed Libya in tens of thousands of sorties in alliance with the criminal elements on the ground who came to be termed “rats” and were called “revolutionaries” by western  media, while in actual fact they were counter revolutionaries allied with Al-Qaida and other extremist and sectarian groups, set to take over Libya which had been a bastion of human rights and freedoms for many decades.


date 13th FEBR. 2011..then the “FB add calling for a demonstration”…

15 FEBR. Muammar al-Qathafi had a beautiful peace summit…

17th FEBR. the bloody “demonstration” and the paid-lies from al-JAZEERA and the Western media (MSM)…

The rest is more than history.



Local Tripoli suspended civil disobedience and gives Zaidane ten days

France 24:

Operations room Libya rebels slowed National Congress 10 days to withdraw confidence from Zaidane and formation of a government crisis.
Local Tripoli suspended civil disobedience and gives Zidane ten days

The President of the local council of Tripoli “pillowcases Badri” the suspension of the protest initiated by residents of the city of Tripoli major to demand the evacuation of the city from all armed formations, in an initiative to provide an opportunity for the interim government to complete the implementation of the decision of evacuation through a specific timetable that does not exceed the period of fifteen days.

He explained, “Badri” in a statement to the local council of Tripoli, followed by yesterday that despite trailed interim government through Benadtha to take some measures to give effect to the decision of evacuation No. 27 issued by the National Congress of year, but that some of the evacuations and re-positioning still place a lot of questions, and need to be clarified from before the interim government through an integrated information and complete transparency.

The statement pointed out that it was decided to activate the communications room, a branch of the municipal guard Tripoli, to report any military formation of the threat or attack any civilian site within the city of Tripoli.
The Council demanded that Tripoli local in his government agencies responsible for the protection of the capital instruct to its members act with professional full dress in the security allocated to them and work to support the rule of law, and respect for the state of excellence in respect police and the army, and that they may have a serious stand and civilized, in the end all forms of non- Legal only in random buildings and encroachments on public space.

He held Tripoli Local Council and the Ministry of Health responsible for attention, F-wounded Alnzal peaceful and improve their health, and their treatment in the best specialized centers.

The Council of Tripoli local at the conclusion of his statement that he did not receive any help or support of the interim government, despite what passed by the city of Tripoli, the major events that grave and difficult conditions, so as to redress the damage to the capture of the martyrs and the wounded, and the damage to the Palmtlkat public and private, not to mention the claims repeated ignored by the interim government, to solve many problems and Almchterqat plaguing the city.

محلي طرابلس يعلق العصيان المدني ويمهل زيدان عشرة أيامأعلن رئيس المجلس المحلي طرابلس ” سادات البدري ” عن تعليق الاعتصام الذي بدأه سكان مدينة طرابلس الكبرى للمطالبة باخلاء المدينة من كافة التشكيلات المسلحة وذلك في مبادرة لاتاحة الفرصة امام الحكومة المؤقتة لاستكمال تنفيذ قرار الاخلاء من خلال برنامج زمني محدد على ان لاتتجاوز المدة خمسة عشر يوما . وأوضح ” البدري ” في بيان للمجلس المحلي طرابلس تلاه امس أنه بالرغم مما اوضحته الحكومة المؤقته من خلال بيناتها باتخاذ بعض الاجراءات لتفعيل قرار الاخلاء رقم 27 الصادر عن المؤتمر الوطني العام الا أن بعض عمليات الاخلاء واعادة التمركز لازالت محل كثير من التساؤلات ، وتحتاج إلى توضيح من قبل الحكومة المؤقتة من خلال معلومات متكاملة وبشفافية تامة . وأشار البيان إلى أنه تقرر تفعيل غرفة بلاغات فرع جهاز الحرس البلدي طرابلس ، للتبليغ عن اي تشكيل عسكري يقوم بالتهديد او مهاجمة اي موقع مدني داخل مدينة طرابلس . وطالب مجلس طرابلس المحلي في بيانه الجهات الحكومية المسؤولة على حماية العاصمة بالايعاز إلى افرادها بالتحلي بالمهنية التامة في اللباس الأمني المخصص لهم والعمل على دعم سيادة القانون ، واحترام الدولة المتميز في احترام رجال الشرطة والجيش ، وان تكون لهم وقفة جادة وحضارية ، في انهاء كافة المظاهر الغير قانونية سوى في المباني العشوائية والتعديات على الفضاء العام . وحمل مجلس طرابلس المحلي وزارة الصحة مسؤولية الاهتمام ، بجرحى جمعة النظال السلمي وتحسين اوضاعهم الصحية ، ومعالجتهم في أحسن المراكز المتخصصة . وأوضح مجلس طرابلس المحلي في ختام بيانه أنه لم يستلم اي معاونة او دعم من الحكومة المؤقتة رغم ما مرت به مدينة طرابلس الكبرى من احداث جسام وظروف صعبة ، وذلك لجبر الضرر الذي لحق باسر الشهداء والجرحى ، والأضرار التي لحقت بالمتلكات العامة والخاصة ، ناهيك عن مطالبات متكررة التي تجاهلتها الحكومة المؤقتة ، لحل العديد من المشاكل والمخترقات التي تعاني منها المدينة .

The first group of Russian diplomats may return to Libya before the end of the year

AFP The first group of Russian diplomats may return to Libya before the end of the year :روسيا اليوم

Said the Russian ambassador to Libya Ivan Mulotkov who works in Moscow since the evacuation of embassy staff in Tripoli in October / October last year, that the first group of Russian diplomats may return to Libya before the end of the year.

He Mulotkov told “Interfax” الجمعة November 29 that “the first group may soon be using to select a new complex of the embassy, ​​and that among other tasks.” He added: “If we agree with the Libyans, it is likely that our representatives to go there before the end of the year.”

With regard to the ability of the Libyan authorities to ensure the security of Russian diplomats, said Mulotkov “It was clear that they can not provide a guarantee of 100%, however, are interested in our return.”

Workers have been evacuated in the Russian embassy in Libya and their family members on October 3 / October after exposure to the embassy armed attack on October 2 / October.

Source: RT + “Interfax”

Ministry of Interior interim government emphasizes the importance of make way for the civil defense vehicles.
The Interior Ministry called the interim government of all citizens the importance of cooperation with civil defense vehicles paving the way for it to provide its services to the needy as soon as possible. She appealed to the ministry in a statement on Saturday, all citizens affected by precipitation rainwater contact the Chamber of National Safety Authority at the following numbers: 021.1775557 021.1773802
The road from Tripoli – the head of Igdir:
Alert goers way of Meteorology take caution expected tonight, God willing, heavy rains accompanied by strong winds.
Rustic Bridge / Highway:

Plateau agricultural project:

Tripoli by Arada:

By Arada soaked in rain water:

Mootoo Sea in the streets of Tripoli car allowance
Is happening in Libya only in 2013 …
Tripoli after heavy rain …..


يحــدث في ليبيا فقط …2013
طرابلس بعد هطول الأمطار …..
(ABOVE pic)The emergence of a submarine in the streets of Tripoli Nowoah … It seems that it has lost its way from the sea.
Urgent. The fall of the ladder stairs in Haiti Street Building and civil defense tries Rescue population trapped in the building.

 (below) Change on climbing in Libya today after the rain that washed away houses Libyans:

Stolen funds infrastructure drowned the Libyan people with the onset of winter:

Cimafro Albive Tajourah:

Alosabah today …:

Prisoners in Mitigua did not sleep last night because of the sinking of the planes that Henagher Amra

sleep where rain water amid media blackout and criminal militia refused to help them get to places where they sleep.




Channel Zintan on Facebook (Libyan youth channel independent seeking to transfer the voice of young people in Zintan and do not represent any political entity)

للاتصال بادارة القناة يمكنكم مراسلتنا على الايميل التالى راسلنا على الفيس بوك

Communauté : 106 672 personnes aiment

Zintan shortly before

We ask God to have mercy and Ghaith Geetha useful:


partagé la photo de Wadena.

Travelers across the road and the Diaspora (Tarhounah) take caution of the floods

We ask God for the safety of all:


Climate changes for most of the regions of Libya
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly
The director of the National Center for newsletters Meteorological Emhemed Sibai:
The heavy rains and large quantities of cells, accompanied by thunder cloud over parts of north-west of the head of Igdir even Misrata, easy Aljafarah, and areas of Jebel Nafusa.
He pointed out that this Sibai climate changes may cause traffic jams and problems in the sewerage network in the middle of cities, especially cities of Tripoli and Zawiya and Zuwarah and Sabratha and department in Ajeelat.
Sibai added to the atmosphere of the country on Saturday, it is expected to continue to rain for several hours Sunday night and until tomorrow morning.
It is noteworthy that the rains had been delayed, and held prayers for rain in most of the Libyan cities a few weeks ago.


Department in Al Ajeelat ::::

Now department in Ajeelat
Ahaddat last night unfortunate / /

The assassination of the young forward:

Abdul Razak has greeted Gmq shooting by the Santa Fe car with a weapon and a white T-NBK in front of the mosque, witnesses said.

The death of the young man just Miloud Arbash mistake as he sat with his friends Chebika.

God forgive them and merciful.




Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Ahalis refugee camp in Benghazi and the path of the farmer Sawani camp south of Tripoli, and Ajdabiya is widespread in other areas.
Do not forget your brothers Tawergha camps in the Diaspora … donated a cakewalk, even when God is great.

Cities sank let alone Boukam “and Brarak” …

Do not forget your brothers Tawergha camps in the Diaspora … donated a cakewalk, even when God is great.

Cities sank let alone Boukam “and Brarak” …:

“Let the kids and elders, women Misurata enjoy sleep warm greenhouses and blankets made of feathers, wool and keep children and elders, women Tawergha in freezing cold water washing away their clothes and Hajaythm Mini There God Almighty in his not being unfair to one does not continue to tyranny no matter how powerful.”


Tawergha right of return.



Bani Walid, a little while ago,,, rain and bounties,,, God willing dripped Amaaha Valley:


To the students of the Faculty of Technical Section internal electronic Bani Walid:

You are invited to attend the meeting which will be held today with the Dean and the Registrar General of the College on at 7:30 pm to discuss topics related to internal housing and restaurant

Good luck to all …

Local Council declares Bani Walid to all civil society Establishments scheduled to attend the meeting tomorrow, Sunday, 12.1.2013 and knead at the Association for the Disabled next to Brothers Commercial Bank, please deployment.



Alassema TV channel capital
A group of civil society organizations and a number of residents of the city of Misrata evening vigil
Friday in front of the city hall to demand the martyrs activating the work of the “security services”..

and invite young people to join the Libyan army …

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:

In the past, we hear that the Minister of the Ministry stole money and fled, but that steals the minister

and the ministry are all escapes in Misratah, it already will record the name of the Minister of Economy Ibovas.

Misrata local council declares that the proceeds of the iron and steel complex will fit into the budget

of the local council of the city with a view to rebuilding and revitalizing the movement of investment..




Libyan regions of the Middle :::::::::

The director of the National Center for newsletters Meteorological Emhemed Sibai: explained that:

Northeast experiencing these watches Southeasterly winds active and exciting for dust in some areas with little possibility of rain on Green Mountain and Coast Benghazi.

Very strong storm loaded with dust led to a lack of vision in most areas,

“Benghazi – Ajdabiya – Qmins – Brega – humans – Ras Lanuf”

Sandstorm in the city Sellouk now:

Coast Road today between turf and Benghazi:


Rigging the elections in Belarus today


Rigging elections of the Municipal Council of white before the committee supervising a subsidiary of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Media center for the city of Casablanca: 

Start the electoral process for municipal councils in the city of Casablanca on Saturday 30 November  2013,  where Polling stations opened at eight o’clock in the morning to the voters in the presence of simple terms that the electoral process is going functioning properly and observed today is to change the numbers of candidates according to the list submitted to the voters as the figure announced by the candidate in the electoral propaganda contrary to the number provided to voters what the latest bewilderment of the voters who cast their ballots for candidates Wadlow by mistake.



Heard a loud explosion shakes the region of Sidi Hussein Benghazi.
#( Earthquake, reporter)

 South Bay

Residents of the area do not want to lose elections and lock the polling places by force of arms ..
They said:
“we elect and Benghazi bleeding do not want elections”.

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:

Nice Abouchmadh sold the demands of the demonstrators yesterday in Benghazi and surrendered to what is called the Ansar al-Sharia. From within the agreement between the bolt and the Ansar al-Sharia, to the division of Benghazi today to Nfod areas between the two parties.

Howling and screaming women in Benghazi after the murder of their children at the hands of militia “Ansar al-Sharia”.:

How do I apply to Benghazi and the guidance of the metal faces Almqmlh in Hoarahatguetl nonstop?

نسخع عن المقملين الي في بنغازي اتباع اتنطيم لقاعده,,
Nskha for Almqji to follow in Benghazi Atntam base,

Benghazi – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Sheikhs and notables from the region of South and West and the Amazigh came today to the city of Benghazi to offer condolences to the families of the martyrs in the presence of local councils of cities and the Libyan civil society institutions hall of Granada
Also held a meeting among themselves to “dialogue and consultation and reconciliation”. (AGAIN, how does one dialogue with murderers?)

Also since few have made some of the “leaders in al-Ansar al-Sharia” (!!) to attend the meeting.
Broken Khater been killed. Slain and distorted in his funeral.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Conflicts in the ranks of what is known as Ansar al-Sharia, and a statement
If true, a new prospective information for withdrawal! And
And blurry vision still waiting for details.

“B-P-C-ELVIS BUCKY FREE” asks: “Who are the Elders of Benghazi, who are negotiating with terrorism?”

Fire has been confirmed the news shops brushes Egyptian market and firefighters try to extinguish the fire …..
Men and wounding one Thunderbolt burns in his hand when he provided assistance in order to put out the fire.

A picture of a fire to the Egyptian market for brushes Benghazi ...

(Mutassim Faitouri)



Tuber suffer power cuts and communications and the proliferation of threats from al-Qaeda and the status of the street pitiful.

Almqml Yousef Bin Taher head of the so-called “Army of the Islamic Emirate of Derna”

submitted his resignation before the liberation of Andalusia.

Resignation of the head of the so-called fugitive Joseph b pillars of the Islamic Army.

Channel tuber now

New explosion targeted the tax office in the tuber.

Photos of one of the Army of the Islamic Emirate of Derna:



The people of the girl Bay in the south of Libya in both Tikirkibh and Fageej and Alaqraah Tomb Aoun and Arguiba and Altnachemh and girl Beah forced polling stations lock their positions did not Akechihm and accuse the Congress of conspiring against the country and support the militias, criminals and Adca wars between cities and tribes of Libya and calling for Libyan tribes to meet immediate and urgent to save the country and its people and support the people of Benghazi and army forces in their war against the Khawarij rogues.


Of Tabu :::::::


Clashes between Tabu and sons Sulaiman

Cause of the problem becomes yesterday Gu Soleimani dead Athmu Tabu kill him; On the eve of Awlad Suleiman Remo in two baggage Tabu and Mato 3 youth.

Channel Tabu ::::::::::

Conflicting reports about the death toll and the information we received just

The death toll

2 of Awlad Alsellman
1. Of Tabu
1 Zoe and Jualh TPU
1 Hassnaoui

The kidnapping of a man and a woman Tbawi Tbawih when they enter the Sabha coming from Ajdabiya.

Special and exclusive channel Tabu
Conducted military governor of the southern region military Brigadier / Mohammed golden and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defence area South and the Committee of Elders and Shura Bsabha a meeting with the elders and notables Tabu in order to calm the situation area Sabha and the signing of the armistice bloodshed sons of one homeland, and fear of the development of events and sucked behind the war tribal Dame to Athmd Akbaha .We ask God to guide the country and the people.

(Tabu Sons of the Desert)

South news today …
The head of the local council in charge of the infidels Khalid Bohlaiqah that the humanitarian situation in the city is getting worse after the close by infidels Tazrbua by an armed group, as he pretend it Matsamh peacefully ….
The city suffers from a lack of supplies and goods Foods since cut the road in addition to the closure of bakeries and gas stations ….

Has been officially announced by the Council for Social tribes in the province of Fezzan Sabha and bring you Baasme council members later in Baden God.

Left the doctors and hospital staff working with medical Sabha
After entering the hospital for gunmen armed with cars
And initiated by gunfire faithful
# Sabha
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Reported finding the body of Gabriel Pope ordered a battalion shield Libya Branch Sabha wounded

by three bullets and it traces run over by car, inside the building, the Indian company Sabha,.
According to the statements of the driver who fled the culprits:
Stated that he had fled from an armed group from Tabu while they liquidate Gabriel Pope.

Sabha in clashes between the children of Solomon and Tabu
And the killing of eight people were killed and a person from the tribe Rafla Balkhtae by Tabu

and someone from the tribe Rabaya
Flights were stopped at the airport Sabha was control of the hospital March 2 by Tabu

(Free newspaper Sabha)


Hospital Barak beach until last night receives
Charred bodies, and the death toll stood at more than 40 dead
Including 24 Libyan Africans and the rest

# Barak
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Barak air base ... Photos explosions Hdtt (6 photos)
Base Barak beach and by the latest.




The head of the “interim government”, Mr. Ali Zaidane beginning of Saturday’s visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the invitation of Prime Minister \ “Abdullah Eagles \”. Accompanying the prime minister on the visit of a ministerial delegation, including ministers of Foreign Affairs and Culture, Health and Higher Education.



Detection union security, secrétaire général du Syndicat des prisons, Walid Zarrouk*** that Abdul Hakim Belhaj, ensnared in the introduction of weapons into Tunisia and its support for terrorist gangs to disrupt the security of Tunisia and documented this with the Ministry of the Interior as he put it.
The Zarrouk that when revealed is Abdul Hakim hastened to bring the document to show that this person entered the Tunisian territory by stealth which was denied by pointing out that the pilgrim entered several times Tunisian territory and his motorcade equipped ambulance is not subject to inspection but are escorted by security to protect them since entering the Tunisian territory,
a Value laden with gifts for terrorists, according to the saying. The union said the security on its own page on the social networking that wants to polish the image of this, which he described as “indefinite article” a tacit admission that he is ensnared in the terrorism issue that killed the sons of the homeland.

Walid Zarruq released conditionally …

Posted by Youssef 04 October, 2013 at 15:06

Walid Zarruq (photo - Shems)

The union’s general secretary prisons, Walid Zarruq was released today following a decision of the judge of the court of first instance of Bizerte.

Detained since September 9 after a complaint for defamation and false accusations against a public official, however Walid Zarruq has a parole pending completion of the investigation in relation to this matter.

Release Walid Zarruq does not mean, in fact, not the dismissal of the case for why it was not until later that will give the judge. In any event, this is good news, and above all a sign that justice is being gradually earn its independence.

Is accused, among other things, Walid Zarruq to have published on July 30, a list of names of security officials who belong, according to him, a parallel security apparatus, the reporting of suspicious practices and warning against further terrorist strikes.

Walid Zarruq also, through his lawyer, alerted the public about a possible terrorist attack in the coming weeks, and was in possession of irrefutable evidence about the threat.


Historical Note:

THOUGHTS ON ABU SALIM “according to LIBYA S.O.S.”‘s  “Mirko”  at

 (a b

May 1997 in ABU SALIM prison there were prisoners of Al Qaeda.  A group of prisoners managed to capture the guard who was eating his lunch. The guard, who had a gun and keys, at lunch-tiime removed them. The group took them. The prisoners tried to escape

and free the rest of the 480 al-Qaeda prisoners. There was heavy fighting between the army guarding the prison and the prisoners. A fire broke-out, and in the end, many prisoners died.

On the same day, a group of Al-Qaeda attempt to invade Benghazi, they were surrounded by the army and because they refused to surrender,

they eventually died.

The Libyan government was wrong to keep silent about the reality of all that had happened. Therefore, al-Qaeda would be enabled to

politicize and manipulate the facts, which were then used as claim against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi especially!

People did not know of the dead excewpt the immediate families of the deceaed (who were given condolence letters of their deaths). No one knew what really had happened. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi ordered a thorough investigation.  Eventually the families began to inquire and seek compensation. The families hired lawyers in Libya and elsewhere, as in Tunisia.  It became widely politicized; and these deceased members of Al- Qaeda, were used to defame the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.



Memories of Muammar al-Qathafi at Versailles 05 DECEMBER 2007:

Time for the Fall of the Zionista

Lafrasin passengers riding .. Scarecrow time trigger a glass .. Asgarhm tendency justice .. And Akbarhm Ross countryside ..

History one generation to the next … Raising Roshm the exhaust .. Not Yuhroa hours shell … Meet that called for my …
(By Brother / Gibran Hussein الورفلى the)

Courtesy of the family of the liberation of Libya today to free the Libyan.

