Pseudo Reporting by West and bribeing teenage boys to do their dirtywork

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Mu Holy Imam


{Smear campaign miserable}

– These days, you will hear from the news fabricated and deceptive Maivkirkm same false news, which was free to the client Arab media channels and channels west conspirator in 2011,

This time the campaign is directed to a person Commander of the Libyan revolution, which describes their news today that a serial killer does not assess the weight of the privilege and violates the Libyan symptoms?

The important question to know the truth about these lies, lies in why Chen campaign now?

And why someone Leader Muammar al-Qathafi?

It used this lies in the past?

Fierce campaign being waged on the Leader of the Revolution today have two reasons:

the first: popular uprising in Libya and condensing Libyan tribes about the thought of Muammar al-Qathafi,

and the second reason is: the increase in supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi, even among Libyans who were in favor of the events of “17February” and even those who nominate in Libya today Balnadamin.

It was not the focus of the campaign to honor damned claw row Libyan tribes noble honor, which is below the red line of death.

These lies have been used in the past to tarnish the image of the armed people and accused him of raping women in Misrata and the war ended and did not hear a mirror and one of Misratah raped and published all organizations concerned with human rights reports later confirm that one of the women have been raped in Misurata appeared semiconductor men stateless honor in Misurata to say In their pages and their channels, that they used this lie to get rid of Altagah; and that lying is permissible in war !

This makes me address my question to them: is it in order as so you are willing to sell your honor permission as to why you fight?

Grab the old State Hillary Clinton in this lie, and made it into an international public opinion, and everyone was the day of the infidels and traitors believes that God does not exist.

It is the triumph of falsehood be convinced he has the doctrine that God does not exist and that the basis of life of falsehood and its injustice.

Three years ago and did not see the victim of rape and one of the victims of rape Bab al-Aziziya as you say, and even the Revolutionary Guard officers who were interrogated told me personally that they were forced confessions are not from their own words, only for their release.

The operations room of birth in the College of Medicine, which did not use, was equipped for Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi, who was pregnant with her daughter Amal, was the security situation day requires that give birth to Dr. in a place not frequented by people at the time; became, the doubt which is the principle and ask for a certificate in this regard from Dr. Aisha Per Muammar Gaddafiafi, all Libyans about this incident.

In the end, dare you give me the names of violators Misurata give you the names of the settlements of the Bab al-Aziziya, will not give me Shi Shi, will not give you a loss, because the thing does not give him.

– And still continues playing the lead,
{musician }
{ حملة تشـويه بائسـة }

– هذه الايـام سوف تسمعون من الاخبار الملفقة والمخادعة مايذكركم بنفس الاخبار الكاذبة التي كانت تتردد في قنوات الاعلام العربية العميلة وقنوات الغرب المتآمر عام 2011 ،

هذه المرة الحملة موجهة لشخص قائد الثورة الليبية والتي تصفه اخبارهم اليوم بآنه سفاح ولا يقيم وزن للشرف وينتهك اعراض الليبيات ؟

السؤال المهم لمعرفة حقيقة هذه الاكاذيب يكمن في لماذا تشن الحملة الان ؟

ولماذا شخص القائد معمر القذافي ؟

ومن استخدم هذه الاكاذيب في الماضي ؟

الحملة الشرسة التي تشن على قائد الثورة اليوم لها سببين الاول الانتفاضة الشعبية في ليبيا وتكاثف القبائل الليبية حول فكر معمر القذافي والسبب الثاني ازدياد انصار معمر القذافي حتي في أوساط الليبين الذين كانوا مؤيدين لأحداث 17 فبراير والذين يسموا في ليبيا اليوم بالنادمين ،

وكان لا بد من تركيز الحملة اللعينة على الشرف لشق صف القبائل الليبية الشريفة التي تعتبر الشرف خط احمر دونه الموت ،

هذه الاكاذيب استخدمت في الماضي لتشويه صورة الشعب المسلح واتهامه باغتصاب النساء في مصراته وانتهت الحرب ولم نسمع بمرآة واحدة من مصراته اغتصبت ونشرت كل المنظمات التي تهتم بحقوق الانسان تقارير بعد ذلك تؤكد ان احد من النسوة لم تغتصب في مصراته وظهر أشباه الرجال عديمي الشرف في مصراته ليقولوا في قنواتهم و صفحاتهم انهم استخدموا هذه الكذبة للتخلص من التاغية والكذب في الحروب جائز ،

وهذا يجعلني اتوجه لهم بسؤال في محله اذ كنتم على استعداد لبيع شرفكم اذن على ماذا تحاربون ؟

تلقفت العجوز في الخارجية الامريكية هيلاري كلينتون هذه الكذبة وصنعت منها راي عام عالمي وكان الجميع يومها من الكفرة والخونة يعتقد ان الله غير موجود ،

فمن يقتنع بانتصار الباطل تكون لديه عقيدة بأن الله غير موجود وان الحياة اساسها الباطل ونظامها الظلم ،

منذ ثلاثة سنوات ولم نري ضحية اغتصاب واحدة من ضحايا اغتصاب باب العزيزية كما تقولون وحتي ضابطات الحرس الثوري اللاتي تم التحقيق معهم قالوا لي شخصياً انهم اجبروا على اعترافات ليست من اقوالهم مقابل اطلاق سراحهم ،

وغرفة عمليات الولادة في كلية الطب التي لم تستخدم كانت مجهزة للدكتور عائشة معمر القذافي التي كانت حامل بي ابنتها امل وكان الوضع الامني يومها يقتضي ان تنجب الدكتورة في مكان لا يتردد عليه الناس في زمن صار الشك فيه هو المبدأ واطلب شهادة في هذا المقام من الدكتورة عائشة معمر القذافي لكل الليبين حول هذه الواقعة ،

في النهاية اتحداكم اعطوني اسماء مغتصبات مصراته اعطيكم اسماء مغتصبات باب العزيزية ، لن تعطوني شي ولن اعطيكم شي لان فاقد الشي لا يعطيـه .

— ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

“Gibraltar Falcon” presents:God is.(The homeland and Of our duty ):Greetings Honorable tribute glory and free greeting for honest resistance.Gallant greeting people be wrongfully by the optimistic child.Greetings is the best supplication elders, the elderly and the elderly and disadvantaged DOA of Hua Libby who loves this country whom will never betray, We peoples of the South, saw you, the people of Ajeelat: you line up welazaltm.They write epics and tournaments… We are not defending the regions but stand on Libya, because Its our legal and legitimate duty.We have martyrs and we will not shrink from 12,000 and will not surrender and We will protect the Resistance of honest people and there will be retributionBut not by traitors and customer walsrakin or the new global terrorism, backed by the West and America. (Gibbets will suspend you; for you not only cheat, but, you have betrayed, Our Commander of the homeland and all her people)

You made Libya a joke to the world ! We were in peak glory, glory and pride.

As we now are judges, in our sovereign country today, you will see everything you destroyed…

and you have now fallen by the fair and gallant Resistance. we are in our hour of GLORY. We are the flood-attack, erasing the public shame you brought upon our hands in our land. We are honest workers, citizens, engineers, doctors and experts; and, all minds to re-build our Home and we ask the following of you.

1. respect for the military orders issued by the General command of the resistance

2-activate the intelligence security services, internal security and external security and the police both spectrum and municipal guard

3. be there for after full liberalization and all are equal under Libyan law

4 no rape or assault or murder or liquidation of this atrocity is the implementation of the death penalty in front of the masses

5 assemble the weapon and return to state stores by tribal elders

Larger role for elders 6_ tribal elders to solve all outstanding problems and grievances and reconciliation between the people of Libya and granted large powers

7_ code of honor among all tribes in Libya sealed blood to end these extravaganzas

Finally I like to mention to intifadah close, get ready, we are free to go out this time for God and country and duty.

طارق الصقر
الله .. الوطن .. الواجب

تحية الشرفاء تحية المجد والصمود تحية الاحرار للمقاومه الشريفه الباسله تحية الشعب الذي انقهر ظلما وعدوانا تحية الاطفال المستبشرين خيرا بقادم افضل دعاء الشيوخ والعجائز وكبار السن والمحرومين دعاء من كل من هوا ليبي ويحب هذا التراب الذي لم ولن نخونه اهلنا في الجنوب اهلنا في ورشفانه اهلنا في العجيلات سطرتم ولازالتم تسطرون الملاحم والبطولات فنحن لاندافع عن مناطقنا بل ندافع على ليبيا لانه من واجبنا الشرعي والقانوني قدمنا شهداء ولازالنا نقدم ولن نتراجع ولن نستسلم وستحمي المقاومه الشريفه الشعب الليبي ولن يكون القصاص الا من الخونه والعملاء والسراقين واصحاب الارهاب العالمي الجديد المدعوم من الغرب وامريكا فالمشانق ستعلق لكم لانكم لم تخونوا قائد لانكم خنتم وطن وشعب وجعلتم من ليبيا اضحوكه امام العالم بعدما كنا في قمة الشموخ والمجد والعزه عندما كنا نحن من نحكم في بلادنا واليوم ترون كل شي امامكم وواقعكم الي المقاومه الشريفه الباسله ونحن في ساعات مجيده واقتراب الطوفان الاخضر من الهجوم لمسح عار ال فبراير وبناء الجماهيريه من جديد بايدينا نحن من ابناء الوطن الشرفاء عمال ومهندسين ودكاتره وخبراء وكل العقول النيره من اجل بناء الوطن بعرقنا ودمنا نطلب منكم الاتي .

1_ احترام الاوامر العسكريه الصادره من القياده العامه للمقاومه

2_ تفعيل الاجهزه الامنيه الاستخبارات الامن الداخلي والامن الخارجي والشرطه بكل اطيافها والحرس البلدي

3_ لايكون هناك مقابل بعد انتهاء التحرير الكامل والكل سواسيه تحت القانون الليبي

4_ عدم انتهاك الحرمات او التعدي على الاشخاص او القتل او التصفيه ومن يعمل هذا الفعل الشنيع يكون تنفيد عقوبة الاعدام امام الجماهير

5_ تجميع السلاح بدون مقابل وعودته الي مخازن الدوله باشراف حكماء القبائل

6_ الدور الاكبر لحكماء القبائل والشيوخ من اجل حل كل المشكلات العالقه ورد المظالم والصلح بين الشعب الليبي وتمنح لهم صلاحيات كبيره

7_ ميثاق شرف بين كل قبائل ليبيا يبصم بالدم لانهاء هذه المهازل

واخيرا احب ان انوه ان الانتفاضه قريبه فاستعدوا يا احرار لاننا نخرج هذه المره من اجل الله والوطن والواجب

GREAT SON writes:We believe in God the Almighty who is capable of giving us victory, and our support for Him and all is set right,
and certainty and faith in our hearts and our patience, persistence and determination.We don’t believe in only one thing … That which is taken by force can only be retrieved by force. And other HPA scattered …We have a reliable leader and with resilience and fighting, there will be a cleansing … And we also, (always just as we said) as much as what helm death and our duty towards the Great Jamahiriya nation: WE offer dignity and history …Let go of all political entities that try to fit the political mold. Resistance brings us out of the maze of concessions and compromises which lead to hell.
And politicians and intellectuals who go to philosophise upon us, in the name of national and bloodshed, our homes are like an laparoscopic template: BECAUSE we are tired of hearing these lies, and refuse to go to hell with them.And will not undue and forever will adhere to the parameters and principles that we made for her by our blood: So “go to hell”. We go to data liberation organizations’s founding as a home opposed to your hell.And you go all trumpets calling for reconciliation and assignor and the trembling: YOU go to hell.Just as we owe it to the leader in the days of prosperity, pride and resilience. We are naahidh to the Resistance and steadfastness until victory.Our legitimacy is leader Muammar Al-Qadhafi and nothing but Muammar al-Qathafi. His words and his orders are a permanent platform for us in his presence or in his absence.Never give up … Will not tear up the Covenants and conventions … Will not negotiate or rest or compromise.
We will not sell the blood of the martyrs in the name of reconciliation and collusion with heretics and blood Assassin.
Will it be us only, people’s power …

And he wants other go to give it a clear position instead of the almrawaghat and allvdaih in the name of policy implications and case …Fey Hey fans of chairs and politics!!

Thank God that sometimes we watch Berry leaves upon dripping paper, followed by meaningless paper…

We stood up with the Resistance as men. … We win the triumph of heroes.

نحن لا نؤمن الا بالله العلي العظيم القادر على نصرنا ومؤازرتنا لانه عزة وجل هو من ثبتنا على الحق واليقين وقذف بالايمان في قلوبنا ورزقنا بالصبر والثبات والعزيمة
نحن لا نؤمن الا بشئ واحد فقط وهو ما أخذ بالقوة لا يسترد الا بالقوة … وغير ذلك هبأ منثورا ….
قائدنا اوصانا بالثبات والصمود والقتال والتطهير … وسنبقى كذلك دوما فمثلما قال نحن لايهمنا الموت بقدر مايهمنا الواجب نحو الوطن والعرض والكرامة والتاريخ …
ولتذهب كل الكيانات السياسيه التي تحاول احتواء المقاومة في قالب سياسي يدخلنا الى متاهات التنازلات والمساومات الى الجحيم
وليذهب الساسة والمفكرون الذي يتفلسفون علينا بأسم الوطنية وحقن الدماء والوطن في قالب تنظيري سئمنا سماعه الى الجحيم
وليذهب كل من تراجع عن ثوابته ومبادئه التي قدمنا من اجلها الدماء الى الجحيم ولتذهب كل البيانات التأسيسيه لمنظمات التحرير بأسم الوطن الى الجحيم
ولتذهب كل الابواق الداعيه للمصالحة والمتنازله والمرتعشه الى الجحيم
ومثلما عاهدنا القائد في ايام الرخاء والعزة بالتحدي والصمود … ها نحن نعاهده من جديد بالمقاومة والثبات حتى النصر ..
شرعيتنا الدائمة هي القائد معمر القذافي ولا شي غير معمر القذافي .. كلامه وأوامره هي منهاج عمل دائم لنا في وجوده وغيابه

لن نتنازل … لن نمزق العهود والمواثيق … لن نفاوض او نستكين او نساوم
لن نبيع دماء الشهداء بأسم المصالحة والتواطؤ مع زنادقة العصر وسفاكي الدماء
ولن يكون بيننا الا السلاح والقوة … ومن يريد غير ذلك يذهب اليهم وليكن موقفه واضحا بدلا من هذه المراواغات والايحاءات اللفضيه بأسم السياسة والوطن والقضية …يا عشاق الكراسي والسياسة

والحمد الله الذي احيانا لنشاهد اوراق التوت وهي تتساقط ورقة تتلوها ورقه

صمدنا صمود الرجال …. وها نحن ننتصر انتصار الابطال


THE USA IS BRAINWASHING THE WORLD and training their soldiers. This is their deployment.
This comes directly from the US STATE DEPARTMENT and Armed Forces of the USA.

Remember, that this scenario was created prior to the real CIA/NATO-led Libyan War of 2011.

JUST SUBSTITUTE “ATTICA” for LIBYA” and you will see the exact same thing being carried out at this moment upon LIBYA

and the Lies the Press is supposedly reporting to the World!:

credit: U.S. Army/The Economist:


The Middle Eastern nation of Attica has seen better days. The radical Islamic Congress of Attica seeks to destabilize the Attican government and install an oppressive theocratic regime. Meanwhile, the Ellisian Army has sent in mechanized elements as precursor to a full invasion. The Islamic Brotherhood for Jihad would like to establish a terrorist base of operations in the region, from which it can launch transnational attacks.

To deal with this, the U.S. Army has been deployed to work alongside Attican security forces to stop the insurgency, secure Attica’s porous borders, strengthen its tenuous state, and deny haven to terrorists. Working against the U.S.-Attican alliance is the Wolf Brigade, an eight-man cyber-warfare cell capable of disrupting communications and networked electronics. The WIN-T is a command-and-control system that allows critical information to be sent across the battlefield through such devices as Nett Warrior field-capable smartphones.

The “hostile forces” represent “Gaddafi’s soldiers”. 

The Defense Department expects future threats to the interests of the Unites States and Europe to appear a lot like “the war in Attica”—hybrid, with conventional forces, CRIMINAL FORCES, TERRORIST forces, and intelligence services WORKING TOGETHER to topple governments and repel “external threats”.

“The crisis in Attica” is part of the Network Integration Evaluation, now a bi-annual exercise at White Sands Missile Range (USA), which evaluates military communications hardware in the field.
The training simulation is for wars the U.S. Army expects to fight now and in the future. The Network Integration Evaluation also puts the U.S. Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical to the test.


The leader of the nation FB PAGE:Dahab from the country in hell we’re not sure ..Who Uoridonna to come to terms with them are going in the country to the path, but promises ….Unfortunately, the politicians were the only ones who propose and dictated on us and on the same project failed rejected already by usand why we always should provide concessions abandon and torture, and kill and Nstabdb and we have to forget that Owners homeland accept what we are askedbecause we ousted and follow Sidi commander to allow us to stay on condition deaf dumb and either we are in Ndharhm boutiques rogue and terrorists and bandits ææææææ …Is that what they call a reconciliation is not God that for us a state of humiliationand our decision is not will not Nsaleh not Nsaleh willing wills and the parents of the parents of politicians stakeholders,we double our cause is clear and understandable is …… Liberation of the country from traitors and agents of all and most importantly …

we will not be, but as he said Sidi leader will stay steadfast and will continue the resistance and we will liberate Libya home house house house house Rue Rue inch inch steadfast .. .. .. steadfast and victorious, God willing.

زعيم الامه الامه

من دهب بالبلاد الى الهاويه أكيد لسنا نحن.. الذين يوريدوننا ان نتصالح معهم هم من سيذهب بالبلاد الى طريق الا عوده ….وللاسف الساسه فقد وحدهم من يقترح ويملى علينا وعلى نفسه هذا المشروع الفاشل المرفوض أصلاً من قبلنا ولماذا نحن دائماً من يجب أن يقدم التنازلات نهجر ونعذب ونقتل ونستعبدب وعلينا ان ننسى ان اصحاب وطن نرضى بما يطلب منا لاننا ازلام واتباع سيدى القائد كى يسمح لنا بالبقاء بشرط صماً بكماً واما فنحن فى نضرهم عصبات مارقه وارهابيين وقطاع طرق وووووو…اهذا ما يسمونه مصالحة لا والله انه بالنسبه لنا ذل ومهانه وقرارنا هو لا لن نصالح لن نصالح شاء من شاء واباء من اباء من الساسه اصحاب المصالح المزدوجة فنحن قضيتنا واضحه ومفهومه هى…… تحرير الوطن من الخونه والعملاء وكل من والاهم …نحن لن نكون الا كما قال سيدى القائد سنبقى صامدون وسنستمر فالمقاومة وسنحرر ليبيا الوطن بيت بيت دار دار زنقة زنقة شبر شبر ..صامدون ..ثابتون..وبأذن الله منتصرون

From the operations room boys Emhemed Fassi:

“Steadfastness woman” writes:

Name of the revolution and the honor of belonging
The name of the martyrs marching on the path to shine your light on our path in the darkness of the evening
On behalf of languishing in the jails of the enemy
On behalf of were displaced from their homes and do not Ioasém thousand consolation
Call a national overview of all the Liberal :::
We call on the Liberal to cut the road in front of all the lurking and who are trying to track the letter and the path of mass resistance to their personal interests and the second step towards defeating every client call a traitor in our name and on behalf of the principles of the glorious revolution in the original does not know the meaning :::::
ĆĎăĘă and O are free as long as the homeland
Steadfastness and kill them.

“Zero hour”  on FB gives us
Every member of RAT Congress and one whose name and number before him:
Mr. Haddad ……….. 0914614219
Saleh Younis …………. 0919898188
Mohammed Arish ……….. 0912155852
Ibtisam Astih ……… 0925716557
Moncef of the dome ……… 0919898253
Ali pots .. Minister of families of martyrs ….. 0912209934
Amtir safe …….. 0919898182
Minister of Health …….. 0912209916
Tawfiq Shuhaibi …….. 0919898260
Hussein Jazawi ………. 0912207204
Khaled Mashri …………. 0919898169
Saleh Jaudh …………….. 0919898161
Magda farmer ………….. 0919898176
Ramadan Zrmouh … Minister wounded ….. 0912209953
Souad Sultan ……….. 0919898150
Said Alkhtala …………. 0919898167
Suleiman Haj ………….. 0919898126
Saleh Sabratha ……….. 0919898254
Abdel Aal al-Drissi ……… 0919931714
Emigrated commander ………………. 0917772334
Osman mentioned ……………. 0919898082
Abubakar Hamouda ……………. 0919898054
Ola Sanusi …………… 0912111111
Ali Sha’ala for epiphyseal …………. 0914532526
Alqreis Mohammed Ali Zaidan Director, Office of ………. 0912209925
Mohammed caused ……………… 0926893672
Abdullah Joan …………….. 0918815004
Abato Msjat, but the rest of the cabinet Rahwooowohm Antzero
Human Rights Watch says that the decision of the RAT National Congress banning some television stations was a violation of freedom of expression and the Provisional Constitutional Declaration in Libya…. (Ha Haaaaa!)
Please beware of resistance than these people who are among the ranks:
Tafrjo Ali channels rats and Tjo to Facebook Tqt Taatbaku in the comments so is the subject ofAs you
what lies Talmto of laps to capture Moussa Ibrahim and GENERAL KHAMIS and the first on the basis of
yesterday Kabdan Al-Saadi and Abdullah Mansour !! (UGH!!)Leadership and dampers to the south Mibokm Tfhmu
Shi mesh Maipú Afarahokm not even because the rats do not mesh without understanding Shi …
Zeido Tafrjo on their channels and Cololy Shani things Sabha came Mesh Arefanhm Anto nor Cheney and anti-God knew how to reach an understanding ăÚÇßă nor TPU Dr. Moussa Ibrahim Atalaalkm every day Icollkm Sabha Tmanhunt safe safe safe Opare Jufrah under control soon
KERMIT says:
“It’s not easy being green.”:



Please publishing and Circular
Seen a black car, reinforced by members of the masked and pistols silencer for the liquidation of members of a particular seen a few days ago and yesterday area project plateau was the liquidation of a group of individuals and Nghe.
An individual of Death, one of the Tell the incident and the car, and its days are coming will be stationed in areas near to Abu Salim and Green Mountain and other areas please parents when View any car opaque strange shape and suspicious in any of these regions stop and check what’s inside the car, this way you have to go out and disappear in a manner unknown unknown
Please intensify guard areas and God save our children and our parents.


Green TV Channel Green TV:
Of mail page.

I broke into armed criminal gangs masked face houses security of my family Abu Salim withstand been kidnapped all young people as well as their parents were beating them up and cursing did not observe the presence of women and children did not respect even the sanctity of homes and the intrusion on exactly 12 o’clock at night

and it was concentration Aktar the sons department in Ajeelat from my family Abu Salim and at this time did not know of the actor and where they took our people and our brothers, sons of Abu Salim and learned from were kidnapped sons of Abu Salim did not have a hand in anything, whose only fault that they are fathers and mothers and Ojut supporters commander Hero Muammar al-Qathafi,

who stood against NATO and not liked the customers and treason selling home for themselves (as your God, O sons of this nation wounded).

This shameful act that yoke on Xi, it shows the weakness and fear of my father is coming

and we hope to God the Almighty, to save Abanana higher than all the evil that they reach their brethren Almjhdan heroes are freed.


“Zero hour” on FB, informs us:
Urgent .. God and yes, the agent

To God and to Him we return to God’s mercy.

Aantql one Liberal Aacaws inside prisons, torture Bmlisheat Corner Martyr God willing:

Ragab Mohamed Suef under Aaaltaveb

(Aom God bless his soul rest in peace rifled.)

ZINTAN Security at the Tripoli Airport fight ZAIDANE’s Militias :
Now clashes at Tripoli airport, and shut down the airport gate angle.

(between the Zaidane militias and the Zintan airport security militia.)


Publishing and Circular

Certain information
From inside the secret meeting of some militia leaders Jerdanih inside the camp (without mentioning the name of the camp)

resolved to the military coup and arrested all politicians and members of the Conference Allaotunai for treason (lactually are CIA labor for the West, or others to support the legitimate green) as has been accused by some members of Congress Allaotunai previously….

Exchange of charges between the customer and Jardan and the sharp differences among them have made every one of them rallying his mercenaries (the militias that are moving money) and showcases his strength on the other, and everybody is waiting for the right opportunity to Angzaz on government institutions in major cities to be under and prominence.

Increased intensity differences between militia leaders and officers Allajeic Allaotunai and “climbers” reached the threat of liquidation.

Altkvrien readiness of the Islamic Emirate in Derna, Benghazi

Eachotna caution in the land of thorns and Rrrrrishvana there is armed convoy with
heavy weapons coming from the highway heading to Janzour.
(RBI saves seven Tabowoowool)





“Zero hour” on FB  tells us:This person Idaa Mohammed Aoun is entered me and Rishvana Bartel and hater of Hua Draa left me a hater Abdul Rauf,
who killed Ketar sons and Rishvana withstand income, along with brother who killed him dampers cart Ihsabh Saybh ..
The Friday market of Hua lives in Algrart and Hedda his own inventory 0912221016
This is when he entered an armored vehicle and was the first car that killed the brother of a hater was outside the car roof
Hedda Hua person of the arrest of Ali and Muhannad Abouhlalh Abdulkuddous Azmim and Mohammad Khalil and
Magdi Khalil and Abdulaati snake and Abdulrahman Khweldi
And others
Ketar sons and seven drums Rishvana
Hey free Donkm Les ..


(For all actual forayed into war))
To pan the Libyan people:-
The events now at home forced behind the armed militias that shows publicly visible to everyone so (crazy to understand everything and note everything))

After the failure of the exhausted armed militias to rein in the popular uprising in different regions of Libya usurped,the RATS
Issued and ordered from Turkey and Qatar and Saudi Arabia to Al-Qaeda to move-in to end a popular uprising.

In the city of Ajeeat, were PLANTED IN THE LAST MONTH OR SO, AN INFLUX of infidel Kharijites quite noticeable; and they are in the foreground and behind the armed militias.

The killing of the sons of Libya are of many different nationalities.
Al-Qaida is now moving and announce themselves publicly, no longer silent for the great Libyan tribes.

Into Al-Ajeelat came a million and two hundred thousand to do the work for the ethnic cleansing of all popular cities.
All of them coming the city of Ajeelat, whether they are the woman, child or an Ajeelat elder or young person, they arrested immediately by Zaidae’s government: and then are harassed by throwing their tortured bodies and filtering them in the garbage !!!

Call the Libyans appealed to tribesmen appealed to all human rights associations
Where are you … …Now pleads and invokes Ajeelat welcome !!
Where are you … … … … ….And in the history of your fathers..
Where are you men? … … … … ….Do you actually want them to be or become completely, in the detention camps and the diaspora ???
Libya has become a joke wemskhrh.

Thank you and a thousand thanks
Thanks to everyone !


26 janvier
Good God, I ask you in this life and the hereafter. God, I ask you forgiveness and wellness in religious and civil dniay and Mali, o my private parts and ester roaati, o Lord, keep out of my hands and from the rear, on the right and on the North and from above me and I seek refuge with the Majesty of the Undertow assassinated
26 janvier
Good God, I ask you in this life and the hereafter. God, I ask you forgiveness and wellness in religious and civil dniay and Mali, o my private parts and ester roaati, o Lord, keep out of my hands and from the rear, on the right and on the North and from above me and I seek refuge with the Majesty of the Undertow assassinated.26 janvier
اللهم إني اسألك العافية في الدنيا والآخرة. اللهم إني أسألك العفو والعافية في ديني ودنياي وأهلي ومالي, اللهم استر عوراتي وآمن روعاتي, اللهم احفظني من بين يدي ومن خلفي وعن يميني وعن شمالي ومن فوقي وأعوذ بعظمتك أن أغتال من تحتي


Channel Zintan on Facebook
And our response now …….
In a statement, Mr. Moktar Andar Green chosen vice chairman of the Zintan military force when the move this morning:
(Assure everyone that we are here to help restore stability and Tmint folks, and we will not be party to any tribal dispute, and will let the opportunity for solutions Social tribal differences, and we will not use weapons, but for the home and preserve it,
we’ll be on the lookout for both imagine that Roads cut or kill or assault or fighting to restore the country away from the system of crime and abuse)
(Omar Matouk)
This is Moktar Andar Green, former General under Muammmar al-Qathafi air-Command before the War.
already Xanthan have joined the People’s Resistance*….Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
ZAIDANE’s Defense Minister denies any force assigned to go to the southern region…We will see what Moktar does when he gets there…
Ivory (liberation struggle) for
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
God and the largest and thankfully
Join an entire battalion of armed militias to the Popular Resistance full promised and materiel and Afradaha and surrender voluntarily to the forces armed people and volunteers were handed their vehicles Military was Altdfik by the technical staff of the popular resistance of the Alketornej in terms of tracking or Continue through electronic devices owned by the Popular Resistance.
God is great and above Kid aggressors

GOOD STORY from 08 OCTOBER 2011:


Said and Diana


The sand tables more … Kadhafi.jpg

Muammar al-Qathafi 


634 miles away in the North West there is a man writing in a notebook he carries with him in the middle of the city on fire …

Daily newspaper after Night 08 October 2011

Sirte my city again just now I watched you … just before the night here has colors similar to tagelmout worn by Tuareg Tribesmen in all places of our transhumance between black and indigo purple stained blood red when the sun is our god Horus abandon us to our dramas obscurity … Once again I imagined you draped your palms with light floating foliage similar to the brides veils around you with bushes of jasmine and bougainvillea refreshed light rustling over your port where the green and white red ocher colored dots of small fishing boats and thy thousands of seabirds wings tossed my hometown Sirte … you don ‘ are more than a body to shreds of blackened rags barely covering your wounds obscene and your belly excised again a thousand times torn by a band of killers rut … How accept to see you and my city and I do not sleep there and die in the river that your panic punctured pipelines made ​​up to my knees in places … The fiery rain splashes yet established any piece of your quarters and split each window is an open wound and a pink pomegranate seed bare in an oven where the glass background …

My hometown Sirte your flesh comes the crash sparks and not a minute falls without one of their missiles away with fine pliers watchmaker your thighs young marine mare … orgies of ultraviolet sparks are accomplished in when the feast bombing soothes a moment the guests sitting in front of their screens trying to monitor our agony … Something rises in my throat after the number of explosions I counted 23 became one stroke unbearable my ears scratched and I support my hands on at the same time as the smell of gasoline burned tire iron like lava heated liquid asphalt and fire eucalyptus makes me want an ice orangeade … Yaouah ! … I do not know if I screamed or if the raid fortresses winged trapped inside my head a scream that never come out more … It’s not going to stop! It does not stop and there are days and nights that we crawl with animals buried inside the pipes that made ​​their way to the sea before us between the islands of plowed land with gardens become wastelands sand spice gaping intestines …

I saw there are more than five days of it just before dusk adds to his dismay brand monstrous braziers bands rats thousands resurface point really low intensity explosions and form columns of refugees breathless port management … They rode trampled by calling small children surrounded by the insolent sirens screaming and rushed into tiny leaps to the absurd result of their terror as the water will finally quiet swollen corpses … They were in unconscious heap where I overwhelmed with loneliness absent hero at the time of the final defeat to the sea has always been on us the effect of a magnet and a delicious promise of renewal … It does s’ not stop them … The birds who have the wisdom omens azure went before … I did not choose to leave you my city and none of those who piled in cars the little they could carry has decided to abandon you to the terror of gutting and looting …Sirte-before-the-guerre.PNG

But who can resist the desire to achieve more and more huge engulfing the whole body clawing the investing his breath rot fade and acrid homes to escape the destruction programmed running every second that s’ lamp … Who can demand her belly sex of his legs from his lungs are ready to crush the dislocation while while we rushed to reach by any means of witchcraft the end of this Hell Yes … that’s it … Who can require more than we have already supported without knowing the abominable constant death grazed thousand times per hour … As long as the giant street from 1September crater was not open as countless mouths land tortured by a burst of its primordial pain trying to stop this crime Hamou and I have had good … We stood in our insistence on the promise that we would reinvent every morning not feed our flesh goddess of the exodus …220px-Sirte.jpg

Son of transhumance by our fathers that we were not given the taste of honey Saharan track we did not want to leave Sirte imagine that the thirst for even greater freedom … There are a few months everything was ready for me partners continue my development in groundwater hydrology and confront notions that I had acquired mapping with other students from sub-Saharan Africa in London. Those like me who worked to create the plans our underground water city knew that nothing would be denied us what Iman touched the goddess of water if c Syrtecharniershabitations.jpgwretch that which had grown up in the world of sovereign thirst … Hamou aged a few more years was with most of our peers born in the oasis of Al-Jufrah Al Kufra Sebha or Mourzouk passionate research on the Nubian aquifer surprising that we imagine such a drilled underground pool cemented and decorated similar to Egyptian fountains mosaics Siwa and Farafra … A trained under the earth gods fish from our ancestors sacred temple of the ocean our way … Our country was master of a fabulous hidden world where all life and reborn presence of tree leaves and fruit long after they had lit the fire and it is this force which they wanted to deprive us …

We were the children of Tuareg Berber tribes whose fathers had chosen to leave the ephemeral remains of khaïma and curiosity accepted no boundary to its unalterable prowl … We are delighted once readings schoolmasters whose mission us to discover in the pages of books objects of our laughter and our lust this space burns and intoxications buried where we experienced our first quests … On Hamada Al Hamra Fezzan sand fire that ran between our toes became the magic of the story and the words of the storyteller as valuable as grains of semolina taguella and we learned that each well where we drank was a magical resurgence of mother earth nomadic Have Sahara ours And … our country with as uncertain as the cavalcade distraught pursued by singing dunes tobols lived to the rhythm of this profound and eternal pulsation which animated his body even beat sources that countries that were our brothers of shifting boundaries much water as blood …

Miracle oasis of childhood arose the mad project of Great Man-Made River, which then resembled a kind of dream linking the most remote areas as our citadel of Sirte and Al-Kufra oasis far the generous The waters … bathed the body of sand Did Sahara traced a second territory hustling arbitrary marks Winners warriors we could not see or capture … They were the fruit of his fertile mind which had so long nourished people Egypt from Sudan and Chad ours and we’re the son of Africa who were going to draw the secret tracks … Taken by the size of a mission that was beyond us statues of Roman gods of Leptis Magna _libye_leptis_magna_therm_500_.jpgHamou and our comrades were directed to the business of the hydraulic industry and was re   stereo alone with my pencils and my plans as valuable as papyrus scrolls … I pulled a silent glory shared by my father saw me as a worthy descendant of scholarly Babylon …

There are a few months … wondering why the fathers of this wild country with heavy dreams devoured by thirsty white breasts offer their son to take the fetish role divining African countries?Do you know that we live in a land that is not cut by any river and that we ignore lapping swirls on the verges pecked reeds? Camel-in-the-eau.jpg

Who does not know what it is that he never saw the abundant waters across the floodplain fed humus feeder and lay deep in the marshes and mangroves in the ocean knows nothing of thirst … This land will be that of water researchers and not gold diggers. It does not stop … It’s been hours it seems qu’hamou piled inside his car over his wife and three small bags of dates and breads plus two blue plastic drums twenty liters filled with water quickly stacked … Business thrown into the chaos to reach the checkpoint at the exit of the town yet only permitted towards Hun and Al Jufrah before nightfall … Hamou insisted while his Baya Women gathered clothes and children’s toys in the basket braided alfa trying to hide his dismay for me to ride with them in the car …

– There was plenty of room for the three of us … you’re not gonna stay here … they will raze the city and those who will escape will be their slaves and women their maids … you know what they want …

Without ever decided anything about these struggles that tore us all now I knew what they wanted and we who had just Tuareg peoples we have long demented plans of those for whom the earth is a lust and people who live an object of exchange or enslavement … I do not forget that I am a distant son of negro slaves and mine were chained to the caravan Darb el-Arbain …

– You know what they want … eh repeated Hamou her soft voice that grew to anger when we talked about it … they will just capture him alive and they deliver it to those who have invaded the land of ours? there are a hundred years … you know … you know! …

– No … no … Hamou I do not think they will live … Amenay … this is how my father called him with the respect that door to the son of the moon and the sun … I thought his voice we spoke in the middle of the disaster there … but I did not know what time we live …

– “Everyone should be aware that the government of Libya is the Libyan government … that power belongs to the men and women of the People’s Committees and the Popular Conferences in Libya …

– This government by the people will never fall and will not fail. It represents millions of Libyans and this is why it can not fall. Whoever says that my government has fallen is just ridiculous … this is a joke! …Man-in-blanc.jpg

– I do not have a government … therefore the government can not fall …

– When 2,000 tribes met and declared that only the Libyan people represent Libya is that it’s not said enough?

– The Libyan people are here and it is with me … nobody can represent us … So no legitimacy is given to something else and nobody else … the power belongs to the people! All Libyans are members of the Committees of the People! Everything else is wrong! …

– What is happening now in Libya is a joke that can only take place because of the r   aids of NATO that will not last forever … When they leave … leave as traitors … We are ready to die for the power of the people! This is what we support and what our martyrs have argued … ”

Voice haunted me and I could not understand how I do with what I felt when it was all over and the very life of this man over him depended … And the sound of the voice of my dead father came back to me constantly … Amenay Amenay … …

– Hamou … I do not know if we do leave our city, but if we stay they will kill us without even asking the question of who we are …

– That’s why you can not stay in this chaos … it does not make sense … Come there room … must go … children are afraid … we can not wait any longer! …

But I refused … two men in a car that is always already suspect …

– Hamou And thou hast forgotten the color of my skin … You know they are merciless for the Negroes son of trafficking and child survivors of caravans Darb el-Arbain who had to walk forty days in the desert before? being dragged down markets Assiut on the Nile for sale amid sheep and hair …

Hamou did not meet … We were never left us since we shared our teenage cravings and our ideal of fraternal Africa in the streets of Sirte and then smoking shisha at Cafe Niamey …

– You have a Hamou family … I’m alone and I walk along the main street which crosses the city from one side we climb so often happy bands to the beach where wrinkles sprinkled ocher sand white sand make and unmake herds of small dunes … I will walk and I will not be afraid …

– You remember Hamou … bitter smell of eucalyptus planted Tawargha fields … There are so few years that we ran wild with the salt harvest that drove us in its folds the summer and then we went up the port where fishing boats poured their cargo of fish at our feet … I’ll walk as if this time of happiness was not behind us …

– In the evening when I got home my mother who used to caress my mane guarding the sticky wetness of the sea immediately knew where I was … Neither she nor my father have never not understood more your parents also what attracted us to this side of the country from which he could only arise unhappiness and disillusionment … I’ll walk and none of that is not theirs … They take the city but Hamou we do not remove it from our memories of familiar things …

After qu’Hamou I have hugged our eyes gave all they could give the second one and not another because it was likely that we would have no other second like this … Our eyes knew that Al-Jufrah where he intended to return with his family was more distant from us now that the caves of Akakkus with canoes Niger River drawn red earth that surprise travelers oasis … Far from him because the road was trapped and cut in many places by the army of conquerors and away from me because the way I was going to Ammon Siwa.jpg

prendre headed towards Tobruk and the Egyptian border that if all went well I bifurquerais Marsa Matrouh to push me in the sands of another desert to the oasis of Siwa … There my uncle Asulil the brother of my mother a old sedentary nomadic was the guardian of the Temple of Ammon he was visiting tourists and the rest of the days it applied to guess what meant the signs drawn on the walls half eaten away by the sands …

To be continued …

Jeudi 3 novembre 2011

  Les tables de sable suite… Kadhafi.jpg

A Mouamar Kadhafi


A 634 kilomètres de là au Nord‑Ouest il y a un homme qui écrit dans un cahier qu’il emporte avec lui au milieu de la ville en feu…

Journal du jour d’après Nuit du 8 octobre 2011

Syrte ma ville une fois encore tout à l’heure je t’ai regardée… juste avant que la nuit qui a ici des couleurs semblables aux tagelmout que portent les Berbères Touaregs sur tous les lieux de notre transhumance entre le violet noir et l’indigo teinté de rouge sang quand l’astre qui est notre dieu Horus nous abandonne à nos drames de l’obscur… Une fois encore je t’ai imaginée drapée de tes palmiers aux feuillages flottant légers pareils à des voiles de mariées autour de toi avec des buissons de jasmins et de bougainvillées rafraîchis de lumière bruissant au‑dessus de ton port où ballottaient les points rouges verts et blancs teintés d’ocre des petites barques de pêche et tes milliers d’ailes d’oiseaux marins… Syrte ma ville tu n’es plus qu’une dépouille aux lambeaux de linges noircis couvrant à peine tes plaies obscènes et ton ventre excisé à nouveau mille fois déchiré par une troupe de tueurs en rut… Comment accepter de te voir ainsi ma ville et ne pas me coucher là et mourir dans le fleuve affolé que tes canalisations crevées fait monter jusqu’à mes genoux par endroits… La pluie ardente éclabousse le moindre morceau encore dressé de tes quartiers fendus et chaque fenêtre est une plaie vive et rose un pépin de grenade dénudé dans un four où son verre fond…

Syrte ma ville ta chair est livrée aux étincelles du fracas et pas une minute ne tombe sans qu’un de leurs missiles n’écarte avec ses tenailles fines d’horloger tes cuisses de jeune jument marine… Des orgies de flammèches ultraviolettes s’accomplissent au moment où le festin des bombardements apaise un instant les convives assis devant leurs écrans en train de surveiller notre agonie… Quelque chose remonte dans ma gorge après que le nombre d’explosions j’en ai compté 23 soit devenu d’un seul coup insupportable pour mes oreilles égratignées et j’appuie mes paumes dessus en même temps que l’odeur d’essence de pneus brûlés de fer chauffé comme de la lave d’asphalte liquide et de brasier d’eucalyptus me donne envie d’une orangeade glacée… Yaouah !… Je ne sais pas si j’ai crié ou si ce dernier raid des forteresses ailées a piégé à l’intérieur de ma tête un hurlement qui n’en sortira jamais plus… Ça ne va pas s’arrêter ! Ça ne s’arrête pas et il y a des jours et des nuits que nous rampons avec les bêtes enfouies à l’intérieur des canalisations qui ont pris le chemin de la mer bien avant nous entre les îlots de terre labourée des jardins devenus friches dont le sable épice les intestins béants…

J’ai vu il y a plus de cinq jours de ça juste avant que le crépuscule ajoute son désarroi flambant aux braseros monstrueux des bandes de rats par milliers resurgir au point vraiment bas de l’intensité des déflagrations et former des colonnes de réfugiés haletantes en direction du port… Ils se chevauchaient piétinaient en appelant de petits cris d’enfants encerclés par les sirènes insolentes et se ruaient en bonds minuscules vers l’issue absurde à leur terreur car l’eau en fera des cadavres gonflés enfin paisibles… Ils allaient en amas inconscients là où je vais accablé de la solitude des héros absents à l’heure de la défaite finale vers la mer qui a toujours eu sur nous l’effet d’un aimant délicieux et d’une promesse de recommencement…  Ça ne s’arrête pas… Les oiseaux eux qui ont la sagesse des présages de l’azur sont partis bien avant… Je n’ai pas choisi de te quitter ma ville et aucun de ceux qui ont entassé à bord des voitures le peu de choses qu’ils pouvaient emporter n’a décidé de t’abandonner à la terreur de l’éventrement et du pillage… Syrte-avant-la-guerre.PNG

Mais qui peut parvenir à résister au désir de plus en plus énorme engloutissant le corps entier le griffant l’investissant de son souffle de pourriture fade et de foyers âcres d’échapper à cet anéantissement programmé en cours d’exécution à chaque seconde qui s’abat… Qui peut exiger de son ventre de son sexe de ses jambes de ses poumons d’être prêts à l’écrasement à la dislocation alors que tout en nous se rue afin de toucher par n’importe quel moyen de sorcellerie la fin de cet enfer… Oui c’est ça… Qui peut exiger de nous plus que nous avons déjà supporté sans connaître l’abominable constance de la mort frôlée mille fois par heure… Tant que le cratère géant de la rue du 1erseptembre ne s’était pas ouvert comme une des innombrables bouches de la terre torturée par un sursaut de sa douleur primordiale cherchant à faire cesser ce crime Hamou et moi nous avons tenu bon… Nous avons tenu bon dans notre obstination à la promesse que nous refaisions chaque matin de ne pas nourrir de notre chair la déesse de l’exode… 220px-Sirte.jpg

Fils de la transhumance par nos pères qui ne nous ont pas donné le goût de miel de la piste saharienne nous ne voulions imaginer quitter Syrte que par la soif d’une liberté plus grande encore… Il y a quelques mois tout était prêt pour que je parte poursuivre mon perfectionnement en hydrologie souterraine et confronter les notions que j’avais acquises en cartographie avec d’autres étudiants des pays de l’Afrique subsaharienne à Londres. Ceux qui comme moi travaillaient à créer les plans de notre cité aquatique souterraine savaient que rien ne nous serait refusé de ce qui touchait Iman la déesse des eaux si c Syrtecharniershabitations.jpghère à celui qui avait grandi dans le monde de la soif souveraine… Hamou âgé de quelques années de plus était avec la plupart de nos camarades nés dans les oasis d’Al‑Jufrah d’Al‑Kufrah de Sebha ou de Mourzouk passionné par les recherches sur l’étonnant aquifère de Nubie que nous imaginions telle une piscine souterraine forée cimentée et décorée de mosaïques semblables à celles des fontaines égyptiennes de Siwa et de Farafra… Un temple sacré dressé dessous la terre aux dieux poissons nos ancêtres venus de l’océan à notre rencontre… Notre pays était maître d’un fabuleux monde caché d’où renaîtrait toute vie et toute présence de feuilles d’arbres et de fruits bien après l’incendie qu’ils avaient allumé et c’est de cette force dont ils voulaient nous priver…

Nous étions les enfants de tribus berbères touarègues dont les pères avaient choisi de quitter la demeure éphémère de la khaïma et notre curiosité n’acceptait aucune frontière à son inaltérable vagabondage… Nous nous sommes enchantés aussitôt des lectures des maîtres d’école qui avaient pour mission de nous faire découvrir parmi les pages des livres objets de nos rires et de notre convoitise cet espace de brûlures et d’ivresses enfouies où nous avions vécu nos premières quêtes… D’Hamada Al‑Hamra au Fezzan le sable de feu qui coulait entre nos doigts de pieds devenait par la magie du récit et la parole du conteur aussi précieux que les grains de semoule de la taguella et nous apprenions que chaque puits où nous avions bu était une des résurgences magiques de la terre mère des nomades As‑Sahara la nôtre… Et notre pays avec ses frontières mouvantes aussi incertaines que la cavalcade affolée des dunes poursuivies par le chant des tobols vivait au rythme de cette pulsation profonde et éternelle qui animait son corps du même battement de sources que celui des pays qui étaient nos frères d’eau autant que de sang…

Du miracle des oasis de notre enfance a surgi le projet insensé de la Great Man-Made River qui ressemblait alors à une sorte de rêve reliant entre elles les régions les plus éloignées comme notre citadelle de Syrte et Al‑Koufra l’oasis lointaine la généreuse… Les eaux qui baignaient le corps de sable d’As‑Sahara traçaient un second territoire bousculant les marques arbitraires des guerriers vainqueurs qu’on ne pouvait ni voir ni capturer… Elles étaient le fruit de son âme fertile qui avait si longtemps nourri les peuples d’Egypte du Soudan du Tchad et le nôtre et c’est nous les fils d’Afrique qui allions en dessiner les pistes secrètes… Pris par la grandeur d’une mission qui nous élevait au‑delà des statues des dieux romains de Leptis Magna _libye_leptis_magna_therm_500_.jpgHamou et nos camarades s’étaient dirigés vers les métiers de l’industrie hydraulique et j’étais re sté seul avec mes crayons et mes plans aussi précieux que les rouleaux de papyrus… J’en tirais une gloire silencieuse partagée par mon père qui voyait en moi un digne descendant de la savante Babylone…

Il y a quelques mois… qui se demande pourquoi les pères de ce pays sauvage aux lourdes mamelles blanches dévoré par les songes de la soif offrent à leurs fils de reprendre le rôle fétiche de sourcier en pays africains? Savez‑vous que nous vivons sur une terre qui n’est creusée par aucun fleuve et que nous ignorons les clapotis des remous au bord des berges picorées de roseaux ?

Qui ne sait pas ce que c’est que de n’avoir jamais vu les eaux abondantes traverser les plaines inondées nourries de l’humus nourricier et se jeter au creux des marais et des mangroves dans l’océan ignore tout de la soif… Cette terre sera celle des chercheurs d’eau et non plus des chercheurs d’or. Ça ne s’arrête pas… Cela fait des heures il me semble qu’hamou a entassé à l’intérieur de sa voiture par‑dessus sa femme et les trois petits les sacs de dattes et de pains plus les deux bidons en plastique bleu de vingt litres remplis d’eau… Les affaires vite empilées jetées dans le chaos pour arriver au check point à la sortie de la ville la seule encore autorisée en direction de Hun et d’Al Jufrah avant la nuit… Hamou avait insisté pendant que Baya sa femme rassemblait les vêtements et les jouets des enfants dans le couffin d’alfa tressé en essayant de cacher son désarroi pour que je monte avec eux dans l’auto…

‑ Il y a bien assez de place pour nous trois… tu ne vas pas rester ici… ils vont raser la ville et ceux qui en réchapperont seront leurs esclaves et les femmes leurs servantes… tu sais ce qu’ils veulent…

Sans avoir jamais décidé quoi que ce soit au sujet de ces luttes qui nous déchiraient tous désormais je savais ce qu’ils voulaient et nous autres qui venions des peuples touaregs nous connaissons depuis longtemps les projets déments de ceux pour qui la terre est une convoitise et les populations qui l’habitent un objet d’échange ou d’asservissement… Je n’oublie pas que je suis un lointain fils d’esclaves nègres et que les miens ont été enchaînés à la caravane de Darb­ el‑Arbain…

‑ Tu sais ce qu’ils veulent hein ?… a répété Hamou de sa voix douce qui enflait jusqu’à la colère quand nous parlions de ça justement… ils vont le capturer vivant et ils le livreront à ceux qui ont envahi la terre des nôtres il y a cent ans… tu le sais… tu le sais !…

‑ Non… Hamou non… je ne crois pas qu’ils le prendront vivant… Amenay… c’est ainsi que le nommait mon père avec le respect qu’on porte au fils de la lune et du soleil… je songeais à sa voix qui nous parlait au milieu du désastre il y a… mais je ne savais plus dans quel temps nous vivons…

‑ “  Tous devraient être conscients que le gouvernement de Libye est le gouvernement Jamahiriya… que le pouvoir appartient aux hommes et aux femmes des Comités du Peuple et des Conférences Populaires en Libye…

‑ Ce gouvernement par le peuple ne tombera jamais et n’échouera pas. Il représente les millions de Libyens et c’est la raison pour laquelle il ne peut pas tomber. Quiconque dit que mon gouvernement est tombé est juste ridicule… c’est une blague !…Homme-en-blanc.jpg

‑ Je n’ai pas de gouvernement… de ce fait ce gouvernement ne peut pas tomber…

‑ Quand 2000 tribus se sont rencontrées et ont déclaré que seul le peuple libyen représente la Libye est-ce que cela n’en dit pas suffisamment ?

‑ Le peuple Libyen est ici et il est avec moi… personne ne peut nous représenter… Alors aucune légitimité n’est donnée à autre chose et à personne d’autre… le pouvoir appartient au peuple ! Tous les libyens sont membres des Comités du Peuple ! Tout le reste est faux !…

‑ Ce qui arrive maintenant en Libye est une farce qui ne peut avoir lieu qu’en raison des r aids de NATO qui ne dureront pas éternellement… Quand ils partiront… les traîtres partiront aussi… Nous sommes prêts à mourir pour le pouvoir du peuple ! C’est ce que nous soutenons et ce que nos martyrs ont soutenu… ”

La voix m’obsédait et je n’arrivais pas à comprendre comment me débrouiller avec ce que je ressentais alors que tout était consommé et que la vie même de cet homme ne dépendait plus de lui… Et le son de la voix de mon père mort me revenait sans cesse… Amenay… Amenay…

‑ Hamou… je ne sais pas si nous faisons bien de quitter notre ville mais si nous restons ils nous tueront sans même se poser la question de savoir qui nous sommes…

‑ C’est pour ça que tu ne peux pas rester dans ce chaos… ça n’a pas de sens !… Viens il y a de la place… il faut partir… les enfants ont peur… on ne peut pas attendre plus longtemps…

Mais j’ai refusé… deux hommes dans une voiture c’est forcément suspect déjà…

‑ Et puis Hamou tu as oublié la couleur de ma peau ?… Tu sais qu’ils sont sans pitié pour les Négros les fils de la traite et les enfants survivants des caravanes de Darb el‑Arbain qui devaient marcher quarante jours dans le désert avant d’être traînés jusqu’aux marchés d’Assiout sur les bords du Nil pour la vente au milieu des moutons et des cheveux…

Hamou ne répondait pas… Nous ne nous étions jamais quittés depuis que nous avions partagé nos fringales adolescentes et notre idéal d’une Afrique fraternelle dans les rues de Syrte et ensuite en fumant la chicha au Café Niamey…

‑ Tu as une famille Hamou… moi je suis seul et je vais marcher le long de la grande rue qui traverse la ville de part en part que nous avons remontée si souvent en bandes heureuses jusqu’à la plage où des rides de sable ocre saupoudré de sable blanc font et défont des troupeaux de petites dunes… Je vais marcher et je n’aurai pas peur…

‑ Tu te souviens Hamou… l’odeur amère des champs plantés d’eucalyptus de Tawargha… Il y a si peu d’années que nous courions ivres de la moisson salée qui nous roulait dans ses plis l’été et nous allions ensuite jusqu’au port où les bateaux de pêche déversaient leur cargaison de poissons à nos pieds… Je vais marcher comme si ce temps du bonheur n’était pas derrière nous…

‑ Le soir quand je rentrais à la maison ma mère qui avait l’habitude de caresser ma tignasse qui gardait la moiteur poisseuse de la mer savait tout de suite d’où je venais… Ni elle ni mon père n’ont jamais compris pas plus que tes parents d’ailleurs ce qui nous attirait de ce côté‑là du pays d’où il ne pouvait surgir que du malheur et du désenchantement… Je vais marcher et rien de tout ça ne leur appartient… Ils prendront la ville Hamou mais ils ne nous retirerons pas de nos souvenirs des choses familières…

Après qu’Hamou m’ait serré dans ses bras nos regards ont donné tout ce qu’ils pouvaient donner à cette seconde‑là et pas une autre car il était probable que nous n’aurions pas d’autre seconde comme celle‑ci… Nos regards savaient que l’oasis d’Al‑Jufrah où il comptait retourner avec les siens était plus éloignée de nous désormais que les grottes de l’Akakkus avec les pirogues du fleuve Niger dessinées à la terre rouge qui surprennent les voyageurs… Loin de lui car la route était piégée et coupée à de nombreux endroits par l’armée des conquérants et loin de moi car le chemin que  Ammon-Siwa.jpg

j’allais pre ndre se dirigeait vers Tobrouk et la frontière égyptienne où si tout allait bien je bifurquerais à Marsa Matrouh pour m’enfoncer dans les sables d’un autre désert jusqu’à l’oasis de Siwa… Là mon oncle Asulil le frère de ma mère un vieux nomade sédentarisé était le gardien du Temple d’Ammon qu’il faisait visiter aux touristes et le reste des jours il s’appliquait à deviner ce que voulaient dire les signes tracés sur les murailles à moitié rongées par les sables…

A suivre… 



(E about what we promised Bay yesterday and promised and promised to right) or
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation: –

Resistance has launched a furious offensive Allipe popular sites Misratan militiaswere Tkebedhm big losses in different regions.
Sheep were more than 40 military vehicles and medium and heavy Dkhaúr Among the dead or mislead their clients

did not exceed 16 years of age. Many of them were captured and through investigations with prisoners.
The militias armed by tempting them with money and give them for each day a thousand dinars,

compared to participate in the killing of the sons of Libyan tribes.
(((O Nbcrkm Misurata militias annihilation))
God is great and above Kid aggressors.

(Badr al-Qathafi 28/01/2014 corresponding to Tuesday)

After interrogating prisoners of bands “February”:
Admitted that they get cheques worth 5,000 Libyan dinars to go to fight in the South
And die called a martyr by instrument of the respected Mufti Gharyiani saved God.
150, 000,000 million price for mercenaries who fight now in the South
This number is enough to build hundreds of homes to the Libyans living in the open.
No matter it is to defeat the cohorts and the triumph may whatever cost.
But is it really that mercenaries may be able to defeat cohorts?
This is a point which will not answer him except cohorts themselves.
(Amjad yalibia)

(WE are marking a calendar after Muammar al-Qathafi, to honor him in our Liberation of the Great Jamahiriya.)




Colonel Nice Bouchmadh order the release of the arrested farmer Nasser Al_husona



Urgent :::: of Derna

Drone Explosion* targeted a car is what is known as organized army of the Islamic State of Libya.

(*Likely that the targeting of the drone.)



House who were burned yesterday in Jufrah
The House Hua me a young man from the tribe Akaddadfah
Weft (Alomlh).
Guidance of my list of pointers who burned the house:
1 / Mustafa thirsty (Bude)
2 / Tariq Aekhi (pimp for Msarit)
3 / Kamal Karodh
4 / Hatem Qrenqguo
Erjoowoo publishing widely.




NATO uses small Nukes on Tabu at lower Tmanhunt Square:

Djibo shield the middle and upper and lower Tmanhunt Sqa you TPU nuclear bomb Bish Atkhcoha.

Green TV Channel Green TV
Pen Green.

Information Minister visits the base Jufrah air essayed through filming some planes terrorism and the threat of

folks Sabha medially, evidence of the weakness and bankruptcy and not Asttathm do something of what is happening in Sabha,

as well as the interaction channel Misrata, Showing forces heading to Sabha; BUT, IN REALITY, there is nothing on the ground! So all is fake photography and terrorism: the media trying to scare the Resistance in Sabha by displays such as these muscles Alalamih (which really are empty).

The ZAIDANE “GOVERNMENT” will not do anything and no longer has the ability to enable themselves to control the popular revolution on Aldilm Alfberara in the south of Libya. The people of the south are free and will not be ever enslaved human beings (whatever the nature these who are now free).

DISINFORMATION is publicised in the West:


Akzbosh what you and my God Qaadin and steadfast and rats Jifam in the desert south Tndfn
the help of God Madsh Taatfaragoa Azat lying on young rats radio stations
popular resistance of the noble tribes Astrona now epics of honor, pride and dignity.
Arfo morale and Adeolhm victory over Almertzka you follow NATO.
Mnsourin and with God’s help we are right and they are wrong.


Important Jaddaa ….

in this topic meantime will try to collect the largest possible number of photos and videos of the areas in the south completely and transfer to Misrata to the work of editing and other.

The informative on the south and photographed it was edited and killed sheep and entry areas, one after the other to

hit the morale flags Alcadb as Flo in Green Square

Hedda Bengan with the aid of Turkey and France in photoshop and animated media and

spreading the news Kadba Alqubz the figures in the resistance,

the absence of your faith in God …. great Haddara of war and media, forgery and you in Bani Walid proof ….

fake army

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l):
We categorically deny all news circulating about rats occupying base Tmanhunt .. We emphasize that al-Qaeda is still around,and will be removed under the control of the Guard and the popular Resistance forces ..
We ask everyone to please not pay attention to the “horns of rats” blasting false news reports.

During World War II, the Allies famously tricked Hitler into believing that the First United States Army Group would invade France at Pas-de-Calais. The real invasion, of course, came at Normandy, and the First United States Army Group did not take part—mostly because it didn’t actually exist.

Fake military units aren’t the only thing the military is good at inventing.

To help prepare soldiers for the overwhelming nature of invading a country where the language is unknown and the culture is mostly alien, the U.S. Army, NATO and puppet leaders invent large-scale tales and use psy-ops on their recruits, mercenaries and young poor, ill-educated soldiers. The give them computer war games and repeated smear campaign stories; and enhance their ability to have power over the helpless. They feed them a scenario of fortune , riches and a wealthy future —if they nicely cooperate….If they do not, they are shown the results of “traitor-soldiers” incarcerated for life or executed as “traitors to their country”.

“ZERO HOUR” on FB writes:
Urgent. Tam crush of criminal militias in Sabha now.

Ya know smolts are free from the fear of Misratah Khco Qua God in the desert Cololhm what Fish Shilat gasoline in the desert.

Sartaoah commander adds:

Oh Lord, I Nstodek resistance fighters in Sabha and other cities, keep them in your eye that Atnam Iaaaaallah and insist extending them Soldiers from you Iaaaarb O Ahvdahm and slotted thrown Iaaaarb understand what went only to cleanse our country of impurity clients traitors who Damro our country

and displaced our people and wreaked wherever they went only decay, the kid customers sneaks to thwart the plot and scatter them and toss fear in their hearts and beat them evil defeat following the Jews from Misrata and other traitors who Sandu this surge almnkooobh.

Youth Caucus Sebha Qadhadhfa (on FB):

God of God the greatest.
Matters with excellent BiH and everything fully and Admission specialist ( Acceptance of the prize of master) for control of the cam, for positioning and morale suffered s samaa and high and preparations there are surprises.
Alshradm are batohm almsarit of mercenaries 12 Miu distorted in news was the grace of God, unity of the armpit.

Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest.

تجمع شباب القذاذفة سبهاالله اكبــر الله اكبــر ..
الامــور بفضل الله ممتازة والحمدلله وكل شي تمام وابناء
القب ائ تسيطــر
على كامــل مواقعها والمعنويات تعانــق السمــاء والاستعدادات عاليــة وهناك مفاجأت بإذن الله .
الشرادم يلي بعتوهم المزاريط من مرتزقة 28 مياو مشو في خبر كان بفضل الله وعزيمـة الابطــال .
الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد .

“ZERO HOUR” on FB writes:

“Hedda some of Mehrat Brigade 32 booster O Jardan Zihua have submitted, as though Tris.”

تجمع شباب القذاذفة سبها

الله اكبــر الله اكبــر ..
الامــور بفضل الله ممتازة والحمدلله وكل شي تمام وابناء
القب ائ تسيطــر
على كامــل مواقعها والمعنويات تعانــق السمــاء والاستعدادات عاليــة وهناك مفاجأت بإذن الله .
الشرادم يلي بعتوهم المزاريط من مرتزقة 28 مياو مشو في خبر كان بفضل الله وعزيمـة الابطــال .
الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد .

  • طارق الصقر

    الله .. الوطن .. الواجبتحية الشرفاء تحية المجد والصمود تحية الاحرار للمقاومه الشريفه الباسله تحية الشعب الذي انقهر ظلما وعدوانا تحية الاطفال المستبشرين خيرا بقادم افضل دعاء الشيوخ والعجائز وكبار السن والمحرومين دعاء من كل من هوا ليبي ويحب هذا التراب الذي لم ولن نخونه اهلنا في الجنوب اهلنا في ورشفانه اهلنا في العجيلات سطرتم ولازالتم تسطرون الملاحم والبطولات فنحن لاندافع عن مناطقنا بل ندافع على ليبيا لانه من واجبنا الشرعي والقانوني قدمنا شهداء ولازالنا نقدم ولن نتراجع ولن نستسلم وستحمي المقاومه الشريفه الشعب الليبي ولن يكون القصاص الا من الخونه والعملاء والسراقين واصحاب الارهاب العالمي الجديد المدعوم من الغرب وامريكا فالمشانق ستعلق لكم لانكم لم تخونوا قائد لانكم خنتم وطن وشعب وجعلتم من ليبيا اضحوكه امام العالم بعدما كنا في قمة الشموخ والمجد والعزه عندما كنا نحن من نحكم في بلادنا واليوم ترون كل شي امامكم وواقعكم الي المقاومه الشريفه الباسله ونحن في ساعات مجيده واقتراب الطوفان الاخضر من الهجوم لمسح عار ال فبراير وبناء الجماهيريه من جديد بايدينا نحن من ابناء الوطن الشرفاء عمال ومهندسين ودكاتره وخبراء وكل العقول النيره من اجل بناء الوطن بعرقنا ودمنا نطلب منكم الاتي .1_ احترام الاوامر العسكريه الصادره من القياده العامه للمقاومه2_ تفعيل الاجهزه الامنيه الاستخبارات الامن الداخلي والامن الخارجي والشرطه بكل اطيافها والحرس البلدي3_ لايكون هناك مقابل بعد انتهاء التحرير الكامل والكل سواسيه تحت القانون الليبي4_ عدم انتهاك الحرمات او التعدي على الاشخاص او القتل او التصفيه ومن يعمل هذا الفعل الشنيع يكون تنفيد عقوبة الاعدام امام الجماهير5_ تجميع السلاح بدون مقابل وعودته الي مخازن الدوله باشراف حكماء القبائل6_ الدور الاكبر لحكماء القبائل والشيوخ من اجل حل كل المشكلات العالقه ورد المظالم والصلح بين الشعب الليبي وتمنح لهم صلاحيات كبيره7_ ميثاق شرف بين كل قبائل ليبيا يبصم بالدم لانهاء هذه المهازل

    واخيرا احب ان انوه ان الانتفاضه قريبه فاستعدوا يا احرار لاننا نخرج هذه المره من اجل الله والوطن والواجب

Appeal No. (2)
Libyan tribes of the south of languages ​​to the infidels and to Alchuirv Jufrah and Sabha to the mountains Tbsta >>>
In the name of God the Merciful (We opened you opened indicating ** to forgive you for what God offers past and future sins are blesses you and guide you straight path ** and Anasrk God’s victory dear) Almighty God and prayers and peace be upon His messengers to Tuareg tribes in the south of the Libyan beloved tribes Tabu southern Libyan lover of peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you, O descendants of Tariq ibn Ziyad Loya men, women and girls Tuareg guys, women and Tabu tribes south of the Libyan beloved Inadekm and Ihamlkm your responsibility historic contribution and participation in the battles of honor and dignity to cleanse Sabha from militias shame and humiliation militias, death and filth militias falsehood and Khurj disbelief about religion to cleanse Sabha of these militias and deter militias coming from Misurata and May 28, and others. Accuracy hour work ….
Accuracy hour Jihad ….
The accuracy of the hour of victory ….
Accuracy hour splendor and dignity, O sons of Tuareg grandchildren and Tariq ibn Ziyad, O sons of Tabu tribes Sharif you now is the moment of enrollment forces People’s tribal people honest immediately and urgently to engage in battles against convoys heading to Sabha militias to cleared of these gangs.
In conclusion, we followed the Council’s statement of social tribes and Rafla issued on Sunday on 01.26.2014 and that the tribes emphasize the statement welcomes him and demanding tribes and Rafla and Rafla pride and dignity and heroism urges you to enter in the battlefields fighting jihad for God to cleanse our country from the filth and Alangas and illegitimate children and the Kharijites and rats. ) If Allah is not often you …..
(God is great and God but God and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah, peace and God’s mercy and blessings.).
[The Libyan tribes south of languages ​​to the infidels and to Alchuirv Jufrah and Sabha to the mountains Tbsta]
* Publishing and circular on a wider scale.

