Colonialists abound, natives eliminated

Mu finest

Warning Muammar al-Qathafi from customers and the greed of colonialism

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Mu w Islamic women

Sun shines on Mu LARGE

Sun shines on Mu

Sons East fadak to the Leader! FB PAGE

Hello yaharar …

Sir, the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi.

In his speech he explained and done it and he knew what to say and despite the tragedy did not challenge any cities

knew that and just more people and khair was a plot orchestrated by senior traitors drawler and cats quail when escaped Zucchini Commander
knows he will flee from Libya when the dog to her carrion feltdhb said … “Who are you and where was your and your ancestors …

He said Benghazi sweetie structure his bricks his bricks these are not folks. …

Sir leader knew that a plot bigger than any young man came out and said falling order.

… In spite of the richest cities and did not do the Jews but that the Commander was known to Misratah where free and ancient families of known and studied with them ….

Treason is not from Benghazi, but of all close relatives and even public radio network were impenetrable missiles infiltrated American …

As a MOM and a breakdown of the publication free p lobbied Facebook has once gloated us surge rather than defend Libya, retrieval and be one hand we’ve and we rejoice at the misfortune of being behind the keyboard (and every tribe growing on Tanya). We we we we … … We are who we are that we are free to be

abnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa leader Muammar al-Qathafi glory glory. Instead of using the keyboard and walalvad, all use of force gloated belselah mixing agents, know their moves and form a revolutionary cells of all cities.

… Either rants in Robinson and behind the keyboard don’t return home welaiakhz basar faithful martyrs.
Glory to God and his Messenger and the believers …. We like the Prophet related and peace … … …. Libya good old glory of immortality …. God and Muammar and Libya and ….

Let us be guys we have, and also be able Commander after Palm says kaomoooooooooo not listen to my voice !!

Long live the Liberal National for that matter of homeland and honor and religion ….

Your brother in the name of Al-tarhouni……………………..

السلام عليكم ياحرار … سيدى القائد الاعلى للقوات المسلحه العقيد معمر القذافى … فى خطابه كان موضح الاحداث ورويته لها وكان يعرف ماذا يقول ورغم ماساة لم يطعن فى اى مدينه من مدن كان يعرف ان الاحداث وفورة قهاير اكبر من الشعب وانها موامره مدبره من كبار الخونه ومتشدقين وقطط السمان وعندما هرب كوسه كان القائد يعرف انه سيهرب من ليبيا وعندما قال فلتدهب الكلاب الى جيفتها …. وقال من انتم واين كان اباءكم واجدادكم … وقال بنغازى حبيبتى بنيتها طووووووووووووووبه طوووبه هولاء ليسو اهل بنغازى …. سيدى القائد كان يعرف ان موامرة اكبر من اى شاب خرج وقال يسقط النظام …. برغم من مصراته كانت من اغنى مدن تجاريه وفعلت مالم يفعله اليهود الا ان القائد كان يعرف بان مصراته فيها احرار ومن عائلات عريقه يعرفهم ودرس معهم …. الخيانه ليست من بنغازى فقط بل من جميع المقربين والاقارب حتى اذاعة الجماهيرية تم اختراقها شبكة صواريخ تم اختراقها من الامريكان … وكلامى وتفصيل للمنشور بانننا الاحرار ف الفيس بوك اصبحة شماته بيننا عارمه بدل الدفاع عن ليبيا واسترجاعها ونكون يد واحده اصبحنا نطعن ونشمت من وراء الكيبورد وكل قبيله تزايد على تانيه …. نحن ونحن ونحن ونحن …… نحن من نكون ان كنا احرار نكون ابناااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااء القائد معمر القذافى الشموخ العزه ….. بدل استعمال الكيبورد وشماته والالفاض فلنستعمل القوة بلسلاح والاختلاط بين عملاء لنعرف تحركاته الالتحاق وتشكيل خلايا ثوريه من جميع مدن …….. اما التشدق ف الضلام ووراء الكيبورد لايرجع الوطن ولاياخذ بثار الشهداء الابرار ….. العزة لله ولرسوله والمؤمنين …. ونحن اسوة الرسول عليه الصل والسلام ………. ليبيا العز المجد الخلود …. الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس …. فلنكن رفاق القائد ونكون قد مسوليه من بعده الم يقول قاوموووووووووو حتى ان لم تسمعو صوتى …. تحيا الى الاحرار الوطنيين لان المسالة مسالة وطن وعرض وشرف ودين …. اخوكم باسم الترهونى ……………………..
 Mu lighting
Mu defies NATO

God willing, one Sunday will be the year New Year victory!

composed by كتيبة فتح طرابلس لتحرير عروس البحر / “Battalion open Tripoli to free the mermaid” FB PAGE, 04 NOVEMBER 2013–The opening of the month of Muharram 1435 AH.
The Almighty said:

(then of fighting that they did wrong )

of the One Omnipotent God, for Him will be this year’s new year victory:

God is Our Triumph

and joy and happiness fabsharo o our hero-coming

O sons of our heroic people Sharif coming victory, led by honest men Champions not afraid to die for the realization
of Heroes,

happy new year, my honest Libya victorious, God willing,

and the shame of traitors rats.

قال تعالى:(أذن للذين يقاتلون بانهم ظلموا وإن الله على نصرهم لقدير) باذن الله الواحد الاحد سوف تكون هذه السنه الجديد سنة نصر وفرح وسعادة فابشرو يا أبناء شعبنا البطل الشريف بقدوم النصر بقيادة رجال شرفاء ابطال لا يهابون الموت في سبيل احقاق وابطال البطل – فكل عام وانتم بخير يا شرفاء ليبيا المنتصره باذن الله على الخونه الجردان

Armed people and the Libyan resistance with the help of God and thanks to him will crush the traitors in the nearest time to

Ibiaaljmahirih will.

الشعب المسلح والمقاومه الليبيه بعون الله وبفضله سوف يسحقون الخونه في اقرب وقت ليبياالجماهيريه سوف

Green Victory

How we love you, O leader Muammrakaddafa Ahenw downright Aahrarma my words ..
We love you Our Leader

God have mercy on heroes

Image combines rare General Coordinator of the Liaison Office of the Revolutionary Committees Movement of the late Mohammed Majdoub, and our “martyr” fasting Muammar al-Qathafi:

Open battalion to liberate Tripoli Mermaid (FB GROUP):
Now and praise to Allah was Alsatarae on border

Libyan. Chad
Mass. Niger

Libyan. Egypt

Libyan. Algeria

Libyan Tunisia

Mass. Mediterranean
It was Tamnyha secure complete and forward the revolutionary struggle

Salute to Saadi Kadhafi man’s freedom fighter!

Sir Aazeim and tell you Astt been Astt

I defend the land and supply

In the coming days Saadi Gaddafi in a military uniform and his noble Libyan tribes to defend the Libyan

. East and the West. And south. And the region Alosth.

 (Astt, Astt, Astt)


Rider in the wastelands

Falcon Gaddafi writes:
F blessing upon you Aaahrar and Silks for the great conqueror:

How free and free Mushtaq for this day my father to be victorious in the green arena with the help of God ..

On Tuesday an official holiday by the Islamic New Year occasion

and will Monday is a complement for the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, and on Tuesday, the first day of

The month of Muharram 1435 AH.

The provisions of the month of Muharram

Dr. Nahar Al-Otaibi
The month of Muharram is the first month of the Hijri months one of the four sacred months have shown us our Prophet peace be upon him this month in the book of Allah, the Sunnah and the most important of these provisions are as follows:

First: thanks to the month of Muharram:

Muharram is a month of bones campus of Allaah and mentioned in his book, the Almighty said: {several months when God twelve in the book of Allah created the heavens and the earth day four denied that debt values do not have complained, including yourselves} (repentance-36). And honour God this month among other months named in the month of Muharram in addition to the same honour him and referring to that of himself and no one from creation analysis.
As the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him that Allaah to this sacred months including the month Muharram to what was narrated by Abu Bakra may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet said:
(that the time has been ported as a whole day God created the heavens and the Earth year twelve months of which four campus three sequences, with aOf argument and Muharram, and Rajab Mudar which is between Jumada and Shaban)
(1) would have a range of scientists to better the sacred months haraam, Ibn Rajab said: the scholars differed in any sacred months best, said Hassan and others: best of the month of Muharram and view a range of latecomers
(2) indicates this is narrated by women and other Abu dharr may Allah be pleased with him said: (I asked the Prophet: Any night and which months? He said: the good night stomach best months month God me as Moharram)
(3) Ibn Rajab said: “in this conversation (the best months) laptop after Ramadan as telling Hassan sent”.
One of the most important provisions of this month:
I. Prohibition of fighting:
It is the month of Muharram is forbidden from fighting Ibn katheer said: the scholars differed concerning the prohibition of starting the fighting in the holy month is replicated or arbitrator there are two views:
One: is it copied for months that Allah said here {complained not including yourself} and fight the pagans.
And say: that starting fighting in sacred month is Haraam and it never copies the outlaw the sacred month of the verse: {sacred month month no man’s land and sanctities Qassas attacked you, it is assaulted by as you beat} verse. Said: {If passes the sacred months, kill Pagans} verse (4).
The Arabs in pre-Islamic times and venerate was called the month of God deaf from it. Fasting in the month of Muharram of the best volunteer, he took out a Muslim from the hadeeth of Abu hurayrah that the Prophet peace be upon him said: (the best fast after Ramadan, the month of God that me as Moharram and prayer after the Fard al-layl).
Secondly: thanks to fast:
The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the virtue of fasting the month of Muharram, saying: (the best fast after Ramadan, the month of Muharram) (5).
The scholars differed on the meaning of talk may Allah have mercy on them, are indicative of modern Siam full month or most? And the modern phenomenon-and Allaah knows best – shows the virtue of fasting month Muharram, and some scientists on the encouragement of fasting in Muharram is not fasting, said Aisha: (I saw the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, never completed a month of fasting Ramadan, and not what I saw in the month than ‘ in sha’baan) narrated by Muslim (6),
but it may be argued that ‘ aa’ishah reported what she saw here but the text indicates the fasting month.
Third: the month of Muharram and Ashura:
Ashura is the 10th day of Muharram, and to this day the advantage and he thanks God it was appointing him and urged by the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.
1. thanks the day of Ashura:
Ashura is the day Angie Allaah Musa and his people and drowned Pharaoh and his people, Moses fasted it thanks and then avoided the Prophet narrated Ibn ‘ Abbaas said: (the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the city and found the Jews fast on Ashura, asked about this, they said, this day that God showed Moses and Israel built to Pharaoh, we honor him begins, said the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)(We first by Moses, it ordered fast) (7), according to a report narrated by Muslim (Moses fasted it thanks, we begins …)And the Prophet in fasting ‘ Ashoora ‘ four cases (8)
First case:
It was Mecca, which does not order people fasting in saheehayn from Aisha said: (the Ashura day fasted during the Jaahiliyyah quraish, the Prophet, which gave the city avoided and ordered people to follow and when I got the obligatory Ramadan Ramadan is that which he left fasting ‘ Ashoora ‘ it avoided wills and wills breaks). (9) according to Bukhari said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (he wants, let him fast and he breaks). (10).
Second case:
That the Prophet for the city and the people of the book fast and their glorification to him-he loves his approval not ordered-avoided and ordered people to fast and he is fast and urge people until they were they fast him for their children.
Third case:
Since the imposition of Ramadan fasting left the Prophet ordered his companions to fasting the day of Ashura. As narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh that the Prophet peace be upon him said: (the Ashura day of God it avoided wills and wills legacy) according to a report narrated by Muslim, too (it’s like that which so fast and the ball then let him).
Case 4:
The Prophet’s intention in another solo, but not which features him on (the ninth) against the people of the book in his fast as narrated by Ibn ‘ Abbaas said: while he fasted the Prophet Ashura and ordered his fast said, o Messenger of God: that on the Jews and the Christians venerate. He said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (if next year God willing we fasted IX) said: the next year did not come until he died the Prophet.(11).
2-the virtue of fasting ‘ Ashoora ‘:
Either the virtue of fasting the day of Ashura was indicated by the hadeeth of the Prophet narrated by Abu qutaadah may Allah be pleased with him said: I asked the Prophet about the fast of Ashura? He said: (calculated to expiate the year before).(12), if the fasted on the tenth day of the Muslim got this great remuneration even if solely it is makrooh, contrary to what some scholars, though the inclusion of the ninth today was the greatest pay to what was narrated by Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him said: (because I stayed or lived to meet lasomn IX), and the conversations and fasting the day before and after or fasting the day before or after, did not correct for the Prophet And as is well known even though both mean worship may be done only with a guide and may consult with the true some of these effects depend on Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him and this is the fasted Ashura yathrib and days before and days later or simply fast and he fasted several days only.
3. innovation in:
Sheikh Abdullah Al-fozan tag said: having gone astray on this day two:
A resemble the Jews took the Ashura holiday season and pleasure, showing symbols of joy kalakhtdab and perfuming, expansion of expenditure on children, cooking foods beyond the usual, so the work of fools, who interviewed with the corrupt, rotten heresy heresy.
And other range Ashura day of mourning and melancholy weniahah, for killing Husayn ibn Ali (RA)-it appears the pagan logo of slap cheeks and pockets, sing the sorrow, poems and a novel news that argument more than sincerity, and intended to open the door, and to differentiate between the nation and the work of his life gone astray, it calculates it thoughtfully.
Allaah has guided the Sunnis, they did what their disrespect for the Prophet of fasting, with similar care to Jews, and avoid the rush of Devil cults, let us praise and Muhammad.(13).
The scholars, may Allah have mercy on them that did not prove the cult of worship of Ashura only fast, and not in the night or perfuming or perfuming or expansion to children or otherwise not proven in evidence on the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.
(2) community knowledge.
(3) narrated by Abu dharr major women’s and Abu hurayrah narrated by daarimi, Ahmad Al-tabaraani and Al-bayhaqi and Grasshopper bin sufyan women walbiki and talk.
(4) the great Qur’an 2-468-469, Ibn katheer said evidence and respond to let us down there.
(5) narrated by Muslim.
(6) narrated by Muslim.
(7) narrated by Al-bukhaari and Muslim.
(8) see community knowledge 96-102
(9) narrated by Al-bukhaari and Muslim.
(10) narrated by Al-bukhaari.
(11) narrated by Muslim.
(12) narrated by Muslim.
(13) a message in the month of Muharram 13 conversations.
أحكام شهر الله المحرم
الشيخ الدكتور نهار العتيبي
شهر الله المحرم هو أول شهر من الأشهر الهجرية وأحد الأربعة الأشهر الحرم وقد بين لنا نبينا صلى الله عليه وسلم أحكام هذا الشهر الواردة في كتاب الله تعالى أو في السنة المطهرة ومن أهم هذه الأحكام مايلي :
أولاً: فضل شهر الله المحرم:
شهر المحرم هو من الشهور الحرم التي عظمها الله تعالى وذكرها في كتابه فقال سبحانه وتعالى: {إِنَّ عِدَّةَ الشُّهُورِ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ اثْنَا عَشَرَ شَهْراً فِي كِتَابِ اللَّهِ يَوْمَ خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ مِنْهَا أَرْبَعَةٌ حُرُمٌ ذَلِكَ الدِّينُ الْقَيِّمُ فَلا تَظْلِمُوا فِيهِنَّ أَنْفُسَكُمْ}(التوبة – 36). وشرف الله تعالى هذا الشهر من بين سائر الشهور فسمي بشهر الله المحرم فأضافه إلى نفسه تشريفاً له وإشارة إلى أنه حرمه بنفسه وليس لأحد من الخلق تحليله. كما بين رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم تحريم الله تعالى لهذه الأشهر الحرم ومن بينها شهر المحرم لما رواه أَبو بَكْرَةَ رضي الله عنه عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أنه قَالَ: (إنَّ الزَّمَانَ قَدْ اسْتَدَارَ كَهَيْئَتِهِ يَوْمَ خَلَقَ اللَّهُ السَّمَوَاتِ وَالأَرْضَ السَّنَةُ اثْنَا عَشَرَ شَهْرًا مِنْهَا أَرْبَعَةٌ حُرُمٌ ثَلاثٌ مُتَوَالِيَاتٌ ذُو الْقَعْدَةِ وَذُو الْحِجَّةِ وَالْمُحَرَّمُ وَرَجَبُ مُضَرَ الَّذِي بَيْنَ جُمَادَى وَشَعْبَانَ)(1) وقد رجح طائفة من العلماء أن محرم أفضل الأشهر الحرم، قال ابن رجب: وقد اختلف العلماء في أي الأشهر الحرم أفضل فقال الحسن وغيره: أفضلها شهر الله المحرم ورجحه طائفة من المتأخرين(2) ويدل على هذا ما أخرجه النسائي وغيره عن أبي ذر رضي الله عنه قال: (سألت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: أي الليل خير وأي الأشهر أفضل؟ فقال: خير الليل جوفه وأفضل الأشهر شهر الله الذي تدعونه المحرم)(3) قال ابن رجب رحمه الله: “وإطلاقه في هذا الحديث (أفضل الأشهر) محمول على ما بعد رمضان كما في رواية الحسن المرسلة”.
ومن أهم أحكام هذا الشهر ما يلي:
أولاً: تحريم القتال فيه:
فمن أحكام شهر الله المحرم تحريم ابتداء القتال فيه قال ابن كثير رحمه الله: وقد اختلف العلماء في تحريم ابتداء القتال في الشهر الحرام هل هو منسوخ أو محكم على قولين:
أحدهما: وهو الأشهر أنه منسوخ لأنه تعالى قال ههنا {فَلاَ تَظْلِمُواْ فِيهِنَّ أَنفُسَكُمْ} وأمر بقتال المشركين.
والقول الآخر: أن ابتداء القتال في الشهر الحرام حرام وأنه لم ينسخ تحريم الشهر الحرام لقوله تعالى: {الشَّهْرُ الْحَرَامُ بِالشَّهْرِ الْحَرَامِ وَالْحُرُمَاتُ قِصَاصٌ فَمَنِ اعْتَدَى عَلَيْكُمْ فَاعْتَدُواْ عَلَيْهِ بِمِثْلِ مَا اعْتَدَى عَلَيْكُمْ }الآية. وقال: {فَإِذَا انسَلَخَ الأَشْهُرُ الْحُرُمُ فَاقْتُلُواْ الْمُشْرِكِينَ} الآية(4).
وقد كانت العرب تعظمه في الجاهلية وكان يسمى بشهر الله الأصم من شدة تحريمه.. والصوم في شهر محرم من أفضل التطوع، فقد أخرج مسلم من حديث أبي هريرة أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: (أفضل الصيام بعد شهر رمضان شهر الله الذي تدعونه المحرم وأفضل الصلاة بعد الفريضة قيام الليل).
ثانياً: فضل صيامه:
بين رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فضل صيام شهر الله المحرم بقوله: (أفضل الصيام بعد رمضان شهر الله المحرم) (5). واختلف أهل العلم رحمهم الله في مدلول الحديث؛ هل يدل الحديث على صيام الشهر كاملاً أم أكثره؟ وظاهر الحديث – والله أعلم- يدل على فضل صيام شهر المحرم كاملاً، وحمله بعض العلماء على الترغيب في الإكثار من الصيام في شهر المحرم لا صومه كله، لقول عائشة رضي الله عنها: (ما رأيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم استكمل صيام شهر قط إلا رمضان، وما رأيته في شهر أكثر منه صياماً في شعبان) أخرجه مسلم (6)، ولكن قد يقال إن عائشة رضي الله عنها ذكرت ما رأته هنا ولكن النص يدل على صيام الشهر كاملاً.
ثالثاً: شهر الله المحرم ويوم عاشوراء:
عاشوراء هو اليوم العاشر من شهر محرم ولهذا اليوم مزية ولصومه فضل قد اختصه الله تعالى به وحث عليه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم.
1- فضل يوم عاشوراء:
عاشوراء هو اليوم الذي أنجى الله تعالى فيه موسى وقومه وأغرق فرعون وقومه فصامه موسى شكراً ثم صامه النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم لما رواه ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما قال: (قدم رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم المدينة فوجد اليهود يصومون يوم عاشوراء، فسئلوا عن ذلك، فقالوا: هذا اليوم الذي أظهر الله فيه موسى وبني إسرائيل على فرعون، فنحن نصومه تعظيماً له، فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (نحن أولى بموسى منكم، فأمر بصيامه)(7)، وفي رواية لمسلم: (فصامه موسى شكراً، فنحن نصومه…)، وللنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في صيام عاشوراء أربع حالات(8):
الحالة الأولى:
أنه كان يصومه بمكة ولا يأمر الناس بالصوم ففي الصحيحين عن عائشة رضي الله عنها قالت: (كانت عاشوراء يوما تصومه قريش في الجاهلية وكان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يصومه فلما قدم المدينة صامه وأمر الناس بصيامه فلما نزلت فريضة شهر رمضان كان رمضان هو الذي يصومه فترك صوم عاشوراء فمن شاء صامه ومن شاء أفطر). (9) وفي رواية للبخاري وقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (من شاء فليصم ومن شاء أفطر). (10).
الحالة الثانية:
أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم لما قدم المدينة ورأى صيام أهل الكتاب له وتعظيمهم له -وكان يحب موافقته فيما لم يؤمر به- صامه وأمر الناس بصيامه وأكد الأمر بصيامه وحث الناس عليه حتى كانوا يصومونه أطفالهم.
الحالة الثالثة:
أنه لما فرض صيام شهر رمضان ترك النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أمر أصحابه بصيام يوم عاشوراء. لما رواه مسلم في صحيحه أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: (إن عاشوراء يوم من أيام الله فمن شاء صامه ومن شاء تركه) وفي رواية لمسلم أيضاً: (فمن أحب منكم أن يصومه فليصمه ومن كره فليدعه).
الحالة الرابعة:
أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم عزم في آخر عمره على ألا يصومه منفرداً بل يضم إليه يوم (التاسع) مخالفة لأهل الكتاب في صيامه لما رواه ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما أنه قال: حين صام رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم عاشوراء وأمر بصيامه قالوا يا رسول الله: إنه يوم تعظمه اليهود والنصارى. فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (فإذا كان العام المقبل إن شاء الله صمنا التاسع) قال: فلم يأتِ العام المقبل حتى توفي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم.(11).
2- فضل صيام عاشوراء:
أما فضل صيام يوم عاشوراء فقد دل عليه حديث النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم الذي رواه أبو قتادة رضي الله عنه وقال فيه: سئل رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم عن صوم يوم عاشوراء؟ فقال: (أحتسب على الله أن يكفر السنة التي قبله).(12)، ولو صام المسلم اليوم العاشر لحصل على هذا الأجر العظيم حتى لو كان مفرداً له من غير كراهة خلافاً لما يراه بعض أهل العلم، ولو ضم إليه اليوم التاسع لكان أعظم في الأجر لما رواه ابن عباس رضي الله عنه أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: (لأن بقيت أو لأن عشت إلى قابل لأصومن التاسع)، وأما الأحاديث التي وردت وفيها صيام يوم قبله وبعده أو صيام يوم قبله أو بعده فلم يصح رفعها للنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم والعبادات كما هو معلوم توقيفية لا يجوز فعلها إلا بدليل وقد يستأنس بما ورد في ذلك فقد صح بعض هذه الآثار موقوفاً على ابن عباس رضي الله عنه ولهذا لا يثرب على من صام عاشوراء ويوما قبله ويوماً بعده أو اكتفى بصيامه وصام يوماً بعده فقط.
3- البدع في عاشوراء:
قال العلامة الشيخ عبدالله الفوزان حفظه الله: وقد ضلَّ في هذا اليوم طائفتان:
طائفة شابهت اليهود فاتخذت عاشوراء موسم عيد وسرور، تظهر فيه شعائر الفرح كالاختضاب والاكتحال، وتوسيع النفقات على العيال، وطبخ الأطعمة الخارجة عن العادة، ونحو ذلك من عمل الجهال، الذين قابلوا الفاسد بالفاسد، والبدعة بالبدعة.
وطائفة أخرى اتخذت عاشوراء يوم مأتم وحزن ونياحة، لأجل قتل الحسين بن علي -رضي الله عنهما- تُظهر فيه شعار الجاهلية من لطم الخدود وشق الجيوب، وإنشاد قصائد الحزن، ورواية الأخبار التي كذبها أكثر من صدقها، والقصد منها فتح باب الفتنة، والتفريق بين الأمة، وهذا عمل من ضلَّ سعيه في الحياة الدنيا، وهو يحسب أنه يحسن صنعاً.
وقد هدى الله تعالى أهل السنة ففعلوا ما أمرهم به نبيهم صلى الله عليه وسلم من الصوم، مع رعاية عدم مشابهة اليهود فيه، واجتنبوا ما أمرهم الشيطان به من البدع، فلله الحمد والمنة.(13).
وقد نص أهل العلم رحمهم الله أنه لم يثبت عبادة من العبادات في يوم عاشوراء إلا الصيام، ولم يثبت في قيام ليلته أو الاكتحال أو التطيب أو التوسعة على العيال أو غير ذلك لم يثبت في ذلك دليل عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم._________________
(1) متفق عليه.
(2) لطائف المعارف 70.
(3) رواه عن أبي ذر النسائي في الكبرى وعن أبي هريرة رواه الدارمي وأحمد والطبراني والبيهقي وعن جندب بن سفيان النسائي والبيقي والحديث صحيح.
(4) تفسير القرآن العظيم 2-468-469 وقد ذكر ابن كثير رحمه الله الأدلة والرد عليها فلتراجع هناك.
(5) رواه مسلم.
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Monday, 13 May 2013


