Remember the Third Universal Theory

Mu, the on-going challege to implement the Third Universal Theory


The WAHABI (BROTHERHOOD) are a world -wide vermin, destroying everything, even that which is holy and sacred.

They have demolished mosques and shrines all over Libya. They announce to destroy the Holy Kaaba in Mecca as well.



Mu and Hajj original



Mu at the Holy Hajj 3 enhanced

JUMA prayers always….

and Libya will be blessed again…


(one month ago)

 Ihmed Trebelsi, hero:

Zintan-page official

Air Force targeted a bulldozer loaded with ammunition near Azwaitina coming from Misrata to support terrorist groups
Allah is the greatest

And subordinate units of the Libyan army military maneuvers southwest of Tripoli, ready to enter Tripoli and positioning within


Ehna Bedouin nomads including runner-hawks high Mainzlo on carrion

احنا بدو والبدو فيهم صيفة صقور عالية ماينزلو على الجيفة

Army Libyan tribes honest

Our address all Libyans, without exception, all political orientations ..
Everyone should know that our goal is to clean Libya of heretics and the Kharijites
And extremist groups and Brotherhood bankrupt ..

Rotating them and Hantehroa Njusthm of the country ..


Channel Great Jamahiriya

Silks brothers, sisters Liberals 45 years of stepping up and dignity Portal will continue to march sir leader,

and we will celebrate “Eid Al Fateh” with pride and stepping up to Athtamoa to provoke any traitor or Fberaara. Flaém place of celebration Otrivh celebration of the most important, are the people revelers and their sense of celebration ..

O world, we exist and we will celebrate; and I will challenge everyone.

and we will celebrate Bokhalsna and steadfastness on the principle Snbehr the world our love for Muammar al-Qathafi.

Be assured Sir, Commander, that your daughters and your sons Liberal, will celebrate the distant light, even in the simplest way.

It is important as the number and truer sense. . We defied the world and proved your presence, O beloved leader

and we have equipped your photos and videos Ahtdakm to Tnscheroha through your pages and pages Resistance Fbachroa processing,

to prove your presence from now until the promised day Otz in Tykes and lengthwise crosswise ferry writing words sound on Paltalk pictures, leaflets singing the simplest ways, and Bosabha on the ground, on the Internet within the country, or outside, or even in the Mars.

It is important, that we are on the hearts and a thorn in the Helloukkm Thbtona, and will never give up ..

Therefore, O Vlchhd world, we will celebrate “Eid Al Fateh” with dignity and glory; because, we are free and supervision of the ‘ousted al-Qathafi’ and proud ¤¤¤

¤¤ and live as state Cronies
(¤¤¤ lawyer leader)







Libya needs help to defeat WAHABI-Islamist militias, says foreign


Foreign minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz warns against a co-alition of inter-global WAHABI-Islamic-factions ‘who are now stronger than any one government itself’

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel Aziz at the fourth Ministerial Meeting for the Neighbouring Countries of Libya in Cairo. Photograph: REUTERS

Libya needs foreign help to defeat an alliance of inter-global WAHABI-Islamist militias who seized Tripoli on Sunday, announcing a breakaway regime (calling themseves the ‘salvation of Libya’ or “LIBYA DAWN”), and who are “now stronger than any one government itself”, the country’s foreign minister has told the Guardian.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz stressed he was not calling for direct foreign military intervention. But he said Libya’s government, which has fled east to Tobruk, is now unable to safeguard key state institutions by itself, and called for “arms and any other equipment … that could ensure the possibility of protecting our strategic sites, our oilfields, our airports” against militias “stronger than the government itself, and who now possess arms even more sophisticated than the government”.

Abdel Aziz’s call came as the new WAHABI BROTHERHOOD militia leadership in Tripoli appointed a former guerrilla commander as head of a reconvened WAHABI BROTHERHOOD Islamist-led parliament, formally breaking with the country’s elected government. Omar al-Hasi, a former commander with the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group, which fought against Muammar al-Qathafi, was announced as “prime minister” of the officially defunct general national congress by Islamist leaders meeting in a city hotel.

The move came amid a wave of attacks across Tripoli the day after it was captured on Sunday by Libya Dawn, an alliance of WAHABI-Islamist militias and their allies from Misrata. Gangs of armed men ransacked and burned homes of government supporters and residents from tribes sympathetic to the government. Misratan militias captured Tripoli international airport and set it ablaze. Vigilante patrols swept the streets demanding to see identity documents, and many people feared to leave their homes. Several reported being chased by WAHABI-BROTHERHOOD militiamen. “They have now started burning houses and property belonging to people from Zintan, Warshafana, Warhafal and the east,” one resident tweeted. “Street fighting in different places, not safe.”

Speaking to the Guardian in Cairo, Abdel Aziz ruled out requesting foreign air strikes against the insurgents in the short term – but hinted that they might be needed if negotiations with the rebels fail. “Once we cannot achieve a serious or meaningful dialogue among all the factions, perhaps we can resort to other means afterwards,” said Abdel Aziz, who was at a conference for regional foreign ministers about the future of Libya.

But he said immediate foreign assistance was essential to the future of the country. “Without this protection, without the expertise to enable the government to be able to deliver goods to the people, it will be difficult to talk about smooth transition from the false ’17 Geharr revolution’,  to building a state with a rule of law and viable government.”

On Monday the rule of law had all but collapsed in Tripoli. A government official claimed tens of thousands had fled the capital. A BBC correspondent in the city, Rana Jawad, tweeted: “In past 48 hrs many – if not majority – of apartments of Hay el Zohour compound on airport road have been ransacked acc to witnesses.”

Journalists have also been singled out. There were attacks on the nationalist TV station, Al Asima, while the home of a correspondent for TV channel Al Arabiya was set ablaze. Villas of government officials were set alight and gunfire erupted in several districts of the city. Wahabi-Islamists have replaced the editors of the two state TV stations, with the government responding by blocking their satellite signal.

A resident tweeted: “Tripoli is only safe if you are ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood or Misratan. If anyone speaks out they will  lose home and possibly life.”

In Benghazi, another WAHABI-Islamist militia, Ansar al Sharia, called for Libya’s WAHABI-Islamists to form a united front with the KHARIJITES:

“Proclaim that your struggle is for the Islamic-Caliphate and not democratic legitimacy, so the world unites under the same banner.”


Libya’s legitimate parliament, the House of Representatives, met in the eastern city of Tobruk and appointed a new chief of staff. It denounced the attacks:

“The groups acting under the names of “Fajr [Dawn] Libya” and “Ansar al Sharia” are terrorist groups and outlaws.”



‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and terrorist groups make OMAR HASSI their new Prime Minister of Libya !

Libya’s defunct outgoing Allaotunai Conference of the (MB) General National Congress (GNC), has appointed a new prime minister in a move set to deepen the country’s political split as warring factions vie for control of the country.
The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood dominated GNC, “reconvened” on Monday in Tripoli and elected Islamist-backed terrorist, Omar al-Hassi, a lecturer in political science at the University of Benghazi, as their “new” prime minister…

picture: the defunct MB General National Congress:

The image, created specially for the “West” to see:

The closing statement of the ministerial meeting came as the WAHABI Brotherhood Islamists, who seized Tripoli airport from the Zintan Airport Security teams on Sunday, doubled down on their opposition to the new assembly.

The WAHABI BROTHERHOOD Islamist-leaning former interim parliament — whose term of office expired in February — held a session in Tripoli, reportedly at the behest of the triumphant WAHABI Brotherhood Islamist militias, and elected university professor Omar al-Hassi to head a “national salvation government”. Libyan news site quoted General National Congress spokesman Omar Humeidan as saying the assembly had ordered a state of emergency and general mobilization.

The Criminal coalition of WAHABI Brotherhood Islamist militias and forces from the mid-western city of Misurata, known as “Libya’s Dawn”, meanwhile undertook a campaign of “arrests” (which really are illegal ABDUCTIONS) in the capital, “al-Wasat” reported quoting witnesses.

Libyans to Omar Hassi (who commissioned the work of the government in Tripoli coup) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

LANA, quoting TV network al-Nabaa, on Wednesday said the ministers of industry (Suleiman al Taif) , labor, planning, education and water resources, and the state minister for the affairs of the wounded, have submitted their resignations along with Abdullah “bending” al-Thani.

The evil WAHABI MB dares to ride again in LIBYA

Unexpected sanctions against members of the House of Representatives absent.



Gulf Co-operation Council recognizes the House of Representatives, representing the lonely Libya
Qatari minister leaves the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) meeting:

Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah, left, arrives to attend a meeting of Gulf foreign ministers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saturday 30 Aug. 2014.

The meeting of Gulf foreign ministers ended on Saturday without a clear way out of a monthslong diplomatic spat with Qatar, although some envoys signaled that progress had been made.

Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March in an unprecedented public protest largely believed to be spurred by the tiny nation’s support for Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere.

Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah, left, arrives to attend a meeting of Gulf foreign ministers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saturday Aug. 30, 2014. The meeting of Gulf foreign ministers ended on Saturday without a clear way out of a monthslong diplomatic spat with Qatar, although some envoys signaled that progress had been made. Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March in an unprecedented public protest largely believed to be spurred by the tiny nation's support for Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere. (AP Photo/Saudi Press Agency)

(AP Photo/Saudi Press Agency) The Associated Press

good work against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:


Zintan ghost-page official:


Some of the leaks to some sources, the names of war criminals debt will be referred

To the International Criminal Court

0.1 Salah Badi
0.2 Abdul-hakim Belhadj
0.3 sincere Sadak Gharyiani
0.4 Akilla Giani Gneoh aka al-Mahdi Abdul al-Haratne,
0.5 Abdel Raouf “hater”.
0.6 Interface Language Group
0.7 Salah al-Baraka
0.8 Haitham Tagouris.

And other criminals



Salah al-Baraka “Tung”, faced an assassination attempt during his entrance to the town of Tarhunah on Friday


Salah Badi and some men of his DAWN LIBYA ‘Paddy’ militia:


Haitham Tagouris and his gang of fighters:



LIBYAN WAHABI's showing Mohammed Sawan w mustache and goatee

A prominent MB WAHABI-Islamist leader, Mohammed Sawan, blamed the House of Representatives for the current crisis (!!), saying that its “dangerous and provocative decisions” had led ‘many Libyans’ to reject it. (HAH, HAH)

“The new parliament is recognized as having electoral legitimacy, but at the same time its decisions are ‘not recognized by a wide segment of the Libyan people’,” Mohammed Sawan, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked ‘Construction and Development Party’, told dpa.

The MB WAHABI-Islamist leader justified the recall of the General National Congress, saying the ‘new parliament ‘ (HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES)  had not complied with constitutional requirements as to how it should take office or where it should meet.

As for Libya’s Dawn,

Sawan said, it came about because

“ ‘revolutionaries’ (ChMMMM!!) saw that certain armed groups were ‘dominating’ the state, with the airport and the oil ports and energy sources (LIAR!!!). …

In light of the government’s silence and incapacity, the revolutionaries acted to recover these key state resources.” (LIES!!)

Violence in Libya escalated in May when General Khalifa Hftar and his loyalist militias launched a military campaign against various hardline MB WAHABI-Islamist militias in Benghazi.

Among his prime targets was Ansar al-Sharia.

Army commanders and local tribes have backed Major-General Hftar’s drive since May. His MB WAHABIcritics have accused him of seeking power, a charge he has repeatedly denied.

Major-General Hftar’s forces with the Special Forces “THUNDERBOLT”,  have seen some of their bases in Benghazi

being overrun by the MB WAHABI-Islamists.

The House of Representatives has been meeting in the smaller eastern city of Tobruk, which has remained stable.

Mohammed Sawan of muslim-brotherhood-in-libya

 Mohammed Hadia spokesman for the MB WAHABI Islamist Fajr Libya operation ‘Dawn of Libya’, gave a press conference in Tripoli on 23 August 2014

Mohammed Hadia spokesman for the MB WAHABI Islamist Fajr Libya operation 'Dawn of Libya', gave a press conference in Tripoli on 23 August 2014


against Zintan and Zintani Media:




A MB Battalion from # Nalut participated in the destruction of Tripoli, along with forces aspiring “the dawn of Libya” leave Tripoli

after a disagreement over a site that was held by the Libyan army and some other “booty”.