Mu the brave

Mu over Sirte

To the steadfast الثابتون … To the Champions honorable … To epics makers struggle, struggle and triumph …
Rafii resistance brigade honor and dignity … To the sons and daughters home leave,
Who did not sell their home … Secretariat did not betray … No Enkthoa era … No Altjua history
To makers of tomorrow bright green. To you, I tell you, heroes and I am confident and stability ..
Is here loomed the dawn of salvation .. Hantm honest you put your feet on the threshold of victory.
Hantm will تعانقون the dawn of the real revolution … Revolution Righteous revolution Amobnonan and the oppressed.
And the oppressed … simples revolution and displaced persons in parts of the world not an offense of their own does not really raped him
But they defended their honor and dignity and their homeland and their history … the revolution martyrs who gave their lives pure sacrifice for the dust this home-Sharif ….
Hantm Yamen Samadtm and Nadiltm the determination unsure and the stability brave and تحملتم of the suffering and injustice, torture and oppression for your home.
And dignity Haantm the تزينون Arskm historical and soon, very soon … Rejoice … And sang .. And dance.
Fjrkm has loomed … And Otunkm opening his arms, a smiley you … Welcome .. And joyous submerge.
And Tgmrkm Bergauah to Ahadankm and Rjoekm to his lap … You glory and pride, pride
O heroes … I am not afraid of storms which swept term …. Nor of Taiaar aimed devastation Black …. I’m at home here … In my tent .. In the forum … I am the owner of the right certainty … And it Algda maker …. I’m here … I’m here … I’m here …… Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar … Allah is the greatest
Steadfast … Are firm … With God’s help victors.
إلى الصامدون الثابتون … الى الشرفاء الأبطال … إلى صانعي ملاحم الكفاح والنضال والإنتصار … إلى رافعي لواء المقاومة والشرف والكرامة … إلى أبناء وبنات الوطن الحقيقيون
الذين لم يبيعوا وطن … ولم يخونوا أمانة … ولم ينكثوا عهدا … ولم يلطخوا تاريخاً
إلي صانعي الغد المشرق الاخضر .اليكم ايها الأبطال أقول لكم وكلي ثقة وثبات ..
هاقد لاح فجر الخلاص .. هاأنتم تضعون أقدامكم الشريفه على عتبات النصر المبين
هاأنتم سوف تعانقون فجر الثورة الحقيقية … ثورة الشرفاء ثورة المغبنونين والمقهورين
والمظلومين …ثورة البسطاء والمشردين في اصقاع الارض لا لجرم ارتكبوه ولا حقاً أغتصبوه
الا لانهم دافعوا عن شرفهم ووطنهم وكرامتهم وتاريخهم …ثورة الشهداء الأبرار الذين قدموا أرواحهم الطاهرة فداء لتراب هذا الوطن الشريف …. هاأنتم يامن صمدتم وناضلتم بعزيمة الواثقين وثبات الشجعان وتحملتم المعاناة والظلم والتعذيب والقهر لإجل وطنكم
وكرامتكم هاانتم تزينون عرسكم التاريخي قريباً وقريباً جداً … إفرحوا … وغنوا .. وأرقصوا
فجركم قد لاح … ووطنكم فاتحاً ذراعيه وهو مبتسم لكم… مرحباً بكم .. والفرحه تغمره
وتغمركم برجعوعه إلى أحضانكم ورجوعكم إلى حضنه … لكم المجد والفخر والعزه
ايها الأبطال … أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهي تجتاح المدى …. ولا من الطياير التي ترمي دمارا اسود ….أنا في بيتي هنا … في خيمتي .. في المنتدى …أنا صاحب الحق اليقين … وصانع منه الغدا …. أنا هنا … أنا هنا …أنا هنا …… الله اكبر ….الله أكبر… الله أكبر
صامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون .

الفراسين ركابة الخيل .. فزاعة وقت قدح الزنادي .. اصغارهم عدالة الميل .. واكبارهم روس البوادي .. تاريخهم جيل من جيل … رافعين روسهم عوادي .. لا يوخروا ساعة الشيل … ويلبوا ان نادت بلادي …
بقلـــــــم الأخ / جبران حسين الورفلى

And Rafla for guardian proof … built of ancient history.

And Rafla cuff balance … Blaha Maeoffash a double.

And Rafla them time … marvel difficult Aalthalil a.

And Ravel Asalb the brave … Dmadim Trada lean.

Skorh of descendants الشيهان … rising above stars Sohail.
Default fame famous valley … who Cart dancing in the bull.

Recognition of the right to virtue


Mu 682

حرائر Libyan … in their training and live-fire weapons in preparation to face the NATO and Ovealh the ….:


Mu asks us to REMEMBER

D. Mohammed Alakecat:
.. .. {To the child Anoud Sanusi, in the bloody prison} .. ..

Iron is bleeding O Anoud your feet
In solitary and Atzna of a التريس paternal uncles

Basque Amezkin
How dogs Amnchen the Jarask
And قاطعين for centuries hair from your head
And landed Slazlem alternative Akamamk
And no limit Protector Tratk of hermit
And شالوك raised from the shrine upright
And Khian were under Sir Amdask
They were Sharh Aahtoa in Armamk
Today how Ibgoa the drink of كاسك
And meaty Bmahzm security lead Ahzamk the

Mzaraa Mahm Hech
Bnawithm under ma Ttbeky of
Not Deroa the humorous marched
And Jabhm not Morb Malam Mlamk
Is there a growth in his home Haney Littky
And died without honor before thee
And what us in Almaziat the Mchke
Zaman Mzaraa liked Mazamk
Ejor not Farishm not lagging
A. quantities you A Dhamk takes

From your master Haich
Small and Thsabi enemy Bivedk
Landed under Mtarah the Alchukashk Vidk
Whip cry Saalat Admamk
And not GAP (Qira) التريس Griedk
Nor of (Alchuirv) stop before you
And not Hvhm between for Mriedk dogs
Mteixrat of Aazamk iron
Haltao from afar due Baidk
God what be long Alhqa in your days
And focuses bodes Bou Said Saidk
Victory seems Amerat illusions



Libya Telecom and Technology LTT

Image to serve My fi new start company LTT sold since tomorrow’s agents and advantage that Internet Pocket Wireless,

USB charging for 6 hours means you walk and surf the net in نقالك example الوايرلس who in your pocket,

the company Ardhath at 620 dinars a 220 price modem + 400 dinars balance for one year.

Libya bouquet Max 400 | |

A new bouquet of for Ibiamax, including:
400 d., The balance of initial (basic).
Free month (the first month after the activation of the service).

The value of a to Ibiamax (value vary from one device to another).

Subscribe by company agents accredited available only in cities Service

What you receive when you sign up?
Service contract + service form (stamped agent).
Pre-payment cards worth KD 400.
Device service to Ibiamax.

How is the activation of the package?
Call 116 to activate the account for the first time.
Fully recharge package (400 d. L).
Activate the service for the first time for the bouquet (400), will not be a step activation if the value of the balance of less than 400 d.’s.

Immediately after the activation you will get a free month, the first month of the subscription.

Create device Ibiamax (up data entry: user name, password).

Libya Telecom and Technology | ltt
Declares Libya Telecom and Technology for the resumption of sale Libya Max service to individuals once again through its agents in the service areas available, as of Tuesday: 25/06/2013.

Libya Telecom and Technology | ltt
Disclaimer: a lot of brothers Libya Max subscribers without service for their lack of added new frequencies for the service.
Please introduced them so that they can re-contact with the Internet.

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the company announces the launch of dedicated individuals bouquet has been prepared in response to the massive demand for service for Ibiamax, not inconsistent with the network service and business development.

Resume selling Libya Max services


By Gaddafi news agency on Monday يونيو 24, 2013 | 10:39 p.m.

Gaddafi International Foundation News Agency – technology.
Says Libya Telecom and Technology for the resumption of the sale Libya Max service to individuals through its agents in the areas of services available from Tuesday: 25/06/2013.
On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the company announced the launch of dedicated individuals bouquet was prepared in response to the overwhelming demand for services Ibiamax is not incompatible with the service and development work of the network by the new package Ibiamax 400


Electricity Company is preparing to launch an energy conservation campaign
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Preparing the General Electric Company to launch a campaign rationalization of electricity consumption and optimize the use of electric power with the support of the Ministry of Electricity, and shared by a number of public bodies as the difference Scouts and civil society institutions.

The director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Electricity Mahmoud Ramadan that there was neglect and indifference by the consumer regarding the rationalization of electricity, explaining that the reason for the neglect is the inability of the company to collect the depreciation of the citizens because of the security situation in the country.

Ramadan explained that about 100 young people from various Libyan cities of scouts receive training on energy conservation, noting that this training began on Monday and continues on Tuesday.

It is noteworthy that many of the areas in Tripoli, scene of frequent interruptions ministry officials attribute to an increase in the loads on the existing generators with the company


Power failure بباطن mountain, causing a state of confusion in the region.
Outage caused continuous power cuts for long hours on the soles of the mountain area in a state of confusion and poor public services, hospitals, government departments and stop banking services.

As power outages Etjaozat the 6 hours on the areas of student boys, Badr, Tighe, Tendmirh, Tendmirh North, Zigzao, kindness, Alagamah, or mouse, Wattayah Palace.
Continuing power outages on many areas in Libya for long periods sometimes exceed 6 hours and in some other areas may continue uninterrupted electricity to more than 8 hours without any obvious reasons.

(Libyan blood)

Al Jazeera Net :: warnings from the effects of the abolition of support in Libya ..

Heading for Libya as of the end of August / August next towards the lifting of subsidies on basic food commodities and fuel in exchange for supporting critical to the citizen up to about 130 dinars ($ 102) a month and valued support for goods and fuel in the overall budget for this year, 10.6 billion dinars (8.3 billion dollars) the bulk of which is eight billion dinars (6.3 billion dollars) to support custom fuels.
She says studies informally referred to by Abdul Salam text Chairman of the Finance Committee in the General National Congress that one third of official support goes to smuggling to neighboring countries.
On the concerns economists from the high inflation rate and the number of the poor by raising the support, said a text of the island revealed that the National Congress general committed the government headed by Ali Zaidan two courses, the first activation of the national number before 30 August / August next, and to provide an integrated project to raise support, stressing that the decision to lift ” will not be implemented between day and night. ”
But the parliamentary text did not rule out that his country become what happened in Jordan when the removal of subsidies “if oil prices fall,” stressing that in the event of the latter scenario will take urgent action to raise support. It is noteworthy that Jordan is going through a difficult economic crisis overshadowed the political scene, economic and social over the past period.

Differences ..
Text talked about the differences between commodity support, pointing out that the removal of subsidies for supply commodities such as flour, oil and sugar easier than the removal of fuel subsidies, pointing out that the recent removal of subsidies on direct effects on transportation and the work of foreign companies in one way or another.
Unlike the opinion of the Parliamentary Libyan warned professor of economics at the University of Benghazi Luxury Bovrna of the removal of subsidies on the prices of flour, sugar and oil currently advising the Government of Zidane and the National Congress general non-interference in economic planning strategy and said Bovrna in his speech to the island that Libya beyond just war and the Government of temporary considering that of the best destinations transitional thinking in the Constitution and the procedures maintain security, and economic issues left “sensitive” to the elected government of the people.
He predicted the government resorting to removal of subsidies on fuel and gasoline, one of the goods being smuggled out of the country frequently, and finds that the poor citizen will not be affected so much to raise support for these goods, also predicted higher prices frantically in light of the current situation, which he described as “fragile” and warned the arrival of the inflation rate which did not exceed the duration of the war against the former regime 10% to 400% after the entry of the decision to lift the support into force.

“Dictates” international ..
He was an expert in the management of the economy in Libyan universities Abdul Jalil Al Mansouri feared what he described as the “dictates” of the IMF and the World Bank, stressed in his speech the island revealed that such policies “would not be in favor of the Libyan economy.”

BEFORE, under the Great Jamahiriya, education was totally FREE and added to that free auto for the student for transportation and free housing plus a bonus of 1500 for expenses..

Now (as if this is a wonderful and great thing)!:_:
Increase scholarship student in higher education to 200 dinars
Country ambiance – Aynur Sabri

The prime minister decided to increase the monthly grant for Libyan students studying in universities and colleges to 200 Libyan dinars and will be deducted half of the assessed value in the provision of accommodation for students.

And the resolution No. 251 for the year 2013 that the grant assessments are disbursed throughout the period of study and stop granted during the summer holidays and when the student for the year.

The scholarship students in universities and colleges and seventy-five Libyan dinars.

Image source: Official Website for (RAT) prime minister

Mansouri agree with Bovrna in fear of a rocket high prices when the removal of subsidies, warning the other is the arrival of inflation to a fictional proportions. He guessed Mansouri split Libya socially to the first two layers have the money and other goods and “crushed” may increase poverty and expressed his rejection of the decisions of his country’s crisis deepened.
He also warned of economic Ahmad Khamissi of any change happening on price levels (for example, the removal of subsidies) in the absence of policies, well thought out, and said that its impact will be negative for the greater part of the population, pointing out that 26.5% of the ad hoc support for associations consumer goes to non-target do, which is equivalent to 9.5% of the total commodity support.
He said Khamisi of the island that in cases of high inflation becomes a kind support is better than cash transfers because “it would inflation absorb the bulk of the cash support, in the case distort markets and the presence of the forces of monopoly as at present, the monetary support leads to encourage inflationary pressures as a result Some traders resort to raise the profit margin. ”

Naima Misrati 2011,
Ali Arab: thieves allocations in the budget Libyan ..

More than 140 billion budget is non-existent Libyan state in two years, which is equivalent to the budget of ten years in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA era,
140 billion enough to solve all the problems of Libyans including education, health, transport and communications and electricity ..
140 billion spent in full or almost did not see anything on the ground ..
140 billion spent and still cut off electricity to some areas ..
140 billion spent in the absence of any hospital in the city …
Spent 140 billion and the country does not have a single school can be called by this name
And the government demanding an extra budget before the end of the half year ..
All this and the Libyan people are still looking for the causes of instability in Libya and the reasons for blocking the establishment of the state ..
Did you know that there are children under fifteen became possess hundreds of millions inside and outside Libya …????
Did you know that there are those who bought castles in Spain, Mexico and Brazil ..?????
I see that the National Congress and the government to make budget under a single (thieves allocation).
Will not stabilize the country will not see secure unless it is to stop exporting oil immediately and then you will see how it all ends problems ..

Chief of Staff threatens to go out to the street to justify the deficit
Country ambiance – Ola Alchouda

He said the Libyan army chief of staff in charge Salim Guenida that the army will resort to taking to the streets in front of the headquarters of the RAT General National Congress, to justify its inability to perform his duties, if the Prime Minister Ali Zaidane to ignore the demand of the Ministry of Defence to liquidate its own budget.

And wondered Guenida in a statement to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday about the reason for the delay in the disbursement of the budget allocated to the ministry, stressing that the amount of sixty billion dinars is too small to meet the security needs of the post-revolution Libya.

Referred to as the meeting of the National Conference of last Sunday witnessed Mlasna between the Chief of Staff-designate Salem Guenida and RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, which Guenida accused the rat prime minister to intervene in the affairs of the army and his powers.

Alguenida accuse Zidane and political bloc disable army building

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 08:05

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

In the midst of security incidents taking place in a number of regions Libyan between Benghazi and Tripoli, and in louder voices demanding the disarming of formations irregular and build an army and security apparatus, the face of what Saraf President of Staff-designate Salem Alguenida a series of accusations and letters to the government and the political blocs, the National Conference.
The news agencies reported that Salem Alguenida – who was in an interrogation session in front of the National Congress – the face of accusations of implicit and explicit to the parties to disrupt and disable army building. And said Alguenida “The Prime Minister has had to write off items of the budget allocated to the Chiefs of Staff, and the items are very important to the establishment of the army.” And raised Alguenida in response to members’ questions that Ali Zaidan issued orders to the soldiers to move to south military Bahrbhm without traffic headed Staff as require formalities military. Did not stand charges Alguenida at the head of government but تعدتها to political bloc in the National Congress, without mention it by name. The Alguenida said that trying to penetrate the political bloc of the army during the sitting with the officers to induce them and earn their loyalty, adding that this work is very dangerous and would make the army a party in political disputes.
On the other hand, killing six soldiers from the army of the Government and wounded seventh in an attack by gunmen – at dawn on Tuesday – at the gate Khcom horse, located 120 km south of the city of Sirte, also enables attackers to destroy all military vehicles gate and grab the weapons that were in possession of the force stationed them. Media sources said that some of the Libyan soldiers were killed shoot them with some of them spent slaughtered. Following the attack, said the the martyrs battalion operations officer the Almgehvlh corner in charge of securing the gate to the Libyan news agency that military forces cordoned off the area and that the search underway to catch the perpetrators.





Very urgent and important :: طالعتنا the New York Times with an article about Libya came in (I’ve veered off the Libyan revolution for democratic approach, which was Hzvha when what support the West and America and has become a revolution of approach Islamist extremist and Masatrt extremist groups in this country,
but clear evidence of deviation of that revolution and became reservoir of terrorism and harboring terrorists from various countries of the world, and wire the leaders of this revolution policies different from what was Eetmnha the west and Libya became the first country in the export of terrorism to the neighboring countries and the continent of Africa and some countries of the world as a first stage to increase terrorist activity larger, Libya is now managed gangs criminal dangerous terrorist killing and raping and pillaging and exports of arms to all the sources of terrorism, some of its leaders,
led by Belhadj and Sharif and hater and Zahawi and thankless and hardness Bin Humaid and the advisory opinion of the religious establishment Libyan-led Gharyiani founded the networks brothel global girls يبيات and سوريات and Tunisian distributed all over the world to increase financial income for them and servitude spies on countries there are disturbances Alhzv pass the terrorist activity of through them and the liquidation of some of the symbols of those States against Think terrorist,
spotted and agencies of intelligence World Chkbat for prostitution and selling weapons managed Abdullah thankless commander of militia armed Lybia in Turkey, Syria and Egypt as well as other networks managed Belhadj and Ben Hamid and hardness and Khalid Al-Sharif in Morocco, Tunisia and northern Mali, Egypt and some Gulf states Kalamarat, all that is supported by the President of the religious establishment Libyan sincere Gharyiani is thought Brotherhood extreme, and will witness the Libya case of a complete breakdown in the light of this situation, the grave has become spread dramatically in all walks of life out) )>
Gaddafi cub
عاجل جداً وهام :: طالعتنا صحيفة نيويوك تايمز بمقال عن ليبيا جاء في ( لقد انحرفت الثورة الليبية عن النهج الديمقراطي الذي كان هذفها عندما ما دعمها الغرب وامريكا واصبحت ثورة ذات نهج اسلامي متطرف وماسيطرت الجماعات المتطرفه على هذا البلد الا دليل واضح عن انحراف تلك الثورة واصبحت مكمن للارهاب وايواء الارهابين من شتى دول العالم ، وقد سلك قادة هذه الثورة سياسات مغايره عن ما كان يتمنها الغرب واصبحت ليبيا الدوله الاولى في تصدير الارهاب الي الدول المجاوره وقارة افريقيا وبعض دول العالم كمرحلة اولى لزيادة النشاط الارهابي بشكل اكبر ،، ليبيا الان تدار من عصابات اجراميه ارهابيه خطيرة تقتل وتغتصب وتنهب وتصدر السلاح الي كل منابع الارهاب ، بعض قادتها وعلى راسهم بلحاج والشريف وكاره والزهاوي وناكر والصلابي وبن حميد وبفتوى المؤسسه الدينيه الليبية بقيادة الغرياني اسسوا شبكات دعارة عالمية من فتيات ليبيات وسوريات وتونسيات وزعت في كل انحاء العالم لزيادة الدخل المالي لهم وتسخيرهم جواسيس على دول توجد بها قلاقل الهذف تمرير النشاط الارهابي من خلالهن وتصفية بعض رموز تلك الدول المناهضة للفكر الارهابي ، ورصدت وكالات للمخابرات العالميه شكبات للدعارة وبيع السلاح تدار من عبدالله ناكر قائد ميلشيا مسلحه ليبيه في تركيا وسوريا ومصر وكذلك شبكات اخرى تدار من بلحاج وبن حميد والصلابي وخالد الشريف في المغرب وتونس وشمال مالي ومصر وبعض دول الخليج كالامارات ، كل ذلك يتم بتأييد رئيس المؤسسة الدينيه الليبية الصادق الغرياني ذو الفكر الاخواني المتطرف ، وسوف تشهد ليبيا حالة انهيار كامل في ظل هذه الوضعية الخطيرة التي اصبحت تنتشر بشكل كبير في كل مناحي الحياة بها ))>شبل القذافي


No need to Israeli military occupation there are new means
– Western countries and America found in the form of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the means to mortgage the countries and peoples of the whole of any and put them at the mercy of this body Nanny loans and long-term
– The other way is to recruit what they claim opponents (customers – traitors) سقاط not the their systems subversion – terrorism – and the use of religion ride to achieve the purposes of the Western countries that seek to install traitors customers under false slogans … Democracy – freedom – human rights …. And is the beneficiary of the support these opponents, whether from home or abroad.
– The ruler plunder of wealth goals – destruction Althanih infrastructure and rebuilding it – publishing division titles religious or sectarian …….. This is planned Alamarki the Zionist tools Arab a traitor Menbtahh agent

(candelà alwerfalli)

لا داعي للاحتلال العسكري هناك الاحتلال بالوسائل الجديدة
– الدول الغربية و امريكا وجدوا في هيئة صندوق النقد الدولي و البنك الدولي وسائل لرهن دول وشعوب باكملها اي وضعهم تحت رحمة هذه الهيئة بقروض مربية و طويلة الاجل
– اما الوسيلة الاخرى و هي تجنيد ما يزعمون معارضين ( عملاء – خونة ) لا سقاط انظمتهم بالتخريب – الارهاب – و استعمال الدين مطية لتحقيق اغراض الدول الغربية التي تسعى لتنصيب العملاء الخونة تحت شعارات مزيفة … الديمقراطية – الحرية – حقوق الانسان …. و المستفيد هو من دعم هؤلاء المعارضين سواء من الداخل او الخارج.
– الاهداف المسطرة نهب الثروات – تدمير البنية التحنية و اعادة اعمارها – نشر التفرقة بمسميات دينية او طائفية …….. هذا هو المخطط الامركي الصهيوني بادوات عربية عميلة خائنة منبطحة
Abdullah Hakim BelHadj, al-Qaeda

Lafrasin greens News :::

Please widest Publishing
Base movements predict catastrophe soon ….
Al Qaeda of tuber deployed in the troop Rulrhh and unprecedented hardware ..
. 75 armed arming Excellent car from Islamists armor Benghazi spread in the south and specifically in the city of Jufrah. Set them on a farm in Dan and the name of the owner of Farm Huwaidi.
Abdel-Hakim Belhaj and his re-arrange their forces inside Tripoli and handing out weapons and gear. There is a strange

Media Center tuber Libya

Aaaaaaaajl … Struck at the heart of the organization Almstzlamin Brotherhood ….

