Quirinale palace in Rome in this 10 June 2009

Muammar al-Qathafi looks on during a news conference at the Quirinale palace in Rome in this 10 June 2009 file photo.  Photo: Xinhua

Mu with National Geo full

Part of a very TERRIBLE, FALSE & CRUEL BLOG by Dan Morrison
Mu’ammar al-Qathafi discussion in  FEBR. 2007 television w DAVID FROST

It’s strange. In February 2007 I was part of a small group of journalists invited to travel to Libya to witness an exclusive debate, a conversation really, between Muammar al-Qathafi and the prominent social scientists Benjamin Barber and Anthony Giddens. Broadcaster David Frost (Sir David Frost) would be the moderator.

The Brother Leader and his interlocutors would be meeting at a conference hall in the town of Sebha on the edge of the Sahara to talk about democracy and representative government. The journalists — myself, Ian Black from the London Guardian, Michael Slackman of the New York Times, and a crew from the BBC — were to watch the exchange without actually interacting with the eminent personalities.

Since the Libyan CIA-led revolt erupted (NATO WAR) — four years after that strange sit-down with the Leader — the Monitor Group, Barber, Giddens, and the London School of Economics have been condemned for their allegedly too-cordial relations with The Great Jamahiriya.

al-Qathafi‘s “fantasy quality” was pronounced during al-Qathafi’s conversation with Barber, Giddens, and Frost, and in his relations with his staff. The Leader insisted that representative democracy was slavery, “and all but swore that angels, unicorns, and Nobel prize-winners were queuing up for visas to live in his Libyan utopia….”
In contrast with the terror (supposedly) shown by most Libyans when I asked what they thought of al-Qathafi, the Leader’s aides seemed to enjoy a genuinely warm rapport with him. They doted on and cared for the boss. I imagined they loved him.

At the end of the democracy “dog-and-pony show”, the organizers asked if any of the visiting journalists had a question. Not wanting to risk my visa, which allowed me to travel in Libya without an official minder, I held my tongue. Michael Slackman of the Times took the bait and “politely” asked al-Qathafi — I can’t recall his exact words — how he could talk about democracy when his people so obviously lived in fear. (OUT-RIGHT LIE!!)

There was a flurry of distress around the Leader.  His aides refused to translate the question. According to two people who worked closely with him, al-Qathafi did in fact speak English, but he chose not to with most foreign visitors. In this case, it appeared he genuinely didn’t catch Slackman’s question. He looked from one aide to the other, confused, as the mood in the studio soured and we were moved into another room. [He was confused because his people genuinely LOVE HIM; and are NOT in terror of him !!..THAT IS WHY!!!]

The reporters on deadline started working at their laptops and a while later al-Qathafi came out to shake hands with us, a sort of peace offering. I had my chance, and kept back. Later we were flown to Tripoli on a musty private 737 with tarnished gold bathroom fittings….
A person was there, and now they are gone.
[The parts I left out are even far worse and unbelievably propagandised to make our IMAM Muammar appear Cruel, viscious and deluded!!!]


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s Tent:

al-Qathafi prefers to stay in a large Bedouin tent when he travels. His tent is luxuriously outfitted and decorated with lavish fabrics and wired for electricity, heat and satellite television. Tents like this generally run into five figures to buy. He has taken his tent to Cairo, Rome, Paris and other cities in the past. He uses the tent to entertain guests and holding meetings, perhaps as a way of establishing a home field advantage no matter where he is.
Here is a picture when Muammar al-Qathafi visited Versailles on 3-7 DEC. 2007:Mu prays in tent when he was in France DEC 2007 Paris Tent 2007 at Versailles

and here he is now, using it as  his secluded home somewhere in LIBYA:

QUOTE from Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in 2011; but still very relevent:

O great Libyan people, you are now living glorious hours. This is pride, these are glorious hours we live we are now, all the people with us. We lead the world revolution against imperialism, against tyranny. I tell you I am not afraid of storms, a sweeping term. Nor Taieijer (aircraft) aimed at black destruction. I am steadfast in my tent, my home here in the forum. I am the owner and maker of uncertainty right from glandular .. I’m here I’m here I’m here.. ”
أيها الشعب الليبي العظيم، إنك تعيش الآن ساعات مجيدة. هذه هي العزة، هذه هي الساعات المجيدة التي نحياها نحن الآن، كل الشعوب معنا. نحن نقود الثورة العالمية ضد الإمبريالية، ضد الطغيان. وأنا أقول لكم أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهي تجتاح المدى. ولا من الطيايير (الطائرات) التي ترمي دماراً أسوداً. أنا صامد بيتي هنا في خيمتي في المنتدى. أنا صاحب الحق اليقين وصانع منه الغدى.. أنا هنا أنا هنا أنا هنا



NATO decides to intervene again in the bombing of Libya and all the strongholds of Islamist militants and dubbed “hammer”.


Libya: NATO-based NEW “national army” and America began Iasthaddam drones

Home news – agencies I’ve dealt with the newspaper “The Observer” in a report prepared by Chris Stephen in Tripoli carry NATO (NATO) with the task of establishing a national army to fill the “security vacuum” in the country.

The writer refers to the growing concerns about the spread of chaos and militia violence and “evidence that al-Qaeda establishes rules inside what is fast turning quickly into a failed state.”

According to Stephen, the first batch of recruits will travel to the historic military base Basingborn in England, which Libya paid 2.5 million pounds for processing.

This installment will form part of the force of up to 1,500 military will be trained over the next two years by the United States, Britain, Italy and Turkey.

This comes in conjunction with the start of the U.S. drone aircraft doing overflights in the skies of Libya, Niger, and from Italy, in addition to starting a new task for NATO is a clear mandate.

This involves “interference” at risk, according to the author, which indicates that more militia force receive support and funding from the parliament, which was elected by its members last year.

Stephen explains that “the political forces in the parliament supports different armed groups, while supporting the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Misurata militia.”

The two sides do not trust in the new army, and the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” are concerned that this includes military officers from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::
Urgent NATO Snqcef Libya militias and sites
Sentard militias and criminal on the ground
The process “hammer”
Britain officially announces she will oversee the processing of the army and police in Libya during the plan or three years and the maximum forces will be ready to face any kind of dangers and armed confrontations and organized crime
And Otkhaddy day NATO decision to attack sites and sites of terrorist militias over the entire territory of Libya to equip the Libyan army and Libyan forces.
The Atlantic at the moment of the primitive operations in Libya once again on the ground this time and we will go after “criminal gangs” everywhere.
British confirm that the operations are different this time and there will be prosecutions on the ground and the bombing of sites in the north and the south, center and east of Libya and the West will not Astantny clean places of any area.
The Guardian sources leaked to media sources that the process called “the hammer”.

(do not let anyone fool you: ZAIDANE and the “WEST” ARE SUPPORTING THE chaos AND THE MURDERERS):

Haitham tribal
It is known as the “Bhaitham Tagouris”
Which still occupies the aircraft maintenance center # 003 corresponding to the Division supply Mitigua air base, which has the secret prison, and did not betray him so far.

And that the siege of the ministries, and murder, kidnapping and extortion, and bought a luxurious house at a price of two million.

It is an entrepreneur from prison ostrich secret project area Tajourah “missing home and abroad births”.

Zaidane cost of government-led police operations in Tripoli and gives HATHEM TAGOURIS the rank of lieutenant colonel.
Do not Mesh Heca ups!!


Been disbursed to 100 Poh Leh … Livelihood of the people of Libya

AJEELAT police Crown Drstewa Year ‘four years in college, “to hell” in you. Because the state gives in the ranks on the “white” ..

(Taken from “Libya speaks”)


“Have you been issued a formal decision by the Transitional Council to dissolve the interim government authorizsations ?

Did you know that sincere Gharyiani‘s home is built using the former National Security headquarters in Tripoli ?

Why is the emotion and combing outfit Darrow militias on state property?”



(of more than 53 young people and many others wounded in the Benghazi Protest Black Friday massacre):

“Libya Shield” MILITIA  commander denies murder, vows revenge

for his torched family home…

By Ahmed Elumami and Maha Ellawati.

Wissam Ben Hamid  this evening on Alaseema TV

Wissam Ben Hamid  on Alaseema TVBenghazi, 18 October 2013:

The commander of the Libya Shield No. 1 Battalion, Wissam Ben Hamid, spent almost two hours taking part in a TV phone-in this evening, denying that he was in any way connected with the murder earlier in the day of the Chief of Libya’s Military Police, Colonel Ahmed Mustafa Al-Barghathi. He also vowed to target the people who had burnt down his family home in Benghazi this afternoon.

Appearing in a Tripoli studio for the Alaseema channel’s “Seventh Question” show, Ben Hamid was clearly angry at highly critical comments from some of the callers, one of whom vowed to kill him if he returned to Benghazi.

Ezzedine Al-Okwak, commander of the brigade which controls Benina airport phoned to claim that he knew that Ben Ahmed had threatened Barghathi before and that he was the prime suspect for the killing. Therefore, said Okwak, if Ben Hamid returned to Benghazi through the airport, he would be killed.

Another caller was introduced by the presenter as Colonel Hamid Al-Hassi. However, the person on the other end of the line then revealed himself as Azny Barasi and proceeded to describe Ben Hamid as a “tyrant” and a “second Qaddafi”. Ben Hamid’s response was to laugh.

There were also phone calls from members of the Barghathi tribe who accused Ben Hamid of being responsible not just for today’s killing, but for the gunning down last June of 32 protestors outside the Kuwafiyah base of the Libya Shield No. 1 Battalion.

Not all the callers, however, were critical. Benghazi Congressman Saleh Gaouda, who is also a member of the National Security Committee, thanked Ben Hamid for all his work and said that he was not involved in any crime and he did not threaten the national security of Libya.

In the last part of the programme Ben Hamid was calm and relaxed. He had been introduced as a “general coordinator of the Libya Shield”.   He denied that the force had any links with assassinations and explosions in Libya and Benghazi in particular. He said he thought that he had been attacked personally because some federalists believed that he was against federalism. He said that he did not have any link to any agenda.

At one point, he said that the Petroleum Facilities Guard commander in the east, Ibrahim Jadhran, who is leading the blockade of all the eastern oil export terminals except Brega, had sought to have him killed.  Describing Jadhran as “an oil stealer”

(LIAR!! al-JADHRAN is a great CYRENAICA man who cares about LIBYA and her people),

Ben Hamid maintained that the PFG leader had sent people on several occasions to murder him.  He said that behind Jadhran was a “smart businessman with a lot of money”. He named the individual, who, he said, was outside Libya. The businessman’s brother had sought to set up a meeting between the two of them in Qatar, explained Ben Hamid, but he had not gone because it might make it look as if he were a member of Ansar Al-Sharia.

“There are no grounds for my arrest,” he said, “ I have not received any notification from the government that recognised my involvement in any crime”.

At one point, when the presenter asked him about the Prime Minister’s abduction, Ben Hamid said that he did not wish to go into any details.  He did claim, however, that Ali Zaidane had passed a list of 100 names to the Americans and that his name had been one of them.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:
National Congress postpones discussion of the RAT Prime Minister asked the amount of (800) million for the payment of obligations to fund the budget price hearing next Tuesday




Hello you, O God, Op Post me the message this time was half past nine on the offensive Pharmacy Aladdin Island Gurji by five gunmen were Alstoali sum of money and mobile workers and beat one Modvin. God avenge them.

There is no power but from God Almighty with the knowledge base of an open mobile estimated extent possible and helps us determines where criminals and thank you very much.

But outside the scope of the importance of Page
After researching the question from several different sources and reliable findings to two things
Fabricated fuel crisis in the capital
Electricity crisis as well as fabricated
Actor wants to topple the government in any way …
Details will be published later ……
Operations room Mermaid

Petrol crisis in the capital Tripoli
Locks because of the power outages:

Turkey have indicated their willingness to restore the Ottoman

era buildings in Tripoli, Libya

(ASHA) confirmed the Turkish ambassador to Libya, Ahmed Baksh, during a meeting with Minister of Culture and Civil Society Libyan capital Tripoli beloved Secretary, his country’s willingness to renovate the buildings, which date back to the Ottoman era. The director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society just making God in a statement on Saturday, said that the Turkish government is working in two directions for the protection of these effects, the first trend is maintained in cooperation with the Libyan government, and the second trend that holds Turkey fully maintained. He said the work of God, that the Turkish government demanded some clarifications from the Libyan government for the protection available to places of archaeological dating back to the era of the Ottoman Empire in Libya, explained that the meeting came at the request of the Turkish Embassy to express their concern about threats to the effects of which date back to the reign of the Ottoman found in Libya, especially after the demolition of the shrine Murad Agha Btajurae.


Russian diplomats who were evacuated from Tripoli, leaving Tunisia now to return to Libya.

Les diplomates russes débarquant à l'aéroport international de Tripoli

Russian diplomats are returning to Tripoli in December 8 Landed on Sunday, December 8

at the airport in the capital Tripoli plane carrying Russian diplomats

who had been evacuated at the beginning of October last from Libya.

The Foreign Minister said that he will be the Libyan Housing nine Russian diplomats

in the hotel and will be heavily guarded cordon around him, stressing that “the situation calmed down long ago.”

And Russia was acting in Libya Leonid Frolov had announced two days ago that the Russian diplomats who were evacuated from Tripoli will return to Libya in December 8 this year.

It is reported that the evacuation has been working in the Russian embassy in Libya and their family members on October 3 /

October following the last exposure Embassy of an armed attack on October 2 /

October, after the girl accused of the murder of a Russian officer Libby. Source: “Itar – Tass” + “RT”

http://arabic.rt.com/news/636578/ :روسيا اليوم


Yesterday: Memorial, Ain Zara, problematic between the army and stationed a patrol of the Supreme Security Committee

Yesterday: Behind the passage of Ain Zara, steal the contents of the Office of the company by a group fled after the arrival of security

Yesterday: Well the world, Sayeh, an armed robbery on a Chinese company, the arrest of three of them with stealing the mechanics of the company, and the rest fled away.

(M Albuaiche)

de Tripoli, the National Safety Authority.

Fire cab in front of a gas station Alfornaj after a quarrel and the Holocaust men Tripoli

unit Alfornaj beaten during Akhmadehm fire-drive (2 photos)

These are car Anhrguet before Shell Toe minutes ago
And the Gas Station and looked like the group Aspso
Tripoli and fuel shortages ::
Tripoli, shut down more than a station because of quarrels, Abu Saleem, Andalus neighborhood, Alfornaj, Gurji.
(Maram Albuaiche)
Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar NewsCapital
Shortly before Arada, armed robbery, a Toyota Hilux belonging to the Army and has stolen them and flee.
Jo important group of civil defense quickly candor
After the buoyant fire
Lat and fire in the owner of the car and head to the station he and his group and seemed to throw Lead
Group and the army were present and who tilled need only behold (what Tsourh what Tsourh)
Monuments and person during shooting
Tell us what group the army and the Rapid Intervention
They said what our position Nqdroush Ankhaloa
Safety on Libya
And to congratulate the new rulers of Libya.
هذي سيارة انحرقت قدام شيل تو قبل دقائق
و فيها بنزينة و شكلهم الجماعة يسبسو فيهاالمهم جو جماعة الدفاع المدني بسرعة الصراحة
وبعد ما طفوا النار
ولعت النار في صاحب السيارة و هد علي المحطة هو و جماعته و بدوا يرموا فالرصاص
و جماعة الجيش موجودين و الحاجة الوحيدة اللي فلحوا فها ( ما تصورش ما تصورش )و انصاب شخص اثناء الرماية
لما كلمنا جماعة الجيش و التدخل السريع
قالوا ما نقدروش انخلوا مكانتناالخلاصةعلى ليبيا السلامة
و ليهنئ حكام ليبيا الجدد
Tripoli shortly before
Building the fall in the street, “Shawki” by the city of Tripoli ..
(Atef Shelmani)

Building in the fall of Shawqi Street in Tripoli, and Defense
Civil Etjha to the spot, according to a security source told, and
Initial reports confirm the transfer of cases to the hospital street Corner.

وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو البناية التي سقطت في شارع شوقي ـ طرابلس

انهار الليلة البارحة سقف بناية آيلة للسقوط في شارع شوقي وسط طرابلس مما نتج عنه وفاة 3 أشخاص يحملون الجنسية المصرية .
وأفادت معلومات أولية أن البناية تم إخلاءها منذ فترة من قبل الجهات المعنية لأنها آيلة للسقوط وتم تعويض مالكها ، لكن الطمع جعل أحدهم يستلي على البناية ويقوم بتأحيرها لعمالة وافدة وبطريقة غير شرعية .


Roof collapsed last night building to collapse in the center of Tripoli Street Shawki, which resulted in the deaths of three people carrying Egyptian nationality.
According to preliminary information that the building was evacuated for some time by the authorities concerned because it was dilapidated compensate the owner, but the greed to make someone Westley at the building and the Ptaherha for immigrant labor and illegally.

Security source confirmed that there are two cases under the rubble and two wounded
Street corner in the hospital, due to the fall of the building behind
School Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in Tripoli and Shawqi
They are citizens of Egyptian nationality.

The death of three Egyptians as a result of the collapse of a building in Tripoli
Atmosphere of the countryMustafa bridges
He died on Monday morning, three people carrying Egyptian citizenship after the collapse of the roof of buildings in a ramshackle street Shawki center of the capital Tripoli.
The member of the local council of Tripoli Nasser Crew told the atmosphere of the country that the building ramshackle since a period where the citizens to lease illegally to a group of young Egyptian citizenship.
He added that the head of the Crew Area Council Boulkheir has opened a report on the incident in the police stations and are currently tracking the subject in order to fully ascertain.
And pointed to the Crew to Tripoli Local Council had demanded in advance of the Ministry of Social Affairs to take the necessary measures for the restoration of those buildings, but is not responding to them, pointing to the existence of a lot of dilapidated buildings in the area.
It is noteworthy that it is not the first time that the area exposed by Shawki Street in Tripoli to such incidents, where he was most recently the fall portion of the building consists of three floors on the sixth of September.

Happening in Tripoli “Hama Tripoli”
Brawl between members of the military who are Girls College Street Amralmokhtar Tripoli to develop the use of arms.
Crooked Saleh Jaudh Chairman of the National Security Committee of the National Conference
says that those behind the bombings and killings are sleeper cells ..



Oil Minister in the interim government for reference station Ruwais, the main source of electricity in the Western Region for the entire business:

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy _ Libya
Ruwais gas station manager confirms the opening line of the gas feeder station Ruwais.
The director of the station Ruwais gas engineer “Abusin Pacific”, it has been the opening line of the gas feeder station Ruwais, and actually began running field to fulfill the product of oil and gas. He said, “Abusin” – told the Libyan News Today Sunday, 12.08.2013 AD The arrival of the gas station takes time until the process of raising public pressure for the line to be able to run the station and all of its units. He added that he expected to start work in the station immediately upon completion of the technical aspects of the field that do not exceed tomorrow, God willing. He pointed out that the energy produced from the plant is expected to add to the public electricity network of 150 to 300 MW
(General Electric Company)


Libya’s western region and not Tunisia ..!!!
Gas sold AS path


Statement of the Shura Council of Elders and the release of detainees.
In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions follow a gift to the day of judgment, and after,,, The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him (best charity mend fences) (recovered fall grudges among you)
The Shura Council of Elders and Rishvana aware of the situation experienced by Libya at the moment and looking forward to the national dialogue and reconciliation comprehensive lead to solutions strategy sustainable for all the thorny issues which are plaguing our country and national duty makes it imperative for everyone to call for forgiveness and tolerance, embodied on the ground for future generations and for Libya. We knocked on the following: –
1 – welcome gesture of good which resulted in the release of the detainees in the city of Zawiya and Misrata and consider it the first step in the path of national reconciliation.
2 – Nahni brothers in Bani Walid, Mujahid and tribes and Rafla throughout Mhaúkhhm return home to their families and bless them with safety and assure them that the Libyans grief and joy, and one they are brothers in religion, blood, and partners in the homeland.
3 – We call upon all the cities and tribes to tolerance and forgiveness and mend fences and the release of detainees and the spirit of tolerance in order to build a home.
4 – call for the activation of a program of national reconciliation and the return of all displaced persons camps and migrants from inside and outside the home.
5 – We support all initiatives that aim to strengthen and consolidate national unity and rejection of violence and exclusion.
God save our country, Libya, Vaafo worshipers of God for your brothers and Tsameho and Tsafho and Tsalihu and Thabo
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
Shura Council and Rishvana
Balzizih issued on Sunday, the fifth of the month of Safar 1435 AH
Corresponding to the eighth month of December 2013 AD.
(Information Office of the Shura Council and Rishvana)



A group of rebels attacked the local council since few Zlitan because of the corruption that the right bid.
Refusing way to establish bidding and repeating the same names and stressed that the local council was tainted by rampant corruption, embezzlement and Awarded suspicious was this intrusion instigation of a local council member Emhemed Hammadi were among the attackers who carries Rommaneh, Akram Almazzouza and was with them Essam Aldovana and Abdel Moneim Alsaddaaa and five piasters Thowaibi.
A lot of the names I have in mind not mentioned.

No to corruption, no to steal not to Tcholls.


Statement of the local council Zliten on the suspension of work of the Council:

Media Bureau local council Zliten 08 December 2013 AD
Because of the interference in the affairs of the local council of Zliten non state institutions and what is happening to the members of the committees of the Council of the pressures and the lack of respect by some citizens Gentlemen, you can not do with her Council duties ..
Council announces the suspension of local Zliten work until further notice …
God save Libya safe free uniform ..
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar .. Thankfully



Messages from the Agency of Sirte ::::
Ibualbra Alsartaoa.
I wanted to convey to you the news of what we have seen in Cefankm love of Rabbinic scholars and righteous people of the curriculum and a warning from the people of innovation and misguidance Perhaps this news Outs dust supporters heinous
Upon hearing the death of Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah God forgive him rallied in the city of Sirte, expressing joy and so Chmthm in his death
Since the period when the fight occurred between the forces of the Libyan army Fayalsaakh with Khawarej nominated supporters heinous become some mosques calling on the Libyan army and single out those dominated by Takfirists (Rabat Mosque)
It is news that trading in Sirte that supporters heinous Abuaaad leader in Tunisia supplements of the Tunisian army on charges of terrorism and assassination exists in the back
Two days before or Thelat people talk about the presence of bin Sufyan Qmo after the expulsion of Derna and also with a group of owners that thought
And I know that the official Endowments in Sirte named (Mohammed Abdullah Warfali) is one of the followers of this thought and known in the city when the Salafists Bdilalh by events have recruited young people and preachers and the hand-picked choice consistent with the beliefs of his faith
And that they have broadcast video and audio formats called (channel unification) Perhaps the person who knows their approach slag slag will know as soon as their channel listening or watching them and God, a tool for evil
Please my brother to publish this publication is to teach people what is happening in Sirte and that there are people on the doctrine of the Ancestors calling to God for insight in Sirte.
(Written by Abu Bara ‘Alsartaoa)
Tribe of SIRTE

Martyr Gaddafa Tribal sheikh ZHAID of Sirte who was imprisoned:


Atef Shelmani ·
3 explosions in a row, but this time to the city of # Sirte ..



BANI WALID Kalaedd Kalaedd

Kalaedd Kalaedd

Agency news – Bani Walid – Correspondent
After prison, without any right to his face and without a trial, launch
Council of elders of the tribes and social Rafla, from prisons
Corner, and the atmosphere of joy permeated the city of Bani Walid after sinking
Helicopter carrying sheikhs
Sheikh Faraj Bogmad
– Sheikh Bashir Rezgui
– Sheikh Musa Shafter
– Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti

Abdullah Essa:

“Hello: Youth Alawath tribe celebrates the return of the elders and Guiblh Rafla to their parents and their families; and praise God for their safety.”

Sniper Conqueror:
Young folks Alawakir Ihnoa Bani Walid tribe sheikhs and return Rafla may Allah in their age.

Rsoh Libya ……….
You need more than Aaourkm and Khrtikm and Evenakm and me more than all Ttohmonhm Gmaúkm graduated to the word Bhdh rhetoric.
Order is the source of our sheikh Galilee wisdom and rhetoric in the country and many Svhaúha Aathelo the largest positions.
For our sheikh is my father did not find a way to overcome his argument, but to imprison him.
My father is a sheikh in order to ÇÔĘŢäÇ tone of his voice that followed the book of God Mend a young age to the present day Hedda.
For our sheikh is my father proud and celebrate it and we hope to God that prolongs old and that makes it Dkhra us in the world of fools.
It’s for our sheikh Mohammed Fadhel Barghouti.
Unspeakable expression to describe the joy filled our hearts you back the Our Father.
Welcome analyzed and got easy, thank God for your safety Our Father.
Hello your lion in black, hello between your Ashe.
(Ali Akash Method)
The people and sheikhs Terhana and all civil society institutions and their boards Petrhona military
and local Ihnoan themselves and the people of Bani Walid Mhaúkhhm exit and headed by Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti from prison:
statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.Many tribes have flocked to the city of Bani Walid to congratulate the tribe and
Rafla Back to the elders of the Social Council of the detainee.
la photo de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.A copy of the Mosque al-Zubayr ibn al-Awam Bani Walid
Where the headquarters of receiving delegations of well-wishers,
the exit of the members of the Social Council of the tribes and militias Rafla from Guantanamo

# Çanakkale Dard _ News
Council received social tribes and Rafla many delegations Libyan tribes and cities to congratulate the members of the exit of the Social Council of detainees, and the tribes are “Rishvana, boys Break, wind, department in Ajeelat, Tarhounah, the Sunday market, a delegation from the eastern tribes”


Visit channel Dardanelles to the house of Sheikh / Bashir Abubakar Rezgui.
زيارة قناة الدردنيل لمنزل الشيخ / بشير أبوبكر الرزقي .

Nahni Rafla sons and the sons of Libya and honorable return of Mhaúkhana unharmed and we hope to God Almighty Return Per prisoners and missing persons
How much you need them the tribe
And how the nation needs them:
It’s funny too that some of the slaves and Claak Ieeron ordinary citizens from the people of Bani Walid during the War Resolution No. 7 in honor of their insurance and they came out with their children and their families under fire bombing tanks and Grad cowards do not think that they do not Ieeron but themselves …
It came out of Alqrjoma viewing balcony so as not to Tdnasseh Acharazm and Greaves of Alancksharien abandoned after it was paving the way the lives of the martyrs and their bodies pure from Almrdom and even the airport just as their ancestors did in the Battle of the Champions Taqrvat timeless …..
Those who do not honor him so afraid of the foundation upon Aftraiqam safe in Dauphin and not Alqrjoma that will continue to witness the honor of Bani Walid and display does not leave in the back yards of the remnants of war (as did others), even wiped out en masse.(Adam 2 n)




Libyan National Congress vote on a roadmap on the return of people to their city of Tawergha.
12.08.2013 | 8:39 p.m. News Arab world

The voice of the members of the General National Congress in Libya on Dec. 8 / December on a roadmap on the return of displaced persons from the area of ​​the soles of the mountain and the city of Tawergha to their homes.

According to a source from the National Congress that the number of those who voted on this resolution 118 members of the 135 who attended the session in the evening.

The source explained that the displaced from the area of ​​the soles of the mountain will be coordinated to return to their area within 10 days from the vote on this resolution. He added that the conference will be a committee on the issue of the displaced residents of Tawergha working on receiving complaints from them, and in turn will create a Ministry of Justice and the courts to decide on the urgent issues of Tawergha prisoners who will be handed over to the national army and the Attorney General by the cities who are out.

The source continued that the government will then develop a specific mechanism for the return of the people of Tawergha for their city, and the construction and rehabilitation of the region and a new attempt to compensate those affected.

http://arabic.rt.com/news/636565/ :روسيا اليوم

One of the camps for the displaced Tawergha

The sincerity succeeded …
Tawergha … Finally Back

General National Congress voted in favor of the roadmap provided by a member of the National Congress for Tawergha Mari’s departure and put all the facilities for the return of the displaced people of Tawergha particular arrangement at the highest levels of this decision and all thanks to a lot of good in the National Congress and all of the reason to vote for the resolution and make it a success.

(Youth Organization for Tawergha)


The Fall and Purge of Tawergha

18 September 2011
last edits 23 April 2012The City

Photo: David Enders,/MCT

Tawergha (Arabic: تاورغاء)‎ lies about 30-40 miles south of Misrata/Misurata, along the western coast of the Gulf of Sirte. Its population is unclear (30,000 cited more commonly) and recently changed (to zero?). From the Wikipedia entry (which uses a different and common spelling – “Taworgha” – and the Arabic cited), it’s a town that’s occupied by an unstated number of people of unknown type.  A Euronews dispatch filming a clash there in May called it a “no man’s land” between rebel and loyalist areas.

“the name of Taworgha was used by Misrataies to describe the black population in that area, because of the dark skin they have just like the real ancient Tuareg.” Indeed, it’s inhabited mostly by black-skinned people originally from further south, apparently a remnant of the slave trade, a significant factor considering known anti-black sentiments in the rebel camp. As they explain:

“The origin of this black population in North Africa gos back to the roman empire days , when the slavery trade was a good businesses by bringing the blacks from meddle Africa to export them from Misratah port ( was known as Kayvalai Bromentoriom )* to old Rome.
The sick who can not make it to the port and the long trip by ship was left behind at that spot, which is known for its swamps and jungles ( Libya was called the ‘Bread Basket of Europe’, because of the moderate climate and fertility of soil during the Roman time, and was one of the main exporters of grains to Rome ) 

It also noted that ‘control of Taworgha helped the Romans coordinate control of Libya.’ ”

MODERN TIMES:Mu’ammar al-Qathafi helped to rebuild their city to the beautiful Modern Complex it became:
Muammar  al-Qathafi built modern, new complex units for many of the population to live in who had no water,
electric and modern conveniences prior:
The black “Taureg” town also served as a “green island” of people loyal to the principles of the Third Universal Theory and the Great Jamahiriya. 
… Gal-Qathafi started to give them power by using them as personal body guards and ‘brain wash them’
so they over estimated them selves ,their resources and abilities.
NATO bombings of reported “Gaddafi sites” in and around Tawergha in the following weeks, were likely phoned in by Misrata rebels. In late June one strike at least killed many civilians in the usual unconfirmed way. According to some reports, sixteen were killed, including a whole family, when a NATO bomb hit the public market. Video shared there shows at least one baby was among the dead. [8]
But still the question of the town’s continued life was allowed to hover through July and beyond, as Misrata and NATO both absorbed and dished out more attacks.
The Battle
Wikipedia cites a start to the Battle of Tawergha on August 11, and end on the 13th, which seems accurate enough by what else I’ve seen.

‘Cleansed’ Libyan town spills its terrible secrets

By Tarik Kafala  BBC News, Libya,  12 December 2011 Last updated at 10:16 GMT

The 30,000 people living in a town in northern Libya have been driven out of their homes, in what appears to have been an act of racist-hate and misguided revenge. So what really happened in the town of Tawergha? Are the accusations of brutality against the town’s residents fair and what does it say about hopes for national unity?

Tawergha refugee camp, Tripoli, November 2011 (Tarik Kafala)    
Tawerghans are scattered across Libya in camps

In the middle of August, at the end of the siege of Tripoli, Misratan forces drove out everyone living in Tawergha, a town of 30,000 people.

Human rights groups have described this as an act of revenge and collective punishment possibly amounting to a crime against humanity.

Tawerghans are mostly descendants of black slaves. Tawerghans were broadly supporters of his regime. Some signed up to fight for him as the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA  fought for its survival.

It illustrates how difficult national reconciliation is going to be in some areas. Those that overthrew the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA are imposing summary, brutal force and terrorist-tortures on some of the communities that sided with the former regime and were vanquished.

Umm Saber, Tawergha refugee, November 2011 (Tarik Kafala)   

“There is no evidence that rapes occurred… they drove us out because they want our land and homes”

(Umm SaberTawerghan refugee)

Ghost town

As you enter Tawergha from the main road, the name is erased from the road sign. It is now eerily silent but for the incongruously beautiful bird song. There were a few cats skulking about, and one skeletal, limping dog.

Building after building is burnt and ransacked. The possessions of the people who lived here are scattered about, suggesting desperate flight. In places, the green flags of the former regime still flutter from some of the houses.

Buildings show the scars of heavy bombardment, some are burnt out shells, some are just abandoned. The town is empty of humans, apart from a small number of Misratan militiamen preventing the return of the town’s residents.

Those that escaped the town are now scattered across the country. As many as 15,000 people are in Hun, in central Libya. Some are in Sabha and Benghazi, and more than 1,000 are in a refugee camp in Tripoli.

This camp, run by the LibAid humanitarian organisation, was a building site abandoned early in the uprising by the foreign construction workers who lived and worked there. It teems with women and children. There are men about, but they are very few and keep out of sight. The women are ready to talk but they want to cover their faces.

Libya map

Umm Bubakr can’t trace one of her sons. “They bombed and shot at us and we had to run away. I ran away with my kids. I’ve lost a boy and I don’t know whether he is alive or dead. And now we are here, with no future. We are scared, we need a solution to our problem and we want to go home.”

She says there are nightly raids by Misrata militiamen on the camp, to take away young men. They are not seen or heard of again.

Umm Saber says militiamen claim her nephew has confessed to raping a woman from Misrata, but she swears that he does not know the meaning of the word.

“There is no evidence that rapes occurred. They drove us out because they want our land and homes,” she adds.

Tawergha, November 2011 (Tarik Kafala)
The top sign says hospital; the one indicating Tawergha is scrubbed out

Outside in the yard, as we leave the camp, the children gather to sing a protest song about their captivity in the new, free Libya.

Today the town of THORGAE  is used by MISURATA as a training camp for urban warfare exercises by various Salafist groups.

Other parts in the suburbs have been illegally sold to Israel, Turkey and Qatar.

Tawergha prisoners in Misrata, November 2011 (Tarik Kafala)
Riyadh and Osama insist they are innocent and want their day in court.

FALSE evidence of rapes and other crimes have eventually emerged,  and it seems that Tawerghans

are being collectively blamed for the imaginative crimes the opposition purposely created, largely because the people of Tawergha were al-Jamahiriya loyalists and  supportive  of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

In Misrata, workmen are converting the former state security building into a prison, floor by floor. Conditions here appear to be good, though it is overcrowded.

The prison is  a hell-hole. Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), a humanitarian organisation, runs a small hospital, a pharmacy and a counselling service in the prison.

Hundreds of men and young adolescents from Tawergha and BANI WALID are held here. A prison warden invites volunteers to speak to us. He insists they can speak freely and there will be no repercussions. (HAH HAH–boiling bodies alive in giant pots!!)

Torture claims  and forced expulsions.

Misrata town centre, November 2011 (Tarik Kafala)

Many cities and communities suffered terribly in the war. Tawergha, Tarhounah  and al-Qathafi’s home town of Sirte, which was devastated by heavy shelling, are just three examples.

But they have no voice in the new Libya, as they were on the losing side.



Name: – Mahdi Abdul Latif
Nationality: – Moroccan
Age: – Between 20-25
Occupation previously: – a mechanic in a workshop in the area Gargaresh
Occupation Currently: – Thaer real free, and orderly to a body armor
General information: –
Mahdi is the son of Abdul Latif and parents of Moroccan nationality, the father is his career Barber known lived in Libya for 20 years and frequented by Morocco and the livelihood in Libya, he has a son big a barber, too, and while his wife, she works at home for cleaning, and has a young son and his son studying in Libya
This family deported to Morocco at the beginning of the events, via bus rapid transit allocated by the state for the deportation of foreigners, in front of the port janzour (Ddina janzour follows Aaseraa)
It is clear that the Mahdi Jr. remained in Libya until the jihad for the sake of God for the Liberation of Libya
And now we came out of the Mahdi, who was known as a mechanic in a workshop in a luxurious new look Gargaresh Thaer a real hero!!
This has changed the place of the family who inhabited the area janzour long as 25 years to the city of Misratah!!
It is clear that their son Rebel Mujahid may get privileges in the city of Misurata, nor might they gave him a house families who have been displaced from Misurata and wrote his name!!
It became clearly visible foreign ownership and buy some land and real estate in Libya after the overthrow of the regime, which was banned in the mind and the law that anyone can buy or foreign ownership of real estate or where the territory.
These are his personal confirmation, and I really surprised Beah, because it was Gary in one day and my friend, and today afternoon we dissolved new uniforms again, and the probability Maadsh eat with him bread in Halblad, because it follows became a national more than me depending on the laws of the State of modern Libya, because Everyone involved in this blessed revolution, national and altruism has on his country, and the rest are either ousted O O The climbers, oh shemales _ak_in The text of the stick?!!?
Mehdi Laasiri



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Cyrenaica
Al-jdharan appeal for Burqa Brigades, affiliated for the purpose of positioning
Palmaana oil to enhance the strength and protect it from any acts of sabotage.Ali Asbali:
Each battalion and company of the defense force Cyrenaica and guard oil installations and all Jealous at home and on the soil gently to go immediately to the Crescent oil because there is confirmed information about the rally forces from the province of Tripoli, troops backed by a fifth column of tails gently to break into the ports of oil after the failure of a meeting Basha Alatyosh .. ÇáÝŇÚÉ ÇáÝŇÚÉ O Hlha.



Ali Asbali:
In the meantime, spins in Ajdabiya closed-door meeting between the head of the political council of the region of Cyrenaica Ibrahim Jdharan, and Basha favor Alatyosh tribal elder Moroccans, on the closure of the oil and the news of the consensus in favor of the issue delicately.

Social Council of the tribes of Cyrenaica and Rafla:

Libya’s Green Mountain Project:
Ambitious Plan for a sustainable
By: Karen Dabrowska

The Green Mountain Project for a sustainable future – implementing
the Cyrene Declaration of 2007, is one of the projects to promote
and protect Libyan heritage.

The Green Mountain Project for a sustainable future – implementing
the Cyrene Declaration of 2007, is one of the projects to promote
and protect Libyan heritage.
The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA must be credited with the
Cyrene Declaration of September
2007 when it recognised a
significant part of the Green
Mountain as a protected zone,
with the ancient site of Cyrene ( A
Roman city) as a centrepiece. The
main recommendation was for the
establishment of protective ‘buffer’
zones for the most important sites
in the Green Mountain Area
(Cyrene, Apollonia, Ptolemais and
For archaeologists this is one of
the most enticing regions in the
world. Cyrene was a vast Greek
city in the 7th century B.C.,
including temples, gymnasiums
and villas with luxurious mosaics.
“This place was really, really rich,”
said Serenella Ensoli, director of
the Italian Archaeological Mission
to Cyrene, who has been working
on the site for nearly 30 years. She
noted that the leader of Cyrene
brought the emperor Nero a
kilogram of silphyium – a medicinal
plant that was more expensive
than gold. In the 1st century A.D.,
the city was part of the Roman
Apollonia was a Greek city which
served as a port to nearby Cyrene,
but eventually supplanted it as the
leading city in Cyrenaica on
account of the tedium to bring
goods several kilometers inland
and 625 meters up the plateau.
There was a temple to an unknown
A canyon in the Green Mountains
deity which had 11 x 6 columns
dating to about 300 BCE which
was repaired under Roman rule.
Unfortunately this could not be
found as most of the columns
appear to have been used in
Christian churches and basilicae.
Of the port, only a few rocks
remain, which give a reasonable
impression of the piers which
protected the vital sea trade.