# Massadr_libia_tthdt


كان في مطـــــــــــــــــار !! 😀
الى ماشفش فيديو هذا فاته جو كله


Lire la vidéo0:45

شبح الزنتان-صفحة رسميه


Zintan ghost-page official

MB Central Libyan “Shield” .. Comb Saadawi battalion headquarters in the eye of the Ministry.
Note that the battalion participated with MISURATA Saadawi and Akkla Gneoh (alias al-Mahdi Abdul al-Haratne) in front Neighborhood Huts/ Cottages.

Cottage neighborhood Cafe in Sunrise was torn down by the MB al-MISURATI
Sunrise Cafe district of shacks were torn down by Militias of Misurata Saadawi with GNEOH MILITIAS (ABU SALIM):



“Amir Libya”, says:
Please caution Hey liberals and Rishvana because the corner is equipping fierce attack and four axes and have 3 days Ikmoa processing full Aslaha cars and meat for cars and now it is the heart of the corner of the emergence of cars Specials has the Itzhlh and potential attack will dawn with Misurata from the opposite side ……. surrender to the enemy …

The terrorists the victory they admit to planning and execution of the attack upon Tripoli…

Terrorist Youssef said Firas Dadoush, aka Abu Obeida Hamid on Syrian TV aired confessions yesterday: “I was born in Damascus and I hold a degree in English…”

The man nicknamed “Abu Obeida angular» faces charges including belonging to a terrorist group and Al-Qaeda“, noting that it was one of the leaders of Al Qaeda in Libya, and there is suspicion also in contact with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt, the Egyptian Government has classified the group as a “terrorist organization”.

Egypt says:

“we condemn terrorism in any place». Egyptian authoriies said that the Flash drive is the so-called «rebel» room, noting that the Government is of the bear, and the incident reflects the lack of Libya to the State, saying that the militias are ruling Libya now. And «gift», background he was in Yemen and Sudan and known as Islamic Fighting Group.

Egyptian security sources said that the authorities arrested «gift», nicknamed “Abu Obeida angular», on the North-West Coast in Egypt, after monitoring of secret meetings between him and members of the brotherhood in Egypt to arrange for terrorist operations in Egypt during the celebrations of the third anniversary of January 25. Egyptian authorities arrested «gift» specially prepared an ambush in an area between the provinces of Matrouh and Alexandria.

The sources added that «angular» is one of the leaders of the Libyan Islamic fighting group founded early 1990s in Afghanistan before heading to work on Libyan territory against the rule of the late Colonel moamer kadhafi. The “angular” seen some in Libya as the right-hand man of Abu Anas liby» one large temples to organize.

The «Libya» rebel operations room one of the militia with thousands of militants and the State depend on insurance operations in the country, which lacks a strong army. Seen by some as “armed arm of the brotherhood in Libya.”

“Benghazi has everyone…” by Mariam Al-ajili
Posted on: 26 Jan. 2014 by management al-Aamhla

“Army Libyan tribes honest”
(Important for publication and circular))

The owners of these names are the ones who are fighting under the banner of al-Qaeda under the leadership of Shaaban gift terrorist nicknamed (Abu Obeida) my father was training in Afghanistan, along with Abdul Hakim Belhadj :

1-2-AlKhadrawi Mohammed Hussein Ali Mohamed Samir Hadi Abousribe 3 Khlav 4 and 5 Khlav Walid Hadi Ali Mohamed bin Rajab, a gas plant and oxygen 6 Sami Arab Eagle assistant Mohammed Abu Obeida Khlav 7 8 9 Dra Arab Salah Mohamed Mukhtar Dra10- Mohammed cosmic AlKhadrawi 11 Shibani Tahir Emhemed Shibani 12 Kelany Idriss Kelany 13 Omar Mahmoud Abul Qasim wold 14 to 15 Amer Syrian woodcutter woodcutter on the Syrian 16.-Tayeb Hussein Salem Lumberjack 17 Mansour Mohammed Shibani aka Jerusalem 18. Juma Mohammed Shibani aka Jerusalem 19. Sam Mohammed Shibani aka Jerusalem 20. Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Qlauz 21. Hadi Abdul Rahim al-Ghoul 22. Mohammed Ibrahim Omar Little Lumberjack 23. Majdoub 24. Hamza small Majdoub 25. Hamid Omar Latif 26. on Tahir Albuaiche 27. Ramzy Pacific Chaouch 28. Adel Ramadan reus 29. Magdy Ramadan Abdulaziz Chaouch

30. Khaled on Arab individual 31. Abdulhakim on Syrian woodcutter 32. Pacific Ibrahpm woodcutter 33. Akram Hussein Mashat 34. Takhr Abdullah Ahmed Shibani 35. birth Syrian 36. Nasser Al-Tayeb Hussein woodcutter 37. on cosmic woodcutter 38. Abdul Karim light woodcutter 39. Mamedabousribe 40. Salah Mohammed Saghir Hangari 41. Marwan Abdullah Mashat 42. Sami Abul Qasim wilderness 43. Abdalbagi reus 44. Hussein Mohammed Saleh al-Sharif 45. Imad Amer Radwan Shin 46. on the individual 47. tenter Hussein Abu Bakar Bashir 48. Shoukry drowsiness 49. Ramadan Khalifa woodcutter woodcutter 50. Sami on 51. Jamal Khalifa Abdullah Al Khalifa 52. Abdulsalam Abdullah Hamza 53. Sunni Tahar Ben Hussein Abdul Ghani 54. Hussein Taher Mohammed Abdul Salam 55. Almoktov Qlauz 56. on Omar Latif 57. Badr al-Din Shaaban Ibrahim Shibani 58. alive reus 59. Fathi cosmic woodcutter –

60 Azhar Sadiq Mohammed Abdel-Moneim 61. on Baichy 62.-Tahir Ahmed Amer Mamedalkady 63. Khmaj 64 Abojeelh Hangari 65. Tariq Mohammed Khalifa Amory 66. Musab al-Durra Abul Qasim 67. hostile Ledra 68. Abul Qasim Abdul Karim Hadi Chaouch 69. Abdel Basset al-Hadi Ahmed Chaouch 70. Arab Albraihani 71. SE Salem drowsiness 72. Fadel Abdalroav injectables 73. Mohamed Abdel Alroav Aazruq 74. Marwan Hadi injectables 75. Nafi Abdul Ghani Ledra 76 in favor of Mahfouz Mahfouz 77. Emhemed Imran Sabir 78. Tawfik 79.-Saadi Ahmed Mohamed Nouri Alvetora 80. mage 81. Osama Omar Mukhtar Mukhtar Eagle 82. Rashid Masood Qadir Eagle 83. successful 84. Shukri Osman Mqadsh 85 – Abdul Hakim Othman Amqadsh 86. Fahmi Salem Eagle 87. Mohamed Mahmoud Ramadan Ledra 88. Dra 89.-Tahir Akram Abdul Ghani Sassi Taboucheh 90. Mohammed Mustafa Abdel Gawad

91. Abdul Bari Sassi Tbush 92. Abdulmutallab key Eagle 93. Hesham Mohamed Larbi Albraihani 94. Abdulhakim on Ghwell 95. Walid Salem Ghwell 96. Fathi Taher Nasrat 97. F Shabani. Titled Aldanby 100. Mahdi Taher Abdel Fattah Chaouch 101 Ajili Da’ak 102. Mohamed Fathy and 103 to 104 Pshinh Hatem Mohammed Bashir Abuaoppe 105. Imad al-Bashir Abuaoppe -106 Imad Sassi spouses 107.-Bashir Qadri Hrath 108. Hisham Hussein Sheikh Hani 109. Fathi doubt 110. Fadi Ammar Greyhound 111. Atman Miloud hip 112. Mohammed Abdul Karim to restrain 113.-Taher Khalifa Almqoz 114. Abdulrahman Omar Jamal Mukhtar Almqoz 115. doubt 116. Abdul Khaliq Mukhtar doubt 117. Abdul Karim Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim 118. 119 – Almoktov 121.-Mukhtar Hassan Hamza al-Mukhtar Hassan Hussein Taher Alsoiei 122.-123 Abdul Wahid Faraj gift 124. Shaaban Masoud Khalifa gift 125. Mustaa Shaibani Zockari 126. on behalf of Sheikh Hussein.

جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة

( هام للنشر والتعميم))
اصحاب هذه الاسماء هم الذين يقاتلون تحت راية تنظيم القاعدة تحت قيادة شعبان هدية الارهابى الملقب ب(ابوعبيده) الدى كان يتدرب في أفغانستان الى جانب عبد الحكيم بلحاج

1- محمد حسين الخضراوي 2- علي محمد ابوزريبه 3- سمير الهادي كشلاف 4- وليد الهادي كشلاف 5- علي محمد بن رجب صاحب مصنع غاز واكسجين 6- سامي العربي النسر مساعد ابوعبيده 7- محمد كشلاف 8- صلاح العربي دراء 9- محمد المختار درا 10- محمد الكوني الخضراوي 11- الشيبانى الطاهر امحمد الشيبانى 12- الكيلانى ادريس الكيلانى 13- عمر ابوالقاسم القفر 14- محمود على السورى الحطاب 15- عامر على السورى الحطاب 16- سالم الطيب حسين الحطاب 17- منصور محمد الشيبانى الملقب بالقدس 18- جمعه محمد الشيبانى الملقب بالقدس 19- وسام محمد الشيبانى الملقب بالقدس 20- محمود عبد السلام قلعوز 21- عبدالرحيم الهادى الغول 22- محمد ابراهيم الحطاب 23- عمر الصغير المجدوب 24- حمزه الصغير المجدوب 25- حامد على عمر عبداللطيف 26- على على الطاهر البوعيشي 27- رمزى الهادى الشاوش 28- عادل رمضان الجرمى 29- مجدى رمضان عبدالعزيز الشاوش 30- خالد على العربى الفرد 31- عبدالحكيم على السورى الحطاب 32- الهادى ابراهبم الحطاب 33- اكرم حسين المشاط 34- عبدالله الطاخر الشيبانى 35- احمد ميلاد السورى 36- ناصر الطيب حسين الحطاب 37- على الكونى الحطاب 38- عبد الكريم بنور الحطاب 39- صلاح محمدابوزريبه 40- محمد الصغير الهنقارى 41- مروان عبدالله المشاط 42- سامى ابوالقاسم القفر 43- عبدالباقى حسين الجرمى 44- محمد صالح الشريف 45- عماد عامر الشين 46- رضوان على الفرد 47- باسط حسين ابوبكر 48- شكرى البشير النعاس 49- رمضان خليفه الحطاب 50- سامى على الحطاب 51- جمال خليفه عبدالله 52- عبدالسلام خليفه عبدالله 53- حمزة السنى الطاهر بن حسين 54- عبدالغنى حسين الطاهر 55- محمد عبدالسلام المقطوف قلعوز 56- على عمر عبداللطيف 57- بدر الدين شعبان الشيبانى 58- حيين ابراهيم الجرمى 59- فتحى الكونى الحطاب 60- الازهر الصادق محمد 61- عبدالمنعم على البعيشى 62- الطاهر محمدالقاضى 63- احمد عامر خماج 64- طارق ابوعجيله الهنقارى 65- محمد خليفه العمورى 66- مصعب ابوالقاسم درا 67- معاد ابوالقاسم درا 68- عبد الكريم الهادي الشاوش 69- عبد الباسط الهادي الشاوش 70- احمد العربي البريشني 71- سراج سالم النعاس 72- فاضل عبدالروؤف الزروق 73- محمد عبد الروؤف اازروق 74- مروان الهادي الزروق 75- نافع عبد الغني درا 76- محفوظ صالح محفوظ 77- امحمد عمران صابر 78- توفيق على السعدي 79- احمد محمد الفتوري 80- نوري عمر بركه 81- اسامه المختار النسر 82- رشيد المختار النسر 83- عبدالقادر مسعود الناجح 84- شكري عثمان مقيدش 85- عبد الحكيم عثمان امقيدش 86- فهمي سالم النسر 87- محمد محمود رمضان درا 88- اكرم الطاهر دراء 89- عبد الغني ساسي طبوشه 90- محمد مصطفي عبد الجواد 91- عبد الباري ساسي طبوسه 92- عبد المطلب مفتاح النسر 93- هشام محمد العربي البريشني 94- عبدالحكيم على الغويل 95- وليد سالم الغويل 96- الطاهر فتحى نصرات 97- جمعة الشبانى. ملقب الدانبى 100- المهدى على الطاهر الشاوش 101- عبدالفتاح العجيلى الدعيك 102- محمد فتحى والى 103- حاتم بشينه 104- محمد البشير ابوعوبه 105- عماد البشير ابوعوبه 106- عماد ساسي قرينات 107- قدري البشير شراطه 108- هشام حسين الشيخ 109- هاني فتحي الشك 110- فادي عمار السلوقي 111- عتمان ميلود الهب 112- محمد عبدالكريم ﻻبح 113- الطاهر خليفه المقوز 114- عبدالرحمن عمر المقوز 115- جمال المختار الشك 116- عبد الخالق المختار الشك 117- عبد الكريم محمد حسن 118- ابراهيم محمد حسن 119- المقطوف المختار حسن 121- حمزة المختار حسن 122- حسين الطاهر الصويعي 123- عبد الواحد فرج هديه 124- شعبان مسعود خليفة هدية 125- مصطعي الشيباني الزوكاري 126- باسم حسين الشيخ .



