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Mu'ammar celebrates Mohammed (PBUH) 28 JAN. 2011

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi celebrating the ‘birth of Mohammed (PBUH)’ 28 JANUARY 2011.

Mu very worried

12th of Rabie al-Awwal:

Mohammed's (PBUH) birthday

Capetown, S.A.:

Mawlud1434f in Capetown SOUTH AFRICA

In Syro-Aramaic, a language that preceded Arabic, the word “Muhammad” isn’t a name but a *title* defined as “The Anointed One/Chosen One”.



of this night:


“The Holy Qur’an has many passages concerning the Blessed Virgin. First of all, the Holy Qur’an believes in her Immaculate Conception, and also, in her Virgin Birth…..The Holy Qu’ran also has verses on the Annunciation, Visitation, and Nativity. Angels are pictured as accompanying the Blessed Mother and saying, Oh Mary, Allah has chosen you and purified you, and elected you above all the women of the earth. In the 19th chapter of the Holy Qu’ran there are 41 verses on Jesus and Mary. There is such a strong defense of the virginity of Mary here that the Holy Qur’an, in the fourth book, attributes the condemnation of the Jews, to their monstrous calumny against the Virgin Mary.

Mary, then, is for the Muslems the true Sayyida, or Lady. The only possible serious rival to her in their creed would be Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed himself. But after the death of Fatima, Mohammed wrote: ‘Thou shalt be the most blessed of women in Paradise, after Mary.’ In a variant of the text Fatima is made to say; ‘I surpass all the women, except Mary.’ “


Mary, Joseph and Jesus (ISSA)

ISSA - Jesus poem

The Prophets, 2


The Prophets, 1

On the Occasion of Christmas


Mary had withdrawn into the Temple, where she was visited by the angel Gabriel who brought the glad tidings of a holy son. The Quran states that God sent the message through the angel Gabriel to Mary, that God had honored her among the women of all nations. The angel also told Mary that she would give birth to a pure son, named Isa (Jesus), who would be a great prophet, to whom God would give the Gospel. The angel further told Mary that Jesus would speak in infancy and maturity and be a companion to the most righteous. When this news was given to Mary, she asked the angel how she could conceive and have a child when no man had touched her. The angel replied: 

 ‘Even so: Allah createth what He willeth: When He hath decreed a plan, He but saith to it, ‘Be,’ and it is!” [Holy Qur’an – 3:45-48]


Let’s read what is narrated in the Holy Qur’an:

”Behold! The angels said, ‘Oh Mary! God gives you glad tidings of a Word from Him. His name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter, and in (the company of) those nearest to God. He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. He shall be (in the company) of the righteous… And God will teach him the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel”’ [3:45-48].


The Holy Qur’an, therefore, states that Jesus was created from the act of God’s will. The Quran compares this miraculous creation of Jesus with the creation of Adam, where God created Adam by his act of will (kun-fa-yakun, meaning ”Be and it is.”). According to the Quran, the same answer was given to the question of Zechariah, when he asked how his wife, Elizabeth, could conceive a baby, as she was very old.

The Quran narrates the virgin birth of Jesus numerous times. The Quran states that Mary was overcome by the pains of childbirth. During her agony and helplessness, God provided a stream of water under her feet from which she could drink. Furthermore, near a palm tree, Mary was told to shake the trunk of the palm tree so that ripe dates would fall down and she could eat and be nourished. Mary cried in pain and held onto the palm tree, at which point a voice came from ”beneath her”, understood by some to refer to Jesus, who was yet in her womb, which said, ”Grieve not! Your Lord has provided a water stream under you; And shake the trunk of the palm tree, it will let fall fresh ripe dates upon you. And eat and drink and calm thy mind.” That day, Mary gave birth to her son Jesus in the middle of the desert.

Mary carried baby Jesus back to her people. The Quran goes on to describe that Mary vowed not to speak to anyone that day, as God was to make Jesus, who Muslims believe spoke in the cradle, perform his first miracle. The Quran goes on to narrate that Mary then brought Jesus to the temple, where she was immediately ridiculed by all the temple elders. But Zachariah believed in the virgin birth and supported her. The elders accused Mary of being a loose woman and having touched another man while unmarried. In response, Mary pointed to her son, telling them to talk to him. They were angered at this and thought she was mocking them, by asking them to speak with an infant. It was then that God made the infant Jesus speak from the cradle and he spoke of his prophecy for the first time. He said, which are verses 19:30-35 in the chapter of Mary in the Holy Qur’an:

”He spoke, surely! I am the slave of Allah. He hath given me the scripture and hath appointed me a prophet;
He made me to be blessed wherever I am, and He has charged me with prayer and charity for as long as I shall live.
And (hath made me) dutiful toward her who bore me, and hath not made me arrogant, unblest.
Peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!
Such was Jesus, son of Mary; (this is) a statement of the truth concerning which they doubt.
It befitteth not (the majesty of) Allah that he should take unto himself a son. Glory be to him! When he decreeth a thing, he saith unto it only: be! And it is.”


According to Islamic texts, Jesus was divinely chosen to preach the message of monotheism and submission to the will of God to the Children of Israel (banī isrā’īl).

”Christ, the son of Mary, was no more than a messenger; many were the messengers that passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth. They had both to eat their (daily) food. See how God makes His signs clear to them; yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the truth!” [Quran – 5:75].

”When Jesus came with Clear Signs, he said: ‘Now I have come to you with Wisdom, and in order to make clear to you some of the (points) on which you dispute. Therefore, fear God and obey me. God, He is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him – this is a Straight Way.’ But sects from among themselves fell into disagreement. So woe to the wrongdoers, from the penalty of a Grievous Day!” [Holy Qur’an – 43:63-65].

Muslims believe that Jesus was a precursor to Muhammad, and that he announced the latter’s coming. They base this on a verse of the Quran wherein Jesus speaks of a messenger to appear after him named Ahmad. Islam associates Ahmad with Muhammad, both words deriving from the h-m-d triconsonantal root which refers to praiseworthiness. Muslims also assert that evidence of Jesus’ pronouncement is present in the New Testament, citing the mention of the Paraclete whose coming is foretold in the Gospel of John. Muslim commentators claim that the original Greek word used was periklutos, meaning famed, illustrious, or praiseworthy – rendered in Arabic as Ahmad; and that this was replaced by Christians with parakletos.

Common ground with Christianity

Isa is the son of a virgin named Maryam (”Mary” in English), who is a role model for the faithful women. Isa is a prophet filled with the Holy Spirit [Quran – 2:87] and the Messiah in both religions (but the Christians add that besides having a human nature, he would be God too, which the Quran clearly denies). Isa is the ”word of truth” [Quran – 19:34]. Isa, through God’s power and will, cures the blind and the leper, raises the dead to life and know what is hidden in the hearts [Quran – 3:49]. And Isa will come back at the end of times.

According to Islam, Jesus never died on the cross, nor ever wanted to die on the cross, nor ever was born to die on the cross.  Muslims believe that Jesus was sentenced to death, and people thought that he got executed on the cross. The Holy Quran rejects this idea, and claims that it is a false one.  Jesus never died on the cross,

nor he ever died for anyone’s sins. Let us look at what the Holy Qur’an says about this issue:

”That they rejected Faith; that they uttered against Mary: A grave false charge;

That they said (in boast): ‘We killed Christ Jesus, The son of Mary, The Messenger of Allah.’ But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjunction to follow, for of a surety they killed him not.

Nay, Allah raised him up Unto Himself; and Allah Is Exalted in Power, Wise.
And there is none of the people of the book (Jews and Christians) But must believe in him (Jesus) before his death; And on the Day of Judgment He (Jesus) will be a witness against them.” [Holy Qur’an – 4:156-159]




View of the room

(View of the room)

(PICTURE ABOVE) NATO’s Foreign Ministers meet in Turkey 2015


‘LIBYAN KNIGHT’, informs, and explains in his opinions:

“…Saleh Issa Aquila (Of  TOBRUK’s ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab‘) did not hesitate to send his representative to Moscow. General Hftar does not hide spins explicit from Russia. He, perhaps, picks up the message dictated, and this saves him, in his similar support, as is in the case with Syria.

The fighter and followers in Tripoli are divided between supporters of dreams, which share a piece of the cake, and his removal from the lists of sanctions; and, between shows read next presenting an offering of settlement.

The OS (UNO’s forceably imposed ‘guardian government’ for Libya) was the last ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood hair that falls-out (so that at-last,  they rule). And now, the country is on a ‘Hot Tin-Roof’.

The ‘fall of the West slogans of liberation’ and even the stability of republican-democracy.

They are spring and fall al-Obabil birds, and curiosity and (so-called) ‘friends of Libya’ and scared Sarkozy Nations and the legitimacy and transparency of its envoys.

And cheering turned to the West and critics of Russia’s non-participation in the Odyssey to the West; and, the unbelievers pilgrims to Moscow, individually and collectively.

Success in Russia to convince a lot regionally and internationally as an effective and able to bring about the balance of power, making it the kiss each competitors to the West, or affected by its policies. Moscow received delegations of Iraq and the Kurds in Turkey and before them the benefit of its embassy in Sanaa (YEMEN).

Russia’s success in bringing about a rift within the European system, which has become the difference between them, in a clear events, continued between the US and between the role of the researcher to assess the role of investigating his interests. This is Maabbar, as Vladimir Putin recently said,

“The problem in Europe is its not pursuing an independent foreign policy, as they are have handed over part of their sovereignty to NATO …which is basicly, in the first place, to America.

Perhaps France and Italy are the two most distant from America and closer to Russia. It seems clear from recent statements by French Foreign Minister and the Defence Minister’s visit to Moscow and published in ‘Le Figaro’, that France, is determined now to being more effectively in the position of Syria and Libya (in coordination with Russia) regardless of America’s approval or not.


completion of the NWO

Commission for Libya by UNO

The so-called ‘UN Security Council’  calls for TRIPOLI’s militias to provide full support, and support for any assistance requested by the Government of clients (OS) in order to play its role as the ‘legitimate government’ and a single in the country. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(T and O Linha freedom group Gahaar 17)

Melcaat ‘Dawn Libya’ vows to begin firing bullets at all in favor of the so-called (Western)-puppet ‘government of national reconciliation’ (goody !!)

The UN, their ‘negotiating table’ and colonialism

Colonialism is the domain of a nation or a regime, on the territories and peoples outside its right.

‘Knight LIBYAN’, reviews for us, and comments upon, happinings now and of the relevent recent past:

Plane down force of American Marines personal with their weapons ‘Wattaya base’ without any prior coordination and without any formal statement reveals the details of the operation. Vertical plane (COPTER) and dropped off a number of Italian soldiers on board the ‘oil tanker Anwar Libya’ near ‘mullet field’ (in the Western Region) and has searched for two hours and everyone is in silent mode. al-Kaza and Italian Paolo walk after visiting Prairie (CYRENAICA) supervised in Tripoli to form a protection force.

And the absence of full to the owners of positions and ranks and medals whom Sdawa our heads of ‘Dignity’ and the rats’ ‘Dawn Libya’, the ‘Army and Liberation Forces’, as if all their cause Pisces (WHALE MARKET in BENGHAZI) and conflict .. al-Sabri market (such as ‘Dawn Libya’, our praiseworthy ‘Dignity’ troops and goodness and towers were slogans of the great deception).

* Government formed by Léon, who (Gvhm) for a professional contract in Dubai. Then they went all the heroes after his departure. And because they are hypocrites, Allah wanted to unmask them.

Endowed with all the victories, Martin Kòbler, who did not do, but with the planned Western establishment of which was written by Lèon. There  came deputies (red line): The members of the Allaotunai (GNC) Conference (launched call) welcomed the Generals (Doom for the MISURATA bulldozers) not later than the leaders (the prohibition of external interference) welcomed the leaders (the establishment of the law of Allah) and cheered leaders (not to tyrants) and sped cities (the spark, steadfastness and knights). And turning everyone from dissidents to Mgpovin Harem Sultan, in the house of obedience .. (Atjtma for treason with modesty).

* Libyan Fighting Group a wave of betrayal and broken covenants and
reviews, under the temptation to deceive ‘the West’ and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, were leading. And I committed all haram.

But today we are finally aware, that they openly used a Trojan horse;  and its members began to see nightmares bags Orange allowance. Especially after they discovered the ‘Brotherhood betrayal’ and breach of some cadres, led by Belhadj, who was behind the assassination and the arrest of some of its Brotherhood members.

And detailed reports on the crimes of looting money and murder, torture and contacts with terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Algeria which ‘applies resolutions of the United Nations’. All that information ready when al-Obabil (birds) may soon come to the accusation table with long wanted lists. All that will change the alliances and enmities; and tomorrow’s roadmap, inevitably, will not be Kaloms .. (awakening in lost time).

* As in 2011, the media was able to draw a compass mind to change slogans instead of thinking about the prohibition of bringing the Crusaders and the betrayal of nations to open their doors to the ‘guardianship’ of subordination by foreign dictations.

Management of the media today, has also changed the compass of reason, as to what the puppet ‘Government of OS’ can and has already achieved under the chaos, instead of thinking about how these choices, [and I choose in the way of insult and humiliation which] blow up the so-called ‘international community’of all their hypocratic slogans of freedom, democracy and expression… which emphasizes the people’s choice for their own regime and not be led by anyone imposing it .. (modern methods in framing and directing the mind thinking).

* As (in 2011), Abdul Jalil came with ‘international support’ for change and his successor Cape slogans peaceful transfer to Zidane and his successors, among fake slogans of ‘development and reconstruction’ (MB), the new OS puppet-regime comes again with slogans ‘to achieve security, peace and reconciliation’. (Multiple logos, names and one death. Aatalmon and stupid to repeat an important lesson. Like a donkey carrying books).

early colonialism

And, through you, dear green honest ...


early news editions in 2011

‘KNIGHT LIBYAN’, comments:

FIRST, early in 2011, ‘NEWSWISE’: Condi-Rice ‘doctor’ became deputy parliament (boldly). And was selected to the fact the name of the newspaper (intelligently). And managed the professional journalist dialogue (with confidence). And specialized edition hastily Press (perfectly). And supervised by a cell of activists, editors and directors (subtly). And dissemination vendors with laughter from the heart (Bchwi). And circulated by the masses of the two phones and cheerleaders (Baloaid and threat) until the court yard of the local channels and radio stations and seminars intellectuals and preachers fields and screens.

The newspapers (particularly ‘al-Jazeera’) spread like wildfire, because the hearts and minds and souls that want to hear the truth. But the reporting was incompatible with the (facts) ‘al-Viaqra’ and mercenaries and infidelity and collective massacres and aerial bombardment by Israeli aircraft, and leaked Tdoualha all symbols of ’17 February’, but were seen in the presses only the ‘pre-concocted fake’ CIA’s presentation of the ‘Arab Spring’ and even the so-presumed ‘goodness’ of the ‘United Nations and the (purposely falsely named) ‘Friends of Libya’.

When the newspaper was printed and distributed and read and traded. The combination grow up in front of Levy. And chanting for an advisory opinion al-Obabil (birds). And give the coordinates. (Adbhon and both still deny it !)

You are being lied to the newspapers! .. I did not lie.
This is the truth? .. Yes is the nail on the head.
Spring is the reality of style; and the fact is, that ’17 February ethics’ are the sole real values ​​of the West.
This Is the truth, which was one of the main reasons for the arrival of fleets of 28 nuclear state.

Is the truth behind the deaths of tens of thousands of Libyans from the children and families of Tomahawk missiles were to pick up the remaining bags of them in smart bombs and cadres of the armed people among the missing and split and hewn hunted down satellite. And millions displaced between home and tents being imprisoned abroad.

Is the truth that will meet everyone face of God where Anato hopes to Abnon dignity not to blow.
You may forget about it. But have you ever asked yourself what would you say when you stand in front of the truth. Standing in front of the victims and displaced persons and the suffering and oppressed.
You may rest assured your conscience that you did not participate. But did you know that both of the cadre within the newspaper or Mrdd what came in or exploiter of what came in. Or silent on where you Manscher partner in all that blood and tears and suffering.
Haaratk has changed to ‘Dawn Libya’.

But the guilt of Aizul the statute of limitations. And sin Aivhb change the logo. Allah will niot find forgettable the ‘ 1973 Security Council Resolution’. The book Aagadr large nor small but learns them.
Many of the participants died. And the rest will not outdo the Angel of Death. Short life. The money will not take it with you. Authority Sttrkha. Only your business and your words will not benefit you. Are you ready for the question and the account and punishment. Regret it day to Ainf remorse. (Day unjust bite on his hands say I wish I had taken a way with the Prophet. O Welty wish I had not taken a close friend So and so) …


‘Room Zintan operations’:


Ibrahim Dabbashi, through his personal story, describes  transferred false moral decadence of the news channels.


The release of one of the country are free:

‘Ahanih Nasr bin Ramadan Kdavy Omly’, a chauffer for Muammar al-Qathafi, after five years of captivity from prisons of Msran-hala-gramah.

'Ahanih Nasr bin Ramadan Kdavy Omly', a chauffer for Muammar al-Qathafi, released

‘MUSICIAN’ writes:

Dr. Zaid Dorda in Got Ashall, his captors

Abu Zaid Dorda was echoed throughout the events of ’17 February’, in response to the Americans and NATO statements:


‘They have all options on the table and that means the defeat of their choices; but, we we have only one choice: to stand with the leader and the defense of the country until the end.’ “




Here are glorious bounties permeated to the Libyan people:
15 trucks of relief intervention at Tunisian-crossing Ras Jadir/ Igdir (Agdar) to Libya. 13 N° 2 trucks and a Southern to TRIPOLI.




Western Army troops have completely encircled the road to the rail, where is the headquarters of the GNC’s prime minister; and it has been transmitted by the news, that he must be ‘handing-over’ the presidential residence to the new puppet-‘phantom’ OS government.

 PUPPET Government is forceably imposed upon TRIPOLI, 3 PUPPET Government is forceably imposed upon TRIPOLI, 1 PUPPET Government is forceably imposed upon TRIPOLI, 2

Abduction of Inventory ‘Baheej al-Kash’ of  ‘City CORNER’ who was once an aide to terrorist ‘Abu Obeida angular’.

Firas Dadoush, aka Abu Obeida Hamid and gang fighting in TRIPOLI CORNER





Janzour militias close Bridge Rd 17:
earthen berms under the bridge disabled Janzour


Abd Aty al-Khalqy’s body found near the ‘Sahaba Mosque’, 

area OS Musharraf  team glory.



The client called ‘Atahir Bachaga’, one of the main leaders of the ‘Roma Libya’, and one of the leading killers in the massacre at Gharghour, and owner of the famous phrase

“I will not get out of Tripoli, but in coffins, and Tripoli did not see after the war.”

Here is the day lose the ability to walk and finally his body began in fermentation..

Oesel Ahmad Aboghalahm a child, was kidnapped from

in front of the ‘Hawks school district’ in Andalus.




Zintan at Kef

Good evening from Zintan at Kef

Lens: Mohammed Victor


‘Room Zintan operations’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.

Good afternoon

One of the administrative border protection ,,,, Brigades

Site at the ‘Hamada red’.

Hamada Red, security protectors, 2 Hamada Red, security protectors, 1

A tribute to the men who Ivodhun crumbs for the protection of the municipality of the administrative borders of Zintan in this cold winter.

Hamada Red, security protectors, 3

‘Zintan operations room’ a partagé la photo de

‘force supporting the security directorates of the western and southern region and South Committee for the “200” ‘, seized last night, in collaboration with the ‘Special Forces’ (at ‘Aghannaamh gate’), 80 liters of ‘homemade wines’ (Bukha).

Post team Naagr, Zintan b Rally:

Post team Naagr, Zintan b Rally



Blast Mizdah home area as a result of some of the storage of ammunition and weapons inside, without causing any human damage.


Inventory liquidation of ‘Mhend Ashour Abo Hlalh’, who was accused in several cases of burglary and Hrabh combing in Rishvana.







A Helicopter landed a group of military Italians on the back of the tanker ‘Onoar libia’, near mullet field, which is located west of the capital Tripoli. The Italians left the force after two hours of meticulous inspection, as one of the engineers on the back of the tanker said.






Doaa brand Sheikh Mohammed civil al-Chuirv Mawlid 12/22/2015

Zliten al-Osamarah corner.

(Khalid Sweidan, camera)



Armed clashes taking place in the city of Misurata since this morning between the areas of ‘the corner and Abu-Rouet’

and there are  dead and wounded between the parties.




Our people in the East cry-out for the blood of their sons who were killed by the iron and steel factory in Misurata and missiles coming from Turkey.  They will Ndifam lists justice owed us in the neck of Misurata militias.


An armed group last night attack on the oil slip and tampering with the contents of the field, stealing cars and communication devices field.



Dogs of the people of Hell (‘DAASH’) have today liquidated two young men: ‘Asmaeil Saad al-Tomi al.Faragana’, and  ‘Omagd Amamed bin Sasa’, in Sirte Square.



Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed positions of the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ in the south of Ajdabiya city.

The effects of aerial bombardment on the organization of the industrial district ‘Daash’ area locations in Ajdabiya:




DAASH dominates the overall market of al-Sabri, Belghazi

The arrest of two members of ‘DAASH’, in the way of the coast, by the ‘investigations task force’, under the command of Hamzh Aharif; and, initial investigations indicate that they came out of the area of al-Sabri.

(‘Special task force to combat terrorism’ Benghazi)






Unremitting efforts for reconciliation between tribes Oulad Sulieman and the Qadhadhfa.

President of the ‘Social Council of the tribes Warfalla, named ‘Saleh Maaov’, said that meetings were held between the city of Sabha’s Warfalla tribe elders, and the elders of the tribe of the children of Solomon ,and the elders of the tribe Qadhadhfa.

During Thursday and Friday, in order to complete the reconciliation,  between the tribes and the children of Solomon with the Qadhadhfa.
Maaov said in a press statement that this “Mediation is for reconciliation between the tribe Qadhadhfa, and the tribe of the children of Solomon; and it was the first meeting with the tribe Qadhadhfa the day before yesterday.

Thursday, and Friday with Suleiman tribe children, everyone wants reconciliation and reunification for Libya.




Release of ‘Haj Arahim al-Mbrok al Husnawa’ by his captors after the payment of a huge ransom !

One of “17 February” traitor symbols of ‘Salm Agabr’ catastrophe came from Qatari employees…



'al-F.beraerih Khaddajh al-Habbi Otina' was arrested in Italy

Libya’s image:

‘al-F.beraerih Khaddajh al-Habbi Otina’ was arrested in Italy, bringing-in mercenaries, accused of crimes, and the support of the ‘Embassy military attache ‘al-Libahvi’ (called ‘Rome Slah bin Amran’).




‘Tunisian Foreign Ministry’ statement on the stopping of 4 fishing boats, carrying 50 fishermen, in territorial waters shared by gunmen.




  • Ansarolá popular movement fighters in the city of Aden in southern Yemen.

    ‘Ansar-Allah’, popular movement fighters, in the city of Aden, in southern Yemen.

The Yemeni army, backed by fighters of the popular movement ‘Ansar-Allah’, has killed a Saudi prince, during clashes in the province of Marib, in central Yemen.

Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Mosaed bin Jalawi Al Saud, deputy general inspector of the Wahhabi regime, was killed Thursday in an attack by Yemeni forces in the province of Marib, reported Friday the Yemeni news website Saada.

In the attack, Yemeni forces destroyed a member of the Saudi Army armored car and took the lives of several soldiers of the al-Saud regime in the town of al-Mayzar in Marib, the source added.

This adds that Yemeni troops have captured in operations in the northern al-Jawf province, about 48 soldiers of the Army of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including nine officers.

For its part, the Lebanese news agency ‘al-Ahd’ announced Friday that the Yemeni Army has captured, in al-Jawf, another 130 troops belonging to forces (Saudi-backed) of Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.

Yemeni Army
Yemeni Army soldiers.

On Thursday, fighters of Ansar-Allah’, the popular movement and its allies, fired several ballistic missiles model Toshka, Russian-made anti-aircraft, at the Saudi base of al-Anad, located in the southwestern province of Lahij, and a Sudanese commander, two Saudis and anUAE intelligence officer were killed .



  • Yemeni soldiers and fighters Ansarolá.

    Yemeni soldiers and fighters ‘Ansar-Allah’.

Yemeni forces have ended Thursday with the lives of 10 Saudi soldiers in an attack carried out near Harad attack near the border with Saudi Arabia.

As reported by the Lebanese TV network al-Manar, the attack has occurred when Saudi forces deposed to move to the office of Harad where they were surprised by the Yemeni forces blocked their way.

Google Map of Harad, Yemen

The clashes have also left several Saudi soldiers wounded.


Moreover, Saudi fighters bombed on the same day the al-Hayma port in the west of Yemen killing six civilians.


  • Mohamad al-Bujaiti, member of the Political Council of the Yemeni popular movement Ansarolá.

    Mohamad al-Bujaiti, member of the Political Council of the Yemeni popular movement Ansar-Allah.

Arabia Saudí - Jizan - Ejército Yemení toma varios puestos Saudíes - 22 Diciembre 2015 El Ejército Saudí demostró de nuevo su completa incompetencia en combate a pesar de tener las mejores armas a su disposición, el Ejército Yemení y las Fuerzas Populares Hutíes toman varios puestos saudíes al Sur de la provincia de Jizan en Arabia Saudí frontera con Yemen. - Referencia: Los Círculos Verdes son los Yemeníes, los Rojos los Saudíes.



Living, moving, healthy plankton are on the exterior of the Space Station !


There is an abundance of life throughout the universe. Nothing is truly ‘void’.

Our Creator, Allah, made all things.

PLANKTON found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS

  • Russian space officials confirmed the plankton were living on the ISS 

  • Sea plankton were not carried by the craft as they aren’t native to Baikonur in Kazakhstan, where the Russian modules of the station blasted off

  • Plankton may have been blown there by air currents, Russia claims

  • Organisms were able to survive without oxygen in sub zero temperatures

  • Discovery made during a routine space walk to clean the ISS’ windows

Traces of plankton and other microorganisms have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS), according to Russian space officials.

They claim the plankton were not carried there at launch.

Incredibly, the tiny organisms were found to be able to survive in the vacuum of space despite the freezing temperatures, lack of oxygen and cosmic radiation.

Plankton have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth

Plankton have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth

The discovery was made during a routine spacewalk by Russian cosmonauts Olek Artemyev and Alexander Skvortsov, who were launching nanosatellites into space.

They used wipes to polish the surface of windows – also known as illuminators – on the Russian segment of the ISS and later found the presence of plankton and other microorganisms using ‘high-precision equipment’.

‘The results of the experiment are absolutely unique,’ said the head of the Russian ISS orbital mission Vladimir Solovyev.

‘We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface. This should be studied further.’

The plankton are not known to be indigenous to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, where the Russian modules of the station blasted off from.

Reckoning on the Winter Solstice

Mu fighting NATO Fighting Imperialism


‘Room Zintan operations’:

Mu preaching in Italian Mosque

Uqba “Arabism”

Saladin “Kurdish”

Tariq ibn Ziyad “Tamazight”

Sahih Muslim ibn Muslim “north of Iran.”

Sheikh Mohammed al-Banian “Albania”

Khalid ibn al-Walid “Arabism”


These figures and leaders of Islamic leaders were standing for Allah and his religion and unification

It was not like today’s trend to ‘nationalism and ethnic affiliation’.This is the true Islam. These Martyrs died without (so-called) ‘religion’.



Oh Allah, make us al-Tabuthain Dink and united and guide us the straight path (just as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi constantly preached).




The solstice happens at the same instant for all of us, everywhere on Earth. In 2015, the December solstice comes on December 21 at 10:48 p.m. CST. That’s on December 22 at 4:48 Universal Time. It’s when the sun on our sky’s dome reaches its farthest southward point for the year. At this solstice, the Northern Hemisphere has its shortest day and longest night of the year.

We know that the solstice is an astronomical event, caused by Earth’s tilt on its axis, and its motion in orbit around the sun.

Because Earth doesn’t orbit upright, but is instead tilted on its axis by 23-and-a-half degrees, Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres trade places in receiving the sun’s light and warmth most directly. The tilt of the Earth – not our distance from the sun – is what causes winter and summer. At the December solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is leaning most away from the sun for the year.

At the December solstice, Earth is positioned in its orbit so that the sun stays below the north pole horizon. As seen from 23-and-a-half degrees south of the equator, at the imaginary line encircling the globe known as the Tropic of Capricorn, the sun shines directly overhead at noon. This is as far south as the sun ever gets. All locations south of the equator have day lengths greater than 12 hours at the December solstice. Meanwhile, all locations north of the equator have day lengths less than 12 hours.

For us on the northern part of Earth, the shortest day comes at the solstice. After the winter solstice, the days get longer, and the nights shorter. It’s a seasonal shift that nearly everyone notices.

In early December, true solar noon comes nearly 10 minutes earlier by the clock than it does at the solstice around December 22. With true noon coming later on the solstice, so will the sunrise and sunset times.

It’s this discrepancy between clock time and sun time that causes the Northern Hemisphere’s earliest sunset and the Southern Hemisphere’s earliest sunrise to precede the December solstice.

The discrepancy occurs primarily because of the tilt of the Earth’s axis. A secondary but another contributing factor to this discrepancy between clock noon and sun noon comes from the Earth’s elliptical – oblong – orbit around the sun. The Earth’s orbit is not a perfect circle, and when we’re closest to the sun, our world moves fastest in orbit. Our closest point to the sun – or perihelion – comes in early January. So we are moving fastest in orbit around now, slightly faster than our average speed of about 30 kilometers (18.5 miles) per second. The discrepancy between sun time and clock time is greater around the December solstice than the June solstice because we’re nearer the sun at this time of year.

Solstice Pyrotechnics II by groovehouse on Flickr.

The precise date of the earliest sunset depends on your latitude. At mid-northern latitudes, it comes in early December each year. At northern temperate latitudes farther north – such as in Canada and Alaska – the year’s earliest sunset comes around mid-December. Close to the Arctic Circle, the earliest sunset and the December solstice occur on or near the same day.

By the way, the latest sunrise doesn’t come on the solstice either. From mid-northern latitudes, the latest sunrise comes in early January.

The exact dates vary, but the sequence is always the same: earliest sunset in early December, shortest day on the solstice around December 22, latest sunrise in early January.

And so the cycle continues.

Bottom line: In 2015, the December solstice comes on December 21 at 10:03 p.m. CST. That’s December 22 at 4:48 UT. It marks the Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day (first day of winter) and Southern Hemisphere’s longest day (first day of summer). Happy solstice, everyone!

PICTURE: Day and night sides of Earth on the December 2015 solstice

Day and night sides of Earth on the December 2015 solstice


The ‘United Nations’ lifted the freeze on the billion of securities assets and deposits (which they stole from the Great Jamahiriya) and has now handed it over to their new ‘coalition’ (MB puppet) ‘government’ which they have forcably installed in Libya !.

originally published 10 SEPTEMBER 2011:

stolen from LIBYA

Out of 170 billion, frozen in pre-March (2011)! … The money simply has been stolen from Libya by Western countries!

Because …

I [‘Libya S.O.S’ at 21:07] can not be silent!

Let’s start from the very beginning. Here is Lev Vershinin’s publication:



I [‘Libya S.O.S’] gave it another name:

“We’ve done calculations and burst into tears! For pocket expenses and bribes …. “

And then I started adding to the text what I couldn’t help adding. And gave a different name. And now you judge!

Central Bank of Libya, the rebels captured the Transitional National Council, announced the sale of 29 tons of gold. The bank undertook these measures to “provide citizens with wages.” The new head of the Central Bank Ghassem Azzoz also poined out that the bank’s assets were fully preserved during the war, nothing has been stolen! Nothing! And nothing has been removed!

It is striking that as it turned out, “the corrupt tyrant” (as the “revolutionaries” had to admit, and this is worth a lot) was not tempted even by a gram of gold owned by the people. Not a gram!

However, knowing about the Colonel what we, friends of Libya, learned about him over the past six months, there’s nothing strange about it. Another thing is surprising.