The governor’s palace appears to have
heavy Byzantine overtones. Only
about five percent of the city has
been explored.

The port of Tolmeitha or
Tholmeithah is generally know as
Ptolemais after Ptolemy III. The
village is located in a beautiful
area between the Green Mountain
and the sea, about 30 km east of
Almerj (Berqa). It was founded as
a port to serve Almerj, after it
became a busy commercial centre
during the sixth century BC, with
goods arriving from the nearby
ports, such as Alexandria in Egypt,
as well as to export the main
produce of the region, like silphium,
honey, butter and grains. Tolmeitha
rose to fame very quickly and
became the capital of Cyrenaica
during the 4th and 5th centuries
Historical records show that the
port was originally called “Berqa
Cyrene Port”, which also indicates the
existence of the site before the
Greek invasions, after which it
became known as Ptolemais.

It was thought that the city was
founded during the reign of
Ptolemy III, after his marriage to
the local princess Berenice, who
gave her name to ancient Berenice
Tokra was an important export port
during the Greek period, which
became a busy commercial centre
after falling under Roman influence
during the first century BC.

The city began to loose its status during
the Byzantine period, and by the
time it was taken by Ibn Ala’s she
was no more.
The Italian colonisers also made
their presence felt in the area and
recommendations were made to
rehabilitate the near-abandoned,
Italian-built villages of Tolmeita,
Susa and Tocra, partly in
recognition that Ottoman and
Italian buildings which also formed
part of Libyan heritage, but
principally to provide new homes
for Libyan families and facilities for
tourists. A proposal to use
abandoned Italian farm and
military buildings for tourist use
was also put forward together with
a scheme to use the site of Tocra
as a training school for a new
generation of Libyan archaeologists
and heritage managers.
“I had the privilege to work with
Norman Foster and Associates as
team archaeologist, to prepare a
brief history and a preliminary
appraisal of the present status of
the most important archaeological
sites in the declaration area and
make a series of recommendations
for the future”, Dr Paul Bennett,
head of the Society for Libyan
Studies Mission said in a recent
lecture on a new future for Libya’s
“The most important products of
the work were recommendations
for the establishment of protective
protocols for archaeology within
the development planning process,
recommendations for the
establishment of protective ‘buffer’
zones for the most important sites
in the Green Mountain Area
(Cyrene, Apollonia, Ptolemais and
Tocra), for a World Heritage
Management Plan to be drawn up
for Cyrene and, above all, support
for the Department of Antiquities in
the form of training, capacity
building and funding, to assist
them to become a better curator
and custodian of Libyan Heritage
and an effective archaeological
contractor, undertaking high
quality fieldwork in advance of
development, within a statefunded archaeological service.
“Additional reports were prepared
to prevent the building of a new
coast road planned to cross the
ancient site of Ptolemais; to
prevent the bulldozing of the
modern town of Shahat, and to put
forward a strategy for the surveying
of a proposed new Shahat, an
area of some 16 sq km to the south
of the existing town.
“The Green Mountain Project
report was submitted in July 2009.

The coast road was stopped, but
in January 2011, I was given the
news that the people had decided it would
be built after all.
The bulldozing of SHAHAT remained undecided until
very recently. The 35,000 people
living in the town made their views
known in late 2010 they wanted it; but in 2011 the new Interim Government of the NTC under NATO, stopped all construction plans.

At the same time,
the detailed proposal for the new
town imaginatively produced by
Edward Cullinan Architects was
published. Despite continued
requests by architects and
archaeologists for archaeological
survey in advance of full design,
and above all construction, no
survey work of significance has
been undertaken to date because of the fall of the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA‘ ”, Dr Bennett said.

It was scheduled to be worked-upon in 2011, when the CIA-led uprising and NATO war intervened.

Memories of a Plan that Muammar al-Qathafi almost completed:

SHAHAT GARDEN CITY in Eastern Libya’s Green Mountain :

Shahat Garden City: Libya’s First Zero Carbon City

Shahat Garden City: Libya’s First Zero Carbon City
21/09/2010 22:37:00
Initial plans have been approved for Edward Cullinan Architects’ (ECA) pioneering masterplan for a zero carbon town in the heart of Libya’s eastern Green Mountain region – al Jabal al Akhdar.Commissioned by the Organisation for Development and Administration Centres (ODAC) and the Libyan Company for Planning and Urban Development (LCPUD), this development is the first of its type in the Middle East and North Africa.ECA said in a press release that they are collaborating with local practices, Libyan Engineering Office (LEO) and Al Mada.Shahat Garden City – Madinat Hadaek Shahat – is located in the renowned Green Mountain region in eastern Libya, only a few kilometres south of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the ancient city of Cyrene.Emphasising the connection to the existing town of Shahat with carefully planned road links, the new, mixed-use development will create homes for 60,000 people over the 1500-hectare site.Dense neighbourhood centres have been achieved through an abundance of mixed use and adaptable buildings that will allow for growth and change according to commercial and social pressures, with new civic buildings, schools, a university and a central botanical garden.Rural smallholdings and wadi farms that help to integrate the farming culture of the local community surround these hilltop centres.Surrounded by desert, the 270-mile (432 kilometres) stretch of coastline is an oasis for the country with a moist and cool climate, similar to parts of Italy and Southern France and unique within Libya.

During the summer, the region experiences a considerable diurnal shift between daytime and nighttime temperatures due to the elevation, continuous wind and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, while during the winter months there is a proven need for homes to be insulated.

The terrain is green with good agricultural land in the wadis and abundant scrub in more exposed areas, with areas of low trees hosting abundant and unique plant and animal life, as well as concealing many archaeological secrets yet to be discovered in their entirety. The project aims to set new standards for building design and public space in Libya without compromising on privacy and cultural imperatives.

Closely following the criteria of the Cyrene Declaration – the Libyan Government’s 2007 vision for a sustainable future in the region – the Shahat Garden City masterplan has been formed from a deeper understanding of what is already there.

On the one hand the site is incredibly rich in important archaeology and unique biodiversity, yet it also consists of fragile agriculture, complex topography, modern infrastructure and a diversifying economy.

These special conditions offer opportunities to create a masterplan design for low carbon living through walk-able neighbourhoods, shaded streets, natural cooling and low energy buildings, wind farms and solar power fields, resulting in a significantly improved urban environment and a highly desirable place to live.

Edward Cullinan Architects have developed expert knowledge of the Green Mountain region, and it is due to their previous research in the area that they were appointed for this project.

In 2008/9 the practice worked with Ramboll on a study that contributed visitor strategies and urban design proposals for towns near the world-renowned Western Pentapolis.

These guidelines are currently under consideration by the Libyan authorities, with the Shahat Masterplan providing the realisation of their carefully considered recommendations before they are brought into Libyan planning law.

The project was due to start on site in 2011.


Between the Mountain and the Sea

12/12/2009 at 11:22 |

Posted in Cyrenaica |

The coast of Cyrenaica stretches for about 300 kms, from Tokrah (Tauchera ) in the west to Derna in the east.  Unfortunately, there is no coastal road between the mountain and the sea that runs all this area.  There exists a small road that connects Tokrah (Tauchera) with Tolmetha ( Ptolemais ) , however on the other side , there is a beautiful modern highway that starts from Soussah (Apollonia) to Derna, passing through Ras al Hilal and Lathroun ( Erythron ) featuring probably the most spectacular scenery in all Libya of the mountain and the sea .  These are some pictures of this beautiful area.


Ras Crescent Libya by Green Mountain Alakora [Libya Photographer:Ibrahim AL Agouri]


Shut down the headquarters of the Treasury by some of the demonstrators are demanding their salaries:

Closed Sunday morning the headquarters of Capital ((treasury)) in white before after demonstrators demanding overdue salaries ..
Demands carried by demonstrators
Sums for the full year 2013
Continuation of salary as of 2014 Aatdae of any month ((1)) January
(Blagraa) white (CASABLANCA):artist Mehdi Dallah: Displays folk artist Mehdi Dallah in white (CASABKANCA)to try to steal his car, where there was an exchange of gunfire between him and the robbers, and did not fall ill any harm:

Media Salah Bozhidar:

I conducted in connection with a brother Colonel Hamid Hassi now
Akkadian me to Colonel Hamid Hassi, a good health
Now on the way back to the city of Casablanca.

Tema after commissioning
Colonel Hamid Hassi by the Ministry of Defence to go to South down to
Kufra city to resolve the problem between Altbooazwai ..


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl …..

Loss of contact with Colonel Hamid Hassi

The head office of Colonel Hamid Hassi that he had lost contact with him,

which is the power of 217 of the Ministry of Defense, and that in the gate (60) while on his way to the city of Kufra to contain the crisis there and at the request of the tribes Tabu and Azhoyh and commissioned by the Ministry of Defense.
He added, Director, Office of Hamid Elhasy / Fayez Faraj Al Barsha that was the last contact such as access to Bawwabat (60) and then subjected to very heavy fire on the convoy which hamstrung contact us.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Quoting / / Hameed to Aperc cabled about the disappearance of Colonel Hamid Hassi
Urgent special
Picked up some of the media for the loss of contact with Colonel Hamid Hassi at the gate 60 in Ajdabiya while trying to go to the protestors, Tabu who blocked the road between the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo with other Libyan cities and blocking fuel and any car to enter the city of Kufra
Where I called a group of young people who are in gate 60 in Ajdabiya, and assured me that everything that has been moved by the Director of the Office of Colonel Hamid Hassi incorrectly referred mentioning that the director of the Office of Hassi said he was losing contact Bhamed Computer and he was under heavy fire so that it did not happen absolutely everything that happened specifically that Hamid Elhasy feet of the gate and was on his way to solidarity with the protesters of Tabu and they prevented him from passing was not accompanied by any column as mentioned, but that Elhasy was accompanied by two cars just occurred altercation between them and they have to expel him from the scene and returned to Benghazi at gunpoint and told me.
They are aware that two days ago Elhasy wants to go there and we were keen to prevent.
My comment on the subject:
This is precisely what happened and not, as was rumored through the media and the recent Hamid Elhasy
federal and young people who are in gate 60 against the federal and the main reason to stop him.
Colonel “Hamid Elhasy” fine and is in Green Mountain, and all
What happened shows the convoy, which was destined for Hamlet, the dense Shooting
In gate 60, to contain the crisis at the request of the tribes
Azwaip and Tabu, and commissioned by the Ministry of Defence.
# Shahat

The unknown group Bermaah on convoy
At the gate (60) .. Without the presence of human damage.

if you recall:

Cyrenaica military council chief escapes assassination attempt: report

By Maha Ellawati and Valerie Stocker.
Hamid Al-Hassi, commander of the Cyrenaica Transitional Council’s military wing
Benghazi/Tripoli, 05 November 2012:

The head of the newly proclaimed Cyrenaica Transitional Council’s military wing, Hamid Al-Hassi, narrowly survived an assassination attempt in Benghazi last night, Sunday, according to local reports. One of his bodyguards was said to have been killed in the attack and two others injured. It appears to be the latest in a string of targeted assassinations and assassination attempts over the past year in Benghazi and follows two days of violence in the city .

The attack is said to have occurred in the of Sidi Khalifa district. According to an account Al-Hassi gave to Solidarity Press, a group of heavily armed men in a vehicle tried to ambush him on the road to his farm. He escaped because he did not, he claimed, “go all the way to the farm” with his bodyguards. The attackers’ car, however, drove up to the gate and opened fire on the guards, killing one and injuring two others.

Al-Hassi is a controversial figure in Libya with many criticising him for his militant support for federalism and the Great Jamahiriya, accusing him of creating division (fitna) in the country.

Al-Hassi in Benghazi, during September 2012, was involved in efforts to dismantle the Salafist group “Ansar Al-Sharia”, and the reason for his being targeted for assassination.

Cyrenaica military leader Hassi in Tripoli hotel “seige”

Hamid Al-Hassi

Hamid Al-Hassi

Tripoli, 4 February 2013:

Colonel Hamid Al-Hassi, the leader of the military wing of the newly proclaimed Cyrenaica Transitional Council, has said he was besieged in a Tripoli hotel yesterday by an armed group trying to arrest him. In written statement read out on Al-Asima TV today, Monday, he said that the siege had gone on for more than five hours but that eventually his bodyguards had managed to get him out safely, aided by local residents and revolutionaries.

He did not say who the armed group was.

Last night, it was briefly reported on the General National Congress’ Facebook page that Hassi had been shot at while leaving a hotel in Tripoli’s Omar Mukhtar Street. It was “brief” because the story then disappeared from the page.

No official reason for Hassi’s presence in Tripoli has been given although there have been reports that he had come to the capital to talk to about the possible replacement of Chief of Staff Yousef Mangoush and to present himself as a potential successor.

The presence of Hassi in Tripoli will have been seen as provocative by some elements in the city in view of the Cyrenaica federalists’ call for mass demonstrations in Benghazi and elsewhere on 15 February. The call has sparked fears of violence on the day and has prompted a security clampdown across the country.

There was an attempt to assassinate the controversial Hassi in November in Benghazi. One of his bodyguards was said to have been killed in the attack.

Read more: http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/02/04/cyrenaica-military-leader-hassi-in-tripoli-hotel-seige/#ixzz2mvTANHMi


The death of Kamal Pazazh of his wounds after the assassination attempt Benghazi

He died late Sunday night, the Director of Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of Interior colonel, “Kamal Hassan Mohamed Bzazh” wounds sustained by noon on Saturday as a result of planting an explosive device in his car, after he delivered a speech on Friday, attacking what he called Baltkvarien and killers of police and army, and will pray by the funeral prayer after prayer at noon today in the city of Benghazi, Hawari cemetery.

Hospital spokeswoman confirmed Galaa Fadia Albergthe to the “atmosphere of the country”, and the death of Colonel Kamal Bzazh coordinator in the Office of Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, after the bombing of his car yesterday evening in Istiklal Street, “Gamal Abdel Nasser previously” in Benghazi.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:

Even the graves have not been spared the bombing Where Abnghaza????

A large explosion at the cemetery Hawari.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Room joint security Benghazi: the explosion that occurred today at the funeral of Colonel “Kamal Pazazh” edited by anti-tank mine laying in the car on the side of the road and was aimed at injuring a number of security leaders that were present during the funeral today.

A car bombing in the Hawari cemetery during the funeral of the late Colonel Kamal Bzazh.

Blast Searhand Hawari cemetery and the number of casualties:
1 dead and now underway to get to the name.

The name of the deceased when a roadside cemetery of Hawari is:
Mr. F Faraj Abbas was born in 1958.
God bless his soul and Aghafrlh.
Statistics last bombing incident Hawari cemetery today
Urgent ::::::::
The number of wounded bombing ::::
2 Hospital, 1200 Benghazi Medical Center.
6 Hawari General Hospit
(Mutassim Faitouri)

And 2 wounded, hit by a minor are:

Omar Abdul-Karim, Abdullah Aujali.

Access 5 wounded to hospital Hawari now, in the bombing of al-Hawari Vemetery
Shortly before by obscurantist.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Confirmed by a hospital, a medical source in 1200 that charred and dead
It is not recognized and the wounded, “Abdullah Aujali” and
“Omar Abdul Karim”, in a car after the funeral of Colonel
Salafi Al-Khatib and the slain him, “Kamal Bzazh” shortly before.
Benghazi, a car bomb Hawari cemetery
Urgent ::::::::::
Hospital in 1200 is now dead, who arrived is a young man wearing a
security Paz ((Thunderbolt)) and the age of about 27 and
Gary recognize his name, where he arrived to the hospital charred.
Not around and no power except God.

One of the cases do, which arrived at the hospital because of
The bombing, which occurred in front of the tomb of Hawari :

Invitations to the people gathered in front of Benghazi Tbsta and

dropping the local council for the city of Benghazi conspirator Brotherhood.

Rain falling on the BenGhazi now.
The fall of the container near the bridge ((bridge)) Geleanp nowand has blocked the road and there is no damage and waiting for the crane lifted …….(Mutassim Faitouri)

(Osamaohna) radio program .. Benghazi
Burning platform, including the so-called Freedom Square a little while ago .. Crown unknown reasons.



Urgent tomorrow in celebration of the city of Tobruk out Mhaúj Ezz sheikhs

and Rafla p any Werfalli attendance Field martyrs of Tobruk after age directly.

Tobruk residents are discussing arms in the city:

Some called on the institutions of civil society and political activists and the Elders and tribal elders Btabriq, on Sunday, the components of society and the tribal area of Tobruk Ghazala was appointed to the west and south Giarabub, and Assistant to the east, to attend the meeting which will start at exactly twelve o’clock noon today.

Page said the local council of Tobruk through the social networking site “Facebook”, said the meeting will discuss all aspects of ending the arms outside the framework of the state, and the issue is not the legality of the weapon only in the framework of the institutions of the army and police. The meeting will also discuss ways to discuss the reopening of oil ports in order to preserve social peace and security in the region and the areas where the existing export ports.

Site of Brega Oil Marketing

BREGA / RAS LANAUF / GULF of  SIDRA  (all now part of CYRENAICA):

Urgent and very important (urgent deployment guys)
The Political Bureau of Cyrenaica urgently needs to gently youth from Ajdabiya and Benghazi and al-Bayda and Tobruk and the entire cities and villages of Burqa and so go and sit peacefully in the ports of Brega and Azwaitina and Ras Lanuf and Sidra. It urgent and can not be delayed because of that there is a plan to break into the ports are set up in Tripoli in secret and has been leaked in the last moments …. It’s a matter of life or death for the motionless Barqawi not Takzloa tenderly O rejuvenated after sheikhs and Sheyyab given you the green light ….
They want a peaceful and motionless popular Vodjaloha peaceful and motionless Popular Anti .. Youth Fair Cyrenaica your cause and the future of your children and grandchildren is at stake today .. On Dec. 10 is a day break in your cause Vhbwa to pick up your future Bratnt of traitors and Baai homelands of all the cities in Barquaouih similar sit-ins the day before tomorrow in oil ports peacefully before it is too late.
Each tribe Brquaouih there are our fellow citizens traitors and agents in every age and time, even during the Ottoman occupation, Italian and now these traitors should sober than their predecessors.

Executive Office – Cyrenaica province
# _ Urgent appeal
All Barquaouin ready tomorrow ready for full news received now that there are those who want to demonstrate peacefully …
But the use of force in responding to open Almaany. Therefore, we ask all honorable Barquaouian readiness in the oil Crescent.
Ras Lanuf, Brega. Sidra .………….
# Scared of dampers it is serious.

Agency urgently Libya / agreement to reopen oil ports during the week of Benghazi

(Agency urgently Libya) special correspondent Benghazi

The reporter said the agency urgently Libyan city of Benghazi, confirmed information that may be gleaned from reliable sources that the secret agreement between the interim government on the one hand and the Executive Office of the territory of the other hand gently on the reopening of oil ports during the week.

According to sources, our correspondent in the city of Benghazi,

Ms. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Fulfillment Boukaaqis” the role of mediator between the two parties, since for quite some time that culminated in its mediation of this agreement which provides for the formation of a commission of inquiry composed of Libyan experts and international experts to investigate the sale of oil without counters.

Covered Ports :

Abu Kammash, Ajdabiya, Al Khoms, Benghazi, Derna, Homs, Marsa El Brega, Ras El Hilal, Ras Lanuf, Tobruq

Salafists are demanding their share of Libyan oil
Middle East Online: about 300 Islamic demonstrated in the coastal city of Benghazi in eastern Libya Friday demanding the destruction of government and an end to strikes and sit-ins that stops Libyan crude exports in the first sign of public opposition to the blockade imposed on the oil in the eastern oil-rich Libya.
Controlled movement demanding regional autonomy to the largest two ports for the export of oil in Libya in Sidra and Ras Lanuf, both in the east of Libya, which is the source of about 60 percent of the wealth of Libya, a member of OPEC oil.
And stopped other groups demanding a greater share of oil wealth and the rights of other exports in the port of Tobruk in Harika in eastern Libya.
And destroyed the Libyan oil trade moves the main source of income and hard currency in the country is still suffering from the unrest two years after the end of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
The protesters carried Salafists who gathered in Benghazi, Libya’s second city banners calling for the liberalization of oil exports. And exposed the city every day Tqriya attacks and car bombs shot.
He accused Ismail Salaabi a prominent leader of the Salafist militia strikers to destroy the economy. He said that the Salafists have many demands but most importantly ending the siege imposed on the ports.
It consists of groups that surround ports of ex-combatants and other militias.



Terrorist groups that left the tuber settle in Ras al-Hilal.

Seen military vehicles and cars SUV belonging to the militia emerging from Mudbna tuber in the village, “the head of Crescent” on the coastal road, According to the witnesses from the village, which lies 40 kilometers from the city of Derna.

Witnesses observed the process of re-positioning after tightening the screws on the existence of these militias in Derna, after the popular movement that rejects her and continuing for six consecutive days, where it lost Moaqaa many of these groups were inhabited.

Ras al-Hilal

New species inhabiting Ras al-Hilal:


Distribution: Libya.
New species. Cyrenaica.

Ra’s al Hilal, 06/05/2004 on Pistacia lentiscus; Wadi al Kuff, 29/06/2003 on Quercus coccifera; Ra’s al Hilal, 27/06/2004 on Arbutus pavarii Pamp.


at Night:

Derna at Night

Military governor of the city of Derna, Brigadier “Alchloi”:
count primarily on the people of the city of Derna and Thoarha true for the success of my mission in policing and Asttbabh
And: Brigadier “Hamad key Alchloi” received the decision of the Presidency of the General Staff of the Army instructed to Libyan military governor of the city of Derna and its suburbs.
Dean announced, “Hamad key Alchloi” in his first press statement singled out by the Libyan news agency that relies primarily on the people of the city of Derna and Thoarha true for the success of his mission in policing and Asttbabh.
The Brigadier “Alchloi” that military forces of the tuber and its suburbs and nearby cities will be under his command after coordination with the Presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army has jurisdiction in support, monitoring and guidance.
In the same vein continued on Sunday figures peaceful movement to organize events that roam the neighborhoods and streets of the city claim to activate the institutions of the army and police and directed by armed formations of the city.

Derna lost ship off Port Derna Mountain Pass

Derna aerial view Derna road,

Al Sahaba mosque Derna


Tuber :::::::

Since few new explosion in one of the shops selling tobacco in Darns club.

Tuber: Back to work today in most educational institutions, banks, companies and shops, after the establishment of civil disobedience in the city as long as a full week, accompanied by protests and demonstrations daily calls to renounce violence and activation of state institutions in the city.

As stated .. The bombing of the stores to shops Aldpiani in tuber:




Urgent Gallo ::::::::

((Decided the people and the youth area Gallo Tabu give protestors in the south gate of Ajdabiya and Matsama a deadline of two days if they did not allow fuel trucks and other trucks to pass, it will shut water pipes over the entire Libya.))


The arrival of experts from the United Nations to help find out the causes of the explosion of the ammunition depot in Barak beach

Sent the United Nations Mission of “Support” in Libya, a team of experts to provide technical advice in dealing with the effects of the blast in the stores of weapons and ammunition Barak beach area in southern Libya.
The mission said in a statement on Saturday, they sent a team specialized in dealing with mines and explosives to Barak beach to assess the situation, and put three other teams on standby, to start cleansing the vicinity of the blast area if requested by the Libyan authorities.
He had been commander of the base Barak stressed that the air blast, which occurred inside the armories at the base, occurred after the entry of groups from the region to the headquarters of Aldshmat to steal gear, causing the occurrence of many explosions and injuries among Mguethami al-Qaeda.




Sabha today
The spread of the army on most islands in the rotation Sabha.


ورفلة سبها ^_^
Sabha ::::
Photo of the day at the headquarters of Military Region Sabha
And a statement to the region commander Colonel Abdul Hafeez Emhemed
The landing of the army into the streets of the boldness of security in the city and secured.
(Passion south)



Brega Oil Marketing:
Price of a liter of petrol up to three dinars infidels
The spokesman confirmed media Kufra local council Mustafa Aujali the price of a liter of gasoline reached three dinars.
As Aujali added that electricity was cut off completely yesterday for the city’s hospital as a result of running out of fuel for electric generator at the hospital, and bakeries stopped working permanently and the city is witnessing a rise of the prices of foodstuffs.
Aujali said that running out of fuel will lead to permanently stop the study due to lack of fuel for neighborhoods and areas far from the city.
The sit-in for the TPU field prevents the arrival of the torch fuel trucks to the power station feeding electricity to the city has led to power cuts Kufra city and its suburbs.

Kufra Oasis Kufra air terminal al-Kufra 3

Alruyemi prison shortly before :::

Since the half-hour: Prison Alruyemi, blackouts (the distribution of loads)

from the prison generator and unemployed, and the state of security alert around the prison
And now been running the generator
(M Albuaiche)


The director of the health sector in Kufra Alaadh Ismail, on Saturday, ran out of fuel diesel engine located at Madina hospital.
He explained that the force Alaadh fuel will lead to closure of the intensive care unit.


Shortage in supply commodities as a result of the blockade of the infidels by armed groups led to lock most bakeries in the city.

Nasir Trabelsi Trabelsi:

” speak to Alaaza .. Z Majplhm weapons from Sudan .. Ajblhm Supply of Sudan. Nin lifting the blockade and two-dimensional mesh ..

and Rahm place Dahab ..”

Kufra trail from Sudan:

Kufra trail

Pause protest and condemnation from civil society organizations and people of Tripoli infidels living
in Tripoli 12/08/2013 Tzamana with the city of Kufra besieged by gangs ..….


Report Arab authorized supporters of Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia:

Indicates that all the deaths in Tunisia were trained in Misurata;
and those trained in Derna, Libya, went to Syria.




Tunisia prepares for a second revolution against the religious dictatorship emerging
London-based Arab newspaper 08.12.2013
Tunisian opposition begin to crowd the Tunisians to go down to the street for ‘second revolution’ overthrow the government of the Islamic Renaissance Movement ruling.



27 JULY 2010:

We can build United States of Africa, Gaddafi says


KAMPALA Tue 27 July 2010 7:31pm EDT

Mu 27 July 2010 in Kampala Uganda

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi addresses the media as he leaves the venue of the African Union (AU) Summit in Uganda’s capital Kampala 27 July 2010.


(Reuters) – Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi said on Tuesday his dream of a United States of Africa was still alive and this week’s African Union summit was another step toward that objective.al-Qathafi has been pushing for an African unity government for years, saying it is the only way Africa can develop without Western interference, but many African states say the idea is impractical and would encroach on their sovereignty.Like previous African summits, this week’s gathering in the Ugandan capital Kampala discussed steps toward creating an African government, but the issue was overshadowed by chaos in Somalia and an international arrest warrant for Sudan’s president.

“I am satisfied that Africa is going along its historic and right road,”

al-Qathafi told a small group of reporters in Kampala at the end of the summit.

“One day it will become similar to the United States of America.”

“We are approaching the formation of the African Authority, and each time we solve African problems and also move in the direction of peace and unity. We deal with problems step by step. We are continuing to do that,”

al-Qathafi said.al-Qathafi held the African Union’s rotating chairmanship last year, and he used it to push for the organization’s small executive body to be granted enhanced powers and remodeled as the African Authority.Asked about that proposal on Tuesday, al-Qathafi said:
“Studies are still continuing and it is not finished yet. Experts and the people responsible are still studying the documents. They might be completed at the next summit or after.”
Some African leaders say they cannot be expected to cede sovereignty to any African bloc just decades after they wrested it away from their colonial rulers.But al-Qathafi‘s idea has had a sympathetic response in some states, helped by his reputation in parts of the continent as a champion of the developed world and also by the millions of dollars in aid his oil-exporting country spends in Africa.
(Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)



Tomorrow Monday, 09/12/2013, God willing, exactly nine o’clock in the morning will be held at the New Cairo Court sentencing hearing, “the final session,” Ali Ahmad Gadaf-DAM Howitzer-blood.



Oldest hominin DNA sequenced

Oldest hominin DNA sequenced

Max Planck researchers sequence the mitochondrial genome of a 400,000-year-old hominin from Spain.

Using novel techniques to extract and study ancient DNA researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, have determined an almost complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a 400,000-year-old representative of the genus Homo from Sima de los Huesos, a unique cave site in Northern Spain, and found that it is related to the mitochondrial genome of Denisovans, extinct relatives of Neandertals in Asia. DNA this old has until recently been retrieved only from the permafrost.

Sima de los Huesos, the “bone pit”, is a cave site in Northern Spain that has yielded the world’s largest assembly of Middle Pleistocene hominin fossils, consisting of at least 28 skeletons, which have been excavated and pieced together over the course of more than two decades by a Spanish team of paleontologists led by Juan-Luis Arsuaga. The fossils are classified as Homo heidelbergensis but also carry traits typical of Neandertals. Until now it had not been possible to study the DNA of these unique hominins

Homo heidelbergensis Sima de los Huesos Credit Javier Trueba Madrid Scientific Films

Homo heidelbergensis Sima de los Huesos Credit Javier Trueba Madrid Scientific Films

Matthias Meyer and his team from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, have developed new techniques for retrieving and sequencing highly degraded ancient DNA. They then joined forces with Juan-Luis Arsuaga and applied the new techniques to a cave bear from the Sima de los Huesos site. After this success, the researchers sampled two grams of bone powder from a hominin thigh bone from the cave.

They extracted its DNA and sequenced the genome of the mitochondria or mtDNA, a small part of the genome that is passed down along the maternal line and occurs in many copies per cell. The researchers then compared this ancient mitochondrial DNA with Neandertals, Denisovans, present-day humans, and apes.

From the missing mutations in the old DNA sequences the researchers calculated that the Sima hominin lived about 400,000 years ago. They also found that it shared a common ancestor with the Denisovans, an extinct archaic group from Asia related to the Neandertals, about 700,000 years ago. “The fact that the mtDNA of the Sima de los Huesos hominin shares a common ancestor with Denisovan rather than Neandertal mtDNAs is unexpected since its skeletal remains carry Neandertal-derived features”, says Matthias Meyer. Considering their age and Neandertal-like features, the Sima hominins were likely related to the population ancestral to both Neandertals and Denisovans. Another possibility is that gene flow from yet another group of hominins brought the Denisova-like mtDNA into the Sima hominins or their ancestors.

“Our results show that we can now study DNA from human ancestors that are hundreds of thousands of years old. This opens prospects to study the genes of the ancestors of Neandertals and Denisovans. It is tremendously exciting” says Svante Pääbo, director at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

“This unexpected result points to a complex pattern of evolution in the origin of Neandertals and modern humans. I hope that more research will help clarify the genetic relationships of the hominins from Sima de los Huesos to Neandertals and Denisovans” says Juan-Luis Arsuaga, director of the Center for Research on Human Evolution and Behaviour. The researchers are now pursuing this goal by focusing on retrieving DNA from more individuals from this site and on retrieving also nuclear DNA sequences.

Contributing Source : Max Planck Society

© Copyright 2013 HeritageDaily, All rights Reserved. Written For: HeritageDaily – Archaeology News

The Good Lord cleanseth and takes away


Message to some pages that claim to resistance ..
Stop laughing Liberal p .. In other words morale. In order to get Aktar Likes
Victory will not come across Facebook pages ..
Victory will be in front of Aionna .. and we’ll be in Hedda forum with God’s help.
Who believes that the victory of God is coming inevitably there needs to be some uplifting news that is not unfounded {or she hurt while resistance is between the Liberal Tdoualha}
Resistance is now Aktar confidential., And nobody knows, but Shi leadership ..
Vetokloa God is with God’s help Nsarna
رسالة الى بعض الصفحات التي تدعي المقاومة ..كفاكم الضحك ع الاحرار.. بكلام رفع المعنويات.من اجل الحصول على اكتر اعجاباتفالنصر لن يأتي عبر صفحات الفيس بوك..
النصر سيكون امام اعيوننا..وسنكون في هدا المحفل بعون الله.من يؤمن بأن النصر من عند الله قادم لا محال فلا يحتاج الى بعض الاخبار التي ترفع المعنويات التي ليست لها اساس من الصحة{او انها تضر بالمقاومة حين يتم تدوالها بين الاحرار}المقاومة الان اكتر سرية.ولا احد يعلم شي الا القيادة..

فتوكلوا على الله هو نصارنا بعون الله

Helena program,” Dr. Yusuf Shakir episode titled “Three fourth, and hypocrisy” 11/30/2013

Helena Program.

Shukran to Algerie Libya Verte for his wonderful animations, and Comradely Greetings to everyone in the World-Wide Green Resistance, who are standing by the noble ideals of our Beloved Colonel and Brother Leader – Justice, Freedom, Resistance to Imperialism and Capitalism, and the Sovereignty of Nations.

Oh Jardan ◆ ◇ Eateries in date

Mu Green victory

صفحة أوفياء اللواء الساعدى القدافى
Alkhaan Khalifa Haftar admits that the “death” of Leader is false.
الخاين خليفة حفتر يعترف بعدم استشهاد القائد
الخاين خليفة حفتر يعترف بعدم استشهاد القائد
  Mu and me
Army Major General Al-Saadi of New Come, God willing. Nearby and urgent.Hello Iaahrar.
I say to you, Major General Al-Saadi Gaddafi Bbsahh good morale and above Hardan of the morning that they Atdelaun in Afakm tell them that God and Afah Esbthu clot and Hedda Heca and install them chills and Secon in time and strongly# (Faris Abu Salim)صفحة أوفياء اللواء الساعدى القدافىجيش اللواء الساعدي من جديد بأذن الله تعال.وعن قريب العاجلالسﻻم عليكم يااحرار.
اقول لكم ان اللواء الساعدى معمر القذافي ببصحة جيدة والمعنويات فوق الحردان من الصبح وهم يتدولون ان في اخبارهم ان عفاكم الله وعفاه اصبتهو جلطة وهدا هكي وركبتهم الرعشة وسايكون في الموعد وبقوة# بوسلي

AND WHAT WAS WRITTEN on the 25th OCTOBER 2013 is still affirmative:

Council Libyan tribes / / / /

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam very

To whom it may concern from elders and tribal elders Libyan men and Field …

Assure everyone that there are no problems or Arqlat in the resistance, organization and leadership.
And Nkdb and unequivocally and not subject to any doubts what is traded or what is broadcast by the customers and dealers crises and the current situation for there leaders had split from Maj. Gen. al-Saadi Muammar Gaddafi supreme commander of the resistance of Libya, or that there are several leaders not command the resistance.
And assure everyone that the resistance today the most organized and powerful than ever
The resistance and its leadership stand and work in a structured format beginning of Sir supreme commander of the armed forces of the people Nhaita smallest military rank or volunteers, which is in full coordination with the Council of Libyan tribes.

The Victory is coming, God willing, the determination of our people of the Libyan great

God is great and above the aggressor Kid .. # Faris Abu Salim

مجلــــــــس القبائــــــل الليبيـــــــــــــة ////

هــــــــــــــــــــــــــاااااااااااااااااااام جــــــــــــــــدا

الى من يهمه الامر من اعيان وشيوخ القبائل الليبية ورجال الميدان …

نؤكد للجميع بانه لا توجد اي مشاكل او عرقلات في مشروع المقاومه وتنظيمها وقياداتها .
ونكدب وبشكل قاطع وغير قابل لاي شكوك ما يتم تداوله او ما يتم بثه من قبل العملاء وتجار الازمات والوضع الراهن عن ان هناك قيادات قد انشقت عن اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي القائد الاعلى للمقاومة الليبية او ان هناك عدة قيادات وليس قياده للمقاومه .
ونؤكد للجميع بان المقاومه اليوم اشد تنظيما وقوة من اي وقت مضى
والمقاومه وقيادتها تقف وتعمل في شكل منظم بداية من سيدي القائد الاعلى لقوات الشعب المسلح نهايتا باصغر رتبه عسكري او متطوع ، وهو فى تنسيق تام مع مجلس القبائل الليبية .

وباذن الله النصر قادم بعزيمه ابناء شعبنا الليبي العظيم

والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي , بوسليم

مجلــــــــس القبائــــــل الليبيـــــــــــــة ////هــــــــــــــــــــــــــاااااااااااااااااااام جــــــــــــــــداالى من يهمه الامر من اعيان وشيوخ القبائل الليبية ورجال الميدان …نؤكد للجميع بانه لا توجد اي مشاكل او عرقلات في مشروع المقاومه وتنظيمها وقياداتها .
ونكدب وبشكل قاطع وغير قابل لاي شكوك ما يتم تداوله او ما يتم بثه من قبل العملاء وتجار الازمات والوضع الراهن عن ان هناك قيادات قد انشقت عن اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي القائد الاعلى للمقاومة الليبية او ان هناك عدة قيادات وليس قياده للمقاومه .
ونؤكد للجميع بان المقاومه اليوم اشد تنظيما وقوة من اي وقت مضى
والمقاومه وقيادتها تقف وتعمل في شكل منظم بداية من سيدي القائد الاعلى لقوات الشعب المسلح نهايتا باصغر رتبه عسكري او متطوع ، وهو فى تنسيق تام مع مجلس القبائل الليبية .وباذن الله النصر قادم بعزيمه ابناء شعبنا الليبي العظيموالله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي ..#فارس بوسليم



Arrested supplement embassy Ballibah possession piece Hashish while receiving Major General Kamal El-Daly, Assistant Interior Minister safer Giza dangers that during the losing captain Atif Jamal Associate Investigation Department, Sheikh Zayed security situation became suspicious of the people as he walked the street and Bastiagafh and searched were found in his possession a piece of hashish and weighed about 25 grams and a cigarette Hashish and show that he called “” Khaled. M. “Supplement to the Libyan Embassy consular ..
القبض على ملحق بالسفارة بالليبية وبحوزته قطعة حشيش أثناء تلقي اللواء كمال الدالي مساعد وزير الداخلية أامن الجيزة أخطارا بأنه اثناء تفقد النقيب عاطف جمال معاون مباحث قسم الشيخ زايد الحالة الامنية ارتاب فى شخص اثناء سيره بالشارع وباستيقافه وتفتيشه عثر بحوزته على قطعة حشيش وزنت حوالي 25 جرام وسيجارة حشيش وتبين انه يدعى ” “خالد.م” ملحق قنصلى فى السفارة الليبية ..


28 novembre 2013

I hope the attention””””””” ‘and our response now from the heart of the event from government sources””””” coming days will be difficult days for  the guerrillas and the government of Freemasonry and General Conference donkeys. They, even Ali, knew it was. They alreaeady began to buy homes and real estate abroad; so, to move and escape Libya to the outside at any moment ;.. and some of them have already deported their families prior to days ago …. –
ارجوا الإنتباه’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’وردنا الان من قلب الحدث من مصادر بالحكومه ’’’’’’’’’’الايام القادمه ستكون ايام عسيرة علي العصابات المسلحه والحكومه الماسونيه ومؤتمر الحمير العام وهم علي علم بذلك وقد بدأو في شراء البيوت والعقارات بالخارج للانتقال لها والهروب للخارج في اي لحظه ..ومنهم من قام بالفعل بترحيل عائلاتهم في أيام سابقة مضت…. –


Comments Allaotunai members of Congress on the atmosphere of the weather:
Sharif adequate .. Rain ? ? ? The rain without a lie .. Tibra role of growth .. Egib your hood …. Bah Ndtlaqgua just after the rain stopped ..
1 . Ali Zaidane : All people have the shorts floating in Tripoli , but I stole from me ! !
2 . Nuri Bushmin : Sinking room Libya rebels , which led to their move to the kitchen Libya rebels ! ! !
3 . Favor Jaudh : Lamy warned me from drowning in the water like drowned in rubbish ! ! !
4 . Suleiman Zubi : high divorce what is happening is a conspiracy against the revolution, and the rains are provoking the rebels began ! !
5 . Ibrahim witnessed a : I am happy in this atmosphere because we ‘re going to take a break from the conference sessions and Snnam as starch ! ! !
6 . Nizar Kawan : rain messed up my hair hairdo ! !
7 . Mohammed Bo Sidra : Why Aatrd people driven me out this atmosphere as the most important and high Haatrin Paso ! ! !
8 . Boukaiqis : all my documents and I sank on a visit to Tripoli, and this is a conspiracy Ali ! !