Salem Derby retract his remarks to go to Tripoli to face Qaqaa Battalion after the rat prime minister’s recent decision to apologize to the Libyan people,
is what released him from the threat of …

(so BelHadj took over threatening TRIPOLI, Qaqaa Battalion and Zintan!)


Salah Paddy Mzrath the request of Abdul Hakim Belhadj _ move all his forces in the direction of trait Alforjan for support until the arrival of the bulls Misratah.

Struggle for control of Tripoli

Al-QAEDA/” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” vs. Qaqaa BATTALION & 32nd BRIGADE:
Urgent ..Salah Badi asks Hakim Belhaj move all his forces in the direction of trait Alforjan for support until the arrival of the Misrata rebels.
(THIS IS THE TRIPOLI BATTLE announced last week by DARBY & BELHADJ against the Qaqaa Battalion, KHAMIS 32 nd Brigade and the ZINTANI…

THE BATTLE IS BLOODY, deadly and many perished…

Pencil volatile is dropping on civilian houses ((Khallet Alforjan)):

One of the cars belonging to RAT Li the Abu Salim Gneoh rat after the attack on the Qaqaa Brigade ..:

“Abdel Moez Bannon of”

Listen … Dgna position to million Ambchri ….

Standing in Cimafroa Salahuddin and Almqamiq nomads gather with their weapons., All Mtkntaan and say that in a

convoy of Qaqaa coming out of the Mesh Aref Wayne Baahjm them .. and they Baiqtlohm and air Hua ..

and stationed in the main intersection and I watch .. and suddenly in two cars on them 14 Jayat of good trait Alforjan from afar …

and if the text Almqamiq rode their cars and Chovc the only Gbernhm the Harbin…

Remote image Yarmouk camp now ((Khallet Alforjan)):

The al-QAEDA and MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD RATS began at KHAMIS’ YARMOUK CAMP which was supposed-to be secret!!!)

Large military convoys heading to Tripoli from Zintan.
Attribution and withdrawal of Misrata Brigades from the periphery of the Yarmouk camp (the headquarters of 24 Infantry – civil Battalion).

Militias Ogneoh the militant attack Guard facilities ...


Spin clashes now in front of a camp T previously secret among a group of bonds of the security committee

of Tripoli and Muhammad al-Madani battalion stationed inside the camp …

Our sources from the heart of the event.

The right words and hungry Libyan O

Post from Khalid Trabelsi: –

A conspiracy of the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” and Misratah where seven without Tarqat the cars attacked the headquarters of the Guard installations (Qaqaa) and ran away.

Then suddenly came the joint force and the Supreme Security Committee
I saw beauty Zoubih in the scene.

Then I asked to know and they told me there is a call for a battalion-Saadawi (al-Qaeda) and other battalions to clean Tripoli from Zintan.

This is what they said and they said they are preparing a very large force to go to Qaqaa Battalion. Urgent … A convoy of Misratah a component of rocket launchers and crayfish carts up Tajora now.

Shooting dense launchers and an ambulance, within the scope of the Yarmouk camp, which
Now under bombardment, to the capital Tripoli.
Casualties, and unconfirmed reports of deaths in raging battles
On a Hot Tin to the capital Tripoli, between Musharnin gunmen

Aaaaaaaajl …..

Now all that follow battalions city of Misrata attack on the Yarmouk camp that has the First Infantry Brigade of the Interior Ministry in Tripoli.

Urgent: NATO is backing MISURATA:
Now Advertising in emergency all Tajora camps in anticipation of an attack, NATO has related Bay Bsrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah??


Wounded in violent clashes spin now with various kinds of weapons in the vicinity of the camp of Yarmouk Tripoli.

Involved in the attack all militias that follow the city of Misurata, located in Tripoli

Chill bombardment, artillery and missile clashes continue Balmim the currently only I.

The right words and hungry

Haliaaaa a signatory signatory militia coup Brotherhood Ali Zintan militias
Tsfia to control the accounts Taraabuls (TRIPOLI)
After fabricating the crisis of seven cars attacked the guard installations
Now headed for a large force of coalition battalions Asswehly and national security committee to control KHAMIS’ Yarmouk camp!

Libya News Today

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl …. Real havoc in the Yarmouk camp!

Almtpartyaan Alajuanjah Wahhabis and Almsarit targeting one of the largest camps National Army battalion Qaqaa all kinds of weapons.

Almtpartyaan forces Alajuanjah Wahhabis and Almsarit attack Yarmouk camp
Affiliated to the Ministry of Defense, and news about the presence of dead and wounded.
Very violent battles taking place there now with all kinds of weapons and missiles.

Urgent ..The arrival of a number of dead and wounded to hospital green plateau due to the clashes in Khallet Alforjan..

Urgent ..In his first statement Osman Mliqth, on Radio Free Tripoli confirms that he issue a decision on the application

of a scorched-earth plan in Tripoli and calls Zintan  to participate in an epic victory as he called.

Large military convoys heading to Tripoli from Zintan.

Special Troops Battalion stationed at Camp 77 is moving to support Zintan against Misurata militia and the security committee in the Yarmouk camp where clashes now.

Zintan local channel says that the sons of Muhammad al-Madani Akhaddon a cordon second battle in the Yarmouk camp.

Injuries to members of the brigade civil Alzentani a result of the bombing of the Yarmouk camp all axes by Misrata militias.



Initial news talking about the death of two battalion Qaqaa.
And no information about the losses to militias and security committee backing and Asswehly ..


News about the decline of the militias that attack Shaheed Mohamed Brigade Civil and uncertain information about the arrival of more than 50 cars by 14 and 23 of the text Zintan .

Local Council spokesman Zintan to channel capital …

Why was the attack on the young Zintan in the Yarmouk camp and كدلك at the same time on xanthan battalions and kidnapped three of them in the battalion protecting the airport
And كدلك surprised in the post backing the second battalion of the interior, use Alashalh Heavy against the Yarmouk camp.

Flowers neighborhood now before camp Altkbala and Police College:
Urgent ..News about concentration of vehicles lobster in the Spring Valley area to bomb the Yarmouk camp which holed civil Brigade.

Urgent ..Move a column of tanks of to Saraya backing security and in the house of Abu Zeid Dorda to the Yarmouk camp now.
The orders of the chief of staff of bombing any convoy followed Zintan Brigades out of Nkulaih Airport Road. 

Gunmen close the Tripoli International Airport and stop trips after escalating clashes between them and the forces of the Interior Ministry.

The Anatolia news agency | Anadolu Agency.

URGENT: Chiefs of Staff lift the state of emergency in the capital Tripoli and obtained the Air Force ordered the use of force direction of any military convoy

without a permit and in particular in the areas of Airport Road and Saladin.

Libya’s international channel:

The presidency of the General Staff announces raise the degree of readiness to full status in all of its units in Tripoli.


Aaasamh channel ::

The presidency of the General Staff issued circular بالرماية of the armed convoy on any moves in the airport road without a warrant as prime Alarcaan..

The presidency of the General Staff Jermanyh issued a circular بالرماية on any armed convoy moving in through the airport without an order from the chief of staff
And God Adgo O rats, T originally Mdayrlkm considered, acetic presidency of staff express their feelings statements neither sing nor feed hungry of


Lock the road at the gate of gypsum and Cimafro electricity company by lightning battalion

Press Hussein المسلاتي:

Congress member Mohammed Khalil Zarouk asked to postpone elections, the President of the Conference for legal reasons
User Suleiman Zubi says the vote of the conference, which they apply the law of political isolation void:

Nouri Abu arrows president of the RAT National Congress, one of the city visitors.

Amazigh the pyramid of power in Libya …. Nuri Abusshmin, from the city of Zuwarah General National Congress leader …
It reminds us ascend Jalal Talabani, the Kurdish top the pyramid of power in Iraq .. Now here’s Kurdish state within a state!!! … Further disruption and fragmentation,

(Quoting p Cyrenaica)

Libyan Street platform

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl …
A group of النواصي battalion today stormed the headquarters of the warriors in Tripoli and tamper with the contents of the offices and crushed
A group of them demanding the annexation of foreign missions.

Now heavy armed confrontations in the headquarters of one of the battalions goodness of religion Tripoli.

 Misratah militias in the Gharghour area … Qaqaa on one of the headquarters of the goodness of religion and targeted a family Bakazv in the RPG,

which led to the death of the driver of the car, his wife and 2 children and 3 care.


Abu SalimAaar Council “Gneoh”

A new victim organizes to Martyrs rode home
Nabil Gilani killed on Saturday under torture prisons of darkness under NATO Abdul, Qatar Gneoh.
Initial reports of his relatives by hospital death as a result of drinking a chemical “fire water or Atcedo”.

I am God and to Him we return …

Ward KD-mail

Quoting the Supreme Council for Libya GNC

Salah area who specifically trait Alforjan now

Huge crowds of terrorists in Friday Market and Tajura and different parts of Tripoli and the Second Brigade, III Corps and guard oil installations and Saraya support and backing heavily armed with small arms and vehicles Almgehvlh and heavy weapons and flies to empty the camps in the region of battalions stationed out of a battalion Shahad Muhammad al-Madani
The news confirmed the existence of clashes and woundings…


Moved: – talk right and my hungry Libyans

About the events of Salah al-Din shortly before

Attack carried out by Agnjoh Alkkla with pool of MISRATI:

بالليبي …

Aaaaaajl ….. Renewed clashes in Salah al-Din area and shut down all roads leading to the region.
News about the reason for the clashes with heavy weapons is illegal to storm the battalion in a condominium Saladin.

Armed clashes broke out between militias belonging to the xanthan and the other from Misrata in the Salah al-Din this morning,

in an attempt of the first control on one of the headquarters of the state, and the situation is very tense now

Side of the clashes taking place in the area of Salahuddin in Tripoli …..

14.5 floundering without any regard for the lives of citizens:


جانب من الاشتباكات الحاصلة في منطقة صلاح الدين في طرابلس ….. 14.5 تخبط دون اي مراعاه لحياة المواطنين

Durée : 0:58

Media Abdulwahab Ali مليطان,:

From our sources inside the headquarters of oil installations guards what happened in Salah al-Din is:
An armed group belonging to the guard oil installations were guarding the field in the Ubari and operator of the field

quoted driller from this field to another field guarded by guards others but this group said that this rig must be kept

under control and came to the headquarters of the guard oil installations region Salahuddin and they Bmhasrth and

began firing at the headquarters, injuring 4 people working inside the headquarters one seriously injured
It then made a secret cross-fourth and a squad of National Guard and supported the guards the Ibt trapped headquarters

from Headquarters and still armed group located near the headquarters and preparing the opportunity to attack him.

Libya Gate:

Urgent very :: خشت each in Salah al-Din –

Attack Mentea the device guard oil installations of all kinds of weapons, on Facilities Guard headquarters in Salahuddin,

and the argument that not paid the salaries of some of them ….
Injuries to now 4, least two of the attackers and one of the guards and the headquarters of an ordinary citizen.

News about the reason for the clashes with heavy weapons is illegal to storm the battalion in a condominium Saladin.

Thrust Ayman apartment in a condominium civil Salahuddin by members of the Fourth secret to Saraya backing security headed by Abdul Rauf hater.


Image of Hadath heart of clashes taking place shortly before
In one picture, members of the battalion is to resuscitate him to the car.

Photos .. For citizens’ cars that were damaged during the attack on the headquarters of the guard oil installations in the morning.

= From our sources inside the headquarters of oil installations guards what happened in Salah al-Din is:
An armed group belonging to the guard oil installations were guarding the field in the Ubari and operator of the field quoted driller from this field to another field guarded by guards others but this group said that this rig must be kept under control and came to the headquarters of the guard oil installations region Salahuddin and they Bmhasrth and began firing at the headquarters, injuring 4 people working inside the headquarters one seriously injured
It then made a secret cross-fourth and a squad of National Guard and supported the guards the Ibt trapped headquarters from Headquarters and still armed group located near the headquarters and preparing the opportunity to attack him

Now and Hadath heart …. The defeat of armed militias that terrorized citizens and that trying to control the 24 Infantry Battalion headquarters but thanks to the soldiers of the Libyan army has been defeated and their defeat and هربو to face the army and are now withdrawing from the area of ​​Salah al-Din-Salahuddin evening events …Clashes in Salah al-Din, the outcome of nearly 20 wounded in the evening, including 3 women, and there are some serious cases ….
Important Alert to the youth corner (specifically الحرشه)Jardan list of Liberal equipped to catch them They Aarafo that they have a weapon. Therefore please take precaution and الحدر to our brothers in the corner ..Please publishing widely

Military police Ajdabiya raise the status of Tawari not allow the passage of military vehicles except with a new statement and an official mission.

Zintan Draa student riding in Tripoli O and Rafla and Iaurchwena Loya Mgarhh Loya Sien O Noael and four aspects. Kmaurdt of Senthata to write a page.
Urgent ..Sheikh Taher الجديع Chairman of the Shura Council Zintan Lefty jihad against the Misurata militia, which he described employment of Qatar.
Urgent …. Strength from Misratah you kidnap a group of young Ajdabiya of the trainees in the forces of the bolt numbering 11 men and a
young man from the city of Brega were kidnapped and detained in the city of Misratah on their way to Tripoli as they passed on one
Albobat entrance to the city of Misratah, and now there are negotiations between the people of the abductees and the competent authorities in Misratah.

Saraya backing the Brotherhood‘s security committee, against the battalion of the volcano Qaqaa Almusratih (attacking their headquarters)

so that MISURATA may control the power in Libya,

The MISRATI want to drop the Zintan, so that they (THE MISRATI) are able to rule by force all Libya (with Qatar).


Firas Bosalum, ….

Aaaaaaaaaaagel ….
A group of people of Tawergha IDPs in Cyrenaica and numbering 11,000 people set off this morning to her native “Tawergha City” …

Source: one based on the theme of the return of displaced Tawergha

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Displaced Tawergha in Benghazi, now in the eastern gate of Ajdabiya after
That Dharbo statement Zaidane, Tawergha local and fatwa “so-called” Mufti
Libyan Diar..

Urgent now
Than an hour
Coalescence folks Tawergha residents in the south of Ajdabiya camp convoy that came from Benghazi

and now arrived to the city of Sirte and with them many of the Libyan Tribes of the East and the United Nations.

Noor Huda الورفلي
(Sirte) or:I wish to God Almighty
To solve the great problems in Sirte as soon as and يتدارك the parents the consequences of what will Afficher l’articlehappen and what the consequences of continuing and incursions in the blood.

Do not listen to the devils of mankind traitors to the homeland of the cities Alfberaaria, to Achmtwa enemies in you, O people of Sirte especially rode the wave of betrayal and shame if you like, or you refuse you are ousted “This pride and honor to you,” You are in the eyes of every February in favor of the leader of the martyr leader and ousted.

O people of Sirte you more than 85% vegetables in favor of the legitimacy of the Great Jamahiriya if exacerbated these problems will not be back there not a supporter does not shows ستشتعل fire of sedition and will become things feuds and assassinations and a bloodbath will never end, but spend a party to the other party or displace tribe to tribe, other tribes of them fell victims today
We Nzkhr young men Sirte for editing
We talked with many you who Anzmoa to February Black know that your hearts and your guns with the Liberals, with green flag with the first shot of the free fall and regulates the ranks of free Libya do not let these problems destroy the ammunition side Liberation Please position Tdarqua me quickly.

Colonel “Salah بوحليقة” says that six of his men were slaughtered shot and killed.
B bullets, stun Battalion 21 “martyrs corner”, at the gate
Between Sirte Bohadi, and their list of the names of the victim were:
1- Boubacar Mohammed Ahmed Musa.
2- Ali Mohamed Ahmed Birthday Altaorga.
3- Key on the key Muhammad.
4- Fit Mohammed Omar Sharidi.
5- Salem Mohammed Sadiq gift.
6- Suleiman Ali Mamedalhadi.

An armed attack on the gate Khcom horse south of the city of Sirte
Libyan news …

Came at dawn on Tuesday, gate horse Khcom, and located about 120 kilometers south of the city of Sirte, the Libyan Army, to an armed attack by unknown assailants.

According to the Colonel, “Khaled Akkari” battalion operations officer testified the costly Almgehvlh corner to secure the gate in Sirte

that the attack resulted in the killing of 6 members of the battalion soldiers and burning two cars.

Akkari said: that has surrounded the area in question, and that the search is under way for the MISURATI perpetrators.

Home »News, News Libyan clashes, Sirte, Libya, killing an armed attack on the gate Khcom horse south of the city of Sirte
An armed attack on the gate Khcom horse south of the city of Sirte.

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 25 يونيو, 2013 | 14:40

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sirte.

Came at dawn on Tuesday, gate horse Khcom, and located about 120 kilometers south of the city of Sirte, of the Allaotunai army-Libi, to an armed attack by MISURATI.

According to the Colonel \ “Khaled Al Akkari \” battalion operations officer so-called Bashhada of the costly Almgehvlh corner to secure the gate – the correspondent of the Libyan News Agency – Sirte that the attack killed 6 members of the battalion soldiers and burning two cars. Akkari said: that has surrounded the area in question, and that the search is underway for the culprits.

Sirte has suffered from the ravages and brutality of rat bastards they are more than feel the suffering of their brethren Tawergha taxpayers who legitimacy to the last breath was then wholly displace position Althaat.
Sirte point breakthrough to Tawergha proud land, and there are other passages from Tripoli and the center will be launched, including the people of Tawergha to return to the pure land.

Sirte هااااااااااام the
I would like to mention that your brothers displaced Tawergha residents in Middle Bdaaa, to come and arriving on Sirte ĂŃĚćÇ help them and house them and provide them with
Whatever it takes

* Sniper *

URGENT: – the slaughter of 6 Martyrs Brigade corner Almgehvlh: –

Scattered base in Libya next Sirte and the south, Derna and Benghazi ..

Salem al-Obeidi:
بوحليقة assures me killed six of his men were slaughtered, battalion Thunderbolt
21 “corner Martyrs”, in the gateway between Sirte Bohadi, and did not
Can take him names because the choking man.

Wenta literally and Patty O God knows Pia Lord.

Colonel Salah بوحليقة in connection with the channel Libya’s international says: group Islamic militant attacked the gate Khcom Horse of the national army south of Sirte,

in charge of securing the desert road in that area and killed 6 soldiers of the battalion Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs corner” slaughtered and shot dead has also burned vehicles and headquarters portal.


Chairman of the local council of Bani Walid inspects the city’s police training center. Tuesday, June 25, 2013 (20:12:0)

Bani Walid, 25 June 2013 (and) – The head of the local council of Bani Walid “carp قريرة the” inspection visit to the city’s police training center,

which includes 500 trainees in all security disciplines. The officials demanded a police training center Bani Walid; the local council and the

competent authorities to provide facilities and equipment necessary training to enable them to perform the tasks assigned to them in the

training of security elements joined for this session, which will last for more than two months. And pledged to Mr. carp قريرة the President

of the Council, to make possible efforts to meet the needs of the center and provide the required training courses for graduation and

efficient security agents capable of maintaining security and safety in the city.

Noor Huda الورفلي
Post from Almnazl Sharif ….. Dr. Hamza Abuchnger Thami
Aalsalam, mercy and blessings of God — greetings and respect and appreciation and Akabari and pride Rusaifa and its people and young, men and women – yesterday spoke to me, adviser to Prime African countries of Africa task and told me that the president wants you a detailed report about the Rafla because you are of them and because this area has impressed all the countries of the world – how I felt and how I felt proud greatness and Rafla and history Remember God and Rafla and top and conquer the enemy will – because it the Atatsam Aballah Atstnasr but from God and Ataul only to God – a tribute to my family

October Bani Walid:

There is no power except God …………………

Event this morning traffic accident near Wadi Dinar killed the owner of the first car on the spot late, God willing, named “the birth of Omar Allmata”

from the city of Bani Walid as quoted family that are independent of the second car to the hospital and are in critical condition’s six members,

including four children they are from the city of Sirte.
…………… I am God and to Him we return …………..