   Nairobi, Kenya
Born in the North African desert, South of Sirte in Libya, Gaddafi was inspired by the speeches of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and became a committed Arab Nationalist. Upon receiving a history degree from the University of Libya in 1963, he joined the Libyan military academy in Benghazi. While in the military, he began laying ground work to overthrow the Libyan monarch, King Idris who he considered a pawn of the Western European nations. In September 1969, Gaddafi together with his other young anti-Western cadets in the army seized power in a carefully planned bloodless coup. He later abolished the monarchy and old constitution, and immediately started implementing his long-dreamed plans by first proclaiming the country as the new Libyan African Republic, with the motto ‘Freedom, Socialism and Unity.’ In 1972, Libya joined the Federation of Arab Republics with Egypt and Syria due to the mounting rise of Nasserism and Arab nationalism throughout North Africa and Middle East but the intended union of Pan-Arabic states never had the intended success and was effectively dormant after 1973.A similar attempt to join Libya and Tunisia also ended in acrimony.
Following the 1969 revolution, Libya scaled up its oil production capacity demanding for higher petroleum prices, a greater share of revenue and more control over the development of the country petroleum industry. Foreign petroleum companies agreed to a price hike, increasing it to more than three times the going rate in early 1971. In December the same year, Libya nationalized the holding of British Petroleum in Libya and withdrew funds amounting to approximately US$50Million invested in British banks as a result of a foreign policy dispute. In 1973 the Libyan government announced the nationalization of a controlling interest in all other petroleum companies operating in the country. This step gave Libya control of about 60% of its domestic oil production by early 1974, a figure that subsequently rose to 70%.

In 1977, Gaddafi changed the country’s name to the Great Socialist Popular Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah (states of the masses) and allowed people to air their views at people’s congress.

Contrary to western media belief, Libya was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic states after proclaiming the Jamahiriyah which underwent numerous amendments to reflect the people will. The nation state of Libya was divided into several small communities that were essentially “mini-autonomous states” within state. These autonomous states had control over their district and could make a range of decisions including how to allocate oil revenues and budgetary funds. Within these mini-autonomous states the three main bodies of Libya’s democracy were local communities, Peoples Congresses and Executive Revolutionary Councils.

Everyone was allowed to take part in local committee meetings to discuss issues and rate on everything from foreign treaties to building schools and many other developmental matters. The purpose of these committees meetings was to build a broad based national consensus.

One step up from the local communities were the People’s Congresses Representative from all 800 local committees around the country, who would meet several times a year at the People’s Congresses to pass laws based on what the people said in their local meetings. These Congresses had legislative power to write new laws, formulae economic and public policy as well as ratify treaties and agreements.

There are numerous occasions Colonel Gaddafi was even criticized in this local committees meetings, his proposals rejected by popular vote and the opposite approved and put forward for legislation. For instance, on many occasions Gaddafi proposed the abolition of capital punishment and home schooling over traditional schools. However, the People’s Congresses wanted to maintain the death penalty and classic schools, ultimately the will of the people’s congresses prevailed. Similarly in 2009 Colonel Gaddafi put forward a proposal to essentially abolish the Central government altogether and give all the oil proceeds directly to each family but the People’s Congresses rejected the idea too.

One step up from the peoples congresses were the executive revolutionary councils. The Revolutionary Councils were elected by the Peoples Congresses and were in charge of implementing policies put forward by the people. Revolutionary Councils were accountable only to ordinary citizens and may have been changed or recalled by them at anytime.

Source: “Journey to the Libyan Jamahiriya“ (20-26 May 2000).
Consequently, decisions taken by the People’s Congresses and implemented by the Executive Revolutionary Council reflected the sovereign will of the whole people. Ordinary Libyans made decisions regarding foreign, domestic and economic policies themselves unlike many democracies where elected elites dictate the citizens’ interests and desires. Democracy is not about elections or political parties, Libya conceptualized sovereignty and democracy in a different and progressive level.
One thing that mainstream media conveniently chose not to mention was that the United Nation voted Muammar Gaddafi as the Human Rights Hero of the Year, just before the NATO bombardments of Libya. The UN commended Libya for bettering its legal protections for citizens making human rights a priority, improving women’s rights, educational opportunities and access to housing, health care. Unlike many other nations in the Arab world, women in Libya had the right to education, hold jobs, divorce, hold property and have income. Today more than half of Libya’s University students are women. Libyans mothers enjoyed a range of benefits including cash bonuses for children, free day care, free healthcare centres and retirement at 55 years.

Under Gaddafi, education was a basic human right and it was free for all and if a Libyan was unable to find employment after graduation, the state would pay that person the average salary of their profession. One of the first laws Gaddafi passed in 1970 was an equal pay for equal work law.

True democracy is about democratizing the economy too and giving economic power the majority. When Gaddafi inherited Libya, it was one of the poorest nations in Africa despite having significant oil reserves, King Idris had let Standard Oil essentially write Libya’s petroleum laws in their own interest. But by the time of his demise, Libya was unquestionably Africa most prosperous nation. Libya had the highest GDP per Capita and Life Expectancy in Africa even surpassing USA, less people lived below poverty line than in Netherlands, its Human Development Index was above UK, US, France rivaling that of Switzerland. Libyans also enjoyed free electricity and interest free loans.
In the beginning of the early 1980s, he built the Great Manmade River at a cost of more than USD $33 billion, the project involved pumping “fossilized” water from depths of more than 500 meters, purifying it, and then sending the water to the country’s major population areas. Along the way, some of the water being diverted to the pivot irrigation projects which have been growing a number of crops, including grains, fruits and vegetables, and animal fodder.
He also financed the construction of satellites RQ1 and RQ1R that actually made Libya independent from Western corporations in regard to the telecommunications sector. He intended to help all Africa countries have independent telecommunication infrastructure that’s cheaper compared to the Western countries dependence costing nearly 500million euro’s annually from countries. This is the reason why NATO forces took time to completely shut down the Libya TV during the invasion.
Gaddafi played a prominent role in organizing Arab opposition to the 1978 Camp David peace agreement between Egypt and Israel due to his Pan-Arab philosophy blended with aspects of Islam he subscribed to. After being shunned by a number of Arab countries on the basis of extreme views on how to settle the Israel-Palestinian conflict amount other, he shifted his foreign policy from an Arab focus to an African focus.

His dream was to lead all African countries to the promised land of the United States of Africa that’s he was profoundly enthusiastic about. His tenacious desire was to see the United States of Africa as an economic and political union, an African passport, operate under one currency, have its own military machinery and be able to compete with the European Union and United States of America in bargaining for favorable foreign policy & relation. In 2002, he helped in establishing the African Union which replaced the Organization of African Unity that had been in existence since 1963, wholeheartedly funding nearly half of its budget through the Libyan oil money. Using part of the Libyan oil revenues that was estimated to be around $150 billion, he also helped fund the creation of the African Monetary Fund that he intended to help free African Countries from the IMF and World Bank debt and financial dependence. It said that Col Gaddafi was the one who saved Zimbabwe’s economy when the EU and USA slapped the Mugabe government with sanctions, he pumped Libya’s oil money into Zimbabwe’s economy saving it from its collapse.

Holding an image of a revolutionary leader, Col Gaddafi inspired South Africans to fight for their liberation against the apartheid government, he funded and armed the anti-apartheid movement as it fought the white minority rule later bankrolling Mandela’s 1994 election. Mandela referred to Col Gaddafi as one of the 20th century’s greatest freedom fighters and owed the collapse of the apartheid system to him and the Libyan people. Mandela went ahead and named one of his grandson Gaddafi, showing how popular and appreciated he was in South Africa.
Nelson Mandela once told western leaders that those who feel irritated by his friendship with Col Gaddafi can jump in the pool. He later played a key role in ending Col Gaddafi’s pariah status in the West by brokering a deal with the UK over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing that led to Col Gaddafi handing over Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi for trial in Scotland. He was convicted in 2001, before being released eight years later on compassionate grounds.

But a different twist into the Lockerbie story went unnoticed, three months after the Lockerbie bombing the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the rising star in Conservative Research Department David Cameron who is now the current Prime Minister visited apartheid South Africa. The two made a point of visiting the Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia which was illegally occupied by apartheid South Africa in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 435. In 1989, the Rössing mine was jointly owned by Rio Tinto Group and the Iranian Government, and was supplying uranium to develop Iran’s nuclear programme. Mrs Thatcher was so impressed with the Rössing Uranium Mine that she declared it made her “proud to be British”, a sentiment echoed by Mr Cameron. It has recently been reported that Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron concluded a secret nuclear deal with the apartheid regime during their visit in 1989.

On 21 December 1988, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, was the most prominent of the 270 victims of the Lockerbie bombing. In the months leading up to his death, Carlsson had warned that he would start proceedings against the countries and firms which had been defying UN law over many years by stealing billions of pounds-worth of Namibia’s natural resources. Among those facing huge UN compensation claims were Rio Tinto Group, the government of Iran, the diamond mining giant De Beers and the apartheid regime. Because the UN Commissioner for Namibia was killed at Lockerbie, none of those prosecutions ever took place.

In the years 1986, 2000 and the months prior to the 2011 civil war, Gaddafi also brought in an idea of trading oil with Gold rather than the dollar currency. Basically, he wanted to replace the dollar with a new currency for Africa and the Middle East called “dinar Africa” a gold coin entirely to be used in oil trade, a school of thought borrowed from the Austrian economists. This would lead to countries valuing themselves with the amount of gold it has in reserve rather than the amount of dollars rendering the World Bank and IMF which controls major Central Banks nonexistent.
In September 2009, he made his first appearance at the UN General Assembly, where he made a one and a half  hour speech blasting the UN Security Council’s high handedness on foreign policy matters. He referred to it as a terrorist organization similar to the Al Qaeda, tearing up a copy of the UN charter and demanding $7.7trillion in compensation to be paid to Africa by its colonial rulers.
If Africa was to do profiles check on who stands as a true Pan-African, then justifiably it is Colonel Muammar al Qaddafi, but sadly prophets are never appreciated at their own home. The modern day African “prophet” adopted a flamboyant dress-sense that always carried an emblem of the African continent or portraits of African leaders.
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”
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Charles Barron on Moammar Khadafy

BY REID PILLIFANT on 12:14 pm 17 Nov. 2011

“My point is on Khadafy, this is what people don’t know, about Khadafy and Mugabe and Castro and Hugo Chavez—all of my heroes people can’t stand—

is that once again it’s this whole idea of liberation and movement. Moammar Khadfay came into power in 1969 and…”

He paused. “Got a minute?”

Barron started at the beginning.

“He came into power in 1969 with a bloodless coup, a bloodless coup in Tripoli with King Idris. When he came in, he was going to nationalize the oil industry, so they hated him for that.

“What he did instead of nationalizing it completely, he said you’d have to give, instead of 40 or 50 percent of profits to the Libyan people, that it’s going up to 80 percent. They didn’t like that. He also stayed in power from ’69 to ’77. Then, ’77, he stepped down and said that he wanted to start the Jamahiriya, J-A-M-A-H-I-R-Y-A. And with that he didn’t want to have any kind of government, he wanted to have more of a people’s congresses. And he started the people’s congress and they, the people’s congress, were elected. He stepped down from any office. And the people in office, the ministers and all of them, could be led by the decisions made by the people’s congresses.

“In addition to that, it was Moammar Khadafy who supported Nelson Mandela in the fight against apartheid in South Africa.

“It was Moammar Khadafy that said he wanted the oil revenues to go directly—profits—to go directly to the people, not to government agencies who would then administer to the people, because he thought that they could be easily corrupted. And he wanted it to go directly to the people.

“It was Moammar Khadafy who supported the United States of Africa, a concept that Kwame Nkrumah came up with in 1955, ’59, when they were fighting for African liberation, and said, look, why don’t you just recognize these African borderlines, these are imperial colonial lines and not fight each other, and let’s build a United States of Africa.

“It was Moammar Khadafy who put $70 billion dollars, because he has one of the richest countries in Africa, in an African central bank so that African banks can borrow money from him at no interest instead of the IMF, at high interest rates, that would recolonize Africa.

“It was Moammar Khadafy that took his country from 10 percent literacy in ’69 to almost 90 percent literacy. 57 years was the life expectancy rate, moved into 78 years or 77 years and unemployment is almost non-existing.”

….”But to me, he is a hero. He is a freedom fighter. And America doesn’t like him because they can’t control him and they want to control the oil of Libya. And the geopolitics in that area. And they do that to anyone that they can’t control.”
“And America is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites….
…So please, it’s nothing but a bunch of hypocrisy. I could easily defend my admiration of Moammar Khadafy.”
He went on.
“It’s just not right the way America paints this terrorist brush on any leader of color that chooses an anti-capitalist path for the development of their country. They become the worst people in the world. And Americans are not told the truth. I would say 90 percent of Americans who hate Khadafy have no idea of all of the stuff that I just told you. And probably couldn’t even point to it on the map.”
This was the same day, but shortly before, a video went public showing Cain struggling to respond to a question about Libya.
“Let’s say you totally hate Khadafy and let’s say that’s he wrong, and everything you’re saying about him is right. First of all, two things, one, Khadafy if he is a problem, is Africa’s problem. Not NATO’s. not America’s. Europe cannot solve Africa’s problem. The AU didn’t say they wanted a regime change. The African Union, 53, 54 African nations. So who is NATO and the United States to decide they’re going to bomb Libya into oblivion and have—when it first started off—these 16 rebels on a tank before they went into a town you just leveled. Every time they went into a town shooting their guns off, I ain’t seen nobody shoot back.”
He laughed a little.
“Because NATO leveled the town! You and I could have walked in there and liberated those towns. So NATO can’t solve Africa’s problems. Those are Africa’s issues.

(pictured below is REID PILLIFANT)

  • REID PILLIFANT  charles-barron-rise-moammar-khadafy-and-fall-herman-cain
  • above photo: Charles Barron and Dennis Kucinich. Azi Paybarah, photographer.


Gomaa blessing of Independents and silks and many heathen to prisoners and families of martyrs and missing persons:
Gomaa blessing enshalla balbshayer miliana, who were alienated and Faraj Allah referred concerns the annoyed alzalanh, hearts,
broken God is captured and returned to the homeland who were alienated our exhaustion, and yakhedlna God SAA practising of the traitor, who antagonized us

TO OUR DECEASED GREEN MARTYRS, by   the FB GROUP  named “Leader Muammar al-Qathafi” القائد معمر القذافي      :

Will keep the Medal of honor for all free
Will remain a legend over time
Will keep a history supervisor is underlined by our glorious life
Yamin taught us the meaning of manhood, friendship, loyalty and faithfulness in a time where the lack of Manhood and honour
Will never forget you will remain always in our hearts
The paradises in the world a martyr and mole to be with the prophets and friendly and the righteous
O Lord
جمعة مباركة للأحرار والحرائر و للمتغربين وللأسرى ولأهالي الشهداء والمفقودين :
جمعة مباركة أن شالله بالبشاير مليانة ،،، رجع الله المتغربين وفرج هموم القلوب المتكدرة الزعلانة ،،،، كسر الله قيد الأسرى المسجونين ورجع للوطن المتغربين ضنانا ،،، و ياخدلنا الله الصاع صاعين من الخاين ومن اللي عادانا


The ADC O Mazlo baton ……. Above the flames of fire above ..

One witnessed the battle baton (Bliss)
Martyr Victor Mansour Ashhab God bless my hero.


The incident occurred in the hospital during the evening traffic of physicians requested escorts and visitors leaving the section temporary foreign and patio while waiting for women to end over doctors one anonymous launched women, but the bullet lodged in her mobile phone, which was in her hand and narrowly escaped death and is fine now and everyone has suffered panic and fear and have saved the spirit of invaluable invaluable Nokia 1210 people is worth its price more than ten dinars.
The image of a woman who was shot instead.Bullets baddy ytairvi halblad of where to learn graduated you bullet we ask Allaah to guide you to safety.

Russia raises the subject of the discovery of thousands of barrels of uranium is protected in Libya :روسيا اليوم

Russia raises the subject of the discovery of thousands of barrels of uranium is protected in Libya

Declared delegate Russia Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said his country drew the attention of the international organization to information revealed warehouse is not protected in practice in Libya contains thousands of barrels filled textured natural uranium center known as the “Cake Yellow” which is used as a raw material for the production of plutonium used in weapons Nuclear. Churkin told reporters on Monday November 4 / November he was raise this issue during a meeting between the Security Council and the UN Secretariat.