نداء رقم (2)

من قبائل الجنوب الليبي من غات إلى الكفرة ومن الشويرف إلى الجفرة ومن سبها إلى جبال تبستي>>>

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (إِنَّا فَتَحْنَا لَكَ فَتْحًا مُّبِينًا ** لِيَغْفِرَ لَكَ اللَّهُ مَا تَقَدَّمَ مِن ذَنبِكَ وَمَا تَأَخَّرَ وَيُتِمَّ نِعْمَتَهُ عَلَيْكَ وَيَهْدِيَكَ صِرَاطًا مُّسْتَقِيمًا ** وَيَنصُرَكَ اللَّهُ نَصْرًا عَزِيزًا ) صدق الله العظيم وصلاة والسلام على أشرف المرسلين إلى قبائل الطوارق بالجنوب الليبي الحبيب إلى قبائل التبــو بالجنوب الليبـي الحبيب السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا أحفاد طارق بن زياد ويا رجال ونساء وبنات قبائل الطوارق يارجال ونساء وقبائل التبو الجنوب الليبي الحبيب يناديكم ويحملكم مسئوليتكم التاريخية للمساهمة والمشاركة في معارك الشرف والكرامة لتطهير سبها من مليشيات العار والذل والمهانة مليشيات الموت والقذارة مليشيات الباطل و الكفر الخورج عن الدين لتطهير سبها من هذه المليشيات وردع المليشيات القادمة من مصراته و 28 مايو وغيرهم . دقة ساعة العمل…. دقة ساعة الجهاد …. دقة ساعة النصر …. دقة ساعة العز والكرامة يا أبناء قبائل الطوارق أحفاد وطارق بن زياد يا أبنــــــــاء قبائـــــــل التبــــــــــو الشريــــف عليكم الآن ومن هذه اللحظة ال آلتحاق بالقوات الشعبية لأبناء القبائل الشريفة فوراً وبشكل عاجل للدخول في معارك ضد الأرتال المتوجه إلى سبها من المليشيات لتطهيرها من هذه العصابات . وفي الختام تابعنا بيان المجلس الاجتماعي من لقبائل ورفلة الصادر يوم الأحد بتاريخ 26-01-2014 وأن قبائلنا تؤكد على ما جاء في البيان وترحب به وتطالب قبائل ورفلة ورفلة العزه والكرامة والبطولة تطالبكم بدخول في ميادين المعارك معارك الجهاد في سبيل الله لتطهير بلادنا من الدنس والأنجاس و أولاد الحرام والخوارج والجرذان . ﴿إِنْ يَنْصُرْكُمُ اللَّهُ فَلا غَالِبَ لَكُمْ …..﴾ والله أكبر ولا اله الأ الله محمد رسول الله والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .
قبائل الجنوب الليبي من غات إلى الكفرة ومن الشويرف إلى الجفرة ومن سبها إلى جبال تبستي

**النشر والتعميم على اوسع نطاق .

Urgent. RAT Warplanes (happily) mistakenly bombed a convoy of (their own) Misurata militias in the south of Libya.
. الطيران الحربي يقصف عن طريق الخطأ رتل لمليشيات مصراته في الجنوب الليبي .

F Hvouh:  

killed the commander of Saraya support forces, and backing from the city of Misrata near Smono,

at the hands of the Provisional People’s tribes, and the escape of Saraya himelf into the desert.

مقتل جمعة شفوح آمر سرايا الدعم والاسناد مصراته بالقرب من مدينة سمنو على يد القوات الشعبية المؤقتة للقبائل وفرار السرايا التابعة له في الصحراء .
UPDATE 30 JAN 2014:
Armed militias stormed the safe houses in the area Smono and random arrests of youth and taken to unknown locations.

RAT column was crushed militia near Southern town of Smono by the Provisional People’s forces:

RAT column was crushed militia near Southern town of Smono by the Provisional People's forces

Urgent: –
 “ZERO HOUR” writes
BECAUSE of the destruction of the Convoy, RAT Warplanes bombed the main power plant in the city of Smono
completely and have thus disrupted electricity for the entire south of Libya.
Liberal insure that the popular forces and militants in the south of the Libyan Istron epics history
against prostitutes tyrants and apostates Aqaibdounam heavy losses in lives and equipment ..
We call Ahrarna Hraúrna and to pray for them to victory ..
Forward O Fezzan ..
The struggle for liberation of the Great Jamahiriya (on FB): 
The arrival of hordes of black desert Taurags and join the people’s forces for the defence of the proposed
occupation of Fezzan by Misrati Jews.
Taureg Army coming to save Fezzan:
(Admin 11)
The Libyan resistance movement (h m l) informs us:Urgent Fort Sabha is now free of NATO agents who were stationed in Sabha Castle.
In order to preserve the heritage , the Resistance did not pound or bomb al-Attar Castle. TODAY, the Castle was cleared
of all  NATO personel and the green flag was hoisted up and the Castle has now been returned to the brooding Sabha mass,
and blessed into being a Holy House.God above kid aggressorحركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)
عاجــــــــــــــــــــــــــل قلعة سبها بعدما فر العملاء وتمركزوا في قلعة سبها وحفاظا على التراث وعلى الاتار الليبيه لم يتم قصف القلعه من قبل المقاومه واليوم تحديدا تم تطهير القلعه من عملاء الناتو وتم تعليق الرايه الخضراء فوقها وعادت للحضن والبيت الجماهيري والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

“ZERO HOUR” on FB informs us:

Ivory (Sabha: “Battle of Liberation”)

Today the religion fell dead at the feet of the “Libyan Resistance of noble parents” were with the queues almsalhah almsaratet different nationalities militias and mercenaries:
25 country citizenship and military ranks, including colonels
13 yhamlo of Sudanese nationality
20 Egyptian nationality
5 Afghan nationality
3 Syrian nationals of Qatar and Gulf clients
And the number of people killed in the NATO clients beyond a 500 people who have sold their honour, their land, their honour and their juggernaut’s Jews wadnab of colonialism
As part of our promise and promise to God
((They will give to drink individuality eroded footprints Shurayfah Libyan resistance strikes))
Peace to you, pride of the nation
Peace to you, my men home
Peace to you Oh leader lying by God
And God grew up kid aggressors.

Baden God Triqbo us on the channel fields intervention Stadium as the assets directly from Sabha.
Frequency encoding 11392 27500 v

“al-Fateh” on FB:
From the heart of the event and solid information:

1. full control over the castle al-Arrat of Sabha.

2. was pushing back militias who tried to approach the Sabha and was prosecuted and the number 9

including a field commander of the militia of Misurata and destruction of a large number of mechanisms.

3. Tmanhunt Airbase the Rats could not approach. The base is completely safe from tampering.

Base Tmanhunt under the complete control of all the popular forces stationed in temporary locations 

4. hundreds of tribes from across the South came to support and defend the Earth. (RIGHT OUT OF LORD OF THE RINGS!!)

And God is above the kid’s attackers.

The arrival of a good convoy of Zintan area Sukna.
(The Civil Brigade 32 car armed).

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Xanthan joins the forces of the Provisional People of the South!

Very very urgent .. Xanthan is now officially part of the Resistance.
Join “the battalions of the military council of Xanthan Forces Provisional People in the south” 

full number and material.

Perfect ambush performed by our heroes brave Hsalo the Jardan Almzarat and Jardan corner was to Trdjaém after Smono
Gore ĘÚÇáć to Moowoowo Jivkm Aajerdan ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

“ZERO HOUR” of FB informs: :

27 janvier
News that the military force that came out of Jufrah and want access Sabha was followed by the destruction and the rest fled due to Ajafrh
Lord Victory resistance in all throughout the mass…

Important Notice Please brothers citizens not to pass through the ring to Brady circular secondary to security reasons
Rats city of Sebha Gardah rats rats rats secondary Brady rats Mansheya of Altmama
Are doing a wonderful plan to secure the city and secure way Modah to the headquarters of the Sixth Brigade of the road completely Momen condominium Brady to the reservoir area with secondary.
Spread set on the roofs of buildings and the deployment of more than 32 armed mechanism in the road and the secondary reservoir and a large group of rats.
Please take the resistance of young science.
(Zero hour)
Ivory (Sabha …. battle of liberation) for
Among today’s debt fell dead under the feet of the Libyan resistance men and religion were dishonest with convoys
Almsalha Misratan militias and mercenaries of different nationalities. –
25 hold Qatari citizenship and military ranks, including Colonels
13 Ihamlo n Sudanese nationality
20 Egyptian citizenship
5 of Afghan nationality
3 hold Syrian citizenship of Qatar and the Gulf clients
The death toll from NATO clients exceed a 500 of these deaths have sold their honor, their honor,
their land and their masters of the tyrant Jews and colonialism Adnab.
As we promised and promised right ÇäÔÇááĺ
((Stsagon individually eroded feet and blows the Libyan resistance dishonest))
Peace to you, Nakhweh home
Peace to you, my homeland men
Peace thee, O leader Mansora with God’s help
God and larger over Kidd aggressors.

The readiness of the three legions desert to participate in a battle with PDF which is now waiting for the signal

from the top leadership of the Libyan resistance.

Victory Now


Move very, very large group of supporters of the rats to the south and now they are present between the Ubari and Owaynat near field of the elephant please have a means of communication to members of the Popular Resistance inform them so …
Our source of private
(Hopefully alarm and circular and Publishing)
(picture shows UBARI hostels and town in background):


“Zero hour” on FB informs us:

On Al-Arabiya event ..
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hamza president of the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies … Says ..
Libya where 14 leading al-Qaeda, led by ..
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, …… (owner of the news channel) ..

Abdullah Hakim BelHadj, al-Qaeda
There are training camps for the base ..

The leader of one of the battalions Abouhvefah commander of the Libyan and Egyptian. There 1000 under Training
Infiltration of them 14 and one across the border between the Egyptian and Libyan and Syrian
To blow Alexandria Security Directorate at the same time as the bombing of the Cairo Security Directorate
I have been arrested
Groups linked to al Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
Unfortunately, the exchange has .. and Egypt have the right to deal with these
American kidnapped Abu Anas Libyan and Egypt have the right to do business with anti-terrorism law:

Training camps for the free Egyptian army in the east of Libya
Includes Egyptians, Africans and other nationalities
The Western Sahara is preparing to swallow rats
It has already swallowed Desert Fox Rommel
Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ and obvious difference, of course
There is no comparison between the rat and fox !

(Moved from, the “Arab nationalist movement Alsisawih”)


Prayers immunization
The name of God, and in God, and God, and God, there is no authority except from “God Almighty,” the name of God, the light

Prayers immunization

The name of God the Merciful is light, light, light is the name of God, the light, the name of God, who is the mastermind of things, and in the name of God who created the light from the light, Praise be to Allah who created light, and the light down onto the stage,

In the book of artifacts, in a publication a college degree, as much as possible at affordable prices as Mahpour Prophet, thankfully, a Baz mentioned, and is proud of the famous, and the thick and thin “and thanked God”, I ask you, oh God, oh Rehman O Rahim ya Halim O Cream O Old O Mdem O great God, oh my good manager and Akram Hope ya, what praise and praise, with his poverty on the one hand, and singing, and has a beautiful names, and I do not mind those who have sacrificed, not to mislead those who guided him, he said that in his possession what he wants, the Lord of Lords, and the neck of Miloud, with force majeure, and the greatness that can be imagined, the owner of this world and in the hereafter, and I ask Batiat Surat “s”,

The horror in Almkhav, and Balzacserv, and the stage, and the deployment of slavery, and the house of the world, and to raise the ceiling and sea Almsgior, and the moon, and the beam of the sun, and the light of day and the dark of night, Badawi, water, and wealth from the ground up, trees Bhviv, sky-high, and the earth landing, ” Sea Berrian, “wonders of the world, the morning light, Bmknon password, fulfilling your own custom and Sun Knowledge overnight, and the moon, and if followed, and today if Jlaga, day and night if cloaked, and the sky, construction, and land Loti, and the same, and others, Gore Palma , and piety, and returned from purifying it, and was disappointed stale, near the dimension of heaven and hell and the balance to some extent Badr thunder, lightning Blomat, and caveman Barakdh, shortly Islam, and Zamzam and foremost, and a pilgrimage to the “House of God, the Bible,”

Secret Joseph, stage Sinai, Surat “ice”, the prophets and apostles, new look Adam, the culmination of Eve, a new look, Ibrahim, Saleh Breddled, and his rod of Moses and the “Gospel of Jesus”, David Bzabor, Farrakhan of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the patch Idris, Noah’s Ark, the end Bsdrh paradise shelter, the Council saved, what happened before the spot death, hours after the reconstruction, and astronomy, which spins, Balsdor and the Whale and souls pure and worked, pens and what took place, and the stars, and went, and the letters of the Qur’an, Surat smoke, King Solomon wisely Luqman, a fair balance, fire seer, and the sinking of the floods, and unstable states, according to the weariness, the welfare of the near-term, work, and pray if increased, and eliminate them if hostels, and peace upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and save me, O God, my friendly,

The names of my so-called VD, “Hey Mujibur” Call maid Hood, oh Almistuhakan sociable in her death for ever, O brought us out of the womb to the survival and existence of Q is limited, my feed children Palmeod, my sincere promise and promises, Q sanctify his name Rocks Rock, O, O God, Mark showed me the evil of jinn and humans, the severity of the grip of death, and the mainland and the dark, dirt and depth, worms, identity, and Jam and planted, and the sword and Knuth, and spear and stabbed, and the dagger and Ottczat, and bow, and beat it, and toxic and Bit , and a knife, and the year, and seven biting, dog Nbana, and the wolf and moisturizing and the thief and his influence, and the ability to live, and Scorpio and Zjtha, and its subsidiaries and Avitha,

And ask God to Tevena of insecurity evil and Almnon, in every movement and stillness, and peace upon the Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet Muhammad, and save me from the evil of every harvest and fairy Gul Goulet, and Merida and the giant, and the devil, and Iblasc, and save me from the evil of every Lancy and humanity, and I hope that Tevena from the evil of discrimination between husband and wife, and the boy and his father, and the girl, her mother and her sister and her sister, and brother and sister, and avoid God my lesion and the scourge of evil and swords Indian, and spears sin, and arches of it and the stock disposal,

The war Djilmoudh, and bites of evil, God threw me all rosy, and Ivana crazy evil, from the evil of Satan and his followers, and his sons and aides and served Akkoush Tinoas hearing, legumes God billed him to seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, and belongs to the people, machine people, from the evil Obsessive – Whisperer, who whispers in the hearts of the people of Paradise and the people, and I ask the sanctity of this great verses, which Tvzena of all evils and Tvzena in all righteousness and the sea,

I ask you to make me the dignity of Gabriel, fear Israfil, and acceptance of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, “Oh God,” make me this immunization prestige and acceptance, hand sword equivalent of people loving each female and male, large and small, rich and poor, and the power, and the Prince , and Prince and consultant, and the owner and the Minister, God Almighty King,

And the creation of human beings, and the nation Rabia and harmful, and beat the horse, Olkiban dead, then turned to the sky and smoke, she says Katia earth, willingly or unwillingly, disobedient, come, O thousand between me and the children of Adam as draw between the sun and fire, O thousand between me and the hearts of the righteous and thy , and avoid me all fold reward and granted, and enchanting and charming, and all the traitor and a traitor,

I ask, my lifter sky inadvertently, and the land has expanded in the frozen water, and completed the mountaintops Blwahtad, and water drainage fee oh no suspect languages, oh no secret of the Sun, it seems, “Hey, the creator of” creating and verses, oh no secret that was hidden in the ground or in the sky, and this Tvzena of all evil there really is no god but God, and its weight in the balance, you’re everything, praise the Lord, “Lord of glory” to describe, and the peace of the senders and thank God.

Legitimacy of immunization

Thankfully, you (and we see come down from the Holy Quran as a healing and a mercy for the believers), and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says: “healing treatment Obeid-
Allah, God did not come down any disease,  but fell away from him, as with death and pyramid..”

 Legitimacy of immunization

صلاة التحصين

باسم الله، وفي الله، والله، والله، ليست هناك سلطة إلا من “الله سبحانه وتعالى”، باسم الله، وعلى ضوء

صلاة التحصين

باسم الله الرحمن الرحيم هو الضوء، والضوء، باسم الله هو الضوء، الضوء، باسم الله، الذي هو العقل المدبر للأمور، وتكون باسم الله الذي خلق النور من النور، الحمد لله الذي خلق النور، وأسفل الضوء على خشبة المسرح،

في الكتاب من القطع الأثرية، في منشور شهادة جامعية، قدر الإمكان بأسعار معقولة كما ماهبور النبي، والحمد لله، وهو باز المذكورة، وتفخر الشهيرة، وسميكة ورقيقة “وشكر يا الله”، أطلب لك، يا الله، يا رحمان يا رحيم يا حليم يا كريم يا قديم يا مديم يا كبيرة والله يا بلدي مدير جيد وأكرم يا أمل، ما المديح والثناء، مع بلده الفقر من ناحية، والغناء، ويحتوي أسماء جميلة، وأنا لا أمانع أولئك الذين ضحوا، لا تضليل أولئك الذين هداه، قال أنه في بلده امتلاك ما يريد، الرب لمجلس اللوردات، ورقبة ميلود، مع القوة القاهرة، والعظمة التي يمكن أن يتصور، المالك لهذا العالم وفي الآخرة، وأنا اسأل باتيات سورة “ق،

والرعب في المخاف، وبالزاتشرف، والمرحلة، والوزع من الرق، ودار العالم، ورفع السقف والبحر المسجيور، والقمر، وشعاع الشمس، والنور اليوم والظلام ليلة، بدوي، والمياه، والثروة من الألف إلى الياء، أشجار بهفيف، السماء العالية، والأرض المقصودة، “البحر بيريان”، عجائب العالم، ضوء الصباح، بمكنون كلمة المرور، الوفاء المخصصة الخاصة بك وشمس المعارف بين عشية وضحاها، والقمر، وإذا اتبعت، واليوم إذا جلاغا، النهار والليل إذا يغشاها، والسماء والبناء، والأرض وتى، ونفس، وآخرون، غور بالما، والتقوى، وعاد من تنقية عليه، وأصيب بخيبة أمل تالفة، قرب البعد السماء والجحيم والتوازن إلى حد ما بدر الرعد, البرق بلومات، ورجل الكهف بركده، بفتره الإسلام، وزمزم وقبل كل شيء، والحج إلى “بيت الله المقدس،

سر جوزيف، المرحلة سيناء، بسوره “الجليد”، الأنبياء والرسل، نظرة جديدة آدم، تتويجا لحواء، نظرة جديدة إبراهيم، صالح بريدليد، وعصاه موسى و “الإنجيل يسوع”، ديفيد بزابور، فرقان النبي محمد صلى الله عليه له، والتصحيح إدريس، نوح أرك، نهاية بسدره والجنة المأوى، المجلس المحفوظة، ما حدث قبل من بقعة عقوبة، بعد ساعات الإعمار، وعلم الفلك، الذي يدور، بالسدور والحوت والنفوس نقية وما عملت، والأقلام وما جرت، والنجوم، وذهب، وخطابات القرآن، بسوره دخان، الملك سليمان بحكمة لقمان، توازناً عادلاً، النار بصير، وغرق من الفيضانات، والدول غير المستقرة، وفقا للضجر، رفاه المدى القريب، والعمل، والصلاة إذا زاد، والقضاء عليها إذا النزل، وسلم على النبي محمد وآله وصحبه وحفظ لي، يا الله، يا ودود،

أسماء بلدي يسمى مرض جنسي، “يا مجيب” نداء خادمة هود، يا الميستوهاكان مؤنس في وفاتها لمن أي وقت مضى، يا جلبت لنا الخروج من الرحم إلى بقاء وجود س محدود، بلدي تغذية أطفال بالميود، يا صادق الوعد والوعود، س تقدس له اسم الصخور روك، يا، يا الله، اجعل بين لي الشر من الجن والبشر، شدة قبضة الموت، والبر الرئيسي والظلام، والأوساخ ودبث، والديدان، والهوية، ولجام ودست، والسيف وكانوث، والرمح وطعن، وخنجر وأوتشزاث، والقوس، وتغلب عليه، والسمية وخبايث، وسكين والسنة، وسبعة وعض، والكلب نبانه، والذئب وترطيب واللص ونفوذه، والعيش والقدرة، والعقرب وزجثا، وفروعها وأفيثا،

وأسأل الله أن تايفنا من انعدام الأمن الشر والمنون، في كل حركة وسكون، وسلم على النبي محمد والنبي محمد، واحفظ لي من شر كل الحصاد وجنية وغول غوليه، ومريدا والعملاقة، والشيطان، وأبليسش، واحفظ لي من شر كل لانسي والإنسانية، وآمل أن تايفنا من شر التمييز بين الزوج والزوجة، والصبي ووالده، والفتاة وأمها وشقيقتها وأختها، وشقيق والشقيقة، وتجنب الله لي آفة وآفة الشر والسيوف الهندية، والرماح الخطية، والأقواس منه والأسهم التخلص منها،

والحرب الجيلمودة، ولدغ من الشر، الله ألقي لي كل وردية، وأيفنا من الجنون الشر، من شر الشيطان ومعاونيه وأتباعه وأبنائه ومساعديه وخدم عكوش تينويس السمع، البقوليات الله وآزنا له بحثاً عن ملجأ في الرب للبشرية، وينتمي إلى الناس، آلة الناس، من شر الوسواس-الهامس، الذي يوسوس في قلوب الناس الجنة والناس، وأطلب من قدسية هذه الآيات عظيم، التي ثفيزنا من كل الشرور وثفيزنا في كل بر والبحر،

وأنا أطلب منك أن تجعلني كرامة غابرييل، ويخشى Israfil، والقبول من النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم، “يا الله”، تجعلني هذا التحصين الهيبة والقبول، ومن ناحية سيف يعادل الناس المحبة لكل الإناث والذكور، الكبيرة والصغيرة، الغنية والفقيرة، والسلطة، والأمير، والأمير وخبير استشاري، والمالك والوزير، شاء الله سبحانه وتعالى الملك،

وخلق البشر، والأمة ربيعة والضارة، وتغلبت الحصان، أولكيبان الميت، ثم تحولت إلى السماء والدخان، وقالت أنها ويقول كاتيا الأرض، طوعا أو كرها العصاة، أتينا يا الألف بين لي والأبناء لآدم كما ألفت بين الشمس والنار، يا ألف بين لي وقلوب الصالحين وخاصتك، وتجنب لي كل فأجر والممنوحة، وساحر وساحرة، وكل خائن وخائن،

وأنا اسأل يا رافع السماء عن غير قصد، والأراضي توسعت في المياه المجمدة، وأكملت قمم الجبال بالوهتاد، وتصريف المياه رسم يا لا مشتبه به من اللغات، أوه لا يخفي على أحد أنه يبدو، “يا خالق” خلق والآيات، أوه ليس سراً أن كانت مخبأة في الأرض أو في السماء، وهذا ثفيزنا من كل الشرور حقاً هناك لا آلة إلا الله، وثقلها في الميزان، أنت كل شيء، الثناء على الرب، “الرب المجد” لما يصفون، وسلام على المرسلين والحمد لله.

شرعية التحصين

والحمد لله، وأنت (ونحن نرى ينزل من القرآن ما شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين)، والصلاة والسلام على النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول: “شفاء علاج عبيد الله، الله سبحانه وتعالى لم يأت إلى أسفل أي مرض ولكن سقطت معه، لكن الموت والهرم.” شرعية التحصين

We are distributing leaflets on the streets of Tripoli.

Alhmahadhh Aunt divine HD Q 
Pearls Heya blond (l c (f m g Meh 
der t of Lalla Rum 
i. Ehlaa pocket R khat Ida 
's Tstanemt Bh Tts 

Yeh youth resistance Tripoli 

E. ee Raha apolipoprotein He 

Lt. every mm mm with Alejo «and customers say you've been to us they me 

to Tendh with mouths 

but you e Ahaoa are 0 Aa, Rev H 0 Au e 0 are e 
exists, Nnnn father Mar Amos did we missed will not Guenhaon Collapse get to it - Lilia 
forth Romana 
, is Rir whist here and we are involved in Mnlihnkaa shot in order to Aqzlma 
you one and we know the traitor of you and continuing injustice to end the tide home lin 
and we were victorious because we Folding right and the most important Folding Aatal 0 me 
and say. Insider We did not however { Pfnmkaa and Ohana Vendqa and all your « 
Collapse easy return power to the hair and runs made ​​(the decision of the death 
of the Nativity of the era and immortality to Hhadatma Alohrlr 
and crushing the courtyard of the traitors and agents

Helha atmosphere


Message from OUR LEADER:
Dear great Libyan people, you are now living a glorious hours, these are the pride of this glorious hours we are we now, all the people with us, we lead the world revolution against imperialism, against tyranny and I say for how long:

I’m not afraid of storms and sweeping term,, and the destruction of black altiaier,, I’m holding my house here in my tent

on the Forum, I am owner and maker of tomorrow
Here I am here I am here I am. ….

أيها الشعب الليبي العظيم ,,, إنك الان تعيش ساعات مجيدة , هذه هي العزه هذه هي الساعات المجيدة التي نحياها نحن الان,, كل الشعوب معنا نحن نقود الثورة العالمية ضد الإمبريالية ضد الطغيان وأنا أقول لـكمـ :

أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهيا تجتاح المدي,, ولا من الطيايير التي ترمي دماراً اسودا,,أنا صامد بيتي هنا في خيمتي في المنتدي ،،،،أنا صاحب الحق اليقين وصانع منه الغد
أنا هنا أنا هنا أنا هنا …..
O free countdown to zero hour has begun
Elan ya free Charcot resistance even the simplest thing

I began counting altnazi of zero hour, free

لقد بدأ العد التنازى لساعة الصفر يا احرار

O free countdown to zero hour has begun
Elan ya free Charcot Resistance even the simplest thing:
Soon soon make good Crumb … DJ mana to their regret they saved you
Nearby nearby, from nearby …. Aigikm Dowd covers the eye
Close to nearby yinhab the corks. And safe seem Lobach
Close to nearby yrzihm ashaat. … SwA bftan and oblivious
Close to nearby alhamkat service counters. Dean concludes that when aldeinin
Close to nearby alwahalat decoder …. Weibko in akhtahm wahalien
Nearby IBAN between data. And to Hays v illusion
Close to nearby ylven waktat …. Marar time saw them Radin
Close to nearby ylven saviat …. Khammam Sioux saw them savien
Close to nearby Mahn khatiat …. By alkhot saw them haftin
Close to nearby diaspora seek … Aigokm folk Kano ghayibeen
Aizih injustice I land groups. … It concludes million US
Malslom of the infidels were. … Aioud craving what Quale nostalgia
And Pat makivash Pat. What is joy received sad
Due to incitings alkhwat chok … The families of Kano ghayibeen
Weibkn in his sides Samrat. Weibko in his sides turbine
Ankani Al-khatani death. … And God’s Covenant Rana gayenقريب قريب بيطيب الفتات … انجوكم جي مانا نادمين
قريب قريب فجوارك ايبات …. ايجيكم دود بيغطي العين
قريب قريب ينهاب الفلات …. ومن لوباش نبدو سالمين
قريب قريب يرزيهم اسحات …. سوا بفطان ولا غافلين
قريب قريب جط الحامقات …. ويخلص دين عند الداينين
قريب قريب فك الواحلات …. ويبقو في اخطاهم واحليين
قريب ايبان بين الباينات ….. وتو اتبان قولت واهمين
قريب قريب يلفن واقطات …. مرار الوقت راهم رادين
قريب قريب يلفن سافيات …. كمام السو راهم سافيين
قريب قريب ماهن خاطيات …. طريق الخوت راهم حافطين
قريب قريب يلتم الشتات …. ايجوكم قوم كانو غايبين
ايزيح الظلم لي فالارض عات …. وتخلص فيه ملي ظالمين
مالسلوم للكفره وغات …. ايعود حنين ما كيفه حنين
ويرجع بات ماكيفاش بات ….. ويرجع فرح ما تلقا حزين
ويرجع خوك لحضان الخوات ….. الي فالاسر كانو غايبين
ويبقن في اكنافه سامرات …. ويبقو في اكنافه طاربين
انكاني حي خاطاني ممات …. وعهد الله رانا جايين

يا احرار العد التنازلى لساعة الصفر قد بدأ
الهمة يا احرار شاركو المقاومة ولو بابسط شئ


MUSICIAN writes:

Libyan} {savior …..
Amuses me greatly to see the initiatives of silly people can no longer tolerate the Libyan people to see their faces grim and deceit that has lost its luster, I wonder how to think these? How to be an initiative and there is no savior? Hola as Shaykh al-Shuhada Omar Mukhtar in negotiations with the invaders Magistrate Italians “You want what you want, but never Magistrates’ time.”
The owners of the initiatives now are the spitting image of the invaders Italians, the day it was the mujahideen fighting the decisive battles against colonialism Italian who was suffering from a lack of weapons and gear at the time and was waiting to send reinforcements to him from Rome, and entrepreneurs are also engaged with the Libyan people’s battle of the return of awareness and exposure filaments conspiracy and trying to Through their thoughts silly anesthesia and deceive the people once again to steal more money and send it to their accounts abroad.
In light of this confusion wondering Libyans from different political orientations is the savior? Some of regretful believe that Khalifa Haftar may fit so for being a general of the army the former Libyan before he defeated in Chad and captured, the vast majority in Libya believes that Almenkd is the return of the armed people and led to the liberation of Libya is Almenkd, and Hola tend very much to the Sons Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Evalonhm on it, and they have deeply convinced that al-Khaimah, Bab al-Aziziya able to return to Libya to her first.
Per the direction of justifications and beliefs but Almenkd himself is going to change all the events, beliefs and opinions, the talk in the absence of a savior is talking after his appearance, what I can confirm that the savior of Libya is not as Imam Mahdi resides in the cave of Samarra centuries ago by the novel Shiite, the savior of Libya reality around and not otherwise exist on the ground with the soldiers and the commander of his move to end this farce back to him alone, he knows how to move and when? ..
All indicators and news confirms that he put the finishing touches to start that do not stray too far from the ceremony finally, when I need the people to the Saviour’s mission was a lifesaver easy and affordable as the savior of the people and one nation does not get out of their agreement always, the Savior personally be and what he will do? These questions are no longer far their answers may not need answers because the sword believe news of books ………..
And still continues to play.
{ الموسيقار / musician}
{ المنقـذ الليبي }…..يضحكني كثيرا أن أشاهد مبادرات سخيفة من اشخاص لم يعد يحتمل الشعب الليبي ان يري وجوههم الكئيبة وخداعهم الذي فقد بريقه ، يا تري كيف يفكر هولاء ؟ كيف تكون هناك مبادرة وليس هناك منقـذ ؟ هولاء كما قال شيخ الشهداء عمر المختار في مفاوضات الصلح مع الغزاة الطليان ” انتم ما اردتم الصلح ابدا بل اردتم الوقت “.اصحاب المبادرات الان هم صورة طبق الاصل للغزاة الطليان ، يومها كان المجاهدون يخوضون معارك حاسمة ضد الاستعمار الايطالي الذي كان يعاني من قلة السلاح والعتاد انذاك وكان في انتظار ارسال التعزيزات له من روما ، وأصحاب المبادرات ايضا يخوض معهم الشعب الليبي معركة عودة الوعي وانكشاف خيوط المؤامرة ويحاولون من خلال افكارهم السخيفة تخدير وخداع الشعب مرة اخري لسرقة المزيد من الاموال وإرسالها الي حساباتهم في الخارج .في ظل هذا التخبط يتسائل الليبيون باختلاف توجهاتهم السياسية من هو المنقــذ ؟ البعض من النادمـين يعتقدون ان خلـيفة حفـتر قد يصلح لذلك لكونه جنرال من الجيش الليبي السابق قبل ان ينهزم في تشاد ويؤسر ، الاغلبية الكبري في ليبيا تؤمن بأن المنقد هو عودة الشعب المسلح ومن يقـوده في معركة تحرير ليبيا هو المنقـد ، وهولاء يميلون كثيراً الي انجال القائد معمر القذافي ويبايعونهم على ذلك ، ولديهم يقين جازم بأن الخيمة وباب العزيزية قادرة على العودة بليبيا الي سيـرتها الاولي .لكل اتجاه مبرراته وعقـائده ولكن المنقد نفسه هو من سوف يغير كل الاحداث والعقـائد والآراء، فالحديث في غياب المنقذ غير الحديث بعد ظهوره ، ما استطيع ان اؤكــده ان منـقذ ليبيا ليس كالإمام المهدي المنتظر يتواجد في مغارة سامراء منذ قرون حسب الرواية الشيعية ، منقـذ ليبيا حقيقة واقعة لا خلاف حولها ويتواجد على الارض مع جنوده وآمر تحركه لينهي هذه المهـزلة يعود له وحده فهو يعرف كيف يتحرك ومتي ؟..كل المؤشرات والأخبار تؤكد انه يضع اللمسات الاخيرة للبداية التي لا تبتعد كثيرا عن مراسم النهاية ، فمتي احتاج الشعب لمنقذ كانت مهمة المنـقذ سهلة وميسورة لان المـنقذ والشعب واحد والوطن لا يخرج عن اتفاقهم دائما ، المنـقذ شخصيا من يكون وماذا سيفعل ؟ هذه اسئلة لم تعد اجاباتها بعيدة وقد لا تحتاج الي اجابات لان السيـف اصـدق انـباء من الكتـب………..
ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }
ATI Arabs:We are now sure that 100% of all the sons February confessing deep in themselves that “Muammar al-Qathafi”
with whom he had every right to move when a military convoy, for the “Liberation of # Benghazi
consisting of armed criminal gangs”,  controlled it..
And that these gangs were supported from abroad;
and the Western military intervention in # Libya was only to
protect these armed-bands for the implementation of their own agenda. (I think it has now become clear to everyone.)
West, where he was known that the state was on its way to eliminate them Fujb rapid intervention by the failure of the scheme.


This image, free
The beginning of the debate and deplore the delay

MAJ_GEN. al-SAADI begins his day

 MAJ-GEN. al-SAADI al-Qathafi’s airplaneZero hour on FBOne of the aircraft purchased by Major General Al-SaadiIt
is the fastest and most powerful in the disguise of U.S. aircraft; but,  it is of Russian-make.
 MAJ-GEN. SAADI al-Qathafi's airplane
احدى الطائرات التى اشتراها اللواء الساعدىوهى اسرع واقوى فى التخفى من الطائرات الامريكية
وهى روسية الصنع

SAADI's drone

One of the unmanned Russian plane bought by Gen. Saadi
God is greatest over the aggressor.
Hedda last thing he bought Major General al-Saadi is now in Libya’s territorial waters
God is greatest above the Kid aggressor

(BELOW) picture of  Gen. al-SAADI’s barge with air-landing strip:
SAADI's barge with air-landing strip

13/01/2014, 19:14
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يوسف شاكير

Download audio material

Dialogue with Yusuf Shakir – an expert on Libyan affairs

Interview: Fahim Surani

Text of the interview:

QUESTION: Professor Youssef said that Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane announced that he will be a cabinet reshuffle within a few days, the move seems to be in the context of containment criticized opponents who are demanding a vote of Parliament to withdraw confidence from him amid escalating unrest in Libya, and my question beginning to Holiness Is this a change in government is configurable Or it could come in contact with and secured shift happens in a serious crisis situation in Libya during this period?

Answer: It can not happen a radical transformation, and the only thing to be a single package the departure of the government and the National Council for that theoretically National Council is linked to militias who feeds the ministry ministers, therefore there is no avail, and will not be of any avail to change any pattern of political behavior this government or state-building in Libya or try out the bottleneck.

QUESTION: Professor Joseph also follow in the recent period there is a very serious challenge facing the government in dealing with the militants, who control months ago at the ports of oil in eastern Libya, this thing has led in the end to stop the export of crude oil, thereby depriving the country of revenue vitality, the behavior of armed groups Armed not lead to the conclusion that there is no central authority in Libya, but there is a multiplicity of authorities and states within a state?

A: The government is trying to circumvent the open field, the spark, the subject gives the impression of additional government weak and failed state, but the real issue is not the original crisis in Libya.

Crisis in Libya are armed groups continue to show her face to control Libya completely, since yesterday Benghazi trapping entirely by these groups in all cities and all the villages and all the traffic lights where, all of which are under siege, therefore this government will not be able to do something neither she nor the National Council and they have to leave .

Q: You will not be able to do something and it leave with the National Council, but your opinion follower of the developments in Libya is not doing so would result in the absence of decisiveness to the outbreak of clashes across Libya, particularly as it relates to the sovereignty and respect to source vital for the budget, namely Oil?

A: The confrontation is coming no suspicion which will not exceed weeks because the owners agendas do not want any solution to the crisis, and the people who talk about the political vacuum there is a Supreme Court constitutional possible to fill this void, and there is also a Supreme Council of the tribes as possible to fill this void, but it will not however, only be confrontations.

From June 2011:



A picture of a defense minister with his son Mohammed after his capture decoding of abductees:

Abdullatif bending,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I can now confirm the news to find our son Mohammed Abdullah bending is in good condition between his family has held a telephone Boukhalh and assured me that with him, and that Mohammed is in good health. It is noteworthy that Muhammad son of the Minister of Defense aged 27 years has been kidnapped months ago by an unknown and there is no information on how to edit, or the party that was being held has thankfully who returned to his family unharmed please be this conclusion grief in Libya are all that restores all the abductees to their families safely
(Libyan Republic)

Mohammed bending son and defense minister after decoding captured abductees….
محمد الثني ابن وزير الدفاع بعد فك أسره من المختطفين
The arrival of more than 300 people from the rebels in eastern Libya “Burqa” a little while ago at Tripoli airport tomorrow to enter in open-ended sit in front of the headquarters of the National Congress to demand the overthrow know what the interim government headed by Ali Zaidane.

Congress has been besieged pagan and random shooting in the air

by the protesters and the government to drop the piece Zaidane proxy.

Summary .. Press conference of the prime minister …
– Condolences to the family of the victim Hassan Aldroaa Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry
– Condolences to a member of the Conference for the city of Sabha in the death of her husband and

daughter in a traffic accident and the death of the driver yesterday ..

Been a member of the National Congress for the city of Sabha, Ms.
Fatima Sevenfold to a tragic car accident, near the city of
Gharyan hit resulted in fractures and bruises and moved to mercy
God, her husband and her daughter in this incident, I am God, and to Him we return, and
It is noteworthy that Ms. “Sibai” Oh my block….
– Activity start the national dialogue on 15 January 2014 ..
– 20 thousand police who have been trained disappeared, when Ntalbhm not find them ..
– Ending the closure of the oil fields is entrusted to the wise ..
– Please leaders of politics and the institutions of civil society that does not leave the country in a political vacuum ..
– We could not achieve the completion of the security situation in the case ..
Members of Congress are threatening them with weapons to prevent them from attending the conference sessions.

Arabic LONDON TIMES page on Libya  :

Hashim humans:
There is no truth at all to the news of the kidnapping or disappearance of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Salah al-Marghani a fine and well-being have been contacted by a few minutes ago and denied all the rumors in particular …

This was the FALSE REPORT:

The abduction of Mr. Salah Elmarghani and Minister of Justice, where he told me, a security source from Tripoli on the I Minister kidnapping did not explain the source for details of the kidnapping as water that yesterday’s Sunday they unidentified kidnap Mr. Faisal light head office to integrate the rebels to a judicial police Sunday afternoon in front of the clinic brothers in Tripoli . This, according to him.



 Cornish Tripoli this morning.

Hit by a car belonging to Libya to write prepaid cards bearing the company orbit valued at more than 42 thousand dinars, and fixed phone cards worth 2,000 dinars to the robbery by an armed group mil area on the road between the cities of Tripoli and the corner.
219 m

Little Carol:

Operations room Mermaid
Problematic in Fashloum in front of the Great Mosque specifically shooting and the burning of homes and injured two people were transported to the hospital ..

Grande Mosque, Tripoli

The kidnapping of the Office of the integration of the rebels judicial police in Tripoli, “Faisal key Dou”,

which took place in front of a clinic Ahttafh brothers in the area Aleneuvliyn on Saturday at 8:30

and so far no information about him.

The kidnapping of the Office of the integration of the rebels judicial police in Tripoli, “Faisal key Dou”,

which took place in front of a clinic Ahttafh brothers in the area Aleneuvliyn on Saturday at 8:30 and so far no information about him.


Today in prison Mitigua, when called Hathem Tagouris in

the morning, and very one of the prisoners hanged a great age,

and had been employed previously policeman ….

And also received information that the person who has very Omotaiqh hanged in prison today, in the morning,

his name in favor of precordial and 40-year-old resident trait Furjan; and was imprisoned in solitary confinement,

and hanged himself from a lot of torture.

Congress and the knowledge of the government knows what is happening with all. Why the silence?

Abdulrahman Aldoahish citizen killed and injured Hatem El-Badri
after a shooting of an unidentified car market area Saturday ~


The abduction of the President of the Local fisherman Municipality janzour Haj Ibrahim Al-Hajjaji Mansouri was kidnapped by armed gangs and demand a ransom for his release, with the knowledge that the Haj Ibrahim Imam Mosque ask God Almighty to undo his captivity and that keeps it in order to preserve its slaves and the source said that he was abducted after prayers Dinner.



The abduction of the Five City girl, aged 17 and was not found.




Now department in Ajeelat
Local council department in Ajeelat buys five ambulances to the hospital department in Ajeelat year
And supports the security room and common amount of money of one million dinars as a down payment.



Arrested a gang of drug dealers .. hallucination pills. Consists of a girl from the city Tarhounah

and a young man from the city of Tripoli and another of the city of Sabratha.

Was arrested from ox secret Alheih Sabratha.

Even the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The salvation of the world roamed Mavera.


The sound of a plane over the area of Rishvana and Tripoli for hours …

Reportedly now
Kidnapping Ibrahim Khalifa Al-Hajjaji local council head hunter
Kidnappers demanded a million.
(Channel globe)
Photos and news from Rishvana
The withdrawal of all hospital workers Zahra after leaving the group in charge of maintaining security of hospital.


According to preliminary information that Shibley lion managed to escape from the destination in the area or near Ifrane Jersan.
Has warned the concerned authorities after informing the owner Alhiblin for the loss of the two,

has warned parents that Cbiljin scouting in the region and its environs,

especially after reports of Afterashma number of sheep in the area or Jersan Aghannaima.

Sheep on the Road
Western Mountain :: Um Jersan
Warning :::
News of the existence of a number Atnan of cubs Assad led fled Asahabha. .
They roam in the area of ​​Um Jersan and its suburbs, and news Afterasha a group of sheep
in Um Jersan and also area Aghannaima, and Gary purely released from the region’s youth ..
Ali everyone discernible precaution and steep ..


Lech Tawergha
Was arrested on both ..
Mahmoud Farag Al Ammari
Mohammed Saeed Imran
Where they were arrested by military police portal Hun
And are now at the headquarters of the military police Hon.
Science are two of the displaced Tawergha.

How long must they be made to suffer?



ATI Arabs repeorts to us:

The arrival of French Defence Minister on the eve of the day of the city with his accompanying delegation ..


Aaaaaaar Libya Gerdanha writes:

Contribution by the surgeon and a national
After Oato Libyan nationality of the Jewish Mossad agent Bernard Levy previously today dedicate French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Ordian outfit Almzrati and proud of filming with him and continue to shame and betrayal in the city sold the honor of their daughters in order to come occupier.

عاااااار ليبيا من جردانها

مُساهمة من طرف جراح وطنية ا
بعد ما أعطو الجنسية الليبية لليهودي عميل الموساد برنارد ليفي سابقا اليوم يهدون وزير الدفاع الفرنسي جان إيف لورديان الزي المزراطي ويفتخرون بالتصوير معه ويستمر العار والخيانة في مدينة باعت شرف بناتها لكي يأتي المحتل



Allahu Akbar
Was the acquittal and immediate release of Ali (7) Persons from prison Mager today.
O decode all the families of prisoners and detainees, Lord of the Worlds.


Libyan cabinet minister shot dead in hometown

Published time: January 12, 2014 09:50

A man walks past a house which was destroyed during fighting between pro and anti-Gaddafi fighters in Sirt November 19, 2011. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem) A man walks past a house which was destroyed during fighting between pro and anti-Gaddafi fighters in Sirt 19 November 2011. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

Libya’s deputy industry minister has been killed while visiting his hometown of Sirte, situated to the east of the capital, Tripoli.

It’s the first killing of a member of Libya’s transitional government.

“They opened fire from another car while he was driving, he was shot multiple times,” an official told Reuters on conditions of anonymity. “Later, they found explosives attached to his car. The theory is, the bomb failed, so they shot him instead.”

“Hassan Al-Droui was killed by unknown attackers overnight, during a visit to his native city of Sirte,” a security official also told the AFP news agency.

Al-Droui was an ex-member of the National Transitional Council, the political arm of the 2011 uprising.

The location of his assassination, the town of Sirte, was where the final battle in Libya’s civil war panned out.

Since then, Libya has experienced a harsh situation in its ongoing lawlessness.

The same day as Minister Hassan Al-Droui was killed, at least 15 died in clashes between rival tribesmen in the country’s south, in the city of Sabha. This violence marks the deadliest point since the tribes agreed on a ceasefire about two years ago.

And it hasn’t been a long time since the last major surge of violence in the war-torn country.

In November, clashes between the Libyan army and Islamist militia killed up to fourteen people and injured dozens in the eastern city of Benghazi, said the Libyan Ministry of Health. The country’s armed forces have been fighting to control the influence of Ansar al-Sharia, a hardline Islamist group, which the US designated a terrorist organization last week.

Throughout the year, insurgents and various militia groups also targeted ministries in Tripoli, and even besieged the Foreign Ministry and the Justice Ministry back in May, challenging the government and demanding the resignations of Great Jamahiriya loyalists.

End the sit-government administrative complex in Sirte, by
Citizens, after the intervention of elders and imams Branch of the Ministry of Awqaf
Sirte after the closure of all the administrative headquarters complex because of
Sit-in, and it was noteworthy that the sit-in protest at Maosvoh
The failure of the local council in Sirte and his failure to achieve security
And stability in the city.
Pilot landing now Sirte airport and the landing on Mr. Zaidane and now is on his way to the funeral:
Mr. Hassan Aldroaa area No. 2 and about with her for nearly 50 the number of car type lioness and surround the entire area.
Mr. Ali Zaidane when he came out of the funeral:
Mr. Hassan Aldroaa in Sirte region’s No. 2, a group of youths in the area Bermaah Qazvin
RPG sky in an expression of anger at what is happening in the Libyan state, and the inaction of the officials to do anything …… …
Quoting from one of the region’s population …..


Supreme Military Council of Cyrenaica
The attempted assassination of Mr. Salem Buhedama a personnel management and Cyrenaica Military Council Comrade personal Ezzedine Alokwak and after the failure of the assassination attempt was to contact him and offered (BRIBE)

him a sum of money in return for the move away from Ezzedine Alokwak general coordinator of the Military

Council of Cyrenaica.


Salem al-Obeidi:

Colonel “Basheer Abdul Kader,” ordered the security room to Ajdabiya.

What appeared in the media and channels, tuned for 54 migrants Illegally on their way to support the ongoing conflict in the southern cities Libya, an incorrect phrase and detailed, and said, “Kader” in SMC now, that these immigrants deported immediate deportation .

And the godless ones to Owaynat and then Chad, because device Illegal immigration is not able to house them or provide for them,

and Is transferred and deport immigrants deported immediately to Bladenhm, as Colonel face “Bashir Abdul Kadir,” ordered the security room Ajdabiya Gauntlet to the media that transmits irresponsible remarks.

For unauthorized persons to give official statements. #

(Exclusive # Ajdabiya)


The commander of the so-called operations room Libya rebels in Benghazi, “Mohammed Oraibi” famous as the “Boca” in a telephone conversation with the channel capital threatens of Tripoli, specifically in front of the Almutmr pagan year, and gives the National Congress until next Sunday that if it is not to topple the government, it is going to get on all the Minister of use of force.
Beautiful in their oil Deghigahm

Mr. assassination attempt: Mustafa Habib Jirari area Drianh ..
Here are the details the story :::::
Mr. Mustafa is: Minister of Air Transport in Transitional Council previously, director of the airport built a previously ….
Mr. Muszvy out of the funeral in the region and was going to his home, he noted that there are two cars Mtoukftan at the door of the house, who lives by the ((near the seashore)) and two cars of the type ((one of a kind black pocket, and the type of car Opel 4 * 4 as well as the black color)), and when he approached his home have begun Balrmih him, his sons went out of the house with haste and exchanged gunfire ((note that the Sons military army)) and thankfully no one was hurt and Paddy was arrested on two of these criminals and has been Drianh handed over to the Council and the Directorate of Security Report has been so ………

The arrest of more than 100 illegal immigrants of different nationalities in the city of Benghazi by the Preventive Security Service.
15 bodies from the National Army are sent to Benghazi.
The attempted assassination of Mustafa Habib Transport Minister Air-day executive office
and director of the airport, where we built previously held again near Drianh.
Aaaaaaagel …. The type of car Toyota has Fjah Balrmih on patrol lightning strike zone neighborhood of
peace and injured periodic Mr. \ key Shukri Mohammed 42 years old and was taken to
hospital and his condition is good, thank God …

Tunnel Street gardens Bbahama:

A robbery occurred in the area of ​​the tunnel Street gardens Bbahama today at 7:45 .. by Mohammed Kallal.
After that lose four armed men attacked and beaten by Mohammed Kallal and steal his car at gunpoint and fled Adhu …..
Knowing I vehicle tracking company Sirte, Hyundai Elantra and type and color of white …
There is no power but from God. And God and yes, the agent
(Street gardens Benghazi)
Salem al-Obeidi This morning the assassination, “Waleed Ali Jaballah Drissi,” a Special Forces, “Thunderbolt”, shortly before the close of Market Arab unity, “the Egyptian”, was shot dead by unknown assailants after The car deployment of three treacherous bullets lodged in his neck And shot dead # Benghazi
Atef Shelmani:
Car “Chevrolet” leaden person who got out firing
Bullets on the treacherous Walid Jaballah Drissi “continued Forces
Private stun moved on its impact to the mercy of God
The person fled away.
The crime near the market, “the Egyptian”
Atef Shelmani · 336
# Pnina
Shooting with heavy weapons from an unknown destination near the airport in time
Current and patrols by lightning on its way to the scene.
Students Media Center – Media Center Student
# Libya # Benghazi honors Dr. ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Badri Vittori “for earning a doctorate in medicine
from France and give him a medal in the European specialty diseases, infertility.
(Media quoting Issa satisfaction)

What is happening in the neighborhood of Peace Now, the voices of lead and the bombing is a personal problem between two tribes and the Moroccan Warfali, where someone Werfalli to kill someone Moroccan and spin now clashes, including the area near the market Doreen.

This was confirmed by the source ………

Targeting the police station alkwyfah, a grenade
Type “Romana”, without causing the blast casualties
Or material, according to a security source in the city
P to alkwyfah police station was blown up in full.


bombing in al-Salam neighborhood Gelatina Arkh.
There is no truth to the news Quivah Center bombing and the false news across pages is a liar …..
Targeting a patrol of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, shortly before
By unknown on board Dodge, near the base
Air, without causing targeting about casualties or damage
Remember, and meanwhile special forces were combing the area.




Injury to a child Abul Qasim Abu Bakr Abul Qasim Abokhozam shot in the head in Sabha and state now stable.

Gado channel on Facebook:
Yesterday, near the Chadian opposition forces to intervene Sabha and clashing with the Awlad Suleiman.
Today Awlad Suleiman agree to a truce with Tabu for 72 hours.
News about the failure of the truce between the army and Chadian forces in the final moments after the rejection of notables boys Solomon in item Signature latter to be a truce between Tabu and the children of Solomon because it is not a tribal war … and the insistence of the Tabu to be with the children of Solomon in order to Athbto as a war tribe between two tribes and not between the state and foreign forces, as is happening now.
Is not there a strange contradiction where Chadian opposition splintered ground and Belathm means.
The local council held an emergency meeting Sabha sit
And issue a statement about the events Sabha ::
Sabha – a special “Germa” 14/01/2014
Hold the President and members of the local council Dahr Sabha on Monday held an emergency meeting at the headquarters of the local council to follow the events Kafi city of Sabha. As a result of the meeting Sdro the following statement:
In light of the unfortunate events that took place in the city that killed 31 people killed and 55 wounded and still suffering continuing to now and in the time in which we find the apparent absence of Mr. Prime Minister and members of the National Congress for the city of Sabha and members of Congress in general for these unfortunate events and who have not bothered to come to the city and stand on the events of what happened Unfortunate shameful.
In this regard, we hold Mr. Prime Minister Ali Zaidane all what happened and will happen in the city of Sabha has claimed the lives of security officials and terrorize despite our demand to Mr. Prime Minister, and his warning of the deteriorating security situation and find solutions to the security of the entire South.
We call on the interim government to assume full responsibility and direct intervention and stand on the truth and in the case with the city of Sabha and put a solution to stop the pox of conflicts that occur in the city from time to time, which have negatively impacted on the process of construction and development in the southern city of Sebha and in full.
The news agency “Germa – Adel Ahmed”

13 janvier
The cities of Sabha
Now: the channel of Libya national recitation statement cease-fire between the warring parties in the city of Sabha by a delegation of reconciliation at the level of Libya and with the participation of the Tuareg brothers, and said the statement in full agreement for a cease-fire, as of today, Monday.
The Elders delegation meeting with a delegation of elders from Tabu Sabha and Murzuq Da’uki camp and talk about the recent events in Sabha causes and Tdaeitha and access solutions to satisfy all parties and bloodshed.
And wise men waiting for a delegation of notables from Opare Touareg next to be held to the wise to the efforts of reconciliation
The meeting will resume after the battalion Da’uki era established only when the Elders Sabha and Touareg.
And tried to contact the Elders Sabha Military Region Busafa order to discuss with him in this regard, but they were unable to communicate with him and had earlier been Fodahm discuss with Tabu …….. Pending the outcome of the meeting after age
Free special newspaper Sabha:
God helped them in their quest, and for the good Ovgahm.

In an exclusive statement from Sheikh Salem Erhomh Allmaty newspaper Sabha Sabha about free events:
The session this evening and includes both chieftains and elders of the tribe and Sabha Rafla with a delegation of notables
Tawaruq Sabha and Ubari. Taiory in the area and the presence of representatives of the Tabu of Murzuq and Sabha.
Tabu pledged during a cease-fire unilaterally for 72 hours so as to open the door to dialogue to find a final solution
to the crisis to prevent a repeat of what happened again.
Free special newspaper Sabha:

Vote heavy weapons shaking the pillars of Sabha, which confirms the failure of the truce and the return of clashes.

In a telephone conversation now confirmed by a source familiar with the city of Sabha are now fighting back,

he said, and are now being my heavy weapons clashes in the Indian company and Taiora this neighborhood

as reported by the source / Sabha ….

Oh God, inject the blood of Muslims!

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Sits a meeting in the city of Sabha now, featuring the Elders and sheikhs and
Security officials as the city, at the headquarters of the Directorate of safe Sabha.
Sauaakm detail immediately after the meeting.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Mkmadas FM
Issa Abdul Majeed
France says on channel 24 I what is happening in the south is a struggle against the Iraqi Tabu and it will
demand the intervention of foreign Ida has strengthened the national army bombed the Chadian Tabu
that you want to access Sabha.
newspaper Sabha Free:
A group of armed Balrmih homes inhabited by Toubou calligraphers in the street …
And launch Qadf RPG Kosha, wounding or three of its workers.
And a group of Tabu closed street.
Car Nasser Hassan Musa Alakea Hasnawi which stained with his blood as a result
of indiscriminate shooting carried out by armed gangs targeting to the Shura neighborhood
passers by infidels in the new (Swedish) and resulted in the injury in his leg
and was taken to hospital and is now in good condition:

“Atmosphere of the country”:

A member of the force shield Central Abdullah presenter for “the atmosphere of the country” that the power of the shield stationed in Hun currently transporting the wounded to hospitals in Misrata ambulance, explaining that the force costly military ruler Bsabha but they did not enter the city waiting for permission from the Ministry of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The arrival of an ambulance plane to the airport Mitigua coming from the city of Sabha carrying a number of wounded violent clashes witnessed by the city.
Gary and distributed to hospitals Tripoli.
Allit Warfali neonatal on the basis of Tripoli where hospitals ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

And the arrival of two dead to the hospital Sabha: They Huwaydi Mohammed Abdullah Ali and Adam intruder ..

tef Shelmani #


The number of deaths to 31 people and wounded more than 50 injured At the present time is to discuss the crisis in the south of the Libyan Conference.

After an hour from now, will report the details of the intelligence on South and specifically’re not clarify if there is a

Libyan militias Participate in these events or not.

Urgent godless
Now is shelling neighborhoods Tabu infidels by militia from the tribe Azwaia.

Qusay cabled:
# Heathens
The attack on the headquarters of the military intelligence with heavy weapons by gunmen and clashes with heavy weapons now revolve.


Urgent Sabha and Kufra:

Clashes in Kufra and interruption of fuel and basic materials Foods city.

Armed clashes in both cities with weapons of all kinds.

Qusay cabled:
Aaaaaajl Heathens
According to a source familiar about the increasing area of ​​the clashes in Kufra larger and the use of heavy weapons after the withdrawal of gunmen from the district shura and offensive 3-axis, a street Bushoq market and building military intelligence and Gary dealing with them and are responding to them strongly by units of the national army and rebels of the city that also was received from the source




Aaaaaaaaaaagel confirmed news from the heart of the event:
It was agreed to a cease-fire between the children of Solomon and Tabu for (3 days) under the auspices of the Tuareg tribe, and then will come the reconciliation meeting between the two parties in the presence of the governor and Reconciliation Commission
And look elders and notables Tuareg Jahazeetm full national army to enter the area of ​​Ubari (Brigade Tienda) and battalion Tenere intervene to prevent any penetration of the truce between the two parties.



Algeria seizes Libyan arms shipment

Monday, 13 January 2014 18:13
Algerian flag

The Algerian army intercepted a shipment of arms believed to be coming from Libya, Algeria’s Al-Nahar Al-Jadid newspaper reported on Monday. The shipment in question was reportedly travelling through Algeria when the army intercepted it near the Illizi desert, which is in the south-eastern part of the country near to the border with Libya.

According to the newspaper, a special army unit seized 32 mortar rounds and three anti-aircraft missiles, bombs and explosives. The newspaper quoted a security official who claimed that nearly seven people have been detained and are being investigated about the shipment. The official added that the Algerian security authorities have been following this particular operation for a while now.

Adjust the Algerian army shipment anti-aircraft missiles, bombs, explosives were smuggled from Libya
The newspaper reported the day the new Algerian newspapers Monday that the strength of competent Algerian army seized thirty-two mortar rounds and three anti-aircraft missiles, the desert state of Illizi, near the border with Libya …. The newspaper quoted Algerian security source said that the number of those arrested in this operation approximately Seven people were being interrogated.


Muammar shines After deGAULLE

By Sami Abraham

However, the truth is not in it, and it is in that Colonel Gaddafi wanted to apply the ideas that started out by French General Charles de Gaulle when he announced in the sixties of the last century, the war on Banknotes Having listened to the twinkling says that the panel of paintings the artist Raphael offered for sale Bedouin and pushed the price to pay Russian oil and gold, against which Ihsla did not pay them while the U.S. package valued at ten thousand dollars was from his share.

Gaddafi renews proposed the idea of de Gaulle

When de Gaulle aware that this amount does not exceed the ultimate value of as the real value of the U.S. currency of bills equal to three cents just said then that France will abandon Securities green and will return in the international accounts to deal with gold.

I thought other countries also as the golden standard that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was the primary initiator to move away from the dollar in the international accounts calling on Arab and African countries to abandon the deal and by the adoption of a new unified currency based on the gold dinar.

Gaddafi has the determination to issue a new currency solo so dependent on reserve so that only the golden Libyan ends as he is the “feed Digaliyn Alourguian” and suggested Gaddafi on the basis of this new currency consolidated to form a unified Arab nation African population of more than 200 million people.

And supported by many of the leaders of the Arab countries (Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen, and others) and the majority of African countries such suggestions unnerving the United States and the European Union and formed to have a negative feedback very pushed them to a rapprochement with Libyan leader and convince him to abandon these ideas, but he did not Agier his mind and remained steadfast to that accelerated events and declared war on Libya under the guise of protecting human rights and try to grab Libyan oil from the Libyan leader.

However, the fact that the aggression on Libya is that Colonel Gaddafi tried to repeat what was started by General de Gaulle to leave the area Banknotes and return to the base of the golden coins that any attempted attack on the holiest shrines to the contemporary world, namely the interests of the global banking system.

Other countries reconsider proposals Gaddafi

It was not Gaddafi’s only wishing to adopt the gold metal basis of the national currency, but took the owners of Swiss banks are interested in gold have been in 2011 put forward a parliamentary initiative in the Swiss National Council on the introduction of unit additional cash, a “gold franc” to trading for the currency generally able to protect the franc paper from fever buy foreign investors to the Swiss franc in the event of a sharp decline in the value of the dollar or the euro.

Increasingly, today’s trend towards returning to the base Alzhbay even in America In Utah America was recognized in 2011, the legality of trading gold bullion, silver and other precious metals as currency payable also plans several other states, including Carolina and Kansas to join this initiative as it is very important to have a citizens the freedom to choose the currency entirely contrary the fact that today’s global financial system based on the benefits of any credit it is based on nothing, and the world should realize that.

Experts believe that these measures which might be considered a formality, but it shows at the same time losing the confidence of the American currency paper “dollar” teetering and fiscal policy lame for the United States to the resort system backup federal and central banks in the world in order to eliminate this desire by using gold and precious metals Trading in cash to reduce the value of gold deliberately so as not to be able to precious metals to compete dollar paper.

The loss means Secretary to protect the value of the life of one of the dilemmas of contemporary economic and lose Banknotes This feature is clearly over nearly two thousand years ago and even before 40-50 years ago gold was considered the most important way to save the currency interchangeable.

America exported inflation to the developing countries

But today being the exchange of goods according to the currency loses value daily gradually comes this situation in favor of the rich who dominate the financial activities of the World which is estimated at 250 trillion dollars any more than increase the size of the GDP Global 360 percent of it in other words, that the volume of gold mined in the whole world no more than 170 thousand tons and its current value does not exceed 7 trillion dollars is evidence that the bulk of the capital in the world do not have a real value in the fact that the global financial system based on the enormous size of the debt.

On the other hand prints financial regulator the U.S. annually and one trillion dollars to cover the budget deficit and to support the balance of the country’s banking and the fear of a negative impact on the price of the dollar and a positive effect on the price of gold based system Reserve Federal sell gold through financial institutions benefiting three (JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs) by buy bonds replaced gold bullion gold at discounted prices and then sold these alloys in the Asian market, thus achieving astronomical profits on the one hand and the protection of the dangers for dollar by the other hand.

The issuance of the U.S. currency this massive amounts can not last forever and must be set off inflation this day in the value of the dollar and the United States is still able to control it by exporting it to countries dealing in dollars and especially developing ones is evidence that there is a competition underway between the West which is based on the paper currency and the Middle who tries to rely on gold no doubt that there is an elite in the West is fully aware that the destruction of the countries that are trying to protect their wealth will not prevent the sun from fading paper currency.

Common European army, illusion or reality?
04 AUGUST 2013

Source: Adevarul


Politically speaking, here, very briefly, stages of development of this project. After the end of the Second World War, on March 4, 1947, France and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Dunkuerque the formula alliance and mutual assistance against a possible German attack in response to the defeat in war (having memory German reaction after the Treaty of Versailles after the first world war).

In 1948, the Treaty of Brussels, the birth of the Western European Union, complete with Allied command structure. West European countries (except Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Austria) with the United States and Canada signed the North Atlantic Treaty, defensive military organization which, since 1951, during the Korean War, is North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In the early ’50s, they try and make the European Defence Community (France, Italy, Germany plus Benelux countries), a treaty signed but never entered into force due to the position of General de Gaulle which estimated that such a union would lead to a loss of partial disposal of sovereignty and control. This leads to new negotiations which ends by creating WEU (Western European Union policy).

In 1996, the WEU receives from NATO mission to establish a European security and defense identity within NATO principle that was later replaced by common defense and security policy . Lisbon Treaty EU transfers all powers WEU. On 16 December 2002 signed a strategic partnership agreement between the EU and NATO (Berlin Plus agreement) allowing EU access to NATO resources and structures and the use of operational capabilities and allied command structures.

On January 1, 2003 start in Bosnia-Herzegovina first European civilian crisis management operation, and a few months later, in March 2003, the European military force field replace NATO troops in Macedonia by EUFOR Concordia. On June 12 RP Congo begins in another mission, ARTEMIS, the first outside the Berlin Plus. In July 2004 created the European Defence Agency and on July 17, 2004 in Georgia starts operation EUJUST THEMIS, the first joint operation of the EU to defend the rule of law values. On 20 February 2009, the European Parliament is in favor of establishing a “European armed forces synchronized (SAFE – syncronized Armed Forces Europe).” Common defense and security policy including the progressive framing of a common Union defense policy. Will lead to a common defense since the European Council, acting unanimously, decides to do so.