And Rafla famous goodness — Baltrahibh ——— and people Ajwad and guardian prestige
Mattnyha 100 ——- calamity, ——– Matbhdelha and Matnssa Haley Sblha
Without the wonderful —– countries Aamjmlha ——— Manaraf the how Onfsalha the
And Diem Dom pride Otgiba —- تبان Hllaha ———- who Ajeha Ertahlha
And another described the Lord make —– Jahlha ——— in my middle Nzlha:

08 MARCH 2013..In remembrance of Gibran Warfalli

And Jihad Rafla …. Oh infection!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar February ……….
A coalition of students from the Faculty of Science – University of Benghazi.

Special – interest of the security of facilities and installations Benghazi

In the land of Shebna required at school sanctity group Islamic militants and their number was 3 people in the Mazda car prosecute young man we have reservations on anonymity in the Navy even when his house in the area in question and was required to unpack the car with him and is Toyota Fjah navy, but the young marine was them went Observatory them gun type “NBK T”, killing one of them bombed his head was born two others the flight and left the car.

Benghazi: families of victims of Alkwyfah demanding the government to open an investigation of the incident and only

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 24 يونيو, 2013 | 22:19

Student residents victims Alkwyfah, on Sunday, the investigation in Alkwyfah events that took place two weeks ago in Benghazi.

And said one parent blood and Nice Hun that his son was a student in the Faculty of Engineering, was killed in front of the battalion next to his house which adjoins the battalion shield Libya 1, having received 37 bullet in the head, calling for an investigation with shooters on victims and Mgamthm a fair trial and punishment of shooters.
And denounced the Hun addressed the media to incident Alkwyfah, describing the media coverage in that day Baldaifah and exclusive images of mobile devices, at a time of intensified efforts when exposed one of the media in Benghazi under attack Bjulatina.And expressed dismay that the Ministry of Awqaf has shown no importance of the subject,
in addition to the regret of the speeches on Friday to lack of exposure to this incident, pointing out that he does not seek because تحسبه Ministry of martyrs and missing of martyrs, but ask God to يحتسبه martyr him, and he will not give up right in the arrest of the offender, and if our hands.


Benghazi brigade confirmed first Mchae that rocket was subjected to the logic of a mountain in the tuber and South Green Mountain specifically flattened
Salem said Merghany rockets came from drones and sea and has been DC area Alqoasat a pool area Saraya Islamic تتخد

by way of the desert port escaping known group takfirist Mujahid, said Abdul Rahman Amnfa that Mntgahh caves razed to the ground,

and did not yet know of the bombing Does the state or on the other hand, but still drones in the skies of the region,

the first bombing after ((war of 2011)), and chief of staff denied that they may have bombed the area or learn something about what happened today.


Tobruk urgent and very dangerous / / / / / / / / / /
Word now:
The arrival of a shipment of sugar Spanish port Amsaad land, unfit for human use, with the knowledge that this shipment was

rejected from Misratah and proved Inspector health in the port of Misratah not suitability for human use, and therefore rig

supplier shipment and transfer to Egypt and now is trying to enter through the port Amsaad, company name are: Company dirt

Libya: customs declaration number: 5821.150 truck sugar corrupt, and to acknowledge the other No. 5822.106 truck sugar corrupt,

the importer’s name: Hatem Bouklh Katani,,,, and God Hunt them the hearts of citizens, hope, and greedy and will not leave it pass us O Avloh ………………….

We ask God that saves Libya.

The news agency – Tobruk – reporter

Fire b Tobruk Industrial Zone, one of the workshops Alrabash
B chosen neighborhood, and did not identify the cause of the

From the spot .. a little while ago


Green Hospital now receives death toll and surgical and reinforcements come from the western mountain, Gheryan and easy الجفارة Ptjah Yarmouk camp O ladder.

Libyan Al-Watan newspaper ...

Assassination is prison Alruyemi and Sam Ismail Asamadh,
Confirmed presenter Ahmed Boukraa spokesman for the police jurisdiction of the Al-Watan newspaper .

Libyan assassination and Sam Ismail Asamadh dawn today in front of his home in the Ain Zara Tripoli,

which is a prison Alruyemi (formerly Baraka now) and is considered a badge of rebels Nafusa Mountains

and ordered Saraya battalion martyrs, DC Among the rebels which Andmo of the judicial police.
He pointed to the issuance of a statement condemning this cowardly act and address the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the assassination

and detect the perpetrators.
As explained Boukraa in the statement of members of the claims repeatedly for the conference and the government to provide the necessary

resources and support in order to protect employees of the device, because so work contributes to destabilize security and stability in Libya ..

Alqtron channel ….

Aaaaaaaajl of spark oil field

Production was stopped today at the fourth order of the four secret Zintan in charge of protection field the spark

and this is the second stop for field production due to tribal interests


DO NOT FORGET what occurred in APRIL 2012:
This is what they did to a family in the Green Nafusa Mountains (after the Government stole and sold their house and property to Qatari illegally)…
and to get the family off the home, they killed the parents little son in front of them!


Today the people of the Middle Talat in the streets Barju on their experience to they arrived les than Clea told you today they
said that to become Moamra great on Libya and the base control of Libya when just before we Moamra they said to Atorh
and now here they are today sounding bitter from everywhere and CCCP defend them.

Local Council of the Murzuq close its doors ..
After a day problem.



MADNESS OF THE ICC OF BELGIUM (WING OF THE UNO/NATO):URGENT / / a spokesman for the International Criminal173 is the last name of the wanted list in Libya events and most are related to 17 February Group!
9 figures in the Libyan General Conference
57 of Misratah
52 Zintan
23 Benghazi
11 Tripoli
5 corner
And the rest are the names of the different parts of a single for his crimes do not follow groupsLibyan authorities strive to not declare this list and emphasizes the sovereignty of the state, but we assure that they are criminals and killers will be tracked down and arrested and Sinclv views with other Interpol police to catch them in the place of the world. Libyan state sovereignty and celestial thing and coverage it something else, and Libyan officials to be ashamed of themselves ..Channel Four – Brussels – Antonioa the Pamitig(SAIF, SENUSSI, DORDA, al-BAGDADI, HANNIBAL, AISCHA–and prior was also MUAMMAR on this list!)

Ali Zaidane: ornately appointed as an adviser to the prime minister and I am responsible for this

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 24 يونيو, 2013 | 22:23

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.


Plaid having been appointed to a military adviser to the government ….
Ali Zaidane appear before the National Congress to clarify the reasons for selection, and organize a strong national alliance, condemns the decision,  & calls on Zaidane to resign.

The response of the Committee for the Defense National Conference: ornately appointed to the post of military adviser to the government Zidane represents تحييدا for the decisions and incoming members of the National Congress dismissed carved, and the Committee of Defense to the National Conference has not been notified of ornately appointed in his new position.

Prime Minister Ali Zaidane importer, on Sunday, appointed the former head of the General Staff of the Libyan army defeated Joseph carved as a military adviser to the government necessary thing.He explained Zidane – press conference held today in the capital Tripoli on the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat to Libya – that he personally appointed ornately adviser to the Council of Ministers is responsible for this decision pointing out that the conditions did not help him to perform the tasks assigned to him when he was Chief of Staff .

He added:

“Through the ornately tackle Profile while I was able to his eyes as a consultant and everyone knows that the adviser does not have his decision is taken and it is now necessary to his presence with us to contribute to the creation of solutions to some of the issues in the country by virtue of his experience.”

Observers believe that this decision has come directly from Qatar .


Withdrawal of Qatari nationality of Sheikh sedition, “Qaradawi” was أمهاله 48 hours to leave the country. A big blow for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

الــفراسين الخــضر الاخبــارية:

Lafrasin greens News:

It is rumored that tomorrow the oil giant will deliver Emirate of Ali Baba!!
Qatar will move from support for the Muslim Brotherhood to support the Liberals!!!
Based on orders Cao Boy!! He second quarter of play!!
Where the din of public performance director representatives Fastbdelhm the new blood!!
To maintain the flow of Arab oil and Arab blood!!!
And would not have given up the hall of cheering and Almtablin and Almcefqatih!!
Qatar and Qatar live!! Not slept the eyes of cowards!!!
Forgive me (Nhlos) Khokm talk Arabs
Unemployed and strategic analyst!!!!
ويشاع بان غداً سيقوم مارد الزيت بتسليم الامارة لعلي بابا !!
وستنتقل قطر من دعم الاخوان الى دعم اللبراليون !!!
بناءً على أوامر الكاو بوي !! انه الفصل الثاني من المسرحية !!
حيث ضج الجمهور من أداء الممثلين فاستبدلهم المخرج بدماء جديدة !!
للحفاظ على تدفق النفط العربي والدماء العربية !!!
ولن تخلوا القاعة من المهللين والمطبلين والمصفقاتية !!
وقطر قطر تحيا قطر !! ولا نامت أعين الجبناء !!!
وسامحوني (نهلوس ) خوكم كلام عرب
عاطل عن العمل ومحلل استراتيجي !!!!

News of the expulsion of the client Khaled Meshaal, and the withdrawal of Qatari nationality of the Shaykh Qaradawi NATO

and Amhalama 48 hours to leave Doha, based on the Amiri decree issued by Tamim’m a banana ruler of Qatar …. To hell and good determination ..

عاجل :
انباء عن طرد العميل خالد مشعل وسحب الجنسية القطرية من شيخ الناتو القرضاوي وامهالهما 48 ساعة لمغادرة الدوحة وذلك بناء على مرسوم اميري صادر عن تميم ابن موزة حاكم قطر …. إلى الجحيم وبأس المصير ..

Official page Al Lafraain television Faraeen Channel

Withdrawal of Qatari nationality of Sheikh sedition, “Qaradawi” was أمهاله 48 hours to leave the country. A big blow for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:

Fares Albraigahے 
Qatar is an independent state or a U.S. colony???

The colonization of white colonization????????????

– Enumerate the country 12 thousand army troops / U.S. Army census diameter of more than 21 thousand troops?????????????
– Qatari Air Force 25 fighter jet / U.S. Air Force aircraft in Qatar 172???????????????????????
– The number of armored vehicles and tanks owned by Qatar 1005 armored tank and wagon Jund / number of armored vehicles and U.S. vehicles in Qatar in 2300 Cart and armored??????????????????????????

Lafrasin greens News :::

U.S. military cargo plane at the airport in Tripoli, 23/​​6:

News – Michegat “the United States of AmericaLibyan citizen killed “Abdulrahman friend Taher century” in mysterious circumstances.Authorities found security to the state Michegat American Libyan citizen “Abdulrahman friend Taher century” of area residents Friday market to Tripoli in the city of Detroit covered in in blood downtown Detroit after being subjected to beatings and was transferred to Henry Ford Hospital to help him, but he died this and has been to identify the identity of the victim through fingerprints recorded by the police station to the city.
الخبر – ميشيغات “الولايات المتحدة الإمريكيةمقتل المواطن الليبي “عبدالرحمن الصديق الطاهر الميلادي” في ظروف غامضة .عثرت الـسلطات الأمنية بــ ولاية ميشيغات الأمريكية علي الـمواطن الليبي “عبدالرحمن الصديق الـطاهر الميلادي” من سكان منطقة سوق الـجمعة بــ طرابلس في مدينة ديـترويت مضرجاَ بدمائه وسط مدينة ديترويت بعد تعرضه لـ الضرب و تم نقلـه إلي مستشفى هنري فـورد لإسعافه ، إلا أنه فـارق الـحياة هذا و قد تم الـتعرف علي هوية القتيل من خلال بـصماته المسجلة بـ مركز الـشرطة بـ الـمدينة .بنت الوادي



Was shut Ras Jedir border crossing by the Tunisian side by four hours from now ..


Tunisian authorities in the bulletin channel Hanabaal hour mid-day today
((The Immigration and Passport According Bzjul, more than one hundred and eighty-nine thousand Libby

during the last four days of Tunisia and express unprecedented immigration status exposed to the Tunisian soil,

causing a shortage of health materials الغدائية and the Tunisian authorities)).





Admiral Eric ماكلاود head forces Royal British Navy confirms that Britain is able to resolve the chaos in the countries of the South Libyan that do not respect themselves depending on the recipe and set its border with Libya, and stressed that they have Otvaqah security with the former regime in Libya,

“we may have to activate it, and we did, you will not there is such thing as or نيجرية the Chadian border with Libya after that, and I would advise officials in these countries to take advantage of the time you probably will not repeat them this opportunity in the next few days.”

Grenada News Hedlaat – the South Lambton

British Royal Marines

Good arrived Benghazi plane drone bombed farms on the outskirts of Benghazi for the night,
stun confirmed that there are attacks get by missiles from the sea.
Secondly: Rule: attacking the gate Khcom riding south of Sirte 120 km and slaughtered 6 elements of the army, and vowed to implement more,
Abraq Abyar panEastern Region القاعديين there vows to invade the capital
after that seduced Scott people of Tripoli in coordination with النواصي, and the name of the invasion, “Ramadan Karim” Tripoli.
Outbreak of the fighting area of Salah al-Din and the possibility of expansion on the back of the possible fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to be Libya depth safe for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Finally: Now the conflict entered by international parties were watching from afar….
Unfortunately سيحتدم the …
We ask God Almighty to pay for Libya and Libyans scourge away.

تشي جيفارا العرب المعتصم
حازم العربي عااااااااااااجل:الخير وصل بنغازي الطائرة بلا طيار تقصف مزارع بضواحي بنغازي ليلا،والصاعقة تأكدت بأن ثمة هجمات تحصل بواسطة صواريخ من البحر.ثانيا:القاعدة :تهاجم بوابة خشوم الخيل جنوب سرت 120كم وتذبح 6عناصر من الجيش،وتتوعد بتنفيذ المزيد،الأبرق الأبيار عموم المنطقة الشرقية القاعديين هناك يتوعدون بغزو العاصمة بعد أن أغراهم سكوت أهل طرابلس بالتنسيق مع النواصي،وإسم الغزوة “رمضان كريم”طرابلس اندلاع قتال بمنطقة صلاح الدين واحتمال توسعه على خلفية احتمال سقوط الاخوان بمصر،لتكون ليبيا عمق آمن لاخوان مصر.أخيرا :الآن الصراع دخلت عليه أطراف دولية كانت تراقب من بعيد وللأسف سيحتدم …ونسأل الله العظيم أن يدفع عن ليبيا والليبيين البلاء بعيدا.
  • حازم العربي عااااااااااااجل:الخير وصل بنغازي الطائرة بلا طيار تقصف مزارع بضواحي بنغازي ليلا،والصاعقة تأكدت بأن ثمة هجمات تحصل بواسطة صواريخ من البحر.ثانيا:القاعدة :تهاجم بوابة خشوم الخيل جنوب سرت 120كم وتذبح 6عناصر من الجيش،وتتوعد بتنفيذ المزيد،الأبرق الأبيار عموم المنطقة الشرقية القاعديين هناك يتوعدون بغزو العاصمة بعد أن أغراهم سكوت أهل طرابلس بالتنسيق مع النواصي،وإسم الغزوة “رمضان كريم”طرابلس اندلاع قتال بمنطقة صلاح الدين واحتمال توسعه على خلفية احتمال سقوط الاخوان بمصر،لتكون ليبيا عمق آمن لاخوان مصر.أخيرا :الآن الصراع دخلت عليه أطراف دولية كانت تراقب من بعيد وللأسف سيحتدم …ونسأل الله العظيم أن يدفع عن ليبيا والليبيين البلاء بعيدا.





Lion never sleeps..He awaits his appointed time… (Johniain Iain Mellon)

attente triomphe / AWAITING TRIUMPH

Mu desert Mystic

Steadfast and the Covenant are staying
Default stainless Mai presses Lake says ..
Challenge and Shoumoukh morning ..

Mu a man of vision

All free Aasgel attending me Alaajaaaaaaaaaab of how much brighter now ..?

Gaddafi Sniper. writes:

Victory morning Aagel anger and victory is coming victors (bony O) … Victory O Oschhaddena, in Libya green .. Soon hour decisiveness, God willing …
صباح النصر ياجيل الغضب والنصر قادم منتصرون ( يا عظمي ) … النصر يا أستشهادنا يــــ ليبيا الخضراء ـــا.. قريبا ساعة الحسم باذن لله …


Astt to cleanse the occupied homeland inch inch of untouchability and races
Never will not allow Libya themes between our hands Bgot wrong –


Distribution continuously to Amsakah the unified Resistance:


Greetings to you, sir Muammar al-Qathafi
Admin 69


Still the official name and customary for Libya is
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
And Moto oh rats
This proves nothing indicates Adzkm and you Tarafo not launch Adero
This is a picture of a Libyan passport has been stamped at the Libyan Embassy in Russia:


Alqtron | |

Interruption of water for most logic Albouka neighborhoods for the seventh day in a row.


RAT Derby (SHIELDS under USA TRAINING) gives the government a week to resolve the battalion Qaqaa (of ZINTAN) and the Atmosphere of the country:  by Abdul Hamid Alamrna

Shura Council Balzntan disown from Qaqaa battalion and confirms that it has nothing to do have Zintan Bthoar.

Statement Qaqaa Brigade: –

The Brigade first Bracken border and vital and strategic objectives closely cited some of the media channels and social networking pages containing some of the threats against the brigade by some Individuals that Oaljamaat and indicate the weakness of the argument owner and slander charges.
Recalling what was said Mufti Sheikh the “sincere Ghiryani” about the difficult phase experienced by Libya and the emergence of strife began to show signs visible aiming to undermine the stability of the country, and his call for all to the need for restraint.
The First Brigade of the corner borders and vital goals and strategy reaffirms joining under the legitimacy of the Libyan state represented in the National Conference year and the interim government, and it is subject to the instructions of the presidency of the General Staff of the army-Libi, and comply with the orders of Chief of General Staff-designate Maj. Gen. corner “Salem Guenida” Judge not tolerated wants the attack on the legitimacy of the Libyan state and prejudice to the prestige of the military and endanger the security of the homeland and citizens at risk, assuring full allegiance to God and the homeland.

First Brigade Bracken border guards and oil facilities and vital and strategic goals
Issued in Tripoli 20/06/2013

Salem Derby Martyrs Brigade commander Abu Salim Ali Libya T now threatening the Qaqaa بالويل the battalion and destruction and annihilation after a week if not resolved! !

The battalion commander gave “Salim Salim Martyrs of Derby” a week to disssolve the anti-RAT-government “Qaqaa battalion”, which he said includes a number of former employees of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of al-Qathafi .

The Rat Derby Militia receives training at the hands of U.S. forces.

Derby threatened in a statement to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday to transfer the battle to Tripoli if it is not a solution “Qaqaa battalion” and hold all of transgressed against the Libyan people – according to the recipe.

The people blamed the RAT-government (Shield derby) for the deteriorating security situation in the cities of Benghazi and Derna, which “Tktoyan fire result of Thoarha refusal ousted Gaddafi.”

Darby-Commander’s comments came in sync with resolving all claims battalions and their members to join the RAT national army.

Citing the First Brigade of the border guards, facilities and vital and strategic objectives

Do you joined the brigade members 32 and enhanced M’Hamed Makrif St. battalion yesterday to the Qaqaa brigade or are they from the beginning in the district?

Why then talk now about Qaqaa, Sheikh Salem Derby?

(I think the 32 Brigade enhanced sentenced him Misurata during the liberation war and remains at the Gardens Hotel Misurata like what destroyed the T and the rest of the arrows in Bani Walid)

Are the people of Tripoli complained Qaqaa Brigade or of militias Sowaihili in college girls, Gharghour and the other militias?

For me Qaqaa base ÓÇßĘ the good and bad .. I have not heard they were arrested, imprisoned or besieged or killed as I’ve heard from others.

ONLY reputation need them two days before they are and battalion lightning Tripoli supported Thunderbolt Benghazi military armored vehicles and mechanisms to assist in the protection of Benghazi after the problem shields in Benghazi.

For this reason, Sheikh Salem become Enhanced brigade?

O Sheikh Salem if you have a military force have the ability to fight Qaqaa is better you have to believe and protect them annihilated in tuber to كملوا the killers every day one of them either dead or the first Valagherbon bombing Virtue .. And give Qaqaa and non-Qaqaa for the people of Tripoli Wahl Mecca know بشعابها.

Personally I am against all militias legally or illegally, and with the national army and national police, which are subject to the legitimate orders and ordered people not threaten the legitimacy and the people.

God save Libya without ideologies…

Urgent .. Holding Osman Mliqth, is Qaqaa Brigade expanded meeting with the battalion commanders of the military council of Zintan to discuss in the face of threats to the brigade of Rav Alshata Brigades and the remnants of Libya and shield the martyrs AbuSaleem.

God’s curse on you in Hell, Mohamed Barrani Ichkal, who joined the جردان Maakm

Libya – The General Barrani Ichka was killed by the Resistance. 18/12/2011
(ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama, unconfirmed information still talking about the assassination of General Mohamed Barrani Ichkal. He was executed at his home by fighters of the Liberation People’s Army of Libya under Muammar al-Qathafi.