He explained that the reason to raise concern is the article published in the newspaper “Times” on October 22 that talked about the discovery of a warehouse in the city of Sabha

contains 4 thousands of complex missile anti-tank and 6.5 thousand barrels of “Cake Yellow,” a reality under the control of a Libyan battalions and practically unprotected.

According to the paper, this warehouse has raised the attention of al Qaeda, which displayed million for access to its contents.

Churkin said: “We have raised the attention of the Secretariat, it has talked with the Secretary General, and asked to raise the same issue on the leadership of the UN mission in Libya, and we said that we will raise this issue during consultations in the Security Council, and that’s what we did.”

He described the discussion on this topic in the Council that it was objective and yielded concrete results, “the head of the UN mission in Libya, Mr. Tarek Mitri said he had spoken with the Prime Minister (Libyan Ali Zaidane), which promise to address this issue in particular. Has also established in Tripoli ministerial committee special joint metric can coordinate with them. ”

He pointed out that the dialogue in the Council showed once again that Libya remains “the problems endlessly,” and “still enduring concern that Libya is a source for the dissemination of arms and related material to produce weapons of mass destruction in the region and beyond. And we will watch of course closely this matter.”

He said the diplomat said Russia formulated through discussions specific presentations. First, is the issue to a group of experts to the Security Council Committee on monitoring the progress of implementation of sanctions on Libya, including the arms embargo them.

“As Edna Send President Sanctions Committee message to the Libyan authorities expressing concern about and stressing our hope that they will look at it the utmost seriousness and will try to take practical steps to resolve the situation.” Churkin said he had dealt with “newly identical” with the U.S. delegation before the Security Council meeting that “understand our concern and said he was taken through bilateral channels of communication with Tripoli appropriate steps.” The Russian diplomat expressed at the same time expressed the view that the possibilities of the United States in Libya “restricted as well as the U.S. embassy in Libya is now in a difficult situation.”

المصدر: “ايتار-تاس” /Source: ” ITAR – TASS ”  + “RT”




‘s Second- largest oil refinery in Libya operate at less than capacity ..

TRIPOLI ( Reuters ) :: A senior official in the Libyan oil sector that is the second largest refinery in the west corner of Libya operating at less than capacity because of the continued closure of protesters to spark oil field .
The refinery with a production capacity of 120 thousand barrels per day , a major source of gasoline and diesel supplies in Libya and Ras Lanuf refinery largest refineries Libya and with a capacity of 220 thousand barrels per day , which has been closed since August / ..
The official said that in the absence of any indicators appear to resume production soon in the field of the spark which has a capacity of 330 thousand barrels per day studying the National Oil Corporation of Libya possibility of transferring the crude to the refinery of bed Marsa Hariqa in the east of the country in order not to stop working ..
However , the official added that ” the port will not be opened before the passage of a few days despite the agreement reached, especially in light of a national holiday solutions this week” ..

Abdel Moez Bannon writes:

“Authorized legitimate became Minister,,,
Food vendor became chairman of the security committee,,,
Aste Pizza became head of the security room,,,
Marine sergeant became the commander of the battalion,,,
Company employee became prime minister,,,
The citizen has become a political analyst,,,
And electrons technician became head of the party,,,
And taxi drivers became head of intelligence,,,

This is what Sayer,,, all respect for their work-Sharif and win them over before the revolution, and but Mesh Heca managed state!!!!!”


Depression forum:

“Alguendoz threatening the Libyan people and vows to each of the supported motionless 09 November
We say Altoar and Altourah owners will crush everyone and we will begin
The arrest of everyone, we owners Altourah and we we made
Zaidane is not ….

Alguendoz threatening the use of force which is one who Hasro the ministries and Vradw the insulation with a weapon, an official spokesman for Central Shield”

The RAT interim government decided to set up working groups to narrow the displaced in different regions of Libya , working under the direct supervision

of the Director of the Office displaced Diwan Affairs Council of Ministers, and complete its work within a maximum of two months from the date of issuance of the decision .
And chairs the working groups of the areas by the decision gentlemen Abu al-Qasim Ali Alguenatri team Tripoli area , and Yahya on Sognkh for the mountain west ,

the lamp Massoud Touati for the Eastern Region , and Mohamed Habib Hamid of the southern region , and Sami Mokhtar Maqrif for the Central District .
And formed teams of delegates stipulated decision to issue decisions nominated by the competent authority , the Ministry of Social Affairs areas,

and the Social Solidarity Fund in the territories, and every local council in these regions , the text of the decision on the allocation of funds acted as the heads of

working groups for the exchange of them work teams, to be settled in accordance with the legislation of the organization , the resolution also authorized the heads

of the use of those who see teams use it to perform its work , as the text of the resolution to grant a financial reward for teams acted upon completion.

Media the “Abdulwahab Chidiebere”

With Dou Conference lies on the number of armed rebels to come to the Conference and threatened community members will have voting rights only.

Conference member lying on the number of armed rebels to come to the conference hall and threaten members and review the strength ..

(WOW!!! This certainly is not “people’s power” which they knew under the Great Jamahiriya”!…only “voting-rights” and no say in-what their REPRESENTATIVES do or implement!!!)

Alassema TV channel capital
General National Congress decided on Sunday to withdraw the mandate of the President Conference tell Abushmin of …

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Channel:
Members of the National Conference year National Congress contend that dozens of members of Congress are determined to vote tomorrow

on the decision to disband the operations room Libya rebels and de – commissioning of the President of the General National Congress Nuri Bushmin.

Libya ‘s international channel
Member of the National Conference general refuses to disclose his identity, confirms the channel Libya International that members of the National Congress of the year by the Group of 94 may Tlqo tonight threatening messages on their own because of their intention to vote tomorrow to solve operations room rebels Libya and de-commissioning of the President of the National Congress Nuri Abusshmin, as the source pointed out that members are determined to vote tomorrow on the resolution , although there is a real risk of life-threatening and insist that the meeting be transmitted on the air.

Abushmin disrupts the decision to disband the operations room Libya rebels

An official source General National Congress in a telephone conversation with his urgent Libya , that the conference was about to vote on a resolution to dissolve operations room Libya rebels morning.
The source pointed out that the President of the National Congress year, ” Nuri Abushmin ” and abruptly decided to adjourn the meeting during the discussion of item activation decision NCP year on the integration of military formations and security individually, and numbers military , and the abolition of assigning room rebels Libya to secure the capital, Tripoli , under the pretext of lack of discipline by some members , which prevented the president ‘s ability to conduct normal session .

General National Congress decides to summon the prime minister, and the ministers of defense
And Interior, and Justice and the Chief of Staff, and CIA Director to discuss
The security file to the city of Benghazi.

Quoting from the media: On behalf customary

Defense Minister Abdullah bending said:
Libya rebels room can not be solved or indispensable!!

Bending :

it was agreed to appoint a military governor in Benghazi

Atmosphere of the country – particularly

The defense minister said Abdullah bending :

It was agreed with the members of the Conference of the city of Benghazi and the local council to appoint a military governor of the city.

He crease during a session of accountability to the General National Congress that there were not a specific plan for the joint security room Benghazi,

has been agreed to form a military or security force placed at the disposal of the room.

The defense minister stressed that they are in the process of restructuring of all units of the Chiefs of Staff in accordance with military rules .

The city of Benghazi tense security and the bombings of a number of official and private residences .

Libyan news agency …

Chief of Staff considered that the formation of military units in the past on the basis of a regional tribal sectarian , and support for large amounts of money

of the major problems that have hindered the establishment of the Libyan army .

The president of the General Staff of the Libyan Army that one of the most prominent problems that have hindered the establishment of the Libyan army i

s the formation of military units in the past on the basis of a regional tribal sectarian , and support for large amounts of money .

Maj. Gen. \ “Abdel Salam Jadallah al-Obeidi \ ” during the accountability of the government in front of the National Congress General to e > H units , which he described Baelkezmah which became dismantled now very hard can not carry out their duties , which are modular and fake exist on paper but are not present on the ground. He \ ” Obeidi \ ”

that these huge amounts of money spent on these phantom units if they are disbursed to the military units concerned to have seen the army in a few months .

News of the Libyan revolution urgent:
Ceyhan Paddy

Urgent agency Libya / Salah Paddy and gunmen storming Conference

In recess for members of the National Congress
Member Salah Paddy Congress in both sides of the dialogue outside the hall said: Libya rebels room without dying!
And almost hit one up!
The presence of some members of civil society institutions witnesses,
Because these models Libya suffer!
NSW it was the Asah not front to be a political office!
Not going State Baldraa not understand!!

Eyewitnesses from within the

General National Congress Member of Congress for Misratah ” Salah Paddy “

accompanied by an armed group opened fire inside the General National Congress,

apparently it ‘s an attempt to intimidate members of Congress and to adapt their decisions.

Has been a member of the General National Congress decision , “ Ahmed al-Saadi “ for the shooting and trying to steal his gun , with the armed group that accompanies “ Salah Paddy ” .

It is noteworthy that a member of the National Congress year by the Department of Benghazi , ” Ahmed pure” was stated in the prospectus tonight on Channel Libya Per Liberal , he saw after the end of the session the conference and out of the office , a member of the conference , “Salah Paddy “ and a group Mshalh fired one shot in the air and entered then “ Salah Paddy ” and with 3 people to the guest room .

The question that imposes itself now is : Will the members of the General National Congress to raise a case against ” Salah Paddy “ ?

Does the Attorney General will be able to lift his immunity claim to investigate the situation suit ?

Tomorrow morning, ” the voting session ” to solve the ( room # Libya rebels )

# Tripoli upturned night .. Shooting .. Chases !

“Coincidence ”

(Special Forces)

Member of the ruling MB Justice and threatening if construction were canceled room Libya rebels in Tripoli Tripoli will turn into a new Iraq ..

Lobo arrows exonerate himself from the room Libya rebels say that the decision to give Alsalehyat to Libya rebels room was

Mr. Prime Minister and Chairman of the Committee for the Defense!

Sadiq Gharyiani NATO Mufti of Libya Lefty prevent out against the extension of the General National Congress

Chairman of the Management Committee of the National Conference crisis General Abdulwahab Kaid:

Committee completed its final report, including the businesses that have managed to be addressed on

a file-ins oil ports and lack of water in the mountain west and extradite the conference within days.


Ahmed for pure now Libya free channel:

An armed group entered and fired in the air to intimidate us and there were set outside the Conference where Salah Paddy has been talking a name – been talking.

Ihdt only in Libya February

This pension rights sleeper. 12,000 dinars per month
45 thousand right car
Set in a 5-star hotel

And you how much your pension??

(Valley girl)

Chief of Staff:

What is configured Army, but are not partisan militias on the basis of a

regional sectarian tribal been disbursed astronomical sums on these formations.

Said Chief of General Staff Major General “Abdul Salam Jadallah” that stakeholders have some information that three sides involvement

in assassinations, but can not be announced to the media or the conference because it is under investigation.

In front of the National Congress :
Deputy Prime Minister
Formed a security plan will not be announced for confidentiality reasons
Suspended thousand element and Lhalthm to achieve in Tripoli to employees for security views
Anyone absent from work will stop and Aouhl to achieve and you can be sure of these instructions
17 million mandate to room Benghazi will see fruition in Benghazi soon
We do not say what we do not do
Confidential matters concerning criminal detective searching
We have the names of those involved in crimes Benghazi .. Know them and some of them has been captured
Once secure prisons to avoid reprisals
I’m not the group will !
Any director of security is tampering with public money would be to achieve Gallery
No one questions the national to Ashahyd Abdel Fattah Younis ..
What are the barriers that prevent the curfew .. This is a technical defense and interior Epta
There are technicians and experts have been marginalized but they will return to work , God

Abdulkarim Ghiryani charge of the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Education and the Libyan :::::

Press release issued by the Ministry of Education
Confirms the Information Office at the Ministry of Education to study continuous and systematic in all schools in Libya .. and reassures Information Office , Ministry of Education , all of the parents of our students , that schools in all regions of Libya is open to all students,

the NHL candles science, teachers Distinguished , who was and Sadil their role and their giving , pride and crown all Libyans , and urges the Ministry of Education, all teachers and students, not to be dragged behind any rumors or invitations suspicious incite to close schools and disrupt the study , under unusual circumstances experienced by our country in these times ..

at the same time confirms Ministry of Education, it is with improving the status of education and meet the needs of teachers in Libya , both salary increase , and provision of health insurance , and to create a learning environment that is encouraging, and the development of performance, and providing training programs and qualifying suitable ..

and confirm the legitimacy of these demands advocated by all Libyans , in recognition and honor and respect for the role of the teacher in society.

The Ministry of Education and the Libyan
The Ministry of Education requires registration in the national ID system for all employees in order to receive salaries starting from the current month of October.
In the sense that a person can not be obtained on his salary, but if it has been registered in the national ID system.

 Strike strike strike …. ……..

Conflicts about the teachers ‘ strike on Wednesday
Atmosphere of the country –

Teachers’ Union announced to education workers to suspend access to all school teachers in full in Libya on Wednesday morning on strike for three days if not responding to a number of demands.

The head of the Federation of Teachers and staff education and education Mohammed Toumi for the ambiance of the country on Monday , said that teachers in the Education demanding health insurance for teachers , and raise the salaries of teachers and staff education education by not less than 50%, regardless Moreover teaching by not less than 25% of the Total salary , and returns as well as discrimination for educators inspectors .

The teachers also demanded Toumi said the value of transport allowance for educational inspectors and re-examine the structure of the Ministry of Education and its departments and specialized support elements and capable of achieving sustainable development and the removal of elements that hinder the learning process.

The Federation of teachers and education workers , education does not follow of Aeltsiria Committee for the teachers’ union , one of the institutions of civil society, including teachers , teachers and workers in the education sector and education.

And confirmed one of the parameters in Tripoli survival Lafi that the school administration told them not to attend the next three days to implement the demands of the strike teachers education sector .


However, a member of the Steering Committee of the Teachers Syndicate in Tripoli Mona Bacouche , the denied the existence of the union calls for a strike and stop the study during the next three days .

She Bacouche atmosphere for the country that recently published did not come from the teachers ‘union , noting that the union rejected the teachers ‘ strike because of the situation experienced by the country .

She Bacouche that most of the requests of teachers were physical , while a student statement issued by the Steering Committee of the union applying the law of political isolation in the education sector , and appoint captain new teachers , in addition to the restoration and development of schools and increase teachers’ salaries and to provide health insurance for them.

Baccouche added that the statement refused to build or charter schools outside Libya fleeing during the war of liberation and demanded their return and complete their studies within Libya .

Referred to as the denial of the Steering Committee of the Syndicate of teachers comes after invitations fired and attributed to the union and was calling to stop the study in all schools at the level of Libya.



Libya summit channel – Libya Summit Tv:
Urgent .

Qaqaa Brigade declares a state of security alert . Lay an emergency .
In connection with one of the individuals from General

First Brigade of the border guards and vital installations and strategic
( Formerly Qaqaa ) spreads on important sites to establish security
On the western side of Tripoli …

(QaQaa BRIGADE shown here, below)

Declaration of a state Tawari by Saraya attribution of Friday Market, as well as some young Dahmani angle and by Shat

Mohammed amhaisn:
Some ambassadors are leaving their homes in the area in the direction of waldahrh Dahmani Andalus district in search of safer areas and Libyan foreign sleeper
And the President of the National Congress, asleep and asleep and the Chief of staff and Interior Minister asleep.

Channel capital:
The plane that hit the shootings subsidiary for Buraq company to come from Benghazi to Tripoli.

Mermaid operations room:
About the shooting in the vicinity of voices through Shat Mitigua.


Urgent Jaddaa hear vote lead and hit 14 in different places of the Tripoli including Arada and Mitigua and Shat street corner Gharghour Unknown details yet.

Urgent …..

Out an armed convoy of college girls by Shat ” Saraya Swehli ” and shooting from the camp

to support the forces of Salah Paddy in Achtbactha against the forces of the security committee in Tripoli.

Special Forces
A must for every area that insure themselves .

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel :::::::: Tripoli .. Gharghour
Government militias Gargour (Salah paddy forces) attacked the Friday Market  in Tripoli and the coastal road lock by revolutionaries Tajourah to the militias Gargour.

(Special forces)

One of the Friday market ajaylat Mustafa Ibrahim Al-ajili was killed shortly before, parents and relatives of the slain and exited into the street and beat the bullets

and text in the air and then one of them blew up a power station next to the Ballista clinic,  causing blackouts of some neighborhoods in the Friday market.

Whale eat whale and little effort die.


Tripoli khashah, 5-11-13
Muammar Gaddafi’s room on Paltalk:

The militants attacked the Friday market Gargour, Tripoli and lock the coastal road by way of clamping the Tajourah rats militias Gargour.



Abdel Moez Bannon:

Armed convoys toward Gharghour , , , according to a connection with a friend in Republic Street ,,,, ,,

and continuous shooting ,

Tripoli :: Gharghour the :::: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel

Hear the sound of shooting , 14.5 and 23 in the sky Gharghour , in addition to the Kalashnikov,

and the case of complete silence in the region , and of course the source of the shooting Misrata militias in Gargour villas and unknown causes

Occurred shortly before the shooting at the gate of belonging to the patrols as was the injury 4 members and burning two cars Toyota Pooh
It was shooting from a car Pooh and white color is now chased logic months specifically in cooperation with the dawn patrol Tajourah
According to the novel , one of the members Patrol Bicol Msarit specifically and fully alert patrol Friday Market.

Channel capital:

Supreme Security Committee arrest battalion command Eagles Misrata.

Tripoli now ::

Closing the coastal road along the Tajourah by rebels and residents Tajourah fearing the arrival of any convoy from abroad.

Libya TV network LTN:

The expulsion of members of the Chamber of Libya from rebels Rixos Hotel.

Libya TV network LTN:
URGENT: fired shortly before a group of Misratah fire on the patrol stationed in Tripoli astronomical dome , which resulted in him burning cars type of Toyota fox and Toyota Pooh
It is worth mentioning that the group that fired bullets were passing by the gate.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel :::::: Tripoli red fire

URGENT: Mermaid operations room confirms wounding four of its members and burning two vehicles , ” Toyota Land Cruiser” after being shot in the months in Tripoli.

We ask God for the safety of all

Alumblyxiaoy and a member of the conference Salah Badi almost kill rebels Tripoli today and came out Hashim humans running from the conference lead after shooting them
The reason that Hashem humans and the market and all revolutionaries Tripoli said

Rebels Room is resolved Libya rebels and receive the Security Directorate of Tripoli
Security and the Interior Ministry in the capital, and graduated all militias
Regional or ideological outside Tripoli, so the Salah Badi call
Rebel militia and they said to them, they do not want the rebels.

Witnesses assert hear gunfire in the vicinity of the General National Congress Complex neighborhood of Damascus, Tripoli area.

Penetrate  NATO warplanes Tripoli airspace center of population discomfort and horror kids..

Tripoli ::: now :::: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl the

A security personnel injured in his feet after he was shooting at the gate in front of the planetarium inspection accidentally Shat Tripoli and escaped

Island Planetarium accidentally Shat now

AM Corner :::::::::

Refinery gate locks the outer Corner of some citizens.

Photo: Akram Abdel Mawla

Medical Forum

Attack of the members of the tenth secret and some white thugs armed with weapons on student protesters at the Faculty of Human Medicine.

We will provide you the details shortly.



The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy _ Libya

Embarked General Electric Company and urgently for the maintenance of the damage suffered by the power distribution network

during the events the Western Riyaana region , and formed many technical teams specialized in the maintenance of the faults

that after the return of some residents to their homes , where the percentage of business.
Completion of maintenance in the region to 90% also hopes the General Electric Company of the Brothers of the western mountain area

citizens who intend to return to their homes to inform the company their return so you can return power to their homes.


Ifrane western mountain ::::::::

A fire broke out day in Atromet area in Ifrane WHDH area is a forest and many trees. Our response has said the cause of the fire a group of

young having fun Ballaab the firearms in a speeding car and mentors crackers trees Findla the fire in the woods and but locals Tkacfo

owners and owners of water tankers Kano may Satro on fire, thank God.


Friday, 30 August 2013

More than 50 cases of poisoning in the city of Surman

Detect more than 50 cases of poisoning in Surman after eating Agdah of expired, and the lack of control over the food coming into the Great Jamahiriya.


Killing two people from Egyptian workers in Sirte and the third is in intensive care, where it was the murder last night in the industrial district and away
from the city center Hawalli 7 kilometers, and workers are exposed to this area to the work of an armed robbery on a daily basis.
Clinics Complex was closed completely Sirte in the early hours of this morning on Saturday, after a fight armed attack in front of him last night,
and this led to the injury of the young Ayub Suleiman Alkrama by a bullet, which is in good condition today.

Sirte ::::::

An Egyptian Christian killed in Sirte by Melcaat of Ansar al-Sharia.