So let’s talk about it.

About a week ago, the so-called self-styled “friends of Libya” met in Paris to decide that once the capital of Libya Tripoli had been seized – it is a separate story by whom! – the Libyan people’s money can be “unfreeze” and passed to the “democrats.” Who are the “democrats” and why for the sake of “democracy” they had to kill thousands of Libyans – is also a separate story!

In brief, in Paris they began to count and…

When calculations were done, it turned out that on the frozen Libyan accounts there were only 15 billion. Out of the 89 or 130 …

Stop, the West mentioned also 170 billion! And claimed that the “tyrant” ( “what a bastard!” screamed all the politicians and everybody in the West, just to defame the lion of the desert! ) stole the money from the Libyan people!

Western politics and Margelov who joined them started feeling uncomfortable, they had a talk behind closed doors and solemnly announced that they found other ten billion. 25 altogether! Out of 170 billion, frozen in March!

Moreover, even this amount was delivered to the “new” authorities of Libya not in the currency (the accounts were in dollars, euro, pounds and, in theory, were supposed to be returned in cash ) but they came in boxes with newly printed Libyan dinars. From London – as much as 40 tons!

That is, instead of real money entrusted to Western banks by the legitimate Government of Libya and meant for financing the projects of international cooperation in the interests of the Libyan people, blessed by the Western democracy, the people received coloured paper with water marks!

And, as it turned out, the money (and, alas, Libya printed its own currency in London!) was printed before the rebellion and “printing” has already been paid by Libyan Jamahiriya!

Again the Libyan people have been robbed! And even 25 billion was not given back!

As a result, the people’s money in foreign currency – again, this is 170 billion dollars! – The money simply has been stolen from Libya by Western countries!

That is why now the ‘Central Bank of Libya’ has to sell gold. Which was kept sacred, was not touched and not being sold even at the most difficult moments of Libyan Jamahiriya, which was attacked by the rebels and the NATO aggressors.

The country’s moral ‘leader of the al-Fateh 01 SEPTEMBER ’69 Revolution’ DID NOT EVER touch what belonged to the people! Because it is not good!

And what does the so-called “new [GNC-puppet 2011] government” do? What does it start with as soon as the rebels burst into the capital? With the sale of gold to pay the promised money to the mercenaries and the rest scum, surging in Libya, and who destroyed what was not destroyed by NATO bombs and missiles!

And, moreover, the West demands to pay for the cost of the war, I’m sorry, for the “liberation of the Libyan people from the tyrant!”

I’m trying to find in history at least a single example of such blatant robbery.

Spanish conquistadors, who swapped glass trinkets for the pure gold of the Native Americans? No, it does not fit.

The Libyans are not fools. Moreover, if the Native Americans themselves agreed to be fooled, here it is a different case. Here it is Pure Robbery!

170 billion has evaporated! Fantastic!

I am looking at these “friends of Libya,” at the meeting in Paris and happily posing for photos in front of numerous cameras, and I am carefully looking at the smug bureaucrat, who is representing my country, Russia in this bunch of thieves and, forgive me, I am clenching my fists.

I know, I know well that now my Libyan friends huddle in the ruins of their have been comfortable homes, without water because the water pipes were destroyed by the rebels, with no light, because NATO bombed and destroyed everything, without food and medication, without schools, hospitals and …. I am filled with horror!

What is it?

Anybody can explain?

No, not to me, I understand perfectly.

I see this horrible imperialist predator, who decided that all the world now belongs to him! But … next to me is still the same little girl with a portrait of the Leader, I met her in May in Tripoli, after the bombing of the House of children’s art, and she quietly and with a guilty smile asked me in English, in school she was taught great Shakespeare’s language: «Why bombs?»

And I remember and I will never forget the story of Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov, who, a brave Russian citizen, arrived in Tripoli under the bombs, and met with the Leader. And he asked the same question: «Why bombs?»

And now I appeal to all those who today counts and calculates again and again, who continues to write bad things about Libya and the Libyans and in whose heads there is only “the Libyan people’s gold” removed (as it turned out not removed! ) to the faraway Niger. I appeal to those who in each other line repeats: “He ran away” or “When at last will he be caught and torn into pieces?” …

I ask you: “Do you have conscience?”

Tell me!

I’ll be back to Tripoli, the Libyan capital, free from all this rubbish and filth, the city which is s after all the atrocities and madness is still addressed in noble words both by the West and Russia as well. And in the liberated city, I’ll look for this little girl to hug her and say:

“You’re alive! You went through all this horror! Hold on! There are people and there is a country which has always been with you! I’ll help you! And, believe me, your Russian friend that one day you too will go to school, we will build it from the ruins, be sure we will, we will print the books burnt by these Islamic thugs, and, most importantly, I promise you that the black birds will never come again at night from the north. They are now forever chained to the ground. Over Europe only peaceful aircrafts will fly.

I promise you … “

Think whatever you want about me. That I’m a liar and that there will never be peace on Earth. And that country after country, peoples after peoples will be eliminated, erased from the face of the earth, the same as Libya was destroyed and turned into ashes and dust!

But I believe that among those who will read this, and among those who will hear me there will be those who will come along with me to the little girl and protect her!

Nicholas Sologubovsky, Tripoli – Moscow and Tripoli again soon. September 10.

© Copyright: Николай Сологубовский, 2011

Свидетельство о публикации №21109101274th of Libya.

[original: http://www.proza.ru/2011/09/10/1274%5D

I can not stop to cry [libyasos]

“Gaddafi’s money” … “Gaddafi’s billions” … “Gaddafi’s gold”…Where is money of Libyan people? -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/gaddafis-money-gaddafis-billions.html

02 November 2012:

NATO Bombing Of Libya Seven Times Worse Than Hitler’s Of Europe, Billion Stolen

Source: The Voice of Russia

The sum which al-Qathafi and his associates had in bank accounts for various charitable and humane and construction purposes throughout the world, and which the West, in fact, has stolen – bln – might have been enough to reconstruct the Libyan infrastructure after the damage caused by the bombs – if not fully, then, at least, partially. But now, that money has disappeared.

“It would be wrong to say that only the West has stolen the money of the former Libyan regime. It is known that those people who fought against the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ (and who are now in power in Libya), have conveyed many trucks literally stuffed with money abroad.”

“When the West threw bombs on Libya, Western politicians said that this allegedly was done to help Libyans oust the tyrant and establish democracy in their country. Now, it has turned out that these words were mere demagogy. The real aim of the West was to try to steal Libya’s riches.”

NATO’s military campaign in Libya is remarkable, among other things, for the following two reasons.

First – the damage that the air raids by the Western anti-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA alliance caused to Libya is estimated to be 7 times bigger than the damage which bombing by the Nazis caused in Europe during WWII.

Second – Muammar al-Qathafi’s plans for the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ and world peoples with his associates [Libya] had, in total, bln in bank accounts in various parts of the world. After the beginning of the Libyan revolution, the West froze these accounts. Now, this money has disappeared somewhere.

Russian expert in Eastern affairs Anatoly Egorin tries to analyze these two cases in his recently published book, titled “The Ousting of Muammar Gaddafi. A Libyan Diary. 2011-2012.”

Speaking about the damage which Western bombing attacks caused to Libya, one may probably say that every war causes damage. This is true, but the amount of damage can be greater or smaller. Was it really worth the damage which NATO bombs caused to Libya – to say nothing of the fact that introducing a no-fly zone over a country and then bombing it is, to put it mildly, not very consistent.

Anatolly Egorin says:

“Libyan bank accounts were immediately (pre-March 2011) frozen. Or, it would be probably better to say that it was only officially announced that they were frozen, but in reality they were stolen. Nobody can say for sure precisely who stole this money and where it is now. There is only some vague information that it was allegedly pocketed by the bankers themselves and that these bankers allegedly tried to launder this money in offshore zones. Attempts to find this money are now under way, but I doubt that it will ever be found.”

“However,” Mr. Egorin continues, “it would be wrong to say that only the West has stolen the money of the former Libyan regime [Libyan people]. It is known that those people who fought against Gaddafi and who are now in power in Libya have conveyed many trucks literally stuffed with money abroad.”

The Head of the International Association for Democracy in Libya, Fatima abu an-Niran, confirms what Mr. Egorin says:

“The chaotic situation in Libya enabled everyone to steal anything that lay in his or her temptation’s way. The West was quite aware of that, but didn’t try to stop it. I can back my words with facts, and the former head of Libya’s Central Bank can also confirm this.”

“The bln in bank accounts is not the only money that was stolen during the period of anarchy in Libya,” Ms. an-Niran continues. “Lots of money was trafficked and is still being trafficked abroad by the Libyan ‘revolutionaries’ themselves. To a large extent, the situation in Libya still remains chaotic….”



‘Zintan operations room’ a partagé la publication de ‘stealth cynical’.

What is this ??

‘Ghost cynical’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.
And black remains black .. and dogs dogs.
Greetings to Rahman Sowaihili ??????

Note: Elly the circle Hamra MP Tail: Faraj Bohashim
Although we disagree with footmen Sowaihili, but does not compare to the likes of B.al-Veol Bohashim and Shalawi Gad and Abdul-Salam.

Allah and others !

‘Zahir Baybars’, informs us:
“Because the MP Faraj Bohashim believes the state of Libya as a state does not believe that Cyrenaica is Libya; because, it is part of the nation and the interests of the homeland. An introduction has Fatheah him and his colleagues from the Rats “Allaotunai Congress” (GNC) …

Vlkiemh eastern region signed an agreement on the ‘Libyan Skhirat’ Libby! For this challenge and in their violates federal orientation ….

but stabbed Deguem General Hftar, and threw him in the heinous things !! it remained only to those federal Fighters and their sisters who were former enemies, but have become friends today !! This is one of the biggest aberration and deviation marks.”

‘Jamal al-Ryani’, writes:
This demon demons of mankind, God Aguena voracious.

Abu Bakr‘s past.”





The bombing of the school of ‘memorization of the Holy Qur’an’

corresponding to the ‘DAHMANI angle’ Collector Boumhmach:




Melcaat Tripoli to release the captive (Mohammed light Ben Ali Al-Omla Gaddafi) from prison in Mitigua, after he has been suffering with disease because of poor Nutrition, fatigue and lack of comfort. His health has deteriorated ;and they throw in the Mitigua rat-hospital.

and the Lord blessed him through someone who contacted the Brotherhood, and told him that Lakhoua prisoner in hospital, is put in a very bad way.

Group of masked intervention went to ‘Abu Issa Institute’, and  beat youths with sticks, under the pretext that they were harassing young girls B.al-Amaaksat.

Group of masked intervention at 'Abu Issa Institute', Corner Tripoli, 2 Group of masked intervention at 'Abu Issa Institute', Corner Tripoli, 1

Dean of the ‘University of the Corner’ has resigned because of exposure to threats and blackmail from one of the militias in control of the university.

An armed group who abducted citizen ‘Munir Mamed al-Tavi’, resident of ‘Qsr bin Ghashir’.

Zintan clashes with Misurata at Qsr Bin Ghashear




A convoy of the ‘joint force subsidiary bank of the room’ are stationed near the bridge Zahra.


Towards ZAHRA BRIDGE entering Rishvana



Directorates support the security of the western region and the southern power committee “200”

An armed robbery on a fuel truck to the ‘Valley of the living’, area. There was arrested the offender. An ambush was prepared by the strength of support, after he tried to blackmail the owner of the vehicle, requesting a ransom of 15 000 dinars

The truck was handed over to its owner.

Armed clashes in “My Valley” area between militias ‘Roma Libya and the people of the region and an intensive flight by warplanes of the militias ‘Roma Libya’.






The return of colonialism to Libya,

video band al-Kzmandoz

US which roam freely at Wattaya Base.



situation in SABRATHA, 2

Filter ‘Ali Attiyh al-Aga’, in  area of al-Kabut by ‘Daash’ in Sabratha.





A protest to the families of prisoners and prisoners in brown.

Bani Walid demanding the release of their children from the militias prisons.

The arrival of some of the displaced families from the city of Ajdabiya to BANI WALID.




 Italy is giving mercenaries who fight in Cyrenaica, through an Italian ruling in Tripoli, ‘Cyrenaican Italian citizenship’ in exchange for their cooperation against the ‘Libyan Wahhabi-movements’.


DAASH families from AJDABIYA, go to SIRTE

The arrival of a number of the ‘families of the terrorist organization of Daash Ajdabiya‘, to the city of Sirte.

(Hyash in an empty housing freebe)

‘Mawlid al Naby’

‘Daash’ is organizing anti-Islamic religion of the citizens in Sirte on Wednesday and Thursday, as  normal working days and that the celebration of the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday is advertised as only a ‘fad’.  Full of misguidance !  and they warn citizens of absence from work ! and must NOT show appearances to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet !! 

Prophet's Birthday 2014 Houthi wave Green Flags on the Prophet's (PBUH) Birthday

[above: HOUTHI celebrating the birth of the Prophet (PBUH);  BELOW: a mountain during a Houthi gathering in Yemen for ‘Mawlid al Naby’ – birthday of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), 24 January 2013 in Heziez, Yemen. ]



A Yemeni tribesman keeps watch from the top of a mountain during a Houthi gathering for Mawlid al Naby - birthday of the Prophet Mohammad, January 24, 2013 in Heziez, Yemen. Thousands of men and women came from around northern Yemen to hear the leader, Abdul Malik al Houthi, address the crowd on politics, religion, and the West

A Yemeni tribesman keeps watch from the top of a mountain during a Houthi gathering for Mawlid al Naby” – birthday of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),  24 January 2013


‘Red Crescent’ was able to output (85) families from the clashes in parts of Ajdabiya.

The killing of six of the terrorists, including two ‘supporters of evil’ (ANSAR al-SHARIA) leaders in the city of Ajdabiya, through battles there.

Inventory Amir terrorist organization in ‘Daash’ of Libya, called Abd Gam b. al-Hajicom, is transfering the wounded of ‘Daash’ from Ajdabiya, crossing south, using planes of the type ‘Twein Aotraly’; and from there, they go to Mitigua, by private jets into Turkey.



'University of Benghazi' in Garyounes is burned

The combustion of the College of Arts and administrative buildings at the University of Benghazi in Garyounes.

The General Commander in Chief, Hftar, will meet princes hubs in the city of Benghazi.

General Commander in Chief, Hftar, will meet princes hubs in the city of Benghazi


‘Libyan Airforce Warplanes targetedareas of concentration of ‘Daash’ in Hawari and Rulrhh.

Mu’ammar warned Benghazi about the Western powers taking over Libya.
Benghazi knows now the truth of what Muammar al-Qathafi said about Libya’s future being under the rule of Western heretics.






Ai was arrested in Sousse by an armed group. He was the
friendly Ghaithi head of the ‘Cyrenaica province office’,

and now the RATS called ‘Ibrahim bin Ghashir’ as head of ‘what is called the (MB) Shura Council of Elders of Misurata’.








Receiving the body of the late Hamd Amamed al-Snoc in Kirh al-Hati.
Lord Arahmo and improves the mechanism
(‘Militant Arabism’)




  • Colombian soldiers.

    Colombian soldiers.

Some 300 Colombian mercenaries have refused to fight in the war against Yemen, despite funding from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi ally.

Colombian soldiers transferred to Yemen by the United Arab Emirates have refused to enter into a war with Yemen, Western sources have reported.

According to sources, the UAE spent heavily to recruit a private army composed of well-trained soldiers South Americans.

The UAE has promised to pay a day to Colombians who are special forces in the military base in the UAE city of Zaed.

“Colombian soldiers are highly prized for their training in the fight against the guerrillas. Colombians have many years of experience in the war, “said one ex-officer of the Colombian Army.

Emirati military officials initially decided to deploy 800 Colombians in Yemen , but had to reconsider its action after the South Americans denounce recruited to fight in Yemen was not part of his contract.

These 300 Colombian mercenaries deployed three months ago in southern Yemen, part of the 3000 recruited by the United Arab Emirates for a private army that according to reports seeks to guarantee the security of the federation.

Hiring mercenaries to fight in Yemen came after the Yemeni army attack on a weapons depot in the central province of Marib, killed 300 Saudi soldiers, UAE and bareiníes.

On 08 December 2015, six Colombian soldiers and Australian commander, a US military Blackwater company in Yemen, died during clashes in the city of Taiz (southwest).

Yemeni forces bombarded the Saudi position
Yemeni forces bombarded the Saudi position.

‘Hard-working Anbar’:

According to one of the elders of the clan Kabissat,

an attack that light and medium weapons was carried out by fighters of the clan Kabissat, targeting the control to regulate ‘Daash’.

‘Muamml Smont Kpash’ was on the road to the north, late last night.
He stressed that the attack killed five members of ‘Daash’ who were present at the control.

He added that the organization had to impose a curfew in ‘Nahih Kpash’, and arrested of a number of their sons.

The clansmen leaped across mosques, calling for an armed uprising against the ‘DAASH’ organization. The clansmen were able, last July, to kill many of the ‘Daash’ in hand, one being (with the nickname of) ‘Abu Tunisian spleen’, as well as killing and injuring a number of his companions, most of them of Saudi-Arabian citizenship.


Mideast Yemen

The operation “decisive Storm” conducted against Yemen since March 26 last by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, with the support of the United States, is about to turn into a fiasco.

Remember that this aggression has violated the sovereignty of this country, the poorest in the region, to maintain in the saoudienno-Zionist stranglehold and deny any hint of independence, unlike the pretext advanced was to stop the extension of “Shiite Houthi rebels” the Yemeni southern cities after taking control of Sanaa and northern.

Indeed, following the changes that have occurred in Yemen after the revolution of September 21, 2014, having brought the Houthis to seize power without bloodshed and legally, the country seemed to have decided to dispense with Saudi guardianship to conduct an independent policy and join the axis of resistance to Zionism and Western imperialism.

Unfortunately, the United States and the Zionist entity does not see it that way, and therefore instructed their Saudi vassal do the dirty work, triggering the “decisive Storm” operation, which was essentially to bombard people civil defenseless, in line with what was taught to “the Israeli school” in military strategy.

Results of operations, at least 6,000 dead and 28,000 wounded, including many civilians, while 2.3 million people have been displaced, according to UN estimates (probably underestimated) and the complicit silence of the international community .

On the ground, a coalition of more than ten countries, aided by the United States and other Western states, has not made a breakthrough and popular Yemeni forces (Army and popular committees close to AnsarAllah) still control between 60% and 70% of the territory, with the exception of Aden under the influence of Al Qaeda, from the tactical withdrawal of forces from AnsarAllah of this southern town in the country in July.

Missiles and rockets daily Yemeni forces targeted the positions of the Saudi army, who also lost the battle of Bab El Mandeb, and fails to advance to Maarib and Taiz, despite the reinforcement of soldiers from several countries including Sudanese and Colombians.

The operation “decisive Storm”, which lasted only a few days and stop the advance of the so-called “Shiite militias” has not achieved its objectives and, on the contrary, she found herself facing a new front internal, opened by Yemeni forces on its borders, in Jizan, Al-Assir and deeper in southern Saudi Najran, whose conquest is imminent. Thus, in response to its aggression and deadly raids of the coalition aircraft that are still more civilian casualties, Arabia now finds itself facing two wars: one in Yemen and one on its own territory . Thus, Saudi whole towns and villages came under the control of the forces of the Yemeni resistance, while twelve military bases were taken in the Saudi army has lost hundreds of soldiers, dozens of vehicles, tanks, armored, and aircraft and warships.

In recent weeks, the military operations against the attackers have intensified, culminating in the missile attack on 14 December against the command center for coalition forces to the Strait of Bab el Mandeb, making 152 including 42 killed members of society Blackwater mercenaries (including their commander Colombian) military commander of the Saudi, UAE and several commanders.

Thus, despite all its means and facing the drive and determination Yemeni, Saudi has already lost this war.

Yet many voices had warned that tribal and complex nature of Yemeni society and the geographical particularities of this country, made ​​it impossible any attempt to submit it through an external military intervention. Its kindling ablaze returns to Saudi Arabia … it seems that Riyadh comes from realizing.

The Kingdom has also just implicitly admit its failure in displaying his willingness to end the war provided the popular forces and the Yemeni army withdrew Saudi borders and do not express opposition to President Abd Rabbo resigned Mansour Hadi and his government headquarters in Aden. It thus waived the other conditions laid so far, such as the withdrawal of cities with “Houthi militias” and surrender their weapons and admits its pitiful defeat which was predictable, by not realizing any of its stated objectives.

The Anti Zionist Party once again salutes the heroic resistance of the Yemeni people which is poised to bend the Saudi assailant who seems to finally realize his terrible strategic mistake.

His alliance with the US-Zionist having inflated insurance, the Saudi vassal thought it was sufficient to bomb innocent civilians blindly submit to Yemen, as well as estimating the strength and spirit of resistance that has him bitten the dust every day.

After the debacle that was predictable, there to wait for the equally predictable and imminent fall of this criminal realm that now seems inevitable …

Yahia Gouasmi Chairman of the Anti Zionist Party

Yahia Gouasmi
Chairman of the Anti Zionist Party

© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=10574


Breaking: Yemeni Army and Houthis launch a massive offensive inside Saudi Arabia – important city is about to fall:



Bad news has become a common theme in Saudi Arabia as of late; especially whenever the topic of the Yemeni War is discussed between military officials.

On Sunday morning in the Jizan region of Saudia Arabia, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard – in coordination with their ‘Popular Committees’ and the Houthis – imposed full control over the Old Town of Al-Khubah after the Saudi-led Coalition Forces retreated north in order to evade the Yemeni resistance fighters swarming their positions.

In addition to the capture of the Old Town in Al-Khubah, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis seized the Saudi military base inside the aforementioned city in Saudi Arabia; this news left the Saudi military command in shock, especially after several soldiers surrendered to the Yemeni resistance fighters.

Earlier in the day, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis imposed full control over the small villages of Shabakat and Mustahdath in the Al-Harith Governorate of the Jizan region of Saudi Arabia.

The Houthis and the Republican Guard have launched a massive offensive in the Jizan region of Saudi Arabia after the Saudi-led Coalition Forces reneged on their ceasefire agreement and launched several unprovoked airstrikes on the Yemeni Army’s defensive positions in southern Yemen.



Mu, Operation desert lion PDF

27 MAY 2013:

Will this vision will be realized this year ?? .

We eagerly await this from happening….

Commandment Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar, the voice of martyr Billah

a soldier of THE RESISTANCE:

Green al-Qathafi soldier PDF



Of the national platform I invite you to pause Ezz Hmokh leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. Rmsena and our struggle .. in the swirling about the legitimacy Conference: tribes and day out in demonstrations throughout the beloved homeland.
We call and call at the inauguration of Saif al-Islam as General Secretary of the ‘Libyan Tribes & Cities’ Conference for the BPC (in lieu of al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi) our nation is wounded …

I do not Léon – not for a client OS colonialism – not for the ‘Allaotunai Conference’: pagan – not a jar –

Yes, the decision of the great people in the inauguration of Saif Islam as General Secretary of ‘BPC Conference’.
(“Knight and Men”)

Mu salutes us all


“MUSICIAN” tells us:

“others are saying that they just saw Mu’ammar al-Qathafi driving a ‘Land Cruiser’.

First Section of the men have stayed with the leader, and will remain until the end ;

and the second section of the ‘semiconductor of men’, left when the leader in a Landcruiser, became a heavy load….

Mu driving a Landcruiser

Muammar al-Qathafi has rejected all offers made to him out time events, so as not to Akhaddlkm not accept them today, one offer so as not to Tkhaddloh in his (so-called) ‘absence’.”

‘MUSICIAN‘ writes:

“Even if under, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi for the next hundred years leading the Resistance revolution in Libya, it will not change this in Shi natures of traitors Valahakad. They have in self deposits that do not, engaged in the words and deeds of men whatever it enforceable and effective.

There is no gloss of thought behind Mu’ammar al-Qathafi for his ‘returning to judge for the liberation of his homeland.’ This person, al-Qathafi, is no different from the priest in the religion misprision, to reach the glory of recognition for redeeming his country.

Everything will be back to what it was, the national anthem and the Green Flag, and Bab Azizia Boukimith. But we will not go back as we were. For we will be even more strong and less merciful. History will say it lists facts not myths that area in the desert of Sirte claims al-Osos was shining ones prestige as the sun shines from the sky.

Billah will re-enters his father injured house in ‘area No. 2 Sirte neighborhood of residential houses’, with moving feelings of fatherhood; and accelerates in linking forestry al-Dmadh on his son while he was sitting in a corner of history.


and the place writes ‘Supreme Commander of ministering field, commander homeland lived’.

Scenes like this and you want him to satisfy by virtue of the dwarves.”

(And still playing lead {musician} continues)

Helena new episode of the program to Dr. Yusuf Shakir 13/10/2015




UNO / NATO / EU and the ‘HOOD’:

LIBYA HAS BEEN BLACKMAILED..only by accepting Léon’s “accord”, will NATO not re-enter LIBYA by Force ! This was THEIR (UNO/ NATO) TERMS, not the Libyan people’s (who are totally against Léon and all that he and his Mafia-teams have contrived for Libya).

 the real UGLY Bernardino Léon

‘Libyan Knight’ comments:

“Turkey (supporting terrorism argument and directory)

Léon (the actual Spanish ruler who laughed at his interlocutors support for terrorist groups led by Belhadj, Flint, Sowahailli).

‘Dawn Libya’ (who burned oil and airports, universities and tore down houses) meet to ensure the unity government.

Visualize a ‘Government’ (composed of ‘BrotherHoods’ and ‘Islamic-fighters’), who puts a Spaniard to set security (‘Dawn Libya’), and with the support of Turkey

Who is there to lead the country and the people?


‘MUSICIAN’, comments:


“Léon gives promises in the form of a written document a general amnesty for the leaders of the rat

Militias for their crimes. But he does not know that the fires of justice tat rings in our hearts, is able to burn all the minimum charters. Léon gives the criminals amnesty, but condems to death the people loyal to the Great Jamahiriya !”


HFTAR and the LIBYA ARMY must join the RESISTANCE with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the PDF, to FIGHT THE ZIONIST UNO/BROTHERHOOD/EU & the USA !

(Under the new puppet-Government, the Libyan Army under Hftar has been disbanded in favor of the MISURATA MILITIAS !!!, and a bounty has been put on Hftar‘s head.)

Hftar and Mu

War Criminal Abdul-Rahman Sowahailli (and his nephew Ahmed Mietk with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) have been put in charge by Léon (and his Brotherhood Mafia-gang), to run and ‘rule’ over LIBYA !

No decent Libyan will stand for this !

March includes all tribes, Libyan Army and General Hftar, and Ada al-Hati

Allah save Libya…

Pray for the return of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’.

A new type of drug in schools … passed both know
Even if you do not have children in the school .. Parents should know that this type of drug. This type is known as “strawberry Food”.

Frightening things taking place in schools these days and warning parents and awareness. There is a kind of candy LCD traded among children resemble candy known Pferqatha mouth and voices crackling rejoice issued by the boys .. smells like strawberry … spread among children in school playgrounds. Chewed children thinking that they are candy and then transported to hospitals after eating in case of catastrophic. Also come flavored chocolate or peanut butter or cola Awalkrz or grapes or oranges.

Please teach your children not to accept any candy from strangers and from their friends (who may have taken it in turn
From someone), especially those to which they apply these specifications and teaching them to notify administrators and profile officials concerned immediately if that happens. Post awareness among everyone in the hope that we prevent this tragedy.
(“Knight and Men”)





WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Department of Defense (al-Aptajon) on Thursday,
erdogen-awards-gneoh-alias-mahdi-haratine Brotherhood Leaders in Tripoli (Haratine-Gneoh, Belhadj) terrorists-supporter-Erdogan and libyan-terrorist-el-Mahdi-Haratine (Giani Akkla Gneoh)
Yan meeting princes militias in control of the city of Tripoli ‘Abdalrav Karh’ and ‘Khaled al-Sharif’ and ‘Abdul Ghanni Alkkla Gneoh alias el-Mahdi Haratine, not special to meet with Léon to arrange to secure the “new” (HAH HAH!) Brotherhood ‘government’;

The criminal RATS running TRIPOLI, showing Khalid Sharif, all backed by al-Jazeera

and to facilitate only carry out its functions plan .. Behind the scenes met al-Mzkoan with ‘Brig Ahmed bin Nasser bin Jassem al-Thani’ (Chairman of the Qatari intelligence service), and ‘Hakan Fidan’ (head of Turkish intelligence “MTI”), as a backdrop to the series of assassinations, which affected the leaders and the leaders of the militias and smuggling Mafia-gangs in Tripoli…

TURKISH and Qatari assassins

and which saw the city of Tripoli assassinations and large-scale rally series a cross between smugglers for Migration, jealousy for ‘legitimacy’, and some of the ‘Dawn Libya’ militia leaders, and then the President of the National Congress, Mr. Nuri Abu Bushman, request of the President of Turkey and Qatar, that Atdechlo in secret investigations concerning those classified attacks of ‘quality’ (concept of operations) ,,

and formed a ‘commission of inquiry’, made up of nationals and Turkey, to investigate the elements, which ordered the assassinations al-Msgut in al-Furnaj area at the Tripoli Center;

and included experts reportedly saying, that it carried out the attack Hua dedicated team assassinations, and used ‘lethal and accurate weapons which do not exist in Libya’,

and all the evidence going to LF own Italian GIS and French special forces GIGN and German special forces SEK, where it has been said that they are ‘only affected by the issue Migrants’ !

Illegitimate and they are the only ones who possess weapons of quality and are able to enter Libyan territory easily, and implementation of quality processes systematically at the highest level of accuracy and technical ..

The President of the Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan, is concerned about it ,and has asked al-Hazeran meet changing insurance  of Tripoli plans (to send a specialized team to uncover spies and federal agents inside Libyan territory), which confirms the quality of operations in Tripoli.

It has reached the highest level of accuracy in implementation.

Qatar and Turkey's involvement in Libya

More than 50 armed militia from the city of Misurata announce their ‘willingness’ to secure government inventory Bernardino Léon in Tripoli

Gates and review more than fifty mechanism between Toyota and Sierra Leone written on it ‘Nawasi armored cars’ (ABDUL-RAOUF ‘HATER’ CARTE) and a review in hand by the railroad and the center of Tripoli.

Gate in front of the Secretariat of Agriculture University Road after the bridge orbit.

And gate in Cimafro who enters the university Aaseraa hand and hand al-RIXOS (HOTEL) other hand gate and door and gate al-Azizia Ottoman palaces from the back side; and other portals and periodicals. …



‘MUSICIAN’ comments:



“if the Libyan people and agreed to the arrival of the Italian army to protect them from the militias, it means that the Omar al-Mukhtar was a gang leader and that his death sentence in accordance with the principles of justice and the provisions of law and this is the mother of scandals.”

Italian soldiers

Italy declares its readiness take over ‘securing’ the Libyan capital Tripoli with their soldiers!


Brigade military bulldozer Rishvana targets at sea against the ‘Sidi Bilal Besaad camp’ was carrying weapons and Dechair heading from the city of Tripoli’s CORNER.


‘Ahmed Nouri Sharidi’ of Tajourah:

‘Room Zintan operations’:


The kidnapping of activist ‘Ahmed Nouri Sharidi’ in Tajourah, less than ten days ago, did not announce any quarter or Militia claiming responsibility for his abduction.

and forcibly hide from his family and his family ..

Fingered refers only to militias Haitham Tagouris and Karh and (el-Madhi Haratine) Gianni Akkla Gneoh as having had kidnapped him.

particularly as it was a lot of communication and participation with all direct programs in a number of radio and audio channels ..

Sharidi was born in Tajourah, in 1964, and was known for demanding the army and police in the area to be no-longer controlled by the militias. He had participated in all the anti-militia demonstrations in the capital ..

The Father of three children, his mother died three days after he was kidnapped .. !!!

Maoksy their hearts on them the curses of Allah.