Mohamed Barrani Ichkal was a cousin of Muammer, the guide. As Commander of the brigade  Omar el-Megarief,  he had a mission to protect and guard the gates of Tripoli. On 21 August 2011, he opened the doors to the battalion Abdelhakim Belhadj (al-Qaeda) which allowed the fall of Tripoli to come quickly with the Special Forces of NATO. Barrani ordered his troops to join the  so-called “rebels” or be killed. Therefore, RAT Abdul Salam inventory skins declared:

Qaqaa battalion is Ptheriba of Tripoli before the editing process and  had a major role in the (so-called) ‘liberation’ (Fall) of Tripoli and Menteabhe Kano…”

Ali Zaidane:

“We met with shields and the state does not want to exclude a —-
We asked Conference Amhalna four أسابع on armor because it’s complicated and composite….

Multi payroll needs administrative and financial procedures and complex legal.”


Liberal brethren, please pay attention and fight this topic Elsafhhalta to tracking the movement of Libyan name ..

unsure .. out in July next day 07/07/2013 ……… Please do not Ansaag, please Circular and publishing ……..Admin – steadfast.

 Communications Commission and Transport National Congress general open an investigation into the strike sudden, which was carried out by Employees of Hospitality Management Air belonging to the airline Libyan days ago which caused disabling a large number of flights and congestion for travelers at airports in Tripoli, Benghazi and Istanbul and Jeddah, demanding the company publish a formal apology to those affected by this strike.

Ministry of martyrs and wounded says the death toll from the civil war from Alfberara side reached 5517 people.
The ministry did not address the death toll from the other side who are the Libyan army September and supporters as well as opponents of February (opponents of February not necessarily to be supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA).
Alice these Epieon and many of them have left have no families headed? Why this الحقارة in the handling of the ministry? Why deliberately deepen the rift between the sons of the homeland? Is the ministry stood at the door of Paradise to give the recipe a martyr of want Tnzaaha about does not want to?


“VALLEY GIRL”  writes:

“Traders of religion …

Just look to the members of the so-called National Congress gives you an idea of the type of state control of Libya February …..”:

عاااااااااعااااااااااااااجل and Haaaaaaaam
((The right words … At the core)) shortly before the end of a meeting with Adnan successful is the so-called brigade Fattah Younis \ Tripoli in the homeland and with the awakening program Broadcaster Khalifa al-Obeidi on the so-called channel Libya first ….

literally said the words of sincere and genuine and describing what is happening in Libya stricken Now ((he said people knew all the farce that pass out of Libya now and knew Libyans why the continuation of this anarchy landing in order to steal and loot the largest amount of money the Libyans., and because there are certain countries do not want Libya’s stability and said the plot of the first on Libya and the implementation of foreign agendas ___

he will not do to Libya Start menu as long as there marginalization of Libyan tribes, such as Bani Walid and Tarhuna and Orishvana and beautiful Rkdalin and العجيلات and Owoowoowoalkh from that calculated on the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and that these tribes waiting nearby explode and rise up and revolt, along with the rest of the people because he knew everything .. knew of secret prisons and torture, theft, looting and chaos and lack of security and safety and knew agendas external parties and ideological and Owoowo Aljosov arise on the conference Dead and government sleeper, which have an Hia only Almaatemrat press releases and lie to the people and also stressed Adnan successful that more than a million text Libby displaced surprised and said strange not they those Libyans were burned several homes and stole their money and possessions including many still displaced from their injustice and Tanna ….

The death every day and assassinations every day and the bodies of Libyan aimed at sea and in the deserts and in the farms and the salvation to be revealed truths of the Libyan people ….. He said unfortunately for more than two years and we are waiting around in his throat treadmill and ask where officials who were in the National Transitional Council and the Executive Office and the Government of nutria all stole and looted and fled because they came from behind the sea and returned to their countries ….. When asked Broadcaster .. how long ..?? answered successful … soon Centvd Liberals and honorable and national Ali these extravaganzas of the conference and the government and all the gatekeepers in the people …………………………

He concluded by inviting the Libyan people to get out of the uprising and the revolution this injustice and chaos.

عاااااااااعااااااااااااااجل وهاااااااام
(( كلام حق… وفي الصميم)) قبل قليل انتهاء لقاء مع عدنان الناجح امر مايسمي بلواء عبدالفتاح يونس \طرابلس في برنامج صحوة وطن ومع المذيع خليفه العبيدي علي مايسمي قناة ليبيا اولا ….قال حرفيا كلام صادق وحقيقي واصفا مايحدث في ليبيا المنكوبه الان(( قال الشعب عرف كل المهزله التي تمر بها ليبيا الان و عرف الليبيين لماذا استمرار هذه الفوضي المقصوده وذلك لسرقه ونهب اكبر قدر من اموال الليبيين . ولان هناك دول معينه لاتريد لليبيا الاستقرار وقال هي مؤامره من الاول علي ليبيا وتنفيذ لاجندات خارجيه___وقال انه لن تقوم لليبيا قائمه ابدا مادام هناك تهميش القبائل الليبيه مثل بني وليد وترهونه وورشفانه والجميل ورقدالين والعجيلات ووووووووووالخ من التي محسوبه علي النظام السابق وان هذه القبائل تنتظر وقريب تنفجر وتنتفض وتثور ومعها باقي الشعب لانه عرف كل شئ ..عرف السجون السريه والتعذيب والسرقه والنهب والفوضي وانعدام الامن والامان وعرف الاجندات الخارجيه والاحزاب المؤدلجه ووووووو الخوسوف تثور علي المؤتمر الميت والحكومه النائمه والتي لاتملك شئيا الا المؤاتمرات الصحفيه ويكذبوا علي الشعب وايضا اكد عدنان الناجح علي ان اكثر من مليون ونص ليبي مهجر واستغرب وقال غريبا اليسوا هؤلاء ليبيين وتم حرق العديد من منازلهم وسرقت اموالهم وممتلكاتهم ومنهم الكثير لازال نازح من مناطقهم ظلما وعدواننا ….وقال الموت كل يوم والاغتيالات كل يوم وجثث الليبيين ترمي في البحر وفي الصحاري وفي المزارع وخلاص لابد من كشف الحقائق للشعب الليبي…..وقال للاسف لاكثر من سنتين ونحن ننتظر وندور في حلقه مفرغه وتسأل اين المسؤولين الذين كانوا في المجلس الانتقالي والمكتب التنفيذي وحكومه الكيب كلهم سرقوا ونهبوا وهربوا لانهم جاءوا من وراء البحر ورجعوا لدولهم…..وعندما سأله المذيع ..الي متي ..؟؟ اجابه الناجح …قريبا سينتفض الاحرار والشرفاء والوطنيين علي هذه المهازل من المؤتمر والحكومه وكل المتحكمين في الشعب …………………………وختم حديثه بدعوه الشعب الليبي للخروج و للانتفاضه والثورة علي هذا الظلم وهذه الفوضي



Zaidane head of the RAT Government of Libya February at his press conference:


“I hope the people of Tawergha postpone their return and leave the area for the government to deal with it.”

Ask the people of Tawergha stay where they are in the camps sympathetic with Mzrath, and told them to stay in their place to deal with the matter during the current government or the next government.

Zaidane craft statements regarding the return of the people of Tawergha:
– We ask of Tawergha As the government and Guardian, that postpone ordered their return to their city!
– What happened to Misrata is not easy and the wound has not healed yet!!
– Time sponsor that fit it between Misrata and Tawergha!
– I heard the words of a good principle of Misrata regarding Tawergha!!
Analytical Profile:
Zaidane using a Guardian, proves to me that the speech and native of Islamist sincere العرياني and beneficiaries of adulation for Misrata ..
The class تترجى government disadvantaged to bear the injustice in order to preserve the feelings of a class without law and retaliated and killed homeless and abandoned and still wound did not heal gangrene and means need to be amputated ..
Government has failed to impose its control and advocate for children, the elderly and women .. Unreliable in the establishment of any democracy of any kind!
Resistance and the resistance and the resistance must purge the country of filth and الانجاس .. The point is over.
(Iman Saad)

Lech Thorgae of Tawergha

To the RAT Libyan state will not accept livelihood Palmjimat and our decision to return to our land and without the protection of you because you do not you respond Zaal Misurata gangs and on this basis, our decision to return on 25/06/2013. For Libya peace ….




 al-Qaeda Derna leaders to lead the fight …under the command of NATO & MISURATA!

Libya Gate
بداءت the drums of war knock against Zintan .. the the NATO’s anti-xanthan (Misrata + Gheryan + the some battalions corner + some battalions market Friday)

Was one involving the city of al-Qaeda Derna leaders to lead the fight …

If the aim was to end the militias .. No threats were all militias, which occupies the capital only in Gharghour or through the airport .. Yes Qaqaa and the rest of the Zintan militias and presence against the construction of the state .. But militias Faraj Asswehly, the other in the capital and its existence against the building of the State.

Salem Derby Martyrs Brigade commander Abu Salim Ali Libya T now threatening the Qaqaa بالويل the battalion and destruction and annihilation after a week if not resolved! !

(WE ALL KNOW  THE ZIONIST REASONS for the Attack on ZINTAN, “KALZINTANSTAN”, LEVY and SAIF—just to name a few!)

Urgent .. Holding Osman Mliqth, is Qaqaa Brigade expanded meeting with the battalion commanders of the military council of Zintan to discuss in the face of threats to the brigade of Rav Alshata Brigades and the remnants of Libya and shield the martyrs AboSaleem.



A Repeat of what MISURATA & NATO did to BANI WALID?

Rhett rats Mottagoyen / and of Zintan p / God Kiedkm is in Nhrkm Iabl NATO /
NATO Asswehly declares war on Zintan

Statement of the common room Western Region
Friday ..
After more than two years of the Declaration of the country’s liberation and the establishment of the National Conference year and securing its elections and deliver the country to the state’s fledgling support and fell revolutionaries real step backward for the purpose of enabling the state of the building itself and let her order of priorities in the hope of us in the establishment of the state of justice, equality and law and thinking of us that the country تطهرت and the revolution succeeded and it the time of building the state and its institutions ..
Vtfajina that the state was not built and the army was built and security was restored and the country did not purify herself from the remnants of the former regime, which slipped into the joints of the state and its institutions and managed to reach the decision-making circles and formed battalions security and military and staged their ranks with the help of some rebels criminals and opportunists who have material interests, military and their political purposes external support from the remnants of the arrows and some countries which have interests in the country, and affect those on the public and even on the rebels
Themselves as recorded many of the abuses and violations of physical, moral, and physical and killed many of the people of this country honorable at the hands of those most recently killed two brothers area os crushed cars in a manner ugly and to the public, and even assault repeated on the legitimacy of the state and its officials who Bayanahm and Artadhanahm Olah our issues ..
Resulting in congestion Street Libyan and the deterioration of the security situation and the wrath of the Libyan citizen of these acts, which seeds resulted in a meeting Thoarha real and military councils and local western region and the establishment of this room for the purpose of addressing all of these abuses and serious violations and take a series of decisions that are inevitable and irreplaceable and that will adjust the security and the reduction of these abuses and support the legitimacy and pave the way for a constitutional order and build institutions ..
The decisions are: –
1 – solution (Brigade Qaqaa) abroad for legitimacy and Almtmitrs successor Battalion (Emhemed Maqrif) (Major General 32 booster) and many criminals and agents of the former regime, led by the so-called B Mliqth who was to the end of the month (7/2011) supports all the power in the system Previous ..
2 – Solving (battalion lightning) beyond legitimacy and Almtmitrs the left many of the ousted former regime, criminals and supported by the State (UAE) with money and equipment and weapons
3 – solution (Martyr Brigade Muhammad al-Madani), which is exploited by criminal gangs took over the state institutions and negotiate where to deliver the money ..
4 – Delivery of all these headquarters, equipment and machinery of the state for the purpose of use in building the state and its military ..
5 – Calling all brothers associate these brigades and battalions to withdraw them and deliver everything Bahdthm to the state through (a week from today) so we believe them to join the Libyan army ..
6 – Granting the leaders and employees of the military and security formations outlaw (a week) to resolve these formations and join the State or commitment in their homes and their regions and tribes bloodshed and maintain the capabilities and successes of the Libyan people ..
7 – Notify the National Congress and the interim government in this statement for taking all the procedures and measures that would remedy the implications of this matter and its impact on state-building
8 – within one week from the date that you did not make all these points mentioned above will be the use of force and the storming of these dens and delivered and contents of the Libyan state ..
Of the importance of hope all the honorable people of this country to cooperate with us in controlling the security and stability of the country and state-building, which has long dreamed of, God is great and God is great and thankfully …

The common room of the local and military councils and rebels of the western region

Youth Resistance – Tarhuna
Ezz men’s sister




What end in Salem you and Cherkm to my rats ……..

German injured during an attack on his car in Libya

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 18:49

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Ajdabiya.

Wounded German engineer working for the group viz. Me. J. My Swiss-Swedish engineering and driver Libya during a shooting attack Thursday on their vehicle in eastern Libya, which has troubled security increased. car was transported four engineers from the group no. me. my Energie, they are three Germans and one Czech, when they move between the towns of Ajdabiya and Zueitina where they work to set up a system to monitor the power station on gas.
The German was wounded in the leg and chest, while the driver managed Libi, who was hit in the face of continuing to drive the car and escape, as explained in charge of security in Ajdabiya. The injured were taken to the hospital in this city before being sent to Benghazi, 130 kilometers to the east. official explained, citing German engineers said the attackers “masked” were on board my car pickup colored army vehicles.
And witnessed the east of Libya a large number of attacks on Western interests and a wave of attacks on commissions, police and assassination operations security officials. Libyan authorities are facing difficulty in illegal establishment of effective security forces still face armed militias composed of former combatants who fought under the Crusader NATO aircraft.
German expert injured in fire east of Ajdabiya

And – exposure crew experts from the company “no. PE.” German on Thursday to shooting at the entrance to the Zueitina area east of the city of Ajdabiya by masked gunmen wearing military uniforms.
An aide station Zueitina Western engineer Fathi Mahfouz experts, the German company were ambushed at a crossroads Zueitina on their way to conduct final tests for the power station Zueitina new.
He added that the attack caused the wounding a German experts, shot in the foot and a minor injury to the driver, a Libyan nationality and the survival of the Swiss expert.
For his part, a battalion martyr Abdul Qadir halloumi to protect oil installations that the incident occurred after an armed robbery attempt by a number of outlaws were traveling in a military vehicle. He added that the injured were taken to a hospital in Ajdabiya for treatment.



STATEMENT from These tribes of Tarhuna great (and are sixty-three tribes)

1 – Alhamalh. Their homeland green and Targlat the Petrhona Tarhuna city. Their presence is very large in Sirte, where the tomb of their grandfather’s guardian (Ben negligence) They are the first tribe lived in Sirte, they and their brethren Alforjan and their presence large in Tripoli and the market Thursday, Benghazi and Misrata and Tawergha Wajid Apia and white and dome and Sellouk and Suknh and الرقيبة South Sabha They Khot Alforjan and Almuammrien and all of them (boys and Muslim)
2 – Alforjan homeland Aldawon including Furjan Sump residing in Alchuirv Petrhona, and are present as well as in Tripoli (retreat Alforjan) In Sirte and Sukna and Ajdabiya, Benghazi and Tobruk and Bani Walid (Akhawazm) and زليطن and respects the four (Albesra), and are present as well as in Egypt, they Akhut Alhamalh. Boys Amslm
3 – المهادى the their Algosaiah homeland they are from the rest of the Awlad Suleiman in the region and are present as well as in Tripoli and Benghazi, and their presence in Tunisia and Egypt
4 – boys Ahmed their green and Targlat homeland eyes Dogh. Have a major presence in Tripoli and Benghazi and Saturday market and Ben Gasheer Palace, and Sawani and janzour and Creamy, and their presence in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria,
5 – Awamer, their Algosaiah homeland near Sidi Muammar and their presence in Tripoli, Benghazi and Azizia.
6 – Almuammrien the their Algosaiah homeland and near the tomb of their grandfather a Almuammrien area and return to Alhamalh and Alforjan
7 – Azib. Their homeland between greens and Targlat. They have a large presence in Spring Valley and Tripoli, Benghazi and Sabha (Zayadan)
8 – Alanaajh, homeland Southeast Tarhuna the city and have a big presence in Tripoli
9 – Alchwetrh the present in eyes Dogh and their presence in Tripoli
10 – Aldoaam. Tarhunah exist in the city and green as well as their presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
11 – Aljas. Are present in green Petrhona
12 – Alzoaadah. Exist in the Green Zone
13 – blessings. Exist in the area of exotic and blessings region Sidi and fishing have a major presence in Tripoli, Benghazi and مسلاته
14 – Alabataat. Divided into Abanat Mjy and Abanat Gborh. And exist in Abyar Mjy a Sidi fishing and Balkhaddra market Friday Tarhuna, as well as have a big presence at the Saturday market, Creamy and Tmana Misurata as well as their presence in both Tripoli and Benghazi.
15 – Rahaimih, are present in the area of exotic eyes Dogh of
16 – Asamoat. Exist Dogh eyes area
17 – Algrarat, exist the Algrarat area near tomb guardian Muammar and their presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
18 – the deaf. Exist deaf area near the tomb guardian Muammar
19 – Alkuanin. Tarhunah exist south of the city, as well as hill eyes Dogh of the region and their presence in Tripoli
20 – Awassi exist Petrhona the city and the green and Targlat the region, and their presence in Tripoli
21 – Alinvashh. Exist near Alqomen area and their presence in Tripoli in فشلوم and Ben Achour
22 – tourists, exist near Alqomen area
23 – Aerabeyen, exist in area Aerabeyen between eyes Dogh and Friday Market
24 – A’badleh the exist near the Friday Market
25 – Almassabhh, are present in the market Friday, and their presence in Tripoli
26 – Pilgrims are present in the market Friday
27 – Almkhalev exist in the Friday Petrhona the market
28 – Alqracth exist in Tarhuna Friday market
29 – Masaeed exist in Tarhuna Friday market
30 – Terhune Sons, are present in the city Tarhuna, south and north (Crcharh) and have a large presence in Tripoli
31 – Hawatim, exist in epitopes area. And their presence in Tripoli, as well as Tajora
32 – rifts. Exist in Tarhuna the city and Crcharh in Tripoli
33 – Sawaleh exist in Tarhuna the city and Crcharh and their presence in Tripoli
34 – البهاليل exist in the city Tarhuna a large presence in Tripoli as well as present in the Sahel region Balkhms
37 – Awlad Zeid. Exist in the area of Abu Zeid Sons near Abyar Mjy, and have a large presence in Tripoli
38 – Almzawgh. And exist in the city Tarhuna apparently, fishing Osidy and Sidi الشارف El a Melgh mouth, and they have a large presence in Tripoli and the Saturday market and Creamy Tajora market Friday, as well as their presence in Benghazi, Sirte, زليطن and the majority of Libyan cities, Tunisia
39 – blades. Exist near Abyar Mjy, and their presence in Tripoli and Alqrhpoly the
40 – ID Sons exist in the west and south west of the city Tarhuna and their presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
41 – the Sons. Exist in the area of the Sons near the Qamath of Gharyan, Sidi fishing and have a big presence in Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as their presence in the Saturday market and trait Alforjan
42 – Almakkakrh. Exist in the area of Sidi fishing and have a large presence in Tripoli
43 – Joseph Sons exist in Sidi fishing area and have a large presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
44 – Salamat. Exist in Sidi fishing and their presence in Tripoli
45 – Alzgadna exist in Sidi fishing area and have a large presence in Tripoli
46 – Alzarkan exist in Sidi fishing area and have a large presence in Tripoli as well as the western exist mountain
47 – Daraheb exist in area Daraheb between Abyar Mjy a Melgh mouth and have a large presence in Tripoli
48 – glaucoma exist area mouth Melgh and their presence in Tripoli
49 – Alhamadat exist in the market mouth Melgh and Sunday and have a big presence in Tripoli, Tajora and Ain Zara
50 – Alababsh. Exist in the market on Sunday and have a large presence in Tripoli and have a large presence in Tripoli and its environs
51 – Alkamamhh exist in the market on Sunday and have a large presence in Tripoli and Tajura
52 – Alroashidah. Exist in the market Sunday
53 – Alaveab 54 – Asamalqh 55 – Contrail 56 – Alboady of the 57 – Aghannaimih 58 – Alzerarfah
59 – Alahmoudat 60 – 61 subunit – Almquaoh 62 – Ahudaat 63 – Aljaddaadah ….
The Tarhuna tribe of more than keepers of the Book of Allah (the Holy Quran) in Libya

  • مشاركاتكم :