“Zero hour”, on FB WARNS us:

Please discernible caution
There is a gate in the hand Abouhmirh children on the outskirts of the corner of stealing cars from passing all of them being robbed






Army Libyan tribes honest:

And deluded dreamers and including can not ..

• militias, the so-called dawn Libya Alangas foundlings
Descendants of the Turks and the Italians are planning to attack the zone

and Rishvana Mujahid dawn today from 4 axes ..

Let’s tell them you will not find in us a coward ..
And Snalmkm meaning of manhood O Tdonha ..

Allah is the greatest over Kidd aggressor

Kharijites and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the remnants of the descendants

of the Turks and Italians and Jews
Sivhlon from the horror of what they will see ..

And God is my witness
And Allah is the greatest over Kidd aggressor ..

Army Libyan tribes honest:

A tribute to the men and heroes and Rishvana army and tribes for their steadfastness

under rocket locusts blind Ikcefha militias terrorist Abu Ubaida and his followers from them to the Brotherhood ..

Steadfastness and not to kill them .. our attack them Mduchhm ..
And waited surprises ..

 Homeland news |

military preparations and facilities within the area and Rishvana and to respond to the MB armed groups

that are bombing residential neighborhoods missiles “locusts,” and many of the fears transfer to this strife

within the areas of the capital Tripoli again.



“Zero hour”, on FB comments:
“Ate more than pray for our people in the steadfast and Rishvana and Zionist shelling them from three sides”




The Zintan Brigades with the Tribes of Libya


The Zintan Brigades with the Tribes of Libya:

Zintan ghost-page official:

Full denial of rumors broadcast by the appointed site for news about Libya asking for reconciliation with the International Community and recognizing the Brotherhood’s re-appearance in the GNC CONGRESS !

It was a good omen for us not to do so, because of our history of their torture upon our domestic sovereign home; and how they abused our bodies. Therefore, please do not moieties such lies, and do not take them into account.

Thank you.

ننفي كامل الأشاعات التي يبثها موقع عين ليبيا الأخباري عن طلبنا للصلح و تسليمنا للأسري بل كانت بادرة خير منا للأن ليس من صفاتنا تعذيب الأسري والتنكيل بجثثهم و نرجو عدم الأنصاف لمثل هذه الأكاذيب والأخذ بها بعين الأعتبار

و شكراً




“Brigade operations Qaqaa, Lightning, & civil 32 enhanced”:

Some tails Misurata regions (Gado – Kklh – Gharyan – Kapaau – Zuwarah) they are pillaging, burning and looting of homes and properties of Zintan and Al-Rajaban and Rishvana.

These traitors, in doing so, demonstrate the extent of hatred trove of free zones that stood against their projects phantom; and disaster large will replace them,

That most of them are residents of the mountain and passing through Rishvana (Yala misery luck), just Tnfkm that city by unjust people.

Thank God that everyone appeared on the reality; and that tomorrow is in sight, and justice is nearby …


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Zintan ghost-page official:

# In the footsteps of ancestors
# # Numerous reasons .. and one Sowaihaili
Date # Misurata two pages .. cached page where the country .. and the Italians have a page allegiance to Qatar ..

# Book Misurata Aain Mashvt ZEW book .. # virility where two lines and all the rest Khiab ..

#على خطى الأجداد
#تعددت الأسباب .. #والسويحلي واحد
#تاريخ مصراته صفحتين .. صفحة باعو فيها البلاد للطليان .. وصفحة بيعتهم لها لقطر ..#كتاب مصراته ياعين ماشفت زيو كتاب .. #الرجوله فيه سطرين والباقي كله خياب ..








Army Libyan tribes honest

Of paramount importance .. (Channel Libyan tribes)

Through the pages of social networking and through a lot of contacts
Incoming us from a lot of areas on the Libyan Conference
Libyan tribes, which will be held in Bani Walid during the days
Coming from there and said that the schedule next Monday.
In a telephone conversation with President of the Council for Social tribes
Dr. Saleh and Rafla Mayouf.
He stated that this meeting is not a conference, and will be limited to
The presidency of the Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and cities and attendance

Number of targets (30) delegates representing tribal people
The Libyan cities in the western region and the eastern and southern
Representing (10) persons from each region.
And it will discuss the situation in Libya and provide a vision and proposals
God willing, will contribute in Libya out of this dark tunnel
And untrue news of goal in the presence of all the tribes of all
Throughout Libya

(This is for information and publishing and we hope to generalize the importance there-of)





Hftar is helping to secure security in Libya by eliminating terrorists

Hftar is helping to secure security in Libya by eliminating terrorists





# Picture of one explosion gas lines, a subsidiary of Sirte Balbrivh ..

blast occurred near the area of ​​South Brega Achilles due to an increase in pressure on the tube ..

Fire trucks and headed for the safety section of the company to the place immediately to put out the fire …





افعال يهود مزراطة فى طرابلس

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Violent clashes between the dignity forces of Hftar (with Thunderbolt), and Ansar al-Sharia in area of Boatni


After the fall of the warplane bombed sites Brass Crescent and during the return landed near the city of Casablanca

for technical reasons and the driver survived.

la vidéo de ‎قناة الجماهيرية العظمى‎.

17 min ·
“Channel Great Jamahiriya:
There is a great struggle and a big difference between (Aoroba.asaudih .alamarat) ..

and the other party (Amrakia.qtr .trkiya):

On the issue of the last team, is in support of terrorism and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,

and Azdouhah Calibrator Turn regional and international issues and the Arab world ……

Misrata militias and a group of Gypsies Ibia.fa Mnfd Ras Igdir Arkpo system, are in the wanted lists of the ICC, along with Kabdan Ali’s 3 people.
The same enemy, the enemy terrorist murderer sons of the Libyan army, who Atalegto by the name of al-Qathafi when Kanu wounded in a hospital in Tripoli, where # Abu Salim been killed in cold blood, as they lay in sickbeds in 2011,
today kills the sons of the Libyan people today, just like yesterday …
(Son of the Conqueror)


قناة الجماهيرية العظمى

نفس العدو، العدو الارهابي قاتله ابناء الجيش الليبي الذي اطلقتو عليه اسم كتائب القذافي عندما كانو جرحى في مستشفى ابوسليم ‫#‏بطرابلس‬ حيث قتلو بدم بارد وهم فراش المرض في عام 2011 اليوم يقتل ابناء الشعب الليبي ما اشبه اليوم بالأمس…‫#‏ليبيا‬

ابن الفاتح

Channel Great Jamahiriya

After the fall of the warplane bombed sites Brass Crescent and during the return landed near the city of Casablanca

for technical reasons and the driver survived.

Hedda pilot “Ibrahim Abed Rabbo exile”, says: My father was killed in a plane crash in warlike CASABLANCA today … which is one of my father’s people, who participated in the convoy of the Libyan army that was hit, as it was coming to cleanse the city of Benghazi # of terrorists on 19-3-2011 …

Zintan ghost-page official

Information may not be known to many people willing to martyr
God Colonel Ibrahim Abed Rabbo is exiled from Aoukm
With most of the bombing sorties against the Kharijites and supporters of evil
Especially in Benghazi possible 70% of
Rickety aircraft overflights scapegoat for the homeland!
God rest his soul.


(Son of the Conqueror)

 Channel Great Jamahiriya
Martyrs armed people, we will not forget you ……

شهداء الشعب المسلح ……لن ننساكم

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airforce bombed sites in Derna in eastern Libya-




 Libya against terrorism, yes to the army and police:

URGENT | International channel sources: # Abdallah_iina won the confidence

of the House of Representatives majority.

 Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi. Member of the House from the corner:



Abduction Haj Saleh Alfrujy Gaddafi Bsabha by militias # boys Solomon (SULEIMAN)

PICTURE: ‘Sons of Guns’ same as MB terrorist gangs ‘Sons of Suleiman’:




Urgent: Dubai Police at the request of Interpol invited billionaire ALI al-DABAIBA (‫#‏علي_ادبيبة_المـُصراتي‬) stops required to Interpol on charges of robbery and theft and looting public funds and placed under house arrest at his luxury Jumeirah coast area of Dubai,

Ali al-Dabaiba is the former “head of projects and the development of cities and facilities” under the GNC Allaotunai Conference, until his person being named and linked to the financing of Islamic groups and armed militias inside, and by the Interpol reports said earlier.


Urgent international trumpet:
Police emirate of Dubai and at the request of Interpol, the international stop billionaire named Ali_adbebh_al-Musrati required Interpol on charges of theft and embezzlement and looting of public money and put under house arrest at his palace in the luxurious area of the coast of Jumeirah in Dubai, The al-Dbebh is the former head of the projects and the development of cities and utilities in under the puppet GNC regime, until his name was called and the machine has to do with the financing of Islamist groups and armed militias internal and according to what reports said Interpol earlier.


Zintan ghost-page official:

News about the arrest of Libyans in the UAE to support the process, “the dawn of Libya”.

There were reports of a campaign of arrests launched by their security services.

Allah is the greatest !




Gulf Cooperation Council

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A meeting of Gulf foreign ministers ended on Saturday without a clear way out of a monthslong diplomatic spat with Qatar, although some envoys signaled that progress had been made.

Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March in an unprecedented public protest largely believed to be spurred by the tiny nation’s support for WAHABI-Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere. They accused Qatar of interfering in their domestic affairs and failing to uphold a security pact drawn up last year.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have little tolerance for ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood-linked activity and perceive the WAHABI-Islamist group as a threat to their political systems.

Despite weeks of secretive talks, the statement by the ministers on Saturday made no mention of a resolution with Qatar.

Instead, the group’s lengthy statement addressed a wide range of regional issues, starting with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council’s condemnation of terrorism and support for international efforts to combat the financing of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

The GCC statement also said ministers discussed relations with Iran, the Israel-Hamas cease-fire in Gaza, protests in Yemen and the fighting in Libya — issues where there are sharp policy differences among the Gulf countries.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”: reports that

Qatari minister to leave the GCC meeting Ba # Jeddah

Do you know why he left?!

Because the Gulf Cooperation Council will issue a statement that acknowledges Bamcil House of Representatives is the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

News says hikes awarded to the Gulf Cooperation Council put pressure on Qatar to intervene in the stoppage of the internal affairs of the Gulf states and the Arab States

It will go back to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council expelled from Qatar and lock the land borders and airspace for air and sever relations if it continues in Altand.


Mu lecture

Mu to the World on 18 JANUARY 2014

HERE IS THE AUDIO/Video from last night’s TV appearance of Muammar al-Qathafi.