Hope post Thread Perhaps the message help in decoding captured.

was Raouf Hater's militias, now for the new Libyan Army, an armored vehicle

NAWASI Militia, at the ‘door Tajoura’, of the terrorist Abdul Raouf Cart stormed the Teachers Training College in Tripoli.

and witnesses said, that ten armed cars by anti-aircraft entered the ‘College Square’ and the elements of the militia began firing shots into the air, causing panic.

and students who exalted terrorism Asrakhhn what made some parents walk to the ‘College Square’ to protect their daughters,

and the elements of the militia’s argument was that they were ‘chasing wanted people’ within the college,
(“Knight and Men”)

‘Adnan Aly al-Hachany al-Haddad’ (25 yearsof age and a resident of Sirte N°2), has been kidnapped by Melcaat Inventory (el-Mahdi Haratine) Akkla Gianni Gneoh, in Plateau Project.


Voices of shootings in the Abu Salim area.


Flights to Istanbul:

Photos of terrorists who fled from Syria (after Russian strikes upon them) …
are making today trips to Instanbul, Turkey, via  MITIGUA AIRPORT.

The popular market, ‘Qubl Kulail’, had a convection fire:

Vehicles belonging to the ‘armed militia of Misurata’ gathered in Salah-Hud-Din area.

Voices launchers hear Nizqh now in ‘Spring Valley’, and ‘Ain Zara’.

A severe shortage of gasoline in the city of Tripoli and the surrounding areas omitted.

Hit citizen ‘Mohammed al-Mzogy’ severely beaten at the hands of Wahhabi extremeists outside of the Salafi mosque in ‘Boucif children Arada area of Tripoli’, for his use of the rosary inside the mosque.



News of clashes in the region Got al-Shall.

Rats deterrence belonging to a terrorist ‘Hater’ Itahjmon the area
Got al-Shall under the pretext of arresting drug dealers.



‘Room Zintan operations’:

O people of Kikla, Gharyan, and ‘the castle’:

Sheik's castle at KIKLA, Nafusa WESTERN Green Mouuntains
Ask yourself who started the attack on the convoys of Zintan, flying to Tripoli and Gdrtm them in the month of Ramadan…

Ask yourselves from burning houses and stole from al-Rajaban and Zintan in Tripoli….

Ask yourselves from dawn through the Valley of Tamarisk link between Tripoli and Montenegro in order to cut the road from Zintan and al-Rajaban.

Osolo yourselves from the Magistrate refused the right neighborhood and insisted that fighting Bhanb falsehood and advocates Misurata  and Aouhl Kikla military barracks.

Ojibwa to these questions, and you’ll find out why the Libyan Army went to enter the village of Kikla, (of which you want to build within  them in order to invade  Zintan and al-Rajaban your neighbors).

And that the date of record.


Cut off telephone links for Mizdah and its environs.




General Omar Tntosh and the Libyan Army in the Western Region

The arrival of General Omar Tntosh to the long area to oversee the readiness and arming the Libyan Army (Arab armed) forces in the entire western region.


General Omar Tntosh, channel ‘Libya First’:

“The (so-called) ‘harmonic government’ was agreed on by Western countries only; and it does not match the Libyan people at all.”




Fire at AJEELAT General Hospital and Central School in the city center, after the fall of two rockets fell upon them yesterday.




Sowahailli Militia enter the CITY of FIVE

Entry mechanisms belonging to the ‘Saraya Sowahailli militia’ of the new Puppet-RAT GOVERNMENT, go into the City of Five.

Melcaat Sowahailli now controls City of Five Mbina.


Page console from ‘Zero hour’ (on FB), to the town of Bani Walid:

public and private ‘al-Tejekh tribe’: death of Haj ‘al-Hmala Abdul- Rahman al-Tejekh’.

BANI WALID monastic

We are asking Allah that he makes it (as a mole) to the Gardens of Paradise . ….




The release of the 10 crew of the Russian tanker detained in MISURATA, Libya since last month.






‘Daash’ terrorist erect the surface to surface missile group at the entrances

to the city from all sides.


‘Daash’ terrorist organization announces

the opening of their (so-called) ‘Sharia’ court in the city of Sirte.

Continued communication outages, and lack of fuel and to close banks and a severe shortage of medical materials and Foods !

and after control by the organization ‘Daash’, the city of Sirte for more than two months already !


Violent clashes with heavy weapons in Laithi, Sidi Faraj, and Hawari.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ sites axis Sidi Faraj and Boatni.


random shells fired by ‘DAASH’ causing an explosion of two houses in the area of Laithi, during Tfajakhha by ‘DAASH’.


One 'Champions' henchmen Daash, SAM bin Humaid

The offender Sam bin Humaid threatens to constantly bombard ‘HAVE-BUILT airport’ with artillery and rockets even warplanes.

Sam bin Humaid, 3
Random shells fall on the area ‘Have-built’:
a Aanaba for damage and human.

Using 'Have-built airport' of Benghazi, safety 100%


‘Daash’ terrorist organization targeting missiles at  ‘Have-built Airport’, has led to the deaths and injuries of Libyan Army forces (under General Hftar) stationed there. (The Libyan Airforce is stationed out of ‘Have-Built’ airbase.)

'Have-built' Air Base, Benghazi

‘Daash’ terrorist organization slaughtered of two of the ‘Tanks  Battalion 204’, after they were captured in clashes yesterday. They were ‘cosmic Ojaili’ and ‘Mohammed Dhikar Ferjani’.

Colonel al-Mahdi el-Bergthe battalion command 204 tanks (second right) with his soldiers in Palawan


Random shells fall near Quiche Square demonstrators in Benghazi.

Benghazi launches today the real spark civil revolution of Quiche yard plot to bring down ’17 February’. With the masses meadow, Casablanca, Tobruk, al-Azizia, Ajeelat, Beautiful City, Zintan, Bani Walid, and al-Rajaban.

Pay tribute to the Libyan people the great steadfast and patient,
Greeting the righteous martyrs Ketbo blood Epic address…
Tribute to the heroic prisoners who paint their suffering through the salvation of the people.

Frequently national call for all strong needed to escalate the struggle to bring down the conspiracy and the restoration of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ as a sovereign independent state

and responsible in the regional and international surroundings, and the sovereignty of the Libyan-people.”

(Mustafa hyperbolic)
16. 10.2015

Benghazi Green Uprising, 1


“Benghazi refused to Akedzhaa next convoy of surgeons from all across Libya, to disarm the cancer-tumor from her liver, to pay today’s price tumor spread in all the members of her body.”


‘Musician’ asks:

“as Mnatm green banner of the rise in Quiche Square.

Stop the missiles that are falling over the houses of innocent people in Quiche,

O O traitors Shaddad prospects.”





The arrest of the most prominent leading role in organization of ‘Daash’, called ‘Murad seven’, after an armed confrontation lasting for hours, inside a residential neighborhood.

Was executed, the terrorist of ‘DAASH’, named ‘Murad sba’, since few in canned farmyard.

Dead and wounded in the bombing of a boat by mistake by Western Naval Forces West of TUBER.


Pharmacy delivery truck

‘Daash’ terrorist organization confiscated a shipment of medicinal-drugs originally headed for a hospital in Tobruk.





Sandstorm accompanied by strong winds on Opunjam area lasted about 5 minutes what led to the uprooting of a large part of ‘the bishop of the station’ and a large tree fell to the outstation equipment,  cracking coatings penetration, and cut off access lines in and out of Zamzam and Abu Najim Opunjam Hun.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

Medium weapons clashes between armed militias at area of Hun in al-Jufra.




Greeted GREEN pilgrims during the Bhagat ceremony in Lanuages on Sunday

Greeted GREEN pilgrims during the ‘Bhagat ceremony’ in Lanuages on Sunday.



al-KUFRA kharijites surrender

Photos group of mercenaries militants Sudanese and Chadian opposition and the number nine gunmen to surrender to one of the sites after closing in on them by the defenders of the men from the soil of the homeland.

Relief convoy coming from Gallo City was on its way to
‘The City of infidels’ in al-Kufra. The ‘Tazerbo’ entered the town last night after a Chadian armed group prevented them from continuing their passage to al-Kufra.



The new neighborhood schools in Sabha, have attached a study there until further notice ..


in protest against an ‘armed militia’ who stormed the headquarters of the ‘unit of veterinary health center’ in the neighborhood, and took it as their base of operations !

VET CENTER taken over by Terrorist Militia

Robbery ‘Ali Bashir’ Secretary of the population Gardah (SABHA), as he was dismantling his car this morning.





“Tgayat (offered me a bribe of) 400 billion from the Gulf states to change my attitude!, and Akny not Asaom on humanitarian,
and we created for peace !!”



French President Francois Hollande:

“We tried to escalate in the face of Putin’s money. We heard afford hearing.”

 Pirate FrançoisHollande

(The harsh tone of Hollande).


Putin w sub


“If you want to stop the bombardment of organizations that Tzmoha
Moderate, but what you bring down Russian aircraft and then Feltqa war.
Do you ask the Russian state and when you bomb that destroyed the Arab country Libya.”


putin-erdogan-car-sultan Putin vs Erdogen Putin and Erdogen, 1

‘Knight Libyan’, writes :

Bear tame al-Sjawq

Russian Bear Putin sends signals to the Turkish moron (ERDOGEN) that he also mastered the hunt-prey from thousands of kilometers away, to win his battles

also fluent in political maneuvers because it is an ancient school graduate intelligence.

Breakthrough Turkish airspace was serious and strong message, especially as they were on the brigade al-Oskndoren who knows the Russian bear grave historic truth being occupied Syrian territory from Turkey since 1939.

The message penetrate the atmosphere that if Turkey did not stop supporting terrorist groups secretly, and did not close its borders to the terrorists, the Russian bear a good reader of the history of the region, will support the open Brigade occupied Iskenderun file.

And has the ability to be settled in favor of the Syrians in the United Nations, including the presence of have powered the Eastern bloc and the BRICS group

or militarily settled Balsuhui Kleber and the system of the Caspian Sea. Iskenderun and his fate will be like the Crimea, which ended in the defeat of his opponents and exit conducting tails defeat.

Task successfully penetrate Sukhoi par excellence. Istanbul fool to not understand the message, and is terrified. And contented himself with watching the West (Action) amazement. And go to the restoration of Syrian cities in high spirits.

Pigs, provided only crying in the Gulf Drifter …


‘Daash’ announce the second man in the killing, with an audio recording in their hoodlum organization:

and vows to defeat in Russia in Syria.

DAASH exectes Iraqi citizen in Iraq


“Russia” and accuses expose “the United States and Britain” that they provided members of State Regulation terrorists of “Daash”, with innumerable cars. Toyota is demanding “a real investigation, rather than written stories”.


Russia, including some of the positions which we have seen of abandonment or absence of positions, at different stages, for some of the events in the Arab region. Regardless of the justification
But throughout its history it has never become accustomed to lying.
To find the most vulnerable people, or the target close to Russia, in hopes to return to the international arena ,to end the unipolar who tamper with the interests of the people and destabilized it underhanded, by controlling of its ways.

Because the Russians have Aakzbon Ntqgua fact that the West did not say it, but timidly and will not dare to even saying, that the Wahhabi-Arabs and even some Libyans, were accomplices with the Western system and policies.

The content of the Russian message. It is that Libya fell to a Western Evil Greedy plot. Russia has been shot down, for wants to stop the spread chaos. Those who participated in the overthrow of the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’, are either traitors or Amadhok the West. More importantly, it is an indication that Libya was a safety valve (strong in the region with its system and its wise leadership). The region was not only stabile, its stabilized. And that the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ strategy, will not be far away from our (RUSSIA’s) strategy.

The conclusion of the dupes .. Forget flashy logos and zoom deceptive and panting behind the illusion. The whole world knows the truth, as we teach. And what has been said of the Russians, and some Western leaders in some of the leaks and notes, will be taught in history classes in all its details in the curriculum Bcoahidh, and his arguments.

You will be just stupid in these details. Get up from Spatk before Egervk torrent truth; and your use of those who rode on your back and (GfK) before the others …

(‘Knight Libyan’)
“Knight and Men”





Sudan sends heavy weaponry, mercenaries to DAASH in Sirte


finally admits her mercenary ‘REBELS’ ARE FIGHTING ALONG WITH THE TERRORISTS AND ‘DAASH’ IN LIBYA; AND THAT BASHIR is supporting them.

Brotherhood leaders HAMAD and BASHIR (QATAR and SUDAN) at Arab summit

Sudanese President Amr al-Bashir, reveals the presence of Sudanese ‘rebels’ fighting with terrorist groups in Libya and the State of South Sudan.

Ya Salam actually the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ has become a farce thanks Jardan
Anchallah fulfill the Bazkm O traitors…

(‘Militant Arabism’)

picture of the planes sold to ‘Roma Libya’ from Sudan:



The House of Saud laudets Bernardino Léon and the ‘accord’ dumped on LIBYA…
The SAUDIIS and the ‘HOODS’


el-Saud welcome to reaching an agreement to form a ‘national unity government’ in Libya.
(After Khrepettoha O tails Zionists)

Indeed. Léon dialogue failed after the loss of a full year of panting and fantasies
Internationally (clear to dodge all the United Nations and slag envoys and insult
West Libyan ambassadors for each matter)
Arab (full deficit and Otbthb stage.

They are among conspirator incites and supports to increase the crisis, such as Qatar and the UAE and the horns and tools Ataathrk only at the behest of the West.. Egypt has its problems. And Algeria distance itself in order to preserve its security. The university paid and under orders at lightning speed abolished the decision of the Arab force after Western Communications).

Congress (and stupid and hired Msalehyan) but my Lord Marhm
Dignity (unable to achieve anything on the ground. So that triumphed in Benghazi, there are dozens of cities dominated by terrorism and armed gangs and the need for many years and billions of money compared to the Maoanajth of Zmn.oomkanyat in Benghazi)


Alternative for ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab government’, will be a ‘Brotherhood’ disaster. The data for the dignity and promises of new operations and new appointments will not be made little triumph.

Popular and controversial amid constant congestion and worsening crises of electricity so that the bread and salary and fuel.

Also the West succeeded in prolonging the crisis and will continue to be the ‘puppet government is trying to give it legitimacy’ formality; but, it lacks the capabilities and safety mechanisms amidst its mosaic of regional-terrorist militias,

and other other matters of self-interest have penetrated and became known how to manage a game of pressure and blackmail and use.

It is evident that everyone is going on in a vicious circle, and ranges in the same place Bmsknat, and promises turned out to be a pipe dream, starting from transitional to the temporary, and even (so-called) ‘harmonic governments’, are not only fragile, but are racing by everyone, to plunder the funds for their persomal use and knowledge (as a temporary lack of oversight and accountability institutions), with a ‘mock’ judiciary façade of ‘law’.

So Mahal .. The solution is the Libyan people. Swirling around the inside of the Libyan Army and re-real Bkiedath in coordination with one another, a battle kicks off in all regions of Libya.

And make ‘the tribes of the Conference’, leading the transitional phase,  after the end of the formal ‘Council of Tobruk’ (MAJLIS al-Nuwaab).

By the West’s abolition of the green-flag and ‘Allah over all’ anthem, disputed popularly is even then impossible for the homeland to recover around such a referendum.

These bold and courageous steps to cut the road in front of all the conspirators internally and externally, must be applied to put everyone on the right track;

but by everything else, these foreign, alien-relievers largely have prolonged the crisis, and the destruction of more losses, and the loss of time and effort just …

(‘Knight Libyan’)

Ofcourse ‘Roma Libya’ militias supports ‘the self-styled government of hypocrisy’ led by Fayez OS…because they are all ‘HOODS’ !



Algeria declares that its border with Libya will remain open for humanitarian reasons.

There congradulated a front for the issuance of the terrorist ‘DAASH’ organizations, for their “victorious” ‘Daash’ terrorist factions striving hard row in each of the Yemen, Libya and Algeria.



young radicals entering in from Tunisia

250 Tunisian terrorists belonging to the terrorist organization ‘Daash’, have moved to Libya since the start of Russian operations.
This Jerusalem defiled by pigs Zionists, my dogs, I was right to fire on you, Mo right on every single stop with the ‘plight of 17 February’ and still tells about Nfssoa, son of Libya Rak, what differentiated from ‘DAASH’.

O swore allegiance to your home country.


Melcaat group Sabratha kidnappers, and one from Ben Guerdane, yesterday Ashan heck drunk way



Close by the link between the RAS Worthy and the head of Ben Guerdane al-Zacharh ..

Tunisian security arrested “Hasin al-Zuda”, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha, at the ‘Airport Qirtaj-ata’ (CARTHAGE AIRPORT) in the Tunis capital.


The release of the terrorist ‘Hussein Thawadi’, leader of the Libyan Fighting group (loyal to their base) and the dean of the municipality of Sabratha, held in Tunisia, for the release of 57 Tunisian workers in Libya.

PICTURE: Hasin al-Zuda, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha, after visiting Turkey:
Hasin al-Zuda, Dean of the municipality of Sabratha after visiting Turkey

Carthage airport in Tunis

The release of detainees in Tunisia, from Sabratha
who have been detained by Melcaat Sabratha, coming after the arrest of the mayor of Sabratha, by Tunisian police

after evidence of his involvement in the recruitment of terrorists from Tunisia (whom he takes to Sabratha).



The ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’ have destroyed the second warship in the Red Sea at Bab al-Mandab area with a sea-surface missile.

The Yemeni forces keep also shooting down the Saudi American spy drones of different types.


SAUDI SPY-drone downed by Yemeni

In other hand, the Yemeni forces are keeping advance inside the land
Saudi in Jizan, Najran and Asir .. inside its cities and villages,

Yemeni successful in stopping SAUDI advancing forces

Yemeni successful in stopping SAUDI advancing forces, 2

destroying the Saudi vehicles (American made) of different types.


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a ajouté 5 nouvelles photos.


Today in my home province (Dhamar) against the Sauid American aggression.

The people are still in the full readiness everywhere in Yemen.

Don’t worry .. Don’t let the American Media makes your view about Yemen or any other country !

Look carefully and deeply, and you will see everything going to the best result, by the grace of Allah .. who always supports oppressed people who defend themselves (The right Jihad).


REVOLUTIONARY COMMITTEE Leader, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi:



Keep going. Be brave and Strong. Lose people through martyrdom but Never lose grip of winners. Attach strongly with Allah set.
_ Young sons region withstand the withdrawal of the Directorate of Eyal Srih Omran province  declare Astefaffhm with the Sons of Yemen support The tribe and Adhenwn morning millions to sign the Campaign Document tribal honor

(News of the Yemeni revolution – youth withstand “Change Square” of Yemen:

Youth withstand | District Directorate pull Eyal Srih Amran governorate sons declare Astefaffhm with ‘the Sons of Yemen’ in support of the tribe and Adhenwn morning millions to sign a document of honor tribal campaign ..)

Breaking & very Important:-
A new speech for the leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed AbdulMalek al-Houthi tonight at 7:30 pm, 4;30 GMT.
Be tuned for the important speech, dear brothers and sisters.
It is the 52nd anniversary of 14 October 1963 Revolution which defeated out the Britain invaders from Yemen.


Yemeni Armed Forces announce the firing of a Scud missile targeting Khamis Moshait Airbase in southern Saudi Arabia. A scud missile launched from Yemen to “King Khalid” air base at ‘Khamis Meshait’ in Asir, where Israel moved its missile to there.

A video for launching a scud missile early in the morning,
from Yemen to “King Khalid” Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir.

Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase.

The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli “boeing 747” transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait.

The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.
A video for launching a #scud missile early in the morning, from Yemen to “King Khalid” Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir. Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase. The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli “boeing 747” transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait. The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.
A scud missile from Yemen to Kham

A video for launching a #scud missile early in the morning, from Yemen to "King Khalid" Saudi airbase at Khamis Meshait in Asir. Yemeni army confirmed that Israel has moved so many missiles and bombs and different arms to this airbase. The video of the Yemeni reconnaissance forces shows an Israeli "boeing 747" transporting the missiles and arms to the airbase of Khamis Meshait. The Israeli Maariv newspaper has confirmed that Israel has moved arms to Saudi supporting in the military operations against Yemen.

A scud missile from Yemen to Kham

Green struggle mail
Yemeni Army hits SAUDI BASE

Yemeni army announced the launch of ballistic missile hits a Saudi military base in the heart of the Kingdom




Yemeni forces shot down an F16 war plane at Ghamer in Sa’ada province with a guided missile.


Western Masonic-Brotherhood corruption Falling-down

Mu our African King

Return of the ‘King’ of Africa’:

Return of the 'King' of Africa'

‘Zero hour’, on FB writes:

Light light of its principle … the Lord Atta … Aljain an estimated Adnah ..

Mu’ammar who is equality means .. .. Arif Nmotoa victims in Sabah ..
Be brave ..

We recommend it Sabo everywhere Old grandfather has a history
Menen faces Italians Zaman
Hlath series Mtqouk and the sword and Boumhth Melian
Lego above the horse powders .. answer all empty Melian ..
… Encouraged ‘blood howitzer’ .. popular kindergarten in Gharyan ..

How light Baht and mother .. and insulted him Nmotoa in the field ..
Cheek Sok O ..

Boumnyar who betrayed what he has Safety ..

Dr. dedicated Jabolh
They received blood from the Italians ..
Annsens what happened Shi ..

Revolution Qamoha brave ..
Mu’ammar Knight of its principle Biban key in his hand … his conscience sincere when God
Net and how sheep’s milk ..
How Mu’ammar Crescent Day and Dah Dhawi p Islam ..
O in the old Zayed bin Zaid with him Barika negligence .. Cheek Suk Oh Boumnyar

It shows me what balmy day ** horse who Tg Anar
Who and what is floating in today ** and immerses in the blood sparkling
And who is today an important Ehime ** Maahn Majdoub and Bindar
Who and what purports to Ramah today ** protector Rwam Alinvar
And Li Mu continental read today ** written history Asitar
… And what Elly cheer Hao today ** says the Conqueror is the slogan
Li Hao and what feels today ** afraid row with logo
And who sings what Hao today ** note, horses and tendons
And Hao Li Mu Arif today ** right Liban Chahar day
And who is reviled today Hao ** cursing Graeme colonialism
What and who sleeps Nam today ** Honey and Yahya Liberals
What and who lived lives today ** splendor and ecstasy of victory
What and who fasted today Aasom ** alternate from good to Brar
And Li Mu passenger horses ** today with Khute takes a journey
Mao and Li Hao today Radi ** Nradwh Baali Destinies
And Mao narrator who tells today ** Awafi of the river weir
Li Mao and Heckle der today ** Adoukh with Eit or Dialogue
Mao and Li Hao today Saker ** Imitkh not bowl does not bar
The young man who is graying ** today that was rowing against the tide
And who missed miss today ** For companionship of a subsequent shame
Who and what welding today hovers ** Great meted Noire

And who says what he said today ** live Mu’ammar Bo Minyar
What and who prayed pray today
And speak out and walk on the granite ** Prophet tells what Kawthar
And who says what he said today
Allah is great Allah is great .. ** light Zafer Muzaffar.

Mu clean-up

ساعة الصفر

ﺍﻟﻔﺎﺗﺢ ﻓﺎﺗﺢ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺒﺪﺍﻩ … ﺍﻟﺮﺏ ﻋﻄﺎﻩ … ﺍﻟﺨﺎﻳﻦ ﻣﺎ ﻳﻘﺪﺭ ﻳﺪﻧﺎﻩ..

ﻣﻌﻤﺮ ﻫﻮ ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﺳﺎﻭﺍﻩ .. ﻋﺎﺭﻑ ﻣﻌﻨﺎﻩ .. ﺿﺤﺎﻳﺎ ﻧﻤﻮﺗﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺒﺎﻩ ..

ﻧﻮﺻﻴﻜﻢ ﻛﻮﻧﻮﺍ ﺷﺠﻌﺎﻥ .. ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﺻﺒﻮ ﻓﻲ ﻛﻞ ﻣﻜﺎﻥ ﻗﺪﻳﻢ ﺟﺪﻩ ﻋﻨﺪﻩ ﺗﺎﺭﻳﺦ

ﻣﻨﻴﻦ ﺟﻮﻩ ﺍﻟﻄﻠﻴﺎﻥ ﺯﻣﺎﻥ

ﺣﻼﻃﺔ ﻣﺴﻠﺴﻞ ﻣﻄﻘﻮﻕ ﻭﺳﻴﻒ ﻭﺑﻮﻣﺸﻄﺔ ﻣﻠﻴﺎﻥ
ﻳﺠﻮ ﻓﻮﻕ ﺍﻟﺨﻴﻞ ﻣﺴﺎﺣﻴﻖ .. ﻳﺮﺩﻭﺍ ﻛﻞ ﻓﺎﺭﻍ ﻣﻠﻴﺎﻥ..
… ﺷﺠﻌﻨﺎ ﻗﺬﺍﻑ ﺍﻟﺪﻡ .. ﺷﻬﻴﺮ ﺍﻟﺮﻭﺿﺔ ﻓﻲ ﻏﺮﻳﺎﻥ..
ﺍﻟﻔﺎﺗﺢ ﻛﻴﻒ ﺍﻟﺒﺎﺕ ﻭﺍﻻﻡ .. ﻭﻣﺎ ﻳﻬﺎﻥ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻧﻤﻮﺗﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻥ ..
ﺧﺬﻭ ﺳﻮﻙ ﻳﺎ ﺑﻮﻣﻨﻴﺎﺭ .. ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﺧﺎﻧﻚ ﻣﺎ ﻋﻨﺪﻩ ﺍﻣﺎﻥ .. ﺟﻴﺒﻮﻟﻪ ﺩﻛﺘﻮﺭ ﻣﺨﺼﺺ
ﺗﻠﻘﻮﺍ ﺩﻣﻪ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻄﻠﻴﺎﻥ ..
ﻳﻨﺴﻨﺲ ﻣﺎ ﺣﺼﻞ ﺷﻲ .. ﺍﻟﺜﻮﺭﺓ ﻗﺎﻣﻮﻫﺎ ﺍﻟﺸﺠﻌﺎﻥ ..
ﻣﻌﻤﺮ ﻓﺎﺭﺱ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺒﺪﺍﻩ ﻭﻓﻲ ﻳﺪﻩ ﻣﻔﺘﺎﺡ ﺍﻟﺒﻴﺒﺎﻥ … ﺿﻤﻴﺮﻩ ﺧﺎﻟﺺ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ
ﻭﺻﺎﻓﻲ ﻛﻴﻒ ﺣﻠﻴﺐ ﺍﻟﻀﺎﻥ ..
ﻣﻌﻤﺮ ﻛﻴﻒ ﻫﻼﻝ ﺍﻟﻌﻴﺪ ﻭﺿﻴﻪ ﺿﺎﻭﻱ ﻉ ﺍﻻﺳﻼﻡ ..
ﻳﺎ ﺯﺍﻳﺪ ﻓﻲ ﻋﻤﺮﻩ ﺯﻳﺪ ﻣﻌﺎﻩ ﺑﺮﻳﻜﺔ ﺑﻦ ﻫﻤﺎﻝ .. ﺧﺬﻭ ﺳﻮﻙ ﻳﺎ ﺑﻮﻣﻨﻴﺎﺭ

ﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﺷﺎﻑ ﻳﺸﻮﻑ ﺍﻟﻴــــــﻮﻡ ** ﺍﻟﺨﻴﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﺗﻠـــﻬﺪ ﻋﺎﻟﻨــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻋﺎﻡ ﻳﻌﻮﻡ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻭﻳﻐﻄﺲ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺪﻡ ﺍﻟﻔـــــﻮﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻫﺎﻡ ﺍﻳﻬﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻣﻌﺎﻫﻦ ﻣﺠﺪﻭﺏ ﻭﺑﻨـــــــﺪﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﺭﺍﻣﺔ ﻳﺮﻭﻡ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــﻮﻡ ** ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻣـــــــﻲ ﺭﻭﺍﻡ ﺍﻟﻨﻔـــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﻮ ﻗﺎﺭﻱ ﻳﻘﺮﺍ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــﻮﻡ ** ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺭﻳﺦ ﺍﻟﻤﻜﺘﻮﺏ ﺃﺳﻄــــﺎﺭ
… ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻳﻬﺘﻒ ﻫﺎﻭ ﺍﻟﻴــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻳﻘﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻔﺎﺗﺢ ﻫﻮ ﺍﻟﺸﻌـــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻳﺸﻌﺮ ﻫﺎﻭ ﺍﻟﻴــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻳﺨﺶ ﻣﻊ ﺻﻒ ﺍﻟﺸﻌــــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻳﻐﻨﻲ ﻫﺎﻭ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﺍﻟﻨﻮﺗﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﺨﻴﻞ ﻭﺍﻷﻭﺗـــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﻮ ﻋﺎﺭﻑ ﻫﺎﻭ ﺍﻟﻴـــــﻮﻡ ** ﺍﻟﺤﻖ ﻳﺒــﺎﻥ ﺟﻬﺎﺭ ﻧﻬــــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻳﻠﻌﻦ ﻫﺎﻭ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻳﺴﺐ ﺟﺮﺍﻳﻢ ﺍﻻﺳﺘﻌﻤـــــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻧـــﺎﻡ ﻳﻨﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻫﻨــــﻲ ﻭﻳﺤـــﻲ ﺍﻷﺣــــﺮﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻋﺎﺵ ﻳﻌﻴﺶ ﺍﻟﻴـــــﻮﻡ ** ﺍﻟﻌــــﺰ ﻭﻧﺸﻮﺓ ﺍﻻﻧﺘﺼـــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﺻﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﺍﻳﺼـــــﻮﻡ ** ﻭﻳﻔﻄﺮ ﻣــــﻦ ﻃﻴﺐ ﻟﺒـــﺮﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﻮ ﺭﺍﻛﺐ ﺧﻴﻞ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻣﻊ ﺧﻮﺗﻪ ﻳـــــــﺄﺧﺬ ﻣﺸﻮﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎﻭ ﺭﺍﺿﻲ ﻫﺎﻭ ﺍﻟﻴـــــﻮﻡ ** ﻧﺮﺿﻮﻩ ﺑﻌﺎﻟﻲ ﺍﻷﻗــــــــﺪﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎﻭ ﺭﺍﻭﻱ ﻳﺮﻭﻯ ﺍﻟﻴـــﻮﻡ ** ﻋﻮﺍﻓﻲ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻨﻬﺮ ﺍﻟﻬـــﺪﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎﻭ ﺿﺎﻳﻖ ﺩﺭ ﺍﻟﻴـــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻳﻀﻮﻗﺔ ﻣﻊ ﻋﻴﺖ ﺃﻡ ﺣــﻮﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎﻭ ﺳﺎﻛﺮ ﻫﺎﻭ ﺍﻟﻴــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻳﻤﻴﺘﺦ ﻻ ﻃﺎﺳﺔ ﻻ ﺑــــــــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﺷﺎﺏ ﻳﺸﻴﺐ ﺍﻟﻴــــــﻮﻡ ** ﺃﻥ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺟﺬﻑ ﺿﺪ ﺍﻟﺘﻴـــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻏﺎﺏ ﻳﻐﻴﺐ ﺍﻟﻴــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻋﻠﻲ ﺭﻓﻘﺔ ﻣﻦ ﻟﺤﻘﺔ ﻋــﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﺣــــﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻳﺤـــــﻮﻡ ** ﺍﻟﻌﻈﻤــــﻰ ﻳﻠﻘــﺎﻫﺎ ﻧــــﻮﺍﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻗﺎﻝ ﻳﻘﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻴــــــــــﻮﻡ ** ﻳﻌﻴﺶ ﻣﻌﻤـــــﺮ ﺑــﻮ ﻣﻨﻴﺎﺭ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﺻﻠﻰ ﻳﺼﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ
ﻭﺟﻬﺮ ﻭﺳﺮ ﻋﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﻐـــــــــــــﺮ ** ﻧﺒﻴﻨﺎ ﻭﻳﺮﻭﻱ ﻣﺎ ﺍﻟﻜـــــﻮﺛﺮ
ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎ ﻗﺎﻝ ﻳﻘﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ
ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻛﺒــــــﺮ .. ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻛﺒــــــــــﺮ ** ﺍﻟﻔﺎﺗـــﺢ ﻇــــﺎﻓﺮ ﻣﻈﻔـــــﺮ

Mu lives, his latest picture live

Nacy Walker, writes:

“Kodah, My Heart Shines with this; his picture (ABOVE) and Knowing The Jamahiriya Resistance for Our Own Liberation!”