Article 42 of the EU Treaty The problem is that currently there is an institution of the European army, and all operations are based on the forces provided by national armies, gathered in various formulas whose genesis dates back to the early 90s. These include: EUROCORPS (quick reaction force) with units composed of German, Belgian, Spanish, French and Luxembourg, EUROMAFOR grouping naval units Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese as well as the air forces of Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands as part of the European Air Group . In addition, there is also a European Gendarmerie Force ( EuroGendFor or FGE ) which brings together police forces with military status: Spanish Civil Guard, French Gendarmerie, the Italian Carabinieri, Gendarmerie Royal Dutch, Portuguese Republican National Guard and Romanian Gendarmerie.

Attention, we emphasize again that these entities, at least at this moment, are distinct from the EU, and the legal basis for action is primarily bilateral or multilateral agreements nature. The decision to move forward on the establishment of a European army line is obviously a political one and goes along with a system of unification and standardization of the production of armaments. Things are not as simple political decision must be accompanied by a very complex legal framework to first determine the status of European soldier, the command and control the terms under which the Member States will be obliged to contribute to military units and provide logistical support necessary.

If until now, participation in the groups of fighting was on a voluntary basis, a political decision in favor of European army will set obligativitatera not only to participate, but will also set the competitiveness of troops and equipment, which is particularly difficult for some countries only afford second hand type facilities … Remaining politically, European decision should be accompanied by a set of definitions governing the types of intervention, operations or partnerships that can engage future European army. This means that, again in partnership with NATO, will talk about what their focus areas of these organizations outside their territories “conventional power”, so the more important as there is an exponential increase in asymmetric risks and a trend of increasingly marked by destabilizing areas of strategic importance for the European and global economy. projection will discuss joint or separate forces in such areas of mutual support in separate missions.

It may be, if it happens, a logical response to the continuous pressure of the Americans, eager to see their European allies meeting in a competitive and technologically powerful military formula, which would ease the effort of maintaining traditional U.S. security umbrella concentrated in this case only strategic bases, especially in politically nucleare.Tot, such a step would be essential in defining European identity and credibility, visible support for the status to which they aspire, namely geo-strategic player. But the key lies in the quality and performance of the defense industry and the opportunity to see that they could put together some of the production capacity and could start the process of standardization.

Do you recall how much Mu’ammar admired Charles deGaulle?

deGaulle as president [1958-69 during the Fifth Republic], revised the constitution to provide for presidential control of foreign and military policy, granted independence to Algeria and the African colonies, and restored the nation’s economic health.

QUOTE: “The truth is that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat the attempts by French General de Gaulle to abandon the use of U.S. junk paper money called “dollars” and return to gold, i.e. he attempts to attack the chief power of modern parasitic Zio Democracy – the banking system….”

Herein is an excerpt from
Jim Fetzer

” It began in 2005, when Iran announced it would form its own International Oil Bourse (IOB), the first phase of which opened in 2008. The IOB is an international exchange that allows international oil, gas, and petroleum products to be traded using a basket of currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Then in November 2007 at a major OPEC meeting,

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for a “credible and good currency to take over U.S. dollar’s role and to serve oil trades”. He also called the dollar “a worthless piece of paper.” The following month, Iran—consistently ranked as either the third or fourth biggest oil producer in the world—announced that it had requested all payments for its oil be made in currencies other than dollars.

The latest round of U.S. sanctions targets countries that do business with Iran’s Central Bank, which, combined with the U.S. and EU oil embargoes, should in theory shut down Iran’s ability to export oil and thus force it to abandon its nuclear program by crippling its economy. But instead, Iran is successfully negotiating oil sales via accepting gold, individual national currencies like China’s renmimbi, and direct bartering.

Other countries that have abandoned the petro-dollar have also not fared well in their relations with the United States, including Iraq in late 2000 and Libya introduced the gold dinar in 2011. It isn’t rocket science to infer that our invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the bombing of Libya have followed in their wake:

Since gold yuan coinage was announced by China, talks about the gold standard had been brought up in the Middle East. The main initiator of non-payment in dollars and euros is the Leader and Guide of the Revolution in Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. He called on Arab and African world to adopt a single current – the gold dinar.

On this financial basis, Colonel Gaddafi offered to create a single African state with Arab and Black African population numbering 200 million people. The idea of creating a single gold currency and uniting the countries of Africa into one powerful federal system has been actively supported during the last year by a number of Arabic and almost all African states. Democracy-infested South Africa and the Arab League were opposed to the idea.

The US and the EU reacted very negatively to such a initiative. According to a French Zio “president” Sarkozy, “the Libyans have set on the financial security of mankind.” Repeated calls by the Leader of the Libyan Revolution yields some results: Gaddafi has made more and more steps aimed at creating a United Africa.

Two false arguments have been invented to cover up the true reason for the present Zio-Christian Crusade against Libya: officially – “to defend human rights” and unofficially – an attempt to steal oil from the Libyan people. Both of these arguments do not hold up to scrutiny. The truth is that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat the attempts by French General de Gaulle to abandon the use of U.S. junk paper money called “dollars” and return to gold, i.e. he attempts to attack the chief power of modern parasitic Zio Democracy – the banking system….
Just as Gaddafi was benefitting the people of Libya and promoting the best interests of the African continent, Iran has the potential to benefit the people of the world–but at immense cost to the profit margin of the gas and oil industry, which suggests the real reasons why the US is targeting Iran.”


. Libya is Africa’s largest exporter of oil, 1.7 million tons a day,
which quickly was reduced to 300-400,000 ton due to US-NATO bombing.
Libya exports 80% of its oil: 80% of that to several EU lands (32%
Italy, 14% Germany, 10% France); 10% China; 5% USA.

2. Gaddafi has been preparing to launch a gold dinar for oil trade with
all of Africa’s 200 million people and other countries interested.
French President Nickola Sarkozi called this, “a threat for financial
security of mankind”. Much of France’s wealth—more than any other
colonial-imperialist power—comes from exploiting Africa.

3. Central Bank of Libya is 100% owned by state (since 1956) and is thus outside of multinational corporation control (BIS-Banking International Settlement rules for private interests). The state can finance its own projects and do so without interest rates

4. Gaddafi-Central Bank used 24.2€ billion, without interest rates, to
build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

5. The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite with 220.04€ million of the276.51€ cost. It started up for all Africa, December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of 366.73€ million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means much less cost for telephones and other communication systems.

Some of the numbers above vary a bit from web site to web site but all are relatively close.
.. .. {Nigerien Chadian-Libyan relations throughout history} .. ..

(Episode VI)

Exploded the Algerian revolution in 1954 in early November, and continued to grow and grow, has been unable to France in spite of all methods of oppression and abuse, torture, arson and genocide to suppress this revolution, came Gen. (de Gaulle) to rule, and think out of France this mess that took place where the rest of the from the face of France.
France, which has been able to deviate from Tunisia revolution and granted independence internally pleased with him Bourguiba, and deviate Morocco return of Sultan Mohammed V from exile.
Saw (de Gaulle) to hold a referendum in countries that fall under the control of France yes or no .. Any Yes for independence from France, or No to independence, Niger and Chad voted yes to independence in 1960 and be in the Chad Parliament and Council met to decide the constitution and decide the system of government, science, language, and religion.
France has been behind the scenes manages events, especially when she occupied Chad and Niger cared Paljnobien Negroes, and introduced thousands of them in the Christian religion, and taught them the French language, and enabled them to governance, unlike northerners Arabs, who Nasaboha hostility and Qatloha, and considered access to schools Muharram.
In the House of Parliament .. Southerners saw that French be the language of the country, but the North refused to do so, and Rooa be the language of the country is Arabic, especially since those who speak English are more numerous than who do not يتكلمونها, also called Banzmam Chad to the Arab League.
Stepped in France, and imposed the French language on the colonies, including Chad, and left northerners from the Council and قاطعوه, and Amichqgua arms and formed Liberation Front (Varawlina), and took refuge in the father (Cockney and Dai) to Libya, as he was governor (Dai) Vohanh French, went immigrants to Libya and settled in the corner, where he studied his son (cockney) in Libyan schools, and took refuge in a lot of northerners to Libya, and began working in a lot of business, and infiltrating their areas, to support the revolution that was raging sometimes and dim other times.
Libya was condescend to northerners, as of Libyan assets, and all of them follow the way Senussi, whose King Idriss patron after the migration Mujahid Ahmed Sharif, and handed over leadership to him, not northern Chad alone, follows this way, but it was northern Nigeria comes his superiors to Libya , to consult King Idris and taking the opinion of it, and يتبركون visit as Sheikh way, and it was (Ahmedou Aobilo) leaders of northern Nigeria comes to Libya between now and then for this reason, too,

and Libya was turning a blind eye to enter the citizens of northern Chad into its territory, and out of them to provide Baltmwen, and work in Libya and to provide supporting their families and their movement was not in my knowledge that Libya had supported the movement (Varawlina) arms in the days of the kingdom, unlike the position of the revolution Algeria, which was backed with money and weapons, and even training, as well as the Tunisian revolution, which did not take long by the time as agreed Habib Bourguiba, the internal granted independence instead of supporting the continuity of the revolution for Algeria revolution and thus detect the back of the Algerian revolution, the French, with the support of the Tunisian people stay for the Algerian revolution.
In the meantime .. Was the revolution of northern Chad piety and fade as conditions in the region, has been unable to Alhsolaly support which makes it Tzhfly capital, especially that France supports the central government, which erected in (N’Djamena), Arab countries all is not interested in the Arabs, and not the Arab identity of Chad and Niger or Mali, but the ones with Governments in whatever form or orientation, and it is known that the financial or rather the north of Mali, was in contact with Libya, and the relationship with the Mujahideen Libyans in Chad and Niger, and fought the French in coordination with the Libyans, and he (Abdeen Alkinte), one of the leaders of Jihad in northern Mali, visited الجغبوب and coordinated with the leadership of the Senussi movement.
Fighting continued in the north of Mali with continued fighting in northern Chad and Niger, and when weakened the resistance in these two countries, weakened in northern Mali, and took the French on them, and they made the Arabs and the Touareg and Toubou, in the north of Niger, Chad, Mali, military zones, are treated cruelly and oppression and murder, torture and displacement, and even when I resigned Mali, in a referendum yes or no, in 1960, and chaired (Modibo Keita) continued to northern Mali military zone, measured where the population is all forms of torture, murder and displacement, railed northern Mali in 1963, led by Prince (Zaid Ibn Tahir ) and Prince (Mohammad Ali Ansari) the injustice which is located on their fellow citizens, and the revolution when Algeria’s independence that they support it and there was a group from the leadership of the Liberation Front of Algeria, residing in northern Mali, where supported by the Touareg and Arabs, of whom (Ahmed familiar (f) Abdulaziz Bouteflika), who was named the kinetic (Kader financial).

(The eighth):

Erupted revolution in Libya in 1969, and was one of the first concerns stand with the liberation movements in the world, and to support Islam and Muslims and support the Arabs and the Arabic language, and in this framework has supported the movement (Varawlina) and the Chadian President (Tumblbaa) visited Tripoli in part to improve relations between the two countries, and to mediate Libyan between the movement of Varawlina in the north and between the Chadian government and recognition of entitlement to Libya in the bar ouzo, the Chadian president to waive him, and returning the border to its original capital Mountains Tibesti and withdraw his administration of ouzo and have been delivered to Libya, and convinced of the Chadian President Islam decided announcement is Islam,

and the settlement of the situation with the Arabs and Muslims in the north, and the Allepieon support (Tumblbaa) for 44.01€ million in aid for the country’s economy in Chad, is that France does not يرضيها convergence Libyan Chadian what that returned Tumblbaa to Chad even orchestrated a coup against him and returned things in Libyan relations Chadian to Mrbaha first, and after another coups in Chad and stood with France coups and against convergence Libyan Chadian, and stood Libya with Liberation Front (Varawlina), and the supporting financially and logistically, France has supported the Chadian government which came into office and ejaculated military forces backed by aviation in Chad, and saw Allepieon support Liberation Front Varawlina support larger,

and moving Libyan forces to support the front and to enter Chad to advocate for Arabs, Muslims, and this was one of the mistakes that occurred in which the Libyan leadership, as it was supposed to support the movement and lack of access directly in the war, and was able to Libyan forces to reach the capital of Chad (N’Djamena) and focus Cockney and Dai, president of Chad and seashell history that the commander of Libyan forces which seized control of Chad led by General Abdkabar Sharif, who killed his grandfather in معكرة appointed Kalka in 1907 against the French defense Chad, as there are hundreds of soldiers and officers of the grandsons of the Mujahideen Libyans against France in Chad ..

However, France summoned Cockney to visit and there are said to ask the Libyan forces withdraw from Chad, after announcing that the union with Libya before that and in front of the reaction forces withdrew Libyan withdrawal is the first of its kind in history in terms of speed, who had managed forces, including ownership of heavy equipment to cut Saharan due to Libya in the sea a week, and it was Hussein Habre rival Cockney and dissident movement lurks in the Sudanese border with Chad came with his forces backed by France and Sudan, he was able to seize on the Chadian capital and expelled Cockney and Dai from power, and Hussein Habre Goran, who have feuds with Alqmazvh, and is now the president of Chad.
deGaulle was right!

Post image for Common European army, illusion or reality?
Common European army, illusion or reality?
04 AUGUST 2013

Source: Adevarul


Politically speaking, here, very briefly, stages of development of this project. After the end of the Second World War, on March 4, 1947, France and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Dunkuerque the formula alliance and mutual assistance against a possible German attack in response to the defeat in war (having memory German reaction after the Treaty of Versailles after the first world war).

In 1948, the Treaty of Brussels, the birth of the Western European Union, complete with Allied command structure. West European countries (except Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Austria) with the United States and Canada signed the North Atlantic Treaty, defensive military organization which, since 1951, during the Korean War, is North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In the early ’50s, they try and make the European Defence Community (France, Italy, Germany plus Benelux countries), a treaty signed but never entered into force due to the position of General de Gaulle which estimated that such a union would lead to a loss of partial disposal of sovereignty and control. This leads to new negotiations which ends by creating WEU (Western European Union policy).

In 1996, the WEU receives from NATO mission to establish a European security and defense identity within NATO principle that was later replaced by common defense and security policy . Lisbon Treaty EU transfers all powers WEU. On 16 December 2002 signed a strategic partnership agreement between the EU and NATO (Berlin Plus agreement) allowing EU access to NATO resources and structures and the use of operational capabilities and allied command structures. On January 1, 2003 start in Bosnia-Herzegovina first European civilian crisis management operation, and a few months later, in March 2003, the European military force field replace NATO troops in Macedonia by EUFOR Concordia. On June 12 RP Congo begins in another mission, ARTEMIS, the first outside the Berlin Plus. In July 2004 created the European Defence Agency and on July 17, 2004 in Georgia starts operation EUJUST THEMIS, the first joint operation of the EU to defend the rule of law values. On 20 February 2009, the European Parliament is in favor of establishing a “European armed forces synchronized (SAFE – syncronized Armed Forces Europe).” Common defense and security policy including the progressive framing of a common Union defense policy. Will lead to a common defense since the European Council, acting unanimously, decides to do so.

Article 42 of the EU Treaty The problem is that currently there is an institution of the European army, and all operations are based on the forces provided by national armies, gathered in various formulas whose genesis dates back to the early 90s. These include: EUROCORPS (quick reaction force) with units composed of German, Belgian, Spanish, French and Luxembourg, EUROMAFOR grouping naval units Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese as well as the air forces of Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands as part of the European Air Group . In addition, there is also a European Gendarmerie Force ( EuroGendFor or FGE ) which brings together police forces with military status: Spanish Civil Guard, French Gendarmerie, the Italian Carabinieri, Gendarmerie Royal Dutch, Portuguese Republican National Guard and Romanian Gendarmerie.

Attention, we emphasize again that these entities, at least at this moment, are distinct from the EU, and the legal basis for action is primarily bilateral or multilateral agreements nature. The decision to move forward on the establishment of a European army line is obviously a political one and goes along with a system of unification and standardization of the production of armaments. Things are not as simple political decision must be accompanied by a very complex legal framework to first determine the status of European soldier, the command and control the terms under which the Member States will be obliged to contribute to military units and provide logistical support necessary.

If until now, participation in the groups of fighting was on a voluntary basis, a political decision in favor of European army will set obligativitatera not only to participate, but will also set the competitiveness of troops and equipment, which is particularly difficult for some countries only afford second hand type facilities … Remaining politically, European decision should be accompanied by a set of definitions governing the types of intervention, operations or partnerships that can engage future European army. This means that, again in partnership with NATO, will talk about what their focus areas of these organizations outside their territories “conventional power”, so the more important as there is an exponential increase in asymmetric risks and a trend of increasingly marked by destabilizing areas of strategic importance for the European and global economy. projection will discuss joint or separate forces in such areas of mutual support in separate missions.

It may be, if it happens, a logical response to the continuous pressure of the Americans, eager to see their European allies meeting in a competitive and technologically powerful military formula, which would ease the effort of maintaining traditional U.S. security umbrella concentrated in this case only strategic bases, especially in politically nucleare.Tot, such a step would be essential in defining European identity and credibility, visible support for the status to which they aspire, namely geo-strategic player. But the key lies in the quality and performance of the defense industry and the opportunity to see that they could put together some of the production capacity and could start the process of standardization.

Awaiting a new Year with Green Victory in Tripoli

نّحْنّ نّعَيْشٌ سُآعَآتْ مـَجَيْدِﮩ ۄسُآعَﮩ آلَنّصَرَ قِدِ آقِتْرَبِتْ يْآ طٌرَآبِلَسُ يْآعَرَۄسُ آلَبِحْرَ سُۄفْ تْلَبِيْسُ آلَآخِڞرَ مـَنّ جَدِيْدِ ..

We live hours .dہ ۄsaaہ victory has approached, O Tripoli Aaarۄs sea Sۄv dressing Alakhڞr again ..


Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 12/26/2013 P

Mu muffled

Scott Peterson, wrote on 29 March 2011:

Qaddafi still has strong support in some places, though its scale is impossible to gauge. al-Qathafi “will never go,” says one young man, a college student called Mohammed, several places further down the line of cars from the businessman at the gas station. They come swathed in green headscarves and carrying posters of Qaddafi, and exude total devotion.

“He is our father; the only solution is victory,” says Mohammed of the Supreme Commander. He claims that 98 percent of Libyans support Qaddafi; the rest are Al Qaeda militants and “stupid people who think money is everything in this world.”

PICTURE IS BY Jerome Delay/AP:

Soon, the Return of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:

The Return of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Meteorological Center
Heavy rain and snow beads on most of the coastal areas, especially Eastern on Friday and Saturday
On all citizens not to exceed the speed limit 40km / h at the start of rainfall and run-optic stimuli mechanism of the vehicle and not to enter into the places where the water level rises on the sidewalk so as not to stop the car engine
To Report any homes or vehicles sank him rainwater or any citizen needs to help contact:
Chamber communications department the Holocaust Tripoli 0214448111
National Security Directorate Tripoli
Heavy rain and snow beads on most of the coastal areas, especially Eastern on Friday and Saturday
On all citizens not to exceed the speed limit 40km / h at the start of rainfall and run-optic stimuli mechanism of
the vehicle and not to enter into the places where the water level rises on the sidewalk so as not to stop the car engine.
To Report any homes or vehicles sank him rainwater or any citizen needs to help contact:
Chamber communications department the Holocaust Tripoli 0214448111
National Security Directorate Tripoli

Agency urgently Libya / expectations Athatal large amounts of rain on the night of Tripoli

Relevant agencies warned residents of the city of Tripoli Rainfall rain tonight and in large quantities,
and what may result from the accumulation of water, especially on the coastal roads and fast,
especially the coastal road toward the corner Janzour,
Tajourah and the coastal road 32 km highway toward the island of tuberculosis sanatorium compassion,
as the most dangerous places where water collects without warning.
Martyr, God willing: RO and Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim Aldharat good Benghazi
الشهيد باذن الله:ر ع و ابراهيم عبدالله ابراهيم الضراط السارة بنغازي



According to the Information Office of the Ministry of oil and gas to be produced quantities of crude oil and condensate for the day December 25, 2013 amounted to 251 510 thousand barrels per day, while the quantities of gas amounted to 1.928200000 cubic feet.

Agency urgently Libya / Zaidane refuses to resign under the influence of any pressure Sky News Arabia:
He said the interim Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, on Wednesday, said his government “will not resign, but a decision of the General National Congress,” and added that he “would not resign and his government under the influence of any pressure.”
Zaidane‘s remarks came on the impact of the crisis of oil terminals, which are still closed by protesters in months, where the Council expressed the Libyan oil and gas optimism Ptousel government soon to deal with the protesters on the resumption of work..

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Aqthamin monastery in a week and Win Pizza gift …

Mahariv announce that the problem of the gas station in Ruwais fully resolved
And – The Minister of Electricity Ali Mahariv that the problem of the gas station in Ruwais dissolved completely, and the station resumed work at full capacity.
And confirmed Mahariv in the press conference held by interim Prime Minister Ali Zidane on the eve of Wednesday, in the presence of a number of ministers that the plant bed is still suffering from security problems, which led to the operation of this station card is very weak, and explained Mahariv that station north of Benghazi, the station Azwaitina , Asalta to suffer from a lack of fuel and gas shortage, due to the problem of oil Crescent, which will be resolved when all the stations at full capacity.
He stressed that the work is underway projects of the Ministry of Electricity and General Electric Company, did not stop the Gulf as a station which is expected to enter the unit of which the first to work with the sixth month of 2014, in addition to the resumption of work at the station west of Tripoli, which will produce 1400 megawatts.
He Mahariv that the Ministry of Electricity has supplied and installed stations leased movable and fast capacity 450 MW, in addition to (4) units movable rode them now and units in the corner of the ability of (50) megawatts, and two units at the station west of Tripoli, bringing the total to 100 megawatts of additional , which added to the network this year (550) megawatts.
Mahariv pointed out that there are studies linking Libya to Europe via a submarine cable, the area west of Tripoli to the island of Sicily, and that negotiations were under way with the European party and the party of the Maltese, which will represent a quantum leap in stability and support for the Libyan grid.


The Libyan Salafi of the GNC

picture shows JOHN McCAIN, NATO‘s real present ruler of LIBYA.
NATO works with QATARI to control LIBYA through their puppet GNC.Here is what is happening PRESENTLY:* Groups affiliated with the Qatar refuses to hand over weapons in Tripoli and Tban for unrest and Tter Balabil and problems at the instigation of members within the conference.* Salafist groups refuse to end the conference before that there is nothing on earth alternative provides a powerful and cover Kalmatmr.* Country groups seeking to install a government full employment for her and Qatar before the end of the conference.* Salafist groups want to have a body outside the conference and for Tban overthrow the government and set another place spend their interests substitute for the conference.* Tripoli rejected the extension of the conference, forcing Congress either quickly or end its confrontation with Tripoli.* Groups affiliated with the Islamic movement Tban itself for a bargain once the siege of ministries and once cut off communications and attacking other sites.* Besieging oil are not Libyans, and found among them Libyans do not deserve to be Libyans, even if the decision for me because I kept the identity of the Libyan one of them.

* Captors paid for their work under the pretext of the revolution and the revolutionaries are mercenaries and non-Libyan nation deserving of them.

* Must Cancel parties until formation of a strict law governing the work.

* You must impose strict conditions as conditions in the elections and be eligible for election by running Kalmahl and level of technical expertise and history file and as a basis for matching team basic conditions and crossed to submit to the voters.

* Culture in normative is responsible is causing problems in the President and who opened the doors to the greedy.

* Now there is no decision to intervene in Libya so far, but found that the reason The decision will not be delayed and comes quickly
* المجموعات المحسوبة على قطر ترفض تسليم السلاح في طرابلس وتبحت عن قلاقل و تتير البلابل والمشاكل بتحريض من افراد داخل المؤتمر .

* المجموعات الأسلامية ترفض أنهاء المؤتمر قبل أن يوجد شيء بديل لها على الأرض يوفر لها النفوذ والغطاء كالمؤتمر .

* المجموعات القطرية تسعى لتنصيب حكومة كاملة العمالة لها ولقطر قبل أنتهاء المؤتمر .

* المجموعات الأسلامية تريد أن يكون لها جسم خارج المؤتمر وتبحت عن أسقاط الحكومة وتعيين أخرى مكانها تقضي مصالحها بديل عن المؤتمر.

* طرابلس رفضت التمديد للمؤتمر مما يضطر المؤتمر اما انهاء أعماله بسرعة او المواجهة مع طرابلس .

* المجموعات المحسوبة على التيار الاسلامي تبحت لنفسها عن صفقة مرة بحصار الوزارات ومرة بقطع الاتصالات و أخرى بمهاجمة المواقع.

* الذين يحاصرون النفط ليسوا ليبيين وأن وجد من بينهم ليبيين فلا يستحقوا ان يكونوا ليبيين ولو القرار لي لما ابقيت هوية ليبية لأحد منهم .

* من قبضوا أموال مقابل أعمالهم بحجة الثورة والثوار هم مرتزقة و غير الليبيين أحق بالوطن منهم .

* يجب الغاء الأحزاب حتى تكوين قانون صارم يحكم عملها .

* يجب أن تفرض شروط صارمة في الانتخابات كشروط وأهلية الانتخاب قبل الترشح كالمؤهل والمستوى والخبرة والتاريخ والملف كأساس لمطابق المنتخب الشروط الاساسية واجتيازها ليقدم للناخبين .

* الثقافة في الشارعة هي المسؤولة هي المتسبب الرئيس في المشاكل والذي فتح الابواب امام الطامعين .

* الأن لا يوجد قرار بالتدخل في ليبيا حتى اللحظة ، ولكن أن وجد السبب فالقرار لن يتأخر ويأتي مسرعاً.

Vital facilities in Libya closed for the day by armed militia ..
● terminals and oil fields in the oil regions of Crescent ..
● two Libyana mobile phone and Libya Telecom & Technology in the capital Tripoli ..
● Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli ..
● naval base in Tripoli, the father of six ..
● refinery corner to corner oil refining ..

(“Media Abdulwahab Mlitan”)


Khalifa Hftar

Khalifa Hftar is a name we should all remember, especially those interested in Libyan affairs. The guy is the head of the revolution’s army and is working hard to reform the brigades under him, changing their view of loyalty from the leader to the nation.

His story reads like a political thriller. A confidant of Muammar al-Qathafi, he secretly was stashing away weapons for the ‘loyalists’, while the world thought he was a ‘rebel’ traitor to the ‘Great Jamahiriya’. He was working with General Fateh Younes, who unfortunately, was caught, mutilated, burned and horribly tortured before being killed by Mustafa Jalil’s Kharijite  henchmen. 

A charismatic man in his mid fifties, he welcomed journalist Sunday to his interim headquarters in Benghazi, ensuring them that everything will end as soon as the army gets ready for the new role.

Hftar role will be crucial.

By all accounts, Hftar is a soldier’s soldier, respected by junior officers, with a good command of battlefield doctrine.

Ali Aujali

The former Libyan ambassador in Washington, Ali Aujali, describes Hftar as “a very professional military man.”

He and al-Qathafi first found common cause in 1969, when Hftar, as a military cadet, supported the coup that removed King Idris. He was rewarded with a position on the Revolutionary Command Council. His subsequent ascent through the military ranks was rapid.

Hftar was involved in the campaign against neighboring Chad in the 1980s, when al-Qathafi wanted to overthrow President Hissene Habre who was getting arms and amunition from France and the United States.


Who was Abdul Salam Shban ….?
Colonel Abdul Salam al-Megrahi Shban  was a Libyan citizen amongst the LIBYAN Chad-war heroes.

He was captured in August 1987 during the battles that took place around the oasis Ouzou border.

LIBYAN War hero of the Chad wars,  in captivity while in the hands of the Chadians, he refused to escape and withdraw. He was offered by Chadian families to escape but without his comrades if he would be a traitor; but he refused to betray his country, and it was he, who was stopped by the Army of traitors…

“You’re safe in Libya Tsol and wandering, was estimated to end Muammar Ahdak speak because you kill him along, and now the monastery of soul footmen!! To beat hunger, lice and beat you Alsaban, Ptder soul footmen, and the incompatibility of the Army and the intervention Ptder Beah Libya!!!

I, Abdulsalam Shban die on the principles, and I Tasart with Muammar, and I die with Muammar on the principles.

In the Gardens of Eternity, O hero martyr left beh Bnok proud history and future generations.

Hftar was captured by the Chadians at the battle of Wadi Doum in 1987, along with several hundred Libyan soldiers.
al-Qathafi refused to acknowledge the existence of Libyan POWs and said he knew no one called ‘Haftar’. A Libyan exile who has known Hftar for 20 years, Aly Abuzaakouk, said that “al-Qathafi never formally recognized there were any POWs in Chad”.

So for the next two years, Hftar and several hundred former Libyan soldiers trained at a base outside the Chadian capital, N’djamena, as the Libyan National Army, the military wing of the opposition Libyan National Salvation Front.

Just who funded them remains shrouded in mystery, but several Libyan exiles and a former CIA officer say the United States was involved. Former Libyan envoy Aujali would not be drawn out on whether the CIA was the paymaster, but said, “The Americans knew him very, very well.”

And he added: “I think working for the CIA for the sake of your national interest is nothing to be ashamed of.”

At the time, the United States was keen to see the end of al-Qathafi. In 1986, President Reagan had ordered airstrikes against the Libyan leader’s compounds in Tripoli after U.S. intelligence LYINGLY established Libyan involvement in a bomb attack on a Berlin disco frequented by U.S. service personnel. (FALSE PROPAGANDA, proven later that Muammar al-Qathafi had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BERLIN DISCO BOMBING!) Reagan had famously described al-Qathafi as a “mad dog.”

President Habre, was overthrown in a coup in December 1990 by the man who has ruled Chad ever since — Idriss Deby. And that’s where Hftar’s story becomes even more extraordinary. Deby wanted good relations with al-Qathafi. A bizarre African odyssey followed.

Derek Flood of the Jamestown Foundation, who has followed Haftar’s career closely, said he and his men were flown on a U.S. plane from Chad to Nigeria and then to what was then Zaire (and is now the Democratic Republic of Congo), as Washington scrambled to find a home for the ‘Libyan rebels’.

But Flood said a plan to funnel 3.64€ million to the infamously corrupt Zairean regime to allow the Libyans to stay there was overturned in Congress.

The next stop was Kenya, but after relations soured between the Kenyan government and the administration of George H. W. Bush, some 300 Libyans were finally flown to the United States and resettled as political refugees at government expense. Heartbroken Hftar exchanged the desert expanses of the Sahara for a home in Falls Church Virginia, and his men scattered across 25 states.

For the next 20 years, Hftar lived quietly in suburban Virginia, occasionally denying rumors that he planned to return to Libya. But Abuzaakouk, who runs the Libyan Human and Political Development Forum, said that after unrest flared in February, Hftar received many calls appealing for him to return. And on 14 March 2011, he arrived in Benghazi.

Rat traitor Salem el-Hassi said Hftar has a “sense of defining objectives and the ability to convince soldiers and officers” of his aims.

Some have argued that Hftar and other exiles have been away from Libya for too long to relate to the younger rebels. But Aujali — the former Libyan ambassador, said people such as Hftar may have been absent but “they are very well-informed; they have relatives.”

Brotherhood’s al-Hasi spoke to Hftar by phone just a few days ago. “He was in high spirits.

Gen. Omar al-Hariri. Abuzaakouk, who took Hftar to the airport for his journey home, said Hftar and Younes are friends and doubts they will ever become rivals.


Posted by at 11:52 AM 

Kalifa Hftar: General and  last year thrown out of the GNC-ZAIDANE GOVERNMENT 

because of the Isolationist Law and forced retirement:


From the ranks of the military academy in Benghazi, and trained in the former Soviet Union,

Khalifa Hftar was initially close to Muammar al-Qathafi.  Hftar originally was one of the al-Fateh generals

in the Revolutionary army of Muammar al-Qathafi (which successfully fought against King Idress in 1969).

Hftar was an original leader in the “Revolutionary Guard”.

Muammar al-Qathafi later disbanded the “Revolutionary Guards” when they began to be too powerful, and were really unnecessary in a Great Jamahiriya  democracy. (To keep them on, Muammar al-Qathafi argued, would mean that  there really was no direct democracy and that Libya would be a Dictatorship.) Their work was finished; and the Guards were dismantled.

Obviously some former Revolutionary Guards despised this, as they were beginning to enjoy their “powers”

and they revolted against  the newly prolaimed  Great Jamahiriya (prefering the old Republic).

They targeted Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. After a very unsuccessful coup, some went to fight in Chad.

During “Operation Manta”, the initial conflict between Chad and Libya, Hftar was captured along with hundreds

of Libyan soldiers fighting in Chad during the 1980’s.


After the Armastice, with a new regime in Chad,  Hftar was  taken prisoner in 1987, by the insurgent “free Chadians”

during the Battle of Wadi Doum.

Under agreement, the U.S. airlifted the prisoners who fought for the old regime with American-backed support, and was brought into the United States.


But “Haftar Force” had to be exfiltrée emergency in 1990, as came the arrival in power of N’Djamena Idriss Déby. The new strong man Chad was subjected to high pressures from al-Qathafi to deliver the renegade general….Under a prepared treaty, the United States organized an airlift, with stops in Nigeria and Zaire for these men; and Hfter was brought into exile to the USA for the second time .

During the 1990s , the former member of the Revolutionary Command Council , subsequently won over the United States, where he lived nearly 20 years in Virginia.

Through his CIA connections, and American backing, Khalifa Haftar returned to Libya in March 2011  His prolonged stay in the United States, has led many observers to question him because he was a CIA agent (the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA). Was America trying to rule over Libya through General Kalifa Hftar?

New Chief of Staff appointed by the former rebels

03 JANUARY 2012:

General Khalifa Haftar that many Western observers have to be sponsored by the U.S. intelligence services , will not be the chief of staff of the new Libyan army .
The National Transitional Council (NTC ) has finally preferred him Youssef El Mangouch , a retired colonel , who took active part in the uprising against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Colonel El Mangouch , who takes office with the advantage of having the support of both Mustapha Abdeljalil and Abdelrahim El Kib , respectively president of the NTC and head of government , has been promoted to general immediately after his appointment. Very little information circulating on Youssef El Mangouch who had inherited with the arrival of El Kib portfolio Deputy Minister of Defence. We just know he was a commander of rebel forces in the eastern region until April before being arrested by loyalist forces. It will be also released in the wake of the fall of Tripoli.
The Chief of Staff is , do you remember , had been vacant since the murder last July near the oil town of Brega , General Abdelfattah Yunis , who commanded the rebels in eastern Libya . He was Minister of the Interior for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. More and more voices now attribute this murder , not yet understood, to Mustafa Jalil and those of Salafist Abdelhakim Belhadj, now head of the Tripoli Military Council. (Intelligence later revealed that General Younes was discovered stashing arms intended for the ‘rebels’, and funneling those arms, with Hftar’s help, to Colonel al-Qathafi’s loyalist Great Jamahiriya Army forces. Jalil ordered him killed and used Kharijites under Belhadj to do the dirty work of killing Younes.)

Salem Joha , a general from Misrata , was also a leading candidate to succeed , hard-fought , General Abdelfattah Younes .
Hotly contested , because each tribe having taken part in the war against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has, in fact, tried to impose – sometimes wearing the same argument weapons – their man.

General Hftar , who spent most of the last ten years in Washington, has, in this regard, no exception to the rule as he tried, too, to the NTC before accomplishing a proclamation for a patron of the army time, after receiving support in November in El Beida ( eastern Libya ), as nearly 200 officers and NCOs. However , members of the CNT , which come from the short, ignored him superbly.

Afterwards , we understand why the CNT , which began to be criticized here and there in Libya, did not want a character as bulky . The hypothesis of induction of general Haftar head of the ANL had been recalled does one rejected in substance and in form by the Amazigh tribes of djebels Nefoussa and Zintan who consider him a mercenary.

Always being the military arm of the GREAT JAMAHIRTIYA (and where the majority of al-Qathafi’s Generals came from), Zintan feels, in fact, legitimately entitled to claim control of the army.

Haftar is hated in Tripoli, along Abdelhakim Belhadj, and besides that – the general Haftar and children have also been several assassination attempts in the Libyan capital. In deciding to withdraw today on tiptoe , Khalifa Haftar seems ultimately to have understood the message.

It is possible that Abdelhakim Belhadj also does not make old bones in the Tripoli Military Council, a structure which he took control thanks to the sponsors of the Persian Gulf and whose authority and legitimacy are regularly challenged to Tripoli itself. Proof is armed militias continue to do it the law as evidenced by the deadly clash that pitted Tuesday rebels in the region to a brigade of Misurata. This “incident” shows, in any case, how the question of power in Libya will be difficult to resolve.

source: elwatan

Arabic channel Al Arabiya
Arab sources: Protesters besiege Libya’s central bank, demanding a change in government

Epiphyseal “sister”

The closure of the Bank of the Republic of migraine this Thursday by the Education Matsama decades,

demanding payment of their dues, which did not take them from the beginning of Shi signing the contract ..

(M epiphyseal Media)

Lavrov discusses with his Libyan counterpart fate of Russians detained in Libya

23.12.2013 |

18:35 News Arab world :روسيا اليوم

Announced that the Russian Foreign Ministry said

in a statement that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed on Monday, 23 December 2013 in a phone call with his Libyan counterpart Abdul-Aziz Mohammed, among other things the fate of Russian citizens detained in Libya.

A statement by the Foreign Affairs that “it was discussed during the debate to some vital issues of bilateral relations between the two countries, including ensuring security and other issues related to the restoration of diplomatic presence Russian, as well as the situation regarding citizens Russians Alexander Hadrof and Vladimir Dolgov detainees in this country.”

For his part, the Commissioner for Human Rights and Democracy and the rule of law, the Russian Foreign Ministry Konstantin Dolgov said Moscow expects that the detainees are being tried at the beginning of next year.

The Commissioner said: “We have visited our diplomats., And this year will not be referring the case to a civilian court, and according to my understanding, the pleadings in this court will start at the beginning of next year.”

The Libyan rebel forces have arrested Russian citizens as well as citizens of Belarus 3 and 19, citizens of the Ukraine in the fall of 2011 (during the armed conflict in Libya), and charged them with helping the Great Jamahiriya.
Source: RT + “Novosti


A copy of the Archive



Channel transparency:

There was a meeting today in the House of Tripoli hosted by Sadat and the presence of Jamal al-Haji and Boukaiqis and some revolutionaries and people from civil society organizations and God knows,

of the second and looked like they agreed to shut down the “company Libyana” and the “port of Tripoli” and some other facilities between today and tomorrow, while dropping Zaidane.

Happening in Tripoli now :::
Libyana and TT and the naval base and was Mitigua siege and Aqvalhm by a group

demanding the overthrow Zaidane and no extension of the conference!

Besieged the headquarters of the state institutions and service by the so-called Chamber of disappearance Libya,
demanding the destruction of the Government of Zaidane.
Agency urgently Libya / unknown groups dominate the number of institutionsAccording to preliminary information that unidentified groups of young peoplenow controls the company headquarters Libyana and company Libya Telecom and Technology

Confirm the news of the storming Libyana :::::
News about the storming of the headquarters company Libyana ..
The news is true that the same group had stormed the headquarters of the company Libya Telecom & Technology last term ..
Undersecretary head of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Muhammad Ali
told “the atmosphere of the country” to break into a group of citizens to the headquarters of my company Libyana,
Libya Telecom and Technology in Tripoli this morning, adding that the intruders did not leave the scene after.

Atef Shelmani & Mutassim Faitouri:
News about storming telecommunications company now and the possibility of
The coverage Q interrupted at any time.

“Libyana” storming the capital Tripoli area Abusth now.

Operations room Mermaid:

and the naval base and Mellitah, and summarized their demands to topple

the government of Ali Zaidane and non-renewal of the Conference.

Operations room Mermaid:
Mermaid this morning ..
The continuation of the sit-in in front of the headquarters of my company Libyana and company Libya Telecom and Technology.
Extended to include all the sit-in from  the Central Bank of Libya.

A group of rebels besieging the headquarters of the Central Bank of Libya and
Demanding the dismissal of the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane” from office
(Salem al-Obeidi reports)

PERMANENTLY CLOSING the doors of the Central Bank of Libya until further notice.
The protesters also threatened to lock Mitigua airport as well.
Urgent Mitigua airport. Was entering a group of young people within the showroom and offices airport Mitigua and asked all employees and passengers to vacate the hall immediately and due to several demands, including the withdrawal met him by the Government of Zidane note as the same group that locked the company the TT, but after negotiating with them by airport security to open the airport again and return traffic to normal after about half an hour. Lord preserves the country and the people ..
(Depression Forum)
Other news about the closure of the gate port of Tripoli by sea:the base of marine Tripoli, Tripoli Port Gate, 

Agency urgently Libya / men to enter the port of Tripoli despite blockade
Mozqon enables workers and the port of Tripoli, to enter the port and the exercise of their business despite the siege which armed group tried to impose on the port to demand the overthrow of the government.
It is noteworthy that the armed groups were told that it belonged to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’so-called “Operations Room Libya rebels,” working to disrupt the capital and in any manner after the failure Avtaalhm to the fuel crisis began a few days ago in the disruption of some vital institutions such as Libyana mobile phone company Libya Aatsalat, technical and Central Bank of Libya and Mellitah and al-Qaeda marine and other, in a frantic attempt to overthrow the government and the head of a person is not a full government.

Libya talks

“Libya Room rebels” stormed the company Libyana due to vote on channel Libya “elects” Mahmoud Jibril

and because you get to 95% of the vote !!

Some observers have brought these abuses outlaw and national motor racing against time ends at 31 this month,
a deadline set by the government to stop the salaries of all those who have not enrolled individually army or the police.

Protesters demanding the government to drop.

The protesters say the youth we represent all areas of the capital
The reason for the protest was dismissed and the current government has refused to extend the conference ..

One of the workers at the Central Bank of Libya informs us that he was assaulted verbally by the gangs that have surrounded the headquarters of the bank and that he listened to the words of unspeakable cruelty and witness behavior to say the least, but it does not come out of the drunk and Mtaattiy cannabis as prescribed.

(Depression Forum)

Agency News – Tripoli – Correspondent

Dozens of gunmen withdrew after gathering earlier in the morning in front of the main entrance of the Central Bank of Libya, asking for dismissal
And the disqualification of the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane” from office.

The withdrawal of people assembled in front of the Central Bank of Libya without knowing the reasons for their gathering or withdrawal *
Withdraw after dozens of people gathering earlier in the morning in front of the main entrance of the Central Bank of Libya without knowing the reasons that brought them together or demands. A source from the security guard Central Bank of Libya, told the Libyan News that the group that were not armed has to gather in front of the bank and demanded to leave the staff and workers .. pointing out that the group that were armored vehicles, some carrying posters follow the security agencies did not last collected a long and soon withdrew from the in front of the bank and left the place. Reporter observed Libyan news agency leave some of the staff and employees of the Central Bank of Libya after the withdrawal of the group.


Dar al-Iftaa en Egypte a vivement condamné les attaques ayant visé les mausolées des deux cheikhs soufis, Abdessalem al-Asmar et Ahmed Zarrouk, parmi les plus grands oulémas de l’Islam malékite, dans la ville de Zelten, qualifiant leurs auteurs “de kharijites de l’époque et de chiens de l’enfer”.August 28, 2012
Iraqi sheikh sheikh al qoubayssi denounces the Wahhabis (Salafis) who destroy tombs of the pious men in Libya and mosques, zaouia library.Dar al-Iftaa in Egypt strongly condemned the attacks that targeted the mausoleums of two Sufi sheikhs, Abdessalem al-Asmar and Zarruq Ahmed, one of the greatest ulema of Islam Maliki, in the city of Zelten, calling the perpetrators “of Kharijites and the time dogs of hell. “
les wahhabis et la destruction des mausolées et mosquées en Libye, cheikh al Koubayssi
le cheikh irakien cheikh al qoubayssi dénonce les wahhabis (salafis) qui ont détruis des mausolées d’hommes pieux en Libye ainsi que des mosquées, zaouia, bi…
  •  The KJARIITES are the present “rulers through NATO of Libya”—But their day will soon pass….The “People’s Army of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA” are on their way to Tripoli to overcome these  (hoodlum) HERETICS/ KJARITES / ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD…
    and once again Libya will be the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA who submits totally to the will of ALLAH and no man.


26 AUGUST 2012:

Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq’s grave has been desecrated In Libya

 the Grave and Mosque of Sayyidi Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma in TRIPOLI

On Sunday 26th August 2012  The Salafis came at night 3 AM while people were sleeping and dug out the blessed resting place of Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma.

We Have Just Been Informed By Brothers In Libya that The Salafis Have Taken The Blessed Body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and They Have Dumped It At An Unknown Location and the Salafis are on their way to destroy the tomb of the Sahabi, Ruwayfi’ b. Thabit al-Ansari in Libya.

LATEST UPDATE – Saturday 08th September 2012:

We have received some news from Brothers in Libya that the Sunnis have found the blessed body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and it is unharmed and intact and it is being kept in a secret location! May Allah Ta’ala Raise The Maqam of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma.

Salafis Shamefully Destroyed the Grave and Mosque of Sayyidi Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma in Libya:

In Arabic:

نبش ضريح سيدي احمد زروق بمدينة مصراتة

تمت عملية نبش قبر سيدي أحمد زروق تحت جنح الليل والناس نيام بتاريخ 26/08/2012 حيث قامت مجموعة من الخوارج الوهابية والمسلحين بالهجوم على الضريح عند منتصف الليل وعندما اعترضهم بعض الأشخاص اخرجوا ورقة وقا…

لوا أنه أمر من اللجنة الأمنية العليا بإزالة القبر دخلوا الضريح ومعهم معدات الحفر واقفلوا الباب عليهم وتم العمل بكل هدوء وتم نبش القبر ووجدوا رفات وعظام في القبر حسب شهود عيان انها رفات لشخص واحد مع العلم بأن ضريح سيدي أحمد زروق مدفون معه شخصين احدهما خادمه. طبعا فوجئ الناس واهالي مدينة مصراتة بهذه الجريمة النكراء التي ترفضها كل الأديان والشرائع وقاموا بالاحتجاج والاستنكار والاعتصام في المسجد وامام محكمة مصراتة وبعد صلاة العشاء تم اجتماع بين أهالي مصراتة ورئيس المجلس المحلي وقام رئيس المجلس المحلي الدكتور سليم باستنكار واستهجان هذا الفعل إلا انه قدم اعذار واهية لعدم مقدرة الاجهزة الأمنية في مصراتة من بسط السيطرة والأمن في المدينة ورد عليه اهالي مدينة مصراتة الصمود وشبابها أنه إذا لم تكن الأجهزة الأمنية على قدر المسئولية لحماية المدينة والقبض على الخارجين عن القانون واسمائهم معروفة فإن شباب الثورة الوطنيين والغيورين على الدين والوطن قادرون على حماية المدينة وكما وفقنا الله للدفاع عنها وتحريرها والمساهمة في تحرير باقي تراب ليبيا الحبيبة فإنه لن يعجزنا بإذن الله القضاء على هذه الشرذمة المارقة والخارجة عن القانون واعطيت فترة 48 ساعة للمجلس المحلي والأجهزة الامنية للقبض على الجناة الخوارج واعادة الرفاة إلى مكانه وصيانة الضريح واعادته في أبهى حلة وإلا فإن أبناء مدينة الصمود قادرون وجاهزون لحماية المدينة واحقاق الحق والضرب بيد من حديد على هؤلاء الخوارج الوهابية والله ولي التوفيق

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi (radi Allahu anhu), in his book, “Bustaanul Muhaditheen”, praises Hazrat Sayyidi Ahmed Zarooq (radi Allahu anhu), by describing him as follows:

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi (radi Allahu anhu), in his book, “Bustaanul Muhaditheen”, praises Hazrat Sayyidi Ahmed Zarooq (radi Allahu anhu), by describing him as follows:

“Hazrat-e-Arfa wa Ah’la, Imaamul Ulema and Nizaamul Awliya (The Highly Exalted Shaikh, Leader of the Ulema and the Governor of the Awliya). This great Saint is also among the Abdaal Sab’a (The Seven Magnificent Abdaal) and is an authority amongst the Sufis. Among his illustrious students are personalities like Imaam Shamsudeen Lagaani and Imaam Shahabudeen Qastalaani (radi Allahu anhuma). The Saint was a master in Shari’ah, Haqiqat and all Mystical Facets. Some of his books can be consulted to gain a better appreciation of his immense qualities.”

Who was Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma ?

His Youth

His Youth

On a beautiful Fajr morning on the 22nd of Muharram in the year 846 A.H (June 7th 1442 CE), in the village of Tiliwaan, was born a man the ‘Aarifeen would forever praise and look to for spiritual growth. His name was Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isaa Al Barnoosi Al-Faasi, known as Az-Zarruq. His parents died while he was one week of age due to a horrible outbreak known as ‘Azzunah. His maternal grandmother Umm Al-Baneen, a woman he would always express absolute love and gratitude for, raised him. Umm Al-Baneen had memorized the Qur’aan and studied Islaam. She was a Zaahida and raised her beloved grandson as one as well. Imaam Az-Zarruq describes his grandmother as such,

“She instructed me how to make Salaah and ordered me to do so at the age of five. At the same age she sent me to the kuttaab (Qur’anic School) and started teaching me about tawheed, tawakkul, eemaan, and deen in a curious method. One day she prepared food for me. When I came back from the Kuttaab for luch she said, ‘I have got nothing for you to eat. However, provision is in the treasure of the Almighty! Sit down and let us ask from Him!’ We stretched out our hands to the heavens and began praying to Allah . Then she said: ‘Go and look, aybe Allah has put something in the corner of the house.’ We began to search and how glad I was when I found the food! She said: ‘Come and let us thank Allah before we eat, so that our Lord may give us more from his Mercy!’ We thanked Allah and praised Him for an hour then we commenced eating. She used to do many times till I grew up.”

“Encouraging me to make Salah, she used to put a dirham on my pillow so that I might see it when I opened my eyes in the morning. She would say, ‘Make fajr then take the dirham.’ Her idea was that the dirham would gelp me to pray and keep me away from corruption and prevent me from looking at what is in other people’s hands when I desire to buy something.”

He continues to write, “After I had learned some chapters of the Qur’aan she began teaching me how to write and read. She would warn me against poetry saying, ‘He who neglects science and deals with poetry is like he who exchanges wheat for barley.’

His family were diligent in their remembrance of Allah as well as studies. When he was a child he sat in the market listening to some story-tellers when his uncle told him, ‘No one sits here save the idle!’ Shaykh Ahmad stated that he never listened to the story-tellers again. His grandmother sent him to be an apprentice of a cobbler. Later, however, at the age of sixteen Imaam Zarruq went to the epicenters of Islamic sciences in the west, the Qarawiyyeen University and the ‘Inaaniyyah college. There he studied Maaliki Fiqh, Hadith, Usool, and Arabic grammar. He had over 35 well known established scholars he sat under in these institutes. Some of them include Imaam Abdur-Rahmaan Ath-Tha’labi (died in 873 AH), Muhammad ibn Husain (As-Siraaj As-Saghir died 887 AH), Muhammad ibn ‘Ali Al-Bisti Al-Qalsaadi, and Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Qawri.

Some of His Travels and Studies

In the year 873 AH he left for Hajj. Along his travel he visited Cairo and other famous cities within the region. After staying for 2-3 years in Medinah, he left to continue his studies in Cairo. He studied at the feet of the Muhaddith (Doctor in Hadith), Shaafi’i Faqih (Jurisconsult), Mufassir (Exegete of the Qur’aan) Imaam Muhammad As-Sakhaawi (831-902 AH), who was the student of the leader of the believers in the science of hadith, Al-Haafith Ibn Hajr Al-’Asqalaani. He also studied beneath Nur-ud-Deen As-Sanhoori, Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Qabbaani, Shams-ud-deen Al-Jawjari, Nur-Ad-Deen At-Tanasi, Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Hajr, and Ahmad ibn ‘Uqbah Al-Hadrami (died 895 A.H). He studied Sahih Al Bukhaari, Al-Ahkaam As-Sughraa, Bulugh Al-Maraam (which he took from the hands and tongue of Imaam As-Sakhaawi, the student of its Author Ibn Hajr), Al-Madkhal of Ibn Al-Hajj, Al-Ihyaa of Al-Ghazzaali, Ar-Risaalah of Al-Qushayri and many of the works of Ibn ‘Ataa’illah Al-Iskandari. In the book Ad-Daw Al-Laami’, Imaam As-Sakhaawi (rahimahullah) states, “He travelled to Egypt, perfored Hajj, became a Mujaawir at Medinah. He settled in Cairo for about one year. Therein he studied Arabic and Usool under Al-Jawjari and others. He read Bulugh Al-Maraam under my supervision and researched in Al-Istilaah (the science of hadith) with me. He accompanied me in certain things and I benefited from a group of his fellow countrymen.”

It was said by the author of Tabaqaat Ash-Shaadhiliyyah Al-Kubraa about Imaam Zarruq in Cairo, “When the scholars and learned men of Egypt heard of his arrival they came to him and attended his lectures. He started teaching at Al-Azhar. About six thousand men used to attend his lectures from Cairo and its suburbs in Al-Azhar. He became head of the Maalikis and their department at the University. A high well-made chair was specially placed for him on which he used to sit and dictate his lessons. This chair still exists at the Western Quarter. He was of great power and influence with the Egyptian princes and was always welcomed by all of them.” He took tasawwuf from the scholar Ahmad ibn ‘Uqbah Al-Hadrami who was a scholar in the Shaadhili and Qadari branches. He later established himself in the city of Misurata, Libya. Misurata was the third largest city in what is called Libya today. It was a port city that connected Italy and Europe to Northern Africa. It was also a city that was on the path from West Africa to Makkah and Medinah, hence many pilgrims would stop and seek shelter, buy goods, and listen to the religious lecturers in the Masaajid.

Why Imaam Az-Zarruq chose Misurata is not absolutely known. Ibn Naasir in his “Rihlah” wrote, “Az-Zarruq was asked for his reason for moving to Misurata and he responded thus, ‘This is a matter beyond thought, not accompanied by any determination nor decided for any particular reason that we know. It is a mere accident whose being has appeared and whose existence has become real, obeying what Allah demands.”

After establishing himself in Misurata he traveled frequently to Algiers and Egypt. He gave lectures and busied himself with the remembrance of Allah . In 894 he made Hajj for his third time. On his way back he lectured in Al-Azhar and visited old companions. He stopped in a town called Al-Minyaa, giving lectures and reviving the Islamic spirit. On the 18th of Safar 899 AH, Shaykh Zarruq died while in the state of Khalwah at the age of 54. The community he lead built a large Zaawiyah for him and his students. Many of his students, who are principally Shaadhili, started a sub-order known as the Zarruqiyyah.

Some Authored Works

Shaykh Ahmad Az-Zarruq left behind many works of light. In fiqh He wrote a commentary of Risaalat Al-Qayrawaani, Manaasik Al Hajj, a Sharh of Al-Ghaafiqiyah, Sharh of At-Tirmithi, Sharh of Al-Irshaad, Sharh of Qawaa’id ‘Iyaad, Sharh Al-Qurtubiyyah and other works. He wrote many letters that are still preserved in many libraries till this day; Rasaa’il lis-Saalikeen, Wasiyah, Risalah ilaa Abdullah Al-Maghrawi and other letters. He wrote nearly ten works on du’aa. The major ones being; Al-Watheefah, Sharh Asmaa’ullah al Husnaa, Al-Hafeetha, Fat-h Al Maqaam Al-Asmaa’, Sharh Dalaa’il Al-Khayraat and others. In ‘Aqidah he wrote a Sharh of ‘Aqidatu Ghazzaali and a Sharh of Al-Murshida. In hadith he wrote a Haashiyah of Sahih Muslim, Juz’ Fi ‘Ilm Al-Hadith, Sharh Arba’in Hadeethan, and Ta’liq ‘alaa Al-Bukhaari. He also wrote over 50 books on the science of tasawwuf. He wrote Qawaa’id At-Tasawwuf, Al-Jaami’, An-Nasaa’ih, An-Nasihah Al-Kaafiyah, Risaalah, Risaalah fi Radd ‘alaa Ahlul Bida’ah, Sharh Al-Haqaa’iq wa Daqaa’iq, Sharh Muqatta’aat Ash-Shushtari, Muzeel Al-Labs, the very famous I’aanatul-Mutawajjih al-Miskeen. Sayyid Hamza Yusuf quotes a line of enormous benefit from the I’aanah,

“Never expect anything from the creation of Allah , but rather expect things from the creator, Allah !”1 He also wrote two works on the Qur’an; Sharh Surat Al Faatihah and Tafsir Al-Qur’aan. He wrote of his travels in two major works, Al-Kunnaash and Ar-Rihlah.

His Silsilah and Receiving of the Khirqah

His silsilah connecting him to the shaadhiliyyah goes as follows:

Ahmad Az-Zarruq from Yahya Al-Qaadiri and Ahmad Al-Hadrami from ‘Ali ibn Al Wafaa’ from Muhammad ibn Al-Wafaa’ from Daawud Al-Baakhili from Ibn ‘Ataa’ illah Al-Iskandari from Abul-’Abbas Al-Mursi from Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhili from Abdus-Salaam ibn Mashish from Abdur-Rahmaan ibn ‘Attaar from Shu’ayb Abu-Madyan as well as Taqiyud-Deen Al-Fuqayyir…all the way to ‘Ali ibn Abi Taalib. He also has a chain that leads to the great Hanbali Sufi, Abdul-Qaadir Al-Jilaani that goes through his Shaykh Ahmad Al-Hadrami.

May Allah shed His Abundant Mercy and Light Upon Shaykh Ahmad Az-Zarruq. Ameen!

Photos from the desecration of the grave of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma:



Those who recognize him / / /

Unidentified person … Hospital care is present in Tripoli street cornerInternists section … From God:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes:
Tripoli shoot Abdulwahab Kaid
News for shooting Abdulwahab Kaid inside Rksus and Qaid jumps from a window in one of the rooms down.




This is a picture of the accident, which happened shortly before the close of Kobe Zahra incident occurred as follows car type Samsung in the picture cut off the road to Azizia and was on the road a speeding truck speeds of 160 km entered the car collided with a truck and entered under the driver’s compartment and then collided with a car type for Intra truck, along with a number of The car doors injury.
Samsung drive was two young facilities driver died immediately and the driver ministered in serious condition.



Now department in Ajeeat:
Clashes last night in the lattice, killing and wounding enthused Ayad Ali Abumahdi.



He has lost yesterday afternoon, two young men from the city Kklh when they return from the city of Tripoli,
where they were in a car type F red Mazda.
news is not released until this.
Allhoudh hope of those who have information about them call 0927946121 or 0914116468
Two young men:
1 – Salah Sassi Abualiqh.
2 – Ben Fathi Ojaili Dou.
Continuous forest ..
The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the militias and Almadljohn customers Alhlath not ALLUES
drumming of the current situation like a committee ..
(Logic =)



From the city of Zliten:
Prosecutors decided to release the detained young Esquire ((Hamza Atalaouh Alati)) after suffering Mager in prison more than a year and deprived of completing his studies at the officers in Turkey and the Lord is the avenger Jabbar and the right to take the oppressor.
God give him a ride to his home before what is good for the rebels opinion other than saw the judiciary.
* Singing out of tune.
(Omar Al-qoira)
Misrata – Libya

Photo : Zliten Police Station in 1950-60’s (now Mager Prison, what a world… the photo in 1990’s)

Photo : Zliten Police Station in 1950-60’s (now a Prison, what a world… the photo in 1990’s). This picture is taken in the destination of Zliten in the country of Libya. You can also add your photos to this gallery via the links below. Click here to see more photos of Zliten, Libya All pictures on this site are displayed according to Panaramio’s Copyright Policies

Zliten Police Station in 1950-60's (now a Prison, what a world... the photo in 1990's)

Zliten Police Station in 1950-60’s (now a Prison, what a world… the photo in 1990’s)

Photographer: Ali Tohami [2007-12-24]
Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners

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The city of ZLITEN

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City devastating tragedy displaced cry

مأساة مدينة مهجرة مدمرة تستغيث


أحد اساليب التعذيب


Channel Vision Libyan:


Scandal National Congress was to vote on a resolution of the martyrs and missing bill was presented by the families

of the martyrs and the client Mohammed Bo Sidra and after the vote and said Bo Sidra literally been under pressure

from members of Misrata ..
Law, which included the killing of Misrata while entering Medinhibny Walid decision to No. 7 …
The disaster Kabrh Reject annexation Benghazi martyrs who A_i_hdo in the city of Kufra. In the month of 11.2012 and
Reject also Martyrs Black Sabbath who A_i_hdo front Aldhira ….. missing were separated from the ministry .. Aancio to an independent body .. has been assigned to rave body .. sleepy city of Misrata …. and learned that the people of martyrs and missing Cyrenaica are not aware of this …….




Motionless in the city of Misrata to come out tomorrow in a demonstration after

Friday prayers to demand the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

* Singing out of tune.

(Omar Alqoira)
Misrata – Libya

Atef Shelmani:
Misrata Alan …
The Ministry of Awqaf in the city of Misrata refuse a request Sheikh Ali hardness imamate of Friday prayers and deliver a sermon for the day foodstuff Friday Mosque Sidi Ahmed Zarrouk Radwan God it was brought to his words clear and explicit Sheikh Abu Bakr Hraish head endowments Misrata and put his points on the letters (not).
* Singing out of tune.
(Omar Al-qoira)
Misrata – Libya
Beating Sheikh Mohammed Salaabi in a mosque Alkuafa city of Misrata and prevent him from delivering his speech was adjourn the meeting and was expelled from the mosque and you got Taqath of the head and large groups of rebels Misrata and rejuvenated Patriots raised slogans counter to his presence and mobility, which is doing in Misrata to Rescue Brotherhood of total collapse.
The youth will come out tomorrow Misrata Friday in a demonstration against the visit of Ali hardness .
The youth are against the Brotherhood …With  them, there has been raised slogans such as:
– Hey you coward Slaba briefed them and Brotherhood.
– Not to clients in Qatar Misrata after today.
– Hey ousted Saif Gaddafi yesterday.
– Hey you coward Slaba briefed overland O Glamorous.
– Both for both brothers.

Pilgrimage from Qatar to Turkey to Misratah.


Congratulations to Sheikh Ali sallabi Alhaji Salah paddy and the rest of the
“blessed ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood community” on their return from their journey to Turkey;
and weakbal: let the rest who sat there and any others who wish them to be a successful in that visit—-

MAY THEIR VISIT to Turkey have been totally unsuccessful.

Pilgrimage from Qatar to Turkey to Misratah.

* Songbird out of the flock.

(Omar El qwere)

نبارك للشيخ على الصلابي والحاج صلاح بادي وباقى الجماعة عودتهم المباركة من سفرتهم الى تركيا وعقبال يروحوا البقية اللي قاعدين غادي ونتمنى لهم أن تكون زيارتهم واجتماعاتهم موفقة وناجحة.

رحلة الحج من قطر الى تركيا الى مصراتة.

*مغرد خارج السرب.

عمر القويري

(Omar Alqoira)
Misrata – Libya
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل:الاعتداء بالضرب على الشيخ على محمد الصلابي في مسجد الكوافي بمدينة مصراتة ومنعه من القاء كلمته وتم فض اجتماعه وطرد من المسجد وأخدت طاقيته من على رأسه ومجموعات كبيرة من ثوار مصراتة وشبابها الوطنيين يرفعون شعارات مضادة لتواجده والحراك الذي يقوم به في مصراتة لانقاد جماعة الاخوان من الانهيار التام وسيخرج شباب مصراتة غذا الجمعة في مظاهرة ضد زيارة الصلابي وضد جماعة الاخوان وقد رفعت شعارات منها:- يا صلابي يا جبان اطلع منها والاخوان.
– لا لعملاء قطر في مصراتة بعد اليوم.
– يا أزلام سيف القدافي بالأمس.
– يا صلابي يا جبان اطلع برا يا فتان.
– كلا كلا للاخوان.*مغرد خارج السرب.عمر القويري


Libyan newspaper Event:
Said the spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff senile commissioned military police commander in Sirte beauty Zahawi commanding a battalion of the martyrs of the corner, succeeding Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah who died in a MB planned traffic “accident”.


News of injury restricted prestige sprayed bullets in front of Amarthm in the neighborhood of 600.

Lead voice was heavy and the status of the infected live or dead is unknown.

(Channel Sirte on Facebook)

Hussein Elmessallati reporting:

NCP year cost of the Ministries of Interior and Defense to execute arrest warrants on

those involved in the robbery on the funds transferred to the Central Bank branch Sirte.

(Iaodi Jerkm hurry).

The danger on the story of the 53 million dinars and 12 million dollars who was robbery by force of arms in the city of Sirte ..
Told you the issue of the arrest of the criminals requires the need to obtain the authorization from the government so ..!!
Creations of masterpieces and politicians in Libya to the Libyans laugh ..
(News Agency of Libya)

Sirte residents are demanding the government solve the problem of lack of liquidity in banks

And – the people and the student population of the city of Sirte and its suburbs, the interim government to put an end to the worsening of the liquidity crunch, which is taking place in commercial banks operating in the city Mend weeks.
The director of Unity Bank in Sirte Ali Jeroshi, that the banks are suffering from a severe crisis in liquidity, which has led to severe congestion of the citizens, and resulted in many problems have led to a lack of trust between the citizen and the banking institution in the deposit and saving money to have.
The Jeroshi told the reporter Libyan news agency Sirte on Thursday, that the bank had addressed the Central Bank of Libya Sirte branch several times, the need to provide financial liquidity of the bank, to be able to withdraw their salaries from the citizens and their money easily and conveniently

P- Eaaagle / LIBYA TALKS:

Ibn Sina Hospital Sirte receives cases of injuries with the presence of  Ansar al-Sharia displaying armed bullets in the hospital.

Sirte has Mdahmt housing Ibn Sina Hospital by Ansar al-Sharia,

which is inhabited by foreign doctors and nurses of both sexes and various nationalities,

during the celebration of the day (b Alchrisms).