تعليقات اعضاء المؤتمر اللاوطني على اجواء الطقس
الشريف الوافي.. مطر؟؟؟ اما مطر بلا كذب.. تبره دور منو.. ايجيب لكم شفاط…. باه توا نتلاقوا بعد ما توقف المطر ..
1.علي زيدان: كل الناس يمتلكون شورت للعوم في طرابلس الا انا سرق مني!!
2.نوري بوسهمين:غرق غرفة ثوار ليبيا مما ادى لانتقالهم لمطبخ ثوار ليبيا!!!
3.صالح جعودة:امي حذرتني من الغرق في المياه مثل غرقي في السفاهه!!!
4.سليمان زوبي:عليا الطلاق مايحدث هو مؤامرة على الثورة والامطار هي من بدأت باستفزاز الثوار!!
5.ابراهيم صهد:انا سعيد بهذه الاجواء لاننا سنأخذ اجازة من جلسات المؤتمر وسننام كما نشاء!!!
6.نزار كعوان:الامطار افسدت تسريحة شعري!!
7.محمد بوسدرة :لماذا لايطرد الشعب هذه الاجواء مثلما طردوني ولاهم شاطرين عليا بس!!!
8.بوقعيقيص:كل مستنداتي غرقت وانا في زيارة لطرابلس وهذه مؤامرة علي!!


News says two dead so far are the result of bad weather in Tripoli, died as a result of his first electric shock caused by electric plea area OS and the other deceased as a result of the fall of the tree led to suffering a direct hit in the neighborhood of Andalus.
Men of the army and police in a timely Tripoli:
Record yesterday and last night the men of the national army of supporting police and civil defense in the evacuation of the highway in Tripoli and in the process water suction and pick up citizens’ cars that were flooded as a result of heavy rains witnessed by Tripoli yesterday evening.


Some in the seas and oceans and volcanoes erupt lava Islands consist of a new … In Libya rains and bubbling fountains where new!!!
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو نافورة طرابلس الجديدة
في بعض البحار والمحيطات تثور البراكين وتتكون من حممها جزر جديدة … وفي ليبيا تهطل الامطار وتفور فيها نافورات جديدة !!!

Yes to the sovereignty of the Libyan state together to get out the militias of Tripoli.

Clip – the sinking of a car in a lake of heavy rains in Tripoli – Libya 11/30/2013

نعم لسيادة الدولة الليبية معا لخروج المليشيات من طرابلس‎.

مقطع – غرق سيارة في بحيرة من غزارة الامطار بمدينة طرابلس – ليبيا 30-11-2013


Libya Afif Abdul Aziz in God of

Edema Corner

According to preliminary information from the angle, that the media city “Afif Abdul Aziz”

had died by drowning in his car last night that rain water flooded area hunter and not being able to get out.

Cause heavy rains area mil to the death of a citizen in his cars, named \ “Abdul Aziz Ahmad Afif \” and a girl aged 3 years and called \ “starboard Ibrahim Amory \” died in a car her father after Gmrthma rain water, and to register serious damage. The sources said the Directorate of National Security in the region that heavy rains led to a traffic stop on the coastal road between Tripoli Rabat corner, especially mil area and the occurrence of damage to cars and homes affected farms flooded by rain water,
In addition to the deaths of a number of sheep. According to the correspondent of the News Agency of Libya Azizia area that great efforts are being made by the Board Aeltsiara Aljafarah coordination with a number of the relevant authorities in the region to drain rain water accumulated inventory of roads and other damage and provide the necessary assistance to the affected people.
Tripoli between flood water and power outages:
After a night spent most of the western parts of the city of Tripoli, without electricity,
power outages continue to revive most of the west of Tripoli because of flooding
and damage to a number of sub-power transformers.
Buildings Tajourah Research Center (Buildings suburbs):

We would like to inform you that most of the roads are still closed until this moment, the rain water is being Actual suction roads and most dynamic cars by suction.
Agheiran island to beat the unlocked
Albive still locked
Highway full of cars being dragged to the right of the road.
By Arada unlocked.
By the beginning of the Shat Al Fanar Tajourah specifically unlocked.

Every effort last night was centered precisely in the highway bridge and

the Muslim Quarter Smavro Gurji solidarity to the presence of a large number of cars and families stuck in the road.

Since the image a little … Bridge the Muslim Quarter of Tripoli:

14 car suction king of citizens from Tripoli to Zintan out now volunteered to help the people of Tripoli.

InshaAllah in the balance Hsanatkm Lord.

Students Media Center – Media Center Student

Good morning all the best, our fellow students, schools and the university and all educational institutions are open,

which operates natural form.


Sataiwat in the Sea of ​​Arada:

سالطوات في بحر عراده 😀



Free Tarhunah channel 69.



Aldardanel TV.

Peace Association for charity in Bani Walid announces fundraising physical relief to the displaced

residents of Tawergha affected by the floods in the camps, gathering donations in the headquarters

of the object Aldahara club Bani Walid – à Dardanel TV.


Aldardanel TV.

Peace Association for charity in Bani Walid announces fundraising physical relief to the displaced

residents of Tawergha affected by the floods in the camps, gathering donations in the headquarters

of the object Aldahara club Bani Walid – à Dardanel TV.

Local Tawergha: draw upon international institutions in the absence of government’s interest in our problem
Atmosphere of the country –
The head of the local council Tawergha residents said Abdulrahman Alchukhak
Tawergha will have to use international organizations to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to them, if the government did not care about their problem.
He added that the people of Tawergha Alchukhak suffer the tragedy of living the fullest sense of the word, stressing that despite the lack of access to resolve reconciliation and a return to the city of Tawergha was necessary to at least interest in the camps and provide the most basic decent living conditions.
Alchukhak pointed out that a lot of good people have extended a helping hand
And provide assistance to the people of Tawergha after suffering watched after the torrential rains that flooded all the camps as he put it.
It is noteworthy that the population of the city of Tawergha has more than 38 thousand people spread over more than most notably the city of Tripoli and Benghazi.

Noureddine Bouchiha writes:

“When the blood flowed in Tripoli … Bani Walid sent the blood of their sons;
When it sank Tripoli today … Sent Bani Walid Chwetadtha.

Bani Walid still belongs to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and calculated cronies .. Proved to be like Libya more than mollified many cities on the basis of … Bani Walid found to say that the time of revolution and war, we had attitude and a certain political point of view, we see true … But after the war ended, the first thing we reach out to Khute time of grief …. Greetings from me to Bani Walid and the people of Bani Walid.”



{CIA CIA leak report is very important for the theft of more than fifty million Danark in Sirte during the last term and the report encompassed literally}
Spotted a satellite of the U.S. intelligence agency operation carried out by the quality of an extremist group led to the seizure of a truck carrying money accidentally lead to Sirte and moved to a house on the outskirts of the city under the dominated group came from Algeria and Mali have already spotted the Libyan Sahara also confirmed.


Violent explosion in Benghazi and the first news from the area near the milkfish.

Blast targets Clinic Ansar al-Sharia in Ras servants in Benghazi. Explosion targeting Clinic “supporters fry” in Benghazi.

Explosion “bag” in the park opposite the hospital Galaa
Shortly before, without causing casualties. Briefcase bomb blast at a hospital Galaa.

Drianh police station east of the city of Benghazi exposed shortly before the attack by an improvised

explosive device accompanied by heavy fire and no reports of any casualties.

The assassination of a military air base have built Benghazi
Unidentified shortly before the assassination of one of the Air Force soldiers, “Salah Faraj Drissi” built a base of the air in the neighborhood of Al Sabri.
Eyewitnesses that car rained “Drissi” a hail of bullets and killed him and fled.
Referred to as the “Drissi” It was the delivery of his son “birthday” 17-year-old to school when they were shot, wounding his son is currently a hospital to receive treatment for Galaa surgery and accidents after being injured in the hand.

The assassination of a military base in Pnina (Salah Faraj Drissi) in the area where the car Sabri Bomtarh

a hail of bullets and fled when his son was going to school and his son currently exists at the hospital

as well as the body of his father ….

Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi ::::::
Suffice it, and yes, the agent ..
Assassination “arrived Faraj Drissi” We have built a military base
Air, with a hail of bullets, three of which are stabilized his heart
B Sabri area during the delivery of the daughter’s school, morning
The day after the unidentified target b killed him, not
Now his son to the hospital with a Galaa sections in the case
Very bad psychological, and reach the victim by the age of two and
Forty-year-old age

“Helena program the second episode,” Dr. Yusuf Shakir
“Reveals names Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi” 25

Ansar al-Sharia, “a branch of Libya” gives special forces in Benghazi specific deadline to secure Benghazi ..??????

The image of the colonel, “Jalal Ahmed customary” battalion commander of the Special Forces 11

“Thunderbolt” which is lying in a hospital in Italy for treatment of injuries sustained as a result

of a failed assassination attempt last August.

Statement of the Special Forces” Thunderbolt”

Referring to Matnolth some pages of social networking about the lack of cooperation by the company new orbit to provide information to those military and security and to the interjection made by a caller channel Libya First Thursday program of awakening the nation and the proportions of the same Special Forces” Thunderbolt” and said that the company managed to extend my To illustrate the data it is Special Forces” Thunderbolt” _ Benghazi, stating the following:

1 – that the caller does not represent special forces” Thunderbolt”
2 – Al Madar required to provide support in accordance with the agreed mechanism. 3 – Special Forces” Thunderbolt” and will continue to pursue all those who speak in its name without authorization and permission from the leadership.

Issued in Benghazi on 30 November 2013



Channel tuber now
A number of schools entered the tuber in civil disobedience today to protest the security situation.

Mass demonstration through the streets of tuber now, expressing rejection of violence in the city of assassinations and bombings, and calling for activating the state institutions in the city, including the army and police, and coincide with the civil disobedience includes most of the shops in the city, with the exception of bakeries, pharmacies and stores food.

Now Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel cars loaded with elements of ((supporters poetic)) wandering the streets of the tuber, and angry youth closing streets and lit on fire in the center of the city.?!! Government outside the scope of coverage of the conference is locked local council Mstmal Anhab Anicol for the people of Derna continued, God Ghalib you, have solved these formations remain solely criminal, there is no state q … And let your hope in inhabited tenderly after God, will enter the city from all sides for Tkhalaskm blades of doom.!

Today civil disobedience in Derna fully
This image of the dark-known market to trade in gold and perfumery and clothes:
(AD Media tuber Libya)Close Street nightclubs in tuber few minutes ago, in support of the city’s public disobedience and protest against the violence growing out.

The closure of several streets tuber Now, to coincide with the frequent invitations to start disobedience in the city
from today 12/01/2013 to protest against the increasing violence in the city of bombings and assassinations.

Derna intervention in the sticks’ that civilian.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
International reporter:
the city of Derna demonstrators denouncing what they called “the deliberate silence of the state”
about what is happening in their city, which turned into a hotbed of terrorism, as they called them.
Ansar al-Sharia fired in the air for the purpose of intimidating protesters
They clasps fork Fattaih fear of the demonstrators went to their headquarters there.
This is a picture of a group Ansar al-Sharia …
In a counter-demonstration to demonstration that came out in the tuber ..
Exploit children dying industry:
Nasser Al Hawary:
Allah is the greatest day — tuber convulsed against terrorists and militias in Herat Maza
rallies through the streets of the city. And chanting “Libya is free, and supporters of the land Alcherbah”.
Demonstration demanding the Ministry of Education to transfer certificate system prep and secondary
system of the year to the system Alseemstr:
Students in secondary school certificate storm built and the Ministry of Education and wreak havoc!
Students reasonably high school diploma Iderio Heca??
Tuber this moment Almdahirat breadth to cover all the city’s neighborhoods:
Mdahirat roam the streets of Derna, rejecting the control of the Ansar al-Sharia city
Almdahirh comes after the emergence of publications Thursday evening in the city of Derna
Stated that all of them come out to demonstrate on Sunday will be liquidated !

Name Hamza Arafat
Palestinian nationality
Born in the West Bank
Qualification 5 Primary
Previous work by the hyper until after hyper baker Bakeries in tuber
Financial situation of the poorest of poverty itself.


Prince of princes tuber his word audible and served Asham of (young) tuber and riches, cars, houses and farms and breaks not move, but with a pistol Belgian and perfidious and guard of young tuber and calls the tune, and it does and hits Yalslah and hand with sandals!!!


A statement from the Council Jirdani local and military infidels because of the closure by the infidels Gallo Awjila:




A picture of the body of Pope Gabriel Sharif during his arrival to the hospital ..

Free newspaper Sabha:
Tpauy killed one person at the hands of an armed group
In the process of revenge as it seems.
There is no power but from God.

The arrival of the body of Ahmed Jibril Baba Hospital Medical Sabha (“POPE GABRIEL”) by the police
and members of the Tabu to the refrigerator whacked shot in the chest and abdomen.

Tabu sons of the desert:

Sabha: an atmosphere of tension after the kidnapping of four people from the Tabu civilians in the city this

morning by gangs of armed tribal no news from them so far.


Director of the Commercial Bank of abduction of Omar Abdullah, area Ubari  .



Statements of South African President Zuma regarding Libya
Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Libya hurtling toward borrowing from the World Bank …… and Libya is split by foreign bodies and customers at home???!!!
We begin to reconsider all our agreements with Libya saluting information that confirms that the besieging of vital facilities in Libya today are groups of cardboard and external customers to push pressure on the population and the acceptance of the division of Libya into several provinces??
And put Libya in a critical big economic crisis difficult to come has ridden to become Libya ready to borrow from the World Bank and dad owned by a Jewish family and the conditions are very strict, you will not Libya list then there will not be a country called Libya as it was before then.
If that happens, we immediately we will take the decision to stop Investments activities Libya in South Africa will not be able exposing ourselves to mercenaries World Bank which blackmailed peoples of the world, which undid the hemisphere and the first reason behind the failure of the successes and the rise of people saluting no one state borrowed from Hedda bank and was able to advancement afterwards.
The solution for Libya to get rid of these groups at all costs because of the price, you will not exist in Libya and they are either solution for us is to continue to see that Libya agreed to Alaguetradfsnlgy handle and also Nahramh immediately.
And the Central Bank of South Africa to prepare for this topic and processing risk


http://www.assafir.com/Article.aspx?EditionId=2632&articleId=2679&ChannelId=63701&Author=محمد+بلوط#.Upq2s0MgjDwIsraeli Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Units Active in Damascus Battles
30 NOVEMBER  2013
Source: As-Safir

Post image for Israeli Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Units Active in Damascus Battles  
Roughly Translated
Mohammed Chêne:

Aerial photographs of the attackers and the disruption of military contacts
Israel to intervene in the battles of Gota

Israel military in East Gouta to Damascus? Battles, which began last Friday, a surprise attack on the outposts of the Syrian army in the far East Gouta, may turn out to be the first occasion involving Israelis effectively in the Syrian war along one of the parties.
According to sources cross, the Israelis have made a reconnaissance maps and pictures of the Syrian army positions to the nucleus of the attacking force, which was launched from Jordan, under the leadership of co-ordinated intelligence Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Israel.
But Israeli contribute in the battle of the big East Gouta was a pillar whole attack. According to information security, the Israelis succeeded before the start of the first wave of the attack to disrupt communications system for the Fourth Division and the Republican Guard and units of the elite forces for «Hezbollah» The factions «Abu al Fadl al Abbas» Iraq in the region.
During the first hours of the attack, the Israelis used electronic means of encryption, and managed to disrupt radio communications between Syrian groups and their allies on the first line of defense, which was breached quickly, and led to the fall of the seven villages and farms in the area of turf. It has become known that the units of the fourth division stationed in the region had lost contact with the leaders in the region, and the units to the protection lines groups retreating towards the second line of defense to prevent the attackers from progress toward their goal of strategic Otaiba, which forms the entrance to East Gouta, and the key to the siege around.

The attack succeeded to isolate groups of the Republican Guard and «Brigade of Abu al Fadl al Abbas» from each other, and lost many of its elements. And succeeded reinforcements that arrived to the area of prairie restoration headquarters and more barriers and sites that were lost, and the re-organization of parallel lines of defense, and restored contact groups that have lost. So could «Hezbollah» retrieve a set of seven fighters from the elite forces, the opposition said it killed during the attack, as he emphasized «the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» elements that have regained contact their leadership.
And military experts assert that the process of disabling communication quality witnessed by Gota bore the hallmarks of electronic devices known in the Israeli media «Hezbollah» When the Syrian army. And works «Hezbollah» to protect networks contacts, to retain the wired devices and protection, a network impenetrable or disabled.
And characterized the offensive operation, which was conducted by the Chamber of Saudi Arabia – American joint in Jordan, in the absence of the fundamentalist «Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant» (Daash) them, who were excluded from the process at the request of U.S., in order to preserve confidentiality, and to avoid the strategy «Daash» that rely on intrusion suicidal wide in the early stages of the attacks, the attackers lose the element of surprise in the feature area has not seen major military operations, since the Syrian army arrived before month and a half leading up to the edge of the desert to Jordan about, updated siege for «free army» in the region.
It seems that the attackers relied on the experience of Israelis in cutting communications to quickly access to the first line of defense of the Syrian army, to the extent dispense wave «Alangmasien» First and bombers from «Daash» or «Front victory». Was not able to «Daash» from entering the battlefield, but on the second day of the attack, after Absorb Syrian army wave offensive first, while reaching additional troops from the elite units in the «Hezbollah» which began, as well as the Syrian army, a counter-offensive in the region, still in progress so far.
The groups of factions «Islamic Front» seven, overseen by the head of Saudi intelligence Bandar bin Sultan, through his ally commander «Army of Islam» Zahran Aloush, has joined Bertal coming from Jordanian territory.
Arab sources say that the Jordanians had leaked information about the attack, which was being prepared him to the Syrian side. The Jordanians have been subjected to great pressure from Saudi Arabia to allow convoys of Syrian opposition fighters take off from their lands, perforated by the Syrian desert towards Gota, in the process of a strategy to break the siege of Gota.
Did not change the entry-Israeli fighting, albeit electronically, something in the course of the fighting, but it indicates to enter the conflict stage is very critical compel Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and the Saudis to go too far in their choice attempt to modify the military maps and prevent political settlement, whatever the cost, and even necessary to use Israeli expertise.
And put to use the experience in fighting Israeli forces in the elite «Hezbollah» and the Syrian army by Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi questions about coordination with Israel in Syria. It also shows the race against time that Bandar income to take advantage of the deadline, which is still open to him until the «Geneva 2» on January 22 next to amend the military balance of power, which is still likely to be worth the benefit of the system.
Did not show the final outcome of the military operations so far, but the leaders of the eight brigades «beloved» alone died in the first wave of the attack, and was «the banner of Islam» more than 50 fighters in the first day. And fell more than 20 fighters Saudis fighting in the first two days. It is estimated to cross talk about the deaths of more than 400 people dead in the ranks of the attackers, two days before.


Mu our VictorBLESSING THE GREAT MAN MADE RIVER in full gratitude:


Juma Friday Blessings


Lord as Friday
And Friday the good days have
Write to us good Saad has failed our hearts
Lord to you through grant soon waiting in ADA preached
ۆ slaves ask Nick heal in ambulance service are
ۆ slaves hope Thy mercy in have mercy
And the slaves hope you achieve the aspirations of not failing
MOM of a Lord

ربـي إنّها الجّمـعَة
والجمعة مـِن خير الأيام عندك
فـاكتَب لـنا الخّيرَ فيـھا ۆأسّعِدْ فيھا قّلوبَنا
رّبـي إنّ لَكْ عّبـادٌا ينَتظّرونَ فرجاً قَريباً فـبشّرهمْ
ۆ عّبادٌا يَسألـونَكْ شفاءً فـعّافـِهّمْ
ۆ عّبادٌا يّرجونَ رحّمَتكَ فـارّحَمهّمْ
وعّبادٌا يّرجونَ منكَ تَحقيق أماني فلا تخْذلهم
آَميـــــن يــــا رب

Shi sweeter and sweeter surprise Jtna the morning of the day is what you expect actually the nicest things that which comes coincidence:


26:27 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 27 112 013 P

27:53 Aldkinor word Hamza Thami in the green channel on 23/11/2013 P

“Helena program,” Dr. Yusuf Shakir first episode of the program of Helena 18-11

Muammar al-Qathafi Against Imperialism:
Mu against Imperialism

Publications récentes coming deluge

Important statement of the Free Officers Movement ..

In the name of God the Merciful
Statement of the Free Officers Movement
The Free Officers Movement is following our valiant resistance of the armies of darkness parked at home .. Can not fail to revive the population of our capital Tripoli proud to gift audiences and crept brave and sacrificing her youth bounties for final salvation and near, God willing.
And that such a move is a complement to a glorious day Last day it came out youth Benghazi to expel the gangs remaining remnants of NATO and refused to tribes Libya noble be driven by the Government of the Rixos client and control the destiny of the nation, even back to his family’s government legitimacy by the people and did not make the circles the West did not gain its legitimacy from missiles crusader alliance.
In an hour like this can not forget to salute units armed people that are this time assume their responsibilities in Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha to protect the people and to address his enemies and remind each with vision that these weapons were stolen from the camps of the armed forces will be topped Alsaddae will go these thieves to hell and will keep the dust of this home for all without exclusion or marginalization or injustice and that the Libyans Liberals will not rest their pal and one million displaced from their families abroad and seven-tenth a family in prisons and looted the wealth of this country from importing government came out west .. Back and arms looted from the camps to serve the people and the people’s army.
We assure all those who are skeptical about the ability of our people out of this mess and contrived and planned colonization in circles .. They do not know metal this people and its ability creative sublimation, tolerance and rise above pettiness and crush enemies Illusionist and armed with tanks or Tlhvo falsely religion, which is innocent of them and Sntehr Islam from the filth and Alarjas who Alloa Jews and Christians in their war against their Muslim brothers and Ostqowa states colonial Trdnaha and line people battles of history, the struggle against the Turks and Italians and demonstrated that the colonization project failed completely Kzhv these sacrifices these young people to drive out the remnants of the Rixos NATO and the beautiful streets of our country and we face the bright Aziz.
We also Aahidnakm monitor and trace those who sold their home and are trying once again to call the crusader alliance, and this is an indication that the treason taking place in their veins and do not know that we will not allow them this time .. And that the solution is in the hands of the Libyans who will not hesitate to make all the concessions for the nation pride, unity, and will forgive all of us for the last and we are all ready for reconciliation if it’s for these noble goals.
Finally warn the enemies of the people that would be amazing Bthna if they returned to their transgression.
Oh masses of our people, we have devoted our lives and we are determined is certain and reached our readiness to work at any moment you need them for men true to their covenant with God, some have died, some of them expected and changed swapped .. Almighty God.
This is what has recruited ourselves and God is the greatest.
(Free Officers Movement)
Tripoli 11/29/2013
Aljamaherya S Coming et 29 autres personnes aiment ça.

What is true only true God, decimated and destroyed them and support your soldiers

on the bolt of Aadahm .

Mu in Perfect form



Libyans lost money in bonuses and thefts and this only a sample of the practices of the thieves in Libya

Resignation of the head of the so-called fugitive Joseph b pillars of the Islamic Army.



GREEN Square has become a lake at the beginning of the rains, what will happen if the rains

came profusely with a large flag that meteorologist says it is possible the coming days that Libya will witness a storm of rain,

Anes Yala :::
Cimafroa Gurji
Reference to the existence of the National Safety Authority’s family in a car submerged
in the island of tuberculosis ask for help and was immediately moved to help teams there ..
National Safety Authority


The arrival of cars and men suction band emergency public services Banzour device
to suction rain water and open roads. God bless them and may God give them all the best.

Tripoli sink rainwater ..
National Safety Authority Tripoli ::::::::::::
Sinking Hotel Galaa rainwater and asked one of the cabinet ministers and without
confirmation is believed to be the Minister of Environment and civil defense request to siphon water.
But we do not have the suction pump, but one will be the residence of the minister last place men would go to him after the Holocaust Tripoli homes of ordinary citizens
The citizen is more important than the government and the Congress who did not care, but their interests and their pockets.
National Safety Authority Tripoli
Aaaaaaagel :::::: Tripoli
Some houses sinking logic Got Alshall a result of rainfall and civil defense men out to homes suction pump to remove water.



United Nations:
Spokesman for the UN peacekeeping forces:
The approval of the Security Council to send troops to Libya Otkhaddnah will be mixed for both sexes and the problem of all the countries of Africa, Asia and Oroaba,,, and the next phase that intensified the situation even more, there will be regiments “to protect civilians and eliminate terrorism and militant groups” (SO YOU SAY!! LIARS!)

Tripoli and the arrival of a British assault ship to Tripoli and on board
Minister for the British Armed Forces `Marc Francois` and `head of the joint operations team and David Kaabual.

SO WHY ARE THE BRITISH MILITARY THERE??? if the following is true:

The British Embassy suspended operations in Libya

Tripoli – Elaf – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

In light of that seen in Libya from the violence and chaos and the rise of the influence of the militias, suspended British embassy in Tripoli with the exception of their work visas will continue to be issued through the Office of the Embassy of the status of the oases. The British Embassy has announced a temporary suspension of operations in Libya due to “the lack of basic services in the vicinity of its headquarters in the capital Tripoli,” seems to be a major cause of insecurity.

British embassy said, in a statement published on its front page in the site, “Facebook”, said the process of issuing visas will be exempt from the suspension, it will continue to be issued through the Office of the Embassy of the status of the oases. She explained: “Because of the lack of basic services in Tripoli Tower British Embassy has temporarily suspended its services.”

Mark Francois MoD Portrait.jpg   Minister of State for the Armed Forces

This was planned since June 2013:

The DIILS team was comprised of a DIILS International Operations Officer
for implementation of “International Humanitarian Law”, domestic and international military

operations and the importance of complying with human rights law and international humanitarian

law across the spectrum of military conflict.  It features interactive discussions, case studies and

practical exercises, including an updated presentation on the Law of Armed Conflict with embedded

videos and legal references….


under the WORLD PROPAGANDA GUISE of  a ministerial visit from the U.K:

29 novembre 2013
photo Royal Navy

photo Royal Navy

28 November 2013 Ministry of Defence

HMS Bulwark has visited the Libyan port of Tripoli in support of a ministerial visit from the UK.

The ship, which is part of the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group (RFTG) and has been taking part in the Cougar 13 deployment, called in to Tripoli to support a visit by UK Minister for the Armed Forces Mark Francois and provided the platform for a UK Trade and Industry event.

Twelve British firms presented a range of services – including border security systems, explosive ordnance disposal, legal advice and services and specialist advice on education – to visitors from the Libyan Prime Minister’s office as well as representatives from the Libyan Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence.

Talking about his visit to the defence security and industry event hosted on HMS Bulwark, Mr Francois said:

I would like to reiterate the British government’s support for the Libyan authorities in rebuilding its security structures. Well-equipped and well-trained personnel are vital to deal with today’s security challenges.

Co-operation between Libya and the UK in this field is a growing element of our increasingly close bilateral relationship.

While in Libya, Commodore Paddy McAlpine, Commander United Kingdom Task Group, and Captain Andrew Burns, commanding officer of HMS Bulwark, took the opportunity to visit the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Navy and the commanding officer of Tripoli Naval Base.

Michael Aron and Mark Francois are shown around HMS Bulwark
His Excellency Mr Michael Aron and Mark Francois are shown around HMS Bulwark by Captain Andrew Burns [Picture: Leading Airman (Photographer) Arron Hoare, Crown copyright]

Commodore McAlpine said:

We have been very warmly welcomed during this important visit to Tripoli in support of the Minister for the Armed Forces. Our presence here reaffirmed the Royal Navy’s commitment to Libya’s transition to a stable and lasting democracy.

Our connection with the Libyan Navy stretches back to the 1960s and I am confident we will continue to be trusted and close maritime partners.

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Libya, His Excellency Mr Michael Aron, hosted a reception on board HMS Bulwark for a number of senior government and military leaders including the Minister for Defence, Chief of Joint Operations of the Libyan Armed Forces, Chief of Staff of the Libyan Navy and Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army.

HMS Bulwark has been deployed since August and has conducted maritime and amphibious exercises with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, and recently visited Karachi in Pakistan.

The Cougar 13 deployment has been operating in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Gulf, and around the Horn of Africa.

It involves exercising with partner nations and shows the UK Armed Forces’ capacity to project an effective maritime component anywhere in the world as part of the RFTG.

The RFTG is the UK’s high readiness maritime force, comprising ships, submarines, aircraft and a landing force of Royal Marines held at short notice to act in response to any contingency tasking if required.



La Marine et l'Aviation royales canadiennes prennent part en novembre et décembre aux exercices Amalgam Dart du Norad où aviateurs, soldats et marins travaillent ensemble à tester un système rapidement déployable de défense du continent (Archives/ARC)

Still awaiting the 500 000 UNO TROOPS!!



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Jaddaaaaaa

In published news CNN now: The leaked document received by the puppet-RAT Prime Minister of Libya from the U.S. government about the confessions of terrorist honest Alriqiei (Abu Anas al-Libi). A Guide to penetrate the Libyan government by Al-Qaeda SALAFISTS, and the weakness of Zaidane in “securing Mayhal him of information” that will affect you on the evaluation of America.
Zaidane’s abuses causing a seriously grave mayhem situation as being witnessed by Libya now (which, unfortunately, emphasizes the need for outside military intervention in Libya and the international UNO Resolution).

The original directive called only for 250 (235) troops.:

Libyan Foreign: team guarding the United Nations Mission will not exceed his duties
Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Libyan UN working group, consisting of 235 element for the protection of the United Nations Mission based in Libya, will not exceed the mission entrusted to it to others.
The UN Security Council had approved the request of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to send a team of 235 to Tripoli element for the protection of the United Nations Mission based.
The ministry said in a statement Friday that the escort team, which was announced the Security Council is limited to the protection of its offices and the establishment of the members of the United Nations in Libya.
The statement added that, according to the agreement signed between the United Nations and Libya, it is entitled to provide security for its mission when it considers it important.
(“White-man speaks with forked tongue.”)
Concerns about the decision of the Security Council on the protection team of the United Nations
Atmosphere of the country – Nostalgia DrissiRaised the approval of the Security Council on the request of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to send a team of 235 to Tripoli element for the protection of the United Nations Mission-based concerns and different reactions.The Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement on Friday that the escort team, which was announced the Security Council, is limited to the protection of its offices and the headquarters of the establishment of the members of the United Nations in Libya.

The director of the Office of Information and Press Ministry Said Black atmosphere of the country, said that the team will not exceed the task entrusted to the other, adding that according to the agreement signed between the United Nations and Libya, it is entitled to provide security for its mission when it considers it important.

Is normal
He said national security expert Abdullah Masoud, the United Nations sent a team to guard the headquarters is normal, adding that it is also right to bring guarding embassies of their countries, provided they do not exceed the traditions and norms of international law.

He explained that Massoud Libya does not have the option at that as still under Chapter VII, stressing the need to keep these guards inside their headquarters and wearing civilian clothes and not to be the owners of the Blue Helmets “peacekeeping forces”.

The beginning of the intervention
Masood and feared that these elements be the beginning of the intervention of the United Nations in Libya, adding that, if signed by the deployment of these elements outside the headquarters in charge of protecting them would meet face by opponents of the foreign security presence in Libya.

Functions of the mission
For his part, former planning minister in the transitional government Atawaijr Issa, said that the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya did not achieve a lot of tasks that came for her in spite of its assistance in the elections of the National Conference of the year.

He adds Atawaijr: the mission was unable to help Congress to abide by the road map drawn by the Constitutional Declaration, in addition to the lack of government in helping them make appropriate decisions with respect to the conduct of the transitional phase.

The Atawaijr the need to reconsider in this mission either to provide the functions of a real benefit of the people, or there was no need for the establishment of the headquarters of a large and multi-guard, pointing out that he can dispense with the work of the mission if officials saw it in Libya.

Apprehensive Atawaijr be seen the Libyan people to the decision to send foreign elements to guard the headquarters of the United Nations Mission that foreign intervention, believing that this will introduce security risk, and felt that the United Nations would consider this matter carefully before taking it.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations will send a formal letter to inform the Libyan authorities with all necessary formalities to send a team freshman guard approval by the regulations and norms of international law, according to United on behalf of the mission.


29 novembre 2013
Libye: l'ONU envoie une unité spéciale pour protéger ses installations

29 novembre 2013 Par RFI

Le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies a donné son feu vert, mercredi 28 novembre, pour l’envoie de 235 hommes en Libye, après une demande du secrétaire général, Ban Ki-moon. Il s’agit d’une unité spéciale pour protéger les infrastructures et le personnel de sa mission dans le pays (Manul). Dans son courrier, Ban Ki-moon explique que le personnel onusien est sous la menace accrue d’attaques en raison des tensions à Tripoli et du manque de forces de sécurité nationales fiables.

Selon le secrétaire général des Nations unies, Ban Ki-moon, cette force aura un rôle dissuasif contre les extrémistes hostiles au personnel étranger.

Le feu vert du Conseil survient dans un contexte dégradé en Libye, notamment pour les diplomates.

Début octobre, l’ambassade de Russie avait évacué son personnel après l’attaque de son bâtiment par des manifestants. Par ailleurs, l’attentat contre la représentation française, en avril, avait entraîné soit un renfort de la sécurité des chancelleries occidentales, soit un retrait partiel.

Selon une source onusienne à Tripoli, cette unité était réclamée depuis plusieurs mois comme conséquence du climat général, de la faiblesse des forces libyennes mais aussi de la protection de la Mission d’appuie des Nations unies en Libye, jugée insuffisante. Or, les contraintes budgétaires et administratives avaient retardé le projet.

Sur les 235 hommes, la moitié environ seront des gardes armés et les autres gèreront la logistique et l’administration interne.

Tous seront cantonnés dans les locaux de la mission à Tripoli pour protéger les infrastructures, les deux cents employés et pour gérer une évacuation éventuelle.

A part une bombe lancée contre un convoi l’an dernier, la Manul dit ne pas avoir reçu de menaces récentes.

Même si la mission subit régulièrement des dégradations contre ses véhicules ou encore des insultes dans la rue, « C’est la routine pour nous », confie une source.

Council of the University of Tripoli, deciding to resume the study of all colleges starting on # next Saturday.

# Tripoli November 28, 2013 (and #) – Tripoli University Council decided to resume classes in all colleges starting on Saturday, corresponding to the thirtieth month of November. The Council stressed in a statement received by the Libyan news agency said Thursday that a copy of the components of the university is following the efforts made in order to implement the decision of the National Congress to evacuate from Tripoli armed formations highly prized national spirit shown by those who were quick to respond to the demands of the Libyan street. The Council also stressed the continued monitoring of the components of the university to those who linger in implementation or trying to circumvent the will of the people that it will not be delayed in returning to the peaceful movement until the implementation of the resolution, away from all the political pressure.

Students Media Center – Media Center Student ::::::::
Mohammed irresistible character – President of the Federation University Students Tripoli Constituent
To secure some disobedience to continue in the second week and you have some of the reasons that made us continue: –
– Failure to implement the decision to evacuate 27 of Tripoli armed formations.
– We continue to emphasize our position and we are against all armed formations from all the cities, without exception, and we have not come up against a certain city.
– To emphasize that despite the fierce media campaign that we’ve had, they did not Tdafna or discourage us to continue to achieve our demand.
– The main reason is the lack of security within the university and this Mstglna it throughout this week, has promised Colonel Mohammed Souissi, Director of Security Tripoli that the security will be available starting from tomorrow, Saturday.
We decided to go back study, despite the fact that demand has not been achieved fully and still there are formations did not come out of Tripoli because we Rina that the paper pressure to suspend the study is no longer as strong as they were and the government failed to be exploited well, where we relied on the words of the Minister of Defense, who said he gave all formations to last Thursday Frina he take us back in the case study, this would weaken the position of the minister in front of armed formations and the street will lose a large part of its momentum.
So we decided to return the study now because this is the maximum length we can stop the study where and compensated later without problems and we decided that we will continue the movement in other ways, including demonstrations at the university and there will be a demonstration tomorrow cutter with a start, and now we organized our ranks with the rest of the unions of teachers and staff in the oil and gas and electricity engineers The pilots and air traffic controllers and other deportees to do mass mobility in case of non-implementation of the government for this decision.
And God is able to do that and to reconcile.


National Oil Corporation hired an oil tanker to transport crude oil from the port of Brega (RAS LANAUF/CYRENAICA) refinery to the Corner (TRIPOLI) to ensure the continued operation of the refinery at the Corner in Tripoli ..

Atmosphere of the country
Correspondent atmosphere of the country,
that the flight was delayed this morning for about a time at Tripoli International Airport because of a strike of air traffic controllers observers, noting that the process of registration and boarding took place at the time that the passengers stayed for about an hour after that inside the plane before departure.



News department in Al Ojailat /Al Ajeelat news
Arbash killed one of the sons and the sons of one Gmq
Unfortunately murder in the department in AJEELAT returned strongly to the square
Lord guide our youth and our people Ihvd !



On Friday, a shocking incident occurred in the area east of the twentieth walked between two cars, one of Sirte and the other from the south and were carrying two families and the death toll was ten of the parties where the family died of Sirte fully and number six four children and parents … has been their ministry to Hospital Ibn Sina, but all cases died before reaching the hospital ….

I am God and to him we shall return.

The death of ten people from two families, one from Sirte and the other from the south
Today and Friday, 11/29/2013 at twelve o’clock noon traffic accident happened in the twentieth east of Sirte, which resulted in the deaths of ten people from two families, one from Sirte and the other from the south, and the family of Sirte:
1_ Nuri Mohammed Abdul Salam Mohammed Mansour star
2_ 3_ 4_ flower Mohammed Abdul Salam Mohammed Nuri Nuri Mohammed Alaa Mohammed
5_ 6_ 7_ nostalgia Nuri Mohammed feature Nuri Muhammad,
and the family that either of the South:
1_ Hassan foot Ubaida
2_ 3_ foot flower Hassan Jibril Hassan foot,
Hedda did not survive the accident, only two children faith and Mohammed Hassan. We ask Allah to accept them rest in peace, and inspire their parents beautiful patience and fortitude, I am God and to Him we return.




Against the Brotherhood in Libya

Demonstrations against the Brotherhood 

MOSQUE Jafar Marg today and the expulsion of forward
Brotherhood “Imam” Safrani by angry demonstrators, chanting: –
Yalajuan Dbashkm mo .. Prairie Attrtchkm want.