Egyptian people killed in Sirte region of the 7 – industrial district at the hands of gunmen who attacked the residence of the industrial district employment.

And demonstrations and sit-ins to the Egyptians residing in the city of Sirte

(/ / Special Forces)

Demonstrations of the Egyptian labor after one of her sons was killed in Sirte, and slogans condemning the murder, assault, looting ..
{God and to Him we return}

Exit demonstration condemning the Egyptians residing in Sirte protest the killing

of an Egyptian citizen by unidentified gunmen:

Information confirming the arrival of the stolen money to the Central Bank of Libya branch
Sirte not any other information on offenders.
(Wikileaks Flash e)
Mohamed boussedra
Good news for Libyans:-!!!!
Just came back from the city of Sirte, where you are within the Commission to follow up the issue of robbery nearly 80 million come to Surt from Tripoli’s Central …
I would like to assure our people in Libya that the situation was brought under control and determine the place and persons, a matter of time until the full amount is received.
It puts them back and try resolve the issue amicably without military intervention although there is sufficient force and presence of troops on their way to resolve
the situation by force the aggressors did not respond …
In order to assure all the people know that nothing algalout battalion and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, no to Sharia supporters …


Quoting / / Zliten day “and Comment”

Vote ambulances within the city of Zliten since this afternoon:

Seen since the afternoon of police cars and cars color Gray Special Forces black and ambulances which launches whistles and her ringing the coastal road on the way the hospital strangely.

Kicked off to the hospital to know why, but I did not get an answer.

Is it normal?

I know I wish it to be normal.

Who has any news on ambulances Vlikhberna the away from the rumors.



Misrata security and safety :::::::

Happened in the Court of Misrata

Happened on this day he had been assaulted on the court and entered by some criminals and thugs with their weapons and

lose assaulting prisoners have Haulo killed one prisoner , but God him did not take security officers or members of Battalion 154

who fur although they are in charge of the protection of the court and arrested . And did not Aflo anything about them and left

them to return to their homes without penalty was offensive weapons does jamon people to themselves after that in the absence of law

and with the complicity of some security men and members of Battalion 154 with militias. We therefore appeal to citizens to pretend

to protect the law and the courts and that this problem affecting the security of our country and sow sedition
We ask God for safety

(ES Libya)



الشبكة الليبية لحقوق الانسان libyan Network for Human Rights

Winter approached, Are you satisfied with the situation of women and children Tawergha in the camps, fear Allah, O Libyans and do something, Enough might O Misratah.
أقترب فصل الشتاء ، فهل أنتم راضون عن أوضاع أطفال ونساء تاورغاء فى المخيمات ، اتقوا الله يا ليبيين وافعلوا شىء ، كفى جبروت يا مصراتة .



The tribes east of the oil-rich Libya announces the formation of a shadow government

Tribes demanding a greater share of power and oil wealth since the summer, said the leaders of the movement seeking autonomy in eastern Libya by one , declared in the town of Ajdabiya, near the port of Brega on November 4 / November to form a government under which they called government of Cyrenaica.

Includes a shadow government more than 20 ministers were joined by Ibrahim Jdharan a tribal militia leader and former commander of the oil protection force in Libya, responsible for guarding oil installations.

The Jdharan was split from the central government in the summer and with his forces took control of the two largest two ports Ras Lanuf and Sidra. And accuses Jdharan and many others in the eastern Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and Salafists in the General National Congress of corruption and the failure to provide security.

Mr. “Hashem responded Ku” b-speaking southern rebels in name
Special permit, we appreciate the position of our brothers claimants by federal,
But we refuse to shut down oil ports by force of arms, and subtraction
Fed must be referendum by the Libyan people
And must on our brothers claimants by federal put an end to this
Problem because the losses estimated at billions, and possibly intervention
The country’s problems, we do not need, and this statement came after
The legal department of the Government of Cyrenaica.


Unmanned (drone) YANKEE aircraft for the first time at a low level over the city of Cyrene.

Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ


Defense Minister: Abdullah Bending…

“Bug that was present in Benghazi is the lack of a specific force to Benghazi operation room, and will determine the strength of the disposal of the commander of the room.”

وزير الدفاع : عبدالله الثني ..
الخلل الذي كان موجود في بنغازي هو عدم وجود قوة محددة لغرفة عمليات بنغازي ،، وسيتم تحديد قوة تحت تصرف آمر الغرفة.
Jadallah : There are three views accusing assassinations , and military units midget
Atmosphere of the country –The head of the General Staff of the Libyan army Abdulsalam Jadallah during a session of accountability to the General National Congress on Monday, that there are three sides accused of carrying out assassinations and bombings in the country, saying that the security crisis is ” comprehensive security ” it is the duty of everyone to work to end them .He attributed Jadallah lack Avsaha on the identity of these three actors that it is under investigation, and that he could not advertised to the media or to the General National Congress alike , as he put it .Military crisis
He spoke Chief of Staff for the presence of military units formed in the past on the basis of ” tribal and regional basis and sectarian ” state can not be dismantled now, explaining that he has signed exchange a lot of money on them, and described Jadallah to ” dwarf who can not carry out their duties on the ground .”Jadallah said that the former Chief of Staff Joseph ornately may he formed military units do not match the conventional military bases , and it is now seeking to restructure the military units problem in all regions and arming.Chief of Staff complained of army units assigned certain tasks during the training , which leads to overwork result of these assignments , making it unable to complete the forming and training processes .Collection of armsTurning Jadallah Speaking to the problem of proliferation of weapons , saying : “The heavy weapons are owned by the Libyan people and must be recovered without condition or restriction , and ALWAYS buy arms and light weapons as soon as the pricing was determined by the management of the Libyan military armament .”

He added that the lack of mutual trust between some adjacent areas hinders weapons delivery mechanism , and the government is trying to activate the contracts for the import of some of the weapons allowed.

The session saw today ‘s national conference held accountable Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Interior , and the Ministers of Defense and Justice and the Chief of the General Staff at the request of members of Congress from the city of Benghazi .


Benghazi, judges and their families are under threat and we can not protect them all
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Justice Minister Salah Marghany:

The judges in Benghazi and their families are threatened daily and we can not protect them all at the same time, which obliges us to take them from their workplace.

And added Marghany during a session of accountability by the members of the General National Congress on Monday: that the inhabitants of the neighboring

buildings to the North Benghazi Court prevented the maintenance of the court and demanding to compensate them for the damage to their homes.

The city of Benghazi seen since two assassination operations for civilian and military figures.

Abdul Karim Ghiryani charge of the Ministry of Interior:

“We have names Altamortin in bombings in Benghazi

Journalist Hussein Elmessallati:

Minister of Interior in charge: of assassinations in Benghazi (observed and are known and will be arrested)!!!!!!

In front of the National Congress :
Deputy Prime Minister
Formed a security plan will not be announced for confidentiality reasons
Suspended thousand element and Lhalthm to achieve in Tripoli to employees for security views
Anyone absent from work will stop and Aouhl to achieve and you can be sure of these instructions
17 million mandate to room Benghazi will see fruition in Benghazi soon
We do not say what we do not do
Confidential matters concerning criminal detective searching
We have the names of those involved in crimes Benghazi .. Know them and some of them has been captured
Once secure prisons to avoid reprisals
I’m not the group will !
Any director of security is tampering with public money would be to achieve Gallery
No one questions the national to Ashahyd Abdel Fattah Younis ..
What are the barriers that prevent the curfew .. This is a technical defense and interior Epta
There are technicians and experts have been marginalized but they will return to work , God

Abdulkarim Ghiryani charge of the Ministry of Interior

Escape room Brotherhood of Benghazi …

Enough is enough

Tomorrow after the funeral prayer will go Benghazi youth to topple the local council Muslim Brotherhood in Benghazi
Assembly in the tomb
Please publishing, and must be eradicated cancer ..

Page Logic

Parks Street Benghazi

A large spread now to groups of .. Preventive Security in the center of the city of Benghazi .. To impose security inside the city in a new plan within the insurance plan.

Shouted a demonstration of Benghazi now
Oh Island Pocket urgent,,, a government where footmen
O Benghazi Noda, come on,,, Noapk the Baau Judge
Link O Bushmin,,, Kill Louaïl wife Bo two years
Noda Noda O Benghazi,,, Kill your children Fish Traja, wife
Link Link O Ghariani,,, Benghazi in blood suffer

Benghazi now ::::

Aanori Aabusshmin killed Ali Bo two years

Cheers youth Benghazi now

Lock Street, “the Conqueror” in Benghazi

Jamal Street shortly before , Noda Noda O Benghazi .. Kill Aialk wife Fish Traja,


من شارع جمال قبل قليل , نوضي نوضي يا بنغازي .. قتلو عيالك فيش تراجي ..

Demonstrations in Benghazi shortly before:

Demonstrations in Benghazi now condemn the assassinations

Dozens come out in Benghazi and in less than 24 hours to condemn the assassinations taking place in the city for several months and claimed more than one hundred personal between military, Sasien and media activists and, most recently yesterday, when the officer was assassinated and his two sons and his wife.
It is now chanting demonstrators:

Wayne recumbent Yabu-sided … Assassinated Aabl, Buaamin

Benghazi now
Nody Abnghazy your going to Fish Atrajy on security

National provides service to query the Palmobail account through the application on the Android operating system

Program design ( Eng Faitouri the Rajab Alice)
From the Office of Support and Maintenance of Benghazi and works on the Android operating system and is available on many smartphones . And the idea that facilitates the process queries the customer through text messaging service . Through attached pictures you can see the main screen of the application which contains the button control , which leads to screen settings and can be through this screen, enter and modify each of the PIN number for the user as well as the number of service through the button Remember the client and thus avoids repetition of these Aladkhalan whenever invited by the need for any queries. , the stored data can be viewed via the View button . And return to the main screen enough touching any of the buttons service is sending the message CODE corresponding without calling for any new entry. On Air inquire about the statement of account or currency rates , the application displays the user in separate screen for each of the two processes to determine the appropriate option as the last 3 operations or the last 3 operations Add or last 3 deposit operations when inquiring about the account statement and when you inquire about exchange rates , the displayed screen allows the user to specify a price either buying or selling
The program was designed and developed to solve the problem of forgetting the client ‘s secret number that was given to him by the officials of the banking system , as well as avoid the trouble to remember the code specified for each inquiry or service number to be the transmitter is currently 16016
We also note that the program will soon be available on Google Play free – for – all .

Page ” National Commercial Bank main branch of Benghazi ”

Quick …Defense Minister now on Libya free. …Colonel Abdullah Al-Saiti is who will be the military Governor of Benghazi would have the specific power and move commands:

Commissioned Colonel Abdullah al-Saaiti as common security room Benghazi

Benghazi / Emad Agag
Spokesman said special forces “Thunderbolt ” Colonel Miloud cabled commissioned Colonel Abdullah Saaiti as common security room Benghazi.
And cabled denied – told the Libyan Nabaa – Helms on the tongue and Defense Minister Abdullah said on Al – bending Libya Liberal commissioned Saaiti the military governor of the city.
The defense minister said Abdullah crease in time earlier this morning during a session of accountability held by the conference home -General that there were not any specific plan for the room shared security in Benghazi , had been agreement on the formation of a military force or security are placed at the disposal of the security room in common.
Bending confirmed that they will make a new structure for all units of the presidency of the General Staff in accordance with the rules and principles of modern military .
The city of Benghazi tense security and the bombings of a number of official and private residences .

The operations room cry. … .. Day to now Benghazi invalid mode..Invalid fully all the streets of Benghazi, Bonbons, delirious image from elrowissat. Body El-barghati:

Youth Almajor Aagaflon the street and call for civil disobedience in all regions of Benghazi
A must for every area that insure themselves .

(Hear) radio program

Post has now proceeded from the Tibesti El Bab.
Angry demonstrators. Benghazi in the field.

Benghazi night

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Strong Libya
Mohammed Bazaza:
40 minutes ago from now, at 12:35 on Monday evening ! ! ! A convoy of troops bolt secures the transfer of

weapons and ammunition from a region to stun camp Benghazi .. It seems that what awaits him Colonel Bouchmadh , arrived ..

For security reasons did not shoot the convoy nor the ammunition.

Hani Al Oraibi official media Hawari General Hospital Libya ‘s international channel :

This young man was called shots in the air from a pistol voted for gun located on the face and
Stuck because of the heat has been a shift from Biar area to Hawari General Hospital
Benghazi has been the eradication of the pistol from his face after he held his Dr. Siraj Alzentani ,
Consultant in Neurosurgery successful surgery and is now in the hospital and
Good health.

Benghazi Naeidah and Hilh now

Baraka now …




The eighth force picket in front of the Central Bank of Libya Sabha Sebha demanding tangible benefits:



Soros To Support Hillary Super PAC

by B. Christopher Agee

cvrcak1 (Creative Commons)

According to recent reports, billionaire leftist George Soros has committed his support to Ready for Hillary, a political action committee designed to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Soros’ political director Michael Vachon said the famed investor “is delighted to join more than one million Americans in supporting Ready for Hillary,” indicating the move “is an extension of his long-held belief in the power of grassroots organizing.”

As a member of super PAC, Soros is required to make at least $25,000 in contributions — either through personal donations or fundraising efforts — to the organization organized by supporters of the former First Lady.

Ready for Hillary executive director Adam Parkhomenko said the PAC is concerned with “giving her the time to make the decision” regarding a White House bid while “knowing that there’s an operation out there of grassroots supporters who are organizing.”

Though it might seem odd to mention Soros in the same breath as a grassroots campaign, he is just one of several wealthy donors involved in the PAC.

The group is also involved in other campaigns, according to spokesman Seth Bringman, who said its “strategy is to amplify what Hillary is doing and promote the candidates she is out there advocating for.”

Thus far, Clinton herself has not been involved in the goings on of Ready for Hillary, though plenty of her former political allies and personal friends occupy positions of authority within the group.

The likely 2016 candidate has previously stated she wants to align herself with more grassroots efforts instead of other super PACs such as Priorities USA. That organization was instrumental in Obama’s re-election campaign and also counts Soros among its supporters.

Having such a radical ideologue as a vocal supporter might resonate with the extreme left in Clinton’s camp, though the outrageous policies Soros has endorsed in the past will only proliferate Clinton’s image among much of the U.S. as an out-of-touch elitist.

(B. Christopher Agee)

Photo Credit:  (Creative Commons)






Media Fabrications and the War on Syria: How the Western Press Parrots Israeli Propaganda

Global Research, 03 November  2013

In a report titled “Hezbollah shows strain of Syria war”, The Guardian’s Middle East Editor Ian Black, explains to the reader that Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah “sounds more troubled than defiant when he talks about the Syrian war these days”.

Black doesn’t offer the reader a link to Nasrallah’s latest speech to check, nor any translation off this supposed “troubled” tone, nor indeed a single quote. Instead Black offers the reader his own insight into the Hezbollah leaders mindset, bolstered by none other than Zionist agitprop extraordinaire: Matt Levitt. The Guardian also fail to disclose Mr. Levitts’ correct bio, or the fact he is employed by the propaganda arm of the Israel lobby (AIPAC), otherwise known as the Washington institute for Near East Policy, (WINEP).

It comes across as immediately contradictory, then, that Black follows this baseless assertion with a reminder that Nasrallah “lambasted” Saudi Arabia for trying to block a political solution in Syria. It’s almost as if Black is disappointed that his subject isn’t calling for further bloodshed. Not only did Nasrallah “lambast” Saudi Arabia, he pointed the finger at the Saud monarchy for the continuing violence, alluding to the Saudis proxy in Lebanon (March 14/Hariri), Nasrallah said: “All the events in Syria are tied to the events in Lebanon because there is a certain party that has linked everything in Lebanon to what is happening in Syria. They are disrupting political life as they wait for the result of the events in Syria to impose their own conditions.”

Further, in a more direct attack on the Saudis, Nasrallah states: “Saudi Arabia is angry with the way things are going in Syria and is seeking to disrupt and postpone the Geneva II Conference. Disrupting the political solution in Syria means more destruction, more victims, more killing.” Troubled, maybe, but a lack of defiance?

The Guardian report goes on to state that “Thousands of [Hezbollah] men have been deployed in Damascus, Deraa, Homs and Aleppo. Casualty figures are estimated at around 200 killed.” The vague number of “thousands” is a rather broad term, is it two thousand, or ten thousand? Mr. Black, nor the Guardian, have the faintest idea, but “thousands” sounds about right; the Israeli’s favourite American propagandist Matt Levitt told them no doubt. Black’s report claims the organisation is “fatigued and overstretched”, again, he doesn’t provide any evidence for this description, nor a name for the quote itself, it’s just an anonymous breath of fresh air that Black expects his reader to lap-up without question, the author is quite literally placing unattributable, baseless, fabrications to fit his desired narrative.

Black tells the reader that “blowback” has come to Lebanon, as a result of Hezbollah’s incursion into Syria, he again fails to add the relevant context that Lebanese/Syrian border towns had been attacked by extremist Syrian “rebels” for months prior to Hezbollah taking any action. Moreover, Black omits that Al Qaeda ideologues and extremists have used Lebanon’s porous border with Syria as a staging ground and logistics hub to launch the Syrian insurgency since virtually the first week of the crisis; feeding fighters and arms through sympathetic parties – including members of the March 14th alliance MP Okab Sakr and the assassinated former intelligence Chief Wissam a-Hassan to name but two. “Blowback” was indeed inevitable, whether Hezbollah made attempts to curtail this Saudi/Hariri arms pipeline to Al Qaeda in Syria, or not.

Without a single mention of the complete illegality of such aggression, Black then goes on to describe how Israel’s latest extra-judicial murder through air-strike is a “set-back” for Hezbollah, the sixth “raid” in the last few months no less! Aren’t those Israeli’s just great guys? Of course, the target – and we all know how well Israel hit their targets – were supposed SAM’s being transferred from Syria to Hezbollah. Again, not a scrap of evidence has been provided for this claim, or the airstrike itself, other than vague reports from opposition belligerents and eager-to-leak anonymous US “officials”. Equally disconcerting, Black fails to mention that even if such deliveries were being made to Hezbollah, the Israeli “raids” are still a total violation of International Law. Not only this, a surface to air missile system is zero “threat” to his beloved Israel, these systems serve one purpose: shooting things out of the sky. It is primarily a defensive weapon ostensibly used against attacking aircraft; you know, the Israeli aircraft that flaunt international law and bomb Arab countries and murder their civilians with impunity. In the Guardian and Ian Blacks’ eyes, such deterrence is a no-go, indeed, Black points out with glee the new possibilities the Syria conflict has provided the Israeli airforce: “The lesson is that the war in Syria, now in its third bloody year, makes it much easier for the Israelis to strike at Hezbollah without provoking a response. Nasrallah and Assad already have quite enough on their plates.” Blacks’ disguised pleasure in Israel’s new-found ease to bomb Arabs with impunity seems hard for him to conceal.

An equally fact-free assumption follows when Black states that: “Iran’s support for Assad [is] probably far more significant than assistance to the rebels from the Gulf states”. There are a multitude of things wrong with this vapid sentence. Does an editor often include “probably” when discussing such issues? Does Mr. Black provide any evidence that his assumption may be held in fact and not fantasy? And does Mr. Black realise, after three years of having the opportunity, that the Syrian Army and Government is a state-actor perfectly entitled to receive any support it requires from its allies? On the other hand, the “rebels” are a plethora of non-state extremist and criminal militia waging a terrorist insurgency upon a state and its infrastructure. Yet, for some strange reason, Mr. Black continues to place these two belligerents on some sort of moral and legal equal footing. Black attempts to bolster this blatant duplicity with a link to the recently released footage of Iranian revolutionary guards operating in Syria: This dubious “evidence” of “far more significant” Iranian assistance – even if proven – pales in comparison to the tonnes of footage of foreign fighters, and reems of reports on the foreign actors arming and funding the opposition to the tune of billions of dollars. It is virtually the first time in almost three years that IRGC personnel have allegedly been seen in Syria.

Black ends his Israeli propaganda fluff-piece by pitching “terrorist expert” Mathew Levitt’s latest book of fabrications and baseless speculation. Alluding to the marine barracks bombing of October 1983, Black tells us that the “US intercepted” a message (yes, you guessed it, the ever-trustworthy Middle East SIGINT of the US, aka: Israel) from the Iranian intelligence ministry to their Damascus ambassador: “It instructed Iran’s ambassador in Damascus, Ali Akbar Mohtashemi, to contact Hussein al-Musawi, the leader of Islamic Amal (a precursor to Hezbollah) and to direct him to “take spectacular action” against the Americans. The warning did not prevent the attack, which killed 241 US and 58 French personnel.” Contrary to this “precursor” narrative, and in spite of decades of strenuous Israeli/American efforts to tie Hezbollah directly to the marine barracks attack; there is zero evidence to suggest that Hezbollah as a formal group participated in the bombing.