(Media Center tuber)



Sayings of Omar Mukhtar:

“I believe in my right to liberty, the right of my life, and this faith is stronger than any weapon, and when fighting one in order to usurp and plunder, may stop fighting if filled up his sleeve, or sapped his strength, but when he fights for his homeland goes on in the war to end.” .

Kdlk youth Bani Walid

Believe in the right to liberty and the right to life in their city and they are killers for their country and their city will spend in their war to end.

It is his words

“The injustice makes a hero of the oppressed, and the crime must be trembling heart that no matter what the owner tried to pretend pride.”

Kdlk Bani Walid

Baqraratkm unjust you have made heroes of its people. As for your crimes they Tgbarakm the quivering despite Tzahrkm pride, because they do not forget the men or silent on injustice.

It is his words
“While it will not break the gun sword breaks my right falsehood.”

Kdlk Bani Walid

Defeat in battle does not mean losing the war and the war-and-run and lower days on you and on you and what are the only days rotates among the people of God. The abundance and courage to overcome our right we have the right to possess even after a while.
It is his words

“The strikes that do not break the back Tqoak.”

The decision No. (7) Yazdna not only the strength and determination to our right to live in our home are generous.

And I will conclude by saying of his words, too.

We will not surrender, we win or we die.

(Ali Akash Method)

Has approved a draft re-improvement and reconstruction of the northern entrance of the center of the city of Bani Walid comprehensive Castle Mountain and the islands of rotation shown in the picture under contract directly with the local council of Bani Walid:

The signing of the local council in Bani Walid contract to develop and beautify the northern entrance to the city center for a comprehensive turnover Island bridge and the establishment of man-made waterfall on the slope (CAF) in front of the bridge and road (Salaith) on the blue.

BANI Walid nation:

The possibility of interruption of Internet service coming hours and that the intruders to

enter a room, Satellite that feed subscribers online.


Voice Burka:
Serious and urgent … Special channel tenderly Free
Sources from within the company that he had been Azwaitina circular to all its users from western Libya to call their going to leave a long and working to reduce the number ports and fields!! Beware it may be a pointer to the beginning of the attack on the gently …


The image of a member of the National Congress for the city of Prairie “Sharif adequate” mediates the head of
the political council of the region of Cyrenaica, “Ibrahim Jdharan” Altive and bureau chief for the region,
“Abed Rabbo Barasi.”
Sharif arrived adequate now a member of the National Congress for the city of Prairie
and is now in a meeting with the President of the Council Jdharan political
and Barasi Abed Rabbo, head of the Executive Office of Burka.
We bring you the results of the meeting shortly after.
(Voice Burka)


UPDATE 26 DEC. 2013:

Agency urgently Libya / meeting al-Jdharan and Abdul Majid and lord Ajdabiya:

Mr. contract “Politburo chief Cyrenaica province” to meet in an expanded field camel oil

with all of the “Isa Abdul Majeed” and “the lord” of the leaders of the Tabu.

The meeting discussed the current issues in the southern region and ways to solve them,

and how to make the necessary arrangements to provide and secure the security aspect of the fields,

workers and public facilities and secure the border.




Salem al-Obeidi:
There is no truth to the news transmitted for the attempted assassination of Colonel “Salem
Albergthe spearhead “a men’s air defense Benghazi area
Tol, and those arrested were drunk and not
Connected with trying to assassinate him, and they are now in police station
And is being interrogated, and the subject of criminal and not exchange
Bergthe any relationship to the subject.

# Tol

Najat Colonel Salem Albergthe spearhead of an assassination attempt in the city of Tol .. ..

This was arrested by the actors of all young people of the area now Albrgth the applicants ~


((Ahmad key Clmana))
Wounded in the blast, which happened treacherous Saturday at the gate while he was precise in his duty

to secure the gate has suffered shrapnel in his head and was taken to Benghazi and then this morning to ((Tunisia))


Ahmed Fathi Osoeri:
Edema in God
Hours 7:00 assassinated in front of a restaurant Kudo.
And I am God and to him we shall return.
(Agency urgently Libya) Private Benghazi
A security source told Libya to urgently unknown fired a barrage of bullets morning
on a pond area Bbat Qaeda administrative and logistics provider in Benghazi,
“Ahmed Fathi Asira” killing him.
Assassination submitted, “Ahmed Fathi Soeri”‘s supply of military
Al-Qaeda managerial Benghazi, and is considered a national army men who
Witnessing their integrity, after being subjected to a barrage of bullets in the treacherous
Benghazi pool area, and the victim’s son by “Soeri” Sports (Former club challenge).
(Salem al-Obeidi)
It has “Mohammed Khamis al-Drissi,” an investigating officer continued to search
Criminal Benghazi, ten days ago lost contact with him and did not respond
Garret any information so far.

Department of Investigation special forces says that the voices are not shooting next to the camp,

but the Thunderbolt is the area of ​​housing Boatni ((village)) and no joy there since yesterday,

and they are strangely empty until they reached their class Shooting Pal RPG ……..

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Former spokesman Mohammed Hijazi security room on the channel Libya TV “
We Reports ::

We made clear from kills and assassinates Basmaúhm and their positions and their movements and knows the conference and in particular the members of the Benghazi but unfortunately we elected a bunch of cowards ~


(all now also part of CYRENAICA)


Obelisk field gradually returns to production Thursday 12/26/2013 …

Despite the difficult circumstances experienced by the region, but the working field Obelisk Oil, a subsidiary of Gulf Oil Daw actually Tsail number of wells to be pumped after that into a field bed and then refinery Tobruk, yesterday we saw the low flare (Flame low pressure) as The picture illuminate the field obelisk.

Tsail been pumping at eight o’clock at night Bmjhodat operators Department operations. And also with the presence of the maintenance department. And currently pumping 20,000 barrels per day, almost, and will be, God willing, production is the increase in the coming days, God willing.

(AD Media tuber)



A meeting in the city of Derna featuring young people who happened
On the back of their disappearance terrorist explosion gate precise, and
After issuing a statement, demanding their sons missing, and Itbran
Faithful from the heinous act of terrorism and precise gate, which claimed the
Men killed the national army and innocent citizens, and behind
Dozens of wounded, as now received some of the city
(Salem al-Obeidi)

the city of TORKH:

Tuesday night I was arrested 11 people in four of them, including the precise gate son Sufian Alqomu has turned out to be coming from the tuber to go to Benina also confirmed that he is going to meet with the family in Faitouri Benina
And also the 7 other people have been arrested in Bobah Tokrh
Some of them have been arrested, which as we remember in the beginning of the revolution Dahr video by one of the supporters of al-Qaeda, he says,,,
((Demolition demolition murder murder blood blood Down with America))
The owner of this argument was arrested at the gate Tokrh
At this time of the day I was arrested three people intend to kill Colonel Salem spearhead of the
population Alkwyfah has been arrested in the city of Tokrh,
A member of the Gate City Tokrh and I pledge to confirm this information and health.
Voice Burka



Witnesses transfer of Obelisk oil field southeast of the city Gallo announced the arrival of a military force of the Libyan army is composed of twenty-five car armed clashes for control of the incident there and protect oil installations. He said engineers are working to field reporter Libyan news agency Bjalo, that the force received tasks Guard installations, reconnaissance and provide security for the workers of the field. …
(Libyan Republic)

Agency news – godless – Correspondent

An official Affairs Education Mr. infidels “Mustafa Abdullah,” the study resumed on Thursday, and after
Improved security conditions in the city after the efforts made by the Commission of the crisis and the

local council and the elders of the city.

And Mr. “Abdullah”, that the study had stopped for just one day after the violence in the city yesterday,

stressing that the exams at the end of the first semester will begin in timing and is
Next Sunday.



Sabha shortly before ..!!
Channel targeting the headquarters of Libya’s National Bsabha Bkadifah mortar
and no human damage and thankfully resort to God and yes, the agent.
(Times newspaper Sabha)
Exposure Station Communications (Cockpit Sabha) to steal own solar panels by unknown assailants. Announced where the phone company to Libya, for exposure to the theft of solar panels own Tuesday night by unknown assailants. According to the company – in a statement to the station linking the Han backup system for fiber optic Tripoli – Sabha on the road to the river.
(Free newspaper Sabha)

Heathens now Menkowol of page / ÔăćÎ Ozoah

From the heart of the event
Gangs are now trying to Chad and in these moments to break into and enter the neighborhoods adjacent to the neighborhood you live in SC majority of Tabu Chadian and aim to enter homes to steal it and then burned in the absence of a complete power protection to the infidels (battalion Thunderbolt) …

But hardly revolutionaries infidels were stationed there in time and now they are dealing them and with honor ….

God save the infidels and its people, O Lord.


Confirmed coordinator for the Commission on Security and information on the local council of Kufra, Borkik,

told “atmosphere for the country” that

“a civilian was wounded on Thursday in the city, during the armed clashes between Toubou rebels and near the airport infidels.”



# Opare

Created to be the Institute of Petroleum in Ubari after approval
Oil Ministry attic, after a speech to the face of the ministry
Prime Minister on Zaidane and approved.

(Salem al-Obeidi)




muslims-guns-and-Salafist terror AFGHAN IMPORT…
Meeting in Benghazi in DEC 2013:
Salafist meeting in Benghazi Evil Salafists
Derna Salafist Army DERNA HQTRsSalafist rule over Libya


Mohammed Caused, the correspondent / reporter for “France 24”:

Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, “Bashir Kabta” condemns the disposal of the Egyptian government accusation against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt, the terrorist organization, describing it Palmmagat political…


Allah Bless EGYPT (who have marked them for what they truly are and have renounced the SALAFI).

Law in Egypt 5 years imprisonment for each of the Brotherhood exists in marches.

Attorney General of the Egyptian Interpol address and Qatar to set Qaradawi and handed over to the judiciary
being required and put his name on the lists of anticipation and access to airports and ports.The Egyptian intelligence would have meant that he will brought to justice for inciting hatred , shoot – to – crime of Shiite Muslims, Christians , and incitement to jihad in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, against the same category people .
—The double face of Sheikh Yusuf al-QaradawiSheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Organizer of the “Coalition of Kindness” (UGH!!!)  and the collection for Hamas in Europe .Sheikh Qaradawi is both the spiritual mentor of the UOIF , President of ECFR (European Council for Fatwa and Research) and the organizer of the collection to Hamas in many European countries, particularly in France the CBSP. He is also the author of fatwas permitting suicide bombings. He was banned from entering the United States after his relationship with the bank terrorist Al-Taqwa appeared to be open.The double face of QaradawiThe French Islamic scholar Gilles Kepel describes Qaradawi as a “traveling companion of the Muslim Brotherhood” and as one of the most influential contemporary preachers [1] Sunnis. For Le Monde journalist Xavier Ternisien, it can be regarded as the “leader” of the Islamic world … [2]Qaradawi is indeed a powerful and influential man in the Muslim world. Stripped of Egyptian nationality, because of its links with the Muslim Brotherhood, he lives in Qatar since 1962, and hosts a popular program on Al-Jazeera, “Ash-Sharia wal Hayat” (Sharia and life). Member of the “office of the direction” of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qaradawi was recently tipped to become the president of this organization, but he refused the position. His influence is exercised both through the media, the CEFR (see below) and the Internet, which he has been interested for many years.Qaradawi is a typical representative of the centrist Islamist movement, as some might call the “moderate” (as opposed to radical Islam embodied by bin Laden). But this “moderation” is purely facade. In fact, Qaradawi supports suicide bombings, and encourages jihad, especially among European populations, as we shall see.

1. The preacher man and media

Qaradawi is a “power alone,” as observed Monde journalist who often met [3]. His show “Sharia and Life” on Al-Jazeera is watched by more than ten million viewers around the world, including in France and Europe.

This media celebrity earned him an invitation to the conference at Le Bourget the UOIF in 2000. As explained Islamologist Gilles Kepel, Qaradawi has made the Muslim immigrant youth in the West the “core target of his preaching” [4].

This preaching is exercised through several channels: the Qatari television channel first, now received worldwide and particularly in France, thanks to satellite dishes (that dot the French suburbs). Then the Internet, including Qaradawi understood early on the tremendous potential it represents for the spread of Islam in the world, and to which he devoted several million dollars.

Since 1996, Qaradawi has not raised less than 11.66€ million from wealthy donors in the Gulf countries to develop websites. [5]

2. The organizer of European Islam

For beyond his preaching activity, Qaradawi has played and still plays the role of organizer of European Islam, through two institutions: FIOE (Union of European Islamic organizations, including the UOIF is the French branch) and ECFR (European Council for Fatwa and Research).

According to the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood, which made Europe one of their main areas of activity since the 1960s, Qaradawi has devoted considerable resources to the organization of European Islam. It is to this day the spiritual mentor of the UOIF , who invited him to its annual conference at Le Bourget in 2000.

But it is mainly through the CEFR, which he chairs, that Qaradawi its influence on European Muslim populations.

The European Council for Fatwa and Research

The CEFR is an original and unique institution in the European political landscape. In religious and advisory outside, she claims it a true legal autonomy for European Muslim populations.
Opened in London in March 1997, the CEFR presents itself as a “academic entity, Islamic, specialized and independent”, aiming to make “collective fatwas that meet the needs of Muslims in Europe” 6.
The analysis of the jurisprudence of the CEFR shows a mixture of apparent flexibility in strictly religious matters, and extremism in politics. At the session of the CEFR Stockholm in July 2003, Sheikh Qaradawi has said that suicide attacks Hamas did not constitute acts of terrorism, but a means of resistance, repeating the arguments in his fatwas on subject (see below). [7]

3. The head of the European collection for Hamas

Sheikh Qaradawi has its organizer to Palestinian terrorist movement Hamas talents by organizing a large-scale collection on European territory.
This collection, entitled ” Campaign 101 days “, takes place through a network of associations established in most European countries [8]. This network is referred to as the “Coalition of Kindness” and purports to be a purely charitable aim. However, the recipients of the funds collected using both for humanitarian and terrorist purposes.

The funds collected under the “Coalition of Kindness” (represented in France by the CBSP) are particularly well to compensate families of suicide bombers of Hamas, who blow themselves up in cafes, buses and Israeli restaurants, resulting in death of dozens of innocent civilians.

4. The author of fatwas permitting suicide bombings ******

Among the numerous fatwas issued by Sheikh Qaradawi, more focus on highly political and very far from the daily concerns of European Muslim populations topics. This is particularly true of his fatwas permitting suicide bombings.

Qaradawi has made at the beginning of the second Intifada, a fatwa authorizing suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, because “every Israeli citizen, man or woman, is a potential soldier”. [9]

In an article entitled “The legality of a suicide bombing in the light of Islamic law , “I have shown that the classical Islamic law established strict distinction between combatants and civilians, the latter enjoying the protections of the law of war [ 10]. But this distinction – Traditional Islamic law – has been challenged by contemporary makers of the Islamist movement, including by Sheikh Qaradawi.

In a fatwa issued in 2003, Qaradawi has even allow suicide bombings by Muslim women, whereas these acts consitutaient a form of “martyrdom in the cause of Allah” and that a woman should ” from doing jihad even without the permission of her husband “. [11]
Qaradawi fatwa authorizing suicide bombings were released in the West, especially through Islamist websites. They are found as well on multiple sites in French. It is likely that these fatwas have encouraged Muslim women (and converted as the Belgian suicide bomber Muriel Degauque) also become “soldiers of Islam” and turn into human bombs.

5. Promoter of “financial jihad” obligation for all Muslims in Europe

Besides his fatwas permitting suicide bombings, Sheikh Qaradawi has also issued several fatwas on the subject of “financial jihad”, that is to say, the obligation for Muslims around the world to participate in the jihad against “enemies of Islam”, giving them “zakat” (alms) to organizations conducting jihad, as the Palestinian Hamas.

It is in this context that the ” 101-Day Campaign “conducted in Europe by the” coalition of Kindness “and in France by the CBSP . By encouraging Muslims of France to give their “zakat” Hamas, Qaradawi attempts to turn them into soldiers of Islam. Its action and that the CBSP is therefore not only an aid to Palestinian terrorism, but also a threat to civil peace in France.

6. Shareholder of the bank terrorist Al-Taqwa

Sheikh Qaradawi was banned from entering the United States after his links with the bank terrorist Al-Taqwa were disclosed. The bank, which Qaradawi is a major shareholder, has seen its frozen assets Nov. 7, 2001, because of its relationship with the Al Qaeda network. Reacting to the decision during a Friday sermon delivered on 14 March 2003 in Qatar, Sheikh Al-Qaradawi stated 12:
“Most of my property and my assets were in the Al-Taqwa bank. Latter was kidnapped, accused of being a terrorist foundation run by terrorists, under the pretext that they help Hamas.”
But despite its close ties with Hamas and the Al-Taqwa Bank, Qaradawi remains persona grata in France and Europe. For how long?
(Paul Landau)

1. G. Kepel, Jihad, p. 263 and 362, Gallimard, 2003.
2. X. Ternisien, “Al-Qaradawi, Islam on the screen,” The World 30 August 2004.
3. X. Ternisien, “Al-Qaradawi, Islam on the screen.”
4. G. Kepel, Jihad, p. 476.
5. Anwar Abu Eisheh, “The use of the Internet to serve peace”, article published on the UNESCO website,
6. P. Landau, The Sword and the Koran , p. 192. Editions du Rocher, 2005.
7. See the report of MEMRI, “Al-Qaradawi speaks in Favor of Suicide Operations at an Islamic Conference in Sweden”, 24 July 2003 .
8. The list of organizations participating in this campaign is on the site of the CBSP, http / / .
9. Fatwa cited by Kepel, Jihad p. 512.
10. P. Landau, “The legality of suicide bombings under Islamic law,” Metula News Agency, 29 September 2004.
11. P. Landau, The Sword and the Koran , p. 197.
12. “Do not forget Palestine!” Friday sermon 14 March 2003 in Qatar, published on the website




This video automated I told him Ambdra Xue …
Threat from terrorists to Syria Libyans
Because of unification flag burning in Libya ……..

هذا الفيديو االلي حكيت عليه امبدري شويه…

تهـديد مـن ارهـابيـين سـوريا إلى الليـبـيين
بسـبب حـرق عـلـم الـتوحـــيد في ليـبـيا ……..


Wahabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir:

Wahabi spring spring Wahhabi
Tragedy Syrian refugees inside and outside the home …

I do not imagine the pain that Ostia which perceives Hola men, women and especially children

who put themselves in the Gedo not Atsorōh throughout life …

( SAME FOR LIBYA…so many displaced and slaughtered!)


The British government, headed by «David Cameron» refuses to allow Syrian refugees

to enter its territory and insists on the need for neighboring countries such as Syria,

Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq of harboring Syrian refugees ..

Syrian refugees

‘No room at the inn’: Britain condemned for turning its back on

Syria’s refugees

Aid agencies join Labour in demanding Coalition show support for victims of civil war as policy defies

UN appeal and distances Britain from 16 leading nations

The Government has been accused of adopting a “no room at the inn” policy after rejecting a United Nations appeal to allow refugees fleeing the crisis in Syria to live in Britain.

Ministers have decided not to join 16 nations, including the United States, France and Germany, which have pledged to allow a total of more than 10,000 refugees from the bloody three-year civil war to move to their countries.

Aid agencies are describing the UK Government’s approach as “there’s no room at the inn”. Now the Labour Opposition is calling for ministers to accept between 400 and 500 Syrian refugees – including torture victims, people with family connections in Britain, and women and girls at high risk.

The Government insists it is better to help neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq cope as Syrians flee across their borders. Ministers say the UK is helping more than one million of the estimated 2.4 million refugees in what the UN views as the biggest emergency in its history.

Yvette Cooper, the shadow Home Secretary, told The Independent today: “We should be rightly proud of our humanitarian aid effort and the generosity of the British people. But we should also do our part, alongside other countries within the UN’s programme, to provide a safe haven for some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees fleeing this murderous conflict.



Saudi Arabia announces the Brotherhood a terrorist organization and prevent all its members from entering the country, whether for business or for performing the religious rituals will be arrested all its members within the Kingdom immediately notified officially of the Arab League, according to the Convention on the Prohibition of terrorism for the year 1998 between the Arab states

Event-filled Saturday –(MORE INFO tomorrow)

Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya:

There is no substitute for the power of the people, not on behalf of the people, and representation quackery
The time does not return back to the time and do not come back from behind and trying to do so has sentenced himself to failure before it begins!
They are also followers of February when they tried to replace the power of the people and the people’s congresses that embodies the meaning of direct democracy, with (outdated) parties and parliaments .. And the result was a fiasco, it is inconceivable that the Libyan people back to the time of ignorance and representation after March of direct democracy through the Basic People’s Congresses
And, for example, but not limited to the parliamentary elections held in the city’s white population of 700 000 citizens of the register of whom 25 000 citizens and those who have contributed already to testify voice their 7000 citizen only!
As for the so-called election of the Committee of 60, even now, those who have registered do not exceed 10% of the population of Libya
Any talk about elections after it was people’s congresses are held in every city and in every village and in every street and in every organization with the participation of all citizens .. For any election talk after home destroyed and looted the wealth and
And impoverished the population and are Atracson on Uttar labor and betrayal!
Libya where in the presence of this Acharazm and tails ..
God help the citizen orthopedist silence in front of this bunch of rotting polemics.

# Lt.
لا بديل عن سلطة الشعب ,, ولا نيابة عن الشعب ,, و التمثيل تدجيل
لا تعود الساعة للوراء ولا يعود الزمن للخلف و من يحاول فعل ذلك فقد حكم على نفسه بالفشل قبل ان يبدأ !
كذلك هم أتباع فبراير حين حاولوا استبدال سلطة الشعب و المؤتمرات الشعبية التي تجسد معنى الديمقراطية المباشرة بالأحزاب و المجالس النيابية .. و كانت النتيجة الفشل الذريع ، فمن غير المعقول أن يعودوا بالشعب الليبي الى زمن الجهل و التمثيل بعد أن مارس الديمقراطية المباشرة من خلال المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية
و على سبيل المثال لا الحصر اقيمت الانتخابات النيابية في مدينة البيضاء البالغ تعداد سكانها 700 الف مواطن من قام بالتسجيل منهم 25 الف مواطن و من ساهم بالفعل بإدلاء صوته هم 7000 الاف مواطن فقط !
اما عن ما يسمى بانتخابات لجنة ال 60 فحتى الان من قاموا بالتسجيل لا يتجاوزوا ال 10% من سكان ليبيا
عن أي انتخابات يتحدثون بعد ان كانت المؤتمرات الشعبية تقام في كل مدينة و في كل قرية و في كل شارع و في كل مؤسسة بمشاركة كل المواطنين .. عن اي انتخابات يتحدثون بعد أن دمروا الوطن و و نهبوا ثرواته
و افقروا سكانه و هم يتراقصون على اوتار العمالة و الخيانة !
ليبيا الى اين في ظل وجود هذه الشراذم و الاذناب ..
كان الله في عون المواطن المجبر على الصمت امام مهاترات هذه الزمرة المتعفنة .

Egyptian terrorist linked to aviation disaster 25 years after plane came down
Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
Alleged to be behind the blast on Pan Am Flight 103 on December 22, 1988
Private investigation – Operation Bird – also claims CIA covered up truth
Bombing remains worst terrorist attack to have been committed in UK

PUBLISHED: 11:05 GMT, 15 December 2013 | UPDATED: 11:49 GMT, 15 December 2013
Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
The real bomber? Mohammed Abu Talb has been named as a likely suspect in the Lockerbie bombing

For 25 years, the Lockerbie Bombing has been shrouded in mystery.

Now, an Eyptian terrorist has been revealed as a likely suspect in the devastating attack.

Mohammed Abu Talb – who is serving life in prison for a series of bombings – has been named in a private investigation called Operation Bird.

He is alleged to be behind the blast that took place on board Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988 – killing 270 people.

The investigation – put forward as a report by Forensic Investigative Associates in London – has also accused the CIA of covering up Talb’s role in the atrocity, according the The Sunday People and Exaro.

It was commissioned by lawyers for Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was jailed in 2001 for masterminding the bombing.

If the report is correct, it means al-Megrahi – who died of cancer aged 60 last year after being controversially freed from jail in 2009 – may have been wrongly imprisoned.

Investigators claim key pieces of evidence in the case against al-Megrahi – including a fragment of circuit board for a timer – were faked.

They also allege the bomb was planted in luggage at Heathrow airport in London – not loaded by al-Megrahi in Malta, as the prosecution claimed during his trial in 2001.

And they say Talb – who was an initial suspect in the case – met with other Middle East terror suspects in the run-up to the bombing.


British Channel : al-Qathafi is innocent of the Lockerbie airliner bombing .. America confirmed the involvement of the Palestinians and the continued siege and blackmail Libya

British Channel Four revealed that Libya is not responsible for the downing of the Lockerbie famous American over Scotland in 1988 , and Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command is the mastermind of the operation .

“The British Channel” aired that the United States was aware that Muammar al-Qathafi was not involved in the projection plane over Lockerbie , where he received intelligence officials the U.S. on that information officers Syrian army during the period from 1990 to 1995 , but the USA did not disclose and hid to achieve its objectives besieged Libyan regime at that time.

And got Britain and America on a huge compensation from Libya amounted to 2.7 billion dollars , in return for lifting the international sanctions imposed on them, after they accused the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA for the plane bombing , which killed 170 people from 17 different nationalities.

He said, ” Richard Fuse ” analyst CIA ” CIA ” he received assurances about the involvement of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Lockerbie bombing , and Ahmed Jibril was the mastermind of the operation and not Libya , which was confirmed by officers of the Syrian army met an official U.S. intelligence .

“During the period from 1990 to 1995 , I met between 10 and 15 and an officer in charge of the Syrian army , all of whom confirmed that al-Qathafi was not responsible for shooting down a U.S. airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland , and Ahmed Jibril, who is responsible –

After 25 years of Lockerbie Megrahi’s family intends to appeal the judgment against him 21.12.2013 | 4:04 p.m. News Arab world :روسيا اليوم

Family want Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi  falsely convicted only in the case of the Lockerbie attack, which killed 270 people in 1988,

the wish to appeal against the judgment of it because they do not believe his guilt.

His brother, Abdul Hakim al-Megrahi for “BBC” Friday, December 20 / December “family want to appeal. Want to re-open the file Lockerbie to know who is responsible.” 

He added, saying,

“My brother Abdul Basit could not have committed this crime abhorrent. Was incapable of hurting anyone.” 

It is noted that a plane belonging to the airline “PanAm” exploded in the December 21, 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and was most accident victims from the Americans.

Issued at that time and sentenced to life imprisonment Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, but released him five years ago for health reasons and died in May / May 2012 of cancer.

in 2003,Muammar feeling sorry for the victims (but never admittingly any responsibility for the crash)

paid 2.7 billion dollars compensation to the families of the victims.


Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya:
You live, O glorious hours are free



Asaad Aboqilh Newsflash:
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of paper currencies.
To the agency and JD Valley News Is Fire Central Bank of Libya because of because of a short circuit or arson he want comment on the news?? Why Hmae media blackout on the fire?? ,,, You the latest news.
Send your Ptsriha press publishing me via agency and tons News and newspaper Saida Online and newspaper Donya home and NHK Arabic section and the location of a crowd Net, site Sama Jordan news and site Penthouse Forum Russia today and Forum National Grid Kuwaiti and various news Web sites highlights Ali Shan Libyan For details Place pans in the Google search engine titled (Fire Central Bank of Libya and the flames devour billions of Banknotes By Asad Aboqilh) will show you the results of my article published in various news Web sites.
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of paper currencies.
Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and correspondent Zakalh and tons News and correspondent for a number of international broadcasters that broadcast on shortwave and satellite, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published today Fri, December 20, 2013 We continue to pursue both large and small from the scene of the Libyan Iron scene in Libya is stating sources of the center of the Libyan and witnesses reported a large fire in the Central Bank of Libya in the Libyan capital Tripoli midnight last Wednesday According to eyewitnesses, about the escalation of the year smoke from inside the building of the Central Bank of initial losses by Sources indicate that the big fire caused the destruction and burning of billions of Currency Banknotes, domestic and foreign, and the burning of many of the documents in the Central Bank of Libya and added Asaad Aboqilh Central Bank of Libya until this Allhoudh not issued any official statement about the big fire but it is likely to issue Central Bank of Libya statement an official in the coming days reveal more details and special reasons Hmae Great Fire
The seal Asaad Aboqilh saying is worth mentioning after World War led NATO to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA vision of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in support of the February 17 revolution became Libya in a state of lack of security, safety and stability, especially in the city of Tripoli and Benghazi and threatening civil war and split the country.
Asaad Ambia Aboqilh
Journalist and writer Libby independent
By (Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby Independent)
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
Site (Saida Online Lebanon)
To read the news click on the link below
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
By (Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby Independent)
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
Site (and tons News Agency and Jordan News)
To read the news click on the link below
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes

Asaad Ambia Aboqilh writes:

Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and correspondent for a number of international broadcasters that broadcast on shortwave and satellite, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published today Fri, December 20, 2013

we continue to follow every large and small from the scene of the Libyan iron in the scene Libyan is stating sources of the center of the Libyan and witnesses reported a large fire in the Central Bank of Libya in the Libyan capital Tripoli midnight last Wednesday
According to eyewitnesses, about the escalation of the year smoke from inside the building of the Central Bank losses preliminary According to sources, stating that the fire the great cause of the destruction and burning of billions of Currency Banknotes, domestic and foreign, and the burning of many of the documents in the Central Bank of Libya and added Asaad Aboqilh Central Bank of Libya until this Allhoudh not issued any official statement about the big fire but it is likely to issue a CBL official statement in the coming days reveals more details and special reasons Hmae big fire.
seal Asaad Aboqilh saying is worth mentioning after World War led NATO to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (vision of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi) in support of the “February 17 revolution” became Libya in a state of lack of security, safety and stability, especially in the city of Tripoli and Benghazi and threaten war The civil division of the country.

Bank of Libya: Close oil ports on the impact of the budget funding
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly
The director of financial markets, Central Bank of Libya lamp Akkari today that the closure of oil ports Crescent area of ​​oil greatly affected the financing of the state budget.
Akkari explained to the ambiance of the country, that the effects of the closure of ports and lower oil revenues began to emerge in the middle of last August to fund the budget of the Libyan dinar.
Akkari pointed out that the total oil revenues since September to December is not equivalent to revenues in March when the situation was normal.
And between the Central Bank of Libya has the ability by law to provide an advance on compensation for the government fiscal deficit budget of the state, pointing out that the law provides for the settlement of the advance before the end of the year.
Akkari added that the budget is prepared on the basis of estimates of the volume of oil sales during the year 2014, stressing that the Libyan economy depends on oil revenues by 95 percent.
Referred to the oil and gas sector is suffering disruptions in production processes because of the sit-ins of armed groups, which has led to daily losses estimated at one hundred million dollars a day by the statements of the Ministry of Oil.


Channel Zintan Media reported:
Urwah ibn Word:
Very dangerous ((Khaled Baseer meet after prayers this afternoon more than fifty Islamic extremist from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt mosque women Baradh market Friday after lunch from his home near the mosque and came to this meeting, the following statement which he delivered on ((I’ve become Mujahideen at risk and pursued every infidel states and what happened to the Mujahid Abu Anas Libyan.
Today’s Mujahid Haitham Tagouris.
What is the only proof of that and it should be organized rows and the brothers of the Mujahideen in Yemen to join us as the enemy and you will be all Western interests in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt Hzv us as well as the institutions of this States with puppet regimes of the West, will not Nkti Alhzv this time I will make it fire and Dhamar and killed, and who cut Arzak Muslims in ports and oil fields in agreement with Italy, Britain and America, tell them and to whom they call their leader (Jdharan) will not slip Bfltk this and the guillotine will be interrupted for your head and will not find you destroy the tribe corpse for burial.
That is God’s punishment fair to you, and tell America that was Abu Anas Libyan and Haitham Tagouris in your grip you waiting battalions of the Mujahideen who will slaughter all U.S. long Ivna his days among us, and tell the client infidels Abouchmadeh Army disbelief that Tassh and represses by the Mujahideen will not stop us from mow your head on your neck and very soon, my brothers the Mujahideen O Jundallah is the moment to declare a holy war of Islam Libya Libya Libya unification of Islamic law, peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you)).


UPDATE on Haitham Tagouris:

Aseert Seef Aleslam (a FB pseudonymn) informs us:
A very important and very dangerous / newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche / French article about the arrest of Haitham Tagouris at the airport in Belgium which said ((men were FBI U.S.,

this time on a date with hunting another Libyan after Abu Anas Libyan difference that I was on the men’s squad Delta Go to him in Tripoli west Libyan capital either the latter has shipped his luggage and was attended by himself to the men of the FBI of America, who were waiting for him Airport, Belgium,

where it did not occur to the minds of the boy that his every move in Tripoli, which is believed to be administered ordering monitored by each Ajhzat global intelligence 

After the confessions of Abu Anas al-Libi,, received Haitham Tagouris by men ((now Ntts)) Director of Intelligence Belgian was handed over to write security coordination Europeanisation in the U.S. which is run by the FBI and CIA,

where and in front of the inexperience of this fishing Libyan and confront conclusive evidence has led to Gontnamua or another against humanity sponsor transmitting to the Office of the Prosecutor International, 

did not hold much Haitham Tagouris front torrent questions that besieged by men of the CIA where he confessed to abducting intelligence officers loyal to the former regime in Libya, Tunisia, 

and he was one Almnfdan for the assassination of Chokri Belaid instructions of Belhadj and Khaled al-Sharif is responsible to defend the Libyan and process gas complex in Algeria

has knowledge of Khalid Basir and his role in which it was providing weapons and explosives, said Haitham Tagouris that the assassinations were against pro-Gaddafi regime is daily by special managed Hashim humans and the assassination of a whole family in Aziziyah outside Tripoli were instructions Minister Almakhalah Fawzi Abdel Aal 

and Execution Hashim humans head room private security in Libya, and that the mass killings were against some diners wine by Sheikh predecessor, Abdul Raouf hater is adding toxic substances to the Wines and distributed among a youth to leave who have them drink wine, 

all this did not appeal to men CIA and here I got the deal in which it was released on Tagouris after transmittal to the Office of Investigations followed by U.S. intelligence in Casablanca for further questioning 

and recruited and leaked information from the Office of Antoine codeine Minister Almakhalah Albalijkih that the minister objected to the transfer Haitham Tagouris to one of the clinics

After knowing that a transmitter very precise implant inside the body makes in the case of follow-up over time throughout his life to hear his talks and locate what he considered he was the minister that this work is not coordination between the leaders of the security Albalijkih and its American counterpart)).

(So Haithem Tagouris has an implanted tracker within him; but they still released him and he is back in LIBYA…doing whatever mischief he seems to do well for the Brotherhood and BelHadj.)

هام للغايه وخطير جداً / نشرت صحيفة لو جورنال دو ديمانش / الفرنسيه مقال عن عملية القبض على هيثم التاجوري في مطار بلجيكا جاء فيه (( كان رجال FBI الامريكية هذه المرة على موعد مع صيد ليبي اخر بعد ابو انس الليبي والاختلاف ان الاول كان على رجال فرقة الدلتا الذهاب له بطرابلس الغرب العاصمة الليبية اما هذا الاخير فقد شحن حقائبه وحضر بنفسه الي رجال مكتب التحقيقات الامريكيه والذين كانوا في انتظاره بمطار بلجيكا حيث لم يخطر على بال هذا الصبي ان كل تحركاته في طرابلس التي يعتقد انه تدار بأمره مرصوده من قبل كل اجهزت المخابرات العالميه بعد اعترافات ابو انس الليبي ،، استقبل هيثم التاجوري من قبل رجال ((الأن نتنانتس)) مدير المخابرات البلجيكيه وتم تسليمه الي نكتب التنسيق الامني الاروبي الامريكي الذي يدار من قبل FBI و CIA حيث وامام قلة خبرة هذا الصيد الليبي ومواجهته بادلة قاطعة قد تقوده الي غونتناموا او اخرى ضد الانسانيه كفيله باحالته الي مكتب المدعي العام الدولي ،، لم يصمد كثيراً هيثم التاجوري امام سيل الاسئله التي حاصره بها رجال المخابرات الامريكيه حيث اعترف باختطافه ضباط مخابرات تابعين للنظام السابق في ليبيا من تونس ،، وانه كان احد المنفدين لعملية اغتيال شكري بلعيد بتعليمات من بلحاج وخالد الشريف مسئول بالدفاع الليبي وان عملية مجمع الغاز في الجزائر تمت بمعرفة خالد البصير ودوره فيها كان توفير الاسلحه والمتفجرات ،، افاد هيثم التاجوري ان اغتيالات تمت ضد موالين لنظام القذافي تتم يومياً من قبل خاصه تدار من هاشم بشر وان عملية اغتيال عائلة كاملة بمدينة العزيزيه خارج طرابلس كانت بتعليمات وزير الذاخليه فوزي عبدالعال وتنفيد هاشم بشر رئيس غرفة امنيه خاصه بليبيا ، وان عمليات قتل جماعي تمت ضد بعض متناولي الخمر من قبل شيخ سلفي يدعى عبد الرؤوف كاره امر باضافه مواد سامه للخمور وتوزيعها بين شريحة شباب كي يتركوا الذين بعدهم شرب الخمر ،، كل ذلك لم يروق لرجال المخابرات الامريكيه وهنا حصلت الصفقة التي تم بها الافراج على التاجوري بعد احالته الي مكتب تحقيقات يتبع المخابرات الامريكيه بالدار البيضاء لاستكمال استجوابه وتجنيده وتسربت معلومات من مكتب انطوان كودين وزير الذاخليه البلجكيه ان الوزير اعترض على نقل هيثم التاجوري لاحدى العيادات بعد علمه ان جهاز ارسال دقيق جداً زرع داخل جسده يجعله في حالة متابعه على مدار الوقت طيلة حياته بسماع احاديثه وتحديد اماكن تواجده مما اعتبره الوزير ان هذا العمل لم يتم التنسيق فيه بين قيادات الامن البلجكيه ونظيرتها الامريكيه ))





22 DEC. 2013:


all the stories were just rumors, and were BIG FAT LIES!

Boukaiqis: Tagouris denied entry because of visa Brussels

“Atmosphere of the country” – Fathi Ismail

Confirmed agent of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the fulfillment Boukaiqis that the cause of preventing Haitham Tagouris from entering the Belgian territory is receiving a visa from Poland, which requires that Poland is a transit station first to Europe, according to the law of visa “Schengen” of the European Union.

Denied Boukaiqis to the atmosphere of the country on Saturday, what some of the media about the detention of Haytham Tagouris in the Belgian capital, Brussels Airport and deported to the United States.

Boukaiqis confirmed that the news is not unfounded, pointing out that the charge d’affaires

in charge in Brussels in constant contact with Tagouris on his way back to Libya have already returned.

It is noteworthy about  Haitham Tagouris: He is currently a member of the control committee wanted the security of Tripoli by the Directorate of the Office of the President of the Security Committee in Tripoli PSD Hashim humans.

21 DECEMBER 2013:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes:
Urgent: Belgian police have been investigated with Haitham Tagouris
And at least two others and not to investigate the health benefits attributed
to them.
Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::
Belgian Interior Ministry / /:
Haitham tribal mortgage provisional arrest
for questioning in several crimes attributed to him.
Proof of correctness or not is eliminated, if the investigation was not able to prove the crimes charged would be released
but confirmed the validity of the trial will be attributed to him.
Compacts and took them not to get involved in anything contrary to international law or domestic.
While innocence which they were accused in the charges of the four, but they committed the offense use Aelchengl visa.
It was to act and push the offense and are now Aaúdan to Libyan territories !

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:

Urgent – especially for international channel Libya:

the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, the Belgian counterpart informed this morning that the commander of the Libyan secret backing initial “Haitham Tagouris” suspended in Brussels have elements of U.S. intelligence since the early hours of yesterday as required to the U.S. authorities.

Agency urgently Libya / stop “Tagouris” in Brussels and deported to America.
According to preliminary information that the CIA stopped the first commander of the secret backing

“Haitham Tagouris” in the Belgian capital Brussels.

According to informed sources, reliable been deported “Tagouris” flown to the United States at dawn today.
The police threw the International “Interpol” capture “Tagouris” in Belgium, accused of four charges,

including two international and one more likely criminal and political, namely:
– Attacking the Ministry of Justice in Tripoli.
– Trapping the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State under the protection of the United Nations.
– Participation in Alaatmae with Belhadj on the U.S. embassy in Tunis.
– Involved in killing people urges torture.

The information had been leaked last week that the British government informed the interim government and different political parties that everyone involved with murder, torture and crime and attacked the institutions of the Libyan state after placed under the protection of the United Nations and its goal is going to get him.
Informed sources said that this speech was two weeks ago when he visited the British ambassador Misrata

Tagouris said literally that Libya will not be divided and will not allow dividing but Misrata may be divided into five regions that did not release the detainees have received the sons of those involved to justice.

Palestinian Hashim humans | |:
Haitham Tagouris access and facilities to Casablanca airport, coming from Brussels, capital of Belgium and was received by the Libyan consul there Idriss Abu Dib.

Hashim humans denies that Haithem Tagouris has been deported from Brussels (BELGIUM) to Washington, DC (USA).

He says that Tagouris was stopped for an error in the Schengen visa that Tagouris possesses with which he is able to enter Belgian territory.

Hathem Tagouris on the way to Libya and prevent Tagouris of
Belgian entry because you get a visa from the State
Poland, and no truth to the reports transmitted from the airport detention
The Belgian capital, Brussels, and deported to U.S.

(pictured above are the TAGOURIS brothers)


“Gateway Libya Libya Gate”:

Abdul Rahman Al-Shater member General National Congress for “Libya’s future”  says:

political isolation law is flawed Oorteurnah under pressure reached reduce murder …

7 private law Bani Walid sow hatred did not achieve more than is required of him …

The departure of the government has become a popular demand for its failure in several files …

Just moved from the federal requirement to impose a political reality and this deviation from legitimate.

بوابة ليبيا Libya Gateعبد الرحمن الشاطر عضو المؤتمر الوطني العام لـ”ليبيا المستقبل”: العزل السياسي قانون معيب أقررناه تحت ضغوط وصلت لحد القتل… القانون 7 الخاص ببني وليد زرع الكراهية اكثر ولم يحقق المطلوب منه… رحيل الحكومة أصبح مطلبا شعبيا لإخفاقها في عدة ملفات… الفيدرالية انتقلت من مجرد مطلب سياسي إلى فرض واقع وهذا خروج عن الشرعية.
Fathi Turkish:
What happened yesterday before Friday evening prayers:12/20/2013 at the mosque before Friday prayers Mazran voices against Sheikh Mohammed Merghem insults and verbal abuse. Where the rat Sheikh Mohammed urged people not to boycott the elections committee sixty Constitution
and almost up to the physical assault and many pandemonium inside the mosque and turf Mazran violation of the sanctity of the house of God with science Friday preacher man law belongs to the ‘MUSLIM ‘ BROTHERHOODs Party of Justice and construction.Janas God’s houses of worship and remembrance of Allah and not to engage in matters of politics.
We ask God to guide us to the path of truth, O Lord of the Worlds.Holy Quran 3(Quoting \ channel Zanata Friday market Tripoli)

Urgent and Important

Some associations Alashtlakih ask the national figure of the citizen as soon as Alassof

and the file is closed so as to exploit the national figure in the elections.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)


Recent developments in the storming telecommunications company. 9pm
Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications on the latest
developments in the storming telecommunications company.
– The threat of the company’s workers
Conflicting demands
– Lock mandatory for Internet services
– Their number exceeds the percent
الوكيل المساعد لوزارة الأتصالات حول أخر مستجدات اقتحام شركه الأتصالات .-تهديد عمال الشركه
تضارب في المطالب
-قفل اجباري لخدمات الأنترنت
-عددهم يتجاوز المئه21-12-2013

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications in Allagovernm mainframe: Muhammad Ali Cape
On the news channel ..
Internet service was cut off for Tripoli and surrounding areas and some
Areas of the south actually ..
The remaining eastern region (Cyrenaica) operate normally due to its association
Network Egypt and Italy.
Has been the matter by force ..

(Media Center tuber Libya)


Salem al-Obeidi | |

An informed source confirmed that the young intruder communications company are
Youth young age from the market Friday, at the beginning of the commanding
Corps and was with them during an interview with them engineers have been directed
Weapons and some of them returned to his home, and they confirmed the same source
Asked to sever contacts on the eastern region were also closed
Oil from the east of the country, and asked them to sever contacts
Even the prime minister offers his resignation, and asked them to cut
Communications on the mountain west

has also been cut gas !

Atef Shelmani reports:
The beginning of the return of the Internet service to the city of Tripoli
Now .. After the interruption of service due to the entry set
(Company’s Ltt)

Cause interruption of the Internet:
Agency News – Tripoli – Libyan Network Media # LNM
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, “the head Mohammed Ali” that the cause of interruption Internet, is breaking into the headquarters of the company by way of the coast by the citizens, asked to cut Internet service or the use of force after they threatened engineers,
And said “Ali” in a statement that they heading to them for bargaining and did not succeed was informed the prime minister and the General Staff and the Ministry of the Interior and not life did not call out, had already been cut off the Internet in the region of Central and West and South, with the exception of the eastern region due to its association Egypt sister network state, and pointed out the Deputy Minister of Communications that it did not see any weapons with the intruders, but they threatened him and of his use of force.

Salem al-Obeidi:
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, “the head Mohammed Ali” that the reason
Interruption of the Internet, is to break into the headquarters of the company by way of the coast
By citizens, asked Internet service cut off or the use of force

After they threatened engineers, and said “Ali” in a statement
Special to them that they heading for bargaining and did not succeed was
Report to the Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff and the Ministry of Interior and no life
Did not call out, the Internet has already been cut to the central region and
West and South, with the exception of the eastern region due to its association
Egypt sister network state, and pointed out the Deputy Minister of Communications that
Did not see any weapons with the intruders, but they threatened him and of
With the use of force.
URGENT :: militia Loyalty to Martyrs of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are attacked company information and
communications today and beat a staff.
And demanded to cut off communications on Libya and cut the Internet and cut communication lines and to stop the traffic signals and traffic.
Company Libya Telecom and Technology … ltt
Militias still control the building and the possibility of cutting connections Libyana sperm for her involvement and communication technology
Net work in accordance with the emergency plan approved by the company’s Ka temporary solution.
The protesters are demanding the gunmen cut off communications for the eastern region (against JDHARAN).
Negotiations are continuing to now have been unsuccessful.


Abdel Moez Bannon
Been confirmed the news,,,,
An armed group stormed the two Libya Telecom & Technology and Libyana, cut communications and requests for the eastern region, otherwise they will blow up the main divider their gear,,,,
Currently, officials of the company are negotiating with them to get them out, and, in connection with one of the technicians told me that there is no possibility for commuting from Tripoli Technically,,, even if detonated Dividers,,, in the absence of any security personnel in place …
It’s ignorance and backwardness particular,,,, and I repeat, not one of them represent me …

Abdel Moez Bannon ..
To break into the company Ltt Libyana and claim to separate coverage
For the eastern region.

Qallk Mguethmin company LTT and Libyana, and cut their demand for telecommunications eastern region!!!!!!
No one in Halbashr represent me,,,
Channel correspondent Libya Liberal Moataz fall:
I called the company Bmassadra Libya Telecom & Technology ..
Yet they are not aware of the mechanism that made the Internet give it locked again.!
Not aware of them, nor how the initiative that made them fall back on their actions. !
I’m still waiting for someone replies.
My contact with one of informatics: Bushra Azmi in Tripoli and to talk about the situation, said the city ::::::
Unidentified storm the headquarters of the city’s communications and had to cut off Internet service
and stop the service broadcast by satellite and there may be negotiations with them …
And unconfirmed reports that will come out demonstrations to topple the government and prime minister ....
And talk about the elections: Many do not want to vote because they are not convinced by,
and because they are not fully aware of it and want to extend the election period to inform people about this election
and what is the constitution (!!!), which will be held by the state ……(UGH!!) (BACKWARD forgetting the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and the Third UNIVERSAL THEORY which totally replaced  representative demoracy with direct democracy and the Holy Quaran which  surpasses all man-made laws!)
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Drone hovering on the skies harcha corner of Libya.

News of military coordination between Libya and Tunisia and Algeria to fight al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia in northern Africa:
لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث

أنباء عن تنسيق عسكرى بين ليبيا وتونس والجزائر لمحاربة انصار الشريعة والقاعدة بشمال افريقيا
HaHa HA–are they kidding? Then who runs the GNC of Zaidane?—are they fighting Zaidane’s administration? are they fighting the USA, Turkey, Qatar and FRANCE who support these groups?
هاها ها – هم تمزح؟ ثم الذي يدير المؤتمر الوطني العام من زيدان؟ — هم يقاتلون الإدارة زيدان؟
هم يقاتلون الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وتركيا وقطر وفرنسا الذين يدعمون هذه الجماعات؟


Urgent Libya

Agency urgently Libya / death of manipulators national figure and Libyan nationality
Court of Appeals issued in Tripoli Ahkamas to death 5 people involved in the numbers of national least two of Sabha and 2 of Tobruk and people of Benghazi and sets Wednesday execution of the judgment because of its moral value in the public arena of the Courts Complex in the presence of parents and a number of colleagues in the Passports and Nationality.

Convicts were transferred to Tripoli in the previous period and charged them with treason to the homeland and mercenary in Mmtalkat sovereign Libyan state security

The Interior Minister in charge of that trapping counterfeiters have become easy and identify the beneficiaries become easily and will track them all and execution of all those involved and the Interior Ministry will sign a number of security agreements with a number of Arab countries and European and Asian countries to punish the criminals and the exchange of prisoners and handed over.

The interior minister said that the arrested are involved in these processes actor or object trader or an intermediary or beneficiary will face death without pleading and saluting the presence of entanglement recognition Zmna crime and physical evidence of the occurrence of the event and the General Authority for the Elimination of Higher granted internal freedom to act in this type of case,

Saluting the courts do not call the crime committed and responsible for them exists, and will transform some cases if it considers it tangled internal to the courts for broadcast and consideration in this case was unable to prove the internal incident.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi 21/12/2013:
Photo : ‎جريدة القدس العربي 21-12-2013‎



Journalists Union condemns attack on Omar al-Badri
“Atmosphere of the country”
Condemned the General Union of journalists and media attack on a journalist in Tripoli Rawasi Omar al-Badri, who was shot Belaovernm injury, and after that transfer of treatment in Tunisia.
Said Capt. General Mustafa told reporters Venosh “atmosphere for the country” to be surprised that the union government inaction or lack of condemnation of these attacks and kidnappings that affect the media without opening the investigation, and if they were working in the Libyan scene is the scene as he put it.
It is noteworthy that Libya was ranked 131 in the world rankings for the freedom of the press and the media, which put the organization “Reporters without Borders” in 2013.


Fire at the gas station Got Alshall,,, and this image the gas station after burning.
That’s what happened last night Bgot Alshall fuel station and entering the novel by young drunken road opposite and a cigarette in his hand.
According to the information the reason is the entry of young drunken road opposite his hand and a cigarette? This is the result
Brega Oil Marketing
Urgent …
Calls Ministry of Oil and Gas Messrs. citizens not to listen to rumors about the return of the fuel crisis and thus we report that the fuel and all its derivatives available in large quantities at stores Brega oil marketing and movement of fuel trucks flowing normally and refinery corner work regularly and that creates such rumors are traders crises their goal of creating chaos and confusion of the causes and motives of dirty, and we turn this statement we Ntmon everyone and no need to panic and that the congestion and security agencies will deal firmly and seriously with the raise of these rumors and creating havoc in front of gas stations.
God save Libya

Operations room Mermaid:
Shortly before
About the smoke from the Damascus neighborhood lawns beside the school.

Fire cause a problem in a car yesterday in place.

Operations room Mermaid:
“It is February comes the new …”*
Tripoli: military police patrol arrested the gang now conducting robberies in the way of the coast. .
And possession of “a quantity of heroin and hashish.”*:


A traffic accident shortly before at the traffic light near the Corinthia Hotel

I ask pardon and safety and wellness


Battalion Knights janzour Hello:

For the closure of the coastal road today:

maintenance work of the road who falsely broken Maiya from the bridge 17 to gate 27.




Olive groves in the city Tarhounah over looked Mchae

Olive groves in the city Tarhounah over looked Mchae


Foreign military flight landed less than an hour before the area
Desert south a distance of five and 40 miles south-east
Tarhounah a distance of 18 miles, and is close to the road
Desert areas to Ahala honorable hope to know what’s going on
Now going on, and find out why the plane landed, authorities
The lives of those who are not competent advocates hope Publishing and circular and is
The following coordinates:

N 32184143 E13572926

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Now department in Ajeelat:
Hospital department in Ajeeilat depends entirely on the work
Local council department in Ajeelat is wholly dependent and works apartment in Tripoli
Shura Council of Elders and is wholly dependent
Institutions of civil society parked entirely
Manpower Bureau Jadida is wholly dependent
United Bank is wholly dependent department in Ajeelat
National Directorate of Security department in Ajeelat semi parked
with the presence of more than one thousand registered by the component and Atkado in salaries
Are there any other City in Libya has all these achievements?

Department in Ajeelat / / / /

Trabih screens erected some gunmen on the road between Zuwarah and department in Ajeelat ...

And the department in Ajeelat market Friday Sabratha ..

We ask God to guide everyone.

We received via e-page pictures of  NATO’s burning and destruction of family homes in the department in Ajeelat Walter ..

U.S. begins using Predator drones in Libya

US predator drone now flying over NW LIBYA's Nafus Mountains and struck homes in Ajeelat

President Obama has approved the use of armed Predator drone aircraft to launch airstrikes against ground targets in Libya, the latest sign of mounting concern in Washington that the NATO-led air campaign has failed to stop Moammar Kadafi’s forces.
There was an attaack on Misurata by Green forces this past Tuesday!

the Joint Chiefs of Staff said two drones would fly 24 hours a day.
U.S. Army units are equipped with radar that tracks the trajectory of incoming mortar shells and allows U.S. forces to swiftly return fire.
Here is a drone virtual room, which operates the  unmanned drones (which are able to see everything!, even below ground.):


Quoting \ channel Zintan Media
Prophet need to tell her lip yesterday …
The kidnapping of Wazwaz Girls in tourism in Tripoli before the BHS at about 10 at night .. the situation has become in front of my eyes Wazwaz Girls pedestrians their car in their hands Bags and how Ahto need in the car examined Miche (banana) Laura car Winslow 4 youth of the car and Shido girls Roshm or rather of their hair and Rkpohm Balgsb in Almiche and girls Haulo escape but Magdroush aspirations hands of Alroashen and Qt Icolo For God Help us and Ieito but the whole street watching and do not like who Sayer Sayer official like Temtal As Talaat car was in a car Miche even are but Kabana school and open the door and what Talaat car (banana) and fell down quickly Laket it broke the car door Altanip who are Almiche Kabana Then Talaat Akaddam Tani and Khst of Rue … and I swear to God the situation became Mafysh limit movement … of protecting the girls Haddow me aggressors are known in captivity and who is responsible for Elly Lake became … God Aalibia.



Haaaaaaaam Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …

Extension Mlisheh shield Libya _ Central Misrata …. To the end of the year 2014, after a lengthy meeting with the prime minister of the interim government of Libya …. Has concluded that the Libyan army can not deter any outside force from the state, but with the help of the power of the shield _ Central ..

From inside Mzrath:

Near the headquarters of the Security Committee in Misurata they stuffed arms to more than 1,000 SUV.

(They keep-on getting air-ship-loads of arms from Turkey, Qatar and the USA daily!) …ooo, that’s right, “they are fighting al-Qaeda!!!!” (HAH!)

DAILY thousands of illegal weapons are exported from Istanbul to MISURATA, including a thousand assault rifles, hundreds of guns and large quantities of ammunition



Agency News :: Sirte Libyan army
I went yesterday, the power of police operations for the city of Sirte to resolve the problem of stolen money after a long period of negotiations to no avail ..
It is noteworthy to mention that he accused the co-operation of the well-known to the relevant authorities and will begin the process of arrest and prosecution over the next few days until the recovery of all the stolen money.
Agency News Libyan army :::::::::::
Since the process began a few wide intrusion of homes and dens involved in the theft of million dinars in the city of Sirte ..
Involved in this process SS + forces and police operations, a joint forces between elements of Benghazi and Tripoli ..

Urgent exclusive of Sirte (as reported by Special Forces, Benghazi):

stun your sales, police raided the headquarters that the suspects in the theft of money…

Storming battalion Buhelaiqah and the Committee for the arrest of

Walker dens of criminals accused in the theft of 53 million

and the city’s hospital under the control of the battalion to protect the wounded …

O Allah, keep them from all evil Champions special forces Hama home

Security source confirmed battalion Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs of the corner,” that
Battalion did a raid and did not reach them commands the raid, and that
Battalion stationed at several points in the city of Sirte, and sent
Mobile patrols in some areas, and power coming from the city
Tripoli for the purpose of the raid was not a raid, and in the same context
Is confirmed Battalion 136 Infantry, “Ali Sadiq,” he did not force
A raid and did not reach them also commands, and the reason is the proliferation
Fixed and mobile patrols to maintain security in the city
(Salem al-Obeidi)


N kill Libyans in Sirte ….
O God, Lkhoti Libyans was Khalatoha Libby Libby P kindest
With it’s charm …
But Egyptian kills Khok Libyan consent thou
Hadi what Aqublohash grandchildren in the history books ..
What Tcololish its finest Muammar Jayb Africans
What Tqarnoh your spirit Beah
Almost Torah magnification does not accept the comparison between the rebels and the battalions ….
I do not Gth …
What the group who Aahbuh this kind of videos Mesh necessary Aalqo
ن يقتلون الليبيين في سرت….والله يا خوتي الليبيين كان خليتوها ليبي ف ليبي أرحم
مع انها فتنة…
لكن مصري يقتل خوك الليبي بموافقتك انت
هادي ما يقبلوهاش أحفادنا في كتب التاريخ..
ما تقولوليش به خيره معمر جايب أفارقة
ما تقارنوش روحكم بيه
وتقريبا تورة التكبير لا تقبل المقارنة بين الثوار والكتائب ….
ولا اني غالطة…
الجماعة اللي ما يحبوش النوع هذا من الفيديوات مش ضروري يعلقّو


Libya TV channel
Wall) – The medical staff of state visits Turkey to the city of Sirte on Friday on a visit to Ben Sina Hospital Education to conduct many of the statements of some medical conditions in the city at the invitation and for the supervision of the Central Committee of Sirte for treatment abroad.

According to committee member Sirte central abroad for treatment, Dr. “Hassan blue” to visit the medical staff Turkish, which includes specialists and consultants in the specialties of ear, nose and throat, bones, nerves

and inward to the city of Sirte came at the invitation of the Committee of Sirte for treatment abroad and in coordination with the Department of Training Hospital, Bin Sina educational Sirte to make statements Medical pathological cases that received treatment period, the last state of Turkey,

as well as make some statements of cases of new patients that suffer from health problems satisfactory in those disciplines.

He explained that doctors Visitors from Turkey will lay lectures in medical specialties for the benefit of Libyan doctors and medical components and medical aid them in raising the level of their competency in the provision of health and medical services in the specialties of ear, nose and throat, bone, nerves, and internal medicine.



Zliten … Activating a demonstration demanding the judiciary.


9 people were Haddvhm in this tragic incident

We ask God’s forgiveness and mercy for them and their families to inspire patience
Resulting in a collision two trucks and a car (Mercedes Vito) and vehicle type or Algranic Kia area at dawn on Friday, killing nine people

And Asdam signed between the truck was loaded with scrap Hodeidah with a truck loaded with flour was coming in the same direction.

Is likely to be the cause of the accident lack of backlighting for a truck which is confirmed by eyewitnesses.

They reported that the truck was traveling on the road without backlighting
Before you hit the second truck then Tsaddam veto and Kia trucks violently.

We ask God to forgive them and have mercy on them and makes them resting place paradise



HURRAH!!! al-JDHARAN and the “POLITICAL BUREAU of the Province of Cyrenaica’s People”

Advertising in its wire “channel, DC”

After the interview, Ibrahim Aljdharan official of the U.S. oil expert,

America gives approval for the sale of oil from the oil ports in Cyrenaica and undertake to secure corridors so

(Channel tenderly Free)
في شريطها الاعلاني “قناة العاصمة ”

بعد مقابلة ابراهيم الجضران مسؤل وخبير نفط امريكي ,,,

امريكآ تعطي موافقة لـ بيع النفط من الموانيء النفطية في برقة وتتعهد بـ تآمين ممرات لذلك

قناة برقة الحرة

(The PICTURE is of PORT HARIGA and the Tanker entering the Port after ZAIDANE‘s Government fired upon it.):


The oil minister said OPEC conference that the military option for ports and oil Ward
وزير النفط صرح فى مؤتمر الآوبيك بأن الخيار العسكرى بالنسبه للموانى النفطيه وارد

Libya Tripoli Street


Gateway Libya Libya Gate” publishes today this STATEMENT:

Urgent: – Important ..

To all the chieftains and sages and men of Benghazi ……. To all the chieftains
The sages and men tenderly ……… To all the residents and the people of Cyrenaica
Valley and the presence of federal and non-federal must announce the formation of
Battalion parents blood, support and stand beside them so take revenge from
Kharijites and Takfiris …
Must officially announced the beginning of the war, Benghazi and Cyrenaica to the Kharijites
And extremist groups who cut in capital sons of Benghazi and Derna all Cyrenaica
,,, Guys tenderly hour of zero Tskto no more blood for your children
On the future of your grandchildren, they will bring you the colonization of the New,
They kill us and them mercenaries from Yemen, Algeria, Afghanistan, …


Defence Force gently to prevent an oil tanker from entering the port of Harika.
 Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Libya first channel:Fire on an oil tanker belonging to the Libyan state in its attempts to enter the port of Harika TOBRUK
(Channel Vision Libyan)
(Channel Vision Libyan)

Ali Asbali informs us:
Capital channel, quoting Al-Hayat:
Head of the Political Council of the province of Cyrenaica Ibrahim Aljdharan visited the port of Sidra, accompanied by oil expert U.S. Avid Lifco where inquired about the shipping lines of oil and quantities available in the reservoirs also asked to see the shipping documents earlier and frequencies that are used to communicate with ships before they enter into the pavement and prepares the U.S. expert to export oil for the benefit of province of Cyrenaica.

Agency urgently Libya / Benghazi Zidane blew up today

Reporter learned agency urgently Libya in Tripoli and that the diplomatic delegation is composed of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and twenty ministers from his government will dawn on Sunday, the city of Benghazi.

The source confirmed to the reporter urgent Libya that the prime minister will appear at a news conference this afternoon from inside the hotel ballroom holy Benghazi, to respond to the forum, which ended on Saturday, the elders and sheikhs and youth tenderly Nddo the announcement of the government to use force to open the oil ports, as Tallowa the Office of the province of Cyrenaica Executive to proceed in the sale of oil.

Laroussi threatens to resort to force to open oil ports

Alluded Minister of Oil and Gas in the interim government, “Abdul Bari Arousi”
today to the possibility of resorting to force, to re-open the oil ports closed since July.


Malik Muhammad
Hearts insurer mourn brother:
Saeed Hamad Asih cabled City Ajdabiya, who passed away-term slaying by Almilishiaat note that Taser yesterday clashed, which happened yesterday and that they have commissioned an official from the Ministry of Defence proof that they are not a people with morals and the treatment of their captives, and to God and to him Rajaowon
(Channel tenderly Free)
Ssalhe Salim reports:
Clashes in the city of Ajdabiya cabled between the tribe and the Tabu.

7 burned homes for TPU and the fire burning in the possibility of scattered in the neighborhood Angiamana Bojaddabaa after the attack on the neighborhood by youth angry at the impact of the killing of six young people from the city of Ajdabiya by gangs Tabu in bed area of the SOUTH and news of the death of 7 TPU. 

Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Ajdabiya now /
Average lead resound ... downtown Ajdabiya, the more likely groups angry burn Mnasal against the backdrop of clashes
and Azhoyh Tabu tribe in the south of Libya ..
26 burning car TPU Toubou Bojaddabaa in retaliation for the killing of a number of people from the city at the hands of a group belonging to the TPU in the area of the bed. 
26 burning car Bojaddabaa TPU, and move the focus of the tension of the neighborhood
N’djamena neighborhood to October 7, and some homes were burned tribe
Tabu in Ajdabiya, against the backdrop of the killing of five soldiers from the tribe
Azwaip, belonging to the 427 Infantry Battalion, after the outbreak of A Fight
Between them and armed battalion Ahmed Sharif field bed after
Conflicting mandates to protect fields:
# Ajdabiya
(Salem al-Obeidi)
(T. Customary p reporting)
# # # And clarify apology
From his home was raided Tbawi citizen named “Ali” and of confirmed
To me that house, “Ali Sheedy,” employees of a security room
Ajdabiya is a youth Azwaip, after my contact with someone close
Battalion command of Ahmed Sharif, for not arriving to him personally because he
The heart of the desert and figures out personal service, assured me
That “Ali” does not have a home city of Ajdabiya and were storming
His home is a citizen Tbawi his name on the residents of Ajdabiya
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Abduction “Mohammed Hawari,” a son of the city of Derna and employees of a
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” Benghazi, after he join them
After the war of liberation and participated as a civilian with them during the War of Liberation, is
And sister, and the news now found his head on a
Green Mountain and the beaches are not sure of the news so far, and
Sister’s fate still unknown
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Since the past few days have been kidnapped by members of the bolt forces and is going from the city of Derna to Benghazi, but when he arrived at the city of Casablanca was kidnapped there and the brothers Blablag for his abduction,

note that the population of the city of Derna ….

Today were surprised to find a lump on his head in white and did not find the body

and found the head with his hair loose and cut short and the subject with him ……
And his name: Mohammed Hawari T …..

I am God and I Rajawan him (God bless his soul) ……

(Mutassim Faitouri)


Intelligence service Benghazi | |
The remains of officers in Benghazi and beheadings in Benghazi and Derna and did not see anyone
we come out on the screen and say a word of the Kharijites Altkfferin!!
Today was arrested Haitham Ali Tagouris flipped State Conference on the flags!!!!
Down with the State of tykes!