مظاهرات ضد الاخوان امام مسجد جعفر بالمرج اليوم وطرد الامام الاخواني الصفراني من قبل متظاهرين غاضبين، وهم يرددون : لمو يالاخوان دبشكم .. المرج تريد اتطرطشكم .
Demonstrations against the Brotherhood in front of a mosque Jafla Marg
Demonstrations against the Brotherhood imam Jafar Marg today and the
expulsion of forward Brotherhood Safrani by angry demonstrators,
chanting: mo Yalajuan Dbashkm .. Prairie Attrtchkm want.


News channel mobility

demonstration of dozens of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the city of white against the FTC 

and ignore the thousands of demonstrators demanding the army and the police in front of the “Benghazi Tibesti”.

In the absence of media channels Immorality
Far from the front of the Tibesti
Manby end Jørna .. We know the Lord and know my religion ….



Salem al-Obeidi:
First trips to the events of Benghazi wounded at least six people
Benghazi to Greece, and to ensure the hospital for treatment and transferred
And will be directed by cases in which treatment is not available in Libya.
Metin … Metin .. Sawa and God just two dimensions.
Benghazi protesters insist p demonstrations and numbers on the rise.

Urgent ::::::: Benghazi ::::::::::

What you have heard from a few of the voices of lead is an attack on the headquarters of the path of the

river and stun Sauaakm the rest of the information.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Through communicative administrative affairs at the University of Benghazi confirmed that there is no holiday tomorrow ………

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Activists and civil society organizations in Benghazi calling for demonstrations on Friday afternoon
in front of the Tibesti Hotel to delegate Thunderbolt Special Forces and the Libyan army mandate full protection over the city of Benghazi.
The beginning of the assembly in front of Hotel Tibesti now in Benghazi in a demonstration entitled authorizing military people against terrorism.
Network TV Libya LTN
# # Now reportedly dropped commandos capture of the bombing in front of the Tibesti.
Photos of the bombing shortly before the demonstration in front of the Tibesti Hotel in Benghazi
Balsaakh ordered investigations: the attack on the headquarters of the lightning strike by unknown black Kia car and that the indiscriminate firing bullets at the door of the camp, and thankfully has been one anonymous leg injury and has surrounded ……
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Reporter Sereni: 3 hurt in blast amid demonstrations in Benghazi.
Urgent :::::::::
Who Balrmih bomb Michie banana white and witnesses say they Mmelthieddin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Mr. investigations ordered special forces says ::
I’m me, and a very large force on our way to the place and we will demonstrate to the protection of the demonstration and is still ongoing.
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Security room Benghazi – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
We have videos of interrogation sessions with all the criminals who hold them special forces
and marines and wait until the ear is the display,
And learned that every one was Dyer soul hero Bmejr handed over to the camp stun sat crying
and documented the whole video clips and entertain the same Pomegranate entertain Galaa Elly before yesterday.
Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Urgent / Benghazi now
3 cars to chase Mjoat terrorist entered the Benghazi area by Biar
Someone Toyota feat … and everlasting life …. Please Miche Mozah reporting in case of suspicion
T. Customary p
Newspaper (Benghazi today):
Rulrhh clashes in the gate. Now … Please citizens to stay away from areas of clashes.

Salem al-Obeidi:
Assassination Mohammed Shukri Warfali,” a brigade employees
First Infantry previously, and employees of a Special Forces
Thunderbolt currently, after being subjected to a shooting in front of left
B Buhedama his home area, and is known for slain by Muhammad b
Baha. The assassination of a member of the First Infantry Battalion

and now has reached the corpse to the hospital in 1200.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

I would like to tell you good morning, but with this news this morning any :::::::::::
1 – the arrival of the morning Galaa Hospital policeman killed ..
2 – and 3 members of the arrival of Thunderbolt gunshot wounds and was in critical condition.
3 – the arrival of the body of an unknown young age in the head in an infected area Alzerieih.
4 – the morning a group of people dressed in military uniforms anonymous Balrmih citizens on the island of market Friday.
5 – The assassination of Abdul Rahim Mohammed Taher Awami military continued to the Security Directorate of the population of Benghazi area Alkwyfah morning on the road (sea Sabri)
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Spokesman room common security in Benghazi submitted Ibrahim al-Shara: military death toll in Benghazi on Thursday, four, three of whom were killed in an ambush in “C-Khalifa” (35 km east of Benghazi) They are Marines, and the other was killed in the area Sabri of the First Brigade infantry ..
Killed in Benghazi this morning, Abdul Rahim Awami help of police in clashes with gunmen.

A Benghazi, capitale de la Cyrénaïque, trois militaires ont péri dans les combats qui ont éclaté lorsqu’une voiture remplie d’armes et d’explosifs a été stoppée à un barrage, a déclaré Wanis Boukhmada, commandant des forces spéciales de l’armée dans la ville. Les miliciens islamistes qui se trouvaient dans le véhicule étaient également en possession d’une forte somme en argent liquide.

Jeudi matin, un militaire a également été abattu par des inconnus dans un autre secteur de la ville.

“Nous sommes aussi musulmans”

Des responsables de l’armée sont intervenus à la télévision nationale pour demander aux islamistes et à tous les miliciens de rendre les armes et d’engager le dialogue.

“Frères d’Ansar al Charia, vous êtes musulmans et nous le sommes aussi. Nous n’avons pas de divergences sur la religion (…) mais ne cherchez pas à imposer quelque chose qui n’a rien à voir avec cette religion”,

a dit Salah Obeïdi, commandant des forces armées dans l’est.

Urgent from Benghazi ….

The issuance of a new hit-list for the entire naval base officers Benghazi after visiting German (Ali Zaidane) naval base Benghazi


New military speedboat boosts Benghazi naval force
(Libya Herald 25/06/13)

Benghazi Naval Base has acquired a new French-made speedboat as part of a move to upgrade its fleet and help protect Libya’s coastline. The naval vessels already stationed in Benghazi’s marine basin all sounded their horns to welcome the new arrival, named ‘Janzour,’ at a ceremony to mark the occasion. The 20-metre long, four-metre wide vessel can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. It is one of two military speedboats ordered by the Libyan Navy as part a fleet rejuvenation plan to upgrade equipment to protect the country’s coastline, according to the head of the Benghazi Marine Base press office, Colonel Mehdi Abu-Khamada. The second speedboat, named ‘Ekrima’ has been stationed at Tobruk Naval Base. These vessels, Abu-Khamada said, will provide protection to the country’s eastern shores. The two boats are part of a 50-vessel order signed with French manufacturer Sillinger at the Tripoli Military Fair in January this year. The company recently delivered 30 semi-rigid fast patrol boats, which put on a high-speed display in Tripoli harbour.

(Ayman Amzein)


CIA Base in Benghazi, Libya

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was the first to unmask the spooks. “Point of order! Point of order!” he called out as a State Department security official, seated in front of an aerial photo of the U.S. facilities in Benghazi. “We’re getting into classified issues that deal with sources and methods that would be totally inappropriate in an open forum such as this.”
A State Department official assured him that the material was “entirely unclassified” and that the photo was from a commercial satellite. “I totally object to the use of that photo,” Chaffetz continued. He went on to say that “I was told specifically while I was in Libya I could not and should not ever talk about what you’re showing here today.”
Now that Chaffetz had alerted potential bad guys that something valuable was in the photo, the chairman, Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), attempted to lock the barn door through which the horse had just bolted. “I would direct that that chart be taken down,” he said, although it already had been on C-SPAN. “In this hearing room, we’re not going to point out details of what may still in fact be a facility of the United States government or more facilities.”

CIA Base in Benghazi, Libya

Below, New York Times, September 20, 2012, did not identify the Second Compound as a CIA base.[Image]
Following four images, August 22, 2011, Google Earth/DigitalGlobe[Image]
Coordinates: 32° 3’25.57″N, 20° 5’15.98″E[Image]


Targeting the main gate of the camp of the Special Forces
“Thunderbolt”, with a barrage of “NBK T” from afar
It also has been targeting point immobilization subsidiary of Special Forces
Near the camp ground Alkuadak b b Dana RPG
Without causing the explosion and shooting casualties.
# Urgent _ (Salem al-Obeidi)
 White Falcon Salem al-Obeidi
Special Forces _ Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Point targeting special forces specifically Crossroads Land Alkuadak Bcntp:
type mine launchers and tanks RBG is within the vicinity of the point
has been answered and dealt with as necessary and no anything else …
Libyan special forces – Thunderbolt
(Things are now under control and nothing worth mentioning not to mention God)…
National Security Directorate Benghazi
Security alert in the streets of Benghazi ….
We hope that the citizens need to be their homes and not to listen to malicious rumors that exploit the bloodshed …
God save the men home and save Libya …
Stun Benghazi
Call is very important to the people of the city of Benghazi honorable
Ali owns all of Dkhaúr mild, medium or heavy from the people of the city of Benghazi
to fly tomorrow morning to camp Thunderbolt and shall hand them ...
Your brothers in the Thunderbolt who care for your security Amadhieddin with their blood and their lives
need all the bullets Tkhoznnounaa without interest in your homes
Please circular and publishing widely.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi:

“We have not had any case of clashes commandos or civilians so far.”

Mutassim Faitouri:
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::

The clashes at the crossroads Cuadak.
Photos of the gate and now stun the security situation and no Shi,,,,,,

Stun forces are still chasing the car in which the firing at the crossroads Alkuadak and Kia Spectra are black and two out and the person next to the driver with his foot and car Esbnah now entered the area Laithi.

The type of car Lancer has Balrmih on security personnel Bmuftriq Children’s Hospital and was arrested by the security backing and it turns out that the person driving the car and beaten in the case of wine ((drunk)).

(Mutassim Faitouri)




Ali Asbali:
Council of Elders of the Council of Elders of Benghazi, Tobruk seeds in order to open the port Harika ..
The patient is dead Mottaki.



Newsflash ….
Office Bouhmra bombing at the bottom of the valley with a small tuber ago.
(AD Media tuber Libya)
Channel Derna:


Summary statement of Abu Bakr secret to the people of the city of Derna distributed today mosques tuber.

We decided the following:
1 – We declare our innocence and our rejection of the conference, the government and considered traitors and Nsnfem in the list of enemies of the nation.
2 – We emphasize that he will be targeting any intervention or continued military presence of the government in the city of Derna.
3 – all of that helped the government in its war on religion, enabled her to seize control of the special police and army that we have them and we packed it Atkhaddna decision in targeting and striking their necks.
4 – advise people of the city of Derna and Ndlm that democracy is the reason for where we are today to go lower and the loss of religion and the spread of corruption, Fendauhm for a boycott of this demonstration and to prevent their children from walking behind the Muslim Brotherhood who want pushing the general public where the rhythm between the people and their children under the pretext of security and safety and the argument of the large number of assassinations “It is well known to everyone that the secret Abu Bakr did not target the general public but targeted police and military personnel, especially the officers who were trying to strengthen the government and help them in their war on us, and this is evidenced by our”
5 – that all participants from civil society organizations, or the Muslim Brotherhood or police officers or the military or the internal security or intelligence Okan who knows his bayonet debt due or mockery something of the Quran and Sunnah or Aojaj to fight or trying to fight us and calls so he replaced target one will be protected, and we remind them that we are with them in this city, although the demonstrations all under our gaze and we know what’s going on where and plotted against us.

Now graduated manifestations in the field of death and condemnation companions Fella security ..
The piece after Maogd posters Ali Mosque companions threaten to get out of manifestations of murder
and not to enter the army for City.
Mrauge News:
The damage to the financial sector at the headquarters of the local council today:


Demonstrations in the tuber began after Friday prayers and some roamed the city’s streets, and settled in front of Sahaba Mosque, demanding security and safety for refusing to assassinations and bombings in the tuber.


The information department Gallo
عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل now and quoting the Minister of Culture beloved secretary:

“The time is now tuber (1.40) after midnight:
The bombing of the headquarters of a network of civil society Bdrna membership, which includes more than 70 civil society organizations. Bombing by Mjholiyn!! Headquarters targeted object architecture populated illusion horror severe condition

and citizens trying to put out the fire. “




29 novembre 2013
Libye: l'explosion d'un dépôt d'armes fait 40 morts

 Barak General Hospital

The arrival of 13 bodies Hedda morning to General Hospital Barak said that there is a group under Alannagad (Allah and to Him we shall return)

Tabu sons of the desert:
Outlaw, who has a young Balrmih Tabu named Magdi Youssef nicknamed “Karada” a resident of Sakra.

We hope you and our brothers not to cover up the criminal Hedda and handed over until things do not thing for taking another turn.

Sabha today

I hope the brothers citizens in Sabha who did not return to their homes after the lodge the night wherever they are processes of shooting from cars armed are random pat in place waxing trust in God and about the hospital situation in which serious desire killers filter any infected up to the hospital in the absence of any force to deter any gunman from entering.

All the injuries and urgent medical cases do go to a hospital Barak.

Free newspaper Sabha
Hospital medical Sabha .. ÍÓĘŰíË

29.11.2013 Romandie.com (ats)

L’explosion d’un dépôt de munitions dans le Sud libyen a fait plus de 40 morts jeudi, a annoncé un responsable des forces de sécurité. A Benghazi, dans l’est du pays, quatre soldats ont été tués dans de nouveaux affrontements entre l’armée et des miliciens islamistes.

A Brak al Chati, près de la ville de Sebha, dans le Sud désertique, une quarantaine de personnes, des Libyens et des étrangers, ont pénétré dans un dépôt de l’armée pour voler des munitions lorsqu’une explosion s’est produite. Le bilan d’une quarantaine de morts pourrait s’alourdir car le site était toujours durant la nuit la proie des flammes, a dit le responsable.


The escape of more than 40 inmates from a prison in the central Sabha.Tabu channel on Facebook:
Agency urgently Libya / video news channel now for the escape of 40 prisoners from Sabha
Now news channel for the escape of 40 prisoners after gunmen stormed a prison in the city of Sabha yesterday.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو خبر قناة الآن عن فرار 40 سجينا من سبها
خبر قناة الآن عن فرار ٤٠ سجينا إثر اقتحام مسلحين لسجن في مدينة سبها يوم أمس.

Unknown person car Hyundai Elantra model 2012 white color without the metal plate; does Balrmih some citizens of Tabu in the city of Sabha was initially in Broad Street, where threw citizen Abdulsalam Issa Altpauy and was hit in the leg and burning his car; and the second was in the District Alskrp in front of shops outlined injured Mohammed mage mage Altpauy in the leg and at least two died of Osaddaqaúh were with him in the car;
The dead are ..
1 – the best Jamal Ahmed Zoe 17 years
2 – Key Hassan Amri Hassnaoui 19 years
Today: the death of a member of the tribe Awlad Suleiman city of Sabha as a result of a murder carried out in accordance with the Almteward a member of the tribe Altbwa, was on the track, killing three people from the tribe Altbwa, and rumored that killed three of the tribe Altbwa killed fault for not their relationship with the killer,
God save Libya and its people and injection the blood of Muslims.
Still ongoing clashes between Tabu and Awlad Suleiman against the backdrop of the killing of a member of the Tabu capita Awlad Suleiman tribe, the people of the deceased person to kill another, Tabu and still clashes and fighting continuously until this moment.
News almost certain Tabu stationed in Sabha central hospital
And prevented cars from rescue the injured. (Witnesses)
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá infidels ………
Shooting the voices of my heavy weapons now in the direction of Madrih security ...


Libyan Embassy in Jordan:


Virtual Mirage

Foreign Aid to Libya – and Border Security

Fox News reported (LINK HERE) that at roughly the same time President Obama called Qaddafi a threat to his own people, President Obama lobbied Congress to give the Libyans 1.26€ million.


Qaddafi and U.S. Funding? Foreign Aid Under Scrutiny Amid Mideast Unrest

By William La Jeunesse

Published March 24, 2011

Qaddafi Politics

Muammar al-Qathafi talks to a large crowd in Bab El Azizia, Libya.AP 2011.

While President Obama calls Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi “a threat to his own people” (UGH, that really is what OBAMA is!!), just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for al-Qathafi’s military to 1.26€ million.

According to State Department figures, the money was earmarked to train Libyan military officers, improve its air force, secure its borders and to counter terrorism.

If this seems contradictory, welcome to the world of U.S. foreign aid, where billions of tax dollars go to people we don’t like and nations some say don’t need the help. The latest unrest has drawn renewed scrutiny to these policies. “I’m not saying you can justify each and every one of these expenditures, but you have to be able to look at it from a strategic perspective and they could well be justified,” said John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. “Military training for officers from various countries all around the world has historically been a very good investment for the U.S. We get to know officers as they go through their career path. We train them in notions like civilian control of the military. It hasn’t been perfect, but for relatively small expenditures of money it can pay real benefits.”

 The State Department said Wednesday it had suspended U.S. military aid to Libya “a few weeks ago.”
I need to repeat this:
According to Fox News, just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for Qaddafi’s military to 1.26€ million. According to State Department figures, the money was earmarked to train Libyan military officers, improve its air force,secure its borders and to counter terrorism.
Ok, maybe I’m slow (because I believe in God, guns and the Constitution). But, as I understand the POLICY of the Obama regime –>  While the US Border is porous and our ineffective border security plan allows Mexican cartel narcoterrorists to cross with tons of illegal narcotic products, and allows millions of illegal aliens to cross every month, we  were  still  giving money to LIBYA for border security. Is that what this regime proposed, a month before we attacked them?  In what universe does that make any sense to anyone?




SAIF made whole


      صبـــــــاح المعنويــــــات العاليـــــة صبـــــــاح الصمـود صباح النصر يا ابناء القائد معمر القدافي يا ابناء جيل الغضب ونحن كالوقود نضحي بانفسنا من اجل الوصول الى تحرير الجماهيرية العظمى .

Morning feisty morning withstand morning victory, O sons of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, O sons of generation such as fuel anger and we sacrifice ourselves in order to reach the Liberation of the Great Jamahiriya. 

(courtesy of “Gaddafi sniper” on FB)

Mosque Turret

desert blast

Hashim humans:
“After the events of Benghazi today and accepted by Tripoli and Qublhaalzawah and the Rishvana and department in AJEELAT and Zuwarah and Racdalin and beautiful and Sirte and accepted Barak seawall and infidels and kissed the belly of the mountain and Nalut and Mahamed and accepted by the drawer and Ghadames and the epiphyseal and Zintan and other should be on the conference before issuing the decision to dump the armed formations and their headquarters must hold a decision to freeze and determine its activity and criminalization any action that security and military is not would not of their powers and leave the work of the security and the military for the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff

and that everyone involved in any clash tribal or regional or regionally in non-defense or beyond the scope of Tmrkzh without clear orders correct is out of the law and Tmla of responsibility and the criminalization of the Bretton targeting the army and police and the signing of the severest penalties on any ridge on the public authority, whatever the pretext and not in front of this Libyans Platform for Action and the Charter of honor for us to be blessed with this state and the state of security and stability ….”

News about the inauguration of the President of Hashim humans CID branch of Tripoli and Haitham Tagouris deputy.
And the inauguration of the President of Abdul Rauf hater cart anti-drug branch of Tripoli.

Ya mean like Bouzid Magxit.

I mean, if true meaning
they embellish their vehicles and removed group tally El nawasy and then lost control of drugs,

and the same alkarup and the same story but they seem to have two States for home.
أنباء عن تنصيب هاشم بشر رئيس البحث الجنائي فرع طرابلس و هيثم التاجوري نائب له.
و تنصيب عبدالرؤوف كارة رئيس مكافحة المخدرات فرع طرابلس.

معناها كأنك يا بوزيد ماغزيت.

يعني لو صحت هالأخبار معناها جماعة يزوقوا سياراتهم وينحوا يافطة النواصي ويحطوا بدلها مكافحة المخذرات و نفس القروب ونفس القصة بس هالمرة بدوا هما الدولة من الداخل!!!!

نقلا عنــ \ وكالة انباء ليبيا اليوم
(Quoting \ news agency Libya today)


Students Media Center – Media Center Student
Students Union College of Medicine announced that the financial grant for students of the

Faculty of Medicine will be at the end of 12 Dec. 2013  worth 200 dinars each month since the beginning of the study.

Worms in the body of the nation

Iraqi intelligence reveal the connections between
Amir al-Qaida in Egypt Atngat Pamir Qaeda
In Iraq and asked him for help in fighting the Egyptian army
And thus
Conclusion there is a connection between al-Qaeda in Egypt, Syria, Iraq
At the same time, the Egyptian intelligence organization discovers Qatari Libby
To train and bring the article; and in the arms of Libya
Is passed fighters across Libya, Sudan, Turkey and from there to Egypt.
So you said “al-Qathafi role”
But talk is no longer confined to the role of referees should be directed to you today
To the peoples
Is the Arab peoples will eat each other and continue fighting Arab Arab
Such as Egyptian
Almh worm growth and the fact that everything decays by the worms emerge from it
Is Nthll we Arabs and Muslims by these worms, planted by the Americans in us
We will resist these worms and Nbidha of the body of the nation these worms do not fit the treatment
Treated and taken away and destroy it, but it is spreading very quickly and infectious
Especially that with the continuation of the difficult conditions and the deterioration of economic conditions weaken
The immune system and infect and multiply easily prepare worms
The battle is not a battle for Libya, Egypt or Syria, but is the battle of all Arabs.



 Nice Colonel Bouchmadeh denies contract negotiations with Ansar al-Sharia
# Pole _ Said:
Member of the General Conference, who attended the meeting of Gulf today ask me (why did not Issarhana Colonel Bouchmadh his enemies who are fighting against … Why did not you called a spade names in the security meeting today in the presence of the Chief of Staff and the military governor and members of Congress!!??)
I replied quietly (because he does not trust a lot of the members of your conference ..!)
العقيد ونيس بو خماده ينفي عقد مفاوضات مع أنصار الشريعه
Libyan territorial waters classified as the fourth economic region in the world and five billion dollars annually, the size of losses to Libya as a result of illegal fishing for fish!!
Libya incur losses estimated at five billion dollars annually because of illegal fishing in the territorial waters of tuna, shrimp, red, by foreign fishing boats. The director of the Libyan Company for the manufacture of fish that Mohammed Ajeel Libyan territorial waters classified as the fourth economic region in the world, due to the presence of large quantities by the variety of fish, especially the Gulf of Sirte, which produces nearly 2,000 tons of tuna and shrimp annually. He Ajeel that the production of the Libyan coast up to 902 tons per year of bluefin tuna, noting that the amount being harvested illegally exceed the annual production, especially during the spawning season, by vessels other countries without obtaining licenses from the Libyan authorities.
Ajeel explained that the EU has agreed to study the request of the Libyan authorities to lift the economic embargo on the export of fisheries since 2011 from Libya to the European Union under which Libya paid about 110% on fish exports to countries north of the Mediterranean Sea. Among economic expert Mahmoud Aahmoudh that Libya damaged significantly fishing operations illegal and especially by Japanese fishing boats that catch tuna key element in the seafood industry, including the Japanese “sushi.”
He added that Aahmoudh Libyan territorial waters did not record an increase in the degree of water pollution, making it a suitable place for fish spawning, so they are vulnerable to abuse by those boats, especially in the absence of the state and its sovereign powers he says. The Office of the fishing in the European Union was revealed in October 2011 for evidence confirm the involvement of European countries, in the operations of illegal fishing for tuna, crustaceans Using signals recorded by the Commission, for the black boxes of electronic fishing boats to fish in the territorial waters of Libya.
(Valley girl)


Ezzedine Awami first deputy chairman of the National Conference

Any armed formation after 31 -12 -2013 all armor … Supporters of Ansar al-Sharia.. Other

It becomes individual to join the army, police, and not in groups

The government should provide for those who work from Dabbagh join

Weapon will be in the hands of the military establishment only.

The words of the first deputy of the National Conference Ezzedine Awami ..

People said his police and military only Nehna. We gave the government all the powers to implement this popular demand. Government met today under the leadership of the army to provide them with all the possibilities for dealing with any security breach and we will be supportive of them ~

“the existence of armed groups in any city is rejected”
“Atmosphere of the country” – Ali Zaidane
The head of the interim government, Ali Zaidane that the presence of armed groups in any city is unacceptable and it has become the past, noting that the army and police are the pillar of the state and legal legitimacy.
Zaidane said in a speech after his arrival yesterday evening to Benghazi that the reason for the deteriorating security situation in the country is the presence of weapons outside the framework of the army and the police, explaining that the two institutions have obtained the confidence of the people and must Tkona at this level of confidence.
Referred to as the interim Prime Minister Ali Zaidane has decided to visit Benghazi accompanied by a number of ministers upon his return from London, to discuss the security situation in the city.
Agency Libya Now | Zaidane head of government states that the presence of armed groups in the Libyan cities has become obsolete.

Delegation of GNC National Congress in Benghazi:

– The weapon should not only be to the security establishment and the military, and this is stipulated in the decision of the National Congress explicitly.
– The government should provide for young people who do not want to leave their arms and join the army of the work of civil society and incorporate it.
– We said to the institutions of civil society that has to be his active role on us and on the government if we fail.
National Congress supreme authority would not hesitate to support the army and the police all the possibilities.
General National Congress issued the decision No. 27 to evacuate from Tripoli armed formations and 53 on Benghazi in particular.
– There is a call from some members of Congress, especially from Benghazi to hold modified in Resolution 27 to include all Libyan cities of Tripoli not only.
– Any formation Mslj all configurations: armor, Ansar al-Sharia .. After December 31 to join the army individual.
Awami, vice president of GNC conference in Benghazi when he speaks people should listen to everyone.
Gate _ Libya

Noman bin Othman partitioning scheme Libya agreement with Arab and European countries

Meeting under the auspices of Libyan figures neighboring Arab state to Libya in September 2013 to divide Libya agree on a map of the new Libya. In agreement with the Arab and European countries. Cairo meeting

Ansar al-Sharia car bombing and the families of one of them

News TPU Libya
A branch of Ansar al-Sharia in the south and the news are uncertain stationed in the area Tsawh led by

one brother Qaeda leaders Abu Yahya is a Libyan Abdel Wahab Kaid who is a  Member of the National Conference.

Al-Quds Al Arabi on 26 – 11-2013 7 p.:



A warning to the people of Tripoli:
Azzam terrorist stationed in the area of ​​Salah al-Din / Ammi
Now many people are flocking to non-Libyans to Headquarters and Headquarters
and within the mechanics of the rally gear and Adhana conducting a coating for cars
because the smell of paint your car emits from headquarters and no doubt they plan to what is
The dangerous thing is that there are 4 cars written on it inside the National Guard Headquarters.
Please Publishing


Entrance Corner displays radio broadcast to target an improvised explosive homemade.

Entrance corner displays radio broadcast to target an improvised explosive homemade (Abboud)
This statement of the Director of Broadcasting, Mr. Imad Guidara
STATUS: The building of the local radio corner tonight to cowardly act of sabotage by targeting the entrance to the radio homemade bomb …
Thank God it did not hit any member of the guard in any harm, but the damage was in the decor and the outside entrance of its main entrance.
If we condemn this cowardly attack singles this news, we block the way for any other rumors may affect the targeting of individual cowardly.

Saw the bridge, “the head of the Egyptian Hassan” in Tripoli car accident as a result of sliding a speeding car and the inability of the driver to control which led to the collision of six cars and a fire in one of them.
Force Civil Safety “Fire” rushed to the scene at the time a record is considered and controlled the fire so as not to stretch and widen his circle.


Gneoh .. kidnapping.

The criminal Gneoh Alkkla kidnapping Subhi Suheim from his home in Abu Saleem today.
A department in AJEELAT sons and now his family return the calls at the earliest.

Otherwise, the consequence will be dire and call all of the local council and the department in AJEELAT/

Tripoli urgent intervention and quick to launch explicitly to avoid the use of force and arms by his family.

(Quoting: .. W. G)




Coordinator of Education announced Bajeelat Mr. Kamal Aborkth
That does not sit ongoing health study to resume tomorrow in honor of victims of the religion department

in AJEELAT Sokoto in recent days

Channel department in AJEELAT

Alassema TV channel capital:
City department in AJEELAT  

Chhdasaana Mdniaaandjaja the kidnapping and murder that Chhdtha Almedinhhzh days.

Abu Salim … Gneoh .. kidnapping.

The criminal Gneoh Alkkla kidnapping Subhi Suheim from his home in Abu Saleem today.
A department in AJEELAT sons and now his family return the calls at the earliest.

Otherwise, the consequence will be dire and call all of the local council and the department in AJEELAT/

Tripoli urgent intervention and quick to launch explicitly to avoid the use of force and arms by his family.

(Quoting: .. W. G)


Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya:
The elders and the elders and leaders of the tribes and Rishvana visit me two days ago, the Council of Tripoli, and meet the President of the local council Sadat Badri and confirms its full support for civil disobedience carried out by the people of the city even out all armed militias outside the scope of Tripoli major,,,
Photos and news from Rishvana
4 killing of youth and Rishvana today in Tunisia because of a traffic accident
Four young people from Malth .. drowsiness and Bovljejh and Samida
According to Radio Tataouine, the reason is forbidden in passing led to a collision with a truck in the opposite way
I am God and to him we shall return:


Tarhounah have seen from yesterday’s clashes medium weapons and heavy between the sons and the sons of Alanaajh Cane ..
The situation there is engorged,,,



Regulates the education sector
In collaboration with the Faculty of Education, the city of Bani WalidThe workshop under the title((Primary stage features weaknesses and ways to increase efficiency))
This workshop aims to:
* Accurate diagnosis of the state of academic weakness suffered by the basic education.
* Shed light on the circumstances surrounding the educational process and affecting the performance of the vocabulary of the educational process.
* Try to determine the real reasons behind the weakness in the academic year and in basic education in particular.
* Work to find appropriate mechanisms and realistic for the advancement of the educational process in general.
* Encourage teachers and school administrators and inspectors and administrative staff education on scientific research and training to solve the problems facing the educational process.Workshop themes:
– Modern methods of teaching in basic education.
– Educational facilities and its role in raising the efficiency of knowledge acquisition.
– E-learning technology for basic education.
– The rehabilitation and development of basic education teachers
– The role of the family and its integration with the school’s role in improving the rate of acquisition of knowledge.
– Curriculum and its impact on the educational attainment of pupils.
– Activity associated with the school and its positive role in the educational process.
Terms of paper work involved:
1 – to be in accordance with the methodology of scientific research
(Specific goals – Results – Recommendations)
2 – can not be have been participating in a workshop or a scientific conference or published previously ..
* That no less than 15 papers and not more than 24 paper
Writes the size of the line (14) and the type of line Simplified Arabic
* Attach a summary presentation program (Microsoft PowerPoint)
Important Dates
The deadline for acceptance of research and working papers
19 / m in December 2013
Activities of the workshop:
22/23 / December 2013 AD
Place of residence of the workshop:
Theater Technical College electronic Bani Walid
Send research and working papers on e-mail:
warsha.baniwaled @ gmail.com
Or received research and working papers:
Dr: Abdul Salam Mohammed al-Haj
Office of Quality and Performance Evaluation, Faculty of Education Bani Walid
(Teachers College Sapfa)


Misrata youth revolution in silent out for their silence: –

Statement youth from Misrata

In the name of God the Merciful
“The ease with hardship”
We live this difficult labor progress in our country Libya and reflects about the prospects for democracy and civil state, and we pass this road which Abdnah our blood and Ofalwna, and we are seeing today what we have reached the situation in the country of conflicts setbacks and fascinate, fueled by the owners agendas suspicious, and paid for the sons of Libya pure.
We believe we have custody of exercise and singles scene, and flattering at our expense and Aortna things we are innocent of them, we young people of the Libyan Revolution in Misrata meet today to acknowledge the following:
1. Hrakna is not directed against a particular, we extend our hand to all and Ngosai anyone, nor Nrhb or betray anyone, but we refuse to be out of the scene.
2. Reject the policy of one vote and emphasize the multiplicity of voices demand.
3. We support the order of the rows under the banner of Libya and the anthem.
4. We refuse to isolate the city from the rest of Libya or placed in a confrontation with the Libyan cities.
5. We demand the return of the members of the Congress and the government to their sites only helped to spearhead the scene in the previous stage and made the city is losing public opinion their actions which have been calculated on the town, we want them to retreat a step back, to make room for new faces can continue the journey, re our city to its avant-garde in construction.
6. Uphold the legitimacy and exercise our right to use all legitimate peaceful means to deliver voice support or rejection of any position or issue.
7. We call on the local council team (the sole legitimate representative of the city) to advance to the front steps, and these steps are in:
A – immediately initiate steps in the process for the election of municipal council.
B – assigning committee crisis is agreed upon to be a front for the city to return to their homeland.
T – solve any body issued the same interface to the city without a legitimate face.
W – persist for the crisis committee in its work until the election of the municipal council.
8. Finally Vsotna Nsdh that this is a vote, and we welcome all voice our favor and we respect each violation.
Bmasratp released Tuesday 26 th – 11-2013 \ \
(Abdulwahab Ali Mlitan)


Battalion is confirmed “136” pedestrian b Sirte “Ali Sadiq”
B The fire and flames gutted the existing archive
B headquarters of the courts and prosecution offices on the first floor and the second
There are some furniture has not received the fire and is still gasoline
Attic and is ejected, and said “sincere” in a statement
The outbreak of the fire was four o’clock in the morning.
(# Salem al-Obeidi)
Burn complex prosecutors, the courts and with unknown actors, he burned this time, not even the bombing of oil poured cars seared in the entire building and set it on fire, the second attack in 20 days after the re-opening of the complex, which closed last June after blown.

The vigil for the students and the faculty and staff at the University of Sirte.

Systems of the students and faculty and staff at the University of Sirte on Tuesday morning and a protest in solidarity with the security force in charge of Bhmaph University.
The participants in the vigil – News Agency of Libya Sirte – 
They are in the shadow of lawlessness and security conditions in various parts of Libya affirm their solidarity with the military police assigned to protect the university when they are exposed to blackmail and the threat of no reason other than that they are secure and protect students from anyone who tries to compromising the sanctity of the campus.
They demanded in a statement they issued in Sirte all those responsible for cooperation with the protection of individuals in order to ensure the functioning of the university educational process to the fullest.


Oil sector workers joining the strike in eastern Libya:

According to information obtained from a private source was stopped 35 trucks in the area of ​​the torch and carrying a fuel station “Alhavandaa” existing field bed which produces electrical power of ăíŢÇ which feeds the entire cities of the north and the south-east of Amsaad and even infidels and which consume the number 35 car fuel daily (1.5) million liters and the station is now operating from the stockpile, which enough for just four days, and it would take a break after the power supply for the entire eastern region.

(Mustafa Almighty)

Brega Oil Marketing announces that the company’s business was not affected by the announcement disobedience in the city of BenghaziAnnounced the Brega Oil Marketing Company in Benghazi that lead its naturally not affected by the announcement disobedience in the city. The news agency quoted the Libyan head of the Information Office of Brega, “Nasser Zmot” today that is Agaftna serious commitment to work and save fuel and petroleum products through distribution companies and stations all across Libya, in trust.


Members of the National Congress in Benghazi Benghazi

The number of members of the National Congress and the public, including representatives from the city of Benghazi to have built international airport, to meet with the security authorities in Benghazi to assess the security situation in the city.
A meeting of security chiefs and deputies for the National Conference
Year, and the conclusion of the meeting request is special forces
Libyan Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh,” full powers to respond
With the use of force with each of assault on army
National and its headquarters

Entry hall for some citizens are demanding the expulsion of a member
National Congress of year, “Mohammed Bosadra,” and cheers
Condemning inside the hall, and he was expelled by the act, also came out
Lists “Suleiman Zubi” of the hall

(Urgent # # # Benghazi exclusive Salem al-Obeidi
– In Benghazi.)

Agency urgently Libya / “Saleh Jaudh” escape and survive the beatings in Benghazi:
(Agency urgently Libya) Private Benghazi
Witnesses said a member of the National Congress for Benghazi “in favor of Jaudh” survived for a few beatings and managed to escape after leaving the meeting included a number of members of the National Congress and the chief of staff of the army and security leaders in Benghazi to discuss the repercussions of the bloody clashes witnessed by the Civil yesterday.
He said some of the conferees that “Jaudh” But he seems to be tension and hurried meeting urgently to end what appeared to be aware of what awaits him in the outside.
It is noteworthy that the “fit Jaudh” Elected Benghazi more than 40 thousand votes and this was a record level for Libya, and after that became a member of the Conference acclaimed and B voters, but change the level of his performance after the use of force of arms by some of the militias and members of Congress who are leading the militia , and became speaks contrary to the aspirations and hopes of voters in the city of Benghazi and felt he let them down in many situations, escalating the pace of frustration and anger him.
Collecting signatures to drop membership Zoppi and Saleh Jaudh and extremist Abu Sidra of the National Congress because they do not have the confidence of the street Abannghaza and will continue to collect signatures for the duration of civil disobedience:
Colonel Nice Bouchmadh visited several sites in the city of Benghazi, including 32 site
and 12 patrol thunderbolt to check on the conditions of the city.
Commander of the special forces “Thunderbolt” colonel “Nice Bouchmadeh” on a visit to
wounded clashes yesterday in Benghazi.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Special Forces (Thunderbolt and Almdilat)


Concerning the statement issued by the Ansar al-Sharia that Ra o Salem attacked them and provoke them this is not true before God and before the people a means to have become clear to the adoption of the rules of hatred and malice murder

and swear to God Almighty that the Ra o Salem was in task performance is expensive by a protection Airport Road and the headquarters of continued special forces did not enter into any clash did not move any patrol of special forces to provoke one ***1

and the statement that was issued incorrectly and what is built on falsehood is false we are in the principles our mission, and it is precisely to protect Benghazi and its people from any unloved and uplifted by the soil of the homeland is not our hatreds with one will not stand one in the way of our insurance for our city of Benghazi

and we will give thousands of martyrs to protect our people and our offer and our honor and our money special forces strength of the people first and we represent the will of our people

and we will continue to serve under the commanded and Saheron to your sleep and comfort special forces your children under commanded At your service … Special Forces of you and you …

the following, about THUNDERBOLT proking the situation, is a HUGE FAT LIE!

The people of the city of Benghazi Atrdo Organic National Congress for Benghazi, “Mohammed Bo Sidra” and “Suleiman Zubi” at the meeting, which included members of the National Congress and the army chief of staff and security leaders in Benghazi.
***1: It is noteworthy that the “Bo Sidra and Zubi” a monument to the media yesterday that the different forces stun responsibility Alachtaakat yesterday because it was provocative initiative and opened fire.(BIG LIE!!)

Event Benghazi …
Bo SIDRA and Solomon Zubi were expelled from the Conference Hall and Garyounis is collecting signatures to isolate them by the people of Benghazi.