Black is once again playing loose with the facts. Musawi was indeed a founding member of Islamic Amal, a splinter group of the Shi’a Amal movement (an intermittent foe of Hezbollah) formed during the Lebanese civil war, and indeed, his group did pledge allegiance to Iran. Musawi himself later joined Hezbollah and served on the consultative council – before Israel assassinated him. Accordingly, there were several such Shi’a groups operating at the time of the civil war, most of which became part of Hezbollah prior to its official formation in 1985 – two years after the marine barracks bombing. Whether Musawi and others participated in the bombing and subsequently became members of Hezbollah is far too nuanced a point to include in this pathetic attempt to demonize Israel’s enemy.

Black’s article provides yet another example of how western Middle East Editors, when discussing the Arab world, invariably parrot Israeli propaganda with scant regard for relevant context or the facts.

Phil Greaves is a UK based writer/analyst, focusing on UK/US Foreign Policy and conflict analysis in the Middle East post WWII.



Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi (FB GROUP):
The President of the Parliament of Venezuela:-
“We will in the next few days, open the by-line of the largest of streets in Venezuela, and we will call it by the name of leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
(Wadman Nasr Mansur)

Fizzle or Soon Triumph?

Mu world Hero

God preserves and protects and help you free and حرائر Muammar Gaddafi, “Oh God, proven feet Mqaomina and the shot thrown” and, God willing victors “and green flag in the sky the Great Jamahiriya Ravon” God is greatest over the Kid aggressor Mrddon.

(Admin Sniper)

GENERAL KHAMIS  Aioti in the fronts:

Mu determined

A. Arabs posts

Nice gesture from some of the revolutionary youth convinced of the Third Universal Theory.

Their Forum, Radio and Chat:
Link Facebook page

Green thought

Community Link and radio
We hope the Liberals participation and dissemination of this wonderful gesture.


With regard to word Mujahid Hamza Abuschgner Thami in the Green Channel on 07/28/2013

He said that the SPLM has nothing to do with the Commander’s family nor resistance nor the Libyan people and the list of its members present has no objection to publish that he wanted the Libyan people and you will see the names contained therein.

At the same topic (SPLM) called fields to channel neutrality and take the news from the source and avoid mis which occurred when the island.

Male names who تقاضوا funds (grants monthly) from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and made an instrument number 9,250,444 on 09/29/2012 under Letter No. 12-445 dated 9 months of 2012, released instrument Abasm the Mohamed Sawan head of the ruling Justice and under construction to help burdens extra Ali Bin Fahad Al-Hajri, Assistant Foreign Minister the country and the list includes:

Nizar Ahmed Youssef Kawan – Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Milad Hussein – Abdul Rahman Abdul Majeed Aldpiani – Majed Mohammed small farmer – Salah Mohamed Hussein modding – safe Faraj Khalifa rainy – Saleh Mohammed Almkhozom good – Hoda Abdel Latif Aut – Mohamed Ahmed Arish – Mona Belkacem Omar _ Khaled Ammar Mishri – Mohamed Imran Birthday Merghem – Arab Fathi Abdel-Kader Saleh – Amina Omar Ibrahim Mahgoub – Zeb Belkacem Ibrahim بعيو – Mohammed Muammar Abdullah Diab – Fawzia Abdel Salam Ahmed Kordan – Abdel the Ibrahim Ismail ÇáŐÝŃÇäí peace

With regard to power outages Qan Alaarb electricity company engineer Bokra on Asan said Dr. unreasonable to cut off electricity on Libya, but for one reason is neglect and corruption, the Libyan war and the engineer said yesterday partners (Lafraarien) approaching a real civil war

Talked about some Almhazel and said that the military police in Benghazi most of them militants and chaired Gulab (Broker sheep) named Ahmed Fakhri was imprisoned in Abu Salim.

Said Dr. ,  farce, too, in the Central Bank of Pia connects great friend Misrata militias (for fear of demonstrators) and the movement of money through two cars of Libyans pressures Alshall to Misratah.

Of farce also Dr. said that in the face in front of the Libyans in Libya’s international channel, Touati faces Mishri says that the ruling ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD so-named “Justice  and Construction Party” of the GNC and sells construction oil smuggling to calculate the Brotherhood help Arousi and oil minister, because he continued to Brothers after supply disable Adeddat the.

Of farce also said Dr. storming the prime minister today by rats Tajourah and Misratah. (BIG GAME SHOW..obviously fabricated)

Farce, Dr. The demonstrators are calling for a system and the system drops plopped also, but there is no system originally.

Request of the Liberals who are in Egypt took Awakening and careful because Egypt made a 72-hour deadline for closure of the Salloum crossing and then will travel to Egypt via sea or air.

فيما يخص كلمة المجاهد حمزة في قناة الخضراء يوم 28-7-2013قال ان الحركة الشعبية لا علاقة لها لا بعائلة القائد ولا بالمقاومة ولا بالشعب الليبي وقائمة اعضاءها موجودة عنده ولا مانع في نشرها ان اراد الشعب الليبي وسترون الاسماء الموجودة فيهاوفي نفس الموضوع (الحركة الشعبية)دعى قناة الميادين الى الحياد و اخذ الخبر من المصدر وتجنب الخطاء الذي وقعت فيه الجزيرةذكر اسماء الذين تقاضوا اموال(منح شهرية) من قطر والامارات وقدم رقم الصك وهو 9250444 بتاريخ 29-9-2012 بموجب رسالة رقم 12-445 مؤرخة في شهر 9 من سنة 2012,صدر الصك باءسم محمد صوان رئيس حزب العدالة والبناء تحت بند مساعدة اعباء اضافية من على بن فهد الهاجري مساعد وزير الخارجية القطري والقائمة تضم:

نزار احمد يوسف كعوان-محمود عبد العزيز ميلاد حسين-عبد الرحمن عبد المجيد الدبياني-ماجد محمد الصغير الفلاح-صلاح محمد حسين الشعيب-امنة فرج خليفة مطير-صالح محمد المخزوم الصالح-هدى عبد اللطيف عوط-محمد احمد عريش-منى بلقاسم عمر_خالد عمار المشري-محمد عمران ميلاد مرغم-فتحي العربي عبد القادر صالح-امينة عمر المحجوب ابراهيم-زيب بلقاسم ابراهيم بعيو-محمد معمر عبد الله دياب-فوزية عبد السلام احمد كردان-عبد السلام ابراهيم اسماعيل الصفراني

فيما يخص انقطاع الكهرباء قاءن الاعرب بشركة الكهرباء المهندس بوكرع قال على اسان الدكتور من غير المعقول ان ينقطع الكهرباء على ليبيا الا لسبب واحد وهو الاهمال والفساد والحرب الليبية وقال المهندس ان شركاء الامس(الفرايريين) يقتربون من حرب اهلية حقيقية

تحدث عن بعض المهزل وقال ان الشرطة العسكرية في بن غازي معظمهما من المتشددين ويتراسها جلاب( سمسار غنم )يدعى احمد الفاخري كان مسجون في بوسليم

قال الدكتور من المهازل ايضا ,في مصرف لبيا المركزي يتصل الصديق الكبير بمليشيات مصراتة(خوفا من المتظاهرين) وتنقل اموال الليبيين عبر سيارتين من غوط الشعال الى مصراتة

من المهازل ايضا قال الدكتور انه في مواجهة امام الليبيين في قناة ليبيا الدولية,التواتي يواجه المشري ويقول ان حزب العدالة والبناء تبيع النفط بالتهريب لحساب الاخوان بمساعدة العروسي وزير النفط لانه تابع للاخوان وذلك بعد تعطيل عددات التزويد

من المهازل ايضا قال الدكتور اقتحام مجلس رئاسة الوزراء اليوم من طرف جرذان تاجوراء ومصراتة

من المهازل قال الدكتور ان المتظاهرين ينادون يسقط النظام والنظام ساقط ايضا بل لا يوجد نظام اصلا

طلب من الاحرار المتواجدين في مصر اخذ اليقضة والحذر لان مصر قدمت مهلة 72 ساعة لاغلاق معبر السلوم وبعدها سيتم السفر الى مصر عبر البحر او الجو


Communication of engineers oil fields, our oil steals ahead with the consent of the parties and the government and the oil minister personally knows of theft and turn a blind eye sight there is a gang in Libya,,,,,,, Zaidane function allowing oil smuggling, to you and report author


I Salah Al-Mughrabi, a petroleum engineer and sales and quality specialist with 27 years of experience, my current professional officer and an engineer in the oil industry and specializes in the production and operation of oil and gas

I tell you the truth the next several months after publication on My was Tkveba:

Danger responses Arousi and oil minister on Touati Alaadh the sale of oil outside the framework of the state and go in the accounts of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ..

For my part I assure that the oil port of Sidra to the company’s US-Libyan oasis “the largest port for the export of Libyan crude oil” 400 thousand barrels of light crude oil per day ..

Emphasize that Adeddadat oil which calculates what is sold is not present in it after hit by al-Qathafi during the war and has maintenance of port equipment not installed it.

Aadadadt new “Meter Bank Ticket” were connected أنابيبه than others despite the protest of some technicians and staff, she told them the company’s management has nothing to do you in Thread.

Any oil that the ship is not known how many thousands of barrels shipped ..

In addition to oil shipping in the ships never to the port and shipping personnel that they saw before being memorized the kinds of vessels and forms.

In addition to that there are ships come and shipped oil and strange forms and without them identify their nationality flags as sailors used the port on them had never had seen before.

Your child believe me, but believe Arousi you are free .. ČÓ who Libyan sure it walks to the port of Sidra and shows بعيونه.

Wish posted on your pages until you reach all Libyans.

Oh amounted YOUR FRIENDS…

(Moroccan Salah)

عـــــــــــــــــــاجـــــــــــــــــــــلبلاغ من مهندسين حقول النفط ، نفطنا يسرق أمامنا بموافقة الأحزاب والحكومة و وزير النفط شخصياً يعلم السرقة ويغض البصر هنالك عصابة في ليبيا ،،،،،،،وظيفة زيدان السماح بتهريب النفط ،،اليكم التقرير والبلاغالبلاغ ،،،،أنا المهندس صلاح المغربي ، مهندس نفط وأخصائي جودة ومبيعات بخبرة 27 عام، عملي الحالي موظف فني ومهندس في مجال النفط ومتخصص في مجال إنتاج وتشغيل النفط والغاز

أقول لكم الحقيقة التالية بعد عدة أشهر من نشرها على صفحتي وتم تكذيبي :

خطرها على ردود العروسي وزير النفط على التواتي العيضة على موضوع بيع النفط خارج إطار الدولة وتذهب في حسابات الإخوان ..

من جهتي أؤكد على أن ميناء السدرة النفطي التابع لشركة الواحة الأمريكية الليبية “أكبر ميناء لتصدير النفط الخام الليبي” 400 ألف برميل من النفط الخام الخفيف يوميا ..

أؤكد على أن عددادات النفط التي تحسب ما يباع غير موجودة فيه بعدما ضربها القذافي خلال الحرب وتمت صيانة معدات الميناء لم تركب عليه عدادادت جديدة ” Meter Bank Ticket” وتم توصيل أنابيبه من غيرها رغم إحتجاج بعض الفنيين والموظفين , قالت لهم إدارة الشركة لا دخل لكم في الموضوع .

أي أن النفط يشحن من غير ما يعرف عدد الاف البراميل التي تشحن ..

بالإضافة إلى شحن النفط في بواخر لم يسبق لموظفي الميناء والشحن أن رأوها من قبل كونهم يحفظون أنواع البواخر وأشكالها .

إضافة إلى أن هناك بواخر تأتي وتشحن النفط وأشكالها غريبة ومن دون أعلام عليها تحدد جنسيتها كما إعتاد بحارة الميناء على ذلك ولم يسبق لهم أن رأوها من قبل .

ودكم تصدقوني وإلا تصدقوا العروسي أنتم أحرار .. بس إللي يبي يتأكد يمشي لميناء السدرة ويشوف بعيونه .أتمنى نشرها على صفحاتكم حتى تصل لكل الليبيين

اللهم بلغت اللهم فأشهد

صلاح المغربي

And Minister of Justice Salah Marghany, the mesh on Sunday said Elly Fat Prophet نستقيل,
if it did not show the results of the investigations?!!!!

Supreme Security Committee, led by Palestinian origin Hashim humans receive a certified check in the

amount of $ 900 million and authorized exchange tomorrow, in addition to the billion dinars to the shields and the number 9.

………. Detect hidden

Media Abdulwahab مليطان,:

Mr. Omar Humaydan spokesman said that the conference document, which are traded on social networking pages on assignment room Libya rebels by the President of the Conference are actually correct and this decision has been taken by the President of the Conference without the knowledge of the members and such decisions are not the prerogative of the President of the Conference

The Firas Bosalum Media:

“General National Congress” source told me:

Nuri Bushmin, head of the ‘General National Congress’, meets in secret with Order of bin Humaid (who attended the meeting with Abdul Rahman Aldepana, member of the ruling ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD ‘Justice & construction’ party), in Benghazi yesterday evening.”

Busmhen: “arrows are the cause of bombings, assassinations and all needs Mesh Koissat the.”

Citizen: “How do you know … Hdetto one of them??”

Bushmin: “What Hdinash the … But Lahu Maandnash peg others .. Two only ones to Nqdro the Ntanmohm without displeased us end.”

بوسمهين : الازلام هم سبب التفجيرات و الاغتيالات و كل الحاجات مش كويسات

المواطن : كيف عرفت … شديتو واحد منهم ؟؟

بوسهمين : ما شديناش … لكن اهو ماعندناش شماعة غيرهم .. هما الوحيدين الي نقدرو نتهموهم بدون ما يزعل منا حد


In actuality, the Great Jamahiriya never was disbanded. The people never rejected it formally. ONLY NATO replaced it ILLEGALLY: THEREFORE, this whole “NEW DECLARATION” or any other form of “government” imposed upon the Libyan peoples (as presented to the world last week) is really a farce. You cannot take away power from the people without the full consent of the people…and THAT WAS NEVER LEGALLY DONE. The Great Jamahiriya in actuality still exits until the people themselves decide elsewise…NO ONE CAN DO THAT FOR THE PEOPLE of the Great Jamahiriya. (The people themselves would have to declare it and decide to give-up their power!!)



The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet

FAKE GNC  “CONSTITUTION”General National Congress, on the constitutionalization the language Alamazghih​​.] :

All good Nations must eventually do away with a “Constitution” itself (see GREEN BOOK], and proclaim only Holy Scripture as the LAW of the LAND….and that HOLY SCRIPTURE will depend upon the accepted Scripture as being from God/ Allah (and not from the pen of any man or men).

TRUE EVIL has shown its ugly face many times throughout the history of Earth; but never has it been stronger than since “17 FEBRUARY 2011”. Evil has to continue to thwart the godly workings of our Mahdi Muammar al-Qathafi!
Still, “GOD IS ABOVE THE KID AGGRESSOR” (as our dear Libyan brothers and sisters proclaim)!

Wen Hua the Elly Mstnfven army by the state budget and assassinations and bombings continues to increase, the puppet GNC-government crisis Jermanah lack of men Mesh equipment .. Do not and tells you donate / It is America!!!

Libyan RAT army Humvee receives 200

U.S. Army donates the so-called “Libyan army”, 200 Humvee 200 high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles.

“Libyan Army chiefs unveiled the armoured cars in Tripoli earlier this month, saying the country needs to boost its arsenal to improve the mobility of its border patrol units. The Humvees will be used by the Libyan RAT Army border guards“,…
[REALLY???: Remember the USA planned all this ages ago.]


Official commissioning of the (Nouri Bo arrows) of the militias and mercenaries who were killed in front of their shields Libyans to secure the country at the expense of the real army …



Sport, Horsemanship and events.

Image description

صحيفة الجماهير 

Libyan News – English / Arabic

Weekly news from and about

Libya, the Arab world and Jamahiriya.

أخبار ليبيا الحقيقة

Moved from struggling halo page Masrati:

Imposed to Talat and said our demand freedom and Nbwa something Ihnoa lives just and live freedom length and width wage problem was a little militias outside the law, nor in Brothers pass on the agendas country does not rule broke out and assassinate had escaped loss and the water and gasoline once time interrupted every day killing and theft and was forgotten need قولوها … A just important ČÓ live freedom like what Tmanetwa, more .. and not just Im NATO peacekeepers and Aarafokm launching its meaning ..?
منقول من صفحة المناضلة هالة المصراتي

مفروض الي طلعوا وقالوا مطلبنا الحرية وما نبوا شيء يهنوا ارواحهم توا ويعيشوا الحرية بالطول والعرض شن مشكلة كان شوية مليشيات خارجة عن القانون ولا في اخوان يمرروا في اجندات قطرية ولا قاعدة تفجر وتغتال وكان هرب الضي والميه والبنزينة مرة مرة تنقطع وكل يوم قتل وسرقات وكان نسيت حاجة قولوها … بس المهم توا عيشوا الحرية زي ما تمنيتوا وأكثر ..ولا توا يجيكم الناتو والقبعات الزرق ويعرفوكم شن معناها ..؟


Al Qathafi speaks –

Sport, Horsemanship and Events


from the GREEN BOOK:


Sport is either private, like the prayer which one performs alone inside a closed room, or public, performed collectively in open places, like the prayer which is practised corporately in places of worship. The first type of sport concerns the individuals themselves, while the second type is of concern to all people. It must be practised by all and should not be left to anyone else to practise on their behalf. It is unreasonable for crowds to enter places of worship just to view a person or a group of people praying without taking part. It is equally unreasonable for crowds to enter playgrounds and arenas to watch a player of a team without participating themselves.

Sport is like praying, eating, and the feelings of coolness and warmth. It is unlikely that crowds will enter a restaurant just to look at a person or a group of people eat. It is also unlikely that they will let a person or a group or people enjoy warmth or ventilation on their behalf. It is equally illogical for the society to allow an individual or a team to monopolize sports while the society as a whole pays the costs of such a monopoly for the exclusive benefit of one person or team. In the same way, people should not allow an individual or a group, whether it is a party, class, sect, tribe or parliament, to replace them in deciding their destiny and in defining their needs.

Private sport is of concern only to those who practise it on their own and at their own expense. Public sport is a public need and the people cannot be either democratically or physically represented by others in its practice. Physically, the representative cannot transmit to others how his body and morale benefit from sport. Democratically, no individual or team has the right to monopolize sport, power, wealth or arms for themselves.

Sporting clubs represent the basic organization of traditional sport in the world today. They retain all expenditure and public facilities allocated to sport in every state. These institutions are social monopolistic agencies like all dictatorial political instruments which monopolize authority, economic instruments which monopolize wealth, and traditional military instruments which monopolize arms. As the era of the masses does away with the instruments monopolizing power, wealth and arms, it will, inevitably, destroy the monopoly of social activity in such areas as sports, horsemanship, and so forth.

The masses who queue to vote for a candidate to represent them in deciding their destiny act on the impossible assumption that this person will represent them and embody, on their behalf, their dignity, sovereignty and point of view. However, those masses who are robbed of their will and dignity are reduced to mere spectators, watching another person performing what they should naturally be doing themselves.

The same holds true of the crowds who, because of ignorance, fail to practise sport by and for themselves. They are fooled by monopolistic instruments which endeavour to stupefy them and divert them to indulging in laughter and applause instead. Sport, as a social activity, must be for the masses, just as power, wealth and arms should be in the hands of the people.

Public sport is for all the masses. It is right of all people for their health and recreational benefit. It is mere stupidity to leave its benefits to certain individuals and teams who monopolize these while the masses provide the facilities and pay the expenses for the establishment of public sports. The thousands who crowd stadiums to view, applaud and laugh are foolish people who have failed to carry out the activity themselves. They line up lethargically in the stands of the sports grounds, and applaud those heroes who wrest from them the initiative, dominate the field and control the sport and, in so doing, exploit the facilities that the masses provide.

Originally, the public grandstands were designed to demarcate the masses from the playing fields and grounds; to prevent the masses from having access to the playing fields. When the masses march and play sport in the centre of playing fields and open spaces, stadiums will be vacant and become redundant. This will take place when the masses become aware of the fact; that sport is a public activity which must be practised rather than watched. This is more reasonable as an alternative than the present costum of a helpless apathetic majority that merely watches.

Grandstands will disappear because no one will be there to occupy them. Those who are unable to perform the roles of heroism in life, who are ignorant of the events of history; who fall short of envisaging the future, and who are not serious enough in their own lives, are the trivial people who fill the seats of the theatres and cinemas to watch the events of life in order to learn their course. They are like pupils who occupy school desks because they are uneducated and also initially illiterate.

Those who direct the course of life for themselves have no need to watch life working through actors on the stage or in the cinema. Horsemen who hold the reins of their horses likewise have no seat in the grandstands at the race course. If every person has a horse, no one will be there to watch and applaud. The sitting spectators are only those who are too helpless to perform this kind of activity because they are not horsemen.

Bedouin peoples show no interest in theatres and shows because they are very serious and industrious. As they have created a serious life, they ridicule acting. Bedouin societies also do not watch performers, but perform games and take part in joyful ceremonies because they naturally recognize the need for these activities and practise them spontaneously.