Mu's visage shines of the Moon

The night of 27-28 September , will also be called a ‘Blood Moon‘ and which will also undergo a total lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse giant ..azahrh rare night
The world is witnessing a full lunar eclipse tonight, or so-called phenomenon of “Moon Giant”, where the moon seems larger and brighter than usual, and clearly seen in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Rare Super ‘Blood Moon‘ Lunar Eclipse Coming, Last Until 2033.

The lunar eclipse is not good news. It is a sign of the Lord’s Anger. Allah (awj) warns His servants, “Oh My servants, beware. Oh My servants, beware. Beware. Your situations, your actions, your manners, and your way of living are not in accordance with My Shariat which I sent from Heavens to you as a warning to wake you up.” This moon eclipse happened to wake you up. Therefore, ask forgiveness from Allah! This is an order from Allah. So ask forgiveness from Allah. Astaghfirullah! Astaghfirullah! “Oh My servants, ask forgiveness from Me (astaghfiruni).”

Super Blood Moon eclipse tonight!

SUPER MOON 'bloody' eclipse on 27 SEPT 2015


Animation of the September 28, 2015, total lunar eclipse, whereby the moon passes through the southern half of the Earth's shadow from west to east. The horizontal yellow line depicts the ecliptic - Earth's orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky. The inner bull's-eye shadow depicts the umbra (dark shadow) and the shadow encircling the umbra represents the penumbra (faint shadow).

Animation of the September 28, 2015, total lunar eclipse. Moon passes through southern half of the Earth’s shadow from west to east. Horizontal yellow line depicts the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky. The inner bull’s-eye shadow depicts the umbra (dark shadow). The penumbra (faint shadow) encircles the umbra.

Courtesy ‘U.S. Naval Observatory’

 view of the 'Blood Moon'

There is a total eclipse of the moon on the night of 27-28 September  2015. It happens to be the closest supermoon of 2015. It’s the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon, or full moon nearest the September equinox. It’s the Southern Hemisphere’s first full moon of spring. This September full moon is also called a Blood Moon, because it presents the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart. Phew!

The total lunar eclipse is visible from the most of North America and all of South America after sunsetSeptember 27. From eastern South America and Greenland, the greatest eclipse happens around midnight September 27-28. In Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the total eclipse takes place in the wee hours of the morning, after midnight and before sunrise September 28. A partial lunar eclipse can be seen after sunset September 27 from western Alaska, or before sunrise September 28 in far-western Asia. Photo top of post shows a partial phase of the April 14-15, 2014 total lunar eclipse byFred Espenak. Follow the links below to learn more about the 2015 Harvest Moon and the September 27-28 total lunar eclipse.

When is the September 2015 moon exactly full?

Who will see the September 27-28 total lunar eclipse?

View larger. Image, courtesy of Fred Espenak at EclipseWise.com. P1 = beginning of penumbral eclipse, U1 = beginning of partial umbral eclipse, U2 = beginning of total eclipse, U3 = end of total eclipse, U4 = end of partial umbral eclipse, U4 = end of penumbral eclipse.


The Evil Order of the ‘HOODS’ / ‘BROTHERHOOD’:

‘Brotherhood’ of yapping channel

‘LIBYAN KNIGHT’, comments:

“Denying the right of a fighter, but these mercenaries (traitor)
Of dirty deny their presence and their roles only (client)
From allied with them and bring them to his country, but (Prodigal)

Rduha we can, we have to spare …”



‘Zero hour’ on FB, tells us:

Eleven Samurai

“Allah I asked, not ordered:

Pray for me now, I swear to raise the sky, from the earth, we are nearing the end of Jardan.”


Minataur is slain


‘Next Antdharo’ (says “ZERO HOUR” on FB).



(This is exactly how the Brotherhood has planned it.)

Prices fund budget. Flour stores become empty.

wheat flour for breads


Moved to the mercy of Allah,  Salmh Mamed al-Surroi.


Ras Jedir, 3

Hacad Libyan Army near Fnaitees southwest of Tripoli Base.
The goal apparently crossing the head of Igdir.
Soon Ras Igdir will be ours.






The release of 'Colonel carp Zhmul'

Colonel Mbrok 'carp' Zhmul, imprisoned for 4 years and then immediately kidnapped

The release of ‘Colonel Mbrok carp Zhmul’ was immediately kidnapped by a militia, where he spent four years in prison plateau, headed by the terrorist Khalid al-Sharif.

The kidnapping of Colonel Mbrok Zhmul near the railway bridge after his release by the militias Roma Libya, a repressor for a period of four years jail at the Plateau.

Now. . ’32 Brigade camp Balkhalh’ out a large number of mechanisms
On the highway.

Installation system for spying on citizens’ calls in the area of booty
Balkhms under the supervision of Palestinian people and two people from Misurata,,,
Arjowoa discernible caution and steep.

Brigades outskirts of Tripoli
Janzour ,Tajourah, Qasr bin Ghashir ,,,
Mobilize and heading for the capital of heavy and medium weapons.

‘Zero hour’, gives warning caution to us:
Jardan high-alert in the capital until the South-East
… I hope inspection gates and caution and steep Aahrar and not to transfer stretchers
With you.

Alert in the ranks of RAT Jardan in the capital Tripoli:


Brotherhood’s ‘Room Armor-Shield operations’ in Tripoli have made an Urgent move: declaring ‘a state of emergency for all Ktaib rebels’.

‘Zero hour’:
Hedda hair from the heat Cub green
Your revenge Aaazmy Erdoh Poh Boy and protection money,

uncle and grandfather and Joala Ihamoh
And Mainsuh needed in day Erdoh.

Cub green

Your men, O Light Ngarh Tris Arduha my juice in a raid, Gart’s
Liberal leader Lee Boumnyar Giap: Revenge of the colonizer and treacherous and Ladek.
Aablada Ayaloha Raya in my green Aikloha and flapping Nboha. We commend
Ainade free to Allah is the greatest to heat Greetings.

هدا الشعر من الحر اﻟﺸﺒﻞ ﺍﻻﺧﻀﺮ
ﺛﺎﺭﻙ ﻳﺎﻋﻈﻤﻰ ﺍﻳﺮﺩﻭﻩ ﺍﻟﻮﻟﺪ ﻭﺑﻮﻩ ﻭﻋﻤﻪ ﻭﺧﻮﻩ ﻭﺟﺪﻩ ﻭﺧﻮﺍﻻ ﻳﺤﻤﻮﻩ
ﻭﻣﺎﻳﻨﺴﻮﻩ ﻻﺯﻡ ﻓﻲ ﻳﻮﻡ ﺍﻳﺮﺩﻭﻩ

ﺍﻟﺸﺒﻞ ﺍﻻﺧﻀﺮ
ﺭﺟﺎﻟﻚ ﻳﺎ ﻓﺎﺗﺢ ﻧﻐﺎﺭﻩ ﺗﺮﻳﺲ ﻋﺼﺎﺭﻩ ﻳﺮﺩﻭﻫﺎ ﺑﻼﺩﻱ ﻓﻲ ﻏﺎﺭﻩ، ﻏﺎﺭﺕ ﻝ
ﺍﻻﺣﺮﺍﺭ ﻟﻲ ﻗﺎﺋﺪﻫﻢ ﺑﻮﻣﻨﻴﺎﺭ ﺟﻴﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﺜﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻌﻤﺮ ﻭﺍﻟﻐﺪﺍﺭ ﻭﻻﺩﻙ
ﻳﺎﺑﻼﺩﻱ ﺍﻳﻌﻠﻮﻫﺎ ﺍﻟﺮﺍﻳﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺑﻼﺩﻱ ﺍﻳﺨﻠﻮﻫﺎ ﺧﻀﺮﺍﺀ ﻭﺗﺮﻓﺮﻑ ﻧﺒﻮﻫﺎ ﻭﻧﺸﻴﺪ
ﺍﻳﻨﺎﺩﻱ ﺑﺎﻟﺤﺮﻳﻪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻛﺒﺮ ﻟﻠﺤﺮ ﺗﺤﻴﻪ


Violent clashes between militias now Buabadh and militias tribe children Saqr.


al-Bive shut down by Baatjah of Tajourah; and archery is dense in its place.

al-Bive shut HaithamTagouris through and hear the voice of lead strong and thick.

militia led Inventory Haitham Tagouris altajor breaks chemical ostrich camp area of Tajourah


Thwart the smuggling process of prisoners al-Ruyemi prison in Tripoli.


Gates militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ and al-Kremiah RATS in  Sawani.


Contact Pia just one of the five are free Wenta Gardan Jardan Jeeben Misurata in gate 17 Chrikm Jaivin.

‘Zero hour’ on FB, tells us:

“You have to launch in five Iajmap.

Now approximately 30 armed vehicles belonging to Melcaat Misurata in the river gate five, please discernible caution and steep.”

Please all of the five Liberal caution gate where just Misurati.


Clashes in the far corner between rival militias.

Drug gang leader, “Ibrahim Alhanih” people out of their homes by the beauty of street, Omar al-Mukhtar Street, began to attack the family al-Khaddroa-drug war.

One of Jardan headed, Cardman Abu Obeida, who stole a car today from Hellbe Decharh, and currently Hajman it.

Reason for the clashes in the corner is the children of militia zero “al-Chbanqat” stole a car Poh from the armored militia Abu Obeida angular of the Brotherhood, which controls the city engorged “corner”, and thus the total situation inside the city.

(Jardan Libya Room)

Very strong clashes and use of weapons and medium al-Largmat
And defender using as ‘human-shields’106 children between the militias and militias Aelchenbqat Saqr Abu Obeida angular.



Arrested Inventory ‘Jeri Asman’, one of the leading militia called abstract ‘Abuabadh al-Zawa’ in an area 27.



Control and Rishvana support troops of the Army of the tribes on the headquarters of the Academy of Maritime Studies and the headquarters of the Marine camp in what is known as secondary or “Sidi Bilal”, which is located west of the capital Tripoli, 17 kilometers Pei Bridge in the 17th.

Picture of Our Troops at SIDI BILAL:

Our Troops at SIDI BILAL


(el-MAHDI HARATINE) ‘Akkla Gianni Gneoh criminal militia’ raided a house in the neighborhood of ‘Omdurman Abu Salim’, terrorizing ‘the center for children and women’ in the house and the street as a result of heavy weapons firing shots in the air.

The Green Book and Green Flags are loaded again for free distribution in LIBYA (lest the people forget!)

They falsely claim that the home is plumb full of green flags and pictures of our leader.

Paraphenalia awaiting Mu'ammar's Victory

The Jardan one of the terrorist militias of (el-MAHDI HARATINE)  Akkla Gianni Gneoh, first archery on the two young men in the Abu Salim area, in front of replacing Gdaiah, and Ordahm two dead.

The kidnapping of the Deputy Minister of Electricity from the front gate of the University of Tripoli playgrounds.



Brigade QaaQa of ZINTAN

‘Zero hour’, on FB, informs us, that

Brotherhood’s ‘Room Armor-Shield operations’ in Tripoli are

Monitoring our Brigades;

as ‘a mighty huge heroic Orthal’ comes down from Zintan and is now moving with al-Azizia !


Allah ‘Aajerdan Jaenkm’.






The displacement of 170 families from Sirte to Bani Walid, after deportment by the controls of the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ Al-Yalmedinh.


Dardanelles Channel Logo

Citing the ‘Dardanelles’ channel:

Dear viewers, note the care that will change the channel frequency of the ‘Dardanelles’ channel:

The space on the new frequency 10 872 – vertical –27,500 – 3/4 satellite Nilesat as of 01 October 2015.

Dardanelles satellite channel broadcast on a new frequency satellite Nilesat
.. 10872 / v




Heavy rain in area of al-Chuirv, is a cause the interruption

of communications in Southern Region.



Prison al-Madjer:

Kidnapping captive need Noria Seabah today from inside the prison al-Madjer and no information is yet available.





An armed group infringe on the Turkish consulate in Misurata,

which led to its shut down.

Photos of the target Turkish consulate in Misurata taken by surveillance cameras consulate:

Transfer ‘Sid Qmav Dam’ by special plane from ‘Abraq airport’ to ‘airport Misurata’, after his release and acquittal, which is attributed to him by al-Melcaat.

The release of captured Younis Aboustaah.


Praise be to Allah for his safety; an obstacle for the rest of family, O Lord !
(“Knight and Men”)



SIRTE flooding

Geetha Rains !

The arrest of an Egyptian worker Bohadda Almkhbaz, in  area ‘Aan Marh’, after arriving just one week (from the State of Egypt). He worked for a range of 3 days in the ‘Mkhbaz Martuba’ area; and when he arrived for the required eye passing-exam, he was arrested, as good intelligence reports proved that he is a dangerous man in the organization of the State, ‘Daash’.


The conditions of the city of Sirte and control by the ‘Daash’ terrorist organization:
The homes and the closure of all institutions !

SIRTE DESTRUCTION of Instututions, 3 SIRTE DESTRUCTION of Instututions, 2 SIRTE DESTRUCTION of Instututions, 1

Break into some houses, and inspected by elements of ‘Daash’,
Qubeibeh terrorists, in the ‘area 20 km west of the city of Sirte’ and the elements of the organization arrest some citizens and took them to their security headquarters.

(Previously internal popular neighborhood).

Rusaifa News:
News and reports from the city of Sirte are stating concerning the kidnapping by the  ‘Daash’ organization, of girls; and then forcibly marrying them off to members of the ‘DAASH’ organization in the city.


Jawavi battalion, one of the armed people Brigades Baktham battalion camp of Ali Hassan al-Jaber (Qatar) in Casablanca.
And fully controlled, and The client continued to Qatar Mohammed Bogfer camp.



British Special Forces working as DAASH, 1

British newspaper ‘al-Times’ confirms the killing of two people who were ‘British nationals’ fighting alongside the
‘Daash’ terrorist organization, in the city of Benghazi,

by LIBYAN ARMY forces under General Hftar.

Organization ‘Daash’ are using horses inside Rulrhh and al-Hawari streets.
'DAASH' on horseback in Benghazi, 1 'DAASH' on horseback in Benghazi, 3 'DAASH' on horseback in Benghazi, 2




‘Zero hour’, on FB informs us:

That’s what precautions him leader Muammar al-Qathafi, O people of Libya ,,

2 Tunisian 'DAASH' threaten DERNA

An audio recording of two Tunisians, who are following ‘Daash’. They threaten the people of Derna with Adakkmat slaughter; and, the captive women and the people of Derna are describing these infidels and apostates.

Libyan Airforce  Warplanes targeted a bulldozer off the coast of the city of Derna.



Majlis al-Nuwaab

‘Room Zintan operations’

al-Oalam smam al-Oman tjma tabrq
(((Media pause in order to save the Libyan state)))
for every :-
Media professionals.
Political activists.
Followers of the Libyan affair.
Libyan channels all local agencies without exception ..:

We will be all of us in ‘Dar es Salaam (Tobruk)’ the headquarters of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ in TOBRUK, to attend the emergency meeting of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, which will be held next Monday, 05 / October;

and to be in the heart of the event, we will be all of us Btabrq and your our account in order to show the truth to the citizens who elected the ‘Council of deputies’ for the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’.

We also call upon all journalists and media professionals and activists, in the city of Tobruk, in order to work and get ready to welcome colleagues, and arranged with each other for Transportaton.


(((وقفة إعلامية من اجل إنقاذ الدولة الليبية)))

لكل :-

نشطاء سياسيون .
متابعين للشأن الليبي .
كل القنوات الليبية والوكالات المحلية وبدون استثناء..

سنكون جميعنا بمدينة دار السلام ( طبرق ) مقر مجلس النواب من اجل حضور الجلسة الطارئة لمجلس النواب و التي ستعقد يوم الاثنين القادم 5/ أكتوبر و ان نكون في قلب الحدث، سنكون جميعنا بطبرق و على حسابنا الخاص من اجل اظهار الحقيقة امام المواطن الذي انتخب مجلس النواب.

كما ندعوا كل الصحفيين والإعلاميين والنشطاء في مدينة طبرق من اجل العمل والاستعداد لاستقبال الزملاء وترتيب ذلك مع بعضهم البعض .







fiber optic cable line for internet

Communications networks interruption due to rain Seoul resulting damage to Cable lines.


The return of telecommunication services and the Internet in Sabha.

Sabha, Manshayya victory 28 SEPT. 2014

Mohammed the serious, writes:
Day 09/28/2014 …
It responded to the ears that day in Hedda rifle faced fly Vsedkoa knead ……
Yes it defeated the fly in front of the ferocity of the gun in an epic difficult on the mind of ratification …. and rare occurrence fought the angels of heaven with the Knights of the earth for three consecutive days … where the victorious right over wrong and the power of falsehood crashed in front of the power of the right strength and courage of the youth of their power, and they are right fight fight honor and pride and dignity ……

Knead Manshayya happened in the area in the city of Sabha in Dar Muammar neighborhood ….. Because we honor to participate in this topic battle supervising Fethiye for those young heroes of religion to the Covenant and the department and still fighting from street to street in order to fulfill its duty and Belahd until victory …. .

يوم 2014 /9 /28 …
أذ ورد الي مسامعكم أن في هدا اليوم بندقية واجهت ذبابة فصدقوا دلك ……
نعم أنهزمت الذبابة أمام شراسة البندقية في ملحمة يصعب علي عقل تصديقها ….ونادر حدوثها قاتلت ملائكة السماء مع فرسان الأرض لمدة ثلاثة أيام متواصلة …أنتصر فيها الحق علي الباطل وتحطمت قوة الباطل أمام قوة الحق بقوة وشجاعة شباب قوتهم أنهم علي حق وان قتالهم قتال شرف وعزه وكرامة ……
حدث دلك في منطقة المنشية في مدينة سبها في حي دار معمر …..ولننا الشرف المشاركة في هده المعركة المشرفة فتحية لأولئك الشباب الأبطال الدين علي العهد والقسم ومازالوا يقاتلون من شارع الي شارع من أجل القيام بالواجب والوفاء بلعهد حتي النصر …..

The killing of Salah al-Wafi player Renaissance Club football

after shooting dead near Gardah Health Complex.



Mnfd the A(O)msaad – Peace Gate, EGYPT at Tobruk, Libya


Egypt prevent the entry of al-Epien by road from A(O)msaad-Maaada ‘Peace gate’ born in Tobruk and Amsaa and Ben Ashhab.


” Then the messenger of Allah said: (( Of whomsoever I had been their Mawla (Leader and Guider) )),
Aren’t we all the believers, believe that the messenger of Allah (Muhammad, PBUH) is our leader and guider?!
All Muslims – Not only Shia – all Muslims believe certainly that Muhammad, PBUH is their leader and guider.
So, (( Of whomsoever I had been their leader and guide )), means:-
Any Muslim, any Nation, any person, any political party, any sect and any one who believes that I’m his leader and guide,
(( Then, this is Ali also his leader and guide, as well as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi )).

Imam ALI follow

And how great is the word: ((This)) !!
This important reference noun ((This)) is what the Zionists are looking to own it, after we have lost it.
After our Nation lost the understand of who has the right to tell us (( This is your leader, or this one .. )),
The Jewish came to tell us who should be our leader !!

Isn’t it right? Aren’t we all waiting for the one who America will say : (( This is the leader of Iraq )) ?? (At that time).
Didn’t they say it before : [This is the leader of Afghanistan] ? and they will say it next : [This is the leader of Yemen], [This is the leader of Hijaz], [This is the leader of Egypt], [This is the leader of Syria, This is the leader of Libya], and so on .. “

A quote from a lecture for Sayyed Hussien Badr al-Din al-Houthi
18 Dhu Al-Hijja 1423

Sayyed Hussien Al-Houthi

A photo for Sayyed Hussien al-Houthi.
This is the simple person who made a great renaissance in Yemen and the region, with his Qur’anic lectures and movement.

“Ali become a good and my Lord Afaragha”

(“Knight and Men”)

The Day of al-Walayah ( al-Ghadeer).
The Day when the prophet Muhammad told us to follow Imam Ali as we follow him.

” It is ironically that this anniversary (the day of Ghadeer) comes while the Arabian and Islamic Nation are going into a new kind of Guardianship!
A Jewish Guardianship, a Zionist Guardianship !
This should let our Nation find out what a loss, when we refused Imam Ali who is the best and most complete leader after the prophet Muhammad.
Because of refusing him, The Nation today is standing powerless and helpless, waiting for [Sharon] instead of Ali, and [Bush] instead of Muhammad (PBUH) to announce the Guardianship of the Islamic Nation ! “

A quote of a lecture for Sayyed Hussien Badr al-Din al-Huthi,

at the Day of Al-Walayah (Al-Ghadeer),
18/Dhu al-Hijjah/1423
Yemen – Sa’ada – Marran.




Missing Libyan Pilgrims to the HAJJ:
High maternal Libyan pilgrims by the incident defend Mina, to 6 after identifying the bodies of two missing, while 14 are still missing pilgrims !

Was found Haj Abdarahman Melad al-Dgra of Tripoli in hospital at Jeddah, one of the nine missing, in order to keep the number of missing: eight Libyans had been identified.  Haj Abdarahman Melad al-Dgra of Tripoli identified by his wife Flower Muhammad Ali al-Dojala.



free ISLAM from the Wahhabi statue


free Islam of the Wahhabi logo

Ayatollah Khamenei:

“Emergence of a nation that is independent and against bullying powers is intolerable to hegemonic establishment.”


 Stop war in Yemen

This is Yemen. The desperate, humiliating clamour for water. No oil, no electricity, no gas, little food and certainly no money to buy it with as most are now suffering unemployment. This is a country being bled dry…in silence. Today the EU withdrew its request for a neutral committee to investigate the war crimes in Yemen. Even Ireland has capitulated. One of the greatest crimes in history against an entire nation is going unnoticed and unpunished!



Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a partagé sa vidéo.

The leader of the brigade 18 in Jizan, Brigadier-general ‘Ibrahim al-Hamzi’ has been killed by the Yemeni forces. They found his dead body today in Jizan.


New scenes for the destroyed vehicle of the leader of Saudi Borders Guards in Jizan, al-Khuba.

He came to the battlefield at al-Khuba city of Jizan trying to raise the morals of his soldiers there; while he didn’t expected that he will be a target for the Yemeni forces himself.

Saudi has announced itself the death of this leader by the Yemeni fire.

New scenes for the destroyed vehicle of the leader of Saudi Borders Guards in Jizan-AlKhuba. He came to the battlefield at Al-Khuba city of Jizan trying to raise the morals of his soldiers there; while he didn't expected that he will be a target for the Yemeni forces himself. Saudi has announced itself the death of this leader by the Yemeni fire.


Bahraini King’s Son Injured in Operation by Yemeni Military
Local Editor
Bahrain king’s son, Prince Khalid bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the son of Bahrain’s king, was injured in a missile attack by the ‘Yemeni Army’ and the ‘Popular Committees’ on a military base of the Saudi-backed forces in Ma’rib, Yemen, sources in Manama confirmed on Wednesday.

On September 14, several sources revealed on their twitter accounts that Khalid had been either killed or injured in Ma’rib.

According to al-Safir newspaper, Khalid has not appeared in front of the public ever since then and was even absent in the funeral ceremony of Dubai ruler’s son and the media have just been informed by his office that he is running affairs and fulfilling his daily duties.

But sources close to Khalid told the daily on Wednesday that he had been injured in Ma’rib, without disclosing further details.

The report came after informed sources announced on September 21 that son of the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, was also killed in the Yemeni revolutionary forces’ attack in Ma’rib province, rejecting claims that Sheikh Rashid has died of heart attack.

“Sheikh Rashid and a number of other UAE forces were killed in a Yemeni forces’ Katyusha attack in Ma’rib province and reports on his death as a result of a heart attack are only aimed at deceiving the Emirati people who are demanding withdrawal of the UAE troops from Yemen,” the Yemeni Press quoted informed sources as saying.

The UAE news websites had claimed that Sheikh Rashid had died of a heart attack.

A Saudi-led coalition force has been striking Yemen for 190 days now to restore power to fugitive puppet-President Abed-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who resigned and fled to Reyida. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed at least 6,433 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.



Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Today in ‪Marib‬, Yemen‬:-

A very large attack for the invaders has broken and defeated by the ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’.

The invaders have used today the different weapons, including the International banned phosphorous and cluster bombs without little benefit !!

Many armored vehicles destroyed, many soldiers killed including high ranking UAE officer and maybe more, but this is the latest news from there.




‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular committees’ have taken control of “Ka’b Al-Jabri” and “Muhannad” village in Jizan.


‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’ destroying 10 Saudi vehicles at “Hamidha” village behind al-Khuba city in Jizan.



A sample of the weapons the ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’ have captured.

This is a TV Report for al-Masirah TV from inside Qamar village in Jizan.

These weapons and military equipment are all American homemade.


Yemen Locale Map in ref. to JIZAN PORT of JIZAN, MAP 2 PORT of JIZAN, MAP PORT OF JIZAN, 2 PORT of JIZAN, 1 JIZAN province, Yemen

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a partagé sa publication.




Homemade Yemenese rockets

‘Yemeni Army and ‘Popular Committees’ attackingJizan port with the Yemeni Homemade missiles (Al-Najm Al-Thaqip) (range of 75 km).


Haidar Akarar:

Saudi War planes attack on it’s own soldiers by mistake in the clashing area with Yemeni forces in al-Khuba city of Jizan‬ Province.

Abdullah Naji

جيزان: الطيران السعودي يستهدف عسكرييه في احدى نقاط الاشتباك مع الجيش اليمني واللجان الشعبية في مدينة الخوبة وسيارات الاسعاف السعودية تهرع الى الموقع


‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘Popular Committees’ attacked the battleships which were trying to advance to Bab al-Mandeb.

(The Red Sea).


The ‘Yemeni Army and ‘Popular Committees’ has shot down an Apache copter at Bab al-Mandeb.

MAP of GULF, YEMEN and the Peninsula


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a partagé la publication de ‎محمد عبدالسلام‎.

The official spokesman of ‘Ansar-Allah about Bab al-Mandeb:-


” Although we were careful to keep Bab al-Mandeb away from any conflicts because of its known repercussions on Yemen, the region and the world;

But now the enemy is launching a battle in Bab al-Mandeb and attacking the bases of the Yemeni Army which is doing its job for the securiy.

This step of the aggression is a clear and unjustified escalation, its goal is to stir the international community about the security of the fairway.

This is because the aggression has reach a dead end, the aggression on Yemen became now just for revenge, and now they are trying to drag the world to their irrational adventures !!

We are warning the international community to pay attention to this point, and to see who is trying to launch a conflict at Bab al-Mandeb without any reason, which is the enemy who is preparing the region for al-Qaeda and ISIS which is being clear at the places the enemy entered it.

Now, the Yemeni Army and ‘Popular Committees’ will defend the homeland everywhere and every inch of the Republic of Yemen, and they will defeat the invaders completely,… Insh-Allah.

The enemy who launched the fire at Bab al-Mandeb takes the full responsibility for this folly step and its results. “



Destroying 7 armored vehicles of the aggressors were trying to advance into Bab al-Mandeb from al-Sabiha area.

The official spokesman of ‘Ansar-Allah’:

” Along the previous period, we were careful to keep Bab al-Mandeb away from the conflicts.
But now, the enemy has launched the fire there;
They should take the responsibility of the results, and we urge the International community to pay attention for this. “



Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a partagé sa publication.


* Yemeni Army and ‘Popular Committees’ attacking a Saudi vehicle at al-Raboah city killing all soldiers inside it.

* A high Saudi officer killed by the Yemeni forces at al-Raboah city of Asir.


al-Masirah TV.

Photos for another killed Saudi officer few days ago.




New York – Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s speech to the United Nations General Assembly:

Putin: Libya came under aggression because traveled contrary to the UN resolution, and are now seeing the same thing.

Putin: terrorist organizations .. offend Islam and Islamic countries is a key element in the fight against Daash.

Putin: Time to scholars of Islam has come to speak. Sodawa to meeting them.
Putin: terrorism profane the great Islam and Ahohnh

Putin: can not resolve the problem of refugees in camps and al-Msaadat must solve the problem Paulssth state institutions and state support to carry out their duties.

Putin: must support the Syrian regular Army, and Kurdish forces to confront the terrorists and Daash.

Putin: the situation in the Middle East is very serious.

Putin: delivery of weapons to the Syrian opposition Daash ia a disaster and fatal mistake of the United States.

Putin: violent foreign intervention in the Middle East led to the destruction of lifestyles.

Putin: export revolutions in the Middle East, North Africa and the blatant aggression destroyed everything ..

We have to learn from the Soviet Union, when it tried to export his revolution, which led to disastrous results.


We will not accept pseudo-colonial-rule


Muammar speaks at African Union

The 16th anniversary of the founding of the ‘African Union’,

one of the achievements of the hero leader Muammar al-Qathafi (09/09/1999) ....