(M’s media capital of youth)
Benghazi shortly before ..
Try to take out a member of the conference Mohammed Bo Sidra from the back door of the hall after the entry of citizens into the room and demanded Brahilh:
Benghazi today / instant escape a member of Congress in favor of Jaudh after being attacked protesters sitting in front of Congress:
Demonstrators in the city of Benghazi throwing car member General National Congress “favor Jaudh” stones after protesters demanding his departure and leaving a meeting of Gulf from the back door.
The moment of escape in favor of angry demonstrators Jaudh.
لحظة هروب صالح جعودة من المتظاهرين الغاضبين

Fall Malsaakh soldier martyrs and enter the youth of Benghazi bare to resuscitate him
It Benghazi greater country, the fall of one Special Forces martyrs
And the entry of young people of Benghazi chested the line of fire to save the home of Hama …
Look, my supporters Trick, for the people of Benghazi and not Bmalomkm you are facing Whole people and not only stun .. Voatbrooowoo.
انها بنغازي ياسادة ، سقوط احد افراد القوات الخاصه شهيداًودخول شباب بنغازي خط النار عراة الصدور لانقاذ حماة الديار…
انظروا يا انصار الخديعة ,, لأبناء بنغازي وليكن بمعلومكم انكم تواجهون شعباً بأكلمه وليس الصاعقة فقط .. فأعتبرووووو.

Defense Minister Abdullah bending directs a message of thanks and appreciation to
Military men in Benghazi on
The sacrifices they make in order to maintain security
In Benghazi …

Map places the clashes in Benghazi 
Published by the French news agency map of what happened yesterday in Benghazi
“General Federation of University Students Benghazi”
In the name of God the Merciful
Ntrahm on the lives of the fallen yesterday from the forces of the Libyan army and think them when the God of the martyrs and call for a speedy recovery for all the injured citizens Libyans, because of the security situation disastrous to the level of Libya in general and the city of Benghazi in particular that we as representatives for the largest slice of the citizens, namely students and we as a union general for students of the University of Benghazi, and as an important civil society institutions and of our national duty after studying events and reality on the ground interact and react appropriately with current events and the most important requirement of all its citizens not and is to provide safety and security, and therefore we ask the General National Congress and the government and Department of the University of Benghazi and all the competent authorities, the following: –
1 – Application Messaging and real-resolution ((53)) of the General National Congress, which provides at solving all armed formations and in conjunction with the activation of a military police to set any breaches may occur from actors legitimacy conferred by the State, that is the army and the police
2 provide the elements and security forces fair and efficient at the entrances of the University of Benghazi to support the safe campus and also provide instruments and equipment necessary to impose security and to prevent the entry of intruders and all have an interest in destabilizing the safe campus.
((We are with the administration’s decision to the University of Benghazi and a party to the suspension of classes until the establishment of security and continue the case of civil disobedience in all the faculties of the University of Benghazi)).
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
Liberated Benghazi 25 – 11-2013
Statement issued by:
– Students Union Medical College humans.
– Students Union College Chidl.
– Students Union College of Public Health.
– Founding Committee of the Student Union Faculty of Information Technology.
– The founding committee of the Faculty of Economics Students’ Union.
– Students Union of the Faculty of Engineering.
– Students Union houses the internal –
A coalition of students from the Faculty of Science.
Founding Committee of the Union of students of the Faculty of Arts.
University of Benghazi attached study and work Benghazi:
Students Media Center – Media Center Student
Secret tenth charged with protecting the university would withdraw from the campus,
at the request of the student union as the formation of armed formations.
The Directorate will be handed over to protect the security of Tripoli University,
was limited to members of the university guards based on their number, qualifications and requiring
them to wear uniforms allocated to them.
Announcement | President declares the General Federation of University Students Zaytoonah
for stopping the study for two days, “27-28 / 2013/11 P”, and that condemnation of what is
happening in the bloody events of Benghazi.

Civil disobedience in Benghazi (4 photos)
Photos of the shops were closed today in response to an invitation Benghazi Local civil disobedience.

Channel capital
Clashes in the vicinity of the gate Rulrhh and the University of Benghazi.
Currently circulating in the vicinity of clashes Bawwabat Rulrhh “west of Benghazi,”
and near the University of Garyounis, the louder the sound of bullets and launchers from time to time.
It is noteworthy that the group “Ansar al-Sharia” take Bawwabat Rulrhh concentrated her long ago.
{Them to inject the blood of Libyans}
Assigned to units of the National Army of Benghazi military area code assigned to the functions described below both “including:
1 – 153 light infantry battalion:
Insurance coastal road east of albacore high “even precise area to the west” (outside) with the creation of portals and immobilization and inspection and prevent any force from entering the city of Benghazi from the east.
2 – Training Center Fame:
Insurance precise area (inside) until the Sidi area (inside) and secure the support of the infantry battalion 153 of necessity.
3 – 158 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance Bohady area to the entrance of Sidi Khalifa.
4 – 147 Infantry Battalion:
Securing the eastern entrance to Benghazi (Island District first peace) towards the beak.
5 – 146 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance checkpoint fork Garyounes – point poll Qmins – coupled gate – gate of Sidi Abdulaaty – Insurance gas pipeline from the west with pay Patrol investigated within the city of Benghazi.
6 – 123 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance have built air base and civilian airport in addition to the area and built the eastern entrance in the direction of the heap.
7 – 148 Infantry Battalion:
Insurance Sellouk area – Wadi door. With facilitating patrols investigated.
8 – 144 Infantry Battalion and 149 Infantry:
Secure the entrances and exits of the city of Ajdabiya and patrolling the area even coupled.
9 – a secret poll Ajdabiya:
Glaring coastal activation points.
10 – Battalion 416: poll
Pay patrols and observation points on the administrative border of the military region of Benghazi.
11 – DRU:
Activate patrols inside the city streets of Benghazi.
Quoting a military command area Benghazi
Benghazi shortly before the front of the Tibesti Hotel:

Death toll from clashes in Benghazi to 14 people .. The army announces the horn.
ten past six p.m. News Arab worldBENGHAZI ANSAR al-SHARIA SALAFIST MOVEMENThttp://arabic.rt.com/news/634909/ :روسيا اليوم

The witnesses said the clashes took place using light and medium weapons. The army said the Libyan state general alarm in Benghazi and called on all military to “join their units and military Butknathm immediately.”

Erik Prince, the founder of the company, “Blackwater” security operations and protection of the channel CNN:

Defused a car bomb adhesive Benghazi

Special Benghazi

Enables morning disposal experts and dismantle explosives in Benghazi and the dismantling of the system to neutralize explosive found under the car of a Special Forces non-commissioned officers “Thunderbolt” in Benghazi.
The head of the sergeants, “Suleiman Ibrahim Suleiman” special forces “Thunderbolt” had contacted seven in the morning explosive ordnance disposal experts and told them he had found an explosive device under his car in front of his home district, “the land of the guard” in Benghazi.
It is noteworthy that invalidation group and dismantle explosives in Benghazi are doing a great job in spite of threats and stalking and attempted murder, and the lack of equipment and frequent promises to support them without implementation.

“I am confident that if we were working in Benghazi was the American ambassador is still alive .. We have implemented a process to protect one hundred thousand in Afghanistan and Iraq have been killed in a Hrastna was, and I am confident that if we cost us guarding the Ambassador was still alive today .. Ambassador killed in the consulate, in a facility, and evidence that show today show that the force that was supposed to protect him did not fight as it should do according to their training and managed by local attackers to beat. .. I’ve got to make sure a change in the work of the al-Qaeda organization and the face by moving the whole army is no longer possible, and the best option is a security and intelligence operations in particular. “
Boca Oraibi!!
Khozrtoh Arabs Biar, where he was stopped one of the checkpoints that have been set up by heavily along the road link between Drianh + Biar + heap + Benghazi. To protect the flank of Benghazi from any potential enemy.
And the reservation to Boca Oraibi in the checkpoint one entrances to the city Biar car lioness and with him one Akhvevy marketed Beah was contacted Balsaakh to inform them about the release of it or in custody, ordered stun sprayed Frankly she met with Boca days ago and put it fully. And on its impact on him and was released in Ngda Biar and Tsagd ..
(# Gate _ Libya)
Resentment of the local council of the visit to meet him without Zaidane
“Atmosphere of the country “- particularly
A member of the local council of Benghazi Mustafa senile Council upset of visiting interim Prime Minister Ali Zaidane yesterday to the city of Benghazi without meeting them.
And added to the atmosphere of senile to the country on Tuesday that it was the fourth time that comes in. head the interim government without the knowledge of the local council of Benghazi, or meet him, while Butlh meet prominent figures in the city.

He pointed out that the lack of respect by senile Zaidane Council means lack of respect for the people of the city of Benghazi as a result of such conduct has the Council issued a statement on Tuesday to clarify his point of view about this visit in the hope of Mr. Ali Zaidane Media Council to visit him next time.

And likely a member of the local council of Benghazi not to meet Zaidane council to one of two reasons, the first reason is the pressure exerted by the local council of Benghazi on the interim government to provide the requirements of the city of Benghazi, the second is the accusations directed at the local council of Benghazi as the Council of brothers and that the prime minister does not want to deal anything about persons belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Council includes more than 25 independent member.
It is noteworthy that the local council of Benghazi had issued a statement on the twelfth of the month in which the aspiration to better coordination in future visits.
Urgent :::::::::::::::::
Through one of communicative media colleagues:
Ansar Sharia spread far through the streets of the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Quoting eyewitnesses now shooting how very several areas in Benghazi.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Shooting on the SS in front of a Gaala hospital.

Quoting witnesses the attack on the commandos at the hospital Galaa by supporters of al-Ansar al-Sharia;
and the burning of three cars belonging to citizens ….
Hospital Galaa Benghazi shortly before:
Quoting commandos now what he Balrmih are unknown and we do not know whether they are supporters or not, and they beat us at the hospital evacuation and burning two cars of citizens and for the wounded, there are two cases of anonymous and wounded people from the SS …..
Dana fall on the headquarters of Benghazi operation room ………..
And quoting eyewitnesses at the gate of Ansar Sharia Rulrhh they shot 23.5 in the air and they blocked the road.
The security situation is now
Encircle the entire area to the top of his servants by special forces and other military units
. Complete shutdown of all roads leading to the hospital and the head of his servants Galaa
. Special forces reassured residents of Benghazi that the situation is under control and that they will not forsake Benghazi
. Youth Andalus Street leading to the hospital Galaa out to protect the neighborhood and burned cars in a hurry Main Street.
Intelligence Benghazi
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
First Brigade Infantry
Urgent Appeal target immobilization brigade in the first fork mail Quiche Pei an explosive device by the Ansar al-Sharia
and grab the intersection to all military patrols and stun orientation and support of sisters

Targeting a patrol of the First Brigade of the proximity of the pedestrian-mail

and the situation is still tense region b.

Initial reports about the fall of the number of dead in the ranks of 6 members of Ansar al-Sharia shortly before the attack against the camp lose its special forces “Thunderbolt” in the region of Benghazi Boatni.

There is no truth to the news circulating about the existence of the camp in front of A Fight
Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, between them and the Ansar al-Sharia

The members of the Thunderbolt lowered the banner of monotheism was found above the water tank next to the hospital Galaa.
Vt them young people from the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh milkfish and Chqu with them because they have not told them
very Tnzlo banner of monotheism and spoke clash and now Thunderbolt aimed Bermaah Random in the air.
We ask Allah safety for the youth of Benghazi !!
From Rulrhh
Special Forces patrols targeting “Thunderbolt”, stationed
Near Benghazi hospital Galaa b
Benghazi :::::::
Said the son of Colonel “Hamid Balkhair” B, there is no infected and do not
Mortality among employees of the First Infantry Brigade, did not arrive until
Now any infected or body for Msstvy 1200 b Benghazi
And landed a special forces, “Ahmed Persian”
Density of smoke from burned car in front of hospital
Galaa, and was to resuscitate him and his health condition is very good after laying
Him of oxygen.
In front of the hospital now Galaa
Galaa front of a hospital in Benghazi since few
Benghazi – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Libyan army forces Aalqd on 2 of those who have Balrmih the army in a hospital evacuation
and did not Ekshfo their identities were not Icolo Are they supporters or not, and are now living with.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
There were no wounded or dead bolt of the special forces arrived to the hospital.
Eyewitnesses said that the bolt of vehicle tracking for Ansar al-Sharia is opened fire on the front gate of the hospital and did not catch one.
Attempts to Provoke units of the Libyan army by gunmen
Affiliated with the rebels>
(Salem al-Obeidi)
The explosion of a car at the Directorate of Security in Benghazi
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The arrival of the citizen (Mari Alvesa) from the area have built to
the hospital after suffering a gunshot in the back sprayed, and currently existing operations room.

Citizen “Mari Alvesa” a built-in area residents
Now the operating room for surgery and subject, due to built a A Fight
Among the inhabitants of the region and they are unknown target center
Police, and the situation is very engorged to have built by a security source.
(Salem Obeidi)

News of the Directorate of us Mafish Hua and the room was just in touch with one Gadi
But certain arrest of Li 3 Ahjmo center Benina
And at least two of them to the hospital Chelnhm Ashan Amadroben
(Mutassim Faitouri)


Statement of the local council Sellouk — and civil disobedience



Information Office of the Chamber of joint security operations / Tobruk
Chamber of joint security operations / Tobruk
Arrived at the Medical Center of Tobruk, the body of one of the slain soldiers near the gate of the city of Derna they Bomsavr
Person of Tobruk named Khalid suite
The second Mohammed Ahmed Al Hamri of  CASABLANCA (White).
Checking and actors.
I am God and to Him we return.

Today Capra shops and markets and shows and all the shops were closed in solidarity tuber Meh people slain by fellow traders and military and civilian personnel who have been Ootaialhm in Derna, Libya in claim express them with security and safety, which hampered the progress of their lives and their work.(AD Media tuber)


See unmanned aircraft flying over the city of Derna at low altitude just before!!!

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:
A group calling itself the “nation of Islam” published a video clip showing Dr Iraqi kidnapped in the city of Derna, “Hameed Khalaf al-Saadi,” who was kidnapped two days ago in the city of Derna of a taxi while on his way to his office in University City, has appeared kidnapped in the section,

which appeals to government Iraq for the release of Libyan prisoners in Iraqi prisons on charges of terrorism against the release, has appeared in a section that parts apologize for publishing a masked person and is the last person executed as a likely masked by Dr. Hamid Khalaf, and this did not allow us to confirm the death scene in confirmed the authenticity of the identity of the person of Dr. Hamid, who appeared at the beginning of the section he speaks and appeals to the government of his country.

Zaidane confirms that the Brigades illegally executed “cabled”.

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” he called Iraqi Prime Minister “Nuri al-Maliki” and asked him to stop the implementation of the death sentence against the Libyan citizen jailed in Iraq “just cabled” has responded to it.
He added: “Zaidane” that the executions took place outside the will of the Iraqi state and by the Brigades illegal there.

The arrival of the body of Libyan citizen “just cabled” from Iraq after being on death row by the Iraqi government and his family received the body.

Elmarghani asked to release the citizen Aerafa
The Minister of Justice, “Salah Elmarghani” at a press conference now ask the kidnappers of the Iraqi citizen
released immediately and without delay this process a criminal terrorist.

District neighborhood on Butarh above Ashkarh,
Dr Elly kidnapped from the Iraqi tuber Azakm it cool.
And tells you Mafish Qaeda in the tuber.
It is clear that Libya began Bgot us wrong.
حي حى على بوطارة فوق اشكارة ,الدكتور العراقى اللى خطفوه من درنة عزاكم فيه بارد.ويقولك مفيش تنظيم قاعدة فى درنة .من الواضح انه ليبيا راحت منا بغوط الباطل .

The continuation of the flight of unidentified aircraft in the skies of the tuber to this time, with the increase in hearing the roar of their engines, while some said they flew at low altitudes this day.

Tuber these moments the sound of heavy shooting near the Corniche, specifically in front of the Philadelphia break and some people are prevented pedestrians across the road.
(AD Media tuber)
Gateway Port tuber been under fire since a few, and this is the second time that targeted a gate after it came yesterday to target the shell RPG.
Tuber …
Tuber – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Targeting the house of Abdul Permanent Silk One of the officers a municipal guard result in smashing windows of the house and no reports of damage to human.

Tuber :::::::::

Ethar / / exploded since few explosive device in the neighborhood bin Nasser eastern coast in the tuber, and targeted a car to a person named “Ali Boulihh”, stated that one of the workers in the camp of electronic support previously, and the explosion caused the destruction of the vehicle without causing any damage to mankind.
Urgent …
The car bombing in the Coast bin Nasser Derna little while ago, which led to the burning room in the house but was brought under control.
AD Media tuber Libya
Announces Martyrs Battalion Abu Salim _ Derna withdrawal from securing the university due to lack of commitment to the university administration to the conditions agreed upon with respect and appreciation for the management of the university.
M Alaaalami, tuber

The local council for the city of Derna and its suburbs ::::::
Announce the resignation of the head of the local council tuber
Declares Mr. Fathallah Ibrahim Awami head of the local council for the tuber to resign the day Monday, 11.25.2013 AD because of the security situation in the city of Derna and the Government did not respond to the demands of the city and its people …….
Fathallah Awami
Chairman of the local council tuber

Brought to the compound Hraish now the bodies of two people and a very dead shot in the head area Alstalat car
at the end of the east coast Bdrna neighborhood, were not disclosed to the identity of the dead now.
Altruism | A source from inside the compound Hraish that the two people who found their bodies earlier in the evening area Alstalat the East Coast they were from the city of Tobruk, according to paperwork that found them, and was discovered by cleaners because of the presence dump garbage in the area.
Derna. Middle bride

Urgent Derna

An unidentified armed group had captured Athin army Allibay on their way to Benghazi for the purpose of enrollment Balsaakh on the instructions issued to some of the soldiers need to join Benghazi and the group has cut Roshm and abuse their bodies with a note that they uniformed Allibay and someone from the origins Misurata named Khalid, one of the the population of the Middle Tobruk there seems to be Xi plotted in secret … the source of the area where spare warheads Hola innocent South Derna 35 kilometers note that they Kano on board a vehicle carrying Panel National Army

About / / Derna (Black Waterfall)

The killing of Khaled Mohammed suite slaughtered Mudbna of Tobruk by the Ansar al-Sharia city of Derna
while passing by, coming from Benghazi.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Information Office of the Chamber of joint security operations / TobrukAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl
Chamber of joint security operations / TobrukArrived at the Medical Center of Tobruk, the body of one of the slain soldiers near the gate of the city of Derna they BomsavrPerson of Tobruk named Khalid suite
The second Mohammed Ahmed Al Hamri of Casablanca (White).Checking and actors.
I am God and to Him we return.
URGENT: medical source from the center of Tobruk Medical confirms channel Libya international reception hospital morgue for two of the bodies of the soldiers of the Libyan army was found on their bodies after they were slaughtered with knives in the gate “Bomsavr” east of the tuber they recruiter “Khaled wing” of the city of Tobruk and recruiter “Mohammed Ahmed Hamri “of the city of Casablanca

Alassema TV channel capital
Women tuber demanding activate the army and the police and the detection of the perpetrators of crimes and assassinations in the city.




Alqtron | |

There is no truth to a report Libya national channel for delivering government sites, especially in the Murzuq Alqtron and is still occupied by the headquarters of the civil defense battalions one is still the headquarters of the internal security formerly occupied by the security committee.

“The Redco” delivers its headquarters to the national army
The commander of the (rebels) Tabu “mage and Redco” for his extradition military sites controlled by the South to the national army.
The problem of the circular District Abdul Kafi between Almgarhh and Tabu and news in the injury of 5 Tabu, and one of Megrahi, and the wounding of a person and his son were Maassa Marine accident near the scene of the clash.
Free special newspaper Sabha
Tabu Libya
Sitters area bed population of Kufra and Rbeana Aocdonn on the continuation of the work station bed gas, which is just about where the sit-in at about a distance of 1 km and the station that feeds most areas of Libya electric power and Aocdonn to the government and Congress on the peaceful sit-in and they’re on their reign deadline that they set yesterday, 48 hours, which will end tomorrow Tuesday before the escalation of the situation ..
God bless and guide to the way.


Local Sabha devises a plan to adjust the selling prices of fuel and gas

“Atmosphere of the country” – Abdulaziz junctional
The head of Local Sabha Ayoub injectables that the Council develop a plan for the distribution of fuel
and gas in the city in cooperation with local officials in the city.
Met yesterday to develop.
Said injectables to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday that the meeting included assistant military governor in the south and the director of security and management of the municipal guard and official fuel depot and gas, and came as a result of witnessing Sabha from lack of fuel, gas and a rise in prices, as the price of filling a gas cylinder homes to 40 dinars, according to Zarouk .
He added that the conferees injectables out an action plan to secure these goods to the citizen where he agreed on a mechanism for distribution under the supervision of a municipal guard and provide the necessary support to members of the device.
The injectables that there are hidden hands controlling the prices of fuel and gas in the region, especially after supply disruptions from refinery corner and confined to the city of Misrata, where decreased abundances of the city, according to injectables.
They decided to hold their second meeting on Wednesday after a request from a local authorized distributors Sabha by the Ministry of Economy in the city to provide licenses for the purpose of limiting the work of distributors within the city and organization, according to injectables.
Sabha and the fact that a convoy of Misrata …
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl:Through contact newspaper Sabha Free,  Misrata military council not to make sure our
health news circulating about the movement of units follow the Southern Misrata
The officials assured us that the units Misrata ready and ready to secure any areas in the
south in the Libyan case issued a mandate from the Joint Chiefs of Staff so.
Free newspaper Sabha
Special forces
Kafi clashes in the neighborhood in the city of Sabha militias Sea between religion and tribe Almgarhh.
Oil Corporation: warehouse Sabha oil works naturally
“Atmosphere of the country”Fouad Diab
Denied, spokesman for the National Oil Corporation Mohammed warming and there is no sit-ins Sabha oil depot.
The warming told the “atmosphere of the country” yesterday evening that the work depot Sabha walking naturally good.
And between the rate of production of crude oil until the day of the twenty-fourth of the month exceeded 250 thousand barrels per day, noting that the field of elephant’s Mellitah the Petroleum and Gas returned to work well.
He added that the rate of warming gas production exceeded 1700 million cubic feet per day.
The social networking sites deliberated news yesterday about the presence of picket oil depot Sabha.
Fire read by explosions this morning Sabha
I wake up the people and the population of the city of Sabha morning Mdaurien the explosions issued from the northern neighborhoods of the condominium’s Fatih district, near Mount bin Arif,
The fire erupted in the “garage” for large trucks that carry large tanks used by some people to smuggle goods out of Libya.


Libyan affairs in the international press

Supporters of al -ANSAR al-SHARIA steal ammunition stores Airport base Barak

Libya’s future – Witnesses: Supporters of al -ANSAR al-SHARIA
Who’s castle area Alglanah seawall steal ammunition stores Airport Air Base Barak has tried
to population and prevent the faction guard several times to no avail due to the intensity of the fire and preparing gear they own.
Free newspaper Sabha
And our response now:
TIFF tonight on circular District Abdul Kafi was between Almgarhh and Almpaysh cause of the problem and a crash develops into a brawl in which weapons were used and resulted in the injury of 4 Almpaysh wounded wounding one of them directly in the eye, and one wounded Megrahi transfer to hospital Barak.
We apologize for the name Zjna Tabu in a brawl were not in fact a party.
Quarrel turned into clashes, started a brawl between members of the tribe Almgarhh and Tabu district Kafi, which is a major groupings tribe Almgarhh .
The problem ended after the intervention of the wise from passers-by, and then return a set Ttantma for TPU car armed heavily armed and began Balrmih Ali district Kafi reported gunmen Almgarhh Vhadddt injuries between the parties and five of Tabu Megrahi person and wounded people from the tribe and his son were Almpaysh Marine accident near the scene of the clash.
South of the Libyan News
Oh God, inject the blood of Muslims


Closing through the field torch route, which connects the city of Kufra and Tazerbo the north, which is 400 kilometers from the city of Kufra by demonstrators from Tabu who dwell in the area Rbeana where lose this morning b Aagaf and prevent the passage of some cars and trucks loaded with fuel and gas, which provide the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo ..! !


Libyan Foreign Minister:
What happened in Egypt is not a coup but a revolution against the Brotherhood.  (VERY TRUE & GOOD!)


Angolan government embarked on the demolition of mosques and trying to pass a law
prohibiting the state of Islam in Angola mainly Christian.


Russia rejects using humanitarian issues as a pretext for foreign intervention

وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف
25 NOV. 2013  EPA  PHOTO:
He said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday November 25 that Russia considers the use of humanitarian issues as a pretext for foreign intervention in Syria is unacceptable.According to his words, the similar attempts took place in the issue of the use of chemical weapons when opponents resorted to fraud or the facts to create a pretext for foreign intervention in the country.Lavrov also noted another case when similar reports surfaced two weeks ago, according to the spread of polio in Syria and the need to introduce the necessary bodies to the country. When I checked the data in Russia, the World Health Organization show that there are only 10 cases, however, Russia sent the vaccine to vaccinate the children of Syria.Lavrov pointed to Russia’s interest in this subject and aware of the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The minister called on the representatives of the Syrian various humanitarian organizations to discuss the situation in the country. According to his words refugees began to return to liberated areas from the insurgents.

11/26/2013, 12:03
Voice of Russia

President Vladimir Putin that Russia will inevitably aid programs in Africa and the president expressed concern about the situation in the African continent, especially in Libya.

Putin was met on Monday November 25 with former Italian Prime Minister and current special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the Sahel, Romano Prodi. Prodi said: “I prepare a special report to the UN Security Council meeting to be held on 12 December / December about the issues that I’m working on.” According to him, a special program has been prepared to help Africa will be made available to countries through which donors could choose to either donate money or development and implementation of its own. Brody is counting on Russia to participate effectively in the program and you can make significant contributions in public affairs. Putin has promised, saying: “Now I can not speak in any way, but we certainly will participate in the program.”

It is believed the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations that the international community’s attention has shifted to other international problems and people have forgotten the existence of Africa Bmchkladtha which is no less important.

Prodi said steps to resolve the situation in Libya must be taken quickly. Putin replied: “I agree with you completely.”



Malta suffered treat the wounded and Local Benghazi rejects

According to preliminary information that Malta’s ambassador to Libya presented to the local council for the city of Benghazi wounded in clashes transfer to Malta on Monday and their treatment at the expense of the Maltese government, but a local Maltese Benghazi rejected the offer.




URGENT: Haitham Tagouris .. Behind the assassination of Shokri Belaid?

“Haitham Tagouris” behind the assassination of opposition Tunisian “Shokri Belaid” last February
Detection journalism professor and journalist and specialist in the affairs of the Maghreb and the Islamic movements, “Basil interpreter” on Tuesday at Radio Sun FM for the latest developments and information about the assassination of the deceased Shukri Belaid and revealed the name of the person responsible for the assassination represented in the person of the Tunisian “Haitham Tagouris” Field Commander groups Al-Qaeda.
The spokesman said that the information received it through leaks Altqahiqat with “Abu Anas Libyan” assigned by “Ayman al-Zawahiri,” to unite the Islamic groups in the Islamic Maghreb in order to be placed under the control and supervision, “Abdel Hakim Belhadj.”
He added: “Basil interpreter” that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj” of cost “Haitham Tagouris” the assassination “Belaid,” and that the latter is primarily responsible for the assassination of to Z., pointing out that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj,” the commander of al-Qaeda and the supervisor are directly on all terrorist operations carried out by al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.
Urgent Libya
Agency urgently Libya / “Haitham Tagouris” behind the assassination of Tunisian opposition
Since 35 minutes ..
“Shokri Belaid” last February
Detection journalism professor and journalist and specialist in the affairs of the Maghreb and the Islamic movements, “Basil interpreter” on Tuesday at Radio Sun FM for the latest developments and information about the assassination of the deceased Shukri Belaid and revealed the name of the person responsible for the assassination represented in the person of the Tunisian “Haitham Tagouris” Field Commander groups Al-Qaeda.
The spokesman said that the information received it through leaks Altqahiqat with “Abu Anas Libyan” assigned by “Ayman al-Zawahiri,” to unite the Islamic groups in the Islamic Maghreb in order to be placed under the control and supervision, “Abdel Hakim Belhadj.”
He added: “Basil interpreter” that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj” of cost “Haitham Tagouris” the assassination “Belaid,” and that the latter is primarily responsible for the assassination of to Z., pointing out that “Abdul Hakim Belhadj,” the commander of al-Qaeda and the supervisor are directly on all terrorist operations carried out by al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.


Image at Houari Boumediene airport in Algiers, and it was said that Algerian children threw flowers on the ground when it is «Erdogan» at the airport and told him,
“Go Yakatel.”


Mu a wonder

GREAT SON writes:
This soil and the pride and the country .. I won your glory Libya Muammar
Arabs subjugated Bfltna flies …. Nectar of victory in us Zadeh Shahad
Dkkna lead death in the heart … Reid became the heart and live Blazing
We set up for months in light Mdafna …. Horizon victory while third parties may have fallen asleep
Sllna swords of the right to ask … Swords and West humiliation may Ghamdoa
We went back to the war and do not ask Moadjaha ….. and how does our leader Muammar is
Steadfast … Firm … With God’s help victors.
هذا التراب وهذا الفخر والبلدُ .. إني انتصرت بمجدك ليبيا معمرُ
ذباب العُربِ مقهور بفعلتنا …. رحيق النصر فينا زاده الشهدُ
دككنا رصاص الموت في القلب … فصار وريد القلب بالعيش يتقدُ
نصبنا للفاتح سهرا في مدافعنا …. أفقنا بنصر حين الغير قد رقدوا
سللنا سيوفنا للحق نطلبه … وسيوف الغُرب بالذل قد غُمدوا
و عُدنا للحرب لا نسأل مواجعها …..وكيف لا وقائدنا هو معمرُصامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون

Mu a burgundy portrait


Voice Burka:
Unconfirmed reports of a decision of the General Staff and the Ministry of Justice to open prisons, which contain al-Qathafi soldiers, officers and non-commissioned officers and former battalions numbering approximately 20 000 prisoners for reasons probably related to events Benghazi !!


Proud Green Army



Mu saddened but moves forward

… In the West, some have Called me “mad”, “crazy”, but they know the truth yet continue to lie, they know that our land is independent and free, not in the colonial grip, that my vision, my path, is, and has been clear and for my That people and I Will Fight to my Last Breath to Keep us Free, May Allah Almighty help us to REMAIN Faithful and Free.

(Col. Muammar al-Qathafi, The Leader of the Revolution)

For inherited from the perspective of the Libyan People
The people are not only consistent with the arts and heritage.




Kerry Whig express their willingness to help the two countries to restore stability in Libya

Washington and London Tarban readiness to “help” Libya restore “stability”…

London – Life – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

AFP Kerry & Whig express their willingness to “help” the two countries to restore stability in Libya

He and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his British counterpart William Hague far their meeting with Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane in London

Sunday, November 24 / November 2013
the willingness to help restore stability in Libya.

Kerry said: “We talked with the head of the government in the things that we can do together, Britain and the United States and other friends, to help Libya return to stability.” He added that Libya has seen serious disturbances in the past few weeks and confronted the “economic and security challenges.”
For his part, Haig on “Britain’s commitment is very strong with the help of the Government of Libya and its people.”
Zaidane and offers thanks to Kerry and Haig on “their commitment and their continued support for the Libyan people,” a reminder that the Libyans “have done a lot to finally get rid of the militias.”

He and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his British counterpart William Hague Sunday remote meeting (RAT) Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane their willingness to help the country restore stability following the unrest witnessed by the ongoing security.

Kerry said, standing alongside Haig and Zaidane trace their meeting at the home of the U.S. ambassador in London, “We talked with the head of the government in the things that we can do together, Britain and the United States and other friends, to help Libya return to stability that you need.” Kerry said that Libya has seen “serious disturbances in the past few weeks” and confronted the “economic and security challenges.” Libya is experiencing a worsening security disturbances, especially in the east of the country.

For his part, Haig “Britain’s commitment is very strong with the help of the Government of Libya and its people,” without giving details about such assistance. He thanked the president of the Libyan government and high on Kerry “and their commitment to their continued support for the Libyan people,” recalling that the Libyans “have done a lot to finally get rid of the militias”.


Agency urgently Libya / National Congress held an emergency meeting on Benghazi.

A member of the National Congress for Benghazi Dr. “Muhammad Ghemari that the conference will be held an emergency meeting about Benghazi to discuss the security situation in the city.
He did not say, “Ammari” Expected to hold emergency meeting and

We are afraid that this is conditional on the end of lawlessness and security in Benghazi.

The whereabouts of Ansar al-Sharia in Libya
1 – Benghazi
2 – tuber / DERNA
3 – Ajdabiya
4 – Sabratha
5 – Sirte
6 – Clog
7 – Misurata

Al-Qaeda in the Levant at the expense of Twitter:

(Wait and follow the news of the Mujahideen in Libya aphid not Thrmona of anthropologist unless we insist slaves Mujahideen everywhere)

(Valley girl)


Mahmoud Shammam barrel diameter ..
Party platters filled justification for deadly minds:
Deputy Mufti designated by the conflicting parties. Zubi and Solomon is talking about a third party, and Sheikh Salaabi talking about the work of intelligence to distort the Ansar al-Sharia, and three demanding Brass government.
Zubi said Ali Suleiman Al-Arabiya ~
“Cause of the problem is that ‘the commandos provoked’ young supporters of ANSAR al-Sharia !!!!”

Hafeez Gogha now on channel Libya Liberal says: –
For any parties you are talking? And any commissions of inquiry are talking
Far from standing on the sidelines is not a traitor Libby.
And a member of Congress says will be a commission of inquiry into
Attorney General, O, O fiddling Faleh for any attorney general tells Mesh murder
became a war in Benghazi any investigation Tgo it.
Fjro Agtalu courts and army officers and the judiciary Agtalu
From any restraint and calm Tgo they declared to the people
Golo terrorist groups that kill in Benghazi.
Hey Hey Conference cowards O semiconductor men, people in Benghazi
Mato of oppression and Tcolo set of people, that it Cololna
Libby, a certain faction controls the country and lipo Ikthelo
The army and the police, the judiciary, the people of
Benghazi present and will eat any convoy coming to her.

Mohammed Baao, describes the commandos they are taking a total of rogue grain and says that

the rebels should not be extradited to Aslaanhm rut State !!

 Ali hardness (BELHADJ) shortly before the Liberal channel:
“All the blame on the government, and I had previously interacted with Zaidane and I have it set up a committee headed by a dialogue with these Abdulwahab Kayed and Sami al-Saadi!!”


State of Libya .. Is this state?!

State civil building institutional political administrative sober, did not live up peoples in the management and administration him wildly, but it requires access to historical experiences and expertise and extensive reliance on highly qualified professionals to accommodate the theories of construction and the ability to make applications?.

Nor correct construction Democrat any country without the manifestation of the spirit of citizenship in the relations of each individual state institutions, which is a primary goal of existence is to serve the citizens and provide what they need in their individual and collective security and tranquility and stability, and to ensure the organization of public affairs from their choices, and in return associated citizens allegiance full (homeland), which does not mean just into geographic, and flag flying over official buildings, and we commend sing in official ceremonies and national events, but includes in his concept of the broad range of values, principles and issues that reflect the general will of the citizens.

In the world and throughout history highlights two types of the state, the first state model (a constitutional state based on law and institutions) and the second mode ghost state (state chaotic …. careerists and corrupt state based on oppression and injustice).

In the Libyan case the current objective questions need to be answered objectively, what about the current state that emerged from the post-sedition February 17, 2011?

Are you able to build the symbols of the political and administrative structure under Alziosalibih countries’ experiences that helped to destroy the institutions of the State of the former Libyan regime?

Is it governs Libya today is governed by the mentality of the state, or the mentality Mavaawih?

Will the army, the police and security, is a professional devices, or is an armed militia belonging to the regions and influential parties that govern the country?!

To answer questions like these prey, they must put the citizen in the image, the image he sees is not we alone, all that is happening on the ground, indicates quite clearly unequivocally, that the armed militias and those who stand behind them in the National Transitional Council, formerly the National Congress

currently The devices successive governments, is his decision in force in power, has said many officials that armed militias are have the upper hand in the report of the fate of the country, and multiply the examples which too many in this direction, National Council Transitional forced to the issuance of Law No. 37 of 2012 and Law No. 38 of 2012, despite contrary Vhawwahma of the content of the Constitutional Declaration issued by the Council itself!
And Tardahma with the rules of the international covenants on human rights, and later forced the National Congress on the issuance of Resolution No. 7 of 2012, which set a precedent in the history of Libya, as for the first time take legislative authority executive decision legitimizes the use of armed force against the Libyan city its inhabitants are an integral part of the Libyan people, where licenses militias tribe Misurata and followers armed attack on the area of ​​Bani Walid (a stronghold of the tribe and Rafla)
and let bombed neighborhoods residential missiles the Grad and pounded by tanks and heavy guns loaded Baldkhaúr internationally banned throughout the month of October 2012, which resulted in killing and wounding hundreds of civilians, including children, women and elders not to mention the arrest of hundreds of young people, the elderly and the liquidation of dozens of them under torture in prisons in Misrata militias and Friday market and Tajura,
as well as the burning and looting of homes and shops of thousands of citizens and public institutions, banks, hospitals, factories and other. What happened in the city of Bani Walid falls short of including the Aida doubt as to the level of crimes against humanity,
and demonstrates clearly the weakness suffered by the institutions official authority because of the predominance of militias cities armed self-proclaimed guardian of the Libyan people and giving itself the right to dispose of at will and impose its authority on the from want, and Akhreddlaúl manifested in the dark threat of the militias, especially the Misurata militia and Friday market and Tajura and the angle of the Matmalotunai year and force him at gunpoint to pass a law on political and administrative segregation in May 2013.

In short, there are armed militias is above the law known to the government, and operates wide influence in Doaúralsulth ruling, and exercise killings and arrests, kidnappings, rape and robbery and theft of private and public property Jalili state banks and arrived together extremism reduce the bombing and burning of police stations and the headquarters of the courts and the headquarters of the government interests and lock Ministries, airports, ports and oil fields Mstkhzma
Car organs of government and their weapons and their influence and uniform, and the Libyans have become increasingly at the mercy of militias that operate outside the authority of the law, being a response to the popular protests against the militia opened fire on them, in what was known as the Day Black Saturday approved June 9, 2013, shot and killed 43 protesters and wounded dozens of them while they were demonstrating outside the barracks Mlisheh Masrati Wissem-Ben Hamida called “shield Libya No. 1” in the area Alkwyfah Benghazi, in what was known as the Day Bloody Friday in Tripoli, 15 th November, killing 48 protesters and wounding hundreds of them by a fire on peaceful protesters Gharghour residential neighborhood of Tripoli by Mlisheh Masrati Agha Tahir Pasha.

What is happening in Libya today among politicians, reflecting a significant deterioration in the maturation of the political mind, or is it betrays Tills violent among a group of parties has reached to the extent of kidnapping the Prime Minister on October 10, 2013 by one of the armed militias loyal to a bunch of Islamist extremists called “the fulfillment of of the martyrs, “the National Conference year in an attempt to force him to submit his resignation after failing to assemble the votes needed to achieve a quorum for the vote of no confidence for his government!. Finally hijacking of deputy intelligence chief, on 16 November, and the cord on the jars as they say!.