Boxing and wrestling are evidence that mankind has not rid itself of all savage behaviour. Inevitably it will come to an end when humanity ascends the ladder of civilization. Human sacrifice and pistol duels were familiar practices in previous stages of human evolution. However, those savage practices came to an end years ago. People now laugh at themselves and regret such acts. This will be the fate of boxing and wrestling after tens or hundreds of years. The more the people become civilized and sophisticated, the more they are able to ward off both the performance and the encouragement of these practices.


Episode 19: Diary Haj Akila

Episode Title: Libya يكيلكس to



The Libyan news agency …

News uncertain about entering at least 40 cars from the battalion marina of the city of Misrata Brigades and ready number 3 battalions of the city of Misrata Ayda to go to the city of Sirte and to advocate Sharia supporters
((Al-Qaeda)) in Sirte so they can eliminate Ali battalion Thunderbolt 21 (Martyrs angle).

Revocation after the attempted bombing of the port of Misrata today as one of the pages published Misrata .. Almsarit attributing the act a former Zlam in the Libyan army .. One of them is youth says:

Benghazi Benghazi

Suppose we believed what was in the news published page Almusratih and, of course, logic and thought Masrati downright accused will be one of the ousted and not one of the Brotherhood and their allies in the crime of of expiatory terrorist groups.

The question that arises here is how this Alzlam to enter into Misrata and enters with this large amount of explosives and the State of Misrata assess the gates illegally heavily guarded like gates Green Zone, which was brought by the U.S. occupation during the occupation of Iraq to protect Paul Bremer, U.S. military and its customers of Iraqi resistance An Iraqi another.?

And, of course, with the impossibility of entering any “Zlam” to Misrata through these gates because it prevents even officials of the Libyan state from entering without permission, let alone one of the arrows!!

This means that the defendant is Msiqa within the Lands statelet Misrata
Misrata, which means that, contrary to what everyone thinks it was free of “arrows” and therefore call upon the National Congress decision to issue the number “777”
Empowers the national armed forces of honorable battalion lightning and a brigade Qaqaa and the banner of civil and military tenderly Balathah:  to the city of Misrata to liberate it from the “arrows” [!!!]and transform both Khamis Gaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim and the birth of idiosyncratic who apprehended Misrata earlier in Bani Walid to jails Location in Tripoli.

Advice for the face of God O Masraat (Brothers and takfiri and MOQ signatory) after TPU Tkzbo of حطو take lie on Orskm ..



بعد إبطال محاولة تفجير ميناء مصراتة اليوم كما نشرت إحدى صفحات مصراتة .. المصاريت ينسبون الفعل لزلم سابق فى الجيش الليبى .. أحد الشباب يرد عليهم فيقول :

Benghazi بنغازي

لنفترض اننا صدقنا ما جاء في الخبر الذي نشرته الصفحة المصراتية وطبعا بالمنطق و الفكر المصراتي اكيد المتهم سيكون احد لأزلام وليس احد الاخوان ولا حلفائهم في الاجرام من الجماعات التكفيرية الارهابية .

السؤال الذي يطرح نفسه هنا كيف لهذا الزلم ان يدخل الى مصراتة و يدخل معه هذه الكمية الكبيرة من المتفجرات ودولة مصراتة تقيم بوابات غير شرعية شديدة الحراسة تشبه بوابات المنطقة الخضراء التي اقامها الاحتلال الامريكي ابان احتلال العراق لحماية بول بريمر الحاكم العسكري الامريكي و عملائه العراقيين من المقاومة العراقية آن ذاك .؟

و بالطبع مع استحالة دخول اي “زلم” الى مصراتة عبر هذه البوابات لانها تمنع حتى المسؤولين الرسميين للدولة الليبية من الدخول بغير اذن فما بالك بأحد الازلام !!

فهذا يعني ان المتهم موجود مسيقا داخل على اراضي دويلة مصراتة
مما يعني ان مصراتة على عكس ما كان يعتقد الجميع انها خالية من “الأزلام” و بالتالي نطالب المؤتمر الوطني باستصدار قرار رقم “777”
يخول فيه قوات الجيش الوطني الشرفاء من كتيبة الصواعق و لواء القعقاع و لواء المدني و جيش برقة بالاتحاه الى مدينة مصراتة لتحريرها من “الأزلام” و تحويل كلا من خميس القذافي و موسى ابراهيم و ميلاد الفقهي الذين قبضت عليهم مصراتة سابقا في بني وليد الى سجون الدولة في طرابلس .

نصيحة لوجه الله يا مصرايت (اخوان و تكفيرية و موق موق) بعد تبو تكذبو حطو كذبة ما تولي على روسكم..

THE FOLLOWING IS EDITED FROM “Länkar till det här inlägget”, , entitled “Pathological liars and true evil,”:

The end is nigh for the West and The Greatest Depression is closing in with millions of ferocious, unemployed, disillusioned and helplessly starving infected people erratically walking an unforgiving earth for years to come. .. You, the people, believe in any tall tale The Powers That Be cables out. All we can do now is to wait for the fattest lady in history to sing the highest note ever heard…

…Once setup as a vital part of the power structure, this Zionist way to rule tries everything (even inconceivable means) to never go away. Political parties or right-left paradigms do not matter anymore – all that matters is power; to get it and to keep it….

Snce the Zionists used up most resources already, as is the norm, they need to rely on other means and that’s when they turn to banksters. Whether such banksters are of the central bank variety or of a more obvious private entity has little meaning. What matters is that they can spread money around and help with the borrowing, printing and lying. Banksters of course have no ethical problem with helping politicians steal, rob and thieve so they can get reelected, no problem whatsoever – as long as the banks also are allowed to steal, rob and thieve from the people.

Of course it happens that banksters seek out politicians with bribes and such, but the point is that this symbiosis of banksters and politicians will be the result regardless.

The same quid-pro-quo story goes for journalists who put half their work into writing about made-belief hostility between political entities. Or, for that matter, other rich and powerful individuals who knows who to grease and knows who to keep a lucrative friendships with.

This is also one of the main reasons why a previously good person with an agenda to change things, totally changes MO when residing in office. The system is not only meant to keep the sheople down and oblivious, it’s also put in place to keep henchmen and potential whistleblowers in check. Once you start to fight the system, you´re going to lose. Its automatic, built in and can never change unless the people start to sniff the air after the origin of that stench befallen society… and someone who embodies total righteousness and has the power of GOD/ALLAH with him can make himself and the truth recognisable (as does Muammar al-Qathafi)…and reveals to the world the proper way for humanity to live (to bring the light where there was only darkness before in this world)…SUCH IS THE ONLY SALVATION for our ailing planet: THE THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY….

IT MUST be accepted and implemented by all people of Good Report; otherwise all IS LOST! There is no other means to remove our world from this grip of Zionist SATANIC EVIL!


Neezar Aliwan writes:

Picture this topic Jewish Asswehly the client with his masters Italians:



UNO CONDEMNS the people’s protests of this week in a severe harsh manner and warns of Intervention!!!
  • called the people “an unruly and dangerous mob” … “against the ligitimacy” of the Zaidane Government,
    and not as demonstrators.



Saad Al Mansoori |
A little while ago:

Airport Road targeting a patrol of the Supreme Security Committee (Hashim humans) by lightning patrols (Zintan).


Access support Mlishe of Mzrath and skirts to suppress the demonstrators …

Named Salah البركي which nicknamed “Sheikh” and one of the leaders of the operations room rebels Libya in charge of Abushmin securing Tripoli, Salah البركي who surrounded himself National Congress one day when it was not legitimate in the eyes of Muftina said famously “insulation prophecy PalmOS not Baldbus”
This alleged Sheikh took over this building’s former electricity company “Kabana Dai,” which is located adjacent to the market and around Abu Salim Fateh to يأجرة restaurant in thousands of dinars monthly ..
I challenge one of his followers to deny the validity of this speech and even challenge him to deny that his brother Omar, nicknamed “Tamtam” is from Aokhadd the revenues in the automotive market in Abu Salim, “Abu Salim prison yard the previous”, Makhva was the greatest …
لكي تعرفوا طبيعة من يحكم ليبيا الآن ..
المدعو صلاح البركي والذي يلقب ب ” الشيخ ” وأحد قادة غرفة عمليات ثوار ليبيا المكلفة من أبوسهمين بتأمين طرابلس , صلاح البركي الذي حاصر هو نفسه المؤتمر الوطني ذات يوم عندما لم يكن شرعيا في نظر مفتينا وقال جملته الشهيرة ” العزل نبوه بالموس ولا بالدبوس ” ,
هذا الشيخ المزعوم إستولى على هذا المبنى التابع سابقا لشركة الكهرباء ” قابينة ضي ” والذي يقع ملاصقا لسوق الفاتح أبوسليم وحوله إلى مطعم يأجرة شهرية بآلاف الدينارات ..
أتحدى أحد من أتباعه أن ينفي صحة هذا الكلام بل وأتحداه أن ينفي أن أخوه عمر الملقب ب ” طمطم ” هو من يأخد إيرادات الدخول لسوق السيارات بأبو سليم ” ساحة سجن أبوسليم السابقة ” , وماخفي كان أعظم .


Yarmouk camp meeting in Salah al-Din area in the capital Tripoli, shortly before the arrival

of Yankee CIA traitor General Khalifa Hfter to the camp to attend the meeting and the

spread of the mechanisms and individuals widely and tight security around the perimeter of the camp.

Mediterranean News Agency:

Most the armor and أغالب leaders princes battalions even Elly Amuseib the those in Tripoli now!!
COOKED shape great!!

Foil attempted car bombing in Tripoli

Said Capt. Rami Said Kaaal spokesman for the Interior Ministry, on Tuesday that security agencies had foiled

an attempt to detonate a car bomb near a skill Tripoli hotel.

A car bomb explosion in the Gargour area of Tripoli this morning ……

(Reuters) :: defused a car bomb in front of a hotel in the Libyan capital ..

“Struggling new government in Libya to contain all of the Islamist militants and heavily armed militias that

participated in the so-called revolution of 2011 ..”
The Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that Libyan security forces defused 12 bombs found in a car parked outside

a luxury hotel in the capital Tripoli ..
The car was parked near the Radisson Blu Hotel, overlooking the sea, which is frequented by foreign businessmen

on Monday evening. The bombs were found a week after the announcement by officials that another major hotels

may have been the target of a rocket attack landed near him.
The news agency quoted a Libyan official spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior Rami Kamal as saying that the

car bomb was 12 connected to the electrical circuit and ten cans of fuel each package of seven liters.
And Kamal was quoted as saying he had been defused explosives that were intended to detonate remotely.

Question launch Idir car bomb in Gharghour means Aejehzoa which exploded them, but I chicane and Elly estimated

Aakhc to Gharghour with tighter Aharsat bash Aikch car bomb illusion of many Bwabathm Emma Watson ÇĎćŃ where

and militias Elly occupied half of the region and broadcast in horror in the other half not to mention the gates evaluated

at night to terrorize passers God to show them in the gate Mtahm face Falah Elly Labs shorts and Elly to Labs Kantirh the

Elly from above form and duck form and, of course, if was told Mnyn the means, رفلى and but Senthany but Torgy safety

Not to mention the occupation of houses people Malehmh any relationship with the former regime but the rule of the

weak powers and Elly Miarafh asking them residents of the area round about District victory to Gharghour housing

property and popular .. And the whole البارح hit 14.5 at about 3 am.
Target Colonel Ahmad الحاسي, the front-Ansari Mosque
B gardens, and is continued for the Military Intelligence Department, and
He was transferred to the hospital, and is in stable condition after surviving
From an assassination attempt carried out by three gunmen who Shooting
Attic and Adhu to flee..


Urgent ‫ # Tarhuna

Burning mouth gate Melgh Petrhona and burn some of the police cars Tuesday.



Transfer of members of [al-Qaeda GNC members] Ansar al-Sharia in Sirte who were injured

in the clashes with بوحليقة for treatment abroad!!

ســـرت …نقل أفراد أنصار الشريعة فى سرت الذين اصيبوا في الاشتباكات مع بوحليقة للعلاج فى الخارج !!بنت الوادي

Colonel Corner “Abdulsalam Jadllah the” constitutional oath before the
Members of the General National Congress, and called Zubi as usual opens
Its fire on the men’s national army general, for the second day on
Respectively, and demands by creating a body parallel to him and the distortion
Special Forces and the security room Benghazi, and safe Amtir the Deputy for
Sirte Ansar al-Sharia advocates and opened fire on the corner Martyrs
Stun, 21, بوحليقة and demanding assignment shields to protect Sirte…
And open an investigation into the incident.

all worst terrorist RATS getting prime medical treatment abroad at the expense of the Libyan peoples.

The Libyan news agency …

News uncertain about entering at least 40 cars from the battalion marina of the city of Misrata Brigades

and ready number 3 battalions of the city of Misrata Ayda to go to the city of Sirte and to advocate Sharia supporters
((Al-Qaeda)) in Sirte so they can eliminate Ali battalion Thunderbolt 21 (Martyrs angle).


Managed elements of national security in Tobruk, from the failure of an attempt to rob a bank unit actually in the city.

Security sources said that the security patrol agent arrested the culprits are in the act has been referred to the public prosecutor, and they are subject to investigation to get to who was behind such criminal operations.


Now and in the meantime, shut down the oil port of Harika by the martyrs of Tobruk battalion to guard oil installations.




The news agency – Benghazi – reporter – Urgent

Finding a child is 136 Infantry Battalion’s Thunderbolt
Central Region “Saleh Ali Ferjani,” who was kidnapped
Last Saturday in front of his home in the River Road area
Laithi b Benghazi by unknown assailants riding in a car Hnde
White color, remote control and intensive screening accuracy was found and
Has مطادرة All the car until it was throw from the hotel and proximity
It is now in the security room of Benghazi.

Even children Mslmos them and this evidence they اوباش!!!!!!!!!!

Salem al-Obeidi – wrtes us:

I apologize for the previous day’s news relation to child grabber.

The child who found the son, “Saad Mohammed Akila Ferjani”
And not the son of the commander of Battalion 136 Infantry Division’s area Thunderbolt
Central “Saleh Ali Ferjani,” and now his father has received
And it seems that he was kidnapped is also, and the car Bermaah child
B proximity of the hotel, after the Navy Special Forces men
Infantry b Mtartha, and confirmed the father of the kidnapped b It is not for any friendly
Problematic one, and note that the special forces found Thunderbolt
Another child is missing in dotted Ahumaidh, and this image
And I’m still “fit Ferjani” until this moment hijacker
And recognize this child attic room contact security

Shut down by district cottages and lock the fire through the airport and very large crowds youth

advocates Benghazi and demanding to activate the army and police and that the road will remain closed while meet demands.

Benghazi Aaaaaaaaaaagel the

Was blown up a Toyota military Fjah the car in Palestine Street
Balslmana east next broadcasting since few shops ..


The local council in Benghazi decide to install a number of cameras in all sensitive areas and the city’s

vital to ensure that these places are under the perspective of those cameras.


Aaaaaajl …..Benghazi

Have been targeted by Colonel Ahmed Farag Albornawi aka Chromatic ….

improvised explosive device in his car in the hospital care .

A car bomb explosion shortly before in the Alsalmanie area Benghazi belong to the citizen “Ahmed Faraj Albornawi”

who died in hospital from his injuries ..

Assassination Benghazi protection force commander of the battalion February 17 Ahmed Faraj Albornawi,

and nicknamed the “aberration”, and the survival of his sons after the bombing of his car on Tuesday before

the Maghrib prayer the eastern region of milkfish “Land guard.”
A spokesman for the joint security room of the city of Benghazi, Colonel Mohammed Hijazi, said that the victim

was traveling in his car, Rebekah and has when it exploded .. Transferred to the hospital but he died, survived

and has did not يصابا any wound. ”
Hijazi added, that Albornawi had previously worked in a combat heresy in the era of the former regime, according

to current information, and organize the revolution and commissioned under the command of a battalion to

protect Benghazi Battalion of the February 17 “.



Libya Amazigh reject the law of the Conference on the cultural and linguistic components
Country ambiance – Ola Alchouda

Spokesman confirmed the General National Congress age Humaydan in a press conference on Tuesday Congress’s ratification of the Law No. 18 for the year 2013, which guarantees the rights of cultural and linguistic components in the education of their languages.

The law obliged the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society teaches languages ​​for Amazigh Bmkona and Tuareg “optional” in addition to the establishment of zones for these festivals cultures and providing research centers, is that the law did not meet the ambitious Amazigh cultural creators.

In the opinion of a member of the legal committee of the Supreme Council of the Amazigh Hisham Hamadi that the law came too late, and outside the context of the demand Amazigh Judge activate their role and the adoption of their language as an official language in the Libyan Constitution, like the Arabic language, saying that Congress had passed this law to quell street-Libi, as he put it.

In a related context confirmed Hammadi that despite the decline deputies Conference Tuareg suspension of membership conference today, but that members Amazigh will not back down from their position on the resignation and did not attend the conference sessions, even restores the last consideration in the final version of the Law on the Election of the constituent body to draft a constitution.

The Nafusa Mountain area has recently witnessed a wave of civil disobedience demanding Congress to reconsider the article on line and activate the linguistic and cultural identity of the law of the constituent body to draft a constitution.


remember Muammar’s words..”Protect OUR OIL ..It does not belong to the Western Powers.”

Melita Gas / Oil:

Re-closure of the tube connecting the fields to meet and Mellita
Country ambiance – Ahmed Faitouri the

Said deputy head of the local council Nalut Abdullah Sulaiman atmosphere for the country if the tube

linking the fields to meet and Mellita has been locked again after it has been opened this afternoon,

by protesters on the decision of the National Conference of the year.

He explained Suleiman that protesters blocked the tube after the release of the Conference on the Law of

the right to teach language Amazigh, Tuareg, pointing out that they فتحوه taking into account the conditions

experienced by the country now, and added Suleiman that protesters are demanding to ensure their rights

in the Constitution of Libya, emphasizing that this decision is not enough.

This was the General National Congress has issued this evening, a decision ensures that the components of the

linguistic and cultural right to learn their language and mind optional material within the approved curriculum.


Urgent Prairie |

Storm the radio by angry protesters and the expulsion of the remnants of the Brotherhood

despite تطويقة by the central support forces.



News about storming the Fatwa in the turf.

31 juillet 2013 02:13
Break into the Dar Al-Fatwa in turf since few, by protesters demanding the fall of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

متظاهرون يقتحمون الإذاعة بمدينة المرج قبل قليل
اقتحام دار الافتاء بمدينة المرج منذ قليل، من قبل متظاهرين مطالبين بسقوط الاخوان



Free newspaper Sabha

Continued pressure on the Director of Sebha Airport Engineer Mohammed Aouhadh to submit his resignation and news reporters and Testimonials send to airports and ports administration at the Ministry of Transport and mediation and intervention Ali Zaidane to ask the captain (never Aviation) to take over the management of the airport as an alternative to Mohammed Aouhadh.

The Ministry of Transport refused to replace the Director despite pressure



Egyptian authorities تشرط the prior security approval to enter its territory to grant visa to

the Libyans of all ages after it was specified for less than 45 years of age.



Revolution in Tunisia against Qatar dogs

A massive march on the entire stretch Avenue Habib Bourguiba Sousse advocate of the Tunisian army, demanding the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly and to overthrow the government
Image to the beginning of the crowd 10 o’clock at night.

Pour la vie et l’amour de la Grande Jamahiriya / For Life and love of the Great Jamahiriya

Mu 648

My home my home .. Majesty and beauty and السناء pomp in the heights in the heights:

Mu in Berlin pic

“Musician” writes in “24/24 LIBYAN INTELLIGENCE NEWS”:

“…. every sentence uttered in his speeches have had a day of the Libyan events, Muammar Gaddafi was not a prophet but was a messenger who did not claim being so, but predict all ماسوف happening in Libya killing, destruction and displacement, and finally the occupation, the man was known to Libya right knowledge and know its people more than their knowledge for themselves and this drawing his words sincere what Al has a future for Libya ….

no doubt that God Almighty has Huda leader Muammar Gaddafi to eye certainty became says the words of Aifamh only men of understanding and day they were first Kernels Few in Libya honesty road to salvation and Muammar Gaddafi left to are free Libya way out of the crisis through clarify all the facts in order that sacrificed with other men loyalty, honesty lives, years capable of making Moammar Gadhafi symbol honesty and courage in Libya and kiss visiting researchers for honesty in the world of swimming in a sea of ​​lies…”

Grace Warfali WRITES:

“Lord preserves the living martyr Muammar Gaddafi from all harm.”

  • Mu 647

Fruits of the Paris Conference and Alstordh government obedient despite Lanuf people sundown ..