Blessed us this glory…

(“Knight and Men”)

ربي يرحم الزعيم الليبى الشهيد الصائم ‫#‏معمر___القذافى‬ وكل افراد‫#‏الشعب__المسلح‬ الذين تحدوا جبروت الحلف الاطلسى وقوة الظلم

* مناضل العروبة *

Lord have mercy on Libyan leader Muammar martyr fasting al-Qathafi and all the members of the  al-Hab Muslh who defied the might of NATO and the strength of injustice.
(Militant Arabism)

Mu vs NATO

ساعة الصفر

# ﺍﺳﺒﺎﺏ ﺗﻜﺎﻟﺐ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ
# ﺑﺪﻣﺎﺭ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﺩﻣﺎﺭ ﺍﻻﺳﻼﻡ ﻓﻬﻲ ﺍﻟﺪﺍﻋﻢ ﻟﻼﺳﻼﻡ ﻓﻲ
# ﺍﻟﺤﺮﻳﺎﺕ ﻓﻬﻲ ﺍﻟﺪﺍﻋﻤﻪ ﻟﻠﺤﺮﻳﺎﺕ ﻭﺍﻻﺳﺘﻘﻼﻝ ﻟﻠﺸﻌﻮﺏ
ﻭﺍﻻﻗﻠﻴﺎﺕ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ
# ﺍﻟﻨﻔﻂ ﻓﻬﻲ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻓﻀﻞ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﻝ ﻣﻜﺎﻧﺔ ﺍﺳﺘﺮﺍﺗﺠﻴﺔ ﻣﻦ
ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺣﻴﺔ ﺍﻻﻗﺘﺼﺎﺩﻳﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻴﺎﺣﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﺠﺎﺭﻳﺔ
# ﺍﻻﺗﺤﺎﺩ ﺍﻻﻓﺮﻳﻘﻲ ﻫﻲ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﻭﺣﺪﺕ ﺍﻓﺮﻳﻘﻴﺎ ﻭﺍﻧﻘﻀﺘﻬﺎ
ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻬﻼﻙ ﻭﻃﺮﺩ ﺍﻻﺣﺘﻼﻝ ﻣﻨﻬﺎ ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻌﻲ ﻟﺘﻮﺣﻴﺪﻫﺎ
ﻟﺘﻜﻮﻥ ﻗﻮﻳﺔ ﻭﺭﺍﺋﺪﻩ ﺑﻴﻦ ﺍﻻﻣﻢ
# ﻣﺸﺮﻭﻋﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺘﻄﻮﻳﺮ ﻓﻲ ﻛﺎﻓﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺎﻻﺕ ﺳﻮﻑ ﻳﺤﻌﻞ
ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻛﻨﺘﺮﻭﻝ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ
# ﺍﻟﺪﻳﻨﺎﺭ ﺍﻟﺬﻫﺒﻲ ﻟﻠﺴﻴﻄﺮﺓ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻻﻗﺘﺼﺎﺩ
ﺑﺪﻝ ﻣﻦ ﺳﻴﻄﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﺍﻟﺠﺪﻳﺪ ﺍﻻﻥ
# ﻣﻌﺎﺩﻳﺔ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻻﺳﺮﺍﺋﻴﻞ ﻭﻣﺤﺎﺭﺑﺔ ﺣﻠﻢ ﺍﻟﻴﻬﻮﺩ ﻓﻲ ﺑﻨﺎﺀ
ﺍﻟﻬﻴﻜﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﺰﻋﻮﻡ
# ﻭﻳﺒﻘﻰ ﺍﻟﻬﺪﻑ ﺍﻟﺮﺋﻴﺴﻲ ﻫﻮ ﺍﻻﺳﻼﻡ
ﻛﻞ ﻣﺎﺫﻛﺮ ﻫﺬﺍ ﻣﺎﺟﻌﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﻳﺘﻜﺎﻟﺐ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ
ﻭﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺗﺠﺴﺪ ﻓﻲ ﺷﺨﺼﻪ ﺍﻟﺜﺄﺭ ﺍﻻﻣﻤﻲ ﻭﻣﻠﻚ ﻣﻠﻮﻙ
ﺇﻓﺮﻳﻘﻴﺎ ﻭﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﺳﻴﺪﻱ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺋﺪ ﺣﻔﻈﻪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﺭﻋﺎﻩ. …….
# ﺍﻟﻤﻼﻳﻴﻦ ﺗﺰﺣﻒ ﻣﻦ ﻛﻞ ﺍﻻﻣﻢ ﻟﺘﺤﺮﻳﺮ ﺍﻻﺭﺽ ﻣﻦ
ﺩﻧﺲ ﺍﻻﻧﺠﺎﺱ
‘Zero hour’ on FB:
# Reasons the world piled on Libya
# Destruction of Libya destruction of Islam are supportive of Islam in
# Freedoms are supporting freedom and independence of peoples
And minorities in the world
# Oil, it’s one of the best countries standing strategy of
Economic, tourist and business sense
# The African Union is that united Africa and Angdtha
From destruction and the expulsion of the occupation, including the pursuit of standardization
To be strong and a leader among the nations
# Development projects in all fields will Ihal
Libya control the world
# Gold dinar to dominate the world in the economy
Instead of the control of the new world now
# Hostile to Libya to fight against Israel and Jews in the dream of building their ‘Temple’.
# It remains the main goal is to Islam
Each tower will this is what made the world rush on Libya
And that embody in his person Revenge internationalist and King of Kings
Africa and the world, Sir commander may God protect him. …….
# Creeps millions of all nations to free land from
Conception al-Angas




‘Room Zintan operations’:

Men in home screens battlefield

The sacrifices of these men are born because of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ today, who asks to assume full responsibility, and not to leave the country at the mercy of ‘Bernardino Léon-Gros’ or other colonial power.

Men fought and fought and Aazaloa goal of a unified, sovereign Libya: free from criminals and killers extremists.

‎رجال الوطن في سواتر الوغي تضحيات هؤلاء الرجال هي التي ولد بسببها مجلس النواب الذي نطالبه اليوم بتحمل مسؤوليته كاملة و عدم ترك البلاد تحت رحمة ليون أو غيره. رجال قاتلوا ولايزالوا يقاتلون و الهدف ليبيا موحدة ذات سيادة خالية من المجرمين والقتلة المتطرفين‎


 blessed soldier


Statement ‘Libyan tribes and cities conference’:

‘Libyan tribes and cities conference’
Statement on the visit UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Bernandino Léon:

Follow us as Libyans continued international envoy’s visit of Léon to Cairo to meet with elders of the Libyan tribes

and we report that we are in the tribal conference and Libyan cities are not interested in this meeting; and did not arrange for him and thus did not attend any of the members of the Supreme Council for the tribes and Libyan cities.

Here we re-emphasize that; and not to meet with Libyan tribes, but within the territory of the country and will be the ‘General Conference of the tribes’ soon Mujahid Suluq area in September, the current that, Allah willing, and if he wants to meet with the elders of the tribes Balkaihm at home.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

(A. Abdul Salam al-Ajili al-Brenne,
Chairman of the ‘Supreme Council of tribes and Libyan cities’)

Conference statement tribes and Libyan cities 08/09/2015

‘MUSICIAN’ writes:

“the results of the dialogue between the tribes and sheikhs and Bernardino Léon in Egypt, depends on the amount of eating at the buffet and offered the possibility to go to him more than once.

Whoever has sold his home country, has a doctrine that, all life is not a public auction where Xi is not displayed for sale to the highest bidder.”



MUSICIAN writes:

in his famous speech, Muammar al-Qathafi spoke, for the first time, in the Libyan dialect. It is strange that some Libyans have followed this speech through the wrong translator, who deliberately gave deception to the popular media channels.

Zenga, Zenga, rue, rue ZENGA, ZENGA

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Libyan youth launch campaign to buy a sacrifice for needy families.

Nhn khot aidk alia

sacrificial lamb

Today, Allah willing, we call good campaign and we hope for their success in your participation and aims to provide a sacrificial lamb for each Libyan family who is unable to buy sacrificial feast in all of Libya, Egypt and Tunisia ..

We hope that each head of a family which is unable to buy sacrificial animal, to continue with us, and sends us a phone number, and a country where they are residing.

And the good people expressed their desire and willingness to participate in this campaign and the formation of community groups among themselves, even to sending them the phone numbers so that we can get back to them.

Together we share the joy of the feast.


غرفة عمليات الزنتان

شباب ليبيون يطلقون حملة لشراء الاضاحي للأسر المحتاجة.

>>> ‫#‏نحن_خوت_عيدك_عليا‬ <<<

اليوم بإذن الله نطلق حملة خير ونأمل في مشاركتكم لنجاحها وتهدف لتوفير أضحية لكل عائلة ليبية تعجز عن شراء أضحية العيد في كل من ليبيا ومصر و تونس..

نأمل من كل رب أسرة يعجز عن شراء الأضحية أن يتواصل معنا ويرسل لنا رقم هاتف و البلد الذي يتواجد فيها فقط..

و علي أهل الخير الإستعداد و إبدي رغبتهم في المشاركة في هذه الحملة وتشكيل مجموعات أهلية فيما بينهم حتي نرسل لهم الأرقام الهاتفية التي ستصلنا..

معاً نتشارك فرحة العيد.



Ibrahim al-Debashi delegate called of Libya to the United Nations:
“Security Council passed a resolution to extend the UN mission headed by Léon and his tasks for 6 more months !!”


says “Britain’s ambassador to Libya”:

“the date of the final political agreement has been settled” !!!!

(Rat Halinksh)

Brit Snobs

Cameron supports Daash

‘The children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’:
Dirty Bernardino Léon announces “the Libyans agree (HAH HAH, when & where ???) on unity government”,  expected key points in two days !
What is your opinion? ! ,
(Sniper Zliten)



Mon, 07 Sept.  2015 4:29 PM

CEO Sam Serge Limited Taha al-Buaaha disappearance and facilities in Libya.

CEO Sam Serge Limited Taha al-Buaaha disappearance




Mzalt militias shut down the coastal road and the ruling of the High eluted Bernardino Léon did not give commands to the proliferation in the coastal road and the open road, securing and expel militias that blocked the road with dust.

‘Room Zintan operations’:
(in horrifying retrospective)

‘Libyan Arab Airlines’

RATS Prostration of Thanks !!???????????????????

Prostration of thanks to Allah after the destruction of Tripoli International Airport, each facilities surveillance passenger terminal, which traveled through it in 2013 more than 3.5 million passengers tower and used by 34 companies domestic airline and international and destroying hangars shipping and maintenance centers, fuel storage complex and the Air Navigation Bureau and building Civil Aviation and the destruction of 23 civilian aircraft which had been in service, and the destruction of 14 aircraft out of service from financial assets…

Prostration of thanks to the destruction of the civil aviation sector in Libya, which will not recover from this destruction for long years to come yet …

Since 2010 and the new Tripoli airport project stalled and four years after being anointed with soil and the ground is the one who planned the appeal soon…

‘African lines’ that refer to this overall 5 on the African continent as the best African company destroys her 7 aircraft, including one of the newest aircraft in the world Airbus 330 to burn completely ..

Prostration of thanks after it became more than 4,400 employees appointed their families subsistence salaries unemployment without work…

Prostration of thanks to the destruction of the infrastructure at the airport of the capital, and the first state…

Prostration of thanks to the displacement of Libyans and foreign nationals in the displacement of patients and the elderly and families airports.

Prostration of thanks to not enjoy Libyan pilgrims to travel this year relaxed and pleased…

Prostration of thanks become one of the even more backward of  countries in the aviation sector after it destroyed Hrguena airports and aircraft…

RATS prostration of 'thanks' for destroying TRIPOLI Allah's judgement
(Allah does not like the work of spoilers) ..

Rasheed Street in Tripoli bombed by ‘DAASH’


Rasheed Street in Tripoli bombed by 'DAASH'

Tripoli passage into Janzour


Clashes are still continuing between the youth and Rishvana motion and strength that follow manatee Janzour and rocket fire from behind earth mounds

and streets it closed Dar cause of the people and confusion in traffic.

Exit armed columns of A-MITIGUA towards Janzour’s  ‘fisherman saling’…

General Omar Tntosh gives orders to the princes of  ‘Battalion 67′ and ’55 Battalion’ and a ‘Battalion Hawks’, to go to the regions of Janzour- Jodaim, now.

Clashes in the western entrance of Janzour with some ‘Roma Libya’ terrorist militias kidnapping of more than 130 people for ‘identity’, yesterday. 

130 men kidnapped and handcuffed when criminal gangs and the army is moving !!!!
When a woman cried in the east of Libya in 2011 and Aaaa Matsmah move a convoy of 60 meters Kellowo did not say that the Security Council will meet or Iqcefna but answered the call and said Jaenk Aatalapth.

Closed the  ‘Bridge Academy for handicapped’ by militias ‘Roma Libya’ and the case of congestion at B.Anzour; and request support from Gneoh (HARATINE) and Karh gangs.

Now stationed in Janzour, a tank between the textile factory and the ‘bombed bridge 17’…
randomly hitting city fisherman after their losses today.

Bakoadf attack Larbi Ali G militia al-Mrdas Bridge located between 17 and 27 west of Tripoli.

The fall of Grad rockets on the family home in burble ‘Hunter’, from fired manatee Janzour militias. There are of the people who were wounded, only minor physical injuries.

The spread of intensive military vehicles belonging to the ‘RAT militias of Janzour’ to secure the Coastal Road.

Now the arrival of about 21 wounded to the hospital medical Tripoli of the rat militias ‘Dawn Libya’ from clashes in Janzour; and overthrew them 4 missile in serious condition.

Roma Libya’ militias in Janzour declare war within Janzour and the closure of all roads and the campaign of arrests within the region.

Displaced households residing near the bridge 17 and the mobilization of ‘Brotherhood Knight militias armed  B. Janzour’.

Optical signal shortly before a closed sand barriers:

The closure of the coastal road Janzour sand barriers and stopped traffic final.

Janzour coastal road is still closed by the militias ‘Roma Libya’, with the closure of some stores in the region.

Random Shooting in Bridge 17 and Bridge ghiran situation is not true with the presence or three cars to citizens infected dead.

psycho-terrorist Khalid al-Sharif at the Plateau Prison


Chairman of the plateau Prison-terrorists, Khalid al-Sharif :
“We expect to be blasting a message about the sentences handed down, to their families.”

A car bomb explosion in the family 11 next to the Police College (Plateau Prison) and ambulances Bactrh in place a very strong explosion.

Photos of the explosion in the plateau prison, which was targeted by a car bomb:
explosion by Plateau Tripoli Prison, 2 explosion by Plateau Tripoli Prison, 1


(same as in Janzour)

Gunmen blocking the coastal road reference optical security and their kidnapping of identity. 

RAT Militias of the CORNER, closed the Coastal Road from Smavro al-Karzabih.

Mobilize a large ‘militia of Tajourah’ to the factories near the bridge east of the city.

Found the body of an unidentified citizen next to the bridge factories:

‘Hassan Kamal Bk’, citizen of Tripoli,

kidnapped from his place by force of arms … by a car type Hyundai Verna Toyota 27 black and white color …
Object B.Mahlh appointed ‘Ministry of the center’ have contacted his family, and they were asked a sum of money of one million for his release.

Names were installed system required by militias ‘Roma Libya’, in an ambulance near the point of immobilization ‘market area Tuesday’.

(previously patrols specifically point).
Please be derived caution.



Four cars Mtalaaanhm from his cell to the imprisonment of Ain Zara and with them the protection of small cars.

Please publishing immediately on all pages and stations could be in danger Liberal Awaharair.


The abduction of ‘Mohammed al-Badri al-Ajabu’, one of youth of Ain Zara at night, yesterday, in area ‘fisherman’ of RISHVANA.


shop 'Salah radios' who had Belhadj as a customer
This shop “Salah radios”,  before 2011.
The owner of “Salah radios” sold 36 radios to millionaire
Dr Engineer Abdullah denier (BELHADJ).

abdul-hakim-belhadj pix





Amazigh declare their intention to participate in ‘the Libyan tribes and cities Conference’ which will be held in the combatant Suluq area.



NALUT protestors


‘Militias Nalut’ are demanding Ghazaya area residents and Tejerhm, to pay one hundred thousand for each of the destroyed homes and for the displaced families and individuals from the region.


Now clashes in the area Bossrh and Kerkozh and the world between now and Rishvana and ‘militias CORNER’

(and this is the reason for the return of the convoy, which was in an area of Sabratha).


Ambush textured ‘Roma Libya’ militias in Kerkozh after leaving. Until they got as far as the School Kherob last night, which resulted in armed sheep 4 cars and a car Decharh dye and a total of ‘Dawn Libya’ militias and the flight of the rest toward the island al-Ariue.

Axis of Tuibih- Jaddaam:

Shooting in a dense area and Tuibih Jaddaam.

Martyrdom of Jeri al-Nibao, one of the sons of the secret ‘Kerkozh 47’.

progress towards succession soldiers Tmrkzac … remove. Remove. Abu letters O addicted Melita Oil-gate ‘under the control of the just 47′  … Remove the martyrdom of one of the sons Kerkozh al-Nibao charity at the center of Tuibih shortly before …. oh how ’47’ became confidential.

Terrorist ‘al-Nmroh’, the right arm of ‘Abu Obeida angular men in the Corner militia’, is now in the military grip of the ‘Rishvana Brigades’.

The arrest of the brother of the criminal offender Nmroh, one of the ‘militia leaders ‘Takfirist Buabadh cabled’, when they attempted to progress in Kerkozh, after the bombing of the Kerkozh Community.
Now clashes in the area Bossrh and Kerkozh and the world between now and Rishvana and ‘militias CORNER’

(and this is the reason for the return of the convoy, which was in an area of Sabratha).


Now violent clashes between the tribal-army and militias ‘Roma Libya’ at the center of the globe.

Bridge closure of 27 earthen barricades and on high alert and alert each Axes.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:

These days going through the memory of the heroic battles fought against Libyans dishonorable ‘Dawn Libya militias’ (creature of NATO), and heretics Qaeda, through axes Azizia and sisters.

It was for our people in and Rishvana their share of the glory and national renown great they came rows of them cited the finest men in such glorious days.

And docked Borcvana youth are free from various tribes Mujahid Were it not for the weakness of potential, and the absence of a unified leadership of the resistance, and Turkish support for militias -gharba traitors, income men to the bride entered the river and the sea conquerors.

Love all the love for these men

And appreciation to the people and Rishvana

And fulfill the noble tribes that are still on the Covenant.

Anniversary of the martyrdom hero Brigadier corner Aaois Salem al-Zaidi and Hero Bashir Bo cheap Ambd who gave their blood for the country and in defense of the city and Rishvana.
Oh God, be merciful and Agvrlhm and placed them roomy Jinan.

ﺫﻛﺮﻱ ﺍﺳﺘﺸﻬﺎﺩ ﺍﻟﺒﻄﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻴﺪ ﺭﻛﻦ ﺳﺎﻟﻢ ﻋﻴﻮﺍﺯ ﺍﻟﺰﺍﻳﺪﻱ والبطل بشير بو عمبد ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﺃﻋﻄﻮﺍ ﺩﻣﺎﺋﻬﻢ ﺭﺧﻴﺼﺔ ﻟﻠﻮﻃﻦ ﻭﺩﻓﺎﻋﺎ ﻋﻦ ﻣﺪﻳﻨﺔ ‫#‏ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ‬
ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﻏﻔﺮلهم ﻭﺍﺭحمهم ﻭﺍسكنهم ﻓﺴﻴﺢ ﺍﻟﺠﻨﺎﻥ

“فارس ورجال”


Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.



Central Committee of the epiphyseal tribes, in Mizdah

Announcement _haaaam
Announces ‘epiphyseal Association’ are free to the city of brotherly and Mizdah
For organizing a protest on Friday, the next area Apogrh located between the city and sister city of Mizdah.
Under the name of reconciliation, is not outside the home.

fifth optimal pm
Free on 09/10/2015
(‘Free epiphyseal Association’)



News about the disappearance of the Secretary-called Joseph and a man named Jalal al-Chouda, works in mysterious circumstances during their way to Zintan for the release of Suleiman Zubi in possession of 4.5 million dinars.

Brotherhood's Suleiman Zubi held captive in Zintan, 2 Brotherhood's Suleiman Zubi held captive in Zintan, 1

Photo de force supporting the security directorates of the ‘Western Region’ and ‘Southern Power Committee for the “200” ‘.

Delivery of a stolen motor vehicle model





Elephant Oil field in Zuwarah

Army troops from the tribes on the outskirts of Mellitah Oil & Gas; and …

The control by the ‘tribal army’, at the ‘gate Melita Oil & GAS’ now.

The arrest of two people and Bjosthm 82 kg of hashish, after being stopped South Gate to the city of Zuwarah.



SURMAN MPs authorised by the 'MAJLIS al-Nuwaab'

Shooting is very dense spin now between steady (youth MPs of  Tobruk’s ‘MAJLIS’) and remaining Brotherhood rats in Surman.

Shortly before an armed convoy approximately 11 cars B.al-Sahali now heading towards the CORNER.

The release of the kidnapped, “Hassan Aa’ati Harizi” from Rishvana, and he is now on his way home.

Too crowded into the optical signal al-Losth of the city and against the backdrop of the kidnapping of one of the sons al-Aqrardah in the area of Rishvana.


The gunmen yesterday morning robbery in the ‘New Republic Bank’  branch in the city and stole a million and a quarter, and fled.

‘Brigade Arabism fighters’ that creates and the establishment of a number of security gates in the areas west and south of Ajeelat, a little while ago, after the process.
(The withdrawal of ‘militia militias subsidiary of Sabratha’) 

Tribal forces controlled Ajeelat and Ztun, and parts of the area of Atai-walhoa-qamt inspection gates on the Coastal Road.

What is known as the ‘President of the Military Council Sabratha’, Ghorabi, recognizes the control of forces.
Military force backing him on the al-Ash areas and Ztun and Racdalin, Beautiful City, Ajeelat,

and Mellita Gas & Electric has not left a gate in front of them, but only Sabratha.

Zuwarah licked the risk of terrorists and Altkfferin and in coordination with the Libyan Army, and destroyed the forces supporting terrorist militias at their attack sites.



the spread of the tribal forces in Beautiful City

the spread of the tribal forces in Beautiful City





Organizing terrorist state Daash the lifting of the black area informed Buerat a prelude to the provisions of the control of the area east of the city al-Oshch by the Mzrath Coast.


Camels in the desert surrounding ZLITEN

(Sons of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar)



Close the 'coastal road five'

Closing ‘five Ospi’ bracket after shooting and wounding one of the employees within the hospital.

Good rain falling on the ‘City of Five’.


The opening of the monument to the martyrs of the NATO bombings:

Bani Walid monument to the Martyrs killed by NATO in bombings, 2

Elders of the tribe of Bani Walid Suleiman tribe and the children arrive sister area.

Elders of the tribe of Bani Walid Suleiman tribe and the children




News of a powerful explosion shortly before the shake stillness of Misurata city near the ‘Air Force Academy'(AIR AVIATION COLLEGE).





‘Zintan operations room’ a ajouté 3 nouvelles photos.

Outside the text
Hamada red and youth trip:
Hamada red and youth trip, 1 Hamada red and youth trip, 3 Hamada red and youth trip, 2

VALLEY ROUGE, HAMADA red, 1 Reem Gazelle, place of Hamada



The killing of the ‘DAASH’ terrorist  ‘share Ghaithi’, one of the main leaders of the Islamic state, where he was top of what is known as the Islamic police force:


State regulation ‘DAASH’  of al-Krama ordering the sons of the late Humaid Abdulsalam Eboumnyar to leave their home and asked him a couple of days or will be home on his family demolition.

Agasita Spanish newspaper to: confirm the arrival of 200 fighters follow ‘Boko Haram’ to the city of Sirte in the past week and joining the organization ‘Daash’.


State regulation of the Islamic Daash filters Ibrahim Hadi Sbaiei Warfali, of the city of Sirte; and then throws his body into the region of al-Osos Abu-Hadi.

ABU HADI, SIRTE w Green Flags, 2



‎#المشاركة_والنشر فيديو #القصة_الكاملة - ركزوا على نهاية الفيديو اهم نقاط بما جاء على لسان ابراهيم الجضران - المخابرات والناظوري والامن الرئاسي التابع لرئيس البرلمان الاوامر جتهم من بما يسمى القيادة العامة المرج - ارسلوا طيارة لقصف الرتل الخارج من اجدابيا الي طبرق والمعلومات للطيار بالقصف لأن الرتل يتبع لداعش والاوامر من الجروشي شخصيا ولكن الطيار امتنع عن القصف - عند سؤال صقر الجروشي قال التعليمات من العقيد الاسير خليفة حفتر المهزوم صاحب امجاد وادي الدوم ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ عرفتوا توة من #المجرم_والقاتل يا عرب برقة عرفتوا حقيقة #حفتر وحرب الكرامة اتلمزعومة عرفت يابراهيم #الجضران من صاحبك ومن عدوك عرفتوا يا قبيلة #المغاربة ان حفتر قاتل مجرم اسير وليس ببطل عرفتوا يا قبيلة #العبيدات من هو المجرم الاسير عرفتوا ان #الثوار في بنغازي ايقاتلوا في مجرم قذر لا يتورع عن القتل والخراب والدمار عرفتوا النذل على حقيقته ولا مازلتوا تبوا ادزوا معاه #عيالكم في حرب ظالمة باطلة خاسرة هدفها السلطة على حساب الدماء والدمار‎


Lions roar news:

al-Mcharkh Walnscher:
Video of al-Gosh al-Camlh – focuses on the end of the video.

The most important points, including the words of Ibrahim al-Jdharan’:

– Intelligence and General Nadzawri presidential and security of the President of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ Jtahm orders of the ‘General Command of Prairie’.
– a pilot to bomb the convoy outside of Ajdabiya, was sent to Tobruk, and information for the pilot, because the bombardment followed the convoy to ‘Daash’ and orders from General Sqr Jeroshi personally;

but the pilot declined to do the bombing.
– When asked, General Saqr Jeroshi said instructions from the captured.

General Khalifa Hftar defeated the glories of the owner of the ‘Valley of Doom’
Araftwa dismounting from the el-Mejrm Walqatl Ya of Arab Cyrenaica.
Araftwa Fact Hftar’s war and dignity Atel-Mzaaomh.

I knew Ibrahim al-Jdharan is your friend.

and your ‘enemy Araftwa O tribe of Moroccans’ that Hftar is not a criminal prisoner hero.

Araftwa O slaves of the tribe is the offender captured.

Araftwa that the rebels in Benghazi ai-Gatheloa in dirty criminal does not hesitate to murder, devastation and destruction.
Araftwa Rascal for what it does not Mazltwa held ‘the Adzua Treaty’.

Aaalkm void in an unjust war goal of losing power at the expense of blood and destruction.


A shell landed on the ‘Islamic Dawa’ building.


Child injury (Idris Warfali) 12 year, by a random bullet
in Sidi Hussein area.



Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

(Yesterday) turn to the mercy of God the children

Gamal Badr Saaiti (7 years old) and

Child Mfattah Saaiti (9 years old) and wounding four children and one of the injured condition serious vision loss as a result of the arrival of the fire to the face by the explosion of a mine near the ‘Damour School district of Benina’.

There is no power but from God

(Militant Arabism)






'Faraj al-Obeidi'

Killing of terrorist ‘Faraj al-Obeidi’, the (so-called) spiritual leader of ‘Daash’ clashes in the TUBER.”



Port of Tobruk:

Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed another Turkish ship off the Libyan coast loaded with arms and ammunition:


Turkish Ship bombed by Libyan Airforce




Zintan team sent to reconcile tribes in UBARI, 27 SEPT. 2014

(picture. Zintani negotiators)

News of the cease-fire agreement between the Tabou and Tuareg tribes in Ubari city.


Signing of an agreement for a cease-fire between Arab tribes and Tabou in Godless.


Communication stops from the city of al-Kufra and Tazerbo completely after exposure optic cable station crossroads Tazerbo to burn as a result of a deliberate act of sabotage by unknown groups.


Find the serious citizen Hudhairi Sultan killed this morning after his disappearance.

Image victim of the late Sultan Hudhairi the serious Gaddafi:



11 April 2012, Malta released almost €300 million in assets to al-Kieb and the GNC puppet Yankee rats

(Picture 2012, Theif al-Keib receiving Libya’s 300 million + in assets from Malta)

Announces the loss of one of its nationals in Libya.







arousing the Russian bear

arousing the Russian bear




Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Many News sources say: UAE withdraws its troops forces from Yemen, after a UAE Popular pressure.

Theses news still not official, but it is semi confirmed.



Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Live now in Sanaa – Yemen:
A big demonstration denounce preventing Yemenis from Hajj by Saudi Regime.
Most of the protesters wearing the Ihram garments.
Watch live here:

al-Masirah Channel Channel march
Direct – Sana’a | major march in the door to prevent the rejection of  Yemeni pilgrims to perform the sacred ordinance.
▬▬▬▬▬▬ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ▬▬▬▬▬▬
You can be seen through the (live) on the website:

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.

Today in Sana’a:

With the Ihram garments, Yemenis send a message to all Muslims around the world:

Hajj is for Allah, not for al-Saud, so why the are preventing Yemenis from performing Hajj?!

Photos by: كرار المؤيد

Photo de Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani.



Crane crashes into Mecca Mosque in Saudi Arabia

Scores Killed as Crane Crashes into Saudi Mosque


Friday, September 11, 2015 1:54 PM EDT


A large construction crane crashed into the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca on Friday, and the authorities there said at least 65 people had been killed.

News accounts from Mecca quoted the Directorate of the Saudi Civil Defense as saying at least 30 people were reported injured in the collapse.

Civil defense:
Death toll rises to 65 deaths, and injuries to 80 injured after the fall of crane-Haram al-Makki (because of ‘strong winds’).

Amongst the deceased from the crane accident at the Mecca Mosque, was One of the city AJEELAT (LIBYA).

Congratulations to him who died in that spot dearest to Allah, and to Him we shall return.

The holy city has been in the midst of numerous construction projects to handle visitors.

The accident happened as the Saudi authorities were in the midst of extensive preparations for the hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the holiest sites in Islam, which begins in the next few weeks.

Photographs posted on social media showed the aftermath of the disaster, with bloodied and stunned pilgrims on the floor of the mosque where twisted pieces of the large red crane had come crashing through the roof.

Inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, after a crane collapse that Saudi authorities said killed at least 62 people. Credit European Pressphoto Agency

A large construction crane crashed into the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca on Friday, and the authorities there said at least 65 people had been killed.

The accident happened as the Saudi authorities were in the midst of extensive preparations for the hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the holiest sites in Islam, which begins in the next few weeks.

Photographs posted on social media showed the aftermath of the disaster, with bloodied and stunned pilgrims on the floor of the mosque where twisted pieces of the large red crane had come crashing through the roof.

Is there still Time?

Mu cheers



Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:

Abi Sufyan convoy ….
Nothing like the illusion penetrates our souls, Anhecha, steal them vitality
And luster, Adilha out of the way, it actually tends dress and veil worn
Myth and lie and falsehood appalling.
And nothing like the real hope is grown in our hearts the seed of life,

and watered the parched earth of the act and initiative,

and push forward with our lives in the long struggle arduous journey.

I see some Liberals and silks are falling behind temptation glamorous illusion,
And holding photographs of half-men, half-Arverwon flags, chanting and half-principles, and remember the half-truths, and half-pregnant days events.

The danger is not our cause in ‘February’ and its people inside them. They were defeated and lost their battle with the nation.

The danger you guys have is half the memory cumbersome for some of the sons of September, the dismal memory,

dribbling, counterfeit, and that will lead us to major defeat in our bet for the home.

We have men and women, and principles, and attitudes heroic,

Maehtz him the throne of the world …

Hey, why some children of Muammar al-Qathafi’s men …

love half and half and half championships … principles … and half history?

Did not the God of Mohammed, my Lord and your Lord,

“Faint not nor grieve, you also incline” ??
Or it is taxed hearts, spirits are tired, and began convoys Quraish,

and the young men of Abu Sufyan, moving processions of pilgrims

and claiming that she had attended the day of Badr with Muhammad?

And they were blessed Obajhl and hugging Henda,

issued congratulatory statements of the Council of Elders of the Quraish?

But I do not …. will not pay for the ride convoy Harirha

and Aajha Abu Sufyan saw him, even though poets hacks,

and the owners of flukes of memory that fought the infidels,

and that his escape was a circumvention of the infidels,

and perhaps even cited in a !!!!!.

This is not a feeling personally against one:

this political position, strategic, and patriotic.

Why? Because when you ride Jamal Abu Sufyan,

you can learn that the destination is the Quraish trade …

and not the glory and joy of the Ansar immigrants.



new episode of the program and in ‘Helena’.

New events and exclusive information and analysis are important for Helena

in Libya and abroad …
Follow us
To channel the mass 8.30 and Beyond …
And Slmtwa O Helena






Knight Libyan:

“Be aware of the division on the doors ..” (THE ULTIMATE SCHEMING OF THE ‘WEST’):

America, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain
In a joint statement
Express (anxiety) of shelling densely populated neighborhoods in Sirte
And emphasize the need to (a peaceful solution) to the problem in Libya.

THIS means that the topic does not deserve more than (worry) and must sit down with one another, and the law and ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Daash’,  Misurati, dignity and Deroa (Qaad Bazin warez meat) and solutions to them amicably and peacefully. And Im Bernardino Léon-Gross Askh divorce Tbu the foreheads of some of you, hand uniforms Mapstewa Levy and Hamad and Erdogan Front. And who died a martyr Ahtoh with nymphs.

Allah’s wisdom. Allah for the victory. Allah for humanity. Allah al-Obabil. Allah’s freedom. Allah on the pond.

Rqaudha Iajmap Wayne NATO. The group scared Sarkozy.

And Allah is the greatest group Aalevi.
Aguetlokm Adbhokm Aisalbokm and Iqtaokm. Ayanina except for some concern requires us to (devote) Aalriv and walks away.

The weapon is forbidden and prohibited support the Security Council resolution. Masterminded Orskm.

Mercenaries ‘Daash’, ‘Shura Council’ succession SALAH BADI- terrorism. I saw the whole cultural diversity and pluralistic democracy and positive Toahr and trading power.

Means the Republic of Tobruk and Derna Emirate and the Kingdom of the lawn and Benghazi and Sirte Shura succession independent and Misurata and Tripoli creative, and South federal mess.
Actually you Ozhiltm the world .. but Bgbaikm and Smajtkm and Amaltkm.
And continued Zdwa in Gyekm Lin fly Orskm

‘Daash’ controls the central region of Sirte until al-Jufra south to separate East from West geographically. And the elimination of the tribes in these areas and stripped of their weapons and perhaps destruction. To declare an Islamic state.