Discours de Mouammar Al-Kadhafi publié le 17 Janvier 2014
Libye URGENT : Discours de Mouammar Al-Kadhafi publié hier, le 17 Janvier 2014.

What is the impression from the word Liberal leader Muammar al-Qathafi ?..

(Libby Blood)
Many of the people who watched it on Green TV are still hypnotised idiots, saying the same things they said about Muammar’s other messages..”Oh it’s old” and the usual unbelieving and sarcastic jargon….BUT REMEMBER, this is not Muammar’s only announcement since 20 OCT.2011–I have collected about one hundred or more snippets and messages from him.
The ivory Awlad Haholhaan on WHS Ek 

Dz Ng Salle Te 
Land Nlun and Addto 8 Ulm Elhami him and prepared Nmnhunt .. Hedda who you 
Pittalaa growth in Cote did not seek God because Alhaa 8 Petrrh and where Tatwat Atolhvenh 
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us to him. Ahhm, the word father Almatarh Muammar justice. 
concern. to God - God. 
M. You Taq Aspahalqtlp, 8 whispered 
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achieved step «Ahec Ta (. the killing Ihenanl you. Eliqtnt A 10» to glaze Qtt 6A n 
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thieves to Mmnmk all Mtdkd 

Oaassa 0 reply 0 remove Ahakdaz 0 and wound Nyahi, 
Hla levels neighbor Ttapkm ALWIL security for Atramoddara 

and Todd Todd Hurd e 0 and p are given

عااااجل :: نامل من كافة الشرفاء تجهيز الاعلام الخضراء وان يقوموا بالاستعداد لمسح اعلام الذل والعار ، وتنزيلهم ، وتوزيع المناشير ….الي الامام ايها الشرفاء مع اخذ الحيطه والحذر

 News honorable resistance every hour 24/24
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá :: hope all honorable processing of green flags, and they prepare to scan the media humiliation and shame, demotion, and the distribution of leaflets …. Forward, with honorable take caution

Oh God, you praise and thanksgiving.

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel 16 on any fire in 2014

Ali Salem DLF Thug 24:37 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel 17 on any fire in 2014
de Ali Salem DLF Cutthroat

February Tdbh sons … Media … Mustafa Qdereboh February Tdbh sons …

An urgent message to the young people of Benghazi, the employees of the police …

The debt will be liquidated during the days …  … Oh God, have reached … Media … Mustafa Qdereboh.

48:28 Presentation of the stadium Mustafa Qdereboh 30 12 2013

was raised through the room Muammar al-Qathafi

Image Colonel Salem key Alshaki O Agvrlh and mercy on him ..

In 1967 saved the life of Muammar al-Qathafi when he was in one of the camps in Benghazi ..

Novel of a military person was present in the camp before Dalk Fateh Revolution (in white/CASABLANCA) ..

Atém lesson in dignity explain, Dhana Turak and grandchildren of Jews
Atém lesson in science magnanimity, and how right his companions back Lee
And how the nation Mir_khas his place, it enjoys Ajwad Balgali
Age and Ohsab Matnqs days, nor Tndas íÇćŘä ancestors
How Shahid reclaimed his bones, living martyr in Dar immortality
عطيهم درس فى شرح الكرامة ,, ضنا التراك وأحفاد اليهود
عطيهم درس فى علم الشهامة ,, وكيف الحق لى أصحابه يعود
وكيف الوطن مايرخص مقامه ,, عليه أجواد بالغالى تجود
واحساب العمر ماتنقص أيامه ,, ولا تنداس ياوطن الجدود
كم شهيد مردومة عظامه ,, يعيش شهيد فى دار الخلود

colonel airline seat

Speech Sidi Leader Muammar Abu Mnyaralqmavy …………………………………….. .

……. His followers to the Libyan people to channel the green channel ….

Every Liberal ………………………….. Do not Back Forward.

Triumph Mu
I urged the tribe Almnfe Standby (God and Muammar and Libya ups)
(Torrent Green)

Room Muammar al-Qathafi Aalbaltok 
6:32 Akram Maikl … Hey Saif al-Islam Gaddafi 

6:36 intervention brother Giant

ohhhhhhhist 2:59 Muammar al-Qathafi in one country leaves Muammar al-Qathafi

statement Alfbaúl Libyan Conference – 01/16/2014
Adoption of the green channel of the Spokesman for the Libyan tribes …

(NOTE: The Following statement was published by the YOUTH LIBERATION FRONT, yesterday, before Muammar al-Qathafi made his evening announcement of a War of LIBERATION UNTIL VICTORY.)

In the name of God the Merciful and I run them all you can of power, including steeds terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy Almighty God statement Youth Liberation Front, the mass of Mtoaan the Western Region,

“We are the youth to defend the legitimacy of the leader Mujahid Muammar al-Qathafi, we appeal to the leaders of the resistance and the Resistance leader Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi the need Announce zero hour for starting the war of liberation

and the endorsement of the mass of Onmal NATO and we know our enemy well will not find any place standing when you started the war of liberation, “” Please be specific, sir, Major General Al-Saadi Nsthalvk the Messenger of Allah and verses of the Holy Quran that we graduated statement hour crawl Valjrdan in case eon and dispersion The Baden-one Sunday during the hours will raise the green flag over Jtt supporters of NATO and al-Qaeda.

we are waiting for a statement zero hour to start crawling and cleansing mass and forward .. forward .. until victory and we are ready “”

(Statement youth western region)

Please publishing the widest even up to the commander, Sir Thursday 01/16/2014

m, peace, mercy and blessings of God.

“The globe today” of Rishvana:
Waiting for the word resistance leader and guidance resistance leader in his first speech
broadcast after the announcement of the start of the Libyan resistance to the
forward waiting for the green channel:also:
Against on February 17 in Libya against the attempt to sow discord by haters · (FB PAGE):
URGENT / / / /
The green channel ...After less than an hour, God willing, the green channel will broadcast the word not heard Libyan Leader of the Revolution where a lot many of the instructions and recommendations and guidance task so be Valmuad …Options Photos leader Muammar al-Qathafi · on FB:Ontzero code word Muammar al-Qathafi brave hero on the green channel after a few

Green TV Channel Green TV
We are working hard to overcome jamming and broadcast the speech of Mu’Ammar al-Qathafi in the fastest possible time and patience to Liberal. Because we draw our strength and steadfastness of supplements and salutations to the pages of resistance.

قناة الخضراء الفضائية Green TV
نعمل جاهدين تغلب على التشويش و بث الخطاب في اسرع وقت ممكن وعلى الاحرار الصبر.لاننا نستمد قوتنا من صمودكم وليكم التحيه والى الصفحات المقاومه.
We hope that the Liberal Add new frequency for the green channel.
Satellite Nilesat .11073-27500-V
Son Conqueror



Astt Baden God for victory

Now in the valley of the valleys of Libya expensive Heroes of thousands of resistance fighters shouting soul and blood we sacrifice ourselves for Aalibia Thousandths of an honorable sworn to be free Libya before the end of the year Amid cheers throats peered leader of the resistance to his hands and says mediates sidearms.(Comrades .. ye .. Astt heroes to liberate Libya from the enemies who have returned to Libya again after forty-two year They came back and were greeted with flowers and songs of Libyans Aterbawa returned to the throne of Libya’s oil Ateroa returned to their dignity trampled by the feet of Muammar Gaddafi Returned to trample on the graves of the martyrs and telling them we’re back again…Brought them back, who were living with them and give them girls Libya
Tbact eyes who brought them back on their departure
But my heroes I heard you say your oath and soul and blood we sacrifice ourselves for Aalibia
We swear by Almighty God and our department this Angulwh to our people in the cities, villages and countryside
Angulwh of the oppressed, and tell them that revenge of customers and liars and apostates and Kharijites will end before the end of this year:

We are capable of victory we are able to challenge on standby
The next war will not be a regular armies and war planes and long-range missiles
The next war will be a war led by the sons of popular honest tribes who are ready to die for Libya in order for the dignity of religion, values and ethics.

And transmit this news to our people that we will not delayed them come here to the land of Libya to restore her dignity to restore her security and safety to restore it green flag
Will not be in Libya, but green flag is not love which only arbitrary, but for everyone, including us
From the green flag does not want him to kill himself because he will now worn and accepted by every morning and every evening before sleep.

It wants to challenge us Valsahat
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar

Mu sees victory at hand
Statement brother brigade Asabah ..
In the name of God the Merciful:
Dear resistance heroes wherever you are, whether inside or outside the home ..
O Avcdeetmouna your blood pure and your souls pure and triumphed for your religion and your history and Otunkm, It is time for the device on the enemy unjust after narrowed its opportunities and dashed hopes and dashed dreams, and we have to witness these two months escalation and fighting fit for you and you will see that God will send you the soldiers did not see her for Nasrtkm and know, O resistance heroes that this glorious deed will be recorded for you and your families and Qubaúlkm because you pride Libya precursors and loyal, “inspired by the Jihad neighborhood

بيان اخوكم لواء الاصابعة ..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
ايها المقاومون الابطال اينما كنتم سواء في داخل الوطن ام خارجه ..
يا من افتديتمونه بدمائكم الطاهرة وارواحكم النقية وانتصرتم لدينكم وتاريخكم ولوطنكم ، لقد ان الاوان للجهاز على العدو الباغي بعد ان ضاقت به الفرص وخابت اماله وتبددت احلامه ولابد ان يشهد هذين الشهرين تصعيدا وقتالا يليق بكم وسترون ان الله سيبعث لكم جنودا لم تروها من اجل نصرتكم واعلموا ايها المقاومون الابطال ان هذا الفعل المجيد سيسجل لكم ولعوائلكم وقبائلكم لانكم فخر ليبيا وطلائعها الوفية ، “وحي على الجهاد حي

Arab revolutionary force command:
We all pushed the price … ((by the son of Libyan bar)) _At the outset, we must clarify is important not writing days in order to obtain a benefit or Maghnam cheap to luxury or fame or favor when one did not and will not be biased for a class or group of for the interests of physical or moral, but we wrote for God and the homeland and the word sincere despite all the dangers and difficulties we are with Libya,the nation and the people and their right to live in dignity and glory and Anhzna to Muammar Gaddafi commander and we found ourselves and our hopes and our pain, despite all the mistakes and some shortcomings, because only God is perfect in his wordsaddressed to the people Libyan night February 20, 2011 AD speech our consciences and our minds and said, directed his speech to those with Muammar Gaddafi glory and Libya at the summit and with Muammar Gaddafi who liberated Libya from the rules and the evacuation of the Italian invaders.However Muammar Gaddafi, who has the authority of the people and the completed Great Manmade River:With Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya is a free, sovereign and have their place befitting in the regions and the world discourse directed at us real revolutionaries and patriots honorable Libyans Liberal who did not Evsdhm oil nor arbitrary measures exercised by each to his brothers and his family built Jant and accumulated mistakesbut not sins and farther commander / / Muammar Gaddafi for his people and his family and stakeholders in the revolution in fortunes, Libya physical and moral we all paid the price for the crime of “17 February” who corrupt us and loyal patriots

and traitors and the corrupt who have sold their consciences for the colonist obnoxious as well as Almitrdaan and moles and spectators, are all paid the price of our blood and our spirit and our earnings material and moral

and Aardna distortion revenge and attacks other effects of the history of Libya struggle who taught people the armed struggle against colonialism all this and that the price we paid,

Mahmoud Jibril, leader of a FAKE change and Abdul salam skins

one of the leaders of Fateh Revolution, the great champion evacuated foreign bases, who dived into the arms of NATO and commented aware of treason on his chest and Chancellor Abdul Jalil, the Chief Justice and the symbols of corruption and monopoly of oil wealth

and the Free Officers and revolutionary defeatists who released them on tragedy and aspirants in the Rat and their program to Libya tomorrow, which was Almzkhal to destroy Libya and Mahsalth ” 17 February”: Date of calamity

Libya and Zjulha in the tunnel, which is not at the end of a glimmer of hope or light crosses us the way we all paid the price, and responsible for what happened.