Where is the state of all of this, is this (state)?. Pressing question, presents itself strongly now!, If the state it (Prevention) and the Accounting and fight all this flagrant violation of state action, killed outside the law, assassination, kidnapping and detention of innocent people, torture and rape of prisoners, assault on privacy and the displacement of the vulnerable, and the corruption of government financial and administrative,
and if The (government) is a term more accurate to her, the future of Libya will remain unknown, and threatens to ruin more imminent collapse, and what is happening now in the political process of the struggle for power and positions, and corruption terrible in all the joints of the circles of power of the ruling, is evidence that the absence of the state, law and justice is the dominant perspective, and that all what he says the National Congress, and authorized by the government and its crew and influential parties, is anesthetized for the people and laughed at the chins, because the truth is just that, one who wants to build a state he has to govern the mentality of the state and the citizen, not the mentality of political parties and militias .
The feuds and revenge and moot court unfair, Valhakd not build a state, and injustice is not hosted, because the state does not build, but on the basis of justice, and not to the marginalization and exclusion of others, because everyone partners in the nation and citizenship.

Although Libya replete with experts, politicians wise men, but today no effect, there are there are political factors narrow partisan lobbyist does not allow them to participate in the rebuilding of the country and the leadership reins of affairs, there are outsiders lack the experience and political experience, holed up with a weapon militias and playing with the fate of the country and the people.
The control of these destiny of the political reality in Libya today a serious indicator refers to the impossibility of a civil state, free democracy that aspires every citizen to doing, wisdom says (loss thing to Aaattiyh), and the solution lies in the departure of all intruders from the field of governance and politics, especially in this transitional phase which require re-building of a new state and to allow those who have the ability to lead the community, build and manage the affairs of state, but the survival of the case as it is, means that the project of the State Civil liberal democracy in the new Libya will remain a distant dream.

By researcher Libyan political and economic / Alstaoa key Capricorn



Abu Salim ::: 

Hear the sound of two explosions … be possible voice thrower RBG.
Abu Salim media channel:
Random shooting in Abu Salim after the beam Omdurman and injuries,
youth center and Salim united there is nothing wrong,,,
Hedda curbs after Morocco and Gary know the story …

Gneoh militias began to spread chaos and destabilize the region.

A telephone call to follow Gneoh they beat 2 Qguadf over housing neighborhood cottages nor de Blafrar
Ali al-Rawi custody

(Saraya gathered Zintan)

Gneoh him that he is the source of the collection of videos and pictures of the demonstration that stormed his headquarters in a meeting of the Gneoh with humans and cart and Tagouris to start the raid and the arrest of participants in the storming of its headquarters.
2 killed number of the security committee in the area of ​​Tajourah and murder was a way of slaughter “, referring to the base” and alert the members of the committee.
The source of circulating inside …
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya
Student unions at the University of Tripoli, calling for demonstrations in solidarity with the events of Benghazi
Invited all student unions at the University of Tripoli, on Monday, especially university students and
residents of the capital to protest General Algeria Square in Tripoli in solidarity with the events of Benghazi.
Some Almtazahrien went to Algeria Square in Tripoli and the city of Benghazi with Tzamana facing terrorism at
To the field of Algeria.
Two ambulances out of the airport in Tripoli since the few to the city of Benghazi to transfer some of the wounded and assist in first aid and taken to Tripoli, and the declaration of emergency preparedness in a Tripoli hospital and taken it all the preparations to receive the injured.
Stand in solidarity with the people of Benghazi in the field of Algeria Tripoli

Hundreds come out in the city of Tripoli, condemning what happened in the b
The city of Benghazi, and calling for the government to implement Resolution 27, which
Serving as the evacuation of the city of arms.
# Urgent .. Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tripoli local / Sadat Badri
Summary | says: I am sorry for what happened today in Benghazi and Atrahm on the martyrs and we will not allow a drop of blood fall of Libyan other because we had reached the critical point and are evacuating all military formations from Libya.
He also says: Personally, I announced to me and the members of the Council of Tripoli does not belong to any political movement in Libya and we are working from scruples national .. And announced that I personally support the Council elections Tripoli and also announce to you that I will not transpire myself for election to the Tripoli.
(The news agency Libya)

(Statement of the General Union of Workers oil and gas sector)

The employees of the subsidiaries of the oil and gas sector and is located within the city of Tripoli, the major stress their support for the people of the city of Tripoli in mobility for the city free from all military formations and their attachment to activate the police and the army to protect and secure their city.
With reference to the meeting held Tripoli Local Council, with civil society organizations Tripoli on continuing civil disobedience in all public and private entities and businesses located within the city.
And to the bloody events which claimed the lives of a group of Libyan youth that took place today Monday 11/25/2013 AD in Benghazi.
We “as a union in workers’ oil and gas sector” support and support all legitimate rights of Libyan citizens which would maintain the security of the homeland and the injection of the blood of the Libyans, and ensure a decent living for them in their home stable security, and building a civil state free of armed manifestations except the army and police.
We also ask all employees of the oil companies located within the city of Tripoli major solidarity with residents in the continuing civil disobedience except for jobs that require their presence for the continuation of the work sites, while the desert to the city free of all unwanted formations in their presence.
God is greater, and lived for a free Libya
General Union of Workers oil and gas sector
Issued on the day Monday, 25 NOV.2013 AD




Video shows the celestial militia of the Misrati attacking the Tawergha.

Video shows the celestial militia of the Misrati attacking the Tawergha.

THE MISRATA RATS ARE NOW USING THE CITY OF THORAGHE AS A MILITARY MANEOUVER TRAINING CAMP!..and they will not permit the Tawergha people to return to their once beautiful and modern home city which was given to them by Muammar al-Qathafi (early in the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA):

فيديو يوضح أجرام مليشيات مزراطة ف تاورغاء.



Operations room brown. Libya Al Asmar operations room.Libya
Call Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and alert
All City Youth Zliten honorable alert and prepare for a peaceful movement that

will be launched in the coming days for the Liberation of Zliten

Of militias and armed formations parked on the heart of the city,

Whether belonging to the extremists or other tribal formations that hinder the formation of the state and build the army and police and judicial institutions.

Which is involved in the violations against human rights within the city and accountable for its crimes and the former brought to justice.

And we will peacefully suit to drop the local council and the military Zliten
Who is giving legitimacy to these militias and to cover up their crimes and who was elected in a fraud-winning

and congestion in the city by them.

Not be able to challenge the results because of the events of Nakba August 23, 2012 and the consequent.




Tripoli ….
It is actually their mouths.
The presence of some armed formations from Misrata to Tripoli now. Under other names.
Broadcast and destabilize security in Tripoli until the grand return of militias to maintain security.

MISURATA makes ready to help their al ANSAR AL-SHARIA BROTHERS IN BENGHAZI both with MILITARY FORCES, arms and Medical assistance*****:

Josberides rebel “
Misrata Military area .. Confirms its readiness to assist Benghazi

Shortly after the statement will be issued for the region Misrata military about the events taking place in the city of Benghazi, the capital of revolution, condemning “the infringement commandos formally charged with the protection of Benghazi and offers condolences to the families of the victims.” !!!!

And underway-sufficient contacts between military leaders in the city of Misrata and Benghazi to coordinate and follow up the latest developments in the region has been notified Misrata military authorities continued with her chief of staff follow it and wait for the military orders.

As preparations are underway for the transfer of the medical needs of the city of Misrata to Benghazi.

(God save Libya !)

Misrata – Libya
Omar Alqoira



After the closure lasted for nearly a week, under the pretext of lack of liquidity,

the Bank of the Republic of Bani Walid today opens its doors to citizens:




A fraction of the Gateway Men’s precise defense force tenderly on high alert in anticipation of any supplies or any other force comes in support of terrorists in Benghazi by the Middle.


CASABLANCA  (WHITE) / PRAIRIE CITY / the “turf” / Rouge (RED) Valley/ RAS LANAUF:


Maqrif Ajdabiya Hospital received two wounded employees of the
Ansar al-Sharia, injured as a result of engagement in the morning
The city of Benghazi with the Libyan army units.
Salem al-Obeidi
Delivered to the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia city Ajdabiya, after negotiation
B languishing with headquarters, and manifestations denouncing the events in Benghazi
The city of Ajdabiya, and shooting and confronted the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia by gunshot
Bikes and get them out of office.
# Ajdabiya
Infantry Battalion 149 is converted to Islam from the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia
Ajdabiya, and a wide spread and large units of the Libyan army.
In the city
Military alert in the Red Valley area east of Ras Lanuf and the closure of all roads and road corridors.
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya
Moves to Ansar al-Sharia between Ajdabiya and Sirte Ajdabiya
Security alert dense cities of Cyrene and white and some green mountain regions, and a military officer said that the security alert comes against the backdrop of the unfortunate events in Benghazi and said that the Libyan army is ready to face any danger that might have exposed the region.
Preliminary information reported suspicious movements of troops belonging to the group “Ansar al-Sharia” in the area between the towns of Ajdabiya and Sirte.
According to some information that the strength of “defense Burka” prevented a convoy coming from the city of Sirte, said he went to the group “Ansar al-Sharia,” and that the situation engorged Red Valley area.
Ali Asbali
Alert at the gates of turf against the backdrop of recent events in Benghazi.

Ali Asbali
Alert at the entrances of turf against the backdrop of recent events in Benghazi,

Reuters News Libya Reuters:
Was arrested on three Balzkhir car loaded with gear from the central city of Derna was controlled by the police forces
and support in Prairie City Road Biar.
But the news from a source inside the military security Madrih Prairie

Arrested three supporters of the law are coming from the tuber in possession of weapons and explosives at the gate of East Meadow.

Security alert for large units of the national army to turf
And surround the area with full anticipation of any military action
From the east of the country, and is also experiencing the dome and white and Shahat.


Sousse security alert and a very large
Green Mountain

Large security alert in the city of Prairie Meadow

Agency urgently Libya / security alert in the large city of Prairie Meadow:

Lock Prairie road for the passage of any armed convoys to Benghazi to support al-Qaeda:

(Agency urgently Libya) Private
The city of Prairie widespread and large-scale national armed forces, especially at the gates of Western, Eastern and South of the city in case of any emergency.
A military source said that they are in the city on alert “to cut the road” in front of any armed forces is likely to take one of the city’s roads for the passage to the direction of Benghazi.
The source added that the military force of 3,000 military personnel from the national army in the city of Prairie are on alert for any emergency.

(Blagraa) white: [[declaration of a state of emergency in white by the Libyan army]]

The spread of a senior military battalion Hussein Jawafa Bawhita and all regions of the Green Mountain and the southern route “through 200” and the coast of Green Mountain, on the background of the events of the city of Benghazi yesterday.
Channel _ Libya _ Liberals:
site purported to BROTHERHOOD base in the Levant announce his support as he said to the brothers the Mujahideen in Benghazi.


International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Ansar al-Sharia in Ajdabiya out of their headquarters
and deliver him to the people after a demonstration demanding exit out of the city.


RAT Prime Minister “Ali Zaidane” up Benghazi from London:

Prime Minister Ali Zaidane up Benghazi Tbaan with security officials about hyper taking place in the city.

Benghazi before frying:


Moment a sniper soldiers stun regulation excommunicating Benghazi
Video shows the moment one of the soldiers sniper bolt by the radical Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi ~
فيديو يوضح لحظة قنص أحدى جنود الصاعقة من قبل تنظيم انصار الشريعة المتطرف ببنغازي~

Chamber of joint security operations Benghazi:
Warning: any convoy moves from inside or outside the

city of Benghazi is the army and the police will be bombed aviation.

A failed attempt to assassinate the air defense officer Benghazi:
Exposure just before now a colonel in Benghazi honest air defense, “Abdel-Salam Emhemed behind God Faitouri”
improvised explosive device in his car Fbtert leg immediately and is now in intensive care in critical condition.
URGENT: source port of Benghazi confirmed that the sea shell hit one of the foreign ships in the harbor, and the rest of the ships out of the port of Benghazi to the sea. # Libya

عاجل: مصدر بميناء بنغازي البحري أكد أن قذيفة اصابت إحدي البواخر الاجنبية في الميناء، وخروج باقي البواخر من ميناء بنغازي إلى عرض البحر. #ليبيا–
Street gardens Benghazi:
“Atmosphere of the country”:
Said the commander of the gate precise Faraj Al Abdali: “the gate closed to vehicle access, whether civilian or non-civilian.”
Abdali explained in a statement to the “atmosphere of the country”  to lock the gate,
which is the eastern port city of Benghazi, came after the news about the movement
of a convoy heading to the city from the city of Derna.
Said the spokesman of the security room shared Benghazi Ibrahim al-Shara to
the “atmosphere of the country” that all the ports and locked the city under the control units of the room.

Overflights vertical in the sky Benghazi

We built air base – Media Department
Pnina involving air base under the banner of the Libyan army and regular contact with the security room and identify commands and Come with the people and will not allow terrorizing citizens
Oh, we will not Nkzlk Libya.


Colonel Abdullah Saaiti demanding Benghazi residents to stay in their homes and not to open the doors and windows of houses and not to go out of their Vttzahm the streets of Benghazi and the disruption of traffic Fterkp soldiers Thunderbolt and the Libyan army.

God save Benghazi and keeping people honest.
Abdullah Saaiti / Military Region command Benghazi

(THE GOOD GUYS) Special Forces (Thunderbolt) officially announced the declaration of a “state general alarm” in Benghazi:

Hyundai Santa Fe launch the treachery lead to stun the men Vtsab one of the soldiers and is now the Chamber of intensive care.

(Valley girl)

Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya:
A government statement confirms that the Thunderbolt is a red line Tripoli-
Issued a statement on the interim government clashes in the city of Benghazi at dawn and morning,
stressing that the National Army units are doing their job and that the legal and special forces Thunderbolt “red line”.
Ministry of Health declares emergency in Benghazi – Tripoli.
18 dead from Ansar al-Sharia in clashes today,
 According to preliminary information from inside the field hospital for a special group “Ansar al-Sharia”
Eighteen people between Besvovhm, were taken outside the city of Benghazi.
Citing Nasser al-Hawari

News channel:

a statement for prospective institutions City # Benghazi asked to drop the local council and call a general strike.

Benghazi – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

News has not been confirmed yet benefit Ptzkhir Yankee warplanes have built a base in preparation

for the bombing of targets for armed groups outside the framework of the state in Benghazi.

Urgent Appeal hope Publishing and Circular:
Men Special Forces “Thunderbolt” demanding citizens
To stay away from places of engagement, and to all parents
The dimensions of their children from windows and doors and not out of

Salem al-Obeidi, quoting:

Kidnapping has been a correspondent channel capital, “Mohammed” by employees of the Ansar al-Sharia. (SINCE EARLY LAST NIGHT,before the armed clashes began).

FLASH very ::::::::a large force of heavily stun the various types of weapons, leaving the camp in Benghazi shortly before.

Voices of archery weapons 23 and 14/5 with some intermittent explosions shout spotty in Benghazi may indicate the annexes to certain groups with hearing Andhirat police cars.

Newsflash been targeting a patrol of the supporters of the al-ANSAR al-SHARIA group at the holy island and now they surrounded the perpetrators within the walls of the museum note that the target Astkhaddmo inguinal Ji and now forces the bolt is going for the place ..

 Ashahen Libya commandos Taatdh of the place means against unknown.
 forces stun advocates against the forces of the al-ANSAR al-SHARIA group.
Here’s what happened to detail and the full story, exclusively :::::::::::::
Explosion rocks Benghazi at al-Mukhtar tomb:
Cause of the problem between Ansar Sharia and stun ::::
Out team channel capital they 3 people: Mohammed bin Barta and Ali al-Darraji and the driver
to cover the bombing, which occurred at the tomb of Omar al-Mukhtar
and upon completion photographed went on a tour of the Thotik with commandos
and while wandering and they passed the island of the pond or Quiche ((Island Battalion))
stopped by supporters of the law, and they have left the team Balrmih random channel capital of their car
and went on the run from the law’s supporters stood Lead Bokhadd camera and equipment
and arms inside the car at the time and an event of clashes between troops and supporters of Sharia stun …
Ali and I asked my contact with them through Darraji I told him you said to me there are injuries,
I think that there are injuries from supporters of the law, but were denied their ministry to
Ospat General Hospital, but they have their own …….
This quoting the Darraji personally telephoned me now ……….
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
A summary of what happened in Benghazi shortly before an urgent and exclusive.

Immobilization for Battalion Ansar al-Sharia, the b Shooting on a car
Subsidiary of Benghazi Security Directorate “Police,” and at the same moment
The same Alastaagaf to take personal weapon of a youth
The pool area Jaleel C Street and specifically told them that b
Of the region and arms for the purpose of protection, having been expelled
Immobilization by Ansar al-Sharia, a citizen brought the sons of b
The area and was on a Hot Tin clash between them and the
Ansar al-Sharia and has been the use of heavy weapons and medium-and
Shooting came through engagement with the heavy weapons from the point of Insar
Sharia on the immobilization followed by special forces “Thunderbolt” .

It was elements of the army only reply with ideals, and there have been no injuries
Among the ranks of special forcesThunderbolt” b Fadlallah, and
Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh” on all elements of stability in
Their points and positioning them, and gave the orders for them to deal with
Any armed attack.


There is a large number of wounded and victims of the impact of the clashes between
the bolt and the Ansar Sharia and SS number condensing a departure from the camp
of the bolt and there is a large number of ambulances.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
The chase votes clashes in Benghazi between the bolt and the supporters of al-Ansar al-Sharia
Clip shows the chase and the sounds of clashes in Benghazi between the commandos and the Ansar al-Sharia
مقطع يظهر المطاردة وأصوات الاشتباكات في بنغازي بين قوات الصاعقة وأنصار الشريعة


Violent clashes and explosions in the gardens moments ago

Libya 25 11 2013 fierce fighting erupted between Al-Qaeda and libya Thunderbolt forces.

URGENT: Special Forces Command (Thunderbolt) Benghazi issued orders to its members to take extreme caution and Awakening pinned down in points.

Photos of armed clashes between the forces of the bolt and Ansar al-Sharia in the city of Benghazi:

From my sources …
# Farm Abu Bakr Younis, which lies in the area of ​​Sayyida Aisha Hawari there are arms and ammunition and cars loaded Blaslha supporting Ansar al-Sharia from the Farm
(Gateway Libya)
6 dead and that I did not know the name of the victim No. 6
Hawari received 4 cases
Galaa received 13 cases remained 7 and two of them
Now in operations, and was transferred four cases
1200 received 22 cases
(Salem al-Obeidi)
The people of Benghazi were celebrating with stun soldiers to expel extremist groups and burn their headquarters:
Image forces in Benghazi now stun:
Tongues of smoke rising from buildings battalion Buamr Bmtqh holy pond is said to be the group “Ansar al-Sharia,” it is based:
Burka free channel
Said pole is now on the Arab,
The burning of the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia in the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh, and take the fight in areas on the outskirts of the city of Benghazi, and the princes of the special forces leading the battle led by Colonel Nice Bouchmadh.
Voices are now shooting in the city of Benghazi is the clashes between troops and supporters of Ansar al-Sharia.
Thunderbolt  are at Island Pond battalion previously.
Tongues of smoke rising from buildings battalion Buamr Bmtqh holy pond is said to be the group “Ansar al-Sharia,” it is based, and put them near the point of immobilization (Island Pond).
Sources: the return of relative calm to some areas of Benghazi, which has seen at all of the fire on the clock with the continuation of the last hearing sporadic bursts in the pool area.
 Editor of the new Libya Mahmoud Masrati GS Capital channel now Bo SidraOh God warded Bo Sidra any rebels tell them rebels Turcot real weapon and have returned to their jobs in the revolution ended Eds cm in honey and says those who delivers the rebels disarmed and Mafish possibility incite them p State warded God and you are a member of the Conference.
Libyan political dialogue
Sufian Alarharbi # # # bin Qmo is in Benghazi
Sam killer # # # bin Humaid is in Benghazi
Maybe they are behind this war
# # Thunderbolt fighting terrorism

News of the existence of Sufian bin FAMU in Benghazi now:

(AD Media tuber)

Statement, “Ansar al-Sharia” about the events of the day

Important Statement
To clarify what happened from the dawn clashes on Tuesday:
In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah alone, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet after him and his family and companions:
Then after a while:
In this difficult time experienced by the country of political conflicts do not they have only interests exclusive and narrow and if at the expense of the blood of Muslims, began what has happened in Tripoli and other associations that are endless, we would like we Ansar al-Sharia to show to our people in Benghazi what happened Tuesday night:
Where the patrol lightning strike led labeled (demons) provoked a patrol of Ansar al-Sharia, stationed in front of the island of rotation of the pond, which is located near the site of Ansar al-Sharia, they have to walk armored vehicles and other cars in all road directions (Drifting) with the launch of words Nabih of cursing and Sep and for His Majesty, and looks cynical, followed by a shooting by a patrol Thunderbolt and Padlthm patrol Ansar al-Sharia in the same way to shoot, where wounded some of our young people and then fled personnel patrol the bolt and run, knowing that they were drunk and this is not the first time they so These acts of provocation committed as youth group Almqmlh beards and heretics (like you and oh what Bouzid invaded),
And they’ve done to assault by beating and assault on a lot of young people are not committed to anything except for Tasém prophet, peace be upon him.
This is about what happened in front of the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia neighborhood pond, then twist it and aggravation by going to the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh and hurting the clinic charity and the radio and Clinic Touch and treatment of magic and clashed there with the youth of the region after they opened fire with anti-aviation and launchers inguinal Gee, causing panic people and raised the ire of the people of the region, and the reason for that in some property damage people of the region, and we Pena after what happened we want to note several things, including:
– We are far from shed the blood of Muslims.
– The event, which was planned to copy the model of what has happened in Tripoli, but what happened in Egypt and Tunisia.
– The named (demons) is not subject to the control of princes and acting like the boss is commanding and his criminals.
– We are not against the construction of the army is subject to the provisions of the Islamic Sharia and be his loyalty to God and His Messenger.
– And we stress that our cause Ansar al-Sharia is the arbitration law of God, which is a requirement of all Muslims in Libya nor Nzaid on one, and do not seek any office nor the presidency and distance ourselves from any political conflict in the country.
– We note that any statement outside the media does not count.
And Allah has ordered, but most people do not know
Tuesday 19 / Muharram / 1435 AH
Corresponding to 11/25/2013 AD
Ensign Foundation for Media Production
Some mosques Bdrna calls for Jihad in the city of Benghazi and help their sisters in Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi
as saying that according to the city under the control of the apostates and Alalmanin.
The news agency of the mountain
THESE ARE THE SUPPORTERS OF AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA (and this is how the raise their kids???):
and here the al-Ansar al-Sharia Families are showing support for their evil brothers in MISRATA!!!:
# The former headquarters of the Internal Security Court who side entertain p Sea Shield militia of criminal and fugitive Sam bin Humaid  is now the ambulance personnel to Ansar al-Sharia and the number of injured and about 13, including three in serious condition and treat them Tunisian doctor.
Battalion 194 Infantry Bagdabia received from the citizens of the city headquarters of the Ansar al-Sharia ..
Agency urgently Libya / witnessed a time calls for “fighting inside Tripoli, Benghazi
A member of the Committee for the Defense General National Congress, “Ibrahim witnessed a:”
The Committee calls on all parties for an immediate cessation of what he called “operations within the civil strife.”
“We witnessed a” committee that is preparing for a meeting with members of the Benghazi at the conference
about the events taking place in the city.
# Channel _ for free _ Libya
Dr. Mohammed Tabola president of the University of Benghazi
Announce the suspension of classes at the university until
Astbab security in the city.
جواز سفر وجد داخل مقر أنصار القاعده في رأس عبيدة … لمواطن تونسي ؟؟؟؟
Current # # # outcome urgent # Benghazi
Death toll to five people, after killing
Citizen “Adel Abdul Salam al-Sharif,” and the killing of “key
Bashir refractory “‘s special forces for” Thunderbolt “, and the number of
Wounded up to 13 wounded and evacuate 20, 1200, including cases
Critical citizen and his condition is very difficult and dying 1200
Salem al-Obeidi reporting:
A security source confirms targeting any convoy trying to enter
The city of Benghazi wounded, in or out of aviation.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
Four generators that requested Galaa Hospital
Of the events that took place today in Benghazi, specifically in the area which is located Galaa Hospital, which led to a malfunction in one power stations there and because of the power supply is interrupted,
And the efforts of young people have had access to electricity anywhere holidays and repaired and electricity is now back for all regions and Galaa Hospital works with electricity now without any problem also has a generator ready for action.
The Engineer Khalid Alakora assistant director of distribution channel Libya free of these procedures and that part of the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh disconnected his electricity and Switching Bakj located at the top of Pharmacy Aobeidh and electricity will return soon to this part Insha Allah.
All thanks to the technicians and engineers to quickly meet the call of duty in order to Benghazi and its people.
God Save Benghazi !!
Office of Media General Electricity Company of Benghazi
Assistant Director Khalid Alakora Adaaro electricity distribution Benghazi Morocco will be installed before the new station to station to head Aobeidh and will return power to the region by Morocco because the plant suffered major damage Ntihh Lead…
The arrival of the supply of medical hospital since few and Ahamdallah no shortage,
also called the Medical supply of the city of Derna and the city of Misrata,
to provide supply to the hospital, as well as contact some clinics collected and private clinics,
a pharmacy nectar to provide what is missing hospital but fled Alomdd medical Benghazi all necessary hospital.
All thanks to those who gave a helping hand even a word
# Benghazi # # medical sources
Salem al-Obeidi
The outcome of the final seven victims of clashes with bullets of treachery
Monday’s sad to Benghazi wounded
Adel Abdul Salam al-Sharif
Key Bashir Ferjany
Ahmed Mohamed Megreisi
Saleh Abdulsalam Boubacar
Adel Abdul Salam Nayhoum
Mostafa Ragab Faitouri
Yusuf Suleiman Aldkulai
Praise be to God, was dismantled a bag of explosives was planted in 1200 in Benghazi hospital was subject to Lanfjar.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
3 dead case proceeds were transferred from Galaa to Hosspital 1200
 # Toll in the current Galaa
11 were wounded, three of them moved to God’s mercy of forces
Own and the rest were in stable condition yet

And are men of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, Martyrs
Duty, and 12 wounded, including four civilians b Galaa Hospital
And 5 civilians by Hospital 1200 and Hawari free cases.

URGENT: Health Ministry confirms death toll rises clashes in Benghazi to 14 dead.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
(10) cases of wounded Special Forces stun dead and three cases are:
Solomon Aldkulai
Saleh Abdulsalam
Ahmad Megreisi
I am God, and to Him we return
Civil cases three minor injuries as a result of random bullets
The alarm of Colonel Nice Bouchmadeh :
“Please help us citizens and not to go out of their homes.”
O inject blood!
Hani Al Oraibi information officer at the hospital said Mohammed al-Fakhiri and Walid bin Halim officials of the Department of medical procedures and Census Day Monday, 2013 1125 Hospital Hawari, Benghazi and the arrival of the injured members of the bolt and the police and civilians, the names of the injured Khaled Mohammed Abdalatif wounded in the chest and Mohammed Fathi Mohammed wounded in the hand and Murad Hussein infected Hzaiavi purity and Moussa Ibrahim Moussa wounded in the left leg and Salah Yousef Rashid wounded in the right leg and Gibran Mohammed Jubran infected in the tub and Osama Mohammed Amedoh infected at the bottom right Alzaraljhh.
The killing of three policemen, special forces “Thunderbolt” and they
“Suleiman Aldkulai” and “Saleh Abdul Salam” and “Ahmad
Megreisi “, due to a clash with members of the battalion Insar
Men killed a special forces “Thunderbolt” and injury
Six people, including critical situations, and wounding three
Citizens civilians by stray bullets by source.
Reports that the girl’s stray bullet wanted her dead
Now according to a security source, b Sauaakm details.
Salem al-Obeidi reports:
From infected to three patients in the ranks of employees of the battalion
Ansar al-Sharia, as received some now, God’s blood injection
Libyans, no further details and no confirmation of the injured.
 Awad _ Albergthe correspondent channel Libya Al-Ahrar from Benghazi:
There are dead and wounded in the ranks of the supporters of the law and did not enter any of them in the state hospital in Benghazi and everyone wonders of citizens or commandos Wayne Zhbo Baktlahm and wounded!!
Explosion is unknown since few have Bermaah a bag of explosives on a police station Sabri ………...
Sauaakm ČĂÎŃ runs …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Agency News Libyan army
SS declares state of alert to cleanse Benghazi from outlaws and prestige of the state and enforce the law ..

Heavy fire in front of Gate University Garyounes now.
Shooting a very dense area parks and Gary search for information ….
Follow me …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Quoting Khalid Al Jazeera Net Almher reporter
Withdrawal of Ansar al-Sharia and now head of the Quiche Oobeidh bloodshed, to quote a source close to them.
A gathering of civil society institutions in Benghazi calling for the people of Benghazi for a rally in front of Tibesti Hotel after sunset prayers Declaration statement will announce the start of civil disobedience and widespread demand to drop the local council of Benghazi and and ask the government to support the army and police and end all Maaadahma of armed formations.
Channel Libyan capital
Declaration of civil disobedience in the city of Benghazi in the clashes that occurred last night.
Albergthe reporter Libya Liberal .. Benghazi entered in civil disobedience, and there are calls to announce
its manifestations for civil disobedience in general.
An exclusive interview to Bouchmadh special forces commander in Benghazi shortly after the news channel ..
“Al-Jazeera Libyan” ..
On Al-Arabiya was told before the event …
Colonel Nice Bouchmadh says:
A patrol in the area of ​​the pond was accompanied by one of the channels, along with three journalists in their own car ..
The supporters of Sharia Balrmih targeting rotating ..
Quiet mode now
Losses stun … 6 dead and 13 wounded
But supporters of the law did not come to us after Statistics .. But to be in the room as possible joint security
Things calmed down and we were keen on establishing security and we are not at the front and special forces present in the points pinned down in the streets of Benghazi.
The situation in Benghazi is now: f
ull alert from Libyan army forces and widespread in all of Benghazi, commandos and Navy did not like seeing the city at all demonstrations in front of the Tibesti Hotel civil disobedience movement and almost non-existent cars except the roads leading to demonstrations.
 Civil society institutions in the city of Benghazi declare a state of civil disobedience fully with all state institutions and the private sector to clear the city of Benghazi from all armed groups and considers the local council of Benghazi, losing legitimacy.
Tomorrow a holiday in the city of Benghazi and all schools Benghazi stopped working, in response to the appeal launched by the Civil society institutions.
Special forces reports to us:Demonstration in front of the hotel Tibesti now demanding civil disobedience ..
Urgent: – now the Elders of Benghazi demanding the following: –
1 – Extradition battalion of Ansar al-Sharia to justice.
2 – to investigate with the princes Battalion Ansar al-Sharia and Bouchtale Zahawy.
3 – should the Libyan army combed farms and withdraw all
Heavy weapon of Sidi Faraj and Rulrhh and Hawari.
4 – to declare a state of emergency in Benghazi and delivery of heavy weapons
Of all militias and the Libyan army commandos
Benghazi residents in a large rally and declare their support with the bolt and the military and are demanding to bring down
Local council, and attacking supporters of terrorism and chanting
Gulou Bouchtale,,, Benghazi where his men
No no no no supporters fry
Announcement in front of the Tibesti Hotel now
Tomorrow is a holiday in all schools and universities in Benghazi and all state institutions will be tomorrow, the first day of civil disobedience.
Statement demonstration Benghazi evening Benghazi:
The local council of Benghazi .. Declares mourning and civil disobedience in the city
For 3 days ..
Reporter Libya Al-Ahrar:
Libyan army has full control of all of Benghazi for the first time experiencing this alert Benghazi great

Sources: will confiscate any weapon at any citizen walking around his car in Benghazi.

What is true, but these are what the correct Etbih tread and should be confiscated until the car who the weapon

and the weapon mesh is so opaque glass and not to put metal plates must confiscate the car and pay a fine is too high.


Members of the supporters of the evil one in the streets of Benghazi, the video shows the distribution of arms and the number of individuals affiliated to them.
افراد من انصار الشر في أحد شوارع بنغــازي الفيديو يوضح توزيع الاسلحة وعدد الافراد التابع لهم
Broadcaster girl ask for her brother, who was a member of the Thunderbolt victim of the clashes and broadcaster has become in an awkward position and he does not wanting to teach and convey the shock death of her brother.
And to God and to Him we return
فتاة تسال المذيع عن اخيها عضو الصاعقه الذى كان ضحية ألأشتباكات والمذيع اصبح فى موقف حرج وهو لا يبغى ان يعلمها وينقل الصدمه لها بوفاة شقيقهاوان لله وانا اليه راجعون

Said pole
Chief of Staff, accompanied by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defence on their way to Benghazi to lead the efforts of the truce between the parties to the conflict ..!!!
Since when brought together the functions of the committees of the wise and the Magistrate to the Chief of Staff? And Is it a third party (neutral) in what is happening in Benghazi? If anyone who follows Bouchmadh and Thunderbolt?!!

Today in Benghazi was captured two of the Kharijites were accompanied by a Tunisian doctor treating the Kharijites after they fire special forces in Benghazi ..

After the initial Alastaidhat believes there is a connection between them and the explosions that occur in Benghazi

(Intelligence service tuber)



Urgent …
Vote pungent aircraft in the sky shortly before the tuber.
(AD Media tuber)

# Derna:

encircle the entire militia Ansar al-Sharia and the Islamic Army for the entrances to the city

Spread on the road to Aqaba western edge of the mountain light and medium weapons ~
Newsflash …
Al-Arabiya says that Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi Tugeo to the city of Derna, and GS News Facebook pages talk about entering a convoy of cars armed camp electronic support previously in Afattaúh and cars filled with boxes of ammunition.
(AD Media tuber)
Entry of a group of Ansar al-Sharia group Benghazi and Derna Menhzmin who returned from Benghazi, along with foreign elements and carrying large boxes shingles are probably Dkhirh and weapons as they entered the camp to support previously-mail outside the city of Derna, which resides in the east by a group Ansar al-Sharia tuber …

DERNA Counsel for the assassination attempt, “Yousif Saleh Abidi” after
Be subjected to a hail of bullets by unknown assailants, after
Leaving dawn prayers to the Bab Tobruk to Derna, and
His condition is stable now.


Burka free channel:

{Blagraa: white}: .. Agency urgently Libya: spokesman supporters of Sharia atone on the air
Spoke by telephone from the city of Derna board member of “Ansar al-Sharia,” “Mahmoud Barasi” on channel Libya Al-Ahrar each focused his speech on the following points:

They said this is a picture Barasi Mahmoud, a member of the so-called Ansar al-Sharia.!

Mahmoud Barasi, mad member of Ansar al-Sharia in tuber, 

“Agency urgently Libya “/
a spokesman for the supporters of Sharia to atone, on the air…
Spoke by telephone from the city of Derna board member of “Ansar al-Sharia,” “Mahmoud Barasi” on channel Libya Al-Ahrar each focused his speech on the following points:
(1) who states in the Gulf, who show them, including Saudi Arabia Hedow apostates do not want to apply the law of God, our ideal sheikhs who we are in the mountains, such as the martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden.
(2) O like us apply the law of God in Libya O The Nqatlo .. Nehna Mitabakec what extent the law of God or stop Nqatloh with the infidels, God willing … Government guidance rebound does not apply the law of God!!
(0) people in the Gulf states who show them, including Saudi Arabia Hedow apostates do not want to apply the law of God, our ideal sheikhs who we are in the mountains, such as the martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden.
(0) ya like us apply the law of God in Libya O The Nqatlo .. Nehna Mitabakec what extent the law of God or stop Nqatloh with the infidels, God willing … Government guidance rebound does not apply the law of God!!
(0) Broadcaster: Praise be to God, we are all Muslims in Libya
Mahmoud Barasi: do not mesh all of you Muslims apostates Zidane and his government.
(3) Broadcaster: Praise be to God, we are all Muslims in Libya
Mahmoud Barasi:
” Why all this out because the army does not go out when it attacked the Christians on the country and kidnapped Aboans!

do not mesh all of you Muslims apostates Zaidane and his government.

… Democratic Kafr
And all government departments, including the ‘Thunderbolt infidels’ ..
Zaidane who Ayesh was waged between liquor obese knew God!!!
Our goal arbitration Sharia by force if necessary!!!
any apostate does not want the law of God, we will enter in the war with him, and God Jaivin Mana ..

We are against any Arab apostate .. With all the brothers the Mujahideen in the world ..”

The Government of Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt Come governments infidel and apostate

And they are our ideal of Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri

It did not invoke the law of God I will fight them….

We are our ideal Sheikh Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri …

Colonel Bouchmadh is to blame for the fighting and blood Elly became in Benghazi”**

(Mahmoud Barasi board member of Ansar al-Sharia on Al-Libya Liberal)


Commander of the SS Bo Khmadeh on Radio 88.5 hour before now calls
Let the citizens’ army is acting with such corrupt junta

On Al-Arabiya was told before the event …
Colonel Nice Bouchmadh says:
A patrol in the area of ​​the pond was accompanied by one of the channels, along with three journalists in their own car ..
The supporters of Sharia Balrmih targeting rotating ..
Quiet mode now
Losses stun … 6 dead and 13 wounded
But supporters of the law did not come to us after Statistics .. But to be in the room as possible joint security
Things calmed down and we were keen on establishing security and we are not at the front and special forces present in the points pinned down in the streets of Benghazi


Demonstration for women to condemn the city of Derna deteriorating security conditions in the city.

Women manifestations of Derna denouncing the security situation of the city
And demanding the army and police, evening.


Base Tobruk air sorties carried out, to monitor all
Movements and monitor any military movements destined to
The city of Benghazi since the early morning hours.

The planes that took off from the base of Tobruk, Benghazi Airborne up after a sweep of the road leading to Benghazi.
Radio Tobruk 105.4
14 victims
50 injured

Sisi calls to help Libya Tobruk area and Praises Military:

Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper reported about the team Fattah al-Sisi Egyptian Defense Minister .. Libya is in the case of the construction of its security forces and the neighboring countries to help them that each State shall control its borders and perhaps Egypt suffered in the beginning but it is fortunate because the points of contact with Libya fall within the area of ​​Tobruk, the military did not collapse and is still its disciplined fairly and working conditions tough in various fields to fight arms smuggling and illegal immigration, customs and mutual cooperation will continue between the Tobruk area and the northern region MILITARY MARTIAL according to the agreements between the two countries

71 Infantry Battalion – Tobruk on standby to go to Benghazi and waiting FAQ # Tore

Announced the first infantry battalion commander in Tobruk Colonel Mehdi Mabrouk Awami, for the withdrawal of his battalion since few Amsaad port because of the lack of equipment and lack of fulfilling its obligations direction of the RAT Libyan government and the port authority provided by.

It is noteworthy that the first infantry battalion is the only military, which had been present port Amsaad ..

(Citing security room shared Tobruk)




Gunmen Attacks Air Base in Southern Libya

    2013-11-24 22:03:45     Xinhua       Web Editor: Mao
Gunmen stormed an air base in Libya’s southern town of Brak Shati and looted its ammunition depot Saturday evening, a senior Libyan army officer told Xinhua Sunday.”Dozens of gunmen stormed the air base and looted all the ammunition inside the storage, including ammunition for heavy weapons such as rockets and artillery,” Southern District Libyan Shield commander Ahmed Al Hasnawi told Xinhua over the phone.The attack occurred “with the complicity of number of military personnel assigned to protect the base,” Al Hasnawi said, quoting unidentified sources.Barac Chat’ai is located 900 km south of the Libyan capital.