Find the girl hijacked: our farmer Abdul Salam, who was kidnapped two days ago and was found at the Children’s Hospital ….
Thank God she comes back safely to her family …….

Citizenship “We Abdulsalam farmer” and is one of the missing residents
Street, the liver, and at the age of eight-year-old
(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Mutassim Faitouri)


SS says sadly been released about the people who arrested them young Tablino area and that has been handed

over to the battalion February 17 and are 3 people, including a person of Battalion 204 tanks ….

And we also say we have captured the fourth person is online and we have,

and we will not Plavraj him until after the investigation and with the permission of the owners of the house,

which has been attacking him ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

The burning of two cars behind the head of Awqaf area Aobeidh and fire unknown reasons ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Salem al-Obeidi:

Targeting booth portfolio “trunk” area near the pond
Battalion of the holy earlier, blast damage
And did not result in casualties.

The jeep Bermaah the concert ((Rab)) Street, Abdul Jalil,

which resulted in the injury of two people and they are now Galaa Hospital, one care and other noteworthy.

(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)

Mahdoa bombing shop for spare parts market area Allouhiche coal and only material damage.
(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)

SS now stumbled upon an unidentified person infected with a knife in his heart and tied by his torturer, in the Sabri sea .….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Chamber of investigations Thunderbolt :::
1 – personal problem area of ​​the country ((hotel)) Tariq Mahmood claimed the lives of sanding and a Palestinian nationality, was shot dead.
2 – and news of the shooting near a market garden killed Hesham Salah mourning shot dead and his brother is in hospital ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Reporter Mutassim Faitouri | |:
And found the body of Osama Fathi Almqsba Hospital in Benghazi in 1200, was found shot,
knowing that he was kidnapped three days ago …..

Osama Fathi Almqsba pathogen that is found slain brother Ahmed Fathi media Almqsba

(News Agency of Libya today)

Salem al-Obeidi:

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….
Tuber assassinate Colonel Fathallah Aelkezira now.
Assassinate Colonel “Fathallah Rahim Aelkezira” was assigned branch
Military Intelligence Benghazi a few days ago, treacherously murdered by bullets
Left a little while ago in the city of Derna, while attending the wedding daughter
His brother in the city of Derna.

Said a medical source in the tuber to the atmosphere of the country and the arrival of the body of

Colonel Special Forces Fathallah Rahim Aelkezira to hospital promptly at 18:00 by the target by a

bullet in the neck Street “hashish” in the city, noting that the victim of the population of the city

of Benghazi and was visiting the city of Derna.

Galaa Hospital:

Was dismantled an explosive device from a car in front of Galaa Hospital ….

The first images of the suicide operation that targeted the gate precise.

IT WAS NO SUICIDE!! the 16 year-old did not know what was planned.

About what happened in the precise Gate .
Say / that what happened in the Gate precise planning of Sufian Ibrahim Alqovernm him and someone else called ((BU point of the city of Derna)) and another person named Ali bin Tahir ((mouse)) and key Ibrak Mkraz .. The owner of the car that exploded in a precise gate and another person named Hafez al-Mansouri Barrani aka Balaour, and another person named Sheikh ((Gaddafi)) Tunisian nationality and another person named Ali Ghaithi .. Where Famo coordination of this process in the city of Derna. Asro and a car bombing in the center of a gathering of army men in Gate precise. Retaliation for the killing of four members of the Atbahm during the past few weeks
Where lose luring young man from the city of Derna called ((Murad, nicknamed Abu Ajaj Libyan)) at the age of 16 years and lose sedition it and send it to transfer the shipment of explosives to City turf for the purpose of implementation of operations in the City Prairie and invitee has to go to transfer the consignment to the city of Prairie and at the exit of this the young man to transport explosives Arslo successor car was driven Almdo Au ((the mouse Bin Taher)) and the Ghaithi and maintained Barrani Upon passage of the young man from the gate precise and stopped by members of the gate lose treachery this young man and blown up, including loads of explosives without being aware of this scheme, which Ahik him where he was believed to be on a mission and not a transfer task Antharoosnoafikm the rest of the information, if available, and this is what happened in this process in the sense of sacrifice to one of their personnel without teaching him and planted an explosive device.
# (Gate _ Libya)


Security room Benghazi:
Elvis trading news pages targeting Prime security room Benghazi, Colonel Abdullah Saaiti suicide bombing

this news tonight purpose of publishing a false awe and dread in the hearts of the people of Benghazi,

Colonel good health, thank God.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Benghazi

Reports indicate the arrival of the death toll to five after the bombing gate precise.
Ali Asbali reports:

3 dead and several wounded on the way to hospital lawn by the explosion of a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber at the gate precise.
A source close to the gate is precise order of communicative through the gate
That is infected with the gate after a car bomb explosion and their news
They are the primary source by a suicide attack, because the car soon
Standing at the gate exploded them, was to be rescued from their gate
To the hospital and has not been confirmed for the presence of dead.

Gateway precise ::::::

Dead :::
1 – Saqr Saqr Jaballah.
2 – Mohammed valid key.
3 – Nuri al-Hamad Al-goers.
4 – Beauty Bouhoshh Kharruba.
5 – just Saaiti.

Missing ::::
1 – F Mehdi Persian.
2 – Ibrahim Jaballah Alsagher.
Casualties who were taken to Benghazi:
1 – Ahmed Clmana.
2 – Nasser Ibrahim patients.
And there are others present to the rest of the hospitals and Heath Tokrh ……..
The news of the bombing of the gate precise true, contacted now ordered the gate, but I was surprised that someone else is given a high and says that the phone owner’s infected and there are a large number of wounded, and news about the presence of 5 dead because the situation Mezri very fire landing place and overcrowded by car ….

After confirmation of the death toll has reached buba precise number of them 3 to 7 men and 3 gate unknown and 1 was standing on the road.

A member of the Gateway precise told me ::::
The type of car flying carpet and its people and the Bracken car blew up next to the gate and suddenly the car is inside and what happened happened …
For large wholesale entry wounded, either dead Almost 10 people dead, including brother / key Mohammed Saleh Al-Abdali ……

And they :::::::

1 – Key Mohammed Abdali
And two of the sons of the family Dinal ((Alsagher))
Elly and the rest is now unknown …..

(Mutassim Faitouri)

 source familiar Sathfez named for the presence of dead, including
Citizens standing on the right of the road for the purpose of inspection and present
Families and also among the dead, “Mohammad Musa key Abdali
Also known as “Mhaaa” and “Nasser Ibrahim satisfactory” and the rest
The remains have not been identified, and the injured is not recognized
A certain number.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Agency urgently Libya / video effects bombing precise gate east of Benghazi
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو اثار تفجير بوابة برسس شرق بنغازي
FLASH very ::::::::
 Reported injury is the gate precise Mr. / Faraj Al Abdali.
Ordered investigations commandos in touch with me through now ::::::
We came out of camp now and stun mongrel ::::
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” send support to the gate precise
Now, and send ambulances to transport the injured.
10 ambulances.
And a number of civil defense vehicles.
100 military vehicle.
And heading to precise.
All cars belonging to the camp of the Thunderbolt.
These assignments by Colonel Nice Bouchmadh now ……….
RBI keeps them.
 The sound of a powerful explosion in Benghazi.




Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….

Tuber huge explosion shakes the city center now.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….
The bombing of the ice plant near the port of Derna and learned this plant feeds the city’s snow in the summer
and used to preserve meat and fish imported as well as the rest of the nutrients that you need to store them
when they are imported through the port of Derna to Bicycle low temperature; as well as the needs of ships
calling at the port of Derna him for the same reason.

The arrival of the aircraft Poll atmosphere Aldrnawih since few.

(AD Media tuber)

# Tuber

Pharmacy exposed to theft and assault in Derna near Sahaba Mosque, where the attack was to destroy
the upper part of the pharmacy and the assailants stole a plasma TV and a computer and a number of medications.




In the town of Gallo major campaign (to the shops and restaurants of):

Before the Municipal Guard, which has been the confiscation of many commodities ended
Validity (out-dated), also launched a campaign of inspection procedures for other employment
Expat and the exercise of the profession across trade shops without legal action
And licenses,

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Colonel, “Mohammed Said” is a guard oil installations Gallo
Receiving the bodies of the elements of Battalion 427, which was charged with the newly
Protection of some oil fields, by the battalion Ahmed Sharif
Formerly in charge of the protection of some of the fields, after conflicting assignments
By the competent authorities and the military men who Colonel
Mohammed Saeed transferred to the hospital after the outbreak of A Fight
They are armed
Saeed Mohammed Alsoaa cabled
Nasser Borimh Bojvol cabled
Ali Issa Bossaqa cabled
Faraj Issa cabled
Fathi Hassan Saeed

# Gallo

 The transfer of the bodies of the victims of clashes to a hospital bed Ajdabiya
“Atmosphere of the country “-The supervisor for General Hospital Gallo Osman Harsh.  The hospital sent the bodies of five soldiers who were killed in the clashes that took place two days before the agricultural area of the bed to the hospital of Ajdabiya.Harsh added to the “atmosphere of the country” on Sunday that the transfer took place at midnight yesterday to be handed over to their families, their bodies and brought before a coroner in the city.The atmosphere of the country” contacted agent on behalf of the court that Gallo received the bodies to find out more details, but preferred not to make statements because the case under investigation – he said.

# Godless
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Targeting an army patrol in the national Sabha, from
By unknown Ikazv “RPG”, without causing
Targeting casualties

Free newspaper Sabha:

Interruption of communications in the area Opare because of the theft of electricity

transformer station coverage Libyana in Junction Fageej which led the lack of coverage in areas that followed.


Bed – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
“Station bed” to generate electricity to start its work in power generation and network support General Electricity


Signed yesterday evening, sporadic clashes between booklet Ahmed Sharif, Tabu and battalion 427 of Ajdabiya, which was Tkllivera Protect vital installations in the bed area, including the site of the river industrial plant bed invasive site torch and warehouse Brega oil South City Gallo and after negotiations yesterday to deliver the sites rejected booklet Ahmed Sharif delivery locations and cars arms to Battalion 427, which was the outcome of the clashes Tkllivera fall of the number of dead and wounded from both sides now Awosol to 5 bodies to hospital Gallo of Battalion 427 of Ajdabiya.  They are:
1 – Fathi Hassan Saeed
2 – Ali Issa Busaqa
3 – Nasser Ibrama Bojvol
4 – Said Hamad Abimi
5 – Abdel Salam Mahmoud Doma.
Atef Shelmani
Was the arrival of the bodies of five of the city of Gallo in the wake of clashes
Dart to bed between Battalion 427, which was assigned to
Protect the field and positioned within the field, and mentions
The five bodies belonging to employees of the Army battalion
They are 427 ::
/ Said Asih.
2 / Nasser Borimh Bojvol.
3 / the messenger.
4 / Faraj Issa cabled.
5 / nurse from the city of Kufra is not recognized his name on the ambulance facility.

And wounded out of the field an hour before bed to hospital Gallo year named Abdullah Fathi Heram of Ajdabiya and was in serious condition
There are a number of dead and wounded among the Tabu did not know how many so far

Agency urgently Libya / 5 dead in clashes bed Zarei Gallo
Gallo received General Hospital on Saturday evening bodies of five soldiers from the Libyan army killed in the clashes that took place two days before the agricultural region of the bed.
A reporter Libyan news agency Bjalo, that a group of tribes Tabu stationed in the area handed over the bodies to guard installations oases, the presence of the judge and the prosecutor on behalf of the court Gallo.
The reporter quoted officials at the hospital receiving the bodies, and make connections to people with the dead to receive it.

Was sure to deliver the news of the corpses 5 gang aggressor on the National Army (Guard Almnchaouat oil) in the area of ​​the bed yesterday to the commander of the guard oil installations Branch plates Colonel Mohammed Saeed and wounded as well have been delivered and arrived to the hospital currently Gallo.

(Tabu sons of the desert)

Photos of / Gabrekosh
Follow-up / Mohammed Alqbouzay:


Essam al-Obeidi reports:
Reports that some gangs and thieves electric cables trying to attack and sabotage the project
bed (north) and there are initial reports that the attackers of Ojkrh Ajdabiya
and investigation is underway to find out clothes this criminal act.
(Tabu channel on Facebook.)
Ongoing clashes in the field when the torch is also #
There are several casualties … There are also other clashes in a field # bed …

Field day bed ::::

Azwaip and clashes between Tabu and there are no injuries or deaths ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Tabu channel on Facebook:
A group of heavily armed with heavy weapons attacked on the evening of the day bed agricultural project f
or the purpose of sabotage were kidnapped engineer Adam sole charge of the Department of Animal Production.
(Channel correspondent of Ajdabiya)
And our response shortly before news of a captured criminals who attempt an assault on the bed project in the North, said preliminary investigations with him that they came to steal livestock and crops, and some machines and mechanisms on the project and its impact fled after them ….. We will bring you will Balkhbar upon receipt of any new in this regard.
The outbreak of an armed clash on the field between the bed force charged with protecting
Field bed “obelisk” Battalion 25 border guards battalion “Mujahid
Ahmed al-Sharif “and previously unknown destination, and one of them was arrested on
According to a source familiar with the reservation and the two cars, one carrying 14.5
Reported clashes in the bed of Kufra basin between tribal militias in the region.
Militias calculated on Azwaiat tribe of infidels and Ojkrh turning control of the fields and
attacked the troops in charge of the Department of Defense to protect the fields …
And has control of the forces in charge of the Department of Defense to protect the fields on militias
# Bed
Salem al-Obeidi

Picture of Muammar al-Qathafi’s bed agricultural Project which the Tabu tried to destroy, sabatage and steal cattle from.

This case infidels shops closed and streets paralysis prevail and become like a military buffer zone forbidden curfew and mobility
Nor for the diseases of materials and basic goods in the region as a result of this paralysis … Orby and guide everyone.


Funeral service for employees of 427 Infantry Battalion, who Gu
Died, by the outbreak of an armed clash between them and the battalion
Ahmed al-Sharif, because of the conflicting mandates to protect fields
After noon prayers in Ajdabiya and they are:
Fathi Hassan Saeed
Ali Issa and leg
Nasser Bojvol
Said Hamad Souayah
Abdulsalam Mahmoud Doma
# (Gate _ Libya)

Synergy … (4 photos)

The release of the abducted from Libyan port Owaynat

“Atmosphere of the country” – Ahmad Faitouri
Coordinator of the Commission confirmed the information and security on the local council of Kufra Borkik that five people abducted earlier this month from the port Owaynat had arrived by Saturday evening to their families in Kufra.
The Borkik  told “the atmosphere of the country” that the head of the Military Council of the infidels previously received hostages for Barbaana handed over to the kidnappers of four people accused of smuggling issues, the two of them, Tabu and others from Chad.
The Borkik has confirmed that six trucks of fuel were being held Btazrbu has allowed her to four days before going towards Rbeana, at the request of the kidnappers and try to list the success of the negotiations.
It is noteworthy that the Secretary of Defense commissioned junta chief infidels previously, following up the issue of the abduction of four soldiers and a civilian Libyans and twenty-five Sudanese sponsor of Balauinat border checkpoint on the second of December.
A released from the port to the atmosphere Owaynat tells the story of the country’s kidnapping
Atmosphere of the country – particularly
Narrated by one of the soldiers released from the port Owaynat head sergeants Salah Mansour Buamirh to the atmosphere of the details of the kidnapping the country, where he confirmed that they had been trapped nearly four dozen vehicles, including two cars military, who arrested them and most of them do not speak Arabic.
He added that the process of Buamirh detention lasted for twenty days, where booked in the first three days in the area Rbeana, explaining that they were getting one meal a day.
Buamirh noted that they had been tortured, was photographed by one of the kidnappers, stressing that the photography section has spread, and that one of the checkpoints on the photographer captured near the city of Ajdabiya.
Buamirh pointed out that the kidnappers were talking in the beginning about being liquidated, then told them the possibility of an exchange of prisoners with the others present in the city of Kufra, indicating that the handover took place just 100 kilometers from the area Rbeana.
The atmosphere of the country tried to communicate with the kidnappers to comment on the incident were not available to do so.
The Secretary of Defense commissioned junta chief infidels earlier, follow-up case of the kidnapping of the four soldiers and one civilian facilities to them in the second of December..
In big cities and neighborhoods flooded roads and rain water but alive Tabu infidels flooded all kinds of garbage, and people’s resorted to digging trenches to pay them as a solution as long as the local administration ignores some neighborhoods ….
Broadcast images of the reality that you are going through these neighborhoods:
Synergy …


Shipment arrival medications and equipment to the city of Kufra.



Prevent the entry of Egyptian workers from Libya through the Salloum
Piled dozens of passenger cars for the second day in a row in front of Salloum land port on the Egyptian-Libyan border after authorities banned Libyan Battalion 71 in the entry of Egyptian workers without reasons unannounced.
While authorities allowed the entry of trucks Patel Battalion banned the entry of all vehicles transporting passengers to the Egyptian Libya. Said Tariq Mahmood motorist Macairopas Egyptian Ban authorities Salloum prevented him from crossing the port, causing him to have to return with passengers to stay overnight in recreations Salloum, adding that the reason for this is to prevent members of the gate 71 Libyan entry Egyptians since the afternoon of the first on Thursday, and until the present time.
A number of drivers on this talk, preferring to return to the town of Salloum even be allowed to enter Libya by the Egyptian authorities and the Libyan Battalion 71. Some eyewitnesses in the region that the security personnel to the port of the Libyan dealt with the Egyptian workers in a bad way, and they took samples analyzes of all the passengers, and forced them to pay at least 20 dinars, in addition to the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger, however it ended up preventing them from entering since last Thursday evening until Saturday morning.
News in circulation suggest that Turkey asked the Brotherhood in
Libya is that the attack on the Egyptian embassy on 22 and are
Expel the ambassador of Egypt, after Egypt’s position of power against Turkey:
The Brotherhood.
(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Views of the Egyptian author Mohamed Hassanein Heikal:

Structure: Libyan tribal leaders asked for the intervention of the Egyptian army to end the militias
The author said the great journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, in his interview with the media for the Miss Iron program “Egypt where and to where?”, The leaders of some Libyan tribes said to him, there is no solution except that the Egyptian army to help us to stabilize things, a response that the Egyptian army with Busy deep regret, and that phone is already some military personnel who know them and are not leaders, and said that this is improbable, and the quantities of weapons in Libya humbling.
* For the Libyan situation, what your expectations in this regard, you are waiting for “the chaos of Iraq”?
I’ve seen this week, a delegation from the supervision of Cyrenaica and tribal leaders, and the image that Qsoua me what is going on there are awesome, Libya today are all militias take is to export oil, to the point where they said they blocked the export ports in order not to steal, there is a process looting very severe in Libya, according to information spoken to me, that the precautions that were at Libya’s Gaddafi era 400 billion dollars and that the money abroad to avoid confiscation was fictitious names, and therefore the situation in ultimate chaos to the extent that tribal leaders have said there is no solution except that the Egyptian army to help us in Libya to stabilize things, I told them that the Egyptian army with great regret busy, and telephoned some of the military people I know who are not leaders, they told me that this is improbable, and the quantities of weapons in Libya earth-shattering, and it seems that Gaddafi was buying many weapons, weapons caches No one imagines flow to and from Libya Egypt, because the price of the weapon into the ground, and you know some people bought “RPG” and heavy weapons and machine guns.
* What do you expect?
Constantly this situation may be a country that has borders with you subject to the disintegration of you in front of stretch before me, and therefore you have a situation in the Middle tired In the West, painful and in the south, you have what is happening in the cluster inflamed “Sudan” Originally, we did not understand it throughout our lives we talked about in National Movement and many of the enthusiasts for Sudan talk about them without their knowledge, including Dr. Farag Fouda, and the most ardent Sudanese border existing or terrain is delimited manufactured movement geographical in the 19th century, with the help of Egyptian Geographic Society, and direct support from the Khedive, who tried to look for treasures In Africa, this is not just state this is not the tribes of this geographical area extended, and you always say that there are 4 Sudan, north heading towards Egypt to Nubia and the south, which is heading towards Kenya, East Africa, and the West is heading towards Chad and Central Africa, and there is the east in Sudan heading towards Ethiopia, and unfortunately we did not study Sudan finally, separation you unexpected to the point that in the newspapers delegation in 1959 wrote about me, “the structure of the separatist”, because I am after visiting her I said that any talk about the unity of Egypt with the Nile Valley is mixing in securities, and that the south will secede language and we have, but it also threatened the South to secede again, there are two major tribes Noel and Dinka, and in fact failed coup that occurred tribes have a relationship with it.
Q: So all these separations, whether from the south or west How do you see the impact on us?
* Do Taatsouri that you live in an oasis away from this, as well as that this occurs near the headwaters of the Nile and the area has a great future for Egypt, at least in terms of agricultural land, I know, for example, that China, which did not have a presence in Africa since a decade ago, now has investments estimated at around 350 billion dollars, and 2 million Chinese living on the continent. This allows the expansion of the agricultural south and close to us and a safe area.
About / / TV Libya future

Network TV Libya LTN:
Prevent the entry of Egyptian workers from Libya through the Salloum

Piled dozens of passenger cars for the second day in a row in front of Salloum land port on the Egyptian-Libyan border after authorities banned Libyan Battalion 71 in the entry of Egyptian workers without reasons unannounced.
While authorities allowed the battalion to enter those trucks banned the entry of all vehicles transporting passengers to the Egyptian Libya. Said Tariq Mahmood motorist Macairopas Egyptian Ban authorities Salloum prevented him from crossing the port, causing him to have to return with passengers to stay overnight in recreations Salloum, adding that the reason for this is to prevent members of the gate 71 Libyan entry Egyptians

since the afternoon of the first on Thursday, and until the present time.

number of drivers on this talk, preferring to return to the town of Salloum even be allowed to enter Libya by the Egyptian authorities and the Libyan Battalion 71.

Some eyewitnesses in the region that the security personnel to the port of the Libyan dealt with the Egyptian workers in a bad way, and they took samples analyzes of all the passengers, and forced them to pay at least 20 dinars, in addition to the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger, however it ended up preventing them from entering since last Thursday evening until Saturday morning.

(Libya future)

Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya (FB PAGE)
writes on 04 décembre  2013:

Egyptian Dream TV in the hosting of the brilliant artist Wael Kfoury .... When he had submitted the dialogue for political topics with the artist was of the questions directed to the artist of the greatest Arab character you love and if Madaa of his question by virtue of hospitality artist on their channels they want to polish the image of the person concerned to show that his name and shine but Khabh they believe when they responded artist and with pride and humility of it
Said leader Muammar al-Qathafi ; and respect eluted from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel al-Qathafi ..

“I’m in the hearts of millions!!”


Monitoring of foreign military aircraft!
The foreign military aviation day yesterday on Thursday, 19.12.2013 Tema 11pm combing operations and monitor the military heavily in the southwestern desert of Libya, and the desert of Algeria and Tunisia as well!



la vidéo de radio tataouine Radio Tataouine.

أقدم منذ قليل شاب على إحراق نفسه قبالة مركز شرطة مدينة تطاوين.
و الانباء المتوفرة الى حد اللحظة تفيد بان الشاب قد فارق الحياة وقد تم نقله الى المستشفى الجهوي بتطاوين .radio tataouine اذاعة تطاوين

The death of the young man after I burn himself in front of police station Tataouine
Since few older young man burned himself off the police station in the city of Tataouine.
And news available to the extent of stating that the moment the young man was dead has been transferred to the regional hospital in Tataouine.

Radio Tataouine radio tataouine



The sons of Libya
Osama Alakora,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:
The protesting wounded who were healing  in Greece from the Gharghour attacks last month and were airlifted to Greece,
were sentenced by the court on the wounded and the accompanying Petrhlehm Libyans to Libya
Peshkoh of the Libyan ambassador to Greece Ahmad Jacob Zqlal
And the light of the court has taken the decision to deport them and stamp their passports to non-access to the EU for five years.
Each of their cause that they are no visa.
ARAB LEAGUE:Death Esmat Abdel Meguid, Secretary General of the Arab League, former age 90 years


Very QUESTIONABLE:le statut de Ali Handb.

Gaddafi’s supporters are fighting Syria!!

“I received several messages from young people of the Libyan pro-Gaddafi, the captives appeared on Syrian television.
Fact that these Alqmavien supporters were detained by militias and rebels of NATO in Libya, was to get them out of jails and transported in groups Natoyh to Syria to fight alongside NATO partners Alhadeyen rebels in Syria.”

  • so much of what Ali Handb says and writes, seem to be propagandist LIES!

Some surprises today! Late Night Battle over TUBER


Behind the politics and dirty tricks that demonised Libya’s  Colonel Qathafi

By David Guyatt

“It’s an easy hit.” The voice of Lester Coleman, former Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative and joint author of the explosive book: “Trail of the Octopus”, echoed hollowly down the line. Lester answered my question in four simple words. I had asked him why the US continues blaming Libya’s Qathafi for all the woes in the world. Since his enforced “exile,” Lester has become something of an expert on Libya.

“Listen David,” he continued, “It’s all domestic politics… Libyan skulduggery plays to the ‘Red-necks’ who inhabit middle America.” Lester, an accomplished linguist launched into a humorous back-woods drawl to emphasise his point. “Most Americans believe anything they’re told about ‘Ay-rabs’ “, he said, “particularly at politically sensitive times or during an election year. One reason, perhaps, why the US had threatened to use a nuclear weapon against Libya in spring of 1996….” (SIR TEDDY TAYLOR)

Allah, Muammar and Libya w teddy



Decline in the price of the dinar against the dollar to the dinar and five pennies and starts dealing out starting from next Sunday

Zaidane accuse affected by the solution profiles and some political opponents fabricating fuel crisis (11 DEC. 2013)…
Then on 12 DEC. 2013:
ZAIDANE’s 180° turn from the day previous ! :


“There are some people who have a political disagreement or dissatisfaction with the policy of the government want to make something on the street and say that the fuel crisis and the electricity crisis is fabricated.”

Contrived mess up outside the capital.
Queues gasoline reached the Sabratha west and east and Tarhounah Zliten and Bani Walid and Almetzahmon mostly coming from the capital.
Police refused to be in the stations
Record more of an assault on the vehicles transporting the fuel in the path of the airport and in roads
Recorded more than two deaths within the fuel stations
A strong return to the rebels with gasoline and tradersStart partial paralysis in. Most government departments because of lack of gasoline for the staff, which prevented them to go to workTarget of every citizen
Players are politicians(Operations room Mermaid)
Back end of December, the electric grid to its natural
“Atmosphere of the country”Walid Sati
The director of the Department of Media General Electricity Company Lutfi Ghuma It is expected that the company today operates a production unit capacity Matin and fifty megawatts, after decoding the sit-field primarily bed and load trucks with fuel.
According to Ghuma, who told  “atmosphere for the country”,  that the rest of the units will be run next Saturday, and there are several units south of Tripoli and the city of five corner expected to enter the network before the end of December.
He explained that these units with a unit north of Benghazi and Zueitina will contribute to the return of the public network of electricity to their natural ability.
He noted the need to Ghuma citizen cooperation with the staff of the company, which recently witnessed repeated attacks on staff and production units.

~ Retired special brotherhood that he had started the social security fund to accept the figures from the national fraternity retirees.
. For retirees speed to go to the nearest office accompanied by a security national figure your whole family.

Ads Social Security Fund:

Declares the social security fund for retired brothers need to go to the nearest office

accompanied by a security national figure your whole family.

High technical quality of the pitfalls of Libya!



Agency urgently Libya / suspicious movements in the capital

and planned to storm the General Conference:

Reported preliminary information that some activists spotted the suspicious movements

of the operations room Libya rebels in order to break into the National Congress

and the public announcement of the “coup” in the name of correcting the path of the revolution.

URGENT: news did not Ttakz after about plans for room Libya rebels to break into the National Congress
(AD Media tuber)

On the other hand reported that preliminary information Oissa Gunmen stormed

the headquarters of Brega Oil Marketing in Tripoli.

Tripoli Local Council
Most fuel stations Tripoli has been deliberately sabotaged .. ! (proves some organisation purposely is causing chaos).
Comfortable Chaaba tells us:
girlfriend told me to one of the stations came a group of young hooded faces and they began firing weapons Hawkrli two cars and another car had cut off the hoses and gasoline and prosecuted were causing the station and switched them off and went in a flash –

Friday Market:

Fuel stations were closed Arada was cut Altoboat from vandals.

Military forces protect gas stations Tripoli
Forces deployed from the operating room and common security deterrence and intervention in

Tripoli on Wednesday at gas stations to protect citizens and keep them safe and secure stations.

A spokesman for the room, “Essam drowsiness,” the Libyan news agency that “the deployment

came after acts of vandalism that took place in some gas stations in Tripoli.”
He stressed, “drowsiness” forces of deterrence and intervention will not tolerate those who

exploit the congestion at the stations and sell fuel outside official channels.

Gateway Valley as the year shield
The arrest bug Tsar fuel dealers and large amounts were intended for sale to Tripoli.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Tripoli today
Continuation of the power outages on some areas of the city and severe congestion in front of gas stations,
causing chaos and fights led to the death of a citizen after a bullet at a petrol station by the airport,
and there are no signs of resolving the crisis so far.


Petrol crisis up to the neighboring cities of Tripoli.

The image of the city corner:

Tripoli ::::

Shortly before: a gas station by the airport fire station centered on the army, short circuit and stop the supply process.

Today: Tripoli, four cases cutting machine pipe supplying fuel stations

Shortly before: a gas station trait Ben Aoun, the arrest of the person who cut off the tube refueling, “hit by some of the citizens.”

Shortly before: Hospital street corner, and the death of a citizen after being shot at a gas station by the airport

Company headquarters Brega Airport Road, an armed group Taatahjm on the company, claiming the fuel crisis,

and the exchange of fire before about five hours.

Maram Aboaisha

Tripoli ::::::::::: crisis and the near-total paralysis.

Abdulwahab Mlitan writes:

Militias still exist in Tripoli Fajttaf member of the National Congress of the center of the capital, the best proof of the militias ideological worse than the regional militias and this does not negate the seriousness of regional militias also
Also fighting on the incident puts you in front of petrol stations in question: – Wen Wen military police Tripoli Rahe in trouble ..!?
The political activists and journalists Some Ihlonh years and years Ihrmonh.

Atef Clmana
The unidentified b b yesterday targeting “Akotait”
Almrchk’s prime minister in Libya occurred
Mjaolh assassination after his release last night from a hotel
Rixos b city of Tripoli.
Armed robbery at a car belonging to the British Embassy bearing the
number 20/26 political body Department of Homeland Security Center
received Alshall by two masked highway ..
National Security Directorate Tripoli


National Security Directorate Tripoli National Security Directorate of Tripoli
Bulletin communications received on 10.12.2013 from M: -Police plateau:Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital named (and AFP) 34 year-old resident of the plateau Albdereymsab shot in the pelvis by an unidentified person was injured and an ambulance at the hospital and saved Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.Industrial district police station: -Word communication effect attended the so-called ((aa m b) Report kidnapped brother named (Q e m b) a captain to police operations, born in 1983, resident Aldrebe by a group of unknown persons identity area Aldrebe were on board the three-car type Kia Cerato without plates Metal circular name it adjusts cars and them
Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.Police eye visited:
Word communication effect brought to the Tripoli Medical Center named (Imad Abdullah) 32 years old intersections of life impact of a live Mary Ain Zara area by someone who has been caught by the military police.Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.Police Got Alshall: –

Attended to the center both of the so-called (p a m) as a member of the security of the British embassy, accompanied by embassy driver named (pp m h) Report the theft of a car embassy each type Hyundai 2007 model color gray bearing No. 20/26 CCAMLR political by two masked holds one gun Klashen Cove aboard Searhnoa Toyota Oriel color white afford to 30-5 inspiration – and the rest of the number was unknown Astagafhm motorway and gunpoint and fled, was circular and it adjusts the car.

Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.



More than 6 cases reached the hospital corner ..

Bullet wounds or knife due to the mobilization of gasoline

There is no power but from God.


The spread of security forces in the fuel distribution centers in Tripoli.
Libya TV channel
Tripoli local council: the number of deaths caused by the events of  15 November 12013  has risen to 51
after the death of three cases and the case of Tunisia, Italy.
Libya TV channel
Tripoli local council: still many places occupied by armed formations as an airport of Tripoli and also Camp 27 and other places and restrooms.




Photos and news from Rishvana

After the tracking car Abdelmajid Alzentute GPS system to locate the car was in the area ..

Sbaah were arrested three people inside Kano illusion of Kklh follow .

Quoting / / / channel Kklh on Facebook :::
O blood and inject united between Kklh and O Rishvana God united their ranks
Oh God, Oh God, turn off the fire of sedition wanted to reward the thigh with his hand
Anyone who wants to take the evil thigh Aziz competent
O reunited
A. Oh God, between our hearts
Oh God, our response to Dink Marda beautiful
Oh God, take us back our brothers loving Vick
Oh God spared us the temptation of them appeared and Maptun
O Amin.Of course the demolition of Mohammed Shin Alkkla and Emad Mohammed Alkkla demolished within five persons to a kidnapped member of the Conference Abdul Majid Alzentute and pictures of the remaining found and video recording exists and has just been revealed, thank God, have been arrested during the 3 hours of the kidnapping of Abdul Majid Alzentute in Gate Abu Glahn before Gharyan and were shooting them.They are now present in the conservation and preservation in the hands of family and Alzentute Atervoa me everything and told them to Akhtafoa and Wayne Abdul Alzentute good currently and God willing, tonight claimed the briefs and claimed they are delivered to the Fourth Brigade.(Channel globe)
Member Conference (Alhablos) on the demands of the kidnappers Majeed Alzentoty
Member of the National Conference Abdel Fattah Saad Alhablos about Majeed Alzentoty demands of the kidnappers.
عضو المؤتمر الوطني عبد الفتاح سعد الحبلوص حول مطالب خاطفي عبدالمجيد الزنتوتى .12-12-2013


Shell Arada today:

Shell globe today:

e statut de Shura Council and Rishvana.And Rishvana and Rafla:hearts pure and hearts of high tall Imlaha hope tomorrow the best of the nation derives fragrance of the past and the events of history and Esicriq the future of the nation dear to everyone, the feelings of affection and love, respect and bonds of bagpipes and intermarriage, and brothers, and codes of loyalty and Bahod past rooted in the inheritance of social and national Arab tribes thoroughbreds,was to meet men for men, loyal to the loyal and brothers of brothers to meet the Arabs for the Arabs to meet the common struggle for the land of Libya beloved hundreds of years ago a meeting between parents and Rishvana and Orvlh on renewed the covenants and conventions to Nahni where our brothers in Bani Walid,Mujahid and tribes and Rafla in the homeland return Mhaúkhhm to their families and bless them with safety and stress Libyans them that grief and joy, and one they are brothers in religion, blood, and partners in the homeland, thank our brothers and Rafla for their warm welcome and hospitality and good treatment you deserve thanks for Thanksgiving.(Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana 12/12/2013)

Salem al-Obeidi informs us:
Kklh delegation from the Council of Ministers in the Prime Minister waiting for an interview
Mr. “Ali Zaidane,” about the abduction of the President of the Council
Local Kklh Mr. “Ibrahim Salem Little” and member of the Board
SC “Ahmed Mohammed Said,” near the bridge Zahra
And negotiations have not agreed upon until now because of the kidnappers’
And Rishvana, but do not want Alzentute person named Abdulkuddous
And is arrested by the “Ogneoh Alkkla” hospital
Tripoli’s Abu Salim and has been charged with killing and stealing coercion, and not
Still “Alzentute” with a total calculated as Kklh
One of them assured me now and his condition was not good and being ill, and will not
Be released only after the release of the President of Local and Kklh
A member of the Shura Council, also assured me that he is the same source
Exists when “O. Gneoh”, and is located has Abdulkuddous
# (Exclusive # # Tripoli now)
GNEOH evil of Salim, Tripoli

de tribe and Rishvana Libyan Wershfana Tribe Libya.
Today the high-level delegation included some of the elders and Rishvana
and the Supreme Council for the tribes and Rishvana and the Shura Council
has today paid a visit to the city of Bani Walid to offer congratulations to them
and their wedding on the occasion of the exit of some prisoners Senate.
(Op 7 drums)



Entry is one of the gunmen and young people from the city of Surman to the building

of the city’s civil registry and he shot him!!! The reasons that led to this action are not known.

of the shot??? On Alehiot!!!!!!!!!

(Channel Surman)


Local council meeting Thursday with Jafra managers hospitals and wellness Bhon Odan public
and in the presence of the heads of the Steering Council for Jafra cities to follow the work and
the performance of hospitals and wellness Bhon Odan year.
(The news agency western mountain)


The news agency Fassato

Arrived a little while ago to the city of Jadu delegation comprising a number of heads of local councils

in the capital in addition to the sub-Sheikh Sadiq Gharyiani Mufti of Libya and a number of sheikhs, District Capitol.


An expanded meeting of the city of Gharyan to discuss the deteriorating security situation at the Faculty of Languages ​​at the University of the Western Mountain.
Held on Thursday at the Faculty of Languages ​​at the University of Western Mountain Pegrean expanded meeting attended by Mr. “Mohammed eggs” a member of the local council and costly follow-up file of Higher Education Pegrean, and Dean and a number of members of the Faculty of Languages ​​Pegrean, and notables and dignitaries and mayors shops in the region and officials of some security agencies in the city.

The meeting focused on the discussion of the deteriorating security situation altogether and discuss ways to reduce behaviors and destructive and negative phenomena that occur within the college, which pose a threat to the educational process.

The Department of the Faculty of Languages ​​has decided to shut down during the last period of the study, more than a week against the backdrop of the problems witnessed by the College of the entry of persons from outside the college and doing the harassing students and fabricating problems on campus.

The meeting concluded the use of members of the national army to protect the foreign headquarters of the college and the formation of a committee of security officials and members of the faculty and a number of parents of the students would be responsible for following up the security situation within the college and the development of objective vision contribute to the consolidation of security and order within it.

(The news agency western mountain)


12/12/2013, 16:10
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سيف الإسلام

Photo: © EPA

Noon son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the former, Saif al-Islam, said on Thursday in a court of Zintan in western Libya, where on trial on charges of harming national security.As reported by the Libyan media.

The official representative of the court Busama Mohammed, said the court session lasted only five minutes, and was adjourned to February 27 of next year, because of the absence of the other defendants.

Zintan Libyan court postpones trial of Saif al-Islam to 27 Feb.

Tripoli 12 December 2013

Trial court postponed Zintan in Libya’s hearing by today (Thursday),

the trial of the captive Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to 27 from next February at the request of the defense.

Saif Magestic



Smuggling are accused of stealing electric cables from a police station Zliten:
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly

Managed by an armed group attacked a police station in Zliten of smuggling eight detainees civilians who had been arrested at the beginning of this week, following their arrest and they are stealing electric cables from the camp of the volcano in Zliten.

The director of the Information Office of the Local Council Zliten Ibrahim Mohamed mast to the atmosphere of the country that one of the persons who were arrested on the background of the process of stealing cables 4 members of the military and the police and the last of the remaining civilians.

The mast that the armed group was able to last Sunday of the liberation of eight civilian detainees following the attack on a police station in the city.

One of the patrol forces to shield Libya Central Region Branch Zliten managed at the beginning of this week the arrest of a group of about 15 people, ten stealing electrical cables from the camp of the volcano.

Hall Center for National Security meetings Zliten city:



Receiving delegations Libyan tribes in the city of Bani Walid 6
Bani Walid receives delegations Libyan tribes to congratulate the

members of the exit of the Social Council of the tribes of the detainee and Rafla:

Tribe Rishvana Mujahid (seven drums) ABOVE PIC.


Bani Walid ..
Receiving a delegation from the tribe and Rishvana Mujahid Today

بني وليد ..
تستقبل وفد من قبيلة ورشفانة المجاهدة اليوم

Channel Kerkozh on Facebook
A delegation from the tribe and Rishvana and Zintan.

Adhb to Bani Walid
Thanks to receive our folks in the Bani Walid delegation and

Rishvana and Zintan.
Reception was more than wonderful before entering the city Tnzerk Aakad riding his vessel knights

and Rafla then followed by a convoy of cars entering the ranks of the delegation and Rishvana hello.

and Momena the road and then receive Senate amid great welcome from the locals and the slaughter

of camels, poetry and Altkachik in fact was a reception befitting Bani Walid.

 Greeted the people of Bani Walid to the members of the Social Council of the tribes and Rafla detainees

Ceremony to release the members of the Social Council of the tribes and Rafla detainees
Council attended social ceremony Rafla tribes and release members of the council

held in the city of Corner:

F tourist on the head of a delegation epiphyseal tribe, who arrived today to the city of Bani Walid
to congratulate the elders who have been released from detention militias corner_
The release of the Egyptians in the city of Bani Walid
After harassment by armed militias in the desert road, where their insurance
and to expose them to the city of Tripoli under the auspices of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla.
بعد مضايقتهم من قبل مليشيات مسلحة في الطريق الصحراوي ، حيث تم تأمينهم وإيصالهم لمدينة طرابلس برعاية المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة


 The spokesman of the Presidency of the General Staff of the senile, told  “atmosphere of the country” on Thursday,
the appointment of Colonel Abdul Majid Ahmed Mohammed ordered the military area of ​​Sirte.



Unions pretend tomorrow in the “F editing oil.”  RATS for the GNC and ZAIDANE will demand  all ports open!

Called the General Union of Workers oil and gas sector and in cooperation with the mobility of the martyrs of November 15 :
Libyans to gather in all fields and in all the main squares of cities on Friday under the slogan “F liberalization of oil.”
The RAT member of the Office of Information Union, rat Hassan Qlvat, on Thursday told “the atmosphere of the country”:

“the Union called for a peaceful demonstration on Friday, coming in collaboration with civil society organizations and the mobility of the martyrs of November 15 with the aim of lifting the siege imposed on the oil ports.”

He Qlvat told the “atmosphere for the country”, we came to the street as a means to mobilize pressure for the Liberation of the oil fields and ports and the extension of the legitimacy of the state.
He noted that in the absence of open ports will have to organize another demonstration on Friday, which followed and we will go to the ports closed to open.
The Qlvat that day will be on Friday vigil in Green Square in the capital Tripoli after noon prayers, and in addition to the rest of the other fields in all cities.
For his part, member of the local council in Tripoli, Abdul Hamid Khlav, told  “the atmosphere of the country”  that the alleged movement held next Friday in order to open ports will be peaceful and civil.
He explained that the movement will do all unions, associations and institutions of civil society, stressing that the Council adopted the Tripoli sponsored this movement and will provide logistics adjutants.
Recall that yesterday had been the first agreement between the tribal elder Moroccans favor Alotyosh and former commander of the Guard installations Ibrahim Jdharan oil ports to open in mid-December and the current re-export of oil.
It is noteworthy that the export and production of oil from the oil ports of Crescent eastern region due to protests turned off guard installations since the twenty-fifth of July.

Fakhiri freeze the membership of the Federation of Oil Workers:

Issued to the Management Committee of the General Union of Workers of oil and gas a decision to freeze the membership of a member of the Committee, “Saad dinars Fakhiri” on the back of his remarks to the media, to re-close the ports and oil fields after efforts aimed to open.
The Management Committee of the Union of Workers of oil and gas that Tdharahat “Fakhiri” caused negative effects on the security and social peace, which invited them to freeze the membership of the management committee, to be presented this matter to the General Assembly of the Union at its next meeting.


Demonstrations in Benghazi:

Citing the investigation room now forces the bolt, the type of car a lioness attacking a white color immobilization

continued to stun Street area and twenty bullets fired on them indiscriminately

and thankfully there were no injuries and no damage,,,,
Room and says the investigation also that their forces fired bullets on them and also

been puncturing a tire of the car and fled but Adhu, Gary and search for them.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Agency News – Benghazi – Correspondent
The director of the Office of Outreach and Extension company public services in Benghazi
“Munther Method” that the protesters company expressed their protest and dissatisfaction with some of the media that spoke to their demands is limited to the late payment of salaries to all.
And pointed out, “Method,” in a statement that the demands of the protesters included mainly in the need to provide cars and machines and operating equipment necessary to enable them to do their job in cleaning up the city and the transfer of garbage from various neighborhoods and residential areas, which extends to a wide swath, including the city of Benghazi and its suburbs.
He noted that the protesters demanded repeatedly the need to provide health insurance to them by virtue of the nature of their work, which requires dealing directly with garbage and what can cause risks to health and safety.
Quoting a media spokesman for the local council of Benghazi
M. Mr. Osama Al-Sharif that the head of the local council
Benghazi m. Mahmoud Burzizh met with Chairman of the Finance Committee
General National Congress, which in turn confirmed the signing of the hawala
Private financial company salaries and public services
The arrival of the Central Bank of Libya and that the main action
The arrival of the company’s account is in progress.
The Information Office of the local council of Benghazi

Continuing garbage crisis in Benghazi
“Atmosphere of the country” – Alaa al-Drissi

The director of the Office of Outreach services company, General Munther Method:
The government and the competent authorities did not meet any demand of the protesters so far.
Method and confirmed that they are continuing their sit-in until meet all demands.
He explained that the Method of those demands to provide the necessary mechanisms for the transfer of garbage, and the granting of health insurance for all employees of the company, and the organization of the mechanism of payment of salaries.
The city of Benghazi experiencing congestion due to garbage sit employees of public services a few days ago.

Special Forces “stun” the cleanliness campaign in the streets
The city of Benghazi, and are now present in Airport.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Valley girl)


Traffic accident area Mrtoppe family moved from the city of Derna
To have mercy and not one of them left, but the “Angel of Osama Omraja
Obeidi, “and is now a hospital Galaa.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Very important :::::::::::::::::::::

Previously, and that the news Haddzqm Egyptian man, who fell upon the wall of a building near the Ministry of Education,,,,,
To you the full story ::::::
I received a communication from the Special Forces before the incident and I appealed to them of a place in the event and never really found a person and it is not building a wall of what happened is the following:
There was a 3 Egyptian workers employed Blaamal ongoing worked an area of ​​one of the streets and Quiche Iqmon work in progress, but are maintenance and sewage pipes They began work this morning and at noon suddenly dropped one of these workers inside the pit was filled with sewage water and dirt no one was able take him out because he entered deep into this hole and disappeared, residents of the area came to help and they found him, but without,,,,
Came the author forces Thunderbolt at 18:00 so I went with them to the place and found the civil defense in front of us, trying to find it and have already been found on the person, but they can not directed to the fall of a very large amount of soil on it, a bitter time quickly and I arrived at about 8 they are in attempts to take him out, and after attempts and discomfort and fatigue drove the man out of the hole and was dead since the time of which inside the hole, this factor is the poor suffered and is inside the crater and of the causes of his death, he also fell upon it Salloum on the head and the scene was very homely when you take it out because his head Divided into two halves ….
I was standing next to the ambulance and help you, rode the ambulance to put a person inside,,,,,,
Witnessed a sight never seen before and is, I grabbed this guy and I’m in the car by myself and everyone abroad and was a person’s blood to bleed heavily and how I told you a scene terrible too and I am my clothes soiled by the blood of this man is innocent, and it turned out that one of the people who help us brother and the deceased, but in spite of Sabra he seen his brother is dead and Sete any dead ……………..
Not around and no power except in God,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Lord have mercy and forgive him …………………….

Sorry that you Akhtt in the modern novel or story is not required, but I in very poor condition ……..
And you are sorry for the ugliness of the picture …….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Salem al-Obeidi:Explosion “bag” is aimed booth area Sabri, versus
Club stores challenge and caused considerable material damage interface
Buildings near it, by the force of the explosion without causing
Human damage:


F achieve demands .. Will start from the front of Sahaba Mosque on Friday approved 13 _ 12-2013
complement to achieve the demands of the people of the city of Derna, which activate the
institutions of the state, led by the army and police.
(AD Media tuber)
The headquarters of the ruling MB Justice and building the city of Derna to blow across the targeted improvised explosive device detonated on what led to the massive losses of the building without casualties, and was chairman of the party branch tuber Abdel Basset Barasi had survived earlier targeted by blowing up his car improvised adhesive .. These events come after the city witnessed demonstrations calling for activating the institutions of the state, the army and the police.

The bombing of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the tuber is a natural reaction to the operations carried out by the dirty arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the tuber (supporters of evil) from the liquidation of the rebels tuber and national competencies and blow them up to the headquarters of the elections that Hsalo Msiqa where the number of votes equal to zero properly.
(AD Media tuber)

Tuber …

Took place two hours before the battle is now near the port of Susahib 14.5 and 23
It is said that among the group coming from the tuber and the city’s population.
(AD Media tuber)
F tuber ::::::
Tomorrow the city of Derna demonstrations after Friday prayers (F achieve demands),
to resume demonstrations after he was suspended for a week.
Lord protect them and guide them.
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Sites and the terror camps are now in the tuber and its environs:
Mosque Afattaúh
Mosque redness Coast bin Nasser
Mosque Azzouz
Angle Mghar

Garment factory Coast
Formerly the headquarters of the secretariat of the conference or market the coast the previous year
Radar largest single camp ..


For information only reconnaissance plane has more than two days has expanded

its scope to operate above the white,  tuber and Tobruk, respectively disappear over the city to appear over the city or region.

(AD Media tuber)



A medical source in the Libyan city of Derna confirms that «there are 18 abortions of fetuses in the city because of the bombings»

(Media «Noman al-Atrash» Al -Jazeera correspondent)

Cabinet Decision No. 774 on the formation of a ministerial committee to develop a mechanism and Execution of the National Conference Resolution No. 53 on the public to evacuate the cities of illegal armed formations (to the city of Derna)

Saleh Paddy‘s resignation Alvrich news channel cameraman in the tuber of the channel,

did not mention the reason or reasons.

(AD Media tuber)




This is the headquarters of the electricity company of Bhagat Ntrellat despite the presence
of the Director of the company has given the distribution of administration for the
Southern District of Sabha, but this Hua if the company’s headquarters.
(Al-Sabha Free)

wow! They are permitting the former GREEN ARMY to be security for SABHA!!

Page Sabha cities:

From our sources close: the military governor “recalled all the regular forces of the former army

[ Libyan People’s armed forces of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ], and is now working hard to bring security.

Green Army 6

صفحة سبها مدينتي
من مصادرنا المقربة : ان الحاكم العسكري استرجع كافة القوات النظامية السابقة للجيش الليبي ، وهي الان تعمل جاهدة لاحلال الامن .

Here Sabha electronic page
Redco pond and the Declaration of tomorrow withdrawal from the gate 17

and is delivered to the Military Area Sabha Abdul Hafeez Busafa tomorrow.

Department of moral branch Sabha:


Staff Boubare banks are demanding to provide security

“Atmosphere of the country” Ubari – SherifStaff held banks Boubare a protest today in front of the Commercial Bank, demanding solutions to the security problems in banks.The assistant bank manager deserts Ahlgrefah “good material” to the atmosphere of the country’s most important problem facing the banks are not secured by a security installations and facilities of the police.”The material” that stand demanding the protection of the banks of looting, theft and the threat of directors and officers of banks in the city.In a statement addressed to the Department of Central Bank of Libya and the Sabha military and security establishments – received “atmosphere for the country,” a copy of it – student staff of the banks to cancel the contract with the security of installations and facilities in charge of insurance and guard and replace them with members of the national army and the provision of surveillance cameras and detectors arms and raise the value of employees’ insurance and cabinets banks.The banks Ubari area has been closed since the beginning of December in protest against the attacks and robberies on banks in the region.


Mahmoud Nakua ambassador to Libya in Britain: 250 students receive placebo and 350 thousand a month …


EU Aimidid air embargo on civil aviation

The European Union extended the air embargo imposed on the Libyan civil aviation, airlines recorded it, until the end of 2013,
Due to the deterioration of the level of air safety services and the European Union extended the ban on civil aviation air. 

News Aviation Libyan Libyan Aviation News
Air ban was extended to aircraft registered in Libya, from landing at European airports, and the door that we must turn our tribute of thanks and gratitude to the Civil Aviation and Safety, headed by the chief of the Civil Aviation Safety and Alambdolh all efforts by them ….! The danger even Transport Minister Mannsoshi even Hua
One God and do not know Shen says salvation … !!!!! Wonder.


Egyptian police detain 11 diagonally in the office of Al-Jazeera

12/12/2013, 10:11

قناة الجزيرة

Photo: © AFP

The newspaper “Al-Ahram” Egyptian, on Thursday, he and the result of a raid by Egyptian security services at the Office of the channel “Al Jazeera” TV Qatar, late on Wednesday, was arrested 11 citizens of Qatar.

According to this publication, among the detainees there are four elements of the national police.

The Office of the “island” in Cairo has been closed since July 3, after a raid conducted by security forces within a few hours after the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.However, this channel, which broadcasts from Qatar, are available for viewing in Egypt.

It quoted “Al-Ahram” for security officials, have been conducting search after receiving reports of weapons found in the office. After inspection, the police did not find anything.

And officers seized security cameras, audio devices and transmission equipment.

Relations between Cairo and Qatar, after the dismissal of the head of the Egyptian army Islamist Mohamed Morsi. Doha has provided more financial support for “Brotherhood” and strongly opposed the overthrow of Marsa and repression against the Salafists.


The release of Egyptian trucks in Libya after being held for several hours

A source familiar with the Foreign Ministry that the number of trucks Egyptian has been routed to all Libyan cities after being held by some young people took advantage of the parking these trucks at the Abu Ferjany Palace of Capricorn, 30 kilometers from the port assistant at the break Safa and Marwa, which is the work of Maintenance work for a new gate and reforms in the way, something that forced them to stop and get off at the break and then held in protest against the continuation of illegal immigration from Egypt.
Intervened and families were allowed to pass and walk to various Libyan cities.


An exclusive interview with Abu Hafs the Mauritanian, the former mufti of the base

Abu Hafs, named Mahfouz was born father, was one of the three most important figures in al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri. Was head of the Shariah; any it was a mufti of Al-Qaeda in its infancy.

Written by: Asia Abdul Rahman , was spotted: 801 
Publication Date: December 12, 2013, 7:42 pm

Nouakchott December 12, 2013, Abdulrahman Asia, News Now –

Last year, 2012, was full of life and in the march of Abu Hafs the Mauritanian, the former mufti of the base. In the first half of the year, moved from Iran to his country of Mauritania, and in the second half he was released to live among his family in Nouakchott.

Abu Hafs, named Mahfouz was born father, was one of the three most important figures in al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri. Was head of the Shariah; any it was a mufti of Al-Qaeda in its infancy.

After the attacks of September atheist, leaving the Abu Hafs,  al-Qaida in protest against the attacks and what was to be followed. Later, he fled with the others, also from the top leaders of al-Qaeda, to Iran. There, he spent over ten years to deport him to his country.

The development of events in this way has important implications; man who remains exclusively at the base of the Ansar al-Shariah, which is the same bucking roads in the targeting of civilians; was keen interpreted as violating this building on the foundations and religious legitimacy. Observer of this talk will not take long before you notice that while the trade-Qaeda and Mwaloha religion, we find that the leaders of the important and at an advanced level of science discovered the ills of the rule; chose to stay away.

In only the second time in its history, in which the Abu Hafs interview with an Arab media or global, we met at his home in Nouakchott and Astodhana him on many things such as: How do you see the base path now? What’s his opinion of the attacks carried out by al-Qaeda supporters in more than one country in the world? What does it say about Syria, and Iran? What does he know about the killing of Osama bin Laden?

Here’s the text of the interview.

News Now: Welcome to this meeting, private and exclusive on the TV screen, which now host the third man in al-Qaeda and Muftiha previously, Sheikh Mahfouz was born father, known as Abu Hafs the Mauritanian. Welcome to us.

Abu Hafs: Welcome and hello, ÍíÇßă God.

News Now: First of all, thank you for hosting us accept to answer some of the questions that concern the viewers valued.

Abu Hafs: Welcome, ÍíÇßă God.

News Now: What has happened until you become the base of approach? Describe that moment that you realized that al-Qaeda were not right.

Abu Hafs: In the name of God the Merciful. Praise be to God alone. And blessings and peace be upon the Prophet after him: Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and followers and their followers until the Day of religion. This is the question you need to answer it bootable.

Al-Qaeda when it was founded at the end of the eighties was established for jihad for the sake of God and resist the Soviet occupiers in Afghanistan has done well in this task even defeated the Russians out of Afghanistan, and even the Communist regime fell in Kabul in the spring of 1992 from the last century AD.

Al-Qaeda has not anything in this paragraph calls to resign from it, but every business is good and satisfactory. Since fell Kabul in the hands of the Mujahideen began fighting among the jihadi parties to power in Kabul, and the back of the base that fight for power and government, not a holy war for the sake of God, considered sedition and left him and went out to the Sudan, and it was also an act rightly toward those events. Sudan began a period from 1992 to 1996.

In this period, the al-Qaida with the help of the Sudan in the field of infrastructure, investment and agriculture; did well, because this is a matter of cooperation in righteousness and piety. It was not in this period of the work of al-Qaeda is calling them my resignation and withdrawal from work has been satisfactory and the approval of the initiated.

Drove the base of the Sudan in 1996 and moved to Afghanistan. The second stage of Afghanistan.This is the stage that began experiencing some sort of disagreement between me and Sheikh Osama bin Laden, God rest his soul. This was his disagreement causes. The most important of these reasons is the Declaration of Sheikh Osama mercy be upon jihad against the Americans in this period.

Of course no doubt that any Muslim to his jealousy of his religion and faith and the nation rejects the presence of U.S. troops and the West in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Holy land in various Muslim countries. But the rejection and condemnation of this thing and declare jihad without the presence of the elements of this jihad and without the presence of suitable conditions for this Jihad something else.

The first disagreement with Sheikh me on this point. I was objecting to the declaration of jihad against the Americans at that time without the presence of the elements of this jihad. The second reason of reasons controversial with Sheikh Rahmatullah it is continuing to breach the orders of Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban movement with respect to its operations against the Americans.

Of course, Sheikh Osama Mtroja out of Sudan by his friends and his friends in the government of Sudan. And when he came to Afghanistan, to deny his former companions as well: the Rabbani government and Alciafa which ruled Kabul. This government has agreed to hand him over to the states with him and calling him. In this period came the Taliban captured Kabul and seized power in Afghanistan and embraced Sheikh mercy be upon Ute and defended him and lost a lot of friends in order to protect the Sheikh and resisted a lot of pressure from the Saudi authorities and the Pakistani and U.S. in this area.

Was a duty to show Sheikh degree of cooperation and understanding of the position and conditions of the movement and not to embarrass them in military action can not afford to reactions on them. But Sheikh did not do it. But insisted on fighting his war contrary to the orders of Mullah Omar. That was another reason of the reasons for disagreement with Sheikh God rest his soul.

Is it was supposed to take him Sheikh is that a guest at the Taliban, Mullah Omar, is the legitimate ruler of this country and the declaration of jihad and war is the prerogative of the Muslim ruler and not the prerogative of the members of the nation, but Sheikh also did not take it with that recognizes the legitimacy of Mullah Omar and insisted on fighting his war against the Americans in the end what caused the fall of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The third reason of the reasons I disagree with Sheikh Rahmatullah it is the lack of discipline in taking fatwas legitimacy, sometimes, I’m Chairman of the Committee is supposed legitimacy does not work in any organization without the permission of the approval of the Shariah Committee; and more likely that the work of the Committee issued a fatwa against the legitimate legitimacy.

Sheikh mercy of God in the things that he knew that I oppose where he served on some of the work without consulted sometimes in the things that make the dissenting opinion he was also does not adhere to that view and this is also a socket another not because he did not take my opinion, but because it is, in my view did not take Fatwa Lalit must take them. The fourth reason in the Turkish rule is extreme centralization of Sheikh Osama God rest his soul in the management of the organization.

The sheikh’s mercy be upon everything was in everything did not give the powers or roles of the Shura Council, for example, or the sub-committees and other officials, and this was objectionable to me also. I see that you are bound by the Shura and that what was agreed upon Shura Council may not be the exclusion Emir Sheikh was another opinion.

These reasons existed in recent years in Afghanistan, but intensified and concentrated in periods brief before the events of September, was the insistence of Sheikh on the events of September with Mkhafattna him in the legitimacy and our opposition to him in the Shura Council and the opposition Taliban him and all Jihadist movements in the scene in Afghanistan. This was borderline, which prompted me to submit my resignation to Sheikh God rest his soul.

News Now: Have you had to blame after Anfsalk from the norm?

Abu Hafs: Many of the older brothers in the organization was not surprised by the decision of my resignation because they were on the lookout for a cooling period in the relationship between me and the last Sheikh God rest his soul, and the dispute was between me and him; therefore not surprised many when they announced my resignation. Some enthusiastic young kids probably released some talk about them and I expand my chest to blame these Atabhm and as long as a good intention and their destination intact.

News Now: After the death of Osama bin Laden, have you changed the rule?

Abu Hafs: I do not think that the death of Sheikh Rahmatullah it caused a major change in the organization because Sheikh in epochs latter was his leadership of the organization leadership symbolic, but it was central regulation all in the state of atrophy and shrinking, while most of the activities of al-Qaeda is the activities of branches in other regions and therefore did not Sheikh was the absence of a significant impact on the organization.

But the organization knew a change before the death of Sheikh God rest his soul. The organization has grown branches in multiple regions, and this is what it was not before. The organization began to work was a central organization may be abandoned by a fighter rulers and confront regimes. This was not the policy of the central regulation, but this has happened in the years following the invasion of Afghanistan and this was a reaction to the invasion.

Organization at a time when I arrived in the events of September and got the invasion of Afghanistan was comprised of dozens of individuals or hundreds at the latest in Afghanistan, but the war turned him into a global organization and branches transcontinental thought applies in reality the nation and therefore they move automatically and self without reference to Sheikh and therefore did not the absence of influential Sheikh major impact on the movement and functioning of the organization.

News Now: How do you look at what happened in Nairobi and Peshawar?

Abu Hafs: Perhaps you mean the events of the mall and the church. After all, I already said repeatedly that I reject the use of force and the killing of innocent civilians, unarmed for any reason.

News Now: No doubt you Mtaatbon what is happening in Syria and the Syrians complain day of practice of the State of Iraq and the Levant, calculated on the base. How do you see what you are doing?

Abu Hafs: in fact, the Syrians complain about many things. Syrians complain about the system being slaughtered people in the world watching the tragedy. Syrians complain of a sectarian war led by Iran, Hezbollah and the Shiites of Iraq or some Iraqi Shiites. Syrians complain of countries pushed them to arm the revolution and then abandoned at a critical time. The Syrians could be complaining about the actions and mistakes of some groups affiliated with the Islamic Jihad.

I have no details in this regard, but I do not rule out that some of these groups have the kind of hyperbole in atonement and have the kind of expansion in the shedding of blood. Do not rule out that there is such a thing and I recommend those that fear God in themselves and in the people who came to support him and getting caught judgments on other controls and Sunnah and Platform Sunnis and the community and that the fear of God in the blood of Muslims. “There is still one in affluence of their religion unless shed blood is forbidden.”

News Now: It is said that Ayman al-Zawahiri, lost control of the branches of al-Qaeda, including its branch in the Levant. How do you see management Zawahiri things?

Abu Hafs: I have no details on the nature of the relationship between Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri and the organization’s branches in the various regions, but I do not rule out that the distance and geographical distance between these branches and between the central leadership and the difficulty of communicating and conditions prosecution and stalking experienced by everyone.

Do not rule out that this causes in poor communication between the leadership and branches, but I saw in the recent period in the Internet some guidance from Dr. Ayman and some commands even the branches in Iraq and the Levant, inviting them to commit to these instructions, and those instructions canceled for the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq, Achham and order him to branch Iraq commitment borders Iraq and branch Sham Sham commitment limits. This indicates that between him and them continue and has some kind of influence on them but do not know how strong the conditions that influence.

News Now: If I were al-Zawahiri, would you be any different?

Abu Hafs: wondrous question. This question hyperbolic assumption in fact. I do not think that in the near future I’ll be somewhere Zawahiri. Exceeded this question to the other.

News Now: What do you recommend Zawahiri?

Abu Hafs: I would advise Zawahiri to fear God Almighty. Strengthening its God is the Almighty God’s commandment to Olin and others advise him to avoid errors; repeating the mistakes that occurred in previous periods do not doubt that, on the lookout for them. And advise him to exert more effort in guiding the organization’s branches and stand in the face of a wave of extremism in the atonement and the expansion of the lawful blood of Muslims. Lawful Muslim blood is great and dangerous and atone Muslims gliding serious and large. This is one of the most errors where they are located jihadist groups.

News Now: Do you agree with those who say that al-Zawahiri made bad decisions made many people suffer at the base?


Abu Hafs: When I left the base was not for Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri’s role in making crucial decisions for the organization. It is not the decision maker. And then after that it was most activities and the activities of Al-Qaeda branches; branches often take their own decisions without reference to the central leadership. And therefore I do not remember the decisions taken are described as bad, Dr. Ayman, not even the other. I do not recall anything of this decision because I left the organization for a long time. But on one occasion I heard him speak for the brothers in Hamas strongly unit without an estimate of their circumstances.

There is no doubt that the advice is required, but it is important to assess the conditions of the others. Many people know that the dead meat need to be authorized by hunger. But few people know that the need to eat a dead policy allows policy. Brothers in Hamas in special circumstances and have some things that they may not be convinced by the selection in the case but the case is different from the case of having to choose. A virtue of necessity, but should should not be exaggerated. If you were to place you are less severe and more appreciative to put the brothers in Hamas.

News Now: You were the head of the Ansar al-Shariah and al-Qaida in this important position. You were  mufti of the base.  As a human being lived experience and felt the right thing, what do you say to the Muslim youth who was influenced by ideas of al Qaeda?

Abu Hafs: I want to correct an issue which I was not convinced then thought otherwise. I thought that it is now thought that I had before. The rule is that I came out of my view of what was a common line between her and me. This left. This is an issue.

My advice to young people is, as I said, that the fear of God Almighty. Strengthening its God is the Almighty God’s commandment to Olin and others. The second is my will for them to be aware and knows that jihad, as is the pinnacle of Islam, a worship which does not modify anything, however, he must of terms and ingredients. Without these conditions, and the ingredients does not achieve its goals of jihad and does not entail the desired fruit from behind.