    هذه قبائل ترهونة العظيمة ( الثلاث وستون قبيلة )
    1 – الهماملة. موطنهم الخضراء وتارغـلات بترهونة وترهونة المدينة. لــهـم تواجد كبير جدا في سرت حيث ضريح جــدهم الـولى (بن همال) وهم أول قبيلة سكنت في سرت هــم واخــوتهم الـفـرجان ولــهـم تواجد كبير في طرابلس وسوق الخميس وبنغازي ومصراته و تاورغاء واجد آبيا والبيضاء و القبة و سلوق و سوكنه والرقيبة جنوب سبها وهـم خوت الفرجان و المعمريين وكلهم ( أولاد مسلم )
    2- الفرجان موطنهم الداوون ومنهم فرجان القرارة المقيمين فى الشويرف بترهونة, ويتواجدون كذلك فى طرابلس (خلوة الفرجان) وفى سرت وسوكنة واجدابيا وبنغازى وطبرق وبنى وليد(الخوازم) وزليطن والنواحى الاربعة(البصراء) , و يتواجدون كذلك فى ومصر, وهم اخوت الهماملة .أولاد امسلم
    3-المهادى موطنهم القصيعة وهم من تبقى من اولاد سليمان بالمنطقة ويتواجدون كذلك فى طرابلس وبنغازى, ولهم تواجد فى تونس ومصر
    4-أولاد أحمد موطنهم الخضراء وتارغلات وعيون دوغة. لهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازى وسوق السبت وقصر بن غشير, والسوانى وجنزور والكريمية, ولهم تواجد فى تونس ومصر والجزائر,
    5-العوامر , موطنهم القصيعة وبالقرب من سيدى معمر ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس والعزيزية وبنغازى.
    6-المعمريين موطنهم القصيعة وبالقرب من ضريح جدهم بمنطقة المعمريين ويرجعون الى الهماملة و الفرجان
    7-العزيب . موطنهم بين الخضراء وتارغلات . ولهم تواجد كبير فى وادى الربيع وطرابلس وبنغازى وسبها(الزيادين)
    8-النعاعجة, موطنهم جنوب شرق ترهونة المدينة ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    9-الشفاترة يتواجدون فى عيون دوغة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    10-الدوايم. يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والخضراء وكذلك لهم تواجد فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    11-الجلاص. يتواجدون فى الخضراء بترهونة
    12-الزوايدية. يتواجدون فى منطقة الخضراء
    13-البركات. يتواجدون فى منطقة الدخيلة ومنطقة البركات بسيدي الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازي ومسلاته
    14-العباتات . ينقسمون الى عبانات مجى وعبانات غبورة . ويتواجدون فى ابيار مجى وسيدى الصيد و بالخضراء وسوق الجمعة ترهونة, وكذلك لهم تواجد كبير فى سوق السبت والكريمية وطمينة بمصراتة وكذلك لهم تواجد فى كل من طرابلس وبنغازي.
    15-الرحايمية, يتواجدون فى منطقة الدخيلة بعيون دوغة
    16-السموعات. يتواجدون بمنطقة عيون دوغة
    17-الغرارات, يتواجدون بمنطقة الغرارات بالقرب من ضريح الولى معمر ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    18-الطرشان. يتواجدون بمنطقة الطرشان بالقرب من ضريح الولى معمر
    19-الكوانين. يتواجدون جنوب ترهونة المدينة وكذلك بمنطقة التلة بعيون دوغة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    20-العواسى يتواجدون بترهونة المدينة ومنطقة الخضراء وتارغلات ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    21-النفاشة. يتواجدون بالقرب من منطقة القومن ولهم تواجد في طرابلس في فشلوم و بن عاشور
    22-السياح,يتواجدون بالقرب من منطقة القومن
    23-العرابيين, يتواجدون فى منطقة العرابيين بين عيون دوغة وسوق الجمعة
    24-العبادلة يتواجدون بالقرب من سوق الجمعة
    25-المصابحة ,يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    26-الحجاج يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة
    27-المخاليف يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة بترهونة
    28-القراقطة يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة ترهونة
    29-المساعيد يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة ترهونة
    30-اولاد ترهون, يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة وجنوبها وشمالها(الشرشارة) ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    31-الحواتم , يتواجدون فى منطقة الحواتم . ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس وكذلك تاجوراء
    32-الشقاقات. يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والشرشارة فى طرابلس
    33-الصوالح يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والشرشارة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    34-البهاليل يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وكذلك يتواجدون فى منطقة الساحل بالخمس
    37-اولاد ابوزيد. يتواجدون فى منطقة اولاد ابوزيد بالقرب من ابيار مجى ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    38-المزاوغة. ويتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والظاهر ووسيدى الصيد وسيدى الشارف وفم ملغة, ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وسوق السبت والكريمية وتاجوراء وسوق الجمعة , وكذلك لهم تواجد فى بنغازى وسرت وزليطن واغلب المدن الليبية وتونس
    39-الارياش. يتواجدون بالقرب من ابيار مجى ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس والقرةبولى
    40-اولاد معرف يتواجدون فى غرب وجنوب غرب ترهونة المدينة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    41-اولاد على. يتواجدون فى منطقة اولاد على بالقرب من قماطة غريان وسيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازى وكذلك لهم تواجد فى سوق السبت وخلة الفرجان
    42-المقاقرة. يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    43-اولاد يوسف يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    44-السلامات . يتواجدون فى سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    45-الزغادنة يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    46-الزرقان يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وكذلك يتواجدون بالجبل الغربى
    47-الدراهيب يتواجدون فى منطقة الدراهيب بين ابيار مجى وفم ملغة ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    48-الزرق يتواجدون بمنطقة فم ملغة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    49-الحمادات يتواجدون فى فم ملغة وسوق الاحد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وتاجوراء وعين زارة
    50-العبابسة. يتواجدون فى سوق الاحد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وضواحيها
    51-الكمامشة يتواجدون فى سوق الاحد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وتاجوراء
    52-الرواشدية. يتواجدون فى سوق الاحد
    53-الاذياب 54-السمالقة 55 – نفاث 56- البواضى 57 –الغنايمية 58- الزرارفة
    59 –الحمودات 60-الوحيدات 61 –المقاوش 62 – الهديات 63-الجدايدية ….
    وتعتبر قبيلة ترهونة من اكثر حفظة كتاب الله (القران الكريم) في ليبيا

  • _______________________

الارهابي الايرلندي المهدي الحاراتي قام اليوم بزيارة لجامعة الفاتح وطلب تجهيز المدرج الاخضر له وفعلاً تم له ما طلب ،، بعد طلب احضار عشرة فتيات من كل كلية وخمسة شبان للمدرج وفعلاً تم له ما طلب اجتمع بهم وتحذث معهم عن قهرت فبراير وطلب منهم تشكيل خلايا داخل الكليات لكشف الطحالب وعندما ما هم بالمغادرة قام بتوزيع ارقام هواتف على الفتيات وغادر في موكب من سيارات بي ام دبليو مصفحة كانت تخص القيادة التاريخية ،، الغريب ان لا عميد الجامعة ولا احد قال له من تكون وماهي صفتك بل فعل ما يريد وغادر .

 Terrorist Irish Mahdi Alharatne has today visited the Al-Fateh University and request processing runway green him and actually was him asked, after a request to bring ten girls from each college and five young runway and actually was him what the request met their Thzt them about overwhelmed February and asked them to form cells within the colleges to detect algae, when what they leave the distribution of telephone numbers of girls and left in a convoy of cars BMW armored belonged to the historic leadership, strange not to Dean and no one told him who you are and what your recipe, but did what he wanted and left.
  • عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل ..”محمد لطفي محمد المقطوف” يبلغ من العمر 13 سنة
    مفقود منذ 10 أيام
    الطفل بحالة نفسية يرثى لها نظراً للظروف المعيشية السيئة التي تمر بها العائلة
    السكن : عمارات باب بن غشير مقابل محطة الوقود
    الرجاء من أصحاب القلوب الرحيمة الإبلاغ في حين التعرف على الطفل كما في الصورة……الإتصال على رقم والدته (092.3343677)
    أو إبلاغ أقرب مركز شرطة أو نقطة أمنية.
    إِنَّ الله لا يضِيعُ أَجْرَ مَنْ أَحْسَنَ عَمَلاً
    أرجو النشر
  • عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل ..”Mohammed Lotfi Mohammed المقطوف”, at the age of 13 years
    Missing 10 days ago
    Child psychological pitiful condition due to the poor living conditions experienced by the family
    Location: Buildings door son Gasheer against fuel station
    Please compassionate hearts owners while reporting to identify the child as in the picture …… call his mother (092.3343677)
    Or inform the nearest police station or security point.
    God does not waste the reward of the best pursuant
    I hope Publishing
  • عاجل .. ﺍﻟﺮﺟﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻨﺸﺮ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺴﺎﻋﺪﺓ في توفير الدم:
    ﺍﻟﻄﻔﻠﺔ (ﻧﺒﺄ) ﻧﺰﻳﻠﻪ ﺑﻘﺴﻢ ﺍﻷﻭﺭﺍﻡ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺮﻛﺰ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﺍﻟﻄﺒﻲ، ﻭﺿﻌﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﺼﺤﻲ ﻏﻴﺮ ﻣﺴﺘﻘﺮ ﻭﻫﻲ ﺍﻻﻥ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻌﻨﺎﻳﻪ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﻛﺰﻩ، ﻣﺤﺘﺎﺟﻪ ﺍﻟﻰ
    ﻣﺘﺒﺮﻋﻴﻦ ﺑﺎﻟﺪﻡ فصيلة (O-) ﺍﻟﺮﺟﺎﺀ ﻟﻤﻦ ﻳﺴﺘﻄﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﺘﺒﺮﻉ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺎﻋﺪﺓ ﺍﻻﺗﺼﺎﻝ ﺑﻮﺍﻟﺪﻫﺎ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺮﻗﻢ:
    ﻭﺍﺩﻋﻮﻟﻬﺎ ﺑﻨﺘﻨﺎ .. ﻭﺍﺳﺎﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻟﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻓﻴﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﺸﻔﺎﺀ ..
    ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻻ ﻳﻀﻴﻊ ﺃﺟﺮ ﻣﻦ ﺃﺣﺴﻦ ﻋﻤﻼً, ﻭﺑﺎﺭﻙ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻓﻴﻜﻢ ..

    Urgent .. Please publishing and assist in the provision of blood:
    Child (news) stranger, Department of tumors in the Tripoli Medical Center, and their health status is unstable and is now in intensive care, in need of
    Blood Donor type (O-) please those who donate or help can contact her father figure:
    And Adeolha of our daughter .. And Ask God ÇáÚÇÝíĺ a healing ..
    God does not waste the reward of the best work, and God bless you ..


    Ismail Eshteiwi, asked Adnan secret missile commander of the second issue a warrant of arrest on the European Player

    of زعبية exchange for a large sum of money is known that Adnan rocket one fan club Al Ahli Tripoli.


    The local council OS sends a note to the local council janzour calling for reconsideration of the administrative border granted to the OS.

    Storm the General Administration of anti-drug …

    Thursday on 2013.06.20 at 04:20 been storming General Administration for Drug Control object Rail Road Tripoli by an

    armed group and theft of weapons, including assault rifles, 2 pistol and a number of prisoners smuggling was kidnapping

    two people تابعان to confidential attribution stationed at Headquarters was fled.


     الشلش of potatoes Tripoli area, who was arrested and killed

    Killed in prison Ameitikh under torture … Skin lobe and electricity to be dead
    The question for the group, “al Shara”: WASHABI-style-Shara saw in the murder of a drunken person arrested was beaten lobe, electricity and broken in more than one place was killed .. ?

    Libya actually become Afghanistan

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ….

    Deterrence do gates at the entrances to the center of the capital now




    Some members of the General National Congress from Benghazi meet with representatives of the battalion “Ansar al-Sharia”.

    Benghazi military prosecutor is preparing to investigate Abdullah الشعافي in assassination attempt

    According to the official spokesman for the joint operations room Benghazi Mohammed Hijazi, on Thursday, the former spokesman room there is currently at the military police in the city.

    Hijazi said the spokesperson a conservative Abdullah الشعافي, room by military police in the city, which is now in good condition after undergoing surgery to extract الرصاصتين from his legs recently.

    He added that الشعافي will be presented to the military prosecutor to investigate him about the incident, which exposed her puppies to the shooting.

    Khobar – dome – Correspondent

    I learned from informed sources, that the people of the city of Benghazi and dirt before two days from now, in an attempt to

    smuggle weapons to Syria via Abraq International Airport, but the intervention region’s youth, and they have to take up arms and moved to the dome and storage.

    News from the explosion of a very strong now in Benghazi and it says in the news الفويهات.

    Since the explosion moments in Benghazi … He did not specify the place.

    (Asmona radio program)

    Solomon field | |
    Laithi lead intermittently .. And the voice of an ambulance .. And aircraft hovering in the air ..


    Wounding two soldiers Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs of the corner,” in
    Targeting a patrol of the national army and national security,
    B proximity to the military hospital by Alsalmanie.

  • Now came the first group of special forces “Thunderbolt”
    ‘s Positioning in the points immobilization fixed and will be deployed in the streets of Benghazi
    And will come out the rest of the group after the redistribution points Alastaagaf,
    Inspection will be mandatory in the late hours P on citizens
    Compliance with them by spaciousness released.
  • (Salem al-Obeidi)
  • Word now ….
    A relentless war waged against the army and army men ..News about the issuance of an arrest warrant from the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army against Colonel Salah Ibouhliqh on background killing of Omar Saleh Abu Saada
    Comment: and to this moment has not issued an arrest warrant against the offender and Sam bin Ahmid after killing 41 young people from youth Benghazi?Including the valley
  • _______________________
  • DERNA & THE TUBER:TuberSince a few of each house was blown lifter in the Coast region bin Nasser tuber ..
    A family whose son was killed two days ago young Mohamed ابريك Ben Hammadi.(Salem al-Obeidi):

    A resident of Sabri, and was at his relatives or friends in the

    Cast, and attended killing “Tariq Majeed” famous of the b Aldrnawi,

    And the killing of “Abdul Salam Mohammed,” who were killed slaughtered, Day events

    Saturday and bloody attack on the special forces, is now under

    Is it a coincidence missing!!

  • The hero martyr .. Abdullah Muhammad Muhammad.
  • may Allah have mercy on him.
  • cited in team Khuwaildi house Hamidi.
  • ask God that the eternal God. Amin
  • Hope Remains
  • Media Center tuber Libya

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel /

    Violent explosion shakes area east coast Bmudbna the tuber.
    O Allah, protect dirt and honorable people.



    RAFLA of South Libya

    A big greeting to the Social Council for tribes and Rafla on his that يبدلها night and day in order to better tomorrow Orvlh the entire Libya

    Image # lens and Rafla _ Great
    Social Forum of the Council to tribes and Rafla in the southern region primarily in the city of Sebha # .. and will be followed by many other forums in # Libya to increase the coherence between sons and Rafla and remove the differences between her sons

    And Rafla majority

    Sabha protest

    Tribes and clans and the people of the south come out in a large crowd because of their marginalization and demanding of Colonel Salah Abu curl to stay in the south of Libya and establish security and safety wasted. Has delivered tribes and clans and my family south statement saying Miley

    Came out Wednesday evening on 19 -6 -2013 P tribes and clans and people of the south in the way Sabha Tmanhunt and locked the road so as to claim to reverse the decision to transfer Colonel Salah Abouhliqh and the extension of security and safety in the south after the people of the south of security and safety because of the militias that claim lives and invade homes and cut off roads and inflame flames of sedition .

    : المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:


Media activist :: Tariq Quiche ..:

On the stretch sight .. Tens or even hundreds of kilometers of electric wires have been robbery during and after the revolution and keep them exhumed in search of land and robbery and melted brass and sold Xbaúk the neighboring countries ..?!
Image for protected Surman and columns mounted without cables embody size Almadsh and heinous crime .. The tragedy of this country that without national ..
Tell me a Libyan friends in the south that one of the battalions stationed one of the agricultural projects in the south has over three consecutive months using a crawler excavators to pull electrical cables from the ground for tens of kilometers, melted down and smuggled ..

  • Amnesty International: Thousands of migrants detained in conditions “deplorable” in Libya
    AFP – Amnesty International announced in a report thereon to the Libyan authorities to put an end “to arrest for an indefinite period,” for thousands of migrants, including refugees and asylum-seekers subject them to torture.
    And denounced the international organization that defends human rights, based in London, at the same time by the European Union with the help of the Libyan government to “strengthen security on the border in order to curb the movement of illegal immigration to Europe at the expense of human rights.”
    He also denounced as “unacceptable treatment of thousands of foreigners, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa who are subjected to arbitrary arrest and detained for long periods in appalling conditions.”
  • ______________________________________________________________
    Poverty created by USA

    Understand the Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

    Global Research, June 19, 2013

    The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

    by Michel Chossudovsky

    In the expanded second edition of Chossudovsky’s international best-seller, the author outlines the contours of a New World Order which feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife and undermines the rights of women. The result as his detailed examples from all parts of the world show so convincingly, is a globalization of poverty.

    This book is a skillful combination of lucid explanation and cogently argued critique of the fundamental directions in which our world is moving financially and economically.

    In the enlarged second edition, the author reviews the causes and consequences of famine in Sub-Saharan Africa, the dramatic meltdown of financial markets, the demise of State social programs and the devastation resulting from corporate downsizing and trade liberalisation.

    “This concise, provocative book reveals the negative effects of imposed economic structural reform, privatization, deregulation and competition. It deserves to be read carefully and widely.”
    – Choice, American Library Association (ALA)

    “The current system, Chossudovsky argues, is one of capital creation through destruction. The author confronts head on the links between civil violence, social and environmental stress, with the modalities of market expansion.”
    – Michele Stoddard, Covert Action Quarterly

    Click to learn more about The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order by Michel Chossudovsky

    Preface to the Second Edition

    Barely a few weeks after the military coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, overthrowing the elected government of President Salvador Allende, the military Junta headed by General Augusto Pinochet ordered a hike in the price of bread from 11 to 40 escudos, a hefty overnight increase of 264%. This economic shock treatment had been designed by a group of economists called the “Chicago Boys”.

    At the time of the military coup, I was teaching at the Institute of Economics of the Catholic University of Chile, which was a nest of Chicago trained economists, disciples of Milton Friedman. On that September 11, in the hours following the bombing of the Presidential Palace of La Moneda, the new military rulers imposed a 72-hour curfew. When the university reopened several days later, the “Chicago Boys” were rejoicing. Barely a week later, several of my colleagues at the Institute of Economics were appointed to key positions in the military government.

    While food prices had skyrocketed, wages had been frozen to ensure “economic stability and stave off inflationary pressures.” From one day to the next, an entire country was precipitated into abysmal poverty: in less than a year the price of bread in Chile increased thirty-six times and eighty-five percent of the Chilean population had been driven below the poverty line.

    These events affected me profoundly in my work as an economist. Through the tampering of prices, wages and interest rates, people’s lives had been destroyed; an entire national economy had been destabilized. I started to understand that macro-economic reform was neither “neutral” – as claimed by the academic mainstream – nor separate from the broader process of social and political transformation. In my earlier writings on the Chilean military Junta, I looked upon the so-called “free market” as a wellorganized instrument of “economic repression”.

    Two years later in 1976, I returned to Latin America as a visiting professor at the National University of Cordoba in the northern industrial heartland of Argentina. My stay coincided with another military coup d’état. Tens of thousands of people were arrested and the Desaparecidos were assassinated. The military takeover in Argentina was a “carbon copy” of the CIA-led coup in Chile. Behind the massacres and human rights violations, “free market” reforms had also been prescribed – this time under the supervision of Argentina’s New York creditors.

    The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) deadly economic prescriptions applied under the guise of the “structural adjustment program” had not yet been officially launched. The experience of Chile and Argentina under the “Chicago Boys” was a dress rehearsal of things to come. In due course, the economic bullets of the free market system were hitting country after country. Since the onslaught of the debt crisis of the 1980s, the same IMF economic medicine has routinely been applied in more than 150 developing countries. From my earlier work in Chile, Argentina and Peru, I started to investigate the global impacts of these reforms. Relentlessly feeding on poverty and economic dislocation, a New World Order was taking shape.

    Meanwhile, most of the military regimes in Latin America had been replaced by parliamentary “democracies”, entrusted with the gruesome task of putting the national economy on the auction block under the World Bank sponsored privatization programs. In 1990, I returned to the Catholic University of Peru where I had taught after leaving Chile in the months following the 1973 military coup.

    I had arrived in Lima at the height of the 1990 election campaign. The country’s economy was in crisis. The outgoing populist government of President Alan Garcia had been placed on the IMF “black list”. President Alberto Fujimori became the new president on the 28th of July 1990. And barely a few days later, “economic shock therapy” struck – this time with a vengeance. Peru had been punished for not conforming to IMF diktats: the price of fuel was hiked up by 31 times and the price of bread increased more than twelve times in a single day. The IMF – in close consultation with the US Treasury – had been operating behind the scenes. These reforms – carried out in the name of “democracy” – were far more devastating than those applied in Chile and Argentina under the fist of military rule. In the 1980s and 1990s I traveled extensively in Africa. The fieldresearch for the first edition was, in fact, initiated in Rwanda which, despite high levels of poverty, had achieved self-sufficiency in food production. From the early 1990s, Rwanda had been destroyed as a functioning national economy; its once vibrant agricultural system was destabilized. The IMF had demanded the “opening up” of the domestic market to the dumping of US and European grain surpluses. The objective was to “encourage Rwandan farmers to be more competitive”. (See Chapter 7.)