Tunisian Border
Urgent # # # exclusively Ras Ajdir _

A security source from the Ras Ajdir border crossing, confirms the entry of a large number of
Tunisians hour since three in the morning at half-past nine
AM to Libya, and the same source confirmed in a statement that
All entrants men only and these numbers are remarkable for consideration and
This entry was Benghazi after clashes with only an hour.



THREAT from Turkey:
Very, very dangerous

Noman bin Othman, through the channel of Libya Liberal:

Talking about the meeting in the neighboring state 9 months of the current year between the different parties, including people to Abeben speaks of this meeting on the division of Libya as the only solution in the midst of this conflict and dropped some European countries, causing chaos central governments of these countries and as a result. This meeting, and after hearing the Turkish state in this meeting, the Turkish government has threatened that if this happens it will partition scoops Libya arms.

Wet Weekend

Gadhafi speech One Mu gratitude at breakfast

FOR THOSE who did not sell-out and remain steadfast:

For those who did not sell-out

Steadfast to Althabton … To the honorable heroes …
Makers epics of struggle and struggle and triumph …
To plaintiffs brigade resistance and honor and dignity …
To sons and daughters of the country the real
Who did not sell their home … Secretariat did not betray …
Did not revoke a covenant … Not Altjua history
To the makers of tomorrow bright green.
Heroes to you, tell you I am confident and firming ..
Loomed dawn of salvation is here ..
Hantm you put your feet on the threshold of dishonest victory
Hantm will Taanicon the dawn of the real revolution …
Revolution honorable revolution and the oppressed Amobnonan
The revolution of the oppressed …
simpletons and displaced persons in the corners of the earth do not they committed the offense does not really raped him
But because they defended their honor and their homeland, their dignity, their history …
the revolution martyrs who gave their lives for the redemption of the pure soil of this country Sharif ….
Hantm Yamen steadfast and resolute Nadiltm unsure and stability of the brave
and you take the suffering and injustice, torture and oppression for your home
And dignity Haantm garnish Arskm historical soon and very soon …
Rejoice … And sang .. And Erqsoa
Fjrkm has loomed … Otunkm, opening his arms and a smiley you …
Hello to you .. The joyous submerge
And Tgmrkm Berguah to Ahadankm and Rjoekm to his lap … You glory and pride, pride
Dear heroes … I am not afraid of storms, a sweeping term …. Nor Taiaar aimed devastation Black ….
I’m at home here … In my tent .. Forum … I am the owner the right to certainty …
The maker of it Algda …. I’m here … I’m here … I’m here ……
God is great God is great …. … Allah is the greatest
Steadfast … Firm … With God’s help victors.
إلى الصامدون الثابتون … الى الشرفاء الأبطال … إلى صانعي ملاحم الكفاح والنضال والإنتصار … إلى رافعي لواء المقاومة والشرف والكرامة … إلى أبناء وبنات الوطن الحقيقيون
الذين لم يبيعوا وطن … ولم يخونوا أمانة … ولم ينكثوا عهدا … ولم يلطخوا تاريخاً
إلي صانعي الغد المشرق الاخضر .اليكم ايها الأبطال أقول لكم وكلي ثقة وثبات ..
هاقد لاح فجر الخلاص .. هاأنتم تضعون أقدامكم الشريفه على عتبات النصر المبين
هاأنتم سوف تعانقون فجر الثورة الحقيقية … ثورة الشرفاء ثورة المغبنونين والمقهورين
والمظلومين …ثورة البسطاء والمشردين في اصقاع الارض لا لجرم ارتكبوه ولا حقاً أغتصبوه
الا لانهم دافعوا عن شرفهم ووطنهم وكرامتهم وتاريخهم …ثورة الشهداء الأبرار الذين قدموا أرواحهم الطاهرة فداء لتراب هذا الوطن الشريف …. هاأنتم يامن صمدتم وناضلتم بعزيمة الواثقين وثبات الشجعان وتحملتم المعاناة والظلم والتعذيب والقهر لإجل وطنكم
وكرامتكم هاانتم تزينون عرسكم التاريخي قريباً وقريباً جداً … إفرحوا … وغنوا .. وأرقصوا
فجركم قد لاح … ووطنكم فاتحاً ذراعيه وهو مبتسم لكم… مرحباً بكم .. والفرحه تغمره
وتغمركم برجوعه إلى أحضانكم ورجوعكم إلى حضنه … لكم المجد والفخر والعزه
ايها الأبطال … أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهي تجتاح المدى …. ولا من الطياير التي ترمي دمارا اسود ….أنا في بيتي هنا … في خيمتي .. في المنتدى …أنا صاحب الحق اليقين … وصانع منه الغدا …. أنا هنا … أنا هنا …أنا هنا …… الله اكبر ….الله أكبر… الله أكبر

GREAT SON again writes:

Finally, the mask has fallen and joy to knock the doors in search of a face that fits his looks Victory Day
Is the hour of truth has sounded
Allkie was in the land of steadfastness and challenge
I was born in the heart of steadfast resistant, making them joy after Dhanha Alaaúison lost dream ..
Ikro no history of peoples well …
Did not they learn after each client in the dustbin of history …
this will inevitably fallen Libya Yamen to Atarafunha the Black Death Qguatro love …
This mass with all the pride and the pride and glory …
This country will not be free and silks accept that history is written in their pages shame …
This is a land of jihad, which shed the blood of our ancestors on the territory of the brave …
Go and ask how your masters were buried in the soil fiery hot ….
Here history Yamen not Taklh …
Here the struggle and steadfastness and glory …
Here the challenge and honor and manhood …
here the certificate and medal honor in the soul of every honest fighter kiss Liberals here …
Yamen Ertadhat yourself a vice and treason and employment ….
Here we make Aoaada victory followed by a green epics epics ….
Steadfast …… Firm ……. Victorious with God’s help …
أخيراً سقط القناع و على الفرح أن يطرق الأبواب بحثاً عن وجه يلائم ملامحه يوم النصر
هي ساعة الحقيقة قد دقت
كانت اللقيا في أرض الصمود والتحدي
ولدت في قلب مقاوماً صامداُ، صنع منها فرحا بعد أن ضنها اليائيسون حلماً ضائعُ ..
لم يقرأو تاريخ الشعوب جيداً … ألم يتعلمون بعد أن كل عميل في مزبلة التاريخ حتما ساقط ُ…هذه ليبيا يامن لاتعرفونها فيها أسودُ يعشقون الموت قواطرو … هذه الجماهيرية بكل فخرا وعزة وشموخ ُ… هذه بلد الأحرار والحرائرُ فلن يقبلوا أن يكتب التاريخ في صفحاتهم عارُ … هذه أرض الجهاد التي سالت على ترابها دماء اجدادنا البواسلُ … إذهبوا وإسألوا اسيادكم كيف دفنوا في ترابها الملتهب الحارُ …. هنا التاريخ يامن لا تعقله … هنا الكفاح والصمود والمجدُ … هنا التحدي والرجولة والشرفُ …هنا الشهادة وسام شرفاً في روح كل شريفاً مناضلُ هنا قبلة الأحرار … يامن أرتضيت لنفسك الرذيلة والخيانة والعمالةُ …. هنا النصر نصنعه يأيادي خضراء ملاحم ُ تعقبها ملاحمُ …. صامدون …… ثابتون ……. منتصرون بعون الله …
TURKEY, QATAR, FRANCE, U.K. and the USA  and the NATO/EU NATIONS are  financing, supplying weapons to, and supporting the LFG to fight against Muammar al-Qathafi!!!
” ‘Al-QAEDA / LFG’ are FIGHTING ‘al-QATHAFI loyalists and nations”
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Citing the Algerian newspaper El Shorouk:
Al-Qaeda” in Libya acquires Scud missiles which Taftnt his Algerian forces land adjacent to Libya
and has stepped up military forces two days ago, also from operations monitoring, control and
ground and air patrols.”

Special Wael Tagouris:
Private sources for news Libya now:
“Al-Qaeda” in Libya acquires Scud missiles

Reveal an image obtained by our own sources of Libyan territory, on the acquisition of the terrorist organization called “al-Qaeda” is allied with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is one of its wings, GNC’s NATIONALIST PARTY headed by Belhadj and Noah, on long-range Scud missiles.

The sources spoke of Libyan territory, that have dealt with members of the Libyan Fighting Group, led by Abdul Hakim Belhadj, stating that Major General Khalifa Haftar, former commander in the army of al-Qathafi, “exists in Algeria these days, seeking support for control from power in Libya, which defines security disruptions led to significant activity al-Qathafi sent again, and getting out of the cities to secure the citizens, which it calls a terrorist. ”

According to data obtained by field, the “Libyan Fighting Group” allied with “al-Qaeda”, is after control of the arms depots in Tripoli. It smuggled long-range Scud missiles to be used in retaliatory strikes against neighboring countries, which it accuses of supporting al-Qathafi.


The last meeting of the Chamber of Libya rebels a few days ago, has vowed to Algeria to launch rocket attacks on oil sites in the south, along the lines with an accident with a gas plant Ptiڤntoren in the Amnas state of Illizi, which are threats that took Algeria seriously and seized control of the border, and declared a state of maximum alert to avoid any sudden terrorist attacks of those bloody.

According to our sources, the process output armed brigades from Tripoli that was yesterday Thursday, after the acquisition of these terrorist groups weapons, including heavy weapons and vehicles grad and guns, it is likely that you are selling to terrorist groups in the south and south-west of Libya, being a need for money, which requires exercise more of caution and tighten the screws on the border, which Taftnt his Algerian forces land adjacent to Libya, where military forces have intensified since the days of operations also monitoring, control and ground and air patrols.

خاص وائل التاجوري
مصادر خاصة لأخبار ليبيا الان :
“القاعدة” في ليبيا تستحوذ على صواريخ سكودتكشف صورة تحصلت عليها من مصادرنا الخاصة بالأراضي الليبية، على استحواذ التنظيم الإرهابي المسمى “القاعدة” المتحالف مع الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة، التي تعد أحد أجنحته بليبيا على صواريخ سكود بعيدة المدى.وتحدثت مصادر من الأراضي الليبية، أن ما يتداوله أعضاء الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة التي يتزعمها عبد الحكيم بلحاج، تفيد بأن اللواء خليفة حفتر، القائد السابق في جيش القذافي، “موجود في الجزائر هذه الأيام، طالبا الدعم للسيطرة عن الحكم في ليبيا، التي تعرف اضطرابات أمنية كبيرة أدت إلى بعث نشاط كتائب القذافي من جديد، ونزولها للمدن لتأمين المواطنين مما تصفه بالإرهاب”.وتشير معطيات ميدانية تحصلت عليها أن الجماعات الليبية المقاتلة المتحالفة مع “القاعدة”، وبعد سيطرتها على مخازن السلاح بطرابلس هرّبت صواريخ سكود بعيدة المدى لاستغلالها في ضربات انتقامية ضد دول الجوار التي تتهمها بدعم كتائب القذافي.وكان آخر اجتماع لغرفة ثوار ليبيا قبل أيام، قد توعد الجزائر بشن هجمات صاروخية على مواقع نفطية بالجنوب، على غرار مع حادث مع معمل الغاز بتيڤنتورين في إن امناس بولاية إيليزي، وهي التهديدات التي أخذتها الجزائر محمل الجد وبسطت سيطرتها على الحدود، وأعلنت حالة التأهب القصوى لتفادي أية هجمات إرهابية مفاجئة من هؤلاء الدمويين.وتفيد مصادرنا أن عملية إخراج الكتائب المسلحة من طرابلس التي تمت أمس الأول الخميس، بعد استحواذ هذه الجماعات الإرهابية على السلاح، من بينها أسلحة ثقيلة وعربات غراد ومدافع، يرجح أن تقوم ببيعها للجماعات الإرهابية في الجنوب والجنوب الغربي لليبيا، كونها بحاجة للمال مما يتطلب توخي المزيد من الحذر وتشديد الخناق على الحدود، وهو ما تفطنت له القوات الجزائرية بالأراضي المتاخمة لليبيا، حيث كثفت قوات الجيش منذ يومين أيضا من عمليات الرصد والمراقبة والدوريات البرية والجوية.

The Ministry of Education and the Libyan
Urgent and Important

Confirms Information Office, Ministry of Education that the day tomorrow, Sunday, November 24th, 2013 AD normal school day in all schools in the city of Tripoli .. The systematic study in all schools all over Libya.

University Council statement issued today
Which stated:
First: the emphasis on the suspension of classes until the clarity of vision regarding the implementation of the decision to evacuate the capital of armed formations and the availability of necessary security measures within the university.
Second, to emphasize the responsibility of the government in the implementation of the resolution and to give a clear picture of what was real and on the ground
Third, the continued emphasis on the administrative work within the university with the obligation of members of the faculty and staff to come in this period to follow developments.
“Atmosphere of the country”:
The head of the Students Union of the University of Tripoli, Khaled Mohammed told “the atmosphere of the country” to the Council of the University of Tripoli and union faculty members and university student unions decided unanimously to continue in civil disobedience to stop the study and to the implementation of Resolution No. 27, remove all armed formations.
News about Auh representatives of the National Conference of Misrata year
And to hold a public inquiry “on what happened Pegrgor and neutrally.”

Libya talks
Tlaty meeting tomorrow in the UK between Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and John Kerry and U.S. Secretary of State.

Abdel Moez Bannon:

(WHILE ZAIDANE is away in the U.K. TALKING with Libya’s wreckers as his/ZAIDANE’s NATO “ALLIES”):

Happening now ….
A meeting of the shadow government to overthrow the government of Zaidane and the formation of the government crisis,,,, heads of large Hadharanh,,,,
Symposium large


“Atmosphere of the country”
Delivery of the headquarters of Libya’s official channel to the Ministry of the Interior
“Atmosphere of the country” – Mustafa bridges
The director of the General Department of Administrative Affairs in the channel Libya official Salah Mansour Arab  to “atmosphere for the country” said  that the gunmen, who were in control of the channel’s headquarters in Libya Official Victory Street headquarters handed over to the National Directorate of Security in Tripoli.
He added that the Arab this operation came in response to the demands of the Libyan people and in implementation of resolutions 27 and 53 issued by the National Congress, where it began extradition proceedings since Thursday delivery was actually on Friday.
He stressed that the Arab channel will begin broadcasting in an official capacity as of the day on Sunday, adding that the channel will see the development of large and will appear in a new suit from the beginning on December 24th.
The Arab that the number of “revolutionaries who were the protection of the headquarters of the channel has been reintegrated and now they are working in the same channel as reporters and photographers after they have been subjected to training and rehabilitation and turn others of them by the military and the military, indicating transmission of some former employees of the channel to work in the private channels.
And saw the headquarters of Libya’s official channel several incidents where channel programs halted several times due to a protest by workers for various reasons.



Urgent Libya agency/

Government does not recognize any handover of the localities of Tripoli.

The interim Government has announced that it does not recognize any handover of the headquarters of the armed alchiklat of the local councils outside the Commission could face up.

The Government confirmed that the extradition of the militant groups ‘ headquarters rules and regulations must be adhered to in order to be legal.


Militias humans, Tagouris, cart Gneoh refuses to hand over their weapons and join the General Staff.  

Abu Salim ::::::: militia headquarters Gneoh ::: lie in new

They said they wrote this topic: Cronies Ali headquarters Gneoh

the only one who caught my eye:
that religion had Bhdh writings have not lowered the flag or burn or desecrate or shredded.
With provocative he hates al-Qathafi more than the rebels themselves…
And Hedda demonstrates that indicates the lies and Tlfikhm …
And algae, but they give the peg both disagreed in opinion.
Libya Event

Alassema TV channel capital Army National Committee headquarters

receives security Abu Salim district of downtown: residents welcome

Abu Salim media channel
A lot of young Salim angry after lying on them and he described arrows and algae, and after what he described as the promoter of ecstasy and Psychotropic Substances!!
They said that it carried out the attack on the demonstration are not the police or the national army, but a gang of mercenaries and # Gneoh, who fired in the air to disperse the demonstration!!
The goals of the protesters were represented in the expulsion of illegal militias from the region and of the security committee in the upper branch of Abu Salim!!
One of the goals of the demonstrators also is the retrieval of the stadium, which is the outlet for the youth of the region in play and entertain themselves, and who paid # Gneoh confiscate and annex junta!!
Intermix piggledy yesterday, and attacked the demonstrators and the media viciously!!
But if Húla right owners and dark, God willing, they will have what they wanted even after a while!!
Salem al-Obeidi:
Said senior diplomatic source within the Turkish Embassy
Ben Achour b b city of Tripoli, the smoke that came out before
Few of the embassy, ​​is a simple fire to a tree
After that the citizens by launching fireworks went in one
To the tree and a fire broke out and simple and does not mention the citizens
And the security of the embassy to extinguish.
M Albuaiche:

Turkish Embassy (the ambassador’s house), Ben Achour, a fire was extinguished at home from neighbors.



(poisoned water distributed to the security gates)

Island Bab al-Aziziya, the island port, GREEN Square,
adjust the bottled water poisoned and distributed to army patrols and the number of wounded simple.
Special goals Albuaiche:

The unidentified sheikh to give a large mosque in the amount of water
And asked him to distribute to the national army patrols stationed
In the city of Tripoli, and the Sheikh are water distribution and for regret
Turned out to be toxic and recorded some cases of poisoning for elements of the army
National, Sheikh and does not know the person who told him that he donated
B Water’s army.

Valley beach :::

Urgent now the people of the Valley of the beach are now cleared base skins from criminal gangs.



Minister of Electricity: – We ask our brothers Amazigh open field to fulfill ..

And that the cause of power outages today to lower the temperature and the lack of adequate gas.

The Fulfilling field was producing 8 million cubic meters of gas for domestic consumption.


Department in AJEELAT ::: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl
Important Announcement:
Council declares that the local department in AJEELAT suspended work and lock all the schools and universities.
Ajeelat protest against the deterioration of the security situation since the murder became a daily in broad daylight.
The government should Taatkhadd Ajraatha particularly because our children are not a cheaper than the sons of Tripoli.

(City department in Ajeelat City)

Department in AJEELAT city: the killing of a citizen named “Walid al-Tayeb” shooting in the area shortly before

the furnace, raising the number of victims in the city department in AJEELAT to at least 4 dead in less than 24 hours!


Photos and news from Rishvana

Today has been the transport vehicle burglary “Knot-weaving” loaded Bashkaar of feeding near a petrol station unknown beauty of traveling Sayari Kia …. place on the road to Bear Amdakm “temperatures”
The owner of the car Riyaana

Latest news from Walker and Rishvana … Outlaw Salah Valley
7 tombs found in almost farm Qmam blood next to Camp 27 and awaiting the arrival of a committee of the state to follow up the matter and not about power but not God Almighty.

Demolition of farm Qmam blood offender Salah Walker Valley Borcvana (4 photos)
Farm Qmam blood offender Salah Walker Valley

Graves that were found on a farm Qmam blood offender Salah Walker Valley
The presence of the cemetery entered the headquarters of the Rat Salah Valley … O Lord, have mercy on Hhdina

المقابر التي وجدت في مزرعة قذام الدم وكر المجرم صلاح وادي

وجود مقبرة دخل مقر الجرذ صلاح وادي …اللهم ترحم علي شهدئنا يارب

Secret prisons in the camp of the 27 militia headquarters Salah Valley


سجون سرية في معسكر الــ 27 مقر مليشيا صلاح وادى
لمتابعة اخر الاخبار والفيديوات الحصرية تابعونا علي صفحة ليبيا بوك



Milishh Haitham Tagouris


kidnap citizens of Bani Walid within a care in the hospital Sbaah The kidnapped in an ambulance!! The name of the citizen, “Ali Mohamed Gomaa Warfali,” It is noteworthy that the kidnapped father of five children and was the reason for his hospitalization after a road accident!! (They tried apparently to kill him then!) Below are some more complaints of the people being imprisoned by Haitham Tagouris (11 photos)

Mdkrh the grievance of the people against the detainees Heetm Tagouris and his aides who Ptaadib prisoners.

He went by law to those legal without a solution is not found him whom the contrary were signs of a negative from the competent authorities, which was show that the state-led army and police, but it turns out opposite that of governing the state is the offender. Thug Haitham Tagouris my father does not carry a certificate from the flag on the contrary just a criminal junkie Scar is now holding detainees project ostrich saluting exposed to the types of people Altaadib and tannin present prison trench Btageorh and Mouhbusan Mend or three years.




هيثم التاجورى _ يحتجز هؤلاء المسجنونين منذ قرابة العام ، لا يستجيب التاجورى لنداءات ولا تعليمات النائب العام ويرفض ، عرضهم على النيابة ، وبعد تسلم معتقل امعيتيقة ، قام التاجورى بنقلهم لمشروع النعام ، هؤلاء السجناء فى خطر ، إن لم تتحرك أجهزة الدولة المختلفة لأطلاق سراحهم .


Novmr 23, 2011 anniversary of the battle to defend the land and honor
This morning was one of the militia from the capital, Tripoli, headed for one of the houses the city’s residents in collusion with some individuals from Mlisheh May 28, and illegally arrested a wanted citizens in an attempt to break into his home .. It calls the youth of the city and Hebha to defend the sanctity of their homes ..
Walid built for her family and for Ayatbroon Law militia mob not afraid to die for the defense of their land and the display even if Admt means, as far as defense is found courage
Hdtt in this day battle that lasted for four hours, the streets of clashes militias tried to escape after the intensification of the conflict and you got Balrmih randomly in an attempt to disperse the crowd and survive on their own people of the city gave their lives for cheap Bani Walid received the Certificate of them, God willing,
1 – Abdamoly Ramadan Ayeb
2 – Omar Sauce
3 – Akram Abdul Karim Boufares
4 – Ali Bashir bin Dallah Oh God, we ask them the certificate, compassion, forgiveness and many of the wounded and those who go beyond all mentioned in order to preserve the integrity of some of them who are still taking treatment abroad .. We ask God for their safety and speed healing and better compensation
This day Bani Walid recovered some of its wounds and returned to the inherent of her sons who stood against the war in September 2011
We have seen in previous days how endured, DC fire militias and narrowed their financing and here note that the militia threat to the homeland and the citizen and must be resolved fully or termination, so to speak, and should support the building of the state security services legitimate and that you can in the army and police mainly built for Walid Shahu erupted on the militia in the three previous occasions and expelled the so-called Supreme Security Committee and the militia of May 28 is not love in order to blood or glory, but rather the people of Bani Walid are well aware of the risk of these armed groups and rogue militia shield Libya and the best proof of its actions
Here, we say Bani Walid in November 2011 said no to militias and after 3 years and in the same month of the capital and finally wake up
Brief history of struggle heroes written in the blood of the martyrs and the wounded and the sweat of the Mujahideen polished .. And sorted Bonaml writers and poets imaginations ..
Video shows you the good treatment of prisoners in Bani Walid that day:

Education Bani Walid Libya
Office of Financial Affairs /
((Regarding financial receivables contracts for teachers and social workers)

Shortly before the signing and adoption of the payment of salaries to teachers contracts and social workers by an official of Education in Beni Walid professor / Khaled Salem and professor / Ahabayl favor and will be transferred to the Office of financial control in Bani Walid tomorrow morning and, God willing, will be on Monday, banks …



Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel The armed group this morning armed robbery during which type of stealing a car, “Toyota Camry” belonging to the Traffic and Licensing Directorate of Security Sirte.


(Very dangerous) (F tourist) 😦 the 54 million) stolen car in Sirte (was empty) sent to Sirte and muggers stole in Tripoli and Sirte is not ….?!
(خطير جدآ)(جمعة السائح):-(ال54مليون) التي سرقت في سرت السيارة (كانت فارغة) التي بعثت الى سرت والسراق سرقوها في طرابلس وليس سرت….؟!



They are back!!

Misurata – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM A delegation of members of the National Congress, headed by a 20-member “Solomon Akjm” concludes with a brief visit to the city of Misrata ..

In waiting for a reply to a request the return of the conference of representatives of “members” of Misrata to the conference .. After that Ghalib delegation insisted on it !

Requirement sons Misurata transfer legislative and executive institutions of Tripoli .. …

Some of what happened in Misrata when you visit some members of the pagan intruder to beg lawmakers to return to Misrata Mrbthm.
Highlights of the meeting with the local council of Misurata National Congress members who have recently visited the city today:
# D. Solomon Akjm member for Ifrane ::
We want the members of the government and for Misurata Back in the plane with us today and we are with you and will not be complete without Libya Misurata and must say what misfortune in the conference hall and public p …
# One of the members of the Conference on the Tripoli: I was at a mosque in Jerusalem and went with the demonstration to the island rotation Aziziyah and tried that and my colleagues that Ncfhm going to Gharghour but they were Manqnon and we could not perception and left them we are aware of, because there is something knitted for this call on you to reverse decision and said all Adltkm and your proof in the Conference.
# Safe rainy Member Conference for Sirte: I appeal to you to reverse your decision and be accustomed to the conference process we began with some end it all and Libya Thtajkm more than before
Chairman of the Local Misurata “Chkloun”:
– We promise you that we study Mtbakm with representatives and leaders of Misurata ..



Salem al-Obeidi reports: A Reconnaissance plane found the body of a fully uniformed  soldier in the Jeruth area at Eight o’clock; and has been reported to the competent authorities and the body given to The Special Forces “Thunderbolt” having bullets all over area of the eyes. It turns out that the body belonged to  the citizen Osama bin Kato, and It seems that he was executed by firing bullets and then put into the uniform. We must mention that “bin Kato” does not belong to any of the special forces.

Mr. / Osama bin Kato, who was found dead in the area on the outskirts of Benghazi Groth fired him four bullets,
one in the head and three in his body and is a Libyan citizen and not of commandos ……..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Alyy arrested 23 people of different nationalities
Entered the territory illegally Allibh
Most of them carry infectious diseases.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Benghazi two announcements :::
FLASH :::::
About the shooting since few, the car Bermaah forces stun Bmuftriq housing and was chased and arrested in Laithi.
Urgent ::::
The type of car Chevrolet white and opaque windshield has Bmtardt Mr.
Tariq Saaiti ((Mr. Tariq is from the PVC Almtfgrato and Mufriqaat))
And chased him while he fled to Hawari, but unfortunately the car Chevrolet
The Basaddam with another car where the car flipped over and led the care of Hawari now.
Chevrolet and went away and fled ………..
We wish a speedy recovery to the person who is in the care and also, God willing, Lord Tariq and protects him from …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
And latest news :::::
SS grab the person has a criminal beating a woman in the street and stole the gold in her hand and named Solomon T,
aka ((Kfatta)) and live Rulrhh area.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Urgent ::::
 Access to the hospital is now a girl murdered in 1200 at the age of 17 years
and her family at the hospital with her and one of her family multiplied …..
The story is unknown, but the story Sauaakm soon, God willing.
The girl murdered Hospital in 1200 multiplied by a bullet Besderha and
Gary investigate the case and collect all the information and I’m very sorry I can not give her name.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
The killing of citizenship “Nasreen Mohammed Mahmoud Alchouda”
Shot under the heart! Her body was brought directly to the
Eight o’clock and half of the hospital in 1200,
It is noted that “Alchouda” swallow the age of seventeen years
Come and residents of the area Buhedima # Benghazi
Salem al-Obeidi, a special cry homeland
Urgent ::::::
Special Forces are now in a telephone interview with me and our response :::
tip about the presence of a car bomb in front of the Egyptian consulate and are on their way out there ……
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Benghazi announces civil disobedience in all
Throughout the city starts on 12/06/2013 and demonstrated peacefully
Also begins on the same day in front of “Tibesti”

That the National Congress the following:
1 / Almelcaat resolve all of Benghazi, without exception
2 / Pull the powers granted to each and cut salaries
3 / weapon delivery Almelcaat for this “army” and “police”
4 / installation system cameras for the city
(Desert Storm)



Firas Bosalum / / special Reuters

Dr Hamid behind the kidnapping “of Iraqi nationality” of the city of Derna by unknown ..

Mention that he had been executed on the Libyan citizen in Iraq Balummen two years.

Tuber :::::
Fares Khalil  has been killedby  injectables today in street “Afattashat”
b JBELA p at six and a half by the middle of the road to the sound of a pistol silencer car “Taxi” type
Chevrolet at the height of rush and crowds of people downtown and cars.
(AD Media tuber Libya)
Derna. Middle bride
Knight assassination of Khalil Alzruaq now .. Hasbaya God and yes, the agent ..
100 in the assassination of Derna and the conference so far and the government so helpless a word to my family this stricken city ..



Perricone Sabha News
Saturday ceremony of delivery and receipt of the region between the military
Sabha Brigadier Mohammed Salem, gold retired from military service and Emhemed Colonel Abdul Hafeez Ayat Busafa.
Sabha area is the new Military.
Information transferred from Sulaymaniyah Tahlobh
I have a very serious information threaten the lives of youth resistance Liberals hope to generalize the importance
of no armed group currently in Sabha coming from the West.
I do not know if they came from Tripoli or Misrata; but the  important reason for the existence of these
is the filter and the kidnapping of young Alqmadfah and Almgarhh and they have a list of which
about 150 name and list the bench 0 .
1/2 Thoughts Ali / Ibrahim key
3 / Saleh Ibrahim key.
4 / Mohammed latency.
5 / Khalid Ibrahim Embarek.
6 / Abdul Latif Masud.
7/ Shibani Moses.
8 / Salem Amer Amer.
 / Congratulations to the benefit of filaments.
9 / Ghaith Alhmala.
10 / Naji Massoud.
11 / Mustafa mucus.
12 / Lamin mucus.
13 / Nuri Alfruja.
14 / Muammar Abrenne.
15 / Congratulations Jtalawi.
16 / Abdiyoa Booz gap.
17 / Hassan rural.
18 / Nuri al-Saad.
19 / Radwan Stratus.
20 / Saad Alhoush.
21 / nautical Moses.
22 / Hassan al-Atrash.
And the list goes on you will write it down later because the opportunity is opportunity and Lord saves Liberals thank.


Barak is now in the seawall are expelled every customer airbase in Barak by locals.



Word Now

Egyptian Interior Minister is now in urgent press conference
Ann who was behind the terrorist attacks in Egypt are organizing
Supporters of  the  “Ansar Al-Sharia” GROUP in Libya.

They have arrested several people Matturatin of extremist SALAFIST groups

who are receiving weapon support from Libya.

Egyptian authorities to withdraw its ambassador from Ankara and ask the Turkish ambassador in Cairo,

Egypt immediately leave the territory as a persona non grata because of what the Egyptian authorities

called Turkish blatant intervention in its internal affairs.

Arabic channel Al Arabiya:
Turkish Foreign Ministry:
the expulsion of the Egyptian ambassador from Ankara on the background
of the expulsion of the Turkish Ambassador.


Piece of history – 1986 Quote of MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI: 1986 al-Qathafi

– Americans – are good people. We love them as much as they love us. I want them to know that I do not hate them. I love them. […] But I think America will be destroyed from within the Zionist lobby. They do not understand it and do not notice. America has already started to decline. Sooner or later they will destroy Zionism.

1986 Wanted Poster [An article in The Pittsburgh Press, 1986] —– Muammar al-Qathafi shakes hands with BAN-ki-Moon of the UNO: Mu shakes hands w BAN-Ki-Moon


YesKaddafi à Paris 2

Even if we do not win the victory immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that the defense of the country is an honor and selling it – the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever, no matter how hard some to convince you otherwise ”

Returning Aaazemi Returning —- prepare for victory and liberate the homeland

© Muammar al-Qathafi, 2011

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
First: RNI say to all inside and outside our land usurped, daunting and I congratulate you on your patience to spare him and gets in our country.
Second: I would like to point out that war is not a game or a word uttered war situation paper, layout, arrangement and coordination and action.
3-resistance actually exist on Earth and lead the resistance, but not every one finds not desire him.
IV. the happening of events within our territory demonstrates the failure of government customers and traitors and what happen now demonstrates control of armed militias on each mkodarat our beloved human rights violations wetadib and killing and looting and terrorizing all named immoral.
Fifth: our land did not need foreign lisaado to secure the training of Libyan Libyan army is one of the most powerful armies in the world and this greater degree of military organizations in the world.
6-Libya land and glory and our people is put the right solution by uniting and their uprising for the lifting of the unjust hands.
We lived the life safety for 42 years and won’t see a murder or theft of aughtsab or violation of human rights.
7. true, there were some errors in the past 42 years but not the fault of public order or of leader moamer kadhafi, but errors were working under the title of personal interests.
VIII:-resistors are working on the basis provided assistance coverage, and not war, but the reality is that popular uprising from within and not from waiting inside or outside the home are from abroad and vice versa but the reality is the massive uprising sign and put people on the right track and is a public system, not on behalf of the people
9. the Libyan people and elements of the army, police and internal and external security are the backbone of the nation and not a group of militias who have various types of weapons and control people, not a State other than the State of public and non-public authority.
Ppbu Libyan people, how long are you waiting, and you are afraid of death, death is inevitably so grown and tallness and pride and not live a life of humiliation and indignity and servitude anhedo from your lethargy and your calm, you must twagho your fate day even yaisho your sons future safety we lansma everyday only murder, kidnapping, looting, rape and steal the Libyan people from a group of traitors and mercenaries, clients, this is your freedom who want this is your security and amankm anhedo wantvdo, Libya call out to you.
God wemam t, o b o
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
اولا :-أقول لكل الاحرار داخل وخارج أرضنا المغتصبة اهنئكم على صمودكم وصبركم على ماحصل ويحصل في بلادنا العزيزة .
ثانيا :- اود ان اوضح ان الحرب ليست لعبة او كلمة تقال الحرب دراسة للاوضاع وتخطيط وترتيب وتنسيق واجراءات .
ثالثا :- المقاومة موجودة فعلا على الارض وقيادة المقاومة موجودة ولكن ليس كل مايشتهيه المرء يجده.
رابعا:- مايحصل من احداث داخل ارضنا يدل على فشل حكومة العملاء والخونة ومايحصل الان يوضح سيطرة الميليشيات المسلحة على كل مقدارات ارضنا الحبيبة من انتهاكات لحقوق الانسان وتعديب وقتل ونهب وترويع وكل مسمى غير اخلاقي .
خامسا:- أرضنا لاتحتاج الى اجانب ليساعدو على تأمينها او تدريب ليبيين فإن الجيش الليبي من اقوى الجيوش في العالم وهدا بشهادة اكبر المنظمات العسكرية في العالم.
سادسا :-ليبيا ارض العز والشموخ وشعبنا هو من سيضع الحل المناسب وذلك بتوحيد كلمتهم وانتفاضتهم من اجل رفع الايادي الظالمة عنها .
نحن عشنا حياة أمن وامان طيلة 42 عام ولن نشاهد جرائم قتل او سرقة اوغتصاب او انتهاك لحقوق الانسان .
سابعا :- صحيح كانت هناك بعض الاخطاء في خلال 42 عام ولكن ليس الخطأ من النظام الجماهيري او من القائد العقيد معمر القذافي بل الاخطاء كان ممن يعملون تحت المسمى الجماهيري لخدمة مصالحهم الشخصية.
ثامناً:- الاسس الذي يعمل عليها المقاومون هيا المساعدة والتأميين وليس الحرب انما الواقع هو الانتفاضة الشعبية التي من الداخل وليست من ينتظرون من الداخل او الخارج فالداخل ينتظرون من بالخارج والعكس انما الواقع هو الانتفاضة العارمة التي ستقلب مجريات الامور ووضع الشعب على المسار الصحيح وهو النظام الجماهيري فلا نيابة عن الشعب
تاسعا :- الشعب الليبي والاحرار والمقاومون والجيش والشرطة والامن الداخلي والخارجي هم عماد الوطن وليست مجموعة من المليشيات الذين يمتلكون مختلف انواع الاسلحة ويتحكمون في الشعب فلا دولة غير دولة الجماهير ولا سلطة لغير الشعب.
يأيها الشعب الليبي إلى متى تنتظرون وتخافون من الموت فالموت قادم لامحالة فلنمت بعزة وشموخ وكبرياء ولا نحيأ حياة الذل والمهانة والاستعباد انهضو من سباتكم وسكونكم وخوفكم يجب ان تواجهو مصيركم اليوم حتى يعيشو ابنائكم مستقبلا في امن وامان ونحن لانسمع كل يوم سوى القتل والخطف والنهب والاغتصابات وسرقة اموال الشعب الليبي من مجموعة من الخونة والمرتزقة والعملاء هده هي حريتكم الذين تريدونها هدا هو امنكم وامانكم انهضو وانتفضو فإن ليبيا تناديكم .
اللــــــــــــــه ومعمــــــــــر وليبــــــــــــــــيا وبــــس
“Thank you to all those who want to know how I am and ask about me.
I feel great and I am here, where I can not be detected.
I live in the heart of millions . Esli will try to kill my body, but you can not kill the soul. “© Muammar al-Qathafi, 2011

That so-called Libyan Army was false!! They ARE MISURATA and EU/NATO forces!! They are disguised as LIBYANS/LIBYA ARMY! The man who wrote to “Valley Dinar NEWS” was correct in his questioning; and many Green sites have recognised some of the so-called “soldiers” now stationed in TRIPOLI, BENGHAZI and Derna. THEY ARE THE ENEMY; and they have taken-over!! The EU is the coup the Misurata captain was referring to…They took over….and it was all preplanned in TURKEY and with the Qatari. They made BelHadj their leader…that is why Noah & BelHadj were in that Ankara TURKEY MEETING this past week. We all know that al-Qaeda works for the CIA and EU. the EU & NATO have actually totally taken-over Libya, and Ali Zaidane was their agent!


No clear of saluting you and discernible discernible military!

Mr. Afandi in greeting # science and greet performance due to you # had betrayed her put the stick of honor underarms with Abba fifth mode thumb O # Bhim in the summit disobedient honor following where is the honor, O traitor

And Altanih

Shame on all of it is the oldest from this Technologic is Aokhadd in command of it freely # # # wilderness air

Military Governor of the # departments have not yet Okhanh
لا من حيـت واضـح عليك واخـد عسكرية واخـد !

يا سيـادة الأفندي في تحيـة #العلم وأداء تحية الواجب إلي أنت #خنتها توضع عصـاة الشرف تحت الأبط مع وضع الصبع الخامس الأبهام يا #بهيم في قمة عصاة الشرف يلي ماعندك شرف يا خائن


الخزي والعار علي كـل من هو أقدم من هذا الأمعـة وهو يأخد في الأوامر منـه #بحرية #جوية #برية

عسـكري محافظ علي #قسمي ولم أخـنه حتي الأن

EU ‘civilian’ mission training paramilitaries in Libya


18 NOVEMBER  2013

Post image for EU ‘civilian’ mission training paramilitaries in Libya

Source: EU Observer

Both units are part of Libya’s defence ministry.

The BG, a gendarmerie of some 9,000 men responsible for land borders, is, according to the EU paper, under the “direct command” of the Libyan army’s “chief of staff.” The NCG, 6,500 men who look after maritime borders, also reports straight to the top.

 The EU document says Eubam will take BG and NCG “battalions” out of the field, train them in secure locations, and “redeploy” them into action.

Eubam’s 111 personnel will be unarmed (albeit heavily guarded) and many of them will have civilian backgrounds in EU police and customs.