Rally of militias and mercenaries of Brotherhood ‘Armor’ militia terrorist groups in Benghazi, for some time now, in anticipation of a devastating war, will occupy all the cities of the Middle all what was going in the rest of the home.

Salah Badi is rallying his militia and followers, on the outskirts of Tripoli Airport Road and Janzour, also in anticipation of a war raging to begin at the Borcvanh stretch to Tarhouna and Bani Walid, making a distraction to busy all the cities of the Western Libya. What was going-on is far further than shown in the battle map.

A devastating war in al-Kufra is take attention away from the flow of fighters from Chad and Niger. And support of the French for control of the infidels, and the official announcement of the establishment of the territory of Tabou.

Capital struggle for the Government of Tobruk, meetings and bribes and the purchase of receivables in reference to the proximity of its collapse, and resolved to happen vacuum creates suitable for advocates of secession and the formation of ‘the Government of the territory of Cyrenaica’ environment.

West continues in silent tension, and builds-up that ‘beat the drums of war’.
When war finally breaks-out , everyone will have been preoccupied !!

everyone urgent developments and victims and affected puppies being uprooted, and the news of greed and murder.
Here the implementation of the scheme will start out of the limelight and news bulletins, reports and correspondence battles raging. In the atmosphere of rejection, or to prevent demonstrations, or even cash because everyone is preoccupied with the war massacres.

Electricity will be cut off. And disappears bread. And cut off fuel and gas. The situation is getting worse and the rising voices distress is sent abroad.
Clients will be given permission to foreign intelligence marketing project for the division, as a last resort to get out of the crisis. And it encourages the ‘Declaration Region Tabou’ after full control of the infidels and recognition by some countries, led by France.

TABOU demanding succession

Thus, this all paves the way for this meeting which was held yesterday for a number of sheikhs Tribes of the East (wherein was addressed the history of Cyrenaica; and waving at the request of separation). It has been said by some text “The history of the oldest of Cyrenaica Libya”.

Only these addresses. And pondered well in the details of suspicious meetings and suspicious movements of controversial statements and
divert attention to the intentions of the West deceiving everyone… being keen on the ‘Léon dialogue’ and outputs which are well known to fail. And the alternative project division will play an internal popular support as a requirement Bank and blessed …


أمريكا وفرنسا وألمانيا وإيطاليا وإسبانيا وبريطانيا
في بيان مشترك
نعبر عن ( القلق ) من قصف أحياء آهلة بالسكان في سرت
ونؤكد على ضرورة ( الحل السلمي ) للمشكلة في ليبيا .

يعني الموضوع لايستحق أكثر من ( قلق ) ولابد من الجلوس مع بعضكم إخوان وشريعة وداعش ومصاريت وكرامة وديروا ( قعاد بازين ورز باللحم ) وحلوها وديا وسلميا . ويجيكم ليون يصكه بالطلاق تبوسوا جباه بعضكم زي مابستوا يد ليفي وحمد وجبهة أردوغان . واللي مات حطوه شهيد مع الحوريات .
الله علي الحكمة . الله على النصرة . الله على الإنسانية . الله على الأبابيل . الله على الحرية . الله على البركة .
توا رقعودها ياجماعة وين الناتو . وجماعة فزعة ساركوزي . وجماعة الله أكبر ياليفي .
يقتلوكم يدبحوكم يصلبوكم ويقطعوكم . لايعنينا إلا ببعض قلق يتطلب منا ( سنكرس ) عالريق ويمشي الحال .
وسلاح ممنوع ودعم ممنوع بقرار مجلس الأمن . دبروا روسكم
مرتزقة إرهاب داعش شورى خلافة قسورة . كله أعتبروه تنوع ثقافي وتعددية ديمقراطية وطواهر إيجابية وتداول سلطة . يعني طبرق جمهورية ودرنة إمارة والمرج مملكة وبنغازي شورى وسرت خلافة ومصراتة مستقلة وطرابلس فوضى خلاقة والجنوب فيدرالي .
فعلا أذهلتم العالم .. لكن بغبائكم وسذاجتكم وعمالتكم .
وأستمروا زيدوا في غيكم لين تطير روسكم

أنتبهوا .. التقسيم على الأبواب
داعش يسيطر على المنطقة الوسطى من سرت حتى الجفرة جنوبا لفصل الشرق عن الغرب جغرافيا . والقضاء على القبائل في هذه المناطق وتجريدها من أسلحتها وربما إبادتها . لتعلن دولة إسلامية .
تحشيد لمليشيات الدروع ومرتزقة الجماعات الإرهابية في بنغازي منذ فترة في ترقب لحرب طاحنة ستشغل كل مدن الشرق عن كل مايدور في باقي أرجاء الوطن .
تحشيد لمليشيات بادي وأتباعها في ضواحي طرابلس بطريق المطار وجنزور في ترقب أيضا لحرب طاحنة تبدأ بورشفانة وتمتد لترهونة وبني وليد لتنشغل مدن الغرب عن كل مايدور أبعد من خارطة المعركة .
حرب طاحنة في الكفرة تأخذ الإهتمام بعيدا عن تدفق مقاتلين من تشاد والنيجر . ودعمها فرنسيا للسيطرة على الكفرة والإعلان الرسمي لإقامة أقليم التبو .
صراع رؤوس الأموال على حكومة طبرق وإجتماعات ورشاوي وشراء ذمم في إشارة لقرب إنهيارها وحلها ليحدث فراغ يخلق بيئة مناسبة لدعاة الإنفصال وتشكيل حكومة أقليم برقة .
الغرب يتابع في صمت ذلك الإحتقان والتحشيد ودق طبول الحرب .
وحين تندلع الحرب سينشغل الجميع بالأخبار العاجلة وتطوراتها وضحاياها والمتضررين جرائها تهجيرا وإختطافا وإغتيالا .
هنا سيبدأ تنفيذ المخطط بعيدا عن الأضواء وعن نشرات الأخبار والتقارير ومراسلات المعارك المشتعلة . وفي أجواء تمنع الرفض أو التظاهر أو حتى النقد لأن الجميع منشغل بمجازر الحرب .
ستنقطع الكهرباء . ويختفي الخبز . وينقطع الوقود والغاز . وتزداد الأوضاع سوء وترتفع أصوات الإستغاثة بالخارج .
سيعطى الإذن لعملاء المخابرات الأجنبية بالتسويق لمشروع التقسيم كحل أخير للخروج من الأزمة . ويشجع ذلك إعلان أقليم التبو بعد سيطرته الكاملة على الكفرة وإعتراف بعض الدول وعلى رأسها فرنسا به .
وتمهيد لهذا فقد عقد إجتماع بالأمس لعدد من مشائخ قبائل الشرق تم التطرق فيه لتاريخ برقة والتلويح بطلب الإنفصال . وقد قيل فيه بالنص من قبل البعض ( إن تاريخ برقة أقدم من ليبيا )
هذه عناوين فقط . وتمعنوا جيدا في تفاصيلها من إجتماعات مشبوهة وتحركات مريبة وتصريحات مثيرة للجدل وإبعاد الأنظار على نوايا الغرب بخداع الجميع كونه حريص على حوار ليون ومخرجاته التي يعرف جيدا أنها ستفشل . ويكون البديل مشروع التقسيم كمطلب شعبي داخلي سيلاقي التأييد والمباركة الغربية …


Assistant secure the withdrawal port of places forces in mysterious circumstances and Msrterva in a state of emergency on the Libyan border.





TRIPOLI RATS Haratine (GNROH) and Sami el-SAIDI

RATS Assigned “Nasser al-Creo” ‘president of the Municipality of Tripoli gangs Center’ instead of the lost dog “Mahdi al-Haratine” (Akkla Giani Gneoh).


Heavy rain falling on the city of Tripoli.

Oh God, make it useful Geetha and let them coolness and peace for our capital beloved.

(“Knight and Men”)

The presence of mines within the steam station in idea ….

the car completely burned and three injured by these mines.




Mohamed Shoaib, First Deputy Speaker of the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab


M’Hamed Shoaib First Deputy Speaker of the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab, deliberately turn a blind eye on an item on the agenda, and has submitted and signed by the Deputy to hold 70 or more meetings of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ in Zintan.

Libyan International airliner at Zintan International Airport

Tunisia will re-open airspace in front of the Libyan lines companies

to operate flights between Tunisia and ZINTAN, Libya.


‘Room Zintan operations’:

“Allah’s mercy on you, O martyr flags.”






Video Clips Nehna Nass Valley with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi there.
(de news agency al-Qathafi)


Mu Green Victor













Entry huge trucks carrying tanks and cannons Hauser to ‘Air Academy college of Misurata’.

These tanks and cannons were brought in from ‘Camp Souk al-Ohd’ in Tarhouna.









The young man, ‘Ala muse al-Snoc zgad’, 

was kidnapped by youth  in”QAMINIS AREA” 

on the Road to Sirte.


Qaminis Road

This topic’s private terrorist ‘DAASH’, Tunisian nationality nickname

“Abu Ayyub Tunisian” is required in international issues, contributed to the war on neighborhood den black No. 3 office field captain and coach of the arms. He is currently wandering around in a car type “Kia Model 2012 white color.

Defers discernible caution.

‘Daash’ speaks about the conduct of public life in the emirate of Sirte:


Heavy deployment of the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ at the entrances to the neighborhood and number three.

Houses closed their doors, suffered a dislocation of VPL organization. They inspect and are composed of different nationalities;

and more area there are elements of the organization of ‘the Mosque of Cordoba’ to the Open School.






Cut power to the city of al-Kufra for the seventh day in a row because of the clashes that prevent men from doing their job electricity and operate the plant



Heathen Airport at al-KUFRA:

Heavy fighting between tribes Azwaip and Tabu district Qurayyat brought about 23 people dead and dozens wounded a hushed media.


It is said that the flag in the picture of the TABOU (TPU) demanding secession and raise Rayatem on their land.
PIC: TABOU demanding secession:

TABOU demanding succession





The kidnapping of the citizen, ‘Ahmed Amslm Magbari’

and found his car in front of the  ‘mosque of companions’ (known as the ‘Green Mosque’).





Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani a partagé la publication de Abdullah Naji.

Pictures | destroy armored vehicles Emirati military takeover and some of them by the ‘People’s Committees’ 08/18/2015 and ‘Yemeni Army’.

Many UAE armored vehicles captured by the ‘Yemeni Army’ and ‘People’s Committees’, others were destroyed. He is talking about the place separate the borders between Yemen and Saudi .. in other words: the place of the Demarcation of the border
Replies in brief : this place called “al-Shurfa”
The eastern and southern side of the base is also under the control of Yemeni army and ‘People’s Committees’ .. 

The journo: we will be here to show you the truth .. not what the liars TVs saying ..
Replies: We trust on Allah, they trust on America,
That’s why we are not afraid of them .. that’s why we will defeat them ..


New scenes from the borders:
Targeting Saudi military vehicles from a close range.
– Destroying a tank between the houses, also from a close range ..





Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

I have a very great news about Najran

al-Masirah TV with the ‘Yemeni Army’ and the ‘People’s Committees’

on the outskirts of Najran city.

Watch the city by the Camera of ‘al-Masirah TV’:

شاهد| الجيش اليمني واللجان الشعبية على مشارف مدينة نجران 18-08-2015 #قرن_الشيطان_سينكسر


‏قناة المسيرة الفضائية – صدق الكلمة

http://www.almasirah.tv صفحتنا على الفيس بوك https://www.facebook.com/AlmasirahTV

صفحتنا على تويتر


Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed al-Yamani:

Does this ‘nutcase’ discredit the “Ansar-Allah” HOUTHI MOVEMENT ?

My comment:

Well, Rev. Louis Farrakhan has his ‘spaceships’ too…but that does NOT DISCREDIT the validity of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi who supported Farrakhan…and not because of the ‘spaceships’…clip from 1987:

Patroit Jafara:

Atvoowooh e e e e e e hee on Haheatin O God, but what Farrukh Grand Wayne what you Nlhakokm


Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of God and his family and companions either:


The hypocrisy of the scholars have defined as showing Islam by uttering what proves the existence of faith with disbelief within the heart, the son of many Almighty God’s mercy said in his commentary: hypocrisy: show of good and evil Israr.

The attributes of the hypocrites of Sura and Sura hypocrites, Venzla brief, God Almighty approved of some books of interpretation such as Tafsir Ibn Kathir and verse:

First: the attributes of the hypocrites of Sura:

– Deceptive to God and the believers.

– Heart disease, is said to doubt and was told hypocrisy.

– Corruption in the land of blasphemy and sin.

– Described the believers Bambassh.

– Frequency oscillation, where they are with the faithful and with the unbelievers sometimes at other times.

– Irony and ridicule the believers.

Second: the attributes of the hypocrites from Surat hypocrites:

– False oaths pious fear of murder.

– Seal on their hearts not up to it right but not into light.

– Bone objects and rhetoric in the speech, as if they do not fact her pictures.

– Fear and panic that eat their hearts.

– Sentencing them to commit evil openly.

– Denial of the guidance to the right.

The status of the hypocrites in the fire are as mentioned God saying: The hypocrites in the nadir of the fire will not find a helper for them [women: 145].

This gendarmerie said: This is the bottom of the fire, because the fire as abysses Committee degrees, said Sufian Revolutionary: Coffins close them.

Said Abu Huraira: the doors of the houses have applied to them.

The attributes of the hypocrites contained in the Hadith are:

Dishonesty, lying in the modern, treachery when the Covenant and non-performance, debauchery in dispute: the right not to accept after his appearance.

Came these qualities in the modern, which came in the hadeeth narrated by Abdullah ibn ‘Amr that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: four of them is a pure hypocrite, and whoever has them has a characteristic of hypocrisy until he gives it: if entrusted Khan, and if It lies, and if a covenant with treachery, and if contending with the dawn. In the novel in the correct also from Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: three of the Be a hypocrite if he fasted and prayed and said, I am a Muslim, if he lies and if he breaks a promise, and if entrusted Khan.

Patroit Jafara Jafara, comments:
اتفوووووه ه ه ه ه ه هه ه على هاالشياطين والله يا فروخ الحرام الا ما نلحقوكم وين ما انتم

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه أما بعد:

فإن النفاق قد عّرفه أهل العلم بأنه إظهار الإسلام عن طريق التلفظ بما يثبت الإيمان مع وجود الكفر داخل القلب، قال ابن كثير رحمه الله تعالى في تفسيره: النفاق: إظهار الخير وإسرار الشر.
أما صفات المنافقين من سورة البقرة وسورة المنافقون، فنذكرها مختصرة إن شاء الله تعالى من بعض كتب التفسير المعتمدة مثل تفسير ابن كثير والقرطبي:
أولاً: صفات المنافقين من سورة البقرة:
– المخادعة لله تعالى وللمؤمنين.
– مرض القلب، قيل هو الشك وقيل الرياء.
– الإفساد في الأرض بالكفر والمعصية.
– وصفهم للمؤمنين بالسفه.
– التردد والتذبذب، حيث يكونون مع المؤمنين تارة ومع الكافرين تارة أخرى.
– السخرية والاستهزاء بالمؤمنين.
ثانياً: صفات المنافقين من سورة المنافقون:
– الحلف الكاذب تقية خشية القتل.
– الختم على قلوبهم فلا يصل إليها حق ولا نور.
– عِظَم الأجسام والبلاغة في الخطاب، فكأنهم صور لا حقيقة لها.
– الخوف والهلع الذي يأكل قلوبهم.
– الحكم عليهم بالفسق.
– الحرمان من الهداية إلى الحق.
أما منزلة المنافقين في النار فهي كما ذكرها الله تعالى بقوله: إِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ فِي الدَّرْكِ الْأَسْفَلِ مِنَ النَّارِ وَلَنْ تَجِدَ لَهُمْ نَصِيرا [النساء:145].
وهذا الدرك قيل: هو أسفل النار، لأن للنار دركات كما للجنة درجات، وقال سفيان الثوري: توابيت تغلق عليهم.
وقال أبو هريرة: بيوت لها أبواب تطبق عليهم.
أما صفات المنافقين الواردة في الحديث الشريف فهي:
خيانة الأمانة، الكذب في الحديث، الغدر عند العهد وعدم الوفاء به، الفجور في الخصام: وهو عدم قبول الحق بعد ظهوره.
وجاءت هذ الصفات في الحديث الذي جاء في الصحيحين من حديث عبد الله بن عمرو أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: أربع من كن فيه كان منافقاً خالصاً، ومن كانت فيه خصلة منهن كانت فيه خصلة من نفاق حتى يدعها: إذا اؤتمن خان، وإذا حدث كذب، وإذا عاهد غدر، وإذا خاصم فجر. وفي رواية في الصحيحين أيضاً من حديث أبي هريرة قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: ثلاث من كن فيه فهو منافق وإن صام وصلى وقال إني مسلم، إذا حدث كذب وإذا وعد أخلف، وإذا اؤتمن خان


Nasser Mohammed Yamani, 1

المهدي من هو ؟ .. ردا على المدعي ناصر اليماني .

“الامام المهدي” يرد على سليمان العوان وطارق السويدان
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ..والصلاة والسلام على جدي محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله الأطهار وجميع أنصار الله الواحد القهار إلى اليوم الآخر:-
يقول انه الامام المهدي المنتظر..
دعوة ناصر اليماني إلى كافة البشر بالدخول في دين الله الإسلام

يؤكد حشد نت بان ما ينشر في هذه الزاوية لا يعبر عن راي الموقع ، ولا يتحمل تبعاته اياً كانت ونشره هنا تجسيدا لحرية الرأي والتعبير طالما لم يطاله اي تحريف او تزييف في لفظ ايات القران ، وعلى الاخوة رجال الدين المشاركة والنظر فيما يكتب هنا

..كما ان المشاركة مفتوحة للجميع.

يقول انه الامام المهدي المنتظر..

بيان “ناصر اليماني” في العقيدة الحق للجهاد
يؤكد حشد نت بان ما ينشر في هذه الزاوية لا يعبر عن راي الموقع ، ولا يتحمل تبعاته اياً كانت ونشره هنا تجسيدا لحرية الرأي والتعبير طالما لم يطاله اي تحريف او تزييف في لفظ ايات القران

عاجل من ناصر محمد اليماني إلى رئيس الجمهورية:

يعود ويؤكد حشد نت بان من يدعي بانه المهدي المنتظر لا يعبر عن راي الموقع ، ولا يتحمل تبعاته اياً كانت ونشره هنا تجسيدا لحرية الرأي والتعبير.

اليماني يعلن عن مكان تابوت السكينة و أصحاب الكهف

ويؤكد حشد نت بان ما ينشر في هذه الزاوية لا يعبر عن راي الموقع ،

ولا يتحمل تبعاته اياً كانت ونشره هنا تجسيدا لحرية الرأي والتعبير..

رسالة من المهدي المنتظر الى الحكام العرب!

Nasser Al-Yamani an advisory opinion on what happened in the house of Allah,

the presidential palace
Nasser al-Yamani matter what he says fatwa statement and put points on the letters devised judgment right from the Holy Qur’an at a time when Yemen scientists could not be gathered from the Holy Qur’an Istnbtonh.

Nasser Mohammed Yamani, 2

Mahdi, who is it? .. In response to the Attorney Nasser Al-Yamani.

“Imam Mahdi” (respond to the Solomon al-Awan and Tariq Sweden)
In the name of God the Merciful ..oasalah and peace to my grandfather Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his family and all the pure ‘Ansar-Allah’ the Almighty one to the other day: –

Nasser al-Yamani an advisory opinion on what happened in the house of God, the presidential palace

Monday, 06 June 2011 18:10

Mohammed Nasser Al-Yamani, who says he Mahdi

Crowd Net:

Nasser Al-Yamani matter what he says fatwa statement and put points on the letters devised judgment right from the Koran at a time when Yemen together scientists could not Istnbtonh from the Koran Faihmwa Yemen and its people from the regression to the brink of collapse .. God kept him from you and you Faraj Ozmtkm

In the name of God the Merciful and prayers and peace to my grandfather and my heart Habib Muhammad is the messenger of God and his family and all the pure Ansar Allah The Almighty one after)

We hope the Almighty’s ordered him to President Ali Abdullah Saleh returns to Yemen during the month of six 2011 unscathed Maava after healing mercy of God, who spared him rest in peace as well as the hope of the Almighty to end Yemen crisis in during the month of six His mercy and kindness as loves and which pleases and to God the situation is back not even Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani authorizing it to God as he loves and which pleases the Lord over all things as well as the hope of the neighborhood Gayoom right is no god but He, and the right of mercy which he wrote himself that President Ali Abdullah Saleh Leary really right Virozkh followed and forgive him what ancestor of his sin and open his heart with the light of the statement of the right of the great Holy Qur’an.

The Lord is Hearing pray and to see all Muslims Qadat and their people really right and bless them follow him and forgive all Muslims, the forerunner of their sins and do not take them their sins and mistakes and to forgive them for He is the Forgiving, the Merciful and to guide people wholes statement of the right to the path Quran Majid Aziz Hamid. The Lord is on a straight path ratifications to the words of God)
(I have come to you from Allah Noor and book set (15) to guide him follow the God of His good pleasure to ways of peace and drive them out of the darkness into the light with his permission, and guide them to the straight path (16)} the great truth of God

We ask God to respond to the call of God resorting to book the Koran great credence to the words of God)
({And We have sent down to you the Book in truth, confirming the hands of writers and dominated him so judge between them by what Allah has revealed and follow not their vain desires, comes to the right of each among you, We law and a way though, God willing, to make you one nation but Ablukm in what whatsoever Fastbakoa good things to God your return all of the truth of what in which you disagree (48) and judge them what Allah has revealed and follow not their desires and warn them that Evtnok for some of what Allah has sent down to you but if they turn away, know that God wants to suffer some of their sins and that many people are adulterers (49)} the great truth of God.

Do you not know that the Holy See’s largest ?  While they strayed from the straight path credence to the words of God):

({Say anything greater degree Say God martyr me and you and this Qur’an revealed to him to warn you) the great truth of Allah.

God has ordered believers to follow him and make amends in violation of an arbitrator by the great Holy Quran and God made a great argument upon them the day of judgment if you do not follow him and make amends for the contravention of the Court of ratifications to the words of God)

(({This book sent down Mubarak, follow him, and fear that ye may obtain mercy (155) that you say but sent down the book on the two communities by us and that we were all studying for the unwary (156) or say if I revealed to us the book, we gave them has come to you aware of your Lord, and guidance and mercy it is darker who lied to the revelations of Allah and seashell by Sndze who Asdvon of Our punishment because they were ill Asdvon (157)} the great truth of God

True to the words of God
({Book was not revealed to you in your chest awkward for him to warn him and the memory of the faithful (2) followed what was revealed to you from your Lord and do not follow the parents of a little below what you remember (3)} the great truth of God
And God made airtight Holy Qur’an is great proof right for anyone who wants to follow the right of ratifications to tell the Lord God Almighty)

(({Say: O People may come to you right from your Lord, for he is guided is guided for himself and lost for he deceives them and I am not you, agent (108)} the great truth of God

It ‘Kafr Koran’, Great introduce or defer to his followers and in contravention of the court of those who divide their religion sects and parties Valenar schedule credence to the words of God)

(It atone by the Fire of the parties do not schedule Tech in doubt it is right from your Lord, but most people do not believe in (17)} the great truth of God

The fact that the Qur’an God make his argument upon His Messenger and his argument on the fact that God worlds wholes make the right judgment concerning that wherein they differ credence to the words of God)

{And also sent down a ruling Arab While followed lusts after what science comes from God what you guardian or protective (37)} the great truth of God

And see the threat and intimidation of God to Mohammed Abdu and His Messenger
((And also sent down a ruling Arab While followed lusts after what science comes from God what you guardian or protective (37)} the great truth of Allah.

Allah made the universe in an airtight Holy Qur’an great with the right judgment in which they differed in their religion credence to the words of God)

({And We have sent down to you the Book except to show them who differed concerning it, and a guidance and mercy for those who believe (64)} the great truth of God
God did not Aftikm that the Koran does not know God, but interpreted the fact that you know it all meant verses similarities which increased by 10%, but God said)

(({And we have sent down to you verses and disbelieve them except the transgressors (99)} the great truth of God

Although not clear verses are the verses of the umpires God verses make them or the book and the basis of religion and then commanded God to follow Eilat book umpires evidence among His Signs is evidence of your world and Muslims in general you will find that God warns of disperse into sects and parties in religion, in the verse))

(({And do not be like those who separated and disputed after the clear proofs had come to them and those great torment)) ratified the Almighty God
Therefore you will find the Imam al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed did not call for a new band in religion was not called his doctrine the fact that sectarianism is a reason for Tafrqkm to parties and sects and each party with their rejoicing therefore deny the confessional in the religion of Allah and invite all Muslims, Christians and Jews and all the people to the Common Word between the two worlds that do not worship but Allah alone with no partner and that we believe in all the prophets of God and his books and we all follow only Maojdnah where an arbitrator Book of Allah Koran Great Here, God ordered us all to Natsam faith in God the Holy Qur’an and not disperse in the religion of Allah credence to the words of God
(The rope of God, not divided among yourselves) the great truth of God
The fact that God, who commanded strong rope sit-Quran is great proof of the right of your Lord credence to the words of God))
((O people, proof has come to you from your Lord and We have sent down to you a light indicating (175) As for those who believe in Allah and hold fast to him Vsadechlhm in the mercy and grace of it and guide them to him straight path (176) ratified the Almighty God

Fact that we do not end the people of the book for follow Torah and the Bible, but Nnhahm what they found was an abuse where an arbitrator by the Holy Qur’an and Kzlkk finish Muslims follow what is contrary to the arbitrator Koran came in the statement they are not saved from distortion, forgery and insertion excess We therefore call for Muslims, Christians and Jews and all the people that follow the Koran Perhaps they shall obtain mercy great credence to the words of God)

(This book sent down Mubarak, follow him, and fear that ye may obtain mercy) the great truth of Allah.

Only God that the Imam Mahdi, do not invite them, but to what he called the prophets and messengers to worship God alone is not a partner for insight from their Lord. Holy Qur’an great overall message of God to the Ins and the jinn companions insight right saved from distortion argument upon them the right credence to the words of God))

({And read the Holy Qur’an, it is guided is guided for himself for he is but I tell strayed from omniscient (92) say thank God Serekm verses Vtarafunha And your Lord is not unmindful of what ye do (93)} the great truth of God

Saved from being mentioned distortion and introduce him or call invoked it holds great doomsday button and ratifications to the words of God))

(The Atinak of male DNA (99) of introduce him it carries the Day of Resurrection and buttons (100)} the great truth of Allah.

The fact of the largest types of injustice for the same is to remind you the revelations of Allah in His Book and then not Taatbaoha it introduce followed was an injustice itself a great injustice then makes Allah the Holy Qur’an by blindness not be able to hide him until the verses of the book umpires evidence to the world and the Muslims in general credence to the words of Allah ))

({It is the darkest of those who said the revelations of his Lord turned away from them and forgot what made us unto his hands on their hearts that I have for Evgahoh in their ears and read, although you will not let them to guidance, if never guided by the great truth of God}

O servants of Allah but Nhdzqm speech of God in what you believe in beyond talk and remember the words of God)

(({Those ayatollahs We rehearse right in what you talk after God and believe in His signs}

God said (Will that day the deniers {49} after they believe in what modern {50}) ratified the Almighty God

And then say
(I am God and to Him we return)))

O O people, fear God but you brothers to parents, it is lawful to you to kill one another, what is the cheapest self when the killers and the most expensive and the greatest of God but of himself insulted Vtady limits of God and injustice himself up, killing his brother man do you not know that bad murder is the only bad that did not Bsaih not like in the book and God said)

(Of bad work is rewarded not only like her) the great truth of God
However, bad breath killing without right, and ye shall find that God augmented Ktaadad making them all the people from Adam to the last born offspring of Adam credence to the words of God))

((It kills a person without the same or corruption in the earth as if he killed all people) the great truth of God

So why self on your hearts Hin killed and will issue fatwas killers Why self on their hearts were killed Hin because they do not fear a severe punishment of God, it is dragging them from the punishment of God that they are honest and well Yamashr believers who are killing each Some Will you know what penalty killers for believers do you not know that God curse of murder believer and anger him and prepared for him a great punishment credence to the words of God))
(((And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath of God upon him and prepared for him a great punishment) the great truth of God

Even the house of God, the holy which of his income was safe even if a murderer, even out of it since it is the house of God the Holy income, how transgress on who was in the houses of God, but who disowned God them to enter their houses of two witnesses against themselves with disbelief Would not you look in the book that God has forbidden in their houses that touch your wives, even if you are hiding behind the veil inside the mosque, although the Mjamah your wives Halal you from God, but inside their houses to make you a taboo and see to retreat in the house of God and then came to his wife, to his chamber in the mosque.

God has forbidden him what has permitted that in the sense that forbidden him to have intercourse with his wife, even if they are from behind the veil of a Halaleh but forbidden to her husband in the holy house of God, because of the great sanctity of the house of God in the book and God said)):

((Not Tbeshrohn as you are immersed in the mosques that limits God is not Tqrboha well as God shows His signs to people that they may fear) the great truth of God

What is your expectations of those who destroyed the house of God to the congregation heads the pretext that they want to kill the president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, in the hands of the Lord in the house of God, holy and Allah, those who do so for those unbelievers to their God and anger them and prepared for them a great punishment Vhahm have not succeeded and gained a great sin it is dragging them from the punishment of Allah.

and severe clothing, even if President Ali Abdullah Saleh deserves to be killed in their eyes, what they were to Ertqbwa to kill him is in the house of God, the holy On Friday blessed That Kafr at Kafr O assembly of the opposition, youth, the Houthi and al-Qaeda who rejoiced so great joy, and offered a banquet where the sanctity House of God in your hearts, and did not see you Tstnkeroa attempted murder of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the house of God, the holy as if the sanctity of the house of God, the holy not Tnikm something Would you are Muslims or disbelievers does not exonerate Ali Abdullah Saleh of bloodshed and God knows him and what he is doing and you know what you do, but I I want to remind you of the sanctity of the house of God, the holy book in which Allah has forbidden you where anything lawful to you in the words of God)

(((Not Tbeshrohn as you are immersed in the mosques that limits God is not Tqrboha well as God shows His signs to people that they may fear) the great truth of God

Let alone those who kill and shed blood in the houses of God, what is their reward in the book do you not fear !! Or do you want to seek the destruction of the houses of God Mind you the words of God)

(It is the darkest of those who prevent the mosques of Allah to mention his name and those sought in the mess it was for them to enter it only scared them in this world and disgrace them in the Hereafter a great punishment) the great truth of God

How are waiting for your good and the rule of God Yamen Farahtm including angered God and Yamen you tried to kill President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the house of God, the holy God did not fatwa in the sanctity of his holy and killing oneself without right, the most the sanctity of the demolition of Kaaba stone by stone, as well as you, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

There Obrik of bloodshed until proven innocence and show the Amanyen owners offense on Friday in the university district a few months ago and those who shed their blood of demonstrators if transgressed the limits of God and wanted to loot the property of Muslims in public institutions must stop them all a ploy and a means and to avoid the shedding of their blood, but the fight you and want to looting.

Those are not the protestors peaceful but their judgment rule spoilers in the ground, but unfortunately Mr. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, so too crew your government corrupters in the ground to understand as well as looting the capital of Muslim public treasury State and steal from state funds without the expense of a right of the people did not protect the wealth of the Muslims who are stealing house Muslims money under the pretext of phantom projects or under the pretext of the work of a project.

If the cost of twenty million Vigalo cost a hundred million and the cost is only a fifth of the amount so how about if will build the country’s economy and improve the lives of the subjects, but even odder than that what you do and the Ministry of Public Works and Highways, how they Esflton a street after several months we find them destroying the asphalt street under the pretext of the establishment of sewage even if Aaduha and Sfieltwa the street from the new and a few months later we find them destroy it again under the pretext of another work in it not the street fear God in the wealth of the Muslims.