Jihad, he must of the elements of legitimacy. Constituents are met legitimacy of the legality of the jurisprudence of the opinions of scientists working collectors Sharia between science and science reality and the fear of God Almighty. It is true that the holy war or jihad to announce all of the bear.Had a good intention and purpose properly. No need for jihad elements of material; these tangible factors known to the people of expertise and competence.

Then I would advise these young people something emphasized by more than once a dimension atone for Muslims. Prophet peace be upon him says:

Who said to his brother, B,

O faithless lost by one.

The approach Sunnis puts severe conditions and controls in the door of penance and Alvesar and judge others. Unfortunately, many young people do not abide by this approach and will expand in the atonement, interpretation and judgment on others. Other commandment is to guard against the blood of Muslims. And stay away from indulging in it. God Almighty says:

“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein. Wrath of God upon him and prepared him a great punishment.” 

The Prophet peace be upon him says:

“If you met by Muslim, Sevehma, murderer and the victim in the fire.”

The Prophet peace be upon him say, a side Kabah:

“What Otaibk and best Rihk, and I will extol the greatest denied you! Which is the soul of Muhammad in his hand, for the sanctity of the insured greatest when God denied you; blood and money and thought it only the best.”

He says peace be upon him:

“No one’s still in affluence in his religion unless it pours blood is forbidden.”

Muslim blood is great.

So what got in the era of strife companions, God bless them, the senior companions to retire from this sedition. Saad bin Abi Waqas may Allah be pleased with him, one of the Shura six;, one of the ten promised Paradise; what Auh to fighting in that strife that took place at that time, he said:

“Do not fight until Totoni the sword of his eyes and tongue and lips shows believer from the infidel.”

Abdullah between the ages may Allah be pleased with him, he refused to engage in any of that. A man once came to him, he said to him:

“O Abu Abdulrahman The Almighty God says: ‘If two sects of the faithful battled make peace between them, the one by the other Bgt that wants to Faqatheloa Tfe to the command of Allah.’ Why is not that a non-fighting community? “

He said to him:

“O son of my brother. Seconded that this verse does not fight love to be loaned out this verse.” Come and read as saying: “And whoever kills a believer intentionally reward Hell to abide therein. Wrath of God upon and cursed him and prepared for him a great punishment.”

As well as Malik bin Marwan, came to Ayman bin Khuraim and invited him to fight with him. He said to him, Ayman bin Khuraim:

“My father and grandfather have seen with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him the battle of Badr., But a covenant not to fight a man says no Guelleh but God and Mohammed is His Messenger. Jitna you the innocence of the fire, fought with you.”

He said:

“Go out from me.”

He went out with him repeating verses of poetry in which he says:

I am not the murderer of a man praying on the last Sultan of Quraysh Ali and his dominion iniquity; God forbid ignorance and indiscretion

Companions, God bless them, even those who entered the fighting interpret, regretted it.

Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him say in two rows; Hassan may Allah be pleased with him says to him:

“God shrine taller and Saad Abdullah bin Omar. Whether the land that the wages of the great; albeit a sin that his mistake of walking. What you think it is a total. “

And history bears witness to the fact that many of the movements that the purpose of changing the evil and corrupt regimes on the Revolution ended in failure and turned into a tragedy, with the owners counted wage and want reform, but their actions were not tuned controls Shara So those were the result.


News Now: Can you tell us about why you choose to Iran after Anfsalk rule is left to you?

Abu Hafs: I actually did not choose Iran a choice, but I had compelled them. When we landed we did not have Afghanistan and outlet port only to Pakistan or to Guerin. Pakistan’s known position; Pervez Musharraf was more than U.S. President George W. Bush; thus there was no way out except to Iran.In fact, Iran has made an offer and are ready to receive us in these circumstances, the postion we are not obliged to find other.

News Now: How was your stay in Iran? Did I met during which Iranian officials?

Abu Hafs: my stay in Iran was a range of generous hospitality in the first, to Aaktal unjust in phase thereafter; to the combination of the two at a later stage. I met some officials of the rank of minister or below. I met some scholars and some of their officials; well as security officials who were my relationship with them directly.

News Now: Was Iran Tstvida of your presence there?

Abu Hafs: There is no doubt that Iran is a play on all the ropes. It is allied with the person and allied it at the same time. Iran helped the Americans in the occupation of Afghanistan and has hosted some of the elements of al-Qaeda and the Taliban at the same time. There is no doubt that our presence was then puts her hand and bargain can trump it, but you can play them when necessary. From this standpoint, was retaining the existing brotherhood then.

News Now: You came out and Abu Ghaith. What about the others? What can you say to parents who now see you!?

Abu Hafs: I say to them was left but a few of the brothers as I know. Iran remained almost in all three families, who are in good conditions. Much better than before. God willing, the Almighty is pleased guardians and make them respite and brought them out from where they are. I say to parents: be diligent in prayer and patience you

And the Lord coming down out of the narrows decreed tired and when the director of God.

What narrowed persisted circles spaced and was thinking that do not release Faraj Allah willing, soon God Almighty Yemen them with patience and freedom from the situation where they are and Yemen on the rest of the Muslim Btafraj Cirbethm God willing.

News Now: Abu Ghaith prisoner now on charges of terrorism and there are others. Was it worth all the fuss and this Wearing rings?

Abu Hafs: Sheikh Abu Ghaith was not a terrorist. Sheikh Abu Ghaith brother Fadel. Well I guess we do not recommend anyone to God. It is one of the preachers who came in the last period to Afghanistan was not related to any military action did not come until only shortly before the events of September.After the events a little out of Afghanistan and stayed with us in Iran to be arrested in Turkey while on his way to his country. Sheikh Abu Ghaith is not a terrorist at all. Sheikh Abu Ghaith, I was with him in the last period in Iran before I left.

He objector Kathy ramen work Qaeda and unapproved. Tell me about his desire to return to his country to continue his advocacy, educational and Imamate and the rhetoric of his mosque in Kuwait where he was before he went to Afghanistan. Sheikh Abu Ghaith, a problem that his country did not help him, but it has taken on a right to spend unfairly stripped of his citizenship and did not allow him to return and made it a major cause because the arrests.

Turkey remained in the period and it was possible for the state to help him to return to his country and to correct and put it but you do not. I am surprised at the fact that such a policy taken by some countries against its citizens stripped of their nationality and to stop them and not give them a chance to correct their situation. Even the Americans were detained Americans fighting with the mujahideen did not Egerteke of their nationalities were not Angulwhm to Guantanamo, but Hakmohm according to U.S. law. The fact that Sheikh Abu Ghaith’s worth it for the efforts to return to his country. And charged with terrorism does not mean he is a terrorist never. Yum participate in any military action

was objecting to many of the acts of al-Qaeda.

News Now: Are you afraid Lhh be your destiny fate of Abu Ghaith. Do you consider that the Iranians plotted it?

Abu Hafs: the fact exposed to many risks, but God looks after me, and which can protect me was praise and thanks and ask God Almighty to preserve all the brothers everywhere. In fact, I did not find conclusive signs or conclusive evidence that the Iranians plotted Abu Ghaith and otherwise. But this is not ruled out in politics Allam. Politics is the doctrine without morality. Many of the brothers were talking to the Iranians, including the type of coordination with the Americans regarding the assassination of some of the brothers who went out from us in Iran. More brothers who went out from us in Iran prison, from the situation that we were finally, and went to Pakistan, were killed pounding drones.

Even brothers who were in Pakistan, we heard they were in the latter refuse to receive the brothers coming from Iran because they were replaced as soon as they come to target these aircraft.But there are those who said that Americans know the location of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, may God have mercy on him by his wife, who was with us in Iran and went to him in Pakistan and said that his slice is planted where that led the Americans to place him after his arrival. I of course have no conclusive evidence to prove this. But these clues were present. Some of the brothers was taking them and adds them ill thinks Faisdgaha.


News Now: What do you know about the organization’s branch in the Arabian Peninsula?

Abu Hafs: Actually, I have no knowledge of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. I am an expert at the base of the mother. I am not well at the base of branches. I do not have enough information and I can not talk about them and judging them.

News Now: You said you could play the role of mentor to the group al-Qaeda in Mali during the military operation against them in the north. Did you have played this role?

Abu Hafs: in fact, it was not between me and them continue special to them, but their advice and my advice to the Mujahideen everywhere, for workers of Islam everywhere, the people of this nation, is the piety of God Almighty. And Usita special Mujahideen is what I referred to earlier during my advice to the youth of the nation in general. I have no more.

News Now: if you were allowed to say anything to them, what do you say?

Abu Hafs: I tell them what Nsahb young people. My answer to the previous question.

News Now: You must have heard about the burning of Al-Qaeda Ahmed Baba Library in Timbuktu.What is the risk when you heard it?

Abu Hafs: I really do not know who burned the library. It may be that soldiers burned Financial. It may be that burned down by French soldiers. African troops. Rule out the possibility that the Muslim as well as Mujahid Mujahid claimed that the burning of the library, which is a treasure of priceless treasures of Arab heritage and Algsalama in this region. Regardless of who carried out this act, he is convicted and Omnker do not have any justification.

News Now: about a year ago and you’re in Mauritania. Can you compare your periods in between al Qaeda and Iran and Mauritania?

Abu Hafs: two in al-Qaeda was a period of Jihad and education and try to reform in this organization.Periods in Iran was the plight of the period and the restriction of freedom, and two in Mauritania, the latter was a period of recreation and ready for a new phase of the call and the Islamic Action, God Almighty to accept.

I am now in the process of establishing an Islamic center for advocacy and research aims to combine advocacy and education on the one hand and between the preparation and completion of scientific research in the areas of hand sticking that concern young people in general and the Islamic awakening of interest to young people in particular.

There is research on the atonement, controls the Sunnis and the community, about the ruling, Jihad, enjoining what is good and it is evil, to depart from the referees, ho for fighting in general: what may and what may not, on the Charter of the moral jihad.There are many practicing jihad but do not adhere to the Charter of ethics. Do not save the disclosure and non-fulfillment of the Covenant and the attack on the dhimmis and the attack on the tourists, the attack on the Almtamnin and others. These many things, God willing, will be the area under consideration and, God willing, through the center, which will start work soon.

News Now: It is noticeable is that you since I came not to travel to Mauritania. Does this mean that you are under a certain control?

Abu Hafs: I told you I did not travel? There is no oversight, no restrictions on my travel. I can travel anywhere I want.

News Now: if he returned your time, would you join to the base?

Abu Hafs: Actually, in my time at the base, and the things you’ve converted a work of allergic when my God, may God Almighty accept them. What do you call husbandry, repair and other things in the organization are Dalkh things do not regret it one of the oldest. I do not feel that I do not remember you during my time at the base of any action regret it owner.

News Now: What is the fate of al-Qaida in your opinion?

Abu Hafs: The rule is part of the state of the nation’s rejection of the reality experienced. Is the secretion of this fact and express a range of people of this nation for their rejection of this reality: the reality of injustice and tyranny in the political sphere; drain and the reality of the bounties and loot the wealth of the nation; reality of the occupation who live more than an Islamic country.

As long as these reasons are present al-Qaida will continue to exist and will evolve and adapt with each new stage has no other bearing her sisters thought or close to it. Duty is to eliminate these causes and treatment so that we can deal with mistakes Let young people belonging to al Qaeda and other groups. The irony is that the West succeeded in containing groups were the most violent and the most expensive and extreme than many of the jihadi groups. IRA spent decades blowing and kills a civilian and military However in the end, Britain was able to contain and absorbed. ETA Basque and many others.

We are able to reach some kind of understanding with the young people who do not doubt the sincerity of the intentions of many of it even if we disagree with him in the schools where it went. But unfortunately this did not happen. Indeed, the systems tend to be rather than as such have resorted to demonizing Qaeda and accused al Qaeda and tarnish the image of the base and this backfired in many cases.

Al-Qaeda in fact do not need a certificate of good conduct from any one. Are convinced of what you are doing and think that this Jihad and others discontent and opposition to her and confronting her evidence on the health of its approach. Do not address things this way, but dealing with the causes and treatment of al-Qaeda presence. Treatment logical mental method does not support demonization and distortion, but method is based dialogue and reform and I think that a lot of young people at the base if they are found from scholars truthful knowledgeable influence of reassured him, it will accept a dialogue seriously depends on serious reform and leave what they are.

News Now: Are We talked how I received the news of the bombings atheist th of September

Abu Hafs: in Afghanistan were not the events of September 11th surprise us. Have we expected, but we expect that will be the blame. On this day, Tuesday, September 11th, was almost everyone Sstahb with radio and waits for news Cullen was what most people knew the nature of the events. Knows that there will be events. But do not know where or how. And when we heard the news through the radio and we saw the attacks, the fact that everyone was stunned because he was not going to be one of imagination works of this size and this image and this figure is what he was talking about Sheikh Osama bin Laden and threatening him America.

The size of the destruction and Hall events, something very influential big impact in the arena was not expecting one. Of course a lot of people cheered and grown-up may not be satisfied out of business, but of hatred for America welcomed and considered this a divine retaliation of this enemy and they rejoiced so great joy. Few people managed to restrain his emotions if he did not agree on the events, but he did not express any sympathy with America, too.

News Now: Where were you?

Abu Hafs: I was in Kandahar.

News Now: How was your reaction?

Abu Hafs: For me, I was expecting something like this and I’m not by nature emotionally. Adsna the resulting consequence of these events, which is one of the reasons that made me enemy to events before that.

News Now: What do you say Altajafirat that took place in Lebanon?

Abu Hafs: First, I am opposed to such operations that kill innocent Mdnyion in general. I expect and I think that are relevant to the intervention of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria. Syrians harmed a lot of politics and policy Agheiranih Hezbollah supporter of Bashar al-Assad. Does not rule out the possibility that someone inside Syria are behind the operations in retaliation for Iran and its policy in Syria and God.

News Now: We know that you are a witness material so far from your family. What did you feel when you saw your family on the screen now. What did you like most in that article and more what you do not like?

Abu Hafs: in fact, at the end of 2 News Now: News Now: 1, there was a program aired by a bad name now abandoned the base. And one of the brothers was watching this program and told me that he saw my father on screen channel now. So I went to the TV. I did not believe for joy for the father to see me speaking. This was the first Mrhotmin where he is still alive and kicking for nine years before that. Vgmrtina overjoyed and I looked great joy for this command, and then I saw my brother, then speak in the same program. This was a feast day for me. Even the intensity of my joy, I resolved all those in the compound and our feast too big to let everyone.

This is the most beautiful in that episode.The only thing which is nice. Because the program is the kind of bad publicity against the Mujahideen with their mistakes and against their families and against their parents. It is in fact the program lacks an objective and professional. This judgmental it. I hope that now may be exceeded this stage to a more mature stage and a more objective and professional in their coverage and programs.

News Now: Mamaz say to your father now after all the years in which I left him for joining the base?

Abu Hafs: of the greatest blessings of God Almighty to collect me between a blessing out of the restriction of freedom in Iran and Gqra my eyes to see the parent may God protect him. It was not out of prison any taste and any meaning if it did not accede to the grace and presence of a parent. It is God Almighty to its survival and acknowledged the same. This Namaaadz thanks. And saves the parent over the age and obey him. Is the most important person on this earth.

News Now: Information was received saying that you will be issued a memoir of your experiences with the rule. What are the main themes?

Abu Hafs: Book will be released soon, God willing, titled “The Road to bin Laden and al-Qaeda,” a personal diary covering every last period of life of the author focuses on the last twenty years he spent with the base and close to her and soon from Sheikh Osama bin Laden, God rest his soul.

The book combines coverage of events in a manner known as personal notes, comment and analysis sometimes. Little details and the date of the founding of al-Qaida to joining al-Qaida and his first trip to Afghanistan. How met Sheikh Osama bin Laden. Sudan tells the period that witnessed intense near the writer of Sheikh Osama bin Laden and accompany him too long and talking about returning to Afghanistan again and talking about the recent war; war, the United States and its allies in Afghanistan.

Diary lists these free Boaavadha and little news media have not been exposed before.Little Khalafaty with Sheikh Osama bin Laden and the reasons that I was invited to leave the norm.Noteworthy attempts to reform the organization and the obstacles encountered in these attempts.Talking about the period of Iran; income how to Iran, how he lived a guest;

How lived prisoners; lived how a combination between the prisoner and freewheeling. Talking about the return to Mauritania.Recall many details. Almost Started more than three-quarters of the book comes in two volumes was almost. I think it is the first book to come out from inside the base by one of those who have lived in their leaders.

Thank you for this interview.

Abu HAFS 2


Sunday 28 October 2012 12:59
Item Code: 113616
A former adviser to Ben Laden critical Malian Islamists
A former senior al-Qaeda urged the jihadists in northern Mali to seek peace.

A former close aide of Osama bin Laden has openly criticized the actions of armed groups in northern Mali Islamists.

During an interview with Al Jazeera and aired on 17 October 2013,   Mahfouz Ould al-Walid (aka Abu Hafs al-Mauritani)

condemned the tactics used by the fighters of Ansar al-Din, the MUJAO and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. 

“I am opposed to the means used by these groups to establish an Islamic state in northern Mali,” said Ould al-Walid. “This project will do much more harm than good to the Muslims and the people of the sub-region.”

The former number three of al Qaeda said it “would be better to go in search of dialogue and find a joint solution,” adding that he was “ready to go see these brothers to negotiate” if should be asked.

Ould al-Walid was also suggested that the actions of militants in northern Mali can be justified by ignorance. “They can be due to a lack of knowledge of certain subjects, or because of their inability to become aware of certain facts because of insufficient experience,” he continued.

Islamist ideologue reiterated that he had left after bin Laden condemned “the attacks of September 11, that I have killed many innocent people.”

The former head of the Committee of Sharia al-Qaeda fled Afghanistan to visit Iran after the fall in 2001 of the Taliban regime.

Extradited last April to his native Mauritania, he was released from prison after three months of detention.

“Ould al-Walid was one of the first Mauritanians to join bin Laden in Afghanistan, serving as a consultant and expert on sharia,” said military analyst Ely Ould Maghlah, adding that the former head of al Qaeda had since renounced his ideas on violence.

According to Magharebia, Hamidou Ba, professor of history, says that “more and more extremists now return to ordinary life.”

“Today, the phenomenon of repentance has become a reality,” he notes. “In 2011 Dublin summit on extremist violence had met fifty repentant terrorists, including former militants of Hezbollah, al-Qaeda or the FARC in Colombia.”

According to Ba, “a social network like Against Violence Extremism (AVE) is a new way to fight against terrorism and extremist violence more broadly by linking different actors involved in the issue.”

“Victims, repented authors, experts, all are invited to share their experiences on the issue to promote a non-violent speech,” said he added.

Sunday 28 October 2012 12:59
Code d’article: 113616
Un ancien conseiller de Ben Laden critique les islamistes maliens
Agence de presse TAGHRIB (APT)
Un ancien haut responsable d’al-Qaida a vivement recommandé aux djihadistes du nord du Mali de chercher la paix.

Un ancien proche conseiller d’Oussama ben Laden a ouvertement critiqué les actions menées par les islamistes armés dans le nord du Mali.

Au cours d’une interview accordée à Al Jazeera et diffusée le ۱۷ octobre, Mahfouz Ould al-Walid (alias Abou Hafs al-Mauritani) a condamné les tactiques utilisées par les combattants d’Ansar al-Din, du MUJAO et d’al-Qaida au Maghreb islamique.

“Je m’oppose aux moyens mis en oeuvre par ces groupes pour fonder un Etat islamique dans le nord du Mali”, a expliqué Ould al-Walid. “Ce projet fera bien plus de mal que de bien aux Musulmans et aux populations de la sous-région”.

L’ancien numéro trois d’al-Qaida a déclaré qu’il “serait préférable de se mettre en quête du dialogue et de trouver une solution conjointe”, ajoutant qu’il était “prêt à aller voir ces frères pour négocier” si cela devait lui être demandé.

Ould al-Walid a également suggéré que les actions des militants du nord du Mali peuvent se justifier par l’ignorance. “Ils peuvent agir par suite d’un manque de connaissances de certains sujets, ou du fait de leur incapacité à prendre conscience de certains faits en raison d’une expérience insuffisante”, a-t-il poursuivi.

L’idéologue islamiste a répété qu’il avait quitté ben Laden après avoir condamné “les attaques du ۱۱ septembre, qui, selon moi, ont coûté la vie à de nombreux innocents”.

L’ancien chef du Comité de la sharia d’al-Qaida avait fui l’Afghanistan pour se rendre en Iran après la chute, en ۲۰۰۱, du régime taliban.

Extradé au mois d’avril dernier vers sa Mauritanie natale, il avait été libéré de prison après trois mois de détention.

“Ould al-Walid a été l’un des premiers Mauritaniens à rejoindre ben Laden en Afghanistan, servant de conseiller et d’expert de la sharia”, a expliqué l’analyste militaire Ely Ould Maghlah, ajoutant que cet ancien responsable d’al-Qaida avait depuis renoncé à ses idées sur la violence.

Selon Magharebia, Hamidou Ba, professeur d’histoire, affirme que “de plus en plus d’extrémistes reviennent dorénavant à la vie ordinaire”.

“Aujourd’hui, le phénomène du repentir est devenu une réalité”, note-t-il. “En ۲۰۱۱ à Dublin un sommet sur la violence extrémiste avait réuni une cinquantaine de terroristes repentis, parmi lesquels d’anciens activistes du Hezbollah, d’al-Qaida ou encore des FARC colombiens.”

Selon Ba, “un réseau social comme Against Violence Extremism (AVE) constitue un nouveau moyen de lutter contre le terrorisme et plus largement la violence extrémiste en mettant en relation différents acteurs concernés par la problématique.”

“Victimes, auteurs repentis, experts, tous sont invités à venir partager leurs expériences sur la question afin de promouvoir un discours non-violent”, a-t-il ajouté.

Abu HAFS 3

QUOTE of Abu Hafs about Hicham Bahloul (the Morocan actor):

Hicham Bahloul Arab actor of the Magreb

“Hicham Bahloul is a player value, which is not only pious, but even more committed to good causes, such as the Palestinian case,” said Abu Hafs.

“This is an example of an artist who is at the service of his nation and his faith, his art” testified that Abu Hafs has not failed to raise his prayers for a speedy recovery to Hicham Bahloul.
“Hicham, I miss him at the the mosque Boulevard Bordeaux, where he is an avid 5 prayers.”

Hicham Bahloul

War mongering

Juma blessings for all good peoples Friday blessings from Mu

Commander 1986
Simpleton who thinks that the time of colonialism is over and passed back when colonial given the conditions ambitions

and weaknesses and lack of national leader …. Adapted”:
FB VIDEO with speech of Muammar al-Qathafi in 1986 by Waddah Hcine.

مغفل من يظن ان للاستعمار زمن ولى وانقضى الاستعمار يعود متى توفرت شروطه المطامع والضعف وانعدام الوطنية….القائد بتصرف —

Ghaida Touati:

Ask the National Congress-off meeting of the year that according to the information in front of me now from our network

there is a military coup

move officers affiliated with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, defected with him.

What is happening in Benghazi, now is the beginning of Li coup Dop descent of the army and special forces and unmanned order from the General Staff

Is to review the front Aldrog forces and rebels dragged armed confrontation.

(And God is witness to what I say and what I say consultant means Foundation, tracking and know Hadi information from very reliable sources means God and Manteklm God only reliable security information.)

Expensive Bozekok in a meeting with Boca Oraibi: |.

– Boca: We ready Namno the Alzazirat … each battalion in Zazirh

– In a double edged sword army officers Zoisat travel Mesh Libyan ..

And Zoisat group Rouge Manbohemh, because they first Matasir the problem Ahrbu ..
غالية بوزعكوك في لقاء مع بوكـا العريبي 😐 .

– بوكا : نحن مستعدين نأمنو الزازيرات…كل كتيبة في زازيرة

– في وحدين ضباط في الجيش زوازات سفرهم مش ليبية .. وجماعة الزوازات الحمرْ مانبوهمش , لانهم اول ماتصير مشكلة يهربو ..

بنت الوادي

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 07/11/2013 P

Mu in South America:


Ali Salem Alor Valley Sbaya:

“Do not forget that your Mchacheh brothers suffer as Tawergha suffer” .. “Do not Tnsuhm even pray” ..

News channel bar capital .. Local councils Ajafrh the rejects cabinet’s decision to establish 500 housing units

judge to resettle the people of Tawergha as the local council Tawergha dismissive of the decision and demanding the return of the people of Tawergha to their city.



URGENT: a meeting between the local council Misurata Misurata and the Shura Council and the local council

Friday market in the Artillery School and rockets Bkhalh Alforjan the east of Tripoli and a statement shortly after the news channel

The moment of the kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan:

Activists sow a video clip on the Internet for a moment grab Prime Minister Ali Zaidane from his residence on the tenth of

October last month from the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli to cheers of the martyrs and cries of magnification

نشطاء يبثون مقطع فيديو علي الانترنت لحظة إختطاف رئيس الحكومة علي زيدان من مقر اقامته في العاشر من أكتوبر الماضي من فندق كورنثيا بمدينة طرابلس وسط هتافات للشهداء و صيحات التكبير

Urgent ….

Issuance orders Balastnfar and raise ° Base emergency in Mitigua
And contain all outlets Friday Market.

Shahat battalion of the national army arrested on a car
Loaded with weapons in an ambush, b gate Shahat linked with

:::::: Misrata meeting Friday Market

Militias red line …

Friday Market & MISURATA before a few :::

The end of the meeting between Tripoli and Misrata, and agreed to form a committee to investigate the facts

between the parties with respect to the events of 7 November also agreed to release the detainees from both sides immediately.

Prevent any military force from crossing the entrance east of Tripoli

Reports issued strict orders to prevent any coming from Misurata militia from crossing the eastern entrance to Tripoli,

specifically Tajourah apart from any task coming from her.
The news also for the militias to secure the vicinity of Tripoli “Gharghour” of.

Council President Sadat Badri emphasizes the implementation of Resolution No. 27 on the evacuation of the capital,

armed manifestations and said that the people of Tripoli would press strongly for the implementation of the resolution.

Pads Badri, head of the local Council of Tripoli on the capital shortly before ..
Meeting will be held today to discuss security insurance plan Tripoli …!!

Urgent # Tripoli: Chairman of the Board Tripoli local ” Sadat – Badri ” authorized agency “Reuters” ::

” The death toll from clashes yesterday is 3 dead so far from the rebels of Tripoli and a number of wounded ,

but we  dam, make critical decisions in order to avoid the recurrence of such events ,”

he asked :

“What were trying to do yesterday? ? Want the occupation of the city earlier, ?”

And then went on saying ,

” We will not allow this to us and will be a pause , which has its own agenda goes and applies them in his city,

Tripoli residents and weapons should be used against the enemies of Libya is not among the sons of cities “

He said al-Badri said,

” The Military College Sestelmha local council today and battalion will emerge resident inside it, either Gargour,

this area has become the focus and it ‘s there like a masquerade and we will take the necessary action “

(Firas Bosalum)

Libya talks

Yesterday, the college was storming of by young Tripoli and out Misurata …

Little and Rdjao strongly Msarit group of Tripoli Ansahbu and Msarit Shido a group of young West Street

Gurji two imprisoned in Gharghour and have just got information that they were transferred to Misratah.

The families of the abductees are now blocking the street demanding western militias Gharghour unzip the families of their children.

Hashem humans (shown above) accuses Palestinian guerrilla Gharghour murder.

Said the President of the Supreme Security Committee in Tripoli Palestinian “Hashim humans” in a telephone interview with Channel Libya Liberal Per:

“The forces Gharghour” (as described) did not come to the show of force, it has moved from Gharghour and camped near the bridge, Dan,

and Ahzt shoot randomly it was hit several headquarters of Batat diplomatic and hotel Alodan and skills and many of the apartments in the

Dahra and angle Dahmani, causing killed two people and injured dozens, and this deliberate murder, not a show of force.

Abdel Moez Bannon | | Mahary semi-Fada, most of the guests left the morning, according to the reception staff at the hotel RIXOS ...

Dazzle Dazzle …

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel ::

Women’s demonstration in Tripoli’s Algeria Square protest against the Machdth of the capital of fighting

between rival armed groups continued until the early hours of Friday morning:

Abdel Moez Bannon:

One of the speakers in the field of youth Algeria screaming,

Hey guys Tripoli Gharghour the gangs can not one of the government or conference them out,,,

Take arms and Atrteke the protection for your sons and your families and your city and your country …

” An atmosphere of war ” in Tripoli, Libya ,

and the outcome of confrontations retardation dead Tripoli – Agencies – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Killed two people and wounded 21 in clashes broke out , in the late hours of Thursday night, between armed groups in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The agency “Reuters “ and the explosions near the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital.

According to eyewitnesses and a security source , earlier , that the two elements of the militia have on Thursday evening in Tripoli, where intensive

heard gunshots in several neighborhoods of the Libyan capital. The clashes began after the death of a militia leader succumbed to injuries he sustained,

according to a security official announced in Tripoli , who asked not to be identified.

Draws 3 number of ambulances towards the Salah al-Din road forks and reported clashes farm Abdulrahman Asswehly.

Strong clashes between Saladin and Asswehly farm in the Ain Zara.

Now news via the control room move some convoys of the Friday market destined to Gharghour

to fight battles there with militias controlling interest.

Tripoli now ::::::::

Bats of darkness and Menthazee attitudes and security vacuum! Now a number of theft Omar Mukhtar Street shops and stealing a number of cars

in Dahmani angle and Mansura. Please caution …

(Mermaid operations room)

Clashes in the video by Shat capital Tripoli – Hotel imaging skills

FB VIDEO: Urgent agency of Libya / Video AD fire.

I over skill Hotel Tripoli This video shows shots 14.5 anti-aircraft above the skill Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital Tripoli last night,

which appalled the inhabitants of the city in a scene confirms the absence of the state security and stability in Libya.

Media Event Center:

Ambulance took off from air-base jumper Mitigua a short while ago, and news about the situation in which. In the same context,

the hospital received street corner is now a member of the operating room entangling injured by a bullet as a result of shooting

from college girls in the hand of Omar Mukhtar Street.

Two dead and nine and twenty wounded, in clashes in Tripoli and Likely the death toll rises, because, including two cases in Stymied
by a security source with the Ministry of the Interior.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو لنيران م . ط فوق فندق المهاري ـ طرابلس
يظهر هذا الفيديو طلقات 14.5 المضادة للطائرات فوق فندق المهاري راديسون بلو فى العاصمة طرابلس الليلة البارحة مما روع اهالي المدينة فى مشهد يؤكد غياب الدولة والاستقرار الأمني فى ليبيا.
Source Libya’s international channel:
displays all of the waves of the wireless security rooms and revolutionaries room and room Mitigua,
CAPITOL, traffic and mobile power for intermittent interference from an unknown source.

Misrata and buzzes Tajourah weghrian out of Tripoli

Clashes between militias of Misrata and Friday Market

Side of what he was subjected refuted the skill and the Turkish Embassy of indiscriminate shelling last night

as a result of clashes between the militias of Misrata and Friday Market:


Violent clashes broke out between armed groups of former rebels, on Thursday in the Libyan capital Tripoli, and continued throughout the night.

The incident occurred just about a kilometer from the Embassy of Russia and the United Kingdom. The city’s hospitals reported killing one person

and injuring 12 others. According to the channel, “Arab”, the events resulted in killing two people and injuring more than 20 people.

Including civilians trapped in the crossfire.

Referred to it after the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in Libya, the country was unable to create a stable government.Owned power on the ground

actually armed groups, which were united during the revolution, but after winning turned rival groups.

The Libyan government has decided to stop supporting all the “rebels” former beginning in 2014, if not formally join to work in government structures.

In front of the Women’s College Tripoli now and there is no armed person in front of the headquarters:

Traffic accident in the highway under bridge Alhachan the morning (Dumpster lander on rear tail of auto):

BBC : gunmen stormed the market!!!! Ihsaboh whale and livestock market Hahaha.

A group of young people who distribute posters in the main streets of the city of Tripoli invites people to come out tomorrow,

the ninth of November to protest and express their rejection of the extension of the General National Congress.

SATANIC CHILD-SLAUGHTER RITUAL is measured; but few admit it exists!

Corner …

Child’s body “Alaa Turkish” who was found dead two days ago in the corner.

Still the issue of the killing of Turkish shake the pillars of the city in crime shrug his body.

Baby found slaughtered thrown on the seashore.



Zintan: Libyan governemnt wants to kill Saif Al Islam

Zintan commander: Libyan government have interests to kill Saif Al Islam.

Al Ajmi the commander responsible for Saif Al-Islam Muammar Al Gaddafi, said that the Libyan government, bandits and Islamist its in their interest in killing Saif Al Islam. Cause of that Zintan will not hand over Saif al Islam to Tripoli. Saif will stay in Zinten, and will be safe.

Here is the video:

by:  OljaKaramustafa

Zintan: Libyan GNC government wants to kill Saif Al Islam



Urgent agency to Libya on / off shipments of ammunition coming from Misratah

Managed by a few members of the 101 Infantry Battalion Tajourah positioned in the gate “pomegranate pressures of”

East Tajourah of control and stop the cars coming from Misrata laden Baldkhirh.

Leader of the Shield forces to Libya Middle Mohammed Alguendoz accuse Prime Minister Ali Zaidane involvement in the liquidation

of the commander of a battalion Eagles Misrata “Nuri Vraiwan” has revealed Alguendoz that Vraiwan was one of those involved in the

kidnapping of Director of the Office Zidane Mr. / Mohammed Alqreis / might get him on many secrets and confidential information.

He also noted Alguendoz the to every link of Hashim humans, Haitham Tagouris and Zubair and Abdul Rauf Arab hater the kidnapping

Alqreis process and they also had Thsalo him on a lot of information and secrets, warning them that a similar fate fate Vraiwan in waiting.

Shura Council # Misratah denies Matnqlh of some foreign media for troops

heading from Misratah to # Tripoli.

Attia Dereini local council vice Misurata channel Libya Al Ahrar:

We are sorry for the residents of the Friday Market and the city of Tripoli on what happened last night by adherents Battalion the

Misurata result Anfalhm the Eagles of the death of the commander of the battalion Nuri Vraiwan, ..

The Nashidtna family of the deceased that they disassociate itself from any acts attributed to avenge the death of her son

Nuri Vraiwan and they do not want to have the blood of her son a reason for sedition .. A delegation from the local council Misurata

resides in Tripoli to calm things down with the local council Friday market and the local council of Tripoli.

Officer killed Salim Ahmed, known as Salem Apartment Awja in one of the prisons in Misurata militia liquidate him in cold blood

after you get released almost a year ago …

We ask God has a paradise beautiful and inspires his family patience and solace “The God but Him we return”.

ALI on the ASPLI:

Misratah today organized a forum for local councils for national cohesion, and today organized in Tripoli to  grillfire this national cohesion Alhebrh.
They are distorted, jerky and have lost salvation!

Libya MAX (Source of eye event) Meeting of the Technical College building in Misratah lead to send 2000

military mechanism to combat cases of rioting and looting after the receipt of the reports about it and thought there plot will occur in the coming hours…

And will also deal with Gargour militia and get them out of there. (RAT) News Misrata :::::::

After receiving news from Tripoli, the people and the leaders of Misratah just now congregate in huge numbers and are preparing gear

to protect the citizens of the city, Who in the capital after he explained the intent and “conspiracy” weaved against them ..

hundreds of car is now preparing to head to the capital… Libya network Musrati free

عاااااااااجل: about half an hour before Misrata Military Council gives approval to go to Tripoli and force of 500

armed car now preparing to leave the gate Aldavnih destined to Tripoli to provide support for our children who are now in Tripoli

and the rest of the force will catch them at dawn tomorrow.



Libyan Society for the Protection of Wildlife and Marine
Bani Walid – the Ashimikh Valley

‘s Post from Brother / Hamid Alice



Leithy junction bombing Benghazi on Friday morning and as usual against unknown.

Targeting the attribution of intelligence battalion headquarters of the “Salah Bogheib

This morning, the thrower” RPG “B area Budzirh b Benghazi, and resulted in the targeting to the fall of three

Wound two legs amputated, and the latter in critical condition.

Maj. Gen. Corner “Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi,” abduction of his son “Haytham Suleiman Mahmoud,”

and lost contact with him yesterday evening After leaving work, and the car was found by proximity From his residence to Benghazi.

Having lost her husband and her child and one of her eyes by a medical source Widow ” Solomon Alvesa ” leave the hospital

with stable condition and A difficult psychological situation , we ask God to consider the same.

Killing all of the ” Ibrahim Mahmoud Dali ” and ” Atman Mahmoud Dali “ And injury, “ Mohammed Abdul Falah Alrazark “

serious injury , due to the injury B bullets as they passed on the brawl Allthamh

Media and cultural center of the martyrs of the mountain

Mansour dome. Will be held on Saturday 09_11_2013 dome in a statement includes both the dome and the institutions of civil society

and the views of the city’s jurisdiction and that the illegality of any name other than the police, the army and the emphasis on the illegality of the room Libya rebels ……

And all of the channel will be the capital and Libya Liberal present to cover the event. — Medway bombing shake silence Benghazi.

Bengasena BenghaziNa

Now targeting an army vehicle (Thunderbolt) outside of Laithi the lose shooting it on the highway my RBG when a

bridge leading to the Sarta.

The commander of the special forces in Libya / Colonel Nice Bouchmadh in a statement a short while ago /

“We will provide tomorrow a huge demonstration in Benghazi strongly supporting the Air Force”

Urgent Benghazi Important …..

To all the young people and the people of Benghazi today a demonstration in front of Tibesti 5pm,

Yes, the army and the police only … God willing, there is great news, to all of the calls Libyan army must come today in front of Tibesti.

Home and Benghazi and the Libyan army will not die …

Channel Free Libya Today Alpine in need or really good news how Maicolo .. Usually Mansedkh in news Hvena, and my quality Mesh optimistic!
But according to several sources not connected me,  that at 5 before the Tibesti today Heetm the announcement of something ..
Totally a demonstration to support the military ..
In time the demonstration for support of the army. Who wants to support the Libyan army, for not in attendance.

Aaaaaaaaagel Aaaaaajl: helicopters in the skies of Benghazi .. Channel Free Libya ::

Vote now warplanes over the skies of Benghazi

Receiving military planes from the skies of Benghazi saws “Thunderbolt, Marines, and Air Force will believe in Benghazi

and will not wait for commissioning or order of the government,” or Conference. (Parks Street Benghazi)

Call for the Libyan Army Reserve Brigades to go for Quiche immediately yard. Now in the streets of Benghazi:

Benghazi now. Army in the streets of the city and there is a strong statement will come out of the army.

After throes of meetings took place over the past week between Libyan army units, a senior security spread for the first time witnessed Almghadorin city

of Benghazi wounded, for more than “7000” mechanism Armed, a subsidiary of all the units of the Libyan army b Air Force,

Special Forces and “Thunderbolt” and shield 7 B Emre “Ziad macrophage”, and the rest of the Libyan army units for Securing

the city of Benghazi.

[Salem al-Obeidi]

A large convoy of special forces Thunderbolt, Marines and Air Force now to secure the entire city of Benghazi.

Benghazi now upturned ambulances and Thunderbolt pilots and the descent Waiting for the good news for the people of the city.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel: Thunderbolt Special Forces commander and umbrellas.

Colonel and Nice Bouchmadh the supervised Kish Square in Benghazi, to the spread of the army units in the city streets:  

Today’s demonstration in Benghazi to demand the imposition of security and safety and welcome the revelation of the army today different Bouhdath.

Urgent agency Libya ( Special) / how and why the army hostel in Benghazi?

Military review of the regular forces of the Libyan army, announces its deployment in Benghazi and its commitment to securing the city.

According to informed sources in the special forces in Benghazi that the descent of the army today in the city of Benghazi,

came after a series of meetings over the last week between the units of the Libyan army to develop a plan for the spread of

a major security in order to achieve security and safety in the city of Benghazi after a series of assassinations and bombings

in the city over the many months.
The sources said in a telephone interview with the ” agency urgently to Libya: it is the first time where the city of Benghazi

move more than” 7000 ” mechanism militant belonging to all the units of the Libyan army in addition to the Air Force and

Special Forces ” Thunderbolt “and shield 7b Emre ” Ziad macrophage , ” and the rest of the Libyan army units to implement

the plan securing the city of Benghazi .
She informed sources in her statement for ” agency urgently to Libya ,” We our progress over the past months to the government

and the conference plans and asked for permission to implement but to no avail , however heightened insecurity and the high

number of cases of assassinations and bombings , we no longer need the permission of one.

Libyan channel vision:

After a few:
On Benghazi BTV TV show will be the demonstration and the army and special forces Thunderbolt and lyrics for some colonels …

On frequency 12437 V 27500

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel:

Image .. Benghazi, a little while ago and the continuing spread of the Libyan army forces in various units in the city streets

بالصورة .. بنغازي قبل قليل و استمرار انتشار قوات الجيش الليبي بمختلف وحداته في شوارع المدينة

Spokesman for the tribe of slaves in Benghazi:

Anthm the one about the disappearance of Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud.

On 08 November 2013 at 04:37 pm |

Mr. Saad Mohammed Obeidi, spokesman for the tribe of slaves in the city of Benghazi and through a no communication

dial newspaper Libya peace E: We do not accuse one about the disappearance adviser Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi.

While waiting for the competent authorities to deduce and investigate the disclosure of who is responsible in the disappearance of

Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud Obeidi.

I wrote and his / Aorédh image Abouhliqh editor of Electronic Libya peace

Private newspaper Libya peace

The arrival of the body of the Municipal Guard officer (Sharif Ojaili) a residents Alserta (personal filter) after being hit by a bullet in the head

when Badriyah market.

The God but Him Rajhon.

# _ Galaa Hospital

Benghazi …

And the Benghazi militias continue to lure young people with money to join in Alumblychaouih formations .. Mlishh Libya free longer in young people aged less than 20 years old 1500 salary. For

Urgent news # _ uncertain ..

A car bomb explosion beside the exact stores Quiche in Benghazi region since a few ..

(Special Forces)



Newsflash … Now in the sky tuber loud drone.



Clashes between Toubou and the Zintan in a spark Boubare a field near a peaceful sit-in place for Amazigh south in the field,

and lead engagement up protesters and wounding one civilian protesters,
The bullets hit some cars and tents …

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

URGENT | clashes between armed militias near field “Arebson” in the south Libya.


Almtaralaskara Ubari delivery yesterday after maintenance

The morning of Thursday, November 7 in Ubari military airport Ubari delivery after maintenance by countryside

and Contracting Works under the supervision of the Committee on Public Works and Maintenance southern region t

o order the military airport Ubari Colonel Abdul Salam Ibrahim Al – Tahir .

The airport will poll on the border and oil fields and is fully covered . The engineer said Abdul Hafeez Ahcene military airport supervisor Ubari South News Agency ( Germa )

that it has started maintenance of the airport since December last year Pednabesaana the administrative building and the addition of the administration offices

and the establishment of the gate of the airport and the addition of two other offices and a restaurant.

Musharraf said the airport ( Germa ) that he hopes to add more facilities for the airport because he needed several buildings such as lobby

lounge officers and non – commissioned officers and weapons stores and maintenance of the runway and paving the place and especially to collect yard soldiers at the airport .

(South News Agency ( Germa ) Mahmoud Arhomh)

Said more than one source for a page special forms and gunfire between a battalion of Zintan and other field spark

TPU (Repsol), 40 km west of Ubari says Battalion 162 known Ptinery they headed towards the field to resolve the shapes.


Regional War Scenario. NATO-US-Turkey War Games Off the Syrian Coastline

Global Research, 05 November 2013
Url of this article:
According to Turkish press reports, Turkey’s High Command will be hosting NATO’S Invitex military exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean
in a clear act of provocation directed against Syria.
The Invitex-Eastern Mediterranean war games are scheduled from November 4 to 14. Deafening silence. Not a single Western media has reported on these war games.
The official release by the TKS High Command suggests a war games scenario involving a regional war, under the assumption that the ongoing US-NATO-Israeli
covert war on Syria could lead to military escalation. The countries considered to be a threat to Turkey and NATO are not mentioned.
According to the press dispatch of the Turkish Armed forces, various types of naval operations are envisaged.
While the word “war” is not mentioned, the stated objective consists in the “handling of a regional crisis”, presumably through military rather than diplomatic means.
Turkish frigate F-245 TCG Oruç Reis The focus is intended “to enhance co-operation and mutual training between participant countries.”
Reading between the lines this suggests enhanced military coordination directed against potential enemy countries in the Middle East
including Syria and Iran. “NATO, the U.S. Navy and the Turkish Navy-Air Force-Coast Guard platforms will participate in the exercise,
a statement from Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said Nov. 4.”
(Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey) A significant deployment of both naval and air power is envisaged. According to the TKS communique,
the participant units are: NATO SNMG-2 (three frigates),
U.S. Navy (one frigate), Turkish Navy (three frigates, two corvettes, four fast attack boats, three submarines, two oilers, two patrol boats,
one landing ship, one tug boat, one maritime patrol aircraft, five helicopters, one amphibious team, one Naval WMD Destroy Team,
(Multi National Maritime Security Center of Excellence), Turkish Coast Guard (three Coast Guard Boats) and Turkish Air Force aircrafts. (Ibid)
Frigates are used for amphibious operations and the landing of ground forces. To be noted, the war games include seven frigates,
not to mention one landing ship, and an amphibious team. SNMG 2 refers to Standing NATO Maritime Group 2,
NATO standing maritime Immediate Reaction Forces. SNMG 2 is “a multinational, integrated maritime force –
made up of vessels from various allied nations, training and operating together as a single team”.
The NATO member states involved in the war games was not disclosed.
Of significance, these war games overlap with bilateral military exercises between Turkey and Jordan which include the participation
of special forces from both countries.
De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate (Netherlands) (right) These bilateral Turkey-Jordan war games have not been reported upon.
They are scheduled to end on November 9. These bilateral military exercises are intent upon enhancing military cooperation
between the two countries, both of which are using
special forces in the training and hosting of rebel mercenaries. The objective of the war games is to threaten Syria.
The two sets of war games will be coordinated. What seems to be envisaged, in this regard, is a scenario of invasion of an unnamed
enemy country from war ships stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean, supported by air power.
This would be carried out in coordination with US-NATO and allied special forces on the ground operating out of Turkey and Jordan
in support of Al Qaeda affiliated rebel forces.
Amply documented, Turkey and Jordan are supporting the influx of both mercenary and covert special forces including death squads into Syria,
respectively on Syria’s Northern and Southern border. Is Russia threatened by these war game? Russia is an ally of Syria.
It has a naval base in the Eastern Mediterranean operating out of the port of Tartus in Southern Syria. In a bitter irony,
coinciding with the NATO Invitex military exercises, NATO is conducting large-scale war games in proximity of the Russian border.
The Ukraine, which is not a NATO country is participating in these war games directed against Russia.
“The military exercise, called Steadfast Jazz, will see the Western alliance put 6,000 of its soldiers, mariners and airmen through their paces in Poland
and in the Baltic Sea region from 2 to 9 November. … ”
Meanwhile, the US threatens China as part of Obama’s Asian pivot: October 25-28,
U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group Five (America’s largest Strike Group) led by the The USS George Washington staged joint military exercises in the South China Sea.

Al Qaeda Building Base on the Moon

Is Al Qaeda building a base on the moon? Political prankster Mark Dice talks with beach goers in San Diego to get their reaction to the “news.”
Urgent and important … News in the German Dieudspiegal, the German de Dbulbao the channel on the main front page confirms that the

“biggest supporter and financier of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and the Sinai Peninsula, and the victory in front of Syria, which is taken from the Turkish border-based”

They are senior members of the ruling Libyan parliament in Libya 0.

Al-Qaeda group in Libya declare zero hour!!!!



The foreign and defense ministers of Russia and Egypt meet for the first time in the form of four:

08 NOV. 2013 12:42


Ministers will meet Foreign Affairs and Defense of Russia, Egypt, Sergei Lavrov, Nabil Fahmy, Sergei Shoigu, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,
for the first time in four survival, on 13 November / November in Cairo. This was announced on Friday,
the official representative of the Russian Foreign Alexander Ukashević.

Russia implements these meetings the Quartet with the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States, France and Japan.

A DAY OF PRAISE / The day of Arafah

America opposes the death sentence. It may have abolished capital punishment in some but not all states. Nevertheless,

it still carries out a collective form of death sentencing. America handed down a death sentence against me; I was condemned

to execution by bombs, but for reasons beyond its control, my life was spared.”

Muammar al-Qathafi in 2004 speaking about April 1986


دعاء يوم عرفة ..

The day of Arafah is one of the most sacred days of the Islamic Calendar. On this day Allah invites his servants towards his worship and obedience .

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar is no god but God, God is great God is great and God pregnancyAllahu Akbar Allahu Akbar is no god but Allah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully
View Taiba ..
الله اكبر الله اكبر لا اله الا الله الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد
مشاهده طيبه..

O Mr. Colonel
3D at 3:19 of SIRTE destruction

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)
Today is a day of burning shame, O flags are free …. Get ready for burning flags rats and traitors and prove to everyone

that the media does not represent Libyans shame…

Great Jamahiriya bannar

FB VIDEO:O homeland blood Nfdok …
Who is with us now writes a comment Wen activity Iaahrar
يا وطن بالدم نفدوك…
اللي موجود معنا الان يكتب تعليق وين النشاط يااحرار

Mohammad Hassan  (2:17)
‫معاك معاك معاك

In Maak Maak Maak

Mohammad Hassan tribute
عمل غنائي جديد,رغم الوجع ,غناء العنود,كلمات عز العمر

Despite the PAIN


Talbiyah not only for pilgrims but are both accept God’s obedient and repentant come to God the Almighty said:

Beck Allaahumma Beck Beck is not a partner for you to pick the praise and blessing to you and the King is not a partner for you to pick
Lord in my heart no one else.
Lord, my heart is not greater amount from you , O God ,
Lord come to you responsive not تردني the Lord .
Lord Allaah , give me a sincere in your love
Lord Allaah , give me honesty in my repentance .
Lord, cleanse my heart and my tongue of hypocrisy and minor shirk
Lord Allaah , give me pursuant valid ترضاه in these ten days and days of the Almighty loves good deeds more of these days Oh God , I mean , to remember and to thank you and good worship
What أكرمك and extol You, O God , and Erhmk Babadk made ​​an accepted Hajj atone for Haj everything went and made ​​the reward of Paradise and made ​​for non- Haj fasting the day of Arafa atone for the past year and the next.

O Write to us the Holy pilgrimage home , and help us to fast the day of Arafa not deprive us of your presence and your generosity , O The glory and honor .

Sacrificial rate is very high compared to previous years, where the national lamb price ranges between 450 to 950 dinars,

amid difficult living conditions of many Libyan families, and the exploitation of merchants for the holiday season in the absence of controls on them.


Warning for all Libyans there are some organizations and institutions calling itself the advocacy requesting donations

and claim that they contribute to buy feasts for the poor … and these bodies only support and strengthen

the Kharijites expiatory m on the purchase of weapons, ammunition and vehicles to kill Almsji ……

It if you want to give an incredible charity yourself and poor people you know so as not to contribute to the killing of more Muslims …

تحذير لكل الليبيين هناك بعض الهيئات والمؤسسات تسمي نفسها دعوية تطلب التبرعات وتدعي أنها تساهم في شراء الأعياد للفقراء …وما هذه الهيئات الأ دعم للخوارج التكفيرية وتقويته م على شراء الأسلحة والذخائر والسيارات لقتل المسملين …… عليه إن كنت تريد أن تتصدق فتصدق بنفسك ولأناس فقراء تعرفهم حتى لا تساهم في قتل المزيد من المسلمين…

أبن العظمى/Great Son

Each year, you and all your family thousand good May Aanaad and we promise, Yemen and blessings …

In this blessed day God to ask that mercy on our martyrs and release captured distress .. And accelerate the return of displaced …

O hurry us recover and liberalization tons rapist Lord of the Worlds O Amin
كل سنه انتم وكل عائلتكم بالف خير وينعاد عليكم وعلينا بالخير واليمن والبركات … وفي هذا اليوم المبارك اللهم ان نسألك ان ترحم شهدائنا وتفرج كرب المأسورين

.. وتعجل بعودة المهجرين … اللهم عجل لنا بالتحرير واسترداد وطنا المغتصب يارب العالمين اللهم امين


Urgent – Al Qaeda declares war in Libya



Current unconfirmed news that the Attorney General has issued an arrest warrant for Abdel-Rahman Asswehly, at the request of the Prime Minister

(Voice Cyrenaica)

Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood Jamahiriya Bashir’s Kabta, the German news agency:

We suspect that is what happened to Zaidane‘s just a play intended to gain sympathy with him for blinding his failure in the management of the state!!!

Zaidane Almkhtoq the :::::::

Libya’s international channel:
Interim Prime Minister Ali Zaidan Ali Al-Arabiya:

Involved from the General National Congress in the kidnapping are 5 members giving immunity to them in the General National Congress.

Rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane:
Al Arabiya accused of mass loyalty to the blood of the martyrs year as the National Congress lost the nature of the process of abduction.

Zaidane accuse members of the Conference of the Rixos involved in the abduction.

A country ambience

Zaidane speaks on TV on Friday

Tripoli, 13 October 2013:

Office of exposure to Zaidane to break Alttiara the electric during a television interview with Al Arabiya in the Panorama program, which was

interpreted by many as mastermind of feudalism to confuse the meeting, in addition to poor dial asylum, which was to him to complete the meeting.
During Dial said, “Zaidane:” The four or five people were behind the process Khtafa and will remind them in front of the National Congress after the Eid al-Adha.

Cut electricity on Tripoli during a meeting Zidane
(Scandal): – cutting off electricity to Tripoli during a meeting Zidane in the Panorama program on the Arab … (14 seconds)
Who is the Minister of Electricity?


(فضيحة):- قطع الكهرباء على طرابلس أثناء لقاء زيدان في برنامج بانوراما على العربية …(14 ثانية فقط)من هو وزير الكهرباء ؟

Zeidan speaks on TV yesterday

The Prime Minister has accused the Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room (LROR) and a handful of Congress members who tried to bring down his government by seizing him on Thursday of being terrorists. (**** yeah right! the one calls the other terrorist they tend to forget that they are both terrorists)

Speaking in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV this evening, he said that the two groups had plotted to arrest him after attempts in Congress, first on last Tuesday and then the following day, to gather sufficient votes to remove him had failed.

Zaidane put the number of people involved in this operation as “no more than four or five from the Congress and their names shall announced by Congress shortly,” he said.

It is widely believed that those he has in mind are members of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood-linked Justice and Construction Party which has been leading the movement in Congress to have him sacked.

He said that he had been with one of the plotters a few days prior to kidnapping (***that’s when the bribe of 25 million dinars were given). Proof of that was that his interrogator after he was seized spoke of the conversation he had with the Congress member.

Meanwhile it was announced today by Khaled Shanta, a commander of the Counter Crime Agency (CCA) in Tripoli that, following investigations, legal proceedings had being dropped against the CCA’s official spokesman, Abdelhakim Belizi, in relation to statements he made to the media about the kidnapping. Belhazi is also said to have been one of Zaidane’s interrogators while he was being held. Shanta reportedly claimed that the investigations had proved that the statements made by Belazi were true.

Belazi had said on Thursday, after Congress President Nuri Abu Sahmain’s condemnation of the seizure, that Abu Sahmain had been aware of the arrest order against Zaidane.

Here is the source which I got it, please do not forget that this blog is controlled by MI6:

The head of the interim government, said Ali Zaidane that Hakim Albulazi threatened or transfer of a threat by one of the people that the

“Prime Minister is coming from Morocco. When his plane landing airport, we will arrange his arrest and stop and an end to government.”

The Ministry of Education and embark on salaries laboratory exchange contracts

Said Director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Education Samir Gernaz to the atmosphere of the country on Sunday ,

the ministry embarked on the exchange of financial receivables for teachers contracts.

The Gernaz pointed out that the areas that have completed procedures received financial dues to pay the salaries of teachers contracts,

pointing out that the areas that have not yet completed their procedures caused delays in disbursement of salaries of teachers .

The Gernaz added that these contracts will continue until December 2013, and then will be converted to seasonal contracts classified contracts

have the same qualities in terms of recruitment bonuses and promotions .

The Gernaz pointed out that schools in Libya is not a real deficit in the shortage of teachers , but is artificially deficit due to the occurrence of Education

officials in some areas under social pressures demanding that the ministry gives them the ear for new contracts .

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Education and forwarded to the Ministry of Finance in September, revealing the value of financial

receivables for contracts with teachers plug for nine and fifty area .

Libya’s production of oil ranges between 600 and 700 thousand barrels per day
Libya Per Liberals – the head of the interim government, said Ali Zaidane ” that Libya currently produces between 600 and 700 thousand barrels per day of oil.” At a time when the country is trying to OPEC member end protests cause closure of oil fields and export ports .
And reducing workers are on strike and armed groups and political activists of the country ‘s oil production to 200 thousand barrels per day last month . Libya has cut its first steps towards the resumption of production of some of the fields in the west mid – September after reaching an agreement with some of the protesters .
The oil minister said on the second of October that the production will return to normal rates within days.
Zaidane said in his first comments about the size of production since then, ” oil production is currently between 600 and 650 and 700 thousand barrels per day .”

Prime minister announced on

Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (14/15/16/17) October, being an official holiday

in all parts of Libya, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

And demanded the government said in a statement issued yesterday ministers and officials approaching the general nature of their work requires continuous

presence to take the necessary arrangements to ensure that the commissioned employees to work in order to achieve the discharge of their duty and conduct work during these days.




Urgent – Solidarity news agency:

Test bank Al Ahli Tripoli decided to suspend the activities of the team and the Libyan claim to stop the league

against the backdrop of the Moroccan Mohammed player injury in a shooting was targeted by this evening.

Unidentified targeting Libyan team player and Al Ahly Tripoli
Moroccan Mohammed shot injury in his arm and is now bedridden in a hospital in Tripoli’s Green.

Log in now Moroccan Mohammed player to green hospital operating theater after being subjected to an armed attack

is going by way of the farmer by unknown Chevrolet car and seriously injured in his arm.


Photo of the player Mohamed Moroccan former Green Hospital
After leaving the operating theater ..

Egyptian coach Badri: It’s hard to go back to Libya after the shooting incident


المدرب المصري البدري: من الصعب أن أرجع لليبيا بعد حادثة اطلاق النار

( م )
J’aime ·  · Partager

Arab quoting:

Zoo in the capital Tripoli transformed into a haven for smuggling illegal immigrants.

Tripoli Airport Road under maintenance.

Ham …

On the highway road has been opened since the morning and the possible use of the road 

(Mermaid operations room)
Channel capital

Coach exposure Egyptian “Hossam Al-Badri” coach Al Ahli Tripoli shortly before the attempted murder of firing bullets at his car

by three masked men, was not hurt in any led by what our response.





Crossing was installed state tenderly at Rouge Valley of steel, (which is quite similar to the gate Aldavnih Misratah).


Injuring two members of the bolt after being exposed to fire

Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Came yesterday evening patrol of Thunderbolt fire west of the city of Benghazi,

causing injuries to two of them were taken to the hospital evacuate.

A spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi said the country ambiance that power was concentrated at a crossroads

when it was attacked by unknown assailants fled after an exchange of fire with them.

The city of Benghazi yesterday officer was killed and another injured in two separate operations.

Declaration of a state of emergency in the city of Benghazi within hours

From now, according to the Jordanian security source.

Urgent and exclusive Salem slaves

Officers base “built” Benghazi intend to stop working because of repeated assassinations which they are exposed in the city of Benghazi.
Secret Alcdoh – 87

Built a base demanding officers by providing them with security protection

Planning officers have built air base in the next few days off work to rule due to repeated cases of murder suffered by the officers of the base in the city of Benghazi during the last period .

A number of officers Qaeda ‘s ” News Agency solidarity” that ” the intention of stop work came against the backdrop of continuing cases of assassinations, targeting a number of set -Qaeda and the absence of a government provide them protection and show the identity of the target them at the very least .”

He said a number of officers of the base because they do not have personal weapons to protect themselves , in addition to body armor that could protect them in the event of an attack on them ” , demanding the government to provide these capabilities to be able to protect themselves to continue to work .

The officers pointed out that “despite the direct targeting of officers and delays in payment of salaries , but they are keen to continue their work ” , noting that the government issued lists of compulsory retirement for 400 of them officers .

They pointed out that the “two -Qaeda assassinated by unknown persons during the last period of those who Akpoa revolution seventeenth of February since it erupted in Benghazi and gave her a lot and are sponsored pilot ‘s squadron vertical Aldgara and Colonel Pilot Abdullah Abu Zaid Barasi , in addition to the attempted assassination of Colonel last at the base.

Newspaper Malta Today:

Malta evacuates its consul in Benghazi after receiving its diplomatic mission there are threats of “terrorist”…

And Sheikh Hassi death from his wounds Benghazi

Sheikh died “Abdul Salam Hassi “ a good preacher of a mosque while being taken to the airport to travel to Tunisia.
Sheikh Hassi  was cared for in a hospital intensive care clearness in Benghazi after an assassination attempt last Friday.
A medical source in Galaa Hospital, said Sunday morning that Sheikh Abdul Salam Hassi  still in intensive care.
And. Mention that the IED exploded in a car Sheikh Hassi , Friday, when the island of rotation after Friday that peace good imam at a mosque in Benghazi.

Exited the funeral Sheikh Line b “Abdul salam Hassi” of the” afternoon
Of the Mosque of Omar bin Khattab al-Salam neighborhood, after the funeral prayer
Involving a mixture preachers and citizens and military personnel, and was buried in
Cemetery successor Sir, I am God and I to him we return.

Assassination “Faraj Islam” a military police Bridge
Sports City Amodo Rennes Benghazi wounded, after the target
Car bomb adhesive and utter his last breath in his car in
Waiting to collect the remains of his part Salafi, and mentions that his father was a colonel
By the military prosecutor.

A stray bullet treacherous and inhabit the body of citizenship “survival Abdulaziz
Bin Drdv “, by the pool area b wounded Benghazi, when it was
Heading to her parents’ house the company of her husband and children.

The Libyan News Agency
The bloodshed continues in Libya ..
Treacherous bullet inhabit the body of citizenship “survival Abdulaziz bin Drdv,”
Baraka area in Benghazi when she was accompanied by her husband and children on their way to the house of her parents ..

“I am God, and to Him we shall return.”

A security source from the city of Benghazi exposure lieutenant Prime officers of an assassination attempt after placing IED in his car exploded near a bridge club victory in the pool area., And the source said that the officer and called Islam Faraj Alsossaa works connected military prosecutor, died last while being transportedto a hospital in Benghazi, because of the seriousness of his injury as has the lower half of his body.
It is noteworthy that the officer’s father also runs a military prosecutor device and holds the rank of colonel.

(Solidarity News Agency)

The Jordanian security source now close family Alsossaa the stresses
That the target is a military prosecutor, Colonel, “Faraj
Alsossaa “and not his son, the victim of” Islam “one of the elements
And military police vehicle, which was driven by “Islam”
God’s mercy, is his father’s car and sacrificial feast.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



O decoder families elders and Rafla of militias and all the prisons sons and Rafla of detainees

Sheikh Mohammed al-Barghouthi
Sheikh Faraj Gmad
Sheikh Bachir Alersfa,
Sheikh Musa shifter

Sabra elderly .. O decoder under the elders and Rafla detainees in prisons Almlishe
Continue to arrest sheikhs Social Council of the tribes and Rafla without formal charges have addressed them, and in the silence

of the government and civil society organizations, which suffer from aging and some chronic diseases


يستمر إعتقال مشائخ المجلس الإجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بدون تهم رسمية موجهة لهم، وفي ظل صمت من الحكومة ومنظمات المجتمع المدني، حيث يعانون من كبر السن وبعض الأمراض المزمنة

Take on your ….

Youth Caucus and Rafla
Coordination office of youth deep cut Bani Walid
Statement of elders and youth Manasir tribe gay section

What is witnessed in Libya in general and tribe and Rafla in particular, attempts to break up the human Mtha known by since the hundreds of years ; are only attempts systematically to be the destabilization and hit solidarity and interdependence that you know it the tribe since the foot ; ; and that what we hear from fallacies and rumors that The tribe Manaseer his decision to cut them in touch with religion Akado to the city of bin Walid glorious and betrayed Libya home; especially Fools rogue traitor Embarak valid for Aftmana and his followers ; , we assure our brothers, sons of bin Walid steadfast and and Rafla General and all Libyans honorable ; that the young tribe Manaseer are stand firm Alambda market Ataan the Testament does not disappoint Thira grandparents will not underestimate the blood of the martyrs righteous religion sacrificed for the sake of dear homeland , and we are certified projects are ready to defend the supply and the earth ….
We deplore and strongly Seen invitee / Embarak valid for Aftmana evening Sunday, 10.12.2013 in the deep cut Prosecutor meeting Balohala in the area at the village mosque ; ; although he did not only meet Balzmrh corrupt Mtlh which do not represent the elders and youth tribe Manaseer honest and knead after he surrounded the village with heavy weapons and the establishment of the gates at intersections ; ; sudden and unspoken , which transmitted without the youth was able to make any move against his presence .
We emphasize that the invitee / key Ali powder bale is of the calling to enter the sump area and he alone has the social responsibility for knead and declare our innocence of his actions and his blood and what we see but a traitor to the era and honored to be attributed to honest the Manaseer .. tribe As we declare that we …
First –
We emphasize that the Rafla one tribe and we are part of this social fabric supervisor
And Bani Walid is the eternal capital of reference for all the sons and Rafla Hence we address everyone inside the bin Walid or outside as the Youth Caucus and Rafla Coordination office young deep gatherer . And any meeting or dialogue or a meeting or a plan of action with any party unless it is adopted by this entity are invalid and do not represent the people of the deep cut and Coordination office of youth.
Secondly –
We, the people and Coordination office of Youth Caucus Manasir tribe that the only entity that represents us is the Social Council and Rafla tribes ..
Fourthly –
Announce non – recognition of armed militias ; armor battalions and the so – called battalion May 28 and seized control of the force of arms فهدا the region does not mean that we recognize them and provide loyalty to the remnants of affiliates of the people of the region ..
VI –
We , the people , youth and Coordination office deep cut demand the presidency of the Council and the Commission on Social Security on that person ‘s branching and the Presidency of Youth Caucus and Rafla do visit the area cut deep , sociology Balohala , purely ways to secure the area and consultation on many of the outstanding issues … Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings

Objects and Coordination office of youth Manasir tribe

Chest deep cut on the evening of Sunday, 10/12/2013

Win both player Khalid Matouk doctor from Al Qadisiya Bani Walid in the first order in the bodybuilding championship at the level

of the western region in the weight of 60 kg also won the player Abdul Wahab Mokhtar Shibani of second-order club.