It is not the plot alone that made ” 17 February” but our mistakes and our selfishness and the rigidity of our minds and not arbitration mind and insight in Othon crisis in the early

and through one of the satellite channels of Libya said that a change for the better and meet the demands of the real people in the treatment of conditions of economic and life and share actively in decision-making, and his fate is our demand that the social movements that ruled the mind is completed acquisitions historical peoples and not use the product

and intervention from the outside, is the one who made the change, and write history.

day this talk dislikes students power holders links foreign as well as hate predators in Libya and its people and its leadership of the Melkite (ISLAMIC FAITH of North Africa).

The likes of Abdul Jalil nor power centers of the other team who was also lurks for Urath leadership and authority or improves its some work being done by the the expense of the Libyan people and the sufferings and hopes of a decent life today as the poet said, Urubi “Marzouki” Haekm,:

” hive hall _ in the sense of as a state nor the sovereignty, security or Amaan and as a unit and the national nor social, ”

but Libya says the people of Tripoli, “entered in the vicinity”.

This is all bad your work and Nuyakm malicious Aatalab power. The Jamaa wealth without from corruption, bribery and nepotism. I forgot another class have paid a heavy price. They who hide debt and the debt of them “innocence” of ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” and the “Libyan Fighting Group” and “Ansar al-Sharia” and other Almtalpsin religion, have lost legitimately and fought under the banner of the colonizer of the Crusader and Jewish Atkhaddoa Bernard Levy. Amama them arrived in court yard “Benghazi”, banners Cross and slogans flapping above their necks under the humiliation and betrayal without God, one Sunday and forgot

and forgot that Agharbalostmari Crusader enemy peoples did not advocate day national liberation movement or the people of the peoples of the globe to gain independence and self-determination of how to advocate Islamic movements hostile in the face of the Cross, the Jews, and their allies, many questions

and eighths Bhzh PAY!

Are we faithful patriots and the Liberals and the real revolutionaries and nationalists, and other supporters of the freedom ?
We meet on the word both for the Liberation of Libya, responded safety and security for its people, and its people proud??!!

16/01/2014 together greetings Publishing.

قيادة القوة الثورية العربية
كلنا دفعا الثمن…((بقلم أبن ليبيا البار))_في البداية لا بد لنا من توضيح أمرا مهما لم نكتب يوما من أجل الحصول على مكسب أو مغنم رخيصا من أجل الترف أو الشهرة أو الحظوة عند أحد ولم ولن ننحاز لفئة أو مجموعة من أجل مصالح مادية أو معنوية بل كتبنا من أجل الله والوطن والكلمة الصادقة رغم كل المخاطر والصعاب نحن مع ليبيا الوطن والشعب وحقه في الحياة بكرامة وشموخ وانحزنا لمعمر القذافي القائد ووجدنا فيه أنفسنا وأمالنا والآمنا رغم كل الأخطاء وبعض النقائص لأن الكمال لله وحده ففي كلماته التي وجهها للشعب الليبي لليلة20فبراير2011م خطاب ضمائرنا وعقولنا وقال موجها خطابه للذين مع معمر القذافي المجد وليبيا في القمة ومع معمر القذافي الذي حرر ليبيا من القواعد وإجلاء الايطاليين الغزاة ومع معمر القذافي الذي حقق سلطة الشعب وأنجز النهر الصناعي العظيم ومع معمر القذافي وليبيا دولة حرة وذات سيادة ولها مكانها الذي يليق بها في الأقاليم والعالم فالخطاب موجها لنا نحن الثوريين الحقيقيين والوطنيين الشرفاء والليبين الاحرار الذي لم يفسدهم النفط ولا الاجراءات التعسفية التي مارسها بعضنا على أخوته وأهله من بني جلدنه ورآكم الاخطاء بل الخطايا وأبعد القائد //معمر القذافي عن شعبه وأهله وأصحاب المصلحة الحقيقية في الثورة وفي ثروات ليبيا المادية والمعنوية كلنا دفعنا الثمن لجريمة17فبراير الفاسدين منا والمخلصين الوطنيين والخونة والمرتشين الذين باعوا ضمائرهم للمستعمر البغيض وكذلك المترديين والشامتين والمتفرجين كلنا دفعنا الثمن من دماءنا وأروحنا ومكتسباتنا المادية والمعنوية ومن اعرضنا بالتشوية ثارة وبالاعتداءات ثارة اخرى من تاريخ ليبيا النضالي الذي علم الشعوب الكفاح المسلح ضد الاستعمار من كل هذا وذاك دفعنا الثمن محمود جبريل قائد التغير المزيف وعبدالسلام جلود أحد قادة ثورة الفاتح العظيمة وبطل أجلاء القواعد الأجنبية الذي ارتمي في احضان حلف الاطلسي وعلق علم الخيانة على صدره والمستشار عبد الجليل قاضي القضاة ورموز الفساد ومحتكر ثروة النفط والضباط الاحرار والثوريين المتخاذلين والذين تفرج بعضهم على المأساة والطامحين في الثوريت وبرنامجهم ليبيا الغد الذي كان المذخل لتدمير ليبيا ومحصلته17فبراير تاريخ نكبة ليبيا وذخولها في النفق المظلم الذي ليس في نهايته بصيص من أمل أو ضوء يعبر بنا الطريق كلنا دفعنا الثمن ومسئولين عما حصل ليست المؤامرة وحدها التي صنعت17فبراير بل أخطاؤنا وأنانيتنا وجمود عقولنا وعدم تحكيم العقل والبصيرة وفي أثون الأزمة وفي وقت مبكر وعبر أحدى الفضائيات الليبية قلنا أن التغير نحو الأحسن وتلبية مطالب الشعب الحقيقية في معالجة أوضاعه الاقتصادية والحياتية ومشاركته الفاعلة في صنع قراراته ومصيره هو مطلبنا وأن الحركات الاجتماعية التي حكمت العقل هي التي أنجزت المكتسبات التاريخية للشعوب وليس استخدام الصنف والتدخل الخارجي هو الذي يصنع التغير ويكتب التاريخ يومها هذا الكلام لم يعجب طلاب السلطة أصحاب الارتباطات الأجنبية وكذلك الحاقدين المتربصين بليبيا وشعبها وقيادتها من الملكيين امثال عبدالجليل ولا مراكز القوة من الفريق الآخر الذي كان هو ايضا يتربص لوراتة القيادة والسلطة أو يحسن من موقعه ببعض الأعمال التي ينجزها على حساب الشعب الليبي وآلامه وآماله في الحياة الكريمة فاليوم كما قال الشاعر العروبي”المرزوقي”هاءكم خليتها قاعه_بمعنى لادولة ولا سيادة ولا أمن ولا آمان ولاوحدة وطنية ولا اجتماعية بل ليبيا كما يقول أهل طرابلس”دخلت في محيط”هذا كله من سوء اعمالكم ونوياكم الخبيثة ياطلاب السلطة وياجامعي الثروة بغير حلال من الفساد والرشوة والمحسوبية لقد نسيت فئة أخرى قد دفعت الثمن باهظا وهم الذين يتسترون بالدين والدين منهم براءة من أخوان مسلمين والليبية المقاتلة وانصار الشريعة وغيرهم من المتلبسين بالدين لقد فقدوا مشروعيتهم وقاتلوا تحت رايات المستعمر الصليبي واليهودي واتخدوا برنارلد ليفي اماما لهم وصلوا في ساحة المحكمة”بني غازي”ورايات الصليب وشعاراته ترفرف فوق اعناقهم الخاضعة للذل والخيانة من دون الله الواحد الاحد ونسوا وتناسوا أن الغربالأستعماري الصليبي عدوا الشعوب لم يناصر يوما حركة تحرير وطني أو شعب من الشعوب المعمورة لنيل استقلاله وتقرير مصيره كيف بمناصرة حركات اسلامية معادية في ظاهرها للصليب واليهود وحلفائهم أسئلة كثيرة وأثمان بهظة ندفعها فهل نحن المؤمنين الوطنيين والاحرار والثوريين الحقيقيين والقوميين وغيرهم انصار الحرية نلتقي على كلمة سواء لتحرير ليبيا ورد الأمن والآمان لأهلها وشعبها الأبي؟؟!!ـــ16/1/2014معا تحياتي النشر.

Beware of the temptation Tnsaqgua behind … and behind the materialism and greed positions and Tgerkm and you deviate from the path of our uprising, honest …. After the zero hour … The best work we do for them Jardan third party involved is held accountable by law and Asthakarhm .. Valenthbt to the world and each of Salt same Tchouna or try Tchouna … we cram sons of nobles valued … … strong … diehard …. merciful to ourselves …
To prove the nonsmoker who Jardan Anzmoa in the bosom of the state that we are on the right and on the right … so that God can help us on these sprinkling …
الي كل الشرفاء عشاق الجماهيرية الخضراء الطاهرة …
احذروا ان تنساقوا خلف الفتن وخلف الماديات …والمناصب وان تجركم الاطماع وتنحرف بكم عن مسار انتفاضتنا الشريفه ….بعد ساعة الصفر …فافضل عمل نعمله لهم الجردان الغير متورطين هو استحقارهم ومحاسبتهم بالقانون..فالنثبت للعالم ولكل من سولت نفسه تشويهنا او محاولة تشويهنا …باننا كرام ابناء الكرام …نبلاء …اقوياء…اشداء….رحماء علي انفسنا …
ولنثبت ايظا للجردان الذين انظموا في حضن الدوله باننا علي حق وبالحق …لكي ينصرنا الله علي هؤلاء الشرذمه …

MUSICIAN  writes:
{Bullet is still in my pocket}
For as long as I love Muammar Gaddafi novel Ihsan Abdul Quddus the bullet is still in my pocket and as long as watched Egyptian film which transfer this novel to the cinema to reflect Championship Egyptian army in its battles with the Zionist enemy, bullets are still in my pocketand the song Revolution doubt Lam Kulthum was one of the albums that are not absent from the Library leader was remembered all the while, and the amounts they want to be this novel and this song famous part of the recent events that shook the Libyan leader and expected militarily, politically and artistically as well.The commander is keen to remain a bullet ready and Venice is present because the enemy was always waiting the opportunity to eliminate Libya and the defeat of its system and the displacement of people and the theft of wealth,what to expect commander happened in all its details until the revolution of doubt were present in the events of Libya Vtard commander of the betrayal of the people closest to him, and he thought Commander of him that he did not believe the words of others.May have occurred inadvertently short in Libya made the bullet out of our pockets and removed us had doubts must remain present, but the bullet today is no longer in my pocket, but now in the gun and suspicion will not exclude him is one principle until the contrary is proved.This is what Icoloh Liberal men to Libya today who are preparing to release it at whatever cost dearly

Whatever the rivers of blood that will liquefy the comparison between the death of Libya and conduct major surgery have compared unacceptable because the surgery is the first and the resolution of all command, from our pockets to Bndeghitna to her voice in the bodies of traitors these stages the series of events in Libya soon,

and this is the least that can be done to put no longer satisfies one of the people, whatever the orientations and ideas.
Lead is coming I pray only that makes Aalleha Osavlha with Sunrise “Is not that the later morning waxing relative” ..