Do you not be able to create a sewer and other and asphalt together to have a successful business is undiminished. If they Sfieltwa New Street instead of sabotage what Osalehoh before and we know what they want but they want to have it as a pretext for plundering and looting of public money and it is forbidden in the Book of Allah and unfortunately that President Ali Abdullah Saleh left free rein and he knows what they do as become unable to prevent them the fact that the government staff have become all thieves of public money house

and then tell Mr. President Are not you from Antqahm among people like you have the speaker microscope derived from which the thief among people Vetolehm on the wealth of the Muslims what sermons and what Dhak even do it so your policy failed miserably since you do not put the right man in the right place and it is a major cause in the judgment failed to Yemen being assigned the matter to is the people of the Secretariat

and piety Fear God and what was the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani that Ejammlk in something to satisfy him so he took command Valomr God before and after I do not know the secret of your appointment in the last vision I saw you did not talk to me, but I saw you took a pen out of your pocket and also took a small paper and then wrote a few words and then you gave me that paper paragraphs and found that President Ali Abdullah Saleh wrote to me where))

((I want to meet me in eight and twenty six))) Completed

And Allah, I do not know what the secret of that date, when the Lord I do not know Is it the month of six in 2011 or in the last year to Allah back for things as well as I do not know. Does that date will hand over leadership and oh lovers of God that Imam al-Mahdi did not want to establish a call to the vision, whether achieved Amhaa God or ratifications to the words of God))
((((Erase what pleases God and prove him or the book)) the great truth of God

But realized that if Ali Abdullah Saleh thankful if be the first to hand over the leadership of the Islamic caliphate to the Imam al-Mahdi That honor him from God While follow right from his Lord responded to the call resorting to the Book of Allah Koran great but unfortunately that President Ali Abdullah Saleh has not of Imam Mahdi weight so far but I am compelled to fulfill My covenant him in another vision right and you are then dressed in military uniform and I saw Ali Abdullah Saleh gathers his things in a diplomatic bag black and then make it in his hand the north and then shook hands with his right hand, he said (Slmtk leadership and my wife and I in owe) and then Tmenth I said to him (and do not be afraid of God, I will be better for you than you and your child) ended

Oh lovers of God that that era as far from God and must be the Imam Mahdi to fulfill his pledge to honor President Ali Abdullah Saleh God knows him and In another vision came to Dare Faqabelth in Dari and the first thing I’ve ever said to me in a vision right below)

(Village so and so son of so and so villages) said serious name and I told him the following (do you not see that seers do not warn only of the righteous pain warn Pharaoh of Moses, which is a good man does not find them warn the unbelievers) and then interrupted, he said ((ratified because they are masters)) ended vision right and God is my witness and agent, and note that I do not know about the secret of 28/6 /

Connie do not know the meaning of the vision and is it this year, God knows, but the vision leave its ratification of the God as he likes and is pleased with the increase of affordable and to God the things and it is important that I am a believer back I I did not invent God in this vision unless you show me my Lord,

but about seven of the vision of the brother of President Ali Abdullah Saleh meet me Fimd his right hand Visafhani say ((Slmtk leadership)) and therefore are still waiting from President Ali Abdullah Saleh good

and we think it good and we are waiting for all of us that God believe me the vision to the right on the real reality and those who want to turn between him and return to Yemen will tell them that, God willing, will be due, God willing, during the month of six Let Prevent God forbid affordable in the book Almstor if you are truthful and unfortunately it if it interests you Yamashr the opposition and their parties

The security of the country and people and not to shed the blood of Muslims al-Imanyen of you said Yamashr Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia. Given that President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on the television screen level, said the following (promised that I will neither aspire to again for the presidency will not be bequeathed)) in the sense that a covenant with God that he will not run and will not inherited rule to his son after him or one of his family

and then you say Yamashr opposition, we will endure it until the end of his term in order to preserve Yemen and the people of Yemen and not to shed the blood of Muslims Alimanyen condition that guarantees to fulfill his promise that he would not run and will not inherited in front of all Council (GCC) All GCC, led by Saudi Arabia and then endure it until the end of his term lost our patience it more than thirty years, how not endure it two years but will endure it in order to inject the blood of Muslims.

Fballah You Is not that a logical solution Yamashr the opposition and their parties is not that the lesser of to enter the country in a civil war may have dire consequences the fact that the civil war will destroy Yemen destroyed and lost many souls and destroy the weak economy and the collapse Yemen all do you not be cautious Yamashr opposition, President Ali Abdullah Saleh said I will complete my term go of power it is according to the agreement between you in the Constitution that From succeeded in presidential elections Vhddtm a certain time even coming presidential elections once again for his nomination, but you want to go from power end of the agreed term before and will look to this agreement of legitimacy in the religion of Allah’s hand. If you Tdaantm religion indefinite as Allah commanded in His Book )).

(({O ye who believe! If Tdaantm religion indefinite Vaketboh and writes between you notary nor Starter Yap to write as God has taught him Vlaketb and Imll who shall have the right and should fear God the Lord does not detract from him. If that right is Sviha or weak or can not Lemuel is Vlimll guardian of justice and martyred martyrs of your men, the were not the two men since a man and two women who are happy with the martyrs that stray one remembered each other and Jaap martyrs if called Nor Tsomwa That Tketboh Small Or Large To Him. That Is A Premium On God And I Am A Witness And The Lowest Not Tertaboa) The Great Truth Of God, The Question Arises Does The Right Who Was From Debt Holders To Demand That The Debt Viomroh that debt, which it leads by the end of him is well known

and the answer may not be the right holder to embarrass his brother to hand over his right comes up for him called, however, are entitled to those it right that delivers the right by the come for him labeled voluntarily if he wants, but who has the right not entitled to demand return of religion before him comes labeled as well as your agreement to the election of the president was the agreement between superior and subordinate to elect him president of their state and determine his survival in power indefinite, do not stay in it after that,

but a new nomination or replaced by a new candidate and the question arises again Will you have the right legally that you will expel him before it comes to the agreed Presidency during the year 2013, any democracy is this in your view, but this Dimkratih what Allah has sent down by the Sultan and even if found subordinate to the elected him president was not qualified to do so, they must bear their fault because they were Rahoh for that office therefore Phil take their mistake and be patient him until his term ends and then not Arahoh again this is what reason and logic say.

Accordingly, the Imam Mahdi to judge between right that you may not expel Ali Abdullah Saleh from power before they agreed to in the Constitution, his term ends in 2006 to 2013, does not think he will run again even though he lied before, but in this period and Allah, he is a truthful being seen if he had run again being will burn his ball therefore preferred to go with water, and his face, but after finishing his term until the ousted president is not, but you insist on his trial and humiliate him and his family Fjaltamoh between two things Ohalihama bitter:  either be subject to you and he does it as Hosni Mubarak did and then Tzloh as humiliation of the Egyptian people,

therefore it was considered what happened to Hosni Mubarak and his wife and children it was considered an act Hosni did not intercede to him that the Egyptian people and here they are humiliated Hosni He and his wife and children, as well as Ali Abdullah Saleh believes that will happen to him as happened to Hosni Mubarak and his wife and children if he delivers to you driving by the end of his term,

and even though he does not like bloodshed but you have made ​​it between the two bitter therefore decided to declare war, and as the saying goes (on and on my enemies) obey God Yamashr opposition and Allah, if your minds consistent with the rule of Imam Nasser Mohammed Yamani right to you and is you Kation.

Although President Ali Abdullah Saleh failed in his policy as head of state has not been able to enjoin what is good and forbid evil and could not judge by what Allah has revealed, but it is not an argument for you to enter the country in a civil war may have dire consequences Vtakhroa Yemen Fifty years back and after fifty years because of the development of Yemen to what it is today without the Imam al-Mahdi sent you not understand?

Is not patience is better for you to complete the current presidential term Vtsberoa two years and then go from power to forever do you not be cautious, but unfortunately Yamashr al-Ahmar You you consider is with you from the opposition chance of a lifetime to undermine the authority under these security circumstances in the Arab region and it is important to leave power, Ali Abdullah Saleh

and even though the blood shed to the knees do not interests you by the fact that the will shed their blood are young people who do not understand and you and your children are safe and this is the truth I did not Nzlmkm nothing and I should Mjammeltkm nor courtesy of President Ali Abdullah Saleh either indulge or Gilltm it does not matter I have Rdwankm as long as in Rdwankm what angry God Vshaka to Rdwankm and Radwan worlds wholes if you refuse to Tankmwa to the Holy Qur’an and deliver the succession of Allah bear witness and all the people I will not Osvk one drop of blood to reach a verdict on the pretext that I am entitled to it you and I seek refuge in Allah to be ignorant.

Did Allah make me who make mischief in the land and the shedding of blood to reach the verdict (?), but will wait for the judgment of Allah between me and you to the right and then Allah opens us to that Which Is Good Right Conquerors God Vizarna You And To All People At Night And You And They Are Humble And Peace On The Senders And Praise Be To Allah)

Khalifa Abdu Allah And Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani 


Saturday, 14 May 2011 19:29
Mohammed Nasser Al-Yamani, who says the Mahdi is Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

He says that Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is Imam Mahdi ..

[‘Net crowd’ publishes what has been received from Nasser Mohammed Yamani from the door of freedom of expression does not bear any consequences of what is contained in his subjects …]

Nasser Al-Yamani an invitation to all human beings to enter into Allah’s religion of Islam.

In the name of Allah the Merciful
And prayers and peace be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers Secretary illiterate Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his family and followers and good peace and recognition: –
Of the Mahdi Nasser Mohammed came to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family of Imam Mohammed Nasser al-Yamani

[Confirms crowd Net that what is published in this column does not reflect the opinion of the site, do not incur consequences whatever and published here embodiment of the freedom of opinion and expression as long as it is caught by any distortion or falsification in utter verses of the HOLY QUR’AN, and the clergy brothers participate and consider writes here.]

..kma That participation is open to all.


The legitimacy of the Commission consider inviting “Nasser Mohammed Yamani”
Saturday 30 April  2011 21:19
Mohammed Nasser al-Yamani, who says he Mahdi
(He says he Imam Mahdi ..)

published by ‘Net crowd’ –




A media source said that the committee would consider the legitimacy of the call, “Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani,” which says that the Mahdi is Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.


He had a group of his supporters have created a group on Facebook to prompt scientists to respond to the call of dialogue with “Imam Nasser Mohammed Yamani” and answer explicit evidence Albin to call positively or negatively as it six years ago let scientists Hawwarvi his position but did not respond to his call any one of the scientists, did not any in the world would issue no reply positively or negatively, and I have devoted a special invitation to dialogue Yemen scientists messages, headed by Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zindani but also not respond to it,

The number of regulators has been estimated to Facebook group with more than a thousand members.
The source says the media to highlight joined Sheikh Tariq Sweden and Sheikh Nasser bin Suleiman al-Alwan, who have to participate in some interventions which ended with a decision of Sheikh Nasser Suleiman al-Alwan, responded to the invitation, “Imam Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani,” and with the help of the Commission on the legitimacy of specialized Saudi Arabia WAHHABI scientists.

It is worth mentioning that “Imam Mohammed Nasser al-Yamani,” We have in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, he says he belongs to the House and that the Mahdi awaited by Muslims is M’ammar al-Qathafi and states that President Ali Abdullah Saleh is the first Arab head of state and handed over to the flag in recognition of its Ibayah.

The beginning by saying that he saw the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him in a vision telling him that the Mahdi Mu’ammar al-Qathafi which people awaited him, and that God will give him the full knowledge of the book and that he would not to argue one of the scientists or the public, but dominated by the authority of science from the Holy Qur’an and says that he named “Nasser” and sessile name Prophet “Mohammed” is Nasser as stated by Muhammad is the Messenger of God did not come a new invitation, but came to the triumph of the Prophet, which does not violate the Holy Qur’an Vdaute are picketing the book of Allah and His signs evidence and renounce what Khalvha of the conversations that are contrary to an arbitrator book, and it was before this vision as any One does not have the forensic science was not taught at any of the sheikhs, but then became defies all Muslim scholars say that he informed them of the book of Allah, and has more than a statement of the Holy Qur’an and his secrets and has raised many contractual issues and the most important is the warning of the approaching planet “Planet Sagrao hell” from the ground, which Samatar by stones from the sky, he said, because of the denial of the people of the Holy Qur’an and not to their faith and to work with and will cause the planet’s passage verse smoke outlined mentioned Surat smoke, he said, and the sun rises from the west in a few years or less uentzer many of what will be in the coming days of the responses by Sheikh Nasser al-Alwan, and Paradise legitimacy on the invitation of Imam Nasser Al-Yamani.

Statement, “Nasser al-Yamani,” belief in the right of jihad.

[Net crowd confirms that what is published in this column does not reflect the opinion of the site, do not incur consequences whatever and published here embodiment of the freedom of opinion and expression as long as it is caught by any distortion or falsification in utter verses of the HOLY QUR’AN.]

Urgent Nasser Mohammed Yamani to the President of the Republic:

Back and

[confirms crowd Net that claim to be from the Mahdi does not reflect the opinion of the site, do not incur consequences whatever and published here embodiment of the freedom of opinion and expression.]

Yamani announces the place of the ark of the tranquility and the Cave.

“Imam Mahdi” respond to the Solomon al-Awan and Tariq Sweden

Tuesday 26 April 2011 17:50

Mohammed Nasser Al-Yamani, who says he Mahdi

Crowd Net:

[Back and confirms that ‘Net crowd’ in what is published in this column does not reflect the opinion of the site, do not incur consequences whatever and published here embodiment of the freedom of opinion and expression .. and everyone to share their views about what is published here .]

In the name of Allah the Merciful
And prayer and peace be upon serious Mohammed Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his family and all the pure Ansar Allah the Almighty one to the other day: –

God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you, O platforms scientists, including Tariq Sweden and Suleiman al-Alwan, who turned away from the call resorting to the ‘HOLY QUR’AN, arguing that Nasser Mohammed Yamani did not make his name (Muhammad bin Abdullah) follows the whims or it is not Ogueny nose evacuated Front as they claim, then set them for Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani and tell:
Grand Sheikh Salman al-Alwan, oh Sheikh Tariq Sweden I am Imam Mahdi invite you for jurisdiction to the HOLY QUR’AN and Ohajkm science and Sultan and Onsf some between Oiedkm of Akaidkm of slander Satan on the lips of his heirs who show faith and conceal in their hearts disbelief Fbetwa conversations in violation of an arbitrator male and contrary to reason and logic and believe of God Qila Vatbawa way right from your Lord and do not follow the path of falsehood.

I am to you mentor General and mercy to the worlds, and oh Sheikh Tariq Sweden and Salman al-Alwan answer the need resorting to the Koran and Dhudoa the honor of religion to science and Sultan Each suit proof and proof right is the Sultan of science right from Rahman, who is not likely Doubt True to the words of God:
(Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful)

God said:
(Say: Bring your proof of this said to me and said by me, but most of them do not know they are at right)

God said:
{Say Vllah argument amounting Flo willing to guided companions great truth of God}

Do you know what are God argument amounting to you? And you will find the answer in the book tightly in the words of God:
((This book sent down Mubarak, follow him, and fear that ye may obtain mercy (155) that you say but sent down the book on the two communities by us and that we were all studying for the unwary (156) or say if I revealed to us the book, we gave them has come to you aware of your Lord, and guidance and mercy it is darkest of those who lied to the revelations of Allah and seashell by Sndze who Asdvon of Our punishment because they were ill Asdvon)) the great truth of Allah.

Through it know for sure right to talk about Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah bless him and his family and him said:
(Holy Qr’an argument you Oouhjh you) ratified by prayer and peace

In the sense that you are great if you follow the Koran and you leave is contrary to the Holy Qur’an to tight argument to you was in God’s hands Verhmkm credence to the words of God:
((This book sent down Mubarak, follow him, and fear that ye may obtain mercy)) the great truth of God

If you do not follow what came in an airtight Koran Great inevitably you’ll be an argument in the hands of God Afeezbkm suffer it credence to the words of God:
(Tlvh their faces Fire illusion where Kalihun {104} Was not my signs recited to you Fkintm them deny {105} we said our Lord we overcame Hqotna and we were a people deceived {106} our Lord brought us out of them the promised us then we are unjust {107} said Akhosaoa nor you shall speak)

(This book sent down Mubarak, follow him, and fear that ye may obtain mercy) 155 cattle
(That said Mubarak sent down denying him ye) 50 prophets
(Book sent down to you to afford some sort Mubarak verses and remember Ulloa kernels) 29 p.
(But warning of follow-mentioned feared Rahman Unseen Penalty forgiveness and wage cream) ice

If the Holy Qur’an argumenGod upon His Messenger and the believers and to all people if t you do not follow him credence to the words of God: ((and he said to you and your people will Tsilon)) the great truth of God

It is a solid rope of Allah and do Vaatsamua Acfroa contrary to what the Court in the Torah or the Bible or in the sayings of the statement in the Sunnah is not dispersed Vtaatbawa ways you scattered from the path of right from your Lord credence to the words of God:
(The rope of God, not divided among yourselves) the great truth of God

Great Holy Qur’an fact is the light house on the Messenger of sit Court and Kafr contrary to the Court whether it be in Altoarah and the Bible and Sunnah of all people have the guidance to the straight path as proof of the truth from your Lord, to all the people commanded God through faith in him and sit Court of ratifications to the words of God:
(O people, proof has come to you from your Lord and We have sent down to you a light indicating either those who believe in Allah and hold fast to him Vsadechlhm in the mercy and grace of it and guide them to him straight path) the great truth of God

Mind you the words of God: (As for those who believe in Allah and hold fast to him) the great truth of God
This means that the Holy Qur’an is the rope which God has commanded you to do sit-tight book in verse:
(The rope of God, not divided among yourselves) the great truth of God

Perhaps a Quranists would like to intersection says thankfully we Quranists the only ones sitters faith in God the Holy Great, we survivor community, and then reply to him Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani and tell but Dileetm yourselves and Tbekm it is Who Ovtakm that Tatsamua Baqranh Vtaatbawa of Like And leave his statement in the Sunnah right! But the book of God and sit alone while you will find is contrary to tight verses of the Koran evidence both in the Torah or the Bible or in the statement the fact that the Holy Prophet Vaatsamua what the arbitrator violated the Koran is fabricated from other than Allah do you not be cautious! But she Imam Mahdi, right from your Lord God did not make me of Quranists who interpret the Koran at themselves and wasted fulfilling two duties of prayer, one of the pillars of Islam it is demolished demolition religion nor God makes me Shiites who follow the Koran as approved for their stories and Khalvha left him and said: ((and knows its interpretation except Allah)) and did not God make me of the Sunnis and the community of those who follow the Koran as approved of what they have in novels or conversations and contrary to the arbitrator Quran say (and knows its interpretation except Allah) and then Full Mahdi, the Shiite twelve, and the people Sunnis and the community and tell ((fought God, I Aavkon)) Shiites and Sunnis are all Sunni protestors Year and Ivron tight Koran behind their backs under the pretext that he did not know Ptooelh but God did not God say that the Holy Qur’an does not teach Ptooelh only God, but only intended verses similarities which increased by ten percent in The book but 90% of the verses of the book umpires evidence of your world and the public because they are Muslims or book it introduce uncle came in the verses of the book umpires and follow similar Holy Qur’an, which still need to interpret it in his heart seduce aberration on the right credence to the words of God:

((Which is sent down to you the Book of it verses umpires are or writers and other similarities As for those in whose hearts aberration and follow what resemblance to him in order to sedition and in order to be interpreted and knows its interpretation except Allah, firmly grounded in science say safe in it all from our Lord and mentions only Ulloa kernels)) Great truth of God

But I Imam Mahdi invite you to sit the revelations of the book umpires are or book evidence of your world and Muslims in general each with a clear Arabic does not expose what was in them, but in whose heart aberration from the truth manifest in an airtight book of God, but does not expose what came in the verses of the book of evidence but folk True to the words of God:
(We have sent down to you verses and disbelieve them except the evildoers) ratified the Almighty God

And what should be the right to follow Ohoakm Vontzerkm Tstfinu that the Mahdi would even say as the command of Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah bless him and his family to say to the people:
((Say: O people, I am the Messenger of Allah all of you who has the king of the heavens and the earth there is no god but He)) ratified the Almighty God

As well as the Imam Mahdi says O human beings I am the Mahdi Khalifa of God be upon you from your Lord, and what was the good that you Tstefoa Mahdi Khalifa God without him credence to the words of God:
{And your Lord creates what He wills and chooses what to them was a benevolent Hallelujah, the Almighty what associates the great truth of God}

And what should be the Mahdi expected to God Eptosh to practice your religion Ohoaikm Yamen Frguetm sects in something you do not you are not the Mahdi nor his grandfather Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his family and credence to the words of God:
(Those who divide their religion and become sects do not have nothing but God and then ordered them to inform them of what they were doing) the great truth of God

Ulm God forbid that dispersed religion sects and parties credence to the words of God:
(Do not be of the idolaters. Of those who divide their religion and become sects, each party rejoicing with what they have)

((Do not be like those who separated and disputed after the clear proofs had come to them and those great torment)) ratified the Almighty God

Via severe Aajabi Are you waiting for the Mahdi motivate Shiite twelve !! Vidawa people to follow the Shiites twelve or are you waiting for Mahdi God motivate of Ahlu Sunna group !! Vidawa people to the Sunni sect, one of the four schools or any of the other teams! If you will not abound Mahdi but astray to Dilalkm if it follows the right Ohoakm but I Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani upright, a Muslim and I am not of the idolaters disbelief announced pluralism sectarianism in the religion of God and claimed that all human beings to follow the Holy Qur’an, the Torah and the Bible and the Sunnah of the Prophet, but is contrary to an arbitrator great Holy Qur’an in Torah or the Bible or the Sunnah,

I testify to you and I bear witness of God and sufficient is Allah as a martyr, I am the Mahdi of the most people disbelief in violation of an arbitrator by the male Holy Qur’an great in all the works of human beings, even if they met on the novel jinn and mankind will Yitzhak falsehood Benal my feet do not care about and defer to faith in God the Holy Great, Nation of Islam scientists and oh oh oh Salman al-Alwan, Tariq Sweden, fear God and follow the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, the right Weah Tariq Sweden Arak I say us, including the following:

An important point raised by Sheikh Suleiman al-Alwan, supported by God .. she said Mahdi Aadawa Ainade to himself and to the pledge of allegiance, but people Ibayah a hater .. and what happens with Yamani opposite of the truth upon which it relied in this modern year. Yamani as to call himself visible and calling synagogue ..!
Reported in the year: Match Mahdi name with the name of Prophet Muhammad upon him blessings and peace: Mohammed bin Abdullah .. This Makhafah Yamani liar in his call for this as explained Sheikh Suleiman and the jurisprudence of God … recipes texture received did not apply to him in the modern evacuated the front Ogueny nose. . In this clear violation of the beliefs of the Sunnis and the community. Dhorh in Mecca and Ibayah people on it (which is a hater) and Yamani did not appear in Mecca and Yamani will not submit to the attempt to appear in Mecca because it will realize the consequences that did it .. and this is invalidated by taking another call … advice good for Yamani after all this days of ignorance who is better than Allah provision for people who have firm Faith. Citation finished responded Tariq Suwaidan and Salman al-Alwan.

And then set them for Imam al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani and tell you, I am surprised by Grand Sheikh Tariq, who the right pronunciation in another statement, he said: ((days of ignorance who is better than Allah for a people who have firm Faith judgment)) the great truth of Allah.

And then Dr. Tarek Sweidan displays for resorting to the rule of God in the Holy Qur’an concerning that wherein they differ Faihajna contrary to the great novels of the Holy Qur’an and contrary to reason and logic, such as saying the following:

An important point raised by Sheikh Suleiman al-Alwan, supported by God .. she said Mahdi Aadawa Ainade to himself and to the pledge of allegiance, but people Ibayah a hater .. and what happens with Yamani opposite of the truth upon which it relied year

And then set them for the Mahdi and I say: Yes, the right and wrong Mtaaxan and opposites do not agree you are as you are the creed of the Mahdi chooses in the ability of affordable if attended! You said to him, You are the Mahdi Vtjbrunh the pledge of allegiance, a slavishly, and the question arises, what Ederikm that this is the Mahdi Khalifa God that God made him the Imam of the Messenger of God, Jesus Christ the son of Mary, peace be upon them both? Is it written on his forehead that the Mahdi what Ederikm his personality and his image ?! Do you have a picture of him 4 × 6 How do you judge your money! What Ederikm that the Mahdi God Asfah successor to the worlds Is you the good of the order ?! But Matkdkm an arbitrator to the Book of Allah in co-opting his successor in the ground in the words of God:
{And your Lord creates what He wills and chooses what to them was a benevolent Hallelujah, the Almighty what associates the great truth of God}

Do you know of God even choose the Mahdi Khalifa of God among humans in the ability of affordable Almstor in the book, or do you not know why God said to close his angels:
(Onbioni the names of these if you are truthful) the great truth of Allah.

Because they overstayed their borders as they have no benevolent God Khalifa in which they choose not knows no better from their Lord until they say:
((Atjal where the mischief therein and shed blood, while we praise praise and sanctify you said I know what you do not know)) the great truth of God

God intended in response to his angels ((said I know what you do not know)) which they do not knows no better than God, so they would have the right to choose his successor without him Almighty, and mute God, what happened in the same of his angels did not Yebda them until God created Adam and his descendants with him in the back and taking Vontgahm the Charter of the offspring of Adam and then his successor, Adam knew God in all the successors of the names of God in the land of the first of them to the Final Prophet Mahdi and then presenting them to the angels of the Charter after taking them, and God said:
((And He taught Adam all the names and then display the angels said Onbioni the names of these if you are truthful)) the great truth of God

It is intended if you are truthful you know from Allah so that you have the right to choose the successor of God without him and then they learned the angels they are over with no right to them and have sinned against the Lord, and they knew that through the words of God to them: ((Onbioni the names of these if you are truthful)) They knew what it meant God by saying to them: ((if you are truthful)) Any if you are truthful you know from Allah so that you be benevolent in co-opting his successor in the land, therefore: ((They said Glory are not aware of us only what taught us, You are the Knowing, the Wise)) and Then God wanted to teach them in demonstration Khalifa al-Rahman that he will Basta aggravated them in science Afeelmanm unless they know:
((O Adam said Onbihm Onbohm their names when their names less pain you said I know Mystery of the heavens and the earth, and I know what you reveal and what ye conceal)) the great truth of God

Even if God Khalifa Adam proof that God raised up on the Angels Rahman Zadeh Basta in science and then God ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam and said to God:
(O Adam said Onbihm Onbohm their names when their names less pain you said I know Mystery of the heavens and the earth, and I know what you reveal and what ye conceal As we said to the angels prostrate to Adam, but they worshiped Satan refused and was arrogant and was one of the disbelievers) the great truth of God

Despite the fact that God had previously aware of his angels that will create human beings to be his successor in the ground, but his angels did not order to prostrate to him only after it proved Adam with evidence indicated that the Chosen One Zadeh Basta in science all of them taught them what they did not know as well as science is proof to those who make God’s people Whether imam of the prophets or righteous like Talot that God made him the imam of the children of Israel:
((He told them their prophet that God has sent you Talot king said that I have a King on us and we are deserving of the king of it was borne capacity of money said that chosen by God upon you and Zadeh Basta in science and body and God pays his wills and Allah widely Knowing)) the great truth of Allah.

To respond to the right and see:
(His chosen by God upon you and Zadeh Basta in science and body and pays his God whom He will of God and widely Knowing) the great truth of God

That ratifications to the words of God:
{And your Lord creates what He wills and chooses what to them was a benevolent Hallelujah, the Almighty what associates} the great truth of God.

So fear Allah worshipers of God and I swear by Allah the Almighty one that I am the Mahdi right from your Lord, and that the planet’s agony will pass close to Earth humans and then the night before the day what Khtabkm exposed saying the right of the male argument Allah and His Messenger and Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani! But your arguments Grand Sheikh Tariq talk runway ((Aoati whose name and his father’s father name)) and Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed respond to you and say oh virtue sheikhs Mahterman Tariq Sweden and Salman al-Alwan ye to know not that Shiites and Sunnis have differed in this modern big difference in the part him, and he (and the name of his father, my father’s name), but they agreed on the right to him, and he (Aoati whose name) and then agreed on the falsehood that the Imam Mahdi name (Muhammad) under the pretext that the collusion mean congruence and then judge between Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani and tell you all, Sunnis and Shiites are not something in the name (Mohammed), but that you will find the language and began to collusion means identical, but I dare you to prove that the language and began collusion mean the language and began matching the refuse will tell you Is it correct to say:

Match Tariq Sweden and Suleiman al-Alwan, the falsehood in the advisory opinion regarding the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani

We know you’ll say both Bjawabkm is not correct to say: Match Tariq Sweden and Suleiman al-Alwan, the falsehood in the advisory opinion regarding the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani

Health, but to say:
Colluded Tariq Sweden and Suleiman al-Alwan, the falsehood in the advisory opinion regarding the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani

As well as the right to say:
Tariq Sweden and Suleiman al-Alwan agree to falsehood in the advisory opinion regarding the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani

And then you say you do you not see that collusion does not mean identical but collusion intended compatibility ?! If Yakom The modern right (Aoati whose name) meant that the name (Mohammed) agrees in Imam Mahdi name (Nasser Mohammed), but because of following the application conjecture that collusion intended congruence Dileetm for all name or You do not find that name (Mohammed) agrees to a name Imam al-Mahdi (Nasser Muhammad) came compatibility position in my name to the name (Mohammed) in the name of my father to bear my name expert and banner warrants Mahdi fact that expected God did not Eptosh new messenger or a prophet, but God made an expert in My Name (Nasser Mohammed) Fabtosna God victories to come to you by Mohammed Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family so Nhaj including humans was Ahajhm Mohammed Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family (the great Holy Qur’an) True to the words of God:

(And Read The Holy Qur’an, It Is Guided For He Guided For Himself And Strayed Tell But I Am Omniscient (92) Say Thank God Serekm Verses Vtarafunha And Your Lord Is Not Unmindful Of What Ye Do) The Great Truth Of God, Oh Sheikh Esteemed Suleiman al-Alwan, oh Sheikh esteemed Tariq Sweden I am Imam Mahdi invite to resorting to the ‘Holy Qur’an’ God’s message to mankind is saved and the elves of distortion through the ages and generations of human beings argument God to humans until the Day of the people of God

the Almighty one and you are now in an era of dialogue by appearing and the era of dialogue by appearing between seven to nine and then God Azarna at all Humans in the night and they are humble pains Planet X amount of monster hearts throats and whitening of monster Hair O at risk for resorting to the male of all human beings obey God Almighty one before that night precedes the day to night over what you call planet X Is remembereth what had happened to Kfar at all mentioned before you, you not understand? I Swear To You I Do Not Exaggerate Without Right Nhajkm Statement In Prose, But The Right Of The Male Remembereth Is! I Am The Mahdi Imam Nasser Mohammed Yamani Claimed Sheikh Suleiman al-Alwan, And Sheikh Tariq Sweden To Attend The Dialogue To The Dialogue table in an era of dialogue by appearing ((Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani Islamic Forums human site)), but should you have to Talpua invitation of Imam al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani for dialogue in his free either be the Mahdi, or bouncing point being binds you protect the honor of the debt until the Imam al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani.

Muslims do not stray from their religion, if you’re seeing on the manifest error ((Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful)) it was coming and you have stayed argument Imam Nasser Mohammed Yamani albeit in only one issue of the Holy Qur’an For all supporters of the Mahdi in all countries undo follow Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani, although the imam Nasser Mohammed Yamani delete something from your data after you have stayed argument we so too all the Ansari undo my followers and that made ​​you between two options two either follow the truth from your Lord, or were for the rule of God in the verses of his evidence and if you were not Tsamaoha The judgment ofGod is better Alvasalin though you said would not answer the call for dialogue so as not to help in publicity say unto you, That wisdom stupid was the reason for the emergence of teams Mrguet of religion as arrow from a bow Imrq Vovetohm

imams wrong to kill Muslims and jihad against them as they do with you today because of malicious wisdom (not sire call for dialogue so as not to help in publicity), but they have a reputation despite your nostrils if you like it or not Vibonhm who have no sense of the cattle from the human beings that do not Taatvkr minds, but Imam al-Mahdi as well as the famous became the global Internet if you like it or not.