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV




Targeting farms back near Sirte, the day before dawn

Force for NATO, and it is likely a barge freely
According to a senior security source, and it was just one blow
At two or three people at least were killed in the attack

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Urgent security room Sirte
Tel bombing Ath cars carrying the number of those who call themselves Ansar al Sharia all led to their deaths in one of the outlying suburbs of Sirte at dawn

today between the hours of one morning and Altanih of a least two corresponding to 14/10/2013.

The investigations indicate that the shelling was from the air and missile Osthzv present only in cars was killed others in Alhazt.
Death toll is difficult to identify them with the exception of one person and Number Aljtt 13 Jth

7 dead in the seat-back farms, including two from Sirte and
Five people from the city of Misrata and their bodies were transferred immediately
To the city of Misrata, after dawn bombing by NATO forces
North Atlantic, which target the gathering site for supporters of continued
al-Sharia, and is likely to be targeting a barge as freely as
The Jordanian source of high-level security.

The news agency – Sirte – reporter

Finish the military population Giza and buildings thousand housing units in Sirte on Sunday morning the open sit-in they started two weeks ago in front of the complex government administrative center of the city , and the reason for the delayed payment of financial compensation for their homes affected by so-called “the war of liberation.”

And b sources reported that these city protesters disengagement from the sit-in after the intervention of a number of members of the General National Congress for the city and the wise and the two regions notables and Ttminhm that administrative and financial procedures taken by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and local council
And it is going according to the desired .

And Mr. ” on the black ” vice president of the local council Sirte that things are back to normal , and opened the complex administrative and roads were stressing that the administrative and financial procedures for the disbursement of the financial allocations to compensate them like with other areas affected by the city has almost finished for the start First disbursement of these compensation to residents of the two regions during the coming period .

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense currently Eda former LIFG … Khalid Sharif, “Abu Hazem” denies news traded targeting of foreign aircraft sites Sharia supporters in Sirte and says that what happened is the result of explosive remnants of war back to the war was being transported and that the incident of the death of two persons Valley.

Al-Qaida affiliated militia men killed in Libya

TRIPOLI, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) Seven members of the al-Qaida- affiliated militia Ansar al-Sharia died in Libya’s Sirte in an explosion on Monday, Libyan Deputy Defense Minister Khaled al- Sharif said Tuesday.(****IT WAS NOT AN EXPLOSION BUT A DRONE FROM THE USA)

Al-Sharif said that the militants died after the ammunition that were packed in their vehicle blew up while they were driving.

Residents of Sirte, 450 km east of the capital Tripoli and hometown of Muammar al-Qathafi, were reluctant to give information about the presence of the Benghazi-based Salafist fundamentalist group there. However, reports indicate that Ansar al-Sharia has a training camp for combatants 15 kilometers west from downtown Sirte. 

Accusations that the explosion came from a U.S. drone attack circulated shortly after the accident. However, Ansar al-Sharia released a statement on Tuesday denying it was a drone strike. (***WHAT COULD THEY SAY LETS NOT FORGET THAT AMERICA IS THEIR MASTER)These accusations come amid the general discontent that has gripped Libya since the U.S. disclosed it carried out a raid to “capture” the al-Qaida  (really double CIA-Agent) “suspect” Anas Abu al-Liby on Oct. 5. (really ummm!!)

The Ansar al-Sharia militia (the al-Qaeda Military wing of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) was created during the 2011 uprising in Benghazi that helped overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA...


Picture this topic to the car exploded yesterday in the back area of Sirte that targeted the Ansar al-Sharia.



Saturday, 10/12/2013 was released from a group of young people, Tawergha from a prison unit in Misurata and the number 5
On their way to their parents …

Quoting ::::::::::::

Taurega victim spark Liberation

Children deprived Taurega holiday cheer for the following year, respectively, in each holiday morning crying elderly, the elderly and children in the camps due

to the injustice and tyranny of the Misurata militia and God gives nor neglected and soon you will see the punishment of the wrong-doers.

يحرمون اطفال تاورغاء فرحة العيد للعام التالي على التوالي في كل صباح عيد تبكي الع…Afficher la suite
Durée : 8:08

Today is a day of Arafa all Happy New Year

Most Libyan families closer to God by fasting the day of ‘Arafah

But the question is:

Do we satisfy the Merciful It is our people sleep in the open two years ago and displaced them abroad He Dharovhm did not know them but Allah

(Valley girl)



Sacrificial prices undermine the dreams of low – income people in Tobruk
Country ambiance – Tobruk –

A number of citizens in Tobruk that the prices of sacrificial animals this year is witnessing a big increase , forcing some low-income families to abandon their sacrifice this year for their inability to buy them.

While livestock traders believe that at an affordable price compared to income of the citizen in the Libyan society.

And sacrifice price ranges between 400 to 750 Libyan dinars , the national sheep , while external lamb comes at lower prices , but do not receive popular among citizens .

And wandered atmosphere for the country through a livestock market in Tobruk and surveyed the sale and purchase and recorded the views of some citizens and some merchants.

Abdullah Muammh , citizens complain of high prices and say to the country ambience : The low – income citizens can not buy sacrificial animal due to higher prices , He Muammh : rests on the ordinary citizen ‘s salary other requirements in feast كالخضروات and clothing , and others.

While sees Mohammed Amsaad ‘ Aldrougui that the shape and size of the sheep became the head of the household demand not only to commemorate the year , but to show off and boasting .

For his part, see Survivor relieved , a dealer in livestock market , at an affordable price , and imported sacrificial said relieved “to the atmosphere of the country ” can not guarantee that they are free of the disease , while livestock our home we know it and we know nature أعلافها and Mrtaha .

While Abdul Karim Abu Awad livestock dealer , that this year ‘s sacrificial available and accessible to all , and the importer Abu Awad believes they are good there is nothing wrong with them, and the choice is up to the citizen.

The maritime port of Tobruk received during the last few days coming from Romania vessel carrying more than (6500 ) head of the sacrificial animals imported , but the lack of demand by the Libyan citizen , makes the national lamb price is high.

Bombings yesterday in Derna …

Taken bombing Bin usefulness booth next to the companions and the bombing of a popular booth at Ghazi,
And the picture in the booth popular Ghazi Bdrna, this morning.




The network has been broken orbit and a statement from the city of Kufra now and Powered reported the company of infidels

that this deliberate act of the company in Tripoli from the company ….

Kufra in isolation

Outage communication on all networks in Kufra orbit and Libyana, Internet and wireless and wired network since yesterday for unknown reasons.

And now the people of the infidels celebrating receiving Touati Alaadh the after his return today for the infidels.


Otherwise a new revolving chambers Mahlian in Ubari causing
In the confusion and disrupt the interests of the citizens of the entire region in
Ubari City, where renewed conflict after the decision of the President of the
General National Congress “Nuri Ali Bushmin”, on the legitimacy of
Valley local council issued deadlines dated 27/09/2013
And citizens accuse the presidency of the Conference and the Ministry of Local Government being the
The main party in this conflict and that conflict of assignments and decisions
With each other

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Truck driver accidentally Jufrah found hanging on the door of his truck and there is no any news that suicide or murder …

O Allah, we ask you a good ending.

Free newspaper Sabha



Pilgrims stranded
To confirm the news an hour before because the connection was to Ba

pilgrims stranded at Jeddah airport by their evidence are no any signs of a solution to the pilgrims ,

even after to contact the Embassy of Libya in Jeddah
Call one of Libyan citizens ..

Hello .. There are more than 100 Libyans and Libyan currently stranded at the airport in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia .. Authorities prevented them from entering because of their visa issued by Mauritania something that is no fault of them .. Are دفعو the money to participatory and participatory is responsible for this .. There now are trying to convince them to sign on a paper acknowledging they Mtnazlon for all their money in return for return to Libya! ! ! ! ! Do you help? ? ? ? هادو to show and their defenders blood heart payments to visit the house of God .. What Machin Tourism ! ! Note including one patient ( free ) has a strong heart because of impermeable .. Just is currently ihram clothes under the central air-conditioning ! ! ! If Sartlh need from Almsaowol ? ? ? ?
Prophet of you to help in any way God you people sitting in the lounge Mtosudain earth ( Asattak ) .. Thank you very much


Image from the archive

Criminal Joseph carved Shields leader of the pilgrimage, is there for the washing of the blood of the children of Bani Walid???

(Valley girl)




Killed 200 Palestinian refugees their ship sank

Survivors confirmed, on Sunday evening, killing more than 200 Palestinian refugees from Syria in the sinking of the ship, comprising hundreds of them, were sailing from Libya towards Malta. Which came under fire near the Libyan coast after sailing last Thursday evening, and then sank after hours, and a certificate for one of the survivors of Palestinians in Malta, he said that the ship sailed about 10 pm last Thursday night, and was carrying nearly 375 Palestinian refugees and Syria, and that of the city visitors , about 150 kilometers from Tripoli. He added that the ship came under fire near the coast of Libya, to chase that ended at four o’clock at dawn on Friday to leave the ship to Libyan territorial waters.

Earliar a Syrian vessel top-sized that was carrying amongst its passengers 7 skilled senior surgeons! all died..

and on 03 OCTOBER, 270 Africans died when their vessel sank into the Mediterrannean, never reaching their destination of Lampidusa, Italy….

Forward to Monday: THE FINAL CURTAIN

On the anniversary of the uprising 14 dates “October” is glorious, the flags will be burned shame ..

Knowing that in Hellbe of of Andhmh rag shame .. Default what portrayed Aendash on paper and burn it and portray …

Long as my heroes,

مداخلة الاخ الفارس الليبي عبر اثير غرفة معمر القدافي

Room Muammar al-Qathafi Aalbaltok the room Muammar al-Qathafi Aalbaltok, ·

Libyan intervention brother knight across the room ether Muammar al-Qathafi

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the GREEN channel 

Which generates men like Muammar al-Qathafi and keep the Alosos desert symbol of the sovereignty of Libya at the time of pride ….



EID photo Eid_zpscae6924c.jpeg

Magnification , tahmeed and cheer and above :

Narrated from Ibn Umar that the Prophet said : { There are no days greater when God does not like to work in them than these ten days , فأكثروا women cheering and zoom and tahmeed } [ Reported by Ahmad ] . Bukhari said : Ibn ‘Umar and Abu Hurayrah , may Allah be pleased go out to the market in the days ten Ekpran and grow people Petkberhma . He said: Omar was growing up in its dome Mina Fasamah the the people of mosque Vic Braun, and grow up people even Tartej markets Mona enlargement . Ibn Umar was growing up in Mina those days behind the prayers on his bed , In Vstath and his council Those Mmshah days all.

And is recommended for the Muslim to recite Takbeer these days and raise his voice , and he has to warn of magnification where the collective was not transferred from the Prophet or from one of the predecessor , and year to grow each one individually .

Sheep fled liver Eid Drht from Libya …
خروف العيد هرب كبده درهت من ليبيا …
Leader Muammar al-Qathafi prestige studying the phenomenon …
The countdown has begun to burn flags shame and resistant rats all the possibilities …. All of our appointment next Monday 10/14/2013

We are our books pride blood much ink

And we are paid a dowry Dmana watered every inch

Us eruption River Ha acetic hillocks Khadr

Soil precious to us .. Without it underestimates youth

For best opened the door .. And ransomed Dom Spirit of

Hanna our land Ahqnha the

Mu vision of the Great Jamahiriya



After NATO destroyed the country, now that totally want to control what is left of it!!

Atlantic on ” standby ” to help Libya in maintaining security

The Secretary General of NATO, ” Anders Fogh Rasmussen , ” it stands ready to provide “assistance” in the maintenance of security in Libya if requested by the Libyan government .
He said, ” Rasmussen ” in a press conference yesterday that the alliance last May received a request from their  Libyan puppet  government to build and activate the security sector in the country, and that he responded promptly to send a team of experts to Tripoli to discuss the application and study .
He also stressed Rasmussen that it is up to their Libyan ppuppet authorities if the need for ” extra help ” from the Atlantic to build security sector supports it, based the existence of security problems in the country and the need to ” take action ” to ensure security and stability , as he put it .
The Secretary-General ‘s remarks came a NATO during his monthly press conference on Thursday at NATO headquarters in the Belgian capital Brussels.


SWARMS OF APACHE WHIRLEYbirds houver over all cities!!

Urgent Ministry of Defense / Tripoli / Presidency of the pillars of radar and Phoning
Tripoli military operations room

The head of the operating room that hill Ath of birds AWACS returned over the skies of Libya Tani day permit Rasmussen and Tani day abduction Zaidane, accompanied by escort armed.

We do not know how long nor the nature of the task entrusted to them saluting that circumstance Libya’s military and security Hua under Chapter VII,

which does not allow UN to deal with military information and functions , but prefer it to NATO .

And the Department of Defense to take responsibility for the outlaws and the members of the Conference teenagers who caused chaos security also emphasizes the ministry if found guilty on members of certain at the conference , the law of conservation of security and emergency military authorizing execution of each of the cause Balfodh security in the country, particularly , most recently yesterday , which led to order an elected prime minister .

Aircraft at high altitudes ranging between 45 and 55 thousand feet and that everything so far ,

issued by the Ministry of Defense / Tripoli military operations room.

Chief of relief : Libya is ready to face any disaster

The head of the Libyan Relief Commission Khalid bin Ali , on Saturday, that the Authority in its current state does not can Relief citizens in the event of a disaster.
Said Ben Ali for ” news agency solidarity” that the Authority follow now prime minister, which is not currently able to meet the needs in the event of a major crisis in the country, the lack of possibilities to her, despite the presence of cadres which may help in the event of any disaster.
He added that the body in the days of the war drained of its hospitals , ambulances and generators , pointing out that the prime minister did not provide support for the leading body for the state’s inability to deal with any disaster.

Solidarity News Agency

Who has the Phone U.S. Delta Division acetic Ajoa raise Abu Anas was born Libi, Kpodrna of Drht them.
 “I have appointed many of the rebels as government advisers:

The so-called press conference “revolutionaries room to Libya,”

– We are our job security only and does not like us in the political process.

– Confirm that we with legitimacy, and are not responsible kidnapped the head of government.

– Will prosecute all pushing in the name of the room from political figures and local media and Arab kidnapping incident.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Libya’s international channel

A security alert in the building and in the vicinity of the Prime Minister’s Office after the word, Mr. Prime Minister and Security Ministry

tells journalists, some of whom remained to conduct meetings of some ministers of the need to leave immediately because of a possible security threat.

Touati Alaeidah the event on Al – Arabiya says : –

– Who kidnapped head of the government are the Muslim Brotherhood
By extremist operations room Libya rebels and militias ..
– Who kidnapped Zidane give the West the opportunity to military intervention
In Libya …
– Brotherhood supports terrorist and extremist groups support
Operations room Libya rebels and Saraya assign and security committee .
– I am me list of assassinations by the militias that kidnap in the Tripoli : –
Abdul Rauf hater – Haitham Tagouris – Abu Obeida angular -Aldwadi
Hashim humans – Omar Mukhtar .
– These militias are from the arrest of members of the conference
The government Then photogrphed and humiliate them .
– Brotherhood has followed terrorist extremists in Derna
And Benghazi who assassinations and kidnappings.
– Qatar to this moment supports the Brotherhood and its militias
With arms and money, and lose granting listening devices to monitor officials
The government and members of Congress and monitor citizens’ communications .
– Base Amotaigah to base is controlled from Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood
Watching Communication

Businessmen and foreign investors begin to flee from Libya
After the abduction of the prime minister and the increasing expansion of anxiety disorder …

All businessmen and foreign investors staying at the ” Corinthia ” who was kidnapped head of government than in Tripoli have been evacuated ,

although many of them have returned to their country, as quoted by “The Times” about a British businessman as saying :

“We were told the need to leave immediately , that’s all What I do know . ”

Libya linked to strong trade relations with Britain, where specialized British Association said the strengthening of relations with the Middle East

that the value of trade between London and Tripoli last year reached 1.8 billion pounds ( $ 2.8 billion) .

(Secret Alcdoh – 87)





Offender Ali Ibrahim Alkkla of the

Professional criminal in a Car thefts were arrested by the secret Alcdoh was hand him over to the police station Sawani has armed group Ptherbh the from Cherzh Center Sawani and today they have seen is and تلاتة people Icomo my car theft in the city Creamy force of arms

And with God’s help it will be captured

Secret Alcdoh 87

I received exclusive information from reliable sources Hence, attention and caution , because it seems that Alaghtyalt will move to Tripoli
God please you Msaaaadta to publish
Met all of :

Abu Obeida
Khaled diver
Khairy Nasrat
Mohamed Al ghoj
Ali Suliman
Omar Mukhtar from sabratha
Aldwadi of sabratha
Order bin Hamid
Mohammad Al-Kilani
Key Kilani brother Stevie d
And a group of beards
Agtmau in the name of Abu ‘ Issa
In the farm
Abu Obeida said: walagtma we must prove to them that we ntwagdin in the Western region
We have ownership and any impediment we will remove
They said if astkhedmo against us force game nfegro filtered wemlith palimpsest they sifted her trauma erupting under akdaam the unbelievers and traitors and expert ish
And they will be liquidated officers group someday algaaaih
And Dean’s draaaa from alzaaauet
Brigadier General Mostafa baltaib of corner
Brig. Mukhtar alaharsh from alzaaauet
Captain Emma is facilitated by alzaaauet
Please help me in spreading this information _

Urgent .. Libyan Foreign Ministry burn now, and news of its exposure to bombed missile Bakoazv.

Photos fire in the Libyan Foreign Ministry shortly before:

Jasper huge fire in the Libyan Foreign Ministry

A fire broke out a huge building, the Libyan Foreign Ministry, on Saturday, in an incident comes two days after the kidnapping of the interim prime minister, Ali Zeidan. The  witnesses said  was present at the site to be a column of smoke rising from the ministry building at the time he arrived the fire and emergency teams to the site of the building and begin now extinguished fires.We do not have current information on the cause of this fire if being a deliberate or an accident, or the presence of the victims or injuries.

De ‎المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر‎
عاجل .. وزارة الخارجية الليبية تحترق الان وانباء عن تعرضها لقصف بقواذف صاروخية .



( ( State oppression hour and a right to do state time ) )

Once again apologize third investigative judge in today’s session in the trial of Imam Muhammad al-Madani bin label Mansour Alchuirv about accepting the case and converted to a fourth judicial district ! ! !

And a breach of all international legal norms is done with the continued imprisonment It is recognized and should be released pending case! ! !

“Thus if we are going to destroy a village in a hurry”, they dissipatingly said, that they “have the right to damage by the Almighty”

great truth of God

( They are GOING STRONG! kill them )

Urgent appeal very resistant 12-10-2013:



TV news channel
Open the link road between Tarhounah and Bani Walid formally – committee of wise men Tarhounah.



The agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News

Bani Walid … Any guilt trapped and separated from the state ! ! ! ! !

The siege of the city of Bani Walid for a seventh day by armed gangs saluting the suffering city of Bani Walid acute shortage of eating and drinking , and medical equipment and interruption of gasoline entirely from the city where the stations are closed permanently and power outages comprehensive for most areas of Bani Walid and also interruption networks Contact Libyana and orbit and Service WiMAX Internet since the day yesterday ,

The legislation has hit Bani Walid { 7} decision and the government are still Agtan in a deep slumber ….

It’s ten campus and feast on the doors and slaughtered by human sacrifice and died the hearts of Libyans and people of the cities suffer

Where women and babies and Senate .. What is their fault God you … ! !

But there do justice to the truth and do justice to the people of the city ! ! ! !
But no one has supreme authority over the armed gangs ! ! !
But there is of him ( though a sign of his sons ) to repel the aggressors deeds ! !
But there Grand Mufti of Allibh , Lefty that this act is haram is like murder to hear his words and longer dark about their actions ! ! ! !
But there ….. ! ! !
But there …….. ! ! !

Bani Walid Despite the hatred of hate .. and Kid Alkaúdan .. Although downstream in Mgdorha and behold , God willing martyr Hussein Massoud Allotfi birthday ..

Despite all what happened and will happen will not kneel , God willing, and with his permission Almighty ..

And still us Aazum and still Shidaad the steadfast Asamud the
E … And Rvlah majority


Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

The young people of Bani Walid to repair the road which was Garfa last week by militias with a view to the siege of the city

Now experiencing heavy traffic road ambulances emanating from Bani Walid and trucks coming from the capital

The siege has ended, but history log stain on the forehead of cowards.

A picture of a place after shelf Road Repair:

بـني ولـيـــــــد … بـأي ذنـب حُوصرت وفـصلت عـن الـدولة !!!!!حــصار مــدينة بــني ولــيد للــيوم الـسابع مــن قــبل الــعصابات الــمسلحة حــيت تــعاني مـــدينة بــني ولــيد نـقصٍ حــاد فـي الأكـل و الــشرب و الــمــعدات الـــطبية وإنــقطاع الــبنزين كـليـا عــن الــمدينة حيث ان المحطات مغلقة نهائياً وإنــقطاع التيار الـكهربائي شامـل عـن مـعظم مـناطق بـني ولـيد وأيــضا إنــقطاع شـبكتي الإتــصال لـيبيانا والـمـدار وخـدمـة الإنــترنـت واي مــاكس مــند يــوم الأمـس،ومـن قـام بــتشريع ضـرب بـني ولـيد {قــرار 7 } والـحكومـة مـازالا يــغطان فــي سُبات عـمـيـق ….إنـهـا الـعشر الـحُـرم والـــعـيد عــلى الأبــواب والإنــسانية ذُبــحت قــبل الأضـحية ومــاتت قـــلوب اللـيبين وأهالي مــديـنتـي تـعانيفـيها الـنساء و الـرضّع و الـشيوخ.. فـمـا ذنـبهم بــالله عــليكــم …!!الا يـــوجـد مــن يــنصـف الــحق ويــنصف اهـــالي الــمدينة !!!!
الا يــوجد مــن لــه سلـطة عــلـيـا عــلى هــذه العصابات الــمسلـحـة!!!
الا يــوجــد مـن لـه (ولـو دلالة على ابنائه) لـيردهم عــن افــعـالـهم!!
الا يــوجـد مـفتي الــديار اللــيبة لـيفتي بــأن هــذا الــفعل حــرام فــهو مــثل الــقتل الــعمد لــيسمع الــظلام كــلامه ويــعودوا عــن فــعلتهم !!!!
الا يــــوجــد …..!!!
الا يــوجــد……..!!!

بـني ولـيــد رغـم حـقـد الحاقدين ..وكــيد الــكـائـدين .. ورغــم مــصابـها فــي مــغـدورها وشهـيـدها بـــإذن الله حــسـيـن مــسعــود مــيـلاد اللـطـفـي .. ورغــم كــل ماحــدث وسيحدث لــن تــركـع إن شــاء الله وبـــإذنه تـــعـالــى..

ومــازال فــينـا اعــزوم ومــازال للــشدايـد صـامــدين اصـمود

بريد … ورفلية العظمى

Back Libyana communications network now ..


Now in orbit

So as not to forget
Bani Walid is under siege – Salem al-Obeidi:

Does not need to raise the voice of neonatal cry so everyone hears and does not
Needs to waving his hand until he sees all , in all there is to it they
Need for a deal import ears to hear and eyes see Yes
And pulsates hearts b humanity , the people of the surrounding valley for the second time
Argument to the hands of decision – makers revolutionary new people Balkis not you
In those votes their consciences do not hear before the sounds fucking war machines
But the ruthless history and the rest of history for those looking for the glory of an interview
P false present , will not be able to historical falsification of such lines



Warning to all citizens:
When Astbdulk a domestic gas cylinder make sure there Brega sign it because there are a large amount of cylinders imported from private parties and not to Brega to do it ..


Basset Haroun on Libya first:
Mr. Ahmed pure a member of the National Conference presented to the families of the victims of massacre to Quivah the “Black Saturday”

105 thousand dinars for each family!! Compared to give up their case against Sam Bin Humaid:

Benghazi bleed and people screaming ….

Director of Star Factory for soap and detergent and Alklorx on Boca Oraibi is Benghazi shield that the publicity for products factory

before showing a picture Boca before use and after use and especially Alklorx (Alorkina – Alatcedo)

Urgent ..Confrontations between residents Benghazi and Altcfhirien from the center of Benghazi base now:

Colonel Salah al-Bu-hulaiga “is the central area home in Benghazi was targeted by an improvised explosive device
In remarks to the Mermaid: Colonel Salah al-Bu-hulaiga “: day dawn home has been targeted by the Andre skin rabaa” school “in the city of Benghazi in an explosive and thank God none of the family members and limited material damage only.” I exist in Sirte and don’t understand why it is targeting children and women. Colonel Salah BU-hulaiga did not accuse one target. “said Salah BU-hulaiga said home was targeted at dawn with the Andre skin rabaa” school “in the city of Benghazi in an explosive and thankfully not hurt One of the family members and limited material damage only. “I exist in Sirte and don’t understand why it is targeting children and women. Colonel Salah BU-hulaiga did not accuse.
A car bombing Abdulsalam Dheifallah insisted Lacey mosque preacher “good” peace is in the neighborhood was the amputation of his leg care



This is Muammar al-Qathafi at the al-Asmar Mosque in Zliten in 24 August 2012,

هذا هو معمر في المسجد الاسمر في زليتن في أغسطس 2010،


Faraj Khashram killed .. Al Qaeda Bzletn leader in mysterious circumstances.
The news about the disappearance called Najib Wasia (, from the city of Zliten), a senior member of al-Qaeda in Libya.

(Valley girl)

al-Qaeda in Zliten



Urgent in Sirte alert Li battalion of the so-called martyrs of the corner and is now located on the island of rotation of all types of weapons:

For the story of deployment buhulaiga in Sirte.
Sirte tribes agreed to join the Cyrenaia  and the al-Qaeda!
they speak to almsarit wipoa join almkomlh SIRTE to Benghazi!!
so agreed that the survey may forces BU-hulaiga, Arabs Sirte and they include them by force.
Oh God, Oh God, I bear witness!
Mail …



Thursday evening thrown an explosive Mmeltov inside Fezzan Tourist Hotel Bsabha by Anonymous decoder led to ignite one of the hotel guests .

And resulted in the burning floor of the hotel only, and a hotel staff said that unknown threw an explosive Mmeltov inside the hotel and fled in a car was Bantdharh near the hotel can not know yet .

Note that the surveillance cameras in front of the hotel works well , but there is a problem in the electric lighting in front of the hotel and the hotel management addressed most of the time the electricity company to repair the street light so you can cameras that captures images at night in the scope of the hotel to see any person who in any act of sabotage in the vicinity hotel. , but the company did not fit headlamp lighting after
And is Fezzan tourist hotel is currently the only hotel in the city that receives visitors and guests coming to Sabha .
After looting the rest of the hotels in Sabha after the events of 2011 .

(Valley girl)


Medical Laboratory Reference – Sabha

Event on Saturday, 10.12.2013 Ali opened at 12:04 pm
entered black type Sonata car color reference to the medical laboratory Sabha

said that the explosives and then The avalanche descended: the Army Men Alpso Clothing and random shooting happened in the

parking lot was arrested on laboratory men inside Alsonata was number 2, and take them out.
The one religion Alpso men screaming and army uniforms says that the car with explosives and warns employees from approaching them.

Lake God Aalibia, and thank God for your safety Yamuzvin.

(Quoting newspaper Sabha Free)

Poisoning inside a hospital Sbaah and the number exceeds Atalatan result cuisine seems she prepared in advance in case of Farah,

but Mashidny Aktar dire situation that I’ve seen all the rooms ambulance full of addresses in patients Dr. one did not declare a state

of emergency, even in Tripoli and Almassa Biel in the case of the increase.


Boubare banking cash between the citizen and the defense official
Country ambiance – Ubari

Days before the Eid al – Adha many citizens complain in Ubari bad banking and slow , in addition to what they described as financial corruption in some banks , while officials attributed the decline in the level of services to the technical obstacles and the small number of bank employees .

A number of banking customers for the ambiance of the country : The most important problems that complain about them in some banks , is the congestion and lack of liquidity , and very slow in providing the service , what are forced sometimes to pay an amount of fifty Dinars or twenty dinars to the employees to withdraw the monetary value of their accounts.

Citizens also complained stop some banks to open current accounts , which led to a lack of access to financial dues accumulated , which requires entities that contracted with the account number for the private banking portfolio salaries .

The director of the branch of the Bank of North Africa Ubari age Owaidat the atmosphere for the country : that the bank suffered significant busiest due to lack of staff . The average daily cash withdrawal transactions for five hundred bank transaction.

Oweidat added that the bank has about twenty thousand account , where two devoted to withdraw cash , pointing out that the work of the bank is currently limited to the payment of salaries , books, instruments and cash withdrawals and deposits .

He attributed Owaidat problem shut down the bank to open a current account to its current system ‘s inability to accommodate a larger number of data.

The director of the National Commercial Bank branch Ubari ” Omar Abdullah ” atmosphere for the country : The Bank is prepared in terms of foreign and domestic liquidity , to meet the demands of customers ahead of the Eid al – Adha .

Abdullah attributed the reasons for the continuing problem of opening of current accounts to a lack of staff, he said , adding that work is underway to connect branch banking Ubari the system ” Flex Cube ” for the provision of banking services at the same time , in all branches of the Commercial Bank of different cities .

For his part, Assistant Branch Manager Bank deserts الغريفة good material for the ambiance of the country: that banking transactions going routinely Department of current accounts, including the opening of accounts for citizens , while transactions Department of Social loans were suspended under the law of the National Congress the judge to prevent the benefits usury in banking transactions .

It is noteworthy that Ubari area with four banks provide banking services to more than sixty-seven thousand people, is the National Commercial Bank and the Bank of the Republic of and deserts الغريفة the Bank and the Bank of North Africa.



Lessons in national sovereignty.
In 2006, provides a Libyan citizen request for a visa Aelchenql from one of the embassies of European countries Vtm rejected the request to the lack of an English translation in his passport and when I learned the Libyan authorities so because of its affront to national sovereignty and disregard for Arabic language or languages ​​he issued leader Muammar al-Qathafi instructed refund all nationals of EU and not allow them to enter the mass majority of all land, sea and air unless the have Arabic translation of their passports and foreign already issued a foreign official statement that was executed instructions literally and did not allow each coming from the European Union from entering the Great Jamahiriya has been their response to their countries to be sent senior European Union delegation and asked to see the Libyan authorities and made a formal apology and Haulo by all means in order to satisfy the leader Muammar al-Qathafi until it is reversed this decision … Those who know the glory and dignity and sovereignty have a special place in the same … Glory to the Leader Muammar al-Qathafi !



Men positions …

Bolivian President Evo Morales. Member of the MATHABA  global resistance to imperialism stand by men loyal and UN platform to glorify the leader Muammar al-Qathafi

and accuse America is committed with depleted uranium and other polluted weaponry bombed Libya and the attempt to kill  its leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

Which did not appeal to NATO mercenaries and could not bear the truth of the revolutionary leader of the leaders … 

Of Latin America and Asdro statement Atahj the moon faithful Ashraf men. A sincere tribute to the faithful and loyal and rebel led Almnazl President Evo Morales:

Believe it when he said:

 “I am Commander me millions”…

.Mu and Evor Morales of Bolivia


Morning Hamadein utter honest ..

Le sénateur Philippe Marini Updated: Saturday, 12 October 2013 24:45 | By The Editors, M6info by MSN
Senator Philippe Marini “regret” al-Qathafi

Le sénateur Philippe Marini "regrette" Kadhafi

Philippe Marini did react strongly when he wrote: “The influx of African refugees in Lampedusa and soon home makes me regret the demise of the Gaddafi regime in Libya”.

Friday afternoon, a boat carrying 230 immigrants was again, capsized off the coast of Malta and the Italian island, causing dozens of casualties.

On October 3, a shipwreck of the same type had been more than 300 deaths.


French Deputy regretted the departure of the “Great Jamahiriya” because of …


President of the Senate Finance Committee Senator Philippe Marinisaid, today’s French / Saturday / About The flow of refugees onLampedusa Italian

“make us regret the departure of the Great Jamahiriya of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.”

Marini explained in his Tweets on his account on the social networking site “Twitter“ that the flow of refugees, especially from Africa to Italy “and soon on France” leads us to regret the departure of the Gaddafi regime, in a comment on the repeated incidents of sinking boats carrying hundredsOf immigrants over the past few days.

He asked MP who belongs to the party “Union for a Popular Movement” (right opposition) “that comes from from Les Miserables, but drowned off the coast of Tunisia and Libya where hanging chaos”

The MP met with Tweets right-wing criticism on the part of the ruling Socialist Party, where a spokeswoman condemned the party, Laurence Rossignol, Marini’s position ..

She said in a press release that at a time when the world is sinking boats of migrants that it is a human tragedy, the French Senator sees as illegal migration and invasion process.






Publiée le 28 mars 2013

How far are you willing to go to change the world? The Illuminati are dumbing down society to bring on their New World Order! Being alert is the change we need… IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!!

Intro by RavenProDesign

President Obama’s leadership skills: He’s throwing a tantrum, acting like a “spoiled brat,” Allen West said.

“I can put it in very basic Southern terms: a spoiled brat child,” Mr. West said, during an interview with Newsmax. “We have been giving Barack Obama everything that he has wanted. We gave him a state senator position in Chicago, we gave him a U.S. Senate position out of the state of Illinois, unproven, untested, no resume, we gave him the presidency twice.”

But Mr. Obama isn’t satisfied, Mr. West said. And the result is predictable: It’s what happens when an overindulged child is denied, he said.

“So if you continue to reward bad behavior, you’re going to get more of that bad behavior,” Mr. West told Newsmax.

Mr. West also said that Mr. Obama’s childish behavior is rooted in his desire to enact radical change that turns the constitutional system of the nation’s government upside down.

“Five days before the election in 2008, he said that we were five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Mr. West said, in Newsmax. “And shame on the media for not challenging him and asking him what does that mean because America is a constitutional Republic.”

Under Mr. Obama’s watch, the nation is losing that belief system and instead moving toward an “imperial presidency,” he said.

© Copyright 2013 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.



Obama’s Double Discourse: Talking Peace While Making War

Global Research, October 11, 2013

Obama’s rhetorical exercise in ‘peace talk’ at the United Nations General Assembly impressed few delegations and even fewer Americans: Far more eloquent are his five years of wars, military interventions, cyber-spying, drone murders, military coups and the merciless prosecution of patriotic truth tellers.

If his ‘peace message’ fell flat, the explicit affirmations of imperial prerogatives, threats of military interventions and over two dozen (25) references to Israel as a ‘strategic ally’, confirmed the suspicions and fears that Obama was preparing for even more deadly wars.

Playing the ‘War Card’ in the Face of Massive Opposition

Obama’s UN speech took place at a time when his war policies have hit rock bottom both at home and abroad. After suffering at least two major diplomatic defeats and a string of negative polls, which revealed that a strong majority of Americans rejected his entire approach to foreign policy, Obama made an overture to Iran . Up to that point few delegates or citizens were impressed or entertained by his ‘new vision for US diplomacy’. According to many experts, it was vintage Obama, the con-man: talking peace while preparing new wars.

Nothing in the past six years warranted any hope that Obama would respond to new overtures for peace emanating from Iran , Syria or Palestine ; his habitual obedience to Israel would push for new wars on behalf of the Jewish State. At no point did Obama even acknowledge the sharp and outraged criticism by leading heads of state regarding his policy of cyber colonialism (massive spying) and his pursuit of imperial wars.

Obama’s Double Discourse: Talking Peace While Making War

At his 2009 inauguration, Barak Obama proclaimed, “We are going to have to take a new approach with a new emphasis on respect and a new willingness to talk.” And then he proceeded to launch more wars, armed interventions, clandestine operations and assassination campaigns in more countries than any US President in the last fifty years.

Obama’s record over the past five years reads:

(1) Continued war, slaughter and military bases in Iraq .

(2) A 40,000 plus US “troop surge” in Afghanistan

(3) An unprovoked assault against Libya , devastating the country, reducing oil production by 90%, throwing millions into chaos and poverty. and allowing a multitude of terrorist groups to divide the country and distribute its huge arsenal of weapons.

(4) Over 400 un-manned aerial drone attacks, murdering over 4,000 civilians in Pakistan , Yemen , Afghanistan and Somalia .

(5) Cross-border ground and air attacks in Pakistan and counter-insurgency warfare that forcing over 1.5 million refugees to flee the war zones.

(6) The arming and financing of ‘African Union’ mercenaries to invade and occupy Somalia , sending hundreds of thousands of Somalis into refugee camps.

(7) Unconditional support for Israel , including the ‘sale’ of advanced weapons and an annual $3 billion dollars ‘aid’ package to a racist regime intent on more land grabs in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem , as well as the displacing, killing, arresting and torturing of thousands of Palestinians and Bedouins.

(8) The sending of the US Naval armada to the Persian Gulf while imposing even more brutal economic sanctions drafted by Israeli-Firsters in order to strangle the Iranian economy and starve its over 70 million citizens into submission.

(9) Maintaining the notorious Guantanamo torture camp where hundreds of prisoners languish without trail (despite early promises to close it).

(10) Arming and training Islamist terrorists and ‘pro-Western’ mercenaries to invade Syria , killing over 100,000 Syrians and driving over one million refugees from their homes. Obama’s plans to bomb Syria are on hold, as of October 2013, thanks to Russian President Putin’s peace initiative.

(11) Engaging in grotesque global cyber-spying and the massive theft of highly confidential military, economic and political communications within allied nations (from Germany to Brazil ) at the highest levels.

(12) Unleashing a violent destabilization campaign in democratic Venezuela , following the defeat of the US candidate; Obama was the only leader in the world to refuse to recognize the election.

Altogether, Obama’s five years in office have been marked by his relentless pursuit of imperial power through arms and domination; This has come at enormous economic cost to the American people in the form of huge fiscal deficits and significant overseas and domestic political losses.

As a result, Obama’s rising tide of militarism has had the opposite effect of provoking a countercurrent of peace initiatives to challenge the assumptions and prerogatives of the war-mongers in the White House. The dynamics of this immense clash between the global war and peace forces will be played out in the next several months.

The Dynamics of Obama’s Foreign Policy

Obama’s future policy reflects the interplay between a highly militarized past and the tremendous current pressure for peace and diplomacy. The changes emerging from these powerful conflicting forces will have a decisive impact on the global configuration of power, as well as on the trajectory of the US economy for the foreseeable future.

We have proceeded by outlining in telegraphic form the principle events and policies defining Obama’s embrace of a militarist policy over the past five years. We will now proceed to highlight the current countervailing forces and events pressuring the White House to adopt a diplomatic and peaceful resolution of conflicts. We will identify the leading pro-war power configuration acting as an obstacle to peace. In the final section we will spell out the policy resulting from these conflicting forces.

The Dynamics of Peace against the Legacy of War

By the early fall 2013, powerful tendencies emerged which seemed to undermine or, at least, neutralize Washington ’s drive to new and more deadly wars. Eight major events constrained Washington ’s empire builders to temporarily rethink their immediate steps to war.

These include: (1) President Vladimir Putin’s proposal for Syria to destroy its chemical weapons, under UN supervision, denying the US its current pretext for bombing Damascus . The subsequent UN Security Council resolution, which was unanimously approved, did not contain the ‘war clause’ (Chapter 7) – thereby removing Washington ’s pretext to bomb Syria for ‘non-compliance’ to the tight time-table for disarming its chemical arsenal.

(2) Iran ’s President Rohani’s calls for peace and reconciliation, his offer to start prompt and consequential negotiations regarding Iran ’s nuclear program has isolated Israel and its Zionist agents in the international arena and forced Obama to reciprocate, resulting in a move toward US-Iranian negotiations.

(3) Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff’s, powerful denunciation of US cyber spying against her government, economy and citizens before the General Assembly resonated with the vast majority of political leaders. Coming from the most powerful economy in Latin America, the sixth largest economy in the world and a leading member of the BRICs, Rousseff’s rejection of US cyber-colonialism and its IT and telecommunication corporations and her call for national development, control and ownership of these communication networks, set a clear anti-colonial tone to the proceedings. Washington ’s response, its affirmation of its ‘right’ to spy on allies and their private citizens, as well as foes, has isolated Washington and found few supporters for such global cyber-imperial pretensions. To accommodate Brazil , Washington will be forced to enter into negotiations and acknowledge (if not comply with) Brazil ’s demands.

(4) US domestic public opinion, in the run-up to Putin’s diplomatic solution of the Syrian crisis, was overwhelmingly opposed to Obama’s moves to bomb Syria . By a margin of two to one, the American electorate opposed any new war; and Congress was prepared to heed its constituents, as letters were running nine to one against war. In other words, Obama lacked domestic support for attacking Syria and was under strong pressure to accept Putin’s diplomatic solution. The mass involvement of American citizens, at least temporarily, pushed back the war-mongers among Israel ’s wealthy and influential backers in Washington .

(5) Obama’s militarist foreign policy faces pressure from the Congressional deadlock over the budget and debt ceilings. Lacking a federal budget and with government offices closing, the White House has been forced to lay-off millions of military and civilian employees. Obama is not in a position to launch a costly new war, even if his Zionist patrons are “storming” Congress and clambering for one. The ‘fiscal crisis of the state’, which exploded in September 2013, is turning into a powerful political antidote to the policy of serial wars Obama undertook during his first five years in office. The debt-ceiling crisis and its aftermath further weaken the White House’s capacity and willingness to pursue an extended war agenda in the Middle East . Congress’s refusal to raise the debt ceiling, without budget reductions, could foreshadow a crisis in financial markets spreading to the world economy and leading to profound recession. The White House has its hands full trying to stabilize the domestic economy and placate Wall Street, thus weakening its willingness to engage in a new war.

One caveat: It is possible that, facing political divisions and an economic crisis, political adventurers and pro-Israel advisers might convince Obama to launch a war to ‘unify the country’ and ‘divert attention’ from his domestic debacle. A military distraction, of course, could backfire; it could be seen as a partisan ploy and deepen domestic divisions, especially if a US attack on Iran or Syria led to a wider war.

(6) The Snowden revelations of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) global spying have weakened the White House’s ties to its allies and heightened antagonism with its adversaries. Trust and co-operation, especially with regard to intelligence, have been weakened in Asia, Latin America and, to a lesser degree, in Europe . Several countries are discontinuing the use of US-IT companies which had collaborated with the NSA. By losing access to the communications of top officials in targeted countries, these revelations may have undermined Washington ’s global reach. Obama and Kerry’s outrageous justifications for spying on their allies and private citizens and their defense of intervention in cyber space have stirred up powerful political currents of anti-imperialism among major trade partners. At the UN General Assembly Bolivian President Evo Morales asserted, ‘The US is mistaken if it thinks it is the owner of the world’. His attack on US military imperialism, “… terrorism is combatted through social policy not with military bases”… resonated among the vast majority of UN delegates. In stark contrast, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bellicose speech received a hostile reception among those heads of state who didn’t simply walk out in disgust.

The Snowden disclosures of cyber-imperialism has seriously weakened the US capacity for war by exposing its intelligence operations and discrediting the war mongers associated with the NSA, making war planning more difficult.

The domestic and foreign forces, as well as world conditions for peace, would be overwhelming in any normal imperial system. But there is a ‘special factor’, a powerful ‘undertow’, which opposes the forces for peace, i.e. Israel and its US-based billionaire funded, 300,000 member-strong national and local Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) deeply embedded in government and civil society.

Against the Winds of Peace: The Zionist Power Configuration

On September 29, 2013, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu landed in New York , as part of an Israeli campaign to undermine world-wide support for a peaceful resolution of the war against Syria and the US-Iranian conflict. On September 30, Netayanhu met with President Obama and addressed the United Nations General Assembly the next day. Israel and Netanyahu represent the biggest and most powerful obstacle to the growing “tide of peace”. Given its status as a pariah state and the global community’s negative view of Israel and its bullying Prime Minister, Netanyahu has to rely almost exclusively on the US to maintain its monopoly of nuclear weapons in the region, its vast stockpile of chemical weapons and its military supremacy in the Middle East . The White House and the US Congress are crucial institutions backing Israel ’s ambition for uncontested hegemony in the Middle East . And the Zionist Power Configuration is decisive in setting US policy throughout the region.

The ZPC operates on several levels: (1) dozens of Zionist billionaires and millionaires fund Washington-based propaganda mills (so-called ‘think tanks’), an army of pro-Israel Middle East ‘experts’ and Ivy League publicists, the 52 major American Zionist organizations and their 300,00 zealous militants. They pour tens of millions of dollars into electoral campaigns throughout the country, rewarding compliant politicians who support any legislation or resolution submitted by Zionist politicos and lobbyists (while brutally punishing any congressional ‘dissenters)’.

(2) Dozens of Zionist zealots occupy key positions within the Administration, especially as appointees dealing with the Middle East and Treasury, ensuring that US policymakers impose economic sanctions on Israel ’s enemies and pursue wars in Israel ’s interests. They unconditionally back Israel in of its attacks on its neighbors and block any sanctioning vote in the UN. They make sure that Israel receives the most advanced weapons and the US Treasury pays its annual $3 billion-plus dollar tribute to the Jewish State.

(3)The Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations and their militants ensure local and national support for Israel , even at the expense of domestic US interests and priorities. The zealots actively intervene to ban, censor or threaten the employment of any critic of Israel or the ZPC – extending to the most mundane local level of harassment. They successfully limit the content and participants in the mass media, world affairs forums and university programs with their threats and bullying.

The mass media are controlled by pro-Israel moguls, news reporters and commentators who mold public perception of Israel claiming it to be a ‘bastion of democracy’ while labelling Iran a “terrorist Islamist dictatorship”. Media analyst Steve Lendman describes, in his article entitled, “Israel Launches Anti-Rohani Media Blitz”, Netanyahu’s repeated lies on questions pertaining to Iran ’s nuclear program and how the major US news media parrot Israel ’s bellicose propaganda. The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg back Netanyahu’s demand for harsh economic sanctions and threats of aggression against Iran . The Daily Alert , mouthpiece of the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organization, reproduces and circulates scores of libelous polemical diatribes denigrating President Rohani, and slavishly praise each and every bellicose eruption out from the mouths of Israeli politicians and generals. For example, leading Zionist propagandist, Jeffrey Goldberg calls President Rohani a “dishonest war monger” dismissing his peace overtures because he is not “ready to shut down his country’s nuclear program”. Aaron David Miller, another one of Israel ’s Washington intellectuals, echoes Netanyahu’s “concerns about wily Iranian mullahs bearing gifts” while demanding that the US government “take care of Israel ’s concerns”. The Zionist demand that the US “secure Israel ’s concerns” is a no brainer because the Jewish state is determined to strip Iran of its sovereignty, surrender its entire medical and civilian nuclear program and submit to Israeli regional hegemony…

The US and British press reported that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has launched their own ‘full- scale invasion’ of the US Congress, sending over 300 full-time lobbyists to sabotage any form of rapprochement between the US and Iran. Just prior to the UN General Assembly meeting, AIPAC militants were writing legislation for the US Congress, which imposed new additional sanctions to further undermine Iranian oil exports; their efforts secured “bi-partisan” support of over 300 members of Congress. While President Obama faces a divided Congress, the Israel-Firsters from AIPAC easily secure a near unanimous vote to scupper any diplomatic dialog between Washington and Teheran. These new extremist sanctions were dictated by the Israeli Foreign Office and are designed to sabotage any White House negotiations.

While some mainstream newspapers, like the Financial Times, describe the “suspicions in Congress which raise the bar for a deal”, they fail to mention the extraordinary intervention and influence of AIPAC in sowing these “suspicions” – and authoring all anti-Iran legislation over the past two years! The mass media covers up the central role of the ZPC in opposing a US dialogue with Iran , and in subverting the push for peace favored by the vast majority of war-weary and economically-battered Americans. Even ‘progressive and leftist’ weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies are silent on the overwhelming role of the ZPC. Leading left journalists systematically skirt around any in- depth discussion of the AIPAC and the 52 pro-Israel Jewish organizations in manipulating the US Congress, the mass media and the Executive branch.

Any writer who attends US legislative committee hearings on the Middle East or observes Congressional debates, or interviews Congressional staff-members and lobbyists, or reads AIPAC reports, can compile ample public documentation of the major role that Israel, through it US Zionist organizations and agents, plays in dictating US-Iran relations. Nothing illustrates the extreme power the ZPC exercises over US policy toward Iran than the thundering silence of ‘progressives’ over the central ZPC role in policymaking. Is it simply cowardice or fear of being slandered as an ‘anti-Semite’? Or is it fear of being excluded or blacklisted by major media and publications? Or is it complicity: Being ‘critical of privileges and power’ while selectively excluding mention of Zionist access and influence?

So we have the situation in the US today where the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu dictates the ‘negotiating terms’ to the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations. According to Netanyahu’s dictates, the Islamic Republic of Iran must stop all uranium enrichment – including that for medical, research and energy use, close the enrichment facilities at Qom , remove all enriched uranium and halt the production of plutonium. Having set these ridiculous, sovereignty-killing conditions on Iran and having the unconditional support of the entire ZPC, Netanyahu proceeds to sabotage the peaceful, diplomatic process via the lap-puppies in the US Congress. As one Washington pundit noted the Obama regime “is very conscious of the fact that Israeli views on Iran have a large influence (sic) on opinion in the US Congress”.

No country on any continent would or could accept the terms dictated by Israel and its Fifth Column in the US – terms that undermine national sovereignty. In fact, all countries with nuclear power facilities and advanced medical and research institutions engage in some or all of these activities. By setting these extremist terms, Netanyahu is in effect dooming the negotiations from the start and setting the stage for war, the so-called “military option” that both he and Obama agree would follow from a collapse in negotiations.

In a rational democratic world, most experts would argue that the new alignment of forces for peace, including the vast and growing domestic opposition to new wars and world public opinion in favor of President Rohani’s overtures for negotiations, the US could easily ignore Israel’s war mongering. But a more realistic and reflective analysis, however, would argue that the negotiations will only proceed with great difficulty, especially in the face of ZPC sabotage in adding new sanctions rather than a good-faith act of cutting or reducing the current sanctions.

The Israeli-ZPC ‘war offensive’ went into high gear precisely at the moment when world public opinion, the UN and even the White House enthusiastically welcomed the peace overtures from newly elected Iranian President Rohani.

The purpose was to sabotage any dialogue with Iran before they even began. The ZPC took the following measures:

1. AIPAC and its clients in the US Congress have circulated new harsh sanctions and rapidly signed up dozens of Congressional supporters. The entire Zionist apparatus, led by the ‘52 Presidents of the Major Jewish American Organizations’, backed the latest and most severe sanctions against the Iranian oil industry. They followed Netanyahu’s dictate to make the Iranian economy collapse. The purpose of the ZPC is to create the worst possible conditions for negotiations – undermining the ‘goodwill’ following Obama’s gestures (the phone conversation with Rohani) and sure to provoke widespread opposition among the sanction-weary Iranian population against a US-Iran dialogue.

2. The notorious Israeli spy outfit, Mossad, was most probably involved in the brutal assassination of Iran’s official in charge of cyber-defense, Mojtaba Ahmadi. Most experts agree that, since 2007, Israel’s intelligence agency has been behind the horrific assassinations of five Iranian nuclear engineers and scientists, as well as the head of their ballistic missile program. The timing of the current Mossad outrage is designed to further poison the climate for US-Iranian negotiations, even though the victim this time is not directly linked to Iran’s nuclear program.

3. Netanyahu’s speech to the General Assembly was pure corrosive vitriol, character assassination and fabrication. He made constant reference to Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program’, although on-site reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency and sixteen US intelligence agencies have repeatedly shown that no such program exists. Nevertheless, thanks to the power and influence of the ZPC, Netanyahu’s venomous message was relayed by all the major media and picked up and repeated by influential pro-Israel think tanks, academics and pundits. Netanyahu unleashed the Zionist pro-war propaganda machine to energize Jewish powerbrokers to ‘put the squeeze’ on the White House. The effect was immediate: Obama rushed out to parrot Netanyahu’s lies that Iran had a nuclear weapons program. Secretary of State Kerry obediently pledged to keep ‘the military option’ for dealing with Iran ‘on the table’ – in other words, the threat of a unilateral attack. UN Ambassador Samantha Power demanded the newly elected President Rohani make immediate concessions in order to prove his “seriousness”.

Conclusion: World Peace or Zionist War ?

Recent political and diplomatic changes provide the world community with a measure of optimism regarding the prospects for peace. Under intense pressure from US public opinion, Obama temporarily went along with Russian President Putin’s diplomatic approach over chemical weapons in Syria.

The UN General Assembly’s favorable response to Iranian President Rohani’s call for dialogue has compelled Obama to openly consider direct negotiations with Teheran over its nuclear program.

World public opinion, favorable interlocutors in Iran, bold diplomatic initiatives from Russia, and cooperative behavior from Damascus, all events pointing to a peaceful resolution of current Middle East conflicts, face a formidable enemy embedded in the very centers of power in the United States, the ZPC, which acts on behalf of the ultra-militarist Israeli state.

Over the years, the ZPC has successfully pushed for crippling sanctions and wars against a number of Israel’s regional opponents. Leading Zionists in the Bush regime fabricated the myth of Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ leading the US to invade, occupy and destroy Iraq, despite massive opposition from the US public on the eve of the invasion. Zionists in US Treasury and in the White House slapped broad economic sanctions on Iraq, Iran and Syria – preventing the biggest US oil companies from investing and trading with these resource-rich nations, which cost ‘Big Oil’ close to $500 billion in lost revenues. An empirical study of congressional committees, legislative debates, resolutions and voting behavior demonstrates that the ZPC co-authored the sanction legislation and administrators, linked to the ZPC, implemented the measures.

The popular notion that ‘Big Oil’ was responsible for these wars and sanctions, as part of some scheme to take over the oil production facilities of Iraq and Iran, lacks empirical basis. The ZPC defeated ‘Big Oil’: Exon, Mobil and Chevron were no match for the ZPC when it came to penetrating Congress, authoring legislation, mobilizing billionaires to fund Congressional campaigns, organizing thousands of zealous militants or influencing the mass media – including the Wall Street Journal. The governments of billions of poor people in Africa, Asia and Latin America can only dream of the annual $3 billion dollar tribute that the ZPC secures for Israel from the American tax-payers for the past 30-plus years.

The UN Security Council and its Human Rights Commission are powerless to sanction Israel for its war crimes because the ZPC guarantees a US veto of any resolution. Despite the opposition of the entire Muslim world, the ZPC ensures that Washington will continue to support Israel’s colonial expansion and land grabs in the occupied Palestinian territory, and its bombing of Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Sudan. In other words, the ZPC has successfully undermined the interests of the biggest US multi-national corporations, the position of the UN Security Council and the needs of billions of poor in the Third World. The ZPC induces the US to start prolonged brutal wars costing the US economy over a trillion dollars and totally destroying six sovereign countries (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia). Today Israel and the ZPC set the terms for US-Iran negotiations – dooming them to failure. The mass media echo Netanyahu’s scurrilous (and infantile) characterization of President Rohani as ‘untrustworthy’, and a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. And US Secretary of State John Kerry parrots Netanyahu’s lies about Iran’s nuclear arms program. Shortly after his talk with Rohani, US President Obama dutifully made his report of the entire conversation to Netanyahu – seeking Israel’s approval. Obama then met with his Israeli ‘handlers’ and pledged fealty to the interests of Israel, bleating out that ‘military option (to attack Iran) is still on the table’. For the one hundred and ninety-first time (over the past year) President Obama pledged the US’ unconditional support to defend Israel. Like a broken record (or broken political hack), Obama repeated that “Israel must (sic) reserve the right to take military action against Iran it if feels threatened by Iran”.

The Zionist propaganda apparatus has set the terms for the US government with regard to Iran. Tel Aviv orders and the ZPC demands that Obama ‘negotiate’ under Israeli terms. Iran, the ZPC insists, must provide detailed information on its military bases and defenses, end its legal enrichment of uranium for civilian use, turn over its existing stockpiles, end the production of plutonium at the Arak facility, dismantle the underground research facilities at Fordow and cease the conversion of first generation centrifuges to more efficient second generation ones.

President Obama might then permit the Iranians to enrich uranium to about 3.5 percent, operate a few primitive centrifuges and maintain a tiny stock of enriched uranium – for medical purposes…. These are condition which Israel and the ZPC know that no free and independent country or national leader would ever accept. The Zionists seek to sabotage diplomacy in order to push the US into another Gulf war which they believe will establish Israel as the un-challenged regional hegemon.

It is essential for the peace camp in the United States to expose the role of the ZPC in dictating the US negotiating terms with Iran and publicly repudiate its control over the US Congress and the White House. Otherwise the majority of Americans who favor peace and diplomacy will have no influence in shaping US-Iran relations. The problem is that the majority of anti-war Americans and the international community cannot match the billionaire Jewish Zionists in buying and controlling the members of the US Congress. AIPAC has no rival among Christians, Muslims or even anti-Zionist Jews. The pro- peace Pope Francis from his pulpit in the Vatican cannot match the power of the Presidents of the 52 Major Jewish American Organizations whose militants can literally “storm Washington ” and push the US into war!

Until the 99% of non-Zionist Americans (off all ethnicities and persuasions) organize as a coherent force to push back the tiny 1% – Israel’s Fifth Column – all the hopes for peace wakened by President Putin initiative on Syria and President Rohani’s diplomatic opening at the United Nation, will collapse. Worse, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will again lead an American President, Obama, by the nose, from sabotaged diplomacy into another costly Gulf War, one in which thousands of US soldiers (not a single Zionist among them) and tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of Iranians will perish!



Adjust the Libyans at  Cairo Airport in possession of a list of assassinations

Managed security authorities at Cairo International Airport shortly before the arrest of a Libyan passenger , tried to smuggle a number of cassette tapes ,

and blogger on each list assassinations of Libyan figures and Egypt .

A source at the airport , said Major Ahmed Baher of insurance management suspected in passenger Libyan ” Mohamed M. E. “, ” bearded ” and suspected

of belonging to a militant groups , while Check traveling on a Libyan plane bound for Tripoli, and searched his belongings found a bag full of ribbons

Cassette blogger User assassinations , bombings and suicide attacks, was a reservation on the bag , and is being checked by the security authorities .
ضبط ليبيى في مطار القاهرة وبحوزته قائمة اغتيالات

تمكنت السلطات الأمنية بمطار القاهرة الدولى قبل قليل من إلقاء القبض على راكب ليبى، حاول تهريب عدد من شرائط الكاسيت، ومدون على كل منها قائمة بالاغتيالات لشخصيات ليبية و مصرية.

وقال مصدر بالمطار، إن الرائد أحمد باهر من إدارة التأمين اشتبه فى الراكب الليبى “محمد م إ”، “ملتحى” ويشتبه فى انتمائه لأحد الجماعات المتشددة ، أثناء إنهاء إجراءات سفره على الطائرة الليبية المتجهة إلى طرابلس، وبتفتيش متعلقاته تبين وجود حقيبة مليئة بشرائط كاسيت مدون عليها قوائم بالاغتيالات والتفجيرات والعمليات الانتحارية، وتم التحفظ على الحقيبة، وجارٍ فحصها بمعرفة الجهات الأمنية.

بنت الوادي

Libyan passenger Arrested at Cairo airport having  in possession of lists of assassinations and bombings in Libya

Through the security at the Cairo airport on Saturday  they arrested a Libyan passenger who  belongs into the religious groups, he was carrying cassette tapes which contain lists and methods of assassinations, bombings and suicide attacks and sit-ins in, traveling to Libya. Where security sources said at Cairo airport that during  the check-in passengers to the  Libyan plane flights to Tripoli, there was a suspected person named Musharraf at the lounge with travelling bags  was asked to open and shows a bag full of large quantities of cassette tapes, papers that contain lists assassinations of figures many, and ways to implement and how to conduct bombings and suicide attacks,  the methods and how to implement the sit-ins. The sources added that he has been reported to the security authorities, which began the investigation with the passenger to see the religious groups, and jihadist organizations to which he belongs and how it relates to terrorist groups operating in Egypt and Libya.



The start of the emergency summit of the African Union on relations with the International Criminal Court

And the African Union agreed on the Kenyan president’s failure to appear before the International Criminal refused to postpone the trial.



REPRINT from 23 MARCH 2011:

Coalition of Crusaders Join with al Qaeda to Oust Qaddafi and Roll Back Libyan Revolution

Wed, 23 MARCH 2011 – 07:49 Gerald A. Perreira
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Mu and Africa

by Gerald A. Perreira

The West – the former colonial powers and the United States – have not only coordinated their assault on Libya, but orchestrated the rebellion

against Col. Qaddafi from the start, says the author. Qaddafi’s claim that al Qaeda is involved is only dismissed by those who fail to understand

that “al Qaeda is a Wahhabi/Salafi ideological movement and it has reinvigorated Salafi movements and cells worldwide.” Qaddafi deserves support

at this critical hour, as “a revolutionary leader who has consistently opposed western hegemony in the Arab and African World.”

Coalition of Crusaders Join with al Qaeda to Oust Qaddafi and Roll Back Libyan Revolution

by Gerald A. Perreira

This article previously appeared in Global Breaking News.

It is now crystal clear that this rebellion in Benghazi was an orchestrated attempt, supported by foreign sources, to use the events taking place across North Africa as a cover for the overthrow of the Libyan revolution.

A coalition of Crusaders, as Qaddafi described them, including the US, Britain, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Canada, have begun an all out military assault against Libya. Using what Libya claims is an invalid and illegal UN resolution as a pretext, the coalition is pounding the Libyan defense forces with a military might that has not been seen since the Gulf war.

The real and illegal goal of what has been called Operation “Odyssey Dawn” is “regime change.” A replay of the nightmarish Gulf war scenario, the plan is clear: to disable Libya’s defense ability, and to arm and strengthen the reactionary conglomerate of rebel forces in Benghazi, in the hope that this rag tag bunch will roll back, once and for all, the Libyan revolution.

This is not the first imperialist attempt to lynch Qaddafi and bring Libya to its knees. In 1986, the US falsely accused Libya of the bombing of a discotheque in Berlin and Reagan attempted to assassinate Qaddafi, by bombing the Bab al-Azizia compound in Tripoli where he was housed, killing Qaddafi’s daughter and over one hundred Libyans. Next, Libya was falsely accused of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing as an excuse for initiating sanctions, in order to economically cripple the revolution.

Not the first time Britain and al Qaeda have collaborated on Libya

In 1996, British intelligence employed the services of an al Qaeda cell inside Libya, paying them a huge fee to assassinate Muammar Qaddafi. A grenade was lobbed at Qaddafi as he walked among a crowd in his hometown, Sirte. He was saved by one of his bodyguards, who threw herself on the grenade.

Former MI5 operative David Shayler revealed that while he was working on the Libya desk in the mid 90s, British secret service personnel were collaborating with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is connected to one of Osama bin Laden’s trusted lieutenants.

Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan revolutionary forces were the first to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden. They have spent years trying to warn the world about the very serious threat posed by these Islamic deviants. According to Shayler, western intelligence turned a deaf ear to Libya’s warnings because they were actually working with the al Qaeda group inside Libya, to bring down Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution.

In the mid 90s, British secret service personnel were collaborating with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”

Anas al Libi was a member of the Libyan al-Qaeda cell. He remains on the US government’s most wanted list, with a reward of $25 million for his capture, and is wanted for his involvement in the African embassy bombings. al Libi was with bin Laden in Sudan before the al Qaeda leader returned to Afghanistan in 1996.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, despite being a high-level al Qaeda operative, al Libi

was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

The claims by Qaddafi and the Libyan revolutionary forces that the rebels in Benghazi are inspired by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the serious threat this poses, not only to Libya but to the entire region, are once again falling on deaf ears, just as David Shayler said they did back in the mid 90s. Why? Because once again, British intelligence forces, among others, are clearly in collaboration with the rebels in Benghazi – those referred to all over Libya as the ‘bearded ones’, who have close ties to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The evidence for this is overwhelming. As revealed by Shayler, the British have a long standing relationship with the al Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, based inside Libya. The British also have an historical relationship with the Wahhabi/Salafi brand of Islam, espoused today by Ikhwan al Muslimeen (Mulsim Brotherhood) and their offshoots, including al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

A Battle with a Long History

In 1744, an alliance was formed between the founder of Wahhabism, Muhammad ibn Abdal-Wahhab and the ruthless tribal leader, Muhammad ibn Saud, whose descendants rule Saudi Arabia up to today. This reactionary brand of Islam was the perfect theological foundation for the colonial creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Wahhabism remains the official Islamic tendency in Saudi Arabia up till today. In 1915, the British entered into a treaty with the murderous House of Saud, protecting their lands and supplying them with weaponry, as part of the colonial project to establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the British did everything they could to help the Wahhabist doctrine to flourish, recognizing it as the perfect ideological tool to further their imperialist objectives. Some scholars have argued that the British actually helped to create Wahhabism.

Imagine, today, the British are calling on the descendants of Muhammad ibn Saud, the current Saudi regime, and their present day army of Wahhabis in the form of al Qaeda, to join in a medieval crusade to crush a bastion of revolutionary Islam, which is present day Libya. And the contradictions verify this. We have to wonder why a Saudi government official can say on BBC that “to allow the people to choose their own government is a very bad thing”, and why, with all the Western outcry about women’s rights in the Muslim world, the Saudi regime, which does not even allow women to vote or drive motorcars, is never questioned. Instead they are the ones that the Americans, British, and French are calling on to join them in the destruction of Libya which has liberated women and struggled to bring real democracy to its people.