And still continues to play

{musician }
{ الـرصـاصـة لا تـزال في جيبـي }
لطالما احب القائد معمر القذافي رواية احسان عبد القدوس الرصاصة لا تزال في جيبي ولطالما شاهد الفيلم المصري الذي نقل هذه الرواية للسينما ليجسد بطولة الجيش المصري في معاركه مع العدو الصهيوني ، الرصاص لا تزال في جيبي وأغنية ثورة الشك لام كلثوم كانت من الالبومات التي لا تغيب عن مكتبة القائد وكان يتذكرها كل حين ، وتشاء المقادير ان تكون هذه الرواية وهذه الاغنية الشهيرة جزء من الاحداث الاخيرة التي عصفت بليبيا وتوقعها القائد عسكريا وسياسيا وفنيا ايضا.
كان القائد يحرص ان تظل الرصاصة جاهزة والبندقية حاضرة لان العدو كان ينتظر دائما الفرصة السانحة للقضاء على ليبيا وهزيمة نظامها وتشريد شعبها وسرقة ثرواته ، ما توقعه القائد حدث بكل تفاصيله حتى ثورة الشك كانت حاضرة في احداث ليبيا فتعرض القائد للخيانة من اقرب الناس اليه ومن كان يعتقده القائد انه منه ولم يصدق فيه كلام الاخرين.
ربما حدثت غفلة قصيرة في ليبيا جعلت الرصاصة خارج جيوبنا وأبعدت عنا شكوك كانت يجب ان تظل حاضرة ، لكن الرصاصة اليوم لم تعد في جيبي بل صارت في بندقيتي والشك لن يستثني منه احد فهو المبدأ حتى يثبت العكس.
هذا ما يقولوه الاحرار من رجال ليبيا اليوم الذين يستعدون لتحريرها مهما كان الثمن غالياً ومهما كانت انهار الدماء التي سوف تسيل فالمقارنة بين موت ليبيا وإجراء عملية جراحية كبري لها مقارنة غير مقبولة لان الجراحة هي الاولي وعليها حسم الجميع أمره ، من جيوبنا الي بندقيتنا الي صوتها في اجساد الخونة هذه مراحل مسلسل الاحداث في ليبيا قريباً ، وهذا اقل ما يمكن فعله تجاه وضع لم يعد يرضي احد من البشر مهما كانت توجهاته وافكاره.
الرصاص قادم لا محالة ادعو الله فقط ان يجعل اعاليها اسافلها مع شروق الشمس ” ان موعدهم الصبح أليس الصبح بقريب “..ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }
 “” Song of lead (1) “,” ……………
 Song of Lead
In the midst of fast-moving events taking place in our country, the precious from the destruction, cracking and sabotage, and murder, and criminality, and terrorism, extremist, and the dissolution of the moral, Mndhu that fateful day, which relapsed the home after he was walking towards progress and prosperity,and in the process of starting new was scheduled for 02 – March (DAY OF PEOPLE’s POWER) of a new era after era of foundation led by Muammar al-Qathafi, the building of Libya, and the establishment of the state respected in the world,it would be the Son bar Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the role after swear allegiance to the Libyans to him in today’s decision, through the General People’s Congress, which represents all Street and the tribe inspired and city in Libya, but that the hands of treachery and treason, was larger than any one of us and bigger than that Cub’s son al-Assad.they were woven into Mndhu emergence Hero Muammar al-Qathafi, on the global scene when the leadership of the al-Fateh Revolution increased Frenzy western imperialist, after his speech Lent at the United Nations, when he demanded the peoples of the world oppressed revolution to Western colonialism, it was an era of development and reconstruction coming …the certificate before you were born for life, they can be less than our country to the advanced nations, having triumphed on the cross countries and broke the siege, and would have been the state compete Italy and France on the Mediterranean in terms of tourism and the point of convergence of new between the West and the East, was Libya, which has not written her destiny,and that the wisdom of God, that the crash of the economy of Qatar, Dubai and other states that pretend evolution, which is Atsawi Shi Sawa consumer market base crusade, Libya greater country was going to be a new country station eyes the whole world, and therefore broke the traitors descendants of Turks and Italians, but did not shatter, but will return and will be stronger than it Vadharbat that Atksm back Tqoak, let them know that we are in love with Libya, we will sell spirits, but Aémna victory but concerns us the line of duty and uphold the word of God.

the biggest real, not Allah Akbar, which tried to distort it and turn it, to the meaning of terrorism and theft “combing” and not torture and rape of men by women and not bowing to the enemy, and not loyalty to the client,

but the word Allah Akbar is right and peace, safety and comfort and patriotism in all of her sons, is Justice which equality respect for humanitarian every citizen the word Allah Akbar will not be distorted, setback, and will not die Bafalkm, but will live Bthoratna will rise to penetrate, the banner of pride and valued, will win Allah Akbar our thoughts, and we will keep on Alambda pure which Achoppe reproach, because we simply we are the descendants of the Mujahideen in Alkarzabip and Ibohadi in sweeping and Mansheya.

The observatory was named Goliath, we are the descendants of those who migrated aircraft fascist Italian from their towns and Qto deserts, Albuladna, we grandsons Ferjany Omar al-Qathafi and Eboumnyar al-Qathafi we are descendants of Sheikh martyrs Omar Mukhtar and the descendants of the holy Buamr,

we are most entitled and worthwhile Libya descended from the Romans and the remnants of the Turks and waste Italian, we are the sons of the tribes noble Tuareg and Alqmazfah and Almgarhh and Orvlh and seven Atabol.

We are the children, beautiful and Racdalin. We are the sons of braches and Jufrah and Altaorghae. We are the sons Jawazi and herds and Albrasp and Alawakir. We are the sons of cabled and Ulad Boucif and sons Rullish and sons supervision of all Libyan tribes known and unknown Mujahid honest,

as I stood against the rule of the Turks and Gore Italians The lowliest Senussi and meanness rules colonial and the siege of the Crusaders and the bombing of the Atlantic would stand against the Mandate Government Bank, and will destroy villainy new,

generational succession will not Taheda fire Revenge of the traitors and their masters, but we will bestow upon generation after generation, even entitled to the right, and know all that hour injustice watch and the right to do time
S victory and inevitably …………………………………

……………….””كلمات من رصاص(1)””……………في وسط الاحداث المتسارعة التي تشهدها بلادنا ،الغالية من تدمير ،وتكسير وتخريب ، وقتل ، واجرام ، وارهاب متطرف ، وانحلال اخلاقي،منذو ذلك اليوم المشئوم ، الذي انتكس فيه الوطن بعدما كان سائرا نحو التقدم والازدهار ، وفي طور البداية الجديدة التي كان المقرر لها 2-مارس حقبة جديدة بعد حقبة التأسيس التي قادها القائد معمر القذافي ، من بناء لليبيا ، وانشاء دولة محترمة في العالم ، كان سيكون للابن البار سيف الاسلام معمر القذافي ،دور بعد مبايعة الليبيين له في اليوم المقرر ، من خلال المؤتمر الشعبي العام ،الذي يمثل كل شارع ومنطقة وقبيلة وحي ومدينة في ليبيا ، الا أن أيدي الغدر والخيانة ، كانت أكبر من أي أحد فينا وأكبر من ذلك الشبل أبن الاسد ، فهي كانت تنسج منذو ظهور البطل معمر القذافي ،علي الساحة العالمية عند قيادته لثورة الفاتح وأزداد الهيجان الغربي الامبريالي ،بعد خطابه الاربعيني في الامم المتحدة ،عندما طالب شعوب العالم المظلومة بالثورة علي الاستعمار الغربي ، فكان لحقبة التطوير والتعمير القادمة …الشهادة قبل أن تولد للحياة ، كانت تستطيع ان تقل بلادنا الي الامم المتقدمة ، بعدما انتصرت علي دول الصليب وكسرت الحصار ، وكانت ستصبح دولة تنافس ايطاليا وفرنسا علي المتوسط من حيث السياحة ونقطة التلاقي الجديدة بين الغرب والشرق ، كانت ليبيا التي لم يكتب لها القدر ، وفي ذلك حكمة من الله ، ان تحطم اقتصاد قطر ودبي وغيرها من دويلات التي تتدعي التطور ، وهي لاتساوي شي سوا سوق استهلاكي وقاعدة صليبية ، ليبيا ياسادة كانت ستكون دولة جديدة محطة انظار العالم اجمع ،ولذلك حطمت من الخونة احفاد الاتراك والايطاليين ، ولكنها لم تتحطم بل ستعود وستكون اقوي مما عليه فاضربات التي لاتقسم ظهرك تقويك، وليعلموا أننا في حب ليبيا سنبيع الارواح ، ولايهمنا النصر ولكن تهمنا تادية الواجب واعلاء كلمة الله اكبر الحقيقية ، ليست الله اكبر التي حاولوا تشويهها وتحويلها ،الي معني الارهاب والسرقة “التمشيط” وليس التعذيب واغتصاب الرجال قبل النساء وليس الركوع للعدو ، وليس الولاء للعميل ، انما كلمة الله اكبر هي الحق والسلام والامان والراحة وحب الوطن بكل ابنائها ،هي العدل وهي المساوة احترام انسانية كل مواطن كلمة الله اكبر لن تتشوه ، بنكسة ، ولن تموت بافعالكم ، ولكنها ستعيش بثورتنا وسترتفع برايتنا ، راية العزة والكرام ، ستنتصر الله اكبر بفكرنا ، وسنبقي علي المبداء النقي الذي لاتشوبه شائبة ، لاننا ببساطة نحن احفاد المجاهدين في القرضابية وأبوهادي في جارف والمنشية والمرقب وعين جالوت ، نحن احفاد الذين هجرتهم طائرات الفاشستي الايطالي من مدنهم وقطو الصحاري ، والبلادنا ،نحن احفاد الفرجاني عمر القذافي وابومنيار القذافي نحن احفاد شيخ الشهداء عمر المختار واحفاد الفضيل بوعمر ،نحن الاحق والاجدر بليبيا من سلالة الروم وبقايا الاتراك وفضلات الايطالي ، نحن ابناء القبائل الشريفة من الطوارق والقذاذفة والمقارحة وورفلة والسبع اطبول نحن ابناء ،الجميل ورقدالين نحن ابناء الرياحات والجفرة والتاورغاء نحن ابناء الجوازي والقطعان والبراعصة والعواقير نحن ابناء الزوي وولاد بوسيف وابناء القواليش وابناء الاشراف من كل القبائل الليبية المعروفة والغير معروفة المجاهدة الشريفة ، كما وقفت ضد حكم الاتراك وجور الطليان ونذالة السنوسية وحقارة القواعد الاستعمارية وحصار الصليبيين وقصف الاطلسي ستصمد ضد حكومة الانتداب الغربية ، وستحطم النذالة الجديدة ،والاجيال متتالية لن تهداء نار الثار من الخونة واسيادهم بل سنورثها جيلا بعد جيل ،حتي يحق الحق ،،واعلموا جميعا ان ساعة الظلم ساعة وساعة الحق الي قيام الساعة
والنصر ات لا محال…………………………………
Mu on Tripoli
Mu is precious to people who know him
By / Pen Green
Penultimate stage:
At this stage, one of the last stages of the plight of February and crumble after the authority Almtsaron between classes and different agendas on the wealth of Libya, which guarantees according to the equation of the conflict such that it enemies each other without even a fight on the part of the resistance, but outside of this equation, there is another factor in terms of seconds on the horizon, a power factor of the people that are likely lost in this data out of these forces in the revolution and settled the battle for the benefit of the people, and here comes the role of the body regulars Central, which meets around him people who is in the system icons mass like a son of Colonel even unite the revolution and resistance does not occur conflict between the edges, with them, such as the Council of the Revolutionary Command Council, which will produce leaders residing at and with the owners of leadership experience in the body of one.
From here must codes system mass, such as one of the sons of Colonel that Alohawwa of the masses of the horizon and Agulwa them from afar in the form of directly or indirectly through an intermediary media if you come out in a revolution to liberate yourselves we are for your guidance and do not be afraid of the chaos that afraid of them that did you go out in a revolution customers, this should not interfere in the equation of the conflict between Almtsaron it now from the parties and Ydlewjiat and regions, cities and tribes and races, you must be a message directed to the people across the horizon, so do not make Mouncaron power unite again on the system mass that they feel they are in danger from them.