But the EU document notes that Eubam should also recruit people with “military expertise” to “provide specialist skills.”

For its part, the EU embassy in Tripoli, which is to work hand-in-hand with Eubam, is already hosting security advisors from Belgium and Italy. One of them, Luigi Scollo, who was there until September, has the rank of general in the Italian army.

Eubam has earmarked €120,000 a year to buy classified satellite images.

The sensitive nature of its work is also highlighted by EU contacts with Libyan intelligence. “There is readiness from the current director [of Libya’s intelligence services] to liaise with the future … mission,” the EU document notes.

Eubam’s job as outlined in the internal EU document sounds different to EU press releases, which underline its “civilian” nature and which say its main effort is to “draft” a border control “strategy.”

But a spokesman for the EU foreign service, Michael Mann, told EUobserver it is not doing anything out of the ordinary.

“The mission is supporting all border management related agencies and is providing advice and support on border management related issues, not on military tasks,” he said.

He noted that Libya specifically “requested the support of a civilian mission, not a military one, regardless of their internal organisational arrangements.”

He added that he cannot count up how many Eubam people will have military backgrounds “as not all the … staff has been recruited” yet.

Apart from training paramilitaries to stop EU-bound migrants on land and maritime borders, the EU is also trying to build up Libya’s ability to spot and stop migrant boats in the Mediterranean Sea.

The EU paper notes the Libyan navy is aiming to reactivate a “coastal radar capability” called VTMIS.

The EU itself has earmarked €4.5 million for “strengthening their [north African countries’] maritime border surveillance systems” under its so-called Seahorse project, with Libya already signed up.

In other efforts, the EU in December is launching Eurosur, a new IT system to co-ordinate maritime surveillance among 18 member states.

The Eubam document says Seahorse “implies the creation of a regional network between the relevant authorities of participating member states and north African countries that, once set up, will be linked to Eurosur.”

But the EU is also playing down the Libya-Eurosur connection.

Contradicting the internal EU paper, Mann told this website: “Neither Libya nor any other third country can be linked to the Eurosur communication network, because the participation in this network is strictly limited to Schengen member states,” referring to the EU’s passport-free Schengen zone.

He added that some Libya-Eurosur “co-operation” is possible, but only under “clear provisions on non-refoulement and personal data protection.”

Wider effort

Eubam’s part in protecting the Union’s southern belly is just a fraction of what EU countries, the US and other allies are doing on the same front.

An Italian source noted that Italy, the former colonial power in Libya, still remains its “principal interlocutor and donor.”

The Eubam paper shows that Italy set aside at least €250 million for Libya for 2012 and 2013, the vast majority of which is being spent on security projects by Italy’s defence and interior ministries.

Projects include: training 60 Libyan BG officers at Italy’s Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units in Vicenza; teaching 65 Libyan infantrymen at Italy’s Army Infantry School in Cesano; training 280 Libyan military police in Tripoli; and teaching another 150 civilian police in using anti-drug sniffer dogs and in forensic crime scene investigation.

It is also sending a naval boat to Libyan waters to stop “weapons smuggling,” restoring seven Libyan naval vessels and donating 20 “VBL Puma” armoured vehicles.

France is training 75 bodyguards to protect Libyan VIPs, 30 Libyan airmen, 20 naval officers and 72 naval divers.

Germany is helping to stop nuclear fuel in Libya’s Tadjoura research centre from getting into the wrong hands. It is also spending €600,000 on “disposal of chemical weapons” and €800,000 on securing Libya’s stocks of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

The UK has inserted a “Defence Assistance Team” in the Libyan defence ministry and is developing a “joint operations unit.” It has also placed a “strategic advisor” in the Libyan interior ministry.

Denmark, Greece, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain and Romania have smaller projects.

But the US and its allies in the region, including Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, are also working on a big scale.

A US state department official told EUobserver it aims to “provide training for 5,000-8,000 [Libyan military] personnel” in a scheme which is “currently in the development phase.”

The Eubam paper adds the US has already launched a $20 million programme on “justice sector [reform], arms control and land border security,” which involves “contracted personnel” from private security firms in Libya and US personnel in “neighbouring countries,” such as Morocco.

Turkey has so far trained 804 Libyan police officers, while the UAE is teaching almost 250 military officers.

A Nato official told this website it is also creating a team of 10 or so military advisors who will be based in Brussels but who will “visit Libya for short periods” to “provide advice to the Libyan authorities on defence institution building.”

The European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogendfor), a little known body also based in Vicenza, Italy, which co-ordinates the work of six EU countries’ military police, is not involved in Libya for the time being.

But its spokesman, Armando Sisinni, noted that an “assessment is taking place with regard to possible future collaborations in [EU] Common Security and Defence Policy missions.”

Official line

The EU’s Mann said the various projects are being co-ordinated by the UN mission to Libya, Unsmil, which holds “regular meetings” with European and US staff.

The official line is that the EU and US projects serve EU security and aim to build a better future for Libyan people.

“Libya’s principal international partners share a common goal, which is the success of the democratic transition and the sustainable stabilisation of the country in the interest not only of Libya but of the whole Mediterranean region,” the Italian source noted.

The state department official said the US wants to “bring stability and rule of law necessary to ensuring the peaceful, democratic and prosperous future for which the Libyan people sacrificed so much.”

But other interests are also at stake.

According to Libya’s oil ministry, it is currently producing just 700,000 barrels a day, but could quickly get back to pre-war levels of 1.4 million barrels if things go well.

EU and US oil contracts aside, Libya has a lot of money to spend on hardware.

The Eubam document noted that in 2012 Libya spent just 40 percent of its national budget, mostly on wages for civil servants, due to administrative chaos.

If things get back to normal, Italy, for one, is poised to take advantage.

According to Giorgio Beretta, an analyst at the Italian arms-control NGO, the Rete Italiana per il Disarmo, Italy was delivering €100 million a year of weapons to Libya before the war broke out.

One Italian scheme, the “Land Scout” radar network, kills two birds with one stone.

Italy began installing the equipment, which tracks migrant movement on land, in 2010.

The Italian source told this website: “The execution of the border control project was de facto interrupted by the Libyan uprising, but the contract remains valid and the project could be implemented as soon as conditions on the ground will allow it.”

On one hand, it will help the EU to stop unwanted migrants at a cost of €152 million to the Italian government.

But on the other hand, it will put the rest of the Land Scout price tag, some €148 million of Libyan oil cash, into the pockets of two Italian firms: Finmeccanica and GEM elettronica.

Asked by EUobserver if EU countries and the US are competing for influence in Libya, the EU’s Mann said “Of course not.”

But the Eubam document is less politically correct.

Noting that “the UK has advisors placed in key positions such as the ministry of defence and in Border Guards,” it goes on to describe the British Defence Assistance Team as “a key enabler for high level influencing.”

Violence on the increase

Violence in Tripoli over the weekend, in which a militia opened fire on unarmed protesters killing more than 40 people, drew strong words from EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, who “deplore[d] the loss of life” and called for “those responsible … [to] be brought to justice.”

It might also prompt EU foreign ministers at a meeting in Brussels on Monday (18 November) to consider putting Eubam on hold.

But it is unlikely to see Europe or the US back out for good.

“The EU cannot allow Libya to become a failed state,” a Maltese diplomat told EUobserver last Thursday, the night before the Tripoli clashes took place.

“Libya’s transition is going through one of its most delicate phases. However, we stand ready to accompany and support the Libyan people,” an Italian source added on Sunday.

Eubam is in any case running behind schedule.

The 18 April document said it was to have its own HQ and a “majority” of staff in place by the end of November.

But two weeks before the deadline, it has just 40 or so out of 111 people on the ground and still works out of the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, with the EU’s Mann saying the new HQ is now scheduled for “mid-March 2014.”

Apart from armed clashes, the Eubam document notes that EU staff are at risk on a day-to-day basis from carjackings or kidnappings at fake checkpoints and from robberies by people with “easy access” to firearms.

The EU paper also sheds light on the monstrous size of Libya’s problems.

It notes that the 2010 war “had a devastating effect on the security sector.”

It says there are now some 240,000 “ex-fighters” in the country who took up arms against Libya’s late dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, and who expect to be “rewarded” by the new government.

But the government itself suffers from a “lack of decision making culture” and “widespread corruption,” which sees “many public servants receive double or triple salaries without showing up at their workplace.”

It is also harassed by the Supreme Security Committee – an independent group of revolutionary leaders who want to make sure Gaddafi-era officials do not retake power – and who sometimes snatch government members for “temporary detention for interview” despite having no legal mandate.

The Eubam blueprint adds that just two (Egypt and Tunisia) out of Libya’s 14 official land border crossing points are currently under government control, while the rest are run by “militias or other tribal organisations.”

In terms of Border Guard training, Eubam staff will be working with a force which is largely composed of four “katibas,” or groups of irregular fighters, many of whom lack “basic” military skills, some of whom are illiterate and some of whom are criminals coming from the 26,000 people freed from jail in the uprising.

The BG has “organisational charts [which] do not always reflect the true situation” of who does what.

But it is responsible for guarding 6,000 kilometres of desert borders.

In the south, it operates in a zone where Toubou and Touraeg tribes – who help smuggle people, arms, drugs and counterfeit medicines to Europe – “do not fully recognise the central government [and] question the principle of borders” per se.

It also operates in a zone which contains “hardened fighters” pushed out of Mali by French soldiers and other “Islamic extremists,” including al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

On the maritime side, the Eubam document notes there are “80 sites [which] permit the launching of small craft typical of those used for the carriage of undocumented migrants.”

But it says Libya’s Coastal Police has just four patrol boats, one patrol plane and two marine helicopters, which “require maintenance.”

EU image

The Eubam staff will be well rewarded for their work.

According to a separate Eubam budget document, the mission head, a former Finnish customs chief, Antti Hartikainen, is being paid almost €320,000 a year.

A more rank-and-file Eubam officer gets €120,000 a year, as well as removal allowances and reimbursements for flights to visit family back home.

Eubam staff can also take up to 92 days of holiday a year, in what the EU spokesman, Mann, described as “a horizontal rule for all [EU] civilian missions.”

At the same time, the EU plans to spend €75,000 a year on PR, making TV and radio clips, printing leaflets and organising press conferences.

The “visibility” is badly needed in terms of building a positive image for EU intervention.

The Eubam blueprint from April notes that average Libyans are “still very grateful” for British and French help in toppling Gaddafi, but it adds that “a recent survey carried out by the EU demonstrates that less than 50 percent of Libyans know what the EU is”

Meanwhile, the PR spending stands in contrast to Eubam’s investment in secure communications.

Given the sensitive nature of its work, the Eubam document says: “It must be assumed that there will be considerable interest in the activities of the HoM [head of mission] and his mission staff by regional [intelligence] agencies.”

The Eubam HQ will handle information classified up to EU Secret.

But its 111 staff will talk to each other using unsecured mobile phones, satellite phones and VHF radios.

The Eubam budget document originally earmarked €48,000 to buy eight “Sectra” encrypted phones for Eubam to talk to Ashton’s people in Brussels.

But Ashton’s spokesman told this website Eubam now plans to use just five Sectra phones because it “has … nothing to hide in its daily operations.”

No sex please, we’re the EU

In terms of Eubam staff conduct, the EU document calls for the “highest professional and personal standards” in order to build “trust in the EU.”

It says Eubam staff must not accept gifts, drink alcohol, smoke hashish or use “foul, obscene, vulgar or otherwise offensive” language.

It also forbids them from hiring prostitutes, especially if they are “trafficked persons,” and from looking at pornography on their laptops.

Given the tricky sexual politics in the Islamic country, it adds that the “mission does not encourage the development of any relationship of a romantic or sexually intimate nature with persons from Libya.”

But at the same time, it underlines that if a Eubam staff member is charged with a “serious crime,” such as “rape” or “trafficking in human beings,” they will be “repatriated” to their home country instead of facing justice in Libya.

If anything does go wrong, neither Libyans or Europeans are likely to find out.

The Eubam document notes that if staff talk to media without Hartikainen’s permission it “will be considered a major breach of regulations.”

It adds on two occasions that whistleblowers are not welcome.

“In respect of the protection of the reputation and image of the EU … it is the right and obligation of staff members to report through the appropriate chain of command any cases of malpractice, corruption and incompetence.”

It adds a few pages later that if Eubam staff uncover something “that may have serious implications for the mission” they “will not disclose that information to any other person other than his or her direct supervisor.”

راگہپہز ٱمگہپہانے

18 novembre

Certain words and God is my witness /

To the people of Tripoli: Almsarit Etjmau in Alqrbula in large numbers and many mechanisms …

There are columns of them in Ammi Matafrhouc and Jews yourselves and Jayben crayfish and artillery ..

and it’s mesh to dramatize and Tqdro Taatsalo any extent in Alqrbula ..

caller who once described the strength of the frame Wenta uniforms convoy army Libyan who was heading to Benghazi ( (non intentions differ between the two army of liberation and Msarit destroyed )) and the Aozhuh unfamiliar ( ( Mesh for shows )) ..

story pit blood still Mapdt .. for the information of Haulo folks Alqrbula did Shi lose killing 2 of them were arrested to now 29 people from the sons of area Alqrbula .. Vkhudo Hdrickm singled text Tajourah and Friday Market

God has reached YOUR FRIENDS ,



Mu proud Bannar

From the memory of the homeland: his men and his sons and their wives honorable:

“We – the inhabitants of deserts and jungles , we have never had the capitalist class , big business , the concentration of capital , the middle class and the upper class, there was no nobility, lords and commoners. We – a single nation of nomads , farmers and fishermen. System Jamahiriya – a social system is more suited to us than the party system . Our people will not recognize any party , why tear it apart batches ? If in the state with 80 tribes form a party – there will be 80 games. Suppose that the tribes are tribes and choose their own leaders. We must not divide Africa into pieces imported models of social systems. “

© Muammar al-Qathafi , 2005

Prosecutors fail to Atbat the charges against al-Assad Dr. Abu Zeid Dorda and defense lawyers claim his innocence ..

Captive Abu Zeid Dorda calling for justice in the courts of clients NATO: 

Mahmkh postponed captive hero Dr. Baghdadi Mahmudi to the corresponding month. Tripoli appeals court on Wednesday decided to postpone the trial of captured al-Baghdadi Mahmoudi, the former prime minister to the eleventh session of the next month of December at the request of defense counsel.

Postpone the trial detainee Dr. Baghdadi Mahmudi 11 canon 2013


Champions postpone the trial Conqueror to December 11

And: Tripoli appeals court postponed the circle crimes Alsabahjermanyh, at its public meeting on Wednesday to try the defendants: Baghdadi Mahmudi, and carp Zhmul and Amer Tervas, to a meeting on Wednesday, eleventh of next December at the request of defense counsel.


Journalists Syndicate condemns twenty occultation newspaper

Atmosphere of the country Fathi Ismail

Denounced journalists and media workers union said in a statement occultation three government newspapers , and seven of ten private newspaper publication on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, at the invitation of civil disobedience, Tripoli.

Captain Asahafan and media Mustafa Venosh said the atmosphere for the country that he ” was more useful to the issuance of newspapers in black and white to mourn the lives that fell Friday ,” and not fully Ahtgabha ” because of its importance and its role in national calm and a return to stability .”

The Venosh added that the newspapers carry responsibility in the transfer of the facts to the public opinion and its absence from the scene detriment of the media scene .

And killed in the events Gharghour photojournalist favor Ayad, beating occurred and the seizure of some journalists and media burning Al Tobacts television in Tripoli.


Hashim humans, Head of Supreme Security Committee

first, why he is referred to as “Palestinian”:

Hisham humans get his family to the Libyan nationality in 1970!
And they Libyans of 44 years only; just when there was the al-Fateh in Libya!

Palestinian Hashim humans accuses parties of obstructing plans for Libya’s security

The head of the so-called Supreme Security Committee Tripoli, ” Hashim humans ,” says that there are parties and political groupings (factions) which exist in the General National Congress which hinder activation of security, through the deliberate delay in liquidating budgets for the directorates of security in various Libyan cities. Considering that there are parties – which he did not identify – seeking to thwart the transitional government, headed by rat “Ali Zaidane”, in order for themselves to come into power and take office.

Hashim humans said that Tripoli suffered from a security vacuum and chaos (which he described as a systematic), pointing out that the armed clashes that resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of citizens last Friday, may be repeated again at any moment, as long as massive heavy weapons are held by militias (which stands outside the legitimacy of the state) .
Humans announced , his total rejection of the idea of using a foreign peacekeepers in the city, which he said would live like a situation by putting on 20 August 2011 all over again (when the residents of Tripoli lived in a state of terror, where hundreds were arrested or slaughtered in the streets of Tripoli by foreign mercenaries of NATO).


AT LEAST HASHIM humans is correct about not wanting any foreign troops…BUT ZAIDANE has other ideas and plans on using NATO, EU and Yankees for “peace control” and “training” !!!
الفلسطيني هاشم بشر يتهم تيارات بعرقلة خطط الحكومة الأمنية

قال رئيس ما يسمى اللجنة الأمنية العليا طرابلس “هاشم بشر” لـ « الشرق الأوسط » إن هناك أحزابا وتجمعات سياسية موجودة في المؤتمر الوطني العام تعرقل تفعيل الأمن ، عبر تعمد التأخير في تسييل الميزانيات الخاصة بمديريات الأمن في مختلف المدن الليبية ، معتبرا أن هناك أحزابا – لم يسمها – تسعى لإفشال الحكومة الانتقالية التي يترأسها “علي زيدان” لكي تأتي بمرشحها لتولي المنصب.
واعتبر “بشر” أن طرابلس تعاني فراغا أمنيا وفوضى، وصفها بأنها ممنهجة، لافتا إلى أن الاشتباكات المسلحة التي أسفرت عن مصرع وإصابة المئات من المواطنين ، يوم الجمعة الماضي ، قد تتكرر في أي لحظة ، طالما استمر السلاح بحوزة الميليشيات التي تقف خارج شرعية الدولة.
وأعلن “بشر” رفضه لفكرة الاستعانة بقوات حفظ سلام أجنبية في المدينة ، التي قال إنها تعيش وضعا أشبه ما يكون بوضعها في الـ 20 من شهر أغسطس عام 2011 م.

بنت الوادي




Client splitter Abu arrows/ NURI BUSHMIN :

“Gaddafi ‘s followers behind the chaos in Libya.”

( Dehra silence and disbelief pronunciation )

Liberal Libya : The head of the General National Congress Nuri Abusshmin , on Tuesday , said that belonging to the Gaddafi regime behind the ongoing create chaos in the country right now .

And facing Libya over the past few months, the worst crisis since the fall of Gaddafi in October 2011 due to the growing unrest in the oil industry, which deprive the state of export revenues basic control gunmen on wells and oil ports the country’s main , under the security situation ale .

He Abusshmin , during his speech Arab summit African third in Kuwait, ” dark forces of followers of the former regime and who are in some countries in the region take advantage of the poor conditions that led to the country due to the revolution, to create chaos and strife tribal , they are also used method of sabotage targeting foreign missions assassination .”

There is an attempt to Gharghour,

and criminals who follow the criminal LFG Mustafa Noah – (NOW FORMER) General Intelligence Chief, returned from Turkey..
Now they paint SUV painted in the National Army logo “Qara Bolle” until you throw the gates and Madnnin

and they attempt to show knitwear from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and wave green flags.

They then blow up vital areas and other (making it appear that they are “Gaddafi loyalists!” doing the terrorist acts)…

For the people of Tripoli, We teach that there is a conspiracy against Tripoli ..

This bunch of corrupt Salafist hoodlums attempt to flood Tripoli with blood / /

And you will see the features of this plot in the coming days ..

(Gateway Libya).


CONTINUANCE of Blaming the VIOLENCE on Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and those loyal to him and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:


(Blagraa) white:


“All Tripoli battle waged by agents of the former regime”

(بلاغراي) البيضاء:[[مفتي الديار: أحداث طرابلس معركة يشنها أعوان النظام السابق]]

THIS SEEMS NOW TO BE A NATO STRATEGY FOR THE GNC to place the blame on Muammar!!!


Citing France 24 correspondent in Libya …

Prime Corner Air Force Brigadier Mahmoud Issa says that there are countries that are getting rid of their nuclear waste Libyan territorial waters and the desert south of the country, accusing the Zionist entity, stressing they spotted several times suspicious ships entering the territorial waters not to mention the aircraft.

Libyan official: Israel has the disposal of nuclear waste in Libya.

مسؤول ليبي: اسرائيل قامت بالتخلص من مخلفات نووية في ليبيا .

The events of the massacre are handed down from bouslim channels and with that people knew the story of Abu Salim (Quezon), but they ytkelmona the only crime ( but proven not a crime by investigative real report ) they are accused by Muammar of (if it’s a crime) is that if Muammar was aware or not.
Or there are crimes and massacres in the Nakba ttghadah her eyes.For what..
1/massacre of Bani Walid State kill people
2/mesheshiya massacre
3/massacre of Benghazi
4/Ashley massacre
5/massacre of Tripoli demonstrators refused to gangs
6/the mass graves
7/detainees (torture/murder/robbery/rape and sale)
8/looting and robbery by force of arms
And all of this did not speak one of the channels and not who they said they antvadawa against injustice. … If this isn’t oppression??????
We say to the South, beware. They massacred in both East and West.Next time perhaps you role therefore collaborated with some other and you know with whom they treat one another in the South. Though very seriously you are clearing the agents you not they find it helps them in the city.

-مشاركاتكم.احداث بو سليم اصبحت مجزرة تتناقلها قنواتهم ومع ان اغالب الناس عرفوا قصة بوسليم الا انهم يتكلمونا عنها هذه الجريمة الوحيدة التى يتهمون بها معمر لو انها جريمة او اذا كان معمر بعلم بها او لا..
ام الا ان هناك جرائم ومجازر في ظل هذه النكبة تتغاضة عنها الانظار…..لماذا ..
1/مجزرة بني وليد الدولة تقتل في شعبها
2/مجزرة المشاشية
3/مجزرة بنغازي
4/مجزرة ابوسليم
5/مجزرة طرابلس متظاهرين رفضوا العصابات
6/المقابر الجماعية
7/المعتقلات ( التعذيب/ القتل / سرقة الاعضاء وبيعها/اغتصاب)
8/النهب والسلب بقوة السلاح
وكل هذا لم يتكلم احد في قنواتهم الكاذبة ولا تحرك الذين قالوا انهم انتفاضوا ضد الظلم …. ماهذا اذا اليس الظلم بعينه؟؟؟؟؟؟
ونحن نقول الى الجنوب احذروا …. لقد قاموا بمجازر في كلا من الشرق والغرب ..وفي المرة القادمة ربما يكون الدور عليكم ولهذا تعاونوا مع بعض البعض وانتم تعرفوا مع من يتعاملونفي الجنوب ….. ولو جد الجد يجب عليكم يتم تصفيةالعملاء منكم حتى لايجدوا من يساعدهم في المدينة.

URGENT ::: very dangerous ..
Triki still farm where Mlisheh of the sons of Misrata ..

Do you know the people of Tripoli that in farm Triki beside the tomb of Sidi Hussein Baalkassa there are buried Aljtt which was under torture militias This is MACD and there young man serving there saw this with his own eyes told it was in the case of hysteria, which had seen about 14 bodies buried in front of his eye .. Come on now, under the hand of Hassan al-Misrati

Have fallen weak God Libyan air force colonels had a blacksmith workshop blacksmith named “Abdul Rauf /Muhammad hater”  abused youth were killed in Tripoli.

هزلت والله عقداء في سلاح الجو الليبي يحاورون حداد في ورشة حدادة اسمه عبدالرؤوف كارة يمتهن قتل شباب طرابلس ..

Mitigua RAT air-base waiting for their decisive day::


Khrbut Wireless standing in the pleasures Hotel Al-RIXOS HOTEL restaurant.

Alassema TV channel capital
Ministry of Justice announced the interim government to resume its work … Require all employees to return to direct their and daily Manmamanm as of Wednesday ..

On all citizens to complete procedures for their car and license renewal during these days from the date of 12.01.2013 will start stone on any vehicle be contrary to the laws of traffic even though it was a of the Ministry Aldkhalah or chief of staff.

 Ealam Nons ::

Last Sunday, the Minister of Information Culture beloved Alamit released four young people were arrested on Friday and Saturday at the headquarters of the ministry and released are 3 of the Rafla and fourth Klkh and after detecting a group of young people on the transfer of the headquarters of the ministry to prisoners and the Ministry guarding the battalion cranks they are relatives of the Minister Musrati their uniforms and fears of people stormed the ministry and ruin him down and he learned from opening them Latrell and Aatdr them
And the guidance of another crime convert the Ministry of Guantanamo still hear.



No. 193 for help activate the service to citizens by the Directorate of Tripoli‘s remarks on the channel capital …

# Disclaimer | Chiefs of Staff remember that the Libyan air force will air sorties in the skies of the capital and

demonstrations in solidarity with the population in order to remove all armed formations from the capital ..

Deutsche Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. 2 stops their flights to Tripoli for security reasons until 25 November.

German Airlines suspend flights to Tripoli
Atmosphere of the countrySalah Bouhger

The Director of the Office for the interests of air transport and airports Ibrahim to suspend the German airline ” Lufthansa ” flights to Tripoli .

And added that ” Lufthansa ” will suspend its flights to Monday’s twenty-fifth of November in solidarity with the Libyan people following the events of Tripoli last Friday that killed dozens of people dead and hundreds wounded.

It also said that the German company will resume its flights as of next Tuesday, the twenty-sixth of November.

It is noteworthy that ” Lufthansa ” going one flight daily between Frankfurt and Tripoli .


Prisoners Gharghour ::

The reservation on two young brothers from the city of Tawergha brought after the investigation elements of deterrence and check that they have issues or wanted it turns out, that they did not have any interest to remember
They were prisoners in Gharghour area were arrested in their home, accompanied by their father were freed by the people in a demonstration last Friday
They also said that they stayed almost 12 days in custody in a Gargour Thmthm the area that they are from the city of Tawergha and asked them to charges of being ousted regime ……
Vtm today handed over to their uncle and release:


Statement of the Council and local dignitaries Tawergha carries the responsibility of the General National Congress and the interim government assault on one of their camps in the city of Tripoli on Friday and killed one of the sons of the camp and wounding two others:

Youth rebelling Tripoli on armed militias expelled terrorist Mohammed Abu (Bo) Sidra  in Algeria Square a little while ago and some of them tried to hit him for that reason in strife with the country now:

Reported that a member of the National Conference General Mohammed Bo Sidra enter the

intensive care room after being severely beaten by angry mobs in Algeria Square.

Judicial officer with the 8th Brigade (El nawasy) of the Ministry of the Interior, immaculate Erwa, denied to the newspaper “Atmosphere of the Country” that the Interior Ministry was evacuating Divisional headquarters in Abu Sitta, stressing that consultations are currently under way with Tripoli to free local Council headquarters, moving to MITIGUA  air base Thursday morning.

Army calls for citizens to keep away from military sites
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly

Asked the presidency of the General Staff of all citizens not to approach the armed camps and sites to maintain their lives .

A spokesman for the General Staff, JCS Husein told “the atmosphere of the country” that there exploits to attack

armed camps and sites in the theft of weapons and mechanisms .

And cautioned citizens not to attack the camp so as not to repeat the tragedy of the loss of lives and looting of weapons by unknown actors.to not attack the camps so as not to repeat the tragedy of the fall of the lives and the looting of arms by unknown destinations .

The military camps in Tripoli were looted , the latest theft was what has happened last week, the Military College for Girls Tripoli area headquarters and military Command of the Air Force accordingly when girls were abducted and apartments were burned.

hwell Alorchwena family receives their son Hani, who was found unharmed and one of the dens Misrata militias area Gharghour in poor health.
Alakhantaf Date: 11/07/2013

camp Alforjan – 


From inside Maskaralsoarich Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli after Almsarit withdrawal

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Pictures of within rockets Bkhalh the camp Alforjan – 

after the withdrawal of the Central shield him and received by the national army the day before yesterday.

Gallows at the headquarters in Tripoli, Misrata militias to kill citizens

Gallows at the headquarters in Tripoli, Misrata militias to kill citizens


After the Militia left this “headquarters”…This is what the people found! The MISURATA RATS slaughtered their kidnapped abducted children and women…This is what happened to all those missing children and women reports!

so many were going missing. Now they know the culprits and who their abductees and murderers were. It shows signs of ritual sacrifice too.

 Crimes of the Zionists Misurata
Photos from inside the camp missiles Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli, Misrata after defeating the armor of it: –
It turns out that the camp contains the writings on the walls indicate racism and Regional
The presence of a spot of blood and a hole in the ground and a suspected mass grave, as well as the presence of civilian cars was not aware of the owners and the brother of one of them came after the owner of the car bring proof of ownership, and told them that his brother
(Car owner) has been missing for days, in addition to sabotage the facilities to clear the camp, which it spent millions for maintenance.This topic and other crimes committed against the people of Libya every day by the militias of Misratahttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=652720721415302&set=a.474412402579469.107059.293424964011548&type=1&relevant_count=1

MISURATA surely made pacts with SATAN!!


blood everywhere and signs of mass graves in the back of the complex

From inside Maskaralsoarich Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli after Almsarit withdrawal
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Pictures of within rockets Bkhalh the camp Alforjan – Tripoli,

after the withdrawal of the Central shield him and received by the national army the day before yesterday.

Abdel Moez Bannon:  

Automotive citizens present in the camp school missiles in Tripoli, has been combed by the militia were in the camp trace shield the middle, and had received the camp, according to instructions from the chief of staff in the last month of Ramadan, and the day before yesterday received the camp officers of the Libyan army ,, for car owners to go to the camp accompanied with proof of ownership of the car.

Bulletin communications received on 20/11/2013 :

Center police AboSaleem :

Word communication effect brought to a hospital Saleem called accidents (p . C . P) 41 – year – old resident of Abu Saleem wounded by a live bullet to the man left and back by an unknown person and at 23:50 the signal from achieve that place that affected his health does not allow interrogation .
The initial actions taken in particular.

City police station :

Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called (a . P . ) 21 – year – old resident Friday Market wounded by a live bullet in the right thigh Mansoura area by named Hamza (Unknown rest of the name) .
Ambulance was injured and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

Friday Market police station :
Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called (a . M . A ) a 19 – year – old resident Hani wounded by a live bullet in the chest, the impact of a quarrel with the invitee (a . A . ) 17 years old ambulance was injured and save the hospital .
The initial actions taken in particular.

(National Security Directorate Tripoli)

Revealed the names of the victims of the massacre Gharghour ask God for their forgiveness and mercy:

official death N° 48:

Jump to the mercy of God citizen “Abdullah age diver Alice” this day in the morning,

his wounds as a result of being under machine gun fire “NBK T” in the bloody demonstration on Friday the Gharghour area.

I am God and to him we shall return.



The Al Qaqaa Brigade threatens to publish images rat Fri Ka naked in the airport since he continued his attack on Al Aqsa and Al-Quds Brigades.

RAT JAMA Fri Ka has been kidnapped now for months by Xanthan (the armed forces of al-Zentani), and now has left him naked at the Airport Road near the equestrian.

لواء القعقاع يهدد بنشر صور جمعة القماطي عاريا في طريق المطار فيما لو استمر في هجومه على كتائب وسرايا الزنتان ، وكان جمعة القماطي قد خطف منذ شهور من قبل مجموعة مسلحة تنتمي للزنتان وتركوه عاريا في منطقة طريق المطار قرب الفروسية .
# Tripoli Airport Road this morning and Saraya’s withdrawal of the Xanthan:
The Misurata Convoy withdrawn, were attacking Zintan by shooting and robbery, attempt at the gate of the 27.


Sawani channelURGENT: killing one person a little while ago as a result of being under fire near the bridge Zahra.


Urgent ::: mixture of Misurata brigades destined mechanism about 200 and 500 armed withdraw from the Chadian border Alllibh.

Now, who were the invaders? …and who were the ones to commit murder???
Abdel Rahman Sowaihili says:

I feel sadness and sorrow for the souls of the youth of Misrata who were killed in cold blood in Gharghour defense of themselves as they face companions, criminals and call for the arrest and extradition of offenders to Misratah to receive their fair penalty ..


Tripoli :::::

Mohammed Muammar farm in the way of airport Badkopry the equestrian on Alimainfe direction airport

where Mlisheh of Misrata ..

One of the region’s population mail …

Reported a convoy of Misrata militias in the direction of Tripoli and now in the city of five
  • Bestelmo kidnapped by saying from Tajourah Council

Libya Shield militia announced in a televised statement from their hometown of Misratah “mother”  

withdrew’ (HAH!!) from Tripoli and Tarhuna, Zliten &  five .. I was and what was the greatest hidden ..

القذرة القاتلة شيطانية مصراتة!

The stake who Darōh Almsarit in central Misratah Qamzoa, it.


Deceased car Nadia Zarqaani and their carcasses found in Gharghour company of 6 bodies of other girls found in cabins electricity Pegrgor.

CAN you see  the demon on the pavement (above photo) at rear of car ?



Sheikh tribe children to reach their families in Libya, including Tripoli contributed from Zliten in Tripoli F bloody Taatbra them names and they inform our people in Tripoli, some of the criminals who were involved in the massacre, they are as follows:

1. Ahmed Ali Futaisi ( known as Abu Musab al- Alzelitni ) battalion commander Martyrs Zliten
2 . Abdalrav mast commander shield Libya Zliten Central
3. Brenqgu birth assistant battalion commander Martyrs Zliten
4 . Amslm commander Hafiz Shield forces to Libya Zliten
5 . Munir Cthati
6 . Alaa mast
7 . Sage Agha
8 . Jibril Cthati
9 . Hani Cthati
10 . Ahmed builder
11 . Tariq Akdarh seen fleeing from Gharghour
12 . Abdulrahman Amslm
13 . Khalifa eye
14 . Ibrahim Ahamada
15 . Abdulaziz Futaisi
16 . Fakhri Futaisi
17 . Ali al-Hadi Aqratm
18 . Salem Akaddar
19 . Fathi Ben Ramadan mystical
20 . Faraj Mohammed Thowaibi
21 . Sharif Ali Rinico
22 . Imran cleats Alduibi
23 . Ezzedine Mohammed Futaisi
24 . Abdulkarim builder
25 . Ayman builder
26 . Abdullah Obeid battalion commander Antiquities Zliten
27 . Mohammed Ghalila Mongoose
28 . Mohammed Zadam
29 . Imad F Alsar .
30 . Osama Abdul Razak bin Akedarh . . . .

Tribe boys Sheikh Libya 18/11/2013

(Gateway Libya)



unidentified attacker has shot seven citizens in the west area of Sirte . we will try to obtain more details





Agency urgently Libya / gynecologist and the generation of an infected hepatitis epidemic

————————————————– ———————–

Discovered in the city of Casablanca, Dr. diseases Gynaecology holder of the pandemic virus most dangerous type of hepatitis “c”.
The doctor purposely infected epidemic Hepititus upon those working for private hospitals,

but he fled after the discovery of his command, and he has since moved on to another city.


Subject “named Boubacar Rahim sincere Alvesa” is one of the militia patrols Thunderbolt “for surgery by an hour and a half until this moment, after being targeted by proximity Mnkopri the Ras Aobeidh B Shooting penetrated his gut, and mentions that” Alvesa “at the age of 35 years.

She said the evacuation Gaala hospital information Fadia Elbarghati, told “Atmoshere  of the country” on Wednesday, that the officer of the special forces (commandos) Boubacar Abdulrahim Al went to the hospital after being exposed to fire from unknown assailants, while passing on the expensive chair -patrol near the  Ras Al-Obeidh Bridge in Benghazi
Elbarghati confirmed that the officer is undergoing surgery in an operating room hospital Gaala evacuation.

Exposure at dawn today ordered patrol sergeants head (Abubakar Alvesy) charged on the Iron Bridge and near the Galaa Hospital to a shooting incident by unknown gun by NBK T when he was doing his duty. The criminals traveling in a car type black pocket and entered the hospital on the track and Galaa currently performed surgery wish him healing.

(Gateway Libya)

Image of the car who exploded at the Arabian Peninsula Medical

A car is Ndiaye at Island Hospital, 1200

In front of the Benghazi Medical Center (Hospital, 1200):



Urgent agency Libya / sabotage station generating electricity Bdrnh

According to preliminary information received at the agency “urgently to Libya,” a short while ago that it was blown up a large part of the power plant and water desalination in the city of Derna, causing power outages in full from the city and a severe shortage of water.

Exploded at dawn on Wednesday 2013.11.20 roadside bomb targeted a power station steam tuber which led to the destruction of the gate of Foreign Affairs and serious damage to the station’s training center and shattering a bus full transfer of personnel and injuring a security personnel was seriously injured installations ..
Department of Public Information of the Company for Electricity

# City explosion shortly before the tuber.


Security alert next to the compound the tuber Shiha oriental of health and people are all Talaat after the blast and a state of fear
And panic felt by the population.

(Valley girl)

Libya’s international channel ::::::::

URGENT: Exit demonstration in the city of Derna after Maghrib prayer from the mosque and you still BROTHERS demonstration during which demonstrators denounced the events taking place in the city security roaming the streets amid the growing number of angry demonstrators.

Tuber …..

Assassination attempt traitor officer Mohammad Ali Thana, after shooting him in front of his house,

which are displayed to the incidence of gunshot wounds and was evacuated to the hospital for treatment.



An attack on the channel page capital Jerdanih now

سبها الأن | Sebha Now


العاصمة نبض الثورة وروح الوطن يمكنكم الأن متابعة قناة العاصمة الفضائية على القمر الصناعي Nilesat 107 AB7 على التردد 11393 ـ مستوى الرمز 27500


Linking Oil and War: Review of ‘Petro-Aggression’

18 NOVEMBER 2013

By Rosemary A. Kelanic  // Monday, 18 November 2013

In PE, Jeff Colgan provides an indespensible starting point for researchers interested in the relationship between oil and international conflict.

Although the term “energy security” is now ubiquitous in political speeches and the media, international relations scholars have only just begun to rediscover the topic after a 30-year hiatus. The 1970s oil shocks prompted a wave of research in the 1970sand 1980s but did not produce systematic theories about oil and war. Emerging scholarship assesses the potential threats to energy-importing countries and examines how energy security issues shape importers’ foreign policies, including their decisions to use military force.

Colgan’s book makes a unique contribution by examining a topic that has otherwise received little attention:

how oil might encourage conflict initiation by “petrostates,” which he defines as countries for which oil exports comprise 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) or more (page 2).

Colgan argues that oil income generates cross-cutting incentives for petrostates when it comes to using force.



Ras Igdir witnessing a growing movement Tunisia

Security sources said that customs and border crossing, with a worthy , and at a lower level crossing Thuhayba weigher, has witnessed a remarkable increase in transit traffic to Tunisia on Sunday and Monday .
The official said the National Guard Medenine province that large numbers of vehicles and passengers crossing crossed into Tunisian territory at a rate higher than was recorded during the previous days and weeks .
The official added that security disturbances taking place in the capital of Tripoli and other Libyan regions to pay many to travel to Tunisia in waiting for the return of calm conditions .
Confirmed a family traveling in Medenine it from residents of the capital Tripoli , and that the recent clashes forced them to leave and the exploitation of her time in Tunisia to undergo surgery for an elderly woman of the family.