Benghazi has been the center for those who have consistently opposed the liberatory Islam articulated by Qaddafi.”

As early as the mid 19th century, Wahhabi fundamentalism was imported into Benghazi by the reactionary and feudal Senussi fraternity. The influence of this tendency has been passed on from generation to generation, and Benghazi has been the center for those who have consistently opposed the liberatory Islam articulated by Qaddafi and implemented by the Libyan revolution.

The Muslims of Benghazi, who embrace the same ideology as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and have done for the last hundred years or more, have been reinvigorated in the last few years by AQIM’s presence on Libya’s borders. There is a renewed interest in the possibility of achieving the stated goal of AQIM, which is the establishment of an Wahhabi Islamic Emirate in the Maghreb, stretching over the entire North African region. When we understand the history of this region, we realize why the imperialists have not gone out of their way to find Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri and how and why these reactionary forces and doctrines are actually encouraged by western powers.

To understand Qaddafi’s current claims about al Qaeda in the Maghreb, we have to understand both the history of this current battle and also the present day chapter: how al Qaeda affiliated organizations operate in the region in 2011. There is a deliberate attempt to misguide the uninformed with the suggestion that Qaddafi is throwing up a simplistic image of Osama bin Laden directing the rebellion in Benghazi from a cave somewhere, as a scare tactic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We must understand how al Qaeda affiliated organizations operate in the region in 2011.”

Qaddafi is well aware of the reactionary aims of Wahhabism and understands only too well their modus operandi in the region. Being affiliated to al Qaeda does not mean that each cell refers to an al Qaeda central command. Rather, al Qaeda is a Wahhabi/Salafi ideological movement and it has reinvigorated Salafi movements and cells worldwide. The term Salafi simply refers to a contemporary strain of Wahhabism.

If there remains any skepticism regarding Qaddafi’s claims, let us turn to the Washington based think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, which gives us a description of AQIM’s operations in the region.

On their official website they state:

Terrorist activity in North Africa has been reinvigorated in the last few years by a local Algerian Islamist group turned pan-Maghreb jihadi organization: al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). A Sunni group that previously called itself the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), the organization has taken responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks in the region, declared its intention to attack Western targets, and sent a squad of jihadis to Iraq. Experts believe these actions suggest widening ambitions within the group’s leadership, now pursuing a more global, sophisticated, and better-financed direction. Long categorized as part of a strictly domestic insurgency against Algeria’s military government, AQIM claims to be the local franchise operation for al Qaeda, a worrying development for a region that has been relatively peaceful since the bloody Algerian civil war of the 1990s drew to a close. European officials are taking AQIM’s international threats seriously and are worried about the growing number of Europe-based cells.”

The Struggle Continues

This current battle in Benghazi is not new in Libya. For many years, the revolutionary forces have been struggling to keep this feudal, reactionary brand of Islam in check.

On February 24th, 2011, at the very outset of the Benghazi rebellion, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb posted the following statement on the al Qaeda affiliated al Fajr website: “We declare our support for the legitimate demands of the Libyan revolution. We assert to our people in Libya that we are with you and will not let you down, God willing. We will give everything we have to support you, with God’s grace.”

A few days after this statement was issued by AQIM, al Libi resurfaced. The same al Libi exposed by David Shayler as an al Qaeda operative working inside Libya back in the 90s. Now a top al Qaeda commander based in Afghanistan, he urged his countrymen to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi’s regime and establish Islamic rule. Al Libi, a pseudonym that means ‘the Libyan’ in Arabic, said in a video, produced by As-Sahab, the media wing of al Qaeda, that “it would bring shame to the Libyan people if the strongman (Qaddafi) were allowed to die a peaceful death”.

Al Qaeda and Drugs in the Maghreb

Libya’s revolutionary forces have also made continual references to the fact that there are drug problems in the region and that many of the young people are affected. Once again, this claim was scoffed at by Western media and analysts, who are ill informed about what is actually taking place on the ground.

As recently as November 2010, Moroccan police detained 34 people with ties to al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb, attempting to move 1,300 pounds of cocaine through the country.

Moroccan Interior Minister, Taieb Cherquaoui said “We are dealing with an apparent coordination and collaboration between drug traffickers and terrorists linked to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.”

He added that the leader of AQIM’s drug ring was detained in Mali, and he stated that the international drug peddling ring involved local Moroccan drug traffickers, who were collaborating with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, as well as cartels in Latin America.

Until recently, Moroccan authorities have been able to keep the actions of al Qaeda inside Morocco at bay. The drug activity, however, has now revealed the extremist organization’s growing network, and the interior minister expressed “the urgent need for the Sahel countries to collaborate to secure their territories and to fight the group’s expansion.”

Tragically, the “coalition of crusaders” has seen fit to pound Qaddafi’s defense installations, thereby preventing Libya from being able to challenge AQIM’s expansion into their sovereign territory.

In a further development on this front, the Wahhabi spiritual leader of Ikhwan al Muslimeen, Egyptian cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, issued a fatwa stating that any Libyan soldier who can shoot dead embattled leader Muammar Qaddafi should do so “to rid Libya of him.”

Qaradawi is a neo-feudalist, who has defended the practice of female genital mutilation, called for the death penalty to be applied to those who leave Islam and advocates separate systems of law for different classes of citizens. Such are the views of those who are opposing Muammar Qaddafi.

Qaddafi stated clearly that the destabilization of Libya’s eastern cities was being inspired and assisted by al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb.”

In a letter to Barak al Hussein Obama and in a separate letter to Sarkozy, Cameron and Banki Moon hours before the coalition launched its first military strikes, Qaddafi stated clearly that the destabilization of Libya’s eastern cities was being inspired and assisted by al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb, and he invited member states of the coalition to come to Libya and confirm this reality for themselves.

Of course, just as the war in Iraq was not about establishing the truth regarding weapons of mass destruction, this war against Libya was not about discovering the truth of events on the ground or verifying Qaddafi’s claims. When we understand the historical and present day facts, we realize that the crusader coalition is well aware of exactly who they are fighting and who they are supporting. In fact, that is why they were in such a hurry to act – to prevent any international fact finding mission which would verify Qaddafi’s claims for the world to see.

In the letter to Obama, Qaddafi asked him if al Qaeda was occupying American cities what Obama would do so that he (Qaddafi) could follow his lead. All to no avail, because Qaddafi has been demonised to the point of being inhuman and therefore not requiring even the courtesy of a response. Named by US media as the Castro of the Middle East there is only one aim – remove him by any means necessary.


In contrast to the Wahhabis and the neo-colonial regimes in the region, Qaddafi is a revolutionary leader who has consistently opposed western hegemony in the Arab and African World. Libya’s revolution has, for the past three decades, assisted liberation movements all over the world struggling against neo-colonialism and imperialism.

Libya’s oil resources are of course a factor. We know for sure that control of oil resources is a top priority for the the US and Europe. but even more worrying for the imperialists is Qaddafi’s call for a United States of Africa – with one government, one army and one currency.

Not surprisingly, the actions taken against Qaddafi and Libya are in stark contrast to western inaction with regard to events on the ground in other countries in the region such as Yemen, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, where protesters are being shot in the streets. In the case of Bahrain, protesters are being brutally suppressed with the assistance of invading Saudi ground forces and in Saudi Arabia itself, the regime has told its people that “anyone who raises a finger against the Saudi monarchy will have their finger cut off!.”

The so-called international community can barely name their long time partner in crime, Saudi Arabia, in their pronouncements, such is their support for this most undemocratic of regimes. In fact, far from condemning the actions of these governments, the Crusading coalition is frantically trying to get some of these same Arab countries to actively join the military operation against Libya so that this whole thing does not look like another US and European led aggression.

Are we going to hear impassioned pleas regarding the aspirations of the people of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? Are the US, Britain and France going to launch attacks on Yemen and Bahrain to assist the uprisings there to achieve regime change. I don’t think so.

Arab League legitimizes Crusade

The Arab League endorsed this imperialist attack on Libyan soil despite the nightmare of Iraq, where the number of civilian deaths has now reached one and a half million. It is an honor for Qaddafi to have no support among this league of bloated imperialist surrogates. At a recent meeting, he told them, prophetically it now seems, that they should be ashamed of themselves, having sat by and watched the US hang the entire leadership of the Iraqi Arab Ba’ath regime. It should be noted that although there were serious ideological and political differences between Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein, Libya took a principled position regarding hostile external aggression against Iraq. A few days ago, the National Leadership of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party issued a statement expressing solidarity with the revolutionary forces of Libya.

The Arab League has been consistently embarrassed by Qaddafi’s outspoken criticism of their double standards and hypocrisy with regard to Palestine, Iraq and a host of other issues, they are terrified by Qaddafi’s revolutionary Islam, and are contemptuous of Black Africa and Qaddafi’s attempts to bring about African-Arab unity.

Recently, when Qaddafi urged Libyans to intermarry with Africans, following the example of Prophet Muhammad himself, who encouraged intermarriage between races, Libyan and Arab contempt for Black Africans re-surfaced. Extremely few fair skinned Arabs would sanction the marriage of their daughters to a Black African. Rarely do fair skinned Libyans marry Black Libyans. Their disdain for Black people runs deep.

The Arab League are terrified by Qaddafi’s revolutionary Islam, and are contemptuous of Black Africa and Qaddafi’s attempts to bring about African-Arab unity.”

In fact, across other Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the Gulf States, the horror stories emerging regarding the mistreatment of African domestic servants is reminiscent of the kind of treatment meted out to Black people during the days of chattel slavery. So a project for the development and unification of all of Africa, uniting, on equal terms, the ‘Arab’ north with Black Africa, is not close to the hearts of many fair skinned Arabs. Qaddafi is an exception to the rule.

In his book “Islam and the Third Universal Theory: The Religious Thought of Muammar Qaddafi,” the respected Muslim scholar, Mahmoud Ayoub, states that:

he (Qaddafi) wishes to follow the example of the Prophet who fought with such determination against oppression and inequality in society that Bilal, the Black slave, became equal with his master Umayyah. He sees his own mission and the task of the

Libyan revolution as having the same motivations and goal for modern Muslim society. The basic aim of the Green Book is to present in general and contemporary terms the ideals of justice and equality which Qaddafi sees in the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet and his community.”

And what of Libya’s African neighbors?

‘A Million Man March’

Already an estimated 16,000 African freedom fighters (not mercenaries as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera would have us believe) have poured into Libya from the Congo, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso to fight to the death for the Libyan revolution and Brother Muammar Al Qaddafi.

According to an official in northern Mali, hundreds of young Tuaregs from Mali and Niger are also among the African fighters, “We’re very worried”, said Assalat Ag Abdou Salam, president of the Regional Assembly of Kidal, “These young people are moving in droves to Libya. It’s very dangerous for us because whether Qaddafi wins or falls the impact will be felt in our region.”

We are witnessing a Pan-African unity on the ground that we have never seen before. Who is this man and this revolution that has the moral authority and power to draw an army of Africans from every corner of the continent?

One Tripoli resident answered with the following statement: “Qaddafi is our Che Guevara, and for Libyans and many people around the world, he is a symbol of freedom and democracy.”

An estimated 16,000 African freedom fighters have poured into Libya.”

He explained that the West does not understand Libya and the age old tribal and religious battles that are being waged, and pointed out, that even if Qaddafi was to leave Libya, these armed gangs and tribes would fight till judgment day. He added that it is Qaddafi who has tried for the last 40 years to overcome these age old conflicts and the backwardness that accompanies them, and build real democracy, through a system of people’s congresses and popular committees.

He finished by saying that “the West does not know this man but that they would surely come to know who he is now.”

The Pan-Africanism we are finally witnessing is not the ivory tower academic brand, which has been viewed as relatively harmless and ineffective by the imperialists, but a grassroots Pan-Africanism – bottom up – which has given birth to the continent’s first Pan-African army, willing to lay down their lives for a revolution and a leader that they love and to whom they owe a great deal.

Many of these fighters and liberation movements have received education, military training and assistance from Libya when they were battling imperialist backed despotic regimes in their own countries, and now they are determined to defend the man and country who stood by them in their darkest hour. This attack on Libya has serious repercussions for the entire African continent.

The Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) travelled to Libya to meet with Qaddafi face to face and express their support and solidarity. They issued a statement expressing “their support to Qaddafi, who had been crucial to the PAC during the days of apartheid in South Africa.” 
“We have a long cooperation with Qaddafi himself and Libya. Our cadres were trained in Libya by Qaddafi and a friend is a friend no matter what,” said the party’s spokesman,

Mzwanele Nyhontso.

Qaddafi has been a friend to all oppressed peoples throughout the world. There is hardly a liberation movement that has not been helped in some way by Qaddafi and Libya over the past three decades. He is our friend and brother and let’s hope everyone is clear on who our enemies are.

The Emperor is naked – what’s new?

Of course, imperialist maneuvers and crusades similar to this current one have been on going for centuries. In more recent times, from Vietnam to Iraq, we have seen the same scenario played out based on a litany of lies. So what is different this time around?

Certainly not the lying part – they are still weaving their usual web of lies. The African freedom fighter Kwame Ture, who had close ties with the Libyan revolution, warned us that “the imperialists don’t just lie sometimes, they lie all the time.”

What is different is that things are changing for the imperialists as the world plunges deeper and deeper into chaos, and their ability to influence affairs worldwide is diminishing rapidly. In the midst of rebellions all over the Arab world, what is clear is that fewer and fewer people give a damn what the US and Europe thinks. So they saw fit to take desperate measures in an attempt to regain some political hegemony and limit the demise of their strategic influence in the region.

Even as Mussa Kussa, the Libyan Foreign Minister, announced a cease fire and the Libyan authorities determination to accept the UN resolution and utilize it in a positive way, the French and British were in a frenzy, trying to get international support for military strikes against the Libyan forces. We have witnessed their war mongering before, however, they were quite literally foaming at the bit this time.

The imperialists will become more and more desperate in their attempts to regain their influence.”

Such a frenzy can only be understood against a backdrop of their dwindling ability to dominate. Even in the economic sphere, their power is decreasing, as China, India and Brazil emerge as vital new trading partners in Africa and South America. In the words of Kwame Nkrumah, “Neo-colonialism is not a sign of imperialism’s strength, but rather of its last hideous gasp”.

In 2011, the imperialists have brought the world to the brink of disaster. At an economic summit, at the outset of the current ongoing global capitalist crisis, former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, publicly told the gathering that “the credit crunch was the fault of white, blue-eyed people.”

As the capitalist crisis worsens, and the world plunges deeper and deeper into chaos, the imperialists will become more and more desperate in their attempts to regain their influence and direct events worldwide as they are used to doing. Events which they are increasingly incapable of comprehending – not only because of the speed at which these events are occurring, but also because of the complexity of the events and the paradigm shifts taking place, that are, quite simply, far outside their western imagination.

Furthermore, they have lost all credibility as the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles continue. The Emperor is naked, and the hypocrisy of the Empire has become so transparent, that even the least informed observers are finally realizing that something is horribly wrong.

A Last Hideous Gasp?

Imperialism is experiencing its “last hideous gasp” and it is imperative for progressive and revolutionary movements worldwide to seize this moment and to oppose this current assault with all of our collective strength. Those who still struggle to see the wood from the trees remain enablers of the continued enslavement of our people. As Pan-Africanists we need to come together as never before to defend this brother and the Libyan Al Fateh revolution.

Sadly, the African Union has become another impotent international body with a neo-colonial mindset, due to the fact that unfortunately, a number of member states are still imperialist facilitators. The Pan-Africanist scholar, Chinweizu, calls these facilitaors of imperialism “leaders in Africa,” because, as he points out, they are not “African leaders.”

Despite this, the African Union, under the guidance of progressive members, have managed to take a principled stand on Libya. In a statement issued by the AU Peace and Security Council, headed by Zimbabwe, they unanimously opposed any foreign military intervention and recognised the unity and territorial sovereignty of the North African State of Libya. The statement went on to call for “an urgent African action for the immediate cessation of all hostilities.”

How good and how pleasant it would be, before God and man…
Muammar Qaddafi has a vision for Africa – a United States of Africa – with one government, one army and one currency. Of course, if this were to happen, it would shift the balance of power globally. The well documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all African resources and raw materials to the western nations for just one week – the United States and Europe would grind to a halt – they are that dependent on Africa and are therefore determined to maintain their ability to control events on the continent.

Control over Africa’s affairs has always been a priority for the imperialist project. As Minister Louis Farrakhan pointed out many years ago at a conference in Libya, “Europe and the US cannot go forward into the new century without unfettered access to the vast natural resources of Africa” and he added that “Qaddafi is one who stands in their way.”

If they cannot maintain control, then at least they must try to maintain Africa’s divisions, thereby ensuring it is always in a position of weakness. African unity and true independence is something white supremacy, in all of its manifestations – capitalism, imperialism and neo-colonialism – will oppose with all its might.

When Sarkozy the clown, to quote Saif Qaddafi, made his ridiculous pronouncement recognizing the rag tag conglomerate of reactionaries in Benghazi as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people, and Hillarity rushed to meet with the “Libyan opposition,” the sinister imperialist plot began to unfold. Their mission was certainly not to “protect innocent civilians.” They had from the outset, very clearly chosen a side and now, as they bombard the Libyan revolutionary forces we know without any doubt, whose side they are on.

If they cannot maintain control, then at least they must try to maintain Africa’s divisions.”

Their plot further unraveled, when a Dutch helicopter, carrying Dutch marines on some kind of sabotage/espionage mission was captured right inside Libyan territory. The Dutch government finally acknowledged that its warship, the Tromp, was offshore in the sea off Sirte and the captured helicopter had lifted-off from there. If the rebellion in Benghazi was, as the media has reported, “a spontaneous rebellion, like others in the region,” then the Dutch were surprisingly well prepared. Actually, it would have been impossible for them to arrive so swiftly at the scene, and so they had to have had prior knowledge of what was taking place. It is now crystal clear that this rebellion in Benghazi was an orchestrated attempt, supported by foreign sources, to use the events taking place across North Africa as a cover for the overthrow of the Libyan revolution.

And then there was William Hague’s brazen landing of the British SAS personnel inside Libyan territory to make contact with the al Qaeda inspired rebels. Of course it is no surprise that the British and al Qaeda are on the same side – as noted above they have been collaborating to destroy Libya for a very long time. Reactionaries inevitably end up dovetailing, and a partnership with the imperialists is after all where al Qaeda had its beginnings: as a US instrument in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. George Bush Senior had close ties with the Taliban, and Ronald Reagan poured millions of dollars into assisting the Jihadists in Afghanistan, the forerunners of al Qaeda, which means ‘the base’, and refers to a data base of Mujahideen from numerous countries, compiled with the help of the CIA.

Many Battlefronts

In addition to the battle between “true religion and false religion” to paraphrase the Muslim revolutionary thinker, Ali Shariati, there is another major battlefront in Libya. It is the battle between Black Africans and those fair skinned ‘Arab settlers’, who embrace a “separatist” stance, refusing to acknowledge their African heritage, and who want little to do with the Pan-African project although they are on the African continent. As noted above, these ‘Arabs’ look upon black people with utter contempt and disdain. They definitely do not share Qaddafi’s vision of a united Africa and resent the resources of Libya being used to assist projects towards this end throughout the continent.

It has been well documented that the Libyan rebels are committing crimes against humanity. There have been “African hunts” in rebel held territory. Black workers, students and refugees have been detained, raped and executed – some of them were led into the desert and stabbed to death. Even Black Libyans have been targeted, and many of them have been abducted by armed rebels and are being held in secret locations. These are the forces that the imperialists are racing to support. There has been a deafening silence from the so-called international community and western media regarding these well documented “African Hunts” and the massacre of Black Africans by the rebels.

Black workers, students and refugees have been detained, raped and executed.”

From Washington, France and London, they continue their attempts to demonise Muammar Qaddafi with their lies. But the truth is that he is a revolutionary and a freedom fighter, who has assisted almost every struggle for liberation over the past three decades, and worked tirelessly, day and night, to facilitate African advancement and unification. At the same time, the revolution he has led, has taken Libya from the status of being the poorest country in the world to a country that has attained the highest standard of living in Africa. The “weapons of mass deception” assembled by the Crusaders can never succeed in portraying him as a ruthless dictator – an enemy of humanity? Let us heed the warning of the great revolutionary, Al Hajj Malik Al Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X:
“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power because they control the minds of the masses.”

As I write this article, Qaddafi is addressing the world. He is defiant, preparing Libyans for a long war and assuring the crusaders that they will never get their hands on Libya and its resources. Meanwhile, the coalition of Crusaders and their Arab enablers are starting to show some signs of strain.

I am reminded of Qaddafi’s words in 1986, when Reagan bombed his residence,

They may hit us with long range missiles and aircrafts – this is expected, but they will never stay. This land is too hot for their feet.”

Gerald A. Perreira has lived in Libya for many years. He served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defense of the Libyan revolution and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli. He can be contacted at


Green people

MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI (shown ABOVE PHOTO in APRIL 1986 after the bombing of BabAZAZIYA home.)

{ Resistance }

Throughout the time of the events in Libya were resistant to the armed people and all the volunteers for the defense of Libya conspire instructions of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces , Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and each of these instructions does not depart from the scope of compassion and tolerance and try to repair fences and clarify the plot for those who have fallen far.

Ashlngr seen media corrupt and customers and traitors, the only Major Billah was acting within narrow limits made ​​for himself through his courage and heroic and this make it skips A lot of guidance and instructions issued by the Supreme Commander of the people armed,

and many said that the excesses Billah imposed by the reality of being a field commander (who sees what does not see the Supreme Commander of the people armed on the battlefield) that’s what it was resisting the armed people and volunteers in the past,

but today resistance is no longer conspire only the one thing the liberation of Libya either after liberation will not find where of Aatmr order.

An object of the command was issued Valmazlomin (who joined the Resistance). They have feuds can not Tnaqchehem, which will not be liked without completeness, who saw sisters tortured and killed in prison, saw Boil comrades in pots like sheep, saw their livelihoods looted and their homes desecrated, the sanctities of their wives raped-upon, live in the open and screams of their children who sleep with them in but a few hours of sleep!

O Tree can order Resistance and not Revenge after all these tragedies ?

No one every individual has a story of tragedy seeking to put an end to all these chapters, customers and traitors called ” 17 February”.They are the cause of all these grudges and feuds; and they have to pay for all their mistakes, deadly and no matter how much of driving resistance to end chapters.

Feuds will not be able and will not hear Commander’s instructions (of non-revenge). No one will ( not because they do not respect him: the Supreme Commander al-Qathafi), … because respect is no longer enough for them to return of the compassion and tolerance to the hearts bleed and souls which he asks of them) !

Regret Mafrtt the past because of tolerance and compassion, resistance will not obey the Commander this time (as their fate is also a measure should appreciate the circumstances away from the instructions and orders even humbled the Leadership of the Resistance itself between a rock and a hard place to know this). He (Our Supreme Commander) knows this far better than we know it (since it ‘s too late) .

And still continuing to play …
{ musician }
{المقاومة ليست مأمورة هذه المرة }

طيلة زمن الاحداث في ليبيا كانت مقاومة الشعب المسلح وكل المتطوعين للدفاع عن ليبيا تتآمر بتعليمات القائد الاعلي للقوات المسلحة العقيد معمر القذافي وكانت كل هذه التعليمات لا تخرج من نطاق الرحمة والتسامح ومحاولة اصلاح ذات البين وايضاح المؤامرة لمن وقعوا فر يسةلتغر ير الاعلام الفاسد والعملاء والخونة ، الوحيد اللواء المعتصم بالله كان يتصرف في حدود ضيقة صنعها لنفسه من خلال شجاعته وبطولاته وهذا جعله يتخطي
الكثير من التوجيهات والتعليمات الصادرة من القائد الاعلي للشعب المسلح والكثيرون قالوا ان تجاوزات المعتصم بالله فرضها واقع كونه القائد الميداني الذي يري ما لا يراه القائد الاعلي للشعب المسلح على ارض المعركة هذا ما كانت عليه مقاومة الشعب المسلح والمتطوعين في الماضي اما اليوم فالمقاومة لم تعد تتآمر الآ بآمر واحد وهو تحرير ليبيا اما بعد التحرير فلن تجد فيها من يآتمر بآمر، كائن من كان من يصدر الاوامر فالمظلومين الذين انضموا للمقاومة لديهم ثارات لا يمكن ان تناقشهم فيها ولن يرضوا بغير استيفائها شاهدوا اخواتهم يعذبون ويقتلون في السجون شاهدوا
رفاقهم يغلون في القدور مثل الخراف شاهدوا ارزاقهم تنهب بيوتهم تدنس حرماتها نسائهم يب كن في العراء وصراخ اطفالهم ينام معهم في ساعات نومهم القليلة ، من يا تري يستطيع ان يآمر المقاومة بعدم رد ثارها بعد كل هذه المآسي ؟ لا احد فكل فرد لديه قصة مأساوية يسعي لوضع حد لكل فصولها ، عملاء وخونة فبراير هم سبب كل هذه الاحقاد والثارات وعليهم ان يدفعوا ثمن كل اخطائهم القاتلة ومهما حاول من يقود المقاومة ان ينهي فصول الثارات فلن يستطيع ولن يسمع تعليماته احد ليس لانهم لا يحترمونه بل لان الاحترام لم يعد يكفي لعودة الرحمة والتسامح لقلوب تنزف ونفوس نادمة على مافرطت فيه بالماضي بسبب التسامح والرحمة ، المقاومة ليست مآمورة هذه المرة هذا قدرهم وهو ايضا قدراً يجب ان نقدر ظروفه بعيداً عن التعليمات والاوامر حتى لاتضع قيادة المقاومة نفسها بين المطرقة والسندان ، ان نعرف هذا منذ الان خير من ان نعرفه بعد فوات الاوان . ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }

 Approaching the deadline for our entry into the arena Green Baden God and raise green flags high Lord help us Colwamin !

Victory morning
Dear viewers today at 15:00 GMT Libya us a new date decide on a documentary film titled Revolution and memory will be at 23:00
Show good for all.
Rami  Ram a écrit:

«Lord above them, and God willing, brought the zero hour … And soon announces green flag fluttering high ..

Lord FAFSA family and the families of the rest of the Liberal »


Libyan Arab Airlines

Libyan Airlines begins tonight on God’s blessing maiden flight for the transfer of the first batch of pilgrims from Mitigua Airport – Tripoli ..

Mitigua International Airport will leave promptly at the tenth and quarter of Monday evening, the first flights of Libyan pilgrims towards the Holy Land,

and on board the aircraft Libyan Airlines.

Sources Libyan Arab Airlines – Libyan News Agency

it will be transferred to Libyan pilgrims aboard a modern Airbus aircraft type “A330”, which can accommodate about 265 passengers.

The sources added that the trips Libyan pilgrims will continue the direction of the Holy Land by three flights a day from airports:

Benina – Abraq – Misratah – Sabha – Ameitaiqa, up to and including the completion of the transfer of another regiment of Libyan pilgrims this year.

Libyan Arab Airlines proceed with the transfer of the delegations of pilgrims to the Holy Land
We ask God to bless me and beware arguing to the house of God:

Some pictures of pilgrims during their departure to Bani Walid to perform Hajj in front of the Mosque Nabi Boulkheir
Accepted Hajj pursuit Thanked and guilt forgiven, God willing,

(Salam Association for Relief and Charity)







Council of Ministers issued a decree to pay all education expenses for the children of Libyan refugees out of Libya,

(Osamaohna) radio program

This heretic Know and face Kues men erupted in a convoy of pride in his neck and neck ilk Alzenazqh a.

Salem a Sheikhi member Brotherhood branch of Libya and is one of the accused principal in the assassination of Major General Shahid Abdel-Fattah Younis,

Salim of Sheikhi said in an interview on Al-Libya TV during the past few days, reads as follows:

“I am a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, I do not believe in

patriotism and the limits of the state … This fad came from the secular West.

We believe in an Islamic state and one of the limits and the only obstacle ahead of us to achieve Islamic unity is the national armies of Islamic countries.
And loves the Islamic peoples to live in a single Islamic state under the caliphate system of governance.”

(Valley girl)

Pal Libby:

Hello I Hassan Alakory, operations coordinator for the PSS deny news of the assassination of Najib cabled which now exists between his family alive,

thank God, and not the health of Maholt assassinate him and I was assassinated publication and discredit the news and God bless you,

Hassan Alakory.

Urgent: General Electric Company

Due to the interruption implementations natural gas terminal Ruwais due to lock LED nutritious president of the station by some

individuals which led to the forced exit of some generating units operating loads and identify others. Therefore, the General Electric Company

sorry had to put up loads manually programming to maintain the stability of the public network and currently the Ministry of Oil

making all possible efforts to return the gas to normal.

Due to the interruption implementations natural gas terminal Ruwais due to lock LED nutritious president of the station

by some individuals which led to the forced exit of some generating units operating loads and identify others.

Therefore, the General Electric Company sorry had to put up loads manually programming to maintain the

stability of the public network and currently the Ministry of Oil making all possible efforts to return the gas to normal.

– Electricity Libya GECOL the

Latest News exit count 2 turbines for a 300 megawatt power station in western Libya for the service because spare supply Alngdah for turbines

The reasons are still not clear, but there is definite news about something happening to rape people and wanted to force them and force

Congress to pass legislation Balgsb and without a referendum of the Libyan people

We will wait for what will come out for vandals who locked lines

(Valley girl)

foreign invading colonialists are in LIBYA!  via MISURATA, MB and traitors out for $$$$s

Power outages and access to two periods a day after the normally closed roads and overlooked the evolution Thread to shut down oil and gas pipelines.

Overlooked building a real army led to an increase militias and increased its equipment and weapons and wage her mother abduction people and theft of public money and the violation of the sanctity of human beings.

People overlook the mismanagement of the state by the National Conference led to the lack of fear of the people, and drink wine to drink and of giving a bribe giving a bribe and threaten his colleagues in arms Mstnasra hall extended ended continue in Akhi threat of the nomads Ivkro Amddo their period.

Akhuna state on eye ya dealer and was speaking and Icolo one it ousted.

And gasoline queues and queues treatment of all countries, without exception, to the Libyans became unbearable.


AGAIN, the “leader” Dr. Ibrahim is referring here to is NOT our Muammar al-Qathafi!MAMOUD JABRIL is part of this NATIONAL MOVEMENT”—I do not care who has been fooled into supporting it, THIS IS NOT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA! Lizzie Phelen is a major leaderess in this!The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA does not espouse a “CONSTITUTION” as this Nationalist Movement does or fully accept the HADATH. Please know this before endangering the efforts of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of regaining LIBYA from the pseudo-VISCHEY puppet “government” of the MB/NATO GNC.
صباح الخير أيها الأحرار:
هذا بيان من الحركة الوطنية في ذكرى يوم الوفاء الذي دشنه القائد الشهيد قبل 24 عاماً. أنشر الآن النص الرسمي كما هو، وبعد دقائق سأنشره بصوتي بإذن الله على صفحتي الرسمية التي أنتم في ضيافتها الآن وهي:مع العلم بأنني سأنشر مداخلة صوتية قريباً للرد على أسئلتكم واقتراحاتكم بخصوص العمل السياسي من أجل الوطن.مع محبتي لكم جميعاً.
Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (د. موسى إبراهيم) IS NOT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!!!

بيان الحركة الوطنية الليبية بمناسبة يوم الوفاء ٢٠١٣ بصوت د. موسى إبراهيم

صباح الخير أيها الأحرار:
هذا بيان من الحركة الوطنية في ذكرى يوم الوفاء الذي دشنه القائد الشهيد قبل 24 عاماً. أنشر الآن النص الرسمي كما هو، وبعد دقائق سأنشره بصوتي بإذن الله على صفحتي الرسمية التي أنتم في ضيافتها الآن وهي:
مع العلم بأنني سأنشر مداخلة صوتية قريباً للرد على أسئلتكم واقتراحاتكم بخصوص العمل السياسي من أجل الوطن.مع محبتي لكم جميعاً.

REMINDER from 20 OCTOBER 2012:


Moussa Ibrahim, October 20, 2012: 
“I am alive, me and Kamis not in Bani Walid”

“The peace of God be with the free men of free Libya, even in the name of the great Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
I’m Dr.. Moussa Ibrahim, speaking to you after one year since the fall of the legitimate government of free Libya, because of the bombing by NATO and its criminal allies.
Best wishes to all those who have kept the faith despite adversity and tragedy spread everywhere in our country.
We have the moral and patriotic duty to reconquer Libya from enemies who have slaughtered and destroyed, causing many refugees, stealing everything they could, committing criminal terrible acts and shameful betrayals, all of which did not exist and succeeded before.

I tell you now that for what concerns the news of my arrest in Bani Walid, news spread in different statements by Al Arabia TV, BBC and other media, is only a stillborn attempt to divert attention from the crimes who are committing the traitors and servants of the NATO against our families in Bani Walid.

We know that many families in Bani Walid, many children, women and men are killed for no reason, slaughtered without any fault with their heads, hands, feet, cut off from their innocents and pure bodies, their houses attacked by terrorist criminals of Al Qaeda along with the gangs of Misrata.

It is in progress a dirty plan to make believe the Libyan people, the people that was moving towards Bani Walid, that those who fight in Bani Walid does so only in the name and on behalf of some people, and not for the freedom of Libya, because someone do not want to know and believe that a revolution is taking place in Libya, and in this respect have appointed both, me and Kamis Gaddafi, saying that we had been captured or killed in Bani Walid, while we are not even in Bani Walid and even in Libya. I myself do not have any contact with Libya and Bani Walid.

What is happening in Bani Walid is just sectarian hatred and jihadist desire to sow discord; it is an historic hatred and a plan to subdue Libya.

But they do not know that the tribes of Bani Walid are made up of heroes which have a significant demographic and major alliances inside Libya.

Our enemies are worried about losing their inheritance by NATO, weapons, money and power, if they get faced by the patriots allied tribes.

What is happening is a civil war, just as had predicted Colonel Gaddafi. Even Saif al-Islam had predicted what in fact is going to be driven to self-destruction, for many years to come, and of course the media channels are working to spread lies, saying that we were arrested, killed, etc.., etc. .and this my statement of today, October 20, 2012, is the proof of their lies.

With regard to our brothers in Bani Wali, I hope that God will make them victorious.

I am not in a place that would allow me to call other tribes to support Bani Wali, but ashamed are those Libyans who are watching an entire town while is bombarded with missiles and chemical weapons that kill his children and his wives: Shame on you!!!

Politic has nothing to do. You should hear from within yourself, this desire to react with honor and patriotism.

Because now, who is killing the people of Bani Walid, has no sense of patriotism or moral or religious.

They say and spread news that are the exact opposite of what’s going on. We are accused of murdering the prisoners, to be servants of imperialism, to bomb, but instead is just the opposite and it is they who commit horrendous murder, steal and rape, bombing the civilian population and are the servants of NATO and Western powers.

The nation lives in the dark, has been violated and divided into two: Al Qaeda and the Western powers on one hand, the Libyan Patriots on the other.

The big Muammar Gaddafi was instead the protector of Libya.

There were some problems, sure, but could have been a peaceful solution. These traitors renegades instead have sold the whole nation just to gain power.
Men and women of Libya, please, Bani Walid has no political interest: help her to stop this massacre.

The history will say that Bani Walid has been slaughtered and sullied by the criminals of Misrata and Benghazi, in the name of a false revolution, while the West looked on.

I thank all those brothers who have contacted me to see if I was okay, but I’m not more important of those men who are going to be martyred today, Saturday, October 20, 2012, and I am not worth more of those patriots who have been tortured and killed in the prisons.

I’m just a Libyan citizen who has done his duty, and will continue to do so.

And Moammar Gaddafi is and will remain my leader and leader of my country, Libya.

Libya, its development and its freedom, are my goals and NATO is my enemy, not the Libyans.

Thank you all for listening to me and I invite you to be united in the name of God for the good of the country, which was stolen from our hands because some renegades have found the betrayal as their political position.

I greet you all in the name of God.



“In the Name of God, the Great, and in the name of Fatah the great, salute to all of you, freedom fighters of Libya.

I am Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and I am talking to you today…after…watching the country under the criminals of NATO…

I am here to tell them that we still have power, we still strong with God’s help, and we trust our selfs that our duty is to bring safety to our country after all these killings, stealing that brought in our country the rats of NATO.

But today, after all these false news (about the arrest and killing of me and Kamis Gaddafi) that are spreading via BBC, Al Arabyia, i have to tell you that all these is just to take the world’s eye off what is really happening, and what are doing the NATO fighter to our families in Bani Walid.

Its obvious from photos and videos that people of Bani Walid, women, kids, men have been killed by aircraft attacks in their homes and by all these criminals from Misrata that are carrying guns.

And this is all happening cause they are threatening the people of Jamahyryia to not stand by people of Bani Walid and they “thought” to talk about Moussa Ibrahim and Khamis Al Qaddafi.

We are outside Libya, we have nothing to do with Bani Walid, we are not even to a place near Bani Walid.

They are hiting Bani Walid, they know that Bani Walid is a big tribe, Bani walid has geographical very important place and it’s tribe has a strong meaning for the country, so they are afraid for what is going to happen between the tribes of libya.

After all that what is happening now to Bani Walid has nothing to do with the regime this is clash between tribes, and after what happened to our leader Qaddafi and Seif Al islam , the channels of bbc, al arabyia, al Djajeera are spreading false news about Khamis Al Qaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim and other people, and this is the proof about these lies (because I am here talking to you now).

But our families are still in Bani Walid and with God’s help we will be back to them …

But shame on you. 
Shame on you Libyans: this is not a matter about Moammar Al Qaddafi or not; shame on you all tribe; a libyan city is under attack and cut in pieces , and killing children, women and men and you are just watching.

You have to think that this is not about politic, you have to think this is about the dignity of Libyans.

These people which attacks this city have no dignity, no bellieves, they have no brothers, they have no feeling of their nationality.

They lied about us , they told that we killed, but they are the ones who killed people, they told we killed childre, infact they killed children , they told we were stealing, but they are the ones who still stealing, and they brought the country under a demon western leadreship.

Moammar Qaddafi was the man who cares about Libya, he was for the best of Libya , yes there were problems but these problems were resolving by conversation, but all these traitors sold everything.

Please Libyans, has nonthing to do with all this mass, stand by the city, help the city.

Because history will remain, history will write that Bani Walid has been cut in pieces, its people massacred and the western tribes were just watching. 
I have to tell many thanks the thousands of people who contacted me on FB , via Paltalk, Twitter and by telephone. But my life does not worth more than other men from the regime who were martyred and still tortured today, on 20 October 2011, the people who remains in jails.

I still have Moammar al Qaddafi as my leader,

Libya still my country 
and NATO is my enemy.

Thank you very much and I hope that we will meet soon on our land, that have been betrayed.

Thank you and let the God guide you!
Thanks to help to stop the war in Libya.

This is what we demand now”.

* Network

Italian & English translation by WA / FFP  at


Even our wealth lost ground
Alodan rare slaughtered and crucified
Not to eat, but for review!!!

5 billion stationery Cape offices
900 million for the review of Misratah shields in Tripoli
30 million for the brothers Jdharan
South lacks an ambulance to transport patients!!!

(Addicted to “3”)

UNJUSTLY  imprisoned and tortured, Dr. Dorda

The arrest of a person in a stolen car confessed to killing the owner of the car, a missing person from Ajdabiya city about two

weeks ago confessed killer of the Office of anti-crime Bakdatn kill in the city of Tripoli
Dell Aljth of the person slain city Ajdabiya but thank God I have been to identify the killer a person escaped from prison

and the owner of precedents and confessed to several murders and steal them Gerimitn kill in the city of Tripoli.
And also recognized the importance of Ajdabiya citizen killed was hiding the corpse behind Bregan tanks in the city of Sabha.

(Sheikh Mahmoud Yellow)
Free newspaper Sabha

Result of recklessness and theft of public money and private companies, review and
bravado these cars on the Libyan Showa Collapse,,,, of course, a car up the price to the 120 thousand dinars.

He has the right to degrade the announcement in the auto market!! I mean thing for taking Khrovk In way Derlh and upscale in traffic ..

(Valley girl)

Peugeot PAL units ..:
Altorh everyone gathered in the bosom while Torre NATO dissipated All Hadadleil on It authorized him but not Torre.,
Hspaallah and yes, the agent in you Idolh tykes do you steal billions, folks Torghae sleep out in the open!


From the heart of the event Tripoli Airport Road ::::::::::

An armed group you close the airport road now?!

Tripoli airport road ...

Concentration of heavy and medium mechanisms now ….

Urgent Trbuls armed groups closed the airport road its Ptkhc form some between Jardan

Bank of North Africa Abu Salim …

Hello I have a note has not been published in a page with the credibility of 100% on the Bank of North African branch of Abu Salim is locked since the 5 days

almost over an assassination bank manager and is driving by militias Almqji belonging to a criminal Gneoh knowing they were exist within the bank and

force Director to sign the checks (red) in the case of undescended salaries of the stalled
And the bank locked to this day and people know God Bha them to walk to the other branches and does not draw more than 1,000 dinars and feast Aalabwab ..

Mail ::::

Killed, “Imad Issa al-Jabali known as” Hnabo “and accused by the militias of Tripoli killing called Adnan al-Shibani, commander of Task attribution second shortly before Gurji area in Tripoli.



The old mosque bombing Pei 2 RPG and anointed this mosque, which up to 1400-year-old even people and Adjahm

for that heritage of this mosque by what is said to be the first mosque in North Africa and his old mosque.

To turn the force but from God it great!


Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings ….

To turn the force but from God it great was the day the bombing of the old mosque Pei 2 RPG and anointed this mosque parents reach old to

1400 years until the people and Adjahm because he liters this mosque to by Maiga’s was the first mosque in North Africa and his old mosque

and woe if Aarafoo people to being on his destruction.
And income Aatric the janzour and income Aageran the mosque to Kintua period to missed tell Riqptna the Aitihoh not salvation Cherokm the

and path Thelomowoa the Endowments wrecker Talaaoo characters of it …
And just seemed to name the new mosque ….
God suffices me, and yes, the agent you Aavasudain ..

Media Center Janzour

(Addicted to “3”)

Now remove the dirt and obstacles to return normal traffic on the coastal road corner.


Provide the first corner Hospital system cameras to monitor patients
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Said Director of Medical Services Hospital corner Mohamed Basir said the hospital provided the first system cameras to monitor patients in the intensive care room, at hospitals in the western region.

Basir said on Sunday the country’s airspace that this service will enable visitors to communicate patient and check on his health by existing screens and phones rooms isolated from the intensive care room, and permanently prevent the entry of visitors to the intensive care room.

The Seer noted that the non-entry of visitors to the intensive care room is one of the most important international standards for infection control.

It is noteworthy that a hospital intensive care unit corner was opened last week after it closed for maintenance beginning last January.

Musdralsourh: Private

Frequent electricity outages resulted in congestion on the gas stations tonight.

Congestion in large plants and fuel the globe.

Tripoli today 30/09/2013
Fuel stations experiencing heavy congestion.

Libya crisis to a new crisis.
Petrol queues at petrol stations in the capital Tripoli.

Friday Market militias stormed Radio rise in the capital Tripoli, after the one criticizing broadcasters militias
closure of the roads, and spoke with an attack on the headquarters of the channel was shooting at the building.

The assassination of one of the employees of the Libyan army which “Andalusian Muhammad Ali Soussi,” born in

1955 of the region’s population Shat Friday Market and wounded his mother some wounds ..

“Russian girl” took the competent authorities to investigate the offending to know the motives and backgrounds

of the assassination.

Quoting / / band Alnoa the recommends
Rebel killed and a member of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian”

Today on 10.01.2013, at nine o’clock in the morning Russian call-girl-Firiday was able to enter the rebellious house “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian” Friday Market area

and the victim in the sixth decade of life.
Having knocked on the door of the house, was the victim him to open the door Fbaderth fired seven 7 shots from the weapon Kalishmakov Rifle bits in the abdomen

and shoulder and a bullet in the head of the explosion of e, not only that, but the assault on his mother’s old and stabbed her several stabs spear in the shoulder and hand .

As a result and after hearing the voice of the lead rebel region Bmha صرتها inside the house and arrested them which is next to the corpse which
Has filled a glass of the victim’s blood and wrote it on the wall, inter

“DEATH TO RATS” and means the death of rats.
It is now in the grip of rebels Friday market.


Libby officer killed by Russian Friday call-girl sex-prostitute

An official security source, a little while ago, killing a Libyan army officers Mohammed Souissi

at the hands of sexual prostitute Russian girl Friday, in a market area of the capital Tripoli.

The source explained that Souissi was with his mother before attacking the Russian girl, and

she shoot him and usurp beat his mother transferred to a hospital in the capital,

pointing out that the heavy firing resulted in the death of the officer on the spot.

The source also confirmed the arrest of the Russian call-girl

and set off the explosives that were in her possession

and forwarded to the security agencies, adding at the same time they started

dying words to drag Dan officer blood on the wall of one of the buildings near the site of the incident.

Killed, “Mohammad Soussi” market area Friday at his home from a Russian girl
Rebel killed and a member of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian”.

and Rafla to change my.

مقتل الثائر و عضو المجلس الأعلى لثوار ليبيا ” محمد الأندلسي السوسي “اليوم بتاريخ 01/10/2013 وعند الساعة التاسعة صباحاً تمكنت فتاة روسية من دخول منزل الثائر ” محمد الأندلسي السوسي ” بمنطقة سوق الجمعة والمغدور به في العقد السادس من العمر ….Afficher la suite


 Libby officer killed by Russian girl sex
11:26 10/01/2013  Author: Nargis Ghiryani the

Abdul Rauf hater now confirms that deterrence is the
B arrest “killer” non-Libyan nationality has
Kill Libyan citizen to the Friday Market and has hit
His mother.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Constipation Ukrainian girl after one person was killed Libby and hit his mother and is currently in hospital
Place episode ... Friday street market, which follows a battalion corners

And Abdul Rauf hater now asserts that deterrence is the
B arrested the girl non-Libyan nationality has
Kill Libyan citizen to the Friday Market and has hit
His mother, details shortly.

Gateway Libya

Salem al-Obeidi:
Security source said earlier, that the murder occurred area
Market Friday, slain officer Libby continued for the Air Force and the offending
Russian and deterrence are carried by her arrest
And investigations are underway as confirmed “Abdul Rauf hater” earlier
And the same source confirmed that the Russian is not his wife, as rumored.


Libya February state militias …Yesterday got a traffic accident Salahuddin Road towards the military college My friend was sitting with a fridge he and
his co-portfolio-known young revolutionaries and returned to their work in the delivery of some chicken cafes.
Their cars parked on the side of the road and suddenly Infiniti car speeding a white bump into them from a spin alliance.
Praise be to Allah him and hit with another car.
Strange that this car is a car offender “Gneoh of the” Order of the Committee led AboSaleem and Security 3 Scar and with them Zkrh the car.
It did not stop so the region’s young ambulance driver minor damage and insisted that the youth remain because the car
comes traffic and but Gneoh hero wants to cloud the subject and incarceration of young people and I said State and has بالرماية to the
and اهرع the people of al-Badri, and there were casualties.
We hope you publishing and the fridge Rizk incarcerated youth when Gneoh to remain in the way along the plateau.

Corner …

Today angle Hospital revealed era helicopter, where young petals from angle Massabeyen the Berglehm and Ieito Icolo Kmllona Kmllona

and one of them Gah Poh says deserve launched Gadi Aalash, raises the walker, and rode the car.
الزاويــــــة …

اليوم العصر بمستشفي الزاويه نزلت هيلوكبتر فيها تلات شباب من الزاويه مصابيين برجليهم ويعيطو يقولو كملونا كملونا وواحد منهم جاه بوه يقوله تستاهل شن رفعك غادي اعلاش ماشي , وركب السياره



Displaced families from the area of ​​the drawer suffer lack of housing

Atmosphere of the country – Lamp Muharram

A member of Council Aeltsiara the drawer ” Hussein FIQI “ :

The events that took place in the region began Bmchager of between two and then evolved to the killing and demolition of houses and displacement of families.

He added Faki for the ambiance of the country: I’ve driven about 34 families to the city of Ghadames , some families migrated to Algeria, and now we find in each house about five families , and ” the people of goodness” of several cities have given us food aid and supplies of daily life, and the lancet west that the government did not have any role in helping us .

Housing crisis
The member Shura Council Jeramna the ” Mousa Mohammed Ramadan ” to the country ambiance that people who have been displaced suffer from the difficulty of obtaining housing and some of those seeking to find rental housing for them , and it requests the government to help displaced families to receive their salaries .

The head of the Shura Council Bgdams “Sweetheart prestige” for the ambiance of the country that the incident that occurred in the drawer caused the displacement of families to Ghadames , following the death of a displaced by chose some families to migrate to Algeria, a few days after the injections them to urge them to return to Ghadames , but the government did not come up to offer condolences to the families of the victims , has not seen their condition after having been displaced from the drawer .

The head of the local council Ghadames ” Siraj conciliator “ that despite the weak budget with the Council ,

but they tried to receive the displaced families , accommodating students in schools ,

and provide them with basic requirements of life , with the apparent absence of government.

It is noteworthy that there are 34 families displaced from tribe Jeramna in the city of Ghadames following the recent events in the region of drawer.





Message to Zintan

Zintan eradication scheme and outsource:

1 – a media war and propaganda against ……………….. Succeeded

2 – inciting the people of Tripoli against ………………….. succeeded

3 – kill them and wipe them out in Tripoli ……………….. succeeded

4 – ignite sedition between them and the easy Alajafar of) and Rishvana (allied …… In the process of success

5 – expelled from easy Ajafarh the killing and siege in the mountain ………

6 – inciting the people who have a mountain Thaer with Zintan like a to Mchacheh and Riyaana ……………………………… …………………………………

7 – incitement Amazigh Aladowo the eternal (old-new) of xanthan …………

8 – attack on Zintan Malgaha the …………………………………

9 – Do not pro-xanthan after decoding each Thafeladtha with Avaúha solution …………….

10 – Zintan displacement.

Oh God, I reached YOUR FRIENDS ..

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Zintan channel on Facebook:

Heroes of the Libyan National Army training (FORMERLY RAT ARMY) in the sisterly State of Sudan

Mountains area complained

The graduation ceremony for this batch will be next week
We ask God to help them to protect the homeland and to be loyal to God

and then to the nation and not for the parties competing for power and the coalition led by MB construction, justice PARTY

and God curse them from Jabril and commode into smaller janitor followed.

أبطال الجيش الوطني الليبى يتدربون في دوله السودان الشقيقه
منطقة جبال شكوتحفل التخرج لهذه الدفعه سيكون الاسبوع القادم
نسأل الله ان يعينهم على حمايه الوطن وان يكون ولائهم لله ثم للوطن وليس للاحزاب المتصارعه على السلطه وعلى رأسهم التحالف والعداله والبناء لعنه الله عليهم من جبريل وصوان الى اصغر بواب يتبعهم

(FORMERLY RAT ARMY (but hopefully now honorable) as the prayer said:
“We ask God to help them to protect the homeland and to be loyal to God

and then to the nation and not for the parties competing for power and the coalition led by MB ‘construction, justice PARTY’…”)

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing line oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya

and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the Rights of minorities

Vice Chairman of the Elders of Nalut confirms lock gas pipeline, which in glandular Ruwais plant and from there

to all areas of the Nafusa Mountains, and will gradually cut off electricity from tomorrow on the entire western regions

that did not interfere wise dismantling of this crisis!!

Mokh Gha engineer a maintenance supervisors lines and oil and gas stations (Mellita complex field meet) says:

100% true news .. The news is that a group has lock valve Alsmamyin the oil and gas valve at the station No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and this resulted closing low pressure lines, which led to the closing of the valve station 10 and receiving and sending station PTS-2 automatically as a result of closing the valves 9 this station and I’ve been these Alsmammin the locks at 06:30 pm this day and this will affect gas line locks, especially on power stations such as Al Ruwais and station Mellitah and free marginalized station and corner and five station Misratah because they are fed with gas from the field to meet next

Quoting engineer Khalifa Alstaoa-Andalus neighborhood distribution circuit


Was closing the main gas line in the area of ​​Nalut 

Lucy cut from Ruwais Station and five corner Misratah and will depend generate electricity

And according to the information that the pressure indicators will reach zero level in a very short time

Congestion at petrol stations taking place in some parts of the Nafusa Mountains

following the closure of the Nafusa mountain rebels (Nalout) for oil and gas pumps demanding to amend Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration ..

Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Suleiman:
Deputy Reese local Nalut now on Libya Liberal

Protesters who locked the gas line from all the cities of the Amazigh and Maz USA to now Agaflin this line.

Daily News Mellita Company for Oil and Gas ·

Amazigh are locking gas and oil pumps :::::

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing pumps oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the Rights of minorities ..
News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing pumps oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the rights of minorities!

الأمازيغ هم من قفل مضخات الغاز والنفط:::::قناة النبأ : مسلحون من الأمازيغ يغلقون مضخات غاز ونفط في ظهر نالوت غربي ليبيا ويطالبون بتعديل المادة 30 من الاعلان الدستوري الخاصه بحقوق الأقليات ..

 The Ministry of Oil and GasSaleh devout head of the local council # Nalut confirms that the gas pipeline is still closed because that National Congress must interveneand lock the gas line came as behind the so to Zguet the European Union and thus put pressure on the government to meet their demands!
  Directed General Electricity Company attention gentlemen citizens and all sectors of industrial, service and others as a result of the irresponsible by some individuals and of locking gas pipeline President nutrient for plant Mountain West (Ruwais) fully what led to the suspension of the station and therefore a sharp decline in the production capacity of energy whichcaused a power outage for several Libyan cities, and that the continuation of such actions could lead to the collapse of the electricity grid and power outages fully for large areas of Libya
Calling upon the General Electric Company with all stakeholders and relevant to immediately intervene to end the problem of tube lock it declares clearly that it is responsible for what consequences these actions of electric power failure or breakdown of the public network.
قناة النبأ : مسلحون من الأمازيغ يغلقون مضخات غاز ونفط في ظهر نالوت غربي ليبيا ويطالبون بتعديل المادة 30 من الاعلان الدستوري الخاصه بحقوق الأقليات !

Akram Hamidi:

I was in a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the Council of Elders of Nalut Li

stressed the gas line and lock my father in glandular Ruwais plant Libyan O stocked candles and generators.

Quoting news Libya | Libya News
Mohamed Isa

Moved to the mercy of God I’m Gary Little Omar y after a respirator that is used by the house after a power failure for our region for a period of 5 hours and not to charge the battery of the device, and I’m here I carry the death of this innocent child for each of the day lock gas pipeline , which covers most of the stations the western region, and during the burial of the child raising grandfather hands to the sky prayer influential shook all those who were present for the funeral , and it was prayer Palo Yale and second Port of both caused a power cut and the death of the child , is aware of anyone who commits all these actions irresponsible.

he may be directly responsible for the death of one patient or the number of patients, and that he will pay the price of these laborers are awful , either in this world or in the Hereafter, and I’m here whisper to our brothers Amazigh who lock the gas line they away with this they will lose support a wide range of Libyans to constitutionalization language ,

and that affected only one of these actions irresponsible is a Libyan citizen simple , Members of Congress and government ministers are living either in hotels where there is electricity generators giant or in the Villas and houses there are electric generators last them their need , and affluent businessmen and affluent do not care cuts and if electricity were cut off for many years , recumbent the wind and Alemtemlh is Elly pay the price of such irresponsible acts , selfishness , thank you to those who contributed to the death of a child age y

To turn the force except God Almighty

 Close the oil fields burning large amounts estimated in the millions in the air due to

shutdown Net by protestors from the city of Nalut:

Was confirmed
From its source / / Mellita company for oil and gas


Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas (MIZDAH)

Was closing the main gas line coming from the field to meet in the region of Nalut
And calmed line glandular me every station Ruwais and five corner Misratah and electricity generation will depend entirely on the western region of Misratah to top worth

To clarify Aktar bash Atcolosh the CDP and saw launched
The group lock valve Alsmamyin the oil and gas valve at the station No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and this resulted closing low pressure lines, which led to the closing of the valve station 10 and receiving and sending station PTS-2 automatically as a result of closing the valves 9 this station has been these Alsmammin the finish at 06:30 pm today

Oh Libyan equipped candles, generators and firewood, coal, Fasten Belts Azh soon we will move through time back to the stone age.

Lord guide your salvation!

Aa order spokesman Hisham Hamadi of Nalut!!!

Yes, we said the closure of oil and gas to the constitutional entitlement to Amazigh

And will continue this Alaalaq until our demands are achieved.

Source: Liberal Libya

Sit-ins and congestion west of the country

Protesters from the city of their corner to close the coastal road
Demanding to drop membership “Mohammed Kelany”, and “Mustafa
Triki “candidates for City corner from the National Conference
Year. # Corner

Close the main gas line next meet in the field
Nalut on Sunday evening by the protestors.

Where Alsmamyin locks valve oil and gas valve at the station
No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and a result of this low pressure locks
Airlines which led to the station valve locks 10 and Receive Station
And send PTS-2 automatically as a result of the closure of the station valves 9.
# Nalut

Public road to Tripoli was closed by Algrarat, by abduction
Young men and found a dead body, and Algrarat vows to respond and have already
Armed militias warned # Tripoli

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Power plants Ruwais # / # angle / # and five / # of Misratah / out of service after locking the Arris gas line feeder for these stations.

Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas

Mr. Abdullah Musa Suleiman / Chairman of the Board Local # Nalout / that young people who Aagaflon the main gas line outside the

control of the authorities of the city where the LED which was locked away from the city about 50 miles.

Mr. Abdullah said that a group of young # Kapaau / # Qaleah / # Gado / # Nalout / had on Wednesday evening lock gas pipeline to

protest the lack constitutionalization # language Tamazight.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas

Network neutrality Libya.L N N | | Takribat

News,, Mount Nefoussa,,,,

Interruption of water cities Yfran and castle final after deliberate sabotage of unknown water station that feed these areas,

which contain 4 key wells, pump was stolen and even power cords and completely ruined the station,,,,

There is no power except with Allah, everything but water,,, please from water and sanitation re maintenance and operation of the station as soon as possible

30 September  2013

For the ignorant people who Mdayrh Traffic on gasoline stations # Tripoli ..

Close the field to fulfill the true course, has nothing to do from near or far refueling of all kinds, as this field belonging to the company Mellitah,

and the Libyan state imports in part by the need for fuel from abroad,

and refinery angle that produces fuel western region receives in its crude from the field Achararah near Ubari oil,

and not to Brega huge fuel depots airport Road if there is any lack of emergency, this is for information purposes only, ..


Zahra Bridge shortly before

Do not mention New and Old not re-

Sawani channel on FACEBOOK

Back sons and Rishvana of who were being held by militia Bank to shield their homes. In contrast the highway was opened
Zahra Bridge this morning … 10/01/2013 After removing piles of dirt.

(Addicted to “3”)

Hatem killed Hussein Abu Khchim of tribe and Rishvana under torture by the RAT MB / GNC militia led by Salah called Wadi.

The offender Salah and led militia commander in the 27-gate with Western shields to arrest the young man

Hatem Hussein Abu Khchim of tribe Rishvana and killed under torture all the cool blood ..

(Secret Alcdoh)

And R. brink year :::: Aa Aaajl

Aaaaaaaaaa Back Thankfully Gel takers, Rishvana, who were at the western shield to their homes. In contrast the highway was opened.

Pictures and News of Rishvana

And Rishvana

The reasons for closure by Azizia connecting the mountain

1 – Yes for National Dialogue
2 – No tribal and regional
3 – Why the marginalization and Rishvana of Aabusshmin
4 – Why lift the immunity of the tourist
5 – will not open the road and sit (Removing prisoners Aaovernmh)
6 – the road will not be opened until smoke right late (key Mahmoud Creed)!

(Secret Alcdoh)

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Message to Khotna in mountain:

The idea in Tseker through and sit on the coastal road party, Rishvana and the corner is the subject of detainees on both sides

means subject does not carry any agenda and there is no any intentions Sih and cloud summer of Baden God and claimed the pass on the good
Last Taattorat present and Rishvana the
I’ve been Ajmtaa today Bitarich 09/29/2013 between the Interior Minister in charge of the Minister of Transport and elders and chieftains

and Rishvana and Corner locked opening you elders and chieftains western mountain was formed a joint committee looking at the issue

Almojtzen of the tribe and Rishvana during the events, the latter with the Corner locked opening you end the issue of detainees in full.

and we bring you the last Altaattorat first Powell.
Special page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana

Al Qaeda strike again

A car belonging to the National Directorate of Security Center the Bach panels coast

Nose took a car belonging to the National Security Center Directorate Dove the Bach panels coast without causing damage to human and material damage.

According to the Director of the Security Directorate of Shahat, Issa Abdel Mawla, of the Libyan news agency that the explosion occurred drive after a break

in front of the popular market Bach panels without knowing the reasons.

He explained, “Abdel Mawla” that bomb experts have switched to the scene to conduct the necessary tests and find out the causes of the accident,

which did not result in human damage only minor scratches to the driver.

(Valley girl)

Special page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana

Science has not registered any problems in this sit-maintain the Slmath of only one problem claimed on the impact one sons and Rishvana of the

News from Rishvana

Announces Higher Institute of Management occupations overall Zahra
Start opening the door of Admission and Registration for the fall semester 2012 m -2013 m, and with effect from

the date of 10.01.2013 at ten o’clock in the morning, as follows:

Number of students who will be admitted 120 students, due to the limited capacity of the Institute and distributors

30 per student from the Department of Computer – Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Agricultural Technology – Administrative and Financial Sciences.
Unable to acceptance of the Department of Structural Engineering due to lack of faculty members of this section.
Admission is restricted to graduates of 2011-2012 m and 2012-2013 m only, according to specialization as follows:
Secondary basic sciences are accepted in the Department of Computer Engineering.
High School of Engineering Sciences are accepted at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Secondary life sciences are accepted in the Department of Agricultural Technology.
High economic sciences are accepted at the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences.
Students are accepted from a good estimate and above only.
The process of registration through the website of the Institute in the international information network, and is recording

in principle to be the final registration process when submitting the original documents for registration department of the institute.
Can not accept graduates of intermediate institutes of this chapter because of lack of resources.



Of pride and Rafla the … to …. Khalhen Amfajrna say, us ..

Stay tuned for a new artist neonatal Mahmoud Zorkany in the new work and the Dardanelles channel ((and Ravel Helena)).

Ravel Helena grow up and Ihmua Ahilwa us ha Wayne Maaltamoa.
Allow Awayed to Helena, Ravel light and fire
How honey Menhalna and Helena protectors Casablanca
By We Hlha and as long as we
If it became an important decision became Mihzna
Ravel Helena grow up and Ihmua Ahilwa عناها Wayne Maaltamoa …. Asmah wig and Ravel Helena Dome above the ……….

Asmah Awayed summit our people Tzma and Helena Guide Alhaarh the ennobled ….

light and fire we throttle and Hama Helena house … Anna lengths if whatever became became Anjibwa Tnaha Nazloa and Nlmoa. ..

on our principle and Ravel Manhabera enemy was Gana … Helena Erdoa empty Miliana mana of Li eat and Ivmoa life ….

and Ravel Helena grow and Ihmua Ahilwa عناها Wayne Maaltamoa

(Ahmed Zorkany)





Urgent agency Libya / Ajdabiya – the special (Reporter)
Private Source: Office of the territory of Cyrenaica political will announce the end of the week, Chairman of the Executive Office (provisional),

and members of the defense force Cyrenaica, and a crisis committee composed of five ministries, notably the Ministry of Oil, which will begin

in the sale of oil actually within the territory of Cyrenaica.

Firas Bosalum, .. Reuters correspondent

Mr. Naji al-Mukhtar inform the conference that has been deposited $ 3,700,000 d.’s

To his account by the “prime minister” (ZAIDANE)!

According to a member of the National Conference Suleiman Zubi atmosphere for the country said on Monday that a

commission of inquiry expensive of the conference today heard the head of the interim government, Ali Zaidane, against

the backdrop of “bribery case” that accuses a member of the conference Naji al-Mukhtar that he submitted to the Salem Aljdharan.

Guard oil installations to stop the salaries of a number of military perpetrators of the closure of some ports and oil fields

Guard suspended oil installations , the salaries of a number of officers and non – commissioned officers working device in the ports of Sidra and Ras Lanuf .
The spokesman for the Guard oil installations and Walid Hassan , said Thursday that “Stop the salaries of military personnel ports of Sidra and Ras Lanuf came on the back of their participation in the closure of some ports and oil fields stalled long ago and they are a major cause of this crisis ,” he said.
Hassan considered that “the demands of the protesters perpetrators of the closure of ports and oil fields is logical and has clear relationship Paljhoah the federal and which is a special political matter not related to oil installations Guard or its employees any relationship at all.”
The spokesman Guard oil installations that ” this step for the military only , but the rebels joined the guard informed the Sunday, through a statement to the Chief of Staff was broadcast through the media that as of Oct. will take action to stop the salaries and canceled contracts for both did not adhere to legitimacy .”
Hassan noted , that “there are a large number of officers joined the legitimacy and leave the rest, and give us the remaining opportunity for more than two months to understand the current situation .”

After all attempts failed to resolve a sit-fields .. After exposing dirty and expose their tactics resorted to the method of extortion to stop the salaries of protestors fields, starting from the month of October ….

(Free channel Cyrenaica)



Hani Al Oraibi information officer Houari Benghazi hospital:

Waqfs Source: storming the building of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Benghazi,

by armed youth, to capture a photo management

personnel grab young people to “territory of the People’s Park” corresponding to the building endowments.

Gunmen storm the building of the Ministry of Awqaf in Benghazi

Benghazi – Al-Saadoun: People’s Park was attacked by outlaws to grab it

Assaulted a number of outlaws, Monday evening, on the land of the people behind the garden (Market Garden) in Benghazi for the purpose of seizing and brown.
The head of the local council neighborhood Saadoun Mohammad Mujahid that the people of the neighborhood’s past Itbran of outlaws who assaulted on park land.
He explained that a number of past residents of the neighborhood were in the process of expulsion of the attackers, but the local neighborhood to work on calming

the situation due to the spread of weapons between the people and the fear of loss of life, stressing that they are waiting for the intervention of the competent

authorities to out these aggressors from the land of