And the words of leader Muammar shock was مغرر them and became Amadhok them:

When we stated P earlier and we evidence that their master and commander of the February Revolution
and Mfjrha Hua Israeli vile Bernard Levy, the world and did not sit on they Jaboha zoom and victory of God
because they are right and Gaddafi Taghi and so as they claim Alsdj,!
Here Hua February Revolution authorized
bomber and say the words Sarahh and well-known, what Almqsowod
عندما صرّحنا ف وقت سابق و قدّمنا الدلائل على ان سيّدهم و قائد ثورة فبراير و مفجّرها هوا الاسرائيلي الخسيس برنارد ليفي قامت الدنيا
و لم تقعد علي انهم جابوها بالتكبير و نصرهم الله لانهم علي صواب و القذافي طاغي و ما الي ذلك كما يزعمون السدّج ,, !فها هوا مفجّر ثورة فبر
ايـر يصرح ويقـول كلمات صارحة و غنية عن التعريف ما المقصــووود بهـا
Sma Alfath :: /

This both stronghold saying they led the revolution for themselves and this is why resides with everyone:
Akhartha donkeys Gulf Ijmlo you? Someone commented, saying :
“Mustafa M. Elfandi Bastoloa Ali Alastmarat tourism in Libya like what Sayer in Tunisia
and forget my Libyan areas who expanded the Khatrkm ye Sgarkm Stbda monopoly on
looters and traitors and evildoers ups and tomorrow headmistress nearby days
Pena Sabda Shati Mushtaq give him a ride Libyan Sharif fair because of Metwally ordered
Halblad thieves, tyrants and mostly hum money.
And the other says :
“Faraj Mriues not surprised Shi in the presence of ministers in this way that you sleep and the
health of the theft of public money.”
And another says :
“Amir Amer visa are even Mibosh Aatohna.
What do you think that we Almidon going to say?? “
Armed robberies on the villas belonging to a criminal Mustafa Abdul Jalil in the White City
5:47 MUAMMAR GADDAFI The news agency Gaddafi International –
“white told us the source of the city of Casablanca that two houses of Mustafa Abdul Jalil under Finishing been robbery them from an unknown group and theft sanitary materials, ceramics and other air conditioners and other materials and is worth mentioning that these homes that have been established by the newly-style “Gulf” in the form of villas up to small palaces levels Jalil had embarked on building them after the events of Nakba February 17,
and his tenure as Chairman of the Transitional Council has donated some of the young white militants protect them after this incident but Abdul Jalil refused and cost them two guards of the Egyptian labor. & nbs …”
Dismissal of the Secretary-General of the Libyan Red Crescent Society because of “dereliction of duty”
and because the Assembly did not provide anything on the ground and displaced thousands homeless.
Not for the three did not located injustice or wielding sword: for Osog summit to summit, and the face has become the face, and the softest of wire cord:


O Amadag … Filas Filas
Atfdiloa Ealbaan … Badmaahmokm Balmkavih rewarding at Colt disgusting Abodvlh … Hahm sparkling Call for Libya to declare bankruptcy … And this Miakd bankruptcy intellectually and ethics …

Libya`s `Government` Flees Congress Hall to Hotel After Weeks of Occupation by Protesters
Posted: 26 FEBR. 2013
From: without limbs have succeeded in occupying Libya`s `Rat Congress` for several weeks and `rat security` has been unable to dislodge them, forcing weary `Rat Congress` members to hold their `government legislative` sessions in the Rixos HotelIn the ever increasing tragi-comedy of “New Libya”, so-called amputee “war heroes” aka “rats without limbs” have been occupying the Libyan occupation regimes failed attempt at “democracy” since they entered the “General National Congress” (GNC) hall several weeks ago.Armed “rat security” forces at the building were no match for the “limbless rats” who managed to roll themselves into the chambers and have not budged since. They number around 30. At first the GNC “rat congress” members shared the cramped space for some weeks before their patience wore thin.With a complete lack of security in the face of a massive popular uprising and disobedience taking place across Libya, the so-called “Congress” passed a law stating that the war victims who lost their limbs in the NATO (US-European) war on Libya with the support of “rat” ground forces, should be removed by force.However, not one authority with arms has taken up on the new law, and none have come to evict the war victim protesters. Some claim that the protesters are “fellow rats” who took part in the war against the democratic Libyan Jamahiriya turning Libya from Africa’s most safe and wealthy state into its number one vassal.Mathaba has not been able to verify this or whether the protesters are from the Libyan army who fought against the rat occupation of Libya, since it is not allowed to operate in Libya because independent media which exposed the NATO war are not granted access. Meanwhile NATO-supported news media also complain that they cannot enter even the GNC Congress hall, being prevented by “rat security” from doing so, whilst “limbless rats” are able to enter and occupy the building.The 30 limbless protesters entered the so-called General National Congress hall while a debate was underway to pass legislation concerning a “66 billion Libyan Dinar budget” and “local government” legislation, disrupting the proceedings. The “rat” prime minister Ali Zeydan was attempting to pass a law allowing local government to function as a form of direct dictatorship rather than what most of his “congress” members want which is for them to be elected.Zeidan argued that due to the lack of security in Libya for the “rat regime” and in order to have at least a semblance of local democracy, the local government members should be appointed by the regime rather than elected by the people, who are generally boycotting elections, ignoring almost all “government” legislation, and in a state of general disobedience in the wake of calls by the resistance for a “popular uprising”.Yesterday (Monday) Zeidan faced a tough time fielding questions and attacks from “rat” congress members and even his friend Megarief since the 1980’s when he the latter defected to the CIA — and who is “puppet president” of the US-EU installed regime, has not come to his aid while observers not the ongoing trend of the past years under occupation for “each rat to defend himself”.

GNC “rat” member Nizar Kawan said that “we called the Prime Minister (Ali Zeidan) in for questioning to explain the absence of his Ministry of Interior and its failure to provide security to the GNC”.

Others were less circumspect. “Rat” Congress member Mohamed Zarug for example, took Zeidan to task on his visit to the “Paris conference” where the latter recieved instructions from his masters in the French Presidency. Indicating that Zeidan had not consulted the GNC prior to attending the “conference” and making deals without consultation. Zeidan promptly promised a “report” on the conference to the GNC.

Zeidan was also taken to task for his “attempt to circumvent the GNC” over the Local Government Law. In short, the GNC wants local government heads to be elected, under the existing ludicrous laws which exclude most Libyans from participation — anyone who has read The Green Book for example and agrees with its analysis of democracy, is banned. #


“Lawyer Hamid Doma published documents shame, theft and looting O جردان :: / documents relating to the issue of money smuggled abroad and say: in which he drew a letter to inventory Congress President الوطي client Mohammed disgusting to each of the embassies of Libya in Switzerland and France asked which grant all facilities for people listed on the assigning them to follow the money smuggled in these two countries.

The الاوروبيتين note that not one of these three persons carrying any qualifications or a recipe or an official function in the Libyan state only that the two of them Guys coached Mr. disgusting in years alienation “his companions shame only” either two problems biggest understanding that the fourth item of the resolution provides for the following: “allows people charged with acting in the value of 10% of the money raised for the completion of their mission” any reward them! For example if the

These funds worth 10 billion it and under generous Aekal Maqrif.

They may Jerdan act with $ 1 billion to account themselves and to complete what he called client Maqrif “some action” Maybe he was meant “commissions”! either the biggest problem is I contacted many of the customers and Jerdan within the Conference الوطى and not national has assured me not knowing Jmmelta and detailed subject and that this decision was made ​​without their knowledge and they had not heard about such a topic at all raises of Maqrif while the issuance of such a decision affects funds and profiteers Libyans requires to raise this issue on all clients members understand people’s representatives seducer even ask it to hold a private meeting, after which mandated financial and legal persons holding an official in the state recipes .. Libya lost in غوط falsehood O جردان and God what cattle before.”

المحامي حامد دومة ينشر وثائق العار والسرقة والنهب يا جـــــــــــــردان ::/ الوثائق تتعلق بقضية الاموال المهربة فى الخارج ويقول: وجه فيها رسالة الى الجرد رئيس المؤتمر الوطـــــي العميل محمد المقرف الى كل من سفارتى ليبيا فى سويسرا وفرنسا يطلب بموجبها منح كافة التسهيلات للاشخاص الواردة اسمائهم بشان تكليفه لهم بمتابعة اموال مهربة فى هاتين الدولتين الاوروبيتين علما بأن لا احد من هؤلاء الاشخاص الثلاثة يحمل اى مؤهلات او صفة او وظيفة رسمية فى الدولة الليبية سوي ان اثنين منهم من …
رفاق درب السيد المقرف فى سنين الغربة” رفاقة العار فقط ” اما المشكلتان الاكبر فهما ان البند الرابع من القرار ينص على الاتى: ” يسمح للاشخاص المكلفين بالتصرف فى ما قيمته 10% من الاموال المحصلة لأتمام مهمتهم ” أى كمكافأة لهم ! فعلى سبيل المثال لو كانت هذه الاموال قيمتها 10 مليار فأنه وبموجب سخاء العكيل المقريف يجوز لهؤلاء الجردان التصرف فيما قيمته 1مليار دولار لحساب انفسهم ولأتمام ما سماه العميل المقريف ” بعض الاجرائات ” ربما انه كان يقصد ” العمولات “! اما المشكلة الاكبر فهي اننى اتصلت بالعديد من العملاء والجردان داخل المؤتمر الوطــــى وليس الوطني وقد أكدوا لى عدم علمهم جملتا وتفصيلا بهذا الموضوع وان هذا القرار قد صدر دون علمهم وانهم لم يسمعوا عن مثل هذا الموضوع بتاتا يطرح من المقريف بينما صدور مثل هكذا قرار يمس اموال وقوت الليبيين يستوجب طرح هذه المسألة على كافة العملاء الاعضاء فهم ممثلى الشعب المغرر به حتى وان تطلب ذلك عقد جلسة سرية يتم بعدها تكليف اشخاص ماليين وقانونيين يحملون صفات رسمية فى الدولة .. ليبيا ضاعت في غوط الباطل يا جردان والله ماهي ماشية لقدام

(The Reality is that 40% is a low-end estimate; as in fact, much more damage and destruction was done by NATO bombing.)
Report: UNICEF confirms that 40% of schools in Libya have been damaged by NATO bombing in 2011
The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli

UNICEF today issued a report confirmed that approximately 40% of the schools in Libya have been damaged during the events of 2011. These results were reached through a national program to assess the schools, which UNICEF has performed recently, which enabled the ministry for the first time of an overview and complete information about the real situation of the education sector in Libya.

A team consists of 300 employees from the Ministry of Education visit and evaluation of 4,800 schools, the thing that made it possible to collect background information and comprehensive development of the education sector in Libya after the events of 2011. The study is based Altakiama indicators for education facilities, sanitation and hygiene facilities and requirements of children with special needs and the protection and safety of students in the educational environment.

Has been the use of GPS technology (GPS) to give more dimensions to analyze the data.This study shows that proposed UNICEF at the beginning of its work in Libya in September 2011 [the date reveals that this report cannot be complete; as much damage was done after 11 SEPT.2011] that 40% of schools were damaged degrees of shelling out by NATO aircraft and noted that those in the southern regions of the country need to reform and rehabilitation. The indicators show linked to the quality of education, such as student-to-teacher ratio, class size and the availability of facilities and educational materials to schools in rural areas are more in need than their counterparts in urban areas.”

UNICEF today issued a report confirmed that approximately 40% of the schools in Libya have been damaged during the events of 2011. These results were reached through a national program to assess the schools, which UNICEF has performed recently, which enabled the ministry for the first time of an overview and complete information about the real situation of the education sector in Libya. A team consists of 300 employees from the Ministry of Education visit and evaluation of 4,800 schools, the thing that made it possible to collect background information and comprehensive development of the education sector in Libya after the events of 2011. The study is based Altakiama indicators for education facilities, sanitation and facilities ..
Homeland bought and sold, and shouting Long live the nation, if you want something finest,
made ​​from blood-priced, and you heal the wound, if you are a discerning people:
Shame on rats!!!
Departure of creative and cultural scene called Libyan writer and storyteller entire Pacific godfather morning,
after a long illness, God bless the deceased and grant open deceased:
The leader of the African champions in the hearts of millions God helps O Champions Muammar Gaddafi, forward and Nasroa nearby Anchaouallah:
Green al-Fateh Revolution
sign on Highway shows GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER PROJECT:

Mu pop-up

Good morning, are free “Great Jamahiriya” Greats you, you will :

GREAT JAMAHIRIYA” a great name for a country’s greatest.

Great JAMAHIRIYA” remember when remember Alhmokh parents.

Great Jamahiriya” remember when remember the sacrifice of the martyrs.

Great Jamahiriya” land of steadfastness and challenge and struggle.

Great Jamahiriya” men their heart beats struggle Vasaad God صباحكم.

Mu uniform white

“I me my rifle suggested to fight to the last drop of my blood …”

Muammar al-Qathafi always is pure and very much alive. He has never done anything contrary to God or the good of Man (and His  holy creation). And Mu’ammar not only speaks, but puts his arm & fist  to whatever he has envisioned. He is a do-er: a worker for Allah.

Abdul Hakim Baao word addressed to the Libyan people:

To San Alhhal says O جردان … Goodness still to Aloraaaae and the country lost.

    Ahmed Salem    writes:
    “God used 
    God and graces agent in each of the Great Khan and commander.”


“Libyan south in the protection of God!!.
French base and troops on the ground, spies, drones, limits Mahtokh and smuggling of aliens. and hear from rats

but Altagah died and goodness Jay. Mother which come my rat you and him. God”



You call national and fear on Libya and remove Altagah and Aldilm Tcolo goodness Jay and better Taatuadon to Libya ..

Bahi What about large quantities of rotten meat contraband entering the assistance of the claim that they are security men ..

After seizing large quantities of rotten meat in Tobruk yesterday Monday getaway admitted it to facilitate

the shipment Alaolh has entered shipments to Benghazi and turf and white. . LIBYA’s “new” MAFIA GANGSTERS:

Abdul dollar expresses his feelings for Al-Qaida’s newspaper: Libya got rid of “Altagah” and took place in the hands of fools.

Finest bounces himself cantaloupe but is not part of corruption??? …


CURRENCY turned totally PAGAN:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl post of rat Zelitni seems that the image of Sheikh martyrs Amralmokhtar have no place on our currencies ……

Alndham current places portrayed Taliani on the dinar as if not for the sheikh pictures Vstnjdo Bcbah.


Libya Telecom and Technology notes to hit the weakness of its network

The news agency Gaddafi International – Tripoli

company Libya Telecom:

“We inform our customers Dear existence of breathlessness and weakness in the speed of the Internet in large part in the network services to Libya Max today at noon, and work is underway by the company’s engineers to repair holidays as soon as possible.”


Sister Hala Misrati quotes from Mahmoud Abdel Aziz:

“When I was in captivity was one of the people who came to gloat and explicitly told me that day God does not gloating we won and I I saw this position, I will pray to God rak’ahs Thank you doing .. Today after being sent off evil expelled tell him O gloating in you and in you the price you paid for the sale to Libya and Libyans and sale tribe Mujahid, shame, humiliation and shame Fattarichk former did not satisfy you climb in February did not liked it so your dog from dogs and live and eat elsewhere.”

Rat of the Friday Market are in Egypt pursuing Liberals …… please be careful.


The Girl who lies about Green Soildiers, gets “some medicine”:

This is dirty and on Hakladtha was lying on the People’s Armed Forces champion and accused of raping girls

February and now after being abducted and Azptha and raped February, making it “Tsnfr her life to Britain,” writes and insolently:

Exposure communicable diseases center near from Qderfa to looting and theft by gangs Chadian

and reported being subjected to severe damage to the building. Continued to say (Tabu gangs of Osol Chadian

mercenaries and they) and you will see what will happen to you,,!

Then called Isa Abdul Majeed you came Alboshna is appointed Chairman of the Board of the infidels

and the People’s Armed Forces was Tqatlh in Gallo now become an outlaw and an enemy to you?

T the same weapon who Atta you NATO Atta Isa

Oh hit oppressors harmdoers and cast out of them safely:


The series of kidnappings: Kidnapped not know his fate Name:

Muhammad Ali Mohammed ضوي Qomati. born: 1974 …


Clashes in the way of reasons Arada among Ailten are roasted family and the family of Marwan and so far there dead family of Ben Saber.


Crimes: Body found belonged to a young man born 1992 hands Mekplat, and found the body in a farm Ali Kilani:



Assassination attempt Jalal Alriqiei Brigades commander backing 15 Btajurae.
5:54 MUAMMAR GADDAFI The Gaddafi International news agency – Tajoura 
Arab brother :: / URGENT :: named Jalal Alriqiei commander (Saraya backing 15) is being attacked inside his office at the headquarters of the security committee become assholes Tajoura, and five shots.Jalal Alriqiei commander of what is known as (Saraya backing 15) is being attacked inside his office at the headquarters of the Supreme Security Committee Tajoura and injured five shots in the legs by an unknown and is now in hospital. …
Urgent what is known as sparkling Janzour battalion closed the coastal road Bagheiran west of Tripoli to protest the order issued by the Ministry of Interior to arrest the commander of the battalion.

Of correspondence Liberal …. immemorial salt fields channelAl Mayadeen Tv Libya: a local source of fields: a fire broke out in the oil field Mlita west of the capital Tripoli.

Hear the most dangerous words on Tripoli ردايو and Share the truth.
To say the most dangerous of the city of Tripoli one voice radios on FM by Nadmon and reality of what is happening in Tripoli

and said Libya their Mpioah Here Comment

Laugh Villa Albzkulaiv Tripoli that says Darrow Darrow, a Tripoli occupied Bkhalaighm.

 Friday Market boil after the killing of a number of rats in the clashes, including.
عاااااااااااااااااااااااجل targeting a number of gates rats on the outskirts of Tripoli ….. And killed a number of them.

Or three cars traveling 8 people جردان Mmeltmin hater storm shortly before the house of Mahmoud Qrychen reality 

in the Damascus neighborhood of Tripoli and lose smash and steal its contents can be stolen from home.

Family was not exposed to harm by source.

This chronicling of the people of the district of Damascus on the walls of palaces hospitality ..

Jews Mzrath not entry Isttaaon (Tarhunah) and (Bani Walid) and (Alchuirv) and (Qira) and several areas in the south,

and here they are deprived even of areas in Tripoli!! Evil to live as you O Mzarat ..

Far honorable of you and the Liberals .. Re: Damascus neighborhood youth militias Misrata that killed one young dotted

and started on the wall today Allaotunai Conference:

Youth area Wahayshi blocking the main road in front of passers-by and demanding and Conference Ahloteny

and local council implementation of promises and the return of companies to complete the infrastructure of the area

have closed the road tires that Adharmo fire and Odau stones to block vehicles and Hddo local council

sit in front of his headquarters that did not Aostagibo to their demands. Tripoli Friday Market …

Urgent ..Powerful explosions shake the Friday Market area now and the state of panic and terror dominate the people of the area ..

Thazirrrrr Haaaaaaaaaaaaam Liberal please those in Tunisia and who were linked to Someone named (Samida)

when he was in Tunisia and before arrest Upon by rats required of them now and at full speed change.

Their places because rats Friday Market they enter the gate of Ras Ajdir

About an hour ago He is with them to show them the places Liberals ..

I hope the importance of publishing Ali mail page of a Liberal Family (Alzktat) of Friday Market, named El Haj area in the loss of their son (Tariq) today

yesterday 25/02/2013 after falling from the roof of their role Aiit house which is attached in Allam shame was accepted Bashoa

and distributed in the Shahi on people and hilarious.

Urgent / Tripoli: – abducted human rights activist Jamal al-Hajji from in front of his house and there are reports indicating

that the reason for the abduction about recent statements by Haji in one of the news channels.

(abducted by Libya rat-state militias)

Killed and Taadib Hamza Bo ewes and his funeral today and no one speaks it now I’m in the water Arada collector sweet

and so far 6 Qguadf Arbjee shaking Arada you to all our stores are closing their shops ….

Killer is the favor with a little Farroukh with him Mdayr Bayhoum battalion kill young ….

Now in front collector bin Share Arada ..



Down the road from the slave market to Smafr Aldrabik area CNN RTL Of before Mqatliyn streets Mutalbeyen state بفلوس!!!!

The Security Directorate very deep sleep … Moved from the source page Jerdanih.


A thin market .. In Benghazi opened a new section in the market Vespers in Benghazi, another department Beside selling weapons and department sale loot, he Department slave, in this section are sold humans, unfortunately yes is sold immigrants Abanngladec and prices ranging from 200 to 500 dinars depending on age and physical strength Abdul (slave).


In the following documents showing assets and Culture Minister CNN beloved Tunisian where marital status certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office /

Misurata on 10/03/2007

Confirms that the Minister of Culture beloved CNN that his full name Habib Muhammad to his secretary and his mother Umm Saad

find in box place of birth / Tunisia;

and check the notes, we find the following sentence ((obtained citizenship)) ..

The word intake does not mean the return of the microscope and does not mean the original ….

While the word obtained mean that you get it ..

((Get)) legal term means that it is not true to him but you get …

And also enclose a photo booklet family in which he reflected check the place of birth (Tunisia).

CNN beloved obtained a salary from the ministry, a nine thousand dinars a month …

It is supposed to stop his salary in the office culture Benghazi but steady is the eleventh grade .. ,

About 850 dinars per month.