استعدو للنصر بأدن الله

الان في وادي من أودية ليبيا الغالية
الالاف من الأبطال المقاومين يهتفون بالروح بالدم نفديك ياليبيا
الألف من الشرفاء اقسموا اليمين على ان تكون ليبيا حرة قبل نهاية العام
ووسط هتاف الحناجر اطل سيد المقاومة ليقول ويداه تتوسط جنبيه
(أيها الرفاق .. أيها الأبطال .. استعدو لتحرير ليبيا من الاعداء الذين عادوا الى ليبيا مرة اخرى بعد اثنين وأربعين عام
عادوا وأستقبلهم الليبيين بالورود والأهازيج
عادوا ليتربعوا على عرش النفط الليبي
عادوا ليثأروا لكرامتهم التي داست عليها أقدام معمر القذافي
عادوا ليدوسوا على قبور الشهداء ويقولون لهم ها قد عدنا مرة اخرى
أعادهم الذين كانوا يعيشون معهم ويقدمون لهم بنات ليبيا
أعادهم الذين تباكت أعينهم يوم رحيلهم
ولكن أيها الأبطال سمعت قسمكم وانتم تقولون بالروح بالدم نفديك ياليبيا
نقسم بالله العظيم وقسمنا هذا انقلوه لأهلنا في المدن والقرى والأرياف
انقلوه للمظلومين وقولوا لهم ان ثارنا من العملاء والكذابين والمرتدين والخوارج سينتهي قبل نهاية هذا العام
نحن قادرون على النصر قادرون على تحدي نحن على أهبة الاستعداد
الحرب القادمة لن تكون حرب جيوش نظامية وطائرات وصواريخ بعيدة المدى
الحرب القادمة ستكون حرب شعبية يقودها ابناء القبائل الشريفه الجاهزين للموت من اجل ليبيا من اجل الكرامة من اجل الدين والقيم والأخلاق
انقلوا هذه الاخبار لأهلنا لن نتاخر عليهم اننا هنا بينكم على ارض ليبيا لنعيد اليها الكرامة لنعيد اليها الأمن والأمان لنعيد اليها الراية الخضراء
لن تكون في ليبيا الا الراية الخضراء ليس حبا فيها فقط بل غصبا عن الجميع بما فيهم نحن
من لايريد الراية الخضراء عليه ان ينتحر الان لانه سوف يرتديها ويقبلها كل صباح وكل مساء وقبل ان ينام
ومن يريد ان يتحدى فالساحات بيننا
الله اكبر
الله اكبر
الله اكبر

بقلم/القلم الاخضرالمرحلة ما قبل الاخيرة
في هذه المرحلة وهي من المراحل الأخيرة من نكبة فبراير وتنهار بعدها سلطة المتصارعون عليها بين فئات واجندات مختلفة على ثروات ليبيا مما يكفل وفق معادلة الصراع هذه الى أنها الأعداء بعضهم بعض دون حتى قتال من جانب المقاومة، ولكن خارج هذه المعادلة هناك عامل اخر من زاوية ثانية يلوح في الأفق وهو عامل قوة الشعب التي من المرجح في ضل هذه المعطيات تخرج هذه القوى في ثورة وتحسم المعركة لصالح الشعب، وهنا ياتي دور الجسم النظامي المركزي الذي يجتمع حولة الشعب والذي يتمثل في رموز النظام الجماهيري مثل احد ابناء العقيد حتى تتوحد الثورة والمقاومة ولا يحدث صراع بين اطرافها، معهم مجلس مثل مجلس قيادة الثورة التي سوف تفرز قيادات جدبدة ومعها اصحاب الخبرة في جسم قياد واحد.
من هنا يجب على رموز النظام الجماهيري مثل احد ابناء العقيد ان يلوحوا للجماهير من الأفق ويقلوا لهم من بعيد في صورة مباشرة او غير مباشرة عبر وسيط اعلامي لو خرجتم في ثورة لتحرير انفسكم نحن موجودون لقيادتكم ولا تخافوا من الفوضى التي تخافوا منها ان خرجتم في ثورة على العملاء ، هذا يجب دون التدخل في معادلة الصراع القائم بين المتصارعون عليها الان من احزاب ويدلوجيات ومناطق ومدن وقبائل واعراق، يجب ان تكون الرسالة موجها للشعب عبر الأفق بحيث لا تجعل المنصارعون على السلطة يتوحدون من جديد على النظام الجماهيري ان شعروا انهم في خطر منهم.

(Muammar al-Qathafi in Silent prayer)

Provisional People’s troops are armed wing and legitimate, we invite everyone to join the noble tribes,

Approached decisiveness .. There Takzloa Libya .. And do not forget the blood of the martyrs ..

As for the two of a 0. With p «Tmaha leisurely perhaps« «the work of Stmehr b. ,,
Table Saadi massive watering Watteau (Annha Henninehgh security Ahanha Tarahens
Thhv and the knowledge of senior Alaarar Z Baiqs whereby Tnqkhy
And uncle were 1 Itan Z Sqhunt 1 Imanmh and Ataaaa 1 Hahakna them.
Thus my face Analhakaah S Azv Isanb if the Sun is perhaps the Liberal Z
Sagmdham impersonal or Atsqui 0 v 0 for a Jissah not Aúmdaoma News
To the plight of
AAA forth, sector
Bacrh watering loyal
Announcement for the RATS to catch you
الـقوات الـشعبية الـمؤقـتة هـي الـذراع الـمسلح والـشرعي ، نـدعو الـجميع للإلتـحاق بالقـبائل الـشريـفة ,,
إقـترب الـحسم .. فلا تـخذلوا ليبيا .. ولا تـنسوا دماء الـشهداء..
e-mail response to the green announcement
Ahtnaudlgth Bennnadharan Toaaasa of Termez Lhq Dwitt Nations. Lord Banna immorality boy Lome Alnnasseh for the right Alehtoar Aldath drilling when dealing Meh Amer Oaasohr this arithmetic. Concerned Dhanarkd 0 0 William inadvertently certain parts of Ohbms number T. them this theme. Msarkd the treaty but I Stseo 0 0 0
No. City Population
1 Tripoli 2,220,000[1]
2 Benghazi 1,001,000[1]
3 Misrata 350,000[2]
4 Bayda 250,000[3]
5 Zawiya 234,000
6 Zliten 200,000[4]
7 Ajdabiya 184,820
8 Tobruk 108,771
9 Sabha 103,743
10 Khoms 88,317
11 Derna 80,000[1]
12 Zuwara 75,893
13 Kufra 68,940
14 Marj 62,894
15 Tajura 60,681
16 Tarhuna 50,715
17 Sirte 48,504
19 Gharyan 46,455
20 Msallata 46,169
19 Bani Walid 43,504
20 Jumayl 39,344
21 Al Karama 37,987
22 Sorman 36,707
23 Al-Uruba 33,194
24 Al Gseibat 32,559
25 Shahhat 28,818
26 Ubari 27,796
27 Asbi’a 27,693
29 Jadid 27,503
30 Waddan 27,000
31 El Agheila 26,813
32 Abyar 26,600
33 Nofaliya 25,997
34 Regdalin 25,831
35 Gasr Akhyar 25,261
36 Al Qubah 24,631
37 Tawergha 24,223
38 Al Maya 23,222
39 Murzuk 22,395
40 Brega 21,715
41 Teghsat 21,642
42 Hun 19,816
43 Jalu 18,873
44 Sabratha 18,584
45 Al Ujeilat 18,277
46 Nalut 17,146
47 Suluq 16,999
48 Shuhada’ al Buerat 16,282
49 Zaltan 15,801
50 Mizda 13,809
51 Ra’s Lanuf 13,130
52 Al Urban 12,600
53 Yafran 12,372
54 Ar Rayaniya 12,263
55 Umm al Rizam 12,098
56 Taucheira 11,723
57 Brak 11,638
58 Abu Ghlasha 11,179
59 Ad Dawoon 10,909
60 Teji 10,828
61 Qaminis 10,713
62 Qatrun 10,650
63 Benina 10,522
64 Kikla 10,350
65 Al Rheibat 10,080
66 Sokna 9,887
67 Massa 9,748
68 Bin Jawad 9,675
69 Umm al Aranib 9,655
70 Jadu 9,653
71 Ghadames 9,558
72 Ar Rabta 9,487
73 Sidi Khalifa 9,368
74 Ghat 9,228
75 Al Abraq 8,861
76 Sidi as Said 8,836
77 Ar Rajban 8,820
78 Awjila 8,515
79 Ras al Hamam 8,397
80 Tolmeitha 8,310
81 Zella 8,202
82 Wadi Utba 8,178
83 Al Barkat 8,130
84 Martuba 8,130
85 Traghan 7,510
86 Al Hashan 7,494
87 El Bayyada 7,432
88 Qayqab 7,297
89 Mashashita 7,255
90 Bu-Fakhra 7,142
91 Musaid 7,139
92 Tacnis 7,038
93 Susa 7,038
94 Wadi Zem-Zem 6,799
95 Batta 6,754
96 Tazirbu 6,600
97 Jadid 6,598
98 Farzougha 6,564
99 Qaryat ‘Umar al Mukhtar 6,521
100 Bi’r al Ashhab 6,399




Rat Omar Mukhtar Almdhuna a February rats (Sabratha) ….. fought under NATO aircraft and was the field commander of the rats in the occupation of Bani Walid October 2011 …. and claims that this rat rats refused to take the spoils of Bani Walid ((my people died Of course, normal)) …. was delivered by hundreds of volunteers and military personnel to rats Misrata corner …… and currently manages the Shield Libya brigade Bank …. The blood of the sons of Bani Walid in the neck this rat.




“The globe today” of RISHVANA:

Fireworks decorate the sky city of Tripoli, now with the word sir Leader Muammar al-Qathafi

Letter, which is now on the green channel.

ألعاب ناريه تزين سماء مدينة طرابلس حاليا مع كلمة سيدي القائد معمر القذافيالخطاب الذى على قناة الخضراء الان

After the greeting of Islam for all tour inside the hospital ..

Department ambulance Tripoli Medical Center has been closed for more than a week.
Hospital emergency department street corner after the lock was a problem yesterday.

Hospital emergency department incidents Abu Salim + Green Hospital emergency department almost explodes from the congestion and the possibility of closing by the medical staff at any moment due to overcrowding and lack of material and human resources and the intense pressure on them winning the other two because of the closure of the two hospitals.

Until now does not have any interference from any official not from the government nor from the Ministry of Health.

And the victim is the only citizen.

Agency urgently Libya / close center of Tripoli after clashes yesterday the central:
A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, “Ammar Mohammed:” The Central Hospital of Tripoli now semi-closed; collision as a result of two groups within the hospital last night, resulting in damage to the contents of the emergency department making it difficult to receive emergency cases.

(Operations room Mermaid)

Operations room Mermaid :::
Third Brigade Infantry and of rapid intervention teams are still securing the hospital building street corner so far and most of the sections are still unlocked
Doctors and calls for a department ambulance to return to work with these agencies pledged to provide the necessary protection for the entire medical staff.
We would also like to thank all the doctors who have not been a total lighadro hospital and Bako under the circumstance happening and lose coordination with other hospitals to receive the cases that have been transferred from the departments.
Youth movement in full
Jamal Aoun
D Cockpit
D Abdalrav
Dr. confident
D mercy
Dr. Abdullah
D centipede
Dr. Asim
D toxicity
D. Sarah Faitouri
D. Slaked Hanib


Found the body of “Salem Mohammed Akila Altarhuni” plateau region of eastern Tripoli,

and the people of the area confirm the loss of two days ago.!

Ivory (Tripoli) for :::

Hear the sound of explosions shaking the city of Tripoli, with the exchange of gunfire now in all

of Spring Valley and Qasr Ben Ghashir and the road to the airport and Abu Salim plateau.

((((Letter to the field ÇáŢÇĎÓíĺ Ben Achour and Jerabh collector Alsqa and Zanata and Alfornaj and Ain Zara Spring Valley neighborhood Alkerio))))
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
Khotna and to our men in the field ÇáŢÇĎÓíĺ Ben Achour Street Jerabh collector Alsqa Zanata Alfornaj Ayn Zara Spring Valley neighborhood Alkerio ye heroes and men ye parents and brothers you Vasamaohm lions roar of lions
Arōhm wrath of men and dignity of the Libyan citizen free-Sharif
We are scattered all over the place
Inspired by the Jihad neighborhood to fight
Wait appeal struggle and redemption Be on the alert
(Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
Badr Gaddafi)



Concerning the voices of 14.5. The launchers last night in the vicinity of farm ostriches logic factories Tajourah.

Problematic between the two companies, one of them belonging to Haitham Tagouris and a secret for dBar.