If you see me on the manifest error solution is not to have been subjected to invite dialogue but will Oftikm the right is that the bash to people that Nasser Mohammed Yamani on the manifest error so as not to be followed by a Muslim but you do not You Can Say Only! You Will Not Asedkkm But Who Do Not Understand,

But Those Who Are Wise Will Say Far, Very Far, But Keep Up The Imam al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani Argument Science And The Sultan Of Tight Koran If You Are Truthful Is Manifest Error Vzlkm Argument Between Me And You Credence To The Words Of God: (Say: Bring Your Proof That Stated Me And Said By Me, But Most Of Them Do Not Know The Right Understanding Exposed) Ratified The Almighty God And I Advise You , Tariq and Solomon Yamen Asaddan for the invocation of the Koran call that Taatzkran from now unfortunate Tjiban Rahman Day Tsolan why he did not answer the invitation of resorting to the Holy Qur’an and his followers Will

will Tguenaan Rahman by saying that we have not we can give The Call To Tighten To God And Follow The Holy Qur’an

Nasser Mohammed Yamani

Fact Not Evacuated Ogueny Front Nose! How Govern Your Money! The Argument That God Be Upon You If You Do Not Follow The Mahdi Right From Your Lord, But The Argument Of God Be Upon You If You Offer An Invitation For Resorting To The Koran And His Followers It Deliver You From A Painful Punishment, Either Are Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani Is Renewed Or Religion Or Bouncing Point?!

I Tell You That You Are A Liar And I Am Not the Mahdi (as the Mahdi is Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) actual Kzba

and you from my sin thing if you are honest it deliver you from the punishment of Allah O at about resorting to the Holy Qur’an with you in which you disagree Did you follow the religion of those before you, who divide their religion sects Each Party With And Their Happy

And Then Allah Revealed The Holy Qur’an To Judge Between Them That Concerning Wherein They Differ Credence To The Words Of God: (This Qur’an doth Explain To The Children Of Israel Over Matters In Which They Disagree ( 76) It Is A Guidance And A Mercy For The Believers) The Great Truth Of God And Invited Them Muhammad Is The Messenger Of Allah Bless Him And His Family And Peace For Jurisdiction To The Great Book Of God The Holy Vaaradwa Invite Resorting To The Book Of Allah Team Of People Of The Book

And God Said: ((Not Seen Those Who Were Given A Portion Of The Book Claim To The Book Of God To Judge Between Them, And A Team Of Them Assume They Are Exposed)) Ratified The Almighty God Will You Follow Devoured Therefore Oardtm Call For Resorting To The Book Of Allah, O Muslim Scholars Or That The Reason For Your Honor Yamashr Shiites And Sunnis

Is That You Are Waiting For The Mahdi Invite Muslims, Christians And Jews To Resorting To Book Sailor Lights Or Book Bukhari And Muslim And Displays For The Male! Then Respond To You Mahdi And Tell Pain Ask Yourselves Why He Did Not Call Mohammed Messenger Of Allah, may Allah Bless Him And His Family Peace People Of The Book To Resorting To The Book Of The Torah or the Bible, but he called for jurisdiction to the great book of God Holy Qur’an as it is not any distortion or falsification has been distortion of the Torah and the Bible universe Torah and the Bible with them juggle many fabricated from other than God, and God Said: (Though Of Them To A Team Colored Their Tongues Book To Count Him Of The Book And What Is From The Book, They Say, Is From God And What Is From God And Say A Lie Against Allah And They Know) The Truth The Great God

Of And Therefore Did Not Invite Them Muhammad Is The Messenger Of Allah Bless Him And His Family For Jurisdiction To The Torah And The Bible, But To The Great Koran Credence To The Words Of God: (This Qur’an doth To Explain The Children Of Israel Over Matters In Which They Disagree (76) It Is A Guidance And A Mercy For The Believers) Ratified The Almighty God, But What You Are, It Now, In The Age Of Sent Mahdi Is What It Was A Team In The Era Of

Muhammad Is The Messenger Of Allah Bless Him And His Family.

So Aardtm Also Turned Away And Said To God: (Not Seen Those Who Were Given A Portion Of The Book Claim To The Book Of God To Judge Between Them, And A Team Of Them Assume They Are Exposed) Ratified The Almighty God But Let The Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani To Announce To You The Result Is Now Mzquiha Department Right And Say I Swear By Almighty God Of Salutes Bones Which Rmam Because The Answered Call Resorting To The Holy Qur ‘ an that you do not ‘t that Themenoa the Imam al-Mahdi in question one of the great Holy Qur’an.

He was not immediately transfer but something easy and we continue to spare no Sultan most science to the scientists of the nation’s what their speeches for the ticket vulnerable and Magrhm in truth from their Lord, but Aptosna God to get them back and worlds to the Platform for the first prophecy Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, right, and right after, but misguided and peace on the senders and Praise To Allah Be.

Your Brother Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Yamani

[Net confirms crowd that what is published in this column does not reflect the opinion of the site,

 Does not bear whatever consequences and published here embodiment of the freedom of opinion and expression ..]

The Message from the Mahdi to Arab rulers!

Nasser al-Yamani




the Arab League warns of the consequences of intervention in Libya.

Urgent – a draft statement of the Arab League of Arab States calls for the speedy establishment of ‘the joint Arab force’.



Egyptian army announce maximum state of alert and preparedness,

on the border with Libya.


MEETING at the ‘Hebrew University’ on LIBYA:

Hebrew University decision .. unfortunately Arabic on the situation

in Libya and the suspension of Algeria on point No. 4.



IT WAS NOT MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI who was supposedly ‘murdered’ !
READ ALL 10 PAGES, please !

The one who was 'murdered' was not Mu'ammar

The Brotherhood Cannot Get its way in LIBYA !

Mu extremely sad



Preserver of the one and only Holy Islamic faith:

Mu and the Holy Qur'an

Save our Soldiers full of faith:

Allah, save the country’s unification,

and Allah, please Save our brave soldiers
(‘Operations room’)

Save our Soldiers full of faith

PDF 16 JUNE 2015:
PDF 16 JUNE 2015



We thank the men Libyan Red Crescent to their efforts countless corpses recovered from inside the contact areas and the exchange of detainees and other efforts that condoned by the media.
(‘Operations room’)

Mu deeply in prayer


Scandal Libyana 2015

Mass media center

18 juin 2015

Libyana scandal and Msabaktha Ramadan 2015
Libyana company in an attempt to violate the privacy of Libyans trying to get the national numbers to subscribers through competitions service …

Science does not have a law that protects data subscribers in all Libyan telecommunications companies, it does not have any warranty or death in the event of diversion of these data and trafficking.

Most of the Phalange and the granting of phantom gangs who are called ‘rebels’ that has been spent and credit cards have been leaking their data by telecom operators companies Libyana and Orbit and to ‘Libya Ilatsalat’ without the knowledge of their owners through lists leaked from telecommunications companies.

Leaking comprehensive systems of numbers with the name, address, phone number and identity card of telecom operators and spread on the internet and sold in stores communications at 100 dinars full Mnthomh.

It means information security for all Libyans when some boys who run the company on a profit basis means mostly one area, mostly belonging to the point known to all Libyans.
Libyana 2015
Libyana Competition 2015
Libyana company spying on Libyan


‘Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free’:

This is an insult for all Libyans. (GREAT SHAME):

‘February 17’ and their supporters, have the ‘curse of Allah’ !!!

(that is what has made us into this state of humiliation.)


‘Libyan father’, writes:
“Allah’s curse on the Salool ,, and NATO agents, wholesalers, their homeland and their honor to those al-Angas al-Saud and their masters al-Zioomriki.”

ليبية ابية
لعنة الله على ال سلول ،،وعملاء النيتو وبائعي وطنهم وشرفهم لهؤلاء الانجاس ال سعود واسيادهم الصهيوامريكي،




Smuggling archaeological statue from the city of Cyrene to London !

British al-Gareden:
The issuance of an ‘international arrest warrant’ for the MB terrorist right Ghaida Touati:

Ghaida Touati
(“Knight and Men”)

‘Falcon resistor’, comments:

supposed Arafa in psychiatric clinic !

slave trade in human immigration

Europe launches a military operation against human smugglers in the Mediterranean
Woe to you Qallkm commander of the Immigration millions.
(‘Militant Arabism’)


Libyan elderly man collects eat his breakfast

in the month of Ramadan from the garbage
(Allah is enough is yes, the agent SATAN !!…)



'Iftar', a group of our wounded heroes in Tunisia

‘Iftar’, a group of our wounded heroes in Tunisia.

Access all Tunisian consulate staff abducted in Libya to Tunisia.

 Tunisia closed its diplomatic mission in Tripoli headquarters and advised its citizens to leave Libya.

Do not blame Tunisia and their children on the cynicism of us in their programs of Ramadan …

Blame it brought us to this of course are our fellow citizens and luau fierce war Akhaddt us our children from all directions was the only Earner the military arm of NATO.
(‘The ousted Kadhafi’)

Mu shown over the TRIPOLI MOSQUE


SALAH BADI: HE IS STILL ALIVE !!! Official statement regarding Salah Badi’s ‘death’ is not yet published by any Fajar/Kasoora militias spokesman or by the illegal GNC in Tripoli….

On the 15th of June 2015 al-Naba TV interviewed COLONEL Salah Badi (phone interview)
Badi , one of ‘Fajr Libya’ ’s main commanders, announced a new operation under the name “Sumood” (This means ‘Resistance’.)

Here is the summary of what Salah Badi said in his interview:



The masks of many people have now fallen and their true colours have shown”
“There are plots being set inside Libya and outside”

“The battalions that were fighting at the front lines have now got together to form al-Sumood”
“The objectives of “al-Sumood”, are to confront all plots such as the Reconciliations and Truces. So the forces will relocate around the Capital.”

“It will be an active force, from 7 different brigades who will protect the Institutions in the Capital. We will prevent anyone that tries to enter the Capital. We will use extreme force on anyone who attempts to.”

“We report back to the legislative body in Libya, the GNC, the Government and Daar Allfta.


This is a very sincere issue, it is very important that we take this announcement very seriously. The latest UN draft states that all armed groups will need to leave the cities, yet Badi here announces that there are plots being set which could refer to the UN Dialogue meaning that he will not hand over Tripoli or pull his forces out no matter what.

Shouldn’t it be necessary that the GNC make a clear statement that they have full control over these militias and show the world where they stand on this new operation? (i.e.: THAT THE ‘GNC SALVATION [so-named] ‘government /REGIME’ ARE TRUE TERRORISTS AND MAFIA)

Badi Interview:



Salah Badi (Photo: Social media):

Salah BADI interview 17 JUNE 2015
Salah Badi creates “Libya Dawn 2″ as ‘Dawn Libya’ 1 crumbles
By Libya Herald staff. Tunis, 18 June 2015:

Hardline Misurata political figure Salah Badi has set up a new, smaller successor to the ‘Dawn Libya’ military alliance which…
Thursday, 18 June, 2015

Salah Badi met l’Ouest sous pression

La création du Front de la loyauté (‘Jabhat al-Somood’)

Sat, 07/19/2014 – 11:49am

Salah Badi is from Misurata. He was in the ‘Great Jamahirya Army’ as a Lieutenant;  but, for medical reasons (psychopathic), he was forced to resign in 1992.

Tunis, 18 June 2015:

Hardline Misurata political figure Salah Badi has set up a new, smaller successor to the ‘Dawn Libya’ military alliance which has been falling apart over the past two months.

The new grouping, in effect ‘Dawn Libya’ Mark-2, has been called the Steadfastness Front and comprises some seven Misurata brigades plus almost all those in Tripoli which were part of ‘Dawn Libya’ Mark-1. These include the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade led by Haitham Tagouris, the Nawasi Brigade and the Rada forces led by Abdul Rauf Kara (carte) ‘hater’, the Mobile Forces and the Janzour ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Knights (Fursan Janzour).

The declared aims of the grouping are, according to a statement, “to protect the security of the capital” and secure its occupants from abductions and attacks. It would do so, it said, with “an iron fist” and would not be open to any compromise.

In effect, however, its immediate aims are to prevent further hemoraging of ‘Dawn Libya’, stiffen resolve among those remaining, and ensure that the coastal road from Tripoli to the Tunisian border stays under its control.

The latter is seen as crucial. The disintegration of ‘Dawn Libya’ 1 started in April with two of the largest Misratan brigades, Halboos and the 3rd Force, agreeing peace deals with their pro-MAJLIS al-NUWAAB (TOBRUK) opponents, respectively the Warshefana in the west and the Magraha in the south. There was then a growing momentum for reconciliation in the west of the country with other large Misurata brigades joining the process.

In the past week that momentum has speeded up. Almost all the towns west of Tripoli with the exception of Zuwarah have now sighed peace deals and agreed that the Libyan National Army should take over security.

Pro-Libyan N. Army forces are now reported to be in control of a number of checkpoints on the coastal road.

Although the new body’s statement says it rejects all political negotiations or military agreements not approved by the General National Congress (GNC) and that it respects the Supreme Court’s decision supposedly dissolving the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab (Council of deputies) in Tobruk, it is not known exactly what its relationship will be with the GNC or whether it will accept the most recent draft in the UN-brokered Dialogue process.

Badi himself was a member of the GNC but resigned early last year, ironically over its decision to extend its life beyond February 2014.

Badi is known to be opposed to the Dialogue process, as is his Misurata ally, Abdul-Rahman Sowahaili,

Abdul-Rahman Sowaihalli in uniform

[a member of both the GNC and the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab] whom the UN tried in vain to sanction last month on the basis that he was obstructing the peace process.

Declaring Sharia to be the source of all law in Libya in line with the constitutional amendment passed by the Tripoli Congress just over three weeks ago, the statement said that the front rejected “any diktats or commandments from outside imposed on the Libyan people which reduce our sovereignty”, or any outside attempt to force the Libyan government into decisions that did not “meet the aspirations and goals of the (rat CIA-led  17 FEBRUARY 2011) ‘revolution’”.

Legitimacy in Libya, it said, was in the “custody” of its revolutionaries.

The front furthermore said it would address organised crime and illegal immigration as well as extremism and make the Mediterranean a place of “peace and stability”.

The creation of the new ‘Dawn Libya’ Mark-2 is also seen as a response to reports that a 6,000-strong force is being planned with the support and input of Misurata  which is intended to secure the capital once a government of national unity is approved by both Congress and the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab.

The Tripoli brigades that are part of the new group could probably put up a major fight against such a force. However, those in it from Misurata are said to be few in number although possibly highly motivated.



Misurata militias declare a state of maximum horn. Each militias and gangs of Misurata in the Gharghour area mobilized to respond to the killing of one of its leaders.




General Omar Tntosh, defense commander for the TRIPOLI REGION:

General Omar Tntosh, defense commander for the TRIPOLI  region



Green BMW explodes


The BMW explosion (green color), on the island of tuberculosis Qrgi.

Fire National Commercial Bank branch field before Morocco Hour.


Total collapse of the ‘Roma Libya ‘gangs in Janzour, who escaped, mostly with the progress of our ‘PDF troops’ backed by units of the Armed Forces from more than one axis.

News that signal ‘the passage of grass area south Janzour’ is now under the control of the Libyan Armed Forces.

Closure of main roads in Janzour by Brotherhood militias following the lead of our troops after four streets Bukhari which is less than 2 km from the city center.

Green plateau harsh picture of the home inventory attacked him and his gang by Akkla Giani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) tanks and 106 artillery and anti-aviation, in the plateau region, in order to capture his charge that the owner of the house was selling drugs. (He was killed.)




 Shooting on military police west gate al-Qrbolli.


A quarrel between two brothers gun yesterday in Qara Polly

ending injury and flighty mother shot caused the amputation of her arm.

to view the disgusting pics:

Suffice God and yes, the agent

Two people from Misurata militias were killed in the Damascus neighborhood, after their attack on a house belonging to someone who follows the so-called ‘National Guard of the criminal terrorist Khald Sharif’.





This TRIBAL-STANZA was written at the start (summer 2014)

of the ‘Dawn Libya’ terror in TRIPOLI , by one youth, concerning Zintan..

He predicted what is happening and has happened already.

All what you praise Allah on your victory!
Gervh al-Amilit Health San (poet)

‘Ommerr Ibrahim’, writes:
Forgotten what the poet said Army Maj. Gen. 32 tribes Hero.





Last night the fighting force of my brigade and some sheep Mahamid Rishvana of 5 cars with their weapons from militias of the corner after their escape, and leave behind the severity of war.





06/20/2011 Today we pass the fourth anniversary of the massacre of the whole al-Hamedi family.
(Oh avenged them and us
In paradise oh martyrs al-Outnbh)
[‘Militant Arabism’]



‘The lattice’

Ajeelat,'The lattice'

Log Libyan Arab tribes forces now to the new landfill lattice Suenah and most Ajeelat under control.

A state of panic and terror among militias ‘Roma Libya’
Basmavro Ajeelat

and alert to all militias left in downtown-AJEELAT
Market, after the news about the arrival of large reinforcements of stationed tribal-troops west of the ‘city lattice landfill Suenah’.



Found long-dead person in an area

belonging to the city of Sabratha.

Apparently, person was shot dead. Anyone Living t

o claim his remains? mysterious also as to who killed him …


Mohammed al-Anaas 'drowsiness', the military expert for 'Roma Libya'

Tktihy (fake/false) withdrawal of “Mohammed al-Anaas” (the military expert for ‘Roma Libya’). Then came the entry of the tribal army, ‘PDF’, and the ‘revolutionary committees’ that were protecting our Supreme Commander and Leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, within more than one city in the Western Region. But, we were ambushed by rebels ‘Dawn Libya’, who dragged some of us into the cities, in order to enter ‘Wattaya base’ through the back gate. [unsuccessfully, I add]

انسحاب تكتيحى
الخبير العسكري لغجر ليبيا ” ‫#‏محمد‬ _النعاس ” ، دخول جيش القبائل و اللجان الثورية التي كانت تحمي نظام ‫#‏القذافي‬ إلى أكثر من مدينة بالمنطقة الغربية هو كمين من قبل ثوار فجر ليبيا و هو جرهم إلى داخل المدن من أجل دخول قاعدة ‫#‏الوطية‬ من البوابة الخلفية



BANI WALID street scene


The death of ‘Waleed Mujahid Ali O’haibh Uttar’,

in a traffic accident in the valley area al-Mrdom.




MISURATA rial pan


Mn_mrusselna dakhl Masrath:

Violent clashes taking place in the Oboukran area

by the terrorist militia group ‘Roma Libya’.

All entrances to the city have been closed following the

clashes that occur near the area Oboukran.

al-Dbebh Ali and his family are out of the country,

after Swol and threats that his home will be targeted in Misurata.



There are clashes al-Mchacth area.

Oh Allah, decoding their families Laarahm al-Rahamin …may Allah free them…




Photos bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station.

bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station, 1 bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station. 3 bombing Electricity at Nofaliya station, 2

The death of Tahir al-Taorga ,a workman for

the public electricity company, after being targeted by warplanes.





Enables young people of the city of Ajdabiya have arrested many elements.

al-Daahleysal number of people have been arrested in the city of Ajdabiya, seven people from five al-Qaeda organizations, and three people from the organization of ‘Daash’.



Benghazi protests LéON and the UNO

Benghazi out shortly before the demonstration in Benghazi demand the departure of the United Nations Mission and to reject the MB draft of the dialogue and the departure of the head of mission Léon.


“The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to whom Léon wants to deliver power (in excess of anything they won in last year’s elections), were delighted.

Where the UNO is wrong, is in demanding that this particular remedy, [cooked up at great speed by the UN, not the Libyans themselves], should be forced down Libya’s throat. It is a … legalistic nightmare, starting with the proposal that Léon, a ‘humble’ envoy, will now become ‘chairman’ of an important governing institution, called ‘Libyan Dialogue-Team’.

Léon’s plan is complicated enough already, committing Libya to have two power sharing governments – one the existing recognised government in Tobruk, the other the State Council (GNC), which would be led by the Wahhabi-MB-led rebel militias of ‘Dawn Libya’, who hold CAPTIVE the capital Tripoli.

‘Libyan Dialogue-Team’, which would oversee their work and choose the prime minister, is meanwhile chosen by Léon himself. Léon wants to give the ‘delegates who went to the TALKS’, all kinds of POWERFUL POSITIONS in the ‘NEW LIBYA’, proposing to appoint them as a ‘Libyan Dialogue-Team’, a sort of Supreme Council, whose members he alone appoints, and who would help run the country.” [Included higest among them is Abdul-Hakim Belhadj, and all are members of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood; but there is not one from the Libyan Tribes, or the Tobruk Majlis al-Nuwaab !]

Bernardino Léon Gross and Belhadj, best pals

The Léon declaration, which he desires to be signed ASAP, also claims that ‘Libya was under a tyranical autocracy for 42 years’ (referring to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)...which all Libyans know to be a whopping WESTERN LIE, (as the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ was a pure direct-democracy, where the people did everything..and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi held no political position what-so-ever).

Is there any wonder why Benghazi is protesting and the LIBYAN ARMY is up-in-Arms defying the UNO ?


Mohi Kafali (of ZINTAN & JADU) comments:

Strange ordered these lunatics: Why Ingeron and conducting the country and the subjects of this dark tunnel in which everyone signed,

…but without them there who has the mind of a quarter to warn them of the consequences of what will provide him and from where they are now an exception?

What does it mean ‘money’ ? and you are not secure yourself and your home and all your home, and what concerned with power and you stalker everyone I’m sure that all of these icons.

may Tjaozhu fifty years of age and did not keep them from al-Ammerma. Make them bear this torment for Anamo the remaining age:

that long their age and was not the victim of a stray bullet before he got to his way wrote that his access? Western countries, which are Pthrikem for its purposes political, economic and ideological also mow them for this tunnel knowing, that these pawns are not accustomed to them to safety at all

and also learn to bring their various hundreds of years can only be achieved to pay these stinking sprinkling versus some loans

and Oaudbsulth an alleged Eetmknu will not have access to it because they will be the price. They will present on behalf of the West and Western countries ………

deliberately to write reached the nearest to the rolling of the continental find good of the Libyan General.

Mohi Kafali:
غريب امر هؤلاء المجانين لماذا ينجرون و يجرون البلاد و العباد لهذا النفق المظلم الذى وقع فيه الجميع بلا استثناء الا يوجد فيهم من يمتلك ربع عقل ليحذرهم من مغبة ما سيقدمون عليه و مما هم فيه الان ؟ ماذا يعنى المال و انت غير آمن على نفسك و بيتك و آل بيتك و ماذا تعنى السلطه و انت مطارد من الجميع انا على يقين ان كل هؤلاء الرموز قد تجاوزو الخمسين سنه من اعمارهم و لم يبقى لهم من العمرما يجعلهم يتحملون هذا العذاب لينعمو بما تبقى من عمرهم ان طال بهم العمر و لم يكن ضحيه لرصاصه طائشه قبل ان يصل لمراده ان كتب له الوصول؟الدول الغربيه التى تقوم بتحريكهم لاغراضها السياسيه و الاقتصاديه و الاديولوجيه ايضا تجز بهم لهذا النفق وهى تعلم ان هؤلاء البيادق لا عودت لهم لبر الامان مطلقا و تعلم ايضا ان تحقيق مصالحها المختلفه لمئات السنين لا يمكن تحقيقه الا بان تدفع بهذه الشرذمه النتنه مقابل بعض القروش ووعودبسلطه مزعومه لن يتمكنو من الوصول اليها لانهم سيكونون هم من سيقدم الثمن نيابة عن الغرب و دول الغرب ………تعمدت ان اكتب بلغه اقرب للدارجه لعلى اجد

قارى جيد من عامة الليبيين




Violent clashes in the streets of Laithi determine the Hijaz Street.

martyrdom of the hero Mohammed al-Akora 'midge' in Laithi before the ears of Morocco

 martyrdom of the hero Mohammed al-Akora ‘midge’ in Laithi, before the ears of Morocco.


The killing of five young people from Buhedama, Benghazi area and they are:

key Oraibi,

Hamid Abdali,

Ihab Ayoub,

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MAJLIS al-Nuwaab, 3

Quote from MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI on the ‘MAJLIS al-NUWAAB’:

“If people do not want war , and if the people want peace , but the war is still flashing , move the army killed the children , where is democracy ? Are people who do not want war , not the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ ?! if the deputies represent the people , not a protest against the war and support for the government , they are not; so, each office – is a scam . therefore, this proves that a deputy does not represent the people. The deputies did not act on behalf of the people , and this proves it . “


© Muammar al-Qathafi

“إذا كان الناس لا يريدون الحرب، وإذا كانت الشعوب تريد السلام، ولكن الحرب لا تزال تومض، حرك الجيش قتل الأطفال، حيث هي الديمقراطية؟ هل الناس الذين لا يريدون الحرب، لا النواب؟! إذا كان نائبا يمثلون الشعب، لا احتجاج ضد الحرب ودعم الحكومة، فهي ليست . لذلك كل مكتب – هو عملية احتيال. لذلك، ثبت أن النائب لا يمثل الشعب. لم النواب لا يتصرف نيابة عن الشعب، ويثبت ذلك “

. © معمر القذافي


The people of the city of Tobruk refuse to bury

the 11 components of the Tntam ‘Daash’ terrorists

in the tombs of their city.


Sahel exposed to indiscriminate beatings by DAASH and rocket onto a house doing vast damage damage.

Renewed clashes between al-Qaeda and Tntam ‘Daash’, in the city of Derna.

Clashes that spin in the dirt Haya between the Brotherhood and the Fighter and state regulation al-Asrailah mesh Matsouklha how some channels between parents and rule this war that is raging in Derna their base in ‘Baghdadi Bayaoa’ some parties and the parties who refused to be under his subservience.

Warlord Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has seized control

The killing of the terrorist ‘Bashar Darsa’ by unknown Ptndeim of ‘Daash’, a leader of the terrorist and charged with murder and liquidation:


 Libyan Red Crescent in Derna take away the bodies of 6 ‘Daash’ members, in the western Tuber entrance to the city of Derna.

Photos of the dead ‘DAASH’ in Fattaih area near ‘the University al-Fateh’, after shelling from VPL warplanes, of the flour factory B.Afattaih.

(Pictures Powell comments regret ugliness images)



‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’ warns of terrorist anyone who follows the terrorist organization ‘Daash’ (the B. al-Ambayah client of ‘Zionists Baghdadi’), and did not give himself up to ‘the Council’, is the target of murder.




(dirty USA – SAUDI Plot !!)

Russian intelligence reveals that the Saudi planned to bomb, using a U.S. missile, the Grand Mosque in Mecca and accuse Yemen of doing so.

Russian intelligence revealed today a Saudi scheme is aimed at to use a U.S. bombing of the Grand Mosque and its neighboring areas, with missiles and then accuse Yemen of those strikes, to protest to the world and the Islamic peoples; and in consequence to send soldiers and fighter jets against the Yemenis, under the pretext of defending the sacred ground.

Military experts expect the Saudi enemy, especially after so many Arab and Muslim countries refusing to involve their armies for the participation of the enemy’s army, to launch a ground war against Yemen.

Stressing that the victories achieved by the Yemeni military, reveal superiority on the ground. Saudi Arabia with US support, will pay to commit such a crime against the Islamic holy sites, because the bombing of Air Alliance Saudi wantonness has proven impartiality of the values, principles and ethics, through the bombing of civilians through Talhm bombing, most of them children and women. Internationally such weaponry is prohibited.

It is reported that the ‘German Deputy Chiefs of Staff’ said, in statements to the media, that the ‘Saudi army would not stand up in front of the Yemeni Army more than forty days’ and ‘one Yemeni soldier equivalent to one hundred Saudi soldiers.’


the-hajj-in-saudi-arabia mu-and-hajj-original

‘Black Libyan resistance’:
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أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة

المخابرات الروسية تكشف مخطط سعودي أمريكي لقصف الحرم المكي بالصواريخ واتهام اليمن بذلك
كشفت المخابرات الروسية اليوم عن مخطط سعودي امريكي يهدف الىً قصف الحرم المكي والمناطق المجاورة له بالصواريخ واتهام اليمن بتلك الضربات كي يحتج العالم والشعوب الاسلامية وارسال جنود ومقاتلات ضد اليمنيين بحجة الدفاع عن الأرضي المقدسة.
وتوقع خبراء عسكريون قيام العدو السعودي بذلك خاصة بعد رفض الكثير من الدول العربية والإسلامية إقحام جيوشها لمشاركة جيش العدو في شن حرب برية ضد اليمن.
مؤكدين ان الانتصارات التي يحققها الجيش اليمني وتفوقه على الارض سيدفع السعودية بدعم أمريكي الى ارتكاب مثل هذه الجريمة ضد المقدسات الاسلامية لان قصف طيران تحالف العهر السعودي اثبت تجردهم من القيم والمبادئ والأخلاق من خلال قصف المدنيين الذين طلهم القصف معظمهم من الأطفال والنساء وبأسلحة محرمة دوليا.
يشار الى ان نائب الأركان الألماني قال ان في تصريحات اعلامية ان الجيش السعودي لن يصمد امام الجيش اليمني اكثر من أربعين يوم وان الجندي اليمني يعادل مائة جندي سعودي
* مناضل العروبة *

Gen. Ali tells-off the European ambassadors

Ibrahim Hadian S’abonner, reports:

Gen. Ali al-Emad of ‘Ansar-Allah’told the European ambassadors at the ‘Geneva Talks’ :

“The ‘Front interior’ is more coherent than you summise, and the people of Yemen are ready to hold out indefinitely; also, we are not obliged to bow to external pressures that harm the sovereignty of Yemen …”


نفس الشيء يحدث مع المحادثات الليبية في الوقت الحاضر . و كل من اليمن وليبيا الصمود في وجه هذا العالم النظام / الهوام الوهابية الذين يعتقدون أنهم يسيطرون على العالم وكل ما فيه.

The same thing is happening with the ‘Libyan talks’ at present. Both the Yemeni and Libyans are steadfast in the face of this aggressive ‘world system’ / Wahhabi vermin, who think they rule the world and everything in it

19 JUNE 2015 TV Coverage:

News conference after 15 minutes at 6:30 GMT, 19 JUNE 2015, in Geneva for the Yemeni delegation Ibrahim Hadian preparations are underway and a large influx of different and various media outlets to attend a press conference of the Yemeni delegation which will take place shortly after 9:30 GMT Sanaa clock

and there will speak Hamza al-Houthi and Yahya Doad and Abdul-Rahman al-Saqqaf , ,

the conference will be transferred directly on the number of TV channels …

convoy Houthi Yemen … without Ansfat

convoy Houthi Yemen ... without Ansfat

‘The path of the martyrs’: writes
“this column Houthi of Yemen … without Ansfat”
:درب الشهداء

الرتل هذا رتل حوثيين اليمن … بلا انسفاط



 New scenes from the Yemeni-Saudi borders

View | Saudi military operation to storm the decanter

and mined site by the ‘People’s Committees’ and the Yemeni Army.

‘March’ satellite channel, 20/06/2015

– Believe the word










Brotherhood‘s ‘Ahmad Mansour’, is in the grip of the German authorities.



Mu, we send love w roses

Anniversary of the Yankee removal

Mu stamp of heroics

Mu announcement 11 June 1970 Mu 11 June 1970 Yankees out 11 June 1970

Ann. of Amer dismissal & Great Green Charter Aug 1988

the anniversary of the evacuation of U.S. bases from Libya 11/06/2014:

Today, 11 June, marks the glorious 1970 anniversary of that honor and proud of all are free peoples of the world

“1 anniversary of the liberation and clearing Libyan territories from unclean colonialism Cnbe evacuated five US bases,”

the most important airport Mitigua  airport (Wheelus airbase), which was formerly the largest US base outside the United States, and was known as the “base Wells US military or navigation “, and was held mainly by troops of Italian air in