MISURATA: Aaaaaaagel evening arrested the featured player in the Gulf of Sirte team playing Hussein Amari

in Aldavnih gate Misurata Bhjt similarity in names ..

God and yes including agent:

Urgent explosion on the road Altqil Qasr Ahmed smoke and rising Bctavh hand road Moda iron and steel plant Misurata next oil tanks.




Port Salloum / increase in the number of Egyptian workers who were deported from Libya after being beaten to Egypt (more than 115 people)

Egypt seized 19 rockets on the border with Libya
managed Egyptian border guards Tuesday foiled an attempt to smuggle 19 missiles near the crossing of Salloum on the Egyptian-Libyan border. after an exchange of fire with smugglers who fled,

Egypt seizes 19 missiles at borders with Libya –
Egyptian border guards managed Tuesday to foil an attempt of smuggling 19 missiles near Salloum crossing at the Egyptian-Libyan borders, state-run al-Ahram online reported.

Egypt seizes 19 missiles at borders with Libya

E-mailXinhua, 27 February 2013
Egyptian border guards managed Tuesday to foil an attempt of smuggling 19 missiles near Salloum crossing at the Egyptian-Libyan borders, state-run al-Ahram online reported.

After exchanging fire with the smugglers who fled the scene, the border forces managed to seize four cloth sacks that included the 19 missiles.

The case was referred to the concerned prosecution to take the necessary procedures in this regards.

Weapon smuggling has prevailed at the borders of Egypt, particularly with Libya and the Palestinian Gaza Strip, since the 2011 uprising that toppled the former regime of Hosni Mubarak.



Egyptian in Tobruk severely beaten:

Gate .. Peace members less than an hour ago they attacked the people of Egyptian nationality beating

and cursing and after hitting the gate shield Tobruk have traced where Aaty after it came to port Amsaad

manager objected to this Fmakan treatment of members of the Peace Gate threatening manager port Amsaad

direct weapon and the situation became tense.



Libyan pirates on the eastern Libyan الشواطي

The news agency Gaddafi International – Tobruk 

“exposure ships port of Tobruk to armed robbery stormed by unidentified gunmen, in late night UAA on Monday, two ships anchored in the port of Tobruk. A source from inside the port anonymity that ‘unknown stormed two ships in the port of Tobruk and robbed of Site Albachrtin some their goods privacy such as mobile phones and wireless devices and some money. ‘ and added that ‘the attackers were traveling in three vehicles, and stormed Albachrtin exploiters free port of guards and non-existence of any kind of security protection for him.’ It is noteworthy that the port of Tobruk still suffers from instability administrative and security a long time ago …”

Exposure ships port of Tobruk to armed robbery 

“stormed by unidentified gunmen, in late night UAA on Monday, two ships anchored in the port of Tobruk.
A source from inside the port anonymity that ‘unknown stormed two ships in the port of Tobruk, robbed of the crew Albachrtin some their goods privacy كالهواتف mobile and wireless devices and some money.’ 
and added that ‘the attackers were traveling in three vehicles, and stormed Albachrtin exploiters free port of guards and non-existence of any kind of security protection for him.’
It is noteworthy that the port of Tobruk still suffers from instability administratively and security since a long time.


The militias subsidiary of Nalut closing the gas line coming from the field to meet and that that feed plants gas in western Libya as they had closed the pipeline coming from the same field “means a written gas and oil” … daily losses 5 million dinars if continued closure of the day tomorrow will be closewells will not return to work only after a month or more and cost re-run and clean up millions of dinars as the Ruwais plant that feeds most of the western region with electricity threatened to stop the supply shortage Az hyphen forth from the field to meet …..
The pretext that they did not receive financial allocations…

Losses of $ 5 million per day because of the closure of the militias field meet

The news agency Gaddafi International – Nalut

“has battalions Nalut closing the gas line coming from the field to meet and that that feed plants gas in western Libya as they had closed the pipeline coming from the same field “means a written gas and oil” … daily losses 5 million dinars though continued closure of the day tomorrow will be closing the wells and will not return to work only after a month or more and cost re-run and clean up millions of dinars as the Ruwais plant that feeds most of the western region with electricity threatened to stop the supply shortage Az hyphen forth from the field to meet …..”

“Te Gaddafi International news agency – southwest of Tripoli your money burn Aalippin Where is the government imported where the conference where Libyans Liberal, Valmlisheat stop pumping oil to the coast. Millions burn in Alliot …”


Urgent Jufrah now .. The tense atmosphere in the region Jufrah this evening ..

Terms of preventing rats Jufrah military convoy invited Abouhliqh of traffic on the pretext that he does not have

permission a Atklev military official to move with this column ..

The people in the queue بالرمايه heavy weapons ..

The intervention is the Sirte region military Bouchahua with his forces to prevent the queue of traffic ..

And still status quo of anticipation amid fears rats region of clashes.



Youth vigil district No. 2 in Sirte After the apparent delay in the disbursement of compensation funds

and which neighborhood youth accused Sirte local council of dragging its feet in dispensing for unknown reasons.

correspondent of Sirte rats distribute and wipe land Alqmazfah who land and divide …. Sirte in 700 behind SCA.

Comment green flag over the building of health care in Sirte
Watchful eyes resistance to any new

MAX FORTé Vimeo Video 51851726

Once independent, wealthy, and powerfully defiant, today Libyan resources are almost being given away to foreign powers that “mentored” Libya’s revolution. Foreign investors in Libya’s oil sector are being given years of tax exemption, as if they need it; specifically aimed at encouraging Gulf state investors, Libya grants the investor 65% from a project’s value;

“various large scale projects will be given Saudi companies in order to strengthen brotherly ties, remove previous disputes between the two countries, establish a new strategic partnership and benefit from the expertise of Saudi companies. Aarusi also said that all obstacles facing Gulf investors will be overcome…”

and, “last but not least Aarusi said he expected this Saudi company [whose name he refuses to reveal] to be totally in charge of starting up the sugar and cement factories in mid-2013,” whose aim is to export to Europe and Gulf states (Al Arabiya, 4/2/2013). Along with Gaddafi himself, what the “new Libya” buried in that unmarked grave was resource nationalism and a sense of integrity and dignity in the face of foreign vulture capitalists.

Then there is the IMF, in its newly acquired role of dictating to Libya, another reality permitted by the “street revolution” (Arabian Business, 6/2/2013). After all, as the IMF’s Christine Lagarde herself has recently said, the “Arab Spring” must be followed by a “Private Sector Spring” (IMF, 9/1/2013). Libya, formerly a significant actor in international investment, buying up properties and shares of lucrative enterprises across Europe, is now the target of investors (IMF, 9/1/2013).

The IMF knows when it can take advantage of a situation smelling of ripe disaster: “The budget deficit was 27.0 percent of GDP in 2011, compared to a budget surplus of 16.2 percent in 2010. Similarly, the current account surplus narrowed from 19.8 percent of GDP in 2010 to 1.3 percent in 2011″ (IMF, 4/5/2012). Thus the IMF can now instruct Libya to eliminate universal price subsidies, to reduce public sector wages, and to eliminate incentives for individuals to seek employment in the public sector: “the recent surge in the public sector payroll to 1.5 million (80 percent of the labor force) will need to be unwound” (IMF, 4/5/2012).

The IMF has had its sights on Libya from before Gaddafi was overthrown by NATO and NATO’s local neocolonial dependents: …the IMF had a mission on the ground in Libya (IMF, 20/10/2011) and had previously decreed its recognition of the rebel National Transitional Council as the government of Libya, thrashing international law as the Libyan government under Gaddafi still existed (IMF, 10/9/2011). But you won’t find Naomi Klein writing the Libyan chapter of the “shock doctrine” (Gulf News, 26/10/2011)–Naomi Klein was too busy throwing her support behind a Canadian politician, Nathan Cullen, who voted in support of NATO’s intervention in Libya, with little regret. The protection of civilians was paramount, of course, and here is another view of what that protection looked like:

Wholesale execution in Sirte at the hands of militias Misrata.
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih cadaver, but Anta son dog Yally ‘Mtarafosh Lord … The demolition Hhadaaaaaa have understood my Lord … But not Zykm you You Iaaahakra destroyed the country and Naaasha….

…the fact rebels NATO and the fact of their crimes and their alliance with the West to kill people الليبيى in all cities which they set foot, along with troops of all nationalities Western, Arab and Arabhm and code revolution Bernard Henri Levy Zionist I follow this subject which should we publish the widest.


A meeting of the brigades, the armed militias in Tripoli to choose a successor for “Blaid”.


Splits after successive pressures and threats Wholesale named Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Saad resigned from his post Kwizera endowments!!


Sirte Council declares abduction Council member Muhammad Bouraoui
The news agency the Gaddafi International – Sirte 

“announced the so-called Council of Sirte for the kidnapping of a member of the Council Mohammed Bouraoui little while ago, a vector of Misurata. …”

Abduction: –
inventory, head of the local Council of Sirte “López” 
reported the disappearance of a member of the Council, “Mohammad Hamid Aborawi” while he was heading from the city of Sirte to the city of Misurata for a mission official.



 Gel transfer of mercenaries from Misurata to Sabha through the airport.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel post addicted Page: 
Do you know that more than tribe made ​​to kill me since day 19 \ 9 \ 2011 to now in Sabha ………..
Are children of Solomon ..… killed more than 250 people in disputes with Tabu and Tuareg, Alqmazfah and Almgarhh and Orvlh ….
Aowoowoowoowodoa to صوابكم …… And be under the rule of the team Ali but now ……….To post addicted page to Ataatjb when you know that the battle Taqrvat ……. Attended by the children of Solomon ……And to Ataatjb when you know that there are hundreds of martyrs killed against NATO ………but exclamation When grandparents see their grandchildren now Sons of Solomon:


KUFRA/ Southern Saheel:

France sends mercenaries from Chad and Niger to support the separatist insurgency in southern Libya

The news agency Gaddafi International

“remarks confirmed intelligence officer Libby, yesterday, the seriousness of the situation in the regions south of the country, and detect the presence of foreign troops armed within these areas, but declined to specify their nationality, while considered defense ministry Libyan that violations, which broke out in Kufra is a rebellion against power. The accused officer Mohamed Bokhalil, in an interview with Radio “jewel” Libyan directly France to play a dicey in this region, and said that “France and other Western countries did not provide assistance to the Libyans for their eyes,” adding “these colonial powers seeking to impose control and hegemony over the states” . He said that the Libyan state to lose control over southern regions at different rates, and pointed out that “what is going on in the city of infidels …”

Confirmed a Libyan intelligence officer, yesterday, the seriousness of the situation in the southern regions of the country, and detect the presence of foreign armed forces in these areas, but he declined to specify their nationality, considered the Libyan Defense Ministry that the violations, which broke out in Kufra is a rebellion against authority.
The accused officer Mohamed Bokhalil, in an interview with Radio “jewel” Libyan directly France to play a dicey in this region, and said that “France and other Western countries did not provide assistance to the Libyans for their eyes,” adding “these colonial powers seeking to impose control and hegemony over the states” .
He said that the Libyan state to lose control over southern regions at different rates, and pointed out that “what is going on in the town of Kufra of the killings and loss of security due to the Africans coming from Chad, Niger and Sudan.” He added that states “colonial and some African countries seeking to extend its influence to the south of Libya because they already know that this south includes the most important and more natural resources in Libya.”
And about 3 people were killed and others injured in clashes the past two days in the desert town of Kufra.

Newsflash from Kufra: The framework approach genocide and try to displace residents infidels Alosaliaan by Azwaiat gangs occupied ..

These criminal gangs have and cowardly operation targeting District Hospital medical staff Tabu

and treachery fire hit some of the nurses Altbawiat.

Where they opened fire indiscriminately Force Type 23 anti-aircraft i Ali district SC and in front of the district hospital

and injuring some of the nurses:

– reportedly of names so far Beautiful Juma Oucheh … Back injury Najat Sanusi Bundy …

Injury to the face Prior to this crime, of course, as usual!

Distortionary false media campaign in preparation and justification for crimes against innocent women and children,

and to justify the killing of innocent people …. God and yes agent.

Large moon at Water's edge

( MUST WATCH ) This video has been deleted by the CIA!!! CLIP TO 13:39 on the Meter for info on LIBYA:

Understanding the US/NATO Profit-Driven Military Agenda

Global Research, 26 February 2013

Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War

by Michel Chossudovsky

Available to order from Global Research in print AND pdf formats!


The US has embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. US/NATO weapons of mass destruction are portrayed as instruments of peace. Mini-nukes are said to be “harmless to the surrounding civilian population”. Pre-emptive nuclear war is portrayed as a “humanitarian undertaking”.

While one can conceptualize the loss of life and destruction resulting from present-day wars including Iraq and Afghanistan, it is impossible to fully comprehend the devastation which might result from a Third World War, using “new technologies” and advanced weapons, until it occurs and becomes a reality. The international community has endorsed nuclear war in the name of world peace. “Making the world safer” is the justification for launching a military operation which could potentially result in a nuclear holocaust.

Nuclear war has become a multi-billion dollar undertaking, which fills the pockets of US defense contractors. What is at stake is the outright “privatization of nuclear war”.

The Pentagon’s global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of US/NATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously.

Central to an understanding of war, is the media campaign which grants it legitimacy in the eyes of public opinion. A good versus evil dichotomy prevails. The perpetrators of war are presented as the victims. Public opinion is misled.

Breaking the “big lie”, which upholds war as a humanitarian undertaking, means breaking a criminal project of global destruction, in which the quest for profit is the overriding force. This profit-driven military agenda destroys human values and transforms people into unconscious zombies.

Excerpt by author Michel Chossudovsky:

“The object of this book is to forcefully reverse the tide of war, challenge the war criminals in high office and the powerful corporate lobby groups which support them.

Break the American Inquisition.

Undermine the US-NATO-Israel military crusade.

Close down the weapons factories and the military bases.

Members of the armed forces should disobey orders and refuse to participate in a criminal war.

Bring home the troops.”

Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (Emeritus) at the University of Ottawa. He is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal and Editor of the website. He is the author of The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003) and America’s “War on Terrorism” (2005). He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. His writings have been published in more than twenty languages.

Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War

by Michel Chossudovsky

ISBN: 978-0-9737147-5-3 | Year: 2012 | Pages: 102

Available to order in print AND pdf formats!



A New War Theater in North Africa
Operation Odyssey Dawn
Nuclear Weapons against Libya? How Real is the Threat?
America’s Long War: The Global Military Agenda
How to Reverse the Tide of War
World War III Scenario


The Cult of Killing and Destruction
America’s Mini-nukes
War and the Economic Crisis
Real versus Fake Crises


Hiroshima Day 2003: Secret Meeting at Strategic Command Headquarters
The Privatization of Nuclear War: US Military Contractors Set the Stage
9/11 Military Doctrine: Nuclear Weapons and the “Global War on Terrorism”
Al Qaeda: “Upcoming Nuclear Power”
Obama’s Nuclear Doctrine: The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review
Post 9/11 Nuclear Doctrine
“Defensive” and “Offensive” Actions
“Integration” of Nuclear and Conventional Weapons Plans
Theater Nuclear Operations (TNO)
Planned Aerial Attacks on Iran
Global Warfare: The Role of US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
Nuclear Weapons Deployment Authorization
Israel’s Stockpiling of Conventional and Nuclear Weapons
The Role of Western Europe
Germany: De Facto Nuclear Power
Pre-emptive Nuclear War: NATO’s 2010 Strategic Concept
The World is at a Critical Crossroads


America’s Crusade in Central Asia and the Middle East
“Homegrown Terrorists”
The American Inquisition
Washington’s Extrajudicial Assassination Program
The Battle for Oil
The Oil Lies in Muslim Lands
Globalization and the Conquest of the World’s Energy Resources


Media Disinformation
A “Pre-emptive” Aerial Attack Directed Against Iran would Lead to Escalation
Global Warfare
US “Military Aid”
The Timetable of Military Stockpiling and Deployment
World War III Scenario
The United Nations Security Council
The American Inquisition: Building a Political Consensus for War


Building a Pretext for a Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack
“Theater Iran Near Term”
The Military Road Map: “First Iraq, then Iran”
Simulated Scenarios of a Global War: The Vigilant Shield 07 War Games
The Role of Israel
Cheney: “Israel Might Do it Without Being Asked”
US Israel Military Coordination
Tactical Nuclear Weapons directed against Iran
Radioactive Fallout
“The Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) Slated to be Used Against Iran
Extensive Destruction of Iran’s Infrastructure
State of the Art Weaponry: “War Made Possible Through New Technologies”
Electromagnetic Weapons
Iran’s Military Capabilities: Medium and Long Range Missiles
Iran’s Ground Forces
US Military and Allied Facilities Surrounding Iran


Revealing the Lie
The Existing Anti-War Movement
Manufacturing Dissent
Jus ad Bellum: 9/11 and the Invasions of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan
Fake Antiwar Activism: Heralding Iran as a Nuclear Threat
The Road Ahead
The Antiwar Movement within the State Structure and the Military
Abandon the Battlefield: Refuse to Fight
The Broader Peace Process
What has to be Achieved



“This book is a ‘must’ resource – a richly documented and systematic diagnosis of the supremely pathological geo-strategic planning of US wars since ‘9-11’ against non-nuclear countries to seize their oil fields and resources under cover of ‘freedom and democracy’.”
John McMurtry, Professor of Philosophy, Guelph University

“In a world where engineered, pre-emptive, or more fashionably “humanitarian” wars of aggression have become the norm, this challenging book may be our final wake-up call.”
-Denis Halliday, Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations

Michel Chossudovsky exposes the insanity of our privatized war machine. Iran is being targeted with nuclear weapons as part of a war agenda built on distortions and lies for the purpose of private profit. The real aims are oil, financial hegemony and global control. The price could be nuclear holocaust. When weapons become the hottest export of the world’s only superpower, and diplomats work as salesmen for the defense industry, the whole world is recklessly endangered. If we must have a military, it belongs entirely in the public sector. No one should profit from mass death and destruction.
Ellen Brown, author of ‘Web of Debt’ and president of the Public Banking Institute

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Scandals “Arab Spring” could topple Pal second .. Qatar enter a stage of international isolation


Jouhina News:

Under the title “Qatar withdraw from the new Arab world and the global stage,” began newspaper (Independent) British analysis Qatar’s perception of the world around them, and how it would deal with the new Arab world, and the impact on its close relationship with America.

The newspaper said: For years, Qatar, the tiny emirate’s oil-rich, close partner of the United States in the Middle East – as host to the largest American military base in the region and a bulwark against Iran diplomat – and sought to overthrow the rulers of Libya and Syria. Two years after the beginning of the “Arab Spring”, Chost and fluctuated reputation Qatar partner the United States – and the role of neutral broker in the region – increasingly, as the financing of a new generation of Islamists throughout the Middle East has raised questions about its vision for the region, and whether some of its policies began to take the form of direct conflict with the interests of the United States.

The paper, that these questions are complex and difficult to answer because of the keenness of Qatar to retain influence in the West, and this was reflected by securing Qatar stature Western universities and research centers, including Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution, at home to help enrich and views Western region’s future and Qatar’s role in it.

When asked by some observers, “What exactly do you represent Qatar?!” Said a senior Arab diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity: I think this is tainted by many of the puzzles, but the Qatari government has close ties with the Gulf states.

And went on newspaper analysis, saying: expanded Qatar long to draw a picture of themselves as a nation are interested in serving the public good, and part of this effort, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the peace efforts in Darfur, Sudan and host armed rebels and refugees and tribal leaders in luxury hotels in Doha for talks. In Lebanon, Qatar gained internationally acclaimed skilled Osattha, which strengthened national government that includes Hezbollah and pro-Western movement.

The newspaper added: Qatar had a mysterious relationship with Iran, where it formerly signed a military defense agreement with Tehran in 2010; but now  maintains close ties with traditional agents, Hamas and Hezbollah and Israel. In recent times, worked Qatar to circumspect Iranian influence, and supported militarily overthrow the Iran’s nearest allies, Syria.

Said Ibrahim Gambari, diplomat Nigerian former traveled to Doha more than a dozen times during the peace negotiations on Darfur: The Qatar want to be seen as a big player is important and should be respected and ready to bring peace to other countries, but this seems a delicate task and very difficult, as the Qatar way to deal with these things depends on the checkbook diplomacy. But analysts say the country has lost some of its credibility as an honest broker through its support of specific players in the “Arab Spring.”

In Libya, for example, Qatar was one of the first countries which provided warplanes for NATO against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, but it went too far after the fall of al-Qathafi in support of the Islamic factions in order to care for the country’s transitional government.

Said Ibrahim Dabbashi, the Libyan ambassador to the United Nations: That Qatar was supporting certain groups in Libya, however, these groups have not been any popular support on the ground .. The main faction which was supported by them did not get any seats in the National Assembly, and I think that the Libyans are very sensitive to foreign intervention in their affairs, and I think that Qatari grasped that now.