Plane …. mistakes heavily loaded coming from Turkey to El haram ĘČí
Complements some of the people and landed in Mitigua …. Shourah Motorists pension Download it knew the way in Libya Q.

Plane coming from # Turkey and loaded with weapons, which fell yesterday night at the airport Mitigua,

showing it’s not wrong, and in part, he said (the crew), but is coming to the militia of Abdul Hakim Belhaj!!!!

Urgent channel capital:
Horn full Jardan channels to employees of armor and weapons to the rebels and Aadathm
refer to Tknathm military Forrrrrrrrra.

But we still wonder Dear Sirs who governs Libya??

John McCAIN honors Abdul Hakim BelHadj



Jardan resistance until the end (FB PAGE):
The City of Five:
Medinhashbah now free city when they heard the word of the Leader !

reminder of the evils of NATO from 21 APRIL 2011

مدينة الخمس مدينة الخمس مدينةاشباح الان مدينة خالية عندما سمعوا كلمة القائد




Now department in Ajeelat:
Violent clashes in the market between Jardan rapid intervention and the sons

and the initial news department in Ajeelat refers to the killing of a rapid intervention Jardan.



Jardan are very upset and Mtadmron after the youth and the masses and Rishvana crawls on the
Fourth Brigade camp Azizia district and seized all its mechanisms and weapons … God save our people in and Rishvana …



Photos and news from Rishvana:

Murder in the mil
Friday morning was found on the number 2 Jtt dead in their home, a divorced woman and her mother where
the killer was able to enter the house and tried to kill them and burn down Aljtt igniting the fire in the house
and so far not identified the culprit
I am God and to him we shall return.
Nsil God Almighty to accept them mercy in this blessed Friday
But the suffering and turn except God Almighty.


Spy plane hovering in the sky now Jufrah!


Was raised green flags and pictures commander in Bani Walid God is great above the aggressors Kid:




Survival of civil society activist (Abdullah Maqrif) from an assassination attempt when
by Kilo (9), where he was thrown dead ..


The Benghazi Blast:

Abduction of Special Forces officers target them after the shot
Bridge near the city of Benghazi and Tripoli to arrest
Doctor involved in the case:
Security source confirmed early Special Forces “Thunderbolt” that was thrown
The arrest of a doctor, “Murad Drissi” in charge of the secret
Medical Battalion before February 17 , minutes from now, after the
Catch him red-while getting “Mohammed Fawzi” and “Hassan Makhlouf
Faitouri “officers abducted a hospital in Benghazi in 1200, and said
Source in a statement that the officers were shooting them near
Bridge of Tripoli by people belonging to the battalion, February 17, and
He was then transferred to the battalion headquarters and taken it down their weapons and their vehicle, and
The so-called “Faraj Hko” contacted the doctor, “Drissi” by
He said that during the initial interrogation, the source explained that he had to bring in
Ambulance from the headquarters of the military police and medical equipment
To try their ministry within the battalion headquarters February 17, but that the injury was
Bulgah, so the doctor transferred to a hospital in 1200 after he
In coordination with the hospital official in 1200, and due to the presence of a
Members of the private detectives as they entered he informed the Special Forces and
The hospital was cordoned off and the entire reservation p doctor and all equipment
And from him, and the same source pointed out that the doctor “Murad Drissi”
He makes a connection with the so-called “Faraj Hko” and and asked him to bring
The car and the weapon personal kidnappers, and has already been
Delivery of property officers to patrol the Special Forces.


Injury to a Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, while escorting the Mgdor
Him, “Faraj Emhemed Almaadana”, who was assassinated soon as he left a mosque,
Neighborhood of the dollar, and a somewhat stable condition, according to a medical source,
Assassination “Faraj Emhemed Almaadana”, a reserve of special forces
Thunderbolt, while leaving the prayer neighborhood dollar, having been
Target bullets left in the head, and it is noteworthy that the victim
At the age of 37-year-old, and his body is now contained Hospital
Galaa city of Benghazi.
City hospitals has the Thunderbolt who was also wounded.

bengazi mosque.jpg

Messages from the Liberal:
Shahid lattice free extender cosmic Arbash who was murdered by a gang Salah Valley rat NATO
because of its stability and advocate Aalambda legitimacy green:
The arrest of the four outlaws in Benghazi
Injury and a Special Forces
Dropped special forces “Thunderbolt”, the arrest of four people
Including people of Tawergha accused of an armed attack on a house with a
Elderly woman and her children wires land in Benghazi, and injury
“Akram on Alguenashi”, a Special Forces “Thunderbolt”
After the outbreak of an armed clash with outlaws, also injured
And one of them was to resuscitate him also and will take the necessary actions.
Ivory (Benghazi) for :::
Clashes in the streets of Benghazi following:
20th Street – the district of Liethy – Fwyhat area – Almajora – Alkorashh – Hawari – Baraka – Garyounes



Back to reality Aalepien ..
The terrorist al-Qaeda (Said Monthly)
Aka (Abu Sufyan Azdi bin Qmo) SAUDI NATIONAL
Attorney General of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
No. 63 required from a list of 85 wanted terrorist
Was a prisoner at Guantanamo under No. 372 ..
Came out of the Guantanamo prison in 2007
Rats lead in Ras Lanuf and the island offer on their screens
As a Libyan citizen of the tribe Saattiyat!!! ..
Thus promoted Al-Jazeera Lies of the Libyan people by the seducer ..
Spread to show the truth ………….Media major scandal Libyan Abu Sufyan Said al-Shihri Azdi leads the rebels in
Ras Lanuf invitation to laugh at …

الرجوع للحقيقة ياليبيين ..

الآرهابي في تنظيم القاعدة ( سعيد الشهري )

الملقب( ابو سفيان الازدي ) سعودي الجنسية
النائب العام لتنظيم القاعدة في الجزيرة العربية
المطلوب رقم 63 من قائمة تضم 85 أرهابي مطلوب
كان سجين في غوانتنامو تحت رقم 372 ..
خرج من سجن غوانتنامو عام 2007

يقود الجرذان في راس لانوف والجزيرة تقدمه على شاشاتها
على أنه مواطن ليبي من قبيلة السعيطيات !!! ..

هكذا روجت قناة الجزيرة الآكاذيب للشعب الليبي المغرر به ..

أنشر لآظهار الحقيقة………….

فضيحة كبرى للاعلام الليبي سعيد الشهري ابو سفيان الازدي يقود الثوار في راس لانوف دعوة للضحك على…

Al-Qaeda in the mountains of one of Derna:

Al-Qaeda in the mountains of one of Derna




A little while ago, and on channel Alaotunaih Jermanyh .….
The former defense minister Jerzosama Juweili after returning from the efforts of the truce between the parties
to the conflict in the city of Sabha says:”The military present in the region are not a national army and militias but Musharana of the conference and got the money, weapons and sustenance .. And now defend its interests.”
Alnowoowom true …………

Victory is at hand, and a big surprise
Inventory Hamad was killed lions and black father, Mansour minutes ago.

The death of Mohammed Musa Mahmoudi large inventory.
Shortly before Bsabha
Aqoirh gate money “between Sabha and Barak beach” North Gate Sabha and peace
Barak Chat’ai beach flags festooned with green ..


Entrace Gate of Sabha now:

Urgent … After refusing orders to bombard the headquarters in Sabha n filter has both Alysonh pilot Colonel,

Colonel and pilot F Alakecat Jttthm lying at the base of Ameitikh now !

This is really a “REPEAT OF 12 OCT. 2012 BANI WALID” with false Media propaganda once more:

Bummer popular forces from all tribes now Taatniz and priming itself out to secure the city of Sabha,
We ask everyone not to be subjected to them, and anyone exposed to them will reply Kasi of all those forces:
Now, in the various regions of Sabha
Masses arming and preparing to pounce on customers
Income from his home and threw his weapon is safe
We are faced martyrs for their homeland.
(God is greatest above the aggressor Kid)

Resistance operations room \ and Rishvana \ Tarhunah \ Bani Walid 24 \ 24:

Military aircraft in the skies over the place now Sabha clashes.

A picture of the bombing of locusts today in the first hours of dawn. (Pictures of Grad rockets at dawn today,)

Buildings have been Nasiriyah Sabha missiles to bombard me now locusts. 

Colonel Alsukna assured me that the troops stationed

in the gate area Agheilanah moving toward Barak seawall.

Statement of civil society institutions, dignitaries and leaders in the south Tabu
– All Sabha … To all interested in Libyan affairs.

News resistance People’s Libyan Free · 

Leadership of the resistance is now broadcast a statement Haaam in the

southern region of Nerjoaaaa everyone follow-up and commitment

Atef Shelmani reports:
News :::
Arming MiG-23 fighter planes to bombard the base Ameitqh
Any movement of tanks or heavy guns in the vicinity of Sebha …
Gangs Sixth Brigade of the so-called national army problem of militias and their supporters Awlad Asilyman

tamping revive sons Tabu and kill their children and their wives and locust mortars

and other heavy weapons, and clashes are currently stationed around the camp heat.

THE PRESS is calling the Resistance “Armed Gangs”!!!

Security source confirmed the return of the clashes in the city of Sabha again
And hear the voices of powerful explosions and hear stronger neighborhood near Nasiriyah,

stones and sons says he uses the gun in Alhmas Sabha now against the national army

by “armed gangs” where few have been before the control gate 17 by the national army, O Lord, inject blood.

        رغم الدقائق المعدودة لاكن البيان وضح الكثير من الامور المهمة القوات الشعبية المشكله من
        قبائل الجنوب تتنظم للخروج لتامين مدينة سبها الـيّ الآمــام حــتيّ الــنــصـر

Despite the few minutes to the statement I explained a lot of things the task force formed by

the People’s southern tribes Taatniz out to secure the city of Sebha ,

forward until victory:

National Charter
Urgent … African troops carrying green flags surround Sabha of all axes and prepared,

and its equipment is too big .. There is news to swear allegiance to most of the southern tribes loyal

to the legitimacy of the Libyan Help Muammar al-Qathafi.

Fumes as a result of the escalation of shells:

Back clashes now where you are in a phone call now Sabha with Colonel Alsukna and hear the sound of fighting
my heavy weapons where he told me he battles revolve now in the camp of thermal Sabha and the brigade sixth
my response to armed gangs that exist behind the camp warming that he said and told me that he Today’s clashes
were started from 5:00 pm and lasted until 7 and a half and then stopped the attack on the army camps and returned
the attack taking place now and my heavy weapons clashes and Orgomat Alsorieg inject blood ….
Oh God, our brothers in Sabha!In another connection from Sabha with Colonel Alsukna:
Tell me about the expansion of the scope of the clashes in the city of Sabha between the national army
and armed gangs and are now circulating in the Indian company and by agricultural Gardah
inspired Taiora gate 17 that he said and spin fierce battles between the two sides but no injuries
in the ranks of the army until the moment.
Explosion gas station in Nasiriyah area Sabha:


The French Ambassador came to Murzuq and without the knowledge of the state !
And he meet with leaders and sheikhs of the Tabu.
Isa Maina and come out on France 24 and threatening !!!That was bombed Chadian Tabu by the Libyan state, which will be assisted by France and Fear, which he says ..?
What is the interpretation of these words, and what do you want from the south of France ..?PICTURE of French Ambassador during his visit to the city of Murzuq and his meeting with a pond
and Rdqo leaders Tabu:(Libyan Republic)


clashes Mttahreinn violence between security forces and the state of the plug and the use of
tear gas against protesters in front of the headquarters of the state and smashed doors.
And Tunisian police arrested 17 of the protesters.
The forces deployed in front of banks and major commercial areas in the city in anticipation of looting.


Alcoholic consumption in a so-called “muslim” nation: UAE

State of the UAE Kezih France and occupies center
The first narrowed the world narrowed consumption of whiskey
Is »Aarhl« Apr 1 to discriminate in a Nalnntqla
By Sahikh economic NL specialized

Arabian Business newspaper said that the UAE expected
As one of the first countries to most of Stahedko
Hawskiha a Scot, so to displace France 0
She added that the volume of consumption c Emirates not receive
Most of the millions of liters

Abdulaziz Fadel:
Walking Kitty