    From 1992 to 1995, I undertook field research in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam and returned to Latin America to complete my study on Brazil. In all the countries I visited, including Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco and The Philippines, I observed the same pattern of economic manipulation and political interference by the Washington-based institutions. In India, directly resulting from the IMF reforms, millions of people had been driven into starvation. In Vietnam – which constitutes among the world’s most prosperous rice producing economies – local-level famines had erupted resulting directly from the lifting of price controls and the deregulation of the grain market.

    Coinciding with the end of the Cold War, at the height of the economic crisis, I traveled to several cities and rural areas in Russia. The IMFsponsored reforms had entered a new phase – extending their deadly grip to the countries of the former Eastern bloc. Starting in 1992, vast areas of the former Soviet Union, from the Baltic states to Eastern Siberia, were pushed into abysmal poverty.

    Work on the first edition was completed in early 1996, with the inclusion of a detailed study on the economic disintegration of Yugoslavia. (See Chapter 17.) Devised by World Bank economists, a “bankruptcy program” had been set in motion. In 1989-90, some 1100 industrial firms were wiped out and more than 614,000 industrial workers were laid off. And that was only the beginning of a much deeper economic fracturing of the Yugoslav Federation.

    Since the publication of the first edition in 1997, the World has changed dramatically; the “globalization of poverty” has extended its grip to all major regions of the World including Western Europe and North America.

    A New World Order has been installed destroying national sovereignty and the rights of citizens. Under the new rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) established in 1995, “entrenched rights” were granted to the world’s largest banks and multinational conglomerates. Public debts have spiraled, state institutions have collapsed, and the accumulation of private wealth has progressed relentlessly.

    The US-led wars on Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), mark an important turning point in this evolving New World Order. As the second edition goes to print, American and British forces have invaded Iraq, destroying its public infrastructure and killing thousands of civilians. After 13 years of economic sanctions, the war on Iraq plunged an entire population into poverty.

    War and globalization go hand in hand. Supported by America’s war machine, a new deadly phase of corporate-led globalization has unfolded. In the largest display of military might since the Second World War, the United States has embarked upon a military adventure, which threatens the future of humanity.

    The decision to invade Iraq had nothing to do with “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction” or his alleged links to Al Qaeda. Iraq possesses 11 percent of the World’s oil reserves, i.e. more than five times those of the US. The broader Middle East-Central Asian region (extending from the tip of the Arabian peninsula to the Caspian sea basin) encompasses approximately 70% of the World’s reserves of oil and natural gas.

    This war, which has been in the planning stage for several years, threatens to engulf a much broader region. A 1995 US Central Command document confirms that “the purpose of US engagement. . . is to protect US vital interest in the region – uninterrupted, secure US/Allied access to Gulf oil” .

    In the wake of the invasion, Iraq’s economy has been put under the jurisidiction of the US military occupation government led by retired General Jay Gardner, a former CEO of one of America’s largest weapons producers.

    In liaison with the US administration and the Paris Club of official creditors, the IMF and World Bank are slated to play a key role in Iraq`s post-war “reconstruction”. The hidden agenda is to impose the US dollar as Iraq’s proxy currency, in a currency board arrangement, similar to that imposed on Bosnia-Herzegovina under the 1995 Dayton Accord. (See Chapter 17.) In turn, Iraq’s extensive oil reserves are slated to be taken over by the Anglo-American oil giants.

    Iraq’s spiralling external debt will be used as an instrument of economic plunder. Conditionalities will be set. The entire national economy will be put on the auction block. The IMF and the World Bank will be called in to provide legitimacy to the plunder of Iraq’s oil wealth.

    The deployment of America’s war machine purports to enlarge America’s economic sphere of influence in an area extending from the Mediterranean to China’s Western frontier. The US has established a permanent military presence not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it has military bases in several of the former Soviet republics as well. In other words, militarization supports the conquest of new economic frontiers and the worldwide imposition of the “free market” system.

    Global Depression

    The onslaught of the US-led war is occurring at the height of a global economic depression, which has its historical roots in the debt crisis of the early 1980s. America’s war of conquest has a direct bearing on the economic crisis. State resources in the US have been redirected towards financing the military-industrial complex and beefing up domestic security at the expense of funding much needed social programs which have been slashed to the bone.

    In the wake of September 11, 2001, through a massive propaganda campaign, the shaky legitimacy of the “global free market system” has been reinforced, opening the door to a renewed wave of deregulation and privatization, resulting in corporate take-overs of most, if not all, public services and state infrastructure (including health care, electricity, water and transportation).

    Moreover, in the US, Great Britain and most countries of the European Union, the legal fabric of society has been overhauled. Based on the repeal of the Rule of Law, the foundations of an authoritarian state apparatus have emerged with little or no organized opposition from the mainstay of civil society.

    The new chapters added to this second edition address some of the key issues of the 21st century : the merger boom and the concentration of corporate power, the collapse of national and local level economies, the meltdown of financial markets, the outbreak of famine and civil war and the dismantling of the Welfare State in most Western countries.

    In Part 1, a new Introduction and a chapter entitled “Global Falsehoods” have been added. Also in Part 1, the impacts of “free markets” on women’s rights are examined. In Part II, on sub-Saharan Africa, the chapter on Rwanda has been expanded and updated following fieldwork conducted in 1996 and 1997. Two new chapters, respectively, on the 1999- 2000 famine in Ethiopia and on Southern Africa in the post-Apartheid era have been added. The chapter on Albania in Part 5, focuses on the role of the IMF in destroying the real economy and precipitating the breakdown of the country’s banking system.

    A new Part 6 entitled “The New World Order” includes five chapters. Chapter 18 centers on the “structural adjustment program” applied in Western countries under the surveillance of the World’s largest commercial and merchant banks. The ongoing economic and financial crisis is reviewed in Chapters 19 and 20. Chapters 21 and 22 examine, respectively, the fate of South Korea and Brazil in the wake of the 1997-1998 financial meltdown, as well as the complicity of the IMF in furthering the interests of currency and stock market speculators.

    Click here to learn more about The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order!

    Global Research Publishers, 2003 | ISBN 978-0973714708 | 400 pages with complete index

    Michel Chossudovsky is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), which hosts the critically acclaimed website . He is a contributor to the Encyclopedia Britannica. His writings have been translated into more than 20 languages.

    Muammar al-Qathafi has the solution to this problem. It worked beautifully in Libya until

    NATO bombed Libya.

    Amongst 6 Billion Souls, 192 Nations, There is but One man with nothing but a desire to serve his fellow men, fight the EVIL, and leave an everlasting Template
    for the betterment of all Mankind:The brave IMAM-warrior who keeps fighting against an innumerable EVIL enemy, and thus has become the deadliest enemy the VILE-covenant has ever faced….:MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI.
    Post image for Report: Mossad recruiting Algerian youth

    Report: Mossad recruiting Algerian youth

    19 JUNE   2013

    Source: Digital journal

    According to a report issued on Wednesday by an Algerian newsletter, Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, has begun to recruit Algerian youths to fight alongside the Syrian opposition, in the battle against Bashar al-Assad.

    Sources within the North African country had told the Algerian daily al-Fajr, that the opposition Salafi groups operating within Syria had been held under the supervision of Mossad. They also claimed that the groups initiated campaigns to recruit Algerian youths through the use of propaganda, and talked of a frequent “Jihad in Syria“.

    In addition to Mossad’s business in Syria, an Austrian official who was pulled out of the Golan Heights, was interviewed with the Palestinian news daily al-Manar. Providing crucial information with regard to Israel’s affiliation with the Syrian opposition, he stated, “Israel crosses the border with Syria very often and interferes in Syria’s border villages at an unimaginable rate and these interferences include assistance and aid (to the rebel and terrorist groups) in various logistic, military and medical grounds.”

    The official went on to say that Israel hosted and provided medical treatment to wounded members of the opposition in areas bordering Syria and Israel.

    In late May, Qatari government sources confirmed that the Israeli government sent their coordinator on Syrian affairs to London, where the arming of the Syrian rebels was discussed with Qatari officials.

    “During the meeting, It was decided that Israel prepare and supply the weapons needed by the terrorists in Syria and enter negotiations with European arms manufacturing companies on arms purchases and money transfer methods, and the Qatari side cover the funds and needed budget for purchases,” told by a source to the Fars News Agency.

    The current Syrian crisis has been an ongoing conflict for more than two years, where foreign-backed militancy from nations such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and recently, the United States, has resulted in a ravaging clash with Bashar al-Assad’s government. According to the U.N., the death toll has passed 90,000, where both the lives of civilians and military personnel have been claimed.


    Post image for Army Radio: French Officers Train Syrian Rebels in Jordan, Turkey

    Army Radio: French Officers Train Syrian Rebels in Jordan, Turkey

    19 JUNE 2013

    Source: JP

    Sources familiar with the events in Syria have told Israel Army Radio on Wednesday morning that military officers from France have been training Syrian rebels in Jordan and Turkey. The information reveals a picture whereby the government in Paris is the most active among Western nations in attempting to topple Assad

    The French military officers are instructing the Syrian rebels on the use of the advanced weapons with which they’ve been supplied, in Jordanian and Turkish territories.

    The information indicates that Paris is the life and soul of the Western campaign to topple the Assad regime. The French also work hard at the “Geneva Conference 2″ to resolve the situation in Syria, although chances are low that it will indeed take place.

    French intelligence officers are coordinating their activities with their Saudi counterparts, who invested large sums of money in funding the rebels. Over the past two weeks, since the fall of the city of Kosiir into the hands of President Bashar Assad’s army, the French have held several meetings with representatives of Saudi intelligence and Turkish security systems executives, to coordinate their actions, especially in light of the approaching battle over control of Aleppo.

    A frequent participant in these coordination meetings is Brigadier General Salim Idriss, commander of the largest rebel army, the Free Syrian Army.

    France and Saudi Arabia have marked Brigadier General Idriss as their Man among the rebels, and he is provided with the bulk of arms and ammunition coming in from the west.

    Brigadier General Idris is a former Syrian army officer, originally from the city of Homs, who was given the top position only six months ago. He is known for his opposition to the Jihadist organizations that are currently fighting in Syria.

    Syria’s President Baschar al Assad gives Interview to German television [ARD, 2012-07-08]

    The original English interview without German voiceover. A version with German voiceover can be found here:
    Ajoutée le 09/07/2012
    3 295 visionnage(s)

    Obama’s Humanitarianism as Window-Dressing for the US “Deep State” Agenda: The

    Case of Syria

    Global Research, 18 June  2013

    This essay examines the connections between the foreign intervention crisis in Syria, the vast NSA surveillance program that has recently been exposed, and the sequence of events that begin with NSA program changes in February, 2001 — six months before 9/11. The connections are illuminating.

    In mid June 2013 the Obama administration announced that it will start arming insurgents against the Syrian government because the regime crossed a “red line” by using chemical weapons — which it estimates have killed, over time, an estimated 100-150 rebels.[1]

    What we are not being told is the history of President Bashar Assad, nor is he seen speaking in the American media.

    Assad is a medical doctor of mild personality who graduated in Damascus in 1988 and later began a four-year program of ophthalmology in London, England. When Hafez Assad, President of Syria, his father died in 2000, Bashar was elected President of Syria by a large popular majority, and again in 2007.

    We are not given insight by the media into President Bashar Assad, the man.

    He is married to British-educated Asma al-Assad, born in London, and a former investment banker. “She received the Gold Medal of the Presidency of The Italian Republic for humanitarian work in 2008 and won an honorary archaeology doctorate from La Sapienza university in Rome.”[2]

    Although seen in interviews by independent journalists to be mild-mannered, respectful, rationally articulate, and fluent in English, Assad is seldom seen speaking in the US mainstream media.

    Thus it is poignant to watch his 18-minute interview with German reporter Jürgen Todenhöfe in July 2012, and to hear his under-stated account of the foreign-backed insurgents whose violence has led to the deaths of thousands of Syrian state supporters.[3]

    It is illuminating to watch the 5-minute interview Assad gave the Sunday Times, March 3, 2013, saying that as long as Britain arms the insurgents to save Syria from its repressive dictator, “the arsonist cannot be seen as the firefighter.”

    In another recent German TV interview, Assad (whom we know is a medical doctor) discusses the alleged and contradictory use of chemical weapons — defined as “weapons of mass destruction” — in local ground combat. He goes on to describe external financial support to the insurgents as “stoking the fire.”[4]

    Indeed, Aron Lund, a Swedish observer of the Syrian opposition, has listed about a dozen rebel groups, the largest of which are funded by either the West, the Gulf states, or Turkey. The 80,000-strong Free Syrian Army (also known as the Supreme Military Council), “was created in December 2012 after pressure from Western and Gulf Arab nations, which seek to make it the military wing of Syria’s civilian exile group, the National Coalition.”[5]

    To understand why the Western media, under heavy influence from the Pentagon, has demonized Mr. Assad as a vicious and indiscriminate murderer[6] of his own subjects, we can turn to a 2006 interview of General Wesley Clark, a Rhodes scholar and the Supreme Allied Commander (Europe) of NATO, 1997-2000.

    Speaking on 02 March 2007 (THE JAMAHIRIYA “DAY OF PEOPLE’s POWER)  to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Clark said that about ten days after 9/11 he visited his former staff in the Pentagon. They told him, in astonished tones, that the US was going to go to war with Iraq — which they said had no demonstrated connection to 9/11, and they were at a complete loss to explain why.[7]

    A few weeks later Clark went back to the Pentagon and was told that the US was going to “take out” seven Middle East countries in the next five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. He added, “Had there been no oil there it would be like Africa. Nobody is threatening to intervene in Africa.[8]

    This early agenda for “take out,” said by Clark to have been in place immediately after 9/11, raises questions about the anthrax attacks, which started September 18, 2001.

    The letters containing the lethal spores targeted, among others, Democratic Senators Tom Daschle (Senate Majority Leader) and Patrick Leahy. During this period of intense panic in Washington the 342-page Patriot Act was rushed through Congress October 24 and passed the Senate the next day.[9]

    It has since been amply demonstrated that the highly weaponized spores contained in the anthrax letters originated from within a US military laboratory, and were too sophisticated to have been produced by a non-state laboratory or by an individual.[10]

    Now if we look at the origins of the NSA super-surveillance program, which is generally believed to have begun right after 9/11 as a provision of the Patriot Act, we will see that in fact it began in February, 2001, within weeks after the swearing in of the Bush administration.

    Mr. William Binney, a 40-year veteran of the NSA, explains that all communications companies were required at that time to collect data on their customers. One company, Qwest Communications, refused to do this, and its CEO, Joe Nacchio, is still in prison on false charges of insider trading.[11]

    Mr. Binney emphasized that virtually no one in the country was exempt. Even judges were recorded, so that almost everyone in the United States could potentially be coerced, using selected personal data as leverage.[12] The implications are staggering. How many elected and bureaucratic officials could be — or have already been — brought to heel in this manner?

    Thus by 9/11 the “deep state” was already armed against its population in a manner that Binney referred to as “J. Edgar Hoover on super steroids.”[13]

    Meanwhile, the mainstream media have increasingly accepted the US position that Middle East countries plagued by civil wars caused by repressive dictators must be saved by humanitarian intervention from enlightened Western democracies.

    Indeed Reuters correspondent Mark Hosenball reported last August that “President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.”[14]

    The Reuters article continued:

    “Recent news reports from the region have suggested that the influence and numbers of Islamist militants, some of them connected to al Qaeda or its affiliates, have been growing among Assad’s opponents.”[15]

    On June 17, 2013, CNN supported the al Qaeda connection:

    “Al Qaeda’s affiliate inside Syria is now the best-equipped arm of the terror group in existence today, according to informal assessments by U.S. and Middle East intelligence agencies, a private sector analyst directly familiar with the information told CNN.”[16]

    In May, 2013, former FBI translator and whistle-blower[17] Sibel Edmonds had reported that “Bin Laden – and his number 2 Al Qaeda lieutenant – Ayman al-Zawahiri – worked with the U.S. government for 3 months after 9/11 to coordinate destablization in the Caucus region.”[18]

    In light of the evidence above connecting al Qaeda to the U.S. government, it is imperative to go back to 9/11 — the trigger event for the global war on terror — and take a second look.

    In fact this is being done.

    A new source of evidence-based research is being developed by the academic 24-member 9/11 Consensus Panel,[19] which has developed 32 Consensus Points examining the official claims about how events unfolded that day. The Panel uses a standard medical model to evaluate its evidence, which is intended to provide confidence to the media and the public in reconsidering the events of 9/11.

    The enormous cost in lives and dollars of the Middle East wars, coupled with the pervasive spying of domestic citizens now in progress, should prompt all those interested in democracy to look carefully at this evidence.

    And regarding Syria at this moment, why is it the responsibility of the United States to intervene in the civil war of a sovereign country?

    If humanitarian intervention is indeed desired, why is it not a peace-keeping initiative arranged by the United Nations?


    [1]“Text: US Statement on Syria — Chemical Weapons,” ABC News, 14 June 2013 ( ). To put the priority of this “red line” in perspective, note that 443,000 preventable deaths are caused each year in the USA by smoking, “Tobacco Use: Targeting the Nation’s Leading Killer at a Glance, 2011,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    [2]“Asma al-Assad: Syria’s first lady,” ABC News Australia, 21 March 2012


    [3]“Syria’s President Baschar al Assad gives Interview to German Television” (

    [4] “German television interviews the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad,” February 20,


    [5]“Freedom Fighters? Cannibals? The Truth about Syria’s Rebels, The Independent, June 17, 2013 ( “Mr. Lund is a regular contributor to the Swedish Institute for International Affairs. He is considered one of the best informed observers of the Syrian opposition.”

    [6]Google Images shows that so far the West has not managed to capture an angry or unpleasant photograph of Mr. Assad. He is consistently mild and patient.

    [7]“General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned — Seven Countries In Five Years”.

    [8] Ibid.

    [9] The Patriot Act is downloadable at

    [10] Edward Jay Epstein, “The Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved,” The Wall Street Journal, January 24, 2010 (

    [11] William Binney interview: “Inside the NSA’s Domestic Surveillance Apparatus: Whistleblower William Binney Speaks Out,” Democracy Now, June 10, 2013 (, and Dave Hodges, “Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio,” The Common Sense Show, June 13, 2013 (

    [12] Binnie, Ibid.

    [13] Ibid.

    [14] “Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels,” Reuters, August 1, 2012 (

    [15] Ibid.

    [16] Barbara Starr, “Analyst: Al Qaeda Affiliate in Syria now Best-Equipped of the Group,” CNN, June 17, 2013 ( ).

    [17] Edmonds’ credibility was confirmed in a 2002 coalition letter to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform ( ).

    [18] “Report: U.S. Government and NATO Worked with Bin Laden and His Top Lieutenant 3 Months AFTER 9/11,” Washington’s Blog, May 2, 2013 (

    [19] See: Note the Panel’s methodology, voting members, and honorary members.


    Fake WMD “Intelligence” and Orwellian Double-speak : Washington Is Insane

    Global Research, 17 June 2013

    In the 21st century the two hundred year-old propaganda that the American people control their government has been completely shattered. Both the Bush and Obama regimes have made it unmistakenly clear that the American people don’t even influence, much less control, the government. As far as Washington is concerned, the people are nothing but chaff in the wind.

    Polls demonstrate that 65% of the US population opposes US intervention in Syria. Despite this clear indication of the people’s will, the Obama regime is ramping up a propaganda case for more arming of Washington’s mercenaries sent to overthrow the secular Syrian government and for a “no-fly zone” over Syria, which, if Libya is the example, means US or NATO aircraft attacking the Syrian army on the ground, thus serving as the air force of Washington’s imported mercenaries, euphemistically called “the Syrian rebels.”

    Washington declared some time ago that the “red line” that would bring Syria under Washington’s military attack was the Assad government’s use of chemical weapons of mass destruction against Washington’s mercenaries. Once this announcement was made, everyone with a brain immediately knew that Washington would fabricate false intelligence that Assad had used chemical weapons, just as Washington presented to the United Nations the intentional lie via Secretary of State Colin Powell that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

    Remember National Security Advisor Condi Rice’s image of a “mushroom cloud over American cities?” Propagandistic lies were Washington’s orders of the day.

    And they still are. Now Washington has fabricated the false intelligence, and president obama has announced it with a straight face, that Syria’s Assad has used sarin gas on several occasions and that between 100 and 150 “of his own people,” a euphemism for the US supplied foreign mercenaries, have been killed by the weapon of mass destruction.

    Think about that for a minute. As unfortunate as is any death from war, is 100-150 deaths “mass destruction?” According to low-ball estimates, the US-sponsored foreign mercenary invasion of Syria has cost 93,000 lives, of which 150 deaths amounts to0.0016%. If we round up, Washington’s 150 deaths comes to two-thousands of one percent.

    In other words, 99.998% of the deaths did not cross the “red line.” But the 0.002 (rounded up) percent did.

    Yes, I know. Washington’s position makes no sense. But when has it ever made any sense?

    Let’s stretch our minds just a tiny bit farther. Assad knows about Washington’s “red line.” It has been repeated over and over in order to create in the minds of the distracted American public that there is a real, valid reason for attacking Syria. Why would Assad use the proscribed weapons of mass destruction in order to kill a measly 100-150 mercenaries when his army is mopping up the US mercenaries without the use of gas and when Assad knows that the use of gas brings in the US military against him?

    As the Russian government made clear, Washington’s accusation is not believable. No informed person could possibly believe it. No doubt, many Americans wearing patriotism on their sleeves will fall for Washington’s latest lie, but no one else in the world will. Even Washington’s NATO puppets calling for attacking Syria know that the justification for the attack is a lie. For the NATO puppets, Washington’s money overwhelms integrity, for which the rewards are low.

    The Russians certainly know that Washington is lying. The Russian Foreign Minister Larov said:

    “The [Assad] government, as the opposition is saying openly, is enjoying military success on the ground. The [Assad] regime isn’t driven to the wall. What sense is there for the regime to use chemical arms–especially in such small amounts.”

    Larov is a relatively civilized person in the role of Russia’s main diplomat. However, other Russian officials can be more pointed in their dismissal of Washington’s latest blatant lies. Yury Ushakov, an aide to Russian President Putin said: “The Americans tried to present us with information on the use of chemical weapons by the [Assad] regime, but frankly we thought that it was not convincing. We wouldn’t like to invoke references to [the infamous lies o] Secretary of State Powell [at the UN alleging Iraqi WMD], but the facts don’t look convincing in our eyes.” Aleksey Pushkov, the chairman of the Russian Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, cut to the chase.

    “The data about Assad’s use of chemical weapons is fabricated by the same facility that made up the lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. Obama is walking George W. Bush’s path.”

    Here in America no one will ever hear straight talk like this from the US presstitutes.

    Orwellian double-speak is now the language of the United States government. Secretary of State john kerry condemned Assad for harming “peace talks” while the US arms its Syrian mercenaries.

    Washington’s double-speak is now obvious to the world. Not only Assad, but also the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and every US puppet state which includes all of NATO and Japan, are fully aware that Washington is again lying through its teeth. The Russians, Chinese, and Iranians are trying to avoid confrontation with Washington, as war with the modern nuclear weapons would destroy all life on planet earth. What is striking is that despite 24/7 brainwashing by the presstitutes, a large majority of the American population opposes obama’s war on Syria.

    This is good news. It means more Americans are developing the ability to think independently of the lies Washington feeds to them.

    What the neocon nazis, the bush/obama regime, and the presstitute media have made clear is that Washington is going to push its agenda of world hegemony to the point of starting World War III, which, of course, means the end of life on earth.

    Russia and China, either one of which can destroy the United States, have learned that the US government is a liar and cannot be trusted. The Libyan “no-fly” policy to which Russia and China agreed turned out to be a NATO air attack on the Libyan army so that the CIA-sponsored mercenaries could prevail.

    Russia and China, having learned their lesson, are protesting Washington’s assault on Syria that Washington pretends is a “civil war.” If Syria falls, Russia and China know that Iran is next.

    Iran is Russia’s underbelly, and for China Iran is 20% of its energy imports. Both Russian and Chinese governments know that after Iran falls, they are next. There is no other explanation for Washington surrounding Russia with missile bases and surrounding China with naval and air bases.

    Both Russia and China are now preparing for the war that they see as inevitable. Washington’s crazed, demented drive for world hegemony is bringing unsuspecting Americans up against two countries with hydrogen bombs whose combined population is five times the US population. In such a conflict everyone dies.

    Considering the utterly insane government ruling in Washington, if human life exists in 2020, it will be a miracle. All the worry about future Medicare and Social Security deficits is meaningless. There will be no one here to collect the benefits.

    Anyone GOOD still living in the USA: GET OUT OF THE USA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, Your Country is UNDER CONDEMNATIONThe U.S. can became disabled from an EMP SOLAR FLARE or external attack. the U.S. federal government has refused to make the potential for an EMP event a priority. MANY OTHER NATIONS GLOBALLY are preparted; but not the USA. USA is more interested in creating a Global Police State which they can Rule…(The USA has lost her true priorites: To serve the American people. This is no longer the purpose of the US Federal Government or any its priorities!)The Act to Secure the Safety of Electrical Transmission Lines was introduced by Maine Rep. Andrea Boland, D-Sanford.Read more at: stands for Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act.“This is a problem big enough to be seen but small enough to fix before an EMP happens,” Franks said at a news conference.He was accompanied by former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has been outspoken in recent years on the threat of an EMP attack.Read the documentation that’s sparking the worry about the EMP threat, in “A Nation Forsaken”.Gingrich believes an EMP event is the greatest national security threat facing the United States today.Franks explained that the U.S. is not more vulnerable than before but has “become a victim of our technological sophistication and scientific advancement.”“Why does the U.S. need to be vulnerable to such a threat?” he asked. “EMP is the ultimate cyber security threat.”In terms of coping with external man-made threats, Franks pointed out that Congress has seen to it that the military’s triad of land, sea and air assets has been hardened against the prospect of an EMP attack. Yet, the military is 99 percent dependent on the national grid, making it difficult for it to respond in the event of such an attack.He pointed out that at the cost of two B-2 strategic bombers, the U.S. could fix the grid so that it could come back in short order should it be brought down.

    “The SHIELD Act is a bill that goes in the right direction,” he said.

    The legislation passed the House in the last Congress but never made it through the Senate.

    Sources on Franks’ staff said that they are actively looking for a Senate version, possibly to be introduced by Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.

    The SHIELD Act would amend the Federal Power Act to encourage cooperation between industry and government in developing and implementing standards and processes needed to address the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of the grid to a major EMP event.

    It does not include provisions to deal with cyber-security threats which legislators decided to leave to a separate bill. However, Franks said that an EMP attack, whether natural or man-made, would be “the ultimate cyber-security threat.”

    The legislation also would give the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authority to develop standards but won’t preclude industry from developing its own.

    “This increased authority is necessary to protect the entire grid,” a congressional fact sheet on the SHIELD Act said. “Some industry stakeholders may develop these standards on their own, but unless the entire grid is uniformly resilient to EMP, cascading effects of blackouts resulting from stakeholders that did not protect their entities from EMP will most likely still cause rolling blackouts and massive outages.

    “Some industry stakeholders may not view EMP as a credible threat (e.g., Southern stakeholders may not feel threatened by solar storms because of their relative latitudinal protection,” the fact sheet said. “Therefore, we cannot rely on voluntary action by industry stakeholders to protect against this threat.”

    The legislation also offers “hardware-based solutions,” available at minimal cost. The hardware will automatically react to an EMP disturbance, removing the “guessing-game” operators currently face.

    “If we are going to be serious about avoiding such a catastrophic event” as an EMP, “a priority on this legislation is greater than defense spending,” Gingrich said.

    “We can literally see a civilization crash,” he said, referring to the U.S. dependency on the grid’s technology-based infrastructure.

    He pointed out that the people of the Netherlands have a particular problem with their dikes. If repair is neglected, he said that more than 40 percent of the country would be underwater. Consequently, he said, there is no question in their minds to maintain the dike system because of this alternative.

    The same should apply to the U.S. ensuring protection of the U.S. electrical grid system.

    “We could lose 90 percent of the population if an EMP only hit the U.S,” Gingrich asserted.

    The U.S. then would have “massive needs of foreign assistance” if no other country were affected.

    “That would mean we’d lose our sovereignty,” Gingrich declared.

    Congress wakes up to cataclysmic threat
    A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

      Ron Paul ‘Worried’ U.S. Might Kill Snowden With Drone
      Added by Kryptographic on June 20, 2013 at 3:56am
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      Towards the end of an outspoken 24 hours of media appearances, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) appeared via phone on Fox Business Network with Melissa Francis an..

    Federal authorities on Wednesday accused two upstate New York men of assembling a

    portable X-ray weapon that they intended to use to secretly sicken opponents of Israel

    Federal authorities on Wednesday accused two upstate New York men of assembling a portable X-ray weapon that they intended to use to secretly sicken opponents of Israel.

    Prosecutors said 49-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford, of Galway, and 54-year-old Eric J. Feight, of Hudson, have been charged with conspiracy to provide support to terrorists following a yearlong undercover investigation.

    Investigators said Crawford approached Jewish organizations looking for people to help him with technology that could be used to surreptitiously deliver damaging and even lethal doses of radiation against those he considered enemies of Israel. They assembled the mobile device, which was to be controlled remotely, but it was inoperable and nobody was hurt.

    The damaging effects of the radiation would have appeared only days later, authorities said.

    Both men were scheduled to appear in federal court Wednesday in Albany. They could face up to 15 years in prison.

    “This case demonstrates how we must remain vigilant to detect and stop potential terrorists, who so often harbor hatred toward people they deem undesirable,” U.S. Attorney Richard Hartunian said.

    The investigation by the FBI in Albany and police agencies began in April 2012 after authorities received information that Crawford had approached the Jewish organizations.

    FBI Special Agent Andrew Vale said efforts to thwart violent plots require public help.

    (RAT) General National Congress issued a decree appointing “Ibrahim Dabbashi” the permanent representative of the RAT State of Libya to the United Nations
    (RAT) General National Congress issued on Wednesday, the decision to appoint Mr. “Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi” permanent representative of the RAT State of Libya to the United Nations body.Under Article II of the Resolution No. (55) on the provisions of this decision from the date of issue, and eliminates all the rule of exclusion and shall be published in the Official Gazette.
    FRANCE:France T-: interpreter Gaddafi displays tens of millions of documents to support Sarkozy’s campaign in the 2007 electionsFrance 2 channel conducted an interview with a key Missouri, former diplomat and translator Gaddafi during the interview and documents confirm Gaddafi’s support for Sarkozy’s campaign.Key said in the interview that these documents were dated 2006 include financial support for the electoral campaign Bnyukula Sarkozy worth 50 million euros, and these documents are real.Article link the Balvedioa extension shows the interview:

    VIDEO. Campagne de Sarkozy en 2007 : les soupçons d’un financement libyen se renforcent

    Dans “Complément d’enquête”, diffusé jeudi 20 juin sur France 2, un proche de Mouammar Kadhafi, l’ex-dictateur libyen, indique que Tripoli a versé “20 millions de dollars à la France”. Extrait.

    L'ancien président français Nicolas Sarkozy serre la main de Mouammar Kadhafi, le 12 décembre 2007 devant l'Elysée, à Paris.
    L’ancien président français Nicolas Sarkozy serre la main de Mouammar Kadhafi, le 12 décembre 2007 devant l’Elysée, à Paris. (STEVENS FREDERIC / SIPA)
    Par Francetv infoMis à jour le 20/06/2013 | 19:59 , publié le 20/06/2013 | 14:10


    Son témoignage risque de gêner l’ancien président. Dans un extrait de l’émission “Complément d’enquête” diffusée jeudi 20 juin sur France 2, repris par Mediapart, Moftah Missouri, diplomate libyen et interprète personnel de Mouammar Kadhafi, affirme que l’ancien “Guide” a versé “une vingtaine de millions de dollars” à Nicolas Sarkozy, à l’occasion de la campagne électorale de 2007.

    Il assure que “Kadhafi [le lui a dit] verbalement”. Il donne ensuite quelques détails sur cet échange : “Normalement chez nous, à la présidence, quand on donne de l’argent à quelqu’un, il n’y a pas un transfert bancaire, il n’y a pas de chèque, c’est de l’argent liquide dans des mallettes.” 

    Dans l’interview réalisée par les équipes de France 2, le diplomate confirme aussi l’authenticité de la note libyenne publiée en avril 2012 par le site Mediapart. Le document daté de 2006 affirme que Kadhafi aurait débloqué une somme de 50 millions d’euros pour la campagne présidentielle de Nicolas Sarkozy. Selon Moftah Missouri, il s’agit d’un“vrai document (…) d’appui ou de soutien financier” à l’ex-président.

    Découvrez ci-dessous un extrait de “Complément d’enquête”, où l’on voit notamment Moftah Missouri s’exprimer sur ce document, mais aussi sur les voyages fréquents de Claude Guéant, bras droit de Nicolas Sarkozy, à Tripoli.

    Financement libyen de Sarkozy : un témoignage… par Mediapart

    VIDEO: Sarkozy campaign in 2007: the suspicions of a Libyan funding reinforce

    In “Further investigation”, Thursday, June 20 broadcast on France 2, close to Muammar al-Qathafi, the former

    Libyan leader, says Tripoli paid “$ 20 million in France.”Extract.

    L'ancien président français Nicolas Sarkozy serre la main de Mouammar Kadhafi, le 12 décembre 2007 devant l'Elysée, à Paris.
    Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi, December 12, 2007 at the Elysee Palace in Paris. (STEVENS FREDERIC / SIPA)
    By FranceTV infoUpdated 20/06/2013 | 7:59 p.m. , Published 20/06/2013 | 2:10 p.m.


    His testimony may impede the former president. In an excerpt from the show “Further investigation” Thursday, June 20 broadcast on France 2, taken by Mediapart , Moftah Missouri, Libyan diplomat and interpreter staff Muammar Gaddafi, says former “Guide” paid “twenty of millions of dollars “to Nicolas Sarkozy, during the 2007 election campaign.

    It ensures that “Gaddafi [told him] verbally” He then gave some details about thisexchange:. “Normally home to the presidency, when you give money to someone, there is not bank transfer, there is no check is cash in suitcases. “

    In the interview conducted by teams of France 2, the diplomat also confirmed the authenticity of the Libyan notes issued in April 2012 by Mediapart site. The document dated 2006 says that Gaddafi would have released an amount of EUR 50 million for the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy. According Moftah Missouri, there is a “real document (…) support or financial support” to the former president.

    See below an excerpt from “Further investigation”, where we see particular Moftah Missouri to comment on this document, but also frequent trips Claude Gueant, right arm Nicolas Sarkozy in Tripoli.

    Libyan funding Sarkozy: a testimony … by Mediapart





    “بشير صالح” مدير مكتب القذافي يكتب عن الأموال في جنوب أفريقيافرية الأموال المخفية..
    تناقل عدد من وسائل الإعلام خلال الأسبوع الماضي أنباء عن اتفاق ليبي جنوب أفريقي بإعادة أصول وأموال إلى ليبيا.الخبر الذي يبدو عاديا باعتبار أن شركات ومحافظ ليبيا كانت لديها فروع في جنوب أفريقيا وهي تعمل بشكل مكثف ولديها استثمارات هامة لأن جنوب أفريقيا دولة رئيسية في إقليم جنوبي القارة ومن الطبيعي أن تحتضن أنشطة وأصول تابعة لهذه الشركات وحتى لبعض فروع الشركاتالليبية العالمة في بعض دول الإقليم الاخرى.لكن لكي يبدو الخبر جذابا ويثير الزخم المطلوب ويتم إخراجه في شكل إنجاز كبير يلهي الليبيين عما يحدث يوميا ببلدهم ويشفي غليل بعض الشامتين الباحثين عن الدعاية المجانية لأغراض مرضية فيهم، برز العنوان الرئيسي للاتفاق على أنه اعتراف من جنوب أفريقيا بأن لديها أموال ومعادن نفيسة ونقد أخفاها المرحوم معمر القذافي في جنوب أفريقيا.
    موافقة الدولة المضيفة للاستثمارات على طلب يتقدم به البلد المستثمر باسترداد جزئي أو كلي لاستثماراته أو ودائعه او أصوله عند الضرورة أمر طبيعي ومتفق عليه حتى قبل توقيع عقود الشراكات او الاستثمارات.هذا الافتراء الكاذب لن يلبث إلا أن ينكشف أمام الليبيين وأمام محبّي الحقيقة والإنصاف.
    لو كانت هذه الودائع أو الاصل سرية أخفاها القذافي كما يقال ما استطاع أحد العثور عليها ببساطة لأنه لن يكون لها اثر مكتوب في ملفات مؤسسات الدولة كما الحال اليوم.
    لوكان القذافي يريد إخفاء هذه الأموال أو غيرها لكانت هناك الكثير من الأساليب التي لا تترك أثر لاكتشافها، إنما هي أموال البلد مودعة باسم البلد وأسهم مسجلة باسم مؤسسات وووووو..
    مؤسسات وهيئات الدولة كانت تحتفظ بملفات هذه العمليات الاستثمارية والشاركات داخل مقراتها التي تم الاستيلاء عليها وهي الآن بحوزة من يحكمون أو شركاؤهم.
    من السهل الوصول الى كافة الوثائق والحقائق دون كذب او افتراء او فبركة وقائع.
    من السهل العودة الى الوثائق والمستندات.
    ومن السهل على الشعب الليبي اكتشاف أكاذيب وتلفيقات من يجدون أنفسهم في مأزق داخلي ووضع متردي فيحاولون صنع انتصارات وهمية يتجند الإعلام المأجور لتلميعها.
    فمتى تفهمون؟؟

    “Bashir Saleh,” Director of the Office of Gaddafi writes about money in South AfricaLie hidden money ..
    Transmission of a number of the media during last week’s news of an agreement Libby re-South African assets and funds to Libya.News that seems normal, as the companies and the Governor of Libya was to have branches in South Africa and is working intensively and has significant investments because the South African state key in the territory south of the continent, it is natural that embraces the activities and assets belonging to these companies and even to some branches Acharcatallabah scientist in some countries in the region Other .But that seems Khobar attractive and raises the needed momentum and is ejected in the form of a great achievement distracting Libyans what happens daily in their country and heal Galil some الشامتين seeking free advertising for the purposes of satisfying them, emerged as the main title of the agreement that the recognition of South Africa that has the money and precious metals and cash concealed late Muammar Gaddafi in South Africa.
    The approval of the host country for investments at the request of the investor country partial or total recovery of its investments or deposits or assets when necessary is normal and agreed upon even before the signing of contracts or investment partnerships.This false slander will soon only be exposed to the Libyans and to the lovers of truth and fairness.
    If these deposits or the original secret concealed Gaddafi also said he could one be found simply because it will not have the effect of files written in the institutions of the state as is the case today.
    Lucan Gaddafi wants to hide the money or other there would have been a lot of methods that do not leave a trace of discovery, it is a country funds deposited on behalf of the country and shares registered in the name of institutions and ووووو of ..
    State institutions and bodies had maintained files of these investment operations and Alharkat inside their headquarters that have been seized and is now in possession of the judge or their partners.
    Easy access to all the documents and facts without a lie, slander or fabricating facts.
    Easy to return to the documents.
    It is easy on the Libyan people discover the lies and fabrications of finding themselves in a dilemma and the development of internal worsening likewise try making fake victories يتجند media hack polished.

    _________________________________________A REMINISCE FROM 1990:

    Right certificate from the official Lebanese … Muammar al-Qathafi is to support the Lebanese army to strike Israel …

    Very, very, very many .. Who have benefited materially from Muammar al-Qathafi …??
    But those who have not benefited from Muammar ones who were really trust the national trends of this man and nationalism. This man is now in another world ..

    The negative talk with him may be defective. It is personal most controversial in the late twentieth century. Him belongs هفواته and positions of defective might Anzla or stand then ..

    This is the story of the Secretariat must know ..
    In 1990 I was in Libya in one of the conferences. After the end of the conference sessions. Received and the late George Hawi tip that Colonel. He wants us with him this night in Al-Jawf ..

    Thus, George Hawi moved a small plane can accommodate up to 12 passengers. From the city of Tripoli to Sirte airport. It Sirte airport come procession 3-wheel-drive cars to its name Jawf, 300 kilometers from Sirte in the middle of the desert and arrived in the darkness of night to a desolate place but there were tents and lighting ..

    Colonel often leave the city and go out there with a battalion of bodyguards and people of his own. In this wonderful atmosphere approaching beauty Lost in the desert to a place luminescent. So be in place more than 100 sentences, of course, there are a special group offer for the beauty of the water and grass .. great atmosphere in the light of the moon. May Aihzy by the greatest romantic poets. You will not prolong ..
    Dinner was of flesh and beauty .. After dinner, I sat down and George Hawi, Colonel privately talking about Cun Lebanon. More than an hour from the hills and jokes. Was interrupted by phone calls.
    Capturing me George whispering that Colonel in Ahla manifestations we will ask him to arm a brigade of the Lebanese army. استحسنت idea.

    The modern George Next:

    Brother Muammar Lebanese army will go to the south. And lacks the honor of weapons حضرتكم that Tazzo army armored brigade. Pry My Colonel Ki eternal Raya, and so made my point of view positively.

    Colonel wrote on the paper in front of him a few words. Not انظرها literature .. In the last evening was this snapshot from your photographer Colonel.

    After two weeks. Call me Alasta y Mohsen Dalloul was the day and the Lebanese defense minister said: PDC Shi of your companion. I said: my friend ..?

    Muammar said.

    “I said: I recognized it.”

    He said we’ve got an invitation to Libya. Month and a half later read in the newspapers both sides of the news about the arrival of 50 animal T-55 to the Lebanese army ..?
    Hand them harbor a number of officers. When, while four American army trucks writes great newspapers news on the front page ..

    God bless George Hawi .. Muammar al-Qathafi.